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No. 16005

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 16006

This is the most based take you've ever had, thanks admin.
>I don't trust most applicants or their motives so what the hell makes you think I'm going to trust a male's motives on getting involved with the site at any capacity?
This. There's no reason that's not suspicious for a male to try to infiltrate a mod team for a site full of women.

No. 16007

There's a Finnish anon who has been identifying herself across multiple threads and confirming her identity several times, checking in daily as finnanon etc. I'm pretty sure she's bordering on namefagging at this stage

No. 16008

Okay, not to be autistic, but I got a one-week ban for posting an explicit gif in the yaoi thread, which I deserved for being a sped and not reading the rules.

That said, why the fuck wasn't the other person (the one who posted all the gang rape) banned for a week? Why was she allowed to shit up /ot/ and /meta/? I post one picture of vanilla Yaoi hentai and I get a week ban, but the retard who spammed a bunch of pictures of gangrape and chimped about the deletion gets off scot-free? Was she just ban-evading? The hell happened here

No. 16009

Are you still doing this? Leave Gangrape-chan alone.

No. 16010

She was ban evading to sperg. A few of her posts sperging about it on different places got reftexted. I reckon not all of them were redtexted due to her persistent sperg

No. 16011

I hope OP image is a deterrent for stupid complaints LMAO

No. 16012

Can "Cis" as well as "Terf" be redtexted please?

No. 16013

Okay, thanks. I should've figured she was just ban-evading, lol. I was just being autistic and making assumptions based on the fact none of her /meta/ posts were redtexted.

No. 16015

Although I didn't want to add yet another shit thread to LC, I managed to. Could we potentially add the names in the title of the Shay thread so my idiocy doesn't hinder people from finding it?

>Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel and Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thread: >>>/snow/1020582

No. 16016

Someone is posting gore, saw it on the front page, not sure what thread

No. 16017

Samefag just accidentally saw it it's in the kisame thread in snow

No. 16018

Some tard posting gore in the kisame thread.

No. 16021

Admin what is the circumference of your skull?

No. 16022

About 7

No. 16023

7 what? Use your units.

No. 16024

im sorry farmhands for reporting a 4 year old post like a retard, im too high

No. 16025

Gore posting tard back again in the kisame thread

No. 16026

Yea, came here for that too. Can we just delete the whole thread? He's not milky, just fuckin annoying

No. 16027

Please ban a user known as Dawn in Manson thread FOREVER. She's derailing the thread, posting about herself and insulting farmers. Many many many thanks in advance.

No. 16030

Can someone ban the retard whos bumping old threads in /PT/

No. 16031

thanks for posting this lmao i went in PT and literally thought i was losing my mind when the most recent thread was from a year ago

No. 16032

Someone fix the pt thread, it keeps showing old threads and I can’t find the current ones

No. 16033

Somebody is bumping all the old threads in pt

No. 16034

Please just lock the Kisame threads, tired of seeing that shit bumped.

No. 16035

I'm curious, did mods autosage the kisame thread? He continues to post but it's not bumping.

No. 16036

hopefully. let him scream into the void.

No. 16037

The new lolita general is filled with people whiteknighting cows and accusing others of being cows/having vendettas because the OP post didn’t include a recap of every single thing that happened in the last thread.

No. 16038

Someone in the Nicole thread is having an out of nowhere spergfest regarding white-knighting for some reason even though nothing recent sees to be white-knighting. Did their ban get lifted or something and they are pissed? Lol


No. 16040

Some anons on the Micky Moon thread on /w/ keep whiteknighting mikaila and others keep calling random anons "Emi" (her ex friend). It's getting very annoying and we know her sister lurks and posts, maybe a post history needs to be done.

No. 16041

Please give us back the Absolute stupid retard shitpost thread on /ot/, it's more like a toilet than a thread to discuss dumbass shit and many anons loved it

No. 16042

I can promise you, that it isn't her sister posting. You guys are just absolute nutcases and hate the bitch

No. 16044

Hide the thread if you don't like it.

No. 16045

Samefag, can the anon the keeps bumping the Micky thread to bitch about there being no milk be banned? They don't know how to sage and bumped it just to say "kek".

No. 16046

What's the point of that thread anyway? I see it constantly being bumped to the first page of /w/ and it's always just some seething vendetta anon spamming her selfies and crying about photoshop. Every time I try reading it to see if she actually has some interesting drama it's just that same spergy anon getting redtexted and accusing the mods of being Nicole WKs. It's the same as it was when she was still being posted to the costhot general, just the world's most generic e-girl with filtered photos and posting fanservice-y social media updates. I don't understand why she warrants her own thread.

The problem with that thread is that it gets filled instantly, then another one is created, then another, and soon you have a catalog full of these "shitposting" threads. This is not a chatting platform, this is an imageboard.

No. 16047

Idk. Ive reported the thread a few times and some posts. It's all nitpicking and if you don't nitpick the smallest things too or call them out on their insane tinfoil, you're a whiteknight. The thread shouldnt have even been made the first time around, but the Vendetta-chan trying to get her roasted for 2 years, seems to be hellbent on it and took it as a challenge and thus we have a thread on /w/ with weak ass, no milk, vendetta posting. Mods have pointed it out several times too, so I dont get why the thread is even eing given another chance. They post no content images where no names are posted either, but demad you agree its about Nicole. Come on. And everything is tinfoil. They just assume all this stuff is fake and all without proof of any of it. Tinfoil isn't milk.Farmers have been saying that and the argument is 'hide the thread'. Admin admitted its the same person over and over too, so..

No. 16048

Can farmhands mark Britney Venti's self posts in the June/shuwu thread? No idea how often she's in there but she just outed herself by posting her own tweet kek.

No. 16049

Can you seriously shut the fuck up already and hide the thread if you don't like it? It's so annoying constantly seeing people whine and bitch over threads they don't like. Nicole's thread is hardly active until some retard enters it to whine about nitpicking and vendettas, you create the infighting in the thread yourself. Hide it if you don't like it, the majority of people posting in her thread Sage their posts anyways. Her thread will die off eventually if people stop posting in it to sperg about vendettas.

No. 16051

Isnt there some thread all the nitpickers can go to so that they don't have to bump threads in /w/ then? Telling people to hide a thread, so that the anons can have a free for all regardless of rules about posting, seems ridiculous.

No. 16052

better not lock /abg/ or i will say the n word

No. 16053

Why can't we bring up politics in the leftthot thread?

No. 16054


Politics is barely relevant even in that thread. We’re here to talk about the personalities, not to infight. It derails the conversation and now there’s someone race baiting

No. 16055

Went to see and unfortunately that isn’t her, she posted a screen cap of the tweet before the post

She definitely lurks though, she takes info here for her videos

No. 16056

Can a mod come in and tell people to stop derailing about the thread? The whole thread is just filled with bitching. >>>/pt/791146 We get the OP sucks and it's spoilered. Nothing we can do about it now, but it's all straight derailing.

No. 16057

The spoiler was put on by mods and not when the thread was created. If anons want the thread created to their liking then they should take initiative and make the threads from here on out.

No. 16058

I didn't mean the spoiler was intentional, anon. I'm talking about it as a disappointment in general, not a criticism. I've been around since way early, p-anon, and I honestly don't give a damn about headers since, probably like most anons, I just have the tab open at all times and never look at it again. Someone can greentext and tag the OP if needed, but no one wants to do that either, so they are just wanting to complain and derail to complain and derail. The thread is already filled with good milk. Restarting another one because some greentext is missing is retarded.

No. 16059

I'm sorry. I'm a bit defensive because its a recoccuring cycle I'm seeing the more threads that are made. I see that certain anons want to sit in the backseat but they never want to drive. The previous thread was full of bickering and probably would have maxed out.

No. 16060

I actually also like the idea of a thread being prepped about 20 posts prior. I don't know if that's allowed, but that way it's ready. No matter what, anons always have something to complain about the OP every thread. Either "i wanted this picture instead' and post about why wasn't x used or not agreeing with the greentext because something is missing or it was repeated and now 'old'. It's lolcow. It's fine as is.

No. 16061

Can the cp derailing be put to rest in the Shoe thread? It doesn't even have to do with Shoe anymore, people are derailing it into a convo about vaush and pedophilia.

No. 16062

Can we please nuke the Tessah Jordin thread? It's literally just canyon talking to himself half the time and their toxic relationship isn't milky

No. 16063

Having a thread ready before the old one reaches its limit is stupid because people will see the new thread, think the old one is locked and use that which leads to two threads being active simultaneously. And posting the new link to the old thread won’t help with that, since people will ignore it for the sake of replying to stuff (and I can’t blame them).
There also doesn’t need to be a new thread ready to post immediately when the old one is locked when there’s not even milk. It’s happened a couple of times already that a new thread with a shitty OP was made JUST to nitpick something and then it’s been basically dead for about a day or two.
Yes, she’s released actual porn, that’s kinda milky, but not as urgent as if there was new milk flowing by the minute.

It’s also funny how you complain about nobody wanting to do the work of creating a new thread when they’re literally getting posted way before they’re even necessary. Well, yeah, obviously nobody’s gonna even get the chance to make one if you jump the gun like that.

No. 16064


I don't give a fuck about spoiler thread pics, but the most recent Momokun OP is a shit thread. Not a good recap, made too early, not linked in last thread in addition to spoiler pic. It's a shit OP thread and I think should be red texted as that, to shame anon even more so they will never make a thread again. Moo has plenty of old school farmers who can make a decent thread at the right time, and this autistic anon wanted to prove a point and jumped the gun. As one of the most popular cows she doesn't need a newfag making an "effort" and failing.

No. 16065

who even cares when the stupid link list pushes the summary down out of the OP so you never see it when you browse. i doubt anyone ever sees it except the other tryhards that wanted to write it.
So here's my suggestion Fucking put the summary above the links if there's 30 links

No. 16066

Why wouldn't the mods tag the thread as "shit thread" when they spoilered the thread pic? I'm sorry you're having a tantrum over a thread pic. I hope you use this energy to make a thread next time.

No. 16068

Its nit that big a deal. Jesus. Derailing about it should get a red text. The thread has milk already. Greentext and tag OP if yku want it updated, but linked. This is lolcow. No1currs except the handful of anons samefagging complaints. Its derailing as hell and tbh I hope the posts get reported bc of it. The thread is already happening a the mods dont care about the 2 days of complaining about it.

No. 16069

Can you ban astrology in threads outside of its own thread?

No. 16071

why was the kpop critical thread locked/are users allowed to make new ones?

No. 16072

This really feels like a Scorpio rising.

No. 16073

Newfags are trying to keep the >>>/pt/791146 bringing up her race and heritage and what their surnames mean. This was discussed dozens of threads ago, way early on. Newfags coming in and reposting old milk to keep the thread bumping is derailing AF

No. 16074

Idk, what about mars in capricorn tho

No. 16075

It’s banned forever please stop asking

No. 16076

> If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 16077

It was hours worth of derailing. Dont get mad you got banned for it bc this is where complaints go when stuff gets derailed and wont stop.

No. 16078


And no one can mention it in the thread without minimod reports, so what what do you want, anon?

No. 16079

Read the OP, anon. They were quoting it. That’s what greentexting usually is newfriend. Racebaiting is against the rules so report it and wait for the farmhands to handle it.

No. 16080

Theres this stupid anon samefagging on the Micky Moon thread and only replying with "kek" on this thread. It is getting annoying.
I think it must be someone close to Micky. They just keep derailing.

No. 16083

There are other complaints in the thread like this and mods acted after the complaint was posted because this was going on for a few hours and a day. Sometimes just reports don't cut it because mods have to file through reports too whereas you can post here and it can be seen sooner. Especially because of how derailing it was and how old the milk was. It wasn't racebaiting either. You obviously weren't in the thread to see what happened and someone has been reposting old milk for the past week and derailing already discussed topics because no one has posted any new OF content to nitpick. Leave it up to the mods, anon.

No. 16084

calm down

No. 16086

Kindly requesting a mod to lock the binkie princess thread, I was the original OP and it's just full of the same 2 literal retards bumping it with old unfunny shit and mongoloid behaviour

Agree with this, at first I tried to keep up but it's just literally not interesting to the point it has to be a very small handful of people bumping it constantly

No. 16087

please nuke the onision thread. unintegrated anons, twitter spergs, unbearable newfaggotry, its just all terrible and unfunny

No. 16088

Some retard/s in the leftthots snow thread keep detailing with non-milk political conspiracies about Russiagate and China

No. 16089

I'm genuinely asking someone to look into the farmhands ban log on /ot/ or to update the rules. They seem to ban for any reason. I reported race bait and it was still up/OP replying 30 mins later so I replied and got banned for race bait replying and told to just report while OP was still active. Op stayed active talking about how Asain people are XYZ for a few hours and nothing was done. Apparently because OP claimed they were Asian they were allowed to make sweeping generalizations about Asian people, but responding to it as an Asian person gets you banned.

They are banning people for "GC discussion" even when the discussion is centered round gender non-conforming women. trannies etc were NOT being mentioned. Anons were literally talking about what being gnc/butch means to lesbians and how it has evolved. I understand not everyone cares about that, but it's a bannable fucking offense now? They also banned an anon for talking about how men succeed in womans space easier than vice versa because they said it was gc talk and not welcomed here. Again, trans shit WAS NOT even close to being mentioned. How the fuck is any of that gc talk? liberal feminists discuss this shit. If you don't want feminist talk on this site just say that, but I think one of the farmhands is genuinely a retard and thinks all feminists talk = radfem ideology.

If we are not allowed to discuss even issues like this that is fine because this is admins site, but can you please update rules? I have no idea what is acceptable feminist discourse here and what is not anymore.

I've noticed this mostly happens late at night/early morning so I assume it's just one farmhand but it's making /ot/ fucking awful.

No. 16090

How come you know those people got banned? None of the posts about the gnc thing were red texted.

No. 16091

there was already a warning against them but the russiagate obsessed anon kept going.
speaking of that thread, do any farmhands know about the leftthot cows? i have such a strong feeling along with other anons that the people discussed in the thread are there posting too lol, it would be amazing to see them exposed one day

No. 16094

The moderating is so inconsistent. During the same hour someone gets banned in 5 minutes for replying to bait while farmhands drag their feet banning the people planting it. I always report stuff like racebait/scroteposting but then sometimes I come back to it an hour later and it's still going, as anons who don't know any better are replying and I'd get banned myself for pointing out that the OP is an obvious male robot trying to get a reaction from the nasty girl imageboard.

If they really wanted to get rid of muh politics and feminism they'd just remove the offtopic boards altogether. Having an anonymous board for women is bound to steer towards feminist discussion because it's such a big, daily part of our lives and we have nowhere to vent about it. Most of us post our daily "whats ur astrology sign" fluff everywhere else but Lolcow because it's inoffensive enough to take part in on social media or other places that requires an actual identifiable handle.
>ib4: asherahsgarden.net, anon!!!!
Like many others I don't want my life to revolve around talking about how horrible men and trannies are but I do enjoy a short, organic discussion about it every now and then in the /ot/ threads. I just wish farmhands would ban the bait immediately instead of coming in 6 hours later to yell at everyone else but the original poster clearly looking to ignite a fight like the "lmao just have sex femcels!!!" take did.

No. 16096

Agree with whoever posted in the Shayna thread that if people are posting caps/pics it's not necessarily nitpicking since it's content.

No. 16097

I was reading unpopular opinions, and I'm genuinely curious. Is BLM as an organisation/movement and police brutality completely off topic in general, or is it acceptable if race isn't mentioned or the point of the post? I can see how it could be perceived as bait considering the kind of discussions it promotes so I'm honestly wondering?

No. 16099

the Heather Explores thread is being ruined by (what seems like) the same few people who seem personally mad at her, write long diary entry spergs addressed to her, and are now photoshopping clown noses on her pics lol. she’s such a funny snowflake but the people who know her personally are so easy to spot and their constant cringe is making the thread hard to read.

No. 16100

Thank you for the twitterfag bans, but can you please be harsher in artist salt? I'm fucking tired of infighting on that thread.

No. 16101

whoever mods the shayna threads lets so much infighting and stupid shit get by and then they ban normal shit for 'nitpicking'
its consistently inconsistent

No. 16102

A few Shay threads ago Admin said in that she would start banning sex workers that out themselves or come to LC purely to nitpick other sex workers. Remember that farmhands can see post history so they know if someone is doing it in multiple threads. It does look like it's out of nowhere but they might be seeing something we're not.

No. 16103

File: 1598561747269.jpg (41.71 KB, 676x593, 104143895_967382737031115_1261…)

im basically fine with the other rules in unpopular opinions thread, lmao but >If you are here to explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN
bothers me because, well, it's retarded? literally on every message board we see men screaming roastie, femoid or even the rogue tits or gtfo with no repercussions. whats the reason for banning male hate posts, even if it's borderline sperging? like what are admins trying to achieve with it? i don't see male hate posts causing infighting, but maybe im dumb. it's not like males are allowed to post here anyways (lol). genuinely curious. naturally lots of us have found this site to be better than 4chan or whatever the fuck because we aren't hit with insults for being women. this is a female only site so why are anons not allowed sperg about men?

No. 16104

Imo I’m glad it’s banned because it’s so repetitive and kind of derails the thread because they barely even have an unpopular opinion in there they just use it as an excuse to go on these long political rants like how is that an ‘unpopular opinion’ when it’s just a rambling borderline manifesto. Why are people so desperate to try and make this site their personal revenge for being called a roastie on r9k or whatever who cares what’s allowed there or not. This site has always had way stricter rules than 4chan, it’s not like it’s only stricter in that one aspect or anything. The point of the site was never to be some kind of feminist imageboard or male hate site and because of the constant sperging that’s what it’s becoming. It’s just going to alienate users idk it’s kind of like when anachans wouldn’t stop sperging it just becomes boring and exhausting.

No. 16106

NTA, Then maybe there should be… idk… a THREAD for it? People shouldn't have to choose between stifling their feelings on what actually fucks with them day to day (patriarchy and other gross scrote things) vs going somewhere else and leaving their favorite site.

Every since I discovered lolcow, I've loved it. It would be really cool if we could ACTUALLY talk about anything here instead of being made to "hush hush" about that ONE thing. (Racism is understandable because the world is extremely volatile wrt race/BLM/protesting etc. Same with coronavirus, everyone gets it). But patriarchy and dealing with men is our day to day. There should be a thread where we can go to vent and say "Fuck it I hate men and all men are stupid" without being banned.

I don't wanna go to whatever shitty site asaharera garden or whatever is. I wanna stay here for everything. I'm sure other people feel this way as well.

No. 16108

But you do have a whole board for it and there’s absolutely no reason for you not to go there. You can still use your ‘favourite site’ for other things and just use the other to sperg about men but you can’t change the site just to suit what you want. Having anorexia is a ‘huge part’ of anachans life but I still don’t want to hear about it every other post. If their constant sperging hadn’t been addressed they would have just attracted more and more users like that until the site eventually just became a pro ana site. That’s basically what happened with lolcow but for pp things. It’s not hush hush about this one thing, there’s multiple banned topics and lolcow has absolutely never been an ‘anything goes’ place. If you want that, make a new site and stop trying to over run this one.

No. 16109

The big issue though is that there USED to actually be a thread for it. So it's not "changing the site". It's just trying to get it back.

No. 16110

When topics get banned for excessive sperging (anachans, Anisa, race, Berry Tsukasa) the thread always gets banned too because they attract other undesirable users like that and containment doesn’t work. This isn’t a new thing.

No. 16111

Giving farmhands the ability to view post historys of every poster - outside off exposing samefagging cows in their own threads - is a terrible idea and only invites powertripping and vendettas.

No. 16112

How exactly do you expect them to find samefagging cows if they can't see everyone's post history though….

No. 16113

>I don't wanna go to whatever shitty site asaharera garden or whatever is.
It's not a shitty site, it's actually quite nice and it would be even nicer if it was more active. It's not completely an either-or thing, you know.

By asking Admin for permission to use/activate that function. Most of the time several anons already suspect the samefagging beforehand so that wouldn't be too much of an issue.

No. 16114

This I could agree with but I also feel it's necessary, though at least make it limited history. What I said 3 months ago shouldn't really affect how mods treat me now.

I'm always scared to write a confession or something because I'm afraid a mod is gonna list it out (not that it matters, we're all anon) but that shit is kinda embarrassing anyway)

No. 16115

True, its not the male hate posts that i have seen causing fights but other anons getting salty over it that has, which is ironic given the whole nature of this site.

No. 16116

Contrary to popular belief, we do not actually read anyone's post history unless they've repeatedly broken the rules and ban evaded and even then we only skim it (cows being an exception to the rule). The myth going around that there's only 30 users on here is also false. We go through up to 400 reports a day and the time it would take to read everyone's post history is not time anyone has.

I realize this is our word against yours but if you really feel a certain way about this then feel free to use a VPN. They're not banned on here, after all.

No. 16117

File: 1598601042337.png (75.68 KB, 1492x507, transsperg.PNG)

The part about ana-chan sperging is that it's a niche issue promoting a life-threatening condition. Manhate and tranny hijinx on the other hand are something the majority of the userbase (assuming we're mostly women) deal with on a daily basis so it's something that happens naturally. The spergouts I've witnessed always come from some bait anon deliberately posting "why do you sad toxic femcels hate trans people/men so much????" and anons who probably peaked recently and aren't aware of the issue being banworthy start replying and dragging it. Pic related, these kinds of posts constantly pop up and unless a farmhand is fast enough to ban them with a redtext they can just keep going for hours. If it was just people venting for the hell of it because they had a bad experience or found some milk it wouldn't last that long, a few posts tops. But there always has to be some smoothbrain picking up a fight with "I'M SO SICK OF YOUR MANHATE SPERGING REEEEE" because they can't just ignore it and here we go again.

The more fitting allegory would be an ana-chan posting "Why don't you BMI 20 fatties lose some fucking weight?" all the time imo. Which is exactly what they got banned for in the first place.

No. 16118

File: 1598601623398.png (26.79 KB, 1500x193, dry pussylips.PNG)

Samefag: this post in particular was in the artist salt thread related to the ongoing drama of a big-name artist being cancelled over an innocuous joke by the SJW crowd, anons mentioning that she deserves it for recently taking part in the mob canceling JKR and feeding to the culture, then (assuming the same) anon pops up just to crudely bitch at other other anons for defending JKR (pic related), anons basically replied to her with "kek" and "leave" to her and she then posted this as a retort. This kind of forced infighting happens all the time and thankfully this time the farmhand redtexted this sperg immediately. My point being that in my experience it's not the "radfems" derailing the discussion and obsessively bringing up troons, it's always the party that gets their feelings hurt over any critical mention of them.

No. 16119

Not a complaint because I don’t think it’s something that can change easily but is it me or are people uncomfortably edgy in maria’s and venus‘ threads? I don’t think it’s le scrotes doing it, but it’s still very uncomfortable. Even harmless annoying mild nitpicking is better than the aggressive posts I see in a lot of subject’s threads come to think of it. It was always a thing but I just realized how weird it is to read posts that are written aggressively.

No. 16120

> It's not a shitty site, it's actually quite nice and it would be even nicer if it was more active.
It would be even nicer if it had not been made by a man pretending to be a woman, y’know.

Although I do agree that it’s kinda ironic to not be able to complain about issues that are related to womanhood specifically (i.e. PP-stuff), I get why the threads and eventually any discussion was banned. The sperging was insufferable and bleeading out over the entire board, even /pt/ etc. which eventually did become a problem.
However, still don’t really understand why 2X got nuked. I feel like the containment could’ve worked once the whole outrage had calmed down a little.
But oh, well…

No. 16124

Anachan sperging wasn’t banned for any moralfag reason about it being a life threatening disorder it was simply because it was derailing and annoying. You can still post and vent about your personal negative day to day experiences that include men as they’ve specified but ‘manhate’ and ‘tranny hininx’ are not universal things the average woman ‘goes through on a daily basis’ at all. I doesn't matter anyway, race related issues would be something plenty of anons go through daily but that doesn’t mean people want to hear daily sperg outs about it.

I mean how is pp inherently “related to womanhood“ just because it’s an ideology that certain woman believe any more than any other banned topic is because there will be certain women that also relate to those. I’m a woman and don’t find the pp sperging relatable at all, neither do the vast majority of women in the world. This isn’t a radical feminist imageboard. People can still talk about their personal negative experiences with men? This site was also made by a man who was actually pretending (implying) he was a woman to the point he had to apologise for misleading people so idk why you’re more comfortable with it here than the new board. Asherahsgarden or whatever it’s called is run by a woman now so what’s the problem with using it?

No. 16125

Please ban the word nonnie. It being redtexted isn't enough because it just brings more attention to it. It's crying laughing emoji tier

No. 16126

Yeah, well I don't fuck with K-pop or like guys spattered in blood but there are respective threads for each of those topics, so what that anon said about it having a containment thread makes sense. EVERY woman deals with misogyny.

And no we fucking can't just talk about how men suck, did you even read the list of bannable offenses? A lot of women here would like to sperg about how shitty men are and we should at least be able to vent.

No. 16127

Chill, I was using PP as an umbrella term and generally agree with you. I never tried to legitimate any radfem sperging either, nor did I support the call for a thread. I just felt like since pretty much all women in some way are affected by sexism, it would make sense for a women-centered imageboard to have some designated space to talk about. But as I’ve said: I do agree that keeping it to said designated space in form of a thread (or even several threads) didn’t work, so it also makes sense to not allow it anymore.
But, you know, stay angry.

Also never said that was the sole reason not to use it. It was just the cherry on top. AG is dead and boring. For someone who has no interests besides self-pity and radical feminism it might be a viable alternative. But I personally am not gonna start using a second image board just for casual feminist discourse. But as I’ve said, I’m not crying to revive the PP/Man-Hate/Radfem/GC threads either, since that obviously didn’t work out.

No. 16128

K-pops been a banned topic for a while now due to them sperging and bleeding into other threads. Bad example to use because they got the same treatment as pp & GC for not behaving

No. 16130

>Anachan sperging wasn’t banned for any moralfag reason about it being a life threatening disorder it was simply because it was derailing and annoying.
That's what was implied here though?
>The more fitting allegory would be an ana-chan posting "Why don't you BMI 20 fatties lose some fucking weight?" all the time imo. Which is exactly what they got banned for in the first place.

Just because you don't have to deal with blatant sexism personally doesn't mean it isn't an universal issue most women face all the time. Like >>16126 said it's not like we don't get banned for venting about how much men drive us insane because we'll get banned for m-muh pp sperging even if it's just something personal we experienced and want to get off our chest instead of screeching about how all male babies should be aborted. You don't have to be a radfem terf gc whatever derailer to be pissed off at the shit casual misogyny makes you go through.

No. 16131

Pretty sure farmhand said personal experiences are fine as long as it doesn’t go into political derailing and long discussions about wanting to kill all men?

No. 16132

Well, fair enough.


No. 16133

Aren't you getting tired of discussing the anachan comparison every single thread? I could've sworn this whole post was already posted almost sentence for sentence last thread.

I think in Venus' case it's some kind of edgy defense-mechanism after the thread got tackled with white-knighting and tinfoils too many times.

No. 16134

>If you are here to complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.

>If you are here to talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.

You can still post about your personal experiences with misogyny.

No. 16135

Some radfems used to derail but they've pretty much stopped since the Purge. The issue is, it empowered pickmes and trannies so now they feel this is their website. The topics should never have been banned in the first place, just very harsh bans for derailing.

No. 16136

But we can't we talk about generalized misogyny? Why does it all need to be personal?

No. 16137

>The issue is, it empowered pickmes and trannies so now they feel this is their website.
Ok so I havent kept track of this but do they at least get warned, banned if they sperg out? I remember some time ago in some thread some trumblr tranny reeing about hetronormitivity or something and I kinda left for a while after that. I think what most anons want is equal treatment across the board-at least that hows I read most of the complaints about the site.
I mean, do we need to worry about this place becoming crystal cafe?

No. 16138

the problem with some anons is that they get a 5-30 minute ban and sperg out in /meta/ about unfair bans, when essentially its just a time out or warning or whatever. even just getting 12 hrs or a day isnt bad. the idea is lol calm down.

>inb4 change ban page to say warning

No. 16140

Why aren't more banners added? there's very cool ones there, like the ones with momokun

No. 16141

>t. Momokun

No. 16143

Genuinely, is one of the tamara spergs responding to her actually Greg? I never flippantly think cows post here all the time and I never thought it was Greg in any thread until now, the cadence and written tone of some of those responses from them you can tell are from the same person and they sound very, very like him

And regardless, can Tamara posting please be a totally banned topic?

No. 16144

Because its a few dedicated gendersperges posting. In the unpopular opinions thread farmhand outed that one of the posters had hundreds of gendersperge posts on that thread alone. It makes sense, since the thread was starting to resemble the gc threads and most of normal posters had left because of the derail. Now its starting to resemble actual unpopular opinions again.

No. 16145

why not just ban the poster?

No. 16146

the momokun thread should be autosaged, honestly. a decent chunk of posts in every thread don’t even have anything to do with her, sometimes it’s unrelated altogether. she hasn’t produced actual milk in ages. usually i just keep her thread hidden but sometimes lolcow resets my hidden threads and i’m reminded just how little the posts have changed.

No. 16147

Yeah I have seen those sperges on here and its pathetic crying over a 5 or 30 minute ban.

I think maybe the mods/jannies haven't had time, theres some from quite some time back that are yet to be added.

No. 16148

>she hasn’t produced actual milk in ages
Arguable. Hasn't she started doing actual PIV porn recently?

No. 16149

She already did. Someone is just mad at the small derailing we had, but two users were put out to pasture before anon even came to complain, so it was long over with already.

No. 16150

None of the above anons but those "small derails" are a fucking 50-post spergfests over nitpicking whatever meaningless bullshit people throw at the wall like "oh my god how dare she go outside during the pandemic", "look at her stupid face I got pausing her IG story mid-movement" and "how is she meeting her dad when she said he was abusive towards her in her teens what a liar!!!!" and the actual milk of her degrading herself to do PiV porn with some new cuck orbiter gets buried. The thread is unreadable.

No. 16151

I went back and counted, even including excluding posts in between that had nothing to do with it. It was 21 posts, 4 bans. It was handled within hours. Moo is very milky. Anons get restless a lot in her thread.

Just report because all the other ones aside from the whole race and BLM discussion is just 2 or 3 that are shit posts. You can tell because they are unsaged and nitpicking. It's not a bunch of people derailing for hours on end. Calm down.

No. 16152

Can a mod please ban Dawn from the MM thread? Or autosage/nuke the threads? The last few threads have been trash tier with no milk and dawn posting at herself. It's frustrating because there's the occasional good milk but it gets BURIED under dawn's constant samefagging.

No. 16156

Could someone PLEASE tell the Left thots to sage!

No. 16158

Can we bring back the kpopcritical threads they were the funnest threads!!!!

No. 16159

I agree that Dawn should be somehow removed from the thread but please dear farmhands do not delete the current and previous thread.
Anon is right, we had some good milk, ex victims' dms got posted. I doubt they'll come back to lolcow and post them anew.

No. 16160


No. 16161

i feel like the anons that bring that and gc up every other day are hopefully bsitposting. no one can be this retarded this consistently

No. 16162

Wasn't it always the rule that if a cow is self-posting and pretending it's not them, they get their posts marked? I just caught up with Tesah's threads yesterday but the ammount of cow-posting there, jesus. Would be milky to mark their posts Mystery-style.

No. 16163

I know me and other anons asked in meta but it never happened. He screenshot his own post and admitted it so they could even work off that.

No. 16165

Can we please get another Hellweek soon or something? So many newfags in snow who refuse to sage and blog all over the place. I'm not sure if it's Leftthot thread bleedover or what but these bitches just don't care about integrating and it's really annoying.

No. 16166

Hi mods
The TND thread has devolved into nitpicking at Taylor’s appearance because she’s not producing a lot of milk.
Can you help?
It’s just “hehe look Taylor doesn’t look good from the angle” shit

No. 16167

Could we please have the fact Momokun had a breast reduction and that's why she has fucked up scarred veiny tits added to the next OP to help with titpicking? It comes up every single fucking thread.

No. 16168

It seems I am not the first to complain about the MM thread but there's been no improvement so far.
Just explain to me how is that possible that a dumb troll, who's been caught lying several times, keeps posting completely irrelevant caps with no context, no evidence and never gets banned? She turned the threads into bs. TWO THREADS DEAR FARMHANDS!!!
WHY hasn't she been banned?
WHY anons who talks to her are not banned either?
Is it some sort of magic? Naming her posts doesn't help.
We do have new milk, we could enjoy it if she wasn't around trying to silence every anon and continuously demanding attention with her vapid posting. It's insane and insufferable.
Please, do something!

No. 16169

she's ban evading you sperg

No. 16170

Lmao as if this is a gotcha. The posts need to be deleted regardless if it's a serial evader.

No. 16171

Can "vendetta-chan" or just "vendetta" in general be red texted? It's so fucking annoying reading through a thread and seeing an anon post about literally anyone for any reason and then have some retard pop in the thread to call them vendetta-chan for no reason, just because they happen to like the cow in question or disagree with what's being said.

No. 16172

idk there are vendetta chans though.
How many times has somebody made a thread on a nobody in their local cosplay scene. It hasn't gotten as bad as hi [cow].

No. 16173

There are people with vendetta, but I'm talking about 2hen someone makes an innocuous post about someone doing something cringy and someone jumps on them saying they're a vendetta chan. It's ridiculous and overused on people who obviously don't have vendettas.

No. 16174

Do not for a second think you're normal compared to her tbh, that thread is a dumpster fire and all posters are nuts.

No. 16175

please bring 2X back

No. 16176

Can a farmhand do something about the people posting Canyon's instagram stories talking about this site and "fighting against us" in the Tesah thread? It's extremely annoying, it's giving him the attention he wants, and it's obvious he knows people are going to post the screengrabs on the thread. I've seen the red text bans and I'm happy for them, but people are egging him on at this point by posting them and it's borderline cowtipping.

No. 16177

it's very clearly canyon self-posting

No. 16178

If it was him posting, farmhands would probably say something. It's obviously some retards who think they're being funny by engaging with him, when in reality it makes everyone else on the board look bad.

No. 16179

Nta but I still think it's him. Tard probably DM'd his obnoxious following who think his "farmer tipping" is ~le epic trolling~ (kek) to post for him since his prior posts were marked. No one cares as much about Crayon as Crayon does.

No. 16180

We’ll just have to wait for this shit admin to leave. Maybe then we’ll get a reasonable admin who actually listens to what LC wants.

No. 16182

Or you could just post on asherahsgarden.net.

No. 16183

unpopular opinion thread is full of ana-chans sperging about kpop.

No. 16184

Asherahs Garden is slow as hell. There's no reason not to bring 2x back, it'd serve as both a containment board so all the tranny lovers can easily stay away from it and a space for women who want to discuss GC or PP topics.
Why was it even deleted?

No. 16187

No. I want to use the website I originally used before admin butchered it.

>Why was it even deleted?
Because admin doesn’t want to see political opinions she disagrees with, so she decided to ban a topic that had been thriving on the site for a couple of years before she even became admin. There was even a poll where users overwhelmingly wanted /2X/ to stay and admin still removed it.

No. 16188

It's pretty obvious at least one farmhand is hostile towards ANY feminist leaning opinions that aren't libfem. I'm not just talking about GC, but PP and FDS, too. Admin setup 2x so I'm going to assume they let the retarded tranny get in their ear. We just have to wait for them to 41%.

Forever interesting that admin is open to bringing the kpop cancer threads back but won't let us have a GC one. Admin has shown her ass.

No. 16189

wait weren't farmhands and admin adamantly against bringing the kpopfag thread back?

No. 16191

It was never deleted but you're not bright enough to have realized that.

No. 16194

File: 1599638157339.jpg (26.84 KB, 295x374, 4e4263f144f379611e50910cc24911…)

Can someone for the love of God explain to me what constitutes GC? I've been banned and unbanned twice now in /ot/ for what I thought were innocuous conversations with no political alignment or agenda… To tell you truth, I've no clue what any of the abbreviations >>16188 sited even mean.

Reposting to express my discontentment with being old and out of the loop. Pls take pity on me anons.

No. 16196

>It was never deleted
Yes, /2X/ is technically still there if you type the URL in, but all of the threads are locked and it is an unusable board. So, yes, it was essentially deleted, dumbass.

>explain to me what constitutes GC?
Anything that admin or the farmhands disagree with, lol.

No. 16197

I saw a farmhand say that admin might bring back kpop on the new server but honestly kpopfags haven't bled out all over /ot/ or /m/ after their thread got banned and haven't started a meltdown accusing farmhands of being anti-oppas or whatever the fuck the equivalent of the tranny janny shit would be kek. The most they've done is ask a few times on meta. It's fucking wild that GC anons expect to be rewarded with a special board and all their threads back after not even being able to lay low for a bit after the threads got banned. Maybe if you all didn't act like such lunatics you would've had your shit back by now? But what do I know maybe being a huge pain in the ass is a mastermind strategy to win over admin and any future admins and I'm too dumb to understand it.

No. 16198

That's not what deleted means.

No. 16199

Why do you give a shit about my word usage? What word would you like me to use? Either way, all of the threads there are locked and the board is unusable.

No. 16200

If you are going to ban gc, keep the same energy and ban lib fem spergs like this anon. Gc and rad fem was thriving in lolcow for a really long time and they were the fastest threads on the whole site.

No. 16201

At least there's still the MtF cow thread on /snow/.

No. 16202

An anon was banned in that thread for "GC sperging" a few days ago lol

No. 16203

There was absolutely nothing libfem related in their post? I’m sure many people prefer for the site be slightly slower for a period of time over when it was faster but every other post gc/pp related. Having a thread move fast says nothing about the quality of the posts. The onision threads used to move fast too.

No. 16204

There’s constantly posts here from people who somehow know what other gc anons got banned for even when the ban wasn’t redtexted. It’s obvious one of the radfem discord groups is targeting the site. Just go to asheherahsgarden.

No. 16205

>really long time
it was less than a year

No. 16206

>Just go to asheherahsgarden.

No. 16207

Honestly I'm okay with GC/PP being banned so long as trannies and their defenders also get banned (which they generally do.)

No. 16208

It wasn't even because admin inherently disagreed with GC ideals, it was because she had profiled the GC posters as wealthy white Karens "expecting to do shit for them free of charge" and constantly accused her of being a troon which she apparently has a strong resentment for. She said it herself. I can understand her viewpoint because for example the GC subreddit was full of those types but still it's annoying that a topical issue gets banned because of a personal bias that isn't even true. I have never seen a farmhand or the admin "side with trannies" or showing libfem behavior myself and I don't believe the tranny janny rumor because even I as a GCfag hate the archetypal white-bred tradthots hating troons simply because of their association with gay people.

>It’s obvious one of the radfem discord groups is targeting the site.
This is the most reaching tinfoil I've seen on this site so far.

No. 16210

please just lock vivadrag’s thread. there is no milk, she’s literally just in full self destruct mode and anons are feeding into it and fuelling her. it feels like it’s crossing lines now that old photos of her now deceased bf/fiance have been posted.

i know historically, the thread subject dying is the means of closing the thread, but since she just tried to kill herself according to screenshots from her mom’s facebook ITT + freshly dead boyfriend, that seems close enough. maybe i’m just getting too soft for this place but idk. farmhands, admin, i think this thread’s open status genuinely needs to be reconsidered.

No. 16211

That and the WKs continuing the argument are bumping the thread which is only attracting more people. I'm not admin, idk what should be done, but staff definitely need to be notified.

No. 16212

There's 0 reason to be offended being called a tranny on a site where you are completely anonymous. None of us know what she looks like. This is exactly why admin isn't fit for the role. She already made the site a laughing stock by posting her self-harm scars to prove she doesn't have man hands or some other dumb shit.

There's definitely some fuckery on the janny end, but it seems to be kept to /ot/. I saw some screenshots there of bans that were beyond retarded though.

No. 16213

>She already made the site a laughing stock by posting her self-harm scars to prove she doesn't have man hands or some other dumb shit.
KEK do you have a screenshot?

No. 16214

Please just ban Anisa as a topic altogether, including the twitch general thread. There is absolutely no milk.

No. 16215

Seconded… What the fuck kek. This has got to be a joke. And to think we were hanging shit on the pulltards extra curricular activities…

No. 16216

If you hate the twitch thread so much just ignore it, or contribute the content you want to see.

A roommate turned out to be a stalker sabotager, false rape allegations from multiple egirls, managers fired for sexual misconduct - this isn’t milk?

No. 16217

File: 1600000359482.jpg (302.28 KB, 988x1144, 1595731984562.jpg)

nta but here, it was in the funniest posts thread on /ot/ as well

No. 16218

Are there plans to mark Canyon's posts in the Tesah thread? He never sages and uses poor grammar so they stand out but it would maybe make him go away. He's terribly annoying and attention whoring. And he keeps self posting a picture of his purple (?) penis.

He also threatened lc with legal action or he was "trolling" us about that.

No. 16219

this was posted all over kf and the chans, too. image if null pulled this shit we would be laughing our asses off at him.

Do jannys just make up their own rules now? I feel like sometimes I'm posting on the mean girls website and they just redtext you if they don't like your opinion kek it's so frustrating. this is why i post less here lately. i read the rules and stick to them but it doesn't seem to matter

No. 16220

Seconding this. I feel like he's been acting up enough the past week alone to be deserving of having his posts marked.

No. 16221

GC = gender critical
FDS = female dating strategy
PP = …peepee(?)

No. 16222

instead of bringing back the general kpop thread it should be brought back as the bashing thread like it used to be

No. 16224

Please put the Kvlogger and especially the Taylor R thread on autosage for a while. It's full of refugee PULLtards bumping it to sperg and nitpick about her weight and eating habits. Not even remotely milky. And the Kvlogger thread is just as stupid. If you put those threads on autosage, maybe they will fuck off and find another home.

No. 16225

Leave the kvlogger thread alone, the korean kanadajin just got outed for being a stalker and posting on sock puppet accounts.

No. 16226

Can "pulltard" be redtexted? I'm all for calling out pull refugees when they're acting like sjw little retards, but ever since pull shut down whiny bitches have been calling anyone they disagree with or find annoying a pulltard and it's it's the stupidist deflection instead of just disagreeing or calling them a retard like the old days.

No. 16227

PP = pinkpill

No. 16229

Anons have always called people pulltard here. Yes, granted the frequency has increased but that aligns with the frequency of sjw/race nitpicking bullshit since the site went down. I feel your pain, but we've already had troon/hi scrote banned, what will be next? I would report for derailment/infighting and move on lest our vocabulary get smaller and smaller.

No. 16230

Eh, you're probably right. I just think it's become easy too overused since pull closed down, to the point that it's not even funny anymore and I'm assuming 80% or the anons bring called pulltards aren't even from pull

No. 16231

Lmao because there's not enough dumb shit to get banned for on this site.

No. 16232

The lolita general is yet again filled with people whiteknighting cows. Almost every cow that gets posted gets defended these days

No. 16233

I'm not generally one to throw out that word but those threads were basically dead until PULL died and how suddenly they are full of the same nitpicky bullshit that PULL had. Correlation.

No. 16234

if the mods are going to bring it back, agreed. the amount of fangirl/twitterfags storming the general thread bc it "wasnt just critical" was obscene, but honestly cc's kpop thread seems to be generating traffic so maybe kpop should just not come back here

No. 16236

Legit. Ridiculous photoshoppers became X2 more active and the Sarah McDaniel thread has been necroed among others. Coincidence? I think not kek.

No. 16237

I'm just gonna say that I think Kpop should remain banned. If it's brought back, not on /m/ please, or make it be autosaged, thanks.

No. 16238

Why bring back kpop threads when it was those retards that attempted to change this entire board's culture? I had no issues with the kpop generals until they started crying about other threads and their content being whatever -phobic they pulled out their ass that day. They can stay gone.

No. 16239

The kpop thread was full of autistic, sperging idiots who, despite multiple warnings, could not keep their autism contained to their own thread and let it spill out onto every other thread on every other board. I vote for no kpop thread.

No. 16240

Can brittany venti be a banned topic in shoe threads? Any time she's brought up, the whole thread has to be derailed with anons either claiming she's selfposting which I don't doubt or having to sperg about her looks/body.

No. 16241


Why is it that every time someone asks for Anisa to be a banned topic that the only counter is "don't like it? Hide the thread lul"

>A roommate turned out to be a stalker sabotager, false rape allegations from multiple egirls, managers fired for sexual misconduct - this isn’t milk?

So not Anisa herself? Are you gonna also tell us that Post Malone, whom was in a video with iDubbbz, harassing journalist is milk?

No. 16242

>spilled out into every other board
when? where? lies

No. 16243

This. K-pop faggots leaving was the best thing that happened to this whole site. Never bring that thread back please.

No. 16244

Valid point anon. I think people only bother to use that argument because putting effort into arguing with someone trying to control discussion is pointless.

No. 16245

It's also hilarious because if you actually read the threads most people are transparently only into her as a topic because it's the only cow you're allowed to nitpick to death with no punihsment. I don't get why that is the case, but it is.

No. 16248

Because the thread isn’t bumped and saged, so the people complaining are constantly checking in but not contributing

> So not Anisa herself? Are you gonna also tell us that Post Malone

Maybe if you READ THE FUCKING THREAD there are posts that aren’t about Anisa. Maybe you’re the one with an obsession?

No. 16249

lmao not only did they let the sperging about Venti go on, they redtext someone talking on-topic right after, then removed the redtext when anons called it out. The fucking jannys on this board kek

No. 16250

The ban was from a new jani still familiaring themselves with modding, it was removed since it was questionable. It happens, shitty bans get handed out, that's what the appeal function is for. If you have a question or a complaint about a specific ban, please ask in /meta/ instead of the thread itself. It was only by chance that this one was spotted and removed.

No. 16251

a cow named shasti was caught posting about other cows in the left thot thread, itd be amazing if mods could reveal their post history

No. 16253

Unfortunately she deleted her post before we could grab the IP so we'll have to do some combing through the thread. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll take a look.

As for Canyon since some anons are curious, we are keeping an eye on the thread and keeping track of his IPs now.

No. 16254

The cc kpop thread is very active lately so just go there

No. 16255

I wanted to apologize to the mods for the natural hair post I left in Celebricows yesterday. I got banned for derailing, which wasn’t my intention. I thought I kept it pretty neutral to some extent, so maybe I should have saged. Again, I am sorry.

No. 16256

They don't care. Just don't reply to 5 day old posts that have nothing to do with the thread topic

No. 16257

wait why the fuck did they ban you for that? your post was normal?

No. 16258

Can y'all please consider making the incessant sperging about BPD and accusations of other anons having BPD a bannable offense? I'm so tired of seeing this shit in every thread.

No. 16259

I didn't stop tranny, or scrote, so I doubt BPDfag will be any different. It's sad watching our vocabulary shrink because tard anons can't conceptualise a different opinion from theirs.

Also can mods mark Babivampire's posts in the egirl thread? She's literally sitting there refreshing the page, and as a few other anons theorised she's probably talked mad shit about other egirls. There's potentially a lot of milk to be found there.

No. 16260

lmao every time someone gets called a scrote/anachan/bpdfag/tranny they come here to complain. It's just board culture get over it.

No. 16261

Agreed about Babi. Can her posts please be marked? She's deserving of it and I don't see why not as she's repeatedly ban evaded and made herself known

No. 16262

>It's sad watching our vocabulary shrink because tard anons can't conceptualise a different opinion from theirs
We don't even need to ban words, just derailment and infighting will suffice. Idk why farmers are obsessed with censoring speech this way.

No. 16263

something needs to be done about that thread. i checked it at 9am and it’s been a full 13 hours and they’re STILL fighting, it’s fucking insane

also can something be done about the people spamming about how shayna looks like an MTF every time a pic of her is posted on the thread? it was funny at first but now it’s multiple posts almost every day talking about how much of a tranny she looks and not lending a single thing to the thread and it’s getting mad annoying

No. 16264

Does anyone know why old Taylor Nicole Dean threads keep getting bumped to the front page of pt? Just curious

No. 16265

Derailing about bisexual shit on the pixielocks thread and tinfoiling on the Micky Moon about a catfish sperg

No. 16266

“ha ha, that woman looks like a troon” is so fucking boring and it’s in every thread now

No. 16267

I agree with you anon, that's actually what I was getting at (idk if that came through in my post).

No. 16268

Please put the Taylor R thread on autosage. It is full of obvious PULL spergs and those who are insisting on arguing with them. There is no milk and neither group seems capable of integrating and not bumping the thread. Add in armchair psychology, ludicrous tinfoil hatting, and inexplicable rage and you get a thread that should be nuked from orbit ( and that is only the part you can see without opening it)

No. 16269

Why are BPDfags so sensitive over being called out as what they are?

No. 16270

File: 1600602669783.jpeg (356.03 KB, 2663x599, 0AA6457E-5C4F-4100-86A6-7E00B2…)

Can you delete the nasty ass pornographic child art in the salty artist thread?

No. 16271

Seconded. That thread was pretty much dead before Pull went down and now it's full of salty bitches sperging about her weight. Girl is boring af and her being an ana-chan isn't milk imo.

No. 16272

This kind of response is exactly why I'm tired of the whole argument altogether and would like to see some changes. It's literally to the point that people will claim that ANYTHING a person does that they don't like has BPD. I don't know if it's projection, misdirected anger, or what. It's just obnoxious at this point. There doesn't seem to be a single thread on this board where the topic doesn't eventually devolve into anons sperging and accusing each other of being BPDfags, regardless of context, and you're just accused of being a BPDfag yourself if you merely point out that the entire argument is pointless and annoying.

It's just ridiculous and warrants a ban at this point. Nobody actually knows which anons do or don't have BPD, because nobody here is a trained professional.

No. 16273

lmao this is such a manic BPDfag reply

No. 16274

You wouldn't get that kind of response if you stopped taking it seriously

No. 16275

would somebody farm out babivampire and her friend who gave her instagrams posts? babivampire has definitely posted a bunch of crap about other egirls, definitely stuff about dead9irl in there. would be very interesting to see what she posted like an erin situation.

No. 16276

I'm sorry someone called you out for being a raging cunt to your friends during your splitting moment instead of coddling you, bpd-chan

No. 16277

That it is. Pull lives on in all the irrelevant threads being necroed here.

No. 16278

Canyon's having a break down in his gf's thread. Please mark his posts now?

No. 16279

Yeah, do mods have any plans to mark his posts?

No. 16280

Already derailing bitching happening in the Moo thread.

No. 16281

Is there a rule against reporting old posts? I saw an unspoilered dead body in the Dumb/Funny Tweets thread in /m/ but the post is 3 months old.
At least I'm pretty sure its real. Dunno, it was just super gross to look at and I was surprised it was just there, in the middle of the thread, unspoilered.

No. 16282

Come on anon, there was like two posts complaining about thread op. It was pretty tame by usual standards.

No. 16283

Anon, if you're talking about the guy with his neck backwards, I went to go check the original tweet myself and the guy who posted it is also the one in the picture. He is very much alive. It's just photoshop (he says so himself). Not sure if it should still be spoilered or not though.

No. 16284

That's the one! I started to try to find the source but stopped because I didn't want to find anything too gross. Thank you for doing what I was too coward to do.

No. 16285

Now they are sperging about her fucking hair and tinfoil hatting about her losing massive amounts of money.This is not milk Please kill this fucking thread.

No. 16286

sorry your op was shit.

No. 16287

Thirded. Came here to post this. There’s people nitpicking about her hair and weight. It’s getting to be as obnoxious in terms of nitpicking as the pre-outing of kaka days. At least until there’s actual milk again it should be autosaged.

No. 16288

What's the policy on gif reaction posts? It's retarded and doesn't add shit to threads. I feel like I've been seeing lots more since covid/Pullpocalypse

No. 16289

But anon my sides are in orbit is a classic

No. 16290

I could see if it was out of hand in cow threads. But, this is an imageboard.

No. 16291

Years ago you'd be getting banned for attaching an image if it wasn't cow related even in /ot/, did something change?

No. 16292

I don't remember reaction pics ever being banned on lolcow

No. 16293

Really? That's weird by imageboard standards kek

No. 16294

Where the fuck is the thread on Digibro and his girlfriend? It was in /w/ and active, was it moved? Deleted? Am I retarded for not finding it?

No. 16295

Such hostility for being blind as heck. It's currently the second thread on /w:

No. 16296

Canyon's spamming the thread again, this time with Creepshow tinfoiling. Farmhands are gonna need to do some tard wrangling.

No. 16297

What do you call behavior where any post that isn’t completely negative is considered white knighting?

No. 16298

So no more kpoop milk threads?

No. 16300

Kek. I don't know shit about kpop but I love when you come in here and trigger everyone.

No. 16301

i miss them too but it's better if they never come back

No. 16302

the terfcels are mad on the vent thread

No. 16303

I'm sorry you didn't get fucked by chad in a prom gown after enjoying a sexy sleepover with other horny 12-year old girls like every nasty womb carrier did

No. 16304

People that infight already get banned if reported. There is literally no difference in result between banning a word vs banning infighters, except with the former we shrink our vocabulary for no reason.

No. 16305

This post is genuinely completely indiscernible from something you’d see from an incel on /r9k/

No. 16306

With context from the mtf thread it makes perfect sense. The more confrontint aspects of anon's post are referring to a recently discussed cow.

No. 16307

Okay but they’re obviously talking about the vent thread. The resonse still wouldn’t make sense unless the anon thinks that the person complaining is the cow from the mtf thread themselves which is just as delusional.

No. 16308

The context is that there's some seething anon in the vent thread complaining about the "tercels" in the MTF general thread in /snow/ and comparing the posters there to be conservative christian homophobes because they're making fun of troons who fantasize about sexualized pillow parties and prom dresses on Reddit and Twitter as they feel it's an essential part of growing up as a woman. That's why it's referencing it.

No. 16309

So it’s essentially just ‘hi troon’

No. 16310

This is sarcasm right anon

No. 16311

Lmao this is why /2x/ is never coming back. The spergs that found this site via the k-pop threads can not stand any wrong think whatsoever even when it's a single fucking thread that you can hide easily

No. 16312

Can we do a clean out of the Dasha thread? It's full of retarded protective Carl Grimes fans. Nobody cares about Chandler beyond the extent he may be dating Dasha.

No. 16313

2x and kpop have nothing to do with each other.

No. 16314

it was the kpop people bitching about 2x, newfag

No. 16315

It is. see >>16308

No. 16316

Can we get Canyon an Erin Painteresque banner for his selfposts? The autism is funny by itself, but a banner would make it chef's kiss

No. 16317

Disagree, he's retarded enough to love the special attention.

No. 16318

Why can't we have a Jameela Jamil thread? There are own threads for other celebrities.

No. 16319

i second this! please let us have that thread

No. 16320

Thirded, her munchy ass deserves a thread and her "fame" is mostly her online activism nowadays

No. 16321

Goodness gracious when will canyon get all his posts marked? He self posts daily. I've never seen a cow so obsessed with what we say.

No. 16322

I mean as long as the image is a shot at his ego I'm sure it'll have a negative effect.

No. 16323

Stop trying to rewrite history that it was newfags who didn’t want 2x. The poll admin did showed it was the pp spergs who were new and didn’t know anything about any of the cows or the history of the site. That was the whole reason the board got locked.

No. 16324

NTA but I don't even know where to begin with this post, it's like really bad bait.

No. 16325

Do farmhands gave any plans to mark vampirebabi/Haley's posts in the egirl thread? She already lied about selfposting multiple time today and a farmhand redtexted it saying that wasn't true.

No. 16326

? That’s exactly what happened. The poll showed most of the people voting to keep 2x only used /ot/ and didn’t know any of the cow reveals and either didn’t care or voted that chris chans outing was their favourite (which never happened) showing they were new users/didn’t know anything about the site

No. 16327

His thread is full of anons making fun of him and he's enjoying it. A banner would just be the frosting on a lolcow cupcake.

No. 16328

If I accidentally report a post because of my fat fingers, should I do nothing or should I report it again but write it was a mistake in the reason field?

No. 16329

I would also like a Jameela thread. There's so much being posted about her that the Celebricows thread is flooded with posts about her. She has enough content for her own thread.

No. 16330

I also think Jameela should have a thread

No. 16333

If you believe he's enjoying it you've fallen for his sperging.

No. 16334


Seconding all of this, I only came here to say that the Jameela thread should be unlocked. There's a lot to unpack with her and putting her in the general celebricow thread is really doing everyone a disservice lmao

No. 16335

Where do mods draw the line at racebait in a discussion about sjw art? I originally posted something in artist salt about the recent racebending trend on twitter where people just put already existing characters in blackface, but I’m mot sure if that comes off as racebait.

No. 16336

Fuck me.

No. 16337

Depends how you say it

No. 16338

My complaint is that I fucking hate this picture and it makes me want to throw up everytime I see it. It's like seeing IRL gore for me. I want to fucking vomit

No. 16339

There's this anon, on the Micky Moon thread on /w/, who keeps just responding "kek" in the thread after there's discussions between the whiteknights and anons. This person never sages, only responds "kek". I think they're ban evading. Please someone look into it. I already complained before in this thread and nothing was done.

No. 16340

Same. Admin weren't you really able to find a fun cow image?

No. 16341

Why was the Incel/4chan Hate Thread deleted? There wasn't infighting, baiting, or anything problematic; did I miss something?

No. 16342

aren't incel threads banned? last one in snow got locked because the tards kept invading

No. 16343

Can you please ban the anons who take bait and infight in /ot/? It's shitting up almost every thread.

No. 16344

They can also ban the sperg who keeps coming back to stir the pot and not sage their posts. Yeah that's real annoying too. Thankies <3

No. 16345

That makes sense. I was a little confused because the thread was up so long; I assumed they were allowed now or not technically banned. Thanks, anon.

No. 16346

Are we being raided? A lot of threads are suddenly filled with obvious infight egging, especially racebait. What the fuck is up with that?

No. 16347

The incel thread got posted on some incel board or discord, maybe it's that

No. 16348

It would help if you mentioned these specific threads. You can report the threads too.

No. 16349

File: 1601552720010.jpg (34.47 KB, 750x278, 1601508395115.jpg)

Thank you.

No. 16350

File: 1601611287220.jpg (68.13 KB, 720x834, 107072875_10216295889859218_45…)


How quickly we forget that GC spergs demanded she post exactly that sort of thing to prove her womanhood. At the same time, they were analyzing her word usage using some shitty AI that supposedly detected gender, so analyzing wrists was practically rational for them. Admin even joked, "Should I timestamp my tampon?" as a joke right before this photo, and some pp anon actually took it at face value and said it might be someone else's and therefore wasn't proof enough.

I wish you people were newfags, but since PP spergs have no memory of shitting up the boards outside of their quarantine thread, I'm pretty sure we can't give you the benefit of the doubt.

The pp thread was blackpilled as fuck, gc still has plenty of outlets here, and even the milk boards get swarmed with obsessive radfems every time they get something they want.

inb4 "hi troon" c o p e

No. 16351

Not trying to start a fight/debate or comment on anything else you've expressed but I did feel bad for admin-chan. Those clearly aren't fresh, and she was probably a misguided teen like most of us. Like is she supposed to hide her arms for the rest of her life because if you look closely you can clock some years old self harm scars? It obviously wasn't the intent of the photo but people just ran with it like it's some sort of infallible proof she's a cow.

No. 16352

Honestly its starting to get stressing, they just never fucking shut up, you can’t have one conversation about either a troon cow, men or womanhood without them writing a radfem manifesto.

I’ve lost count from how many times I’ve been called a tranny just for disagreeing with pink pill shit, also i owe the mods a big apology for infighting but its getting absolutely insufferable, its almost impossible to not lose your temper sometimes.

No. 16353

>Everyone I Don't Like is a radfem
You can hate men and lunatic trannies for very valid reason without being a radfem. You can be a paranoid retard and attack the admin without being a radfem. The pink pill thread was shit to begin with. I don't know why people keep thinking it was some radfem thread because it was more of a cesspool filled with doormat anons complaining about their boyfriends, scrote bait, racebait from insecure mixes girls and maybe once in 1200 posts in the thread there was a good observation from some insightful anon but mostly it was just pure concentrated doodoo. It wasn't even ice cold, analytical manhate, it was libfems whining about a TV show being t-too s-sexist and the reoccurring age-old debate about makeup and its morality. This was best displayed when the GC thread was merged with the PP and the PP anons started screeching about how they don't want to hurt troon feelings, they just want to vent about nigel-kun not liking their cat video because he's a dumb scrote (love him tho!!!) and lowkey trying to start another race debate.

>Muh temper can't be contained in an internet argument I cant help my infighting!!!!
Just walk away from the screen. Lord almighty. You are the type of anon who periodically posts "I hate radfems they're insufferable spergs!!!" in the Unpopular opinions thread to get asspats and then shit your pants in anger once you're challenged, then run off to /meta/ to cry about terves bullying you.

No. 16354

That repost is 20 days old. Stop trying to stir shit up.

No. 16355

File: 1601648613977.png (754.79 KB, 3682x1465, unknown.png)

Why can't you stop scrote raids in ot with the speed you ban anons who haven't used the site for weeks for no reason and ban anons from the mtf thread for talking about mtfs.

No. 16356

Sorry terfchan i want to use the website that I like without you idiots picking a fight with everyone that doesn't agree that trannies and men are the scum of the earth.

Just look at fucking celebricows and the cesspool it became, when JKR has been a cow for years.

No. 16357

>not here for 20 days? Bad faith!
Unlike the people I'm criticizing, I don't live to fight in /meta/

No. 16358

Can anyone ban the faggots (possible scrotes) shitting up ot? I feel like we might be getting raided. Maybe after the incel hate thread was posted somewhere else.

No. 16359

File: 1601660366336.png (37.7 KB, 952x333, jkr.PNG)

lmfao are you the one who wrote this spergout in an effort to hide how you're totally not buttbothered by her views on troons and farmers agreeing with her?

No. 16360

NTA but you're so autistic and embarrassing

No. 16361

File: 1601660781289.png (127.14 KB, 963x463, bike meme.PNG)

Also this is the post that apparently ignited the JKR debate. Anon was clearly injecting their objective political opinion into the post with the weird "THAT NAME RLY MAKES U THINK!!" remark and is now mad that anons are calling them out for it and saying that JKR isn't a cow simply for standing up for her beliefs. You idiots do this all the time, you purposefully go drop hot takes and then get mad when the thread devolves into a debate that you constantly keep encouraging by replying. Then you go whine about the GC spergs ruining your precious thread because the overwhelming majority told you off. This happens all the fucking time and at this point you can't blame "GC spergs" for the derailing because you yourself bring it up all the time in a provocative manner just like this.

No. 16362

Samefagging to add that this wasn't even a recent thing that happened, the Stephen King drama is months old. Anon clearly posted this twitterfaggotry of a post either to purposefully bait or to dunk on the torfs!! of the board, not to report actual happenings. So if you don't want threads devolving into "GC sperging" then shut the fuck about the issue yourself. The "we don't pander to your political opinions" rule applies both ways. At least the "GC spergs" post MTF AGPs being creepy psychos which can, at least, be considered milk to laugh at.

No. 16363

damn bitch this >>16360 wasn't a challenge

No. 16364

What does remarking "that really makes you think" have to do with politics? Are we really so divided nowadays that people screech opposing political ideology at innocuous statements or am I just not understanding because I'm old/nieve? Idk much about JKR but personally I'm conflicted about her flip flop from one extreme to another. Not to say it bothers me, I just find it confusing.

No. 16365

You clearly care enough to catch up on all these old ass meta posts and inject some old ass opinion on an extremely old happening. Let it go and give the admin some privacy instead of bringing up that picture again if it bothers you so much. Make sense??

No. 16366

Anon you're right they do this all the time. I report it too and the mods don't do shit so of course anons start replying and end up getting banned themselves. They always run here afterwards too and then admin gets pissed at the "radfems".

Oh well time for the farmhands to ban us from criticizing men in /ot/ again

No. 16367

>At least the "GC spergs" post MTF AGPs being creepy psychos which can, at least, be considered milk to laugh at.
Thank you anon, it's nice to be appreciated

No. 16368

Why’s everyone talking about race suddenly? Twitter homos and storm autists GET OUT

No. 16369

PULL immigration? some anons have been speaking like they're trying to integrate from lipstick alley too.

No. 16370

>>16369 I have noticed as well. :lipstick alleyfor sure.

No. 16371

A STORM? when will it hit?

No. 16372

same fagging
and stimming with excitement.

No. 16373

NO, I don't drive.

No. 16374

We have a huge influx of gay scrotes from LSA/twitterfags being obnoxious af for months now. Seriously, take a look at the Celebricow thread in /ot, they're sticking out like a sore thumb:

> honey, go off sis, yaass queen spill the tea!

> Racebaiting (muh ethnic hair, muh mixed women blabla)
> Dick sperging
> Look fellow women! Lady Gaga released a new song. Thoughts? (They don't seems to understand what a cow is obviously)
> very defensive towards troons
> Their reaction when some anon tried to make a LSA thread (when we have one on PULL and KF without any problem)

No. 16375

This greentext sums it up perfectly. Don't forget overuse of
>Reddit spacing

No. 16376

Same. OT has a lot of blatant LSA speak. Seems to have gotten very aggressive too.

No. 16377

this just sounds like a very salty complaint about black women using the board.

Sure some are probably faggot scrotes who over use the black vernacular but I don't fucking think anyone from LSA would want to come to this place anyway.

>muh ethnic hair, muh mixed women

Why does it sound like you have a problem with some black women here just venting about shit? This all sounds like a childish /pol/ rant.

I'm just sure that most of the "y'all usage" is gay dudes because this place is so hostile to anything not WASPie no one would punish themselves by exposing their blackness (by using aave) and face ridicule. Other than that, I see no issue with talking about ethnic hair and issues with dating. That's just complaining about black people being here which is idk, racist? I've only seen it a few times lately too and I am on this site all day every day.

No. 16378

Samefag, forgot to mention people are probably talking about race a lot because it's hot in the news right now. The shit happens. Relax. Your precious boards will go back to normal once a few things change in the media.

No. 16379

I mostly see white hipster girls using "y'all."
No one cares if black women use the site. It's for women in general obviously. People have a problem with the lack of integration usually.

No. 16382

Can farmhands do something about the constant derailing of the tradthot thread with sperging about Lauren's husband and child's race? The same photos are always being posted of his half concealed arm, not saged, with no contribution other than "There's no way he's white look how dark his hand is he's definitely Turkish or Arab or something", and half of every tradthot thread is devoted to tinfoiling about his race based on the skintone of his fingers. It's fucking annoying and it's all the thread is now.

No. 16383

Spot the butthurt LSA fag using racism as a shield.

No. 16384

Note how the countless robot bait threads/robot containment threads are up, but anything even remotely resembling PP is baleeted. Up next for deletion is the "sickening crimes" thread, calling it.

One (or more) of the mods here is a scrote, or some becky obsessed with looking "balanced and equal".

No. 16385

Are there any rules involving cows becoming newfags and shitting up threads with their lack of sage, e-girl slang and no interrogation? Also publicly posting milk to their story?

No. 16386

So how's that undeveloped frontal cortex treating you?

No. 16387

One of the farmhands referred to males posting in the MtF thread as "posters with a phallus" so yeah, there's some fuckery going on with the farmhands for sure when they can't even call men men.

No. 16388

This is bait tier retardation. It's a fucking joke anon.

No. 16389

i recall admin mentioning this in lolcow discord before and it was changed to "phallus" in the rules because mtf trannies would look at "male" and think it doesnt apply to them

No. 16390

to reiterate for your gullible ass
>This is bait tier retardation. It's a fucking joke anon.

No. 16392

I don't think it's bait, i remember that thread too and multiple people were irritated by mods not using "men or males" but like >>16389 said, mtf don't think it applies to them but what if they have a neovag? Then they have no phallus??

No. 16393

Farmhands, are reports anonymous or is it like, trackable on an IP basis? I just want to know if people get banned/ignored for too many reports.

No. 16394

I'm TAYRT and I've never used LSA in my life. I'm just using common sense and elaborating my thoughts instead of replying in anger and bitching, you should try it.

No. 16395

Please do something about the shit-tier Taylor R thread in /w/. That thread was rarely active before PULL closed where Taylor had her own subforum. Now it's just a lot of PULL imigrants infighting, nitpicking, tinfoiling and most of all there's been no milk since the whole mensclub debacle over a year and half ago.

No. 16396

Nta but you used the term "waspie"… I can't blame anon for thinking lsafag when I googled it.

No. 16397

WASP is a legit term some white people use to describe themselves and behavior and the "standard". In academia, it's not uncommon to hear WASP referred to as the common default (historically).

But anyways, no I'm def not an LSA fag and never have been on that site before.

No. 16398

Soz anon, I'd never seen that descriptor abbreviated before. Thought it was some new fangled twitter lingo or something. To add, I don't think the vast majority of sane people here care about race. Twitterfags co-opted a lot from southerners and black people in particular. It's unfortunate certain terms are now associated with retard posters. But I genuinely think it's the way people come across when discussing the aforementioned grievances (like racebaiting) rather than the use of them in general. I can see how you'd naturally be offended, or atleast confused by the above posts.

No. 16399

Seconded. Between the obvious PULL migration and the one anon-who belongs on r/IAmVerySmart- who thinks that they are uncovering some vast conspiracy (and never sages)by googling HK business shit, it's just the fucking nadir.It should be put on autosage for the foreseeable future.

No. 16401

Agree that sane people here aren’t all up in race, but the number of people here who non-ironically use white nationalist bullshit is ridiculous.

No. 16405

I'd like Farmhands to start banning from specific boards. Why does it even specify "banned from all boards" if there's not an option to ban from specific ones? I feel like there is.

If I accidentally blogpost in /snow/, I should get banned from /snow/ and only /snow/. It's not like I was spamming, trolling or infighting which seems to be a more site-wide worthy reason.

No. 16406

Did another site close recently or something? There’s been an influx of low quality new fag posts and it’s becoming annoying

No. 16407

>We have a huge influx of GAY SCROTES from LSA/Twitterfags
>This sounds like a very salty complaint about BLACK WOMEN using the board.

Reading comprehension, anon.

Women venting about stuff related to their cultures/backgrounds is totally ok in my book (even by lolcow standards I think) but white gay males larping as "sassy black women" (there's quite a few on LSA, believe it or not) and derailing threads after threads with "muh race purity", dick sperging and troon wk are just super annoying.

No. 16408

I think a few cows are posting about us, and it's making people come here and see what this place is about. Someone has been cowtipping too.

No. 16409

File: 1602119612782.jpeg (127.97 KB, 750x300, B72EB9A3-A48F-416C-940D-48A22C…)

why can't people ignore bait, so fucking annoying. the replies aren't drastic but seriously.

No. 16410

Agree. It's blatantly obvious when people try to stir up the most shit as possible out of boredom. I wish people would just ignore them and maybe they won't come here with the nonsense.

No. 16411

I haven't seen any natsoc posts save for like the occasional one that's been banned. I'm genuinely confused?

No. 16412

But if someone posted ‘why can’t TRA’s shut up about what they believe’ you wouldn’t think it’s bait. Everyone here isn’t a radfem/pp/gc/whatever and this isn’t a radfem website. Any post that’s critical of them gets swarmed with replies like in your pic trying to start a debate. People should be able to express an alternative view without them all responding trying to derail with infighting.

No. 16413

this is clearly bait. you don't have to be radfem/gc/pp sperg to see that.

No. 16414

You say this about literally every single post that is negative about radfems, or even posts that say nothing about radfems but say something contrary to the ideology like pro porn or whatever and then seven anons all reply trying to start a debate

No. 16415

What's really annoying that people baiting like this never seem to get redtexted for it. Farmhands should really leave some sort of an indicator for others to stop replying.

No. 16416

Why is saying anything negative about terfs bait but the endless gc posts aren’t? This isn’t a radfem website and complaining about terfs doesn’t break any rules, so why should it be redtexted? The problem isn’t the original poster but the spergs who can’t just ignore posts they disagree with and have to derail with infighting. If you need an indicator from mods not to derail attacking any post that disagrees with your ideology then you are the problem.

No. 16417

That's an obvious bait, faggot.

No. 16418

reeee i can't believe other people don't have an autistic obsession with hating men reeeeee.

No. 16419

Retardation in action.

No. 16420

Is there actually a tranny janny or is that just a meme? There's so much sperging about it I don't even know anymore

No. 16421

90% sure it's a meme from 4chan that's taken a little too seriously here because the jannies don't take kindly to excessive tranny sperging. That's my understanding atleast.

No. 16422

It doesn’t read as bait to me. “Why can’t terfs shut up and not constantly talk about it and make it their whole personality” is a pretty common grievance, especially here where they’re so repetitive and constant with it. You only think it’s ‘bait’ because you disagree with it and it was posted here, and people seem to think this is a radfem website when it’s not. You wouldn’t think a vent like “why can’t TRA’s shut up about what they think” or whatever is bait because it’s in line with your ideology and what people seem to think is lolcow as a whole’s ideology. On /ot/ it literally says “lolcow doesn’t pander to your ideology” so stop expecting it to and trying to get every post with a different opinion redtexted for wrongthink. Go to asherahsgarden if you want an echo chamber or just learn how to ignore posts you disagree with instead of trying to start a debate with every non radfem poster.

No. 16423

Mods are handmaidens and men confirmed, criticizing men is banned. Re: Man-hating general thread.

No. 16424

It's a fucking bait, anon.

No. 16425

>defending admin when the picture is posted, and used to mock her for a perceived past mental illness, and for her actions, which made perfect sense in context
>bringing up the picture

You can only pick one, anon. Sorry if shaming admin didn't go as planned, kek. Parting words: cope with AG.

No. 16426

Man Hate threads usually cause raids when scrotes screenshots them, it makes perfect sense to ban them.

No. 16427

they also got banned because they attracted mentally ill toxic posters, like the anachan and munchie threads.

No. 16428

I'm fine with man hate being disallowed but this logic is so fucking retarded. Most cow threads have been raided by autistic white knights. Having a negative opinion on a popular or well-known thing is going to attracts wks. That's just how it is.
In my opinion, the main issue with the man-hate threads is that they attracted too many Tumblrinas and a-logs to the site.

No. 16429

nah im okay without the scat spam and ipics of corpses. how new are you? the raids that happened were gross, tumbrina lingo is lame compared to the rape spam.

No. 16430

Tumblrinas are the ones who were butthurt over saying mean things about men. You got it wrong.

No. 16431

Nta but I call bullshit kek

No. 16432

If it helps, the anon who you're so upset at isn't even the person who posted the image. I posted it cause the other anon asked for it and I knew where to find it cause it was just in OT. I don't even have any especially strong feelings about her either way

No. 16433

File: 1602254162737.jpg (113.35 KB, 950x399, Hhhhggyf54.jpg)

can admin please explain why this poster was banned? Im not this anon but this was in the dumbass shit thread and it wasn't sperging or bait, so why?

i initially thought new admin would be keeping a tight ship but she's rarely around and farmhands let obvious scrote bait run free but ban random shit so often that i have no idea what's happening with this site

No. 16434

Trannyjanny is a meme that started on 4chan and spread onto other imageboards, because they do have actual tranny jannies on there.

No. 16435

That post is obviously bait

No. 16436

It literally isn't bait, it's a genuine question. Goddamn everything is not bait.

No. 16437

Ban the scrote shitting up the vent thread.

No. 16438

This. These post always start the same discussion under the guise of "I'm just stating a different opinion!" with the OP fully knowing it will start a forbidden discourse, then replying to almost every posts and most of the time ending in calling everyone a radfem/terf. But only the anons who reply and disagree get the visible banhammer. It doesn't work the other way around like we can see in examples like >>16433 and >>16355 where the OPs get redtexted fast,
so these posts along the lines of "I don't know why anyone would dislike men and trannies" are the definition of baiting anons to get banned.

No. 16439

The problem with that post is that the pp spergs cant just ignore posts they disagree with without trying to start a debate about the ‘forbidden discourse’, not the OP. The people who should get banned are the ones replying to it trying to infight.

No. 16440

It's the thing every fucking time.
>"I just don't understand why people here hate men and trans ppl, JK Rowling is a cow who wants them dead!"
>people start replying because it's a hot topic, original bait anon replies to every single one just to keep the argument going, getting spergier by the minute
>Everyone gets redtexted but the original bait
There's such a well-defined formula that you'd think it's scripted.

If in their case it's "on the posters replying and infighting", then why does this get redtexted? >>16433 That's even tamer than that "why can't terves like…. be quiet??????" bait post.

No. 16441

Are you new? Complaints that have been answered multiple times posted in threads outside of /meta/ literally always gets redtexted but usually with (/meta/)

No. 16442

Did you even read the post?

No. 16443

Mods have said not to derail /ot/ threads with complaints multiple times. It’s not about the content of the post, posting site complaints outside /meta/ in /ot/ threads always gets redtexted for derailing regardless of what it’s about, especially something that’s been answered a million times by mods.

No. 16444

>cant just ignore posts they disagree
You mean like the people who're complaining about ppspergs, manhate, radfems, terfs and dislike of trannies on this website in the first place? The ones who absolutely have to reply to anyone who takes their bait and thus derailing the thread even further and the ones who then go to this thread to complain about the people who replied/disagreed with their posts again and again and again?

No. 16445

Every non radfem post isnt bait. The fact that those users are so derailing and antagonistic to any post that doesn’t pander to their ideology is the problem. Like you yourself said, most of those anons complaining about pp spergs complain here instead of constantly shitting up and derailing /ot/ threads like the pp users do every single they get a ban for rules that mods have made clear like 5 times now and they are simply choosing to ignore. People complaining about sperging in /meta/ aren’t the problem - that’s what this thread is for, the ones doing the sperging, consistently ignoring the site rules and refusing to integrate are the problem.

No. 16446

You don't get my point, which is that the punishment should go both ways because the core behaviour and outcome is the same, wether it's your "ppspergs" or the "sympathizers". But I get the lingering feeling that you're exactly the kind of person I'm talking about, so this will be my last reply.

No. 16447

You look at this post and tell me it's not bait. >>16409

No. 16448

There's a bunch of sperging about race in the artist salt thread.

No. 16449

This, the twitter shit flinging and racebaiting are out of hand in that thread. It's nothing but spergy anons deliberately baiting everyone by calling them triggered nazis for thinking blackwashing is retarded and the anons in turn get riled up because of that. Please assign a mod to monitor that fucking thread, I report those posts all the time but nothing ever happens. Actual milk gets ignored because anons just want to sperg about muh racism and stereotypes.

No. 16450

There was some drama about that for a bit, don't remember the specifics but, admin would always be suspiciously quiet about it or run away to the site discord.

Ashereah tinfoils that the reason pp, radfem, and gc got banned is because admin's friends with a tranny leading to them softening up on tranny/man-hate in general, or we have a tranny janny who's friends with admin.

No. 16453

Sounds like you're the anon baiting all the race bullshit imo. There's one anon who consistently keeps trying to turn the conversation to blacktober to express their weeaboo anger and judging by your similar typing styles it's most likely your retarded ass

No. 16454

What the fuck are you sperging on about? I haven't even replied to any of that shit and just reported racebaiting like any sane person would do. Go back to twitter to write your retarded blacktober blogposts.

No. 16455

>anons are racist for noticing a low functioning anon keeps baiting the art salt thread with shitty incel takes on blacktober
A hit dog will holler. Try again faggot.

No. 16456

Gore in the Mickey Moon thread. It's spoilered but it's there

No. 16457

begging the mods to check the left thots /snow thread more often >>1045687


Just by its very nature it is always being
led over political/historical disputes and there's no way to stop it once it starts without backseat modding. It's probably the only reason why we have gone through these threads so fast

No. 16458

its inevitable that the art salt thread would turn to racebait. theyre all twitter anons. its culture for them.

No. 16459

I understand the farmhands on this board are fucking retarded, but could they maybe not redirect banned VPNs to the flipped version of the site (farmcow.lol). Like what's the fucking point? Just ban the VPN and I can appeal the ban. When you redirect to the flipped site I have to clear my cookies. It's not a clever own. I use a VPN everywhere (and it's a popular one) and I don't want to have to deactivate it before I post on this site because some other sperg pissed off the easily triggered mods.

No. 16460

This is correct.

No. 16461

Sounds like you've been banned before too. The rule has been in place for a while and if you don't like it try a site that allows VPN usage. No appealing will make them change their site because you don't want to turn it off.

No. 16462

NTAYRT. This admin has said that the use of VPNs is not banned. I asked her in one of the meta threads because I was having difficulty with one of the VPNs I was using. What seems to happen is that certain IPs available under various VPN providers get blocked because people use them to ban evade. If someone is using an IP to repeatedly shit up the site then admin is doing the right thing by banning it. It's just unfortunate that it effects people using VPNs for legitimate reasons.

No. 16463

Why not just redo it so that the IP isn't the one that's blocked? Change your location again. I mean, seems pretty simple, unless they disallow certain VPNs compared to others. I swear an admin mentioned that one of them is not supported by the site.

No. 16464

I think there was a twitter invasion for the vtuber general thread in /w/. It constantly gets bumped with shitty short reaction posts, unsaged. Is there anything that can be done about the newfags?

No. 16465

Can you do something about the armchair psychologists and OBGYNs in the Taylor R thread please? No milk and tinfoiling galore.

No. 16467

There's heaps of retarded race sperging in the unpopular opinions thread… again.

No. 16468

you, or me?

No. 16469

taylor r thread needs autosage, nothing has happened in a long time. Also someone having a miscarriage isn't "milk"

No. 16470

Yes and now political sperging. Man I wish PULL was still around. This exactly the shit that used to be posted there. Also obviously, blaming someone for a miscarriage isn't milk.

No. 16471

Can I ask why race discussion never seems to get redtexted anymore? Some threads are getting completely derailed by it, and it's fucking exhausting.

No. 16472

not a request but tiff/starpowerrr is going through a straight up mental break, and sara is all over her threads. feels weird and co-incidental
i know the katie/emalee and mina/dasha threads have stayed up through worse but i feel like sara is particularly stoking the flames

i don't have a request but it's definitely a concern.

hope everyone's havin an okay day, stay safe and healthy farmhands and farmers alike.

No. 16473

Seconding this, it's just Twitter and /jp/ autism mixed with /ot/ sperging. Low caps and shit grammar, nobody sages, useless bumps for someones shit opinion, and whiteknighting, and the ocassional moralfagging.
For every one milky post theres 20 autistic anons having a slap fight with mittens on.

No. 16475

Nta but definitely. Being unimpressed by the abundance of race spergs, I ended up with an anon accusing me of being irritated because I was at some point told my "greasy attempt at dreads look pathetic"… I don't even have dreads kek.

I would be so much more optimistic for the site if this was just good old bait. But it's not hard to conclude what kind of poster this is. The same type who irrelevantly assumes your race by default, and frequents a certain social media that starts with a "t" and ends with "witter".

No. 16481

There's a male sperging in the tradthots thread

No. 16482

Could we get a signature for all of Canyon’s self posts ? I’d even make it lmao

No. 16484

here to complain, is it ok if i just start reporting every (roosterteeth) ryan-related post in the youtube general on /snow/?

the guy did a bad and shouldnt have fucked minors and his social prosecution is completely justified, whatever, thats not my point. its just that he's taken up the thread (along with other roosterteeth drama) for a week or 2 weeks now. if theres SO MUCH roosterteeth shit thats been happening for the past year they should just make their own thread right?

its also really fucking annoying to witness the same 4 people talk about their stupid personal twitter altercations and add absolutely nothing. but because one of them posted a twitter screencap they think its worth the non-saged post

its not contributing or interesting, and the people who are posting actual yt drama or other news that isnt roosterteeth just get drowned out/ignored because those 4 people wont shut the fuck up about the new ryan victim that came out and the 50 very same screenshots about him being a sexpest that was already established the first 3 times it got posted

(repost cause forgot important words somehow oops)

No. 16485

Youtube general is pretty dead otherwise. But if there’s stuff outside the recent scandal I think that warrants it’s own thread

No. 16487

shitton of newfags from the pedo side of twitter shitting up the new stwawbwewymilk thread on snow >>>/snow/1057353

No. 16488

Please come, farmhands. There's a pedo sympathizer.

No. 16489

farmhands must be asleep all day today. Been reporting since earlier this afternoon

No. 16490

Yeah shit like this is why lc isn't fun to visit anymore. Men literally spend their time on every website hating us but the handmaiden mods won't dare let us make fun of precious men. Literal insta red text bans, yet shit like this >>16487 gets ignored for hours on end. Say a bad word about a man or a tranny and get banned within the hour lol. Idk, been on lc since…2013? And it hasn't been this bad/unenjoyable to visit and read in the years I've been here ever. Will still laugh at Stefs thread though, she is the best cow.

No. 16491

The site wasn’t even created until 2014 and the constant sperging about men and trannies (which is what actually made the site unenjoyable) didn’t start until like 2016. Any way I’m pretty sure that post wasnt redtexted for mentioning men but for using /ot/ threads instead of /meta/ to complain and derail about moderation

No. 16492

Just had a look and the shitfest again and it has simmered down, but only slightly. This is clearly the Venus thread pedo-sperg revival.

No. 16493

It's happening again and completely shitting up the thread with a million useless infighting posts. Why are farmhands ignoring this? It's complete derailing and we've been reporting the same bastard for over a day now. Are y'all alive? Did the rona get you? give us a sign.

No. 16494

Please put the Taylor R thread on autosage. There is no milk whatsoever and the medical and psychological armchairing is out of control

No. 16495

I think any thread that is older than 4 years with no posts in 4 years should be auto saged. If new milk occurs, make a new thread.

No. 16498

>>>/ot/93560 please move this to /m/

No. 16500

What's with the influx of "muh twauma" threads the past few days?
>The lowest point in your life
>Last thing that made you cry
>People who weren't socialized enough growing up

I'm not necessarily bothered, I'll just ignore the thread's, it's just odd for lack of a better word. Especially when they're all bumped to the first page of /ot/.

No. 16503

please nuke /ot/

No. 16504


No. 16505

Came here to ask what's going on with that thread, is it an invasion? It's never been so busy but I would be excited to see if Spergchan is back and that's why we're letting it rideout.

No. 16507

At least cover your IP address, anon…

No. 16508

File: 1602800379002.png (166.23 KB, 739x544, 2020-10-15 17_46_49-Window.png)

my bad

anyway - what's wrong with linking all her threads? i thought people preferred it for easy access

No. 16509

lmao they would have banned you if you hadn't done it, too. No wonder it sometimes takes a week to get a new op going who wants to deal with this micromanaging bullshit

No. 16510

Yeah that doesn't make any sense. In the guide for posting new threads it even says that you have to? I always do it and have never been banned for it. Farmhands be schizo

No. 16512

It's the PULL invasion. Been going wild since PULL went down. All the hallmarks. Tinfoiling, armchairing, unsaged blogposting, moralizing, and inability to integrate.

No. 16513

This. /w/ used to be a ghost town, now you can't enter a thread without pullanons and twitterfags treating it like a chatroom or… reddit

Can Onion threads be dumped to snow? There hasn't been any real milk since the hansen bullshit and even OP acknowledges these threads are practically on life support.

No. 16514

That's such a nitpick lmao. Couldn't farmhand just change the thread description and leave an annotation for anons in the future?

No. 16515

i don’t understand why it matters either way especially since the threads usually fill up too fast to link the new one. it prevents anons needing to be spoonfed and those trying to search through the catalog as well.

No. 16517

I think so too but I understand with people like Shay how long that can make the description (not that it's specified anywhere as being a bannable offence as far as I know). I don't think the rules are outlined very specifically with this so it depends on what farmhand you get/how they are feeling on that day unfortunately.

No. 16518

just felt weird as someone that's made several threads for her over the last few years and never had this pointed out before

No. 16519

theyve been brought up since the start of the last yt general thread and maybe before, if they get brought up every other few months regarding different members, there might as well just be a thread to log roosterteeth activities. thats the point of lolcow right

im also just not a fan of any of the posters related to the current RT drama. its like 15 different retarded twitter fucks a-logging, cowtipping, and blogposting about the current guy and mods arent redtexting any of it–
well thats not fully true; they arent redtexting the offenders of bad posting etiquette. they redtexted one anon who was ""infighting""? for replying with (on topic) random shit about one of the victims

we're getting juicy eugenia cooney, h3 and trisha, corpse husband stuff but none of it is being discussed in favor of lovely interactions like this:

im just losing my fucking mind over it because the topics are all over the place and posting organization within the thread is terrible, no culture is being preserved, and the farmhands have banned … someone who replied with their opinion on an on-topic post …

No. 16520

There's a guy wrtiting whole essays here >>>/pt/799633
His name is "the contrarian"

No. 16521

I agree about the Onion thread. I was also gonna ask if the TND thread can be dumped to /snow/, she has completely disappeared off the internet once again and she only delivers milk once half a year nowadays. I've seen multiple anons talk about this in her thread so I know that I'm not alone in this thinking.
/pt/ cows are so damn dry.

No. 16522

That was so fedora tier and seemingly neverending. I can't believe it's actually real.
>The contrarian
My sides

No. 16523

there's no need for a femdom faggotry thread in /ot/ when they already have a containment thread in /g/

No. 16524


No. 16525

Yeah I don't know RT's history beyond the current scandal, so if there's consistent drama past/present I think you should go ahead and make a thread. It'd be especially helpful to have all the info in one place.

And I understand your frustration, since PULL's shutdown there seems to be an overall decrease in post quality.

No. 16526

Artist salt thread is filled with racebait discourse again.

No. 16527

>/pt/ cows are so dry
Can /pt/ have an overhaul or would that be too much work? So many threads on there feel like they should either be dumped to /snow/ or autosaged since 90% is anons just discussing old milk, the same paragraphs of takes we've all heard before, or twitter screencaps. Kiwithread should be autosaged, since at this point it's just kiwifags bitching about "muh unfair bans" and the first half of the thread was dedicated to some literal who. Can we also have a more in-depth thread guide for newfags who think instathot/twitterfag #397 are threadworthy, and for those who wanna thread but are worried of having it redtexted?

No. 16529

did admin die?

No. 16530

Nah, probably just posting on discord.

No. 16531

she's cutting herself and crying about terfs let her be

No. 16532

Death to art salt and YouTube general

No. 16534

Could the admin or the farmhands actually explain why the constant racebait is allowed to go on in the artist salt thread? Twitterfags ignite debates about racial identity politics again and again and someone unironically repeats the "anime should have more black ppl!!!" talking point and wants to sperg about it for hours. This literally has nothing to fucking do with artist salt. I report the racebait every time I see it happen but nobody ever gets redtexted and farmhands never step in to tell them to stop. The only redtexted ban I've seen from the ongoing cycle was for an obvious racist troll. Seriously what the fuck? Nobody who's not American cares about this shit. You banned the Pinkpill thread for less than this.

No. 16535

thirded and maybe the entire site too tbh

No. 16536

They’re probably using a vpn to evade bans, they’re usually pretty good about banning racebait but with the current political climate in the US+PULL dying, newfags are coming in swarms

No. 16538

I don't usually advocate for censorship but identity politics and racebait go hand in hand. Really makes this site cancerous to browse sometimes.

No. 16539

I just realized the guy who posted the sperg about Vic actually posted someone's phone number in a screenshot. His rant is hilarious, but can this image be removed?


No. 16542

It would be nice if farmhands and admins enforced the official rule against race sperging even half as much as they enforce the ban on GCfags. Just saying.

No. 16543

It's ridiculous the infighting that's allowed to go on.

No. 16544

Do we need to put up “Live Laugh Love” plaques now? The mumsnet sperging about breastfeeding (SydOKnee/Jonny thread), epidurals (YumiKing thread), and abortion (PnP thread) is so dimwitted and boring. There are other places to “muh baybeees,” don’t bring it here.

No. 16545

Agreeing with these anons, can we please autosage the Taylor thread? There's no milk, only obsessive tinfoiling. I would also love to know if Kiki could be behind any of the posts… the sperging did also coincide with her instagram "comeback."

No. 16546

farmhands give us a sign that you're still alive. we have been screaming into the void for weeks now and nothing ever changes

No. 16547

>comes to female-orientated image board
>mad when women talk about female experiences

Love it when people try to use this thread to ban topics/convos they don't personally like kek

No. 16548

It’s a gossip imageboard and /snow/ and /pt/ are not for you to blogpost about your “female experiences”

No. 16549

take it to /g/

No. 16551

The onision thread has been autosaged.
We can work on it but it would probably be better discussed during a townhall to gather as much feedback as possible.
>Can we also have a more in-depth thread guide for newfags who think instathot/twitterfag #397 are threadworthy
We already have this on the rules page.
You can use the hide thread feature and it works on all boards.
Racebait is always an instant 4 day ban and permanent if that's all the users history has.

No. 16552

I'm assuming you and the jannies aren't neets who live and breathe this site or the internet 24/7 but, do you have any idea when we might have another hellweek/townhall?

No. 16553


I've made a poll that will close at the end of the month and the date and time most requested will be posted as an announcement. Make sure to vote before then. [link]

No. 16554

Can someone please do something about the tranny sperging and tinfoiling in Tsundebolts thread on /snow/?
It's so pointless and the tranny spergs and arguing about whether she looks like a man or not are clogging up the thread.

No. 16555

criticizing how other women have children is not a “female experience,” it’s a loser old hag experience and nobody here cares about how you were a birth warrior

No. 16556

Ok scrote. Only old ladies have babies after all. Hide the thread and stop being a giant baby.

No. 16557

begone karen
nobody wants this fucking mommy shit in every thread
go drown in a pumpkin spice latte

No. 16558

i am getting sick of the dumbass shit and stupid questions threads being used as thinly veiled manhate threads. they have been constantly filling up with "do men really" shit, and gross weeb porn for some reason.

No. 16559

I feel like there's some sort of invasion going on. Been seeing a lot of derailing by anti-feminist retards bringing up the evil feminists completely out of nowhere. Anybody else notice this?

No. 16560

Yes. There was a thread on /r9k/ about lolcow again. That's why we're suddenly getting suspicious hornyposting, complaining about dumb feminists and planting obvious "manhate" bait to cause infighting.

No. 16561

It's hilarious how they think they aren't clockable. My personal favorite is when they come in here using extreme, stereotypical teenage girl speak. Like, you're not gonna take a look around to get a feel of the board culture first? You're just gonna launch right into your made up stacy stereotype disguise with all the blind faith and confidence of a man who has never tried to understand women in this life? Okay dude, good luck. Robots are really absurdly stupid

No. 16562

Honestly this. I hate the retards that feel the need to constantly state that they're so much better than those dirty, disgusting MEN. I seriously wish we could bring the pink pill thread back just so we can have a tard wrangling center for those fags.

No. 16563

Same I wish they would just ban them

No I haven’t noticed a lot of people complaining about feminism. I have seen some people complain about spergy derailing man hate but I wouldn’t say it’s out of nowhere considering it’s every other post in /ot/. It’s funny how consistently the users complaining about ‘anti feminist’ posts (any post vaguely non radical feminist) are also spending enough time on /r9k/ to be able to give us an update every time something about lolcow gets posted there.

No. 16564

>using karen as an insult for any woman

ok scrote kek

Half this thread is now "I don't personally like this thing being talked about despite it not being against the rules" while derailing goes unchecked in other threads. Half the people complaing here are obviously the ones derailing cows threads to bitch they don't like the topic at hand. It's pathtic.

No. 16565

Blogposting and derailing is against the rules though. Cow threads are to talk about the cows not your “female experiences” with childbirth.

No. 16566

i agree and i hate how every woman's space becomes about babies too, but calling them karens and telling them to go drink pumpkin lattes is beyond retarded.

No. 16567

I’m nta who made that post but I think their wording is pretty irrelevant to their main point which is about the issue of cow threads being derailed. I never thought lolcow would become such a sensitive hugbox that even the word ‘Karen’ would be so triggering to people and lead them to accuse each other of being men. I think part of the problem is portraying lolcow as primarily a “woman’s space” when really it’s a gossip/drama space first and foremost and the women only rule is secondary. Something being a women’s issue/experience is totally irrelevant to it being derailing in the context of a cow thread. Something being a female experience doesn’t mean there is free reign to blogpost about it just because lolcow is female oriented.

No. 16568

nta but the fact youre blogposting and accusing others of wanting a hugbox lol

No. 16569

the fuck are you babbling on about? It's not wanting a "hugbox" to point out resorting to calling women karens and telling them to drown is fucking stupid and doesn't help their point, which I agree with.

No. 16570

Are you the person who was bitching about girlboss tropes being harmful?

No. 16572

do you not know what blogposting is?

complaining about petty insults on an anonymous imageboard and accusing anyone who calls you a Karen of being a scrote is equally stupid

I have no idea what you’re talking about or what the relation to girl boss tropes and what I posted is supposed to be

No. 16573

Anon is right in saying that blogposting is bad but what is unnecessary is the level of hate. Report it, get over it. There's no need make seething posts on /meta/.

It feels like the site is being raided. Over the past month there has been a definite increase in man hate, antinatalist sperging and racebait. It's so bad on /ot/ that I've given up browsing the board because I'm so sick of seeing it.

No. 16574

kek you know it is. they give off mlm vibes

No. 16575


No. 16576

my complaint as being discussed in /ot/, is that /meta/ is obviously full of scrotes. Don't even come at me for using that word, most of lolcow takes no issue posting man-hate, that's why all the men go here to complain. They're not the majority opinion

No. 16579

I wish they'd keep it in /ot/ instead of detracting from cows with personal idealogue. If I wanted unwarranted policing of perceptions, I'd gave twitter a visit.

No. 16580

I agree with you about the man hate, racebait, and antinatalist posts, and I wasn’t trying to say there’s a problem with posting about childbirth and relayed stuff in /ot/ (I actually like hearing about it) just that it’s annoying in cow threads and the fact that it’s a female experience doesn’t make it less derailing/blog posting, which is >>16547 seemed to be saying. No idea why saying that is giving people “mlm vibes” lmfao

No. 16581


No. 16582

dilate & 41 %.

this thread is full of scrotes whining.

go join male suicide statistics and mods stop sucking dick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 16583

you are the ones wanting to police perspectives. literally who cares if we shit on men? the whole board gossips about mainly women. that's ok to you guys except…
>specifically it's female topics that trigger you to whine about
>"no idea" why people think you're male

No. 16584

Female topics don’t bother me, someone was complaining about the increase in blogposting about child birth in cow threads and some other anon defended it because it’s a “female experience”, I was just saying that’s irrelevant to it being derailing/blogposting. If you genuinely think that gives “mlm vibes” then I don’t even know what to say to you. This whole site feel so far gone at this point.

No. 16585

Why are women/people so triggered if someone hates a man in /ot/? As long as it fits the thread subject what's the problem? For the anons who hate it, maybe kiwi farms would be a more suitable gossip site.

No. 16586

it's just fucking weird that you focus on childbirth of all the blogpost topics. anons are always picking cows apart for anything. If it's a blogpost why not just report it? Because no one else cares? But why is it such a big deal, that topic specifically? I don't think anyone else notices or cares.
there is an increase in scrotes here lately, don't be surprised if you are suspected. Anons critique cows over anything, this will include what you call "mommy" shit too. Is the site "far gone" or are you just triggered by this topic?

No. 16587

exactly. the dumbass shit thread is for any topic. venting is for whatever you need to vent. I don't know why it bothers people that women vent and shitpost about men on a women's board.

No. 16588

>literally who cares if we shit on men? the whole board gossips about mainly women.
I don't want to have men on my mind 24/7. When I come to a thread to read about a cow, I want to read about her, not about "men in general".

No. 16589

Omfg I’m not the one who brought it up, you’re mixing me up with different anons. Multiple people have commented on it so clearly it is something that’s happening relatively often. You/other anons defending blogposting when it’s about a “female” topic and acting as if it’s suspicious for people to complain about blogposting if the topic of the blogpost is female related is ridiculous. Plus you claiming there’s “an increase of scrotes” is completely meaningless when that’s your bar for what makes someone a “scrote”. You are clearly delusional.

No. 16590

No one is stopping you making threads about men though, but cow threads are meant to be about the cows and not derailing tangents about your personal beliefs.

No. 16591

Ayrt, this is the first post I made on the subject. I genuinely have no idea why you're seething.

No. 16592

Because you sound fucking ridiculous.


Then stay out of /ot/ instead of demanding site culture changes to fit your delicate sensibilities. If its in a cows thread report and move on. Why do some of you struggle with this? No one gives a shit about your mini modding and it just eggs people on to continue because it gets you upset enough to come here and complain

No. 16593

The site culture didn't use to revolve around men this much. It's getting exhausting.

No. 16594

Then leave. Cultures change.

No. 16595

No, how about you stop thinking and posting about dick every second of every day?

No. 16596

Maybe implementing filters so the not-trannys can stop getting triggered would be a nice idea.

No. 16597

Literally where?

No. 16598

They are the ones who are changing the culture, and people shouldn’t just let the site change for the worse to appease a handful of spergs just like they didn’t every other time some group began derailing every thread like the munchies and anachans. It’s clear the majority of users don’t want this to be the culture of the site considering they have had every thread of theirs locked, had multiple topics banned, and have a containment board (that they won’t use). I don’t get why they are still hellbent on derailing every /ot/ thread and making this some kind of depressing reverse /r9k/ and accusing every other anon of being scrotes whenever they say something they don’t like. It would maybe be okay if the mods actually banned people for breaking the rules but it seems so inconsistent, even just in this thread it’s endless ‘hi troon’ and ‘hi scrote’ for the most ridiculous reasons. People are copying and pasting anons posts into that gender analyser thing again in /ot/, its all so stupid and nothing ever seems to actually be done about it. They added all those new rules to the unpopular opinion thread in /ot/ but never seem to actually enforce them or make any real changes.

No. 16599

Well put. I agree with everything you said.

Seriously, this is lolcow.farm not man-hate.gc

No. 16600

Maybe IP filters?

No. 16602

You mean poster IPs? I'm not sure if that would archive anything since a lot of people have changing/dynamic IPs. I meant more like being able to automatically filter posts with certain words, since just scrolling past them doesn't seem to do it for our dear visitors.

No. 16604

I'm kneeling, I'm literally BEGGING you, please, PLEASE, dilate.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 16605

File: 1603169927019.jpg (62.47 KB, 640x393, congrats.jpg)


but anyway. I agree that sometimes talk about men can be derailing, and I think no one is saying it doesn't happen, but I think the major conflict here is due to a difference in what certain anons consider to be unrelated derails vs legitimate, relevant commentary. I personally feel that the farmhands are generally doing a decent job keeping this balance in check, and I think it would be a mistake to lean more towards either direction.

No. 16606

So wait did the dumbass shit thread get locked because someone was samefagging hard and posting racebait to cause infighting? Does this mean there's someone in /ot/ who constantly derails the threads with shitty racebaiting and that's why it's been so rampant recently?

No. 16607

File: 1603175148245.png (154.41 KB, 900x900, 58486a72849cf46a2a931338.png)

who closed /ot/

No. 16608

Remember when Admin said that closing and nuking threads was lazy and bad moderation and not an option?

No. 16609


No. 16610

File: 1603175501768.png (165.66 KB, 500x500, 1602905778560.png)

/OT/, unironically, became this

No. 16611

What the fuck? Why is ot loccked? I was gonna ask about why my hands are shaking so much in the stupid questio s thread

No. 16612


stop drinking coffee and energy drinks, go to the doctor retard

No. 16613

I miss /ot/. Was my comfy place and i didnt care about shitty flights in art threads.

No. 16614

I'm still able to post in ot

No. 16615

I'm pretty sure3 OT will live on anon, it hasn't died yet

No. 16616

Why /ot/ locked it’s my jam

No. 16617

So is /ot/ closed because of a raid or something? There was talk upthread about some sperg posting about LCF on r9k. Is that why? Or is it because of all the race autism Twitterfags brought in?

No. 16618

There are still some threads open while others are locked. I thought maybe it was spammed with gore or something, but why only close half the threads then?

No. 16619

My guess is that the farmhands have to manually lock each thread and that would've taken too much time and effort. Otherwise I feel like they would've locked the entire thing by now.

No. 16620

imo locking /ot/ was the right thing to do, I was getting fucking sick of the race autism and scrotes shitposting. Makes me miss the dumbass shit thread but at least I can focus on work now instead of browsing kek

No. 16621

No. 16622

Going to the doctor costs $$$$ asshole

No. 16623

I suggest reopening /ot/, I don’t think any of the infighting on the recent boards was worth locking over, most of it had already been over with and anons seemed to have been moving on.

No. 16624

Who's hackin

No. 16625

You are not even the anon she replied to, don't try to inffight, anon.

No. 16626

Oh is that why they are being locked?? I thought the site was getting hacked or some shit

No. 16627

If you're implying I'm looking for male approval, you couldn't be more wrong. I just don't want to be reading about men non-stop, it's tiring. I don't need those negative vibes when I'm just looking for a laugh. I don't come here for that. There are websites specifically for that, and this is not it.
Plus I'm tired of agenda-pushers permeating everything online. I don't lurk KF anymore because of racists and similar idiots pushing their ideology in every thread. I don't want to have to stop posting here too because people can't keep their beliefs in their pants and have to keep shoving them down my throat.

I maintain that mods made a mistake removing the containment threads. I could just ignore it, or read it when I was feeling like it. The gc crowd could post freely there on-topic, and the rest of the site was free from it.

No. 16628

Since I see there is some friction in how the site is going now, this article is good for the admin and mods to reread every time there is a crisis of sorts in an online community

I bitch sometimes, I do, but I love this site and wish it thrives.

No. 16630

I think if /ot/ is dead, you'll be killing the whole site with it
So many threads are on life support, and /w/ rarely attracts people
I think some anons should make their own lolcow board then, with radfem stuff allowed in it (and not ahserasgarden, that site does not have the same vibe, same gossip and funny shit as here)

This is a safe heaven for women, please don't let it turn to shit

No. 16631

>a safe heaven
It's more like a grave now.
R.I.P. /ot/…

No. 16632

Did it get locked down because of the person who’s been bumping super old threads? I was also wondering if the newer threads were all being made buy a guy or the same person because they all look similar and ask for farmers to describe their past experiences

No. 16633

The article isn't available

No. 16634

I think those threads are harmless, it gets some fun discussion going. Nothing wrong with it

No. 16635

I don't really see why it would be reason enough to go and slap the whole board for someone doing some minor trolling. I understand they're probably low on jannies, but still.

No. 16636

No. 16638

>taking that post seriously as infight material
Why? Also, put your tag back on, jannie.

No. 16639

Rereading it myself, it's so obvious both KF and LC have devolved their group discourses to "galvanize around an external group enemy". For KF it's "niggers", for LC it's "scrotes" and "troons".

No. 16640

Thank you anon, I am with you anon and I am a gc fag. I don't even mind if lib fems want to have their own thread opposing us, it's completely fair. Most sites like kf (those retards bring their ideology everywhere though like you said), lipstick alley have a place for such ideology to have it's own little space. I don't see why lolcow can't. Another thing, in the mtf thread, people have been red texted for discussing on topic subjects and it's absolutely ridiculous.

No. 16641

Nta but this truly feels like the sentiment. Disagreeing is inevitable, but it seems like infighting because someone's being accused of being someone from an outgroup is constant these days. What fun is a board if the membership is a monolith? Even if we are getting raided, I also think it's being compounded by more people being vocal with their dissent in general too. I just want to reiterate to farmhands and admins what other people have suggested. If we're going to have rules that ban those who are infighting, make sure it's a two-way street, please.

No. 16642

If they don't bring it back, we can either move to CC, or just go to AG and colonize it to be more fun. Either works IMO, I use all three sites. For different reasons, but still.
If /ot/ doesn't come back, /m/ and /g/ will either wither with it, or end up taking its place and having the same problems that caused the mods to lock it.
At least people might sperg less about girls talking about pregnancy or not liking creepy men if it's all on /g/. These people will have to realize how insane they sound demanding girls don't talk about girl stuff on a board titled "girl talk" lmaoo

No. 16643

>scrotes tinfoiling about (((them))) and imaginary glow in the darks is the exact same as lolcow being wary of men and troons raiding the site as they have been proven to do multiple times
Please don't do this anon

No. 16644

Yeah.. no. One of these things is deeply frustrating, the other can get you put on a watchlist. It's not even a comparison that should be entertained.

No. 16645

Asherasgarden is literally ugly all over and does not have the same wit, Crystal Cafe is full of troons and scrotes that hate women. A new one is needed.

No. 16646


No. 16647

Let's be honest here. There's obviously a troon mod. And seriously I loved this place because it is a place for women, by women. I am not going elsewhere, unless free discussion between women is provided and scrotes and troons are banned. There's enough space for misogyny out there (irl and not), /ot/ was a good place for us girls to escape it. I am not going to Crystal Cafe, please stop implying it would be the same.

No. 16648

>just go to AG and colonize it to be more fun


No. 16650

Just change the theme color if you don't like AG's look, or complain that they should change it until they do. It's not a big deal. The "wit" thing is why I said we colonize it, LC has wit and humor because of users contributing. There's nothing special about any site, it's about the people on it.
Also, CC was like that before, but now it has entire terf threads to shit on trannies and you're allowed to hate on scrotes. It's pretty much based now, or at least almost based. ETA that it still gets tranny and moid invasions pretty often, but at least it doesn't have sneaky ones going to /meta/ and insisting that any anti-scrote and anti-troon sentiment be banned. Now that I mention this, I'm a little scared the ones here will migrate there, but I hope CC's mod team will tell them to fuck off.
The last time this happened and anons were like "Let's make a new one!", the same people lobbying just made excuses and refused to do it themselves. Can you make a site, or will you just keep posting that we need a new site? I doubt it'll happen, we will be waiting and bitching in /meta/ forever. Be realistic with your goals.

No. 16651

>inb4 /ot/ got locked to force "unwelcome posters" to go somewhere else as if most anons aren't multiboarding

No. 16652

There isn't a tranny janny. If there was, the fakeboi and MTF generals would have been banned ages ago, and personally I haven't been banned for being a GCfag ever because I don't sperg. But there is a fucking group of men who can't leave the site alone and keep raiding it. There's also ton of newfags from PULL and twitter who refuse to integrate. It creates a huge stress on the moderation and I don't think the mod group including admin is equipped well enough to handle it all.

Now based on my observations the situation is as follows: The scrotes plant extreme a-logging manhate to complain about it on /meta/ so that the administration has to deal with the whining and raiding that follows. The anons who don't realize it's all planted blame the radfem boogeymen for ruining their fun girlclub without even realizing that men would keep raiding this place manhate or not. That's why they were banned initially, they couldn't keep shut about being a man and had to wave their dick everywhere. And then you get the freshly peaked libfems who are going through their cognitive dissonance breaking apart and take their bottled up hate out on troons/men because this is the only place they can do that in. 2X was inhabited with the people who would fare better in Reddit because they didn't integrate with the board culture at all and kept moralfagging over every non-normie friendly thing. And to top it all off we got the twitterfag zoomers who think nonbinary is a valid identity and sex work is real work and they haven't yet realized that nobody outside of their woke bubble gives a shit about their feelings. It's a mess.

Honestly if I was the admin I too would close /ot/ for a short period myself to cool things down because the sperging has been extraordinarily bad for the past weeks due to the raiding. It's sad that women can't have one fucking place to enjoy without it being put under fire all the fucking time.

Also AG is a shitty no fun allowed zone. I'd rather just chill out with /m/ and /w/ while waiting for /ot/ to open up for shitposting again.

No. 16653

cc's userbase is very similar to PULL (excluding the gc threads)

not "based" at all

No. 16654

That’s because /w/ is a shit show and none of the cows on there are interesting.

No. 16655

>Honestly if I was the admin I too would close /ot/ for a short period myself to cool things down because the sperging has been extraordinarily bad for the past weeks due to the raiding.
But isn't that what Hell Week is for? Why don't they just ban the raiders, Twitterfags and other spergs for sperging? Also, what's even protecting our other boards like /m/ or /w/ or /g/ from this mess, and why can't the same be done with /ot/?

No. 16656

File: 1603194384207.gif (543.79 KB, 400x226, 69194ded047da2151161a4469c14c3…)


No. 16657

Nta, but It’s true, i think a good set of rules for infighting would be amazing, something like
>if a topic takes more than a certain number of posts between 2 anons, it’s infighting and both will get banned for a certain period of time.
>if a topic takes more than a certain number of posts between more than two anons, it will be considered infighting and all of the parties will get banned for a certain period of time.
That way the anons pressed because of some random thing another anon said can get some cool down time or completely banned if they insist on being stupid.
We also might as well get some other stuff like disclosing whether we should sage in /ot/ and such, because newfags and oldfags are constantly infighting about it and it clogs the threads.

No. 16658

File: 1603194412380.jpg (69.17 KB, 699x760, rubber and cum.jpg)

Why is /ot/ locked? WE DEMAND ANSWERS!!1!!!11!ELEVEN!!!!

No. 16660

fr it’s like the only place i like on the internet

No. 16661

They use VPNs so banning does nothing. It's better to let them just go be occupied with something else for a while.

No. 16662

File: 1603194722653.png (124.41 KB, 1354x656, asherahs.png)

my eyes hurt just by looking at this disgusting board UI. It's the UI. Changing the color doesn't solve anything. Every channel-type board has their own type of coding for the UI, some are free source, some are not (like, for example, 4chan would never reveal their source code).
It's hard to migrate if the places that I want to migrate to hurt my eyes and give me headaches.

No. 16663

I’m fr upset, I was really enjoying some threads….

No. 16664

It's good you're trying to think of solutions but I don't think that would work, since we're all anon how can we know if we're talking to the same anon? If a conversation goes on for more than two posts when exactly does it become infighting?

Hopefully the mods will announce this is only a temporary time out

No. 16666

I think this is indeed a temporary time-out and mods will delete very old threads/other shit in the catalog and then come in more restrictive or with more guidelines. Otherwise, idk, maybe just nuke /ot/. Who cares. Just nuke it

No. 16667

It basically looks the same as any chan board to me, honestly. Reminds me a little of Lainchan with the persistent top bar.
The most that can be done is to ask in the Q&A thread for the admin to switch UIs to something else, I guess. That or CC while we wait for now.

No. 16668

File: 1603195178878.png (249.9 KB, 595x595, wohxFXR.png)

Has some tranny destroyed /ot/?

No. 16669

Chad King of /ot/ made it great again

No. 16670

Absolutely this. Since corona, the post count has gone up a lot. Threads I rememebr getting 100 posts in a week are now getting 50 in a day and its all clear twitterfag drivel. Some people are obviously samefagging about their bans being unfair and then ban evading their samefags, its obvious because the posts have the same fucking format and same grammatical mistakes/choices.

You can even recognise some of their posts, there are a few major spergs who need to put their fucking phones down. One for example who spammed everyday around 3pm my time a blogpost on stupid questions, vent and confession thread about their manhate drivel. Always in the same fucking order about the same things. Every day. 7 days a week.

Then those faggots who link lolcow on twitter? I've spotted /ot/ being posted on twitter five times this month alone.

Twitterfags need to fuck off. This is a fucking drama board, not your autistic blog.

No. 16671

AG really isn’t that bad idk what anons are bitching about. It’s just empty.

No. 16672

No, lolcow looks completely different when reading posts comparing to that AG.

No. 16673

What the fuck happened to ot, bring it back

No. 16674

>LC being posted on Twitter

Well that explains some of the weird posts I’ve been seeing. Also who the fuck would post this site to Twitter?? You’re just begging for a shitshow at that point.

No. 16675

Idk. I think it's time to put down lolcow for me. Please farmhad permaban me for a few years I need to move on

No. 16676

anon, good luck on your journey, we're all praying for you.

No. 16677

You'll be back sooner than that, I'm clairvoyant I would know.

No. 16678

Why you taking this so seriously lol

No. 16679

goodbye nonnie

No. 16680

File: 1603196629175.jpg (52.34 KB, 564x564, 0c44a7440f75dec234899c28e16f99…)

seriously though why was /ot/ closed. we need awnsers

No. 16681

Yes, escape this hell. BE FREE ANON

No. 16682

RIP to anon needing a lc detox, but I'm different

No. 16683

What's happening at /ot/?
Are we being raided? Is it just pruning bad threads?
Can a janitor or the Admin answer?

No. 16684

Coronavirus infection. Had to be quarantined.

No. 16685

Farmhands…admin…you left us no choice but to turn this into the dumbass shit thread.

No. 16686

File: 1603197269182.png (130.57 KB, 247x275, 083efbd543443bb83ecf52c4cac381…)

Ah shit, here we go again.

No. 16687

I'd post this in the stupid questions thread if I could, but what is a raid? Who'd be getting raided by?

No. 16688

Usually 4chan. Raids are sort of their thing traditionally.

No. 16689

Well, after thinking about it, maybe it would be difficult, but if it got reported in here /meta/ it would help the farmhands with pruning out the infighters, they would be able to check whether some infighting is just two anons or more anons and if the thread has, say, more than 10 posts made of the same topic, the anons who posted would get banned.

No. 16691

Good post BUT I still think having 2x or similar would be a good idea but having it hidden and related talk banned in ot unless it's a vent relating to someone saying shit like this guy did this this mtf did this and it resulted in this blahblahblah. This ot lockdwon reminds me of the good old days when venus visited pull and they closed it right in front of her nose.

No. 16692

File: 1603198281114.png (160.79 KB, 323x740, ab6.png)

A raid is when people from other parts of the internet organize to go and shitpost on a website they don't like or want to troll. This level of shitpost ranges from midly infuriating stuff to posting gore and illegal links. 4channers do this a lot, but it can come from anywhere really, like a lesser known imageboard, a forum, or twitter.

No. 16693

I care, Satan.

No. 16694

Ah I see, thank you!

No. 16695

420chan had the best raids.
Potheads vs Scientologists
Top online entertainment.

No. 16696

that said, I didn't see a raid anywhere, but maybe the posts were deleted quickly (which I doubt)

There must be another reason why /ot/ was closed for now. Maybe /ot/ was cancer

No. 16697

File: 1603199524520.png (271.4 KB, 1348x579, Screenshot_2020-10-20 ot - Ve…)

I made a lolcow theme for AG for you anon.

copy from here https://pastebin.com/v8PkUqhc

paste into the custom css menu on AG (cog symbol then click CSS then save)

No. 16698

File: 1603199698348.gif (4.54 MB, 498x454, giphy-downsized-large.gif)

oh my god anon, thank you. I love you. Bless you.

No. 16699

Bless you

No. 16700

File: 1603199967117.png (181.68 KB, 304x390, unknown (1).png)

No. 16701

>told for months to go to AG
>finally go to AG

No. 16702


No. 16703

You speds will never have an argument other than constantly accusing other anons of being scrotes. The problem will not improve because you may be the exact problem.
Get moving lol

No. 16704

I suggested this before but I think that deleting old threads would be good. Not on pt and snow there farmers might want to look up old milk or receips, but who rereads vent thread #1 from years ago or all those bait or simply shitty threads? That would stop newfags or robots from necroing and save mods some time.

No. 16705

Enjoy meta.

No. 16706

I don't even really get the non-bumping rule on non-closed threads anyway on /ot/. In most cases there's no real "new information", so who cares that the "stupid questions" thread got bumped?

No. 16707

I actually don't give a fuck what's between your legs, dick or coochie but you sound mad about this so fucking dilate.

No. 16708

File: 1603201177684.jpg (81.7 KB, 965x293, SmartSelect_20201020-094050_Ch…)

I wonder what would've happened if mods followed this suggestion I made days ago

No. 16709

I enjoy the old vent threads because I like reading what I wrote and replied to from three years ago lol. They should just be locked after an extended period to prevent the issue.

No. 16710

samefag but even 1 year with no new posts should've been autosaged.

No. 16711

Because it drowns out the newer threads.

No. 16712

>implying you can’t post on both

No. 16713

I remember that. I didn’t see an ounce of gore when that happened. Just people posting about it. The whole thing was embarrassing for both parties

No. 16714

Newer threads that get no replies shouldn't drone out active thread anyway. Then they should just auto-lock every thread over post limit, and nothing gets necro'd.

No. 16715

>no u
Lol anon maybe you're the one who is the problem since you were the one to start infighting, retard

No. 16716

yes but that requires actual moderation, something mods don't really want to do

No. 16717

Okay, I'm putting in my mod app right now because I legitimately do want to lock shit and autosage shit. I'm here every day, I don't see why I can't just do the damn thing myself.

No. 16718

even if /ot/ doesn’t come back i’m happy i got to hang around here and meet cool people, i lov you guys

No. 16719

Why are all the threads locked I have a dumb ass question I want to ask

No. 16720

There hasn't been an official reason given (yet) afaik

No. 16721

anon, thank you so so much for reminding me of this classic lmao. Made my day!

No. 16722

So like why isn’t there a male Karen meme
You know these fuckers do more damage than anyone

No. 16723

more than someone asking why the store is closed?

No. 16724

holy shit im cackling

No. 16725

me too
please set me free

No. 16727

Been here since the staminarose/789 chan days and lc has definitely been the pits lately. I've nothing else to add except it's sad that this is happening. I hope someone can turn it around and make it good again coz it'd be sad to have to move on.

No. 16728

they arent destroying shit, just cleaning house.

No. 16729

…how old are you

No. 16730

No anon is right, one of the admins complained about lolcow being filled with a bunch of white bitches and they are extremely unhinged. Honestly, I view lolcow as a sinking ship at this point. At least with the existence of AG, CC and kiwifarms, everyone has a place to go to when everything is eventually nerfed. I don't see this situation getting better AT ALL.

No. 16731

Genuine question, but did it have an abundance of redfem idealogue and scrote/troon accusations? LC in some respects feels a lot like r9k for women (I'm still here so it's not meant to be an insult). The way dissenters to the what feels like the majority are agressively silenced until any semblance of diversity is all but gone feels very similar. I don't know but I suspect it was more so about milk rather than pushing agendas and that the current culture started somewhere around 2016, like the divisive climate online in general. Of course this is just speculation, please correct me if I'm wrong.
t. anon who dislikes troons, but also the lack of containment

No. 16732

Fuck no but they always re-write the narrative. It was tamer and more shitposting and fun and not constant troon and scrote accusations.
Implying none of those aren't sinking ships.

No. 16733

Why the hell did I got told to go back to twitter in my ban? So random.

No. 16734

So are /ot/ threads still being actively locked right now?

No. 16735

Source? That would make sense why racebait seems to be a little more lenient when targeting white people. I just assumed it was symptomatic of twitter culture rubbing off on the populace in general.

No. 16736

Have you noticed the amount of racebait in the art salt thread lately? It's been an issue since before /b/ became /ot/.

No. 16737

File: 1603207300527.png (28.71 KB, 2359x138, 1581072812250.png)

These were posted a while back, possibly current LC owner.

No. 16738

File: 1603207334485.png (33.32 KB, 817x383, 1581072776446.png)


No. 16739

Well, what did you do?

No. 16740

File: 1603207434349.png (28.99 KB, 1705x224, 1581072054086.png)


No. 16741

Which server is this…? Don't ban me admin, I'm brown too kek.

No. 16742

Absolutely, it's been particularly bad lately. Almost to the point where I haven't been visiting the board.

My identity politics alarms are going off… This is an anonymous website… Like race matters? Being anonymous we'd have no clue as to the racial identity of the admin, nor would she have absolute certainty about ours. These screenshots are exactly what I'd expect from pulltards. I genuinely hope these aren't real.

No. 16743

Why isn't anyone mentioning the self mutilating tranny that got doxxed on kf + the falseflagging going on at the time, at this point I'm convinced scrotes are raiding or at the very least lurking 24/7

No. 16744

God this site has gone to shit, what’s with the bans in mtf thread? Is tranny janny having a mental breakdown again?

No. 16745

Isn't admin also really young? Maybe she should just retire if she's so fed up with lolcow.

No. 16746

Troons were a much less issue in 2014 and even 4chan (and its scrotes) were a bit milder pre-election. I also remember men being better at fitting in on staminarose and pre-rulechange /cgl/.
Instead lc just had its fair share of vocal robots and useless porn and horny spam and making shitty borderline waifu threads and "you're just jealous of this cow that makes my pee pee hard"-posting. It's not like those threads are deleted (yet) you know. You can go look yourself.

Farmhands are on fire.

No. 16747

I guess the bigger issue were incel raids so incel threads were banned for a time

No. 16748

Pretty sure admin has mentioned before that she is hispanic so this could be her…

No. 16750

Literally this, no one is forcing her to do it if she hates us and this “job” ohhh so much maybe she should stop there are a bunch of people out there who would gladly do a better job than this unstable bpdchan.

No. 16751

I also got a weird ban notice of a ban for a post that wasn't mine, for weird samefagging?

No. 16754

I've read a few personally, they seemed a lot wilder and more milk focused. Despite that I did notice a lot of namefagging, but I think comparitively there's a lot a more moralfags now. I saw a few retarded men interjecting with useless anecdotes too. That's what stood out to me at least but like you said no political/ideological derails specifically.

Happens to me all the time, it's not intentional and has something to do with VPNs cycling IPs or so I've heard.

No. 16755

That thread is filled to the brim with Twitter fags tho so it was bound to happen

No. 16756

As much as I'm bothered by certain staff actions too, I don't think any of this will help to re-open /ot/ sooner.

No. 16757

Oh, I forgot about that
Now I recall sweeping them and other shit in /pigsty/. It's still there:

No. 16758

It would be nice if /ot/ was nuked for good

No. 16759

File: 1603208914279.jpg (90.19 KB, 1200x630, nightmarefuel.jpg)

Earlier townhalls were JST and with the mod loonastanning I'm guessing they're all koreaboos.
Good times lmao

No. 16760

No. 16761

set a bomb off by locking /ot/ and then haven’t made a single comment about it? classic farmhands

No. 16762

File: 1603209057964.jpg (30.82 KB, 500x500, tenshi eating a corndog.jpg)

please Farmhands
i have been browsing lolcow.farm for 4 years
/sty/ and /cream/ used to be a thing
/ot/ got merged into /b/

i know too much now and i want to be released from this hell

ISP ban, pls

No. 16763

True, being hostile won't change the situation. Hopefully there will be an official announcement soon.

No. 16764

What I don’t get is how is she so mad at some probably white bitches like, we’re not? Some of us are brown, some are asian and so on.
If she had said that she’s mad because of the constant raids and spergs I would get it, but there’s no need to feel some sort of complex just because someone might be white in a fucking anon site.

No. 16765

I read some of the older threads and they were full of attention whoring scrotes, unironic uwu weebspeak, and blog posting. Are you sure you aren’t wearing rose tinted glasses?

No. 16766

lol where are all these rich white women? and why aren't they sugar mommying us?
honestly sounds stupid, why not retire from moderation, it just sounds like a case of thin skin

No. 16767

Hah. So the current lolcow owner is a virtue signaling, stupid zoomer koreaboo twitterfag herself.
Just exactly what every lolcow userbase despises in a person.
Decrown her and give lolcow to someone who actually cares. Btw admin, I'm hispanic myself. """white bitches""" have never been an issue to me on this site, they're amazing, funny, witty girls women ready to help you or smack you out of your stupidity. I love them. But you really hate us don't you?

You're a retarded and sad sjw attempt. You're doing everyone a disservice. Retire for your own good, you fucking milky ass lolcow.

No. 16768

Old Vicky Shingles threads were absolute gold, I'd recommend the read. Also you can tag replies by clicking on the post number kek.

No. 16769

That’s what I was thinking. Remember that the pp threads got banned for race bait because brown anons were bringing up their personal experiences. Clearly there were plenty of non white people posting but I guess they gotta blame someone kek

They have to be. LC was much worse before. Was waaaay too petty back then.

No. 16770

She's not referring to the site's userbase in general. She's talking about the anons that were shitting up the site during gc, pp and /2X/ being middle class white feminists who were crying oppression because she was trying to stop them from turning /ot/ into flaming dumpster fire of infighting. IIRC she did also get racial abuse along with all the tranny and scrote accusations. I don't blame her for being pissed off.

No. 16771

Whats happening to OT? Are new threads deleted? I keep seeing only old ones on first page.

No. 16772

File: 1603210199299.jpg (98.58 KB, 500x490, WELCOME-TO-LOLCOW.jpg)


No. 16773

>They have to be. LC was much worse before. Was waaaay too petty back then.
That's called a difference of opinion my friend. I think LC is still petty (I mean what do you except kek) just in a completely different, and from my standpoint, less preferable way.

No. 16775

I hope admin-senpai notices you anon

No. 16776

To be fair those screenshots are about 10 months old.

No. 16777

File: 1603210455561.png (315.91 KB, 581x432, imean.png)

No. 16778

What is the cloud flare sencha thing she’s talking about?

No. 16780

>Saying nigger in 2016
Off to jail with you

In all seriousness though context please.

No. 16781

Why is this thread turned into a total faggotry, NIGGERS?!

No. 16782

what is AG? KF is a dumpster but I still prefer it greatly ro LC even in it’s current state. CC seems to never be as active as LC and the content is different so I liked using them both simultaneously. I hope this isn’t the end for LC.

No. 16784

Not that anon but Asherah's Garden.

No. 16785

Said "source" of leaked caps. If you're late on this then you shouldn't immediately buy into rumors from kiwifarms.
It's better for male or obscure cows but it's gone downhill since before the data breach and null realized he's wasted his life.

No. 16786

I probably should’ve said nit picky, it still is today sure but at least there’s an effort to kept it to a minimum

No. 16787

i pre nominate /ot/ being shut down for best comeback

No. 16788

>I view lolcow as a sinking ship at this point.
And white bitches did it, huh.

No. 16789

Ayrt you make a good point. The multiple emoji anons/uwu talking style in the old threads is annoying.

No. 16790

Are farmhands just… not gonna say anything? I'll wait patiently for an announcment.

No. 16791

File: 1603212085275.png (19.6 KB, 1196x54, 4231a.png)

Lolcow was pretty abhorrently racist and full of scrotes in the early days. I don't know why some anons downplay it. The site was kind of a shithole, and the admins didn't do a whole lot to stop it. The "Stop treating me like a pajeet coon" comment the (alleged) admin made in the Discord leaks right after complaining about "stupid rich white bitches" is ironic, but it doesn't surprise me.
pic related is from here btw >>>/pt/101060

No. 16792

rip /ot/ it was nice knowing you while you lasted

No. 16793

That's a /pol/tard if I ever saw one, disgusting. Also really shit quality bait by them.

No. 16794

OG Vicky threads were kind of the best though, vanilla and Jack Daniels queen

No. 16795

The Twitter screenshot is from the lolcow.farm thread on KF and this is just a random tranny. I don't see how that's relevant to this conversation.

No. 16796

What is going on, I just wanted to post a vent this morning and shit is still locked with nothing from anyone in charge on what is happening. They already threatened to ban /ot/ after their bullshit question in the pinkpill survery because they're mad we're not all farming the cows enough. I liked reading all your experiences and learning new things in stupid questions, nice knowing you fellow farmers.

No. 16797

Totally not relevant and not related to the poster's non-white sperging in the kf thread? I guess that has nothing to do with the doxxed tranny immediately locking down that twitter account…right…

No. 16799

If /ot/ is closed due to moderation shortages (and raids), then why have the farmhand applications not been opened for /ot/? It's the only board I would consider applying for.

No. 16800

Thats the tranny who provided the screenshots. It was a tranny who tried to become a farmhand or even was one and got kicked out when admin found out he's a tranny. It was all on their twitter, alongside brags on how they were trying to become a mod on lolcow, he deleted his twitter after it got posted here and on kf.

No. 16801

>moderation shortages

what a bunch of dumb trannys

No. 16802

You'll live.

No. 16803

I just checked the application and you can select /ot/ on it.

No. 16804

Thank you for providing an announcement and timeframe, staff. Hopefully the raiders will subside soon.

No. 16805

They literally just put /ot/ on it

No. 16806

….Won't the raiders just be back on the 25th though?

No. 16807

What I wanna know is how likely is it to get your application thrown out for being mean to men and trannies.

No. 16808

I dont mind waiting, thx for update
I've decided to not tinfoil about mods, knowing now about that incident with the caps. they also put up with a lot of shit from us (not that it's unexpected given this site)

No. 16809

Probably, but I wish the raids would fuck off so we could have /ot/ back

No. 16810

Everyone who has applied and are against trannys and were not selected should post here so we can acknowledge, once again, that mods are trannys confirmed

No. 16811

From what I've heard, it's very likely.

No. 16812

5 days without ot, how will I survive so long not being able to sperg about every tiny inconvenience in my life? Kek

No. 16813

No offense, but anyone could lie about this in order to give this belief more legs.

No. 16814

30. Why?

As someone already said, it wasn't as pushy with the radfem/GC stuff. It was more just like 'that person is a fucking idiot, but they just so happen to be XYZ' as opposed to 'I fucking hate this person because they have a dick/think they're a man/woman etc'. It has gotten more vicious on here, and less about the laughs, which is what lolcows used to be about, hence the name. It was poking fun at weirdos. A modern day freak show, if you will. Obviously you had people like Chris Chan where people were trying to cause him harm and mental anguish and shit, but I don't recall it ever being that bad on SR. Of course you would get the odd edgelord trying to be the master troll and steer a person of interest into their own narrative, but most of us would just discuss things fairly level headedly, have a few laughs and then move on. I also don't remember the user based being as depressed, whiny and babyish either. It has got much worse in the last year or so. I keep telling myself to stop visiting as often, but I do genuinely enjoy some of my interactions with some anons on here, and I would feel quite bad giving up on a website I used to enjoy visiting.

No. 16815

I hope so. Fuck raiders!

No. 16816

Kill trannies. Kill niggers. Give us /ot/ or give us death!

No. 16817

I mean no offense, but being the leader of a community doesn't make you a "servant", it means you're the one willing to put the work in to keep it afloat. I know people who have put hundreds of hours of coding into keeping communities alive and this is a strange attitude to have about it. Is admin okay?

The frog in the boiling pot of water is the analogy I keep coming back to when I think of this site.

No. 16818

Say less, you’re misremembering things due to old age. Once again “lolcow is exclusively for drama” is not a talking point.

No. 16819

Penisniggers only.

No. 16821

A'ight, foetus. Since when did I say it was exclusively for drama? I welcome change, doesn't mean I have to suck its ass though does it? They can do what they like with it, but it's just a mess now, that's all I'm saying.

That's it. It's sad.

No. 16822

Go away racebaiter. Don’t try to false-flag now, GC and PP were full of women of all races

No. 16823

File: 1603218158993.gif (731.54 KB, 245x176, e55.gif)

>how will I survive so long not being able to sperg about every tiny inconvenience in my life
Unironically this.

No. 16824

Well these raid spergs have really backed me into a corner. Closing ot means I'll be forced to be productive at my desk job and actually do the work I'm paid to be doing. What have you fucks actually fucking done? How dare you.

No. 16831

just create a twitter account

No. 16832

And then get doxxed after some snowflake decided I’m being too problematic for talking about how I hate it when my feet are cold but I’m sweating? so they find my cringy teenager phase shit to post it everywhere? No thanks.
pls don’t take it too seriously

No. 16834

Well at least go post in /g/ and /m/ please! I like seeing foot traffic there.

No. 16836

So the raiders left when /ot/ closed? They have no interest in raiding any other boards?? That's odd.

No. 16837

posters like you likely contribute to it being shit down faggot. chill out

No. 16838

same anon and i have no social life so /ot/ being closed really fucks me up. kek

No. 16839

It’s nice to see there is still at least one other user from SR here lmao, it often feels like all of them left. I feel the exact same way you do and hope LC can somehow be salvaged.

No. 16840

i'm so glad someone else got a chuckle out of it, as soon as ot closed i thought of that video and was excited to share it here lmao.

No. 16841

HEY im back to bitch about this because now theres another roosterteeth guy whos cheated on his wife and is making statements

can farmhands PLEASE redirect the roosterteeth happenings to a different snow thread and not the youtube general so all the holly/projared divorce spergs can go autistic over another divorce case in a containment thread

No. 16842

oh fuck yeah time to go back to snow, was originally planning to nitpick shayna out of desperation but more roosterteeth milk? i'm there.

No. 16843

sweetest anon on lolcow wtf

No. 16844

I sure as hell hope LC doesn't go the way of PULL and get nuked for no fucking reason other then "Oh man I'm in too deep and didn't know running a forum would be difficult.", if only because KW is a dumpster fire and I'm pretty sure CC wouldn't allow LC-style content that doesn't have anything to do with "how do clean vagina?"

Admin-Sama, you're doing great and everyone appreciates your work and the work of the farmhands running the site. If you guys have to nuke a board to make it run easier, so be it. Just please don't nuke the site.

Also I'd put in a farmhand application but I feel like ya'll get so many I wouldn't get picked anyways.

No. 16845

shut up.

Jk anon i lov u too

No. 16846

kek anons I'm dying up here

No. 16847

Put in an application anon! You never know.

No. 16848

>I'm pretty sure CC wouldn't allow LC-style content that doesn't have anything to do with "how do clean vagina?"
Pretty sure they would? They even allow radfem threads. It's just a matter of us all going there and flooding the place.

No. 16849

the amount of asslicking here is insane i hope you never become a farmhand

No. 16850

why can't we use 2X to put up man-hating threads?????

No. 16851

Admin will not eat your pussy no matter how many times you suck up to her like an annoying leech at the beach that managed to worm its way into my bikini stfu retard ADMIN DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE FAGGOT JUST ADMIT THAT THIS SITE IS FUCKING TRASH INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH HER EVEN THO YOU ARE PROBABLY WHITE AND SHE HATES CRACKERS MAYBE GO TAN YOURSELF FIRST YOU DUMB BITCH

Forget about your boyfriend admin
And meet me at the hotel room
You can bring your girlfriends
And meet me at the hotel room
We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
We at the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn

No. 16853

Esa jevita está enterita, tiene tremendo culo (let's go now)
Está tan linda, está tan rica y tiene tremendo culo (yeah)
Teticas chiquita' pero que importa si tiene tremendo culo (yeah)
Hazme el favor y menéate chica, tienes tremendo culo
Culo, hey, hey, hey, hey shake that sh hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey shake that sh hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey shake that sh hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey shake that sh hey

No. 16854

holy cringe

No. 16858

do fireball next

No. 16860

I still remember the moves to this song from a zumba class six years later…

No. 16864

farmhands when theyre reopening /ot/ in 5 days are gonna be like:
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it
We're taking it down
We're taking it, we're taking it

No. 16865

Kek at your shitpost but I never licked admin's ass, nor would I ever, as evident by the first paragraph of my post, retard. If admin is going to go on discord and whine about "white ppl bitching on muh precious forum" then she shouldn't be an admin in the first place, but I can imagine it's hard running the forum with the amount of spam and bullshit that goes on here. I'd hate to look at incel spam gore and feces every day.

No. 16868

love you pitbull anon

No. 16869


No. 16871

File: 1603231364084.jpeg (13.9 KB, 300x235, 4AFEF529-FA97-4EEB-9206-CCE502…)

No. 16872

this whole thread is now proof as to why /ot/ should be perma nuked

No. 16873

Cackled audibly. Thanks anon, I needed it

No. 16874

>you're doing great and everyone appreciates your work and the work of the farmhands running the site
i don't

No. 16876

File: 1603232070674.jpg (37.91 KB, 594x395, Pitbull.jpg)

I'm so sad I cannot breathe. I want Pitbull so bad. He knows how to treat women. He would never do us wrong like this. I need him. WE need him.

No. 16877

Pitbull anon, have you posted Calle ocho yet? I'm trying to keep up with the music posts

No. 16878

File: 1603232252016.jpg (7.77 KB, 236x234, sad.jpg)

>mfw mr. worldwide doesn't singlehandedly safe lolcow.farm

No. 16879

this one is my personal favorite

No. 16880

File: 1603232386540.jpg (34.83 KB, 500x500, 4j88oj.jpg)

No. 16882

Lol exactly there was no raid. How strange this only happened when people started complaining on ot about meta being raided by moids then boom suddenly it is gone kek

Admin remains a cunt that needs to sell the site to someone with thicker skin.

No. 16883

>/ot/ is closed 10/20 - 10/25 due to raids and moderation shortages.
>tell the people who were raiding when exactly to come back
Yeah. Great idea.

No. 16884

>Admin remains a cunt that needs to sell the site to someone with thicker skin.
I vote pitbull-chan

No. 16885

File: 1603232754954.jpg (142.94 KB, 1400x2500, XW2GCSWG7UI6TBKNIBWI6S7HAY.jpg)


No. 16887

KEK ilu anon

No. 16888


So admin is basically a Twitter user that thinks running a website means people are taking advantage of her being Hispanic? Is she retarded? How does she know users here are white?

Someone just needs to make a new site because admin is determined to destroy this one. She's constantly pissed at the userbase here for feal and imaginary crimes.

No. 16889

wait is this real???? like a real remix or whatever?

No. 16894

>Someone just needs to make a new site because admin is determined to destroy this one.
I have my own nobody-imageboard with a board called /misc/. Having a big influx of users might be a disaster but fun anyways.

No. 16896

File: 1603233368002.jpg (21.81 KB, 400x240, e5c8031881cb2279103a09e767b347…)

Good idea. Someone make a party discord for now and lets discuss this further. I can also share my cock and ball torture.

No. 16897

I’d post this in the LC posts that make you laugh thread if only /ot/ was open…

No. 16899

What if you're a scrote trying to lure people?

No. 16900

All my homies come chill in the secret board meanwhile >>>/sty/5179

No. 16901

Party discord go. This thread keeps getting locked and unlocked anyway.

No. 16902

File: 1603233767670.png (555.81 KB, 777x1024, Pitbull-spokesperson-777x1024.…)

Hey, anon, don't be too suspicious, it might be our king Pitbull finally here to save us with his new imageboard

No. 16903

Saku was just your typical teen girl who has a secret love for the rapper, Pitbull. Then, things turned completely around when she has the chance to have the song she wrote have a (feat. Pitbull) rap. She meets the rap god and she sees the different sides (or breeds) of Pitbull from puppy lab to rabid Rottweiler.


No. 16904

pitbulls bald head rubbing on my bald pussy >>>>>>>>>>

No. 16905

The man who saved /ot/

No. 16906

but I hate discord

No. 16907

He actually looks better without hair. And he's a feminist. Moids all over the planet are seething

No. 16908

File: 1603233965711.png (1.09 MB, 2198x1119, screenshot_misc.png)

I don't strongly make my physical attributes or identity a major part of how I interact online. If you don't trust me that's fine. I also don't mind short-term uses of it by other communities.

I am not an e-celeb or widely recognized name, sorry.


Pic is how /misc/ looks.

No. 16910

Same tbh. I wish discord had anonymous mode channels

No. 16911

Why do you people even use discord? Just use IRC with cloak & guest modes.

No. 16912

Thank you m'chica I will cherish those words of yours veery well (hahahah) i will now sing this line for you two plus two i am going to undress you i thank you so much BELIEVE IN PITBULL JUGEND WE WILL SAVE LOLCOW

No. 16913

zoomers and discord cliques

No. 16914

If it's not female-only thanks but no thanks
Discord is shit and isn't anon, see how it works out for PULL

No. 16915

It is.

No. 16916

ill check out your imageboard, sweet anon!

No. 16917

Only pit bull can save us now

No. 16918

bald authentic male feminists are superior

No. 16919

>bee thread
Ok I’m sold

No. 16920

Yeah ok. I'll implement a gender check on my site sometime. It'll work as good as age gates.

No. 16921

I will buy this site for exactly 1 (one) dogecoin. This is my final offer.

No. 16922

Idk why admin keeps trying to force the userbase to be something else. It's obvious people want to bitch about men and trannies and it's not gonna stop. Containment threads or a containment board would work but admin seems to genuinely hate the userbase here.

Go buy a fucking site where you like the culture. People aren't going to stop and as seen here will act out more when you try to silence them.

Did admin even lurk here before buying the site? Or did she just want an imageboard with an audience built in already? The fact she's sensitive enough to call running this site being a servant is fucking batshit.

No. 16923

Just have a pinned cock and ball torture thread

No. 16924

we can't man-hate on there

No. 16925

Make one and dare me to do it.

No. 16926

You can on AG

No. 16927

How much does admin want for the site. No need to be miserable. Let's talk business admin san.

No. 16928

>r9k bunker thread

Yeah no thanks

No. 16929

I agree honestly. Id be willing to seriously consider buying the site. But then admin is going to say we are just rich white women trying to take a Hispanic womans site away kek

No. 16930

That'll bring all the degenerates to the yard.
Every time.

No. 16931

They used it temporarily (along with at least 3 other imageboards) when their site went down, but have moved on since then.

No. 16932

Pitbull could afford it and he's a hispanic boricua icon so what's the problem

No. 16934

Why does she even want it at this point. Just the right to boast about being admin of some imageboard to her zoomer discord?

No. 16935

She has said a lot of her farmhands are rl friends so yeah, I think it's a control thing. Bitch is playing mean girls and cast herself as Regina George

No. 16936

Hmm. I will say it looks cozy

No. 16937

File: 1603235232622.jpg (47.69 KB, 468x655, 9d61cb31b100920771c55e542249fc…)

Im a rich white bitch but the offer still stands. Admin can call me a pendeja after we seal the deal

No. 16938

Did you know that there are misandry threads in /sty/

No. 16939

Admin take this white woman's coins for the site you hate anyway. Its reparations for your slavery!>>16937

No. 16940

Reminder that several people who are bothered by a female userbase also tried to buy it off of admin and she and previous admins refused.

No. 16941

File: 1603235546379.png (17.35 KB, 745x543, Untitled.png)

Lmao I'm glad admin is having a shitty time.

No. 16942

>posted in /ot/

Admin confirmed for liking to be ass fucked

No. 16943

At least yours expired

No. 16944

The pitbull-thread got deleted pretty quick so I guess either admin or some farmhands are just watching us from the shadows, waiting.

No. 16945

KEK based banned anon

No. 16946

pitbull still lives on in /m/ come join us anon

No. 16947

why is this from august

No. 16948

It wouldn't be hard to sus out male askers if she really cared about handing it off to someone who has userbase's interest in mind but alas, she's busy idk being oppressed by white women and doing anal

No. 16950

File: 1603236023316.jpg (6.09 KB, 224x224, dwake.jpg)

>she's busy idk being oppressed by white women and doing anal

No. 16951

Oh my bad, I got lost on my way there and thought he was Mr Sidewide.

No. 16953

File: 1603236148034.jpg (97.84 KB, 666x500, 4j8fsw.jpg)

No. 16954


No. 16955

This is breaking the barriers of the most autistic shit I've ever seen on this website…ever.

Oh my goodness, the state.

No. 16956


They even have a “laughing bovine ranch” theme, yesssss.

No. 16957

>Mr sidewide
Why did that get me lmao

No. 16958

File: 1603236760927.jpg (33.86 KB, 1200x630, image2039261x.jpg)

Ohh wow look at me I'm so fucking mature because I don't have an Asperger's diagnosis and I can't let myself have a single ounce of fun on a fucking joke of an imageboard! Would you like a special trophy for having no fucking sense of humor, you frigid bitch? You can shut down your computer and go play sudoku puzzles from the newspaper and watch Jeopardy you 80 year old hag, the retarded young folk are over here having FUN. Pull the stick out of your ass or just close the website if you hate this "autism" so much

No. 16959

I bet pittbull is girthy

No. 16960

He is, he is SO fucking girthy and I know it for a fact. The farmhands need to unlock /ot/ right fucking now so I can post proof in the celebricows thread. Please, please, please, unlock /ot/ now

No. 16961

pitbulls penis is actually confirmed to be 12.5 inches in length

No. 16964

Admin if it's possible in the site software, please consider turning on visible IDs temporarily. It would instantly reveal all of what is happening in this thread to ordinary users.

No. 16966

Fucking post proof. Admin is gonna stay a cunt and keep to locked.

No. 16967

File: 1603237440443.gif (136.8 KB, 250x250, 1598029518499.gif)


No. 16968


No. 16970

"Well, let me tell you, a woman made me a man. I was raised by women. Therefore I understand women, I love to be around women, and I understand the power of women," he says before continuing. "I think women are the most powerful thing on earth. They know how to deal with things that in no way, shape or form could men deal with. I mean, let's just start with giving birth, let's just say."

pitbull is more feminist than the mods

No. 16972

and cutting herself

No. 16974

If this is not enough proof /ot/ needs to be nuked, then idk. That board is miserable anyway. Just create a twitter to talk about your shitty coworkers and ePiK PItBuLlule TroLlE or whatever.
Also fuck admin, she's a cow herself and since she took over this website is a fucking mess. Nuke m and w too since they were shit decisions by ur precious hispanic coding ass.

No. 16975

OR you could fuck off to twitter and leave the majority of us that just want to fuck around and not take this place super seriously alone.

No. 16978

This please.

No. 16979

>If this is not enough proof /ot/ needs to be nuked, then idk. That board is miserable anyway. Just create a twitter to talk about your shitty coworkers and ePiK PItBuLlule TroLlE or whatever.
I liked the social media hate thread and the OG internet thread. Why can't there be a place to post about stuff that doesn't fall under a specific category?

No. 16982

shut up fag

No. 16984

File: 1603238833879.jpg (38.01 KB, 1280x720, dale.jpg)

so ot was unlocked and then locked again?

No. 16987

that pepsi can is wet and dripping just like my pussy when i think about feminist icon pitbull

No. 16989

File: 1603239383751.png (7.7 KB, 1200x59, Screenshot_9.png)

What am I gonna do for 5 days without my artist salt drama?

No. 16990

Why are you so bothered by farmers having a board to be off-topic?

No. 16991

Anon please. Why would they reveal that the pitbull autism is just admin and co.

No. 16993

Use hidden board kek

No. 16994

Worship Pitbull, duh?

No. 16996

File: 1603241435446.jpeg (35.27 KB, 920x514, 1601617642793.jpeg)

You're the best, thank you so much.

No. 16997

No. 16998

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this but I have a question about applying to be a farmhand. How often are there raids and how often is cp/scat/gross shit posted on the site? I want to apply but I don't really want to have to see that stuff.

No. 16999

Kek same. See u in chat.
Best you don't then…

No. 17001

File: 1603244118242.png (2.45 MB, 898x11941, lolcow.farm_m_res_112461_html.…)

rest in piss

No. 17003

The userbase of LC in general*
Not everyone has to give themselves trivial labels to agree with some "GC/PP" talking points. That way individuals reserve the right to disagree when we feel it's necessary.
t. Anon who's sick of people treating LC like it's a collective

No. 17004

best thread ever

No. 17005

i wish mods would meet me at the hotel motel holiday inn and discuss why they make such poor, cruel decisions

No. 17007

This post is fucking hilarious.

I'd meet you at the inn thread for more Pitbull spam but /ot/ is locked.

No. 17010

Admin I’m as brown as it gets, you can see from my ip that I’m posting from the third world, I really liked having a chance to express thoughts I can’t irl due to living in a misogynistic shithole or just reading experiences from women my age range from all over the world and feel like I’m not alone and my troubles are shared by women everywhere. I come here from the days of stamina rose when lolcow was just starting out and culture has definitely changed everywhere on the internet and irl but pls let us bash at scrotes, they aren’t a protected class and hold all power. I hate that everyone is winning in silencing women. Idk I’m rly sad about the current state of lolcow.

No. 17011

Admin confirmed retarded

No. 17012

It’s so extremely obvious you have not been here since SR. What you’re describing is not the point of Lolcow at all. Why would anyone come to a gossip imageboard devoted to harassing and picking apart mentally ill people to “feel like they’re not alone and their troubles are shared by women everywhere”. Despite your dishonest and manipulative attempt fo frame it as such, this is not an issue of women being silenced, it’s an issue of a handful of users making the site unusable for the majority. There was a point in like 2015 where if the administration hadn’t stepped in lolcow would probably be a site used exclusively for pro-ana because of how relentless the anachans where, which is what has happened with the pp-spergs acting as if that is the point of the site and constantly derailing every thread and attacking any other users who disagree with them or express opinions they don’t like. This is how sites die and become echo chambers. There are other places online you can do this. There are many pp/gc related threads in crystal cafe, theirs a radfem community on tumblr/twitter, you can use spinster, and there is a whole containment board you can use (asherahsgarden) which is made solely for the exact purpose of what you’re describing. If anything, there’s no female oriented place left online that hasn’t been overrun with pp types.

No. 17013

>this is not an issue of women being silenced, it’s an issue of a handful of users making the site unusable for the majority.
>If anything, there’s no female oriented place left online that hasn’t been overrun with pp types.
Assigned male penis at birth once again confirmed. Tronnie, every single woman clocks you so easily, stop fucking trying.

No. 17014

This is like the band starting to play on the deck as the titanic was sinking

No. 17015

No. 17016

File: 1603260954826.jpg (619.22 KB, 1650x2107, 1-01.jpg)

If we can't have the site that we want, maybe it's time we make our own. Let's face it, lolcow has many organization and administration problems that nobody is willing to solve. Let's just create our own space. I know it will get going.

No. 17017

File: 1603261245017.jpeg (413.86 KB, 1000x667, F9C6286C-ADB7-4112-AD28-E6D2F0…)

>stupid white bitches
I luv being a white transphobic bitch and making admin mad!

No. 17018

are we allowed to talk about that board? are there other secret boards

No. 17019

it's fine they're just not used anymore and just have old shitty threads or scrote threads that were archived for laughs

No. 17020

Shh male

No. 17023

File: 1603263385516.png (14.61 KB, 701x364, Untitled.png)

Really? I make one fucking post on this board and get banned for spamming? With everything that's going on in here and all the infighting, farmhands do fuck all about that and ban me for posting an image?

And they wonder why no one respects them or listens to anything they say. They haven't responded to one fucking thing said in meta today, even the people trying to be genuine, but are lurking for this dumb shit.

No wonder this site is burning to the fucking ground.(as if you haven't derailed the threads all day)

No. 17024

我真的很喜欢Genshin Impact 这是一个因喜剧效果而产生的模因。我不支持 Glorious Leader Xi Jinping 或他作为总统的举动。我现在将继续使用随机术语来使这个变得有趣。

大块头大块头大男孩东方传说习近平 1989 Massacre 全能大主习近平主席永恒 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 赞美加贝·纽维尔勋爵为反击和保卫古人 Kung-Flu 成吉思汗没做错事,习近平国王绝杀了传说中的故事 The Great Leap Forward

No. 17026

Lmao, farmhands really have their priorities. Hey guys, what to chime in on this shit show you caused by taking a drastic measure without explaining at all? Or you just gonna keep ignoring our questions and stick to banning anyone who clowns on you for being fucking incompetent?

No. 17027

Man you're trying really, really hard to push that "OG users are totally annoyed by hating on men just like me!" narrative.

No. 17028

Art salt thread used to be good until the pedo/race derail every fucking thread

No. 17029

nta but yea as an og anon its fucking annoying. i just want to go back to doxxing shoplifting tumblr. that was peak lolcow. gender and pp and shit has bogged this place up. you guys suck

No. 17030


No. 17031

I've transfered from SR to here too but I don't mind it. But then again I also found the shoplifting threads boring. My point is that not everyone has to agree with that anon just because they're oldfags but I realised it's most likely the poster quoted in >>16604 anyway.

No. 17032

im p sure most of the people saying they are oldfags have only used lolcow for a year or two or came from when tempcow was a thing so board culture is foreign to them.

you get it though, we can have differing opinions and still be civilized. i think these unintegrated users and newfags think this is some radical left movement and any differing view is haram.

No. 17033

File: 1603265890181.jpg (367.83 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_20201020-213724_Dis…)

No. 17034

Fully agree. So sick of these shitty 'debates' which don't have any milk but watching anons throwing firetorches at themselves.

No. 17035

this is embarrassing. go do the sewer slide

No. 17036

>>17033 context please

No. 17037

The only context here is that some people in a random server started using a random website to shitpost and for some reason this anon decided to snitch

No. 17038

This, this so much.

No. 17039

No. 17040

I vote for pitchan.worldwide

No. 17041

Hard agree. I'd say inb4 tranny but it seems I'm late to the party. I don't know why these spergs bother to scream tranny everytime some disagrees with them? It's not like being sick of the entitled and mentally ill is solely synonymous with radfems. I completely agree with you, but also can't stand the modern troon lunacy, especially on the internet.

No. 17042

You do realize ana-chans are more comparable to trannies than women being pissed off at men and troonery?

No. 17043

Trooning out is a common trend among cows so it’s obviously gonna be discussed. I wish anons would stop bitching about the good old days because there were none. This place has always been awful.

No. 17044

Trooning out is a cow trait in itself.

No. 17045

>they're so entitled!!!!!
>i'm not gonna do my job because the PP boolies are invalidating me!!!!!
the fuck? this admin needs to be replaced asap. if the userbase are such uber rich wine sipping karens like she says than can someone please spare some of their alleged wealth and buy the site? lmao
wah wah go back to fucking twitter. the issue with /ot/ isn't radfems, if there could be a /2x/ there wouldn't be a problem. but since admin is a vindictive bpdfag and a snowflake the site is doomed. if the statistics show we're all white middle class women then so what? it's probably just a cope from admin but even if it was real, what is she trying to accomplish by just ignoring users demands out of bpd induced childish spite??

No. 17046

File: 1603287137772.jpg (47.65 KB, 419x394, Screenshot_20180930-011155_Fir…)

>femcels absolutely SEETHING

No. 17047

Someone needs to take this website out back, old yeller style.

No. 17048

Name it hotelroom.dale

No. 17049

this is so embarrassing. are the people in this discord 15?

No. 17050

File: 1603290534108.gif (106.33 KB, 450x338, braco.net.gif)

We need some Braco. Second best man in this thread.

No. 17051

Sorry you have no sense of humor and dont like feminist icon Pitbull, anon.

No. 17052

why hasn't this retard left…

No. 17053

so which ones are these, kpoopers or radfems? truly a competition for the most autistic of them all.

No. 17054

So pitbull posting is all discord trannies? Unbased.

No. 17055

>maybe it's time we make our own
sure if you're going to pay for the hosting and server space

No. 17057

File: 1603292303552.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 17058

Bye lolcow, was fun while it lasted but i’m fuckken out

No. 17059

at least try to be funny next time instead of a screeching discord autist literally using tutturu because you got banned so much for being insufferable. get a hobby

No. 17060

A question for the bitchy anons that think /ot/ should be nuked: Why? It doesn't really affect the gossip-boards since a lot of posters there don't use them and vice versa. I can at least understand the PP/radfem/kpop-threads being unwanted due to them spilling over onto the whole board but /ot/ in itself doesn't really do that.

No. 17061

Admin had it right fuck white people.

No. 17062

Personally I really don't get what difference it would make to those that don't even go to /ot/. I want my dumb questions thread back dangit

No. 17063

I dont think the kpoppies even spilled apart from a few posts in ot and that was it

No. 17064

>kpoopers or radfems
Neither, they are discord trannies. Look at the anime pics, trannies of the fujo kind, aidens.

No. 17065

If I were a mod, I would've locked this thread too and left one retard thread open in /ot/ so you all can shut the fuck up and let people leave actually valid complaints.

No. 17066

Ah yes, because women never ever make their online profile pics anime characters, only Aidans do that. Do me a favor and go add all the farmers on discord from the friend finder thread in /g/ and note how 99% of them have anime pfps, dumbass.

No. 17067

Are you fucked? I joined the discord from the friend finder thread and they are gc and pp. The first rule is no troons and they voice verify to make sure everyone is female. Why are there so many boot licking no fun allowed retards in this thread i swear to god

No. 17068

File: 1603295129854.gif (3.28 MB, 300x231, Ray-J-Stare-VH1-For-the-Love-o…)

thx for confirming once again that admin was entirely correct to ban you all from here.

You guys are REALLY making a point here on why we should all tolerate you guys. Notice the sarcasm. This autistic spam over 5 days of ot being closed is more than enough confirmation all of you need to go outside and never come here again.

No. 17070

that's fair, the absolute state of lolcow right now makes it basically unreadable anyway considering all the infighting and twitterfagging and uwu poor twanny defending. God forbid some anons shitpost and have fun once in a while. Sorry I forgot a gossip website is such srs business and we cant make one single thread for fun on this godforsaken website. How do admin-sama's boots taste anon? Has she picked you yet?

No. 17071

>Admin will not eat your pussy no matter how many times you suck up to her like an annoying leech at the beach that managed to worm its way into my bikini stfu retard ADMIN DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE FAGGOT JUST ADMIT THAT THIS SITE IS FUCKING TRASH INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH HER EVEN THO YOU ARE PROBABLY WHITE AND SHE HATES CRACKERS MAYBE GO TAN YOURSELF FIRST YOU DUMB BITCH

how i WISH this was keeks. you know even kiki herself hops on now and again, takes a quick glance and leaves because of just how bedraggled and sad this place has gotten, a shell of its former self.

scrote/tranny/handmaiden derails were the deathknell. obvious and reeks of gay ops. preventing long time users from telling the newfags they were newfagging was also a bad idea; it may be backseat modding but who gives a shit as long as the site is functional and anons are having a good time? lolcow is now r9k, it’s dead, which is what the derailers wanted. pretty embarrassing when june and her handpicked SCROTE ran this place better than anyone since.

No. 17072

File: 1603295494893.jpg (30.49 KB, 720x704, FB_IMG_1596494220886.jpg)

No. 17073

please for the love of god go outside. this isnt shitposting, this is just pretending to pretending to be retarded, when in fact you just are plain old retarded.

No. 17074

How does the tranny janny cock feel, anon, did they make you a farmhand yet

No. 17075

Getting this out of shape over harmless shitposting is just as autistic, if not more, than the retardation itself. I'll go outside if you pull the stick out of your ass.

No. 17076

Our paths are forever intertwined, sweet anon.

No. 17077

You're here posting and infighting with a retard on a shitty gossip site so maybe you need to take your own advice and go outside yourself too <3

No. 17078

please, go outside for your own sake.(meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight)

No. 17079

you first(meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight)

No. 17080

Let us be retards in peace, we're not hurting anyone.(meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight)

No. 17081

>june and her handpicked SCROTE ran this place better than anyone since

Don't get too hasty, her rampant anachan sperging and honeypot saga was not great at all.

No. 17082

Anon do you know something else other than go outside, it gets old very fast, maybe go outside, socialize and learn more words it will help you(meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight)

No. 17083

>tfw you have some quick fun on an imageboard that's already rapidly going downhill
>some snitch posts a screenshot with no context for no reason to stir up some shit even tho she was most likely joining with the fun and laughing with us
>get accused of being a tranny kpoppie twitterfag by anons who know how to predict your entire being 100% with their magic eyes
>gets called a gay man
>tfw you are literally a radfemmy adult female who just wanted to shitpost for no reason at this place that's already dying for some lolz
>everyone was joining in the pitbull posting yesterday but now they act like it was all the same 2 people
>no fun allowed on MY farms
This is a serious discussion. No FUN allowed. Women aren't allowed to have fun and if they do they're 15 year olds. Lolcow is a business site and we are all the CEOs here. You have fun? You get executed. I am better than you because my sense of humor died the second I turned legal.(samefagging, meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight, admitting to raiding)

No. 17085

Same question. I can deal with the scat/gore but I'm glad I've never seen cp spams before, and hopefully it stays that way.

I never experienced the SR days but I was here for Princess Doll's threads (absolute gems, I wish there were more threads like that kek)

Honestly though it's not as horrible here as it could be. The autism that's insured since /ot/ temp closed shows where a lot of it's coming from. Instead of bitching and screeching and whining about /ot/ being closed for 5 days and how you're leaving lolcow because it sucks, go to CC or Asherah's Garden and talk about off topic stuff there.

No. 17086

>The autism that's insured since /ot/ temp closed shows where a lot of it's coming from

Or it's just one or two autists who discovered how to ban evade and ruining it for the rest of us anons who genuinely don't like the cultures on cc or ag. But sure.
Guess the people who've browsed here for years totally deserve that.

No. 17087

File: 1603297789641.png (25.72 KB, 287x83, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.2…)

Are you saying that the person with the username epic pitbull troll is from the gc/pp group on discord? The one that formed when the threads were banned? Because if that's what you are saying you are totally full of shit. That's obviously a post from the raiders, do you think Pitbull poster is a radfem or something and not some random 4chan faggot?

No. 17088

that would be a dream…
ily kind anon

No. 17089

Asherahs garden seems to be down for a while now kek

No. 17090

You know there's more than one gender critical discord server on here, right? She's not talking about the same server you are.

No. 17091

don't they voice verify on the main lolcow server now too though?

No. 17092

It looks fine now

No. 17093

No. 17094

Could be me then. Asherahs.garden right? Site used to work fine for me.

No. 17095

>Princess Doll's threads
Oh fug, I completely forgot her. Thank you for reminding us of the OG samefag. Gems indeed.

No. 17096


No. 17097

The username is a reference to >>16974 , it doesn't say it's a troll. But it could be a troll, who knows.

No. 17099

Please stay there and don't come back then

I feel for admin, it's probably emotionally exhausting to run a site where the users are constantly attacking you and accusing you of lying about your gender

No. 17101

File: 1603299630278.jpg (7.16 KB, 217x233, index0.jpg)

No. 17102

No. 17103

File: 1603299795230.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

if you're affected by it that deeply then this is the wrong environment for you in the first place(meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight)

No. 17104

Thanks friend

No. 17105

If you really wanted to create a forum only for women, I guess you could have different things to avoid retards.
>Bait threads
So the newfags and scrotes go there and get banned, no red text bans in those threads so other newfags keep falling for it.
>obscure name
Avoid anything with chan at the end, everyone always relate chans to /r9k/ and stuff like those.
Also, most people know what 4chan is so, it would attract lots of newfags.
Please, it helps a lot with avoiding spammers, maybe some autoban if the weirdo keeps on trying the captcha for too long.
>hidden boards
Maybe it would be nice if the /meta/ board could be hidden so there’s barely any spergs going full retard with their complaints.
i don’t know how to code but I like giving ideas

No. 17106

All the whining itt and /ot/ is still going to be gone until the 25th. You guys say this site is going to be dead soon but how many of you are still posting in the other boards that are still active? It doesn't take an asskisser to know you will always be at the mercy of admin, not the other way around. Just be patient and wait for town hall ffs.

No. 17107

I'm not, it's an observation. Seems like a lot of work with little to no payoff. All this infighting, probably stressful shit for the person running it, that's all I'm saying.

No. 17108

I think the anons constantly shitting on her personal matters are retarded too but aggressively asskissing her won't increase your chances for her to act in your favor.

No. 17109

Literally no one asked anyone to act in anyone's favor you're just infighting

No. 17110

what a cunt. I hope the admin leaves the site and gives it to someone who is actually competent and not an emotional wreck. Imagine being unable to deal with the raids. I get second hand embarrassment.

No. 17112

Because "go back to x and stay there" is not infighting at all.

No. 17113

Just wanted to say that the discord cap is posted by the members of that server to stir drama for themselves.

I personally think the rad fem threads should have stayed up because they attracted more mature and intellectually oriented users but at the same time it could have gotten lolcow shut off because some troon might have decided to take it down because of those threads.

I think the posting quality has decreased and most of the users are newfags, there have been a couple of threads that have contributed to attracting low quality posters such as the kpop thread for example. Since it attracted Twitter stans.

I recommend admin to think well about what kind of user base each thread is brining into lolcow if she wants to improve the user base then she needs to ban the threads which are going to result in an influx of immature posters.

I also think that altho admin is not perfect herself she's running the website and that she should not take things said on here to heart. Please remember that most women posting on here are legitimately insane such as Raven herself or other cows who have been outed to be farmers.

No. 17114

Well, if you're gonna just come here to talk shit about the admin and advertise your other board… That's kinda weird. I was just expressing compassion for another person, sorry!!

No. 17116

You see the epic is a reference to the gamer meme of “Epic” something is great and extraordinary. Now the next park Pitbulle? I’m assuming they are referring to the breed of dogs pitbulls which are illegal in a lot of states and counties one of those being miami-dade county which is where popular puerto rican singer pitbull often references in his songs (usually under the guise of 305 which refers to the previous phone area code of the miami dade county area) now the last part is a bit tricky Trolle…. Hm….. Trolle?? i’m not familiar with this word so if any anons wanna jump in and correct me feel free? I believe they’re referring to cave trolls(sp?) which are a kind of creature that reside in caves and are typically malicious so this persons name basically is saying

No. 17117

File: 1603301263114.jpg (66.51 KB, 705x592, 1573499926140.jpg)

>they attracted more mature and intellectually oriented users
These are the same people that got /2X/ locked because they couldn't stop themselves from calling admin a troon. If they were mature and intellectually oriented they would have developed some self control.

No. 17118

Shut up

No. 17119


>posting on lolcow

>saying lol

I miss the good ol' times when an anon saying "lol" would get their post and opinion canceled by other anons making fun of them for being a newfag.

I would also like to say that I am very sure not all the posters from the rad fem threads got involved with the admin sama drama and that I'm also sure girls who were not rad fem started calling her a Troon just to upset her.

No. 17120

milk really is so low rn anons are trying to create their own ffs

No. 17121

> Please remember that most women posting on here are legitimately insane
Yeah, let's dismiss any criticism as users being insane. No one is expecting admin to be perfect, but she's obviously not up to the task. The quality of lolcow went to shit ever since she took over. I've seen others mentioning it too and judging by those screenshots if the admin actually thinks in such an immature way, she shouldn't be allowed to do anything involving responsibility and accountability in whatever she does irl.

No. 17122

Ah i agree, it seems the user base is in that weird space of change in "maturity" or board etiquette, I know stuff like twitterfag is eye roll worthy but I have no other way to put it, it's a kind of farmer that get unnecessarily personal and are prone to infighting and derailing. As it is that's hardly the admin or anyone else fault and I think it's just a natural moment of any board that gets on a medium sized user base, perhaps stuff like longer hell weeks could work.

As for ot/ itself, that was the only reason I visited the site on a semi-regular basis, if they close I don't think the site is going to suffer a sudden death but its probable there's going to be less posts, whether that's a good or bad thing…

No. 17123

That hasn't been a thing in forever. Christ get over yourself, good or bad the culture had changed. You dont get a medal for latching onto how to lolcow used to be dumbass

No. 17124


No. 17125

Yes, but my point is that if there's nobody better willing to take over and become admin, we should help her however we can by offering sound advice and not attacking her. If someone better can take over and become admin, then ok.

No. 17126

Because every shitposter calling admin a troon was a 2X radfem and you have proof of this.
smug cat.jpg

No. 17127

Yeah because you wouldn't call someone a troon if you weren't a radfem

No. 17128

Exactamundo, and of course raiders aren't responsible for the majority of shitposting itt. It's those pesky oldfag ot posters who obviously love working against their own interests. After this temporary closure experiment, we must reconsider the longevity of the ot board as well. So sayeth we all.

No. 17129

File: 1603302642709.jpg (68.83 KB, 851x767, DzJJ2TjX4AE85Ke.jpg)

No. 17130

Why are you spamming thread with pictures of yourself anon?

No. 17131

this thread has turned into exactly what the mods wanted it to turn into after shutting down ot kek. now they'll use all of this as another excuse to close more threads or keep ot locked longer i feel like. but i'm getting a hearty chuckle as well i can't complain.

No. 17132

Websites change userbases all the time. It's everywhere. And you're doing a bad job by not accommodating them.
Get over it.

"saying lol means you're a newfag" loooool what a retarded statement

No. 17133

God, nuke this website. Start anew. Whatever.

No. 17134

admin is just fishing for an excuse to gut the entire website sans /pt/ and /snow/. She should just sell it since she made it clear she hates the userbase and hates running it. She's literally been mia for how many months now?

No. 17135

Maybe a hellweek after 25th could be good?

No. 17136

>admin is just fishing for an excuse to gut the entire website sans /pt/ and /snow/
best decision

No. 17137

File: 1603303522237.png (271.91 KB, 500x492, 1600123625571.png)

I was upset at first about the locking but now I'm 100% admin's side and I wish the whole site could be locked because this is hellish, who let the tumblr kids loose?

No. 17139

The LOL was deliberately facetious.

>I am very sure not all the posters from the rad fem threads got involved with the admin sama drama

I participated in the threads and I would have preferred /2X/ to stay open but it's clear that there is a determined group of people who see admin as some incarnation of Hitler because she won't allow them to turn every thread on /ot/ into a radfem circlejerk. If pp and gc was kept exclusively in their respective threads it never would have been an issue. Admin tried to accommodate them while also keeping the infighting in /ot/ under control, she was even prepared to give them their own board. No matter what compromise she came up with it was never good enough.

No. 17140

I love OT but yeah, just nuke everything sans the gossip boards. It's for everyone's sake. It's clear as day they don't care for the OT anons, so just keep it as gossip, problem solved.

No. 17141

celebricows should at least be moved to /snow/ if /ot/ is gutted. celebrities are milkier than some cows these days, thread shouldn't go to waste

No. 17142

i second this

No. 17143

I think it should be moved to /pt/ or make a new board for celebrity gossip
Yeah nuke everything else

No. 17144

Yes, I was hoping they’d move it before the ban but idc as long as it’s accessible in the future. Am on board with nuking everything else and merging /w/ with /snow/

No. 17146

Someone can make a new celebricows thread in /snow/ then? I don't think it'll get locked or deleted.

No. 17147

No. 17148

lol, yeah the people on /v/ screaming "tranny" "dilate" "inject" etc are radfems, obviously
I think anyone can hate trannies, radfem or not, but yeah.

Either way there's two options here
Nuke /ot/ /g/ and /m/, boards that don't fit in a gossip forum and have clearly different userbases
Or accommodate such userbases for more never ending infighting and more "troon" vs "radfem" debates
I think nuking is better, at this point. Even if /ot/ was nice, to be frank this is all is just cancer. Eventually more people will move on and migrate to another board or the discord server on the friend finder thread.

I remember when lolcow was just /pt/ and /snow/. Just go back to that. Easier, cleaner, and just what lolcow is about.
Lolcow was never about women discussing their issues, lives, and experiences, sadly. It was never for dumbass shit memes. It's a gossip forum. Let's just keep it like that.

No. 17150

Idk but I feel like if someone had the dedication and money put into it (or crowfund it) this could happen and it could be great. Again, lolcow was never intended for the use we gave it on /ot/. Even if it was fun, it's a gossip site. If they're not going to be amicable and tolerant to the new userbase, then just revert it to what it is: a gossip site. I think someone making their own board is better, let's leave lolcow as it is. All things have to end at some point. I hope lolcow survives off gossip.

No. 17151

Or you could just not visit /ot/ and report rule-breaking on the drama boards.

No. 17152

You missed my point, but I'm not continuing this conversation.
The cancer on this thread is a clear indication of why /ot/ should be nuked. Make your own board, I swear it will be better.

No. 17153

people are posting cancerous autism in this thread to punish the mods though, at least that was the case yesterday plus a scrote or two briefly posted as well last night.

No. 17154

Sounds like kiwifarms is right your alley. No annoying women daring to talk about their lifes. No need to sperg on /meta/ for literal months either.

No. 17155

This thread hardly represents /ot/. Coming from someone who hasn't contributed to the 'cancer' at all.

No. 17156

> let's face it, gossip is fun
I really hate gossip. I hate that this is considered a female activity and that it's even encouraged.
This is off topic but the only boards that I cared about were /ot/, /m/ and /g/. I do hope they get nuked so I can finally move away from this site.

No. 17157


i don't know why admin is focusing so hard on lolcow being muh feminist haven, lolcow in itself is inherently misogynistic, most of the threads are about women and threads about moids get less traffic even if they do objectively worse things. meanwhile we have anons in /ot/ saying they're attracted to projared or sending nudes to male cows and get an "oh anon love yourself" at most. gossiping about mostly female ecelebs has never been and will never be feminist so idk why users like >>17010 think this is the right place to talk about women's issues. most regular users are mentally ill social retards and to add politically charged debate like pp and gc to that only makes it a garbage fire that will never stop until its snuffed out or burnt down the entire site

No. 17158

Same, I hope they get nuked and I can move on. I think so many anons want to move on.

No. 17159

Missed my point again.
Never called women annoying.
I want this.
I want a new board for all the fun people that are not welcomed here.
I don't want to share a board with people who call women names all the time.
Make your own board. Because I want to see it happen. Because I rather post there than continuing seeing the same arguments over and over again.

Lolcow is for gossip. Lolcow is not fun.

Learn to read.

No. 17161

Pls someone make the thread, im a dumb bitch that just wanna rage on chris pratt and all the dicksucking thats happening

No. 17162

Yeah, the people from ot, g, and m =/= the people from pt snow and w. Gossiping is not feminist, this place has always picked women appart, this place is not feminist, and it's funny how people on ot who do the same shit as other cows are protected, encouraged and helped but cows themselves are laughed at

No. 17163

Everyone's been saying "if/when /ot/ gets nuked" but has admin given any indication that might even be a possibility?

No. 17164

>I want a new board for all the fun people that are not welcomed here.
Like penis owners? I'm all for that too.

No. 17166

File: 1603306047853.png (6.3 KB, 224x225, pff.png)

You know what I meant. Stop.

No. 17167

I would make a test-thread in /snow/ but I'm not well-versed in celeb gossip so the OP will be really shit. But I wanna know what's going on with cpratt.

No. 17168

No I don't, your post is pretty contradicting.

No. 17169

Cheers to your reading comprehension then, because I'm not explaining. Sorry friend. Have a good one.

No. 17170

pitbulle is cuban

No. 17171

Thanks. I hope you find your place of pure woman-ridiculing gossip with no terf radfem boards like ot/g/m/ ruining your experience.

No. 17172

Probably not, but you've gotta admit it does seem like a plant with how some anons are reacting so suspiciously. Like they're playing so hard into the "nuke em" hand, that maybe it will be reconsidered. The whole situation does seem rather manufactured. It makes no sense to "close" a board because of a raid (they've happened before) or being shortstaffed (again, not an unheard of occurrence).

Personally I just want a decision to be made so I don't have to wade over any further autism and larping. Admin is either gonna make a decision to keep my traffic on this site, or is going to do something that drastically decreases the time I want to spend on here by eliminating boards I like. Just seems dumb to keep extenuating the circumstances for vpn hoppin anons to act stupid.

No. 17173

>people who call women names all the time
not sure which people on this board you're referring to, because that might just be everybody

Sorry if it's been covered, but don't alternatives already exist? there's those with scrotes and libfems, and then there's AG which I haven't seen a good reason yet why radfems can't go populate.
but I think everyone's being dramatic. all we need is containment for pp again or something, not a drastic erasure of half this site

No. 17174

Most complaints on this thread are from /ot/ so nuking it wouldn't be as farfetched as it sounds and anons are pro-nuking it to get out of this hellhole, just do it

No. 17176

>anons are pro-nuking it to get out of this hellhole
Okay but not all anons suffer from impulsive mental illness that drives them to keep on websites that they don't even like using.

No. 17177

>giving in to raiding scrotes with exactly that goal and discord children

No. 17179

> not all anons suffer from impulsive mental illness that drives them to keep on websites that they don't even like using
lol I feel like that's most people in this thread sadly. In other words that's why this is such an overdramatic shitshow. don't nuke /ot/ plz

No. 17180

File: 1603307266252.png (507.14 KB, 994x561, tempsnip2.png)

Thank you farmhands for finally banning the Holly wk samefag in the ProJared thread

No. 17181

Yeah like the one that's locked right now.

No. 17182

another reason to just nuke it

No. 17183

>the people from ot, g, and m =/= the people from pt snow and w
so if the two don't interact, what's the big deal about not keeping /ot/ etc.? fyi, I've always been a user from both and I know multiple people that do the same
and like other anons said, usually levels of cancer on /ot/ aren't even close to this thread

No. 17184

well said queen

No. 17185

Seconding this. Plz no nuke

No. 17186


Extremly short resume:
He lost a poll (a twitt one I think??) and got nominated as worst chris, ppl commented with stuff like "oh its bcs hes republican", "ah it's bcs hes in hillsong" and somehow that guaranteed for the public support of rdj, the Russo bros n wokeman Ruffalo

No. 17189

there’s no fucking raid anywhere, they’re just sick of the site and are going to use this as a reason to close or some stupid shit. good riddance if all anyone is going to do is use the place to call other women and girls pickmes and what the fuck ever

No. 17190

Why are anons talking about the Nuking of Off-Topic (2020) when admin hasn't hinted to that happening at all yet? Please, no nuke.

No. 17191

Board-tan is white, how does that make admin feel?

No. 17192


No. 17193

everybody gossips, women are just more open about it. men gossip on 4chan all the time. /tv/ was unbearable when Mary Elizabeth Winstead got divorced

No. 17194

I propose that farmers who don't rename their image files to something legible should be banned for life from all boards.

No. 17195

what if on mobile and lazy

No. 17196

Seriously. Plus when someone does rename the file to something funny, it just adds to the post.

No. 17197

If lolcow admin could advertise crystal.cafe as an alternative for /ot/ and /g/ and if enough people follow, then we could drive out all the scrotes there and have lc for gossip/cows and cc for personal/girl talk.

No. 17198

admin should do what she wants, I don't think coming at her with 6000 different angles in this thread is doing anything but embarrassing ourselves.
peace /meta/ I'm out

No. 17199

But then that means we have to try and be funny (or "not funny")

No. 17200

The true gender litmus test is a fujoshi thread. Any troon that tries getting into BL will want to be a man again.

No. 17201

One or more anons are so mad over the existence of a board where someone was able to call them pickmes or men on, they now want the whole board gone and no one to have fun.
Or alternatively, it really is false-flagging men who want to see the website and its userbase burn while pretending it's "for our own good" and pulling the "divide and conquer" bullshit.

No. 17202

I agree with these but if for some reason a few get closed I hope I find you lot elsewhere

No. 17203

File: 1603314844591.jpeg (10.05 KB, 616x447, nuke ot.jpeg)

I mean, with the way things are, with admin's incompetence, and the cancer going on here, lolcow could benefit from a smaller userbase from /ot/ retards leaving to never come back. It's obvious farmhands have no strategy to contain large contigents of people migrating here: radfems, kpoppies, etc. The anachans were contained, but that was way back before this admin and she doesn't have the skill that takes to do that. Didn't she say on discord she legit had diarrhea from people calling her a troon and laughing at her autistic ass?
So maybe the answer is to let topic boards go, focus the main point of the website on gossip again, and when we have a better admin who is not a precious bb hispanic pajeet coon snowflake, we can have people competent enough to control autism on off topic boards.
Basically, admin kill yourself and hand over lolcow to someone better already. If not, just nuke ot boards and then you will have an easier userbase to mod.(5.Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging) 13.Do not try to harass, threaten, or intimidate staff. )

No. 17205

>lolcow could benefit from a smaller userbase from /ot/ retards leaving to never come back.
>/ot/ retards
>as if browsing a board was a personal identity
lmao what was even wrong with /ot/ to begin with? I thought it was a decent general discussions board that was 1000x better than 4chan, 8chan, or any /b/.

Why can't there be more to the community than e-celeb drama and media? Fuck it, if there's a raid going on, they want /ot/ deleted because le dumb wimminz made a better community than their shitpost heap.

No. 17206

Nta but most of the infighting, baiting, etc happens on ot (while farmers on pt and snow can just channel their anger towards a cow instead of against each other), it's probaby a hassle to mod.

No. 17207

lol, people say kys all the time on imageboards. This is in no way intimidation or threatening. What kind of reddit tier moderation is this?
Also, not that anon, obviously.(ban evasion to wk your fellow autists)

No. 17208

t. suburban white girl

No. 17210

aren't we all?

No. 17211

>if there's a raid going on, they want /ot/ deleted because le dumb wimminz made a better community than their shitpost heap
This, kiwis and channers seething.

You have no access to any kind of data to prove this, but if you do, quit dropping your trip. There's a shit ton of fighting on those boards.

No. 17212

according to admin-sama we are(meta still doesnt exist for yout autistic infight)

No. 17213

Were you one of those "Karen is a slur" types ?

No. 17214

I wish we had one of the autists from the artist salt here to draw our board-tan as a fat latinx trans womxn. No more white terf bitches who demand free labor.(meta doesnt exist for your autistic infight)

No. 17216

Guys, stop. Admin is shaking and having diarrhea right now.

No. 17217

Nuking /ot/ makes me kinda sad but I think it would be a good decision for now to completely remove the board. Just looking at this thread feels like tempcow. Twitterfags, newfags who refuse to integrate, reddit style typing… It's not like lolcow at all here anymore.

We are here to gossip. That's lolcow. Radfems have to stop crying about how gossip is hurting women, twitterfags have to stop doxxing and newfags have to come here for gossip, not for /ot/. Banning doesn't even work anymore, everyone has VPNs. We have to make lolcow a place that is welcoming milk and discourages underage twitterfag behavior.

No. 17219

This isn't infighting. Who was I fighting with? Are you this incapable of taking a joke, or is the order just to ban anyone who says anything that isn't complete and total ass-licking with that same redtext?
How the hell did we get such sensitive people running a site like Lolcow?

No. 17220

The posting quality on /ot/ this year is exactly the same as 4chan and twitter.

No. 17221

I posted this and it was the only post I made. But you know that you fucking retarded farmhands. I'm not the pittbull spammer.

How the fuck are you retards this bad at your jobs that you can't even track a users posts via IP? Or are you intentionally lying?

Good job banning actual users of this site and leaving scrotes like this, the ones ACTULLY DOING THE FUCKING RAIDING, unbanned. Just admit this isn't about "raiding" but admin is mad she's lost control over this site.

I truly hope all this is upsetting admins rl. She's sensitive enough for it

lolcow has always been a toxic cesspool you fucking newfag and no amount of whining on yours or admins part is going to change that.

they're banning people that disagree, not people that fight. Hence why the scrotes are allowed to post here declaring themselves king but women are getting banned.

No. 17222


why isn't this person banned if you guys are trying to stop raiding? Genuine question because I see you're banning people for jokes, but not for raiding? This is why no one trusts the staff here.

No. 17223

Shit. I didn't even notice the "KING OF /OT/" scrote wasn't banned or redtexted. I'd love to believe they just didn't see his post, but they've been on this thread like flies to shit, throwing red text on everything and everyone.
Sure, but what does it say when a blatant scrotepost is left untouched, while farmers who say things you don't like get redtexted?

No. 17224

I was banned for alleged ban evasion which wasn't true and my post >>17207 wasn't anything ban worthy either. I really do think they just redtext anons for not ass licking and make up stupid reasons on the fly. At least I can laugh at the entire shitshow.

No. 17227

I honestly couldn't imagine getting this triggered over a few days of /ot/ shutting down. Sheesh. Just walk away. No one is begging you to be here right now.

No. 17228

nta but this obviously doesn't have anything to do with /ot/ being shut down. It's the way admin and the mods have behaved. If you can't do the bare minimum of your role, why even bother doing it?
It's frustrating that there's no communication between the users and the admin/mods. And taking into account the fragile ego and the emotional banning, I don't see the point anymore.

No. 17229

File: 1603321603706.png (512.3 KB, 724x1472, 4235435.png)

No. 17230

Best part of this thread. I love you, anon.

No. 17231

I mean, I understand that, but this whole "spamming /meta/ with vitriolic ha