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File: 1690739171386.jpg (16.92 KB, 181x232, tumblr_5aa6ca5a711ebf85b3e3f88…)

No. 1649202

as the french say: "à question stupide, réponse idiote"
previous thread: >>>/ot/1635105

No. 1649209

Did the French really say that?

No. 1649214

No. 1649219

Nails can look sexy? And what are some examples of sexy nail art that isn’t straight up naked women or bdsm themes?

No. 1649229

The more accurate version is "question conne, réponse conne" but otherwise.

No. 1649235

i'm french and i've only ever heard he stupid/idiotic variation. i think it's older lol

No. 1649237

What is the point of TikTok duets/split screens where the person duetting is just looking at the other video all stone faced with no words or expression? You don't contribute with anything, it's a waste of screen space.

No. 1649238

I have a further question, what is the point of TikTok?

No. 1649248

What glue should I use to fix an early 60's era Ken doll whose arm fell off? I have the broken piece of plastic which is more brittle than what the limbs are made out of so I think I can fix it but is regular old super glue going to work?

No. 1649252

French too, I think it just depends on how angry or annoyed you are when you say it kek

No. 1649255

If I want to open art comissions, should I open a personal or business Paypal account?

No. 1649268

Why do you keep using the farms as Google

No. 1649274

I want anons' opinions in specific.

No. 1649277

Thanks to the anons who gave me advice! I should have added that i've gone to many different doctors throughout the years and had trouble finding a doctor who specializes/is common with what I have.
The doctors where I live are useless and just prescribe arthritis medication or tell me to get cortisone shots for spots that dislocate constantly.
Lol, Thanks for the advice fatty.
But I'm not anorexic; my weight is just in that range because of my height.

No. 1649278

Weren't you ran out of the artist salt thread for this

No. 1649283

I don't post in art salt, so no.

No. 1649294

Do you go out of your way to cover your body up when seeing friends or women you care about who've just had a baby and whose bodies are bigger than normal? It's hot af but I don't want to make her feel bad by looking good… sorry this sounds conceited but idk

No. 1649295

She's about a month and a half post-partum forgot to add

No. 1649299

uh no I wouldn't even think of doing that honestly. Idk I feel like weight and body issues are such sensitive topics that she could ironically interpret your efforts badly, because you're sort of indirectly saying her post-partum body isn't OK ("My friend covered herself up so I don't feel bad about myself because I'm that fat, well shit") so just dress like you normally would.

No. 1649301

Just wear what’s practical and appropriate. Is she particularly sensitive or has she brought up a discomfort with what you wear?

No. 1649314

I have for most of my life dressed in big t-shirts but in the past year I've started dressing less modestly so I'm just unsure about it. She wouldn't think I was dressing differently if I were to cover up. I just don't know if I'm being insane lol

No she hasn't but I can tell she probably lost the baby weight from the other pregnancies by starving herself but I do not know for sure. Maybe part of this is my own discomfort with my body. I have a really nice body. I feel like it's the center of attention but naybe that's not true. I don't have like huge tits or anything but my body is slim and proportional.

No. 1649318

Does anyone know if the other farms went back onto the dark web or changed the url again? I haven’t been able to get on there in a couple days because it says the server can’t be found.

No. 1649322

if she wouldn’t think it’s weird for you to wear a big T-shirt, and suspect that she could have lost her previous gained weight by starving you might want to cover up a bit for now just in case. Personally, I feel that if you think someone has starved themselves they could be sensitive to weight and body image.

No. 1649324

Ok thanks for your thoughts nonna I appreciate it. Sometimes I really can't tell if I'm being overly anxious/overthinking something or not.

No. 1649333

i think it's still sneed.today on onion

No. 1649366

File: 1690753329483.jpg (205.98 KB, 850x1201, sample-19.jpg)

Are tablets worth it? im tired of reading oldschool capeshit and watching anime on my tiny phone and I cant sit comfy in my bed with my puter but i dont want to get another electronic device just to get a bigger screen. I cant see the other advantages of a tablet when it can do the exact same thing as a phone

No. 1649371

File: 1690753955288.jpg (112.92 KB, 1500x1001, GettyImages-174941361-2000-9e0…)

Well, to me, healthy slightly long but not too long shiny 'moist' looking nails are very attractive, with a slightly round shape but a sharp angular tip. Something like picrel. I think it adds to a hand's attractiveness. I don't have a hand fetish to be clear, I just can find them aesthetically pleasing.

No. 1649373

I have a big phone screen that I'm content with size wise, so maybe just buy a big phone like a galaxy s23 ultra (ultras are always huge). Or watch and read on a laptop or pc if you have one. You're right about tablets being a waste of money though, it really does what a phone can do. My uni classmates bring their ipads, iphones, and laptops, ipads for slide highlighting and studying, iphones for regular phone stuff and laptops for any programming work. While I bring my phone for studying, highlighting slides and sometimes programming if I don't feel like bringing my laptop. It just feels like a waste of money and space and too much weight to carry on as well as sort of a money flex as well. Not worth it at all. But if you really want to, you can get a cheap Chinese tablet specifically for watching and reading stuff, and as long as you don't overwork it it'll probably not break down.

No. 1649374

i've seen that the term "native american" is falling out in favor of "indigenous" (what i personally use) but also "american indians" again - is there a reason why? i definitely can see why the term native american would be insensitive since to many indigenous people this isn't america, but i don't understand the american indian comeback yet. i feel like this is a twitteresque question, but i have seen it in academia and am curious kek

No. 1649377

File: 1690754659330.png (140.2 KB, 400x229, oo.png)

This is more a general "wtf should I do? I saw an eye doctor and it went nowhere (he said it's just allergies after looking into my eye with a light and prescribed some eyedrops that didn't help at all).
So, my left eye has been weird. I've always had eye pressure, fatigue, pain, etc. I have a severe sleep disorder so that's just normal. But this is more extreme and it's very hard to explain. It's like a taut, heavy, kind of painful pressure that's constantly present. It also feels like there's something grainy stuck in that eye a lot too. I don't know if I damaged the eyelid somehow because I had this issue about two months ago and it got better after a a week or two. My right eye feels so much better.
Is this just a normal part of life where parts of your body arbitrarily start feeling like shit?

No. 1649378

Those are how my nails look. I don’t know why they always look so glossy/shiny, I don’t do anything to make them that way, but I appreciate it lol

No. 1649379

Wait I thought native american was considered the appropriate term and anything with 'indian' was offensive?

No. 1649402

if someone shows up to a wedding in a white/wedding dress why don't they just kick them out instead of making a commotion

No. 1649404

Sometimes one makes a commotion in the act of kicking someone out, it depends on where the person in white is when they're kicked out and their demeanour. Some people will be like oh cringe and leave quietly, someone who wore white to spite you may make a scene.
Also if the person who wore white is someone important in the family, then kicking them out may result in other people getting mad which is where 'accidentally' spilling wine on someone comes in.
Yeah, it would be weird if you announced someone was wearing white and that was upsetting to everyone.

No. 1649406

Did you see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist? If you saw the former go see one of the latter. They are far more specialized and can actually perform surgery on eyes unlike optometrists.

No. 1649407

File: 1690758031812.jpeg (12.06 KB, 354x349, babymiloarchive on Instagram.j…)

do any of you have the kiwifarms tor link or is it completely down?

No. 1649427

ayrt, that's what i thought too! i go to a very progressive liberal arts college and i've heard that used a lot in my american history courses, both gen-ed and not as a polisci major. my question will be able to be answered there but i'm not back for a few weeks and it's driving me crazy.

No. 1649440

ez views and people don't click the username in the duetted's caption that will take you straight to the original video if it hasn't been deleted/removed, so they share the one with the useless thumb looking at you/to the side and then that retard gets viral. It's pretty weird.

No. 1649444

Well, not just share, but they interact with that post instead.

No. 1649465

what should i call in sick with tomorrow? it's my last shift at a shitty job and a particularly miserable one too. needs to be something that would last long enough because i'm actually calling in for the day after tomorrow but the shift starts at 3am and i'm polite enough to give them enough notice to find anybody willing to come in at the witching hour.

No. 1649466

Vomiting and diarrhea

No. 1649468

File: 1690763366064.jpeg (109.51 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3773.jpeg)

Gonna rewatch Netflix’s adaptation of Castlevania, I remember I found it really hot for some reason before they jumped the shark with the nasty rape scenes ew… any good fanfics you recommend? I’m normally not into fanfic but I realize that I’m not gonna get good smut out of this show so

No. 1649488

File: 1690764383257.jpg (358.46 KB, 1373x1356, WhatsApp Image 2023-07-28 at 1…)

Couldn't find an unlocked cosplay thread.
Probably very stupid questions anyway because I'm a noob.


Could anyone recommend a spray gun for painting? What kind of paint can be used with them?


EVA foam:

Just started making stuff with EVA foam. Shape overall came out well but had a very hard time working with the paint. I used Plastidip for priming and it gave me a lot of texture which I had to sand off. Used fabric paint on the piece but brush strokes were obvious in some places. Tried fabric spray and it clumped up and basically ruined the surface. Wondering if I could use any kind of spray paint with it?
For the top coat I used the plastidip glossifier coat and it created a couple of bubbles in some places and it started to peel off.

Could anyone give me some advice and tips on what I may have gone wrong? Pic related is what I made.

No. 1649507

Does anyone else get horny and affection-craving physically but still not want a significant other? I'm a real introvert and I prefer to be totally alone almost all of my down time. I also really hate interpersonal complexities. But despite this I am an animal and I do crave intimacy, particularly at night. the funny thing is I'd really want to sleep with someone (i mean literally as in sleep next to someone in the same bed) because I love cuddling but not the talking part kek. Due to this, I am still a virgin at 25 because the 50% of me that is hungry for touch is always in a stalemate with the 50% of me who doesn't like dealing with other people. As much as I want to feel someone else's warmth I'm not really thinking of changing that because it doesn't seem practical due to my exhaustion when dealing with other humans.

No. 1649512

explosive, or just regular diarrhea?

No. 1649515

File: 1690767205273.jpeg (20.06 KB, 554x554, FsDb_5caIAAVb7X.jpeg)

Why do men choose to become gynecologists?

No. 1649549

You know why.

No. 1649560

Is coconut kitty actually dead? I’m so late on everything.

No. 1649566

No. 1649567


No. 1649569

>says she's 24
Are we sure it's real

No. 1649572


this one gets her age right and interviews her family members. it was basically confirmed on her page that she had died by suicide(imageboard)

No. 1649575

File: 1690770861206.jpg (25.83 KB, 500x412, cybersix006.jpg)

can someone rec me some media with females crossdressing/larping as men? i need some inspo for a project

No. 1649591

File: 1690771610049.jpg (102.65 KB, 640x360, 16410f3ef5ed472b869d12f4613b1b…)

shakespeare's twelfth night?

No. 1649595

Do americans really use paper plates that often? I see it all the time in videos and comments are saying its normal in america and that its too much work to do the dishes???

No. 1649600

Only for parties or if you're broke and too busy. Single moms with young kids for example may use them.

No. 1649602

What? No, they're dumb. It depends on the household. In my current living situation, we wash dishes. In my last one where I had to caretake a loser scrote for a while, we used exclusively paper plates because I couldn't do all the household chores (and more) for two people by myself. So I eliminated one. People who work multiple jobs and disabled people often use paper plates, too.

No. 1649606

File: 1690772586064.jpg (87.17 KB, 756x1000, 61yDhTT0isL.jpg)

Queen Christina with Greta Garbo. She only larps a little but it's supposed to be convincing enough to fool people.

No. 1649607

love your picrel as well as the other nonna's twelfth night.

albert nobbs was a movie that made an impression on me. it's sad, though, and i'm sure lots of people see it ina trans way, but i didn't.

there's a series i've been meaning to watch called gentleman jack.

older kid's adventure book called cue for treason, historical fiction.

i swear there's more but of course i can't think of them now

No. 1649608

Gintama's Yagyu arc

No. 1649633

File: 1690774684861.jpeg (61.44 KB, 431x612, D2976126-AE7B-42EF-9269-48AF37…)

the 1921 silent adaptation of hamlet with asta nielsen

No. 1649639

can anyone recommend me a female Skyrim/fallout streamer?

No. 1649664

Why the fuck am I so bad at figuring out my face shape? At first it was heart, then it was rounded, now it might be square? I've been trying to use the cheek and chin and forehead ratio thing and I still can't figure it out. My face is so mooney that it absolutely has to be one of these three. It would just make a world of difference with figuring out how to contour better. My cheeks get a lot more prominent when I smile like a heart but my jaw and chin also look way too wide and masculine to be a typical heart and not softened enough for a round face. But other parts of my face don't look flat enough or sculptured enough to be square or rectangular. It's just so annoying

No. 1649670

maybe it's your face that changes shape?
you could be more puffy (rounded) in the morning and more angular in the evening, for example. or if you're losing/gaining weight it's only natural your face is going to change too

No. 1649685

My face looked more angular when it was younger and I was at a lower weight, it also looked longer, but it's always been wide and tapered at the chin. Looking at younger pics when I was underweight maybe it is heart or round, even when I was younger the most weight seems to gather in my cheeks.

No. 1649696

File: 1690778636462.jpg (608.25 KB, 2048x2048, F1fnEhsacAE2Kat.jpg)

whats the name of the first manga?

No. 1649700

Toppu GP

No. 1649710

thank youuu thankfully its translated

No. 1649716

why is the antifujo thread so weird? i wanted to read about cringe tifs but its all just projection or calling fujos fat

No. 1649717

NTA but my face shape changed after I got braces. My jaw got a lot wider. Did you ever have braces? Maybe that could account for some of the changes.

No. 1649719

Thanks. I couldn’t figure out if she killed the character or actually herself. Interesting but sad read.

No. 1649739

What are you talking about? This piqued my interest

No. 1649778

I had a pretty wide face before I had braces as a kid, but maybe it got wider

Probably a reference to the earlier discussion about coconut kitty. She was an onlyfans model who was mentioned in the bad photoshoppers thread. Actually a 30some year old mom and longtime camgirl who decided to cash in on warping herself into a neotenous cartoon character, hence the "persona". People really hated her, but it's pretty fucked up that she died of suicide

No. 1649802

idk last time i checked that thread they were talking about how fujos are jealous of attractive women in media cuz they're all fat ugly ogres irl

No. 1649820

Crazy how a woman is Literally Hitler for scamming some neckbeards and being (gasp) a 30-something mom, how dare she! Meanwhile literal serial killers have women thirsting after and simping for them.

No. 1649832

That's a very weird take from this.

No. 1649834

Hanazakari no kimitachi he

No. 1649840

Does an image file getting corrupted mean there's something wrong with my computer? the computer claims there's no viruses though. Idk if it's correct or if there's something else that caused it. What should I do to prevent it from happening again? Will it mess everything up?

No. 1649844

File: 1690784475327.gif (642.11 KB, 220x220, C06EC1E7-D0D7-4923-BD48-204D8B…)

I wanna know this too

No. 1649850

Is it? I don't see how some weirdo photoshopping herself into an egirl made so many people angry. You have to either have a dick to care about it that much, or be a severely mentally ill pickme.

No. 1649852

check your hdd nona

No. 1649857

Don't be revisionist just because she is dead. She was photoshopping her face using the TEEN filter well into her 30s.

No. 1649863

How do I do that? Idk what that even is lol

No. 1649865

wtf does "he is so gender" mean. someone commented this on fanart i did of a male character and i'm actually confused

No. 1649869

It's just weird how you related those two things as if they were connected. Most people were weirded out by her shoops, doesn't mean they wanted her dead. People can be appalled of serial killer simps and weirded out by extreme photoshopping editing at the same time, one doesn't exclude the other.

I am not a 100% but it's usually zoomers who like the looks of a character that gives them "gender envy".

No. 1649870

hdd is for hard disk drive. it's the physical medium on which your files are stored
if it gets faulty (it inevitably does), you might experience issues with files (corruption, moving randomly, taking too long to load, etc)
you can check for any hdd issues using:
>chkdsk (an in-built utility on windows)
>apps like Hard Disk Sentinel, Victoria, official apps for your hdd manufacturer, etc
apps also generally show you the age of your hdd, the manufacturer, its error history and other useful stuff.
note that errors on hard disks tend to accumulate quickly, if you get one large error (i'm not talking about sparse file corruption issues but something on a larger scale) there are bound to be many more in the near future.

No. 1649872

samefag but even if you only get some small errors it won't hurt to check, better be safe than sorry because recovering data from a dead disk can be pricey.
also there's a probability you have an ssd (solid state drive) and not hdd, especially if your pc/laptop is a newer one

No. 1649873

File: 1690787004505.jpg (24.39 KB, 640x858, 1690776384122420.jpg)

How do you get off to words. What is the real appeal of fanfic? Fuck #slowburn #200k #enemies2lovers I have to see the balls contract

No. 1649875

Ah okay ty nonna! And yes mine actually has an ssd on a new computer (bought it in January)

No. 1649877

then i guess it'll be easier to deal with because hdds are more sensitive to the environmental conditions like humidity, heat, etc. the only upside to that is you can essentially break the disk into a thousand little pieces by smashing it (when the cops come to your house)
btw if you're on mac there's an in-built app "disk utility"

No. 1649878


No. 1649880

>I have to see the balls contract
please tell me you meant contact (as in gay sex)… idk what the fuck is balls contracting and can they even do that?

No. 1649881

well first of all i would rather kill myself than look at balls. also sexy words put together evoke images and feelings = horny, entertaining in the same way as like you're reading a really well written script to an interesting movie. repostan to add that it's cheaper, easier and more convenient to read fic than commission or draw a hundred page comic of your niche sexy interest.

No. 1649882

nta but maybe she means when men cum, how the balls contract.

No. 1649883

do they actually do that? i suppose it makes sense but is it really that visible, like, they shrink in size? can't imagine being a moid and masturbating just to see your fucking balls shrink when you cum

No. 1649885

You seriously need to quit porn if you can't fathom reacting to words and using your imagination

No. 1649886

they don't shrink, they just kinda scrunch up

No. 1649890

i feel like the anti you, real porn absolutely disgusts me. especially after finding out how rotten it is with leak, teens, nonconsenting, sex slaves.

No. 1649891

I dont watch that kind of porn but yeah. Jokes aside, I sincerely just can't enjoy fic at all and it puzzles me so its a sincere question

No. 1649906

what does it mean when a cat kinda moans, its not a meow its like a weird sound he makes. I dont even know whats it called so i cant search what it means.

No. 1649909

drop your phone and read a book you have brainrot

No. 1649913

Ah yes, fanfic is so much like reading an actual book.

No. 1649921

It's guided daydreaming for people with good imaginations where you have more control on the looks of the people involved than irl stuff. Plus since you didn't create it yourself wholesale from your mind, you can still be surprised, it's more exciting to not know what is going to happen in a way. Books are very popular for a reason, lemons or whatever are the same except the 'porn' version.

No. 1649923

how are you this much of a dumbass that this is what you take away from my comment?
yes books are unlike fanfic! which is why i am telling her to read a book, because it requires you to use your braincells, use tour imagination, and focus your attention for more than twelve seconds

No. 1649925

>It's guided daydreaming
kek that's kind of a cute way to put it

No. 1649929

>guided daydreaming
Yes. Your post, albeit short, was a joy to read.

No. 1649938

The post was inquiring why written work gets people off and books were used as an example to show it is very common for people to enjoy written work including erotica aka books to get off? Fanfic is the same except with no publishing barriers so you can get a lot more variety but the quality varies depending on the fic author.

No. 1649940

Samefag, plus you can read stuff about pre-established characters you like which would otherwise never be created.

No. 1649952

I arrived at the office first today and we barely have anything to do until September. My manager canceled a meeting so it'll take place tomorrow instead. I'm almost done with what I have to do and it's not even noon just yet. My manager is working from home today and doesn't call me unless there's an emergency, do you think I can leave an hour early? I have better shit to do than stay in the office just for the sake of it.

No. 1649954

does anyone get a weird bad feeling that is hard to even explain what the feeling actually is when they think about something specific? i can't even figure out what to call the feeling itself, almost as if i don't know if its a good or bad feeling, but its definitely a bad feeling. ie i get it when i think about a specific thing that brought me distress and confusion in the past.

No. 1649955

File: 1690797218103.png (62.28 KB, 416x538, orange.PNG)

who's that

No. 1649975

I think it's Putin

No. 1649977

why is he on lc

No. 1649982

the answer you seek: >>1271136

No. 1649984

i remember now, thanks

No. 1649986

File: 1690801987752.jpg (55.11 KB, 1200x667, 54390000192.JPG)

Anon are you #5 on this scale?

No. 1650012

Where can I safely download a torrent of a program?

No. 1650013

File: 1690804274090.jpg (19.59 KB, 460x276, swans.jpg)

Swans and Michael Gira fans, can someone explain to me the phenomenon around Michael Gira? Not the fascination around him, but the infatuation. Why does everybody think he is ridiculously good looking and handsome? What is it about his face that inspires devotion? I see this from both women and men.

No. 1650046

No. 1650082

you can try 1337x (https://1337x.to/ this is their main website). don't forget to use a vpn

No. 1650112

Are female pitbulls less aggressive than male pitbulls?

No. 1650148

Am I ugly if only ugly men ask me out in person or do they just have the audacity. I did date someone cute a few times but we met on dating apps and it’s easy to ask out girls on dating apps. I’ve never been hit on by an actual attractive person in person before ever except like once, so is it true that the men that want you reflect your looks since ugly guys love me

No. 1650158

File: 1690818877288.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1200, f4f0062a3e3901bd445ffdee46b637…)

do males even post on /cm?

No. 1650192

Have you visited lately? It's so obviously full of gay guys. Especially the shota threads.

No. 1650215

Why do some anons complain about a thread not being active enough but once it does start picking up they complain about how much they miss older posters as if it's not an anonymous board and we aren't suppose to avatarfag?

No. 1650219

File: 1690825729901.jpg (86.92 KB, 650x430, baby-metal-2014-billboard-650.…)

What are this type of scrunchy called? Any keywords to look for something similar?

No. 1650230

It's hard to tell in the pic but they look like they're made of satin and tulle, I'm not sure if there is a specific name for that style

No. 1650235

i dont look at the shota threads but some of the threads has a got chunk of bishounen art and i have no idea if that sort of art appeals to gay men

No. 1650238

They're tulle scrunchies. Check claires or other kids stores

No. 1650243

Are epilators any good? How do they compare to other hair removal methods? I have medium/light olive skin but my leg hair is really dark and coarse and my face is covered in peach fuzz. I don’t shave my legs very often because I rarely show them but I hate that when I do shave it grows back in a hot second. Will it take longer to grow back with an epilator? Can it be used on my upper lip? I can’t use depilatory creams or wax my ‘stache anymore because I get burned every time and having to shave it sucks.

I think I’ve tried everything but epilating and am pretty curious about it.

No. 1650245

Yes it'll take longer to grow back just like waxing but you'll also have to let is grow out longer compared to shaving because it can't epilate when the hair is still super short.

No. 1650249

What do you mean?

No. 1650254

Why are anons acting so pretentious in these replies? Some people are more visual, that doesn't make them coomers or pornbrained

No. 1650260

They hurt like hell. It will probably work on your legs but not on peach fuzz.

No. 1650267

Would it take a long time to do both legs from the knee down? I’m afraid I’ll buy it then never use it if it’s a hassle lol
Oh, that makes sense that it might not be able to properly grab fuzz.

No. 1650274

Could anyone point me to where I can get help with this?

No. 1650285

What are some signs that someone might have been sexually abused in childhood but doesn't remember it?

No. 1650289

Like >>1649869 it's related to the idea of "gender envy" aka a pro-trans or trans-identifying person sees some cool/pretty/whatever chatacter and instead of saying that this character is unique, beautiful/handsome, etc. they would say that the character has "gender" or gives them "gender envy". Gender became obviously a way to describe looks and some vibe of a character/person which ties to how trooning out is pursuing some fantasy of preferred appearance or one someone would be attracted too. Personally I saw that TIFs are more likely to use that phrase.

No. 1650307

This is some neanderthal-level stupid, but can I open my eyes in ocean water? Does it hurt? Would the salt damage my eyes?

No. 1650314

you can open your eyes but the salt does sting. it's not gonna do permanent damage. goggles are cheap though, maybe just buy some.

No. 1650316

Anything can be interpreted as a sign of anything else if you really want it to be. If you can’t remember being sexually abused just assume you weren’t. It’s very easy to convince yourself things happened that didn’t and the outcome is never good.

No. 1650317

I'm not a shrink but from experience, I think the only real one is a sudden and unexplained personality change before puberty. after/during puberty it might just be hormones, but before puberty it's always because something happened (not necessarily sexual but something traumatic). this isn't anything a person could usually notice themselves, they'd have to have someone tell them about the change.

No. 1650323

Do prebiotics and probiotics actually work? I want to look into treating some IBS symptoms but everything in the store looks like a scam

No. 1650334

Second what >>1650317 said, but issues like vaginismus, nightmare/sleep disorders, bedwetting into early teenagehood, fixations on sex and things a child/young teen should not be talking about, compulsive sexual thoughts/masturbation, being afraid of specific things or places without a clear reason, being easily startled, and biggest of all as an adult dissociating during sex. In the sense that you can actually want to have sex and feel comfortable, but feel just out of it, and once it's over you don't really recall what you were doing the whole time.
This is just my personal experience that led me to dig and figure out what happened to me was abuse, and you don't necessarily "unlock" memories as you work on it, but remember parts of your past more clearly. >>1650316 is not wrong though, please see a female trauma therapist to talk about it before assuming anything.

No. 1650337


Damn, looks like I'll have to talk to a therapist after all

No. 1650338

In my experience they don’t help and I’ve tried many different brands from Culturelle to expensive ass VSL #3. The only time I bother taking them consistently (my go to brand is Natural Factors; it’s refrigerated) is to avoid yeast infections and stomach issues while on antibiotics and they definitely work for that.

If your main issues is constipation my main suggestion is simply trying to prevent yourself from becoming too backed up. Going daily might not be realistic but I highly recommend taking stool softeners (docusate sodium) or miralax regularly to avoid horrible constipation.

No. 1650351

keep in mind some therapists are good but they are all just people and if you get a bad vibe that feels like something familiar in a bad way just stop seeing them. that said I always stuck with the ones that made me feel pissed off / angry and had the best results with them. if I felt creeped out or like i was seeing a red flag of something familiar (had a therapist who was a file hoarder lmao) I left and it was always a good idea. I guess what I'm saying is always put yourself first

No. 1650359

File: 1690838422055.png (8.17 MB, 1170x2532, 01E0E7D6-B383-4B88-87F7-A956C5…)

Is this that one girl who was talked about all the time on /snow/ a few years ago that had all the really extreme “phases” and the fat emo on and off again boyfriend?

No. 1650368

No. 1650372

Going to Japan for 3 weeks (mostly Tokyo), do any japanons have niche places you could recommend? Whether it's cultural, food, shopping, anything.

No. 1650380

I noticed that I've been feeling an inescapable feeling of hunger no matter how much I eat this year. Last year, I was struggling with anorexia and restricted a ton. I've heard that when recovering, you tend to binge because your body is trying to recover the calories that you didn't eat but should have. I binged a ton, and gained back all the weight (don't do anorexia lmao). I've also heard about the 'traumaversary' effect, where the body inadvertently employs the defence mechanism/starts feeling the same way they felt during the time the trauma happened. Now, I'm wondering if my constant feeling of hunger is linked to my body realizing it's the same time of year last year that I was starving, and making me feel hungry so I eat? Or am I just a fatass lol

No. 1650383

Oh darn, I was gonna say she looked well

No. 1650402

My boyfriend will be moving out soon, he got the place very unexpectedly and doesn't really have essentials like pans, plates, cutlery and all of that. It's his birthday soon and aside from a painting I don't really have anything to give him, is it weird to get him a nice set of kitchenware? Or even a set of plates, cutlery and glasses/mugs. It might not be the most romantic gift but I'm sure he will use it for a long time and I think he will appreciate it considering he didn't expect to be able to move out this summer.

No. 1650404

I dont see why not. A roommate I had bought us some nice plates at a store going out of business that I still use. They're cute and only cost 2.50 each. Get him a theme if he likes a franchise or look. Sort of how people really enjoy modernism, star wars, or the ocean.

No. 1650416

I've had pitbulls before and as a child we had a male who was very mild tempered. I'm a loser who still lives with my parents (but I have a job) and my teen sister begged to get a dog and ended up adopting a female pit. Shes kind of a total bitch and unlike the male we had I actually get frightened by how she acts sometimes. My step grandfather before he died had a female pit and while she wasn't mean, she would go into hyperactive fits and would fucking charge people at full speed. I cant really say whether either sex is more aggressive than the other but I feel it ultimately varies from dog to dog with pits, and many have poor social skills due to not being trained. One thing I do know is that they are incredibly hyperactive, and with a dog of that size and strength is not a good thing.

No. 1650419

File: 1690844055787.jpg (185.77 KB, 1024x768, girlondaweb.jpg)

who's this girl? i saw her multiple times in some threads

No. 1650446

huh whatever happened to Mckenna?

No. 1650448

she's literally me

No. 1650472

i used to do that

No. 1650496

File: 1690847496169.jpg (8.13 KB, 275x269, 1660061083901.jpg)

i am a retarded neet, do you need to go to a dermatologist to get accutane prescription or can you just order it online? also is it safe?

No. 1650513

Never taken it but it can be dangerous. You have to have a prescription and they monitor that you're on birth control because having a baby could make it severely deformed. It can also cause lifelong joint issues. Its concentrated vitamin A and I can say that I took a weak vitamin a supplement for a month years ago and had to stop because it gave me joint pain. It's a serious decision to make

No. 1650533

you do have to be prescribed it by a dermatologist and like the other anon said you'll have to go through birth control as well as they make sure you aren't pregnant. you'll have side effects from both the Accutane and birth control. I'd recommend tretinoin if you can over it. seems to be successful with a lot less problems.

No. 1650544

what the actual fuck do i actually have to take birth control? i am completly asexual and a virgin, i dont need it

No. 1650557

It does though kek

No. 1650558

Because the moral complications of giving someone with a functioning uterus could potentially result in an inhumanly deformed fetus.

No. 1650559

This was the reason I decided to not get accutane. I was NOT going to go on birth control because some doctor had more authority over me than I do. Like, thanks for letting me know the risks, I'm not retarded, I won't get pregnant.

No. 1650560

Wrong. Sorry not all of us want to read harlequin self insert romance novels written by horny lesbians.

No. 1650561

You can become pregnant without consent. It's objectively the right thing to do.

No. 1650563

And I'm not telling you to, I'm just telling you that watching porn does make you porn brained lol

No. 1650569

Why not just get the BC script but don’t touch the pills and say you’re taking it when they ask?

No. 1650578

The pill made me incredibly unstable mentally, it nearly ruined my life. Who knew that fucking with your hormones makes you unstable??? Birth control isn't something that should be taken lightly, if you're sensitive to hormone treatment it WILL fuck you up

No. 1650579

i can abort the lil shit though, its legal where i live
yeah gonna do this, or tell them i am a lesbian

No. 1650580

I think you mean it's objectively the right thing, for you. Plus, I'd have it scrapped out anyway.

No. 1650603

They will still make you regardless of orientation because lesbians can be raped too

No. 1650606

Sorry let me clarify, I mean it makes sense that they test to make sure you're on proper birth control. The kind of birth defects it creates are horrible and they would possibly be liable. It's a serious medication with potentially lifelong consequences and a lot of people complain about premature aging, chronically dry skin etc

No. 1650607

If I buy a fast charger thats wireless will it charge both iphone and android? I want everyone who comes over to be able to charge their phone. Also if anons have a good recommended one

No. 1650615

Wanting to see balls shrivel seems pretty porn brained to me. I wouldn't have suspected that if she'd omitted that part.

No. 1650616

As another poster said they dont do it to protect you they do it to protect themselves. It's a liability issue

No. 1650621

It's called a sense of humor sorry you shrill paranoid lunatics don't have one

No. 1650623

Is it a male cat, and has he not been neutered? If so it could be a caterwaul. They do it to attract females and it's awful af.

No. 1650624

No. 1650627

My cats are neutered but sometimes they can make a weird sounding noise, super loud, wailing yowl when they wanna play. Often it sounds extra funny because it will be slightly muffled cause they usually do it while carrying a toy in their mouths.

No. 1650629

Oh yeah haha balls so funny
That sounds cute, the only time Ive ever heard any of my male cats do such a call is when they want food

No. 1650631

Nope, Luna is just as likely to maul you as Diesel.

No. 1650632

I bought one and never used it cause it’s a hassle. It had great reviews and I researched a lot before buying it. It hurt like HELL and I legitimately couldn’t do it, idk how anyway does that shot on the regular. And keep in mind I’m one of the OCD trich anons who has tweezed out her pubes with tweezers obsessively, and I also do the same to my armpits. I don’t feel any pain when I do that, the epilator was like a torture device kek it didn’t even do a good job. I get sugar waxed fairly regularly which is infinitely less painful.

No. 1650634

Could be lacking nutrients and trying desperately to obtain them by being constantly hungry. Maybe get a good multi vitamin? Or go ask for vitamin and mineral levels to be checked in your blood.

No. 1650635

You also could have just lied and not taken the birth control, kek. The blood tests aren’t checking to see if you’re taking the birth control they’re just checking to see if your liver is fucked or not.

Nonnies please learn to lie. I stg so many peoples’ “problems” are just because they don’t realize that lying is the easiest route to fix that shit. I used to participate in clinical trials for acne medication and they always asked me if I was using or had used any other acne meds in the past month, I always said no, I filled out my medicine diary and squeezed the medicine into the trash and kept using my normal skincare routine that worked well for me, KEK. I would just stop using it for a few days before the initial entry assessments for these studies so I would get enough zits to be accepted into it. Easiest $500 ever.

No. 1650637

Kek so autistic you can't handle a lighthearted joke. Do you guys have friends? Talk to them about any unserious topics without trying to 'teach' them things? It's so condescending how you've taught yourself to think its normal to try to turn literally every innocuous comment into a lesson.

No. 1650638

>hehe just lie and take this highly concentrated vitamin a that will permanently fuck up your tissues, your joints, your ability to produce moisture on your own, and possibly your liver

No. 1650640

Mine actually just start destroying shit or getting aggressive when they’re hungry, KEK. They meow happily when they see me opening their kibble vault and continue until they have food in their faces. But the only time they meow real loud is when they’re feeling playful or looking for each other. My extra dumb boy especially, if he doesn’t know where his brother or sister are, will start making a sad meow wow wow? Noise with an upwards inflection. It’s so cute!!!

No. 1650645

Tf lesson are you talking about? I was just saying the op sounded like a coomer bc of the ball contraction comment. Sorry if I dont find balls funny, I'm not trying to teach you a lesson or whatever shit you're thinking

No. 1650648

File: 1690862171090.jpeg (502.63 KB, 1170x830, D522BD67-E5A2-45CB-B686-2240BC…)

Ayrt and tbf I actually don’t recommend anyone take accutane but if you’re dead set on it just do it. I don’t think any nonnas reading my reply would take accutane and proceed to get pregnant and then make the retarded decision not to abort it if they did get pregnant which is why I made my comment. If I thought someone was actually at risk of getting and keeping an accutane conceived baby to term I wouldn’t say it, but LC farmers aren’t really a typical female demographic, we’re mostly weirdo autists and I think we’re mostly not retarded enough to birth deformed children.

But yeah accutane. About that. I wouldn’t take it unless I’d exhausted all other options, including seeing if birth control and/or spiro could help. Dermatologists aren’t always great and sometimes give people accutane for hormonal acne which is a DISASTER. Accutane can also cause permanent dry EYES and even blindness on top of permanently dry ass skin. In addition to joint and liver issues. It’s a serious hardcore medicine and it should be absolutely last resort treatment for EXTREME acne that has persisted into adulthood (22-24+) and not responded to anything else.

Speaking of hormonal acne! There’s actually a new drug on the market to treat it! No spiro or birth control needed. It’s a topical cream called Winlevi. It can be used in conjunction with Tretinoin (winlevi in AM and tret PM).

No. 1650651

I'm op. It was a joke. Wah wah you sound like a coomer. Fuck you unfunny autists it's getting tiring you only say like five different npc phrases.

No. 1650654

Anon I want to see the balls contract too I’m sorry everybody here has a stick up their contracted ass

No. 1650661

Thank you. It's normal. I'm tired of normal human things being beaten into the ground by bitches who leave the house maximum twice a week. Over it!

No. 1650684

What are those stretchy jeans-looking-but-not-actually-jeans-being jeans called? Not leggings, they're jeansier than that.

No. 1650688

Jeggings (wish I was fucking with you)

No. 1650694

>It's normal.
don't get ahead of yourself

No. 1650745

Why do zoomers suddenly call every dress a sun dress?

No. 1650830

The drinking glasses in my cabinet have been vibrating at semi-regular intervals for the past day and I have no idea why. I live on the top floor, no one is walking around when it happens (unless my neighbour is stomping around at 5 am), and it's not related to the cars passing by outside. I don't live in an area with earthquakes, either. What the hell could it be?

No. 1650832

I haven't noticed that, but I have noticed that whenever men are asked what clothes they like on women they say sun dress. I still have no clue what they think a sun dress looks like… it's a vague description even if you're into fashion, but coming from a moid it could mean anything from a skimpy club dress to a tea dress to a boho maxi dress.

No. 1650852

Airplanes? Planes and helicopters shake stuff here all the time.

No. 1650943

I always suspected it's related to that one retarded sun hits dress and makes it transluscent subreddit getting meme-status some while ago.

No. 1651033

What is soyjack dot party?

No. 1651034

They have a horrible fashion sense so obviously they don't know what a sun dress is.

No. 1651035

Who's the cow that is stealing/putting things in her purse in one of the banners?

No. 1651037

An imageboard themed around 2023 ragecomics (soyjacks), where underage moidlets post child porn, gore and organize raids.

No. 1651038

a cp/gore raid site that null and turkey tom support

No. 1651039

Where are they being hosted to allow cp of all things to go unnoticed? Shouldn't the website be taken down by the domain host or something?

No. 1651052

Thank you all for replies. Luckily I'm not the type of person to force myself to believe something I didn't went through. Thinking realistically I had no experiences of sexual abuse in my life but I wanted to be sure and hear what others might say about forgotten memories or signs of trauma of that type.
I was just prompted to ask about it yesterday because I started to think again about my twisted feelings. I have no desire to have sex with anyone (also no desire for a relationship but if I had to be in one, it would be a sexless one). When I started menstruating (quite early I think) I developed a habit of masturbation (and I remember I was only curious about it because I read about it in a book about puberty). I did it for many years, a few times per week but sometimes more. I felt bad about it and decided to stop it at all because I felt I shouldn't do it if I consider myself asexual (not viewing it as an orientation of course and not supporting the spicy straights). In the recent years I had a long time of withdrawal, trying to stop that habit, but unfortunately I relapsed last year and now I'm clean again since the half of December 2022. I want to never do it again and never feel the need for it. At the same time I can still fantasize about certain things (but no penetration because the idea of it disgusts me). I feel bad with how I am sometimes and wish to be more at peace. These are of course things that only concern me and belong to my intimate life but I hate myself for not being "good" enough. This has nothing to do with things like religion or conservative upbringing because they're not the case here but rather my own idea of what I really do VS how I feel I should be. I feel conflicted sometimes about it and scared that the thoughts that are only inside me have a potential to make me feel bad/dirty/disappointed after the pleasure stops.
Thank you a lot for help and sorry for the blogpost but I had to explain.

No. 1651056

it's okay to masturbate. it's not dirty. you'd feel a lot better if you decided to accept that.
no offense but your current outlook is unhealthy and you're clearly causing mental harm to yourself. get a grip.

No. 1651061

I believe they have no idea about types of dresses and they overuse this name because it sounds vaguely aesthetic to them.

No. 1651063

Thanks, I'll see where it goes. Right now I got used to not doing that and feel that just thinking about thinks brings me reactions that touching does so I might stick to that.

No. 1651072

Is there a name for when there's no defined, single protagonist? Only examples I can think of right now are Modern Family and The Buddha in the Attic.

No. 1651074

i had a quick look on tv tropes, i can't find any like fancy literary term although im sure something like that probably exists. i found this page on rotating protagonists though, which was the closest i got

No. 1651075

No. 1651076

I think it has to do with the proliferation of sun dress as an SEO-friendly keyword. Product titles and descriptions on many clothing sites are packed with those kinds of descriptive terms (sun dress, midi, puff sleeve, ruffle etc.) to help items show up in more searches. Zoomers tend to adopt these descriptors because they do so much online shopping.

maybe ensemble cast? that would only be for tv shows, movies and plays though.

No. 1651103

NTA but thanks, I was wondering about this too

No. 1651107

I think my feet specifically are aging and I am not sure why. Even just a year ago they were always just naturally really smooth and the skin was just plump I guess? Now its not like they have calluses but they're wrinkly and crepey, especially the arches and I have NO IDEA WHY. I never had to do anything to them before, and it's not like I am doing anything weird now.
Is there anything I can do?

No. 1651111

Do you workout often? Or do you do any particular sports? Maybe you walk around barefoot? Or are your shoes rough?
And honestly, you should always take care of all of your body parts because as you age, your body changes and nothing goes back to how it was in the past. You lose collagen and other stuff so that makes your skin get all weird.
Do you use creams for your body? You should always moisturize your skin and hair.

No. 1651112

I am so done with the state of women.

No. 1651132

I don't workout but do bike or walk everywhere, but I do moisturize my feet and wear socks in the house typically. The crepe skin is really out of the blue, but I maybe I need a more intense moisturizer and to exfoliate them more in spite of no callouses. I guess it could just be how they are now though, if so it's not the end of the world just a weird change to accept.

No. 1651146

how do guys deal with realizing that you don't trust any of your friends and you'll only ever be able to have relationships with people from a safe distance? asking for a friend

No. 1651178

File: 1690919883532.png (680.85 KB, 539x849, keks.png)

>I think my feet specifically are aging
nonna they're FEET. oh my god

No. 1651189

File: 1690920300347.jpg (60.68 KB, 1200x502, w1200_h502_x600_y251_1977_Prin…)

nonna, why do you post a picture of German cookies when you read or talk about feet? And why didn't you choose a picture of the original Prinzenrolle? (I'm sry, I'm drunk and got hungry for a second, kek)

No. 1651248

nona the ones in the pic are doppel keks. they represent the kek she's having at feet-only aging

No. 1651257

Okay nonnie I get that it's not a big deal but it is really weird! It's all crepey and wrinkly like a pale old lady's skin, but its on the bottom of my feet.
It's disconcerting!

No. 1651260

…that's how most feet look at the bottom anon. humans don't have barbie feet.

No. 1651397

whats a reputable shops i can buy safe, good quality and basic ear jewelery from online? like simple sterling silver hoops, preferably nothing too expensive

No. 1651401

This reminds me of when an anon had a meltdown because she was getting foldlines at her wrists and elbows from moving

No. 1651421

I have the same issues and I don’t really have callouses either. It just happens and you can always make feet masks or lotion them and cover them up in shower caps/seran wrap to keep the moisture in for a few hours.

No. 1651451

What would you do to use up a large amount of yellow mustard?

No. 1651476

can i mix my cat food with rice/spaghetti? i am running out of cat food and they wont get more until next month, i cant switch to another brand

No. 1651478

you should try those peeling feet masks. but if you’re worried about moisturizing, maybe just try a regular face mask since they work perfectly fine for your feet too.

No. 1651481

is there any meat you could try giving them?

No. 1651489

it has to be something cheaper if possible

No. 1651490

Cats can eat rice but I definitely wouldn’t feed them pasta. My cats actually really enjoy fresh rice. You can also give them canned pumpkin.

Try calling around some animals shelters and rescues and someone will likely give you a bag of cat food. Honestly nonna if there’s a way you could link like an Amazon wishlist with a bag of cat food I would buy it for you…

No. 1651495

Every night before bed, put lotion and socks on your feet before bed. They'll be baby soft when you wake up and It keeps them moisturized, but it's normal to have wrinkly bottom feet anon. If the top part of your feet was randomly getting wrinkly then yeah I would be confused, but bottom wrinkly feet is normal.

No. 1651499

nonono thats very kind but the problem isnt money its that they wont have his brand of cat food until next month and i need to make this last bag last for a lil while, i dont wanna switch to another brand just for a month, i feel like that might upset his tummy. You are so kind though, thanks nonny. Gonna try to mix it with a bit of rice.

No. 1651500

File: 1690945636804.jpeg (596.77 KB, 828x642, 1794149A-6E69-4289-90F5-A1EBA0…)

Kinda meta stupid question but I’ve lately wondered why does lolcow not have many specific boards but many threads unlike traditional image board sites? Here you hope your thread gets approved. As much as I appreciate a catalog, I find it inconvenient to go through the long catalogs and limited boards, hoping to find a thread with a certain topic. I know I may sound retarded, but as I said this has been on my mind lately.

No. 1651506

because this site isn't fast enough, so usually new boards die out after a while. even some of the older and original boards are slowing down lately, so dividing them up further will make them even slower

No. 1651523

If there was going to be a lolcur movie made, who would you cast to play anons, their nigels and cows?

No. 1651565

File: 1690951883240.jpg (34.46 KB, 1200x720, new-pride-flag-01.jpg)

Why are blacks and browns segregated into seperate stipes in the new pride flag, isnt that extremely racist?

No. 1651573

Dumbass zoom meeting teambuilding exercise question

No. 1651587

I understand what you mean. I find the concept of relationship retarded, but I want to have sex so bad and have someone hot to hang out with and go on dates to fancy and fun and luxurious places together without any strings attached and no feelings ruining everything and things getting serious and marriage and commitment and living together. I hate the idea of living with someone, bitch it's 2023, buy yourself a hosue or something and stop waiting for me to house you. (I'm gonna be rich so I'll always be the breadwinner). All the emotional parts of relationships make me gag, I don't like sharing my problems or even things I enjoy and make me happy with others, and I'm not interested in someone telling me about theirs either. I also hate the whole trust and opening up thing, I don't want to tell anyone about my past life once I'm successful and happy, I want everyone to think I'm just perfect like that without any effort or something, my past and origins are embarrassing af. I don't to be loyal to anyone either and deal with their tantrums when I breathe the same air as someone else and they get jealous. I don't need emotional support or whatever or help of any kind from anyone when I'm in a tough situation either, most people will be useless at it anyways because they don't have the kind of resources I need to solve my problems. And even if I find a perfect person that ticks all the boxes I'll still choose solitude over relationships anytime. But I'm not an introvert, never gonna call myself that, it's cringe.

No. 1651605

Why do so many vampire tv shows start with a couple in their car? True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, My Babysitter's a Vampire, Hemlock Grove. The first episodes all start with a couple in a car. Is this some trope I'm not familiar with? I googled it and it seems like no one has even noticed it.

No. 1651618

It's a longtime b-horror trope. It's also used in the lost boys. A homage generally.

No. 1651622

Try getting them from foods rather than supplements. Fermented stuff like pickles, miso soup, greek yogurt, hard fresh cheeses and then move on to eating onions and garlic a lot because they are the food of the probiotic bacteria in your guts. You can also buy drinkable probiotic bacteria, they taste like water and actually work in my experience.

No. 1651630

Oh my gosh, I just facepalmed. That seems so obvious now. Thanks anon!

No. 1651636

Some of those shows are ridiculous so I think it could easily be mistaken for sincere. I'm actually not sure which film it originates from but it would be interesting to find out now

No. 1651645

try rice noodles! they’re nutritional for cats unlike plain rice.

No. 1651651

Do you anons have tips for making your period start? I've been experiencing pms for like 3 days, even stomach cramps but my uterus somehow wants to hold to it's lining for a bit longer. I usually do the orgasm + exercise trick but I feel repulsed by the idea of rubbing one out today, I did some cardio already.

No. 1651770

??? Rice noodles are not more nutritious than rice wtf

No. 1651773

Swimming, hot bath.

No. 1651774

tons of orange juice, cranberry juice, or anything else with vitamin c. tons of soda

No. 1651778

turmeric tea and hot water bottle on your stomach but especially turmeric tea! works like a charm for me and i hope it works for thee

No. 1651807

I smoked outside and showered for about 20mins, 3 hours before work starts and have to drive 1.5hrs there with my window down, what are the chances I still smell like smoke?

No. 1651811

How is one "Queer" and Muslim? Like, how? Isn't absolutely haram? How does it work? What do they believe for them to still remain muslim (or queer)?
Same question applies to any religions that hate gays. Just that they don't get murdered for it.

No. 1651818

Brush your teeth and your chances will be 0

No. 1651838

Depends on how moderate they are. Believe it or not some Muslims don't listen to all the rules and some are gay or lesbian or bi and see it as not sinful, and believe that it's same sex sexual acts that are sinful so as long as they stay virgins they're fine. All the Muslims I know are moderate but homophobic or are very dedicated to supporting LGBT rights with no in-between. Similarly, none of the women in my family wear the hijab and they never, ever will, even my grandmother who was raised in a Muslim country and who was very devoted to this shit religion told me she'd only do that if she ever loses her hair. And she still didn't do it when she was losing her hair decades later, she was wearing a scarf like your standard babushka instead. My mother doesn't hesitate to cook food with alcohol too despite making sure she always eats halal meat. It just really depends on the country, the ethnicity and who exactly you're asking, how they were raised.

No. 1651889

File: 1690990890069.jpg (163.14 KB, 900x1200, DahxOugU0AAQ4eM.jpg)

does anyone have the photo of this dude without all the filters were he obviously looks like a man?

No. 1651922

Why are goats an ever-present symbol in satanism, sacrifice and occult?

No. 1651927

lol @ you thinking the left isn't racist

No. 1651957

File: 1690996921736.jpg (285.76 KB, 582x759, Sneaky_at_NA_LCS_Summer_2016_F…)

No. 1651959

nta but I think she was referring to a clip of him in a some coomer outfit dressed without the filters.

No. 1652006

how do you stop your clothes from getting detergent stains in the laundry? and how do you get the stains out of already dried clothes?
they're definitely stains occurring IN the wash and i can't see them until the clothes have already been through the dryer. its only been happening the past few months and i'm so confused because i havent changed anything, it just randomly started happening. so frustrating and has ruined so many of my white clothes!!!!!

No. 1652017

oh then i have no idea

No. 1652030

does anyone get a random tingling in their vagina? kind of like the same feeling when you get stimulated/turned on but its not because you're turned on.

No. 1652031

yeah, sometimes. no idea why it happens though

No. 1652032

thank fucking god, i thought it was just me. i was questioning myself thinking it was a sexual reaction to stuff but i knew i wasn't actually turned on. its so weird.

No. 1652035

do you guys had good experiences with people in the friend finder thread? i only talked with one… "woman" there and after that never again. "she" gave me the discord tag and i told "her" to do a voice verification. turned out to be a troon

No. 1652039

ew wtf, i vc with a girl there and it turned aight but we stopped talking. i miss her.

No. 1652043

awh thats a bummer. why did u two stop?

No. 1652049

became really busy with irl stuff and eventually stopped using discord

No. 1652050

I did talk to one nona who likes chris meloni but my treatments for my illness got rough as shit so I stopped talking to her and now I feel too bad to go back because it's been like over a year kek

No. 1652051

use less detergent and don't overfill the machine with clothes

No. 1652073

File: 1691005744409.jpg (102.29 KB, 1484x786, Lipedema.jpg)

How do I know if I have lipedema or if I'm just fat?

No. 1652087

whats kiwifarms new url i need to catch up on the retarded children threads

No. 1652095


No. 1652100

ok theres this one very famous parable in Matthew (25:31) called the sheep and the goats. it tells the story of how a shepherd has to separate his sheep and his goats. he sets the sheep on his right hand and sends them to heaven. and he sets the goats on his left and casts them into eternal fire. modern occultists dont really take that into account much nowadays but during the crusades, when the Christians were trying to convert/murder the Muslims living in the holy land they accused them of being idol worshipers. specifically they thought the Muslims worshiped a half goat half man statue of Mahomet, which in old french became baphomet. baphomet as a figure was then further fleshed out. during the trials of the knights templar, part of their heresy included a worship of Baphomet. Joseph van Hammer really hammered that in about 400 years later and added a lot of the symbolism (serpents/hermaphrodites/sun/moon.) The person who really solidifies the goats place in occultism is Eliphas Levi in his book "Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie" where he added a lot of the symbolism traditionally associated with Satan. Levi was a major inspiration then, to Aleister Crowley who fathered modern occultism and used the Baphomet character that Hammer and Levi had been detailing.

or maybe goats just look kinda creepy

No. 1652119

I want to adopt a cat but I’m in between two cats. Cat A is a girl cat, she’s 11 so pretty sleepy all the time which, I think I may want a slightly more playful cat? Cat B is 4 years old and chill but still playful but a boy…really it’s the fact that he’s a boy that is making me hesitate. Is that stupid? Should I adopt him anyway? Should I go for Cat A?

No. 1652128

I'm from a strictly no male cats household and my vote goes for cat A, she might have more trouble finding a home due to her age as it is but ultimately choose a cat who might love you the most

No. 1652129

File: 1691012712067.jpeg (291.28 KB, 2000x1125, 198971-bamsmackpow-omaze-comic…)

what do people do at cons?

No. 1652131

mostly buy merch and fuck

No. 1652132

File: 1691013342210.jpg (94.53 KB, 1200x800, giza-egypt-cairo.jpg)

Is it really true that Egypt is dangerous for tourist women? I always wanted to visit the pyramids, but I read on reddit of men claiming women get flash mobbed raped in Egypt. Of course I take it with a grain of salt since it's reddit and they exaggerate everything, but is it really that bad?

No. 1652135

talking from experience?

No. 1652136

like fucking random strangers? what sort of events do cons host that encourage people to socialise with strangers and then eventually hooking up

No. 1652137

Why would you like to give money to a country that requires you wear a leash (hijab) anyway? Don’t you have any dignity? Oh yeah I’ll wrap myself in the worthless-whore body-bag so I can see a massive triangle.

No. 1652145

nta, but a lot of cons happen in or around hotels and have some group activities to do. Like furry conventions have little contests like dance battles, and then because everyone is staying in the same general area they can easily organize orgies

No. 1652155

You have a check up.

No. 1652208

Women’s health concerns are often dismissed by doctors, this seems like a very well known thing. Plenty get delayed diagnoses for stuff they were very suspicious of having from the get go.

With all of that in mind, why is someone saying “I think I may have x mental illness” considered so horrible? I get that it’s seen as “self-diagnosing”, but if it gets them to see a health professional, what’s wrong with it?

No. 1652212

I don't know, I think when people complain about self-diagnosing, it's when people get really annoying about a diagnosis they made up. have you met any of the people who mention their autism or their adhd ten times a day? I feel like those are the people that people are ranting about when they're anti-self-diagnosis, not a reasonable person saying "I have so much difficulty with staying organized that I seriously think I may have adhd"

No. 1652226

Cosplay, mingle, meet VA's and celebs, buy overpriced plushies and posters, spend way too much money

No. 1652239

Yeah I haven’t met anyone like that, I guess that would be annoying

No. 1652299

Why is there a name, email, and subject section for replies when using them outside of the sage is frowned upon? Is it leftovers from older internet times? (Like pre-2015 times)

No. 1652303

yes it's leftover from original imageboard format. I think it's good for people to ignore website prompts, you don't have to fill them out just because they're there.

No. 1652317

weeds out newfags

No. 1652328

Woah, thanks for the explanation!

No. 1652336

How do i restore a permanently deleted picture (that i willingly deleted but now regret) from google android

No. 1652342

My mom loved it there, but it's been a childhood dream of hers and she was with my dad all the time

No. 1652350

File: 1691032769714.jpg (161.29 KB, 2048x1133, E-U-jTOUUAUWS-s.jpg)

What do Ariana Grande's gay twink stans think of her cheating scandal?

No. 1652351

Nta but some of you are so annoying. "How dare you want to visit a country that's a popular travel spot and famous for it's history and architecture!". Tourists don't even have to wear hijabs.

No. 1652355

I've seen some say he wasn't worth it and that he's ugly.

No. 1652378

harass women

No. 1652493

File: 1691044256286.gif (9.18 KB, 73x64, 7AD10288-FF08-454D-849F-FA8E61…)

How do I get a webm to play on a 4chan archive site (for ejample: moe) it redirects me to a 404 page. Idk what to do

No. 1652503

It probably just archived the thumbnail but not the actual file.

No. 1652504

DHL failed my delivery today because nobody answered the door. Do they attempt delivery again the next day?

No. 1652509

Do women really wear diapers during their periods? I hope I don't sound like a tranny or a moid I saw it facebook and now I'm curious

No. 1652515

I never heard of a women wearing a diaper on there period. Are you just talking about pads anon? You just place those in your underwear, some of them can be pretty big depending on how heavy your flow is.

No. 1652520

why is the tardthot thread seem to be filled with moids?

No. 1652524

It was linked on scrotechan.

No. 1652567

how do you deal with some mild anxiety? i am currently trying to learn a new program and i got hit with the overwhelming kind of anxiety that makes everything harder.

No. 1652577

I have been sorely tempted but I've never actually bought diapers to wear, it seems too wasteful. I think it would be too uncomfortable during the day and there are better options for sleeping like just laying down a towel.

No. 1652578

I don't know everything about the Romanianon lore although I know how she's like, witnessed some interaction between her and other farmers (including the most recent in vent thread) and know how she presents herself. Can someone explain to me why she is accused of molesting someone/children (?) and how and when she did admit to it? I believe the others are right that she's guilty of it, I just don't have any idea where her much darker side started to show (or was it from the very beginning of her presence here?). If you can find any links to posts explaining that it will be appreciated but I also appreciate any info if no one can't find these older posts.

No. 1652579

Omg I'm going to scream I'm trying to take a simple screenshot of a YouTube comment of a cow and idk what the fuck aspect the Samsung galaxy fold screen is because I can never get the image sized correctly. What the hell sizes of files or whatever do we need, how is cropping it not working what the fuck! Someone screenshot it for me lol

No. 1652584

don't believe anything that isn't clear screenshots with full context.

No. 1652585

link it I'll screenshot it

No. 1652586

All I remember is the threatening to kill a cat stuff.

No. 1652587

i dont know but i remember someone finding their twitch stream and us watching it live on the dumbass thread, that was funny

No. 1652591

It's on toxic tears latest video in the comments there's not many. She's replied to one saying she's considered getting a personal assistant. I want a screenshot of that lol

No. 1652593

she suicidebaited too hard on her last stream and I think twitch suspended her account, or she deleted it herself. it's back now but she hasn't streamed since then (mid June). I was kinda worried she died but it seems like she's alive.

No. 1652596

File: 1691062602602.png (239.85 KB, 1340x428, Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 07.39…)

No. 1652604

Love you nona

No. 1652627

File: 1691065930540.gif (264.69 KB, 442x300, 07495685-E5B9-4EB6-8810-904C13…)

Does anyone have that link to that website that had a bunch of gifs and cute art of chibi gyarus like pic rel? i remember an anon sperged about how it was ‘pedo-ish’ because the characters had Chibi proportions

No. 1652630

Maybe gifcities?

No. 1652634

File: 1691066484544.gif (9.52 KB, 230x200, tumblr_mbc5utABQF1qdlkyg540.gi…)

idk the particular one but i found this page that has a nice collection http://shibuharaglitter.blogspot.com/2013/06/translated-gyaru-souzai-pixels.html
this blog explains they're called "souzai" so you'll find lots on google by looking up "gyaru souzai"
a big gallery on the gyaru webpage

No. 1652636

Thanks, nonnie!

No. 1652638



I only have this one bookmarked, I think the other Tumblr blog got deleted. I believe they were posted on the first oldweb thread.

No. 1652640

No. 1652645

Is there a way to mass-edit .mp4s in Windows Movie Maker? I just wanna mirror them all.

No. 1652657

did stuff like this lose its appeal to some with the rise of the internet and normalization of nerd culture? Before it was hard to find people who shared your interests but now you can go to the internet and meet them plus almost everyone has a nerdy interests nowadays so finding people irl to talk about anime or comics with isnt hard. Finding merch (both official and fanmade) is also easier now with online shopping.
I can see its more fun to meet these people in person than chating online and it's more fun to show off cosplayin person rather than the internet. Sex is also more enjoyable in person but i still wonder if some feel like cons are obsolete. I have seen some cosplayers say the scene focus more on clout chasing and fame.

No. 1652760

Is my ex getting curious about me? I texted him in February saying I missed him and he said he still had too much anxiety for a real relationship. We haven’t talked since. In that time he’s worn the shirt I got him that’s related to my job multiple times. I found out recently that a few months ago he bumped into one of my best friends at a bar on a night out and looked super anxious when he saw her. He was just with a guy friend so it’s not like she caught him on a date. He then looked at our group chat for the first time in months a few days after that, multiple times. Then two weeks ago he looked at it again.

No. 1652761

Is it possible to not cut split ends and have your hair still grow healthy and long? I don't want to be stuck at the same length.

No. 1652762

is it okay to wear slouchy leg warmers to work key? I work in a v casual office setting. Not talking about thigh or knee highs btw

No. 1652771

File: 1691080491634.jpg (47.22 KB, 735x663, concern.jpg)

more likely he noticed you are monitoring him closely (in a bad way).

No. 1652774

File: 1691080579352.jpeg (29.25 KB, 1125x1125, rs=w_1200,h_1200.jpeg)

I don't understand nonnie, just get a little trim? It's only an inch. Otherwise, look up tips on how to properly wash and brush you hair, because there are good and bad ways! You can try hair oils, and even just stimulating your scalp with your fingers or with a tool like in picrel helps your hair to grow.

No. 1652775

I'm pro leg warmers myself, I think they are so cute.

No. 1652777

File: 1691080813233.gif (2.53 MB, 279x498, leanbeefpatty.gif)

should I cut my hair like this? my hair is her length (not that I look anything like her) and I miss having bangs… I like her hairstyle

No. 1652779

I think it's a very cute style

No. 1652781

yes, its really cute. I have straight bangs with long hair and i really like how it looks

No. 1652793

The group chat is my friend group chat that he never left though. I still use it to talk to my friends but I don’t acknowledge his existence in it. We were all in the same group of acquaintances/friends so the stuff that gets posted is by people we both know and I’d see it anyways.

No. 1652798

Thanks, now I see that she admitted molesting other kids in her own post.
At one hand I can't speak for victims of sexual abuse because it surely fucks up a person but on the other hand I feel that if someone experienced it they shouldn't try to cause such pain to others. Creepy on all levels.

No. 1652812

Can’t really hold something against someone when they did the thing as a prepubescent child if they haven’t continued the pattern since and feel genuine guilt. Especially if the prepubescent child was a severely neglected/abused child themselves.

No. 1652835

Do anons here have any really good OR bad experiences with menstrual cups? I woke up today to all my blood everywhere except the fucking pad and I have trauma with tampons so I'm looking for alternatives. Period panties just seem like pads 2.0

No. 1652891

What's Japan's reaction to Elon changing Twitter's name to X? I know the app is really popular there, and am curious to know the general reception as I don't speak Japanese.

No. 1652895

i heard a bunch of artists are moving to mastodon instances

No. 1652897

File: 1691090683707.png (87.4 KB, 275x275, IMG_6731.png)

Does someone have the original picture of this dude? IIRC he was a running joke in the coronavirus thread

No. 1652903

why does that look like ayesha erotica kek

No. 1652914

From what I've seen they don't like it, they're annoyed or make fun of it, they made a ton of jokes about X Japan too. A lot of Asian artists post a "do not repost" disclaimer because they post their art of photographs, and I've been told that some of them are worried because officially we don't say "retweet" but "repost" and they obviously want their tweets to be retweeted.

No. 1652953

who actually created lolcow.farm ?

No. 1653009

why has there suddenly been posts every minute in the celebricows thread for the last hour? is one retard responding to everything or something? it’s bizarre to see threads moving that fast these days.

No. 1653012

My insane thought is to take a one way trip to my dad's side of the family until my brain works. Crazy, not crazy?

No. 1653014

Not crazy but remember you can’t run from yourself.

No. 1653040

I started using a cup a few years ago and I liked it more than tampons and pads, but ymmv since it heavily depends on the type of cup you get, your cycle and your anatomy. Is your main problem with pads just leakage at night or do you have a heavy flow all the time?

No. 1653049

The celeb gossip is crazy right now. Ariana broke up a marriage with a new baby and he’s butt fuck ugly and Lizzo is being sued for severe sexual harassment claims and there’s also been like 5 high profile divorces announced this week.

No. 1653060

As other anon said there's been a lot of scandals but there was also some pretty weird infighting the last few threads

No. 1653066

File: 1691103585232.jpeg (393.65 KB, 491x751, 44DC905D-4603-485B-9287-991AF9…)

I need a new keychain, Should I buy this one?

No. 1653077

Now this is a schmood

No. 1653113

How do you embed youtube shorts again?

No. 1653127

>copy link of YouTube video
>paste link in the “YouTube” section of the reply section

No. 1653129

Not a youtube video, a short

No. 1653133

File: 1691108346726.png (69.86 KB, 509x339, shorts.PNG)

Nevermind, I found how to do it.

No. 1653159

Is Kracauer worth getting into?

No. 1653207

Ah okay I see thanks for answering! Follow up question, is this common or can the site improve and become faster in anyway (I can possibly help with?)

No. 1653220

does 69 (between women) work in real life?

No. 1653224

Ntayt but she’s not talking about website loading speed being slow but “slow” as in low levels of activity. Any attempt to fix that would be to advertise lolcow which sounds like a terrible idea.

No. 1653229

Yes, definitely. I guess I’ll follow up with: Do any lesbians actually scissor? I have dated and slept with numerous women and have never heard of any actually doing that IRL. Like I’ve dated numerous women into fisting but zero who’ve even tried scissoring.

No. 1653232

Ah I see, oh that’s so bad. Uh yeah I understand to keep the bad people away. Though I introduced a (female) friend of mine to the site and she likes it here. Hope that helps in anyway?

No. 1653233

>I’ve dated numerous women into fisting
no way, what the fuck???? I thought that shit was only popular with men. Please tell me that's not a common thing, I'm actually horrified.

No. 1653245

I’ve never met a man into fisting. Only women (including my high school girlfriend) and no I’m not kidding. It’s probably not quite like whatever you’re imagining, there’s like no thrusting involved and it should never be painful or forceful. If the women is very aroused it’s not difficult.

I know it seems gross and porny but it has always happened organically in my experience.

No. 1653250

There’s no amount of arousal that would make a fist even begin to fit into my coochie but I guess I just wasn’t built to give birth like some ladies

No. 1653252

Hmmm nah. scissoring is the inferior form of dry humping imo

No. 1653254

Thanks, that’s always been my assumption about it. It’s funny that scissoring is seen as like THE lesbian sex act but in reality it seems uncommon.

No. 1653300

a lot of womens fist have a smaller circumference than a big dick. Like not a fully closed fist, but one of those pointy fingers together ones.

No. 1653305

Yall must have the daintiest Trump hands because putting my hand in any orifice for anyone would not be a good time for either of us unless they had like nikacado type gape

No. 1653309

>Like not a fully closed fist, but one of those pointy fingers together ones
>a lot of womens fist have a smaller circumference than a big dick
What kind of ogre dicks are you coming into contact with?

No. 1653335

Why did God put prostates in assholes that can cause earth shattering orgasms if he did not want them to be penetrated. Like did it evolve from generations upon generations of ass rape. I sound crude but I'm serious.

No. 1653339

The prostate is definitely one of those organs that cause more harm than good. Common issues men have with peeing tend to be prostate related , and there are procedures to have it removed or burned so they can actually pee because the prostate is a weird organ that keeps on growing. Also I heard from gay men that most of them don't even receive pleasure from dick penetration but only from soft finger rimming. So what is even the point of that organ lmao.

No. 1653341

I'm aware of all these things, I'm just musing over why the prostate causes orgasm. Like did it evolve to do that. Also sorry but I have no idea what gay men you're talking to, its the opposite- the prostate isn't far up there but rimming is purely psychological even for men.

No. 1653342

This is why I believe that all fetuses start off as XX and men are just genetic mistakes

No. 1653343

Actually I just think it means molestation and rape was so common that men evolved to relieve anal orgasm because what other reason could there possibly be

No. 1653354

Considering that the prostate is used in semen creation, it probably just 'stimulates' men because it's there for a sexual purpose anyways. I'm not sure why if there were any other reason for it to evolve.

No. 1653358

File: 1691124203437.jpg (94.96 KB, 1024x632, 1691114386504334m.jpg)

Do you think Tate's butthole is yet virgin or no?

No. 1653359

Huh? Is rimming the same as getting your butthole tickled without penetration? Cause if so as a woman that’s not purely psychological it literally feels nice to get your butthole tickled. I don’t want it licked tho.

No. 1653364

It's pleasant but it isnt genuinely sexually stimulating in of itself. I was mostly referring to anon claiming the gay men she knows say they like it over penetration which makes no sense. A majority of men would say rimming is nice but it isnt great and it definitely isn't anything like penetration if you're a bottom.

No. 1653375

There is no way he’s an anal virgin that thing is WRECKED I am talking absolutely LOOSE that thing has been STRETCHED OUT so many times it has absolutely ZERO GRIP

No. 1653376

stop using hairsprays and hot hairdryers
t. horsegirl hairlength with several bleach runs

No. 1653394

idk if anyone cares, but it turns out my feet are fine and normal. They're only wrinkled to a normal degree, my skin was just a little dry at that moment and I was also high and I was over thinking it.

No. 1653403

Kek I remember you wrinkly feet. That was a funny post.

No. 1653443

should i bring my childhood lps and their little house with me from my old place? they're cute but idk if i need them cause i'm a grown woman now.

No. 1653448

that makes absolutely no fucking sense, nonna.

No. 1653458

Fetuses don't start as XX, imbecile. If the sperm carries a Y chromosome, even as a zygote the genetic material is XY. Sexual organ development is different and they all have two systems at the start, if you have no Y chromosome the male system doesn't develop, if you have Y chromosome the female one doesn't develop and that's how the sexual organ development happens in the womb in a very simplified manner.

Man are much more likely to commit crimes and be mentally ill/stupid but they're not deformed females. No male was ever female and they'll never ever be females.

No. 1653467

Why does firefox not open certain sites sometimes that it could before? I tried going on cc today but had to use a different browser for that even though I went on cc on firefox before so it seems strange to me it's not working atm

No. 1653470

File: 1691137759162.jpg (87.36 KB, 1280x669, IMG_20230804_133006_318.jpg)

What's this website and the /mhz one?

No. 1653474

I did that (except I have 7 playsets rather than 1 kek). I'm single and don't have housemates though, so it may be different in your case. If you feel conscious about it, maybe you can spray can the house in brown/netural colors and use it do display small plants along with the pets, it still would look a bit childish but maybe it fits with your decor more.

No. 1653479

actually a very cute idea, thanks

No. 1653589

How do I continue or carry on a conversation? People tell me how they're doing and etc and I don't have any questions for them. Replying 'okay' or 'I see, cool' isn't good enough so I usually paraphrase what they've said right back to them. It's essentially a non-answer answer that's not very helpful either, it only looks like I'm replying. Help?

No. 1653639

There's boatloads of youtube videos and books about this subject. Vidrel is just one from a popular channel but if it isn't exactly what you're looking for, just browse some other videos.

No. 1653682

this is perfect, thank you!

No. 1653701

File: 1691159811697.jpg (380.45 KB, 693x343, chicago-high-rises-360-chicago…)

Why are there no high rises in Europe? Surely you would start to need some when overpopulation becomes an issue?

No. 1653727

File: 1691161094443.jpg (72.08 KB, 669x908, f1c425f1d2cffbfb5879c3508350b0…)

Can I cut my hair like this and still have it at a long length if it's really thin? My hair is below my butt.

No. 1653739

No it would not look full like that, cutting in layers thins the hair out even more, you would need extensions or something to have it look that full.

No. 1653742

nta but she didn't ask if it would look like this? anon can but yeah it won't look like this, but layers always look better than just droopy hair

No. 1653748

I think a lot of those old cities have laws about how tall buildings can be so that they don't overshadow the historical structures.
There are still tall buildings though.

No. 1653751

In most countries it's not allowed or at least limited in historical city centres to preserve heritage but it's not like we don't have high rise buildings in modern areas.

No. 1653754

Because they look ugly. I don't think overpopulation will be an issue over here considering natality is going down each year kek

No. 1653757

Layers do not always look good, some people don't have enough hair for it and it makes their hair look very flat and stringy.
When women's hair start to thin generally they have to reduce or completely stop cutting in layers to their hair.

No. 1653762

Womens hair don't thin until their 50-60s unless it's genetic or they have a health issue, make sure to visit a doctor.

No. 1653767

Female pattern hair loss actually typically begins in the reproductive years so before menopause.
In a recent study 12% of women had it by age 29, and 25% by age 49.
If women have it and don't have elevated androgen levels, yes that is usually genetic but lots of women who have female pattern hair loss there isn't a genetic predisposition, as female pattern hair loss is multifactorial.

No. 1653768

Stupid question; What are those pixelated panties called? I looked up 8-bit panties and pixel panties but I can't find anything besides one website, I know they were everywhere a couple of years back. Did they get copyrighted?

No. 1653805

I'm looking at a used book on ebay and it says the shipping is 2,39 usd from the US to the EU. Another from the UK to mainland Europe for 1,70 gbp. How is that possible? I can't even ship a book within my own country for that money let alone overseas wtf. Am I missing something? I feel like I'm being mislead somehow. The books themselves aren't outrageously priced so I don't think the're compensating.

No. 1653837

File: 1691169042940.png (145.56 KB, 280x1110, Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 13.08…)

is it a small book? like a very thin paperback. if so they may just be shoving it in a large envelope which can be pretty cheap…
otherwise they've made a mistake or ebay is lying to you because that's really cheap.

No. 1653852

File: 1691169969240.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1200x1200, 0EB051D1-EAF7-4D0C-8F7E-93E2F1…)

I recently got a new job, and the office is seriously drab and nasty. I have a cork board at my desk behind my monitors and I’m planning to pin pictures of happy things to improve my mood during the day, like pictures of my pets, other cute animals, and family. I’d also like to pin a small picture of a celebrity I like, but I’m not sure how weird that would be. No one would recognize the celebrity because she’s obscure, but I’m worried if someone is looking at my pin board to make conversation and asks me who it is I’d have to say “oh it’s a celebrity I like.”
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not weird and 10 being very freaky weird, how weird would it be to pin a celebrity picture in your cubicle? And if someone asked and I said she’s a celebrity I like, would they assume I’m gay? The celebrity might look a little gay btw. But she’s not gay. Not that it matters. Actually, at a glance they might assume she’s a man so it might not matter. Am I overthinking this?

Please only answer if you have worked in an office environment.

No. 1653861

someone will 100% ask you about the photo and you have to be comfortable answering it and receiving reactions anywhere from complete disinterest to weird pointed looks. deep down no one will care unless they also know the celebrity. I would caution against posting pictures if you don't like your job that much because you may begin to associate the images with having a bad time.

No. 1653868

Is it true that chloroform is controlled/illegal in some countries?

No. 1653869

theyd probably assume its a relative or partner. ngl i wouldnt and would just stick to pictures of pets and cute things but only because i wouldnt want people to assume that its a partner and then ask about them eventually and have to explain.
or you could just make it a smaller picture in a more hidden spot so they might not ever notice

No. 1653879

I was already assuming you were gay the moment you specified female celeb. And yes it’s weird.

No. 1653884

I’ve seen some women at work put up nice photos of style icons like Marilyn or Audrey, I don’t think it’s too crazy but it’s not super common either. Depends on your office vibe. If you’re in a somewhat creative environment it’s probably fine, if your job is more corporate-y and stuffy it might be weird. Look at what other people have around on their desk. Best to not look too weird until you’ve worked there a few months at least kek.

No. 1653902

Sorry for being late but yeah I have heavy flow all the time, its such a pain in the ass

No. 1653904

What are the signs a meal is disordered (anorexia)?

No. 1653907

Why do so many women enjoy doggy style? I’m aware that obviously some dont but whenever the topic comes up among women I know its almost a unanimous favorite position.
I’m a turbo virgin so I have no idea what its like but in my perspective that position doesnt seem as intimate and you have your asshole on display… is the pleasure more heightened in that position?

No. 1653911

what does "doggy style" even mean?

No. 1653917

Maybe they don't wanna see the man they're fucking cuz hes ugly idk

No. 1653919

Anon stop hanging around onkyfans girls or pickmes. I'm pretty sure the favorite position is a pillow below the belly or thighs.

No. 1653920

The woman looks good like that so it makes her feel sexier? It might also be easier to pleasure the clit while being penetrated in that position. Some womens vagina also is probably built so that position feels good to them. Some might also enjoy the balls hitting the clit.

No. 1653921

Sounds like you talk to a bunch of edgelords who think missionary is too vanilla kek

If he's not looking at you and you're not looking at him, where's the intimacy, what's the point

No. 1653927

Are you an alien who just found out about sex nonna

No. 1653928

What feels good and what is sexy is just different for every woman, no real reason or anything deeper than that.
How is doggy style kinky?

No. 1653930

Because it feels good. Assuming everyone is being honest with themselves that is always the answer with sex things.
It's also one of the most popular / well-known positions so it's bound to be chosen frequently when people are asked "what's your favorite position?"

No. 1653931

you could also just have the celebrity picture as a widget on ur desktop instead. i have a slideshow of my cats on my desktop and in a year only 1 of my coworkers has seen it

No. 1653935

It's not necessarily kinky it just isn't a very loving position IMO and it's the default for edgy sex worker girls who want to act all holier than thou for preferring it to missionary

The crowd of zoomers who don't have actual sex with more than their dildos love to praise doggy and demean other positions, it's like the obsession they have with other weird sexual habits and positions even though few of them are having sex

No. 1653938

I think you need to use a bit less internet. If you think about people have probably done it that way since forever, it’s the way animals do it after all.

No. 1653939

You just aren't making any sense anon. Doggy style isn't a edgy, non-vanilla position. It's one of the most common sex positions. Honestly it's so weird that anons jump to all of these assumptions when they hear that a woman likes some sexual act that they don't.

No. 1653942

you're not even wrong but you also sound obsessed and you need to touch grass, sorry. doggy-style transition into laying-side-by-side is very intimate and I get the back of my neck sucked on which is very important to me. also the insertion is smoother due to visibility and angle which is a plus.

No. 1653965

>pillow below the belly or thighs
How does that feel better? Genuinely asking since I've never tried that one myself

No. 1653998

I have never had sex and I am not coombrained, that's why lol

No. 1654043

If there's no up and down in space, how did we decide where the northpole and southpole are? How was it decided that this is how earth and other planets are supposed to be photographed and measured with no accidental upside-downs when we can't even agree upon cm vs in?

No. 1654052

Compasses and 'south pointing spoons' were invented pretty early on. I would imagine it had to do partially because of that. Also, the word north comes from the word 'nord', and the nordics are closer to the north pole so there's that.

No. 1654121

How to make friends when you don't have outside hobbies outside of hiking? I honestly don't like any of my friends anymore, we had fun in school but over the years we've grown apart a lot. Every friend I have made in my life was just by chance, I have no idea what to do anymore.

No. 1654127

Why do moids pretend that intimidating women don’t exist? I don’t mean in terms of salary but looks. Yeah of course crazy old crackheads and delusional old dudes approach me but I’ve had numerous men my age confess to me that they were taken aback by my looks and scared to approach me, taking months to work up the nerve so it definitely does exist. I’m Gen Z but the worst case was a zoomer moid and I suspect it’s because generational since being stuck on your phone obviously gives you no social skills or experience with women irl that aren’t family members.
But then I look it up and according to Plebbit moids apparently “intimidating” as a woman is just a cope and means you’re off-putting and evidently a judgmental bitch. Granted moids on Reddit are not my ideal dating pool anyways but I just think it’s funny that they try to pretend that there aren’t women who make them nervous. Incels are sort of obvious irl because of how cowardly they act around attractive women. Maybe I’m just a beast idk.

No. 1654131

Neither of those are necessary to have heard what it is though, you're an adult human being

No. 1654135


Fad diet foods.
Small portions + infrequent meals.
The same food.
Lack of '''weight gain''' food groups like carbs.
Usually hand+hand with Orthorexia so a preoccupation with healthy food.

It's natural to drift away from school friends. Maybe try develop new hobbies or turn your current hobby (hiking) into a social exercise to meet new people by joining hiking groups or going to meets. At a certain age, making friends requires real effort and going out of your way.

Reddit males will never admit anything that makes them seem less secure than a woman, ever. They could be living in a mud pile with the rest of the piggies and see themselves above all women. Their opinions are trash, everything they believe is due to insecurity, they would crumble and join r/suicidewatch if they ever faced the truth. Plus they all circlejerk.

No. 1654288

I don't hang around with coomers, i don't watch porn etc. Being adult doesn't automatically make me wise in such topics.

No. 1654316

I think nail art is retarded, unhygenic and a waste of money but wtf what nails have you been seeing that have naked women and bdsm on them?
I think you might need to know that while the act is called fisting, that open-palm with fingers together position isn't a fist.

No. 1654322

File: 1691205084417.jpg (108.89 KB, 1029x1029, Amazon_com_ almond nails - Tod…)

I know I'm late but what is your general vibe/style and what length of nails do you like? Natural or open to nail augmentations? I might be able to give some recommendations. In general, I don't think of nails as "sexy" (more fashionable, cool and cute) but I think the closest to sexy would maybe be short almond nails. Modern french tip or a plain color like nude or red or black.

No. 1654323

File: 1691205145814.jpg (121.5 KB, 750x1333, 4f33686e7791042e50cad321414d7d…)

Samefag, but also sexy according to my personal style would also be something like this. It's hard to answer that question because what is "sexy"? And how could a nail be sexy? Food for think.

No. 1654336

Is it just me or is this. genuinely horrifying?

No. 1654341

Aside from her narrating it to put it on tiktok, this seems like a normal day. I do think it's strange to make a series out of this, but I also won't judge someone who's grieving. I see it as tactless.

No. 1654342

Not just you, wtf. The only two times she mentions her husband in this cushy vlog is to drop that he committed suicide LAST WEEK and he helped bring things into the house. This is so sociopathic.

No. 1654345

I cant help but judge it and do so harshly. It's disturbing to me that you would want to turn your grief into content a mere day after death and turn it into a tiktok series with full tiktok narrator voice. Narc tings.

No. 1654349

To the people judging her she literally makes her living off vlogging it's how she even affords her lifestyle she's always been a little out there but is a really sweet person I think it's horrible this happened to her and I think she's just trying not to crumble

No. 1654354

Still judging idk

No. 1654358

The only selfish thing here is the husband killing himself and leaving his poor wife behind.

No. 1654365

Oh here we fucking go

No. 1654429

I need a new email provider for a personal email but I'm not sure what to go with. I was thinking proton but I'm not sure if I'll hit the space limit and I'd be worried about the longetivity of the service and one day it'll go down and I'll have to migrate again. I was thinking about gmail and maybe outlook too but I'm not sure about privacy. What would be best?

No. 1654439

>it's how she even affords her lifestyle
Idgi, how can anyone say this in defense of anyone? Oh no, not the lifestyle! She should live more humbly and touch some grass offline then until she's processed his death instead of monetizing his suicide.

No. 1654440

I think its abysmal that we've reached a point where people are defending being that desperate for contentbux

No. 1654674

can you 'learn' to like a color you hate? I know colors are relative but I hate certain colors. orange and yellow are atrocious on their own in my opinion but I want to at least be ok with them

No. 1654681

File: 1691227155235.jpg (543.39 KB, 595x794, fishinkblog-13499-bob-peak-20.…)

why do you hate them? i used to hate colors because i associated them with things i dislike. I used to hate how the color pink was tied in with barbie/bimbo aesthetic, it seemed so fake and plastic to me, then i started liking it when i watched Vice City and older 80s cartoons like Jem and the holograms/Creamy Mami. I like orange/yellow because they are really funky.

No. 1654685

are you retarded

No. 1654687

tutanota for privacy, outlook is also good and also mail.com if you want 65GB of storage for your mails

No. 1654695

I guess I hate them because they're too bright and I can't really think of any instances where these colors would look nice without muting them. bottom right in your pic is fine but I don't see the appeal in the color palette at the top. I kind of wish this didn't bother me as much kek

No. 1654699

File: 1691228978404.jpg (66.77 KB, 500x324, 2423162308_f83a92c4f6.jpg)

its fine i personally like really bright colors and i hate more muted/pastel palettes, so i get you

No. 1654722

File: 1691231056006.jpg (1.89 MB, 992x1986, 36684440_p0.jpg)

nta but I think it's about how you combine the color and how much you use it. You don't need to enjoy neon colors, but bright saturated colors usually work well in small amounts with less saturated colors around it. Her bottom right example is a good example of that.

No. 1654727

i though the guy on the right was shrek

No. 1654732

I don't know who he is, might as well be for all I know kek.

No. 1654751

Lol. I feel like she probably really is suffering the loss of her husband, but the way she says everything so nonchalantly makes it sound crazy. The product placement didn't help either. Funny though.

No. 1654760

File: 1691236662711.jpg (220.52 KB, 616x960, alpin.jpg)

i remember when yellow wasnt a popular color but around 2015 every online artist started obsessing over van gogh which kinda created a yellow-boom. i think more people share your sentiment towards yellow than you think.
Yellow and orange are my favourite colors because i associate them with warmth. Maybe if you try to think of them as warm colors instead you can slowly start warming(pun unintended)up to them?
honestly you dont have to force yourself to like colors you dont like.
I really dislike any shade of purple and I used to hate most pastel colors. Ironically i have always been a girly girl but even as a kid i hated pastels and preferred bold colors kek. I learned to tolerate them though and can appreciate them now. I still dislike art pieces where purple is the main color but it can give a good atmosphere when used in the background specially when mixed with blue. When it comes to pastel colors i can acknowledge that there is some art that just looks better with it. Pastel colors have their strength in cute/kawaii art.
if you wanna stop disliking a color its better to learn how to tolerate it rather than forcing yourself to like it. Think of places where it looks good and what mood they create. For me yellow can feel cozy or wild depending on the context. It does create a good atmosphere.
>it seemed so fake and plastic to me
lol same. i had a ton of barbie dolls growing up and i loved them all dearly but even then i never got the appeal of pink and why it was shilled as a color every girly girl adoredred was my favourite color as a kid but the girls in kindergarten told me i couldnt like it since itd a boy color kek. I thought pink was just ok but I mostly associated pink(and purple) with cheap plastic toys that felt gross to touch and smelled weird. The color is also tied to the bimbo and teen nymphomaniac image which soured my opinion of it when i got old enough to understand that image.
>older 80s cartoons like Jem and the holograms/Creamy Mami.
Shoujo manga painted with watercolor is what made me like pink since they use pink and pastels to create a dream-like atmosphere. I also like how Jem uses pink. Even if its more glam than cute/dreamy its used more "elegantly" than the over-the-top-pink-on-everything à la Mean Girls that is popular now(I know its intentional that the pink in mean girls looks garish but many people unironically like that look even before the movie was made)

No. 1654820

I look very cute on the mirror but like a completely different person in my picture and i don't know which one to choose because there are people who say that the camera distorts your face but it's the closest to what you look like irl because your brain makes you more attractive and "makes up" your features

No. 1654828

File: 1691247057848.jpg (153.27 KB, 1024x615, article-0-0EBB191600000578-984…)

Camera and lightning really does distort your face. Even if your brain tricks you, there is so much a camera and lightning can do to someone's face. Picrel shows only how lenses can affect, but there is still the quality of your camera, the lightning, positioning etc. Nobody, even models, look the same as their pictures.

No. 1654839

If you think you look cute, then you probably are. Don't trust cameras, only trust what you see irl.

No. 1654856

what the hell is going on in the unpopular opinion thread please someone enlighten me

No. 1654870

Romanianon the cat killer sperg is having another medsless episode.

No. 1654950

Should I tell my nutritionist that I feel dizzy and very hungry with the diet that she gave me? I started just a few days ago, and while after eating I feel great, just when a few hours passes I feel hungry and dizzy, specially while waiting for lunch.

No. 1654956

SA, I also don’t feel like I have any energy? It’s so weird, I try to workout but I just feel so tired.

No. 1654974

There's a lump under the right side of my jaw. Google says it's just a lymph node, but it seems pretty swollen and kind of hurts, when I strain my neck, lie down, or massage it. Should I be worried, nonas?

No. 1654987

Yes, tell your nutritionist it isn't working for you and impacts your lifestyle.
I always say go to the doctor for any mysterious lumps. Heard way too many horror stories where they hoped the lump would go away, and then weeks later it turned out to be cancer. Even if it is just an inflamed whatever, better safe than sorry.

No. 1654989

Why would you not tell your nutritionist this

No. 1654995

Of course, why do you even need to ask this?

No. 1654997

I just don’t want her to think I’m being whiny and weak, because the portions are smaller so I lose weight.

No. 1655002

If it doesn't go down in a few days then yeah you should get it checked out. Swollen lymph nodes usually go down within a week in my experience. I think the maximum amount of time they should be there is 2 weeks.

No. 1655015

seconding this. the lymph nodes in my armpits swell up a few times of year, usually when i'm obviously fighting off some kind of illness, and they eventually go within less than a week. if they stay for longer (especially with yours in your jaw), it could be a cyst of some sort. if it sticks around get it checked out asap

No. 1655019

Sure but you're not supposed to feel dizzy.

No. 1655038

File: 1691261892318.jpg (93.75 KB, 676x520, keeptheanonimityanondontpostyo…)

What do I have to search to get more your birthday + first name initial + last name initial pics? Specifically in tumblr terms. I'm trying to find a mahou shoujo name thingy that always gave great results, no matter the combination that I found on tumblr years and years ago.

No. 1655064

I don’t know what to do now, I told my family I wanted to text the nutritionist but they told me I should just endure this because my stomach is too big.

No. 1655119

File: 1691265710899.jpeg (49.12 KB, 600x600, d6be05d9e944_.jpeg)

With the rise of heat-waves globally and a fear of the damage AC's cause as well as their cost, I'm surprised Air coolers aren't more popular in the west or even globally? they cost less and don't further any climate change damage.
they just require being refiled with Ice every few hours

No. 1655120

what the fuck? text the nutritionist anyway.

No. 1655124

does twitter still have those view limits in place? like that limit how many things you can view in a day?

No. 1655168

Being dizzy is borderline dangerous, you could accidently hit your head or fall down the stairs or something. Just ask your nutritionist to be on the safe side, it's your health. It doesn't really matter what you or your family thinks your nutritionist is gonna say, you've got a concern so bring it up with her. If it's nothing after all that's fine too, you adressed a concern, that's all.

No. 1655190

We call em swamp coolers down here. They don’t reduce the humidity the way ac does and when it’s humid and hot you really wanna make it both less humid and less hot.

No. 1655199

How do you even cope with feeling too old all the time? I know I shouldn't let the obsession with youth that is prevalent in society get to me, but I find myself worrying too much about aging/age in relation to achievements in life/etc. every damn day. Sorry if it's too grim for this thread.

No. 1655208

File: 1691268431953.jpg (168.15 KB, 640x655, tumblr_bf4ada6a49549dadde9b151…)

what trouble could somebody create for a person using their mobile phone number (in a way that's legal)?

No. 1655217

I remind myself that I can pass as younger for a little while longer and learn the ropes of maturity before I start to look too old

I hope.

No. 1655219

why do i keep getting compared to teenagers anytime i talk about the type of men i like, it's the third time this has happened. the types I like aren't really popular i'm not going into specifics because it never goes well when i used to be a teen (am in my late-20s now) everyone liked regular conventional guys so i don't understand the comparison, did that change?

No. 1655225

sms bomber
signing up for random websites/services (same as sms bomber but the bomber automates the process) - they'd have to verify their number by a code in their sms - unwanted spammy messages
posting it on 4chins
posting it on a "phone sex" website

No. 1655240

Use their phone number to sign up for giveaways, those always sell the data to 3rd parties.

No. 1655244

File: 1691270644606.png (177.04 KB, 440x414, Screenshot_20230529-121324.png)

So many people where I work (grocery store) admit to being super high while working. I had a coworker tell me she took a big edible before her shift and was pretty much just on autopilot for hours and had a blast.

How? I know it's common for people to work high but I never understood how. Aside from being way too paranoid to function, I imagine I'd be terrible at my job. Maybe I'm retarded but I don't feel like I'd be good at giving back change or lifting boxes of potatoes. I'd probably make so many fuck ups. I already sperg out talking to my managers, but I'll see stoned coworkers go up to managers and chit chat with confidence and clarity. Maybe weed just effects me different but it makes me overthink way too much and get really in my own head.

No. 1655246

Where would you suggest someone post someone’s number to 4chin, like which board and under what kind of context?

No. 1655249

Weed calms me down and makes me act slightly less autistic. Also makes me less intense (naturally an extremely intense person with frenetic energy). I would vape in the bathroom on my breaks kek. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with customers nor coworkers if I was sober.

No. 1655252

They're probably heavy users. Once you have a high THC tolerance the effects get much milder.

No. 1655258

High tolerance most likely. The effects get way duller and you also get familiar with your limits. If you're high constantly, you figure out how to be functional or you are forced to stop. It's hard to do things that are mentally demanding like writing essays, but boring, repetitive tasks are easy to autopilot.

No. 1655261

/soc/, say they want to meet up with hardcore fetishists (""kinksters"", word it like you're the coomer posting your number, do a good larp)

No. 1655265

Is Twitter recommending porn videos for anyone else in the "videos for you" section under the search bar? I literally don't engage with anything besides fanart of shows/games so I'm fucking confused at the random porn shit I have to see
I'm worried that its ruining my algorithm even further when I click on the account to block them

No. 1655278

I barely use twitter but I checked it out randomly a couple months ago and there was hardcore porn and animal snuff/torture like 4 posts down the explore page. I don't know what the fuck happened

No. 1655295

>I don't know what the fuck happened

No. 1655300

Can someone compose a polite way for me to tell my tattoo artist that I think she fucked up and I'll expect her to fix it if she did? I got eyeliner tattooed, she didn't give me any aftercare but I had done a lot of research so I followed everything to a T, but seven days later and the tattoo is gone in most places and faded in the few remaining sections. Research says that it will darken over the next five weeks, but I think that she didn't put the pigment in the right skin layer so it didn't take. She's a really clean shop with rave reviews, so I think my tattoos may have just been a fluke.

No. 1655310

Am I a pickme if I cater to my boyfriend’s wishes?

No. 1655311

if you're hurting yourself in the process or you're being humiliated by it then yes.

No. 1655314

He wants to engage in anorectal violence and I didn’t say anything about it. Is this pickme behavior? Should I just block him? He said he wants to lick my butthole and I’m too disgusted to respond. Do I tell him to fuck off? Relationships are too stressful.

No. 1655318

asshole licking is degenerate as fuck but at least it's not anal penetration which actually can damage you severely.
>I didn’t say anything about it. Is this pickme behavior?
idk, seems neutral. it'd be pickme if you said "yeah… like we can do that uh when" but it looks like you just ignored it as if he said something retarded (that's what happened).
if you're planning on continuing the relationship, tread with caution, he's probably a coomer and it could very well escalate to anal penetration itself. i'd block

No. 1655321

>at least it’s not anal penetration
He mentioned wanting that too and I just ignored him. It is truly over.

No. 1655323

yeah blocking is definitely the way here

No. 1655324

Tldr be neutral and polite. Add a tiny bit of humor to show you're not going to go ballistic on her.
"Hi! I'm [client name] from [date]. You [did this and that]. I've been noticing [what went wrong]. I'm afraid [worst case scenario] because I'm lucky like that. But it could also be [best case scenario]. What's your opinion? Should I book another appointment to get this fixed?"

No. 1655352

That's a really good template, thank you. But do you have suggestions on how I make it clear that I'm not paying to fix it before I show up for the appointment?

No. 1655366

"If [worst case scenario], I'm assuming it would count as a revision. What is your policy on revision procedures? Do you charge for revisions?"

No. 1655427

She says he took his life in front of her. Like this isnt normal.

No. 1655429

Damn people can't even kill themselves without being judged.

No. 1655476

File: 1691293652006.jpeg (31.61 KB, 690x583, Y2038-shutterstock_490663015.j…)

Where do you imagine the following people will be in 15 year's time?

>Noelle Stevenson

>Phoebe Bridgers
>Ariana Grande
>Ben Shapiro

No. 1655497

Leave it to a moid to kill himself infront of his wife to traumatize her. Reminds me of that one case where a scrote jumped off a roof and purposely landed on a mother and her baby killing them all. They can’t kill themselves without trying to get others involved

No. 1655501

You think you can escape judgement in death?? FOOL, death is the ultimate judgement!

No. 1655502

I think questions like this would be a good way to revive >>>/ot/1581752

No. 1655506

tech girlies please help. i read a huge thread on how shitty icloud is with security, luckily i didn’t backup my icloud until a few months ago when some apple employee told me to. i didn’t want to fucking do it at all because even then i knew how shit it was but i did it anyway because he kept pushing me into doing it. i’m so glad it was only a few months worth of my schizo screenshotting in there but how the fuck do i make sure everything is completely deleted from the cloud now? i turned off backup. deleted everything straight from the icloud website. cancelled my icloud plan. wtf else do i do. i screenshot everything i see

No. 1655508

Apple has all your screenshots forever anon, good luck!

No. 1655511

File: 1691301176605.jpeg (46.76 KB, 452x678, IMG_8450.jpeg)

what are the chances of my icloud being hacked by a moid and him suddenly being able to see all of my screenshots that can lead him to finding me. is it just some of apple that has it or can anyone recover my old screenshots even if deleted from the cloud

No. 1655516

i know it's (mostly) shaynons being shaynons, but what separates a bit of stomach pudge from a "gunt"?

No. 1655527

They will never be deleted. It doesnt matter if theyre saved to cloud either, theyre still accesible. That said all cloud services are ass.

No. 1655535

There's a reason why suicide is an inherently selfish act

No. 1655541

File: 1691303683499.jpeg (141.97 KB, 1000x1595, IMG_8452.jpeg)

Apple is the shittiest type of device if you’re looking for security. Next time I get a new phone i’m definitely making the switch. All of the celebrity leaks that some scrotes were able to get away with all because ICloud is so shit.

No. 1655544

It doesn't even require icloud anymore. An approximate location and the right gear and code can scrape your entire phone without having any cloud syncing on.

No. 1655547

…. wat

No. 1655550

It's 2023. We can make AI generated art. Phone scraping is the tip of an iceberg.

No. 1655552

Am I safe if I use a flip phone?

No. 1655557

Nothing will be encrypted and you can still be compromised but dumb phones are infinitely better in that they throw you into the real world and keep you off a tiny pocket computer that listens to your every move.

No. 1655560

I already know what scrotes will use this for

No. 1655562

Yeah they trade and stream stuff via tor

No. 1655569

100%, there are moids outside your house right now

No. 1655575

You're not supposed to tell her

No. 1655578

sorry. I lied nona there are 0 moids outside your house. but I'm outside your house and I did steal all your screenshots for myself by using brain wave transfer technology. thanks!

No. 1655579

Why is the site suddenly mirrored for me?

No. 1655581

Are you farmcow.lol?

No. 1655596

You got device banned

No. 1655598

Yeah, I get redirected from lolcow to that.

No. 1655607

How come I can still post? I did get permabanned yesterday for an "unspecified reason", but I figured it's been reversed since I sure as shit haven't done anything worth getting permabanned over

No. 1655608

Nobody tell them how to fix it. They were obviously device banned for a reason lol

No. 1655628

idk anon, i've had that happen to me too when i tried posting a pic that was definitely not worth a ban. the ban wasn't specified, i appealed and the site became mirrored for me but i could still post. i did figure out how to fix it eventually (it's kinda obvious honestly). i think it's just some issue with the site

No. 1655717

Who is B.B. mentioned in Helter Skelter?

No. 1655751

Blessed Nona, thank you.

No. 1655754

I got two sentences into that and had to stop. Probably cause my husband committed suicide too. That is so extremely cringe. I cannot imagine ever being that narcissistic.

No. 1655763

>ben shapiro
i hope he finds god and detransitions back to healthy female

No. 1655896

People grieve differently. I remember a grieving youtuber on my country who got massive backlash because she wore a tank top in her next video and everyone called her a slut whore shameless etc. for wearing a tanktop in summer.
I remember one of the commentors said she herself slept with 60+ men and in the same comment called the girl a whore for wearing a tanktop lmao.

No. 1655903

Burgers how much is your car insurance renewal

No. 1655906

renewal? what's that?
my 6 month premium is 600 US dollars

No. 1655930

Does anyone else get super aggravated when they drink coffee? I was drinking a shit ton of coffee everyday and now that i switched to tea for caffeine i dont get pissed off as easily. I know that coffee is a bigger punch of caffeine at once but i didnt know if anyone else experienced this

No. 1655933

I just cringed at (you)r reply. I would never discuss my late husband and his tragic suicide on a catlady e-hangout.

No. 1655935

okay we get it you use 4chan what's next you'll use desu too good god

No. 1655937

im nayrt btw i just think you're irritating

No. 1655961

This is so fucking hilarious, my sides

No. 1655974

Why wouldn't discuss it? Do you think I should be hiding away in mourning and shame for rest of my life? Kek, scrotey opinion.

No. 1655980

it's really funny I'm sorry

No. 1655982

Do you guys see family friends as family?

No. 1655987

So it's okay for you but the woman in the video can't?

No. 1655988

No, why would I? I got a good relationship with my closest friend's family (and for the rest of my friends, I'm polite to their families), but that's all. Isn't like I see their families often.

No. 1655990

Nta but there's no way you don't see the hypocrisy in this

No. 1656003

I'm a horrible person but I thought "wow I'd kill myself too".

No. 1656020

true, that anon did post a tiktok of herself showing her brand deals and talking about how much she loves target between casually mentioning her husband's suicide. i think the video is cringey but people grieve differently and she's probably not in any kind of headspace where i could judge her harshly. i don't see what's so wrong about an anon saying the video is cringe when she's experienced the same situation and can offer better insight about how it feels

No. 1656021

anal is unironically better than piv

No. 1656023

Are there any big cows that seem completely unaware of lolcow?

No. 1656025

>low carb for 3 weeks, literally no sugar
>finally have one dunkin donut
>feel sick immediately
Is my body rejecting sugar now? I literally feel sick like I'm about to vomit. Also this shit seems way more sweet than I remembered it, I don't know how people can eat this more often than maybe one in a few weeks. I'm going back on low carb. I felt better after cutting off sugar, I had lower blood pressure, no bowel pain etc. I really don't know why I ate this donut after 3 weeks of low carb and no sugar cravings. Maybe I was just curious how my body would react to it? I just hope this terrible feeling in my stomach will go away on its own and I won't have to puke

No. 1656026

What? This post isn't making sense.

No. 1656041

lots of sugar dulls your palate so it's not surprising it tastes more sweet to you now. good for you for going low on sugar!

No. 1656043

Where do people who sew find clothing patterns?

No. 1656067

I don't sew myself but I presume online, hobby magazines, sometimes modeled after ready clothing?

No. 1656068

You can buy them at a crafting store like Joannes or hobby lobby, or you can order some online. In my hobby lobby the have a few books with Mcalls designs, and you can flip through the book and jot down the pattern number. You may also be able to find some references online, but if you print your designs you have to make sure everything is to scale when you print them.

No. 1656069

>sometimes modeled after ready clothing
Related, can you get in legal trouble if you "pirate" clothes and designs?

No. 1656074

Not really if it's only for personal use. If you try and sell the clothing/items you make from those designs you might get in some trouble if someone were willing to go after you legally, but it would probably be unlikely. If you post what you make online you might get scolded for stealing designs, but probably not much more than that.

No. 1656079

Idk, in some cases I think that would be illegal copying, let's say someone made an original design for a company or themselves as a hobbyist and you copied it not being allowed to and don't credit the creator/claim it to be your own or you would sell it. Same with copying without approval when it's not specified. That would be obviously bad. But I wouldn't see anything wrong in learning some pattern to see how that works and try to make something with your own twist. Let's say, you want to observe how a scarf is made and you will work on your own design. This is okay. I believe there are some creators who might create patterns for free sharing. I'd just advice to ask in hobby groups or ask someone who does it. I based my reply on my basic observations + parallels from other hobby circles I know.

No. 1656081

Seconding this, samefag (already posted my reply above what I write now).

No. 1656088

If someone sees an interesting thread but it's old and discontinued, would it be better to make a new one with same idea and see if it will get attention or try replying to the old one? There are warnings for necroing though, as I saw them myself but how it would be after someone already necroed it?
I'm talking specifically about this thread: >>>/m/10453

No. 1656105

The oldweb/personal site tread here in ot is still active, you can go look around. Even if it seems there's just Neocities drama right now, the second you mention another topic others will follow. There are a few posts there recomending a bunch of sites.

No. 1656108

I'd just post in the old thread especially because I, for one, always report duplicate threads if the previous one didn't reach 1200 posts yet; the only times I've seen someone getting banned for necroing was on the cowboards because someone just had to bump the thread to call the cow a hoe or something, without bringing any milk.

No. 1656139

File: 1691348365497.jpeg (54.31 KB, 670x361, IMG_3570.jpeg)

Am I a bad person/friend for telling my friend that her first serious [now ex] boyfriend is likely not the last she’ll ever have?
My friend has gone off the rails trying to convince herself that it’s meant to be with this guy (like magical thinking, twin flames type stuff) and it pains me to see her clinging to this through “signs” of it being “meant to be” when there’s no guarantees. Like he literally is not talking to her so what does it matter if you get signs that it’s meant to be? For context this guy ended it 2 months into the relationship supposedly because someone else didn’t like her.
She always has good confidence in herself but her confidence is destroyed from this breakup, so now she’s asking me if she’s worthy of love and she’s been suicidal. What do I do? She won’t listen to me when I tell her that someone in the future will be an even better match. She’s insistent that this guy is the one when I know he most likely is not. I feel like a bitch for trying to be the voice of reason and help her move on from this guy rather than enabling the idea that he’ll come back or it’s “meant to be”. Am I a bad friend nonas? What do I do?

No. 1656180

I think you're doing the right thing.

No. 1656225

Yes because I see family as decided and chosen (I have a good relationship with my family so this isn't in a drag race choose ur family way)
Like my cousins aren't blood but they may as well be in my eyes but my aunts daughter is never around, so i don't consider her family. Technically my mothers boyfriends sons would be step brother if they were to marry but I'd never consider them that, my mothers best friend I've known since Infancy? Family.

No. 1656248

File: 1691356243945.jpeg (100.69 KB, 749x740, 07476A0B-3C28-4EDA-A1AD-5C1421…)

Is the venture bros show worth watching? I never got into when it aired but I heard it was good.

No. 1656251

It used to be that mainstream porn depicted normal sex. These days it's hardcore, deep throat, gangbang, chocking, etc. Was this caused by the internet? Is it at all possible to go back to non-violent mainstream porn?

No. 1656254

yeah it's fun I'm sure you could check it out for free on archive.org

No. 1656257

No. 1656277

Watched meet joe black the other day, the sex scene was kinda cute. That was prime Brad pitt too.

No. 1656284

samefag, sorry I'm retarded, I thought I was on the dumbass shit thread and read your post all wrong. To answer your question, I think porn became normalized over time and people went after kinkier shit, even before the internet was popular there was fucked up porn around. I don't think we'll go back to non-violent mainstream porn, at best normal sex will just be a category of porn.

No. 1656439

why are so many men completely lacking in sex drive nowadays?

No. 1656452

Death Grip(TM) + 24/7 on-demand porn as entertainment causing desensitization to real sexual situations + photoshopped onlyfans models making them unattracted to normal women

No. 1656454

To mention my deceased husband five years after the fact? Yes, that is completely fine. I judge no one for doing that. Hell, even to mention it within the following days is fine. To video blog about it within days of it happening? Yeah, that's trashy and sociopathic.

No. 1656469

nta but why the fuck do you type that way, can't you write?

No. 1656477

NTA huh? It looks pretty normal except for the double-space after every period (some people are taught to do that in school so it's not really their fault, I think it's a typewriter thing.)

No. 1656481

How the fuck do you poop without splashing the toilet water? For years I just put some layers of toilet paper down before pooping, but now I'm having some plumbing issues so I need a new method.

No. 1656482

Really, that's actually kinda interesting? I've seen anons do that here, I've always associated it with boomers and tbh it still does stand out here.

No. 1656485

My husband was taught to do it in school and he never stopped, he's a millennial. I think most of the time no one notices, he says he was only asked to not format it that way in college one time. Once he tried to tell me it was normal and I was like "no it's not lol" I think that's when he found out not everyone does that.

No. 1656510

Nta but someone in /m/ actually did get banned for necroing once (in the mads whatshisname thread)

No. 1656518

Yeah, I prefer the look of the double space plus my phone puts in an automatic period if I do it.

No. 1656521

What is the best AI chat programs to coom to???
I had tried AI dungeon but I'm tired of going through the entire scenario just for a sex scene

No. 1656537

Fair weather friends support people implicitly, and good friends tell the truth. Honestly if I were you, I would be telling her that him leaving is the real 'sign' and the signs she thinks she's seeing are demons, but I'm also a terrible person.
The reality is that right now she's going to be really deep in her emotions and she might have clarity sometime soon, but if it persists for a long time, that's when I'd start to be worried.
You sound like you care about her wellbeing and that's the part that matters, and I would consider you a good friend, a better friend than most. But sometimes people only want to hear what they want to hear.

No. 1656556

Ty anons. I try to say it in the nicest way possible to her that they were only together for 2 months. She will definitely have other relationships that will last longer than that. If a moid dumps you because someone else doesn’t like you or for a frivolous reason early on then what good is he for? She keeps making excuses when I say that he doesn’t sound that great or at least like he wanted to be with her since he fucking dumped her.

No. 1656572

File: 1691378763743.jpeg (157.02 KB, 904x966, IMG_2471.jpeg)

Does anyone know what game this is?

No. 1656577

What did she see in him? I can't imagine that a moid is that good lol

No. 1656580

nonna from >>1647622. Thanks so much for the advice, daily flossing + tongue scraping + some mouthwash has made all smell completely go away. My new stupid question is does everyone really get cavities? I may have a small one getting fixed in a bit but I was raised to think it means you've failed at hygiene. I seem to hear that basically most people (at least in the West) get them though.

Is your issue the noise or getting splashed? If you use the brush really good afterwards you can just aim for the more "slanted" wall to minimize both. It also depends on your diet. When you do a "perfect", it almost just slides with barely a splash.

I don't know if you can still jailbreak certain models but check out the massive prompt engineering that goes on on r/chatgptnsfw. Just tweak it to remove the male coomer degeneracy. It took me a while but as of a few weeks ago it could still write crudely, you just have to train it to stop being cringe with wording and repetition.

No. 1656586

Ladies, I need your help. What does it mean when a man is a 34 year old kissless virgin? I met him on a dating app. He is good looking and can hold a conversation over text and actually responds to everything I say, almost endearingly autistically which I love. He's also funny and made a joke about how he knows I'm dying to find out what's wrong with him on a date. I haven't met up with him in real life yet. He owns his own home and has a career too and actually seems kind of normy if not slightly dorky. He's obsessed with star wars and baseball and likes classic rock.

He said he just didn't meet anyone he liked not even in college, didn't go to parties because no one threw them, his friends are all insular, and he doesn't go out much to meet women now (understandable). He said he's been on dates with two women and one was a bad fit but the other was good except that she wanted kids eventually and he doesn't. Idk the lack of experience is tripping me up, I mean…not even a kiss? To me this guy sounds like a goddamn serial killer. Thoughts? I can't tell if it's a red flag or not. My main concern is that I'm 25 and he has the age set that low in what he's looking for. Although he seemed open to dating his age with the woman who talked about wanting kids (he said she was around his age).

No. 1656588

This is a glaring red flag. You did not find a random magical unicorn. He's up to something.

No. 1656591

Have you internet-stalked him thoroughly? At least make sure he’s a real person.

No. 1656593

He seems to self aware to be socially retarded so he can't be that shy to not even make a move to kiss a woman before. I'm telling you I get serial killer vibes.

He's real. He's not so good looking that he's a catfish and he wanted to meet up with me today but I declined.

No. 1656598

If you get a bad vibe, listen to it. Don't even bother. Even if he isn't keeping women in his basement, something seems off even just from a precursory read. The only man I know who was that virginal was an autistic obese NEET with Tourettes.

No. 1656603

I say 1) he’s probably lying and/or 2) there is something extremely wrong with him. This is speculative but the waiting until 30s makes me think he never cared about women until he realized he’s nearly 35 and is unmarried. What kind of man waits until 34 to finally date? I just get a vibe that this guy is not attracted to women and instead is just trying to check the marriage box off. This is just my tinfoil though.
Please update us if you do find out what is/isn’t wrong with him.

No. 1656606

My first thought was that he's lying but he insists that it's true. My three theories are that he's lying to make women curious about him and make them think they can be the first to plant one on him, he's a serial killer, or he has herpes/stds and wants to hide it. I'm not going to stick around to find out whats up with him. It's a ghost from me. I don't think he cares about marriage since he doesn't want kids but you never know.

No. 1656612

Yeah that's really weird.

No. 1656615

It's just not realistic. I'm sure it's probably a lie, a regular attractive male with a stable job and his own home but a complete virgin at 34? Either it's a bait and hook situation where he's playing a role for hookups or he's got some weird ass fetish. Or like anon above said he's gay, although randomly bearding at 34 doesn't make sense.

No. 1656619

>some weird ass fetish
What do you think the fetish is? He said he thinks about a lot of sexual stuff he'd like to do so I'm not sure if he's gay. And yes I'm sure he's looking for a hookup like all men do. Maybe he's a lying narcissist who likes snagging younger women and being a "daddy". This guy is truly a mystery.

No. 1656626

>Is your issue the noise or getting splashed? If you use the brush really good afterwards you can just aim for the more "slanted" wall to minimize both. It also depends on your diet. When you do a "perfect", it almost just slides with barely a splash.
My issue is getting hit with the water. So I just have to aim my butt? Interesting. I am constipated often but I still find that even when my poops are softer or even liquidy they still have some splash. Maybe there's too much water in my toilet?

No. 1656634

Oh I have no idea, I'd need to know more about how he talks. The simplest answer though is that he's lying and trying to speedrun casual sex until he finds some young women to trap in a relationship.

No. 1656647

Ngl the disinterest in women until 35 reminds me of my dad’s college buddy who turned out to be a pedo. This guy was never interested in women either for some reason, everyone only found out the real reason when his charges came to light. I feel like a lot of single people (mainly men) have a moment of panic when they hit a certain age and are unmarried.

No. 1656663

Thanks for replies nonas!

No. 1656694

Should I buy a pair of culottes if I am short and pear shaped and do not own high heels? Would that work with my silhouette? They look so comfy & cool and I'm so tempted but at the same time I'm afraid they would make me look like a dwarf. I also have think ankles so idk

No. 1656702

Just try them on first and see what you think.

No. 1656715

File: 1691397797893.jpg (11.78 KB, 275x275, 1461173522656.jpg)

my neighbour is throwing his dog's shit over the fence onto my patio, how can I prove that he's doing this whilst also letting the entire village know his behavior without it making me look catty?

No. 1656716

Is there a way you can film it?

No. 1656720

Set up a hidden camera (phone or laptop) and record it?

No. 1656727

and then do what with the footage?

No. 1656734

Show it to your neighbour and tell him to stop it or else you go to the police because it's technically illegal/unlawful to do what he does. (Well I don't know your local laws of course but I very much doubt it's legal to throw shit onto private property where you are lol)

No. 1656751

File: 1691401900363.jpeg (224.23 KB, 817x507, 0DD76D63-B0C3-4F41-840C-13E8BA…)

How do u cut off your own family forever ? For anons who have cut ties with your family, how is it?

No. 1656755

I want to make my own clothes but a lot of expensive fabric I can buy from online stores are kinda ugly. Where I live there is also nowhere to buy fabric. I was thinking about buying some identical second-hand dresses from a site like Vinted or Depop and kinda harvesting the fabric to make my own clothes from it. Does that seem like it'd work? Has anyone else done this before? Asking in here as I feel stupid but I've never done this before.

No. 1656758

You don't get fresh uncut large squares of fabric out of taking apart existing clothing so you'd always have to fit pattern pieces into awkwardly shaped pieces of fabric from the clothes you took apart. Sure you can do a bunch of 'upcycles' like you see on social media but makingg entire new dresses out of already existing clothing is very limiting (and knowing Vinted prices not that affordable). You'd be better off hunting down second hand uncut fabric or bedsheets etc. from thriftstores.

No. 1656766

How can I hide my snap score in Snapchat? I can’t let people know I’m a fucking nolife who doesn’t talk to ppl

No. 1656767

if you're entirely new at sewing just go to a thrift shop and buy second hand bedsheets to practice first or make mockups of your patterns.

No. 1656768

Move as far away as you can. Change your number or block them. Don’t respond to any attempts to contact you. Btw it’s awesome. I don’t miss my family at all and my life is 1000x better

No. 1656769

How can I access kiwifarms on the clearnet?

No. 1656770


No. 1656771

Thank you! I am starting a sewing class this September so ill have some guidance then but these are great points. I'll start having a look around for some bedsheets or second hand uncut fabric.

No. 1656780

Thank you so much anon, I love you.

No. 1656791

First make sure you have everything that is yours like birth certificates and social security cards, make sure your bank is in your name only (lot of parents set up join accounts when you're a teen), your car title is yours only, probably some other things I'm not thinking of because they didn't apply to me… etc. These things will entangle you with them later if you don't take care of it now.
Then you move, doesn't have to be super far away but move to a different town at least.
You can have a phone call or send a message saying you're cutting contact so people don't look for you or reach out asking where you are. I did but I'm still not sure it was necessary… I left pretty quick after 18 so I thought it would keep anyone from reporting me missing but it was also sort of messy and I couldn't keep myself from arguing in emails for a while. Sometimes I wish I just ghosted, but on the plus side it really did keep extended family from reaching out too often since they knew what was up.
Block methods of contact online (filter emails to trash, make any public socials private, that sort of thing), don't send them mail with your return address, don't tell them where you work, basically stop all contact and don't respond to their messages if they send any. For me I also made peace with the fact that I would not be involved in any estate distribution or inheritance

No. 1657020

The length is going to matter more than anything. I'm also pear shaped and short with freakishly muscular calves/thick ankles and one inch too high or low with culottes will definitely make me look too squat. Try some on and pull them up or down as you can to find the most flattering length.

No. 1657035

Did Jerry Seinfeld ever explain why he made the bee movie? Like I thought watching it based off of Ken’s interactions it seemed like he knew the whole thing was a joke but then I saw that he apologized for the sexual overtones between the bee and the lady???? But if he meant it to be a kids show with a good lesson then what was the lesson? Bc the morals of the show are all over the place and nonsensical. It starts out with the bees being pressured to run the rat race and the main bee wants to choose his own destiny and have the freedom to change his mind… then it becomes an anti trafficking movie? And then it turns oh well if you don’t traffick people they will get lazy and do literally nothing not even for themselves and ruin everything so it was bad of them to stand up for their rights ?

No. 1657071

I have been thinking about learning to juggle, and then carrying a fanny pack of juggling balls, so that when I meet a cool or cute girl I can ask her “what do you think of jugglers?” and then start juggling. Would that impress you nonnies?

No. 1657077

Goddamn, maybe. If a man did it, I would be repulsed, but there's something endearing about a woman being openly autistic in a harmless, silly way in public.
Make sure you're looking hot when you do it. Not like business casual or date clothes or anything, but if a weird juggling lady with a mullet and well fit shirt stopped me to talk and made me laugh, I'd be charmed.

No. 1657127

What is the difference between healing your inner child and age regression?

No. 1657128

ime inner child stuff is controllable, age regression isn't. I usually "regress" when stressed out etc. makes me feel retarded kek

No. 1657134

From what I’ve read so far, it seems like healing your inner child means to have some sort of conversation with yourself, send letters to your past self, understanding what happened that hurt your past self and trying to find some sort of “positive” side and the sorts.
While age regression is buying child toys, playing with them, thinking that you’re a baby and that nothing bad happened (repressing your trauma) and that you’re safe in your safe space surrounded by toys and such, getting out of that safe space means having to face the hardships of the real world and feeling really helpless outside of that safe space, making you want to go back again, and again, and again.

No. 1657136

I'm confused, is that an actual thing? No offense nonna, but I always thought "age regression" was a kink thing. Are you talking about something else?

No. 1657137

I'm 20 and haven't thrown out much of anything since I was 12. I have no nearing opportunities to move out so I can't start 'fresh' but the mess is killing me. I've run out of space to put things but everything I have is still usable, it's not trash. Is anyone in the same situation? How do I make my room look neat without having to throw out a ton of stuff? I'm fine with throwing out or donating some stuff like clothes that don't fit and expired makeup but the rest of it is still useful or sentimental value. I'm sure I can make it look nice but it's so overwhelming.

No. 1657143

Hm, I've been in a similar situation, but I think I would need examples of stuff you have to come up with ideas.
A basic start would be "everything has a home". My music, my lip balm, my keys, my bags, my projects all have "homes" they return to every time I need to clear the area. If something doesn't have a home, then you know you either have to make room for it or rehome it elsewhere (donate, trash, new shelf).
I have a lot of little things I collected over the years, so I use shelves to "display" them, which stops me from having stuff dotted all around the house and looking junky.
If you're having an issue with "usable" stuff (craft supplies for example), then maybe put them into organized boxes, label them, and rent a storage. The extra money you pay will be motivation to use any yarn, beads, fabric, etc.
Can you tell us a little bit more about the stuff you're having trouble getting rid of?

No. 1657144

"Inner child" sounds like bullshit anyway. Therapy is so weird, nothing is ever itself anymore.

No. 1657154

Tbh, I just think that you just have to live your best life by understanding that whatever happened in the past is in the past and that nothing will hurt you again. All of those extra steps seem like a way to give money to a therapist in 45 minutes.

No. 1657157

Something that helped me begin trying to be more conscious of the stuff I have is remodeling my house because of a very nasty leakage that was fucking up my neighbors’ apartment.
So maybe try to find a reason to pick like 15 big boxes and put everything inside them, move them somewhere else and if you don’t need them in months, then you don’t need them at all.
Something else that helped me a lot was having a roach infestation at home, so it was either clean everything up or live with them, that helps a lot with cleaning up the kitchen and making sure you don’t have too many “as seen on tv” stuff that your grandma and your parents bought on a whim thinking that it would solve their problems and that it would make everything easier at home.
And the last thing that helps a lot is having other people that you know that they need stuff, clothes, toys, all that jazz. The maids that used to work for my family would always need things, so we would gift them the stuff that we didn’t use anymore, like the majority of my childhood toys that I used to have until I was 23 years old. Maybe try to find some nieces, young cousins, a church, orphanage or the sorts so you can donate all of your past you stuff to them.

No. 1657160

File: 1691435103505.jpg (13.59 KB, 235x205, a474f44d5ba262d51729d5ea281a35…)

I'm an autist who collects minerals, I don't really believe in their "power", I'm just fascinated by them and I like symbolism behind them, my coworkers are kinda nice and I wanted to give each one of them their birth stone as a small gift at the time of their birthdays, do you think it's too cringe?

No. 1657168

NTA but no, regression is real it’s common for people with people who experienced child abuse or CSA. It is true, however that DDLG shit has coopted regression, in 2 ways. 1 —People pretending to regress or being into regression and “age play” because they’re pedos and 2– Actual young female autists and mentally ill age regressors getting preyed on by creepy men.

I agree with this it’s weird. For CPTSD a lot of people recommend pretending like you’re talking to your child self and protecting them from the trauma and apologizing for the past, it’s unhelpful and retarded. My local dance studio does adult lessons and they advertise it as “healing the inner child uwu” it’s so cringe. You can like ballet or stuffed animals and be a normal adult at the same time kek

No. 1657169

I also love minerals just because they look nice and I like symbolism, but even if I didn't, I'd see getting my birth stone as a gift from a coworker as pretty thoughtful and generally very kind. Giving someone a gift is taking time and money out of your day. If someone's gonna call it cringe instead of appreciating the display of affection, they don't deserve any of it.

No. 1657170

I think that's actually really cute anon, I would appreciate a gift like that and would probably keep it my whole life. It's small and precious and can fit comfortably on a mantle or desk or into a box of keepsakes.

No. 1657176

I used to yearly sort my stuff into three piles:
>useful to me
>useful to others
>useless (trash)

I kept the first, and separated the second into:
>give away for free
and then disposed of things accordingly.

It's also a nice opportunity to clear out all storage and clean it before re-filling it with stuff that is properly sorted.

After 3-4 years I got a point where I didn't really have much of anything that I didn't actively use. I'm generally not in the habit of buying things I don't have an actual need for though, and am a big minimalist, but maybe you can apply something like that to part of your stuff.

No. 1657180

while it's a cute idea, how sure are you that the recipients will appreciate it as much as you do? to a lot of people it's the same as getting a pebble, it's got no real use. I had a few moments in the past where I gifted people things I would appreciate receiving and not them and it haunts me sometimes.

No. 1657181

The point where I was thinking about renting a small storage unit was when I started selling or giving away my stuff. The nostalgia will wane once you are overloaded with enough things.

No. 1657183

It really helped my nostalgia to take things out of my storage and then put them back in every year. I realized "Damn I haven't, looked at this or thought about it at all, why do I keep it?"

There's so many things that I thought were neat in theory, but I apparently didn't benefit at all from actually having them; they just took up space.

No. 1657186

That is so sweet I wish somebody would give me an opal

No. 1657203

it's not cringe it's very sweet of you, but i'd ask if you're sure they'll understand and appreciate it enough. if it were me, i'd give them to close friends who i've known for at least a year. also, aren't birthstones usually actual jewels like emerald and ruby?

No. 1657225

Octobers birthstone is indeed opal, unfortunately. I’ve been given opals quite a bit but I hate them, even though it’s a kind gesture. I make it a point to randomly tell new friends and bfs that I wish I had an actually attractive birthstone like sapphire or amethyst so they know I hate opals.

No. 1657228

File: 1691441226673.jpeg (74.51 KB, 650x580, https-__i0.wp.com_prestigegems…)

If you go by this image then some months have 2 options. I wish mine was sapphire too, or citrine, they're beautiful.

No. 1657238

who decided what stones are what birthmonth?

No. 1657242

For me personally I wouldn't know what to do with a gift like that, it'd probably end up in a drawer. I think it's probably better suited for close friends or family so it has added sentimental value?

No. 1657249

Nta, I asked myself that, too, and it the answer is either "first-century biblical historian" or "the Jewelers of America". In Western culture.
Modern birthstone assignments were established in 1912, but there were other iterations before that. The wikipedia page has a bunch of info on it, it's a fun read

No. 1657250

If the office they work at has desks then it would be a nice desk decoration. I loved having a desk the year I worked at an office that shit was hype.

No. 1657253

File: 1691442399346.jpg (47.3 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1380309130_n9mf.jpg)

I always thought that each zodiac sign has more than just one and not only/not always jewels?
I always thought opals were very pretty. My 'main' birthstone is amethyst but I like opals alot. Recently I bought a big green opal and I think it's beautiful

No. 1657258

File: 1691442709079.jpeg (31.24 KB, 540x360, IMG_6742.jpeg)

At 5'2 and 375 pounds, I'm too fat to lose weight, right? Why even try getting to a normal weight (130 or below)? I've always been obese, since childhood, so my body is probably already damaged. I've had high blood pressure, arthritis, joint inflammation, prediabetes, and sleep apnea all before turning 18. I'm almost 30 now. It really is over for me, isn't it? I've lost motivation before even trying.

Please offer encouragement. Is it as hopeless as it seems? Am I damaged beyond repair from being fat my whole life?

No. 1657260

Nonnie you got this you can literally lose weight just by eating 2000 calories a day at that weight you don’t even have to restrict like people at lower weights, you’ll probably lose at least 100 lbs just by eating a normal amount. You’ll likely have to lower the amount of cals once you’re under 250-300 lbs but you can absolutely stop being deathfat. You might still be fat but there’s a huge difference between a 200 lb 5’2 person and a 375 lb one, both looks wise and health wise.

No. 1657261

Samefag as the last reply but you’ll look and feel so much better with every ounce you lose you’ll be healthier assuming you don’t starve yourself to lose weight. So many delicious foods are healthy for you and aren’t even high cal like egg. And sirloin steak. and mushrooms cooked in soy sauce and a tiny bit of butter. And you don’t even have to restrict heavily to lose at your weight! You CAN be sub 130 lbs eventually if you want to be, but you don’t have to weigh that little to be healthier and feel better and look better. There’s nothing to lose but weight and sadness by losing weight. You might just decide to stop after hitting like 200 lbs and guess what? You’ll feel better look better and live longer. YOU GO GIRL

No. 1657262

File: 1691443214595.jpeg (186.88 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_5197.jpeg)

You are not! There’s loads of people who have lost a lot of weight even when they were heavier than you. You’re probably heavy enough to qualify for weight loss surgery too, but it’s doable without it too.

No. 1657266

Of course there's still hope. Have you considered drugs? You should talk to your doctor. There's no shame in getting help for a medical issue.

No. 1657270

Wait, nonna, have you tried asking your doctor to prescribe ozempic/wegovy? A lot of people have been getting prescriptions for them specifically for weight loss, and you can definitely argue a medical need. Especially because you can argue that the weight loss will solve your other health problems. I have a family member on wegovy and they told me it basically makes you feel full with a lot less food. I personally cannot stand the feeling of trying to starve myself unless I actually forget to eat, so this is a helpful method if it is the same for you. Just control any non-hunger related binging!>>1657258

No. 1657274

File: 1691444162037.png (861.22 KB, 760x664, some_girl.png)

Do you think the girl in the photo looks ugly? I look almost exactly like her and wherever on imageboards it was reposted, pretty much everyone called her ugly.

No. 1657276

Btw nonita, nta, but I just want to say this is a very sweet and supportive message. I get wary of people who suggest calorie counting and going 2000/day or lower (especially because I need more than that lmao), but you were very helpful to nonna. So many people have a "weight loss must be punishing" attitude and that is always more detrimental than helpful. I hope she feels encouraged by you.
And now I am going to go have myself a mushroom plate, you have me craving them, kek

No. 1657278

Who cares if you're pretty or ugly we're all gonna get wrinkly in few years and then die

No. 1657279

I don't know if you can undo all damage but losing weight will at least limit further future health issues and regain you some quality of life.

No. 1657280

imageboard moids call literal models ugly, they are just coping

No. 1657283

I weighted more than you at the beginning of the pandemic, I lost almost 100kg now and I just started eating way less and a lot of protein but I can still snack on bad stuff and I didn't really do a lot of exercise, you just end up wanting to move and walk when everything doesn't feel so heavy and annoying. I also have a shitty thyroid and endo so I did and do have a lot against me, but bitch you can do it. You may have health issues now and sure, you will have some after weight loss but I promise you that your joints will feel so much better, everything will feel so much better, even goddamn sleeping and sitting. You just gotta choose to keep making the choices that will lead you toward somewhere that makes you feel physically better, because once you feel physically better, you will feel better mentally, not a quick fix but it can absolutely be done, I promise.

No. 1657285

that's a nice side profile in my opinion?

No. 1657286

File: 1691444790925.jpeg (170.93 KB, 541x960, IMG_0886.jpeg)

I think she’s attractive. That look isn’t en vogue right now but she not ugly she just doesn’t look like a babyfaced Instagram filter she looks more like an Italian renaissance painting.

No. 1657290

Yeah but it's not just ugly, they literally act as if she's an abomination just because she's not an instragram tier model. I just wonder if that's how people perceive me. I thought I looked average/forgettable/plain so considering how much we look alike, it fucking hurt reading all of what they said. But yeah, who cares what they think. I'll ignore it since there's not much I can change.
Yeah, it's perfectly normal and okay. Really don't know why it caused such reaction among anons.
You're really sweet!

No. 1657292

Normal looking lady profile
Chronically online moids are legitimately retarded and anyone who isn’t filtered to look like a loli is ugly to them. Meanwhile irl they’d cum immediately if a girl like that so much as smiled at them.

No. 1657294

Just an average woman you would see walking down the street. Who looks pretty while gaming anyway?

No. 1657302

how can you even tell much from a side profile, the glasses are probably making people think she's uglier and the dyed hair probably making men associate her with SJWs so they want to hate her.

No. 1657312

Unrelated but is Baldurs Gate 3 really as fun as others are saying

No. 1657313

I feel it’s because this site has a big ED/anachan population

No. 1657319

God, yes. I'm fucking addicted.

No. 1657322

How to organize earrings without one of those earring racks? My cat really likes them kek.

No. 1657363

File: 1691451934202.png (736.73 KB, 1182x774, earhold.png)

get one of these and hang it on the wall where the cat cannot climb.

No. 1657367

File: 1691452145795.png (657.54 KB, 512x494, bleuderess.png)

anons im not black is it wrong if i buy a dress in this print? its my favorite color combo of golden with blue. the print is considered african but the dress shape is normal not referencing anything. both the dresses i want help a small business woman too.

No. 1657369

Holy shit anon just buy the dress, it's cute

No. 1657371

Cute dress, just get it nonnie. Cultural appropriation is only really only for the terminally online.

No. 1657372

Was snooping and found the tiktok of a girl I was internet stalking. It's a public account with only the likes hidden. Are there any sites to pull following/follower usernames? I don't have an account and would really like to avoid making one.

No. 1657378

I've played it for a few hours here and there when I have time and it's enjoyable

No. 1657400

My mom is a hateful, narcissistic womanlet who opens my mail, she opened some kind of debt collection thing and responded to it as me so now I have to go to fucking court, yet I'm living out of my car and struggling, oh and they might take my car over the debt or something. I didn't even know I still had mail going to her house. I know her opening my mail is a felony, buy how do I prove it? What can I do?? I try to avoid my mom as much as possible but she fucks up my life every chance she gets, idk what to do and it's getting worse and worse. I've been homeless and couchsurfinf since the pandemic since I lost the house I was renting (I had just moved in, spent a fortune then covid happened. Fucking ruined me).

Should I just go to court and tell them I didn't respond to them, even though I can't prove it? I never even got the letter she responded to myself.

No. 1657467

Hmm… how did she respond as you? Did she call and pretend to be you on the phone? Or did she submit written correspondence? Did she give you the letter after opening it and fucking your life up, and if so, do you still have it? How did you know she responded on your behalf?
You can report her for mail theft, but it would be helpful to have more information on what happened.

No. 1657541

nonas please help how do I rid my house of roaches? the exterminator puts this chemical bait everywhere that they eat but what else can I do? I bought a big tube of boric acid and sprinkle a bit in every crevice and try and keep the house clean, anything else I should try?

No. 1657555

samefag I'm doing research and I've seen recommendations to douse everything in bengal gold and boric acid plus put out gentrol so they not only die but also cannot reproduce. anyone ever tried one of these products and had success? these disgusting creatures need to be eradicated from my house asap

No. 1657582

Anon I have no idea (sorry) but I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I’ve seen a lot in this life but roaches will never fail to elicit both my absolute terror and disgust.

No. 1657590

sorry anon, i had to deal with german roaches for a year and a half due to a neighbor unit always reinfecting me. you're going to want the products in this image. put a gallon of water, 2 vials of the gentrol, 1 packet of the alpine to kill them. you can use up to 3 vials depending on the infestation. the gentrol will neuter any adults and make sure the instar roaches (babies) cannot get to their bigger size. the packet will help kill them out right. highly recommend never ever leaving trash out. get rid of trash cans all together. throw food scraps out after food prep. all dishes immediately washed in the washer or by hand, hand dried there too. food in air tight containers or put everything in the fridge. for sure put sugars in the fridge cause they love it. vacuum everyday or at least 4x a week. get sticky traps for every corner they frequent to catch current ones. Victor Hold-Fast are the strongest and also seem to attract every insect. spray the mix along all the walls of your place especially the areas you see them. make sure theres no standing water anywhere. keep pet food sealed totally up too. you will have to take your pet(s) out if you're spraying this, for around 2 hours to air out. the traps might be bad too depending on curious pets. the gentrol paste never did anything imo. i went from killing 1-4 a day to killing 4 a month. it was impossible to fully kill them due to my neighbor so i left. god speed anon. also wipe down counters after every single food thing.

No. 1657592

File: 1691480667965.png (459.41 KB, 1216x1072, 000killer.png)

my dumbass dropped pic. this stuff was still cheaper than the professional i hired who ended up using the same stuff…

No. 1657753

do gay moids like beyonce? asking because a vegan cafe was blasting a full beyonce album and the waiter looked extremely homo. the food was fantastic though

No. 1657796

File: 1691496000864.jpg (11.23 KB, 250x206, a8c31c8144876f69e2616ef8e47f5a…)

does anyone else feel like their future is completely doomed to absolute failure yet at the same time you feel hopeful about it like "I can do it, is gonna be okay and I will achieve my dreams"? why does that happens??

No. 1657802

We’re only as doomed as each other

No. 1657805

i do, and i feel like for me it's the inner battle between what i've been told about me all my life (parents and teachers telling me i'm stupid and won't make it) and what i'm trying to build myself.
maybe you have old insecurities you still need to overcome

No. 1657807

damn nonny that makes a lot of sense

No. 1657825

Any Indonesian nonnies here? I'm going to Bandung for a month as a lab researcher and I have some questions. How strict are people there with head coverings? I've read a lot of women wear them so should I do it too (I'm not religious) or is it okay for someone that looks like a tourist to be without it? Would not wearing it attract some mean scrotes? Aside from head coverings I generally dress pretty modest so that shouldn't be a problem.

And on the more positive note, are there any places you'd recommended visiting aside from the general tourist stuff? I love art, movies, poetry, music and so on. I'm thinking of going on a hike too if it wouldn't be too dangerous alone.

No. 1657838

Is youtube being slow and failing to load for anyone else?

No. 1657980

File: 1691512687849.jpg (97.6 KB, 720x714, f1f73db4d6d7ed5843d739f532306a…)

Ok the first stone has been gifted and I think the guy kinda liked it, he specifically asked me about the name of the stone because he wanted to google it. So it wasn't bad I guess

No. 1658044

I feel embarassed to ask, but, are there any other image boards that are visually laid out like lolcow/various chans where the user base is mostly just chill, not degenerate, not overly angry, just basically mundane type threads and posts?

No. 1658131

sushigirl is pretty chill

No. 1658219

What’s the least biased documentary or media about Putin’s history that I can watch? Asking because I wanna know why he’s apparently so evil or at least get an understanding of what he’s done. I’ve been out of the loop for a while now kek.

No. 1658248

All I am getting is by searching is takeout menus and online food services how do I go there kek

No. 1658254

No. 1658287

how to be happy?

No. 1658292

no way i'm clickin that you sketchy fuck

No. 1658306

Here nonna.
I haven't watched it myself but the comments under the video seem to say the documentary is objective enough. It's been released seven years ago though, so you know.

No. 1658327

You asked, anon provided, literally what did you expect? lmao

No. 1658356

Is three bowls of cereal too much

No. 1658358

Yes, she filled out the info request as me and sent it I'm, then they served me with the papers. About a week before this, she handed me a letter of mine from them that she had opened and taken the forms out of, but all that was left was the notice and not the return envelope and info form. I kept it in my dresser but when I went to the store and came back ot was gone. I guess she expected me to throw it out but I didn't I was gonna keep it as evidence. She had my bro pick the lock to my room before so she can get it when I'm gone.

No. 1658365

Yes unless you’re a body builder or something

No. 1658368

Nah I’m just like ravenous lately I don’t know why

No. 1658391

Wait, I thought you were living out of your car? You have a dresser in your mom's house, so you're living out of a room in her house, right?

No. 1658424

Thank you nona ily <3

No. 1658500

I'm trying to think of the name of this one tiktok ASMRtist. She's older, probably 60s/70s, and plays minecraft music in the background. Anyone?

No. 1658511

Why does every adult on Reddit talk to their parents every day, even multiple times a day? How do you have the time or emotional energy for that? What the fuck do you even talk about? Why would anyone want that?? I feel suffocated just thinking about it. And visiting their parents one to a few times per week? Literally how? Anything more than once a month feels like too fucking much and gets in the way of plans and relationships. I feel like I’m going batshit who are these people

No. 1658513

Im the anon who asked, but I am not >1658292 that anon being dummy contrarian for no reason. I clicked link, looks legit and cozy, thanks so much nonny <3

No. 1658518

you're welcome nonners!

No. 1658538

Some people have positive and close relationships with their parents. Even I have some problems with them but don't mind hanging out with mine and catching up with them.

No. 1658549

No, this happened to one of my barbies when I was little and it stuck back on, but couldnt move

No. 1658591

Not a redditor but I have great parents and I enjoy their company, it's as simple as that. My mom is the funniest person I have ever met so I talk to her on the phone all the time for sheer entertainment value.

No. 1658691

yeah knowing those creepy crawlies are living in dark crevices in my house keeps me up at night
well the one good thing is that I am in a house with a yard so I cannot get reinfected by a neighbor, and I don't have pets so no cause of worry about dousing the place in chemicals. thanks for all the advice, I just want to be rid of these things for good

No. 1658772

File: 1691581779065.jpg (147.99 KB, 2048x1668, 1658851683646305.jpg)

How do stans know when to be at the airport when a celebrity lands? I get looking at flight schedules etc (I'm not talking about giga celebrities that fly private jets), but how do they know which day the person will be departing? Do theys how up to the airport mutliple days? Inside info?

No. 1658773

It's usually inside info, they stalk them at the flights and get leaks, or just sit there waiting like obsessive stalkers.

No. 1658775

Do you put pantyhose on under or over your underwear?

No. 1658779

Over my underwear, I've never heard about wearing it under before.

No. 1658787

over wtf, what point does underwear serve if you're gonna put it over your pantyhose?

No. 1658790

I worked for an airline call center back in the day.
Basically paparazzi are elaborate liars. They may know some 'insider' info such as the celeb's loyalty number or some general flight info. They call in to the centers trying to pose as personal assistants and attempt to get naive agents who will pull celeb flight bookings and reveal the information that way.
It takes an embarrassingly low amount of information to be able to pull a flight record.
My airline had a scandal or two where celebs sued cause an agent revealed their shit.

I don't see it happening this way as much these days because call centers have become more strict about what information is required to be provided by the caller in order to pull a record (think an ex-husband calling in to fuck with a woman's reservation), and also the call centers can see what agents are accessing the records…granted they check and if there is a pattern.
I'd assume much is simply passed publicly and word of mouth based on some social media sleuthing and what can be found on public flight trackers. Wouldn't be that hard if you knew what to look for.

No. 1658803

Over but you can get them to stay better if you put on an extra pair of panties on top. Panties as underwear, then pantyhose, then another pair of panties. Trust me

No. 1658808

If you need an extra pair of panties to keep your pantyhose up you're wearing the wrong size for your height.

No. 1658978

if you're actually a woman please google it because this smells like a moid

No. 1658980

I am now, she filed a fake eviction w the sheriff's office claiming she gave me a paper eviction on June 1st which she never did she was making me work in her store bc her empyees kept quitting on her bc she's vile. That was June, July she gave my brother my job & made me stay home to watch his kids so he could work & earn $. Sheriff's kicked me out on July 30th. She did it bc she got fired when her employees reported her to HR for breaking company policy by having us work there, she believes I called them when I didn't. HR called ME and I confirmed with them that I wasn't the one who called them and she still didn't care. She's fucking hateful and can't accept any consequences to any of her actions, she thinks rules don't apply to her and when she gets caught she blames anyone and everything else. She's like a toddler in a 65 year old white woman's body.

No. 1658989

are you trans or retarded underwear, then stockings. It's called underwear for a reason.

No. 1658992

I stg someone asked this exact question here and everyone shouted tranny then to kek.

Anyway, undies then tights but in ballet you wear dance tights with no undies at all

No. 1658995

if someone irl asked me this I would put the pantyhose over their head, nona

No. 1658998

sometimes I just wear pantyhose with no underwear, but when I wear underwear with it I have the underwear underneath the pantyhose because it's underwear obvs

No. 1659032

Okay. So the first thing you need to understand is to never, ever leave anything you care about in your room, ever again. It goes in your car, your car is locked, and the keys never leave your body, even when you are sleeping. I promise if you put those keys down and your mom wants something, she will take them. You need to confiscate any extra keys your mom may have.
I'm assuming you have a P.O. box for all your mail. Never reveal its location or the number to your mother, and move it if she knows. Never let that mailbox key out of your sight, it lives on your car keyring now.
How did the court papers get served to you? Was it in person, or did they send it via mail? If they were sent to your P.O. box, call and ask what this is all about. At this point, you can get your mother for mail theft and impersonation. As of now, you never heard about the collections letter your mom supposedly responded to and then stole from you again.
Do you still have the papers they served? Is what you owe payable at all? If the amount is like 2k, you should probably suck it up and pay. Get in touch with Legal Aid NOW.

You need to get away from your mother as soon as physically possible. Nobody likes living with multiple roommates, but she sounds like she wants to ruin you. See if there's a friend whose couch you can crash on for a few weeks while you apply to every job you can find.

No. 1659055

I can't find a working domain for watching tv shows (like putlocker etc), any working links?

No. 1659057

Why are people who were adults in the 70s/80s/90s so good looking? even more so when comparing them to people these days? Especially the men

No. 1659059

I'm tired but what came to my mind is that they had way less cameras back then and now every other fugly person is posting selfies on top of the people you see irl so it must be kinda skewed? like even if your view of the past decades is based on tv, movies, commercials, magazines, they aren't gonna put uglies on those and even family photos are usually mainly of family haha. I also do think people ate better and did dress better, but that is kinda regional, where some of my relatives were from, they were kinda malnourished but did look better because they were well groomed lol

No. 1659069

The only question that's staying true to the thread title kek.

No. 1659075

File: 1691606689773.jpg (42.99 KB, 563x570, cyberbullying.jpg)

Because having terrible fashion sense was bullying worthy back then. Nowadays having bright neon greasy hair and 100 piercings while being a fatass is accepted when back then that would have gotten you burned for being a lardass satanist. It saddens me how uglyness is so accepted nowadays, and i dont mean uglyness as in ''not super model tier hot'', normal looking people are making themselves ugly and it's outright accepted. Neon dyed hair, ugly fashion choices, ugly piercings, ugly makeup, ugly tattoos. This generation has the worst fucking fashion sense of all decades. The other day i went to an expensive clinic and i was greeted by jabba the hut james charles and zoe quinn with 50 piercings. I cannot believe people with such terrible fashion sense are allowed to have work, as receptionist on an expensive hospital no less. Yuck. I think that's also why so many teens troon out, having blue dyed hair, tattos and piercins and dressing quiky isnt especial anymore. If we brought back bullying we could get rid of 2 birds with one stone.

No. 1659095

Take some pics of yourself with some old styling and an old film camera. Or take an analog camcorder and film yourself. You’ll look better than you ever have.

No. 1659106

moids had layered hair with some volume that was more flattering to their faces and clothing that showcased them more too. So it was possible to be good looking even if you had a few flaws, provided you were fit and not balding. Nowadays men don't get proper haircuts anymore and dress poorly not to mention their diet and lack of actual exercise. I was wondering one day why moids are so ugly now and then I passed by a decently fit guy with a 70s shag-esque hairstyle and turtleneck and I'm still thinking about his jawline, his pecs and his everything else. Granted he was good looking to begin with but had he worn some cheap hoodie and that retarded undercut everyone has now, I wouldn't have noticed as much. It's about the highlight. Women still care about highlighting themselves in this present day, so the contrast isn't as jarring compared to the past.

But yeah also the pictures weren't as precise and everyone looks better blurred kek. And if you look at old pictures from normie events you'll see some ugly ass moids.

No. 1659238

what is a proshipper and an antishipper? do you just get yelled at and pulled into arguments for any ships these days?

No. 1659243

a proshipper ships things I don't like and a antishipper ships things I do like.

No. 1659259

all the stuff you listed wouldn't really so bad if they didn't decide to also add fat and unbathed to the mix. Except the face tat trend. More than one or two VERY small ones fuck up your face and you just look like someone scribbled all over you

No. 1659300

what would happen if I were to get a bowl's worth of sand, put some water in it (until it's lip soupy thick texture) put it in the microwave for 1-2 mintues, add more water as needed (to keep the wet thick texture) and ate it with a spoon? Would I die, why do I have the urge (and tools) to do this. I crave grits but i have none. Would it kill me? Is there a way you can safely consume wet warm sand?

No. 1659310

I think you could completely block your intestines since your body won't break it down, please don't do that, besides the sand will never change it's texture, it will only be sand, no matter how many times you microwave it. You might even get infected with some nasty shit in the process. I know this is the stupid questions thread, but I hope you are joking.

No. 1659312

a bowl? you'd most likely get some intestinal blockage or at the very least some bad aches, get a grip

No. 1659314

okay i won't do it, i only have a plastic bowl, if I had my glass bowl, I'd already maken a bowl

No. 1659318

you and the pantyhose anon need to be studied in a lab

No. 1659323

is this cementanon

No. 1659326

who is pantyhouse anon? Anyway, I don't know, I just feel like the powder thats in maple oatmeal mixxed with hot wet sand (With the right texture) sounds really good. I won't do it (today) but it's just a thought i have.

No. 1659327

Anon you need to eat beef and liver paté, I bet you need heme iron.

No. 1659330

i can't afford that, i got a bag of childerns sand month ago because I wanted to do something retarded while drunk and depressed. Now i'm looking at it and i'm thinking things. I can't afford "Pate" or whatever. I have what I have nona

No. 1659331

File: 1691625269729.jpg (27.33 KB, 500x500, 2f450b0cf4c1245c772544280eefd3…)

No. 1659370

Pate is basically pureed meat that's been pressed into a cake shape, I've never eaten one but I assume they're cheap cuz the ones I feed my dog are only like a buck each

No. 1659392

wait, can humans eat that? Can I like fry it with onions and stuff and it'd be good for a human to eat?

No. 1659417

File: 1691631954037.jpg (76.11 KB, 1024x604, What-is-Pate-and-how-to-eat-3-…)

So it's like spam?

No. 1659440

i wanna order custom pins of my husbandos and shit but all the etsy ppl are there saying to only use your own images. are they just covering their asses or are they actually gonna get on my case if i try to order? should i use aliexpress instead? i don’t wanna deal with that I JUST WANT THE PINS.

No. 1659445

Of course
I think so

No. 1659517

Use a custom button manufacturer like wackybuttons. They're really good.

No. 1659523

im not american but ok thanks.

No. 1659543

Sorry to hear that. Maybe try looking for a manufacturer based in your country?

No. 1659605

I guess you would accept being bullied not for appearance but for personality too? It's possible to not look like what you describe and be bullied because you're not conforming as a woman in personality. Guess you would just enjoy being bullied by moids if you like bullying so much, hmm (or just didn't understand the concept at all). Also fun fact, bullying screwed up brains of some people that way that younger ones are more susceptible to grooming and trooning out.
It's possible to be against some trends, I also don't like some, but also not to written such shitty takes. Take them outside lolcow because you gave me impression of someone who just left 4chan.

No. 1659615

Maybe get a pin making kit online? Then you might be able to do it yourself. I never tried myself yet but they seem easy to use.

No. 1659645

>Sorry to hear that.
Based kek

No. 1659656

Would a smart TV be ok if you never connect it to the internet? I can't find a dumb regular TV in the size I want, but I refuse to welcome another spy & ad-filled device onto my house, my phone is more than enoguh.

No. 1659733

I'm out of her house now, so I'm OK. I changed my mailing address to my grandma's house as well.
The papers were served to me in person at my mom's about 5 days before she had the sheriffs kick me out. My court date is August 22nd. The amount is just under 2k, but I'm struggling to eat enough to stay over 100 pounds rn. I have no income at the moment and nothing saved up thanks to my mom forcing me to stay home and watch my brother's kids. She was also paying me a full $2.50 less than my coworkers in the same position, but none of them would ever help me prove it bc they were happy to make so much more for doing so much less while I picked up the slack.

This is gonna be the dumbest question in the thread, but: what is legal aid? I'm in Florida if that helps at all.

No. 1659738

I think it's sweet but are they also into crystals?

No. 1659742

Analog all the way, or just get a little 4k projector. Trust me, I got a free flat screen Samsung smart TV from my aunt when she bought a bigger one, somehow taking it from her house to mine made it so that it will no longer do anything but turn on, show the Samsung logo, then go black. Everything is hooked up fine, called Samsung tech support & they said someone would have to come fix it or I'd have to take it in to get fixed. "Smart" is a major misnomer when it comes to things like screens. All they need to do is display what you're doing, they don't need internet access IMHO if you already have the screen plugged into an internet capable device. It just seems redundant to me.

No. 1659744

Healing your inner child is a mature and positive thing - you're accepting the fact that your parents failed you and you're trying to give yourself the things that they were supposed to give you. The phrase 'inner child' is taken from pop psychology though, I think the official term is reparenting.

Age regression AFAIK is used exclusively in negative context, like suddenly feeling the need to suck your thumb as a way to deal with stress or feeling helpless and wanting someone to take care of you and do things for/instead of you

No. 1659852

Yeah, aside from how stupidly easy these things break, I was mostly wondering if they are "normal" TVs as long as you keep them forever offline since that's what I want, just a huge monitor that can be plugged onto a TV antenna.

I'm finally moving out from my parent's house and finding regular appliances has been a pain in general, even mirrors come with speakers and able to make phone calls now. I have been having more luck looking on local small stores, but for TVs I haven't been able to find huge non-smart ones.

No. 1659920

Yeah, you're not likely to find a big TV anymore that has good picture quality and isn't a smart TV. Like I said, try a projector/soundbar combo, I highly recommend it.

Honestly the only reason I can think of for speakers, mics and wifi in everything is for hacking/spying, and with all the dat breaches lately… Nah. I don't trust it anymore, and I grew up terminally online, so that says something. I love the internet, but moving forward I want it the fuck out of my house unless it has a dedicated on/off switch.

No. 1659955

What can I do for a friend going through a rough breakup with a gross moid? Not "just listen and be there" but is there something I can do to cheer her up or something

No. 1659995

Maybe plan a fun activity to take her mind off things?

No. 1659996

Play video games or watch something fun together, to help keep her mind off of the breakup. Don't go drinking or something, that's when shit you regret and a lot of crying happens. Have some of that wholesome fun where you watch a reality show and eat snacks she loves.

No. 1660032

File: 1691682605932.jpeg (87.06 KB, 750x737, 05b13b1604fbf45ea072f225c88540…)

How do I stop being like picrel? Someones tone can rub me the wrong way and make me seeth for days, this can't be normal.

No. 1660052

analyze yourself (pref with a therapist) and confront whatever it was in your past that led to you putting too much importance on other people liking you

No. 1660057

How do people know celebrity and fictional character birth charts when you need a birth time to know the chart? Are they just guessing?

No. 1660101

Show her the empathy and love her boyfriend never showed her, plan a nice date- tell her to dress up a little and take a shower(usually helps for her mood), get some food together at her fav restuarunt (surprise her with food she likes or even get some snacks at the grocery store if youre on a budget), remind her shes special and invite her over for funny movies and videos(funny videos really ease the pain) and avoid anything about romance. I was broken up after 7 years and this really helped me get over him- being reminded that female relationships are full of empathy and love that men could never give or understand, and the unconditionalness that comes in friendships. Hope she feels better. Time heals.

No. 1660108

Alot of those websites have a box that says "birth time unknown" and you check that, it won't be as exact but that's how it is.

No. 1660116

nonnies who know better about degenerate internet shit: one of the radblrs i follow reblogged some post from a kink blog to kinkshame the person behind it. but i don't get wtf kinda kink it is. i didn't wanna look at the blog to closely because it's just disgusting porn gifs, but the op basically talked about pearls and programming and how good pearls behave?? anyone know wtf that is supposed to be? is it just more bdsm shit?

No. 1660127

It sounds like they’re referring to “pearls” from Steven universe, a race of crystal gem space aliens. In the show, their role in gem society is as subservient servants to high rank officials and royalty. They’re programmed to serve whoever. Sounds like this person is kinkshaming someone whose kink is getting off on dominating one of those fictional “pearls”. Otherwise idk.

No. 1660201

File: 1691693560192.png (116.27 KB, 664x592, font2.PNG)

how do i get this type of font on my browser? picrel is geocities on netscape 4

No. 1660232

Is there any way to remove OneDrive from my file explorer, or at least change the order in which it appears?

No. 1660241

What do you mean by the type of font? Like how it's really crisp/you can see the pixel clearly? There are many fonts on your image.
Yeah, I did that while I had 10 installed, I think I had to tinker a bit with it with the registry editor. You can find a tutorial pretty easily if you look it up.

No. 1660272

>Like how it's really crisp/you can see the pixel clearly?
yup that's what i meant soz for the confusion

No. 1660282

File: 1691697306654.png (2.9 KB, 439x100, cleartype turned off.png)

If you're on windows turn off cleartype in the settings.
>Look up cleartype
>click on adjust cleartype text
>uncheck Turn on ClearType
If you're on mac i have no idea, maybe look for cleartype mac equivalent if such a thing exists.
Though even for windows, it's weird, it affected the way it showed text in firefox, but not in chrome. Maybe it would work after a restart idk

No. 1660312

File: 1691698763522.png (15.68 KB, 412x566, smooth edges.png)

Oh I found another setting, for windows. If you search Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows, select Custom here and uncheck smooth fonts in picrel, it turns off the effect to a greater extent, actually now chrome looks like that too. Also this smoothing effect is called anti-aliasing so that might help you find it for mac if you're on it.

No. 1660322

File: 1691699152738.png (5.31 KB, 263x432, yahoooo.PNG)

thank you so much nonnie!! the browser was indeed not affected after turning off cleartype, but after i unchecked the smooth edges it looks excatly how i want!

No. 1660378

I keep seeing people likely genderspecial zoomers demanding that otome games have the option of a male character to play as. Do these people also demand that BL games have a female MC option? I'm not into Bl so I don't know.

No. 1660409

File: 1691703643368.jpg (17.47 KB, 236x236, be634ec7fb57e217bb97701f3983e5…)

Today he asked me about the stone again and he said he read about it and that it actually fits him and he said he would like to make a hole in it to wear it or hang it in his car. I thought it was so cute, like he actually cared about the gift?? If I knew he would want to wear it I would buy him one which already had a hole in it or a hanger. I was scared he would think it was cringe or something but he's been bringing up the stone for 2 days. Now I regret I didn't buy him one with a hole in it Doesn't help that I have a crush on him but I barely talk to him so well, at least I'm glad that he liked the gift
None of them is "into" crystals to my knowledge, but as you can see with the guy I mentioned above, looks like some people can like it despite not being into crystals in general

No. 1660481

You've heard of "Forgive but don't forget" but what is the opposite "Forget but don't forgive" supposed to mean?

No. 1660494

don't let the situation haunt you and influence your life but don't forgive the person that did it

No. 1660513

this is either the dumbest shit I've ever heard or literally a million dollar idea

No. 1660514

Never heard that in my life, I'm gonna go with "not a real saying so don't worry about it"

No. 1660579


Agree with >>1660514

Since the pandemic people have been making g up their own spin-off phrases of old common sense ones, that actually make 0 sense. It means nothing other than "I want to sound deep but am illiterate and cannot".

No. 1660718

Where is the best thread to post my husbando sperging if he's fictional but not an anime man? He's a book character but there's a "3D" tv version of him as well.

No. 1660719

The hornyposting husbando thread should be fine. 3d men are fine there as long as they are fictional, see the Anakin Skywalker posting there.

No. 1660811

>recent graduate of cringputer science who failed her way thru university
>no internships, no relevant volunteer work, no part time jobs
>will have to leave the country in 2 months if no comp sci related job of at least 20hr/wk
>main friend group all called her twansphobic and right-wing radicalized for calling a pedorapistgroomer "he"
>main friend group is all tech workers, whose network could be helpful in job search
do i go message them for workshit after a year of us dropping out of each other's lives? i hate the thought. none of them showed me an ounce of grace during that last fight despite our 4 years of friendship
i'd rather take a data analyst or even instructor job and work my way up towards data science-y or legacy code maintainence work (idk, i didnt fail my way thru uni by being smart) then lower my pride and talk to them again. even in our friendships i was p much the only one reaching out to talk anyways. i feel like trash wasting my uni years and opportunities and needing to be lucky to land a not even very comp sci-y job like data analyst.
am i being stupid to not talk to them? i dont even know if they'd respond to me after a year. i think it'd be awkward and pretty much useless at best. if 4 years of friendship didnt build enough good will for them to not pile on me over a fucking celeb groomer than what are the chances of them ""deigning"" to talk to me now?

No. 1660829

Reach them out. They most likely won't help you, but trying isn't gonna hurt you in any way. After reaching them out you will end up in the same place as you are right now or end up with a job.

No. 1660833

The chances are not high, but you could keep it neutral and maybe feign an apology (if this disgusts you just remember it’s for a job). Nothing to lose really.

No. 1660834

All fictional guys go into the hornyposting thread. I've posted a live action movie character there. Also there has been nonas posting book characters.

No. 1660835

I think it's really dumb, but otome game creators do listen to them. So I wonder if they also put pressure on BL games. Or is it just male characters who need to be included everywhere?

No. 1660838

Highly doubt they pressure BL games creators into including regular "cis" female MCs but there likely are gendies out there who demand aiden BL MCs

No. 1660840

Japanese/eastern too or just westerners? No point in bothering with westoid VN shit tbh

No. 1660859

Eastern too, there is for example an upcoming adult otome game called What in hell is bad where the developers bowed to this.
Aidens already got their yaoi games to self-insert in so it pisses me off that fem mc games must pander to them too.

No. 1660983

What do you need to get your own house?

No. 1661003

File: 1691765189819.png (60.59 KB, 300x300, nyoroooooo.png)

Hypothetical speaking if i where to create a new thread i do i link the previous threads in the discription

No. 1661009

Yes, either link the last or just the last few threads

No. 1661011

Good credit, a good sized downpayment and usually a partner helps (more are willing to sell to potential families or duo income for better finicial security)

No. 1661031

aryt. I forgot to write "how" whoops. I meant to ask how do I add a link to a previous thread ?

No. 1661038

click the "No. " next to the post number and it'll give you the link. don't click the number, click the text.

No. 1661049

Can streaming games as a hobby not be degrading? Or does parasocialism come with the territory?

No. 1661058

Copy the url of the thread. make sure you click the OP number so it links to the OP of the thread instead of a random post.

No. 1661070

How do I get rid of or prevent cellulite? I just turned 28 and I’m getting it all over myself and it’s making me want to kms.

No. 1661086

move around more (walking, sports, exercise, dig a ditch, whatever, just increase your movement)

No. 1661096

thanks nona, great advice!

No. 1661109

What would be appropriate to bring to a memorial service for my neighbors husband? Its at their house. And, we are in the south so it will be hot. I am thinking perhaps a watermelon tray, and grilled skewers? We have a nice grill, and the skewers could stay in the fridge before grilling?
Im not trying to overstep, but my love language is caretaking so im at a bit of a loss here

No. 1661124

File: 1691773740135.jpg (57.97 KB, 500x400, DessertPizzaResized.jpg)

I have no idea, I'm sorry, but it sounds wrong to bring uncooked grill skewers and cook at their place. bring something already cooked. broccoli slaw, dessert pizza (the kind that's just fruit on a cookie). something like that.

No. 1661132

We live next door, so cooking would work and bringing it over as they are ready/ or move the grill to the driveway. But i see what youre saying… Im gonna mull it over and look through some cookbooks

No. 1661137

File: 1691775294920.jpg (195.31 KB, 900x1200, summer.jpg)

I would say extend the watermelon platter to a fruit platter, if possible. Or even just add a few more melons (honeydew, cantaloupe) and keep it as a melon tray.

No. 1661156

In a part of life where I’m trying to find a hobby that I could be passionate about.. if such a thing exists. I already am decent with visual art. I have always loved art but could never fully commit or feel passionate about it like other people do.. I considered taking piano lessons but I literally am at square zero and have never learned music in my life. Is it a good idea to try?

No. 1661203

Would it be weird if I suggested learning guitar instead? There are probably a lot of online resources for learning piano, too, but I find guitar can be more accessible. Motivation is also easier to maintain if you learn songs you like from online tabs. An acoustic guitar is only a few hundred bucks depending on what you buy, whereas keyboards can be more complicated because different models cost more depending on how big they are and if there's pressure sensitivity, etc. (I suggest a steel string over nylon or classical, but it's up to you!) Another thing to think about is accessibility. It's easy to throw your guitar in a case and go, even if the case is a little heavy, but a keyboard is always going to need electricity. You will never be able to move a real piano.
Of course, if you'd prefer piano, take piano lessons! But I just thought I'd offer the alternative.
You already know this from being an artist, but a lot of people get easily discouraged from playing instruments because they think they "sound bad" or "aren't improving". You just have to keep going! And if you find yourself struggling with a technique or style, do something else and come back in a few days.

No. 1661208

File: 1691780449452.jpeg (279.46 KB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.3240090736_kjk4.jpeg)

Should I buy this for my cat? I live in a small space so her litter box is in the hallway but I stillwant my house to look presentable, it’s like $200 before taxes though.

No. 1661213

it's cute but $200+?? that is wayyyyy too much for a damn litterbox

No. 1661215

Too expensive, although it does look pretty cool. Bet you could DIY with a plastic bin or something.

No. 1661217

File: 1691780795820.jpg (241.77 KB, 1377x955, 81EJWtYmwdS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

That's really ugly for $200. Why not one of the nicer fake wood ones for the same price?

No. 1661224

File: 1691781586692.jpg (91.11 KB, 700x700, Kimmel 58_ Cat Condo.jpg)

I got this for my cats and its so much better nonnie. I still have yet to find a litterbox where the cat litter isnt flying everywhere (this one is still better than any cat box ive had, even the one with stairs) but for $230CAD on sale and it hides the litter box and smell very very well!
Kimmel 58" cat condo

No. 1661226

I also have 4 cats so i hope no one feels pressured into buying this. It was a big splurge but deffs the best ive had so far, small box (but heavy, slideable on floor or carpet) and doesnt get litter everywhere (even closed boxes i tend to get litter on the floor)

No. 1661229

File: 1691781787062.jpg (71.49 KB, 679x850, 71cPkOyzaUL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

Idk much about litter boxes or if they have some special technology, but I think you should just try to make your own with a storage bin. Would something like these fake plant litterboxes work? It's decorative and seems pretty small, only $60-90 on amazon depending on which one you get. You could probably even turn it on it's side so no one can see the hole.

No. 1661231

File: 1691781856845.jpg (140.48 KB, 1333x1500, 71c5ksqt6vL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Samefag, or what about one like this? $54 but I'm sure you can find both boxes somewhere cheaper.
I didn't even know decorative litterboxes were a thing before this question though. You learn something from lolcow everyday.

No. 1661233

File: 1691782003502.jpg (102.92 KB, 544x548, dress.jpg)

Hey all!
My fiancé and I are getting married with just my parents, his parents, my grandparents and his sister.
Its going to be at my parents backyard because my partner and I who live a few states away are in town for my dads birthday that week.
My questions:
1.This is my dress, do you think it needs a veil? I'm going to have a flower comb at the back of my hair but unsure if it would suit a veil.
Also I have more of the same fabric coming to cover the boob area more because I hate showing cleavage like that.

2. Do we keep it as a surprise from my parents and grandparents?
They know we were going to "elope" in November but mum was/is very sad about that as I'm an only child.
So we had the idea to do it while we're up visiting, we've signed the paperwork so just waiting for the documents to get to the celebrant.
But my plan was to tell my parents and grandparents "Hey fiancés parents want to take you to a fancy restaurant for dinner to meet you all, we're leaving at 5pm." So they dress up a bit nicer)
Then the celebrant shows up instead, his parents show up with sister, we come downstairs in my nice dress and him in a suit with the arch I'll make and hide in my room/the flowers we hid.
I think my mum and grandma would really appreciate it, and I think the surprise will be nice.
My partner thinks we should tell them the day before so they don't feel left out, but apart from his parents showing up there's nothing else to do.

No. 1661237

This was worded so funny, I was imagining you marrying all of those people you listed but for the veil part, I don't think you should do a veil. It would be annoying to match to the dress and I think this would suit a flower crown thing way better, but I also say this a nordic nona who loves a summer wedding. For the telling part, I don't think keeping the dress a secret would be a bad thing.

No. 1661240

I meant the whole "wedding" is a secret until the celebrant arrives at the house like 10 mins before we actually get married.
I love the flower crown idea too but I dont think its my fiancés jam

No. 1661248

OH well I wouldn't take any man's opinion on that but I think no veil would be the best and I think as a guest I would be pissy to be thrown in a surprise wedding to be completely honest, but I'm kinda weird about shit like that.

No. 1661251

I know I'm socially retarded because my heart started racing reading this lol. oh my god I can't imagine combining a week long trip to my parents with a surprise wedding and a dad's birthday party while previously shouldering my parents' disappointment they won't get to go to my wedding but also keeping is a secret they're going to get to go to my surprise wedding aaaaaah

beautiful dress though! stunning.

No. 1661253

Beautiful nonnie and congrats! Maybe you could go with a different colored vail to match the accents on the dress(?) I am unsure if uts a possability, but it is a thought! Or maybe add in some flowers but not neccrsarily a crown? You will look so beautiful, i am so excited for you!

I would tell them about the wedding beforehand, maybe a day or twos notice especially if anything were to come up.
I hope you have a beautiful life and wedding together!

No. 1661254

Congratulations anon!

No. 1661280

omg thanks nonnas for all the ideas! I wasn’t expecting any of it haha. Yeah now that i see it the one i found is way too ugly and expensive for what it is, I might get the planter one!

No. 1661562

Why don't americans make a distinction between middle-easterners and north africans? They're on completely different continents yet all get referred to as either middle eastern or MENA.

No. 1661568

Weird, do they? Is MENA a recent thing? Where I am, we just go by black if they're black, and African or Middle Eastern depending on which nation they're from. Can you give an example or something? I've only seen "MENA" on lc lately.

No. 1661570

Schools are bad here it’s really that simple

No. 1661574

The term has been around for years, I usually see it on other sites though. Sometimes it depends on if the person is directly from a country or is american but has the same ethnicity as people from another country, most of the time I see it used for the latter.

No. 1661607

When my sister’s friend did a surprise marriage ceremony they initially set it up as their Jack and Jill party.

No. 1661618

Is it socially acceptable for me to tell my friends that I'm going to get married after my friends wedding reception tommorrow? I really don't want to make it a big deal out of it and I'm not even going to have a wedding, but I know they're going to ask me and it's the only time I can tell them all in person before I have to fly back home the next day. I'd rather tell them in person than by text, but also I don't want to seem like I'm trying to divert attention from the friend getting married. The politics of wedding shit is exhausting and I don't want anyone to be mad at me whew

No. 1661638

I would err on the side of caution

No. 1661641

Do not do that

No. 1661645

Good to know, guess I'll just have to tell them over text then after all.

No. 1661669

If you really want to tell them IRL, just ask your friend if it's alright first. If they're fine with it then it's not wrong.

No. 1661693

I won't really have a chance to ask her before tomorrow, so I'll just message them about it another day then. Not ideal, but probably works best here.

No. 1661830

File: 1691822441779.png (421.54 KB, 650x685, vafg4hV.png)

Genuinely what fucking causes this?

No. 1661832

They get off on feeling morally superior

No. 1661835

the guy is just a bane poster dont difame him like that

No. 1661836

There are also thinks called idk like diseases and conditions and medications that cause immune weakness and stuff

No. 1661838

I don't want to catch covid, the flu, or the common cold. I'm happy wearing my mask and I mind my business. Why does it bother you?
Weird take but ok

No. 1661841

You have a mental illness.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1661846

Oh look here’s one now

No. 1661848

You’re weakening your immune system

No. 1661850

I don't know why you're so upset, all I explained is why I wore it. I answered anon's question, and then I asked her why people wearing masks upsets her. People in countries that are not the US were wearing masks before the pandemic. Were you guys anti-maskers or something
That's not how it works, but thank you for your concern.

No. 1661863

Nobody is upset, just telling you how it is. You have a mental illness.

No. 1661866

>I answered anon's question
And proved >>1661832 right because the question wasn’t “why do people wear face masks”. Kek it went right over your head.

No. 1661868

Nta but it said "what causes this" which, imo, looks like it's asking why people are still wearing masks post-covid.

No. 1661872


Nta but you're being a narc over something really simple

No. 1661873

Went over your head too(infighting)

No. 1661874

Yeah, that's how I read it? If anon wanted to shit on people she could have gone to vent instead. I was trying to answer her question.

No. 1661875

OP could've just been more specific then.

No. 1661877

You’re literally in the stupid questions thread

No. 1661880

Yeah? I'm not saying OP shouldn't have asked, but the question was vague. They could've just been more specific or clarified if the reply anon gave wasn't answering the question.

No. 1661889

Is there a word that is kind of opposite of feeling nostalgic? I know part of feeling nostalgic is sadness but when I think of a specific era in the past, I feel repulsed almost.

No. 1661894


No. 1661897

I wasn’t even sentient in said era so it’s not shame

No. 1661899

what era?

No. 1661900

Secondhand embarrassment?

No. 1661904

File: 1691824422838.png (13.06 KB, 673x151, nostalgia.PNG)

Any of these?

No. 1661914

File: 1691824876487.jpeg (96.19 KB, 750x563, IMG_1317.jpeg)

Kind of leaning towards a mixture of secondhand embarrassment and being cynical. I only feel it when looking back on late 90s/very very early 2000s kek like picrel really triggers it

No. 1661921

70s disgusting nicotine stained nasty carpet and wood paneling and brown and sepia everything makes me feel this way

No. 1661924

why? i really miss when things were this colorful and vivid. Will take it any day over how overly white and safe everything is nowadays. I wish we could switch places because it makes so depressed to live in such a white bread era.

No. 1661927

It’s not about the architecture. It’s just the feeling I get when thinking back on that era.

No. 1661979

Is it normal to feel like your muscles are never truly relaxed? I don't know if I'm overanalyzing my body but I notice that no matter if I'm standing, sitting or lying down, I keep unconsciously tensing and clenching different parts of my body. And when I catch myself doing it and unclench, almost immediately after my attention shifts elsewhere I tense that same part again.

Sometimes it's not just one muscle group but for example I catch myself making a fist and holding a lot of pressure there or I'm curling my toes with a lot of force.

Idk if all this is completely normal but I feel dumb and also annoyed that I don't ever get to feel relaxed and I don't know how to start changing this.

No. 1661981

It is abnormal and could be signs that you will develop Parkinsons

No. 1662044

File: 1691830219001.jpg (214.16 KB, 1024x635, cow.jpg)

Horse girls, former horse girls and maybe famers acquaintanced with horse girls, what is it about horses out of all animals, and why are there no horse boys?

No. 1662049

It is trains for female autism

No. 1662068

Makes sense. I actually even asked some time ago on here why there are no female train autists, so this seems like the perfect pendant.

No. 1662096

I guess for the same reason boys are not interested in a male version of mermaids (didn't want to write mermen and not be understood). It's kinda boring to be interested in horses all things considered, like they're farm animals (when not in riding competition stuff), but other farm animals, equipments and stuff is a lot cooler.

No. 1662100

File: 1691835153407.png (188.21 KB, 1403x996, IMG-71.png)

when did these meme of depicting Finland and Finnish people as this cartoonish asian racial caricature come about, it seems finnish people themselves make these memes.

No. 1662106

A horse is a car and a doll (Long hair)

No. 1662129

I’m only a horse girl by proxy (my sister is the horse girl) and idk what the answer is, one of my dad’s friends told him that if he bought my sister a horse she’d never care about boys though

No. 1662133

Why are so many anons obsessed with blonde hair and believe it'll fix their lifes? Is this like incels believing their negative canthal tilt is why everyone hates them? I'm a natural blonde and I think brunette or redheads look better and classier that's why I've been wanting to dye my hair and whenever I see some anon shoop a celebrity and try to make points about how having blonde hair and blue eyes make them superior, I get so utterly confused.

No. 1662141

I feel like everyone goes through a phase of having the opposite hair colour they're born with. But also, as a brunette with greys I now understand why a lot of women go lighter or transition to blonde as they age. To blend in grey hairs. I did the blonde thing to see if it made my hair growth easier to manage but no. Now I just try to ignore my greys between dye jobs for my mental health. Wouldn't be so bad if they were just grey. Grey hairs have a different texture to my youthful brown lol

No. 1662143

I would love to be a horse girl but I am not financially secure. When I went to riding schools we had a mysterious horse boy. I think the boys get a bit more doted on in a class out of girls and he went on to do competitive stuff and made a career from it.

Anyway. Horses are just gorgeous creatures. Beautiful manes and tails. I got to learn how to do braids on a beautiful docile horse. Horses are really sensitive there's something about them that I find calming. There was a girl with cerebral palsy at my stables and there was a specific horse she was bonded with and she would just light up with him. It was a great form of therapy.

I love if you're out and see a horse in a field and call it over. Its like being blessed by this big beautiful regal creature. Horses are class. Big up those beauties

No. 1662147

Horses were fundamental to big industrial projects and then warhorse and knightd you'd think boys would like that. I guess they appreciate a horses power by meauaring their cars in horse power and horse racing is pretty popular.

I also wonder if girls have a kinship with horses because they maybe gave a sense of freedom. You could travel on a horse and they're also big powerful animals. You don't want to get kicked by a horse. Be like riding about on a bodyguard if you treat it right.

No. 1662150

as a child i remember hating my hair color because it was mousy as opposed to deep shiny black like my siblings' or white blonde like my best friend.
i preferred the blonde bc barbie was the main character and i was an attention whore.
now i don't give much of a fuck, still like blondes but i've never seen a fake blonde with roots who wouldn't look better with her actual darker hair color

No. 1662168

Anxiety, mindrot, OCD

No. 1662186

I understand anon. I'm sure your grey hairs aren't noticeable, my hair didn't grey but I have some strands that are very different than my own hair texture and they're not really that noticeable.
>i've never seen a fake blonde with roots who wouldn't look better with her actual darker hair color
I agree and yeah I understand how you feel. I really am jealous of women with natural shiny pure black hair, it's so beautiful but it doesn't suit my skin so I'll never be able to go that color. I'm sire your dark blonde/brown hair looks gorgeous on its own

No. 1662190

THIS. Yes.

No. 1662193

I have always wondered about this too. Horses are usually depicted in historical war stuff and fantasy movies which usually is popular amongst boys so you would think more boys would be interested in horses. Its not even a cultural thing because horse care and riding wasnt traditionally a woman's job.
Horses are creatures that requires you build a good relationship and an trust. I guess modern boys cant be bothered to do that because feelings are girly so they never gain any interest in horses in the first place.
I also do wonder if marketing as something to do with it? Most horse toys and media is made for girls. As >>1662106 says its easy to make horse toys with the focus on styling because of the long hair. So maybe from early childhood we automatically associate horses with girls?

No. 1662201

i'm a swede and i've never seen any memes like this until now, so i assume you're right and it's some self-hating thing finns do? why asian tho, y'all are white as fuck. it reminds me of when americans insist russia is an asian country rather than european

No. 1662203

why are women obsessed with being skinny, having big/perky tits, a round ass, tiny waist, thigh-gap, white teeth, big lips, tiny nose, perfect eyebrows, flawless skin, no body hair…
just another beauty ideal, some people obsess harder than others. It's not deeper than that.

No. 1662208

One on the left looks kind of fashionable lol

No. 1662212

Finns genetically have some asian in them.

No. 1662219

I guess sami and kven people don't exist

No. 1662220

maybe because finnish is an uralic language? uralic languges are also used in some part of asia if im not mistaking but im not a linguist so im not sure how widespread it is.

No. 1662223

You're splitting hairs over an answer to a question about a meme

No. 1662225

ok as a swede you might ponder who were the people who stole skulls from here to prove finns were subhuman, not european whites lmao

No. 1662227

Not really. Some finns that have some or none ancestry to sami or kven equals that to being an asian or like the americans being proud natives while being 1/64. It's the same when people thought Björk was asian because of her eyes

No. 1662231

You're overcomplicating a question about a dumb meme

No. 1662236

If you don't like the answer then go to the suomillanka thread and ask it there.

No. 1662241

you're telling not a single second in your history class you learned about how swedes treated finns, using the excuse they're a lesser race (not white) to justify colonizing them and even stealing their skulls like >>1662225 said? lmao I guess you're too busy learning the quran.

No. 1662256

You can be whitepassing and have asian ancestry or asian features, Russians are partially asian, some more some less and there are a lot of asian minorities there so it's not that big of a surprise that they'd be mixed.
Quran-chan stop baiting. It's not that random anons fault.

No. 1662285

Is it possible to get addicted to buying pokemon cards? I'm pretty sure I spend more money on them than on food and more than I should. I also get this junkie rush when I buy a new set

No. 1662286

No. 1662291

I bet they're even designed in a way to make you addicted, or just the concept of collecting a cardgame in general

No. 1662293

Anon you can get addicted to buying anything, it's called a shopping addiction. It used to be a hot topic before Capitalism took completely over, now pointlessly and endlessly buying stuff is seen as the only way to live.

Unfortunately addictioms.are caused by trauma/neglect, so until you figure out why you're compelled to keep buying cards you'll just replace that habit with something else equally as unhealthy. I'm not too sure but I think that's what "shadow work" is.

No. 1662314

>Unfortunately addictioms.are caused by trauma/neglect
Kek nona, trading card games are just a gatcha that's why it's addictive, they're designed to keep you buying them using the lucky factor & rare pulls as a draw, since not knowing what you will get and getting uncommon cards give people a small rush of dopamine. It has nothing to do with trauma/neglect.

And other shopping addictions can happen for whatever reason as well, my friend has a well-paying job, loving family and a huge circle of friends and she got into an addiction simply because going shopping and receiving new things is fun/exciting to her.

No. 1662328

Well I never had any friends or relationships and I had a traumatic childhood, but I know I'm too autistic to create bonds with people, I also can't improve my looks, I'm not ugly and I'm quite slim but I was diagnosed with AGA and even though it seems like I stopped balding, my hair looks like cotton candy and is very thin, which is a very typical hair texture for androgenic alopecia. I've been working to save my hair for 3 years and my hair was the only thing I really liked about myself. I don't have literal bald spots anymore but my hair really looks like shit and even mean people point out to me that it looks like shit and tell me to try this conditioner and that shampoo and I tried literally everything and even though I explain to them that the texture of hair is caused by AGA, and not me being a lazy slob who doesn't wash her hair, they simply don't get it and ask the same questions over and over again. So if I can't be pretty, I can't have friends and I can't have love, my only way of coping is just buying nice stuff that ties to my interests, like pokemon cards or art supplies. Seriously what else can I do to have any pleasure in life? Meditation doesn't work, food doesn't give me pleasure, exercising doesn't help, antidepressants don't help, therapy doesn't help, going in the woods
doesn't help. What else is there to do? Contact with animals eases my pain. A couple of years ago I lost my cat who was my only friend and had him since I was 9. But now I live in a place where the landlord doesn't allow any pets. And I don't have the time to go somewhere where I can touch animals. Seriously I'm starting to think about looking for some kind of animal therapy or something because I just can't cope anymore. But I feel like it's too much of a hussle and I don't have the time for all the formalities. What else can I do?

No. 1662334

File: 1691853022612.png (Spoiler Image, 423.08 KB, 640x968, byBcazhdbOtxb7KKCRZFQHHgdZr169…)

Can you do this with your hand? If yes, are you double jointed or have some other hyper-mobility thing? I am trying to do this but I can't.

No. 1662346

File: 1691853529026.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1018.67 KB, 2616x3710, 1exo8982b7hb1.jpg)

Another pic for reference. It's like I can get close but my thumb isn't long enough or something. I think it must be hypermobility

No. 1662356

What's there to not can? As in, what is it that you struggle with?

No. 1662357

I struggle with putting my thumb in the position shown in the pictures

No. 1662373

Is a tall man (6 ft+) guaranteed to have a big dick?

No. 1662375

No. No, not at all.

No. 1662385

File: 1691854950089.jpeg (53.62 KB, 716x542, B5DC33FD-E02A-4B3D-B3E2-7F1C04…)

Do any nonnas who are dealing with mental illness deal with the same phenomenon as me with men? I have PTSD and depression. I got icky arms from self harm too.

But I noticed when a man tries to pursue me for a relationship they act absolutely bonkers. They try to play up that they’re sooooo mentally ill but it feels like they’re making it their quirk. They say the weirdest edgiest shit to me. For example one guy would tell me he would black out as a child and bite other kids or claw them till they bled and that he thinks he’s a psychopath. He would also say other weird things to me. But outside of interacting with me, or while trying to get with other girls he would act completely normal. Another guy is doing this to me currently, he DMs me stuff like “what if two bpd people dated hahah that’s would be soooo crazy”..first of all I’m not BPD. I ignored it, so now he’s acting like he’s some crazy obsessed stalker for his coworker, posting about her non stop, making vague comments about how he’s making me super jealous (I have not interacted with him after that weird bpd dm) and then continues to creep post about this married women and plays up how craaaazy he is for being this way. there are many more men that act like this towards me but this post is getting long.

I don’t talk about my mental illness to anyone due to people just never understanding and making wild assumptions about me and my life. There was a time for a few years I tried to never hide my nasty arms because I wanted to get over the shame which is when I met these men. I think my scars are the reason I attract people like this. I hide them now and haven’t had this problem with any new men in my life. Except for the occasional Twitter/discord dork who gets a little unhinged when they see a women post their epic 4chong maymays that they most likely learned about from one of those video essays that spoonfeed you old internet culture, but that’s a different animal.
I feel like because of my scars I’m screwed when it comes to the dating scene. I feel like I’ll only attract unhinged men. Anyone else who is mentally ill or who has SH scars deal with the same treatment as me? Does anyone in here with SH scars have a partner who is completely normal and accepting of you?

No. 1662426

can't, thumb is way too short

No. 1662500

because of hollywood perception

No. 1662517

File: 1691861584621.png (58.59 KB, 540x385, tad.png)

I'm back on Tumblr (yes, I'm that stupid) and after I blocked 4 persons I followed because of troon bullshit and many other people aren't active anymore, I need some new ones to follow. Don't care about the topic (ok, please no BTS or Taylor Swift and stuff like that), just tell me, what are your favourite Tumblrs? I will look at every recommendation and follow if it fits my taste.

No. 1662521

This might not be helpful because I'm a lesbian, so I've never actually dated a man, but I aree it's almost certainly the scars. My thighs are mangled from SH and men treat me very differently once they see them (like when I wear shorts). It's exactly like what you've noticed, they suddenly start armchair diagnosing me, they try to tell me about their own weird sociopathy, and just make really fucked up inappropriate comments (like one who said "we should kill girls together in my basement as a power couple haha"). I think it also triggers a broken bird syndrome thing in some men, because they try really hard to "save" me in their pursuit of me. I have to assume there are men that are normal about it, but they do appear very rare. Every woman I've dated has been understanding and considerate, but I know that's not really what you were asking. Good luck nona, I hope you do find a guy who doesn't act like a psycho about this.

No. 1662542

>and why are there no horse boys
what do you mean?

No. 1662553

My arms are covered in scars and yes, people treat you differently if they didn't know you before they saw your scars. With men I mostly get the guys that try to "fix" or "rescue" you, they are annoying as hell because I don't need saving, I need to be left alone by them. Years ago one guy would come up to me at a festival and his first comment was "oh, you have bpd, too", I told him no and went on with my day. That's one thing that makes it quite annoying for me, that people assume I have bpd or was raped or shit like that while nothing of it is the case, they act like they know all about why you have mental health problems and you can't even talk to them that they are wrong.
So if I'm new in a group or try to date someone, I will hide my scars until they know me better. I don't like hiding my scars and don't mind wearing short sleeves/shorts, but socialising and being taken serious is easier if people don't see them at first. Still, I don't think that scars are the only reason we attract unhinged men, we probably act different compared to other women and somehow they can see that and therefore we have to deal with them. The best thing is, you discovered it and can change a little bit to find men that aren't mentally ill and date them and I don't think you are screwed for life, just hide your scars until you know him better and then you can talk about your scars and past, if he is a good and not unhinged man.

No. 1662565

No. 1662571

the fake horse riding looks like a lil gangnam style dance

No. 1662572

File: 1691864408441.jpeg (139.47 KB, 857x1239, 48CC5B04-9CCF-4BB1-9F29-3CFAA3…)

why does movie tape sometimes look stretched out? are there benefits to it?

No. 1662581

>The Phantom Menace

No. 1662608

Where has the cute guys thread disappeared to?

No. 1662618

it's still in /m/, wdym

No. 1662715

at what age should you stop wearing Brandy Melville? and I don't want to hear shit about it being ugly idc

No. 1662718

It's not ugly but I'm third world so even tho im 22 I'm jealous of the younger women who get to wear it lmao. You can wear it until you get bored, there no set age.

No. 1662720

Ok, so perhaps it's not about about hypermobility but just having long fingers

No. 1662724

I don’t think there is a set age? Wear what makes you feel good and what makes you feel comfortable!

No. 1662739

File: 1691878605211.jpeg (779.81 KB, 828x1594, 83703C2C-CFF4-46AC-9428-476BDC…)

Isnt that brand just popular because of young ana chans wearing it? I’m looking at their website and every model they have looks like a teen or something you would see be posted by some shopped instagram influencer. I think the styling is cute but its so weird to see basic shirts be sold for $18+ when you can just go to other stores that sell xxs or one size only shirts for the same effect

No. 1662743

Brandy Melville is grandma clothes for teenagers, you can continue to wear it until you die.

No. 1662758

Is that pic from a review or did they allow this to be used to promote their product?

No. 1662769

I thought the same thing but its actually what they use as modeling photos for their clothes

No. 1662825

Should I download whatsapp? Is there any stupid bullshit I should be aware of?

No. 1662838

what for? I use it because its the most ppular messaging app in my country, its aight i guess i dont use it beyond messaging people

No. 1662839


Check out local animal shelters for volunteering opportunities. I've heard they often need people to walk the dogs or pet/socialize with the cats.

No. 1662853

As long as it fits you can keep going. The clothes look really basic imo, i feel like i've seen tons of 30 year olds wearing clothes that look like and it feels right to me.

No. 1662860

Nonna, if you are in the US, ask the psychiatrist prescribing you the meds to write a letter for an emotional support animal. By law, a landlord must allow you to have an emotional support animal live in the unit with you if you have proper documentation (the letter from your health care provider). I would look into it and ask your therapist for advice, because it sounds like an emotional support cat is essential for your wellbeing.

No. 1662878

I'm in Netherlands. Tbh I would be scared to have a cat here because I rent a room in a house where other people live and they often leave doors open, I wouldn't trust them and I would be scared the cat might escape because one of the guys got stoned or something and forgot to close the door… Sometimes I think about going back to my home country, where I could have a pet and stuff, but it's really hard to find a job there. Here at least I don't have to worry about employment, I recently got promoted, which costed me a tremendous amount of masking and stress. Now, after 2 years of torture and traumatizing myself in order to be able to work among people, the thought of changing jobs and having to traumatize myself yet again, just to accommodate myself to new environment and new people, it fills me with dread. For now, I think that the stress of going back to my home country to my empty house, where nobody even knows about my existence, and starting employment journey from zero (I never worked in my country) would simply kill me, I would be too paralyzed to do anything and I would start hoarding again and not leaving my house again..

No. 1662896

Why should I not send my ex my used panties

No. 1662898

yep, this is a stupid question alright

No. 1662909

This may be an odd suggestion, but have you considered a caged animal? Rats can be incredibly sweet, although they only live for like two years.

No. 1662911

He could use any traces of DNA on it to frame you for a crime

No. 1662918

He could sell it online and a fat creepy moid will do god knows what with it

No. 1662921

Marry for love or better quality of life?

No. 1662922

You don’t know what he’ll do with it or if he’ll tell others that you give away used underwear as a means to make fun of you for being desperate

No. 1662925

Don't marry, make enough money to date models and throw them away when you are bored

No. 1662953

how do we feel about audio porn? what do we fap to if porn is banned?

No. 1662975

We? Who is we? I don't do group stuff.
Don't click on any weird links people send you, can get your account hacked… do good use of your internet knowledge and common sense.

No. 1662994

When I press down firmly and hold the pressure on my clit, my whole pussy enters little twitching contractions like a reflex or something until I release the pressure. It reminds me of when the doctor hits your knee and you leg kicks out on reflex, but for your pussy. Is this a thing or is it just me? Can someone try it and report? I'm just curious kek

No. 1663013

surely you have enough brainpower to use your imagination… that way you're not also limited by what other people make

No. 1663041

ayrt well this is scary to hear, as both of my grandfathers had Parkinson's. I guess I should go and talk about it with a professional. Thanks for replying and cautioning me, nonita!

No. 1663066

Holy shit, you were right anon. It works.

No. 1663095

>when you're so much of a coomer you can't even imagine a life without internet porn existed less than three decades ago

No. 1663171

File: 1691922457776.jpg (30.39 KB, 400x400, pbs.twimg.com_profile_images_1…)

How old that moid could be? Found him on Twitter and looks kinda like he is grooming an anorexic 15 year old girl. She calls him her boyfriend. All he has on his account are the retweets of her tweets too.

No. 1663180

It's noon and I don't feel like cooking, and everything around my place is just kebab doners and pizza which I don't feel like eating right now. I'll take public transport to go downtown to grab something, should I get korean fried chicken or five guys?

No. 1663189

You should get something that won't kill you from obesity(baiting infighting)

No. 1663191

I'm underweight so it would actually help me.

No. 1663192

personally I would get a falafel wrap or platter from a kebab place (assuming they have it on the menu which they always do)
definitely get a falafel platter then, it has more calories than a serving of fried chicken that will probably be overpriced. Korean fried chicken would be my second choice of what you posted.

No. 1663195

They don't do that nearby. I never ate falafel so I have no idea if I'll like it but I should give it a try someday, there are some places that serve falafel near my workplace.

No. 1663197

>They don't do that nearby
Aw, that's too bad and kinda weird. Every time I've been to a kebab place they've had falafel, I'm married to a vegetarian and it's like our go-to when we're somewhere new.
You should totally give it a try sometime. It's basically a fried bean meatball, everything else is just like if you got a meat kebab (wrap, vegetables, sauces, sides); it's very palatable you'd probably like it.

No. 1663203

It could depend on where you live. Here if you go to a kebab place you'll only find meat. And there have been a few kebab restaurants that opened that make doner kebabs like in Germany which is very different and way better than what we have but they're not open on Sundays.

No. 1663206

File: 1691925056126.jpg (38.25 KB, 525x604, hitchhikersthumb.jpg)

I can do this! I have a pretty long thumb, and while I can touch my wrist with the thumb I can't do pic related with it

No. 1663229

god damn now I want to order doner kebab

No. 1663232

Follow your heart anon! Unless you're on a diet.

No. 1663236

I just noticed i got redtexted on ot for no sage, have the rules changed or are Jannies just dense

No. 1663237

Was it in the celebricows thread? They do that now for some reason. If they don't want us to post without saging they should put these threads in /snow/ imo but it is what it is.

No. 1663238

Post in /meta/. It could be an honest mistake, or you forgot to sage in a thread that has rules about saging, like celebricows.

No. 1663247

OK but what is the difference with porn? I'm going to imagine the same thing that happens in it

No. 1663251

This is so male brained. Porn and imagination are different because one doesn't actually happen lmao.

No. 1663253

Didn't realise this was about audio porn lol. Go nuts.

No. 1663265

How do you hide a thread on mobile?

No. 1663273

tap the [-]

No. 1663342

File: 1691940831937.png (928.08 KB, 612x812, censoredsoyoudontfightagain.pn…)

Who are the non-Hermione 3D one and the one between Hinata and Yachi?

No. 1663344

the 3D one is natalie dyer, the sister from stranger things

No. 1663345

Green hair is some girl from Assassination Classroom.

No. 1663346

No. 1663349

>shout out to idealized female, has to be one of my favorite genders
moids ruin every meme

No. 1663353

the censored part was about fujos

No. 1663365

Christ this is one ugly fat moid. He's definitely not underage.

No. 1663373

What's a good app for scheduling like, your whole day and week? with hours included please

No. 1663376

Google Calendar