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No. 392511

Last thread: >>369217
Leaving Neverland discussion has its own thread now: >>392313

Latest milk:
>Cardi B admits to drugging, robbing and raping men in the past
>Prosecutors drop charges of Jussie Smollet after he was accused of staging his own assault
>Australian soundcloud rapper Zheani accuses Die Antwoord of grooming and abusing her - interestingly enough, the videos and IG posts she made about it have since been removed
>Johnny Depp's defense claims Amber Heard is the one who abused him and cut off his finger, turns out he's just a lying drunk
>Grimes still being a dumb embarrassing edgelord
>Ariana Grande managed to go an entire thread without pissing anons off
>Various celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Sam Smith are coming out as ~queer~

No. 392517

File: 1553910283385.jpeg (35.74 KB, 700x486, sub-buzz-28039-1553772045-1.pn…)

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale look like completely different species. He looks like he's from some planet where everyone lives underground and eats grubs for sustenance or some shit. She's gorgeous and went to Oxford ffs. Wtf is she doing?

No. 392519

Maybe she’s one of those women that’s obsessed with the idea of ‘fixing’ a guy

No. 392521

Does Pete Davidson have a wasting illness of some kind, or is it just copious drug use? He looks like he's closer to death with every new candid.

No. 392522

File: 1553910744174.png (362.61 KB, 537x674, Screenshot 2019-03-23 at 12.55…)

This a shoop or what? She doesn't look like this in candids

No. 392525

>the videos and IG posts Zheani made about it have since been removed

wonder if lawyers finally got involved like they should've been from the start

No. 392529

He looks dramatically worse than he did a year ago. Thinking it might be the Eminem-wigger aesthetic contributing to this? The hair is amplifying the effect, definitely.

No. 392530

kate beckinsale is kinda pathetic tbh, probably suffering from a midlife crisis, cause i cant imagine why anyone would stoop to such a gross looking guy unless she wanted to prove to herself that shes "still got it~".
she also seems to sexualize her daughter whenever possible online, like vicariously living through her now that she's too old. she's p gross tbh

No. 392532

She's 20 years older then him
she is Investing the long run

No. 392534

>investing in the long run

at the rate he's going downhill?

i don't understand. she's objectively hot, i'm sure most dudes would jump at the chance to fuck her regardless of the fact she's in her 40's, so engaging in a relationship with a 25 year old D lister is such a weird choice. i swear his dick must be magic to get women like ariana and kate.

No. 392542

File: 1553913034904.jpg (275.01 KB, 1699x2000, 538892.jpg)

After her alleged suicide attempt I started looking things up about Paris Jackson and is just me or does her relationship with Macaulay Culkin seem a little… not normal? I mean, there's pic related and who the hell sits on their godfathers lap like that? They also have matching tattoos together and in an interview he said this about her
>'I’m going to warn you now, I am very protective of her so just look out,' said the actor, who played Kevin McCallister in the 1990 mega-hit Home Alone. 'I am a very open book when it comes to things but like with her, she is beloved by me.' 'I’m just letting you know if we want to start going down that road it’s going to be a dead-end, you know, but I mean that in the fact that I love her so much,' said the Manhattan native. Macaulay kept it short when asked how Paris is doing, responding that 'she’s tall, and beautiful and smart - it’s great.'
That's a really weird way to talk about your goddaughter. And if they are fucking or whatever it's fine since they aren't like blood related but I'm sure MJ didn't make him the godfather of his child so he could fuck her as soon as she was legal like ??? Yikes. It just seems weird to me. Does anyone else think this is weird?

No. 392569

File: 1553916545354.jpeg (55.78 KB, 678x452, 3D34589F-4EC8-4B20-924B-82A6F1…)

Kate Beckinsale’s previous boyfriend was 21 and they dated for a year, I think she’s just using Pete for his peen and attention.

Pete is obviously very unstable atm and I hope he gets the help he needs, because at this rate he’ll probably end up overdosing or something

No. 392577

This is really pathetic. Like I can understand falling for a super smart 28 yo or 30 yo but Idk, 21 is crazy young. 21 is basically 17 tbh

No. 392584

Ew, why are so many celebrities so openly predatory

No. 392592

>1 (one) woman in hollywood dates a man half her age while 99% of men (celebrities and normal guys) either do or aim for the same thing
>somehow this is a big deal
Who cares? The problem with men being with younger girls is that they are ALWAYS with younger girls and it's almost never the other way around, and that media and society as a whole has always pushed the bullshit narrative of women being useless past 30 while men age like fine wine. They teach us to be insecure about aging and convince us that the only way to get by in life is dating men significantly older and less attractive than ourselves. If it wasn't for that distinct, consistent pattern, it wouldn't be that big of a deal if two adults are in a consenting relationship with an age gap.

You're kidding yourself if you think 20 somethings dating a woman as attractive as Kate Beckinsale are being preyed on or taken advantage of in any way. They are going against the grain despite having no obligation to, it's not like social expectations have forced them into this. They get a hot milf and she gets young dick and that's all either of them want.

No. 392594

File: 1553919682393.jpg (68.09 KB, 708x531, cazzie.jpg)

He's never been good-looking but def looked better pre-Ariana. It's like she sucked the soul out of him or something

No. 392596

No one said its a big deal. But there is something very scuzzy about middle age or older people of either sex if they just want to use someone's body like that. Obviously it's way more of an egregious offence if it's an older male, but it's still creepy when the younger person is 21 or so. That's way too young when you're 45. I'm only 25 and I'd feel really creepy seeking out and dating a 21 or so year old. It's not that she's a woman. I love subversive relationships but 21 is too young imo

No. 392600

Shouldn’t be dating people that are half your age, not hard to not be a creepy fuck. Don’t know why you’re bringing sex into this when it’s an issue regardless whether they’re male or female, it would be an issue if it was a gay relationship too.

No. 392606

Money and power can buy them out of trouble.

No. 392607

File: 1553921988789.jpeg (45.4 KB, 454x568, C712068F-B7D6-43AA-81A2-DBADA9…)

He was so cute and looked stable with Cazzie.

I think him and Ariana only fucked and took drugs together, I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped going to therapy when he was with her.

No. 392617

We all saw how much he love bombed Ariana, she's probably just using him for a nice little ego boost. No doubt she'll bail the moment shit gets a little shady and pick up some other young Hollywood dude to bone.

No. 392618

so she has a fetish for younger guys

No. 392620

she's basically dating someone almost old enough to be her son. That is disgusting. I'm sick of these celebs who date so much younger and have trophies

No. 392621

It's definitely not right, but then again, Cullkin is not right in the head. He's definitely messed up from being a victim of sexual abuse as a child

No. 392632

I keep hearing people call him that but has he ever called himself that before or is there any proof? I know him and Micheal had sleepovers and all that but is there anything else?

No. 392636

In the words of Germaine Greer
"Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests."

No. 392642

that sounds incredibly pedophilic but ok

No. 392645

Why do you keep posting this quote everywhere anon

No. 392663

i dont understand why everyone loves billie eilish. she's just… so mediocore.

No. 392664


okay, paedophile-chan

No. 393146

File: 1554009093576.png (813.27 KB, 1080x1920, mpZ51Gm.png)

This tattoo is pretty stupid tbh. We know men are terrible but to write it on your body is cringy. However, Billie Eillish doesn't really understand the whole "I hate men" thing and why women say it. She's like 16 so maybe when she's older she'll understand why double standards don't matter for men. A man getting "I hate women" is different.
Also her typing is so dumb, why can't these celebs type normally?!

No. 393149

I mean both are pretty cringy and pathetic in my opinion not trying to "Women are just as bad as men" but rather I'll use this exampleS
If someone shits themselves in public it doesn't matter if its man or a women its equally pathetic

No. 393150

Oh wow she's not as intelligent as I'd hoped she was. How old is she? I don't like the tumblr tier "boy tears" bullshit either but normal women actually hating men (not children on tumblr) is not the same

No. 393155

go back to the pinkpill thread pedo-chan

No. 393160

This goes beyond the normal amount of man hate and steps into rabid misandrist territory, who the fuck gets a tattoo like that. So tacky.

No. 393163

I mean I understand why some women hate men(Its completely reasonable to me)but getting a tattoo on how much you hate men just seems like too much effort in my opinion
Its like Identity politics

No. 393171

I doubt she's even a real misandrist though. She's just latching onto commercialized woke SJWism in an edgy way, like an extreme version of drinking from a cup that says male tears.

No. 393190

I had higher hopes for her new album, I enjoyed her first one but this one is so meh. Maybe one or two songs are memorable

No. 393204

Heck, gay relationships are more prolific. Especially with the recent fetishization of the whole Daddy/son thing.

No. 393414

File: 1554065126681.png (450.85 KB, 804x767, 9ef4fe6c-7cf5-4406-8841-955dc5…)

No. 393417

He must have magic dick. He is not handsome or nice person so that’s the only option left for him.

No. 393418

Is this for real?

No. 393420

Yeah. It was his april fools prank, I guess

No. 393423

i'm a 14 year old boy who wears rage comic t shirts and plays fort nite and this is hilarious

No. 393424

it's 2019 quirky boomer catch up

No. 393482

File: 1554072432598.png (238.62 KB, 538x714, Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.28…)

i know AB has her own thread now and i know she's out of her mind, but her reactions are still sending me

No. 393530

>Apartheid Clyde

No. 393662

File: 1554088703054.png (253.74 KB, 646x460, huh.png)

No. 393668

I saw this earlier and it's fucking hilarious. Like, it's a tasteless doodle and Carey is kind of a minor cow himself but he's not stating anything new or offensive and the fact this overbotoxed idiot came out of the woodwork to act like she was personally attacked is so funny.

No. 393670

File: 1554089177523.png (161.73 KB, 737x510, wtf.PNG)

i don't like him but he's not wrong. milkier than his shit is that she's so assmad that she's now posting pictures of slaves being whipped and asking him to draw that too, because somehow they're both equally offensive. because there's a very natural parallel between a fascist dictator having been killed by an anti-fascist/anti-nazi people's movement and slaves being abused and whipped by plantation owners, obviously

how delusional can one person get? jesus christ. victimizing mussolini as if he was as slighted a slave is insane

No. 393679

Her timeline is filled with Trump retweets lmao. Explains so much.

No. 393687

Who he? He thicc

No. 393693

File: 1554092052177.png (395.04 KB, 600x582, lmfoa.PNG)

samefag but people are roasting her so hard in the comments and it's pretty delicious. she was a model and actress and is a MEP so she's a celeb in her own right i guess

No. 393886

This whole film clip is just… cringe.

No. 393928

File: 1554127340588.jpg (37.51 KB, 480x720, Dp8KMgQXgAE0UGt.jpg)

Lmao Alessandra Mussolini is a huge lolcow in Italy, she spends her time getting BTFO'd mad on the internet because people send her memes about her fascist grandpa and she threatens to go to the police.
Pic related: she says she reported to the police the user who posted the picture above. A picture of Mussolini with some cats.

No. 393938

Alright so kinda of "message" is she trying to make with this video

No. 393942

Hard to understand but not all people hate themselves as much as white Americans do.

No. 393943

How does it feel to know the center left is a shambling corpse in Italy?

No. 393953

>Dating a legal consenting adult makes you a literal predator, cuz I don't like it and therefore it's bad, it doesn't make my giny tingle :(

Holy shit imagine being this retarded. No one is saying there isn't a complete difference in life experiences, but you equating this shit with R. Kelly doesn't help people take actual victims of child predators like him seriously. BPDete is a grown-ass man, get over yourselves and your puritanical libfem saviour complex.

No. 393967

I literally don't get it. Why is she allowed to be famous, a politician even, why did she keep his name, seriously why?
He might not have killed Jews, but he did build concentration camps in Africa, he was a failed mini Hitler.

No. 393981


No. 393982

Because Italians are tired of being Africa's dumping ground for illegal migrants and people like her are the only ones who propose serious immigration laws.(derailing)

No. 394060

the funniest part to me was that she went on like this for SO long shit-talking American history in particular…… Jim Carrey is Canadian

No. 394243

File: 1554180640149.png (462.78 KB, 764x848, cool.PNG)

in case you guys were worried that grimes would grow up any time soon and stop pandering to the lamest demo possible, reporting in that grimes is still VERY COOL and #relatable to teenage boys and is still referencing that she looks like bowsette or something. who needs clothes when you have video games anyways?

No. 394248

this is really nitpicky

No. 394252


No. 394288

I feel like Grimes herself came here and posted this lmao

No. 394425

File: 1554234537988.png (556.98 KB, 752x710, bi uwu.png)

>However, one lyric in particular — "I like women and men" — has caught the attention of pretty much everybody, with people assuming that Ariana is opening up about her sexuality.

Didn't someone call this in the last thread?

No. 394426

File: 1554234568203.png (51.17 KB, 740x325, bi uwu2.png)

No. 394428

*i like men and will only ever commit to/date males but i’m like totes bi y’all, do i get woke points now?

No. 394431

File: 1554235129189.jpeg (10.38 KB, 234x216, 1515007896.jpeg)

Start eating pussy and then you can come and talk to us, this is Miley levels of qUeeRnEsS its obvious shes just doing it for attention.

No. 394440

At least Miley has actually slept with women before

No. 394461

Grimes is nasty. Elon can and has done so much better than her in the past. Why does he bother with such a nasty slut? She admitted in an interview she'd had over 20 sexual partners for example. Ew.

No. 394468

Convenient to come out right after being criticised for headlining pride as a straight ally, lol.

No. 394471

Her PR is ALWAYS like this. Ari does something shitty and gets called out, a week later "but actually she's got a heart of gold and is literally an angel because xyz!" Remember the damehood that she was totes offered by the queen herself but turned down because something something charity?

No. 394483

Lmao Elon is a dirty wife abuser, get outta here you muppet.

No. 394497

The only reason he could do "better" is because he's rich and there's plenty of hot gold diggers who would be more than willing to take his microdick and emotional abuse in exchange. And Grimes having multiple sexual partners in the past is the least of her glaring issues.

No. 394498

Not to mention he dresses like a tard and has all those gnarly tattoos (although this might be a turnon for some anons, an older classy woman really shouldn't go for that look in men)

No. 394503

Damn, I would have believed it a little bit if it weren't for this.
That's why she's conveniently saying she still doesn't feel the need to label herself or come out as anything…
Either you're bi or not bi. I don't care if you've never had sex with a girl, as long as you at least WANT to? But she's conveniently saying she isn't bisexual.
~Sexuality is fluid~ Yeah true but it seems like the new thing for girls to say nowadays to be cool and ~queer~ and especially for attention from men
Not to be all SJW and snowflakey, but self awareness is recognizing that being a bi white girl isn't going to make her that speshul and oppressed.

No. 394510

Oh joy, another elon bootlicker.

No. 394533

File: 1554260197864.jpg (604.69 KB, 978x978, Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn.jpg)

I really wish people would stop acting like who you fuck makes you anything special. If you're in the first world, let alone famous, most people don't really give a shit about your sexuality unless your public image was that of some sort of hetero sex symbol.

Call the press when someone who can make an statement about it like Aaron Rodgers wants to come out.

No. 394539


he's got the Crohn's, plus BPD and apparently manages both by being baked 24/7.

No. 394569

>spotted the bull dykes
not to defend arianna and I'm not saying she isn't lying but it's perfectly possible to be bi without actually having dated a girl.

No. 394572

Most of the bi gatekeeping on this board (and in general) is coming from other bis. They think girls like her, shoe, Jill, etc. give them a bad rep or something and call them fakers even though they probably are bi.

No. 394573

>Most gatekeepers are bis who think they will give them a bad name
Well, yeah? That makes perfect logical sense? Don't act like a ton of girls don't claim bisexuality for woke points despite never finding women potential partners romantically or even attractive unless they're extremely sexualized. Ariana's even doing the good old "I don't have to label myself tee hee" tease because she ain't got the guts to even call herself bi. I'm all for the "sexuality is fluid" thing but bisexuality has a fucking past of being used as a marketing spectacle so excuse people for being dismissive.

No. 394600

Grimes is just plain nasty and slutty.

No. 394601

>fell for girls a few times but they didn't like me back
>with a man now
Well I guess I'm losing my bi-points for being rejected then.

No. 394604

Did you even read the posts before throwing a victimization tantrum?

No. 394605

>implying the reason Ariana Grande has never been with a woman is because all these mean women just rejected her
pls anon, if she really wanted to be with a woman she wouldn't have a problem finding one, same as she doesn't have a problem finding willing men

No. 394606

>pointing out dumb statements = victimization tantrum
Overreacting much?

No. 394610

are you guys really trying to argue Ari might be busy just because her PR responds to every criticism of her with some OTT lies? it's like momokun when someone says she doesn't brush her teeth or some shit so she comes out and says she totally brushes like 4 times a day which no one does. Ariana was a straight girl at a gay pride parade and people criticized that so now she "could be gay maybe someday who knows!!". this has nothing to do with anons and their alleged bisexuality.

No. 394638

You're so naïve.


No. 394654

She was with Cara Delevingne and then with Stella Maxwell, the aftersex selfies with Stella were leaked during the fappening.

No. 394676

Grimes is a 30 years old woman and not some teenager who fucked 20 random people. If she wasn't in long term relationships that would be 1-2 one night stands per year. That's a ridiculously low number compared to other people and even if she slept with 1000 people per year: it shouldn't be our business nor we shouldn't shame her for that.

No. 394757

I think it's less to do with gatekeeping and more to do with pop stars and cows using bisexuality for attention. So many pop stars have come out as bi for press only to later go back on their word (Bowie, Gaga, Jessie J)

If some rando actor came out as bi I don't think farmers would be nearly as judgmental.

As opposed to Muskrat, who's pure and virginal?

No. 394772

Not bi myself but I do think a lot of (perhaps not all) celebrities and cows who claim to be bi are full of shit. If Shoe or Ariana are really bi, then I’ll eat my hat.

No. 394786

File: 1554325928869.jpeg (58.18 KB, 750x552, IMG_6773.jpeg)

I've never really understood this argument. I understand always having dated someone of the opposite sex and then realizing you're attracted to the same sex and being open to it moving forward….but unless you take some action what's the point of announcing it?
To me this feels like going to a museum, seeing a painting and saying "pfft…I could paint that", never picking up a paintbrush but announcing to everyone publicly that you're a painter now.
>Just because I've never painted before doesn't mean I'm not a painter! I COULD if I wanted to, I just never have! Therefore no one can get mad when I'm asked to teach a college painting class.
>I've only ever eaten vegetables my whole life, but I like the smell of steak. I've never eaten any meat in my life but idk I'd probably like it if I did. I'm an omnivore everybody!! Of course I'll host your BBQ Competition Show, I'm the perfect representative!
I just think thinking girls are pretty ≠ wanting to eat pussy

No. 394805

File: 1554331525300.png (668.42 KB, 800x1169, Screenshot_2019-04-03-15-42-00…)

No. 394807

I really hope she'll be okay.

No. 394812

File: 1554332563434.png (977.41 KB, 698x1403, Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 7.00…)

Lol just watch heather mcmahan's britney 911 ig highlights, brit has been off the deep end, it's sad

she does the weirdest skits, acts strange, dresses strange…


No. 394826

This is a good analogy

No. 394829

heather mcmahan is weird. she's acting like she knows exactly why britney does the things she does. she's a quirky mom, she's got kids to take care of. she does shows in vegas multiple times a week, of course she's gonna look worn out at home. she's just exhausted. britney even had to explain her kids film some things for her, of course she's gonna act doofy in front of them. have any of these people ever had a family member like this before? maybe i'm just lucky i have a family member who acts similar to britney when she's being silly.
and i don't get the weird nitpicking about the rugs and furniture. she's not an interior designer, maybe she buys certain things because she likes how they look. she's got the money so she decorates her house the way she wants.
sorry about the sperging, i don't get people who overthink everything celebs do. britney is fine, she knows she's distressed and getting help is the best step in the right direction.

No. 394830

it's not that deep, she's a comedian lmfao

No. 394848

File: 1554342426349.png (502.9 KB, 582x665, The_Sun_on_Twitter_Leaving_Nev…)

No. 394850

You can get retroactive permits. Not saying that's necessarily what happened, but it's possible the permitting was filed retroactively

No. 394851

File: 1554343042441.jpeg (59.38 KB, 620x761, D5D0DC3A-7B38-4F31-AC8B-0280E1…)

Idk what this is about but jfc Azealia Banks this is not a good look

No. 394853

there's a thread for this linked in the op

No. 394857

Nope, take it to the Azealia thread.

OP should've included that one as well when making the thread.

No. 394859

I like it, the only thing throwing it off is her skin color.

No. 394869

this is azealia?? wut??

No. 394873

It looks gross, lmao. And please don't racebait.

No. 394884

I don't think she's racebaiting. Azealias foundation is light grey brown and her body is a normal color

No. 394900


Again, there is a separate thread for Azealia. Go talk about her there, not here.

No. 394923

Eh. I love making fun of delusional celebrities but I actually feel really bad for Britney.

Like she was obviously pushed into stardom at a young age, was heavily sexualized as a minor, inevitably has a breakdown because of it all and ends up being the butt of jokes also because of it. She also seems be rather nice compared to other celebs (especially towards her fans) and doesn’t really make a jackass out of herself anymore. I feel like they’re other celebrities out there more worth ripping on.

No. 394935


Posting the story is not ripping on her.

No. 394945

>She also seems be rather nice compared to other celebs
a friend of me had backstage tickets during Britney's top period, it was together with a Madonna concert.

She said Britney was incredibly kind to her back-up dancers and to everyone in general. Madonna seemed like an entitled cunt though.

No. 395207


god i want to ride him through 50 countries and back.

No. 395241

File: 1554437804353.jpg (146.64 KB, 800x820, lilo.jpg)

No. 395254

File: 1554440920402.jpg (174.74 KB, 829x789, wNH7ijD.jpg)

No. 395255

It wasn't THAT bad, but compared to Visions it was pretty disappointing.

No. 395259

i stopped listening to her after visions so i cant speak to the quality, but is art angels a piece of crap? because 'we appreciate power' is garbage and i see a lot of artists get worse over time and then talk shit about their best stuff so idk

No. 395274

she says that about all her albums. she needs to build hype i guess… all her music sucks tho

No. 395275

Art Angels sounds a lot more pop, maybe that's why she hates it now.

No. 395282

That must be why it's the only music of hers that I particularly like.

No. 395334

What was this post about? Lmao

No. 395404

>that $3 mesh top
Elon really doesn't give her shit to get nice clothes with, does he? She is far, far too successful for this bottom of the Dolls Kill bargain bin aesthetic.
It's not difficult to have a cool, somewhat unique style (and you can do this without spending thousands or even relying on secondhand if you have a bit of know-how), but it's like she and her stylists don't even try. It's sad.

No. 395415

File: 1554493094282.jpg (108.52 KB, 580x580, m_5c5399ebbaebf6e6c5c2ec35.jpg)

You'd think she'd try and stand out with her style as it's a major part of her persona, yet she looks worse than the normal girls insta wearing that top. Funnily enough she said in an interview a while back stating she's not going to wear what people think she's going to wear. I think she said she was going to dress glam. Great how that turned out.

No. 395499

File: 1554512868336.png (378.81 KB, 1104x1262, p.png)

So, apparently Beyonce may be suffering from a dissociative disorder. I feel like a lot of celebrities and public figures do, honestly. Humans aren't really meant to be products for mass consumption or constant entertainers.
Solange reportedly also has bipolar disorder. According to the thread, she openly discussed dealing with depression in the past.
If these things are true, it explains the elevator video from years ago. Solange at her worst in the middle of a fit, Beyonce dissociating and smiling through it all.

No. 395502

>taking literally anything you read on LA seriously

No. 395514

you all are still citing lipstick alley as a reliable source… dear god

No. 395726

Take this with a grain of salt because I read it on a blind item, but apparently Paris was sexually assaulted several times by one of her disgusting relatives, and Macaulay was assaulted by Michael too, so they both bonded over the fact that they were victims. Again, it's probably not true but makes some sense

No. 395727

She's underage and I honestly feel bad for her. Her parents are crazy narc actors that homeschooled her and possibly bred her to become an industry plant. She has no choice but to do what she was taught to do. At least they didn't force a sexy image on her

No. 395736

She's not a terrible singer (her poetry though..yikes), but there are millions of girls just like her with the same mediocre talent. The music industry just sucks in general and everything is just about profit, its always been this way there has just been more creative freedom and raw talent before than there is now.

No. 395745

there's already enough edgy sadboi 18-26 year old guys who make jokes about them needing to go to jail because she's underage. i wasn't surprised to hear she was basically raised to be famous, that plus her filling a niche right now just gives her a quick journey to relevancy. she's really cringey and i don't get the hype over her but i hope she doesn't end up genuinely messed up later down the line

No. 395760


So Grimes and Elon still dating is confirmed?

No. 395890

I don't think it was ever a question. They claimed to break up a while ago but were seen together publicly several times since then, and Grimes said in a recent interview that she loves him (even while complaining about him).

No. 396014

So obviously a self post from the OP. Fuck off, perched.

No. 396099

Why? Anon thought this post was interesting since it could be really an insider who knows more than we do. I doubt that perched knows exactly what's going on in Beyonce's and her sister's head but it's undeniable that both of them are mentally troubled. A lot of people are shocked about the elevator scene until this day and also very curious what actually happened.

No. 396141

I like billie's music but I also feel like she's at too young an age to be thrust into the spotlight so quickly.

me and a friend discussed this the other day- she strikes me as someone who's not mentally "there", and I can't imagine fame won't do a number on her psyche. imo even though I think she has talent and potential her young age is a factor that's going to damage her and make her more susceptible to problems later on.

No. 396155

She's pretty in that "grunge" way Tumblr/IG people like, and relatable because she has depression and also seems like kind of a spaz with the Tourette's and AD(H)D-tier behavior.

No. 396165

she writes poetry? lmao

No. 396483

File: 1554755908579.jpg (80.78 KB, 1158x226, billie.jpg)

No. 396487

This girl is not intelligent at all whatsoever. She obviously wants to defend this psycho because there's no one fucking stopping her from mourning in private

No. 396489

She's too young and spineless to understand why scummy people don't deserve to be mourned. She's not even worth talking about tbh bc her brain is completely empty and she will amount to nothing if she keeps chasing after the kinda clout she's been interested in.

No. 396503

She's probably in that phase where she thinks she's fully grown and has everything figured out, and it doesn't help that everyone calls her "mature" and a "genius". Girl needs to see a therapist to sort herself out, or refrain from talking about non-music related things until she's an actual adult. Even miley wasn't that annoying when she went through puberty.

No. 396529

No. 396560

It's so weird that she hangs around these kind of men and hasn't somehow been destroyed by them enough to realize this shit isn't okay? Like when she posted about the "I hate men" tattoo. Yeah obviously the tattoo itself was excessive but the fact that she didn't see the difference between "I hate men" and "I hate women". Maybe she's just young but it blows my mind. She must be extremely protected. There is no way she isn't somehow being discriminated against because she is a girl, or harmed in even a little way. Especially around rappers…

No. 396570

She's just a dumb edgelord teenager with zero self awareness. Most people are shitheads at 17.

No. 396571

I think it's definitely because she's so young. I feel like almost every 16 year old girl goes through that sort of phase, but it's going to suck for her when she grows up and all of her embarrassing shit is documented online for everyone to see

No. 396614

She'll probably come out with some MeToo stories in the next few years tbh. Shes young and dumb and wouldnt be surprised if shes already had shitty experiences with famous men and will probably have more to come.

No. 396667

File: 1554792612354.jpg (65.86 KB, 306x873, 12032550-6901475-image-a-23_15…)

I know shes struggled with eating disorders in the past and was in recovery but Lily really seems to be slipping back into old habits. Doing that movie where she had to basically act out her eating disorder on camera probably didnt help. Shame because shes a pretty girl and seems sweet.

No. 396858

File: 1554841250557.jpg (195.08 KB, 737x1069, grimez.jpg)

No. 396860

File: 1554841539896.jpg (126.92 KB, 731x741, qllwkqemwq.jpg)

No. 396940

I would be incredibly surprised if she spends more than a year in jail.

No. 397095

So.. what, she didn't meant to call it that? Isn't that article directly quoting her? lol

No. 397112

File: 1554889025765.jpg (424.12 KB, 1146x2635, biebs.jpg)

Bieber poetry

No. 397117

>"it's getting dark to dark to see"
>ripping off bob dylan AND leaving typos in the same sentence
pure pottery

No. 397118

>pure pottery
thanks anon now i’m ugly laughing at 5:15 AM

No. 397154

File: 1554901723618.jpg (16.43 KB, 311x356, 2c6abd907f2b5bbc71f89a7ef9cb82…)

She's fucked. If she had accepted the plea deal, she would have got 2 years and then released after a few months because of good behaviour. Now she's playing with fire because the federal government is a different calibre. They are now accusing her of money laundry too for which you can get a maximum sentence of 20 years apparently. I doubt she would get so much prison time but she will definitely sit longer in prison than Felicity Huffman for example. Lori is probably hoping that her case disappears like the Jussie Smollett one. The law is for poor people and the rich ones can do what they want.

No. 397190

File: 1554910804310.jpg (53.04 KB, 960x960, matdwl.jpg)

Marina has never been fat or chubby or anything, but has always had a rounded face and a broad upper body that goes with having a big chest (which I assume she's had reduced recently? she's talked about getting it done before) but she's looking really sick lately, it's so weird to see her go from the glowing persona she had for "Froot" to how sickly and worn out she is now. Industry pressure or personal issues, you think?

No. 397194

sorry for being off topic but I have the same body like her and the same chubby face despite being healthy and fit. I'm not saying I'm pretty as her but I was always very conscious about looking big because I'm really tall and couple that with broad shoulders, I still avoid looking at myself in the mirror.
I also hate having bigger breasts (they're not huge just big enough) but it just makes me feel massive.
I started to diet because I want to look sickly and petite. It sounds stupid but I just can't stand myself anymore.

No. 397199

Could it be because of age? She's turning 34 this year, even round faces can slim down with age

No. 397220

I've been thinking Marina had some kind of plastic surgery tbh. Her proportions get weirder every year, though I like her body/face.

No. 397232

Bitch what the fuck I thought she was at least ten years younger, now this makes so much more sense >>397190

No. 397233

Hey bud, I know body image is really hard to accept and it's a lot of work but please consider that your body looks unattractive to you only because of your own beauty standards. You need to work on changing them and accepting yourself bc no amount of skinny will change your bone structure and more importantly, it will never change the real reason you hate your looks. Please consider therapy.

No. 397248

The Ronnie Radke band feat. Corey Taylor

Major douche vibes

No. 397306

Last time I looked at her insta I thought she was looking quite thin and sickly. She’s dropped some hints to eating disorders/puking in her songs so I feel like something might be up Unfortunately.

No. 397307

Corey Taylor is the personification of a napoleon complex

No. 397309

Looks like fancy Howard Wolowitz with special effects

No. 397315

Does anyone else hate on Rowan Blanchard? I’ll post pics later but she has such a nonsense following now that she lost weight and got a pixie cut. She’s a plant.

No. 397317

did she lose weight tho? she's always been thin, i think it's just the baby fat leaving her face as she's only 17

No. 397321

File: 1554930640949.jpg (42.3 KB, 480x531, gettyimages-1134764322.jpg)

she's 17… this styling is tragic. hollywood is horrible for these girl. did she try to 'defy' gender roles by getting a pixie cut like all these tumblr kids, only to slather on 10129391230 lbs of makeup and terrible cheap jewelry? at a certain point, if you're out here going ham on the makeup and other traditional feminine styling to make up for the fact that you now have short hair, i don't think it ends up being subversive. she calls herself queer so i'm guessing the totally kweer haircut is a large part of that kweerness

No. 397322

File: 1554930725500.jpg (219.8 KB, 1080x1080, 52909894_363444494498114_16438…)

I don't know her, but she has an anime profile pic on instagram and looks like a thai ladyboy (or Ezra Miller in drag). And only 17?! No way…

No. 397327

File: 1554931277317.png (841.07 KB, 1013x550, w.PNG)

yes. her whole insta is the typical bad activism "women and trannies ra ra ra" while posting super hypersexualized photos of herself at 16 and captioning 'artsy' photos of herself with her boobs out as "Went to Paris / pretended to not be American / pretended the world isn’t shit / @chrishoran20 and i got our hands on the new perfect @muglerofficial collection 😛"

it's really cringy and i wish her parents would prevent her from doing this. sad. she's just a kid but this tumblr tier shit is so embarrassing and just makes feminism/'left' activism look terrible

No. 397328

I wish people would stop being so obsessed with teen girls, same with Millie Bobby Brown. Being made famous so young just never ends well.

No. 397354

Yesss glad a few people agree with me. She’s so insufferable, I’m sure she’s escorting now or fucked her way to relevancy.

No. 397373

she's 17 and an ex disney star, anon. yeah, her sjw antics can be bit cringe but she isn't doing anything that wild. No coke snorting and fucking around ala Miley or even Selena, just being a bit too passionate and desperate to stand out/be accepted in the way teen girls tend to be, I'm sure you remember. i remember few years back when girl meets world was still a thing she was already like that and as a result her fanbase was significantly smaller than Sabrina Carpenter's so if anything she's standing for her beliefs. and i hope she hasn't "fucked her way to relavancy" as she's fucking underage and there's prolly more than 1 Dan Schenider across all kids channels.

No. 397374

File: 1554947494636.jpg (183.6 KB, 1200x1200, marina-2.jpg)

It's when I saw this picture that I got really worried.

Also, did she really get her chest reduced? I still see it so big compared to her waist. Sometimes even bigger

No. 397379

File: 1554948591586.jpg (215.32 KB, 1280x1920, marina-diamandis-capital-radio…)

I don't think she's had a reduction. Or it was a waste of money if she did because they didn't change that much. Her breasts are still very large. I think it's mostly the weight loss. That and maybe she's styling herself a little differently to minimize them. You'd be surprised how drastically you can change the apparent size of your boobs with certain bras.

I agree that she's starting to look a little unwell though. I hope she's okay.

No. 397412

tbh this picture gives me the chills ever since it was released. her shoulders, collarbones, chest, they look so boney. its worrying for me and i have not seen other people point it out.

No. 397422

Fucking corny middle school levels of pottery but kind of sweet? Too bad he’s in the crazy Jesus cult so he HAD to talk about god

No. 397423

I wonder what Corey Taylor thinks about his new band.

No. 397443

perched is a known troll on LSA. however I will say that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Knowles sisters really suffered from mental illness

No. 397489

I wonder if she absolutely hates listening to "Girls" now, all things considered.
>You stick to your yogurts, I'll stick to my apple pie
>Girls, they never befriend me 'cause I fall asleep when they speak of all the calories they eat

No. 397592

File: 1555006425391.png (94.07 KB, 640x664, IMG_0424.PNG)

Fucking finally

No. 397594

As bad as WW's situation is/was, I couldn't help thinking that if this was happening to any other woman, she'd be laughing, victim-blaming and being as un-empathetic as possible.
She's been so nasty, and essentially built a whole career off that nastiness. I found it hard to feel bad for her.
After coming out of this, she'll either be a little kinder, or become even more horrible in a misguided bid to reclaim some personal strength.

No. 397596

As true as this is, i don't even think Wendy deserves this. She should sue the ever living Christ out of her husband.

No. 397604

not that simple. he's also her manager and can probably claim partial ownership of her brand and intellectual property. many suspect this is the real reason she hadn't left him, their finances are entwined and there's a good chance he'll walk away with a good chunk. he's gotta keep his mistress (and new baby) fat and happy…

No. 397622

I love Marina and her music but this particular picture freaked me out too. If you just look from her neck down it's fucking weird.

Hope she's okay too, it seems like she's in a good moment though. I don't even identify with her ~good vibes~ now - even tho I still think the music is nice - she's more than 10 years older than me so maybe I'm gonna get to that level of confidence and chill.

No. 397656

I saw a post on reddit about Wendy and the comments were weird af. All the guys users were complaining about the way she behaved around her kids and drug abuse without acknowledging how abusive her husband is.

No. 398206


She looks so thin here

No. 398273

File: 1555178636351.jpg (46.7 KB, 581x305, grimes1.JPG)

meanwhile grimes on twitter

No. 398274

File: 1555178662270.jpg (78.28 KB, 585x730, grimes2.JPG)

No. 398276

File: 1555178795424.jpg (53.93 KB, 592x629, grimes3.JPG)

No. 398307

Yeach, I remember her saying in some interview that she doesn't like this song, and that she can't help but cringe when she's listening to it. I get that. Girls is a shitty song about being ~not like other girls~ but who hasn't been there

No. 398324

What is all this about? What did she say about climate change?

No. 398374

saw someone mention this in a different thread, but a rapper from australia named zheani accused antwoord of sexually assaulting and trafficking her and exposed them for being liars and fakes

zheani's song where she talks about what happened to her (includes screenshots): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY6hCE2D-cc
blogpost detailing everything: https://earthtoemilyg.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/zheani-vs-die-antwoord/

main points:
>zheani claims ninja got her high in south africa and raped her and shared nude pictures of her with others
>ninja stole da's aesthetic from a street gang
>ninja tells yolandi how to act and speak and writes her lines
>ninja and yolandi retaliate by sharing links to zheani's nudes, threatening legal action against her, and getting her music removed from streaming services

No. 398386

File: 1555212783274.png (1.08 MB, 1488x1204, grim.png)

This is her official statement. Recasting climate change in a 'fun' light is the stupidest shit. The last thing it needs is to be personified as some sexy, artsy femme fatale. Literally will do the opposite of raising awareness. People already don't take it seriously to their own detriment.

Grimes is so dumb but ecofascism is a boogeyman bullshit smear and nothing she has done is reminiscent of "ecofascism". This guy is a fucking retard and his comments piss me off more than her. Her concept album bullshit isn't radical or doing harm by being too radical, wtf. She COULD do harm by downplaying the most serious existential crisis that humans and animals alike have ever faced by turning a serious issue into some lighthearted, faux-deep synth-y titty-focused trash (like her album art), however. There's no 'reasonable' interpretation of a lame, schlocky, middle school tier album concept as being ecofascist. This is literally the opposite of radical thought ("my goal is to make climate change fun") and this album sounds terrible. No offense but she should've thrown in the towel after Visions.

No. 398387

>this guy talking to Grimes about how she's erasing the responsibility of the ruling class
>as if she cares
She's literally getting fucked by the ruling class and calling other art hoes to get into ugly, drug-fueled threesomes with them, lmao.
This is the same woman who implied everyone who's not a singer like her is an NPC.

No. 398389

kek, remember the texts "people don't understand that Elon donates to republicans to actually HELP the working class and the environment!!!! he donates to everyone!!!", lmfao

No. 398405

File: 1555215786757.jpg (135.06 KB, 750x1136, BrfUv8U.jpg)

damn she was so stunning during the electra heart era, can't believe shes lost so much weight

No. 398414

this was talked about extensively in the last thread and was even mentioned in the op of this one.

i feel like the weight loss has aged her. she's still beautiful though.

No. 398623

have you guys seen this? i know eating disorders are the bread and butter (pun intended) of the modeling industry but it’s horrifying to see people in the comments actually defending Yolanda and saying shit like “she isn’t making them anorexic, she’s just being a good parent. she makes sure her daughters are healthy :)” when Yolanda literally made Gigi work out 6 times a week, only let her eat salad everyday, and shamed her for eating 1/10th of a slice of cake. plus the whole “you can’t play volleyball because that’s a man’s sport and makes you too muscular” idiocy. she sounds like a knetizen kek

No. 398629

I remember finding Bella Hadid's old Tumblr page from her teens, and it was full of thinspo.
Their mother really did fuck them up.

No. 398782

Without even watching the video I can bet their mother insulted their looks and probably encouraged them to get PS too. You can't help but feel bad for people with overbearing "stage parents" who want desperately to live through their kids because they're too aged to pimp themselves out anymore.

Reminds me how much I fucking hate mothers who project their own vanity onto their children in general.

No. 398852

No. 398879

>Their bodies are big and bulky and they eat like men

Fucking what? I'd off myself if my mom was like that.

>You'll have to go back on your diet. The models in Paris are a bit on the skinny side

Subtle dig there too. At her own daughter. I don't know who these people are but I'm horrified. They're going to get really fucked up with their mom using them for fame and being smug about it on camera.

No. 398931

Wew this is fucked up, for years I heard about Yolanda being such a "nice person who raised two nice, humble girls"… seems that only the part about Gigi and Bella being nice and humble is true.
Bella looked really good here, she should've stopped right there with the surgery but I guess that with a mother like that, BDD and PS are a natural consequence.
>volleyball is a very masculine sport

No. 399346

Definitely. Bella got a DUI at 17 and in her car was tons of empty alcohol bottles and bottles of Vyvanse and Adderall. Teens experiment, no doubt about that, but getting a DUI at 17 is indicative that something is seriously wrong. Rumors of her being on coke have been going around forever. Obviously, these are just rumors, but it would make sense if she started stimulants like Adderall and Vyvanse to help her work while keeping an appetite away and then ended up graduating to cocaine. I genuinely do hope Bella can find the inner peace that she deserves, it's sickening that Yolanda projecting those ideas onto them at such an impressionable age is so publicly documented and nobody around seemed to care.

No. 399477

File: 1555467771168.jpg (727.8 KB, 1112x2287, kim.jpg)

Kim K wants to be a lawyer and is doing an apprenticeship.

>The passage rate was 2.8 percent for apprenticeship test-takers, compared to the 53.4 percent passage rate for American Bar Association approved law school graduates.


You guys think she'll pass the bar?

No. 399481

I didn't think Trump would win the presidency but here we are.

Wasn't her dad a lawyer?

No. 399482

Yes he got OJ off the hook. It's one of the huge reasons the family is famous outside of her "leaked" porn.

No. 399483

File: 1555469697381.jpg (71.12 KB, 950x534, uploads/card/image/34787/The_P…)

Yeah he was OJ's defense attorney

Ross played him in The People vs. OJ Simpson

No. 399500

File: 1555472545309.jpg (117.5 KB, 717x288, grimes.jpg)

No. 399502


>humanity is fucked guys

No. 399514

She doesn't have a single substantiated idea in her head does she? Yikes.

No. 399546

>AI is the natural evolution
Take one CS class, please, just one, before opening your mouth like this.

No. 399551

people ignorant about AI :'(

No. 399554

grimes, honey, please take your meds

No. 399562

i’m proud of her tbh. guarantee all the fragile reddit neckbeards will be foaming at the mouth to “prove” it’s not a legitimate accomplishment or pursuit just because she’s a rich famous woman.

hear me out, she’s actually not a bad barometer for determining whether you’re speaking to a covert incel or not. i’ve met so many people who wish the most extreme shit on this woman because… she got her start of fame from a sex tape. not because she broke a law, or hurt someone, or threw a lit cigarette into a fire and set the whole damn thing ablaze. she was just a victim of revenge porn who turned it all around, yes with the help of her affluent family, but she did it nonetheless.

go kim.

No. 399566

I kinda agree with you on this anon. She isn't dumb for sure, the way she's handling the PR disaster that her marriage is and for the fact her parents are brilliant in their own fields. Her momager is the most accomplished momager to date and her dad was a very accomplished lawyer.

She is involved in a lot of law related charity things and has been giving voice to victims. She could do some good for sure. Besides, the incel butthurt is enough to make it worth it alone.

No. 399572

>revenge porn
Her mom released it, she's not a victim of shit. She copied Paris' scheme.

No. 399574

Ew, I find it so disturbing when women applaud Kim for "MaKiNG ThE BeSt Of HeR SiTuAtIoN".
She's a literal hoe who released her sex tape herself, got a billion surgery and gave a million young girl massive insecurities and for some BDD, she's the embodiment of everything that is disgusting with our society.

No. 399578

File: 1555495551344.png (447.97 KB, 1440x2278, Screenshot_2019-04-17-05-02-52…)

What's this whole deal about Britney Spears apparently being held hostage in the mental health facility? Apparently her dad won't let her leave?


Some of her fans are being retarded spreading around the hashtag #FreeBritney and bombarding her mom's social media with comments about whatever they're assuming.

No. 399617

People shit on the Kardashians for being braindead and uneducated but now that Kim wants to study for the bar exam and take steps to become more educated everyone's shitting on her and mocking her. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

No. 399634

She won't work as lawyer because she doesn't need to obviously, she's doing this out of passion. Apparently it's both because of her father and because of the case of that woman who was given life sentence for killing her pimp or something like that, and Kim helped her with her lawyers.
It's good that she's using some of her spare time for education

No. 399639

I don't like Kim K at all but I don't see how anyone could see a problem with her trying to further her education, even if she doesn't need it. If anything it heightens my opinion of her.

No. 399656

The odds are stacked against her for sure, considering the extremely low passage rate for apprenticeship test-takers. But I think it's commendable that she's willing to work hard to achieve something this major that will allow her to help others. However, I'm skeptical that she will pass the bar since 97% of people who take the route that she's chosen end up failing. I wonder if it's possible for her to bribe her way into passing, like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Hoffman did for their kids. I don't know too much about American testing procedures, but if an SAT proctor can be paid under the table to change answers and give extra time, it's not farfetched to think that the same could happen for the bar.

No. 399662


I encourage everyone to take a look at this reddit post that offers a detailed timeline of the events. There are some real discrepancies and most of the evidence Zhenia has lacks context and can’t really be used As proof of anything but the fact they used to be involved and Ninja’s real strange.


No. 399664

>odds are stacked against her
She has the money to fully focus on it, she can hire tutors and doesn't have to work a part time job or anything until she's ready to take her bar.

Deleted this so I could add that I don't think it's a bad thing for her to do though. I'm not going to kiss her ass for being inspirational but she's undeniably a role model for so many girls, so working on her education serves a purpose there at least. The babies, the body and now the job is all very early 2000s "women can have it all".

No. 399666

You should take a look at the last thread, it was discussed a lot there.
Anyway, it shows that both Watkin and Anri are liars, and that Watkin did send revenge porn. Watkin outright mentions Satan and blood rituals, too, and references sexual magic with the "gush" stuff, but all the stans go "Umm it was only once it doesn't count he's a buddhist! We don't even know!! None of these screencaps mean anything! >:(".
It's also been shown that he does have a "thing" for girls/women who look like his daughter, though not in Zheani's stuff.
He and Anri really tried to misrepresent this whole thing as her being some ugly whore who was obsessed with Watkin, but anyone who's not a brainless fan can see that they were bullshitting.

No. 399668


you can really tell that grimes never outgrew her tumblr phase.

No. 399671

I have read the last thread. As far as I know, the reddit timeline is more detailed and up to date. Also, no one here really wanted to dive too deep into it because most anons had a hateboner for Die Antwoord from the start. I’m not denying that Ninja’s fucked up and into weird shit, but Zheani’s side of the story isn’t without its problems either. I think it’s a mess of a situation.

No. 399710

She was hospitalized for not taking her meds.

If she's doing this because she's passionate then good for her but people are saying she's doing this because she wants to move onto politics.

No. 399711

That timeline is in the Die Antwoord subreddit and I would by no means consider it unbiased. It downplays a lot of things, such as zheani being invited by Die Antwoord on their Australian tour as well as Yolandi reaching out to her first. Die Antwoord seem like assholes, and at the very least have spread revenge porn. Zheani seems very messed up but you could very well attribute that to potentially being emotionally abused by a creepy old rapper

No. 399722

I really feel sorry for Britney. She has been in toxic showbiz enviroment since her childhood. It’s no suprise she ended up to this mental state.
There must have been some traumatic shit in her teen years. Her sister had a baby with rapist shitbag Dan Schneider.

No. 399726


woaaahh is this tinfoil or real?????? Jamie Lynn’s baby?? I never heard this before

Fuck sorry asking for spoonfeeding I can look it up I’m just shocked

No. 399727

> She has the money to fully focus on it, she can hire tutors and doesn't have to work a part time job or anything until she's ready to take her bar.

true… but do you really think she's more competent than 97% of other apprenticeship test-takers? she can hire all the tutors she wants but nobody's going to sit down and take the test for her (I hope)

No. 399729

tinfoil obviously… the father is widely acknowledged to be Casey Aldridge, who was arrested for drug charges earlier this year

No. 399734

File: 1555530898398.jpeg (16.89 KB, 640x347, 55A1C581-C16E-4816-9E3A-3203B5…)

That email Zheani used as proof was in no means an invitation. In it Ninja asked for her phone number because he wanted to talk about something important, which could be anything, really. Pic related.

Also, Yolandi did reach out to her after Ninja showed her Zheani’s tumblr, that much is true. And for sure, spreading revenge porn (even if the porn came from a former customer of her private snapchat [I cannot find any confirmation that the email to Sharlto Copley is legit]) is horrible! Not to mention Ninja admitting that he choked a backup dancer. Ninja’s a dirtbag, but I don’t think Zheani’s telling the truth either.

No. 399752

>but people are saying she's doing this because she wants to move onto politics

This 100%. But as much as I hate Kim, she will be always better than President Orange-Babyhands

No. 399770

>It's also been shown that he does have a "thing" for girls/women who look like his daughter, though not in Zheani's stuff.
Not really. It's just been the subjective opinion that every girl he bones looks like his kid and it's a reach.
Also him being degenerate doesn't mean he traffiked anyone. Like the amount of reaching because of clout is cringeworthy.

No. 399797

the reddit incels raging at her is hilarious. she's everything they hate, turning a pointless sex tape into a multi billion dollar franchise, starting businesses, having a family and now studying law when she's almost in her 40s, an age where incels believe women should just die off. I don't like everything kim k does but this move is nice to see.

Growing up under the spotlight and being judged from a kid into adulthood will fuck you up mentally. Brit became less than a human and like a zoo animal on display. tinfoil but there was something sinister going on for people to know where she was or what she was doing all the time like someone wanted to just break her down

No. 399817

Her video for "The Question" has a screencap of his email to Copley. It was a photo of her sucking his dick. I can't go back and screencap it now, but it's there. I think there's an imgur post in the timeline with all the screens she shared in the video. The Snapchat stuff came after, when he was trying to drag her name through the mud and get the heat off himself.
The timeline Reddit post was originally written by a DA fan who was pretty hostile to Zheani right from the jump. He's calmed down a little bit now that Ninja and Yolandi have royally shown their asses, but he's definitely still somewhat biased.

No. 399818

File: 1555551145429.jpg (110.99 KB, 719x726, 1552181827883.jpg)

>It's a reach
You really think this….

No. 399819

File: 1555551183380.jpg (162.93 KB, 750x726, 1552181748723.jpg)

….And this don't look the least bit similar and it's a "subjective reach"? Are you absolutely sure?

No. 399831

While I won't deny Ninja is gross and pedophilic as fuck (pretty sure one of his texts to Zheani was something like "what if I was your dad and we fucked"), the only similarities I see between them is the angle.

Also what a shame that their kid apparently took after Ninja more than Yolandi…

No. 399865

>she's the embodiment of everything that is disgusting with our society.

I'd say people that rape and murder other people are far more disgusting. After that probably people that don't care about the planet.

The worst we have to offer as humanity definitely is not vain people that want to get attention.

No. 399882

>one of his texts

No. 399934

What a fucking creep. Any old man who goes for young girls is bound to be a creep to some extent though.

No. 399935

I don't know who any of these people are, but I thought they were the same girl at first until I read the posts.

No. 400029

File: 1555632875446.png (604.25 KB, 729x610, cs.png)

Does anyone remember Courtney Stodden? She married Doug Hutchinson when she was 16 and he was 50. They did all sorts of weird interviews and photo shoots. Overall, produced some grade A cringe content.

Now she's back trying to be relevant again. It's sad that she's now 24 and still looks a decade older.

No. 400035

Not to mention a lot of their songs have him referred to as daddy and the entirety of the song "cookie thumper"

No. 400060

two decades, anon. how is it that plastic surgery ages people the way it does?

No. 400089

Probably because you’re filling your body with things that most definitely shouldn’t be there and changing your bone/fat structures so your body is constantly fighting itself

No. 400093

oh my, I thought this was Lindsay Lohan at first glance

No. 400107

Sure anon warlords and rapist are indeed worst than KimK, you sure are very smart.

No. 400150

good for her, i hope she does well

No. 400155

File: 1555680629278.jpg (692.95 KB, 812x1429, 1555671768057.jpg)

does Brie Larson fully understand Ayn Rand's political beliefs

No. 400227

who gives a shit
people post quotes they don’t fully understand literally all the time

No. 400252

its funny because Brie Larson is a libfem and she's comparing her self to Ayn Rand's self Insert

No. 400256

I’m no incel, I’m a woman, I didn’t hate the idea she was in captain marvel when I first heard of it, I don’t have a problem with women playing traditionally male roles, but god does she sound like a stupid narcissist

No. 400258

Is there any child stars who turned out okay? Most of them seem to have substance abuse issues.

All I can think is Rubert Grint.

No. 400262

nick jonas still seems wholesome to me

No. 400265

Kirsten Dunst is doing OK. Chloe Grace Moretz? Abigail Breslin? Asa Butterfield? All still really too young to tell, I guess.

No. 400266

maybe too wholesome
he goes to that anti-gay church chris pratt goes to

No. 400281

Elijah Wood and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

(JGL has always given me the creeps for some reason tho)

No. 400286

Jonas brothers, Justin Timberlake, Ryan gosling, Hilary duff (I think she might have gone thru a rough patch? Not sure), Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, NPH, Jennifer Connelly, Brooke shields… that’s all I can think of off the top of my head…

No. 400301

i thought brie larson was more intelligent than this but i guess not. this is self-obsessed, tryhard 17 yo instaposting

No. 400323

Everbody from the Harry Potter cast because the filming crew ensured that only kids were being cast who had a stable family/upbringing. So in conclusion also their parents were being cast, so no fcking stage parents could exploit their children. The crew also ensured a safe filming enviroment and the kids were always with their parents.

No. 400327

Daniel Radcliffe has been open about his struggle with substance abuse. He said that fame led him to become an alcoholic and he filmed scenes of Harry Potter drunk.

No. 400335

Wasn’t Natalie Portman affected by her being extremely sexualized as a child in Leon? I can’t recall in what way exactly, but I think she was aware of it to an extent att

No. 400387


This doesn't surprise me considering the impact being famous as a child can have and the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. I bet a great majority of child actors were molested.

No. 400401

I always thought mandy moore turned out pretty good for the era she came from. I think the ones that took a break during their late teen years / early 20s and came back to acting later have done OK (thinking of like anna chlumsky, larissa oleynik, jewel staite). The worse combo seems to be getting super famous at puberty and having shitty parents/guardians.

No. 400419

Mandy Moore married Ryan Adams who had been abusing her psychologically since they met, divorced two years ago. He also a pedo. She took a break from music because he told her she was a fake musician

No. 400420

yep, but she turned out pretty good and never went thru a public mental breakdown or something like a lot of other child stars. iirc she spoke about hearing on the radio about guys having a countdown to when she turned 18 (might be confusing her w someone else. she went to harvard right?

yeah it seems like the child stars who have struggled the most have awful, greedy parents (macaulay culkin, corey feldman, lindsey lohan, britney spears etc.)

No. 400436

Oh I didn't know that. At least he didn't have any public mental breakdown. It's impressive though that the whole Harry Potter cast seem so normal with no scandals in contrast to other children's casts

No. 400438

File: 1555723728969.png (403.06 KB, 440x539, lol.png)

something is so off about billie eilish and finneas. why does his girlfriend look exactly like his sister?

No. 400443

I remember in that video where she showed off her underwear at a concert, she looked over her shoulder at him for a second, then just kept going. It was weird. That, and the fact that they both wrote a song where she sings
>I like it when you take control, even if you know that you don't own me, I'll let you play the role. I'll be your animal
>I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type, make your girlfriend mad tight, might seduce your dad type
Reminds me of Ninja from Die Antwoord's greasy-ass lyrics.
The gf picture makes it even weirder. I won't even be surprised to find out something "happened" during homeschool.

No. 400446

The sad thing is I’ve known so many homeschooled brother/sister pairs that give off this same kind of vibe. Usually the parents are weird as fuck too though so who knows what type of environment they were fostering.

No. 400447

from a billboard article:
"He starred with his parents in 2013 family drama Life Inside Out (which his mother co-wrote), playing the troubled teenage son who discovers his musical talents."

wonder how much the mom borrowed from her own family? i think it might be like lil tay and her older brother, except billie seems genuinely mature and well-adjusted. they just all seem TOO normal, except the brother…

No. 400450

>billie seems genuinely mature and well-adjusted
gonna have to disagree w u on that lmao

No. 400454

wouldn't be the first time Ryan Murphy has put on weird pedo on one of his shows before

No. 400485

I know they're "performers" and they have an "image" to maintain but… this is such a weird picture to take with your child. It reminds me of those photoshopped pictures where it's a seemingly innocent selfie and then there ends up being a demon in the background.

I remember them from that marriage boot camp show. I'm pretty sure they ended up getting divorced. I don't keep up with her but she seems potentially milky. There was a screen recording from one of her lives that was going around on Twitter a couple months ago. A bunch of people in the chat were speculating she was on drugs because of how she was acting and she was very obnoxiously and loudly denying it. (it totally seemed like she was on coke)

No. 400487

File: 1555739612686.png (571.99 KB, 1076x616, l-.png)

They really did this.

No. 400490

The absolute mad men.

No. 400498

Yikes these charachters are siblibgs, it’s from an incest anime

No. 400509

Just to point out, OreImo was in like, 2013, lots of people forgot about it (unless it's a thing on reddit?). If they wanted to pander to teens they'd go for Darling in the TrasHH or something like that.

He also posted a touhou pic before so is he basing his anime knowledge on 4chan from a few years ago based on a google search?

No. 400514

Oreimo is popular again all of sudden among normies because it's easily streamable on their HuluTM service now.

No. 400521

I don't understand why the oreimofags haven't moved onto eromanga sensei since it's oreimo lite

I think the shows are both trash even if I like the char design, what a waste of art and animation for a lousy incest anime

No. 400523

Because eromanga-sensei sucks.

No. 400531

If they were truly trying to be edgy they’d go with Eromanga-sensei because it’s Oreimo on crack, not the other way around. But these two are obviously casual pussies who can’t even commit to being incest-loving lolicon weebs.

No. 400534

I mean, wasn’t the sister in Oreimo a lolicon? They’re both pretty much the same show, the mangaka duo behind the two series have a thing for incestuous child relationships, in particular weeb kids

No. 400625

File: 1555781873269.jpg (156.38 KB, 1572x692, twit.JPG)


they already changed it but her new banner isn't any less embarrassing. Also, what's up with her birthday date?

No. 400626

File: 1555782078584.jpg (50.45 KB, 753x434, elon.JPG)


elon on the other hand

No. 400631

is that a nazi loli?

No. 400667

File: 1555792836481.png (379.34 KB, 739x540, eee.PNG)

this is so fucking embarrassing. this is an almost 48 year old man.

No. 400709

File: 1555806452596.jpg (85.26 KB, 750x484, 9f8edc19-33b7-48ff-81a2-1a6a47…)

Yeah their family dynamic does seem a little weird

No. 400716

Fuck off Grimes, I know you don’t play AL you pathetic hag

No. 400719

FMA was a cool series but the incest loli anime is absolutely haram. I hope that was just Grimes telling him to do the matching icons with him and that he didn't really know the series or care. 47 year old businessmen shouldn't be fantasizing that their younger girlfriend is their teen sister.

No. 400723

I'm godamn concerned for our future gen. Like will these kid's grow up thinking this is how full grown professionals should act?

Like when I was younger I thought doing all this outrage stuff was funny, but now I look back on it and think of it as really cringy and immature.

But with people like musk activly encouraging it. Will kids on 100 layers of irony become adults on 101 layers of irony?

No. 400772

this series wasn't even good.

No. 400775

>four person family bed
Ugh cosleeping freaks are the worst. I’m sure they’re some relatively normal people who practice but a lot of them are straight up weirdos who fail to establish normal boundaries for their children. Also a lot of them seem to have a weird superiority complex. But then again, that’s the case with parents who practice hippie woo woo shit.

No. 400777

Drew Barrymore? She was a fuck up for a while but eventually got her shit together and managed to be stable for quite a few decades.

Dakota Fanning also seems normal, which is surprisingly since a lot of her roles as a child were very dark and not kid friendly.

No. 400784

What’s wrong with cosleeping? It’s an extremely common practice globally, I don’t really see what would be weird about it unless the children are pubescent or everyone is sleeping nude, and even then not until they’re older than toddlers considering how important skin to skin contact is for healthy infant development

No. 400788

Go home Elon, you're drunk

No. 400808

siblings don't need to be sleeping together. that sounds like a great way to never have your children understand personal boundaries and is an excellent way for your child to become prey to creepy fucks

No. 400811

Probably because people look at disasters like Gypsy Rose and her Mum sharing a bed and that it's a strange control thing to keep an eye on them. It is wierd.

No. 400846

The fact that an underage girl sings stuff like that is… concerning.

Yeah, Dakota is also well adjusted. Her sister Elle too.
Also Sofia Vassilieva, Abigail Breslin and Chloe Moretz haven't had scandals that I know of either.

No. 400934

I’m a burger so I don’t know how other countries do it but the ones who practice it in the states tend to be the crunchy granola types. I know not all of them are nutty but I feel like you should at least set up some boundaries between you and your children. Also like the other anon said, siblings (unless they’re around the same age and the same gender) sharing the same bed is just weird.

No. 400945

it's not really common in other countries either tbh, unless you're really poor.

No. 401005

File: 1555886087157.jpg (207.74 KB, 960x960, xrApwrANHQ0Xnj77WATPAXH8lJib9V…)

Ugh…her existence is so sad to me.

No. 401031

File: 1555891089104.jpg (125.14 KB, 816x1200, narc.jpg)

She's a full blown narc 100%

No. 401037

Then why did you like her pic ?

No. 401054

ntayrt, probably to bookmark it

No. 401072

why? she genuinely seems retarded

No. 401104

Because its sad when any girl whores herself out to wrinkly disgusting old rich men just for a little bit of fame. Whats even the point when all you're going to be known as is a yacht girl?

No. 401136

She seems like such a boring person.

No. 401282

you're just as retarded as she is if you think she didn't choose to do that. it's 2019. if she hated playing the dumb bimbo so much she could just get a normal job. stop pitying moronic women.

No. 401340

File: 1555974668220.jpg (104.37 KB, 682x1023, Britney-Spears-and-Sam-Asghari…)

britney got released from the hospital for a day on easter…saging cause i dont think its milky but wow she looks so sad and out of it the more i read of this situation the darker and sadder it gets

No. 401343

Britney's family is so messed up and her career's demise is literally a result of this conservatorship which allows her family to pimp her out despite her obvious discomfort with continuing her career.

It's honestly sickening how much she's been exploited for money from her family to Kevin Federline who demands $60,000 in child support. Even as a lifelong fan of hers, I am dying for her to break free and take control of her life on her own terms, even if it means retiring. Her legacy was great up until Circus but she hasn't been the same since then. You can tell her heart just isn't in performing anymore and that's okay. I'd rather her retire and be happy than to have another album where she's basically a puppet for all the leeches who depend on her.

No. 401344

I'm quoting someone in the "Women shilled as attractive that you find Ugly" thread but this comment sums her up perfectly:

>I once read a comment that said she looks like a cross between an ostrich and a little Indian boy, and that describes how I feel about her face perfectly

No. 401352

I wish someone would just take her away from her greedy piece of shit family and fly her and her kids out to a nice island or farm or something where she could live out her life in peace away from paps and showbiz. I feel so awful for her.

No. 401353


okay maybe ive been living under a rock but can someone redpill me on britney

No. 401356

I don't like to speculate too much bc don't know whats truly going on behind the scenes as practically all of her court records are redacted but this twitter thread sums up the latest drama https://twitter.com/RescueBritney/status/1118344912553033728

No. 401416

File: 1555990143115.png (2.21 MB, 960x1194, Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 8.26…)

Not gonna lie, thought that was Billie with a new dye job at first glance before doing a double take. Checked out the girl's Instagram and she really does look like a tanner brunette version of Billie. After seeing some of the borderline sexual shit Billie's done and now this, I wouldn't be surprised if there's something up with her . family.

No. 401420

Billie's lyrics are way too sexual imo for there not to be something sketchy with her fam. At the very least they've allowed their minor daughter to create music about her sex life, which is slimy.

No. 401421

Not too familiar with her music. Feel gross about searching "billie eillish sex life songs" onto Google so could you share some instances of this?

No. 401512

>i like it when you take control
>even if you know that you don't own me, i'll let you play the role
>i'll be your animal
>my mommy likes to sing along with me
>but she won't sing this song
>if she reads all the lyrics
>she'll pity the men I know

lyrics from her song "bad guy", another cut with weird lyrics considering they're written by both Billie and her brother include "my strange addiction"

i admittedly like the album and the song but it's still pretty fuckin' weird that siblings are penning these lyrics

No. 401530

okay, but that's one song. none of her other songs have "sexual" lyrics. (my strange addiction is not sexual lol?) and if you consider the rest of the song, it's clear she was just trying to be as edgy as possible to go along with the bad guy theme

brother's gf have similar face to sister + suggestive lyrics = incest apparently

No. 401802

If it smells like it, looks like it…

It’s so convenient that everyone loves her and Finneas is invisible on the side. I wish one of the gossip blogs would go deep into this.

No. 401813

File: 1556065386626.png (2.66 MB, 640x1136, 23B7385F-15D3-480C-8C25-2864D2…)

I spotted Eric Stuart in a livestream (or I think it’s him?), he looks pissed kek

No. 401827

I've been following britney since her debut and honestly, it breaks my heart what is happening to her. She really needs help and she needs people around her to stop using her for money.

No. 401848


There's no real evidence they ever changed their icons to Oreimo. No other screenshots and no archive.is copies.

No. 401873

File: 1556082708048.jpg (370.62 KB, 1106x1966, freebritney.jpg)

No. 401902

That's not a natural voice. It's her sing-song "Britney" public persona voice. That's all I have to say.

No. 401913

She looks terrible
>all is well
>i am strong

"Strong Britney"

No. 401930

Before reading what >>401356 linked and doing a bit of my own research I thought Britney's situation is pretty normal - I thought she's getting the help she needs, and of course sometimes it has to be forced. But now I feel so heavy-hearted. They own her. She's a product, nothing more. It's like… human trafficking happening right before our eyes. She filled the motion and almost immediately they've put her in a mental institution. Scary shit

No. 401999

File: 1556115299290.webm (3.02 MB, 480x480, 58437908_432975804179762_21417…)

No. 402070


>my strange addiction isn't sexual lol.

>"I'm the powder, you're the fuse. Just add some friction."
>"Put your lips on my skin and you might ignite it. Hurts, but I know how to hide it, kinda like it."


No. 402076

>fire imagery/metaphors
suggestive, sure, but not "sexual" which would indicate something more explicit/direct

and even so, aren't most people sexually active at 17? why should it matter if she hints at it in her music?

No. 402089

i had no idea how bad things were for britney. this is honestly sickening, wtf, she's being trafficked and you know they're yachting her against her will. her fiancé at one point was made her co-conservator even though she was afraid of him and he was abusing her. the hell is this fucking clown world we live in.

No. 402099

her dad is a piece of shit and should be incarcerated. i'm sure he's sexually abused her too since he and her manager have always pushed her into a sexy image even as a teen.

No. 402187

Yeah you right if she's not literally saying "hello i am doing bdsm shit and i got fucked in the pussy without lube lol" then it's not inappropriate.
You dense fucker.

No. 402368

File: 1556158850020.jpg (118.71 KB, 745x722, ye.jpg)

No. 402374

Kris Jenner Does The Church

No. 402376


yeah basically she's seen how much cash Hillsong are getting and wants a piece of the pie.

No. 402395

inb4 he makes sodomy halal in kanyeist branch of christianity so no one can booly him anymore

No. 402622

Hey guys is there a thread for Marilyn Manson? He is super milky, there is a lot of shit on him on instagram.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 402625

You're supposed to be anonymous, don't input anything into the name field you dork.

And no there is no Marilyn Manson thread but you could talk about him here, I don't think celeb milk needs to be fresh. Does it?

No. 402855

File: 1556253113794.jpg (232.81 KB, 940x1200, D4-KctvWwAIGHeZ.jpg)

No. 402856

File: 1556253138661.jpg (219.37 KB, 994x1200, D4-KctwXsAEvnUD.jpg)

No. 402880

File: 1556257441994.jpg (11.85 KB, 292x215, 1532148123011.jpg)

Damn, that's Olivia Munn? Good comeback.

Someone with the surname Cocks should not cast the first stone.

No. 402917

NTA but have you ever actually read the blog she's going in on? It's so completely and utterly harmless, holy shit.
>posts about both men and women
>never criticizes bodies or looks
>criticisms are good humoured snark that never gets particularly mean spirited

Critiquing the clothes celebs are given to wear for a day by designers is harmless, she's just butthurt they made fun of her clothes. On the other hand, going after people with much less power and status than yourself for SJW points knowing your fanbase will attack them is low af. She could go after fashion magazines that really do harm women… but they give her jobs and could take legal action against her if they wished so nope.

No. 402919

I'd never even heard of that blog until she slammed it. This will definitely work more in their favor than hers.

No. 402944

lol this is pathetic. i remember reading go fug yourself in the early 2000s. it's literally just a silly, funny fashion blog. where they talk about OUTFIT CHOICES. they're not calling people hideous. they're just commenting on ugly outfits, jfc. it's completely lighthearted and they do make fun of guys plenty. really pathetic to get this assmad because two women literally just don't like your fashion choice

No. 403074

Considering that the GFY girls do exactly what all of us do here on a routine basis, only much, much more lighthearted and not, dare I say it, as bitchy, my feeling is Olivia Munn can fuck herself.

No. 403128

If she's mad about outfit bashing fun sites, I wonder why she didn't go after Tom&Lorenzo as well? They trash her outfits with even more of a bitchy attitude imo. Is it because they're gay?

No. 403157


I found a clip in a billie eilish "funny moments" video of her making a joke about his (her brother) dick being small.
Found the original clip
(At the 2:16 mark)

But that could just be sibling banter, i guess.

Looking for that clip though, i came across some "billie and finneas sibling moments" videos.

No. 403161

I guess to a 17 year old, that might be a funny diss at your sibling? That’s really not top 10 sibling diss material though. She doesn’t want him to get girls?

There’s also clearly tension between his girlfriend and Billie. Claudia puts him in all her social media, YouTube vids, etc… but there are no interactions with Billie lol. She’ll tag Billie out of politeness at her own damn concert in a story, but the rest of the tour might as well have been a Finneas solo.

Oh well, they’re all immature and probably can’t navigate these complex emotions and relationships. Really hoping Billie and her brother aren’t doing shit behind the scenes.

No. 403171

Same here.

It does seem a bit weird that he wanted her to turn off the video after she said it though, but I'll leave it there, considering there isn't any actual proof of anything going on, i hope all is well.

No. 403281

she's so fucking tacky and disgusting ugh

No. 403674

File: 1556426589949.png (102.71 KB, 750x215, AC1CC6BE-4C42-467B-A05D-DDCEAC…)

She wants what hatsune miku has
Also someone said that this would be elon musk funded he doesn’t even buy her clothes

No. 403708

She's getting so much worse over time and it's upsetting to see

No. 403860

Imagine dating a old man with substance abuse issues and mentality of 14yo reddit user and he does not even buy you nice things.

No. 403987

How are we feeling about the Prince William cheating rumors? I wouldn’t doubt it, gorgeous women get cheated on all the time by their average boyfriends, I know there are millions of girls out there who would throw themselves at the royals just for the 15 minutes of fame.

No. 404011

I honestly think the men have a sex addiction and some odd belief gorgeous women are too "pure" to want to have sex that isn't highly romantic. So they'll find some random woman looking for a quick gig because he just sees her as a sex object. Men are too dumb to realize even the most "pure" woman has sexual desires and will have lazy sex.

No. 404017

The rumours are disappointing, if true, because William should know better. His dad cheated on his mom with Camilla and the marriage was ruined. What interests me more are the blind items saying that Meghan Markle was the one who leaked the rumours. Obviously she didn't leak them directly to the press, but I think it's plausible that she spilled the secret to some of her friends who in turn blabbed to the media. This would explain why all of a sudden there's talk of Harry and Meghan moving to Africa.

No. 404032

No. 404534

File: 1556587903392.jpeg (147.66 KB, 799x717, F94FC726-DA56-498F-A0B2-55A322…)

Any farmers think Dan Schneider, creator of The Amanda Show, All That, iCarly, Zoey 101, Victorious, Drake & Josh etc. is a creep? Or I guess actively follow news of him, just waiting for him to be outed? There’s been claims of him being an abusive prick (shocker) circulating for years, which include him raping Amanda Bynes, being the true father of Jamie Lynn Spear’s (Britney Spear’s younger sister) baby, his obvious foot fetish, among other disgusting allegations. Even actual footage of Ariana Grande playing with her feet, which he made her do for a children’s TV show.
As of last year, Nickelodeon “parted ways” with Dan amid more mainstream conversation of him being a pedophile. Supposedly they parted ways because Dan demanded a bigger studio and he threw a diva tantrum, but Nickelodeon cleaning house and not wanting to be associated with Schneider for when he is outed as a predator is more plausible. Should be noted that Dan hasn’t tweeted since the allegations went more mainstream.

No. 404535

Not only that he once tweeted out a competition demanding the young fanbase of one of his shows tweet out pics of some weird crap drawn on their feet. Also the pool parties and the footage of Dan in the hot tub with Amanda Bynes…not very professional.

No. 404536

Oh definitely. I feel like some of it’s been discussed before in regards to Ariana.

No. 404537

File: 1556588555910.jpeg (637.75 KB, 1782x1295, EB38016C-A4BE-4223-90FD-ED59EC…)

samefag but I know we discuss child grooming in the industry here from time to time, but Dan Schneider keeps getting away with it. Every year some new blind items about him are discussed, and more footage of him being disgusting to the once underage actresses he hired for his shows surfaces. Pic related but this is one of his former actresses speaking up about him recently. Wonder when the other women will come forward, if ever.

No. 404538

This behind the scenes clip really did it for me. At the beginning you can hear Ariana saying that everyone can see her private parts. Liz Gillies seemed super skeptical of Dan.

No. 404539

File: 1556588933641.jpg (79.5 KB, 1280x720, faggot.jpg)

Anyone else catch this youtube drama with Doja Cat and London Yellow?

>London Yellow makes some "lol meme" video called "Doja Cat Please Marry Me"

>seems really obviously like he's trying to be "cool/relatable/memeable" while also using the name of a more popular artist to boost views on his videos
>literally most of his videos are at less than 90k views before this, some even as low as 10k
>this song comes out and he suddenly blows the fuck up
>somehow no one notices this
>his creepy fans start to harass Doja on twitter
>"lol just memes y u mad" when called out on harassment
>harassment is pointed out to London Yellow
>he literally fans the flames and encourages his followers to help him get his waifu, rather than discouraging it as one might if it really were "just memes"
>doja cat blocks him
>he makes a song called "doja cat please unblock me"
>his fang so fucking NUTS
>start bothering Doja about this stupid fucking meme on social media, everything from just being annoying "lol memes" spouting aspies to actually being misogynistic dweebs spouting really gross shit at her
>london yellow still does nothing and in fact likes several videos defending his actions as "just memes u guys :))"
>sometime during this Doja releases a video in which she's just like "stop, this is stupid, and it's obvious you're a clout chaser. your fans are actually harassing me."
>London continues to ignore it and fan the flames for attention/views

I love how women can be literally harassed for ignoring a guy, by hundreds of fucking people, and if she blocks him then she's the bad guy.

No. 404562


Schneider has been in blinds multiple times on Blind Gossip as being a creep to the underage girls.

No. 404569

From 2009:


People have been calling on bigger stars like Ariana Grande to speak up about him. Dan appears to be liking tweets from time to time, but he doesn’t post anymore. Twitter users have posted screenshots of Dan blocking them when they call him out.

No. 404599

I can’t find it, but a while back I watched an old video ariana uploaded on her youtube channel where she was singing disney songs and her phone kept going off. She looked at it and acted kind of weird, then said something like “dan is texting me gross stuff again.” If i find it i’ll post.

No. 404671

Video related covers a lot of stuff.

Ooh Alexa Nikolas, I remember her. I'm glad that she's speaking up.

No. 404720

File: 1556642415959.jpeg (64.1 KB, 628x412, AF22C741-BA7C-412D-B75C-5197E4…)

Holy shit I know what video you’re talking about! Her phone kept going off, and she’d make weird faces at it. I don’t remember the part where she references Dan, but most people probably think that Dan is a friend of hers who is just being playful. I don’t doubt she scrubbed the video off her channel. Of all the starlets Nick has produced, Ariana is their biggest one. She’ll never come out with the truth, one of the B list actresses would have to step forward first. According to a blind item on City Days & Nights, two stars from two separate Nick shows who had just received their own spinoff (Ariana Grande and Jeanette McCurdy) planned on exposing Dan Schneider in October 2017 when the MeToo movement started. But they didn’t go through with it. There were also claims that one Victorious star (Ariana) has the actual worst momager. Her mom, Joan Grande, actually told her to sleep with Dan, and Joan received hefty sums of money. This is probably true because Joan milks Ariana’s fame every single day. Joan strictly tweets about Ariana and daily reminds everyone that her daughter is the most famous Pop star in the world. At least we have Alexa Nikola starting to speak up. Her whole character (Nicole) on Zoey 101 was about a boy-crazed 12 year old who was literally diagnosed with a disorder that’s about being obsessed with men. How fucking gross. Ariana has benefitted too much from Dan to outright expose him, but the smaller stars have started saying something. I can’t wait for the day Dan is busted.

No. 404732

wasn't there some sort of protest for the Kid's Choice Awards where the Nick stars refused to show up bc of all the sketchy stuff going on and ariana was the only one to go anyway?

No. 404738

File: 1556647194359.jpeg (148.71 KB, 579x450, 552A3CEE-9B0F-4D1E-851E-EE0CE0…)

Here is the blind item confirmed by Enty regarding Victorious and the actress who was most sexually active and abusive of drugs. I know this could come off as a bit stupid, but Victorious actually was suddenly halted by the network. There wasn’t a proper ending to it, they just cancelled it despite it being the most successful show on Nick during that time. We also know Ariana does drugs. And this is only as it pertains to Ariana. One of the stars from All-That gave an interview where she verifies that Dan is in fact abusive. She said Dan cussed her out on set, had a huge tempter, and that he told her to cut it out with making the audience laugh because she’s stealing attention from the other actors. Noah Munck (Gibby on iCarly) also gave an interview. He didn’t deny the allegations, and just said he’d feel devasatated if the rumors are true. He also said it’s evident that Dan has a foot fetish. Also makes sense as to why Ariana Grande blew up right after the spontaneous cancelation of Victorious and Sam & Cat.

No. 404739

File: 1556647293370.jpeg (38.99 KB, 588x201, 9F3276A7-B36A-4F10-B6C5-DFC69A…)

About Joan Grande.

No. 404740

File: 1556647514639.jpeg (105.45 KB, 594x395, B0BAFC52-5F57-4857-8673-B5F29C…)

Yeah, virtually all of the big female stars boycotted the awards and were made to seem like divas. They said Jennette McCurdy didn’t show up because she was angry that she wasn’t making the same amount of money as Ariana. Yet all the male actors showed up. Ariana is pictured here, and is the only big actress who went. The other woman is the woman who played Ariana’s grandma on Sam and Cat, and she is very old. Ariana is Dan’s most loyal female star. Each time that threads about Dan’s predatory behavior resurface, fans tweet to Ariana telling her to say something. She’s a very active twitter user and responds to fans each day, but she never responds to the allegations.

No. 404744

Speaking of Dina Lohan, why is she considered one of the worst stage moms? I’ve seen her compared to Judy Garland’s mom, but when I try to search up what she did or why she’s bad, I can’t find anything.

No. 404754

i cant find anything either, but the people behind the scenes probably know something.

i wouldnt be surprised if it played a large role in lindsey being so messed up.

No. 404760

I think the general consensus is that it seemed like both of Lindsay's parents put her wellbeing in the backseat to fame/money/attention. Both of her parents are awful people who abuse each other and apparently her seeing that when she was little affected her a lot, which they now own up to contributing to her addiction and mental illness. Her dad in particular is awful and physically abused her mom a lot and is/was a huge drug user. Lindsay has also apparently repeatedly given her mother money but her mom is now bankrupt and her house is getting foreclosed on.

No. 404765

File: 1556650662023.jpeg (280.42 KB, 1661x1253, 1A428FD3-E2C3-4490-BA03-A9C92D…)

Something is definitely up with Dan and the Grandes. Dan has only been posting on Instagram now, but only every so often. Most of his posts are ~teehee so randum!!1!~ the times he does post, to appeal to teenagers. But in between that, he’s only posted about Ariana and Frankie Grande. And this was already months after he got fired from Nickelodeon. Looking through his posts, the ones he posted last year (when he was fired and conversation of his pedophilia sparked even more) there are zero comments. He turned off his Instagram comments, and now heavily filters them. His recent posts only have one comment on them. But he freely milks his connection to Ariana when she does something “innovative.” He’s probably off of Twitter now because he can’t turn off comments on his tweets and people always make jokes about him when they see Dan’s name.

No. 404837

well..there were the photos of her in clubs with lindsay, drinking with her and even giving her a tongue kiss

No. 404838

I wonder what the tea is with Frankie. Yeah he’s been sober for a while supposedly but doesn’t mention his specific struggle?? Did he just get coked out.

No. 404844

File: 1556666371325.png (253.66 KB, 359x540, Screenshot_2019-04-30-18-16-00…)

Dove looks like a mtf tranny now. How did she get this ugly?
Keep telling yourself and fans ur natural sis

No. 404859

Who knows, he basically just dick rides on ari’s fame. The blind that talks about Joan Grande receiving large sums of money when she essentially sold off Ariana to Dan said that the entire family received some of that pie, enough to not have to worry about working again. This was obviously before Ariana blew up, because they’re probably milking her money. It also stated that her family also received contracts to be on shows and become famous themselves. Later that year, Frankie was a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew, which is on MTV. Viacom owns both Nickelodeon and MTV, so it all makes sense. The exposure worked because that’s where I learned about Frankie from. He also went onto Big Brother and who knows what else. Probably used Ariana’s drugs.

No. 404866

File: 1556668805851.jpeg (405.1 KB, 1800x1175, AB8922C3-833C-4221-8AD8-8D1D15…)

Found on twitter. She posted this after exposing Schneider.

No. 404869

File: 1556668973776.jpeg (122.27 KB, 1171x497, F4A65BD1-3462-42B0-9EDA-C53787…)

No. 404877

The way her character in Zoey 101 was written was so gross. As a child at the time Zoey 101 was airing I loved her character, now I’m just may some obese man made millions off of exploiting his weird fetishes and young girls. There’s so much weed shit on Dan Schneider I don’t know how a reputable news source hasn’t picked up on it yet..crazy. Especially since he started being exposed in the mainstream. I can’t belive he got away with it for so long as well. The most damning thing is his clear foot fetish being put in shoes for children.

No. 404880

File: 1556670447430.jpeg (318.76 KB, 581x903, 9E8F6925-43D0-4519-BE0D-126EFA…)

Yeah, I thought it was hilarious as a kid. Looking back it’s really fucking disgusting that they made her have “male OCD” and basically kicked her off the show once they had already made a mockery out of her (and abused her). There’s dumbasses in her comments who call her “dick crazy” after all these years because of her character on the show.
It’s truly amazing how Schneider gets away with it each year. They say he’s even worse than Weinstein, and that he is held to a higher regard in Hollywood because of at least 10 successful shows of his + royalties. Here’s a long blind. Apparently Viacom has confronted Schneider, but Schneider also gathered dirt on the head of Viacom. Now they have to keep everything hush hush and basically have a pact. They threw a lesser known producer under the bus to distract people from Dan.

No. 404881

File: 1556670520423.jpeg (283.78 KB, 582x785, 6EB96C7C-4AFB-4880-AFD2-07153E…)

This was posted two months before Dan got fired from Nick, too.

No. 404882

File: 1556670552040.jpeg (211.47 KB, 586x798, 5FD77ACA-109E-4F28-8C8B-82A615…)

No. 404896

File: 1556673112043.jpg (88.91 KB, 600x833, 26VIACOM-articleLarge.jpg)

I hope both Dan and this disgusting piece of shit, Sumner Redstone, are destroyed soon.
May they stay alive to see everything they've built on other's pain come crashing down, and then die miserable, lonely deaths.

No. 404919

it's amazing how life has made him suffer over and over again, despite also making him unbelievably wealthy. it's karmic fate. can't believe he's still here.

No. 404921

File: 1556677303213.jpeg (31.11 KB, 578x164, CC61C3FC-E94F-4F9F-8E56-B58D25…)

From the same month that the two actresses (believed to be Ariana and Jennette) were going to expose Dan.

No. 404922

File: 1556677343704.jpeg (82.34 KB, 751x325, 93118F8E-D0B8-4A89-AC88-0ED915…)

The person that Dan and Sumner used as their sacrificial lamb.

No. 404935

Wouldn’t this be about the girl who played Sam? Since it mentions she was paired up with a bible/church girl, which Ariana was known to be until the stuff with her brother.

No. 404937

Google didn’t really help me, can we have more info on the old man

No. 404940

File: 1556682169476.jpeg (599.93 KB, 1242x1176, 1F714F07-A8D6-4C20-8F52-58B2B6…)

He’s the owner of Viacom. Viacom owns Nickelodeon. The really long blind item that’s above says that the reason Schneider (“The Producer”) is getting away with his abuses is because Viacom can’t do much about him, since Schneider has dirt on Sumner (“The Protector”). I don’t know what atrocities Sumner has committed so maybe someone can elaborate, but basically he’s Schneider’s big daddy.

No. 404976

File: 1556693501132.jpeg (877.9 KB, 1242x1591, F11BFF83-880C-4C2C-BB1B-9C181A…)

One can only hope. Alexa’s posts were only the beginning.

No. 405260

I don't know much about this situation but it sounds like typical pedophile/degenerate behavior to keep a trust going, like here's dirt on me and I'll have dirt on you so neither one of us can say anything. He's probably a pedophile, too.

Hoping they speak out soon. I don't understand why Ariana can't? She has so much power with her stans, what is the worst that could happen to her if she spoke out? She has the most power and money out of any of the victims.
She loves making herself a victim and milking anything, but won't when it comes to something that could help other victims out, too?
She would be painted as brave for speaking out, and people will feel sorry for her, and further her mentally ill damaged narrative. I don't get it. I think something is shady about it. I hope Jeanette and the other girls don't have to do it alone. Or Ariana will pull a Katy Perry and be silent about it. I'd like her a lot more if she used her influence and money to squish these gross bugs.

No. 405272

They might have something on her that hinders her from telling her story. Or maybe she signed some sort of NDA?

Perhaps she doesn't want to deflect attention away from her music career.

I don't really get why she hasn't said anything either. (Tinfoiling a bit but I bet the whole Hollywood/music industry is run by a bunch of creeps who will refuse to work with her if she outs one of them, consequently ending her career.)

No. 405274

Their pedo ring is likely a pipeline that starts with Dan grooming and abusing the starlets so that Sumner can have his share, too. Anything Sumner has done is obviously big enough to be Dan’s “protector” since Dan blackmailed him, but the difference is Sumner is going to die soon. He’s in his mid-90s, and apparently the outing of Dan will also be the fall of Sumner. Sumner will be rotting, but Dan is in his early 50’s and will suffer the consequences more. They always pedal the same weak excuses for firing someone/when an actor leaves a show, too. Supposedly Alexa Nikolas quit Zoey 101 because she had beef with Jamie Lynn. Sam & Cat ended because Ariana and Jennette “hate” each other. Miraculously, all the actresses who boycotted Dan receiving Nick’s most prestigious award simply “couldn’t make it,” despite Dan being surrounded by all the male actors and Ariana, of course. Dan gets fired from Nickelodeon because he threw a bitch fit over studio space (months after the #TimesUp movement starts). While there could be some truths to these, it’s always the same unbelievable cop out.

Thinking about this now, and I also think it’s weird as fuck that Gibby would go shirtless on iCarly every other episode. It seems that each time Shneider’s abuse surfaces, there’s new clips of actors doing foot fetish work. It doesn’t end, it’s always something new that people are still piecing together.

I feel the same way about Ariana, too. Of all the Nick actors, there’s no doubt she’s their cash cow. She has a whole rabid army of arianators ready to attack anyone. It seems Dan has a different “it girl” each decade. In the 90s it was Amanda Bynes. In the 2000s it was Jamie Lynn Spears. Now it’s Ariana, and her and Dan are still close. I suspect she’s keeping quiet because of the settlement between her family and Schneider. She actively dodges any criticism of Dan, and I think it’s sad that all the smaller stars are the ones putting in the work right now. Especially because people don’t take them as seriously. Jamie Lynn is known as the girl who got pregnant and got Zoey 101 cancelled, even though she was raped. Alexa Nikolas is known as the boy crazy girl who was only on the show for one season. Victoria Justice is now seen as a watered down Ariana Grande, and every time her name comes up people bring up that stupid meme of her being jealous of Ariana. Ariana has the most “credibility,” and if she were to speak up right now, then the other girls can too. But she’ll likely just wait until the others say something first, then she’ll band wagon. After all, she was the Victorious star that was always having sex and doing drugs on set. Unfortunately, people will probably pay most attention to her story.

No. 405277

File: 1556744354657.jpeg (360.82 KB, 1532x1189, C86AB039-5D69-4E3C-B832-F5FF7B…)

No. 405279

File: 1556744405876.jpeg (423.2 KB, 1800x1326, 7A47FDA9-FDEB-437E-BBC7-57F968…)

No. 405314

Wow that's actually incredibly sad that none of the male stars joined the protest.

No. 405316


No. 405318

File: 1556753302307.jpeg (390.54 KB, 1073x1281, 47D58511-814A-4189-9A33-43B6DC…)

Found in the comments. First part is about Erin Sanders who played the nerd on Zoey 101. Also explains why Dan monitors his Instagram comments like a hawk.

No. 405372


I don't know who that is, but i'm never getting cheek fillers now

No. 405373


It sounds like she was groomed, both by Schneider and her own mother, into accepting the sexual stuff and the drugs were a way to cope with the reality. God how fucking awful.

No. 405374


I feel so bad for Amanda Bynes. Trauma can trigger serious mental illness and so can drugs - if both were rife at Nick then no wonder she's messed up.

No. 405379

I know nothing about Azelia Banks and she seems messy but I live for her dragging drag queens in her tweets

>As a woman - me seeing another fly bitch is just like - so much more fun and exciting then seeing a boy with all that wild cake on his face lmfao. It never looks right like whhhhhhhyyyyyyy LMFAOOOO

>I just have a really hard time indulging in the fantasy knowing drag queens identify as men. Lol there’s no big sister fantasy, no dress up fantasy no nothing that makes me feel like I’m being invited to a special and exclusive ladies night… it really doesn’t move me.

>I'm sorry, this is why I can't take drag seriously. This adult looks like a complete moron.

top kek

No. 405382

This guy is 95 years old what the fuck. If Shneider had dirt on him, he was probably diddling kids too

No. 405388

File: 1556765182610.jpeg (164.36 KB, 1242x575, 9CF1BE52-7025-4746-AD72-031DDA…)

He’s about to turn 96… how is he still kicking? People are currently fighting for his wealth, and he’s been suing others left and right. I’m betting that the actresses will come forward once he does actually pass. That line about his embarrassing sexual desires, disgusting. Dan will have no “protector” then (but let’s face it, he’s probably being protected by others now)

No. 405390

File: 1556765688872.jpeg (563.04 KB, 1242x1137, FF9F03E1-6321-4BCB-AD8B-B66EF8…)

A mess

No. 405409

The comments on this video are filled with people asking about the situation, i really hope she speaks out.

No. 405410

File: 1556770627118.jpg (459.65 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20190502-001241.jpg)


She also hearted this comment.

No. 405422

I feel so bad for her, but I’m also really glad to see her looking so much better! Remember this alarming Vine? It gets to me how back then, people called the video “satire.”
Things are lining up right now. They’re pretty much already focusing on the death of Sumner, bound to happen very soon. Probably why Enty of the blind items site City Days & Nights said that some of the women plan on coming forward super soon. Alexa, Erin, Jennette, and evidently even cast members from “Henry Danger” are dropping clues about Dan. I’m really hoping it’s this year.

No. 405424

File: 1556774320055.jpeg (440.71 KB, 1242x976, 5FDDCA0A-8663-4C89-BCE7-3F1317…)

Double post but this was when she boycotted Dan’s acceptance of the Nickelodeon legacy award.

No. 405428


Wow, this is my first time seeing this.

I hope it's this year too, he needs to be outed asap.

I hope everyone effected gets closure

No. 405448

>95 and immobile
>restricted to 3 keys on his idevice
why the fuck is he still kicking

No. 405456


Is CDAN a reputable source though? They said Hayden Pattenaire is a prostitute

No. 405457


She doesn't even look like herself now. Apparently she relapsed and is in a mental hospital.

No. 405544

can we make a dan schneider thread? this whole thing is so interesting and i’ve been lowkey following it for a while. i think things are about to get pretty milky, and i don’t think we should clog up this thread.

No. 405566

File: 1556813740774.png (726.04 KB, 1064x829, Screenshot_1.png)

>Ariana makes a tweet about how journalists are trash
>Journalist misunderstands it to be a response to the myriad of thinkpieces about Ariana's racist behavior, but it was actually about some gossip blogs being mean to Ariana's friend
>Journalist receives thousands of death threats, suicide bait, people telling her she deserved her rape, people calling her a tranny/ling ling/ching chong etc.
>Journalist DMs Ariana, apologizes for the misunderstanding
>Ariana half-assedly apologizes back
>Journalist asks her to tell her fans to stop the harassment
>Ariana responds with "well u were mean so they're gonna be mean back. sorry that they're doing that tho :/ but im not gonna say anything cause they'll just keep doing it anyways. peace yuh"
>Journalist publicizes the DMs, now receiving even more hate than before
>Ariana doesn't further address the situation or the cultural appropriation allegations at all

Funny that an anon was just complaining about Ariana not using her platform to speak up. Even when the opportunity is handed to her on a platter she refuses to use her audience for good and decides to be a child about it. Maybe being diddled/pimped out when she was 13 caused her to be stuck in the mentality of a tween.

No. 405568

No. 405582

>"Talusan fired back at the singer by calling her a “bitchass” and “a spoiled white girl from boca"
She deserved it

No. 405583

Who? The Asian? Didn't know we had Ariana stans here

And learn to sage idiot

No. 405587

I automatically assume the person is trash when I see anime avatars

No. 405605

I think it depends if on if you want to believe them or not. They've definitely built up credibility since their inception. "Enty" (the site's admin) is an entertainment lawyer who keeps anonymous. A lot of news sources have written about him. Enty claims that only a small handful of people know his real identity, and those people are good connections who are also in the industry. It's rumored he is close to Robert Downey Jr, who is just one actor of course. Enty was outing Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and others years before #MeToo started. He's also posted about big relationships that are ending, such as Brad and Angelina's way before they go public with it. He mentions that he knows celebrities read his site for a fact because he'll get angry emails from their PR/the celebrity whenever they even suspect a blind item is about them. Here's an article on it and how he gets away with it:


I second a Dan Schneider thread. There's just way too many things that can be discussed that haven't even been posted in this thread. It'd also be nice to have in the back burner for when he is exposed.

No. 405609

double post but there's also the fact that this >>404880 was posted exactly two months before Nick fired Schneider and before Schneider had to sell his home. Anons in the past thread have also referenced the blind items on CD&N so I guess it does depend how much faith you have in celebrity gossip in general.

No. 405611

Thirding a dan schneider (& company) thread. I don't know enough to make one, though. It would be nice to have all of this information in one place and I think it's becoming relevant enough and it could spread more awareness. The only place I've heard about it is here and I don't think a lot of anons follow this thread.

No. 405622

Why are these fans wasting so much of their time "protecting" some egocentric millionaire who will never return the favor? Go play outside or at least a video game or something, goddamn.

Also lol at Arianna who used to be the shade of milk being darker than an actual brown woman.

No. 405626

Also the time when she released "thank u, next" last year and Kris Wu beat her in the charts and she was pissed. Her and her manager, Scooter, accused Kris of using bots to get him to the top. It didn't just end there though, Ariana was liking racist tweets about Kris and ones calling him a nobody. Just because she wasn't #1.

No. 405639

>>>/ot/405637 Dan Schneider and company thread!

No. 405776

i mean being a woman isn't a costume so she's right in that drag a shit

No. 405941

File: 1556861215887.png (583.9 KB, 916x596, 1532853339394.png)

I found this on another celeb thread.

Sage bc no milk

No. 405945

Letting minors use social media was a mistake.

No. 405969

Dumb insults don't warrant death threats lol. What the fuck.

No. 406042

I hate how sexualised teenagers are, social media has really allowed it to become widespread

No. 406061

Her stupid dead expression always pisses me off

No. 406064

This is basically what means a fandom toxic. instead of liking an artist for their music, they take it personal. It's crazy. These are all disgusting people who have never been taught manners. I wouldn't do any of that shit, even in my teenage hay day obsessing with bands.

No. 406209

This, especially with how Ariana preaches about mental health. If one random irrelevant person told her to kill herself she would go cry about it on twitter but it's okay for her fans to tell other people to.

No. 406362

Madge’s video is…something else

No. 406381

after seeing her on the BBAs I can’t imagine the fuckery this must hold. did anyone else see her performance? someone watching with me put it the best “she’s Madonna she shouldn’t have to do this”

No. 406420

File: 1556950921363.png (395.4 KB, 1277x565, math.png)

No. 406422

3 people who abused others but got a pass for being musicians, so worthy of respect and admiration!

The thing that gets me most about CB is that he's just a dime a dozen rnb singer. There have been countless like him with similar songs and similar skill levels. His songs aren't even memorable or iconic the way MJ and 2pacs are. I actually feel like he gets MORE credit than he deserves because of the abuse, if he didn't become so notorious for beating Rihanna, people would've forgotten about him the way they did loads of others from his era. But men are always keen to defend a woman beater so they overrate his talent and importance to the industry.

No. 406427

File: 1556951941539.jpg (330.55 KB, 1188x824, 1482053062204.jpg)

Ariana Grande boasted ages ago how ridiculously big his dick is.

Kate Beckinsdale is known for her Penis fetish.

Most of them probably consider him nothing more than a freakishly massive penis on legs.

No. 406431

File: 1556953267698.jpg (394.43 KB, 684x1660, hugedick.jpg)

No. 406438

this bitch is having a midlife crisis for real

No. 406450


Why are you weirdos still being so dramatic about the age difference it was just a fling and there are millions of rich dudes in their 50s marrying broke barely 18 year old model girls. pete is a grown ass rich famous 26 year old lmao he can handle himself a hot as hell woman for a few months

No. 406451

Thank you. A 26 year old man in a relationship with an older woman is not a victim lmao. Could not care less. Kate should get that young shlang a lang.

No. 406465

Wtf is going on with Kate and her daughter. Is Kate a former child star or something

No. 406477

From her wiki: "She made her first television appearance at the age of four, in an episode of This is Your Life dedicated to her father. When she was five years old, her 31-year-old father died suddenly of a heart attack. Beckinsale was deeply traumatised by the loss and "started expecting bad things to happen." Her widowed mother moved in with director Roy Battersby when Beckinsale was nine and she was brought up alongside his four sons and daughter. She has a close relationship with her step-father…"

No. 406513

File: 1556987281250.jpg (115.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1467620128189.jpg)

whats not going on with her daughter

No. 406524

It gets worse, some time ago someone posted on /tv/ a short video of Lily simulating sex in front of the camera (posted on instagram by herself) and apparently it was Kate the one filming.

No. 406551

Why can she not retire quietly instead of repeatedly embarrassing herself?

No. 406679

File: 1557032645328.jpg (117.2 KB, 952x1196, muskgrimes.jpg)

No. 406683

is grimes shooting up now? Bruise in the crook of her arm

No. 406690

File: 1557037530267.webm (2.28 MB, 640x640, lily0.webm)

No. 406751

Is she trying to say reading is better than having sex with a guy with an alleged 11 incher? I think that might be what she's trying to say through all of the unnecessary pantomiming? I feel like this is the perfect crystallization of everything that is so fucking embarrassing and hypocritical about the 3rd wave movement and its influence on young girls. But also, her mother is clearly unfit and a mess.

No. 406764


unpopular opinion but I always thought that Madonna should've stopped after "Confession on a Dancefloor". It was her last solid and good Pop Album and the last one that had some kind of interesting concept going on. I don't mind if older artists still make music but what's super cringey about Madonna today is that she just doesn't allow herself to age, therefore it's even more obvious how much older she is than everybody else in her most recent collabs and music videos. Everything just looks off and stiff, just like her face.

She did some cool stuff and some good songs in the past but damn I feel sorry for everybody in that recent video, they all look so uncomfortable around her lol

vid related bc remembered when this song was everywhere.

No. 406787

It wasn't this one, the one I saw was way more explicit and uncomfortable to watch. I'm not even sure she's 18+ so I won't look for it

No. 406829

File: 1557072786585.webm (546.76 KB, 480x480, lily2.webm)

these are ones are from before she was 18

No. 406876

>>406679 it could just be from a blood test.

No. 407039

I always thought Madonna was pretty hot in Hung Up, and I think that was probably the last time she looked "young for her age" without massive amounts of noticeable PS. I don't think aging means someone should stop performing by any means, but she's trying way too hard, and failing, to be the pop star that defied time. The more plastic surgery she gets the worse she looks. I would've liked to see a gracefully aging Madonna still performing, not this botoxed and siliconed mannequin desperately trying to look like she's 20.

No. 407122

File: 1557120814182.png (73.3 KB, 1160x402, grimes.png)


enty posted this earlier, it's about grimes/musk. shooting up indeed

No. 407132

File: 1557125569708.jpg (38.39 KB, 583x329, beckins.jpg)

No. 407158

I always thought Grimes looked young for her age…

No. 407162

the power of drugs can do that to you

No. 407216

Zheani and Die antwoord are at it again.

No. 407225

Elaborate anon??

No. 407247

File: 1557154915932.jpg (70.45 KB, 650x388, kate-beckinsale-pete-davison-i…)

No. 407248


You mean something new after a few sites reported on that diss track video?

Gotta admit it is pretty ballsy to basically have a music video made entirely out of receipts, we couldn't have farmed much better ourselves

No. 407266

File: 1557162050169.png (751.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-06-09-52-18…)



No. 407270

anyone else loathe meghan markle? she just gave birth to a baby boy.

No. 407271

One of the male royals is a cheater according to Crazy Days and Nights.

Can't remember whether it's willaim or harry tho. Maybe William.

No. 407272

No. 407283


i've been reading about that. the crazy meghan haters on tumblr think it's all fake PR to deflect from all the negative stories that have been coming out about her behaviour

No. 407298

meghan is trash and all my relatives hate her hahah, that baby bump was fake as hell

No. 407302

I don't get it. What is there to hate?
Meghan haters are like the normie version of simplykenna haters, lmao.

No. 407304

seriously. she's just some chick. she's done some dumb shit but nothing I'd say I'd "loathe" her over.

No. 407323

She's done the same dumb shit dozens of other vapid actresses have, otherwise she's nice enough and seems happy with her husband. I don't get the hate.

No. 407324

i think its because shes supposed to be "royalty" now, and their behaviour, especially the british royal families, always gets nitpicked to an even higher degree than normal celebrities.

tbh though her behaviour, although i guess shes done some stupid things here and there, and she sounds a bit entitled and spoilt sometimes, is probably on par with if not better than most younger royals over the last 30 years. i personally think shes quite cute tbh.

No. 407341

she's not a brit but she spends their money as if born to the throne.

No. 407345


I actually love Meghan. Just because I love seeing stuck up royals and their fans ree over the stupidest things. I like her attitude of not really giving a fuck.

No. 407358


how does she not give a fuck lmao she is totally obsessed with her image and with controlling every little aspect of her and harry's life. i love how she lied about not knowing about the royal family because she's american, yet she visited buckingham palace when she was a preteen

No. 407364

Wow there are some salty Brits here. It’s like you all hate a progressive California girl who literally couldn’t be better for this kind of public job.

The bitch went through so much with just her family already. It can’t be easy getting along with Kate.

No. 407367

Most brits don't give a shit about her, it's American britaboos who are obsessed with her. Probably out of envy.

No. 407369

none of these anons and not a brit but she is kind of annoying, though i really do like the fact that harry married a half black american divorcee that's older than him. that's really cool and progressive considering the circumstances and considering his gaffe-prone-ass once wore a nazi costume to a party. i resent her for her choice in wedding dress considering its price tag and the fact that it was a literal potato bag, and i always will, however.

No. 407380

Do you hear yourself?

No. 407382

I'm from Britain and most people I know like Meghan. Women like her style the same way they like Kate and people genuinely favour Harry and its nice to see him married idk lol. I've noticed most anti meghan stuff comes from Americans, weren't her family going mental in the press faking an illness and all sorts to not go to the Royal wedding and her half siblings who are far older slagging her off for being spoilt.

As long as she keeps dressing nice and smiling most of the British public will like her.

No. 407385

Yes, aside from tabloids I've never heard anyone here talk badly about her, most seem to appreciate her presence in the royal family. It really is just Americans, although why I don't understand.

No. 407395

I’m American and everyone seems rather neutral about her here. Maybe most of the anti Meghans are American but on a whole, she really isn’t hated or disliked here.

No. 407403

I'm neither Brit or American, but when I read a Daily Mail article on MM, all the saltiest comments are typically from Brits. The nice ones get downvoted to hell, while the nasty ones are typically in the "best comments" section, lmao.
I know the internet is where all the roaches creep out to make themselves seem loud, popular and powerful, but I think that combined with the voting system says at least a little bit about public opinion.

No. 407410

Yeah agreed. Most Americans really don’t care about the royal family. Sure we get excited when there’s a wedding or a baby gets born but other than that, we don’t really pay attention. Most of us are paying attention to our pathetic joke of a government rather than worrying if Kate and Meghan are getting along.

No. 407413

Those newspapers are gutter rags tho and I'm sure the comment sections are filled with the angry male mail online readers you see being angry at everything on twitter. Those are the same papers that duped a load of thick twats into thinking voting Brexit would keep 'the foreigners' from the middle east and beyond out. Take what they say with a grain of salt.

No. 407429

There's a specific subset of American celeb chasers who are obsessed with the royal family for sure. They are small but they are loud. My friend is one, and while I wouldn't call her a brit-a-boo she fucking despises Meghan Markle with such an insane passion. She hate follows this girl and always tries to "prove" to me that she's a she-devil succubus who is going to steal all their money. She also worships Kate and Diana.

Either way I don't get the Meghan hate and never will. Except for the dress. The dress was terrible.

No. 407484

Apparently Harry came across Megan in the yachting circuit.


No official merchandise.
No HRH title or Prince or Princess designation
No announced place of birth.
No announced medical team.

Wonder if it was a surrogate?

No. 407492

File: 1557206138375.jpg (128.22 KB, 745x745, meghan-markle-bump-month-by-mo…)

I heard this rumour too and I tend to believe it. Her arms and legs are very thin even when she was allegedly carrying a child. Every part of her body was the same as before except for her belly. She's also wearing high heels while in her third trimester. Yeah right sis. And don't come with 'every woman carries her weight different!11!' because there are way too many coincidences involving Meghan's pregnancy.
Kate is even thinner than Meghan but you could actually see that she was pregnant for real. She did gain weight overall and in her face and she didn't walked in high heels.
Another celeb who did this charade like Meghan is Angelina Jolie. Her first pregnancy was real, because you could see her body becoming softer. Her second pregnancy was the same as Meghan's: super thin body with a big belly and walking on ridiculous high heels.

No. 407494


I will just straight up risk a ban by saying Ray of Light was Madge's best album

No. 407497

this is correct

No. 407500


You can thank William Orbit for that.

No. 407501

It seems like a legit theory if you don't think much about it, but why would she do that? I have no idea what's all this about, so I'm gonna assume that they are trying to hide the fact that she isn't a real mother? And the royal family now has a bastard? Or what

No. 407505

I'm sure it's just a surrogacy. She is older and probably didn't want the health risks associated with childbirth. Same as Angelina as >>407492 says. I don't know or care about celeb babies but it makes sense. If you have the money, why risk it yourself when you can pay someone 10k to do it for you? (probably more with the NDA's involved). You could even get them to be a wet nurse for the kid.

No. 407506

considering you were found on the yachting circuit, you'd want to keep the figure that got you the job.

No. 407513

this shit is so braindead it belongs in the tinfoil thread.

No. 407550

>Her arms and legs are very thin even when she was allegedly carrying a child. Every part of her body was the same as before except for her belly.

You realise there's actually no need for a pregnant woman to gain much weight during pregnancy? You only need an additional 200/300 calories per day in your final trimester and that will be used up by the growing baby so won't translate to significant weight gain for the mother. Most of the additional weight should come from the baby itself.

Heels are rarely comfortable so if she could survive the discomfort doing the media circuit as a TV actress, I'm sure she could manage ten minutes on her feet as a pregnant duchess, consiering she only has to walk to the car.

No. 407564

Women gain weight and soften all over, its not just from fat - a huge portion of pregnancy weight is water weight which, surprise surprise, makes your limbs and face swell a significant amount

No. 407575

File: 1557234110265.jpg (632.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190507-145651.jpg)

Nayrt, but I think anon means Yolandi's newest post and the other person that entered the scene. On her Instagram, Zheani recently introduced a guy that says he has lots of proof of Ninja being abusive, even towards Yolandi. There currently are two posts on his account, but he hasn't spilled the milk yet and seems like a poser to me.

No. 407578

File: 1557234427125.jpg (521.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190507-145506.jpg)

In the video the guy just threatens Die Antwoord, seems like he was on tour with them and filmed them backstage. He sounds like a creepy ASMR creep (why is he whispering?) and I am pretty sure he says "Soon my kitten" in the end. Not sure if this will help Zheani's case.

No. 407579


This. Those are not pregnancy feet and ankles.

Other visible signs during the third trimester are enlarged breasts and thicker hair.

No. 407581

So what did all of you think of the met gala outfits?

No. 407607

Meanwhile, Ninja and Yolandi repeatedly attack Zheani's appearance and make a point of having any and all of Zheani's IG posts deleted (including ones that don't mention them), her music taken off streaming platforms, etc. Since the "crazy fangirl" and revenge porn shit didn't fully work, they're fixating on the word "catfish". It's like repetition and character assassination are their only options at this point. They're really showing themselves to be low, immature, awful people.
Yolandi said "The truth will come to light" or something about Zheani, but it seems like there is no real "truth" on DA's end, no receipts, nothing that actually clears their names. If they were even the "peace-loving, vegetarian Buddhists uwu" they claim to be, they would've stopped talking about her a while ago, lmao.

No. 407610

It was a borefest. Last year it was amazing with many memorable looks, but this year I fail to remember a single one.

No. 407613


Every year I wonder if Anna Wintour is trolling celebs in order to get them to look as unattractive and ridiculous as possible. This year confirmed my suspicions.

No. 407619

File: 1557244225604.png (933.67 KB, 403x1148, meg.png)

she has definitely gained weight in her face, pic related. she has undeniable pregnancy face.

No. 407629

File: 1557246020172.jpg (179.32 KB, 1296x730, BrandonMaxwellandLadyGaga_MetG…)


God, I totally forgot about this year. Agreed that last year was great but this year was so try hard, also the guest list sucked with all those irrelevant people lol


Gaga looked like straight out of good ol' Poker Face times lol

No. 407630

File: 1557246070725.jpg (119.13 KB, 720x1081, JamesCharles_MetGala.jpg)

No. 407632

ive never liked her tryhard outfits. this is especially terrible though.

No. 407633

File: 1557246171095.jpg (156.17 KB, 720x1081, KatyPerry_MetGala.jpg)

No. 407634

File: 1557246281757.jpg (175.65 KB, 1296x730, CardiB_MetGala.jpg)

No. 407637

File: 1557246392065.jpg (125.05 KB, 720x1081, JaredLeto_MetGala.jpg)

No. 407638

File: 1557246483646.jpg (149.74 KB, 720x1081, LenaDunhamChristopherKaneandJe…)



No. 407639

File: 1557246611562.jpg (159.62 KB, 720x1081, KendallJenner_MetGala.jpg)


I really hate to say it but I feel that Kendall hat the best look going on imo

No. 407640

Anyone else getting secondhand embarrassment from those outfits?
What a bunch of tools.

No. 407641

He was at Met Gala??? Wtf happened to this prestigious event. First they let in the Kardashians and now youtubers. I don't know whose fault this is but I think Anna Wintour has a big say overall. She killed Vogue, now Met and I think old senile lady should finally retire

No. 407644


This year's theme was Notes On "Camp" by Susan Sontag.

Camp is, by definition, "try hard".


No. 407645

The theme was fucking weird this year. I appreciate James Charles as the only actual gay man in attendance that I've actually seen photos of - his interpretation of camp is a bit more relevant and less cringy than everyone else's.

No. 407646

File: 1557247328175.jpg (127.8 KB, 683x1024, Celine-Dion-2019-Met-Gala.jpg)

I preferred Céline Dion's "pull the lever, Kronk!"-chic.

No. 407647

>this year was so try hard
I mean…that's kind of the theme. It's camp.
Half of them didn't even really follow it, though.

No. 407649

File: 1557247425398.jpg (163.49 KB, 720x1081, Ciara_MetGala.jpg)

I love Ciara's hair in this.

No. 407650

Yeah I don’t deny that there are some royal obsessed Americans out there but I think it’s pretty safe to say that most Americans aren’t too preoccupied with the Royals aside from the big events.

I also don’t get people who are also obsessed with their apparent drama, regardless if they’re British or American. I don’t deny that Meghan is a bitch to an extent but I’m sure virtually all of the royal family has their head up asses. I don’t think the drama was solely caused by Meghan being a turbo bitch but rather a clash of egos. But I have more important shit to worry about than the royal family from a different country.

No. 407651

File: 1557247473887.png (73.45 KB, 1166x400, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.43…)

apparently anna wintour is a bitch and shit on heaps of people's outfits for trying too hard but like thats her whole thing isn't it?

No. 407653

File: 1557247513381.jpg (1.25 MB, 1275x1920, bp.jpg)

>praising Jmes Chrles and sleeping on Billy Porter
Anon, no.

No. 407655

File: 1557247757670.png (1.26 MB, 1304x1502, metgala.png)

people going off theme feat the olsens vs. demi moore. idk i think demi looks classy, the olsens always look gormless af.
either of them are better compared to chandelier coked-out katy perry

No. 407656

File: 1557247973035.jpg (151.62 KB, 720x1081, FlorenceWelch_MetGala.jpg)

Look at these sleeves. She's like a final boss in an RPG.

No. 407657

File: 1557247988168.png (1.2 MB, 660x992, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.52…)

ezra being ezra is my actual favourite look at this good thing go

No. 407658

File: 1557248212576.jpg (140.85 KB, 720x1081, MichaelStephenShankandAbbeyLee…)

How can some of them be so low-effort?

No. 407660

File: 1557248313910.jpg (98.91 KB, 720x1081, FranSummers_MetGala.jpg)

I mean, what the fuck? Might as well not show up.
Nothing iconic at all.

No. 407663

File: 1557248405592.png (1.25 MB, 648x988, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.59…)

compared to shit like this yeah exactly, why show up?

No. 407664

File: 1557248449811.jpg (206.37 KB, 720x1081, HamishBowles_MetGala.jpg)

Kudos to this guy (or whoever styled him) for understanding the theme.

No. 407665

File: 1557248496051.png (1.08 MB, 656x988, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.58…)

even this is relatively low-effort but still something to look at/kind of gorgeous. I know this would be hard to dress for but don't go the opposite way, unless you want to literally fade into the crowd.

No. 407667

File: 1557248938681.jpg (308.62 KB, 1000x1298, wenn36367874.jpg)

I don't know what's try-hard about this because Kim always looks like a blow-up-doll. And Kanye didn't even bother to put on some nice/extravagant clothes

No. 407668

File: 1557249117768.jpg (150.1 KB, 720x1081, KarlieKloss_MetGala.jpg)

Is it just a running "thing" for models to dress very basic? Is it a side effect of allowing others to dress you for so long?

No. 407669

File: 1557249201908.jpg (189.52 KB, 720x1081, DuaLipa_MetGala.jpg)

This one's beautiful. Everything is so cohesive.

No. 407671

File: 1557249398646.jpg (145.7 KB, 720x1081, BellaHadidandJeremyScott_MetGa…)

I have to admit, Bella Hadid looks damn good.
Jeremy Scott looks disgusting in the face, but his outfit is pretty good, too.

No. 407672

Why are you so aggressive? Just because you don't like fashion? This is the celebrity thread and the photos are not off topic. I love fashion and I'm amused by some fashion choices. So thx other anons for posting these Met Gala photos!

No. 407673

File: 1557249586031.jpg (126.79 KB, 720x1081, MichaelUrie_MetGala.jpg)

Halloween costume-tier, but at least it fits the theme, I guess.

No. 407674

Wow Bella should cut her hair like this bc she doesn't look basic anymore and like an actual model.

No. 407675


she looks so good, i love this. i think a lot of people didn't understand the theme lol. or they were too scare to look "ugly"

No. 407676

File: 1557250115332.jpg (144.18 KB, 720x1081, CaraDelevingne_MetGala.jpg)

I don't like how this looks, but somehow, I appreciate it (especially the stockings).

No. 407677

i'd weirdly be okay with this if it was gaga or something. i like the stupid avant garde fashion tho.

No. 407679

she actually looked amazing compared to most of the rest

No. 407680

File: 1557250301097.jpg (294.67 KB, 1000x1445, B772_333087_0025.jpg)

I think it's unfair to shit on Demi but at the same time letting the Olsen twins do what they want.

Here's Gweneth and she ignores the theme on purpose every damn year.

No. 407682

File: 1557250337498.jpg (149.42 KB, 720x1081, PriyankaChopraandNickJonas_Met…)

Don't like Priyanka Chopra, but she looks good here. The makeup really makes this work.
Nick Jonas tried. That's all.

No. 407683

File: 1557250384112.jpg (79.72 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-190506174610-634-l…)

they're kinda similar looks but i live for both of these

No. 407684

I'm kind of sad that Elon and Grimes were not invited or whatever because the theme fits perfectly to them. Grimes could've showed up in her zero suit samus outfit or seifuku lol

No. 407685

File: 1557250515173.jpg (179.52 KB, 720x1081, SaoirseRonan_MetGala.jpg)

Saoirse Ronan and Florence Welch are tied for best sleeves, IMO.

No. 407686

he didn’t dress in theme at all lmao

did u guys see the video of him wandering around aimlessly in the background alone? it’s hilarious, no one there cares about him

hopefully it puts him back in his place and he realizes that he’s only relevant amongst tween girls

No. 407687

File: 1557250634462.jpg (375.51 KB, 1000x1296, B772_333091_0010.jpg)

Lupita is one of the most beautiful women on earth imo and nothing can make her ugly

No. 407688

File: 1557250717274.jpg (143.83 KB, 720x1081, NickiMinaj_MetGala.jpg)

Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga essentially just brought back their old personas. Somehow, it looks so humdrum and boring.
I swear she's worn this dress before. And what the fuck is with that hemming at the bottom? Whoever made this dress should be fired.

No. 407689

File: 1557250849100.jpg (133.17 KB, 720x1081, MileyCyrus_MetGala.jpg)

Miley Cyrus didn't even try at all.

No. 407691

File: 1557250972298.jpg (173.93 KB, 720x1081, MindyKaling_MetGala.jpg)

Mindy Kaling's look is just tragic.

No. 407692


Did you read Sontag's essay? He certainly met #9.

9. As a taste in persons, Camp responds particularly to the markedly attenuated and to the strongly exaggerated. The androgyne is certainly one of the great images of Camp sensibility. Examples: the swooning, slim, sinuous figures of pre-Raphaelite painting and poetry; the thin, flowing, sexless bodies in Art Nouveau prints and posters, presented in relief on lamps and ashtrays; the haunting androgynous vacancy behind the perfect beauty of Greta Garbo. Here, Camp taste draws on a mostly unacknowledged truth of taste: the most refined form of sexual attractiveness (as well as the most refined form of sexual pleasure) consists in going against the grain of one's sex. What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine. . . . Allied to the Camp taste for the androgynous is something that seems quite different but isn't: a relish for the exaggeration of sexual characteristics and personality mannerisms. For obvious reasons, the best examples that can be cited are movie stars. The corny flamboyant female-ness of Jayne Mansfield, Gina Lollobrigida, Jane Russell, Virginia Mayo; the exaggerated he-man-ness of Steve Reeves, Victor Mature. The great stylists of temperament and mannerism, like Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Tallulah Bankhead, Edwige Feuillière.

No. 407693

She's like a flourescent human butterfly, I love it

No. 407694

File: 1557251056476.jpg (352.29 KB, 773x1024, gettyimages-1147421081-1024x10…)

This is just beautiful

No. 407695

File: 1557251299788.jpg (139.31 KB, 720x1081, KristenStewart_MetGala.jpg)

Looking like an extra from the movie Hackers.

No. 407696

File: 1557251424775.jpg (127.04 KB, 481x724, Katy-Perry2.jpg)

i honestly wish she'd worn this to the main event instead of the after party

No. 407697

File: 1557251494913.jpg (156.39 KB, 720x1081, MetGala00.jpg)

Zendaya essentially did a sci-fi Cinderella cosplay. I kind of love the glowy effect of the dress.

No. 407698

File: 1557251553840.png (1.37 MB, 800x1069, Screenshot_2019-05-07-10-48-59…)


>this guy

That's Hamish Bowles! Of course he understood the theme, dahling!

Hamish Bowles (born 23 July 1963) is an English fashion journalist and editor. Since 1995 he has been the European editor-at-large for the American edition of Vogue.


No. 407700

Imagine what Alexander McQueen would have turned out for this year's theme.

RIP, Lee.

No. 407701

Whose wife is this about

With the headpiece and the bodice it reminded me too much of some of the looks from last year.

No. 407704

File: 1557252209304.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x2880, met-gala-2019-red-carpet-who-h…)

Aquaria looked fucking good.

No. 407705

File: 1557252391036.jpg (114.73 KB, 720x1081, JanelleMonae_MetGala.jpg)

I like the hat(s), but I can't help but feel Janelle Monae could've done so much better.

No. 407707

everyone either looks like an actual clown, a local who wandered in, or someone from rupal's drag race who was the first to be eliminated

No. 407708

File: 1557252501016.jpg (167.13 KB, 720x1081, Awkwafina_MetGala.jpg)

Why would she do this to herself? She looks so frumpy and stumpy.

No. 407709

Probably would've been cool to see the hat design reflected in the actual clothes. Like maybe a suit where one sleeve consists of several sleeves, and stuff like that.

No. 407712

>that I've actually seen photos of

Now I've seen other photos and my opinion has changed. Thanks, anon.

Uh no, he doesn't. He looks like an angel/devil mop or something.

No. 407722

actually this is not 'being ezra'. he's tacky and retarded but this execution was decent. this was obviously not his idea, he just got a decent stylist assigned to him for once

No. 407724

File: 1557255184026.jpg (57.14 KB, 425x425, 61WXJ yaNPL._SX425_.jpg)

she looks like one of those double sided sequin pillows that you brush to turn the sequin the other color

No. 407725

btw mimles (mimi choi) did his makeup which is the only good thing about his outfit

No. 407728

I feel like this look would have been better if it wasn't fucking orange. like literally any other color.

No. 407738


for some reason it reminds me of one of Jill's aka Pixieelocks cosplays?

No. 407739

File: 1557257840858.gif (3.14 MB, 268x268, 7B14959C-389F-41E0-B716-E93B79…)

loved the little performance they did too when the dress lit up

No. 407749

File: 1557258505906.jpg (963.46 KB, 2000x2000, Lady-Gaga-Opens-Red-Carpet-Met…)


the other stages of this outfit

No. 407764

Lmao I'm baking a carrot cake right now and that dress looks exactly like the carrot shreddings I have in a bowl next to me

No. 407766

yawn. that's the thing about gaga. her schtick at any normal gathering looks so ~KOOKY~ but when she's put next to people who are supposed to have creativity, this is what turns out…

her body looks amazing and it upsets me fml

No. 407769

orange is the new black

No. 407770

She is try hard af. She didn't need a costume to go to the event! She was already wearing it! All she had to do was BE HERSELF! LOOOOL!

>You know it's true, though!

No. 407771

They might have been invited.

Grimes is looking sickly and rough lately!

Maybe she was too busy shooting up heroine with elon.

No. 407772

I mean looking attractive isnt the point here. Celebs have tons and tons of public event where they're just supposed to be glam and beautiful. I liked this year's theme and actively despise every celeb that went for the "i just want to be pretty :)" look without respecting the theme.

No. 407779

jfc pregnancy is not always like this. you realize there’s people who exist and have given whole ass birth with NO outward signs of pregnancy right. there’s people who’ve LOST weight while pregnant.

it’s fucking autistic and retarded to hyperanalyze this bitch’s ankles and act like you’re in on some big secret. you’re not. skinny pregnant people exist. my own mother looked like a stick bug in pics while pregnant with my older sister and you could literally only tell she was pregnant if she was photographed sideways. all bodies are different so get this retarded tinfoil out of this thread and put it in the conspiracy thread where it actually belongs.

No. 407780

you have to buy tickets to the Met Gala, not get invited.

No. 407781

Isn't there also that "I didn't know I was pregnant" show on TLC? That shit terrified me

No. 407784

You do have to get invited though. Do you seriously think anyone with a little bit of money can just get in ?

No. 407786

yeah i was wrong about invitations, i was just remembering the $35k ticket price. which, if that's "a little bit of money" to you, congrats

No. 407789

whoa I thought that was Taylor Hill
also these people definitely didn't even try

No. 407794

File: 1557267556483.jpg (56.88 KB, 1014x546, tumblr_pr5lkbgxmS1qap6md_1280.…)

lindsey didn't seem to like it

No. 407796

girlfriend is soooo bitter. must be lonely in abu dhabi…

No. 407798

File: 1557268325606.jpg (346.31 KB, 1439x1650, IMG_20190508_082757.jpg)

seriously. just look at Hila Klein (h3h3's wife), she was super skinny before she got pregnant and is now 9 months with 0 visible weight gain other than her baby belly. not everyone becomes super bloated during pregnancy. in fact excessive bloating is usually a sign of serious health complications.

No. 407803

I really enjoy this because he looks friendly and like he's having a fabulous time.
This event is kinda surreal with the theme and the different approaches because it highlights the self-importance of this industry and a lot of it is too stiff and calculated for me. No mystery there. But it's also fun to play on that in a playful manner. Some of the looks are cool

No. 407804

Lmao, doesn't she have a failed reality show to get back to? Was she even invited?
Imagine being a grown women publicly shitting on someone 10 years younger than you. Pathetic.

No. 407810


Aren't the women in the royal family on a strict exercise and diet regime? I remember there being some talk about it before her wedding last year, in addition to Megan already being a vegan before she married into the family. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a fitness regime in there too. She also was a model and an actress, hollywood is very hard on women who so much as gain a pound of water weight. There is no way that she, with her schedule and background, is going to risk gaining any kind of extr pregnancy weight.

Instead of seeing this as an awful sign of what strict beauty standards women are held up to even while pregnant, you decided to tinfoil her not being pregnant at all. Good job.

No. 407813

don't be retarded, her bump collapsed constantly. babies don't float around your belly, soz.

No. 407815

File: 1557270077547.jpg (79.8 KB, 720x1030, 55ff38d3-73d8-4454-9937-b4f739…)

I can't decide if I like this event or not. But I like this look.

No. 407816

That IS Taylor Hill tho

No. 407820

this is an imageboard, post pics or stop with this retarded fucking conspiracy theory. people said the exact same shit about beyoncé even though she was very obviously pregnant.

No. 407821

overhyped and boring

No. 407826

ok, where are these pics of her bump collapsing then?

No. 407827

File: 1557271220728.jpg (278.62 KB, 900x1355, GettyImages-1147436836.jpg)

okay, I guess I'm not that familiar with Harry or fashion or the hype. Just thought it was refreshing to see a guy in a blouse

No. 407828

File: 1557271518527.jpg (65.03 KB, 620x413, cumberbatch-met-gala-e774817.j…)

i never realized how much benedict cumberbatch's wife looked like a female version of himself.

wow, a blouse..groundbreaking…

No. 407831

File: 1557271844921.jpg (95.1 KB, 275x275, 1520134220387.jpg)

Harry's outfit sucked, and it's fucking hilarious. I remember his fans hyping him up with the whole camp theme and he come out looking so boring lmfao. Totally destroying "ToXIc MaSCuliNiTy" This bitch thought he did something huh.

No. 407833

File: 1557272251227.jpg (271.23 KB, 817x1222, cody-fern-met-gala-after-party…)

I know, I know, you're right, Meryl

No. 407834

File: 1557272295701.jpg (19.37 KB, 700x394, fake belly2.jpg)

No. 407835

File: 1557272334666.jpg (222.31 KB, 900x1350, GettyImages-1147412560.jpg)

this is so cute

No. 407836

Oh lol the file said Abbey Lee, I was thinking that is not what I remember her looking like.

Taylor's so cute despite picking a lazy outfit though

No. 407837

File: 1557272403288.jpg (58.29 KB, 480x720, fake belly1.jpg)

No. 407839

File: 1557272547007.jpg (55.67 KB, 660x380, fake belly3.jpg)

so can anyone explain to me pls why or how her belly deflates everytime she sits down? It reminds me of Beyonce's fake belly kek totally preggo youuu guyz

No. 407841

File: 1557272630577.jpg (11.14 KB, 342x445, shapewear.jpg)

Numerous celebrity women have been accused of faking their pregnancy because "the bump collapsed". The reality is pregnant bellies aren't always perfectly round, and the clothes Meghan has to wear are very tight. There is maternity friendly shapewear that pads the bump out a little to provide support and a smoother look, sometimes it's also done to keep the belly button from showing through tight clothes.

No. 407842

File: 1557272878301.png (1.24 MB, 626x887, Screenshot_53.png)

honestly living for this

No. 407843

File: 1557272932062.png (455.97 KB, 580x374, dasdasda.png)

and the memes are pretty good on twitter A+

No. 407844

File: 1557273057988.jpg (793.85 KB, 1920x1080, fake belly4.jpg)

This. Her fake belly even moved by mistake when she visited the National Theatre in London. Anyone with functioning eyes would see immediately that she's wearing a fake belly

No. 407847

Where did all these obnoxious twitterfags come from? Go away and take your shit taste with you

No. 407848

What am I supposed to be looking at here..? And even if the belly had moved a little, you guys do realise that realise do as well as it’s entirely dependent on the babies position, right? Pregnant bellies aren’t just some static sphere that protrude from your midsection

No. 407854

Ok, that's debatable. And what about this >>407834

No. 407855

I can't find any of the tweets I read this from atm but supposedly some group from youtube bought the tickets and they were the ones that invited him
And others were making jokes that he charged people so much to see him so he could afford it. That being said he should have scammed people out of more money so he could've gotten an outfit that actually fits the theme.

No. 407858

File: 1557275507475.jpg (91.36 KB, 637x421, meghan-markle-visits-new-patro…)

Meghan squatting with her big belly
which is impossible if she was really pregnant. Where does her baby go? The baby needs space. Pls can someone explain?

No. 407859

explain this >>407619

No. 407860

NTA, but have you ever been pregnant?

No. 407861

File: 1557275663964.jpg (7.56 KB, 183x275, pregnantsquat.jpg)

No. 407863

why are you posting here and not waiting in line with your $500 james charles ticket?

No. 407865

Where did you even get the idea that pregnant women can’t squat

No. 407866

File: 1557276319832.jpg (29.3 KB, 436x704, images-34.jpg)

Hailey Bieber breaking her back to get a good photo, blending into the carpet.

No. 407867

File: 1557276553966.png (631.04 KB, 572x1276, Screenshot_20190508-024852.png)

but the spotlight was stolen…

No. 407870

there is a metaphor in there somewhere

No. 407873

I'm not agreeing wwith you. I'm saying she is probably wearing pregnancy spanx and shapewear that has padding. I don't think she is faking her pregnancy. Can you read?

No. 407874

faux belly debate vs. autistic fashion, the thread. I love it

No. 407876

The fact that nobody wore a fake belly to the met to really cement this union is very disappointing.

No. 407879

Only someone who has never been pregnant really thinks Meghan's belly is fake lmao.

No. 407883

I agree with you in regards of shape wear for pregnant women which exists for achieving the perfect belly. Additionally I wanted to make clear that I do think she wears a fake belly and not some shape wear. It was indeed a reply for you in order to start a discussion. I don't know where you come from but where I live we like to discuss and don't get aggressive.

No. 407894

of course pregnant women can squat. but they don't lean forward when they squat the way meghan did. you keep your back straight like the woman in the second picture. thirty seven is a geriatric pregnancy, they had a surrogate.

No. 407895

37 being an older pregnancy age doesn't mean it's impossible to conceive at that age.

No. 407897

uh huh. first it was impossible to squat while pregnant ("where does the baby go?" seriously? your lack of knowledge about human bodies is hilarious) but now it's because of the way she's leaning. sure. except if you google "pregnant woman squatting" you can find many pictures of women leaning forward. what about her face, anon? you're just gonna ignore that?

No. 407900

Called it! Knew there was gonna be a vigilant citizen article about this lol


No. 407906

i'm nayrt, sorry.

No. 407911

File: 1557287361516.jpg (78.19 KB, 588x866, harrystyles1.jpg)

>This is a pic of him coming out of the afterparty at 6 am. He looks traumatized.
>person stares into space
>"They look SO TRAUMATIZED. What have they seen?!"
This is why I can't stand VC, no matter how much a conspiracyfag I am. Constantly reaching for the sky. You'd have to be the most suggestible sort of dummy to take anything from that site at real face value.

No. 407912

Aww, how can you not love VC, it's so over the top. I love reading their deep dives and the forums are a trip. VC is honestly my favorite site. It's super paranoid. Can you imagine really thinking that's what's going on in the world? Too bad it isn't, things would be a lot more interesting.

No. 407914

Did a crazy person write this lmfao wtf?

No. 407916

Also He looks like a old man fag. I cannot stand this dude for the LIFE of me.

No. 407936

>Good ol' craycray VC theories
Same! Thanks for the link.

No. 407937

pretty much! read some of their articles, like all the other anons said it’s a trip. good time killer too

No. 407961

yea, ever since that link has been posted ive been down the rabbit hole and entertained for hours………… i need to go to church kappa

No. 407971

protip: well adjusted people definitely don't see any difference between "i hate men" and "i hate women", btw.

No. 407972

Yes they do. Most of the people who don't are either butthurt scrotes or handmaidens.

No. 407975

You mean normies who are blissfully ignorant of politics and have no idea where either statement comes from? What a reliable source of information

No. 407977

>femcels pretending to be the final word on politics
well adjusted people don't see any difference between "i hate men" and "i hate women".

No. 407982

>posting to this hellsite at this hour
>claiming to know anything about what normal, well-adjusted people think

No. 407986

it's 10 in the morning. not that a sub zero intelligence troglodyte would know what timezones are or anything.

No. 407989

the whole world is american, did no one tell you?

No. 407991

NTA but well adjusted people don’t quote month old posts with some dumb devil’s advocate bullshit at *~10 am~* without even bothering to expand on their argument, just keep repeating themselves. smooth brained stuff.

No. 407997

idiot cope. i opened the thread for the first time and scrolled downwards from the top, as you naturally would. that post was so incredibly stupid it caught my eye, and i replied to it. are you this smooth brain you mention? do you have handicapped schizo tunnel vision?

No. 407999

>someone who unironically uses the term femcel pretending to be the final word on politics
They do, even normies.

>EEST timezone
Fucking kek, guess that explains why you didn't get the memo.

No. 408008

watch out anon they might circlejerk back and call you a handmaiden

there's a reason multiple ot threads are on my hide list at this point

No. 408019

Hard disagree, the make-up lowkey makes her look ugly…
This is so gorgeous, very Lana Del Rey in her Priscilla Presley-wannabe phase. I would love to wear it, holy shit
So cool!
Looks like a Barbie as politician outfit
Love the JRPG/korean MMO style

No. 408027

File: 1557319649341.jpg (395.42 KB, 1080x758, 20190508_144623.jpg)

Lmfao Kylie looks tragic.

No. 408028

are you literally retarded? serious question. i’m from the UK, timezones are basic maths.(ban evasion)

No. 408041

Zendaya's outfit looks terrible tbh.

No. 408046

yeah it looks really bad in this pic but it looks actually not so bad in others

but i disagree irt to kendall being an ugly stepsister. her outfit is gaudy as all hell but that’s theme and she looks way better than kylie imo.

No. 408051

I dont get the fuss over Zendaya's dress tbh. The LEDs are cool, that's about it.

No. 408053

File: 1557326534891.jpg (142.59 KB, 854x1281, e6834758-56ce-4e9b-abab-5f65f4…)

For all the naysayers, she really was pregnant, she simply hid the gained weight well.

No. 408054

>well-adjusted person
>lurks /ot/ threads for hours and reads every single post, looking for the most minute things to scream at and insult people over, with no regard to when they were posted or whether their tantrum contributes to the thread's overall quality

No. 408055

CLEARLY wearing a fake postpartum belly and double chin prosthetic. Why can't you anons see the obvious truth!? /s

No. 408058

File: 1557327149315.jpeg (31.21 KB, 739x415, images (17).jpeg)

Harry looks so tickled. Very cute.

No. 408060

File: 1557327801200.jpg (229.11 KB, 1200x1200, D6C4dC-W0AA_0w0.jpg)


He smoll. Also has the nose of his mum.

No. 408061

File: 1557328175856.png (262.18 KB, 507x428, 0806BBB8-676A-4A7B-B11B-08D2FD…)

he's so cute here, too! britaboos.

No. 408062

lol calm down

No. 408067

Kendall is looking a bit like Michael Jackson these days

No. 408069


i still don't like rachel but the baby is cute.

No. 408080

Kek that was my post too. If you don't see the difference, you're an idiot.
Women say "I hate men" because they rape and murder and abuse, men say "I hate women" because ??? fill in the blank
because women won't touch their little chodes
because they're "naggy"
because something harmless
inb4 >not all men!!! women do too!!

No. 408082

File: 1557331369243.jpg (344.17 KB, 1600x900, kim-zolciak-brielle.jpg)

It appears that this married former athlete turned multiple reality star is grooming the almost legal teen in his life to be what he wants. I find this just as creepy as the foreign born A- list model and her relative.

No. 408083

File: 1557331252839.jpg (192.03 KB, 1368x1026, v2-mattress.jpg)

>women are harmless

No. 408084

I'm not defending the ""I hate men" and "I hate women" are LITERALLY the same" sperg, anon, I'm mocking them.

No. 408085

They both look so haggard and gross with all that surgery.

No. 408090

wait was this a CDAN blind that you're speculating on here? i have to go and look lol.

No. 408092

oh no, she carried a mattress around campus! how horrifying! totally comparable to the man who raped her on said mattress.

No. 408100

File: 1557335454892.jpg (29.03 KB, 640x480, 1522878779_cdFK5r2.jpg)

>being this pressed about something harmless that happened four years ago

No. 408114

I'm one of the anons who assumed she had a fake belly. The new photos convinced me that her pregnancy was real. Imo she was too perfect before, I didn't see any weight gain or swelling. It's obvious now for me that she did gain weight though and apparently she has a very talented stylist and makeup artist. Overall I just wanted to discuss the possibility, also the way she presented herself made me question her.

No. 408117


Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

No. 408119

File: 1557341839519.jpg (232.05 KB, 1005x765, columbia.jpg)

I'm not sure if you are being intentionally stupid or if you are just hateful.

No. 408121

File: 1557342018200.jpg (64.95 KB, 456x594, Elizabeth Hurley Nephew Celebr…)

>I find this just as creepy as the foreign born A- list model and her relative.

Oh yeah I remember that one, Liz Hurley with her nephew.

No. 408130

Look at how close her knees and feet are, they’re nearly touching. I’ve been pregnant and by the time you are showing this much the baby is taking up a bunch of space in your lower abdomen. It’s incredibly uncomfortable to squat and have your lower belly near or on your thighs. You have to have your knees apart like the stock picture of the squatting preggo woman to make room for your enormous uterus. Also the angle of her thighs to her abdomen wouldn’t allow the space for her baby if she was that pregnant.

No. 408142

just because she wasn’t a fucking landwhale like you doesn’t mean her pregnancy was fake you trog

No. 408145

let it go, autismo

No. 408150

The one on the right looks like Gigi Gorgeous lol.

No. 408157

Nothing to do with being a landwhale, it's simple anatomy lol. She's too old, her baby was a surrogate, the royals are old school and not into that, so they hid it. The baby was two weeks late anyhow according to her "due date".

Why are you so invested in it being real? It's gossip and it's fun to talk about. It's more fun for me if it's fake so I'll go with that.

Love people claiming Archie has her nose when she's had plastic surgery out the ass, btw.

No. 408181

File: 1557355214563.jpeg (48.66 KB, 640x480, 1554006047029.jpeg)

lmao what are you talking about. It's true that as you age, preagnancy becomes more dangerous but your assumptions are straight up wild. My mother had me at 35 and she was extremly active, running around all day, travelling internationally up untill the end.

Some women's preagnancies are harder on women than others. Also need I remind you that up untill very recently in history, most women were doing hard labour while preagnant. They werent wearing heels but they were working in factories and taking care of their 5 other kids. That shit still happens today. Meghan squatting while bending and wearing heels for one hour a day is nothing compared to that.

Please get your retarded tinfoil elsewhere.
Are you some royal purist or are you just salty that you were unable to move during your preagnancy ?

No. 408182

If that's an unpopular opinion, then I
ll agree. Confessions was her last truly great album in my opinion. Everything after has been dogshit.

No. 408184

Babies are late all the time! I was born on the 26th, was due on the 7th! Thats not even a good squat, like if thats an impressive squat to you, you truly are a landwhale. I'm loosing my mind lmao… i dont even care about the royals but it's just so obvious how you're just salty that she was prettier and more physicly able than you during her preggo phase

No. 408194

I love that this thread spun out to crazy royal conspiracies THAT quick. Why is this a slow news period, anons? Is everyone saving their antics for summer yachting season?

Also, if anyone has any articles or links to this “yachting” circuit, please send my way. Models like Meghan literally get shipped to nice yachts for men?

No. 408195

My mom had me at 37 with ease. That was the early 90s, imagine how much better chances mothers have now that medicine has advanced. You need to give it a rest.

No. 408198

well you have an alleged anal rape and the denial of the alleged act vs. an alleged wrongful rape accusation and performance art about it. that's all there is to this stupid old story you digged up. my last word

No. 408199

I was 3 weeks late, born to a 38 year old mum who worked right up to the end. I know you want to desperately cling to this idea that it's impossible for a woman in her late 30s to birth a child without becoming a bloated monster on 9 months of bedrest for some reason, but you're wrong. Meghan had the best doctors money could buy in addition to being very healthy and in good shape. Please take neurotic tinfoil to the appropriate thread.

No. 408200

my grandma had my mom at 40 and was working in a concrete factory hauling heavy shit until the day before the labour. my mom's perfectly fine, no birth defects or developmental disorders. this "over 35 is a geriatric pregnancy" thing is such bs. maybe it is a high risk pregnancy for some, but women's fertility/ease of getting pregnant varies severely so why wouldn't the risk level associated with increasing age vary too. hell, there are plenty of young women in their early 20s with very difficult pregnancies!

No. 408201

it's literally the sperging of one autism-chan that lost her way to the conspiracy thread

No. 408204

it's actual medical terminology for pregnancies past the age of 35. get over yourself.

No. 408207

File: 1557359522527.jpg (2.11 MB, 1800x2400, 1405650122957.jpg)


That website is just a marketing pro-mo scam!


>pic related!

No. 408212

regardless of the terminology, many women over 35 have been and still are having healthy pregnancies with no complications, even more so now because of women focusing on their careers and wanting children later and later in life. a baby at 37 isn't a death sentence.

No. 408213

Meghan is 37. Lots of people have babies at that age. Like if you told me the royals all used IVF because they all get pregnant like immediately after they're married, I'd tinfoil with you, but you just sound way too invested.

No. 408215

oh my god i love this. i can't wait to show this infographic to some friends they will die lol

No. 408220

File: 1557365231564.png (330.93 KB, 512x512, 24497152.png)



No. 408235

File: 1557368206644.jpeg (215.61 KB, 1858x1116, 274E51E6-0818-4651-BAB4-99AB7A…)

Her daughter is looking surprisingly normal, I never realized tho how that Larry Birkhead guy looked like such a mongoloid. Anna Nicole Smith had the strangest taste in men.


No. 408237

File: 1557368310808.jpeg (121.73 KB, 634x849, 46B355ED-4AB2-40F2-81E3-6F9CF0…)

No. 408253

He looks like a stripper in hollywood and his makeup is the same shit. he looks the same in every photo i ever see him. A fucking youtuber at the met gala.. what a time to be alive.

No. 408256

That fucking wig/hair… whatever. This is such a mess.

No. 408257

>She's too old
lmao she's 37, not 47. Women routinely gave birth until their early forties before the widespread use of contraception.
My mom had me at 35 with no complications and stayed skinny during her entire pregnancy.

No. 408269

OT but I miss ANS so much. We need more girls like her in the world

No. 408273

Not that I disagree with you, but the older you get, the chances of having complications during pregnancy became greater. With that said, plenty of women have babies when they’re older just fine. I guess it’s just the odds.

No. 408274

Eh. Not that I’m a royal sperg but I highly doubt he’s a nazi. More like he wore a dumb and offensive costume when he was younger, then grew up and matured. Not saying he’s a good guy but people change and he’s hasn’t seem to done any racially offensive publicly, unlike his grandpa.

No. 408276

I can understand an American wearing something like that as a shitty joke but a European should honestly know better.

No. 408345

What was so special about her? I don't know much beyond the fact that she was a Playboy bunny who tragically died. Not attacking you, jut curious to learn more and find out your point of view.

No. 408361

Unless I missed something, she really was just another attentionwhore. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE her guess shoot etc but other then that she didn’t really accomplish much of value sadly.

No. 408380

I just miss her personality, really. I also relate heavily with her after word got out about her addiction issues and possible bpd

No. 408393

File: 1557414976052.png (268.84 KB, 940x1222, db.png)

>BBC radio presenter fired over racist royal baby tweet - CNN
>On Wednesday, the BBC Radio 5 Live presenter tweeted a black and white photo of a man and woman holding hands with a chimpanzee in a suit and a top hat, with the caption, "Royal baby leaves hospital."
>Amid widespread accusations of racism, Baker deleted the tweet and said he was sorry the "gag" had "whipped some up." He claimed the connotations had not occurred to him because his "mind (is) not diseased."

>In a second message, Baker said that the tweet was "supposed to be a joke about Royals vs circus animals in posh clothes but interpreted as about monkeys & race, so rightly deleted. Royal watching not my forte." On Thursday, the broadcaster said he made an "enormous mistake."

And now he's having a bitch fit on Twitter. This is a 61 year old man. It's kind of obvious what he was trying to say, I don't know why he's backpedaling.
People are really trash. This baby is just barely out of the womb, and grown adults are already ready to fling shit at him. He's not even half black (not that this would be justified if he was, or full black), but trust backward and/or geriatric Anglos to hold steadfast to the one drop rule, I guess. Hopefully, he doesn't grow up with a complex.

No. 408394

The British are just Europe's Americans. You'll find it in your heart to be true.

No. 408413


The forced hey look I'm working class style of language is annoying me more than anything here. 'HERE'S TO YA ARCHIE, SORRY MATE. MATEY. MATE-O'

Like you said, it's a 61 year old BBC presenter. For fuck's sake, stop trying to be relatable to young people who read LAD Bible or something - it's really cringey.

No. 408414

>but trust backward and/or geriatric Anglos to hold steadfast to the one drop rule
What has the one drop rule got to do with anything when the kids Mother is clearly not white? Any child of Harry's, was always going to face a lot of rejection regardless of who its Mother is. The British Royal family is done when Elizabeth The Silent, dies. There are no more Royals after her, and Harry wouldn't be next in line for the meme title anyway. It has me wondering if the mutt child is a deliberate ploy to make sure those American tourist $ don't dry up. That family is a ruthless and crafty bunch.

No. 408416

File: 1557419696439.jpg (32.94 KB, 550x633, bait-.jpg)

>"mutt child"
/pol/ really needs to get the fuck off this site. I wish there was some way to run them out for good.

No. 408419

Meghan doesn't look white. Go get your eyes checked if you think she does.
>/pol/ really needs to get the fuck off this site.
I've been browsing image boards for far too long to have ever bothered with /pol/. I just refuse to let tumblr dictate what words I can and can't use. So on that note. tumblr really needs to get the fuck off this site.

No. 408421

You don't have to be from Tumblr to recognize obvious /pol/tards and rightfully tell them to fuck off, no matter how much they claim to be an oldfag.

No. 408424

File: 1557420988104.jpg (28.44 KB, 250x364, 250px-Anna_Nicole_Show.jpg)

She was a successful Playboy model but she also had a reality show when reality shows were new and it was honestly pretty entertaining. That's also why she's an icon in American pop culture.

No. 408427

You do you, sweetie. I'm not going to change my language for your comfort. This leaves you with the option of growing some thicker skin, or getting mad when you come across one of my posts. Have fun choosing, mutt. I'm not responding to you over this again. You really should deflate your ego if you think every post that doesn't agree with you is bait.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 408433

>You do you, sweetie
Stopped reading there.

No. 408434

NTA, but >sweetie

No. 408451

karen pls go

No. 408811

File: 1557555048188.jpg (26.78 KB, 500x324, d25915f00ca4f0b4a3d1f51de09c21…)

>I miss ANS so much
I miss her too! I was sobbing about missing her the other day, DEEP GRIEF SOBBING!

No. 408971

I work on an L&D floor and we never use this term. We always call pregnancies with older mothers AMA (Advanced Maternal Age). Most facilities don't use this term bc it's arbitrary (most of our AMA pregancies aren't high risk, especially a healthy fit primigravida mom like Meghan) and honestly just offensive.

No. 409023

it's funny, the doctors and nurses i see still using that phrase all tend to work for IVF bullshits. really makes you think.

No. 409046

File: 1557628092185.jpg (421.77 KB, 2158x1198, dislike.jpg)

Fresh off the Boat was renewed & Constance Wu kind of went off the rails.

No. 409048

File: 1557628169459.jpg (90.46 KB, 686x1024, D6PoDYZWkAA_U5O.jpg)

Gemma Chan (who costarred w her in CRA) said that she liked this tweet on accident, but lots of other people who've worked with Wu have said she has a reputation for being difficult.

No. 409049

File: 1557628243753.jpg (108.83 KB, 751x611, 3.jpg)

No. 409051

File: 1557628287811.jpg (266.93 KB, 749x851, 4.jpg)

last one

No. 409068

This seems very valid. Her original Tweets are a fair response to losing a more interesting job…presumably were posted for the benefit of those people at that other job. Otherwise I'm not sure why she did it.

No. 409132

did you even see this >>409046 ? you must be a teenager raised online if you think it's "a fair response" to tweet out that shit in public. She had a histrionic fit and is now lying and saying was misunderstood. yeah very valid lol

No. 409141

I can't tell if you're being flippant or genuinely think this is acceptable professional behavior

No. 409151

>"It’s meaningful when you make the choice to believe women."
Nice try. She brought this onto herself, this has nothing do to with her being a woman. And kek @ her high-value, challenging secret project. She is a mediocre actress at best and really disrespectful towards her show and cast.

No. 409162

File: 1557659228280.png (220.61 KB, 720x875, IMG_20190512_130622.png)

twitter isnt impressed lol

No. 409198

He's still famous?

No. 409214

Anyone who talks about 'my truth' always sounds like a dumbass. The last sentence does tip it over into terrible though.

No. 409418

It's a reasonable response to people in her own personal circles, yeah. It's really weird to involve her entire audience and her entire online presence in momentary disappointment about losing the ability to work on something more interesting. Really unprofessional.

No. 409671

harmless? cunts like her are the reason why people have a hard time believing rape victims. fuck off

No. 409748

But she’s ~*nonbinary

No. 409789

File: 1557809609302.png (202.73 KB, 480x706, jfc.png)

Dunno if it was discussed. This is so messed up if real. Rebel Wilson also said she improvised the scene in The Hustle she's touching Anne's boobs pretending to be blind without telling her beforehand. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/10/rebel-wilson-claims-stuck-finger-tom-hardys-bum-weird-9495265/

No. 409952

File: 1557856918480.jpg (230.75 KB, 1080x1322, 1557852648873.jpg)

Stan Lee's ex-manager charged with elder abuse against comic book co-creator

>The former manager of Stan Lee has been charged with elder abuse against the late comic book legend, a Los Angeles court official said on Monday.

>Keya Morgan was charged on Friday with five counts of elder abuse, including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery stemming from an incident last summer when Lee was 95 years old, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Superior Court public information office told Los Angeles City News Service.

>In court documents last year, Morgan was accused of seizing control of Lee’s Hollywood Hills home and hiring security guards with orders to keep away relatives and associates before moving the comic book creator to an unfamiliar condominium.

No. 409959

"I use my money and wealth to be an artist" yes that's very challenging, people like this need to take a seat in their piles of money and fuck off.

No. 409981

what is it with fat obnoxious "funny" women and sexual abuse? momokun does it as well.

No. 410013

In short, impulsivity.

Obnoxity is impulsive. It's constant chatter, loudness… a collection of impulsive, vexing behaviors under one umbrella.

Fatness is also largely impulsive. Eating feels good, but most of us stop once we've had our fill. Impulsive eating (similar to emotional eating) and if you have ever been around a genuinely obese person you will understand what I mean by this.

Grabbing someone's boobs is absolutely impulsive. Most people, good decent people, have thoughts of grabbing someone but we do not because we are aware it's inappropriate. Obnoxious, impulsive people do not have this filter.

No. 411034

Do you think they'll get backlash for this?

No. 411167

Yeah, I think the whole Zheani situation is worse than they expected. Their reaction to it was very unprofessional and immature, too. It’s interesting that this video has nothing to do with the story, though. I thought the guy was going to expose them and especially Ninja as abusers, but this video is them being racist and dumb. I wonder why he decided to come out with this, now, apart from the absolute power/ego trip he has according to his Instagram.

No. 411265

Honestly, I think that will come later. I think this is just the beginning of whatever that account is going to expose. (At least I hope.)

No. 411574

File: 1558135252905.png (89.38 KB, 1744x444, da.png)

I watched this thinking "Meh, they've been saying "nigga". They even said it on "I Don't Dwank". Ironic that they're going on about "freedom of speech" while deleting people's comments and censoring Zheani, though".
Then, I scrolled through the comments and wow. I tried to find another source about this, and there was this.
(FWIW, this site is one of many venues that first put them on the map - if anything, if they were innocent, the author would be defending them. I know there's a handful of DA stans still here, so)
>At the end of March, dancers who also suffered abuse came forward in private to Zheani in support but then disappeared and started praising Die Antwoord on Instagram in stead. Threatened? Paid off? Lawyers? One specific dancer in Cape Town (of which we have the name) will probably come forward. We won’t out her, because it is her own decision to deal with it and come forward in her own time. There is another one in New York. There is another one in Paris. My first phone call to Zheani lasted just over 90 minutes. Lots of things were discussed. The following day I had 2 people come to my house who did a 2 hour interview which I recorded.
Honestly? I'm convinced. These "Buddhist vegans" (lmao) are cancelled cancelled.

No. 411582

File: 1558135827543.png (922.98 KB, 1064x666, o1qlRoR.png)

More on this. I kind of knew she wasn't the animal lover she pretended to be when I found out about her owning a teacup puppy on her (now-deleted) IG.
According to this guy, she also had thousands of rats drowned for a music video.

No. 412321

I don't think they are going to be "cancelled", because I don't think the vast majority of DA fans are super SJW or activisty.

Like even as a former fan of DA I've always known they were fucking edgelords, most of the fanbase are edgelords, if anything this kind of thing fits that edgy image just fine. I don't think they're really going to suffer a big dip from it.

(Not saying this stuff isn't shitty and won't make them lose some fans, I just don't think it's going to be the end of their image/career, all things considered).

No. 412593

Not gonna post the video but did you guys heard about the B list actor that got killed after outing a video of children in a Turkish bath?

No. 412595

File: 1558372635358.jpeg (27.78 KB, 640x426, 6D03CEFA-A899-4D8F-88C4-762388…)

After he outed a bunch of people from being pedos (Tom hanks included) his body was found in Route 66

Tom posted this

No. 412597

Care to elaborate? Just googled it and nothing came up.

No. 412598


The rabbit hole goes deep.

But in short

He posted a video of 4 girls cleaning up a Turkish bath in barely any clothes after outing everyone for being pedos and then died a week later

Reddit had the video but I’m not going to post it

No. 412600

File: 1558373071903.jpeg (174.8 KB, 1125x443, 3B3A7A98-DCEA-4936-9D6E-60465D…)

Warning once you see all of this you won’t sleep for days

At least I didn’t

No. 412603

File: 1558373303309.png (147.96 KB, 360x640, D5A4510B-B3A0-4111-9B39-30286C…)


Guess who’s also involved

No. 412604

File: 1558373437427.png (98.45 KB, 468x360, 7C1E36F4-1B2B-4B34-AC41-76A21E…)

No. 412606

* I went to a party at Seth Green and Clare Grant’s Malibu house.
>[Can we find this address?]
* I hitched a ride there with Tyler Shields and Ana Mulvoy-Ten >[Look up everything about Tyler Shields in particular]
* The night ended with only Seth, myself and Seth’s brother-in-law, Bill Johnson.
* As we were about to leave, Seth pulled back a book case revealing a secret room.
>[Zoning laws in Malibu might require such remodeling to be registered]
* He then said “This is where we keep the children!”
* There was another room with a lot of bunk beds (Possibly for guests) but the top room in the house was decorated with a kids theme with stuffed animals everywhere. Also as we were leaving I noticed a VERY bad smell, it smelled like something had died.
* Wanting to believe it was all a joke, I tried to put the secret room and children comment out of my mind. However, this was not an option after the following conversation at Seth and Clare’s house on

No. 412607

While eating dinner with Seth and Clare, Seth said “We need to have a talk about chicken.” Having researched pedophile rings I suspected that "chicken" was a codeword for "children".
>[Can we confirm this lingo because wouldn't this mean his show really means Robot Children?]
* During that conversation everything hit me like a ton of bricks. He told me that they were into having sex with children.
>[Any Google/Facebook/Amazon employees have access to whatever smartphone microphones picked up?]
* I asked him if they were involved in sacrifices and rituals. He said they weren’t, but they rape kids, so maybe they were lying about that too? Who knows.

No. 412609

The connections are endless.
Seth green's wife Clare Grant was in a mag
Featuring "Girls with Corpses" The producer "swears the corpses are real" Featured in other episodes are none other than the Troma Film crew.

No. 412623


do you guys ever step back for just a second and realize how fucking dumb you are for believing all this shit lmfao q anon i'm wheezing

not to mention that dude didn't post the video of the kids, literally one person on reddit claimed that he did and all of the qtards ran with it

No. 412664

I thought we had a tinfoil thread for this shit? You girls really need to get a grip.
How can you seriously read through this shit without noticing that it's made up?

>He then said “This is where we keep the children!”

Such a natural thing to say to someone you don't know all that well.

>I asked him if they were involved in sacrifices and rituals.

"Hey bud, Seth, say, are you involved in any satanical rituals? You know, blood sacrifices, crucifixes and shit?"

>The connections are endless.
Well of course they are considering you keep making them up.

No. 412735

I did some digging. The video was first posted on /tv/ with comments like "movies with this theme?", multiple times, starting from May 2.
I don't know the original "source" of the strange video, I just saw someone on /pol/ link the original /tv/ thread. Frankly, I don't know if I even want to find out where it came from.
Then someone posted it on /pol/ with "you pizzagate retards were close but not close enough, keep digging".
Isaac Kappy died a day after that, and he does mention using 4chan and 8chan in the 50-minute livestream video, so I guess people jumped on it.

No. 412759

Jada Pinkett Smith just came out about her former addiction to porn. Interesting but I can't help but worry that this'll bolster arguments about how "women like porn too so it should be normalized, you just need to be healthy about it!"

No. 412777

No. 412778


After autotune.

No. 412779

Okay, so there's a video of girls at a Turkish bath. No sound, no nothing, and this is somehow proof of something? It is not. People who think this is some sort of conspiracy are only meme-ing themselves into believing this shit because they have nothing else in their lives to worry about. Maybe instead of looking for "dark secrets of the leftist elite" and putting countless hours into that, look at places where child prostitution is actually rampant and maybe try changing something for the better for once. FFS, this is making me so angry.

No. 412782

File: 1558420982762.jpg (229.49 KB, 962x1442, 13669724-7045447-Disappointed_…)


The eye patch is one thing, but the tiara?

That eye patch will never be cool, in any context.

Her performance cost $1M +.

No. 412791

The video itself is just creepy, honestly. Multiple very young girls with no parents in sight (or even any adults besides the one filming them for some reason), none of them looking like they're happy or playing, but more like they're working. Two of them are wearing matching swimsuits for whatever reason, while the others are standing at a sink, backs turned. There's also seemingly no real point or reason for such a video to be taken, except to show that…I don't know, the girls were there. I could always be wrong, but all the little details makes me feel like it's not some innocent "Oh haha good memories fun Turkish bath house vacation :')" clip taken from a clueless family member's page. The kids don't even look like they're having fun.
Also, why would something like that get so popular in "fringe" groups that it'd find its way into the hands of /tv/ pedophiles, who decide to disseminate it in webm form and make creepy comments like "heaven being prepared for me :)"? Even before the Kappy shit, non-pedos were replying "What the fuck is this?" to the post, so it's not just conspiracyfags seeing it as "off".
I don't think it's related to this actor, but it's definitely suspicious as fuck regardless. The child trafficking stuff is honestly closer than some people seem to think.

No. 412808

The video literally shows a pump of lube

2 girls are cleaning and the other two are terrified on a corner

None of them look Turkish and they are dressed in not much more than a thong and a tiny swimsuit

Is that normal to you?

No. 412816

You guys just interpret shit into it.
>The kids don't even look like they're having fun.
Kids often don't look like they're having fun. Without sound we have no idea what is going on, they could simply be playing "put water on the stone thingie". Kids can look extremely serious while playing, I know I have tons of pictures of myself as a little one where I'm not smiling while playing.
>why would something like that get so popular in "fringe" groups that it'd find its way into the hands of /tv/ pedophiles
We have no idea where this originated from, right? So how do we know it's from a fringe group and not just someone's FB?
It looks off because someone posted it on fucking 4chan and it has no sound, no other information and the comments next to it are weird.
>The child trafficking stuff is honestly closer than some people seem to think.
I totally agree, but why do we have to make some Hollywood conspiracy out of it?

>The video literally shows a pump of lube

No, it shows a pump without anything attached to it. It's a bath, I have at least 4 different pumps like this in my bath but no lube.
>2 girls are cleaning and the other two are terrified on a corner
If this is what you call cleaning they're doing a shit job at it. They are putting water on a hot stone. We have no reason to believe the other two girls are terrified, they're in a corner but you can see that they are talking.
>None of them look Turkish
Turkish baths exist outside of Turkey as well.
> they are dressed in not much more than a thong and a tiny swimsuit
Have you seen swimwear for children? These aren't thongs, their pants with frilly shit on top as you can clearly see when the one girl turns her back. There is nothing out of the ordinary with what they wear. If you want to bring up that two are wearing the same thing: Maybe they're siblings. Maybe they're friends. Maybe their mums thought it would be a cute idea.
>Is that normal to you?
Girls in a bath wearing bathing suits? Yes.

In the end we don't know enough about the video to make some guess as to what is going on here. Imagine the sound being like
Woman: What are you guys doing?
Girl swinging the thingie: We're putting water on the stone so it'll get hot.
Giggling noises from two girls in background.

This may not be what is happening in the video, but we don't know that. No one knows that.

No. 412820

How come multiple, uninvolved randoms find it creepy if it's completely innocent?
As was said before, it's not just conspiracyfags who said "WTF" to that clip. It just looks creepy, we don't know where it's from, and there's no reason for that shit to have ended up on 4chan unless it was from some place sketchy enough to keep pedos lurking with such interest that they'd download clips from it, make webms of them and then repost said webms in the first place. There are tons of groups like that. The filename implies it came from an FB page, but not all FB groups are "innocent".
The no adults thing is one of the biggest warning signs that it's not just some family clip IMO.
If you don't think so, that's okay, but until we get some information, you're kind of in the minority here. It's just a shady video. I'd personally still find it creepy and weird if I saw it at random anywhere other than 4chan, with absolutely no context or "pizzagate" shit attached to it.

No. 412822

Her weird clothes, the apocalyptic background and then the pyramid/triangle at the end immediately made me think of all those conspiracy videos on YouTube, "Madonna/Hollywood are members of a sect/the illuminati and are trying to brainwash us!" lol

No. 412830

You can take any video of a kid playing by themselves, not laughing as manically as some people here remember their childhoods, for 15 seconds without sound, put it on 4chan with a cryptic comment and people will think it's spooky.

>The filename implies it came from an FB page, but not all FB groups are "innocent".

How about: The video itself is completely innocent, got uploaded to FB ("Spa day with the little ones! [nail emoji] [dancing red lady emoji]") and then some creep took it from there? That's one of the reasons many mums don't upload their child's face to the internet, because there are creeps on it who'll take your pictures and use them for their perverted fantasies.

While how this video ended up on 4chan may not be kosher, the video itself may well be.

I'm not saying that children aren't sexually exploited all the time, they are. Could this be some super creepy video? Sure. It could also be something entirely innocent and 4chan idiots sperging out about it even though no one knows anything is stupid.

Can you at least admit that there is no lube bottle?

No. 412905

Look in the right hand side at 0:01-3

What is that? A family album or ?

No. 412907

I really dont understand comments like this.

I dont get why people have some sort of superiority complex over not questioning the presented reality.
I guess its to comfort yourself or make yourself feel safe?
Considering people literally believe in fairytales and religions, people do the absolute most when it comes to the possibility of children being molested/raped/traffic by seemingly normal people as if its some mysterious unheard of non existent concept that only exists in crazy peoples heads or something.

People in power fuck kids, period.

No. 412912

We just…don't know. I also don't get why you're being so defensive about this questionable video with no adults but a bunch of kids in swimsuits looking forlorn that no one has found the source of. Did you take that video or something, anon?
I'm joking, but seriously. It's not at all peculiar to think the clip is weird, especially with the complete and total lack of context attached. I'm not even the anon who said it was lube.

No. 412920

i don’t think anon is doubting the fact that people abuse their power. they’re doubting the validity of 4chan and reddit posts as actual hard hitting evidence of something nefarious, which is smart, because it’s fucking 4chan and reddit. some mentally ill individual dying after making schizoid posts on the internet doesn’t mean their ramblings are suddenly more valid. you still need concrete evidence to back shit up with, more than some sketchy video with no sound. this isn’t the conspiracy thread, naturally people aren’t going to just take shit and run with it the way you do. you should probably move it there anyway bc the video itself isn’t proven to be linked to any celebrity, just someone on the internet claiming tom hanks is in on it somehow(?)

>le questioning reality

kek. if only everyone was as enlightened and omnipotent as you. teach us your ways, anon.

No. 412972

oh my god, people are freaked out because it's fucking creepy. you're so much more enlightened than everyone here, pat yourself on the back. fuck.

No. 413022

Seriously can you screenshot? Because I see nothing there.

I believe that CSA is real and that lots of people in powerful situations are involved with it. I mean there was that case with the British TV presenter a while back, right? Michael Jackson is also absolutely guilty in my book. But for this video there is 0 connection to celebrities which makes me wonder why it's even in this thread.

I'm defensive because we don't know and I won't jump to "satanic rituals CSA underground bunker sponsored by Madonna" from a video that's perfectly explainable just because retards on 4chan and reddit think it's spoopy. These are the same people who thought that cheese pizza referred to CP and actually shot up a pizzeria looking to rescue children from a non-existant basement, so excusive me for being sceptical.

Please, just take it to the conspiracy thread because it's not actual milk and there's no real connection to celebs.

No. 413025

You're missing that no one replying to you jumped to "satanic CSA underground" or whatever. Multiple people who aren't into conspiracies said "Creepy, wtf" seeing it. And it is. Whatever innocent explanation you have doesn't mean anything until you can provide actual proof, because it's just as valid as the point of view that it looks off and might have a less innocent explanation.
You say we should take it to the conspiracy thread, but you're randomly bringing up the shooting and other shit no one talked about. Just let it go. The 15-second clip is creepy to everybody but you, apparently. If you're so bent on it being nothing bad, find the source, prove it's innocent, and then call us all dumb bitches or something. It's not that deep.

No. 413040

>we r just questioning reality!!!!
>takes the word of a mentally ill f-lister as absolute truth

there are plenty of powerful people who are pedophiles but you are truly just as delusional as this dude if you believe him with literally no verifiable proof of anything…

No. 413045

Are we only arguing whether it's creepy? Because maybe it is. It's not to me, but I can see why it may appear creepy to others. I also never brought up the shooting, there's at least two people in here arguing with you. My only arguments are "It may be entirely innocent, we don't know because there's no sound on this thing and we have no context" and "children wearing swimwear in a bath is normal".
But there are tons of creepy videos and straight up CP out there.
How do you connect this video to this thread? Where is the connection to any celebrities?

No. 413056

this is the shittiest and most boring derailment ever. can you guys take this shit to the conspiracy thread?

No. 413150

Point and laugh, people; point n laff.


PS: they still think Shane is a chomo/animal-fucker and are now stanning James Charles in the last page.

I’m surprised they haven’t talked about Onion boy tho…

No. 413167

i dont know about all of that, but shane is definitely a degenerate and there's no excusing his shit. he's like shoe0nhead, he's way too extra about sexual shit when literally no one asks for it.

No. 413170

File: 1558516223286.png (756.42 KB, 641x900, tomhanks.png)

>tom hanks is in on it somehow(?)

No. 413174

I took like one look at this girls Twitter and she's very delusional. These kind of people are obsessed with celebrities and making up stories about them.
I definitely know a lot of celebs have skeletons in the closet, but this Tom Hanks one is not it.

No. 413195

File: 1558519482115.jpg (135.13 KB, 700x700, ddb4gsllwky21.jpg)

This woman is obviously mentally ill. We don't need to fill the thread with false accusations from every delusional shizophrenic.

Anyway people are talking about Khloe's new nose job.

>She didn’t mean harm, but when I was around nine I overheard [my mom Kris Jenner] telling her friend I needed a nose job. I was shocked; I hadn’t even thought about it. I’ve grown into my face but I’ve had makeup artists tell me, ‘You should get a nose job.’ I’m so happy that I never have.


No. 413205

Just to play the devil's advocate, how do you know Tom Hanks doesn't have any skeletons in his closet? Do you know him or do you just think your image of him based on his public image is what he actually is?

No. 413210

Anon said "this Tom Hanks one", referring to this certain conspiracy around Hanks. They did not say he didn’t have ANY skeletons in the closet. Also, can we please stop with this bullshit. The celeb thread had its up and downs, but this is just annoying. There is a conspiracy thread where you can discuss your delusions >>209645.

No. 413212

File: 1558522159012.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.1 KB, 800x1280, 6DEB044D-1245-48C0-955E-96F02A…)

(Reposting bc I forgot to spoiler the image. I’m very sorry.)

NTAYRT and not >>413022 either but very interested in a screenshot, too because all I see is literally just the head of a pump bottle which could be anything. Considering that this is a spa some kind of soap or massage oil pump bottle wouldn’t be too much out of the ordinary.

I’ll have to agree with the other anons on everything else, too. People find it creepy because of the framing. 4chan isn’t a place where happy family times are being shared so obviously people would consider this creepy without any context. The lighting makes it more ominous, too.

But as >>412830 said: If the exact same video was posted by a woman on Facebook who’s on vacation in turkey or something like that, no one would bat an eye.

Also, especially the kid talking to the camera makes me believe this is much more innocent than people make it out to be. The way she’s swinging the jug and her entire, her facial expression…
Unless the person she’s talking to is about to abuse her for the very first time ever, there’s no way in hell this is the face or body language of someone talking to their abuser while being that exposed in a setting like that.

No. 413241

taking conspiracies out of it, weird stuff that Hom Tanks has done:
Continually taking weird pictures of stuff on the ground along with weird captions. Not amusing or interesting to anyone.
The "sexy babies contest" tv sketch he did
His movies have a vaguely pro-pedo theme:
-Green Mile is about being sympathetic to a suspected pedophile murderer. Their evidence that he isn't was solely psychic messages delivered by the suspected pedo. It is also anti-death penalty
-Big which is about an adult woman who has a sexual relationship with a child who has an adult body. At the end he walks away and you can see it was a child

If you add that stuff to the conspiracies it's looking more suspect. All hollywood are insane dodgy fuckers imo and we shouldn't assume otherwise. What a man with money and no morals can do is endless.

No. 413245

>Green Mile is about being sympathetic to a suspected pedophile murderer. Their evidence that he isn't was solely psychic messages delivered by the suspected pedo. It is also anti-death penalty

I'll admit this triggered me.

No. 413256

>big which is about an adult woman who has a sexual relationship with a child who has an adult body. At the end he walks away and you can see it was a child
I have already posted this a couple times but it relates to what you mentioned
I have a cousin who is a 28 year old 6'3 adult man but he's Intellectually disabled and has the mental capacity of a child and he cannot live on his own and currently he is a relationship with a 30 year old woman and she has no diagnosed mental illness
its kinda the same situation of an adult man with the mind of a child

No. 413263

She looks like Kris now, ironically enough. Blows my mind when famous people with so much wealth walk out of the surgeon looking as if they had it done for $1500 in some Russian C list clinic.

No. 413267

Ugh, nine. Imagine. I didn't grow into my nose until I hit at least eighteen. What was even supposed to be wrong with it before? Lolcow is full of blunt ass bitches, am I just blind?

No. 413280

The problem is probably exactly that: their money.
They often want surgeries and fix something that’s just not possible, but they have enough money and there are enough corrupt doctors that they’ll get what they want, no matter if it’s possible or advised.
A decent doctor will try to make a surgery look as natural as possible. But that also only works to a certain degree. In that case said decent doctor will advise you not to do it. If they still want it anyways… well…

No. 413291

Khloe had a couple nose jobs with Lamar when I think they were all mad into the coke when Rob lived with her and the drug usage excabbarated his mental illnesses and why they never talk about the true dark times with Lamar. Famous women with habits involving snorting shit up their nose will keep getting shit done to the front.

No. 413301

>Just to play the devil's advocate, how do you know Tom Hanks doesn't have any skeletons in his closet?
Innocent until proven guilty is a thing anon.

No. 413323

No. 413395

Who cares if he takes pictures of weird shit on the ground? Stop reaching.

No. 413407

I photograph lost shoes and abandonded pieces of clothing all the time, I think it’s hilarious. Nobody else probably does, but some people just have a shitty sense of humour. It’s not that deep.

Green Mile is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

No. 413409

well, I have to ask anon, are you Tom Hanks?

No. 413415

File: 1558568947313.jpg (193.66 KB, 600x1044, nobody cares moby.jpg)

No. 413424

She looks so uncomfortable in that photo, lmao.

No. 413427

Moby is really selfish lol
Isn't he the dude who made that boomer tier So Deep music video about smartphones?

No. 413433

Maybe they simply have different definitions of dating? He says it was brief and while I admitedly have not read his book (and won't) it sounds to me like they went out some times, maybe even had sex, but to her it wasn't all that serious and to him it was "a relationship".

No. 413436

File: 1558573501385.jpg (343.05 KB, 1153x1401, pUGWPnn.jpg)

It seems one sided. Wouldn't be the first time.

Another dude, author Jonathan Safran Foer, divorced his wife over an email exchange with Natalie.


No. 413453

>pro-pedo theme
>Green Mile is about being sympathetic to a suspected pedophile murderer. Their evidence that he isn't was solely psychic messages delivered by the suspected pedo.
Anon, did you watch the movie, or just read the wiki?
John Coffey (the one with psychic powers) killed the pedophile/murderer.
Coffey was put on death row because he was found holding the dead children after Wild Bill raped and murdered them.
Coffey was the one with powers - not the pedophile.

>It is also anti-death

fucking lol, at this and your entire post

No. 413454

Didn’t he just star in Big? Not like he wrote or directed it. And I know anons on here are gonna rip me a new one for “It was a different time!” excuse but the 80s were just barely getting aware of pedo shit both inside and out of Hollywood. I highly doubt it could be remade today.

Also the photography shit just sounds like he’s weird and/or pretentious. Not a predator.

Not saying that Hanks doesn’t have any skeletons in his closest (I’m sure he does) but all the shit you posted sounds really reaching. Come back when you have actual or at least plausible evidence.

No. 413466

trufax: moby fucked his pet cat with pens when he was a teenager because he's a sociopathic loser. jsyk.

No. 413477

File: 1558586021489.jpg (77.58 KB, 1178x656, lana & moby.jpg)

No. 413481

Sounds fake and Lana doesnt sound smart enough to have even said this. Embarrassing all around.

No. 413484

Lana would have absolutely no room to talk with her upbringing, lmao.

No. 413512

omg I heard about this whole Jonathan Safran Foer (who calls their kid "Safran"? That's a spice!) on a podcast a while back. Like they had this public email exchange thing that was extremely pretentious and somehow Foer got it in his head that she was going to leave her husband for him and divorced his wife? This dude is just delusional.

No. 413515

Do you know any more weird facts?

No. 413533

is there a legit source that proves this?not that i don't believe it's likely,but moby is vegan and into animal rights and has even made a videoclip where it shows how violently chickens die in the meat industry(vid attached).i havent looked into moby much but i really liked his music in the 00's

No. 413536

is this ironic?

No. 413606

the cat thing is honestly the most dirt i have on him but
i don't doubt that natalie portman would find him creepy, everyone else does too.
he's not in any way vegan
maybe he grew a conscience but i doubt it. wish i could prove any of this for you but receipts would be hard to come by. please enjoy regardless.

No. 413622

I mean, anyone who has actual evidence ended up as "RoadKill Lol!!!!!" on Route 66, so uh…
My point was there are some weird things that he's done and continues to do (nobody mentioned the sexy baby contest, look that shit up: he is shouting "sexy feet!" at his 6 year old daughter or whoever it is)
And those things are just there, not conspiracies. Just things he's posted. I've read some of the actual conspiracies about him and they're awful and seem reasonably legit (for example the woman posting pointed out that she is not being sued for libel, which surely she would be if it were false)

I actually really like Hom Tanks and really hope this stuff isn't true. But just pointing out some non-'spracies in the public sphere which align with the actual 'spiracies.

No. 413634

Anon, go take your meds.

No. 413643

quickly looking at google all it says it that he is vegan for decades.and the only reference to a cat i found related to moby is that he had a cat(is that the cat you say he abused?) as a kid which he loved so much he decided to turn vegan.

i dont doubt he could be creepy or weird(i dont know enough about him to have an opinion)but saying those things without any proof doesnt make what you say credible.how do you even know that stuff in the first place?

No. 413650

It sounds like one of those weird middle school rumors that everyone just takes at face value, like "Marilyn Manson removed his bottom ribs so he could suck his own dick."

No. 413655

he even started a vegan restaurant that donates to animal charities so it's not like he's just using it as a bandwagon trend or anything. all i know about him is his activism so maybe he's fucked up in the past but hey he's doing some good shit rn

No. 413659

Moby is that geeky "gifted" kid in the class who's gotta remind everyone that he totes danced for 3 minutes with the school's hottest cheerleader at homecoming…years later.

No. 413662

If you really think million/billionaire men don't do messed up shit just because they can, I have a bridge to sell you

No. 413665

No. 413687

File: 1558642847226.jpg (34.73 KB, 334x364, Toddlers-and-Tiaras_1941.jpg)

anon you're about to be shook when you realize this is a parody of a very real show and industry where people actually exploit children. why don't you focus your efforts on the child pageant industry where actual, verifiable exploitation is occurring?

that's not even his kid, qfags are so gullible lol

No. 413693

is anyone else bothered by the whole johnny depp/amber heard situation? when amber accused him of domestic violence, people were calling her a liar the second the accusations came out. but as soon as johnny comes up with all these ridiculous ass accusations, everyone believes him.

No. 413701

They clearly were abusive to each other but I think it's kind of obvious that she was the instigator in a lot of things. Her little video that she released was enough to convince me that she's a liar.

No. 413704

A lot of people are chomping at the bit to scream about female-on-male rape and domestic violence. Two reasons: A) Either they want to show off how woke and fair they are. Like "See! I'm not a crazy feminazi, I care about men too! Praise me!" or B) They're MRAs who are excited to have an example they can throw at women, because they sure as hell can't point to statistics, since in reality men are overwhelmingly committing the majority of rape and DV.

No. 413712

Depp's statements of course have bias and mitigate his behaviour but the conflating evidence shows substance abuse and domestic violence. MRA faggots are quick to side immediately with a man. If people were truly so enlightened and knowledgeable maybe they'd fuck up until their case goes to court and evidence is examined

My own bias leads me to think Depp is a wanker.

No. 413713

No. 413835

Hanks only has one daughter and she's 37 years old. Stop linking these mentally ill weirdos on twitter and reddit as if it's proof of anything.

If you want to talk about Hollywood men who abuse their power, then talk about MJ, Polanski or Weinstein. What's the use in making up paranoid rumors when actual abuse is happening.

No. 413885

>-Green Mile is about being sympathetic to a suspected pedophile murderer. Their evidence that he isn't was solely psychic messages delivered by the suspected pedo. It is also anti-death penalty

im gonna sperg a bit here but holy shit are you watching the wrong movie. if anything the movie is anti racism and a huge jesus metaphor. what do you mean by "symathetic to a suspected pedophile murderer"? john coffy isn't the murderer, sam rockwells character is and he dies! jon coffy was blamed just because he was black. like the movie explicitly tells you this.

No. 414191

Lol I thought the same thing. You really gotta be out of this world, like, spaced out to sea, to watch it and take that from it.

No. 414223

No. 414230

Jesus Christ, this is so funny. No one said that. What we’re saying is your evidence isn’t…you know, evidence. Are you from Europe or something?

No. 414295

>Video unavailable

No. 414332

>>414295 tap on the video title to watch it on youtube.

No. 414359

Wow this is so topical and intelligent to comment on. Love the casual lesbo-baiting for straight male gaze too

No. 414361

>Fuck that, we goin' to the moon
Why is this a meme in pop music now? Beyonce sang "Call my girls and put 'em all in a spaceship" in the song/video "Apeshit", too.
Like, not to sound like an insane tinfoilfag, but what is this in reference to, and why did they choose this?

No. 414365

They're talking about getting high

No. 414482

Ever since Paris Hilton is starting to be a somebody after connecting with Kim Kardashian again to boost each other up I am starting to re-re-re-realize how fucking fake people are and that friends don't really exist. This hilton whore btw said about Lindsay Lohan she's lame and embarassing when she was just the same not so long ago, miss dj who couldn't afford to marry a r*tschild. Fuck people but especially fuck celebrities, I hate every single celebrity.

No. 414531

She's been doing shit this whole time.
When you write about Rothschilds you sound like conspiracy-chan further up btw.

No. 414694

Wtf are you talking about? Of course celebrities are fake, how does that mean friends don't exist? You sound insane.

No. 414846

File: 1558905764353.jpg (150.04 KB, 750x1334, Jv_o0wPAijaDPrLLF-TWC6d214eK5w…)

this was brought up on the attractive men thread but i think it fits here. thom yorke was rumored to be cheating on his dying wife with a younger model/aspiring actress. there's not much proof though just reddit rumors. thoughts?

No. 414848

From wikipedia it says he divorced some lady in 2016.

No. 414864

Is this old or? He had a wife who died of cancer in 2016 after he divorced her, which makes him a dick, but if he has a girlfriend now in 2019 I don't think that's a problem.

No. 414868

yeah this drama is from 2016/2017 ,it's not at all recent. sorry should have mentioned that.

he made his first public appearance with the model a couple of months after his ex died. people suspect that they were together before the divorce.

No. 414873

That’s the problem, anon, because there are rumours that they’ve been seeing each other since 2013, 2014 etc. No one knows the exact dates.

Personally I don’t think Thom and Rachel had a good marriage and I don’t know if she struggled with cancer while all this going on or if it came later. Maybe being divorced from him was a dying wish, who knows.

Seems like he’s been having a long midlife crisis.

No. 414885

The boosting each other up among celebrities I also see in real life is the part what made me realize it. If you can't recognize it in the real world you clearly don't have a succesful network nor a job. You must be a very happy person if you have genuine friends who wouldn't ditch you for someone else if they give them better opportunities. I have yet to be convinced normal people aren't as fake or potentially as fake as celebrities in the socialite branch. Insanity is subjective anyways :^).
>conspiracy chan
I tried to read some of it but their websites are so flashy and use seizure inflicting colours. And wayyyy too much text, could as well read better things.

Anyways I knew she had been doing this for a while but I just had to vent how she re-re-re-re-re-did it again. And also perhaps it was because I saw hilton commenting on that one footage a stan posted on instagram, calling her a pathelogical liar. And also mentioning these ancient things I guess I am admittedly late to the boat, as I am with celebrity news always with the exception of this phase when I had an addiction to celebrity gossip when I was sorta neeting, but better saying stupid shit on a website for autists than irl right? Iksdee

Also, since there are LSA outcasts here, how good is the tea on LSA? Like objectively? I took a glance and it seems all made up since there is the incognito function. I wouldn't want to join since non-blacks get shood away and that's fine, but I would still like to lurk if it gives exclusive tea.

Or are there any other ways to keep myself updated to celebrity news? How about vogue? I like how they write. Also does anyone still watch TMZ lol? Does it even still exist?

No. 414904

File: 1558917263266.png (482.56 KB, 550x549, pwdNWOi.png)

SA. here he is with her in 2014. not that it's proof of anything

No. 414952

he's a dirtbag for even forcing her to consider divorce when her health was in jeopardy. people with cancer shouldn't have to fucking worry about that shit while they're being ravaged by disease. he disgusts me. 'artsy' males are the worst.

No. 415014

this reeks of an old pervert who wants to show off that he dated a pretty and young girl.

No. 415025


I think whats sadder is that she died in Dec of 16' and Radiohead went on tour that next April and most of the summer. Now maybe the kids are in boarding school, but seeing as she was most likely their primary caregiver it seems like their father could have been more available for them…

No. 415039

i agree so much. fuck that asshole. i'm so glad i never got into radiohead because damn i could never enjoy it after knowing this

No. 415056

What a fucking tool. I'm sure he doesn't NEED the money that bad.

No. 415151

File: 1558971211394.png (269.04 KB, 640x541, E732D4F5-CFDA-4A3E-ACB5-01C1FE…)

it's so weird that this got brought up. i swear to god that i was just talking about this with my best friend and how we both thought he was so gross for doing that to his partner. thom and rachel were never married but they had been together since united and he was absolutely dating this chick while rachel was dealing with ovarian cancer, which is a shitty way to die. rachel, to her credit, just got on with things and taught italian studies at oxford right up till the end of her life, she was a pretty amazing person.

thom yorke started to go downhill for me right around the time he started atoms for peace with flea, i thought he'd lost his fucking mind and was having some insane mid-life crisis. for someone who supposedly gave such a shit about the environment he was jet setting like a motherfucker for about five or six years, living in both LA and london. i can't even see him in LA or the US period. now of course he does gross old man stuff like wear expensive suits with ugly sandals. it turned me off radiohead and they were my favorite band from the past decade, i saw them probably twenty times by 2009 but after this shit with rachel i was disgusted by him. he used to be so cute and now he looks half-dead, pic related.

their son noah apparently did drums on the suspiria soundtrack with him. can't find a picture of him anywhere. i don't know if the kids use their mom's name, which is owen, or a hyphenated form of both parents' names or whatever. but can you imagine this chick being your stepmom while your mom is dying of cancer, no fucking way. he's gross for even subjecting his kids to that. they also had a daughter named agnes. sorry for the infodump but i was a huge radiohead stan back in the day.

No. 415165

This same woman was supposedly spotted as far back as 2011 at a last minute DJ set he did, at Low End Theory with Flying Lotus in LA. Old Radiohead message boards were particularly buzzy about her because she kept popping up every time he did a secret show. There were pictures, which sadly seem to have disappeared from the net. At that time, his son would have been ten and his daughter only seven. There was also a persistent rumor that he fucked Kate Hudson after Coachella which at the time, used to get torn to shreds by fans with comments like 'Doubtful, he's a genius!' and the truly perceptive 'He would never do this in a billion years!'

Seemed like he finally caught on that he could get with starfuckers and did so, much more openly, around 2010. He's been trash for some time now.

No. 415319

File: 1559006837783.jpg (73.02 KB, 1080x762, u7squrbd4rk11.jpg)

>he used to be so cute and now he looks half-dead, pic related.
not to be shallow but he really does. he looks much older than his band mates and contemporaries

>There was also a persistent rumor that he fucked Kate Hudson after Coachella which at the time, used to get torn to shreds by fans with comments like 'Doubtful, he's a genius!' and the truly perceptive 'He would never do this in a billion years!'
not surprising. there's a lot of hero worship for thom. a lot of his fans will shut you down if you even bring up his cheating as a possibility.

No. 415330

Anyways, radiohead continues to be the greatest band of all time.
I'm pretty sure thom was sad about rachels death, they remained friends after the divorce.
All members of radiohead are extremely private, we'll probably never know the reason they even divorced. They had their marriage secret for a decade.

No. 415339

Holy shit, I thought this was Willie Nelson, kek.

No. 415380

IS THIS THOM NOW??? What the fuck is this??? This man looks like an Appalachian grandfather

No. 415381

you have shit taste, i can already see what you're look like just by knowing Radiohead your favourite band

No. 415415

File: 1559037506153.png (778.17 KB, 1076x814, drake dickreport.png)

Someone posted a drake dick report, capped before they get it taken down.

No. 415420

I read this and kept waiting to see the "BTW I'm 15" line because Drake is a pedo

No. 415424

Eh if you kept up with Drake milk you'd know he's a huge ho with a toxic dick and weird kinks but not a pedo. His whole harem is full of big booty hoes, some of them being straight up obese. All the confirmed milk from his crew points towards him just being a sensitive ho who slings dick at fat bitches if they got an ass and tits.

No. 415426

What about his bizzare 'friendship' with the Eleven girl?

No. 415429

It's how his whole brand was built, he will hop on anything to come off as hip and cool. He probably was trying to come off as a cool mentor. In reality, he came off as creepy which is why he suddenly would not address it at all.

>“And there’s a willingness to be the punchline that others don’t have. It’s not a dominance of music with him – it’s a dominance of popular culture.”
>After exploring and leveraging all these sides of his identity to the fullest, Drake embarked on a riskier strategy – allying himself with different cultures.

His whole career is based on him hopping on whatever is hot right now and its also why he's often called a culture vulture. The pedo rumors are people not understanding legitimate criticism about Drake.

No. 415703

Hmm, nah. Texting a then thirteen year old girl "I miss you so much" while you're a thirty two year old man is going beyond just "mentoring". Kissing and fondling a 17 year old girl on stage which, while he was doing that he didn't know how old she was, but after he found out gushed about how thick she was at that age is just… Gross. I don't think he's a pedo , per se, but I could see him grooming an underage girl then hooking up with her when she turns 18. That's what he was doing with MBB before people started questioning him about it.

No. 415944

kill your darlings, drake stan

No. 416034

He aged so badly I'm almost tempted to think that he was a severe alcoholic or drug user, honestly, that shit is not normal. Look at Jonny ffs, he looks his age but he doesn't look like he's been dissolved in acid. What the hell?

No. 416175


His face really changed shape.

No. 416232

looks like dumbledore.

No. 416251

File: 1559231838572.jpg (117.18 KB, 600x674, A-4854-1515518235-6828.jpeg.jp…)


Dropped pic.

No. 416252

File: 1559231949492.png (256.38 KB, 800x1040, Screenshot_2019-05-30-08-47-40…)

No. 416257

I'd say there's more of a resemblance to the crypt keeper.

No. 416420

What a fucking self entitled weirdo. Just because a woman dates some dude for a few months (he himself even said it was brief!!) doesnt make it anything. Tons of people date for a few weeks and move on. Moby is trash

No. 416703

Not so breaking news
Belly thorna was attention whoring on twitter with her boyfriend modi sunny

Now something more interesting, what was Amandanon's endgame?

No. 417087

This is an image board anon

No. 417335

Only person I can think of is this weird fanfic author that made her self insert look like Amanda Seyfried and then made a second self insert cuck her initial self insert in a fanfic about becoming castaways with Josh Hutcherson.

No. 417466

File: 1559565423303.png (930.51 KB, 497x1091, untitled.png)

No. 417567

she actually looks good here. ugly outfit but she looks good

No. 417622

That could be because her whole body is covered. She's one step away from putting a cloth bag over her face.

No. 417958

File: 1559675505342.png (283.01 KB, 456x625, 003D0F3F3FG000.png)

Her ass looks like a shoulder.

No. 417990

Where the fucks her nose at

No. 418042

bitch, just dress age appropriately and let yourself age. there's nothing sadder than a woman still fighting the clock at her age. at this point in life, she should be happy in her skin and not give any fucks instead of continuing to larp as a twenty year old.

No. 418178

File: 1559711855760.png (465.71 KB, 711x581, Screenshot_1.png)

I was just about to post his kek. Not that this is news, but her ass looks just as grotesque as Kim's, if not worse. I feel bad for Stormi and all the other Kardashian-Jenner spawns who are gonna grow up thinking this is normal.

No. 418221

Edwin made a new video about the Zheani/Die Antwoord drama, with some new tea, screencaps and videos. It starts with an overview of the whole thing, then brings in new shit and evidence at 3:55.
>Ninja lied about Zheani DMing him first
>Ninja lied about Zheani "begging" to work with them after they fell out (he actually contacted her)
>Ninja lied about cutting things short with Zheani and her repeatedly texting him after the fact
>he's actually the one who kept sending her whiny-ass "do u still like me :(" messages and complaining about her taking too long to message him back
>Ninja talked to her about his 12 year old son, Tokkie, "tripping balls" and showed him a video of Zheani naked
I noticed none of this is in that one timeline Google doc, probably because it's made and curated by a Die Antwoord stan with a hateboner for Zheani.

No. 418238

nah ill feel bad if one of the kid's doesn't find it normal and realize their stuck with the Kardashian name forever.

but who cares they got money

No. 418240

>just dress age appropriately
Why? She has mad stacks, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody she can do what she likes. She's established her niche, she can wear whatever ugly thing she likes, nobody has to look at her if they don't want to

No. 418245

>nobody has to look at her if they don't want to
Then she should stop having herself put in places people can't help but see, like news publications, YouTube thumbnails, etc.

No. 418273

I wish Madonna would embrace her age more I think it would be really cool honestly

No. 418329

Oh god is this kylie? I can't even tell anymore. I didn't expect them to go this far. It was sad watching kendall and kylie go through all of these phases. Remember when everyone thought kendall was the "natural" one haha. She could have been the only naturally pretty one.
They all must be so fucked up in the head to have the need to do this to themselves. Some light plastic surgery and injections to enhance your feature because you're rich, sure. But god they take it to horrifying levels.

No. 418688

hmmm, well her mad stacks don't keep her from making a gross ass of herself, constantly shoving her tongue down the throats of anyone with youth and fame, she's a nasty pig.

No. 418755

everyone with parents grows up thinking at least some of the stupid shit their parents do is 100% ok… kind of a side effect of… having parents

No. 418758

This is almost a decade old, I wonder how her unshooped pics look now…

No. 419006

File: 1559856302428.jpg (108.85 KB, 634x657, 14464780-7112831-image-m-23_15…)



Like..how the hell do you know if shes mad or not? She always looks like a dumbfuck with that stupid brainless expression on her face unless shes on stage.

If she was actually mad about jay z getting attention from other women, the bitch wouldnt be perched in his mansion all these years later and constantly spawning his kids. She is a product. And the relationship is fake as fuck for keeping up appearances only.

No. 419018


No. 419022


Pretty sad when your little sister has to try to fuck up your man because hes consistently fucking other women. Wouldnt be surprised if hes still fucking/escorting out Rihanna and Rita Ora.

No. 419032

File: 1559861613573.jpg (476.93 KB, 960x1440, no-photoshop.jpg)

>I wonder how her unshooped pics look now…
She probably looks like, pic related.

No. 419148

Looking at Die Antwoord makes me want to take a shower. Seeing how butthurt they got from Gaga offering them a spot in her tour and how they responded to Zheani's allegations and the ones about them being racist makes it clear that they're a couple of talentless, pretentious artists as well as terrible people. I feel sorry for any of Ninja's kids. Bad enough that you're dad has embarrassingly shit tattoos but him being an embarrassingly shitty person too is sad.

No. 419429

'she smelled like a pterodactyl'
'like kissing a fossil'
i'm dying

No. 419982

Why does Taylor Swift have the craziest fans? I got sucked in Kaylor conspiracy rabbit hole and I’m shocked. Some people actually use their lives to garher evidence to prove that Taylor Swift is secretly gay.

No. 420017

Madonna is 47 years older than his preferred dat