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File: 1684665170984.jpg (84.99 KB, 1129x1110, 7f4f554da3705df7a7e48b81789df9…)

No. 1583234

Previous thread >>1566829

Remember not to take baits, blogpost or otherwise derail! Report low quality posts and move on!

Rumors starts that Taylor Swift and Matt Healy are dating >>1567546
Doja Cat’s new tattoo >>1568206
De Niro welcomes his 7th chikd at the age of 79 >>1572237
Tory Larenz has been denied a new trial >>1572681
Doja Cat makes fun of fans who fell for her "cash grabs" albums >>1572802 >>1572809
Ari's new tat >>1573427
Bayonce debuts her tour outfit >>1573609
New LDR music video >>1573930
Hilary Duff admits that her diet is inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow >>1574066
Ellen Page says that it almost killed her when she wore a dress during the Juno press tour >>1574070
Janelle Monae goes full degen in her new music vid >>1574199 >>1575858
LA County Superior Court judge threw out much of Marilyn Manson‘s defamation case against Evan Rachel Wood >>1574417
Katy Perry and Lionel Richie perform for free for Charles >>1576755
A Britney Spears doc on TMZ >>1578332
Manson in a new insta post >>1578526
Courtney Love's return to Hollywood >>1578859
Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford break up >>1580250

No. 1583238

love the thread pic, great job anon

No. 1583242

File: 1684665872986.jpg (90.7 KB, 933x798, vey.JPG)

Thanks! I tried to keep the summery as short as possible bc the last thread was mostly infighting.

Btw: Bayonce and Jay-Z bought the most expensive house in California for 200$ Million. Ngl it's pretty ugly house imo

No. 1583244

"I can buy Taylor actually being lesbophobic irl" anon here, I'm also sure Taylor is racist irl at this point. I used to think it was just twitterfags reaching but now I fully believe it.

No. 1583289

Separate thread for Nepo babies(who aren't famous or relevant enough to be considered celebs)

No. 1583345

File: 1684680081431.jpg (70.53 KB, 1170x639, taylorratty.jpg)

Thank you for the thread, nona. Taylor is doubling down on Matty, claiming she's "never been happier".

No. 1583357

File: 1684681301950.jpg (45.22 KB, 759x757, FUb_NArXsAA9keU.jpg)

Oh Christ its real, the swifties must be going insane over this. also could someone post that pic of "average twitter couple" that was something like picrel and a caption like "sweet woman who doesn't wanna cause trouble" on the woman and "literal racist" on the man.

No. 1583433

it's a pretty safe bet for rich southerners in general

No. 1583440

File: 1684688847075.png (195.44 KB, 1360x642, neither.png)

lol @ this tmz article. taylor's pr team must be paying these places to put out articles praising this disgusting man

No. 1583444

He's got the terminal coomer physiognomy.

No. 1583446

Should be an Onion article. He’s not a monster but the man is kinda ugly. There are actual hot musicians, he’s not one.

No. 1583458

It’s only been 10 years! I don’t understand, he was hideous then and is even more so now.

No. 1583459

the man is utterly horrendous. I don't know how anyone finds him attractive, fucking disgusting looking without even knowing about shit he's actually said and done

No. 1583536

sage for anecdote but I saw this man IRL as I was sitting outside a pub last summer. There's a recording studio nearby so I'm sure that's where he'd come from. He seemed extremely arrogant and smug and and had a whole entourage and an orange girl following him wearing tranny levels of make up but literally not a single person out of the hundreds on the street knew who he was, He noticed me notice him though and his face ripped into an enormous grin and he turned his whole body towards me (I think he was anticipating me to be a fan or something) and instead I just turned my head away and he slunked off looking dissapointed.

No. 1583542

File: 1684695284820.jpeg (64.1 KB, 681x450, IMG_0202.jpeg)

Lanafags, is she really engaged to this man or was it a rumor?

No. 1583549

He looks exactly like the type of person Lana Del Ray would marry.

No. 1583550

File: 1684695643025.jpg (58.41 KB, 799x745, 3f665b06a4cc3df6e4d30302d4880a…)

I'm sending him a cease and desist

No. 1583564

I don’t believe it personally. I liked her best with Donoghue tbh, they looked good together and he was the first man she openly name-dropped in a song.

No. 1583621

love this, thank you.

Never cared for Taylor or his band, but I'm loving the drama. Also, I honestly can't understand what she sees in him. All of her exes are ok looking, and he's so… disgusting? Actually disgusting. It's wild.

No. 1583675

it’s been like a month since she and joe broke up. girl, go to therapy for fuck’s sake.

No. 1583711

>He noticed me notice him though and his face ripped into an enormous grin and he turned his whole body towards me (I think he was anticipating me to be a fan or something) and instead I just turned my head away and he slunked off looking dissapointed.

No. 1583784

Same, I'm loving the drama. I've been reading up on Taylor (never cared about that type of music) and it seems all she does in life is get into shit relationships then write songs about them.
Her fans are the funniest, batshit insane thing to send a manifesto to a stranger butting yourself in her personal life. Like buy her record or don't, what the fuck are you doing

No. 1583794

File: 1684710471907.jpeg (131.98 KB, 1028x1286, IMG_0191.jpeg)

Kanye recently…..

No. 1583795

They were a hot couple and made the most sense. By far her best looking bf

No. 1583796

>tfw you have no pockets so your phone has to go in your waistband
I feel her.

No. 1583810

File: 1684711884654.png (1.99 MB, 1703x2048, ye.png)

No. 1583811

File: 1684711952479.png (2.62 MB, 1440x2284, nobeard.png)

shaved his beard

No. 1583814

why does this look AI generated for some reason

No. 1583828

I think it's the tiny little legs compared to the puffy jacket and the dumbfuck expression on his face

No. 1583838

Lmao is this dumb fuck walking around in fucking socks

No. 1583845

holy shit azelia banks was right, he really does have childbearing hips lmao

No. 1583846

i'm saving this photo for when ppl try to tell me that kanye has great fashion sense

No. 1583848

this is ghetto as hell

No. 1583873

Sooo is there like actually a super elaborate bunker built underneath it or tunnels that lead to a secret base because why else would this be so expensive? It's just a concrete structure.

Ohhhhh my god

No. 1583950

I s2g I thought this was Halsey for a hot second

No. 1583998

You just know Kanye dresses her. The top is so damn ill fitting and the look so unflattering. She’s pretty but the clothes make her look so lazy.

No. 1583999

God, how short is he.

No. 1584034

That's where they have the Bailey sisters locked.

No. 1584036

why is he wearing a trash bag as a shirt?

No. 1584142

his feet look so tiny lmaoooo

No. 1584208

the only reason i can think of as to why it’s so expensive is that it has a private art collection. they must be factoring the price of the art into the price of the home.

No. 1584269

Taylor's always struck me as one of those people who literally can't go even a short period of time being single and who need to be in a relationship at all times. Which, in turn, makes them often line the next person up to be ready to become their new partner immediately after they break up with the previous one

Kek, same. I don't care about Taylor as an idol and her music is mostly pretty meh to me, but I love to follow the drama surrounding her.

No. 1584334

It’s due to the architect behind it, Tadao Ando. He’s considered a very important figure in contemporary architecture and the house is one of the very few residences he has designed in the USA.

No. 1584363

twinkle toes

No. 1584437

File: 1684783900651.jpeg (156.32 KB, 1097x1156, 514369F9-ECED-423E-BCF7-364E7E…)

Can’t help but feel like she’s just pivoting to a more sexual image for the money.

No. 1584439

I looked it up and they're some special sport socks that are made for outdoors walking.

No. 1584441

i want celebs like him to have an emperors new clothes moment, they deserve everybody just pointing and laughing

No. 1584451

he is so butt ugly that it makes me think taylor is gay but enjoys manipulating scrotes

No. 1584452

but jack fucks men

No. 1584456

why are his calves so slender how do they support that rump?

No. 1584463

isn't that the same guy that makes out with dogs and his brother too

No. 1584465

He's bi and fucks basically anything

No. 1584467

Oh my god, it's him. This is the guy who called my 9 year old son the N word on the subway last summer(neither of us were black).

No. 1584474

looking zesty

No. 1584475

This is the rich version of those couples who walk to the gas station in cookie monster pajama pants to buy smokes

No. 1584498

File: 1684789968261.jpg (50.02 KB, 750x737, originals-1.jpg)

is this shooped? they both look so weird that's not how bodies usually looks

No. 1584501

File: 1684790322407.jpg (40.25 KB, 615x409, MAIN-Jocelyn-Wildenstein.jpg)

to anons who thought the "before" pic of jocelyn wildenstein in last thread is true, it is not. this is her birth appearance:

No. 1584502

his skin is way worse irl. he can look not disgusting in official pics, but in candids you can see he is just super jacked up and grimy

No. 1584504

halsey is not only a mazzive BPD cow but also wayyy too fucking dumb to even try hiding it. she's got tess holliday's brain kek

No. 1584509

can you at least put it in your bra so i don't shake your hand after you check your pussyphone? maybe spend more than $5 on a pair of pants so you can have pockets. stop buying child-slave-labour wish leggings that force you to rub your phone on your mound all day, retard.

No. 1584510

to me this looks like whoever she last dated was beating her and she's still in the denial / acting out phase.

No. 1584511

Can't she just use that bag she's carrying

No. 1584512

it's not even Halsey, I thought it was at first though kek

No. 1584514

They make leggings with pockets now. Bitch is too rich for this sloppy ass hot Cheetos eating Becky behavior

No. 1584541

File: 1684793417280.jpg (19.44 KB, 390x280, young-beautiful-brunette-woman…)

Oh my god fucking relax, what are you so mad about? It was just a joke about how women's clothing infamously lack pockets so you have to put shit in random places. I don't even wear leggings. Get that stick out of your ass dumbass.

No. 1584546

Funny how it's always just female celebs who become "liberated" and whatnot by posing topless and dressing up/acting more sexual. I've been listening to Janelle's music for years and I'm not very enthusiastic about this direction she's heading tbh. I wonder if she feels more confident to pose topless now because she identifies as nonbinary and therefore thinks her showing skin is progressive and totes different than when icky women do it. Another example of becoming more and more sexualized that comes to mind is Princess Nokia, she seemed to be into the whole tomboy schtick earlier and nowadays there's nothing tomboy-ish about her.

No. 1584557

I'm late to the party and JUST discovered princess Nokia last year when I heard her song Tomboy. I thought it was cool as hell that she was so confident and wore baggy pants and shirts in her music video, and then I was surprised to see that she dresses more like a generic "female rapper" these days

No. 1584567

damn she was one old looking baby

No. 1584584

File: 1684797097146.jpeg (121.74 KB, 828x1003, IMG_9853.jpeg)

they really need to lock this moid up

No. 1584586

Why does it always look like he's sucking on a turd or something? I hate his face so much

No. 1584589

Why the fuck are people so adamant on making everybody gay or subjecting everyone to their stupid tits and claiming it's empowering? It's so old embarrassing and boring, just stop. Not everybody wants to look at naked people for no reason.

No. 1584590

Ayrt and yeah, I agree. I think Princess Nokia was super cute in the Tomboy MV with her baggy clothes and lighter makeup. It's too bad she seemingly caved in to pressure and changed her style to a more sexual and generic direction, despite the fact she mentions liking tomboyish things in multiple songs of hers

No. 1584591

File: 1684797785959.png (14.16 KB, 603x337, twitter.PNG)

First two episodes of The Idol showed at Cannes.

No. 1584592

File: 1684797811557.png (16.8 KB, 581x466, the idol.PNG)

No. 1584593

File: 1684797973870.png (89.51 KB, 1053x524, the idol.PNG)

Not milk but people were making fun of the fact that The Idol only got a 5 minute standing ovation kek

No. 1584596

Holy fuck I'm so sick of being subjected to this moid's pornsick fetishes

No. 1584599

> Holy fuck I'm so sick of being subjected to moids
> Holy fuck I'm so sick of moids
> Fuck moids
Almost there, nona.

No. 1584609

> Moids
> Moids <
> Moids <3
Stop being misandristic.(baiting)

No. 1584612

get that phone out of your vagina

No. 1584613

ayrt KEK omg who is it i'm so dumb
i just accepted that married halsey could date kanye west without even thinking

No. 1584614

girl do you know where you are rn?

No. 1584615

holy shit sam levinson has DEAD eyes. porn addiction just sucks all humanity from your body. removes the soul.
i can't find it but there is a guy who tweeted his process of quitting porn and shows his face before and after, he has the same dead eyes and defeated face as long term heroin addicts. and sam levinson face is like this too.

No. 1584616

a old soul

No. 1584621

Kek, what?

No. 1584631

File: 1684803011463.jpeg (213.06 KB, 1170x1890, FBD4D81D-05BE-4BBD-A554-A694D9…)

Ugh can we not

No. 1584632

Its a pap walk and Kanye likes to use his spouses as barbies so I doubt she had any say in it. Relax.

Its really not that big of a deal. You all hate fake calculated bitches like Kim k but then hate a woman for putting her phone in her waistband. Who care!!

Nobody likes Princess Nokia though

No. 1584633

>just discovered princess nokia last year
Every popular piece of media about her in the last four years is her being fucking weird and talking about her little girl body and little girl voice being tantalizing. One of her music videos from years ago she's naked and flashes her tits. Did you only see that one song? Lol

No. 1584636

Daughter of one of the most famous busted male actors and she still felt she had to do all this for attention? Like why. Do these girls think they are a part of actual ~art~ and aren't just being objectified and used as softcore porn for the crew? Or are they too coked out to care? Genuinely he was using her as a blowup doll

End your own life

No. 1584637

File: 1684803628233.jpg (237.87 KB, 1080x1440, 0392999.jpg)

This man has watched daisy's destruction

No. 1584638

Is that Finn wolfhard

No. 1584643

Sam putting cum on Johnny's daughter's face vs. Paul Bettany who put cum on his wife's, Jennifer Connelly's, face in a movie he directed himself
Who would win in the coomer fist fight

No. 1584648

Both look like they have sat hunched beneath the dull light of their laptop screen with dubious porn tabs stretched across the browser for the last 10 years but I would say with those anolrectal violence panda eyes Sam is willing to use teeth and draw blood

No. 1584656

No. 1584661

No. 1584662

>anolrectal violence
i'm having flashbacks

No. 1584676

i like him i wish he was allowed to stay

No. 1584752

I'm confused too like does she think she has to prove something because she's a nepo baby? I can't understand what would motivate someone to appear in a film like this unless they were totally unknown and desperate.
Jesus he's like a possessed wax dummy

No. 1584758

halsey isn't married, also she broke up with her bf a while back

No. 1584772

>Do these girls think they are a part of actual ~art~ and aren't just being objectified and used as softcore porn for the crew?

No. 1584775

She probably thinks that by doing this dark edgy shit she’ll be taken more seriously by the industry

No. 1584797

>unless they were totally unknown and desperate.
I mean… she kind of is kek

No. 1584949

KEK can you tell i never read /ot/
thank you for not laughing at me! who is kanye's new girlfriend though?

No. 1585245

File: 1684871837296.jpeg (85.92 KB, 828x753, IMG_9889.jpeg)


No. 1585256

This makes me genuinely happy that critiques are calling this shit out. I hope she won't do any further episodes, Depp is obviously very mentally unwell to agree to play a role like this when she could've had a great career, I don't understand why she chose to do cheaply done fetish porn. Maybe she thought it'd be well perceived like the previous show of this sexpest, euphoria.

No. 1585257

you're clearly a newfag gtfo

No. 1585261

I hope this means we're getting a wider scale backlash to male gaze coomshit media and maybe hopefully even actual porn.

No. 1585263

Remember that this insecure nepobaby made an entire movie in response to a single negative review from a critic who pointed out that that he couldn't lecture anyone on feminism because his film when out of its way to sexualized teenage girls

https://www.vulture.com/2021/02/the-film-critic-who-inspired-netflixs-malcolm-and-marie.html(this is an imageboard)

No. 1585278


No. 1585290

he looks like saucy santana

No. 1585291

File: 1684875149953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,252.84 KB, 1189x2048, FwV45-NaMAANXW-.jpeg)

>Johnny Depp has arrived to his film’s press conference, 42 minutes late.
>Johnny Depp is met with a rapturous standing ovation as he enters the Palais for the premiere of ‘Jeanne du Barry.’ #Cannes2023
somebody commented this
>This gonna be like the Brendan Fraser thing just like last year the “coming back story “ than winning the Oscars and etc!
i honestly wouldn't be surprised…

No. 1585296

>smokers teeth

No. 1585297

maybe meth smokers, normal people don't walk around looking like that

No. 1585316

they're not even just yellow, they're ground down to the point where you can see the exposed dentin. It looks like he has goddamn meth mouth

No. 1585324

I just want her to be happy but I can't lie I do wish she'd embrace femceldome and keep singing about her friends painting her blue banisters green and grey.

No. 1585335

Don't call someone a newfag without saging on OT. Really?

No. 1585376

wow holy shit, how is he not in constant pain? why would you neglect your oral heath to this extent? does he just consume painkillers like candy to ignore it or what?

No. 1585379

Holy mother of lord god almighty. Thanks for spoiler-ing that.

No. 1585383

>does he just consume painkillers like candy
Probably. He was painted as an opioid-addicted-pill-popper-junkie during the trial. All that evidence of him passed out "on the nod",h nodding out from pain meds, lines of cocaine, going on drug benders with brain warner,ect

No. 1585390

File: 1684884611235.jpg (386 KB, 1728x2560, MV5BMjY2N2MwMDgtNjJlMC00MWJkLT…)

I'm excited for the NEW episodes of Evan Rachel woods HBO doc. It's a part series and there's a lot of stuff that has happened. I can't wait!

No. 1585406

Brian trying to sue Evan and victims, Kanye and Brian on stage after he was outed, some of the women abandoning ship, brian losing his lawsuit against Evan and victims- with the anti-slap,ect

It's going to be good.

Get your popcorn ready everyone.

No. 1585416

cocaine makes some people grind their teeth, maybe that’s why his teeth look so fucked up. the man’s got all the money in the world and can’t get them fixed?

No. 1585418

He needs to get them pulled and get some dentures or something idk. He's a grown ass adult man. Nobody can make him do anything. He's over the age of 18&21. Yup.

No. 1585458

File: 1684891805950.png (64.72 KB, 1439x1670, Screenshot_20230523-202803.png)


These two. I just imagine having a barbie+ken and being like..

"Okay time to kiss!"
Smashes barbie and ken together

These two make mer error-system-shut-down

No. 1585462

material gorllllllll

No. 1585470

File: 1684893084499.jpeg (175.85 KB, 1170x1354, IMG_0218.jpeg)

First review of ‘The Idol’:


No. 1585472

File: 1684893689147.gif (5.11 MB, 294x361, 168487225391812551.gif)

No. 1585473

No. 1585489

>Considering his ability to be charming in the past, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye struggles to create any level of allure that would explain Jocelyn’s near-immediate infatuation that undoubtedly puts her in a dangerous position
oh, shocker, the guy who writes a tv show about how young women can't help but flock to him is actually a dud.

No. 1585491

File: 1684896133496.png (436.48 KB, 1439x1903, Screenshot_20230523-214212.png)

No. 1585512

File: 1684897617844.png (272.01 KB, 1439x2049, Screenshot_20230523-220752.png)


No. 1585526

File: 1684899214693.jpg (29.42 KB, 920x271, lmao.jpg)

No. 1585538

File: 1684900486071.jpg (30.93 KB, 468x320, 0833771eac90534554c241fa191fe8…)

hope he cries himself to dehydration

No. 1585559

File: 1684902185602.webm (2.76 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (2).webm)


Marilyn Manson site intro where he beats Evan Rachel Wood. (2009)

No. 1585599

Back to stan twitter you subhuman.

No. 1585603

I dont understand why he has had female orbiters for so long omg he is such a loser. He also has the specific voice and cadence of a sex pest, there's nothing even remotely attractive about him.

No. 1585655

I don't want to think about it much, but how the fuck is his ass attached and proportioned to his legs and body???

I'll only ever know piece when Levinson is booted out of the business and no one gives him money to finance his degrading coomer fetish projects.

This video is horrifying, I don't understand why is she trying to stay sexy while he beats her up?????

No. 1585665

NTA but you don't have to sage on ot. Or was that sarcasm?

No. 1585689

File: 1684920590391.jpeg (163.73 KB, 1688x1219, 3E5DEA6D-C55A-40E0-886F-112564…)

No. 1585692

Her movie being about hot cheetos is kinda funny, but she is very much true. Women rarely ever get a second chance in industry, especially in directing positions.

No. 1585709

I'm not denying that there may be bias in Hollywood, but I really dislike the idea that when a film fails, This same thing happened with Charlie's Angels

No. 1585750

Stupid pickme idc.

No. 1585766

ayrt, yeah I agree she’s right but I’m not shocked a Hot Cheeto movie didn’t go over well. now I’m intrigued though and kind of want to see it

No. 1585767

Why is it so porny?

No. 1585800

I swear before Taylor and him broke up, no one gave a shit about this guy and now I see multiple headlines like "is this his new girlfriend???", "Looking stunning at film festival number 15" a day like make it stop please. He's just another mid thirties blonde dude

No. 1585805

can you fuck off to 4chan where you can say the word you really want to say? leave me the hell alone

No. 1585809

Nta but that was a weird conflation, the anon was dumb to get butthurt over a joke but how is being called a stan twitter subhuman the same as her calling you a nigger kek, the majority of stan twitter is white anyway

No. 1585833

File: 1684939550314.png (92.32 KB, 1440x1020, Screenshot_20230524-094235.png)

>trying to stay
He was probably threatening to break up with her,suicide-baiting, throwing objects, smacking her around,ect. She probably talked back and I bet that he was going through one of his abusive tantrums.


No. 1585836

File: 1684939846304.jpg (156.62 KB, 806x844, DXcIS1rWsAEpl75.jpg)

That's a weird way to think about an abused victim of a scrote.

No. 1585907

so why isn't he covered in scars then? lyin' brian at it again

No. 1585916

>I called 158 times
>I took a razorblade and I cut myself
>I wanted to show her the pain she put me through
>I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer
Is this what male BPD looks like?

No. 1585919

No. 1585948

He has terrible skin. It's full of pock marks and scars tbqh.

No. 1585950

File: 1684949723257.png (564.84 KB, 1440x2387, Screenshot_20230524-123140.png)

"Mommy dearest" is totes bdsm.


No. 1585952

File: 1684949837014.png (367.91 KB, 1439x1706, Screenshot_20230524-123729.png)


No. 1585958

Imagine if a woman said all this shit. NO ONE would believe that anyone who accused her of abuse was lying

No. 1585960

I don't understand what you mean.

No. 1585970

Can you name a single woman who's done all the shit he has, proudly spoken about doing it, and had people say anyone who accused her of abuse was "lying"?

No. 1585971

because to him it literally is porn

No. 1585973

Is this directly taken from his music video? Is that her who keeps cupping her boobs or a reenactment?

No. 1585975

File: 1684951462395.png (42.49 KB, 985x842, Screenshot_20230524-130357.png)

No. 1585979

File: 1684951583271.png (70.93 KB, 1440x957, Screenshot_20230524-130732.png)

No. 1585981

I would be willing to bet money it's her, though I have I don't have evidence for this specific event.
He has a known history of sexual sadism, he enjoys violating women sexually with an electrical device called a "violet wand" too. His act is not an act, he really does get off on the shit he acts like he gets off in in his music videos, it's not just to shock you, he cooms to hurting women
Google that violet wand shit, I don't have the stomach to read it again tbh

No. 1585984

>His act is not an act

No. 1585985

I remember that phone call where he mentioned /snow/ and the MM generals we used to have because he knew someone was in there leaking information.

No. 1585986

File: 1684951889175.png (512.99 KB, 1439x2020, Screenshot_20230524-131209.png)


No. 1585987

Those threads got spammed by people trying to discredit the info and make the threads go away. It was pretty obvious.

No. 1585988

Wait hold up anon, can someone link me threads. I returned after many year hiatus so I wasn't around for this

No. 1585989

bianca censori. one of his yeezy architects

No. 1585992

File: 1684952248896.png (67.09 KB, 1440x1085, Screenshot_20230524-131723.png)

No. 1585995

The mods put a moratorium on them like a year ago because of the reasons >>1585987 mentioned.

No. 1585997

Oh shit sorry I thought it was a reenactment

No. 1586000

File: 1684952583614.png (188.2 KB, 1440x1593, Screenshot_20230524-132139.png)

No. 1586002

I don't blame you; normal people can't conceptualize wanting to do something like that, so it's normal to think, "Well surely even if someone was evil enough to do that, surely they wouldn't be dumb enough to record it too"

No. 1586008


No. 1586018

Yeah that's the weird thing it's so blatant. Growing up I had no idea who he was and his whole goth shit scared me cause I was like a sheltered kid. But I remember only hearing about him through the news when he did something note worthy. A few years after Columbine he was in an interview and the guy asking him questions asked what he would say to Eric and Dylan and he said something like "oh I wouldn't say anything I'd just listen, cause they needed someone to listen to them." And everyone was praising him for being so sympathetic and understanding, kek such bullshit but I guess that was PR before the internet was vast enough to show the reality of what he's like

No. 1586027

oooooh yeah, he did more than an a little bit of PR work for hiimself in the 90s, he went on Bill O'Reily, fucking Family Guy; dude really made sure to cover all his bases and make sure that anyone who took him seriously was laughed out of the room for taking something "so obviously an exaggeration for shock value, no one would ever actually be into this stuff, I was devastated to find out that Dylan and Eric thought my music played a part in what they did"
he's a whitetrash dime-a-dozen domestic abuser, the only thing that was ever special about him was his parents money; we didn't know any better

No. 1586037

File: 1684954129426.png (679.67 KB, 552x857, hlleberry.png)

Halle Berry looks like a kpop idol now

No. 1586045

>and make sure that anyone who took him seriously was laughed out of the room for taking something "so obviously an exaggeration for shock value, no one would ever actually be into this stuff
So accurate, they really played off the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" bullshit.

No. 1586049

>they really played off the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" bullshit
Thank you, could not have put it better

No. 1586060

Halley looks like she's gone through rough stuff and seen some shit.

No. 1586064


No. 1586067


No. 1586068

File: 1684955501529.png (160.53 KB, 686x483, tina turner.PNG)


No. 1586070

Samefag but I'm honestly so shocked like What The fuck. Literally just some months ago I was thinking of how nice it is that she's still with is

No. 1586071

I was honestly so disappointed to find out that his act wasn't just an act. I remember back in the day, I used to laugh that our parents clutched their pearls over this mainstream musician who was trying to look scary and edgy on purpose. Because "didn't they realize it's just a character, they completely bought into his joke, and they're the ones he's trying to offend?" I thought it was hilarious when tv shows would use him for cameos and he'd act like a normal guy, like when he randomly shows up in Clone High and sings a song about the food pyramid. I just hate that he ended up being so much worse and more disgusting than we ever imagined.

No. 1586073

…why did I think she already died

No. 1586074

I do that shit too. We're human, anon.

No. 1586076

fucking same

No. 1586077

Kek it's true. I don't really follow taylor swift so I literally had never heard of him until he and Taylor broke up, and now he's plastered everywhere kek.

No. 1586078

That's sad. bt, I distinctly recall her passing away in 2017.

No. 1586079

Its because the guy she ended up with is so comically worse, that people realize that a tall, fit guy was probably her best choice.

No. 1586080

RIP. She and Whitney Houston are both legends.

No. 1586082

I still am not buying that she's actually in a real relationship with healy. There trying to sell that to everyone and nope.

No. 1586090

kek for some reason that caption with the cat all splayed out looking like a gremlin is killing me

No. 1586096

Yeah. lol.

No. 1586098

File: 1684957203804.png (805.68 KB, 1440x1575, Screenshot_20230524-144056.png)


No. 1586099

File: 1684957269099.png (974.57 KB, 1440x1336, Screenshot_20230524-144220.png)

No. 1586110

Very disappointed in Lana for working with her after all this recent stuff (or at all, Taylor's music is shit and she should stay away from all decently good artists). Inb4 the mere mention of Lana's name invokes an army of derailing lunatics kek

No. 1586115

She's been mentioned the past 2 threads and everything's been fine wdym

No. 1586152

Lana literally fucked Harvey Weinstein who is probably a worse scrote than the one Taylor is fucking. Why are you disappointed?

No. 1586187

Lana also likes her white supremacists so it makes sense they linked up. Kek.

No. 1586196

Is Lana still with that scrote who likes to makeout with dogs? He'd probably get along with Matty.

No. 1586223

He's seen Basic Instinct.

No. 1586234

No. 1586245

ge has way more to apologize about.. I'm surprised he did it at all.

No. 1586247

He's trying to reform his image, duh.

No. 1586251

I just saw the news. So sad. Another legendary female singer gone. She had an incredible voice.

No. 1586274

Weren't there also pics of him making out with his (male) cousin mixed in with roadkill on his page?

No. 1586276

File: 1684964250595.png (59.74 KB, 1440x520, Screenshot_20230524-163841.png)

Healy is taylor and her teams guinea-pig.
Omg you guys he's so different now. He's totally changed. Wow! What past?-He did wha-NO NO NO HE'S DIFFERENT NOW! sarcasm(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1586281

Lana always was a gal for romance and she sure knows how to pick 'em. I hope they enjoy their rabies. Absolutely cute couple goals, right there.

No. 1586317

he also ""married"" her kek

No. 1586320

File: 1684966073503.jpg (766.7 KB, 2189x2954, Taylor-Swift-Joe-Alwyn-Married…)

I just want barbie and ken to be back together. Is that too much to ask?
These fuckers are deeply disturbing and angering my inner child.
Tfw I'll have to buy a barbie and ken doll just so I can be satisfied.
& no. I'm not okay. Seriously.(learn2integrate)

No. 1586339

Nta but damn this is a great point. Now I'm enraged.

No. 1586340

File: 1684966603328.jpg (497.21 KB, 1831x1943, 81Vhp2juO9L.jpg)

Barbie and Ken. How could you do this to me?
I'm never going to get over this.

No. 1586346

>Clone High

No. 1586347

You should shoot Joe so Taylor will rush to his side and nurse him back to health. Don't forget to publish your manifesto first

No. 1586352

Anon, no. I don't do things like that. Leave me alone.

No. 1586370

Thank you mods for banning trump-chan

No. 1586371

maybe you should though

No. 1586376

Is her hair color all natural here? Mine looks very similar but a few shades darker (pale shut-in NEET) and this is so beautiful

No. 1586410

File: 1684968950344.jpg (87.99 KB, 1200x675, covergn.jpg)

Go away CIA-glow-n*gg3R!(racebaiting autism)

No. 1586413


No. 1586438

I know but you'd think he'd apologize for way more

No. 1586445

Anon, he's just playing the game.

No. 1586482

this dude definitely caped for the columbine shooters because he was nearly one of them. just too much of a faggot to use a gun.

No. 1586495

Is he supposed to apologize for being himself?

No. 1586498

Turns out those columbine shooters were the actual bullies too. What a funny coincidence.

No. 1586510

Can you believe they could just talk like this in interviews and no one did a double take

Be easy.

No. 1586513

I'm sure some people did a double-take but went OH LOL THAT'S JUST MARILYN MANSON FOR YA! SHOCK ROCKER BEING SHOCKING!

… that's how he was able to hide in plain sight so well and for so long. People legit just thought it was all just make believe ART and just for show tbqh.

No. 1586520

Brians spell is finally broken and people can finally freely talk openly. Thank God. There's no more quietness, walking on eggshells and whispers anymore. Whew!

No. 1586523

There is 0 proof of this

No. 1586524

The man that you fear, huh?


We're not scared of you anymore brian warner.

No. 1586525

Harvey is a predator and Lana did nothing wrong.

No. 1586530

Proof that money doesn’t buy you taste

No. 1586534

Men wearing yoga pants. Just lol.

No. 1586541

No hate the "cirque du soleil" men btw and whatnot.

No. 1586558

I thought she was already dead for years I’m so confused??

No. 1586562

you’re probably thinking of whitney houston.

No. 1586566

R.I.P beautiful women.

No. 1586567

File: 1684981409843.png (36.79 KB, 265x397, Screenshot 2023-05-24 222423.p…)

A barber cape tucked into leggings with some knee pads on.

No. 1586572

lmao perfect description

No. 1586588

Did you know Eminem broke off their friendship like 15 years ago?
How fucking bad do you have to be treating women that Eminem doesn't wanna hang out with you anymore and says something's wrong with you?

No. 1586597

Yeah. That says a lot.

No. 1586600

File: 1684985975843.jpg (92.26 KB, 1110x837, RDT_20230524_20391978003259875…)

No. 1586605


No. 1586647

I’m deceased.

No. 1586669

File: 1684995419478.jpeg (190.54 KB, 1170x1710, IMG_0251.jpeg)

No. 1586670

The best apology is killing himself

No. 1586672

Another desperate pedo looking for a check lol

No. 1586681

Kim and Tom Brady are dating????

https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/8184058/kim-kardashian-secret-struggle-dates-tom-brady/amp/(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1586686

File: 1684997396072.png (310.79 KB, 413x592, KJFB_45.png)

This is your barbie ?

No. 1586743

File: 1685005150164.png (391.53 KB, 590x487, Screenshot 2023-05-25 045356.p…)

Cardi B packs a robust lunch of her children.

No. 1586748

non-Americans dunking on American food pt 1trill in

No. 1586751

Don't tempt me anon. But the real issue is that they're making a small kid carry that much food in his or her backpack? Maybe I was a weak kid but I already was sick of carrying books and notebooks back then and I ate what the school provided which was decent I guess.

No. 1586752

kek honestly I find it funny sometimes so idc, but you're right. I can't see a small child finishing all of that unless they were obese already.

No. 1586755

Barbie and ken would be so insulted by this comparison, kek.
Barbie after 7 year old me removed her face paint with acetone

No. 1586803

didn't Dita say that her relationship with him wasn't abusive when asked if she had a bad experience with him too? This quote sounds like their relationship was hell. Maybe she's one of those women who do not realize that they were abused until much later

No. 1586870

Maybe they like to share.

No. 1586882

I never understand when people call her beautiful. She’s just average really. Her eyes are too small that makes her look squinting all the time.

No. 1586890

File: 1685018323616.jpg (181.46 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230525_153820_Twi…)

Top kek

No. 1586894

Haven't even seen the show, never will, but I can tell from this canned response that she cannot act for shit. Bland as fuck.

No. 1586897

This show is going to be a mess and people will hate watch it so we'll probably have to deal with several seasons…

No. 1586901

Kek sure Jan

No. 1586903

I hate when people do that. And get ready for male reviewers watching it for "the content" and not for any other purposes lol

No. 1586914

this is the saddest attempt at '2deep4u' I've seen in a while

No. 1586915

that's some powerful copium. Why do they insist on turning everything pornographic? Graphic sex scenes never have any reason to exist in entertainment outside of porn. You can get your point across without showing that shit but why wouldn't a moid sexualize any woman in proximity to him?

No. 1586923

File: 1685023056097.jpg (142.31 KB, 828x940, 6f3lhig2lkxa1.jpg)

I actually forgot how insane Isaiah Washington is

No. 1586935

It's sad how many black people hate themselves. It's sadder how they get "rewarded" for it.

No. 1586981

sageing for a sperg but I only know who Joe Alwyn is because he acted in the tv show of the book adaption "conversations with friends" and as a big fan of Sally Rooney this show SUCKED. His acting in particular was so stilted, awkward and outright boring. The show itself was nothing like Normal People, which is often used in comparison as Rooney's first adaption and is so much better. But Rooney had less imput on this adaption and it shows.
It's rumored that Taylor stayed on set the whole time to "keep an eye" on Joe while they were married but I don't know how true that is.
Tldr what I do know of him is that he sucks and is a shit actor.

No. 1586982

she claimed that it was just that he was an addict and she couldn’t deal with that. it’s the same thing Winona Ryder did with Depp. i think it’s likely that both women just compartmentalized the abuse. “well, he never beat me up so it wasn’t really abuse. he just yelled a lot but addict turns you into a monster so it wasn’t really him.”

No. 1586986

tbh, none of the men she dates are particularly talented. Joe Jonas sucks, John Mayer sucks, Jake Gyllenhaal sucks (he was good when he was younger i guess), Taylor Lautner sucks, Calvin Harris sucks, Joe Alwyn sucks, Matt Healy sucks. i think the most talented guy was Tom Hiddleston and he was just a rebound that she supposedly cheated on. i wonder if it’s a superiority thing with her.

No. 1587008

integrate or gtfo

No. 1587013

File: 1685030645421.webm (7.82 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (1) (online-vide…)


No. 1587016

Oh nigger, I thought she meant retard. I was very confused

No. 1587020

File: 1685031729113.gif (3.01 MB, 540x304, ezgif-1-2affc207b5.gif)


No. 1587024

there's something so comical about Cardi B, the same woman who has videos shoving a beer bottle up her pussy and talking about pussy tasting like McD bacon egg and cheese, packing a school lunch for her son.

No. 1587025

Sam Levinson Try Not to Write Coomer Porn Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1587031

File: 1685032572863.jpeg (262.69 KB, 1170x2061, A9138A9A-2C0C-4269-86C3-01F73C…)

Ok so one of Paris hiltons dogs passed away, which is sad and losing a pet is always terrible, but seeing her IG post and the name: *~*Harajuku Bitch*~* gently appearing on the screen in pink made me laugh out loud.

Farewell, Harajuku Bitch.

No. 1587032

It's a lot of food, but tbh her kids probably just don't finish it or share. They might be in activities (sports, dance) too. It's nice that she bothers to not have them eating school food, although they're rich so the food probably isn't bad wherever she has them going.

No. 1587035

She's got a great sense of humor and knows how to make people laugh.
Cardi knows how to separate 21+ R-rated only for adult stuff vs. wholesome 5yr+ PG-rating stuff.

I don't see the problem.

No. 1587037

There's nothing wrong with what she packed. I'm sure that stuff is stored in a fridge at the school because I doubt her kids are going to public cuz if they had to keep that meal in a locker…they might get food poisoning.

No. 1587041

File: 1685034500097.png (366.08 KB, 1439x1837, Screenshot_20230525-120838.png)


No. 1587047

File: 1685035184044.jpeg (331.82 KB, 1728x1674, 539CABAB-03C7-4EA3-8FCB-ABE5C3…)

Is he trying to look like a black skinhead football player? kek

No. 1587064

I don't even know what he's trying to do anymore tbqh.

No. 1587085

His dumbfuck lifeless expression on his face just ruins my day every time. He's so ugly, it's painful.

No. 1587088

I'd like to say something nice but I've got nothing. That's how bad kanye is. I can't even…

No. 1587093

Is Kulture her sons name? Or is she saying this is cultured food? What kind of bum ass white trash america mutts would call Fruit Loops and Kool Aid culture? Who the fuck considers junk food dumped out from Kellogs and Kraft a part of their culture? I stg this bitch has brain damage, and her kids are gonna be obese diabetics

No. 1587100

Oh God. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1587104

Well this is celebricows where we're allowed to verbally shit all over celebrities, so I don't know what your complaining about

No. 1587106

It's not a complaint, it's a statement. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1587107

So leave if you're tired of this

No. 1587112

File: 1685040133854.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1063, Screenshot_20230406-232037.png)

I would -if- I could.

No. 1587120

File: 1685040558900.jpg (49.48 KB, 750x741, D2KEznlU4AEjts3.jpg)

Damn, I feel you nona, I feel you

No. 1587136

they were never married, why does everyone in here think that non-married celebs are married?

No. 1587138

You forgot Harry Styles, arguably her most handsome ex-boyfriend

No. 1587142

her daughters name is kulture.

No. 1587150

Then I retract my statement

No. 1587162

File: 1685042498979.jpg (35.78 KB, 680x850, adf.jpg)

No. 1587178

Maybe nona believes the bullshit Deux Moi has been peddling about how Taylor and Joe were British Married? kek

No. 1587190

File: 1685043970769.jpg (127.54 KB, 720x900, Fw-eDycXgAML0zh.jpg)

They revealed the soundtrack for the upcoming barbie movie. The thing will be produced my mark ronson.

A bit ot but I find it so strange to see the name Tame Impala everywhere at this point because I discovered Kevin's music when they were some band that was floating around on tumblr, now he and the boys are doing soundtracks for hollywood movies and fill arenas while I saw them in some small ass clubs back in the day.

No. 1587200

also new trailer

No. 1587214

they really are trying to cater to gen z and fags huh

No. 1587234

I'm unironically super excited for this movie, I fucking loved playing with my Barbies as a kid, and I love bright, colorful campy movies the most.

No. 1587244

I can’t imagine thinking Harry Styles is better looking than Jake Gyllenhaal

No. 1587278

File: 1685048963905.jpeg (141.79 KB, 1170x1233, 31DD1700-72DB-4926-9584-4A2AAC…)

I don’t know how to feel about this, but good for Aqua getting attention and revitalized streams.

No. 1587281

Me too anon! I'm going to see it in theaters.
I thought the Aqua song wasn't going to be used? Something about Mattel not liking the song since it's mocking and not really accurate to who Barbie actually is. Maybe remaking it is the best option though, since it's too iconic of a song to not use in a Barbie movie.

No. 1587283

Ice spice is the most blatant plant in years, it's actually kind of wild.

No. 1587285

I do think it's kinda fun, I'm excited as well.

No. 1587291

I'm not really into Barbie and didn't like it as a child (even though I had the Barbie cow Shayna wore the dress of recently), but I will watch that movie, just for fun and because I like Margot Robbie. And I'm glad that they involved Aqua, I still know the whole lyrics and it's horrible, but it is what it is.

No. 1587294

wish they had collabed with artists who makes a more bubblegum music type sound or someone who sounds a little bit more europop/eurobeatish instead. But I understand that that type of music isn't super popular anymore

No. 1587305

>The thing will be produced my mark ronson.
The guy that produced Uptown Funk? daaaamn, this is gonna be insane
Ice Spice again? i cannot turn my back without this girl getting another feature, i'm tired of seeing her fucking everywhere

No. 1587312

i want a resurgence right nyaow.

No. 1587316

>random troon

fucks sake

No. 1587324

isn't a dog living for 23 years insanely long?

No. 1587329

the troon ruined it

No. 1587360

I bet it’s going to be peak liberal feminism

No. 1587363

>picture of teenage girl implying insult
Grow up

I don't care, I admire that she packs her own children's lunch and doesn't feed them the sugar free gluten free everything free Hollywood Paltrow diet

No. 1587370

Oh air goes straight through her ears

For every black person like this there are 10s that are raised to carry themselves without apology and be proud of who they are. I think a disproportionate amount of these self hating people are shared in media because it's such a shocking thing to say. Mental illness isn't limited to race.

It can also be noted that these women were there "first", it could very easily be that the younger their new partners were, the least they respected them and were more devolved into their addictions so the kind of masking they did when they were younger came off.

No. 1587373

Average native New yorker

No. 1587379

not really? she's so plain and trashy, you couldn't hand craft that level of trashiness if you tried… girl taking her hand bag everywhere on red carpets and events should be indication enough she is not an industry plant

No. 1587380

Ah yes, small unrecognized band tamen Pala

Yes and we will all be seated.

Not really. People just like her.

No. 1587389

We need to kill these guys immediately.
There's an article out there about how the Weekend and Sam Levinson removed one of the lone female producers because they felt the show was leaning too far into the 'female perspective.' https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/the-idol-hbo-next-euphoria-torture-porn-the-weeknd-sam-levinson-lily-rose-depp-blackpink-jennie-1234688754/
ERW showed that in her documentary, she said it was her.
Damn, that sucks, I really liked her.(imageboard)

No. 1587393

She's been financed by Drake since day 1 with zero organic growth, stop the cap

No. 1587400

>financed by drake
He doesn't even follow her

No. 1587412

File: 1685056675722.png (571.81 KB, 524x858, Screenshot 2023-05-25 181815.p…)

No. 1587490

the guy who exploited and enabled amy winehouse.

No. 1587493

I refuse to believe Taylor swift had sex with this man.

No. 1587497

it's hard for me to believe taylor swift had sex with any of those men. she's just… not a sexual person at all.

No. 1587524

Exactly. At this point her calculating isn't even bad bitch behavior it's just annoying and opportunistic.

No. 1587527

kek, I feel the same way, I can't imagine her having sex for some reason. Even when she performs and dances, she looks great, but I just get such asexual vibes from her. Like I wouldn't be surprised if we all found out that when she changes clothes, she just has a blank Barbie doll body underneath or something

No. 1587542

No. 1587546

holy shit I had no idea how she even started out. I havent even heard her music but I keep seeing her everywhere now

No. 1587585

File: 1685067513562.png (686.08 KB, 1440x1050, Screenshot_20230525-211930.png)

Oh. Amy winehouse's spirit is angry. Something is going on. Oh boy.

No. 1587589

File: 1685068493884.png (544.95 KB, 1440x1425, Screenshot_20230525-213522.png)

Ooph there's a lot going on atm.


No. 1587595

people don’t talk enough about how exploited and used any winehouse was. everyone failed her. even in death, her dignity and reputation get no mercy.

No. 1587596

File: 1685068974063.jpg (48.75 KB, 500x587, 7c6d78d66ff0c63d75a1557a0d380c…)

She's angry. I feel her energy.

No. 1587624

This video didnt say shit? She went to college with people in the industry and happened to be in the right place at the right time. the bare minimum and being conventional attractive is whats kept her career going. Drake doesnt finance her, he tried to fuck and unfollowed when it didn’t happen. Shes a one hit wonder with market potential so they took her and ran with it. Not everyone is a plant.

No. 1587625

Neither anons but "one hit wonders" who "happened to be in the right place at the right time" don't usually get shoehorned into this many new projects

No. 1587634

Anyone who pays attention to female rappers knows what's up. Before Ice spice it was Saweetie, then it was Coi Leroy. They all share one thing, being biracial not that talented pretty women, whonwere I pushed heavily. All had odd connections to the rap industry (saweetie having family), all instantly hitched onto famous men. (Saweetie/Quavo. Coi/the ugly rapper, Ice Spice/"Drake").
However this thing with Ice is different. She's an year in. MET gala, collabs with Taylor. Meeting North West, in the Barbie movie soundtrack. Getting a vogue Get ready with me video.
That's a lot in a short time. I cannot think of many femalw rappers with this quick of a rise and damn sure can't think of any monoracial ones.
MTS is actually talented and had to deal with so much shit even before the shooting. I cannot be convinced that it's just pure look. It's an noticeable trend with female rappers.

No. 1587636

*pure luck, ugh sorry my typing is so shitty I'm drunj

No. 1587645

Everytime an irrelevant industry plant gets discussed itt there's always a schizo crying about it. This girl is going to get shoehorned everywhere then pull a Dababy and disappear too, other acts with way more relevancy don't get all these features after years of hits but she does after a month or so since her debut? i mean c'mon something doesn't add up
Good resume, this anon knows what's up

No. 1587660

File: 1685074307942.jpg (49.22 KB, 720x630, Screenshot_20230526-001500_Chr…)

Khloe and Kim whining about not connecting to their childern they had from suggogracy right away. Mind you both had kids with fucked up scrotes but decided to buy a woman to have more kids by these fucked up scrotes. Khloe did hers after Tristan got some random woman preggers

"During a conversation with Scott Disick, Kardashian talked candidly about her struggles connecting with little Tatum and her feelings of guilt over using a surrogate to give birth to her second child.

“I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby and I take the baby and go to another room and you are separated,” she continued. “It felt like such a transactional experience because it is not about him. I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. But it doesn’t mean it is bad or good. It is just very different.”

“But a surrogate process—Kim [Kardashian] knows—is very hard for me. It’s a mindfuck. It is really the weirdest thing,” she said. “[I do feel less connected]. People do say it takes a minute to feel connected but Kim said hers was easy. This is not easy."”

Of watching her son’s birth in the hospital, Kardashian recalled, “I definitely buried my head in the sand during that pregnancy that I didn’t digest what was happening. So I think when I went to the hospital that was the first time it really registered. It has nothing to do with the baby.”
She added that she was “in a state of shock” from the experience."

No. 1587662

Kek, nice

No. 1587663

Kim's take-
> In the episode, Kardashian’s older sister, Kim, reflected on her own experience hiring surrogates to carry her two youngest children, Chicago and Psalm, after giving birth herself to her first two, North and Saint West.
>“She had a really hard time accepting the whole process,” SKIMS founder Kim said of Khloé. “I do think that there is a difference when the baby is in your belly—it actually feels your real heart. Think about it. It touches your organs. There is no one else on this planet that will feel you from the inside like that.”

No. 1587670

>Do you guys ever think about dying?
>Record scratch
I laughed out loud at this. I never played with Barbie or any human-like toys kek but this looks like a fun time

No. 1587671

She (you know who) looks like a foot

No. 1587674

some people are so stupid they can only learn by personal experience but that's better than being too dumb to learn even from that

No. 1587677

I wish my foot looked like that tbh

No. 1587684

Nothing like earnestly rebuking the children you took from another person for a fee when you have a giant audience and they will be able to see it later

No. 1587697

they were crazy, I loved The Libertines so at the time I thought Pete's crackhead behavior was kind of funny, but holy shit. Does anyone else remember the old youtube video of them playing with her baby mice?

No. 1587701

Of course there is a tranny, just killed all the excitement I had for the movie.

No. 1587702

oh my god, kim

No. 1587704

A teenager can be ugly, it was before all the surgery so you can take a good look at her weird face.

No. 1587705

God damn it, I was jokingly saying to my friend today that I was surprised I hadn't heard about trannies being in the barbie movie. Fuck, I feel like I jinxed it

No. 1587715

Ok, the idea of the Barbie that looks like a little kid cut up her hair and colored all over her is hilarious to me

No. 1587719

the casting news came out months ago and i remember making the joke "this barbie is a man" for hari nef's cast portrait
same, that was the only part of the trailer i actually laughed at

No. 1587721

Fucking german fetishist. I hate it when people use German stuff to look edgy. No Hitler would’ve not liked you.

No. 1587736

Do you guys think they would've adjusted the filming schedule for a female actor of the same experience level? His letter to margot and greta begging to stay in the move and have them 'fudge' the schedule so he can stay in it despite scheduling conflicts grosses me out. Waxing poetic about how the troons call themselves 'the dolls' when it's just bimbofication fetish.

No. 1587770

The bullshit taylor x ice spice collab dropped, it sucks ass

No. 1587781

Turn off your computers and put down your phones, no one is tying you down and forcing you to read and post on a Mongolian basket weaving forum.

No. 1587786

File: 1685085787413.png (175.3 KB, 944x960, 844.png)

this is so unbelievably bad i could have done better in 2hrs with garageband and a couple xanax im not kidding this is so embarrassing holy fuck

No. 1587788

this is so cute i wish cardi was my mom bcus mine just starved me all the time. anyways have any of the anons in the replies heard of lunchboxes? all of this could easily fit plus lil kids eat crazy amounts of food thats how they get tall

No. 1587817

fatty nation

No. 1587851

>Humans only have one ending
Barbie trailer triggering my existential crisis

No. 1587856

Soooo, no girly pop rock songs? just fml.
If they were going this route they could've at least added Azealia Banks. Weak shits. I see "more Barbie and Kens to be announced" so I don't want to give up yet..
They could've brought it back anyway.
Only speaking from experience because eating was like a chore for me.

No. 1587865

It’s also kind of sus that she always gets weird and defensive whenever her parents are mentioned and refuses to name them. She doesn’t want people to know she’s a nepo baby.

No. 1587996

File: 1685104842354.jpeg (174.6 KB, 828x1127, 5BA0DCB3-C4A4-4EAD-BAF9-EB7A05…)

What’s up with Goslings face

No. 1588002

his dna

No. 1588007

This is so cute, and finally some good marketing
I've so gotten used to shit marketing everywhere I forgot it could be like this

No. 1588013

God he's facing in two different directions… You shouldn't have said that because I can't unsee it.

No. 1588016

Yes, that's an absurdly long lifespan for a dog lmao. At least we know she takes good care of her pets.

No. 1588092

He got bogged.

No. 1588170

Smaller dogs have normally have a longer live expectancy, but this is still crazy
Hoping for Marina tba, Electra Heart ablbum is right there

No. 1588187

If you watch his recent interviews he kinda looks like he got fillers

No. 1588217

File: 1685122826313.webm (8.33 MB, 824x406, ezgif-2-9e485df14f.webm)

>old video
>playing with
>baby mice


No. 1588221

i still can’t believe that he got the role of Ken. he looks like a dad desperately trying to fit in with his teenage daughter’s friend group so they’ll think he’s a DILF.

No. 1588223

the inevitable fight scene would’ve been so cool with Bubblegum Bitch playing

No. 1588224

He's no ken.

No. 1588225

Yeah, seriously.

No. 1588229

He’s always been super weird looking and I don’t get why he’s getting these “handsome romantic lead” roles.

No. 1588246

He looked great in the notebook before he botched his face and got a nose-job.

No. 1588252

I guess it’s a matter of taste but imo he was ugly then too. His eyes are so tiny and close together that he looks like a goose, fittingly.

No. 1588260

none of the lunchboxes i've seen and used could fit all of that unless they're using multiple of them. also some of those foods would need to stay refrigerated before lunch. idk if her kid's school is different but at mine the only fridge was in the teacher's conference room.

No. 1588263

File: 1685125424744.jpg (133.99 KB, 867x1200, ryan-gosling-bop-magazine-1998…)

Yeah. He's on the road to becoming fully bogged now, through.

No. 1588266

No. 1588286

Yeah, the fillers or whatever it is he’s doing to his face really aren’t helping. He looks swollen and like one eye is slowly drifting away.

No. 1588322

File: 1685127549203.gif (2.85 MB, 640x538, bogdanoff-bogdanov.gif)

All these people getting bogged.

No. 1588359

This threadpic makes me laugh every time I see it in the catalog

No. 1588363

i don't think i'll see anyone in my lifetime that can match her raw talent

No. 1588364

File: 1685129569361.jpg (137.54 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate this stupid chain she has. Hideous

No. 1588376

Greta Gerwig is an elder millennial 'indie girl' (and her partner Noah Bumbauch is a director literally in his 50s),so she's stuck in the 2000s and she remembers Ryan Gosling from The Notebook and the old "Hey Girl…" memes and decided "Yep, that's it, this is what the girls want as a perfect man these days"

No. 1588392

Did he go to the same person who fucked up Zac Efrons face

No. 1588411

You said-what I was about to say. So true.

No. 1588426

File: 1685134314704.png (543.56 KB, 1440x2100, Screenshot_20230526-155214.png)


No. 1588430


No. 1588438

File: 1685136038633.png (66.17 KB, 1440x425, Screenshot_20230526-161826.png)

No. 1588460

File: 1685138213878.webm (2.12 MB, 576x1046, 5VuuxJfFsHtDwAmx.webm)

No. 1588535

File: 1685141474879.png (1.31 MB, 1439x1523, Screenshot_20230526-170133.png)

>>1588460(twitter behavior)

No. 1588600

People don't like her, stop acting like the same two annoying songs aren't being shoved down everybody's throats.

No. 1588638

One hit wonder. She's going to disappear just as quick as she appeared. It happens all the time. Nothing new.

No. 1588661

She is definitely not a one-hit-wonder with how she's being streamed.

No. 1588728

File: 1685148133473.jpeg (119.88 KB, 1283x1557, IMG_4003.jpeg)

lana looking bloated in brazil

No. 1588734

she is looking so much like a pig… she doesnt even look like her songs anymore this is so sad. imagine being a international star singer but looking like a american mom of 3 kids

No. 1588738

File: 1685148612416.jpg (37.29 KB, 402x603, FYSurzuXEAAMtzS.jpg)

her nose..

No. 1588740

File: 1685148851799.jpeg (131.94 KB, 1283x1516, IMG_4004.jpeg)

one more. it’s crazy how different she looks in candid pictures

No. 1588743

After Harvey she doesn't want to be attractive anymore. Like how abuse victims starve themselves so they look less womanly, but the opposite. Ariana still does this with her ponytail security blanket. Dan Schneider reportedly hates ponytails.

No. 1588744

Yep. Survivors do- what they need to do. Seriously.

No. 1588746

I started that comment out being facetious but then I realized what a fucking bitch I was being kek because for real. Idk if it's Harvey in particular but no doubt she had to deal with some fucked up shit. Didn't she shoot w Terry Richardson?

No. 1588748

She’s gaining weight the way a male does. I love her so much as long as she’s healthy she could look like Gary Busey if she wanted and I’d still swoon at her but…yeah I feel like she doesn’t look particularly healthy

No. 1588749

never knew that Schneider factoid

No. 1588750

She's had a long long long long list of terrible men trying to get with her, Marilyn Manson is a good example-HAY! Yup and she's a survivor of Harvey and lord knows who else. Lana is tough, has been through and seen some shit.

No. 1588751

Yep, really sad too bc that shit is ripping her edges out but she won't let go. I am convinced this is what's going on.

No. 1588752

No. 1588753

ariana still supported dan tho even after everything was revealed

No. 1588754

She's coping HARD, anon. You would be too-if you were in her shoes.

No. 1588756

She's probably scared of him and that whole thing about victimz defending their abuserz thang. A lot of people won't get peace until some EVIL "people" die in minecraft and that's just the truth of it.(Integrate)

No. 1588757

File: 1685150153751.jpg (406.1 KB, 1200x3172, uwu.jpg)

I also think Ari loves to be coddled and that plays a part in her ED and sickly appearance.

No. 1588758

Anon she started looking like this after the pandemic hit. She got California sober and gained weight. She's just going back to her lake placid trash roots. She isn't a victim of Weinstein.

No. 1588759

Oh. She totally does. Smol,cute,bby. Didn't have much of a childhood-I don't imagine.

No. 1588760

I think part of her genuinely likes him, idk. This is such an inappropriate tinfoil but I feel like she thought she was in control when she was a youg girl "giving out" sexual favors (ughhh) but she's fucked up from it and I got the feeling she likes being Dan's "favorite," depite and especially because he was raping everyone. Cool Girl. Hollyweird indeed.

No. 1588761

Why not both?

No. 1588763

Anon. Everyone that survived Harvey IS A SURVIVOR! Yes. She is a victim-along with all the other women. Stop it.

No. 1588765

She didn't "survive" shit; she had consensual negotiations with him. No one even knows if it was sexual. Stop tinfoiling. She gained weight during the pandemic like a lot of other people. If it was about Weinstein this would've happened ten years ago.

No. 1588766

Harvey just went to jail for life-yesterday. Let everyone process all of this. Idk what your problem is.

No. 1588772

The problem is you're making up shit. He didn't get life because of Lana. She hasn't said anything negative about him. Not everyone had a bad encounter with him. Welcome to Hollywood where YES even YOUR faves do under table things.

No. 1588773

It's sad because I get the impression that Ariana is a drama geek. Girly just wants to be involved in theater arts. Any behind the scenes candid footage I've seen of her Nick shows and her concerts/rehearsals, she's laughing surrounded by friends with a lot of inside jokes. She became a pop star and she enjoyed it but now her life is weird and dark. Her frontal lobe just finished devloping (as well as it can depite the ED) and she's probably looking back in time, and looking around herself thinking, what the fuck. Ummm sorry for the weird ass sperg, I'll take a ban if necessary and I'll stop now. I just think stardom is so weirdly fascinating. Imagine growing up and realizing your mother knew you were being exploited and finally understanding how fucked up that really is.

No. 1588775

Let them live in fantasyland. They will never accept that people fuck around with high ups consensually.

No. 1588777

I will remind the thread that there is no proof Lana was every involved with Weinstein, consensual or otherwise, unless you count her referencing him in a song (amongst all the other Hollywood references she constantly made at the time) and writing a track for one of the movies he produced. Unless you believe he fucked literally every single woman he ever worked with ever, there's no proof.

No. 1588778

Nta but yeah she probably did do under the table shit, consensually, after being coerced by clout and power. She probably thought she was cool. And I'm sure once those floodgates are opened, they never fuckin close. We all know how men are, and these are powerful, deranged, debased men. The only way to escape is to become a fatty

No. 1588781

File: 1685151335264.gif (4.33 MB, 500x347, ezgif-3-c47d432c86.gif)


How's your micro-cock coping? Harvey do you get internet in prison?

No. 1588783

Technically she was involved with him because she did meetings to get her song in movies but no, that doesn't mean it was sexual. It honestly probably wasn't.

No. 1588784

How many more times are you going to delete and repost this?

No. 1588785

Nta, but if Ariana did do anything with him I don't think it was consensual considering how old she was.

No. 1588787

Seek therapy

No. 1588788

Samefag, sorry I got the conversations mixed up.

No. 1588789

File: 1685151618373.jpg (80.28 KB, 500x1130, 8e0caf1174ebd9df0c5f5c98d20618…)

No. 1588790

File: 1685151667865.jpg (220.17 KB, 1000x1281, lanaharvey.jpg)

I mean, they stepped out together. If you don't think that's very deliberate idk what to tell you. Even if they didn't fuck, being his date has implications, especially in Hollyfuck where being seen with the right people is basically currency.

No. 1588792

And some want to go. Get over it.

No. 1588794

Samefag but I'm not implying she's talking about Harvey specifically, in that article.

No. 1588796

Saying a woman became "fat" and "unattractive" because she went to a few public dinners with a man a decade ago is absolutely retarded.

No. 1588797

Yeah they want to because theu're intoxicated by fame and power. Then they realize they've been thrown out like trash and that powerful people never gave a fuck about them, but they still get pestered for sex until they fat out.

No. 1588799

No, anon. It's much deeper than that. You aren't even scratching the surface and your in shallow water.

No. 1588801

Sounds like a personal problem

No. 1588802

Yes nonna, it's the dinner that did it. Great analysis.

No. 1588807

She was skinny up until July 2020, has had several boyfriends and fiances since 2011, and hasn't said anything negative about Harvey Weinstein. God forbid a woman just gain some weight. No, you have to say she was raped.

No. 1588808

… and some people want to get murdered by serial killers. Your point?

No. 1588809

Yeah, beacuse it literally is a personal problem of hers. What?

No. 1588812

Are you on drugs or something?

No. 1588813

I wish.

No. 1588814

There are 2 of us arguing for the Harvey scenario and that one isn't me but I'm not saying she was raped but she was definitely exploited. Which I would imagine is humiliating.

No. 1588816

Just go, you're not even having productive conversation at this point. Use your words.

No. 1588818

You literally do not know what happened between them.

No. 1588821

No I don't, this is all speculation.

No. 1588823

Oops I did say "definitely", my bad. But yeah this is all speculation.

No. 1588834

With the bloat & weight gain, her nose job is way too small for her face. It also makes her eyes look smaller & beadier

No. 1588837

Imagine the establishing shot with Primadonna Girl playing over it

No. 1588841

>She doesn't even look like her songs

No. 1588842

This is why learning about facial harmony is so important if you want any sort of cosmetic surgery… one really shouldn't go to a surgeon and beg for whatever nose they think they want.

No. 1588848

That's not what they said at all lmfao

No. 1588859

Stop fucking lying to make emo stories. She was not raped by Harvey Weinstein, she just thought the concept of fucking her way into Hollywood was cool, like a movie. She just eats too much nowadays and is close to 40.

No. 1588870

That's literally what they said. They boiled the whole thing down to just the dinners.
>because she went to a few public dinners with a man

Yeah this is probably correct but I'm so curious

Sorry for the derail. Moving on

No. 1588874

Harvey is so gross. I can't imagine anyone having sex with him would ever be consentual and not even with the women he married. Have you ever looked at the guy. Checkmate.

No. 1588875

That's not what I meant and you know it. Jumping to the conclusion that she became "unattractive" because she was raped/exploited/whatever by Weinstein all because she was spotted as his dinner date a couple of times is ridiculous.

No. 1588878

Georgina Chapman was clearly hypnotized during their 13 year relationship that produced two kids

No. 1588879

No. 1588882

I just replied to this but I misunderstood what this comment was conveying. You should have worded your thoughts better because it sounded retarded and reductive.

No. 1588884

Sounds like you need to work on your reading comprehension. Everyone else understood what was being said.

No. 1588889

Admittedly, you're right that I misunderstood your comment. Apologies nonna

No. 1588890

She went from Weinstein to Adrien Brody. Something ain't right with her.

No. 1588900

I took it as a joke about how dim the lightbulb in your head is. It was a joke and it was funny and you're shallow and not very bright.

No. 1588902

You good?

No. 1588903

Was that the woman washing his asshole on the yatch?

No. 1588904

There's a lot going on atm.

No. 1588916

Just, leave it.

No. 1588917

File: 1685156410039.png (15.09 KB, 1440x370, Screenshot_20230526-220118.png)

No. 1588918

>Saying a woman became "fat" and "unattractive" because you assume she was exploited or abused because she went to a few public dinners with a particular man a decade ago is absolutely retarded.

No. 1588921

So, Lana is untouched and has never experienced abuse?

What kind of NDAs is Lana under?

No. 1588928

No that was his then 18 year old girlfriend unfortunately

No. 1588936

No. 1588941

It's not funny tbh

No. 1588944

what the fuck do you gain from defending a well known abuser? are you a scrote?

No. 1588946

I know. I'm just uncomfortable. It's a nervous laugh.

No. 1588948

I too would like to know.

No. 1588951

So no one can ever bring up his former wives and kids? Get a grip.

No. 1588968

Her lyrics and persona in general is one big larp anon.

No. 1588969

Oh. Oh. He's such a great guy, she sex trafficked women. Is that it?

No. 1588973

She said it was about him so now what?

No. 1588974

File: 1685159957512.png (928.6 KB, 1440x991, Screenshot_20230526-225800.png)

The other post said
She wrote
"Harvey in the sky with diamonds"-"BUT SHE WAS CLEARLY TALKING ABOUT A DIFFERENT HARVEY, right?"

No. 1588975

No, she didn't.

No. 1588982

and what is the reason for that?

No. 1588984

She did and pulled it from her setlists because of it

No. 1588985

>pulled it from her set list
Heavy stuff. Everything bad must have hit her like a semi truck.

No. 1588987

File: 1685160894648.jpg (130.39 KB, 945x1576, 349142000_546608284327686_3780…)

till lindemann of the washed up band rammstein has gotten a bunch of abuse allegations on social media over the past few days. till is a 60 years old pervert and regularly fucks 20 year old groupies, and there is this girl alyona makeeva who is basically his live-in girlfriend/procurer who tours with rammstein (interestingly, same alyona who used to be a marilyn manson groupie and is known in russia for having been molested by manson when she was 14), alyona finds girls for till on instagram and personally invites them to parties/shows to have sex with him backstage. a lot of the girls have said they were pressured to get wasted and into violent bdsm shit. someone named shelby came out and said her drink was spiked by till. the manager of till's ex-bandmate has also come forward and said these allegations are true and there are other cases of this happening

it's being reported by european news outlets and here is an english translation of a finnish article:

No. 1588990

File: 1685161116355.jpg (237.33 KB, 2000x1270, Till-Lindemann-2000x1270-1.jpg)

>till lindemann
Teach girls to love themselves jfc

No. 1588991

Scrotes get extra horny and mid-life-crisis-y at this age. Stay away from 50+ year olds. They are just terrible. 60 something scrotes are pure hell.

No. 1588992

Amen to this

No. 1588994

Lana likes gross men. Look at her trannyfucking, bestiality-loving boyfriend.

No. 1588995

He was also Courtney Love's leftovers

No. 1589010

File: 1685163596808.jpeg (67.66 KB, 912x746, 94AB5C57-32F1-4CE8-AFF8-3C51F3…)

I refuse to believe that British street rat Matty Healy is smart enough to play some ironic character. He’s genuinely hideous wtf is Taylor Swift thinking? She probably could have dated Henry Cavill for god sakes. Literally ANY other British man.

No. 1589011

Henry Cavill's into teenagers. There are no good british men.

No. 1589012

Oh ew anon I’m not even surprised

No. 1589019

kek I knew someone who goes to rehab with Courtney, Lana can't be clean

No. 1589023

This is so frustrating as a long time Rammstein fan, doesn't seem like there are any similar stories about the rest of the band so i guess it is actually possible to be an aging popular musician and not become a disgusting scrote like Till has. Even since stories of what's happening during his solo tour started coming out I find it hard to enjoy their music anymore

No. 1589025

you think he was doing this pre solo? Because if that's the case the whole band knew and didn't care

No. 1589027

I’ve been saying forever that Lana is a heroin addict and no one wants to accept it. I say this as her fan. I don’t need to go and pull up all of her songs mentioning it, including unreleased songs, or all her selfies with pinned pupils. If you’re a mega fan then you either know the truth or you’re in denial that this would happen to “your favorite”. A lot of her exes were/are still H addicts - Chase Stogel, Jack Donoque, Barrie O Neil. She has several famous friends who were or used to be addicts, including the girl in the summer time sadness video, Jaime King. Not to mention Azalea Banks was saying the truth when she tweeted that Lana was hooked on opiates.

No. 1589038

nta but i think the whole band definitely knows what kind of person he is. shelby's allegations are from rammstein's tour, not till solo. they probably know and enable his behaviour or at least look the other way, even if they aren't directly involved. my tinfoil is that they might not want to hold him accountable bc he is the face of the band and it is still their cash cow

No. 1589039

I doubt he hasn't. I don't want to defend other members but often times reading people's stories from backstage parties they would say they - except maybe Richard - would not stay long so I guess I hope they're being decent themselves. As >>1589038 says they would never kick him out because his voice and often lyrics too is Rammstein's identity

No. 1589040

Hope she has fun in Brazil ♥

No. 1589045

So the article links a tumblr post from 2016 about this exact same thing from the band's concert, it sounds pretty legit especially backed by other similar after party accounts. Tl;dr girls get picked before the show, get a bracelet, go backstage, get informed to not talk to anyone unless they talk to them first, Till and staff comes, no other band members, some girls leave, some fuck Till and other guys from the staff.
Also I read up about why the guy from Lindemann's solo project left the project and he says something along the line of "making new music was fun but everything else wasn't"; also he used to be friends with Till until touring with him and now they aren't anymore; making it pretty clear that whatever happens on the tour is what was too much to stomach for him. Once again, fits with other stories.

No. 1589050

>here's the post because that tumblr theme is insane

Why did I stop posting about Rammstein? Good question. I’m going to put this under the cut.

Hi there. Let me tell you about my concert experience. I went to see Rammstein this summer and I can tell you I was so excited to finally be seeing them. I managed to score a ticket, my first Rammstein show, and I was going on vacation. Exciting right?

Day of the show approaches, I get ready and head out to the arena. It rains, of course, because what’s a music festival without a torrential downpour? Everyone’s drenched, I feel like a drowned rat, and the merch booth lines are crazy. Rammstein was going to do a signing, the line for that was insane. I manage to score the very last Rammstein tour shirt at the merch booths and I’m in a great mood. The rain let up and stopped, I got the last shirt and I was in line for the signing, so everything at this point is going fine. Rammstein was late, it rained again, I caught Ministry’s entire set then hopped back in line just in time for their arrival.

I get closer and I’m freaking out a little bit, I finally get to meet them (sort of) and they’ll sign something of mine. My vest was what I decided to ask them to sign so I pass it off. Till is handed the vest by the staff and its all folded up. “Hang on,” I said to him before yanking it off the table to lay it flat in front of him. He looked a bit confused and I mumbled something about “sorry he had it wrong but you can sign along the bottom. I’m going to sew them in later.” I have no idea if he understood me because he literally just??? stared????? at me??? (It freaked me out later but for now I thought nothing of it.) Then he signed it and passed it along to Paul and I thanked him before stepping over. Paul looked at it for a minute and smiled at me then signed it. Schneider was peering over Paul’s shoulder at it, he was doing this for literally everything before it got to him.

(P.S. Schneider, thank u 4 existing)

Paul passes the vest to him and he’s looking at all the patches, pointing at some of them. I can’t remember what ones he pointed at but then he stopped when he noticed the patch. He started nudging the hell out of Oliver and Paul on either side of him who didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as he was but they sort of nodded at it. I was floored he noticed it and then he just sighed (!!!) at it before finally signing the vest. Then he passes it to Oliver. I swear to god, that man is the calmest person alive. He looked it over too before carefully picking a spot, and signing it. He looked like he was thinking about something (probably about the sands of time or something serious idk) and then he passes the vest to Richard. Richard was wearing sunglasses (since the sun was setting in their faces) and he sort of nodded at me when he got the vest. He signed it and I thanked him quietly but I could hardly talk because I was so nervous. I took my vest and moved out of the tent. Strangely enough, a woman in the tent next to theirs approaches me and asks if I want to go backstage and to the aftershow with Rammstein.

Yes. Was that even a question? She gives me a bracelet and tells me where to go and what time. Naturally, I forget because I’m me, and instead go into the crowd to try to get to the front row. Too many mosh pits later, I’m squished like a sardine with a guy who basically turned into my bodyguard in the third or fourth row of people. Everything’s great, the band looks good in the new(ish) stage costumes, the music sounds awesome, theres fire, all that good stuff.

Right around the first “finale”, I notice a girl dancing around off to the side sort of in the stage area. Then it hits me. I was supposed to be backstage! After talking to too many arena security guys who had no clue what was going on, I hopped the barricade and walked off to another area to find out what was going on. I had to get backstage before the show ended so I could find out about the afterparty. I get back there during the encore, spot some girls I had seen earlier and we chat.

It’s so strange to be backstage, watching the band moving around and performing and you get to look out at the lights and crowd with them. Here’s where things start to get a little weird.

"Yeah they told us no phones and no pictures backstage.“

Well that’s not unreasonable, they probably don’t want us getting in the way to get a picture. All the fire’s probably a bit dangerous too. Imagine the headlines if a fan got roasted while trying to get just the right shot of Paul. (I’m sure he’d appreciate the dedication to photography though.)

"We all got a shot of tequila from Till too, I’m scared mine’s got cocaine in it.”

Ok that’s a bit much but if you’re afraid I understand that. I don’t think everyone’s shot is drugged. At least I hope not. At this point, I feel I should mention that everyone chosen to come backstage is female, early twenties to maybe thirty at the oldest? I was paying more attention to the band and music though so I didn’t think much of it. While the band is still playing, another security guard comes to get everyone who was chosen to be backstage. He leads us through the backstage area and back out into the “field” during their finale. I wish I got to see the Engel wings up close but alas, we had to all wait in the middle of the field until the party. The band finishes and then we (the girls) start talking. Some are worried about their friends who they got split up from and the numbers start to dwindle. A few worried girls head back to their friends or whoever, worried about how to get home, etc. [Note: It’s been about two months since the show so I may have forgotten some details but for the most part, this is everything that happened.]

"No phones,“ they tell us again. “When you get back there, don’t bother the band at all. Don’t ask for pictures, no signatures, or anything like that. Don’t talk to them,” (Imagine not talking to the band that threw the party???) “and let them relax. They’ll talk to you if they want to.”

What kind of fucking rules are those? No pictures? Understandable, they’re tired and have just come off stage. No signatures? Yeah that’s fine, there was a signing tent earlier so I can see why they wouldn’t want to sign about thirty more girls things. But don’t talk to them?? All right…

This is where it starts to feel strange. We go up into the stadium, into one of those luxury box type things for football games and the like. Lots of chairs and a table full of booze. And water. Got to stay hydrated before you get fucking smashed I guess. The security (a mix between the stadium staff and the road crew) told us to get comfortable, we’d meet the band shortly.

A few of the girls I talked to were super anxious about the no phone rule. Some of them had been pretty much told off for even having it on the table near them. Lots of us were looking for chargers because at that point in the night, everyone’s phone had died. That didn’t matter to the staff. Eventually they loosened up when they (hopefully) realized how unrealistic it was to tell us we couldn’t even look at our phones.


No. 1589051

Let me say two things at this point; 1.) I should have seen what happened next coming from a mile away but I was too “naive” and 2.) some of the girls voiced their concern (to each other) about how sketchy this situation was becoming. What did I do? Poured some vodka and juice, (there was only that or beer and water) sat back, and waited nervously. I was there on my own. I originally went to Chicago and met up with another tumblr user (whose name I will leave out because I don’t want to drag her into this), but we got separated fairly quickly once the concert started. (If you’re reading this, sorry for the millionth time. You were better off in the crowd to be honest, because the party…)

One of the girls I sat with was like, “We’re all really pretty in different ways! They picked the good slam pieces huh??” Oh. Fuck. That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it? Now I’m pretty tall (I was right at eye level with Till) and can be somewhat threatening if I try but most of the girls weren’t very tall or anything so I got even more nervous. None of us were in any state to fend someone off if they did decide that we were “worthy slam pieces”. I stuck pretty closely to another girl I met there, because she realized why we were there but was trying to remain optimistic.

After everyone had a drink, they told us that the guys were downstairs and the party was starting. Cool. Got to the elevator and only one security guard asked “is everyone 21?” No real reply. He shrugged. It wasn’t his responsibility at that point I suppose. We get split into two groups and head downstairs, I waited and went with the second group. Everyone’s excited and buzzing, and for a minute, no one seems worried anymore. We get to meet Rammstein, isn’t that crazy???

Once I arrived downstairs, I saw Till. Oh shit, they were serious, there’s Till right there. He’s having a drink and laughing with a few people and he sorta greets some people as they walk in. I look around and see mostly road crew and a few older guys who I’m assuming work with management or whatever. More drinks are out and a tray of forgotten and cold ass sandwiches were out there but none of us went for the food. A few girls instantly flock to Till, and he speaks. “No, fuck you!” He says to the pretty girl who’s attached herself to his hip. She giggles. Charming.

Not exactly what I expected to hear but I’m not shocked. Among other things I heard; “This vodka makes me horny”, “I like his nipple”, and assorted cringey phrases that would fit right in with any song from Skills and Pills. I’m starting to dislike Till more and more by the second but I ignore it. If I personally knew anyone who spoke the way he did, I’d fucking deck them. Oh but that’s just Till! He’s purposely gross because it’s for the art and pushing boun– no, he’s actually just crass and he acted like an overgrown thirteen year old. (But maybe I’m being harsh.)

What about the other guys, I’m sure you’re asking.

They weren’t there! Surprise! When they said meet Rammstein, they meant “meet Till” which really meant “maybe Till will fuck you if you try hard enough”. Actually, someone said they saw Flake leaving when they came in (and goddamn it I wish Flake took me with him.) Now I’m sure someone is thinking, “well why were you there if you weren’t trying to fuck them?“

Listen to me. I would not fuck Till with a ten foot pole if my life fucking depended on it. I was not there to fuck the band. I wanted to actually meet them and maybe chat with them while meeting other cool fans. I’m not looking down on anyone who did want to fuck Till. By all means, it’s your right to fuck whatever consenting person you’d like! It’s a rock band, what do you expect? was a question I’ve been asked when I shared my experience. Well certainly not what I saw. Now if this was Rammstein ten, fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have been disgusted. I would have expected it. But I’ve seen and heard too many ‘normal’ accounts of people meeting Rammstein and the parties being halfway decent (or at least having more than one fucking member present.)

I digress. The party itself wasn’t much of a party. I found out later, only women were invited. I heard Milkshake more times than I care to remember, and most of the music was horribly outdated as if someone was asked to play popular American music but had no idea of what music past 2004 sounded like. For a second, I thought Oliver had showed up. But then I quickly realized that this guy had a tattoo and didn’t really share any similar traits aside from a beard and height. He was actually the “DJ”, if you could even call it that.

The “rooms” were actually a curtained off space. About ten minutes in, I went to the bathroom and cut back through the second room and I saw Till. And two topless girls making out. And another older guy watching on with Till. I went back into the other room immediately, not wanting to be a part of the spectacle. They were just watching them for the fuck of it? Haha, I wish. I stayed out of that room for the rest of the night and eventually they ‘closed’ (re: used binder clips to keep the curtain shut) that area off so only the guys who wanted to go in there could. And they did. Remember the girl I mentioned Till swearing at within the first two minutes? Well they started kissing in the party (much to the disappointment of quite a few girls) and then he led her into that room. They were gone for about a half hour or so and when they emerged, she looked quite pleased with herself. She was wrapped around him for the next twenty minutes or so, fixing her hair, etc. I don’t think I need to spell that one out for you.

The road crew was all over us, chatting us up and pouring us drinks. It all felt vey predatory to be blunt, all these older men drinking with us and hitting on us. I saw someone from the In Amerika documentary too, hitting on us (by the way, fuck you, you sleazy old fuck.) The rest of the band never showed although I’m sort of glad they didn’t. Although I’m not sure if the rest of them are above the parties so to say, I don’t want to find out. Some of the girls left once Till disappeared the first time. Why didn’t I leave? In my mind, I wasn’t about to leave a bunch of drunk young girls/women in a room with scummy ass older men. If anything, I was going to stick around in case shit went south with anyone who wasn’t consenting. (But drunkenness and consent don’t exactly go together, do they?) What was I really going to do to a bunch of men, some of whom were bigger than I was? Fucking drop them if it came down to it.

One of the road guys was speaking in German to the Oliver lookalike and was asking “Einfach?” and pointing at the girl he was talking to. My head snapped to them and I could have screamed. He was asking, is she easy? Simple? I wanted to pulverize that snarky little fucker where he sat. The Oliver lookalike looked a little uneasy and just kept smiling as if he didn’t want to be overheard. He never got with the girl even though he walked with her outside the stadium after the party. At one point, I ended up doing a shot with Till and the girl who referred to us all as slam pieces, and I gotta tell you; he had the creepiest look in his eyes. He laughed when I poured way too much into my own shot, and for a second I wasn’t feeling too worried. Maybe he wasn’t so bad but then when I looked at him after the shot, I instantly felt my stomach turn. He looked confused?? The same look I got at the tent actually. So I ran off to the bathroom and promptly puked. Once the girl left Till’s side, another girl slid into her spot and she kissed him as well. A few other girls kissed him, hell I could have kissed him if I wanted to. He wasn’t discriminating that’s for sure. Although we were all picked by the woman with the bracelets beforehand so maybe that’s why. I was furious then, thinking how could this woman just hand us off to these men, knowing exactly what the parties were about. But then again, we should have expected that right?? (Side note: there was a disappointingly slim variety of women there, mainly all white women between the ages of twenty to thirty, all fitting the ‘rocker’ look I suppose. The girl I stuck around with, who I believe was Latina, and myself were the darkest girls there for fuck’s sake.


No. 1589052

It was like watching a revolving door, Till would disappear and reappear with girls trying to get his attention each time. He made eye contact with me multiple times, and I felt so uncomfortable. I felt like he was sizing me up like I was a piece of meat because his stare was so …eerie. I did my best to avoid his gaze and if I did happen to catch it, I’d look as standoffish and bitchy as possible. I didn’t want him to even look in my fucking direction. His ‘flirting technique’ was so straight white boy, it hurt.

Needless to say, I realized pretty quickly that we were supposed to be the entertainment. How fucking sleazy. Till asked us to sing happy birthday to some guy named Paul (not Landers), and then later on I found out they were looking for girls to give that Paul a lap dance. The girl who told me was very indignant about that, she told me she was insulted because “I get paid to do those daily, I’m not free, thanks.” She was really nice too and generally put off by their shit but seemed mainly unfazed. Some of the other girls were freaked out because when they ended up on the other side of the curtain, Till was fucking whoever. Some of the crew guys managed to get back there with someone as well but I sure as hell wasn’t going over there. Someone asked if the parties were always like the one we were at. “Yeah these parties are mainly for Till, the other guys don’t come to these.“

I wanted to fling a beer bottle at that fucker’s head. Then I wondered …are the other guys aware of these parties? They’re ok with what happens? Do they pretend like they don’t know? But of course, they’re all grown ass men, and fully responsible for their own actions. Maybe they don’t see it as their issue. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they join in if they’re feeling horny, who knows? After the party ended, we went outside to the front entrance of the stadium and a few of the roadies tagged along, hoping to be able to score some ass and head home with us. I wasn’t having it. I think only one of them managed to get lucky really. The girl I stuck around with was bummed that the afterparty was so shitty. (Shout out to those two blond girls who weren’t having anyone’s shit either. We saw them outside and they said, “This fucking sucks. We came out here for a good time and to see the shows, we saw you guys in the pits, moshing around and raging. That’s what this is all about, the music. Not that shit.” I replied with, “Oh but shouldn’t we feel honored we were chosen to potentially suck Till Lindemann’s dick? And be a fuck toy for the roadies?” They laughed and said “We all came ready to rage and this is just so shitty.”)

I was furious after the party, because how fucking dare they use their status as “rock stars” to try and get us drunk enough to fuck them. I know this type of shit happens all the time in the music industry but to see it first hand was so unnerving and disappointing. I couldn’t listen to Rammstein for a good month after the show. I didn’t want to see them, hear them, be reminded of them, anything. I didn’t want to think about how fucking predatory it all was; tell em they’ll meet the band, get em drunk, and fuck em. After the initial shock and disgust wore off, I found I wasn’t surprised. Not one bit. It got me thinking about how gross and damaging the rock and metal scene is. Let’s glorify all that dumbass behavior, toxic masculinity, and straight up bullshit.

At least I’m pretty enough to get backstage and fuck the roadies right?

409 September 28, 2016
Tagged: rammstein as you can tell i wasn't impressed with till at all and i wish i had thrown the beer bottle i had at his fucking face i wanted to get this off my chest before i posted about them again scholle.txt also this isnt me telling you dont listen to rammstein or whatever yall can do whatever you want im just telling you what happened edit: its been years since this post and people are still giving me their hot fucking take like i cared or asked … i didnt i think everyone missed the points i wanted to make lol @ everyone pretending like its ok to have underage girls backstage idgaf about till and his behavior! hes a grown fucking man!!! apparently everyones a veteran roadie with amazing experiences from till and the band so i guess that invalidates the shit i saw cool!!!!!!! rammstein has never done any wrong!11! really love the scumbag women who automatically assumed i was upset because i couldnt suck till off too or was mad i didnt fuck someone?? @everyone telling me 'my opinion is' – i never fucking asked also everyone assuming i was a child/teen when i made this post?? lol dont ask me about this concert anymore im not a rammstein fan anymore so i dont care what yall think of the band just leave it the fuck alone i had hope their new album would make me come around but honestly its awful theres not a single new song i could muster a fuck to give about im rolling my eyes so goddamn hard i dont come on tumblr anymore because of this stupid fucking post i just reblog aesthetic and dip


No. 1589055

File: 1685172140234.png (99.02 KB, 637x821, l.png)

samefag, update on this
>Also I read up about why the guy from Lindemann's solo project left the project and he says something along the line of "making new music was fun but everything else wasn't"
Manager and wife of the guy openly supported Shelby's story, picrel

No. 1589057

File: 1685172607986.jpg (54.1 KB, 640x1136, r1hbvgv1ru1b1.jpg)

shelby posted alena/alyona (?) dmed shelby's sister trying to cover her ass

No. 1589072

I read a blind item that said she stopped taking aderall to stay skinny. honestly I think she just does not care anymore, she is richer than ever, has loyal fans, she was never much of a fashion girly either, she has just matured.
I honestly think her fame and musical acclaim is now beyond her physical image.

No. 1589078

File: 1685176343995.jpg (48.36 KB, 482x598, 382e476479de9fb1428f4dae2c7758…)

Yeah her fashion actually has not changed much. There's a ton of edits with her head on other people's bodies and I honestly think people get that fake image confused with her kek

No. 1589101

i don't get the appeal she looks like she has downs

No. 1589109

hey- hyphen-chan you- need to-learn how to- fucking- integrate

No. 1589122

Please don't use faggot twitter reactions here summerfag

No. 1589124

In another universe, this movie was made while Freddie Prinze Jr. was young enough to play as Ken…
Ariana and Brittany Murphy are both linked.

No. 1589144

nta why are you mini modding?

No. 1589145


I don't want to sound like a moid here but that's standard aging rock star degeneracy. Any woman with a brain cell knows what "meet the band backstage" means.

>I was furious after the party, because how fucking dare they use their status as “rock stars” to try and get us drunk enough to fuck them

Welcome to reality, I guess?

No. 1589147

I don't think it's okay to blame her simply from being naive. Some of us are ignorant to the sins of this world, I feel bad for her and obviously someone should have told her

No. 1589150

File: 1685187369690.jpeg (18.9 KB, 224x396, 74095032-8326-4453-A484-369A3F…)

Exactly the people who listen to her music surface level have a ultra glam image of her but honestly and I say it with love she has always been kind of a slob, the only difference was that being a slob can be a bit chicer if you r young and hot.

No. 1589153

Did you even read the article? She specifically asked if it's about sex and was assured that it's nothing like it. TBH I don't know why wouldn't they just be upfront that it's about fucking because there still would be some fangirls interested. I guess doesn't matter what a woman says, men in power think they'll be able to intimidate her into obeying this way or another.

No. 1589161

You mean they lied???? To a woman???? About whether they wanted to fuck her????? Wow, I cant believe anyone would ever do such a thing.

Why else would a moid rock band want a woman in her early 20s to "meet the band backstage"? To chat about their B-Sides?

No. 1589166

Till recently fell off the stage kek I was hoping a little bit it hit him

No. 1589170

There are normal after parties without fucking groupies too anon… Why do you blame the victim for being deceived?

No. 1589174

If you're in your 20s, a grown woman, you know the score and you know what moids are like. If you get invited to a band's afterparty, you know what it is. The afterparty is generous, some bands just have the roadies put the girls in the showers for them when they come off stage. It's not excusing the gross moid coombrain behaviour but she still sounds like a retard

No. 1589177

Samefag here, it'd be heartbreaking if she was a girl, like 15, and this was her first realisation that every moid, even those who's music or art you really like, just wants to use you as a hole. But it's not. Dont Rammstein have a song called "Pussy"? WTF do you think men in their 50s writing a song called "Pussy" want from women?

No. 1589195

File: 1685193170574.webm (1.03 MB, 320x568, ssstwitter.com_1685192433858.w…)

kek the video of it is freaking hilarious. I love how nobody bothers to help him.

No. 1589242

Dua Lipa's song for the Barbie movie is out

No. 1589245

Why don't women know better than to leave their homes without a chaperone??? It doesn't excuse male behavior but only a retard would put herself in reach of a moid! >>1589174

No. 1589246

The thumbnail sucks.

No. 1589271

File: 1685202603795.png (140.07 KB, 753x909, B5AD9A1B-24B9-463B-9B8E-8080E9…)

she was actively lied to about the nature of the party by multiple people, what was she supposed to think? not all afterparties end in sex and they put a lot into their marketing of them being “great guys who care about their fans”

update on situation: rammstein still hasn’t made a statement, till is letting his gf handle it and getting people to smear the victims instead of acknowledging it himself. his manager also posted and deleted some stories about “amber heard level hate speech coming from psycho bitches.” their pre-shows and afterparties at upcoming shows have been cancelled as well

No. 1589284

honestly. till lindeman is no better than marilyn manson. of course its awful and i feel for the victims but how are people in general surprised?

No. 1589300

Yeah cos that's what I said retard

No. 1589303

you did, actually

No. 1589314

she's too ugly to be a barbie lmao

No. 1589315

That was me I deleted it because I knew some retard would be like
>UHM Just because they’re in a photo together doesn’t mean they fucked!!1!

Like you’re right, that doesn’t mean they fucked. The song she wrote about him eating her out is what makes it obvious.(sage your lana sperging)

No. 1589323

Everyone casted in the movie is honestly.

No. 1589324

I wonder whatever happened to Barrie? literally nothing comes up when I google him did he like OD or something

No. 1589353

File: 1685209692079.gif (8.6 MB, 540x437, ezgif-3-2a6f6c93c2.gif)

No. 1589371

ugh ofcourse that troon is in the video too

No. 1589410

Anything milky?

No. 1589414

File: 1685215487811.jpg (195.25 KB, 935x1239, Tumblr_l_682843282743265.jpg)

I have nothing to say I just wanna share this embarrassing ass picture of princess nokia

No. 1589416

File: 1685215530022.jpg (110.4 KB, 728x916, Tumblr_l_683042952059595.jpg)

No. 1589431


No. 1589434

No. 1589449

Didn't she pretend to be feminist at least, what's the context of these pics.

No. 1589454

LMFAO you are so braindead if you think that song is about Harvey eating her out.

his instagram is @barriejamesofficial, Lana is following him, so he is alive and they are on good terms.

No. 1589456

You sound jealous and bitter. Get help.

No. 1589457

>Didn't she pretend to be feminist at least
did she? all i remember is some creepy quote about how men desire her "little girl body" or something like that

No. 1589459

Isn't she a little too chunky to be a junkie?

No. 1589460

File: 1685218826008.webm (391.89 KB, 480x360, 1681658784442.webm)

According to all the bullshit I've heard ummm porn is EMPOWERING and super duper FEMINIST!


No. 1589464

Chris Farley was a junky. Rob Ford was a junky. Need more examples.

No. 1589469

Agreed, I still think Lana is beautiful but her nose job has always looked bizarre. Of course she has gained a lot of weight but I don't think her face would look as drastically different if her nose was its original size

No. 1589473

I definitely think Lana has been struggling with addiction for decades. At first I thought she got sober but I don't think you can date Jack Donoghue and not do drugs.
Also from what I understand her weight now is the result of her body adjusting after abusing meth and stimulants to maintain an unnaturally thin weight in her early 20s

No. 1589476

That wasn't minimodding, I said please. I just don't like seeing big greasy drag faggots while I scroll. Besides they got redtexted anyway so it's not an uncommon opinion to not want twitter fag reactions posted.

No. 1589480

Yepp, did you see the guy from her Blue Jean and Born to Die video calling her a speed fairy on twitter and said "enjoy your meth and whatever else", when she used ASAP Rocky for the National Anthem Video and not him looool

No. 1589487

Listen to the lyrics and actually read them. Use that big brain of yours and maybe you’ll be capable of understanding symbolism? And when she verbatim says “my pussy tastes like pepsi cola”, and the rest of the song has multiple references to having sex for the purpose of gaining status - just like the rest of the Paradise release.

No. 1589494

Nta and I'm probably the biggest lanafag itt kek but Cola does have references to fucking Harvey, whether it's about him eating her out idk but that's a strong possibility. I don't know if your a lanafag but there comes a time when we gotta admit she's done some shitty stuff, you can still like someone and not like everything they've done

No. 1589514

It's a dog-eat-dog world and homegurl hustled and did what she had to do. Sometimes that's just how life is. Nobody hates on Selma but she had to grit her teeth and do what she had to inorder to finance Freda the movie and she got other things out of Harvey like some houses and stuff.

No. 1589515

Rich junkies are usually fat. Not only do they not have to choose between food and drugs but they have a whole staff to enable them and make sure they're fed.

No. 1589518

It's a *doggy dog world.

No. 1589521

Angelina jolie also had to grit her teeth and deal with Harvey, when brad pushed her to sleep with him to finance a movie they were making. Brad Pitt the man who once defended Gweneth paltrow from being pushed into his clutches-I still can't believe he did that to Angie.

No. 1589524

Oh 100 percent there's a Harvey reference in the song, it's why she won't perform it anymore which is a shame cuz I love that song but no I'm not biased. I'm the anon who posted about her being an addict. I just don't think the song is about Harvey eating her out, especially in an interview she did with WHY she put the line "my pussy tastes like pepsi cola" - her ex bf Barrie was scottish and says all american girls pussies probably taste like pepsi and she thought it was funny and put it in the song. I agree she's had some shady decisions. I don't think she fucked Harvey, seeing as she was with Barrie when they were photographed, but I don't want to argue with anyone about that because some people strongly believe otherwise and I guess we will never know for sure. I just don't think being photographed with him means they fucked, I can't see her doing with that, I know she did a song for a movie he produced, I'm sure it was work related and she probably wanted the clout of being photographed with him and thought it would make her look deep or cool or hold up to her "old man sugar daddy" image she used to portray.

No. 1589527

File: 1685223093884.png (30.18 KB, 1440x477, Screenshot_20230527-163210.png)

Dog EAT dog, world. Anon.

No. 1589531

Why does Post Leftcows keep getting locked and then deleted? Did someone send a cease and desist? cause if not then there’s no good reason for it to keep getting knocked out(ask /meta/)

No. 1589533

You should also ask this in /meta/ nonna, you're more likely to get a straight answer there.

No. 1589547

I thought it had just died. I lost interest a while ago and it’s full of self promotion and frequent raids and newfags

No. 1589558

lol cute anon is cute

No. 1589560

If the leftcows thread is permanently dead and gone can you guys post the Dasha milk in here? She's the only one in that thread I find milky and I can't be fucked to creep her socials or reddit for milk.

No. 1589566

File: 1685226179494.png (9.93 KB, 588x333, LDR-Harvey.png)

No. 1589567

It's a doggy dog world because this world is a dog. The same way you might see a woman call a man a dog.

No. 1589570

English is not your mother tongue. I understand.

No. 1589572

I'm 'murican born and raised.

No. 1589575

Oh okay. Sure.

H'whats the burgerland national anthem?

No. 1589576

Pft, easy.

No. 1589578

No. 1589580

You guys should know it's also title of a Snoop Dogg song from 1993

No. 1589581

Nailed it.

No. 1589584


imma throw my hands up

No. 1589586

literally nobody asked for this

No. 1589587

>"this barbie is a man"
fucking lmao

No. 1589592

bow wow wow yippee-yo yippee-yay

No. 1589595

Taylor is not going to let healy ruin her image. She's worked too hard for all of this just to watch it crumble. Healy is on a short leash and knows that he has to reel it back in. Heh no pressure, right?

No. 1589598

This was Miley telling us she got in.

No. 1589600

File: 1685228082654.jpeg (353.49 KB, 2048x1152, skynews-comp-deathmog_5536742.…)

God, this man is so viscerally repulsive. My favorite Lord of the Rings fact is that Peter Jackson modeled this fucked-up looking orc after Harvey's face

No. 1589601

Yeah. That factoid makes me feel better too, anon.

No. 1589603

I don’t understand what made taylor and hamster face spice want to do a collab? This has to have been a writers room idea kek

Dating healy wouldn’t ruin her career even if he actually was a legitimately shitty bad person

>Oh no a moid watches disgusting rape fetish porn! We have to cancel his girlfriend who he’s been with for 5 minutes because of this!

Kek could you imagine if we actually rid every single man in existence who watches rape porn? There’d be no men left.

No. 1589606

Healy said some dumb shit in a recorded video and everyone heard him. Taylor is covering her own ass. For the record, they ain't officially together- unless you have official proof to back that up.

No. 1589612

What did he say? Did he admit to raping someone or something

No. 1589614

Nta but he watches black women abuse porn and also called Ice Spice something along the lines of a chubby chink (hence why Taylor is doing damage control by collabing with her).

No. 1589615

MAJOR damage control, no less. Taylor and her team are extremely aware and trying to smooth everything out.

No. 1589622

I mean, like i said: if we cancelled every single man alive who watches horrific porn of women being raped and abused, there would be no men left, period. Matty Healy is likely watching the exact same porn all y’all’s dads are viewing after they lock their bedroom doors for the night. The pearl clutching at a man being a pornsick pervert is complete bullshit lol. It’s unacceptable if he does it and you find out about it, but it’s perfectly fine if other men do it and you just “don’t know” because they haven’t outright admitted to it? Also, wasn’t there a video of Matty getting into a fight with a white female fan? Or is that not as big of a deal as him watching porn of shitskins?

No. 1589624

Oh nevermind, you're baiting. Don't argue with them anons.

No. 1589625

>Oh you can acknowledge that all men do the exact same thing that this guy is doing so you must be baiting

Ok enjoy foaming at the mouth for the rest of your life everytime you hear about men doing what men do

No. 1589628

Huh? I’m not sure what’s scrotish about stating the fact that all men watch abuse porn, or how it makes sense to single out some ugly beans smelling british guy for watching darkie rape porn now that he’s dating Taylor. Do you really expect her to give a shit?

I wonder what you enbys do irl when someone says something that you disagree with.

>You can recognize that all men are guilty of the exact same crimes? YOU MUST BE ONE!

No. 1589629

This. It's a racist, porn-addicted scrote. He is using this thread as a distraction from killing himself, do not entertain him.

No. 1589632

File: 1685230884570.png (18.08 KB, 1440x385, Screenshot_20230527-184152.png)

Deleted post.

No. 1589634

Is this some kind of reverse psychology to try to get other to stop paying attention to the fact that all men commit identical crimes? I like how for some reason you’re defaulting to accusing me of being a man, baselessly, just for saying that it’s ridiculous to clutch your pearls at some Oasis wannabe ass nigga all because he watches the exact same kind of videos that your brothers, uncles, male friends, boyfriends, husbands, cousins, coworkers, comrades, and neighbors watch. Y’all really don’t like being reminded of the reality that it’s not just people of celebrity status who do disgusting shit, do you?

No. 1589636

Coomer brain damaged porn sick, fucktard. Get help.

No. 1589638

jesus christ, shut the fuck up.
>all men watch this!!
>no seriously your dad watches this stuff!!!
>brothers, uncles, friends, boyfriends, husbands, cousins they alll watch it i swear!!!!
just shut the fuck up about it, my god. you've written at least four paragraphs to try and convince us all of this. go away.

No. 1589639

If you’re reading the post as “it’s not a big deal because everyone else does it” instead of “why are you pretending to be outraged when clearly it doesn’t bother you that much as long as they don’t say it out loud” then that’s your own comprehension issue and you need to go back to LRC, sperg.

No. 1589640

Are y’all legitimately retarded? That’s just the truth. I don’t know what you mean by “convince” because I don’t need to convince anyone of anything, you can learn it on your own as you grow older KEKK

No. 1589641

Bad news nonnie but you‘ve got to be very very young if you think that the “good” men in your life are exempt from watching abhorrent ghastly porn that they should be put in jail for even having access to. And I’m not even insinuating that they need to go out of their way to get it; I’m just basing it off what’s readily available on websites like PornHub, XNXX, XVideos, LuxureTV. I saw some fucking footage crawling through those websites as a small kid.

No. 1589644

Apologies for the samefag, and I don’t expect anyone to believe me, but those are just websites that I found as a child maybe a decade ago? That’s not even considering how much broader the porn accessibility spectrum is now.


Read the part where I said:
>If you’re reading the post as “it’s not a big deal because everyone else does it” instead of as “why are you pretending to be outraged when clearly it doesn’t bother you that much as long as they don’t say it out loud” then that’s your own comprehension issue and you need to go back to LRC, sperg.

I NEVER once insinuated that anyone should turn a blind eye. I’m literally stating the exact opposite by pointing out the fact that everyone’s only pretending to be upset about his porn viewership because he was caught/admitted to it.

No. 1589645

Please for the love of god stop taking obvious bait from obvious trolls.

No. 1589646

Seconding this

No. 1589647

A lot of you have really bad reading comprehension.

No. 1589648

I thought one person was agreeing with him at first, then it turned out to be the same sperg samefagging. He really wants to be the star of this thread, I wish all /pol/tards coomers would rope.

No. 1589650

Yeah y’all are right. It’s me. I’m matty healy, I’m just trying as hard as I can to stay relevant.

No. 1589651

Trolls are just doing what they do.

No. 1589653

/pol/-tards are awful. I feel the same way.

No. 1589656

What is even making you think I’m a pol-tard? I’m not polish what the fuck would that even have to do with anything? And not only that, but…mods can see my years worth of sperging. They know damn well I’m female KEK…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1589659

You're a very thirsty and hungry troll. Absolutely famished and dehydrated.

No. 1589661

the use of "shitskins" quickly gave him away tbh

No. 1589662

No. 1589663

You realize women can be racist too right? Cmon, you’ve seen my hand before.

No. 1589665

Nobody wants to see that hand.

No. 1589667

And? That's still against the rules.

No. 1589671

File: 1685233169647.jpg (152.58 KB, 1004x2048, Fu9uk-QWwAosARU.jpg)

No greater loss for adult men and women everywhere

No. 1589672

He is so ugly. I swear it's a bunch of gay and bisexual men pushing him the hardest as "attractive" in the media all the time.

No. 1589676

File: 1685234011773.jpg (821.71 KB, 3371x3072, TillLindemannPoetry.jpg)

Till Lindemann is a massive BPD cow and he has literally published poetry books outright admitting he beats women because he likes sexual violence and that he os disgusted by any woman who isn't 20-25.

Does anyone have the poem where he talks about throwing a woman into a radiator and making her bleed from her head during sex and then playing the victim when she says she didn't like that? Picrel is from a copy of his first poetry book where he essentially says "yeah I'm old but old women are ugly so you should fuck me"

No. 1589682

She probably takes downers but isn't a heroin addict KEK. Bitch look at her. She's on ssris and eating good, most of her songs are borderline parody, as she has already heavily emphasized about cola.

Her poverty larp is annoying and I personally don't favor a majority of her music from the last decade, but when you cast that aside the hate she gets is unwarranted and kind of disturbing. People think her being white trash is a get out of jail free card to disrespect her constantly and fling the most vitriolic misogyny at her. She is always nice, listens to and loves her fans, and doesn't make controversy about the changes her body has undergone. People just want an excuse to taunt and shit on women.

No. 1589685

I agree, she was angry and disillusioned about a consensual event but there are clearly accusations of drinks being spiked which is date rape at best so maybe this take isnt appropriate to mention with full context. If girls are being given spiked alcohol that's completely different.

All men who look like this regardless of sexuality follow the same protocol. They can't have access to attractive men or women without doing manipulative or deplorable things, so they dedicate their entire lives to the depravity because it's the only way they will ever have any sort of access to anything beautiful. Scum.

You're stupid as fuck.

No. 1589691

She was under 18 and states that. They should have been checking IDs but did not. That was pure negligence on their part.

No. 1589695

Girl just take the L(infighting)

No. 1589698

File: 1685236064138.png (41.6 KB, 1178x770, ew.png)

how is anyone surprised by this old pornsick scrote's behavior when till has been openly writing about how much he loves violently abusing younger women for decades. picrel from one of his poetry books about drugging and date raping a woman, horrifying even more now that we know he was literally writing about what he was doing.

No. 1589699

Nta but can you retards stop screenshotting and posting deleted comments that aren't milky or interesting? It's not really a gotcha unless the comment was one of those two things.

No. 1589700


No. 1589702

That's how you know it's a newfag, they're so dumb they think "LOOK I have your deleted post" is some sort of own. So weird, no one cares.

And there it is.

No. 1589705

You're acting like a real dog right now, anon.(infighting)

No. 1589707

You got me, I'm a doggy dog

Holy fucking shit I hate men so much(infighting)

No. 1589713

>Kek could you imagine if we actually rid every single man in existence who watches rape porn? There’d be no men left.
Good. Kill them all (in minecraft of course)

No. 1589735

not gonna lie, this sounds so retarded is kinda funny kek

No. 1589742

File: 1685238480404.png (227.89 KB, 1440x1263, Screenshot_20230527-204729.png)


Does he have tourettes or something?

No. 1589780

He craves attention and he obviously isn't going to get it from his looks

No. 1589795

He gets tons of attention and yet he's unquenchable.

No. 1589865

File: 1685248173711.jpeg (137.9 KB, 1098x1098, Taylor and matty.jpeg)

No. 1589924

i'm so confused by this. isn't salon woke? so it's saying sweet woke women are commonly partnered with secret racists? I don't know anyone like this

No. 1589942

Ayrt, I have no idea how people are only NOW catching onto this when their early songs (aka the shit that made them famous in the first place) had a handful that were sung from the pov of a nonce. Two other interesting tidbits about Till Lindemann:
>his first wife accused him of being a pedophile forever ago
>his most famous famous gf announced that they were dating a few days after she turned 18 (obviously was dating her underaged)

No. 1589962

It is more common than you'd think because a lot of "woke" women are just pick-mes who need a more "socially acceptable" excuse to shit on other women while letting men get off scot-free for much worse offences.

No. 1590011

very true, they don't actually believe what they're saying it's just to appear good

No. 1590161

honestly i feel like you're describing farmers more than handmaidens. most farmers love nothing better than punishing women for even the most trivial of wrongthink. most farmers seem to believe that any woman who isn't 100% perfect deserves everything bad that happens to her, even if it has nothing to do with her actual "transgressions."
women who are afraid to rock the boat in any situation end up staying with moids with abhorrent political views because they avoid any kind of confrontations with him about it. that's not hard to understand or surprising in any way. it's also not malicious or considered on their part, they usually just think they can't do better, or that all men are like that so there's no point getting a different one. but of course farmers can't imagine a woman not have nefarious motives for ANYTHING she does. according to lolcow.farm, all women are evil monsters who want to suck dick and destroy other women–except the poster in question, of course, the woman posting vile things about other women are examples of perfection, who never make mistakes or do anythign wrong, ever.

No. 1590163

whoops, i meant to reply to these, not that other one

No. 1590215

File: 1685294710816.jpg (32.15 KB, 1040x491, lana.jpg)

Music video vs

No. 1590218

File: 1685294752739.jpg (82.85 KB, 634x850, 1685294038170943.jpg)

real life

No. 1590220

Yeah that's showbusikess

No. 1590222

It's 2023 and she's still obsessed with these grandpas. Zero character development.

No. 1590229

Sure, but I don't think Taylor Swift is "just scared to rock the boat uwu". She's very wealthy and powerful. She can essentially get whatever man she wants, who tf is Matt Healy compared to her lol

No. 1590247

People are always defending her like she's a defenseless child. She is just as calculated and annoying as the Kardashians, just in different packaging. I don't hate her but when you aren't a popsimp she's hard to like.

No. 1590264

File: 1685296345965.jpeg (132.94 KB, 1098x1098, Taylor and Matty.jpeg)

30 minutes of MSpaint

No. 1590279

Really odd choice for them to put her with him when there have been tons of rumors (whether fictional or not) circulating about her being racist and right wing for like a decade

No. 1590293

she's literally an heiress from tennessee, it's weird to call obvious facts "rumors"

No. 1590339

That in itself doesn't mean she's racist.

No. 1590350

she's in her auntie era, let her be

No. 1590360

If anything, I’m wondering how FKA twigs dated Ratty Healy for two years. And Halsey for a short time too.

No. 1590371

They probably didn't know. Twigs dates weird/"quirky" white men all the time because she is a quirky mixed/black girl. Halsey is just tumblr personified and so was the 1975. There's probably some very good reasons they both broke up with him in the end, though.

No. 1590373

she's rich, chilling and enjoying food, good for her honestly

No. 1590397

File: 1685303468645.jpg (50.76 KB, 1053x1299, gmn5to61rn2b1.jpg)


No. 1590398


No. 1590400

Ices body looks totally different from the video of her on stage with Taylor.

No. 1590402

Those are two aliens. I need to call the cyber police and men in black asap.

No. 1590405

Okay. I am making a mental note. Stay away from healy. Got it.

No. 1590406

I need to know who ice spices parents are so I can see who nepoed her

No. 1590407

No. 1590408

How are you wondering? She dated Shia labeouf who is much worse kek

No. 1590411

Healy kinda looks like lebouf and it trips me out.

No. 1590487

if i was taylor i would never recover from this

No. 1590507

I knew she has a big butt but whoa

No. 1590514

File: 1685308310077.png (735.2 KB, 1170x1929, 38357348574874289.png)

Nonna pls
Btw allegedly she is going to be Sue Storm as well

No. 1590517

Lol who shopped this? I went and watched the video to check spices but is made bigger here and Taylor’s smaller

No. 1590523

Ultimately she can thank Healy. People are now doing her dirty, all because she's dredging up one of her acquaintances and put them in the spotlight(Healy).

No. 1590527

The heroin chic skinny thing is a misconception. Blog but I’m a recovered heroin addict and it gives you a huge sweet tooth for some reason. I didn’t get fat but still ate way more candy during my addiction than I normally do. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lana did it partially to make herself come off as more artsy and tragic to her peers.

She famously has very low self-esteem and is like the most passive person alive, that mixed with the artsy quirky thing attracts the worst narc abusers.

No. 1590528

I highly doubt that's real, anon.

No. 1590561

Gee, almost like makeup, lighting, hair pieces and fancy dresses exist… who knew?

No. 1590579

File: 1685314480868.jpg (55.43 KB, 756x570, ramm3.JPG)

Rammstein posted their first statement after the abuse allegations >>1588987

Meanwhile A LOT of woman across twitter and other SM came forward with very similar stories and experiences with the female pimp of till and what happens after the row zero thing.
Till and the band are trending topic for the entire thing on german twitter and a major german news site (Spiegel Online) announced that they are working on writing about these women experiences.

No. 1590582

File: 1685314640075.jpg (51.63 KB, 946x2048, FxPtK-_WYAIK-Ep.jpg)

Shelby also posted that she got a cease and desist letter from Rammstein's lawyer.

No. 1590590

Not even a fan but I hate all of this because it feels like a naive, younger woman is being used. Spice shouldn't have accepted this so that Taylor could save face.

No. 1590596

Yeah, even though I don't like Spice, she's very young, it feels wrong to use her like this

No. 1590599

File: 1685316471573.jpg (220.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230529_012906_Gal…)

>fucking slack-jawed fuckwit

LMFAOOO never change Noel

No. 1590600

Niki Minaj gets off scott free tho. Right?

No. 1590602


That's Bob Dylan's son rattling off at Healy, no?

No. 1590603

what a shitty statement kek. their label’s pr people can’t do better than this? i’m glad it’s getting more media coverage. intimidating the victims won’t make this go away, it just makes them look even more obviously guilty. i hope it does go to court because the victims actually have proof and those horrible scrotes deserve to rot in jail.

No. 1590609

idk anything about that clown matt healy or the 1975 because its not 2013 anymore and their 15 minutes of fame are up but oasis are not only not in the top 10 of british bands they're not even in the top 25. idk where noel gets his disgusting ego from but he does actually need to grow up

No. 1590610

Are you new here? Anons criticize Nicki all the time, plus it's not like Ice is directly connected to any controversies with Nicki's relationships like she is with Taylor's bf. Weird deflection.

No. 1590612

Ice just worked with swift and manaj.

No. 1590614

Incomparable. Not even similar genres at all. We all know why Taylor did it.

Her body dysmorphia going to win when she sees this

No. 1590617

Why'd Niki do it?
Ice has nepo clout.

No. 1590618

Yes it's obviously an edit to emphasize why they call her tayble

You're exaggerating the heroin sweet tooth and projecting like crazy.

No. 1590622

Ice Spice isn't a nepo baby. Nicki and Spice worked together before the controversy. Ice Spice worked with Taylor AFTER her alleged crush and bff Matt Healy called her names on a podcast. Taylor and ice spice dont make sense at all and she hasn't done this with other artists. Lame.

No. 1590623

Uh…no, not at all

No. 1590624

Ice spice and Healy as a couple?

No. 1590629

Healy dumps his super model gf. lol.

No. 1590633

? No ew

He isnt leaving young ig thotties for t swift its all fake and incredibly annoying

No. 1590641

Healy and swift proving that adult men and women can be JUST FRIENDS.

No. 1590645

What is going to happen to Ice slice but GOOD from this? She's not talented at all, no stage presence. This will only make her bigger. She's no victim. She doesn't care what Taylor's bf said about her or about watching abusive gross porn targeted towards black women. Just like no one cares about working with Nicki despite her marrying a rapists, and working with an scrote who helped film child porn. I don't get why people try to divorce Ice as someone who is so unaware She's being used. This will only help her on the long run. Taylor knows why she did it and Ice knows why she joined.
It's all about money and riding the train She's been on. These people work with shitty people all day.

No. 1590664

an heiress from Tennessee? she was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

No. 1590688

Pennsylvania. Burgerland. lol.

No. 1590729

you really thought you did something with this, as if "unflattering" photos of lana haven't been posted before in this thread multiple times?

she's richer than you'll ever be, and enjoying her best life unbothered, seethe.
genuinely do not get the point of people posting photos of lana over and over again, unless something news worthy or milky comes up, we know what the fuck she looks like, thank you.

No. 1590730

File: 1685327043047.jpeg (109.46 KB, 828x1115, IMG_0243.jpeg)

No. 1590747

Didn't Sam Smith do the same shit and it backfired?

No. 1590750

File: 1685328439995.jpeg (8.8 KB, 256x256, DD75A835-F2C8-4C81-AD61-C506FA…)

moonface ass bitch

No. 1590759

How is she gonna bitch about le oppressive gendered award categories when she literally plays a female XX lesbian girl in The Last of Us? You can't cry about no space for the enbies when you also play characters of your sex and it's no big deal. I cannot with this ugly girl.

No. 1590766

Being ugly doesn't mean you are neither gender

No. 1590771

Where is the exaggeration or projection lmao. Someone said she’s too big to be a heroin addict which isn’t true whether she does drugs or not. I’m not the original nona who said she’s on heroin I was just saying it’s still possible with her current size. If you think anything I said was meant to be an insult that just reflects on your own mentality about drugs or weight.

No. 1590775

The nominees will just be her and Ezra Miller

No. 1590777

Ezra Miller killed Aaron Carter.

No. 1590829

Wow she really does look exactly like this

No. 1590834

Ntayrt but your argument died when you sperged “Lana’s richer and so much better than you!!! u just jealous!”, so childish. Are you sure you’re old enough to post here? Gawd, zoomer Lana simps are cringe af.

No. 1590841

Why do people think she’s happy and chill about her body weight when most if not all of her professional shots are photoshopped to look thin? If she was truly okay with her body, she would let her flabbiness and muffin top loose. At least she’s not preaching about muh body positivity, I guess.

I like her when she was skinny tbh

No. 1590843

late to the thread but
>ponytail security blanket
can we stop spreading what's clearly tinfoil every time her dumb ponytails are brought up in a thread. it's known she still supports dan

No. 1590847

Genuinely curious and not looking to infight but why do you only like her when she's thin?

No. 1590890

To tell you the truth, I don’t know anymore. I thought she looked elegant and put together when she was thin, whether she was dressing for an event or like a normie. I really liked her pinup-rocker-femme fatale era from 2011-2019 ever since BTD came out and the fantastic adventures she portrayed in her music videos that were alluring yet calming to an isolated, brooding and self-loathing young woman in her 20’s. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 2000’s where every person whether it was an artist or actor was in the ‘ideal’ shape at the time and the mainstream media was basically pushing the “being skinny is beautiful!” bs into our young minds so much, it fucked with our psyche.

Maybe this is the time to say goodbye to a bygone era. Also, I stopped listening to her music since NFR not because she got fat, her music got boring but I did like her new song Candy Necklace that came out.

No. 1590919

Nta but she never looked put together, that was kinda her gimmick. You liked her skinnier self because you're a wannorexic just like most of her mentally ill fans.
She's also probably not choosing how her photos get edited so that doesn't make sense either.
I think she looks good right now and I don't "like" anyone based on their bodyweight. You know why? Because I'm not a wanorexic that's projecting her insecurities. I am thin and happy with my own body that's why if a woman is chubby/fat/average/thin and happy I'll be happy for her regardless long as she's healthy, which she is. She used to be much unhealthier when thin.(Not your blog)

No. 1591003

stop accepting female roles then fucking idiot

No. 1591010

Why is she built like a centaur

No. 1591015

Not sure why another anon is calling you a wannarexic. She just looked better when she wasn't clinically overweight/obese. She also doesn't seem happy at the weight she is.

No. 1591030

There are no leftwing nonracist heiresses. They're all the same. Selfish, spoiled, perpetual children who have never and will never face even one moment of hardship of any kind.

No. 1591067

Same as with Manson, he has that shock rocker artist persona and we are taught to separate art from the artist, as in that what is written does not reflect how the author really thinks. However, all these degenerate men have made me reconsider this notion.

No. 1591075

I’ve never even heard of Matt and his rats before reading this thread kek. Oasis, however is one of those few bands that defined the era of 90s Brit pop.

No. 1591098

Ayrt, ty for your answer, I understand where your coming from

No. 1591210

Both can be true simultaneously but you're right that it's a tinfoil

No. 1591243

>we are taught to separate art from the artist, as in that what is written does not reflect how the author really thinks. However, all these degenerate men have made me reconsider this notion.


No. 1591307

File: 1685385891882.jpg (65.4 KB, 640x960, 1685384734693876.jpg)

Shein swimsuit, old lady earrings…
She never really had style.

No. 1591320

I believe in separating art from the artist, but only if the artist is a woman. Even if women are writing fucked up shit or enjoying degenerate media they are still able to separate art from reality. Men, however, prove time and time again that they don't have the mental capacity to do the same.

No. 1591326

File: 1685387539462.jpeg (39.78 KB, 827x606, 176287436483.jpeg)

Forbidden man on Aubrey Plaza
>after filming megalopolis they visited a strip club filled with elderly ladies and Driver bought a lap dance for Plaza

No. 1591332

He has always been a sex-obsessed BPD cow but it seems most of his misogyny has accelerated in older years, or maybe he is just more open about it. Guess being old and ugly has made him more frustrated.
I've been a fan of Rammstein since the 90's, I saw past the lyrics because they have this general fucked up theme, not misogyny specific. But hey, guess what they're just another bunch of loser scrotes, quelle suprise. I don't feel like supporting the band anymore despite my long history of doing so.
Do you have a source of the pedophile accusation?
Manson always gave me a bad vibe because he tried to be edgy 24/7 instead of being normal off-stage like other artists. But yeah I agree, trust no scrote, always believe that he is serious when he is being "edgy" about women and children.

No. 1591340

Why even bother with lip fillers at this point. Yuck

No. 1591342

All popular female comedians are mega-pickmes unfortunately

No. 1591358

File: 1685389960489.png (6.3 MB, 1290x2796, 6C4A0DD8-5B5E-4624-B8FA-D9D19E…)

this just popped up on my tiktok and I genuinely thought it was an edit making her wider at first

No. 1591366

God, I hate when women are fat. Nothing is worse than being fat. My thighs are 2 matchsticks wide and I can wear a Cheerio as a bracelet.(No1curr)

No. 1591369

glad you agree

No. 1591373

Just ignore it, this thread is like 35% faggots anyway

No. 1591381

What is this ugly outfit

No. 1591400

File: 1685393300669.jpg (32.04 KB, 603x679, b43844234b455a71970195f6ca8619…)

Don't forget faggots are moids and you can report just for that fact, examples:
>nitpicking faggot
>nitpicking moid
>infighting faggot
>infighting moid
>newfag queer
>they're ugly and I hate them
Farmhands just need context and they'll ban the retard twitterfag autist no problem ♥

No. 1591406

This times a thousand. Whenever a man is joking, he's actually confessing or fantasizing. Any edgy persona is who is really is or who he wants to be, while women who have edgy personas can drop it at any time and get ice cream like it's nothing.

No. 1591409

%1000 correct

No. 1591414

"Look at the length of my hair, and my face, the shape of my body. Do you really think I give a damn what I do after years of just hearing them talking?" Sounds to me like she's liberated no longer caring about her public body image. Tons of "radfems" on here harp on about sex based beauty standards and gendered expectations for women's bodies but shit on a woman for looking like the average person. Is it healthy? No, probably not, but Lana just existing in public as a woman unconcerned with all that is unironically more feminist than anything else.

No. 1591430

It's healthy healing that needs to happen.

No. 1591436

It's just amazing to me-how brian warner told the whole world who he was all this time and the things he was doing…

Hiding in plain sight and I just don't even have words to express THIS-all of this situation, mmkay! Seriously.

No. 1591455

God I love her so much

No. 1591457

You can hear what you want, it sounds like cope to me. She had herself edited in that video for a reason, nothing feminist about any of this.

No. 1591459

Nta but everyone wants to look their best for a special occasion, of course she's going to choose the filters and angles that make her look good for a music video.

No. 1591460

She's just like Lizzo and Gabourey Sidibe.

No. 1591462

So she is concerned about pandering to the male gaze after all, and her image of "looking her best" and "looking good" is not being the way she looks now. Yeah, it's not feminist. And nothing she does or is is even obliged to be, the choice feminism/libfem copes are boring.

No. 1591465

Blah blah

No. 1591466

Highest IQ Lana stan

No. 1591467

It's called discussion, and what do you want a cookie?

No. 1591468

I'm sorry but if you can't handle someone talking about your fav without wking them you just need GTFO of this thread. I've seen anons talk about my favorite celebrities before and I still don't feel a need to try to argue with other anons because of it. If it was like one or two times then it wouldn't matter but Lanafags have basically become notorious for fighting itt.

No. 1591469

Sorry but I can't be fucked to argue all that "male gaze" and "libfem copes" bs it's just all blah blah to me.

No. 1591472

Yeah, like I said, highest IQ Lana stan.

No. 1591473

It's because no one can let an opinion pass by nowadays, we used to all just share our take and move on but now nonas feel the need to argue with everyone elses post. Both lanafags and lana haters, the same happens for Ariana, Amber Heard, etc etc

No. 1591474

This. I like some of her songs, but the Lana stans in these threads are downright insufferable. We can talk about how she's fat, she will not die lmao.

No. 1591484

She dresses herself so damn poorly most of the time, I wish she had a stylist or something

No. 1591491

….wearing underwear with a bathing suit

No. 1591495

SOME-people are so critical and OBSESSED with OTHER-peoples BODIES!

& I say to them…

get a life, losers!

No. 1591497

Do you have a TMZ page

No. 1591499

No. 1591507

ntayrt but lizzo frequently defends and supports trannies though

No. 1591514

Good. The 40%. She's doing gods work tbqh.

No. 1591527

Jesus Christ this pig needs to be placed in her own stable
Shut up for shits sake, who wants to defend a fat slob so bad? Embarrassing

No. 1591531

File: 1685402682545.webm (17.35 MB, 720x1280, videoplayback.webm)

I love this, so cute!

No. 1591541

File: 1685403346269.webm (5.4 MB, 640x360, 1685329981185.webm)

I LOVE love looove this tbqh.

No. 1591552

Okay miss high IQ please tell me you're super special intellectual theories about how everything a woman does is for men? Does that include lesbians who like dressing nice? Do we just do it for the male gaze too?

No. 1591554

This is the celebricows thread and we are talking about Lana specifically lol
>blah blah

No. 1591555

Super special high IQ wow, can't even back up your own theories

No. 1591557

>reeee why won't you derail the thread
Cry harder. You won't read anyway, why bother? Feel free to head to /2X/ if you actually want to discuss this.

No. 1591558

You brought the topic up? If I'm derailing so were you

No. 1591560

Going to assume you're just baiting because I can't help you if you're this illiterate. Try asking about Lana.

No. 1591562

Okay where's the proof that her attempt at looking nice is for the male gaze?

No. 1591565

Ok this is definitely bait lmao

No. 1591566

A genuine question, what is lana doing currently, in the music video we we're initially talking about, doing for the male gaze? I'm curious to know. Is it just about the fact she's using filters and angles to look nice, because the song/video doesn't seem male gazey like her old work

No. 1591573

nta but if you're going to say a celeb is doing something you should be prepared to back up your claims

No. 1591589

I swear. Lana needs her own thread. This shit happens every time. Somebody please make containment threadS! ENOUGH!

No. 1591594

Seconded. We get it, she got fat. Can we be done talking about it now? I just want to make fun of uggo moid celebs in peace.

No. 1591596

I'm proud of Lana for getting off the speed and now people need to GTFO her ass. Jesus.

No. 1591599

It’s a shame some of her flab didn’t go to her ass, bitch got a Hank Hill booty

It’s like she’s trying to cling on to her glory days of being a ‘dainty lolita’ but then dress is ill-fitting and accentuates her thunder thighs.

“A-at least I gots muh long hair idc idc” yeah, totally sounds like she’s happy with herself.

No. 1591600


She's a fat pedo pandering pig, why is it so hard to accept? People with half a brain can agree she's a disgusting slob who sings about being a small girl with a daddy shit. She's porky pig pretending she's a baby teen. Anyone who defends her fatass is suspicious.

No. 1591602

File: 1685409790737.gif (1.02 MB, 480x368, 168540977042695147.gif)

Lana this Lana that

Lana Lana lana

No. 1591607

No. 1591610

Everyone here always complains about how bad the lanafags are but the lana haters are the most annoying. Never shutting up, repeating the same shit, replying to everyone's posts to start infights. Very faggy behavior tbh

No. 1591616

Pennsylvania has more hate groups than Tennessee it’s literally in the top 5 in the country right after Florida and Texas. My brother had a friend in high school from the same town as her that he cut out of his life once he found out her dad is in the KKK, and that’s not rare. They actively recruit in the county Taylor’s from out in the open all the time. I lived in the south too but never in my life have I seen more Confederate flags than living in Pennsylvania. There’s a reason they call this shithole Pennsyltucky

No. 1591617

>how is the pop star whose entire career is/was created by men and about what it's like pandering to men and the male gaze pandering to men and the male gaze
You stans have gone too far

No. 1591620

I've never met a man who likes Lana, how is her entire career pandering to men? Especially her current music, the men I know call her a fat cat lady spinster.

No. 1591621

No. 1591622

That's fucking bleak, I had no idea it was that bad.

No. 1591623

Again, if you're going to say something expect to be asked to back it up lol, are you new?

No. 1591625

>Never shutting up, repeating the same shit, replying to everyone's posts to start infights. Very faggy behavior tbh
This is literally what Lana stans have been doing while complaining that we dare to talk about her. Why don't you defend Ariana Grande like this?

No. 1591626

You're entitled to your delusions (which are clear as day), every thread she's talked about and the same things are gone over. You're clearly new if you're going to seethe this hard about people not worshiping your favorite celebrities. Go back to stan twitter or something lmao. I'm sure you'll reply again while also complaining about "the lana haters!!!" being the ones to perpetuate arguments kek

No. 1591628

Go clean your butt plugs

No. 1591629

Projecting faggot malding. Isn't the official Lana fansite full of gay men?

No. 1591631

>I..I'm not the faggot!! You are!!

No. 1591632

File: 1685411470281.jpeg (56.57 KB, 478x1016, IMG_5451.jpeg)

Kim’s wife recently got fat as well yet still manages to dress decently when out in public, meanwhile her husband dresses like a slob with those ugly ass sandals he’s been caught wearing. As a woman with all the money and freedom, why couldn’t Lana do at least that on her own? She looked pretty and her clothes were form fitting in her latest video but that’s what stylists are for, right?

No. 1591633

Only gay moids are this hungry for relevancy. Post hand.

No. 1591635

>Post hand
Oh it's the tranny spammer, imagine my shock

No. 1591637

>only the troon ever says "post hand"
So you're definitely new, no wonder.
>imagine my shock
Yup, gay moid confirmed. Fuck off back to Lanaforums already, Lolcow will never be your celeb hugbox.

No. 1591639

Yeah, it does sound like she's happy with herself. If she wasn't she wouldn't be able to handle being out in public where people photograph her incessantly and make fun of her body.

There's an alarming amount of gay men who do nothing but call female music artists fat all day dont act new

No. 1591640

File: 1685411912956.jpg (51.66 KB, 750x743, pqm425wi6io21.jpg)

Other anons said she's always had questionable style, it's just more apparent now. Her sister even joked about it once. She did look nicer in the Lizzy Grant era though IMO.

No. 1591641

>I…I said I'm not a faggot!! You are!!!

No. 1591642

Nothing in those two posts was about her being fat.

No. 1591645

>Never shutting up, repeating the same shit, replying to everyone's posts to start infights.
Very faggy behavior tbh

No. 1591648

Mods still banning saged funny shitposts, this isn't tumblr

No. 1591651

You could say the same for the faggot replying, it's a 2 way street but the majority of you don't think your shit stinks

No. 1591661

File: 1685413013598.jpg (127.77 KB, 1280x720, the-little-mermaid-2023-cast-c…)

Then ignore it and post on topic things.

The Little Mermaid movie came out and brought in $100m over the weekend.

No. 1591670

File: 1685413859820.jpeg (122.75 KB, 1125x1086, IMG_5452.jpeg)

Haven’t seen this posted before but Billie Eyelash sperging about people criticizing her style changes


No. 1591688

>panders to coomers
>muh femininity

No. 1591689

>majority of you don't think your shit stinks
Nta but you sound fat and mad

No. 1591693

nta but it's been hours, let it go already

No. 1591702

I can never take this homeschool freak seriously

No. 1591711

it's part of the bathing suit retard

No. 1591717

NTA but you need to take your own advice, sperg

No. 1591719

I have no horse in this race but this reply is hysterical because it's exactly what a gay man says about literally anything when it isnt going his way.

How is she sperging? You mad she's showing cleavage?

No. 1591722

I wasn't involved in the infight retard, this is my third post of the day. Take your meds, calm down, and let it go

No. 1591724

That changes nothing. More advice you need to take from yourself, autist-chan.

No. 1591726

Shut the fuck up both of you, this is getting annoying

No. 1591727

Is the gay man in the room with us right now?

No. 1591728

You're just baiting at this point, I refuse to believe someone is this retarded

No. 1591730

See >>1591726 dumbfuck(infighting)

No. 1591735

File: 1685420950981.jpeg (117.34 KB, 1170x1139, IMG_0291.jpeg)

Why Sydney Sweeney looking like a potato

No. 1591736

Is this photoshopped?

No. 1591737

I think it's the hair, and the lighting behind her head. But she looks like an angry Russian man

No. 1591738

File: 1685421183984.jpg (171.59 KB, 1200x1631, Vladimir_Putin_17-11-2021_(cro…)

>angry Russian man
Omg. Putina.

No. 1591739

That’s how she always looks. brows and eye makeup can make a big difference especially if fair skinned and blonde. Without makeup it’s easy to look like a scallop in photos
Maybe she’s trying to do an image change and look “serious” for the role

No. 1591740

No. 1591741

I already replied but I forgot to say why does it look like one eye is going the opposite direction form the other

No. 1591742

No I literally screenshotted it off my Facebook, hbo max posted it

No. 1591745

I like it it's endearing
Yeah, she probably wants to try something different to prove herself as an actor ans avoid typecasting

No. 1591753

She's always been busted

No. 1591773

No. 1591783

My friend told me "So Awkwafina is scuttle and scuttle raps in the movie and I was not prepared but otherwise it was a cute movie". Even though she warned me I still wasn't prepared for whatever this was

No. 1591851

Don’t give a shit about Disney live actions, but it will make racists seethe so I’m glad.

No. 1591970

Its not, and if they were really from the south they would know 9/10 the Confederate flag for most southerners is just someone proud to be southern. Also no one in the south considers Pennsylvania the south.

Also Sam Smith has been oddly quiet.

No. 1591975

I liked the movie but Lin-Manuel Miranda really wanted to make it about himself huh. If I didn't watch the original and didn't know what the bird wanted to say (that Eric's getting married) I would be so lost, because I didn't understand a thing she said.

No. 1592043

I have such an unreasonable hate boner for her. She got famous with "not like other girls, boondocks profile picture and Joline-hair anime Fan"-music and then complains when her 15 year old fans move on while she morphs into yet another Ariana failed ddlg Rip-off. Just take it girl, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either embrace your new thotie and coomer fans or just ignore them. You'll get paid either way anyways

No. 1592133

posting this unsaged because I couldn't find it posted upthread
>music from the idol
>weeknd is a coomer if not a closeted one
>lily rose is daughter of notorious coomer
>sam levingston seagull is euphoric

I hate them all lmao

No. 1592135

>weeknd is a coomer if not a closeted one
wasn't this always well known, every now and then you'd see a callout twitter thread about him fetishizing asian and white women.

No. 1592138

he's so obviously gay?? I can't believe this marketing makig him out to be this big pimp when he was drake's bottom for so long (sorry drake-chan, maybe they are both lesbians lmao)

No. 1592141

your attempt bait is getting tiring, whenever there's a scumbag rapist posted you have to mention that he's actually gay.(bait)

No. 1592152

wrong anon. who says everyone is gay? I agree with drake-chan on occasion but because she has fair points.

No. 1592175

Wtf why was this anon banned for bait but not >>1592138? The weeknd is clearly a huge creep towards women and Drake is a pedo. These threads are insane.

No. 1592179

Her little butt is so funny idk why

No. 1592180

Nothing there implies that she is one, just a quirky fun gal.
I wish I could dress her.
She is a SERIOUS actress now.

No. 1592187

weren't nonnies complaining about her doing sexualized roles, now that she's doing the opposite that's somehow bad too?

No. 1592210

Its her bitching about her own actions. She complained about people sharing her nudes from euphoria and people not taking her seriously as an actress when the roles she chose were trash. Was white lotus any better? I saw 2 scenes from her and she was just doing drugs with another girl

No. 1592211

File: 1685468440468.jpg (104.45 KB, 1095x751, sia.JPG)

No. 1592215

when is the nonce diagnosis coming out

No. 1592216

File: 1685468712554.jpg (61.79 KB, 417x918, moid.jpg)

Kek @ the first posts itt. THAT'S who Video Games was written about? Absolutely tragic.

No. 1592217

I don't think anyone is saying her doing serious roles is bad. She just looks super different.
Didn't she already reveal this when she made that movie though? I thought that was the whole point of it.

No. 1592218

well that ruins the song kek

No. 1592225

what is the difference between enbies and autists anymore kek

No. 1592229

literally, eternally, palpably unironically ruined. this moid version is hotter after seeing those pics ffs

No. 1592237

>walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
That's the Stridex pads

No. 1592259

File: 1685470577776.jpg (112.21 KB, 1200x900, miley-cyrus-endless-summer-vac…)

I didn't watch Hannah Montana and I don't like her music but Miley fascinates me. At this point I feel like she's running purely on cocaine and I wonder where she's headed. Even though I don't enjoy her music, I like watching her perform. She has really good stage presence and really sells/carries herself as an icon. I feel like after her divorce she went fully head-first into the rockstar Hollywood lifestyle and I wonder if she's going to crash and burn. I can't put my finger on it but something about her recently put me on edge. Like she lost part of her humanity or something. I barely know anything about her, this is just based on a few tiktoks I see here and there of her interviews and performances. She looks pretty scary nowadays picrel. She also looks EXACTLY like her mother. I wonder what her relationship with Noah is like. Miley is based because she stopped talking to her nonce dad after he left her mom after 30 years of marriage (shit happens BUT) for a woman 27 years his junior who he met when she was a teenager on the Hannah Montana set. They try to lie and say they met when she was 22 but it's obviously bullshit.

No. 1592262

ngl she looks so creepy in that photo

No. 1592263

File: 1685470713291.jpg (286.92 KB, 2238x1492, NoahCyrus.jpg)


No. 1592268

yes it's uncanny valley and gives me the heebie jeebies. she has soulless eyes

they both have awful lip fillers jfc

No. 1592279

madonna's adrenochrome dealer needs to relax

No. 1592280

Why no brows??

No. 1592286

>I can't put my finger on it but something about her recently put me on edge. Like she lost part of her humanity or something.
100% feel the same it was like just as the train was pulling into the station in terms of her settling down, moving back to Malibu, and being more of a 'serious' musician she decided to take it completely off the rails to be this postmod rockstar and it all seems very half hearted and ingenuine to herself.

No. 1592295

File: 1685472037039.png (405.12 KB, 1440x2107, Screenshot_20230530-134107.png)

Did you guys forget about the cali fires that happened?


…and we're still in the midst of a pandemic.

No. 1592297

I haven't thought about Miley Cyrus since before the pandemic.

No. 1592299

File: 1685472198892.png (1.15 MB, 1439x1698, Screenshot_20230530-134412.png)


No. 1592306

File: 1685472402115.png (74.97 KB, 1440x1131, Screenshot_20230530-134711.png)


Miley has been going through some serious shit, for real.

No. 1592308

I think Christian Bale has an eating disorder

No. 1592311

kek, I know! She's gorgeous, but something about her dancing and trying to look sexy and swaying her lil tiny hips is just so funny for some reason

No. 1592312

Yes, anon. He's constantly struggling.

No. 1592317

File: 1685472730646.png (54.95 KB, 392x364, Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 11.5…)

>I'm in his favorite sundress
>watchin' me get undressed
>take that body downtown

No. 1592322

He sounds like a faggot

No. 1592325

File: 1685473045786.png (3.4 MB, 1371x2084, Screenshot_20230530-135756.png)

My condolences to Miley.

No. 1592327

aaaaand there's more I'm sure but that's all I have to post atm.

No. 1592329

I wrote about this in my OP if you scroll up. Really sad. I hate men

No. 1592332

I'm just glad that she got away from him. Yikes.

No. 1592333

I know that's Mac Miller but why are you posting it with all of her other tragedies? Were they close?

No. 1592335

>Were they close
Yeah. They were legit friends. Nobody knows who was at the last party mac threw but…

No. 1592337

I'm sure that they hung out and partied. Miley and Mac as friends, come on now. No?

No. 1592339

Oh damn. That's too bad. She's been through it. I hope she can persevere if she really is spiraling like we're thinking.

No. 1592344

File: 1685474231432.jpg (65.67 KB, 512x640, 1685461686967975.jpg)

Lana tradcath larping in Brazil.

No. 1592349

This. Kek

The idea of "masking" is so dumb, if the person has symptoms of autism as if they'd be able to fully hide them and seem normal. Have any of these people actually met an autist? It's very obvious. That being said she is a weird bitch so maybe she is autistic.

No. 1592351

She's still facing backlash from that inappropriate piece of garbage film she made about the 'tism.

No. 1592356

File: 1685475172133.jpg (93.23 KB, 750x1334, 3kwvkjfddv2b1.jpg)

No. 1592357

She dates some hideous, lame men.

No. 1592359

File: 1685475250240.jpeg (28.15 KB, 1200x675, 34567675.jpeg)

Honestly, she is looking worse by the day. I watched her live performance in Brazil and I can't understand who allowed her to do the Marilyn larp. She looks like somebody's fat auntie or an obese golden girl.

No. 1592360

Yep. That's gweneth.

No. 1592361

Why is she blasted on coke all the time if her support network is so good kek

No. 1592363

kek me too, I think at least partly I feel betrayed not because I liked her music (I don't really, it's not my type of music) but because I did like her fashion style and appreciated that she seemed to not be trying to appeal to coomers. Then all that shit changed and she seems mad about it, like we were all supposed to what, love that she dramatically changed her look overnight? Miley Cyrus got major blowback after she changed her image (which happened more slowly) so she should really count herself lucky.

No. 1592372

File: 1685476112454.jpg (301.85 KB, 1080x1906, azealia-banks-on-matty-healy-v…)

Azealia Banks on Matty Healy

No. 1592375

File: 1685476172334.jpg (58.27 KB, 1046x2048, azealia-banks-on-matty-healy-v…)

No. 1592377

File: 1685476278881.jpeg (120.53 KB, 944x1696, azealia-banks-on-matty-healy-v…)

No. 1592383

Azealia is going to throw some witchcraft Healy's way and I'm here for it. LMAO

No. 1592400

Because she's a hideous lame woman

No. 1592401

That word has lost meaning

No. 1592409

kek you have to love how loyal Azealia remains to Ariel Pink.

No. 1592410

Healy is a goblin who deserves to have all his nastiness brought to light. He's a terrible person and he's never going to stop being a spoiled brat asshole because that's just who he is.

No. 1592413

>…and we're still in the midst of a pandemic.
Ehhh not really, depends on where you live

No. 1592418

Anon. It's not over yet. If you think that it is I'm sorry to inform you… that it's not. New variants are just around the corner tbqh.

No. 1592419

COVID will never be over, it will just come on in waves just like the flu but no one is particularly concerned about the flu anymore. Stop scaremongering.

No. 1592426

No I'm not saying Covid is over, I'm saying the pandemic is over where I live. Covid is just part of life now, there's no mask mandates, no pressure to get vaccinated, the news doesn't even mention it anymore. The pandemic is over for my city, now it's just post Covid life where it's the norm to just not mention it and try not to get it.


No. 1592429

File: 1685478491094.jpg (125.85 KB, 634x778, 30193912-8471997-image-a-1_159…)

>and we're still in the midst of a pandemic.
Actually pandemic is officially over, as in it's no longer a global emergency, in general people say pandemic is over when another one begins lol
She has the weirdest body, people say she is georgeous and goals just because she starves herself, even at her skinniest her legs are still chunky with heavy kankles. Long torso with short fat legs small head and face with down syndrome is not attractive
She is so funny I can't help but love her

No. 1592430

Aw, I kinda like this look and wig on her. It's at least mature and better than the jean-shorts-barefoot-in-the-trailer-park look

No. 1592433

I fucking forgot about Ariel Pink, kek. Didn't he troon out?

No. 1592434

She looks sturdy

No. 1592437

What the fuck is this outfit

No. 1592438

I hear bone rattling.

No. 1592451

This entire backlash and dating Swift must be the best thing that happened to this moid because I swear to god I had never heard of him or his band before and I'm pretty sure neither did the average person.

No. 1592469

>Femininity is not weakness
My God, shut the fuck up. Ice cold take on feminism, but nobody listens to her because they think she has something to say.
She's prettier when she actually wears things that are flattering and tries to look more like her mother.

No. 1592502

He needs to go back to being homeless IMMEDIATELY.

No. 1592505

Not really tbh, The 1975 is a shit band but it used to be pretty big on 2014 Tumblr.

No. 1592508

File: 1685483153684.jpg (32.06 KB, 338x439, bella_weeknd_abs-gallery.jpg)

Every time I remember he got to date Bella Hadid, I hate universe and him a little bit more. Oh and the way he mocked her plastic surgery in that music video right after they broke up, that ugly shit should have kissed the ground she walked on and thanked all mighty for the opportunity to have her in his life.

>used to be pretty big on 2014 Tumblr
Oh wow it was popular with bottom of the barrel people, truly groundbreaking!

No. 1592515

File: 1685483452992.jpg (21.77 KB, 500x312, tumblr_9acf424cad6023d06e6ecd5…)

>The 1975 is a shit band but it used to be pretty big on 2014 Tumblr.
Accurate, they were a staple for the grunge tumblr teen era kek

No. 1592520

>2015 tumblr
Imagine pining for underground unknown tumblr "fame" a decade+ later. Nice.

No. 1592521

File: 1685483991917.jpeg (185.29 KB, 1125x1410, IMG_5453.jpeg)

No. 1592524

She should have urged her fans to shoot him point blank in the skull instead.

No. 1592525

And that is in no way the average person.

No. 1592532

2014 was Tumblr peak and lot of normies were using it, but ok ig.

No. 1592538

File: 1685485111654.jpg (75.38 KB, 828x622, 1685468971035341.jpg)

This is Healys time. He and his band are really going to take off now.

Any day now….

No. 1592540

This is such a detached, logged in thing to say. I don't understand why some of you have such a weirdly static view of women in the music industry and get angry or annoyed at them when they've literally grown up under a microscope. It's fine and acceptable for her to say what she said. It's like you all refuse to treat these people like real people. If you want a perfect pop icon then do it yourself and if you can't, well there's your answer.

Why she dance like the worm aliens in men in black

No. 1592541

tumblr peak, Not twitter or facebook. Young normies using tumblr in high school/college isnt the same as nationwide fame and news recognition

No. 1592545

Why do you want to call coomer men gay so much? Get real

New jannies are legit retarded.

No. 1592550

I've always had an unreasonable dislike for Sia but like this is obvious

Male covers of female songs are always flops whatever

No. 1592551

Nta but all the men in hollywood are faggots

No. 1592552

the new jans are just a little overwhelmed and they also came in at the worse possible time (summer vacations). Give them some time to adjust.

No. 1592554

even the ones who sexually abuse women?

No. 1592555

File: 1685486052347.jpg (145.88 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230531_011103_Chr…)

Was that posted already? I don't remember seeing it

No. 1592556

God I hate when you freaks talk like 45 year old men on datalounge about thin women

Yeah I know you think you're being edgy but the collective woobification of straight men in the entertainment industry is the reason why men like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are constantly uplifted fuck off

Nah the new wave of jannies suck so bad and their red texts are never funny. Shame.

No. 1592562

That green on her…damn it anons she's just too beautiful!

No. 1592566

That's not green

No. 1592567


I have no idea what this means. Sorry you're pressed, faggot.

No. 1592573

yep they're so gay they have to sexually harass women, rape women, and sleep around with women even pre-fame to hide their gayness. come on anon..

No. 1592575

Okay they're bi. Still faggots

No. 1592579

You're fucking with my head. I just…

No. 1592582

It's more like mustard yellow, she looks lovely tho

No. 1592585

The bar is so low it's insane, she looks like a literal braindead prostitute but she's black so she's empowering or w/e you weird people need to cope with. Absolute trash.

No. 1592587

File: 1685488615036.jpg (5.7 KB, 600x600, 0055-0114-40CX-2.jpg)

That's definitely a muted olive, no French's in that at all. Idk what you guys are on

No. 1592590

File: 1685488767120.png (814.24 KB, 1181x1901, Screenshot_20230530-182026.png)


Pls stop.

No. 1592591

Is that how prostitutes dress where you live?

No. 1592594

File: 1685488960739.png (2.88 MB, 1361x2253, Screenshot_20230530-182155~2.p…)

I just…

No. 1592598

File: 1685489339239.jpg (48.97 KB, 720x504, 1685464942081074-1.jpg)

Two more pictures

No. 1592599

Why? Is it because she… has an ass? How does she look like a prostitute here >>1592555? She looks pretty.

No. 1592600

She's super ugly and her whole gimmick is acting like a whore and talking about sucking dick and fucking …. Like? Are you confused?

No. 1592601

File: 1685489504648.jpg (21.71 KB, 693x168, Screenshot 2023-05-30 163303.j…)

It's gold apparently

No. 1592605

She's very pretty kek you sound jealous.

No. 1592609

File: 1685489957941.jpg (92.7 KB, 680x1020, slow-cooker-split-pea-soup-2.j…)

I love split pea stew. Wonderful hearty and delicious. I'd wouldn't it's call it's color "gold", however.

No. 1592610

And you sound stupid for defending some idiotic man woman lol

No. 1592612

>man woman
Kekkk how is she a man woman? Are you manic right now?

No. 1592613

>man woman
oh god it's gonna be this argument again

No. 1592614

File: 1685490204708.jpg (36.8 KB, 440x588, Megan_Thee_Stallion_in_Septemb…)

Can you seriously admit this is an attractive woman? Because..nope.

No. 1592615

File: 1685490242562.jpg (20.81 KB, 683x160, dress.jpg)


No. 1592616

If MTS is ugly, you must look like roadside diarrhea, not even human kek.

No. 1592617

I like her purple blue and white shirt

No. 1592619

Trannies are obsessed with insisting they look just like random tall, attractive women, and trying to convince people those women are "ugly and mannish" just like themselves. It is their cope.

No. 1592620

Defending this ugly beast and you can't type sage? Absolutely embarrassing.(Infighting)

No. 1592621

She looks pretty to me.

No. 1592622

I knew it! Mustard my butt!

No. 1592623

She looks like somebody drugged her, put tape across her face to pull her eyes back and forced her to smile. Pretty? Are you sick or something?

No. 1592627

>thinking you have to sage in an /ot/ thread
A newfag and a seething, ugly tranny. Sad.

No. 1592628

She looks pretty. You sound like you have problems with delusional projecting.

No. 1592631

Call it delusional whatever you said but nah I just have problems with idiots finding ugly people pretty, you probably think the Kardashians are real and pretty too. Lame as fuck.

No. 1592635

It's obvious she's using coke and meth 24/7.

No. 1592636

NTA, you sound seriously bitter and ugly.

No. 1592639

It's funny to ruffle the feathers of normies tbh I'm not mad but entertained

No. 1592641

>I-I'm entertained
Uh-huh…sure. Anyway, hope you can get therapy. Calling women more attractive than you ugly isn't a good fix.

No. 1592644

Such an autistic cope.

No. 1592647

Sorry about the typo errors. The exorcist just does something to my brain.

No. 1592649

based Hayley

No. 1592651

File: 1685491611906.jpg (144.54 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230531_030733_Chr…)

Why just why

No. 1592653

I'm convinced she's actually a robot and just does whatever they tell her to do

No. 1592656

Robots are actually smarter than her, don't compare. she's more dumb than a grain of sand.(chronic infighter)

No. 1592657

*dumber than a grain of sand.

No. 1592658

right? this song is ass. how many more ways can he sing about having sex? does he ever sing about anything else

No. 1592659

A vacation?

No. 1592664

It reeks of "I was fat growing up and now I have clout and can finally get laid" He still looks like a fatty though so idk

No. 1592666

He really thinks he can carry the im so tortured, models love me but I don't give a fuck about them, fuck sex pushy coitus, drugs im so alone drugs drugs im heartless drugs thing when he ages and thats crazy

Swear to God even Pete Davidson would be better than this

No. 1592667

you sound like that exact same anon getting mad at anons defending lana aka a "fat slob". actually i'm positive it's you, same tone and typing style. and what's embarrassing is that you don't need to sage in OT. fuck off and don't come back.

No. 1592675

That grilled cheese looks so fucking good

No. 1592679

>God I hate when you freaks talk like 45 year old men on datalounge about thin women
Lol chill I just meant her legs look strong

No. 1592686

He does look like a fatty. I have no idea how he wasn't made fun of when he first came about he looks stupid af

No. 1592690

File: 1685495134753.jpg (119.64 KB, 640x1138, f'gotts.jpg)

No. 1592691

Her face is looking better. Whatever the fuck she did in 2020 is finally wearing off.

No. 1592692

File: 1685495259961.jpg (32.92 KB, 306x563, fatty.jpg)

No. 1592694

File: 1685495373672.jpg (37.39 KB, 636x382, 12219532-0-image-a-25_15551274…)

>shirt on at the beach
Fatass confirmed

No. 1592695

Sucks for him the only picture where his face looks decent also happens to be one that shows his crappy body kek

No. 1592696

does she think this excuses the way she groomed and had literal sleepovers with a child?

No. 1592701

FKA twigs giving a list of men to avoid at all costs.

Taylor wtf u doin gurl?

No. 1592702

File: 1685496278768.png (314.25 KB, 1439x2232, Screenshot_20230530-202538.png)

No. 1592704

Once you go fat-you never go back!

Eating disorders and body image issues are for the rest of your life!

No. 1592707

What's up crap-chan?

No. 1592720

This woman hates herself

No. 1592726

To me it looks like chartreuse yellow

No. 1592728

Seriously. Might be able to pass one or two off as a confidence but when every man you've been with publicly fucking sucks… learn to love yourself.

No. 1592733

>Dated Healy 2019-2022
Healy has herpes? Does that mean Taylor has the herp?


No. 1592737

No. 1592739

File: 1685498187281.png (19.97 KB, 706x364, Screenshot_20230530-205642.png)


No. 1592750

File: 1685499544892.jpeg (128.39 KB, 828x1111, IMG_0337.jpeg)

First I heard of Robert De Niro having another baby and now Al Pacino?? What the hell

No. 1592752

File: 1685499601375.png (2.03 MB, 720x1931, Screenshot_20230530-212029.png)

No. 1592753

That kid will commit a mass shooting as an adult (if it's a boy).

No. 1592754

File: 1685499736430.jpg (756.61 KB, 3269x2048, megan.jpg)

I think chartreuse is too neon.

No. 1592755

File: 1685499934658.png (129.81 KB, 1440x864, Screenshot_20230530-212602.png)

Just to catch up people who don't know & need a quick rundown. Shia has herpes.



No. 1592756

Nta and sorry to blog but it depresses me so much how many men have herpes

No. 1592758

No. 1592760

When and who did Taylor contract herpes from anderror-brain-malfunction-shutdown

No. 1592774

Congrats on the tard baby. No money is worth that at 29.

No. 1592805

Did she tell you to delete it, fat? Did she speak whale to you

No. 1592813

File: 1685505682487.jpeg (144.41 KB, 1170x1372, 9C677144-32D4-4BAC-98E2-0F2DAA…)

God damn it I have never listened to her music in my life and yet I can’t fucking get away from Ice Spice. Like seriously where the fuck did this person come from

No. 1592841

Total scrotoid death.