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File: 1692204822162.jpg (151.36 KB, 537x640, hamu.jpg)

No. 1666376

As the french say: "à question stupide, réponse idiote"
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1649202

No. 1666381

File: 1692205105519.jpeg (4.7 MB, 3348x5952, IMG_5266.jpeg)

a purple vertical line showed up on my laptop's screen. my question is is it going to gradually get worse ( and eventually kill my screen ? also how fast ? ) or can i just ignore it for the time being ? i'm freaking out because i'm a poorfag i don't know if i have enough money to repair it right now and i need it for my univeristy work amongst other things. picrel not mine but it's exactly what it looks like

No. 1666388

It could be caused by various issues. The first thing is old try is updating my computers graphics settings and maybe some of the drivers. That might fix it. If that doesn't fix it, something might have "come unplugged" within your computer. If you can open your laptop up, you can look and see if anything seems loose in there. A wire might have come disconnected or loose. You can't afford to get a new laptop, but does your school have a computer center where they can help you open it and take a look? You might be able to reattach the wire.
Also, the issue won't get worse as long as the thing internally (if it is an internal issue) doesn't come off any farther. Just be careful when picking up and placing your laptop down.

No. 1666590

Did something happen to 2X? Or am I just typing the address wrong?

No. 1666592

>my question is is it going to gradually get worse ( and eventually kill my screen ?
>also how fast ? )
2 weeks to 3 months. I have that same issue right now because part of my laptop display border got loose, but the "breaking" stopped at half of the display.

No. 1666596

You're typing it wrong.

No. 1666605

if you don't need to travel with it, you could always hook it up to an old tv screen with an hdmi cable and use it that way, in case you really get into a pinch.

The default advice for laptop issues is always to update the driver and if there's no updates to delete the driver and restart the laptop (it'll reinstall itself), but I've honestly never had an issue fixed that way.

No. 1666677

Is it an American thing to reply “I’m good!” when you don’t want something? For example if someone is offering me something that I don’t want I’ll usually reply something along the line of “I’m good thanks”. My parents are both ESL and it drives them crazy when I reply with that instead of just a simple yes or no kek

No. 1666680

I have to go to the doctors but I’m absolutely terrified of the doctors office, specifically needles, and IVs. I might have to get surgery so I can’t avoid this. What do I do to overcome this anxiety? I would rather be knocked out and just let them do what they need to do but I imagine that’s not an option.

No. 1666685

it probably did originate in american english but it's common to say it here (britfag) too. i would imagine it's similarly common among english speaking countries

No. 1666693

i havent fixed my needle phobia, but I do a couple things to cope with taking needles and IVs, idk this is what helps for me
>have someone hold your hand, bonus points if you can ask them to distract you when you're being sticked
>focus on keeping your muscles relaxed above everything else to prevent more pain
>bring your headphones and listen to a specific song during the stick, nurses and doctors are typically cool about this
>focus on wiggling your toes in succession when you become too aware of the needle in your body
most importantly you need to constantly remind yourself that the discomfort will quickly pass, the pinch from a blood draw really sucks, but the sensation from an IV is usually just mildly uncomfortable unless they did it wrong (an infiltrated IV will burn and itch, so tell the doctor if you feel that instead of enduring it like I tried to)

No. 1666725

Is it ok to love a pair of jeans so much you sleep in them? I wish I could wear them 24/7. My legs look fucking great.

No. 1666790

File: 1692233299933.jpg (117.21 KB, 735x713, 964bed0467eb9fbb8c51e52a9d34e2…)

does anybody know what picrel are? they look so yummy

No. 1666799

umm so reverse image searching gives me 木伦河能量棒, it looks like its a chinese ice cream brand

No. 1666817

If I speak

No. 1666890

Who tf is listening to Troy Sivan

No. 1666931

Kek I like his song 'Heaven' (and 'My My My!' a bit, it's catchy) because of its lyrics but honestly his other songs, and him in general, are boring as hell.

No. 1666994

This is straight ass babes

No. 1667162

does ‘don’t put soap in your vagina’ mean just literally sticking it INSIDE your actual vagina hole or does it also mean inside your lips/your labia?

No. 1667223

All of it nona, just rinse lightly with water, if you must use soap only use it on the pubic mound outer part of your vagina

No. 1667232

I have always used soap on my outer labia, never my canal. Never had a problem with it. I can't imagine never washing your genitals without soap and water, ew

No. 1667285

NTA but whenever I washed the outer part soap still got inside and I ended up with UTIs, idk how

No. 1667400

File: 1692253056245.gif (289.57 KB, 200x158, 994DD2C5-4F5A-4A02-9B26-43E7CB…)

I wash my bigger flaps and have never had a prob.

No. 1667402

Your vagina is self-cleaning anon, you're literally not supposed to scrub it with soap or you'll fuck up the bacterial balance and then you'll stink up the place and end up with UTIs. Using just water is fine.

No. 1667417

It means don't use it in between your folds or in your vagina. I personally use unscented dove to scrub my outer labia and the rest of the "outside" of my vagina.

No. 1667426

Make sure you're using a soap with a ph balance between 3.8 and 5, there are tons of soaps now for intimate areas

No. 1667444

where can i find scans of old fashion magazinesprefeerably 60s/70s/80s)? checked archive dot org already and i couldnt find many

No. 1667449

Can some smarter anon tell me how to only see sfw images on danboru? I just want phone wallpapers…

No. 1667451

Use the tag 'rating:general'. There's also safebooru.org

No. 1667454

Ilu so much anon. Finally I can look up pretty artwork without weird coomer shit.

No. 1667526

Why is this post >>1666158 redtexted "vain bitch"? I'm so confused

No. 1667527

you're not supposed to reply to posts in that thread

No. 1667528

File: 1692269899312.jpeg (825.06 KB, 1170x1467, IMG_1202.jpeg)

No. 1667536

Seriously, how to respond to a guy who says there never was and never will be female Da Vinci, Michelangelo or Mozart

No. 1667543

File: 1692272428292.png (6.73 KB, 220x220, download.png)

Does anyone have that screencap of the nonna(I think from the Tinfoil pr /2X/) of a nonna complaining about how gay men rule the word for centuries and hate women and rape boys and girls cause they hate women.

No. 1667551

You don't. You have to understand that some people are so stupid that it is incomprehensible. They believe things like birds aren't real,that math is racist, or that the country of Australia doesn't exist. And you can't argue with them, because you can't logic them out of a place that they didn't logic themselves into. So when it comes up, just make fun of him and mock his intelligence.
But for your personal knowledge, Sofonisba Anguissola was a great late Renaissance painter who actually wrote to Michelangelo who encouraged her in his letter back.
Caterina van Hemessen may have invented the self portrait, and if she didn't, she's certainly the oldest known proof we have of one.
Luo Li Rong is a sculpture artist today, and I've seen her work as often mistaken as a renaissance man's.
Artemisia Gentileschi is super famous 1600s artist and you've likely seen her painting "Judith Slaying Holofernes."
Mozart's sister, Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, was his equal and received top billing when they toured as children, but when she was 18 and became eligible for marriage, her parents and her culture stopped her from pursuing music any further and she was not allowed to travel while Mozart was allowed to tour the world with his music.

No. 1667557

What's up with the hype around that barbie movie? I thought it would last a week but it's been a month and I still get constant recommendations on my youtube. I can't imagine a barbie movie being THAT good.

No. 1667563

Agree that arguing with moids is a waste of time. I would say that if that were true men wouldn't have had to create so many artificial structures to ensure no (or very few) women could do anything other babysit moids throughout history. If women were so obviously inferior there wouldn't be any need to do this.

No. 1667567

there's nothing to replace the attention it yet.

No. 1667574

File: 1692275894907.jpeg (874 KB, 3465x3465, AF396392-8D01-4D2B-80D8-03B684…)

It’s just pretty nice, It’s a movie that uses the whole Barbie controversies and issues to try to make Barbie (the brand) get a better image. Tbh, I’ve always loved Barbie so it was kind of funny, specially the references to other toys that got discontinued. The dialogs get a bit long but it’s because it’s talking about a bunch of issues with moids like them pretending to not be misogynistic or all of the dumb shit that women have to go through.
To anyone that still lives surrounded by misogynistic retards and has always seen feminism as something that only ugly women partake in because they’re not getting fucked, it’s quite eye opening, which is why it’s liked by many women, and hated by lots of moids.

No. 1667576

Watch it and then you're allowed to say "I'm not understanding the hype". Otherwise it's just in the same lane as all those dudes who didn;t watch the film but called it eviiiil and anti-men because an ugly dude told them so.

No. 1667589

File: 1692277188778.png (12.19 KB, 292x233, Google Lens.png)

Is it just me or has the Google reverse image search got useless ever since it fully switched to Lens?
I never get results when clicking on “Find image source” and the similar images side doesn’t bring up the same image on different sizes anymore. This happens even when I try with images that used to bring me results before. Even Yandex is better now for image search kek.

No. 1667591

Oh my gosh anon, I noticed this too. Not only that but reverse search by right clicking, it now takes like 5 more clicks to get lens to open up in a new tab.

No. 1667593

It's a fun, lighthearted movie aimed mainly at women after a period of nothing but capeshit, boring schlock filled with metahumor, gritty fakedeep realism with a gray filter, Disney moneygrab live action remakes with 0 effort or soul, and 3D animated garbage that all looks identical. It doesn't surprise me at all.

No. 1667599

Huh, makes sense. Tbh I haven't really kept up with pop culture for a long time so I haven't really seen any recent movies. But thanks nonnies! Might give it a watch if I can pirate it.
Calm down kek, it's just been super popular out of nowhere so I was wondering what's so different about it.

No. 1667649

I've never had UTIs or a yeast infection before and I've been doing that since I was a kid

No. 1667669

I bought stupid expensive conditioner and it doesn't rinse out of my hair because it's so thick so I end up with greasy chunks in my hair. I've tried rinsing for minutes long, sectioning while rinsing, acv rinses and nothing helps. I don't wanna throw it out, what to do?

No. 1667670

Are anons mixing up vulva and vagina itt?

No. 1667722

File: 1692287694993.jpg (45.07 KB, 700x466, 5c877ec54bef9.jpg)

I'm getting all of my wisdom teeth extracted in the coming week and a half and I have a few questions.
>Will I really not be allowed to eat anything other than super soft foods?
Like mashed potatoes, grits pudding, porridge, etc.
>How long can I expect my jaw to be swollen and in pain?
>How bad will the pain be?
>Is it really true that having them all removed will give my face a slimmer look?
I'm kind of anxious about it, I'll have an exam exactly a week after the second round of extractions and I don't want to walk in the university building looking like picrel and dealing with the pain at the same time.

No. 1667735

maybe you can thin it beforehand with water or mix it in with a thinner conditioner?

No. 1667741

Would using a brush or comb under the shower help spread the conditioner for your hair type? Cuz that's the only idea I have to be able to really get the product to not gather in a few hair strands.

No. 1667743

Hi nonnie, I only had the bottom two so I don't know if that's a factor in how painful it was buuuut…
>>Will I really not be allowed to eat anything other than super soft foods?
Yes, you should definitely wait about a week, give or take, before you move onto more solid foods. And make sure the food is lukewarm at most, hot food is not a good idea when healing. Also, do salt water rinses after every meal (unless instructed otherwise by dental surgeon)
>How long can I expect my jaw to be swollen and in pain?
For me, the pain only lasted about 3 days, it actually wasn't all that bad and all I needed was some ibuprofen, the pain was at its most uncomfortable on day 3 (still very manageable), and the next day I was virtually pain free, but remember that your pain might vary. My jaw was swollen for like 7 days. I think on day 9 I was p much back to normal!
>Is it really true that having them all removed will give my face a slimmer look?
People will tell you no, but I only had the bottom two removed like I said and my jaw is noticeably slimmer (to me), it also made my cheekbones more prominent? Kinda strange lol.

No. 1667748

soft foods for the first couple days for sure. it hurts like hell if you get any tiny piece of food stuck, i remember getting food stuck in the sockets and having to try and get it out and accidentally pulling one of my stitches out.
my mouth in general was a bit sore for just a couple days after, but eating normally was hard for a few weeks because of food getting stuck in the sockets, and anything that causes you to make a sucking motion in your mouth will be painful. you just have to be careful!
and i didnt notice my face looking slimmer at all lol

No. 1667754

Don't mean to double post but I got my wisdom teeth removed almost ten years ago and I got lucky that I was absolutely not swollen because I kept the ice bandage the hospital kept on me all the way until they released me the same day. I was there maybe 6-7 hours, OP included, they insisted on me staying until my blood pressure regulated.

As far as eating goes, that's also depending on how bad the removal was for you, swelling and pain wise. But usually people recommend softer foods even if the operation worked well, basically nothing crunchy or chewing resistant.

The pain and swelling like I already said depends on how your body reacts to the removal. I seriously got lucky whereas I know other people who looked like hamsters after their wisdom teeth got removed.

I knock on wood that the removal operation goes well for you nonna.

No. 1667769

>it also made my cheekbones more prominent? Kinda strange lol.
Based on accounts I've read, I guess it depends entirely on the person, but interesting.
>because of food getting stuck in the sockets, and anything that causes you to make a sucking motion in your mouth will be painful
That sounds like pure hell, ouch.
>I kept the ice bandage the hospital kept on me all the way until they released me the same day
I'll prepare an ice pack so I can put it on when I get home in that case!
Huge thank you to all of you nonnas. ♥ I'll keep everything in mind.

No. 1667772


No. 1667810

wishing u well nonita! speedy healing ♥

No. 1667846

How am I heavier than before I went to sleep last night if I underate yesterday and pooped and peed twice between weigh ins

No. 1667854

Is linear time really a western construct?

No. 1667869

Use a small amount and emulsify it in your hands by rubbing it in your palms with some water. Hope this helps. Also only put it on your hair ends, not on the scalp.

No. 1667872

if you only peed twice in a whole day you're retaining water because you aren't drinking enough water.

No. 1667897

yes prehistoric peoples could go up and down in time and not just forward

No. 1667899

Is using a shaving cream/foam any different from using body wash for shaving? Would it help reducing razor nicks?

No. 1667954

It feels fucking insane to ask this, but Google is yielding no helpful results,
Is it legal to forcibly urine test a 12 year old at school repeatedly?
I have type one diabetes, in eighth grade, I briefly went to a school that wouldn't allow me to have any of my test equipment on me and anytime my blood sugar was over 180, the nurse would force me to do a urine test
I protested, I tried to call my mom but she was at work; this woman forced me to give her urine tests multiple times per week, sometimes even per day
Stress makes your blood sugar rise, unfortunately, so I was often over 180 at school
It is the actual reason why I started skipping school; it was so humiliating. So humiliating.
I feel like there must be rules against this? It was in Missouri in 2008

No. 1667973

School nurses aren't allowed to do much more than give you water and a bandaid without written parental consent bro that's messed up

No. 1667979

that school did some pretty fucked up shit
the super intendent's daughter was in my grade and told everyone I couldn't get my blood on anything either because I had AIDS or diabetes itself was contagious, so that also sucked, maybe don't tell the other children one of them has dirty blood

No. 1667985

samefagging but like I don't understand how it was even able to be done to me; like the principal and the secretary were usually also like right there, they also knew, and of course the principal and superintendent both said she was doing the right thing
They made me test my bloodsugar three times per day and stated, "They need to test 4 times per day, we're assuming you can at least handle once," to my mom. So. I dunno. So fucked up, they all just let it happen, my mom went to school board meetings trying to get them to at least let me keep my shit, and they always refused or I guess just ignored her.
It was so horrible, really.

No. 1668009

File: 1692309023054.jpg (83.96 KB, 900x671, 46.jpg)

This question is intended for all the mid 20's+ nonnies that used to hang around alt circles when they were younger, specifically among punks, anarchists, huge commies, emos, metalheads and the like.

I observed this interesting phenomenon now that I'm a bit older. So I'm sure we all remember the girls that were considered almost like the alphas in the community, men loved them, they'd always be super popular and go to all the gigs, heavy drug users etc. and due to their crazy lifestyle they usually wouldn't pursue higher education nor get a job after high school so they seemed to be living on air. In my case, literally every each one of these girls married pretty early, got babies pretty early too, and most importantly all of them got married to a significantly older dude. My question is - did anyone else notice the same pattern? Because I'm starting to get creeped out by how similar they all are. I can count 4 off the top of my head, and that's just from my smaller town.
Weirdly, they all seemed to pursue something quirky when it comes to their jobs (like jewelry making, vegan cooking, gardening, ethical makeup production, and a lot of other creative hobbies) and they look happy outwardly, but it's weird how all of them share the same fate.

No. 1668011

Schools are prisons for children, plenty of weird shit is going on in them whether it's legal or not. Teachers and admin let illegal shit slide because it's between kids and "they're just playing" while similar shit would end up in court if it happened in the workplace such as boys sexually harassing female students or beating up classmates to the point where they're very badly injured or pass out entirely. Speaking of nurses at school it always disturbs me when I read cases of kids with health issues dying because the school nurse or the principals kept the kids' epipen or ventoline for some reason and would bring it too late to the kids. Illegal or not, nothing surprises me at all in schools.

No. 1668017

A girl got raped and another had a video of her getting fucked in a field by some student spread around our school and on both occasions they punished the girl as well as the guy. Schools are a lawless wasteland unless your daddy is powerful.

No. 1668018

man, and a previous school had more than just permitted csa on me too
the middle school kept my test kit and glucagon and everything in a locked drawer, and the nurse was only there three days per week, so the other two days, it was locked in the secretary's drawer, and if no one was in the office, there just wasn't a way for me to get any of my shit
like I am riddled with fear around my diabetes shit still because of this, any time a doctor or place of work gets froggy, I bounce lol

No. 1668025

>Teachers and admin let illegal shit slide because it's between kids and "they're just playing"
Reminds me of how teachers made me babysit a retarded ADHD kid my age that tried molesting me on multiple occasions until I bashed his head in with icy snow and nobody gave a shit. Literally eat or be eaten type of shit.

No. 1668027

>always perfect skin with zero skincare, even during puberty
>28 and still the same
>elimated sugar for 3 weeks due to bowel problems
>feels good woman
>start eating sweet stuff again, maybe a little too much than before because sometimes I can't stop myself
>suddenly five huge red spots appear on face, four on the cheeks and one on the nose
What the fuck? It doesn't look like normal pimples, more like acne or something. Do you think a big amount of sugar could trigger it? I'm going insane because I never had something like this. And it's really big and even my coworkers ask me what happened kek. I don't wear make up so I can't even cover it, I feel so ugly and I'm scared it won't go away

No. 1668035

This. I was terribly bullied in primary school and at the beginning of middle school it didn't end, I finally lost it and I threw one bitch against the sink in the girl's bathroom and threw another one against the door and told her to fuck off. Nobody touched me again and teachers didn't react kek

No. 1668037

Yes, excessive sugar can cause shit like that. Buy those blemish spot patches.

No. 1668038

I don't get why school nurses exist if they're not going to be there everyday. It was the same thing in all my schools and the few times I needed to see the nurse she was never there. I spent an entire day in middle school in the nurse office with another student who was just pretending to be sick to not go to class and spend my entire day vomiting in the sink because only the nurse was qualified to sign a paper to let me go back home which was 5 min away from the school by foot.

>the middle school kept my test kit and glucagon and everything in a locked drawer

Yeah that's what I'm talking about, this is crazy to me. I'm glad I had to take growth hormone injections at home right before going to bed because there's no way I could have trusted schools with this. I would sometimes have hypoglycemia as a kid from my growth hormone deficiency but it's not nearly as dangerous as if a type 1 diabetic kid has it so I didn't get treatments for that, I just needed to eat snacks from time to time but "eating snacks or drinking water in the middle of lessons is impolite" so I had to deal with nearly or actually passing out in front of everyone and if I tried to eat during recess I could have my chocolate bars stolen and nobody would give a shit.

>until I bashed his head in with icy snow and nobody gave a shit.
You got off easy, when I defended myself against bullies in primary school I was the only one punished and the kids kept doing it until they beat me so hard I lost consciousness and the director was worried about a potential lawsuit after I kept telling him I was bullied over and over again.

No. 1668040

We say something like "that's fine!" in Norway which is pretty similar. Kinda silly now that i think of it.

No. 1668052

File: 1692311316516.png (940.59 KB, 2000x1806, i wonder.png)

What does green Anonymous mean and what does blue Anonymous mean? Is it about VPNs? i need nonnas theories

No. 1668053

brace yourself lol

No. 1668054

Oh dear nonnie

No. 1668055

green = unsaged
blue = saged

No. 1668059

Don't judge me too much for being a newfag, nonnies, i love you
Thank you! Google search didn't give me results, now i will know

No. 1668060

you are so cute nonnie. even if this is a troll reply. it is very sweet. green means the anon is cute

No. 1668074

also some threads require saging if there's no milk provided nonna. most on /ot/ don't

No. 1668080

I wiped my laptop screen with wet tissues and only afterwards saw that you're not supposed to do use it on surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol. The ingredients are benzisothiazolinone, octylisothiazolinone and 2-octyl-2h-isothiazol-3-on. What's the worst that could happen now? I patted it dry with a normal tissue afterwards and my screen looks normal right now.

No. 1668084

TY nonna! It means you're cute too! And i wasn't trolling, i was just asking a stupid question because i needed an answer
I do it sometimes too, but nothing has ever happened? I think you're going to be fine if you'll not do it anymore? It apparently can ruin the surface, but if nothing has happened by now, i think you're safe.
Yeah, i always try to remember to sage, luckily i barely post on /snow/. Thanks, nonna!

No. 1668105

File: 1692314011458.png (875.68 KB, 800x800, V-19925148_1_800.png)

why do like 95% of men wear this kind of necklace? does it have a special name?

No. 1668112

not sure why, but I believe it's called a Cuban chain

No. 1668115

File: 1692314575190.png (561.81 KB, 2000x1500, Types-of-Necklace-Chains.png)

Cuban links are edgier, I think that's just a curb chain. They just wear them because they're fashionable, a sign of wealth (depending on how it looks), easy to pair with anything, and also timeless depending on how they're one.

No. 1668121

Settle an argument. Would you consider a 6'3 moid average tall or very tall?

No. 1668122

Very tall. Inch less and he's average tall. I come from one of the tallest countries in the world but 190cm is still pretty tall to me, most tall guys are around 185cm here.

No. 1668124

Very tall. That's a foot over me. 6'0" is already very tall but anything past 6'1" is very very tall imo.

No. 1668130

Are those videos of a "girl in cosplay reloading a gun" that were popular really a dude? It randomly popped up on my YouTube and I was enjoying it until I found out it might be a tranny.

No. 1668137

Unrelated but I really wonder what 6'3 looks like. I used to online date a moid who was 6'3 and it was one of the things I found attractive about him. Very tall men are rare where I live so I have a hard time imagining it and I wish we had met up before we broke up lol.

No. 1668159

Do we really need to reapply sunscreen every 80 minutes?

No. 1668169

My coworker has a husband and he's somewhere between 6'2"-6'3", I'm slightly above average 5'7" and he made me feel teeny. Apparently everyone asks him to reach top shelves kek

No. 1668191

Can anyone think of a reason why I can't hit the shift key + x to type a capital x on my mac? I can obviously type x in lowercase, and I CAN TYPE ALL THE OTHER LETTERS IN UPPERCASE, but when I try to type a capital x, nothing comes up.

I can also type it when I hit capslock: X, but most of the time I google "letter x capital" and copy and paste.

i can prob live like this indefinitely, but it is annoying

No. 1668233

I ended up figuring it out. I'm not sure why I was sent to pasture however?
Is it a stupid question to ask for a song title?

No. 1668261

File: 1692326210453.jpg (183.97 KB, 1079x1347, 1691562205966294.jpg)

Why are people obsessed with hobonichis

No. 1668295

If I were you, I would. It slowly fades off, sweats off, or absorbs into your skin over time. Remember, even if you don't burn, your skin is still taking damage. Don't risk skin cancer, apply that sunscreen as needed!

No. 1668307

Where can I find discussions of ishowspeed on here?

No. 1668309

6’ is tall, anything under is short/average, 6’4” is staring to get very tall

No. 1668313

It's cause you typed in all caps dummy.

No. 1668319

Twitch or yt threads on snow probably

No. 1668322

>skin cancer
This freaks me out. Because I haven't been wearing sunscreen at all.

No. 1668387

Does anyone else feel weeb culture has died off a lot and been replaced with koreaboo culture?
At first I thought I had just sort of "outgrown" the weebiest parts but I still go to gaming/anime/etc conventions and the vibe is different, a lot of activities are now kpop related from having had no presence before at all. Even my fujo friend who used to read about anime characters switched over to fics about kpop guys instead

No. 1668389

I'm nordic and 6'3 is tall, but definitely not "very tall" here

No. 1668392

One of the only cons in my country has the theme of "vocaloid and kpop" this year kek.
I don't think weeb culture is necessarily dead, a lot of young zoomers are huge weebs, but I think the two got merged and aren't as mutually exclusive anymore. Although it's a lot more likely that a weeb will be into kpop than someone that's primarily into kpop being into weeb shit.

No. 1668398

Not whatsoever, Kpop is just louder

No. 1668412

I have not had the same experience. lots of the well known alt girls I knew both online and irl either trooned out, got into onlyfans/sex"work", doing content creation stuff online for money (making youtube videos, streaming, etc), or moved back in with their parents while struggling to find a career. I can't think of any that have kids nor are married - am from a city though and not a small town.

No. 1668415

From my experience, all became moms and/or nurses. I believe 2 or living with their parents, ones living off of military money and the other one I knew was successful as far as I know.

No. 1668416

File: 1692349821316.jpg (90.69 KB, 1080x824, 3eaccbb66b8.jpg)

Twitter, Youtube and Google aren't working in my country meaning there's something big going on, anyway does any of know of these youtube porxy sites I can use till I wait for it to end.

No. 1668417


No. 1668420

File: 1692350490758.png (623.23 KB, 828x670, Screenshot_46.png)

Pakistan, appears we have some mass riots over the Quran burning in Sweden and so Churches and Christian communities have been destroyed and literally burned to the ground.

No. 1668422

wtf do Christian Pakistanis have to do with a quran burning in Sweden of all places? I should look for news articles. I can't answer your question but can you use a VPN for that?

No. 1668423

Nothing at all, that's just how south asian Muslims are, an important mosque was vandalised in India a few decades back(vandalised no one died) but thousands of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan were murdered in reprisal attacks.

No. 1668425

You won't die without youtube for a few days, use this opportunity to go outside Pakichan.

No. 1668426

6’3 isn’t tall on paper but irl it most definitely is. People don’t know what it looks like I guess. Either way it’s not average

No. 1668429

You people are freaks, like I can't image a reality where someone whose 6'3 isn't considered a monster.

No. 1668433

I might burn a few Qurans myself if it means I can help bring about the fall of Pakistan. Long overdue as far as I’m concerned.

No. 1668435

Holymoly pakichan learned to use punctuation

No. 1668445

Completely sensible moid reactions right there. Just like how they threaten Sweden with terrorism despite the people doing the burning of a mass-produced book was Danish and Iraqi.

No. 1668470

Agreed with >>1668392, especially about the merging thing. Nowadays you see both, while back then you were either a weeb or a kboo, and both fandoms were clearly seperated, along with lots of shitflinging between both sides. ngl I still get a bit into fighting mode whenever I see open kbooism, even though I had a short kboo phase, too

No. 1668536

you joke please don't, these men will either murder you, your loved one's or just innocent people,

No. 1668540

Your nazi husbando varg still wouldn't fuck you so it's not worth the danger.

No. 1668543

No. 1668560

What's a good book that teaches you how to render/color digital art

No. 1668648

How do I know which tea I can use milk with and which ones I can't? Black tea with milk works no problem, oolong tea too, but that one time I poured milk into my fruit tea, it was all gross and clumpy.

No. 1668653

Fruits contain acid, and acid makes milk go clumpy.

No. 1668654

File: 1692369453495.jpg (93.65 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

Anons, do you have haircare influencers in your country? Exclusively haircare, not styling, cutting or coloring.
We've been wondering with other polish farmers if it's something unique to our country, with picrel influencer getting a massive cult following of people obsessed with healthy hair, analyzing the wavyness and specific hair needs; and multiple various brands releasing specific separate conditioners with humectants, proteins or emollients catered specifically to that very community. Looking and english-speaking hair influ none of them seem to be as specific about these issues (or crazy about hair health-friendly henna dyes).

No. 1668667

That's so wild, I've never even heard of such a thing as hair influencer. I only know some of my mom's friends (older hippie types, nice ladies) who are into that stuff, and female metalheads. Absolutely nobody under 35 who isn't some type of alt character, and even then nobody has hair even close to that woman's length.

I've seen "trichology" experts on TikTok, though, but they just shill normal Redken and other expensive haircare.

No. 1668669

I'd follow that ladies cult.

No. 1668676

I don't keep up with influencers of any kind but I believe so, mostly curly and coily hair tho, I live in a country with large black and mixed population and it became fashionable to wear voluminous, natural hair the last decade, a lot of people spend years straightening their hair and such and apparently letting your hair go natural after that is a an entire long ass process, so there's a lot of content to be made out of it.

No. 1668679

I don't think so but I'd be totally about that, I need someone to tell me how to fix my ratty hair lol

No. 1668689

There are definitely American hair care influencers. I find them really weird, particularly the ones who are about growing the longest hair possible. Curly hair influencers are less odd, but can still be annoying. There are a ton of black hair influencers too but that makes complete sense considering the politics of textured hair and there being few things that cater to them.

No. 1668705

Why do most gay men have this weird voice pitch but lesbians do not? Is it genetics or do gay men simply choose to talk like minnie mouse?

No. 1668725

File: 1692372748182.jpg (62.56 KB, 639x494, opioid-epidemic-by-numbers_0.j…)

Do genetics that predispose one to addiction even matter in regards to prescribed opioids and the opioid epidemic?

No. 1668774

Is play-asia reliable? I want to buy physical copies of Switch games that are only downloadable in Europe but I've never used that online store before.

No. 1668779

I wouldn't say it's been replaced entirely but zoomers who would have been weaboos if they were born 10 years ago or koreaboos instead. I think having easy access to Korean pop culture helps a lot because when I was a teenager we had to pirate a bunch of J-drama, anime and albums and for the ones like me who are into video games we also had to deal with region locked consoles and release dates that were set way after the Japanese ones. Meanwhile K-pop is actively marketed all over the world and you can easily find K-dramas on Netflix or Amazon prime and similar services, and nowadays people pirate music and shows way less than before. I think it plays a role in that impression you're getting.

No. 1668788

i see haircare influencers all the time on tiktok. im not sure which countries theyre from but theyre english speaking

No. 1668869

How do you tell if your crush on someone is something that won't fizzle out immediately or quickly if you start dating them? Happened to me once within a month of going out with a dude, I don't want to repeat this again. If it's just a fleeting feeling I'll just ignore it and stay friends.

No. 1668874

Burgers, what are some rude/swear words that bongs use that burgers don’t?

No. 1668881

Bloody hell

Idk there's probably a bunch more

No. 1668899

File: 1692381785283.jpg (122.91 KB, 1080x1281, FtiYjVoagAIAtye.jpg)

nonce. it's means when someone is dumb

No. 1668942

you say this but im a bong and i thought that was what it meant for the first 21 years of my life. i also didn't know bugger had any hidden meaning outside of being a vague insult for a man

No. 1668988

well tbf i thought so too when nonnas brought it up but i probably just confused it with dunce also my excuse is im not a britbong

No. 1668999

arse is just ass with an accent, it's so bogus that it gets past censors that would bleep "ass" in the us lol

No. 1669010

Will owning a 3D printer make my electric bill high?

No. 1669019

If you use it a lot then obviously it will make it a bit higher. It's like having a TV (rougly about 150 Wh). Depends on the printer model too obviously.

No. 1669070

is she into me? 90% of what she talks about are her types that I somewhat fit into. But idk if she's just talking in general as a friend to me or if she's hinting that she's into me but it's so early since it has only been a month

No. 1669097

File: 1692393774945.jpg (14.42 KB, 284x284, aa92efe3a7875d1fca87d4f47fc38f…)

What do you do when you go through one of those really bad phases in life cursed by misfortune (death, terminal illness, losing your home, etc) and everyone's problems seem really pathetic in comparison? Does it ever end or do you just remain jaded for life?

No. 1669100

File: 1692393925262.png (1.04 MB, 900x900, The Faerie Folk.png)

Lets say I have some small pieces of metal stuck in my body (my eye or foot, for example), If I were to get an MRI, would it extract the metal so quickly that it would be painless and cause little harm, or would it kill me instantly??

No. 1669118

Can someone tell me its going to be ok? Thanks

No. 1669122

File: 1692394938721.jpg (178.31 KB, 1044x1821, download (39).jpg)

Everything's gonna be alright anon!

No. 1669123

Oh you poor baby. It's gonna be okay. You know that, right? This, too, shall pass. I know things look really bad from where you are now, but it's going to get better. Don't worry about it.

No. 1669127

You are okay. Take a deep breath, everything will be fine

No. 1669128

Good question, I'd say go ask a doctor because you can't take risks with that kind of things but now I want to know too. I remember a news article about a guy who shoved a silicone butt plug up his ass before an MRI and he didn't know there was metal inside of it because it was supposedly not indicated anywhere and he got severely injured from the MRI and wanted to sue the sex toy company. I imagine it couldn't have been that much metal? Who knows.

No. 1669146

Thank u nonnas i love you all and appreciate it

No. 1669226

Is it possible to be asked out by an ugly guy while not being ugly yourself? I feel so ugly because of that

No. 1669243

it happens all the time since we as women cannot agree what ugly is so a lot of moids that are ugly to you probably have a lot of confidence.

No. 1669244

File: 1692404301693.jpg (79.59 KB, 520x767, fried.jpg)

Did tiktok discover Touhou already?

No. 1669246


No. 1669247

Not yet! They only know it vaguely from aesthetics and cute art

No. 1669253

No believe me, this particular guy was deemed ugly by all the women I know kek

No. 1669302

none of the girls i knew/that were popular in the community did drugs or any of that stuff. most of them did not pursue higher education, the metal girls exclusively all did pursue higher education. i know of at least 3 popular scene girls who became tattoo artists. there was only one BPD girl who was batshit insane but have no clue what happened to her. i think we didn't have that many insane girls here because im not from the states where everyone legitimately is a looney bin and a druggie in alt communities lol (no offense). the popular girls here were usually nice and got along with everyone (which is why they were popular).

No. 1669309

Again I ask:
What do you do when you go through one of those really bad phases in life cursed by misfortune (death, terminal illness, losing your home, etc) and everyone's problems seem really pathetic in comparison? Does it ever end or do you just remain jaded for life?

No. 1669320

I can only speak from personal experience and tell you that I became kinda jaded?! I usually get annoyed pretty quickly with people whining about their mundane problems in life. Especially people who are, in my eyes, more privileged. I don't have time for bullshit. People have to give it to me straight or I run out of patience real quick. I have seen the worst that life has to offer and you come to me with dumb fucking shit? I try to have more patience with the people I genuinely care about, but it can be difficult to manage. I try to tell myself that everyone has different struggles and different thresholds when it comes to dealing with said struggles, so I usually just try to listen and nod. Whenever I have a flood of bad things happening to me I have stopped caring tbh. It's just one of those "Ah shit, here we go again" moments. I would say that in general you wont just become jaded, but once bad things happen again and again and again, then you can become jaded pretty easily, yeah.

No. 1669373

Thanks anon I appreciate the response and feel like a bit less of an asshole now kek

No. 1669456

No. 1669517

So people have been complaining about twitter ever since Elon aquired it and with every new announced feature/change everyone claims he's just killing off twitter but has it actually seen any decrease in active users?

No. 1669521

It doesn't go away but there are advantages to this, if you do manage to get back on your feet, the smaller problems you gp through won't affect you at all and you'll have an easier time getting through those stuff because you've been through much much worse.

No. 1669528

Supposedly shaving cream/gel/foam helps gliding the razor better but of course all those claims come from beauty/fashion blogs who'll write anything unfounded or from representatives from brands who sell shaving supplies. I guess try it out for yourself.

No. 1669534

I don't know about overall but as a personal anecdote I definitely see less activity on my timeline, it goes slower now.

No. 1669598

What are some threads that you have never posted in/looked at?

No. 1669602

Yes, good shaving cream helps reduce nicks quite a bit. A sharp clean razor is the most important thing. Shaving in a warm environment helps immensely as well, goosebumps don't shave well.

No. 1669603

Any Linux users here? I consider switching to Linux after more than 10 years of my Windows 7 experience and I would like to ask … what is all the rage about Linux? I personally just want an OS that you can easily install and just use it as is it is without hours upon hours of anal fine tuning. I heard Mint is a good choice, is it true? I'm not all that tech literate and want an OS that is not cluttered and doesn't feature all the retarded additions of 10/11 like spyware and constant useless pop-ups. I mostly use my laptop for work and studying, like managing emails and writing papers, drawing in SAI and sometimes playing a vidya. That's all I need, I don't care about all the technical sides and crazy features of different distros.
Also, how do I deal with my security? Does Mint comes with some sort of anti virus feature or do I need additional software? What should I use?

No. 1669612

You can control anything and everything about your Linux system. The side effect of this flexibility is that you're going to have to learn how to install apps, use emulators, and operate the console. Especially if you like vidya. There are manuals, of course, so it's easy to master. Most of the time it feels like Windows minus the bullshit.
Good choice.

No. 1669618

Thanks, I will use Mint then. Seems to be pretty easy to manage.

No. 1669619

The specific country/continent threads, the art threads in /ot/, cyberstalking/snooping, tinfoil, cow yourself, stoner and drunk threads, nearly all horny threads in /g/, anyhting weeb and game related in /m/. probably more

No. 1669633

is it rude to return a gift an ex gave you? It's been a year. She gave me antique ceramic baby dolls. I am not very fond of them and dolls in general. They've been collecting dust in my room and I know she liked it more than i did.

No. 1669636

yes that's weird, donate or throw them out. don't return gifts.

No. 1669639

I have a heart rate of 120 and oxygen level of 95 (which is okay but just barely), I keep waking up due to heart palpitations and feel nauseous. The regular doctors' office is not open, is it enough cause of concern to go to the ER? Oxygen levels are technically okay and I'm going to the doctor on monday anyway so I don't know. I don't want to scare my family/friends.

No. 1669640

Do you think she would want the dolls back? Would you want to have a gift you gave to an ex returned to you? It probably would have bad memories attached to it for her, especially when it's something you returned to her after you broke up. I'd sell it or give it away.

No. 1669644

File: 1692452440086.gif (1.41 MB, 400x352, fedora.gif)

It's more customisable, less clunky and miles better in certain cases which is why lots of software engineers, sysadmins and the like prefer it (myself included). I don't know about video game stuff since I play almost exclusively pirated stuff from years ago and don't like most modern AAA titles, but there's workarounds.
My fave distro is Fedora by far, some people think it's clunky but I find it very sleek and Windows-like.

No. 1669645

Your symptoms sound too wage and there is nothing concrete that can be said about it. Also don't ask health questions on lolcow, please.

No. 1669649

Personally for me the lack of support for vidya is not a problem since I mostly play older games and even though I mostly pirate games I consider switching to GOG (cause now I have a stable job lol) and they have a big selection of games with Linux support, which I assume doesn't require additional fuckery to install.

No. 1669656

File: 1692453670314.jpg (7.32 MB, 5184x3456, gjgjhgjh.jpg)

I'm pale with a cool undertone, so warm reddish-brown à la Tanaka Reina and other aidoru on the cusp of 2010 will look terrible on me, right?

No. 1669658

is there an app that lets you alter hairstyles or hair texture similar to FaceApp for FREE?(this is the important part)

No. 1669664

No. 1669665

It's your health and heart, I wouldn't chance it personally. If you don't want to scare your family/friends you can just not tell them.

No. 1669672

So my friend wants to send her bf( that lives in another country) her “used” panties for some kinky shit. She asked me if I had any recommendations for the textile they should be ( cotton vs satin, elastane, lace, polyester etc) and I have no idea. Now all my underwear are cotton but I also have some sports underwear that are polyester and I know they can get a little stinky after exercising so I told her maybe cotton is better? But I can imagine if you keep even the cotton one in a sealed envelope it will start smelling something weird after a while.. but I’m not sure. Do any of you nonnas have any experience with this ?

No. 1669673

>asking for a friend btw

No. 1669674

>Would you want to have a gift you gave to an ex returned to you?
ayrt and personally i wouldn't mind but I guess that's why I'm even here asking lol. It feels wrong to sell though. They spent money on me and I'm just extorting out of it.

No. 1669676

Who cares, it'll be unsanitary either way.

No. 1669677

lol I knew someone would comment on that. If it was me I would just say it, I’ve said worst shit here. And anyway it’s an anon board.
So do you have any recc?

No. 1669679

I thought the point / appeal of used panties was there being a smell?

No. 1669681

The stinkier the better

No. 1669691

Yeah but it’s not a “bad smell” id suppose? I don’t think scrotes would want to get a pair of panties that smell like they came from tuna-chan

No. 1669692

>I don’t think scrotes would want to get a pair of panties that smell like they came from tuna-chan
you are an incredibly naive nonnie

No. 1669693

Well, actually…

No. 1669724

we used to have those threads that were only unlocked on the weekends and locked during the week. what happened to them?

No. 1669728

Those TreeHut shaving oils have been working for me a lot better than creams/gels

No. 1669729

Would some residue of bleach in food do any harm? I know leach dies with heat but I want to make sure.

No. 1669731

Send him a bomb instead

No. 1669735

they suddenly stopped in september or october 2022

No. 1669800

ESL question, what’s the difference between nauseous vs nauseated? Like they’re situational?

No. 1669801

Whatever causes nausea is nauseous. When someone has nausea, they're nauseated.

No. 1669802

I think nauseated could be used more for past tense, as in it has already happened. Nauseous would be for when it’s currently happening.
>the sight of the accident left her nauseated
>she felt nauseous while approaching the accident

No. 1669810

Swear I hear it the other way around. People say I feel nauseous a lot don’t they
Oh yeah that’s probably why I see nauseated more in writing than in speaking.

No. 1669811

That's because people use them interchangeably and it's generally accepted, although it annoys grammar nazis like myself. Nauseous is something nauseating, and when something nauseous nauseates you, you become nauseated.

No. 1669812

File: 1692470131192.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.13 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_20230818_201251.jpg)

Please be honest – if you saw these scars on a very normal-looking woman, would you assume it was self-harm?

I cover them up for work, but it's very frustrating sweating my ass off in long sleeves, which even when billowy linen, don't come close to the coolness of just wearing short sleeves.

For context I work in IT but there's a strong 'lads club' salesy / corporate culture.

I'm pretty sure the answer is to just keep covering it up, but wanted some opinions because if it isn't obviously self-harm, I would 1000% say some weird excuse if asked… Just can't think of anything.

No. 1669816

I would assume they're cat scratches

No. 1669820

First thought:
>probably self-harm
After sneaking another peek:
>oh wait, probably not. maybe she fell on something like wire or got scratched up by a large animal?

No. 1669821

These look like the aftermath of handling a particularly crazy cat.

No. 1669823

File: 1692470885054.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1170x1739, IMG_0685.jpeg)

At this point where I am it's too hot to cover mine up. I have an admixture of cuts and cigarette burns on my wrists. I also have them on my upper arms, thighs, and faintly around my chest and stomach. I've gotten some nasty comments from men, but overall people are less attentive than you think and don't really pry. The ones who do tend to be projecting and likely knew or were a self harmer. One guy who was nasty towards me was rambling on about hating his formerly troubled daughter and I could infer that he was disgusted by me because I must've reminded him of her. I've found that if I keep my lower wrists angled they're less visible.

I only really ever notice people's scars if i'm paying attention because I'm a self harmer myself. People who don't know what self harm is think they're cat scratches or something like >>1669816 said

No. 1669832

Id assume stretch marks or something that happened as a childhood accident. My aunt fell through glass as a kid and has small unnoticeable scars that look just like yours.

No. 1669843

ayrt the argument was that my friend thinks any moid under 6'5 is average tall and over 6'5 is very tall. I think that's stupid, because her neighbour/acquaintance is a 6'3 moid and even at a distance he is tall enough that the first time I seen him on our way into her apartment block I did a full double take. There's no way that anyone can think 6'3 is average tall for anyone

No. 1669850

Sucks, thanks. Is there something like sister sizes for bras, just for hair colors?

No. 1669856

Well there's cool toned and neutral toned red hair colours too.

No. 1669857

I can tell they’re sh scars but scrotes who don’t have any experience would not think twice about whatever excuse you make up

No. 1669888

File: 1692473548388.jpeg (171.55 KB, 660x749, IMG_0692.jpeg)

Don't know if this helps, I don't know your eye color anon

>Both Jessica Chastain and Isla Fisher in picrel have bright copper red hair that pairs nicely with light to medium skin tones with cool undertones.


I'm a midtone (mid to warm) who tans in the summer and I much prefer darker auburn red like middle bottom row though. I'm a natural brunette. plus I hate bleaching my hair and that's the red that actually dyes it without stripping color

No. 1669891

File: 1692473742602.jpeg (576.95 KB, 2340x2340, A9825642-A37D-49E6-9978-447C45…)

Another site I consulted said light cool skin tones should lean more towards red or burgundy red, although I understand if these shades are too intense. You seem to want a more neutral color like the orange brown reds I linked above

I've always loved violet and wine reds like this, but I have the worst time getting this color to take with my natural hair. I'd do a little more research if you want a better reading but hopefully this helps to start

No. 1670016

I've had some Beyond Meat stuff in the freezer for a long time. it expired in February 2022. aside from texture being less than ideal, it should be ok to eat right? since it's been frozen. will I die?

No. 1670025

can you store multiple pills in the same bottle? Ibuprofen and aspirin specifically.

No. 1670027

to me they definitely look like self-harm but that's because i'm a cutter. i don't cover up mine, they're all white and healed like yours so no one seems to notice.

No. 1670028

I'd think it could be self harm, but as others have said it's only 'cause I've got a few scars myself. Just say you got tangled up fixing a barbed wire fence.

No. 1670044

Others might disapprove but I’ve eaten things stashed in the freezer for literal years past their best by dates and nothing bad happened to me

No. 1670053

thank you for the response. I'm thawing it out to make some vegan Sloppy Joe's. usually I don't buy this stuff because it makes the house smell like cat food, but my aunt saw a good deal at Costco and brought me a bunch. this is the last of it though, woohoo

No. 1670082

I remember hearing that if you wanna test if a person's really sleeping you have to blow lightly on their eyelids and look if their eyes are moving. Now, are they up or are they sleeping for real if they move?

No. 1670097

Don't have the answer but this reminds me of a memory. One time my older sister took a nap when we were playing video games. I lifted up her eyelids and saw her eyes moving around but she was still clearly asleep. Later on, I learned about REM sleep.

No. 1670111

If they flicker or squint, the person is awake but pretending to sleep.

No. 1670125

If someone did this to me I'd wake up on the spot but I'd be very disoriented and angry. Is this the intended reaction or is the sleeping person supposed to not even notice?

No. 1670135

Why would an ex start looking at a group chat after months of pretending I don’t exist.

No. 1670138

Because you are obsessed!

No. 1670164

I haven’t interacted with him in literal months

No. 1670188

Ok is he stalking you? Because that’s concerning. Someone has been posting about this exact thing for a while here and making herself sound crazy but she never posts details. Someone is obsessed with someone

No. 1670193

Does anyone know of a service that would allow me to have voice chats but online so that I don't require something like an account to a service such as discord or skype?

No. 1670195

If you even came near my face I'd wake up so that's not gonna work on everyone

No. 1670197

File: 1692493690581.png (939.72 KB, 700x940, Catasters_ Photo.png)

Why do cows do this with their eyes? Are they physically unable of moving their eyes in certain directions or what?

No. 1670212

I think you’re just projecting your own tendencies

No. 1670234

It isnt concerning at all unless he does it constantly. Literally everyone scrolls through memories when nostalgic and bored.

No. 1670302

would I probably look better if I dyed my hair darker? I look very washed out. My skin is naturally a warm deep tan tone, my hair is a cool light brown, and my eyes are also a muddied hazel. people say I look great in dark clothes so I'm not sure. and no I normally don't care, but I look weirdly plain and wish my looks had a bit more definition.

No. 1670309

Wigs are cheap, try it out and see

No. 1670310

File: 1692500747507.jpeg (102.2 KB, 749x1018, E8A55BE5-0CAC-424E-B646-A77D49…)

Why are anon in the trad thread sperging over the thread image? I thought it was pretty funny and fitting for the thread. Seems nice to have a great paying job and no scrote or kids to drag you down. At least for a while.

No. 1670326

How can I learn modular arithmetic?

No. 1670328

It's not actual posters, it's the guy who always tries to get the thread shutdown by samefaging and spergs about career women >>>/snow/1861214 . He does it all the time.

No. 1670332

I was surprised nonnies fell for such a bait post.

No. 1670335

I’m thinking maybe there’s more than one bait poster but who knows

No. 1670336

Where tf do you get all these exotic looking meat

No. 1670342


No. 1670344

He responds to his own bait sometimes and switches vpns a lot in hopes of getting the thread locked because it triggers him. If it goes on for a long time, it's usually him replying to himself and trying to get anons to reply to him. That's why he doesn't sage and didn't when he posted his initial fujo-neet larp >>>/snow/1884560 . The last time he reed that the posters in the thread are all fujo-cat-ladies that eat ice cream and hate men etc >>>/snow/1861707 and started spamming about women needing men and men being inventors kek >>>/snow/1861899 .

No. 1670351

Soo ignore him

No. 1670353

I am. He interacts with himself if he doesn't get interaction to keep it going.

No. 1670392

For anyone not convinced now he's reeing about the jews and calling corporation bosses "Shekelstein" >>>/snow/1884876 . Why are all trannies ex-polfags?

No. 1670410

Is Mamoru/Darien/Tuxedo Mask an ideal Nigel or just another moid?

No. 1670423

I think it's because as prey animals, their eyes are on the sides of their head (not in the front, like predator animals like us and cats) so when they're happy and looking to the side it looks crazy lol

No. 1670444

he dated a middle schooler while being in college, just another moid

No. 1670537

yeah I think it is because they're prey animals. Idk though. Because rabbits do it too (I have always had rabbits!) rabbits have their eyes set into the sides of their head so they have a better field of vision to detect predators

No. 1670565

So if mobile phone cameras suck because you need to have giant lenses to produce a good picture then how are our eyes so small?

No. 1670622

Mobile phone cameras don't suck, theyr're great. Also you don't take pictures with your eyes.

No. 1670632

I mean compared to dslr. Yeah, photos can come out looking good when shooting with a really high end phone, but compare photos and iphone pro camera takes with a dslr and the dslr beats it every time. Even a mirrorless still beats it. Everytime I searched for an answer they write that it's the size of the lenses but why can't we create small lenses that are good. I don't think your last point is related but photographic memory exists so they kinda do.

No. 1670694

what are pinktexts and what makes them different from greentexts?

No. 1670728

File: 1692547612149.gif (1.09 MB, 200x354, cling.GIF)

Layers. My thermals, mostly Uniqlo Heattech, cling (?) to anything I put on top. This is specially noticeable with bottoms and makes walking a sensory nightmare for me. I’ve resorted to skipping the thermal leggings altogether but I’m miserable. Help, nonitas!

No. 1670732

I would probably just get my hands wet and rub my legging with them to get rid of static. there are other methods though https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Static-Cling

No. 1670733

I've never seen a pinktext. can you post an example?

No. 1670737

I don't know where to get a rabbits foot but in every mid-size or large city I could find all that at a butcher shop. If you lived in Pittsburgh PA, for example, you would go the The Strip District and get all that very easily (might have to visit a couple butcher shops but maybe not even).

No. 1670800

I hope they evolve to be predators or something because I do not like seeing their eyes do that

No. 1670807

Maybe anon is color blind and meant redtext

No. 1670817

That's too many flavors, she should do different things on different days instead of all at once.
Have you seen rabbit in The Strip? That would be really cool. I see the larger animal meats be sold in most shops, but I was never able to find squirrel.

No. 1670855

I have definitely seen rabbit meat for sale there but not an edible rabbit foot with fur on it (could probably ask the butcher for it though now that I think about it)

No. 1670896

where can i get cute backpacks that won't also instantly break on me if i put my books in it?

No. 1670905

is kiwifarms back on the clearnet or is jersh keeping it on tor forever? itd be nice to catch up on some of my favorite kf cows like anisa, but i don't care enough to go to extreme lengths to go to the dark web for it.

No. 1670906

I have a couple of backpacks from each brand that I've used for 5-10 years and they haven't fallen apart at all yet. Jansport is supposed to be ok too but I find their zippers get fucked up.

No. 1670911

military surplus. you're not a weakling, are you? how many books do you carry? four? pathetic. my grandma can carry more, and she's dead. YOU WANTED A STURDY BACKPACK, PATTY? I CAN'T HEAR YOU-

No. 1670919

Jansport zippers fray and jam

No. 1670925

Are you supposed to change the sheets every time you have sex?

No. 1670994

Where do I start with philosophy? The programme I'm applying to next year has it as a requirement. I'm gonna need to pass a philosophy exam to get in. GOD, I AM IN STEM. I WAS HOPING TO AVOID THIS BULLSHIT. ARE YOU PUNISHING ME FOR STUDYING ABROAD? OR DO YOU WANT ME TO FINALLY READ THE BIBLE? REEEEEEEEE

No. 1671007


No. 1671013

yeah, you're "supposed to"

No. 1671014

A (summer) course at a university maybe?

No. 1671045

lmfao what makes you think you'll be reading the bible in an intro to philosophy class? it's just logic exercises and thought processes about correct actions, blame, personal responsibility. if you're this ignorant it'll do you some good so get excited.

No. 1671066

None available, sadly, but thanks.

>what makes you think you'll be reading the bible in an intro to philosophy
It's not an intro to philosophy, it's a philosophy exam. They list the things they expect you to know, and it mentions Christian philosophy more than once. Something something Saint Augustine, something something religious philosophy.
Kek I know. Maybe this is going to be interesting after all. I just don't know where to begin. I found the intro to philosophy syllabus on the university's website, and it seems to align with the topics required. My current plan is to combine whatever I find on the syllabus with some free online courses you can do at your own pace. Is this the correct approach?

Also I keep thinking about Feynman almost failing philosophy because he found it bizarre how no one could agree on a definition, and it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

No. 1671087

I think if it's just introductory stuff, you can read people like St. Augustine and St. Thomas without reading the bible, but I know fuck all about philosophy either kek. Any chance you can get your hands on previous exams? Like with an upperclassman or something.

No. 1671092

ah I see. I'm a burger so don't listen to me, but looking up the syllabus and finding online content is what I would've done as well. I also noticed that the CrashCourse channel Hank Green) has an intro to philosophy playlist, haven't watched it but I relied heavily on him to pass anatomy and physiology because he's great at blasting you with a fire hydrant of information that can give you a surface level understanding of a topic in 10 minutes or less while keeping you engaged. not good enough to write an essay off but really cuts away the feeling of being overwhelmed by a topic before you dig further.

No. 1671127

mobile phone cameras make everyone look ugly

No. 1671133

Does anyone else hate lying down? My sleep sucks because I can't stand lying down, but propping myself up in a seated position makes it impossible to sleep too. I've tried propping myself up in different positions, but overall I can't lie down and go to sleep before I'm dead tired enough to pass out immediately. It feels so unnatural to lie down. I'd rather be seated or standing. I'm writing this right now whole sitting on the side of my bed feeling dread from forcing myself to lie down for the last two hours with no success at falling asleep. What is wrong with me?

No. 1671174

>can't stand lying down
no one can. anyway I say this without judgment but are you fat? do you feel like you cant breathe or what

No. 1671180

File: 1692582074766.jpg (273.35 KB, 1688x1125, Cobi-Rehab_2020-09-28_Lejrings…)

Have you tried positioning pillows under yourself like picrelyou could do this easily with normal pillow if have that many? This is the "supine" position where you place a pillow underneath your head, shoulders, arms and knees. There also those super long pillows that women who are pregnant use to help lie down on their side or something similar like in picrel. or invest in an electric adjustable bed

No. 1671181

File: 1692582132123.jpg (52.63 KB, 736x721, e32c583074dbdbabd3b411b53ff217…)

Why do people who are already married or settled care so much about letting people know they're bisexual? It's always the ones who are taken letting people know. I never met someone who was single that would constantly say they're bi

No. 1671183


No. 1671202

I have a complex over my sexuality because my mom was very unaccepting of bisexuality when I was a kid and then later entered her religious phase condemning all gay relationships. I guess I tell because I could never tell my family. It feels freeing even if no one cares and it doesn't matter at the end of the day.

No. 1671203

Does anyone in here have a colostomy? How did you learn to cope with living with it? What is it like to have one? What can you do or not do with it?

No. 1671210

why are photocards so expensive and what’s the point? I really can’t talk because I buy stupid shit all the time but 25$ for a photo of some kpop member photo? I don’t get it, what does it do?

No. 1671234

In your delusional mind you win the proverbial stan olympics by having the most merchandise of your fave. Feed the parasocial need. It's what kpop is all about. Why trade the card when you can sell it for $100 to some sucker born every minute who'll pay the piper

No. 1671357

File: 1692591588440.jpg (37.47 KB, 600x840, 740full-luke-worrall.jpg)

Did anyone else have a brief obsession with him when they were like 12? I completely forgot he existed until now but I was so into him and thought he had the perfect nose kek Vietnam flashbacks

No. 1671358

File: 1692591646956.jpg (61.49 KB, 500x630, 7442-500w.jpg)

Picrel was more popular at the time

No. 1671361

literally who

No. 1671363

You're too young.
Also TIL he 'dated' Kelly Osborne.

No. 1671364

well, i know who kelly osborne is

No. 1671366

Thank you for this riveting information

No. 1671411

File: 1692597711200.png (6.35 KB, 96x96, 7479830.png)

Best weight-loss app? I'm tired of being a fatty best weight-loss diet? i want to lose 50 lbs

No. 1671469

Why is 2x is hidden again

No. 1671497

I too am tired of being a fatty so far I’ve lost w8 by quitting soda but o need to do more like try OMAD

No. 1671523

DAE get hemorrhoids on their period?

No. 1671524

File: 1692609558746.jpg (307.56 KB, 960x1440, p7892627_b_v8_aa.jpg)

Where can I watch Season 1 of the original Roswell show online (for free)?

No. 1671531

I would've said My Fitness Pal a few years ago but they have put so many features behind a paywall it really chafes my ass. I love the line graph feature that shows your weight loss progress and their large bank of foods, though, and it's the only app that has helped me consistently stay on track. Also intermittent fasting has saved my fat ass no self control having life

No. 1671532

i never understood why anyone would wanna watch a show about teen superman…WAIT that's Smallville…What was Roswell? Baby aliens?

No. 1671534

The stabbing sensation in your ass is not hemorrhoids, if that's what you're referring to.

No. 1671536

from the ones I tried I liked Cronometer the most, but I haven't used them in over a year, even though I also need to lose some weight, kek. I also tried Lose It, Lifesum, My Fitness Pal and Yazio. If I would have an Apple smartphone I would use Carrot Hunger and Carrot Fit. I liked Karin's Weight Diary just to track my weight, but you can't get it in the app store anymore. If you like stupid Anime stuff, you can also try Burn your fat with me. And if you do intermittent fasting, Zero was the best for it for me.

No. 1671544

How do you do fasting without getting headaches and migraines?

No. 1671546

Then what is it?

No. 1671549

ntayrt but why would you get headaches and migraines? I drink lots of water and black coffee. Also intermittent fasting can be just about not having breakfast or eating before midday.

No. 1671550

Your muscles contracting and cramping because they are close to the uterus.

No. 1671552

Because of moids

No. 1671554

idk I just do. I plenty of water too but I get headaches/migraines and stomachaches when I skip meals.

No. 1671555

If fasting gives you headaches and stomachaches, you shouldn't be doing it, full stop.

No. 1671556

it might be everything else you're eating if it's very processed? or too much tea? I got obsessed with green tea just because it's 'healthy' but drank pots and pots of it and had migraines, because caffeine.

nonnie could be right.

No. 1671557

Several trans identified females and literal men have been posting very weird shit there so it got hidden. The tif even discussed how based they were for fucking that board and saying misogynistic stuff to own teh evil terves on other sites. Also if you say anti-trans stuff there you'll get called a rightwing, tradthot, cockbreath, etc by the TIFs.

No. 1671559

Since when did Shein become so expensive? I haven't been to their website in years but when I looked yesterday I saw a bunch of 35 euro dresses when they used to be max. 20.

No. 1671576

I was wondering the same about aliexpress. Can't tell if it's one of those schemes where they reel you in with cheap prices then raise the prices when they have a sustainable customer base or if it's general inflation

No. 1671586

It's because both are platforms, not shops. Anyone can sell their shit on both platforms so you can unfortunately come across people who are overpricing their stuff since both platforms became more popular.

No. 1671615

because males and handmaidens can't handle seeing the thread topics without flinging shit. the moderation team wasn't in great shape during admin changeover and it requires a lot of moderation so it was hidden again. I'm not sure it worked because there are way more posts there than there were when it was hidden before.

No. 1671616

don't listen to her, it is hemorrhoids.

No. 1671617

Ah, thank you. I was wondering why a western 'brand' would sell niqabs lol.

No. 1671625

Genuinely, what do normalfags do all day? What do they do when they're with other people and how do they talk to them, both through text and in person? I've never been invited to hang out with friends (mainly because I've not had any who were social people) and I can't put myself in the shoes of a normie to see what they do when they're alone, I've never understood what the average person does if it's not reading/video games/browsing image boards.

No. 1671636

work/hobbies/shop for what they need.
They talk with them depending on their relationship. Talking with friends flows naturally and how comfortable you are depends on the friend.
Talking with coworkers/acquaintances is more robotic 'how to small talk'
Genuinely hard to explain how friends talk because it's just natural and in the moment.

You reading, playing video games and browsing are all your hobbies, someone could do those but replace browsing image boards with watching television, going on walks, painting. Basically any other hobby. It's really not complicated.

No. 1671638

I hate retards like you who think that everyone should be exactly like them
"how do people live if they don't do [exactly what I do in a day]?"
Seriously try to look out of your little bubble.

No. 1671644

Thank you.
>Seriously try to look out of your little bubble.
Are you fucking retarded? Why do you think I asked specifically in this thread? I want to know more about people who aren't like me.

No. 1671676

File: 1692625484680.png (20.56 KB, 1233x186, kek.png)

Why do I keep seeing the term "negative canal tilt" in several different threads and boards and wtf does it mean? Isn't that some incel term

No. 1671686

my ex cheated on me with 6 girls, he said he used protection with all of them except for me. its been about 2 weeks and no signs of STDs. do I need to get checked?

No. 1671690

Yes, you should always get checked if you find out you were with a cheater. Don't wait for a regular checkup, get the next available appointment.

No. 1671741

Pay a nutritionist, mine costs 90$ per month. The diet she gave to me is basically just eat like a normal person and don’t spend the whole day eating random shit, cut sugars entirely, only drink coffee or black tea once a day, add as many veggies as you want, o my eat fruits after breakfast and lunch, not as a snack, more protein doesn’t mean it’s better, workout daily and make sure you can’t even talk while working out because that means you’re actually doing something.

No. 1671742

You could just observe like a normal fucking person and not come here and be spoonfed answers. Autistic retard, you disgust me.(infighting)

No. 1671783

Nta but you're in the stupid questions thread, you fool.

No. 1671789

Thank you noni! I was surprised at how little I felt during the surgery. I think my face also looks a bit slimmer or more sunken-in, but I might be a bit delusional.

No. 1671795

This makes me wonder, just what the hell is a normalfag?

No. 1671810

I initially thought "oh what a stupid question who doesn't know how people live!" but then I saw I was on the stupid question thread and judged less. Anything goes here, we don't need to talk about how stupid a question is as the thread name already looms above us.

No. 1671813

Someone who doesn't use board websites like this website, 4chan and stuff like that. Basically a person unaware of board culture, the happy people.

No. 1671822

seriously can't stand you people obnoxiously being like muh spoonfeeding in the stupid questions thread and getting mad. i honestly agreed with you up until you mentioned spoonfeeding god you're so fucking annoying like where else was she meant to ask? this is the place for retarded questions. get the stick out your ass

No. 1671845

So redditors aren’t normies, right?

No. 1671862

nta but they are imo. Reddit is mainstream

No. 1671919

Bumping cause I still wanna know

No. 1671920

I store 5-6 different pills in bottles for like 10 years now and I never died so why not

No. 1671925

Damn, not even once?

No. 1671928

Depends on the medication, some interact others don't. If you're not sure better don't.

No. 1671929

yeah that's what i thought too. anon must have been homeschooled or something. alternatively, she's a minor. you should be 18 to post here btw.

No. 1671932

Hm. I've already had them together for 2 days but I'll just separate the ibuprofen in a baggie to be safe. Thanks anons.

No. 1672107

Yeah, go get checked even if it was just 1 person he cheated with

No. 1672126

Should I read all quite on the western front first or watch the movie and then read the book?

No. 1672128

Read the book first. It's better.

No. 1672131

File: 1692654354899.gif (6.8 MB, 280x498, B6EB4D40-1747-4D48-8D72-DE52EB…)

where can i join a discord server. im bored

No. 1672155

Disboard has a bunch of random discord servers, they’re all shit. But if you like to cow watch, it’s okay, and if you like to rage scroll, it’s great.

No. 1672163

I got a burn blister on my foot from spilling hot sugar. I cleaned the sugar off, and I've kept aloe vera on it since it happened. Is there anything else I can do to help reduce the blister?

No. 1672169

farmers give me a tl;dr summary of the difference between how mommy vs. daddy issues present in women compared to men.

No. 1672170

are cuntboys gay?

No. 1672175

Random rectal spasms are honestly like top ten worst pains

No. 1672180

This is a Google question, fyt we are going to put that work in for

No. 1672181

Omg I have no idea, I don't think it matters personally.

No. 1672188

How would you define a womanchild?

No. 1672193

Would it be weird as a 24 year old to go back to college? Like real college? I’m in community college rn and I kind of want to get more into the subject im learning but it’s a bit limited.

No. 1672195

Expects everyone to drop everything for her, has outbursts of things don’t go her way, she wants everyone to do what she wants, doesn’t clean her room

No. 1672201

Okay, thanks. I was worried it might be related to interests or something.

No. 1672205

I guess it could be sometimes. In my personal opinion I don’t care, but to some people collecting plushies, and dressing in overtly childish clothing (which is weird tbh.) I feel like the severity of those things could seem childish

No. 1672208

Fujoshis are usually childish. Also coquettes.

No. 1672212

Just jerk off to what you want to jerk off to. Live your truth.

No. 1672213

kek it's not about jerking off. there's a fight about cuntboys in the Things You Hate thread, and it boils down to the traps are gay 2.0.

No. 1672226


No. 1672229

wat why what did i do

No. 1672450

i'm going to assume you have daddy issues then

No. 1672511

I do and I'm tired of pretending I dont

No. 1672521

I get burn blisters a lot, have a burn blister that broke right now actually. It will probably fill up with pus by tomorrow. There's not much you can do except try your best to prevent it from popping. Cover it with a bandaid or some kind of gauze to cushion it. Make sure you do not ever put the adhesive part of your bandaid over the blister, the skin on a blister is thin as fuck and can be ripped off. If it doesn't pop you're fine and it will go down and heal on it's own. Just be very careful to not pop it. I've actually heard that it's wrong to put anything but cold water over burns because things like aloe vera can trap heat, but idk.

If it does pop, do not rip the skin off. Use some antibiotic ointment on it and cover the wound. I also personally like to use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for the entire duration of the wound being open, but I know a lot of people are against that since they eat at the skin, so it's up to you. The wound underneath a blister is sensitive and fairly deep into your skin so you want to make sure you're diligent with cleaning to prevent infection.

No. 1672531

What is even considered trauma dumping at this point? It feels like talking about yourself even a little falls under that category. Maybe I just overshare too much kek.

No. 1672559

Trauma dumping is when you’re talking about something random like cookies or a movie and then you go
>oh yeah, i remember having this movie in the background when my parents would fight and hit each other
>I loved this cookies until someone made me hate them because I was told they make me fat so I started purging

No. 1672562

What about “I used to like cashews but somebody told me they taste like bandaids and now that’s all I can taste when I eat a cashew”

No. 1672566

That’s not trauma dumping, it’s just a funny thing to hear/read tbh.

No. 1672570

That is called talking

No. 1672595

File: 1692680877174.png (110.93 KB, 275x252, 1611239463584.png)

I'm guilty of this because sometimes I genuinely think some stuff that happened in my life is either funny or doesn't bother me and then I unintentionally offend people. One time I casually mentioned to my friend that my cousin was murdered (years prior), she was like "oh word?" and continued eating her chips but her boyfriend made a face and left the room.

No. 1672639

I am so fucking horny all the time, I feel like every time I meet a new guy with which I have a bit of chemistry (or is very hot) I just want to fuck, which seems like a very moid-like behavior. It usually goes away when it's too inappropriate but fuck I've been on a business trip for 10 days and I keep wanting to fuck a bunch of guys from a friendly stranger on a train to my new coworker and I did end up fucking another coworker's friend (we're all 25 and in a quite loose environment so it's not that bad). Usually it doesn't bother me too much but sometimes I make bad decisions or makes me really distracted liked right now I just want to FLIRT and get FUCKED. Is it normal or worth investigating? I have anorgasmia so maybe it's just being perpetual unsatisfied or if it's a sign of BPD or whatever

No. 1672666

File: 1692695574217.png (134.82 KB, 1200x675, anime-reviews-paprika.png)

I was always told by my mother not to put paprika in the meal while still cooking it, because it will turn bitter. Was this a lie? I see people sprinkling it in cooking videos all the time without pulling it off the burners

No. 1672677

a lot of spices can burn and cause a bitter taste, so they should be added towards the end or at the simmering stage. i used to make bitter ass chili until i realized I was burning the fuck out of the chili powder. if you use a tiny amount you wont really taste the burnt spices tho, probably what they are doing

No. 1672693

Is it possible to have hemorrhoids without any symptoms beyond butt pain during your period? Like no bumps, no ass blood, just achey pain and only during the period specifically. Wouldn't pain from hemorrhoids occur even outside of a period?
Tbh I'm only asking because of >>1671616 >>1671523.

No. 1672695

you probably just have a super achey perineum on your period, i have that problem and it sucks

No. 1672697

Depends on the meal, Satan. If it's a watery stew, which a lot of dishes that use a lot of paprika are, it's fine. If you're using it to season chicken or something similar, yes add it towards the end (but not at the end).

t. Hungarian

No. 1672698

Is it unreasonable to be mad about something someone said even if they apologized? It was oddly personal when we were talking about 'red flags'.

No. 1672702

Yes, as the other two anons said, if you add it at the beginning, you'll burn it and turn it bitter (unless it's in a soup). If you add it at the very end, it'll not incorporate properly and be like cinnamon except even drier and worse. The one exception I'd say is when you're using it to season/marinade thinly-sliced lean meat that you will cook in a pan (I do this exclusively with tenderised chicken slices because they cook quickly enough that none of the spices burn). You can also add it to the breadcrumb/flour mixture if you're frying the meat in oil, but only in a small amount.
t. also Hungarian

No. 1672703

File: 1692701783869.jpg (336.97 KB, 665x735, Screenshot_20230822-072138_1.j…)

My skirt makes me look stumpy but why?? It looks like picrel and it fits me perfectly yet my proportions look so off on it, it somewhat highlights how short I am while also making me look squashed, this never happened to me before. For reference, I'm an inverted triangle

No. 1672704

No, it’s not unreasonable. They hopefully understand that an apology doesn’t automatically absolve them of any wrong doing or fix the hurt they caused, they must demonstrate through time and behavior that they deserve your trust and confidence again. It’s up to you how to feel and for them to just accept it.

No. 1672706

maybe because its high waisted? usually skirts look better low waisted (or i might be biased, idk, i only wear low waisted skirts)

No. 1672709

Thanks nonnie. I'm usually pretty easy to forgive people but this really pissed me off especially because it has affected me for a long time and I have been actively working on it for months. Sometimes 'sorry' sounds more like 'sucks for you'.
Do you usually wear skirts this length? I have pretty short legs and short skirts make my body look like I have dwarfism proportions.

No. 1672713

File: 1692703433178.jpg (411.6 KB, 1832x1148, chloe-grace-moretz-comp.jpg)

It may not work with your proportions. If your torso is short it could make you look like pic related.

No. 1672714

File: 1692703929064.jpeg (268.46 KB, 640x817, 77C4F78B-3EB1-40AA-8374-EA5A2C…)

Pretty nonas of Lolcor, how do other women treat you? I am asking cause some redditor women are saying women act sort of passive aggressive and is this true? I wanna not believe such a thing,
T. An average looking anon

No. 1672716

There's a difference between a male showing preferential treatment towards an attractive woman him man brain want bunga bunga, and an annoying woman who perceives other women as being jealous. We all know dropdead gorgeous women who get along fine, bc they're nice to be around and good at their job, who aren't unilaterally shit on by other women for no reason.

No. 1672719

>women act sort of passive aggressive

No. 1672720

Second reply is probably made up. But now that I think about it, every conventionally beautiful woman I know is also either overly nice/kind or polite.

No. 1672724

Yeah, but it's not too common. There were two other pretty girls in my hs class who were weirdly unfriendly to me for no reason. I later on saw one of them in uni and she completely ignored me.
Why does that sound unbelievable tho? Most women I know, both pretty and ugly, have at least 1 story about another woman being mean to them because of their looks.

No. 1672729

I'm average but I think it's the opposite, ugly and messy women usually get seen as weird by other women, average or above usually goes unnoticed imo.

No. 1672731

>how do other women treat you
-Pretty, normie women approach me at student parties, chat, some want to be friends. Goth, weeb, nerdy, shy girls etc no longer do when they used to. It actually takes a lot more effort on my part to get closer to them now whereas they used to open up a lot faster. Even though we still have a lot in common, they seem to not believe it until they get to know me better.
-Female cashiers, baristas and so on are a bit more rude than they used to be, but immediately soften up when I'm polite, say thank you and don't rush them. Shop assistants do ask if I need help more than before but I thought this was because they think I'm a shoplifter lmao
-Men are hornier and creepier, I used to be invisible to them
-Some women just didn't like me despite my best efforts and seemed to want to compete with me. Same type of women would've probably bullied me back when I was a weird alt kid with Christian horse girl glasses

I don't go to many places where I would get favoritism or free stuff, and I work mainly with older women who like me a lot and have known me since my ugly cringe weeb days, so I don't know about that. Overall, for my lifestyle it's not been super different. Making casual friends is easier, finding a nice boyfriend is harder, strangers seem to think I'm bitchy and mean until they get to know me.

No. 1672735

This is so weird to me because why does it matter? Being an asshole is an everyone trait, so when people suggest it’s a pretty women problem you’re highlighting your bias and you become the asshole for assuming. Maybe you did something that pissed them off, maybe they just didn’t want to talk to other people, maybe someone told them you thought they were bitchy Stacy’s and they didn’t want to know you? This kind of behavior gets a pass in others because no one’s looking for it half the time or it goes by a different name when someone else does it. It’s not about you and when it is you’ll know but it’s still not because they’re “pretty” it’s because they’re an asshole.

No. 1672736

why do so many anons insist that other anons need to post things in threads that are locked? I've observed this numerous times in different threads and it's not that they aren't aware the thread they want something posted in is locked, it could be one that's been locked for a long time. idk if this is a culture thing I'm missing out on but it seems really pointless.

No. 1672741

Just a reminder reddit is male dominated (74% are men and 25.8% are "women"). Do not trust any "female experience" post on there, considering how they house troons. It is probably closer to 5%-10% actual real females there, if I'm being honest, and that'd reflect my own experience there too, nonny. Women and especially female driven communities just aren't on reddit outside of quick posts.

>do pretty women get treated passive aggressively

There's so much missing from posts like this and I've learned to just dismiss them. Like maybe she was overdressed for a job, getting a dismissive attitude, but she claims it's because she's "so pretty". It could've been that she was a narcissist and the woman could also pick up on a bad attitude or strange behavior. Women are just smarter like that. Men don't pay attention to that and will hire women in hopes to fuck them. That's what I'm reading between the lines here.

No. 1672748

>It is probably closer to 5%-10% actual real females there
yeah yeah girls don't use reddit, they only share photos of food on instagram and those are all bots anyway, so there are no girls on the internet. you're fucking weird.
for the record, i've never received any polls asking whether i'm boy or girl in the 10 years that i've been posting on reddit.

No. 1672749

>It could've been that she was a narcissist and the woman could also pick up on a bad attitude or strange behavior. Women are just smarter like that
Why is always our fault if other women dislike us? Like, it's always "you did this, you did that, you looked her the wrong way, you're a narcissist/ autistic/ schizo and she noticed" come on, sometimes people are miserable with no real reason

No. 1672758

There’s only two times that stand out in my mind with the free stuff part, and both of them included me being genuinely friendly and polite first. So sure, maybe friendly and polite on top of being pretty can result in freebies, but it’s not just about being pretty on the outside. Also the free things were a t-shirt and a drawing of a jar on cardboard, not really life-altering in themselves.

No. 1672762

There was an anon in the vent thread awhile talking about a coworker she greatly disliked for committing the crime of being pretty and quiet at the same time, saying she had no personality because she didn’t talk a lot at work. So yeah people will hate you even if you didn’t do anything worse that being pretty and quiet.

No. 1672768

Yeah, but these are one-sided stories. All these reddit posts are as well. For someone to just even say they're "quiet and pretty" and some "mean woman" is just out to get them gives off narcissist vibes. Why even confess you're so pretty? People can pick up on bad attitudes and people who think they're better than other people, especially other women.

No. 1672785

I think you misunderstood.

No. 1672799

Women aren’t a monolith. So no, not all (pretty) women are passive aggressive/empaths. If it’s not a matter of personal safety it’s better to judge an individual as an individual.

No. 1672804

She didn't hate the girl for being pretty and quiet, she hated her because she's a jealous twat who wanted the male attention pretty girl got. If the girl had been ugly, she'd say "what do they see in her, she's hideous" or "they only like her because she has big titties" or something. If the girl was outgoing, she'd call her annoying and a tryhard.

Mean girl behavior, bullying, any kind of BPD outburst in general, stems from personal issues and has nothing to do with the target. It's pure projection.
Farmers vilify ugly women too and call them bitter or mentally ill while claiming every pretty girl they've met was kind and friendly. From reading some cow threads, you'd think the cows were Jeffrey Epstein and not just mentally ill, chronically online women.

No. 1672873

I love pretty women, if I see another woman I think is pretty (which is most women tbh because it's not just about facial structure it's about fashion and confidence) I have to compliment her. I used to get jealous when I was a pick-me NLOG teenager but as an adult I want to be friends with every pretty woman I see kek

No. 1672985

Why did climate change become so obvious around 2015-2016? Like sure my childhood's winters were a bit warmer than my parents' but no one really made it out to be a problem or drawed attention to it. It's like ever since the mid 2010s we suddenly got extreme weather on a regular basis that just wasn't a thing that often before.

No. 1672989

Women on Reddit are concentrated to certain subreddits whereas men dominate other subs. You'll find far more women on a gossip, fashion or makeup subreddit than men

No. 1672991

I think you were just less aware before then anon, because I remember people talking about it since the 90s. An Inconvenient Truth came out in 2006 and we even watched it in school.

No. 1672992

To me it became obvious way before that, between 2010 and 2012. It might depend on where you live, but at the time I was in high school and it would still snow a lot every winter and I could wear long sleeves in summer, as soon as I graduated it got worse and worse super fast every year.

No. 1673025

I thought you were talking about the Anorectal Violence spammer

No. 1673046

What actually is dating?
Do you just go on different dates until you find someone you like and want a future with?

No. 1673081

What does fyt mean? Fuck you thinking?

No. 1673097

I think in this context it means "fuck you think" but usually it means "for your timeline"

No. 1673104

No. 1673114

Did anyone else ever see this like 12 minute long video called “We all know who this is for <3” that was released back in like 2011 onto youtube and for some reason received like 5 million views even though it was just some pictures of latina 15 year olds on a date while the only exception by paramore played in the background? I’m trying so hard to find that video and I can’t. It made me laugh so fucking hard when I was like 9.

No. 1673155

Yeah I never understood the general term “dating” as in dating around. Like it makes sense dating one person but going on multiple dates with different people?

No. 1673172

It only makes sense as a term if you are actively going on dates with more than one person. Like a scrote hanging out at the bar and going on dating apps to no avail is not “dating” he’s just a single loser. A woman who is going on dates with 2 or 3 guys is efficient and what I would call dating. Dating exclusively one person is just having a boyfriend. I think people get confused because they get stuck thinking of what dates and crushes are like on high school. But dating in the adult world is different, especially if these men are near strangers.

No. 1673546

What do you think of people who sing in public? Like while theyre (me) walking i mean

No. 1673668

Is ignoring your child’s behavior and letting them grow up as retarded as possible until they enter kindergarten (when it becomes the teacher’s problem) normal in America? Or at least generally accepted? I know there are shit parents in every country, but I came across an American teacher’s short video earlier where she was explaining that it’s “possible” to teacher 5~6 year olds to use glue at school without eating it or shooting it up their noses. I guess I’m just shocked that this is even controversial. I know 2 and a half year olds that can calm down and use glue (and not eat it) with just minor supervision. This is not even shocking or rare where I’m from. I always assumed that the glue eating ADHD retard trope was just an outlier thing in America lol.

I have only ever seen school aged theater girls who think they’re a main character and one middle aged troon who frequented my workplace and swore he was a professional voice trainer kek doing this. It’s mildly irritating if it’s audible, but I usually ignore strangers and probably wouldn’t even notice unless it was dead silent.

No. 1673711

File: 1692754270615.jpg (112.9 KB, 1280x720, Pleasantville-movies-5753522-1…)

how to climb the economic ladder?

No. 1673801

I’ve seen men in my city doing this often. Free style rapping and occasionally straight up singing, walking down the street or to their car at the grocery store etc. Sometimes I think they might be a little cuckoo but if it sounds nice I don’t mind it. If you’re walking you’ll probably be out of earshot of anyone you might offend in a few seconds, so really who cares.

No. 1673862

Lately i've been feeling extremely impulsive and a bit crazy, questioning reality of things and an awakening in myself. I'm not suicidal and I don't feel like my thoughts are racing or my sleep is any less. How should I go about this? I guess just medication? Or is this just who I am? I did some things lately that are making me question if its me as well, such as hookups, etc. I know theres not really medfagging but any similar experiences?

No. 1673882

Do you have trauma? I had this during a dissociative episode from my PTSD. And please for the love of god, stop hooking up

No. 1673883

They're annoying (sorry)

No. 1673885


No. 1673908

I hate the dudes who rap in public. It's like men can never stop seeking attention and being as disruptive as possible. I live in a town full of 1%ers (I'm not one) and a group of men that obviously don't live there were playing shitty rap music loudly on their phone and doing autistic hand movements. It was embarrassing and someone nearby called them ghetto out loud kek

No. 1673926

File: 1692764188813.jpg (138.76 KB, 576x576, bae7bb742eda0162bca60eb2ae6dfb…)

If I covered my mirror up do you think it would help with picking my skin less? How can I stop touching my face during the day?

No. 1673927

what do you mean by this? the biker gang?

No. 1673944

I'm dx cptsd and bipolar 2 but this is a new feeling.

No. 1673992

Is there a big difference between starting college at 18 and 23? I want honesty even if it hurts.

No. 1673996

It's the CPTSD. Impulsiveness and dissociation come with it and can make you feel like a different person.

Nah you're still young.

No. 1674191

Yeah if you always pick your skin in front of the mirror covering it up would help. That way you make it more difficult and removing the covering in order to pick would be an active task that may help you reflect on what you're about to do.
What may also help is having something else to keep your hands busy when you'd typically pick at your face, doodling or knitting for example. If you're having real trouble, it's very much a flawed solution but what really helped for me is finding a different type of skin picking habit to replace the face picking one. For me it's picking at pubic hairs, not ideal but better than face picking imo.

No. 1674267

Sounds like a manic episode to me t.bipolar fag

No. 1674300

I find those little zit stickers help a ton. Or just a little piece of paper medical tape (cloth med tape can leave a sticky residue)

No. 1674301

You mean in terms of social life ? Yes but it's still possible to be friends with the normal 19-21 years old. The maturity gap depends on how "locomotive" you are, how fast you go forward with yourself. I started college once at 18 and then again at 20-21 with a completely different mindset, but some people take longer to change/grow up and guys who were in my class the first time around had not changed one bit when I came back and saw them again. It also depends on your field of studies and the kind of people it attracts.

Also there were adult women in my class who already had jobs or even a husband or child who still had healthy friendships with the younger students and looked out for them.

No. 1674310

Why do new jeans and other denim garments always have an awful smell? Or am I just buying bad quality stuff?

No. 1674353

Do I have to wait for half an hour after eating when flossing, too?

No. 1674370

Try looking anywhere else because I assume it's one of our local schizos

No. 1674467

The smell is probably volatile organic chemicals used in the manufacturing process. ("Volatile" means the chemical turns into a gas really easily.) If they still smell bad after a wash+dry then it could be something got spilled on them though.

No. 1674479

If someone has a foolproof gnat trap recipe, please give it here. I keep trying the vinegar and dish soap but it's not doing nothing and I'm about to go insane.

No. 1674487

Have a mosquito net installed? Provided we're talking inside the house.

No. 1674492

What is darvo?

No. 1674493

James Francos younger brother

No. 1674496

File: 1692802252132.png (244.05 KB, 913x1070, DARVO.png)

something something stop using commas you bitch
Just kidding, pic related

No. 1674497


No. 1674506

Nta, I literally thought it was the name of some cow.

No. 1674555

No. 1674637

Is there a way to even out a bad bleach job on fabric? I was trying to bleach my tights to better match my skin tone but even though I mixed it came out with veins of the desired color and blotches of darker. It doesn’t have to be perfect I just want it to be a little less noticeable!

No. 1674671

File: 1692811990274.jpg (63.65 KB, 1080x1079, dish.jpg)

Anons, please give me some brands you like for cutlery, dishware and cookware. Pic only for attention, it doesn't have to be cutesy or anything. Give me your recs whether they're based on practicality or design, just tell me what you like.

No. 1674676

I keep seeing comments online/articles etc that say people are more socially inept than ever these days (US centric browsing), is that really true?

No. 1674722

Yes. You ever noticed how many people stopped talking to their neighbors, having large gatherings, and inviting guests?

No. 1674746

i stopped inviting friends over because they would spend the time on their phone in silence instead of talking or socializing

No. 1674767

Yep. Same thing at the last birthday party I ever went to in high school. Everybody was on couches looking directly down at their phones in silence. I literally said, out loud, "why are you guys all on your phones? When are we going to do something?" and they all rolled their eyes at me kek. Ended up calling my dad to pick me up after like another 10 minutes. I also asked something like "why did we all come if we aren't even going to talk to each other" and they said they'd TEXT if they had something to say. I sound like a fucking boomer or something but we were LITERALLY on couches next to each other in a living room.

No. 1674797

Kek. God I hate that. But. I think maybe if everyone is retarded now maybe I wont look so socially inept if I make an effort now….Ive never been good at making friends but if the bar is that low maybe I can seem like a social goddess.

No. 1674922

File: 1692823514070.jpeg (241.85 KB, 1024x684, IMG_2348.jpeg)

This is the only place I can ask without a digital footprint.. So basically 7 years ago I went to a 5 star hotel and ended up in some maintenance area and fell into pic related. It was full of poo. I was covered in feces up to my stomach. In a bikini. I got disinfected by the hotel staff with iodine and suppressed the memory. Feel free to make fun of me, since admitting this has made me poop-chan, but it was traumatic kek.

But now I just realized… even if it’s been 7 years and I have no health issues. Did I catch an illness? There was probably some poo in my poor vagina. HIV? Aids? Hepatitis?

No. 1674928

If you're that worried without feeling any symptoms just try to get tested if possible. How did that even happen to begin with? Sounds like it could have been even more dangerous.

No. 1674929

will i get banned if i post a link to a discord server in the scandinavia thread? we’ve discussed starting one for a while.

No. 1674930

That sounds scary and must have hurt a lot, how the fuck didn't you get injured? Idk, if you didn't get an infection in your vagina, you should be good but if the opportunity presents itself, get some hep test

No. 1674935

Yeah I know, it’s a stupid question since I know getting tested is the answer. I just tried to find a place with some shade and fell. It was not locked for some reason. Luckily I caught myself with my elbows so my upper body was safe.
So so scary. I got a huge cut on the back of my thigh from it too I just remembered. It didn’t hurt cause I was in extreme shock. Which now makes me even more paranoid, poo in my bloodstream and all.

No. 1674944

you should sue. You would still be poop-chan, but you would be rich poop-chan.

No. 1674945

Why did you not go get tested immediately? Sounds like it was the hotels fault, you should have demanded they compensate your hospital fees.

No. 1674956

File: 1692825114212.png (6.85 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_2349.png)

Suing overseas through a international lawsuit would be so expensive anon, I’d be an even poorer poop-chan
Cause I never ever thought about it since I didn’t feel ill or sick at all. I was kinda suppressing the whole event completely for years. I just told a friend the story today and her worried reaction made me realize the severity

No. 1674982

Disgusting tbh, how little self worth could one have to fall in a literal vat of shit, get an open wound and not think >hey maybe I should go see a doctor and make sure I didn't give myself turbo AIDs

Go get tested now if you're worried but can I ask if you're autistic or just dumb?

No. 1674992

This is the shit I'm talking about, you're such bitches.

No. 1674994

Hotels have insurance to cover accidents involving guests. You should have been given a free ride to a hospital. Probably would be hard/impossible to get now, years later.

No. 1674996

Sorry you're retarded?

No. 1675000

Go fuck yourself

No. 1675010

fake and gay

No. 1675012

I was 16, it was traumatizing and embarrassing. I was too young and naive to know the possible health consequences and the few adults I told didn’t advise me to test myself. Which is why 7 years later I’m reminded of a suppressed memory and freaking out on lc, as one does.

No. 1675014

ninja turtles lost

No. 1675017

Idc, 16 is old enough to know that if literal shit gets into an open wound, a medic should be seen. The adults around you are also retarded and didn't care about your health or safety

No. 1675018

You're a dumb bitch, I hope you get shit in your mouth(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1675019

>Abloohoohoo anons are so mean
>go fuck yourself

Shouldn't you practice what you preach and treat everyone with kindness? That was pretty mean of you. retard(infighting)

No. 1675020

If i do, I'll be smart enough to go get tested for herpes.

No. 1675022

Eat a dick

No. 1675023

Be kind anon, you're being too mean and it's hurting my feelings

No. 1675024

And I hope the test comes back positive(infighting)

No. 1675026

Your feelings don't matter nonnie this is lolcow and we're all dumb bitches here

No. 1675027

You're so negative! Why is everyone on this forum so mean???(newfaggy bait)

No. 1675029

>itt: scat fetishists

No. 1675031

I literally said that I hope the test comes back positive, can you not read?

No. 1675032

Newfag alert?!!?! Sound the bitch alarms!

No. 1675033

Ok so. It probably didn't get in ur pussy. You also have super low chances of getting hiv or herpes that way. Hepatitis maybe, some other diseases like polio maybe. Go visit your family doctor and ask about it, get a few tests done.
You're not gonna die, you don't have any stds. It's ok.

No. 1675035

Based poop-chan. Also imagine thinking herpes is spread by poop instead of sex or bodily contact

No. 1675036

File: 1692827742149.jpg (50.34 KB, 360x640, f4f52b55180cc7fd10e3ef94d178d6…)

That's what I'm talkin about lend me some sugar

No. 1675037

No, I can only shitpost
>not knowing lolcow.farm is a Vietnamese basket weaving forum

No. 1675040

This is an
i m a g e b o a r d
newfag, maybe go back to redditwitter(infighting)

No. 1675044

nta but you're on a mongolian fluteboard you dumb bitch

No. 1675045

Fuck off, I bet you don't even weave any baskets

No. 1675047

you're being so mean!

No. 1675048

I bet she can't even fill up her basket with shit from the sewer SMH

No. 1675049

this isn't a denny's? my bad

No. 1675052

This is a Chinese metaphysical acupuncture and pho fusion website and you don't fucking beloooonggg heeeeereeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 1675053

you want the horchata pancakes?

No. 1675054

No, this is Patrick

No. 1675059

>>1675035 I’m poop-chan and this anon >>1675024 who’s arguing with the edgy anon isn’t me. (Thank you whiteknight-chan for giving 16 year old past me a redemption arc kek)

No. 1675068

Samefagging to say thank you anon, I know anons are joking around and stuff but I was genuinely freaking out today. I’ll get a hepatitis test in a few months (eurofag struggles) and will try to stay calm until then

No. 1675074

File: 1692828905099.jpg (45.27 KB, 640x468, d874facc953633c2bb6fe48fb305bf…)

You're welcome I am a vigilante, screeching, unhinged

No. 1675082

you could have hepatitis A, hepatitis E, cholera, adenovirus, or E. coli

No. 1675102

Why do some people hang out with their 'friends' if they don't like them?

No. 1675105

shut up autist, bet if someone stepped on your shoe in public you'd apologize to them(infighting)

No. 1675106


No. 1675107

File: 1692830091214.jpg (77.8 KB, 850x637, 1679972592099145.jpg)

why do you think women who grow up 'tomboyish' not always end up trooning out/being lesbians, while scrotes who were into stereotypical girly things as kids, like barbies, always turn out to be homosexuals?

No. 1675108

File: 1692830143361.jpg (20.01 KB, 400x379, fightme.jpg)

If you want to fucking throw down I will take off my shoes right now and you can step on each of my piggies individually you rank dank skank

No. 1675111

Because women are more well rounded and mature

No. 1675117

Straight moids won't allow themselves to enjoy female centric media/hobbies because they see it as inferior unless he can also catch a coom from it.

No. 1675119

File: 1692830404316.gif (1.52 MB, 244x300, eye-roll-rolls-eyes.gif)

I bet you'd like that. I bet you'd like that a lot. So I won't, footfag.

No. 1675122

File: 1692830580643.jpeg (83.9 KB, 570x760, 1603299872484.jpeg)

Kek that's what I thought you fucking coward

No. 1675133

Because at no point in my life have I ever thought of those interests as 'teehee boy stuff'. They were human stuff to me. Honestly, with how girls are usually brought up, they can be divorced from activities and media pertaining to general human experiences in favor of uwu femininity. And femininity is yet another trap.

No. 1675153

File: 1692832168852.jpeg (10.57 KB, 232x217, keepyoursecrets.jpeg)

I want to see a therapist but I feel so fucking lost about how to even go about this. I keep hearing about how people have to "shop around" or they say "Oh my first FOUR therapists were SO horrible! It took me forever to shop around until I found a good one!" and it's just like - what?
How do people really have the time and money (in my area, $150-$200 for an hour) each time for someone to listen to them talk and be completely unhelpful afterwards? Are therapists even worth it? I wonder if maybe "talk therapy" might be good for people who don't really reflect inward a lot, but I wonder if I'd be better off just using my resources on the internet.

No. 1675160

That's a literal horror movie anon I'm so sorry. We can tell you whatever but the only way you will know if you're alright is if you go get a test.

No. 1675237

Should I tell my boyfriend I don't want to have sex for the next while? It makes me feel disgusting, I have cried when he left. It's not him but I feel so gross and I also have a slight feeling he's not as in love with me anymore. CSA past is the main reason

No. 1675242

Not trying to be invasive abt your relationship, but if he just humped you and then left, that may be what's triggering you. And isn't very good boyfriend material of him. Idk, I don't think there's anything wrong with telling him you don't feel like having sex for a while. But is there something else going on that's making you feel like he doesn't love you?

No. 1675248

I'm going through some personal life stuff and really not feeling the best but he doesn't know how to talk about feelings so to me it translates like he doesn't care. It's not that I don't love him anymore but I just have no desire for sex and most of the time I say okay anyway. I feel like a whore.

No. 1675253

Again, not trying to judge your relationship because I don't know a lot about it. But "doesn't know how to talk about feelings" is not good. Even if someone "doesn't know how", consistently trying and making an effort is how they learn. Tbh, you guys might not be compatible. Someone with your bg needs a lot of emotional support (not a bad thing) and if he's not giving it to you, that's not good.
Start saying no to sex when you don't feel like it. If you feel like you must have it or he will be angry or not love you, that's a bad sign. Does he pressure you in some way, or act differently after the fact?

No. 1675267

Thanks nonna. I feel like it's not the only thing he was ever out for but he tries to insinuate it a lot and it makes me very uncomfortable. I have told him and he has calmed down, he told me he would never fully understand it but he knows what's going on and he doesn't want to make me uncomfortable. I like him, a lot, but I don't feel like we are very compatible. He avoids negative emotions by being busy all the time and I feel like he needs some type of help, even if it's just self help shit. He doesn't act pissy or childish if i say no but I can tell he's not very thrilled by it. I should have just left it by 'csa, I can't have sex'. I have never felt good after. I just feel used.

No. 1675268

it sounds like you may be retraumatizing yourself through having sex when you don't want to. if your boyfriend is not someone who is capable of communicating well and is not someone you trust to understand you well, breaking up seems like your best option.

No. 1675282

Yeah, he does not seem very healthy or emotionally aware to me. You say he doesn't act pissy or childish, but it seems like he's still broadcasting his displeasure to you, until you feel like you have to say yes. It's also strange to me that he knows you have issues having sex, but will have sex with you anyways. I personally would not want to have sex with my girlfriend if I knew she was saying yes because she had to or didn't want to upset me. Maybe he really is oblivious, but it just doesn't sound good to me.
I agree with >>1675268, maybe a breakup is for the best. He's not mature enough for a relationship with you, and may not ever be. He needs to work on his interpersonal skills, and you need healing from the relationship. I would look for someone who is much more emotionally available, and does not make you feel bad when you are sex adverse. Men know how to jack off.

No. 1675286

Fulfills my need of socializing. I don’t hate them but I can’t say I love them or am super interested in their lives, but I’m lonely and can’t exactly click with anyone anyway so it’s the next best thing if I don’t want to be alone forever despite being an animal that craves social contact

No. 1675291

Thanks nonna's. I don't know how to feel right now. I love his personality but I just don't want to touch anyone. Or have anyone touch me. I don't want to break up but I don't know how I can continue this if it keeps going like it is right now. I feel so trapped. Sorry for derail, guess I should take it to the vent thread.

No. 1675323

Not any of those anons but you need to break up with him. He's a shit communicator? Already a red flag and pretty much the death of any relationship whether you've been a csa victim or not. And he will never change. And I know what you're going through and it's not your fault but you also can't expect him to go sexless. That's going to create another set of issues. You need to be single right now or find someone better.

No. 1675368

File: 1692846175682.png (388.32 KB, 400x533, 89E3E8AD-5437-476E-93A0-53086B…)

What the fuck is a blorbo.

No. 1675371

File: 1692846293854.png (193.36 KB, 806x728, Screenshots_2023-08-23-23-07-3…)

Get me outta here get me off of this crazy rock

No. 1675381

File: 1692846661660.gif (4.26 MB, 498x498, 1692589460989.gif)

thx i hate

No. 1675433

What music do cute bihet libfem women usually listen to? Besides I guess boygenius

No. 1675436

You have a crush on someone anon?

No. 1675440

Nobody in particular, I'm just a bigay(???) with a rather inconvenient type

No. 1675444

anything in this chart

No. 1675450

ladies do ur nipples get hard when you get turned on? like in a scenario where ur nips are untouched, boobs under clothes, warm room. i dont have this shit happen to me but its in every shitty erotica ever. does every woman have fabled undiscovered erectile tissue in their nips but me?!

No. 1675453

>liz phair





No. 1675457

No. 1675464

No. 1675499

Nope. It's another scrote thing where they have to draw parallels to their dicks. Dick gets hard = nipple gets hard. It's the same for writing about females 'gushing' when they orgasm, and obsession with squirting, because scrotes love the parallel of dick cums (visibly) = vagina cums visibly. Remember that they have trouble grasping sexual nuance without clear cues that also turn them on, no moid understands subtle body language in my experience.

Of course some ladies play along with it which doesn't help. But it is a blatant lie.
Also, I can squirt and it does feel nice but it doesn't correlate with a proper orgasm, it's a different thing (and I accept that at least part of it is piss so don't even come at me from that angle okay)

No. 1675547

>this gets redtexted but the actual shitstirrer doesn't
hmm(take it to /meta/)

No. 1675562

My MIL sent me a message recommending me to watch the Handmaids Tale as she's curious to see what I think about it "in my current state." For context I'm 6 months pregnant with my first child. I've never watched the series but I have an idea what it's about. Am I right in suspecting that this is a bit of an unhinged suggestion from her or am I being dramatic?

No. 1675567

Ehhh yeah honestly that’s kind of odd.

No. 1675824

do men change their hinge profiles after you start chatting with them?? i swear to god i sent messages to 3 different men and immediately after their hinge page changed and they added something on their profile that was related to what i sent as a chat

No. 1675826

One of the farmhands has a crush on me and is even counting how many bans I get, it's cute, really.(ban evasion)

No. 1675827

uhhh what the fuck

No. 1675828

what is it about?

No. 1675830

Do dogs in the wild spend all day pissing back to back or is that just something domestics do to compensate

No. 1675832

KEK, what???

No. 1675835

Isn't the Handmaid's Tale about women being slaves or something? It wouldn't be weird if it was a regular tv recommendation, but it is super weird she specifically wants you to see it while pregnant. Has she otherwise been a weird or bad MIL? I would think it's either her giving a genuine, innocent suggestion, or her trying to psyche you out of her son's life but idk about your situation so.

No. 1675838

A specific class of women in the Handmaids Tale are forced to be breeders, I've never watched the show just read the book in high school.

No. 1675842

Yes, dogs pissing back to back and not just emptying their bladders in one go is a way to mark territory.

No. 1675866

So I would get it for the wild dogs to do that in their little den vicinity or whatever (do dogs make dens? Are they hobo?) but they really go gallivanting everywhere constantly pissing? How do they have time for anything?

No. 1675868

File: 1692891473390.gif (418.22 KB, 240x180, ezgif-1-f8a23e11a3.gif)

>Are they hobo?

No. 1675871

My mom did the same thing (recommended it and asked what I thought) a couple months ago, except I'm not pregnant. It's impossible for any of use to know whether your MIL is unhinged or just trying to connect with you over a TV show that "made her think" so-to-speak. We don't have any context.

No. 1675872

Some are hobos but the ones who aren't hobos have a specific area that they mark the boundaries of. The hobos will try to move in if they think they can get away with it, which is why the resident regularly goes around marking and re-marking. It's not that different to a human fencing off their property and regularly checking to make sure the fences are still holding up.

No. 1675874

They have territory. Dogs don't just make dens (I dunno if they make dens either) and live in just a den, they need territory.

No. 1675880

Oh ok that’s sort of like what I was thinking. Was just wondering because I saw a guy walking a dog and it stopped every 3-5 steps to piss and it got to the point where it was just trying to piss but not even a drop would come out kek. But domestic dogs do it no matter where you take them it seems

No. 1675889

Fun fact, it's not just for marking territory, it's also a way for dogs to say hi to each other. Like an "I was here", a dog will smell another dogs mark and leave their own almost like a response.

No. 1675951

She's honestly a decent MIL, pushy at times and lacks a bit in some social tact skills but she's always been good to me. She has a future daughter in law that she absolutely despises and treats like shit so I have a reference for how I'd be treated if she didn't like me.
No I agree with this, its probably a bid to connect over something that made her think and I don't think SHE is unhinged, but I was rather asking if I'm right in assuming its probably not the most appealing series to suggest to watch towards the end of a pregnancy.

No. 1675952

what about MLP appeals to scrotes so strongly? I don't get it, are their scrotes into Care Bears? Like Carebros or something?

No. 1675954

They want to fuck the ponies anon, that's it. They have shapely flanks and that's hot to moids apparently

No. 1675962

Ponies imbody neonatal traits and for a boy raised on a diet of hentai and anime, they are a direct next step. Plus, the modern man longs for the connection and depth of friendship that the average women has with many of her peers. And ponies are a snapshot of that tight friendship group.

No. 1675966

File: 1692897384863.png (1.41 MB, 1044x1420, 88752389_p0.png)

It's just cgdct anime minus the japanese autism. It's actually really poular in Japan too.

No. 1675972

adorable photo!
10% autism and 90% coom. as someone who was around for it, that’s really it. i think after 4chan scrotes started watching it, the show was irrevocably tarnished as men really seem to get off to destroying things little girls and women enjoy.

No. 1675978

File: 1692898290616.jpg (187.72 KB, 1280x1113, the ascension begins.jpg)

So cute, I love them so much

No. 1676022

Is bleeding from the vagina when ovulating really that normal? It started happening to me a few years ago only but it hurts a little, as if I needed to pee really badly and was holding it in for far too long. My doctor told me it's normal and she's very competent but still.

No. 1676119

It's dogs, what would they need time for?

No. 1676167

ovulation is basically the egg busting out of the sack, so maybe yours are on Kool aid man time. it's normal

No. 1676241

I want to start sewing my own dresses, what style is something beginner-friendly but not boring? I keep seeing nice tutorials but they're pretty intimidating, I've never sewn anything except for adjusting things to fit me better. I like maxi dresses the most but all of the cute ones have sleeves and I don't think I should take the leap with that quite yet.

No. 1676246

It is. I don't bleed a lot during that time but sometimes I'll see it when I wipe or it'll be in my discharge. Nothing to be concerned about unless it's excessive.

No. 1676287

I just made a dentist appointment. It was my first time I did it on my own. I just went to the website and typed my name and said it was a dental emergency. I need a root canal so idk what that would be considered but is that it? Cause they just had me write my name, choose my problem and choose my appointment date. It feels weird. Like I feel like I should have been asked more but idk. I also have a referral, would I just tell them when I come in? And seeing if my insurance covers it, is that also checked out on the date of? I'm scared I messed it up or something.

No. 1676292

call the dentist office and ask if they take your insurance. then call your insurance company's customer service phone number (it's probably on the card). also ask them if the dentist is in network and make sure they also say yes, if they say no then you need to figure out who's wrong. shouldnt happen but just to be safe. and then ask what they cover and what the copay and deductible are.

No. 1676303

Wrap dresses are usually the starting point for a lot of beginners because it doesn't require buttons, zippers, or other closures. You can see in this one too that the sleeves are "part" of the main bodice. Definitely poke around for a style you like though, don't feel the need to go with this one I've linked

No. 1676307

File: 1692922141252.png (264.59 KB, 590x589, sdklfjsdfkl.png)

Recommendations for clothing stores that sell hoodies with nice art (e.g. Yujin Clothing, BoxLunch), that has a size S/XS that isn't absolutely gigantic? t. a 4'11" tall weeb

No. 1676308

just buy clothing from actual japanese stores

No. 1676326

Any suggestions? I don't online shop for clothes much tbh so I don't know where to start

No. 1676460

File: 1692932125810.jpg (24.39 KB, 640x858, 1690776384122420.jpg)

Should I have left the goblin in the cage

No. 1676474

File: 1692933455440.gif (1.55 MB, 384x216, 154-1633828406-1300141182.gif)

nah fuck them gobbos

No. 1676478

What would my trajectory have been, I wonder

No. 1676493

me realising that freeing the goblin resulted in me having to load an old save file

No. 1676510

No. 1676627

Does hot weather exacerbates the effect of alcohol? The last few weeks I notices that I feel irrationally drunk from just one beer and feel sick the next day. I can only think of the heat causing this, I don't have AC and it's easily 30+ Celsius in the flat as well

No. 1676628

im never going to unsee this image with the anon saying "how do people read literotica? i need to see the balls contract!"

where is this ice bdsm king from?

No. 1676645

Is there a country in the world that does not have a housing crisis right now?

No. 1676655

I believe so nonita, I had a beach day with friends a few years back and we were stupid and didn’t bring an umbrella, thankfully other friends who joined us did, but we spent a good amount of time in the sun and didn’t eat til way later and we got stupidly, embarrassingly drunk after a bottle of soju

No. 1676659

I reckon all the countries of North Europe and North Eastern Europe because their population is smaller than the geographic surface of their country. But, they have the issue that the young generations don't want to live in buttfuck nowhere, so they all move to the big towns while the countryside's real estate remains affordable.
I see some of it in the region of Eastern Germany where I'm at. Everybody is gathering around Dresden, Berlin, Magdeburg, Jena, etc. and the small villages usually are deserted by the young people as soon as they get their driving license.

No. 1676674

We also have a housing crisis, real estate prices are wack for the exact reason you mentioned. There's fuck all in small towns and rural areas so everyone moves to the few big cities for better work or study opportunities. Lots of foreign people coming in droves as well. New apartment buildings are popping up in cities left and right and buying anything is just a poor investment now because it's so overvalued.

Also when you buy property here you have to pay property tax and maintenance fees out the ass, and if you buy a flat with a special savings account meant for young first-time apartment owners, you are legally forbidden from letting it so you can't have renters living there. Many people rent because it just makes more financial sense and you can move if you hate your neighbours

No. 1676726

A lot of countrysides aren't affordable either, it just depends why. Sometimes it's because of old money and their house ownership, sometimes it's second homes by leeches who don't support to economy since they only live there 2 months out of the year or just AirBNB, which is a security risk.
Or it's one of those 'everyone lives in a shack' countrysides.

No. 1676736

I get an insane amount of spam calls in a day. How can I reduce this? I never answer. I don't bother blocking the numbers because it's just spoofed numbers. Should I be deactivating my accounts on websites? I realize now that I always fill out my number when I, for example, order something online. Help I hate it!!

No. 1676739

If I purchase an OEM license for Microsoft Office Home and Business, will it still receive updates?

No. 1676743

Why not just use OpenOffice?

No. 1676765

if you're american put your number on the Do Not Call list (do not call dot gov). it sounds boomer but it can make a huge difference, it took me from receiving a dozen spam calls a day down to one a day

No. 1676777

It's a bit more than usual right now so I don't know if it's excessive. It's not just in my discharge, it's bright red.

No. 1676795

I'm required to use Microsoft Office unfortunately.

No. 1677000

Please help me figure out how to respond to my friend nonnas. She got into a fight with another friend and now they’re no longer friends. This is not the first time this has happened and I’ve been sort of fed up with my friend for a long time, even before all of this. I don’t hate her, I just no longer think we mesh well anymore. I ignored her for two days after giving her the typical “sorry that happened, it sucks what she did to you” etc lines (that I didn’t mean because I don’t really care about the situation, I just said it to appease her instead of stoking the flames).

Today I told her “sorry, I just can’t emotionally support you right now.” She said “I understand but I have no one to talk to and feel abandoned and you ghosting me doesn’t make me feel any better.” I don’t know how I should even reply. “Sorry you feel that way”? “Thanks for letting me know your feelings”? I don’t really appreciate feeling like I’m being guilt tripped but at the same time I don’t feel like getting into a fight with her.

No. 1677010

Easier said than done but I would tell her you are sorry about her situation but she has to remember you're not her emotional support animal. Tell her you don't hate her or anything but you just don't feel like you two can be friends anymore. I don't know the whole story but if she picks fights with people and acts this manipulative she brings it onto herself imo.

No. 1677033

She sounds annoying, to be sure. You could always call her out for what she said "I don't appreciate the guilt trip or your attempts to manipulate me. I've set my boundaries." and then ghost her. If you're lucky she'll have a blow up, which gives you an even better reason to block and move on. What else are you going to do? It's never a good idea to waste time on people you don't want to be friends with. She'll either get her act together and make new relationships that last, or she won't.

Tbh, you can even just leave her on read. Don't respond. You told her you don't have the emotional capacity for this bullshit, she tried it anyways, you don't give her the engagement she's craving. Simple.

No. 1677040

>I understand your feelings but I have to prioritize my own right now.
Too straight forward?

No. 1677046

Maybe just repeat what you said and adding minimal detail that you're busy and you hope she has her own skills/methods to support herself. You responded well she's just trying to squeeze you

No. 1677048

Is KF down on the clearnet again or at a different domain? I’m just a longtime lurker and am not going to sign up for telegram just to get updates.

No. 1677049

The domain is .st now

No. 1677051

Why am I not fast at running when I can walk for very long? Different muscle groups or something?

No. 1677059

Thank you!

No. 1677113

Thank you all for your replies nonnies. The gist of it is that the friend she fought with kept avoiding seeing her repeatedly saying “I’m busy” and my friend was upset because she felt like she was being ignored (this has happened before with other friends too and she always confronts people about it). I don’t want to say “I’ve been busy” because I’m afraid it’s just inviting a fight kek. On one hand I should just come out and tell her I no longer want to be friends, but that’s nearly the exact situation. The other girl came out and told my friend she doesn’t want to be friends. So I already know my friend will blow up at me/do this exact “can you believe the shit anon said/did to me?!?” to someone else. I’ve also been trying to distance myself but… again, she confronts people when they start pulling away. I know the only real way to “win” with her is to just give in and hang out and talk to her. I don’t think she’s a bad person is intentionally manipulative but lately I’ve been wondering if I’ve just been making up excuses for her for so long, or if I’m really just a bad friend because I don’t want to put up with her/support her.

I know it sounds like the dumbest, most elementary school level shit kek and it kind of is.

I think I’ll go with this, thank you nona! I want to try keeping my responses short and simple to give her as little to latch on to and fire back at me for.

No. 1677121

File: 1692991622421.jpg (25.09 KB, 600x497, hmmm.jpg)

If it's banned users getting put out to pasture, where are farmers and cows, then? The stables? Because that's the last thing I'd call some of them

No. 1677124

Oh, did you post in vent about this earlier? Yeah, I do not envy you at all. Report back if you feel like it! Good luck, I hope she fucks off!

No. 1677125

File: 1692991803626.jpg (420.99 KB, 1000x1128, infographic-anatomy-sprinter-t…)

I think it's about difference between burst strength/power and endurance. My eyes were opened when I saw the difference it the body of professional marathon runner and sprinter. If you want to become good at one physical thing you can't expect to get good at it by doing something else. If you want to be good at sprinting you need to train sprinting basically.

No. 1677133

What is it about Depeche Mode's Precious that never fails to make me tear up at least a little every time I listen to it?

No. 1677155

what does it mean if i feel knots under my skin (legs) but i don't see anything but a slight bump? as in, i don't see any colors or anything. they're like the size of coins

No. 1677267

File: 1693005821238.jpg (322.36 KB, 1920x1080, 3010132.jpg)

true galaxy brain. my third eye has been forcibly opened.

No. 1677269

Do therapists who aren’t moid-apologist exist? Are misandrist therapists a thing and how do I find one?

No. 1677273

Omfg nonna same, can we hold each other and weep to the song?

No. 1677282

Reading old threads got me wondering, when and why did "scrot" get switched to "scrote?"

No. 1677349

What do you think of women who call themselves "misandrist" but still hang out with men and have friendships with men?

No. 1677365

What would be the right thing to do if you were in anon's friend's shoes? I ask because I've been in anon's friend's situation before (not wanting to let go of friends when they don't want to be in the relationship anymore) and I've been called manipulative for it even when I didn't mean to.

No. 1677412

No female Hitler, no female Chris-chan, no female Dahmer, etc. Whatever vile degeneracy exists, it's mostly carried out by men. They also have a higher number of literal drooling retards among them.

No. 1677427

they're normal women that dont have the privelage to cut out half the population out of their social connections
t. separatist

No. 1677433

The uglier the scrote, the more audacity he will have

No. 1677437

One of my friends from HS covered hers up with beautiful tattoo work, like lotus flowers and koi, so there's another alternate possibility, but it depends how conservative your work culture is.

No. 1677443

I can understand having a boyfriend and maaaybe 1-2 moid friends (via social circles) or cordial relationship with male siblings but anymore than that and I highly doubt they’re misandrist. They likely still have NAMALT mindset and the “misandry” is just basic inoffensive libfem bullet points.

No. 1677445

Descartes "Meditations on First Philosophy", also Berkeley, Kierkegaard but you can get away with summaries for those guys imo

No. 1677491

File: 1693021061661.jpg (30.79 KB, 720x762, FB_IMG_1676912832108.jpg)

Is there a way to view a private IG page if you don't have an account? Surely 4chin coomers have figured out a way by now, I want to stalk my ex from a few years ago for curiosity and keks but I'm computer retarded and don't want to google it because I know I won't get a serviceable answer

No. 1677503

File: 1693023163436.png (335.54 KB, 500x329, 5D3386D0-92F3-4DDA-A115-288943…)

What book should I read right now that’s nonfiction? Thank you

No. 1677518

Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot

No. 1677520

Do people around you care if you say retard irl?

No. 1677524

Awe okay thanks

No. 1677531

yes, it's generally just crass and 3edgy5me

No. 1677533

does pretty much everyone have a bit of muffin top, or am i using amerifat standards? i accidentally got underwear that's 1 inch smaller than my waist but i look so horribly lumpy in the mirror

No. 1677536

Regardless of size wearing something too small for you results in that

No. 1677551

where do you live?

No. 1677565

nonners should i buy some imported licorice or vegan caviar and seitan instead (can't buy both sadly, one bag of this licorice costs 2x the caviar)

No. 1677572

nvm i bought the caviar and seitan, i'm too hungry to wait for the licorice to come

No. 1677574

Ooooh lookie here, aren’t we fancy.

No. 1677578

i know lol but vegan caviar is a lot cheaper than the actual animals and it's non-violent. and tofu isn't for me unless it's in a bowl mix with veggies/legumes/etc

No. 1677612

Yes, they get offended since its a uni town and they get offended at literally everything

No. 1677655

What is vegan caviar made out of?

No. 1677778

No lmao glad to not be surrounded by retards

No. 1677965

people say it where I live and no one cares, but this is the deep south (usa)

No. 1677987

what magazines or subscriptions do you like enough to pay for? i want a smattering of random shit to read.

No. 1677990

No but I live in eastern europe, saying retard is on par with idiot here

No. 1678051

Okay, this is definitly a stupid question: but is Kiwifarms back up? I remember they were running through a different service prov. a few months back, but I can't find if they still have an operational website. anybody know?

No. 1678056

i don't pay for any magazines/subscriptions, but if you're not looking for hard-hitting informative journalism and just want random shit to read, i recommend getting a substack account and subscribing to a load of random newsletters by small creators for an endless stream of free content (of varying quality). a lot of the more successful ones require paid subscriptions, but sometimes the articles are available to non-paying subscribers for the first few days after their release. the perfectly imperfect substack can be good, they interview some cool people (and unfortunately some really awful people) about what they're into at the moment which can lead you to some fun stuff. i also like the website visual melt, which is a self-described "archive of esoteric and contemporary culture". it sounds (and is) pretentious but it does have some interesting articles, interviews, mixtapes, and art available ad-free. if you like celeb gossip i HIGHLY recommend subscribing to the popbitch newsletter (especially if you're uk based) (idk why i've used so many parentheses here sorry).

No. 1678059

it's .st now

No. 1678063

thanks anon

No. 1678070

I personally would assume self harm because of my own history with it, but because of that I also would not care if I saw it. For people who know less about self harm, I think because they're higher up on the arm and less uniform than how sh scars are portrayed in media, they could assume it was accidental. A believable excuse could be that you had an accident climbing over a barbed wire fence as a teen.

No. 1678091

They're not that noticeable on your pale skin but if I did notice them, then yes. I've had cats, they don't look like cat scratches whatsoever. But you could convince me otherwise if you come up with an accident that would explain a random assortment of scars.

Not convinced the average person is really aware of selfharm in the first place though.

No. 1678092

The Drift is really good. Generally, a Medium subscription can also be nice if you ignore the troons and focus on the specific topics you wanna read about.

No. 1678113

not a fan of random interviews more looking for fun random articles. visual melt is neat, thanks for the recommendation.

i'm too simpleminded for something like the drift

No. 1678119

mostly seaweed, salt, food colorings and glutamate (for the animal taste)

No. 1678125

Most of the shoes I have are uncomfortable and causing me pain. But if I buy new shoes I feel guilty for "wasting money" or anxiety about how many shoes I have and intense guilt. What's a normal amount of shoes to own? Is it okay to buy new shoes if the old ones are painful to wear?

No. 1678128

File: 1693075030851.jpeg (25.06 KB, 640x658, a-long-time-ago-i-roleplayed-a…)

Can you guys recommend me games/RPGs/MMORPGs where I could emulate my monk husbando? Extra points if it features religious themes and gear, thanks xoxo

No. 1678154

when it comes to clutter and getting rid of old stuff, you're dealing with sunk cost fallacy. you've already spent the money and can't get it back, but keeping items that are not serving you does you no good and only makes your life harder. how many shoes you need depends upon your needs and lifestyle. I have too many but my mom insists I have a lot of fancy shoes for events. You can add to your wardrobe as you need it, buy at least one or two comfier shoes first and I'm sure it will help you see how important it is to have shoes that fit you well.
>Is it okay to buy new shoes if the old ones are painful to wear?
Yes, buy some comfy shoes soon!

No. 1678162

Have I gotten over my crush? I don't feel the tingly feeling anymore but I still think about him a lot and look forward to talking to him or getting a text reply. But inside I just feel apathy.

No. 1678228

My step sister just sent me a picture of a positive pregnancy test, what advice do I give her? I'm too shocked to form a correct sentence, she's probably around 17-18, I've never met her boyfriend but he looks to be older than her and breaks up with her every other weekend. She can't tell her parents because they're idiots who can't read and are neglectful

No. 1678239

Depends, can she legally get an abortion where you are?

No. 1678259

Samefag but I'd try to carefully ask how she feels about it, does she want to keep it? Maybe offer to meet up and talk about it if she wants. If she's clear about not wanting to keep it, you can offer to accompany her to the abortion clinic. She's probably in shock/panic right now so just be there to listen and offer your help if she needs anything

No. 1678307

my little sister recently had a pregnancy scare but it turns out Xanax can give you a false positive. is she on Xanax by any chance?

No. 1678312

Why was the Earthlings documentary considered so shocking? Did Americans really not understand animals have to die to get on their plates? I get that it shows an awful lot of cruelty and suffering but did people think animals in factory farms just get like gently put down to sleep or something?

No. 1678325

You just have to let go and accept the other person is pulling away.

No. 1678329

pretty much, yeah

No. 1678340

I use paint brushes to do my eye makeup with, am I risking eye diseases if watercolor / acrylic paint residue touches my eye? I clean them obviously but I do worry

No. 1678345

a lot of pigments have heavy metals in them, old masters died from the poisoning because they would point their brushes with mouths and shit like that. you need separate brushes

No. 1678347

Ah I thought that was just with oil paints. Will buy new brushes, thank you anon

No. 1678367

Can antidepressants help if my therapist can only see me once or twice a month? I'm in a really bad state but I swore off SSRIs years ago after most of them didn't work for me or side effects sucked. I also read on here they're no more effective than placebos. Can they save my dumb ass?

No. 1678369

nope, people can say freely even nigger here without any repercussions (except maybe some shocked faces from some people but that’s about it kek)

No. 1678373

Try to figure out what's the reason behind the pain, like maybe you plantar fasciitis, maybe you have flat feet, the what shoe could help with that. Perhaps just getting insoles would solve it or maybe you need a specific type of shoe, in that case just buy it, feet problems can cause several others in different parts of the body. You can always sell or donoate shoes that are still in good condition.

No. 1678378

I'll be frank with you nona, SSRIs will not save you. I don't mean that in a "life is worthless why even try" way, but thinking that any medication will do the heavy-lifting for you will only leave you disappointed. I've been off and on SSRIs my whole adolescent/adult life (clinical depression + other shit) and none have worked for me. I've had some luck with Bupropion, but that isn't an SSRI. Even with that, the most beneficial thing has been getting regular therapy (if you feel like once/twice a month works for you, that's fine for now), frequent exercise + some sunlight, good sleep, good diet, and having hobbies that you can improve upon and feel proud of yourself for working on.
Medication isn't going to fix it all. In the end, you are the only one you can rely on. I really wish I could've walked into my doctor's office and just have had my brain fixed, I would've done so over a decade ago when I was first put on SSRIs. But it just won't happen. Medication helps sometimes, but 90% of it comes from your lifestyle and genuinely wanting to get better. I know it sucks but I've been doing this dance for 10+ years, you have to take it into your own hands. START SMALL (this is really important), set easy goals and work your way up.

TL;DR SSRIs aren't really that beneficial for most people and your lifestyle is more important if you're depressed

No. 1678384

In contrast to the other anon, meds like SSRIs or SNRIs can help give you the push you need or do some extra lifting. I personally found medications to be helpful after the initial starting period, in a really significant way. I think if you try, you should definitely make sure you take them consistently, and increase the dosage as advised before writing them off. You might have to try a lot of different ones, too. I didn't get to try my current med until a year ago because nobody suggested it before. Oh, and yes, like other anon said: adequate sunlight, good diet, excellent sleep (look into a cpap or trazodone for this if you have sleep problems), social interaction, and having fulfilling hobbies are priorities. All the medication in the world will NOT fix you if you are low on vitamin d or iron.
Best of luck, nonnie!

No. 1678406

What is the appeal behind futanari? Since it's so popular with men are moids just inherently gay???

No. 1678414

I think men don't have enough empathy to imagine a female orgasm, they only understand an orgasm with a dick, so hence… Males are dumb. Futa is probably most popular with virgins who have never seen a woman come.

No. 1678936

File: 1693117777261.png (35.16 KB, 769x229, is this like, horse girl drama…)

What is hobbyhorsing? I don't like horses but if there's like horse girl drama I really want to know what they're beefing about because that sounds hilarious.

No. 1678941

File: 1693117874439.jpg (274.59 KB, 641x512, mceclip0-2.jpg)

It's literally like gymnastics but with fake horses

No. 1678948

They'll make a sport for anything Jesus Christ.
I'm curious to why regular horse girls have beef with them now though.

No. 1678955

File: 1693118143849.png (813.91 KB, 1200x675, c27318e8af566c152733c09245a03a…)

Probably because it's the most autistic sport in history

No. 1678960

don't know nonny, that looks fun as hell

No. 1678968

It's just hurdles but with more physical limitations, idgi

No. 1678969

File: 1693118348837.png (800.68 KB, 679x858, horse girl.png)

>Implying most horse girls aren't also probably on the spectrum
They should bond over that stuff I think…

No. 1678971

I want to watch men fake gallop with hobby horses in a fiercely competitive and high pressure environment. And they have time wear spandex for speed.

No. 1678974

This but also make it an elimination manga like blue lock.

No. 1678985

Squid games

No. 1679055

KEK well at least they're excersising, that puts them ahead of the majority of the population as far as I see it

No. 1679120

File: 1693134266769.jpg (367.84 KB, 1500x937, größer-schöner-viecc-comic-con…)

Anyone went to one of the european comic cons? Was it worth it? Thinking of going to Austrian CC.
Mainly just want to have fun in my cosplay and check out the artist alley. Though admittedly, i am more of a weeb than a geek so i prefer anime cons.

No. 1679140

i went a couple of times, i think i'm too fucking old for artist alley (their merch doesn't appeal to me anymore) the comic artists were cool though. there was still a LOT of weeb shit, like half of the con space was dedicated to it because anime is so mainstream now. i ignored it all because i wasn't there for weeb stuff so i can't say much about it.

No. 1679173

Do Ragdolls and British Shorthair get along?

No. 1679205

Do anons get mad if you reply to someone in a thread for a specific demographic? I wanted to go in the britbong thread to respond to a nonna's most recent post, but I don't want to get yelled at for being burgerfag kekk

No. 1679217

I mean, you don't need to announce you're american right? it's different when anons shit up a thread with a language foreign to that thread though.

No. 1679252

I mean, if you saw the most recent post, I want to sperg about the American food section at their petrol station. So yeah, a little bit of announcing would probably happen. Oh well
I did see the weirdo shitting up the Nordic thread btw, NOT what I'm trying to do kek

No. 1679254

Every cat has its own personality regardless of breed.

No. 1679271

I need to get MRI scans done, one for my head and one for my neck.. Two small issues - I have an all black tattoo on my neck and 8 piercings on my face (eyebrows, nose, septum, oral) and 10 in my ears. Am I fucked? I can't take 4 of the piercings on my face off because they've been screwed on VERY tight. So.. Am I fucked? Like, am I very fucked? What do I do? My neurologist appointment is in a month and until then I am supposed to get this done. What do you nonnas reckon?

No. 1679274

The piercings have to go, unless you want the MRI scanner to forcibly remove them for you kek.

No. 1679286

Fuuuuck. The 4 piercings are all on my brows and I can't unscrew the balls no matter how hard I try (I've tried once or twice a day for months kek). You think I could hide them in tinfoil or some shit? KEK

No. 1679289

I had that issue with the first barbell I had in my septum piercing. Went to a piercing studio that specialized in jewelry and the guy there was able to unscrew the ends. They were REALLY tight

No. 1679293

No you can't it's a very powerful magnet and it will be literally ripped off from your skin. Can you get someone to help you?

No. 1679311

For this reason and others, I never thought piercings were smart. I wonder how girls with septum piercings blow their nose. Are those piercings just covered in boogers? Plus when it's really cold out, the metal gets freezing and can give you frostbite, and I bet in the sun they heat up and can burn you. Brush a hand against your face, rip something out, etc. Those hoop earings are just "pull me for a great time!"

Luckily the doctors are smarter than nonna and won't let her enter the MRI machine with rip-and-play tacks through her face.

No. 1679322

Just go to the piercing shop and ask them to remove it for you?

No. 1679326

Wait. I thought piercings were supposed to be made of a certain type of metal like dental fillings or metal implants (knee replacements or cochlear implants). Have I been retardedthis whole time?

No. 1679406

A bunch of houses in my area have fruit trees outside near the sidewalk and in the grass strip between the sidewalk and road. I've been watching but no one ever harvests them. Is there any reason I shouldn't nab some free fruit? Why are they growing this fruit and not harvesting it? They also grew a bunch of artichoke and fennel but just leave it to rot and never take it.

No. 1679411

Assuming they're not in anyones frontgarden and are really just on the sidewalk, I don't think it'd be a problem. My mom and me always plucked as many as we could carry when we came back from buying groceries or something with no issues. She always said stolen cherries taste the sweetest lol.

No. 1679429

How long will it take me to learn how to draw cute anime boys if I'm starting from scratch with 0 drawing skills

No. 1679437

I feel like when listening to piano covers of songs, you can hear at what part the artist would actually start singing, while when it's a song actually written to be played on the piano, it's all really smooth, for the lack of a better term. Am I just imagining things because I know the OG version of the song and my mind expects to hear a voice at that and that part, or is this really a thing?

No. 1679438

Is anyone else having an extremely cursed 2023? How many of us are suffering?

No. 1679440

I tried drawing for years, practicing constantly for hours a day, gesture and figure studies, portrait studies, cramming and slaving and filling notebooks with practice work to build the fundamentals, then working for hours on my own stuff. I never got more than mediocre in skill and was always unhappy with my results. Drawing is a terrible hobby if you just want good results. It takes 10 hours to make one finalized picture. In 10 hours you could sew an entire dress, listen to 12 albums, or watch 5 movies. If you want husbando art you're better off taking an existing image and changing the hair and eyes if you don't care about building a career and being accused of plagiarism. If you want fanart just browse pixiv for a few hours and you'll have all you could ever want. Drawing has a low return on time invested and always leaves you dissatisfied and annoyed.

No. 1679446

Are they titanium? Titanium can go under MRIs. If you're scared, swap them out of plastic piercings you can get those too. Also if you're having issues with removing them go to a piercing shop, they should have the tools to do it properly. I remember when I was swapping out my nostril piercing the piercer took like 10 mins to unscrew it because he put it on too tight last time kek

No. 1679462

"How long" can really depend on how quickly you pick it up, your natural inclination for the medium, and the way you study. If I were you, I'd just fucking try it. You might decide you loathe the process and never want to do it again, or you might find it really fun and enjoy the activity itself.
You can try the first resource link to see what you're getting into, and ask the nonnas in the thread more about a possible timeframe.
Just remember that all the weebs out there drawing husbandos also had zero experience at some point, they just decided to go for it and then keep going for it.

No. 1679500

>outside near the sidewalk and in the grass strip between the sidewalk and road
Sounds like public property, you can (probably, not claiming to know your local laws) just take them. Just make sure you know what you pick, some tree varieties carry ornamental fruit that aren't edible for humans. That includes fruits that seem obviously edible like some types of apples and cherries.

No. 1679531

Tree overhanging sidewalk = free game
Tree on the (city) property between sidewalk and road = free game
Tree on commercial/municipal property = free game.

No. 1679532

Antidepressants can be helpful in the long-term for numbing a person’s emotions, and in the short-term for helping a person tolerate conditions they would otherwise find intolerable. Whether that’s good for an individual or for society is for you to judge.

No. 1679663

I'm desperate for a new job. please send positive vibes my way.

No. 1679665

You are going to make it anon, believe in yourself.

No. 1679780

my cat wont open one of its eyes, i opened with my fingers to check of something got stuck in his eye and it doesnt look like he's been hurt or anything and he doesnt seem on pain either. What could it be? I am taking him to the vet tomorrow, i just wanna know if i should be worried or its something that happens.

No. 1679784

thank god he opened his eye, he scared the shit ou of me

No. 1679786

sending positive vibrations anon i believe in you

No. 1679788

How can I look slimmer in photos? It doesn’t matter my weight, I just look massive in almost all photos. I’m very pale and have been working on my posture+gaining muscle but I had some photos of me taken yesterday and I look just as big as I did when I had no muscle tone. I think it’s a self fulfilling prophecy because I get really tense taking photos knowing I’ll look bad and in turn look huge because I’m so tense.

No. 1679789

Does anyone know the name of this site from >>1889288 I have seen ppl use it in shayna’s thread a few times and I have always been curious about it

No. 1679792

My cat has trouble with his inner eyelid and sometimes it gets stuck, it freaks the fuck out of me every time but apparently it’s pretty normal. Maybe you’re kitty was having trouble with it and was just keeping his eye closed until it went back in place?

Practice posing in front of the mirror and try different styles of clothes. I have a short top heavy friend who found putting her hair up and posing kind of three quarters to the camera helped make her seem slimmer and longer. It could also be that you’re just your own worst critic.

No. 1679794

keep taking photos from different positions, poses (a self timer works if you have somewhere to place your phone) and trying out those angles. literally practice makes perfect. some people just come out weird on camera though through no fault of their own. good luck!

No. 1679868

File: 1693189217291.jpg (60.27 KB, 687x491, hspnc.JPG)

Does your body ever get super horny but your mind isn't? Lately it's been happening to me and it's weird as fuck. When I'm in these phases I will have dreams about humping or being penetrated by totally random objects or dream geometry kek, so it seems like a purely physical issue.

No. 1679882

I get like that on my period because I'm much more sensitive.

No. 1679890

Yep for years, usually when I'm constipated or tired then when that's over it goes away.

No. 1679907

ayrt, huh, that's interesting that you guys can narrow down a cause. Mine seems totally random kek but I'm sure there's some underlying hormonal reason or something. It really sucks though bc even if I try to help myself by masturbating i'm not mentally in the mood so it never works, and I wind up just suffering for a day or two with my pussy throbbing at work for no damn reason.

No. 1679911

Does anyone else ever start apologizing impulsively, or murmuring about how it's your fault under your breath, even when you're completely alone? Lately I've been having so weird flashbacks on cringe memories, and every time I find myself almost impulsively saying "I'm sorry" over and over again. It's over things that are relatively trivial, albeit cringe social situations that have happened before. I'm not sure why I'm like this. It's been happening more and more lately (the almost impulsive apologizing). I was doing it the other day and I didn't even know it. Someonr asked me who I was apologizing to and I realized I had zoned out.

No. 1679946

I do something similar when I have random cringe memories, only I say a different impulsive phrase. Have you been stressed lately? You might want to try some mindfulness exercises or look into managing intrusive thoughts.

No. 1679953

I do that and like the other nonny said it's intrusive thoughts. I also have trouble falling asleep from them and often have stress dreams. I like to visualize the bad memories in a bubble, like a video in them, and imagine them sinking in the ocean away from you forever. They will be forgotten by everyone.

I then sometimes do 40 jumping Jacks and the burst of exercise releases feel good hormones to help relax your mind. Then again if you're apologizing in public I don't think you want to burst out in jumping Jacks right after so maybe do that only if it happens at home.

No. 1679958

Yeah, I have been stressed lately. My phrases change sometimes, but mostly it is apologizing. I'll try too look into mindfulness or intrusive thoughts. I especially feel like intrusive thoughts have been taking over my mind lately.

No. 1679959

Samefagging to say thanks for the tips, nonnie. I really like the bubble sinking thing you brought up.

No. 1679979

Do straight women normally think dicks look attractive? I don't, if anything they look off putting, at best neutral. When I say off-putting I mean kind of like if you look at someone's feet or ears for too long and you start to think about how oddly shaped they are, so I think it's because I'm not really used to seeing dicks because they're covered up most of the time. They're in no way attractive even if I find the rest of the man attractive.
If that makes me not-straight I'm asexual because I definitely feel no attraction to women.

No. 1680005

You know when a dick is attractive and when it's not. I can find them attractive but I don't fault or question others for not. Like especially when there are so many ugly ones that lean, have papules, extremely sagging balls, unusual discoloration patterns. That said I think about the pretty ones all the time, and it doesn't make me angry that people disagree.

No. 1680006

Same anon but also adding that if anyone tries to insist this makes you a lesbian theyre wrong. I can imagine it's not illogical to be repulsed by sex organs without being asexual or homosexual. I think it has most to do with brain chemistry, kind of like when women are into feet, rare but possible. Whatever brain connection that makes penis attractive to some just does not fire off for you. No big deal.

No. 1680009

Some dicks are ugly, some are nice enough I can get horny just looking at a picture.

No. 1680013

pretty much this

No. 1680015

Ntayrt but I'm also straight and still can't tell the difference between pretty and non-pretty ones. They all look the same and very bizarre and unsettling to me. I think I have face-blindness but for dicks.

No. 1680022

I feel like a lot of it also depends on the man attached to it which is why it's easy for a lot of them to be repugnant.

No. 1680170

How do I know if I’m attractive to women? Like I know I’m considered attractive to men, not in a sexualized/bimbofied way but in a normal pretty or cute way. I want to appeal to the female gaze though.. sometimes I dress slightly more alt if I want a girl’s attention and to throw vibes out. I really don’t know what else to do haha. And I have even less clue of if a girl is flirting or open to even hanging out as friends. It’s so hard to navigate and I’m so lonely I’m afraid I’ll reek of desperation if I say anything ever

No. 1680202

No. 1680211

Anons, are home IPL devices worth it? Are they painful?

I'm losing my mind over hair removal, I usually shave but my skin is sensitive and I'm also clumsy, so my legs look like a murder scene afterwards and I need to apply a million bandaids. Can't epilate for the same reason (also, it's painful). Tried hair removal strips but they never remove 100% of the hair and I have to shave or pluck afterwards

No. 1680225

There's one trick you could try that I found very effective. Did it a couple of years ago and I haven't felt the need to shave ever since. It's called stop shaving and give your poor skin a break.

No. 1680231

One of my friends used one and it was reasonably effective but it never got completely rid of all the hair, it just made it much thinner. Eventually the led thingy ran out of light, apparantly they have a limited lifespan. But I guess results may vary between different brands and devices.

No. 1680236

IPL works but you'll still need to shave in-between, just less, because it's very hard and time-consuming to zap all of your leg hairs. And you'll need to use the device forever to keep the hairs from coming in.

I use it for my pits, face and toes kek (I'm a very hairy woman and not shaving isn't an option). The rest I epilate or shave.

No. 1680238

nta, which one do you use? would you recommend it?

No. 1680411

Uncut dicks look nice, but cut dicks are dry and deformed looking. My boyfriend's is this tiny little mushroom cap on a bloated shaft as a consequence of circumcision. It's dry and crusty looking because he won't use moisturizer like I tell him to. However, balls and taint are disgusting, his are darker and more red than his normal (caucasian) skin and it looks like a tumor. Male genitals are absurdly ugly.

I've seen attractive (uncut) dicks but I've never seen attractive balls. They're saggy and scraggly and covered in gross pubes, clammy, usually stink of ass-crack sweat, and bumpy chicken skin.

Also my bf returned with a pee spot on his boxers after peeing once and I can't stop thinking about it. Men are disgusting. I wish I could be a lesbian but I don't find sex with women satisfying. At least women look nice. They put hella effort into their appearance and hygiene. Men just wake up and drag their sack around clammy and stinking like a NYC sewer rat.

No. 1680417

Thought of this question at work and just remembered it
If you get diagnosed with a terminal illness (like cancer) does your job immediately let you go or are you still on their payroll during recovery

No. 1680445

Nonnas my crush and I were out with a group of friends a few weeks ago and when we were at dinner I sat across from my crush and at one point he completely turned his body away from me and faced our other friend throughout the meal. It was a 4 top and instead of facing me directly he turned like 90 degrees to face our male friend who was sitting next to him. What does it mean?

No. 1680448

In the US you have protections against being let go just for that (https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/fmla/workplace-protections-for-individuals-cancer)

however if you read reddit stories about people being let go under other pretenses or their insurance fucking them over, you see its not a simple path for everyone

No. 1680469

It means he doesn't like you

No. 1680492

How do you know if you've been banned on here? Does the message come up immediately, or only if you try to post?

No. 1680495

if you try to post

No. 1680501

Can you quote posts from different boards? I seem to remember it not working but I don't wanna post something and be wrong lol

No. 1680504

> > > / ot / [post id]
(no spaces)

No. 1680511

See how the header of the post says "No."? Copy the link that leads to. Paste the link as is, and it will convert itself into the correct hyperlink and format. Linking from hidden boards may not turn it into a quote and it will stay as a url instead.
You can always read the posting guide.

No. 1680518

File: 1693243246805.png (206.95 KB, 388x435, meow.png)

>You can always read the posting guide.
No, I will keep typing the cross-board links manually and only pasting the post number.

No. 1680519

You can copy the url and paste it into your post.
Nta but that literally is a fine way to link to posts.

No. 1680521

File: 1693243391322.jpg (67.17 KB, 720x1017, 100hoursinpaint.jpg)

I noticed that one shopping app has used 1.27 GB of data on my mom's phone today, which is unusually high compared to the data usage of other apps. It's even more strange because I can see that it has consumed foreground data, even though my mom hasn't opened this app in months. I checked Google Store to see if it had downloaded any updates, but that wasn't the case. I haven't granted any permissions to this app either.
Do any anons have any guesses on what could have caused this? This is unironically freaking me out.
I have hidden the name since this app is just used here in my country.

No. 1680524

It's likely reporting background usage as foreground. Some apps do that for no good reason. I'd uninstall.

No. 1680537

What if he was still laughing at my jokes? Or does the body language matter more

No. 1680608

How big do you have to be to experience loose skin after weight lose? I'm 170-180 lbs and worried about getting loosey goosey. Is it mostly just something that happens with morbidly obese people or is regular obese a risk too?

No. 1680613

depends on your genetics, my friend lost around 15kg and got almost the same amount of sagginess that I have at 90kg loss. Results may very, usually the younger you are,the better you "bounce back" because collagen and whatnot

No. 1680614

samefag my friend was normal weight and I was a deathfat

No. 1680615

I find males want to be chased nowadays. No thanks.

No. 1680616

Is taking a collagen supplement worth it? What about biotin? My nails are really brittle and dry because I have eczema and my hair isn’t doing so well either

No. 1680618

I've seen obese people lose a lot of weight and get loose skin, but it's really not that bad so don't worry about it. Like their skin would jiggle and look lose if they shake their body parts on purpose but just looking at them you couldn't really tell unless you were actively looking for it. And if absolutely needed there are surgeries to help get rid of the extra skin to consider.

Link to video of a woman who LOST 130lbs, I think her arms and legs look ok unless she physically pulls at it to show how loose it is. She has other more recent videos on tummy tucks and surgeries to get rid of her loose skin. There's also the option of building muscles to "fill out" some of that skin more.

No. 1680620

Idk about collagen but biotin is worth trying fo how cheap it is. You piss the excess out so there's no real risk for damage, just make sure you drink enough water.

No. 1680623

why the fuck do some healthy things taste like shit and the unhealthy taste good? it doesn't make sense from an evolutionary standpoint. inb4 fatty and or "you can make healthy food taske good!" yeah, no duh, my question is very literal and straightforward. take for an example cheese which tastes great but isn't healthy, and then kefir that makes me retch but it's good for you. if kefir is so good for you, why on earth would you drink it other than the health benefits? who was the first person to eat kefir? why would they do it, i mean someone had to suffer to even begin to learn about the benefits of it, but why would they drink it in the first place when it tastes like piss

No. 1680627

I love kefir.. I think it tastes pretty good, have you tried ayran before?

No. 1680632

Because "unhealthy" foods are food that are packed with calories, aka energy, they were rare super sources of energy that greatly benefited us back when we only got it from berries, nuts, fruits, honey etc… we're simply made to love it because they're such amazing sources of energy and fat reserves that help us survive in a world where food is scarce. We're just not made for having an excess amount of it at all times

No. 1680633

Things that give you the happy feels are high in calories. It was evolutionarily advantageous for our ancestors (and any animals today) to be like holy shit sugar and fat, let's eat as much of it as we can so we can survive the winter

Now it makes you not survive the winter. Sad!

No. 1680634

oops forgot to delete the link from my other post, sorry lmao

No. 1680638

People have different tastes. I’m not sure of the exact origins of kefir but it’s very popular in Russia, whose cuisine is full of fermented, sour foods from a tradition of needing to preserve for the winter. When your palate is accustomed to that from childhood, it usually tastes good.

On the flip side Americans happily eat chocolate which non-Americans claim tastes like vomit. There is science behind this - some is made using butyric acid, which is actually found in vomit. Why would you treat yourself to chocolate that tastes like puke? Because if that’s what you’re accustomed to, it tastes good.

No. 1680644

Nona I'm polish and I've never seen polish content about this, only murican

No. 1680645

How do most people use and find Discords? How can I find a Discord that isn't just an echo chamber full of crazies? I want to make friends, but I'm going back and forth on if online "friends" are worth it or not

No. 1680647

Honestly I would avoid image board ones, LC included. Maybe one centered around a hobby etc. Every single one I have been has had insufferable crazies in it which made me quit those servers.

No. 1680648

Is there any way to rip music off Amazon Music without account like how there's websites that let you rip music off youtube?

No. 1680650

I'd avoid Discord servers if you want to actually make semi normal friends. The people who aren't active in them are the normal ones, but they aren't active so you'd probably never get to befriend them, while the weirdo narcissistic types are always online, and you don't want to befriend those. We need to go back to penpals or something.

No. 1680652

I'd avoid Discord servers if you want to actually make semi normal friends. The people who aren't active in them are the normal ones, but they aren't active so you'd probably never get to befriend them, while the weirdo narcissistic types are always online, and you don't want to befriend those. We need to go back to penpals or something.

No. 1680658

Pain. Wish there was a way to meet other women into anime / manga who are semi-normal. Trying to make friends irl is painful and difficult

No. 1680660

you're not trying to avoid crazies if you're looking on discord. you could try your luck, but large servers are a breeding ground for troon social contagion and friendship cliques. friends are hard to make nowadays, much less online where it only takes 1 freak to shit up the whole group with its tinfoiling/callouts/pronouns/etc. text old friends from college or high school, or your siblings and cousins instead. you could try bumble for friends, too

No. 1680665

Ime discord tends to be used by chronically online gamers with mental illnesses, pornsick behaviour, and rightwing/misogynistic tendencies. You're also guaranteed to run into an annoying attentionwhore Troon and other sorts of genderspecials. I'm sure there's normal people who use it but the disappointment is far too great to use it. I know how it feels anon, I wish I can find a chill online community too to share my interests with.

No. 1680666

What kind of anime/manga do you like?

No. 1680678

Almost anything besides haram or ecchi stuff. I'm starting to watch some comfy anime from the 90s and 00s

No. 1680681

I do not recommend joining extant servers full of strangers. The way discord is designed inevitably fosters echo chambers, the only pleasant ones i've been in formed from irl or tumblr friendships. Ik it's hard, but I saw a great post the other day about how the biggest secret to being social is realising that as long as you're social, you don't have to be any certain way. It's hard to accept if you've had issues with bullying or childhood friendships. But you can be awkward or weird or quiet and still get along with people and have friends. They'll just be like oh yeah she's a bit quiet or whatever but no one cares bc you're still there. I'm a bit high rn so just realised I'm rambling a bit and making a lot of assumptions but I'm sending you love and hope you find the connections you're looking for. But yeah basically i recommend finding individual connections irl or on non-anonymous sites and forming your own servers or group chats that way rather than joining extant ones.

No. 1680695

Is there any diference in warmth between a 20 $ hoodie and a 120 $ hoodie if they're both made from polyester?

No. 1680711

I can feel the love through your response, thank you Nonna. I'm not going to blogpost about my own sobstory, but instead try to find friends irl for the most part. Might give Bumble BFF a shot

No. 1680735

you're just gonna get sweaty in both

No. 1680748

I’m worried he likes me as a friend but sense my crush and is uncomfortable. We’ve spent a lot of time together and he’s friendly but doesn’t ever get too close.

No. 1680992

What is a porn addiction dick curve

No. 1680995

Why would you pay 100 dollars for plastic when you can buy better materials? Especially at that price

No. 1681007

Does (this user has been put out to pasture) mean that person has been permabanned? Or is that just the default for when farmhands don’t have a snappy red text?

No. 1681014

It's just a default redtext. Jannies really like adding custom redtexts so I think they only use it when they're banning quickly (say in a big infight, maybe).

No. 1681028

When a man is masturbating as often as porn addicts do he’s pulling his penis in the direction of his dominant hand so it starts to curve in that direction. I also dk if that’s actually true but anecdotally yeah

No. 1681047

It also happens to guys who do the weird dick stretching thing

No. 1681079

File: 1693278475068.jpg (50.9 KB, 500x500, avatars-000331706699-4rhkli-t5…)

Ok, so, really, really stupid question but I was kinda disturbed today when I went to Amazon customer service because my item, not the box, was damaged. I am 99% sure it was a manufacturer issue, or maybe the heat caused the damaged. I did get a refund without a return, but immediately the bot implied a strike had been issued against what I believe was the deliverer? Is that something they actually do or did I misread?

It's been a while since I ordered from them so idk, it's the first time I've ever seen such a thing but I was extremely mortified, probably enough to avoid ordering in the future.

No. 1681089

Is 21 too old to pick up a new major college? I want to do a 2nd major outside of the one I'm already doing but I have to wait until next year until the course opens and I'm going to be 21 by then. I feel a tad insecure to be in a class with teenagers. This is such a retarded zoomer question I am sorry kek

No. 1681117

>is 21 too old to

No. 1681119

Why disturbed? Someone just wasn't doing their job right

No. 1681123

Nta but amazon workers have notoriously terrible conditions (like, not allowed to pee conditions) so anon probably just doesn't want to get someone in trouble.

No. 1681125

>I'm starting to watch some comfy anime from the 90s and 00s
Damn anon, good taste, I wish I can watch with you. Good luck finding friends though, whether irl or offline.

No. 1681145

it's cuz I'm pretty sure it was the heat or manufacturer that caused the issue (the bottle + safety cover was intact) and I'm not sure if now amazon just blames any issues on the deliverer or the packagers.

No. 1681163

stopped taking zoloft like a month ago, why have I been perpetually drowsy since?? sleep debt from all the nightmares? I could sleep for 23 hours a day now. it's worrying

No. 1681196

when someone has a lazy eye…which one do you look at? the normal one or the one that's looking inwards?

No. 1681204

Look within

No. 1681322

How can I ventilate/cool down an apartment that cannot be cross-ventilated?

There are 4 windows altogether but only one side of the flat, if that makes sense, so opening them does nothing, it's cooler where the windows are but the further away you go from them, the warmer it is and the air does not move effectively. I put a fan right in front of the window so the fresh/cool air is pushed into the apartment but I don't feel like it's working

No. 1681336

Is living with a sibling that outlandish? People are always surprised when I mention of share an apartment with my brother.

No. 1681349

withdrawal symptom perhaps, it was my main symptom when I stopped taking my meds

No. 1681351

I think people think it's more weird if it's brother an sister rather than same sex siblings. People also think "living with family" is a sign of incompetence and not growing up just because it's what they've been told even though it used to be the norm most of human history

No. 1681361

>I don't feel like it's working
Samefag, nevermind, it is working, it just needed more time

No. 1681385

why are there so many albanian women in entertainment nowadays? off the top of my head: ava max, dula peep, bebe rexha, rita ora.

No. 1681464

File: 1693310519167.png (243.01 KB, 647x864, Screenshot 2023-08-29 140400.p…)

Does this dress look very outdated?

No. 1681639

Why do so many anons not know how to scroll, how to click quote links, how to use the catalog, how to read, how to use ctrl+f, or how to use the search? Even when I used to be new it was very easy to figure all of that out. Where is their curiosity?

No. 1681644

Ikr, this pisses me off, it's not that difficult. I guess it's because they're a younger generation and imageboards aren't as dumbed down as an app, so everything that takes a bit of thinking is too confusing for some of them

No. 1681647

tech literacy falling in the age of swipe and tap

No. 1681652

It looks frumpy and boring

No. 1681658

No. 1681662

Naur peedah, this is cute and witchy. Would wear with some louder, more statement type jewellery, so it's not too muted. Gorgeous drape.

No. 1681664

It's too basic to be dated. Not my personal taste but it will look fine or even good depending on how you wear it.

No. 1681762

No. 1681820

File: 1693333278589.gif (3.96 MB, 522x640, 1660149665192.gif)

Truly a stupid question but, does anyone else get a tinge of jealousy when their friend meets new friends? My best friend has always been insanely extroverted and had a large friend circle and a boyfriend before I met her, I did not care about that in the slightest. Yet somehow, when she made new friends that take up the same amount of time her former friends did, I suddenly feel jealous. I don't even want to go out with her that often, yet I seethe when I see her post images with her new friends kek
I guess I'm just feeling bpd-lite my nonnies…

No. 1681825

File: 1693333766663.png (136.1 KB, 421x461, Capture.PNG)

probably the dumbest question i'll ever ask on lolcow. If I can drink a 1.75 liter of alcohol in 3 days by myself, but when I go time without drinking I don't gets sweats or shakes, I want to drink and think about drinking, but thats it, am I a alcoholic? If so what kind of alcohol?

No. 1681852

Idk what system is in your country but in the UK the recommended alcohol limit is 14 units a week, a bottle of vodka is about 40 according to Google, if your pic rel is what you’re drinking it’s way over the limit. It sounds like you have some level of mental dependence on it but not physical (yet). If you don’t want to become a complete alcoholic, it’ll be easier for you to start working on your issues now.

No. 1681858

I live in the Us, there's no limit, for another example I can drink 6 White Claws surges in one night. If I were to make a alcholic thread where should I put it? In OT?

No. 1681875

you're probably a functioning alcoholic nonnie. I knew a woman who would drink like a 24 pack of beer and then go jogging everyday at 5am and then make it to work on time.

No. 1681887

id say yes if you drink every day youre an alcoholic. and if youre going to make a thread on it you should make sure you spell it right. youre missing an o in every post youve made about it

No. 1681919

sorry it's one of those words i can never spell right despite consuming so much of it

No. 1682209

A fellow Shaytard called any gold jewellery under 22ct tawdry. I'm so confused. Wouldn't it be more prone to nicks and bending when it's more pure? Are people out here with 22ct gold wedding rings and just restricting their hand movements to avoid damage? Or do they have backups, or regular appointments at the jeweller? Please, someone help a poorfag out.

No. 1682210

Possibly you can't spell it because you consume so much of it?

No. 1682273

Maybe the strike was issued against the vendor/shopkeeper? Lots of people fulfill through Amazon. I don't see why the driver would get in trouble unless you specified box damage or an issue with the delivery itself.

No. 1682567

Is there a way I can access Reddit posts marked as NSFW without an account? I'm sick of being locked out of shit because disturbing or vaguely sexual content is being discussed (and no making an account is not an option).

No. 1682578

Shayfags are unhinged and retarded. It was probably the anon who said drinking bottled water is tacky

No. 1682603

Write "old" instead of "www" in the link.

No. 1682608

I was aware of this trick but I thought it didn't work anymore since the third party apps debacle, thanks a lot.

No. 1682633

I'm in uni, my student counsellor was away for half a year and someone else took over, but I wasn't sure until when. I messaged the temporary one saying I have an urgent question and who of the two I should message about it and he cc'd me in a message to my regular counsellor asking if he would take over from here. Do I wait for my regular counsellor to message me or should I message him first? Not sure what is etiquette here.

No. 1682649

File: 1693413345221.jpg (44.94 KB, 512x640, 2bb5f00f8a39418c61d04298e110a1…)

what do you guys think of the downfall of physical media? do streaming services worry you? i have to admit that i don't mind having spotify and a few streaming services (netflix, amazon prime and disney+, i have them mostly for my mom because she's an avid tv show binger) but it bothers me that more and more subscription services pop up.

No. 1682650

I hope it all collapses and stage plays/theatre in the park grows to ridiculous levels in turn.

No. 1682657

Hate it, I will never subscribe to a streaming service and instead make my own physical media by burning it onto DVDs and CDs.

No. 1682667

I want to be more tech literate, especially in regards to internet privacy and how to protect your information. It's kind of embarrassing how little I know given how much I use the internet and even if it's sort of too late, I guess it's better late than never to learn about this stuff. Where would be a good place to start?

No. 1682697

I don't give a shit about movies or tv shows so that can collapse for all I care. As long as I don't have to pay for music and physical books remain cheap as chips on the second hand market I'm fine.

No. 1682706


I am trying to be better too and just found this site built not too long ago which seems pretty good. I need to keep reading thru it. But if I were you, I would start limiting permissions on my phone (they do record audio and video in the background to sell to advertisers),cover your cameras, yes especially the front camera because they have been tracking your eye movements since around 2014 to detect how long certain areas of the screen keep your attention and which ads you are more interested in. https://www.greenbook.org/market-research-firms/eye-tracking


Never re use passwords, rotate accounts frequently, do NOT use a password manager if you can help it- at least none of the ones that are pre loaded within the browser (chrome), stop logging into things via google and facebook, google yourself frequently and send requests to all the companies that have your data to delete it (spokeo, peoplefinder, white or yellowpages, beenverified, etc) but know that wont stop them from re scraping your info later. Never save credit card info. Clear you browsing history frequently, your cache and cookies too. I use Brave browser at the moment and it has tracker blocking features. I need to keep learning how to utilize Brave better via add ons etc to make it even more private. Everything listens to you,that smart tv, smart thermostat, apps on your phone, any wifi connecting device even a roomba and especially things like Ring, literally everything 'smart' is collecting data on you and selling it. Inputting data into a health tracking app? Data sold. If you have a watch that monitors your heartrate, steps, oxygen etc they will sell that data too. Example…your location is tracked so they know you are walking down aisle 8 at the supermarket, and pause, then continue- if your heart rate bumped up a teeny bit when you looked at a certain spot on the shelf where you paused that means they know in general a set few items you are probably intetested in buying and that data gets sold and ads for those items get pumped to you. Its crazy out there. Use dumb things only in your home if you can.

No. 1682730

I remember a tiktok where a woman parodies how influencers act fake and overwhelmed by simple tasks, and she does it by pretending to try tea for the first time. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 1682743

Suggesting that anons don't use a password manager is the the worst advice you can be giving anybody on this site. Use a password manager, just don't use the one in your browser. There are several good options for password managers out there, and it's the best way to avoid using a password on a well known wordlist.

No. 1683063

fuck i am a retard and ran out of cat litter, what can i use as a replacement for tonight?

No. 1683064


No. 1683067

Shredded newspaper

No. 1683081

My favorite rec is BitWarden. Just don't lose your password to it because it will PERMANENTLY lock you out, there is no email recovery. (There are other recovery options within the service, but most people don't look into those until it's too late.)

No. 1683095

Does meth mess with people's posture? I know it can make people have really jerky/weird movements but a lot of the meth heads I observe when i'm out and about who are just standing around have a very bizarre hunched back and or completely crooked shoulders

No. 1683352


Sorry it's not helpful but I imagined the cheezits said ozempic

No. 1683361

Why are anons asking if KF is up like every other day? Does it just change URLs that often right now or are these anons too lazy to scroll up just a tiny bit?

No. 1683373

maybe they are tense due to the meth/lack of meth

No. 1683378

lazy, they might be lurking dudes since they're more likely to need someone to do stuff for them and just more likely to use KF

No. 1683379

seconding laziness but i honestly thought it was some form of advertisement

No. 1683435

Why did the ugly men you want to fuck thread get locked? It didn't quite hit bump limit so it can't be an auto lock.

No. 1683437

It was time to put an end to it since someone actually posted jake munro

No. 1683440

this made me burst out laughing

No. 1683515

Would you say that broadly speaking cooking is an easy skill to pick up or a difficult skill?

No. 1683520

It does change domains pretty often. It was pl a week ago and now it's st. However, there's always the telegram that is up to date with the domain name so idk why they just don't check that

No. 1683528

What’s an alternative to MyFitnessPal now that they want to charge me $19 A MONTH just to scan food barcodes?

No. 1683548

Pretty easy in general, but it can be really hard on your own because you're forced to eat the fucked up food you make the first few times since mom and dad aren't there to step in and correct.
Are you looking to learn how to cook, nonna? You just need to start out with simple recipes is all. Then once you've gotten one or two of them from bad -> passable -> "hey this is okay" -> "wow i did a good job" -> experimenting, you can confidently say you know the basics of cooking. Also, even when you think you're making great progress, you WILL burn or fuck up a dish. A lot of people get discouraged at this stage! It doesn't mean you're doing bad, that's just a natural "experienced beginner" thing.

No. 1683549

I use lose it though I'm not sure it has the scan barcode feature

No. 1683559

Learning to cook on an acceptable level where you have no trouble making dinner for your household is easy.

No. 1683562

I was having a convo with my friend where I flippantly said that cooking is easy and she was really taken aback and said it wasn’t and that she really struggles cooking even basic things like chicken. I only learned to cook for myself after I moved out (parents never cooked meals only ever ordered food) and I did pretty much exactly that. Started with east recipes and worked my way up. I know that certain skills just go over peoples head but to me cooking is literally just following detailed instructions and even then watching cooking videos is a major help.

No. 1683572

Easy. So easy that the vast majority of people are able to do a decent job at it.

No. 1683575

Yeah, no offense to your friend, but sounds like a skill issue KEK
I didn't even watch videos, I just followed recipe instructions. To be fair, I am really bad at making rice on the stovetop. I have to pull up a recipe and follow it exactly or I fuck it up. But I'm an autist. Is she really having trouble with chicken? Maybe she needs to start with something easier until her skill improves, and bake her chicken while she waits.

No. 1683623

Is it valid if a liberal guy says they may be bi but there’s “no way to know”, after you ask and they say they’ve never been attracted to men or watched gay porn? Is it like a liberal guy thing to say? Like he doesn’t want to be just straight so he doesn’t give a definite answer? Or no and it’s actually a red flag? This guy I’m talking to says he doesn’t know if he’s bi because he’s never done anything with a guy

No. 1683628

What do you all nonnas do when you’re stressed and crying and need to vent to someone or something like that but don’t have any friends? Family doesn’t count

No. 1683646

I got my tooth filled. The chewing surface feels kinda rough. Does this go away with time?

No. 1683653

I just vent on my blog, since it's online it gives me the placebo effect of telling it to someone, even if no one reads it.

No. 1683657

Tbh, I go on reddit. Ime, you either won't get any replies or you will get a very nice one.

No. 1683671

This is one embarrassing question but I want to take pictures of my husbando's face and merge them with irl male bodies I like but make it a drawing so it looks like fan art using AI, what AI should I use for that?

No. 1683677

Listening to music or bottling it up and trying to distract myself. The better option is probably >>1683653 Journaling is good, maybe talking to yourself also helps just to get it out.

No. 1683678

I think there is a whole thread for this on /m/ you should ask those girlies

No. 1683683

I generally wouldn't recommend venting online because it sticks around forever/someone can screenshot it. I do have a friend now who I vent to when I need, but I didn't have one for a long time. I think one of the best practices is to bawl your eyes out until you're completely exhausted and then go to sleep. If it's a nervous/stress thing, then try very hard to distract yourself (video game, weird movie, youtube binge) until you can't take it any longer, and then go to sleep. Third option is to exercise to complete exhaustion. And then go to sleep.
Sleeping usually resets your emotional response. I always feel much less frenzied or raw when I wake up. Yes, the above methods will typically mean you're thinking about your situation in the moments between distraction, but that's kind of necessary for you to process it and get over it.
The one time I very much had to vent, I used this thread and nonnas were extremely nice to me and helped me out. I felt much better afterwards and haven't done since.

No. 1683714

bump don't scroll

No. 1683718

i'm tired of these degens i got on now to wind down after a busy day. stupid motherfuckers

No. 1683720

I sometimes vent into a voice recorder so it feels like I told someone and I can review it later if during the venting I had some realizations about what I can change/control in the situation. Also found that recording it makes it much harder for me to shame myself for ~talking like a crazy person~ and more like making a journal log.
Working out can help redirect the restless energy as well. I also like listening to intense music if I can't/don't want to work out or voice record. Angry music can help, but if you find yourself falling into a pattern of accidentally making yourself angrier/more stressed, try intense instrumentals like Polyphia.
Good luck nona

No. 1683736

holy fail

No. 1683745

why did you add this image?

No. 1683837

I don't think questions are allowed if you mean the AI generated pictures thread. But I'll try. Thanks.

No. 1683909

Just photoshop/image edit the face and body together then use img to img? You might need a computer that can run stuff locally though to get good results.
You could also just trace your edit and try and draw something yourself?

No. 1683918

should i start writing down the dirty story ive been concocting in my head? what would even be the point if i don't post it, its not fanfic so no one wants it but me lol

No. 1683922

Just write it down for yourself so you remember it. I'm always coming up with ideas but if I don't write them down I forget the little details that made the scenarios so good.

No. 1683925

>drink OJ or any other juice with vitamin c
>immediately get a cold afterwards
this is the second time this has happened. why? is my body cursed or what?

No. 1683950

Does anyone else only post on /ot/ when they're drunk?

No. 1683952

And yet the /ot/ drunk thread is always dead, someone should revive it

No. 1683956

Recommendation(s) for app(s) like PhotoGrid, preferably without an ad after every action and that isn’t super ugly.

No. 1683970

Confirmation bias

No. 1683975

maybe your body is craving the vitamin c because you're already sick you just don't know it till after

No. 1684066

jesus fucking christ

No. 1684077

File: 1693542766200.jpg (227.73 KB, 840x560, UNKLE.jpg)

is the wall paint in this photo limewash?

No. 1684081

Thanks for the suggestion but that's too much work kek, I can't draw either and sort of can't learn, stopped at a certain level and couldn't improve ever since so I gave up on it, it's just not for me.

No. 1684169

Can dehydration cause hunger?
I'm not really hungry in a stomach-rumbling way but more of a weird desire to put of value something in my body.. I'm chronically dehydrated and lately I've been worse about it than ever. I eat healthy stuff and protein so I don't get "hungry" and feel satiated after meals but holy shit the need to overeat is unbearable. It's probably just like the lack of fluid in my body right???

No. 1684182

Yes. If you are very dehydrated, your body starts sending out hunger signals in a desperate attempt to get something inside you that it can extract fluid from.

I know you already know this, but you should really try getting that hydration problem under control. Chronic dehydration can lead to long term health problems. Very severe dehydration over long periods of time can damage your organs.
If it's a problem with the taste, drinking flavored water, pedialyte, gatorade, or teas (no caffeine) is better than nothing. Hell, even getting crushed ice and putting it in your mouth to melt. You can also try getting a water filter, either dispenser or pitcher. Brita is kind of cheap so it probably won't change the taste of the water, you might need a better brand. I struggled with the same problem as you up until a couple of years ago when I got a filtered pitcher and convinced my parents to get a filter as well. Suddenly I wasn't suffering through miserable ass water and was able to actually drink it kek
Sorry for sperg, just worried about you, nonna!

No. 1684187

Thanks nonny, I never realized it would get this bad for me. lately my piss has been cloudy (not dark yellow but noticeably cloudy) and it's freaking me out, now the whole can't stop eating thing despite not being hungry… It's my wake up call to drink more.
I like water, just developed a phobia of feeling overly full and liquid tends to make me feel stuffed (even just drinking a normal amount). But it's getting so bad I gotta do better. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm gonna do my best to drink more!

No. 1684202

That's good to hear, nonna! Even though I like drinking water now, I still forget to keep up with it sometimes, so don't feel too bad about it kek. Here's hoping you feel better soon!

No. 1684265

File: 1693569842497.jpg (91.9 KB, 979x643, 16877546300462.jpg)

If Micheal Jackson was born like 30 years later would he have trooned out be honest nonnas. Also, what would his troon persona be like? htst? agp? something else entirely?

No. 1684269

classic nonce except with pronouns

No. 1684274

he was obsessed with diana ross, so bisexual AGP.

No. 1684282

The only people in his life who seemed to care about him, or at least give him the time of day were women. The first male in his life, his father, was horrible to him and the whole family; cheated on his mother, terrorized his sons for fun, made fun of Michael for his big [n-word] nose (yes really). Also yeah, his massive crush on Diana Ross who took sexy/romantic photoshoots with him, flirted with him, but then told him he was too young for her. Not blaming her or anything. I forget the other women in his life's names but yeah. There's a video of his first ever Christmas (he was raised Jehovah's Witness) as like a 40 year old and it was organized by a woman. Only women seemed to care about him. He also seemed to get along best with his sister, Janet. He could have transitioned, I can see it, he'd be the type to say he was a woman inside the whole time due to his compassion~ and gentleness~ but at the same time he was black even if his skin did turn white, so he'd probably be ostracized for it. Who knows, he could also act masculine when he wanted to. His high-pitched voice was put on for the most part. All in all he was very mentally disturbed.

No. 1684356

This shit makes me so sad

No. 1684357

File: 1693579999950.jpeg (43.9 KB, 736x736, A4F8BEFE-DE4A-4488-8C8A-D031D8…)

Nonnas, lately I can’t stand eating “heavy” or “rich” foods. I’ve always had a clean, healthy diet (for an Amerifag) and I’m not pregnant. Is it because I was vegetarian for so long and my body doesn’t like eating meat? I was always “naturally” vegetarian aka never craved meat very often, but I was ED, and vegan for a short stint. But I’ve been eating regularly and healthily for a few years now…Is it because of my stupid anorexia brain I’ve tried to suppress? I just want to eat what I want when I want and gain muscles and fat!!!

No. 1684373

i swear i once heard something about david byrne from talking heads being a massive pain in the ass to work with & he caused problems for the band, but when i tried to google it i couldn't see any past controversies. am i completely misremembering or mixing it up w another band or something?

No. 1684438

How to get burnt sugar off of stovetops and wood floors?

No. 1684441

I had accidentally melted plastic on my induction stove top. I did a bit of vinegar + baking soda(or powder?) on the top and I just wiped in circular motions. I hope this helps.

No. 1684442

Your pallete isn't used to the heavy or rich foods that you were used to, same with the fat and richness that comes with meat. You will have to start out slowly or else it will be too harsh on your stomach and give you IBS. You've got this nonnie. I was also a former veg anachan and now I am recovered. The same happens with chocolates and sweets if you don't have them very often.

No. 1684443

Thank you my lovely ! :heart:(failed emote)

No. 1684448

Try pouring boiling water over it to melt it, wait for the water to cool down a bit then wipe it. Use some soap after so your stove won't get sticky and no ants will gather on it.

No. 1684449

What is the grammar rule of writing a sentence about a person and adding a possessive apostrophe s ('s) at the end of the sentence before the thing possessed by the person? It is a legit grammatical rule in English? Example: the woman with the glasses's bag.

No. 1684471

im not hugely into grammar but i think it's usually just an '. so 'the woman with the glasses' bag'. ive only seen the s's a few times, usually w names like 'James's'

No. 1684496

Im genuinely not trying to racebait but is there tension between black Americans and Asian Americans? Anytime I see a trending story about an Asian woman getting attacked on public transit the perp is 98% of the time black no matter where in the country this is taking place. And if there is tension where does it stem from? A lot of the times the attacks seem to be done by someone who is clearly drugged out and having psychosis so I can’t tell for sure if it’s genuinely racially motivated or just happenstance.

No. 1684497

Im genuinely not trying to racebait but is there tension between black Americans and Asian Americans? Anytime I see a trending story about an Asian woman getting attacked on public transit the perp is 98% of the time black no matter where in the country this is taking place. And if there is tension where does it stem from? A lot of the times the attacks seem to be done by someone who is clearly drugged out and having psychosis so I can’t tell for sure if it’s genuinely racially motivated or just happenstance.

No. 1684521

No, we are not jealous of Asian Americans. Most of them are weird and act superior because like you said they have "model minority" status and think it makes them superior. No one's risking jail time for some random, half the time these Asians provoke that shit by being racist dickheads.

No. 1684528

I'm not a burger but it seems to me to be just racism. Being a minority or poc doesn't exempt someone from being racist. Black Americans are racist against Asians and asian Americans just like white Americans and believe in the same stereotypes and everything. Asian Americans are racist against black people and believe in the stereotypes as well. And both find each other ugly and weird looking and have the wrong skin color basically. But that's what I noticed as an outsider so maybe there's something I'm missing.

No. 1684534

I think there's also been an increase in black on asian violence since the pandemic, rooted in anti-Chinese rhetoric because of the idea that China created covid as a bioweapon. There were a lot of articles about attacks in 2021 that named this as the motive.

No. 1684540

I do think that this could correlate with the drug psychosis some of these people could be experiencing. People in deep psychosis really grab on to conspiratorial thinking and I could see how if someone is sperging about how all the Chinese people in their vicinity are behind all the Covid deaths that they would attack someone. Still bad and racist though. Also a lot of animosity (in California at least) came from the LA riots rooftop sniper Koreans and the case of the little girl getting shot by the Korean corner store lady.

No. 1684542

Idk but I noticed that my local news stations only give airtime to stories about black on asian crime. There have been times when whites attacked asians for covid/china reasons in my city but those stories never get the spotlight for some reason. I'm tinfoiling but I think the media/US govt is pushing an agenda to create more racial tensions for whatever reasons they have (poc being weaker divided than united I guess idk)

No. 1684556

Not american but I had many asian classmates and friends in school and they told me they don't like black people. I had a chinese friend that mocked a girl for having 'black people hair' and said the n-word all the time. My father is mostly black and he calls asians ugly and yellow even to my mom who is asian.

No. 1684570

Since the 90s at least, less wealthy Asian-Americans have moved into black neighborhoods to start small businesses, but were racist toward black people and created a sense of animosity. A lot of this bubbled over and solidified in the case of Latasha Harlins, in which a 15 year old girl was shot in front of two eyewitnesses by a middle-aged Korean-American woman who falsely accused her of stealing, physically assaulted her and later lied to the authorities about it. Relations between the two groups became extremely tense, and I don't think things improved significantly. There's more on this on Wikipedia etc. I feel like existing animosity and distrust combined with COVID and resulted in increased violence. Also, in the first place, the black people in the assault cases that go viral come from violent communities where they'll attack/be attacked by anyone, so I don't entirely believe they're specifically looking for Asians to fight. If this was happening with middle/upper middle class black people and Asian people, I'd feel differently. Also, I would argue that (mestizo or white) latino vs black interracial violence on both sides is statistically more common than Asian/black as a mattter of proximity, but that's not really the "hot topic" right now.

Aside from that, wealthier Asian-Americans typically try to keep themselves in good graces with white people because they know that's where the power is. To begin with, East Asians look down on dark skinned people regardless of race, so it's just business as usual for them. At the same time, you might see some invoke their "minority" status and recycle campaign strategies typically used by black people when they're not getting where they want to be (eg complaints about lack of representation in CEO categories in the US, not getting accepted into prestigious universities even after they helped put an end to affirmative action, a few liberal Asian-American women from well-off homes saying they despise white people because of oppression but only dating white men, men on communities like r/asianmasculinity complaining that Asian men are emasculated in American culture, reviling Asian women for dating white men, and trying to push for more romantic access to white women). Statistically speaking, East Asians are wealthier than most white people in America, but they don't really control most companies, media or institutions, so they're in an interesting position IMO.

No. 1684572

It really isn't a tinfoil. The government doesn't want another Rainbow Coalition happening because that movement was incredibly strong. All the organizations united under it (Black Panthers, Brown Berets, Young Patriots, Young Lords, etc.) were individually targeted by the FBI for infiltration and harassment so they would disband. You can look up any of those names, or just browse this wikipedia article
And before somebody starts, yes, sexism was a huge problem in a lot of these groups, but that doesn't negate the fact that they were famously effective movements until they got put down by the government. A modern version of them with appropriately applied gender/sex politics (ie not abusing women or fags) would be even stronger.

No. 1684574

gotta start the race war some way nona, though i have noticed that it's always black people(americans) vs (insert race here) for the past few years. few years ago or was it up to last year even?? it was black people vs jews, which was so stupid and blantantly staged, they had multiple black celebrity men and these jewish leaders/ famous rabbis try to rile up the regular folk to get involved with this shit, just for it still be a bust kek

No. 1684648

I did lol what’s so bad about him I don’t follow him he looks like Josh Hutchinson

No. 1684660

Minorities are more likely to be victims to each others crimes because they live in the same low income places, I think that's the whole reason why. It's also why immigrant women are more likely to become victims to immigrant men, they live very closely to them.

No. 1684664

Because everyone loves using black people as the common enemy/ useful idiots/pawns for whatever agenda it is they're pushing this week.

No. 1684700

How much variation in body size is normal to have day to day as a result of water retention and bloating? I feel like my body changes a lot very quickly based on how much I've been drinking and eating. Like one day my rings will straight up fall off every finger including my thumb when I try to wear them, and one or two days later those same rings will not even comfortably fit around my pinky. Is that normal? Besides this I'm maintaining a very stable healthy and unremarkable weight so I wouldn't expect my water retention, if that's what it is, to be so extreme.

No. 1684750

How do you meet decent men in your late 20’s? My last option I met in college blew up and I feel so alone. I feel like all of the single late 20’s men are massive losers or I always seem to be the rebound.

No. 1684775

Most men are shit and retarded regardless of age, your best bet is getting an early 20’s man if you don’t want him to look disgusting and bald.

No. 1684789

why do i get nauseous when i'm super horny sometimes?

No. 1684810

Do you only get horny at very rare times? It's probably because of the rush of emotions which your body isn't used to. My ex was the same but it was because he had a very low sex drive, and didn't get horny very often except for me used to call himself asexual until he met me, I missed him for how pure he was lol

No. 1684836

This isn't medical advice but if your only indicator of fluid retention is ring fit, you should know that the size of your fingers changes based on ambient temperature. If it's hot and humid your fingers will swell, and if it's cold they will constrict. Additionally, if you're noticing bloating after eating it might be that you're sensitive to certain foods and producing extra gas as opposed to retaining fluids. You might want to pay attention to how much you're urinating. If you notice a consistency in big/frequent pees before the body swelling goes down it may be fluid retention, but if not it may just be normal bloating after a meal.

No. 1684847

Sorry, it should be "coinciding" with the body swelling going down, not "before". For example, I personally retain a lot of fluids before my period starts, and I always have a noticeably big pee the day it begins. Something that would make you think, "I don't remember drinking THAT much".

No. 1684866

Anyone know a good brand for tall non fat women? I unfortunately have the body of a troon (long arms, broad shoulders, no hips and long legs) and I cannot find clothes that fit properly. It doesn't help that I am 5'10 with large breast AND broad chest.
I'm currently shopping on American Tall bur I've never heard of em.
Reddit's TallWomen is now filled with troons so it's disgusting.

No. 1684877

I got a Turkish eye that you're supposed to hang but I'm not allowed to put screws/drill holes in the wall. It's glass and pretty heavy, is there any way I could hang it without having to mess up the walls? It's so pretty and it was a gift as well so I really don't want it to break.

No. 1684907

command strips and a hook

No. 1684920

I concur. I’d say weigh the item before hand (and add a few grams to that weight to be safe) and get a Command Hanging Strip and Hook capable of handling the weight. Some of the hooks are even clear so they’re inconspicuous when hung.

No. 1684993

Why do embedded webm videos on this site never load for me on any device regardless of my internet connection quality?

No. 1684994

Have any anons tried sheet detergent? did it wash as good as normal liquid soap? thinking of trying it when mine runs out

No. 1684996

Shit site

No. 1685033

Because lolcow is a dying website with broken functionalities. It worked only once for ONE DAY after cerbmin took over but now it's back to the same problem. It's faster to download a webm and watch it from your device

No. 1685174

Thanks nonnies!

No. 1685196

Is contact lenses randomly falling out really a thing?

No. 1685221

been wearing various kinds for 16 years and no it is not a thing. you either rub your eye so hard the contact folded and falls out or you did not adhere it properly to the eye and it sorta slides right off onto the floor or sink. its why eye doctors have you do it over the sink or table. it will keep falling out for people who are new and too freaked out touching their eyes.

No. 1685240

Why do girls tell each other they're beautiful even if they aren't?

No. 1685248

Telling someone they're an ogre to their face isn't very nice. That said, I have seen girls and women telling others they look like shit before kek

No. 1685258

You can be beautiful even if it's unconventional.

No. 1685264

Because women are beautiful, you got a problem with that?

No. 1685266

Truly capturing the essence of what this thread is about

No. 1685267

What do Americans mean when they say they made a meal 'from scratch'? Do they mean they didn't use things that were pre-seasoned/pre-cooked or that it wasn't like those 'just add water' mashed potato packets? It's going to be different for everyone of course but I have never understood this.

No. 1685272

Not American but the idea I get is that it is no premade or precooked stuff and it's all made from the base ingredients. A homecooked meal. Difference between pouring canned soup into a bowl and cutting up the veg yourself, puree'ing it, seasoning it, then plating it up.
Yes 'from scratch' mashed potatoes would be potatoes you mashed, seasoned and cooked yourself.

No. 1685273

Yes you have the right idea, no box mixes or anything like that, fresh ingredients.

No. 1685279

Thanks nonna's!

No. 1685294

Because beauty is subjective and women are more capable of seeing the humanity in each other which helps us move away from societal and advertising standards/expectations of beauty.

No. 1685298

I mean, you don't really have to say anything on the matter regardless, unless they ask, do you? What I meant is why is it something commonly done, especially unprompted? And I suppose it could be about inner beauty but I mean more along the lines of when someone posts a picture of themselves and the comments are like
>you're so beautiful!
>coming from you!

No. 1685305

Can I use kool-aid as a cheek / lip stain?

No. 1685317

Such odd logic, very interesting, but not uncommon from an imageboard user.

No. 1685327

Sounds like a moid question but in case you're not, it's just a way to socialize and support your friends. This is especially done if a friend gets insulted or has her ego worn down by a man, her friends will support her and tell her that she rightfully is beautiful and deserves someone who sees her beauty.
That said, I'd say %95 of women are pretty, even ones I dislike or am not close to. Most women take care of their looks, hygiene, hair and outfits etc more than men and because of that, look more aesthetically pleasing than your average man who doesn't know how to dress or take care of his looks.

No. 1685328

It would get sticky and you would attract bees and wasps.

No. 1685330

No. 1685344

Wouldn't use it on your cheeks because the sugar will make you break out

No. 1685362

Anons, why do I have some symptoms of diabetes if I'm not diabetic? Should I get tested again?

I have some of the symptoms (always thirsty, pee frequently, and going without eating for several hours will make me feel shakey and as if I am to pass out). I have always been like this and I tested my blood sugar years ago but the doctor confirms that my numbers are normal and I don't have diabetes. Does anyone else have this? I noticed that if I eat a 'normal' meal before eating sweets, I don't get the shakes

No. 1685367

are you on ssri's or bc? I've found they can cause all of the above symptoms. especially thirst/lack of appetite/nausea and a lot of sleep disturbance. if you're on anything triple check the side effects. otherwise idk nona, did you change diet or? might be worth hitting the dr up again. have you had your thyroid checked?

No. 1685382

do you take Adderall?

No. 1685390

I don't really think it's abnormal for the average person to feel bad if they don't eat for several hours. That could also be exacerbated by things like climate, I've almost passed out when it's been very hot and I haven't eaten.
Thirst is thirst, perhaps an indication you aren't getting enough nutrients.

No. 1685392

File: 1693672185506.gif (3.65 MB, 400x168, 1693504447105897.gif)

What's the new Kiwifarms url?
Sorry I just need to see my local troon's status…

No. 1685393

How many fucking times is this question going to be asked!

No. 1685396

File: 1693672530330.jpg (117.69 KB, 1024x683, shutterstock_711165145-1-1024x…)

Do people usually eat rambutans with anything, or is it just a little snack you eat alone. I bought some, never had them before.

No. 1685397

kiwifarms.st now

No. 1685417

Just like that, maybe with other fruits.

No. 1685428

File: 1693674265988.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1431, IMG_4064.jpeg)

Based on all of the laughing reactions I saw on a post of this picture, I’m pretty sure this is a reference to a game or anime that I haven’t seen but I have no idea what this means, can anyone explain the joke to me?

No. 1685429

Attack on Titan, anime girl loves potatoes

No. 1685432

The character is Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan. I think she had some comedy relief shtick where she's obsessed with eating. Her introduction/first appearance was her eating a potato awkwardly while being yelled at by a superior.

No. 1685434

i swear this is just a form of advertisement at this point. it's really not subtle

No. 1685436

She's cosplaying as Sasha from Attack On Titan. She likes to eat and the potato thing is a running joke from season 1

No. 1685437

No. 1685451

Thanks anon. I just tried three, it's pretty good. The texture is like a firm grape and the taste is like a pineapple with no acidity. I didn't like the hard parts of skin from the seed though.

No. 1685472

is asexuality a real thing? anyone have scientific papers to recommend me read over about asexuals?

No. 1685476

holy fuck nona I was convinced cause of >>1685436 you were trying a potato for the first time. I was like yeah this woman thinks a potato tastes like "a pineapple with no acidity"? and I was genuinely dumbfounded and now I haven't stopped laughing for like 5 fucken mins

No. 1685534

You should note that the current understanding of asexual is like anyone who doesn't have sexual feelings for ANY reason, that includes trauma, body image issues etc and quite frankly, that's most of them. There's not a lot of people out there who genuinely have no sexual attraction.

No. 1685626

Try men's clothing that is more elegant? Or custom-made clothing. You can also go to several different shops and try and find something you like there instead of focusing on one specific brand.

No. 1685632

How does one freeze tomatoes(or any veggies really) I have a good batch this year from my garden, however it's far too much, even after giving them away to my mum and neighbour.
All tutorials there are about freezing tomatoes for sauce, but I don't want that.

No. 1685642

Can mosquitoes reach really high floors? For an example if you live on the 10th floor and up and are chilling on the balcony during the night with the lights on, are mosquitoes able to reach you?

No. 1685645

Broad shoulders with large breasts is quite a pain because women's shirts will look stupid at the shoulder seams, but men's shirts will look even stupider because they're not meant for 3D chests. Your best bet is to go to a thrift or vintage store and buy blouses from the 80s that have extra space at the shoulders (normally meant for shoulder pads). Idk how Uniqlo is where you live, but the high waisted pants (the ones with actual waist sizes, not S-M-L shit) are pretty good if like me you have an above average distance between your waist and crotch/hip and waistbands never reach up to your waist. Also, it's fast fashion again but I find the Loose Fit men's jeans from H&M pretty good for "not really feminine but not actual moid tier" kinda hips (does that make sense ? I think they're just called square hips ?) the cut looks rather neutral so it's not obvious you're wearing men's jeans, but they ARE men's jeans at the same time so they have extra length.

Maybe the /g/ fashion thread can help you better (or considering what happened the last time I redirected someone to it, maybe it can't.)

No. 1685646

Don't know how much difference three floors make, but when I used to live on the 7th, mosquitoes, wasps and all other critter shit had no problem reaching my room.

No. 1685647

You can't freeze tomatoes and not use them in some pureed or mashed up form afterwards because they fall apart. You can however can them whole.

No. 1685653

They just do it to be nice anon and they might actually see those women as beautiful, I used to follow vindicta bullshit and I think all the 3s 4s on that dumbass beauty scale we’re actually cute.
Our society also sees beauty as good, see: body positive fatties, instead of saying “I’m fat and that’s ok even if you don’t find me beautiful” theyre like “I’m fat and HOT and men find me sexy too!” We should just admit not everyone is pretty and that’s ok because ugly people aren’t villains like this isn’t some Disney movie kek, also beauty doesn’t last so it’s not something we should strive for too much.

No. 1685662

yeah bc wind currents and gaps/drains inside the building can give them a safe passage to crawl through and live there if there are enough resources around. its less common the higher you go, but then you get hotter summers and colder winters. my experience w high-floor bugs was mostly flies and mosquitos - ones that happen to be on the elevator and so travel around the building, buildings w balconies exposed outside (lower floors enable easy bug entry)
t. lived on 12th and 17th floors

No. 1685665

>12th and 17th floors like a demon
Ngl, I got nauseous reading that. The highest I've lived is the 2nd floor. How did you cope? Could you feel the building sway? I feel like I'd want to die if I looked out any windows and realized how far I was from the ground. I couldn't open them. I don't consider myself afraid of heights, but if I get too high up and can lean over a railing, my legs start feeling weird and fear starts seep in. So maybe I'm just retarded kek

No. 1685677

and here i was thinking how cool she got to live so high up, but i bet it'd get annoying real fast. i would pay to stay at a room which was so high up during fog season for like a week, i think it'd bee pretty surreal and nice. anyway thanks for the insight, i figured they could go in through the building, i figured more like - chilling on the balcony, no mosquitos, turn on the lights - BAM a bunch of them all over you. but yeah, i guess that's not how it works lol

No. 1685692

I had to emergency dog sit for one of my friends and she’s not getting along with my dog. They’re both very clingy and when they first met it was fine but now this other dog keeps attacking my dog when we’re in the house. When I let one out to spend time with the caged one gets extremely upset. The only time they’re calm is when I leave them in their kennels for extended periods of time. I feel bad leaving them like that for so long but I can’t trust them together. Is there anything I can do?

No. 1685699

why is pinterest full of genderspecials and troons/handmaidens? especially in the comments section

No. 1685702

I got a call earlier that said ‘No Caller ID’ and when I answered I said “Hello” twice but no one answered and just hung up. I’ve had to answer tons of silent scam phone calls due to work and it didn’t sound like those. Usually those are dead silent but this one sounded like someone was in the car and then they picked their phone up and hung up. No one has called again. Does it seem like a scam or more like someone wanting to hide their number?

No. 1685703

because it's largely used by teenage girls who are addicted to social media and the gender cult. i find it especially funny when they reply to something that's specifically about biology like idk differences in anatomy when drawing males vs females and some ezra-finch-aiden (he/him) replies "omg i look like the female example even though i'm not a girl! what does it mean?" the urge to tell them is strong sometimes.

No. 1685711

I agree, and that's why I'm asking if there's anything concrete about this out there. Got into a small squabble with my older sister about it when I tried pointing it out to her that trauma + autism is why she identifies as 'asexual'. But she did say she never had a crush in her life before and she's 25 so that's why I'm here

No. 1685715

How much do you remember of a show years later? Do you remember all the main characters names? Only the protagonists? Specific plot points? Only the climax?

No. 1685721

Pends on the show

No. 1685749

Barely anything tbh, I always remember how I felt about things and my opinion on the series but not the details.

I have a friend with a crazy memory for fiction who will effortlessly just recount like, entire novels or every moment and line of a specific scene in a tv series. And even if I've seen/read it myself I'll be like I don't remember that shit at all!!

No. 1685807

Just keep them separated, the caged one shouldn't be able to see the one that is let out. Really, your house is your dogs territory so they should get the most attention.

I'm a similar age and I have had one true crush again when I was older, I never thought I was asexual. But asexual isn't dependent on crushes it's sexual attraction, no need to want to hold hands too.
From what I've seen, no, there's no indication that asexuality is biological. Identified asexuals may have a neutral opinion towards sex or sexual things but they are still stimulated by sexually stimulating things like porn. I think it's all a bit of BS myself that's getting in the way of women being open about their trauma by putting a omg soooo valid label on it.

No. 1685835

File: 1693704228906.jpg (133.51 KB, 678x825, F4kTU-mW8AAMEsc.jpg)

Why are people with the obvious bpd and autism combo always the worst people alive

No. 1685839

File: 1693704999111.png (604.18 KB, 808x500, I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!.png)

how safe is it to get injured while on birth control?

(because you know, getting a cut or bruise will create blood clots, and birth control increases risk of clots)

pls tell me so i can stop treating myself as if i have glass bones and paper skin

No. 1685841

also, is it true that you can't take aspirin while on birth control?

No. 1685907

So are banana seeds vertically long like vanilla beans? I notice that if you bite into a banana there's seeds in every bite.

No. 1685937

Where are you getting this info? No, women on birth control are not dying of blood clots from getting injured. Yes, they can take aspirin. Talk to your doctor about potential side effects from the birth control you're choosing, and do some research on the internet. From NORMAL sites, not christian fundamentalist blogs.

No. 1686012

File: 1693726242449.png (553.69 KB, 626x862, Screenshot 2023-09-03 093318.p…)

Should I buy this sweater or will I regret it because it will look dated very fast? I suppose it already looks very 90s/2000s

No. 1686015

No. 1686020

There’s nothing outdated about this? Also who cares it’ll be back in style in 2 years if it is

No. 1686023

anons if I'm getting the full value of my phone back by trading in should I do it? I get a whole 900 off the model I want. my current phone is cracked and slowing down after almost 7 years of usage.

No. 1686038

I'd buy a new one. I currently want to upgrade my tablet. I have an s6 lite and it's so slow.

No. 1686094

So wtf is actually a "yumejo"? I know it's someone who ships themself with a character, but I'm seeing anons saying a yumes are women who make self-insert OCS. As someone who is a "husbandofag" and has been reading x reader fics for years, I assumed that's what yume meant when i first heard about it. Is it specifically for women who make self insert OCs or just anyone who loves a character? Do 'x reader' fics count as OCs? I've never seen them that way. Enlighten me anons.

No. 1686100

Samefag, excuse the poor grammar. I just woke up. And to clarify, I mean I assumed yumes are women who just have husbandos and read/write 'x reader' fics, but now it seems like its specifically women who make self insert OCs.

No. 1686108

Why do so many chinese apps have flying sparkly animations all over the screen? It's annoying.

No. 1686157

Can I put liquid honey in tea, too, or would that be weird? So far I've only ever had raw honey in my life.

No. 1686161

If you ship yourself with a chara, you're yume.

No. 1686164

I have always liked my tea more with liquid honey honestly

No. 1686192

i've only had contrary, liquid honey all my life, and raw only a couple of times in my life. to me it makes more sense to put liquid honey in tea, not sure what happens to raw if you put it in tea, does if fully dissolve? don't you need to chew through the hive?

No. 1686198

Does anyone else here use ShiftSmart?

I downloaded the app to make $ since I'm living in my car rn, but due to some auto issues I missed 3 shifts I had scheduled & now my reliability is 40% and it won't show me any new shifts anywhere in my city. I emailed support yesterday, then about an hour later (with no email reply) a shifts popped up in the app, but I couldn't accept it because it had already started. I emailed them again just now hoping for a response, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Could I just delete the app and start over with a new reliability score? The 5 shifts I was able to work before my car almost died on me, I had no issues. Looking at the Better Business Beareu, they have 20 pages of complaints, mostly from the last 2-3 months but I didn't read them all. I've been applying everywhere end doing anything I an think of for "side hustle" money, but it needs to be things where I can do physical work bc I just can't sit on a screen for hours anymore and click/scroll/type to make pennies.

Please help anons. My insurance and phone bill are due and I have literally nothing.

No. 1686199

& when I say "delete the app" I don't just mean the app itself, I mean request my account to be deleted and start over again. Will they even allow that?

No. 1686205

I’m no marketing genius but i really want to start making classy maternity clothes (like empire waist dresses etc), would there be a market for that? I see a lot of maternity clothes that are there to do their job but none that are really pretty.

No. 1686214

If you see a gap go for it, a lot of pregnant women complain they don't feel pretty when pregnant.

No. 1686253

I’m really sorry about your situation anon use your phone to seek shelter while you can first and foremost

No. 1686317

So it doesn't have to include self-insert OCs? Ok. The way anons were talking about it confused me.

No. 1686379

File: 1693757280607.jpeg (147.5 KB, 1500x1000, 179124A1-AF6F-42F2-9A47-9CDD74…)

How come fillers and plastic surgery sometimes make women look more mannish? One might think the tiny nose and bigger lips would make them more feminine

No. 1686385

File: 1693757523232.jpeg (112.84 KB, 1200x1200, 41B705B7-2036-4F97-8409-6043A9…)

Another pic of her it’s not aging, dude her face is like so puffy

No. 1686395

ew she looks gross

No. 1686398

I don't know the exact term but i believe it is called facial harmony. A lot of cosmetic "doctors" and surgeons usually don't take this into consideration and just go off what is considered "the ideal face". I've realized with a lot of celebrities who get certain types of work done on their face that they get a very manly chin and jaw. I first thought it was just some globohomo thing to get us more used to troons, but i honestly just think it is sheer incompetence by cosmetic "doctors" and not understanding facial harmony.

No. 1686402

File: 1693759505358.jpeg (310.08 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1060.jpeg)

Jamie Lynn was never pretty. Yeah she looks a lot like Britney as a kid but she def didn’t grow into that chin lmao.

No. 1686423

I think in her case a lot of it has to do with the make-up, the eyebrows in particular suit her face better on the right

No. 1686436

do it!

No. 1686451

What are some body language signs a guy doesn’t like you back?

No. 1686536

feet never point at you, no eye contact and he never raises his eyebrows when talking to you.