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File: 1595181729176.png (52.56 KB, 1500x1000, signs-of-autism-in-girls-26030…)

No. 586560

Discuss anything pertaining to Autism, Aspergers or ADHD/ADD experiences as a woman here.
Things you could talk about:
>Why is it so difficult to be diagnosed as a woman?
>When did you find out you were autistic/had adhd and when did you get your diagnosis?
>What are your autistic/adhd behaivors?

No. 586561

I find it difficult to talk anywhere online about being an autistic girl without running into woke or coddling shit so I am trying my luck with this thread

No. 586564

I was diagnosed at 30. I had been in the mental health system getting help for depression and anxiety/agoraphobia since the age of 12 and only got diagnosed asd when I suspected it myself in my late twenties and requested the assessment.

I mostly have anxiety, a sensitivity to sound and I'm very closed off to trying new things.

No. 586571

Hey!!! Anyone diagnosed with ADHD in childhood but now suspect it was autism all along? I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7 and treated with Ritalin and concerta for 15 years. Now I’m med-free and realizing many of my symptoms were likely autism, not adhd.

No. 586572

Looking at the op image I had no idea about the whole thing of communication actually getting more difficult with age. That is definitely my experience with it though. At 20 I could pass as shy but pretty normal, I'm now getting worse with age and becoming more isolated.

No. 586584

File: 1595185288951.png (125.48 KB, 419x257, IMG_9121.PNG)

I was diagnosed with autism when I was 11. I'm pretty high functioning and can talk to people easily though I do some autistic things like pacing back and forth in the kitchen thinking about hypotheticals and fantasies and having no long term passions (I tend to just be passionate about one thing and it takes over almost all of my thoughts but then move on to the other,however, recently I've been passionate about nothing and it sucks cause it makes me feel empty)

No. 586585

Hey anon, you've pretty much described my life story except I didn't get diagnosed. I don't think it would matter because I don't get any benefits in my country. I had a long term agoraphobia (7+ years), I was constantly bullied at school for being withdrawn, weird and quiet. My teachers bullied me for not wanting to establish eye contact or liking get touched. I could go on, the list is so long, and only later when there was a short informative documentary on autism did I finally understand what was wrong with me.
But no one will ever care so I have to find ways to make living with little to no social contact. It's hell but I manage.
Weirdly enough I'm okay with my mentality and lifestyle but I know it bothers everyone else.
It's the constant expectations by others that can be so exhausting.

No. 586606

Why do we need a joint ADHD and autism thread? Wtf do they have to do with each other?

When I was a kid my parents sent me to get tested for aspergers. Turned out I had ADHD. But now as an adult it's not like going to an autism support group or receiving treatment for autism would benefit me in any way.

The OP image probably shows that girls with autism are more social when they're kids and less social as teens while in school. It has nothing to do with changes in sociability as adults. I have no idea why you think it has much to do with you as an adult. You're probably less social from isolation or stress.

No. 586629

There is an overlap though, some people have both and both groups may experience things like sensatory issues.

No. 586633

> It has nothing to do with changes in sociability as adults. I have no idea why you think it has much to do with you as an adult.
That is a thing anon. Adults with autism (typcially women who get a late diagnosis) can suffer from a type of social burn out in their twenties or thirties.

No. 586657

I'm 24 and starting to wonder if I'm autistic but have learned how to outwardly act normal. Or I could just have bad anxiety, I am missing some autism symptoms and the mains ones I have overlap with you run of the mill depression and anxiety. I wasn't the most charismatic child and had anxiety even then but I think some of that stemmed from being bullied.

I was diagnosed with ADHD last year, and adderall helps make me feel less anxious especially around people and helps with my misophonia as well which can be severe at times.

Who knows I'm probably autistic and ADHD, I don't think there's really much point to being diagnosed with autism though

No. 586660

They overlap and considering lolcow it would be silly to make 2 threads with very little responses each

No. 586662

samefag to add, my misophonia was very severe when I was younger especially in my teenage years. I couldn't even eat dinner with my parents because the sound of them chewing made me want to fly into a rage and throw everything off the table

No. 586664

I worry about eye contact a lot. Sometimes even wondering whether I make too much eye contact to compensate. I just find it very hard to judge what the appropriate amount of eye contact is.

I'm high functioning enough that I feel strange for constantly second guessing the eye thing. I chatted with someone earlier and was surprised to have it feel natural given I don't know him that well. It was nice to have a random interaction feel that comfortable for once. That's rare.

Wondering how much other ASD anons struggle with eye contact in particular.

No. 586668

Question: Do you ASD anons who struggle with eye contact feel that you can't read others from looking at their eyes? Or does it feel too emotionally intense?

No. 586669

I honestly wish I wasn’t diagnosed with asspergers when I was 17, I feel like my parents feel bad about everything I went through as a kid.

Sometimes I wonder if the whole aspergers thing was just something I developed because of the constant bullying and isolation I went through at school, I’m pretty sure that being diagnosed as a kid wouldn’t have done any changes in my life nor in what happened, if anything, I think that it could have made things go worse.

I guess I’m still in denial when it comes to things like mental health conditions, I like to think that I’m normal and that I don’t have aspergers, I mean, everyone has quirks, I guess. But the more I think about what a person with aspergers does, the more I can’t help but think that I have that condition.

I wish I could change this and that I could be a bit more normal, specially when it comes to the socialization part, here I am writing this instead of hanging out with some friends of the family that came to visit my brother.

No. 586671

Feels too intense ime, too intimate almost

No. 586674

As someone with ADHD, I definitely had social issues but I worked hard to overcome them and build a busy social life. I tried to join a support group when I was in college but everyone there seemed like huge normies so I left. Another one of my good friends has ADHD and was medicated from a young age, and he's nothing like your stereotypical sperg as he's very charismatic and athletic. (In particular, he played ultimate frisbee which is kinda hard to do if you were a sperg with poor hand-eye coordination)

I don't see the point of grouping people with ADHD together with autism.

I've never heard of people with ADHD being unable to wear certain sweaters or anything like that

No. 586678

I suspect I may be on the ADHD spectrum somewhere but I have no clue how to go about getting a diagnosis as a 31 year old woman. I know at least OCD runs in my family as my Father and brother were both diagnosed when I was younger. For me though I was simply just "weird" to my family so I guess they never saw fit to get me checked out too.

Anyway I've always been so afraid of seeking help because of imposter syndrome and it doesn't help that I've read many doctors don't even think adult ADHD is a thing. I live in a very smaller boomer town so I'm reluctant to try to get help lest my doctor treats me like shit.

No. 586681

No. 586684

File: 1595191520523.png (66.92 KB, 1258x214, 5973267.png)

ADHD and autism have a lot to do with each other. You sound autistic getting upset about it funny enough

No. 586690

So most people with autism have ADHD but not the other way around? Doesn't that sound redundant?

And if I'm autistic, guess I'm just like you then.

No. 586698

Got an autism diagnosis as an adult. Didn't tell my dad for a couple of years partly because we live so far from each other and partly because he's so ignorant when it comes to anything relating to mental health so I didn't expect him to understand a developmental disorder.

Told him about it eventually and how it explains alot of my quirks and my lifelong difficulties when it comes to things like crowds, noise and travelling.. he immediately told me to just work hard and get over it. The same thing he said for years about my depression and anxiety. Dad autism is fucking permanent. Like allow me to have quirks for once without the 'just get over it' lecture lol

No. 586720

that's not what it means, is lack of reading comprehension a symptom of autism?

No. 586721

I understand that you want to talk about this stuff but this exact thread already exists here though
>Neurodivergent, spectrum disorder and ADHD
>A thread for girls in the autism spectrum, ADHD and other neurodivergent people.

So much for being hyper focused kek

No. 586807

Dislexia is oftern seen in people with autism anon, and a lot of of them have to re-read things in order to fully comprehend.

No. 587023

Sooo I got a recent diagnosis for ADHD. Doesn't surprise me at all since my mother and brother have it but I highly doubt it's ADHD and not mild autism.

I have a lot of weird ticks that fall under the autism umbrella but my training as a Cog Neuro points clearly toward ADHD. I can't help but feel it was still a misdiagnosis, I have very strong Misophonia (I rage hardcore hearing people smack while eating) and can't tend to a task completely without outside help. Being put on a cocktail of medications to treat it has been a fun fucking ride, I can feel myself getting addicted to Adderall. Kinda scared to find out what I would be like if I went off of it.

No. 587034

You shouldn't be getting addicted to Adderall if you have adhd. What does it do for you? How often and how much? Are you sleeping?
You should talk to your doctor about this, Adderall can cause some nasty side effects if it's not doing what it's supposed to

No. 587037

I take it twice a day. I brought up the addiction aspect roughly a month ago and she switched me off the extended release so it wouldn't stay in my system as long. I'm in research so I desperately need it to be able to complete my assignments otherwise I tend to be lethargic.

For the most part it does what it's supposed to in that I am able to complete tasks without distraction and finally giving me enough energy to get out of bed and complete chores. I have to admit sleeping at night is a bit of a struggle, some days I'm able to hit the pillow and go straight to sleep if I worked long enough that day while other days it takes a couple of hours to go to sleep.

No. 587043

can i live without meds? i'm pretty sure i have add

No. 587746

i've always thought i had anxiety/depression since i was 12, but i recently have been doubting and wondering if it's autism instead. but even if i get a correct diagnosis, what happens then? you can't treat autism, can you? how can i get better? I can't make friends or connect with people and it's causing me incredible pain.

No. 587904

There's so much overlap that the two commonly get misdiagnosed as one another. They're also both spectrum disorders that make most people "a little off" but still normal-ish on the more functioning scale. They both also manifest differently in women than men, and manifest in ways that make it harder to recognize. Women are often diagnosed with ADHD/Autism in adulthood as apposed to boys who get diagnosed frequently in childhood.

No. 587939

I’m a relatively (now) well adjusted woman in her mid 30s. I was diagnosed with aspergers/adhd a few years ago. I also believe my dad was autistic but was misdiagnosed as having bpd.

Biggest issue is sound, living in an apartment is torture because if someone is being loud in another suite it upsets so much. I just hyper focus on it and it drives me up the wall. I hate it so much, I just want to be normal.

My teen years were incredibly embarrassing because I was so uninterested in my own self image I lost friends (greasy hair, sweat pants covered in cat hair, just generally being kinda gross in public and not realizing hey wait I shouldn’t do this in public).

I was on effexor for a bit and it made me the most basic bitch, which was actually kinda nice to experience and i finally felt comfortable socializing in groups, but it really wasn’t me. I feel like I was roleplaying as someone else.

No. 587963

File: 1595383132750.jpg (15.28 KB, 479x479, partypatrick.jpg)

With autism, it can't be cured but it can be treated, but it's more difficult to treat adults/teens than children. If I were in your shoes, try to take it slow by finding people with similar interests in this thread. >>>/g/44295

No. 587971

I don't have a diagnosis of ADHD or Autism, but I meet the criteria for both as far as I can tell. Is there much point in getting a diagnosis at this point? It's caused me a lot of trouble with school, but I'm graduating in a year. Would I get some kind of benefits if I had a diagnosis? I live in the US.

Tbh, I'd probably never tell anyone if I were actually diagnosed. I wouldn't want anyone to know I'm autistic, and ADHD is pretty much a meme at this point.

No. 587973

I have an adderall script that helps me focus at work but that's about it imo

No. 587976

Yeah, I don't fuck with adderall. I mostly don't fuck with meds, period. I'm not looking for medication but I'm wondering if it's something my workplace should know in the future? Like, maybe people would treat me better? My fear is more that people would think of me differently if they knew I had autism, unless they couldn't already tell.

Come to think of it, I've never in my life had anyone accuse me of legitimately being autistic. I don't know if that's a sign I just mask it really well, or a sign that I'm overthinking the entire prospect.

No. 587977

if you think people would treat you better if they knew you were diagnosed with autism you might be autistic kek

No. 587979

I doubt they actually would. I figure they'd probably baby me, or avoid me entirely. I thought I made that clear.

No. 588004

Eh, I told my coworkers (after I'd been at the job for a while) and nothing really changed. They already knew I was super socially awkward so it was kind of like "Oh, that makes sense".

No. 588038

File: 1595402159638.jpg (108.32 KB, 720x735, _20200705_151012.JPG)

Oldfag of 30 yrs here. was diagnosed with Asperger's and dysthymia at 14, and spent approxim half of my life with self-esteem issues and sabotaging myself. I'd say it's been about 3yrs now that I can say I'm not depressed and have been working fixing up my life.

mostly I pass for nt, I can act extraverted and am pretty funny and also dress fashionably. Usually when I tell ppl I'm on the spectrum they act surprised. Female autists are generally better at masking anyway but it's still super exhausting and my social battery can go from full to drained in seconds.

How are other adult autismo's here faring

No. 588044

Oldfags unite.
Similar situation to yours. People are surprised when I tell them as well,,, but masking has been a big part of my life.
Kudos to you for proactively working to fix things! Glad you're feeling better

No. 588050

Can I ask what was the most prominent symptom you guys showed that made it clear you had autism/aspergers? I know you need to show multiple in order to be diagnosed, but what really made it clear that you were "different" either to yourself or others? I know someone who is very socially awkward/anxious but no other symptom of autism/aspergers applies to her in any way. She thinks she might be high functioning despite that but I told her it's probably unlikely but that she would need to go see someone about it. I think she just has social anxiety.

No. 588052

dirty 30 this year too, fuck yeah oldfags rise up
I'm trying to dye my hair grey cause I started going WHITE at 26 kek

how did you get diagnosed, because I have a referral for an ADHD specialist but I honestly think I have some form of autism. I wish I could explain how it feels but I just know something is going on. they nearly diagnosed me with a fucking blood disorder and am "too high functioning" (lmao) for BPD but any time I ask a doctor they give up when they realise it's probably not physical. idk if it's my age or country but something's up and nobody is helping. shit started getting real bad when I was 14 and I'm so anxious I can't leave the house some days and am desperate at this stage for an answer. can really relate with the self esteem/self sabotage issues and just looked up dysthymia and it seems spot on, any advice you have would help.

really proud of you, anon. I'm sure you're hilarious and dress like a weapon, but I can understand how much social anything can bring on a deep fatigue. just hope you're doing okay during all this covid shit.
also anons, agreeing/hoping other on the spectrum farmers will chime in. it's a struggle to be taken seriously and hard to admit tbh

hope you cuties are having a good day/night regardless.

No. 588059

Was diagnosed with severe ADHD at like 8 and have been on a range of meds since, none of which seem to have made much of a difference. Lately I’ve been wondering how much of my personality is ADHD and how much of it is just me being naturally insufferable. Any ADHD anons relate to any of this?

>was shitty kid who threw ridiculous meltdown tantrums until like 16

>specific phobias that essentially ran her life until around 11 (grasshoppers, for example. Would not go outside all summer due to this alone)
>Acted out and made fool of self all throughout middle school, but almost felt like it wasn’t her choice to be doing these things and that they just happened, feeling like it was out of her control
>eventually realized she has this tendency and has found the only way to stop herself from getting carried away on a wave of seemingly uncontrollable clownery is to completely disengage from surroundings in social settings
>Leads to a “shy quiet girl”/“loud freak girl” flip-flopping personality
>debilitating procrastination to the point where she can get nothing done at all until literally hours before they need to be done, leading to unhealthy all-nighters and meal-less days

I feel like a perpetual woman-child

No. 588064

I'm on stimulant ADHD meds (been on them for years but took breaks). A couple months into dexmethylphenidate, it worked amazing for me but suddenly I am noticing high blood pressure Stage 2 Hypertension and my heart rate was 175 bpm when resting and this was being discovered as I started wearing a fit bit. Scared the shit out of me and I could feel my heart pounding through my chest if I pressed my hand on it. I'll be going to my doctor soon to lower my dosage. If you take stimulants, defintely keep an eye on your heart beat.

No. 588084


A lot of this is familiar to me. In some ways it almost feels like a kind of tourettes for me, except like you I can just keep quiet instead of making a complete twat of myself.

No. 588090

I saw a mutual friend of mine post about how people with ADHD don't listen to the lyrics of a song, usually have a hard time remembering lyrics, and mostly the instrumental aspects of a song. Is that true or just people online trying to validate each other under the umbrella of mental illnesses? I'm only asking because I have ADHD and I thought I pay more attention to the instrumental part of a song because I am a musician and not a vocalist. I can listen to songs with vocals, but for me to remember them I have to really be into the song.

No. 588097

>how much of my personality is ADHD and how much of it is just me being naturally insufferable
I struggle a lot with this too. In regards to just being adhd personified instead of a person, my doctor responded to this once by pointing out that it's human nature to reduce anyone to the sum of their influences or other category, such as a religious upbringing in a strict home etc, but that there will always be small details specific to each person that don't fit the overall pattern that get overlooked when we do it. That didn't help me much kek, but it helped me think about myself as more of a venn diagram than a single trope. He also once said that psychology isn't an exact science so the definition for adhd is changing all the time and maybe adhd won't even exist oneday because we'll have split it into different things? He's not the most reassuring man but that at least he's honest!

As for the "insufferable" part, that's a lot more complicated. For example you can't deny that it's annoying to have to look after someone with no arms, but you can't blame them for insufferably not having arms or let them use it as an excuse not to walk. I do think it's important to strike a balance between accepting your limitations but not just using your diagnosis as an excuse for the worst stereotypical behaviors.

Your post really made me pause in my tracks not only because of the symptoms part but also the perpetual woman child thing. I rarely ever go on r/adhdwomen because it's just a big asspat echo chamber where users relate every detail of their life to adhd, but I was literally looking at this thread last night and being sad about it

No. 588107

File: 1595417316398.png (643.5 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20200722-121209~2.p…)

>people online trying to validate each other under the umbrella of mental illnesses
This imo. I always treat social media posts that imply "people with x struggle with y!" the same as you would a horoscope meme that makes assertions about a star sign.
Adhd_alien is especially bad for it, see pic related saying it's hard to focus on films. It should be obvious that's not going to be the case for every adhd person all the time, and that it also doesn't mean that everyone who can't focus on films has adhd, but the comments will always be filled with "yes omg same so validating neurotypicals can't relate" and "I have this do I have adhd?". Stuff like that makes me feel even more embarrassed to have this diagnosis.

Also OT and sorry to blogpost but today I took my vyvanse for the first time in a while and now I've ironically wasted my morning typing and reading about adhd, I wish they would motivate me to do something useful instead kek

No. 588225

We all have the ‘tism, that’s why we come to post here.

No. 588302

File: 1595443010574.jpg (16.98 KB, 500x367, 1411492992431.jpg)

It honestly disturbs me how little help/support/understanding women with Aspergers/High functioning autism get. We go through our entire lives never being diagnosed, have to crash and burn socially and in our careers before anyone listens to our symptoms and even after you get diagnosed, most don't take it seriously compared to men. They just have an expectation that you must be incredibly smart to compensate for your poor social skills and sensory issues and when they realized you're just someone with different wiring, they treat you like a child. It fucken sucks.

No. 588427

Sexism's roots run long and deep

No. 588440

I'm not officially diagnosed because I'm a poorfag, but I've been soft-diagnosed as autistic by a couple different therapists.

I work retail and a couple months ago I switched to graveyard shift because of COVID and I'm probably happier than I've ever been in my entire life. I barely have to interact with people, just occasionally with my coworkers but they're all weird night people too so I blend in. The store's closed at night so it's nice and quiet, and they turn the lights down low, so that's a big help for my sensory issues. My depression/anxiety was basically cured after my first week, like even as a child I can't remember feeling this calm.

10/10 would recommend grocery store graveyard shift to anyone else who doesn't have a real job.

No. 588444

File: 1595465743134.jpeg (48.81 KB, 680x453, C818BEC4-4871-4800-AA48-4604A7…)

Thank you!! Despite masking taking so much energy I'm just glad it makes being socially accepted smoother!!

fuck I love grey hair, if it wasn't such a pain going from black to grey i would do it to!!

diagnosis; I became depressed and a shut-in in around age 11. I tried going back to school the years following but it never worked out, finally 3 years later I was diagnosed by a psychologist? Now that I think abt it I'm surprised it took that long? But some of the symptoms I had were: not looking ppl in the eye and chronic toe-walking.

The thing about dhystymia is that to other people it doesn't look like depression, it just looks like you're an pessimistic asshole. For me CBT has been a huge help, it doesn't work for everyone but it worked to take out the sting of feeling permanently hopeless for me…

Anyway I wish all fellow oldfag ASDers good luck on their journey!! II've had other friends of mine deal with late ASD or ADD diagnosis as well and in a way I realize it was lucky I had the chance to try and figure out what was "wrong" with me sooner rather than later. But I really admire their process so much.

No. 588523

Good for you anon. I was in a similar situation a few years ago in a bakery position. My shift was 1 am to 7 am and I had the entire kitchen to myself. Loved it, the work was extremely routine/systematic and I rarely had to talk to anyone. Unfortunately I had to move and now I'm stuck trying to find a part time job.

I think kitchen/cafeteria and housekeeping jobs are also good depending on the environment, any work that is hands on, repetitive, and I can keep to myself is ideal.

No. 588609

I've recently been semi-diagnosed by my GP at age 30. They said the mental health services here are stretched at the moment due to corona virus so I would be waiting a long time - 2+ years if I'm lucky - and I can't afford to go private. I think I know I am on the spectrum anyway. I feel like I fall neatly into place within the boundaries of the descriptors of ASD.

I've always had issues with anxiety and depression, and I was constantly picked on in school for having thoughts, interests and ways about me that weren't quite the norm. Not in a 'i'm special' kind of way. Just, I was odd and acted in a way that was obviously off putting to the other children. I had issues with how certain clothes felt on me, for eg I hated wearing jeans and would cry if I had to wear them (I only started wearing them within the last 10 years or so and they still have to fit a certain way for me to be comfortable in them). Same with school uniform. I would get really bothered if it felt weird or uncomfortable. I don't like change, whether that be to my routine or how I've organised things. I would get incredibly upset when younger if my mum would reorganise my room while I was out at school, but I have worked hard on trying not to let things like that bother me these days, though I still get that twinge of discomfort. I am mostly bothered about changes to my routine. Things like people turning up out of the blue, or having plans with friends change last minute. I find myself having to charge up my social battery and if something deviates from the plan, it kinda knocks some of the charge out of it and it puts me off going or taking part. I properly have to psyche myself up to do things socially.

I have a lot of the other markers too, like noise/stimulus sensitivity, info dumping etc, but I mostly seem neurotypical because I have gotten so good at mimicking social norms and masking how I really feel. I don't think my life will change too much having figured out my issue, but it has calmed my mind to know that I am not a highly strung cunt of a person on purpose as I've been told in the past by ex people in my life. It's hard to explain that to them though when the feelings kick in and make you look like a dick. I mostly just feel sorry for kid-me, not having received any support with school (I failed) and things like that, but I now have my own house, a car, boyfriend and an okay job in retail. It's just weird to think of how many of us slip through the net and under the radar.

No. 588668

This so much! I burned out completely at the age of 19 and even back then people kept telling me that I was "high functioning" and "not a severe case" and crap like that. Like, no, I'm not doing good, that's why a literally can't keep a job or do basic tasks at home… My whole life has been a disaster because of my Aspergers.

No. 588674

Yeah, especially when it seems no one understands how stressful sudden tasks can be. I had this all through out high school where I had a strict routine that kept me sane and when it was interrupted I'd lose my ability to function and either have a silent meltdown or run away. All I ask for is to be told something a few days ahead of time so I can process it.

Also, do any other anons with Aspergers struggle with driving? I can only drive for very short periods of time and it has to be a familiar area. It sucks having my partner drive me everywhere.

No. 588974

meant to post in this thread about 40 mins ago but got completely sidetracked kek.

severe ADD here and wasn't diagnosed until i was 23. i was always told i wasn't hyperactive enough to have ADD because i'm mellow and quiet outwardly. it wasn't until i started abusing adderall and vyvanse in my teens and realized i could take an insane amount and have little to no results while my friends were geeking that it occurred to me i probably had ADD. i can take >100mg of vyvanse and still not feel much effect like other people do, adderall is completely useless even if im dosing in the 200s. i've even dabbled in a bit of meth and it barely did anything for me lol.

i have a midterm today (it's available whenever we want to take it until midnight, but theres a time limit once we start it) and its about 1pm here and i haven't started studying because i'm an irresponsible idiot and i've been out of my meds. but i finally got them filled yesterday and am about to take some so anons if you're out there please manifest some focus for me soon i really don't wanna fail this class.

No. 588988

Gonna sound super stupid but the Jillian Vessey aka Pixielocks thread was what made me realize I don't have BPD in fact I never had and I'm just an autistic mess

My BPD diagnosis wasn't even made from a test or rigurous study, the psycheatrist basically just saw me being upset and said "yep you have BPD"
Life would be better if I could for certain have an autism diagnosis but after so many shitty experiences I'd rather not pass through that anymore, I just know I'm autistic from all the traits and shit I've done in the past and continue doing

No. 588995

I've been thinking of whether I should seek a diagnosis for years already but always put it off.
Every single sign fits me to a T (even down to the stereotypical liking trains bullshit) but would knowing whether I have it change anything? I'm scared that it would only make me feel even more hopeless.
Recently I've gotten so much worse, it seems like my ability to function normally and to socialize deteriorates monthly, since be beginning of this year I suddenly even started stuttering whenever I'm nervous. A while ago I found some very old birthday cards from my deceased grandma and reading how she always called kindergarten-aged me her "sunshine" made me bawl, because there couldn't possibly be a less fitting name for me. I was always a quiet kid but until I was a teen I had plenty of friends. When I was in my late teens I also still acted somewhat normal but since I graduated high school I lose more of the ability or "bravery" to do certain things every single year (e.g. I can no longer buy myself ice cream when not with other people). Now I'm the black sheep of my family, especially compared to my super talkative and successful younger siblings. I always hoped that I would get better once I'm older but it seems like the opposite is the case, so I'm really scared of the future.

No. 589111


I don’t feel like the diagnosis itself is very important. What’s the benefit? If you tell acquaintances or colleagues about a diagnosis they’ll treat you differently even if they don’t mean to. There’s not a medication to fix it, and social support programs for it for adults are virtually nonexistent.

What you could benefit from is learning about strategies that people who are diagnosed use to live better lives. You can try out different things to see if they’re helpful to you personally. No expensive doctors visit or mental burden or social special treatment necessary.

No. 589114

I don't have any of the disorders in this thread but I work with kids who do and they've told me that knowing they have autism makes them become kinder to themselves and more forgiving of past and present behaviors/mistakes.

No. 589493

>What you could benefit from is learning about strategies that people who are diagnosed use to live better lives.
Where do I find these strategies?

No. 589501

the diag is extremely important because of your disability rights. and not so you can get away with stuff that others can't,but because of quality of life things. being able to request being moved at work because the fountain is too close and bothers you is a godsend. especially when it wouldn't bother others.

No. 589525

With all the love in the world, you're meant to be autistic not stupid. Google it, there are endless resources and online support groups out there just waiting.

Please don't be too hard on yourself about how you feel like your social skills are deteriorating when you're going through a tough time. It's very normal for people to develop anxiety disorders when their lives are changing or even stagnating, even without a global pandemic so many people either fall apart or thrive once the training wheels of school are off. It's true that adulthood is scary but it's not a race, you will find your own rhythm eventually if you listen to yourself as hokey as it sounds. If a diagnosis might help you with that, then go for it!

No. 589610

File: 1595623714640.jpg (58.72 KB, 640x560, 1494290271001.jpg)

Oh look, it's a thread about those two disorders whose criteria I meet just enough to regularly wonder what life would have been like had I been diagnosed in early childhood, but not enough to actually make me care enough to get diagnosed as an adult.

Tbh it all just could be symptoms of PTSD too, which I definitely do have.

No. 589615

I usually don't talk about this with people, it's a difficult and shameful topic for me but since we are all anonymous and no one knows who I am I might as well share my experiences of being a woman with an aspergers and adhd diagnosis.

I have a childhood diagnosis of both of these things and it just made my life difficult.
Professionals were intent on limiting my independence and making me feel as incapable as possible. It didn't help that things were not great with my family. I went to a series of special education schools and I was put through the system and my experiences were traumatic to say in the least. I was forced to take meds that gave me upsetting symptoms and physically abused by professionals.

Now I'm a fully functioning adult and apart from the fact that I don't have many friends and people find me odd or even creepy in daily social interactions I just get on with it and try and be as private as I can.

I moved to a developing country and I think that helped a lot with my independence and ability to blend in even if people think I'm odd no one really cares and I am left alone. No one would understand my diagnosis here which is what I prefer.

I don't think I would have become a parent either if I were to stay in the west. I think social workers would have jumped in and gotten involved with my family because of my educational, famalial and medical history and I had to deal with them as a child and they are some of the worst, most evil people I have ever met. I would rather be childless than deal with them. Being a parent has been a rewarding experience for me where I'm living and plan to be for the foreseeable future.

I don't like sharing too many specifics about myself or my time growing up. I prefer to keep some things to myself just for me and my dignity even if no one knows who I am.

No. 589619


Even so, people see you as less than because you ask for special treatment, even if your reasoning is genuine. The world isn't fair and is a cruel place and doesn't make exceptions for people with disabilities and mental health conditions.

I have mostly found ways to manage my anxiety around things that most people would find odd. I have a series of rituals I take part in to avoid having to ask for special treatment.

For example, I'll pee in a shewee in my car over using the toilet in a bar because bars give me social anxiety, particularly if I'm not with my husband and children.

I'm sure lots of people couldn't concentrate near a noisy fountain. If you didn't have aspergers you could still ask to be moved. People might think you are odd but the diagnosis makes people automatically assume you incapable. I would rather be laughed at and thought of as the office weirdo than seen as incapable.

No. 589622

This is exactly why I would never want a diagnosis of autism/ADHD, and why I would worry about any children of mine receiving one, too. I really don't understand the need for babying/coddling people who are cognitively different from the norm, and I especially don't see what the point in diagnosing them as having some sort of flaw. This seems like more of a convenience to the professional and the people around the individual who refuse to accept their "odd" behavior as just part of who they are. Like, can we just accept that people are different and be a little bit more accommodating to those who may struggle to fit in with the norm?

My mom is an elementary school teacher and she's always complaining about not knowing how to "handle" the autistic/ADHD kids, and how grateful she is when social workers/therapists step in to diagnose them. It's like, everything "suddenly makes sense" to her once someone comes in and labels a problem. It makes me so mad. She's literally just unwilling to deal with people who are different until they have a diagnosis, and then she just thinks of them as subhuman and "sympathizes" with their awful plight.

No. 589632


In all honesty I do think I gave my elementary school teachers a difficult time. I was very behind in all my subjects and found it impossible to concentrate. As a result I would often skip class all together and wander off or I would sit there fiddling in my chair. I can imagine that they saw me as a liability and I understand their frustration with me, however, the way I was educated did me no favors. It didn't make me achieve more than I would have otherwise.

My teachers were also very cruel to me. Because they didn't like me they used to allow other children to bully me and they used to join in or ignore the bullying even when it became physically violent. I witnessed some of the most unprofessional behaviors from teachers. I would say that teachers and social workers have a really high number of abusive and. controlling people in their ranks.

So while I understand I was hard to cope with, their behavior towards me was even worse.

I'm not necessarily insulting your mom BTW so please don't take offense. I met good teachers too, but there does seem to be a lot of control freaks that work with children in general, especially in western countries and with disabled or young children.

No. 589633

I'm so sorry that happened to you, anon. I do think you raise a good point, and I agree that it's not necessarily only the job of the teachers to deal with children with ADHD/Autism. I think as a society in general, we need to get better used to just accepting that not everybody learns or socializes in the same way, and that instead of shaming these kids, we need to make accommodations so that they're better able to succeed. It would certainly help if there were more federal funding to make this happen. I think that we can still do this without labeling them as being "disordered," however.

I guess the overall point I was trying to make with my post is that I don't necessarily view ADHD/Autism as disorders at all, and rather just a different way of taking in and processing information.

No. 589642

I agree completely.

I don't see myself as disabled. Just that the approach that works with others isn't necessarily the best for me although I think the fact that I have had to adapt as much as I can means people don't always see that, even if I do come off as eccentric in my mannerisms.

I'm able to live independently, I just process information differently.

No. 589664

>frog post
>self-directed monologue answering own questions
>no engagement with other posts
Welcome anon you came to the right place

No. 589666

I've responded to another anon since that initial post, but point taken lmao.

No. 589737

THANK THE FUCKING LORD someone else dislikes these comics. This is exactly what I was thinking of when I wrote that.

I am not autistic, but I do have PTSD and I feel like I'm autistic during times of high stress. Whatever overstimulation feels like, I feel like I have it during panic attacks. Also, I agree the fact we are on lolcow posting in here, we are definitely… Special.

It honestly could be PTSD, do try to get therapy if you haven't already.

No. 590022

Yep, this. I can function normally enough as an adult and live on my own and have a job. I just have a lot of weird habits and am incredibly socially awkward.
Granted it was a lot worse as a kid (I had major social problems and even got tested but Aspergers wasn't a thing at the time). I eventually figured out how to act normal enough and was able to make friends and keep them.
I have a lot of other mental illnesses that are much more debilitating than the autism. Hell, I only really asked about a diagnosis because it just provided some piece of mind to know what was "wrong with me" as a kid.

No. 591065

>I became depressed and a shut-in in around age 11

Did you ever finish your education, like get a GED and such? My mom started homeschooling me after I finished 3rd grade, and soon after I started having severe anxiety attacks, so the schooling stopped and I've been a NEET ever since. That means I have 9 years of education missing and thinking about everything I have to study is really terrifying.

No. 591609

Is there such a thing as pretending to be autistic to appeal to the nerdy autists? Or are you just autistic, but maybe more high functioning…?
I have little social skills due to being neglected as a child/teen and I always wondered if me trying to be 'more' nerdy than I already am was some sort of cope.

No. 591638

I am in therapy, thank you anon. I also relate to a lot of what you posted here.

Fuck this stupid bitch and anyone else who makes comics like these. They are so infantilizing and lacking in nuance. This kind of shit is why everyone and their grandma thinks they have ADHD/OCD/Autism/etc.

People need to stop relating every stupid quirky thing they do with whatever diagnosis they have/think they have.

No. 591673

Became an agoraphobic shut in at 12.. got diagnosed ASD at 32. Just wondering if shutting down at the beginning of puberty is a typical ASD thing?

I feel like an opportunity for early(ish) diagnosis was missed there.

No. 592002

File: 1595962960422.jpeg (482.11 KB, 2048x1164, E16996CF-3C3E-4ACC-A6A2-150716…)

Hey anon. Between 11-14 I was a hikki and only went out to go see my psych. When I was diagnosed with ASD I was sent to special ed school and got a highschool degree. But i was constantly tired so was never really able to study appropriate to my capabilities and still feel behind when it comes to general knowledge. I make up for it in other ways but it’s still a huge source of regret and to this day I’m still trying to make things right. It’s never too late, and everything is fucked corona or not so might as well give it all you got?

No. 592124

I've always suspected that I have autism but I've really been feeling so more than ever since I started working at Subway. I've always been a super picky eater and even with the mask on smells like mayonnaise, tuna, ham, and onions really overwhelm me and give me headaches. I went to a therapist for anger management when I was a kid and recently started going back for my anxiety but now I'm starting to feel like this was all just un-diagnosed autism. But I also have some OCD tendencies so I'm just trying my best to untangle all this shit in my head.

No. 592144

this is such a bad take. some people genuinely suffer and want to get help for things that people harshly judge them for.

No. 592155

Nah, it's literally just a take. I didn't say anyone had to agree with me.

Also can't help but point out that there are quite a few people on the spectrum who agree that autism shouldn't be classified as a mental disorder, and that doing so is more harmful than helpful in their experience.

My main point was that I think it's fucked up that we need to slap stigmatizing labels on people before we accommodate their needs.

No. 592215

No I agree with anon, this is a bad take. When you are cognitively "different" from the norm, you need to be properly accommodated for your own sake and the sake of others. I have autistic students, and their life is made way easier and fairer by having a 504 or IEP. A lot of them are rude and impatient. It is not fair to other students. You can't expect other kids or even adults to tolerate that behavior. It's also good for autistic people to know they have something different about them so that they are actually being accommodated to begin with, let alone receiving helpful accommodation.

No. 592235

I’m having a crisis. My therapist thinks I should get diagnosed for Autism, which is something that as a child people though I might have. But, as of late I’ve been thinking it might be ADHD. I relate a lot more to the inattentive side of it but my therapist doesn’t see it. It doesn’t help that I’ve been diagnosed with OCD and perfectionism, which my therapist considers part of the autistic traits I may have.

No. 592240

Incompatible working environments can exacerbate mental and physical issues that people wouldn't even notice in daily life, it sounds like a lot of your problems would be solved by not working in the food industry. I know it's hard to find work right now but they say it's easier to find a job when you already have a job, and now you know what to avoid. Maybe it's OCD, maybe it's autism or maybe you just have a very sensitive sense of smell but either way daily mayo migraines sound bad.

No. 592930

I feel you, I was so overwhelmed by anxiety that I just let the years go by without doing anything. Of course I regret it, but back then I didn't really have a choice, my anxiety made the choices and I didn't know how to cope.

Really often I have dreams where I'm sent back to school, but I'm frustrated and embarrassed that I don't understand what the teacher is teaching because I'm so far behind. I know that I need to tackle this, not for the diploma itself, but for me and my self confidence. I'ts just daunting seeing all the work that needs to be done.

No. 594416

Does any other add-anons have heightened senses? I've always brushed it off as something that isn't related but it might be what's causing it.

>cant handle tags or itchy texture like wools

>great hearing and smell
>light sensitivity, my room and gadgets screen settings are dark as a cave.

No. 601249

I have ADD and Autism here. Does anybody else see both their ADD and ASD as a disability, but a disability where you can work and what not? B/C I see folks with Mild and Moderate ASD working fine and hell, living by themselves (or with family/friends) and THRIVING. I have a sibling where she has severe ASD, and her disability is severe that she can't work whatsoever. The only issue I have is there's people that don't have disabilities and are claiming they cannot work. I mean, what they have is serious and it shouldn't be ignored/dismissed, but it's not a disability. (but not cancer b/c cancer is very serious disease, even if it's not a disability. People can be so sick from cancer that they need to have a claim that they cannot work.)

No. 601309


ADHD-anon here and yes yes yes. Maybe it's also autism idk BUT:

>smell the faintest of scents and it's actually pretty bad

>hear tiny sounds that other folks can't, have meltdowns when they persist too long
>major issue with lighting that isn't soft lighting

No. 605520

I'm like bordering the lines of thinking I'm legitimately autistic or just someone with an obscure sense of humor. I like to make random shit that mirrors spergs on the internet, but in an ironic sense. Literally the epitome of "jokes on you, I was pretending to be retarded". Like, I have full awareness whenever I make a joke I think to myself "This is so fucking stupid but I think it's funny, if anybody else does that's a bonus".
I dunno I just kinda associated autistic humor as someone being fully serious and trying their hardest to please an audience, or they present things in a way where they believe they have a spotlight on them with an bextremely big following, like thousands, but the reality is somewhere in the double digits.
Maybe this is just my ADHD brain, but at the same time I had a friend say I was autistic because I once mentioned a drawing I made a few years ago and was proud of it, like bitch you'd be proud of this drawing too if it made you a profit of $200, which it did lol.

No. 605523

>I dunno I just kinda associated autistic humor as someone being fully serious and trying their hardest to please an audience, or they present things in a way where they believe they have a spotlight on them with an bextremely big following, like thousands, but the reality is somewhere in the double digits.
You have no idea what it is like to have autism or how an autistic person's thought process is like. Honestly, this whole post is just normalfag prejudice and misunderstanding. You fucking retarded shithead.

No. 605524

I think my sister might be mildly autistic, she has all the symptoms in the OP pic apart from seizures and ensitivity to sensory changes + she spends hours and hours a day maladaptive daydreaming while pacing around the house, and she had an imaginary friend up until like 13 (as far as I know, might be even later)
Plus she has zero awareness of how other people see her and can't pick up social cues

No. 605556

>she spends hours and hours a day maladaptive daydreaming while pacing around the house
I use to do this (and skip) until I was 16, I got into running on the treadmill and realize I could daydream while I exercised. The only issue is I'm now addicted doing hours of cardio a day, which might sound really useful but, I rely on it for when I'm stressed out or get overly excited and I when I can't do it I'm extremely irritable all day.

Sometimes I'm not sure if maladaptive daydreaming exist or if it is just a form of stimming, I'm not diagnosed with anything but believe I have aspergers.

No. 605654

My sister skips too lol, and I actually suggested she start running on a treadmill but she doesn't want to
Though it's still good cardio tbh, I lowkey envy how she can eat whatever she wants and stay skinny because of how much she's moving during the day

No. 615384

i wish i was never born

No. 615465

…What? You're not autistic, you're just retarded

No. 615467

>10 days ago

No. 615534

Replying to a post ten days later just to call them a tard and then adding nothing more to the convo… guess you're both tards

No. 615697

>Why is it so difficult to be diagnosed as a woman?

This drives me up the wall.
I've seen the dumb as lists going around about "How to tell if you're a special girl with autism!"

We can't go around diluting and lessening the severity of what neuropsychiatric disorders actually are.

They're not participartion trophies, they're medical diagnoses with finite resources that should go to those who actually need them.

Autism actually has a lot in common with Schizoid personality disorder, but guess who gets medical, judicial consideration, and monetary support thanks to their diagnosis? Not the schizoids.

So, as far as medical diagnoses go, an autism diagnosis is a priviledge is most cases. Still the resources aren't infinite!

That's why it's important to preserve the respect and consideration the diagnosis currently has in the world. Or you'll all be left with nothing, no support or considerations in the eyes of the law like the poor people with schizoid disorders.

Anyway, back to the subject.

I'm in fact a young adult female and I'm actually sent to an autism evaluation for the 2nd goddamn time.

All because professionals won't just accept I went there and explained how i'm not not autistic.

I'm "not being forced" they "just want to make sure, because it seems likely". Yeah thanks, doc, being called developmentally cHaLLenGeD really warms the heart.

So it can't be difficult to get a referral as far as I can see, since I've been sent TWICE. (Northern European here, would love to hear what its like in other parts of the world)

Getting referred literally just required me to be socially awkward, having no friends, and being bad at holding eye contact.

(Easy peasy for Münchhausens, I guess.)

As for actually getting the diagnosis, THAT I will conceed might be unfair, especially seeing as how historically the research has been focused on males.

But people saying "girls aren't seen~~" as a blanket statement, and then try to dilute what autism actually is to include everyone with even minor similarities is just straight up irresponsible and destructive.

But these are just my subjective and anecdotal opinions.

No. 615765

So did they end up diagnosing you with something else?

No. 615808

Dysthymia officially, and "likely" -Tism undiagnosed just refreral.

Bupropion and escitalopram helps my symptoms slightly,
My biggest issue being my severe life destroying exhaustion, which is made worse by sensitivity to hormonal changes. So I still think it's some fuckery going on in the old noggin.

I absolutely hate being this weak and that's why I'm trying to find the source of my issues, even if i'm forced to do things I don't want to do.

The only reason why I'm humouring them and going for a second time, is because I have been reassured that getting a negative result on a neuropsychiatric evaluation might actually help me further investigate what it might be.

I wouldn't waste people's time and resources like this if I could avoid it. I tried explaining myself once. Now I'm just desperate to find a solution.

No. 615826

I wasn’t diagnosed until my mid 20’s and spent my entire academic life overextending myself to the point of constant burnout and suicidal ideation. Now I’m in my late 20’s I’m too old to qualify for specialised mental health support (which is only available for children and adolescents) and deemed too high functioning to expect any kind of accommodation in the workplace. In my country you essentially need a note from the government saying that you’re entitled to certain accommodations, but since I have several degrees I don’t qualify for that. Employers can (and will) shove me into a super noisy brightly-lit office with 15 other people and then complain about me being “uncollegial” when I prefer to eat my lunch alone instead of in the noisy cafeteria with everyone else.

I’ve painted myself into a corner by trying too hard to be normal and now I’m not allowed to be anything else. In the past I at least had the energy to compensate and camouflage but not anymore. Every time I try to seek help they point at my CV and go “but anon how could you be having trouble when ur so smart??”. I wish I could go back in time and smack my overachieving younger self.

No. 615857

The harder you try the more people expect from you in future. It's shitty, something is bound to give under that pressure. Have your family been understanding at least?

I was diagnosed at 30, no supports available for high functioning people of that age here either. I can't go back and make parents, teachers and various other people understand what they put me through. I pushed too hard as a 'smart kid' and the burnout/meltdown actually came years before the asd diagnosis.

Told my dad the news last year and he changed the subject 30 seconds later, took no time to look back and consider how hard they punished me for having typical autism traits. People think autism comes with automatic coddling from everyone around you..not really when you're female and diagnosed in adulthood.

No. 615924

I’m sorry about your dad’s reaction, that sucks. Maybe it takes time to sink in? My parents are trying to be supportive but they don’t really get it. My mother is the one who did most of the pushing when I was younger and never really stopped; she’s still convinced that when I just find the right job my autistic traits will simply disappear and then I’ll be free to cure cancer and earn a Nobel prize. She’s really invested in the idea of having a highly successful daughter who will achieve all the things she never could.
My father is probably autistic himself but avoids mental health professionals like the plague and has never been diagnosed. He’s been self-employed for over thirty years now and has no idea what working in my field is like. He thinks that I ought to throw a tantrum at work so they’ll be forced to accommodate me. No dad, they’ll just fire me…
I’ve had several concealed meltdowns over the years where I ended up sobbing in some toilet stall or unused room, and every time someone heard me or caught me fixing my makeup afterwards it only made things worse for me. Many people here use autist as an insult and a synonym for retard so I doubt that “coming out” to my coworkers will help. The most I could do is maybe get them to stop using it when I’m around and probably use it more behind my back.

For me the burnouts/meltdowns came long before the diagnosis, too. I think that’s really common for girls and women. We’re written off as overemotional and anxious and maybe put on medication, then pressured into pretending that solved everything and we’re fine now. At least, I was.

To be honest I’m kind of envious of autistic boys who get diagnosed early and coddled from an early age. On the one hand I’m glad I’ve developed the ability to pass as nt when I need to, but on the other hand I probably wouldn’t hate myself so much if I hadn’t spent my entire life trying to be a different person.

No. 616861


My tinfoil is that selection pressure made it so someone who could spend all day making little arrowheads and sewing was actually valued until recently.

No. 619987

I'm 32 years old and was diagnosed with ASD this February. I've struggled my entire life to do things that other people seem to take for granted, like being able to stay in school or maintain relationships. I wanted to pass as normal so badly and yet I never did, and I burnt myself out severely in the process to the point where I was on disability for most of last year. I do have a job, and I am able to work from home now, which has worked out very well for me. The main thing I struggle with now is dating.

What kinds of guys do you date? I dated a turbo normie for 3 years and it made me the most miserable I've ever been. He was hyper social, excessively engaged with social media, cared a lot about status in society and what other people thought of him and myself. I started to see a STEM guy who is nerdy and introverted, but I'm still super awkward around him and struggle in certain environments still. I am hoping he will be able to tolerate me for a while longer and learn to look past this but I have constant anxiety about it. Despite trying my hardest to conceal it my autism is still fairly evident, though I haven't told him about it and I don't know if/when I ever would. Most of all I hate my slow processing speed when something unexpected happens or when he asks me something that catches me off guard. I take a long time to think of a response and I suspect he may find that frustrating. I have walked into things many times in his presence because I am nervous or just overstimulated and I feel like such an idiot. Do I just laugh this off? I've been trying that method. I also need to come up with quick responses to questions or just figure out how to say something and not just go blank and look like a "deer in headlights" when I don't know what to say.

I feel so incompetent in this regard and it is the worst feeling in the world. Can anyone relate? Anyone in a successful relationship that makes you happy? How would you describe it and how did you attain it?

No. 620008

>older sister gets dxed with adhd while still in high school
>she gets an adderall or ritalin prescription
>i'm dumb and always trying to get intoxicated
>take enough to kill a horse
>feel no high or euphoria of any kind
>internet research time
>the meds affect people with adhd and people without adhd differently
>see my psych and ask about it
>i get diagnosed with adhd
>part of me is relieved because i finally have a name for why i always struggled in school
>part of me is pissed i didn't get diagnosed sooner, looking back it was super obvious i had it
>at this point i'd been in and out of school, mostly due to things like depression and trauma, but i still can't help but wonder how my school life would have played out if i didn't have all the extra stress from being an untreated adhd bitch

No. 620032

If you have a family member, say a brother, diagnosed with autism and adhd, does that make you more likely to have it? I'm think I have high functioning autism, but I'm also not sure if I'm just an idiot.

No. 620034

>the meds affect people with adhd and people without adhd differently
I don't have adhd but where I grew up I'd always hear people saying that adhd is just a made up term for badly behaved kids or for poor parenting. I heard it so much that I almost just accepted it as truth.

Then I heard about the differences in how the meds would affect a non-adhd person and I was like..oh that's a real thing.

No. 620039

Sometimes one family member getting diagnosed is the thing that kick starts others to look into the possibility. I got diagnosed at 30, I suspected my dad had it too and to my surprise he recognised it in himself. At 65 though he's not getting assessed.

When was your bro diagnosed? Like did you grow up in a family that was familiar with the signs or is this a recent diagnosis?

No. 623111

im an oldfag and undiagnosed, is it worth it to seek an official diagnosis? how do i bring up the subject to the therapist? i fear they are just gonna say im making this shit up cause i'm functional but i've done a lot of research on my own and im 90% sure i'm an aspie

No. 623132

I got diagnosed at 30, got no supports afterwards. Nothing really happened and even my dad was very 'meh' when he heard the news. It was anticlimactic for me personally. I don't know what I expected to change.

How curious are you though? Might be worth it just to get solid answers. If you have sensory issues it's validating to know why. You might get more patience from people but at this later stage in life you also might not. It's been discussed on here before but women don't seem to get coddled after diagnosis.

No. 623146

i've talked to my mom and my closest friends and they brushed it off at first but after showing them the research, they are supportive. i know it wont change anything but an explanation as to why i always think/feel the way i do would be nice idk

No. 623165

i want to get tested for adhd/add but my third world country may not have enough doctors at the moment and i'm just getting worse by the year lol my friend has suspected I had adhd for years now and I just brushed it off as a joke and now that there's a bit more information on it im realizing that I may have it and i think it's the reason why im slowly getting fucked over by my own brain lol fuck

No. 623249

I got diagnosed when I was 15. I actually went in to the psychiatrist because my parents suspected social anxiety and bounced around a few until we landed the psychiatrist that diagnosed me with Aspergers.
Even though I was diagnosed fairly early I still feel like it was too late as for the most of my childhood I couldn't fit in yet I was still pushed to socialise like a normal girl.
I am still quite envious of how easy boys have it even when they are diagnosed. They are not expected to be social creatures and everyone coddles them, but as a girl you have to force yourself to be nice, make eye contact and just get over it.
I grew to be a horrible bitch btw. It's nice.

No. 623319

> as a girl you have to force yourself to be nice, make eye contact and just get over it.
that's why we dont get diagnosed properly, we are forced to pretend we are perfectly normal or else we are crazy cunts, we'll never get a man, etc. cause nobody likes a girl that speaks her mind and challenges what society thinks we should act like, which is something aspies tend to do a lot

> eye contact

ew, just ew… anyone else hates eye contact? or any contact in general for the matter

No. 623420

I have a telephone appointment with my GP next week to start on a referral for a diagnosis. I am 30 years old and have honestly been struggling a lot lately with the potential that I am autistic and feeling a bit bummed out that it wasn't noticed sooner. I was always just cast off as a 'difficult' child or a bit 'delayed' with some things, but no one ever said anything. I just want to know what is going on inside my head, anons.

No. 623480

I was diagnosed around that age and after diagnosis I definitely went through a bitterness over it. One of my parents has already passed away so they just never knew me as autistic. I expected the other to maybe have a moment of realization like
> Wow I guess we really made some mistakes in retrospect, Your problems were real and you weren't just being an awkward fuckup on purpose
I didn't get that and I still ruminate on it sometimes. Can't change the past but one open conversation would've helped alot. Hell even my ex treated me badly because my autistic traits annoyed him and I got abuse there that I didn't deserve.

I feel like therapy should be either automatically offered or if not should be sought out after such a late diagnosis. It's alot to process. Makes you see your whole childhood differently and can open up old wounds.

No. 623484

This is my main concern and why I have put it off for so long tbh. My ex abused me too, called me all sorts of names and treated me abhorrently but I thought it was normal and believed what he was telling me. I remember struggling as a child to make friends and those I did manage to win over, I clung onto for dear life. I would spend every day of Summer holidays over at my best friend's house and we would play all day with dolls, imagination games and all sorts of things. I used to use this specific voice to give to one of the dolls we played with and her Dad came storming up the stairs and told me to shut up because I sound like a retard. That stuck with me for my entire life, and I think if I get diagnosed with autism/ASD I will feel so upset for myself, as I was as a child, to have been called that.
My Mum can see it now that I have pointed things out to her, but no one ever told her I might have it or suggested otherwise. My school wasn't very good with treating my bullying, which ended with me having a mental breakdown and becoming homeschooled while the bullies stayed on and achieved their grades. Looking back on it all, ASD seems like the right fit for my experiences, and I feel so sad to think there are so many other girls out there struggling with it like we did. I will definitely try and seek out therapy if I get my diagnosis because as you say, I think a lot will be brought to the forefront of my mind. Things I haven't thought about in a lifetime.

No. 623492

I got diagnosed recently at 29. It helped me a lot personally because I finally realized why I had troubles in the past, why I acted the way I did, why I had the difficulties I did (bullying at school, problems with being unfriendly at work) and why I couldn't connect with others. It's the aha moment that was worth it and everything finally made sense. I can't and won't get any help as I'm in a country where people will tell you to just suck it up if there are no visible physical manifestations. I haven't told anyone but my parents and my parents think I'm just wanting to be special so I regret disclosing that info to them.

No. 623532

How do you deal with ADHD when ADHD meds are illegal in your country but it makes you so distracted and unfocused you can't even study?

No. 623546


No. 623547

sativa weed

No. 623743

In what country would ADHD medication be illegal but cannabis wouldn't be?

No. 624188

Seconding caffeine, especially energy drinks that have added taurine and sugar too. I have ADD so I don’t know how helpful this is to you, but I’ve noticed it works for me even better than the prescription drugs I use. I hope you will find something that will help you, having ADHD sounds really rough.

No. 624583

Thanks for the answers! I didn't think of caffeine, to be honest. I assumed that it would make your brain even more overexcited.

No. 625287

No, stimulants calm us down and boost our focus! Good luck anon.

No. 629658

Are there any anons here that aren't successful at masking? I was never really good at it. I wish I could mimic others better but I kind of gave up in high school.

No. 629967

>illegal in your country
kill myself?

No. 630658

If anon can't study, weed brain is going to make it worse in the long term
Nobody ever wants to hear it but a regular exercise and sleep routine works wonders for ADHD but nobody ever wants to acknowledge it because it takes effort. Omega3 can help with general cognition too.

>the meds affect people with adhd and people without adhd differently
It's unfair that everyone else parties on these pills but they just make us feel flat
I wish I knew what my meds would do to my bf so I could see this in action but I'm scared it would lead him down the path of amphetamine addiction kek

No. 632933

File: 1600422413126.jpeg (512.02 KB, 1125x1087, EEF6E466-F012-45C9-A687-AECAA8…)

i cannot self-teach, especially in the environment i’m living in at the moment. i want to improve on the things i love like art and music, plus engage in studying with my free time. Do any other anons have this problem? It’s so frustrating how I feel as if I literally cannot achieve or improve anything. Of course I also think if i keep thinking it’s impossible I will never improve. It’s a vicious cycle. There’s just an extreme mental block that prevents me from really sitting down and enjoying learning and improving. How can I get over this without immediate medical help? There’s also those feelings of immediate frustration when I cannot grasp a concept instantly.

I semi-recently only realized I had relatively severe ADHD and it’s been a real eye-opener for me as to why I act the way I do. Growing up, I was convinced I was just lazy or depressed by my peers. Just can’t get access to proper help like a lot of people atm.

No. 632939


I'm the same OP but I'm getting better. Here are some tips.

> if you enjoy reading/audiobooks get The Practicing Mind by Thomas Sterner. It totally changed my perspective and kinda taught me patience in a weird way.

>Learn passively in your free time. I struggled to teach myself to sew by following instructions etc it was super frustrating and overwhelming, but I started watching sewing vlogs on Youtube for fun and passively absorbed a lot of useful knowledge. When I get around to sewing I'm less overwhelmed because I remember the theory behind things and what order I should do things in.

>When actively learning, find a program with a lot of structure that's made for beginners. Anything you want to learn, somebody has created a free course for it online. The dopamine high of finishing a module is very motivational and it's okay to chase that.

>Set a time limit for your learning routine. I use an actual timer. This takes the pressure off getting things perfect because you "win" by just not walking away during the learning time. So instead of saying "I'm going to practice this chord change until I get it perfect" which will lead to tears, tell yourself "I'm going to practice this for 10 minutes and then I can be done."

And just remember that failure is a 100% necessary part of learning. You can't find the 1 right way of changing chords/drawing hands/whatever without first exploring the 99 wrong ways. Failure is not an obstacle to progress, it's a non-negotiable part of progress.

When I'm failing during practice I try to calm my frustration by saying "yay, I'm fucking this up which means I'm trying, and I can't get it right without trying. I'm nailing this because I'm DOING it and not moping around procrastinating, wishing I could be perfect."

I hope that makes sense. Learning is such an enriching part of life anon, you can do it, I believe in you

No. 632946

NTA but these are such great advices, thank you for sharing, you're the best!

No. 633098

Hi, op here! thank you anon! I read your response this morning and it motivated me. It made me want to start off today right. You gave me a new perspective on my frustration and I appreciate you so much for that.

on learning, i agree so fucking much. there’s so much i want to learn and improve on. it’s one of the best parts of life, it sucks that I’m stuck with this brain rot that prevents me from doing what I love and investing in creativities/academics. Thanks again anon.

No. 633108

File: 1600445274608.png (206.85 KB, 385x292, 48372579436.png)

>Mrw I don't have ADHD but still procrastinate terribly and don't follow up on useful shit I want to learn

Thanks for the useful tips anon!

No. 639857

anyone else hate how there can't be a single tweet about how adhd/autism is underdiagnosed in women because 'women can't have adhd/autism so we don't diagnose them with it since women never have adhd/autism' and suddenly the mtfs come out and make 'funny' tweets about how their diagnosis is apparently no longer valid now that they are women hehehe?? i fucking hate this shit.

No. 639863

I wish retarded wasn't blacklisted in polite society. I'm retarded, let me call myself and others retarded.

No. 639931

I'm very very tired and ESL so pardon me for rambling I just need to vent

I'm diagnosed with ADHD. I have struggled with depression/anxiety since early teens. It took 10 years to get the right diagnosis even though I was treated in a mental clinic.
I study at the university that has good ratings but my major is not very prestigious or hard to get in. Why do I even care?

I handle my stuff well enough so I don't fit in the spoonie category but I struggle in "the real world". I'm afraid I'll never be good enough to find a nice job.

I hate myself for procrastinating and leaving every task to the last minute.

I'm very tired and have like 2 hours to turn my essay. The teacher said that it'll drop the grade if you frequently miss the deadlines.
I will probably just write a sob story about how my crazy ass is struggling with remote studying.

I just heard that all classes will be held online in this academic year.

I want to move in back to my parent's house because there are horses and more space to live but my boyfriend does not approve that. I mean I'm free to live my life as I want but I have to respect my partner's wishes too.

OT but I recommend you watch South Park episode "Sponsored Content".

No. 639965

I say it anyway and if someone wants to bitch at me for it, I tell them I’m autistic and they have no right to police my language. Pretty cringe I know, but it shuts most people up.

No. 640134

I strongly suspect I have ADHD but I also have depression. According to my other friends who suspect they have ADD, it's been extremely difficult for them to get a diagnosis since most specialists just attribute their ADD to depression and don't give them proper medication to manage their ADD (they basically just get put on stronger anti-depressants). Should I even try to seek a diagnosis or would I just be wasting my time?

No. 640427

Seek out a diagnosis, preferably from someone who specializes in ADHD or spectrum disorders. It was the only way I got diagnosed after years of being told I had "treatment-resistant" depression. As soon as I got on Vyvanse, most of my depression and anxiety was alleviated. Good luck.

No. 640441

Not that anon but how do you get a diagnosis as an adult? do I told the doctor I think I have autism and adhd? I have always have so me autistic traits like not getting some jokes/sarcasm, being awkward, not liking some textures, autistic movements, hard to make eye contact, etc. I remember not talking to other kids as a very young kid and just interacting with my twin and other stuff. Does it sounds like 'tism? or I am just awkward?

No. 640454

Both of my friends sought diagnoses from specialists, but got told they just had depression anyways. One of them lucked out because her mom is a dr and managed to connect her with a specialist who prescribed her actual ADD meds, but that was the only way she was able to get an actual diagnosis. I'm not even from a shit part of burgerland, so you'd think specialists here would be competent, but I guess not.

Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to a specialist, I guess.

No. 640555

I would just ask your GP that you want to be tested for ADHD/autism and ask for the appropriate referral. My doctor did a preliminary screening test for me and and then referred me to a specialist.

That sucks, I'm in Australia so I can't really help you there. I have a friend in the US who struggled with a similar problem and she got to thr point where she called around for a psychiatrist who was actually willing to evaluate her for ADHD instead of trying to put her on more antidepressants. It wound up working out for her.

No. 640573

Where I live “autist” is now used exactly as “retard” used to be and is somehow considered socially acceptable, even when used to insult people for things that have nothing to do with autism. Failed a test? Autist. Missed the bus? Autist. Drop something? Autist.

I don’t even really mind autism as an insult for something that is genuinely an autistic trait, like not getting sarcasm, but it’s essentially being used to describe basic everyday stupidity or clumsiness. A lot of people here don’t actually know what autism is outside of the insult, so when I try to talk to someone about my diagnosis it’s like I’m telling them I’ve been professionally diagnosed as a dumbass.

No. 643199

File: 1601557024296.jpg (38.33 KB, 480x480, sdgsgsgf.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but I think it's for the best that it's usually so hard to get an ADHD diagnosis.

It's good the internet is allowing us to learn about how what's wrong with us and that we aren't alone but it also means anyone going through a hard time can see a shit like pic related and get sucked into the neurodiverse twitter echo chamber and decide it's the answer to everything, and then google how to trick their doctor into giving them a diagnosis. It was so frustrating waiting years for my mine but I don't think it should be easy to just get one without exhausting all other possibilities first, stimulants are more dangerous than anyone gives them credit for and it's awful how many people are overmedicated by doctors that don't care and also how many people really do lie so that they can abuse the medication or sell them as study or diet pills. Just like depression ADHD should be managed through lifestyle changes as much as medication, it makes sense a doctor needs to evaluate if a patient is capable of making changes.

>Should I even try to seek a diagnosis or would I just be wasting my time?
If you have ADHD for real then it might be with you your entire life, it's never going to be a waste of time even if it takes years.

No. 669967

Is obsessive cycling between few niche interests is ADD/ADHD thing or something that normies do?
Like I have a few things I obsess about, but I cycle between them randomly. It's very annoying because my interest may stop in the middle of a book or game that I'm playing. When I get triggered, all I'm interested is the one particular hobby. I want to read all the books, see all the movies related to it etc. I just want all the information. Than suddenly the passion gets cut off and IDK what to do with myself. Sometimes I transition to another obsession, and sometimes I go into sort of an uncomfortable dead zone and nothing at all interests me. When I am obsessed about one thing, I'm unable to focus on any other hobby or interest, even though I still love them.
I don't know if it's normal or not?

No. 669971

Yeah. It's this, anxiety, being flighty, and dangerous impulsivity that have me medicated. I need to know everything about something once I've taken interest, even sometimes when I'm not fully interested. It blows for playing video games with heavy story and findable materials/codices because I put so many hours into it and I'm afraid I'll miss some integral part of the story. Even when the series turns to pure shit. Games like The Witcher are fine to watch, but there's so many gatherables and questlines that I get overwhelmed and exhausted with it. Also, hence why I have a room full of various art supplies, sewing machines, a serger, knitting/crochet needles/yarn, embroidery supplies, shit to make soap, jewelry supplies, etc.. It's an obsession, then once I figure out how to do it, do it for a couple of months, it goes in it's spot again to be picked up later.
Sorry. Wish I could have just posted an outside link for this massive blogpost.

No. 669972

It's fine to blogpost outside of cow boards, anon. In fact it's extremely helpful and appreciated!
I have so many signs of ADD it's crazy. I really need to look into diagnosis someday, when I have the extra money.
It's so hard to draw a line between 'you just have a passion' and 'this may be an ADD/ADHD sign, boo'.
How do normies experience being interested in things?
I'm super impulsive and obsessive. I just barely stopped being addicted to buying random things because of it.

No. 669979

It's worth it. I had a childhood diagnosis, so it was easier to talk to them. I was on it as a child, grandmother took me off in middle school and my grades went directly into the garbage. Failing a class each semester bad. I didn't get back on it til college and then pulled a 3.75 GPA. I know it's not just "a passion" because I'm guilty of retarded shit and annoying behaviors otherwise, like provoking people threatening to shoot me in the parking lot (he was a massive prick and was laying on his horn for no reason, more to it but blogpost, etc).
I don't really know how normies do it. I guess they just stick with things more easily and aren't distracted constantly when they're doing things they hate.

No. 669989

The most annoying part of autism for me is misophonia. I can't stand loud noises but what can I do other than play music to try to drown them out? I can't even afford noise cancelling earphones. My neighbours keep setting off fireworks lately and it makes me feel really tense and frustrated. They also play music out loud a lot. But If I tell them to stop I feel like they won't and obviously I'm a sperg not good at communication. I can cope with being alone and not good at making friends. But gosh it's so hard to cope with misophonia.

No. 670005

I have this too. It was triggered by the sounds of my parents eating, breathing etc. They didn't want to believe me that it's a real condition and not some tumblr bs!

No. 670041

> I have this too. It was triggered by the sounds of my parents eating, breathing etc
nta but that's exactly what I had problems with. There are other sounds that set me off and I don't dare to complain.

No. 670064

My mom still believes im faking it and tells me that im just crazy and to get over it. i finally confronted her yesterday and she just shrugged it off. i was very upset cause she also has a lot of autistic traits but she doesnt want to accept it (she's posibly an aspie like me tbh)

No. 670191

>hence why I have a room full of various art supplies, sewing machines, a serger, knitting/crochet needles/yarn, embroidery supplies, shit to make soap, jewelry supplies, etc.. It's an obsession, then once I figure out how to do it, do it for a couple of months, it goes in it's spot again to be picked up later.
That’s odd, I don’t remember writing this post.

Same here. I especially hate radio with annoying DJs but there’s no way to avoid it at work. People criticise me for wearing noise-cancelling earbuds but also refuse to turn the sound down on the radio. I have to take regular breaks to hide in some quiet hallway and clear my head of all the noise.

No. 672030

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 11. My mom thought I was autistic for the longest time, but no, my pediatrician just said I was a ADDfag. I got a Concerta 36mg script which helped to an extent, but also not because I was a socially impaired dumbass who was getting bullied so I was still missing assignments. My mom has terrible parenting skills, so her lazy ass stopped taking me to the doctor's to get a new script when I was 13.

Flash forward to now, I'm 18 and a senior in high school. I'm a mediocre student with a pitiful 2.7 GPA. I only excel in classes that interest me, and do badly in ones that give out repetitive and useless assignments. Now that school is completely online, I feel even more distracted than ever. Instead of doing my work, I'm usually listening to music or browsing imageboards kek. I'm in danger of failing senior year and not graduating on time, which is giving me a major wake-up call.

I tried talking to my mom about going to a new GP (I literally haven't been to a doctor in five years) and getting referred to a specialist, but she only downplays it and refers to her coworkers who have ADD and don't need medication or therapy to function properly. She had me try CBD oil, which I've been on for a week, and currently it isn't doing SHIT. I can't even go get help by myself, because I can't drive and have no money. I'm frustrated and I feel like a broken machine that no one wants to bother fixing. No clue of what to do next.

No. 672056

tbh anon, you sound like you are autistic or at least an aspie. do you have any other family member/friend that can help you go see an specialist? maybe even regular therapy can be helpful too

No. 672077

Has anyone been diagnosed late/in adulthood? I suspect I have it but it would be useless to get tested now.

No. 672093

I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if I have ASD. I took the Aspie quiz (which I'm not sure if it's reliable or not, obviously it's not comparable to a official diagnosis) last year and received a 167 out of 200, and the questions were so specific about my habits that I was freaked out. I was sitting here thinking, "Other people do this too?!"

I don't have any family members that live near me, and my mom doesn't trust my friends. I think she also doesn't want me to get back on medication because she hopes that I'll get into the military. Topkek, because I'm never going into that shit, it seems like the worst imaginable work environment and I don't want to be surrounded by neurotypical/misogynistic scrotes.

I'm pretty sure I have to plead my case to my mom more, she's stubborn as hell and doesn't want to admit my problems are getting worse.

No. 672102

If you're young enough that you're not settled into a career, or if you're still living with parents and in need of supports to move out and become independant it might be helpful. If you already live alone and have a career then it has limited use.

I was diagnosed at 31, already living alone, had a career, parents had passed. Can't really say I gained much except a bit more understanding of myself, I never even told anyone and life hasn't changed. If anything it affected my confidence.

No. 672103

Ctrl+F adult, anon

No. 672325

i was recently diagnosed with asperger's syndrome at the age of 32. i went to the therapist cause i was having repeated episodes of depression and they seemed to last longer each time (not the clinical kind of depression, just regular ocasional sadness/apathy) my therapist suggested that i might have some form of high functioning autism, and i had some suspisions as well beforehand. my life/lifestyle didnt change at all, but i think i gained confidence cause now i know why i think the way i think, and i also know i'm not just a random freak that has odd thoughts. well ok, i am but im not the only one! kek

>>672093 > the questions were so specific about my habits that I was freaked out. I was sitting here thinking, "Other people do this too?!"
same anon. as i said above, i had my suspitions about having asperger's so, naturally, i did a bunch of research, did every test i could find that had somewhat "scientific" backing (scoring well above the threshold for ASD on every single one of them), read a lot of essays, books, publications; watched/read testimonials of adult aspies, took all of the tests a second (or fifth time) to see if the scores could have been influenced by my mood on the specific day i took it the first time… you know… the usual aspie instant obsession with a topic or interest. double kek

No. 672707

For the anons that got tested in adult hood what's the testing process like? Is it a just questionnaire the Dr asks or is there also physical tests as well since there's a lot of physical aspects to ASD? I'm asking since I want to get tested but I don't know if it'll be worth it if it's just a questionnaire I can fill out with a therapist and have them soft diagnose me.

No. 672899

I've been on and off ADHD meds since I was 7. I went off them for a solid 2 years when i was 19, and went back on them (Now) at 21. I went from 115lbs to 145lbs in the first couple months of being off the meds but the weight gain never bothered me, I was just happy to have a break. A couple months ago I went back on them after loosing my job due to ADHD and everything career and education wise has improved, my mental health feels so much better..ect and I did loose about 25lbs in the process. I ran into an old coworker recently and she told me "Wow you lost so much weight you look so much better now!", which has been weighing on my mind so much and makes me feel so self conscious now even tho I never felt this way in the first place?? just tryna get my shit together and now im concerned about my weight…

No. 672933

File: 1605235546790.jpeg (87.87 KB, 800x450, 1CC59DA9-4364-4E0C-A608-4DB7F6…)

I’m really afraid that I’ve fallen into the self diagnose echo chamber online even though I relate to most of the criteria.

>Parents thought I had Autism as a toddler, doctors said I didn’t

>Had a habit of going up to strangers and just telling them my entire life when I was really little
>Feel like I’m not reaching my potential because of mental roadblocks I can’t fully explain
>Very low frustration tolerance for anything I’m not familiar with
>Sensory issues, had tons of meltdowns over clothing tags/ribbed socks when I was younger
>Extreme and really weird fears when I was younger, grew up terrified of vomit and tornadoes in a state that hadn’t had one since the 50s. Structured almost my entire childhood over trying not to throw up.
>I fucking hate gristle and meat, I automatically gag and lose my appetite for a few hours if I accidentally bite down on it
>If I don’t get something done the day it happens it’ll be weeks until I get back to it
>Severe reactions to any and all rejection, even if it’s just a rude passing comment by a stranger I think about it all day
>Full blown meltdowns all the time when I was younger, still do it sometimes at 24
>When I was in school I’d do ALL of my projects the night before even if I had weeks to work on them
>Forget almost every due date unless I have three different alarms set up
>Many times I would get questions that I definitely knew wrong because I accidentally marked the wrong, even though I remember choosing the correct one
>Large mental library of knowledge and I seem to only be able to access at certain times, constantly forgetting answers to things I know I know
>Trying to do a task I don’t want to do feels physically painful
>Gets super angry really quickly, goes away just as fast
>Always need to have something going in the background like TV or music even as a kid
>Easy A’s in subjects I liked while failing really easy lab courses in college multiple times because I didn’t care about them
>Ever since middle school my grades would start off strong at the beginning of the semester, dip drastically in the middle when I lost interest, and then shoot right back up while I played catch up for 2 months of work in 1 week
>Was convinced I had hearing damage from band because I couldn’t filter out certain sounds while at my first job (droning noise from a big kitchen vent)
>Hyperfixations on things like that go on for months, like YouTube channels or TV shows that I’m constantly switching between
>Hyperfocusing on things I like for hours
>Would get insanely tired and fall asleep all the time in classes I didn’t like even if I had a good nights sleep before
>Only antidepressant I felt actually had an affect on me was Prozac which can treat ADHD and depression. All of them other antidepressants I’ve been on have felt like there was something missing

There’s so much more but I’m having a hard time putting the rest into words. I have an appointment with a new primary at the end of this month but now I’m terrified they won’t take me seriously and just dismiss me like other anons. Even after typing it all out I still have some self doubt on ether or not I have it

No. 672936

I’m an idiot and forgot to preface this by saying I think I have ADHD god.

No. 672941

The main issue is that it is fifty-fifty and depends on the doc or even the psych. I was obviously a massive autist as a kid, which made my diagnosis by the pediatrician easier, but getting a specialist after I got out of high school was killer (overloaded hospital system and shitty insurance), especially when you get a psych who only insists on prescribing you the same medications and refuses to listen to any concerns you have.

That said, no harm in talking to the new primary and seeing how they mesh with you. Still worth trying to get treatment for. I wasted a lot of my years because I thought I did not need ADHD meds.

No. 673045

For me it was a series of questionnaires and they also met with my parents to talk about how I was as a kid. Nothing physical.

No. 673293

I got therapy a few years ago and one of the things brought up by my therapist was childhood neglect. I didn't feel neglected but my therapist felt I was. I have low self esteem, no confidence, low motivation and depression, a host of problems where yeah neglect could leave you feeling that way.. so it played on my mind but I wasn't sure how to feel. My dad always had this attitide of "I worked long hours to pay for you and your brother" and in my mind I took that as proof he was a good father. I didn't really dwell on the fact that I do rememeber feeling invisible as a kid and like a burden whenever I needed something.

So fast forward to me being 29, getting out of a relationship where things had escalated to me being hit and cheated on. I'm preparing to move out and my now ex starts taunting me about me probably being autistic… that line plays on my mind for a year afterwards and I seek an assessment which ends up confirming that I'm autistic. Finding out this late and realising my parents never picked up on childhood signs makes me finally feel the neglect that I had always denied was there.

Have any other anons struggled with wondering how parents can raise you and just not notice?

No. 673301

maybe you were neglected but i doubt most parents even know the symptoms of autism and/or how those symptoms present in girls

No. 673302

I got my ADHD diagnosis two years ago. Generalized anxiety disorder a year ago. Medication really helped me, especially in the beginning. It still does, but work is hell. I work at a school, and it's a very fast-paced and stressful job. I'm SO scared of failing and getting fired. I'm struggling, and seriously considering a career change. It sucks, because being a teacher is a big part of my identity. There's nothing else I'm good at, and apparently this isn't for me either. Why can't I just be normal and able to cope with the stress? So frustrated.

No. 673313

I've had people accuse me of being autistic because they can't comprehend people can be naive due to their upbringing or sensitive etc, apparently its common sense to just assume everyone is a cunt and'playing games' when that sounds more autistic to me, like people can't comprehend differences in nuance and shit. Even people that are a bit 'eccentric' because they're not pressured the same as the rest of society they get othered and must be autistic because they don't fit the mold of some miserable cunt.

No. 673334

Im just sitting here giggling like a moron at the thought of this overly emotional, seizing plane girl who won't fucking shut up about DC-10s

No. 673363

naivete is something i never experienced, maybe when i was a child (like every other child i assume) idk why the first thing that people bring up when talking about ASD is that we are "naive", to me being blunt and speaking without taking into considerantion other people's feelings is a more prominent trait of us (among many other things) i have some neurodivergent friends obviously and non of us are naive in any way shape or form

No. 673364

Of course I don’t know what you were like as a child but it’s not uncommon for high functioning girls to not show any obvious signs until they’re in their teens, at which point emerging autistic traits are often ascribed to puberty. In my case my parents both have a lot of autistic traits as well so they considered my behaviour perfectly normal.

My situation is very similar though I’m an aspie and not a teacher. Seven years of higher education and only now I’m finding out that the field I’ve built my life around probably isn’t for me. It’s painful.

No. 673524

File: 1605299565468.png (484.47 KB, 1253x1280, 1584043664320.png)

Reading this thread is making me wonder if I should see about getting a diagnosis.

In my immediate family I have 2 nephews and a niece that are properly diagnosed with autism.

My mother has a strong feeling my one of my adult brothers could have ADHD.

As a child I had photosensitive epilepsy and I fear this could come back to haunt me some day. I also have issues with maths I can do the basics needed but then my brain feels foggy and I can't go further no matter how much I try to understand. I was a smart student but that's what held me back in my youth. I was an oddball and didn't have many friends. I can be somewhat social but when I hit 23 I became somewhat introverted. My sense of direction can be poor and I can't give anyone directions ever.

Sorry for the sperg I just hope I'm not some normie bitch being paranoid.

I just wanted to know if anyone that's had a diagnosis has had some of the same issues I've experienced because a lot of it contradicts itself at times.

No. 673635

No offense to anyone but, why is it that nowadays adhd and autism is so common? I feel its over diagnosed.

No. 673636

That's how I feel. There's no biological markers present that can even indicate autism. And it seems like there are so many different traits it would be better to just address directly the issue without labelling a person as 'other'. Like if you've social anxiety treat that. If you have sensory issues get treatment/therapy. It seems to be a term for an umbrella of issues thar aren't present for the entire demographic anyway.

No. 673649

Do any of you have trouble with repetitive sounds like tapping? I find I have extremely little patience with stuff like that and after a while it almost feels like I'm being tapped on?
Also smacking, people who whistle their S's, hell even people who just have a dry mouth all make me feel physically repulsed, if it's bad enough it even feels like someone is touching me or breathing on me and I can't get it off no matter how much I rub/scratch/slap/etc. I feel so helpless and disgusted it throws me into a panic. what do? how do i cope?

No. 673653

There's the genetic component. Don't mean this in a bad way (I have autism myself) but I know a weird amount of women who have multiple autistic sons. Ones that were diagnosed really young so they got pregnant while already raising one known autistic kid.

Sorry if that comes off as offensive. I know people have different views on things like that but if your 2 year old is diagnosed with something do you immediately roll the dice again? I'm such a copy of my autistic dad and I do not want these genes photocopied again lol

No. 673659

There are no autistic genes, theres no biomarkers that can be tested for. Honestly I think a lot of kids end up with behavioural issues because of shitty parenting and autism is the cope. Like maybe your dad rubbed off on you and you need to branch out. There's obviously mentally retarded people though.

No. 673661

Google it
>The largest study of its kind, involving more than 2 million people across five countries, finds that autism spectrum disorders are 80% reliant on inherited genes.

No. 673663

Link to the study please

No. 673664

I wasn't raised by him, my mom died when I was 20 and we got in touch at that point

No. 673665

Also 'disorders' again conflating other conditions thst have a biochemistry related basis on a spectrum. I'd be happy to read the study

No. 673672

One of the worst for me is when people sniff, repeatedly. I was standing in a queue once where I'll never forget the amount of discomfort one constantly sniffing man caused in me. He was directly behind me and the person in front was taking ages. I broke into a sweat and considered just running out of the store. One of my top autistic moments.

For some reason sounds coming from directly behind me are a big irritant. I feel your pain, short of wearing ear protectors i don't know what can be done. I've seen people wear them but I don't want to stand out like that.

No. 673701

Can any anons weigh in: is it even worth getting an ASD diagnosis when you already have ADHD?

I've known I had ADHD since forever but only got d'xed at 21 and again at 26, been on stims + buspar for around a year and it's helped in unexpected ways. I'm pretty certain I'm an autist as well but other than to know is there a good reason to seek out a diagnosis?

No. 673805

This so much. I'm pretty sure it runs in my family (there's 3 of us on one side) and it's one of the reasons I'll never have biological kids.

No. 673859

There's four on one side of my family. Then none on the other. I was asked all about family history when being assessed. That and I was told that and being conceived by older parents increases the chances too.

No. 673926


i read there is a genetic correlation (not causation) and also that most children with ASD are raised by parents that are either autistic themselves or they have a lot of autistic traits but they are subclinical (meaning they dont have enough traits to get a full diagnosis) We learn our "social skills" from people that are not completely neurotypical and that's why we dont get diagnosed early, especially if we are in the higher end of the spectrum and learn how to mask well. we think the way we behave is perfectly normal because we see our borderline autistic parents behaving and thinking the same way as we do. I also read that a lot of autistic people had some kind of trauma/problems during gestation or on the perinatal period. in my case, my mother had pretty serious bleeding during the first trimester of being pregnant with me and almost had a miscarriage.
sorry if my english is shitty, esl and aspie anon here kek

No. 673927

sorry samefag. i forgot to add that both my mother and especially my father have a lot of autistic traits (im 95% sure my father is a full blown autist) but obviously they never got diagnosed cause they have that boomer mentality about mental health "i dont need to go to therapy, im not crazy!" sure, jan…
also both my nephews have ADHD and one of them has self harming tendencies even tho he is way too young to understand why he does what he does (he's not a attention seeking teenager, that's what i mean)

No. 674194

I'm 26 now and I've had tism signs since I was a baby. Could walk at 7.5 months, refused to talk, could read at 3. Other than my clothing sensitivity I was mostly normal until my parents split and went full blown tism for a few years. Got officially diagnosed at 13 and felt like I didn't even belong anymore. Now I'm in my late 20s doing the same course I bombed 6 years ago, living with my mom, can't get a job and having tardbucks sent in every month. I'm probably gonna lose my funding pretty soon and everything feels hopeless.

No. 674439

I feel like psychology just can't keep up with technology and the lifestyle change. It's not that weird to have problems focusing when you have a million screens and entertainment outlets available constantly, are constantly bombarded with notifications and even media and movies try to put in more and more action just to keep your mind busy.

High functioning autism I think is also hard to differentiate from just the behavior of people that have been less and less social and having less face-to-face time with actual people, and kids that get taken out of school or special treatment and avoidance enabling because they have a hard time coping with social situations instead of just learning to muscle through it.

I know I sound like a boomer, but I'm only 25.

No. 674454

It's researched and thus diagnosed more these days, this "why is ADHD so common now kids just lack DISCIPLINE" discourse already existed in the 90's and that was 30 years ago. There isn't some big conspiracy about tap water chemicals or anything, the more we learn about these neurological issues the more people are able to be diagnosed and get the treatment they need. Hell just recently it's been concluded that female autism/ADHD patients have been severely underdiagnosed due to the disorder definition being written around male patients so female symptoms are unnoticed and they've had to struggle with all the untreated issues thorough adulthood.

Sure there are parents who just opt out of responsibility and pressure their doctors to give their child the diagnosis to shift the blame off their bad parenting but I doubt they're a very noticeable number. Also since autism is being spoken of way more you get all the Twitter snowflakes self-diagnosing to excuse their social ineptitude so that might be why it feel it's so "common".

No. 674541

A different anon jumping on this post, but also let's not kid ourselves, they just prescribe medicine to anyone way more easier now. If you want to sell pills, it doesn't hurt to lower the requirements for qualifying for them, there are plenty of people still misdiagnosed or on medications that make them feel just as shitty because of the side effects. And then let's not touch on the whole transgender "low entry point" medication issue, which shows alarming comorbidity with the autism spectrum, but there's enough tranny sperging on this whole board that I probably don't need to repeat it for the hundredth time.

No. 674546

Autism and ADHD are actual neurodevelopmental disorders caused by biological factors such as in the case of ADHD clear genetic links being found and environmental issues such as premature birth and brain injury attributing to the cause. Transgenderism is a symptom of underlying mental illnesses. There's a difference between big pharma pushing horse piss pills and surgeries on kids and being diagnosed with autism or ADHD.

No. 674552

I was using the trannyism push to state how much psychiatry and big pharma don't care about giving out a diagnosis since they're interested in selling you overpriced therapy and drugs, which you basically repeated. Not that autism or ADHD doesn't exist. It's not even that I don't believe real transgender people don't exist, where brain development was fucked in-utero, but it's way too easy to get diagnosed with it, just like ADHD.

No. 675733

File: 1605579604780.jpg (85.89 KB, 800x1199, Hello-Sonic.jpg)

Fellow autist anons, how have you come to terms with having autism? I know I'm autistic, I've been officially diagnosed, but I'm still kind of in denial about it. I just really don't want to be autistic because I know it means I will always have difficulty socially. I have this idea that I can't be cool, attractive, or fun and have autism. I feel like I will always be that cringy weird shy girl.

No. 675754

saraontheinternet is a good example of a cool autistic girl, go check out her instagram.

(pretty model, not an instathot, removed fake boobs years back due to immune-related health issues they caused, and to get rid of her scrote fans, regularly roasts creepy men in posts and stories)

No. 675899

get some autistc friends, we are cool to each other! and also when im feeling inadequate i think to myself "it's the 'tism fucking up with your brain, nobody gives a fuck if you say something midly retarded, normies say retarded things too"

No. 675903

I found that the diagnosis hit my already lacking confidence pretty hard. For years I walked around thinking people can tell there is something 'off' about me and since the diagnosis those thoughts have only increased.

That being said, I've seen examples of high functioning female autistics where they come across just fine, deep down I know I'm probably in their same range but yeah the diagnosis can make you feel like shit. I feel that.

No. 675946

I have ADHD and don't/can't take medications because they're illegal in my country. I was wondering if feeling constantly low energy is normal in my condition.

No. 675990

I hate how I can't get anything done lol. I feel like I'm gonna piss my life away because of ADHD. I'm not using it as an excuse, I'm honestly trying, it's just mind-bogglingly difficult.

No. 676019

Is misophonia a strong indicator of the tism? I have it extremely bad re: certain mouth noises and sometimes question if I have the other symptoms.

No. 676027

It is, but when the meds wear off I feel double as exhausted so they're not a perfect fix either. I've read very good things about regular exercise in the morning to raise dopamine and serotonin to the daytime level of a normal person, but you need to force yourself to actually do it. Don't shy away from hitting the caffeine hard in the morning but never at night even if you feel like it doesn't keep you awake it's still disruptive to your sleep.

No. 676054

it's one of many indicators, i dont think it's a strong one but i reckon many of us have it

No. 676056

It can be, most people struggling with it have an anxiety disorder. Could be either.

No. 676100

i def have anxiety and depression. i think i'm socially adjusted but i prefer to be alone most of the time and can only take doses of social interaction. when i'm at work my coworkers note that i get quiet a lot, i'm always zoning out and focusing on what i'm doing and don't care to talk much. i'm okay with making eye contact but it's something i am always thinking about, like "okay keep looking, keep looking, now look away, now look back at them, keep looking" etc. it doesn't casue me anxiety to speak in front of others or anything like that though.

No. 676112

I watch alot of true crime vids and I hate seeing the amount of aspergers males that do shit like killing their parents because they were asked to move out. It's a recurring theme in parricide cases and then there's the cases of them being rejected by women and killing them just so they can finally have their way with a woman.. I see the same themes over and over and I hate it. Then you scroll down to the comment section and see people pointing it out 'another evil aspergers killer' and it's like do I really share the same condition with these people ??

Even in cases where autism isn't confirmed you see murders commited by oddball guys and everyone speculates them having aspergers because they often do scream of having it. I don't know how to feel seeing it pop up in so many cases.

No. 676120

The thing all those killers have in common isn’t Aspergers, it’s being entitled men. How many female aspie murderers have you come across? Zero, probably. It sucks that we’re lumped in with those assholes because of a(n assumed) condition but it’s not the Aspergers that makes them violent. Neurotypical men do just as much evil shit.

No. 676122

This. Autistic guys aren’t any more likely to be violent than regular guys. All men are scary and have potential to kill because of their insane complex that they deserve everything in life handed to them.

No. 676126


Yeah, I was constantly tired and low energy. I would sometimes start falling asleep whenever I sat down. After starting meds I'm a lot more alert, even on days I haven't taken them.

No. 676128


Hey, sorry to hear that. This is a pretty shit situation to be in, especially during a pandemic. A career change is a pretty big jump. Just out of curiosity, what kind of work do you do?

No. 676129

Are there any ADHD meds that aren't like…diet meth? My partner doesnt want me to take stuff like that and I did really poorly on adderall but I cannot function at all

No. 676135

>How many female aspie murderers have you come across? Zero, probably
True. Still feels awkward to be reading discussions and come across quite so much aspergers talk. It's alot.

>Autistic guys aren’t any more likely to be violent than regular guys
I think for some they are extra coddled and that's why they tend to kill when mom and dad threaten to stop financially supporting at like the age of 30. They're extra entitled after a coddled upbringing

No. 676201

I don't know if it's the right place to write this since I was never diagnosed with anything, but I really can't tell if I'm weird compared to normal people because of poor socialization during childhood or possible aspengers/autism/adhd. A part of me doesn't even want to know because it would destroy me mentally. By not having a diagnosis at least I can tell myself that it's still possible to be normal and that if I fail I'm just stupid or lazy, but with a diagnosis I'd just lose all hope. And I'm sorry, but to me being autistic would mean to be mentally ill and I would never be able to see myself at the same level of a neurotypical person, I would never be proud of being autistic and I know that people wouldn't see me as a person and use autism as a way to invalidate everything I do or say because what can an autistic person know? And of course I'm slow at tasks and can't work because I feel like shit every day for no reason. Is there a way to pull through with no meds and without having a mental breakdown every week? I absolutely want to avoid an official diagnosis.

No. 676308

I know exactly how you feel. Getting diagnosed didn't really help me tbh. It made me more aware of when I'm acting retarded which is more of a curse than a blessing imo. The idea of a diagnosis is to use that awareness to fix some of your idiosyncrasies but it just makes me feel self conscious. What helped me more was getting therapy and keeping myself busy with a relatively autist friendly job and hobbies. It's really hard but I've been slowly building my coping mechanisms this way and getting better without meds. If you're struggling with motivation so bad that that won't work you might benefit from meds tbh.

The one good part about the diagnosis though is that if it gets too bad for me to work, I can get neetbux lol

No. 676309

Pretty much.
Also I hate that lawyers try to use ASD as a legal reason for murders that took a high level of function. It's important the law recognizes people of any gender may be unable to make sound judgements due to learning or developmental issues, but who can believe this same special treatment should extend to high functioning people that can drive cars, understand the concept of law and can tactically plot the most effective way to kill someone? Not understanding social queues isn't even in the same ballpark as not knowing killing ten people isn't allowed and it's an insult to ASD people everywhere.
I'm obviously salty that the incel who killed people with a van in Toronto recently pleaded "not criminally responsible" and I'm not even ASD

No. 676571

File: 1605711374325.png (97.21 KB, 265x265, 6aa.png)

>Covid 19 creates a world where we are all constantly on our computers at home but expected to perform as if we were still in the environments specifically built for work/study
>Rapid increase of posts from anons who suspect they have ADHD
>ADHD memes suddenly so prevalent online they leak into cow threads

There is more than one way to interpret this but it's interesting

No. 676594

getting an official diagnosis helped me accept that my brain works differently from the rest but that's ok. i got diagnosed as an adult and i already have a job, my main problem is socializing and always feeling like an outcast and not knowing why, now i know why and i feel less like a freak. im not on meds cause i dont want them but therapy is a must (even if you dont have aspergers/adhd you could benefit from it) oh and btw since in my country i wouldn even get neetbucks, i only told my closest friends so this doesnt happen
> I know that people wouldn't see me as a person and use autism as a way to invalidate everything I do or say
imo my diagnosis is for me, to know myself better and not for other people to know or use against me or pity me. i have a fairly normal life despite being an aspie.

No. 676603

embrace the interesting aspects of yourself that come along with autism without thinking it makes you better than others, accept the negatives as your own personal challenges. i think a lot of the traits you mention come with confidence (even hotness), and its possible to be confident as an autistic person. don't know what your situation is but most ppl dont actually care that much about stupid social gaffes unless its really egregious and once i realized this and was able to feel less self-conscious and more confident, i had a lot more success socially

No. 676613

Different anon but I had an autistic friend years ago (years before my own diagnosis) and a while into knowing him he told me he wanted to confess something to me. He was on a suspended sentance for child pornography charges. He'd had thousands of images and had actively communicated with a pedo ring to request that specific abuse happen for his viewing pleasure…

His parents paid alot of money to have an expert write up an assessment saying that because of his aspergers he didn't understand what he was doing. This was a man with a college education and a job who lived alone and drove and functioned. His own sister had been sexually abused by an uncle so he saw the effects of it firsthand. He should of got 3 years in prison minimum but based on his autism he only had to go on an offenders register for those 3 years instead. His life was normal again and he paid no price. He was on all sorts of sites looking to hook up with women and one day I remember trying to talk him out of meeting up with a much more severely autistic woman because I knew his plan was sex. He was a predator. I hate his parents for bailing him out. I hate the judge that accepted it. I obviously ghosted him after that confession. He also had a crush on me and was pushy at times so thank god I found out and got away from him. It's enraging.

No. 676624

What do u mean anon?
i always see more bpd self diagnosis and rn that topic is everywhere because the extroverts can keep calm and "socialize" KEK.

No. 676625

it took me a long time to realize i was a sufferer of adhd, and that i actually wasn't just plagued by apathy and laziness. though, sometimes i feel like i'm really just still a lazy person when i simply just can't do things. right now, i'm sitting in bed trying to muster up enough… something… to do my absolutely overdue work. I'm grateful for having leniency but also don't you guys ever feel like such an academic burden?

I know by all means I am not a stupid person, yet I'm so scrambled, unorganized, inattentive (especially in a home setting) and stagnant. I can't put into words how much my inability to work actively and with effort has affected my academics. I'm going to get help of course, but how do you guys remind yourself, it's not you and that it's just simply your brain being different from others? Is getting medicated really the best way to go? I have some anxieties towards it of course, I'm afraid that I may not even have adhd and I'm making it up in my head sometimes, even though clearly it's the case. I hate making non-justifiable excuses for my behavior.

No. 679252

I guess i decided to give my two cents:
Full disclosure, i was diagnosed autistic when i was 16 and i am physically disabled and only now am i actually feeling ok with myself and slowly starting to do little things to get functional and trying to envision myself being independent ( you're all free to ask me how's like being disabled and autistic- or at least specifics)
Basically, i always had issues fitting in and making friends as a little girl; had a few friends in elementary and attempts at middle school and i always goofed up Autistic gal style because of my hyper fixation; i had school counselors that were shit and never helped me actually develop skills to get it on with my largely preppy turbo normie classmates, where i came off as a high strung closed off bitch with moments of niceness.
In terms of sensitivity I'm sensitive to flavor and texture winch makes me sensitive to small changes in meals and retourts to picky eating.
I have issues with physical upkeep ( only now am i starting to know how to do my hair at age 19!!) No doubt influenced by poor eye to hand coordination and having limited mobility in my arm.
I used to be sensitive to textures and lights as a kid but that largely settled as i grew up ( thank god).
My autism mostly manifests in me not getting social queues intuitively as well as having what you can call stims (?) I pace around back and forth, mumble/ talk to myself and actually day dream vividly.
In school i struggled with Maths and P.E but overall managed to thrive in spite of it?

In spite of some actual issues accepting my diagnosis at first ( actually one of the nicest moments i had towards my diagnosis was a few girls comforting me about my autism when my first counselor broke it to me- Idk now it kinda gives me the fuzzies and makes me a lil choked up- those girls didn't have to do it for me but they did and it just one of those things that gives you hope-)

Do i wish not being born this way? Sometimes, but I'm am adult and i will try regardless of anyone's opinion, because I'm different and i shouldn't in theory hold myself to other people's standards and realize that even Neurotypical successful adults feel like little children or no better then us when faced with certain changes or things that are hard to cope with and that makes me no better or worse.
Its gonna be a bumpy ride but i will try none the less lol.

No. 679300

Posting here since I don't know if this is an offshoot of autism or ADHD
Anons with dyscalculia and/or math trauma, how do you do it? I want to finally find treatment in my mid twenties, but I don't know where to start. What should I look for in a tutor? Anons with other types of learning deficiencies, I'd love to hear from you too. I've gotten math tutors before, but I always start crying in front of them, I'm not sure if I need another therapist or a more specific tutor. For context I've always gotten stellar grades academically in everything else except anything that involves calculations, basic or not. It started in middle school and has not gone away since I got a college degree. Even basic multiplications or additions have always tripped me up.
t. knows 3 languages but still uses fingers to solve math problems

No. 679309

My heart goes out to you. Anon, I don't know what it is. I wrote a paper for a composition course last week that I did hours before it was due. I didn't even fucking read it when I was done writing it and got compliments and a 93 on it. Math, however, I study for hours and hours and hours. It has taken me 3-4 hours to do 20 question homework assignments, granted I'm wiggly and have a hard time staying in one spot, but it drains me afterwards. I wasn't aware that dyscalculia or math trauma was even a thing.
I would offer to help, but it would be more like us commiserating in math retardation.

No. 679354

>How do you deal with dyscalculia?
I literally just don't even try anymore kek
I understand this is impossible if you're studying or working in an environment but I'm so incapable that now I've finished education (with blood sweat and tears I managed the bare minimum grades) I do everything to avoid them, we're really lucky to live in a time where we have small computers in our pockets. I use a calculator for the most simple things, if someone mocks me for it I just tell them I have a learning disability so they can fuck off. I only use digital 24 hour clocks, I don't care if people notice I need to Google which month is whichever number of months of the year, or if I hold up the line somewhere working something out, I just try to have as little shame in how I can't do these things. If someone tries to tell me a date or phone number I make them wait until I have something to write it down on no matter how much they tell me "it's easy to remember". If someone wants to make fun of me for it, they're the asshole.
This defeatest path absolutely isn't the best way for people to go through their lives because it stops me from ever understanding things like mortgages etc but also I know that if I'm ever in the position to have to worry about that, I should be able to find a friend or even paid professional that can give me advice. I'm always going to encounter situations I can't deal with like crying in public because I forgot 13.00pm isn't 3.00pm or getting screwed into paying an unfair portion of the bill when I asked people to just tell me what I owe or when I'm given the incorrect amount of change, but I haven't died from it yet.

If it's causing you genuine roadblocks to success then I would recommend you go with the studying/tutoring route because I do know that I was able to do more complicated maths during school when I was forced to do it every day, but I also know that for me there's never any guarantee that my eyes are seeing the correct number which is actually written down and so it's not worth my energy to fight against it. There are many successful dyslexic authors out there, so if you want to face a challenge then don't let anyone tell you not to!

No. 679389

i have a friend who insists she's adhd, she claims things like not being able to keep her house clean or focus on reading are symptoms. i relate to her but i just chalked most of this up to depression. how the fuck do you seek a diagnosis? my friend won't go to therapy, i've been to therapy but it was just w/ an addiction counselor for drinking problems. like what is even the first step you take? is it even worth the money and humiliation of having to see all those doctors to get drugs?

No. 679511

It's hilarious on serious topic how ppl mistake symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder to ADHD. At the same time ADHD gets more diagnosed in adults as there's more resource for the disorder and it's taken more seriously. Which is good, but at the same time it won't decrease the misdiagnozing.

I don't know where you live, but my friend got diagnozed by psychiatric nurse from private sector. And usually people get diagnozed by neurodivergent disorders at private mental care(=costy.) We've got public and private sectors here.

I've prepared for saving up for this reason, next year I'm going to search for therapist with knowledge of PTSD and ASD/Autism/AD(H)D.
I'm probably on the spectrum, that's what I've been diagnosed so far.

No. 679521

Honestly, i also do suffer from a acute case of dyscalculia / though i can do very basic things but it took me to 3rd grade to count to 100 and i can't still read from analogous clocks/ and i actually am glad my school let me do the area with the " Easy" maths where i was able to actually do pretty decently.
My advise is to use the calculator and research on a tutor that caters to special ed students and wouldn't mind a grown up student if you do want to insist.
Just know you can still do math with a calculator and there's no shame in calling quits. God knows i tried

No. 679604

how do my fellow aspie anons deal with family members who are emotionally and socially draining? the holidays are always such a terrible time for me and it's not like i can get away from my nt family who always struggle to understand me

No. 679641

I usually ignore family members I'm not close with, I just excuse myself and go spend my time alone in my room or in the yard. My family knows I'm a loner and I think at least my own family should know and respect who I am.

No. 679679

Is it possible to have sensory issues and not be autistic? I have some sensory issues regarding foods, sounds, and textures. they were really annoying when I was younger and I would react pretty negatively towards them too but now that I'm older most of it is like a slight nuisance that I can deal with and sometimes able to ignore. People around me keep claiming I MUST have autism because of them but like I was tested twice for autism, once as a child and another time in my late teens and I didn't fit the criteria. I was however diagnosed with ADHD. I don't know, its just kind of annoying that people around me are so convinced I'm autistic but like I've been tested by trained professionals and when I read up on autism I defiantly don't meet enough of the criteria.

No. 679680

i have horrible sensory issues and i'm confirmed not autistic, sensory problems can definitely also be a thing with adhd

No. 679692

For what it's worth an unreal amount of "neurotypical" people have misophonia, I work with a lady that gags every time someone sips tea. I live in England, you know where people breathe tea, I don't understand how this woman can gag so many times a day and not develop a better coping mechanism other than being annoyed at people who sip drinks around her but okay

No. 679711

i always take holiday days at work. sometimes i don't get them but i can still get away with "sorry can't make it i'm working"

No. 679713

do you have miso? it's absolutely fucking unbearable. as far as i know, exposure therapy does not help with this disorder. for me i get so incredibly enraged, it's unreal. i end up punching myself in the head as hard as i can and it only helps a little bit. mostly i just avoid triggers as much as i can.

No. 679881

Anon please don't hit yourself in the head. This legitimately causes brain damage.

No. 680706

earplugs, anons… and dont hit your head ffs!!! when im extremely overwhelmed and annoyed i had punched walls and doors tho so, im not better than you kek.
also if you can, remove yourself from the noise, like go for a walk alone or something (sorry esl aspie-anon lol)

No. 681040

I have ADHD-PI and am wondering if the next time someone calls me "blonde" or "ditzy" or w/e should I just tell them that I have a cognitive disability so they feel bad and shut the fuck up? I'm sick of people making these comments like they're okay because everyone is just a little forgetful. I'm not just forgetful. I've studied my ass off for years at like 3 times the amount a normal person has to so I can have great book smarts when it counts, yet I still sound dumb in casual situations. I thought I was decently book smart but since I've graduated in May, I've basically forgotten how to have an intelligent conversation. I mix up and forget the meaning of words that I've known/used. I have severe misophonia to where I'd cry if my headphones didn't work at night bc my roommate snored in her sleep. My life for the last few years has felt like I'm going senile. I thought it was because of depression medications but then I recall how people used to ask if I had 'ADD' when I was a kid. My siblings are also diagnosed and because they were bad at school, my own ADHD was overlooked so I wasn't able to be diagnosed until recently (22). I'm currently off medication–otherwise maybe I wouldn't be having these issues.
Could it also be that since autism in boys is diagnosed so early that these men are used to people constantly bending over to accommodate them which creates more entitlement than an average guy? I agree that it's entitlement like >>676120 but there is probably some added entitlement considering parents of autistic boys are always making excuses for them. Whereas women are typically diagnosed much later so autistic girls grow up with self-esteem issues instead of the entitlement that's seen in autistic adult males.

No. 681505

I'm sorry you all for your shit experiences :/.

Does anyone like to talk to themselves outloud?

Have you gone through " not like any other girls " phase do to undiagnosed autism

No. 681511

You don't want to give people who are set on mocking you any more ammunition. Telling someone you have a cognitive disability is guaranteed to change their opinion of you and not for the better, if they're already unempathetic and calling you ditzy for being a little spacy. Even well meaning people are just going to think that means you're retarded. Ime its information best kept between you, your drs. And people you can actually trust. I'm sorry for your struggles right now and can relate.

No. 681539

I talk to myself out loud a lot, specially if I really need to focus on something, I’m either talking to myself or singing or mumbling random stuff that might be related to what I’m doing.
It’s kind of funny to see random people trying to figure out whether you’re talking to them or not.

No. 681744


I was shamed heavily for that so finding the humor in it is a little hard.

I'm sorry For the Anon with cognitive issues lol. Autism gives me my blind spots too

No. 681773

Me too, actually, over the time you will get to vibe with it and notice how barely anyone cares about it.

No. 681782


I sure hope so then.
I can't help that i am a vivid day dreamer

No. 682392

Is it possible to have a special interest and not be autistic?

I find older generation video games fascinating and I have learned so much trivia about companies, developers, and the consoles themselves over the years. I just think it's neat… and the fact not a lot of people talk about certain things, like developers linked to other games & that's probably why they play similarly. IDK do normal gaming enthusiasts want to know this kind of trivia?

No. 682395

Depends if you like sonic? I've always wondered why that's such a thing with autism. Trains.. and sonic the hedgehog lol

No. 682396

Having a special interest alone wouldn’t mean you’re autistic, no. It’s possible to be deeply interested in something as a neurotypical - otherwise all academics would be autists. Unless you show other signs, don’t worry about it.

No. 682403

Lmao… I like Sonic too. Was a big fan of Sonic Adventure 2 for like 10 years straight.

I mostly wonder because I developed an anxiety disorder in my early 20s, and there's a lot of symptoms that tend to overlap. It's also the fact these interests have been stronger with me ever since I gained access to the internet when I was 10, but I think I used the internet and my interests as more as a form of escapism from my neglectful parents.

No. 682489

Oh god, I'm a diagnosed autistic and I was obsessed with sonic at age 10 too. A special interest could indicate autism if you're obsessed to the point it consumes a lot of your thoughts and you find it difficult to move on to different subjects, at least in my experience

No. 683072

I've been questioning whether I have autism since I was in college. But it's hard to tell it's OCD (which I'm diagnosed with) or autism. Or maybe they're interconnected.

I have sensory sensitivity issues, like to watch and play the same TV shows and games over and over again, and really dislike change. I'm fine in social situations but I don't really like it. I don't know if it really changes anything for me if I were to be diagnosed though.

No. 683146

>dislike change
Kind of a stretch maybe but does this apply to people too? Can you get attached to people like you do with media?

No. 683429

Hmm kind of? When I was kid and teen I had very intense (one-sided) friendships but that doesn't happen much any more. When I moved away to go to college it was really hard to not be around my family, but I think that's "normal"

No. 683589

I can't deal with neurotypical women socialization. A lot of them are just catty and bitchy and I just don't know what to do. I know I have to group with women to protect myself but interacting with them is horrible.

No. 683592

I notice the catty shit in my behavior too sometimes, and I wonder if it's a product of being raised around girls that act like that and a mirror to the behavior or if I'm just a dick too.
My biggest problem is being misunderstood, and not being able to convey exactly what I'm trying to say in a way that's palatable for other people and holy shit, people can be so ready to jump your ass as soon as you screw up. Wish I could give you some kind of useful advice

No. 683602

Same. I hate the nitpicking and the petty behaviour for the sake of being petty. Office politics is terrible on average but it turns into a nightmare with nt women.

No. 683711

I had a good handle on my ADHD for almost the entire year. Was able to push through a coding bootcamp where I programmed for 12ish hours every day for 9 months. The last 2 months I have done shit all because I have somehow lost motivation and all zeal for life. I keep thinking of projects to work on and websites to make but I genuinely forget to follow through. I do so well with structure and so horrible without it. What the fuck should I do?

No. 683717

>I programmed for 12ish hours every day for 9 months
That's a lot. Is programming that fun? What language did you learn?

No. 683735

It is actually pretty fun. I have a theory that it is perfect for people with ADHD because there is always more to learn and debugging feels like it triggers dopamine release. As for languages javascript, html, css, python, SQL, and some C#. I also learned a ton of different frameworks, libraries and preprocessors like react, django, LESS, SASS, node.js. Now that I have all this knowledge I am not really sure what to do with it I feel really stuck.

No. 683757

File: 1606607945708.png (177.78 KB, 1328x596, Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 6.56…)

Is this really possible to do with legit ADHD or does this person just not have ADHD that's as bad as mine and others? I can't listen to music while successfully doing another task…ik that's incredibly sad.

No. 683766

I also cannot listen to music or watch videos or even listen to a podcast while doing another task. Not even on my meds. I am so envious of people who can watch a movie while programming or drawing. I do not know anything about pop culture because I just do not have time to watch movies/tv while doing "idle" work like most people.

No. 683767

Got diagnosed with pretty severe autism when I was a toddler but it got changed to aspergers when I was 11, now I just turned 30 with a full-time job and more or less living a “normal” life.

I honestly wish I was even more high functioning, I want to have a career (while I don’t have a BAD job, I’m your regular office monkey, but I want to go further) and maybe I would have an easier time learning things. I want to study more so bad but every time I try to teach myself something it’s like I’m reading/watching through a stretched layer of cotton in my head. The sensitivity to stress and mixtures of noises doesn’t make it easier either.

No. 683796

A lot of ADHD/autistic people need to multitask in order to reduce the intense concentration aka hyperfocus. You can exhaust yourself very fast by focusing only on one task at a time. Do two things you like at the same time, and you pace yourself.

But for me it has to be things I'm already familiar with and trust, like music I already know or a TV show I like. No way could I listen to new music or watch something I'm unfamiliar with and work at the same time. It's extra nice to put on several familiar things at once.

For that person it seems like those chillout playlists are in the trusted/familiar zone and therefore don't take their attention away from the task. The mistake is assuming other people will like the same distractions as you, it's gonna be a personal choice. I generally can't listen to the radio or playlists since I didn't select the music, only my own playlists. Hope that explains it since I think their post was unclear.

No. 683799

Doing programming makes me feel like I'm losing my mind, but I have most of the ADHD tells and traits. It's too repetitive for me, but I am an extreme noob.

No. 683873

I realize this reply is old but I just found this thread. (I am seeking a diagnoses for autism late in life as well like a lot of others struggling ITT.) I hope it is okay to reply to this with my thoughts:

Where you are coming from makes a lot of sense. There should be more standardized acceptance for people who think, feel, act, and learn in different ways that deviate from the norm, and it sucks how being labeled as different can have so many drawbacks- especially when the classifications of mental disorders are not only treated poorly in many countries but also often minimized by others who slap the label on themselves for attention.

But I do believe people who are neurodivergent would benefit from it being considered a disability to a realistic extent until their existence is more widely accepted, so they can actually get some help navigating a life with some support in certain situations. It could help make an incredible difference in their lives just to have some safety nets.

tldr; blogging but I grew up with a lot of similar issues, like crippling anxiety, sensory issues, bad dyslexia/trouble focusing, anger/mood control issues, tons of awkward social issues, later on depression, ocd tendencies as well as germaphobic tendencies… and when I think back, a lot of these things make a lot more sense to be stemming from being neurodivergant/autistic. And if I had been given that diagnoses as well as support for it being a disability, it is nice to imagine that just maybe some of the really bad shit I struggled through could have been avoided.

Just a quick example but from 1st-12th grade, things like reading a paragraph out loud in a class class or doing a group projects/presentations rightly fucked me up to the point of multiple panic attacks before or during the situation. Or things like taking tests, those ruined me because so many aspects of what I struggled with would flair up all at once. (Nevermind all the social issues over the years, which were messy and awful and some experiences traumatized me for life, including bullying and sexual harassment.)

Going through things like that over and over while growing up… if I was diagnosed and told it was a disability, perhaps I could have been able to have different accommodations to those I was being forced into and could have not only felt more supported and comfortable through school, building a better me for later on in life.

Same with work. I worked a pretty scary job up until recently. Very high stress with a lot at stake, and my boss was an emotional mess and always shrieking to me about everything wrong but not wanting me to fix it. After working there for years and having so many breakdowns because of it, I finally had to leave (although I still feel pretty traumatized by some of the things that happened). If she knew I was autistic, maybe she would have yelled at me less or not at all, knowing that while I can be 100% great at my job, I am special needs and need to be treated different emotionally compared to other employees who don't care about her banshee shrieking 24/7.

Sorry this is long and rambly and kind of turned into me talking to myself, but I guess all in all I really wish I had this knowledge and a diagnosis decades ago, and that people on the spectrum could have some support for what I really feel like is a disability in today's world, just enough so they can just do what they need to do to live the best life they can and learn ways to be the best version of themselves, while those around them could be mindful that hey, they have special needs, and it's cool to support one-another through things that we just are.

After going through so much all by myself, being in the dark most of my life and feeling really lost with no one to talk to about what my brain is doing, all I feel is left is a bunch of messed up pieces of my life I am trying to put back together and fatigue from trying to not constantly think about s*icide or how much I fucked up and feel fucked up, because of how badly I "fit."

No. 684028

Holy fuck. I was diagnosed with CPTSD and epilepsy. My CPTSD symptoms mirror a lot of autistic ones. I know it's CPTSD, because I have psychotic symptoms like delusions and auditory hallucinations Do people think I'm on the spectrum? I had no idea about the relationship between seizures and autism.

No. 684350

I felt that way at first but now that I know beyond the basics its super comfy

No. 684370

Aspie with ADHD here. I can't focus on my classes at all and I'm about a month behind on assignments. Can't go to a doctor or therapist either because all my family thinks I'm a joke. I honestly don't see a future for myself and every single day is a chore.

No. 684534

For anyone who has ADHD here and has done a DNA kit, you can look into your genetic mutations to see if you have the genetic 'markers' for ADHD that researchers have studied. The only mutation I found for myself was DBH. Mutations of the DBH gene have been linked to ADHD and can affect norepinephrine/dopamine production which could be why stimulant medications are helpful (to me personally) since they increase norepinephrine/dopamine. I used the site below to assess the 'mutations'.
I'm not hired by them and just found this interesting. I haven't seen much from other people with ADHD about their genetic mutations and wanted to share in case anyone else here is interested in the genetics of our disorder. For the 'mutations' I just googled the genes associated with ADHD and a variety of papers came up. Then I cross-referenced and compared my mutations to the ones mentioned in the papers.

No. 684645

Odd question but it fits here, does anyone else who was diagnosed young have trouble telling if they're autistic or just got misdiagnosed? I was diagnosed mid elementary school because I didn't like my classmates and enjoyed pokemon and dinosaurs, because you know, god forbid a girl likes those. I didn't have trouble with telling emotions or social skills beyond being a little blunt, and I've never had things like stimming or sensory issues. I'm almost certain I have adhd, I'm just not sure if I was misdiagnosed or if the special ed classes I was in "worked".

No. 684790

Do you have the other papers that you referenced in particular? I found a few to cross reference with, but I'm curious about the ones that you're using. I've played around in Promethease before, but it's difficult to pick through the interface and there's so much information. This site is better laid out, but now I'm paranoid about the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and psyching myself out over them.

No. 684814

Sure, I found this one to be most helpful because it referenced a bunch of earlier papers on ADHD genetics.
Under "Inheritance"
> Several of the genes were associated with ADHD, including SLC6A3, DBH (609312), DRD4 (126452), DRD5 (126453), and 5HT1B (182131).
Under "Molecular Genetics" (these are headings, how statistically significant each of these are for ADHD differs)
>Association with the DRD5 Gene on Chromosome 4p16
>Association with the DAT1 (SLC6A3) Gene on Chromosome 5p15
>Association with the HTR1B Gene on Chromosome 6q13
>Association with the ADRA2A Gene on Chromosome 10q24
>Association with the DRD4 gene on Chromosome 11p15
>Association with the SCN8A Gene on Chromosome 12q13
>Association with the SNAP25 Gene on Chromosome 20p11.2
>Association with the COMT Gene on Chromosome 22q11

No. 684902

Thank you for your help!

No. 685242

I've just been diagnosed with ADHD, my doctor prescribed me an introductory dose of vyvanse to take everyday for the next month. Any anons been prescribed the same? How did it work for you? I was thinking about taking it on an as-needed basis like when I have a lot of work to get through, instead of everyday. I feel like it could be incredibly useful for me to take it everyday as the doctor instructed, but I'm a little apprehensive about becoming too dependent on it

No. 685258

Are you in the US?
Normally in the UK they start you on something with an extended release so that it's harder to abuse so it seems strange to me that doctors would go straight for vyvanse but at least you're getting what most people want
Did you explain you were concerned about taking it every day? I would recommend following the plan even if just so that you can see how it works for you when you're taking it as directed and so your doctor can access how successful it is for you, but perhaps you can speak to them about just taking it on the weekdays in future (or whichever days you work). This is how I take it because I want to feel normal on the weekend and to reduce drug resistance.

From what I've seen on r/ADHD the success of it really varies for each person so instead of worrying about how it works for others you should just give it an honest try.
Fyi your first week might be shitty as your body adjusts to being on meth daily but just remember to eat breakfast with your dose, stay hydrated and avoid caffeine.

No. 685259

File: 1606800550186.jpeg (60.96 KB, 748x657, 877E6B4B-9886-4AB8-9746-C0F173…)

I was diagnosed with asp/adhd when I was 5 and the one thing I’ve noticed is that my biggest hyperfixations are characters I had crushes on as a kid and now it’s just anybody Tom Holland has played because I think his face/voice is cute and hopefully people think this is normal because every white girl in existence likes him

Or maybe it just means I’ll die alone

No. 685632

Say anyone feel embarrassed for having to look up stuff like : hope for small talk?

It's one of those " I wish i wasn't born like this moments"

I tried to cope thinking that I'm programming my Self into at least being a little less boring and exceptional in a bad way :")

No. 685735

Sort of. I was diagnosed when I was 8 because I liked collecting shiny yugioh and refused to wear the shoes my parents bought because they didn't fit.

I was tested by some American woman (im a UKanon) for aspergers but when we got the results we found out she really spent all this time testing me for ADHD instead (which I didn't have). So the whole thing was a shit show from the beginning. One thing led to another and the person who was testing me ended up having to re-do her course to test people (not sure what it was but i remember it being a big deal. When I had my real test for aspergers she just sat in the corner of the room taking notes.

My mum has BPD and my dad is a domestic abuse victim (did I mention my mum has BPD?) I'm also an only child so I think these things would've influenced me being quite solitary and antisocial as a child, not necessarily autism. I was in a special ed class (autism base in the UK) and one of the things that struck me odd was that all of the other kids there had crazy or unusual parents too. For example, one kid's parents wouldn't let him go to sex ed classes because (?) And he kept saying he wouldn't eat his lunch because his parents said he's chubby. There was another girl who had a dad who wore a cowboy hat and had a peg leg. I honestly think a lot of people who are diagnosed as autistic or ADHD are just abuse victims, or come from dysfunctional families and manifest it in a certain way

No. 685755

Just wanted to ask anons here, if you have any experience with medication- good or bad.

I was diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities as a little kid and with Aspergers in my teens (I was a mess overall back then).

I just feel stuck in life. My biggest obstacle is probably social phobia- I'm avoiding new social situations, such as interviews etc.
This is due to me knowing I can't hold proper eye contact as well as other ASD-related social problems.

Usually, I don't like medication, but I feel like I'm missing out on life because of some of my impairments and wonder if I could do better. Maybe it's time to get out of my "I'm a self-sufficient, working adult and don't need any help" horse.

No. 685760

Is there a scale of severity for ADHD? I see some people say online that they take their medication as-needed for work/school but I have to take mine everyday because my ADHD is awfully bad where I can't even function in my everyday life with basic chores/tasks. For example I was unmedicated for a bit coming off of my adderall IR prescription before switching to XR and one day I forgot to wash my dirty comforter for the entire day after leaving it in the laundry room. Meanwhile I just didn't notice I didn't have a comforter on my bed the entire day? God I'm stupid. I also would forget things like people leaving rooms and telling me where they were going. Yet my TOVA test (scored from 0 to -10 for people with ADHD) is a -3 but I feel like mine is much much worse than that. I joke that it feels like I'm going senile but maybe I am.

No. 685899

The worst thing about ADHD anons is that they will never reply to your responses because they forget to check the thread, or perhaps they just get too distracted to read or respond to your reply.

No. 686650

I am one of those women who was diagnosed late in life, a year ago at age 30. At first it was a huge relief to finally have an explanation for why I am the way I am, and the Dexamphetamine has been a game changer that cleared the zombie fog and reduced my impulsive drinking and weed use.

But other than that, its actually made me feel even more alone and misunderstood. The social fuckups still happen. I'm still unemployed (early 2020 was a great time to graduate. same as my first degree in 2009 lol. im cursed). All the ways i thought my diagnosis would help me understand myself and move forward have only helped me be a little easier on myself. When it comes to the low self-esteem and anxiety i have about how others see me, its only made it worse. When I'm not achieving anything or I'm struggling, I just try to explain it to my parents or my boyfriend and they just don't have anything to say about it. crickets.

Now my boyfriend thinks he has ADHD too, because he relates to the 2-3 videos ive felt i can show him without taking up too much of his time …. it's so frustrating because he is fairly successful in all the ways ADHD would hinder him. He's fantastic at socializing, managing others, dealing with his frustration, and has high standards for others where he gets annoyed if they are lazy or incompetent. But nah he has ADHD because he didnt focus so well as a kid, and my occasional pills help him smash his work (I give him 2-3 a week, i'm on 6 per day).

His "boss" attitude definitely pops up in our relationship. He has a habit of jumping on my ass about little things and he doesnt like excuses…. I'm just thinking like… my dude, if you had it too then maybe you would understand me better. I might break up with him, but i have no money to move out. But he's also someone who's driven attitude would take us pretty far, and I love helping out without leading. just no criticizing me, talk to me fairly! :(

But since my diagnosis I've been thinking so much about how maybe parenthood, maybe even marriage, isn't for me. The economy is dreadful. I dont have career or finances at 30 so returning to work would be difficult… I read awful stories every week on Reddit about how husbands are just self-absorbed and entitled. It makes my stomach ache just picturing a "normie" future for myself.

I just want to have consistent freelance work online where I dont have to fake sell myself with personal branding. Also, raise my houseplants in my own little quiet apartment. Thats it.

No. 686767

>Now my boyfriend thinks he has ADHD too, because he relates to the 2-3 videos ive felt i can show him
Everyone does this now that ADHD meme pages are so popular smh.

I myself have been feeling really torn because a close friend said she'd been looking into ADHD and thinks she has it, and her reasons made sense so who am I to gatekeep brain damage… Except she is wildly more successful than the average person, tried to persuade me not to take my medication in the past because she thinks medication makes people too unlike themselves, and she previously said things to me like "maybe if you just do your work when you're supposed to then things would be less stressful for you?". I'm trying to be a supportive friend to her but it doesn't add up.

No. 686776

Him taking some of your medication to help him work when he is otherwise successful and doesn't need it seems…troublesome.

No. 686848

Honestly that tracks, at least when it comes to childhood diagnosis. Most of the people I've met who reach for a diagnosis later in life have more obvious private life symptoms, and all the kids I knew that were in classes were diagnosed for "social problems" and were either just obvious cases of childhood depression or had trouble socializing because their parents were so weird to begin with there's no baseline of social acceptability to work off (though to that end there's probably some that grew up with autistic parents, genetic component and all)

No. 687035

> Now my boyfriend thinks he has ADHD too, because he relates to the 2-3 videos ive felt i can show him without taking up too much of his time …. it's so frustrating because he is fairly successful in all the ways ADHD would hinder him. He's fantastic at socializing, managing others, dealing with his frustration, and has high standards for others where he gets annoyed if they are lazy or incompetent. But nah he has ADHD because he didnt focus so well as a kid, and my occasional pills help him smash his work (I give him 2-3 a week, i'm on 6 per day).
I know it's easier said than done but PLEASE stop giving him your meds. Our medications shouldn't help us "smash our work". Ime and other ADHD sufferers' experience, the difference in our productivity is barely noticeable to us but definitely helpful because we get to function like normal people when our low norepinephrine levels are increased. Whereas people without ADHD will have superhuman-like abilities because it gives them more norepinephrine than the average human.
I hope you can get some money together and move out because he sounds like he makes just enough effort to understand your condition to where he can benefit from it. He's likely a non-ADHD sufferer who likes the effects of our drugs and wants his own prescription so he can stop relying upon yours. Those types of people make it harder for people like us to get diagnosed as adults. I sincerely hate when people think that they have ADHD because they underestimate how rough this disability is.
I don't wanna gatekeep but then again I feel like we have to or else we're going to get more and more of these dumb relatable meme pages as the new normal of our condition.

No. 687250

Adhd anons in academia: how do you engage in effective note taking and essay planning? I'll jot down some thoughts while i'm reading a text, but I end up looking at the source text much more than my notes throughout the writing process. I use a resource manager (zotero) but continue to struggle with this problem. I end up diving into writing an essay with a vague idea of how I'm going to structure it and working my thoughts out as i go along because i don't know how to plan ahead, and as you can imagine it makes the process painfully slow. Any tips on practicing more organized research and writing habits?

No. 687253

>we're going to get more and more of these dumb relatable meme pages as the new normal of our condition.
Too late. ADHD is the new quirky.

No. 687263

Under normal circumstances, find out the subject and then structure an outline that showcases each paragraph to be a direct question related to the thesis. When I take notes, I make sure and skim through the source and write down any direct quotes with all the info as soon as I see that it's relevant. I update Works Cited every time I add a new quote/paraphrase.
I have glorious plans every single time I write an essay, and just end up sitting there hours before the assignment is due in a panic trying to shit out words. The paragraph above is my preferred approach, but that goes out the window if I procrastinate too much. I didn't proofread the last essay assignment and just turned it in without even making sure it made it through the TurnItIn detection system. I don't know if my professor feels bad for me or what

No. 687436

I came back to see if there were replies to this and saw that I didn't actually finish my sentence. Sorry.
Anyhow, I think she feels bad for me or something because my papers have all been pretty abysmal but I've made 93-100 on all essays and reading assignments.

No. 689086

I have obsessively been researching ADHD for months now because I fit basically all the criteria and I finally have appointment next month to see what is wrong with me. I was never diagnosed as a child but the signs were clearly there, I was just neglected and my parents were focusing on my brother who was actually diagnosed with ADHD who had meltdowns often. My mother was diagnosed in her 40s as well. I'm having major anxiety about seeing a psychiatrist. What if I just set myself up to believe I have ADHD, what if they think I'm drug seeking but I actually am ADHD and get denied the help I need, what If I actually have bipolor or BPD? I know I need to just calm the fuck down and wait but my entire first decade as an adult has been failure and procrastination, I'm so sick of it. I just want to be normal.

No. 689112

I too was very sure i had adhd. Been a question hinted at by teachers etc since i was a kid, but never got tested. Started the testing, went into my worst depressive episode to date (not related to the testing!) and had to be hospitalized. Through this we found out that i do infact have bipolar (2), and since you’ve done your research i get why you’re having your what ifs etc. my adhd testing isn’t complete yet but they did tell me that if i do have it i can never go on ritalin/adderall etc, as stimulants will make me hypomanic. At first this was kind of saddening because i was hoping stims could help me get my life together, but i’m starting to feel like whatever info i get will help me down the line either way, y’know? I guess what i’m trying to say is, if you go in and answer all the q’s honestly, then whatever the outcome it will help you in the long run. Just, yeah. Be honest. Wrong meds on bipolar can be catastrophic. Good luck anon, and congrats on finally getting help!

No. 689943

ADHD what do you do for meds?

I really love Adderall. Out of all the drugs I've tried it's actually my favorite. 10 mg gets me super buzzed too and gives a pretty good feeling. I feel pretty euphoric and at peace but sometimes it makes me act more irritable and a bitch at people. I enjoy my hobbies more on it too.

I read experiences of people with meth and I'm like damn, I'm having the same feeling. I swear despite what people say it's baby meth.

The weird thing I'm not addicted. I only take it a couple of times per month because I'm exhausted afterwards and I really value my sieep. I'm also worried about the neurotoxic effects. I can't imagine what it's like to take it every day. lol hope this doesn't mean I get addicted in the future.

No. 689949

You don't sound like you have ADHD you just sound like someone who enjoys Adderall

No. 689951

File: 1607420714996.png (87.45 KB, 646x250, Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 12.4…)

Nah, you're wrong fam. I got tested by my university and the severity was pretty high.

Also pulling up my report apparently the tester could smell my BO and no one bothered to tell me. wtf, I knew I was depressed at the time but I didn't know I was that depressed. This was years and years ago but now I'm really upset.

No. 689961

Sorry for misunderstanding.

Lots of students haven't figured out personal grooming yet, that's still a shitty way to find out.

No. 689963

It happened in 2013. But it makes me paranoid about all the other times people could have smelled me. Better take more showers from now on lmao.

No. 690007

The meds can make you stink. I don't know if it's the way the body metabolizes it or what, and I don't think it's a problem for everyone but it's gross and an unfortunate side effect

No. 690101

I get this and it's fucking stupid. I sweat buckets and my face becomes incredibly greasy but my mouth goes completely dry, which gives me bad breath. Stimulants dehydrate you by making you pee lots and drying out your mucous membranes so I think my face is just producing oil to overcompensate for being dry, so I try to wash it and moisturise in the middle of the day, chew gum and take a travel toothbrush to work even though that's probably a high risk thing to do in a pandemic.
There's not much I can do about the sweat, though. Fuck ADHD.

Ps nice trips Mr Bond

No. 690254

Well, thanks–I'll be damned, didn't even see til now
Gum definitely helps if it can be rememberes, and the blue oil sheets also help instead of needing to full blown wash up. I wonder if I smell like meth or something. I've smelled meth heads before and it's like an odd mix between cat pee and chemicals, but I'll be forever paranoid that because adderall is an albei cleaner amphetamine salt, that I'll smell that particular kind of gross

No. 691107

…uh I cannot relate since adderall calms me down, it's like glasses for my brain. Have you checked your dopamine/norepinephrine levels? Sounds like yours are normal and the stimulants are throwing your levels out of wack. You might have ADHD symptoms but not need stimulants due to your chemistry (and would do better with Wellbutrin). Getting addicted to adderall is not good, please try non-stimulants.

No. 691150

This happens to me too, but oddly enough, I drink a lot more water when I'm on my meds because only then can I actually remember to hydrate lol. Not sure if it's made my skin produce more sebum. I don't sweat a whole lot either, but it makes my body odour smell so bad. Masking it with deodorant makes it even worse, together they mix and smell like cat piss like >>690254 said. It's horrible. I didn't even realize until now that amphetamines produce this specific smell. In my case though it's totally worth it lol, meds have made my life so much more manageable it's incredible.

No. 693423

I’ve just started adderall XR atm and it’s definitely not a high enough dosage. My ADHD is so fucking bad, I hate bringing it up to my family but every annoyance they have with me is related to my ADHD. Realistically, how much are my symptoms gonna improve when I get to the correct dosage of adderall?
I legitimately feel like I’m living in a hell of constantly forgetting everything and stopping everything that I start. Am I going to be cured when my dosage is high enough? I just want to finish tv series and webtoons, remember to do at least two tasks a day, not go crazy searching for stuff that’s in my hand/on my body, etc. And not have to blame everything on my ADHD because my family gets annoyed with me for all of these symptoms.

No. 693431

Why don't you ask your doctor

No. 693439

What dosage are you on currently.
Typically (at least from personal experiences and knowing others who obtained an adderall script)
They start with a low dose of instant release and titrate upwards and then switch to xr.

You could always ask for a booster of 5-10 mg IR in addition to the xr because that seemed to help me.

Whenever you find an amount that works for you, DO NOT take it every single day, try to take tolerance breaks on weekends if you can. Adderall and other prescription amphetamines are known to be some of the only drugs to carry a perma-tolerance.

No. 693697

I have an appointment soon so I will but for now I think other anons with ADHD can provide more support and personal advice than my psychiatrist who just listens to my symptoms and medicates me.
I really appreciate the response. I'm on XR 5mg. I was on IR 5mg but the side effects were awful so that's why we switched to XR instead (since Vyvanse is like $330 with no insurance). I want to listen to your advice (once I get to the right dosage) but I can't function in my everyday life. My forgetfulness and inattention is out of control. Is the tolerance really a big problem?

No. 693710

people who went through asd/aspergers diagnosis as adults - how can the people around you help you through the stress of diagnosis?

No. 698860

I think I have undiagnosed ADHD, but I can perform well on tests and in school, but the absolute state of me trying to do assignments and homework is mental. I can be organised in the work place, like hyper fixate on that aspect that I'm doing a job when I'm getting paid, but when I'm left to my own devices I procrastinate like shit without someone keeping on top of me. I've had severe sleep issues since I was about 10 and they've never left. I self medicate with weed to the point of codependency. I've had depression and anxiety since childhood and I read that ADHD in adults usually warrants in extreme low self image, which I definitely have.

Think in the new year I'm going to talk to my GP about it. I definitely do feel the more I age the worst I become at trying to maintain structure, it was easier for me as a child going through the school system, I dropped out of uni and got a job, but then went back to education later and while I did achieve my degrees, they weren't great scores and I did my dissertation and most assignments the night before in a panic and would even submit hours after deadlines and just hope for the best.

If getting medicated for ADHD would somehow mitigate my anxiety and depression would be amazing because I'm never taking anti-depressants again.

Fuck my brain.

No. 698980

Anon do you know if assignments/reading takes you longer to do than most people? Looking back I was severely impaired compared to my classmates and would spend like 2/3 times the amount of time to do the same work. The only reason I was good at school is because I worked my ass off. I'm wondering if this is the case for others with ADHD that are good at school.
> If getting medicated for ADHD would somehow mitigate my anxiety and depression would be amazing because I'm never taking anti-depressants again.
Tbh I'm in this same boat. Currently scaling up on the adderall while on a shit ton of other medications for depression/anxiety. Part of me feels like my depression and anxiety are just a result of ADHD, we'll see what happens when I get to the right dosage. I'll update on this within a few months. Good luck with your diagnosis.

No. 701947

Fucking ancient faggot here, I just got diagnosed with ADHD after a lifetime of shite & struggle. I'm so angry, not necessarily that I have it, but that I suffered for so many years with no help. I've just turned 40 FFS. I feel relieved but so mad about the pure undiluted gaslighting I've been subjected to throughout my entire life.

No. 707762

why do I have to have so many fucking interests in useless things? Why do I have to spend weeks obsessively researching topics that do not actually enrich my life? I am a walking encyclopedia and for no reason. Why cant I just chill the fuck out? I have completely overwhelmed myself yet again because of this.

No. 707766

Take your meds and find a way to engage with your interests in a productive way

No. 709554

This but I feel like I stop and start SO many fucking things and that it's to the point where it feels like i'm out of control. I don't know if I'm 'cycling' through them faster than usual bc I have a ton of free time due to covid or if my adhd is getting worse. But in 2020 I started 15-20 shows and finished maybe half of them? I started >20 webtoons/manga series and I finished the ones that ended (so…2 or 3) while the others that are ongoing I've either forgotten about or finished up to the most recent release and then totally forgot about it after.

No. 709601

>Why is it so difficult to be diagnosed as a woman?
Can't speak for other women but I had neglectful parents who excused all my behaviors as attention seeking even after schools have begged them to get help for me
>When did you find out you were autistic/had adhd and when did you get your diagnosis?
>What are your autistic/adhd behaivors?
As an autist mine are
>Enjoying puzzles and math a little too much
>Shyness/ social avoidance
>Repeating behavior
>Over sensitivity at times, I start getting upset when too much is happening at once
>Extremely awkward and having trouble connecting to make friends, I unironically force myself to dominate in social situations as the "leader of the pack" deal but avoid getting too close
>When I'm feeling shy while I'm out I give my money/things to my boyfriend or whoever I'm with to order for me/pay
>I have sensitive heels so I like to walk on my toes, high heels help with this especially, I also find it soothing to stick my tongue out and stand on one foot at times

No. 711356

Any fellow autists/people with sensory issues have ideas for making showering and face washing easier?

I have a general aversion to having my skin be wet and touching wet things/substances. This affects me to varying degrees but it's by far the worst when it comes to showering and washing my face. I will procrastinate doing them or skip them altogether because I don't want to deal with the sensation of water on my face/body and this fucks my life up quite a bit. I also have ADHD/really bad executive dysfunction but these things are even harder than other tasks because of the sensory stuff.

With showering, it's not so much actually being in the shower but how it feels having my skin be wet when I get out and how the "damp" skin feels even after I dry off. I don't know quite how to explain it but the feeling makes me want to lie down and do nothing for a bit because doing anything else highlights the sensory unpleasantness. I really hate this because it makes showering take way longer than it should. Dressing/undressing is also not the best and getting dressed with damp skin sucks. Having wet hair is horrible and I hate it so much because I have long hair that I'm really proud of when it's clean but I ALWAYS let it go too long between washes. (I know using a hairdryer is obvious here but I hate using those too lol and don't want to damage my hair)

Washing my face is hard because water is hard in general, I hate splashing water on my hair/clothes/arms, I hate the way my skin feels after as with showering, and I hate the feeling of putting lotion/skincare on after.

I know it'll never be easy but I really want to try implementing some things to make it less bad because I'm just so tired of it being such an issue for me. Even if you don't have tips does anyone else relate

No. 711359

What's the difference between Autism and ADHD?

No. 712056

File: 1610368226168.jpeg (382.01 KB, 828x936, B3773D19-66D9-49DD-B5CE-3CE621…)

i just discovered the term “aspie supremacy” and some morons are actually claiming that people who call themselves aspies/say they have aspergers are lowkey nazis bc of hans asperger. obviously the second one is pure bull but has anyone actually seen these supposed “aspie supremacists” or is it just made up so people have an excuse to bash high-functioning autistics?

apparently greta thunberg was getting criticized for using “aspergers” to refer to herself.

No. 712063

This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing. Some people are just out there trying to make everything seem problematic, I wonder if there’s going to be a counter attack of another group screeching albeism or something like that, or is the nazi panic so big that they will just let it be?

No. 712084

By the time I was diagnosed professionals here had already dropped the term aspergers in favour of ASD. I still tell people I have aspergers though because the average person understands what that means.

If I say I have autism they expect me to be a drooling idiot, if I say aspergers I feel like the average person maybe thinks 'social oddball' which is a preferable assumption compared to the alternative. Telling people you have autism when you're on the really high functioning end of things is messy. It leads to confusion and that's why some are so reluctant to retire the term. Nothing to do with nazis.

No. 712647

Honestly I'm thankful girls are diagnosed later. My childhood was relatively normal other than justautismthings and then got diagnosed at 13. Mom told me to never tell anyone of my diagnosis and that saved me in highschool. I was weird as shit but at least people thought I was an airheaded weirdo rather than full blown autist.

No. 713042


Even admitting I suspected my sperginess had people champing at the bit to use it against me. I've heard that people can get it used against them in family court for one thing.

No. 714590

There's kind of a low chance you have both since they tend to result in opposite symptoms, anon. BPD makes you act "psycho", terrified of abandonment, likely for you to abuse substances and engage in risk-taking behavior, and tend to be very manipulative even if unintentionally. You would get set off at people and have reactions easily. With autism, which is what asperger's is but more hardcore, they tend not to engage in those behaviors.

No. 714739

>Why is it so difficult to be diagnosed as a woman?
women are less aggressive and are more attuned to others, thus masking it effectively. we also tend to blame ourselves instead of external sources for our shortcomings. i grew up believing i was cursed to be hated forever no matter what i did. my parents thought i was just shy, and that my stims or meltdowns were attention seeking manipulative behaviour specifically made up to annoy them. meanwhile every time it happened i wanted to disappear.
>When did you find out you were autistic/had adhd and when did you get your diagnosis?
i started suspecting it at 17 years old and have realized it at 21. never got diagnosed because its expensive.
>What are your autistic/adhd behaviors?
when i'm well rested physically and emotionally, almost none. i am slower at understanding cues and tend to misunderstand them, and come across as awkward. but during stressful times like this, i am almost a different person entirely.
have a feast of:
>skin picking stim
>lip biting stim
>skipping showers
>slurred speech
>tourettes symptoms
>becoming a recluse, ghosting
>losing interest in everything
>inability to react to negativity

on a regular day that's a little bit bad i might stutter, or make a comment that gets misunderstood.
i hate being like this because people assume i'm a dumb asshole. on the contrary i learn very fast and i want the best for everyone, even people who have hurt me.

>lately i decided to try and optimize my autism

i lost all the good parts of it lately but reconnecting with my inner child helped
>make quality memes
>entertain audience with shitposts
>sperg about fandoms
>write stories
>enjoy stim toys and asmr
>gamify life to get chores done
>focus sperging on important things

i can't repair all the time i fucked up but i might enjoy my life more

No. 714775

File: 1610719595348.jpeg (65.22 KB, 576x1024, mILIizZ6ttZ73lUo2F-WtDYxm4kUI0…)

Yeah yeah go back to tiktok

No. 715166

sorry you're a bigger autist than i am
you win autistic world cup, congratulations

No. 715265

I'm not sure If I should ask this here or in the stupid question thread but here it goes:
I have an appointement to see a psychiatrist in a few days because I suspect I might have ADD and I'm extremely anxious, I have no idea what to expect. How does a consultation/first consultation usually go ? What will he ask me ?
God I'm scared

No. 715411

you… you realize stimming was a thing before tiktok right?

No. 715738

Never type like that again

No. 718303

File: 1611149257801.jpeg (130.11 KB, 828x806, 9E923F74-3579-4E9B-9D1A-C36391…)

does anyone else struggle with handling money? i think i have a pretty shitty impulse control because i see things online and get almost manic about needing to have it and constantly live on the bare minimum bc i keep spending too much on things like clothes.

does anyone have any advice on how to deal w this/how to develop a more normal impulse control?

No. 718319

Create a budget maybe. Decide in advance how much money you're gonna spend that month on "superfluous" shit and how much you want to save.

No. 718333

stop looking at stuff. seriously, cancel all newsletters, ban shopping sites, install an adblocker. just don't look at what you could buy. make a commitment that you go 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 … months without buying clothes/games/merch/whatever, challenge yourself and develop a mentality that you have enough. You don't need clothes because you have enough to wear AND it's a burden on the environment. Focus on how shitty clothes are made, how people suffer for your stupid wasteful lifestyle and feel bad about fueling this vicious circle. Keep repeating that and just try to go on a shopping fast, it's pretty healing tbh

No. 718340

I struggle with impulsiveness and then obsessiveness aswell. In a way I use the obsessiveness part to drown out the imupulsive behaviours. I used to buy and collect a lot of stuff where by the time it arrived in the mail it didn't even bring me much joy. Now I obsessively plan and budget out what I'm going to spend for the week in advance and what needs to stay in my account.

The thing that kicked my ass into gear was a break up where I had to move house and found all my living expenses were about to increase. I realised if I'm going to have these frustrating traits for life I needed to at least get them to 'age with me' so I can be a better functioning adult by using the ones that prove helpful. I'm organised AF now and ready if I ever need emergency money.

Keep in mind that shit pops up and your income or living costs change throughout your life, you don't want to look back and resent all the money you spent on spare clothes if you find yourself struggling with the most basic bills someday. Maybe get a journal where you write down goals for saving and see if you can take pleasure in the planning process. Set up an emergency fund for unexpected bills.

No. 718359

get a pinterest and pin things you want, then come back to them a month later.
i put things i want in a wishlist and go through it when i get paid, then make a new one for the next month

No. 718402

Force yourself to save money and get through the month with a limited budget. Maybe auto-transfer a part of your wage every month to your savings account or set up a limit you can spend on a monthly basis.

No. 718405

Unironically this >>718333 if you have adhd you don't even need to distract yourself with other things you just need to remove the source of your temptation and your flighty bird brain will do the rest unlike the pintrest suggestion which absolutely leads to obsessive 8 hour stints of creating lists of things to buy that you didn't even consider until then

No. 718412

Delete Pinterest altogether. All it does is funnel potential purchases in front of your eyes.

No. 718422

Autistic anon, could you help me out?
I'm not autistic at all, I've never really been in contact with people who are and I suspect my 4 to daughter is. With the pandemic it's complicated to find a good therapist who could help us, but we're working on it.
What could help her (and me!)? What methods should I try to use? Cause it is really hard.

No. 718423

What makes you think she is autistic? That could help anons help you two out

No. 718435

Sorry I should have wrote it!

Well she has terrible tantrums where you can't touch her.
She did not look in the eyes at all until I teached her, but she still don't know how much time is OK for exemple.
She hates to be wet, unless it's for cleaning. She'll cry and scream if her shirt is a little wet. She also hates in the same way to be dirty (or that her clothes are).
She doesn't like hugs, the first she gave me she was nearly 2yo.
When with other children she used to freeze. Now it's better but she doesn't speak.
She can be hyper focused. Like one or two hours straight on something.

That's about it, but there are other things I could write about.

No. 718444

She speaks really well, but only within family, or really close people.

No. 718925

I relate to this 100% anon, you're not alone. I hate the way water hits me in the shower. As a child I sperged out when forced to shower over taking a bath. But I'm totally the same with hating the sensation of water getting on my hair and clothes while washing my face. Baths take too long and I hate being compelled to clean it before I use it every time so I shower.

The only thing that helps me maintain hygiene is to bring my fucking phone with me and watch youtube videos or listen podcasts while I shower and wash my face. Somehow this distracts my mind enough so I don't focus on the sensations. Also at one point I had an autistic weeb fueled obsession with Japanese bathing/hygiene rituals which really helped.

No. 719172

Anon, I'm in the same boat. Even though it hasn't fixed all my issues, I will always shill this book >>>/g/124132. It's really good and should help you at least a bit.
I wish those were working for me. My problem is that I cannot stay in a planned budget even though I want to. And yes, I know that it's my fault. It's just that 'make a budget' is not a solution for me… it's completely impossible
I like this advice the most (beyond blocking pages, but that's not always possible for me since I am responsible for shopping in my house), but what do you do with limited time offers? How do you stop yourself from spending money on it? Of course it would be the best not to see those kind of items, but once it happens - what do you do? Or do you make an exception (ie you can spend if the item costs less than X dollars, you actually need it in your life, you can buy one useless item monthly, idk)?
I'm in therapy for this along for many other shit. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting better, but than I fuck up again…

No. 719204

File: 1611246739533.png (395.43 KB, 719x771, 1491299857725.png)

>some morons are actually claiming that people who call themselves aspies/say they have aspergers are lowkey nazis bc of hans asperger
This line of thinking is so fucking stupid that I can't even laugh at it. Might as well put vegans in a cross because Hitler was one too. Hell, why don't we round up everyone who drinks water and food into camps because every historical dictator has done it in their lives?
fucking hell

No. 719227

I think alot of us on here only got diagnosed as adults or at least got a later diagnosis than boys typically get so giving advice on caring for a child that's suspected of ASD is tough. Girls with it fly under the radar much of the time so by simply noticing this early on you're giving her a good chance to be assessed and raised in a way that helps her.

There's tonnes of parenting books out there in regards to raising autistic kids (way more about that than managing it as an adult so again, win) Ask your general doc how you go about getting her assessed and I'm sure from there you can get guidance or get linked in with supports.

No. 719234

Most of the autistic symptoms you mentioned could be ADHD and/or OCD. People also get sensory issues which is not the same as autism; it's the result of reflexes when people are babies carrying into adulthood when they're supposed to grow out of them. Autistic people are usually far too transparent and not great at manipulation because they lack social understanding.

Even your description of the two sounds like you're romanticizing having both.

No. 719906

How is stating the symptoms I experience "romanticising" it?

No. 720274

How can you tell if you're a girl with ADHD or autism? When I was a kid my parents took me to a doctor to see if i had aspergers but it came back negative. Later in college I was diagnosed with ADHD. However, I have had social problems in the past and a lot of fixations so I'm not sure if I have autism or not.

On the other hand, I don't think I've had a lot of problems with sensory issues, and I don't really care about keeping a routine. I'm also pretty social these days. I work in a school and would prefer to be around people all of the time, I think. I don't really have access to specialized medical care for the next couple of months so I'm just curious.

No. 720396

Can you guys drive? Have you had issues with driving?
I just remembered when I went to my driving lessons that I had a really, really bad time learning how to drive.
Maybe it’s because of the aspergers, because my instructor would explain stuff to me but it was like he was talking in another language.
Then he got fed up and started shouting at me because I kind of sorta almost made us crash, but what the fuck? He was the one telling me to keep on turning the wheel while we were on a curve, fucking asshole.
The thing is that I want to try learning how to drive again, but should I just tell them that I got learning issues or something?
I have to learn somehow.

No. 720887

Autism usually shows when you're a baby. Like crying everytime you were put in diapers bc of the texture, and your mom having to use cloth. Developing your speech later. Stuff like that.

No. 721163

Does ADHD have empathy or emotional processing symptoms in its criteria? I was diagnosed in my teens, but have always had mood and corresponding personality issues and I’ve been labeled with what feels like a shopping list of diagnosis’s in cluster B and C, all while feeling like what I experience socially and mentally/emotionally is just a normal reaction to not fitting the mold society lays in place for Americans to be considered “normal”, which is a subjective standard in the first place. Just wondering if any of you have any input or experience with feeling this way, or any advice on avoiding self medicating with substances when you don’t trust psych meds? I know once you have autism or ADHD it feels like they just tack on comorbidities and extra diagnosis’s to explain away the existential discomfort the vast majority of people clearly face, and to get that sweet sweet pharma payout.
Also semi related, to all anons in the thread prescribed medication, please take advantage of open sources; you can look up your doctor/psychiatrist and see what companies pay them what amounts, it’s a good resource if you’re worried some of your medications may not be doing what they seem to see if your doctor gave them to you just because a company paid them to.

No. 725301

be me
>typical autist with adhd and anachan comorbidities
>hyperfixate on dumb shit to the point where i can't be bothered to do basic hygiene and clean the house
>failing a handful of classes at college
>can't get therapy or medication, so caffeine codependency
i hate my life anons

No. 730066

fellow nonnies on the spectrum, do you still call people autists, spergs and retards on here? since it’s part of board culture.

No. 730072

I do so in here, not in public because that would be unhinged.

No. 730247

>any advice on avoiding self medicating with substances when you don’t trust psych meds
Yes, don't self-medicate and do take your meds nonnie
However if you absolutely want to try something alternative you actually need to commit to that alternative in the same way you need to commit to medication. If you're replacing your pills with exercise and a good diet you need to commit to that run and salad every day. If you keep falling off the wagon go back on the meds, you aren't doing yourself any good with wishful thinking.
Whether you're following a prescription or your own route you should keep a regular objective symptom diary to see if it's working for you. Having a written note of how you actually felt that month is a thousand times now trustworthy than however you think you felt.

I try not to but there just isn't an equal equivalent word for when someone is sperging

No. 730353

Yes, and if you think its bad to say the "r slur" then you're just retarded.

No. 730421

ayrt, i say those things on here which is why i asked if other autistic farmers did too.

No. 739520

necroing this thread because I've been seeing so many other anons struggling with their ADHD symptoms in /ot/ threads and figure we maybe need it bumped, I don't think I can stand lurking the ADHD subreddit for much longer

No. 739528

I say retard all the time but I've gotten called out in public for it before more than once. The people who called me out were not visibly special needs but my scared ass didn't say anything. My ADHD was undiagnosed at the time. Not sure what to say if it ever happens again because it's not like people even take ADHD seriously.
> "Just because I don't have downs doesn't mean I'm not retarded myself because I am indeed a retard. It's really ableist of you to assume that there's nothing wrong with me when I am indeed disabled, you fucking racist homophobic colonizer terf"
The ADHD subreddit is full of people who don't have ADHD and you can fucking tell because there's always a top-rated comment about someone hyper-focusing on their stimulant medication. Then if you try to tell them "hey that's not what's supposed to happen" you get like 2 upvotes while the normie abusing the adderall prescription has like 100+ upvotes which is akin to 100+ people agreeing with that person because they have a prescription for a medication that they don't need.
My stimulant prescription legit feels like no difference unless I miss a few days and then I realize how retarded I am naturally. I'm currently on 20 mg adderall XR and still having ADHD moments. I want to research and understand it more but the fact that ADHD is co-opted by every gender special and normie nowadays makes finding legitimate ADHD experiences so hard. Actually I've seen that some of the people that used to bully me for my ADHD symptoms (being spacey, forgetful) now claim that they have ADHD.

No. 739574

That subreddit has been really helpful at times but half the people on there seem like they just want to say they have something wrong with them and Im starting to not like it there anymore. I feel a little timid, like I can't speak on it anywhere until I actually get diagnosed, even anon on here. People are either way too inclusive or way too dismissive, and tbh I prefer the healthy skepticism because I'd rather be 100% sure I have this than be babied by weird hugbox enablers into thinking my laziness is a whole disorder

but yeah this is all new to me, I only realized a couple months ago there's a high chance I've lived my whole life with undetected ADHD, I just never recognized signs that are super obvious and retarded looking back on them lol. like putting seemingly unimportant pieces of my childhood together and it makes so much sense. I'm so used to not being able to function on a regular basis, easy mundane tasks being weeklong jobs that I have to push myself to complete, etc etc, that I thought it was part of my personality and that I was just doomed to be eternally lazy/ immature/ stunted. I'm very cautious when it comes to self-diagnosing and I'm waiting until I can be professionally evaluated, but this is the only thing I've ever 10000% related to, on a genuine non-armchair non-munchie level. like literally every symptom is something that specifically deeply stunts me in life, the symptoms that antidepressants don't fix.

One thing that sticks out to me is the time I had my wisdom teeth removed in college and it was pretty bad and I was on painkillers (vicodin I think? but it could have been a diff one) for weeks, which apparently is supposed to be heavy and make you feel drowsy and drugged the entire time, but all it did for me was make me feel normal and productive. I had a weird, calm sort of clarity that week and once my teeth healed and I finished taking my meds I went right back to my depressed chaotic normal. Never thought that would be any sort of sign of anything until now, I thought it was just a fluke. I'm still hesitant to jump onto claiming anything but I've only talked about my concerns to two people close to me, one of whom has adhd, and they both were pretty convinced I have it without me having to convince them.

If you don't mind me asking, when/ how were you diagnosed? I know it's super common for girls to go undiagnosed until we're adults, I think I'm like the median age for it. I don't want to come off like I'm using this shit as a scapegoat for people to pity me for being so incompetent in life, and I don't even think I need or want to go on any new meds (i've read that bupropion is used for ADHD sometimes and I'm already on that for depression) I just want some validation and to feel like a normal person for once.

No. 739686

Wish I could hyperfocus on decent things but I hyperfocus on the most bizarre shit I can't even fathom it. Also it makes me angry when normies expect you to have a genius level iq cause you're a sperg.

No. 739691

Not to invalidate your experience anon, but vicodin are opiates and mild opiates tend to make you feel like at low doses.

No. 739766

not invalidating! just kind of a theory I had because I've read similar stories from other people diagnosed late in life who were prescribed meds like stimulants and opiates and had unexpected positive personality changes from taking them. I kinda worry that I'm hyperfixating on every possible sign that would point to my being ADHD so I think I'm gonna try and take a break from reading too much about it until I can get a professional opinion, it's not doing me any good and I'm just like focusing on my negative traits more than I already do

No. 739775

What is even the difference between a neurotypical who's undersocialized and an introvert with kind of a weird taste and a very high functioning aspie? I feel like even if I tried to find out if I have autism, it wouldn't change a single thing in my life.

No. 740046

I'm the anon you responded to–I was diagnosed at 22 (recently) after flunking my gre test. My gre test was really fucked up by some dude who was clicking a pen which I could still hear through giant noise cancelling headphones. It threw my concentration off entirely and I realized after that I needed to address that symptom or else I was gonna drive myself insane. For some context, I had previously had issues with noises distracting me to the point that I'd cry because I wasn't able to sleep or focus during a test and so on. I also realized that I had no discipline in preparing for things on my own and could not study outside of a class for the life of me. Reading also took me 3x as long as other people even though I have good reading comprehension. Looking back I spent a lot of time doing homework that other people finished super easily because I read like I'm actually retarded; I've always had to flip pages back and forth because I stop focusing but still continue to 'read' until I realize I have no idea what's going on. Another symptom that I've only recognized recently another ADHD thing which is starting shows and webtoons that I never finish. I have a ton of projects/ideas that I never got done either.
When I look back at my childhood, it becomes clearer to me that I had ADHD. I have a family link because my half siblings are diagnosed with ADHD and my dad likely has it too (even though he's a jerk about mine). But when I look back at my childhood, I was made fun of by other kids for my symptoms. Despite getting decent grades, I also had instances where it showed. Recently my family friend told me about her son with ADHD and how he was tested for the gifted/talented program in elementary school but could never get in because he didn't "have the motivation". SAME EXACT THING for me as a child–it blew my mind when I heard that because I had also passed that test three times but also been turned away because of that exact reason.
As a result I have a major insecurity that I am always going to be perceived as retarded no matter how book smart I am. Even as recent as a year ago when I had roommates, I was made fun of behind my back for "being incompetent" because I'd forget that I turned on the heater and whatnot. I can't speak for people who have been diagnosed super early but as someone who was diagnosed late, ADHD has definitely contributed to my low self-esteem. I do wonder if I would have better self-esteem if my parents had seen it earlier. But the reason I wasn't ever diagnosed is because I performed well academically compared to my half siblings who had a lot of trouble in school. I am also a girl which apparently makes diagnosis harder.
As of right now, I do notice though that even though I'm still having ADHD symptoms, my depression and anxiety have improved because of the adderall XR. I've been on like every antidepressant to exist and nothing has ever 'clicked' like adding adderall. My psychiatrist says that this can happen for patients who have ADHD because ADHD can result in anxiety and depression. I'm eventually hoping to get off of some of the other medications I'm on because in the long run they haven't done much. I'm currently on wellbutrin as well (and was before the diagnosis). It didn't improve my ADHD symptoms but it helped a bit with depression before I added adderall.
Also when I got my wisdom teeth out, my opioids didn't chill me out either but that's because I didn't have a high enough dosage to cover the pain from my surgery.

Sorry for the huge text post but I hope this helps you and some other anons (and not the normies who are trying to get a stimulant prescription because you're making it harder for people who legitimately have it to be diagnosed). I highly recommend looking into a genetic tie because that means a lot when you're getting diagnosed. Here's some questions to consider:
1. Do you have family who has ADHD?
2. Optional Have you done a 23andme or a similar DNA testing service? If so, try to find your kit info and look to these posts to see if you have genetic mutations: >>684534
While ADHD research is still being done, if you can find some mutation you might be able to mention this to your psych as evidence that you probably lower levels of norepinephrine/dopamine. According to my DNA I have a deficiency because of a DBH mutation and I'd wager a guess that's why I feel no different on adderall (since the deficient chemicals are simply being raised). But keep in mind that unfortunately ADHD is just a cluster of symptoms like any other mental illness afaik so there's no 'true' cause. I think the mutation is a better indicator of which medication you'd benefit from (low norepinephrine/dopamine → adderall).
Also if you do decide to get diagnosed, in diagnosis process, it's very likely that you'll take a test that measures your ability to focus. To normies reading this, if you don't have ADHD and try to fake it, your test will be flagged. The test is super sensitive to 'cheating'– I have ADHD but got one flag on my own test. My test cost me $125, so don't waste your money to try and outsmart the test. If you're legitimately suffering from ADHD, then just try to do your best and don't try to fuck up on purpose or you'll get flagged. Even if you don't act retarded they can tell that you have ADHD based on your response patterns–trust me.

No. 740264

What really is hyperfocusing? It's hard to tell with all the people saying that it's just thinking about something a lot, I feel like it should be more serious than that. I ask because I think I may have ADHD, I have severe anxiety (like, it gives me strong physical symptoms), possibly depression and sometimes it's hard to focus if I don't care about something and I'm daydreaming, but I was also very poorly socialized as a child and I'm a person who's curious and likes to learn and I consider myself an introvert, so I really can't tell. Sometimes I like to think and look up stuff about something new and exciting a lot (could be a show, a game, some place I'll go, some new art or hobby, languages or history stuff), but could this be called hyperfocusing? I never had problems with school, no issues with sounds and textures, but my mother and brother have them sometimes along with some weird behaviour and a poor understanding of social cues.

No. 740311

fwiw i am not diagnosed with ADHD but i am actively trying to see doctors for it - to me, this doesn’t sound like hyperfocusing at all, it sounds like just having an interest in something. i think i hyperfocus on things a lot, and it usually happens when i’m trying to do work and i end up getting stressed out and focus all of my attention into one random thing. like, say i’m writing an essay for uni about a specific poet - i might go on their wikipedia page to look for a source and then end up clicking on a page about 18th century romantic poetry and i’ll sit there and read about that for literal hours straight instead of doing my work, even despite the fact that i have a huge amount of building anxiety about the fact that my work needs to be done and all i need to do is just click the back button and get back on track.

if any other anons wanna call ME out on this not being hyperfocusing either then that’s fine and please do, kek. but i don’t think your example is hyperfocusing at all, i literally think that’s just being interested in something. imo it’s not hyperfocusing unless it actively becomes an issue, i.e. you can’t focus on anything else because of a specific thing

No. 740998

That's not hyperfixation, but people with ADHD do cycle through hobbies for some reason that never last or they never even start. I have so many weird interests that I was obsessed with for days and then dropped them completely. Of course a lot of normie people without ADHD do this as well.
This sounds similar to me although I think the best example is social media or games. I know literally everyone is distracted by that but I think the convenience of phones and laptops is especially hard for people with ADHD. Now that a lot of work is done online, we're kind of fucked in that regard. For me personally I've come to realize that any work I do has to be done without a computer because I will somehow always end up on the internet. This works for college courses (or used to, before the pandemic) but it doesn't work when I'm employed and the entirety of my job is basically on a computer.
I looked hyperfocus and hyperfixation to better understand it and found this:
> “It’s a way of dealing with distraction,” Silver says. “College kids with ADHD tell me they intentionally go into a state of intense focus to get work done. Younger kids do the same thing unconsciously when they’re doing something pleasurable, like watching a movie or playing a computer game. Often they aren’t even aware that they’re focusing so intensely.”
> “Children with ADHD often gravitate to what’s entertaining and exciting, and are averse to doing things they don’t want to do,” says Joseph Biederman, M.D., head of the Pediatric Psychopharmacology program at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “Combine this with poor time management and problems socializing, both of which are typical of kids with ADHD, and the child can end up playing Nintendo alone all weekend long.”
I guess my own example of hyperfixation would be at a former job of mine I would often work without eating lunch when I got the rare blessing of hyperfixation on my work task. The reason being if I forced myself to eat then I'd lose all concentration on that task. Trying to resume later on would be impossible, and ofc I knew I'd get distracted on the computer. This was before I was diagnosed as well so I just blamed my lack of focus on myself.

No. 740999

No. 741250

Farmers what do you search for if you want to be diagnosed with adhd? Seems like adult specialist are hard to find so currently I'm debating whether to go with a normal psychologist or a scrote specialist

No. 741256

Wtf is a scrote specialist?

No. 741262

basically gimpggirl

No. 741265

The fuck? Just go to a psychiatrist.

No. 741268

Ah yes I'll go to gimpgirl for my official ADHD diagnosis

No. 741275

I’m only diagnosed with “adhd symptoms” and not actual adhd, but I think I experience hyper focusing. If you don’t know what it is then you’re probably not experiencing it because it is so drastically different than regular attention.
Hyperfocusing for me usually only lasts maybe 1-4 hours. During this time I feel like all my senses are shut off but my eyes. I’m completely connected to what I’m doing like my hands and the tools I’m using are an extension of myself. I often get so startled I have actually screamed during a hyper focusing session when someone walked in on me. Normal people can experience this and call it “flow”, when the challenge of the task perfectly matches your abilities and desire (both in high amounts).

No. 741284

I lost my job because I stopped going as I lost interest and could only think about my new obsession. Of course I regret it, but I couldn't help myself, it's hard to explain. I think that's hyperfocus.

No. 741297

sure but if you need a scrote specialist, just ask gimpgirl

No. 741993

ayrt and wow, your point about
>'the convenience of phones and laptops is especially hard for people with ADHD. Now that a lot of work is done online, we're kind of fucked in that regard'
and hyperfocusing on things like vidya specifically is exactly what i mean.
like, i'm literally trying my hardest to not fail out of my final year of uni because everything is online and i just cannot. do. any. fucking. work. like you, the only times i can get any work done is when i suddenly start hyperfocusing on my work itself (which half the time is only motivated by panic because it's due in in like 12 hours, lol)

i hope this isn't weird, but this is oddly nice to hear, though - it makes me feel a lot more confident in my hunch that i have ADHD, especially because it's always been like this for me. thank you for the reply, i really appreciate the source and your own experiences!

No. 744161

Anons I might have ADHD and I feel like shit now. On the one hand I just want to keep looking at more questionaires and having conversations with an imaginary psychiatrist. On the other hand I don't want to get my hopes up that this will finally explain things, in case I don't test positive.
All in all I haven't slept well at all, and focusing on todays deadline seems impossible.

No. 744388

Hyperfocusing means you get so sucked into a task you lose all sense of time and completely forget your surroundings. Basically the opposite of "easily distracted."

Imagine sitting at your desk for 8 hours and not even noticing that you're thirsty, hungry or in pain due to not moving. People with autism can experience hyperfocus, too.

>The reason being if I forced myself to eat then I'd lose all concentration on that task.

Problems with task switching is another symptom ADHD and autism have in common, though this one is actually more common in autism spectrum disorder. That's why people with more severe autism often get meltdowns when they're forced to "change things up" and do something different than whatever they're doing in that moment.

No. 744649

My psychiatrist told me that the number of people seeking ADHD diagnoses is up this year because of quarantine. For anons who think they have ADHD, just remember that quarantine has been rough on everyone. Not being able to get work done at home during quarantine is extremely common for people without ADHD. One thing I haven't mentioned enough is that if you have legitimate undiagnosed adult ADHD then it's likely you have a deep, deep complex of being seen as spacey/ditzy/dumb for the majority of your life; I feel like low self-esteem is a hallmark of adult diagnosed ADHD bc without the diagnosis for so long you grow up internalizing the symptoms as your own stupidity. They say ADHD should be present no later than 11-12. If you can't focus since you've been in quarantine or even during your late teens then it's not that likely you have ADHD. And lots of conditions have similar symptoms and some medications (esp mental health ones) can cause side effects that might be mistaken as ADHD. Often psychiatrists use this excuse to put people with undiagnosed ADHD on antidepressants which personally ruined a significant portion of my life. Adderall is the only drug that has ever truly made a difference in my anxiety.
As someone who has seen both sides (ADHD unmedicated vs medicated to function like a normal human), normal humans still have ADHD-like moments. Even at my near maximum Adderall dosage, my focus and attention are pretty subpar as a normal adult's would be. The difference between being medicated and unmedicated is just having less ADHD moments compared to naturally being legitimately near retarded to where people would make fun of me. So don't expect any crazy effect from ADHD medication unless you don't have ADHD because when we increased the dosage of my stimulants I didn't really notice any effects. The only time I really got to see a difference was when I ran out of my XR prescription and was retarded for a few days. If you can do this, it's best to have someone else keep track of the long-run minor improvements in your productivity. The ones like getting through more work in a week, or being able to get more tasks done in that week, aka the stuff that is really menial and is just helping you to be on par with a regular functioning human. Only if you don't have ADHD are you gonna see massive benefits immediately since you have higher than normal (abnormal) levels of focusing chemicals in your brain.

No. 744651

I'm definitely not autistic but I appreciate that information, it'll be helpful to anons who might be in between diagnoses. I've spoken about my experience as a girl growing up with undiagnosed ADHD but I imagine it's much worse for women with undiagnosed autism because of how its symptoms will be more evident in interpersonal relationships and social settings compared to ADHD. If any of you wanna derail with more info on autism feel free to, I feel bad for clogging this thread with ADHD shit.

No. 745013

Oh yeah, I didn't mean to imply that you're autistic, sorry about that.

I was diagnosed with ADHD, but I'm pretty sure I'm autistic. That's why I like sperging about the subject. Your problems with task shifting sound very ADHD-y in that they center around your ability to focus. I have difficulties shifting my focus, too, but on top of that something about the process of switching between tasks makes me uncomfortable on a fundamental level. This OCD-like discomfort is what I'd describe as autistic.

No. 745018

Can any anons speak to their experiences with Vyvanse? My doctor has had me on 20mg for a month and it has been really helpful, I'm less anxious about completing my school work and my ability to concentrate has improved. I'm still struggling with memory retention problems though and I don't really get into a work flow when I'm writing assignments. I told my doctor and he boosted my RX to 40 mg. Really curious as to whether this is gonna be the dose that works for me or if it's going to level out to the same results as 20 mg.

No. 745055

Ive been on Vyvanse 20mg for about a month and a half. This is probably the only ADHD medication I've tried that's helped me without feeling any dread (and it keeps my hunger down, added bonus) It's def not a miracle drug but it's been the best for me so far. With all the medication I've tried (never too high of a dose) focusing does take a minute but I eventually hyperfixate :P I'm not in school tho, I'm late 20s and diagnosed last year. I hope the 40mg works! It probably never feel as effective as the first few days your on it tho (sadly, lol)

No. 745059

samefagging to say I know you shouldnt be hyperfocusing on medication. It's still better than Adderall and Concerta for me

No. 745076

Absolutely no problem anon, I hope I didn't come off salty because I appreciate your thoughts! That much insight alone is probably even more than what a lot of mental health professionals have told me about my personal mental health. Are you planning on trying to get an autism diagnosis?
NTA but how was your experience on Adderall XR if you don't mind me asking? My psychiatrist regards Concerta (or Ritalin) as an ADHD drug for children that are hyperactive.

No. 745187

I recently got diagnosed, and I pick up my perscription for adderall on tuesday
What am I in for?

No. 745226

> "Tell me you don't have ADHD without telling me that you don't have ADHD"
Granted this person could just have a placebo effect but my first few days on adderall IR (which I started first) I was really calmed by the dose and even tired after taking it. The dosage you initially start on is so low that if you're seeing any huge improvement then it's likely that you have excess chemicals in your brain as opposed to being closer to normal levels.
Some people get pissy about me being such a gatekeeper but normies claiming to have the condition just delegitimizes it even further. I'm going to be a gatekepper since I'm naturally retarded without ADHD meds and was bullied growing up because I was unmedicated. Idk if any of you relate.
See the above. You should feel calmed on it at first. If you have any boost of energy or productivity when you're just starting it then you don't need adderall or you might need another drug.

No. 745272

Do people with autism or ADHD have trouble relaxing? I'm not diagnosed, but I've noticed after a while that what makes me feel strange and uncomfortable most of the time is that I can't relax, not even physically, and I know that a lot (if not all) people with ADHD and autism suffer from strong anxiety. Also are tics/stims a thing that only neurodivergent people can have?

No. 745289

>You should feel calmed on it at first. If you have any boost of energy or productivity when you're just starting it then you don't need adderall or you might need another drug.

Thanks for the info. I'll definitely keep it in mind when I go in for the followup.
I already have enough energy as is. I don't know if i'd survive if I had any more.

No. 745326

I was diagnosed with ADHD really young (age 7), but I think my actual diagnosis is autism. I was medicated from then until my late teens. I feel like most people are self diagnosed or diagnosed later in life. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

No. 745839

File: 1614012974899.png (212.56 KB, 1630x896, 45z4.png)

No, I like my Vyvanse prescription. I don't really see the point since there's no "cure" for autism anyway. I might should I ever need the diagnosis for treatment.

Regarding ADHD medications: I hate methylphenidate. It makes me really uncomfortable and turns me into an even bigger hermit. Vyvanse (and dextroamphetamine in general) was a revelation. Though this might not apply to ADHD anons who wouldn't consider themselves autistic.

Yeah, I'm in the same boat (see >>744388), though I was diagnosed in my teens.

Have any of the autistic anons here tried MDMA? Rolling was the only time I felt like I could form real social connections. Now they're doing trials testing the effects of MDMA in autistic adults. Wish it didn't take so long… https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30196397/

No. 746007

Adderall XR made me really hyped up and easy to anger. It was easier to start things but feeling on edge all the time was not worth it. Concerta did absolutely nothing for me, except maybe calm my erratic thinking down. But it's different for everyone, I'm inattentive and still have to have a bit of coffee everyday to get me going along with my meds.

No. 746008

I'd be careful about self medicating with this stuff. It's addictive and theres evidence that it causes brain damage in heavy users.

No. 746132

File: 1614034170502.png (22.01 KB, 364x278, RelativeDrugHarms.png)

MDMA isn't addictive in the strict sense. I guess you can get addicted to anything if you put your mind to it, but MDMA will make you absolutely miserable if you take it several times in a row (talking about pure MDMA here, not pills with a bunch of different addictive amphetamines and research chemicals).

You're right though, neurotoxicity is a problem. That's why researchers are trying to extract derivatives that have the benefits without most of the health risks. However, you can also fry your brain with dextroamphetamine if you abuse your prescription…

No. 748673

Thanks anon, as I understand 40mg is still in the lower range of doses typically prescribed for Vyvanse so I'm hoping that it will address the issues I have with processing information. On 20mg I still have significant difficulty ordering my thoughts and ordering information I take in through reading. I don't expect Vyvanse to singlehandedly solve all of my problems for me, but I'm not sure what I can do to improve on this. Can any anons relate? Maybe structuring my study time as much as possible with a timer will help.

No. 749058

Fellow anons with diagnosed ADHD - Inattentive type or aspergers- do you suffer from sensory issues? Would you say that sensory issues are a key component of either? Thanks in advance.

No. 749735

Why do people with Aspergers and ADHD have to share a thread when they don't get along?

No. 749744

Who says they don't? Are you the autismo girl obsessed over empathy? Please go outside

No. 749795

Kek what? That person who was obsessed with empathy has ADHD and that's why I said it. She was sperging since yesterday about she's an empath and we're psychopaths.

No. 749834

Ik moids are all over /ot/ but I truly hope moids with autism aren't posting in here because they're on average so much worse than girls/women who also have autism diagnoses. I almost feel like they should be considered different disorders since men have stigmatized autism so badly yet behave so much worse. Boys and men are the ones whipping their dicks out and making a ruckus, and worst case scenario killing people while girls with autism are generally quiet but alienated from others afaik.
I have ADHD-PI and my main sensory issue is noise. I can't focus with noise in the background. For example: snoring while trying to sleep, clicking of a pen while trying to focus on work, tv noise, music, or something similar in the background while trying to focus.

No. 750232

Any anons have advice on dealing with the dry mouth you get while taking Adderall? I already drink a shit ton of water and I hate the texture of gum.

Or, even better, does the dry mouth go away? I've only been taking this for a week.

No. 750298

drink water anon ffs

No. 750300


>I already drink a shit ton of water

>drink water anon ffs

No. 750336

ayrt, sorry for the super late response i haven't been on here much lately! and thanks for all the insight, a lot of what you said resonates with me and what i've struggled with throughout my life as well. looking back at childhood/ adolescence a second time with a new perspective really opened my eyes to all the different things that worked together to completely mask my underlying ADHD. i have the typical gifted program student is raised well/ does well as a child thing, and then slowly as i got older, had less of a strict schedule and more responsibilities that i had to accomplish on my own it became worse. it was so deeply hidden and the traits so normalized, or traits that were things i didn't speak out about enough (let alone realize were actual symptoms and not just me being "lazy" and "clumsy" and "quirky/ spacey"), that any neurodiversity beyond plain ol mental illness would have never even been a thought in my or my family's mind, like it's not that we dismissed the idea so much as it was just so far removed and misunderstood that it would never have entered our minds. it was masked by my (comorbid) depression diagnosis, by my being such a "talented" and "well behaved" little kid, by my good grades, by being a girl and an only child, by genuinely not knowing enough about what ADHD is except to compare it to our only real example of ADHD in my textbook hyperactive little boy cousin, by thinking i might have type II bipolar (lots of symptoms in common there), by an early childhood tragedy that made people pity me and assume that particular trauma (dad dying) was responsible for every single thing i came to struggle with. that part is complex but spotting the ADHD in hindsight is for the most part so incredibly clear that i'm shocked and pissed i didn't see what was right in front of me. when i first found out last month i was full on gatekeeping myself from rushing to any conclusions at first, but the more i get into the rabbit hole of research and reading about it, the more positive i am that i have it. i've never felt more sure of anything in my life, it feels like the one missing piece of a puzzle that i've been missing my whole life. i'm finally 100% convinced that it's not delusion or misconceptions or projecting or me wanting a diagnosis for shallow reasons r being stir crazy from quarantine; it's an ANSWER. like finally an answer that makes sense, that explains everything i've ever struggled with. reading other women's stories of late diagnosis felt surreal, like i was listening to a stranger describe my life story perfectly. I now know why I always felt like "the dumbest kid in the gifted class", why things no one cared about were a huge deal to me, why i always felt like an imposter pretending to be a normal human even at times in my life where i was happy and social. I know why depression treatments and therapy very very rarely worked. I know why i talk and think and get ideas and tell stories and type (….sorry) the way i do, why i feel and emote in strange/ extreme ways, why I'm great at some things and awful at others. so many things it's exhausting. there is not one symptom i've read since reading about ADHD that i don't have, and the very few i thought i didn't have i realize i actually do have mildly (like for example the public hyper impulsivity males tend to have - i learned to internalize mine because of how i was raised and socialized, and it would come out in weird ways as a result of all the energy/ emotion-bottling).

oh and funny enough, my mom and i both got ancestry DNA done a couple years ago (found out i was somehow almost every major ethnicity but that's a whole other topic of discussion haha) so i was able to access my zip file and input it to that genetic genie thing. WAYYY too sciency and wordy for me to comprehend the majority of the data, but i did skip around a little and see that i'm homozygous dominant for this serotonin/ ssri related gene which essentially hinders your ability to process serotonin/ your receptors are fucked up in the way that dopamine receptors are for adhd. there was nothing on dopamine but i don't think those genes were tested in the first place so who knows, i'd be really interested in finding out about it someday but i actually recently learned it runs in the family more than i thought, so i prob dont need to.

i finally opened up about this to my mom on the phone yesterday, even though we have a great relationship i was SO hesitant to do it until i could get an official diagnosis so that she wouldn't have unnecessary shit to worry about/ didn't want her to think i was crying wolf (i have a tendency to obsess over shit i'm convinced i have health-wise). but it kinda just spilled out and to my surprise she was not only happy to finally have an answer to my behavior, but she also has thought in the past that she might have a mild form of ADHD as well. which at first i was like HOW, we are such different types of people, but the more she explained and the more we told each other the more we actually had in common. she just was raised in a different time, under more dire circumstances that pushed her to have a strong enough drive to overcome getting tasks done (as evidenced by how well she managed to raise me and put me on a schedule) and so we have a few differences but like the main point is that it runs heavy on her side of the family. two of my maternal cousins have it (the male one i mentioned and also my oldest cousin who i was close to growing up, female, and i remember knowing she had ADD because my mom told me once but i never once thought about her having it until decades later now that i realize i have it too) so if she and i end up testing positive for it as well that's like… a whole third of that side of the family. she wants us both to get tested and i'm so relieved that i ended up telling her because idk, i feel like it'll be easier to get clearer answers with someone else supporting and going through the same thing.

anyway this is such a huge thing to find out about yourself and it's a lot to process and i could write mountains of text posts for hours if i wanted to but i hope that makes sense. i wouldn't care or be this spergy and passionate about it or even want to get diagnosed if it wasn't such an extremely severe and detrimental part of my life, which it is. i weirdly somewhat have lolcow to thank in a small way because hearing about executive dysfunction was what started this whole journey for me, i might have never realized the adhd otherwise for who knows how long. everyone who's talked about it on here has helped me immensely as well even if in small ways. i'm eager to find a treatment that works for me so i can finally tackle this shit and live my life the way i actually wanna live it!!! so here's hoping i get an actually knowledgable psych to evaluate me and that i'm able to find what meds, if any, will finally work for my fucky little brain

omfg i have an INSANE case of misophonia, i need my noise cancelling headphones and white noise just to function. idk whether it's gotten worse over the years or if it's just that i have the luck of moving to noisier and noisier places. urban street sounds combined with insomnia have brought me to tears at times because i was so frustrated at tiny things preventing me from getting sleep when i desperately needed it. same with trying to focus/ study/ hold convos and trains of thought. fireworks enrage me like to an autistic degree and i'm just ADHD lol. i like deeply hate myself for how much it triggers me at times because i feel ridiculous, like i feel like those annoying little old ladies who call the cops on neighborhood kids for breathing

i also have a tendency to tear all the tags or any rough edges off the inside of my clothes because sometimes it genuinely hurts my skin to the touch, like as if i have the flu.

No. 750403

Putting lemon in your water or biting a lemon wedge helps because the tang makes your mouth produce more saliva.

No. 750838


I really like this idea, thank you anon!!

No. 751854

has anyone ever gotten the "indigo child" pseudoscience bs comparison before, or have people bring it up in convo randomly? I've gotten it before and had literally no idea that it's a common adhd/asd cope for granola new age parents in denial, which makes a lot of sense

No. 754325

Anyone tried modafinil for adhd?

No. 755569

File: 1615038331497.jpeg (461.43 KB, 2048x2731, child.jpeg)

AD(H)D is cringe.
t. Diagnosed

No. 757455

File: 1615273966350.jpg (312.69 KB, 1080x1699, Stop.jpg)

Social media really hurt people with autism especially expectation in social culture. The fact now there are going to be a sterotype about autism people is social whoring asshole. Pic related.

No. 757559


Either you annoy everyone by acting natural or creep everyone out by acting fake most of the time.

No. 758926

my mom just got diagnosed with ADHD yesterday, so now i'm like 1000% sure i have it too. still can't get myself to focus on choosing a clinic to make an appointment at and stick to without flaking so i prob won't have results until later in the month knowing me but it's crazy to think that my mom would have probably never bothered to get tested had i not brought the topic up a week ago… finding out late 20's is hard enough, i can't imagine how she feels about it in her late 50's

No. 759187

I wish there was a tag to filter out all "I think I have adhd" posts from the adhd related subreddits.
I just wanted to browse the thread topics to see stuff I relate to in case anyone is actually discussing something more interesting than how they can't tidy their room but it's impossible to filter through all the suspected diagnosis threads and shitty Instagram memes now.
It's always been this way but I think tiktok has made it worse, people really be out here believing they have adhd because they can unfocus their eyes and that a random person on the internet will be able to diagnose them from their blog post

No. 759191

can you suggest using a flair for such posts to the mods/admins? I think it would benefit a lot of people

No. 759202

You're a saviour! On the main subreddit they annoyingly bundle them up with all requests for advice so I hadn't even noticed that on r/adhdwomen there is a separate diagnosis flair. Based women.

No. 759216

glad to help ♥ maybe you can still suggest mods of r/adhd to make two separate flairs for diagnosis questions and advice about other stuff.

No. 759463

no but I’ve heard it doesn’t work for shit especially if you’ve already tried stimulants. It’s not a stimulant but a wakefulness promoting agent.

I was diagnosed as a kid (along with dyslexia) but didn’t start taking meds until I couldn’t keep up with the workload of AP classes in high school.

No. 759467

File: 1615507997879.jpeg (46.75 KB, 500x500, C409AD58-0024-460B-8A81-6C9940…)

That sounds terrible for your enamel! Try gum that’s sweetened with xylitol like Trident, it will help increase saliva production. Anything with xylitol will really help but be sure to keep it away from any pets you may have as it’s poisonous to them.

My jaw sucks so I’m not really supposed to chew gum and these are a lifesaver. They’re little disks that kinda adhere to your gums and dissolve slowly.

No. 759608

File: 1615521096171.jpg (63.19 KB, 814x568, 20150811_023505000_iOS.jpg)

I recently discovered that I have/had ADHD, and it's made a lot of things click and make sense.

I was diagnosed with depression/severe social anxiety and school refusal since I was 13 y.o. to 20 y.o, but the ADHD went under the radar because the depression/anxiety was so bad. My psych at the time did recognize that I had some sort of attention regulation issue, but didn't officially diagnose it as ADHD.

I definitely wish that I knew earlier because having stimulant medication back them would have helped a lot with the school refusal (I had severe anxiety over not having assignments done/not being able to face my peers and teachers, but had major difficulty focusing and getting my stuff done).

Now I'm 24 and I'm pursuing my BFA, I've gotten over the school refusal, anxiety, and depression but the ADHD still persists. It's really frustrating because now that I finally know what the issue is, it's so difficult to receive treatment where I am currently.

I have a state based insurance plan, but I'm attending school out of state so it's really fucking hard to find coverage here. I know that adderall works really well for me, but the regulations regarding licenses/insurance/controlled substances make it extremely difficult to get the proper treatment here. I don't want to have to pay out of pocket if I don't have to, but I will as last resort.

Does anyone have a similar experience or any advice they can offer? I would really appreciate it!

It's also been so comforting/validating to read everyone's experience here.

>Pic not related, just cute

No. 763039

I pay out of pocket for my Adderall. I'm just used to it now. Plus I can use a GoodRX coupon and get it for WAAAAY cheaper.

No. 763629

Hey anon! I'm the anon you responded to, I'm so glad to see you have this realization. Sorry for the late response, I've been hyperfixating on other shit and haven't been on LC for a while. I love when other people look into the genes behind it bc no one else does haha.
Did you end up getting diagnosed or booking an appointment for a test? If you have to take a 'test' then just relax and don't overthink it. I know I REALLY wanted to be diagnosed after being bullied for so long and having such horrible self esteem about being stupid. I was scared that the test would come back normal and would say I didn't have it. If I didn't have ADHD then the only alternative explanation would have been some form of early dementia or brain damage. But just remain calm and don't overthink it. Just be honest. Women are so underdiagnosed with this condition that psychiatrists/psychologists should expect for women to come in later on with stories like ours to effectively balance out the gender bias that exists within the diagnosed ADHD populace. It sucks to realize how much it affected your life; I still am 'grieving' for lack of a better term because I feel like my life would have taken a different path had my parents intervened early instead of getting me treated with SSRIs that made my situational depression much much worse.
Seconding GoodRX, the prices are better than what my insurance would pay for at one point.

No. 763632

Also anon, if you don't mind, can you share where you've been reading other women's stories? I hate the ADHD subreddit so so much.

Here's one example of the fuckery on there. The other day I got a response that I was wrong in saying that people with ADHD should barely feel an effect on stimulants (or at least no 'euphoria') because "all methamphetamines give you euphoria". Euphoria? What the fuck? Maybe I'm assuming too much but some people just sound like straight up drug addicts on that subreddit. And like 70% of the subreddit is people who feel that their lack of motivation (which non-ADHD people have) is caused by undiagnosed ADHD and that once they get adderall prescriptions they'll self-actualize and show their genius that they've been hiding all along. It's such fucking bullshit.
I also fucking hate the posts that are like "first week on 5 mg adderall and I got so much done!" Either those people have a placebo effect or they don't have ADHD.

No. 763637

Here's a list of books my doc recommended me if anyone wants to read legitimized sources in depth about ADHD.
- Driven to Distraction by E. Hallowell
- Totally ADD: Tips for an Organized Life by L. Weiss
- Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russel Barkley
- Getting Things Done by David Allen
- Out of the Fog by Kevin Murphy
- More Attention, Less Deficit by Ari Tuckman
- Fast Minds: How to Thrive If You have ADHD by Craig Surman and Tim Bilkey
- The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD by Lidia Zylowska

No. 764172

NARYT but there is r/adhdwomen

you're still going to get posts from "I'm undiagnosed but this subreddit speaks to me!!1" but at least it's women and you're free to talk about the misogyny of late diagnosis or other medical bullshit

No. 764565

This is my exact peeve with the adhd subreddits, both the main one and adhdwomen.
I know some people do get an instant lucky transformation from taking the first meds they try, I can't discount that I'm bitter and jealous of those people, but half of those "zomg glasses for my brain" posts sound like average stories of normal people doing speed.
I work so hard to just get by so reading about people just flying through things and thanking their magic pills makes me feel ten times more shit. We're on the same drugs but we are not the same.

Anyone having daily "euphoria" whilst they blitz through all their tasks is suspicious to me

No. 768718

Do any other medicated ADHD anons have issues with retaining focus still? I wanted to stop randomly losing interest and dropping shows for example but I still do it even though I'm at my maximum dosage of adderall that the psych will prescribe.

No. 768770

Non-ADHD people lose interest and drop things too anon. You need only worry about staying on important tasks.

No. 768824

I think that's normal but if you're still having trouble getting stuff done you might want to look into cbt. I just started it, since my psych said that taking meds is like getting surgery but you need physical therapy for recovery.

No. 769268

I can't finish a single show though. Ik important tasks are what matters first but I was really hoping I could gain some control over my personal life or spare time.

I'm a NEET atm trying to learn a language at home. Do you all have any suggestions for trying to do something like this on my own? Medication has only helped with my dumb blonde moments like forgetting laundry in the washer and whatnot. When it comes to actually getting things done it's not much of an improvement unless I'm hyperfixating. And when I hyperfixate I don't notice anything in the background like my family leaving the house.

No. 769408

Weed can be a very slippery slope for some ADHD people but I find that being high makes it a lot easier for me to fully focus on watching something.

I have ASD and ADHD, sensory issues are definitely a key component of ASD. They're often seen as part of ADHD too, but I would say that ASD people tend to have more of them and they're more life-impacting.

I have a fuckload of sensory stuff that affects my life, one thing that I don't think most normies know about is issues with interoception, the sense of internal body processes. I have a poor appetite and I often feel very full after only eating a small amount and it's incredibly frustrating to not be able to eat as much as I need and want to. I've been underweight my entire life. I'm also hypersensitive to the feeling of my heartbeat which can be distracting/anxiety-inducing.
Another thing is needing to wear clothes that fit on my body in a certain way. I always need to wear bottoms that are tight-fitting, cover my entire leg, and are high waisted and hug my waist tightly. My shirts need to either be tucked in or cropped/tied up so they dont hang past my waist. Before I knew I was autistic I thought clothing related sensory issues always involved preferring loose clothing but I realized my clothing "rules" and tendency to dress the same every day were the same thing. I remember being privately very confused about why everyone else thought baggy sweats and pajama pants were comfortable.

No. 769469

I have ADHD-PI and had sensory issues as a kid with the seams of socks and shoes in general. I have to have a weighted blanket to sleep through the night and am very clumsy and am not good at telling exactly where my body is in space.
I also have poor auditory processing but not quite to disorder levels. I have a lot of trouble focusing on voices when there are multiple people speaking in the same room and have trouble telling what direction sound is coming from(not fun on crosswalks). I have to ask people to repeat things a lot, and let them think I just can't hear well. Masks have made this harder, I realized that I have a habit of looking at people's mouths when they talk to focus on them and it's much harder to follow voices and conversations when mouths are covered up.
Honestly I think people think I'm either half deaf or a bit retarded when they talk to me.

No. 769485

I will never finish a show unless I’m watching with someone else. Maybe try modified pomodoro technique with shorter work intervals and alternate between two tasks? Have realistic goals. If you start to lose focus you have stayed on a task for too long. If daily goal is too much then make it a weekly goal Self discipline and routines treat ADHD and not the other way around.

No. 769491

I want to commit suicide honestly
Adhd and bpd is a toxic potion and I wish I would have gotten love and support as a kid I needed so the bpd would not have formed. Kill me pls “zookeper”/pedo creepy serial killer retard

I am serious. I hate my life. I hate being different. I hate my red flags. I hate ME.

No. 769503

Calm down BPD-chan, just wait for the delusion of grandeur to hit and you feel like the gods gift to humankind again. BPD inherently has huge potential to laser focus and stay motivated, very effective against ADHD in short bursts. Use those manias well. Remember, you can become the bitch of your imagination instead of just pretending and self-loathing.

No. 769510

I literally can’t understand anything you say no offense. Can you say it again but normally?
>the gods gift to humankind again.
Sorry but you need more help than I do. Again? What?

No. 769512

Wait I google translated it, you are weird and sick. Probs autistic.

No. 769513

I don't know if this would be helpful to you anon but you should research Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria in ADHD. Learning about it helped me realize that the overwhelming feelings I experience around rejection have warped my perception of the world because I subconsciously assumed that it felt so bad because I was really bad and I deserved to feel that way. Knowing that RSD is an exaggerated response that's extremely common in ADHD helped me start deconstructing my self hatred a little.

No. 769517

Now that’s helpful, thank you. Funny thing is, I am not even diagnosed with bpd it’s just something I suspect I have due to the “rejection Sensitive Dysphoria” you’ve mentioned. Bless you anon.

No. 769518

Oh…you don’t speak English. Autism might actually be your biggest struggle.

No. 769520

And don’t even have bpd, no wonder you didn’t understand my post lmao

No. 769530

I don’t know after reading it a few times I can actually relate somewhat..? I mean after crying for a few days or weeks I can feel a bit more relieved and motivated to continue. I do indeed lie to myself that I’m not as bad as people think that I’m or said that I am. Or that I can work on myself even if it’s true I lack a lot of necessities. I think the bpd in me as I am a psycho who selfharms when I lose control in my situations. Pretty bpd.

What’s the difference between adhd and bpd I think the symptoms overlap right?

No. 769558

This was a wild ride kek
What did you even find on Google translate that made you so mad?

Adhd and BPD are completely different things so you should Google that but to put it simply ADHD causes problems performing tasks, BPD instead gets in the way of how you relate to other people.
I don't think this thread can help with your specific problems, but it might help you to learn some "cognitive behavioural therapy" techniques

There there anon

No. 769915

Dunno actually, other anon needs to forgive my retardation as well. I thought they were saying I think that my shit doesn’t smell or something lol.

Yeah I know it doesn’t. I was just really “on the edge” I guess and needed to vent.

Honestly I’m retarded, to me the two looks a bit similar but perhaps it could be because there’s a high comorbidity right? I got that one right at least?

No. 770229

File: 1616780237028.jpg (14.04 KB, 488x364, z5teiu51ftv11.jpg)

any other spergs that have issues with self-harm? I used to cut very bad and i have horrible looking scars all over my thighs and upper arms which are fucking annoying more than anything. I've been under a LOT of stress from school and I've grown to hate the current states of things (I can't look at any news or social media without getting upset now). I'm not cutting anymore but I had a freak out yesterday and have been hitting/biting/scratching myself when I get frustrated. If my partner is home then it's usually fine bc I don't want to go apeshit when he's here if I can help it and he can help me calm down. I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice bc this is an issue I've been working on in therapy for so long. I just feel like such a retard for hurting myself as an adult and I have to live the rest of my life with a noticeably disfigured body.

No. 770294

I don't get why you are so bitter that other people respond to ADHD meds and you guys don't. I got a clinical diagnosis of my ADHD through my university and adderall helps me out so much. Even when I take 5mg I get a lot more done and I feel pretty euphoric. But what's the point of saying that I don't really have ADHD just because I respond to meds differently?

No. 770311

Idk what y'all are talking about but pass some addy my way bitch

No. 770321

Yes, you should not be feeling euphoria kek, you're supposed to feel like a normal human with a regular attention span

No. 770323

So what are you saying that my ADHD diagnosis is botched and my symptoms aren’t real?

I do think my prescription is too high even at 5mg. I’ve thought about getting a pill cutter but haven’t bothered since my current job is pretty easy

No. 770339

Anon I'm sorry but if you feel euphoric that means you're trans

No. 770345

You feel this way at 5 mg? That is really sus. If you like the rush of productivity then just keep with it and reap the benefits. But imo it sounds like you don't need stimulants or at least this drug. It sounds like whichever chemicals in your brain that it's targeting are already at a normal level and you're feeling euphoric (or different in general) because the chemicals are in excess.
You could try other stimulants or try non-stimulants. What were your symptoms before this? I won't question your diagnosis because ADHD is just a bunch of symptoms and doesn't have a set cause. But imo not all people who are diagnosed should be on stimulants because a lot of them end up getting the crackhead effect like what you're describing. The term ADHD can apply to a lot of people but there are categories within the ADHD populace who need stimulants vs who doesn't. The people who benefit from stimulants have ADHD likely caused by the lower than normal chemicals in their brain which is why they feel little to no effect on it. If your ADHD symptoms are not caused by low levels then you'll have symptoms that come with excess chemicals in the brain (i.e, euphoria, extreme productivity).

No. 770370

Do you have a source for this? I can’t find anything conclusive on Google. All I know is that adderall had dramatically increased my quality of life and allows me to do stuff like clean my room. Otherwise it’s a trash heap. I don’t have access to a psychiatrist right now and I’m just living off of old prescriptions because I only take the medication once a week.

No. 770417

>I only take the medication once a week
This is the way.
I’ve been drugged up since I was 15 and have taken every ADHD med available for almost a decade.
I have stupid high tolerance to stimulants, I literally can not get high off cocaine. I went med-free for like 10 months, my life was in shambles long before that though.
Then I got back on Dexedrine last year but only take them as needed and what do you know, they’re effective again, I’m functioning!!! I saw anons on here suggesting cycling different medications to slow tolerance build up so I might try that as well.

No. 770446


This comment kinda made my day.

No. 770653

In my opinion, if you aren’t medicated and you can function at the bare minimum, there’s no warrant for a diagnosis. Adhd is a severe mental disease that sucks so hard and it’s not just a quirky thing to claim just because you have a bit of the symptoms, or something you need as an excuse just because you haven’t fully commit to 10% of the remaining accomplished tasks.
And btw if you have adhd, try to run away from imageboards because they’re so distracting. I used to browse daily on image boards but now I only waste my time on there once a month.

No. 771076

This 100% but also
This too

Wtf euphoric 5mg my fucking left foot get out of town with that shit

No. 771158

Any other stratteranons in da thread?

What criteria was used to make this chart & why is cannabis higher on this list than benzos? Weed addiction is a bitch for sure but I always assumed being hooked on klonopin or something would be way harder to get clean from.

No. 771718

I feel you anon, I'm fortunate that my self harm episodes have never been chronic but sporadic in response to extreme stress. When I was a teenager I cut myself and put alcohol on wounds to get more pain, but now in my early 20s I just hit myself in the head with objects because it doesn't require cleanup. I've broken a plastic plate, a wooden brush, and my phone all by hitting myself with them over the past covid hell year. A daily problem for me though is vividly fantasizing about hurting myself which is bad because it wastes time and keeps me in the suicidal mindset I need to get out of somehow.

I feel like a retard too but on another level it's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that normies see self harm as this insane unfathomable thing when it's really just an understandable part of the human experience albeit an extreme and pathological one. I try to not think like "my autistic experience is so fundamentally different from non-autistic people they could never relate" but it is true that a lot of people have no idea what it's like to not be able to calm yourself down at all and how helpful self harm can seem to deal with this. I don't really have advice, it's probably a bad habit but smoking weed helps me exit bad emotional states when I feel trapped sometimes.

No. 772104

> In people who don’t have ADHD, because Adderall produces an excess amount of dopamine, users may experience feelings of euphoria and increased energy levels, as well as possible dangerous physical and emotional side effects.
For people whose ADHD can be treated with Adderall:
> These functions of Adderall have been shown to work well for people with ADHD because with the increase of these neurotransmitters there is an increase in their pleasure and feeling of reward when completing tasks. People with ADHD normally have been found to have a decrease in dopamine within their ventral striatum and prefrontal and temporal cortices within their brains (Lakhan & Kirchgessner, 2012). Adderall is able to increase these levels of dopamine, which effectively brings their dopaminergic system to a similar level of functioning that is present in people without ADHD. Thus, decreasing the inclination to be distracted and bringing them operationally to a level that society has determined to be a normal amount of focus (Volkow et al., 2012).
Normal people or people who might be diagnosed with ADHD but DON'T have lower than normal levels of dopamine/norepinephrine:
> However, people with a normal level of focus and normal brain structures experience similar effects when ingesting Adderall. Elevating their feeling of pleasure, rather than purely stabilizing it, like in ADHD, can result in a euphoric and high feeling that can cause many to become addicted and seek out the drug without a prescription or physiological need.

No. 773091

Lol, yes I smoke to calm myself too. I try not to rely on substances to get me out of bad places but I think it's ok if it prevents serious harm. I quit drinking late last year bc it was a huge source of harm for myself so I think I've just been coping with corona-world in different ways. Sympathy for the broken items. Covid has seriously messed up my expectations for living!

No. 773509

I was actually thinking about attention whores and autism. I remembered a friend I had a long time ago. One day she was at my house and at the dinner table she outright said "yeah so my therapist thinks I'm autistic" and my mom clocked that shit right away. After my friend left my mom told me that my friend has next to zero autistic traits and is doing it for attention. Which now I realize is totally true because years after that she's now non-binary, has the "serial killer" personality type, has bpd, has bipolar etc.

No. 773613

do any other anons struggle with finding motivation outside of being motivated to do things by extreme stress (i.e. looming deadlines, the threat of consequences for not handing something in, etc)? i don't know how to break out of the cycle of not doing things until the last second and then stressing myself out until i'm burnt out and almost physically sick but being unable to do what i need to do until the stress pushes me to do it, but i don't know what to do. it's so fucking annoying and i literally feel like such an idiot for it.

No. 773820

One thing that's helped me with motivation is the pomodoro technique. I didn't think it would be effective, but if you set a timer to work for 25 min without deviating from your task and follow it up with a 5 min break, it makes it a lot less daunting to get started. Those 25 minutes are a reasonable commitment because they go by pretty fast, you'd be surprised by how much brainstorming you can do in that time though. Taking 5 gives you just enough time to step away from your work so that you don't hit a mental wall. I'll even find that I'm actually looking forward to jumping back into the next 25 min because I have a train of thought going. Trying to change your attitude toward a project is the other aspect of this, I know some people benefit from basically convincing themselves that what they're working on isn't a chore but something they can find pleasure in, like the feeling you get from completing a puzzle. I also like to create a good ambience by making my work space as pleasant as possible (candles, cute furniture, plants, framed photos of loved ones near my desk, water and healthy snacks within reach). Ultimately it's all about creating better coping mechanisms. It's a challenge, but the fact that you can play an active role in improving your behaviour is empowering. Keep at it and it will pay off.

No. 773916

File: 1617235011068.jpg (92.37 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I've been diagnosed with depression at 13, been on Prozac ever since (am 19). Mom is bipolar and sister has autistic symptoms but is a fucking scholar genius. I discovered the term ADHD after I saw people talking about their struggles with it and finding it very relatable and turns out I tick all the cases. Finally another possible cause for me suffering at school and work and with relationships other than "you're shy/not scholar" or depression (that is already being treated). But everytime I try to talk abt it with my psychiatrist, he just lowers it at me "not trying to concentrate enough", "being a procrastinator", "lack of rest" or just "depression symptoms". He said that he's not super into giving medication so even if I was diagnosed it prolly would stop here too. Should I change psychiatrist? Any tips for being diagnosed quicker and being taken seriously?

No. 774002

go to a different clinic, don't mention depression just pretend you don't have it, emphasize that you've experienced your symptoms since childhood and that they are debilitating

No. 774023

I hate people like you who think that all autistic people are introverts. Shut the fuck up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 774056

File: 1617256944385.png (14.33 KB, 100x96, limit.png)

I am going to get assessed for autism at 23 years old. Can anyone here tell me what it's like?

I always felt like anxiety/depression never described how I felt. I was a weird kid. I learned how to read early, lined up objects, and was very bossy. I was told that people thought I hated them because of my flat tone and directness. My mom wanted me to be the perfect child so I think she kind of forced me into that mold. Nowadays, I can mask, but some autism symptoms really resonate with me. It is exhausting to perform facial expressions and make eye contact. I have only had autistic male friends since middle school… I seem to repel women platonically. My emotions are a mystery to me and therapists, I was sent to DBT despite having "only anxiety". I also have sensory problems such as certain fabrics or foods.

There are some autism things I don't relate to, though. I don't have special interests, and I do understand sarcasm. It feels like I was years behind others socially, and only now can I function. I'm nervous that those things would disqualify me, even though they are apparently common in autistic women. /blog

No. 774058


ayrt again, gotta love how textbook ADHD it is for us both to constantly reply to each other so late every time lol. anyways I was officially diagnosed and put on a new treatment plan yesterday! it was by a PA and i believe to make it official official i would still have to see a psychologist, which i plan on doing, but i'm honestly just really grateful to finally feel validated, i don't have to feel that imposter syndrome "you're just lazy you don't have this" guilt. i'm picking up my new meds tomorrow, she halved my wellbutrin dose (it was prob too high for me to begin with) and is pairing it with non-stimulant adhd meds (effexor i think? and propanalol) to start out and see how i react to that combined with adhd coaching and glycine for sleep problems. the evaluation felt pretty honest and natural and i mesh well with the PA, when I see a psychologist i feel like I'll be able to articulate my thoughts a little better though. also my mom got diagnosed last month!

the adhd subreddits are hit and miss for me and i don't lurk unless it happens to pop up on my feed, r/adhdwomen is a little better usually. i've read accounts from lots of random places, like twitter threads, youtube videos, random forums that came up from googling very specific concerns, that kind of thing. the fact that almost all of it felt like reading about my own life gave me a little more confidence that I was right about having adhd and i'm grateful to have researched it now that it's confirmed. i haven't come out with it publicly yet, not like i need to but it's rare for me given my annoying oversharing social media presence/ brand lol. i also haven't told my friends with adhd and ocd yet which i guess hints that I still have some insecurities to work through, but then again i JUST found out so i know i'll tell my close circle eventually.

No. 774264

NTA but my best friend from high school is doing something similar. At first I didn't care bc it's good for women to talk more about conditions that are often underdiagnosed in women but apparently she's posting constantly on facebook (as part of a 'challenge') about about being autistic on top of apparently being bisexual (news to me lmao she's only dated a guy) and having fibromyalgia. She was just diagnosed with autism recently after she told me like 2 years ago she had ADHD. I guess her diagnosis changed since the two are kind of similar. But basically my relative who has her friended on facebook is showing me her posts that are like Medium articles from libfem genderspecials except instead of "How I cook spaghetti as a non-binary queer with BPD" it's "How I [insert verb here] as a bisexual autistic woman with fibromyalgia!" I think she might enjoy the sympathy or attention that comes from it but I'm not sure. To be honest there's not much engagement on her posts, kek.

No. 774269

Glad to hear it. I don't suggest posting about it on social media that has either your face or name. ADHD can be used against you by other people. Plus there are so many people even on r/ADHD who have had their stimulant drugs taken by friends/family/randos because they told other people they take the meds. Ik you aren't on those (yet, potentially) but generally it's good to just keep it between people who are close to you.
I hope the drugs they gave you will work for you! I've taken all of those medications before. But I won't give my testimonial just out of courtesy because I think how you perceive the meds to work can affect the treatment effectivity at least a bit. Good luck!!

No. 775093

Any other autists struggle with labeling themselves as an introvert or extrovert/wish they had more energy to be social?

To any outside observer looking at my life I'm definitely an introvert, but I hate to label myself that way because I hate the fact that I need so much downtime from socializing. I love being around people and being included in things and my relationships are the most fulfilling part of my life by far, but doing social things takes energy because I feel like I have to do everything perfect to avoid being seen as rude/boring/uninterested, the pressure of talking enough is huge, and dealing with sensory stuff and not being able to stim weirdly is draining. I know this is stuff I can work on but it's very hard to know what amount of masking is appropriate.

Just from browsing social media I feel like I can't quite relate to many other autists because they're proud introverts and talk about how they enjoy being alone often (might be a biased sample of people involved in social media autism advocacy). I like being alone too but I kind of hate myself for liking it so much and I don't want people to think I don't want to be included in things.

No. 780512

File: 1618089713155.gif (995.57 KB, 448x352, OAaRV.gif)

My coordination is terrible. I learned to tie my shoes and dress myself later than other kids, I also started bathing myself much later, which is very embarrassing now that I think about it. I wasn't able to learn to ride a bike and now I'm in my 20s and I'm too ashamed to even try. Understandably, no one ever wanted to pick me for their team during PE lessons because I was so terrible and clumsy. My hand coordination got better over time, I'm good at playing guitar and drawing, but I still drop objects randomly, and everything involving other parts of my body is still terrible and I have no awareness of space at all. Terrible fear of heights too, I get all shaky even when I have to stand on a chair in order to reach for something. Sucks that I'm stuck with public transportation forever because learning how to drive a car or how to ride a bike is probably beyond my reach. There's so many things I'd like to learn, like skateboarding or horse riding, but I know my body is too retarded to handle those activities. I'm always either stiff or shaky, there's no in-between
I have a shitload of other autistic symptoms, but I just got reminded about my bad coordination and decided to vent about it

No. 780587

File: 1618098361675.png (54.53 KB, 206x250, a34f8ff6266452fb3be789da7b15ee…)

Do any other ADHD anons have issues fully connecting to others while dating? I've dated a decent amount of men and pretty much all but one (who had dx'd ADHD) I felt like there was this invisible barrier that I couldn't break through. No matter how much I talked to them or was open there was just something that didn't click fully. We got along but the chemistry just wasn't there. Obviously there are a lot of other factors when it comes to compatibility but I've noticed that the friends and people I've dated who I connect the most with are usually on this spectrum kek.

No. 780589

High functioning autistic woman here who is a medical student
>Why is it so difficult to be diagnosed as a woman?
I find parents in my country tend to be extremely neglectful towards daughters mental health, most women I know never got diagnosed or properly cared for their mental health until suicide attempts or it was obvious to others so the family was forced to get help
>When did you find out you were autistic/had adhd and when did you get your diagnosis?
At 19, was referred to get tested for it about 3 times from 16-19
>What are your autistic/adhd behaivors?
Repeative eating habits, song listening, hard to communicate, (sometimes) I have no filter, zooming through tests especially math tests, hypersexuality, extremely sensitive and have to brush my hair with a certain brush, but I also orgasm very easily, extreme shyness to the point where I have my boyfriend order everything, pay, etc do things that require social interaction. I also have a lot of "childish" quirks and collect a lot of animals and have a fascination with various cultures and books

No. 780596

Yeah I can relate to this, more in the context of serious relationships though. I find it really difficult to communicate my feelings and effectively respond to my partner when we're having an argument. In those moments it's like my mind shuts down because I can't process and organize the information coming at me into coherent ideas. It's comparable to the feeling I get when I have to write a paper. I'm also extremely forgetful and this causes issues because I'll forget or misunderstand discussion we had in the past. It's extremely frustrating for me and obviously for my partner. I recently started a new ADHD medication so I'm looking forward to developing better communication skills. Its seems that we tend to focus on how ADHD effects productive abilities in work and education, but the way that it can impact on relationships gets kind of neglected (at least ime).

No. 780609

I learned to ride the bicycle at 25, you can do it

No. 780647

You sound really similar to me anon.

My fear of heights/falling makes me scared to walk down steep hills or go down escalators.

I'll probably never learn to ride a bike for various reasons but you should know that riding a bike is very different from driving. Everyone is different of course but I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to drive because I never learned how to ride a bike as a kid but I was able to learn without too much difficulty although I still have some anxiety and limitations. I actually usually enjoy driving now. It's okay to go as slow as you want to with learning.

I also learned how to tie my shoes late and now in my 20s I really want to learn how to make a simple braid but it's so hard lmfao

No. 780688

seconding this anon, I still don't know how to ride a bike but I can drive a car. I think it takes a lot less coordination, but don't despair on driving, you could probably do it.

No. 783781

Does anyone else get "stuck" sometimes? Is that an ADHD thing? I don't really know how to explain it. Sometimes I'll sit frozen in place staring at Netflix for like 45 minutes because I can't decide what to watch and it's like my brain gets frozen deciding. And I can't even just shut off Netflix and go do something else because that'll also become a 45 minute thought loop trying to decide what to do instead.

No. 783801

that often happens to me when having to make a choice yeah. especially when choosing an outfit, that can take like 40 min.

not diagnosed (parents didn't believe in it) but pretty sure i'm adhd-adjacent.

No. 783806

yesssss please help how do i stop?

No. 783960

File: 1618483476405.png (198.43 KB, 300x300, simsfire.png)

Yeah I have a massive problem with this. Difficulty with transitions or stopping an activity is definitely an ADHD thing. It's like how it's often difficult for ADHD people to start things. Difficulty with decisions is also an ADHD thing. Both of these are forms of executive functioning which is impaired/disregulated in ADHD.

I wish I knew any coping mechanisms for this but I really don't, even though it's been an issue my whole life, I hate how much time I waste and I feel so out of control sometimes.

It's like the sims where your sim has their queue of actions in the upper left corner, but sometimes it just gets deleted or it glitches and doesn't let you add or delete anything from it

No. 783964

The only thing that helps me is writing a very strict hour by hour schedule and following it no matter what. Even for shit like watching movies, I write down in my planner - watch x tomorrow at 8pm. I also assign random numbers to each thing I want to do or movie that I have on my watchlist and use a random number generator to pick. After that to prevent myself from just staring into the void and actually watch or do whatever, I'll set everything up, open the movie etc and take a shower or get food. So when i'm back everything is ready to go and I only have to click play.

No. 783969

This is really intriguing, what's the process of making your schedule like? Do you schedule in time to maintain your schedule?

No. 784011

Can I have a peek at what a schedule like that might look like? I’m a literal retard with less executive function than a dead koala and need hard structure in my life.

No. 784131

File: 1618508600396.jpg (62.84 KB, 510x377, schedu.jpg)

Yes kek, I take 15-20 mins every evening during free time to think what needs to get done the next day. This includes studying, work, chores and leisure time. I write it all down and figure out what's urgent, what can wait, if there's anything I've been putting off etc. Then I just write out the hours of the day and assign each hour a task. Doesn't necessarily need to be a different one but having a perceived time limit helps me to not get distracted. If it's simpler I'll give myself less time. If it's more complicated I'll further break it down into smaller, more manageable bits. Lastly I decide what I want to do after I'm done with work/studying and I just write down whatever comes to mind first or use the random # thing.
Of course, so basically for me it's important to have some things to structure my day around. There's no in person classes and work is closed so I just keep lunch, dinner and dog walking times the same each day. My typical schedule when I just have to study would be something like pic rel. There's a ton of guides online that will probably be more helpful as this is my covid/no work routine. It's very specific and strict but basics would be: separate day into time for work, time for chores and time for rest. Make plans on what to watch/read/play ahead. Have the plan visible at all times. Don't beat yourself up if you fuck up and just keep going. If you didn't solve x task in an hour drop it and work on something else to prevent getting stuck and spiraling. I hope this is something lol

No. 784313

Samefag, I forgot the most important thing lmao set alarms for everything. Every task, every break, everything.

No. 784327

I have this problem too. If I don't hyperfixate at a given moment and actually remember I should eat something, I sometimes can't choose what to cook, which results in me getting hungry and in turn getting depressed/angry because of being hungry. Just end me lol

No. 784572

Has anyone here been on stimulant medication for over three years and have taken it pretty frequently (4+ days a week)? Have you had to increase your dose? I'm terrified of my medication just not working anymore, it has rescued me from a terrible NEET life. Some sources say that people with ADHD don't develop a tolerance to medication, but is there really long-term evidence of this? I have to either work or study almost every day, I don't have much opportunity to take breaks, but some days I only take the morning dose. How much should I be worrying?

No. 784574

I sit down in the shower instead of standing. It reduces the water getting in your eyes and the heavy splashing. Instead of getting into regular clothes when I get out, I get into a bathrobe (NOT the fuzzy kind). It reduces the feeling a little bit. Nothing really makes washing your face much better, but I use a face washing headband so my hair doesn't get wet.

No. 784580

Is there any way I can freaking stop rocking back and forth and rubbing my fingers together? It makes me look constantly pathologically anxious. I feel like I'm leaving a bad impression on people.

No. 784584

Try heavy exercise. It will use up excess energy you use to fidget, and it will make you in general more comfortable in your body.

No. 784668

I haven’t had a formal diagnosis but I wanted to ask some autism related questions if that’s okay? I have a feeling that I have mild Aspergers but I’m waiting for my insurance to get in so I can start testing.

I always felt like something was off with me but it wasn’t until I got into middle school when I realized I was masking 24/7. I have always been outspoken and highly sensitive, and really good at picking up new interests and skills. The issue was always with social situations. I constantly took notes on what was ‘socially acceptable’ and what ‘would get my shit rocked if I didn’t shut up’ and it’s something I’m honestly ashamed of. As a woman I can’t even tell if I’m just hypersensitive or autistic and it sucks there isn’t enough resources for women.

I was diagnosed with severe OCD but do those two disorders often go hand in hand?
Is hypersensitivity an autistic trait?
What are some ways to contain that weird excitement feeling when someone brings up a special interest?

Sorry for the blog, I just have been shit out of luck and ashamed to even talk about this. The worst thing is that I will be moving to somewhere that doesn’t even believe in mental health so yeah

No. 784772

I only recently increased my dosage after nearly 20+ years of taking the same dosage (10 mg, 1x daily). It really made a huge difference, because I had grown so accustomed to it, I didn't realize that, over time, it began losing its potency. It's like taking children's vitamins when you're in your 20's. At my neurologist's recommendation I've been taking a weekend break from it so I don't build up a tolerance to it, or get addicted to it. Have you seen a neurologist about any of your questions, anon?

No. 784980

Is there no hope for me if 25 mg Adderall XR isn't doing shit? There's barely any improvement at all for me and 30 mg is the max dosage I'm allowed. Would it be worth it to try some other ADHD med? Worst case scenario I'll try something else and if it doesn't work then I'll just come back to XR which is barely doing anything for me.

No. 785466

Some people find that IR works better for them than XR. You could give that a try.

No. 785509

How do I stop stimming? when I’m stressed or how do I find a way to calm myself down properly without looking even more weird? I sway and rock myself a lot, unconsciously, I can control it but the moment I focus on anything else, I will go back to it.
It has reached the point in which people will ask if I’m okay or in which friends and family will point it out and it’s bothersome if not embarrassing.

No. 785546

XR made me angry and i would have regular dips around 2pm everyday. Concerta did absolutely nothing. And Vyvanse 30mg is working really well for me. Try everything you can!

No. 785625

Its not hard to get diagnosed if you actually have it, the symptoms are same as the males symptoms.
I got diagnosed when i was 5.

>tourettes ticks and sounds/grunts
>zoning out
>cant focus on learning stupid meaningless things like schoolwork
>wanting to play videogames and watch cartoons all the time
>feeling sickness and mental pain when i had to to school work so i failed school
>Can't tell when people were genuine of faking(but thats not because of autism, thats because normies act like they can never be wrong, and if i don't understand their sarcasm or bullshit references on culturally agreed understandings(that i missed out on cuz i was not paying attention or trying to fit in cuz of peer pressure), then somethings wrong with my brain apparently…)

No. 785630

not everybody is you and has an access to health professionals that know shit about autism/add/adhd. Hell, if your parents don't know anything about it, you will suffer at least your entire childhood.

No. 785659

It's really not easy when you're able to do well in school (common in male and female autists) and your parents don't care about anything else besides that. Unless your parents give a shit, absolutely no one will care about anything you're struggling with if you're quiet and unobtrusive and get good grades. I've met several undiagnosed male autists in college.

The first time I tried to get a consultation for an autism assessment, I was trying to tell the (older male) psych about masking constantly, needing to force eye contact, speech, tone of voice, facial expressions because I didn't want people to dislike me or think I didn't care about them, and how this had never gotten better with practice/exposure, and he told me that autistic people didn't care about what other people thought of them.

And in the US the issue of having health insurance is another matter entirely.

No. 785734

I'm in my 30s and I hate having to start a new job. Training is easy because working in a restaurant is easy. It's always the same. It's the social navigation that must happen, of course, that's the worst.

Gotta try extra hard to make eye contact and acknowledge other people and not just go hyperfocused on tasks right away. I have enough life experience to know that I'll get quickly labeled a snob or a "bully" (it's happened before when I don't take extra, super care to be extra, super nice to the teens/early 20s … some of the young 'uns interpret my straightforward communication style as bullying).

I have to be like this long enough to make people NOT hate me. Then, when I have earned everyone's trust as a good worker and not too much of a weirdo, I can let my guard down and just let myself to hyperfocused and be efficient like I want to do. Problem is, this will take months to get to, and is exhausting.

No. 785738

I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

This a huge reason why I'm really anxious about getting a job out of college. When I was in school I could literally not interact or talk to anyone outside of structured class activities and it had zero bearing on how my performance was measured. But everyone I try and express my worries to brushes me off with like "you're smart you'll be fine".

I'm really worried about not being able to recognize people right away when I start a job.

No. 785968

I already suffered in school every moment anyway… no matter how much these people claimed to know about autism, they could not help me in any way with anything but telling me how autistic I was and mocking me for it, plus my mother is fucking crazy.
And these days the people being diagnosed with autism is a bunch of rich people who are actually able to function living alone(I can’t) doctorshopping until they get their precious diagnosis, and they just feel better because people tell them how autistic they are, and they all of a sudden make a YouTube about how special they are because they are SOOO AUTISTIC, but they just say the symptoms are whatever they feel it is, then they start “stimming” all of a sudden when they didn’t before, and then they make fake as fuck advertisement videos for stimming products, I didn’t need any of that bullshit, I just needdd to suck my thumb. Maybe a low functioning autistic would need a weighted blanket, but now any random person is buying weighted blankets for no reason.

Making eye contact at an early age because you chose to becuase you wanted people to like you is not autistic.
Autistics would not care about that, this is how autistics get diagnosed, because they show symptoms and won’t conform. Conformity is not autistic, it’s NPC. I only ended up making more eye contact as I grew older becuase adults would grab me and make me do eye contact. Btw I was diagnosed with classic autism, and I promise you, doing shit at school effects you more than getting good grades does….

No. 785971

Also during summer especially I’m doing weird ass eye and face twitches or closing my eyes all the time.

One time it go so bad I was blinking to constantly and it made the top of my eyeballs red and raw.

No. 785973

Anyone have a valid autism test link?
Here's one my med therapist lady idk mad early me take for add/ADHD

Before I got prescribed meds I found the simplest things impossible to do and I would lose shit constantly. I was quickly irritated by my dad but now I feel like I have the patience to be talk to him. I am still lowkey behind on chores but as soon as I find the time I'll definitely get organized.

No. 785975

Yuuuur u can tell I'm slightly dyslexic as who I can't fucking type shit.

No. 785993

If you can type this all out you aren't that low functioning either. Maybe you can't live on your own because you are simply incompetent

No. 786000

I am 27 and could not write non-phonetic english until i was like 22… But i did not say i was low functioning…

No. 786006


No. 786022

I wasn't trying to say that being good at school is a burden or worse than not being good at school. It's definitely not and I didn't mean to come across as comparing my experience to yours. I was explaining why I disagree with your original post. I'm not asking you or anyone to feel bad for me or give a shit about my problems, I'm just saying other people have a different experience than you.

I didn't say I forced myself to make eye contact at an early age. I learned masking very slowly starting in high school because I was suicidally depressed in my teens from being completely alone and not knowing how to interact with people and honestly I'm still terrified of ending up alone in life. I still don't try very hard with eye contact, just enough to get by. I realize it's a privilege to be able to mask at all but masking is a heavy burden and it doesn't make someone not autistic.

I agree that social media seems overrun with autistic "advocates" or "creators" who make shitty content and aren't well informed. I wish the public's understanding of autism wasn't abysmal.

No. 786026

"masking" because of peer pressure or wanting to fit in is what every normal person does. Autism is diagnosed because you CANT and WONT fit in, that's the whole point.

No. 786038

Masking is a term literally invented to explain what autists do. Regardless, I do believe you that you're a far bigger autist than anyone else in this thread, you do act that way indeed.

No. 786111

It’s some new bogus term recently invented like the concept of “special interest” all to water down what autistic means even more.

Autism is about what someone actually does, and is not about how people “feel”.

No. 786125

Look, I give you being a bigger autist than other autists, but not being a better shrink than actual shrinks.

No. 786158

anon i tried this the past 3 days and it helped me tremendously, so thank you for sharing this!! sadly my plans got fucked up a little because my roommate was home and she's super chatty so i kept running behind on my schedule. it worked out in the end, though.

i went on walks in the mornings and evenings and stayed "presentable" the whole day so getting ready to go out didn't feel like too much of a chore. this morning i didn't go out because i was too tired and my feet and legs hurt (i'm a fatty who isn't very active so ofc sudden activity would have that effect) but i plan on going on a walk this evening and then continue this routine next week. it really feels good to be active at least an hour a day (outside of pacing around my room all the time) and getting my work done. the reminders also help because i know i'm only "wasting" like an hour or two on something and if i don't finish it, i can just continue the next day. i also noticed that i have so much time during the day when i don't bum around so i decided to order a text book for language learning too.

sorry for all the blogging, i'm just really happy that this had such a positive effect on me and my studies. i also feel much calmer and not as wired anymore? before that i used to try multitasking everything and i'd end up so stressed and constantly fucked up everything.

No. 786172

My family spent over 1k out of pocket to get me a psych evaluation back in 2017 and I was unlucky enough to get a crappy psych and a bad result.
I talked to another person that tried to get a diagnosis/explanation through them and he had a similar experience to me- being told he was "just a perfectionist" and diagnosed with "an unspecified social communication disorder". I'm female, but the guy I talked to that also went there was a male adult. I'm pointing this out because I don't think I should've went there, the place seemed more geared towards children.
I did hours of testing and had like 4 appointments and that's all they could say to me. Also that I have mild anxiety and mild dysthymia, yeah ok? I felt like they saw that I graduated college and had a boyfriend and thought that made me too normal. Also, the psych was 30min-1 hour late to our appointment every single time.
It's 2021 I'm still a neet and in the exact same position with a lot of symptoms being worse. I'm now severely alcoholic because I feel like I am never going to get a job or understand what is wrong with me. I give up on therapy The psych vaguely mentioned something about state rehabilitation services to me back then but never gave me any real resources for it and just shoved me out the door. It felt like they weren't FOR me since he didn't give me a real diagnosis, he kept saying he was reluctant to say I have asd because he thinks some of my behaviors are just "trauma". He said that to the guy I talked to online about seeing him too. I think he just has shit he repeats to every client he gets. By the way, I have no idea what trauma he was referring to but he kept saying it. I felt like a jackass for even trying to get help when I just felt like they told me I am not that bad and the reason I am a loser can't be explained so easily. I know this is disorganized I just don't care anymore, clearly. Hope I get hired at the Lowes garden center soon

No. 786184

File: 1618756843323.gif (903.31 KB, 443x250, EC14B70F-5CB4-4319-A65E-2A804B…)

>they wouldn’t give me the diagnosis at 40 years old AGAIN!
>this is because they are discriminating against me for being a woman!
>stupid drs don’t know what they are talking about! I’m autistic damn it I KNOW IT, I FEEL IT! I AM VALID, I AM VALID, I AM VALID!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786191

1. I went for a diagnosis once. 2. I said I gave up on therapy. 3. I saged this post. You are being a bitch.

No. 786205

I spent 3 years on a public waiting list (from 29 to 32 lol) because while I did have savings..I was way too scared that this could happen. To spend over a grand and get "well I'm reluctant to say" That's an expensive gamble.

No. 786339

IR gave me too many side effects, I was crying all the time and was super irritable.
How are you feeling on Vyvanse 30mg? I'm just wanting to know what "working well" might look like. I think in the grand scheme (over the course of months) I'm doing better (like I've picked up my language learning again, finished the book I took months to read on/off, started writing again) but I still have hyperactive moments, have no idea what's going on around me when I'm doing something, don't listen in conversations, etc. In regards to productivity I might have to take >>784131 anon's advice. I always tell myself I'm going to make a schedule or plan out my day but never do it. In the past I've never been able to be consistent with a planner, idk if anyone has any suggestions. I'm not even good with journaling, mood tracking, or even my period tracker kek.

No. 786551

sage for word vomit but oh my god i'm so fucking annoyed. i just aged out of my fam's insurance so it was going to be expensive no matter what but man i really did my research finding the best possible resources in my area so i could finally get a proper ADHD diagnosis, the place i went with had great reviews and were even CHADD recommended. one appointment with the psychiatrist was a few hundred even with sliding scale and at the time I thought it went really well because she was nice and confirmed that I have it, but this particular doctor doesn't "believe" in prescribing stimulants for any reason, she put me on a mixture of meds including effexor instead, which (didn't know at the time) can be an extreme med to be on and especially hard to withdraw from. it's not even traditionally FOR adhd so there wasn't a guarantee it would help the most important thing i need help with. the last couple weeks have been a huge waste of time and energy. i was heavily fatigued, nauseous, more stuck than usual and also developed intense, empty, heavy depression which i haven't struggled with much since like 2019. it GAVE me depression and made my adhd worse, my anxiety was only gona because i stopped caring about anything. i told them i was quitting their plan because i physically can't take being on effexor and only a couple weeks later i'm finally feeling good again on my regular meds, the withdrawals took forever and i was only on the lowest dose. i just recently made the connection that the reason my doctor has a stigma against stimulant meds is prob because their treatment center doubles as a rehab facility so they're like, anal about anything thought of as "addictive". i don't have an addictive personality and adderall works for my mom and cousins and ADHD is ruining my life way more than anxiety/ depression but they don't care, they're not budging on it and it's so discouraging because it took me a LOT of effort just to call and get treated after months of putting it off, only for my own doctor to have the same stigma/ misunderstanding of ADHD treatment that so much of the public does.

it's fine though. i don't have time to go back to them and risk them trying to put me on even more antidepressants because i'm going on a trip next week so i just looked into those Ahead/ Done companies and set up a quick online appointment in a couple days, it's cheaper and more ADHD focused so hopefully they'll be more understanding this time. i'm just frustrated that i went out of my way to find doctors that would understand and listen to me and couldn't even get that right.

…also if you're reading this and are about to go on effexor for literally any reason DON'T DO IT. TRY SOMETHING ELSE FIRST. or at least make sure you do a lot of research on it beforehand if it's a last straw med for you. i still can't believe my PA didn't give me a single warning about the extreme side effects, even knowing that i'm particularly sensitive to anti-depressant side effects.

No. 786947


A new drug for asd to keep an eye on, suramin.

No. 787655

ADHD anons, any tips for keeping an agenda/schedule? Do you use a calendar app, a planner, or a notebook?

No. 788299

I started using a planner back in November and it has helped a lot. I just took an old notebook and turned it into a planner by dividing every page into 8 squares and adding the date above every square(I use the last square as a "notes" section) It's the most basic thing ever but it really helped.
Having the whole week on one page helps me visualize stuff better because I see everything at once, I probably would have ditched a planner with one page per day fast since it doesn't give a "general" view.

Making it myself also makes me more aware of how much time I have left for stuff that is planned a long time in advance, since I make every page one by one. (rn it's week 16 of the year, I have prepared pages up until week 32)

If you're crafty or just like to customize stuff it's a great way to also stay "engaged" in it, you're less likely to drop a handmade planner you put effort in than a plain one from a random store (and that's true for anyone really, not just people with ADHD). Hope you'll find something that works for you anon !

No. 789125

File: 1619125063183.jpg (168.87 KB, 1181x1671, 0c80c049df9f73eaa0fdaebae1ecb0…)

I got diagnosed with autism a few days ago. I don't exactly know how to feel about this, are there any academic or research journals/books/essays that are a must-read on autism?

No. 792567

Have any ADHD anons had success with doing cognitive behavioural therapy in addition to taking medication? I have problems with communicating my emotions when I'm in a crisis situation, for example if I'm in an argument with someone it's very difficult to develop the kind of rational train of thought that would lead to a productive discussion.

I've struggled with emotional intelligence for years and only recently come to realize that it's connected (at least to some extent) to ADHD. Tried CBT in the past but now that I'm on meds I think it will be a lot more effective. It would be great to hear some insight from anyone with similar experiences.

I've been working on structuring my time but I didn't think to make a detailed schedule like this, it makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing an example anon.

No. 793014

I'm not well versed in it and I've never actually done the full program you're supposed to do but I think you should look into DBT. It's not just for BPD, it's helpful for anyone wanting to deal with their emotions in a better way. I also think mindfulness which is a core part of DBT is SUPER helpful for ADHD in general.

Just being exposed to the core ideas of it really helped me. And if you really want to throw yourself into it there are workbooks you can do without necessarily seeing a therapist.

No. 793168

This is really helpful. I've done some CBT before but it was really hard to implement without meds. Now I'm on vyvanse, I'm responding well to it, and it sounds like DBT would target exactly the kind of skills I wanna develop. Never knew what the difference was between those two techniques. Thanks for that recommendation anon

No. 793738

CBT really helped me with anxiety, I assume it'll be good for ADHD too. I haven't done it specifically for ADHD but I do apply the CBT concepts myself and it does help. It's good to have a tool like that so you don't only have meds to rely on.

No. 797686

Aww yiss I’m back on Vyvanse baby!

No. 798691

Just coming to sperg but i got technically diagnosed with aspergers as a child/young teen, and now i've come to realise it might have been ADHD all along, but I can't seem to get a diagnosis no matter how hard I try.

I'm a UK fag so the mental health support here is dogshit, I go through a specialist but nothing happens after that; no therapy, no tests nothing.

Does anyone relate or have any similar experiences? getting diagnosed with anything on the spectrum as a girl is difficult enough as it is.

No. 800536

Question to ADHD anons. My psychiatrist said that if I don't have much improvement on Adderall XR then it's unlikely that the other stims are going to do anything else. She said that people typically switch to other ones bc of side effects (igi, I did that with IR because of the side effects).
But I'm wondering if any anons here have had the opposite experience where they actually had benefits on one medication but didn't have ADHD symptom improvement on another? I want to believe there might be hope with Vyvanse or Concerta or Ritalin or something, fml.

She upped my dose and I feel really bad because I'm going to be on 35 mg which is past the max usually prescribed for my height/weight. For me personally, Adderall XR helps my ability to focus on a task and 'lock in' but it's hard to get myself to be structured or planned. It's also hard to break my focus. When I 'lock in' I don't notice family members leaving the house or conversations around me. My hyperactivity is unaffected, if not worse. Ultimately I think I'm just better at sitting and doing a task once I start and that's it, which is so fucking sad and lame bc I feel like I expected so much more from the meds because of stupid shit from the ADHD community with all these success stories. Fml……..

No. 801579

Late but I wanted to add something I recently realized as an autist who can drive but can't bike. Another thing that makes learning to drive easier is that you're probably already used to the sensation of being in a car. As a kid the sensation of trying to bike was really scary and overwhelming and I couldn't get used to it while also trying to balance and pedal at the same time.

This is also super late but for me eye contact usually feels too intimate and emotionally intense. It varies though, the more comfortable I am with someone the easier it is, but it's always kinda hard. Weirdly, if I'm farther away from someone or in dim lighting it helps.

I also have a huge amount of anxiety about how much I should be looking at people in general, not just eye contact, because it feels intrusive and I don't want to accidentally stare, but obviously it's also important for socializing and letting people know you're interested in the interaction.

No. 801907

>the sensation of trying to bike was really scary and overwhelming and I couldn't get used to it while also trying to balance and pedal at the same time.

I actually came here to post about how I lost my job because I couldn't function as a delivery driver. The sensation of driving on the freeway would cause horrible sensations in my arms and legs, in a addition to the nausea I'd feel at night keeping me from sleep, of being projected forward from passing landscapes at high speeds. I feel fine driving local for short period, but holy shit 2-4 hours straight is a nono. I was never diagnosed with autism (never saw someone about it) but the bike thing is also true, my mom used to mock me for being "too retarded" to do it (great choice of words, mom), and I'm wondering if I'm on the spectrum.

No. 801924

Is Adderall XR your first? Are you working with your medication, or do you think it’s a magic pill that will fix everything?

No. 801952

>Adderall XR helps my ability to focus on a task and 'lock in'
So the med is working.
>it's hard to get myself to be structured or planned
It’s entirely a self-discipline matter. Stims do nothing for executive dysfunction tbh. Hyperfixation will always be a problem. You should practice pomodoro method at shortened intervals to avoid getting locked in. It trains your brain to deny that obsessive “can’t stop” feeling.

No. 802001

IR was my first and I switched to XR because of the side effects on IR.
I think what both of you said is right, the medication has limited effects even at its best BUT because I've read so many "magic pill that will fix everything" stories I wanted to think that I would have the same outcome. I was hoping at least that I'd stop having blonde moments but there's been little to no improvement in that regard.
I need to get into Pomodoro so thanks for that reminder. Is there an app or program that you prefer for it?

No. 802002

I also should mention that my hyperactivity didn't go away but it seems to happen now when I'm not 'locked in' to a task. Are there any resources or techniques that any hyperactive anons use? Most of the stuff I've seen about hyperactivity is for parents of boys with ADHD.

No. 802007

ntayrt but I think a big reason why there's this idea that stimulants for ADHD are "magic pills" is because oftentimes kids/teens start them when they're in school, which already provides tons of structure and direct goals and tasks to work on, and discipline. This makes it much easier to see a sudden improvement. Adult life doesn't have all that stuff given to you and so you still have to figure out how to make it for yourself, along with what strategies work for you personally. I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I think stimulants are really helpful but they're only one piece.

I struggle with executive function hugely so I can say you're not alone, it's a scary and frustrating thing to deal with.

No. 807226

Anyone have advice for dealing with facial tics/stims? I was really bad with it as a kid but got to a point where I could repress it in my late teens. Then COVID stress happened and I guess I regressed a bit because they're back. I'm constantly wagging my eyebrows and scrunching my nose like a literal retard and I can't remember how I got it under control when I was younger.

No. 807229

I had a frowning/hard blinking tic that started a few years back. I was in a less than great relationship at the time and so I wasn't very relaxed even in my own home. Noticed that within a few months of us splitting and me settling into a new home it eased off and is essentially gone now.

Eliminating stress through a couple of lifestyle changes seemed to be the key.

No. 808777

getting tested for adhd ladies.

wish me luck

No. 808800

good luck anon
hopefully you'll get the help you're looking for

No. 809103

I got such a late diagnosis that by the time I got it..I had already built up this disliking of autists just through having so many male autists in my life be awful. Either being perverts or crushing on me and becoming stalker-like about it. Refusing to accept rejection or respect my wishes. One turned out to actually be on a sex offenders register but it's ok cos his tism meant he doesn't understand why pedo shit is bad..??

I used to watch documentaries on unusual murder cases, shit like when quiet teens of 14/15 suddenly go out and kill…it's often male autists who had a crush on a girl or who thought being a virgin at 15 was too cruel so they deserved to rape soemone.. I hate that I've seen so many autists that are just awful and now I have the same diagnosis as them. I realistically know their actions are nothing on me, but it still sucks. I don't want to tell people I have this. I pass ok so I just don't say it.

Why are males with asd so likely to be these oversharing fap-happy perverts? Has anyone else met the worst males with it and had to come to terms with sharing a dignosis with that?

No. 809111

Anon, you're female, not a pedo and you have nothing in common with those freaks.

No. 809128

You mean I'm not going to wake up someday and be a furry ageplay freak like my autsistic male counterparts… phew lol

No. 809233

Very unlikely, just stay as far as you can from that type of scrotes!

No. 809733

I do find the differences between autistic males vs autistic females pretty interesting overall. From what I heard from other women and girls on the spectrum is that we're expected to be well-behaved from an early age and boys are allowed to act like apes because that's the "masculine" thing to do. Also special interests that autistic females could have aren't really as noticed as much compared to autistic males.

It's kind of ironic I went from being one of those kids who made fun of the autistic boys in class who showed the more stereotypical traits of ASD (with one of them unironically naruto running and wrapping a blanket around their hand so they can larp as Sonic the Werehog) to being formally diagnosed a few years ago. I find it sad that these days when people think of someone who's Autistic it's a boy like the type I just mentioned or god damn Sheldon from big bang theory.

>I pass ok so I just don't say it.

A lot of people will say to me "but you don't look/seem Autistic" and my personal opinion on that is that people only remember the most cliche stereotypes with Autism and unlike Autistic boys who got to be diagnosed at an early age I wasn't and I have standards to follow, they don't. Personally I don't mind being open with the fact that i'm Autistic even though I easily pass as being neurotypical because otherwise people will still have the same shitty image of Autistic guys like Chris-chan when they think of ASD.

>Why are males with asd so likely to be these oversharing fap-happy perverts?

When guys have people shielding them with "boys will be boys" used to excuse their shitty behavior autistic guys also have that just x10 stronger and applied for a lot longer. People allow guys with ASD to be obnoxious perverts with no social skills because it'd "ableist" to expect them to be anything more than that. They're the reason why autistic women and girls wouldn't start being properly diagnosed until recently and why there's such a pathetic reputation of ASD in general

No. 810702

Dx’d at 37 after a decade+ of depression treatment that never worked. It became very clear very quickly with this knowledge that all my most obvious personality traits good and bad stem from my problems w executive function. Meds helped but idfk what long term treatment is going to look like, thankfully I live in the moment bc I’m incapable of discerning time

No. 810870

So sorry for the late response but this is a perfect answer. More people need to hear it, maybe post it on ADHD women!!

I've noticed that I'm probably locking into tasks for too long. Usually nothing productive but moreso unproductive stuff like gaming. But a few days ago I spent like three hours fixing my CV and skipped dinner in the process. I don't feel any sort of high but I don't know if this might be a sign that my dose is too high?

No. 813123

I spam when i’m stressed or am talking to uncomfortable people how do i stop this HELP bumpbumpbump

No. 813414

I don't know if this is the right thread to ask, but I've been diagnosed with ASD since I was a minor, and I've always had trouble experiencing sexual attraction to people. I'd like to know if this is a common experience, if somehow asexuality or whatever you'd like to call it is associated with ASD or if it's just a result of something else.

No. 813517

I'm an adhdfag but I feel so hard for you ladies, I want to give you a hug. Women with autism deserve to have it classified as a separate illness entirely. The fact that the condition just ~happens~ to present differently in rapist/murder/stalker men vs quiet and socially impaired women is such bullshit. That's not a gendered difference, that's a whole ass different continuum. The medical community should realize that the stigma courtesy of autistic men is probably a contributing factor as to why women aren't being diagnosed with autism despite women having it as well.
Hell I get annoyed enough hearing adhd men complain about adhd when the majority of them were diagnosed at a very young age and don't have as many self-esteem issues as female adhd sufferers bc of it.

No. 813553

File: 1621761691762.png (124.48 KB, 560x560, q2rw3xjjmyt61.png)

It seems to be a pretty common trait that Autistic people are also asexual or just generally have a very low sex drive

No. 813559

>Hell I get annoyed enough hearing adhd men complain about adhd when the majority of them were diagnosed at a very young age and don't have as many self-esteem issues as female adhd sufferers bc of it.

That's a fat mood when adhd guys are like "I was diagnosed as a kid, my mum has done their best to support me and-" like jesus no wonder when something they want doesn't go their way they treat it like it's going to ruin them for the rest of their life

No. 813566

Nta but how reliable is this? 'Asexuals' tend to be (sorry) self-diagnosed snowflakes.

No. 813583

samefag here, it's good to take infographics like these with a grain of salt although it's difficult to dig up whatever qualifies as legitimate stats that covers both asexuality and ASD. Looking at the site where the infographic came from it seems to be run by some people of the asexual community and has posts from 2014. So probably snowflakes but I'll give them credit for bothering to put the infographic in the first place instead of whinging that there isn't any then doing nothing about it

No. 813588

I had an active sex life in my early twenties and then around my mid twenties I stopped wanting any sort of sexual contact. I have a healthy drive for solo play but it's almost a sensory thing for me. Getting up close with people is just too much. I got a late diagnosis of asd so it took me years to figure out where the sudden 'intimacy issues' came from. I'm one of those women who held it together and went under the radar for way too long so I think in my case my once active sex life was me pushing myself to fit norms. I hit a point where (in lots of ways) I just stopped masking and imitating norms. Got burnt out from it.

I think sensory issues are behind alot of asd womens lack of interest in sex. Alot of the time attraction is there if you're looking at someone on a screen but you don't want to actually fuck someone irl. You can enjoy a fantasy but you don't want the reality of it. That seems to be a common thing.

No. 813593

File: 1621766439907.jpg (49.38 KB, 500x500, 1505582792048.jpg)

Fuck, you described me, even to the part where I was pushing myself to be sexually active as a young adult, but lost interest for it mid-twenties, and liking fantasies but not touching actual men. I don't have a diagnosis though.

No. 813594

Autistic women are more likely to claim gender-feels aswell as asexuality and I feel like both are perfectly explained by asd already and don't require extra labels. You don't fit in with other girls…cos you're autistic. You don't want to fuck around and you're awkward around intimacy…cos you're autistic. It doesn't need further explanation or labelling, imo.

No. 813596

it that last statistic is correct I hope it’s true because male autists always ruin families and other people’s lives

No. 813600

>you don’t fit in with it her girls because you’re autistic

Anon you can be a normal functioning human being and not want sex all of the time. Is your male brain in a female body going haywire on you?

No. 813603

What are you talking about? and why is your quote of what I said missing some words.. that are then replaced with random other words that fail to make a cohesive sentence. What? lol

No. 813606

This is such an obvious logical conclusion that I can't believe it needs to be said. Do anons in this thread actually think shit like >>813553 gives the concept of asexuality any legitimacy? All it does is make it less credible because it's so prevalent in people with diagnosed issues.

No. 814306

I've been feeling this so badly today but also I just realised my pill is still on my nightstand
Fucking shit for brains

No. 814364

>pill is still on my nightstand
wth why have I not thought of this. I will accidentally take my meds twice and feel like sweaty shit

No. 814513

File: 1621872230655.jpg (20.64 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

Tbf the best solution seems to be those pillboxes with the days like pic related since putting it out the night before is still something you might forget to do, and then you'll not know if you took it that day or if you just forgot to put it out.
It works for me though because I put out my clothes the night before too and I put everything in the same place so if I'm not wearing clothes I know I also didn't put out a pill. I don't trust morning-me with anything.

No. 815350

How to not hate themselves for having the 'tism I wonder?

No. 815373

I only got diagnosed 2 years ago and I remember my (soon to be ex) partner being cruel about it. We were on the rocks already so anything was fair game I guess. I felt like an actual tard for a while. We split but his shitty opinion on tists stuck with me. My confidence just tanked.

One day I was recommended a channel on youtube. The woman was autistic but it wasn't obvious at all. I went on to watch a whole bunch of different female asd youtubers and overall they came across well. I respected them, I didn't think they were defective or dumbed down by it and all the hurtful phrases my ex had used stopped repeating in my head after that.

No. 815880

I wish I could make use of these, but I'm on two kinds of medication and can't risk them getting mixed up as they're both blue capsules.

No. 816027

Could you not just have two different pillboxes and label them? That's what I do, and there are 'travel' pillboxes if you'd rather have two small ones than one big one.

No. 816181

Thank you for your reply, anon. I've never had a real life boyfriend and I've had quite a few online relationships but I've always broken up with them because they wanted to have sex or make me send them nudes, that sort of thing, which absolutely frightened me. It still does. I wanted to find a way to "cure" this lack of sexual feelings but knowing that other women experience this sort of thing makes me feel less insecure about being the way that I am.

No. 816528

I'm the self loathing anon and I got temporarily over my loathing of the tism as I let what someone here get me down too much. I'm not an inherit failure of a human being just cause I got diagnosed with Autism and " I'm different "

No. 816850

Do any autist anons here identify with being hyperempathetic?

I hate that empathy as a concept has been so misconstrued and degraded in cultural discourse in recent years, because I wish I could talk about being hyperempathetic and how it affects me but there's no way I wouldn't come across as deluded and narcissistic and I have NO desire to align myself with the whole "empath" thing.

Here's the thing: empathy isn't the magical ability to know how someone else is feeling. It's impossible to have any comprehension of what someone else is truly thinking and feeling. This is just the human condition. We can only go off of what they communicate to us and our interpretation of it, which is ALWAYS limited by our personal experience. This is where a lot of autists have issues because we struggle with social cues and reading emotion, and because we tend to feel differently about things than most people do. (idk about autists who struggle with feeling empathy at all, not my lane)

When I say I'm hyperempathetic, I don't mean that I'm actually better than most people at understanding how someone else is feeling. I mean that I feel empathy very often and intensely, sometimes in situations where it's not warranted and where it impairs my functioning, but it's empathy based off of my experience. So basically, I struggle with feeling like everyone else is as hypersensitive and weird as I am. And I've learned enough to know this is not the case, but I can't just turn it off.

I worry that by saying that I'm hyperempathetic people will assume that I think I know exactly how they're feeling all the time, and I hate that, because that's so arrogant and it's important for everyone to recognize the limits of empathy.

I appreciate you saying this anon as someone who has a lot of anxiety about the assumptions people would make about me if they knew I'm autistic.

I don't care about autism being the label for men and women, I just really fucking wish that people would understand that men and women are inherently different.

No. 817073

That sounds similar to what I experience. I'll get these incredible bursts of empathy and emotion overwhelming me at random. I daydream a lot and I'd say multiple times at week at minimum I'll be occupied with something else, think about something sad fictional thing and within 30 seconds my eyes are welling up and my heart starts to sink if I let myself go much longer.

A lot of it is just based on fiction since I don't get out much. I craft all these worlds in my head, then I drift towards any kind of scenario that involves despair or loss and I feel overwhelmed very quickly. I don't know how much of my own life has impacted that, my only major trauma has been with my dad's slow health decline my entire health and eventual passing earlier this year, but watching some of the worst shock videos, like the one of that brick falling from a truck and killing a mother in the car behind on impact, hearing her family screaming and howling, I can't control myself, I feel like I just watched my own mom die and have to turn it off immediately. There's this distinct pitch to a real scream and not acting that sets off some primal terror in me.

I don't know. Right now my chest is trembling just writing this post thinking about all this. Thank you for making this post, I've never actually written down how all this makes me feel and I hope it makes sense.

No. 817111

I'm the anon you replied to, no problem! I saw an article and I'm now considering whether I might have ASD in some way.
I've never considered it because I've only seen people with ASD who have very monotone voices with little visible emotion on their faces (stereotypical I know). Whenever someone makes a comment that my behavior seems autistic I immediately discredit it because of that stereotype as I'm a very sensitive person who shows lots of emotional expression. I can't control my facial expressions which for instance means that I can't lie convincingly. I also have such strong reactions to things on impulse like you said because I relate it back to something I've been through. I think I actually am empathetic though EXCEPT I did go through teenage years with no empathy and I assumed I was a sociopath. I have no idea how I turned around tbh. My psychiatrist has known me for less than a year and she says that I'm likely a Highly Sensitive Person which can just be a thing without ADHD/ASD on its own but I've been wondering if it has to do with my ADHD or possibly ASD if I have that as well.
I guess one thing I should ask you all is if there's something that rules someone out as definitely not being on the spectrum vs being on the spectrum. I know ADHD can seem similar to ASD and I really identify with quite a few of the things on this list. Ik it's outdated but it's pretty comprehensive.

I guess how I came to questioning whether I have ASD is because of recent events. First of all, I have an ongoing project that has been deemed 'autistic' by autists who come across it. Second, I have moments where I say something and apparently it's inappropriate. Like recently I was at the zoo, my dad said something about kids, and I said something like "I don't want kids, they're too expensive" to which my family was embarrassed over bc I said it kind of loud on accident. Kids ARE expensive though so idg why that's so bad to say. It just means that your parents love you so much that they'd rather forgo all of the opportunities that they would have had if they hadn't had you. But I didn't get a chance to add that kek, whatever. Lastly, I guess I just feel annoying in general. I like to go to see animals a lot (zoos, aquariums, pet shops, etc) and I'm always one to be super loud with AWWW or at least show a lot of expression because I get so excited seeing them. I'm now in my early 20s so I get looks like I'm purposefully trying to be annoying because I'm so loud and reactionary at times when I see something that makes me react. I hate knowing that I'm annoying but not knowing whether this is my personality or if it could be something more. Either way I've always felt like two different people between one who is super naive and 'cute' and someone who is strictly analytical and loves strategizing/planning things. Does any of this seem similar to ASD? I swear I wouldn't care if I didn't have such a complex about how my personality has undermined me.
Also just for reference I was an easy crier as a kid.

Lastly, I wanna note that the only people ik who unironically talk about empaths are always some cluster B, 95% of the time they've got major NPD.

No. 817135

Maybe a bit out of topic but traumas and shock videos make anyone highly uncomfortable anon. You're not hypersensitive because you can't stand watching and hearing real people dying and screaming in terror.

No. 817316

It was too extreme of an example, you're right. I wrote that post quickly before bed. To elaborate more, I break down in general seeing or imagining any kind of distress or pain, the severity of it usually not meriting my response. Hearing children scream in public and their parents yelling back, I start crying almost immediately and feel horrendous. Hearing cats or dogs whimper or yelp, especially if it's because of something I did, is gut-wrenching. These feelings linger with me for hours or days after the inciting incident and I get lost in my own world so easily. When my friends are upset or hurting, even over minor things, my brain is dredging up every instance of it in the past and amplifying it.

I feel like there is some overlap with sensory issues for me at least. I usually end up either acting overbearing towards someone and not helping the situation or withdraw completely. It's really fucked up my ability to get close to people and I fear I come off as self-absorbed to them.

No. 817333

Are you under 21 anon? Ofc it's not possible to diagnose anyone through a post but the impression that I get from yours and your writing style is that you're just exploring your personality and maybe a little self obsessed as you mentioned which everyone goes through, especially the part about feeling fragmented into different cliche personality types
Getting carried away with emotions is also pretty normal, if anything it's a feminine stereotype

No. 817407

Two different posters, I'm the 2nd poster, am 28 and was diagnosed ASD when I was 13.

No. 817612

I'm the first anon here >>817111. Sorry if i seemed like I was trying to get diagnosed, I just wanted to clear up if the things that annoy me most about my social ineptitude and the things that contrast the stereotypes of autism that I have in my mind are deal breakers.
I'm 23 also, so no not under 21. Do I sound younger? Damn that's embarrassing but also one of my fears rip

No. 818946

If you do end up getting a official diagnosis, remembered that autism works on a spectrum, you're an individual and that you were socialized differently from most men ( poster picture of autism) and most people who had early diagnosis for better or for worse.
Good luck anon.

No. 818993

Thanks, I decided that I'm gonna go to therapy anyways and I'll ask about it there. If it isn't autism then I could prob be diagnosed with avoidant pd as well kek.

For the farmers with autism who sought out to get diagnosed as adults, what made you want to get diagnosed?

No. 820416

My mistake, please ignore everything I said because obviously I can't even read kek

No. 820481

Is there any benefit to being tested as an adult?

When I was 22, my therapist suggested I might have autism. This new was extremely upsetting to me to the point that I stopped going to therapy- because I was actually in therapy after trauma when an autistic guy stalked me for years and wrote out graphic rape fantasies about me.

So I was not receptive to anything that might "connect" us at the time.

As I've started to approach 30 I wonder more about what she said and I'm curious about a formal diagnosis.

No. 820881


Do what you are comfortable with, I mean self-diagnosing is confusing and a therapist may be able to help put you in proper programs to deal with social or behavioral issues you might have, but like >>818946 said, autism is a spectrum and you are an individual. It doesn't mean you are anything like the person who caused you trauma.

If you feel it may be damaging to your mental health over all I wouldn't though.

The benefit for me was being able to understand myself more and look towards things to help me cope with the rage of feeling retarded.

Speaking of that, has anyone tried loop or other high-fidelity ear plugs to help with overstimulation/misiphonia etc. I just don't want to wear headphones all the time.

No. 820974

I get very intense speshul interest/hobbies, that suddenly stop after a year or so. Now i am "in between hobbies" again and I dont know how to survive the boredom. In the past these period where i have had no obsessions has led to self destructive behaviour (anything is better than being bored) but i finally feel like im past all that but i have no other coping strategys. Im fairly certain this is an adhd symptom but i can never find anything written about it. Everything is so boring help

No. 822492

I get this too nona, I have no idea how to end the boredom. I've had so many weird interests over the years.

No. 822867

What's treatment like in adulthood for those on the spectrum? My psychiatrist told me it's pointless to get a diagnosis because it's treated in early childhood, but don't I have the right to a professional opinion? I don't want to self diagnose, but my depression isn't getting better, certain social aspects have never come naturally to me or with work, and my executive functioning is horrendous. I've read a few female aspie centric books and I hit 80% or more of the personal experiences of the author, especially in childhood.

No. 823803

Knowing that you're on the spectrum absolutely helps guide you in therapy. You can use techniques recommended to avoid autistic burnout, such how to reduce sensory stimuli in public. Your psych is referring to ABA, a type of therapy given to young autistic children to try to make them stop showing autistic behaviors. It is a controversial therapy because it can be quite dehumanizing.

No. 824853

Thanks anon. I can't afford therapy the diagnosis might be useless anyway; I saw my psych 3 times and a therapist once in a single year, two years ago. The last time I talked to my psych was about autism, and she asked me whether or not I wanted friends. I said yes, in which she promptly replied it's likely I don't have it because "people on the autism spectrum don't want friends." I flatly told her that was a misconception. I have two diagnosed friends with large social groups. Just because I suck at socializing and would prefer to be alone, doesn't mean I don't want to have someone I can fall back on on share things with. I'm so worried I could genuinely be on the spectrum and not get diagnosed because so many professionals don't understand it themselves. I have read many high functioning aspies required at least 2-3 professionals before they got diagnosed. I don't have those kind of resources.

>therapy given to young autistic children to try to make them stop showing autistic behaviors

In some regards I am thankful I was not diagnosed in childhood (but I still had to hide symptoms regardless bc I had abusive parents).

No. 825077

I use vibes high fidelity earbuds and I recommend them or similar earplugs (loops look like they work well too). They only reduce sound by 22 dB, so you can still hear music and nearby conversations. Whenever I feel a little bit on edge or in loud areas I just pop them, they're great for cutting out distracting or grating noises (loud air conditioning or machines, the shriller overtones of babies/animals, music reducing, etc). The only thing is that you can't really hold a conversation with them as it makes your voice sound weird and taking them out can feel louder than the area was initially.

No. 825110

Just because you can't afford therapy doesn't mean you can't make changes in your life in light of realizing you're autistic that will make things better. Honestly doing research online and thinking about what you struggle with might be more productive than going to a therapist who doesn't understand HF autism.

I wish I had time to go into more detail but one thing I've been working on is changing my wardrobe to only have clothes I'm comfortable in and not pressuring myself to not dress the same all the time because I realized how much stress I could save myself. Another thing is trying to find ways to reduce the sensory pressure of self care tasks I struggle with like showering and skincare, but this really depends on what bothers you and what you struggle with personally. Thinking about things from a sensory perspective in general has changed a lot for me.
Also there's not a lot of discussion about stimming in this thread but exploring that and allowing myself to do it more freely to a certain extent has helped as well.

I just ordered earplugs from Flare Audio that are supposed to dampen irritating/overstimulating frequencies without blocking any sound. I'll definitely drop a review here when I get the chance to.
I don't have as many noise issues as a lot of autistic people do but I often get to a point where conversation and TV noise makes me very anxious and I'm hoping these will help with that.
I can't stand wearing regular earplugs because I feel on edge without being able to hear what's going on around me and I REALLY don't want anyone to have to touch my shoulder or anything to get my attention.

No. 825118

samefag but also a psychiatrist I saw once when I was trying to get an autism consult told me that autistic people didn't care about what other people think of them. I wish I had disagreed with him in the moment like you did. Even if all autistics didn't care about people liking them, there's still lots of reasons why someone could care about how people see them??? And the idea that all autistics are introverts/loners is just as false.

No. 825823

How the heck do you tell what a person's intentions towards you are/what they think of you? Some days they're engaging and nice, others they're curt or yell. It's exhausting.

No. 825856

Unless you've been intentionally rude to someone it's odd that they would be curt and yell at you just for the hell of it. A friend is someone who is consistently kind to you, not just occassionally, and if they snap over something stupid then they own up to it and apologize. Sounds like this person has issues and is unreliable.

No. 826066

I struggle with this but tbh I think more often people are just in good or bad moods already, or they're tired. It's often more about their mood that day than anything you've done.

So I try not to take it personally unless they've full on been rude to me.

No. 826153

>can't get self to stay awake or focus
>by 2pm I am finally awake and using computer
>allow self small break to browse lolcow on phone
>see no threads have been updated since I last looked
>look up at computer screen to see lolcow also open there
>remember all I've done on the computer is read shitposts

Euthanasia plz

No. 826165

File: 1623244371753.png (169.41 KB, 420x388, wa.png)

this is really conceited and you can make fun of me if u want, but does anyone think they can't get the help they need because they're somewhat conventionally attractive? I am diagnosed ASD/ADHD combined type but everyone just expects me to hold down a job like its nbd and i swear i am lower functioning than some of the biggest cows on this site. but i look like a bit of a stacy and my own bf has admitted that my unmasked behaviour has come as a bit of a surprise (but hes a fuckign coomer nerd so copes with it)

>wants a job

>can't dress for interview
>can't cope with office politics
>short term memory is almost non existent to the point where i'm pretty sure i've made this post before
>"oh you'll be fine! you just need some experience anon!"
>taught self database shit for admin positions
>not a brag its easy as fuck especially for autists
>"how about you go for a receptionist or customer service anon??"
BITCH, i can barely talk to u on the phone

fucking end me, everyone thinks i'm exaggerating or i'm a tumblr munchie but i have a fucking meltdown over a pair of socks or food touching other food. I have so much self hatred over this but ppl think i'm not a retard because my face is somewhat symmetrical.

anyway its all wasted because make up feels like hellfire and I still can't compete w ladies who do proper make-up/hair

No. 826178

I think it ties into the whole 'but you don't SEEM autistic!' expectations people have of women. They think that if women are autistic, they are like autistic men i.e. mostly ugly and unkempt.

No. 826181

>short term memory is almost non existent to the point where i'm pretty sure i've made this post before
Kek ain't that the realest shit

I don't know anything about how hard it is to be a hot stacey model, literally can't relate, but imo you don't need flashy hair and makeup or to learn how to play GoT style office politics even if it feels that way. I find that the most important thing for the workplace is to look clean and tidy and smile when people talk to you.
For clothes you can make a collage of how office ladies usually look in your country on your phone and look at that when shopping. It's okay to look plain if your clothes are in decent condition, I avoid buying anything pale coloured or that needs ironed so that I look tidier. One bright or floral item will make you look friendly if you feel brave.
If you're already pretty you don't need makeup especially if that sets off sensory issues but even a little bit can make you look more welcoming than you feel like a tiny bit of undereye concealer, mascara and subtle brow pencil.
Having neat hair is important though. Mine is frizzy so I learned one way to style my hair into a tidy bun from youtube and I do that every day like an office robot.
tl;dr use youtube to emulate the most generic office lady possible, look clean and smile until your face hurts

No. 826194

Just wait until you start to age and then on top of people expecting you to act normal, they'll equally expect you to have some sort of experience and shit-togetherness too.
It's sad but yeah, generally speaking if you don't look like a social looney most people believe that you're fine and are making excuses.

No. 826244


This was a way nicer reply than I expected and I love u girls
I’m not super hot or anything just a bit above average to the point where, like you all have been saying, the already established misogyny thinks I have no problems in life. The bun is a good idea and I’ve been going with that as well, been watching some tutorials. It looks a bit Jane but kind of gets the job done. I don’t think I smell but I’m aware that is a big concern as well especially because I smoke and I know that can be really nasty so I obsess over bathing. The biggest issue for me is the exhaustion from faking my demeanour/my naivety. I just always feel like I’m missing something and I can easily fall for pranks or scams, or just shitty office gossip (ironic that I frequent this site). I fuck up basic tasks a lot and it’s super embarrassing. Thank u for taking the time to reply to me >>826194
I am getting up there in age ala PT but people think I’m a lot younger due to my behaviour kek. I really want botox but I need to not fail at jobs first and stop being a poorfag. I feel for all you experiencing this shit

No. 826246

Looks a bit jank *

No. 826876

Igi but first of all, you can learn to do your makeup/hair. Trust me, you've got this. Look on pinterest if you need inspo. If you don't have an eye for it then you can look at minimalist wardrobe outfit ideas for how to put outfits together and can better yet pay for stylists to evaluate and organize that shit for you.
As an attractive neurodivergent woman, I think my biggest problem with how others perceive me is that you aren't taken seriously intellectually as a woman, esp a hot one, but then ADHD basically confirms 'oho dumb woman!'. When you talk for long enough, they pick up on your ADHD/ASD mannerisms now you're a 'ditz'. I have so much insecurity about having to prove my intelligence and my intelligence to begin with. I feel like my looks and intelligence should put me on a level above retarded fugly moids but that the appearance of 'relatability' that comes with ADHD symptoms brings me down to earth so to speak (shy, introverted, insecure, but also a bit absent minded and clumsy). I wish I was a stone cold bitch and not bubbly, ditzy, or w/e men perceive me as just because I'm hot and because it makes them feel less threatened by me.
Overall I definitely feel like there's a major hindrance on me socially with ADHD that I still have yet to understand. ASD gives more of an explanation of social ostracization but I don't have ASD. Unfortunately ADHD as it stands is an umbrella term that 'causes' practically everything so I can't necessarily expect to ever have an explanation of why I am the way I am. Idk if anyone else relates but it feels like no matter how pretty I am I'll never be able to do anything with it because of how fucking terrible I am in social contexts. Not because of makeup or clothes, because trust me, even when you're like me and obsessed with aesthetics (think fashionable Pinterest hoe) your social awkwardness still shows through. It doesn't matter how hot I am or how put together I look because my spastic reactions, my inability to maintain eye contact and other insecure body language, and my inability to gauge social cues appropriately will always deflate me to weirdo/normie level. I've always been that out of place attractive person who looks like they shouldn't be in the group of social outcasts but is secretly a fucking weirdo. Not even like I'm addicted to porn but just that I say the wrong things or apparently intimidate people when I'm not speaking. I hate being such an obvious misfit and if I could change it I would in a heartbeat.
People (esp men, fuck them) seriously overestimate how much looks help you. Sure looks can help at face value but whatever ADHD has done to my self esteem and personality basically renders any chance of being perceived as a Stacy hopeless. Not that I care about being a Stacy for male attention either, I just want nerdy fucks to leave me alone and stop seeing me as approachable because I'm a spaz.

No. 826937

anon u replied too, thank u. I am working on the hair/beauty thing but it’s so upsetting that it took me this long to even realise I need to learn! I relate to all of this. Always been the pixie dream ditz, I especially relate to the last part, my friends have always been unwashed neck beards, which is why I feel at home on image boards in the first place. I’ve ruined every good relation I’ve had with normal, good natured women by not maintaining it (internalised misogyny be damned, oh how I want a female friend group. I feel like they all think I’m the biggest NLOG imaginable and in a way I am but… I can’t??? Help it?? Organic nlogs exist and it’s called developmental disorders)

It’s extra awful when you’re young and think you build meaningful bonds with these permavirgin scrotes but then you find out they’re in it for the long con of trying to fuck you. I know that is generally the female experience but imo it’s worse when they’re your only friends. I don’t trust scrotes at all anymore really, unless they’re secure Giga chads who already have hot gfs that they love or are gay.

No. 827237

hello everyone, late term diagnosis of adhd (took me til turning 24 to actually get on with seeing someone for my obvious issues) and while i’m pleased to be on my stimulants and definitely notice a difference but i am reckoning now with the feeling that i was robbed of the ability to take advantage of all the opportunities i’ve had in life because i was inconsistent. like i’d start stuff and never finish it never follow through so i developed no working skills like at all. i feel so old and stupid and since i’m not gainfully employed it feels all much heavier. i know i should just do my best moving forward but i wasted my school years and i wasted my privilege lol

No. 827261

I don't know how much help this will be but many kids don't reach their full potential in education, they're dealing with undiagnosed issues or family problems or temporary hormone insanity. You're still young, be kind to yourself and play by your own rulebook

No. 836326

Does anyone have experience with adderall (xr) killing your sex drive? I think I have that symptom but I'm kind of hesitant to bring it up to my psych.
I'm single so I didn't think lower libido would be much of a problem anyways but I'm to the point of not even being attracted to men anymore. I feel asexual, like I find men to be absolutely repulsive for the most part.

No. 839318

I need your help, anons.
I have a lot of trouble communicating. I have been isolated from the real world for a long time because of the pandemic, and it has hurt me a lot because I don't have any friends to hang out with in real life. The only human contact I get is from my relatives.
I can't even communicate with my online friends, which is why I'm asking for help. I dread the idea of having to speak to my friends when we play videogames, or to talk to anyone privately. Has anyone else struggled with this? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

No. 840165

talking to myself is legit one of my favorite things to do, it can be weirdly calming/ grounding when you're driving around, home alone etc, instead of having them all swimming in my head at once. i've always faked conversations/ scenarios that i've thought of but will prob never even be in while doing something else (like comparable to listening to a podcast while doing another task/hobby), always thought it was out of boredom or me being typical spacey but ever since my adhd diagnosis i realize it makes sense that i was subconsciously using it to help get thoughts out and be better at speaking/ articulating. like if my head feels too "crowded" with noise to the point where i can't complete a thought process i was having, i have to physically either write down or say out load everything i was just thinking in order to be able to think it through clearly and "finish" it, if that makes sense.

No. 843828

shout out to all the nonnies who were diagnosed before it was a trend, love yall

No. 845005

CBT - forcing yourself to do the thing you are scared to do… Until you teach your brain it is not going to kill you to do the thing.

Good luck.

No. 845290

Does anyone else’s parent use you as their dancing monkey for social capital by telling strangers, friends and making facebook posts? I’m only mildly autistic too. I’m sick of this shit, it’s dehumanizing

No. 845378

>if my head feels too "crowded" with noise to the point where i can't complete a thought process i was having
this is actually wonderful to know other anons have similar struggles completing thought processes. i usually get mine during times of high anxiety, of course. mostly when i'm driving and talking to myself, so i can't really do much. even talking it through can be tough. I allow myself to have a minute or five, maybe listen to a song or podcast for a bit until i can function again and i'm back on track. i've had similar instances happen when talking face to face with others and i think i mentally isolated myself for a few minutes before i could figure out what to say coherently, they were pretty patient about it thank god.

No. 847620

Any advice and tips on reading w adhd?

No. 847625

This sounds stupid but use the torch on your phone to illuminate the book you're reading, that way your phone is performing a function so your brain doesn't need to think about your phone.

No. 849238

fellow autist nonnies how do i deal with knowing i should work on my social skills because i actually do want to have more social skills (and don't want to be a fucking femcel), but i do not have the motivation or want to do literally anything that could help.
i'm in cbt but they make me decide exactly what i want to work on, and i've got nothing. i don't actually want to go clubbing, i'm not into dating, i don't drink, i don't like sports, my hobbies are all house-bound… it's like i don't know what i'm supposed to do because i've spent my whole life so isolated, and they won't even make suggestions because i "have to want it myself".
i might be doomed

No. 851138

i don’t have a problem with being a social outsider. i like being a shut in, i like having my solo hobbies, i like doing things on my own, and i especially enjoy saying no to my coworkers when they ask if I want to get drinks after work and going home by myself.
i feel like this pressure to be a social butterfly is something neurotypical people project onto us because they can’t imagine someone who doesn’t want to spend all their free time out to dinner with friends or going to a bar on the weekends, just like I can’t comprehend why they would want to do that in the first place. nothing is wrong with me, i just think it makes more sense to come home and do the things i like than to go out and waste my time doing something i hate.

No. 851182

Basically they are salty you don't want to spend time with them and/or don't rely on others as much for fulfillment. That being said, even if you are introverted, I think you'd enjoy hanging out with the right people in the right setting.

No. 851183

I have a neighbor who is aware I live alone and that I don't get out all that much (he's retired and lives alone, doesn't do much either) For a while there he kept bugging me with
>"don't you get lonely anon?"
I told him a dozen times that no I don't. I love living alone and I love that my neighbors all say hi to me when I'm passing by but they don't knock on my door or invite themselves round to my house. That suits me perfectly! This guy was lonely and wanted an invitation into my house basically. That's what he was getting at.

My dad is the same. I got it from his side of the family. He lives alone and doesn't want visitors coming over. Outside of his kids he just doesn't want to talk to people for hours or have any spontaneous knocks at his door.

No. 851432

>pressure to be a social butterfly is something neurotypical people project onto us because they can’t imagine someone who doesn’t want to spend all their free time out to dinner with friends or going to a bar

I've noticed lots of people can't spend a moment alone with their own thoughts and instead of drugs or food they use other people as a coping mechanism. That need for company that goes beyond just wanting human connection.

No. 852466

Same here although I struggle with forcing myself to be more social out of social pressure, and then I get burnt out and hate myself for a little bit. Anyone else do the same?

No. 852966

Tbh I really like spending time with others, but afterwards I definitely need "me time" even if it eats into my sleep lol… I just need time to relax and sit with myself

No. 853656

File: 1626252215632.png (244.82 KB, 427x253, him.PNG)

Does any of you have any good online resource to recommend about how autism looks in adult women? I found this https://the-art-of-autism.com/females-and-aspergers-a-checklist/ but it kinda feels like pretty much a list of every trait a human can have, do you think it's in any way legit?
I don't want to self diagnose but before I get to any real evaluations I'm hoping to find a way to at least make sure i'm looking in the right direction here. If any of you got the diagnosis unexpectedly in adulthood, what were the signs for you?

No. 853673

not an aspie but recently got my adult adhd diagnosis (30 yr oldfag) and I feel like this a lot. maybe look into both?
the adhd "checklist" was brutal and uhhh enlightening to say the least. I told the psyc I felt pretty targeted and he said haha, oh no dropping the link for you if you're interested

No. 853681

Thanks for sharing, I didn't even think of ADHD (my therapist just suggested I might be on a spectrum); but in the test you've linked I found myself a lot in the gray zones, definitely gonna look into it too now.
Did getting a diagnosis lead to you getting help better suited with your needs or was is just a clarification that didn't change much in your life otherwise?

No. 853687

funny you ask, I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow to see about getting medicated (or at least off ssri's and onto stimulants). fingers crossed, most people I've spoken to with the prescription have said it really helps. I also have to go to talk therapy etc. been twice and it's been food for thought at least. feeling a bit calmer and a lot more vindicated. I'm in Aus so idk about you but the process has been super long and like jumping through hoops but definitely look in to getting diagnosed.
I think there might be a crossover, I've definitely considered Asperger's because it also runs in my family. do you have many family members with a history? it can sometimes be masked under mirroring or substance abuse etc. cause of the whole self medicating thing. is there any way you can use medicare or whatever to see if you can get into the system at least? it's a far bit arduous
sorry for massive blogpost lmao

No. 853704

I suppose feeling calmer and more vindicated could be exactly what I'd hope to get out of it, I kept seeing various therapists for years with no real result, now is the first time someone would even mention being on the spectrum and that could maybe explain some things. As far as I know no one in my family has it but in my country (Poland) people really like to avoid any mental evaluation whatsoever; so it could just go unnoticed.
Hope it goes well with the psychiatrist! You've said you've been to therapy twice, you think you'll be going for it again or putting your hopes in getting medication that helps for good at the moment?
Also no worries, I've asked and it's not even that massive haha

No. 853806


Its not a definitive list but I find this list pretty enlightening. It's not so broad as the one you linked, there's some really specific traits in there. In any case, this is just one researcher's collected observations, not really hard data but not without merit either. I sent it to my other aspie female friends and we all felt very seen by it lol

No. 853885

Thank you, this is very useful, and good to know it really fits what diagnosed women notice in themselves! Will help me a lot with discussing it with my therapist next time I see her

No. 854026

Does anyone else here only date guys/girls also on the spectrum? I am fairly attractive and NT passing at times (not trying to humblebrag i swear) and sometimes my friends think it’s weird that I only date spergy guys, but they’re the only ones who understand the most vulnerable parts of myself

No. 854068

I wish I had such pleasant experiences with those on the spectrum mine have been mixed to negative and i have only one known autistic friend

No. 854109

After being diagnosed I kept hearing from various professionals that the majority of ASD women in relationships are with ASD men, whereas ASD men are more likely to be with NT women. At the time I thought that was a bit odd since most ASD women are much better at passing for NT than men are. Though I suppose it makes sense in that there are significantly more ASD men than (diagnosed) ASD women and in my experience NT men tend to be less tolerant of spergy behaviour in their partners than NT women.

Anyway, I do think it makes sense to want to date someone who has a similar personality type and lifestyle as you do. I could never be with someone who wanted to go out all the time, or constantly have people over or be super spontaneous and unpredictable. My husband has never been diagnosed but he definitely fits the “type”. Although it’s nice to be with someone who doesn’t have all the same vulnerabilities I do, so we can comfort and take care of each other when necessary rather than shutting down at the same time. I worry that if I were in a relationship with someone more autistic than I am, I’d always be in caretaker mode and have no time or energy left for myself.

No. 855332

not on the spectrum but i'm ADHD and i can kind of relate but i also never knew that i had it. my long-term bf and i just found out this year that we both have it, super late diagnosed (late 20s) and i don't think we ever would have gotten diagnosed had i not randomly started taking quizzes for it/ remembered how much of my family has it/ started putting it together. i just think it's crazy that the reason we felt like the only people who could 100% actually understand each other, never really fight or annoy each other is probably a lot to do with having the same kind of brain neurotype and i'm SO relieved i found him early because dating has always been really annoying and exhausting for me in general. my only ex that i even consider a "real" ex gives off huge ADHD vibes looking back on it, and weirdly almost every girl i've ever had a crush on ended up being autistic/ADHD or found out they were later (only women though?? idk). anyway lol all that to say i think a lot of it is subconscious and idk why mine has such a strong unintentinal pull but i think it's just kind of like… a need to be truly understood/ empathized with about the things we struggle with that NT people consider "easy", and not just in a base level pity way. it makes sense, even the majority of my close friends are OCD/ADHD and somehow i went through life never noticing any patterns or wondering why.

No. 855566

Is anyone here diagnosed with pdd-nos? (pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified). I was diagnosed as a child but didn't really get much treatment. From what I understand it's no longer a diagnoses and nowadays falls under the ADS umbrella. I'm thinking about getting tested again because even now as an adult I struggle with social interactions and anxiety a lot and I feel like I need something as a startingpoint to start solving my issues but I'm also scared of getting "autism" black on white I guess. Can anyone relate or is anyone in a similiar situation?

No. 860615

File: 1626970208465.png (237.66 KB, 1896x1474, autist.png)

Uh so I'm definitely on the spectrum somewhere but have never even had a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist bring ASD as a possibility up. I'm shocked bc my story fits the autistic female profile to a T.

I don't know if I'll ever try to get legitimately diagnosed. I've seen in the female ASD community that they're accepting of people who are self-diagnosed with decent enough evidence. I really only would want to get diagnosed just to confirm my own suspicions and maybe for my own closure. I'm seeing a therapist soon because my psychiatrist currently just says I'm a HSP (highly sensitive person) on top of having ADHD. I hate to be skeptical but I have been misdiagnosed so many times which of course includes retarded diagnoses like BPD and bipolar.

Aside from my own internal dilemma, for the most part I just want to stop coming off as 'quirky' and different from other people. Is there a guide for autistic women on how to manifest confidence and lessen your autistic mannerisms? My masking is good in small talk but not so good with people I have to see on a regular basis. On the flip side I've heard it's better if we just be ourselves but that would likely result in being called a bitch.
Also are there any good resources that anons would recommend for women who suspect that they have ASD?

No. 860622

Is anyone else terrified of autistic men? The stuff about women with ASD gravitating to males with ASD fucking scares the shit out of me.
I've always felt like autistic women were better than the men but lord ever since browsing the ASD community and seeing the amounts of degeneracy, victimhood, and narcissism/antisocial characteristics I've began to hate autistic men so much. I was childfree to begin with but now I'm even more against having kids since ASD is genetic and I'd kill myself having to be a mother to an autistic son. I just legit fear for mothers of autistic men seeing how many autistic men kill their mothers.
> in my experience NT men tend to be less tolerant of spergy behaviour in their partners than NT women.
Which I don't get at all bc I think I (and other women with ASD) have better emotional intelligence and mental health management than the average NT man. If anyone has any tips on attracting NT types and not sick autistic ejaculators I'm all ears.

No. 863736

There’s nice autistic moids out there anon. Esp. the ones too oblivious to be skilled manipulators

No. 864192

any strattera anons in here? kind of want to get some opinions on how well it's worked for others or what your side effects were/ how it helped your ADHD. I've been on 40mg in addition to wellbutrin which i've taken 150mg of for years, it's been 3 ish months now and so far is way better compared to my other options (effexor is literal hell on earth and every psych i've been to is anti-adderall) like virtually no negatives, actually seems to be helping me with my focus/ motivation issues, works well with my other meds. the one catch is that it's giving me mood swings that i really hope will mellow out and fade away. i'm normally not a super irritable person (def have emotional dysphoria and have always been really sensitive but my mood swings are more of depression/ sadness/ anger at myself and never really at others) but i've been getting irrationally mad at things almost every day the past week or so. like i snap at my boyfriend and feel horrible about it, it's like i can feel myself being mean and still can't help myself from doing it and always over the smallest issues. i know it's not as bad or dramatic as i make it out to be in my head (it makes me feel like i'm turning borderline abusive/ bpd/ unstable which i swear i'm not lol) and i at least still have self-awareness, plus he's super understanding about it because i'm adjusting to meds and he's ND as well, but i can't take feeling like a cunt for much longer. i could take into account the fact that i've been thrown into a high stress environment this month (dealing with moving/ leaving our house that might have exposed us to mold, complicated out of state transfer stuff, navigating unemployment and financial shit, health issues etc) but even then i find that for at least 1/4 of my day i don't feel like myself especially when i'm aggressive and irritable. i'm gonna ride it out and see if it improves when my life gets easier and we settle into our new place but i'm just like starting to get scared of losing my personality to this.

TL;DR has anyone experienced strattera turning you into kind of a raging bitch when you weren't a raging bitch beforehand and if so what did you do to fix it

No. 864838

How does one differenciate between being in the autistic spectrum and having a lot of past trauma and social phobia?
I feel that some characteristics of ASD ressonate a lot with me, especially the part about having to "learn" social cues, having uncommon sensibilities, being extremely shy, having trouble looking people in the eye and not being able to be perceived as normal no matter how hard I try. But I also recognise that I'm completely fine with irony and knowing when a statement is literal or not, although I can't recall much of when I was a kid.
My doubt lies in the fact that I grew up in a bad household and have been dealing with trauma and coping for as far as I can remember, literally. So I feel kinda guilty as if I were trying to justify my stupid meek behavior with a syndrome. I talked to my therapist some time ago and he said that I should rethink before pursuing a diagnostic because it takes a while and I could just waste money, time and energy, so I really want to be certain.

No. 869648

I relate to this so hard anon. I say go for it if you can afford it.
I'm diagnosed but a lot of my symptoms didn't show up until I was in my mid teens (sensory issues, trouble making friends, not being interested in sex, monotone voice, barely any facial expressions). I've always been shy and unattentive but basically all my symptoms came around after I was groomed by a pedo and my mom was mad at me for it (kicked me to the curb for years and took away all my confidence). I fit the tism profile but idk maybe I'm just depressed and traumatized lol. I also have adhd which I think plays a big role in the not listening thing

No. 872517

I have ADHD and likely Aspergers as well, was fucking around with a numerology calculator, and got a couple results of indicators for numbers associated with aspergers/ADHD/OCD/autism. I wanna suggest ADHD/autistic anons might try it to see how accurate it is.


I think you have to use a laptop (not mobile) because you have to hover the numbers to see the descriptions. Use your actual full name.

No. 890837

Sorry for necro, nonnas.
Is there are a point at getting diagnosys at all? I think I might be on a spectrum, even people who know me well keep saying this. I already got psychiatric help at past and my doc said that there are some signs of autism for sure, but she dismissed it and said that there are no such thing as adult autism and only children have it. Idk about that, I know one autistic adult personally (with official diagnosis and all that). So, is it me being an eccentric shut in with no social cues, tism rage induced self-harm and dumb hobbies, or is this really autism?
Honestly, I don't care about diagnosis if it would not help me in any way. Do people get some sort of help after that? Like, would they train me like a dog to be a normal person or what?

No. 890845

There's no point unless you're trying to get neet bux by larping being pants-shittingly retarded. At worst, having it on paper can be used against you.
Like I don't know any diagnosed "functioning" autist who gets any help for their autism. At most they see a generic therapist. In fact I don't even know if there's any designated program for adults that's not extremely niche and experimental. We're kinda just supposed to learn to mask on our own or get fucked.
No one can train you to embody "normalness". There's no therapeutic cure for being a social retard, you need a good honest friend to socialize you then maybe you can improve. See a trauma-informed therapist for self-harming behavior and emotion dysregulation, but really no one can stop you at the end of the day. Having dumb hobbies is not a problem.

No. 890856

Lol, thank you.
My doctor once suggested therapy, but I looked up how much it costs and was like "what fuck no".

No. 892978

Very late reply, but I got similar side effects from Strattera. Otherwise the perfect drug, not stimmy, helped me focus, slept like a vaby and woke up refreshed and happy every morning. But every afternoon when the drug started wearing out, I got extremely angry to the point I actually thought I might hurt random people. I wanted to punch people and brick walls, the sheer hostility was very scary to me. At home I screamed and cried at my husband for forgetting to buy a carton of milk, and I was even annoyed enough at my sweet pet wanting my attention that I pushed them off the bed. I was punching my bed and screaming into my pillow every day after work. Oh and I also experienced skull splitting headaches and nausea. I tried titrating the dose to be as miniscule as possible, but I had to give up trying after four weeks because I was seriously worried I might lose my job or husband over a meltdown. I had never been violent or hostile towards other people in my life, aside from being annoyed for slightly inconvenient every day things and some slight self harming in my teens, but Strattera made me absolutely insane with rage. It’s really telling how bad I need help with ADHD when I just pummeled through side effects like these just for the faint hope of getting a better quality of life.

Tl;dr Strattera gave me Hulk rage and I had to stop taking it, 1/5 would not recommend

No. 892989

Is there ANY herbal supplements for overstimulation/mood regulation for autism? Laugh at me for being antiscience or whatever, but I always have the worst side effects when I take conventional medicine and I'm tired of playing Russian roulette with meds.

No. 893032

File: 1630018505514.jpg (33.32 KB, 640x466, FB_IMG_1609810733201.jpg)

Could anyone explain to me what the benefits of an adult diagnosis might be?

I suspect I might have autism or ADHD, but a psychiatric evaluation would be very, very expensive and I absolutely couldn't afford to do more than one (as I hear that sometimes people have to seek multiple opinions before they find out what's wrong with them). When I was younger in school/college, it would have been helpful as I could have availed of more supports, would have been given allowances for exams, could have gone to an agency which specialises in hiring people with autism to help me find a job etc. but now that I'm older, out of the education system and have a job, is there any point in seeking a diagnosis? I know a lot of people receive a diagnosis later in life, and if someone reading this has, maybe you could let me know briefly how it has helped you? I guess my main motivations right now are: it would help explain a lot of my past, I might go easier on myself when I show symptoms, and I could join a group which might make me feel less alone?

Sorry for the rant, I just want to make sure this is something that would actually benefit me before eating into my precious savings.

No. 893048

If it doesn't actually affect your life to where you feel like you need an answer then you probably don't have it or are on the lighter end of the ADHD and autism spectrums. For me personally ADHD symptoms were a major insecurity for my entire life. I'm medicated now and I still have attention issues, medication doesn't fix everything but people don't tell you that. Overall my self-esteem is the biggest problem. I think therapy is helping with that, not the medication.

Also as far as I know, disclosing ADHD to an employer will only hinder you. Most people still associate ADHD with being a dunce and you'll be seen as an employee who is a liability at best. If you go back to school though I HIGHLY recommend getting an ADHD diagnosis as it can help if you need to take tests in quiet, private environments through disability services. I'm in grad school and ik it might seem dumb to some that I'm a graduate student who is asking for 'special accommodations' but things like pen clicking and other people fidgeting can really distract me to where I might have a mental breakdown. If you can relate to that, then yes, get diagnosed with ADHD to make use of this.

What symptoms do you have if you don't mind specifying? Tbh I've been diagnosed for like a year now and while I think groups could help, I'm too scarred from seeing people with diagnoses using their ADHD as reasons to not shower or something. Maybe that would help your self confidence though kek.

No. 893070

I've been reading through this thread all day and it seems like people are totally divided over the idea of getting a diagnosis lol. I don't have a plan to go back to school but if I did, I absolutely would be seeking a diagnosis because I see how much it would have genuinely helped me to have accommodations.

Yeah, sure! If anyone relates to these, they could chime in and apologies in advance for how long this is lol:
>I'm painfully shy like agoraphobia, but I've never been diagnosed. I usually have to get my bf to do basic things for me like make calls or order for me in restaurants. I fidget a LOT (which irritates others) and engage in obsessive things like skin picking, comfort eating, plucking my hairs and binge-drinking. I'm very socially awkward ("small talk" stresses me out and I usually end up saying unintentionally inappropriate or offensive things to people all. the. time.) and I find it really difficult at work (I'm silent/frozen during meetings, my suggestions - when forced out of me - are met with weird looks, I never ask questions out of crippling fear of looking stupid and I definitely don't stand up for myself when I really really should). I just find it difficult to express myself properly in general (I've probably typed up these two posts a million times) and struggle with really basic shit that others don't seem to have an issue with. I'm VERY sensitive to sound (crowds, repetitive sounds, certain music makes me have to leave the room or I feel like I'll explode). Had a situation where I was subjected to a certain sound for hours daily and it just consumed all my thoughts, made it impossible for me to get anything done. I have a lot of tiny weird interests and seem to attract a lot of people with autism/mental illnesses into my life because of sharing those interests. I can't name anything specific because I obsessively get into new things and then immediately drop them out of boredom. I would consider lc one of these weird interests and anything that has endless scrolling is dangerous for me. Also, I had terrible results in school despite studying harder than anyone I knew.

No. 893089

I think I'm dysfunctional enough to get autismbux if I was formally diagnosed but I don't want to do that because I think the way things are going it's likely the gubermint will not people with developmental disabilities own firearms, and also they might force me get the Covid Clot Shot.

No. 893100

If it's not bad enough for you to be desperate for meds and you are tight on money… probably it isn't worth for you

No. 893395

Does anyone have any advice on getting assessed for ADHD/ADD in the UK?

I've been struggling with some of the symptoms for a while and things really started to click once I started seeing more information about it, but when I mentioned it to a GP last year she referred me to the mental health nurse at the practice. When I brought it up with him he only really gave some basic advice about organisation and said there was a 2 year wait list to get referred, which left me feeling a bit blown off and concerned about trying again via the GP route.

I would be willing to go private but I'm not sure where to start - looking online and most things recommend going to a GP first. I'd give it another go with them, but I'm not very good at being firm and I'm worried about getting blown off again.

Any advice/input would be much appreciated! I'm more of a lurker than a poster so I hope it's alright to ask.

No. 893586

The funny thing is that the autism/adhd accomodoations are just as helpful for normal people. Extra time on tests? Flexible deadlines? Ability to take tests alone by yourself? Ritalin? These things would benefit literally everybody, so why not take them if you can get them. I knew a number of totally normal people in HS/college who got extra time on tests in particular because their parents doctorshopped them an ADHD diagnosis (they told me this). So like, definitely get them if you genuinely are supposed to get them lol.

No. 893634

I've been trying to go unmedicated for two years now. It's alright. I used to take Vyvanse and then adderall but stopped because of TMJ shit. Kind of a stupid question but damn does it seem like normies are getting prescribed ADHD meds? I almost feel a societal pressure to take my meds 'cause if I don't I'll be operating on a different wavelength than everyone else, at least that's how it feels like. The normies who seem to have prescriptions are like anal retentive crazed embodiments of Focus. It's kinda scary but whatever.

No. 893664

File: 1630104426864.png (364.29 KB, 426x576, 02--rijopanv'Z.png)

Dealing with mental health issues for years, suspected I have a range of things from BPD to schizophrenia to a wide variety of mental illnesses that I thought I had because I felt something was wrong with me all throughout my life but never once thought of the possibility that I could be autistic because I knew autistic kids and they were retarded.

No matter how much I worked on my mental health and how much I tried to improve I always fell back into binge eating, skin/scalp picking, wasting time investing in short-lived obsessions, and not being able to keep a new habit to save my life and these new habits included studying, I couldn't keep any good habit ever.

Other things like sensory stimulation were always a big part of my childhood, I was a weird kid because I liked to touch my belly button all the time (along with other parts) because I liked the texture, I still love leathery textures the most, I can be very easily irritated by noise and crowds and I had a couple of public meltdowns while being forced to work with others with too many stressful surroundings, always picked the wrong emotional expression, can't react appropriately (in an organic way) to most situations, I learnt to fake happiness
and gratitude when someone gets me a present or in a situation when I'm expected to be happy but it's still hard for me to not laugh/react in a way that makes people hate me in situations when everyone is sad and crying or experiencing negative emotions.

I have slight face blindness, can't make eye contact, have zero body language, monotone flat voice, I stim and fidget, social phobia, I have bad mood swings, and there are times where I can't talk and just want to isolate myself (later learnt that it was called selective mutism) which led me to not keep any sort of relationship and the only people I was able to keep in my life were other autistic people.

When I realised that I wasn't getting better despite my best efforts I started doing therapy, therapist started with the whole gifted child syndrome and with a few sessions we finally started talking about autism and it clicked… I might be autistic, I did some research and talked with my other autistic friend, I mainly did all this research to tell myself that I'm normal and not sperged but the more I researched the more I realised I'm not a quirky snow-flake but rather a sperg, all of my quirky unexplainable traits turned out to be autistic traits, my therapist thinks I'm autistic but I'm not gonna get diagnosed as I'm still in denial and I'm writing this post while in a headspace where I'm more accepting to the fact.

I tried working on the things I listed above for years and I'm getting better at taking control over them to the point that I'm trying to convince myself that if I can force appearing normal that I'm normal but just haven't socialised enough.

One thing this half diagnosis suspect helped me with though is talking more in-depth with my friend who's been diagnosed [as an adult] for over a decade now, it seems that people who are sperged or high functioning usually go unnoticed and are dismissed as quirky kids because they don't smash their skulls during breakdowns but it becomes apparent once they're adults and have to deal with the world on their own, I felt a bit of a relief to know that it's not entirely my fault that I've been getting progressively worse at many things including speech which is a big one.

Also kind of relieved it's likely autism and not schizophrenia because the symptoms are somewhat similar in some aspects

I can't say that I have autism for sure but it's a high possibility that I'm not willing to seek diagnosis for it but it's helpful to know that if I'm going through one of these days I'll look up how retards cope with them.

on a side note,
It's easier to live with being quirky than with being autistic because knowing myself I'll get so caught up with it I'll start exaggerating my symptoms unconsciously as if I'm playing a character because that's what I felt like I was doing my whole life… playing a character.

No. 893762

File: 1630124574270.jpeg (127.95 KB, 1067x800, C0946C8B-47A3-4503-85C7-BFF7D3…)

Ask to get referred ASAP by your GP to the specialist clinic, have a friend make sure you fill out the survey it’s a huge pain and requires input from friends/family. I think because of the bump in fad diagnosis, they’re just wary of anyone coming in and asking for one.

I highly recommend collecting/writing down all instances in your life where you’ve failed do something due to executive dysfunction especially things have have majorly disrupted your life. It feels like death doing it, but it’ll be helpful and you can be specific and clear since they’re looking for any reason to deny you unfortunately. I uh flunked out of uni the first time so I normally drop that one like a bomb.

There’s also a new route where you can get accessed privately and then referred into the NHS system.

Good luck!

No. 894294

Good luck ever getting a diagnosis since it does seem to be crippling you quite a bit.
As a warning you may feel like shit at first do to stereotypes but it should even out with age

No. 894297

Thank you! Knowing that there are some specifics that can help when going to a GP makes me feel a bit better about it (not quite Uni but I absolutely bombed during 6th Form, from B's to E's/U's), as well as private > NHS referral being an option.

Do you happen to have any advice on mentioning specific symptoms? There are a few I could mention but I'm also worried about coming across as "went on the internet and wrote things down", if that makes sense

No. 894325

I've been an unmedicated autist for a very long time. I refuse to take anything for mental illness because when I was little my dad would push higher doses on me to punish my mom. I could barely stay awake and got super fat.

I'm starting free phone therapy soon and I hope they don't give me any pills.

No. 894789

File: 1630256326430.jpeg (130.24 KB, 828x913, E6DFD6F9-B271-4DFB-AA37-75479E…)

Since they’re doctors who don’t have ADHD so I would try to focus not on the stuff that gets posted online as like “same bestie I also tap my foot and sit sideways in chairs” but on specific instances that have made your day to day life difficult like not being able to keep up with your schedule, having a hard time focusing so simple tasks take a long time etc. Also if you tell them about techniques you have for coping/organising and how they aren’t enough. I keep checklists of repetitive daily/weekly tasks for instance. You could also talk about how Covid/quarantine made things worse by entirely destroying your ability to keep a daily schedule since everything is online. Just a few suggestions maybe other nonnas have some more.

Overall I would focus on what you explicitly want out of getting treatment. Do you want medication? Do you want someone to help you organise your life/develop strategies?

In general I think the uh “I have fifty identities in my twitter bio” types mostly approach these things as like “I identify as it and I don’t want to do anything about it because I’m valid and sexy uwu” whereas we want to get treatment because it’s fucking up our lives.

No. 897273

A little late as I was working the bank holiday but, thank you anon!

Online stuff I've seen that have lined up with my issues have been referred to as time blindness, dead time and object permanence - I do keep in mind that some of the generic stuff you mentioned as example are just far too "omg same I also do (generic thing) so I must also have it" but I'd still feel as if I'd sound like a twat by throwing something like "time blindness" into the ring, even if it's a big problem.

I don't want to waffle on at you so thank you so much again for the advice! This is the first time I've asked about this online before (never wanted to come across as self-diagnosing so I never put it out there) and you've been really helpful. I feel like I've a better grasp of how to approach this now and making notes of the daily effects its having will definitely be a good start, hopefully I can be firm with the GP when the time comes.

I hope you're having a nice day!

No. 897786

Is the UK still diagnosing people as Aspergers/Autism or have they switched to ASD levels already?

No. 899219

I’m so skeptical/against these things generally but I genuinely found cbd oil helpful it would also make my heart rate really slow so it was actually doing something. Not sure if that counts as a “herbal remedy” though.

No. 922213

I want to have a formal ASD diagnostic just for the sake of having an excuse for being so fucking weird and stupid. If someone feels wronged by my behaviour I'll just say "Oh, I'm autistic". I won't give a single fuck if that makes people think I'm a retarted bitch. I don't wanna deal with this shit anymore, if I had known more about ASD as a teenager things would be so much easier. I don't wanna feel like i need to apologize for bothering others with my existence. I don't even care if end up figuring out that I'm not really autistic

No. 938414

Im in the same boat as you although i’d get disappointed if i find out i’m not. If i’m not autistic then why am i like this? You know?

No. 938423

ASD has come up at some of my mental health appts and the last time I went they were really pushing me to consider the assessment. Seems pretty likely that I have it. I was quizzed on certain things just on the spot and I was answering in a way that further convinced them. Since then I've reflected and I seem like the most obvious autist to ever live lol. I somehow never pieced it together before age 29 though. I don't want to confirm it at this late stage though.

I've told 3 people about it since. My dad and then 2 others. Tbh I feel like the other 2 are viewing me through a new 'tard lense' ever since telling them. I kinda regret ever opening my mouth. If I made it to near 30 then I'm not severely autistic but people do view you differently.

No. 938456

I mean look. It's not like autism has a known biological basis or anything like that. It's not like they can tell from your blood. At this point being "autistic" just means you're kinda weird & awkward. So you can just like… say you're autistic. This isn't like, stolen valor, or a lie, because there are no real criteria for it.

Basically if you act weird, you're autistic, and if you're autistic, you act weird. So if you act weird, and dont give a fuck about people thinoing you're a sped, you can just say you're autistic, you don't need some official diagnosis. Like… no one you're talking to can verify that you were diagnosed or not. And personally, if someone said to me "sorry im autistic or some shit idk" i would believe them more and be more sympathetic to them than someone who was like "I'm autistic! I was officially diagnosed!" like if you need someone else to tell you you're weird, you aren't that weird.

No. 938458

File: 1634226306784.png (77.23 KB, 1061x320, death threats.png)

Uh, what the fuck.

No. 938574

File: 1634232787866.jpg (10.7 KB, 261x193, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

just dont interact with astrology, numerology or any other ridiculous shit like that. just dont give them a single nibbet of the attention they want. they're just as retarded as religious people, but even more annoying.

No. 938622

I fucking nibbled on your attention teats, neurodivergent numerologyphobe nonnie. thanks for the attention

No. 938804

anons is it an adhd/autism thing to 'dance' and sing along to music like…constantly
like if I hear music i will just start moving side to side slightly and if i know the words sometimes ill sing along quietly. i feel like that is fairly normal but at the same time ill be the only one bobbing my head in the grocery aisle lmao, and i do it at work too.
I'll also get snippets of songs (or like tiktok sounds) stuck in my head and ill have the urge to sing and repeat them constantly, or often i end up just humming along

No. 938871

File: 1634253368800.jpg (414.76 KB, 2560x1440, 1634238889408.jpg)

I was diagnosed with autism as a small child, and then later on I got autism diagnosis from unrelated doctor as a teen. None of my teachers were informed, and my parents told me to never tell my friends, so idk I don't really feel very "autistic" until I'm forced to socialize. I'm fine in formal settings (when I'm a teacher or in position of power), but I struggle with people I'm supposed to be friendly with. I can't do eye contact, I start stuttering, talking about unrelated shit, I interrput others and say the meanest shit without any ill intent. I don't know if it's my autism or what. But I'm 22 and I still feel like my social abilities are of 8 year old stunted child, I'm awful to be around. Same with certain sounds and textures, I cringe or gag every time something is just not perfectly smooth or pleasant. I can't eat anything besides a specific kind of bread, cheese, and vegetables&fruits that have soft nice inside and skin I can peel. I don't know, I don't really feel like a proper autist, but I know something is wrong with me. Sorry for this loony post.

No. 938901

Ayrt, you're right lol. I don't believe in stuff like that but my result was so jarring I couldn't help but worry just a little bit when I saw it. If anything it's just a weird time waster i guess.

No. 939135

I can't tell if I'm an aspie or just weird. I display pretty much all the symptoms, except I'm good in social situations.

I realized my dad is probably an aspie though. He actually has all the symptoms, but would be incredibly high functioning.

No. 939199

Your post isn't loony I relate to a lot of what you described. Also I like the anime's pic you used. You sound like a very capable and intelligent person, I find it impressive you can mask so well to teach despite interpersonal social difficulties. That interrupting others and saying the meanest shit without ill intent gives me the worst feeling, they think I do it on purpose and explaining yourself and apologizing just makes it look like excuses or lies to neurotypicals. I feel like they have higher standards for asd/pddnos/etc types because we can mask well in certain settings and they forget we are't "normal". Leads to feelings of guilt and imposter syndrome on my end. Honestly it sounds like you are doing the best you can and you should be proud of yourself.

No. 939248

I've always struggled to study and pay attention in class, was absent minded, impulsive etc but was lucky enough to not have to work hard to get good marks so my ADHD slipped by until the age of 25 when I started to have to cope with housekeeping, doing a masters thesis and looking after my pets. Was diagnosed this week and started slow release 28 mg methylphenidate/Concerta generic and I'm just kind of baffled with how it been working. I've read people say that if you don't have ADHD stimulants make you hyperactive etc and don't have that effect on people with ADHD, which I thought was bullshit. But my constant fidgeting has decreased and I just feel kind of chilled out, my mind is quieter and I have to only do a minute or do of hyping myself up to do a task instead of fucking hours or days. I had to write a final assignment/exam this week which was the best work I've ever produced and I'm pissed that it took so long for me to get help. My impulsivity has gone down a bit too. Downsides are that the Concerta has given me skin flushes when wearing off, a bit of anxiety, some light headedness, completely gotten rid of my appetite and made me work for hours without remembering to take any breaks. It also takes me a longer time to fall asleep. That's a considerable list and I hope some of these symptoms subside after a week or two when my body gets used to it, especially because the anxiety may be from the massive exam. Otherwise I'll have to consider low dose Rit only for when I need to work.

In any case its nice to feel validated that my ADHD is actually a thing, because I've always just felt like I'm a lazy useless fuck who only reaches 60% of their potential. Years of my teachers and parents telling me I need to just apply myself and pay attention, not be so careless etc.

No. 939274

File: 1634302439039.gif (502.05 KB, 498x498, yuuko-nichijou.gif)

After getting told by a doctor when I was 6 that girls don't get autism, years of shame and denial, a year and a half on a wait-list, and about a years worth of meetings I am FINALLY diagnosed!
It feels bittersweet, I wanna be happy but I'm not going to tell anyone except my partner, and its not like I'm going to magically stop being autistic now. Thanks to the autism I never finished school, and have to re-take so much, but at the same time, thanks to this diagnosis I can get support while I retake everything. I also now have a nice therapist who is helping me understand why I am the way I am and wants to help me navigate the world.

When I first sought help years ago I wrote some pathetic letter to my doctor about wanting to be able to go outside without feeling like shit, wanting to be able to talk to others (especially other women) without feeling like a freak compared to them, and just wanting to be able to be normal.
While in the process of getting my diagnosis I've accepted that I will probably never be normal, but I can at least learn to manage the world. Things might actually get better!

No. 939303

>I have to only do a minute or do of hyping myself up to do a task instead of fucking hours or days. I had to write a final assignment/exam this week which was the best work I've ever produced and I'm pissed that it took so long for me to get help. My impulsivity has gone down a bit too
>In any case its nice to feel validated that my ADHD is actually a thing, because I've always just felt like I'm a lazy useless fuck who only reaches 60% of their potential. Years of my teachers and parents telling me I need to just apply myself and pay attention, not be so careless etc.
I relate so hard to your post and you give me hope that maybe I will finally get better with proper medication!!!

No. 947527

ADHD anons, do any of you find your meds don't work well with PMS? Been on methylphenidate for a few weeks and its worked like a bomb, but for the past few days (PMS started) I've felt almost like my baseline self without meds and its extremely frustrating. I've read that estrogen helps with dopamine release, and the drop before your period can make your symptoms worse however this is more extreme than I expected. Although I do need to remember that when I was not on meds, I'd go into a zombie depressive state and I would not be able to get out of bed. Always 5-6 days before my period, like fucking clockwork. So at least that's prevented because my mood is better and I can manage all my chores unlike before.

No. 947543

I experience the exact same thing anon. I'm on methylphenidate as well. I have to prepare myself for menstruation every month bc I know it'll come and completely fuck my shit up and render my meds useless lol.

No. 947564

it seems that meds help a lot of people but are there other nonas that cant take adhd meds? I took mine for a whole week before i had to stop because i had really bad side effects to the point i couldnt breathe correctly because my heart was racing so fast

No. 963959

File: 1636454798792.jpeg (74.15 KB, 739x900, IMG_2890-739x900.jpeg)

I remember in school how messy my backpacks, desks and lockers were. I refused to use any binders or folders and just smushed all my papers inside. I also regularly forgot about pieces of fruit in them and they went rotten. I think that should have been a sign something was off.

No. 964093

Your dose could be wrong but also you could be on the wrong medication
I'm one of the anons that hasn't found success with medication but I don't think it's unusual for people to need some trial and error with the dosage

No. 964289

Jesus christ I had such a similar experience. I'm cringing remembering the disgusting forgotten old sandwich that cruised in my backpack for a few months. Papers were also scattered and crumpled and even if I did homework I'd forget it at home 50% of the time.

No. 964632

Me three, God it was awful when dust from forgotten food (?) got on the edges of my books

No. 971511

i see…honestly, i really need meds, but im too scared of getting side effects again…

No. 984921

If anyone was wondering I am this anon and I got my official autism diagnosis a few months ago.

No. 984969

File: 1638590308504.jpg (251.35 KB, 1300x956, teenage-girl-in-her-messy-bedr…)

I was the exact same. I wasn't even intentional with it, I just never registered it was wrong to be messy. My room was shit too and I'd just forget to do things.

I'm much tidier now however.

No. 984981

Dang. How do you feel nona?

No. 985019

same! im still like this sometimes at home, drives the people i live with insane sometimes but i really dont see mess. im not a pig or anything, i do tidy up but i never seem to tidy up well enough; there's always something i've missed and i honestly don't realise it at the time. i try my best to be super tidy and neat and organised but its really hard when i cant see the clutter!

No. 985052

Were you taking it correctly? You're sposed to take them with food so your body digests it slowly and absorbs the chemicals over a course of time.

No. 985167

i did, i put them on applesauce

No. 985381

They have switched. I got diagnosed with ADHD about a month ago and was told that I have autism traits. I asked if they meant Aspergers and they said yes but that it isn't called that anymore.

No. 990903

Anyone get insane nicotine craving on vyvanse and concerta. I’m trying to quit maaaan

No. 991536

I haven't been formally diagnosed but I'm suspecting I'm somewhere on the spectrum. Not trying to self diagnose but I don't currently have the means to do so. My only issue is I don't have the fixation or special interest part that I see a lot of lists bsay is part of it. I used to but not as much anymore. Are there people who don't experience the special interest part? I honestly thought that was more of a male autism thing

No. 996511

I recently signed up for cerebral in order to get access to medication and therapy. I've been diagnoised with adhd since I was in 5th grade but stopped taking medication for it due to being put in special ed classes during both middle and highschool.Managing symptoms has gotten harder for me since then. I'm excited that I'm finally taking initiative and getting the help I need but I also fear that I might have another unrecoginized mental illness or was misdiagonized all together and the medication may make things worse instead of better.Has anyone else had the same concern while taking medication?

No. 1001834

Thoughts on plenty of farmers on this site claiming ADHD isn't real? While I do think it is overdiagnosed in children and misunderstood, and the fact that a lot of them use it as an excuse to be a lazy loser, there are plenty of studies using neurology that say it is.

No. 1001848

try eating some apples. I don't have any concrete reasoning behind it but try it out. get a nice juicy and crisp variety like Opal and keep them with you., carry the apples for later

No. 1001879

Carrots, their cylindrical shape makes them subconsciously a better cigarette substitute.

No. 1001928

My opinion is that farmers say a lot of bullshit, like how depression can be cured by throwing away your pills and chimping out in the forest. Same with ADHD. I think it might be overdiagnosed in certain countries. At the same time, I will not be surprised if people start developing the ADD variant relatively late in their lives because of exposure to social media, apps etc. manipulating human attention with no regard for ethics. I would like to know if it could be possible, or if it's impossible to get ADHD/ADD unless it didn't start in your childhood (I know it's a diagnostic criterion ATM, but DSM gets changed all the time).

No. 1002020

anons think you're weak if you're on meds but then laugh and call you weak when you stop taking them and try to off yourself.

No. 1002152

Can someone write an instruction for approaching men when you're an autistic kissless virgin? I've been around the same people for the past 6 months and I still barely talk to them, I forget to look at them when they they talk to me etc. Sometimes I'm at least able to talk though. But if I'm attracted to a guy, I can't say a single word. I'm scared I'm going to be alone my whole life, with no friends and no partner. I feel I'm in love with someone but he doesn't even know I want to talk to him

No. 1002188

How old are you, anon?

No. 1002218

No. 1002227

You won't be alone your whole life. Once you find a method of approaching people that works for you, every subsequent interaction becomes a lot easier. Something that has worked for me in pretty much every social situation is to treat people like I already know them and we've gotten past the awkward introductory stage. Usually what I do is tell someone a thing I've observed about them and connect it to a question. "I noticed you bring your own lunch to work a lot, do you like cooking?" or "Is that an X t-shirt? Do you like Y too?" Then the conversation starts to flow and you naturally get into the rhythm of sharing things about yourselves. At some point you will actually have to introduce yourself if you don't know each other's names, but it is so much easier to say "Oh, by the way, my name is Anon" and carry on the conversation instead of starting with "Hi, I'm Anon" and then becoming paralyzed with fear not knowing how to proceed. Basically, just pretend you're already casual friends with the guy you're attracted to. That way you can actually become friends and from there decide if you truly want more or are just idealizing him. I hope this was coherent and helpful. Good luck and godspeed.

No. 1002235

>Usually what I do is tell someone a thing I've observed about them and connect it to a question. "I noticed you bring your own lunch to work a lot, do you like cooking?" or "Is that an X t-shirt? Do you like Y too?
NTA, but I feel like I would be such a creep for pointing out a harmless observation. Or that my presence is unwanted. I know I'm mental

No. 1002242

The phrasing is a little stiff, so if delivered improperly it could come off as creepy. Generally though, that would be a totally fine thing to say to someone you have interacted with in a friendly manner before.

No. 1002246

Sorry for being stupid, but then how do you talk to someone for the first time if you were not introduced formally (ie due to the other person training you)?

No. 1002252

Same. I have a very good memory and am very observant when it comes to small details but those things seem to creep people out, especially if they haven’t really noticed me much before. It’s like they think I’ve been stalking them the whole time if I so much as casually refer to something they mentioned in a group setting months ago. So now I do the opposite when I talk to people and pretend I don’t know anything about them and ask a lot of questions I often already know the answer to. Most people love talking about themselves, so it works out.

No. 1002255

Formal introductions are unnecessary. You've already spoken with that person, and you will speak with them again. Wait to see if they mention anything that hints at a deeper personal life. If it's semi-relevant, you can talk about something you've done or seen or whatever and try to break the ice some.
Unfortunately, this is where the autism brain is hard to overcome, since a lot of what you do during the course of an interaction relies on properly reading the situation.
Also, be careful with coworkers. It's great to be on friendly terms with them, but pursuing romantics interest with coworkers can get really messy really fast. I'd suggest you keep it platonic if this is somebody you're going to have to be around for a long time.

No. 1002256

I'm realizing the way I wrote those examples would definitely sound awkward if said out loud exactly as written. But I don't think you would creep anyone out by stating little observations about them, especially if it's something you have in common. In my experience, people have been kind of flattered that someone is paying attention to them at all, or they're happy someone shares an interest with them.

No. 1002268

Sorry, I meant when you had zero introductions and interactions with someone

No. 1002307

>Notes on Scrotes: Don't Avoid the Moid!?
Honesty is the best policy anon, after 6 months it's okay to simply say "hey we haven't hung out much yet" to indicate you want to hang out.
Take some opportunities to talk to him / listen to his interests, and invite him to do whatever you personally enjoy. Just be yourself and actually be present and involved when you want to be, be in the moment as much as you can, and you'll be fine. There's plenty of more moids in the void but if this one is special to you then I say go for it, just make sure to have fun and don't think too catastrophically

No. 1002323

Samefag sorry, just wanted to add regarding the eye contact, your dream man isn't gonna care about that nonnie

No. 1016695

sorry for the late reply. I definitely had a phase of anger and sadness because I can never "be cured". But I think I'm much better off now that I know what my deal is. It allows me to recognize and adapt my behaviors. For example, in the past I would get overstimulated (without knowing) and cry and yell. Now I know what's happening, so I can go calm down in a silent room. I've also stopped masking, because it didn't work anyways. Specifically, I stopped trying to insert tone into my voice and perform expressions. It's much less exhausting to live daily life now.

No. 1017027

Maybe a stupid question but how did you stop masking?

I've been masking my whole life and I don't know how to stop, even though it's exhausting. Any time I'm around anyone other than my parents the mask goes up automatically and I can't drop it or relax until I'm alone again. Being able to stop masking and just be an unapologetic autist sounds so liberating.

No. 1018670

Adderall nonnies, please help me.
I’ve been on generic brand Adderall and I swear depending on the manufacturer of the generic it effects me completely differently. The fill I got from the pharmacy this month is not working at all. I can’t find the specific manufacturer on the bottle but I went searching online and a lot of people have said similar things about generic brand for Adderall. Has anyone had similar experiences? How do I bring this up to my doc without sounding like a schizo? I mentioned it during our previous session, that it feels depending on the manufacturer it effects me differently, and she seemed only mildly interested but mostly shrugged me off and just upped my dose instead to see if that would fix it.

No. 1018724

File: 1641531616074.jpeg (22.61 KB, 202x320, 904B3F23-6DCD-4DD6-B520-CEB36F…)

I worked in a pharmacy for a while. Besides thyroid meds, adderall was one of the drugs where a pills from a specific manufacturer was most requested. So, I do believe you when you say that you feel like it's working differently. Legally, it still has to be X mg of adderall, but the different binding agents used can affect absorption pretty significantly.

The manufacturer should be on the bottle, but if you can't find it, you can look it up via the color/shape/markings on the pill.

You can request a specific manufacturer from your pharmacy, but whether you're able to get it is a whole other story.

At Walgreens (where I worked), the infrastructure for ordering specific manufacturers was super shitty. Usually our warehouses would mostly just carry 1 brand, and if they switched, we had to special order other manufacturers from other distributors, which was a slow process with C-II substances. We also had very little tech infrastructure to indicate that a patient wanted a different manufacturer at all, and pharmacists were basically just remembering when people wanted a specific manufacturer on refills.

Anyways, ask your pharmacy and see how willing they are to accommodate you. If it's CVS/Walgreens, they are probably too busy to, and even if they say they will, you'll have to be on them like a hawk to make sure you get the correct manufacturer. Otherwise, you can try getting your meds from an independent pharmacy, and they're much more likely to try and actually work with you, but it might cost a little extra.

Some patients got sick of it and demanded brand-name adderall from their insurance. I don't know what the process for getting that covered is like, but that might be an option for you as well.

Good luck! Navigating the healthcare system is a nightmare.

No. 1019582

Try making an IRL autist/semi-autist friend and hang out one-on-one. It'll be much easier to start to be yourself around them, and once you've done it with one former stranger, it'll be a lot easier to do it with others.
Reaching out to old high school classmates might be good for this too. So far, I've always been pleasantly surprised by how easy "catch-up" type interactions usually are.

No. 1019651

A family member I know closely has decided to get tested for autism. Before the last few months they've always been normal, have had relationships, was a cheerleader, in sorority, close friends etc. Ever since graduating college they've been a bit more closed off, but not unlike any other normal adult trying to navigate life. Now the past few months they've been acting out saying stuff like "I have ants all over me" to screaming during an hour long car ride, saying they're psychotic, gonna be alone forever etc, that they can't "people" just all sorts of weird shit they've never been on about before. Conveniently they decided to get a test done and have their family members who have witnessed this behavior vouch for them. Now they go around screaming they pretty much confirmed they're autistic and that's why they are the way they are. This person also always claims they have "trauma" (they don't) and they tried to turn their dog into a service dog for ???? anyway am I an asshole for not believing them or should I give them the benefit of the doubt? Tbh I feel like they're probably borderline but idk shit

No. 1019659

File: 1641594859740.jpeg (349.09 KB, 2212x2212, 2CFE094C-6C0E-4EB8-B062-A0672F…)

you should get her these

No. 1020351

>Before the last few months they've always been normal, have had relationships, was a cheerleader, in sorority, close friends etc. Ever since graduating college they've been a bit more closed off, but not unlike any other normal adult trying to navigate life.
This part actually could be due to masking and a lack of routine. The rest sounds like something else.

No. 1020766

Does anyone else on the spectrum feel like they get poor treatment wherever they go? I've had it from my family, friends, classmates, teachers, room mates, work environments, partners, partner's parents, professional services, therapists, doctors, etc.

Not trying to paint myself as a forever victim as obviously I must be doing something wrong to cause this pattern, but it's difficult for me to know exactly what. I wasn't diagnosed until my late 20s but suspected it before that so I've not unaware of social norms and pay close attention to myself and others.

It just seems that no matter how hard I mask as normal or try to minimize myself by being quiet but polite, I just get taken advantage of, othered, treated rudely or straight up bullied. I'm not being overly sensitive either, some of the things I've had happen are objectively awful and I've had to report them (which was taken seriously).

At best I can figure out is that my emotional reactions are lacking or I don't show enough interest in others or I have poor boundaries but the reactions I get seem to be excessive in comparison to that.

Literally the only reason I'm able to avoid this right now is because I stay away from others as possible but even then when I'm forced to interact it can happen again. It's so exhausting to spend so much energy just to try to be accepted by others on the bare minimum level and then realize they all hate me anyway.

No. 1020929

I don't make faces on purpose, I don't lift my tone. Basically I just stop trying. I'm still polite, but I don't try to be overly cheerful and interested. I also mildly stim in public if I need to, like shifting my weight from side to side, or bouncing my leg when sitting.

No. 1020934

most autistic women are genuine and open, the world is literally made by narcissists that smell you being genuine so they use that. Autistic women are unable to manipulate and when they try to it's almost hilariously obvious, but manipulation is one of the main skills humans use in society. It's their fault, not yours. Society sucks.

No. 1021342

yes anon, I feel the exact same

No. 1021585

I definitely agree about society being made by narcissists but I also seem to bring out these traits in other people who seem otherwise normal to everyone else.

It's irritating that NTs often seem to want the world to be a better and more caring place and then they are the ones causing all the issues, like literally the same people. God, they are all so exhausting. Why can't they just avoid people they don't like? Why must they always play games and try and outdo anyone they perceive as above them or tread on anyone they see as weaker.

Have you found any coping methods aside from cutting yourself off from the world?

No. 1028420

While I doubt she have autism she definitely have something wrong going on. Probably borderline or bipolar, maybe even schizophrenia.

No. 1028436

Well, I got a serious talk with my boss. He said if I don't work at their rythm they might have to fire me. I want to keep my job but is all exhausting, due to a genetic illness that affect the nervous system I have ADD, OCD and general learning disabilities. Since I never got treated as a child and just got the good 'ol beating and berating treatment I developed anxiety and depression. I'm starting a treatment with pills and therapy now but I'm not sure I'm gonna get better on time. What should I do nonnies?

No. 1028441

Do you think your boss is a person that would understand your mental health issues? Because I think If you told him that you have problems you've already addressed and it's a matter of time before things get better with medication and help you're receiving, he may cut you some slack for the time being

No. 1028446

I did told him I visited a psychiatrist and started medical treatment but I didn't specify my disorders. I'm wary of telling people that I have ADD and OCD because while most people understand depression they will see the other disorders as a burden but even without telling that I basically got told tough shit. My other boss told me that how the job is.

No. 1028667

If you’re in America, they can’t discriminate (or fire you ) for your disabilities. If they do, you can sue and also collect unemployment. I believe it’s under the ADA act. I will look into and post again with links

No. 1028669

File: 1642266809395.png (368.13 KB, 828x1792, 9CDC58BB-3C3B-431D-AF87-ED9581…)

No. 1028792

Can you be both autistic and schizotypal? One specialist (female) told me I'm autistic and another one (male) said I'm schizotypal. Yet another specialist said these don't have to be mutually exclusive but she wasn't able to point at one single thing that's wrong with me. I've read somewhere that untreated autists may develop schizotypy over time. I never got proper treatment as a child, I was also abused and spent most of my childhood and teenage years in isolation and only got my assessment in my mid 20s.

No. 1028838

I am an autist, and have paranoid delusions and psychosis. I think, similar to you?
Autism and having terrible relationships with people/trauma can certainly alter the way you see other humans, and the isolation of autism can indeed make you a paranoid person. And for me, it was during a traumatic period of my life that the psychosis, paranoia, and strange emotions began.

I think autism affects how you interact with the world and can certainly bring mental illness with it, due to how hard and lonely it can be, so it is entirely understandable to be a schizotypal autist. Your isolation and trauma definitely sound like contributing factors. You can manage symptoms by getting plenty of sleep, exercise, a nutritious diet and positive relationships. I really hope you get the treatment you didn't get when you should have, and get as much fun out of life as you wish, don't let it hold you back anon.

No. 1029113

All of this sounds like you are on the spectrum. A lot of that stuff is common for how women present but not men. I would definitely get assessed (and don’t let anyone but a psychiatrist tell you that you don’t have it).

No. 1029149

Hi everyone, so I have a brother with autism and he’s my best friend - but I suspect I might be either on the spectrum or have adhd since there can be overlap but it’s been frustrating getting a proper diagnosis because every psych I’ve had always never wanted to help me run tests or maybe try out different medication, so I’ve been feeling really lost with everything
That being said - I recently got a job to work as an RBT and I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience either receiving or doing ABA sessions
Bc I’ve come across a lot of articles of those on the spectrum and their disdain with it and now I’ve been questioning my job choice and wondering if this is the right thing to do. And the added anxiety I have along with having this job doesn’t help

No. 1030487

Does anyone find that NTs aren’t very sex positive? Like if I share what I think is something funny and sex related that happened to me, instead of just laughing and moving on, they gossip about it to everyone and slut shame? I’m not talking about telling everyone how you jerk it to furry porn or whatever but stuff that probably happens to everyone at some point in their life. I’m also not about bringing these things up out of nowhere but during conversations about dating or relationships.

I know NDs are said to overshare and not get embarrassed as easily but is this really a wrong view to have about things that are perfectly normal? It’s irritating that the NT view is always taken as how things should be, even if objectively they aren’t the best.

No. 1030513

If anything, it's been the opposite for me. While I've been known to make gross jokes and retarded sexual innuendos, ime NT women are shameless about sharing every detail of their sex lives or irl hornypost about flavor of the week actors.

No. 1030750

Why do NTs put so much energy into being fake friends with people. It just seems very time and energy consuming if you don’t like the person, even if you are getting something out of it. Surely just putting the same energy and time into what you want would be more effective? And doesn’t the NT’s conscience take over after while and make them realise that they aren’t being fair?

If I don’t like someone, I try to avoid spending any time in their presence but NTs seem to deliberately seek out people they dislike and spend years interacting with them. Just why.

I had this happen all through school. I wasn’t completely stupid and could see through their lame excuses but I didn’t want drama and just wanted to see the best in people so I pretended not to notice. I was happy to share what I had and help when I could.

All I can figure out is that it must be a narcissistic trait that they don’t care for other’s feelings or duper’s delight that they are “smarter” than others and get a thrill from tricking people. Does this make them happy? The psychology behind it is so strange to me.

No. 1030969

What makes you sure they're NTs? Doesn't sound like it, based off what you're saying.

No. 1030977

From the ones I’ve met, they didn’t give off autistic traits. I could believe sociopathy/psychopathy or some sort of deep rooted issue. I don’t think they were completely normal though.

No. 1030988

Just because they're not autistic doesn't mean they're NT nona

No. 1031225

Does anyone get annoyed when someone you know clearly has Aspergers but refuses to get an evaluation? I have a friend that clearly has symptoms but she refuses. She says she was tested by a doctor as a kid but it came out negative. I said that doctors have been bad a testing women for autism but she said she didn’t really feel like she has a lot of the symptoms even though she clearly does. This annoys the shit out of me.

No. 1031247

What's an evaluation gonna do?

No. 1031361

There's little point in getting a diagnosis as an adult.

No. 1031431

I never understand this. It’s useful to know for the workplace, further study, relationships, having children, medical treatments, and understanding your past. Do people think you just completely stop interacting with other people after you graduate or something. It’s even known that autism can get worse with age too.

No. 1031438

For decades people around my dad have kinda known he has something going on. He calls himself 'an oddball' and leaves it at that. Doesn't appear to want to know.

I have other family (on his side) who got diagnosed as adults and it was anticlimactic as nothing came from the diagnosis. They're high enough functioning that they weren't recommended any supports or services.

No. 1031502

Does anyone else have a problem with being picky? It feels like if I express my needs and tell people when they get them wrong that I just annoy everyone. If I pretend everything is ok I get really stressed. I can’t win either way.

No. 1031510

what about adults who aren't able to function normally? i agree that if its not effecting your daily life why do you need a diagnosis, but some people have an inability to work, create relationships, even something as simple as a conversation or a phonecall can be hard for people. despite the stereotype that all females with autism are high functioning, we aren't. some of us can't get boyfriends or navigate adult life. a lot of us i assume are NEETS who dont even drive and/or live with parents.

No. 1031602

Seems kinda messed up to hound someone about getting an eval when they don't care. Kinda sounds like your problem

No. 1031673

Made and appt with my doctor to get on ADHD medication (never medicated even though i was diagnosed at age 7) so im super nervous but excited and this fucking scrote cancels on me DAY OF!!! If i had canceled on him day of I would have had to pay a $100+ cancelation fee but no he can just cancel on me hours before bc he wanted to go get lunch with a friend or whatever "prior engagement" he had. IF YOU HAD OTHER PLANS DONT SCHEDUEL ME YOU RETARD!? god i fucking hate doctors they are a fucking scam im so mad

No. 1031730

File: 1642526978351.jpg (455.05 KB, 1280x1572, 1280px-Japanese_Snow_Monkey_(M…)

Any nonnies here with comormid autism/add have experience with medication such as ritalin?

My life is a goddamn mess and I just want it to stop. Or at least become LESS messy.

No. 1031754

>Any nonnies here with comormid autism/add have experience with medication such as ritalin?
was addicted to adderall for half my teenage years up until my suicide attempt, after that I really couldn't take any pills without vomiting

No. 1032855

Does anyone have bpd and asd together?

No. 1032868

I was diagnosed with bpd and am now suspecting its actually asd. They have similar traits and apparently women with asd are often missdiagnosed with bpd. A psychiatrist once told me both at the same time are impossible, but the man is a moron, sooo

No. 1032903

me too, i've been extremely obsessive and have had "fp"s since i was a small small child and many hyperfixations over the years. i do think i could have bpd, because of my shitty childhood and black and white thinking, but i don't think it explains my learning disabilities and hardships with communicating… i've always felt like words (im a burgerfag and only speak english although i have a strong propensity to pick up on other languages and accents) can't explain my feelings and how i think, and now that im older its become even worse. i can't really connect to words or feelings or concepts as much now. i can't learn something unless im super interested in it either, so i basically just push all other info out of my brain. i've also had bad violent fits/meltdowns since i was a child, and i still don't understand how i wasn't diagnosed in elementary school, as i was sent to the office MULTIPLE times a week for fits/breakdowns. i've been a NEET since high school and only had one boyfriend (who has since broken up with me but i still talk to every day and just can't disconnect from as i don't have many friends or people to help me out).

No. 1033004

Got diagnosed 4 months ago and started Concerta. Its been working pretty well but I feel the effects are dwindling regardless of dosage (high doses only make me more anxious). At a health check it turns out my blood pressure goes up to 150/90 instead of 120/85 when I take it lol. This is unhealthy for me and I don't want to try out a non-stimulant because I may have to start a concoction of shit meds for unrelated health issues soon and I don't want to try out so many meds. I feel a bit defeated about it because I put a lot of effort into finally getting diagnosed and getting help and it seems its all for nothing. Thankfully I've been coping okaaaay off of the Concerta and feel like my personality has returned after not even realizing it was subdued. Impulse control and focus is back to shit though. Have any anons had a similar experience?

No. 1033039

I tried Concerta and I'm not taking it ATM as it turns out I have irregular heartbeat that gets painful if I take it for 2-3 days in a row. I had to go to a cardiologist who recommended me some tests. I've done them, but haven't been back yet (will this month). Anyway I'm not allowed to take Concerta ATM because the psychiatrist from outpatient forbids me to (she sperged out at me that Concerta is methamphetamine and that "parents with ADHD children ask for double scripts so they can work like there is no tomorrow", so apparently my childless self is a junkie cheater too or sthg). I hope I can take it, maybe along with some heart medication. FML

No. 1033290

Does anyone else wonder if they got a false diagnosis? A psychiatrist told me "you probably have aspergers" once and I've never gotten tested for it since (didn't seem useful) and I go back on forth on whether I really have ASD or not. I feel I used to be more stereotypically ASD (unable to talk about anything other than chosen interests, high sensitivity to materials, monologuing extensively, copying TV shows for quotes and ways of speaking, fan of Sonic the Hedgehog) and now I wonder if I was just a maladjusted normie the whole time. Or it's just ADHD. It doesn't really matter but I do wonder "okay but am I faking it". I don't know enough NT people irl to be able to compare, tragic

No. 1033428

Do any anons here have experience with HSP? Basically all my life I've felt mildly autistic, but due to a neglectful upbringing I've never thought to look into it. I've always been extremely sensitive to social cues which made me think it was impossible for me to be autistic, and I thought I was just different than normal people instead.
It's been on my mind lately because I've been having a lot of difficulty processing environmental stimuli, particularly sounds and lights. I've always had a lot of quirks to other stimuli like eating foods for their specific textures, needing to smell everything, being sensitive to the way different kinds of clothing feels etc. I took a questionnaire from an HSP psych and I checked off almost every single bullet on their list.
Basically it seems to me that Highly Sensitive Persons are usually always women on the higher end of the autism spectrum, but with the ability to be at least somewhat sensitive to social cues around them. Personally I find this very true. I can get social cues but I can't always understand why they happen, and all my life I've been obsessed with learning about people and discovering what makes them tick so I can better understand why they do the things they do. Unfortunately I still don't really feel like I know kek.

No. 1033835

Yes. Something about me brings out the middle school bully in people, and oddly enough it got much worse after I became an adult. Coworkers and people at social or sports clubs I’ve tried to join will do things like gossip about me when they know I’m within earshot, give me weird nicknames, make a point of letting me know I’m the only one who hasn’t been invited to something, steal or damage my stuff and lie about it, physically block my workspace and then act like I’m being unreasonable when I politely ask them to move, lie about scheduling changes so I show up at the wrong place or time, ask me to do things and either refuse to acknowledge it when I do or deny they ever asked me for anything, etc. A good amount of this was in writing so I’ve been able to have non-autistic people verify that I’m not imagining or misinterpreting things. Taking it to HR or other higher-ups never helped, though, and if anything it just made it worse. In fact, me keeping track of these receipts has been used as proof that I’m weird and “uncollegial”.

I’ve all but given up on social clubs and just stick to solo hobbies now. With work, though, there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid it. If I try to be social with coworkers they’ll use that as an opportunity to mess with me, and if I keep to myself they use that as justification for treating me badly and badmouth me to the boss. It’s bad enough that I’m thinking of abandoning this last decade of schooling and work experience entirely and finding something I can do from home with minimal social contact.

I’m sorry I don’t have any tips for you, anon.

No. 1035745

How long did it take for anons to get diagnosed? I am almost too afraid to attempt it because there is still so much misogyny in mental health, and it seems most of the criteria is still so male-focused. I don't want to fish for a diagnosis like Pixielocks but I've suspected something for a long time. I just am so used to being misdiagnosed or labeled as whatever benefits the doctor in that moment without getting to know me, so my trust is a bit broken.

This is awful. I have very similar experience to both you and other anon.

No. 1035830

HSP is a euphemism for autism. It is used by people who don't want to admit it/associate with the disorder. You have autism. Especially with the way you describe sensory problems.

No. 1035865

I commiserate with you and the other anons.The biggest crime that I commit is not being overly friendly or chatty but even then, I never deserved any of the treatment I got. If I try to fit in, I fail miserably and it backfires and if I don't then others just use it against me. I got the same "uncollegial" remark if I pointed out with proofs that some of the stuff that was done to me was outright horrible. It was not a team-spirited attitude I had apparently. I don't mind being alone but I hate working for that very reason because whether online or in person, there are always cliques and I'm always the outsi