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File: 1618257293244.jpg (45.16 KB, 500x345, 2cfa8a927942f9117be3ffd7058954…)

No. 782145

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped. - Elbert Hubbard

Previous thread: >>>/ot/776032

No. 782146

cute thread pic op

No. 782148

Thanks, I love that dumbass cat

No. 782166

Love the quotes at the beginning of the newer threads!

No. 782171

That thread pic is beautiful like a renaissance painting.

No. 782175

The most elegant thread pic, love it.

No. 782189

File: 1618259984531.jpg (110.96 KB, 736x1226, f5c62a16e2f3c48aa68f5a8fc426e3…)

I wanted to keep talking about the shifting thing that was posted on the last thread

Isn't it just hallucinations + maladaptive daydreaming, basically?
I think lucid dreaming is way safer because you don't delude yourself into thinking you're doing anymore than just dreaming. You don't blur the lines. Also, you build up it slowly, but I guess these kids' attention spam is too short for it.

BTW any tips on lucid dreaming would be appreciated. I am trying to train myself but that shit is indeed hard especially considering that I have insomnia lmao

No. 782194

We're living history right now, like this pandemic we're living in right now is what kids will be taught about in a century or so in the same manner we were taught about the Black Death and such. History was always that, just historic events that seemed so distant, I never realized I too could live through something that could become a historic event.

No. 782196

I mean, I guess, but I also saw the twin towers attacks live on TV, do that's nothing new.
I guess the pandemic has a bigger scale, but history is basically always happening anyway

No. 782209

Now you remember when Doki Doki Literature Club was fucking everywhere

No. 782211

anyone else needs to constantly be stimulated like you're an infant? I'm trying really hard to work on my phone addiction but its so hard lmao

No. 782214

A few months back I had pain in the cartilage at the top of my left ear. Couldn't figure out how I injured it. No piercings, no sports etc. A mystery. Now the cartilage in the same spot on the opposite ear is sore and feels somehow injured. What what

No. 782216

yeah I'm not from America so despite having watched 9/11 on tv when it happened it's kind of meaningless and distant to me. The pandemic has a direct impact on my daily life. Maybe it's stupid but it was a weird realization to me.

No. 782221

At the start of the pandemic I began writing a diary, like I was going to be corona’s answer to Anne Frank. The novelty wore off quickly. It’s weird to me how some people romanticise historical times of hardship. This past year has been so stressful yet so boring.

No. 782224

I was thinking about how to describe that feeling I have about the pandemic recently aside from the fact that I thought I'd die from it last year because I was sick for several months because while it's going to be a historical event it seems so normal now that we're used to it. I'd say it gives me the same impression as "holy shit mom I'm on tv" cliche because you were visible on the news for 5 seconds while shopping for food because the journalists were interviewing some guy where you were.

No. 782226

i'm such a fucking autist i have to plan out every single hour of the day and write shit like 8pm-play minecraft:) in a planner if i want to get anything done at all how the fuck do people just do things

No. 782235

ngl i wish i had that kind of order in my life

No. 782236

is anyone here from Nauru? I was googling the worlds fattest country and that's what came up kek

No. 782241

File: 1618263151861.png (31.94 KB, 1198x312, nauru.png)

TIL. They have a wiki article just for their fatness.

No. 782243

tbf, they only have 12k inhabitants

No. 782244

File: 1618263375466.jpeg (94.31 KB, 750x741, 4EA8E1E3-631C-4459-8D73-DC06DA…)

me knowing that if I never get a job I can always find the courage to kill myself kek

No. 782245

I wonder what it feels like to be a skinny person in a community like that

No. 782248

kek at that pic anon, thanks for that.
you will get a job! I believe in you, don't be too hard on yourself and the right one will come along eventually

No. 782249

File: 1618263746789.jpg (352.69 KB, 2048x1447, xOasShD.jpg)

I seen NEETpepe for the first time in a while and I started wondering how many dumbass impressionable teenagers ruined their life by taking the meme at face value.

Considering /r9k/ is filled with impressionable teens, there's probably a lot.

No. 782251

File: 1618263822004.png (609.52 KB, 662x885, nauru.PNG)

You've made me curious why would things be like that for Nauru and of course, poverty. such sad story overall. Kinda crazy to thing that ages ago being fat meant being rich and now it's the opposite.

No. 782252

thank you anon love u

No. 782253

If I was omega jesus wealthy and powerful I would supply everyone on earth’s income so there will be no more work and waging for a dumb company

No. 782290

File: 1618267303480.jpeg (34.15 KB, 250x250, 5BCAFD9A-9A42-4AEE-8DFB-F98113…)

Pinterest I'm not saving that many Keanu pics stop recommending me so many Keanu pics theyre cute but stop

No. 782294

File: 1618267926249.jpg (69.92 KB, 680x686, 1t698b4grie41.jpg)

I feel a good chunk of heavy users have fucked up their lives like that, 30% maybe? Anyone who browses a lot already ready to go neet mode, but heavy chan use pushes them down the road.

No. 782297

Based and Keanupilled.

No. 782320

File: 1618269871221.jpg (11.57 KB, 466x279, FB_IMG_1586933980274.jpg)

I can't believe mods shut down the infighting thread, it was amazing
Yet the mundane shit thread is still up when it's basically this thread but with an annoying woman as the thread pic

but o i am laffin that they added 2 meme man banners to the rotation

No. 782321

I hate Keanu he gives off mens rights activist vibes

No. 782324

Why though?
Not even a Keanufag, but he seems chill to me. Like a lowkey stoner friend.

No. 782328

I don’t know I’ve seen a lot of scrotes mention that the reason he doesn’t hug or touch his female colleagues is so that he doesn’t get me too’d

No. 782334

Sounds like a scrote cope. I bet he doesn't do it to be respectful in general and they added the metoo conspiracy theory

No. 782336

keeekkk anon you're so right
also which banners??

No. 782342

my friend who doesn't know much about him said she really hates the way he looks and that he looks like "he'd be the guy to gaslight you for looking at another man if you were dating him", and I quote.

I think he's pretty attractive personally. that has to be the first time I'd seen someone say something that specifically demeaning about keanu, it was so specific too

No. 782344

The Borzoi /ot/ one (which is a bit outdated since now his reign is over /m/) and the SamPrater one saying she doesn't know him.
Wish they added the borzoi hacking one, but maybe it was just too insane looking

No. 782347

personally i hate his fans more. they're extremely annoying

No. 782368

Same, I don't mind the guy, Matrix and John Wick are fun movies, but that extreme over the top worship he's been receiving latest year-two makes me never want to see his face again.

No. 782379


Your friend's comment made me uncomfortable because I've been in that situation.

No. 782381

File: 1618274463727.jpg (59.3 KB, 717x657, 20210411_125126.jpg)

what would be the first rule in your female separatist society? (except for no scrotes and trannys of course)

No. 782383

amazing if real

No. 782384

I've also been in that situation, but not with a guy who looks like Keanu. It was really strange of her to say, but she's had a bad ex or few. Maybe he resembles one of them and that triggered her?

No. 782387


My ex resembled keanu's stares and the way he carries himself and I didn't notice that until we broke up . I used to like keanu very much before but after the bad experience I can't watch him anymore. It feels like he's plotting sth in his mind and it makes me uncomfortable

No. 782390

I don’t know much about him but I think Keanu is one of the very few Hollywood men who aren’t total pieces of shit. He for one is in a relationship with a woman his one age whom many would consider to be unconventional in beauty. For someone as popular as he is, he’s not out chasing 20 years old ass. And he keeps to himself.

No. 782394

Jungle Anons got the slipperiest boossee

No. 782405

File: 1618276602755.jpg (63.31 KB, 768x432, 20151014_lopehunt_0014-768x432…)

There is a tard roaming these pastures.
Shoot on sight.

No. 782454

Seeing a troon who tried to get my bf arrested (for being drunk in his own house) because he felt "uncomfortable and unsafe" get picked up by KF is too fuckin funny.

No. 782473

I've been banned for playful infighting on the retarded shitpost thread so it's odd that they consider the infight thread to retarded shitpost 2.0

No. 782481

as I said in the previous thread, the only thing that'll make me trust the AI overlords is an ideal life with my ideal man

No. 782486

Who's your ideal man?
Guess you can trust AI dungeon then

No. 782489

I trust AI dungeon very much (curse you anons for showing me it), but I doubt real replicants are going to be a thing anytime soon. I wish I could just either manifest irl or somehow harness the power of time travel

No. 782501

Agreed. I want my government overlord issued himbobot

No. 782502

ai dungeon can't get anything right without doing a gatrillion redos fuck that shit

No. 782516

Carrey chan?

Kindaaaa true but I have fun nonetheless.

No. 782519

clicked on a link that some weird horny anon posted in /g/ and sat in the dark for a minute watching some scrote having his penis stroked because I was bored

No. 782524

Browsing lolcow in public while my bf goes into Starbucks for me cause I didn't wanna

No. 782526

What did you order?

No. 782550

I was disappointed to find out that it's gay

No. 782551

my boob is really itchy

No. 782554

File: 1618288542322.jpg (42.57 KB, 279x500, epicprank.jpg)

Sorry, anon. I did what I had to do.

No. 782559

Hayao Miyazaki was right about anime and otaku.

Back when I was a gormless teenage weeb, I didn't yet know what he meant. I remember a tumblr user described the "anime was a mistake" meme as him being a grumpy old man. But now I see he was right. Of course he knows what he's talking about though.

No. 782560

I'm eating on the train on my morning commute to work. The train's near empty and I'm eating slowly to enjoy not wearing a mask.
It feels SO GOOD and I don't know if it's just psychological because everyone says it doesn't affect breathing but it feels so much easier and clearer to me.

I'm strongly for wearing a mask and my social circle is too, so I feel like I'd be treated like an anti masker for saying and doing this.

No. 782567

Never wanna be a mom but I feel like I am riding a high for days after babysitting my baby niece.

No. 782568

Was watching a youtube video and the narrator pronounced "anon" (referring specifically to internet anons) as EY-non. First time I've ever heard it like that and I think it's kind of weird. Most people I know say uh-NON or AH-non. What about you guys

No. 782571

I say ay-non, but if I'm saying the full word then I kinda switch between ah and ay.

No. 782574

I use ah-non

No. 782583

File: 1618295422090.jpg (52.57 KB, 640x640, Acrylic Paint by Schinako Mori…)

I feel heartbroken and depressed. But pictures of bunny drawings always make me feel better. Could you please spam me with drawings of bunnies? It doesn't matter the style.

No. 782584

File: 1618295692896.jpg (61.44 KB, 500x375, bun.jpg)

its not art but pls take it

No. 782594

File: 1618296565845.jpg (128.7 KB, 1000x1000, beatrix-potter-1.jpg)

Go watch some Beatrix Potter sis, The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends is the absolute comfiest most wholesome show with many rabbits

No. 782618

No. 782619

File: 1618298410833.png (837.75 KB, 1200x1088, original.png)

No. 782621

File: 1618298525704.png (1.73 MB, 898x1280, original (1).png)

I wish there wasn't a 30 sec cooldown on posting pics

No. 782622

File: 1618298676970.jpg (114.25 KB, 640x640, original (2).jpg)

No. 782675

My closet-troon-suspect classmate submitted an assigment based on a BuzzFeed article about Lil Nas X's new music video, in which he describes everything that happens in it in detail trying to use professional language. It's not even related to our field of study in any way. I'm gonna neck myself, Twitter is eroding people's brains.

No. 782690

The last few days people have been weirdly extra polite and friendly with me, approaching me more? neighbors, strangers, everyone. I haven't changed anything about myself. Not appearance wise and I don't think my vibe has suddenly changed either. Obviously not complaining but…I'm a little confused.

No. 782693

I've seen alot of people pointing out the whole thing of 'christians tell you you're going to hell and so that's what he did' except they manage to somehow drag that simple concept out for a few more paragraphs. We get it, it's not that hard to grasp and you're not special for getting the message and then making it more complicated than it is.

No. 782697

File: 1618308932002.jpg (128.08 KB, 1199x773, DnuFpYRUUAEkvhN.jpg)

It does feel like it's way overblown. If you remove it from the context of trying to piss off some old religious grandpas and grandmas, it has nothing left, and they have been acceptable targets of ridicule for a long time now and it lost every novelty. I guess I just looped around to the age where I'm witnessing "baby's first middle finger to old conservative religion" which they find brave and new because of lack of perspective. I'm just an out of touch granny now.

No. 782711

Got into a fight with my parents today in how they raise my brother and sister, my brother's 9 and my sister's 7 and they've spent majority of their lives behind a smaprphone and my parents don't seem to care about this when I do
My brother and sister watch Youtube videos or play mobile games all day and I keep telling my parent's this isn't healthy for kids but they don't do anything, lately I've noticed that in a lot of those free to play mobile games that my siblings have that there's a lot of "mature" ads that get played and so I delete those games and my siblings cry and I get yelled at by my parents, I also unsubscribe or block certain weird youtube channels from their accounts and same thing happens they cry and my parents yell at me

Like Christ I feel everyone is just beyond retarded handling this, there are predators and degenerates everyone on the Internet and no seems to take this seriously, I remember this twitter thread where some teenagers talked about being groomed online, some of them were sent like extreme kink porn which fucked them up

No. 782716

i started taking meds for my anxiety 1.5 weeks ago and i've been feeling super good but i'm kinda scared this is high is from pmsing and it'll go away after my period. here's hoping it's the meds

No. 782724

My breaded fish is undercooked I hope I won't die

No. 782733

Watching the first Wonder Woman movie again, and when she says “men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary." I thought of you you ladies kek

No. 782737

I bought a cheap ELF foundation and it feels super good and matches my skin well… but it has the downside of smelling like baby wipes. The smell seems to linger as I applied it about an hour ago and I still get residual whiffs.

No. 782739

a life for a life

No. 782770

File: 1618321195701.jpg (91.45 KB, 750x536, a0000370_main.jpg)

i thought raw fish was fine to eat

No. 782801

Samefag, but it was up for vote if his paper fits and no one supported him, so he wrote an epic length spergout and implied we're all homophobic lmao what is academia

No. 782802

re: keanu anons

>I love the spins Reddit does on Keanu's life to make him seem more tragic "His wife died in a car accident after she gave birth to their dead daughter! He's so sad!"

>She was his ex gf and they weren't really ever in a relationship. They were drug buddies, she got knocked up and he had a loud argument with her outside of an LA club demanding she have an abortion. When she refused he bought her and her mom a house so he wouldn't have to live with her. She did have a stillbirth and that is fucking awful, and she did go to Marilyn Manson's house a year later, do a ton of drugs and got behind the wheel. It sucks and doesn't really have to be embellished with additional tragedy.

No. 782813

File: 1618327544768.jpeg (23.45 KB, 274x257, 1D00AF58-A654-4AC2-B230-E653AA…)

Ugh I dreamt about my ex girlfriend from high school all night and she was dismissive of me even in my own goddamn dream.

No. 782817

This petty af but I'm a late boomer and every single girl who made fun of me for having small boobs in high school and middle school is now either morbidly obese or I have bigger boobs and butt than them while maintaining a a healthy slim body. Karma's a bitch

No. 782830

I like Michael Cera but I think he was a bad choice for scott pilgrim movie. Scott was never so awkward and weird.

No. 782837

delete this pic

No. 782852

ot, but for a second i thought we had a 60 year old farmer here

No. 782853

Don't we though? I remember one posting here in the over 30 thread

No. 782874

File: 1618333866757.gif (1.42 MB, 500x480, 1615867497551.gif)

feel like one of the very few posters that doesn't care about the infighting thread being gone. idg why nonitas keep sperging in multiple threads about it

No. 782885

Me neither. I agree that it was just another shitpost thread

No. 782908

I've been saying this for years (I don't care for Cera though)
I bet there's an alternative universe where Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays Scott Pilgrim and Michael Cera plays Kickass, and that universe is corona-free.

No. 782911

I feel like it was basically the same as the ultimate retarded shitpost thread or whatever that one is called. I didn't care for it either. Though I have to agree with anons that fake-infighting isn't infighting.

No. 782916

I think it was funny, but then people just starting bringing their actual conflicts into it and celebritysperging

No. 782917

File: 1618340124990.png (212.88 KB, 266x386, dula.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if dua lipa had a micropenis

No. 782918

I've been in a funk lately and kind of fed up with people in general, and I think an anon took what I said in a thread personal like I was attacking her opinion, and that wasn't the case. Now I feel kind of bad because I am just salty and stressed out over shit happening in my personal life. I need a break.

No. 782920

What happened nonny? I get you, I have those kinds of moods all the time.

No. 782926

It wasn't anything serious, I guess she took my being bitchy/moody as that I was trying to troll her when I wasn't. I just can't deal with retards right now as I have a bunch of them in my family, and I was letting off steam by being a cunt and making fun of whiny boomers in a screenshot someone had posted. I apologized, so hopefully she knows I wasn't being rude to her or anything.

No. 782936

Shit that sucks. That's the problem with text messages tbh, you can't determine the tone sometimes and people take it personal. Don't worry too much, I hope you eventually feel better.

No. 782951

Feeling used cause my cat feels like using my body for warmth but he doesn't want to be cuddly right now

No. 782952

I will anon, thank you for being kind.

No. 782958

File: 1618342450859.jpeg (57.79 KB, 1080x675, 0769AA36-3FD6-414F-A842-7E1BDE…)

If anyone is bored and wants some cows to read the milk in the vivadrag thread in /snow/ is really kicking off today. The previous thread was kind of boring imo but a “major event” happened today so things are different. There’s even retarded attention seeking anons doxing themselves (fellow wannabe e-girls who used to idolize/are jealous of the cows?) while cowtipping, but so much unsaged bullshit.

I wonder what the anon who said she’s collecting every instance of when nonittas post our profile pictures is doing.

No. 782967

File: 1618343129724.jpg (23.57 KB, 720x383, FB_IMG_1616303005030.jpg)

Lol I keep thinking about that anon too, seems like whenever I check /snow/ there are newfags bumping threads to the top of the catalogue with pfp exposed in their screenshots

No. 782974

i know the feeling well. just wait until she's older and you'll be very happy you're her aunt instead of her mom. being an aunt is awesome in it's own right.

No. 782979

whenever i'm mad i jam things up my nose to make myself sneeze until my eyes water and theres snot everywhere

No. 783016

That's impressively retarded. I admire you

No. 783029

My internet cut out right as I posted something and I got a page saying I was banned for something in 2018. Was gonna screenshot but the page refreshed automatically.

No. 783032

I wish I could feel the love my mother feels for me towards someone, but without actually needing to take care of little childred.

No. 783039

I just saw a single silverfish on my wall and killed it but I'm so on edge now. What if there are more. Maybe it's because I've never been confronted with them before but the thought of having a nest in some dark crevice of my flat makes me so scared. I wish I had an unafraid girlfriend that could calm me down right now what the fuck if I see more I'm sleeping in my car I can't handle this

No. 783040

professor said "when men– I mean, trans women enter women's spaces" and then immediately backed up and said that she doesn't agree with terf ideology, she's just explaining it from their perspective… that little slip-up made me laugh though. she was based for a moment.

No. 783044

They are harmless though nonny
They eat paper

No. 783047

What kind of lecture is talking about trannies?

No. 783049

File: 1618347299123.jpg (96.37 KB, 720x908, FB_IMG_1617986730676.jpg)

Once I saw in passing some nona say something like "this site is used mostly by zoomers" when talking about lc

This can't be right, I'd say it's probably 60% millennials, 40% zoomers
It used to be less, but since the PULL shutdown and twitter raids the zoomer population obviously grew and brought fucking minors with it, fuck, still wouldn't say it's the main userbase though

No. 783050

feminist theory lol, today we were talking about judith butler and I brought up paglia to spice things up. Its so hard being a women's studies major right now, I really try to stand my ground against people who say women's sports should be abolished or that bio sex isn't real without leaning into any obvious terf dogwhistles but hearing women bend over backwards to invalidate/call for the abolition of things that have benefitted them greatly to defend troons is so so so tiresome.

No. 783054

File: 1618347730107.jpg (17.48 KB, 326x326, 7b9.jpg)

I know but I'm still scared for some reason. And I don't want them to eat my paper

No. 783065

Whoever said burger king's veggie burgers were good like two days ago. You were right and I could order fast food along my family. Didn't even know they make them. So thank you

No. 783068

Anons should get paid ad revenues. I always wanna try whatever it is you bitches shill.

No. 783076

Kids can't fucking enjoy anything, even shit they make up. "Cottage core is about white supremacy and taking over foreign lands! "Goblincore is anti-Semitic and we should never use the word goblin despite the long history it has in the fantasty world." It's just posting pictures of strawberries and making bread so you can tiktok it, it ain't that deep fam.

No. 783077

That was me hehe

No. 783086

Just watch, in a few years they’re all going to turn into cynical George Carlin-tier bastards and the whole woke shit will be conveniently forgotten.

No. 783087

I didn’t know silverfish were real? I thought they were that hedgehog cobblestone slab mob from minecraft or is that different

No. 783097

that's why people get pets

No. 783104

It's just a matter of time until they go to university, get a job and find out they can't be online all the time doing whatever they do now and that are bigger worries. Though I've seen millenials acting like zoomers so I don't know. I do wonder what the next generation (younger than zoomers) will bring to the table kek any predictions?

No. 783107

I'm genuinely curious how the next generation of kids are gonna end up. I assume there will be a push back against these weird accusations.

No. 783110

Same lol I thought they were made up until an acquaintance talked about how he sees a lot of them at work.

No. 783117

I’m drunk and have no one to talk to. I wish I had just one friend to shoot the shit with. My mom won’t even answer her phone

No. 783131

they'll probably be even more lost and retarded than gen z

No. 783132

Why not go to the drunk thread Nonny?

No. 783156

Found out I have some money in a trust from when my dad died. Nothing crazy or anything but it's almost like ugh what am I going to do with that money? It's dead dad money so it feels like something important needs to be done with it. Is it weird to feel that way? Maybe I'll just stick it in savings and come back to it in the future.

No. 783159

Chewing on some acacia gum rn and it’s not too bad

No. 783173

I dont understand the men who act like I'm digusting/annoying but still keep trying to fuck me.

No. 783184

My new tablet pen feels very premium but it doesn't recognize pen pressure oh no
Guess I gotta live with it now

No. 783186

just found out the welcome to chilis vine guy died yesterday

No. 783191

holy shit youre gonna have to give more context anon

No. 783192

File: 1618362317886.png (253.04 KB, 668x690, Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 9.05…)

his brother posted about it

No. 783194

File: 1618362356760.png (661.67 KB, 1042x1226, Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 9.06…)

here was the photo attached

No. 783197

File: 1618362851853.png (890.95 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_20210413-181209.png)

No, no it does not

No. 783198

I hate everything. Jesus, I can't imagine how much his twin brother is hurting rn.

No. 783200

File: 1618363462028.jpeg (108.44 KB, 630x630, 7DE81CAE-05ED-4C61-BA82-C17294…)

It’s as if someone grabbed a piece of carpet and stuffed it in there, ew.

No. 783220

File: 1618366260558.png (2.76 MB, 828x1792, 3035A9BC-09C2-4EAF-AE00-9DC618…)

Got this ad on instagram. WTF is this do people really get lashes like this????

No. 783229

No, and I'm pretty sure this page went semi-"viral" and was made fun of for this lol.

No. 783231

that is hilarious, i suppose some people do… i wouldn't.. sheeeh.

No. 783233

File: 1618366996574.png (5.62 KB, 259x224, 5181203.png;compress=true.png)

how do you bitches deal with anxiety? i just kind of want to sleep it off but i don't know if i am capable…tried texting a crisis hotline and i'm trying to find distractions online but i just can't fight off the feeling!!

No. 783236

Why won't my fudges set already it's been like 4 hours or so

No. 783241

File: 1618367688834.jpeg (44.79 KB, 460x459, 1 8zcVL9-y2rQc5Yx7M0379g.jpeg)

It makes far more sense, economically, socially and culturally for older women(30+) to have relationships younger men(early to mid 20's)

>younger men have higher sex drives and older women will have more experience and teach them how to pleasure a woman

>older women aren't bitter from cranky like older men
>even if relationship doesn't go well both parties will have had a generally good experience

and this is anecdotal but in certain ancient Celtic societies it was the jobs of the Druids(who were a priestly class not allowed to marry) to nurture young boys and teach them how to have sex with, while also being impregnated by said young boys so that the next generation of Druids could be born

No. 783245

i hate the photo you used i don't want to read what you said but i already did and it was informative

No. 783247

is it just me or is this disgusting?

No. 783248

gonna leave my boyfriend for a woman i clicked with once on discord
just kidding..

No. 783270

i wish they made more bratz games like the ones on the playstation

No. 783281

I have stickers of this and the previous bun pic you posted on my laptop! Love schinako's work.

No. 783288

This is absolutely disgusting and fills me with rage. Not even joking.

No. 783295

This video got posted in the Things you hate thread and has appeared in my recomendations for a while now.

I don't trust that guy.

No. 783296

I can't stop eating soup

No. 783316

File: 1618381644108.jpg (91.29 KB, 1164x1000, 61GsVj0bQVL._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

Idk if I should get this transparent wallet or not

No. 783317

I would say yes if you never carry cash

No. 783321

Those look sick as hell. I vote yay!

No. 783328

ya gonna get robbed

No. 783330

Was in a lot of pain all over my body for almost a week, and I was starting to freak out wondering if that’s how my life was gonna be like from now on.
Then I turned over my mattress and now two nights later I’m fine again.

No. 783332

File: 1618383866426.jpg (47.82 KB, 325x550, c5431c0922954b7199f6d739ace589…)

This has been getting posted a lot on here and every time it pops up I just think about how attractive eyes #3 and #4 are

No. 783336

File: 1618384537108.jpg (96.02 KB, 600x848, BLINK, November 2013, #29.jpg)

I feel like I'm never gonna get a boyfriend because my type is so hyper specific that it's probably that no man like that actually exists, and I dread that if I wanna get into a relationship I'll have to get with someone who isn't actually the guy I've built up in my head. It's not even like my ideal boyfriend is a flawless perfet adonis of a man, he has more flaws than good qualities but I still don't think a man like that even exists so I'll have to settle for a normie, boring man if I ever seek out intimacy. I sound like such an autist but I've been thinking about this for a while. I can only hope my type changes to something more normal and attainable in the future.

No. 783349

I would suck so hard at being rich.

I'd be constantly giving away money, paying for random peoples groceries, bills, student loans. I'd take randoms shopping then send them home by taxi or slip some €€€ into people pockets/bags. Pay for all the animal shelters etc etc etc.

I'd be broke within a month.

No. 783352

File: 1618386341343.jpg (100.99 KB, 1080x856, 373773737373738383838388383838…)


No. 783355

some peoples eyes are just naturally like or flex like picrel without actually befitting the descriptions tbh, nothing wrong with that

No. 783364

You sound like me when I was younger anon, and I've been with a guy for 10 years who isn't exactly my picture perfect man but is better than settling for some normie. Lame advice but let yourself fall in love, you can always recover from heartbreak and disappointment. You'll learn more about what you want and how attainable it is as you get to know potential partners better. Good luck.

No. 783381

it's soup's favorite cookie

No. 783419

I was looking for adult-targeted tv/netflix shows, adult as in not for teenagers like riverdale or whatever, but instead all I get is articles titled things like Adults Only! These Sexy TV Shows on Netflix Are as Steamy As It Gets! That's not what I mean. Am I just stupid for expecting there are tv shows that are not for teenagers but also don't revolve around sex?

No. 783423

File: 1618400466819.jpg (7.86 KB, 300x168, cr.jpg)

Made me grimace, for some reason

No. 783427

Yesterday I was looking at pics from a year ago with my bf and god, what an anxious mess I was. You could see in my eyes the toll the corona shitfest has done on me. I can't even understand how or why my bf put up with me at that time, I will be forever grateful.

No. 783430

File: 1618401660854.jpeg (126.87 KB, 600x800, 4C3755A0-4E15-4226-8659-68D68A…)

I want to hug my bff, I want to kiss her neck like I used to while we waited for our clases at uni to begin. I miss kissing her cheeks and cuddling with her, I also miss how she used to bite my fingers from time to time and that she would let me play with her hair when she sat on my lap.
Is this how true touch starvation feels like?

No. 783439

Feeling chuffed my coworkers thought my bf was 25 when he's 35.

No. 783450

I, once again, overcaffeinated myself

No. 783453

Five hospitals I have to deal with! Five!! Trying not to die fucking sucks, I recommend dying

No. 783470

Did you post about this before? I swear I remember reading that drunk story or a similar one.

No. 783475

Kek it's possible. The drama happened last year and I probably vented here but seeing his man body in lingerie was just the other day.

No. 783480

Search for tags like "mature" or "gritty" or "nominated"

>Also I definitely recommend "The Great," fantastic show

No. 783504

File: 1618413800240.png (472.77 KB, 600x546, gay.PNG)

Dude from "The Bachelor" who people said stalked and abused her girlfriend comes out as gay. So you don't even like women but still took the time out to harass and stalk one. Scrotes.

No. 783510

i'm so fucking excited right now i finally got to ascension rank 2 in genshin

No. 783511

I think you mixing up this story and the story about the anon who kicked her bf out of the garage when she was high

No. 783553

If there's one similar to that one, I wanna read it

No. 783559

nta but is your guy at least close to what you're looking for?

No. 783570

enjoying my wendys sandwich its so good anons

No. 783575

I bought some arm warmers on ebay and I opened the package and there was an Amazon gift note inside. Pretty sure someone just resold an unwanted gift to me kek

No. 783582

Fuck those icelanders and their amazing black metal, how is it all so good? not fair
Good for you both

No. 783585

File: 1618424150579.png (73.73 KB, 228x217, kTEdthR.png)

>tfw you figure out how to pirate obscure, paywalled erotic audio on your own
Another lovely day of getting off without financially supporting a scrote.

No. 783587

I wanna know what you know

No. 783600

What's up with Anya Taylor Joy having half of lolcow pressed

No. 783601

Idk but she's beautiful

No. 783604

File: 1618425996252.jpeg (34.8 KB, 275x259, 77223C6A-6B22-4FAC-ABB4-B8E9ED…)

Are you talking about BLCDs and otome cds? Because if you are scalpers post rips on soundcloud and youtube too (which is bad practice but it’s distributed nonetheless)

No. 783605

Sounds familiar

No. 783607

The big eyes chess bitch

No. 783614

lmao I know
I was talking about the love/hate for her

No. 783619

Looks like someone drank a pink drink , vomited it into the cup, and sold it as is.

No. 783629

I don't get why mods let arguments go on for so long in meta lmao. Half of the shit happening in there would not be happening if they responded to complaints

No. 783630

they shouldn't of locked that infighting thread that was made and up for like 3 hours. I think sometimes anons like to argue for the sake of it and let out their rage. That sub was perfect for that lol

No. 783635

Do they ever even respond to complaints or suggestions at all?

No. 783644

Sometimes I'm so horny I could french kiss anyone.

No. 783662

File: 1618431492129.jpg (60.26 KB, 720x498, FB_IMG_1618225196762.jpg)

I wonder if newfags know that we truly had a lolcow AI bot and that it isn't just an injoke that came from nowhere

No. 783673

Luna's cat Pumpkin looks like my neighbor's cat Steve

No. 783683

The sperg in celebricows was actually a psyop, I'm now a Dula Peep stan

No. 783685

Dula peep

No. 783690

No they weren’t, dula lipa sucks lol

No. 783691

No. 783698

File: 1618437642876.jpg (164.11 KB, 1000x1002, 210.jpg)

>shouldn't of
>That sub

No. 783712

File: 1618438879142.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1182, 1557843136599.jpeg)

who told moids they were funny

No. 783731

File: 1618440806014.jpg (162.61 KB, 1080x1080, f_1280.jpg)

Other moids. Moids only exist to please other moids and themselves. Moids are gay and love killing and fisting eachother.
Do not trust them under any circumstance.

No. 783734

File: 1618441201910.png (118.45 KB, 717x282, cool.png)

cool, so now what i'm going to do is download your entire website, edit the js/files and make some brown skins i guess.
Now watch this nigger make some original black candybar doll images and upload the entire thing to my own website.

No. 783735

Samefag but it won't be ORIGINAL in the sense that you think!

No. 783739

After months reading lilbopweep thread i listened to one of her songs and i really liked it im stupid got no taste at all

No. 783744

File: 1618442293842.jpg (52.55 KB, 500x545, really.jpg)

>look up nsfw audio of my husbando on soundcloud
>about 90% of results end in "x Male Listener"
of course

No. 783748

Is your husbando canonically gay? Or is he a magnet for fakeboi types.

No. 783754

not gay. guess he would attract some fakebois cause of how the cancerous the fanbase is in general, but he doesn't seem to be super popular with them and i can easily find "female reader" if i look for written smut with him. upon closer examination it looks like most of the "male listener" audios are done by one autist rather than a dozen aidens but still. a lot more than i expected compared to the other ones.

No. 783761

I don't really like online shopping, even post pandemic. If it's something that I can't buy in person or I can get a way better deal online, sure I'll buy it online, but I prefer to shop in person. Lines can suck, but a 10-15 minute wait on line still beats waiting for days and possibly having to have paid shipping costs on top of that. I also just like to window shop and wander through stores randomly, but that's just me. I don't really online shop anymore, for a variety of reasons, and whenever I do I really hate it lol.

No. 783762

Oh and on top of shipping wait times, even if it's a next day delivery, fuck dealing with delivery carriers and them taking forever to deliver it, misdelivering it, or giving you that "sorry we missed you!" bullshit even though you were home all day. Nope, fuck waiting an extra day to get my shit.

No. 783770

You guys, I'm about to say fuck it and just buy a melatonin diffuser. Never in my life have I used a device like that or even smoked a cigarette, but I literally cannot get to sleep at night without having to take a melatonin gummy and wait like forever to get tired.

No. 783774

Please report back in case you do

No. 783778

Liquid melatonin kicks in much faster than gummies or pills so maybe try that if you're hesitant? I take liquid melatonin 4 times a week (I can get by without taking it on weekends because I eat edibles instead lol) so I feel the struggle. Please update if you do try the diffuser!

No. 783790

File: 1618449406883.jpg (101.05 KB, 736x932, 191c2fb26107fa09718b384bc50975…)

I swear regulars of the celebricow threads are the laziest anons kek
Myself included

No. 783791

I pulled the trigger and bought them. They should be here next week, so I will definitely be back on here to bitch about it if they don't work kek.

I've never seen liquid melatonin in the store before, but I'll look for it if these don't work. Thank you! I heard diffusing it is supposed to work faster too, even though you aren't supposed to inhale it into your lungs. I'm just sick of only being able to full asleep if I take benadryl or stay browsing on LC until the wee hours of the morning.

No. 783794

What does my face even look like? I don't fucking know. I haven't taken a selfie or looked at photos of myself in like 5 years. I guess I'm happier for it. I'm not thaaaat ugly or anything but even as a 6 year old seeing pictures or videos of myself would send me into a panic attack. Mirrors are whatever though but I never use one more than needed.

No. 783800

File: 1618451258544.jpeg (96.52 KB, 275x272, 9C7EB64F-970A-40E1-86C9-7DB997…)

Sometimes I want to post my mini adventures and journeys because I think some other anons would enjoy a fun little internet investigation & story. But it’s so easy to find out what I’m doing that I worry there will be an anon who wants to ruin it for me on purpose. She’s somewhere waiting for an opportunity to fuck things up (for anyone) for shits and giggles and will intercept my goals, ending the fun prematurely.

No. 783809

Sometimes I’m so horny I fantasize about sleeping with the people around me even if I don’t find them attractive. But then I start thinking about how it’d probably be disappointing and I’m over it.

No. 783825

I'm a maladaptive daydreamer and taught myself to lucid dream and I heavily use psychedelics. I don't understand shifting? It seems like something those DID zoomers fake. Even in my most meditative, psychedelic indused states, I never thought I shifted realities. Well, maybe DMT or salvia trips, but you can't control those.

No. 783847

Just do it

No. 783862

How did you build it up?

No. 783863

I think the process of bleaching and dyeing my own hair is so addicting, I could do it every day if my hair would let me. Maybe I’d enjoy doing other people’s hair, but I think I’d only like doing mine because if I fuck up the only one who suffers is me.

No. 783867

There was a mouse in my bedroom just now. I live in a very tightly packed, highly populated city so mice are inevitable no matter how clean your place is. (Translation: I’m not a dirty bitch.) Because they’re so commonplace, I usually don’t get scared. But this Stuart Little looking ass bitch CLIMBED UP MY FUCKING LAMP CORD. He was inches away from my bed! That’s never happened to me, what kind of Cirque De Soleil shit is that? Maybe I’m being overdramatic, but I’m terrified. I’m sleeping on my couch now. Literally never stepping foot into my room again, knockoff Ratatouille can have it.

No. 783891

therapy is a scam and psychology is a sham. everyone keeps telling me to 'get help'. fuck right off. not filling the pockets of some failed medical student.

No. 783893

File: 1618471493056.png (408.21 KB, 375x578, tiktok.png)

i stumbled upon this girl with a butt stomach ? what

No. 783897

she was probably once very obese and lost weight. It's excess skin usually.

No. 783901

Psychotherapists and psychologists are not med students, nonny

No. 783903

Haha, me too. My hair is 3 different colors right now

No. 783904

I ate some Chungs chicken eggrolls earlier today and my farts smell horrid tonight. Also it smells like it is literally wafting from my vag too. I showered already. Ugh.

No. 783910

Thirding this. I'm a few different shades of red/purple atm

No. 783912

Her stomach muscles have separated (usually from pregnancy but can happen without). It doesn’t normally look like that on most people, but the combination of being overweight and seemingly prone to storing weight on her stomach has exaggerated it.

No. 783913

Dyeing I can understand can be fun, but bleaching? I tried it once, that shit burns, stings. Not fun, and not something to desire every day.

No. 783926

Superstitious anons, if you had to do something over an extended period of time, would you rather start it or rather end it on the day that is considered to be the luckiest one of the month in your culture? Can't have both, missing it by a few days in either case :sad smiley:(RP retardation)

No. 783931

I'd start it on the luckiest day! That way you can have luck throughout the rest of the month, and it's always nice to have a good start to whatever you're doing.

No. 783937

Start. Ends are to be left flexible.

No. 783939

File: 1618478752985.png (48.72 KB, 1061x256, sdbdug-2021-04-1572528.png)

Why are men this insecure

No. 783943

the answer is no, men are not allowed to enjoy this movie because they do not deserve it

No. 783948

oh okay so that's what it is ! i was dumbfounded because i wondered how this could be when she's not even fat anywhere else. thank you

No. 783953

>see a pretty active thread
>post my opinion
>thread dies
>if revived it's a whole other discussion on another topic

Every fucking time

No. 783955

I miss sky ferreira

No. 783956

I dub thee Threadkiller the Opinionated

No. 783958

That sounds cool ngl

No. 783970

Does anyone else have someone that they used to stalk online, then it's like you outgrow that creepy behavior when you get a life, but if you come across that person again you just lapse straight back into stalking them online like it's not the weirdest fucking thing ever.

I haven't thought about this dude (at the time I found his reddit account and through that other forum posts on personal topics, his childhood friends, what school he went to, who his relatives are and what they look like etc), then I come across him in my friends list, go on his profile and start looking at his work details and pictures posted of him etc. I guess at the time I had low self esteem and finding out all his personal shit gave me a sense of security.

Idk,I did it yesterday and I feel like it's never do that to someone btw, since I anyway stalked him before it feels so natural.

No. 783971

Keeps happening to me too, you're not alone anon. Kinda sucks because periods of not doing it feel so healthy and correct, getting the urge back makes me think I'll never progress as a person lol

No. 783990

File: 1618490012466.png (1.08 MB, 905x536, CD62057A-B06A-450A-B9D8-19E7F6…)

me too anon…

No. 783993

Am I fucking trippin or are iPhones icons more rectangle than square now

No. 784004

File: 1618492006247.jpeg (37.21 KB, 480x360, 611905C8-FDDE-4898-96A5-308DC6…)

Lately I’ve been seeing some anons using naruto reactions and that fills me with determination, dattebayo

No. 784006

File: 1618492140216.gif (595.52 KB, 220x220, 6D6F9BD8-B5BB-4F0E-AB12-FEEE39…)


No. 784013

Big day today. SO is going out of town, CEO of my company is going to be listening to me do a few calls today at work, and I'll be day drinking since I'm finished at noon. To top of off? SO said she'd buy me something on Uber for dinner.

No. 784014

Omg what? That's so sad.

No. 784016

I know right? Apparently he also has a twin but I have no idea how he died.

No. 784017

this vine makes me uncomfortable, i hate it

No. 784019

Have some respect for the dead, anon.

No. 784041

File: 1618495090682.png (100.54 KB, 486x580, 1611951386124.png)

This was 2 days ago but; you can try pouring boiling hot water down the sink/drain to try to kill them.
I hate those fuckers too.

No. 784056

File: 1618497269653.jpg (23.47 KB, 600x600, 694d7f7be57dcd7f71afde6a56301b…)

I was drinking this I love the texture of the soft bit it has in it so chewy

No. 784074

I’m a psychopath who doesn’t mind the scalp burning. Sometimes I enjoy bleaching more than dyeing tbh. It fucking destroys my hair though, but the pure satisfaction I feel when I lift my hair and tone it to a white base is like no other! Then I just do oil and deep conditioning treatments to repent for my sins.

No. 784083

Can't believe this is how I found out about it. He was so young, sad

No. 784085

I want to be at a family gathering with lots of food to graze on throughout the day and then we all get drunk and do karaoke

No. 784087

Play woke get broke BITCH
So happy to see her cancelled

No. 784096

1h40… any tl;dr on why she was cancelled?

No. 784098

Check out the breadtube thread on /snow/. tldr: She tweeted that Raya was just the latest in a string of ATLA YA knockoffs, which pissed off her asian american followers. She tried to explain herself by saying “well, if you squint…” which was interpreted as a VERY poor choice of words kek. She deleted her twitter after the backlash

No. 784100

idk if any anons remember this but a little over a year ago I asked the Sonic Totem if I would get a big dick goth bf and he gave me a resounding NO. Even the other anons who asked on my behalf were told NO. Well I would like to inform everyone that I accepted Sonic Totem's ruling but remained strong, and I now actually honest-to-god have a tall big dick GOTH-ADJACENT bf…he is not goth but he has piercings and wears a lot of black but it's mostly street/techwear which I actually prefer. Sanic works in mysterious ways, anons – I see now that he was not trying to crush my spirit, rather he was preventing me from being led astray. Place your faith in Sanic, anons. He truly wants what's best for you!!!

No. 784104

I’m glad everything turned out well after all, nonnie!

No. 784105

How did he die?

No. 784106

Oh wow lmao, woke people are their own worst enemies in te end. Gonna read up more on snow, thanks!

No. 784116

eat my ass, sis.

No. 784118

His brother said that they’re intentionally not releasing the cause of death.

No. 784124


No. 784126

Source? Is that a rumor you read or just your own guess?

No. 784155

File: 1618510109172.jpg (167.03 KB, 1500x989, The-Descent-1.jpg)

After a week of insomnia, suicidal thoughts and general misery my period has finally come!!!! I'm so fucking relieved, I can finally return to my normal way of existing

No. 784164

I hate the amount of gay male terminology people have started using for general stuff, like the word Twink or whatever, just say thin guy like a normal person

also the amount of gay male terminology that has entered English speaking BL spaces is a tragedy imo

No. 784172

File: 1618512179535.jpg (80.44 KB, 1000x735, flowerless jannies.jpg)

Saw this in meta, got me good, ty anon

No. 784188

Hard agree

No. 784210

I fucking hate that stupid bitch (and no woman or anon is a bitch btw you all, even the driverfags are probably lovely people irl) but I fucking hate her so much, she seems like such a clout chaser and would do anything my to throw friends under the bus for a sweet dopamine chase and adsense revenue, disgustang. No integrity at all with her fatass canadian self

No. 784214

Isn't most of it a lingo and catchphrases taken from RuPaul's Drag Race, not even a general "common gay talk"? Yass werk it queen, slaaay, shantay you stay, don't tell me anyone spoke like this outside some very specific drag queen circles.

No. 784219

I'm not even into this hobby, but this video is so relaxing to me
Guess I could always apply his tips to doll customizing though

No. 784222

Yeah that's the most likely cause behind the uptake of these words and phrases among so many straight women, god Drag Race has been such a net negative on society

No. 784225

Yeah, I used to kinda enjoy it 10 seasons ago but since then it's been trying harder and harder to become mainstream, unfortunately succesfully, making what was a domain of night clubs a normal thing for entire families to enjoy. It's deranged.

No. 784235

Something about the celebricows thread really rubs me the wrong way. It just seems like a type of thread that only caters to PULLfag refugees because they’re always obsessed with talking about dumb celebrities

No. 784248

Does this whole website cater to the same people on PULL?

No. 784262

i think twink sounds cuter tbh

No. 784272

I must protect these boys, they are too adorable and precious
I hope their parents take good care of them
(I am super late but I just saw Jojo Rabbit this year)

No. 784294

Some of the posters in the recent threads sound male if anything

No. 784305

File: 1618522628228.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1242x1870, 6B2EEB0F-765A-4E02-8B32-285CD6…)

This is what I get for following gay men on tumblr I guess but jesus scrotes truly cannot function without thinking about their little wieners. I had some tinder guy ask me if I got horny “from endorphins” while working out when I told him I was at the gym once, and I had never heard such a thing before. I hate men they are the weaker sex.

No. 784336

I posted before about how my roommate loves Linkin Park. She said today she loves listening to them when exercising at the gym but she would like something harder so I showed her 3TEETH and she loved it I'm so happy! I'll try showing her KMFDM next time

No. 784349

File: 1618528967718.jpg (267.25 KB, 540x462, HvjiZ4K.jpg)

This girl's videos have appeared in my recomendations for a while now, but she gives me supperiority complex vibes that makes me dislike her from the start.

I don't know, do any anons watch her videos or something? Are her videos good enough for Youtube to keep pushing them?

No. 784351

Omg anon this happened to me too this evening! Well, it wasn't a nude but it was one of those wrestling guys. It was traumatizing

No. 784352

I've never watched her just because of her name. It seems so pretentious.

No. 784355

I avoided her for the longest time because of her name but her videos are actually pretty entertaining even though I don't agree with everything she says, I don't personally get a pretentious vibe from her.

No. 784360

Good for you nonita! I love their Symbols album.

No. 784368


No. 784370

File: 1618531330445.jpg (30.85 KB, 400x299, 1566676836405.jpg)

If I stick like 8 of these sticker thing that can carry 2kg on this floating shelf, i wonder what will happen

No. 784373

I trimmed my hair and damn does it feel healthy.

No. 784374

No. 784384

I mean, do you accept offers? lol

No. 784388

Okay i am ordering a shelf

No. 784389

File: 1618533384474.jpg (173.13 KB, 666x1288, 1419346517194.jpg)

This year I've been using the pro-ana scumbag thread as inspiration to drop the weight I've been struggling to get rid of for a few years and booked my first botox appointment. I'm pretty sure too much lolcow + pushing 30 + superficial mother are to blame because I don't participate at all in appearance culture beyond what filters in through my fixation on internet drama. Thanks for keeping me from aging gracefully, bonelords and teens of lolcow, and mom.

No. 784397

i fucking hate trying to deal with plugs, 99 percent of them are just stringing you along to fake flex on their stories and the other one percent DONT ANSWER

No. 784403

Fujoshis on suicide watch kek

“fujoshi culture needs to die”

No. 784406

these people turn around and make video essays about this stuff and then say nothing about men fetishizing bi and lesbian women. don't care didn't ask plus you care about a scrotes comfort

No. 784407

File: 1618535791825.jpeg (1.44 MB, 4032x3024, 6ac36afead4bb33aa974bedc52a1fa…)

I got a freeform monitor stand and holy shit, browsing the internet on portrait mode is so neat. I feel like a fucking hacker

No. 784409

File: 1618536013167.jpeg (85.92 KB, 640x480, B8610E60-EC3D-4FF6-A5ED-425713…)

No. 784414

File: 1618536545888.jpeg (784.02 KB, 3464x3464, 54D61F9A-F47A-44AC-B1BE-F36E9C…)

agreed so annoying like bitch stfu, I don’t like fujoshi media but this is probably just an attack on something niche that women happen to like. going to go full retard but reminds me of the 2010s twilight/justin beiber sperging. also picrel but the comments are absolutely rich

No. 784417

File: 1618536823331.gif (501.44 KB, 650x400, gif.gif)

How much you wanna bet the "men" bitching about this are Aidens.

No. 784419

File: 1618536923973.jpg (11.08 KB, 155x202, 1403661578952.jpg)

>like gay men all you want, just don't turn ME into an object of your attraction

tables: turned
moids: angery

No. 784420

This is the proof you need to know some retards never had more than 3 weeb girl friends while growing up.
Scrotes are always sexualizing women, but when it’s their turn to get the shit side of the stick, they hate it.

No. 784421

definitely, when a tiktok of a girl saying she watched gay porn went "viral" on twitter, gay men literally didn't care, they were the ones telling people that it didn't matter

No. 784422

Yeah portrait mode is great, I have one portrait monitor on either side of my normal landscape monitor and I use them a lot. Weirdly I actually like playing youtube, movies etc on them, it's smaller but that makes it easier to pay attention/see the whole screen when I'm multi tasking on my main monitor.

No. 784428

Nice picrel queen

No. 784432

File: 1618539767460.jpg (36.78 KB, 500x667, d3BiDYX.jpg)

Part of the reason I’m still a virgin at 22 is that I’m incredibly horny, but only for certain kinds of men, and I live in a place where they flat-out don’t exist. All I can do is sext with them, and that gets really boring quick.
I want to fuck a sweet blonde metalhead himbo so bad. It’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair !!!!

No. 784436

Very tired and very lonely. Blew off doing something with friends after class due to my own exhaustion. I'm lonely. I wrote a little bit in my manifestation journal and stopped about halfway through the entry, then passed out. Wish I could stick to doing one thing. Period fatigue combined with allergies is going to make the forthcoming week hell, I can already sense it.

No. 784438

File: 1618541399761.jpg (342.71 KB, 720x2242, 9fc67ac15a3f915b29cf8c9fa2ab6b…)

I still haven't lucid dreamt on my own volition, but there are some steps that you have to take. Picrel are some examples

No. 784440

has way too many negative gay male continuations for me, an adult guy wanting to fuck a teenage boy isn't cute in anyway

No. 784441

nta but there's not really any other reason not to say imo

No. 784443

Honestly I think the issue is complex, there does need to be certain changes with in the culture in fujoshi spaces, that I think would make it better for everyone

most importantly we have to repeatedly remind people the "males" in BL stories are not even close to real men, especially real gay men and I know most rational people could already conclude that, but there's a lot autistic and or just plain dumb young girls in the community who end up with very wrong ideas about IRL gay male dynamics
I think if we did this there would be fag-hag fujos and Aydens fujos

No. 784447

No. 784449

That issue happens all of the time, tbh, newtards, that are probably too young to be on the internet, will think gay men are all rainbows, unicorns and self lubricating assholes, but then they lurk more and stop being retarded.
Then again, I think I’m either too old or I swear kids nowadays are unable to retain any sort of information nor are capable of using their reading comprehension skills to differentiate reality from fiction.

No. 784451

and that's why I feel the community needs to inform these kids about the reality of BL and how its a fantasy and nothing more, if we do that then the rate of aydens would decrease dramatically imo

No. 784459

omg eLouai? that shit was my childhood

No. 784462

File: 1618545731942.jpg (48.09 KB, 720x680, 3ef8c1196a3e023e92270b5cbe92da…)

Hey anon, I am manifesting for you a good week! You have a nice week with some nice stuff in it! Something unexpected, you deserve it!

No. 784464

File: 1618546539877.png (17.7 KB, 584x163, vbfg.png)

someone unironically posted this
guess it's a very abusive home she's from, please help guys

No. 784473

Thank you lovely anon! I wish you well too
I feel a little better after gorging myself on expensive takeout I treated myself to

No. 784489

It's still up!

No. 784491

File: 1618550089801.jpeg (53.32 KB, 750x220, 36316065-0354-4EEC-9107-53C261…)

Every single goddamn frenemies videos these fuckers are at or near the top of the comment section and it frustrates me

No. 784515

I really fucking hate furries. Made a joke on a yt comment about them and my yt notifications are all from furries commenting about how

"Furries are good people!"
"Furries donate to animal shelters"
"You just pissed off the entire animation community"

Like chill damn! It wasn't even a mean joke and they're victimizing themselves just makes me hate those fucking coomers even more lmao

No. 784522

Furries are deserving of the hate they receive and nobody can convince me otherwise. Autistic degenerates with a whole spectrum of personality disorders, most of them are pedos and the majority are troons as well. Like even besides the zoophiles and animal raping they still have a ton of disgusting stuff attached to their community.

No. 784526

wait, really ?

No. 784529

Not only furries but autopaedophiles aka ABDL, DDLG. They’re scum.

No. 784531

The venn diagram for ABDLs and furries is a circle, anon.

No. 784548

File: 1618556274698.jpg (17.33 KB, 464x599, e1f1bf2944c1cb17f1e3093ed45043…)

Is coral considered a shade of pink?
If so, it's definitely my favorite

No. 784553

I think it's considered both pink and orange. It's in the middle.

No. 784554

And yet they always try to sell how it's not-sexual, while they invent combinations of fetishes no one could imagine.
>people judge furries, but we just like cartoon aesthetics, the figures are cute, and we were often abused so running away to cartoon OCs was our cope
>oh, we're sorry, make your ugly neon colored hyena fursuit
>thanks, time to retweet furbaby inflation gore porn

No. 784588

maybe more of a coral color?

No. 784598

I've watched a bunch of her videos, she's intentionally clickbaiting with her titles, thumbnails and even channel name. Her opinions are usually actually pretty mild, reasonable and middle-of-the-road, but she can be funny, and her amrs are impressive.

No. 784606

I've watched a few vids lately covering the topic of zoophiles and zoosadists and the shit that goes down with them partly being supported or protected by furries. Every vid I've watched is fairly balanced though in doing the whole furry equivalent to notallmen. Not all furries! bla bla.

The comment sections are still full of furries whinging about how hard it is to be them or worrying about their own image. Ahem we're watching a vid about puppies being raped to literal death or animal carcasses being fucked. Dogs being rescued only to be passed around a bunch of men like a sex toy til their internal organs give up. Like can you stop feeling sorry for yourself for just a moment guys.

No. 784615

With weebs there's a certain range from "almost normie but likes the series found on Netflix" to "likes to consume and analyze a considerable amount of Japanese animation" to "likes cervical prolapse dickgirl trap hentai porn". With furries it's straight into the degenerate deep end. Even the most well-adjusted furry always ends up being outed having an alt account filled with vore diapershitting ABDL porn and roleplaying and/or grooming minors on Discord while routinely moralizing over fictional characters to save face. The fact that they don't fuck dogs isn't going to cancel all the other horror going on in the community.

No. 784632

Back when I was younger I always found myself making friends with autists who were into all this weird shit. I had this naively accepting attitude at the time and it took me a few bad experiences before I realized the harder they claim to not be perverts or to barely even be sexual beings…. the more they are fucked in the head and fapping 10 times a day to god knows what.

They never stick to one category of weirdness either, they like fur, babyfur, abdl, shitting themselves, large anal insertions that don't come out clean. They're the types to steal undewear from yor house and try to take snaps of random attractive women in the street. It always starts with one weird thing and then the whole extended range of tist kinks quickly follows. Do male autists need to start receiving a level of sexual education that addresses their tendency to cross the wires between 'cute infant like things' and fap material?? It's like they need some sort of intervention as soon as puberty hits.

No. 784637

I got curious because of an anon in one of the fujo thread and read the manga about the guy who turns into a gyaru and I cannot believe this shit is getting an animated adaptation. The censorship will be hilarious.

I hate them too, they're degenerates and they deserve to be decapitated for posting their nasty shit online for all to see.

No. 784640

Sorry for being autistic but I think the male term for gyaru is gyaru-oh or something idk don't quote me but I know there's def a different term for it

No. 784643

>Back when I was younger I always found myself making friends with autists who were into all this weird shit.
> I had this naively accepting attitude at the time and it took me a few bad experiences before I realized

Goddd same. I had this "not judging" naive approach to friendship because I never had friends, and I always encountered so many fucking crazies that I regret befriending.
Example… a russiaboo who attempted to bully me kek (very pathetic, she's into hetalia and she's a they/them now LMAO), a histrionic bpdfag girl who was balls deep into cosplay drama, a girl who stole my things and eventually watched CP (that broke our friendship of course), and now I'm friends with a narcissist tiddie streamer who has been posted in lolita drama facebook groups kek. I don't like her but oh well.

Either way, be judgamental and you'll always have good friends.

No. 784645

I never heard the term before, but now it makes sense. All those daddy dom / caregiver / littles / petplayers are exactly that. God it's so disgusting.

No. 784646

>>eventually watched CP and that broke the friendship
Please tell me you called the police?

No. 784647

I didn't know that. But I was talking about the title of the manga, since it's about a guy turning into a girl it has the word "gyaru" in its title. It's a super long title so I can't remember it.

No. 784648

That happened in 2010-2011 ish and I was young, and I didn't know what to do in that case because nobody ever told me what to do in those cases. She just told me "I'm in this facebook group and I'm popular and they sometimes post CP". I asked why she did that, she said she didn't know. I told her it was dangerous and disgusting and to not talk to me ever again. Idk, I wish I had done more, but I don't know her social media anymore and I don't even know where she lives. I learnt that you MUST alert authorities about these things later when I already broke the friendship. Plus I don't live in America, and I'm not sure how things would had played out honestly. I did however report her facebook though.

No. 784650


Also forgot to mention she had ties with someone in the narco. So that also gave me anxiety. Back then my city was full of shootings and kidnappings so I thought if I pissed them off they would do something to me and my family, as she told me that they "researched" me and my family.

No. 784651

Ok I’m not judging you. I haven’t walked in your shoes.

No. 784655

It's okay if you judge me to be honest, but seriously all I can say is I hate her and I hate the fact she did that. I don't know how to turn back time and do things right, but seriously, she was disgusting for doing that.

Also, she was the quiet girl in my secondary school. I thought she was normal and fine, it wasn't years later into our frienship that she told me this. If I had known she would do that I would had never befriended her. Idk, I feel gross now.

No. 784657

File: 1618573689967.gif (405.47 KB, 220x193, 1DA8A5BD-23D3-42DE-ADA6-F9D909…)

I’m not going to judge you. It sounds like you where pretty much a child yourself. Plus idk what it’s like to live with that kind of threat.

No. 784679

I looked ugly af in my early 20s yet that's when I got the most action I got a proposal too lmao. But like I looked awful and my hair I can't believe I use to fret over my hair so much and it still looked like total shit. I'm 30 now and I look so much better objectively. I feel like I've grown into and suit my face and I've learnt how to style my hair to frame it and how to use make up correctly. I use to always daydream as a little girl about how aesthetically I'd turn out and I don't know if I've manifested it but I look like the woman I use to dream about it. If only I could work on my career goals lol

No. 784688

There is some really severe autism going down in /meta site discussion thread in case anyone wants to see it live.

No. 784691

>Just one post that's obviously overblown bait
Anon, did you write that and are now trying to get anons all riled up and infight there?

No. 784693

File: 1618577036517.jpeg (60.63 KB, 828x530, E1D957FE-8887-412F-A95B-32177E…)

No you fucking schizo lmao

No. 784708

I'm bummed that there likely will be no more meta sperging in the new complaints thread. That was some of my favorite milk.

No. 784709

I just realized that all my summaries I wrote that I deleted a few months ago I could've sold and make some money off it.

No. 784710

Summaries of what?

No. 784713

I really don't get why they just didn't moderate the first thread properly lmao. Admin even admitted that the staff weren't reading that thread. Complaining in meta is useless at this point tbh

No. 784714

You must be dull.

No. 784716

books for uni

No. 784719

A guy I work with came up to me and asked why our other coworker calls this other guy a name that isn't his name. I just said I don't know why. Then she comes out and tells him why and later on asks why we were talking shit. Obviously she heard the question because she came out to answer him and I'm like ??? he's just asking a question, I don't see how it's shit talking. Then she says "I don't understand why you had to answer the way that you did" when all I said was that I didn't know why, and then "you know he talks shit about you too." Uhhh, ok? Am I supposed to care?

No. 784725

I CAN'T stand the pain of being a part of a small fandom and having only a few fics about my favourite character, including only 2 smuts (!) I searched ao3, fanfiction.net, tumblr, deviantart and wattpad and there's nothing more. I'm so content-starved. A well written smut is better than any porn, porn is just a very quick release of dopamine and I feel like shit afterwards, meanwhile a good smut builds up my arousal gradually and makes me feel engaged through immersion and then stays with me for days and I can get wet just thinking about my favorite parts. I need more. I need to coom

No. 784726

god do I feel this

No. 784727

I feel that so much, my weird advice is to make your own fics. I wrote 4k words of pure disgusting self indulgence a few weeks ago and I actually received a few nice comments on it, it was kind of nice to get good feedback for something like that kek

No. 784731

Ot but I get recommended those zoophile investigation videos all the time on yt but I cannot get myself to click on them. After reading the zoosadism thread on here a few years ago, I just don’t have the stomach to read or watch anything else about the subject.

No. 784756

She's less active, but I always hated that 'I love kim possible" YT commenter who's shit up the SNL comment section

No. 784762

File: 1618586262670.jpg (50.56 KB, 1014x570, My kitty.jpg)

Hate this fuckers face. He looks like the cursed combination of a 2000's hipster and an oil baron

No. 784765

Yes, looking at him hurts my eyes

No. 784777

File: 1618587398533.png (26.74 KB, 762x228, reytrtyur.png)

"Citation sites are the future"

No. 784784

We got someone's McDonald's delivery by mistake. If my dad wasn't here I woulda eaten it. It's fridge weather! But he made me throw it away. Also we're fasting.

No. 784785

There’s a girl in my class who just fits the sjw/libfem stereotype to a t, like white girl with literal blue hair, “queer” bisexual, randomly brings up terfs, and of course is an acting major and has that really overdone “plant mom” aesthetic kek. It’s just crazy that someone can fit their role so well

No. 784795

I want to be her friend.

No. 784803

My boss has a day off today, so it's like I have a day off too!

No. 784843

People of college age can be a walking stereotype for one thing and then 5 years later they're someone totally different, ime at least. I'd love to go through school again with that knowledge in advance. I really thought we were all set as we were for life, but everyone was in some sort of passing phase.

No. 784861

File: 1618591795834.jpeg (72.52 KB, 543x782, 5E61A924-4484-41EF-A6C4-39D127…)

lmao this was riveting anon

No. 784862

I put my body measurements into a body type calculator and I got "spoon", what the fuck kek. Then I put my measurements in another one and I got hourglass but that doesn't seem right because I dont have much in the way of tits.

No. 784872

The k-pop fandom mocks this guy, but the only thing different between them and him is head has the money to do a bunch of shitty irreversible surgeries.
Most tumblr TiM dream of cutting themselves up to become the next cute kpop boy

No. 784873

You don’t really need to have tits to be considered a hourglass, you also don’t need to have ass for that to be your body type.
It’s all about hips and shoulders.

No. 784877

No. 784878

Vaush is literally a horse cock lover

No. 784879


No. 784880


No. 784882

File: 1618593282140.png (111.08 KB, 808x445, Vaush Horse Cocks Conceptually…)

well, conceptually

No. 784883

File: 1618593354323.jpg (119.49 KB, 500x612, 7ommpkwg13661.jpg)

>Your brain on coom

No. 784886

File: 1618593746738.png (588.02 KB, 932x666, ugh.png)

comments on anime episodes are always so autistic

No. 784891

Please, take my body

No. 784893

File: 1618594199832.png (26.3 KB, 542x186, Screenshot 2020-11-02 111929.p…)

I sometimes check them because I want to see how people reacted to the episode or if they say anything funny, but it's always this inane banter.

No. 784897

File: 1618594336796.jpeg (46.72 KB, 632x485, E23B5672-CCF8-411A-B54B-45A0AD…)

No kidding.

No. 784898

File: 1618594341039.png (110.15 KB, 1650x353, hmmmmm.png)

Why yes I do support WAP

No. 784901

Pretty sure these are all literal children.

No. 784905

This is so true, I knew a lot of young women who acted like anon describes early in uni, but I am nothing like I was back then and I'm sure nobody else is either

No. 784906

File: 1618594951582.png (30.67 KB, 850x2760, d2gh9ev-c2dff632-092a-4c2b-a72…)

Anyone remember the progress chart going around back when deviantart was relevant? I looked back at mine from 2011 and it looks like garbage compared to what I put out now.

I'm filling it in at the moment and consolidating years, and I'm so excited to see it all laid out. I feel like I'm in college again lol

No. 784910

There's a theory going around that he doesn't give a shit about K-pop and that he latched onto BTS for clout. I believe this wholeheartedly. Who the fuck is self-proclaimed obsessed with BTS but doesn't know RM is the leader of the group?

No. 784912

File: 1618595425741.png (183.25 KB, 300x300, 444.png)

Didn't realize my friend probably couldn't find me on the server she asked me to join unless I was set to actually appear online. Posting here on the offchance she reads this post.

miss u bby pls add me on ur new account. srry for being cringe and posting on lolcow

No. 784918

File: 1618596223981.png (568.02 KB, 1024x517, draw.png)

>Anyone remember the progress chart going around back when deviantart was relevant?
Ooh I didn't see that exact one, but I saw the "redraw this" template. It was always my favorite to look at when I was younger because it was funny looking at how hard someone could stagnate, I was a bitter asshole. Wonder what it looks like now because most redraw this posts were limited by DA's age. Since, most started art when they joined DA so the oldest post they can redrew is max five years. If the trend picks up again I'd be seeing 20 years worth of stagnation. I grew out of the trend once I realized 80% of the posts I was judging were by children who didn't give a shit about improving and just drew for fun. I do still enjoy the random delusional adult redraw though
I think I prefer your version because you can watch someone slowly improve instead of the humble brag "If you compare this 5 year old doodle to my 15 year old one I improved a lot (Never mind i stagnated the last few years)"

No. 784921

File: 1618596409835.jpg (24.57 KB, 480x312, cowries.jpg)

we should bring back using cowries as money
1. bad-ass, kinda look like they have teeth inside. kinda look like teeth in general
2. can be used as dice in games
2. you can put them in your hair, wear them as jewelry, use them as decorations
3. smooth, natural and pretty, nicer in texture/aesthetic than coins and hard-ass paper with mostly scrote faces on it
4. good for rituals
5. return to tradition
6. seashells, from the sea
7. kind of look like vaginas, sorta feminist
8. cool. cooler to collect than coins lol
9. every cowrie is unique ♥
cryptofags dni thanks

No. 784926

File: 1618596634963.png (650.18 KB, 784x744, dbgn619-7dddaaf7-7cb3-4dcf-93e…)

Samefag, but some of these scare me straight as an artists. Nothing will convince you to get off your ass and do anatomy studies then imagining this will be your 7 years year improvement

No. 784930

Very developed, muscular calves look terrifying. There was a person running ahead of me on the track and I kept staring at her calves, seeing that butt shape appear under the skin every step was mesmerizing and awful. I'll probably dream about butt-calves.

No. 784933

File: 1618597396199.jpeg (74.44 KB, 408x459, 86346A5C-8BBC-4563-9AE3-5B7F95…)

the jannies decided to make an new complaints thread kek. secret hellweek is back, now time to enjoy the unnecessary bans and prejudice of fun

No. 784934

I mean if I owned a store and someone came up to the counter and laid down a pouch of cowries for a like sub-$5 purchase, I think I would accept. Mostly out of fear of sea witch curse. But still.

No. 784938

File: 1618597876846.jpg (490.23 KB, 1540x2048, Ew2wHbDVEAENP-A.jpg)

what do u think the penis size of a man who wears 48(eu)/15(us) shoes is? he's approximately 190cm/ 6'2, i met this guy today, came back home just now and immediately started masturbating i'm hoping he has a massive cock

No. 784939

File: 1618598091323.jpg (74.69 KB, 640x640, fdd90d9465fbda2afbfd1256ae2e93…)

Some of the nice papers and tapes I bought for my journal arrived and they are so cute!
I already tipped my toes in decorating it a bit more fancily, and although I feel it's not super amazing or anything, the aesthetic is looking nicer. Makes my heart content.

No. 784940

Is this a copypasta?

No. 784944

Thank you for reminding me your daily makeup routine
But look at you
That's way too much
You're not a cake
Your face is made like a cake, hah?

It's so nice of you
But please leave me alone

I can't recognize you anymore
I want to eat the cake, it's not a face

No. 784945

File: 1618598706971.jpg (72.8 KB, 666x1005, 9aeefc4jr6361.jpg)

>She doesn't know how to do this

No. 784948

Isn't being boring weird?
Isn't having the same face weird?
Too much, too much pretty faces
Where's the personality?
Leave it as it is, forever
Cuter than anyone else!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784949

Another day, another friend becoming a they

No. 784951

Tell them to stop with the brainrot

No. 784952

File: 1618599579482.png (461.22 KB, 1418x498, sss.png)

No. 784953

I'm glad I live where "western" trends come by 5-10 years after they appear, I hope this gender nonsense passes by before it comes to me because I would just argue with them all
But there is no correlation you cannot make a conversion table

No. 784956

>Falling for the big shoes = big penis meme
High school will end soon, don't worry

No. 784961

i know its not 100% accurate all the time there are some outliers but there is a correlation

No. 784964

Ah a cultured woman

No. 784965

I watched a video by pixielocks for the first time just now. Her voice was pleasant, I thought it was going to be really annoying. The way she speaks is very annoying. I can't stop looking at how her mouth slants when she speaks. I really think her hair and eye makeup looks cool but nothing else. I stopped watching the video because I can't stand how she is portraying buying toys and pretty things as mental health tips

No. 784970

I support you cowrie anon, a well reasoned list. They are lovely little shells.

No. 784974

it is a tint of red-orange, if you wanna get technical.

No. 784975

It's been debunked countless times, they never found any correlation.

No. 784984

File: 1618603541318.jpg (86.03 KB, 563x751, sleepy.jpg)

I love southern women so much. I want an older southern lady to call me baby, hug me, and cook me grits and sweet potato pie

No. 784993

hes cute nonny, hope you find a guy like that irl soon who isn't boring

No. 784995

File: 1618605391712.jpg (101.97 KB, 564x564, 1374195d94a263ba69c186549f49a5…)

Wish I knew how to read tarot cards so I could do it for myself and see if my shit endeavors are going somewhere, because I am mostly lost.

Also the cards are super pretty most of the time, I love looking at beautiful sets.

No. 784998

It felt so validating to change from being choosen last in middle school to play volleyball to being choosen almost immediately in high school (well, the ones choosing played volleyball as well so they just picked me because they knew I could play). So yes call me pick me.
But anyway, I miss playing group sports. I get bored doing exercises alone or going to the gym, but I don't even know if adult people play amateur volleyball around me. Maybe I should play tennis since there's clubs and all but I was never really taught and it'd surely be harder for that. But monkey brain wants to hit balls

No. 785005

jesus christ, these are bleak. I also liked laughing at the ones that didn't improve very much, but I mostly looked at really nice ones that had massive improvement. Was very inspiring for young me.

I'm 3/4s of the way through the long one an I realized that I drew absolutely nothing from 2014-15. That's pretty depressing

No. 785008

File: 1618606606704.jpg (312.28 KB, 1500x1245, 87470.jpg)

I just want to wear a pretty dress and go on a date to the zoo with a smart and nice guy who likes the same music I do and talks about books or whatever as long as it's not some tryhard shit. and to look at that cool snake hanging off of a branch at the zoo

No. 785012

File: 1618606807673.png (346.86 KB, 540x365, Moi7.png)

fuck you both, he is great and he genuinely knows how to communicates with cats, he is also very wholesome. fuck you, I'm so angry right know, we need more people like him and you are judging him on his beauty?! fuck that and fuck you

No. 785013

I love that image I am stealing it

No. 785019

No. 785021

File: 1618607307637.jpg (27.69 KB, 540x360, tumblr_ohp4ugCI9g1swm1m8o1_540…)

godspeed anon, this was a really cool discovery

I have one more if you want nonny ( there is also a communist soldier one somewhere )

No. 785030

Yesterday I've been in a mood to revisit a few songs by Orgy, a band with a sound that I really enjoyed despite disgusting lyrics (disclaimer: when I got into them, I was a highschooler and not yet pinkpilled. Even then I was mostly ignoring lyrics, except for like two songs. Thank God the band has long been broken up by then, so I didn't give them any money). I suddenly became curious if any allegations againt Jay Gordon, the singer/lyricist came up. Found nothing, but as he's an epitome of a rapey coomer, I honestly believe that it's only a matter of time before some women shines a light on his disgusting behavior. The only thing protecting him is the fact that he's completely irrelevant. Anyway while googling around, I came upon his recent-ish (2016 or so) masterpiece:

>I'm fucked up, it's a quarter 'til three

>Looking at you as you're looking at me
>Pretty baby, I want you to be mine
>Of all the suicide girls I picked you
>Because you got a little waist and a cute tattoo
>I want you more tonight
>You dirty little whore

>Don't fight it, let me in

>I don't need another friend
>We can fuck the night away
>Don't fight it, let me in
>I don't need another friend
>Yeah, we can fuck the night away!

>I don't want to love you, I don't want to love you

>'Cause baby, you're mistaken that I'm here for you
>I don't want to love you, sex and lies is what I do
>Baby, you're mistaken that I'm here for you
>So suck it

Pretty disgusting, as well as downright shitty, right? Well I have found out that he wrote and sang this misogynist trash while he already had a teenage (13 years or so son). I immediately thought how cringy and gross it must be to have your 50 years old father create that kind of trash. I mean, kids don't want to know that their parents are still sexual beings… and again, this is a rapey coomer anthem. It's not the only song of his like this! Pretty much all of the new ones are about degrading sex, and Orgy was hardly better in that regard. It gets worse, though. I have found out that he has a daughter as well (she's around seven years old). I cannot imagine having a father and finding out that this is what he thinks about women. So I thought "Well, I really hope that she never checks out her father's music because years of psychotherapy may not be able to undo the damage"… and then I read this:
>His (Jay Gordon's) family recently suffered a terrible tragedy, when London lost her mother to a drug overdose. Naturally, that's had a huge impact on father and daughter.
Jesus fucking Christ, the poor girl doesn't stand a chance between a braindead scrote of a father with an abuse fetish and a dead mother. Really feel sorry for her. I feel like she's a tragedy waiting to happen.

No. 785040

File: 1618609298122.jpg (871.68 KB, 1061x1130, 3504458-1.jpg)

I love how scrotes always claim that people against pedophilia are just ugly feminists but most of the time when they date children they'll date obese hideous ones. On top of that most europeans shun relationships like so

No. 785044

Lol isn't age of consent in germany low but only between teenagers? Like, a 15 years old from the meme could only legally have sex with another teen, not a 28 old man. Not to mention it's extremely socially inappropriate, clearly an american scrote fantasy.

No. 785046

Burger scrote fantasy kek

No. 785048

'wholesome' e-celebs are so annoying

No. 785051

File: 1618610026558.jpeg (72.5 KB, 520x471, 5B6A7159-D7EB-4537-82CA-1A007C…)

eating my delicious chinese american food so good love crab ragoon

No. 785052

File: 1618610043470.png (60.21 KB, 1607x527, wiki.png)

It seems that it is possible to date 14 year olds, as long they don't find you "abusing the younger one's inexperience" (or you're not a guardian or teacher) which is really vague like this, and I don't how the actual law sounds surrounding it. Nevermind that morally I don't know how you can "not abuse the inexperience" of a 14 year old girl as a 30 year old.

No. 785056

What an extremely vague term.
> I don't know how you can "not abuse the inexperience" of a 14 year old girl as a 30 year old.
Exactly, I suppose in that case it would always be considered as abuse, but maybe in case of 16you dating a 20yo it could be considered fine, idk.

No. 785060

>'wholesome' e-celebs are so annoying
then what do you want bitch, some shitty scrote who act like a brainless idiots in front of a camera ?
this is not an act, he helps a shit ton of shelters on his free time and has a whole career dedicated to helping cats. you would know that if you followed his youtube channel but no, you had to open your big mouth. you know nothing.

No. 785065

Even 16 and 20 is pushing it. People in two completely different stages of life and development shouldn't be involved period.

No. 785067

Yeah, I know that some countries have make that it only applies to couples that got together when both were still underage and so. In my shitty country though I know that dating girls above 14 is only limited "by relationship", so they can't have official authority over her. I've seen disgusting scrotes asking tips on where to pick up teenage girls online, because it's perfectly legal.

No. 785074

File: 1618611239570.jpg (351.22 KB, 1242x1513, 159969996842.jpg)

>then what do you want bitch, some shitty scrote who act like a brainless idiots in front of a camera ?
neither tbh
>following a ytber

No. 785076

Most of these scrotes who support the idea of a 20s guy dating teenage girls are all fine and dandy with it until they realize that those teenage girls also include their daughters, sisters, nieces, etc. They're too selfish to understand until it's too late and their little sister becomes groomed and abused because they fought too much to support adult men dating teenage girls

No. 785079

File: 1618611624555.jpg (41.96 KB, 640x480, 1533050717226.jpg)

>following a ytber
then what do you do all day to fill the void of your existence anon ?

(kek I can't be totally mad at a fellow borzoifag)

No. 785083

We can hope that they at least feel something when their own daughters etc. are on the receiving end and they can't actually stop the pedos from dating her in front of him. But of course even in cases like this, it's usually the girl who suffers, both from being manipulated and by their parents punishing her in various ways to stop her from dating, because they can't do anything against another adult. And obviously, most of the men that date teens will be considered losers and weirdos by the majority, even if it's "legal".

No. 785092

There's so many songs I forget DMX made and everytime I see a new one I have a memory attached to it because my mom loved DMX and always played him. Just like Tupac, Lil Kim, Xscape and TLC, so many memories.

No. 785095

File: 1618613099951.gif (1.51 MB, 584x489, 1591411233702.gif)

I find the dude who wont stop posting big chungus memes on my college subreddit hilarious in an ironic way. Every time he posts he outdoes the retardation of the last meme and every fucking time the comments are full of the most triggered redditors

No. 785098

that's fucking amazing. i love watching people take the bait.

seriously, i was surprised i knew more of his songs than i thought. i miss lil kim too!

No. 785102

File: 1618613466222.jpg (720.87 KB, 3024x4032, 1615513102343.jpg)

I am so sure the terf warrior cat author posts here and if she does: ily queen, never read your shit cat books but ily

No. 785103

You gotta elaborate on this, nonny

No. 785105

File: 1618613890902.gif (762.27 KB, 400x306, lil kim.gif)

Lil Kim was the shit, she was so pretty in the Crush on you video. I sometimes watch the video just to see her.

I knew DMX had a song with Aaliyah but I never knew it was a song i heard countless times and I loved.

No. 785110

One of the Erins is a TERF? I hope it's Kate. I can't stand the trans wc discourse

No. 785112

It was Gillian Philip, found out from the drama section of this video, at around 38 minutes

No. 785117

A 15 year old wouldn’t even look any thing like that

No. 785120

Fuck I have an essay due tonight but I’m so sleepy

No. 785128

File: 1618615370324.jpg (73.32 KB, 586x960, 1616001957328.jpg)

Maybe I don't browse the right places, but the warrior cat fandom has to be one of the biggest fandoms no one knows about. The fandom is as active/spergy as any other fandom except it never leaks out of the fandom. I have never seen these characters mentioned outside of the fandom as memes, references, or even reposted fanart the OP doesn't know the source of. Never seen these books mentioned in a "mention nostalgic books" thread, might be the fandom is to young to be nostalgic though. They aren't small because it's still going, their animations often hit 3M+ plus views , and they have a few channels dedicated to warrior cats.

No. 785133

I never knew anyone who read those books, not that I know of but I always saw the books in the library. After watching the video, I am just fucking amazed even grown people sperg about fucking cat books, I love animals but any animal centered fantasy fandom stuff is 100% retarded.

No. 785139

I used to go on a forum all about this series when I was growing up. I always wonder if any fellow farmers came from there too. Besides lc it was probably one of the only forums I’ve been on that’s almost entirely women kek

No. 785146

I wonder what it's like to like another person. I only get anti-crushes my whole life. Every time I imagine being with a 3dpd male I think about abusing him even if he's nice and technically ideal.

No. 785150

I finally hid the Nika thread and I'm happy, i was interested at first but now it's boring, gross and blah.

No. 785164

File: 1618618695284.jpg (66.33 KB, 720x291, IMG_20210416_211643.jpg)

New banner sighting report

No. 785166

Question: Why do so many weebs go on about Japan's age of consent being 13 (it technically isn't, that's the minimum it can be set to, but most prefectures have it at 16), but no one talks about European countries and their ages of consent? Isn't Italy's AoC 14?

No. 785169

Well, the fandom isn't tHat young I'd say - MAPs for it, forums, rp wikis, etc. have been around for it since the the early 2000s at least. I have noticed that one people leave they never check back in, or they stay around forever. I imagine a lot of people hide their power level on that shit because it is pretty cringe acknowledging you still love a series about cats.

This, too. Nearly all its fans are female. However, in terms of actual readership, I'd say it's not as skewed; it's more that women comprise the vast majority of its fandom (source: I work at a library; kids of both sexes borrow it equally I'd say).

No. 785175

i spend too much time on tiktok, but one of my favorite creators is this girl who spergs about lego ninjago, like recently she finished getting interviewed for a job and she was sitting somewhere in public "giving tips" to her followers about job interviews but just used it as an excuse to talk about her favorite ninjago character.

No. 785185

File: 1618622879395.jpeg (115.84 KB, 750x1081, F63328A1-3F46-4946-8E60-D5927F…)

Maybe you should go back

No. 785188

samefag from >>783744 you know what i give up, even in the regular audios most of these bitches sound like shitty batman parodies, breathing all heavy and flat out growling every 2 seconds i can't take it anymore and i'm tired of jumping around their hour long feature length film bullshit just to hear one (1) moan/grunt. back to my imagination.

No. 785189

I love her! Any time she just intentionally subverts scrotes' insults, I have a good chuckle.

No. 785198

File: 1618625644284.png (338.63 KB, 427x335, 8.PNG)

i hate steve harvey's face

No. 785199

File: 1618625678631.png (213.09 KB, 318x294, 3.PNG)

No. 785201

I know nothing about tarot cards nor do I put any faith in them but I would 100% love to have a collection of aesthetically pleasing sets like the one in your pic.

No. 785202

mr potato head

No. 785203

My friend found out my boyfriend is Jewish and suddenly she's obsessed with finding a Jewish man too? Trisha Paytas vibes

No. 785208

File: 1618627143661.jpg (44.23 KB, 500x500, mew.jpg)

I heard a sneeze THEN saw my cat poke his head through the cat door. Very polite of him to announce his entrance.

No. 785210

File: 1618627377633.gif (841.3 KB, 200x205, DC112810-63A7-4BC5-A63B-9D98E3…)

anyone else’s legs vibrate when they’re lying down

No. 785211

I bet he gets his manners from his lovely mother! ♥

No. 785212

Lmao yes

No. 785215

I'm blushing!

No. 785257

File: 1618635340187.gif (563 KB, 512x291, FBF6420B-F5DF-43D9-A900-4C73F4…)

tfw you see an ex's twitter and become angry that you ever dated someone like that and now you're in their memory but i'm stupid for looking

No. 785260

Men who look hot with blood on themselves can't keep getting away with this!

No. 785274

This girls whole channel is cringe

No. 785277

what do you expect from the wife of gigguk?

No. 785279

She's so tryhard, imagine pickmeing for ugly weeaboo man, sad

No. 785282

She used to upload relatively normal content too until she realized being a pickme hentai enthusiast was more profitable. She's actually worse than Gigguk in terms of degeneracy.

No. 785286

I know right, her videos used to be relatively funny, but the whole
Act gets old way too quickly unless your audience is 12 or men, so I guess she decided to spice things up with coomer pandering.

No. 785305

idk how this bitch can stand to stare at ugly bastards in the first place, drawn or not

No. 785312

File: 1618643576011.jpg (80.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I swear this isn't meant to be racebait and I have no problem with Inter-racial relationships, Hell I'm in one but I distrust white men who date/dated East Asian Women, the men in those relationships always tend to be fugly weirdos of fetishists and the women aren't any better

No. 785323

They're very undesirable men in the West so they go after young and naive girls in poor low-chance countries who want a ticket out. It's very gross and predatory. But I can't blame the girls for trying to escape the poverty they have virtually no way to get out of otherwise.

No. 785325

Yeah, most of the time white men who are in a relationship with an asian or black woman just have the white savior complex, want to be superior (socially and money-wise) and have the obedient wife of their dreams, have a fetish or want something "exotic".

No. 785330

Its overwhelmingly with East Asian Women,
I mean the most amount of WMBF relationships I have seen were with overly Liberal Black Women and Overly Liberal White men, While The White guys who go after Asians tend to conservatives

No. 785332

File: 1618648647110.png (152.26 KB, 297x285, 8456465.png)

I dreamed about the troon in female sports debate even my dreams hate me

No. 785336

Why do you believe in the lies of the false prophet Muhammad? Don't you know Muhammad owned sex slaves who he raped?

No. 785338

I don't, I just don't want my parents to kick me out okay

No. 785339

throwing food during ramadan?
she's probably ex muslim in closet (like me), that's why she said she would've eat the food anon.

No. 785340

I think you should ask anon's dad given that he's the one who wasted food. Which is way more fucked up than npt fasting imo but I m a filthy non believer.

No. 785343

Alright, I hope you can become financially independent so that you don't have to pretend to be a muslim.
You're right, I should have picked up on that

No. 785344

Anons how am I supposed to study when I’m so hungryyyy, iftar is at like half past 8 where I am

No. 785349

Because our aocs are mostly low due to gypsies or so I've heard. They marry at 16.
Usually per high school you won't see many teen girls dating 20+ guys and when they do they'll be judged/mocked for it. For example I only remember one girl in my year that did that. It definitely happens in less educated parts of the country like rural areas but not that often.

No. 785360

Earlier in the year I made a new ig (later deleted tho) and followed a bunch of old friends. One of the girl's boyfriends followed me. Idk if she talked about me to him, we never talk anymore. I checked who he follows and it was all women she knows and random egirls. She does onlyfans and had friends doing it to who also posted sexual pictures. I can't help but think he might be cheating on her or at least being a coomer to her friends. She goes between "here's a pic of my ass out sub my onlyfans!" To "my boyfriend is perfect and he doesn't mind if I do this". I can't imagine he's that much of a simp to accept his gf making money off randoms and people she knows irl seeing her nudes for three dollars. Either he is or they have a weird woke sex positive relationship that he takes advantage of to look at her friends nudes and be a coomer. Idk she's my personal lolcow, can't help thinking there's something off with her greasy bf too.

No. 785370

Makes sense that Grey's Anatomy would deal with covid but I don't like it

No. 785371

Some guy has acknowledged me at work a total of 3 times and I cant stop thinking of and fantasising about him. It's a comfort to imagine scenarios with him before I fall asleep. It's like i'm fixated.

I haven't seen him around in 2 weeks or so. I'm not even sure what his full face looks like. All that I'm going off of is his very awkward demeanour (fucking hot) when he talks to me for more than a moment and that he says my name in acknowledgement instead of just "hi". I also caught him looking at me in the cafeteria, but who knows, could've been just scanning the room. All I want is a hug from him tbh.

I just wanted to talk about how pathetic I am I guess, OK bye.

No. 785398

Why don't you study after iftar?
I study after!

No. 785411

Uggghhhhh I went looking for good photos of this one musician because he's pretty but they're all overexposed and he's wearing awful clothes and makeup, I remember finding some russian site with lots of his pics but I can't find it anymore uggghhhhh

No. 785423

File: 1618663539900.png (171.55 KB, 484x266, Sin título.png)

I found him

No. 785424

Well I found the site but not many pretty photos. uuuggghhh
Wow an uncanny likeness

No. 785428

I'll be planning your wedding Nonita

No. 785444

The animatics (storyboards) for 5 full totally spies were uploaded on youtube by the rightful owner and I'm intruiged. Partially because I can't help but wonder who in that company decided to randomly put that together for such an old property and why, maybe an intern tasked with the channel or something, and partially because I loved this show as a kid and I wish more property owners uploaded their episodes and animatics to youtube. There's so much stuff I watched as a kid that's now nowhere to be found online and doesn't air anymore.

No. 785456

Isn't he larping as woman recently? Or is it some other blob of plastic himbo I am thinking?

No. 785461

File: 1618669045304.jpeg (712.68 KB, 1920x1080, FE39F019-9097-4047-A945-26C91E…)

This is an amazing find! I was rewatching some the other day, I believe it was S03E06 “Forward To The Past” where for a good 3-4 frames, Sam’s mouth from the initial frame didn’t move kek or it was an earlier episode from the season. I hope they post more! This used to be a favorite of mine, I thought it was so much better than other cartoons at the time in both story and design and wanted to work on it when I grew up KEK

No. 785464

Last night I dreamt that my sister and I got into a huge fight and dream me said such mean things that I want to apologize to her irl

No. 785473

Wow thank you anon, I always wondered about totally spies’ behind-the-scenes animation and I hate that scrotes have developed a psyop about the show that it’s just fetish fodder when it was a really cool and retro girls show

No. 785482

Sometimes I feel like Americans aren't real

No. 785484

We're not.

No. 785487

I generally don't judge people based on their weight or hold it against them but fat girls bragging about having "huge tits" and bringing them up any given chance rubs me wrong in so many ways. I just want to yell at them how it's all thanks to their BMI rising past 37. I don't even know why it pisses me off, maybe because they keep acting like they're the "victims" of their ginormous breasts they wouldn't even have if they ate less, and half of the discussions they're taking a part in has to be derailed into them titties. I guess it's a cope for them to deal with being obese but lord, it annoys me so much.

No. 785488

As someone who is Asian, I'm always extremely wary of men who go after Asian women. It's disgusting and you can't tell me it's not some fetish shit. "Preference" my fucking ass, it's a fetish you freak.

No. 785492

File: 1618672415613.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 2078x844, the hair isnt the only thing t…)

I think it's funny Michaela Laws depicts herself as a skinny big titted anime character when the whole rest of her body is big too

No. 785493

People in insane amounts of credit card debt always bewilders me. I've always paid my card off in full since I got my first credit card, so credit card debt feels so foreign to me. I remember watching episodes of American Dragon and The Proud Family where the main characters get credit cards and wrack up some debt, and in the latter series, it comes alive and haunts her or some shit lol. Something about that was ingrained into my tiny child brain and as an adult I never carry a balance on my credit card. Weird how cartoons taught me a bit of personal finance.

No. 785494


No. 785497

me too! i saw the one with all the redtexts kek

No. 785498

Lucky! I haven't seen any at all yet

No. 785505

Animations like these are so weird, they're like that kind of style pachinko games have

No. 785507

The only time it’s a “preference” is if a person grew up among and extensively interacted with an environment where a race is more or less predominant/monolithic. So they aesthetically/sexually imprinted on that group. Otherwise it’s a fetish 100%.

No. 785512

No clue what this is from and it's just 90% flashes and I have no idea what's going on or what's happening lol

No. 785525

I'm not fully deaf but I've lost enough of my hearing that lately I'm starting to feel the struggle when strangers approach me for anything. I semi rely on things like familiar speech patterns or some conversations being predictable so strangers totally throw me off that way. I can't fill in any blanks with my usual guesswork.

I was looking up how to deal with the awkwardness of that. I don't want to have to tell people and get the big 'oh gosh I'm so sorry, I didn't realise!' response. I saw that there's cards and badges that some people wear in public but I dunno if that's less awkward. Weird thing is though I spotted most sellers of those badges also sell badges declaring all sorts of mild psychological conditions? Ones that surely no stranger needs to know before talking to you. I got a flashback to the phoebe ticker thread

No. 785531

This video is annoying me, it's not even cool like the old final fantasy summons, it's like a shitty anime with random poses and sounds and jumping 90000 metres high for some reason

No. 785533

This is terrible, specially compared to the old one that anon posted
Like, it’s all closeups and flashing lights.

No. 785535

File: 1618677146216.jpg (218.32 KB, 750x1333, 2368719199252296090_5413387768…)

Jesus christ are for profit schools depressing. They're like normal uber expensive art schools, but with none of the benefits of connections. You don't even get good art friends because they accept anyone without even looking at your portfolio. You can have 5th grade level doodles and still apply. Pic related was by someone halfway through their 40k a year, meaning they'll be in 6 figure debt, art degree.
In a weird way I sometimes laugh at these people because a big chunk of the people who fall for full sail are kind of stupid or overly brash. Them getting roped in a shitty 40k degree is just karma. It sucks, but I get a sick satisfaction.

No. 785538

I like seeing rich kids fail

No. 785539

File: 1618677740651.jpg (41 KB, 275x269, 1616662291789.jpg)

Also asian, this 100%. Luckily they're easy to filter out, just ask what races their past girlfriends were or if they like anime. Usually they out themselves by saying shit like, "I've never been with an Asian girl before"
>lololol kys

No. 785541

I had a high school friend who drew really well, like professional art level. She was so excited to get into the Art Institute here (which has a terrible for-profit babby-tier curriculum/reputation) and none of us in her social circle knew it was bad so we were so happy for her.

I don't remember her name but I hope she's doing well

No. 785542

File: 1618678176890.jpg (206.9 KB, 1000x1500, the shaggy tim allen.jpg)

I wish there was a movie like The Shaggy dog, but in reverse, a dog changes into a human man, so like he doesn't talk, he's digging through the trash and chewing with his mouth open, he kicks the bathroom door open to make eye contact with you for two seconds and then just walks away, he occasionally jumps up yelling since he can't bark, no words, just "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
AND the boss is coming over for dinner!

No. 785543

Me too, love it. Death to rich people

No. 785545

File: 1618678645203.jpeg (29.04 KB, 381x234, 407AB4CA-540C-4791-B8EA-CDDBF6…)

Kek like this fucking ugly ghoul and his moronic semi-english speaking wife who can’t see his disturbing fetish in pure daylight. They always make anti-China videos because they’re angry that they get jobs where the employees make fun of them as white monkeys lmao

No. 785554

I wouldn’t trust literally any men into Asian women, and I’m not even Asian, most of the times, as far as I know, latam men that are into anime will want the kawiwi waifu like the ones in their animu cartoons.

No. 785557

It’s ok you can say SCAD. Everyone I know from there sucks so much ass

No. 785558

Not Asian so that doesn't concern me directly but wouldn't it make more sense to be wary if the guy says "I've never been with an Asian girl before" all by himself, without being asked first?

No. 785565

i don't trust any men who specifically seek out women of a particular race period. i'm not Asian but i've been hit with the "i've never been with a [my race] girl" line so many times

No. 785566

Today is my mindnumbing reality tv watching day, I'm rolling with Naked Attraction dating show and there was a woman proud of not shaving, she seemed cool and confident. She picked her date and in the "month later" episode revealed he didnt like her hair and she shaved it all for him, so sad…

No. 785567

>watches new unicorn of war video
>instantly feel comfy and nostalgic
>towards the end of video they mention they’re an enby and were assigned male at birth even though they sound like a normal female
>soiled experience

we can’t have anything fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

No. 785570

True, I don't trust them either, even if they're guys from my own race. They're the type to treat you well at first and then you find out they use racial slurs behind your back and as tags to look up weird porn videos.

No. 785572

The wave of nostalgia this thumbnail brought me jfc

No. 785579

Def the voice of a tranny, like he went on hormones for sure before realizing he'll never pass and sticking with the nb label.

No. 785585

>salty wumao detected
If you're going to talk about anti-Asian youtubers at least pick someone who doesn't speak fluent Chinese, hasn't traveled across the country for 10 years and isn't focused on exposing the bigotry, genocide and dystopian bullshit CCP pulls and is instead complaining about Asian girls not fucking him or something lmfao, it's not like they're hard to find.

No. 785589

>they sound like a normal female
He doesn't, tranny voice and gay male intonations. You're being a rookie Anon

No. 785602

who is it?

No. 785615

File: 1618686657264.jpg (67.64 KB, 1024x517, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Was researching plastic surgery techniques and I found Adam's Apple Reduction and ofc 70% of the people who do it are trans.
The weird part is adams apple has to be the one of the more gender neutral "male only" traits. If a woman was feminine enough they could have a big adams apple and look fine. For a lot of the 'before and after feminzation' pics the adams apple doesn't really give away their gender, but is more of the icing on the cake

No. 785616

Watched a bunch of videos of army guys doing all kinds of creative retarded shit on their bases, and I actually like the silly shit men get up to when they're left in a low stimulus environment with their bros. But then I remembered these are also the type of guys that'll harass and push boundaries of women for fun, and it made me sad.

No. 785622

I finally manage to make nice male sims. Don't listen to the "Just make a pretty female sim and change the sex to male, then adjust a bit" advice, it's trash!! At least for Sims 2!!

No. 785624

Since when did hp lovecraft become a tranny from beyond the grave?

No. 785627

I kinda have one but fuck if I get a surgery for it

No. 785632

What sort of sims do you like to make? I think it's interesting how different people like to make different sims, some make them all look like uncanny realistic models, some make them ugly/"""quirky""", some try to make just normal people, some make them into cool aliens or cyborgs or whatever. I like to make sims who really embody some trope, like an old rich lady with pearls who always wears a skirt suit, or a total punk, or a super emo teenager, or a hippie with a huge afro and sunglasses, or a crazy scientist…

No. 785634

yeah, the main problem with "men-only" spaces is that they are often spaces which should be open to women too. However, I think it's important for there to be men-only spaces, just like we've got a right to women-only spaces.

No. 785646

File: 1618688554308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 865.62 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20210417-133915_Ins…)

I really enjoyed it at one point. I was glad when Ru said no to troons being on the show. But now with Gottmik, it feels so pader-y. I don't know why she trooned out just to keep being a drag queen (she's also annoying af). Like, there's bioqueens who don't troon out. Creme Fatale is a fantastic makeup artist. Picrel

Also that poor kid who was like 10 and hanging out with convicted murderer, Michael Alig. He needs to be taken away from his mom.

No. 785656

I like looking at subreddits of random professions for stupid drama, teacher sub for outrages parents, nurses for patients, etc, and in every sub when a social media star for their job comes up they always say they've met them irl in an event and they were always "off". The accusations range from being narcissistic to psychopathic, but anyone person in their field with a shit ton of subs is a bit cookoo

No. 785670

File: 1618689746619.png (40.44 KB, 158x152, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL…)

I kept the sort of music I like a secret from my family for a long time for some reason, until in high school I bought Gojira's album on a school trip, and everyone was shocked that I actually listen to music of my own volition. Then soon after there was a tv report about the band HIM and my mom said "look anon this is just like the music you listen to!!" I felt so offended, like, is this what you think of me mom?? No offence to HIM fans tho.

No. 785672

I think my ears are going to fall off.
Earlier today I celebrated my sister's birthday, and she is one of the biggest chatterboxes I know
Then my best friend called when I got home and we talked for 2 hours
Barely twenty minutes after I put down the phone another friend I haven't seen in forever called so I was on the phone for another 2 hours
I love socializing but I have barely talked to anyone for over a week (unless my plants count) and I haven't had time to eat anything but that one piece of cake earlier

No. 785675

Everyone seems to be called a narcissist nowadays, especially people with any social media present. If you don't give someone the time of day, ever, they'll go online and tell everyone you're narcissistic. Sometimes people just don't want to do charitywork or listen to your lifestory. I sure as fuck wouldn't be able to be any kind of content creator/blogger, even reading the kind of needy shit people post about them being the lifeline of some teenage depressed kid who wants some kind of acknowledgement on public platforms tires me out.

No. 785682

I don't believe humans were meant for fame or massive popularity because it makes both them and audiences act unhealthy

No. 785685

>Everyone seems to be called a narcissist nowadays
Narcissism was called an epidemic back in like 2006 so it might be true

No. 785699

I think that can also be interpreted like narcissistic is just applied too widely now, when it was originally probably coined back when people were still mainly entertained by printed media. Like social media in general gives people more narcissistic tendencies probably, but I doubt you can say everyone on social media suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 785703

Reddit has those communities of people diagnosing their own mothers with NPD too or diagnosing their ex from 10 years ago with BPD.

I feel like half of it is just depressed and bitter people nitpicking every less than perfect thing their mom/ex ever did rather than adressing their own issues as an adult. At what point should an adult stfu about their mom being annoying. Or stfu about an ex from years ago. Who is more fucked up really

No. 785717

I hate living by a fucking racetrack and air force base its so goddamn loud all the time

No. 785718

File: 1618693518142.webm (1.96 MB, 750x406, terf cat.webm)

terf cat

No. 785720

Absolutely based cat

No. 785721

my spirit animal

No. 785726

I think Florence Pugh posts in the leftcows thread

No. 785743

I know Dasha from leftcows is an actress or something but literally only place i know her from is /snow/, it's feels so bizarre to run into her face in a tv show I'm watching (The Serpent on Netflix)

No. 785751

Same I don’t listen to the podcast or follow that scene on twitter I just like that thread bc it has like almost a reality tv feel. The other day someone I’m friends with brought up red scare and I felt the same way, I forget people know them outside of /snow/.

No. 785753

I’m confused is it a troon?

No. 785756

I don't think so, she seems like a libfem

No. 785758

I think she was cut off just because she was going to say "I'm a ci—s woman". She also doesn't sound like a troon putting on a voice.

No. 785776

File: 1618698179250.jpg (55.36 KB, 600x315, tiktok-baked-feta-pasta.jpg)

pic related's popularity boggles my fucking mind. I thought it would be a neat cooking trick or something but it's literally just cooking? and everyone on the internet is acting like it's a revelation

No. 785785

most people don't know how to cook so for them it is a revelation

No. 785787

It looks good tho

No. 785793

My roommate made this exact same thing and made a tiktok video too it was delicious

No. 785805

I'm so fucking hungry and I see food pics 2.5 hours before I'm set to get off work noooo

No. 785815

File: 1618702078252.jpeg (288.9 KB, 750x732, EA1CA550-D1EC-40E6-A49D-C941E0…)

love pizzabacon’s art but she went full retard making xiao a femboy lmao

No. 785818

File: 1618702205063.jpeg (539.85 KB, 750x725, 2781615F-C176-4876-A097-1F72E6…)

samefag but noooo, what the fuck did you do these characters

No. 785828

File: 1618703166131.jpeg (81.77 KB, 750x750, 7DDD8DD6-2209-4519-9D94-336CAE…)

This is disgusting. What did she do to my husband Kaeya? And Fischl?? Why???

No. 785832

Made it palatable art by appealing to zoomers of all kinds, especially the ones who would bully people who looked like picrel in school KEK

No. 785833

Hate it when I'm trying to look for stories on someone's blog and I gotta scroll through their retarded spicy takes. This one girl kept going on and on about how there's no such thing as abnormal kinks and how underage people can have kinks too and blah blah blah and acts like she's right because she's a psychologist apparently.

No. 785839

Utterly annoying, just by those doodles I can guess she never paid attention to the game, her information about those characters must have come from shitty memes.

No. 785842

File: 1618704137092.png (1.29 MB, 854x1187, yeetoldy.PNG)

Some of these outfits do fit the characters, I like Fischl and Xiao here but why do you like her art in the first place kek. It looks messy in a bad way, her anatomy is terrible and these colors are disgusting

A little unrelated but does anyone else find it weird how artists always keep Venti's canon hairstyle in modern AUs? It's cute in the game but I don't think it fits with modern clothes

No. 785856

I thought these were demon slayer characters for a sec lol

No. 785871

I usually whip my bra off the moment I get home, today I didn't though. Took it off right before bed and now my left tit is killing me making it hard to sleep on that side.

No. 785878

I always laugh at the dumb bitches on my snapchat who will work at McDonald's and be on child support but spend thousands of dollars on vacations but can't move out their parents house and accuse everyone else of being jealous for worrying about their child

No. 785919

Loba by shakira hands down the best song in history

No. 785921

File: 1618711984161.gif (752.55 KB, 1000x500, 1601713475380.gif)

Just saw Lindsey Ellis video and I just had my first extreme "literally who cares" moment. I can see how this matters to her because it's her career, but to the average by-stander what do they gain from watching an hour and a half video about some e-celeb fighting random people on twitter. The answers teens with to much free time or people playing it in the background most likely. I know this is ironic for a drama board, but I really can't understand the type of person getting invested in this.
The more surreal moments to me have to be Lindsey fighting one off morons with 5 long tweet threads

No. 785927

reee I want to play the Neopets Cards Against Humanity deck so badly but I only know one other person who would find it as funny as me!

No. 785928

I love going on people's Amazon wishlists when they e-beg on tumblr and buying a few of the items they want but for myself.

No. 785929


No. 785930

Damn, I don't mean to doublepost but that sounds like it'd be a lot of fun.

No. 785958

There are a few cows I follow on here, but I seriously don’t get how those 20+ min drama videos get so many views. I tried watching some of them and they are so fucking boring. Even if I did sorta care about the subject matter, there is no way they need to be so long. It’s like 5 minutes of milk spread across 20 minutes.

No. 786012

File: 1618728617543.jpeg (115.85 KB, 600x900, CA86BD38-6AB1-4886-9B95-C4B19A…)

How have farmers/imageboards in general impacted or influenced you in real life recently?

because of lolcow I bought:
salad dressing (panera apple)
comics (mostly doujins)
hard coffee
a starbucks drink (the purple one)
uggs (the pink 2021 ones)
old fashion magazines

And I started to say “retard” in real life for the first time in around 10-15 years. It sort of slipped out but I found out many of those around me don’t actually have a problem with the word like I’d initially thought. But that’s another story. I’ve never said “kek” thank god but I do unfortunately think it a lot.

Plagiarize his shit and make it better, it’d automatically be an improvement because you’re not a tranny anyways. ezpz.

No. 786017

Idk what is in the air but two exes and an old fwb messaged me this week. Leave me alone weirdos.

No. 786042

File: 1618737395114.jpg (20.61 KB, 150x300, img71407.jpg)

Sunscreens always break me out I only managed to find one that never gave me any "skin pimple" and it's korean skincare but also discontinued. The one in picrel worked for me tho, but I'd like to find other references to I can have more choice (in case of reformulation or if it gets discontinued)

No. 786044

Maybe their bariesun spf 50, no fragnance could work? Or the LRP anthelios one

No. 786047

A brown bucket hat with hearts and an oversized t-shirt with clashing colors? Venti would never wear that shit, he has class and taste.

No. 786049

My little brother delivers a multivitamin to my room everyday since we've been eating less

No. 786054

File: 1618739178036.webm (462.64 KB, 960x720, evacar.webm)

yumejoshi rise up

No. 786057

File: 1618740108780.jpg (27.64 KB, 567x420, EBlw_lBUYAADqsk.jpg)

Why'd you all go and make a new artist salt thread so fucking early, it's such a mess

Ask for brush pen advice on here, bought exactly what people told me to. Also watched "This Must Be The Place" because someone in /m/ recommended it. Thanks farmers~

No. 786058

who's (are?) your husbando(s?)

No. 786060

thank you so much for posting this webm again the wait was worth it
t. fellow yumejoshi

No. 786064

File: 1618740663334.jpg (33.81 KB, 540x304, me creating husbandos.jpg)

I've given up on 3D men and I want to dedicate my life and body to husbandos. I want to draw them and write for them. I wish I had a deep voice so that I could speak for them. I'd be happy if I could live with a permanently man sounding voice if it meant turning my body into a better husbando making machine, even if people will think I'm a troon. I want my body to be used solely so that I may bring joy to all the other, lonely, horny women who've also been jaded by 3D men

No. 786065

File: 1618740900412.png (3.7 MB, 4134x2512, C3394ED3-F23F-4FC2-AE16-CB8834…)

NTA but I'll accept any opportunity to show off my darling. The wedding is in June.

No. 786080

What…? Do you mean I actually have to TRAIN in order to be good at something?????? I can't just be good at something immediately????? drops every hobby after a week or two because she's not a pro

No. 786082

You have no idea how much I respect you

No. 786087

the story of my life

No. 786100

Oh boy I wish I didn't relate to this

No. 786106

I like it when I feel like I'm pretty decent at something, but then I look at how to improve and it's so fucking overly intellectualized and standardized (timetables, fix numbers, "you're either doing it properly or don't bother" mentality) I'd rather hang myself than to compare myself to those values, but I can't unread and forget them anymore.

No. 786109

File: 1618746270133.jpeg (361.32 KB, 750x750, 307942B9-44C8-4B2B-A545-787010…)

i’m so tired and full of fatigue that the new banner of adam driver is making me find him an ion more attractive(driversperging)

No. 786110

same, I literally have no patience with learning new things because it turns out contrary to what I thought I’m never good at it with the first try. my mantra is that if you aren’t at least decent with it at the first try and there’s no promise, quit on day one to cut out all of the unnecessary stress and failure

No. 786112

agreed. once we told men to get a hobby, they started inputting their non-creative sociopathic obsessions with numbers, statistics, and predictability and ruined the fun of hobbies

No. 786113

You two have just never found an activity you actually genuinely like and enjoy doing. Don't think you'd be like this with all hobbies ever, it's not true. When you actually enjoy something you do it no matter how bad at it you are (see: living life, having sex).

No. 786114

File: 1618746890952.jpg (45.85 KB, 500x479, 1618601508419.jpg)

My antidepressants (effexor), ssri (abilify) and benzo (Valium and effexor) keep making me hungry and I'm in literal pain when I don't eat and get hungry. I can't even move if it's not to reach out for food. Getting occupied doesn't help me either and I gained over 20 kilos in the past few months. I look at myself in horror and I can't manage to imagine myself get better. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow hopefully but she's not useful only telling me that it's normal yada yada and as of my therapist i plan on seeing a new one since the one I used to have ghosted me.

No. 786115

I don't enjoy life and I'm a virgin, maybe that explains it

No. 786116

File: 1618747102889.jpg (18.93 KB, 408x408, 7fab63714fd25dac546206e84ddb33…)

It's really retarded because it's not even only towards performance or skill-based hobbies like workout/lifting or drawing/writing. It's even in fucking mobile gacha games. I used to play one mobile game and be pretty decent at it, but became slowly too "casual" for my guild there because I didn't want to download third-party softwares, spend a dedicated time of my week changing my equipment for every character and lead excel sheets to calculate damage multipliers for gacha monster I had that they didn't. They also hated me after a while if I pulled any high meta characters, because I "didn't deserve it". Holy shit, just let me be a casual gamer.

No. 786119

Wtf, what kind of professional says that gaining 20 kilos in a few months is normal?

No. 786120

File: 1618747523015.png (663.4 KB, 750x400, bento.png)

I want to make a bento

No. 786129

I have the same issue, I think it stems from childhood when I never developed hobbies because my parents were poor and neglectful. I grew up not being good at anything because I didn’t have the opportunity to learn (and no natural talent). One of my friends taught me some piano as an adult, but I felt so dumb knowing that there were kids - not even geniuses, just normal kids - who were already years of practice ahead of me. I know this mindset is stupid as hell and I’m over it on a logical level, but every time I try something new my brain’s just like nope.

No. 786188

i feel disconnected from my body

No. 786211

File: 1618759386659.jpg (100.52 KB, 736x1104, 1615235117459.jpg)

Going through redditors post history is pretty depressing/surreal. The latter is just learning someone I agreed upon or thought had a funny post has some insane views, the amount of leftists I found out were trans is to high, or you can slowly watch someones life fall apart. Looking through someones post history I saw a women who broke off her relationship with her parents, spammed woman subreddits with plastic surgery related questions and them moved to japan to be an JET teacher, a low paying and looked down upon job. As of late they posted on the dating over 30 sub if men love ugly woman.
One of the big things that helped me quit that god forsaken site was the idea every good comment was made by someone insane

No. 786215

It's kinda crazy sometimes to see someone entire sad history behind one username. Kinda makes me embarrassed for them to have it so easily publicly available, even if its not under their real name

No. 786234

This used to be one of my hobbies too! Off the top of my head this one guy who posted a weird question about how to get a job in a grad school specifically so that he could talk to grad school girls; I looked into his history and he was a high school dropout who was obsessed with the fact that he'd never had a female friend in his life. He had a dishwasher job, posted about how he planned to ask a female coworker if she wanted to "practice making out" with him, reported that she stared at him and said no, and now all of the staff were looking at him weird and not speaking to him, then of course he posted that he'd been fired. The whole time he wrote as if he were shocked that it turned out this way.

No. 786237

I walk to the full-body mirror daily just to look at my cute butt!

No. 786241

That's why I love lolcow. Any website that attaches your info to your posts is bad news imo. Just let me converse and engage without being perfect.

No. 786242

That's the reason I posted every relationship question or anything related to my country from throwaways, I'm not leaving a fucking papertrail for someone to randomly piece together who I might be from a random post with a recognizeable detail, especially since on my most active username I only posted on indie game subs. Now I only read reddit since I've lose interest in those games, and every big subreddit is a shithole.

No. 786243

congrats on the cute butt!
same. I barely post things publicly because I don't want weird shit following me around, but I'll go nuts on lc

No. 786277

Have you ever seen a random opinion grow popular out of the blue? Like the "Don't make fun of immigrants who can't speak their second language well because at least they know a second language". I don't disagree, but that opinion did pop out of the blue. I've never heard it at all pre-2018, but I saw a massive influx of people with that opinion in 2019 onward. I've even seen mild conservatives who'd normally hate that point recite it. No one thing made it popular. It was just repeated and became big

No. 786280

I hear a lot of how people hate traditional corporate office environments and want to hustle and be an entrepreneur but that boring, traditional office job at some corporate entity is my dream. Hustle sounds so fucking stressful. Give me a boring as fuck 9-5 desk job so I can actually have time to breathe and enjoy my life and have clear borders in my life. I hate hustle culture and instability.

No. 786282

I've been seeing it as an ESL ever since I've started going to english speaking intertet around 2010, it's nothing new, any different example?

No. 786285

I've been online a long time and before the Internet had you connected to your friends people were talking more to different nationalities etc. I've always saw respect to others online for knowing more than one language.

No. 786316

All the fucking time since 2015

No. 786319

Ed gamble looks fucking anorexic these days

No. 786320

Yes, and I hate when people act like stuff like that is a product of their own personal thoughts and society had no influence on them coming to that conclusion. Like what you said or when people pretend to be afraid of clowns or dolls because everyone else claims they're creepy

No. 786323

File: 1618769849196.jpeg (117.05 KB, 640x640, C93AE89A-0135-40CB-9D47-CE0A19…)

what the fuck is this

No. 786324

i found a bi guy (supposedly, he seems really flamboyant and talks about his love for guys) that likes to make memes about lesbiams and it skeeves me the fuck out. hes basically a gay man with a fanbase that laughs at or fetishizes lesbians. there isnt anything in the world that connects him to being a lesbian aaaaaaaaa

No. 786326

Why the fuck is that?

No. 786329

No. 786347

I have no idea how religious people cope with the fact that The Great Janny In The Sky is watching them 24/7 and can ban at a moment's notice with no appeals.

No. 786356

I'm all for women being kinky but honestly some of the posts in the fetishes you're ashamed of thread sounds like trannies larping. How the fuck are so many anons into bimbofying out their boyfriends and treating them like femboy catboys or whatever, can this be legit? It works in completely imaginary shit like anime but irl it's just disgusting and cringey. Imagine having a pasty shapeless man ass with his saggy balls dangling and him meowing in a schoolgirl outfit. What the fuck, anons.

No. 786357

Does anyone else feel "guilty" for liking and wearing heels? Like in the back of my mind I know it's the current day version of corsets and a voluntary handicap. I should be disgusted with them but I just feel condifent and good in a pair of heels. I know for a 110% I'm not doing it for male validation.

No. 786358

Corporate office environment slaps. Free coffee, free fruits, private healthcare, good quality computer, comfortable desks, funded courses, often during work hours; and as long as ceos /superiors are half decent, mental comfort of not having to worry about anything but just getting your work done in time is so comforting to have. I would never want to be a freelancer.

No. 786361

It lifts the butt and literally makes your legs look longer and changes your silhouette completely in some outfits and dresses. I'd even say heels are what make some outfits work to begin with. I'm radfem and I wear heels occasionally as well. It's not for male validation it's for me, it's an occasional fashion choice. I feel you completely, you're not a traitorous uncle tom feminist it's ok

No. 786363

File: 1618772789373.jpeg (100.03 KB, 749x749, 74189C6C-EA96-4B1D-8A15-A9009C…)

Just wear what you like, nonnie, heels are pretty and if you’re strong enough, you can do anything while wearing them.

No. 786369

Amazing pic wow!

No. 786370

What a flex omg

No. 786373

>I know it's the current day version of corsets
Weren't corsets actually more comfortable back in the day though? Anyway, even though I can't wear heels for shit, I think they're cute. Wear whatever you want, anon

No. 786375

File: 1618773508038.png (158.74 KB, 493x486, demonia mary jane.png)

nah, plus if you wear block heels or wedges it's not even a handicap, I wear shit like this and I can still run at a dead sprint when I have to

No. 786376

Uhhhh hello?? Based department???

No. 786382

You and me both, anon. Happy to meet someone who shares the same goals.

No. 786386

honestly same, I did an intership last year and it was good, it's more relaxing than boring to me 8/10 would find a job about it

No. 786394

ive been thinking the same thing. why would you want your bf to crossplay or go agp for sex?? at that point why not just get a gf or gf with strap on if they need penetration? the anons into piss or shit should be ashamed too.

No. 786402

>why would you want your bf to crossplay or go agp for sex?? at that point why not just get a gf or gf with strap on if they need penetration?
because those anons are most likely heterosexual. Sorry, lesbians

No. 786406

In all honesty at this point being into shit and piss play is less degenerate and disgusting than AGP tier forced feminization/trooning fetishes kek

No. 786407

Theres this fucking coomer troon who makes absolutely disgusting headcanons of video game characters being troons and has ofc a bimbofication fetish but he draws so well ARHGHHH. why do deranged coomers always draw so good and how do i fucking get on that level? I want to be one of the non coomer artists who can draw well and do original content to my liking

No. 786408

File: 1618775594882.webm (2.54 MB, 584x576, IMG_4902.webm)

oh my god I found jeffree star’s car crash video anons

No. 786410

File: 1618775774455.jpg (42.62 KB, 1024x580, 1578091581310.jpg)

I've had shaved head of varying lengths for over a year now yet I still struggle to figure out when it's long enough to bleach and dye so it actually looks like anything. It's happening again, 1.5cm strong

No. 786414

File: 1618776163472.png (1.76 MB, 1908x800, sheep.png)

Look at her anons

No. 786415

it's gross and cringey in anime too tbh
I can't even wear stuff like this without toppling over, am i retarded

No. 786418

So many degenerate coomers draw well because they have no interests outside of making drawings they can coom to. It helps to be a disgusting looking moid with nobody to have actual sex with, meaning all your sexual energy gets transmuted into perfecting your ability to draw extra realistic jiggly butt cheeks and what not.

No. 786419

File: 1618776502273.jpg (51.55 KB, 542x544, badbitchandiknowit.jpg)

I'm the bitch ya'll love to hate
I'm the chick that's raised the stake

No. 786421

I'm one of those anons and believe me I am ashamed :(

No. 786422

I searched for a band on youtube and clicked the youtube playlist/mix/whatever on the right side, and the very first video is from some concert and the singer takes off his pants (and underwear or course) like 2 minutes in. Bruh

No. 786423

File: 1618777083060.gif (1.12 MB, 275x206, 40A36A50-F915-4330-87FC-3710B8…)


No. 786426

you can't say that without telling us the band name anon

No. 786429

I really don't recommend but if you want to see search for daughters proshot

No. 786432

File: 1618778076103.png (50 KB, 512x512, Main_Character_2.png)

she cute

No. 786434

Went to the store to find spicy Mayo for sushi, couldn’t find it but I found the white people version… sriracha aioli. What the fuck kinda white wash shit is that. Spicy Mayo already existed, why make it sound fancy and “palatable” to white ppl

No. 786439

but…these are two different things? i dont think sriracha aioli is a gentrified replacement of spicy mayo, they're just similar in texture and both spicy

No. 786443

this >>786439, aioli isn't made with eggs like mayo is

No. 786452

Anon are you stupid?

No. 786460

File: 1618779993669.jpg (233.44 KB, 1680x1340, Screenshot 2021-04-18 at 22.05…)

what the fuck? why has the site filled? help me

No. 786464

You got banned lol

No. 786465

>Makes fun of foodstuffs being made "more palatable to huwhite people"
>Eats "spicy mayo" with sushi herself
the lack of self awareness with racebaiters

You got banned and redirected to the mirrored site.

No. 786467

Aioli… is literally made with eggs. They are extremely similar. Jesus fuck at least google it before flinging insults over mayonnaise ya angry cunts. Only difference between the two is the oil they are made with and aioli has added acid like lemon. Fuck me

No. 786471

Ever heard of kewpie Mayo, anon. Y’all are so mad over mayo I’m literally so sorry for triggering everyone lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786473

Kewpie mayo isn't "spicy". It's as plain as mayo gets.

No. 786476

………. you’re not getting what I meant but it’s okay, your reading comprehension is probably just not well. Go enjoy the outside, anon. Take some deep breaths.

No. 786479

makes sense cause I got a message that I was banned but that's because I use a vpn. Ive never been banned myself, I'm a good law abiding farmer how do I come back from this?

No. 786485

lmao anon you've made me doubt and google what aioli is made of even though it comes from my country, I respect your confidence even though you're not right

No. 786486

Nta and Idk anything about food, but isn't aioli just emulsified oil? I thought mayo was a type of aioli

No. 786487

File: 1618781088772.jpeg (259.13 KB, 1242x587, EFC620B1-DFA5-4A47-823F-37E838…)

No. 786489

File: 1618781196696.jpeg (459.44 KB, 1242x1069, 73F935FC-1C21-45AE-B84C-08B0CE…)

No. 786492

ah yes cookie and kate cooking blog, the bible of traditional mediterranean cuisine. can aioli be made with eggs? yes and it often is. is it traditionally made with eggs? no. Is it worth fighting over on an imageboard? not really but what else to do this sunday's evening.

No. 786497

can't tell if this is the aioli or mayo defense force

No. 786499

RIP laptop. You were already 2 years old when I bought you from my friend for $300 and you lasted another 7 years. A true legend.

No. 786500

Exactly, and I wasn’t going to go into technicalities until it was a huge deal that I referred to aioli in a synonymous way to Mayo. And yet, I was not discussing “traditional” aioli but a sriracha filled Americanized version. Which here, aioli is, literally just mayonnaise. But we all have to have our thongs up our asses for something, huh?

No. 786505

File: 1618782034793.png (218 KB, 1725x564, sometimes there is egg but not…)

No. 786506

File: 1618782237638.png (65.67 KB, 522x546, christiansVSlgbt.PNG)

ran into this, what do you think? it's true there was no real discussions over good omens, but wasn't it because Lil Nas X made is "blasphemous" on purpose and wanted this kind of discussions, and Good Omens didnt?
Is there maybe another example of a piece of media made by a creator "of color" that would heavily reference christian mythology so we could compare the way it was received?

No. 786516

File: 1618782905712.jpg (31.94 KB, 449x324, 1597557426381.jpg)

I love garbage cute anime boy fujo/yumejo bait series and I'm no longer going to be ashamed about it

No. 786547

File: 1618785337724.jpeg (158.05 KB, 946x879, E61270EF-7044-49A6-B32D-58C0C8…)

thanks I absolutely fucking hate it

No. 786549

Me too nonny, just wish I had friends to sperg about husbandos with

No. 786591

is this real? LMAO this world reminds me of spoiled milk

No. 786593

i dunno how you nonnies spend more than 5 minutes on there. the site's layout sucks and everyone is painfully "quirky"

No. 786597

the photoshoot is real, obviously the caption is not. a tweet mocking it went more viral than the original. I'm just tired of seeing the guy all over my tl

No. 786602

Harry has a nice voice and a decent album. Halle Bailey totally deserves the role though she's super talented.

No. 786624

I'm too poor to redo a chandelier so I used fake plants with some crystals I had from a previous junk chandelier and I'm going to get some florals to add. So far, it's not as bad as I thought it'd be.

No. 786630

I like doing this as well. There are indeed some insane people on that website. Just yesterday I ended up scrolling through the post history of some non binary chick and I found a post about how she used to fake being sick all the time for attention. Full on Munchausen, she talked about being addicted to faking fainting in public. Adds up I guess.

No. 786657

Stan culture should tell fedora atheists that humans inherently have a need for god reverence

No. 786659

Oh god I'm remembering when I found this guy's inflammatory comment, clicked his username and found out he was a balding old closet autogynephile who told moids to steal their sister's clothing and jerk off in it…

No. 786661

Just finished the first 2 episodes of the nevers and I'm quite enjoying it a lot (damn you, Joss Whedon). I have a feeling is going to get axed tho idk why.
I hope it doesn't, love a series with strong female cast more than life itself.

No. 786704

File: 1618803678296.jpg (42.46 KB, 680x595, 688a12bd77318ee9ccb1ecacc9d5bd…)

It's been talked about before in the prayer thread, so…
Any nonnies here interested in a manifestation scripting thread?
Used for us writing innocuous manifestation shit and collective manifestation and shitpost manifestation of course

No. 786705

one exists already, check the catalog

No. 786707

I know of that thread, but I thought it was used solely for advice and technicalities and not for the manifestation itself

No. 786714

I have ridiculously high body standards for others and myself and it weirds me out when some girl will act like so-and-so has the "perfect" body, but I could point out so many what seem like flaws to me. I wonder all the time if it's really so terrible I'm like this. Sure, sometimes I don't like it, but only for selfish reasons. I'm close to perfect from my perspective, but I still fall short of it. I always wonder if those girls would think my body's "perfect". I guess I don't mind I'm like this because I feel the fact I can parse out this visual information is interesting in of itself.

No. 786726

that's a long way of saying you're a nitpicker

No. 786730

Once you know what Danganronpa is, you can never return to normie status.

No. 786731

Lies! I have a group of normie friends that watched danganronpan or however you write that and they’re normies.
However, if you ever know anything about some anime girl named Tomoko, you can be 100% sure you’re not going back into normiehood.

No. 786733

it was only niche when it was just some guy's text translation and screenshots compiled onto a blog

No. 786736

Ate a piece of pizza 3 hours before I laid down and thought my stomach could handle it but I was wrong

So much shidding and farding and wanting to puke

No. 786739

File: 1618810556944.png (7.25 KB, 204x94, D669F030-1CAE-429B-AD9B-DE7BE5…)

the good days!

No. 786761

I love when I kill mosquitoes with only one hand. I feel powerful.

No. 786772

File: 1618816361187.gif (922.61 KB, 418x341, PeriodicInsecureCollardlizard-…)

I love Chao for they are cute

No. 786777

Every straight woman goes through 3 stages with scrotes
>age 10-24: you believe you will find an attractive prince charming who does all the cute/sweet shit you see in movies, tv shows and other forms of media. You project all these fantasies on to cute guys you know. You are very innocent and believe an emotionally intelligent cutie will be there for you one day.
>age 25-27: Most of your experiences with scrotes have been mediocre at best or traumatic. You are having a hard time accepting that most of your dating options are shit. This is the grieving stage, you are grieving the kind of love/man whom you never got to experince and probably never will.
>age 28-34: most of the scrotes have lost their looks/hair by now, so the chance of you getting your cute prince charming has dwindled down to impossible tier. The rare cute, financially stable and not mentally ones have gotten married a long time ago. At this point you accept that you have to just settle for whatever man isnt a complete degenerate or you just drop out of the dating world completely and give up.

No. 786781

Are you a male larping

No. 786782

Are you in stage age 10-24 and havent realized most scrotes are toxic?

No. 786783

Nah it was the prince charming and settle down part for me

No. 786786

Most women do end up settling at around the late 20s and early 30s range because most men are gross and we end up having to pick the least gross one or just make peace with being single

No. 786788

nah, my abusive father blackpilled me before i hit 10

No. 786790

tfw you never went through stage 1 and 2 because every single male you've known is a dumbass uggo

No. 786791

Most men around me werent attractive but I still went through stage 1 and 2 because of boybands and anime.

No. 786792

It’s so satisfying to pstpstpstpst at cats. Yes finally, I have your attention kitty.

No. 786794

god save this family anons. I just found out my mom posts on Lipstick Alley.

No. 786795

No. 786796

>tfw used to like anime and still never went through those stages
different anon but tbh if it weren't for a handful of characters i'd wonder if i'm even straight

No. 786805

File: 1618823094193.jpg (13.45 KB, 228x221, 74189345_141737717116450_84974…)

same somehow the baiting has its charm and I'd rather have this than "uwu true gai rep"

No. 786806

>age 28-34: most of the scrotes have lost their looks/hair by now, so the chance of you getting your cute prince charming has dwindled down to impossible tier. The rare cute, financially stable and not mentally ones have gotten married a long time ago. At this point you accept that you have to just settle for whatever man isnt a complete degenerate or you just drop out of the dating world completely and give up
Realizing you have the option to 'give up' and live a great life without scrotes is an amazingly freeing feeling. Our ancestors didn't have that option, appreciate it.

No. 786808

Same. I feel like I get to enjoy the rest of life more and hate people less.

No. 786843

I'm trying to think back, but I don't remember thinking guys were cute and smart or funny, I just wanted male attention because other girls got it. Then I dated because I thought that was the "life script" to get a guy in college. Honestly, even now Prince Charming is like an android that cleans up and has sex functions that can chill in the closet.

No. 786862

I'm gonna meet a cute butch girl and she's gonna go down on me. I'm manifesting it. It's gonna happen after I move.

No. 786889

You sound unbearable, get over yourself

No. 786892

Look for one with similar ingredients. The sunscreen that has worked the best for me is actually a very cheap one sold at my local drugstore that's a literal who brand. And the most expensive sunscreen I bought made my skin dry and peel.

No. 786895

I hate this art style. It's so unclear. I like clear art. And they all look like Instagram thots even the guys.

No. 786897

Agreed but every time I see Aerith I have heart palpitations I love that set of pixels like you wouldn't BELIEVE

No. 786927

I jumped from my door to my bed and felt something warm get squashed under my blanket. I had a 10 second panic attack thinking I just fucking murdered my small dog, turns out I put a hot water bottle under the blanket and forgot about. Retard moment of my April right here

No. 786928

oh god that sounds like it'd be so horrifying!

No. 786929

File: 1618841507075.jpeg (297.77 KB, 750x592, E2CB0533-B5AB-4A23-9195-EE1A26…)

Sometimes when I throw up it’s so easy to recover from and other times I’m flailing around afterwards desperately trying to breathe out of my tiny puke-coated windpipe and it sucks so much ass.

No. 786930

kek this is accurate for me but I cut that shit off halfway through the second stage because I realized I'm gay which isn't much better in the dating scene but whatever, fuck men

No. 786932

Same, Aerith is everything ♥

No. 786939

People like grimes show how most liberals going on and on about the injustices in the world are fake

No. 786967

Going to be very hesitant because I understand why anons are calling you out on your borderline scrote thought process but this is kind of based. I saw a video showcasing this and heterosexual women should ask for way better.

No. 786969

I want to buy a dakimakura but the etsy shop is on hiatus and I'm so impatient kek. Especially since it'll be shipped from overseas.

No. 786971

I feel bad when I see a good post go unreplied to here, so I'll reply to a lot at once sometimes with things like 'I agree anon' and I hope it's not annoying.

No. 786973

File: 1618846515492.jpg (60.92 KB, 736x552, pice449.jpg)

I agree.

No. 786978

File: 1618848174352.jpeg (27.58 KB, 275x275, 2538FAE9-0EA5-4795-B5ED-154A17…)

I look really good right now wtf

No. 786983

good for u anon

No. 786984

Wtf does love feel like? The fuck, 21 years of my life i haven't experience it once. Is it worth it?

No. 786985

who is she?

No. 786986

Its lady gaga i think

No. 786987

it looks like mix between that blonde druggie from skins and gaga

No. 786988

File: 1618849438780.jpeg (28.19 KB, 227x222, 2B4656DC-321A-464C-8E79-4595F4…)

The other day my bf came home from work while I was occupied with something, and I shriveled up and screamed because I thought it was an intruder.

Tfw I always thought I’d wail on burglars with random items Jackie Chan-style but I just ended up screaming like a wuss

No. 786990

Why do men always have some sort of kink that causes damage to women's physical health? (Sadism, anal,feederism/obesity, choking) even normie men are getting more info anal and obese fetishes and pregnancy fetishes

No. 786994

Picrel poster here, it's Gaga

No. 787004

You're really young. I suspect most people your age haven't experienced love. I know I hadn't. Even with my high school girlfriend, i felt nothing when we broke up despite dating for years.

No. 787013

bc of easy access to pornography (the more you consume the more degenerate, degrading and disgusting your "needs" get), normalization of prostitution, normalization of dumb shit like onlyfans and tinder pandering to men and their internalized misogyny with wanting to destroy women and also general degeneracy of males

No. 787015

it's just misogyny that is getting normalized
Sadism, anal & choking = hurting & degrading women, pregnancy fetish, feeding/obesity = being able to destroy a womans appearance

No. 787017

Covid boredom caused me to break being a vegetarian kek. I wanted to eat something new and different. I got a medium rare steak with chimichurri and crab stuffed mushrooms. It was so good and I don't feel bad but I really do like being a rice and beans bitch in the end.

No. 787019

Same, I can’t find myself possibly loving someone at this age. Maybe infatuation or general companionship, but not love. I think that’s a good thing though. I don’t need to be in love right now.

No. 787021

no…let her speak

No. 787035

I like the idea of wearing a kerchief but I'm scared of it looking too muslim-y on me since I'm brown

No. 787041

>Is this a kissing movie?

No. 787047

Every time I look up a tutorial on something tech-y and the video I click has a woman showing you how to do it my day gets a little brighter

No. 787052

Are there any tech youtubers or instagrammers someone could recommend?

A lot of the women programmers I follow are kind of… eh. They post more about their life and ads than programming etc.

No. 787063

Maybe someday Sega will do something with the chao garden and maybe even remake or remaster SA1 and 2 for the Switch.

No. 787066

I think I've mastered the art of power naps and it fucking sucks. I'm sad, I don't want to wake up in 30min feeling refreshed, let me sleep the day away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 787092

Lol my dad loves this movie

No. 787105

I used to hate emmymade's videos because she has this annoyingly…perfect persona? Like she's too sweet or something, idk. But it's so funny to me even when she's eating outrageous things (tarantulas, beetles, earthworms, brains, blood pancakes) she still remains completely unfazed. Also in one of her videos she casually mentioned that when she was a child and she found snails in the garden, she would cut off their eyes with scissors. I'm starting to consider whether she might be a psychopath or something

No. 787107

Wtf Emmy

No. 787111

Urge I have to put her videos on 1.5x speed, sometimes even 2x because she hems and haws so much. I think I talked about this before on here

God she’s so sweet but painfully milking that video run time

No. 787114

I used to watch her reactions to those army mri kits or something, what the fuck, I am going to unsubscribe because of the snail thing now. What a psycho

No. 787118

>she casually mentioned that when she was a child and she found snails in the garden, she would cut off their eyes with scissors
as a snail lover this greatly upsets me

No. 787122

Aw, I love Emmy! I don't watch her that much anymore, but I think she's cute and I like her energy. The "cutting snails eyes off" thing greatly disturbs me (especially cause I own snails), but idk.

No. 787123

Same. Why the fuck would you do that? I know that kids do fucked up things (especially to animals that aren't considered cute) sometimes because their empathy isn't fully installed yet, but still… When I was a kid, I used to take snails home because I wanted them to be my pets. I let them go the next morning since I didn't want them to die… I still try to pick up snails from the road and put them on he grass so they don't get stomped over

No. 787128

Some kids aren't taught that I guess. My mom told me she used to twist baby chickens' necks because they wouldn't sit still so she could play with them and she is the nicest lady ever

No. 787134

I agree! Hurting animals as a child is seen in many serial killers. I trod on a snail in my garden when it was raining the other week and I cried for a long time after lol

No. 787146

>waahhh stop fetishizing gay men
stfu, stop fetishizing any and every kind of woman

No. 787148

Nta but my mom also told me that as a kid she used to grab butterflies and rip their wings off because she wanted to know why they were so colorful.
Kids are weird, I would definitely make sure my hypothetical kids are far away from direct contact with animals until they’re old enough to understand how to be careful and such.

No. 787150

As if gay men
>1st, gave a fuck
>2nd, weren’t sexualizing themselves already

No. 787153

guess most of my posts are bad then
same except 26

No. 787167

This is a confession thread now I did that to a moth once when I was a kid, its wings were already fucked so I just impulsively tore it apart to kill it… I also deliberately scared some baby birds in a nest once. I felt really awful afterwards and I'd think back and cringe for years

No. 787174

how do you scare a bird, much less a baby one

No. 787187

wtf have you ever met a bird, they won't even let you walk 5 feet apart from them without flying off. the thing about baby birds is they can't fly away. all she would have to do is stand over them and say "boo!" or something

No. 787201

File: 1618869041476.gif (3.19 MB, 268x300, Tumblr_l_19476754887299.gif)

Mando was hot but then I looked up his actor and now I don't care about him anymore

No. 787206

True for every masked character, please showrunners, never unmask them.

No. 787207

File: 1618869271212.jpg (99.52 KB, 640x1136, 566efae6f25e538686e6f07d88666c…)

I get jealous when males have a natural rosy tint in their mouths, cause my own mouth has this neutral deadish color to it.
But I also think it's cute

No. 787210

i looked at this pic for 3 minutes and still don't know what you're talking about

No. 787211

anon thinks the color of her lips is too close to her skin and wishes they were more rosy/pink toned

No. 787212

it's crazy how low my expectations of men are. i am so used to misogynistic crap i get astonished by scrotes who do the very bare minimum to be somewhat not sexist. heard one guy say he isn't anti-feminist and go on to elaborate why while he was discussing gender related stuff with misogynistic scrotes and was impressed because i haven't heard a single non anti-feminist scrote talk about these topics in a long time.

No. 787213

huh i thought everyone's lips were pinkish toned. tbh i never notice these tiny details

No. 787215

It's always Aidens saying this shit too

No. 787218

Even if they do that, people will see the actor in interviews and such so the spell will inevitably be broken

No. 787225

Nonnie I made almost the exact same post a few days ago in the last thread
I feel you

Super fucking late but yeah, really
I think it was an April's Fool joke, it was a thread that whatever you wrote in it the lolcow bot would make your post into a random AI generated word salad based on the usual posts

No. 787227

yeah i saw it before i made mine but didnt wanna reply when there was a new thread

what a waste of a sexy armor huh

No. 787233

The implication that internet porn is endless is a lie.
Rule 34 should be amended to state that the only existing porn of something could very well be poorly drawn inflation/diaper/footfag porn created by someone with autism.

No. 787245

File: 1618875370047.png (597.34 KB, 1188x1058, MelatoninMakeBrainGoZzzz.png)

Ok. I got them in the mail today. This is the brand I bought them from. Honestly, it doesn't make me feel tired, but more so just relaxed. That being said, it would probably get me closer to falling asleep than a gummy would. Also, they smell really good. Heavy grape vibes.

No. 787249

File: 1618875710624.jpg (70.4 KB, 1080x1080, le33od79oli51.jpg)

i wanted to contribute to the genderbent thread but I couldn't find anything good except for this

No. 787262

I went to therapy and I feel so much better now!!!!!!!

No. 787285

I tried to commission someone last year and they never fucking finished it and I'm just now remembering it and I'm pissed

No. 787289

Dried beans are 100000x better than canned beans.

No. 787294

Damn straight

No. 787296

I made the change last year and never looked back. And the money saved!

No. 787303

Elaborate pls

No. 787308

Instead of using canned beans, which can taste "beany" and have more sodium, you should try dried beans.
Pros: 1. Absolutely delicious. 2. Super easy to cook Bring to a boil, cover and let simmer for 90 minutes+ until tender. 3. Have a meatier taste and way better texture than canned beans. 4. You can cook them to your liking in terms of texture and add spices and aromatics in to add to the flavor. 5. No sodium. 6. Cheaper than canned beans 7. Take up less room in the pantry and/or look cooler than a can. 8. Can be frozen (never tried so can't recommend). 9. Fun to sift your fingers through kek.
Cons: 1. Takes a very long time to prepare. You should soak beans overnight before cooking, and then cook them for 2 hours.
>You can try batch cooking and freezing if time is an issue for you.
2. You have to sift through them to look for debris and small rocks. You may never find one, but just in case. I didn't check once and saw a rock floating in my chili. Thank god I saw it. But from here on out I am a strong advocate of checking your beans before cooking. Please do it. It is really satisfying running your fingers through them so doing the check isn't even bad. 3. Can be a bit harder to master the portion sizes at first. They grow a lot while soaking. About 1/2 cups dried is equivalent to a 15 oz can.

Look in the Mexican aisle of your supermarket if you're a burgerfag. They're so good and so healthy.

No. 787310

I can't justify the energy cost of cooking them on the stove for like hours. Maybe I'll try it in the slow cooker? Any tips for that, anons?

Funny story, I tried stove cooking for like 30mins-1hr the one time I got dried beans (I forget how long exactly), and even though I have an iron stomach, I had the worst case of cramps/shitting/gas ever.

No. 787323

40 minutes in the pressure cooker (crock pot), gg

No. 787331

To add: Homemade refried beans are so much better than canned refried beans. I always thought canned refried beans had a very weird taste to them so I started making them myself recently, and they're great

No. 787333

i want british cock. i need british cock. i have a huge crush on a british guy and im doing way more than i should to get with him. hes not even like above average looking. but from the moment i heard him talk ive been thirsting so hard for this limp dick of a man. we've sexted twice but god i need that british cock. i am so ashamed. he's one of the dumbest person ive met and yet… here i am, thirsting over yet another small uncircumcised penis again… i hate myself.

No. 787335

I'm so glad I'm not straight jfc

No. 787336

I very nearly reported this post when I read that first sentence

No. 787338

you say that as if biles women never crave oversized clits or fat monstrosities with a buzzcut

No. 787341

File: 1618895178598.jpeg (320.19 KB, 1536x1024, EB8AC80B-87FD-48D6-8773-4BC296…)

I really want to buy more books. Full collections of book series I’ve already read, excuse my retardation. I think I have a problem.

No. 787344

Nta but…a big clit is not the same as a penis

No. 787360

File: 1618896607171.jpg (64.06 KB, 736x507, 75804de7a35d503e50716f4c0f0d8c…)

Since I started using all the anon variations like nonnie, nonner, nonita, nonette… Plain ol' anon just sounds so masculine. It doesn't help that there are always these stupid gf memes that use anon and it's always some gross scrote fantasy.
I still use it, though, but way less now

No. 787369

Watched the Sarah Z vid on Homestuck and the nostalgia hit so bad. It was really the last time I enjoyed myself in a fandom as the feral teen I was at the time. Having the free time to invest in it, being friends with people who share my interest, and being the same age as the characters…it just will never happen again.
I was also a hetaliafag before that but that's not the same as hs. Hs was an experience.

Feel like pure shit just want her back x

No. 787384

lolishit unspoilered right on the top of /w/ right now

No. 787390

/w/ should be nuked, nothing good happens there
anytime some spam shit happens it's apparently tied to that board and that's the only time i remember it even exists

No. 787412

I don't think pedro pascall is gross or anything but he doesn't live up to the level of hot mando with his helmet on exudes, I agree.

No. 787428

I feel you anon, some of her videos awaken nostalgia in me I didn't even know I still have.

No. 787447

I used to like going there to occasionally see people sperg about dakota. it's such a bore now, rife with pullfags. could care less about what venus is doing, it's mostly nitpicking at this point

No. 787453

I got my bills sorted, fuck da police

No. 787459

File: 1618915775876.jpg (40.28 KB, 750x343, dzckkfbjast61.jpg)

Seriously, why exactly is Stephen King hailed a great writer?

No. 787461

The only appropriate pronouns for troons is it/it

No. 787463

He writes a LOT and few of his books are very good. Majority is not though, and I think even his fans agree on that.

No. 787465

I finished Lisey's story the other day and it made me wonder the same thing. What annoys me the most is that you could've removed 1/3 of the book and nothing would change, it's just a bunch of usless filler stuff that doesn't even set the scene well.

No. 787478

i've seen troons prefer this

No. 787482

File: 1618919826806.gif (105.91 KB, 220x133, tenor (5).gif)

I love it when anons come into the trans threads saying "I don't usually post here but.." "this isn't my usual tread.." "i don't agree with most people itt but.." muahaha yes, join the dark side

No. 787486

You can tell I had an erotic dream last night because I haven't showered and my pussy stank.

No. 787491

Touched a naked girl for the first time, boobs and butt, wasn't all that exceptional tbh

No. 787493

Sorry the girl did not instill obsession into you.

No. 787505

File: 1618921797835.jpg (43.51 KB, 729x486, corgi-frightened-in-mans-arms.…)

I had an exam today but it was written from home and I took photos of my solutions and sent them to the professor but I'm so scared that the message didn't send or something because I have to use this email issued to me by my school and they switched servers so our email adresses changed too and I haven't tried this adress except for sending a test message to my friend which worked but WHAT IF it didn't work this time or what if the files didn't send, this email is really unreliable I'm scared but there's nothing I can do about it but I'm still scared, I think I did pretty well it would be a shame if it didn't send and a waste of 4 hours

No. 787539

Me, but with that other thread

No. 787542

No. 787544

Trying to work some magic on this 420,send posi vibes stat

No. 787554

>True, I don't trust them either, even if they're guys from my own race. They're the type to treat you well at first and then you find out they use racial slurs behind your back

Late reply so sage, but I didn't even know that even happened with in Asian community, I mean what you've described happens a lot with in the black community, black men who absolutely despise black women and call us racial slurs even white supremacists wouldn't even think of

No. 787577

File: 1618932818091.jpg (53.29 KB, 1023x1516, Ed88Ii1XYAAHAJi.jpg)

my life is just one parasocial relationship after another. i happily live an independent life with minimal moid interaction and it is very simple and stress-free but why do i always attach so hard to stupid men i don't even know? everytime i have a depressive spiral i always end up forming a new parasocial attachment to some random male figure and it stupidly helps me feel better and gets me out of my depressive rut. it's actually pretty funny now that i think about it. why am i so pathetic

No. 787578

his voice as mando is such a catfish

No. 787579

kek, me too anon! I could have written that post. In fact, I've just now formed a similar relationship I don't even know why.

No. 787589

ot but i've had this chicken bag bookmarked for ages, i should finally buy it

No. 787601

I don’t think it’s so bad if you maintain self awareness

No. 787610

i'm having an autistic moment of low self-esteem. what's a quick way to feel beautiful and sexy without putting yourself in danger?

No. 787611

I rubbed one out just now while complimenting myself ("cute", "gorgeous", etc) …you could try that

No. 787612

Take a long bath with nicely scented products, wear your favorite clothes (either for going out or for existing at home), underwear included, maybe listen to some music that makes you happy.
Working out makes me feel amazing, you could try doing that as well.

No. 787613

Sorry you're feeling that way, anon. Here're some things I do to up mine: Take a shower, tweeze/groom your hair/skin/nails, blow dry your hair and style it, do your makeup. Work out, stretch, dance to girl-singer music (k-pop, lol), put on nice clothes, watch movies like Legally Blonde, clean/rearrange my bedroom

No. 787614

kek anon, I wish I had your confidence and self love

No. 787616

safebooru can be useful (even though it's still pretty coomer)

No. 787618

nonners sound cute, albiet weeb-ish

No. 787628

File: 1618937199162.gif (1.38 MB, 407x275, 4k85q0lihqfy.gif)

discovered last night I like being choked and I'm ashamed of myself. static vision make pussy tingle.

No. 787631

Seeing people call 3d piggo males 'husbandos' makes me homicidal
sounds like something for a dog tbh

No. 787634

You can do breath deprivation play without strangling yourself. Just hold your breath as long as you can and repeat. Same good feelings without danger because the body will start breathing again naturally when it needs to. Don't hurt yourself for a coom, dingbat, and no need to feel ashamed. Holding your breath during sexual activities causes your thoracic diaphragm to place pressure on the lower body muscles and cause a heightened sensation, it physically feels better

No. 787638

>no need to feel ashamed
she should

No. 787639

What style do you use to browse lolcow, anons?

Keekweek style supremacy.

No. 787640

Goodbye phone,
Its been a good 1 month since i had u, i missed you everyday.
Oh and fuck the pick pocketer, u deserve death

No. 787641

Dark cow since bright colors took a toll on my damn eyes sm.

No. 787643

I hate that the boards are slow but it makes me happy to know that you ladies are out there living it up instead of always being online. That makes me feel nice despite my desire to read posts here

No. 787653

same, keekweek is my favorite but it hurts my eyes after a while
aw that's really sweet, nonny

No. 787657

I like that it's slow. I barely have the time or energy to read the threads I want to anymore so this makes it easier. Besides it only becomes fast when there's infighting.

No. 787661

thank you anons! i just talked to a friend who was going through the same issues and i feel better. i'll try out some things you have recommended soon.
i feel pathetic when i'm in the mindset of "boo hoo i suck" and i don't like burdening people with it. i should find healthy ways to build my confidence. i am not conventionally pretty or ugly, i find my body and my face to be just average. but it's in my hands to step it up with styling, working out and stuff. i've been too anti-social growing up, i used to feel like it's too late for me to figure out how to beautify myself and present myself in a charismatic manner but it isn't

No. 787664

I walked outside without a bra on to grab my water botttle from my car and I felt like I was committing some sort of sex crine

No. 787665

I threw out my last bras last night. Fuck those shits my breasts ain't taking that shit no more. Free the nipple baby 420

No. 787666

my sister. i was inspired to write that post because i just got out of a shitty two weeks by doing it again lmao. i guess it's a valid way of coping but i don't know why i do it either! wish you and your parasocial bf the best though.

anon that's cute. you should buy it!

thanks. you're right that it's pretty harmless. sometimes i feel embarrassed and immature compared to my irl friends who are romantically interested in people they actually know/can talk to, but i guess i shouldn't compare myself to others?

No. 787680

How do you deal with the feeling of vulnerability when you're out braless? My boobs are small but if I walk outside and they bounce even the slightest bit I feel as though I might as well just be topless, it's mortifying.

No. 787684

I'm sorry, fuck thieves
I use windows high contrast mode so lolcow styles don't work, every site on the internet is in my custom colors

No. 787687

I have been without a bra for a week, after a day it's become normal. But I put medical tape over my nipples, I wouldn't dare do it otherwise

No. 787699

I haven't worn regular bras (only sports bras in the gym) for over a year now. You just get used to it. It's actually super comfy

No. 787702

I'm ashamed because I let a man do it. Thank you for the info though anon, I appreciate ya.

No. 787703

Recognizing that breasts and nipples are not sexual organs. Women have been conditioned to believe that our breasts are sexual and shameful and should be covered. I don't believe in that shit. Our breasts look different from men's because sexual dimorphism is fucking nature and plus we can feed babies with them. I'm not feeding any babies but that is a fucking awesome utility and not a shameful sexual secret. Scrotes will perv on a woman even if she's covered from head to toe, so why should I make myself uncomfortable just so their pee pee don't get tingly? I'd be topless in the summer if I wouldn't get arrested for it. I've been mostly braless for the better part of 3 years but hung on to a few because I thought it would be "trashy" not to wear one in certain situations. Then I realized how truly retarded that was. Going braless is not a fetish. If some fucker gets off to it who cares, scrotes get off to shoes and airplanes and yet no one says you can't wear shoes or fly a plane because some nasty fucker might get distracted. It's all in your head babe free your mind and fight the system. Tits are lit and should be free.

No. 787716

My weak, elderly eyes cannot endure anything other than darkcow mode

No. 787720

Was it confirmed to be untrue that breast sag more easily when not wearing a bra regularly? I havent lately but I've been wondering, you seem to be an expert.

No. 787723

ao3 should have an algorithm that recommends works based on your reading history

No. 787742

I am not a doc nonnie but the advice my doc gave me is that going braless is usually better to prevent sagging as long as it doesn't cause you physical discomfort, you don't want to be giving them unnecessary support because then they will fail to support themselves without a bra. But all breasts sag eventually, if not due to breastfeeding or weight fluctuations or heaviness of the breast then due to aging which is unavoidable! You can wear soft bralettes to help prevent jiggle without unnecessarily restricting or supporting them if they don't need support for you to be physically comfortable. But nonnie there is nothing shameful about your breasts sagging or aging in general! Droopy breasts are beautiful and deserve to be free too!!

No. 787767

Thank you anon, and that's true! I like having bra on when its cold for the sake of additional layer but any other time is so much better without. Pointless to worry, it's like you say, breasts will sag eventually anyway, nothing wrong with that.

No. 787768

File: 1618950742858.png (266.25 KB, 636x337, o5cy4w9cdga31.png)

I overspend and I don't have enough money for Rune Factory 5 when it will come out

No. 787771

I've always been too sensitive especially as a child I was that one kid in class who would cry over everything, it got slightly better with age but not really, so when I was like 16 whenever I felt like I was about to cry in class I started asking myself "would Dean Winchester cry over this?" and the answer was always no, it actually helped a lot. I just remebered this and wanted to share, not sure if funny and relatable or autistic

No. 787777

Bless you anon. I don’t think it matters how autistic your coping mechanisms are if they work. During a rough patch in my childhood I would remember the lyrics to a stupid pop song to stop myself getting upset. Looking back I’m impressed as my coping mechanisms are much less healthy now.

No. 787795

I suddenly remembered out of nowhere how many times I've had normies tell me that I should watch the onepunch man anime with the French dub just because Saitama is dubbed by some white rapper I've never heard about before. Why was that even a thing?

No. 787796

IDK if you care but i'm a super sensitive too and my therapist recommended me "The Highly Sensitive Person" book by Elaine Aron, while it's a bit too comforting maybe it still made me feel less like ill adjusted person that must change and helped me embrace what's just part of my personality, so if you do care I'd recommend!

No. 787816

File: 1618956470769.jpeg (44.65 KB, 350x467, 42174815-2626-4E91-BB45-870212…)

That’s honestly kind of smart, as a kid I used to avoid crying so much in public by saying I was sick and then going to the nurse’s office to cry in silence until I either got picked up by my parents or until I felt better and could go back to class.
I also used to think of my early husbandos hugging me and telling me that everything was okay or angels because I was a religious freak but then again, it’s what kept me alive hell, I still do something like that.
It’s nice to come up with coping mechanisms like those.

No. 787833

I see no problem with this. Books are the only nonessential items that I spend money on. I say you should buy and enjoy,

No. 787961

I miss my countrys equivalent of Farmville, but it's dead

No. 787967

File: 1618971076476.jpeg (70.25 KB, 579x433, 9C685C42-E23B-4A7D-B353-B1E526…)

I just want to go back to a simpler time at my current age and enjoy it. Not only for covid reasons. To escape the social media culture and the sociopolitical bullshit we've encountered in recent years that plagues us. It wouldn't hurt to be transported back to the 90s-00s. I'd take it despite the setbacks.

No. 787973

Kiwis kinda taste like applesauce

No. 787974

But me, I never cried
To tell the truth, I lied

No. 787983

First I wanted to ask what kinda weird apple sauce you've been drinking/eating, but no, you're actually right

No. 787984

The anime men I'm horny for (beefy) are the complete opposite of the irl men I'm horny for (elfy twinks) and I really really wish it was the other way around

No. 787985

i thought i got locked out of my old embarrassing tumblr but i remembered i kept the temp email i used in a txt file. now i can scrub it of connections to my current one

No. 787993

File: 1618977735895.png (363.9 KB, 719x1245, Screenshot_20210421-085946.png)

Reminder that lesbians literally had to fight and campaign to keep pedophiles out of the Gay Liberation movement, like if all planning was up for gay men then Gay rights would not even have seen the light of day


No. 787996

Men suck.

No. 788002

>Thorstad claims that pederasty is the main way in which homosexuality has been expressed in modern culture,[12][13] and that "child abuse hysteria is an industry of insanity aimed at homosexuals [which] … plays on the impression people have always had of homosexuals as being child molesters", and describes opposition to NAMBLA as "… [similar] to one waged by 'lesbian feminists who jumped right on the bandwagon' of what he calls the anti-gay male/child pornography scare", according to The Advocate.[14] He has also likened being a pederast in the United States as the equivalent of being "a Jew in Nazi Germany

No. 788009

File: 1618980660131.jpg (127.75 KB, 1080x1440, Tumblr_l_546849470005338.jpg)

I just want a nice rounded butt, however my body stores fat in my upper thighs/lower glute part which makes them look uneven and a bit saggy. Just have to keep going I guess. sigh wish I could gain muscle faster but it is what it is at my current budget.

No. 788011

File: 1618980835343.jpg (5.26 KB, 100x100, unnamed (4).jpg)

every time I realise my autism is not my personality

No. 788013

I’m so glad shayna got in a fight with radfems because I looked at a few of their twitters and got some really good book recommendations. I wish I could redpill the world about porn. I’m tired of it being everywhere and the shit people call you when you tell them that it’s bad for you.

No. 788014

my power went out about 40 minutes ago and it's 27 degrees outside and its already cold in my house and it's so FUCKING DARK!!! i can't find a candle! and im using a portable charger to charge my phone but it's gonna die soon. my cat keeps making funny cute noises in confusion. I have a really messed up sleep schedule and i can't fall asleep til like 7 am and it's only 1 and i….have nothing to do. because the power is out. And it's so dark. And COLD

No. 788015

Nooooo that sucks. I hope it comes back on soon nonny

No. 788018

yeah it's suffering aaaaa
it wouldn't even be a big deal if it wasn't both freezing cold and the dead of night, i could at least go outside or even force myself to sleep if it wasn't so cold but NOOOOO
truly a miserable existence kek

No. 788019

File: 1618983606073.png (1.06 MB, 720x890, egg.png)

gimme that 8 minute egg

No. 788022

My local Starbucks is literally out of almost everything rn.

No. 788051

Agreed unless you have toast on hand, then you should go for 4 mins and have some egg and soldiers

No. 788055

All of them are valid and loved.

No. 788062

I can't fully hate Twitter when I see shit like Detroit Become Human yaoi on my tl and it's Kaori Yuki liked the tweet.

No. 788064

I still don't get why a shitty forgettable David cage game has a dedicated Fujo following, like I know Fujos are cumbrained and have to ship every single male character together cause again their cumbrained, but why a shitty David cage game of all things

No. 788068

Every time I clean my cat's litter, I remember my friend who, when I was getting a cat and expressed how litter cleaning seems as the worst part of having a cat said "oh no, it's actually relaxing, it's just like raking a tiny Zen garden".
Lol, that motherfucker. Zen garden my ass.

No. 788072

Imagine an alt universe where girls obsessed over straight shipping but female gaze version and showing them as passionate like fujos do for gay couples

No. 788081

No idea either, I never touched that game, all I know is that it's a badly-written French visual novel. I think it got popular with fujo because they thought the main character was hot? Anyway, I didn't expect Kaori Yuki to be into it.

No. 788105

File: 1618998615358.png (1.48 MB, 1268x755, sketchbook.PNG)

Sometimes I watch of these succesful calarts candidates sketchbooks, it's insane one has to be this good to get accepted and still has to pay insane tuition fee on top of that
t. eurofag

No. 788149

File: 1619005442152.jpg (213.52 KB, 800x636, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…)

Enamel paint… now that is some nasty stuff, avoid it if you can, I am going to go die in peace now from inhaling fumes. See ya

No. 788156

I hope you rest in peace :(

No. 788158

:) you too!

No. 788159

I think of it as panning for gold

No. 788196

I love buying shit from randos on Tumblr, hope I don't get doxxed

No. 788198

If I could pick a superpower it for sure would be invisibility or a similiar ability to not be perceived. I hate fact people can see me and have thoughts about me, it fries my brain just to be in public. Or maybe if I had superstrength and invincibility they'd be too scared to look at me.

No. 788200

I find it insane too. Not to mention the fact that once you're there (especially speaking for CalArts) they flatten and homogenize your work into mainstream-friendly beanmouth schlock.

No. 788201

parrots are scary, I don't like that they can talk. Im also terrified of those big black alge eater fishes, my uncle had one and he'd scare me by hitting the tank and it'd go wild under his little log.

No. 788205

File: 1619011919648.png (742.12 KB, 962x826, captured_my_worst_enemy.png)

Wtf, parrots are cute little flying monkeys that can imitate sounds, how is that scary?

No. 788208

Nta, but oh my god how is his leg coming up like that? Is he ok?

No. 788209

i think they are cute, I just dont like they can talk, but im a weirdo, I only find very tiny dogs cute and only the fluffy ones, other then that I dislike dogs.
They are also scary to me, it's a childhood thing. I'm obessed with cats though

No. 788212

He liked doing like that, probably out of boredom, but it wasn't hurting him or anything, he kept doing it over and over. Not my bird, btw, just one I saw years ago at an exhibition.

No. 788216

im possibly adopting a cat today but oh god i'm so nervous
i've done plenty of research on him and hes not even a kitten but the concept of being responsible for a life for 10+ years is terrifying

No. 788220

Most women who are healthy and don't have too fucked up of features are hot or good looking at the very least. Even some women with tradtionally unattractive features can still look gorgeous.

Most men and women who sit around nitpicking women are brainwashed by porn and think any girl who doesn't have ultra feminine features is ugly or are bimbo fetishes in denial and think how beautiful a woman is the amount of makeup she wears and how big their boobs are but also rant about how much they hate fake women

No. 788226

>the concept of being responsible for a life for 10+ years is terrifying
you shouldn't adopt, I mean it. I was worried about exact same thing and it doesnt go away once you actually realize how much responsibility it is in real life. I guess it may make me sound like an asshole, but my cat was more attached to my ex anyway so when we broke up I left them both and not going to take care of any more animal until I'm 100% sure I'm mentally ready for such a long commitment. Be honest with yourself and don't adopt just because it's cute to have a cat sometimes.

No. 788235

Ukraine's Eurovision entry is fucking awesome.

No. 788240

YES it's my favorite, I keep coming back to it ever since they've shown it for the first time. I hope it will be in top 5 at least.
Other song I really like is Lithuanian entry, overall I'm very excited for this year.

No. 788243

With all respect I think you might be self projecting a bit, anons post didn't raise any red flags so I don't think it's right to tell anon she isn't ready to adopt just because she's concerned about the weight and gravity of being responsible for another living thing. If anything that's a good sign, unlike so many pet owners who just adopt something cute without thinking about how long it will be around for

No. 788245

I totally might be, no idea. But talking with other pet owners I got the impression they're excited to share a long life with their animal hoping for it to be with them for the longest time possible, the word "terrified" seems like a red flag for me. Ultimately it's up for that anon to decide, she should be aware though that giving up a cat is infinitely harder than adopting it.

No. 788251

File: 1619016543976.png (346.71 KB, 750x800, Sassy-Chen-Cat-Pic-640x607.png)

In what can only be described as an "epic fail" of American intelligence, WikiLeaks' Vault 7 contains proof that at least one or more members of the CIA's Intelligence Operations Center was quite active in the Touhou roleplaying community on 4chan.

An image titled Sassy-Chen-Cat-Pic-640x607.png was added sometime in April or May 2019 to the repository of User #714 found in Vault 7. At around the same time, in April 2019, an image with an identical hash code was first posted to the visible Internet in the Touhou roleplaying board at 4chan.org, colloquially known as the "Otaku Culture" board.

The image wouldn't be posted again to the Internet until January 2020. Once again, to yet another thread on the Touhou roleplaying forum. The image wouldn't be seen again until the release of Vault 7 by WikiLeaks.

No. 788252

Funny and cute, being in CIA doesn't mean you're banned from RPing as Touhou girl

No. 788265

File: 1619018399040.gif (2.56 MB, 275x202, 14867538-8245-4FE6-9D80-81D674…)

I wish it was possible to marry brynjolf in Skyrim without mods…

No. 788272

File: 1619019194737.png (189.86 KB, 766x430, 92FD7413-5268-4DF3-84CE-5566BD…)

yes it fucking do. You some kind of ciafarmer?
This is probably a very grown man with a government job and he spends his free time going on 4chan. Not only that, he goes there to rp as a teenage anime girl with cat ears. Calls her “sassy” and draws her holding a gun. At least he’s not trying to be sexy, but he sounds like a degenerate. If he wants fun he should play project diva for fun like a normal person.

Deja vu I swear this has happened before 3 times, with me posting this exact image. >>788251 is a copypasta right? Please say yes.

No. 788275

File: 1619019563982.jpg (5.34 MB, 6454x3872, pixlr_20210421020238488.jpg)

>Made the right one like a week ago or so on the picrew thread
>Saw left while randomly browsing pinterest
I know they are not 1:1 the same, but it's similar enough to make me jump when I saw her

No. 788279

ah, she popped up on my youtube recommended and she looks exactly what i wish i looked like. hairstyle, coloring, face, styling. God really has favorites kek.

No. 788281

File: 1619020186555.gif (2.19 MB, 300x345, Ghostworldpopcorn.gif)

Me waiting for a twitter meltdown from an Artcow

No. 788294

I just looked at some old ass year book class pictures and pictures with accquaintances and coworkers from my grandparents and i must say that the people back then were way uglier than they are today. The average person was p ugly. The kids looked dorky-ugly but the adults were really unfortunate looking. Yes, they were skinnier but also uglier. There were maybe 2% good looking people, 20% normal looking people and rest was just ugly.

No. 788298

I love kids, but the fact that very young children don't know how to read is so wrong.

No. 788303

Recently twitter has started calling out White gays and I'm all for it but the truth is all western gay men are like this, doesn't matter if their black, white or brown
Gay male Degeneracy has been growing in their movement since the 60s and the fact that its spreading to womens groups and communities espically on Stan twitter is disturbing

No. 788309

No. 788312

I disagree. I think social media has distorted what the average person looks like. Hence why people on this site nitpick at people who look normal, such as acting like Shayna is some horrible beast when she is just below average, imo. Also I'm biased because I think being fat can easily ruin your natural looks and just looks disgusting on almost everyone. I work in a middle school and I'm astounded by how big some of the kids are.

No. 788313

These are scrotes.
>funny and cute
You ain't slick.

No. 788330

Can someone recommend me some gamer girls to watch on yt? I miss watchi g gaming but i dont want to watch men and all the female gamers i used to watch are dead channels now.

i miss Leda

No. 788331

Me transforming into a facebook mom when I text my family and I have to use a bunch of emojis

No. 788334

the insecurity I felt when I sent my boyfriend a crying laughing cat emoji that I use with my friends immediately after clowning the people who use them kek

No. 788335

yeah i’d also love some suggestions. the only gamer girl that i know and genuinely like is bobdunga, at least as far as i know she's pretty chill.

No. 788342

every time germ is posted i want to slam his face with a shovel

No. 788346

File: 1619026928352.jpg (34.73 KB, 480x671, #オリジナル I won't fight anymore -…)

I won't (in)fight anymore

No. 788352

Geek Remix? I stopped watching game content a few years ago but I liked them

No. 788366

wtf I like walking around on my toes and pretending I'm taller and I needed to do something so I bent down instead of standing on my heels

No. 788368

I know anons are tired of us Mendesfags but regardless I still feel bad for him, entire gay twitter has been making sexually innapropite comments about him since he was 17 and people making more and more NSFW jokes about him being gay and mocking him for no reason, like I don't even think he's Twitter standards of "problematic"

As a GNC straight woman people have assumed I was gay for most of my life and those comments always kinda hurt me, even though there's 100% nothing wrong with being gay it made me feel I wasn't acting the way a straight woman should and it made me feel self conscious about how I present myself, I can't begin to imagine what that must be like with whole stan twitter mocking you for reason

No. 788374

Don't bother feeling bad for celebs lol

No. 788375

Ikr why did they make the character with the sexiest voice unmarriable?? That has always bothered me

Also kinda wish you could marry Nelacar

No. 788376

wait, there's more than one dedicated mendesfag??

No. 788379

>I know anons are tired of us Mendesfags
Are we? Never knew that was a thing, tbh

No. 788382

maybe 2-4 of us, definitely more then 1

No. 788387

Last time a fellow woman of culture was complaining against unfunny gay men being predatory towards Shawn, some anons started saying they were getting sick of Mendes fags

No. 788388

Why isn’t Teen Titans Go canceled yet? I hate this show with every fiber of my being

No. 788394

File: 1619033323071.png (359.68 KB, 712x429, 9.PNG)

Story of Seasons trying to be gender inclusive, letting you customize your character with access to masculine and feminine voices & haircut without asking to choose your gender only to get you at picrel after creating your character kek

They tried to pander an audience but it only felt weird because of the naming clearly gendered (female voice being named "cute" and masculine pose called "powerful" etc.)

idk if I should post on the game thread for silly sperg

No. 788399

this show made me quit watching cartoon network

No. 788400

Germaine Greer wrote about this, that the right of women to appreciate male beauty has been appropriated and stolen by gay men, who are predatory towards the beautiful male and misogynistic towards his female admirers, this is very much a feminist issue

If disgusting gay men want to fuck each other that's fine by me, the the good looking straight young men are ours alone and we should fight to keep them

No. 788412

and she also argumented for women's right to sexualizing underage boys so please let's not bring her up

No. 788414

Maybe not underage boys but we keep the same principle

No. 788417

You don't have to agree with everything a person says or does. People are right about some things and wrong about others. That's just life.

No. 788425

weird to see farmers not immediately discard all opinions of a pedophile

No. 788430

Well obviously its disgusting for an old woman to get with underage boy, but younger men(16-19) learning how to make proper love to women by older women is beifical to society as a whole
So many adult men sexualize girls and boys in their teens even though that experince would just traumatize them

No. 788431

>younger men(16-19) learning how to make proper love to women by older women is beifical to society as a whole
Nta, but absolutely not.

No. 788433

It is, older woman in Celtic and Namman culrues trained young boys in how to make love to their future female partners
Those societies were based, romams and Chinese were pedos where older men raped young boys and girls

No. 788434

Anon, I am not going to judge you, but do not pretend that your horniness is some kind of political statement.

No. 788435

Alright? Stop trying to justify wanting to fuck teenage boys.

No. 788436

nta but this is mega retarded
>teenage boys as young as 16 (i.e. children) should learn how to have sex from older women because boys and girls are already sexualized by men in society and it’s traumatizing

Shouldn’t the solution be more like ban porn, eliminate sexualization of young people, and increase punishment for sex offenders who target children? And or permenantly “get rid” of the men who traumatize them? Sorry if I misinterpreted you, and I really hope I did. Because I don’t see how male kids getting preyed on by women is supposed to somehow ~balance out~ abuse done by adult scrotes.

No. 788437

They won't get prayed on, they'd enter the relationship consensually

No. 788439

>Teenagers can enter relationships with adults consensually
Scrote logic

No. 788444

You have to look at the context within which these rituals and morals are applied. We do not live in a communal society, where even sexual relations have de-facto public oversight. Our society is very private. While relationship as you describe does not have to be inherently abusive, within our societal context in creates possibility for abuse.

No. 788452

File: 1619040156904.jpeg (115.76 KB, 750x452, EzdOdMaWUAIer-L.jpeg)

I just think that Ireland's president looks pretty neat

No. 788458

NTA but let's not treat late teens like naive children. We need to teach teenagers to avoid inappropriate relationships well

No. 788459

I saw a post about "identifying fascists" including saying "degenerate, smooth brain, cumbrain" and talking about over population and criticism of Israel. Kek I'm such a fascist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788476

I think the over population thing is referring to eco fascism. Over population has been disproved and has roots in racism and classism.

The rest of that is absolutely fucking retarded. I hate that I'm an anarchist, because I get lumped in with retards and degenerate troons.

No. 788478

ive taken up ripping out my ass pubes by hand in the shower and its honestly so satisfying i love it cause it helps concentrate on something other than how much i hate my own naked body. they are about 2 and a half inches long. Just needed to let this out somewhere before i explode.

No. 788480

Your inner ass cheeks aren't tender or anything?

No. 788481

i love people who describe things with "neat"

No. 788484

yes they are but its fine i only ripped out a handful not all of them so its not stinging too bad

No. 788485

My new piercing is itching so badly and it's taking me a great deal of willpower to not scratch the shit out of it. I also want to rip off the scab but I know that's a bad idea

No. 788492

Anyone else use saidit? Their web host just terminated them.

No. 788494

Yeah, I posted about it in the vent thread. I mainly used it for bpf. I thought it was because of a DDOS attack?

No. 788497

Ok, I just read about what happened. Shame. All those good discussions are going to be lost.

No. 788503

I always thought overpopulation was an issue not because there's "not enough room", but because we can't cut burn or chop down any more forests into fields to grow vegetables on because of the atmosphere. There's some talk about using the oceans for food but half of the plastic garbage in it is already fishing nets, and that garbage clump in the Pacific is almost the size of Europe.

If there's some book that disproves it, and offers a solution that won't make the average person's life horrible, it'd be a huge relief to read.

No. 788505

tbf you guys keep making the exact same posts over and over again. we get the point already

No. 788510

No. 788528

And I love people who love people who describe things with neat ♥

No. 788542

Ntayrt but there are more efficient ways and technologies to support a larger population than now without clearing more land. There's a lot of waste in our current land use practices and economies. There isn't infinitely growing population either, as birth rates are universally slowing and will reach an equilibrium at some point.

I don't know where to direct you outside academic papers. When academics thought population was a problem, books like the Population Bomb made it big in the mainstream, but I don't know of any equivalent in the decades after that where it was debunked, after the UN report showing how many people we could actually support sustainably or anything else. Probably because believing there are too many humans makes us blame ourselves for not living like monks rather than looking at the rich and powerful blocking change.

With sperm counts dropping, we're more likely to end up with a Children of Men scenario than a Soylent Green one.

No. 788544

Sometimes I daydream about rehabilitating a lolcow, like being their PR minder and vetting all their tweets.

No. 788549

File: 1619053735277.png (344.72 KB, 438x444, 1614905383944.png)

i feel p bad listening to backstreet boys and nsync and stuff considering how exploited they all were. also admitting to listening to the shit i listened to in middle school is embarrassing.

also im convinced no one sane is a fangirl/boy of animal crossing. youre all nuts.

No. 788552

I dream about finding a friend who would do all this stuff for me
I'm not even that cringe I'm just anxious

No. 788554

is the ac part about my josh rant in /m/

No. 788555

no but now i will look for it ty

No. 788575

TBH the worse parts of these boy bands was the touring and publicity part of them, not sure how badly they were treated during music video shoots, but I remember hearing about some BSB members being high during a few music vids. Overall, they were treated pretty decently, at least compared to other acts like Britney Spears, they were fed well and were able to have some fun. The worst they mainly got was the fact their pay was fucking shit due to Lou Pearlman's corrupt ass.
The studio/recording shit is barely exploitive, because most of the production was done in Sweden/Germany.
I still listen to stuff I heard in elementary school, I actually was just listening to NSYNC earlier this morning lol.

No. 788597

File: 1619062390316.jpeg (441.45 KB, 750x727, A20E3743-A529-4419-9AB2-BE17A7…)

>as a straight gnc woman

Confused ovaritfag

No. 788601

I went to a funeral last week and when I went to the bathroom I noticed a really fucked up smell, like sort of chemical sort of putrid. When I was throwing my paper towel away I noticed the trashcan had these marks like someone took a bloody shit in it, but no shit was sitting in the can. I've literally been thinking about this since what the fuck happened in there.

No. 788602

File: 1619063657216.jpg (35.17 KB, 736x733, 34577140a10b013430f3cac8ce90a1…)

I love our fortune telling anons at the tarot thread, they are super sweet and attentive to our queries
But I need to learn how to read it myself so I can answer the truly embarrassing questions I have like "will I meet my celeb crush" lmao

No. 788605

I just wanna be a rich NE(E)T, dawg. I want to win the damn lottery and not work any bullshit jobs ever, then help my parents and friends and charities out……. goddamn you can't win in life

No. 788622

My bf is a complete himbo. Very dumb, but really nice to look at. He agreed with me that the world should be a matriarchy. We started dating because he beat the shit out of a guy who was harassing women, including myself. I never thought I could actually love a man. Get yourself a himbo.

No. 788624

Rich people say money can't buy happiness, but I would be happy as hell with the money they got. Work is lame, universal basic income when?
Kronk is the ultimate himbo men should aspire to be like.

No. 788627

File: 1619068352447.png (89.31 KB, 1218x394, 8J3.png)

I need to stop reading YT comments.
>listen to a song with very dark lyrics (tl;dl: the narrator was date-raped, runs into the rapist a year later and sees how his life has improved over time. he's seemingly completely unaffected by what happened, while she suffered, and she thinks how different he looks compared to before, then tries to disregard everything)
>someone from 6 years ago comments that they didn't realize what the song was about until now
>some moronic fucking scrote 1 year ago chimes in to comment that the protag of the song just had sex she regrets and is mad at the guy for being successful
The lyrics literally include the lines "Five glasses changed my mind"/"Now in smaller spaces, careless lust intoxicated. Away from prying eyes and rabid smiles and everything's shattering"/"My invitation was involuntary dilation"/This reckless violation, tarnishing my reputation has left me nothing kind to say"
I wish there was a way to ban men from listening to music. Just fucking cut off their ears. They don't listen anyway. I didn't even realize a single comment on YT could get me so irate in 2021. I hope this guy's dick falls off, I really do.

No. 788629

the whiplash i had when i realized this was fucking heinz doofenshmirtz

No. 788630

Some dude just tried to mansplain Taco Bell menu items to me. We're truly in hell.

No. 788636

I knew it's the song from your description. Good job! I think a lot of people miss how dark the lyrics are (or want to miss?) because the song sounds so upbeat. Not that scrote obviously, he's just pushing his misogynist agenda. At the very least, he should be banned from listening to TBM.

No. 788643

Glad to see other TBM fans on LC ♥

No. 788645

is that new slang for ladyboner?

No. 788651

File: 1619073269187.jpg (79.04 KB, 800x541, head empty no thoughts.jpg)

Kek, same. I daydream about getting to have a normal adult life in the 90's and early 2000's, even if it turned out to be boring as shit. I just want to feel my brain forget everything I've ever seen on the internet. I want it so bad. But I guess we'd still end up here eventually.

No. 788652

When this guy called blackpink "strong and amazing singers, like on ariana grande's level" I died a bit inside. Lmaoo

No. 788657

File: 1619074849798.jpeg (95.96 KB, 700x985, 9E38E68D-F2DD-45A2-9ACE-FE789D…)

that synopsis alone is enough for me to know to never watch his channel kek thanks

No. 788662

i wonder if they'll ever make a p&f live action and doof will be a 3d dilf but then again considering what the fuck happened with the kim possible live action… I don't think I want one

No. 788681

I'm pretty sure I'm just sabotaging myself because that way it's easier being a failure

No. 788698

Thai coconut-curry soup is the best soup in the world. Better than pho or ramen or any other soup. I could eat it every single day until I die

No. 788723

I’ve been thinking about the same thing for the past few days, especially while watching older tv shows and I feel the same. I know they don’t portray reality but in a sense, life back then really seemed more simple. I’m really not hopeful for the future either, seeing how technology keeps evolving and it’s only going to play an ever growing role in our life.

No. 788728

I cannot relate, that screenshot is giving me war flashbacks of dialup tones and downloading viruses from limewire. Thank fuck for modern tech

No. 788730

i miss messing with the system32 folder as a wee lass in windoze 98

No. 788733

File: 1619091524146.jpg (55.8 KB, 799x358, sfg7iqnyfvs61.jpg)

I feel bad for the kids named after fictional characters
like I had a friend who named her kid ZuKo after the character from ATLA

No. 788741

File: 1619092051047.png (396.85 KB, 988x573, 26k3w6iaxsu11.png)

No. 788743

oh god I wonder how those kids are holding up now

No. 788745

Who posts pictures of their newborn on fucking deviantart? Bronies are fucked up

No. 788748

I actually briefly knew a guy named Cloud(after Cloud Strife) in the Karate Center, his parents were both kinda dorks but seemed like good people, people didn't give him too much of a hardtime on the name though
Its a woman anon, I think there called pegasisters or something

No. 788751

Anon it's months away, unless you're planning on playing it in Japanese.

No. 788755

I need to stop arguing on YouTube comment sections because I have a lot of playlists on my main account that I can't be bothered remaking so if I get reported and banned that'll suck. I just can't hold in the urge to call someone dumb even though it's stupid.

No. 788756

kek i have the same urges

No. 788763

I want a robot husband. Not an R9k scrote. An actual robot. I want to customise him to be my perfect partner, give him a cute appearance, and love him forever.

No. 788773

The Artist Salt thread feels like cross posters from /pt/ or anons who only post on that thread.

No. 788782

they are even worse than that. they are - may Allah forgive me for uttering this word - twitterfags

No. 788826

Jesus Fucking Christ, didn't think I'd see anything like this about South Park
I know there are a substantial amount of fujos in the South Park Fandom, who draw the boys in a more “bl/anime” art style. I expected that but not animatics you'd usually see for about Angsty webcomic characters

No. 788876

I think the guy who works at the Korean restaurant I sometimes get takeout from has been crushing on me for years now. He is around my age (late 20s) and awkwardly tries to make conversation when possible, throwing out things like "drive home safe" if he doesn't get a chance to say anything else. It's more endearing than creepy but it makes me embarrassed. I wonder if he does this with every girl?