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No. 5828

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:
Marilyn Manson #5:
Marilyn Manson #6: Baby Manson Time Edition:
Marilyn Manson #7: Honeymoon Edition:
Marilyn Manson #8: SinChin on Suicide Watch Edition:
Marilyn Manson #9: The God of Fucked Edition:
Marilyn Manson #10: Stoned and Alone Edition:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 52-year-old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser, and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

>Accused by multiple ex-girlfriends, including Evan Rachel Wood, of rape, physical, sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

>Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse, and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video, or wanting a serious relationship.
>Long term on-and-off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 36 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.
>Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
>May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls. Also alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18-year-old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
>May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, and tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella (@sourgirrrl).
>Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
>Got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
>Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and is still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson. Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
>Harassment and death threats from Manson and his orbiters including ex-assistant Judd and anonymous “online troops.”
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and her mother, Hope Harvey, harassing and talking shit about and to Manson fans.
>A discussion about who is the controlling one in Manson and Lindsay's relationship.
>@mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about the general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from trolls, maybe from genuine victims of abuse.
>Lindsay concentrates all of her efforts into sharing updates from blissful quarantine cohabitation: plants, cats, and the usual boring posts, but most importantly—usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, when he referred to Lindsay as his “fiancé.”
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the engagement happened around six years ago.
>It's decided that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Farmers made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
>@mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
>Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry, and multiple others.
>Talk of a super-fan turned super-hater, Tiziana Collins, aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
>Receipts Lindsay fought with ex-side-chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made her personal information public via her Twitter.
>Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
>Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR, and desperate attempts to build a fake last-minute career for her.
>Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
>Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
>Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell and more of her and Jessicka Adams claiming Lindsay grooms underage girls for Manson.
>A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
>Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
>Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
>Michelle's (@666fearless) abuse case was fully revealed. Some anons questioned her credibility.
>More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
>Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
>Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
>A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
>Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went private were posted as proof.
>Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
>Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her “relationship” with Manson.
>Suspicion of whether he and Lindsay are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, “The Price of Darkness.”
>Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
>Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a “baby bump.” Debunked as a hoax.
>Dawn (@miss_dangerx, @guitargunn, @dawn.slays and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Was passed off as a troll.
>@_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. They also alluded to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fifth Thread:
>Manson finally released his single, “We Are Chaos.”
>Speculations that Manson/Lindsay post in the threads after someone dropped a private picture of Lindsay. Anons couldn't find a source.
>Screens from Reddit of people saying that Twiggy/Manson had sex with them while they were underage.
>An anonymous ex-side-chick leaked some messages and shared some information on Manson. She claimed Lindsay harassed her during the entire period of their relationship via fake IG accounts. Anons finally got an answer to what “Baby Manson Time” is.
>The full album was finally released. Lyrics are derivative of his older works and most of the songs read as digs against his accusers/Lindsay.
>@mansonisabusive finally made their account public again.
>Lindsay posted in her story that her mother, Hope Harvey, passed away. Cows made sure to milk her death as much as possible.
>Their marriage was confirmed in an interview he did with Nicolas Cage.
>Manson incriminates himself after hanging up on a journalist and refusing to answer any more questions after being asked about the Evan Rachel Wood situation. Rose McGowan posted screens of a message she sent Manson in her story on IG and tagged Evan, claiming she, “wouldn't be used as a shield,” not long after.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Sixth Thread:
>Evidence of Lindsay supporting hate accounts.
>Laney Chantal shares her opinion on the situation. Caps of her liking some of @mansonisabusive's posts were posted.
>Lindsay getting fan accounts to harass anyone that speaks out against them.
>Edwin Costa makes a video covering Manson's history.
>Proof that Manson cheated on Rose with Dita.
>More comments from one of Lindsay's abandoned IG accounts, @lindsay.usich, saying that she was never a photographer before she met him.
>Edwin Costa's Twitter and Louise Keay Bell's Facebook accounts were hacked. Anons speculated that Manson was involved.
>Cow tries to repair all of his damaged past relationships in an attempt to find allies.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Seventh Thread:
>Evan Rachel Wood finally names Manson as her abuser, along with a ton of other women.
>Victims saying that Lindsay participated in the abuse.
>Loma Vista, his long-time record label, drops him following the accusations. Starz also cuts him from American Gods and Creepshow.
>Lindsay's still buying bots. Up to 3k new followers a day.
>Caps from Leslee Lane's Discord server of her saying Lindsay was asking for incriminating pictures of Evan.
>Underage girls accuse Manson of grooming them on Kik.
>Judd was supposedly never fired.
>An ex-fan explains how he picks up young girls at meet and greets.
>Welfare check called to Manson's house.
>A whole ton of stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Eighth Thread:
> More victims come forward saying they were abused by Manson when they were underage.
> Otep Shamaya claims that Lindsay is a victim too.
> @anniejanaabrams posts caps and recordings of her conversations with them on her IG.
> Evan says she had to take legal action against Leslee Lane and Lindsay after they threatened to release incriminating pictures of her.
> Corey Feldman releases his own statement about Manson.
> Louise Alexander drops Lindsay.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Ninth Thread:
>Influx of autism since Annie posted about the thread.
>Annie accuses Manson of raping her.
>New recording of him saying that Evan tried to convince him that his mom molested him.
>Johnny Depp has apparently cut ties with him.
>Esmé Bianco names him as her abuser, claiming he trafficked her.
>New articles start focusing on Lindsay's abusive history too.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Tenth Thread:
>Still no statement from Lindsay, yet she's still buying new followers—almost 100k new followers in 1 month.
>A new IG account (@rlrrpaola)—she claims she was groomed by Adam Rajcevich, Dita's current boyfriend. Says Manson was abusive to Dita, but she, “feels for him because he was on drugs.”
>Annie posts in the thread, answering some anons questions.
>A whole ton of other stuff you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 5829

File: 1614487106148.jpg (705.39 KB, 1440x2741, Annie 1.jpg)

Annie's latest posts.
So heartbreaking seeing someone put through this.

No. 5830

File: 1614487156549.jpg (469.84 KB, 1440x1775, Annie 2.jpg)

No. 5831

File: 1614487253391.jpg (461.7 KB, 1429x1774, Annie 3.jpg)

No. 5832

File: 1614487735394.jpg (894.3 KB, 1440x2943, bruises.jpg)

Annie has also bravely shared a photo of her bruised face showing the abuse she says Brian Warner inflicted on her. This is it. This is the gun after the smoke has cleared. You can't get any more clear then this. This is the Rihanna photo all over again. This is the image which will plaster newspapers the world over. Be on the right side of history. Stand tall and God bless the brave women and men who are fighting for justice.

No. 5833

Get lost non sage samefag. Your obsession is unparalleled and worrying. You should get some help. I can’t tell if you’re obsessed with bringing down Annie or obsessed with Manson in general. But it’s sad. Go away troll.(taking the bait)

No. 5834

Can you guys start an Annie specific thread? None of this is new, none of it is milk, and it’s actually barely about Manson anymore. The constant back and forth about “believe Annie!!” “No don’t believe Annie!” is kind of insane. Keep this a Manson thread.

No. 5835

As someone who defends her, I agree. When she has milk, serve the milk. Otherwise get lost. This one troll is obsessed and I can’t but feel bad cause no victim should be shredded and discredited like this. This person is obviously a newfag too which I guess makes them easy to spot. Believe what you want about her past, but if she’s being taken seriously by those in charge of this investigation you would think that would be telling but not to these obsessed freaks.

I’m the woman who mentioned the ex husband in the previous thread and this is in a way triggering too because I wouldn’t want any woman to deal with this either.

No. 5836

File: 1614489130410.jpeg (20.2 KB, 554x554, images (13).jpeg)

No. 5837

She's shared photographic evidence of her abuse. What more do you want before you consider it worthy of it being posted here? This is far more evidence than anyone else has provided publically.

No. 5838

Why are you responding to me? I agree with you.

No. 5839

You’ve been told a hundred times over and still refuse to sage, good job retard.

This is a good idea tbh, there’s too much unavoidable derailing within the last few threads.(taking the bait)

No. 5840

I kinda like knowing it’s this one Annie-obsessed troll. When he learns to sage he’ll pretend he’s like 12 people because these people are that predictable lmao

No. 5841

Has she confirmed when the assault took place? I know she said it was before covid, but she was blonde from around April 2018 and late 2020. I thought she said it was more recent? Maybe I'm just misremembering.

No. 5842

She said there would be more details sometime next week and “not on social media”. So either she’s working on an expose or it’s something investigation related. But reading between the lines, if we’re meant to find out through means other than social media, it’ll be in the news.

No. 5843

And if it’s investigation related, they’d have to fact check. If it’s media, they’d have to corroborate heavily with witnesses and such because she’s not famous. Either way I’m looking forward to seeing what it is.

No. 5844

I can make a thread for her, but she doesn't really seem like cow-material to me ouside of the Manson drama. Which board would her thread even go on?

No. 5845

Why the fuck would you make a thread about a rape victim? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 5846

Thread pic is so scary

No. 5847

I take it Annie has been speaking with journalists and providing them with evidence. This explains why she says an update outside her instagram will be made as well as how a journalist got hold of a private photo.

No. 5848

Because everyone's tired of the infighting about her case in the Manson threads. Being an alleged rape victim doesn't exclude her from being made fun of or having her story questioned.

No. 5849

I agree. But why am I even surprised. People = predictable in their agendas usually.

No. 5850


No. 5851

OK, maybe I am backwards and lame. But nobody could really hurt me with fake pics and old stories. My friends, family and colleagues would always believe him. Had an ex try blackmail me with a home video once and was like dude nobody cares. Share it but don't expect much reaction. Annie isn't famous, other than the 27 k followers she likes deals with people who really know her?!

No. 5852

Mistypo: friends would believe me (not him)

No. 5853

I wasn’t famous and my ex husband “only” sent out emails to my employer and friend telling them I was at an anti abortion rally. Hurt just as much. I said in the previous thread that my friend was raped and had to abort her rapists baby. It took her months to trust me again because my ex convinced her I was judging her. I’ve always been pro choice. I had an abortion myself when I was 19 for hell’s sake.

You’d have to be in it to understand it. I know this sounds like a cop out to some of you but it is true. It’s a mindgame that’s only made worse by someone you already fear. So in Annie’s case I fear that she’s hurting because she feels she has to be louder to be heard and it’s a spiral I’m all to familiar with but not on such a big scale. If someone who isn’t famous is dealing with this without being equipped to deal with it I empathize cause who could possibly deal with it in a better way when the trauma is so recent?

Idk maybe it’s just me but it seems unfair to do this to any person no matter how much you’re prone to resent them without letting them speak first and whatever she has to say in the “non social media thing” she’s going to say it in, I want to listen. I owe it to my former victim and survivor self to listen.

I sent a PM yesterday but she hasn’t even read it. She used to respond. Not much but it was something. She stopped. I respect that. I struggle with not putting myself in her shoes cause of the chaos my husband created for me. I was on the verge of suicide. If that was so public for me then in my case I wouldn’t have survived it for sure.(blogging)

No. 5854

Omg I wrote a novel therefore I am Annie here we go.

Trauma sucks. Not gonna be sorry about that.

No. 5855

ok,i am trying To Keep an Open mind.

No. 5856

None of this is milk or remotely new, it was all either posted in previous threads or discussed there.
Again can anons doing that stop bringing Annie up when she has no new updates and nothing new to discuss regarding MM?

Second all that.

No. 5857

It's quite disgusting all these so called #metoo women are almost completely ignoring Annie. Where is Rose is this? Hell even ERW is keeping quiet. The only thing she ever did for Annie was repost the fat shaming comments about LDR. Some ally.


If all you people are going to do is complain just fuck off already

No. 5858

Victims don't owe others anything. There might be many reasons why they don't want to speak about a specific other victim or why they're not engaging.

Also kek at you complaining about victims not behaving how you want them to, and then complaining about the complaining in thread lmao.

No. 5859

Obvious straw man. I never said they owe her anything. ERW has constantly posted about speaking up and showing solidarity, but when it comes to Annie she has nothing. I called out her hypocrisy, not that victims must help one another.

>Also kek at you complaining about victims not behaving how you want them to, and then complaining about the complaining in thread lmao.

Obvious troll. You would have to be a special type of moron to misinterpret what I said that way.

No. 5860

Yes but Annie's oversharing isn't helping anyone - maybe it feels like it's helping her process, but it's coming back to bite her already. She can do what she wants but I don't think her supports (friends, other victims, lawyer, police…) would advise her to share all that personal stuff.

No. 5861

Isn't it so telling that Evan didn't even put Annie's original post in her story when she's shown support to almost every other victim, even the lesser known ones like Louise?

No. 5862

>everyone who doesn't agree with me is an obvious troll

Name calling isn't making your flawed logic any stronger lmao.
Annie is nothing special. If ERW hasn't done what you think she should, again, there could be a hundred reasons we don't know of for that. "Calling her out" on that is exactly doing what you say you aren't, eg saying she owes Annie special attention. She doesn't. Nor did Annie ask for it.

No it's not necessarily telling. Truth is, we don't know what other MM accusers have been telling each other, we don't know if they are speaking behind closed doors etc.
All we have on that front is speculation.

No. 5863

File: 1614499554623.jpg (234.19 KB, 1440x1620, fuck victims.jpg)

I don't know whether ERW is ignoring Annie because she's not getting the attending she wanted for herself or if it's because she doesn't beleive Annie

No. 5864

The other vic seem to follow a common strategy, published their allegations and now work behind the scenes. Annie is a loose cannon and appears to be a person who won't take advise.
The others may keep her at arms length for that reason. She is unpredictable and addicted to attention (even from strangers)

No. 5865

But that seems like a minor detail when they supposedly have a common goal of holding a rapist to account. They can sort out their pretty differences after the trial. Why not combine your efforts and stories and stand as a unified front against the same abuser? Something doesn't add up.

No. 5866

Kind of agree on that one. If someone is advising her, they're doing a piss poor job at that.

This. I'm guessing she also set herself up by over the top oversharing publicly in the past, on social media or/and with MM over the years, who could then gather ammunition for blackmail.

>addicted to attention (even from strangers)

Her coming here was a huge red flag for me. That right there is why I have been cautious about her. Her story is prob true but the way she acts is not helping her credibility.

No. 5867

I think that because Annie’s supported by Evan’s actual partner and the woman in charge of the Phoenix Act among other PA employees says more than anything about the other victims. Annie may find catharsis in writing but she’s not stupid and isn’t revealing anything that will compromise the investigation or the real milk she’s got on him. Evan shared the article that was entirely about Annie’s leaks and it was a nod to her. Esme showed open support in two stories. But you don’t got to be a detective to realize that if someone has hours of recent recordings about the person they’re accusing, that you should keep your mouth shut and pretend everything is fine and dandy cause those recordings may be key in this investigation. Sham games and all aside doesn’t change that they might have something valuable on their hands and they don’t wanna reveal too much or make it obvious. As victims none of them should associate with eachother so if Annie asked her friends and family to unfollow she probably asked them too maybe cause she’s smart enough to do that or maybe because they were all advised to do that. Whatever the milk in the next week or two I’m here for it.

No. 5868

Yeah that was one of the thing I thought might be happening. Apparently >>5847 there's an interview coming that could possibly clear the air a bit on that front, although haven't seen any caps confirming that one.

No. 5869


>Why not combine your efforts and stories and stand as a unified front against the same abuser? Something doesn't add up.

They probably are combining their efforts, just behind the scenes.

Annie is too unpredictable, publically unifying will just make it easier for the smear campaign to spread by association.

No. 5870

In the last 3 or 4 weeks Annie has posted over 50 instas (many several pages of text) about Manson, her experience, and been running to put out one fire after another. She has been here and likely responded elsewhere too. Sorry but she isn't a safe person for the other victims. That doe mean her exp isn't true though.

No. 5871

Does not mean her experience isn't true

No. 5872


>She is unpredictable and addicted to attention (even from strangers)

I don't think she is addicted to attention, I just think she is trying to control the narrative by giving her side of the story. Annie's only problem is that she is not able to ignore the trolls. The other victims are better equipped to ignore the smear campaign. Esme copped a lot with her trafficking story, and Evan is copping it from multiple angles but they both know better than to take the bait because they know it is futile with trolls.

No. 5873

File: 1614501901515.jpg (230.59 KB, 1439x1794, scr000001536.jpg)

It's amazing ERW will constantly spam these basic bitch feel good quotes but she won't give a single boost to Annie who is absolutely destroying MM with the treasure trove of evidence she has. ERW has already been to the police and they couldn't do anything because she left it too late. Now we have a woman who can bury her abuser and she does nothing to publically stand by Annie. It makes me support Annie more and think ERW named MM for more selfish purposes.

No. 5874

File: 1614502870675.jpeg (627.37 KB, 1284x2177, 9C8EDAB6-23B7-487D-BF8B-DBE829…)

And Annie posted that quote several days ago before that page (and Evan) even posted it. They just changed the colors after. Evan has done this 3 or 4 times now where Annie posts something and Evan hours or a day later posts the same random obscure thing. This story is in Annie’s highlights on her IG under “flying monkeys”.

No. 5875

Honestly what this is telling me is that it’s a nod to Annie the same way that Evan linking to an entire article about Annie’s leaks was a nod to her. Nods + Evan’s partner openly supporting and following Annie should tell you everything you need to know if you’ve got two brain cells left.

No. 5876

This is interesting and promising. If it's true and not just coincidence I don't understand why ERW is playing such a juvenile game. Just say it. She reposts even the most banal tabloid articles that slightly reference something negative about Manson but she can't bring herself to name Annie? Very odd but childish game or not I hope we see justice

No. 5877

One of the main reasons that I'm skeptical about Annie is because she posted here. It obviously wasn't her first time doing it because she knew how the site works and she mentioned it in her very first post. And she probably still does because everytime something negative about her is posted here, she makes a post about it on Instagram to defend herself.

And her latest post? The one about why she still had his book on her shelf in a picture she posted—she said it was a gift when they were still in contact. Why did she keep it after he supposedly raped her? Does seeing it every day and remembering him not bother her?

Also, her Facebook posts from the last thread. They were from a fan account, which I get makes them questionable, but the account that posted them isn't a native English speaker and they make language blurbs all the time. Plus, it sounded exactly like Annie.

That doesn't mean she's lying, but there are a few holes in her story.

No. 5878

>They were from a fan account, which I get makes them questionable
that's not what makes them questionable, it's the fact that facebook doesn't let you see the name of a private list unless you're the creator of said list. also the scrotespeak way of discussing "her" aunts in the post

No. 5879

Annie couldn't have been the one to screenshot them? Not to give to that account, but to someone else that could've leaked them? Even without the Facebook posts, there are still other inconsistencies in her story.

No. 5880

What inconsistencies? She's always been ablw to explain when anons try and poke holes in her accusations

No. 5881

If they were meant to be private it really wouldn't make sense to screenshot them though. What inconsistencies are there? She's been pretty open about what's been questioned and her answers make sense

No. 5882

Srsly though I still can’t get over the grotesk way she described her mm fucked vag to her aunts and publicly spoke of her orgasms - this chick is my age yet acts so bizarrely on social media


No. 5883

Why is a victim coming here a red flag? Try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Would you not want to correct misinformation about yourself? If you were traumatized from abuse and an ongoing smear campaign, would you behave in a totally perfect way? Dumbasses said the same thing about LKB, she was no longer credible because of how she acted after being bullied and smeared. Other victims have also posted on previous threads, anonymously. All of the victims are aware of this site because people message them about it. Really sick to bait abuse victims into responding then using the fact they visited the site as "proof" they're not credible anymore. People are so thirsty for drama and milk that they'll try to create it themselves.

No. 5884

>Would you not want to correct misinformation about yourself?
Ntayrt but nope, I wouldn't. It's a gossip forum.
She said she had read the threads, probably had seen our reaction to the LKB invasion lmao.

No. 5885

Some people on this site behave exactly like an abusive narcissist would. Smearing people and baiting them into responding then using that against them as evidence of how unstable they are.

No. 5886

>All of the victims are aware of this site because people message them about it.
And that's the rules violation, anons must not cow tip.

Y'all should probably stop with Annie, it's unbearable. Especially if you care for her, stop posting, even neutral anons like me get too bored and annoyed with her. Like I believed LKB, I believe Annie but pls no more Annie.

No. 5887


No. 5888

File: 1614514026798.png (647.96 KB, 720x1400, Screenshot_20210228-130249~2.p…)

What do u guys think abt this one? Is that sg he would do? Was he just trying to be sarcastic?

No. 5889

Ayrt, this anon >>5884 and this one >>5886 gave you the best possible answer about the red flag.

I'll leave aside the rest of your fallacious argument about "smear campaign" on fucking lolcow, a gossip site. This isn't a safe space for victims of trauma or whatever, there are message boards dedicated to just that. Go to the info page if you still don't get lolcow, is all I can say. Trying to equate anons who question things to "being like a narcissist" just demonstrate how little you know about this place lmao. Debate is not prohibited here.

I actually don't care about Annie, much like >>5886 she's just a fucking pain to deal with and has been for many threads now. Her coming here has absolutely not helped her case. And anons like this :
>Stand tall and God bless the brave women and men who are fighting for justice

Top kek, they are really not helping either.

No. 5890

File: 1614514233239.jpg (754.9 KB, 1440x3040, nrm_1425377278-screen_.jpg)

taken from the hilariously named @mansonhashumanrightstoo
annie posted a number of photos (since deleted) with captions suggesting she was with M but none of them show them together in the frame.

No. 5891

File: 1614514500207.jpg (504.66 KB, 1439x1469, untitled.jpg)

No. 5892

Thank you for admitting this site is toxic.

No. 5893

He was trying to be the best edge lord in the world.

Nta but welcome to lolcow, my dear moronic newfag.

No. 5894

This is some delusional shit

No. 5895

I've been watching this play out for some time and I really wanted to beleive Annie and my heart has been breaking over each of her posts but enough is enough. Something stinks real bad about this and unless she steps up to provide a god damn good explanation for all these discrepancies that have gone on for years than I am finished listening to her. there is way too much going on that cannot be explained by marilyn manson and his "flying monkeys" being behind it.

No. 5896

Yip, MM and his flying monkies are very convenient… I just find it increasingly hard to believe Manson went to such elaborate efforts (or his monkies) for a no-name sidechick (if that). Sorry..

No. 5897

Agreed. She worked hard to lay the groundwork that MM and flying monkeys would be coming at her with a smear campaign before she accused him of rape. She spent a few weeks doing that. I don't know what's going on but something isn't right in this situation. I think it's best to just drop the Annie situation until there's clarity there.

No. 5898

Stop laying it on so thick. You sound exactly like a newfag yourself. You Manson mommies think you’re blending in by trying to adopt the lc lingo but you stick out like a sore thumb because you all sound like boomers overcompensating.

No. 5899

I am with you there. She supposedly has mountains of evidence, yet, can't supply anything at all proving they actually knew each other or met. Given that she has a past with lying about relationships, I do think she should try to do that. ANYTHING proving her claims. All she has is a bunch of very convenient heresay.

Given her many fake personalities ect, nobody knows her real identity and she will just delete her socials when shit hits the fan as she has done in the past.

I am done listening to her lies until I see some REAL evidence. (Not edited, forwarded emails that you can easily mess with.)

You can call me whatever you need to call me, but I know for a fact she is not a victim of MM and I am in shock that so many of you are buying her bs. But, only time will tell….

No. 5900

What worries me the most is that annie isn't just some lone party. She is a member of the Phoenix women who are all interconnected in their abuse claims against Marilyn Manson. If annie is actually lying there is no way Esme, Illma and ERW didn't know. They have everything riding on their claims and wouldn't have been so foolish to let some random join their pact without verifying her claims and jeopardizing it all.IF annie is lying it brings into dispute every one of them. The phoenix act would be seen as a front to pursue personal vendettas.
It's not looking good but I really want to beleive. I hope the women come up with something soon to prove this is legitimate.

No. 5901

Agree, this is exactly why I refuse to believe she is lying. She might be exaggerating a little bit here and there but I believe she is a victim.

No. 5902

It hasn't even been 10 hours and the thread is already shit. Thanks mods. For nothing.

No. 5903

AYRT completely. This is what gives me the greatest faith. 1 person lying on their own is believable, but a group of women working as a conspiracy to defame BHW for years in the making is beyond crazy right.

No. 5904

There’s never any real relay of interesting or new information. It’s just gen Xers who have been Mansonphiles their whole lives and now with the super PC state of the world they’ve had to change their stance, so they’re still obsessing over him but in a social justice way. You can tell by the contestant horrible boomer jokes and shit edits that he’s still their special interest. They don’t care about discussing him as a “lolcow” they just want to talk about him 24/7 period. They’ve used this thread from day 1 as a special interest forum.

No. 5905

We really should stop discussing if Annie is lying or not.
If she is, it absolutely doesn't mean that Evan and Esme are also and it doesn't prove that Manson is innocent at all.
What is the point of affirming that she lies?
As someone said in order to defend Manson, time will tell. I stand with victims and I also say that time will tell. Annie is not the only accuser.

No. 5906

Annie not having filed a police report at this stage is inexcusable. there is not a single excuse for her not having lodged that report. Not a single one if she is telling the truth. Someone mentioned it before and it sounded complete tin foil but I think now there may be truth behind Annie either still working with manson or she is a sockpuppet of his.

No. 5907

Can we please start an Annie thread? There is so much to dig into around her (I've got some potential leads as well) but it starts to go off the topic of meatball hamson

No. 5908

Second that although you would need substantial material on her first.
Also second that to clear the thread off her a bit. >>5902 exactly.

No. 5909

Manson is innocent. It's on the news everywhere — in Bulgaria. I met him in Miami. He was in his 20's and I was in my 30'S. We were hanging out with bulgarian Popstar Mizz Mcolli, but no one abuseD ME. I was probably too fat for him or McColli. I felt humilated. So, he'S innocent according to the news, but I'll stay with you, because you are the victims. I love the USA. Stay strong metoo!

No. 5910

A dedicated thread for a possible victim seems wrong. There is a small chance she may be telling the truth. Unless she ponies up evidence she ever met manson in person and proves she is in contact with the other accusers then I won't consider her anything more than a pathetic LARPer

No. 5911

Annie's thread is here: >>1172668. I wasn't sure which board to put it on, so I just put it on /snow/ because that's really the only one she (barely) meets the requirements for.

No. 5912

It's a bit of a special case. We need a place to discuss what's going on around her and many anons are complaining those discussions are clogging up hamson threads.

No. 5913

So sick. His IG-posts are disturbing. Hope the FBI will help you, girl. Fateshaming is abuse as well. I love Bulgaria (my mother was born there), but i don't know Mccolli. I heard he was a Manson-assistant once.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5914

Oh fuck off. I hope that thread is locked you lunatics.

No, it’s not a “special case”. Lolcow is now leaking with all of your Manson diarrhea and it isn’t even generating any interest outside of you superfans. You faggots are annoying.

No. 5915

This worries me too, especially if the Phoenix Act women are telling the truth. I hope for their sakes THEY didn't recruit Annie to do a sting job on Manson and now it's backfiring because they overestimated how competent she was. Their own claims might be thrown into serious doubt if they had to recruit some random to fortify them.

No. 5916

I’m starting to think that both the Annie deniers AND Annie defenders are all trolls here to derail this thread from actually talking about Manson, because no way are you people actually this retarded to keep talking about her when there’s no milk.

No. 5917

Haha. Exactly.
I miss the good old threads.

No. 5918

File: 1614528488213.jpeg (807.75 KB, 1284x2437, A3C2DE3D-1E11-4A04-BD8A-4533F8…)

I come here every few days to see if there’s something new and the same shit is rotating over and over. You dumb cows are lapping this up and willing to believe any dumb thing Mansonites feed you.

No. 5919

Post this in the Annie thread

No. 5920

No. I’m not participating in a stupid Annie thread. Making one about a victim is so fucked up.

No. 5921

Oh ok so you'd rather make this thread cancerous with your non-milky bullshit. Thanks.b(mini-modding)

No. 5922

Here’s the thing: the Annie thread doesn’t have to be shitting on Annie. It can just be the place where you all discuss her nonstop instead of doing it HERE in the MARILYN MANSON thread.

No. 5923

There is no proof she’s a victim. And until I see she has something actually legal against Manson like a lawyer or police report - she should not be defined as a victim.

> but I think now there may be truth behind Annie either still working with manson or she is a sockpuppet of his.


No. 5924

This this this.

No. 5925

Well said. At the very least, anons need to stop reposting all her non milk shit constantly and repetitive comments ad nauseam here.

But i feel a lot of us have been pointing this out for the past three threads now and no one will listen sooo…
Perhaps time to put the banhammer down and just temporarily lock the place up.

No. 5926

So whoever keeps making these threads, why did they leave out the part about Manson being investigated for child-trafficking? Yet they care so much about Lindsay making a statement, and keep talking about her fake followers? Nobody gives a fucking shit about her. Why would a dumb whore cunt who threatened Evan and has a police report filed on her for blackmail,
making a statement would matter? Yeah… playing happy ‘house wife’ really worked out so well for Manson.

If he doesn’t get charged for rape and/or assault, he’s definitely getting charged on something.

No. 5927

I started losing weight after my encounter with Manson and his vicicous crew (McColli was actually very nice — but that doesn't mean anything at all). 2001 I accompanied my (ex-)husband on a business trip, because I love the USA. I was hanging out in front of Manson's mansion on San Marco Drive thinking about revenge. I wanted to show him that I'm not the frightened 31-year-old girl he used to avoid. I had a skin removal a few days before and finally had the confidence enough to show him that I'm better than him. Sadly he never came out of his house. Manson's a coward. FBI should finally arrest him.

No. 5928

File: 1614532188822.png (1.17 MB, 1214x843, CANCELLED.PNG)

You guys have seen the last ep of American Gods?
He had a little role this season and in this week episode, characters goes to meet him up and image related happens.
His fictionnal music group "Blood and death" poster has a big fat cancelled written over it.
I don't know if they did it intentionnaly since he was fired from the show or it was written like that even before his cancellation, but damn, it was a tasty treat to notice it.

No. 5929

After all his law suits.., him and his whore wife ain’t going to be living on easy street anymore - that’s for certain.

No. 5930

his 2021 album "We Are Chaos" includes references to cancel culture and people accusing him — so it's possible that it was the original intention, but I'm not sure.

No. 5931

He’ll probably be able to afford it, but just can’t spend like he used to. I know of one law suit that’s probably going to be in the millions.

No. 5932

And when the chips are down, he'll probably be able to borrow a million or two.

No. 5933

Lmao, it’s like funny how he keeps playing these characters that seem to be imitating his real life. almost as some karmic thing that’s being put on him.

No. 5934

> hope the FBI will help you prosecute fatshaming
obvious trolling intensifies

No. 5935

You haven’t missed anything. The if you look at the Harvey Weinstein timeline it took months from him being publicly accused, investigated, to arrested. I’m thinking we’re not going to hear much for a while.

No. 5936

File: 1614540115269.jpeg (290.07 KB, 828x1627, D9923038-53BB-4AFF-876F-761531…)

Yeah they should’ve named this thread ‘The Pedophile’ Edition.

No. 5937

>Haven't seen anywhere talks of child trafficking, only underage trafficking
That's the same thing, anon. What the fuck?

No. 5938

Annie thread got locked. Anyone know some forums where it's bring discussed without sensitive people having a big cry about it?

No. 5939

Sounds like the sick pedophile freak still chiming in to try and justify how being “underage” isn’t a child.

The laws seriously need to be changed to anything under 21 should be considered underage.

No. 5940

Or maybe people being sensitive to someone who’s going through trauma instead of being massive cunts about it?

No. 5941

File: 1614543207624.jpeg (273.92 KB, 1076x1338, F934B76C-1724-4F14-80C9-22FC9D…)

Hey look, I guess we can all accept that Annie is part of the chins downfall story in one way or another. And if she is going to post pics of Manson playing with an Elton John Barbie I’ll take it lol

No. 5942


Okay so it will be of herself being a nerd. Of course it will be. But it sure would be nice if she’d drop some new milk on Brian.

No. 5943

I think her account was in danger of deletion because mansonites were reporting it. Either that or she was told to hold off on posting more because it’s evidence potentially.

No. 5944

I could’ve sworn she posted a screenshot of him sending her a picture of the Elton Barbie. Maybe it was in her stories.

No. 5945

File: 1614544826899.jpg (1.14 MB, 1440x2418, 1.jpg)

It's all over for annie. She admits all those screenshots are in fact her writing but we're to beleive Brian (and these mythical flying monkeys) spent months meticulously creating fake accounts, accumulating an audience and slightly changing the wording all so they could sabotage a woman who still refuses to provide any evidence for her claims? She must take people to be as stupid as she is. It's all so laughably obvious.

No. 5946

Manson had a few seconds in one of Elton John's video. Kek.

No. 5947

She didn’t say it’s her writing. She said they used her blog writing as a template to write about something fake. Those are two very different things. But I can see you’re not the brightest of the bulbs so I’ll allow you this one reading comprehension booboo.

No. 5948

god you're a fucking dork

No. 5949

Err no that's not? A teenager is not a child and you wouldn't talk about pedophilia regarding a teenager. Haven't seen anywhere reported he was investigated for child trafficking apart from this cap >>5936

No I'm not MM, unless he magically morphed into a French fag in their early 20s. PSA for the umpteenth time, not everyone you disagree with is MM lmao.

No. 5950

I can't believe that Manson would have anything to do with most of these women, especially Annie, Lilith and Gabriella, I blame it on his substance abuse and staying in touch with groupies that he should have hit and quit. They make him look bad. This case seems dead, luckily for him. I don't believe any of these women. I feel like they are just mad at him because they were in his world and then he moved on after they split up. It would take some clear evidence provided by them to convince me otherwise. I am on his side and this is clearly an orchestrated take down of him, well planned for months by Evan and friends. If Manson is in trouble, all of rock n roll would have to be, because of groupies and hangers-on.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 5951

>all of rock n roll
wow dorks abound. who talks like this

No. 5952

but she’s saying that her writing is from a blog that wasn’t even about Manson? how did she make it up if people are going through her past writing and selecting a few sentences to fit a narrative?

No. 5953

Manson has always been white trash, so it's no surprise he slums it. They just make him look like what he is.

No. 5954

Also why did she delete it a few weeks ago instead of holding on to it? It would be proof of the tampering she's accusing the flying monkeys of.

No. 5955

Fucking hell get out of here. Men in the entertainment industry have been in trouble for years now because for the most part they’re all a bunch of cringe, rapey Ds. There is no question here whether Manson did anything over decades to women or not. Clearly he did and not only that admits to it.

No. 5956

No. 5957


No. 5958

File: 1614546673926.jpeg (294.3 KB, 1284x470, 5D5D95E4-1C9E-4BF6-A3DA-50456E…)

Probably because she doesn’t want him to look more of it up and use it against her. Why are some of you so dimwitted? I’m sure she could reactivate it and find it all there again. And why is everyone ignoring the edit she made over an hour ago? Bias, that’s why.

No. 5959

How the holy fuck did you reach that hard and come to that conclusion? Annie shared Evan’s story shortly after.

No. 5960

and the underage aspect? is that perfectly fine? how about the blackmailing? is that okay?

let’s also talk about the fact his ex personal assistant Dan Cleary has said months ago that he actually witnessed his abuse against Wood.

you won’t ever get clear evidence provided by these girls because you’ll just dismiss it over and over again. should they have filmed the humiliation and abuse they were subjected to just so in the future they can post it online to appease some mouth breathing idiot?

No. 5961

I am waiting for her to drop a post comparing and contrasting the flying monkey's work with her own legitimate blog posts.

No. 5962

Just thought getting back to manson and the claims made over the years is a good idea. >>5956

Also, I'm not into conspiracy subjects much; but doesn't marilyn manson's heart tattoo look like girl lover and boy lover mixed together. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but, that tattoo gives me bad vibes. It's unlike other symbols he adores and is so out of place. (what is the meaning?? Because he is all about his symbols)

Kind of reminds me of the swastika on his chest and how he walked around with it on display at an urban event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcjSyMqTTq0

As if he thinks he's smarter than everyone, therefore making him superior. (in his mind.. of course)(embed)

No. 5963

yeah a teenager is a fucking CHILD. You disgusting pedophile freak. So just because there’s not a bunch of articles regarding the child-trafficking, that means it’s not a real investigation?

No. 5964

HA! I never laughed so hard! Manson makes fun of nerd shit, but plays with Elton John “barbies” and jerks of to porn 24/7, but YET finds nothing wrong with that?!!!

No. 5965

Gtfo with your attitude calling anons pedophile because they have a different understanding of a term. Legal definition of pedophilia is up to 12/13 years of age.

>So just because there’s not a bunch of articles regarding the child-trafficking, that means it’s not a real investigation?

Point me to a reliable source that details MM being a pedophile trafficking children or again, GTFO. So far, you simply have none. We did hear of a potential investigation into minors, that's it. Now take a chill pill and quit nitpicking to infight.

Don't take the troll bait anon.

No. 5966

How about you get the fuck out? I highly doubt you are just some random anon because no one but Manson himself or another pedophile would try to justify that a minor isn’t a child.

No. 5967

Jesus fucking christ you are a dense one. Where did I say minors aren't child? All I said was make the difference between underage (=teenager) and child. Where the fuck did I "justify" that minors aren't child? You're reading what you want to read. Calm the fuck down and quit derailing.

And if you do have actual proof MM trafficked actual children, not teenagers or young adults, please go to the FBI tip line asap.

No. 5968

Stop replying to the obvious troll. Ffs.

No. 5969

Mods, could a moratorium on any posts about Annie please be considered? Until she provides any proof to support her claims these threads are just 90% useless bickering over old debates which have no end.

No. 5970

I agree that the Annie subject should drop unless she provides more milk but to drop her entirely “unless she provides proof” is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while. None of the victims have proof of the rape. Annie has provided more evidence than any of them. Absurd request is absurd. Bringing her constantly up is annoying I agree but that’s what trolls have got to do And that’s on them.

No. 5971

The only evidence she's provided is that Brian is a drunk douchebag who likes to hear himself talk. There's literally no other evidence.(stop)

No. 5972

It's not so much that she hasn't provided proof because none of the accusers have she so publically, it's because there are serious question marks about Annie which cannot be resolved without evidence.
There are clearly anons willing to die on the hill in believing her or calling her a liar. To call them all trolls is a little disingenuous.
A moratorium until she provides evidence will significantly improve the quality of these threads.

No. 5973

Dimwitted again. Having dozens of hours of recordings she’ll hand over if she hasn’t already and a vast amount of written conversations is plenty to prove they were close. She released more publicly than most and probably because of people like you. Victims have to go so far to prove their own trauma. I know because I had to as well.(stop)

No. 5974

Taking a break on Annie's posts only benefits Manson and his fans which is the main reason they have been spamming and attempting to ban Annie news from appearing here in the first place. Their latest attempt at quarantining her on a separate thread dedicated to calling her a cow just failed so now they're back to making it impossible to maintain this thread by troll bombing it.

No. 5975

Exactly. isn’t it unusual that they’re so hung up on Annie and so gung ho on bringing her down? Don’t you think that also says a lot about how afraid this guy is? Outright dismissing what she said he’d do to smear her from day 1 is a stupid thing to do. She gave us more than most just so she can speak up and hope that it carries her through to the investigation and it still isn’t enough. Instead of suspecting someone who provided some back up and is clearly traumatized to such a degree, we should be looking at the simple but smart tactic mansons camp deployed to shut her up.

I’d rather not give Manson the honor and privilege of shutting a victim up.

No. 5976

I see what you're saying, but with Annie having such a credibility issue I'm not confident she is doing any good for the accusers side either. I'm not advocating for a permanent ban. As soon as she provides evidence substantiating her claims the moratorium could be lifted. That seems pretty reasonable to me. The quality of these threads as they are is so woeful and if anything it's just distracting evidence being collated by the other victims stepping forward.

No. 5977

You are the only one here claiming a "credibility issue" and expressing a faux concern for other victims. There is nothing "reasonable" about your request.

No. 5978

>You are the only one here claiming a "credibility issue"
I think you will find multiple people in this thread alone have highlighted the concerns with Annie. Why is 1 person asking for a temporary mute of Annie until she provides evidence such a serious concern for you? Those of us who beleive her beleive she has the evidence. All she needs to do is provide some and shut these ridiculous arguments down.

No. 5979

Exactly. Manson and his followers would love that a little too much. The milk she provided on him in one month is more than we got in a year.

No. 5980

…and it will reduce the number of new posts to zero. Because, aside from the Annie´s stuff, almost nothing Manson-related is happening (publicly)

No. 5981

She provided evidence they knew each other and they knew each other well. No one least of all a celeb would speak for dozens of hours with a random person. Not even Manson is that dumb. Expecting any hard evidence for his crimes to be posted on social media is a dumb expectation to have because they’re in the middle of an investigation. And for what? To shut up some troll online like yourself? We already switched the subject and you brought her back up. Quit playing dumb.

No. 5982

>…and it will reduce the number of new posts to zero. Because, aside from the Annie´s stuff, almost nothing Manson-related is happening (publicly)
Maybe you're not understanding. I haven't suggested permanently blocking Annie. Only that a moratorium be considered until she provides evidence. She could do that today and that's all over and the mods can than move toward considering banning posts which derail by calling her a liar.
The only people afraid of a moratorium on these grounds are those who don't beleive she can substantiate her claims.

No. 5983

No, you’re just saying you don’t believe her. Some of us are saying that dozens of hours of footage recordings and then messages and emails and a video of her scrolling down to his official account messages is plenty of proof they were close. He liked dozens of her photos. I was a Manson fan for two decades and he’s dumb as a bag of rocks sometimes but not this dumb. If he deleted a bunch of her stuff prior to September and she still has dozens of hours of recordings then that implies they were close as hell. No one has time for that unless they’re invested in something. Your version of evidence would entail things she wouldn’t give to us. Yet she has still given us more than the majority of the victims. Get the fuck outta here with wanting to please Brian by silencing a victim. Your belief in her is irrelevant. Drop the fucking subject like you want it dropped and it’ll go away. You brought it back up.

No. 5984

Ok its becoming very unusual how much you are trying to push a narrative and now try to claim I am a troll. I have made my suggestion very clear and to try and distort it is incredibly transparent. Its a decision for the mods after all.

No. 5985


You are the one who is dense. You just said a teenager isn’t a child. >>5949

>And if you do have actual proof MM trafficked actual children, not teenagers or young adults, please go to the FBI tip line asap.

Here you fucking go again! You just contradicted yourself. This is you trying to justify it! A teenager IS AN ACTUAL CHILD!

And now you’re even denying the fact that he is being investigated by the FBI for child-trafficking!

I’m not a troll. It’s obvious you are replying to yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5986

I could say the same about you and your obsession to silence a victim who has given us more milk than anyone in the past year total. It’s strangely consuming you when moving on to a new topic is easy. You want to be able to say those things but then you get a sore bum over people telling you they disagree and see her as a valid source.(stop)

No. 5987

Thank you mods for banning this imbecile.

I'll just clarify some of this trolls comments to hopefully prevent anyone else trying to use them.


teen years are from 13 to 19. No country in the western world considers a person throughout this entire age group as a child.

>And now you’re even denying the fact that he is being investigated by the FBI for child-trafficking!

The FBI have categorically stated they have not confirmed or denied any investigation into marilyn manson(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5988

What the fuck is wrong with you mod cunts here?! There is nothing wrong with that post!

No. 5989

How can you say a 13, 14, 15, etc. year old isn’t a child?! You’re a sick imbecile!(stop)

No. 5990

Autosage anyone?

No. 5991

Until something else happens, if mods ever give this thread a chance again. Kek. It’s just garbage at this point.

No. 5992

It’s been garbage from the very beginning.

No. 5993


No. 5994

She said she didn’t have the courage to name him until after they came out. She approached Phoenix Act first. That’s 4 weeks now. Not even. I never reported my rapist though I eventually told my entire friends circle and family. It isn’t that easy, troll.(stop)

No. 5995

File: 1614570260405.png (Spoiler Image,3.93 MB, 1314x1043, 19405322771998.png)

kek American Gods followed through, the only shot of Manson in his final episode was his disemboweled corpse

No. 5996

Lol oh that is good.

At least there’s that. Brian must be fuming.

No. 5997

I’m fucking cackling omgfl

No. 5998

ikr. The scene as filmed was used in the episode. Wait until he realizes he was still paid for it. He's gonna flip!

No. 5999

I wonder where Hamson and his bride are at(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 6000

Awww you sour because you don’t got any milk baby?

No. 6001

Side note:age of consent is 13 or 14 in many European countries. 13 in Japan, too. It's a legal definition, not a moral fact : sex with 16yrs Olds =/ pedo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6002

To salvage her reputation and push her narrative that her costume was only because of him. I don't get why people even argue about those pictures anyway. Whether she was high or if she drew the mustache on herself is irrelevant. The only thing those pictures have to do with her abuse case is that Leslee and Lindsay threatened to release them if she named him. The morality of those pictures is an entirely different conversation.

No. 6003

File: 1614591334174.jpg (741.09 KB, 1439x968, We0852.jpg)

For fans of American Gods it was a pretty bold choice but they've called out cancel culture in the latest episode which was to feature marilyn manson

No. 6004

No. 6005

lol. I missed that by not clicking the spoiler. Very fitting to show him being eviscerated and torn apart in mass media. Its not often got see a show making a statement against the status quo.

No. 6006

Stfu! In European countries it’s consent if it’s like only a 3-5 year age difference- Not for a man in his 50’s to have sex with 13, 15, 16, etc. year olds, You sick freak!

No. 6007

Maybe law makers are sick, not anoms pointing them out. So-called Romeo and juliet laws are for those near in age but under age of consent. And no, I don't like older men with young girls. Ban in coming, I know

No. 6008

That’s not a Romeo and Juliet law. It’s just a regular law in European countries that if they are underage they can only consent to someone within a 3-5 year age difference. Which that anon conveniently left out.
Not for sick men who are adults 30 years older fucking children.

No. 6009

Like in the U.S. the laws are different. If someone has sexual relations with someone underage, even if it’s only a few year age difference, technically it can be considered statutory rape.

No. 6010

File: 1614597055695.png (2.23 MB, 1783x1134, annie4.png)

So Aanie did imply Manson did this to her, but no context right? She mentioned rape (having been asleep) which seems his M. O. Did he hit her? Looks like a hospital Pic, did she file something? The mandonhashumanright IG makes it look like the bruises came from a seizure.. This could be top evidence, but can she back it up?

No. 6011

File: 1614598151371.jpeg (34.3 KB, 827x200, 196A5718-EA2B-422F-9708-535CB5…)

This was a comment made on @marilynmansonews for anyone who was wanting to know why Lindsay never made a statement… this is apparently why.

This woman also said Annie is a catfish.

No. 6012

I have evidence about annie
if I post it here will it be deleted? I see the page on annie was locked down
is there another website discussing this matter that may be better for me to share this information?

No. 6013


Why would you ask that, rather than just post and see what happens? You seem suspect already.

No. 6014

Post it. So much crap gets posted here that's not deleted I doubt your evidence will be. But it better be good, I'm getting bored.

No. 6015

How is she a catfish? Like she's catfishing her followers and she's not the girl in the photos but a balding middle aged man living in his mom's basement?

No. 6016

File: 1614601673167.jpeg (16.56 KB, 827x162, 2C22CC1B-33BD-44F6-89E8-555DEE…)

I would assume that’s what it means. The person on the account is being ran by someone else and they’re not who they claim to be and using photos of another woman. Which would mean if this is the case, that Manson would have to be behind this setup since he followed the account and talked with them in texts and phone conversations.

No. 6017

getting warm
the woman in the photos is behind the account and many more
other people pictured with her not so much
whats in a name anyway

No. 6018

This is creepy. Or maybe does she mean Annie catfishes under other accounts for Manson?

No. 6019

anacoanyc has been Lindsay's fan and occasional hater since 2012. I don't doubt she is in touch with Lindsay. Should we believe Lindsay though?

No. 6020

Manson definitely has people catfish for him via third parties - but whether she took part in that kind of thing… I don’t know.

No. 6021

Ha. Why should anyone believe Lindsay? She has a long history of lying. Why would she even need an attorney anyway? The allegations are against Manson, not her. And making a statement in his favor would probably be her best option.

No. 6022

the calls
its mansons voice and you hear annies voice but have you noticed he never reacts to anything she says
it sounds like he just loves to hear himself talk
it sounds like she isn't even there
almost like a one sided phone recording that is playing over a speaker and someone is talking over the top of

why are there no photos of them together
has someone finally caught on that their previous photoshop jobs werent convincing anyone for long

why the secrecy about the date this incident happened
you have to be very careful you dont contradict yourself in something as concrete as a date

so many many questions which remain and which will never have an answer

if you want to deceive its all about position
those who strike first strike hardest
all those skeletons you hoped were dead buried and deleted
sometimes the occasional bone is found
so you tell your prey what they should expect from their new enemy
you tell them exactly what bones will be unearthed and now evidence of a past suddenly becomes evidence of your foresight of the cunning enemy

this isnt someone new to the game
this is someone who has honed their skills over years and it wont be their last

No. 6023

File: 1614606664350.jpg (282.64 KB, 1068x1467, Screenshot_20210301-145014.jpg)

Well I also found it weird all her friends abandoned her which she goes into in her first post about MM but she has since deleted their names. She claims MM turned them against her, but I wonder what else is going on. Interesting story on her Instagram, is she pre-empting that someone is going to come out with abuse allegations against her?

No. 6024

everything the prophet said would happen did happen! it is nothing but proof of her divinity!

all but one
last week we were warned to expect vengeance from those who claim they are her exes

clever girl
always one step ahead

No. 6025

Or maybe she is genuinely threatened and this is in some way like protection or her way of asking for help? Who cares if some anon claims this is because of seizures? Who actually cares and why do you care? This person is clearly out to get and bury Annie. That’s an easy claim to make because Annie has epilepsy.

No. 6026

Ok but why is annie the ONLY target of these flying monkey attacks? ERW has the leslee lame photos and some idiots tried to discredit esme for her kinks, but there's been nothing else on the her or the other victims,and certainly not on this level of co-ordinated crazy. Sorry there's just something off about this whole thing.

No. 6027

Because Annie is the most recent victim and seems to have actual evidence. I have a feeling she’s working with attorneys left and right to finish him.

No. 6028

I wouldn’t be surprised if Manson upped his blackmail game after Evan’s first testimony and confession. He’s the one who’s unhinged and setting you up if you don’t listen to him carefully.

No. 6029

Because Evan and Esme weren't in a pretend relationship with Manson, and there are abundant non-photoshopped pictures and articles out there to prove it. Sorry, but that's the truth.

Annie's self-insert fanfiction isn't helping victims like Evan and Esme.

No. 6030

>>6027 she should cool it on social media and let the wheels of justice do their thing, her counter reactions and "predictions" make her look sus

No. 6031

Ah same non-sage newfag who’s obsessed with Annie and won’t quit bitching about her.

No. 6032

My thoughts exactly. Surely she has some photos of them hanging out that aren't considered evidence. If she doesn't want the scrutiny (because I understand that can be traumatizing for a victim) then she needs to kay low and wait until she's vindicated by the legal system

No. 6033

File: 1614613347731.png (527.19 KB, 720x1358, Screenshot_20210301-142515~2.p…)

Would she do that just to gain his trust? Strange. I am sceptical towards her. Also,she doesnt look like Manson's type to me.

No. 6034

Didn’t she say he deleted everything of hers before September? She hasn’t seen him since Covid so she probably doesn’t have picture proof. Her best bet is having audio of him admitting to when they met so she can use that as proof. She said something was coming this week so why not wait and see if she explains this? It’s interesting that the accusations against her skyrocketed the day after she mentioned that she’s working on something big. They were already there a little bit but it blew up since she mentioned “next week”.

And I’m inclined to believe her. Easily. His fans are psychos and are taking advantage of how easy to manipulate this situation is right now. Right now anyone can message that Instagram account with a new fake social media post credited to Annie. It doesn’t even have to come from Manson anymore. Which is why I don’t care for the easy to fake posts. It’s not shady. It’s just a bunch of obssssed fans following the same dumb thing and Annie is a bit stupid for addressing it. I believe her but she’s making herself more of a target by addressing it.

No. 6035

The guy fucked a troon, anything with a hole is his taste.

No. 6036

In her very first post, she said her relationship with Manson only ended in January when he decided to throw her and turn all her friends against her. She also said they haven't meet since CO-VID but continued to chat by distance.
People should stop trying to find supposed lies in what she said. Are you guys sure you have all the elements to judge ?
I don't see any contradiction in the fact that she is seen holding the last vinyl or Perou's book. She was clear about the fact that she was still in contact until beginning of 2021.
And the fact she was raped is not a contradiction neither: all the victims have posted a lot of stuff about psychological abusers and how they control you and make you feel so shitty that despite the abuses you would do anything to make them stay. Recover from that takes a lot of time, so stop blaming her for posing with her vinyl…

No. 6037

Ew. Right?

You mean his type are 12 year olds.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6038

Idk, I mean manson is def guilty re: erw and the rest but annie is def psycho. I don't believe her. I'm more inclined to think she's working for marilyn manson to out doubt on the others

No. 6039

Manson's M.O seems to be he abuses women he's in a relationship with. That's not the case with Annie, so it doesn't fit his pattern. It doesn't make sense

No. 6040

> a few months ago
conveniently there is no timestamp included in the screenshot of her post. how do we know she posted this a few months ago instead of years ago?

> Manson has human rights too

this moron thinks that having rights means nobody can criticize you or try to hold you accountable for your wrongdoing. clearly not a very credible source of information.

No. 6041

I thought of the recording and wondered the same so went back to listen and there are some where they seem to have an engaged exchange of conversation. Short but seems legit. Would one person really go through all this trouble to fake phone conversations, relationships, abuse etc for what… attention? Or even if Annie is just a working publicist intent on keeping Manson and his crimes in the spotlight, seems like a lot to fake. But then again, I guess this is the pandemic era and the internet is full of weirdos. Just look at all of us.

No. 6042

That´s his newest album-released on 11 Sep. 2020.

No. 6043

File: 1614619666577.png (20.62 KB, 720x169, Screenshot_20210301-181316~2.p…)

Yes,I agree the title "mmhashumanrightstoo"is pathetic lol but this is written just under it,which I agree with.
I believe all the victims but I have some strange feeling towards Annie,as I said.
Since there is no milk,why is it a problem to talk abt Annie? Still somehow related to MM.
Time ll tell for sure the truth about Annie. Either shes lying or not.

No. 6044


No. 6045

She probably deleted that post since then so I couldnt check the actual date.

No. 6046

File: 1614620000909.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3840x2160, 21EBBD1B-0CC1-4CD7-B5E2-ABBA9E…)

HmmmT I’m still easily on her side over easy to fake screen shots. It’s so obvious grudgy people and Manson defenders are here. groan

No. 6047

File: 1614620107736.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3840x2160, BA4D76BE-1EE1-4C19-BF99-C94B09…)

Part 2. When my abusive husband turned on me three of my friends did too. They were never great friends but they were almost as manipulative as my ex husband so they manipulated the situation hard. Took me months to convince my real friends that they were after me and smearing me. I’m not even famous so I can’t imagine dealing with this on a more public scale where loyalties for the abuser are much stronger and louder.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6048

Sorry but that doesn't make it better for me. It's so freaky her 2 friends do exactly what some speculate she may be doing…

No. 6049

Ok but thing is with Annie if there's evidence, there's evidence and no smear campaign or grudgy manson minions can change that.I doubt manson himself would orchestrate it only because there's no clear end to that. People doubt her just based off her own behavior not even looking at the fake screen caps, which only manson minions think are real because they desperately want their idol to be innocent. I just think with annie there is something fishy, and hopefully next week things will get clarified and we know for sure if she's Lindsay's catfish or not

No. 6050

Honestly they all sound like they're 14. I remember girls in highschool acting like this. Kek

No. 6051

True, evidence is evidence, no matter how she comes across

No. 6052

Anyone doubting her and taking these screenshots seriously has a bias or agenda. This is what she’s got:

Recordings. You’re being selective in which recordings you’re picking apart. The epilepsy one is a very clear conversation and argument they have. He interrupts a lot but it’s an obvious conversation ffs

Images that weren’t released before anywhere

A video of her scrolling through messages she received from his official Insta account

Screenshots of dozens of her pics that he liked on Insta

And she’s right. This isn’t a small case. She wouldn’t be supported by Evan’s company so openly (follows, comments, likes) if she couldn’t corroborate this. If the FBI got involved, they would probably ask to access her accounts to comb through it and investigate. She doesn’t owe us any proof just cos she’s doubted by you. It’s a big investigation. Don’t be so dimwitted.

Whatever she has this week seems important. If it’s a charge, that would have to be thoroughly analyzed first before it’s formally filed. Phoenix Act helps with that. If it’s an article, then I can tell you this. I was just an admin assistant at a magazine but the amount of corroboration that goes into an expose or editorial is insane. The magazines don’t want to be held responsible so everything is combed by legal. They would most likely request phone records, images to confirm things even if the interviewee doesn’t feel comfortable to have them released, way more recordings than she posted, screenshots, maybe IP addresses from emails because my magazine requested stuff like that. She claimed he used her Apple ID and she saw weird charges on it. They would probably ask for conversations between the bank and her or between Apple and her.

I bet one of those two things is the big thing she’s talking about. But I doubt it’s a charge already. She just joined that game and if she has as much as she says she does she’ll need time to go over it with lawyers before anything or anyone else.

I’m not gonna judge someone for the dumb shit they did when they were in their late teens. Seems minor to me anyway. She’s in her mid 30s and has shown more evidence than most of the victims. Maybe she can’t prove the rape but if she has other incriminating shit on him then I’m rooting for her to at least get that out. Ffs this thread is dumb and it’s so obvious it’s the two samefags going around in circles. Obsessed much?

No. 6053

It adds lots of context for me. This is how victims are smeared. Let’s say it’s impossible to know for certain and that it’s a he said she said with no proof. Fine. But her friend known for faking IDs and government documents which he sells to people can be proven so she has that working in her favor. All she’d need is a corroborator and if this is someone who was in her circle I’m sure she can find one. Whoever the other person in the group is who’s hiding that someone in their life has been in Canada illegally is fucked too and this would be the easiest to prove. This paints a way worse picture about them than about her. Even if she made shit up, and evidence points otherwise, what she has on them is worse. If they’re helping him, they must be really stupid or forgetting that she has dirt on them too.

No. 6054

If her ex friends are helping Manson and this smear campaign knowing Annie has proof of their illegal activities ILLEGAL ALIEN INCLUDED then they must be the dumbest people in the galaxy. It takes any of their credibility away. She’s making a good case for herself here.

No. 6055

Lmfao I’m sure they could tear her down if it was false. Annie wouldn’t mention the illegal alien and ID faker (both extremely punishable crimes!!) if she didn’t have proof or back up.

She seems to have an unfortunate shitty taste in people. I get it. I didn’t chuck mine until I was 41 and realized I deserved better.

No. 6056

This basically means not mansions fans but her own "friends" - that's some next level shit!

No. 6057

And if mansons claims that he’s collaborating with them are true then this is messed up. Especially if this is coming from some dodgy crowd doing some of the most punishable crimes. Canada takes those type of crimes seriously. The alleged line he said to her was “your friends say hi” which made me feel uneasy reading it the other day. This adds a whole new context. They’re either feeding Manson fans or they’re behind the accounts entirely.

No. 6058

File: 1614624634880.jpeg (368.7 KB, 996x820, 248E96BF-49E9-4387-990A-392ED7…)

In the post the other day she mentioned that he threatened to have her family be unemployed and end up on the streets. I believe her because her rage regarding the threats to her “family’s livelihood” are palpable. It’s one thing to make up a bunch of shit, it’s another to be known for committing a major crime and cyber bullying someone. Odds aren’t in their favor if they keep doing this. But by now Manson probably has all he needs on her with them or without them.

No. 6059

I am see those sort holding a grudge and doing this. She shouldn’t have paid for their trips and whatever else. When you cut off the supply to people like that, they’re out for blood. It was stupid of her to pay for someone’s shit if they’re so shady to begin with. Or maybe she didn’t know back then. Who knows. Messed up though. The government ID faker could’ve worked with Manson for a while and may be behind those fake photos.

I’d report these people anyway. They already crossed the line imho

No. 6060

> The government ID faker could’ve worked with Manson for a while and may be behind those fake photos.

And it’s legit on the surface if it’s from a “friend”. I do believe she’s being framed and smeared. If they’re so money thirsty, Manson could’ve paid them hush money for all this. When the shoe fits….

No. 6061

Probably explains why she hasn’t been at her main residence in a month. Shady people she used to be friends with threatening her family is a big deal.

No. 6062

This could open a whole new case against him, conspiring with Shady immigrants to blackmail her whole family! The guy is mad, like seriously crazy. He was an abusive boyfriend before but that's a whole new stage!

No. 6063

Whatever he did to her to warrant so much blackmail is big. And she’s within statute. It’s been obvious to me from the start that the hardcore smear campaign against her happened for a reason. No one would give a damn about a nobody this much if this nobody didn’t have a ton of shit on him.

No. 6064

Well that’s a check-mate if I’ve ever seen one. I’m surprised she hasn’t done this sooner. Maybe she needed time to confirm or she’s working with authorities already who confirmed it’s at least one of them. People are unbelievably dumb. The FBI is involved, what did you expect?

No. 6065

……and if she can afford to fly her friends out to one of the most expensive vacation destinations and pay for accommodation there, she can afford a good lawyer. They had it coming if this is how they played this game to frame her and help Manson.

No. 6066

Obviously if victims aren't sharing every minute detail then clearly they're terrible lying people

No. 6067

You weren’t kidding. She said it was three of them. Looking at her positano photos, that terrace is bigger than my backyard. It would’ve been in the thousands per night alone. She mentioned private transportation and the flights (no class mentioned). Yeah shady people who mooch off of others and then turn on you when you cut them off financially are fucked up.

No. 6068

did you finish your elementary education, or do that have that where you're from? did they teach logical fallacies? you mention 'real victims', i suppose the 'no true scotsman' fallacy (appeal to purity) isn't something with which you're familiar.

Apologies in advance if you were forced to drop out of school to herd animals or harvest crops, you can't help that.

No. 6069

This, this and this!
It is very clear that Annie is very active in these threads.

No. 6070


because the album came out in September 2020 you fucking idiot.

No. 6071

I remember Lola Skye posting on Mansonusa. She is a fan, no doubt about it. Stop defending her fan fiction, Manson didn't hack her. She is actually that level of batshit, she posted about being in a relationship with Manson, JJ and his wife at the same time, while posting photoshopped pictures. For fuck's sake, the photos are there, stop fucking pretending they don't exist. She has never, ever met Manson in person. How did he rape her? via zoom meeting? I hope Manson counter-sues her for libel.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 6072

Shut the fuck up! Nobody wants you here! Go make a twitter account or something

No. 6073

god i am so fucking sick of you guys bickering about annie!!! threads upon threads with no new milk, go elsewhere!!

No. 6074

this has been pointed out already you repetitive cunt >>6042

btw we can tell which posts are yours when you type "anonymous" with a lowercase "a" into the name field newfag

No. 6075

I'm a little confused by Annies latest posts. So her ex friends are working with manson now? I don't understand what one of them using android has to do with anything either. Is this code for something else?

No. 6076

Annie is the biggest joke out of all of this. Evan must be mad that Annie stole all of her attention. You have to sit back and laugh at this all playing out. Lindsay is looking good through all of these "victims" looking so bad.

No. 6077

The lockdown is hitting us pretty hard. lol

No. 6078

>>6039 Hasn't he abused a list of people who worked for him as well who are also speaking up?

No. 6079

Haha. YUP!

No. 6080

So, if Manson did any of this that he is accused of, did Johnny Depp learn it from watching Manson act this way to people and his women? Is this like their boys club behavior? We always heard in the past that Depp was a good boyfriend, humble and shy, old school, but when he has a mid-life crisis and dates a young girl, not at all his usual type, he suddenly is abusive. His friendship with Manson only came out in public when he dated Amber and his excessive drug abuse, same as Manson. Do you think Manson influenced him and both are abusive to women and people working small jobs around them? Or do you think both are being set up by this generation turning on them and ending them?

No. 6081

Some have reported him being very difficult to work with but a few people have come forward the last week saying they say nothing negative in their experience.

If we shift away from the circus surrounding some of the accusers and being it back to the base accusations by ERW and Esme I have to wonder why the media is not demanding manager Tony Cuilla to explain himself. He's worried closely with him for over 20 years and Manson has always mentioned him being involved in their debaucheries

No. 6082

I wonder about Ciulla, too. The FBI needs to talk to him.

No. 6083

File: 1614639971357.png (696.98 KB, 720x1362, Screenshot_20210302-000506~2.p…)

They mentioned us. Yaaay. Thats cute

No. 6084

Wait so Annie is 666fearless now too? Lol ok. Everyone involved in this is so unhinged at this point. The insane Manson defenders, the insane Annie defenders, two sides of the same idiotic coin.

No. 6085

Look at Annie and you get a good example of what Manson and other celebrities have to deal with every day with the fandom culture, same as all these hangers-on women accusing them. Crackpots all of them, even Rose McGowan has turned out to be one. No wonder all of the drugs that they do.

No. 6086

File: 1614640770726.png (19.53 KB, 716x70, Screenshot_20210302-001405~2.p…)

On the same insta account there is an article of Annie,describing how crazy Annie is.
Thats what "weissekatze" commented below. Is she the one talking? Funny.

No. 6087

Its so strange. There was a post here earlier which they deleted shortly after pointing out the irregular comments made defending Annie a few hours ago.
It makes you think if there is really a conspiracy going on between both sides or if it's just bored idiots with too much time on their hands.
I'm thinking bored idiots because why would a real conspiracy bother with lolcow and low effort instagram posting. Either way I'm entertained lol. Let's see if snnie ends up calling the cyberpolice

No. 6088

She is another crazy one. These are his fans. lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6089

Manson the junkie who did and does countless drugs. He's one to talk all right.

No. 6090

File: 1614641401964.png (408.38 KB, 702x864, Screenshot_20210302-002654~2.p…)


No. 6091

This is hilarious. It's not even close to Mansons painting style not ton mention how bonkers her story bis lol. I'm getting real sociopath vibes now

No. 6092

Nothing strange about it. It’s another screenshot of the supposedly fake account they said they created from the start. This is so dumb.

No. 6093

These screenshots are coming from one of her "old" friends. They have since stopped talking. The friend took these screenshots at the time of Annie posting them.

Hence, why she is giving the warning now about her old friends "working with Manson".

They would like to remain anonymous….for now. But, I'm sure when they are ready to talk, Annie will have an excuse and these mindless fools will believe her.

No. 6094

I'm guilty of posting about Annie here but maybe everyone should lay off her for a while.
Truthful or not she's clearly suffering from major psychological issues. Her inability to ignore anyone's skepticism is causing herself a lot of self harm.

No. 6095

Yeah and she said those same friends helped frame her. She didn’t say the screenshots were from them. She said they’re collaborating with him to set this up. It’s evident they have an agenda, especially if they’re involved in criminal activities like faking IDs and protecting illegal aliens.

No. 6096

A victim who just got away from an abuser a month ago has a hard time processing. Who woulda thought?

No. 6097

She's indicated the abuse took place years ago
No one is forcing her to make an ass out if herself online though

No. 6098

> They would like to remain anonymous….for now

Top kek. “For now” doesn’t work if her condition is if one speaks up, she reports them all for major crimes. She’d probably get an award for reporting major cases of fraud and illegal immigrants working under the table. The punishment for both is more severe than rape.

No. 6099

The abuse doesn’t stop with rape or physical assault. If she was blackmailed, forced to cooperate and her family was threatened then the abuse didn’t end till a couple of months ago.

No. 6100

Maybe we should have 2 threads.
1 for the initial accusers and 1 for all the fanfic authors who have exploited the publicity for their own purposes

No. 6101

> These screenshots are coming from one of her "old" friends.

Same old friends who seem shady as hell? Let’s not Rush to conclusions.

No. 6102

uhhhh how did this poster from earlier today predict the accusations Annie came out with afterwards? now this is creepy

No. 6103

So many dumb newfags here who don’t know how the law works. If you hold a grudge against this woman, fine. But this investigation is massive. She has top investigators at her disposal. She’d have been dumped by Phoenix act long ago if she didn’t have proof.

Grudgy shady ex friends VS someone with some sort of proof, supposedly much more proof she handed over who’s also willing to have her accounts, recordings, and messages investigated? I’m gonna side with the latter.

Did it ever occur to them that a lot may have happened to this woman since they stopped being friends? Or that they weren’t privy to all information if she was forced to obey her abuser? Or that someone can be retarded and still be a victim? She’s taken seriously by the key people who matter in this investigation so no smearing can convince me that someone who gave us more evidence than she ever should have is the one who shouldn’t be trusted. It’s bull and her “friend” showed their true colors indeed so their illegal reputation fits nicely with the whole collaboration and smearing act.

This is why I never trusted anyone.

No. 6104

File: 1614643549041.png (439.6 KB, 939x460, zyx.png)

(not Manson related)

No. 6105

Can you provide any evidence any of the other accusers have shown any support for Annie in the past 2 weeks. It concerns me none of them appear to want anything to do with her anymore

No. 6106

She said she asked her friends and family to unfollow her a day before she unfollowed the victims and vice versa. Phoenix Act people showed open support and commented as recently as two days ago. PA is Evan’s company.

No. 6107

lmfao. You aren't looking to buy a bridge are you?
The accusers dumped her and she said that stupid story with no evidence to back it up

No. 6108

She was probably advised to reach out to people she’s close with and to warn them about what’s happening. Several people who commented on her posts mentioned that someone tried to hack their accounts after they commented on her posts. Some people who follow her got spammed by Manson fans too. I wouldn’t be surprised if that advice extended to the other victims. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she’s attacked the most if she has the most recent evidence. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they set her up with security detail at whatever remote location she’s at.

No. 6109

You must be incredibly retarded to believe that. PA carries far more weight than the victims following. PA is leading them all in this investigation and they’re owned by Evan. Evan’s partner is Illma who’s openly supporting Annie. Fuck off with your reaching newfag.

No. 6110

So the story is the women who had already publically named manson as their abuser had to unfriend annie because THATS the objection point from the manson fanatics? you realize how retarded that sounds right
I want to beleive her about the rape but she obviously exaggerates/lies on so much petty stuff

No. 6111

You’re incredibly dumb if that’s how you think major investigations work. They’d want her focused on PA alone and would probably recommend that they don’t show signs of collaboration that would impact the investigation negatively. If it looks like they’re concocting a story together, it’s not good. It’s standard practice in class action lawsuits as well. Some of the other victims have been friends for a long time so the follows make sense. But victims like Louise and Annie wouldn’t be part of that group so it was probably a mistake to follow from the get go. Esme could’ve deleted her story shout-outs to Annie but she hasn’t. It’s still there. You’re determined to believe one side and nothing will convince you otherwise so there’s no point in wasting my energy trying to explain to you how class action lawsuits would work.

No. 6112

You couldn't be more of an obvious skill if you tried

No. 6113


No. 6114

As an actual lawyer who has worked on class action lawsuits before you obviously don't have the first clue what you're talking about. What are you trying to achieve with your nonsense?

No. 6115

Sure you have. My brother is a lawyer who told me that’s procedure, especially when it comes to victims.

You’re still ignoring that PA is leading these girls and that company is led by Evan and her partner Illma who supports Annie. If you think this is nothing? Then I can’t help you.

This bickering is so fucking retarded. She’s coming out with something this week apparently. If it’s an article, it’ll be fact checked. If it’s a formal charging, it’ll be backed. Biased stupidity is NAGL.

No. 6116

Thing is, a lot of people have accused AA of lying (on stuff other than strictly MM), and so far, have failed to produce any evidence.

The first time that came up was after a blogpost was published on ONTD to "advertise" Annie insta post outing MM as her rapist.
Users in the comments were quick to point out they knew her from her (heavy) posting on ONTD - verifiable thanks to a username (see previous threads for caps). You can indeed find hundreds of AA posting, complete with pictures of herself, so the account is indeed hers (won't post caps because not directly related to MM).

But, and that's a big but : the ONTD users accusing her of having an habit to lie and fabricate things (such as photoshop pic of Annie going to the Oscars, photoshop pics of Annie with JJ Abrams etc), all failed to materialise.
When pressed, the ONTD users could not produce any of the receipts about Annie being a pathological liar as they claim. The same claims made their way here. And they are still not backed up by any hard evidence - at all. (Hard evidence = said fabricated pic you can link back to one of her social media page under any of her nicknames, either through screenshot or the actual page etc. Not just a pic that could have been photoshopped by anyone. Annie has a very public Flickr with 5000 personal pictures on it, anyone could therefore photoshop her etc).

So once and for fucking all : anons claiming Annie is "shady", "lying", "dodgy", has been fabricating stuff her whole life : for the love of the milk god, PROVIDE THE FUCKING EVIDENCE of Annie being a liar, instead of just posting the same repetitive comments ad nauseam.

Personally, I believe her story. No one has been able to bring a shred of evidence of her lying, or inconsistencies in her story. On the other hand, she has produced a shit ton more evidence than any of her detractors so do the maths, anons.

No. 6117

Let's catch up next week.
If you're right I'll owe you a beer.
If nothing comes forward with any valid evidence supporting Annies claims I'll settle for you making a comment that you were wrong about her

No. 6118

IA. And that ONTD thing was just one user. The rest questioned them and asked for receipts but nothing was given. And if Annie’s friends got involved which they clearly did then they would’ve had tons of photos on their own phone of her probably. They could easily shop shit too.

This is what I don’t get about some of these Manson defenders. She has provided proof they were at least quite close. These people have shown nothing but some lame screenshots that can be faked. Nothing from the source itself.

I’ve no reason to doubt her as a victim because she has given us proof of close association. They’ve given us alleged screenshots and writings that to me don’t even sound like her, just an imitation of her.

No. 6119

Maybe you're right. The entire ONTD community were immediately recruited by Flying Monkey Ltd on the day she dropped her claim.
So far neither side has provided any concrete evidence supporting anything. Believing either camp at this point only betrays your own prejudice

No. 6120

>She has provided proof they were at least quite close.
She has literally shared 0 evidence if ever having any contact with Marilyn manson

No. 6121

If it’s an article, all evidence would be examined by their legal department but most likely not released if it’s meant to be given as evidence for the investigation. So it would serve as corroboration which I do consider evidence because publications are strict these days about it. Unless she’s doing something with the Bulgarian national enquirer or something. So if you’re able to at least admit that you’re aware of how strict a magazine/publication would have to be to corroborate a story from a non famous person then I’m willing to apologize to you if next week we got no charges and no article exposes.

No. 6122

Nice try Annie, but you know damn well you already deleted all those accounts.
I must admit…you are good. But, the truth will def see the light.("hi cow")

No. 6123

I'm well aware how long validation of claims take which is irrelevant. Annie has said something is coming this week.
Let's not change the goalposts now.
She has less than 1 week to deliver her promised update.

No. 6124

Yeah, hours of phone convos and texts are definitely not a proof. Not at all.

I'm not Annie and mods can confirm that lmao. PSA : not everyone you disagree with is MM or Annie.

Actually, they were several users who corroborated they "remembered her" and stories but absolutely no fucking evidence whatsoever of said stories.

No. 6125

Lmfao because every user here is Annie. Gtfo.

No. 6126

Hey that’s cool, just wanted to check! Not everyone here seems aware of how publications or proceedings work.

No. 6127

If you think what she's shared is proof I imagine you must also beleive Demi Dahmer after he shared his evidence.
God help those who have someone as stupid as you sit in their jury

No. 6128

Good one. Look at me the idiot who reserves judgement until adequate evidence is presented.

No. 6129

Give me a fucking break. That person photoshopped shit to make it look like he got a message from Evan. Annie has hours of recordings that just because she shared 10 minutes of it instead of the whole 20+ hours with your precious special self doesn’t mean she’s lying about it. There was that one video she posted where she clicks at random time stamps of a 7 hour long recording where you can clearly hear them having conversations. She provided a video of her clicking on her DMs and you see mansons official account messaging her. The screenshots and photos of the messages could be faked, sure, but I don’t see why when everything else checked out.

Like why would Manson talk to someone about epilepsy and telling them why they shouldn’t post about it? And who spends that much time talking to anyone if they don’t know them on a personal basis. Give me a break. Your bias reeks.

No. 6130

>God help those who have someone as stupid as you sit in their jury

Yep, right back at you anon. Name calling = not helping your point.

>Look at me the idiot who reserves judgement until adequate evidence is presented.

Yeah, sorry for you that the victim are not posting pictures of their assault or evidence of ongoing investigation on their insta or lolcow to entertain you anon. Do you want to leave your email address for them to send it directly there perhaps? Because your reserved judgement is awaited with great impatience. Seriously gtfo.

No. 6131

Uh huh.
It's one thing to lean towards beleive her, no one can fault that. But thinking what she has posted (without any independent analysis being performed) is naive.
Sadly people can and do fake much more elaborate stories with corresponding 'evidence'.
Side with victims but be objective and patient.

No. 6132

> Like why would Manson talk to someone about epilepsy and telling them why they shouldn’t post about it?

THIS. It’s such a specific subject and he cared a lot about why she should avoid posting about it. It was controlling. Control implies a sinister type of comfort with a person who you have a history with, good or bad.

No. 6133

Maybe some have but I'm not asking her to post proof in a public forum. She should submit it to legal investigators where independent research can take place.
Reserving judgement on any party until an investigation has concluded is not an indication of victim blaming not should it ever be distorted as such.

I'm with her all the way if her claims check out. I'm not convinced by any side at this early stage of the accusations.

No. 6134

This, exactly. Also the fact that she works in the industry, that tells me they must have had at least a professional relationship of some sorts that evolved into something sinister. Wait and see.

No. 6135

Post your predictions

Mine is Annie will never file a police report. They second she does she has committed a crime and will be accountable for her lies.
She will give every excuse for not making one and will keep milking this for as long as there are enough suckers to fill her empty life

No. 6136

> the second she files a police report she has committed a crime
what happened to innocent until proven guilty? or does that only apply to Manson?

No. 6137

If Manson makes a false police report he would be just as guilty under law. This isn't a partisan issue.

No. 6138


No. 6139

This is peak stupid. If she has no evidence he raped her, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true and that she’s being a criminal for reporting it. If he deleted a bunch of her stuff before she started recording, she’s screwed in terms of proving it but not in terms of whether it’s true or not.

If the investigation relies heavily on her recordings, he could be charged with something else he said on those since the recordings were done in Canada where it’s legal to record someone. It’s why I believe she might play a key part in this. It’s not different from Esme except in Esme’s case, she’s outside of statute. In Annie’s case she may be shit outta luck proving she was raped but maybe she has something else on him that’s criminal to add to the human trafficking and sex with minor charges.

It doesn’t mean Annie is lying about the rape if she doesn’t charge him with that because it would be hard to prove. Those convos are way too intimate. No one cares that much about this “random” woman posting about her epilepsy if they didn’t have a history. No one. You’d have to be completely incapable of reading or understanding social interactions to believe that.

No. 6140

What’s the point of posting this creepy thing?

No. 6141

You haven't understood.
Filing a police report which doesn't lead to conviction is not a crime.
Filing a false report is a crime.
This is the only reason Annie refuses to make any formal report about her rape allegation.
I would love to be proven wrong but I never will be.

No. 6142

I agree. Annie will only continue to post her lies and photoshopped messages.
She will come up with some sort of excuse such as her family has been threatened or she feels like she is in danger and say she will no longer talk about it. She may even delete her whole profile and go on using yet another fake name.

I am hoping someone who personally knows her spills it all here soon, but being that she threatened her two ex friends today by basically saying, if they expose her, she will report them for various crimes, I don't know what to think.

Annie has 0 proof of anything because it is literally all fabricated. Every drop of it.

No. 6143

> I would love to be proven wrong but I never will be.

Why? Answer why. Because a rape victim who reports it months or years later with no evidence isn’t any less of a rape victim. She has firm evidence she knew him and was close to him. See all epilepsy related points made above.

No. 6144

Protip. There are no mysterious ex friends. These are more bogeymen fabricated by a compulsive liar. Prove me wrong.

No. 6145

How the fuck do you fabricate a very clear video of her scrolling down to her DM’s which shows Manson messaging her? It’s a video, not some screenshot. The recordings are full Manson because I was a fan for twenty years. And he talks to her about her epilepsy. Fuck off troll.

No. 6146

Because I am disgusted by rapists. To treat this subject like a joke or an excuse to play victim is so abhorrent.
Go to the goddamn Police.
If it's 1 day or 10 years later go to the goddamn police if for no other reason than to officially document it. Have it on their file age radar.
If she's telling the truth I want her to play her small peice in putting an alleged sexual predator into court. But she won't and it's beyond disgusting.

No. 6147

Prove her wrong. She’s posted more evidence than she ever should have and you morons still dismiss her. You’re latching onto her because you’re either a mansonite sycophant or someone holding a grudge. Either way not a good look.

No. 6148

You must be a dude to say bullshit like this. I refuse to believe a woman would say this. So many women don’t report at all out of fear. Why would anyone put themselves up to so much scrutiny, be uncomfortable to be at her own home and receive death threats every day?

No. 6149

> but being that she threatened her two ex friends today by basically saying, if they expose her, she will report them for various crimes, I don't know what to think

Are we supposed to feel bad for criminals now? If they’re a shady bunch then them having an agenda and holding a grudge isn’t far fetched in the slightest. What a retarded point.

No. 6150

Disgusting troll. Were to prove a negative now?
File the police report annie. Tell the police the things you allege marilyn manson did to your against your consent. Your rape. Do it for the others who may otherwise be victims.

No. 6151

Ah so you can’t prove it. Gotcha. Go back to your mAnSoNhAsHuMaNrIgHtS fan pages js

No. 6152

Exactly my point. She is receiving abuse and threats already (if you can believe anything she says). Go to the police and make that report.
No more excuses.
Go today. Make that report.
Anyone who believes manson is innocent would beg her to make the report.

No. 6153

samefag. Type.
Nobody who thinks manson is innocent would want a victim to make a police report.

No. 6154

Ok so at this point this thread mainly consists of Annie, about 2 Manson sycophants, Madelyn popping in every now and again, Dawn still popping up to call Manson a sick pedophile and sperg about Lindsay being a whore, and the one anon whose ex-husband was abusive. Am I missing anyone?

No. 6155

She came out four weeks ago. Most of the other victims have had years to coordinate and plan this out. Esme filed charges for human trafficking which she undoubtedly worked on for months or even years to put together and there has been no update on it. These things take time. PA would’ve hooked her up with a lawyer in the last week at the very earliest because this isn’t done overnight. You need help, dude.

No. 6156

I'm going to bed now. This place makes me sick. Filled with scum who either dismiss every victim and claim manson is innocent or suck the dick of a compulsive liar who makes a mockery of every sexual abuse victim.
I pray to god she lying because it breaks my heart to hear anyone being sexually violated but to lie about this is just so goddamn sick

No. 6157

AYRT. I truly hope they have.

No. 6158

No proof she’s lying at all. Just poor quality screenshots of an alleged social media account vs a victim with proof they had a bond that wasn’t surface level. Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

No. 6159

comment of the day. lol

No. 6160

No proof she's telling the truth
FFS can't you fucking whiney babies just wait for the police investigation to run its course. There will be enough milk for everyone. Stop giving attention to trolls and every retard who makes a ridiculous claim on instagram

No. 6161

There are anonymous friends. Whether they are the people she claims them to be (those monsters lol) … i highly doubt it. But, where do you think these screenshots of her delusional relationships are coming from. A friend who took them months ago out of concern, and when they brought them up they were met with her crazy antics per usual and just had to let her go. (Along with her own family members) And yes I have a source and they will come out when they want to. I can't force them.

I do agree with you though my friend. She is pathological and dangerous. To herself and others clearly.

And fuck off asking for proof anons. (Annie) She deleted that shit the very moment we and other forums started talking about it. It is all gone. All we have now are screenshots. I said she was pathological, not stupid.

Stop being so gullible. I am losing hope in humanity here.

No. 6162

Uh…what do you think the Phoenix Act is exactly? It’s not a group of lawyers sitting around waiting to prosecute Marilyn Manson. It’s a group of organizers trying to get a bill passed in the other 49 states similar to the one passed in California extending the statute of limitations for rape victims. They’re not setting anyone up with lawyers.

No. 6163

File: 1614656206354.jpg (124.69 KB, 1280x720, sbf__0.jpg)

^^^ this person is literally marilyn manson

<<< this is a photo from the last Phoenix Act conference. They are currently the largest employer of lawyers in the US just waiting to take you down Mr Marilyn Manson!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6164

And risk going to jail for decades over earning money for fake IDs and illegal aliens? Let’s for a moment say Annie faked all this stuff (she hasn’t) and let’s say she’s behind the photoshops (please…) she’d still probably get a reward from the feds for exposing an illegal alien or someone committing serious fraud on a federal level that wouldn’t just jail them, but it would confine them to that country for the rest of their life when they’re old sods coming freshly out of jail.

I bloody Dm-d her and asked her why she wouldn’t report them now and she said because she still loves someone in that group and wishes she could be heard by them because her ex is white knighting her. Supposed ex was broken up with because he gaslit, lied and manipulated her. Sounds odd? Not at all, sounds more like a minimum of two dodgy people with a history in illegal actions running the show pretty convincingly who seem a bit miffed they’ve got dropped by their sugar mama. She had mentioned that she has it recorded because the fella in question starting bragging about it while she was on his balcony taking a video of raccoons outside his house and someone he crossed can confirm he does those things on the side.

Look, if my family got threatened in any way and I found they were put at risk by people I used to be friends with a long time ago? You bloody well believe I’d report them or give them a stern hint first pronto.

This “pathological” narrative with no proof whatsoever other than some easy to fake screenshots is getting tiring. You take your biased agenda elsewhere and time to change those knickers! How pervasively dull is your life, my god!(cowtipping)

No. 6165

Well this thread is so fucked. Enjoying the popcorn though.

No. 6166

Seriously just fuck off. No one cares

No. 6167

yeah yeah we get it. you beleive whatever excuse comes out of the mouth of someone nuttier than squirrel shit.

No. 6168

Let's make this more interesting.
Is there a site which allows participants to put in money which will be paid out to a winning group?

We can have 2 groups. Those who beleive Annie and those who don't need a helper to get themselves dressed in the morning.


No. 6169

Yeah yeah we get it, you believe screenshots that even an old hag like myself could make in 3 minutes tops over a woman with hours of recordings, proven messages from his official Instagram and who’s backed by PA. All this in defence of a man who’s notorious for blackmailing his victims and his smear campaigns as corroborated by other victims. Go back to the Manson defenders group sycophant.

Unless you’re a grudge holding ex friend of Annie’s and IN that case get a life and maybe a real job. Quit victim shaming and victim blaming someone who just barely got out two months ago. You’re the real psychopaths.(stop)

No. 6170

I definitely don´t believe her but at the same time I need Lindsay to wipe my ass cause I´m allergic to my own shit. Can I participate?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6171

Manson has already made a false police report on someone. He should really dig himself even deeper and go for a second one.(Dawn)

No. 6172

I might believe the recordings and the fact they get to know each other somehow,but I dont believe the rape thing. Since she did not show any proof of that.
Well,lets see. I am not defending anyone here,neither M nor Annie. Just watching and analysing the whole situation.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 6173

How the fuck are any of them supposed to prove they’ve been raped? You want video evidence of the rape? What the fuck

No. 6174

And farmhands still don't want to nuke the thread…sigh(>>>meta)

No. 6175

So what happened with Annie claiming to have given evidence to a journalist that BHW is in rehab? Not a single news organisation has reported on this. What's going on?

No. 6176

File: 1614683458079.png (354.07 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_20210228-060157~2.p…)

Since we're low on milk right now—I thought this was interesting. Anons were tinfoiling that that account belonged to Manson/Lindsay or someone involved with them a few threads ago.

No. 6177

File: 1614684614369.jpeg (131.94 KB, 1456x634, 1EBC8734-49CF-413E-B0E5-AD95D6…)

I mean, unless they post proof of that they could just be fucking around.

MIB is doing a q&a right now.

No. 6178

They are a fraud, don't believe anything they post.

No. 6179

Be patient. Annie has promised proof will be delivered this week and it won't be on instagram. Just give it a few more days.

No. 6180

I hope you're right this thread is low on milk

No. 6181

File: 1614701838254.png (93.58 KB, 720x1365, Screenshot_20210302-164205~2.p…)

I wonder what this one could be with so many posts?? And only 2 followers/followings. Interesting.

No. 6182

Evidently an old private account. No offence but I warned her because this is getting fucking creepy.

No. 6183

kek at the photo choice for that article. hat from an episode where a pedo tries to rape morty in a bar bathroom

No. 6184

Or a troll is using her profile picture. Kek at full mental bitch.

No. 6185

File: 1614708910206.png (92.46 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20210302-191353~2.p…)

Another one. wtf
Or maybe they just changed the name

No. 6186

The non sage newfag anon who’s obsessed with this chick is back. Dude you need help.

No. 6187

"Another one. wtf" kek
Another one with exact the same number of postings and followers, right, idiot.

No. 6188

File: 1614712098917.png (91.49 KB, 695x1411, Screenshot_20210302-200618~2.p…)

Changed it again

No. 6189

Couldn't find any of these. You, anon, must stop posting about her.

You should stop cowtipping

And Annie should stop lurking, idiot.

Alice Cooper supported(?) Manson:
>Alice Cooper on Marilyn Manson abuse claims: “I never noticed that streak in him”
>“It’s funny about Marilyn, in that I know Marilyn – when we toured together we got along very well. I never noticed that streak in him, if it’s there. I always believe in the word, allegations are still allegations,” Cooper said in the latest instalment of our In Conversation series.
>Focusing on Manson once more, Cooper added: “Now I don’t know Marilyn, though, as well as I know Johnny. So what happens in the bedroom is entirely a mystery to me for what’s going on with Marilyn.”

Do you believe he never noticed anything? Some of them do think ppl are dumb.(imageboard)

No. 6190

I am officially convinced that bitch regularly visits the thread and posts about herself.
And this is why we don't need this thread to exist.
She's changing names in a few minutes once it was posted here.

No. 6191

I DMd her about this because this is creepy. Not everyone’s Annie on here Jesus.(cowtipping)

No. 6192

No, but a lot probably are.

No. 6193

It's hard to prove she's not lurking since she admitted to having done it previously. I don't believe you.
Hopefully, you will be permanently banned for continuous cowtipping.

No. 6194

You always give yourself away as the one who’s obsessed with her because you don’t even know how to use this site. You need to stop obsessing. It’s not good for your soul.

No. 6195

When someone mentioned here that she/he has warned her about this,just after that the names started changing.

No. 6196

A lot of people from here have dmd her in the past. She said she was lurking before she named him. Maybe she is lurking maybe she isn’t. But this back and forth obsession with targeting her is retarded. As much as you hope for a ban, I hope you for you that you get some help.

No. 6197


No. 6198

From this point forward unless the subject centers around new milk regarding Manson do not post or discuss Annie. The spergouts, constant infighting, newfags who can't integrate is ridiculous. If this thread is locked it will be on your hands.
And no, this does not mean make a thread for Annie. As of right now, she does not meet /snow/ criteria for a thread. Keep your vendettas to yourselves.

No. 6199

Fuck Alice Cooper. Imagine saying something as dumb as “I don’t really know him well” but then thinking you can also comment intelligently on someone’s behavior behind closed doors? Yeah let’s ignore all the people who actually know MM saying he’s abusive and print headlines about the dude who barely knows him giving his opinion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6200

I was banned after being accused of being a guy, which I'm not. That's not fair. Maybe it's the way I write (English is not my first language). I only wanted to take part in the discussions. I'm not a Manson fangirl.(>>>meta)

No. 6201

Don’t you know it’s been a common trend around here? You might as well get used to being accused of being Manson, Dawn, or Annie.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6202

File: 1614782918494.jpeg (142.99 KB, 640x739, IMG_4099.jpeg)

On Insta Mansonisabuse they look closely at the Seraphim Ward case, which I think is still interesting, because it shows how perfectly the smear campaign machine of the Manson camp works. They also posted recordings of Manson threatening and bullying someone, because of this. Nobody believed Seraphim Ward and the media let her down when she tried to share her view of the story. It's a shame!

No. 6203

I’m glad MIB posted about Seraphim, her side was buried. I’m inclined to believe her because M apparently talked about it to other women. >>1161564

No. 6204


This thing again shows Mansons pattern of revenge and violence. Seraphim was the fiancé of Madonna Wayne Gacy, Mansons Ex-Keyboarder, who sued him because of band money which was used by Manson privately. Here you can see, how much Manson must have hated him for that. So obviously Manson must have been obsessed with revenge and back then it was an easy game for him.


"And I would not piss on Pogo if he was on fire. Thee end. Or is it? Let's wait until all the really bad things I covered up for him are suddenly uncovered. I got a far more severe type of karma for traitors and people that owe me, legally a lot more than what I wasted tolerating your rape of a band you never deserved to be in."

In a separate posting on the same blog, Manson continued, "I don't want this to be confused as anger. I feel nothing for a person that betrayed me and my band. My band. And I'm sure that if anyone wants to discuss this with him personally, I won't be so rude to NOT give you his or his family's addresses. Since I payed [sic] for both soon to be destroyed buildings. That's at least what I just had a dream of, that I awoke from. So good luck to you, sir. You are gonna need it. Sweet dreams."

This statement clearly contains threats! It is disgusting and should have been called out long ago.(imageboard)

No. 6205

Totally agree! She is not famous enough to get the needed space and attention. I feel sorry for her. She is the perfect example how people can be destroyed by Manson and his enablers without anybody giving shit about it.

No. 6206


Ugh, just listened to the recordings, what a dirty, sleazy, arrogant asshole.

No. 6207

"I don't want this to be confused as anger."

Kek. Like it is not obvious from just couple of rows above that he is furious and has a anger management skills of a 14 year old.

No. 6208

File: 1614792816052.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1202x1800, F4AFA6A8-19EA-46A9-8D5F-F284A8…)

It was a shady publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, that made the engagement claim to Manson, not Seraphim. He’s also gotten in trouble with Kim Kardashian for making false claims.



No. 6209

I somewhere read that Jonathan Jaxson was put under pressure by Manson to confirm to media that the engagement statement came from Seraphim Ward. So Jaxson was used and Ward did not have a chance to be heard.

Music and celeb journalists should really do some research on the whole shitty puzzle of manipulation, since there are people who have been literally destroyed when they were doing just fine before they ended up in Manson's hate game.

No. 6210

why would he get so bent out of shape over if this woman did say she was his fiancé? Yet he’s never went after that one woman Madelyn who looks like a fish that goes around saying she’s been in a relationship with him for years.

I could imagine if he gets this angry over something said that’s so stupid , he must be going really insane, fuming about @Mansonisabusive. LOL She should be on the look out… any day the FBI could be raiding her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6211

I think it’s thats because despite her being batshit insane he did at least fuck Madelyn a few times so probably can’t do that much in the way of saying she’s lying. Also isn’t Seraphim a light-skinned POC? His racist ass probably didn’t want people attaching him to anyone who isn’t super white.

No. 6212

Don't you read? Revenge for what his ex-keyboarder did, Pogo and Seraphim Ward were having a good life, until the weird Manson engagement story came up.

@Mansonisabusive should be afraid the FBI could be raiding her? Because "she" is pissing off Manson? WTF

No. 6213

Isn’t mansonisabusive in Germany? How could the FBI raid her to begin with

No. 6214

Haha, true. And why should the FBI go on her. She is just posting what Manson said and did. LOL

No. 6215

>>6201 annir needs to stfu, her public traumafest is making an absolute idiot of her and casting doubt on the other victims. If she's legit she'll lay low and just do what she has to do legally. She tried to tell everyone this is her very special way of dealing with trauma, but jfc girl get some self respect and a good therapist, absolutely no one needs to bleed for the entire world to see and scrutinize.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6216

Manson did no favors by marrying Linds, he seems to marry women as abusive as he is and she doesn't have the finesse ti hide her bitchy abusive tendencies like dita did https://celebrityinsider.org/amp/is-marilyn-manson-being-framed-because-hes-married-to-lindsay-usich-new-fan-theory-gains-traction-474526/(imageboard)

No. 6217

"And are very happy" I'm dead

No. 6218

It’s a good thing she lives in another country then…. I doubt he knows any shady law authorities there. Shady cops who say personal things, making up bullshit lies about people. But that’s what good lawyers are for.

No. 6219

As someone who has Peter Pan syndrome (Manson) and beds anything, it’s rich that he finds her words so off-putting.(Dawn)

No. 6220

File: 1614818529671.png (612.82 KB, 640x1136, 8900924D-3ED6-4114-99D4-20E94F…)

Anyone recognize this church? The one Adam said he was going to for “vampire activities”(derailing)

No. 6221

^was this posted by the girl claiming to be „groomed“ by Ditas bf? Can someone post her @ IG?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 6222

@rlrrpaola, but I think she went private.

No. 6223

that account isn't private and if the cap is from there she deleted it

No. 6224

Has she provided any proof of her claims or is she just another lying fruit loop?

No. 6225

File: 1614837267430.jpeg (658.94 KB, 1284x2358, 445AFFFD-FB34-41E0-8318-ABE6FA…)

Annie addressed that photo of Evan with the Nazi knife and proof it came from his number.

No. 6226

Lmfao Brian is so dumb for bragging about threats and blackmail via text or even on a call. I can’t believe I ever thought he was smart. Even getting the phone under his name immediately nails him down when it comes to all those recordings.

No. 6227


So, to clarify: the image of Evan with the knife is a screencap of a video taken by the Manson camp, or a photo taken at the time the video was filmed? Either way, Brian bragged about using it for blackmail.

If I'm not wrong, the full uncropped image first appeared online via Leechy Lane's IG. How did Leechy get hold of this photo? Was it originally hers, or is Leechy leaking images at Brian and Lindsay's orders?

No. 6228

The photo was probably taken by someone there. She mentioned hearing people in the background. I don’t think she’d know the answer to that either cause he texted it years after showing her a video of it?

No. 6229


Hmm on the LL subject this confirms to me that she’s working with Manson on smearing the victims. Annie mentioned in that post that they tried to make it look like she posted it herself. I now doubt LL had anything to do with taking that photo. She’s probably just a helping hand in the spreading of the smearing lmao

No. 6230


Yes, just trying to work out whether Leechy was likely the original photographer, or if it was supplied to her within the last few months to leak online.

Evan only had black hair while filming and /or promoting the Wrestler, which was circa 2008. Leechy claims to have only been around during the first year of the relationship in 2007. Will need to check dates, but it appears likely that Leechy is working with Brian by releasing photos on his command.

No. 6231

Yeah I think this is the case. Then making it look like Annie had something to do with sharing it and it’s like two birds with one stone. Except this makes the Annie related alleged social media posts look even faker than before and makes me think he’s behind those after all. Lmao I don’t know why I’m blown away that even now when they should all be laying low they’re still playing dirty.

No. 6232


Brian and Lindsay are laying low by using proxies, but unfortunately they're proxies are idiots and not at all subtle about colluding with them. Still, it could be a legal loophole whereby Brian and Lindsay's hands stay clean of any wrongdoing. I wouldn't put it past them to use these idiot hangers-on to do their dirty work, and hopefully take the fall should anything go wrong.

No. 6233

Looking forward to the big update this weekend. I remain unconvinced by either side but I would like to beleive her.

This talk of felonies for instagram accounts is pretty stupid though. Unless there's accounts I've not seen, most appear to be people just trying to find out the truth by shifting through breadcrumbs. Even if they are wrong the idea these are criminal acts is laughable nonsense.

No. 6234

What are you talking about? She’s mentioned felonies her ex friends committed. Which are seriously way more severe than rape as far as punishment goes.

No. 6235

Have you been readinh her comments? She's made claims these instagram profiles are cyber-bullying her and they are guilty of super serious felonies.

No. 6236

Yes I have? She said it was her ex friends. She found out one or two have been feeding the Manson supporting groups and pages. Which confirmed her suspicion that they’re collaborating with Manson like Manson apparently claimed he did. If those friends committed those felonies she mentioned, it’s far FAR worse punishment than rape. Illegal reproduction of government IDs and documents is fraud of the highest order. And an illegal immigrant working under the table with a supposed criminal history according to some dm is even more punishable, especially if real citizens are involved. It makes sense that when she found out they’ve been feeding the Manson supporters and anti-victims pages that she put her foot down. I’d have reported their asses by now.

No. 6237

File: 1614842198209.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.11 KB, 1242x883, 154469829_704575273548224_2903…)

it's from the LA immersive theatre “The Assassination of Edgar Allan Poe, an Immersive Theater Experience at Heritage Square Museum”. LOL at "vampire activities"(derailing)

No. 6238

I may be misreading it. It came across to me like she was accusing all these team manson instagram profiles which are popping up like herpes as engaging in criminal behaivor.

No. 6239

One of mansons friends got on his bad side and he stalked her and her roommate. He crank called and it got cps involved. Nor her kid is gone and gone for good next week. She has been posting on social media about it but for friend only.(imageboard)

No. 6240

I know some folks from here dm her and she comes here on occasion so whoever made that comment confirming that her ex friends have been messaging the victim smearing pages is one colossal idiot for double or triple confirming her suspicions.

She probably has a whole team by now so she doesn’t need it but saying that was so dumb lmfao like who does that. I hope she reports them to the cops for not just those major crimes they committed before but for cyber bullying and theft of pictures if that’s a thing. Pitiful people.

No. 6241

Pretty sure she meant her ex friends have been actively feeding those victim shaming Manson supporting pages?

Whatever we’re not supposed to discuss that. Milk she posted yes. Her friends and messy personal life no. Stick to Manson?

No. 6242


Who/what are you talking about? I don't even care. Could anons please use the actual person's name instead of just his/her when talking about someone?

No. 6243

I've been trying to keep up but I don't recall anyone confirming these ex friends doing that. Do you know which post they may have said that?

No. 6244

She posted it on her Insta first and then on her website in a blog post.

No. 6245

I am laughing so hard that Dita's loser boyfriend tried to spooky impress some random teenaged chick in IG with a photo from when him and Dita went to a show and he's trying to be all mysterious about "vampire activities". You were at a play, son! haha She sure can pick em! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up2H1pQUlCY(derailing)

No. 6246

Oh. I thought it may have been someone here independently confirming it. Thanks for the response.

No. 6247

File: 1614844058084.jpeg (49.76 KB, 428x709, B1B07A2C-7FC8-47C6-BF13-FC56E2…)

No. 6248

No just repeating back what she said. But someone in a comments here that a friend of hers has been feeding them with info. When she found out she dropped the crime bomb and threatened to report them. Which she should imho cause feeding those pages that smear and harass victims makes you a worthless pathetic POS who’s a waste of space on this planet. Mansonites doing it I get cause they’re POS in gen but someone who isn’t one who reached out to those pages? Lmao a whole lot of dumb on another level. Wonder how much Brian pays.

No. 6249

Can you give context cause wtf.
I don’t understand, she (whoever this is) is planning revenge on Courtlyn Cannan but she’s also friends with Courtlyn who’s helping with revenge while dating Manson?
This is a dm to the child’s father?
>He crank called and it got cps involved.
That’s somehow connected to Manson?

I’ve seen your posts about cps before in precious threads but there’s too much missing info to follow.

No. 6250


What the hell is even this? How many women is Manson dating? Who is this meant to be about? Why is the child in danger? Be clear or get lost.

No. 6251


Ffs you silly, use names:

>One of mansons friends (let's call her Jane) got on Manson's bad side and Manson stalked Jane and her roommate. Manson crank called and it got cps involved. Now Jane's kid is gone and gone for good next week. Jane has been posting on social media about it but for friends only.

Still have no idea how >>6247 relates.(integrate better)

No. 6252

File: 1614852385762.jpg (323.04 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20210304-110506.jpg)

Mansonhashumanrightstoo is really reaching with this one kek

No. 6253

File: 1614852500735.jpg (277.23 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20210304-110732.jpg)

No. 6254

File: 1614852638910.jpg (310.38 KB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20210304-110958.jpg)

Some detectives over there have dome suspicions about this story kek

No. 6255

Nope. Sorry there’s no loopholes. And him and his whore wife will be responsible.
At least Brian definitely will. Mark my words.(Dawn)

No. 6256

kek kek kek kek kek kek
kek kek kek kek kek kek
kek kek kek kek kek kek

No. 6257

No, aussie’s kid

No. 6258

Lmao, you guys are so gullible falling for whatever this shit is with some kid and cps. This is some fake dm >>6247. It looks like it’s sent from a computer. You cannot get DM messages on the computer. Only thru the Instagram app.(Dawn)

No. 6259

>>6258 correct, idiot. It was sent through Instagram app and accessed on bluestacks to Aussie’s sons dad who is a verified abusive asshole who abused her and her son right after the message was sent.

No. 6260

Ok I’m an idiot because I don’t know what bluestacks is.

what the hell does this have to do with anything about Manson?(Dawn)

No. 6261

First of all, this all sounds so far-fetched. Manson tries to date children ~ not women that have children. Unless he’s with this woman to human traffic her child.(Dawn)

No. 6262


Riiight, I think I understand this. So you're saying some Aussie shiela's child is dating Manson and planning revenge on you (the Aussie's sons dad), Courtlyn Cannan and her, that is the child is planning her own downfall. Plus the child is friend's with Courtlyn Cannan, who is also part of this revenge scheme to bring down Courtlyn Cannan. Courtlyn Cannan is real. Marilyn Manson is not. Now, you Aussie's sons dad are real. But your life is Manson's. Now the CPS, which is real, took the child to places that, while they are real, they are not real in sense that they did not really happen to the real child, which is you.

Seriously, who the fuck are these people and why should anyone care?

No. 6263

>DMs only thru phone
Not true. Since update (dunno when) you can see IG DMs on computer.
I’m with you on the rest though. Wtf is this shit? Quit the cloak and dagger, anons, if you have milk then deliver it…with names.

No. 6264

File: 1614874113238.png (98.79 KB, 510x275, twitter.png)

Has it ever been mentioned that Courtlyn Cannan did a video shoot with Manson and called it "sick as fuck". Surprise, the footage was never published.

I found this screenshot on Twitter, her account is deleted though. Sounds like she experienced some stuff similar to Esmé but would never talk about it since he could easily destroy her bit of a career.

No. 6265

Is she referring to Lindsay? What’s the context.

No. 6266

Aussie is a real person, that’s her fucking name. That DM was sent Aussie’s sons dad by one of Manson’s flying monkies.

No. 6267

File: 1614874855165.png (167.7 KB, 592x635, Twitte_r.png)

Probably, but the context is blurry. Some Twitter account telling stuff about her. It just gives an idea that doing sick videos which never are released is something quite a number of women have experienced who still seem to be afraid to come forward.

No. 6268

It’s spelled “monkeys” . Haha… and I’m the idiot? Nobody gives a shit. Manson is going to prison.(Dawn)

No. 6269

whenever a woman is called "crazy" by Manson's people you know that she has something to hold against him. By now I think that the women who are discredited as crazy are the ones people should listen to.

No. 6270

“Sick,” as in the good way? Courtlynn's never said anything bad about Manson, even after the allegations broke and everyone named him. She only ever bitched about Lindsay, as far as I know.

No. 6271

Even government makes spelling errors

No. 6272

I am sure a lot of women have not spoken, yet.

No. 6273

There’s more info in the first and second thread about Courtlyn.

No. 6274

File: 1614879592879.jpeg (142.3 KB, 750x1078, F798F88F-89F2-4664-B0FA-0A8878…)

Just to be clear this is the Aussie who claims to be stalked by Manson and lost custody of her son?

>LOL Aussie. In an article, he talked about rescuing a woman from some guy and Aussie was upset because he refered to her as an escort but she’s really a “model”. There were DMs posted about it. Courtlyn is friends with Aussie. He’s cheated on Lindsay a lot. >>957915

>He pumped and dumped Courtlyn in 2014. He was with Aussie at the same time. And Madelyn was in that 2014 mess. Courtlyn and Aussie ended up becoming friends and did a photoshoot together and posted the photos on insta. Courtlyn leaked photos with him from some video they shot but he never released. >>962163

No. 6275

On her instagram are photos of her and her son though.
Where did you get the info of Manson stalking and Aussie loosing custody?

No. 6276

File: 1614880145103.jpeg (190.03 KB, 899x1158, 0680C973-9B13-4671-A18F-8314FB…)


From OP:

No. 6277

So is this the woman who came on here a few threads ago and said she lost custody of her kid and was going to kill her self?

No. 6278

File: 1614881257534.jpeg (244.31 KB, 1800x1003, 5E2D4EF1-3F58-47F2-9344-B7E01C…)

This makes more sense now. He liked that pic in 2019. That’s the profile pic he had then.

on his FB he posted a lot about some woman and the CPS in 2019-2020. He was obviously just in these threads and just made a post about the CPS.(Dawn)

No. 6279

Fucking creep. She probably lost her kid for good reason.(Dawn)

No. 6280

This thread starts to read like some Russian disinformation effort. Idgaf about these randos.

No. 6281

File: 1614882382577.jpeg (33.2 KB, 828x304, DFF4F3C1-74BC-4E53-A42F-11107F…)

He liked a pic of her that was posted in 2014, but liked the pic in 2019. That’s the new profile pic he had in 2019. >>6274(Dawn)

No. 6282

File: 1614882693227.jpeg (181.71 KB, 826x1119, C947934E-9D13-4F82-8D08-D7E72F…)


No. 6283

Or the screenshot was taken in 2019 which would show his current profile pic. OP never said when he liked the pic.

Why is Dawn in the mix.

No. 6284

I am with you anon.

Dawn is back >>6278

No. 6285

File: 1614894953223.jpg (361.43 KB, 1439x2312, ERW story.jpg)

ERW just shared this story which Annie shared just a day or 2 earlier herself.
Posting as evidence of how involved Annie is with the other victims for those who have tried to dispute it.
Unfortunately Annies original story has expired and wasn't saved so I can't show them both together in the screenshot but those of us following her will remember it.

No. 6286

Not the first time she's reposted Annie's stories. I don't know why she doesn't just follow her already. It seems like she's going out of her way to not be publicly involved with her.

No. 6287

Because they’re being careful. How’s this not clearer to people? Annie is isolated for a good reason and they’re working together in the background. This isn’t rocket science.

No. 6288

That makes no sense at all.
Why only show support for someone through cryptic messages? It's like she wants to be supportive but if things fall through with Annies story ERW can pretend she never sorted her to begin with which the large majority of people who aren't obsessively following it like us would lap up.

No. 6289

Never supported her*

No. 6290


I think Annie Abrams was hired to entrap and gather evidence against Manson, so they can convict him. Maybe that's why the other women don't acknowledge her publically.(retarded tinfoiling)

No. 6291

this is clearly just an ignorant tinfoil. entrapment, if proven in court, means that the accused cannot be convicted.

No. 6292

File: 1614906421807.jpg (180.71 KB, 464x563, dVnjZj5.jpg)

From Evan's IG. So this is confirmation that an FBI investigation has been opened. Not sure what to make of the rest of the letter, what is the connection to Connecticut?

No. 6293

File: 1614908341600.jpg (688.87 KB, 810x2556, Screenshot_20210305-022706_Bra…)


I suppose the connection is that Kasser works on a law to protect women in DV situation. So from the letter, it looks like she reached out to the FBI lead investigator in MM case to ensure he takes into account the reality of domestic violence and the forms in can take so as to not undermine the victims' statements while investigation is conducted, since the law she works on is not adopted yet? It seems like it would make a push to recognize coercive control (which reads verbatim like what MM was doing). The only connection to CT is that Kasser is a senator for CT?

No. 6294


>I suppose the connection is that Kasser works on a law to protect women in DV situation.

Yes, I thought there might've been a new victim from that state, but it appears to just be related to the Senator's law.

It's also timely that the letter refers to efforts to discredit victims now that the smear campaign has ramped up on Annie and Evan in particular.

No. 6295

Please stop with this "smear" nonsense. People creating instagram profiles (or comments here) who are trying to put peices of the jigsaw together is not a smear. They may be incorrect and they be be led by their own biases but it is completely ridiculous to suggest it's part of a massive conspiracy.
Law enforcement rely on facts and evidence. They are not trawling social media and basing their findings on what some random bimbo has to say about dubious facebook screenshots. Mentioning a abase campaign just makes you look tinfoil and loses any credibility you may have.

No. 6296


What exactly do you think a smear campaign is? It has nothing to do with law enforcement, it's played in the public arena where social media happens to be pretty important.

I'm not talking about this thread, I'm talking about the multiple articles and hundreds of tweets over the last few days calling Evan a racist because Vanessa Bryant just happened to coincidentally be made aware of Evan's tweet from over a year ago, I'm talking about the hundreds of comments on @westworldhbo calling for Evan to be fired, the deliberate release of photos by Leslee Lane etc.

Just because the effort does not change the legal outcome or get Evan fired doesn't mean it's not a concerted effort to damage her reputation and create doubt about her credibility. Annie is on a smaller scale because she is only known to those following closely, but there are plenty of people who otherwise wouldn't care about this case, who will now doubt Evan (the public face of the accusations) forever because of what they have read.

No. 6297

File: 1614919951475.jpg (183.54 KB, 1080x1274, 156246135_1046760135848959_199…)


here's the original/higher resolution.

No. 6298

The recent commentary regarding ERW appears to be less of a smear campaign than it being the consequence of the current social phenomena which makes accusations and insinuations without following a more measured, legal approach. Accusations alone become the be all for social convicting. It's an untamed beast which eats its own. Theres a reason nations have undergone violent revolutions in the pursuit of due process for its citizens. I wonder if the irony is lost on ERW or if it may give pause for reflection.

No. 6299

>Vanessa Bryant just happened to coincidentally be made aware of Evan's tweet from over a year ago

Not saying there’s anything shady but the timing is strange, imo. Evan tweeted that over a year ago and she’s now just addressing it? I understand Kobe’s wife is defending him but his case was murky and she made it about race. According to wiki there was dna evidence of the assault. The criminal case was dropped but it was settled for 2.5 million in civil court. My point being it’s not totally left field for Evan to have that opinion.

No. 6300

File: 1614924352295.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x1996, 990DA8AF-A10C-4EDB-86E8-92EF74…)

Thought the first point qualifies to post here. I figured leslee had nothing and was just a little pawn tbqh

No. 6301

Annie’s definitely working with lawyers.

No. 6302

Interesting lady Macbeth mention. LM initially wanted the other dude dead more than Macbeth did. But then it was Macbeth who turned more evil. LM was merciless till her mind started messing with her in her sleep. IIRC she kept trying to wash a blood stain off but couldn’t which symbolized her remorse or guilt. But she was still guilty and couldn’t just wash off all her crimes. She had to live with it.

Just reading between the lines. Or it was an innocent mention with no real meaning idk

No. 6303

The girl talking about earlier with a kid and not Leslee has court date the day before and she has talked to FBI

No. 6304

Was that English? What are you saying? I think Annie’s just addressing that people are saying she stole the photo from leslee who might have claimed she did it? I saw a few comments about that but AFAIK Annie was the first to share that pic but it was cropped. Nothing to do with the fbi girl

No. 6305

File: 1614926881229.jpeg (494.37 KB, 3072x2299, 6B11FF09-5CB9-4933-A543-231153…)

Evan’s story today reminds me of a story Annie shared a while back lmao(ignoring admin post)

No. 6306

Interesting. Why would LL plaster huge copyright watermarks if they aren't even her photos. Its a bold statement by Annie she's putting her reputation on the line for which is good to see.

Injustice is still consequence. Society ought to expect and strive for more than consequence for the sake of it. This of course applies to all matters not just the MM accusations.

No. 6307

>Why would LL plaster huge copyright watermarks if they aren't even her photos.

I think Annie is specifically talking about the knife photo.
>>6225 The rest of the photos with LL watermark were taken by her.

No. 6308


Yes, a lot of people attacking Evan do so because they don't like that MM was dropped from business relationships based on her and others' accusations. But that does not make what they're doing any less of a smear campaign because regardless of the motivation, the goal is still to discredit her. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the terminology.

And I disagree that it is ironic. Dressing up as a nazi, being involved in a bondage photoshoot, laughing at rape jokes and calling someone a rapist are not crimes, particularly because that someone is dead.

The difference is that Evan and the others' accusations against Brian relate to actual crimes and they have in the past and are currently taking a legal approach. It is also playing out in social media, but that is not the only means of their accusations.

If Brian wants to follow due process and sue Evan for defamation then he is more than welcome, but he won't and it doesn't take a genius to work out why.

No. 6309

The smear starts when an abuser leaks footage or photos to his camp, and they might be the ones who open instagram accounts or spread this stuff elsewhere. So, of course, social media is used as part of a smear campaign.

No. 6310

But the point is, ERW went public on social media with her allegations BECAUSE she knew that a smear campaign against her was already up in the air, since she was dealing with threats and blackmailing in those months before. So using social media and literally screaming out her story was the only way to protect herself from his smear.

No. 6311

File: 1614941153253.jpg (266.22 KB, 1440x1762, 06521.jpg)

Some lynchings labelled as #MiscarriagesOfJustice are really just #accountability

I would have thought we'd have moved on from the mob mentality which Emmett Till experienced but it appears its only the method of communication which has adapted.

The accusations are of course of heinous crimes and the require a full, thorough investigation and justice within the arm of the law. But to play the devil's avocado, the most wickedly deceptive of fruits, what if the allegations against BHW are unable to be substantiated on investigation? What if they were actually false or embellished? He has suffered the consequences that once were administered after guilt had been determined.

Now he's not the most well liked person and hasn't helped himself against (hypothetical) false accusations with his past rhetoric, but the principles of a right to innocence ought to be the given right to anyone.

Let's listen to victims. Let's not dismiss them as has often (and still is) occurring. Give them the benefit of the doubt by allowing the allegations to be heard before a court of law and independent, fair investigation. But lets not ever go so far as to treat allegation as fact before any meaningful review. It may be creepy BHW this time but next time it won't be.

/end sperg

No. 6312

I didn't come here for a goddamn lecture, give me BHW gossip!!

No. 6313


>…what if the allegations against BHW are unable to be substantiated on investigation? What if they were actually false or embellished? He has suffered the consequences that once were administered after guilt had been determined.

Firstly, there is a difference between factual guilt and legal guilt, and no, he has not suffered the consequences of legal guilt because he is not locked up in a prison cell right now.

If Brian cannot be charged or if he is charged but found innocent in a court of law, then his manager and record company can choose to welcome him back with open arms. His tv episodes and music can be re-released and/or made available by the various platforms, and people can freely enjoy his shit and he can get paid for it. Brian can also choose to sue anyone he believes defamed him or breached contacts and seek damages.

Also, all of the above can happen right now, nothing is stopping it. He has suffered the consequences of other people's choices. Socially pressured choices, yes probably, but still choices.

/end sperg

No. 6314

Actually, it will not be the legal consequences that make me think twice before I enjoy one of his songs again. I already had enough listening to his phone recordings putting people under pressure (this shitty narcissistic "This is Manson speaking" like he is God). The abuse cases just shed a light on his character, and actually I believe in art being an expressions of the artists soul. That's probably what a lot of his fans are sad about right now and have to cope with: finding out that he is not a smart critic of the bigotry of society, but that a lot of his songs about violence are just coming from a small, average, banal, chauvinist world of Misogynie and revenge thoughts.
So the whole thing is much more complex than going to court, dealing it out and then it's over.
Look at the Weinstein case, it might have been possible that they would not have been able to charge him, since a lot of the incidents were way in the past. However, him being a chauvinist asshole trying to manipulate and blackmail people was clear. So even if there would not have been charges, why would I ever want to watch a movie produced by someone like him? There is so much more beautiful stuff out there coming from people who work hard to make great art. So why not give my attention and money to them?
Funny thing, the ones who shout "Cancel culture" on one occasion shout "Let the market decide" on another occasion, when it suits them.
So, yes, also when it comes to Misogynie the market decides, but in a different way than a years and decades ago.
Sorry, end of speech.

No. 6315

So, you're comparing a 14 year old black boy from the 50s to a grown-ass white male celebrity in 2021 who collects Nazi memorabilia, has always been known as a creep with misogynistic fetishes that he detailed in his own autobiography, for abusing his sexual partners, for hating black people, etc? This really made sense in your own mind?
Why are MM stans so brain dead? Were you dropped on your head?

No. 6316

Either you aint the sharpest tool in the shed or this is sone obvious bait

No. 6317

Manson stans are either vile people themselves or they're as dumb as a bag of rocks. The intelligent fans jumped ship once it became clear what type of person he is.

No. 6318

righto champ(autistic baiting)

No. 6319

Neither, I'm just shocked by the low IQ takes in this thread, definitely from boomers who probably call this place "snow", too. Also

No. 6320

haha, btw, Lindsay went shopping and reached 600k followers. So ridiculous, such a wannabe.(this is an imageboard)

No. 6321


Aww but who doesn't love boring photos of someone's cat and flowers? Kek

No. 6322

Maybe we can all chip in and buy her a few hundred thousand more, as a goodwill gesture that we believe she's going places with her bad photography, cosmetic surgery and trite instagram posts.

No. 6323

File: 1614958180991.jpg (256.55 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20210305-162831.jpg)

For posterity

No. 6324

Kek, 100k followers in 30 days! Who does she think she can fool? She must be such a poor thing. Other people are doing art, she is buying follower packages.

No. 6325

File: 1614964405681.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3072x4096, 0696CF4A-994C-4806-9831-92EE50…)

Annie clarified it’s the knife pic she’s talking about and added some interesting comments. He’s so gross

No. 6326

File: 1614967330785.jpeg (255.39 KB, 750x1206, 6B97C949-025C-4162-A8F4-F28EB6…)

Annie has already clarified that she will post any new milk on her blog, slaybrams.com.
The latest post on her blog explains all your need to know about that ERW and Nazi knife photo, the “leaking” of it, and includes the uncensored text from Manson.

Sage because Annie talk but this is new milk that has not already been posted. Acknowledging farmhands post above that non-milk Annie spergs can catch a perma ban.

No. 6327

It's cute, that MM thought this picture is gonna be huuuuuuge shit. LOL It only makes him look shittier than ever, if that even is possible.

No. 6328

"you coerced her"
Reminds me of the letter of Senator Alex Kasser pointing out the problem of "Coercive Control"
So, there we are, the picture and the message is great proof.

No. 6329

File: 1614973435313.jpg (96.58 KB, 628x366, D0eCE5J.jpg)

No. 6330

File: 1614974104288.jpeg (19.02 KB, 607x102, A227764D-C712-4ACB-B7C9-CEE336…)

I mean, LL even said she felt used.
She seems too obsessed to care though.

Reminds me of Ashley Morgan’s account of M having her (who’s Jewish) buy nazi memorabilia from Asia for him.

No. 6331


Well, Weinstein, a much bigger fish than Bri-Bri, went to court 7 months after MeToo movement exploded. Since everybody already despises MM it will probably take less time.

No. 6332

This is obviously Annie and her flying monkeys paying for fake followers to try and undermine Lindsay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6333

Lmfao good one!

No. 6334

File: 1614988949199.png (859.23 KB, 720x713, Screenshot_20210203-1807.png)


1.) Manson doesn't say "darling" EVER.
2.) Suspenders were grotesque era, not EMDM or HEOL era.
3.) Nice save on the broken bottle '''er, oops he had more stash under his chair.
4.) "rock'n'roll catharsis" Nice broken english
5.) Manson doesn't take his memorial antique collectables on the road with him.

No. 6335

Anons were trying to figure out about who this anon was that kept posting here about a woman, CPS,
and her kid . Apparently it’s another woman that’s been involved with Manson as of recent since 2019, I guess. >>6247

No. 6336

How many girlfriends has this guy got?!

No. 6337

More than any man with such a weak chin and poor character ever deserved to have.

No. 6338


Love those two so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6339

You talk as if you know him personally?

What do you mean, OP said their name is Aussie. How many Aussie’s is he dating?

No. 6340

Yeah their love is so inspiring lmao

No. 6341

File: 1614993359886.jpg (15.08 KB, 292x257, fortykeks.jpg)


No. 6342

it’s just the one “Aussie”. I thought it was a fake name & all made up at first until I remembered him posting about this woman, and then this anon posted her . >>6274

No. 6343

I never say “y’all” or “lit” but ironically or if the situation calls for a passive aggressive response? I’ve done it…(no one cares)

No. 6344

Good fuck please shut the fuck up

No. 6345

I cannot fully process the fact that this is obviously a 40 year old woman who has been studying lolcow lingo and googled the words “kek meme” to try to fit in. I’m amazed honestly.

No. 6346

tfw you're too much of a newfag to realize how common the meme is on chans

No. 6347

File: 1615021346115.jpeg (245.42 KB, 750x933, 314846EB-E93E-401C-96F4-57BEA9…)

I know everyone's probably tired of hearing about this account, but they posted this earlier. I did a reverse image search and looked on Lindsay's old LiveJournal/Tumblr and I couldn't find a source. It has to be recent because that's one of their new cats. Major tinfoil, but is there a possibility that they actually could be one of them or someone that's in contact with them? I just don't understand how they get those pictures when there's literally no trace of them anywhere else.

No. 6348

This picture is old, it's from like 2 or 3 years ago, Lindsay's fake posted it.

No. 6349

And it's not Lindsay or their cat.

No. 6350

LOL Maybe someone needs to tell Lindsay then that she can delete fake followers if she wishes.

No. 6351

…if Brian wishes.

No. 6352

File: 1615145227412.jpg (604.8 KB, 1080x1350, anniejanaabrams_20210306_22084…)

Annie's IG(ban evasion)

No. 6353

File: 1615160500945.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3840x2160, 8F231D45-6B3D-4481-BB90-ACD576…)

Were at like nod number 7. I follow all victims and I’ve never seen Evan give this many to someone. I know this is spec but I think she’s being protected in some ways. Idk does this make sense?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6354

Or they’re just both following the same narcissistic abuse accounts and repost the posts that resonate with them. It’s not that deep.

No. 6355

I know sadcxnt from a group chat we had with other MM fans on Twitter. That girl is not her. Sadcxnt and Louise made up a year ago I believe and are on good terms now. She apologized about the situation. She no longer defends him and has since deleted her Reddit. There are a lot of Lana fans who are Manson fans so I can see the mix up.

No. 6356

Looks like her to me?

No. 6357

Does anyone have any idea on who the lady in Manson's 2010 website intro video was? It's the one where he's smacking a woman bound to a chair and there's blood. I'd thought it was ERW all this time, but not sure.

No. 6358

Wait, nevermind. It is her. I watched it again and spotted that one tattoo she has on her upper back. Whew. That whole clip just had this sadistic eerie vibe.(newfaggotry)

No. 6359

Does she know Manson personally or just a stupid obsessive fan?

No. 6360

A stupid obsessive fangirl.(samefagging)

No. 6361

The fact that there are so many people in here that apparently don’t give a shit that there is living breathing individuals right now that are suffering because of this man’s antics is top kek. One minute everything could be fine and then next he decides he hates someone and does something like what Annie says. Apparently because of these screenshots someone could be dead before you know it. This is gross. Not trying to evade ban sorry.

No. 6362


Lighten up, no one is going to get killed.

No. 6363

Have you not read the suicide claims from this thread?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6364

What suicide claims?

No. 6365

ERW is really going hard on all the woke POV propaganda lately. Honey, a few retweets ain't gonna absolve you of your racist sins lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6366

She hasn’t been racist at all. She called shit out that’s the plain truth and someone’s skin color has nothing to do with it. Gtfo

No. 6367

She called a black man a rapist. On the day him and his daughter were killed. With no proof. Fuck off with your racist apologism.

No. 6368

^don't take the strawman argument bait plz(newfaggotry)

No. 6369

My god this thread has gone to shit hope we actually start talking about manson again soon

No. 6370

Presumably Aussie >>6274 made suicide threats in previous threads pertaining to cps and her son.

>With no proof.

Wiki and several articles claim there was DNA evidence of the assault. The accuser claimed she dropped the criminal case due to death threats and her identity being exposed. Bryant settled for 2.5 million in civil court. All this can be found googling.


Annie said something’s apparently happening Wednesday. >>6300

No. 6371

I see no reason to tease something big if it wasn’t happening. This is a massive investigation so if she’s doing an article or expose, they would have to corroborate with people she knows and people who might’ve been in the know or even present. If it’s her going to the cops and I doubt it is cos that would take time if she joined this late in the game and is reporting it way after the fact so she’d probs have to do it via lawyers but if it is that then dates would change.

Her mistake was talking about this in the first place. She should’ve just waited and let this drop. But she’s not famous or experienced in this and her trauma is fresh so I try to keep that in mind.

Refuse to judge till I hear her out whatever she has to say. She provided enough evidence to peak my interest. If it’s an expose they would have to run it by so many people and then legal and then mansons camp. Exposes take time and never have a firm deadline.

No. 6372

There is something mentally wrong with Annie "skeptics". Like Annie keeps saying herself, no one would ever put themselves in a position of accusing a person of raping them and having a hostile public response if it wasn't 100% true. Claiming to be a skeptic is 100% rape culture and I'll do everything I possibly can to make sure this is forever stamped out(ok hero)

No. 6373

It's because of how much Annie is linked to ERW and the Phoenix Act. They're desperate to find anyone who is lying because it would prove all the main accusers of a conspiracy and fraud. What these idiots don't understand is ERW wouldn't have taken her in without knowing she was telling the truth and the courts will see it. They ate desperate because they know what is coming for Manson. It's hilarious to see them get more frantic

No. 6374

Found the SERF

No. 6375

A lot of things can contribute to a rapist not getting jailed including not reporting it after it happened and not having any solid proof after. All we can go by is their word and Annie provided more than anyone tbh and pretending otherwise is dumb because a pic with a celeb means nothing, it’s their words and actions that mean more. Ban evade or full ban me if you must but this is one of the alleged victims and all of them remain alleged unless it proven. But proof would mean either footage or rape kit, so those inclined to not believe a victim no matter what and for whatever reason won’t believe it no matter what. No one esp not a celeb would talk to someone that much for that long and in such an intimate manner to bring up how she should present herself like with the epilepsy thing. If Manson fans believe that their hero would be that dumb to try and control a nobody that much then can I set up a gofundme for this snake oil I just made? Manson fans are dying to find dirt when there just is no dirt. I looked closely at those social media screenshots and didn’t even have to look that closely to realize that Annie’s right, they are all written in this exaggerated way of how she writes. And she’s right that “this is for my private list” is a little convenient in case her family and real friends come forward to deny it cause then they can claim they weren’t on that private list. Don’t mean to be “wake up sheeple” about it but you don’t even need a tinfoil to realize that wasn’t written by her. It wasn’t even written by a good imitator. A good imitator would try to tone down her style a little bit. If it isn’t bias or a grudge then I don’t get how anyone would fall for that?

No. 6376

You're being very disingenuous if you think those who question Annie are those who would not beleive rape victims anyway.
I'm very hesitant to take Annie at her word due to numerous questionable factors surrounding her. I don't share these particular suspicions with the other woman who have come forward.
In saying that my suspicions are my own and I'm not out there making instagram profiles attacking her or messaging her abuse.

No. 6377

I hope Annie is legitimate, but I remain skeptical because I’ve been so emotionally and psychologically traumatized by Manson that I don’t trust anyone.

She is right what she says about how he plays victim. It’s nauseating how full of himself he is. His lifestyle has made him so out of touch with reality. It’s astonishing how in denial he is in his mind that he has done no wrong and it’s all these “evil witches” who wronged him.

No. 6378


Did M assault you?

No. 6379

Not directly, but I was physically harassed because of him which could be considered a form of assault. I don’t know yet, I still have to go through the process of the legalities of it all.(sure Dawn)

No. 6380


I'm sorry.

No. 6381

I definitely don’t think Annie is in any way on his side. That take is a massive stretch. She called him a rapist and she showed his controlling side in those recordings and she posted that recording where he admits to finding dirt on people even down to finding out their SSN and where their kids go to school. Then there’s the texts where he admits to wanting to use that Evan photo as blackmail.

No. 6382

Can someone clear something up for me? Can Annie’s recordings be used in court? I just spent some time reading about Canadian laws on this. It seems that as long as one person is aware they’re being recorded even if that person is the one doing the recording, it’s legal. But can it be used in court? Can it be used in court if the recording is of an American citizen but recorded in Canada? If Annie took those to the Canadian police or rcmp what can they do with it?

So many different answers on this and I find law lingo confusing.

No. 6383

Aussie just lost, the screen shots from someone presumably in M’s camp to her sons dad were mentioned in court, he recently attacked people with a hammer, is in hospital.

No. 6384

That’s the big thing Annie was going to reveal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6385

I just look forward to when justice is served and he gets what deserves.

I know that’s what confuses me. I’m just so grateful to Evan naming him because it’s gonna help me in so many ways. Especially her outing Leslee. It may help me prove something.

No. 6386

I don’t know how Canada law works, but I would assume that if court took place in that country, then yes, the recordings would be legal to use. However, I’m going to assume that if court takes place in the U.S., then no, those recordings won’t be legal to use since it seems he didn’t consent.

No. 6387

What’s your evidence of this?

No. 6388


People going through years of pain doesn’t prove anything when someone else already has been proven to be something.

No. 6389

Is Evan Rachel Wood a lesbian now?(not Manson related)

No. 6390

The way it usually works is whichever area has the strictest recording policy takes precedent. California is a two party consent state. Assuming he was in California when he was recorded and since he was the one being recorded and not doing the recording, it would fall under California law. To be safe you always follow which area has the strictest policy.

I do believe there are ways to get around this if you believe you are obtaining recordings to prove a crime was committed. I think a good rule of thumb for this would’ve been to not post these on social media.

No. 6391

Anyone know what's going on with Brian Warner right now? Is he still in rehab?(continued newfaggotry)

No. 6392

He’s jerking off to porn. There’s no proof that was ever shown he’s been in rehab.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6393

Lol we have no proof he was ever in rehab, I’m guessing most likely was not

No. 6394


what a pathetic, lost cause of a loser he is that he spends his time this way. Hopefully he gets forced into rehab or something to get this sick pervert off the streets.(samefagging)

No. 6395

So today is the big day Voldemort is to share their Proof™.

No. 6396


I'm waiting… I think she got nothing really.

No. 6397

Her posting proof today is the last opportunity I'm giving her. I'm not going to buy anymore excuses for withholding this information after she has spent over a month making incredible claims. Its make or break day for her.

No. 6398

I’m tired of waiting too but how she worded it >>6300 I think it’s an interview or article which she probably has little control over. She already said she’s not going to share all her evidence with the public.

No. 6399

I really don´t know…Manson is an unscrupulous psycho, so it´s really hard to
distinguish truth from lies in this case. On the other hand, I just can´t help myself, but there´s a very strong aspect of schizophrenia that is present in the majority of her "online stuff." Just my opinion… I hope I´m wrong though.(armchairing)

No. 6400

Meaning Annie is schizophrenic? Doubt it, her writing style is too organized.

No. 6401

Nothing is going to come out today. You only need to ask yourself why no news organisation in the world is touching her allegations. I am looking forward to what excuse she is going to pull for nothing happening. It's like cults which keep predicting the rapture. You can only pull it off once or twice before it fizzles out and ms Jackson is already on very thin ice

No. 6402

^or Corey Feldman teasing about FINALLY revealing everything

No. 6403

Yes. As time goes by, I´m more and more convinced she´s ill or working for him.

No. 6404

She has an exceptionally long online history of creating false identities and making ridiculous accusations, and that's not even including these recent fb caps.
That's not to say the MM allegations are neccesarily false but it does mean she has a reputation issue she has caused for herself which she has the burden of earning people's trust on.
The idea she is the lynchpin which is why Manson and the mythical flying monkeys have spent months writing tremendous amounts of Facebook fan fiction which would hold no value for dismissing any legal proceedings is even more laughable when you realize that this hasn't happened to a single other accuser.

No. 6405

She provided audio and unreleased photos, her claims aren’t totally baseless. The media did cover the Lana Del Rey story. It makes zero sense for her to be working for him when she’s accused him horrendous things.

>creating false identities and making ridiculous accusations

She explained the name changes. The majority of the “false identities and ridiculous accusations” were created by Manson stans.

I’m not saying I believe very word she wrote but it’s too murky from both sides to know the truth.

No. 6406

She's released some small snippets which I true

>She explained the name changes. The majority of the “false identities and ridiculous accusations” were created by Manson stans.

I won't get into this but it sounds like you're not familiar with her previous accounts. These are her confirmed accounts. There's also been 0 evidence manson stans have been behind some of the newer material. It could be true but again no evidence.

No. 6407

She provided evidence they know each other and communicated somehow in the past. But then you have her quenstionable past and IG posts like that one about her EX friends which seems too crazy to be true.

No. 6408

Why are we back to Annie? No milk so far.

No. 6409

Agreed. Give it to the end of the day. If she can't provide proof by today we have proof she's lying and she'll be fair game. Until tomorrow let's not spend more time taking about her.

No. 6410


That post about the livejournal stalker seems pretty bonkers.

No. 6411

File: 1615427634250.jpeg (526.24 KB, 1800x1601, 454542DA-DDD0-42BC-9E2D-895E36…)

I just heard about this site and spent the last three hours reading almost every thread. And I do have a favorite character in this series.


I just discovered Madelyn groupie hoe 2.0. >>1154757 And I just can’t…! I can’t stop laughing!!(Dawn)

No. 6412

Omg here we go again…. it seems like maybe they could be indirects towards Manson with the whole “soul” shit. Lmao(Dawn)

No. 6413

What does this have to do with the allegations?

No. 6414

She bit him back LOL.
That cock has been in more places than the corona virus.

No. 6415

Not the best way to impress him…too much red and not enough zombie.

No. 6416

Nothing at all but it deflects the attention from their favourite liar so they're going for it.

No. 6417

She did a YouTube video regarding the allegations and it’s not surprising why she stands with sleazy Manson. Just another groupie hoe that screwed him a couple of times, and so she probably thinks they’re “soulmates”. LOL(Dawn)

No. 6418

That doesn't qualify as content for these threads. Go post on twitter if you want to sperg out on someone

No. 6419

yeah, the fact he is still HIV-free contradicts principles of logic.

No. 6420

Oh look it's the flying monkeys and their smear and distraction campaign again. Give it a rest.

No. 6421


Dabbling in black magic must have its advantages.

No. 6422

Are you seriously so retarded that you think that everyone who doesn't believe her is working with or for Manson? Life must be quite simple for you.

No. 6423

Annie's mokey you mean?

No. 6424

7 PM and…nothing.

No. 6425


>“My body is your shrine”.

Someone help me! My stomach is hurting from laughing! These dumb ass hoes. Hahahahahahahah!!!(Dawn)

No. 6426

SHE STILL HAS 5 HOURS! Stop trying to undermine her. The flying monkey queen wouldn't let us down this time. Her entire credibility rests on her long promised proof coming to light. Yes yes she's made promises befire which she didn't follow through on but there was super secret reasons why! This time is for real. You'll see in less than 5 hours!
The manson stans are absolutely terrified of what is coming very shortly! You'll all see!

No. 6427

I bet Marilyn Manson hacked her macbook and changed the date to make it look like Tuesday. It's just the type of evil manipulation he'd do to try and make Annie Jackson look like a liar

No. 6428

guys, youre killing me.

No. 6429

top kek

No. 6430

File: 1615432939603.jpg (529.99 KB, 1381x1036, 2813.jpg)

What if Annies big reveal was an exclusive one-on-one with Oprah

No. 6431

check her insta.

No. 6432

LMFAO classic Annie Jackson. Always with the constant excuses. She's fucked herself by committing to a date because now she has to keep giving excuses as to why her golden tablets aren't yet ready to be seen. She should have not committed to anything and she'd have been able to keep luring the gullible along for months. I'm sure she'll learn for the next con job she pulls in a few years time

No. 6433

I may have been able to buy her excuse that Manson pulled this one article, but she can't explain how not a single news organisation has been unwilling to report of a single allegation of hers except the stupid LDR quip.
Media doesn't even need proof from victims to create headlines about reported abuse. Unless there was evidence to indicate an accuser may be lying, tabloids are going to run whatever they can to get those clicks. We've been putting all our hopes into a narcissist nobody

No. 6434

I believe her. Don’t care. I do. These things are way harder to navigate than some keyboard warrior can comprehend. Ashley Walters and ashley lindsay morgan followed her. Numerous recordings, support and more milk than most victims makes me believe that some people here are the ones she’s bitching about. It’s fucking retarded to assume everyone here is innocently sharing their opinion without bias.

No. 6435

Let me get this right. She claims she was raped by MM and she has hard evidence of this and other crimes. Evidence which will put him in jail. But because this apparent news article didn't get published this morning so she can show all her anonymous online supporters she considers just giving up?
What a cunt

No. 6436

You’re pathetic in your attempt to try and come off as a legitimate poster instead of someone from the MaNsOnHaShUmAnRiGhTsToO camp or her ex friends. Tarded ick groan with a side of kek.

No. 6437


Annie really gives way too much of a shit about the opinions of a few nobodies on the internet, and she shows it. I guess it's because they're the manifestation of the abuse/threats she endured from Brian, regardless of whether or not these people actually working for him. Her trauma is still deeply rooted in her experience with Brian and that's why she takes this so personally. I hope she can work through that.

Most reasonable people don't buy the whole multiple identity, scam artist narrative trying to be pushed by others, but anyway, here it comes…

No. 6438

She didn’t say she was giving up. If her abuse is as fresh as she claims, she’d be new to all this and would have to start from scratch. If the other victims took over a year to come out with just stories and one or two photos and Annie came out with recordings, texts and emails in the span of a month? Give me a break. Shit does happen. “Ok Annie” me all you want, it does. What she wrote was valid.

By the way, huffington post just annihilated 30% of their journalists in the US and closed down huffington post in Canada entirely in the last 48 hours. It’s reasonable to assume that’s who she was speaking to.

No. 6439

It's an open secret AA has been sickpuppeting posts in these threads
What do you expect? This is a woman who claims she was raped and than goes on to help him write a press statement to distance himself from ERWs allegations. She doesn't give a fuck about anyone else but herself. This is The Annie Show and we're all stars now.

No. 6440

I'm with you. Its not midnight yet mansonstans. She still has over 4 hours for her promised proof
Didn't ya mommas ever tell y'all not to count your chickens before they hatch

No. 6441

The only source of that press release claim is from Manson supporting pages so your bias and support for a rapist is showing.

No. 6442

She's being very tight lipped about the date but it's been narrowed down to having occurred at least 3 years ago. This is not new trauma for her.

No. 6443

It was actually taken from Annies admission on her instagram. She openly admitted to colluding with her alleged rapist to work on a press statement against ERW. Are you now suggesting mansonites are commandeering her profile?

No. 6444

Where is the proof of that aside from some badly made screenshots of a supposed account I could create in 2 seconds?

No. 6445

File: 1615434906425.jpg (813.19 KB, 1440x1935, Annie.jpg)

Annie posted on her profile she helped Manson with a statement supporting him against the abuse crimes. She since deleted it (why?) but she's left this up which references it. Go and check for yourself before she deletes this too(ban evasion)

No. 6446

samefagging but as someone is trying real hard to cover it up the direct link to her post which remains is
A backup url is https://smihub.com/c/7565345953108170152(ban evasion)

No. 6447

File: 1615435478002.jpg (170.44 KB, 1201x2069, screenshot.jpg)

Hey flying monkeys, the boss just messaged me. He likes how we're going. He'll PayPal us our rewards shortly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6448

Maybe the real milky retards are the friends we make along the way

No. 6449

can we NOW have a thread of Annie? this bitch has single handedly derailed the entire online focus on the alleged victims and made it all about herself, presented the stupidest fucking evidence only the dumbest of the dumb would beleive in and has now finally been caught out in her own hubris. This is more milky than anything else which passes for content here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6450

Why doesnt she name the publisher or ANYONE involved for me to call and corroborate? If she's even partially truthful why does so time and again comments to defy any common sense and present herself as a complete nutjob. Sorry but having a contact on your phone named "lawyer" as proof of your legal engagement is pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6451

My god you guys are awful. If you guys is even plural in this case. You’re exactly the fat keyboard types she’s talking about. Both Ashley’s just followed her. Coincidence? Fucking think not.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6452

The whole situation is really embarassing. What´s the point of attention whoring of this kind?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6453

That just looks worse for both of them. She is so toxic at this point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6454

So it's almost Thursday and as a recap we have
1. Another promise that proof will be delivered has gone broken
2. No proof Annie has ever had any physical contact with Manson
3. No proof the call recordings were even between Manson and Annie
4. No proof Manson or associates have hacked into Annies electronics systems
5. No proof Manson has caused Annie's friends to abandon her
6. No proof Manson or associates have spent months faking elaborate social media posts and accounts
7. No proof anyone other than Annie has loaded her instagram account with fake followers
8. No evidence anyone other than Annie drew a swastika on her own property
9. No police report filed to report Marilyn Manson having raped her
10. No police report filed to report Marilyn Manson having committed cyber security offences
11. No police report filed to report hate crimes committed on her property
12. No police report filed to report defamation and libel regarding these claimed false social media accounts and screenshots.
13. No police report filed for the alleged death threats and cyber bullying they claim to receive online

Have I forgotten anything?

No. 6455

Yeah these people posting on a gossip site angry at a woman who has lied about being raped by a man and damaging the reputation of victims worldwide are far worse than the false accuser herself. Smh

No. 6456

Followed by mansons former assistant who got this whole thing going and an ex gf who lived with him. Fuck of

No. 6457

And all of Phoenix act that tweeted about her ugh you guys (Mansonites) are sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6458

Yup. Don't these jabronies know that being instagram friends is all you need these days to obtain a rape conviction? Brian us going down baby

No. 6459

Demi Dahmer has come out to allege ERW grabbed his peepee. He's also posted video proof ERW privately messaged him on instagram. Seems like only female victims are given attention around her

No. 6460

>>6447 awesome, hope we get that starbucks gift card as a bonus like he promised.

>>6449 seconded!! I was disappointed it got locked when clearly some of us were ahead of her game.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6461

Its hilarious to know Demi has just as much evidence of his abuse as anyone else and any argument which tries to claim Annie and cohorts are still reliable plays right into his hand(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6462

File: 1615438574443.jpg (428.63 KB, 1377x909, dum dum dum.jpg)


No. 6463

File: 1615439403425.jpg (341.73 KB, 1080x1621, Screenshot_20210311-060731.jpg)

Still, there's publications out there willing to publish claims with little to no evidence. Why doesn't she push her story to them? She'll get the publicity she apparently is desperate to gain and she can save her evidence for court.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6464

Would whoever is spamming this thread shut the fuck up, you're not convincing anyone.

I want to know if anyone has a guess at what publication Annie could be referring to, recently bought out by a conglomorate and laying off staff?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6465

What is more telling is none of these tabloids mention Annie Jackson while at the same time publishing the accusations of ERW, Ashley, LoveBailey, Esme and everyone else who claimed they were touched backstage in the 90s.

Ffs publications like The Sun and the Daily Mail run articles on people claiming they were abducted by aliens but they won't touch Annies allegations which relate to a subject which was getting huge press attention at the time? Give me a break.

Let me guess she'll soon claim to have a falling out with this mysterious publisher which will be her excuse for yet again failing to provide any evidence. She'll claim to be stepping away from social media and will instead deal with it in court. By the time the court case come, Annie will be nowhere to be seen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6466

I have media contacts. If we can confirm or closely guess which publisher is (allegedly) working with her I'll be and to confirm if there any truth to it.

No. 6467

It's Huffington Post. Also ask if they knew that this was coming. Likely Annie knew and perfectly timed her fake expose for their shut down

No. 6468

As Admin posted before: this is not an Annie spergout thread. It's very obvious which posters in this thread are actual farmers and which aren't. Next bans will be permanent.

No. 6469

Honest question and please don't ban me for asking but if an accusor is found to be fraudulent how is that not a valid subject for discussion?

No. 6470

I know she's been working on something since December 2020.
I don't know when she started working with any particular publisher. She now claims to have been working with them for 5 weeks but less than 5 weeks ago she claimed she wasn't working with any media. Make of that what you will.
I'll report back what response I get from Huff Post(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6471

This thread is to discuss Manson, not sperg about his accusers. Since Annie can't be discussed without either side sperging - no.

No. 6472

File: 1615445726277.jpeg (433.19 KB, 1284x2172, BBA69546-DE1A-4C2A-8C37-2D0B1B…)

She was backed by his girlfriend of two years just now. Fuck off all of you for contributing and relishing in someone’s pain like this.(ignoring admin post)

No. 6473

Right. She timed it even before the journalists // employees did. Some of the found out via Twitter. GTFO.

No. 6474

Annie posting dumb shit, trying to discrete a real suicidal person due to the stress of stalking at her home recently. (Shut up, Courtlyn).

No. 6475

fucking hell can mods ban and delete any references to who know who. Allowing people to post the accusations s of a proven liar is just going to cause the naysayers to return arguing against it. Just ban it outright and let this thread actually focus on what it should

No. 6476

Not proven in the slightest. Can mods ban Annie posts unless they’re milky and also those who make baseless accusations against a victim who’s supported by Evan’s company and other victims? Kthx

No. 6477

SB 1141

No. 6478

Can mods ban supposedly silent suicidal victims who can’t afford to go public too to make them even more silent? Kthnx

No. 6479

This nonsense is never going to end unless there is a blanket ban against certain individuals. If such people provide proof then maybe it can be reviewed. This thread is a fucking disgrace

No. 6480

Proof against suicidal victims ? Stalking ?

No. 6481

Spot on. Its like someone mentioned it's become a doomsday cult at this point with the diehards just convinced beyond reason.

Bringing things back to earth, has there been any further reports or devopmemts in the fbi or police investigation?

No. 6482

I am suicidal and want my photo off this website NOW.

No. 6483

Imagine being such a narcissistic cunt you would rather reshare celebrity support and work on a Huff Post interview before filing a police report against a rapist and help prevent other victims falling prey. What a set of shameful priorities.

No. 6484

In Annie's head, anyone who disagrees with her is "hired" by Manson.

No. 6485

Or maybe she’s just still working with the authorities because the other victims had a year or two of a headstart? You do get that this is an investigation that involves all of them? and that filing an individual police report months or years after it happened with no way to prove the rape unless you have it on film would mean she would have to take a different approach? Esme went with human trafficking and she had every right to i ain’t criticizing.

But wtf what the actual blue fuck is this place if a victim who shared more than ALL OF THEM is the one who’s smeared the most and no one for all the realsies sees anything wrong with this? No one?

Y’all need help.

No. 6486

I have direct line to Attorney General. Delete my photo now. DCMA request in morning.

No. 6487

She literally hasn't made a police report. I won't beleive a word she says until she calls or walks into a police station to make that report. If you want justice you make a report. If you want attention and drama you don't make a report and soapbox from instagram.

No. 6488

And isn’t it hella fucking WEIRD that everyone’s claiming she’s a proven liar with no proof other than screenshots my retarded 47 year old computer illiterate ass could’ve made? If that’s what you call “proof” over her recordings then really that is actually comedy gold.

No. 6489

>1. Another promise that proof will be delivered has gone broken
>2. No proof Annie has ever had any physical contact with Manson
>3. No proof the call recordings were even between Manson and Annie
>4. No proof Manson or associates have hacked into Annies electronics systems
>5. No proof Manson has caused Annie's friends to abandon her
>6. No proof Manson or associates have spent months faking elaborate social media posts and accounts
>7. No proof anyone other than Annie has loaded her instagram account with fake followers
>8. No evidence anyone other than Annie drew a swastika on her own property
>9. No police report filed to report Marilyn Manson having raped her
>10. No police report filed to report Marilyn Manson having committed cyber security offences
>11. No police report filed to report hate crimes committed on her property
>12. No police report filed to report defamation and libel regarding these claimed false social media accounts and screenshots.
>13. No police report filed for the alleged death threats and cyber bullying they claim to receive online

No. 6490

Can everyone just shut the fuck about her. Shes done. There's no coming back for her after this many failed promises. The manson fans have won that one.
Can we please for the love of fucking God move on and keep this thread about the actual accusers for a change

No. 6491

I think if people removed Manson from the equation they’d have an easier time with this. Faking a Facebook page is easy. Faking hours of footage of someone famous isn’t. Being supported by legitimate people involved like victims and the organization that helps them is impossible to fake. So you’re telling me I’m supposed to doubt this girl who had a stage name at 19 or w/e who someone is accusing of writing things that doubt even read like her writing over ……..actual evidence?

You can whine and kek all you want but y’all newfags need a new hobby because being cautious is one thing but believing screenshots that can be faked over someone with legit evidence and support? You’re actually not that dumb are you?

This place has turned into a shitpile

No. 6492

>B-b-but she has screenshots of Manson sending her an SMS. You can't fake that.
Except it's unbelievable easy to do.
It's quire fascinating to see just how much people are willing to beleive suspicious 'evidence' because it validates their own prejudices. The similarities with those on flat earth fb groups is quite startling.

No. 6493

File: 1615451191942.jpeg (605.02 KB, 1536x2048, 2E01071C-8A44-4FC2-8203-2F05DB…)

No. 6494

>1. Another promise that proof will be delivered has gone broken - like she said, you couldn’t wait for this. I’ll give you this, she’s dumb for ever talking about it and giving a prospective date. But these things happen
>2. No proof Annie has ever had any physical contact with Manson - we know why. She explained why. Her recordings would be enough proof considering she’s supported by the org that guides them all and gives them legal rep
>3. No proof the call recordings were even between Manson and Annie - you’re another this retarded are you? and I feel like I don’t even want to read the rest based on this point alone
>4. No proof Manson or associates have hacked into Annies electronics systems - you don’t know that. You expect her to share that on Insta? What is wrong with you?
>5. No proof Manson has caused Annie's friends to abandon her - how is this even a legitimate point? This is a joke lmfaooo
>6. No proof Manson or associates have spent months faking elaborate social media posts and accounts - no proof she spent months making these either
>7. No proof anyone other than Annie has loaded her instagram account with fake followers - no proof she did it either. See how this works?
>8. No evidence anyone other than Annie drew a swastika on her own property - no proof she did it either.
>9. No police report filed to report Marilyn Manson having raped her - you must be a dude. 100% a dude in fact.
>10. No police report filed to report Marilyn Manson having committed cyber security offences - they’re still gathering evidence. There’s no proof of human trafficking other than Esme’s and other victims word yet Annie is attacked?
>11. No police report filed to report hate crimes committed on her property - this is the same point as the swastika one unless I missed another hate crime post
>12. No police report filed to report defamation and libel regarding these claimed false social media accounts and screenshots.- no police report from mansons camp to accuse her of libel either
>13. No police report filed for the alleged death threats and cyber bullying they claim to receive online - she posted proof of them. She’s not gonna file a report for every social media threat she gets. That would probably be a full time job thanks to psychos like you.

No. 6495

It’s interesting you’d rather believe screenshots even I could fake than actual recordings that she handed over. There is no way in hell the Phoenix act staff would keep showing support if she held it back from them lmfao

No. 6496

I really really hope the patriot act women have confirmed annies story before getting so close with her. If annie is lying is shreds any credibility the patriot act may have.

No. 6497

“Patriot” act. Kek.

It’s been 7 weeks. They’re not dumb. Of course they have.

No. 6498

The "flying monkeys" are back

No. 6499

You really ought to consider trying out for the olympics with the amount of mental gymnastics you've pulled off there lol

No. 6500

>Let me guess she'll soon claim to have a falling out with this mysterious publisher which will be her excuse for yet again failing to provide any evidence. She'll claim to be stepping away from social media and will instead deal with it in court. By the time the court case come, Annie will be nowhere to be seen
I'd put good money on exactly this happening. Shes done a good job trying to grift people this long but enough have now woken up to the smell of bullshit. She's going to make up some excuse to no longer be posting constant updates which the brain dead will lap up

No. 6501

You mean Phoenix Act.

No. 6502

File: 1615453497667.jpg (365.33 KB, 1439x1282, 2817.jpg)

I wish she would just post her video and fuck off. We all know that's all she has against him and everything else is just a pathetic circus show to get attention.
Do your thing, move on and let the other women who were actually abused have the spotlight in confronting their abuser.
I'm real tired of this nauseating look-at-me narcissism.

No. 6503

I just wanted to post here before mods finally nuke this shithole.
Hi mom!

No. 6504

It's officially past midnight in Canada now. I was hoping she may have still posted something as proof. I have to admit I'm pretty hurt though I have no right to be. I really wanted to believe in her and it hurts to be lied to about something so serious. Can we not let this one person try and tarnish the reputation of the other accusers.

No. 6505

Hella weird. A few days ago Annie posted on her story someone mansplained rape to her and now the article won't be published? Is there a connection or am I just paranoid

No. 6506

File: 1615462813898.jpg (698.58 KB, 1439x1954, scr.jpg)

Something isn't adding up for me.
We've been told the article has been finished as it was ready to be published last Friday but it was held off at the last second because the news doesn't like to drop these type of articles on a Friday (??? - source: http://www.slaybrams.com). This means all the interviews, fact checking, running by the legal department, etc would have all been done.
Sometime between Friday and Tuesday night, BHW has suddenly been successful in having the article postponed (how did he know?) through "intimidation, defamation and […] victim shaming".
Uh what? How does BHW having a tantrum stop a new organization from publishing an article which has been thoroughly investigated, corroborated and fact checked? Truth is an absolute defense to libel.

Since ERW named BHW as her abuser, HuffPost alone has published 12 articles on MM all going into details about the accusations (source: https://www.huffpost.com/entertainment/topic/marilyn-manson).
Obviously none of these articles - all incredibly damaging to BHW - were prevented from going out.

It's quite unsettling for me to now hear her complete downplay the article ever coming out. There is a 0% chance a company, already well reported as going through financial restructure, having sunk the costs into a finished product would simply just delete it and not propose to release it at a later date very shortly

I want to be a believer but I am really struggling to make sense of her story on this.

No. 6507


She has provided jack shit. There isn't a single photo of them together. The audios sound fuck all like him. I interacted with her a few times when she was Lola Skye, back in 2007/2008. She's always been like this, a nutcase crying for attention. I'm not a Manson fan so don't even go there. But I'm fucking sick of Annie's bullshit. She's just going to make it harder for real victims to be believed in the future.

No. 6508

Lol, someone dropped a conspicuous photo of Manson that doesn’t appear to be posted anywhere. He apparently never went to rehab. I also see him on his fakes posting.

Annie is in contact with Manson still. You’re all probably being duped.(Dawn)

No. 6509

I just don’t get it and why she would reveal information about him - like admitting how he goes and uses ‘middle men’, and then the text message with Evan’s pic. I mean I just don’t get it, unless it’s a tactic where she had to reveal info as a way to gain trust so maybe other people would reveal stuff to her regarding Manson. I don’t know…(Dawn)

No. 6510


She did say he has people like Leslee Lane forward messages to certain accounts. Maybe that’s what’s happening here and messages are being forwarded to her. That’s the reason I think she’s still in contact with him.(Dawn)

No. 6511

Hmm, the only way it would make sense for her to still work for him would be by making all victims lose credibility, duping even the Phoenix act people… To achieve that something got to give, so leaking stuff that makes MM appear like an ass but helping to clear him as a rapist. Not saying I believe that, unsure…

No. 6512

Pretty much like with Lindsay's boobs pic, we won't learn who dropped the pic. My bet the pic is not recent, I don't see the good old triple chin.
I don't understand why admins won't check some posters. It's been confirmed Manson/his sockpuppets and Annie/her sockpuppets are posting itt. I would love to know who posted what, including Lindsay and Manson pics. Their messages need to be marked.

No. 6513

You’re right, that could be it. I don’t know… I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.
Another thing to think about is why would Manson & his corroborates seem to be going thru so much trouble working overtime to make her look bad?

Also, Manson is a real stupid ass to think just because he uses ‘middle men’ to do his dirty work that he won’t be held accountable.(Dawn)

No. 6514

Her posting incriminating information (if you can even call it that—most of the evidence she's posted just makes him look like an asshole, not a criminal) about him could work in his favor if it eventually comes to light that she's lying. It makes other victims look guilty too because her story lines up with some of theirs, e.g. the anti-semitism, blackmail and death threats, multiple forms of abuse. There are hundreds of reasons why she could be doing this other than being an actual victim, which is unlikely at this point, but I doubt she's working for him because of the lengths his camp has went to to discredit her.

No. 6515

Take my photo off this website now, I am suicidal and have been since Illma Gore. Thank you.

No. 6516

File: 1615482997692.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.32 KB, 1024x768, CAE90AB7-9135-4A86-9934-0BC155…)

Please mods take my photo off this website. I am suicidal and have been since I met with Illma Gore thank you.

No. 6517

Ok. These pics you've posted are from 2014.
Who are you?
Tell us about Illm Gore.
And tell us about Manson too.

No. 6518

Exactly. As long as there is something linking him to these middle men…


And this…
> I doubt she's working for him because of the lengths his camp has went to to discredit her.

I agree. It doesn’t make sense to go to such great lengths if there wasn’t something more to this. But rather than making false allegations on them, he’s using social media outlets to to say derogatory things to make her look bad. Just like Evan with the Hitler stuff.

I doubt his accusers are going to post the real incriminating stuff right now. They wanna be heard so they give bits and pieces of it. But it makes hard for people to know what’s what without seeing the whole picture.(Dawn)

No. 6519

Please take my photo down from this website. I am a suicidal mom who lost her his this week due to stalking and stress off being posted from this website.

No. 6520

Please take my photo down from this website. I am a suicidal mom. Thank you.

No. 6521

Guess you should have made your kid a priority rather than Manson (who’s married might I add).(Dawn)

No. 6522

Take my photo off this website. I have never met Manson.

No. 6523

File: 1615484675032.jpeg (214.4 KB, 1280x960, F77B9A22-347E-4134-9442-F32DB2…)

Take all mentions of me and this photo off of this website immediately.

No. 6524

Take all mentions of me and all mentions of me off this website. I met with Illma over stalking from this website only.

No. 6525

Mods take all photos off NOW.

No. 6526

You are probably a troll. A silly one if you can't see that's not mods are talking to you.
You say you have never met him and then you post not recent but new pics of him.
Are you that anon who promised to kill themselves on Monday?

It's likely Illma used to post here too. You shouldn't have talked to her.

No. 6527


Take my fucking photos down. I didn’t ask for a therapy session. I have nothing to do with this nor care. Take them down, all mentions, now. I will confirm from my Instagram if someone sends me a dm.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6528

I am not a mod, go to meta and ask for admin or farmhands there. Some therapy would have helped you though, and some basic logic course.

No. 6529

So you post more photos while asking for it be removed. Makes sense.

It’s a gossip site, I doubt they’ll take them down.

No. 6530

By engaging in gossip this website violates several copyright laws of private individuals.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6531

Engaging in illegal activity by getting a victim to further identify themselves in ways they cannot afford.

No. 6532

He’s been adopted out.

No. 6533

Fr you'd think Huffington Post US would publish it if it has been so well researched and it's such a timely piece. I'm withholding support for her until things are more clear. All we know is she has recordings of someone who sounds like drunk Manson (and there are appa that can imitate celebrity voices) and her claims. I want to believe victims and I believe the others but there's something very off about her…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6534

Ffs stop focusing on some dumb gossip site and think about getting your real life in order. It's very sad what you've gone through but getting your photos off here won't help anything. If your aon was taken away it's because of something you've been doing/not doing in your real life. No judge is looking at lolcow and deciding who is a good mom based on what photos are posted here. Get a grip.

No. 6535

Someone off here contacted my family and they thought it was real, dipshits.

No. 6536

It’s listed on the reason of why he was taken and adopted out. The online harassment.

No. 6537

I was directed to this website by an individual who thought I really needed to read it.

I’m a woman from Romania. I think I was being sex trafficked by MM. I was told by this individual he specifically likes to target girls of foreign countries.

When he was on tour I was receiving DMs from all kinds of accounts of strange men who were all simulating conversations I had with from other accounts , so it made me think I was talking to the same person, but I realize now I wasn’t.

There was one man in particular who told me he worked in the music industry for over 20 years. At first he asked me if I would spend time with someone, then he changed it to asking if I would spend the night with someone. I was disgusted and angry that he was asking for sex. I felt completely insulted because I’m not the kind of woman. I think I was being sex trafficked.(Dawn)

No. 6538

From people like YOU.

No. 6539

Contact Illma Gore from the Phoenix Act.

Who the fuck thinks lolcow can help ppl with that?

No. 6540

Illma couldn’t help against this website.

No. 6541

Stop posting my photos places.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6542

I am actually and truly suicidal of this website getting in my business gossiping about a person that has nothing to do with me.

No. 6543

It definitely sounds like you were being solicited for sex and possible trafficking. I would contact law enforcement.(Dawn)

No. 6544

Your photo was posted 10 months ago >>957915 and suddenly it’s a problem? If someone is making shit up about you, your issue is with that person not a website.

You lost custody due in part to online harassment? I doubt a judge can hold that against you, that’s out of your control. Generally, you loose custody due to neglect or abuse and you have parental rights to fight it. Something bigger is going on here and it seems you want to blame lolcow.

No. 6545

Farmhand, are you sure it's Dawn?

Is it also Dawn?

No. 6546

This website offered a platform for that person to post defamatory statements, so yes it is in the eyes of the law, their responsibility also. I didn’t know it was posted, but someone contacted my family and told them about it, and they never asked me, they just assumed and then asked for a prior judgement awarding me custody against abusive person to be reversed. I have no parental rights and the judge ruled in that favor. They even leaked my email, phone number, to my abuser after someone posted this photo and there’s nothing I can do.

No. 6547

>This website offered a platform for that person to post defamatory statements, so yes it is in the eyes of the law, their responsibility also.

I guess all gossip forums should be shut down then, good luck with that.

>and they never asked me

It sounds like you need an attorney for due process. Afaik, your email and phone number wasn’t leaked here.

No. 6548

File: 1615497313217.jpeg (366.79 KB, 1242x2156, 1E7B3112-112B-4DE2-BF23-B778D7…)

No. 6549

File: 1615497646324.png (816.24 KB, 1312x647, B397284E-8108-4340-B9BD-7C2C33…)

No. 6550

Jesus girl calm down this is lolcow your life and reputation are not ruined because of some stupid imageboard.

No. 6551

File: 1615497742538.png (904.05 KB, 1242x2688, 1DDC1EA2-8B66-4587-B148-73980D…)

Why would Kiwi Farms mess with someone who has access to Attorney General and the governor of three states.

No. 6552



No. 6553


You haven't a clue what you are talking about. This site won't be taken down and neither will any post or screenshot, picture etc.
People here know what they are doing in that regard. Log off, sort your life out do something more productive than sperging out at an image board.
Your stupid demands won't get you anywhere and you can email who you want. And as for threatening suicide? Pretty weak move. Go seek help instead of trying that shit on a bunch of strangers who don't give a rat's ass.

No. 6554

How is that related to Manson?
Just get lost, Aussie Guevara, nobody cares.

No. 6555

Exactly, do they think they’re the first person to bitch about gossip here? Lolcow has been around for years, they couldn’t operate unless they had legalities covered.


Let me get this straight. You lost custody because someone posted your pic here liked by Manson and claimed you’re now being harassed by Manson, then later leaked your personal info to the abusive father. Someone showed a family member this forum and since the judge never asked your side, nor did you seem to fight it legally, it’s all lolcow’s fault? It doesn’t add up. Fighting to get your kid back should be your first priority, not threatening copyright infringement.

No. 6556

Call a suicide hotline, get help, and work on regaining custody. It’s not a lost cause, you can win back parental rights.

Reposting public pics is not illegal.

No. 6557

Back to the topic. Have you ever met Manson? Why was he liking your pics?

No. 6558

Lolcow is not based in the United States. I don’t know the specific legalities but obviously they would have been shut down a long time ago if what they’re doing is illegal.

> I cannot regain custody. He has been adopted out. I cannot win back parental rights.

Why is that? It had to be serious if the court terminated all rights.

No. 6559

My guess she's got some mental instability and/or drug issues. And she dated Manson.

No. 6560

Why would Manson liking your pic be of concern for custody? Your attorney didn’t dispute it?

No. 6561

Can this discussion please be moved elsewhere. May I suggest /meta.

No. 6562

Log off, call your dr, and get some help to get stable. Making a scene here isn't going to help you.

No. 6563

I know how custody disputes work. If you're talking about an international custody dispute where your son already had habitual residence in the U.S and you want to move him to where you are, then yes you will lose custody of him. I know of women who make the choice to stay in foreign countries to be with their children, for a mother they lose no matter what in these situations and I have a lot of sympathy for you. I think it's best we stop responding to you, not being rude, but you're wasting your time here. Go focus on rebuilding your life, see a dr about your suicidal thoughts, and keep away from gossip sites like this.

No. 6564

Quit feeding the sperg.

No. 6565

File: 1615503538694.jpg (18.56 KB, 390x445, selfie.jpg)

To whom it shall concern,

My name is Brian Warner. You may know as an actor from some of your favorite TV shows. I've also dabbled in other performing arts.

It has come to my attention that this internet website has posted a number of photographs and slanderous commentary about me.

I kindly request such materials be immediately removed from your repository before I have my hand forced to take more serious action.

I am thankful for your co-operation on this matter.

Brian H(e double hockey sticks) Warner

No. 6566

Dear Mr Warner,

We have received your email and someone will get back to you within the next 9-10 months.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out again.

Advocate Esquire III.

No. 6567

File: 1615508836301.jpg (105.37 KB, 1439x296, 06268h.jpg)

This is too good. The goobers over at /r/marilyn_manson are displaying their high IQs again

No. 6568

File: 1615509079611.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210311-192036.png)

Hoping this is okay to post because it could potentially involve MM. Also tinfoil.

In Annies new post and stories, she is reading hate mail she supposedly got from people, but I couldn't help but notice that her computer is not even turned on. (Look in the reflection of her glasses)

What if she was working for MM and that was a intentional move to futher discredit her and therefore all victims?

If not, then she is an absolute lunatic

No. 6569

For the love of Sonny & Cher can we not mention this person at all. This thread goes apeshit every god damn time. Unless they ever present some legitimate evidence to back up anything they have so say they should be completely ignored here.
There's enough trash filling these threads up ad it is without piling more on.

No. 6570

Even though I was sure she was lying, seeing this is still like a punch in the guts. The comp is truly off, the reflection in her sunglasses couldn`t be clearer…

No. 6571


I watched the video. The computer is off.
She's making it all up.
Do the Phoenix act people buy her bs?

No. 6572

File: 1615512313228.jpeg (192.85 KB, 1152x1090, 06579738-BCB7-4216-A017-970CE6…)

>therefore all victims?

Why would her being discredited reflect on all victims? If they show support it’s because they’ve been abused themselves and inclined to believe someone who also claims to be a victim and showed some proof (audio).

No. 6573

That's the thing. There is no way the Phoenix women wouldn't know if she was lying, yet ERW constantly reposts Annie, Esme has given her a shout and the Ashleys and Illma are all following her.
The Pheonix Act is a hugely ambitious project attempting to change laws across the nation. There is no chance they would jeopardize its success at the expense of making one 'victim' feeling welcomed. If Annie is lying the entire cohort involved with Phoenix would be equally discredited, not to mention the worldwide discrediting which would undermine victims everywhere who would face more skepticism. There are serious implications involved.

No. 6574

wtf. youre right, the screen is totally black. i believed her when she first came out, but with every next IG post she was becoming less trustworthy. At thist point, I´m convinced she is a total smaghead lusting after attention and compassion of internet strangers or is somehow involved in helping him to deal with this shit. Not choosing a straightforward way of defending him, but more elaborate, obviously. Too many red flags.

No. 6575

It discredit Annie, not the other victims. She does have a talent at finding excuses for everything under the sun.

No. 6576

Annie and Phoenix are one and the same at this point. Annie being proven a liar discredits any legitimacy Phoenix has.

No. 6577

They could`ve been fooled like a shitload of other persons though, it`s really disgusting from her…

No. 6578

How are they one and the same? They show support for someone who claims to be a victim.

No. 6579

By choosing to be so close with Annie and sharing content between each other on instagram, they have merged Phoenixs credibility with Annie's. If you want to change laws and want people to take yet-unproven allegations by women seriously you do not put a liar up as one of your examples. There is no way they didn't research and confirm her story before letting her in. if (big if) Annie is lying, Phoenix knew and still decided to proceed with her. This would be proof Phoenix is acting dishonestly and will use lies to achieve its goals

No. 6580


Wtf no they aren't lol, good one Brian. I see what you're trying to do there.

No. 6581

That's a good point. they have either chosen to use Annie without doing any research or they have done it knowingly. Why would anyone trust a campaign which engages in either?

No. 6582

Here we go. The flying monkeys are here again. They know Annies name is mud and now they're desperate to try and salvage the phoenix act which employs fakes and dirty tricks to get what it wants

No. 6583

The audio recordings seem to be Manson though.
Just compare them to some videos of him talking.
Whether he was talking to her, I can't say.

No. 6584

No, Annie does, not the Pheonix Act, stop merging both together. She isn't the fucking founder of that act.

No. 6585

It shows the phoenix act has relied on the testimony of abused women to push its agenda. If any of the women they've chosen to be their testimony is found to be fraudulent the entire operation and credibility is gone. If Annies testimony is false is Evans as well? Esme's?

No. 6586

are you stupid? No one said Annie is a founder.

No. 6587

Got dropped on your head when you were a toddler? people act as if cause if she's discredited then supposedly the whole Phoenix Act is going down and it's not.

No. 6588

Looks like ERW is in a pickle.
She either needs to come out and disown Annie as a fraud to salvage her and the Phoenux Act reputation or double down and sink everything.
But if she takes the first option she just further proves 'victims' without hard evidence should never be taken at their word age cancelling anybody on unproven allegations is unacceptable.
What a mess they've caused for themselves

No. 6589

It’s definitely Annie talking if you compare to her recent video reading messages.

How would the Phoenix Act know she’s lying when she posted audio and texts? The Phoenix Act is involved because Illma Gore follows Annie and Evan posted the Lana Del Rey article?

No. 6590

ERW has banked her reputation on Annie.
Either she is incredibly stupid or she's been playing dirty tricks the entire time

No. 6591

Go read the past 4 thread. It has been a consensus here the Phienix Act would have confirmed Annies story before supporting her. Either you're stupid or a troll

No. 6592

How did Evan bank her entire reputation on Annie when she doesn’t follow her, the Phoenix Act doesn’t follow her, and she only posted a single article pertaining to Annie?

No. 6593

It's been very well documented here that the women in phoenix has given and continue to provide their support and backing of Annies claims. Stop arguing because you don't like the truth and go look for yourself.

No. 6594

Is the Phoenix Act the new Nayirah testimony? Did Manson also turn off the life support machines of hundreds of innocent babies?

No. 6595

If Annie is lying, shame on her. Not the Phoenix Act and people who believe her because she posted audio and text.

No. 6596

If you want people to trust you and pusg for people to believe victims prior to evidence being made, maybe you shouldn't use a compulsive liar as one of your examples? Either Evan is unbelievably stupid or she was willing to do unethical things to get what she wanted

No. 6597

File: 1615515566424.jpg (200.27 KB, 2717x1817, Ray_charles0.jpg)

BREAKING NEWS: The Phoenix Act have named their first eyewitness to give testimony in the trial against Marilyn Manson.

No. 6598

File: 1615517238012.jpeg (148.27 KB, 682x300, C0816519-D8B2-4B29-9561-1378D0…)

Y’all are blind. If you zoom in and increase exposure and brightness you can see the white line (I assume tbe messages) move. It’s what it looks like in dark mode. If the sun is behind her or hitting the screen and she is trying to save the battery by decreased brightness then it makes sense it wouldn’t show on those type of reflective high contrast lenses. Some folks see a conspiracy in everything. It’s probably why she removed her shades because she probably couldn’t properly read it.

And you are mind numbing me with your excuses. You’re making her out to be this super haXX0rz who can fool an org like PA that’s working with FBI. Just because she’s not sharing all information with you doesn’t make her out to be a liar. I’m sorry I’m siding with the victims and orgs that support her instead of counting on some shitty screenshots to be accurate. Your stretch would make my yoga teacher blush with envy.

No. 6599

File: 1615517278501.jpg (568.91 KB, 2114x1158, mfw.jpg)

No. 6600

Good for you. I'm going to give my support to organizations which don't use liars and false testimony. Shocking stance I know.

No. 6601

File: 1615517884219.jpg (283.15 KB, 1440x2357, ENHANCE.jpg)

If you zoom in further it looks like Marilyn Manson is standing behind her. His face is cut off at the rim of the glassed

No. 6602

File: 1615518178093.jpg (243.15 KB, 1440x1616, ZOOM.jpg)

My dad helped but the Hubble telescope so I've used some of the things laying around the house to conduct a scientific analysis if the image.
We can see clearly on the shirt of the mysterious figure there is a swastika. There is only one man evil enough to who wear a black shirt with a swastika.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6603

File: 1615518235326.jpeg (798.83 KB, 3072x3072, 7D22D97F-D095-4D85-A869-1627E8…)

You literally see the black window that’s open. Black, straight, window. That never moves. That’s not her reflection and you’re ridiculously desperate to believe it. By that logic, the phone she’s using to record the whole thing is off then too when it should be very bright because the video is bright. You can on occasion see slight movements on her phone but most of the time it’s black too. It’s the sunglasses, filter and brightness outside.

No. 6604

The top left behind the black window looks like Facebook too. There’s a blue hue. They’re desperate.

No. 6605

File: 1615518686178.jpg (67.52 KB, 386x376, stinky man.jpg)

We're onto something here. I'm a digital forensic investigator and I've zoomed in on the screen. The laptop I definitely turned off but most surprisingly if you look carefully you can see in the distant background a sasquatch causally walking by her house

No. 6606

The laptop is most definitely not turned off and you’re fucking blind if you can’t see a clear window and what looks like Facebook behind it. You need to have your eyes checked. This is what makes it so blatantly obvious that it’s mansonites just desperate to believe something without any room for explanations. I used be a photographer before I had kids and some lessons in light would do some of you well.

No. 6607

File: 1615518912048.jpeg (611.86 KB, 1353x1590, 81B59597-41B5-4535-A959-667233…)

She’s claiming Callum Keith Rennie is a witness to some of this.

No. 6608

She is outside in the sun with sunglasses on. Have you ever tried using your phone outside when the brightness is turned down? You can't see a thing!

How long before she posts more made up emails on IG to prove they were real being that she basically lives on this thread.

No. 6609

listen lady I work in forensics and I personally helped establish the realistic procedures you see in episodes of N.C.I.S. the monitor is obviously not displaying text but I think you're forgetting the most important thing here. Annie is living next door to a freaking big foot!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6610

Okay I was convinced that this was a turned off screen but this screenshot made me want to double check. I checked the actual YouTube video instead because the quality is better. That’s definitely an opened window with I think Facebook behind it. It’s more obvious at the beginning when she first turns it on till the camera adjusts. She shouldn’t have used a filter that increases contrast so much because it does look dark at first glance. But the computer is on no doubt about it.

No. 6611

Yeah it’s why she took her glasses off probably because it was hard to read. This is how ridiculous some of you sound. You’d believe she learned all this text by heart instead of just looking at the screen and doing a bit of tweaking to see that the computer is in fact on but it’s in dark mode.

No. 6612

There were several photos of her and Callum before she deleted a bunch on her Instagram but I think there’s still some and he follows her. Callum worked on californication. Same as Manson just different seasons.

No. 6613

File: 1615519659247.jpg (10.66 KB, 300x225, a97b6e.jpg)

Nonnas bifocles have spoken! Let it be known the computer is ON!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6614

Must be weird being such a sycophant. I didn’t even believe it was on until that last screenshot made me take another look on YouTube instead. Only fair to admit when I’m wrong regardless of what I think of her.

No. 6615

Now THIS is valuable. If we can message him and have him confirm her claims it goes a tremendous way to showing Annie may be truthful.
I'm a huge Annie sceptic but I'll follow wherever the evidence is and if this can be confirmed it may be a bombshell(cowtipping)

No. 6616

File: 1615520047829.jpeg (217.9 KB, 697x1355, 3F348251-290F-4912-84C9-97AF89…)

No. 6617

File: 1615520598394.jpeg (957.89 KB, 3072x3072, 8319BFDF-1C20-43A1-9A89-E19833…)

Both of his accounts liked her post where she named Manson her rapist.

No. 6618

That's not evidence though. Dozens of people liked those comments.
If he can confirm he spoke with Annie and he witnessed for himself M acting like a turd towards her that is really going to help with her credibility. Its not proof of her rape allegation but it gives some minor support for her

No. 6619

Going out of his way to like it with both of his accounts, still following her after she just said he was present for that and clearly knowing her well? Yeah I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume she didn’t just pull this out of her ass and risk a decently long friendship in the industry.

No. 6620

It proves Callum supports her.
If she’s blatantly lying about him talking to Manson I doubt he’d allow her to write it or keep the blog post up. An actor to put his name and reputation on the line to support Annie is big.

No. 6621

And probably one of the corroborators she’s speaking of in that video.

No. 6622

It proves nothing for obvious reasons.
If she's lying she's taken a huge gamble putting a famous name to quantifiable actions which he can disprove. Hopefully he can say something (that isn't a screencap by Annie) where he can vouch for this happening.

No. 6623

Not disputing her claim is also proof, why would he allow such an outrageous lie to continue?

No. 6624

That's what I find so great. Annie has finally done something that another independent party can confirm or deny.
We have nothing to indicate he is aware of her claim on the website so his silence doesn't mean anything. Hopefully he becomes aware of it at some point and can make a brief statement confirming.

No. 6625

>Not disputing her claim is also proof, why would he allow such an outrageous lie to continue?
That's not how proof works honey

No. 6626

Exactly. I love how some people naively assume that all evidence is supposed to just drop all at once. Sexual assault cases especially in large numbers take a long time to process. If there’s new victims with new evidence coming in like in Annie’s case then it would add to the investigation and growing evidence. Her naming Callum was probably a big move for her if not a desperate one because she seems really low.

No. 6627

I really hope he can come through for her because she's running on empty and has burnt a lot of people's patience

No. 6628

So Callum has to independently make a statement even though she tagged him in the post, he liked her rape accusations from two accounts, and follows her to believe it? The post has been up for 7 hours, he’d have to be blind not to see her blog post.

I’d like to hear his side too but unless she takes the blog post down or he disputes her claims I’m gonna go on a limb and believe it.

No. 6629

why did she name someone but go put it on her blog. Why not post part of it on instagram and @ him?
Unless he comments to confirm this looks like yet another big fat lie

No. 6630

Because her IG posts were being taken down she mostly writes on her blog now. She did @ him. >>6607

No. 6631

Assuming you're not stupid, if I go post on Twitter and @TomHanks saying we had a wonderful romance last night, by him not responding and independently confirming my story you will go out on a limb and believe.
Just admit you don't care for evidence and beleive in what makes you feel good instead(ban evading retard)

No. 6632

File: 1615524234664.jpeg (941 KB, 3072x3072, 6CC2BC1F-78BF-4C32-ABF2-1B5DF1…)

He liked the new post that literally talks about him you dimwit

No. 6633

Except Callum has already shown support and obviously knows Annie. If he confirms her story all the better but she’s not pulling this out of the blue.

No. 6634

Show me where Callum has shown he is aware of her retarded story?
Someone liking an instagram post isn't proof you dumb shit.

No. 6635

I…….lmfaoooooo I don’t even know how to answer this dumb comment. An actor wouldn’t risk his career liking a post that mentions him and links to a blog entry that has four paragraphs on him. This is autism at its peak omfg

No. 6636

Didn't we go through this just yesterday? Annie is a proven fraud who has failed to deliver on every promise she has ever made. Can we actually use this thread for the purpose it was created. Why the fuck are the mods continuing to allow these autists to keep arguing the same shit everyday?(ban evading sperg)

No. 6637

She literally thanks him for not just the support but “permission” in that very post’s description you fucking retard.

No. 6638

What is wrong with this woman? Why is she so desperate for attention? Even if some actor spoke with Brian on the phone it doesn't prove a single thing she's claimed. She's just throwing out nonsense to distract people. Is she was actually raped she needs to get some professional help and stop putting herself into these positions for public ridicule.

No. 6639

She’s not a proven fraud in the slightest.


Audio and possibly video footage she hinted at. Posted ten mins of it. Evidently there’s more.

Texts, emails and DM’s from official accounts that could easily be disproven by those who are investigating it.

Support from Phoenix act and a few victims like Esme, both of the Ashley’s, Louise’s, and even Evan who founded PA and has shared two stories that linked to articles about Annie’s leaks

Phoenix is clearly working together with the FBI on these investigations so to think that they wouldn’t look into this is asinine.

Support from an actor who worked on the same show as Manson and they probably met at Californication related parties. Callum was the main male actor in a movie with Evan Rachel Wood that’s not even that old.

The Mansonites:

Screenshots that can be faked by a 3rd grader and those “posts” do sound like someone doing a poor attempt at writing like her. It’s sus af that a lot of them start with something like tHiS iS oNlY vIsIbLe To My PrIvAtE LiSt yawn and fuck off how predictable are you?

Alleged photoshopped images of Annie with celebrities

Annie had a stage name when she was in her late teens and a temporary name in her mid 20s till she settled on a name tied to her family which she claims was anglicized. Fair enough, my Jewish grandma did that too. And guess what? Mansons real name ain’t Marilyn Manson lmfao

……..zzz if you’re asking me which of the above I’d rather believe, I’m gonna go with Annie even if she’s a fucking mess. If her trauma is that recent I’m ok giving her a pass for a bit.

No. 6640

Mansonites: Callum hasn’t even liked her new post and probably hasn’t seen it there’s no way he would approve

Mansonites after Callum acknowledges her post: wHy DoEs ShE wAnT aTtEnTiOn?!1!?

No. 6641

Fact: Annie has not posted a single piece of evidence supporting her rape claim
Fact: antis hasn't posted a single piece of evidence proving she's lied
We all know by know who beleives and who doesn't. No one gives a shit about your opinion. Can we let this subject fucking drop and focus on manson milk

No. 6642

By that logic, none of the victims have. The ones who dated him openly have that going for them as an advantage because it’s known. It doesn’t disprove Annie or any other victim who happened to have a brief thing or straight fucking rape. The vast majority of rape cases can’t be proven without a rape kit or a tape. All a victim can do in that case is provide evidence like recordings and paper trails of which Annie has plenty if not more than most of them. To say she has no evidence is a bit unfair when along with the tapes and messages, she has the support of those who could dismiss her or disprove her in a second. No one would allow for her to keep spewing this without stepping in to tear her a new one.

No. 6643

Just going to step outside of the echo chamber for a second to say that I believe her fully and my heart breaks for her because her trauma is so recent. I really don’t want to get banned but reading some of this is sad because some of these Mansonites are blatantly obsessed then pull away and say I’m totes not a mansonite.

I don’t care how messy she is, if her trauma is so recent and she’s provided so much more than anyone thus far evidence-wise, I’m okay to forgive the blemishes in her approach. I’m amazed she hasn’t gone 2007 Britney on us. I feel like I’d be way worse.

Carry on though. I thought I’d throw my tree fiddy in.

No. 6644

I'm not saying she doesn't have evidence, but nothing she has posted is definitive proof. Same with the antis. I'm just tired of seeing every day people trying to argue why they should convert. The die hards on either side ain't changing lane. Let's just agree to disagree and focus on milk.
If we can agree to ignore those trying to inflame debate that would be super lovely

No. 6645

Why do you and others keep saying her trauma was so recent when it wasn't?

No. 6646

Where is this HuffPost article?

No. 6647

Nice baiting mate.

No. 6648

Out of all the victims it was most recent. Trauma doesn’t mean just rape. If he controlled, blackmailed and manipulated her that can be extremely traumatic too. And AFAIK she cut him off only after her sister died in January and he mocked her when she was grieving.

No. 6649

It says it was autogenerated by YT.

On Annies latest blog she mentions being incredulous her rapist is still walking free, but she still refuses to make a police report. Has she given her excuse yet why she won't make any formal report?

No. 6650

Is it possibly in Canada for a third party to make a police report concerning her rape?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6651

File: 1615535055694.jpg (903.98 KB, 1439x2342, esme.jpg)

You have to laugh. In her attempt to earn points with the woke folk esme inadvertently throws shade at ERW after her unfortunate racist twitter remarks

No. 6652

Except that Evan never tweeted anything racist lmao

No. 6653

A video of ERW doing the nazi salute is currently doing the rounds. She's the one sitting behind MM.

No. 6654

No. 6655

Seriously kek all these mansonite flying monkeys. She was barely 20, prince Haz dressed as one. Move on

No. 6656

She’s moving her arm to the beat mimicking Manson. lmao

You do realize whatever imaginary racism you pin on Evan pales in comparison to Manson, right? You can’t have outrage at her and ignore his.

No. 6657


She looks remarkably different here to all the over exposed filtered fotos she posts

No. 6658

there's a new instagram account cataloging the accusers and their timeliness
@standbyyourmanson (loving these corny names btw)

No. 6659

Nta but she was called racist by numerous PoC after her notorious tweet about Kobe.

This is not the nazi salut.

No. 6660


Wow, you guys are stretching more than Evan's right arm in that video. Pretty sure the one thing about the Nazi salute is that it's pointed high and not down to the floor. Also you don't cross your arm over your body in the Nazi salute. It looks more like a half Macarena.

No. 6661

Go do it in a synagogue and see what they think it is

No. 6662

See >>6660

Tbh even if she's a nazi (more like she was an edge lord, just like Manson) it doesn't absolve Manson from the crimes he's done. Nobody deserves being raped. IF she's a nazi it means Manson likes to surround himself with people like him - nazis.
So shame on your efforts.

No. 6663

What's more plausible. ERW doing a nazi salute doing the totalitarian part of the song and performance or sure doing a half macarena for no reason whatsoever? Wake up and stop making excuses for racists

No. 6664

>Shes not a nazi but if she is it's still mansons fault!
LMFAO you have got to be joking. Are women EVER accountable for their actions?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6665

File: 1615541360967.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1800x1800, 78CD2BBB-4C52-4196-8854-DB0D22…)

>Wake up and stop making excuses for racists.


No. 6666


Is Brian a Nazi and a racist?

No. 6667


Did you quote a deleted post or something? What are you quoting? That's not what's written in the post you're replying to.

No. 6668

I see a list of women who are either racist themselves or had no issue sluttinh around with another racist. You don't get to play the outraged soccer mom only after you've been discarded like a used condom.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6669

You are misreading.
It wouldn't be his fault if she was a nazi but it would show what kind of people he likes to put in his close circle.

No. 6670

Nta but it may have been for this
> IF she's a nazi it means Manson likes to surround himself with people like him
It is a pretty bad argument

No. 6671


>He's not a nazi but if he is it's still the wamans fault!

Honestly if the only way you can try and defend someone is by diminishing all men and reducing them to mindless automatons without agency, it may be time to reflect on why you're ever trying to defend them.

No. 6672

If I'm understating it correctly is Annie saying she was raped 18 months before she named him? She keeps saying she "lived a lie for 18 months".
That would have made the rape July/August of 2018

No. 6673

oh sweety. I love that you've tried

No. 6674

July to August 2019 actually

No. 6675

Stephen Bier is a woman? lmao Melissa filming racist content that’s confirmed by Bier and others in the documentary >>1157281 doesn’t fit that narrow view.

No. 6676

Bier is seen wearing a waffen ss uniform in the Dead to the World video. Everyone in and out of the band has done it. Unless you're an uppity jew no one gives a shit which makes Evans refusal to take accountability for her actions so strange. Own it and it loses its power over you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6677

18 months ago so Aug 2019 is what I'm getting the impression of but she's still being pointlessly vague which she has no reason to be us she's truthful. It feels like it's vague on purpose so she can keep changing her story.
The problem with this theory is she was blonde throughout 2019 but she posted a video of her hospitalised with red hair. Nothing adds up

No. 6678


You think you're being patronizing when you're actually just agreeing that people who make these arguments sound dumb.

No. 6679

File: 1615545724004.jpg (549.62 KB, 1113x2942, gimme attention.jpg)

Can we talk about the fact that yesterday Annie posted a long, melodramatic rant feeling sorry for herself and begging people to send her hate, only to have a video today where she was "reading" the comments and giving an Oscar worthy pity party performance?

She's since deleted the original post where she literally asked for it. Hmmmmmmmm

No. 6680

If she'd dropped the recordings, said BHW raped her and shut het mouth, she wouldn't be getting so much hate and doubt. I 100% believed her in the beginning but mow my doubts are huge, not through the "smear" campaign but just by the shit she writes. Why is there no one in her vicinity telling het to do what she needs to do.legally and keep away from social media? If she has irrefutable evidence of rape and the many things she's accused him of it doesn't matter what random people online think. The fact that she's desperate for people to believe her story is just…. Weird. Also she could easily go to a tabloid and have this article published, they did that for other accusers who didn't have evidence.

No. 6681

She hasn't even made a police report. That's the smoking gun things are not what they seem

No. 6682

Are ppl asking why she hasn’t filed a police report yet? Or is she deleting comments

No. 6683

she deletes anything that could be seen as mild criticism or anyone asking rational questions.

No. 6684

He was on tour July/August 2019

No. 6685

This could happen backstage.

No. 6686

Yes, for example in Canada.

No. 6687

Backstage, onstage, back of the batmobile… it doesn't matter where it was but when and this. 18 months ago doesn't add up. Either the date is a lie or the 'I cant beleive it's not from an epileptic fit' bruise photo is false. I'm looking forward to what story will be spun to try and explain it away. The creative writing classes have paid off.

No. 6688

I'm putting my tinfoil hat firmly on and I'm posting this in the context of this being a ridiculous gossip website so I don't mean any harm, but is it possible she is actually working on Mansons side?
Based mostly on what I see posted here but also what tends to float around on instagram here's a few points I think are worth considering even if only as food for thought.
1. BHW hasn't sued for defamation because they've planned this from the start.
2. BHW has leaked photos and recordings through her. Notice nothing she has put out from him is actually damaging to him legally or reputationally? Who didn't already suspect he smuggled drugs through airports? pfft. Yes she's claimed he's a rapist but we'll get to that.
3. She's worked her way into the Phoenix inner circle by pretending to be one of them. They've put her up as an example of BHWs alleged abuse.
4. The reputation and effectiveness of Phoenix is based entirely on reputation and goodwill. Having this tarnished destroys everything they've worked for and hope to accomplish.
5. Eventually it's confirmed Annies claims are false and the house of cards Phoenix is built tumbles down. The testimonies of ERW, Esme and others becomes radioactive. BHW will have plausible deniability and proof his detractors were operating in bad faith.
6. No media is daring touch her claims. That is extraordinary in itself. What do they know that we don't? If they reasonably suspect she's a Manson plant they aren't touching her with a 50ft pole.
7. It explains Annies complete disregard for her own long term reputation. How is she ever going to get a job being so batshit insane (vast manson conspiracy which deals in hacking laptops and liking random instagram posts. Puh-lease). She's not concerned because it's all an act and the plan is she admits it in the end.
8. It could be a grand gotcha and social critique. An example that spurious claims shouldnt invoke real world impacts. "Look what damage you've done to people's careers believing claims like mine when I was lying all along". It puts a spotlight on the medias complicity with ruining reputations on unfounded gossip.
9. Her refusal to lodge a police report or any official complaint.
Making a false report is a criminal offence. Making false claims online about someone is only going to get you in legal trouble if the other party wishes to pursue charges.
10. Her bizarre pursuit in getting as much attention as possible on social media instead of concrete actions which would actually assist in having a criminal arrested. If she was a victim with proof, you would expect them to lock down and work towards the eventual trial. Its not normal to create a website in parallel to constant social media spamming to overload your audience with your word salad and rapid fire oddities. If your goal was instead to gain mass sympathy and attention to help your infiltration in an organisation it would make a lot more sense.
10. Annie gets immediately defensive any time someone makes the suggesting she may be in collision with BHW. Like OTT defensive. It's clear she posts on /snow/ trying to distract and push her agenda. Anyone getting close to the 'truth' causes her distraction campaign to go into overdrive.
11. The story discrepancies. Things are vague and at times contradictory because it's all largely made up as we go along. The excuses for why she was seen showing support for BHW by holding up his new album etc is all poorly explained away with a crazy story you would expect to hear from a young child.

The ultimate purpose this would cause is it would place a permanent cloud of doubt over BHW that, even if ERWs allegation are true, they would never get an unbiased reaction. It could also been presented as a huge social experiment, yet again highlighting the hypocrisies of American media consumption.

No. 6689

Do not ban me before you read what I say, I’m using the following as a real life example:
John Geoghan was a Catholic priest & serial child rapist. Despite the parents of the boys submitting multiple police reports over the years (34 years to be exact)…no legal action was taken because the Catholic Church had protected

The publisher that investigated the allegations against him was The Boston Globe. It took nearly a year for them to check sources to make sure they were reporting FACTS, not because the priest was innocent but because the web of crimes were so intertwined and complex The Boston Globe needed to triple check everything to be reputable.

My point in tell you all this:
Just because Annie’s article didn’t come out doesn’t make her a liar. I’m not saying I know for a fact that she isn’t lying… But reputable publications delay their stories to triple check timelines, they make sure the story lines up and are reported on FACTS. Only publications that live off gossip columns push stories out right away because they are not worried about facts they make their bread and butter off sensation.

I agree with everyone here that has brought up the fact that Annie is a pivotal part of the Phoenix Act and is protected under them. It DOES NOT matter that she shouldn’t be posting and that if she really did have a lawyer she wouldn’t be saying anything.

Allegedly, (and IMO i think it’s true) this is someone who has faced severe trauma. You don’t know her you don’t know if she’s endured other types of traumas in her life. I don’t either. All I know is people cope differently.

I’m not trying to blog I just want to provide perspective so maybe we can be less impatient with Annie and stop demanding details ASAP or assume shes’s lying…

My mother is narcissistic.. I went through 24 years of psychological, physical and emotional abuse and honestly thought everything I went through was just considered strict/normal parenting. It wasn’t until i entered my first corporate job at 24 when my boss verbally abused me on a daily basis for 6 months when my life began to unravel and I entered therapy. I had to leave my job because my mind was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep (this was depression I didnt know i had), I couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t leave my house. You’re probably calling me me soft you, crazy or sensitive. I don’t disagree with you, my point is…despite facing abuse throughout my upbringing, it took a tiny push from a total stranger in the work place for me to break.

Also, Annie is a publicist she very well knows how she should or shouldn’t be presenting herself in this situation BUT coping with trauma doesn’t let the logical mind steer your thoughts and emotions. Don’t write her off as a liar until someone with actual credibility comes forward with facts to dismiss her. You can’t come to a conclusion about her based off clues you think you found on the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6690

Youre right. My post and points are really just stolen from previous posts and mashed together like a tinfoil Frankenstein monster. It's a little fun to play retard detective online and all these theories from both sides all sound somewhat plausible because we are relatively speaking in the very early days of what could be a criminal trial. But what you say about trauma and how it can deeply effects how people behave is completely true and I've been dismissive of that.

No. 6691

File: 1615564735490.jpg (363.84 KB, 1279x1284, bornvillain.jpg)

is she taking the piss or is this some serious cognitive dissonance

No. 6692

>Let me guess she'll soon claim to have a falling out with this mysterious publisher which will be her excuse for yet again failing to provide any evidence. She'll claim to be stepping away from social media and will instead deal with it in court. By the time the court case come, Annie will be nowhere to be seen.
close prediction except there wasn't even an attempt to explain away the fabled media interview. I suppose its just to be assumed media companies invest weeks of work hours and money into finishing an article and than just putting it all into the trash because why not. No wonder they were bought out by another conglomerate who started firing people…

No. 6693

You do make some good and valid points; and these are things I’ve also thought of myself. Except one thing: she did leak something that could be useful and potentially damaging. But I’m the only one that understands it.
And that’s the thing and the part that makes me question why would she reveal certain information if she was on his side?
>2. BHW has leaked photos and recordings through her. Notice nothing she has put out from him is actually damaging to him legally or reputationally?

No. 6694

If it's not too personal would you mind elaborating what the thing you picked up on was?

No. 6695

That was also made into a movie about the Catholic Church. It’s called Spotlight.

There’s also another one based on a true story about a reporter. He tries to expose dirty cops that try to frame an innocent man. It’s called Most Wanted.

But that’s real journalism. They write for big media, not these online no name media outlets.

No. 6696

On this interview that was to come out, why wouldn't the huffington post even mention the were working on something which manson vetoed? he's been dead silent except his 1 statement. no one has so much as seen him take the rubbish out. wouldn't it be a click bait goldmine to at least report manson is attempting to stop articles about him?
why haven't any of these journalists posted on their social media that they were working on it? why is it everything about this person never able to be corroborated by anyone else. it of course doesn't mean they're lying but it's just so frustrating.

No. 6697

I could see it now…. Manson is going to be a part of one those ‘true story’ movies where he tried to lie & frame an innocent woman.

No. 6698

You’re straight up not reading anything retard.

No. 6699

What I find preposterous is that Annie expects us to believe Manson hasn't got anything better to do than stalk her, change her posts and create fake prints 24/7. The lady seems paranoid.

No. 6700

you're a dude who cares what manson does in his spare time, that's paranoid. who tf sits around thinking about mm's day? "oh my he has groceries to buy and everything!" kek

No. 6701

I find it interesting that Annie deleted her blog and IG posts with her reading the "hate messages" after people posted on here speculating whether or not her computer was on. Kind of makes me feel like it probably wasn't.

Anyways, let's not get into that debate again because none of us will ever know for sure.

As far as her working for MM, I highly doubt it as her fake relationships and lies go back years. They would have had to be scheming for a very long time knowing this day would come. I mean, it is always a possibility, but I don't think a very likely one.

I think she is just obsessed and has some big issues. I'm sure she doesn't mind people thinking she would be working on some super secret plot with Manson though and wouldn't be suprised if that's how she tries to shape the story next.

No. 6702


I couldn't care less about Manson's routine, unlike Annie who is obsessed with him.
P.s. not a dude here, do I have to send my id to prove it?

No. 6703

Sorry, I don’t want to get into it - just not yet. But it’s something very specific on top of a lot of other stuff.

No. 6704

Sure, maybe via webex meeting? Come on..

No. 6705

File: 1615581630651.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3072x3072, 88CFF686-C220-4EF3-A2DF-45ED37…)

It was obvious to me in that OG video that the computer was on even more than in this one. In the original you could at least see Facebook colors behind the dark mode window. Even if she “woke” her Mac up here you can see still it’s dark right before and right after. It’s just light and probably her high contrast lenses that make it look dark. Top kek at people thinking she’d stare at a shut off computer and still post it.

No. 6706

But it's a fucking mystery to me how to look onto dark mote with bright sunshine with sunglasses.

No. 6707

Even before her latest bullshit, the last shred of credibility Annie had was lost when she came here and ended her post with the phrase "when I have something milky to share, go nuts"

who the fuck says something like that after they were abused and raped?

No. 6708

I don't believe a single shit about her fairytales. No proof, nothing.

No. 6709

I can’t wait to see this one. I’m especially excited to see the plot unfold - where he goes to prison.

No. 6710

Pretty obvious she said that sarcastically because people here are mean to her.

No. 6711

I also never believe it's Manson in her audiotapes. That's not his voice, sorry. No fucking way!

No. 6712

You are being delusional or in denial.

Since when it's okay to discuss Annie? Quit this bs.

No. 6713

It’s probably why she had to take them off in the first video. She was struggling to read it and see it. Dark mode doesn’t mean you can’t see either. It means it’s a black background with white letters which are as easy to see as if it was reversed. If anything I’m surprised she took them off because I’d think it would be easier to read it with glasses on to subdue the glare if there was any.

And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that she was hesitant to remove her glasses because her eyes looked puffy and red to me. She said her face was swollen and that she was upset or crying.

Not everything’s a conspiracy let it go. It looked more obvious her computer was on in the first video because of I think Facebook in the background. In this one it looks pitch black on the glasses but normal when she turned it around.

The dress is blue and black, deal with it.

No. 6714

You should have your ears checked.

No. 6715

My ears are working pretty well. thank you.

No. 6716

Obviously not if you can’t even recognize his voice. I’ve been a fan for two decades. That’s him. Especially him lately because he sounds like that on the Apple Music interview.

No. 6717

It IS DEFINITELY him. Have you seen his last interview? (it´s that one with Zane Iowe for Applemusic) He sounds a bit different than in his earlier years-like a drunk uncle with a deviated septum (I wonder why lol)

No. 6718

Oh fuckin' WOW!I've been a fan since 1996. So? Useless discussion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6719

File: 1615587077803.jpeg (68.4 KB, 827x820, AAE99ECD-CFB7-4D62-8F18-C223D5…)

The Downfall of Marilyn Manson coming to a theatre near you. Lol

No. 6720

File: 1615587257046.jpg (345.61 KB, 1274x1739, 160258110374.jpg)

again with this obsession of needing validation from online strangers. why is she so desperate to be beleived by anonymous posters here any elsewhere?

No. 6721

This thread has become absolute trash.. why are we here discussing “what if’s” this is an image board. Either spill the milk or limit your stupid hypothetical conspiracies to one a day.

You numb nuts that think she’s working with Manson have some serious critical thinking issues. Aka mansonites

What happened to banning the Manson freaks? The conversations were so much more eloquent without all these Manson hype men

No. 6722

I second that. It wouldn’t be shocking if Manson camp is on here trying to stir up fact from fiction and there seems to be a lot more sheepheads on this forum than before…(samefagging)

No. 6723

Seriously tho….
Admin. clean up on isle stupidity(samefagging)

No. 6724

File: 1615588984161.png (730.35 KB, 828x1792, 2A039DF9-5975-4428-AA9D-EE2B41…)

No. 6725

you may want to sage next time. It makes your samefagging slightly less obvious.
This website has never been "eloquent" but I'm interested in whatever potent drug you're high on right now

No. 6726

I think it is pretty clear (as much as can be on the internet) that Annie works as a publicist/social media person…idk wtf you call them some of you anons prob know more than I would…she was working for Manson at some point to keep up his image online. Like a Leslee Lane, and trashing some of the victims until she herself became a victim and realized she was on the wrong side of the publicity. This is how she has recordings of him, and yes that is clearly Manson speaking. His voice is fucked in his old age, after screaming for a living and drugging.

The details about her rape are not going to be known to us. Perhaps she is exaggerating that part but I choose to believe victims and she clearly had some falling out with him. Now she's being harassed by other Mansonites and losers on the internet.

Mystery solved. Now she is working with the PA and other victims to keep Manson and his abuse relevant.

Do I get a cookie?

No. 6727

>The details about her rape are not going to be known to us
nor the police kek
how can she expect to see justice against manson when her magical pile of rubbish isn't given to authorities to do something with. unless her justice is just to create online smear and never be accountable for validating her claims.

No. 6728

File: 1615600291594.jpeg (728.84 KB, 1284x2273, BFD65916-9C6D-46E8-9C6C-CEC76E…)

He literally liked her post in which she thanked him and linked to the blog post. They’ve been friends for a long time she’d run that shit by him. Jfc Mansonites are so predictable

Anyway though, I think the audio recordings are legit, I know that the legal process takes a while and I know that if she didn’t report his rape back when it happened that this muddies things especially if her claim that he deleted things from that time is correct. So she probably doesn’t have any legs to stand on when it comes to the rape case.

My theory is that because recording someone in Canada is legal she’s probably consulting lawyers about those recordings to see if any of it can be seen as admission of guilt that they can use for other things. Similar to Esme pursuing the human trafficking angle.

I’m more inclined to believe Annie has something bad on him but because there’s no evidence of the rape she’ll need some time with legal to see if they can use anything else.

I find her entertaining anyways on occasion and I get a laugh at the Star Trek memes so I’m ok with waiting for a bit to see where this goes. I’m somewhere in the middle where I’ll be neutral unless one side or the other pulls me more to believe she’s either truthful or not. But she’s got more on him than Mansonites so I’m somewhere at 62% on the side of believing her.

No. 6729

It’s so hilarious to me how predictable these responses are. They’re still friends. She’s not dumb and wouldn’t have posted that without his permission. She even wrote in the IG post description that she got his permission. He liked the post. It’s more likely that he got harassed by Mansonite creeps and she was upset over it. To be fair what the fuck did she expect. But he clearly supports her despite her naive assumption that he won’t be bothered.

No. 6730

File: 1615602013601.jpeg (350.51 KB, 1800x1572, 99B54270-E694-40F4-9D92-2B007A…)

>an innocent misunderstood man

I never laughed so hard. Oh sure… it was her that took advantage of him.

These fucking mansonites man.(Dawn)

No. 6731

Annie: don’t y’all understand I’m suicidal, how can you say these things to me? See ya guys I’m logging off for a while

Nek minnit ….

No. 6732

Sometimes I wonder if people are really buying Annies sockpuppeting on here or if it is just her talking to herself.

As far as MM being innocent- you would have to be actually retarded to believe that.

No. 6733

I wonder what is the video evidence about.

No. 6734

She has a video where manson in a very broad sense gives an indication ERWs allegations are true. Whether it's an admission of actual guilt or more of his stupid edgy talk about rape rooms who knows. The video serves no value for law enforcement and she intended it to be released publically in order to give credence to the allegations.
That's it. That's all she has. Everything is her digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole. I don't beleive she ever intended to claim he raped her but she got whipped up in the fervour and now she's got to ride this ship until it sinks.

No. 6735


How do you know about that?

No. 6736

She also has the recording where he admits that he has people who go into other people’s accounts for him and go “ray Donovan” style finding out SSN and where their kids go to school. Then there’s the recording where he admits to how to get drugs across borders and she said there’s so much more to that so I imagine it’s a larger conversation that’s being investigated.

No. 6737

What investigation? She literally hasn't taken this to the police. It's all just social media shitposting.

No. 6738

I have to wonder if she posted that now deleted request that people post her hate messages so she could then show it to the celebs she has a peripheral contact with.
You have someone like Callum who remembers her as that chick he met once or twice and being a stand up guy, gives his blessing for her his reference him. He's got better things to do with his time than review all her recent crazy talk and potholes and he's now an unwitting pawn in Annies arsenal to try and bolster credibility for her story.
I beleive what she said about Callum is entirely correct but all she actually said was he thought manson was a creep and he exchanged an uncomfortable call and messaging with him. He wasn't a witness to abuse. He wasn't a witness to harassment. He wasn't a witness to rape. I think she even suggested her interaction with Callum was after the supposed rape.(ban evading sperg)

No. 6739

Why even assume such a thing? Some of you here expect me to believe you’re not newfag mansonites but then you say things like this. She’s had a history with this guy that’s on the longer side. She deleted some photos of them from a few years ago but there were at least 5 or 6 from different times. I started following her when someone on here pointed out that Manson was following her months ago in maybe thread 7 or 8. They hang out. There were more photos of them together than most of her other friends. I saved one birthday post she made for him years ago but I can’t find it on her insta so I’ll have to try and find it in my photos. Didn’t she say she’s known him for overa decade somewhere too?

+ listen up Mansonites not every pro Annie poster is Annie and not every pro Annie poster is delusional. From our side you look that way too.

No. 6740

File: 1615626522742.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2456x2019, C87B62D9-4E54-47F5-8560-7A6426…)

With her dog too.

No. 6741

Things like this are so creepy. Why is anyone choosing a side. Think for yourselves.(ban evading retard)

No. 6742

File: 1615647640560.jpg (251.81 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20210313-155906__01…)

Even Lindsay starts to recognize how ridiculous she looks kek

No. 6743

File: 1615647889430.jpg (73.58 KB, 796x573, Screenshot_20210313-160355__01…)

Samefag. Just compare Lindsay to Eva Longoria who is way more famous and has heaps more genuine followers. Kek kek

No. 6744

File: 1615649035492.jpg (102.88 KB, 1080x746, Screenshot_20210313-162320.jpg)

Hamson also briefly realized how ridiculous he looks, then gave up kek

No. 6745

Kek kek buying fake followers is against Instagram's terms of service, if they're not careful they'll end up with a perma ban. Think I'll gift hamson another 100k as a goodwill gesture kek

No. 6746

But lol that she’s followed/unfollowed people even in the last few days, so obviously active on Instagram. It’s got to be killing her that she can’t post pics of herself facetuned into an actual alien. Not gonna lie I miss her.

No. 6747

File: 1615674474671.jpg (430.75 KB, 1333x2300, esmestats.jpg)

Esmé's stats shows a bit of a drop off a few days ago.
What happened to her in Sept 2019 to have such a large drop in followers?

I tried viewing the stats of ERW and AA but they weren't available on this website.

Interestingly Lindsay is no longer following MM though she comments to follow dozens of manson fan pages.

No. 6748

File: 1615677578973.jpeg (73.86 KB, 750x332, 42E82CE0-B938-44D7-8623-AD0109…)

How retarded are you

No. 6749

you know she'll never unfollow him. anyway she's forced to sit quiet, can't she even post her stupid flowers & lock comments? considering Lindsay's social media addiction she'd get bored quickly just scrolling IG, wonder if she lost patience and defends him on sockpuppet accounts

No. 6750

Ew. who would miss such a bore? I would rather discuss more interesting people… like Annie.

Who really wants to see her boring ass posts? The dumb fuck is an embarrassment and should just delete herself. She isn’t going to be able to go back to her gloating posts, especially now that she has a police report filed on her by Evan.

I bet it’s not so cute now how she made a movie reference about being disgusting criminals.(Dawn)

No. 6751

File: 1615690325279.png (613.45 KB, 828x1792, 44B2EE8B-7280-4E9D-929C-A08869…)

No. 6752

Wouldn’t be surprised. High-end escorts exist. Upwards of 100k per night. Get it tbh

No. 6753

If this was remotely true it would have been leaked or discussed long ago.

No. 6754

Would she need to, though? She probably makes more than that per burlesque show. The burlesque fad may have died a decade ago, but she'll still be making a decent chunk of change. Doesn't she do shows in Vegas now?

No. 6755

If she did sex work, does it mean Manson could book her for a night instead of remaking every new girl into her?

No. 6756

YES. He’s probably one of her best clients.

Of course. That’s why they’re “high end”. They don’t escort just anyone. Remember Heidi Fleiss? I think she even said she had Hollywood actresses escorting for her.

No. 6757

I said when she released her statement on hamson she was protecting herself from offending males, her business depends on men fantasizing about her. It makes
sense also if she's a high end escort, not only to not offend clients, but to also show she'd never reveal their kinky bedroom secrets, a man who can afford a night with her is bound to be rich and/or powerful.

No. 6758

Why would she be willing to deny abuse Manson may have caused her in order to try a hide is she was an escort? She doesn't come across as someone who would be ashamed of sex work

No. 6759

Have there been any updates from police on the manson investigations?

No. 6760

That's a very bizarre and unlikely rumour really.
Simpler explanation is probably more likely, that is, as part of their divorce settlement, MM and Ditta must have agreed to not divulge much about their private life as a married couple. Ditta's statement was fucking terrible probably because she is a fucking terrible person.

No. 6761

File: 1615727970185.jpg (471.99 KB, 2200x2200, fotor_1615727523075~2.jpg)

First photo is from months ago when Annie was having a fake 4way relationship with Manson and JJ Abrams.

She had two sockpuppet accounts for MM, Mary Jones being one of them. She would talk to herself back and fourth between her own account and the sockpuppet account.

Notice how "Mary Jones" a.k.a MM says "Sir, this is a Wendys"and the context in which it is said. This screenshot has been circulating for weeks now.

Second photo is from just a few days ago and it was posted by Annie to her IG story, and was even posted on this thread. Notice the "Ma'am, this is a Wendys" reference again.

If you are too gullible to not see it by now, you can not be helped.

No. 6762

I've heard about actresses, singers and models doing the Dubai circuit. A few that are currently a big deal but mainly washed-up ones like Lindsay Lohan. She lives over there now and supposedly has a nightclub but it's fairly obvious why she's really there.

No. 6763

File: 1615729526664.jpg (718.57 KB, 1440x3040, fbcsp.jpg)

When I first saw these facebook captions I wrote them off as fakes but the more I've looked into it the less it seems to be the case.

What's written is of course fantasy but these are not just the results of photoshop. I've looked up the names of the people visible and they are all real accounts. Almost all have locked down their privacy settings since but a couple are still largely visible to the public.

No. 6764

are there more of these?
she has a post from last year where she mentions her favorite book is about a psychologist who made breakthroughs on schizophrenia by doing tests on patients. could she be suffering from it herself? it would explain these stories which come out about her past. I just want to say if she's a sufferer it doesnt mean her abuse isnt real though

No. 6765

Hamson has a pattern of abusing vulnerable women and that definitely will include women with mental health issues. It also makes it easier to discredit them because they're "crazy". So even if she suffers mental health issues, it doesn't mean the abuse didn't happen.

No. 6766

File: 1615731972452.png (577.96 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20210314-090348~2.p…)

There are a TON of them. She documented weeks of her "life" with MM and JJ Abrams. From what they did that day all the way to sexual things.

There is even a freakout on her main fb page because a few people were mentioning the relationship outside of the private posts. Here is the freakout.

Hopefully they will open the Annie thread again at some point so this can all be dumped there.

I think she is still sticking with her story that Manson and friends were making these posts to set her up, but it just isn't the case.

No. 6767

This is honestly more sad than anything. I think all the suspicions around her are answered by mental health concerns instead of her being in a conspiracy with manson like some have speculated. Schizophrenia seems so obvious now in hindsight. She needs help not redicule.(armchairing)

No. 6768

I hate to say it, but it´s actually a quite clever move. Because "who would believe a woman with mental health issues". Maybe it´s one of the reasons why he chooses this kind of women-a better alibi.

No. 6769

agreed. regarding the phone recordings, maybe she did have a call with him once for job related reasons if it‘s true she works in PR and exaggerated it.

No. 6770

Incoming tinfoil.

I don't know what to make of the recordings, but I just went back and took a listen and it sounds like she is just talking over a recording. She passes them off as "interruptions" but it clearly is not. There are only like two or three times where they actually seem to be talking to each other. But, I am sure she has studied the recordings and knows what he will say and when to ask her question. Example: she says "What song is this?" and he is like "Like the song Into The Fire".

Go back and listen for yourself and tell me that sounds legit.

And when she does talk and has a few moments of silence on his end, you can hear her pressing a button, like she is pausing his talking.

The question is though, if she is just talking over a recording like I suspect… where would she have found those recordings and who was he actually talking to? That's the mystery.

No. 6771

You're not the first one in these threads to suggest that and I'm leaning toward the same conclusion that she is talking over a recording. I'm equally as stumped though as to where they came from.
She has a lot of superficial level contact with celebrities through her job. Maybe one of them had shared calls recordings with her. She appears to be very good as wrapping seemingly false stories around small nuggets of truth lending her that hint of plausibility.

No. 6772

What did he say about “Into the Fire”? I know The Hind End of Low quite well. If you give me context, I might find the interview if your tinfoil is actually not a tinfoil (which is unlikely tbh).

No. 6773

It is her Feb 8th post with the recordings, third slide. This is what I could understand from it.

MM: "It's about Evan telling me how she was raped, not about me and her, It's the only song I have written down and it's written across my wall"

button click

AA: "What song is that?"

MM: "It's from one…Into The Fire, It's written from one wall to another in one night and I sang it the next day

I don't see this stuff being something he would say in an interview though. Therr is s