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File: 1478740832232.jpg (903.69 KB, 1196x1200, Uw3axOa.jpg)

No. 313147

Next thread: >323212


ALL OF KIRSTEN'S POSTS: https://lolcow.farm/all-posts-kiki.html


Keekweek was a week-long celebration of the life and works of Kiki-chan. It ended on November 16.

The rumors are true: Kiki Kannibal / Kirsten Ostrenga is Sperg-chan. Kiki made almost 2,500 lolcow posts, most of them targeting Taylor R. Her rampage began on June 16, 2016, the day Taylor announced she got a new Japanese boyfriend. About 1,900 of those posts were spam and gore.

We investigated carefully and determined that she was the sole Sperg-chan; at least during June and July 2016. Reports of similar posters past then were found not to be her. We took so long because we wanted to be 100% sure in our findings. She used several hundred IP addresses to try to mask her identity. In fact, she would often quickly switch IPs to point at previous posts she made and say "check my IP, I'm not her". She is the most dedicated and obsessive samefag in lolcow history.

Please read https://lolcow.farm/kiki for all of the details and links to her posts. Her posts have all been marked as well, though she also has around 1,900 deleted posts which you can only see from the links in https://lolcow.farm/kiki. Evidence is at the bottom of the post.

We encourage all farmers to:

* Help compile some of Kiki's most amusing posts: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HGjKvNIPhEGrVDK_qk1voZKwAPHRInINevzYns25kFY/edit?usp=sharing
* Make new Kiki banners. Please post them in this thread and report them so staff can see!
* Make any Kiki-related art and content you'd like.

Here is a list of some of her best tweets, if you'd like to work any of those in: http://pastebin.com/zNKurkzf

All the other useful lists are at https://lolcow.farm/kiki

No. 313148

File: 1478740902771.png (585.78 KB, 1187x590, spergfarming.png)

Please use this thread to discuss and speculate.

No. 313150

oh my god

No. 313152

Thank you based admin. Milk is plentiful tonight.

No. 313153


No. 313158

File: 1478741151265.gif (974.48 KB, 320x240, f7cAMwo.gif)

No. 313162

Oh shit we're all Kiki

No. 313163


No. 313170

I'm kiki, your kiki, we're all kiki

No. 313171

This is fucking gold. Thank you admin

No. 313172



No. 313173

No. 313175


This Tumblr will be updated with more screenshots, feel free to reblog and spread around.

No. 313178

File: 1478741996733.gif (9.26 MB, 800x450, aVOSkIC.gif)


No. 313194

holy shit my retinas. thank u based farmhands

merry keekmas

No. 313196

lolcow looks so pretty tonight! Thanks Admin-sama!

No. 313197

I'm so excited. I hope you guys stole this background for maximum accuracy.

No. 313200

this is fucking beautiful

merry keekmas, everyone

No. 313205

presidential election who tbh, this is what November 9th, 2016 should be remembered for

No. 313207

Petition to permanently change lolcow into KaKaLand

No. 313212

>Kiki gets exposed
>Onion outs himself as an abuser

And here I thought this week would be a wash. Based.

No. 313217

Loving this art and all the other Kaka art. A+ job, it was worth the wait.

No. 313219

This is the best

No. 313220

Eat my poo box you hard homo bitches


No. 313222


No. 313224

She's so fucking embarrassing omggg

No. 313228

delicious, delicious milk. thank you admin. we love you.

No. 313230


No. 313231

lel of course she posted in the Kittyphina thread


No. 313232

suck my filler filled pussy kaka!111

No. 313234

Merry keekmas - This is incredible!

No. 313235


She almost definitely owned that Instagram account too.

No. 313236

jesus christ there's sO MUCH

No. 313238

Made my week. Thank you, Admin-sama!

No. 313239


Oh my God that is pathetic

Admin, you're amazing

No. 313241

lmao this bitch

No. 313243

This is just insane. Look at all her posts, she seriously sounds like a robot at some points

She is literally an imageboard trolling NEET on disability living with her parents. Instead of tendies she's spending her pretty princess points on trips to Japan.

No. 313247

File: 1478744935870.jpg (141.07 KB, 586x488, voldekeek.jpg)

No. 313248

We are all godesses' of baldness and spergchans. Thx admin for ruin our self-esteem and dignity keeek

No. 313249


No. 313250

Top fucking kek anon

No. 313251

I never imagined witnessing something like this in 2006 when I would see her on scene kid websites but I'm living for it

No. 313252

Admin, any word on Kiki being the batshit margo whiteknight mimiimori?

Coincidentally (or not,) mimii deleted her IG account totally a couple of days ago, after making it private several months ago.

No. 313253

File: 1478745564523.png (275.42 KB, 1778x528, H22ppvi.png)

No. 313254

this is gold
also funny when someone said "Oh, hi Kiki." they were right it was really her lol

No. 313255

We don't know for sure, but the poster someone linked us here, claiming they were mimiimori, did not appear to be Kiki.

No. 313260

Kaka must have done lots of shit here to have such an honor. And why does she insult Taytay? Is it bc the latter's bf never loved her and ignored all her obsessive msg?

No. 313262

idk which post that was, but what about checking the IP of mimii's posts here? The ones we know were mimiimori? I was hoping that would be part of the reveal (which is MAGNIFICENT, btw.)

No. 313264

Oh god.
Every time she referred to her self as "Kaka" … She must have been internally screaming while doing so.

No. 313265

Wow, thanks everyone for the hard work.
Worth the wait…oh, and HI to all you KIKIs!!!!!

No. 313267


If you're referring to:


Then none of these are Kiki.

No. 313269

She really doesn't have anything else to do in life, look at all her angry posts… Fuck. What a sad and bitter existence. Pathetic.
Kiki, if you ever come back to lolcow to read this thread (which I know you will because you're obsessed) think about getting some serious therapy, goddamn.

No. 313270

>This fag has a point though.

never change, keeks.

No. 313272

File: 1478746616911.png (345.5 KB, 635x500, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 8.53…)

slaughtered after 4 years but kiki lasted at least 10

No. 313275

File: 1478746898403.gif (1.69 MB, 307x179, IMG_2421.GIF)

She truly is a cow. I imagine she's used to talking to herself all day because autism and no friends.

No. 313276

No. 313280

File: 1478747815129.jpg (357.74 KB, 840x1015, spergchan.jpg)

No. 313281

File: 1478747883764.jpg (273.49 KB, 1659x1266, onH7gn9.jpg)

No. 313290

File: 1478748376956.png (966.58 KB, 1184x628, keeeeeeek.png)

lol in >>289978
She keeps responding to herself acting like she's "one of us"

No. 313291

File: 1478748400009.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 9.23…)

No. 313294

Jeez, I meant responding to "us", but in other threads she definitely samefagged on more than one occasion. All dakota/kiki threads are an incredible read.

No. 313296

File: 1478748579256.gif (323.38 KB, 500x333, 1354069809120.gif)

Come home from my first workout in forever. Sweaty, exhausted, but feeling good. Then I check out /pt/ and am greeted with this.

Maybe it's a sign!

No. 313297

does this chick have a mental illness or something? who tf does this shit

No. 313298

Holy shit it was so worth the wait. Thank you admin/mods!! This should be an annual lolcow holiday!!!

No. 313301

I second this!! Someone shop "creation of Adam" and PT(god) and kaka

No. 313315

Fuck. This is great.

No. 313316

There is no doubt in my mind now that she is mentally ill in some way

No. 313317

File: 1478752086484.png (730.5 KB, 840x1015, tvbi0EW.png)

This image is divine.

No. 313318

best. day. EVER

No. 313319

for someone who hates lesbians she sure does mention pussy alot

No. 313325

I wonder what will go through her mind when she reads this thread? I mean obviously she'll deny it back and forth and accuse us of harassment. But I wonder if she even realizes how sad and pathetic she is, or if she's still too far up her own asshole to even care to be embarrassed? Because she should be mortified.

No. 313327

Could Kiki be in any legal trouble over some of the explicit images she posted?

No. 313329

File: 1478753022823.png (102.72 KB, 642x876, kikiposter.png)

No. 313332

File: 1478753188116.png (572.21 KB, 1144x984, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.4…)

No. 313333

File: 1478753224657.jpg (55.21 KB, 425x282, laugh017.jpg)

No. 313335

File: 1478753358992.png (80.3 KB, 682x405, keeks6.png)


No. 313336

Holy shiiiittttt O.O

No. 313339

File: 1478753441757.png (9.06 KB, 893x163, keeks1.png)

why so hypocritical?

No. 313342

Heh I fucking knew it. That one obsessive white knight on kooter's thread who pops out whenever somethings being said about koots. I noticed it was pretty fucking obsessive. But it makes sense now why it was kiki because the sperg was glaringly obvious. I can't believe I actually argued with a cow

No. 313345

I keep on looking to see if she's blessed me with a "kill yourself"

No. 313355

jesus christ, this is wikileaks level of shit

No. 313357

File: 1478755841998.png (Spoiler Image, 135.04 KB, 1753x657, keekslosesit.png)

sperg-chan in action

No. 313361

I knew this was Kiki

No. 313367

I wanna give a big THANK YOU to Admin-sama and based Farmhands for making this happen. It's… It's beautiful, all the time and effort they put in this. Thank you, you make this site shine

No. 313370

File: 1478756867622.jpg (13.6 KB, 240x127, 4136541450_5a4da46b4a_m.jpg)

What a day to be alive.
Thank you, based admin.

No. 313371

Not to leech onto your post, sorry, but you worded this perfectly.

Same here, this was amazing. Thank you!

No. 313376

We will keep http://cytu.be/r/kikilolcow running for the week and release some more OC before it's over. Stay tuned and feel free to use the chat for whatever.

No. 313377

Any signs of damage control from Keekers?

No. 313379

I'd do anything to know how she's reacting to this

No. 313380

File: 1478758252974.jpg (220.71 KB, 1280x1347, AtiOFyw.jpg)

what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 313381

File: 1478758375961.jpg (143.33 KB, 874x605, Bug-Eyed-Ford.jpg)

mfw i've both argued and agreed with her

holy shit

No. 313382


No. 313383

She never grew up.

No. 313384

farmhands ever confirmed if the sperglord who insulted Jack Cash's ex (Liz) was kaka? >>>/pt/52933

No. 313386

lmao this is amazing. 2016 has been a prosperous year for milk of all kinds. I wonder how it feels to be Taylor. I mean, she's wealthy, a model, lives in a big apartment in Japan, has an Japanese boyfriend, is well liked by those around her. Meanwhile kaka has literally speant all of her waking hours hiding out here amd on PULL dragging random girls on the internet instead of actually doing something with her life. Like, how does she live with herself? Knowing that she's accomplished less in life than 12 year old? Honestly, after all these years, and all this time she has had alone to herself, you would think she would grow the fuck up and snap out of it, ya know, come to terms with herself? But nope. I think she is truly psychotic. Girl needs see a psych and therapist, Zoloft and Ativan script, a job, and a gym membership. It's not too late for her to get her life together. It's a shame I've come to this point because I genuinely feel bad for her. It seems she is mentally ill and her parents are obviously enabling this behavior. It's not like I saw any potential in her to begin with, there are simply just many ways to live a half decent life without being a ~model~ Or whatever. Nobody gives a shit about you, Kiki. Start giving a shit about yourself.

No. 313392

This is just another solid proof that cows DO visit lolcow and whenever someone's acting like a rabid whiteknight there's always a possibility that it's the cow in question and the people calling them out for it aren't necessarily being delirious. I hope admin added all the possible search engine optimization for the kaka page.

No. 313395

What an absolute fucking mentalist! I can't believe this. Well… I can to a degree but you know what I mean. Fuck.
p.s. Is there any way I can change the background at all? It's giving me severe eye strain no matter what theme I set it to down below. I don't want to be unable to visit this site for an entire week because of kiki being a cuntwaffle.

No. 313397

I saw a few comments from lolcow sockpuppet accounts pop up and then disappear on her Instagram earlier… I like to imagine she'll be up all night, terrified to go to sleep in case someone else links her followers to this shitshow.

No. 313401

Yes, we'll improve it soon.

No. 313408


No. 313410

File: 1478763789796.png (1.49 MB, 646x807, capture_001_09112016_233441.pn…)

ngl i'm a little impressed with her dedication

No. 313411

File: 1478764024593.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 4ae.jpg)

No. 313413

File: 1478764673270.gif (989.4 KB, 500x281, ohmygodjontron1.gif)

No. 313417

File: 1478765154004.jpg (134.09 KB, 319x319, flylo.jpg)

This x100000. It's so funny because it makes you think, who would even care enough about defending these cows so vigorously? On this website of all places and not their own social media. Yeah sure maybe there are some dedicated fans for relevant cows (Tana thread good example of that) but for old washed up cows like Kiki, Dakota, Jnigger, Vicky? For sure it's them. Funny.

For real though what the fuck Kiki. This is some Azealia Banks type shit. Thank you admin and farmhands for coming through!!!

No. 313418

File: 1478765391997.png (25.88 KB, 400x38, 4385er.png)

Kaka posted this a few months ago…just imagine how humiliated she’s going to be when she sees all of this kek

No. 313425

the taku stuff really did seem to embarrass her. look at the freakout over >>276896

No. 313426

I wonder if she also reacted when that random link to a dating profile of hers was suddenly dropped into lolcow. I just can't remember when that happened. Good times.

No. 313428

File: 1478766798953.png (68.6 KB, 720x555, 1478765573277-1.png)

Endless Taylor R threads with tons of links to PULL. She said she moderates the site.. what?

No. 313429

Yeah, that's interesting. It's funny though that she never once defended Taku when anons called him ugly, snaggletooth, etc. Even if they were broken up you’d think she would defend herself over her choices. Guess she was either just embarrassed or only interested in Taku for that sweet, sweet visa.

No. 313430

File: 1478767041090.gif (970.63 KB, 300x205, GIF dave clap.gif)

Milk will never be better than this.

And I am okay with that.

My hat is all the way off to admins, I'm sure this was exhausting. THANK UUUUUUU

No. 313431

File: 1478767214379.png (199.98 KB, 720x1069, Screenshot_2016-11-10-01-00-36…)

Maybe she's friends with Felice..?

No. 313432

Jesus the only thing that could make this milkier (between Kiki and Vicky Shingles meltdowns) is a fucking full blown Felice comeback

brb praying

No. 313433

File: 1478768065565.png (272.78 KB, 618x702, Screenshot_2016-11-10-01-01-39…)

Yeah, she did that for days.
Right after that photo she posted a really sick sad image and wrote "SHE IS BEAUTIFUL" ..that was horrible.

No. 313434

Don't make me get my hopes up lol

If she came back, I'd be to tell us she doesn't associate with kiki in any way

But today's a great day

No. 313435

I love this layout, I wish it was a permanent option. I love you Admin-Sama, and thank you Kiki-San for delivering unto us this delicious delicious milk. My friend and I regularly use the 'IM ON DISABILITY I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY' line.

No. 313438

Holy fuck she has some serious mental issues.

No. 313445

File: 1478772306893.gif (495.3 KB, 500x390, aWm83.gif)

This entire thing, hot damn.

No. 313446

this song makes me think of tay v kraykray

No. 313448

File: 1478772970674.gif (1.91 MB, 325x183, tumblr_inline_odo5178Tfz1qbhm7…)

FUCK I had no idea it was SO bad jesus christ.

No. 313449

Do you think this also proves it was these two shilling on /cgl/ all those years as well? Especially when Kooter was getting spammed every day?

No. 313453

Well, I'm sorry I ever doubted you, this is truly glorious.
Also as OP of the most recent Keeks thread I love the beautiful update to the thread image.

No. 313457

wtf is this why we can't have berry threads?

No. 313458

She was so triggered that she made 4 posts in a row about foreheads/receding hairlines starting >>301551
Sure sounds like she's not as comfortable five head as much as she claims kek

No. 313459

Thank You Admin-sama and Farmhands for all the hard work!!

You've once again strengthened my trust in all of you. :)


No. 313461

File: 1478775741470.gif (1.33 MB, 320x181, 1476024561212.gif)

The day of the Kikileaks, so heart-wrenchingly glorious.

Such beautiful and marvellous work, admins and farmhands, for collecting all the glittering turds of wisdom that our vegan sympath empath Kira Kira-angel has produced from her sparkly poo box for all of us to enjoy.

No. 313462

File: 1478775821441.jpg (231.22 KB, 640x640, 1478775557448.jpg)

I just had to. Thank you for blessing us with the truth lolcow!

No. 313465

I wonder if they have the money to file a new lolsuit. Probably not, right?

No. 313473

oh my god! this is glorious

No. 313475

These photos should be posted to instagram as well, so that her fans and followers there might see what kind of a divine fairy goddess she really is.

No. 313476

File: 1478779035854.png (790.5 KB, 1163x751, kikistagram.PNG)

lmao the latest instagram update is so ironic

No. 313478

Anyone else think she bought her Twitter followers? She gets barely any engagements in her tweets despite having 21k followers and most of them are clearly bot accounts.

No. 313480

>doesn't work
>collects disability
>isn't married or has kids
>stays at home all day comfortably shitposting and viciously negging other women for their accomplishments

What burdens? What strength? What challenges to her independency? Anybody should be able to see through this spoiled womanchild.

No. 313482

It's borderline impressive how absolutely batshit this girl is. Now, I just want to see if she's gonna retaliate in some way. I want some juicy feedback.

No. 313483

Kiki didn't respond to the initial revelation that she was Sperg-chan so I doubt she'll bring this up, sadly.

No. 313487

>sorry for my bad English
So much fucking effort. So much self talk. She's demented.

No. 313488

This woman is in her late 20s right? How pathetic.

Seeing Kiki's public behaviour vs. her anonymous behaviour, I feel like I am going to be wary of every person I meet that acts so positive wondering if they have such spiteful hateful thoughts secretly inside their head.

No. 313490

Honestly there isn't a lot she could say at this point. The only thing she could do to even slightly redeem herself is to come clean about all the shady hypocritical shit she's done over the years, sincerely apologize, and commit to an intensive mental health plan. And if that ever happens I'll eat my fucking hat.

No. 313491

All this has me wondering if Dakota's just as nuts? I mean, she's always seemed like the more "low-key" one between the two of them, but who knows? How wild would that shit be?

No. 313492

roach worked fine for me

No. 313493

Does this mean she'll actually learn, fuck off, and then try to improve as a person?

No. 313494

So this pretty much confirms that she's mentally ill. Poor kiki /s
Also 2,500 posts itself is… fucking crazy and scary.

No. 313496

We all know the Jvloggers visit this site; I would love to know what Taylor thinks about all of this!

No. 313500

File: 1478785947305.png (33.93 KB, 894x202, ah1QruF.png)

I'm just. Not surprised. Thank you admin & co for compiling all of this.
At first I found all this absolutely hilarious, but after scrolling throuh the worst of her spam and just taking in the compulsivity of it all, honestly this is just very unsettling and I hope she get's put away and treated for her raging mentall illness. This shit reads like the last stages of stalking, spiralling towards a violent act. I hope Taylor is being safe, because if i were her, and knew that kristen could be in my city I would be terrified.

No. 313501

she sounds drunk

No. 313505

Sorry for lacking faith in you, dear Admin/Farmers. This is amazing. Even without proof, if you had only marked the posts, we'd all be 150% sure it was her. I'm laughing so hard about the post where she praises herself, jesus.

No. 313506

Kota doesn't come across as crazy to me, I think if she were, it would've slipped out by now. I think she's probably just bitchy. I wouldn't be surprised if she posts on here as well but just isn't crazy/retarded enough like Kaka to post in her own threads.

No. 313507

Kota never got involved with the haters directly (except for her fake apology). To be honest, she never had to, because of her crazy sister. Kota had (past tense) tons of jobs, TV appearances and jobs when it started, so she wasn't salty about life like Kiki was and seem to still be.

No. 313508

holy shit. the way she talks as if she's one of us is what got me the most. how can someone have so much shit being said about them, and JOIN IN on it like it's nothing? that's not normal

No. 313509

File: 1478787097639.jpg (14.31 KB, 275x258, 1470134169113.jpg)

ifeel like my entire internet history has now fully had meaning. fucking top. things can only get sweeter

No. 313513


I stopped checking snow and pt when these posts showed up, but now I feel like I can finally ask… who the fuck is CL?

No. 313514

File: 1478787850188.jpg (18.04 KB, 200x200, CL.jpg)


I guess it refers to the Korean popstar? She's a member of the group 2NE1.

No. 313515

CL is K-pop artist and there was a self-post thread made by some Instahoe that shooped herself to hell and back saying how much she looked like CL. After mods found out they made a script that automatically did "She's cute!" "She looks like CL!" for any posts in that thread.

No. 313518

I wonder how Kota feels reading this.
Everyone with an embarrassing sibling can probably relate

No. 313519

File: 1478789312781.png (225.7 KB, 1158x257, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 14.4…)

So these posts… is she mocking what the ~haterz~ say about her? Because it just reads like she's making fun of herself.

No. 313520

It was the same for me! Exhausted, took a shower, decided to check lolcow before bed and holy cow. This is the best thing thx based admin

No. 313521

Probably tried to make it seem like she wasn't Sperg Change by posting negative shit about herself

No. 313522

i got a feeling she'll lie to her family and say this isn't her, just the crazy h8ers making shit up

No. 313523

File: 1478790086860.png (65.89 KB, 1124x346, t0jHOjj copy.png)


No. 313524

I don't think anyone can relate to this level of embarrassment

No. 313525

File: 1478790244315.jpg (17.32 KB, 307x226, 1908207_1834300363460750_38547…)

I love this. What a time to be alive.
Also, the new website style is really cute I have to say

No. 313527

As much as i loved the background it also started to hurt my eyes.

You can use the Roach theme or you can do what i did and use adblock to block https://lolcow.farm/static/kiki/bg.png
and then the background will just be white

No. 313528

File: 1478790550848.png (143.55 KB, 1285x320, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.0…)

I really wonder what she means by "Taylor stealing my man". Do you guys think that there's a possibility Taylor is dating Daku? I think it's unlikely. But maybe it's someone that Kiki had a crush on/ knows. It sounds too specific and she repeated it a couple of times, I don't think it's about 'all Japanese men' or something like that.

No. 313529

What an absolute sick fuck to post all those photos of violent, child porn, and gore. Only a psychopath could do something so twisted. She needs to be report. Only God knows how much criminally insane crap she has in her computer. All the time threatening us when she's the nut the whole time.

No. 313531

File: 1478791207444.jpg (65.29 KB, 631x148, fb.jpg)

she's actually worse than 99% of people on here

No. 313539

Seriously. She's not just contradicting her ~love&light~ persona by being only a little bit of an asshole; she's one of the most relentless, petty and purely malicious people on here.
Even most of us replied to her overly bitter posts telling her to calm down.
She's an absolutely venomous person. It's quite scary, to be honest. Not to mention sad.

No. 313540

Kiki has tried to screw around with a few Japanese guys, she slept with Fangophilia and Taku(ya) for sure. Though I thought Taylor's BF was Chinese?

No. 313541

I've just scrolled through all of her posts, and wow, she really is severely mentally ill. Her writing style is bizarre and she's completely unable to post anything without it sounding awkward and odd, despite lurking for months, probably years. She's genuinely lost it.

No. 313542

Dear Kiki:

Apologise for the shit you and kooter did girl. Move on and make a new persona without being a complete bitch to other girls. You can STILL be a success kaka but fucking get your head together.

Go back to school, get a job and maybe you can too live in Japan.

Make an EFFORT.

No. 313543

File: 1478792748349.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-29-06…)

Holy shit! I missed those days back in July when kaka was spamming and kept creating threads so looking through the archive of all her post was insane. It was funny at first but once I got to the middle it became disturbing seeing the crazy amount of shitposts. I'm doing a mini dump of some screenshots

No. 313544

Kaka wasn't sharp enough to see the signs that he wasn't Japanese.

Remember when she posted a picture of China or Hong Kong or something thinking it was Japan?

No. 313546

File: 1478793151595.png (858.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-29-52…)

Sorry for the weird shadow think on the right, idk what it is.

No. 313547

File: 1478793243350.png (672.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-30-17…)

No. 313548

you don't need to post them here. we can see it ourselves with the link in OP

No. 313550

Quite unlikely. If there was a mutual between Kaka and Taylor, Kaka would have made it public to spite her.

No. 313551

File: 1478793493197.png (625.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-30-29…)

Damn, flood detection. This will take a minute

No. 313553

File: 1478793727199.png (445.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-31-45…)

I know but it takes forever to scroll through. I'm just posting the ones that stuck out to me anyway


No. 313554

File: 1478793847710.png (331.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-10-09-34-52…)

Ok last one

No. 313567

File: 1478795927827.jpg (52.67 KB, 400x402, IMG_2455.JPG)

This is beautiful. I have been patiently waiting for admin sama to deliver, and boy was it digiorno

No. 313572

This reveal really makes me think that Kirsten might have a problem with alcohol… It's easier than thinking a sober person would go to these lengths.

She made 2,500 posts between June 16 and July 2 2016. That's an average of 150 posts A DAY. I haven't even made that many in my entire time browsing this site.


No. 313579

Any Asian man is Kaka's man, anon.

No. 313581

well she would sperg at times and make 5 replies to the same post if it triggered her enough. like the hairline one

No. 313582


I was just re-reading this entire madness and kinda tourette syndrome came into my mind where people swear without any reason (of course she doesn't has it but you get what I mean) What me also wonders is the constant using of faecal langue idk it's honestly more frightening than funny to me. Any psychology-anons here to analyse this kind of behavior?


she posted child porn??? I completely missed the spamming here (always happened when I wasn't here) and only read about the gore shit but wut

No. 313583

If they meant the recent CP spamming, it looked more like a bot. Unlike kaka's spamming full of babbling, they just posted a nasty picture and a url.

No. 313585

Admins please respond

If Kiki posted CP she should really be reported. She's obviously unstable and if she's on disability she's been evaluated by a shrink at least once, but it's clear she's suffered a breakdown triggered by Taylor and her obvious jealousy over Tay having everything she believes she's entitled to.

No. 313588

There's a sperg in the new Taylor R thread obsessed with her bf, insisting that he is Chinese etc and defending Dakota… coincidence?

No. 313592

when it happened, admin or farmhand said it wasn't her and likely a bot.

No. 313595

i think she only posted the gore you see in the uncensored posts link. i don't think she was the CP spammer. it's not illegal to post gore

No. 313598

She didn't post any CP. Just infected and chopped up genitals. The CP spam was from an advertising bot.

We believe that is someone else.

No. 313600

Thanks Admin, I'm sorry I didn't get the memo.

No. 313601

I was thinking, usually in 4chan when a troll wants to spam gore, they almost always use pictures of dead or tortured animals. I was actually scared to see something like that when I read that spergchan posted "gore", but the fact that she only used gross genitalia photos makes sense. I guess that's the only kind of gore she can personally stomach

No. 313609

This reveal is weeks too late I don't even care about this anymore it's entirely uninteresting.

Here's a lesson for next time something like this happens: Don't say anything until at most a few days before.

No. 313613

This definitely explains why she's been so quiet for so long.

And it's strange how she sounds EXACTLY like her scene self. Like, she never changed in all of these years? Really?
She needs some serious help.

No. 313614

thanks for telling us you dont care

No. 313618

I love how she tried to make herself seem more interesting by inventing "ostrentard".
Like anyone gives enough shits about her to stalk her like she does with poor Taylor

No. 313621

her posts are the most textbook case of projection

No. 313623

you're the only one so stfu lol

No. 313624

Do you guys have any reason to believe Dakota would/has/is posting here? Kiki is probably going to be radio silent for a while now, but I don't see an end to the Monstrenga hateocracy any time soon. Maybe it's Cathy/Scott/Kyler? Or even Koots herself since she doesn't seem to work regularly anymore.

No. 313634

>lolcow is going to shit with the censor nazi behavior over favorite snowflakes of the people "in charge".
>favorite snowflakes of the people

Taylor doesn't even do lulzy stuff, she just exists

No. 313655

pffff you're joking, right?

and no, I don't think Dakota is involved in anything. Kiki is a NEET failure with a shitty life outcome, so it almost makes sense that she'd have all this time and spite. Dakota's life didn't turn out so bad, so she has much less reason to be this crazy.

No. 313660

File: 1478803984397.jpg (86.48 KB, 720x547, _20161110_094554.JPG)

This has to be one of my faves. It's not spergy and clearly shows how terribly jealous she is.

>I had to fly on cheap economy class for 17 hours hurrrr

Your disability money is not enough to get business tickets huh?

No. 313661

they said there's not proof yet of Kootz posting here

No. 313664


awww how cute,after spending every waking hour shitposting in both sites, still mistakes PULL with lolcow

No. 313666

I have no words…
For real mods, you are da best. I loved this.

No. 313670

I so badly want to see all the posts that she made, gruesome pictures included. I'm too scared to click the link on /kiki.

Also where was all the CP posted? Can you be sure that it wasn't her? I'm glad I missed all of that.

No. 313673

Admin and the mods really outdid themselves with this reveal. The wait was worth it! Thank you!

Jesus, the amount of times Kiki's posts were immediately identified by other anons and every time without fail she'd sperg about how "OMG not everyone who disagrees with you is an Ostrenga!." If she ever does post on here again (which you know she'll try as she clearly can't help herself), she'll have to adopt a completely different personality and way of typing to hide herself.

No. 313687

it was only one photo in one thread, and it had a disgusting text post next to the pic that wouldn't come from Kirsten. The admin/farmhand already said it wasn't her, so leave it.

No. 313688

File: 1478805316338.png (109.91 KB, 1286x561, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.14…)

Orlando to Tokyo is 17 hours lol

No. 313689

Now we know how to compliment her oh her social medias:



No. 313697


don't be so harsh anon, she had to save money for the vegan condoms and overpriced sailor moon bootlegs :'C

No. 313701

Looks like she (or her parents) had to be the ones to pay for her booty call trip to Taco

No. 313704

Didn't she keep talking about being on disability though? If she never left the house, lived at home, didn't pay any of her own bills and wasn't spending much money on junk when she went dark, she probably would've been able to save up the money? Also didn't her grandmother die in the last few years? Maybe she used some of her inheritance money?

No. 313726

File: 1478808138260.png (234.86 KB, 1148x835, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.01…)

She even engaged in the Asherbee thread.. she has no business there.

she made 13 samefag replies to this post >>155409 i remember seeing it and wondering why so many people ganged up on them, turns out it was all one person.

the word "catty" (pic related)
>behind the scenes they are catty mean bitches
>they're all old, gross and catty weeb bitches.
>being catty about someone's looks they don't even know
>catty worthless "contribution" to this thread. die.
>Not everyone is going to like Taylor and "insult" her in the same catty beat around the bush way that you do.

No. 313729

I'm kinda wondering why Kaka had a vendetta against people disliking Berry

No. 313736

Maybe in her mind being on here sperging out to defend Kota, felice and berry was her way of being an empathic vegan goddess warrior fighting for the justice of people with the e fame she wished she had

No. 313743

Wasn't it so that when Kaka went to Tokyo last time, she was staying in the same apartment building as Taylor was living back then?

No. 313758

I'm pretty sure she has mentioned before that she has talked to others affected by ~hate sites~, so maybe her and Berry talk to each other about taking down this site and pull?
Or she could've just done that because if she just defended her and Kota, it would be more obvious it was her or Cathy. She probably picked Berry and Felice because she doesn't see them as competition for her and Kota.

I think that was just speculated, but they definitely were in the same area at least.

No. 313759


Does anyone know the name of the artist?

No. 313773

Wow I don't remember this, thanks for the screenshot anon. Now I know why she hates Taylor and those other jvloggers so much. I wonder if that guy Taylor started dating turned Kiki down or something.

No. 313789

Plus mentioning she wants Felice's gone. These two people seem so random to me. The infatuation/hatred for Taylor makes sense, but why them..? Could it be because Felice still has a thread and she hasn't been on the internet? I thought that thread wasn't even about her specifically, wasn't it one of those threads where people talk about her + other people too? And why would she want Berry's deleted so badly? Who the fuck cares about Berry?

No. 313795

i remember a single instance of Felice leaving a comment on kiki's instagram. idk if they've spoken privately

No. 313802

Are there caps of that? What did she say?

No. 313805

File: 1478813992030.png (7.04 KB, 500x300, ok.png)

so… are you going to tag all her posts, or…? Like nothing is happening. I know the old admin wanted to do this real bad, but please fucking follow through and actually provide milk. 2nd or 3rd hand shit isn't good enough.

No. 313809

are you retarded? her posts are tagged

No. 313810

and please put in the op, instead of adding chats to force people to interact with you again.
you already admitted to doing that so just stop and post properly, ex-admin sama. stop making this so hard for fucks sake.

No. 313812

i believe it was on PULL 1.0, so it's probably lost. I don't remember what it said, I think it was just a passing compliment, though really random.

No. 313813

File: 1478814519085.png (12.32 KB, 1813x167, splergchan.png)


No. 313817

File: 1478815076456.png (23.24 KB, 674x389, Untitled.png)

Kiki, there are a lot of ways to defend your sister without sounding like you want to be in pedophile lesbians with her. This is not one of them.

No. 313821

I wonder if her parents knew the extent to which she was doing all this

No. 313822

Nah, Taylor's bf has nothing to do with Kaka & he's not even Japanese.

No. 313823

I wonder how much they'd care.

No. 313824

considering Kathy's actions in the past I feel like she'd have encouraged Kiki

No. 313826

File: 1478816616951.jpg (34.78 KB, 460x276, A-dormouse-010.jpg)

No. 313827

i don't think so. this is a new level to everything they've done in the past, save the Danny website. and that looked to be only Kiki's doing as well

No. 313828

yeah i've always wondered about the point of the chat rly

No. 313830

File: 1478816890618.jpg (327.27 KB, 720x720, 20161110_161620.jpg)

Having fun?
Stay classy, Kiki.

The girl in the pic is Sarah btw, a different anon posted it and she peed.

No. 313832

are you braindead, anon

No. 313835

wet blankets or kiki?? i wanna say kiki bc any self respecting farmer would cherish this glorious flow of milk

also i wonder how many posts she made trying to get us to doubt the admins after the spergchan reveal

No. 313843

hahaha fuck off kristen, get help

No. 313852

Yeah, she mentioned 8chan in one of her posts so I wonder if she was one of the /bannedcows/ anon claiming that the mods had totally fucked up and would never release any info.

No. 313853

i figured it was because she equates herself with felice i.e. girls who got e-famous for hopping on a bandwagon and being 'pretty'
except felice legit almost disappeared from the internet, but keekz seems intent on just digging her own grave deeper

No. 313870

Holy Shit, thank you

No. 313876

While I love admin-sama for going through with this and exposing Kiki as sperg-chan, I'm a little sad that we'll probably never get any kind of reaction from her. She'll just continue deleting any kind of comments that mentions this.

I am laffing tho about the posts where she calls herself model-material. Brilliant.

Once again, thank you admin-sama and a merry keekmas.

No. 313882

seems to be people joining pull just to ask WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?

Kiki or just completely blind?

No. 313885

The mention of Taylor makes it sound like Kiki.

No. 313897

Keeks is the juiciest cow.
Thanks for the milkd keek.

No. 313906

The nasty stuff doesnt start until a little past the halfway point. Also the posts are in order descending from her most recent posts to her oldest ones, I think the oldest ones are the ones with gore and cp

No. 313908

commented sperg chan on her ig and she blocked me but im not surprised

No. 313909

The gore isn't in the all posts link. Only the bottom link is uncensored. https://lolcow.farm/all-posts-kiki.html is safe.

No. 313940

this is amazing. it's like an early christmas. the milk has never been sweeter
ty admin et al

No. 313947

Added to the Tumblr <3

If you want your edits and art to be posted too, just say so in the post and I'll be on it.

No. 313949

Her post is so messy in how much it reveals about her.

She's talking about business class as though it's a bad thing, revealing she never rides it bc never had a job.

She then says something that suggests she can't afford the piddly 20 bucks to check baggage on an intl flight. This explains her one outfit but 100 photos when she did the Taco trip!

Then she throws shade on a casual outfit that was worn on a 1hr long flight. She's unaware that it's comfy in lounges and business class to wear whatever you need to wear and pop out of the plane fresh.

Finally she has no idea what gyms in hotels are for, or what it's like when people need to use those gyms because they travel a lot and have a regimen to keep up.

That's the one thing I didn't get and look at what it reveals, topkek. Good catch anon!

No. 313956

>>caring this much about having an "ugly pussy" looooooool

No. 313959

KEK my sentiments exactly. I always thought it was weird someone kept using "ostrentard" when it sounded clunky and shit. I always thought of that bit in Mean Girls where Regina says "stop trying to make fetch happen". So funny she implied there were super obsessed Ostrenga fans that needed their own name when nobody is even envious of them - Kota is a fraud and Kaka is a laughing stock nutcase.

I love how she's so dumb that when she tries to integrate with fellow farmers she says "splerging" or "same fag"… ha. Or uses "new fag" whenever someone disagrees with her in a strop, not even knowing what it means.

No. 313965

You think Taylor will make some kind of response or nah? This is pretty high level stalkery.

No. 313966

File: 1478832877703.png (91.53 KB, 1079x286, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.43…)


Am I tripping balls … ?

I read that post and thought, gosh that sounds like the average Pulltard, and it has the pull emoji thingie…. I thought " maybe she copied and pasted comments" and I could track that comment down. Never did I think I'd find the exact comment … from an account not verified as "her".

A) She copied a Pulltard's comment(s)
B) Thats secretly her Account that no one knows of C) Admin screwed up on a few comments ( doubt it )

No. 313967

Holy shit I'm going to look through this persons posts now

No. 313969

I just remembered that there was a rumor that Kyler is autistic.

So either Kiki is autistic too or she's "on disability" as a care giver.

No. 313970

jesus christ she really is a sheltered sperg

yes kiki people who use gyms generally don't care if it's in a different country as long as they get their work out in

No. 313971


Yeah, it looks like she randomly copied a comment from PULL. The user Qualle is from Munich and her birthday is listed as April 12. But, the factor that makes me confirm that this person is not Keeks is the fact that she seldom posts in Taylor's PULL thread, and when she does she does not mention a "fat filler pussy" or "flabby knees".

Why would she post comments from PULL though? It's not like that was a particularly ground breaking comment. Maybe she was trying to throw admins off the scent after all the "hi kaka"s she was getting?

No. 313973

Wow, good catch. I wonder if Kiki was copying comments in an attempt to frame other people in case she got caught?

No. 313974

Yes, we believe this was just a red herring she was trying to leave to confuse both PULL and lolcow staff. I verified once more and am 100% sure Kiki made that lolcow post, as with all the others. She just copied and pasted a random PULL post.

No. 313975


I remember going thru the list of her comments and wondering wtf was up with random tame comments, such as " she use to be very pretty" " I use to be a fan". I wonder if those were all comments she just copied and pasted from Pull.


Its possible ! She had beef with Itsmedaz or what ever the fuck that users name was when speculations of her being sperg first broke out.

No. 313976

File: 1478833698142.png (142.78 KB, 1052x447, kakafkdasjf.png)

She copied multiple posts…what a nut.

No. 313981


Lol. How can someone be this invested? JFC and I thought my life was pathetic.

No. 313982


Thanks admin-sama. She's so transparent I love it

No. 313984


this is a whole new realm of pathetic that nobody but kiki is able to inhabit.

No. 313985

i saw your comment, maybe you shouldn't be so fucking autistic

No. 313986

Why do you people ruin any thread Kiki posts? What did she ever do to deserve this?! I wish I had mod power here so I could ban you unfunny shit spewers. Stop copypasting the same shit over and over. It's fucking annoying and not funny. Flooding cunts go fucking kill yourselvs. Kiki is one of the best posters here because she always puts a lot of time and effort here and makes good detailed contributing posts unlike the majority here who just write one sentence which is usually just some form of insult aimed at someone else because they either lack good English skills or just are a plain outright shitposter. I don't even understand why some people hate her here because it is not like she personally attack people lol so don't see the big deal with the hatred some people have against her, probably jealousy or something. If there was an official poll on people's opinion of Kiki the majority of people would vote in favor and have a high opinion of her because she actually made good quality threads while idiots like you who spam and harass her are the reason why this board is turning into shit and there are no interesting threads. I have not seen a good thread in fucking days and not a incredible one in months. Kiki is Queen of /pt/, she should be a fucking moderator or even replace the useless incompetent current admin. Heil Kiki. Admin if you read this you should fucking get more people and ban the people who talk shit to her and are fuckign assholes to her. She seriously sometimes cannot post without an idiot talking shit to her and she feels depressed whenever she see something like that, I don't mean like she is going to kill herself depressed, but she still feels like fucking shit.

No. 313987


It was that hard for her to say something tame/average that wouldn't tip off the admins that she had to copy Pulltards… I just almost want to say nothing can surprise me, but watch, she'll do something else that'll make me retract that statement.

Tf is wrong with her…

No. 313989


Lol, funny..

The only non one liner post she made she stole from Pulltards.

No. 313990

Go to bed Cathy

No. 313993

Not sure if you're a troll but I'll bite. I've never seen anyone that puts that much time and effort into harassing people like Kiki. She never put effort into her posts. She told people to kill themselves. She harassed people. She posted mutilated genitalia. She needs help.

No. 313995

File: 1478835336118.png (45.84 KB, 385x310, gooddetailedcontributingpost.p…)

>makes good detailed contributing posts

No. 314003

>didn't personally attack anyone

Yeah she totally didn't obsessively attack and threaten physical harm on Taylor …. yeeaahhhhh nope??

No. 314004

File: 1478836042363.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, vjBBtROR.jpeg)


oh yes, so many detailed well thought out posts >>313332 >>313335 >>313357 >>313380

No. 314007

Cathy go help your daughter instead of whoring her. Queen of pt…. Haha pls

No. 314009

The only person (if not Kiki) that I could think that could write out something this retarded would be Rima. I forget if she is perma banned or what

No. 314012

For the record, though she definitely hated Taylor and insulted her a lot out of jealousy, the death threat was actually her talking about herself. False flagging for victim points probably:


Which is maybe even worse.

Although, she did tell tons of people to kill themselves, including lolcow staff, and she repeatedly accused Taylor of being on staff, so she did pretty much tell Taylor to kill herself.

No. 314013

File: 1478836347924.jpg (17.43 KB, 575x137, image.jpg)

^ a fleeting moment of self-awareness

No. 314015

just wanted to see if she's active online rn

No. 314016


I wonder how the anon who posted >>170898 feels now, knowing they shut down Kiki immediately? I always said "hi kaka" etc but never really truly believed she would stoop so low as to gossip and big up herself on a forum. But here we are.

No. 314020

of course she is you retard, she has no life outside the internet

No. 314023

lmao i can comment whatever i want on her page chill out

No. 314025

I wonder if being found out is going to make her go into hiding again ? or if she'll lose her shit x2 and spam again.

No. 314036

Is she actually on disability? …For what?

No. 314038

I wonder if kaka is active on the thread right now.

She still posted even after she was revealed to be spergchan.

No. 314059

Bless this thread. Bless lolcow. Bless you all

No. 314060

Praise be to admin-sama and the farmhands, thank you all for your hard work!

I can't wait to see if she makes any attempt at damage control.

I bet she only said that as an excuse for why she spent so much time here.

No. 314078

she. did not. post. cp.
don't spread this so lightly.

No. 314080

it's like i've waited all this year for this
i wonder how dakota is cringing lmfao

No. 314081

are you that bored that you need to find this cheap ass way to troll?

No. 314082

>the death threat was actually her talking about herself

YOU KNOW WHAT THIS REMINDS ME OF?? remember in 2012 when Dakota posted a hate mail she got about someone saying something like "I'm going to kill you just like your cat Sebastian" (for those who don't know, the rolling stone article said that their cat went missing after someone allegedly threatened to kill it). At the time EVERYBODY said it was Cathy who sent her that message to make the tumblr "haters" look bad and for victim pity points (it was written in all caps, just like she always wrote). Because nobody at the time was acting that mean. The fact that Kiki herself planted a death threat on her own thread to make farmers look bad makes me think they might have a habit of doing this.

No. 314083

File: 1478853244644.gif (1.16 MB, 275x275, whatev.gif)

as if posting gore is somewhat better because it's not illegal. it really takes a demented person to do such a thing "so lightly".

No. 314085

well, it's sadly common amongst children who have been abused to have an unhealthy relationship with feces, without going to much into it. It's impossible to do any kind of diagnosis over the internet like this, but she does show some signs of arrested development and with the strange photos taken of them when they were very young, and the odd behaviour in both the girls. Dakota and her sad shoops infantilizing herself etc. we could never know, but it does look like they could have been abused sexually.

No. 314092

Sounds like you're short of one chromosome. YES child pornography is worse than pictures of infected genitals, and it's not just because one is illegal and the other isn't, infected genitals are only gross to look at, but CP is sick on a million more levels than just plain gross. You're too stupid to make this argument anon, she did not post CP and don't say that she did just to throw it in there because you think it's on the same level as gore.

No. 314094

Try reading things more clearly before slinging out insults, sis. No one insisted that cp was less heinous than gore. The point is that Kiki is fucked and gross regardless. No reason to jump to her defense because she ONLY posted gore. Get a grip.

No. 314098

So… Kiki invested more time into this than any of her failed 'careers'?

No. 314099

Ok, I'll ignore the fact you are trolling hard there, but I want to say something about this part of your comment:

>She seriously sometimes cannot post without an idiot talking shit to her and she feels depressed whenever she see something like that, I don't mean like she is going to kill herself depressed, but she still feels like fucking shit.

I hope she reads, well sure she does:

You can't control what other people think, the only thing you can do is control your own actions and thoughts.

Yeah you were just defending yourself and your sister in many comments, but I cant sugar coat it, I just don't see how talking like that about the other girls and the gore images was helping you…

If you are depressed, get help and practice what you preach, you will see the difference in your life.

or just fucking burn that computer and pull your shit together.

No. 314102


thanks for replying to my post, anon. It's what I thought too but I never read here or somewhere else about them (or Kiki) being sexual abused or such but who knows what else happened behind closed doors since everything else is already pretty fucked up. some really serious damage has been done because that shit isn't normal.

No. 314104

>serious damage has been done because that shit isn't normal.

yeah, this much i think we can say with certainty. I never read anything about them being abused in that matter either, but it is like you say, impossible to know what has been going on in that house.

I also find her posts about "toughing it out" when it comes to post rape mental health interesting, and the clear mistrust she has in medication. she wrote a post about coping with her borderline personality disorder, but who knows if that's just shitposting on her part.

No. 314110

Do you have a source for her talking about having bpd? I want to read it, i suspected she has it but that's just speculation.

No. 314115

Second this, would like to read it also.

No. 314127


I posted a cap of her post last night, but i realize now that she wrote BDD not BPD, my mistake

you can see it here

No. 314128


and come to think about it, we have been speculating about dakota having bdd, so tinfoiling my way to the thought that maybe both of them do, because of abuse. idk, i know i'm reaching.

No. 314140

File: 1478870443263.png (Spoiler Image, 4.89 MB, 2844x2820, lolcowkiki.png)

a post to add to tumblr

No. 314155

File: 1478876715856.jpg (33.73 KB, 560x305, kikikannibal.jpg)

I REALLY want Kiki to be unbanned :( The milk isn't as tasty w/o her being able to really react. Like you know she's refreshing tons of these pages every second, frothing at the mouth…

Or maybe we should seek her out on 8chan? Can mods unban her for a day or something, maybe just so she can """explain herself"""?

No. 314158

i was under the inpression that it was impossible to ban kiki because of the ever changing ip? Now that shes been outed she probably just doesnt want to post

No. 314168

Fear not anon, there will always be a way. Maybe you even are Kiki. Maybe I am Kiki. I have no doubt in my heart that our beloved keki is typing away at a Dell desktop in a public library.

No. 314170

Does anyone else read Kaka's posts in her annoying, screechy voice?

No. 314171

>No one insisted that cp was less heinous than gore
>as if posting gore is somewhat better because it's not illegal

That's actually exactly the argument that was made

No. 314173

Kiki often post explicit content about animal cruelty on Twitter. I guess she just gets off on any kind of gory stuff

No. 314190

lmao exactly. i was half-expecting them to backtrack like that in their reply, but thought nah, they can't be that dumb

No. 314191

wait, kiki likes felice? as if she could like any other female except herself and sometimes her sister?

No. 314194

File: 1478883499277.jpeg (46.4 KB, 400x267, image.jpeg)

hallelujah christmas has come early.. milk and cookies anyone?? lollll

No. 314198

I..I posted that pic of our Queen
I feel blessed by the hand of Kiki.

No. 314213

If Kiki does post again, will her posts be marked?

No. 314220

She's not. That is probably her.

No. 314256

File: 1478893053185.jpeg (686.86 KB, 2896x2896, 1478893008616.jpeg)


No. 314260

I love when she insults herself.

No. 314261


It's been a while since I've come to Lolcow (since the major changes in admins, actually), and this is more than I could have ever expected or imagined.

Thank you, Admin-sama. I have not laughed this hard in months.

No. 314284

She is truly deranged LOL
Thanks anon, this is now one of my favorites. When I see these ones I picture herself talking to herself like smeagol

No. 314285

The "KAKA HAS RETURNED TO US" thread (>>>/pt/289978) is pure gold and worthy of eternal archiving.

Admin-sama, are Kiki's posts on the Dakota and Charms threads ever going to get tagged as well? Thanks You again for your excellent work!

No. 314287

Meeee - I am so proud I directly interacted with our pure vegan goddess!

No. 314288

File: 1478900473615.jpg (558.18 KB, 1280x1280, 20161111_151619.jpg)

Anon got it right.

No. 314290

I didn't notice the stamp at first and was about to hang my head in shame because I'm 99% sure I posted something along those lines. Oh how wrong I was.

No. 314302

I saw all that shit unfold and it was hilarious

No. 314303

I'm late but I'm surprised you think the first post of those four is related? Or do you mean the came from the same person that made the Sakura posts?

No. 314344

She's actually banned? Boo.

No. 314353

I honestly expected some spergy posts on the Venus thread to be marked as hers too.

No. 314356

Only the pretty ones aka the Japan threats like Audrey and Taylor.

No. 314358

I don't want to sound like a conspirationist, but remember when spoony was absolutely dedicated to copy kota and shit on her at the same time, and then suddenly stopped claiming that she found serious stuff and she shouldn't be discused or mocked of (or something like that, IIRC)? Well, what if that serious shit was something related to sexual abuse or the like? Damn, I wish I knew what it is.

No. 314365

Yeah but any western chick scoring a Japanese boyfrendo would also pose a threat for her. She think they're stealing chances of getting an asian marriage visa from her hah. She proudly paraded her future meal ticket aka Taco until people pointed out how ugly he was.

No. 314368

Sorry, that first one was included by mistake. Fixed.

No. 314371

But Taylor and Audrey were both models in Japan, tall and pretty (Venus is neither of those three). They posed direct threat to her sister, and herself (I mean, look at all her "Kiki should be a model" self posts).

No. 314372

File: 1478918426242.jpg (226.03 KB, 720x720, 20161111_202714.jpg)

A different person… that sounds exactly like her? and this is just 1 example, I found many coincidences. If it is someone else then thinks exactly like her, and that's creepy.

No. 314373

>scroll down to the bottom to navigate to new board


No. 314377

File: 1478919743059.jpg (219.05 KB, 869x869, 20161111_205133.jpg)

this "Pot calling the kettle back" double post in Taylor R thread is a phrase sperg chan used too…

No. 314379

Kiki also double posted extremely frequently.

No. 314383

just click on the black bar once and it will go away…
and take layout complaints to /meta/.

No. 314388

Kiki had to actually look at that image and save it. Seems strange for a homophobe.

No. 314389

I think this shows that sometimes the harder someone preaches at others, the more they may be covering up. Sometimes. Not all the time. Some have an actual good motive.

No. 314392

Kiki how come you don't volunteer at animal or homeless shelters or something why do you play around online all day? I mean you keep preaching about love and light and all that might as well use that free time to show others you believe in what you preach

No. 314395

She's probably not, Kyler is; iirc.

She's probably paid by the state to be his caretaker

No. 314410

>literally kiki

No. 314414

Its not me

No. 314419

send them to admin per the instructions up top. they can be checked.

No. 314420

sorry, not up top but on the other page:

>We only labeled things we could definitively tie to her. It is possible that there are other posts she made that we have not found yet. If you identify any potential suspects, please report them on lolcow.farm and/or send an email to lolcow.farm@gmail.com with all of the information you have.

No. 314433

Cool, no one cares.

No. 314442

I don't know about Dakota because despite it all she seems pretty well adjusted, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Kiki is a childhood sex abuse survivor. I see a lot of my younger self in her before I learned to deal with my self destructive ways. I developed the same fascination with gore and vulgar incoherent faecal ranting when I wasn't pretending to be totally innocent moon child. She is totally off the rails. It's blatantly obvious she's never had the in depth psychological help she needs. I hope she wakes up and takes this as a sign she needs to help herself and deal with her problems, whatever they may be.
Kiki, if you're reading this, I've been there. I know what it's like to wonder why someone hurt you when you never did anything to deserve it. You may not think so but these are the deep roots of your problems. You need help or you will never be truly happy again. You know you've been miserable for years and deep down inside you know why you feel that way. Be brave and deal with it. Most people here feel sorry for you and believe you can still change.

No. 314446

File: 1478947557406.png (17.79 KB, 604x128, keekers.PNG)

the fucking irony though

No. 314447

File: 1478947839499.png (31.73 KB, 636x149, tumblr_nfxxxkeMON1t9k994o1_128…)

Well, I can agree with her on this one though. lmao

No. 314450

stop. don't assume random ass people have the kind of issues you do just because you think you "see yourself in them", and go into such detail about how these are "the roots of her problem". you're no fucking internet psychiatrist.

No. 314451

was this tweet deleted? can't find it

No. 314452

no, i'm sorry for you but she is not the victim here.

No. 314454

I see where this message is coming from but you're doing yourself a disservice by comparing yourself and your experiences with Kiki. Not everyone can or will come out the other side of whatever went on in their life/mind - sometimes they're just irredeemable cunts.

No. 314455

Mira blatantly selfposts; Kiki can't seem to see the difference.

No. 314457

File: 1478955050826.png (208.68 KB, 1107x1657, IMG_2676.PNG)



No. 314468

Yep, same old dull shit. She does look kinda dead behind the eyes these days.

No. 314469

this isn't facebook

No. 314486

File: 1478967000885.png (397.38 KB, 2299x648, Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 11.0…)

lol i remember this one. she tried to convince people that everybody had nasolabial folds irl, and anybody who didn't was because of instagram filters

No. 314490

I mean, Nasolabial Folds aren't that terrible or noticeable but cmon Kaka just deal with it

No. 314492

Stay salty and balding,kaka

No. 314494

Thanks. They do sound similar, but I can confirm none of those posts are from Kiki. They're from two different regular farmers.

No. 314495

She's not banned. But I doubt she'll post again.

No. 314498

thanks for confirming it.
Their minds are disturbingly similar.

No. 314501

Kaka thought no one here would notice her atrocious writing style hah

No. 314508

An excerpt from her old VK page


"First thing first, none of you will ever truly know me no matter how many videos you watch of me, blogs you read about me or people you know that talk about me. Don't dare act like you do. I fancy to keep it that way. Capiche? Capiche. I hear you like mystery.
I got that blonde hair, blue nails, blue eyes, blue makeup, any lil girl who tries to be me - aha they better flee before they see me. These girls are dolls of me - plastic and fake nothing close to the real thing. Maybe if they accept themselves for who they are, their hearts will sing.

I do not drink, smoke, or party. I work. I am a lone wolf and I get things done that way. In a few months I will surprise you all with what I am working on. I have been an organic vegetarian since the age of 8. I am a virgo. I am very dedicated and committed to what I want. I don't let others bring me down. I'm very down to earth. I am a huge dork. I LOVE to laugh. I strive for success. I have passion and it burns in my chest. I do my own makeup, hair, dress myself, and coordinate my photo shoots. I am a normal girl, so please stop getting hyped up about bits of pixely light on a screen in a 2D world. Treat me as you would like to be treated. I am young, so older guys.. don't bother. I've had enough of older immature men.
Wait for me till I'm 18 so that I can tell you to roll your tongue back into your mouth, pick up your jaw, and fuck off legally.

I honestly don't know how I became so popular…I never wanted to be haha, I do enjoy it though, so thank you everyone. :) I guess by just being me! try it once in a while.. maybe people will like you more/better. :D I love sheep, but come on people.. leave marching in the heard to them.. they do it the best!

So please don't bleach your hair and do your makeup like me, its not cute - everyone knows im marching to my own tune, so its obvious that you'll lose.

I LOVE to take photos that are controversial and throw/piss people off. You know what? It's working. :)) mwhahaha!
Organic vegetarian since the age of 8.
Get to know me I'm real sweet.
I'm real cute and have a personality that can't be beat.I'm Irish, Polish, Welsh, Dutch, German, French, Scottish, English, Danish, and Swedish. MuT STaTuS

KND website: www.kndkouture.com
My website: www.kikikannibal.com
My shop: shop.kikikannibal.com
My email: kiki@kikikannibal.com
My aim sn: kikikanniballl
My Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mmmkikikannibal
My Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kikikannibal
My Bebo: http://www.bebo.com/KikiK331
My Buzznet: http://www.kikikannibal.buzznet.com
My YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kikikanniballl
My LiveJournal: http://kikikanniballl.livejournal.com
My Stickam: http://www.stickam.com/kikikannibal
My wokihow: http://www.wikihow.com/Look-Like-Kiki-Kannibal



Message me at kiki@kikikannibal.com for advice with:
Beauty Tips

No. 314510


>I'm Irish, Polish, Welsh, Dutch, German, French, Scottish, English, Danish, and Swedish.

chill you are just american and that's it lmao

No. 314515

File: 1478976464523.png (101.4 KB, 640x636, IMG_3113.PNG)

No. 314516

she never had a VK page, this is just a copy-paste from her very old stickam description circa 2009~

those last two, Danish and Swedish, she changed for Norwegian in one of her youtube FAQ videos lol

No. 314520

What kind of mental illness does she have that makes her act like this? Is she a psychopath?

No. 314521

lol so it's okay for people to openly discuss and theorize she's been sexually abused earlier in the thread, but it's not okay for someone to express empathy on the matter. shine on you kawaii diamonds

No. 314522

File: 1478977296315.jpg (53.15 KB, 812x423, IMG_3116.JPG)

No. 314533

I don't know if you guys share the same opinion as me…

The way kiki defends her sister is seens more than love. It's like she lives through Dakota.
She was more pissed about people saying bad things about kota than herself. It's a strange mix of feelings. The way she feels SO offended by people "copying" Dakota. I bet Dakota herself may not like it very much but doesn't give a flying fuck about it.

But when it comes to Kirsten, she takes that shit to the heart. It must be difficult for her to deal with the fact that she envies her sister because Dako is her only friend and she loves her. But also she can spill all that envy in other girls with similar scenarios (Living in Japan, model working, having romances in Japan) and she keeps telling herself that she hates them because they copy her sister and take that shit so personally like it's done to her.
All she likes and hates gravitates around Dakota.

No. 314539

This is really true. It's like she can't admit to herself that she hates and is jealous of Kota so she just obsessively hates anyone who successfully "copies" Kota (ie taylor) because she tried it herself and failed

No. 314542

I finally finished reading the complete list of her sperging, and man what a ride.
Her posts are really concerning. Whenever she went mad she started giving those graphic descriptions of violence that are beyond concerning, especially when you think that she's not an edgy 14 years old on 4chan but a fucking adult who also "spreads positivity" on her social media accounts.
I followed her back in the scene days and I recall her telling people to kill themselves and being very violent sometimes, and I really thought she had changed since then. But now… Not only she's the same exact person, now she's even worse.
Seek help, Kiki.

No. 314544

hi samefag. went back and looked for the only other comment that mentioned "sexual abuse" in this thread, this person >>314085 got literally everything wrong about the post they were replying to. They mistakenly thought the gore that sperg-chan posted included feces and went on to say
>it's sadly common amongst children who have been abused to have an unhealthy relationship with feces

great example of you saddos jumping to conclusions and making wild ignorant assumptions that lead to full blown diagnosis. You can't possibly know if someone was sexually abused based solely on them being a cunt on the internet. So don't play doctor. Sperg-chan posted images of gore for the same reason she spammed text posts, in an attempt to drive users off the website and get the site temporarily shut down, she even said it herself. She didn't do it because she has a fascination with gore due to X mental illness.

No. 314548

Thank you admins for doing this, this is amazing.

Also thank you to the people spamming Kiki's Instagram with lolcow links.

No. 314553

File: 1478980758886.gif (546.66 KB, 500x286, 18.gif)

I'm Christmas shopping and would really like to know where Kekker's bracelets are from, does anyone remember where she posted this?

No. 314559

They're from the vid here.

No. 314563

You are so very right. Fuckin thank you,

No. 314570

No. 314573

Think the same! It's mind blowing, admin Sama. Thank you for that! I'm not sure if spamming her instagram will be good? Won't it scare her away?
Most of the things she said are ao worrying. "Kill yourself let us watch that red milk flow" or just the shit posting and spamming. It's disgusting

No. 314591

Exactly, it's concerning when you realize that she preaches "peace and love" on her public accounts. It's like she only writes those positive things to wash out her sense of guilt after telling people she doesn't even know to kill themselves, or stalking a poor girl who only happens to be more successful than her and her sister. And those mutilated genitalia pictures, what the fuck Kiki do you even have that stuff saved on your computer next to your "cutesy" pics

No. 314595

I'm wondering how much this was edited by the catfish that copypasted this to VK.

>I LOVE to take photos that are controversial and throw/piss people off. You know what? It's working. :)) mwhahaha!

doesn't sound like her really

No. 314596

>I wouldn't be surprised at all if Kiki is a childhood sex abuse survivor.

Her idiot parents let her date a psychotic 18 year old when she was 13 so

No. 314600

didn't they let him live with them at one point too?

No. 314602

No. 314604

File: 1478987111579.png (16.06 KB, 116x177, Skatole_Isaac.png)

Hey anon, she was like, totally abused the poop says everything.

No. 314605

>some of them old pictures where you can see her house in the background

What a mess .. that's Asherbee levels of dirty.

No. 314608

Jeez, her family really have no concept of responsible spending.

No. 314612

What have i missed???

No. 314616

She deleted the comments on instagram, not very surprising.

No. 314617

screenshots please

No. 314620

someone should go take that livejournal username and post her spergout

No. 314631

The few posts about Jun being ugly bc she's a ginger when kiki was bending over backwards about her own hair colour in the lilkitten days make e so happy
It's like understanding jealousy 101

No. 314634

White trash never do.

No. 314635


No. 314638

File: 1478997944468.jpg (142.27 KB, 1920x1075, IMG_3126.JPG)

A few coming your way

No. 314640

File: 1478998162785.jpg (24.62 KB, 400x300, IMG_3137.JPG)

More dirty house

No. 314641

File: 1478998209683.jpg (17.12 KB, 480x360, IMG_3133.JPG)

Dirty bedroom…

No. 314642

File: 1478998247262.jpg (36.42 KB, 400x300, IMG_3127.JPG)

Keekers clean ur room hoe

No. 314643

File: 1478998286928.jpg (10.33 KB, 120x90, IMG_3129.JPG)


No. 314644

File: 1478998401287.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.16 KB, 600x450, IMG_3125.JPG)

Girl ur room is so messy

No. 314645

File: 1478998453950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.47 KB, 267x400, IMG_3136.JPG)

Shit all over the floor, orange foundation on the counter, sneezed on mirrors… ahh 2007

No. 314646

File: 1478998526417.jpg (18.96 KB, 183x275, IMG_3139.JPG)

Bonus pic: are the blinds in the back just warped from photoshop or from being man handled?

No. 314648

Please please please

No. 314650

File: 1478999703992.jpg (538.04 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_3144.JPG)


Did my best on my phone…

No. 314653

I wonder why Kaka/sperg-chan was so buttmad at people who said the bleached hair suited her best. I guess she's angry that no-one likes her current washed out vegan indigo child angel look?

No. 314658

I just went through the sperg-chan thread again and holy shit it's just post after post after post from her. I can't believe how much she actually posted here.

No. 314705

This is going to be a mega tinfoil hat post, and no I don't believe things like this should be taken lightly Or discussed casually with little knowledge on the matter.

For a long time I've left Kota's character alone mostly, because to me it's basically inevitable that you would turn into a fucked up retarded piece of shit being the baby in a family like that. You can say she's old enough to change now, but really I don't think she had much a chance to develop or nurture her own personality with such a parasitic sister/parents.

That family has always smelled like abuse to me. And it was strange to me when people defended Scott and Cathy. Then again, I grew up in a home of abuse and trauma so I recognize these things at a very intuitive level. The whole thing smelled funky guyz lol regardless of how spoiled they were or whatever age conspiracies you want to throw into the pot. They were kids being used and tarted up like prostitutes.

There's no doubt in my mind that Kiki was the golden child and Dakota was picked on for being chunky and weird. And to me, it's perfectly sensible to not be surprised if it were brought to light that Cathy encouraged her eating disorder and rampant dysmorphia from like, preteen age.
I feel like Dakota probably put up with a lot of verbal abuse and belittling because of her looks/not being "up to par" with Kiki at the time.

I'm not a Dakota fan by any means and I still wholeheartedly agree that her shoops make her look like a baby with downs, but to me it makes sense why she ran off to Japan and took the humiliation of being an entire different person that how she presented herself like a champ.

It makes sense that she continues to shit out awful shoots and lazy "work." It makes sense that she doesn't give a shit about actually changing herself to look like her edits. Because probably, her main goal isn't fame or beauty or anything like that. It's just to be as far the fuck away from the Ostrenga madhouse, and have a new, fresh identity away from her psycho family, regardless of how bad her reputation is for her deception. She doesn't give a shit about relevancy and only pops up when she's low on cash probably because she doesn't care, guys, in case you haven't figured that out.

That also makes abuse seem more applicable to me because often abuse survivors are just so grateful to be away from it that little else phases them or can crawl under their skin like that. You can become comfortable in the bare minimum with little ambition for anything else besides comfort and safety.

I have no passionate feelings about cows anymore, I guess I just grew out of it idk I don't want a cookie or anything but what I'm saying is I'm pretty unbiased on the whole thing so what I mull over comes from a place of neutrality.

Also Kiki talks about pussy a LOT for someone who hates lesbians.

Remember when they vandalized their own house with "regal slut"? Yes Kiki, bullies are definitely going to refer to you as regal. That makes perfect sense.
Stupid bitch lmao.

No. 314710

growing up parents who are narcissistic and have poor sexual boundaries will damage you. it's a form of abuse that doesn't even have to be an overt act. it's not so simple to say "they were abused" or "not". what is known about their parents is enough; they have inheritance and nurture from those fucked up people. it will fuck you up.

No. 314712

most people won't disagree their parents are fucked up, we've been saying it for years. normal parents don't take photos of their young teens the way they did.

No. 314715

Exactly. There are loads of underage pics of Kiki in her underwear, bathing suits, etc. taken by her parents (namely her dad) which is just so cringey to even imagine. Why would a father be ok with taking photos that were obviously making a sexual object out of his underaged daughter? Even if he himself didn't get off on doing so, the fact that he didn't have a problem with taking those photos and knew that anyone of the internet could get off by looking at them is fucked up enough.

No. 314748

yep and the way cathy was so over the top defending it is a huge red flag

No. 314750

It's like toddlers and tiaras except to the extreme.

I'm not surprised that their daughters have yet to reform. If they ever come around it will be a miracle, but it won't be in the next few years.

No. 314755


>You can say she's old enough to change now, but really I don't think she had much a chance to develop or nurture her own personality with such a parasitic sister/parents.

>That family has always smelled like abuse to me.

>but to me it makes sense why she ran off to Japan and took the humiliation of being an entire different person that how she presented herself like a champ.

Are you talking about the Ostrengas or the Palermos? lol

No. 314761

File: 1479019332158.jpg (484.14 KB, 1280x1280, 20161113_004011.jpg)


No. 314762

File: 1479019566982.png (343.96 KB, 720x752, Screenshot_2016-11-12-21-52-08…)

No. 314774

I remember reading this post and thinking, "Are farmers getting nuttier or am I just maturing" Of course it was neither it was just Kiki.

She's gay for Taylor

No. 314811

>abuse survivors are just so grateful to be away from it that little else phases them or can crawl under their skin like that. You can become comfortable in the bare minimum with little ambition for anything else besides comfort and safety.
^^ This is a PERFECT summary of Venus!

No. 314812

I agree with this so much, I don't find much milk in koots at all, people always want to be like 'HAHAHROFL KOOTS IS A FAILURE HOW EMBARRASSING', but I really think she is just going through the motions and making money, she doesn't give a fuck, especially since she's still really young she could go on and do anything else now

No. 314819

The most tragic thing about Kiki is that she'll never be pretty, hasn't been since she was 14. With her strong features she could work it and become a handsome woman. Then again, who am I kidding. She's in the same boat of never amounting to anything as Raven.

No. 314820

Both similar shitty horror cow parents-kei.

Kooter should spill the tea on them.

No. 314823

Why doesn't she just get fucking bangs if she's so insecure about her hairline? I've been saying this for fucking ever

No. 314825

Honestly I don't understand why people are so upset about gore. Meat at the store is just as gross as your average gore, if not grosser, because meat is actual dead animals meant for consumption.

No. 314827

don't tell us we have to like it.

No. 314828

Typical home of dirty, trashy, suburban white Floridians, which is what the ostrengas are. They're suburban Floridian trash.

No. 314829

Never said you had to like it. I don't like gore either. I just use it as a tool because for some reason it disgusts people so much, which I find amusing.

No. 314831


Oh my word…
Keeks is giving me that " I poked holes in your condom vibes". Or " I stayed up all night fishing in the trash can for your used condoms"

If Taylor ever comes out with a " I'm pregnant " video its going to be world war 2 up in this bitch.

No. 314838

so fucking edgy

No. 314841

edgelord #1 right here fam

No. 314842

Honestly I feel super bad for kaka. Her life must suck a bag of dicks. She lives in Orlando, doesn't she? Maybe she wants to go to Disney. Not kidding, I want to befriend this beautiful bitch. I'm a vegetarian, an autist, and I'm straight up petty. I feel like we'd either get along magically or we'd rabidly hate each other at first sight.

No. 314843

what a lunatic. she obviously has nothing going on in her life so she needs to trap some random jap so she can blog about her haffu kid for fame. probably cant live vicariously through koots anymore

her vile hate for audrey and taylor is seriously alarming. i bet theyve seen these threads tho. wonder what sort of karma will befall her

No. 314846

she is an abuse survivor. when she was 13, she dated a 19 year-old or something, filed charges and everything.

No. 314857

I thought that that anon meant parental abuse, seeing as how everyone knows about that guy already (sorry if I'm wrong anon)

No. 314858


I find her obsession with "haffu babies" more alarming then her jealousy for Tay and Audrey. Kaka has always been vile so I'm actually not in the slightest bit surprised that she was sperg-chan.

Dear god, could she be secretly hunting for a Japanese baby daddy this whole time ? Let us pray that Kaka is infertile before we have a Margo 2.0 .

No. 314862

Oooh I remember this video! Does anyone have it?

No. 314864

She must have gone full-tilt crazy on Taku and when they broke up. I'd love to hear his side of things.
He probably just wanted to fuck some white girl and ended up with some total lunatic who thought they were getting married and having haffu babies. Not to mention she must have regular meltdowns about people looking at her in public, not getting her perfect pure vegan food everywhere, etc.
She must be a real nightmare.

No. 314865

I remember an ex-bf (or it was Danny?) posted a rant about how it was to go out with Kiki,being an insufferable twat taking selfies nonstop, throwing tantrums and calling dad to pick her up whenever she got upset.
I think it was not different with Taku, always on the phone barely paying attention to him,demanding to drive her anywhere, complaining about everyone eyeraping or trying to grope her, spending his money buying useless kawaii crap.

No. 314870


I'd looove to hear his side of things, but I think those newfags that found his worldfriends acc was it ? scared him away permanently. How tragic, It'd be funny if he had videos and pictures of her unseen by the internet. Imagine him recording her screeching about the haters !! or even better screeching " Kiki is a model, Kiki makes cute haffu babies…"


She probably hasn't changed if you recall all the annoying mini clips of her and Taco she posted. I guess he found her a little more tolerable due to a bit of language barrier making it easier to ignore her.

I wonder if she harassed him after the break up ( if they were actually even ever dating )

No. 314872

yeah, its truly baffling, the way she insults and talks to herself. like she's completely gone off the deep end. and i wonder if something terrible happened to trigger that 1900 post spam sperg out that spanned over 5 hrs. jfc

i feel for her too, I can sympathize with her situation but then i look at her crazy violent spam, pretentious tweets and taylor threats and wonder if she's just some sociopath. i was hoping she'd have some more personal posts on /g/ or whatever, but nope nearly every post is some kind of vitriol.. some posts are kinda telling, like
Guess the theory of Dakota rejecting her family is debunked.

i got the feeling she's lost touch with her sister a long time ago and is desperately trying to hold on to the relationship. which is a shame as she was probably the only person she was close to. she needs friends and probably a good boyfriend too, i believe she can achieve all these things and get to japan one day but she's just so damn entitled. i really hope that she takes all this as a wake up up call, but i doubt she'll actually listen.

No. 314873

I wonder if Taku ever knew kaka was recording him in his sleep/passed out for the internet. That's fucking creepy

No. 314887

File: 1479055681123.jpg (374.66 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)


Oh god, I couldn't help myself …

Also why is she seemingly obsessed with Tay's "filler filled" vajaja … Is that her projecting ? Like Keeks, not everyone has a mutilated Turkey like you

No. 314893

File: 1479056538461.jpg (151.98 KB, 490x700, tumblr_nrhuzjDR1e1uzpvano8_500…)

She looks like fuchi

No. 314894

Kiki is such a train wreck lmao

No. 314904

Speaks for itself, really.

No. 314915

No actually I think Dakota knew about Kiki's gross comments here all the time, they both started commenting each other on IG "HUGE FOREHEAD TEAM" or something like that, then Kiki commented here "theory debunked!". Also Dakota often mentions her family meaning she is still in touch with them, a couple of weeks ago she wrote about talking with her father about TWD and not so long ago she posted those childhood pictures with Kiki. Dont excuse Dakota from this, Dakota has her own personality and is super aggresive, there is a lot of evidence of that, even in TV shows. You can expect what Kiki did here from her whole family.

I think Dakota and Kiki criticize Taylor for copying her and agrees with everything Kiki said here, so she let Kiki do it for her becasue obviously she fears for her career. Just imagine what would had happened if people found out she was talking shit about Taylor too? She has to take care of her public image.

No. 314921


Taylor is everything they have ever worked to be like and seeing her be a nice person, boyfriend and career thus cash pisses them off.

No. 314928

File: 1479067341948.png (82.77 KB, 252x275, IMG_3153.PNG)

Because this isn't a good look either

No. 314933

I have a hard time calling it abuse, considering she's a compulsive liar, she also didn't report it until he wanted to see other people, and not be with her crazy ass anymore. Especially considering she was talking shit about his dick in a myspace message screen cap posted earlier. Idk. I am a survivor of sex abuse, it was never reported and it haunts me to this day. Something about the situation that many people forget is at 14, many girls just like Kiki want an older boyfriend and want to have sex. At the time she probably thought it was cool, and then as mentioned, he wanted to see other people and she wasn't happy about that. Was he a pedophile? No doubt about it. Do I think Kiki was abused by him? I highly doubt it.

No. 314936

File: 1479068022141.png (161.75 KB, 720x697, Screenshot_2016-11-13-13-53-31…)


No. 314937


She looks so… Small town 80's prom queen, I dunno. Like something out of Stranger Things.

Anyway, she doesn't need to cut her bangs straight across. I think side swept and assymetric would work a lot better with her face.

No. 314941

File: 1479068319936.jpg (167.44 KB, 600x827, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

Yeah, but that's because it's a slightly dodgy shop. A more up to date version of pic related would be a huge improvement.

No. 314942

I mean. How can you call him a pedophile but in the same breath deny he abused Kiki. It was abuse.
Also her only reporting it after he left her doesn't really indicate anything to me, it would fit in with her story that the dude was only after virgins and was on to the next one.
Her video on sexual assault seemed genuine to me. Just because Keeks is bonkers doesn't mean she's the villain in every situation.

No. 314943

Haha befriend Keeks? you are a funny bitch lol

No, seriously, please go ahead and document everything.

No. 314944

I was trying to say that I feel conflicted because she doesn't have the best track record with telling the truth, but that also the dude was legit a pedophile.

Nothing ever comes out the way I mean it:

No. 314946

I won a giveaway she did on her channel and she wrote me a letter and intended on us "being pen pals" but.. I couldn't even really figure out anything to write back to her so I didn't.

No. 314947

Agree, I do believe her in that part of her story, simply because she was really young and stupid and he was already an adult, he could easily manipulate her, he actually played the abusive family card to stay at their home. I never liked anons using the police report for discussing something like her age lol I think his death and everything related to that is a tragedy and I dont feel comfortable talking about it tbh.

Sperg chan dramu is way funnier lol

No. 314952

Oh.. what did you win?

No. 314953

Was kiki the vegan coconut milk sperg?

No. 314958

Well, I was supposed to win a pink rose ring by that Charles jewelery dude she bought the skeleton head bracelet from. But she claims she never received a second ring from him to give away- so instead of giving me the one she had possession of, she gave me two of her old diamonds (but not the big necklace ones- two small cell phone charm ones.) and she mailed them in a standard envelope wrapped in tissue with no bubble wrap or attempt to protect her acrylic diamonds. So needless to say, one was broken upon arrival, and the other one wasn't even attached to the cellphone charm string. I also "won" a note from her that was super vain.

It also took about 3 or 4 weeks for her to even send anything- I had to legitimately annoy her through YouTube messages for her to get around to sending anything.

At the time I was a semi-fan. I didn't know all of the horrible shit she'd said, so I believed her facade. I only learned about said drama, because someone from a truth blog on tumblr contacted me and asked for updates about it. I then made my own Tumblr to go along with it.

But my URL was Cathyostrenga and I made my avi a cartoon of Cathy, and then got bored and made it the rave picture of Cathy which was then copy right claim spammed (even after I changed it) and said blog was terminated. Alex from Tumblr support is an asshole.

No. 314960

This was definitely a better look for her. Not sure why she gets so touchy when people say that but the side bangs worked for her forehead and the layers framed her face and brought out her cheekbones. The extensions made her hair look thicker instead of the greasy limp mess she has now. Even if she didn't want to bleach it anymore, this kind of cut would suit her so much better. She's weird and thinks everyone saying this kind of stuff about her is doing it because they're jealous of her hair length so they want to take that away from her by suggesting she cut it, but she could keep her length and add in some extensions to give her layers and thicken it up a bit.

No. 314961

File: 1479070928514.jpg (56.12 KB, 335x500, IMG_3155.JPG)

Or even a little warmer of a color, and extensions styled like this was a good look

No. 314964

File: 1479071590516.png (284.13 KB, 366x497, Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.55…)

She actually had straight bangs once-upon-a-time. Not really a fan either.

No. 314975

No. 314982

File: 1479075432411.jpg (50.12 KB, 390x589, 2cd3j7.jpg)

Any chance that's just a wig or clip ins?

No. 314983

From a comment on that thread:

>Kiki's online antics indirectly resulted in the suicide of her ex-boyfriend, who jumped from a 2-story parking garage into a moving garbage truck in an attempt to escape from police officers who were coming to arrest him for the statutory rape of 14-year-old Kiki.

Uhhh, is this true? That's messed up.

No. 314986

Rumor has it he was about to meet a teen to do drugs and Kiki/Cathy knew so they called the police. WHEN police came after him, he ran away (bc drugs!) AND killed himself (unintentionally, thinking he could run away by jumping)

No. 314987

Yes this is true. He was 19, told girls he was 16, slept with tons of underage girls, had a coke habit.

Cathy herself baited him to a mall to meet a girl, then tipped the police off and they arrested him. The wind apparently blew a ton of papers everywhere and they were distracted by that, and so mr.myspace flung himself off the parking structure (iirc)

No. 314988

it's a fucked up way to put it tbh. kiki wasn't responsible for it, >>314987 is right. they think he was aiming to land on something but ended up hitting the pavement instead.

No. 314989

And to add to it, a website called stickydrama (known for harassing Kiki) went to the dudes funeral and posted pictures of his open casket.

No. 314990

Oh. That sounds awful..
and after that experience you still want to befriend her? You are naive, but sweet. Maybe she needs a friend that can slap her every time she starts doing the same old lol jk Keeks kiss me ;3 be humble and accept it was mean, pratice what you preach and get well soon girl.

No. 314992

Sweet Jesus, that sticky drama asshole is a cow himself, that was really low.

No. 314993

I'm the YouTube winner person, and I'm not the same person that wants to befriend her in Florida lol. I was just sharing my experience.

No. 314994

File: 1479076668440.png (88.32 KB, 500x349, IMG_3158.PNG)

No. 314995


Wait it was Stickydrama that took pictures of the open casket? I thought it was Kiki that did that?

No. 314996

Oh my bad, I thought it was the same person! Anyway that sucks.

No. 314998

Oh hey, I remember your blog. Your story's pretty funny because of all the times people insisted they got necklaces from her that came damaged. Especially the girl who contacted her on Buzznet and Kaka took advantage of her and threatened her. Kaka would tard rage over how her pieces never broke since they were acrylic lucite but from what you said and the other girl, she didn't pack things well and they got damaged in shipping often. Then when customers complained about it she'd play the "it's your fault you didn't pay for insured shipping" card. What a conniving bitch.

Speaking of befriending her, does anybody remember who the girl was that had a vlog about how she used to talk to Kaka on AIM and when she called Kaka out for bullying someone in her Stickam chat Kaka started using her own words against her about private stuff she'd shared? I think Kaka copyright claimed the vlog to get it taken down which is stupid since she only talked about her, never showed any of her content.

No. 314999

Nope, it was stickydrama. Kiki claims somewhere that he would repeatedly send her that photo to harass her and make her feel guilty for Danny's death.

No. 315002

Anyone else miss MySpace and scene days after this?

No. 315003

File: 1479077474477.png (59.5 KB, 367x470, screenshot-web.archive.org 201…)

No. 315004

That's just the tip of the iceberg. His obsession with Kiki is weird enough but he has a lot of shady behavior in his background that involved sextortion to straight guys for a place to stay, posting a rape video on his site, and hoarding underage nudes for stickynudes.

No. 315006

the whole John Hock thing was horrifying.

tl;dr version:

> Hock rapes passed out girl live on webcam

> StickyDrama recorded entire stream
> LJ comm members inform cops about video
> cops get warrant for SD servers
> SD tries to claim he alerted cops/is responsible for Hock's arrest
> conveniently forgets his claim of having no intention of giving up video without the warrant

Sticky's a giant piece of shit.

No. 315007


Why is it that the people who go the farthest to laugh at shitty humans are always the shittiest humans themselves?
It's like the circle of degeneracy.

No. 315016

Didn't Keeks use the casket photo on that bizarre site she made mocking Danny and his family? Or am I imagining that?

No. 315019

Yeah thats what I was thinking too.

No. 315020

Yep that's the one!

No. 315021

You can expect everything from that asshole, he made the craziest tin foil hat conspiracy theories about that tragedy, like saying Cathy killed Danny etc really? he crossed the line with that one. That's why I always sided Kiki in this part from the story, and I think he was the asshole who leaked the police reports, I will never agree with that.

No. 315022

According to Her rolling stone article the photo was first posted in May 2008 by sticky drama.

And it's still up

No. 315024


I would take everything in that article with a grain of salt.

No. 315025

the bangs were clip ins

No. 315027

Maybe not directly responsible but Kathy called the police that day and set him up. I doubt they intended for him to die, but its still a pretty fucked up thing to do.

No. 315030

Kaka doesn't know how to greentext. She uses >> or >>>

No. 315033

File: 1479080516576.jpg (64.1 KB, 750x435, IMG_5919.JPG)

She appears to have posted a photo and then quickly deleted it (link is broken). I wonder how paranoid she feels right now?

No. 315034

Ikr Anything that comes from that gross man is not worth it. Ugh why the fuck are anons still visiting his sick site? ewww…

No. 315036

No one is visiting his site. No one gives a fuck about Chris Stone or what he has to say. He's a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 315048

just because she appeared a willing participant to you, doesn't mean it isn't abuse. she was 13, her brain had not developed. her creepy parents sanctioned it, and this adult man knowingly exploited a child.

don't project your own abuse story onto this. and speaking as someone who took too many years to report abuse myself, make a report now (if your law allows it). it will help you.

No. 315049

do you mean mimiimori? no she was not the author of the posts we think belong to mimiimori. were the posts really, truly authored by that same person holding that IG account? we don't know for certain.

No. 315051

Lol, Taylor owned Kiki so hard with this.

No. 315052

Could this be Kiki, using some random's photos? I wouldn't out being schizo behind her. >>>/pt/185673

No. 315055

No, that's another different woman yet equally deranged

No. 315059

Yeah, it was a very classy response to this nasty situation.

No. 315060

Why did you reply to >>315036? I didn't say anything about abuse and I think Chris Stone aka Sticky is an asshole for the way he tried to make Daniel Cespedes the victim.

No. 315061


Yeah when she spoke about her rape in a30 min video (+ comments) she did present some veeeery outlandish stories. Like, super made-up

No. 315064

OK anyone have the reply she sent to someone who tried "victim blaming" on YT comments? It was in her website before and had the morr outlandish stories like "having him climb into her room, rape her and then kick her out of the bed for not saying he had a good performance"

Its like she thought "statutory rape" wasn't enough of a sob story

No. 315068

Ok He was an adult and she a 13~14 years old girl, what he did was sick, I don't care about the details and you shouldn't overanalyze it either. Atrocity has NO EXCUSES.

No. 315074


Agreed.. Story doesn't change the fact that she was a kid and he took advantage of that. Though it irks me her parents allowed this whole thing to happen. Who the fuck allows their 13 yr old daughter to date a man.

No. 315076

Didn't Kiki lie about her age? Her parents knew he was older and still allowed him to sleep over. I wouldn't say Daniel is the only one at fault.

No. 315078

She was manipulated and abused by an asshole and the rest doesn't really matter, I don't fucking care if she made up outlanding stories, she was a minor and he was an adult, period. I don't know what is like to suffer something like that, but I know it must be painful af.

yes, exactly. He played the I have problems at home card to stay at their home, of course they were really naive but I won't blame them, they probably had the worst time after that.

Taytay-Keek dramu is fun to watch, old tragedy isn't. let's close that chapter forever please?

No. 315087

Disagree. Kaka is a heinous, insane, two faced cunt, but she is quite pretty. At the very least, she's a hell of a lot more naturally beautiful than Koots is. Like most people, she has some disproportionate features, but mannish and ugly she is not. Her personality is what makes the ugly come through. Objectively, she's an attractive young woman.

No. 315088

Yeah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think we can say Kiki and Dakota are pretty, nothing wrong with accepting that.

No. 315090

no I wasn't referring to sexual abuse by her parents at all. I am no internet psychologist (duh) and I do admit I have a bleeding heart so I got rightfully reamed by anons above, but I strongly believe Kiki's sexual assault experience really fucked her up. she behaves like someone who has never learned how to cope with her problems and we already know she's experienced some trauma. 13 and 14 is still a child, it's still an age when your brain is completely underdeveloped and nowhere remotely near adulthood.

No. 315095

For what it's worth, I agree with you completely.

No. 315096

if you say > I am no internet psychologist
then don't write more theories about the issue… really this is making me side with Keeks now kek!

No. 315098

What? Siding with Keeks? on what?
and what theories? I simply pointed out she acts like someone who hasn't learned to deal with trauma. And we know she's experienced sexual trauma. I'm not diagnosing her, only pointing out a theoretical cause for her fucked upness. sure, those things can be a mutually exclusive coincidence. I accept that. I was just adding my two cents to the pile.
thanks anon. Believe me, I have little sympathy for her behaviour now. She's an adult and needs to be accountable for her actions. I just think that if the roots of all of this lies in her fucked up childhood, then I can't help but hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 315102

File: 1479091285567.png (59.27 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-14-00-40-45…)

The fact that she most likely had a pic on ig which has been deleted and was unseen is triggering me

No. 315105

So it's ok that she's now as an adult making up stories involving that theme for sympathy?

No. 315109

In many comments she is complaining about anons discussing her police reports (leaked by an asshole) and her awful experience and I completely understand it must be something really painful to remember, she was defending herself there and I can understand the reason behind that, so yeah that's why I said "this is making me side with keeks" I agree with her in that, people should stop using the police reports in the future.

But don't get me wrong, the rest of her sperging, gore images, her failed attempt to make others bash on Taylor and her obsession with her and Audrey was a terrible thing.

No. 315110

I'm so glad she responded in some way. She's probably relieved in some way? Because knowing all those posts were Kiki makes it seem like she has a lot less haters.

No. 315112

I never said she needs blunt or straight bangs I just said she needs something to frame her face because as a fellow 5head that shit doesn't look good on display

No. 315117

I've got nothing to lose so I don't really see her stabbing me in the back over anything, the only thing I can see her having to be jealous of me over is that I have a good relationship

I sincerely feel bad for her, none of this shit makes me hate her at all, it makes me desperately want to be this poor girls friend and make her actually smile and give her a non-family member she can legitly trust

does anyone know if keeks is a stoner?

No. 315118

She blocked me after I commented the lolcow link to her. She knows

No. 315121

No, she's been real outspoken in the past about people who smoke weed. She doesn't like them and thinks they're all fried losers.

No. 315123

Eh, nevermind, that makes me not want to be her friend. Maybe she should roll and fatty and then she'd realize hating all day is the biggest waste of time evar

No. 315129

How you feel about Keekz is how I feel about Charms. She lives near me and I see her around sometimes and it's just so…sad.

Kiki should be a stoner. It fits perfectly into the calm 'love and light' thing she's trying to be into.

No. 315132

For real, I'm surprised she isn't a smokeweederryday kinda person, especially considering her current persona and the fact that she used to be a scene queen. I feel like she'd probably get a lot more followers if she started doing those silly videos where IG stares sexily take bong rips. Medical marijuana just got legalized in florida and I can guarantee that bitch is damaged enough to qualify for a weed card

No. 315134

It's her superiority complex. All of her scene exes smoked weed among other things so she always condemned them for it so she had a one up over them.

No. 315136

That'd explain the whole vegan thing, too. She's probably just doing it for a reason to feel superior to others. Most vegans I know aren't full of themselves like she is so until now the fact that she's vegan always kinda surprised me.

No. 315138

I'm a vegan and I know of many vegans who are pretty full of themselves.

No. 315139

Freelee and Onion come to mind.

No. 315143

Didn't she say she smoked salvia a while ago?

No. 315152

Keeks may hate stoners, but everything you've said makes you think you and I would be BFFs tbh

No. 315156

Kaka's parents practically spread kaka's legs for Mr MySpace. They knew he was an adult aND knew they were having sex.

No. 315158

aww, any chance you're a floridafag? haha

No. 315159

what's the evidence of this? curious

No. 315164

They did let him sleep in Kiki's bed and didn't Cathy make condoms available to them? Probably thought it was progressive parenting at the time.

No. 315169

and they definitely knew his real age?

No. 315173

I'm west coast Canada :( love it here but tfw no clever bitchy stoner fashionable girl friend

No. 315174

Uhhhhhh….. wut….. u see her around? Betch u better start talking n spillin details

No. 315175

Why are Canadian girls such cunts is it cuz its cold as fuck?

No. 315176

>>315173 west coast cuuuuuuz
>>315175 yes :( but seriously i think the lack of sun makes us all depressed and crazy this way

No. 315179

Just at conventions really. I've seen her at four or so this year. I just kinda see her bumming around the game room with scraps. I have seen her with other people though, so I guess she might actually have some friends.

No. 315180

you should go post in her thread about it tbh

No. 315182

yes, we have seasonal depression all year long so we're extra cunty
hell yeah

No. 315184

Oh ur talking about charms lol shes a lost cause bitch is all fucked up

No. 315185

I live in Michigan so i can understand how lack of sun can affect ppl

No. 315186

Yeah I don't hate her either, I just don't know what the hell she was thinking when she started bashing on Taylor, I hope she learns something good from this.

Lol imagine a Tay-Keeks sleepover? HA

No. 315187

Taylor is such an easy target tho…. she nice n tries to follow trends i can see how she was targeted by kiki-spergchan

No. 315200

I live in Southern California I don't get it.
What is snow? What is rain? Water? Wut dat

No. 315206

This is total speculation but…
The funny thing is, maybe if Kiki had approached Taylor not as a raging asshole but as a decent human being, Tay might have given her the benefit of the doubt and befriended her. I mean it would have been stupid on Tay's part but she seems the sort to be naive that way. Then Kiki could maybe have gotten some of the attention that she craves from Tay's followers.

No. 315212

Keekers? Approach nicely? Do you know who Kaka chan is????

She only knows raging asshole.

No. 315221

ty anon

No. 315223

yes since day 1, and they at some point admitted lying about kiki's age too (they made him believe she was 16-17)

No. 315227

Oh I know, but someone up-thread mentioned a TayTay/Kaka sleepover and I was considering a world where that was a possibility. I know it's not this one.

No. 315228

IMO she looks like a MtoF tranny. Not an ugly one, mind you. Not a particularly pretty one either, though. But >>314819 have the minority opinion on this, clearly.

No. 315229

she was actually pretty 10 years ago anon. Since she hit 20 her looks started to go downhill, most likely due her shitty vegan diet and her shitty personality.

No. 315233

Gonna go with genetics on this one. I've noticed the same pattern with Koots. Both of them kind of peaked lookswise in their late teens. They have both have a hardness (not angularity) to their features which ages them a lot.

No. 315235

Well as I've said I'm a Floridafag so I have no reason to be cunty other than the fact my state is full of crazies

No. 315237

While I still think they are both pretty girls, for sure, I do agree that they peaked in their late teens. By the looks of their parents they likely won't age gracefully (esp not kaka with her shit diet, as another anon mentioned). I don't think looking old makes people ugly, though, but they def look old and are past their prime, sadly.

No. 315242

floridafag as well. can confirm; state's full of crazies.

No. 315256

When I first read this post out of context, I thought this was still the spergchan generator for a sec.

No. 315284

Goddamn that Kakamort shoop keeps popping up at the bottom of every page and #triggering the shit out of me

No. 315314

Same. It's seriously spoopy. Like a horsefaced weenus.

No. 315336


No. 315338

Kiki would never be friends with Tay. She probably views Tay as on the same boat as the other Jvloggers "bitches/cunts", all because Sharla called Koot's a dumb bitch. ( well and Duncan made fun of Koot's AfterEffects ) Anyone who doesn't kiss ass and make belief that Koot's fake image is real is an enemy of Kaka's.

No. 315351

Now ur just bragging rich fag

No. 315358

True but I do think that a Kiki x Tay friendship could be possible specially since Tay looks like that kind of person

No. 315360

Well kiki fucked up the chances of that ever happening haha her only chance of being friends with anyone would be with Mira but she might have fucked that up too lol

No. 315362

Kiki loves to burn bridges while standing on them

No. 315372

I don't know about the Tay-Keek sleepover (it's a extreme ideabut not impossible) but what about a Felice-Keek sleepover ? Kek

No. 315383

I doubt someone wants to befriend mira though

No. 315386

I would befriend mira she likes gay bars

No. 315388


Didn't Keek's already burn that bridge ? I thought she tweeted at Mira before calling her out on posting on hate sites ??

I dunno why I think it'd be funny for someone to tweet those screen shots out at Mira .. Just to see the two insufferable cunts duke it out. Both deny their sock puppet accounts and believe their holier then thou. ( I think I'm just being greedy and wanting more milk )

No. 315394

God I wish I was rich.
All the rich people live by the beach.
I live in a desert.

No. 315396

I thought all so-cali ppl were snobby rich ppl who look down on ppl of lesser social status

No. 315397

Kaka wasting precious tax payer dollars on japan trips and vegan food my god wtf this bitch has it made

No. 315400


No. 315403

No most of us are broke as hell. Cost of living here is ridiculously expensive, and not even worth it. All the poor people live more inland. The closer to the ocean the more expensive it is. Or if you live close to major cities like San Diego/LA you're expected to be paying a massive amount in rent. My cosmetology school was expensive(student loans) and I'm downtown. Took me an hour to get there everyday. More to get back bc traffic. .-.

No. 315405

Still better than Michigan

No. 315406

Rent is cheap in MI I can find a decent apartment for 560$

No. 315408

Apartments in the worst parts here range from $1100-$2100 depending on if it's tiny or liveable. And what area it's in. This is all in the same county. Typically if you find something for $1100 you're living somewhere with a cockroach infestation :)

No. 315412

>she also didn't report it until he wanted to see other people

Holding ACTUAL children accountable for their abuse. You bitches are fucking nuts.

No. 315413

Damn fuck that 1100$ would get me a house here

No. 315415

HAHAHA. Suck it Kaka.

No. 315422

Yeah jesus christ, I can get a really nice studio downtown in a medium-sized metropolitan area here in Florida for $1000-$1250, and I thought it was expensive here.

No. 315430

Is Jacksonville really ghetto? Cuz Michigan sucks I want to move

No. 315432

I'm from Tampa but I've been to Jacksonville a few times. All cities in Florida have ghetto areas but just visit or talk to people from the area so you make sure you don't move into the hood, or worse, a fucking methy neighborhood. Jacksonville is nicer than Tampa imo because the weather is cooler and the traffic isn't as shit

No. 315434

Rent prices suck in big cities, more news at ten.

Did we ever discover what Kiki was on disability for? How much does she get a month? Does she still live with her parents?

No. 315437

It sounded like it's for her scoliosis; not sure re: still living at home.

People have suggested that she's getting caretaker income for Kyler from the state, but I would think tat would go to Cathy or Scott.

No. 315438

Honestly I wonder if she's lying about being on disability because that shit is not easy to get.

No. 315441

It's not that hard if you've got the time and can pay for a private doctor to make your case - but the reward is so little it's rarely worth it [source: have long term disability; cannot live in a city on disability; have to work even if it's nearly impossible.]

No. 315442

>14 year old
>ACTUAL children

she was underage, not a toddler

Probably not

Wild guesses are her brother receives it due to his autism, and that Kiki lives with Scott and Cathy

I think she just thew in "I'm on disability" for the fun of it since she has said people on hate sites are on disability bc they spend all day harassing her
Guess it's her own way to "mock" us?

No. 315445

Usuaully you have to have a serious, actual disability to be able to get it even somewhat easily. Any condition that's even somewhat black and white, it's not easy to get disability

No. 315446

The caretaker one is the most plausible.
For her to be on disability for scoliosis she would need to have some pretty severe scoliosis.

Disability is fairly hard to get approval for here. My friends sister that has had multiple brain tumors removed (she had cancer) can't get disability here, and the brain surgery has left her with slowed mental function and sort of like she's in a haze almost 24/7. Working is really hard on her, (she's been fired many times for not performing as well as others) so she's applied for disability many times. The only person I know to successfully have disability is this one lady who has a son with severe autism.

No. 315447

Somewhat NOT black and white. Goddammit.

No. 315452

I think part of the issue is: if you can afford both a private doctor and a disability advocate (you can actually pay someone to whip up a bulletproof application), chances are you have too much money to qualify for disability.

CA state disability, which is temporary (lasts one year, pays out at 60% of your last salary), is quite easy to get. Social security is much more difficult, pays way less, takes over a year to even get an application through, and has much more stringent guidelines.

No. 315463

Could she get disability for her balding?

No. 315464

File: 1479155334573.gif (1.12 MB, 300x100, keekweek.gif)

Sorry, I'm super late but I just got a hold of my computer and wanted to make a little something for Keekweek before it ends.

No. 315466

holy shit what the fuck>>313147

No. 315491

File: 1479158835650.jpg (107.32 KB, 800x526, IMG_3181.JPG)

No. 315505

I'm also from MI and my BF is moving up from Florida to be here because he hates Florida so much. Florida really fucking sucks. Michigan is kinda cool though? Idk I don't know why you think it sucks so bad. Must be your area.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 315523

Wana hangout? I never met a lolcow person wana add me in IG?

No. 315541

hi rima

No. 315545

who is Rima?

No. 315546

Why'd you post this on your Insta, Rima?

No. 315551

File: 1479164272980.png (1.45 MB, 826x613, capture_001_14112016_145539.pn…)

can't help yourself can you Rima?

No. 315556

No. 315557

What a fucking idiot.

Amazing anon.

No. 315560

What a fucking idiot.

Amazing anon.

No. 315565

>also rima

No. 315567

Ahahah this is great anon

No. 315577

Sorry I'm going to have to veto that. I'm sure you're swell but lolcow isn't really the place to make friends and I definitely don't want to post myself on here. GL tho!

No. 315579

File: 1479166093988.png (1.47 MB, 830x619, capture_004_14112016_145917.pn…)

no one wants to double date with you and your ugly bf

No. 315586

MI anon here. I just read up on this Rima girl's thread and ohhhhh boy. We went to the same college? I never saw her though. Small world.

No. 315589

I thought you were only allowed to post in your own containment thread?
Back you go.

No. 315594

C'mon, we're having fun over there: >>>/snow/198399

No. 315598

do you want Admin-san to mark your posts too,Rima?

No. 315600

That would be such a waste. No one gives a fuck about that ugly nobody

No. 315619

That Islamic terrorist rima is back?

No. 315620

I see, thanks. Lol

No. 315626

Hasn't Trump deported you yet?

No. 315630

>thinks it's only one person laughing at her

Classic lolcow behavior.
PS: get back in your thread.

No. 315635

File: 1479168130512.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

> this whole thread

No. 315667

Please stop giving Rima attention.

No. 315681

Kyler isn't autistic enough to draw SSI money unless Scott and Cathy lied to get him on it. He twisters to vote this year and he's got Valencia College listed as his school on his private FB page (and no, I wo tnpost it here because that's how you scare the cows away you dumbfucks). So if he can register to vote and go to college he sure as hell isnt ~severely autistic~.

Also @ all the people ITT saying how hard it is to get in disability? It's not that hard in FL. FL is a shithole and the economy is fucked beyond measure, and the entire state is run by crusty old conservative baby boomers and rich muslims (the shittier cities like Jacksonville and Daytona).

All you really need is a shady doctor and/or shady lawyer to over exaggerate whatever condition you can fake well enough to convince the SSA you need SSI. Kiki could easily get on disability for ~anxiety~ or ~PTSD~ for all the bullshit she caught over the years being a dumb cunt online. She has no problem playing the victim and using her rape card to get sympathy, and Cathy loves to pretend she's a lawyer so it's not really a stretch to imagine she used some of her legal jargon to push Kiki's application through. It's true that most first time applicants are denied SSI but if you keep pushing or hire even a cheap lawyer they usually give in.

No. 315682

Jacksonville is a shithole, don't go there. It's all retirees and military and their garbage ass families. Take it from someone who was born and raised in Jax and got the fuck out: don't go to Jacksonville unless you have enough money to live comfortably anywhere else.

Although it is kinda cool to see Jacksonville mentioned here on lolcow. Wild.

No. 315697

Yeah I have to agree with this anon. I don't live in FL but I worked in a bank, and once I had some trashy people in my teller window basically explain to me how to scam the government into giving you disability. They were together because one of the ladies was the representative payee for the "disabled" one, which means the state deemed the disabled one incapable of responsibly handing her own money. So they came to the bank together every month and she gave her rep payee a little of her check for taking it out for her since she legally couldnt. They were saying that it took 3 or so tries before she was approved, but since she eventually was they actually gave her back pay for the years since the first time she applied. The rep payee was also saying that each of her kids got her an ssi check and their disabilities were things like asthma and scoliosis and one of them was ADD and bipolar. The one with asthma alone got her almost $700 a month. Some people just have no shame and know how to work the system.

No. 315698

I live in a town next to jax, a girl in my comm got kicked from the jax comm and she's batshit crazy

No. 315704

Yes, this could work then. Some other anon suggested "scoliosis" but hers isn't even THAT bad. She has bad posture but thats it (her vlog talking about it is so dramatic, I couldn't stop rolling my eyes).

PTSD and anxiety sound more like it.


Best banner EVER

No. 315712

i live in miami and its probably not as bad as all the other cities in florida since there's always fun things to do but everything is extremely expensive and people drive like shit and refuse to learn english i'll be moving soon bc its not livable here
also a lot of crazies theres some dude that goes around missing half of his head

No. 315716

I wouldn't take her "I'M ON DISABILITY" too seriously.. something like "I'M UNEMPLOYED" seems more realistic.

No. 315717

Forgot to say so, but this has been added. Thanks for the great work!

No. 315728

You used one of mine and I squealed with happiness.

No. 315733

what if she have multiple personality disorder

No. 315743

File: 1479185810082.png (328.75 KB, 930x595, uwifds.png)

Sure you do, Kiki.

No. 315747

File: 1479186382628.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-15-00-05-19…)

Looks like she put up the pic she deleted yesterday.

No. 315748

she's pretty

pretty psychotic

No. 315749

Lol wasn't the caption something like "sunburnt"? Bitch that's called wearing a foundation one shade darker than normal. Did you get bored of us saying how sickly and pale you look Keka?

No. 315750

That blouse is a clownish nightmare.

No. 315752

Her head is shaped like a light bulb

No. 315753

ugh, that forehead tho, seriously. this is beyond nitpicking, thats not a 5 head its at least a 7 head. People are saying she'd look terrible with bangs, but its way better than the alternative, I could land a blimp on that thing.

And fill in your eyebrows or tint them or SOMETHING. that kawaii high fashion blonde eyebrow look is not attractive.

No. 315758

I see the issue with bangs, her hair is so thin and her forehead is so massive, it would look like the bang version of a comb-over, patchy and showing through. I'm not sure what could help her forehead situation at this point. Hair transplant?

No. 315766

TBH even a side part would do wonders for her. Some layers in that hair so it wasn't so weighed down, some volume products (thicken up by Paul Mitchell), and some long swoops bangs would help immensely with that 10-head of hers.

No. 315775

isn't that an old pic? I swear I've seen that ugly top before

No. 315780

Wow, it's almost as if.. it's a top she might own and wear regularly..

No. 315784

how dare you suggest that our beautiful vegan goddess kiki chan wears clothing repeatedly, like some kind of poor farmer /s

No. 315790

Ya that forehead is no joke. I wonder what you can even do about that. Like surgery-wise is it even worth it? It doesn't seem like a popular procedure. Still, maybe kiki can cut a deal with a plastic surgery clinic since she's an ~influencer~. A lot of gurus do that to get a deal on fillers, kek

No. 315791

You guys DO know you can be autistic but still go to college and have a Normal life… Right?

No. 315801

No blog posts, anon.

No. 315807

File: 1479195099985.jpg (2.91 KB, 204x200, 4452452.jpg)

No. 315811

File: 1479195668541.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 9e25c2da0b99b9a8a69b6c298046f7…)

No. 315816

I love how she's posting more regularly at the moment, like damage control.
We know you're still here, Keeks, you can't pretend Spergchan wasn't you!

No. 315822

Is that forehead photoshopped?

No. 315823

No. 315824

she's still doing myspace angles which for fiveheads like kiki is a bad idea

No. 315828

File: 1479201105131.jpeg (133.35 KB, 750x919, image.jpeg)

She needs to fix her fucking eyebrows, and get a nosejob.

No. 315836

if only that existed.

No. 315838

I don't think that is a new pic. It looks like she took the picture when she uploaded the "When you're fighting but you still want him to pick up Thai food" video on instagram.

No. 315841

File: 1479206323017.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-15-11-38-33…)

Lol that leg lengthening

At least it's subtle

No. 315844

File: 1479207881035.jpg (332.04 KB, 648x804, keekbangs_.jpg)

It's always fun shooping Kaka's hair n brows.
She has a pretty face. Why ruin it by refusing to hide that enormous forehead? Shame.

No. 315848

I know she is so fucking self conscious because she has a broad forehead but I don't think it looks bad. She has a plain but pretty face.

No. 315849

She looks a bit like the Paramore singer's mom here.

No. 315850

I wasn't sure if I still liked it right after I posted it, so I was worried it wouldn't be up to par. Glad you liked it, Admin-sama!

No. 315855

She also tried to hide her forehead by putting her hair to the side

No. 315856



No. 315866


You are right anon, its the same top and almost the same location. I wonder if its a picture she took awhile ago and just uploaded it. She is probably messing with us.

No. 315886

It's a good move for her.

No. 315900

She's fucking with y'all, she intentionally made her forehead look as voluptuous as possible here.

No. 315901

This look is like the female version of JeanRalphioesque club promoters who hawk events on instagram

No. 315903

Did Keeks legit shoop on more colour to the pics taken during >>315823

No. 315910

Yeah, most likely. Making herself look horrible to SHOW THOSE HATERZ HOW MUCH SHE DOESN'T CARE!

No. 315912

File: 1479233915408.jpg (22.65 KB, 300x300, 4783866-megamind300.jpg)


Sorta looks like a orange version of that cartoon MegaMind.

Also did her hair line recede more ?

No. 315915

>She needs to fix her fucking eyebrows, and get a nosejob.

Ok I can agree with you about the eyebrows, but she doesn't need surgery, her face is fine, she only needs a different hairstyle and fill in her eyebrows with pencil, just wait, this phase will pass.

No. 315924

I believe anon photoshopped this. It's different than >>315747

No. 315932

Probably, it sounds more believable than Kiki actually going out and getting any sunlight

It's because her hair is so flat and this angle doesn't help

No. 315939

Wow kiki sure does look terrible these days

No. 315941

She doesn't look terrible. she looked worse before because that bleached raccoon style just didn't suit her. She is plain but good looking, the only things she could do to improve her looks would be fixing her eyebrows and getting a different hairstyle because of her broad forehead. Her personality is shit and her behavior is disgusting, but she's pretty.

No. 315949

Er yeah, I think they were trying to show her with different eyebrows… as their comment says.

No. 315958

File: 1479243643067.jpg (71.64 KB, 1000x1000, 9869890.jpg)


A different hair parting and perhaps a perm would probably make her look less washed out.

No. 315960

Objectively I don't think so, but it's like she was drained out of life energy

The quote she posted, though. She's delusional to hat point?

No. 315965

That example you posted looks pretty shit, kinda ratty, the straight hair one comes across a lot healthier…

No. 316014

I wonder how the Ostrenga family took the news of lolcow exposing keeks.

I bet they discussed it during breakfast, while Kiki was sipping her vegan organic imported nippon breakfast tea.

No. 316016

Doubt they'd give a shit. They probably just see it as another case of "Our daughter defending herself on a hate site".

No. 316029

Breakfast, lunch, dinner…

I imagine Kiki panicking on what to do before being reassured by Cathy she can ways deny it all because in the end it's a trap from the haters after she defended herself

No. 316034

Or just layers and different parting. No need to realter the disulfide bonds if she prefers straight hair lmfao.

No. 316046


Sorry Anon, I just clicked the first pic to pop up in my results. I think some waves or soft curls with volume would look nice on her.

Keek's is slowly starting to look like Tristana Medeiros with that receding hair line and flat hair with pale skin … She needs some life put back into her look.

No. 316084

that site is still active? wow.
she could've just added some bronzer or just blush to add some color and dimension to her face. her neck is nearly the same color as the wall behind her. love the edit though. the brows are perfect btw.

No. 316088

File: 1479268911604.jpg (220.71 KB, 1280x1347, defense.jpg)

>Our daughter defending herself on a hate site

No. 316090

Not the anon you're replying to but I would believe it.

I'm thinking of that long voicemail Cathy did and how she'd defend Kaka about this in the same way.

No. 316095

its fucking crazy that kaka actually commented on someones knees. knees.


No. 316104

>puts clothes and sunglasses on quickly for a quick photo
>tonight's attire
>takes it back off and stays home because no friends

Also nitpicking but it's annoying me how her skirt isn't on her waist right

No. 316112

File: 1479277033399.jpg (72.15 KB, 541x700, 2crsili.jpg)

I just want to post this picture. She looks alive in this. Her IG photos now are creeping me out because it's like she has been subdued by medicines.

No. 316114

Where is this from?

No. 316115

File: 1479277596222.png (98.88 KB, 247x248, 1448083395029.png)

>Transform jealousy into admiration.


No. 316116

Kiki's knees look like tennis balls glued to sticks anyways, no wonder why she's trying to make fun of normal, healthy legs.

where is this from?

No. 316118

major mental health problems will fuck your looks over, medicines or no.

No. 316121

Kiki scrubs up so nice when she's not abusing her kirakira galadriel goddess shit and emphasizing her forehead. Just a shame that her personality is absolutely rotten.

No. 316136

File: 1479282627885.jpg (16.9 KB, 318x462, images (1).jpg)

Aw she looks pretty here.

She is probably trolling in this one, her forehead looks bigger than usual… Maybe Dakota has been trolling all this time too.

Tweety sisterhood

No. 316143

Wow she looks gorgeous.

No. 316155

is that from her old backstage profile? do you have any more of those pictures?

No. 316162

File: 1479291634843.png (283.92 KB, 473x617, 1427736498947.png)

No. 316164

Damn she's legit pretty here.

No. 316165

File: 1479292140175.jpg (87.49 KB, 403x538, IMG_1863.JPG)

As a female anon who legit suffers from balding … Kaka is not balding, guys. She has a fucking huge forehead and very fine hair, but she is not balding. There are none of the telltale patterns of female balding visible in any photos of her. Her problem (and Koots's) is that wispy baby fine hair. It has no body to it, nothing to elevate it. Mock her all you want for that fivehead, but pls stop triggering my autism

pic related is what it actually looks like to be a balding bitch

No. 316166

qorl this >>316162 was just posted above yours and it's not even showing her hair part and you can see the balding and her weird receding hairline that ends after her ears. She literally looks like she has a combover.

she might not her your balding pattern but she is balding.

No. 316177

I temporarily was balding due to thyroid bullshit and I did get the fivehead from it and the front section was thinning. Different to male pattern baldness but still a receding hairline technically.

I got better.

No. 316194

File: 1479297194615.jpg (48 KB, 628x336, 1479244604561.jpg)

Thought I'd post this here since not many probably visit Mira's thread. Some are subtly speculating that Mira might have had a hand in it, just from the way she wrong that tweet.

No. 316196

pretty crazy

No. 316197

"a fan"

No. 316198

Last day of keekweek. How sad

No. 316199

Mira definitely does not come here everyday.

No. 316204

OMG yes. SO much difference to what she's like today: limp

What y'all think of the shit posting on positivity? "Empowered women empower women" bitch please.

No. 316206

File: 1479303485589.png (157.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5936.PNG)

my sides

Kiki will never change, she'll always be the same nasty, delusional professional victim.

No. 316211

Can we vote to extend kaka week because this shit is too golden.

No. 316218

File: 1479308799499.jpg (38.3 KB, 487x700, s3irz5.jpg)

From her old Backstage.com profile. She set up an acting profile online. It was hilarious.

Here you go.

No. 316220

File: 1479309009547.jpg (144.64 KB, 560x700, fvwq39.jpg)

No. 316222

No. 316223

Just goes to show you can't skate by on a pretty face alone, I guess.

No. 316229

what the fuck happened to her???????

No. 316233

Damn keeks, your scoliosis is showing.

No. 316235

What an enormous piece of shit she is. Inspirational quotes can't bury the truth, Kirsten, you fucking hag.

No. 316244


The backstage profile was hilarious, full of false info, but those pictures were great. I guess she just started going nuttier

Not doubt. I just think it's weird how she doesn't even acknowledge it but just keeps playing along

No. 316255

Is her name Kristen or Kirsten…???

No. 316256


No. 316262

Empower women by bullying girls exclusively. Thanks for your contribution, Kaka.

No. 316264

Lol a 23" waist

No. 316267

Wow, she's a lot smaller than I thought she was. I was under the impression she was around 5'7". She could probably still be a commercial model if she learned to be professional

No. 316289

I don't want keekweek to end :(

No. 316301

Woah, same here. Dakota must be a midget then!

No. 316307

Kiki is 5'4 and Dakota is 5'3

No. 316327


Yeah I don't mean to blog but me and Kiki are exactly the same height and from her undie pics the same body shape and my waist is 28".

23" is ana-chan level, we'd be able to see her fucking hip bones clear as day if that were true.

But then the Ostrengas do have a history of lying about measurements. Still, wtf man. Anyone hiring you can see you're lying. Same with Kota tbh, I don't get why anyone still hires her when her entire life is just lie upon lie.

No. 316331

File: 1479335848619.gif (1.83 MB, 245x402, kiki.gif)

Reminds me of Dee

No. 316337

File: 1479336801725.png (596.07 KB, 1094x598, Kiki Is Consistent.png)


The sun never sets under that eternal beacon dome of optimism. Shine brightly Keeks! Buff it and and let shine!!

No. 316339

File: 1479337954077.jpg (46.79 KB, 292x438, w292c-e_1729452.jpg)


I think she looks a fairly nice, normal weight but nothing at all like the image she portrays of herself. She has quite stocky legs and round arms IRL, how long does she spend editing each image of herself that she posts to her instagram? Surely it'd be less effort to lose weight and become the stick-insect she aspires to be?

No. 316342

File: 1479338185766.jpg (204.85 KB, 630x420, 005_o.jpg)

again, if she has 30" hips I'll eat my hat.

No. 316352

it would also be less effort to have lip fillers and jaw reduction than it is to edit every photo she appears in for the past 4+ years, but she doesn't do that either.

No. 316354

Like posting that's gonna hide what you really do Kaka.

Wasn't there a scientific study showing that people who constantly post "wise" quotes are actually dumb af?

If she was really 30-23-30 her body wouldn't be the straight square we see in the pic here. >>316220

No. 316357

>"I can't even tell you what I'm studying because I'm so afraid of cyberstalkers"
>puts a contact phone number and underwear test shots online just in case someone wants to find her and make her a model

No. 316364

> It found that those who are receptive to pseudo-profound, intellectual-sounding 'bulls*' are less intelligent, less reflective, and more likely to be believe in conspiracy theories, the paranormal and alternative medicine.

Yup. Sounds a lot like KikI! Emphasis on less reflective. add a dash of hypocrisy to that and there we have a fresh Ostrenga

No. 316378


Meh.. If this was Koot's measurements we were talking about, I'd be right there with you rolling my eyes. However Kaka is skinny and 23inch waist isn't impossible. ( Lol though, she's got the measurements of a plank )

I also thought she was taller then 5'4 … Are these measurements old ? I always figured she was about 5'5-5'6 ..

No. 316382

23 inch waist isn't impossible, but given the other blatant lies (30 inch hips and bust) it's safe to say that's not true. i love how she photoshopped herself an ass too and has the balls to say that shit is 30 inches

No. 316385

File: 1479344696298.jpg (7.86 KB, 320x240, 5e475b33gw1ep8479m8gbj21kw23u4…)

her ass isnt flat though. this is a thumbnail of an old stickam video.

No. 316386

I thought the extra bent back was a scoliosis thing.

No. 316387

No. that's "arched back booty"
Her posture is shit

No. 316390

my god anon kiki is sweet dee

- no one liked them in high school
- both have rotten, self-absorbed personalities
- the scoliosis lmao
- they both have failed careers as an actress/model that they wont give up on

the only difference is dee actually has friends lol i love it

No. 316392


it looks odd in the modeling photo but normal there. idk how measurements really work. i just have a strong feeling she lies about being smaller than she is, because she probably thinks being thin is superior

No. 316393

don't make me flatter her, anon. she's not arching her ass, if she were her whole pelvis would go with it, she's literally just standing in a normal pose.

No. 316401

damn no joke she looks really good here
cant tell if she tweeked some things in ps or if shes actually this pretty and her instagram pictures are just terrible examples of how she looks irl

No. 316402

this is kiki were talking about, of course its photoshopped to hell and back

No. 316420

File: 1479349448368.png (455.55 KB, 633x641, Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.16…)


Looking at that profile and the pictures she displayed .. I'd believe it ..

Look at those nonexistent curves .. And the fact that she's wearing heals and arching her back. ( probably sucking in a little too )

No. 316423

Nah, 23" is a small but feasible waist size for someone of that height, especially since she's vegan.

I'd have a harder time believing that of Dakota, though, she does look.. not chubby, just soft.

No. 316425


Koot's use to look soft… Who fucking knows what she looks like now ( probably worse ) since she's always concealing her body in frumpy oversized clothing.

No. 316429

that's not a real ass in the side profile.

No. 316431

>small but feasible waist size
>since she's vegan
Beth Ditto exists.

No. 316433


Eh, even if edited it isn't all that voluptuous. Wonder why she'd edit that, though, and not give herself some fucking hips in the first one so she didn't look like a fucking plank.

No. 316438

if it was for modeling i think she'd want to look as flat as possible, editing a rounder ass in it was probably just to satisfy her own ego

No. 316444

Thanks based anon

I have a vague recollection of Kaka bragging about having a "booty" maybe that's why.

No. 316450

As entertaining as all this is has anyone thought perhaps this is Kiki's mother who posted all this stuff?

No. 316461

That's totally possible, but it doesn't quite match Cathy's syntax as well as Kiki's, from the old tumblr i remember of Cathy discussing Dakota's like… hair extensions or something. The posts are pretty similar to the humor Kiki displays in old stickam vids.

Still, you have a good point. I wonder if admin/farmhands have any explanation?

No. 316462

doubt it, cathy has a very specific writing style, you could tell it was kiki sperging because she still types like shes in 2008

No. 316492

File: 1479366078932.jpg (197.97 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2287.JPG)

Oh my god, it's beautiful. They even kinda look alike!

No. 316494

I'm sad that Keekweek is over. I'm getting used to the shitty wallpaper already…

No. 316524

Yes, Kaka insisted that she has a "bubble butt".

No. 316554

I'm always wondering about this too. All she needs is a chin reduction/chin shave and lip fillers. Lip fillers last 6 months, so if she doesn't like them, no worry.
Restylane costs 500 bucks, the chin shave she would need would be around 2-3k. After that she wouldn't really need to photoshop herself.

But this is the same as wondering why she doesn't just hit the gym for 3-4 months and then cut out carbs for a month, so she wouldn't need to photoshop and get dropped from contracts for being "fat".

You see, all of this takes EFFORT.
Something Koti nor Kiki are known for.

No. 316557

this is one of the most delusional thing about her
There's a huge difference between what she has and having people stop you to ask where you "got that booty" (like she claimed has happened to her "since she moved to California)

No. 316562

File: 1479399529414.png (62.57 KB, 540x469, Screenshot_2016-11-17-14-08-57…)

Samefagging. She also deleted a SHIT TON of twets where she bragged about it (plus the video )

No. 316563

File: 1479399572917.png (44.49 KB, 540x205, Screenshot_2016-11-17-14-09-10…)

No. 316564

File: 1479400860657.jpg (25.74 KB, 500x376, no.jpg)

that humblebrag

No. 316568

Oh sure, it's always the taylor's fault…

No. 316571

well played anon, well played

No. 316583

Damn she looks busted here. I get why she obsessed over taylor now, if I passed kaka in the street I wouldn't look twice, she's that much of a plain jane.

Deffo not model material. She looks like a dumpy thirty-something with thinning hair and cakey makeup.

I feel really bad for her, I hope she gets help for her butthurt.

No. 316585

Keekweek is over, but thank you so much admins for giving us the possibility to keep the Keekweek theme. I'm going to use it forever

No. 316598

that's Dakota

No. 316599

Honestly i think she looks fucking fantastic here.

No. 316607

Really? I mean ok, different strokes and all but if I were the client and someone as dumpy as Koots showed up to represent something as aspirational as Barbie I'd feel kind of cheated.

No. 316611

not that guy, but she looks fine dude, and decently slim. DEFINITELY not 30 inch hips though, I have tiny ass fuckin hips and they're 34 inch.

No. 316612


I think she looks cute in a next door girl kind of way, she's not really model material but maybe they have different standards in Japan, IDK.

No. 316648

The "no longer can wear size 0" got a major eyeroll from me. It's a real shame the videos and her Era of tweeting non-stop are gone. They were the ultimate influx of Kiki humble bragging

BRUH I actually cackled at that

No. 316711

how tall is she supposed to be? I am 5'9 and my smallest waist size was around 24 inches and I looked pretty similar to that photo. I have ridiculously large hips though.

No. 316721

This is so accurate. Makes it even more hilarious given that anons were just comparing Onion to Dennis in his own thread.

No. 316740

Imagine a banner with snowflakes as philly characters. Onion as Dennis, Kiki as Sweet Dee and well….I am trying to come up with others. Someone absolutely nuts for charlie.

No. 316742

Dee= Kiki, Dennis= Onion…

Rickety Cricket= all of Onion's wives.

No. 316754


The profile said she was 5'4 … Dunno how accurate that it though.

No. 316755

File: 1479437157963.jpg (64.03 KB, 736x501, 6a142ecadb7ecebd732293a6c4696e…)

She looks like Robin Wright with some dumb big-eyed snapchat filter in this pic.

She looks nice in this pic. Like, I could see her doing a Dove commercial or something.

No. 316781

Long-time lolcow user here, just checking in.

Shit. It seems like my time on lolcow has been spent arguing with either spoony or kiki the entire time.

Way to go, you crazy bitches.

No. 316808

Like the other anon said, the profile said she's 5'4. But on her first language exchange account, she said she was 5'5 and on the second one she made, she said she was 5'3 so who knows.

No. 316813


Could she be wanting to be small ? Maybe perceives it as "cute" …

No. 316825

completely contrary, she wants to be tall, they both do. this anon must be confused >>316808 because i've only seen her say everywhere that she is 5'4. on stickam, twitter, youtube, this profile etc. Dakota is the one that is 5'3, but Bravo has lied saying she is 5'4 and 5'5 before.

Kirsten is 5'4 and Dakota is 5'3, i'm pretty sure of this.

No. 316827

Mira could be Charlie

No. 316832

File: 1479481471161.jpg (394.44 KB, 1532x1324, 1444724984855.jpg)

I'm not confused at all. See:

No. 316834

File: 1479481635522.png (432.39 KB, 1365x1856, screencapture-phone-worldfrien…)

No. 316838

>Have you lived over seas? for how long?
>Japan multiple times for a few months

that's not living there.

No. 316842

kiki has a graduates degree? in fucking what?

No. 316845

just noticed she put her location as Miami, FL

No. 316867


keep waiting to see yet another one of these profiles of hers pop up. I feel like it's only a matter of time… I'd say she's learned her lesson, since someone from here or pull always manages to find them, but she never learns lol

No. 316869


She doesn't. The only degree I've ever seen mentioned was for audio engineering, which I think is an A.S. degree, if even. Chick didn't even get a 4 year degree, let alone a graduate. She's fucking delusional/ a psychological liar. You are already aware of this, I'm sure. She's so pathetic.

No. 316872

>>for audio engineering, which I think is an A.S. degree, if even

Certificate program. Not even an associates degree.

No. 316874

pathological, not psychological.
and the certificate took 8 months to get from start to finish

No. 316905

File: 1479502614746.jpg (20.51 KB, 640x559, 1467871828664.jpg)

>What do I find sexy?

What I like to do on Vacation
>active & explore

No. 316916

The difference between these two! It's like she upgraded in order to spot hot Asians in her area

No. 316961

File: 1479512651669.jpg (225.11 KB, 750x1005, IMG_5943.JPG)

Look how much I care about animals! I'm kind and wonderful! I would never be cruel!


No. 316965

What about the cows she's abused?

No. 316968

Brilliant anon

No. 316980

caring about animals =/= caring about humans.
hitler loved animals too and didn't pretend that he wasn't cruel to people. so these tweets are irrelevant

No. 316982

No. 316985

Everytime I'm more and more convinced Kaka enjoys watching gory stuff trying to mask it as "ANIMAL CRUELTY AWARENESS!!!"

No. 316994

What has she ever done for animal welfare? I don't mean posting videos or feeling weery sowwy. Like physically volunteering or monetary donations of a significant sum.
Anyone know?

No. 316995

>"I will tell you later"
She's so insecure about not having either, topkek.

No. 317019

Kiki the man kicking the cow in the face works a shitty job in shitty conditions for a shitty pay. One does not kick a cow in the face when they're living a fulfilling and happy job. But you live with your parents so you wouldn't know that
anon does not condone kicking cows in the face whatsoever

SHE posted like, twice about volunteering - kids once, animals once too. Pics and all to prove it.

No. 317037


Giving bottled water to a swan nesting 3 steps away from a lake. That's all.

No. 317054

File: 1479529364633.gif (4.61 MB, 384x384, candyFUCK.gif)

Okay I'm late to the party but HOLY FUCK.
I knew this bitch was crazy but I had no idea she was this absolutely diagnosed confirmed officially batshit insane. This whole story is worthy of a movie or two.
The only thing more exciting than this is what's coming next for her… I can't, I just can't

No. 317055

That reminds me of the Koots column in Popteen where she claimed that she fed potato chips to wild foxes and owls in the deep forests of suburban Orlando. The whole Ostrenga clan is allergic to the truth.

No. 317063

LOL the dumb cunt think they are like pigeons? wild owls would rather peck your eyes out than eating chips from your hand. Even pet owls can be incredibly picky about who feeds & handles them, and get hostile in a split second if they decide you're not trustworthy enough.

No. 317067

that's amazing

No. 317113

File: 1479551587492.png (1017.09 KB, 934x598, Capture.PNG)

She went to a wolf sanctuary to volunteer once, pic related. But I highly doubt she actually volunteered since she says she's wearing 5 inch heels and even without the heels, the outfit she's wearing doesn't look suitable for working with animals. I would bet money she just came to pet the wolves and to humblebrag about how much of a good person she is.

No. 317139

Does Kaka actually speak all these languages ? Or has ever proven it? Knowing how to greet people does not count.

No. 317141

lmao of course not. at the very most she might read some kana and construct basic japanese sentences. can you really imagine her speaking Chinese?

No. 317142

Yeah, she went to a wolf sanctuary so she can take pictures and say she was around wolves on her social media to feel cool. That's for herself and her vanity.

Meanwhile, she's posting pictures of factory animals and screaming "abuse!111!" but I doubt she's ever volunteered to work on a private farm or supported local organic farmers who actually give a shit about their livestock.

No. 317143

No. She had a short-lived phase pretending to be interested in China and Korea after she posted a pic of China thinking it was Japan (she was trying to trick people into thinking she was living in Japan). But she never really claimed to be good at speaking them or anything, she would just post random phrases in those languages from time to time.
With Japanese, she often bragged about speaking it really well and how easy it is but she's actually really awful at it. When she tries to create her own more "advanced" (aka beginner-intermediate level) sentences, it's almost completely unintelligible. And she even fucks up the simplest beginner level stuff. You'd think she'd be pretty good at it due to the fact that she's so desperate to live there, she has a sister who speaks the language, has been to the country a few times and spent a good amount of time there, has been studying for like 2-3 years now, and even dated Japanese guys.

No. 317160

She claimed to be studying chinese/Korean, if I'm not mistaken but we all know this ain't true

I think she also received a certificate (and ofc posted a pic of it) for helping out disabled students with taking notes in class.

No. 317183


kek, she disabled playback on other websites (here)

No. 317185

Can't stop a vid.me. (sorry, embed fails)


No. 317194

that fucking laugh @ 0:40

No. 317207

>hurr I have a family member living in Japan I want to talk to her without translating back and forth etc etc

rofl you both are english native speakers why even want to talk in a foreign language to each other

No. 317211

> family member brought home a friend from japan

No. 317214

thanks anon
being esl+kaka babblering nosense and laughing at her own lame jokes every 5 seconds is hard to understand her

No. 317220

Plus "being to speak to SO's family members"


The laugh at the near-end of the video on how she spoke in English in Chinese language structure, though. Totally happened Kaka

No. 317237

She used to have a video up on YouTube where she went to a PETA protest against Sea World urging others to find other ways to entertain themselves. Everyone in the video was wearing shorts, tennis shoes, and tees. Kaka was dressed like it was a fashion shoot with her heels and designer bag. Reporters from the news were there taking photos and Cathy recorded the damn thing so obviously that was about her vanity too. I think it was around the time that PETA had that sexiest vegan contest that she was trying so hard to win. She was trying hard to get PETA's attention for a while. It wasn't that she cared about animals, I mean maybe she does, but it was obvious it was more about the attention rather than being for causes.

No. 317250

For her it’s always about looking good. It's like that time she when she was in Japan and attended that lecture about sweatshop workers or whatever and posted about it on Instagram. She barely posted about anything else she did in Japan, but gotta post that to make sure people know how caring and wonderful I am.

No. 317252

i remember Charms on /cgl/ claiming Dakota's mother and sister were extremely shallow, critical people who only cared about looks

No. 317258

this bitch is built like a plank is she serious

No. 317259


i don't think it's so much about dressing up to go to protests and shit that's the issue. it's that she goes on about being a loving/kind person yet posted on this forum 2500 times with gross comments for no reason other than she is jealous some other blonde chick in japan is successful and does her makeup like her stupid sister. and this is also from someone who claims to be traumatized by internet harassment.

No. 317268

No. 317270

My god this is painful to watch

No. 317273

And? Both anons are clearly talking about the fake image Kiki puts out where she pretends to be a kind and empathetic person. We all know that's not actually the case (and we all know Hitler liked animals, etc). The point is about image, not anything about people and animals.

No. 317298

No, it's about her vanity. If she just did it to be kind instead of humble bragging it would be different, but she is all about showing off and that requires a complete package for her. Don't forget she got called out for gatekeeping veganism as if it were some exclusive club. It's all her facade.

No. 317321

Is there any vides of her trying to speak chinese and korean? I really want to see this trainwreck.

No. 317328


Remember that time she faked a Japanese accent? I think the saddest part is that she filmed these two videos right after each other, so she suddenly switched 100%. >>317160

No. 317330

jesus christ of course she put a jump scare in that video

No. 317334

the whole video was a jumpscare anon

No. 317336

you're not wrong

No. 317344

oh damn I want to hear the horrible fake accent but I hate jump scares so much.

No. 317345

she says something about eye colors "pretty blue, green, blahblah, red, BLACK" and then it pops up. so just mute it when she starts that bit.

No. 317371

This is one of things I find most disturbing about her. She has no job, spouse or children to take care of. Just unlimited free time and financial support from mommy and daddy. But she chooses to spend all her time on social media building this visual character instead of getting out there and volunteering or creating a functioning, alturistic business. She could be doing so much to contribute to her community or animal welfare, but animal rights is nothing more than a photo-op or kitschy accessory to her.

No. 317411

Yes! Hell, she's a talentless hack, but that hasn't stopped thousands of other people from getting off their ass and doing something.

Kind of OT but kind of amazes me how much she holds herself back in everything she does. I mean, she even managed to fuck up being an AliExpress re-seller because she just had to make it all about her being a personal style assistant and designer.

No. 317414

File: 1479632894173.png (883.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5944.PNG)

Sometimes it's hard to believe this girl was ever interesting, everything she posts these days is so dull.


No. 317419

It really makes me wonder if Kota doesn't want her to speak Japanese or move to Japan. Either that or she's just way too stubborn to take any advice because she thinks she's right.

Sadly, I don't think so. There are still posts she's made in those languages on her twitter and ig tho.

I think we milked her too hard.

No. 317421

File: 1479636075587.gif (360.01 KB, 400x223, illusion.gif)

was she ever interesting? she just had the appropriate style to appear 'edgy' at a certain time in history. Everyone grows up to learn that style is just an illusion anyway.

No. 317425

It wasn't necessarily about the style, her Stickam vids and fights were a 100x more interesting than this hippy 'let's be safe!' crap.

No. 317429

THIS so much. also applies to everything else in her life, learning Japanese, working out a path to a good career.. she could easily spend all of her waking hours working on these things and achieve them in much less time than people who aren't NEETs

No. 317437


My god, these girls age like raisins .. She'll be looking 45 at the age of thirty if not sooner.

No. 317439

her medication's working nicely.

No. 317440

I almost get a Venus vibe from this… the tone and speech pattern plus the little 'ya!' at the end. Except that whole shtick is actually cute coming from Venus, it's just weird and embarrassing from Kiki.

I hope to god she doesn't behave like this when she deigns to go out in public for her yearly five minutes of fresh air.

No. 317459

This bitch is on some good shit

No. 317484


Be safe,drive safe ~

>Camera turns off

Cause I'm gonna gut you bitches .. and your little dog too.

No. 317487

I swear to god if her hairline recedes anymore it will be at the middle of the top of her head

No. 317531

File: 1479681468870.png (38.61 KB, 298x247, Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 22.3…)

Breaking news: Keeks still types like a retard from 2006

No. 317582

File: 1479692307808.jpg (11.07 KB, 269x187, download.jpg)

She's legit trying to create and talk in a Japanese/English accent. Like bitch youre from Florida we know you dont talk with that retarded accent. Jfc what an embarrassment to the human race. Pic related it's keeks

No. 317597

This one is even worse: >>317328

No. 317600


Some anon once posted that she used to be interesting because she used to be bitch and that she should just embrace her bitchiness and I agree. She used to at least… actually be herself. And though you get tons of "haters" for doing that, people are still going to watch your shit (and make you money if you're on youtube). But even if you do have a lot of people hating you, there's always that tiny amount of people that come through the cracks that seem to genuinely care and are fans. Doing this fake persona she made up, she has nothing but people who hate her and a few people who maybe don't know who she is who come across her on instagram and like and comment. She has no money and nobody that likes her, both online and offline. She has nothing and she did this to herself.

No. 317633

she still hasn't gotten it that her natural hair color makes her look greasy? that mousy hair does nothign for her

No. 317638

Nope and as was revealed during Keekweek she gets pissed if anyone says that about her.

No. 317649

Both color and haircut do nothing for her

C'mon Kiki, drop the salt and hit a salon fgs

No. 317659

lol bitch pls like you give a fuck if you one of your followers got run over by a car

No. 317673

Lmao, she gets do riled up by the truth. Like, of all the shit that we talk at least that's helpful. You guys have listed so much that she could do to help herself, but for whatever crazy reason she just loves looking like a goddamn hagraven.

No. 317674

I meant so**, oops

No. 317686

Sage for blog but I've been coloring my hair blonde for YEARS, and I went darker just once- a few people said right to my face it just didn't suit me. Other friends said things like oh no don't listen to them they're just mean.
but nah I'm pretty sure they were telling the truth which sucked for me but, I didn't get mad. lol
I can't understand people who just can't take comments like this. Unless they're like "YOUR HAIR SUCKS KILL YOURSELF", which they're not.

No. 317693

>I've been coloring my hair blonde for YEARS, and I went darker just once- a few people said right to my face it just didn't suit me

Same thing happened to me too anon, and I have the same mousy color like Kooter and Kaka. I stopped bleaching and let it grow out natural and everyone said the same thing about it not suiting me. But my hair is much more healthier and longer for the fact. I still wear blonde wigs sometimes, because I believe them when they say the color suited me, but I never took it so personally.

No. 317793

She'll never see it as helpful though. She thinks we're trying to make her give up her long hair to make her look bad.

No. 317807

Her natural color is fine, a different hairstyle would be enough imo.

Yeah… but we arent saying anything extreme tho. Just bangs and volume, or maybe long layers..

No. 317813

She'll never take any of our suggestions because she would never want to admit anyone else (especially ~haterz~) is right and she's wrong.

No. 317821

I think she never listens to anyone's advice, not even to professionals, she and Dakota always do whatever they want. Actually Dakotas manager said that she never takes care of her image kek

No. 317830


Wait what ? When did her manager say this ? Screen caps ?

No. 317859

it was during a TV show, he wrote a letter describing Dakota, someone from the show read the letter in front of everyone.

another guy also called her "cheap girl" because she was saying her favorite food is cucumbers with rice and that she only eats 1 meal per day, apparently she prefers to use her money for buying decoration etc. Ok girl…

No. 317873

…that's terrible

No. 317876

it was funny but kinda mean.

No. 317882

Yall saying you want to "befriend" Kiki must be new here.
Have you read anything she's posted here? If that's any indication, the girl has no friends. The girl has never had real friends.

The girl at this point is clearly so inept, crazy, and retarded that she will. Never. Have. Friends.

Spinning some fairytale fantasy in your head that you'll, like, totez kick it with Kiki and help change her are completely unrealistic and ridiculous. She's a raging, insane narcissist. The only thing she wants to talk about on a loop is herself and haters. It's impossible for her to develop friendships. She tried to call herself a Kardashian for fucksake. The amount of delusion harbored in that shiny, fat forehead is completely terrifying.
Kiki will never have friends. Kiki is like, what, 25 years old now? Has never lived without her parents. She is too stupid to run a business, get a real job, service other people, care about anyone but herself, or ever learn how to shut the fuck up about herself and all of the paranoid and narcissistic delusions she wields.

The irony of Kiki calling everyone her obsessive haters and ugly failures, is that Kiki herself is truly a failure and an embarrassing waste of oxygen in every way. She will never improve because she'll never accept criticism because she thinks she's perfect. Every single stupid scheme her and her retarded parents shit out for cash fails because their delusions of grandeur cannot run a business.

When you think about just how much of dumb piece of shit she is, why in the fuck would you want to be friends with her? She isn't even capable of behaving in a way that's tolerable.

No. 317907

It goes both ways. She used to be salty about making videos, especially vegan advice videos, because she didn't want haters to take her advice and use it. Doesn't want to help haters and doesn't want to take advice from haters because she thinks they want to ruin her. Her shitty vegan diet is what ruined her. Thinning, greasy mousy hair and she looks like a frail hag. She can grow her hair to her ankles and it's not going to help her any. It's dumb to live with that kind of paranoia of everyone. Some people are trying to offer genuine help that would make improvements. Like >>317807 said none of the tips we gave out were extreme and if she went to a proper salon they could make a cut look great, but she thinks haters are out to sabotage her. Her entire life is paranoia and fear of haters trying to ruin her.

No. 317914

this is like asking to be mike tysons punching bag

No. 317926


Thats fucking embarrassing ! I don't feel bad for Dakota because its her own fucking fault. She's a model and does absolutely nothing to maintain a figure or stay on trend.

I don't even understand the point in being salty towards Taylor, when at least Tay tries to stay on trend and maintain her figure/looks. Do they seriously hate hard workers that much ? Is it because Tay makes them look like even more lazy cunts.

Why hasn't this bitch been given the boot ?

No. 317930

>called her "cheap girl" because she was saying her favorite food is cucumbers with rice
i thought the exact same thing. blandest, cheapest thing i've ever heard someone call their favorite food. that hardly tastes like anything

No. 317939

She's obviously a closeted lesbian, who is secretly in love with Taylor and wants to wear her skin. She thinks she's so good at hiding it but it's all she can talk about

No. 317944

And they also don't work out or probably know anything about nutrition. They're just rotting

No. 317947

File: 1479831923645.png (39.59 KB, 280x263, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 16.2…)

>I can't do anything with my life cos muh haters!!!1

She will never change.

No. 317949

oh lol I'm not saying it was terrible of them to say that. Rather her habits are terrible.

No. 317951

You guys do know we were talking about Kiki and not Koti right? And nobody even told you guys either. But anyway, 23 inches isn't too horrible, a lot of models are aroun that size and they are taller but they are also toned, Kiki is skinny but soft. I'm the same height as her and am small boned and my waist looks smaller than hers, and mine is 25 inches so she's lying, but her waist might be the same size as mine also because she's so skinny and has no hips so it makes her shape look odd. She could be 23 if she lifted weights and worked out everyday, and also maybe she'd be less busted in the face. She should just turn her life around and go to therapy and start taking supplements and vitamins and hair vitamins and do protein shakes and be a bad bitch and stop caring so much about what other people think. When I picture her I picture smegol, I know this is cringey but I used to think Kiki's looks were goals, and now she's haggard and skeletal and bitter. Does she care at all? I can't believe I used to believe her lies. And I let her get me down because she blocked me for no reason back in her stickam days!! I have aspergers and it really hurt my feelings, granted my feelings were hurt easily but she was sort of my idol, when it came to her look anyway. She is pretty emptyheaded

No. 317952

Sorry for the blog post btw its just KIKI YOU BITCH. I'm glad karma got you in the long run, you malnourished balding silly straw of a human being. I called her smegol but I also called her sister that. She's gollum lol

No. 317953

>I know this is cringey but I used to think Kiki's looks were goals, and now she's haggard and skeletal and bitter. Does she care at all? I can't believe I used to believe her lies. And I let her get me down because she blocked me for no reason back in her stickam days!! I have aspergers and it really hurt my feelings, granted my feelings were hurt easily but she was sort of my idol, when it came to her look anyway. She is pretty emptyheaded

did you really have to post that? she lurks you know. and this is just going to feed her paranoia that everyone/most people here are bitter jelly aspie people from the stickam days who once worshiped her but now call her a balding silly straw years later because she did something as insignificant and blocked you like 7 years ago.

No. 317954

She doesn't need any of that, she just needs to work out more and gain like 15 lbs and fix her fucking stupid disgusting greasy stringy Homer-Simpson-holding-on-to-his-last-3-hairs lookin ass hairstyle and stop being such a nasty hateful evil cunt. Something something that Roald Dahl quote about beauty shining through from the inside (ironic considering Roald Dahl was himself, a cunt)

No. 317955

Lol she can think what she wants, she's a crazy bitch. Are you really asking me to censor myself for the sake of that tyrant? Don't project your battered woman syndrome onto me. But no you're right, also thanks for calling me aspie and not a sperg, but after I posted all that I realised how spergy it all sounded! It's true though. She was mean to me 7 years ago and now she's paying the price with her shitty degenerating looks

No. 317961

>Why hasn't this bitch been given the boot ?

probably someone is giving her the D instead

they think they're naturally perfect, swallowing a handful of supplements and tapping a drop down menu on meitu is the only effort ostrengas are willing to do

No. 317964

>Whenever I do YT consistently I get harassed and trolled a lot to ridiculous lengths
But Kaka, I thought that was already happening to you regardless of what you do. I thought people were already sending you death threats and showing up at your house on a daily basis even when you would try to get off the internet.

No. 317981

>Are you really asking me to censor myself for the sake of that tyrant?
>Don't project your battered woman syndrome onto me
holy shit you didn't understand at all. let me break it down so it's easier on your autism.

I'm not worried about you hurting keek's feelings. to the contrary, your post admitting that you've been following her since the stickam days and being butthurt because she rejected you 7 years ago is going to feed her ego. she's going to feel like she just got confirmation that all her paranoid notions about haters being abnormal low self esteem jellies from the past who are still "stalking" her are true.

No. 318001

Wow. I find this forum entertaining but you sound like some kind of hardcore bitter jealous person posting this rant of yours.

No. 318005

Hi, Kiki.

No. 318008

I agree with you that sometimes a few anons reach and sound bitter and jealous, not only in this thread. I don't think Kiki looks ugly and I don't think anything bad about her living with parents. We were born on the same day, have broad foreheads and our cats had the same name coincidentally (lol) so it's hard for me not to have a bit of a liking for her.

But I dislike kiki. It is her victim personality and how disgusting she is to come here to post gore and hate on someone while pretending to be a saint on other media. Horrible shit. Unfortunately, she is a bad person. If you really befriended her you'd probably regret it later because she'd probably backstab you if given a chance.

No. 318010

With her* parents. Typos, typos, tpoys

No. 318013

Dakota shouldn't be gaining anymore weight. Those are for Kooter to look how she wants to.

Kiki needs to start eating proper food and taking care of her skin. Also a few years of therapy, group home and no access to the internet should fix her right up.

No. 318045

Did we ever find out who the other girl was? Or maybe even any new clues?

No. 318081

Don't belittle me you smug piece of garbage. If you read my post a little more carefully, you will notice that I said I don't care because she is a crazy bitch who can think whatever she wants. She lives in her own reality, and nothing you or i say can make that any less true so why walk on eggshells? Try and stop me you hoebag

No. 318082

im not the guy ur talkin to but lol you're a total cringefest

No. 318085

Anon are you angry? are you having a bad day? do you want to slap someone?

No. 318092

chill already

No. 318094


Anon has literal ass burgers, at least they claim so themselves. no use in arguing. The rest of us are getting it.

No. 318098

Sweet Jesus, autistic anon

>She was mean to me 7 years ago and now she's paying the price with her shitty degenerating looks.

>Don't belittle me you smug piece of garbage.
>Try and stop me you hoebag
>Don't project your battered woman syndrome onto me.


anon's rampage is amusing.

No. 318106

I just find it interesting to see what's become of this old scene queen and laugh at her recently-uncovered absolute insanity but hey someone's bound to remember her being a cunt to them long ago I guess given that she's been known to be a bitch in general for 10 years at least

No. 318107

Your rampage is quite insane too.

No. 318108

File: 1479868844952.jpg (8.7 KB, 276x183, jimmies-have-been-rustled-it-w…)

No. 318109

It's really interesting, for me, to compare Dakota and Kirsten. Dakota gets a lot of hate on here for not being model material, for conning her way into Japan, ect. But at this point in my life, she really reminds me of myself. Kind of girl next door cute, but not smoking hot. Was treated as "the fat one" for most of her life. Struggled with eating disorders and probably social anxiety. And now she's a bit chubby and not too successful but got away from her shitty family. I'm trying to improve myself but she in so many ways reminds me of who I am– it doesn't help that we are the same age, I guess. So I also take a liking to her in a strange way. Even though she does wtf stuff.

But I have no ability to relate to Kiki. She's tall, anorexic skinny, with harsh features and long hair. She builds her ego up from this place of deep insecurity inside her. She was treated like a queen in her formative years and still hasn't stopped being a cunt, she just learned how to hide it better. I would never want to be friends with someone like her. She seems so unhinged and unfixable.

Sorry for blog post. The Ostrenga sisters are really interesting to me. I can't believe I've been following them for already 9 years.

No. 318110

I thought I was being pretty reasonable writing my 1 post there but ok

No. 318111

sage your fucking blog posts you sperg

No. 318112


>She really reminds me of myself. Kind of girl next door cute, but not smoking hot. Was treated as "the fat one" for most of her life.

You may qualify for lolcow.

No. 318114

If you are not the anon here: >>318109
And or here
Then, my bad.

No. 318121

Kek, she won't make YouTube videos anymore because we'll see how she is now with all the medicines she's taking.

No. 318146

they're trying to pry the Spergchan title from Kaka's bony claws

No. 318179

It's a pinned thread. Sage won't do anything.

No. 318251

Hi Kiki. Sorry that the truth hurts you so much.

I know it's hard to believe, but a vast majority of humans aren't jealous of you. You're embarrassing and your life is really sad. Full fucking circle you hypocritical, crazy sack of salt.

No. 318253

File: 1479899772069.gif (490.54 KB, 500x264, image.gif)

No, there isn't anything wrong with living with your parents in itself. If that's what you gathered from that post, you weren't really listening. I wouldn't harbor any kinship with Kirsten just because I had a fat forehead, either, so maybe you should be more careful about connecting with people over such insignificant superficial quirks.

Her delusions are the issue. She has gone full fuckin schizo with her narcissistic delusions of grandeur. She just cannot comprehend that people don't like her because she's a nasty creep. In her eyes, she's perfect and impermeable to criticism or improvement. This is her main fault.

She believes she's done nothing wrong. Even after getting caught hatewanking obsessively to Taylor, she continues to post her fake ass love and light bullshit and grace us with her glaringly shiny reflector of a forehead.

I am not bitter. I am not jealous. I would never in a thousand years want to switch places with her. If I woke up out of my body and in hers, I would probably an hero. I say this calmly, casually, and without any attachment. I make astute observations. I not partial.

But, you know, in Kiki's eyes everybody wants to be her or fuck her. The casual vitriol in our posts may hurt people's fee feez–and Kiki's especially–but at least we're clever and humorous about it. Kiki can't even be funny. She just tosses all her jealousy and creepy tendencies in the air and makes bitter word salad lol.

No. 318258


I want to add:
There are two reasons why people even bring up her living with her parents:
1.) She tries to make people think she's living alone/with a Japanese bf in Japan.
2.) She's a total leech. No one would have an issue with her living with her parents if she was at least working or going to school, but she thinks she's too good for that stuff. Many people have pointed out that if she wants to live in Japan so badly, she can work hard to get into a school there or get an actual degree to work there. But instead, she goes for unrealistic things like becoming a famous model/talent in Japan or getting a Japanese husband. (I'm not saying this stuff is unrealistic in general, it's just unrealistic for her because she isn't cute/youthful looking and her personality is the epitome of everything Japan hates)

No. 318266

>>I am not bitter. I am not jealous.
So take your meds and calm down, ffs

No. 318303

apparently reading isn't required to post on lolcow

No. 318305

Can you read?
Guess not.

Sorry that you can't handle reality.

No. 318358

No. 318378

I dunno how many men post here but despite all of this I would STILL love to spend a day fucking kiki and blowing my load on her face.(nobody cares)

No. 318382


I'm not kiki. I am sure the admins can vouch I am not in her same state and not on a VPN. I find this whole forum entertaining but some of the posters here clearly have their own issues and need help as much as kiki

No. 318384

Just ignore it, do you know how many times anon says "Hi Kaka" per week? Sometimes she is right, sometimes, well, not even close.

No. 318398

I noticed whenever Kiki posted she used two brackets to quote a post as well. But maybe I'm just being paranoid and there are others not smart enough to figure out how imageboards work.

No. 318400

Kiki hasn't posted in this thread.

No. 318478

Why would a person qualify as a lolcow just because they are not aesthetically perfect? Honestly curious.

No. 318527

Its no about your looks, it's about how cringey your blog post was.

No. 318535

Drink some water, your sodium intake has been too high today

No. 318553


No. 318558

If this is not a troll:

Where is your family? They would be more hurt than people you never met. Disconnect your computer and go do some international travel. Go to a Himalayan monastery retreat or something. There's a whole world out there.

No. 318560

I'll do a himalayan sea salt mud mask, and drink my chamomile sleepytime tea, that's good enough right?

No. 318566

Okay, that's pretty good too.

No. 318608

No. 318609

Dear aspie chan:
Not even trolling,
~ turn off your computer ~


No. 318647

I think those "new" posts on her IG are from time ago.

No. 318715

I'm glad admin took so long to reveal this. In fact, as much as I love this sweet sweet milk, it would've been even better had they waited longer. Just to see how far Kiki would take it. God, the insanity.

No. 318737

>it would've been even better had they waited longer.

What? Anons cried because admin didn't reveal it right away, the sperging was annoying af.

No. 318739

i'm curious what else she used the sock email sarahowen11985@gmail.com for. sounds like she even gave it a 1985 birthday.

No. 318869

File: 1480069143839.jpg (65.45 KB, 548x587, Capture2.JPG)

Make sure you're do some self-help reading too

No. 318897

dude I'm so fucking sick of these

>My waist is X" and I'm this tall and weigh this much so kiki is a liar!

Humans are bad, and women are particularly shit at guessing the dimensions of an object based on a 2d image. You can't look at yourself in 3d in the mirror and decide someone you've only ever seen in pictures is lying because of what you see.

Like, I get it. we all hate Kiki and she's a liar who lies about things all day not stop. But clearly you're all using it as an excuse to post your measurements and humblebrag. It would be considered shitposting on PULL, a site made entirely of shitposts.

No. 318902

>women are particularly shit at guessing the dimensions of an object based on a 2d image
that fact that you sound like a female makes this extra pathetic. are you aware the person you quoted admitted they're autistic? if you read the rest of their post it's filled with a load of other horseshit said out of jelliness.

No. 318930

~ok jealous fatty

No. 318937

I was one of the anons who said I was 5'4 (Kiki height) with 28in waist. Lol this isn't even model proportions, it's distinctly average. I just pointed this out because Kiki and I look almost identical in that full body pic (bar the shopped ass, lol) and I thought it was funny she tried to make out her waist was 23in. She's a liar! That's the punchline, nobody's humblebragging! jeez

No. 318939

>I look almost identical in that full body pic
not that anon, but you're retarded. reminds me of the people who say "there's no way she's 17! i'm 25 and I look much younger than her!", as if that's proof of anything, that sort of shit isn't a valid argument whatsoever, it's dumb as fuck.

No. 318946


I think the part that makes it hardest to believe isn't just that she lies so much, but she has no fucking hips or bust line … She's literally a rectangle .. I find most people when they think of small waist, they think of exaggerative measurements all around and that they'd have a super cinched in waist.

No. 318951

I always suspected Kiki shops her waist a little bit. So the debate doesn't really matter anyway

No. 318952

File: 1480112441085.jpg (72.52 KB, 640x480, 6a2fd119778e_sf_1.jpg)

No. 318998

does anyone still have the deleted videos with taku? never got to watch them and now i'm curious.

No. 319004

I'm actually really good at guessing measurements and weights and heights of people because I'm autistic. I'm not just shitting you either, I don't know why I have that skill and it might not be 100 percent accurate, but I will eat my foot if that waist is 23 inches. Sure she's skinny as fuck, but the girl doesn't work out and she has no shape to her body, like that other anon said she's a rectangle. And why would I brag about my waist being 25 inches which is average and not even my goal? If I wanted to brag I'd do a kiki and lie about it. also>>318902 LOOOOOOL sorry what? What exactly am I jealous of on a curveless out of shape skeleton with bad hair and a case of autism worse than mine? How much would you guys estimate her measurements are? my guess is 25-25-25

No. 319006

>admitted you've been following her for 9 fucking years
>admitted you thought her looks were "goals"
>admitted you idolized her
>admitted the sole reason you're bitter is because she blocked you.
>"LOOOOOOL sorry what? What exactly am I jealous of"

go back to hate-fapping to keek's scene pics, aspie. you know you got a whole folder collection of them.

No. 319009

>I'm actually really good at guessing measurements and weights and heights of people because I'm autistic.

Anon, just stop.

That's an OLD picture, her measurements are probably different now.

No. 319017

Wow you're really upset haha aww are you crying? Do you always get this passionate when you're wrong? Go drink a chamomile tea and get a dick in you, maybe you'll feel better. But yeah ok, skew my words to mean whatever you want, you've been following my posts for 4 days so that's uh kinda pathetic? Like are ya obsessed with me lmao, also no I didn't "follow" her, I used to think she was pretty back when I was in middleschool before she went bitch mode on me. Don't be retarded, how the fuck did I idolise her? Holy fuck you really are dumb. You must be kiki herself? Someone says you are pretty and that automatically means they are jealous of you hahaha. I'm guessing you're the sort of person who can't accept that people don't like you without it being due to them being jealous of you? You're a fucking mess. Also I don't have any pictures of her saved at all, but you're kinda making it sound like you do by the way you defend her so vehemently. Go brush your 3 remaining hairs you pudgy skeleton(Wow you're really upset haha aww are you crying? Do you always get this passionate when you're wrong? Go drink a chamomile tea and get a dick in you, maybe you'll feel better. But yeah ok, skew my words to mean whatever you want, you've been following my posts for 4 days so that's uh kinda pathetic? Like are ya obsessed with me lmao, also no I didn't "follow" her, I used to think she was pretty back when I was in middleschool before she went bitch mode on me. Don't be retarded, how the fuck did I idolise her? Holy fuck you really are dumb. You must be kiki herself? Someone says you are pretty and that automatically means they are jealous of you hahaha. I'm guessing you're the sort of person who can't accept that people don't like you without it being due to them being jealous of you? You're a fucking mess. Also I don't have any pictures of her saved at all, but you're kinda making it sound like you do by the way you defend her so vehemently. Go brush your 3 remaining hairs you pudgy skeleton)

No. 319018

She did lose weight, I would believe that her waist is 23 inches now but it wouldn't get smaller than that unless she was waist training which she obviously doesn't because she is built like a fridge. She's still lying though

No. 319019


Jesus shut up all of you and stop derailing the thread with this pointless bickering!

No. 319021

Well that other anon needed to be told how much of a dickhead they are "other people criticise me THAT MUST MEAN THEY ARE JELUS1!1!!!!"

No. 319024

We just asked her to stop..

No. 319031


No. 319039

Lol what the fuck.

No. 319042

25-25-25 mwasurements??? LOL wtf???

No. 319043

Samefag sorry, measurements*

No. 319054

>super autistic spatial skills gaise
We need to find a way to test for autism in the womb.

No. 319056

Im dying. Those measurements arent even … realistic? Like wtf autistic or not sounds more like retarded troll.

No. 319057

wish ppl would shut up about waist measurements. some people look like boards with 23" waists, some people look tiny as fuck with 26" ones. it depends on your bone structure and the rest of your measurements too.

she could be 23" but it means fucking nothing and looks like crap unless her hips are 35"+

No. 319059


Idec about her size or measurements im just here laughing at autistchan bc 25-25-25 is fucking beyond absurd and its making it even more hilarious that theyre insisting BC theyre autistic they know "numbers" and they couldnt be farther from reality about it. Carry on!

No. 319062

Look, I don't come here expecting to be amongst the brightest bunch of people, but seriously, you guys are that retarded you cannot tell that she is obviously making a joke? Wow.

No. 319063

You guys are dumber than me, and I'm autistic!

No. 319064

Derailing. Lets all just get back on track here. No one cares about austistchan or measurements.

No. 319065

Safe to say most anons here are retarded who cares.

No. 319156

im 99% sure the kiki-is-purrfect blog is kiki lol, i looked it over again and its just so cringey. imagine how different her life would be if she took the effort she put into feigning her own popularity and bashing taylor and put it into actually doing something with her life

No. 319184

Was it ever confirmed that she was posting on here during her Instagram/twitter hiatus?

No. 319198

she's been shitposting here at least since the past year so… I guess yes?

No. 319252

Some of her posts were of her "speculating" about what she could have been up to during that time..she was pretty intent on trying to make a theory catch on that she had moved to Japan and had a new boyfriend there iirc

No. 319256

God damn it, I know this reference, but I just can't place it

No. 319274

A lot of her posts were trying to make us theorize that she was preg by Taco, so glad I knew that shit was her.

No. 319287

Weren't a large number of the posts referencing Taku posted by Kiki, too? Like she's still hung up on him even though he dumped her and she had to go back to FL.

No. 319366

Yep. She definitely has some fetish for seeing people talk about her and her pure Nippon BF.

No. 319369

The funny thing is Kaka never defended Taco when anons made fun of his teeth/looks. She only mentioned him when it benefitted her (having a Japanese boyfriend, making babies with him, etc.). She’s clearly only interested in the idea of a Nipponese boyfriend and not Taku himself.

No. 319371

no wonder why he dumped her
just imagine this screeching bitch being on the phone or talking about herself and the haters 24/7 barely paying any attention to him.

No. 319373

File: 1480283911721.png (395.4 KB, 2612x1310, Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 4.58…)

I wonder why she registered a Facebook in his name.

No. 319390

When did she do this? It might have been around the time a farmer found Taku's World Friends account and by that found his actual FB. It got posted here and then some idiot contacted him for details which probably scared him off. I think he hid his account from non-friends. Maybe she hoped if she made one and they tried contacting him again via that profile they'd get her and she could see what farmers were asking and expose the identities of whoever tried to contact.

No. 319400

that's a really good theory actually. not to mention possibly message them back pretending to be him

No. 319403

This was my theory as well.

No. 319431

Time ago a farmer said Taku accepted her friend request on fb. I wonder if she sent it to Kiki's fake account KEK

No. 319441


You guys realize Taku was probably the closest thing she's had to an actual relationship since Danny, right? And he gave her money and took her places, even had his restaurant staff cater to her obnoxious vegan demands. Poor Kiki probably thought he was going to be her Bravo-sama until he got tired of her. I mean just think about it, after all her failed hookups and all the shit with Danny, being used by a gaijin pussy hunter was probably the closest kiki has ever come to being treated like an actual girlfriend. Taking her to meet his parents probably didn't help either.

No. 319456

IIRC the account who accepted anon's request was the actual Taku, sarahowen's account doesn't have any picture or friends.

No. 319458

Sounds legit anon, I bet she was hoping to prove she and Taco were still together with that account. The kaka deception runs deep!

No. 319502

That was me. I'm sure it was Takus and not Kikis as the photos uploaded were uploaded about 3 years ago, before Keeks entered his life.

No. 319523

File: 1480356274219.png (46 KB, 642x257, ZrM0ca.png)

No. 319526


holy fudge dat google translate

But I wonder what kinde of Internship she allegedly got. Let just wait now and see her not mentioning it ever again.

(For non moonspeaker anons - She said she got an internship and is excited.)

No. 319529

bet she'll never mention it again, just like that entertainment visa lol

No. 319530

Or like how she got "scouted" lol

No. 319531

Why Japanese though

No. 319534

That status was from May tho? Old news

No. 319536

I think this tweet is fake. She was still on a twitter hiatus when this was "posted,"I can't find any posts about it on the previous threads (which, you know there would be because anons were really desperate for anything from her at that time), and I can't find it on her twitter at all.

No. 319540

same gdi

No. 319541


Fake. Twitter doesn't post Japanese in that font, and if it was a custom font add on it would have changed the font for @mmmkikikannibal and her username too.

No. 319545

I wonder if she made and posted this fake tweet to distract us from talking about Taku and that fake fb profile she made for him.

No. 319550

This fake tweet tho. There are actual generators for this sorta thing that have better fonts but nice try. You need to get tips from the anon that made Lainey's fake tweets. They were dedicated.

No. 319573

So what if it's true? What is so special about that?

If it's true then she spent her time trying to stalk Taylor kek

No. 319579

Anon who posted this say something because otherwise this looks like it was Kiki.

Why you posted that today if it is from May? and why other farmers didn't see that kek

This is like the day she tweeted she got an entertainment visa and deleted her tweet few minutes later.

No. 319625


No. 319648

It does from my computer (I'm not the person who posted it), it all depends on your computer's OS language settings. Mine looks wonky like that sometimes. I'm not saying it isn't fake, but I don't think so. She deletes tweets all the time.

No. 319658

Why are you pitying her? Who would want to be with someone like her? It's no surprise at all that Taku broke up with her ass. If there's anyone you should have sympathy for, it's Taku for having to put up with her.

If you're going to post a fake tweet, why make it from May? If it's real… why are you posting a tweet from May???

No. 319677

Did you see that it's dated May? It's never been posted here before so why would this anon suddenly have it to post out of nowhere? There's a lot more wrong with it but that's the first and biggest red flag.

No. 319683

~ Taku's ex gf bashing on Kiki
(We defended him btw, no one shared the links she wanted)
~ New guy or Taku?
~ Tweet from May no one else saw..

No. 319690

It's actually mind-blowing how good her hair could look if she just went to a salon instead of this psycho mormon shit

No. 319711

I just don't see why a trivial meaningless tweet like that was faked

No. 319717

Who cares if it’s fake or not? Even if it’s real it’s just more bullshit to add to Kaka’s pile of lies, like the entertainment visa and how she was totally going to marry Taku.

No. 319731

She went offline from September 2015. The only activity recorded of her was pointless hippy quotes or vegan shit. No personal posts at all. And then keekweek happened.

No. 319769

That's stupid. If she didn't tweet it why would you attribute it to her as if she contributed that lie? She is an asshole and doesn't need help expressing that.

No. 319977

does anyone remember the time shmegeh wanted to hang out with keeks? kek
kiki you have nothing to do rn if you're lurking here, shitposting and on disability. go contact with shmegeh and bring her back to the internet scene, we miss that cow!

No. 320008

In their prime they would make an unstoppable bonelord weeaboo team.

No. 320020

Just read through her entire posting history. That was amazing. Thanks Kiki, ily! Would make haffu babies with/10

No. 320100

Fucking imagine Kiki's reaction when Shmegs inevitably lights up a cigarette indoors and starts cackling about how ~stupid~ it is to take social media so seriously.

No. 320425

Nah, keeks thinks she's above everyone else and shmegeh is only interested in jailbait.

No. 320431

If Kiki is so envious of Taylor, then why doesn't she get fillers and cut her hair to look younger instead of sulking around the house. At least Taylor made the attempt to be likr kota. All Kiki did was wear the same clothes as Kota.

No. 320450

why to look younger? keek is already 4 years younger than Taylor.

No. 320501

And yet she's the one who looks almost 30.

No. 320528


Whats even worse is this is based off of her edited/filtered pictures .. Kaka could possible even look worse.

No. 320537

It's been really long since we've seen an HD unfiltered Kaka. Even her old pics were shooped.

No. 320594


i'm so glad you made me read that

No. 320602


I actually can't even recall what an unfiltered Kaka looks like..

No. 320605

Her photos from Japan where she was inside some store

No. 320632

because that's too much effort for her

No. 320646


The video she took of her and Snagglechan walking through Japan and she was yelling with her massive moon face and greasy hair with snaggle looking silent and embarrassed in the bg

No. 320666

anyone have this saved?

No. 320707

Do you have any of those pictures we could see please?

No. 320726

File: 1480719149215.jpg (52.32 KB, 835x533, IMG_2497.JPG)

That is the exact still I think of when I read >>320501, which is the first thing I thought of too. Her face looks so bloated too. I googled this pic.

No. 320736

File: 1480720288787.jpg (115.24 KB, 815x574, 55dec103877ae_Screenshot_2015-…)

while I was looking for that video I've found this screencap.

>Why someone would waste their time writing about people they don't even know!!!1!

>Writes 2000+ slandering posts about tay

No. 320739

was that actually posted 5 hours ago? the lolcow posts are so fucking crazy, i wouldn't have believed it was her if it weren't for the evidence section mentioning the IP that's in Ocoee, FL. that literally the city in Orlando that they're from.

tbh, Kiki probably did this in secrecy and could very easily convince her mom and sister that it isn't true that she ever posted here. which makes her two-face hypocrisy even crazier.

she is right about one thing though, the posts revealed there is no sibling rivalry. she defended Dakota even on anon hardcore and even tried to get her threads moved to /b/

No. 320740

no, it's an old screencap from around the last time she was in japan. But that's pretty rich coming from her.

No. 320747

Lol Kaka said real life relationships aren't like the ones we supposedly watch in anime. That's funny coming from someone who doesn't have a job & spends her life locked at home and trolling people.

No. 320778


But this was like a year ago, wasn't it ? She could very well look even worse.. ( Ps she could have still IG filtered that. )

No. 320791

She looks like a normal person in the streets, don't be dramatic.

No. 320792

Pretty sure anon is comparing her to her extensively edited selfies to make herself look like the ethereal goddess she ain't, so bringing up avg. Jane is irrelevant.

No. 320804

>her extensively edited selfies to make herself look like the ethereal goddess
you know this is sheer flattery right? unlike Dakota, Kirsten only uses heavy filters, angles and selective lighting. under those conditions she's an ethereal goddess to you

No. 320808

Wow, you must be on the spectrum because you understood 0% of what I was saying.

No. 320846

>her extensively edited selfies to make herself look like the ethereal goddess

mad reading skills right here

No. 321015


I don't know what the point of this shakey video was, but the beach at the end with the birds was nice enough on its own.

Not taken in Japan, you can tell because the part shot in the car is closest to the barrier on the right side of the road in the direction they were going; the Japanese drive on the left. And she's most likely with her dad because she has no friends.

No. 321018

File: 1480839812153.png (546.4 KB, 593x588, skdjghalsd.png)

Yikes, thought that was Kooter at first.

No. 321023

Maybe shaky video to copy vloggers, though as usual her videos are so incredibly filtered it's like she's a walking potato again.

Kek on date with ostrenga pops wearing old clothes again

No. 321037

well, they're sisters, so not surprising that they sometimes look similar

No. 321064


>The first and only time I went outside-2016

No. 321071

None from Kiki, anyway. Then again Kiki has always believed (until Taku I guess) that she was next in line for the Jap spotlight. I'd love to see the IP on the post that dropped her Kirleios username. We know Dakota has taken jabs at Kiki in Japanese on her Line blog, like saying when Kiki was going back to FL when she was claiming to live in Japan.

No. 321073

Dakota is the least likely of the two to be salty or have a need to take jabs. considering she's the one on the far better end of things.

No. 321077


Trying to figure out where she is. Definitely not Japan, and surprisingly not Florida. Not with that coast.

Also could it be crazy but could the beach clip be stolen from someone else? To make it seem she is in a place she isn't?

No. 321080

Idk, I can see Dakota being salty to Kiki since she's not the one who has to pretend to have a reputation to worry about. Kiki just sits on her ass all day and doesn't have to pretend to work/suck dick for an allowance and can sign up for all the language exchange apps she wants.

No. 321091


Eh, Koot's is flabby where as Keeks isn't. Maybe Koot's is like my sister and is a bitch about her weight gain and makes passive agressive comments. ( except thru social media since there not living near one another )

No. 321096

Idk, I can see Dakota being salty to Kiki since she's not the one who has to pretend to have a reputation to worry about. Kiki just sits on her ass all day and doesn't have to pretend to work/suck dick for an allowance and can sign up for all the language exchange apps she wants.

No. 321102

>IP on the post that dropped her Kirleios username

Weren't they having a fight or something when that happened.

No. 321107

didn't the anon who found it say they googled her bio or something?

No. 321109

Her page was set to friends only, you had to have the username and do a search on the actual app to see it.

If so, still, that's a kind of shitty and humiliating way to jab at your sister.

No. 321113

I don't think they did? The way I remember it, the anon just posted her username and left.

Iirc, her username was posted after she left Japan and the fight happened when she was in Japan.

I don't think Kota's motive for it would be the fight though. I think she wanted to sabotage Kaka's chances of getting a spouse visa. It's very obvious to me that Kota does not want her living in Japan or speaking Japanese. I know if a family member I was close to started showing an interest in a language I speak/the country I live in, I'd be speaking to them in that language and trying to help them live in that country with me. Kota doesn't ever seem to do that. And it's not like Kaka has no interest in that, I definitely remember her trying to tweet at Kota in Japanese and reply to her Japanese tweets at least once before.
Kota also has a good reason to not want Kaka in Japan and speaking Japanese. She knows that if Kaka goes to Japan, she'll try to use her for fame/attention and make a complete ass of herself.

No. 321114

what fight?

No. 321117


All the more reason for Koot's to post it. I know if I was pissed at my sisters I'd be shady and do it when they can't fucking catch me in the act/scold me in person.

I also sorta wouldn't blame Koot's in a sense that she seems to be able to keep her shit together and keep herself out of negative light. While Kaka is constantly in the negative light. Also maybe Koot's knows that Kaka is loud proud and bitchy and might draw to much attention to them. ( Plus Kaka has no job and would probably have to live with Koots ) I love my sisters, but I'd never want to go thru the agony of living with them all over again. Kaka would probably leech and steal Koots crappy taobao clothing and makeup.

Why would anyone want the jobless scrub of a sister moving to your country and home.