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File: 1720080185292.jpg (119.16 KB, 1050x1440, 1720073348501.jpg)

No. 2077366

Thread to discuss the current psyop regarding ugly men getting shilled as attractive. Discuss beauty double standards in media, ugly male characters being shilled as attractive, lack of attractive men in hollywood, etc
>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs

prev >>2062573

No. 2077370

File: 1720080362756.png (1.52 MB, 885x656, mogged.PNG)

No. 2077374

I'm not even a man while you're being vile and bullying me cause I said the Truth and you're doing it cause of your male and het romance obsession hidden behind misandry yet I'm the bad one? Imagine receiving responses like this for years an years just to be proven right about those women and then get those responses again because of you male obsessed and because misandry makes women develop this insufferable mentality making it impossible for you to be understood in the midst of their hivemind words(infighting)

No. 2077378

whos jeremy?

No. 2077379

File: 1720080872463.webp (16.88 KB, 420x420, Webp.webp)

FDS is cope but holy shit do they know how to make front poles norwood

No. 2077380

Bro soooo true women are just a retard hivemind, it's so hard to communicate with those bitches I mean fdsers.

No. 2077381

>My cool orangutan article will be overshadowed by this
Feels bad man

No. 2077382

I don't know the context of your response but it sounds a little like a copypasta kek

No. 2077383

File: 1720080929881.jpg (50.36 KB, 983x553, 323506939_3455065511396887_507…)

look what you misandrist whores did to him

No. 2077384

how's anal working out for ya?

No. 2077386

Weak, he should have died

No. 2077388

>Women who enjoy being "the pretty one" in their relationships also seem to have a martyr complex
Spot on. This is also the kind of woman who goes on and on about how difficult her couple is while she has zero intention of leaving her useless/neglectful bf. I'm sure they suffer from the lack of genuine attraction but that doesn't snap them out of their weird feminine-martyr masochist pride. There are women who like older men or have weird taste in men, and then there's Little Miss 'Everyone must know i'm the most virtuous sacrificial woman in the room'(derailing)

No. 2077391

Of course based Richard Wrangham is cited in your article. Didn't read yet but let me guess - beta males beta orbit and wait to sneak-rape while the alpha isn't looking? Also inb4 betas not having those facehandles is adaptive female mimicry.

No. 2077393

File: 1720081314302.png (69.74 KB, 800x762, 800px-Partial_Norwood_scale_fo…)

which level do we think Jeremy (cockposter) is at?
holy shit, nicely done.

No. 2077395


No. 2077397

IV at least

No. 2077398

probably ot but why do women brag about how damaging their birth was and how they didn't use anaesthetic?

No. 2077401

why tf does your phone autocorrect hetero to jeremy

No. 2077411

kek romaniaanon is that you?

No. 2077534

It's blackpill-chan. Why did you think it was romanianon?

No. 2077535


I would love to textwall derail about this, but let me try to truncate it as much as possible:

1) individual fitness has fuckall to do with fulfillment, health, happiness or well-being. A 13 year old child bride who had 20 kids is technically killing it fitness wise. Your genes don't give a fuck if you're happy or healthy, only that they're perpetuated;

2) reproduction and the associated tradeoffs, whether life history based (disposable soma) or inbuilt (antagonistic pleiotropy) are the sole reason why everything is programmed to suffer, age and die;

3) these costs are notably prepaid in males and somewhat choice-dependent in females, meaning that fitness=general happiness for a male but not the female;

4) males and fetuses act as pathogens on a mechanistic level;

5) a female will never know if the "fulfillment" is authentic or caused by pathogenic tactics.

However, none of this was needed. The fact that only one sex commonly avoids reproduction when possible is proof enough that males and females do not in fact get the same benefits out of it. Your argument is something akin to stating that a country's major military win benefits the slave class and the generals equally, because it's glory for everyone under the same banner.

No. 2077541

She even literally admitted the benefits were in women’s minds and there’s nothing tangible in it for you. Certainly no health benefits.

No. 2077544

Because of the keyboard smashing when she lost her temper in the last thread, the overall rambling sentences, the shitting on radfems out of nowhere, the hinting at "being psychoanalysed and told to kys" and the "you're bullying me!" victim mentality when met with anything that isn't a 100% positive response.

No. 2077549

>kiss the frog
That's insulting to frogs. At least frogs are cute. That man is ugly, even worse, balding. Also, is she short, or is he freakishly tall? 

No. 2077557

Interesting, thank you. They might be just this similar, idk, kek.

No. 2077565

Point me to explanation on who Romaniananon is I need to put my mind on something please

No. 2077567

Longest blacked out text ever
There is just a one thing I don't understand here, no specifically in your post. Someone is gonna accuse me of devaluing what female nature is for saying this but women don't have power, in sex they are rather the loved, the female body so designed as loving and nurturing to a man, to let him inside her body. If you look at pictures or videos of real sex you can see obvious things, created by their both sexual anatomy. All a woman can fo in straight sex is serve the man, it's impossible to detach certain emotions during it as a woman especially cause of our sexual anatomy so it's impossible to not experience deep unconditional love for the man during it. Men experience real love during sex, women can't experience being loved during it.
If I look at the theories of the matriarchy existing in the ancient world I just think about all the archetypes or roles a woman has in human life cause of her biology and sexual anatomy and it's all like, some kind of servant compassionate feminine role, priestess whatever it means, mother, prostitute, other type of femininity role so that would mean that worship of a woman would probably just be a prostitute and prostitution worship cause that's human female position in straight sex. Notice that the thing being discussed in all of those things is technically just a naked male and female human bodies, that's the reality you guys are talking about. How am I supposed to see female power in heterosexuality if in sex they can only serves and love men, women rather embody love not power and men power and both are parts of this reality, all the talks about why women are superior always say they are superior because of empathetic feminine traits etc, there are a lot of men who admit they love women and the reasons the reasons they give are(I googled something like this yesterdsy and I think the ask men subreddit has a recent posts of men replying why they love women)
Like: women are compassionate and forgive men, soft empathetic nurturing blah blah how am I supposed to see my body made to pleasure serve and deeply love a man and made to let dick in, as a better option? I don't understand misandry like this sometimes how am I supposed to have sex with men, experience unconditional love for them automatically and be like oh am so powerful,! I also don't believe in monogamy so that makes everything even weirder. It is impossible to date men or have sex with them as a woman without being a picike which makes me feel like women like me who are incapable of going through the sexual submission a woman goes through naturally in straight sex that softens her up mentally aligning with her sexual anatomy that is about motherhood and being nurturing etc. are supposed to get erased cause in this het dynamic and reproduction we provide nothing, we are not fulliflfing female biological purpose of being a mother literally birthing children or mother in different ways. I'm incapable of being in that role, I'm incapable of being servile and having het sex, I could never date a man, I could never be naive enough to have sex, women are naive pickmes for sex having with men purposes while I'm not and since I'm not then I'm incapable with my own sexual anatomy and position in straight sex I mentally wouldn't take this extreme deep submission and servilenes, it force me to let go of my ego and masculinity, I would have to accept pleasing a man in the ways a woman body can't be pleased so the pleasure can't be given back, I would have to accept natural but gross accs that are subordinate, I would have to forgive men to have sex cause you can't have sex without experiencing forgiveness for men. Yes most men shouldn't reproduce but the ones who do are deeply loved by women and treated as a part of this reality and nature. I also think that seeing things from the perspective of a woman's heterosexual sexual desire means seeing things from the pov of s woman in straight sex, unconditionally serving so women aren't delusional about them, they just forgive them, seeing men from that pov manifests as the so called delusions, in that pov you are unable to see men for who they really are or rather you forgive it but consciously don't see what they are. You are like in a trance, altered state of consciousness, your hetero woman desire cause of your sexual anatomy loves men so it makes your mind erase any of the bullshit they are into and that they are literally just trying to use you as a hole and actively conspire against you and think about you behind your back even when they sit together with you. You become unable to see it. I can constantly see the male sexual pov for some reason I think it's cause I have a developed ego that gets in conflict with male and makes me incompatible with the structure of straight sex where women are egoless and unconditionally loving and forgiving. How doesn't this love contradict some misandrist views? I'm trying to understand because it always bothered me, I can't see the woman's role as superior if it's a serving role I certainly don't enjoy this serving and then life sees me as useless as a woman and I get shit from everyone, I might add that human sex biology is so fucked that a woman can't experience through another woman something a man can experience and I think in that ask men reddit thread one man mentioned it… She can't get loved by a woman's body like a man can get loved so I'm like shit human biology is so fucked and limiting, but the love of women for men is true and I hate it? Because there's no reciprocation possible ever ever? It feels like an eternal loneliness or being invisible, sometimes accepting womanhood feels like having to accept death whilst you're still alive to then accept your position in life, I hate how biology limits how we can experience love. Men get loved in a way a woman can't love another woman it really makes me think…

I don't think ugly men will prevail they are all ugly anyway but one thing prevails anyway and it's…
Shall I say the clocksucking

No. 2077568

File: 1720101537472.png (21.24 KB, 554x554, IMG_4205.png)


No. 2077569

Actually btw I agree with everything you said but how do you rebut the fact that most women have children eventually?

No. 2077575

I can't use the catalogue right now but there should be a collection of her posts in one of the 'what you really think about cows' threads.

No. 2077576

Yes. You, specifically, need to be more womanly and shut up and go back in the kitchen and stop annoying the rest of us.

No. 2077587

Female animals tend to hate it as well. There are many species in which procreation is barbaric and the females fight the males viciously because they don't want to mate with them. I'm only not using the word rape because it sounds schizophrenic when referring to species like lizards but it's true. They dont like it either lol.

No. 2077606

Sometimes the female explicitly seeks out a mate though doesn’t it? (Again I’m just playing devils advocate)

No. 2077621

File: 1720104804257.jpeg (2.06 MB, 2396x4030, 7A41E706-8109-4628-9512-730F73…)

Scrotes on Reddit talking about their dicks shrinking after hitting the wall

No. 2077623

>alot of men suffer a massive testosterone drop in their 40s
The manopause

No. 2077633

Are you a retarded fucking man? You obviously are. That has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I was just referring to a woman saying she hates PIV and mentioning that clearly so do many species. Why the hell are you taking such a small thing and saying "hur hur well actually some of them want sex too." No shit you mong. Le epic redditor devils advocate.(scrotefoiling)

No. 2077634

It's God's will. They shouldn't be taking testosterone and be culled instead.

No. 2077648

Uh oh someone’s on her period(ban evasion)

No. 2077651

Uh oh rape ape escaped his cage

No. 2077659

It must be completely incomprehensible for you to accept that multiple things are true at the same time. Simple concepts must be quite the challenge for you.

No. 2077667

This is always such a cope to me because my dad is short, bald, and fat and managed to marry my mom who is tall and looks like a supermodel. She was taller than him in heels kek. Despite his genes and complete lack of self-care, he has always been successful with extremely beautiful women and still continues to have absolutely gorgeous women approach him. His standards for women honestly piss me off so much. The thing is, my dad’s personality is what is largely appealing to women. He’s extroverted, pretty popular, and was famously athletic in his youth—all qualities which create decent charisma and favor touching grass/getting off of the internet. However, let’s say a moid is introverted, he can just play the sentimental softboi role and women will fall over themselves for that. The moids who complain about their height and physical characteristics simply don’t want to put in any effort to have basic social skills. We already know the bar is extremely low for moids on all levels, but the fact also remains that no one wants to be with anyone who constantly mopes and is stuck in their own misery.

No. 2077668

I deleted my post she was replying to so I'm posting it again:
I just said that my ego makes me incapable of taking dick cause it can't accept the submissivenes and feminine role so I'm curious about how I am seen from the pov of nature, I literally can't relate to most of other women and just see them from such a weird perspective. I see them as feminine, they identify as the female body and sexual role, those are their self interests, they are defensive of this identity I see them as mothers, harlots and other feminine roles and defenders of being it all, like an animal, I don't see their interets going above their biology ykwim you guys interests are coming from your sexual anatomy etc., so I'm speaking to these beings who defend being harlots, being feminine, being mothers etc and i feel so out of touch with it all, with men on the other hand my ego gets in conflict with their, I could never to along with a man say anything to me or getting fucked by a man, talking to a man in general like I wouldn't go as far as dating them ever cause I can't be preylike enough mentally specifically ? I feel so like I'm talking to animals here who are getting aggressive over defending their animal vaginal dick taking nurturing harlot moralfagging rule following gender interests and then some anon also says that animals don't like taking dick either? Well but those female animals body and human female body is made to take it in for impregnation purposes and for sex having ? There was literally a chimplike anon out there weeks ago saying she likes getting fucked with dick and calling other women dykes
I didn't have a one real self hating thought since 2020 but I feel like life and other people see me as useless for not being into this biological femininity enough

No. 2077672

>people see me as useless for not being into biological femininity
That doesnt make you useless, but I assume people more or less have a problem with you calling them harlots, sluts, and animals for liking sex. You obviously have some stuff you need to work through

No. 2077674

Honestly I'm a huge fan of your schizoposting but it seems like your opinions are pretty set. I don't understand what kind of advice or opposing arguments you would like to receive. We live inside an evil disgusting and corrupted world and we have to make the best we can of the circumstances. You don't need to change yourself and you should distance yourself if people regard you poorly for failing to behave according to gender roles

No. 2077974

Sometimes. Some dimorphic species have no antagonism, not humans though.

No. 2077979

File: 1720123946552.jpg (87.06 KB, 634x955, 67001111-12883011-Bryan_Johnso…)

Hey now, it gets smaller from overuse too. Or just plain use. Penile fibrosis (which can take off up to 6 cm of length) happens with age regardless just because of how human ECM works, but gooning, cooming, sex, inflammation and infections accelerate it significantly. Peyronie's in particular is often caused by death gripping.

Just fine wine sexual peak things. Men love to age, that's why this faggot is trying to get an "18 year old penis" thinking it's about having forever-erections when in reality he's probably worsening his fibrosis.

No. 2078002

Andropause begins at 30. Ever wondered why "the wall" is this specific number? Yes, you guessed it, projection. The drop in testosterone in particular is acutely felt and recognized as an inevitable, terrifying decline in part because of testosterone's stimulating and pro-anabolic effects.

TRT does not "reverse" andropause because testosterone does different things in a 30 year old vs 18 year old man, being detrimental the older you get. It's a riddle many roidpigs, aidens and TRT grandpas have been struggling with for a long time, fully by choice because they don't like the implications. Generally, all the "just increase the thing that falls with age bro" therapies fail for the same reason.

The window of optimal testosterone function is therefore biologically between puberty and 30. It doesn't matter what an older man's RPG stat sheet says about his serum hormone levels, it's doesn't make him the same as a young man and never will.

No. 2078011

From the POV of nature it's probably seen as something like prioritizing somatic maintenance over fitness, which is completely valid and normal for a female due to female specific costs of fitness. Bad for the species, excellent for the individual.

If you are a male, your costs are already paid as a more short lived and expendable organism, so you gain nothing by tanking your fitness - it won't change your trajectory of aging, for example (likely make it worse even).

No. 2078034

File: 1720127184946.jpg (51.69 KB, 500x718, 1168877-500w.jpg)

Forgot to add to my prior response: the host of a parasite absolutely does often benefit from the parasite. With many of those benefits being fitness ones, ironically - the same ones a fetus gives you. If your argument that the fetus isn't a parasite hinges on this, I would reevaluate.

No. 2078223

Have we discussed this yet? I always liked it except the "boys" are all allowed to be a little cringe and it always comes across as a joke when they try to be sexy. I thought it was a step in the right direction but she hasn't come out with a video that has the next step (actually sexy boys)

No. 2078260

how is this scrote not banned yet?

>women don't have power

this is blatant pandering to the submissive feminine-woman as an inert field to be fertilised. what woman says that?
you know women can take initiative in bed? or you base your ideas on porn bc you never touched a woman?
are you brainwashed by the church? taking dick? cocksucking? are you gay?
do you have csa experiences?
or are you some schizophrenic moid from /r9k/ pretending to be female? bc it reads like it.

>the female body so designed as loving and nurturing to a man, to let him inside her body

ignores existence of arousal mechanisms, the entire clitoris and vaginal orgasm, and vaginismus (female body is so idle!)
>If you look at pictures or videos of real sex
>Men experience real love during sex, women can't experience being loved during it
aka women are fleshlights made to serve men and its okay men don't feel motivated to care for their partners intimate needs. its just nature bro!

what the fuck is this misogynistic schizopost.

>I just said that my ego makes me incapable of taking dick cause it can't accept the submissivenes and feminine role so I'm curious about how I am seen from the pov of nature

what in the voyeurism
it reads like some rhetorics to make women question their sexuality and personhood for the benefit of man yet again - are u incapable of taking dick and submit because u have one and so it makes you convinced that you are dominant in the equation?

>women can't be sexual beings or they are whores

>can't be challenged by the male ego because of their own huge ego
>too good for dick
>you take dicks you harlots
>animal vaginal dicks taking nurturing harlot moralfagging
>female animals body
>human female body is made to take it in for impregnation purposes and for sex having


the problem with males is their aggressive tactics around sex and procreation. males evolved through the route of least resistance and chose violence and coercion. that is what women and females of different species run away from. violence.
sex is meant to be enjoyable and pleasurable. and consensual! even birds don't copulate without courting and selection!
we have a whole fucking anatomy and the damn clitoris that is there for that purpose.

No. 2078274

The female body is designed to be hostile to the male body. Males literally wouldn't need parasitic tactics if it wasn't. The idea of pregnancy as "nurturing" is also naive and superficial, that's not what happens at all.

Predictably, costs of pregnancy are lower in species that have fewer anti-male mechanisms (nonhostile vaginal microbiome, etc).

No. 2078277

We need to talk about the obsession with blonde male models and the lame kind of female autism and how they intersect

No. 2078292

File: 1720143143197.png (232.85 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20240703-184408~2.p…)

No. 2078302

Hey now, I'm also obsessed with brunette male models (and about 2 gingers)

No. 2078313

File: 1720143712720.jpg (45.5 KB, 1034x800, 6e08aec0b7f10bf3ac42d1cdab1a5b…)

>I just need to feel like a ravished helpless smol bean next to a hideous diseased ogre from orc hentai

wigonhead lana delrey AGP mentality also probably fat

No. 2078333

> the problem with males is their aggressive tactics around sex
if you know this genuinely asking why would you continue having sex and dating males

No. 2078364

File: 1720146702456.jpg (11.4 KB, 492x78, nah fam.jpg)

Have you never heard of paragraphs you mongoloid?!

No. 2078369

When did Gypsy met a new moid omg

No. 2078378

we almost did discuss this, in a discussion about having reverse-Lanas and objectifying hot men in music videos, >>>/ot/2057424 , i think Marina and Kaleen did it better.

No. 2078381

File: 1720147940549.jpeg (14.63 KB, 524x586, Stacy.jpeg)

>why would you continue having sex and dating males

I don't. And lots of farmers don't either.

No. 2078382

Dios mio, nonnie. Screenshoting is a thing.

No. 2078391

samefag, Kaleen's music video for comparison, according to comments, some of the males are from Germany's Next Top Model, with the guy with the hammer being Armin Rausch.

No. 2078392

Do any nonnas know some tactics of being in situations that's inevitable then how to get most of the benefits (like money) of fucking an ugly man and has least consequences while cheating with a Chad that you're attracted to?

No. 2078395

No. 2078403

Men always reee that womens attraction to men is gay while them seeking validation from other men is straight

No. 2078405

vidrel another MV supposedly objectifying men but they're saying its gay so
sorry for deleting nonnie, tho i feel you may agree that it's homo tho

No. 2078406

>She can't get loved by a woman's body like a man can get loved
Wdym nonna?

No. 2078408

Madonna is the original fag hag

No. 2078423

word salad retard

No. 2078434

Fascinated by this man because his obsession with becoming a teen because he's a closeted gay autopedophile OR he's a regular pedophile obsessed with teen girls

No. 2078441

madonna is a fag in drag

No. 2078450

Whenever a woman rambles on about how hot dad bods and chubby men are and how you shouldn’t be a shallow foid, I have to wonder if they’re chubby chasers finding a socially acceptable outlet for their fetish. To them, not only must their fetish be okay, but also morally right which comes with not acknowledging it as a fetish to begin with. That’s what I think at least

No. 2078463

Not everything is a fetish unless you're pornbrained. They're just begging to be picked is all.

No. 2078464

nah tifs into fatties definetly have a fetish

No. 2078466

Its not chubby chasing. Its low self esteem. Most of the women hyping up dad bods are ugly or fat themselves. They project their own feelings of bullying they may have received over being a fat woman onto fat men which is so stupid because most fat men tend to be very shallow and judgemental of women's appereances and judge fat women harshly yet those same loser ass fat women are trying to force normal women to find fat men attractive.

No. 2078469

he’s autogynephilic

No. 2078470

You're just porn brained and weird who cares

No. 2078472

Do you not know what an agp is

No. 2078475

AGP males are narcissistic specimens, B.J. is clearly autosexual and he takes estrogen

No. 2078477

also not every AGP is a tranny

No. 2078478

Yeah, I don't think so. They're just copying the gay men who genuine do like fattiess a.k.a. barafags.

No. 2078480

I think it depends on how they ramble, because there's a clear difference and indicator between a woman who's clearly virtue signalling and talking as a means to self soothe their own low self esteem and a woman who browses curvage. I will say there's definitely more of a rarity when it comes to the latter.

No. 2078481

what makes you think their fetish isnt genuine?

No. 2078482

He isn't agp and he doesn't take estrogen for feminization

No. 2078488

cope, he’s agp

No. 2078491

By how they consume BL written by and for women but never read anything by actual gay figures like Fujimoto Goh or Gengoroh Tagame—whose stories often feature chubby guys.

Not that they need to anyway. Those two are fucking degenrates.

No. 2078494

if you draw fat moids you have a fetish for fat moids. There are a lot of women into shota that only read shota made by women, for women, like black buttler, and not the one made for men like trapshit and those bara shotas

No. 2078495

NTA but paraphilias are just statistically uncommon in women. It's possible a tiny minority of women have a chubby fetish, but it's about a thousand times more likely to be some other reason more typical of female socialization (virtue signalling, pandering to men, having such low self esteem she can't imagine ever getting a fit guy and copes by pretending she likes fatties). If she's a gendie she is 100% subsumed in the sort of environment that makes those things likely. If it was some Japanese artist autistically drawing her fat husbando or something I would believe it's a fetish but tifs? Nah

No. 2078500

That brings me to my next question, how can females start “winning” the sexual conflict? The fact that it’s detrimental for females is clear, but how to actually reach our optima isn’t.

No. 2078504

>how is this scrote not banned yet?

How many farmhands are there and the moderations still sucks and is so slow.
I dont think its a man, i actually recognize them. Theyre that one one blackpill poster who posts in the blackpill thread and they received the name cocksucker-chan because they are obssesed with talking about blowjobs and calling women cocksuckers. This isnt even the worst thing they posted, their posts on the blackpill thread are even more unhinged and hard to decipher. They also seem obssesed with porn for some reason since they keep on posting links or photos of porn videos or porn stars frequently and then judging all women for it and saying how they're prostitutes.
I don't know why that lunatic escaped out of their containment thread. Do they know by acting like this it can cause the mods to lock the blackpill thread lmao.

No. 2078506

Well, my point was that if you use non human where the females vehemently refuse sex as much as they can as the reason why it’s bad for human females isn’t the best argument because mating patterns are very different. The points about microbiome and parasitism (and I guess what women do without coercion) are a lot stronger.

No. 2078512

Its not that deep, women just have to stop dating uglies and no-job bums. That's it.
But lot of women have low self esteem, a martyr complex and keep falling for the psyop so i don't think that will ever happen. Alot of women also settle for men and are okay with him being deformed as long as he is semi-nice to her or has a job even if its minimum wage….which means the bar is in hell.

No. 2078515

That’s true for sure but I meant the more esoteric stuff like embryonic resorption.

No. 2078527

Idk what you mean by that but i don't think this is the right thread for that + derail. Maybe try the hidden board 2X.

No. 2078534

Thanks for the advice but the person I am asking only uses this thread, so I have to ask here.

No. 2078543

Don't normalize lusting after ugly men. Men have horrible personalities, they should at least be easy on the eyes.

No. 2078567

A fat man has never made me laugh

No. 2078639

File: 1720165639940.jpg (68.99 KB, 781x206, moids.jpg)

Acceptable male types you are allowed to be attracted to. Anything else makes you a shallow bitch.

No. 2078648

yeah this was MAYBE believeable until the
>At least chubby guys make you laugh!!

No. 2078687

If you do reproduce, make sure you get a) the best genes and b) never permit dysgenic brood parasitism by the donor of said genes (nuclear family). Having male offspring is also inadvisable since they cause by far the most somatic damage to the mother. That would be a start.

No. 2078689

For the esoteric stuff, delaying the age of menopause, artificial wombs and more practical treatments/research into female reproduction from the perspective of genomic conflict. It's conceivable that embryonic resorption can be "unlocked" in some way with minimal intervention. The issue is that there are certain "politics" in science which limit the acceptable research angles with this topic in particular.

No. 2078692

Like when they try to tie their shoes?

No. 2078706

Very true but Im pessimistic on artificial wombs ever being used to actually liberate us.

No. 2078710

Most things that broadly give women reproductive leverage can be used to fuck us over. Birth control is a notable example. It goes without saying that women will have to be informed enough to use these things solely to their benefit. It also extends to narratives, e.g. sex ruins women (therefore high body count lowers your value and you must settle for one moid) vs sex ruins women (therefore it should be avoided or had entirely on your terms with zero servile acts).

Narratives aside, being able to reproduce whilst eliminating somatic damage is a good thing.

No. 2078711

I really don't think artificial wombs will exist, or at least exist in the sense that they produce healthy children, ever. Even if they eventually do it would likely be in hundreds of years. The process of gestating a fetus is just too complex, and is still not fully understood. But if artificial wombs were available it would doubtless be quite horrifying for women as men would not care about women's safety at all anymore, and would also create a society in which our evolutionary adaptations to resist males for being unfit in various ways would be meaningless. This would not be a win for women in any social sense although not having to go through pregnancy in order to have children would physically be a win for us. Anyway, I don't think it's ever happening.

However, I think if we ever discover how to 'unlock' embryonic resorption it would be pretty cool. It would basically just be like a better version of abortion though.

No. 2078715

meanwhile if you reversed the sexes they'd say none of the ugly and fat women deserve to live

No. 2078716

File: 1720175108691.jpeg (210.34 KB, 980x1445, IMG_4199.jpeg)

Although I haven’t done extensive reading here, I’ve kept this thread in mind whenever I see celebrities and today was a wild sighting of a beautiful woman and ugly man. Idk if anyone likes him here, but he is no way as attractive as her…looks old? Or plastic surgery? I’m not sure.

No. 2078717

Pretty sure this was already posted in previous iterations of this thread closer to when the Met Gala actually happened, but yes that is one of the ugliest moids in hollywood.

Actually she has had a ton of plastic surgery I believe and I don't think he's had any, he just looks that dysgenic and deformed naturally.

No. 2078720

they don't realize they're telling on themselves. it's not that they're less shallow, it's that they're insecure and very looks focused, ironically enough. they're judging if a man can make you laugh or have a good personality solely off of his looks…seems very shallow to me. a woman could also not care about her man's looks and still not need a fat big guy to make her feel like a "smol bean", which means they're admitting to wanting a male to make themselves feel prettier in comparison which is about as shallow and looks focused as you can get, and they're excluding skinny guys from their dating pool which to moids makes them shallow by default (rejecting any sort of male). also, I've never understood the whole "you feel better/more comfy around a bigger male", I literally just feel the opposite. I used to have this big fat moid into me in highschool and it just felt intimidating how much bigger he was than me. I could outrun him because he was a fattie but still

No. 2078755

You are correct, it's probably too complex for now.
>artificial wombs were available it would doubtless be quite horrifying for women as men would not care about women's safety at all anymore
They already don't. Artificial wombs have as much of a chance of "eliminating" women AI sex dolls do (near zero). They do not fulfill the male parasitic drive.

If implemented after women hold a significant piece of world's capital, being able to gestate a child with zero male influence, zero loss of earning potential and zero helplessness would undoubtedly be a huge win.

No. 2078769

Artificial wombs would fulfil the male parasitic drive quite easily because they would just start organ harvesting eggs from women and treating us like literal chattel. The fact our bodies have to be safe in order to birth babies currently actually does make most moids prioritize female safety to some degree, at least when it comes to females they think they or someone in their kin group has a chance of reproducing with. If the female body was unnecessary/did not need to be healthy to do this, we would quite literally be chattel. This is why most of the people chomping at the bit for artificial wombs are extremely psychopathic, narcissistic moids. And troons, which is the same thing.

Women would still lose earning potential if we were able to gestate children in artificial wombs because most of the earning potential women lose is from the post-birth childcare itself, not the pregnancy. Pregnancy complications and physical aftereffects do contribute but usually the real loss of earning potential is in the longer term as a woman has to raise a child.

But most on topic for this thread, the reason women are still motivated to select for male fitness at all is because we need to select men to have sex with who are at least potentially good fathers for hypothetical children. If we went to a natural-childbirth-free society where pregnancy didn't happen and reproduction incurred no reproductive cost, women would lose the drive to actually judiciously select male partners on the basis of their fitness or goodness-for-our-hypothetical-offspring, which would mean women would be more easily psyopped into sleeping with unfit moids than they already are. Making sex a low-risk recreational activity decoupled from reproduction would do a lot to wear down women's remaining boundaries around which men they allow to access their time, energy, body, etc.

No. 2078771

Is that why the leading cause of death for pregnant women is murder by their male partner? Come on now

No. 2078773

I didn't say every moid behaves in a rational way, but do you really think they would suddenly be less violent toward women if they didn't need us to be healthy for absolutely any reason? Only a few hundred women die of IPV per year in the US (out of hundreds of millions), which is still far too many but much, much lower than it would be if your Brave New World fantasy came true. There is a reason moids who were suggesting artificial wombs a century ago also thought it would come with the complete loss of all status for women and that women would be free sex toys at best in that situation. When moids show you who they are, believe them.

No. 2078776

Extort the ugly moids' money if he is persistent and use it to improve yourself to get chads. No mercy for ugly moids

No. 2078781

That's not how it works, unfortunately. Males don't physically or mentally respond to a facsimile, they will always want the real thing to infect and subdue. A society in which males are fully in charge of reproduction is also unlikely to be supported by them after a while, it's guaranteed to be a disaster that will ruin everyone. Child support exists despite going against male mating optima because it absolutely sucks to be the son of a male who got his way.

Speaking of harvesting eggs - another based thing would be converting them into XX sperm so lesbian couples could have babies who are related to both of them. Was done in mice more than a decade ago, then mysteriously buried and forgotten.

No. 2078782

what are those scars

No. 2078783

File: 1720180939755.jpeg (105.7 KB, 1279x720, aa05e3421d6a1779ee22d29af8621d…)

Also, pregnancy wise sex is already seen as a low risk recreational activity by normies. Yet women are opting out.

No. 2078786

Are you responding to the correct person? You are strengthening my point even more with what you're saying. Males will tank society to be selfish if they have the option, this is what they have always done and will continue to do. You think men would altruistically give up the right to control reproduction the second it became possible for them, after spending millennia doing everything in their power to fully control reproduction?

Also everyone is ignoring the part of my post that is the most relevant to this thread, which is that women actually having to invest more in reproduction is one of the main reasons women aren't 100% psyopped by males to interact with or sleep with them. It is too important to women biologically (who are at all rational/sane/healthy) to completely abandon all standards, but women will do this (for social clout/money/popularity/whatever if they're not forced by moids first) if the reproductive cost is entirely removed from the equation. Huxley knew this and that's why his whole family were active eugenicists and transhumanists.

No. 2078787

Large numbers of women are not opting out of sex with moids altogether, no. The rates of younger women having sex compared to previous generations is marginally, marginally smaller, but also the rate of women doing risky and degrading sex acts is higher. They are not unfathomably based compared to previous generations.

Also unless your tubes are tied or you are postmenopausal you know all birth control can fail. Some women indeed do act like it's a low risk recreational activity, but at the back of our mind there is always the slim possibility a moid taking advantage of us leads to pregnancy. I actually do think this is stopping a large number of women from sleeping with bottom of the barrel scrotes, on a subconscious level. If this subconscious fitness-mindedness didn't exist I think a lot more women would sleep with scrotes purely for resources, social clout, compensation, and what-have-you. As you pointed out many women are already doing this, but it's still a minority and many of them are uncomfortable with it for obvious biological reasons.

No. 2078788

Yeah, they're not going to be able to dump the child on another moid after it's born anyway…actually I'm really fascinated by how differently women would react to their children if they weren't pozzed and brain colonised… maybe this would finally solve the boymom problem

No. 2078792

Oh, women would definitely still be expected to care for the children, but the health or integrity of women's bodies would not be considered necessary in order to have a slave class of women who cared for babies. Slave/servant class women who cared for babies existed for much of history and they were not treated particularly well or considered particularly high class. A lot of status was typically afforded to the women that actually bore children for higher-status males, not to the women who raised them. Male psychology will not just suddenly change if their transhumanist dreams of artificial wombs are invented (which they won't be, as the mere idea is just male retardation where they think they can play god with nature and creation even though they can't and are desperately coping with these daydreams because they wish they could).

The question of whether it would hypothetically solve the boymom problem is an interesting one though, although I suspect not. If women were raising babies with their own genetic code (just gestated outside the body) they would likely still be extremely partial to them (the during- and post-birth bonding hormones likely don't account for all or even most of mother-child bonding, they just facilitate it) but I think the main reason for boymoms is that many women lack 'unconditional love' from male partners and fathers and think they can get it from moidlets (they can't). If it was just about pregnancy pozzing and brain-hijacking girlmoms would be almost as deranged.

No. 2078793

That's not happening on a significant scale, I wish it was.

No. 2078802

I think I'm responding to the right person, yes. I'm assuming you're talking about this:

>But most on topic for this thread, the reason women are still motivated to select for male fitness at all is because we need to select men to have sex with who are at least potentially good fathers for hypothetical children. If we went to a natural-childbirth-free society where pregnancy didn't happen and reproduction incurred no reproductive cost, women would lose the drive to actually judiciously select male partners on the basis of their fitness or goodness-for-our-hypothetical-offspring, which would mean women would be more easily psyopped into sleeping with unfit moids than they already are.

The main reason why women who want children are selecting suboptimal mates is a) limited reproductive window and b) needing to find a "good father" within that window, which realistically translates into panic settling for a soy dadbod who's shilled as nonthreatening and more likely to commit. Having to be mindful of tradeoffs between perceived paternal investment and genetic quality benefits ugly males, who weaponize the provider meme to pass their shit genes. You are not wrong to point out that pickiness evolved due to costs, but due to lack of resources and time women are (evidently) unable to realize pickiness while still incurring costs. You also seem to imply that adaptations vanish immediately along with the conditions that created them - if that were true, something like obesity wouldn't exist.

I don't believe that making pregnancy cost-free one way or another is necessarily going to make women bother with males more, or that it gives them more control over reproduction. So far this has not been true for any other thing that reduces female reproductive costs or investment. When you have all the time in the world and zero need to quickly find a "safe" chimp to provide for you while you're essentially ill, your options and leverage increase, not decrease - this has been extensively screeched about in every e-daddy podcast.

>There is a reason moids who were suggesting artificial wombs a century ago also thought it would come with the complete loss of all status for women

A while ago moids were also suggesting hypothetical pills that "inhibit oxytocin" and therefore allow women to "have sex without attachment like men", thinking it would increase the willingness to put out. Now they're shrieking about women having sex without attachment or opting out of sex altogether. I wouldn't bank too much on what they think will happen.

No. 2078807

I think you are misunderstanding what I'm saying, reading between the lines. I don't think adaptations would completely and immediately vanish, but I think if women were well aware they were fully sterile (which most women would be in this disembodied womb dystopia because otherwise why bother with the disembodied wombs) it would immediately change their reaction to situations affected by that adaptation. Yes on some subconscious level all women will continue to be repulsed by unfit males even if we are all sterilized tomorrow, but I think the total lack of any chance of a male we get close to (not just romantically, but in any setting) potentially impregnating us would immediately change behaviour because pregnancy is the main underlying fear a lot of women have about sex, both consciously and subconsciously. I think there are many, many women who wish they did not 'have' to be so picky with, e.g., casual sex partners, unprotected sex partners, number of partners, etc. because they feel it would fulfil some other (emotional/financial/mental/status) need in them but they can't bring themselves to actually do it because of the risk of pregnancy. Both on an evolutionary adaptation level but also on an immediate, behavioral level.

I think making pregnancy cost-free would necessarily make women bother with males more, because males would use it to completely, 100% control and enslave women. But also under these conditions and even assuming not every woman was in chattel slavery I think female pickiness (about fathers to their children their eggs are paired with, as well as men they actually hang out with/sleep with, which would be decoupled) would go down in all cases. Instinctive pickiness about the fathers would go down because women would likely choose (if they had any choice) a male they saw as most 'theoretically' fit to be a father, regardless of her attraction to the moid, and for the aforementioned reasons pickiness about sex partners or male company would also likely go down.

>Now they're shrieking about women having sex without attachment or opting out of sex altogether.

Not really. Maybe like 50 'trad' men on the internet are LARPing as upset that women are having unattached sex, but they would be more genuinely upset if women weren't having it. It is just performative outrage when they realize they've hit the wall and won't receive as much easy sex anymore.

>I wouldn't bank too much on what they think will happen.

I would. Men have managed to reassert control of societies over and over again globally with their tardraging and high levels of psychopathy and Machiavellianism and they won't stop now, especially if one of the few types of leverage women have against moids (being the creators of life and pickers of male partners) is taken away.

No. 2078816

Cases of failure to bond (PPD, parental regret) have recently been traced back to subpar fetal parasitic effort. For example, mothers of sons with PPD have fewer male microchimeric cells in their olfactory epithelium. Male fetuses are significantly more invasive and resource-hungry, rapidly colonizing areas of parasitic relevance (brain, breasts and nose) with their cells, which no doubt affects maternal investment. Hormones are a very surface level part of this.

I don't believe there's a way for a woman to "recognize" that the externally gestated child is genetically hers, so it will probably be similar to infant adoption.

No. 2078822

If this is true wouldn't women all bond more strongly with sons since male fetuses are appreciably more parasitic? I wonder if there are stats on PPD or parental regret being higher for female babies?

But PPD would not be a win imo, what you'd want is preventing women from over-investing in their moidlets to an extreme degree, not prevent some level of healthy bonding.

>I don't believe there's a way for a woman to "recognize" that the externally gestated child is genetically hers

I actually think there is, there are many cases of adoptees 'recognizing' what are obviously their long-lost/separated siblings they didn't even know they had in random situations, as well as the rather sordid phenomenon of 'GSA' (genetic sexual attraction) where people who were separated from bio family members at birth are often hopelessly, intensely attracted to them when they meet in later life (usually not realizing they're related). You can even visually tell a child is yours a lot of the time.

No. 2078826

Most sex women don't want, realistically, is had as a bargaining chip within a committed relationship.

I'm sorry, but I still don't entirely see how having less material need to settle for a man would increase the rates of settling for men. I don't know how any of this can be reconciled with the fact that less women are having sex than ever, fertility rates always falling with increasing economic prosperity or things like Nordic solo motherhood by choice. If you are keen on taking what males say at face value, believe their screeching about women not putting out.

No. 2078829

Seems like they do:




>Overall, mothers who gave birth to a female infant experienced a significantly increased risk of developing PPD when compared with those giving birth to a male infant

No. 2078830

I just don't think that 'less material need to settle for men' would be the outcome of this hypothetical. I think the way artificial wombs would go down is:
>Men take control of attractive/young/fertile women by force (kidnapping, imprisonment, etc., Handmaid's Tale style) and put them through egg donor programs, then sterilize the women and likely the remaining women
>Highest status men get to pick and choose their egg donors, lower status men get assigned the leftovers as rewards/appeasement so they don't all chimp out
>Men stick their dicks in/rape now sterilized chattel class of women at will, knowing there is no risk of unwanted pregnancy and these women can continue to work without interruption
>Rinse and repeat with new young female test tube babies
You think if males managed to get their centuries-old dream of scientifically controlled reproduction they'd just be like 'okay women, continue to do better in education and have better jobs and higher social status, while not having to deal with pregnancy and getting to pick your sperm donors at will'? Anyway the egg donation process for artificial wombs is extremely damaging to the body as well, arguably in some cases more than pregnancy itself, so a lot of women still wouldn't want to go through it and would have to be forced.

>believe their screeching about women not putting out.

Ugly/low-status males have always been screeching about women not putting out, but objectively speaking young women are not having much less sex than older generations of women, as has already been pointed out. The fact women are having fewer babies is because they have access to better birth control and know that having a child would interrupt their career/earnings/etc., not because they are pickier about men. Many of these same highly educated women who are opting to have fewer or no babies are the same ones who are having lots of casual sex with moids.

No. 2078831

That's really interesting, thanks nonna. It looks like a catch-22 then, if not getting miserable and regretful about having a child requires going through the tribulations of pregnancy.

No. 2078833

this is all great but has nothing to do with the thread's topic

No. 2078834

Naur offence but what's stopping them from kidnapping all young fertile women and putting this into force already?

No. 2078835

It is related because it's about reproductive antagonism and selection pressure in males/females which is what the ugly male psyop is really about. Males psyop women into accepting ugly men because they are genetically unfit to be freely/willingly selected, and the discussion is about a hypothetical in which women no longer had to worry about the genetic fitness of the men they have sex with, while the parents of test tube babies could be selected deliberately (like without forming a sexual relationship).

No. 2078836

This thread is basically about the psyop to settle with ugly men, trading off genetic quality (attractiveness) for provider/marriage material meme and how men have and will always try to bypass female selection. The discussion is about how to reduce male bargaining power while increasing female selection pressure, it's completely relevant. Timotthee Chalamet looks like a rodent, there.

No. 2078837

There aren't artificial wombs. And there won't be, for that matter.

If men want healthy babies they need women to be healthy and willing to carry their babies, therefore women can still exert selection pressure on the gene pool by selecting males. There is also a tradeoff between female workplace productivity and childbearing, which means that women don't make a very good menial labor slave class if moids want them to have babies. That's why males are always the ones being sent off to wars.

No. 2078838

But this thread is literally about women not caring (or being unable to care) about the genetics of moids they have sex with due to settling down with a good daddy meme. This has been the situation for thousands of years by now, hence why moids are getting uglier and uglier.

No. 2078842

Yeah but you said if men get scientifically controlled reproduction they will apparently chimp and enslave all women. Why don't they do that now since it serves the same end?

No. 2078843

Yes, which is why the discussion of what would (or wouldn't) hypothetically fix the ugly male psyop problem is relevant to the thread…

The ugly male psyop exists because women do care about the genetics of the moids they have sex with, and moids don't want them to.

No. 2078845

Not in practice. That's why ugly males exist to begin with.

No. 2078846

Nonna I already explained why. Because if you need a woman to carry a baby you need her to be healthy, and willing to carry the baby (and also to care for it under the current social system, once she has had the baby). If moids all just brute force kidnapped women and put them in rape jails or whatever the women would not be healthy, they would kill themselves, starve themselves, intentionally shake the babies, etc.

No. 2078847

In practice women do care, which is why seething incels and geriatric moids unable to reproduce/find gf exist. Moids have been trying to trick or force women into 'settling,' with mixed success, for millennia. In the past it was usually through total financial control of women, whereas now it is usually more insidious and subtler.

No. 2078848

Right so… why wouldn't they do that in the egg harvesting jails/sterilized sex slave jails?

No. 2078849

But moids literally did that in the past with great success.

No. 2078850

Because they wouldn't be pregnant?

Not usually to that extent, anon. Women would be coerced into marriage but they were usually groomed into a system where they were pretty much cooperative most of the time. Now women are less and less likely to cooperate with stuff like arranged marriages, their families are less likely to cooperate and 'sell off' their daughters too. This is literally why there is a huge subset of the male population that endlessly seethes about not getting the women they thought they were 'entitled' to. Because it's not so easy for moids to just simply undo the gains women have made for ourselves in modern societies.

No. 2078852

But why would women starve/kill themselves and sabotage the pregnancy in one scenario but not starve/kill themselves to make egg harvesting harder in the other scenario? Why is this the crucial thing that's stopping them, not to mention that there's ways to restrain a person. I'm confused why you think artificial wombs would be the final fronteir for a mass chimpout but all the gains we have so far which, you correctly noted, also make them mad and reduce their reproductrive opportunity.

No. 2078854

Egg harvesting is easier to do by force, and only a few eggs would have to be harvested to produce children that would then be fully indoctrinated into the system by the time they came of age. A lot of current egg donors are already trafficked women whose eggs are harvested by force, so this wouldn't have to change much. On the other hand trying to force all women in society to go through multiple healthy pregnancies requires some long term maintenance of the woman's health over a span of multiple years.

Artificial wombs would reverse all the gains women have made leveraging our higher value (due to our naturally higher reproductive investment). Women can only have about 1 child per year, but about a dozen eggs can be harvested per year from a woman. The time scale is very different. Women need to be and remain healthy and cared for in order for moids to get children from them, and most moids don't want to reproduce with women they see as unattractive/low value either. Artificial wombs (meaning many eggs available from the same 'desirable' women in a much shorter time frame) would get many more men the embryonic genetics they would want for their 'superior' eugenics babies, and would require much less maintenance of the health and happiness of the woman.

No. 2078856

File: 1720186761589.jpg (584.34 KB, 740x740, Das2.jpg)

>be moid
>fuck with female choice
>breed yourself into a moid equivalent of a pug
>this works because you have all the shekels
>suddenly women have their own shekels
>moids are still pugs

why is there a male loneliness epidemic? Really makes you think

No. 2078859

Again, what's stopping them from doing any of this already? What's stopping them from enslaving us right now when they already have in the past? I also don't see how egg harvesting on a mass scale is less resource intensive than just feeding your slave class, which is pretty much all they'd have to do. And also >health and happiness
health yeah to a degree, idk why they'd need to be happy about it though.

No. 2078861

I mean it doesn't make them think, if a moid was aware of how things really are he'd eat lead by suppertime. They're only aware of what they want, that's it.

No. 2078864

I don't know how to explain what I have already explained, nonna, but multiple technocrat moids who daydream about artificial wombs will say the exact same thing I have said and give a play-by-play of how they think it would lead to female enslavement. I think I already gave multiple reasons but if you are just going to ignore them and keep asking me to give more, I think I'm out of ideas. There are already women currently functionally imprisoned and used as sex/reproduction slaves in more patriarchal societies, however women have clawed our way due to our reproductive capacity and other factors to gaining enough leverage over moids in modern society to prevent that level of mass enslavement, and as you can see the males are very angry about it. However, functionally, they can't get what they want from women right now unless they cooperate with the current system, so they seethe and think of eventualities that would allow them to tear down the current system and re-enslave women, taking all reproductive choice away from women (as by creating artificial wombs) is one of the obvious strategies moids come up with over and over.

No. 2078865

so is their whole "vagina gets loose from too much sex/being a whore" thing just a projection
if not then why do people (especially moids) keep pushing the birthrate thing and making ads like this to try to convince women to fuck men? and why are men whining so much that women don't fuck them anymore?

No. 2078870

Re: fetal resorption:


This was achieved by partial epigenetic reprogramming, so there's a good chance fetal resorption is also unlockable.

No. 2078873

samefag I feel like if it really was an "insignificant" amount you wouldn't be seeing such an increase in psyops and incel movements in general and all this constant nagging on women about how we need to fuck ugly men or else we're evil sluts. it might not be a society wide celibacy movement that's occuring or anything, but simultaneously the amount of women opting out or deciding to not have kids or have sex with subpar moids/falling for the psyop is still increasing enough that they're shaking in their boots to try to make us fuck them again

No. 2078888

Now that women have more rights and freedom of choice, suddenly the decine of birth rates is unnatural and is destroying society. Women being picky and shallow is wrong.

>Mating involves plenty of competition between the sexes. That's because both males and females are hardwired to try to make babies that can survive and reproduce, but they do this in totally different ways - ways that actually threaten the other sex's genetic legacy.

No. 2078893

File: 1720189037678.jpg (20.47 KB, 603x288, 497456654464566.jpg)

>Chickens can selectively squirt out sperm from sub-par suitors


No. 2078894

If I could have my own CIA lab…

No. 2078916

I'm still morbidly curious as to what society would look like if every mother was biologically a virgin. You are born with a niche of your mother's protective microchimeric cells, but they are replaced by fetal microchimeric cells when you get pregnant. What if that event never occurred but you could still have a child?

No. 2078918

Humans kinda sometimes do this with miscarriage or idiopathic immune-mediated infertility.

No. 2078958

What if we created a race of superfemales with four X chromosomes

No. 2078977

let us smash the Y chromosome out of existence

No. 2079031

>some of the males are from Germany's Next Top Model
and she's still hotter than all of them combined

No. 2079098

File: 1720200010370.jpg (590.88 KB, 1079x2062, Screenshot_20240705_105133_Pin…)

is not really ugly, but take a look at his skin and teeth. This man stood out because he has an actual bone structure that resembles a human, but his hair is greasy and skin with blemishes and dark spots. It doesnt sound like much, but how often do you see a woman this unpolished out in public? Female beauty standards run so deep a woman not performing beautifying rituals is stand out for a headline. The default for men is their natural state out of bed. The default for women is a performance.

No. 2079130

Why wasn’t I born a henstacy smh

No. 2079149

I remember this research. It would have been a huge win for women everywhere. Interesting how the medical field is pretending it doesnt exist, suddenly.

No. 2079175

File: 1720206947429.jpeg (183.63 KB, 1200x1432, IMG_2846.jpeg)

he would never be johan

No. 2079246

File: 1720214507929.jpg (476.49 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240705_232018_Gal…)

No. 2079256

Not exactly true, men often consider dating unattractive women - as 'practice gfs' and to use them for a convenient bangmaid while they search for a woman who actually meets their standards. Sometimes they will settle long term, and the man will have a seething resentment for the woman he chose (who is probably the best they can get) for not being the 10/10 supermodel waifu he feels he deserves. Of course that's about a million times more dehumanizing than how ugly men are treated and I'd rather be completely ignored by a man than settled for by him.

No. 2079443

I worked with a guy who was doing this in real time (a couple actually but he was the only one who outright said it.) He was huge, had a hunchback, and smelled like extremely bad b.o. He was loud and obnoxious and not at all cute. He came into work with his gf once and she had pretty dyed red hair. I later told him his gf had pretty hair and he put on this theatrical moping demeanor and said he was only with her for a place to stay until he can be with a woman prettier/ less fat. She was like half his size. I'll never forget that, I stopped talking to him immediately and avoided him. He'd come into work doing such a theatrical, melodramatic mopey act all the time like he wanted people to feel sorry for him because his gf wasn't a supermodel.

No. 2079444

I realized this sounds like I made it up but it's very real, it was pre-instagram baddie era

No. 2079535

it's not, but honestly, even just the fact that they're talking about it is a good sign imo. always happy to see males/corporations feeling threatened by some women choosing celibacy and having to campaign against it, or whining about the ~male loneliness epidemic~

she can't. i hate moids as much as the next nonna and i'm childfree but that anon she was replying to is right. anon even specified "in an evolutionary sense" when she talked about the benefits but it was ignored, like your question

No. 2079545

It definitely is a very good thing/good sign that women are talking about celibacy more openly, even if for the very simple reason that a lot of people don't consider certain views or options because 'everyone does X' so they assume Y must be bad in some unspecified, unknown way. As more young women are exposed to the idea that actually you'll be fine without a stupid ugly moid you don't even like, the more young women will start seriously considering it.

However I think it's quite silly that several anons on this thread keep saying 'if women aren't having less sex with moids then why are fertility rates lower, huh?' Birth control has existed for like a century, and is now extremely ubiquitous and cheap, so the reason lower fertility rates don't tightly correlate to lower amounts of sex with moids should be obvious.

No. 2079547

Not sure I'm following. Why does it need a rebuttal?

No. 2079550

Americans are supposedly having less sex, not just fewer babies.

No. 2079564

Well, is your argument that every woman who makes the choice to have a child coerced or otherwise manipulated when it's clearly detrimental and has no intrinsic benefits?

No. 2079574

No, it isn't. Where exactly are you getting this from?

No. 2079596

File: 1720262234062.png (243.1 KB, 955x698, LessSex.png)

So, while this is somewhat true, it is mostly true for moids, not women (see picrel). Women seem to be having marginally, nonsignificantly less sex (picked a 'pre-pandemic' paper because pandemic restrictions dramatically changed people's habits) in 2018 compared to 2000, but it's mainly accounted for by basically 'bottom tier' moids. Which does suggest women are getting a bit pickier, but some of the explanations given in this and other papers refer to men's porn use as a possible major reason for certain moids not having sex (higher rates of ED, unwillingness to be sexually active with female spouses, etc).

No. 2079600

I see. I despise the whole epidemiological narrative around "loneliness" for this reason. It's intentionally generalized and sold as a health risk for all humans, which is clearly false. About as useful as reducing forensics to "people kill people" and calling it a day.

No. 2079606

Incel males will look at these stats and go 'see!!! if young women are having only slightly less sex than before, but men are having less sex, it's because they're all hypergamous and sleeping with Chad!' and therefore explain that male loneliness is because women will only date the top 10% of males.

However, the stats suggest that only 30% of under-24yo males and only 14% of 25-34yo males are sexually inactive so it's clearly not just 'Chad' that these women are dating, they just refuse to date the absolute bottom of the barrel scrotes with no income or employment. The other interesting trend that incels should take note of is that both women and men attending college were much less likely to be sexually active, while these moids think that they are 'owed' college aged women and they are all having sex with 33498439 hot chads during college and acting promiscuous when the reality seems to be that students are focused on studying and not sex.

No. 2079618

Pretty sure it's because men become serial killers when they're lonely and experts are worried they'll start dragging little girls into bushes again like it's the 70s

No. 2079619

Then the government should start sending ugly men to die in a war instead of begging us to become unpaid prostitutes.

No. 2079622

File: 1720265127772.jpg (80.72 KB, 633x950, tumblr_oo4a8n9BUr1sxncaqo1_640…)

Males are built to irrationally anticipate and preempt cuckoldry, so their instinct is to believe that if youre not fucking them, it must be because you're fucking someone taller with a big, juicy, throbbing schlong that can't be outcompeted. This mentality is often mistakenly called "gay". It's not. Fantasizing about a million chads ravaging the woman you have your sights on, to the point of resentment, great personal distress and subsequent arousal by said distress, is unironically heterosexual:


That being said, there is literally no rational argument against only wanting chads, hence the "muh settling down" and "muh provider shekels" subsections of ugly man psyop.

No. 2079626

Pretty sure no government cares about that. I'd wager it's more about economic output (penis monkey don't do thing if no gib sex)

No. 2079628

I unironically love seeing men drive themselves insane. Chad induced schizophrenia!

No. 2079635

AYRT and I'm not saying it's wrong to only want chads, I'm just saying it's not even true. The fact that 86% of late 20s to mid 30s men have sexual partners at all is pretty telling of how low women will go, because nowhere near 86% of men of that age are even remotely acceptable looking, forget about other personal qualities.

No. 2079641

Absolutely. Like I said earlier, the proportion of fuggos among the male population alone is proof enough that mostly fuggos pass their genes. Regardless of what overtuned cuck biases tell incels, women settle. And they shouldn't.

Get your own shekels and breed with Chad.

No. 2079656

I'm not obsessed with it the way you paint me as dumb bitch I just can't comprehend it how someone can do it and like it, it makes them like pigs and this shit triggers me till I feel psychologically terrorizied, I'm rightfully disgusted with it. It only says things about you if you don't understand my torment about it

No. 2079666


No. 2079669

Idk what you mean by limited window, most women in my family naturally conceived children at around 40 and have been doing so for generations. Most men also stop having kids after 40, geriatric fathers aren't the norm. If you feel forced to shit out babies in your 20s that's your own mental illness. Plus, genetic fitness and paternal investment go hand in hand most of the time. The best fathers I know were all attractive in their youth.

No. 2079672

That's cool, but this isn't about what things are like for you, what you have personally observed or even what's true. It's about what the average woman believes. Females have a perception of limited reproductive window, whereas males do not.

No. 2079675

My favorite part is when they tell women that they're sexually defective if they're not attracted to any of those creatures.

No. 2079677

File: 1720272335564.jpg (3.83 MB, 4096x4096, pig.jpg)

Hideous walled pighog seen advocating for prostitution and taking jabs at women as ugly as him. Daily reminder to never feel bad about wanting a man "out of your league". Instead, you should have the same idea of what you deserve as this Medicare aged bald porklet with defunct knees.

No. 2079682

you didn't really get the point if that's what you got out of it. the birth rate thing was mentioned because men are actively mad women aren't having their kids anymore especially in recent years, if it was really just birth control they would just be mad at that instead of creating incel movements about how we need to fuck ugly men or else they'll shoot up a school and the nagging about birth rates would've started the second birth control was invented, not just now.

No. 2079683

like this is quite recent even though birth control has been around as you yourself stated and so is the incel shit, so why didn't this happen before then? doesn't really add up. anyway
women are the only ones who should date out of their league in general, incels will act like this is unfair when it's literally how it works, a female isn't going to want your subpar male genes to mate with. they're just little piss babies who can't accept nature and try to cope by reversing it on women instead and making themselves the only ones who can date out of their league by acting like they're opressed for not having a 10/10 gf while being an obese bald piece of shit

No. 2079686

Why do most women still end up reproducing at some point even though there is no coercion to do so if it’s a net negative?

No. 2079687

See the posts where people claimed there is a significant decline in women having sex (even though there isn't really one):
The second anon asked 'if not then why do moids keep pushing the birthrate thing?' But the birthrate thing is not related to women having less sex, it is related to them having less unprotected sex/not wanting babies.

What is quite recent? Fertility rates dropping? Why didn't what happen before then? Can you clarify what you're referring to with the word "this"?

No. 2079692

By "this" I'm referring to men acting like women are oppressing them for not having their children and not fucking them, the "male loneliness epidemic", incel phenomenon, etc. It's much more of a thing in recent years even and my question is why if nonna is stating that the decline is solely due to birth control, how come we didn't observe this before if that's existed for a while? By that logic, you would've already seen these phenomenons popping up much sooner, like right when women got any rights and access to birth control. So I just don't think it's solely due to that like she was stating

No. 2079693

Ah, I see. Why would an organism be acutely aware of tradeoffs between somatic maintenance and reproduction? That's the definition of defeating the purpose. If it knows, it won't reproduce.

Fitness enhancing processes that bear massive long term somatic costs typically evolve to feel good enough in the short term. This is true for everything that triggers a sense of reward, not just sex or parenthood. You're not supposed to even begin to understand that it's a "net negative" (not the term I'd use) until it's too late - or, preferably, at all.

No. 2079698

I don't know what gives you the impression that this is a new or recent thing? It's publicized a lot more and talked about politically (for a number of reasons), but you seem to be getting two different issues (the 'loneliness epidemic'/incel culture, and dropping birthrates) confused or conflated, when they are two separate issues entirely. Incels aren't complaining that they can't have many children for the most part, and the loneliness epidemic discussions usually have nothing to do with fertility. Politically dropping fertility rates are dangerous for society (at least so many economic and political analysts believe), so that's where the concern about people not wanting to have babies comes from (it's not just women who are driving this, men want to have less children too). The 'loneliness epidemic' is a bunch of butthurt moids getting the attention of the media and culture but they are the same types of moids who were always whining about this, they just get extra clout, political power, attention and asspats for it now.

You can just look at the stats and see that women are not having appreciably less sex, so I don't know why you're asking questions like 'if women weren't having less sex, why would men be like this?' It's not a hypothetical, at least in the US women really aren't having much less sex recently. And also moids have been complaining about 'why won't women fuck me' for as long as moids have existed and females had reproductive choice. During some periods of history in some cultures this anger was directed at other moids who controlled which men were allowed to have wives, but more recently in societies where women were granted choice about who to sleep with/marry, the same moids who used to be mad at the emperor or whatever redirected their anger to women themselves.

Also a big part of the reason moids are so lonely is their porn use, not anything women are doing. Again, it does seem from the stats that women are being slightly pickier, but not actually much less sexually active overall.

No. 2079701

Right, it’s sort of how we ‘tricked’ nature by being able to have sex without consequences(well, mostly anyway). I suppose I thought more women would be aware of this because we (humans) have outsmarted lots of adaptations before but this line of thinking is kind of taboo.

No. 2079706

Also I guess a follow up question is it all subconscious? The way you talk about it makes it seem ‘preprogrammed’ in a way (couldn’t think of a better word) but most of this information is available to anyone willing to read a bunch of academic papers, it’s not really hidden. Then again as I type this I remember the chimpout that ensues (from other women) when you dare to imply there might be a physical cost to childbearing.

No. 2079708

>Incels aren't complaining that they can't have many children for the most part
Untrue, they're the first to shit on any woman for her "eggs" or reaching 30 or whatever other bullshit related to fertility, and do want kids if it's with the stacy they feel entitled to but can't have. Also you say it's "two separate issues" as if they don't intersect pretty frequently. The loneliness epidemic does intersect with the incels and fertility as well, since literally every incel male tells women they'll "die alone" and shits on them for not fucking them etc, all while they themselves drown in loneliness from not having any women to fuck or get married to, a family etc (which they then project onto women).

I never said women were becoming celibate or changing radically, I just don't believe it's solely because of birth control or whatever that men are suddenly seething way more and yes it is more recent because I don't remember my parents's generation or even like 15 years ago this being as much of a thing, even though my parents already had choice and the women weren't forced to marry or anything.

Porn does play a part but it's also definitely related to what women are doing, literally why do you think they even resort to porn in the first place? Because they don't have access to real women.

No. 2079712

You can only outsmart the adaptations you know exist and/or understand mechanistically.
>is it all subconscious?
The drive to reproduce or resistance to reproduction?

Most biological processes are "preprogrammed" (or quasi-programmed, which is a small nuance). The information is indeed freely available, but isn't laid out very accessibly. You must also consider a tremendous emotional attachment to the idea of complementary (rather than antagonistic) nature of sexual reproduction. It's instinctively attractive to both sexes for different reasons, even though it's mechanistically and evolutionarily wrong.

No. 2079714

Most incel moids talk about women's eggs but most of them do not want to currently be fathers. They're men who want to sleep around with hot women and think that in some decades when they want to 'settle down' they will want to have children with a young hot woman and lament that those women won't exist then. But your average incel absolutely does not currently want to have children, and isn't really thinking about current 50yo moids' plight of not having children either. They just bring up fertility so much as a way to explain why women are 'used up' by age 25 or whatever and make excuses for being (often) pedos. Most of the men talked about in regards to the 'loneliness epidemic' are young coomers, not older moids with careers ready to have families.

The two issues intersect in some ways, but are unrelated since the fertility rate dropping (which it has been for decades and decades) does not correlate to women having less sex. Therefore saying 'men sperging about dropping fertility rates is about women having less sex' makes zero sense.

Incel males projecting on women and telling them they'll 'die alone' is just angry projection because they're the ones afraid of dying alone and as virgins. Again I don't know what universe you are living in where you think the average inceloid male is some guy ready to settle down and have a family. There are a few of those but they are quite rare.

I didn't say men are seething because of birth control, can you read? I said women are having fewer babies than 100 years ago because birth control is available so they can choose when to have children. Moids aren't seething about birth control, they absolutely love birth control and are the main shills for the birth control pill. You were acting like amount of sex directly correlates with fertility, and I pointed out it doesn't, because birth control exists. That's all.

Men who have access to real women for the most part resort to porn also. By some estimates about 90% of moids are regular porn users (although this might be an overestimate), the vast majority of whom are partnered and have regular access to sex. If you actually read the demographic studies/surveys investigating why long term/married couples have less sex, the moid having broken dick from cooming so much is often brought up as one of the most likely reasons.

No. 2079721

This is also lowkey obvious when they use "you'll die alone with cats/(random animal)/as a single mother!" as if it's a horrible, unthinkable fate. Obvious projection aside, it shows they don't actually know or care about the joy of providing for something and caring just for the sake of caring, with no reward, despite the desperate "a man wants to provide for his family" LARP.

No. 2079730

>Again I don't know what universe you are living in where you think the average inceloid male is some guy ready to settle down and have a family. There are a few of those but they are quite rare.
All I said is that your statement about how incels don't complain about having children is untrue when they do constantly whine about how women aren't having kids anymore and make a million memes around it and do use it as a way to shit on us for not fucking them. Just because they don't actually want to be fathers and only idealize that (like most moids of any age not just young ones) doesn't change that it's one of their main talking points and that they do ''want'' kids even if it's later on in life or to give them some sort of perceived status.

>'men sperging about dropping fertility rates is about women having less sex' makes zero sense.

They do sperg about this though, I just don't think it's on a huge scale in the sense that women aren't having sex at all anymore and I never said it was.
>I didn't say men are seething because of birth control, can you read?
I was literally just reiterating my original point. I never said women were going celibate or having way less sex on a huge scale or anything but (since you can't read) you pretend like I did, when all I was trying to say is that I don't believe it's solely because of birth control or choice, when my parents and older people already had choice and still had kids more than I or other younger people (currently at the same age they had kids) did.

A lot of moids do use porn while being partnered yes, especially now that it's become increasingly normalized and they'll call you a prude jealous bitch if you don't want them to do so, but simultaneously it's also true that a lot of incels and porn addicted moids become that way because of a lack of access to real sex or women. The most degenerate moids I've known were ones who didn't have any access to women irl or rarely engaged with women in general compared to men who had gfs or regular sex. Even if all of them are trash in the end.

Anyway that's about it I'm done arguing about this since it's just shitting up the thread

No. 2079738

Men are much more miserable when they're alone because they're incapable of making genuine meaningful connections with other men, demand emotional labour from women only and are physiologically weak. No wonder they think being alone is a miserable fate.

No. 2079741

They don't complain that they don't have children, and they usually don't complain that 'women aren't having children anymore' either. Where are these incels who make a habit of complaining about this? They complain that women are 'whores' who are 'hypergamous' and 'only like Chad,' but there is very little fertility sperging in incel spheres except for the aforementioned 'it's okay to be a pedo because I'm naturally attracted to peak fertility at age 14' excuse. But even assuming that they 'want' kids in a few decades (which I think most of them probably do, deep down) it's not relevant to current fertility rates. A lot could happen in those several decades. People who sperg about current fertility rates are usually people who have had a ton of kids themselves and think they're better than others for it, religious fundamentalists, and politicians. There is not much overlap between these communities and incels or the young men who are talked about when news stations or politicians bring up the 'male loneliness epidemic.' Even if women wanted to have kids with them, they would not want to. The average inceloid male would do almost everything in his power to avoid impregnating a sexual partner.

>They do sperg about this though

Again you are clearly not reading the sentence fully. I didn't say some men don't sperg about this, I said dropping fertility rates have nothing to do with women having less sex. Everyone knows this. We have had (and been aware of) forms of birth control for at least a century now. No one save for a few very confused people thinks dropping fertility rates are correlated to women abstaining from sex more often, because they aren't.

>I don't believe it's solely because of birth control or choice, when my parents and older people already had choice and still had kids more than I or other younger people (currently at the same age they had kids) did.

Because they had good economic and educational conditions to have kids younger. It's really that simple. They had a choice and it was a good/viable choice for them economically, it's not a good/viable choice for us therefore couples (not just women while the men beg, both men and women overwhelmingly) choose to abstain from children until a later date or entirely, or have fewer children than past generations. This is so incredibly basic, obvious and well-understood I'm starting to think you're trolling.

> it's also true that a lot of incels and porn addicted moids become that way because of a lack of access to real sex or women.

The average age at which the current crop of young men first started regularly looking at porn was 12 years old, it has nothing to do with lack of access to 'real sex' lmao. Many of them were watching it before they could even get an erection.

>The most degenerate moids I've known were ones who didn't have any access to women irl

They don't have access to women because they are degenerate and moids prone to excessive degeneracy have personalities that repulse women. These are incel/MRA talking points you are constantly repeating.
>Wah wah men just want families, but women are magically withholding families from them
>No they really want kids and families, I swear
>No you don't understand, porn addiction is all because women withholding sex
>Okay some men watch porn in relationships, but it's just because they weren't given relationship early enough in life. Men need women to teach them social skills and non-degeneracy by fucking them at early ages, or else they will become degen and cheat on their wives with rape porn!
>Men sperging out about women starting to lose their eggs and being most fertile at age 13 are doing so because they are really family oriented and care about having kids so bad

I can't tell if this is really elaborate trolling or if you are just this bad at understanding what's going on in society, but I think if you want to comment on these males and their movements you should take at least an hour or two to actually look into what they say and what they are about. The only part I agree with you on is that the sperging is getting more public and socially acceptable, and I believe this is due to the fact that moids are becoming increasingly dysgenic and thus sympathetic toward the plight of bottom of the barrel scrotes. When moids were on average slightly less dysgenic, average moids had relatively little sympathy for the very worst, most hideous and useless ones, but as the 'average' male gets more dysgenic they realize they could very soon be a completely useless and unwanted bottom of the barrel scrote themselves, so they start "empathizing" i.e. panicking.

Yes nonna this is another facet of it too, the 'die alone' projection is not just because they don't have female partners but because they likewise don't have friends.

No. 2079998


Nah, I encountered some incel-ish moids who told me they either had or are thinking about getting a snip because they don't want to and can't provide for their eventual wives and children, and also deep down feel/know they are ugly or defective (though that part was more between the lines than admitted out loud).

So, the leftist propaganda reached some of them. And you'd be surprised how many of those have RW-leaning and moderate views yet still choose vasectomies.

Some of them are eradicating themselves out of the pool. I am proud of them for making the humanity better. KEK

Omg, imagine. The ultimate immaculate conception. The idea that women would be sterile virgins together with this is not only dystopian but sounds like the most horrid male porn fantasy.

Petition to call ugly moids dysgenic from now on.

No. 2080026

File: 1720306797887.jpeg (237.94 KB, 750x466, 18CB6B7E-8812-4CBB-A754-A65013…)

Was this episode part of the psyop?

No. 2080038

It’s 100% insecurity and projection kek. A lot of women have crabs in a bucket mentalities that they disguise as depth. People know, even subconsciously, if they’re the reacher and tend to act out when it becomes too much for them. They date down because they think their scrote will treat them better but it almost always ends up being the opposite.

No. 2080148

File: 1720319085133.jpeg (562.36 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5698.jpeg)

The whole show was a psyop

No. 2080152

I guess they can coomify everything including rejection, abandonment and obsolescence.

No. 2080178

File: 1720323867583.png (2.37 MB, 1170x1719, woah….png)

some men are ugly to the point of being scary looking cause what the fuck is this…

No. 2080183

File: 1720324246747.gif (3.37 MB, 350x350, neymar-world-cup.gif)

hes as annoying as he looks

No. 2080194

Football players are so gross and hilarious at the same time. Like they die if you just look at them.
Christiano Ronaldo was just in the news here because a local kid got to escort him to the field. The kid said he looked old, wringly and wet, kek. Also, Ronaldo did not even try to talk to him, just blowed air into his hair like a weirdo.
Also, Ronaldo should just accept he is a faggot.

No. 2080198

RIP my sides

No. 2080202

>Christiano Ronaldo
I remember when my middle-aged mom was obssesed with him and she doesn't even give a shit about football. Did she fall for the psy-op too?

No. 2080210

Football players are often psyoped hard as hot or interesting outside of football, which probably adds to a player's purchase price. Beckham comes to mind.

No. 2080334

So ladies how many of us are here, hoe many chads we can share to not be serial monogamist pickmes, is fucking five men for a lifetime okay for you? Since men can have a a harem and still love you cause their love is just them loving being loved and also a sexual attraction cause it's a one thing with their romantic attraction then you can have a man who "worships you tell you he loves you everyday serves you everyday pleases you kisses your forehead and is uwu uwu obsessed" and still share him, I would like to mention that men get off on lying that they are monogamous out of ego.So how many chads for us all since all men cheat? Who becomes the mothers and house slaves and who the whores on the side? Who raises children alone while stealing the resources if another woman's chad
Who does the more degrading sex acts so we don't have to? Women from outside here? The whores?(b8)

No. 2080358


No. 2080364

You are obsessed with settling down. You're probably not too visual or sexual either, you need someone to ask how your day was or some shit. This is completely normal.

Find a 4/10 and go through the motions.

No. 2080373

Schizochan is that you again? Evolutionary psychology and dating strategies aren't real did you know?

No. 2080386

File: 1720340522326.jpg (171.75 KB, 1300x975, 6687c460268f62ba18a79978.jpg)

Anyone watch the netflix doc about him yet?

What I can tell thus far is that fuggo psyop runs so deep women settle even when they don't live with the moid or even meet him. You'll never need to experience his "personality", you don't need him to pay the bills, why breed him? This is fucking incredible, why aren't we milking dime a dozen 8/10 one season wonder models whose careers will never take off? Sperm banks are a meme and anyone who uses them is getting robbed.

No. 2080388

Absolutely, but the normie women who want to fuck or breed could do better.

No. 2080399

File: 1720342872890.jpeg (435.5 KB, 651x898, 630E2414-9BA0-47E0-B4D7-7B04DF…)

Men think they’re skinny if they’re not morbidly fat or muscular. I always see overweight males calling themselves skinny because they’re not strong. Despite burning through like 3000 calories a day they NEVER stay skinny, you never see the male equivalent of a skinny woman. Maybe in junkies or AIDS patients. It’s insane. When was the last time you saw a man built like Kate Moss in her peak? This is a perfect example of the ugly man psyop because fat is feminising and it’s men who are supposed to stay skinny, it’s a reversal of biological reality supported by the patriarchy. Picrel would call himself skinny but you can’t even see his ribs. Men are like fat fucking pigs ready for slaughter

No. 2080400

I mean, if all men cheat and there's no limit on how much they cheat, I guess as many as you want?

No. 2080401

Shortly afterwards they instantly became obsessed with male pregnancy and making eggs out of sperm. The former involved a silent hill-esque monstrosity that involved stitching the "pregnant" male to the female in order to connect their circulation - an experiment so grotesque even the most morally flexible researchers recoiled from it. The latter involved still using an egg, except removing the nucleus, stuffing it with reprogrammed male gamete progenitor cells, then IVFing it back into the female. Predictably, the result was cripples that lived 48 hours.

Notably, the experiment with making eggs into sperm involved simple removal of genetic information from the egg. A mutilated egg with missing genes = sperm. Most daughters resulting from that lived into adulthood and reproduced.

Just another reminder that you can't make more out of less. XX out of XY, a woman out of a man, an egg out of sperm. Same reason why females also can't have "male" anything - directionality of sexual development.

No. 2080402

Um all the time… men are more capable of looking thin when they starve than women because of their large skeletal structure, why do you think fags have been torturing these models to fit into their ugly clothes

No. 2080403

Is that this guy from Netherlands who is a donor to 550 kids? Because I saw a clip from the doc and thought sure he has good arguments but with this fucking jawline? Or a lack thereof… Young women who are preyed on for egg harvesting are screened and selected under so many conditions and then you can get just anyone leave their scum in the sperm bank like what… And why all these women picked HIS? What the fuck is wrong with them, where they psyoped that fucking bad?

No. 2080409

File: 1720344188997.jpg (37.75 KB, 233x546, article-2172763-13ECD800000005…)

Male thinness is only possible during development or prime. The thing about anabolic growth is that it doesn't stop just because you're not working out. It just goes somewhere where it's not desired, like abdominal expansion. Your pic related is a strictly pre-wall physique, a man 10 years older with the same bf% would look wider.
Female fashion models are literally starved because they have a larger skeletal structure. They're more likely to look tubby at a normal bf% than average height women.

Bigger bones make you look fat with low bf%, pic related.

No. 2080411

>pic related
Anon I think you need to get off the thinspo blogs

No. 2080412

Are you an ugly man?

No. 2080413

You're completely wrong. It's easier to look emaciated when you're taller or have a larger skeleton because your bones jut out. Bone rattlers regularly say ariana has "chunky legs" because she's short and its physically impossible to look like knock-kneed fashion models. Idk what alternate reality you live in, but posting a random picture of Andreja who often had jutting bones doesn't support your claim at all.

No. 2080416

They don’t see his photo, they’re told he’s a college educated blonde with an iq of 120. Sperm banks are so dodgy that a lesbian couple ended up with a black baby when their desired donor was white. It’s not the women’s fault

No. 2080417

Yes, everybody needs to be aware of this. You also have no legal recourse if you end up with a 60IQ tardbaby. Don't trust those places, try to get someone IRL.

No. 2080420

Bone rattlers are deluded. To them, being slender = being pointy.

Assuming equivalent body fat percentage, a petite person with thin bones will always looks more slender than a tall person with wide bones. Most tall people have big bones and are wide.

No. 2080421

The fact that a store for good human genes does not provide the biggest proof of said genes being good is the part that seems batshit insane to me, followed by the fact that women essentially blind buy their children's futures. Sperm banks are peak ugly man psyop in my opinion.

>120 IQ

Most known genes for intelligence are X linked. Selecting a moid for the smarts is unironically retarded, as long as he's not an actual sped it's good enough. Looks (good immune system and health) matter much more.

No. 2080426

File: 1720346217477.jpeg (39.75 KB, 679x452, images-2023-04-29T133130.958.j…)

OMG? I thought it's like in the Swedish advertisements - women got to see their pics, hear their voice, health history etc. I didn't know…
I understand some guys in college wanting to make a few coins so they donate but this here is just unethical. And with this face? Only a man would think of himself 'yup I'm the shit'

No. 2080430

latsbrah from wish

No. 2080431

That’s how it’s like in Sweden? Wow, very lucky. It should be the global standard.

No. 2080433

File: 1720347057309.webp (40.15 KB, 640x640, 643949801e005bbb68d94a5c1748ec…)

they're both facially (and mentally) challenged kek

No. 2080441


if this mild clip makes them seethe that much imagine if it was an actual half naked hot young moid acting seductive.

No. 2080442

A sad day for Louisfags like me, I find him so cute and handsome but it seems he is going through the German wall already
(for some reason cute German moids age really bad idk why)

No. 2080443

If the roles were reversed the squinty eyed woman with a moustache would be laughed off the screen

No. 2080445

Let’s discuss why men from our countries are worthless, I’ll start: Beards and bowl cuts. Also no muscles, pot bellies and excessive body hair. (answer: yekruT)

No. 2080451

This haggot is also FORTY ONE. His spermatogonial stem cells have divided around 600 times, compared to 300 times in a 30 year old male. More than three-fourths of human germline mutations are paternal in origin.

I would maybe understand getting 40 year old spunk from a male who at one point was hot. Maybe you'll luck out. But whatever the fuck this is? Ugly, retarded AND old?

No. 2080453

the original star wars has princess leiah in a fucking bikini while being chained by some ugly bastard slime, some mid guy having half his body covered is literally nothing in comparison. Moids are so weak.

No. 2080456

I read an article about it in the Guardian this week. It said the couples usually spoke to him directly and they saw his photo etc. And a lot of them did it privately not through clinics. They chose him. A lebian couple 'were impressed with his good looks, health and intelligence', which is insane and shows in what condition the other doners are.

No. 2080459

cursed Anglo-Saxon genes makes everyone disintegrate very quickly (but the moids more so)

No. 2080461

Oh my god, they’re better off paying a random hot guy from a bar to cum inside a plastic bottle and bastering that shit.

No. 2080470

Annoying is an understatement. He is ugly inside and outside. His entire family has lolcow potential kek, but he is the worst.
I can't remember everything because he does a lot of questionable things and is a drama queen so if there is any fellow brazilnonas, they can add it to the list
He is known for:
>cheating on his girlfriend while she is pregnant
>promoted illegal casinos and gambling for a shady company who scammed multiple gamblers. He got paid about r$20 million for that.
>is friends with and hired a gang rapist, one of the rapists who did the crime with Robinho (another ex-player, now in prison)
>That one is more a rumor but there was an accusation of sexual assault against him by a Nike employee, it remains a mystery, but shortly after they broke contract with him, so I suspect he really did. Though he is "protected" and people are inclined to believe him after the whole Najila scandal
>That one is also muddy, but it's believed that he paid the bail out of Daniel Alves (yes, the rapist). They were friends and Daniel Alves paid him 150 thousand euros to his family back after the whole judgement, so probably the money came from him. Of course he denies it.
>Has awful work ethics at least in European clubs. And it's more of a joke but it is suspicious that he got injured and next week was seen partying around the world.
>The entire mess of his cruise
>Is a Bolsonaro supporter, the moid who said who wouldn't rape a woman because she was old and ugly. Bolsonaro is a piece of shit, and that is the kind of man he supports. To be fair, he is not the only one in national team.
>Despite coming from a poor background and claiming to be a "favela's man", he is incredibly elitist and recently supported the privatization of beaches in Brazil.
>Not to mention that he hates being considered black kek, he called himself white once. I just put this one for the kek
>Being ugly as sin

No. 2080500

>Talks about female fashion models
>Posts pic of male fashion model
He doesn't look fat anyway, but he looks weird for a fashion model because he's male and has male skeletal structure, that's all.

No. 2080505

this guy is super cute i always see him in my pinterest board

No. 2080509

The point was that it's easier for males to look thin because of their wider bones. I posted a skinny moid to show that's false. He looks wide and tubby despite being skin and bone.

No. 2080513

He looks fatter than female models in women's clothing because he has a male waist, he wouldn't look fat in men's clothing. And it has nothing to do with being tall. He doesn't look fat anyway he just looks weird because he's a post-wall moid in women's clothing.

No. 2080515

He doesn't look fat in women's clothing that doesn't show his wide-ass arms, huge elbows, huge wrists and huge knees either. Plus he's a deadly skelly moid trying to pass as a girl, no shit he will look thinner than normal moid models.

No. 2080516

But the nonna who posted his pic didn't say he looks thinner. She actually said bigger bones make you look fat with low bodyfat, pic rel, then selected a photo of a post-wall moid with a big waist LARPing as a woman as if that was a good reference for how thin men tend to look.

No. 2080523

My god you're like a brick wall

No. 2080676

i'll continue: beards, excessive body hair, letting themselves go after arranged marriage, either somehow having incel ideology beliefs despite having never come into direct contact with it or support specific feminist tenets that benefit them, can't even get started on all the stats(Hint to answer: monitor lizard)

No. 2080836

this should become the theme song, for this thread.

No. 2080995

not Brazilian but I remember reading that Neymar also "allegedly" cheated on the mother of his first child

No. 2081071

File: 1720393263585.jpg (382.71 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20240708_005728_Gal…)

Saw picrel on tiktok which surprised me because typically there they hype up ugly men.

No. 2081082

File: 1720394138371.jpg (476.08 KB, 719x1464, Screenshot_20240708_011411_Chr…)

If I wanted to become a mother on my own I'd just fuck some rando off the street and say Im on the pill, jfc imagine your kid ending up looking like this

No. 2081087

I wanna kill this ugly faggot.

No. 2081099

People continuously treat Ronaldo kind of like how everyone treated Paul Walker when he died

No. 2081151

I would perform a world record breaking abortion, just so I don't have to disgrace a poor life into looking anything like that monster.

No. 2081163

as if asian-american men aren't desperately begging everyone constantly to objectify them

No. 2081170

They do, they just keep sperging about 'double standards' because they want to be allowed to objectify women as much as they want so they think if they sperg about double standards people will stop complaining about female objectification.

No. 2081171

This is so quick and tame compared to the kind of slow sexual panning up and down shot and lengthy voyeurism scenes that have been completely commonplace in movies for decades. Even today, if it was a woman, there's no way the camera would cut off mid-chest and focus on her face like that.

No. 2081173

I assume it's the usual anti-SJW types who are malding over this? Why are moids so fucking prissy, I thought they were all lonely and desperate to be desired by women kek

No. 2081493

>expecting logic from moids
There's your mistake. A moid is a collection of aimless quasi-programmed adaptations, most of them terribly overtuned because they used to die before said adaptations would become a problem.

Yes, the moid is desperate to be desired by women, but he is also butthurt that he will be desired based on criteria. Any criteria at all = seething because there's a nonzero chance that he won't meet the criteria. Zero criteria = seething because females with no standards are available to every male and therefore must be pozzed as hosts already. Criteria that doesn't include him = self explanatory. Their expectations are not meant to make sense, to you or the moid himself, and therefore not meant to be catered to.

No. 2081596

>A moid is a collection of aimless quasi-programmed adaptations, most of them terribly overtuned because they used to die before said adaptations would become a problem

Your post is like breaking out of the matrix kek. Liberating. Reads like a part of a manifesto.

No. 2081735

Imagine actually living with your brain Klein bottled in this way, and then insisting you're le logical ubermenschen on top of all that.

No. 2081742

Saving your post so I can read it over and over forever. You really hit the nail on the head, nona. Succinct.

No. 2081744

File: 1720445656023.jpg (153.26 KB, 1040x1390, silver-lake-los-angeles-califo…)

Lucky Blue Smith is looking haggard. Neither he nor Nara use sunscreen (they DIY it), but they definitely should.

No. 2081748

Looksmaxed Chester Bennington looking bitch. Also looks like that blonde rat from the latest Hunger Games. He was never hot, but the wall didn't help.

No. 2081771

>one of the employees from those rustic burger joints in a gentrified area with wood paneled walls or masonry walls with cheap fairy lights where the burger is $15 dollars including a $8 dollar small order (can’t choose other sizes) of truffle fries and it’s so mid so you don’t go back

No. 2081773

and then they tear down another woman because she’s a little chunky and bloated that day or constantly hounding on attractive ones for “body checking” because they are jealous, fat and seething. you honestly can never win as a woman

No. 2081812

File: 1720449469366.png (279.66 KB, 2204x1254, 1000012627.png)

Honestly the worst thing about fertility fearmongering towards women is that they act as if geriatric sperm doesn't also impact the baby's health. This attitude that men's sperm quality simply doesn't decrease is another facet of the psyop to push women towards older men

No. 2081817

File: 1720450252524.jpeg (162.9 KB, 1179x1039, 1717306590310.jpeg)

These fags always end up forever alone anyways. Shuwu is thriving with her ugly baby she had at 31, while skeptic is crying and suicide baiting about how lonely he is and how no woman wants his autism sperm at 40 kek. Men dont want children anyways, these type of manchildren arent mature enough to be good fathers anyways. If they were to get a woman pregnant at 40 they would just end up being shitty deadbeat parents of autistic retards just like them.

No. 2081822

Males look more similar to pigs than women. He's a dermatologist's nightmare. His pores are like eyes staring back at me. Horrifying image

No. 2081827

File: 1720451144240.jpg (197.73 KB, 1000x500, 1000004840.jpg)

Everyone else's fault they end up alone of course. It couldn't possibly be that they got psyopped themselves, believing that their ~value~ would only increase with no effort required at all on their behalf, and instead of realising what the problem is they just keep screaming into the void and repeating the cycle kekekek

No. 2082149

I really need all nonnas to understand how retarded and gossipy moids, especially UGLY moids are, like holy fucking shit, I was sneaked into one of their "guy group chats" and this shit is fucking mind boggling, how these fatasses and manlet uglies would make edits and memes about the women they knew
Men always, ALWAYS say they don't like girls who gossip when they are a million times worse

No. 2082289

a guy group chat would be a personal Vietnam for that one anon who insists that moids talk about women less than vice versa

No. 2082604

Oh I remember months ago when I looked up the scientific studies which I will try to find again which said that male sperm peaks at 15-24yrs old and the best age for a woman to concieve is between 27-32 on average. The moids went crazy.

Goodness that anon is delulu I already feel bad and fearful for shuwu's kids whos gonna be fucked up in some way, I really hope greg doesnt have a kids because theres a likley chance they would be a future school shooter.

Its funny I was on twitter and a lot of 20 something women say they wouldnt date a 40yr old scrote even if he was loaded because 40yr olds are ick and they can pull guys who are nearer their age and rich. I hope no woman falls for gregs BS.

Totally. Its terrible propaganda that women are like this when, as you say, the moids are 10x worse.

No. 2082606

File: 1720511235896.jpg (162.06 KB, 2880x703, top kek.jpg)

Oof just as I went back to the first page caught this-we were just talking about ugly useless scrotes being obsessed and look what just popped up lol

No. 2082608

File: 1720511457222.jpg (186.64 KB, 1541x425, men are.jpg)

Same anon and then I find this
>Human decency
Strangly though I have found the more uglier the moid the more degnerate he is irl

No. 2082676

File: 1720517457380.jpg (255.73 KB, 1440x848, IMG_20240709_022922_010.jpg)

i've been seeing more and more women finally being vocal about men aging like milk and how so much of what they attack women for on social media is entirely projection, and it's so damn refreshing

No. 2082678

Samefag comments on both of these were tons of women agreeing and very few if any pickme sentiments, even the men who tried to comment something hateful about women in response got beaten the fuck down with inarguable logic, a rare and beautiful sight I hope we all will contribute to more of– literally it's the only way they will change. You know how it's always men saying "fat shaming works! Bullying has a purpose!" And general lack of empathy towards other ppls struggles, well that's cause it's the only thing that works for them
If they can get away with doing the bare minimum they will, women collectively have to stop settling for it and they will not "go their own way" lmfao like some anons here said they are controlled by their need for sex, we really do have all the power, women are just typically to kind and empathetic to absolutely shit on men for things out of their control like baldness or being short– even when they get shit on by men for being chubby. rise up ladies I look forward to seeing more comments about how when you see a balding man without his hat on for the first time your pussy dries up like the desert, it's the only language they understand

No. 2082681

Actual life fuel, thank you for posting this

No. 2082693

The constant exposure to moid retardation, plus celibacy/abstinence/being single/'asexual' etc becoming normal has helped. There's no need to make yourself look good for a man if you're not planning on getting one in the first place. It's hilarious to see how moid reactions to videos like your picrel are so disproportionate and violent that they peak other women and girls who'd have become doormats otherwise.
If it had been a moid saying this about women ten years ago the replies would have been women simpering about how other whores wear sooo much makeup and look haggard. Now women are removing scrotes from their lives altogether, calling out creepy/ugly scrotes, and there seems to be a shift towards women being neutral or supporting each other rather than tearing each other down. Things have changed in a pretty short period of time and it's wonderful.

No. 2082727

Weren't front poles whining that women are now btfoing them academically? kek

No. 2082756

File: 1720524378127.jpg (2.51 MB, 1080x8406, Collage_20240709_131924.jpg)

>"just coming into his prime"
Found on r/blatantmisogyny, apparently that baldie shared this on Facebook? all proud of himself

No. 2082767

gee what a resentful scrote. I hope she did report him, so his subscription that he "paid a lot of money for" has gone to waste.

No. 2082773

>women are now btfoing them academically
We do. But they imagine that we have some magical unfair advantage, THAT'S why they can't compete, kek. I know we're already dominating fields of medicine and biology (and of human decency), we will steadily start dominating everything else. We're that free for how long exactly? Even generations of our mothers were expected to marry. Women taking care of their house, their children + their husbands + maybe some other family members and who sometimes even work on top of that can't devote a lot of energy to sciences or arts. Give us time.

No. 2082776

The cope of the moment is that it’s because women are better at memorizing and men better and le logic. Also that “schools punish boys for being boys” whatever that means.

No. 2082782

Ou my god. These men think they're in their prime

No. 2082783


Unpicked wursties being deluded about their bargaining power will never not be funny. Hopefully this isn't the usual moid muhstandards larping and he does die alone.

No. 2082789

But back when moids actually dominated science elite boys schools were tard wrangling institutions with corporal punishment. Maybe floggings and caning is what they're missing to be useful?

No. 2082799

>schools punish boys for being boys
They should understand that being annoying unfunny loud violent rule-breaking sex pest little gremlin is what being a boy actually is and it isn't really compatible with learning process.
>Maybe floggings and caning is what they're missing to be useful?
It is. They need hierarchy and strong discipline with physicl punishments, they don't learn otherwise and continue to push boundaries. Women usually condemn it because they know that it wouldn't help them as girls, it'd make them worse, but boys and men are different. Girls and boys shouldn't be learning in the same environment, they need radically different approaches.

No. 2082800

Even if we do just have some magical advantage, that would still completely shatter their cope about being better than us kek. Imagine being BTFO in less than a century by Staceys who aren't even trying.

No. 2082804

>human decency
I'm guessing the "science" is devoid of statistics

No. 2082805

The newest cope is "c-college is an ugly bitch anyway, TRADES or STARTING YOUR OWN DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS is where it's at!"

No. 2082807

Mb you are completely correct I have not been keeping up with the moid meta. Crypto I think as well? Dropping out to become the next Gates etc

No. 2082811

File: 1720528025532.png (37.16 KB, 2456x316, sadasdasdasdasdas.png)

some anon in the shuwu thread put it perfectly into words

No. 2082828

File: 1720529106973.jpg (74.27 KB, 535x719, 88a2054ac99eda053ef736db173fca…)

Which happens to correspond to when a male peaks looks and health wise. Wonder why that is.
It's becoming obvious that the psyop about boys maturing later is part of the psyop about men aging later. The trick is to rebrand signs of senescence (balding, undesirable anabolism, suddenly unrecognizable facial structure) as continued and organized development as opposed to decline. Boom, a freshly 30 year old moid isn't hitting the wall - he's still a boy that's growing, aktually! It works on a layperson's intuition because the difference between a 30 and a 20 year old moid is as severe and jarring as the difference between a 20 year old and a 5 year old one - therefore, it has to be the same as going through puberty. That's how you get 40 as their "prime". Selling aging as growth is what aesthetic muh skulinity is rooted in.

Too bad that no one in biology recognizes this as true, and currently everyone in the field is working overtime to keep these hideous pigs forever 21.

No. 2082835

File: 1720530729931.jpg (1.93 MB, 1080x5527, Collage_20240709_151149.jpg)

"human decency"

No. 2082837

Girls do better in single sex schools while I'm pretty sure boys do worse

No. 2082840

> college is an ugly bitch anyway

No. 2082844

Sadly it got removed by Reddit admins, they can't handle the truth

No. 2082869

>It works on a layperson's intuition because the difference between a 30 and a 20 year old moid is as severe and jarring as the difference between a 20 year old and a 5 year old one
I think it's because it's intuitive for majority of people (outside of incels) assume that men and women should age at the same pace, hence 30 year old moid's looks is how an adult man "in his prime" looks like akshually. In reality women start aging 10-20 years later, if i say this to normies, they won't believe me. The fact that it's normal for women to be younger than men in most relationships is a crime and is dysgenic. We should popularise the word andropause one nonna mentioned here. I literally never heard of it before, which is a tragedy, kek.

No. 2082871

"It's not because females are better or more smart, its because they are good at OBEYING school rules"

No. 2082872

If you do find it plz share

No. 2082988

You just know he explicitly wrote to her because she's stunning and likely miles out of his league, so age was the only thing he could neg kek.

No. 2083021

kek, that nonna is either young or clueless, moids viciously pick on any and every microscopic flaw women have

No. 2083077


Excuse my cringe weebspeak but istg too many men are genuine tsunderes. It makes me understand why that archetype is so popular with men—it's just projection.

No. 2083163

File: 1720549980452.png (2.91 MB, 1920x1438, rodent men.png)

No. 2083174

File: 1720550819724.png (979.59 KB, 870x964, huge ackman.png)

kekek Roddy core

No. 2083177

That animated rat is hotter than them

No. 2083197

Roddy is a parody of rich bachelor brits and is somehow more attractive than these inbreds.

No. 2083261

Pure mental illness tbh

No. 2083264

Anybody who things that Barry guy is attractive in any kind of way is mentally ill, idgaf. He straight up looks like a reconstruction of a badly deteriorated corpse.

No. 2083282

Men are obsessed with pushing away academia to do trades. kekk. They cant cope with the fact that women are dominating in schools.

No. 2083313

File: 1720559416092.jpeg (75.64 KB, 550x715, IMG_1650.jpeg)

Do you guys find the nachito/nacho nigga ugly? I’m trying to understand why some of the /g/ fags find him attractive like there’s no quirks to him that would even make him unconventional he’s just blah

No. 2083314

Samefag these nachofags can literally head down to New York near those migrant hotels and find the same man who looks like him KEK

No. 2083315


No. 2083316

They do age later than us though. It’s all about how long the aging lasts, men age like sour milk because their biological framework was made with duck tape and silly rubber bandz holding their genetics together

No. 2083318

seeing my brother , who had a model tier face (no joke), age like milk is depressing and eye opening at the same time
men who let themselves get fat are the absolute worse
wonder if any nonnas here have brothers who were once hot
the whole men age better than women is such bullshit(integrate)

No. 2083320

summerfags are they not teaching you proper grammar in school anymore? do they just give you ipads and let you guys figure it out or some shit what’s with these abysmal typing styles and reddit spacing i’m seeing lately?

No. 2083381

File: 1720564473302.jpg (1.57 MB, 2000x3442, 1439585090869.jpg)

No. 2083397

kek. these people really are retarded and have no game. like some of them are hideous but there is a couple good looking. the rest are average moids. the same average moids that get married and make more average looking moids with their average or out of their league wives. and oftentimes they don't even try to treat them much better than incels already perceive women. they're pathetic.

No. 2083466

kek the bottom half is outright atrocious. the only ok looking ones are long haired brunette (although he looks a bit paleolithic) and the indian/paki. unbelievable.

No. 2083525

File: 1720574072039.jpeg (17.7 KB, 165x115, IMG_1656.jpeg)

These are the men creating those soy written anti-female screencap rants??? KEKK they are beyond doomed, also where are the 6’8 staggering tall hyperborean aryans that reside on 4chan??

No. 2083545

Ot, but you are a legit downsie. Most tall people are ectomorphs, who by definition don't look wide and sturdy.

No. 2083550

>tfw men literally can't read

No. 2083553

Tbh I want this image burned into the mind of every non-white nonny who has racial self-hate or feels inherently ugly or whatever because of some shit she read on 4chan. These are not attractive men, these are the men you cross the street to avoid IRL due to the appearance and smell.

No. 2083559

>girls are better at memorizing we at logic
Funny how irl its always men who know gazillion of useless trivia and bumble like retards when asked to explain their thought processes. I am sure the latter is caused by "greater female communicational ability" or something though lmao.

No. 2083562

He looks like a turtle

No. 2083566

Kek, I see it.

No. 2083573

File: 1720577218561.jpg (126.44 KB, 823x1200, aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubWFuZ2FyZWFkLm…)

Not even. I'm shocked whenever I find out how young some men really are despite their looks saying otherwise. Dating tip for nonas: When you meet his family, pay attention to his dad's/older male siblings' hair. This predicts his future hairline. Convince him to take prophylactic measures against baldness if the future looks bleak.

No. 2083577

35yo men are a little too old to express 'preferences,' no? Should have settled down by age 25

No. 2083582

Slightly OT but I noticed moids use this cope for a lot of things, including stuff unrelated to this thread where I have somewhat 'abnormal' opinions I always see moids claiming that women never have those unusual opinions because they're more likely to 'obey authority.' Except in my real life it's mostly women I know who shared those opinions with me and mostly moids who tried to enforce them through violence.

Really moids are the ones obsessed with hierarchies and obeying authority (this is why Jordan Peterson was successful telling young moids the same shit 'feminist' women had been trying to tell them for decades) and they can't deal with the fact that women are more likely to form their own opinions and less likely to try to stomp on others for them. This comes in handy when they're trying to 'choose partners' (once they're post-wall and undesirable) and claim their difficulty finding women is because all the women are too 'normie' and 'brainwashed' by society to have good opinions, when in reality it's because they can't find women willing to go along with their bullshit and women actually stand up for their own boundaries and beliefs without automatically caving to moids. This is why they hate older women (not 'the wall'), because older women are less likely to just go along with their shit no matter what.

No. 2083583

Most hairloss genes comes from the x chromosone(as every other thing, y barely does shit) so dad can have a full head of hair but if materal grandpa is bald, he'll bald. Sucks bc theoretically his infinitely great grandpa on his mother side might have been a baldie, and the gene can pass through the materal lineage unnoticed until it strickes some unlucky bastard.

No. 2083584

KEK I love you

No. 2083588

I don't have brothers who aged like milk but I have 2 slightly older male cousins who I used to have crushes on when I was like 10-15yo because I thought they were literally the most beautiful men alive (they were really beautiful), both were a bit older than me. One of them aged better than the other (still good bone structure and fitness) but balded, the other got fat, bloated with a beer belly, and he's not even out of his mid 30s yet. Really blackpilling because my dad (who is retarded but nonetheless) still has a full thick curly head of hair that hasn't started greying in his 60s, didn't start getting a beer belly until he was like 50-something, and always had pretty good skin so I just assumed that was the normal aging process for moids as a kid. Now I realize my dad is the actual 1 in a million moid who doesn't look like shit by age 40, it almost makes me want to have kids to pass down my non-balding genes but I probably won't.

No. 2083591

They're probably just in love with the far cry psycho character so they automatically find him attractive outside of it.

No. 2083593

This is actually not true, baldness is X-linked so to predict a moid's future balding pattern you need to look at his mom's dad.

No. 2083595

>but there is a couple good looking.

I can spot only five.

No. 2083597

ew kek the one with no eyebrows is so nasty

No. 2083598

I only see 3-4 who I think are okay looking, most are well below average

No. 2083599

File: 1720579256656.jpg (399.14 KB, 1524x1319, double standards.jpg)

Its not just a psyop these old geezers are running on women and girls but also young boys.

They know women, truthfully, would choose younger men over them so what do they do? Tell the younger men that actually no, women dont want you until you are older-the redpill/manosphere idiots are also poisoning their minds and making these moids undateable.

I mean look at this double standard-leo de craprio has a running joke about only dating under 25yr olds, that creep dane cook married an 18yr old when hes in his 50s but an older woman DARE fall in love with a younger (but clearly adult) male and she gets huge backlash for it. Its not just an ugly man psyop is a huge fucking double standard psyop at work here.

No. 2083606

Yeah they always act like older women who date 25-35yo moids are literal pedos while actual 65yo pedo males who start dating a girl 'officially' the day she turns 18 are given a pass. I think everyone knows what's up.

No. 2083616

File: 1720580488414.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.07 KB, 900x1063, DeSr_9jVAAASl5C.jpeg)

>That one ugly ass moid comparing himself to Beard
Beard would NEVER post on r9k. YWNB2D

No. 2083659

Ot, but you have an American reading comprehension.

No. 2083665

I'm sure everyone is used to this by now, but "old feminist bitches want to sabotage young women" is the usual moid projection. It's the way their minds work because they're incapable of introspection and emotional regulation.

Old haggots are incapable of not being weird around attractive young men. There is also a rather obvious social pact between ugly and old men - ugly young men are not a threat to old ones, and the idea of eventually getting to fuck by acquiring power and money is appealing to them for obvious reasons. Therefore, they uplift each other. Fuggos tend to be the most likely to be put on track for money and power by expired moids.

No. 2083667

File: 1720586442704.jpg (35.98 KB, 450x360, 836638280.jpg)

B-buh but because it's NATURAL for me but isn't for you, because I say so! Also I have a meat cumshovel in my pants and constantly obsess over being cucked because YOU ARE NATURALLY MONOGAMOUS AND I'M NOT!

No. 2083669

Pretty much everything about the ugly moid psyop and every other aspect of weird moid sexual politics is reversal/darvo/confession by projection, no one has changed my mind about this yet. It's like the way moids crazily pressure women to get married or have kids young even though it's moids who lose both marriageability and genetic value as fathers as they age. It's funny how obsessed men get about getting cucked because women are far less likely to cheat than men are even though women have far more opportunities to cheat than men usually do. The more a moid freaks out about cuckoldry the more likely it is he knows he shouldn't genetically reproduce.

No. 2083678

I legit can’t take moids “warm hole” insult seriously anymore after finding out about sperm shoveling so thank you for that lol.

No. 2083690

File: 1720590791316.jpeg (258.38 KB, 979x1224, IMG_8797.jpeg)

Cologne ads used to feel like a nice treat when I would randomly see them on TV or online ads. Now I feel like I’m being ambushed by actual serial killers. No I don’t want to see fugly ass Johnny Depp, Timotree Charlemagne, Aaron Taylor-whatever the fuck. It’s jarring.

No. 2083694

First one is what a Chad really looks like, rest ugly

No. 2083695

First one was the world's highest paid male model for years for a reason lmao, apparently there is only like one moid born per generation that most women think is pretty.

No. 2083699

>sperm shoveling

The fuck is that.

No. 2083700

NTA but moids penises are built to 'shovel out' other sperm that might be in your vagina at the time of copulation lmao

No. 2083711

File: 1720592997010.jpg (962.34 KB, 1170x1709, 1887680707.jpg)

dane cook also probably dated that 18 year old before she was even 18

No. 2083722

Dane cook and his pedocreep friends were probably the (1) thing that retarded schizo moid Isaac kappy was right about. Also see Seth green. Stupid creepy little redhead leprechaun manlet, who's friends with Jeff Ross, who groomed a 15 year old, who's friends with jim carrey who also allegedly has an underage victim. These men can rot

No. 2083734

File: 1720595021469.gif (117.42 KB, 220x165, flanders-grito.gif)

I find things like this hilarious, because it's so obviously posted by scrotes who weren't raised in any religion, and definitely aren't attending any kind of IRL church functions now. IRL church people would be mortified by this kind of obscene, low class, delusional shit. Nobody would think he's a bashful blushing virginal man bride at his ripe old age, Christians aren't stupid, they know almost nobody over 30 is virgin, so you just don't throw stones in that glass house.

No. 2083738

Irl normalfag churchgoers have nothing to do with used up bald 35 year old wursties who hit the wall and decided that chirstwashing their gooner past will help them find pure love with a loyal becky. Especially if it's some non-batshit northeast WASP denomination.

No. 2083745

First is top tier over the second model but I’d rather look at his dead face than Chlamydia‘s. That ad seriously gives me the creeps.

No. 2083758

Before I familiarized myself with the way moids age I thought 25 year old ones were like 40

No. 2083770

File: 1720598905232.jpeg (731.96 KB, 3261x2853, IMG_8817.jpeg)

If you’re eurotrash then you’re not one to talk(infighting)

No. 2083772

I think this is why they gravitate towards Catholicism and eastern European sects, but I'm sure even those people can smell the imposter stench. The internet and porn has rotted these scrotes brains, it's insane how they post overtly sexual, rude shit like this in public and think they are "traditional" and religious. And that's not even accounting for being 35 while twisting his pearls over women's virginity.

No. 2083775

So FASlets read better than you?

No. 2083786

File: 1720600627235.png (144.11 KB, 1264x1506, IMG_8820.png)

I wasn’t even that anon, but no, Americans are ranked ahead of all but two European countries in reading. And that’s funny because we have a huge amount of immigrants, and ESL students lower the score significantly

No. 2083790

File: 1720600695553.webp (452.17 KB, 2400x1800, IMG_8819.webp)

The overall scores including math and science(derailing)

No. 2083829

File: 1720605835983.gif (270.66 KB, 275x184, 1718965585143.gif)

If you think any of these faggots is "good looking" you are beyond hope

No. 2083833

3rd AYRT and I didn't say any of them are good looking, I said 3 are 'okay' looking, as in average moid you see on the street, while the rest are far below average.

No. 2083837

Have you noticed how attractive men are rarely high status? You can't convince me old short haggots aren't sabotaging them.

No. 2083839

I mean yeah, it chafes their asses that no matter how much money they have she'd rather be with the 6'2 stableboy.

No. 2083869

Aren't they shooting themselves in the foot with this psyop? I specifically remember jean paul gaultier ads even when I was a kid because the sailors in it were cute.

No. 2083878

All of them are disgusting looking including those you listed.

No. 2083880

Hot and rodent don't go together

No. 2083885

They have zero human decency.

No. 2083892

You know what nonnas, after reading these threads I need to find myself at least a decent-looking guy to talk/date. I hate to coddle men, growing up on the internet and irl they taught me a thing or two about how they would treat women if they don't benefit them (ie from a good time, sex, looks, etc.) they treat you like 2nd class citizen and expect you to treat it like the norm but when women did the same thing the absolute vitriol hate gets thrown at her.
Time to be more shallow ig.

No. 2083893

No. 2083895

yep. this site and thread specifically taught me that women get a pass for being shallow. 90% of men are fugly.

No. 2083916

lmao the pickmes are the only non repulsive ones

No. 2083952

hey whats up with the watermelon font pattern on the black guys lole. i like the straw hats on the asians tho, thats cute

No. 2084003

ITT: Multiple anons attempt to be manifesto-chan #2 and failing every time

No. 2084024

God forbid more than one nonna makes insightful posts.

No. 2084037

they are, but i said ok looking. as in, they don't give you a jumpscare or make your instincts scream, at least they resemble healthy humans and not dysgenic aliens

No. 2084250

File: 1720638205823.jpg (153.13 KB, 1080x1350, 1000047595.jpg)

Why is he so ugly? I can't focus on House of Dragon because everytime he's on my screen I want to puke. His forehead wrinkles are so prominent and and everytime he tries to put on that smug look he just looks like an old bleached raisin.

No. 2084259

moids call themselves logical and then turn around and internalize porn memes as real life

No. 2084276

god bless the nonna that resurrected this whole ugly man psyop topic, it's more relevant than ever
I always find it funny how guys threaten me that I'll end up alone (as if it's some kind of punishment kek) because I don't want to lower my standards.
Single is happy and I'd rather be that than with a balding manlet.

No. 2084314

File: 1720642670289.jpg (87.66 KB, 564x563, 54e6d8e63e90c771e2f12ef7dcdd00…)

NONNY I have a concept of a device you plug into your TV/monitor that uses AI to redistribute the pixels on-screen to upscale or mod the males in your shows to look hot. I am appealing to all the investors in the Bay Area to get on board and with any luck you will not be plagued by uggos in your show within 5 years. This is not a joke

No. 2084332

i wish you luck anon…

No. 2084342

this is what AI was made for. let's get some crowdfunding going nonna

No. 2084388

File: 1720646243481.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3120x4191, uglycreep.jpeg)

Off topic but also not since he got posted and is an ugly man, last row, smack dab in the middle guy facing left/looking up is donatello/Alex. He was with Bianca the night she got murdered. He's still online looking for underage/vulnerable girls. pic related is from this year on 4chan

No. 2084396

File: 1720646708512.jpeg (192.77 KB, 720x867, Screenshot_20240710-161849-01.…)

Most men are so ugly.

No. 2084408

File: 1720647280720.jpeg (137.61 KB, 719x799, Screenshot_20240710-161948-01.…)


No. 2084412

File: 1720647427742.jpeg (245.01 KB, 719x984, Screenshot_20240710-161921-01.…)

I'm almost in awe of this scrote's pig-like face. I guess the weird flared jaw is from steroid abuse.

No. 2084414

I was just about to say that his jaw looks like a dorsal fin kek

No. 2084415

File: 1720647605907.jpeg (179.78 KB, 719x989, Screenshot_20240710-161915-01.…)

I don't even know. Men age so badly. Women in his own age & income bracket still look fresh and soft if they took any care of themselves at all. I'll cut it off at this, impressively hideous.

No. 2084420

The ridiculous makeup and duckface makes it so obvious they view womanhood as a costume.

No. 2084457

Literally lipstick on a pig

No. 2084530

i had a stroke reading this

No. 2084562

I thought it was funny.

It is true that the whole 'trad cath/trad christfag' larp men are doing is hilarious and embarrassing, but what's more embarrassing is how many women (even older women with experience) actually fall for it. I have older female relatives who should know better who literally take any moid at his word when he talks about just being a nice trad man who wants to be a provider for a kind, loyal wife when they're all pornsick coomers like this and borderline pedos with broken dicks who just want to isolate and take advantage of some innocent young woman. It's actually disgusting that this LARP men do actually works on/convinces women, including the older women who are supposed to be looking out for younger women in their communities/families.

No. 2084692

File: 1720656493927.mp4 (13.27 MB, 720x1280, lv_0_20240710170708.mp4)

No. 2084704

Jesus christ woman, love yourself.

No. 2084711

What is it with men and spouting anti-miscengenation all the time?? I agree the other guy looks like Benjamin Franklin, but it's so weird that moids think every women has to date a guy from the same race. I've noticed this a lot from white and brown guys.

No. 2084716

Men usually feel like women are objects or possessions, especially within what they feel are their own 'kin' groups, and feel threatened when the possessions are 'taken away' by rival males from other groups.

No. 2084721

it's the forehead wrinkles and eyebrows not being prominent

No. 2084768

File: 1720661600389.jpg (30.9 KB, 518x700, b15773bc5b9aa74223cb73441d122c…)

That's so funny you brought that up because Le Male In The Navy was my favorite cologne on men and I only knew that because the ads made me first smell it at the fragrance counter kek He still mostly has cuties in his ads luckily. I would think it would backfire on them. I won't buy Sauvage because I associate it with Johnny Depp's rotten teeth.

No. 2084773

I don't think that moid is cute but I like the objectifying outfit. I feel like a lot of fashion people are just gay males who put gay aesthetics on everything and just make perfume ads and similar with moids they want to fuck, that's why Timothee Chamalama is on everything gay fashion moids touch because his breakout role was him being a gay twink.

No. 2084775

dang even the bottle got a bulge

No. 2084787

File: 1720662665427.jpg (702 KB, 1645x2062, sick.jpg)

It's all I see now. Disgusting.

No. 2084813

Ewwww the first one

No. 2084825

File: 1720665377650.png (38.08 KB, 230x318, Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 7.34.…)

Serial killer shit

No. 2084833

KEEEK he looks like a sea creature about to eat somebody

No. 2084853

File: 1720668765926.jpg (192.26 KB, 736x1345, 1000001524.jpg)

This shit is gross and I hate this type of moid

No. 2084855

First serial killer with FASD. He looks genuinely scary.

No. 2084859

I think if he was shaven and his shirt wasn't ripped in half maybe this would be a little better

No. 2084862

Idk if i'd call my brother hot, that'd be fucking weird, but he refuses to use sunscreen and it pisses me off because he has auburn hair. Also don't understand why he insists on having a shitty beard, even my mother told him to shave it. He did once get asked to do modeling once but turned it down.

No. 2084873

that's okay more for the grandmas and grandma-leaning young women

No. 2084874

What moids think women are attracted to

No. 2084880

Lenny Kravitz? I assume would look good if he trimmed down the hair but forget everyone else

No. 2084889

Lenny Kravitz is old now but at least he has a cool 'look' and is sort of a fashion icon, unlike the rest of these moids. I can see men looking at his style and vibe and saying 'oh that's aspirational I want to be cool like that' (the purpose of an ad) but why would anyone want to look like Adam Driver the oceanic serial killer? Or Johnny Depp wearing an office shirt in the desert for some reason?

No. 2084943

I don't think Lenny Kravitz is fugly like the others but he has notoriously horrific hygiene which makes him being the face of a fragrance a turn-off.

No. 2084947

File: 1720678021053.jpeg (95.07 KB, 655x873, E7GpHpEXEAU8BQy.jpeg)

And this is with extensive editing. Imagine how terrifying the raw files are. Really is giving "They're coming to get you, Barbara".

No. 2084995

>I won't buy Sauvage because I associate it with Johnny Depp's rotten teeth.
I know what you mean. There was a video ad, and I could smell the stale tobacco smoke and alcohol breath through my screen.
Background Italian sociopath on Boardwalk Empire.
He already has such a strange torso.

No. 2085034

He could play Gordon Ramsay at this point.

No. 2085038

I can't post insta reels but I just got one where a guy did a before and after shave and the top comments are all beard is better
I wish the beard psyop would end already

No. 2085044

you can download insta reels from https://saveinsta.cam/ nonnie

No. 2085067

I know which brown boy is malding that Benjamin Franklin mogs him.

No. 2085071

Genuine question - who is this for? The lineup suggests that gen X women are buying this for their husbands, right? Or is this about being relatable to moids? What audience is this ad targeting?

No. 2085085

non-balding scrote trumps any balding scrote, you don't have to like racespergs but you don't have to wk a balding pig just because a equally repulsive hairy beast dislikes him

No. 2085092

Oh, I'm not. That albino pig is fucking hideous and needs to be euthanized. But the hairy-anused currycel mystery meat is malding because they all want to be white, no matter how ugly.(racebait)

No. 2085123

File: 1720692576791.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1890, IMG_8885.jpeg)

Screenshot from the celebricows thread- Alexandra Daddario fell for the psyop I guess. She left her young boyfriend (6 years younger than her) for a man in his 50s (almost 20 years older than her) and is now having a child with him.

No. 2085180

Eh, maybe her career is falling off and she needs a meal ticket. I haven't heard of her since that blursed Baywatch remake.

No. 2085278

Dysgenic paraphiliac. She should be shamed for cursing her children.

No. 2085302

> Background Italian sociopath on Boardwalk Empire
I love you nonita thanks for making me laugh so hard

No. 2085305

File: 1720703775641.webp (137.28 KB, 2000x2500, IMG_8894.webp)

Literally. This is the haggard old freak she allowed to impregnate her, their offspring will probably have so many problems. I understand that she might need a meal ticket as the other nona said but this is just selfish. She and Logan probably would have had cute children tbh and he’s around 30 so still young enough to be a father

No. 2085307

This definitely happened because of age pressure on her end and that’s what makes it so sad. She very well could’ve found a 28 year old that would give her children at 38, not a gross 55 year old.

No. 2085310

I think they are trying to market straight moids which… isn’t a good thing

No. 2085314

Forget children, can you imagine THAT nutting in you? She must have an ugly bastard fetish and gets off on how debasing it is to be pozzed by someone with a precancerous prostate. I actually think this is the closest thing to bug chasing fetish a woman is capable of developing.

No. 2085318

If I’m remembering correctly she got shamed for dating Logan Lerman because he was 17 when they met, she probably thought she would be perceived better if she married an old haggor. Sad because Logan is already old for a moid since he’s over 29, meaning his fertility tanked and his looks are about to follow.

No. 2085319

File: 1720704414600.jpeg (26.16 KB, 465x279, IMG_8798.jpeg)

I enjoy Formula 1 as a sport. What I do not enjoy are the fugly ass drivers being pushed as hot just because they are wealthy. These boys/men are ugly. Leclerc was passable but has fallen hard over the last two years. I feel like I’m going crazy every time a woman says picrel is cute.

No. 2085325

File: 1720704724749.jpeg (121.94 KB, 736x736, IMG_8897.jpeg)

It has to be a fetish, she went from someone who has very youthful looking features (which is rare for a male), to an old hog with extremely mature looking features who looks like a 100 year old ghoul

No. 2085349

Extremely controversial but no one should really give a shit that a woman met a man when he was 17.

No. 2085352

File: 1720706920635.jpeg (38.9 KB, 590x350, IMG_8799.jpeg)

Refuse to fall for the lie that this man is attractive

No. 2085363

File: 1720707664565.jpg (135.59 KB, 2000x1500, logan-lerman-analuisa-corrigan…)

He's gonna age so fucking badly, he's already beginning. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars in botox for this retard

No. 2085370

File: 1720708134631.jpeg (186.17 KB, 828x813, IMG_8900.jpeg)

His hair is already grey, his skin is getting wrinkles and sags, he has a bloated alcoholic face with jowls, his eyes are dead (probably from being abused by producers when he was a famous teenager, misfortunate situation of course) and his girlfriend is his age but he looks 20 years older. The male aging process never fails to amuse me. I do think he’s vaguely attractive still, mostly because I love green eyes, but he’ll probably look completely hideous within the next few years.

No. 2085376

It pisses me off he can't even get a nice haircut and consistently has rough patches of pubic hair on his face with a doll next to his side smh

No. 2085389

Based tbh

No. 2085390


Eeww spoiler that shit

No. 2085405


I've always hated this obnoxious cunt. I never get how he has so many teen girls fawning over him. I don't find any drivers to be really attractive, but at least I can see it with Leclerc or Oscar. I can't see the appeal of this man-child.

I also don't get the hot drivers narrative. These guys are just average looking millionaires. I'd watch the NBA if I want to see hot athletes.

No. 2085440

File: 1720713555067.webp (58.41 KB, 1024x683, IMG_8826.webp)

No. 2085468

The male aging process makes me sad and kind of panicky in a way the female aging psyop never did, here I was thinking I needed to be concerned about my own aging and now I hit that age where most men I know are hitting the wall rapidly I'm realizing I won't get to look at any pretty men anymore, all my male peers will be hideous forever. How did they convince women to worry about their own aging instead of that tragedy? They spend girls' youth psyopping them into crushing on old post-wall moids when they could be appreciating the occasional attractive boy their own age instead and by the time most women wise up their peers are the geriatric moids already.

No. 2085470

when the fuck did the beard craze start, I want this shit to die in a fucking fire already

No. 2085473

Sometime during the millennial hipster fashion craze peak shortly after 'manbuns' had their moment, but I think it got worse during COVID because of laziness and moids not leaving their houses. At least with the original hipster beard craze in the 2010s a lot of the moids growing them out tried to keep them neat/trimmed/oiled but since COVID it just seems like they don't even bother. I have seen multiple moids in public recently walking around with food visibly dribbled down/stuck in their beards, obviously having no idea, and their friends/gfs they're walking with don't even tell them.

No. 2085478

> I'm realizing I won't get to look at any pretty men anymore, all my male peers will be hideous forever.
So what? You can have hotter, younger guys as much as you want. You look better than your male peers do so use it to your advantage. Young males are easy as hell, if you look okay and have a “fun” personality the world is your oyster. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, you could be married to a used up whore but be friendly with young guys on the side. It’s EZ. Play around with 18 year olds until you want babies at 35 then settle down. Then start cheatmaxxing.
But I totally agree with you, I’d rather women age the way men do. Because I can’t see my own face!

No. 2085496

JFC, literally nobody would shame a 23 yo moid for dating a 17 yo. Fucking nobody. I think the other problem is that the pressure to choose father with good genetics just kind of doesn't exist? "Good father" doesn't imply anything about good genetics, it's just about not being too abusive. When a misfortunate child is born from a choice of an aged or otherwise unfitting father, they treat it as if they could do nothing, as if it happened at random and they're victims to the whims of nature, kek. Women are shamed for dating even a little bit younger or "too attractive for them", but not pressured to filter out for good genetics, of coure they cave in and go breed with ugly mummies, this way is accepted and there's no social punishment for it. If pressure came from both ends, those women would need to pick a side, and they'd more likely to make a better choice, i believe.
Cougar 20 year old guys, like nature intended. Don't listen to retards who apply predatory old moid logic to women. If you're dating your age, you're already dating too old. If you're dating 5 years older or more, you're dating a grandpa.
They literally look like a dad and his teenage daughter, ooof. How old are they?

No. 2085553

I don't want to be off topic but it's the only sport where I can legitimately find decent looking guys. Maybe I'm just blinded by their heights.

No. 2085564

nayrt but I've seen pics of volleyball players and it makes me very hormonal
very tall men I want to climb are a turn on kek

No. 2085601

File: 1720724877674.jpg (104.07 KB, 517x382, 12487324906230968.jpg)

This is somewhat trivial but this is what happens when you let men dominate the entertaining industry. I've seen this shit in video games so many times that it genuinely started to annoy me. Why do ugly bastards have to be emphasized on the front of the fucking game cover? When they decide to put a chubby woman she still looks somewhat dolled up and youthful while her supposed male counterparts look straight up haggard. Even in triple a games with romanceable male characters, the options are always so laughable unless its animu style. I cant wait till AI gets even advanced so I can easily start using deepfakes for movies & games.

No. 2085630

I'm not interested in sex with random moids, but it's not even about that. I just mean the moids I see in my daily life, like the ones I work with or who are already in my friend group and I have to work with and look at all the time, are all gonna be unpleasant to look at, which is kind of tragic. Men complain about women hitting the wall but they see attractive and put together women everywhere they go, including in public. I see attractive moids in public rarely enough, and now my above-average-attractiveness male peers are all gonna look like shit too while the women they date probably spend 3k a year trying to look prettier and 'prevent' visible aging.

No. 2085641

Analuisa Corrigan is 29 and Logan Lerman is 32 kek

No. 2085643

File: 1720727758801.webp (23.05 KB, 680x383, 221023054315-01-ilia-malinin-q…)

Figure skating has nonwalled moids (pic related is like a FAS Jordan Barrett I guess kek)

No. 2085650

File: 1720728073373.webp (226.16 KB, 1600x2137, GettyImages-1151276685.webp)

Jordan Barrett is a hideous deformed freak who looks like his facial features were shrunk and crammed into the middle of his face using the liquefy tool (picrel) and this figure skater is also ugly and yes, like you said, looks developmentally delayed. There are occasionally decent looking male figure skaters though, although I suspect many of them were gay.

No. 2085657

This has got to be bait. He looks 12

No. 2085668

He looks like a FAS baby

No. 2085674

File: 1720729414525.jpg (42.75 KB, 800x1065, william-bracewell-ballet-dance…)

Ballet has some of the best moid physiques of all athletes, and their faces aren't too busted a lot of the time. They're strong as fuck too. Being a roidpig is just cope for not being able to be strong AND beautiful.

No. 2085681

ofc men will screech GAAAAAAAY at this lmao but I 100% agree nonna
male ballerinas can be fucking gorgeous and it takes a fuckton of discipline to get where they are

No. 2085682

Wtf, post more male ballerinas

No. 2085686

what about that japanese skater with the nice butt that gets posted on /g/ sometimes (i'd post a pic if i could remember his name)

No. 2085692

File: 1720730406343.jpg (193.84 KB, 1280x1519, 1000047607.jpg)

Daily Matt Smith is ugly post. He looks like he just sucked a really sour lemon

No. 2085714

File: 1720731602874.jpg (47.86 KB, 736x906, 875834768937496843969.jpg)

Yuzuru Hanyu?

No. 2085740

File: 1720733496231.jpg (52.66 KB, 400x557, BbBjsez1joWPR_3tfsGcOm7Y3IkJx6…)

No. 2085842

File: 1720741359420.jpeg (62.92 KB, 800x600, 56af8d36dd0895a4248b47c6.jpeg)

Men really memed themselves into thinking this male Jocelyn Wildenstein is peak

No. 2085955

My brother is very cute and takes care of himself because he's a fag but I'm making sure he takes extra care of himself.

No. 2086042

It's extra bad because male aging typically causes their heads/faces to expand and their features to sort of cluster together in their midface no matter what, yet men have memed themselves into thinking 'compact midface' and 'gigantic chad jaw/square block head' and 'squinty beady hunter eyes' is a good thing in a 20yo moid. By the time that moid hits 35-40 he will just have a massive dinner plate like face with tiny features clustered in the middle and barely visible tiny shark eyes. Jordan Barrett hit the wall before he was born with these genetics.

No. 2086196

I wonder how many of older women's fertility issues come from the fact that they're with moids their age or older. Something tells me they wouldn't have half as much trouble getting knocked up by a moid in his prime.

No. 2086198

He went full anachan to combat his inevitable leopilled aging trajectory, but he won't dodge the giant melon reaper.

No. 2086430

File: 1720798024810.png (373.03 KB, 500x535, PZPNYDr.png)

Having gone from being a huge fan of Twilight to eventually hating it, I now have a more middle of the road perspective. It's not a perfect series, but it's miles better than most crap out there, Bella is much less sexualized than the average female mc. she got the sparkling Vampire and Wolfboy swooning over her, but there's (afair) no focus on her boobs or ass or whatever. She doesn't seem like a naive little girl that isn't aware of her body (she also isn't framed as a person with the mind of a 10 year old girl either). The male gaze is much less apparent

No. 2086438

A lot of moids don't understand how much their own sperm declines once they started reaching 30. You're absolutely right though, funny how you'll never see cougars with 24 yr old husbands at the IVF clinic, but they're loaded with women in their early 20s with old fart husbands

No. 2086441

Any young woman who willingly breeds with an expired scrote is the worst form of pickme and you can’t convince me otherwise. Don’t care if women wanna date up in age cause there’s obvious benefits, but if the moid wants you to be a broodmare? Or if YOU want to be a broodmare? Dysgenic and should be illegal. In fact all men age 35+ should be immediately sterilized so that way pickmes will need to find a better strategy and old scrotes won’t even be allowed to dream.

No. 2086449

Samefag as >>2086441 but holy fucking gross. It’s so much worse when celebs do shit like this, they’re not even shacking up for the money, they have plenty of their own! But if the scrote had been sterilized at 35 this wouldn’t even be an issue. I know that will never be mandated but it would seriously solve so many societal ills it makes me wanna cry that we can’t have it be a mandate.

No. 2086460

Well yeah because it was written by a Mormon. That’s why Breaking Dawn broke the series with its disgusting pregnancy arc that made Jacob a pedo. My headcanon is that it ended with Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is non canon retardation written by a psycho pro natalist pedo apologizer.

No. 2086477

He was so cute in this movie. Total cutie death is real and makes me want to slam and purge all ugly scrotes out of existence. Legalize late-term abortion to cull ugly bastards from daring to even think they have a shred of humanity like a cute adorable pretty boy male.

No. 2086480

File: 1720801218920.jpeg (127.59 KB, 736x736, IMG_1692.jpeg)

vomiting, shaking, pussy quivering. he’s honestly still cute for an older man though, the anons who keep calling him ugly are big fat liars and are asexuals(>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs)

No. 2086481

Stop simping for washed up old men

No. 2086491

tfw the “old man” is younger than me

No. 2086500

File: 1720801868970.jpg (31.91 KB, 398x367, 573894075943875903486.jpg)

I wonder in what universe would men be called big fat liars and asexuals if they said they didnt find wrinkly and busted older women attractive.

No. 2086504

still cute

No. 2086506

stop simping for little boys who just graduated high school nonny(b8)

No. 2086509

A 50 year old woman is younger than a 35 year old male.

No. 2086510

Angry, seething, bitter and perpetually unhappy trying to make others spiral into your own misery. You must be real fun at parties anon

No. 2086514

>little boys who just graduated high school
The militaries of the world primarily employ 18 year old males… to kill other “widdle bois” and die. The single most violent and dangerous demographic on earth. And I know I’m a bigger retard than you for replying to your bait. Fuck off and die

No. 2086526

to ugly bastard fetishists like you ig

No. 2086532

He’s not an ugly bastard, you’re just another “voluntary” celibate who thinks their choice on not finding a romantic partner is actually voluntary. Nobody was lining up for you to begin with kek

No. 2086533

Are you blind to how his hairline currently looks or what?

No. 2086542

>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs
Rather be celibate than lose my dignity by fucking an old ugly fart.

No. 2086547

and they still look better than balding men

No. 2086555

Virgin Mary mindset. You hate men but are obsessively occupied with their existence by discussing them in this thread night and day without men having to lift a finger. There is a mass epidemic of ugly bastards but ATJ is not one of those I assure you kek(bait)

No. 2086564

Jesus christ hide the thread if you don't want anons calling your husbando ugly

No. 2086565

File: 1720803772919.png (1.03 MB, 1274x1428, A6697E95-F4DA-4579-A80C-CC8BE4…)

Ahahaha, the angry males found us. They even started shilling their little ugly bastards. Stay mad faggot

No. 2086570

Moids wont give you brownie points for defending them unless you are bitter old scrote of course kek

No. 2086580

>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs
It's in the OP. Stop projecting your idea of what that nonnie is doing night and day too lmao. Get over yourself.

No. 2086584

Subjective rule and ATJ is a cutie

No. 2086600

I'm never going to find a balding man "cute", ever. Why try to convince us instead of thirst posting normally in some /g/ thread? I feel like if you simply find him attractive you'd just do that instead of barging in here.

No. 2086602

It’s clearly a baiting retard. Stop replying. No one actually thinks he’s hot in real life.

No. 2086622

No one in my friend group is into 20+ year old males

No. 2086633

So they’re into minors? Got it.

No. 2086634

Yep! So true

No. 2086674

File: 1720807055419.jpg (234.43 KB, 634x884, 87246739-13628409-Mumbai_local…)

A literal billionaire and he can't find the time or will to not be a fat ugly balding neckbeard. She's gonna have this fat pig sweating over her, RIP. Hope she at least had a couple cute young hot guys in her love life before this, can't imagine being born a rich pretty Stacey and never touching abs or having a real orgasm.

No. 2086676

This is just bleak. She looks stunning, and he looks like a beast that was dressed in his best clothes by his mother.

No. 2086677

ugly hoe thats how i know youre gross and old for calling 18 year old men "little boys". i bet you think a 25 year old woman dating an 18 year old mean shes predator too? and youll probably defend some 21 yo woman with a 50 yo man. sick of women like you who insist grown men are "little", i was 18 recently kek theyre not little. go back to your prune dicks and leave me out of it, i know your ass will cry when youre like 30+ because you cant attract sausage smelling prune men anymore. go back to your sloppy seconds

No. 2086684

Also forgot to mention, as an Indian American it's amazing how she found one of the very few males who are balding before 70, it's one of the very few pluses our men have is thick hair and it's on 95% of the male population at least.

No. 2086700

>thinks finding a ~romantic partner~ is an achievement
Relationshipfags are so weak kek

No. 2086709

holy shit his face looks like it's sliding off his head.
sick jacket tho ngl

No. 2086711

Are you joking? hes a billionaire. You would be dumb to believe she's with him because of love. She's just yet another gold-digging ho

No. 2086725

File: 1720810603670.jpeg (866.16 KB, 1822x912, FCA91C76-3104-4A20-BBF4-F441C4…)

How do men go directly to geriatric from child? Literally how? What is this demonic witchcraft

No. 2086749

that's actually an improvement, he's not hot at all, but he went from looking like an ogre to a background Hollywood medieval peasant

No. 2086750

anon didn't say that? she was just remarking how she managed to find a balding scrote from a race known to be hairy.

No. 2086754

Remember when kfc tried to force meme colonel sanders as a 'sex symbol'
There was this ad

No. 2086756

A lifetime movie

No. 2086758

and a dating sim

No. 2086764

americans are so unfunny

No. 2086769

Even KFC is in on it. It’s really us against the world

No. 2086772

File: 1720812583239.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2419x926, 928C8803-7B34-4BEE-8E61-F279C8…)

I’m gonna tell my kids this was Martin Luther King

No. 2086777

But he is?? Huh??

No. 2086778

Better but I think chadification-chan from /m/ could make him look amazing.

No. 2086780

It needs to be a little realistic so I can edit it into Wikipedia

No. 2086782

he actually looks so much better, but he still has those soyboy shoulders and his neck's disappeared

No. 2086790

omg this kept showing up on my instagram, the guy had like a 10m$ or so watch or something, crazy that a billionaire who can literally afford the best of everything doesn't keep in shape
just goes to show how gluttonous are lazy some people are

the news
>Mumbai locals were left furious over billionaire Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's lavish wedding - as officials closed numerous streets in the Indian city to make way for their excessive entourage
country is drowning in poverty and fatasses like these have it all, i'm gonna puke

No. 2086798

Hope this doesn't come off the wrong way but this vidrel made me understand why moids think shit like this is gay. There's something gay about those guys knowing they're "hot" and trying to show it off together, it feels like the whole thing is for gay dudes or something. So weird.

No. 2086801

its gay because all those ugly fridge moids could only e appealing to fags. If it was meant for women they would all be cute skinny guys with a waist

No. 2086830

Is it just me or are indian moids especially ugly? I don't get how indian women are gorgeous and almost every indian moid makes me wanna vomit. More on topic: how did this ogre manage to have such a pear shape? Is it his clothes? She has broader shoulders than he has kek.

No. 2086832

Tbf Women do this all the time in music videos and their sexuality is never questioned

No. 2086833

Because nobody cares about the sexuality of women. Moids feel entitled to all of them regardless.

No. 2086859

File: 1720817419177.png (419.43 KB, 593x816, avgmoid.png)

>Who cares? Women have witch noses and cellulite, everybody has flaws

No. 2086869

this Chinese on where flight attendants carry banjos is kinda heartwarming, ngl

No. 2086890

anyone know what this pic is from?

No. 2086904

That's a good point. Civvie males self delude about mmmuh skulinitee and their peak being 45, yet militaries know that male physical peak is objectively 16-25. All pretenses drop when a lethal encounter with another male is a real prospect.

No. 2086909

>You hate men but are obsessively occupied with their existence
Moid on the cusp of self awareness

No. 2086973

>calling women hos for being "gold diggers" when it's been proven that all men are shit no matter what
why not secure the coin if you're gonna be with an ugly moid either way?

No. 2086994

that's from a nightmare

No. 2087040

This but their babies end up fucked up like crazy, if it's not the moids poor sperm quality that's gonna fuck the kid up then the shitty relationship certainly will

No. 2087083

I have to say though, there’s no designer bag in the WORLD that would make me okay with servicing that pig every night.

No. 2087085

she's a mega rich heiress to a pharmaceutical group herself, not a gold digger

No. 2087089

Because wasting your life with ugly moids is soul crushing. Women who say shit like this are always embarrassingly naive or already dead inside.

No. 2087113

That makes it worse though, she could buy herself some hot young meat.

No. 2087174

All that money and he still manages to look like Russell Brand. At least get hair implants and do something about that puckered little rat mouth.

No. 2087175

Have any of you heard of the extinction burst? This clip was part of a bigger video which I cannot find, which talked about why certain guys are becoming more agressive and disgusting old manosphere dudes are doubling down on "25yr old women hitting the wall". Thanks to social media which has caused problems for women its also encouraged women to start having stadnards and bottom tier uggos who would usually get a woman out of pity are now just flatly being ignored because more and more women are waking up to the ugly man psyop. If I can find the full video will post!

No. 2087196

The left one looks like every gay Black man in existence morphed into a single entity.

No. 2087254

>but I'm making sure he takes extra care of himself
What for? So he could be a better fuckmeat for other fags but old? sorry nonna I'm being mean 'caus cute boys turn out to be homos AS ALWAYS. Hope your bro is normal and find a partner of his own age

No. 2087255

File: 1720847730268.jpg (168.26 KB, 1367x1169, gmmf.jpg)

Its not just women who have fallen for this hard its men too. This ginger male market failure claims he's in the top 3% of attractive men so isnt threatened by the 4B movement because he sleeps with lots of women. Oh and he posted a tiktok last month about his wife divorcing him kek.

No. 2087261

Who the fuck would be attracted to this ugly piece of shit?

No. 2087263

Apologies if this has been discussed before, but is anyone else mad suspicious if a dude is always wearing a hat? I know a few guys who I have never seen without baseball caps on… I'm beginning to think their hairlines are wack

No. 2087264

This moid thinks he's top 3% attractiveness in what universe? He's trolling right?

No. 2087265

Yeah if a moid ALWAYS wears a hat he's probably balding. However I know some moids who have good hair on them (including a 44yo male friend who still has great hair and no receding hairline) who wear hats basically everyday, but they will take them off indoors and stuff or fidget with them. I assume some of these men just think hats make them look 'cool' but if the hat never comes off his head in public he's hiding something.

No. 2087418

Kind of like how Steve Buscemi got better looking once the rest of his face aged up to match his gecko eyes.

No. 2087452

OT sort of but I thought this about my bf bc I saw him for months before we talked…he has one of the best hairlines I’ve ever seen kek he wears a hat bc it’s like his weird security blanket from childhood. He is definitely the exception and not the rule tho, my dad is a classic balding scrote hiding it with cap. Many such cases.

No. 2087455

>wears a hat bc it’s like his weird security blanket from childhood
Wow, same thing with my boyfriend. His hair and hairline is fine, but he's shy and doesn't like attention being brought to him. I had an ex who wore beanies, and his hair along with his hairline was questionable.

No. 2087919

It's because they all know that their hairline will not in fact be fine one day kek

No. 2088217

File: 1720916816568.jpeg (66.86 KB, 466x587, IMG_1228.jpeg)

I don’t know the context but I hate it. This is how every hetero relationship around me looks like.

No. 2088246

File: 1720917153735.png (479.05 KB, 662x483, 1000030449.png)

Just a reminder of what was considered halfway attractive in late antiquity. This is a catacomb painting of the prophet Jonah, not even an athlete. (There was an old Latin translation where Jonah was said to have had his emo sulking phase underneath a gourd plant. This got changed later to a different kind of plant; iirc the Hebrew is obscure. Anyway that's why he's under gourds.)

No. 2088414

As someone who covered her whole hair with wool hats for years, it's really good for hair growth and retaining dark colors. Though we all know 99.99% just try to hide their bald spots from blinding people

No. 2088705

File: 1720925798876.jpg (407.47 KB, 1179x1441, weasel.jpg)

I'm tired of having this weasel faced man shoved down everyone's throats and people insisting he's hot. He looks like someone tried to make Kenneth Parcell hot but just made him elderly instead. I don't understand how a man can be so muscly but still look like they're somehow dying of osteoporosis. I'm so repulsed.

No. 2088824

Isn't he only like 35? Fucking hell I thought he was like 47 at the very least

No. 2089305

this is really interesting and makes a lot of sense nona, thanks for sharing!

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