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File: 1626351231264.png (12.2 KB, 225x225, images.png)

No. 854673

As the title says.
Post experiences, why you can't stand them and such
Please refrain from coming in this thread and say stupid shit like "Oh that's why nobody likes me" or "Damn seeing this thread as a [thing] sufferer makes me uncomfortable" because nobody will pity you.

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No. 854684

Generalised anxiety and social anxiety. I know it's like seen as a run of the mill disorder but I fucking hate living with it.

I have a lot of shitty relationships and would love to form brand new ones but I hate approaching situations alone lol so I don't know how to make good friends. I had a great friend group but it broke apart in my early 20s and I haven't found a group like it since. Hanging out with them was relaxing and stress free.

I feel stressed and anxious around a few of my other acquaintances and I don't know why. It makes me avoid social interaction with them so then I hermit for days. My family are a major source of stress for me so I avoid them too.

I feel very isolated and want to change but I get cold feet anytime I tell myself today I'm going to try this new thing and be open to talking to strangers. But it never happens

No. 854713


I thought this was my main problem for years until I figured out I'm almost certainly an autist. It explains why "being confident" just made the disasters worse along with "just being myself". fml

No. 854950

I can't deal with people with anxiety. They annoy me and are draining to be around. You constantly have to filter yourself and coddle them because they're too fragile. Have an issue you two need to hash out? Too bad, they're cowards and will avoid you instead of just solving the conflict. No thanks.

No. 855160

Hate to break it to you, but that’s definitely not what having anxiety is about or like. Looks like you just have really shitty friends

No. 855168

File: 1626403827706.jpg (86.7 KB, 460x819, 2lgrvikjp8361.jpg)

I don't know what you'd call the disorder itself but I ABSOLUTELY cannot STAND spendthrifts.

Growing up my family was extremely poor. We frequently had no food in our fridge, no cable, no toys for the kids, no bikes, no nothing.

But my mother always had herself dressed immaculately in expensive clothes and makeup. Every single day a new box full of goodies would arrive in the mail for her.

Come to find out, my stepdad makes about 80,000 a year. The only reason we lived in poverty is because my mom spends nearly all of it on herself.

She's actively harmed herself, her husband, and her children just so she can spend hours and hours looking at trinkets and scarves. I can't understand how she's okay and guilt free from all the damage she's done.

Even now that I'm an adult and completely independent from her, she's constantly asking me for money and plotting.

The other day she told my brother that I owed her a bunch of money and asked him to 'lend' her some money to cover what she'd borrowed from me.

My brother called me pissed off asking why I'd borrowed $800 from my mom and demanding that I pay him back.

Fuck I hate greedy people who spend solely for the sake of spending. Not only is the action of excessive spending itself wasteful and harmful, but it requires toxic behaviors on the side to upkeep.

No. 855171

yeah that honestly sounds more like a personality disorder

No. 855176

Ngl I wish is more acceptable to beat up your family members who are like this, just so fucking toxic and annoying to live with goddamn. Sometimes a punch to the mouth fixes behavior

No. 855184

File: 1626405924488.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, 135.png)

whatever point on the autism spectrum they become this dude. they seem to thrive in college film classes; good luck uttering a semblance of an opinion in class without them trying to pick a fight with you about it

what is it that makes some autists super quiet and reserved, and others can never shut the fuck up?

No. 855187

men in communication classes as well

No. 855203

>what is it that makes some autists super quiet and reserved, and others can never shut the fuck up?
The y chromosome & being indulged by their mommy for every inane idea/sentence.

No. 855220

thats just males being male

No. 855233

Not trying to fight with you guys but just take a looksie here >>854684
>I hate approaching situations alone
>It makes me avoid social interaction with them so then I hermit for days
>My family are a major source of stress for me so I avoid them too
>I get cold feet anytime I tell myself today I'm going to try this new thing and be open to talking to strangers

No. 855393


Right but while it meets the criteria for general/social anxiety disorder (and so is) the underlying root cause could be autism. Same with avoidant personality disorder. It meets the criteria but could be autism at root.

No. 855504

I'll shoot it down easy: BPD.
Immature fucks with a hint of narcisism in which they feel entitled to everybody's life, emotions, time. Also I don't know in which category they fall into, but super religious, to the point of being scared, people. I get having faith but what's the point if you live in fear that something bad would happen? Isn't that more of a stress?

No. 855506

Anorexia. When I was in middle school I had two friends with eating disorders and the friendship with them was hell on earth because they almost managed to rope me into it and project their shit on to me.

No. 855514

Yeah your armchairing is definitely better than the diagnosis queen.

No. 855523

Not really a disorder, but I hate "average" people whose literal only life goal is getting laid. At best their hobbies are watching trashy reality TV with hot people they want to bang. I don't understand how your life can be so vapid.

No. 855525

Being a normie isn't a mental disorder nonnie

No. 855656


I would say it's pretty unhealthy to expect yourself to find the "one true soulmate" and thinking it would improve your life forever. That's how you end up with incels who think getting a gf and becoming a alpha chad is the true meaning of life.

No. 855701

File: 1626467853047.jpg (81.85 KB, 750x738, furry.jpg)

This was mentioned at length in the last thread but BPD. Friend of partner has "either BPD or narcissism" not sure why the fuck you would admit to this, especially the latter, but ok and is an all around drain to be around. Last time we had a conversation she remarked that her flatmate's collection of tools made her think about just how many ways there that she could kill herself in their apartment… said with a smile. That and she forgot my girlfriend's birthday even though they're supposed best friends.

Unpopular opinion, but I actually find autistic people refreshingly easy to be around. I never have to guess what they're thinking and you can always be straight-forward with them.

No. 855715

Autists but only when they're enabled by a nerdy/reclusive friend group, whether online or in person. The male ones of this sort are so unbearable and are massive perverts but you can't retaliate because "aww they didn't mean it"

No. 855737

Maybe it's a context thing but I don't think forgetting birthdays or an offbeat joke about all the ways you can kill yourself is that bad or even that bpd

No. 855803

varg would disagree with you. the real disorder is not being autistic

No. 856046

I can’t stand drug addicts and alcoholics. When I say this people always say “buh buh you don’t know how hard it is!” Actually I fucking do? I’ve kicked my own addictions and improved my life and I don’t cry and bitch about it. I’ve grown up surrounded by drug addicts and alcoholics and I just have no empathy for these scummy ass people anymore.

No. 856048

Hate Type-A people constantly hustling or concerned with status. People like that only care about how they appear on the outside. They will discard the "useless" with a quickness and split on you

No. 856092

Gosh yes, I hate those people too, their only personality fragment is "corporate ant". It has gotten so bad that the first question is always about your work and if they don't like what they are hearing bc they can't use you for social climbing they either won't bother talking to you, give you the stink eye, or go the pity route and bitch about how they have it soo much worse than anyone else in the world and that they are soo busy. While doing that they will also humblebrag in the most annoying way for over an hour. I'm so tired of the busy olympics. People who describe themselves as Type-A are the absolute worst and should try to pull out the stick up their ass first before polluting anyone with the crap that is coming out of their mouths.

No. 856101

ignorance is bliss, as one might say. honestly… i agree. cows like sammie violet bushart are a perfect example of these types. like, they're just on autopilot. i had a grandmother in law who was like that, she just did things, just because. even my family members would discuss about her, "she's not all there"

No. 856170

Anon that’s just awful. My mother used to sell her Jimmy Choos or take from my Dad’s wallet to pay for our birthday presents.

Many parents go without food to provide for their kids, I’m sorry you didn’t get that selflessness that all kids deserve.

No. 856174

Same except I never suffered from addiction myself and had to deal with my big sister doing drugs in high school and my parents thinking I was going to be as batshit insane as her just for being her sister, so I was treated like garbage by all of them. I'm including normal smokers here too, I hate how they think they're hot shit because they stopped chain smoking and it was soo hard. Maybe don't smoke in the first place?

No. 856175

Since you're using my post ad an example I don't think I have autism. The doctor has confirmed my anxiety diagnosis. I was a team captain in highschool and very outgoing. Extra curriculars and good grades. I was getting abused by my mother at home and my anxiety has only gotten worse the older I've gotten I think because I've had two boyfriends of 8 and 6 years also beat me so I think my confidence just took a massive hit and coupled with my mum beating me everyday from 10 years old I am wary of people.

I live miles away from my mum but have some friends that live near her so if i want to visit them since covid I would stay at my mums. But even as an adult staying over at hers triggers me and I want to go back to my own place. I honestly think I get stressed seeing my friends that live in my hometown because my hometown stresses me out. I live in a new town but without any friends up here I feel awkward trying to meet people since I've been WFH.

No. 856194

People with anxiety are infuriating. From the outside, it looks like constant excuses and a "get out of jail free" card. It doesn't help when it's selective.
Also, so many of them let their anxiety become their entire personality. If you ever spend time with them, you can guarantee they make the whole thing about their anxiety. It's either panic attacks or constantly pointing out that they "can't do" things. You're never going to feel better if you don't ever fucking try to do things. I'd have thought they'd at least have the good grace to be ashamed, but most of them are sly and actively manipulative after years of getting what they want because muh anxiety.
It's one of the mildest mental illnesses and yet it's the one you hear most people bleating about having. I'm talking about people with diagnoses, too, not internet people. The depressives I know are far more bearable, and yet seem to be struggling much worse.
In conclusion, anxiety = limp dick disease

No. 856202

It's tiring and annoying to be around someone with orthorexia and anorexia tendencies. The first ones often do stupid unnecessarry shit which is not healthy and can't help but notice what you eat and often say something about it, even jokingly. They can't just simply have a piece of cake and enjoy it, it must be said how sinful and wrong it is and that it'll make their butt grow. Shut the hell up.
Those with "anorexic tendencies" as I call it (they're not really anorexic) or people with BDD who project their insecurities on others just won't relax and NOT constantly inspect every passer-by to say something about their weight or hair or something else. It's such a drag.

Also, I think no one really likes an NPD person, but I just had to add it. I used to tolerate people like that because of low self esteem and poor boundaries, and because some were fun to be around (I don't really see it now though) but it's really not worth it. Especially after you've encountered a few, you start noticing that they're all… kinda the same? How really insecure they are and how they try to put you down, how ingenuine they are when they're "happy for you", how they're focused on all around them and think that everyone's looking at them and interested in them (my ex friend would even speak louder around people that caught his attention, and it was usually some controversial and edgy stuff), or how petty they are when they envy someone. And there's nothing really interesting about them, everything is so surface level. It's all so boring. And freaking tiring as well, you can't even let your guard down, and for what?

Hate them too, but not only the hustling subtype. It's just generally annoying to deal with someone who's always in a rush and expects others to adjust to their tempo. In some cases, people like that see you as downright retarded if you're not running around like a blue-arsed fly and would occasionally deliver an uncalled motivational/judgy spiel. If you're introverted or reserved, you're too shy and have to open up, if you don't have the same goals as them, it's hinted you don't live to the fullest etc.

No. 856204

I'm pretty sure my ex had NPD. The speaking louder when he thought he had an audience listening but he was just being obnoxious in a public setting. Never could be happy for any of my accomplishments even had other people point out that when he would (often) criticise someone else it was a projection because he did if not did worse than the person he was putting down. He was so focused on his reputation and would constantly police everyone around him yet he was the one always acting out the most. He was honestly perplexing. Like is he self aware or the most ignorant man alive?

No. 856207

I grew up in a small community where all people do is either drink/do meth or have babies in their teens and early 20s with people they don't even like. Most of my town is like this, with no sense of forethought whatsoever. I was bullied a lot as a kid for not being like them and not wanting to get married to some alco and pop out babies as soon as I graduate.

What disturbs me the most is that they just don't think. About anything. They're not stupid people exactly, but they seem utterly unable to imagine things that other people outside of our community may do. They just don't see it as an option.

I have this conversation with my sister on a regular basis
>Sister confesses she hates her life, she doesn't have money and is exhausted being a single mom on food stamps
>I ask her why she wanted a kid
>"What do you mean why? I was 25, that's when you have kids. What else was I supposed to do?"
>"I don't know sis, get a job, not have kids? Have them with someone who doesn't do drugs and has a job?"
>"But everyone here has kids at that age, not all of them have jobs or husbands! How can you not have kids?!"
Motherfucker everyone here is poor and dysfunctional and you're all knowingly breeding even more poor and dysfunctional people. Most of them don't even want kids, they just have them just because. These people, I swear.
I agree with you, fuck em. They ruin everyone else's lives on top of their own. I don't care for them, it's not my job to be broken people's rehab.

No. 856209

I love my friend but they have just become insufferable when it comes to their anorexic tendencies. She's beyond upset that she's overweight (not even by a whole lot either, id say she's just a little chunky) and all she ever wants to do is bring up the fact that she only had 500 calories today or she wants to throw up whatever food she just ate. That shit is stressful as fuck, especially since we're close friends and I try to give her helpful advice on how to SAFELY lose weight but she just… WONT FUCKING DO IT. A mix of anorexic tendencies and depression is just fucking awful. I've never met someone so hardheaded in my damn life. How could you possibly be so upset about something and yet not actively put your foot forward in the right direction to make it better? And we both have clinical depression, she just takes that shit to the max I stg. She needs to be medicated but won't take her ass to the doctor because she's 'scared', like are you fucking kidding me.

No. 856211

For real I do not get people that just have babies and then shame others that actually put a bit of forethought into it and planning. I do think it's nice that they have their mommy friends and that's probably a plus having that support system. Sometimes I get jealous, they're always hanging out at the pool together.

No. 856214

In my town there isn't much of a support system to speak of. Just constant infighting, petty arguments and sometimes physical altercations. They're not really friends, just people who had kids at the same time and caved in to peer pressure. Not to mention that they are all poor so they keep evidence of whose child ate what at whose house and how much they are owed, most of the fights are about that.
Personally it's not a life I'd like to live.

No. 856967

Honestly, I have a sister similar to this. Thankfully she's younger than me, but she also does things mainly because everyone else around her does them.
Drug addicts are literal demons and set off my anxiety terribly. I went "straight edge" the moment I turned 21 and have been happy drug and alcohol free since.
Addicts should get treatment, but so many of them don't want the help and forcing them doesn't work. It's useless even trying. I've seen a video of this woman and her drug addict sister who ended up on the streets and the woman would often go out and politely ask her to come home to get the help she needs, the sister refused. At that point, leave the sister be, and that's what she did.

No. 857749

I have nothing against schizophrenic people personally and i feel really bad about what they have to go through but holy shit, idk what it is about me but i am a fucking schizo MAGNET. it's mostly online thank god but i swear i'm always either finding out an old internet friend has gone full schizo and now have to try to avoid them so i don't set them off and make them think i'm giving them a "sign", or someone close to me irl is dealing with one, or most often i stumble upon random strangers' accounts completely by chance and immediately realize they're heavily paranoid and deluded (and it is always, ALWAYS on twitter). like i said it's really sad, and threads of cows on here like KT are uncomfortable to read through, but it's also like…. such an obnoxious burden to deal with that i shouldn't have to deal with. my bff's schizo cousin has almost killed his family like three times to the point they're relieved he's gotten himself in jail, and a guy i knew irl but mainly befriended online has gone off the deep end and i dodged a huge bullet by falling out of touch with him when we easily could have become good friends so i'm able to ignore him without feeling too terrible.

lol sorry this was long, i was just set off tonight because i have this one rando on twitter who will @ or quote tweet me calling me a "pig" once a year because of a tweet from fucking 2017 where i talked about eating leftover cake and i thought i blocked him but he just did it again and now i feel grossed out

No. 857761

>what is it that makes some autists super quiet and reserved, and others can never shut the fuck up?
Coddling. If you get bullied enough growing up you learn to pretend to be normal for survival. If you have a team of parents/therapists/etc constantly excusing your bad behaviour you end up obnoxious. It's why male autists are usually 100x more obnoxious than autistic women.

No. 857763

Yes, thank you. Addicts are fucking parasites yet so many people want to coddle them, like what the hell. What about all the people around them who suffered because of their shitty life choices?

No. 857768

Misophonia. I get that it sucks, I'm a literal autist so I have all kinds of shitty sensory issues too. But shut the fuck up and learn to deal with it. I'm starting to think it's just a meme munchy condition because everyone I've met with it just comes across like an asshole who wants an excuse to glare and whine. Like they refuse to learn any techniques to manage their stress beyond "um can you not eat or drink or cough or yawn or exist in my presence??? I have an extremely serious mental health condition.".

And no I promise I'm not an obnoxious eater, I'm so anxious about being annoying that I'm really careful about stuff like that.

No. 857786

Preach. I constantly have this back and forth in my head. I stayed with an addict two years deep into his addictions. His family knew and as long as they could get money from him when they asked they didn't care that he was clearly emotionally distressed about something. I tried so hard to be empathetic and get to the root of his problems, but he was violent when confronted. Had to phone his dad once because he was trying to run my car off the road while I was driving because I wouldn't drive him to a drug den. I didn't want to go to the police because I had weed lol and his dad is the inly authority figure he gets upset about. His dad talked him down on my phone and he got out the car and gave me my phone back. I met with him a few more times after that because I'm a stupid pathetic person that feels sorry for the wrong people. Eventually I had to part ways. I still feel bad about abandoning him. He's into heroin now though

No. 857790

Some people will constantly bring up their issues to prod other people into engaging with them in their obsession, simply because they want a pretext to keep being obsessively occupied with it. Like that’s the whole objective in its own right. They don’t want to change their unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, they don't want your helpful advice, and I don’t even think they want to just vent either. They want to trigger their usual chain of negative thoughts and they want to delude themselves into believing it was outside influences that are at fault, even though it was them who broached the issue in the first place. In their minds this gives legitimacy to their unhealthy obessions and makes them seem more real. It literally does not matter what you reply when someone like that starts bitching about their weight or whatever, in their minds anything and everything will be twisted into ‘proof’ that other people just don’t understand or some other self-serving shit.

No. 857835

I'm struggling with misophonia but am not an entitled shit so when I'm on the move I use either headphones or earplugs or both, and occasionally I'll have to straight-up leave places, like change train wagons, leave uni lectures etc. It sucks but I agree with you it's not anyone else's problem and I think some people are just using this condition as a way to elicit attention but also to control other people's behaviours bc they get off to it.
My issue is it sometimes it hurts people's fee fees when I use any sort of coping mechanism and it pisses me off. I'll leave the kitchen when my roommates start slurping fucking watermelons and apparently that makes me rude. When I'm eating at home with my partner or with friends we'll either have to watch sth with the volume turned up, or at the very least have my fan running and the windows open to let traffic noise in. Or if I'm busy doing whatever and my bf has a snack in the same room I will put in earplugs. And it often makes him upset uwu and I'll have to console him and reinforce that he's not eating grossly for the billionth time and it's just fucking annoying. I'm not asking you to console me about my condishun for the billionth time either. Why why why isn't it more socially accepted to just put in earplugs bitch I will hear you talk anyways. You get to eat I get to not cry or get a lip herpes outbreak yes I will get herpes from chewing sounds yes I know I'm gross why do we have to have a talk about this stuff every couple weeks. Why do I need a flimsy excuse to create white noise when friends are over, like how hard can it possibly be to understand this isn't about them.

No. 857837

File: 1626699774380.gif (3.18 MB, 320x234, 1623366170312.gif)

The neopronoun nonbinary "queer" autists make me want to off myself so bad

No. 857838

The world would be a better place if psychiatrists would be allowed to put down narcissist and borderline people, in general any disorder that has abuse as a symptom

No. 857840

i love this gif so much kek, and same

No. 857850

don't let them win nonny. Every living terf is precious.

No. 857851

I hate autists so much.

No. 857860

For me it’s BPD.
I know that it’s a tough disorder for some and there are some that try hard to get better, but because of these loud BPD queens on the internet I can’t live my life in peace.
I’ve self-harmed for years and have visible (healed) scars on both arms, yes, I was stupid, I know, but we all did stupid shit when we were younger, but now everyone assumes my problem is that I have a BPD…
Well, no, I’m not manipulative, I’m not impulsive, I’m not reckless, I never ever would threaten suicide or self-harm and all the other associations people have with that disorder. Even the ICD-10 and DSM-5 criteria don’t fit for me. I just self-harmed and didn’t care, so leave me alone and don’t compare me to those stupid people online or these self-diagnosed BPD friends that ruined your life once.
Wish everyone would know that you can self-harm without having a BPD, I’m just tired of people assuming I’m one of them…

No. 857876


Same here. I think people freaked out about self-harm scars before (blanket "psycho") but now it's associated 100% with bpdfags it's even worse. Long sleeves.

No. 858195

I don't think anything can convince me that DID is a legitimate psych disorder. My instructor was lecturing us and showed us attached video as an example and when some of us inquired about why there was no footage of her ""switching"" personalities and so on she more or less told us not to worry about it lol. I hate snowflakes.

No. 858438

I would like to invite all people with BPD to ask themselves why the stigma exist and then jump off a bridge

No. 858446

People with restrictive eating disorders. I’m so tired of the dumb ass online debates over whether or not they are fatphobic. I really do not care, but they always say things like “my eating disorder only effects me!” but people with eating disorders are always commenting on other people’s bodies and what food they eat and give their eating disorder tips to others. There are so many young women that have eating disorders, body image issues, etc. from their mother’s because their moms have eating disorders. It’s actually contagious and effects tons of other people’s lives. When I was younger I developed eating disorder habits from my friends that encouraged me to throw up after I ate bc they did and we would do it together.

No. 858471

Untreated BPD is the worst, but there are plenty of people who work on it and even cut themselves off from other people completely once they figure out they have a problem. This is a bit much

No. 858472

They are fatphobic but I don't see why they shouldn't be able to admit it. Most people don't want to be fat, fat people don't want to be fat, and a phobia of it is perfectly reasonable and justified considering the havoc it wreaks on your health and appearance. That doesn't mean it's okay to insult fat people directly or be pro ana or give ED tips but they don't owe it to fat people to think positively of their bodies either.

That said I don't really think encouraging other people become skinny is the typical ana-chan MO… they are highly competitive and petty, the last thing they want is other people being skinnier or restricting more than them.

No. 858554

Not really the type to armchair, but I feel like my best friend, especially when thinking about some of the things she's done and said over the years might be an untreated bpd type and I really don't know what to do. I care for her a lot, but sometimes it's so much, it makes me cry.

No. 858733

BPD is the only personality disorder that gives PTSD to people. I don't care for them

No. 858735

Nta but like..have you heard of NPD? HPD?

No. 858737

While they're both as bad, the amount of people getting hurt by BPD is way more because BPD people are the most in denial, the most actively destructive, the most instable. Cluster B people need to fuck off, BPD people the most.

No. 858745

>That said I don't really think encouraging other people become skinny is the typical ana-chan MO

Ntayrt but encouraging other people to be skinny isn't a motive from good intentions. It's to make other people feel as shitty about their bodies as they feel about theirs. That's why they get so pissed off when someone fatter than them appears ok with themselves because they sincerely believe no one else has the right to be comfortable if they don't have a checked body.

No. 858774

> because BPD people are the most in denial, the most actively destructive, the most instable.

the same goes for NPD? you clearly never had to live with someone who had NPD.

No. 858788

Ayrt, I would think that in terms of denial NPDs would come in first place. In terms of destruction caused.. It's not all that black and white imo, hell black and white thinking is a bpd trait in itself lol

No. 858790


My flatmate takes on more than she can handle, then dumps it on her friends or on me when she is depressed.

She also cries very loudly every day and even wails outside of my door when she knows I am in a teams meeting and I have told her people can hear her.

Only time I feel relaxed at home is when she has been staying at the ward.

Now she wants to adopt a dog as well, which is a terrible idea. I've had enough.

No. 858826

Autists can be annoying irl sometimes, when they just can't pick up social clues and make things awkward. I know it's not their fault but it's a bit frustrating.

No. 858851

I think NPD is easier to clock/avoid and they don't get to date around as much as BPD people. Your parent may be NPD but it's far more common to come across a BPD as a friend or romantic interest, resulting in more victims in their wake. Maybe, I don't have stats.

No. 858867

Bipolar, especially untreated, is a nightmare. My husband has bipolar but it's like rapid cycling i guess. His constant moodswings are fucking exhausting, it's draining to have to deal with every day. I feel for him but I'm also not equipped to help him when he refuses to go see a professional and I'm worried that it will ultimately be the downfall of our marriage. My ex was the same way and ended up killing himself about a year after we broke up (not because of me but i still deal with some guilt). Idk why i always end up with batshit dudes but if my husband and i don't make it I'm NEVER dating a mf with bipolar ever again.

No. 858883

How did you ever end up married to a guy with bipolar when you had bad experiences dating one before anon? You don't just wake up married you had to take steps to get there, wtf
Bipolar can be managed but if he doesn't want to take meds or see a professional when you're struggling then I'm not sure if I would believe he wants to make things easier for you imo

No. 858949

Good question. I guess i have issues, like i'm drawn to broken people. You're completely right don't get me wrong. He needs help but so do i. At least i take my meds lol (i was diagnosed with major depressive disorder a few years ago, which probably makes me an energy vampire as well)

No. 862968

Eat with your mouth closed you disgusting slob

No. 863045

uhh, chill

No. 863511

Wow, someone else with a mother like this… It was hard growing up because people would assume I was rich because my mum had a nice expensive car, brand name clothes, wouldn't spend under $300 on a dress.. But the reality was me and my sister having to buy thrift store clothes, multiple broken lights and doors in our house etc. My mum would rather buy a new car than think of taking us to the doctor. The worst of it all was my sister and I having to 100% fund our own schooling from our dead fathers will, we even payed for new flooring in the house at the age of 12. It totally confuses me because I know when I have children they will come before anyone or any materialistic items.. The mindset of parents like this baffles me. Odd.

No. 863516

My sister was diagnosed with BPD at a very young age. You cannot hold her accountable for her actions, she can say horrible things, tell you "you should commit suicide, genuinely, you should die" and then completely refuse ever saying such things. If she enters a room, whatever mood she is in completely controls the energy of others. You never know if she hates you or loves you, and its very mentally draining. Even me saying a joke that wasn't funny enough can make her perception of me go from love to disgust.. If i say something in a wrong tone, talk too loud in public, make a facial expression she doesnt like, shell spend an hour or so telling me how disgusting, ugly, pathetic, dumb and embarrassing i am. Then when shes over it, she tells me how much she wants to look like me, how amazing i am, how much she loves me. Too confusing for my little brain..

No. 863518

i have miso but its not for eating noises and is just for one really specific thing that i dont even want to talk about, but fortunately only one person in my life triggers it and i dont live with them anymore. i would get so angry and upset that i would smash my head into walls, into my desk, hit myself, scream until my throat hurt etc. i absolutely hate it and i wish i was making it up. but like i said, fortunately i do not live with that person anymore so i havent had a freakout in a long time.

No. 863588

man, do I feel you. My mum's addiction is electronics. Would spend a ton of money on expensive new tvs, pcs, phones and cooking bullshit. What is with boomers and technology

No. 867524

Is there some link in between bippies (BPD) and autistics? There's no way that among all the other personality disorder they're the only ones being that retarded. They cant even get social cues like autistic people and they're absorbed in their own world like them

No. 867547

yeh they're both neuwurodivergent!!

No. 867558

A lot of women get misdiagnosed with bpd and are just autistic or have adhd

No. 867631

File: 1627656696654.png (37.38 KB, 1276x160, ew.png)

what's the name of the mental illness of men who accuse every girl who slightly aggravates them of being bpd? here's how moids talk about their ''bpd'' girlfriends in a ''bpd abuse recovery'' subreddit

No. 867650

>has great sex specifically because he hates her
I love it when men tell on themselves.

No. 867652

Scrotism. Most common illness among men

No. 867850

Not an illness but as a bpdfag I can’t deal with self-diagnosers who act like you’re somehow oppressing them if you don’t think they have the 10 different disorders they found on Google. There are lots of tumblr type women who claim to have BPD who are like this.

No. 867857

Wut? Those aren’t even similar.

No. 867885

Ntayrt but there's a lot of overlap in BPD, ADHD, and autism symptoms.

No. 867967

They share some features like emotional dysregulation, and while of course their particular symptomologies should make them easy to differentiate in theory, in practice a lot of doctors are misogynistic and see all poor impulse control/emotional volatility in women as a result of BPD.

No. 868525

I hate autistic “people”, they infuriate me to the core. I hate them to the point that I want to put a bullet in every single one of those pieces of filths ugly skulls. They get praised and rewarded for doing absolutely fucking NOTHING besides being the literal dregs of humanity. While we normal, intelligent people with potential have to work our asses off every damn day for almost nothing in return. These freaks should not be allowed to reproduce and spread their dirty disgusting retard genes, delaying human evolution. Wasting recourse on these retards is worthless, it’s like watering a flower you ripped out of the grounds without the root. Instead of locking them in mental institutions, we should lock them in chains and cages far away from the rest of the civilisation in a jungle, like the animals they are. If you act like an animal you should be treated like one. Or we could simply just kill them as soon as they’re diagnosed aka confirmed abominations to mankind. If I ever had an autistic child I would kill myself. I’d rather DIE than waste my life on raising a freak that’ll never grow up to become intelligent. Some anons may find my opinion insensitive or disturbing but i don’t give a fuck!

No. 868567

Theres nothing funnier than self diagnosed "sociopaths" getting mad at "negative sociopath representation" in media. Like I can assure you that actual real sociopathic people don't give a single fuck about how they are being talked about in media or elsewhere

No. 868568

Have you ever been tested?

No. 868572

kek I had the same thought

No. 868577

i think you might be autistic

No. 868605

If you are young, daily reminder that nothing will "get better" after your sweet little university times or your first job. Men peak in their 20s whether you like it or not. You've got last chance to delay this process of degradation before your brain turns into mashed potatoes relying on comfort, stereotypes (or going totally insane), not willing to take risks anymore so easily; before your body turns into useless waste of energy, losing your strength, stamina, breath, your sight, your youth, your hair and blood in your dick. Living past your 30s is already considerable but living past your 40s makes no sense at all unless you have something/somebody you can take care of. Long life ahead of you is in a lot of cases just illusion of modern medicine, trying to fix issues of modern world it created while poisoning you every single day. In best case scenario you are already way too far behind your half-time and very close to point of your peak in life. Nothing will save you, no ideology, no savior, no leader, no movement, no sweet little waifu, we are running with our heads to the hardest wall ever, made from our mistakes and own stupidity. Just keep that in mind when you will be 40, dying from some virus shit carried by mosquitoes from africa because of climate change or shitting to bag after cancer, watching your kids waiting for death as well, replay in that moment my words "I told you so".

No. 868608

People who use self-diagnosis to construct the foundation of their identity are generally insufferable fuckers.

No. 868782

You probably have autism, but I also have autism and I’m smarter than and make more money than you.

No. 868967


Are you okay Anon?

No. 869002

I feel like that anon is coping with dental issues or eyesight problems and is having a massive projection session.

No. 869009

hello, sometimes I’m worried I might snap; please take a look at my history and tell me If I already have :’3

-sent to correctional summer camp and anger management for biting a kid in preschool/not sharing crayons
-diagnosed with ADHD in 3rd grade (mother says shit’s not real, no meds)
-gets into gifted program (kicked out a few weeks later for not completing any assignments)
-seems to socialize easily but prefers isolation
-periods of high energy/confidence/violence (randomly physically attacking siblings/classmates)
-trouble w the law
-In and out of DBT/anger management during high-school w/ the provisional diagnosis: MDD, GAD, PTSD, and BPD w/ a prozac scrip (kicked off after doubling dosage)
-trouble with the law
-kicked out at 18
-22 now, still going to DBT
-younger siblings have ADHD, APD, and
-self medicate w weed/nicotine
(a therapist advised against this because of schizo genes, current therapist sees no issue)

I feel I’ve already experienced psychosis

an incident:
In elementary school I was at a friends house watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
I try showing off to her parents by doing a cartwheel and end up knocking something over.
I immediately felt sick with shame and worse yet, I felt like they knew what I was thinking/could see right through me/knew everything about me/knew I was an adopted crack baby. So I ran out of the house and hid at a close by playground until my mom came to get me.

I’ve been in and out of paranoid states
(-being scared to go around corners/stairwells because there might be an ax man just waiting
-startled by physical contact
-“mY MoM is out to get mE/secretly wants me dead”
-“the rapture/apocalypse is upon us”
-“is this correct god? do you like this? can I be an angel when I die?
-“my friends hate me/know my secrets”)

I know I’ll prob be called a munchie or whatever but idc because I’ve been called everything else at this point

my BPD mother was the first to psycho analyze me from a very young age. Ive been called manipulative, pathological, impulsive, selfish, and bossy; so I tried my best to mold myself into someone everyone would love. but I ended up a narcissistic, boundary-less pick me with self esteem so low, I’m practically giving myself away

should I bother with another Psychoanalysis?

No. 870446


My sister's ed is destroying our mother and seeing her being treated like this makes me feel like I'm about to snap.
It's not just the constant worrying, the daily battle of begging her to pls pls eat, it's also the dirty manipulation.
Constantly acting as if she has stomach pains because she was forced to eat a tiny portion and if my mom is not telling her that it's ok she starts to whine how she's sooo sorry, she regrets it sooo much that she didn't eat, she will eat more tomorrow, so pls don't be mad at me otherwise I feel so bad and won't be able to sleep blah blah My mom isn't allowed to do anything, whether at home or in public without my sister demanding to argue with her about whether she has to eat or not. And then my mom scolds her for losing even more she runs to me, fake crying without tears about how she is so scared and feels so bad.
My mom is nearly as skelly as her out of desperation, but she really doesn't give af about anybody but herself. As an example: lately I cut of like 30cm of my hair - and she doesn't even notice. The only thing she cares about are her looks and shopping daily.

No. 871442

>should I bother with another Psychoanalysis?
at this point that seems like an awful idea, you're already way deep in your own head. DBT or CBT honestly seems like where you want to be - being able to address behaviors that don't serve you or your life without spiraling into an infinite abyss of why you are, what you are etc. Truthfully, it doesn't really matter if your diagnosis isn't fully correct, what matters is that the help that you are getting is improving your life. What meds are you taking at the moment anon, and how much/often do you smoke? What was your trouble with the law exactly? Do you still do anger management/feel like you need it? Do you excercise, what is your diet like?

No. 871806

I've said this alot to friends and family but I could never stay with anyone that had any sort of mental illness.
A family member of mine has bi polar, and is a textbook example of npd.
Hes horrible. They way you have to walk on eggshells for him while he treats you like shit. Then when he gets in his depressive moods and the realization that no one likes him the gaslighting and threats happens. He weaponized suicide to get what he wants, constantly saying hes gonna kill himself while he lazes in bed. Hes tried to bully me into buying him a motorcycle, bc it would make him "feel better" when hes literally stolen my money to put a down payment on one.
And when he has his narc rage moments, which are only amplified by his bi polar, you get gaslit if you challenge his toddler tantrum ass.
From what I've experienced in his behavior I'm sorry but I could never support or possibly even love a bpd sufferer and especially someone with npd. They are the most selfish and degrading people I've ever met. They walk all over you while expecting to be treated like a king.

No. 871823

To be fair when you haven't eaten portions like that in ages it will hurt your stomach. Hopefully your sister gets a dietician.

No. 871838

Going through the mental disorder thread made me remember a former friend that was obsessive with collecting diagnosises. She was born sickly and it was her entire identity.

When I got diagnosed with a chronic disease, I thought she would be good support for me to understand how to live with a disease. But no, she pretty much spent most of the conversations on how she is more chronic. Or my chronic disease doesn't seem too legit compared to her other uwu chronic friends.

The freakiest part is her doctor told her to lay off on exercising or else shes gonna do irreparable damage. In response, she started exercising everyday and tweet how much pain she is in. Then cries how she wished she was normal.

It wasnt just chronic conditions either, she would try to get adhd diagnosed then tweet how neurodivergent she was. After getting one she started asking us how do you get an autism diagnosis. It was insane. I'm not sure if this is a mental illness but its pretty much why I stop talking to her. The worse part is some of her twitter friends (self diagnosed and unmedicated) would encourage this behavior.

No. 871843

I hate autists so much. I keep being told about high functioning ones being harmless but they're really not. It's more of a developmental disorder so I'm not sure if it's really on-topic.

No. 871880

I'm starting to get really tired of people with ADHD because as soon as they're diagnosed they make it their entire fucking personality. I follow several people on social media who post Every Single Day about ADHD. like jesus. we get it already.

No. 871882

I hate how wide the term 'high functioning' is. Tbh I've known some tists at the very high functioining end of the spectrum who were fine and could be mistaken for having mild shyness at most. Ones who work and live alone and manage just fine. I've also met chris chan style sex perverts who use the label 'high functioning' and yet live at home like children forever… this permanent mix of childishness but then also a pinch of sex offender thrown in. Their elderly parents usually struggling to keep an eye on their internet activities. Waiting for the day that they caught up some CP bust.

No. 871884

people need to stop using that term imo, high functioning autism isn't even a real diagnosis.

No. 871892

I know people who were diagnosed with aspergers years ago, then aspergers stopped being an official thing and they switched to just saying they're high functioning…now that's not a thing either and it's just 'autism spectrum' The language is bound to keep changing but I feel like it never helps to describe where people are actually at. It gets more vague as times goes.

No. 871911

Those cutesy ADHD Alien comics are the worst thing to ever happen to my social media ecosystem. ADHD havers (whether self- or professionally diagnosed) seem to think sharing those justifies them acting like children/refusing to take responsibility.

No. 871937

Lmao remember when Shane Dawson was doing his retarded video series on Jake Paul and investigating into whether or not he was a sociopath? And people were moaning and whining about how "irresponsible" it was because it might hurt the feelings of real sociopaths? Like wtf as if they'd give a shit, they're fucking sociopaths. Why the hell are we coddling them of all people all of a sudden? Mental health awareness was a mistake.

No. 871948


I’m not currently medicated. I used to attend DBT twice a week; but because of overbooking, I see someone a little over once a month. This makes it difficult to communicate, and certain concerns can’t be addressed until the next session.

The first issue I brought up with my therapist was my weed addiction. I’m not worried about the psychological aspect; my skin is just FUCKED.
The combo of smoking and picking my face has aged me drastically and I am embarrassed to be seen.

I struggle with intrusive thoughts that can lead to impulsive/compulsive behavior like face picking, hair parting/brushing/plucking.

The face picking started late in middle school as I began to suffer from acne. I CANNOT have the bumps. I can feel them, they itch and move around. From cysts to comedones; I would cut and squeeze my face, expecting smooth skin; but I got scars and craters.

I’ve been suicidal over my dang hair. Because I’m mixed and my mom is white trailer trash, she had no idea what to do with the “rat’s nest” and just straightened it.
This became a part of my routine and because my hair was so thick, it would take over 2 hours. Instead of waking up at 4 to get ready for school, I would sometimes go weeks without showering because I didn’t want my hair to get wet. I end up being late for work and appointments because I get so distressed about my hair and how it’s parted and all the flyaways, I will spend an hour brushing and re-parting. It wasn’t until recently I learned more about natural hair care; but I already shaved my head :3

I know these obsessions with appearance are due to low self esteem. There are times when I can look cute; and when I do, I not only feel satisfied; I feel superior.

I care about appearing a certain way (stable and polite); so I will avoid confrontation and showing signs of stress.

My therapist claims I am “evolving” because I seem self aware and use simple logic/hindsight when discussing trauma.

I have some level of self preservation, so I won’t go out of my way to break the law.

BUT when I feel a strong emotional attachment or am “drawn” to someone or something; the law is just an inconvenience.

I used to steal groceries, trinkets, jewelry and money for my ex bf, mother, and friends. I broke federal law trying to switch my ex’s counterfeit bills at my workplace.

I have a number of parking/speeding tickets /couple of missed court dates and can get hostile/distracted while driving. I also sometimes space out and my bf will have to warn me about red lights.

I used to be fit: a hardcore student athlete, and loved the woods. My physical health has suffered since now all I do is sit at a computer and game/try to draw. I got a kidney stone at 21 and have been hospitalized for fluid intake. I do think exercise, even just ugly dancing helps me feel better about myself :) I just need friends to make it a little more engaging.

Sometimes I think I’ll make it, But I’m not even doing it alone. I have been living with my bf for 3 years now; and sometimes will quit my job/go months without pitching in financially. I often snap at him and sometimes even suggest breaking up because I hate losing control around him, and feel horrible for the things I say/don’t say or do.

When trying to practice “mindfulness” It’s difficult to not just end up dissociating and going quiet for a while.

I’m worried I’m further deluding myself into thinking I can be the higher functioning, good person I want to be, when I don’t even brush my teeth.

sometimes I feel I’m only still alive because I’m a narcissist

No. 871986

oh sorry! forgot about diet! yeah I’ll just be forgetting about food. the nicotine cravings override the hunger pains.

I’ve always been pretty scrawny and wished I was more voluptuous, which I see as “womanly”
as a kid I had an issue with eating too much too fast and throwing up but it was never intentional.

I started fasting intentionally at the beginning of high school as I thought it would get rid of my gouty/double chin and baby fat

then when my butt got smaller i started over eating again and SQUATS

then fast for that snatched waist bcs I’m scared cardio/ab work will give me man muscles

then I realized you can just drink water/and or vape instead of eating but not actually because I’m still constipated and wake up w nausea

I don’t want to quit because see I what little potential i have left as a lost cause at this point. I looked like a dog on meth before I even touched drugs

No. 872485

christ anon, be careful with the reddit spacing, that is a ban-able offense around here. it's also cancerous to look at.
>I see someone a little over once a month
I think you know this isn't good for you. Get a regular appointment
>I’m not worried about the psychological aspect
You should be, especially if you yourself call it an addiction
>I learned more about natural hair care; but I already shaved my head
Not a bad thing, good way to start anew with curly hair, do you know the curly girl method? look into it
>sometimes I feel I’m only still alive because I’m a narcissist
You certain think a lot about how you look/come across.For example >>871986 I meant diet as in, when was the last time you ate a vegetable, not 'tell me about the depth of your ed'. What you need is discipline, and I do not mean the kind that you may have used to starve yourself or be an athlete but the one that'll stop you from making impulse decisions, getting aggressive whilst driving, being a shitty partner and not sticking to therapy.
You're not hopeless but your priorities are idiotic

No. 872637

Any other anons maladaptively daydream? 90% of my non work waking hours are spent in a cope, daydreaming a life I will never have

No. 873598

yeah it's called schizoid personality disorder

No. 873615

can this be misdiagnosed as/any overlapping symptoms with ptsd? i don't trust my diagnosis

No. 873618

I'm like this. I was fully agoraphobic for a few years and all that time I spent at home led to me picking up the habit. I still don't get out a whole lot so I entertain myself with it and make up for a lack of a social life by imagining relationships.

No. 873646

Getting sick of ADHD bullshit too. Moids with ADHD are the worst, in my experience, because the diagnosis turns into a crutch to explain away their lack of manners.

No. 873680

People who make PTSD their entire identity. In many cases they have an eternal victim complex that stagnates them from ever trying to get better. They’re also very aggressive towards anyone who moves forward - even if you yourself have PTSD, they will pull you down with them if you’re making progress in your life, try to isolate you, and expect you to take care of them. Fuck that.

No. 873689

I used to unfortunately be like that at the beginning of me developing PTSD, but that only lasted a few months. Shit is toxic as fuck. It's frustrating seeing people stuck in that phase for years. They'll never get better, they have control issues and clearly can't bring themselves to control themselves first.

No. 873690

Daydreaming has nothing to do with schizoid personality disorder.

No. 873739

Thank you, i was about to say this

No. 873929

it's literally in the diagnostic criteria but okay

No. 873933

I just looked it up on wikipedia and it's not, at least in the DSM-5. are you thinking of schizotypal?

No. 874228

I heard 1/4 american women are on antidepressants. Do any burger anons fit this 1/4? Do you feel it's effective?

No. 875130

I have GAD which has worsened over the last year due to a narcissistic, alcoholic mother. I’ve recently developed neurological issues which make my whole body jerk every now and then. It gets worse when I’m anxious.

I’m not sure how much longer I can push through.

No. 875199

I do. I started doing it in kindergarten to cope with loneliness since I've never been able to make friends + abuse & neglect from parents. Then later to cope with bullying & more loneliness in school. I am in behavioral therapy due to depression but I've got no personality disorder. I still daydream a lot even tho I am almost 22, but it is def. less than before. Moving out, the work environment with regular non-bullying social interaction, therapy and the daily schedule made it less. Just because you daydream a lot to cope with shitty reality doesn't mean that you have a personality disorder.

No. 876870

my friend has aspergers, and lately they’ve been very unpleasant to talk to. they’ve stopped showering too. they weren’t like this before and im curious if any farmers know if its related to the syndrome because i know a lot of farmers know/are aspies. im really interested in knowing whether they’re experiencing some sort of worsening of symptoms or if they’re just an asshole.

No. 876872

oops, forgot to remove sage, this thread can use a bump

No. 877084

There are times when I get really consumed by some shit (rewatching some favorite series or a game) that I spend minimal time on grooming if I can avoid it and am constantly daydreaming/thinking about it, and do not like getting interrupted, and I need some processing time to bounce back before interacting as a normal human.You didn't really specify what you mean by unpleasant, as I don't think I'm ever rude, just may appear a little slow or disoriented.

No. 878403

File: 1628654704643.jpg (1.27 MB, 2890x1626, 20210727_095134.jpg)

People with ADHD are exhausting. I thought it was just one of my friends that was particularly abrasive. But I'm traveling with a close friend with ADHD right now. She's absolutely amazing in short bursts but spending a long anount of time with her is like babysitting a puppydog.

>they think they are being intellectually stimulating when in reality they are just being argumentive for no goddamn reason, ALL THE TIME (this seems to tickle their ADHD bone).

>they think their lack of impulse control is quirky. They constantly spend money they do not really have. They overeat to the point of having stomache aches. EVERY DAY.
>ask my input for everything but when I tell them not to do the Stupid Thing they will of course fucking do it because that's how they are wiRed.
>disorganized. Make mess of any living space they enter within minutes (she's very clean though!).
>use words incorrectly most of the time.
>constantly needing to borrow my necessities. They are spendthrifts but refuse to buy anything useful.
>go on emberassing rants. on how much they hate obese people to a friend who is struggling with their weight (I hate fat people too but this gave me 2nd hand embarrassment).

My friend is amazing and fun in many other ways but I will definitely not be going on any longer trips with them after this. I love the ADHD people that I know but they are a drain to deal with for prolonged periods of time.

No. 878412

burger here.

I was diagnosed with depression, I also am cluster A. I took abilify, not sure if that's actually an antidepressant or not. it made so little of a difference that when I went off I didn't notice it.

but then I took zoloft, and it changed my whole world. it made me less paranoid (being cluster A makes me fucking paranoid all the time) and made me more stable in general mood wise and less anxious. I went off because I got kicked off my insurance and had terrible fucking withdrawal. I have sort of gotten more stable though I am still much more paranoid and anxious than I was on it, and now I'm having OCD like symptoms which I hadn't had in years. I would go back on it if I could pay for it.

No. 878582

Kek let this be a lesson that ADHD friends are 4 hour max friends. I have it, the only people who can bear to live/travel with me are also ADHD so we can understand and endure each other.
And some of the shit you listed is just her being immature. Forgetting to pack some essentials is classic ADHD, but if she's had the chance to buy her own and hasn't, that's just her being a dumbass and not realizing it bothers you when she always has to borrow your stuff. Using words incorrectly is also just her own idiocy.
This sounds obvious but clear communication does wonders because we are retards who miss subtle cues when we're hyper. We're also used to fucking up so she might not even take it hard if you're nice about it.

No. 878627

theyre obsessive over religious and conspiratorial things. they hop on a different opinion/belief every week and its obnoxious and even offensive because they will invalidate my own beliefs. they used to not be like this so im hoping its just a really long symptomatic phase they’re having and theyll go back to the fun person they were before.

No. 891663

I consider every religion, to the point your life depends on it, mental disorders (like Jeovah's).
Plus adult autists (talking about gen x and late boomers) and retards, in the literal sense, you can see they were ignored by their parents because they didn't accept it and now you have these people running around, absolutely capable of nothing, can't take care of themselves but having the balls of saying "I am an adult!! Respect me!" just because their parents thought they were special and fed them nothing but mental crap.

No. 891669

No. 891675

Anon people are dying over Jeovah

No. 891682

Me. I’ve suffered from childhood abuse, and bullying. I wonder if it has any correlation to that.

No. 893736

Schizotypal reporting in.

Same I think it probably does.

No. 894919

what mental disorder is it when you cannot let things go and hold a grudge forever?

some tard in a discord server i'm in consistently tries to bring up old arguments and harass me + other people they've argued with despite being blocked. what illness is causing this behavior?

No. 896283

Block them and go on, maybe they're just a little bitch.

No. 896308

It is possible to be a piece of shit without having a mental illness

No. 898530

I also maladaptive daydream and had such experiences. Sometimes as a kid I had high optimism I could make those dreams come true when I got older and escaped but even upon realizing that wasn't the case I could never stop.
However, for me the worst illness I ever suffered was something I didn't have diagnosed. I had other imaginary people around me who could sometimes take control of my body and I wouldn't recall what happened which would usually be out of character things. Upon talking to a psych later they told me that it sounded like DID although it seems quite a rarity I could have coped with such a thing by myself but I don't really know what else it could have been. Even though it's been gone for years I am permanently afraid I will do something horrible and not remember. Not like murder or something, just emotionally hurt someone, cheat on someone, ect. It doesn't help that my abusive mom sometimes tries to tell me I did stuff I didn't because she knows I'm scared of that but other people will correct her. Long story short- I am permanently afraid of having a mental split.

No. 898541

Same here. And I also recently made this realization that even when I am not daydreaming I am drawn to activities that allows me to be in a similar zoned out state (mindless browsing of the Internet, listening to music, overeating). It's like my brain is doing everything it can to not be present in reality. And the funniest thing is, I didn't have any trauma growing up, but I already had this habit as a kid

No. 898569

Those mind numbing things and daydreaming too are my favourite hobbies. I do have ADHD though which may have something to do with it.

No. 914609

I can't stand any mental disorder with a impact on others.
This means autism, asperger, cluster Bs and Cs, ADHD.
Cluster A people tend to stay by themselves so I don't consider them that devastating, but any disorder that exhausts other people by any means bother me because in this culture you're not allowed to say that they're the bothersome but YOU ARE since you can't put up with their shit.
These people need constat reality checks and while I understand that living with that condition is hell even for them, they need extreme therapy to be able to function with others. Nobody has to carry their burdens and they need self awareness and reality checks.

No. 914615

My brother was making fun of my ex to me. My ex had adhd and I literally forgot how fucking debilitating it was. Literally could take up to 20 minutes to walk out the front fucking door

No. 914616

as a recovering cluster B, I feel you and you're right. do not coddle cluster Bs or walk on eggshells/hide the fact that you are struggling to deal with their shit - being forced to acknowledge it is the only way we will change.

I personally struggle to deal with people with ADHD. I work in customer service and my coworker is a girl with ADHD. I dread being on shift with her because she always starts tasks and doesn't finish them and I have to be the one to clean up her mess.

No. 914617

Or it was his OCD even. He had both. He was so mental

No. 914624

>paranoid personality disorder doesn't affect any others

do any people even know cluster a's or is that why people always are about uwu swet cluster a's because majority of people do not have to deal with them

No. 914625

Cluster A include Schizotypal and Avoidant, leave them alone and they wont leech off of you, that's it.

No. 914627

do you know any of them

No. 914632

Yes, anon, what about you?

No. 914633

also avoidant is actually included in those horrible cluster c's you mentioned and the other two cluster a's are the schizotypes.

anyway having one in a family can be quite devastating so yeah

No. 914634

on the internet?

No. 914657

No anon, unlike you.

No. 917790

I have complex PTSD and OCD from years of school bullying, a 10 year+ abusive relationship and shitty parents. I did fine in school and got my Bachelor but since OCD got waaay out of control because of my parents messy divorce and abusive ex bf, I dropped out of my masters degree for the second time, which means where I live I wont be able to try this specific masters again. I want to become a preschool teacher bc I love little kids but I swear OCD made it so fucking bad, I studied non stop even neglecting house work but was barely able to get anything done bc this fucking OCD attaches itself to whats most important to me. So here I am, with the same meds since I was 15, no friends bc long term bullying gave me social phobia, fucked skin and scalp bc of scratching and picking and fear for my future. I started seing a specialist for EMDR last november but since I have so much trauma it takes super long. I just fear so much for my future bc possibilities are restricted now.
Sorry for my poor english.

No. 920949

Maybe this belongs more in the vent thread. But I live with two people who have ADHD and both are medicated. But even on medication it feels like I can't follow their trains of thought and I don't think they can either. Constantly forgetting basic shit or starting something or telling me they'll start something and not following through. It's exhausting. For example one day I needed to use the bathroom for an extended time to dye my hair, I asked for them all to let me know when they'd be done using it so I could use it. I knew one of them was doing a long skincare routine. One of them left the light on and door slightly ajar and for two hours I really thought they were still in there, but no. Just forgot, and they also forgot to tell me they were done. FFS. Just one example of many but it's every day. I work really long hours and I don't exactly have time to waste because of other peoples' shit time management and spotty memory.

To make it worse I have anxiety. So I feel bad every time I have to follow up with them like "hey did you do x?" or "hey is y done yet?". Makes me feel like shit. I'm not trying to mother them, I just want to get on with my fucking day. Also, I can tell when they've skipped a med cycle, they become unbearably chatty and really rude in conversation. Not intentional I know but I hate not being able to follow where a convo is going and also being talked over constantly because they HAVE to get their thought out.

Anyone ITT with ADHD, does it make you feel bad when someone has to remind you to finish something you started? I'm sick of feeling like an asshole but I am just as sick constantly waiting on people who are fully capable of finishing the shit they started and promised they'd finish.

No. 930074

Has anyone had any experience recovering from bad anxiety and depression without medication? I've been depressed for years and it's honestly just getting worse. I didn't want to believe in the whole big pharma thing and take medication to numb me from everything, so I've tried adjusting my sleep schedule…exercising, good diet, therapy etc. but nothing seems to work. I'm considering just getting on meds at this point but I really don't want to.

No. 930081

I am sorry to hear that anon! I have been there before, so I understand your concern. Eventually, I just got worse and my mom and I finally warmed up to meds. My mom asked my psych at the time about a weaker med to start off on (I cant remember name right now) but theres one medication wuth really low dosages and I took that and it actually helped a lot at first. I am not sure how severe things are, but if you start on a weaker medication it will be easier to come of off it (with the help of your dr) if you find its not helpful. I think its worth a shot! Good luck nonny.

No. 930085

sorry to samefag I just realized I forgot to explain more though: I ended up reacting well to that medication although I felt very tired using it at first, I eventually overcame that and it made a positive change for sure. Just because of my severity, I had to climb up the dosage ladder and eventually went to stronger meds which I am still on, but everyone is different so as I said, I think its worth trying at first!

No. 930090

File: 1633363214149.jpg (36.44 KB, 960x758, Tumblr_l_489110206263834.jpg)

You don't wanna have to take that shit for the rest of your life plus you won't be able to cum anymore. Look up subreddits dedicated to people trying to wean off them and they have to cut their pills into pieces to lower the doses over a long time just to avoid awful withdrawal

No. 930127

You shouldn’t feel like an asshole, you’re not in the wrong for giving someone a gentle reminder to finish something up

No. 930147

I was on and off ssris from ages 12 to 29. I got off them for a solid 2 years then and I feel like the combination of aging, a couple of lifestyle changes (dumping bad bf, moving somewhere quieter) helped me to really mellow out.

I dont know what age you are but 30 was a weird turning point for me, not an overnight miracle but a noticeable improvement. I always thought I'd be dealing with the moodswings of a teenager forever.

No. 930150

I recovered from bad social anxiety from my childhood to early twenties or so and possibly depression. I'm not diagnosed so I can't say the depression part for certain but I'm fairly certain I was depressed for at least 3-4 years. I overcame it but it took many, many years of my youth and I regret not seeking professional help. I'm personally not anti-medication and I believe if I had just taken the step to see a professional (I was too anxious and too much of an coward) it could've potentionally saved me many years of suffering and getting further and further behind on life. I've overcome my social anxiety but I still lack a social life simply because I didn't form social skills and everyone has friend groups by now. Fuck I wish I had gone on meds.

No. 930155

File: 1633367187763.jpg (103.8 KB, 828x825, IMG_20190630_192302.jpg)

I had an ex who had BPD, and unfortunately as someone who loves and is pursuing psych, I just can't wrap my mind around BPD. It's a massive weak spot for me that I'm working on professionally moving forward, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to date someone with BPD again. It wouldn't be good for them, and it's certainly not good for me.

Sort of a mental illness incongruence I guess, I'm probably autistic (discussing in therapy, diagnosis pending) and struggle with knowing what a partner expects of me. The wildfire of near-lovebombing to the swing over to "why do you hate me" leaves me extremely confused and upset near-constantly, no matter how much I know it's just the BPD.

No. 930341

I've recovered from self-harm after nearly 20 years all by myself and I don't feel suicidal anymore, after feeling that way nearly all my life. I'm still struggling with alcohol addiction (working on it) and depression (don't have a diagnosis, but what else should it be), but I think both of that is directly linked to each other and my living situation.
So, yes, I think you can recover without medication, but if I had the choice, I would go back in time and try every help I could get. I feel like nonna >>930150 that I've wasted years of my youth and young adult life just trying to survive instead of getting myself help and medication to get through it faster and maybe easier and I sometimes feel like I have to start right at the beginning again because I couldn't develop like "normal" people. Give it a try, there are lot of different medications out there and maybe one in a low dosage might help you.

not everyone with BPD is that extreme and some of them have learned to handle it. That said, I would never date someone with BPD again, either, I've just met to many of them excusing every dangerous and wrong behaviour with their mental illness and I haven't got time for that.

No. 930490

File: 1633380767718.png (194.18 KB, 264x317, catinbox.PNG)


Thank you guys for the nuanced and thoughtful answers. What you're saying about not wasting my life wallowing away in sadness really speaks to me. I'm 25 right now and I'm making more money than I ever have, I have freedom and independence to travel and do fun things but I'm always so sad and tired I just stay home and do nothing. I think I will talk to my doctor about starting a very low dosage of a medication. While it scares me, I think it'll hurt me in the long run if I don't at least try something.

I already can't cum tbh, my libido went right out the window when the depression got bad, but I am genuinely afraid of being dependent on medication for the rest of my life. I guess you win some, you lose some. I'm tired of being so lethargic and sad.

No. 930517

I generally can't stand other cluster b's. BPD doesn't know when to leave me alone and will make me a FP based on superficial charm alone or try to trigger themselves with me. NPD is too obsessed with themselves to notice they are pissing me the fuck off and other edgelords generally have a different 'code', so I fucking despise them plus they are generally scrotes. Autists are much more stable and getting along with schizoids or avoidants is also easier. Not saying I'm easy to be around, I get it, I want to fuck off from everyone else anyway. This is just from my perspective.
That pic is great, thanks for sharing it

No. 931105

File: 1633453828652.jpg (61.77 KB, 750x731, zrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg)

I feel horrible about having extensive self-harm scars because it just feels like an invitation for people to say weird shit to be or think I'm insane. But I also have never gotten along with others with very visible scarring because they think it's an invitation to talk to me about it too! Like they are my friend and I know them… but I don't lmao don't talk to me. I really want to be able to remove this part of myself from my life but I'm going to have these scars for the rest of my life. There's too many to get rid of and they make me feel trapped in my mental illness. Idk if I'm BPD or autistic or anything I was never brought to a psych. I hid it very well and planned to kms after I turn 21 but I have good bf and moved out so I don't feel suicidal anymore but now I have to fucking be associated with self harm bullshit. I think this hate is just me being afraid of what others think of me though so lol projection at it's finest.

No. 931262

Read op post, this is not your hugbox

No. 932826

I may sound like a piece of shit, but I can't stand people with depression who blame everything on depression.
I'm starting to thing they're not actually depressed and just attentiont seeking, because I've seen so many people claiming to be depressed when:
- They don't go to therapy (here, it's free)
- Don't take meds (again, free if you do some tests)
- Have this weird sense of humor about them being unhygienic, gross.
I don't care if you're to depressed to get out of bed, if you didn't take a shower for a month you stink and are disgusting.
- Are constantly leeching off attention.
- Do nothing in general to be better.
I swear, the people I've seen so far just go "Sigh :(" or "Bad thoughts :(" out of the fucking blue and drop the chill atmosphere so fast, it almost makes me gag. It can be a nice day and they feel the need to tell everyone that they're having the sads.
I get that it must suck for them but being so blinded by your own mental illness is doing nobody good, if you're really that desperate go to therapy, get help and your friends and family will help too, don't expect random people to help since they're not qualified and you can burn them out very easily.
I just needed to get this off my chest, I had my lowest moments too but after seeing my mom cry for me ONCE, the common sense said to me that my pain was not someone else's pain and it shouldn't ever be.

No. 932828

I stopped being angry at people’s ignorance like this because maybe you’re just frustrated and don’t know how to deal with depressed people, depression can severely impact your energy and motivation levels, which is why they neglect hygiene and cleaning their rooms. Of course there are undiagnosed attention whores who use “depression” as a cover-up for being a narcissistic loser, but people with depression often can’t help it because most of the time it functions like an addiction, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps recycling itself over and over again, that’s why depressive people seem insufferable to well-adjusted people.

And kek, oh my god

>my pain shouldn’t be anyone else’s!!

It’s literally your mother you dumb fucking retard, you’re allowed to have emotional moments with your close relatives. Humans aren’t atomized things floating around like unflushed flecks of shit in a toilet, some people feel other people’s pain because have you ever considered that humans are receptive to how another person feels? That’s called compassion. Are imageboards rotting your brain nonnie?

No. 932831

My little tardie, I was talking about how you can't expect people to ALWAYS be there for you and if you had a little bit of empathy you wouldn't be an attention seeking piece of shit.
I made examples of the people I can't stand, those who do nothing for themselves. I know depressions affects a lot of a person, but going around not reading the fucking rooom ever? No thanks.
Also wash your ass.

No. 932832

Ohhh you have autism, opinion discarded.

No. 932833

Imagine opening up this thread who clearly says "mental disorders you can't stand" and then getting mad with someone can't stand a mental disorder.

No. 932834

It didn’t say I can’t make fun of them for being a retard with a social deficit?

No. 932837

Anon, who cares lol, move on
Oh no there's a person who don't agree on the internet, what will you do now!

No. 932852

I wouldn’t even worry about it. I get so depressed I don’t want to do anything either. So going on lexapro actually gave me back my high sex drive after three months, just meant I needed lube every once in a blue moon Noni. Not everyone has the same exp.

No. 932859

>Of course there are undiagnosed attention whores who use “depression” as a cover-up for being a narcissistic loser
Both can be the case. A lot of NPD and ASPD-fags are also depressed. Not saying you should have sympathy or empathy for them, because that would be hypocritical. Just pointing it out.

No. 935356

File: 1633901889466.jpg (44.21 KB, 1242x995, 41c161534791404661596e526167c3…)

Sometimes I feel like nothing around me is real and I'm stuck in some sort of simulation. It reminds me of a very bad trip and like I'm about to fall apart. The worst thing is that there's no escspe from it. Those thoughts often induce full on panic attacks when I need to take some drugs just to chill and be able to sleep. When I'm alone in my room, I'm afraid some random men will kill me in my sleep. When I'm at work, I feel as if no one likes me and people will sabotage me to get me fired or degraded. I also have obsessive thoughts about getting cancer in my mouth, jaw or in my nose and having my face mutilated. Even dumb thoughts, like when I'm entering a building and the elevator is not at the ground floor, I feel like it's because I did something wrong that day so now I have to endure inconveniences, like waiting for an elevator that's at the 9th floor. It's not always like this, but it's happening way more often than before. Am I going schizo? I've only been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, autism and some cluster A personality disorders, like schizotypal, were also suspected, but I was never fully diagnosed. My new psychiatrist prescribed me SSRIs and olanzapine which is an antipsychotic drug given to schizos but also people with depression and anxiety, and lamotrigine which is given for mood disorders and epilepsy. I read that antipsychotics damage the brain and I even mentioned that to my psychiatrist, but he seemed offended and said that my current state can damage my brain, not the drugs. I know depression fucks up your brain, but antipsychotics do too. I want to help myself but I'm too afraid to take those drugs. I'm planning to stuck to SSRIs and lamotrigine for now and see what happens. My psychiatrist told me to call him in a month and I don't know how to tell him I decided not to take olanzapine. I'm hopeless because I feel like I'm losing the touch with reality, the only thing that's extremely real is my overwhelming fear that something terrible will happen to me

No. 935362

File: 1633902580392.gif (1.23 MB, 540x302, 5DA1E64A-7DEA-4855-B636-9E0FDF…)

Just kill the imaginary phantom men who are trying to kill you anon, you’re a badass bitch I know you can handle it. Jokes aside, kek


>but no schizotypal diagnosis

You’re obviously a stranger so I don’t know that much about you but from what you described you seem more schizotypal than autistic. Schizotypal disorder can impact your ability to communicate and understand social norms which is why it can be seen as comorbid or similar with autism. Trying not to armchair too hard because I’m a dumbass bitch

No. 935638

I fucking hate autists. They are sociopaths without the charm. Truly abandoned by God.

No. 935641

FWIW, meds are regularly used (relatively) short-term to get people out of holes like the one you've found yourself in. Usually in conjunction with therapy. Definitely make sure you talk to your doctor about your concerns of taking meds for the rest of your life. Good luck! You're gonna be amazed at how good you feel when it lifts. I was. ♥

No. 935644

The ones that are typically quiet are women. The ones who never shut the fuck up are scrotes… not different from their non autist counterparts

No. 935684

File: 1633950123956.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 406.93 KB, 750x909, DE33A506-ACB8-4A89-BB1A-FE606E…)


I don’t know what my mom has but I hate it so much it might just be her being an addict but I think she was depressed In my early childhood. She didn’t work, she was a stay at home mom that did absolutely nothing. Most of my memories of her from like when I was 4 to when I was 7 were her sleeping or watching TV. I don’t know if she was on anything back then, but I sort of resented her because she didn’t make us breakfast, she would turn the TV on for us occasionally but she was remarkably lazy or tired. I would mostly go outside and when I’d come back she would be grumpy. I would show her stuff or tell her things and she would be like “ugh.” And then proceed to make me feel bad for what I’d said or showed her. I didn’t have good hygiene because she didn’t teach me well, I never brushed my teeth, I didn’t know how to properly wash my hair, etc. All I ate was junk and instant meals I learned to make myself. When I was 13, I had found out about her using Meth, I don’t know if she had been using all along or I don’t know if she had just started.
She has done things like
>stealing from stores and people she knows and tried falsifying a check from one of her friends, getting a food stamps card in my name, (she had asked me and my sister to see who had a better fake signature )
>desperate for attention from any man. Me and my sister were horriied when we found out she was friends with two guys we knew and went to school with on her social media) she lets these men treat her like garbage
>is controlling: I didn’t have a phone until I was 15 and she disabled the camera and looked through it every week or so
>cheats and then argues with who ever she’s dating; loudly and all the damn time (usually those mf DO cheat on her but she does too)
>histrionic and cringey ; she will make crude and mean comments and awful jokes and they usually never land well
> manipulative she cries and begs and blackmails
> and she doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself. She says she does but she has proved many time by stealing and lying to us and leaving us for like weeks at a time to fend for ourselves
Addicts are the damn worst. Anytime I said anything about her to family, they would say
~that’s your mom tho~ ~ooooooh she’s getting better~
~just because someone does bad things doesn’t make them baddd~

it’s really hard to sympathize with an active addict. I don’t mind people who’ve made a full recovery
Pic unrelated

No. 935847

Do you think I should take the olanzapine though? I read that it makes people sleepy, even the smallest dose, and I'm already pretty sleepy and apathetic most of the time

No. 935849

I don’t know much about SSRIs but if you’re already fatigued and apathetic the last thing you want to do is take something that’ll suck the rest of your energy out kek

No. 935881

Nta but I took olanzapine for a short time. I was having short term delusions brought on by extreme stress. It tires you, can increase your appetite, you can gain weight and it's not all caused by just the appetite increase as it legit affects your metabolism too. If you're actively having delusions it works though and ime it takes the edge off anxiety better than any ssri. If it didn't make me gain weight (I bloated up in just weeks) I would've stayed on it.

No. 935889

clonidine also gives you delusions. Side effects vary but if i take it without sleeping right away I start having mild hallucinations

No. 935904

Wouldn't take any drugs to solve a problem if I didn't understand the source of the problem and how the drug worked, in great detail.

We sound very similar and all I can say to you is that I'm happy that the internet exists so us weirdos can contact each other, and also, don't blindly trust drugs.

Consider if those making them are doing it to make you better or get more money from you. There have been recorded long term effects from SSRIs that only show up a long while later.

And if the problem is a chemical imbalances, then there are plenty of drug free chemical solutions. Exercise releases happy chemicals just like a drug, as does sunshine, a great diet, and being around those you love. Taking a cold shower, furthermore, can have an antidepressant effect. Don't care if my advice is cringe, schizo or antivaxxer, I realise that we our brain reacts to what's around us and tell us when our way of living isn't right. Anyway, I wish you the best because pattern seeking brains can be exhausting and stressful. Go easy on yourself.

No. 936048

Olanzapine is not a SSRI though, it's an antipsychotic medication.
For how long exactly did you take it anon? And did the benefits it gave you stayed with you after you dropped it?
Sounds great but I don't have any loved ones to surround myself with, my mom is dead and she was abusive anyway, my father is an useless alcoholic and I don't know him well, my family is in denial about my condition and there's no point in talking to them, I don't have any friends, I have a stressfull job where I can't make any friends either because I'm socially inept, even if someone talks to me I don't know how to respond, I forget to look at them etc. After 4 months people basically stopped starting conversations with me because they noticed I'm unresponsive. I had my hobbies but now I lost any interest in them

And the older I get the more I realize how much I lost. I had the chance to be a legit artist, to go to an acting school etc., but my schizo-autistic retardation ruined it for me and I can't forgive myself. Even if I suddenly become normal, I would be too old for the things I wanted to do. I will never live the life I wanted to live and I don't know how to cope

No. 936417

People with ED and fat people in general, which is an ED in itself.
I had an anorexic neighbour who would constantly ring at our door for us to help her open coke bottles because she was "too weak to do so". My tinfoil is that she just wanted to show us that she was eating something (despite us not giving a fuck) and would dump the coke in the sink afterwards.
Fat people are just insufferable, waaaahing all the time and making condescending comments about your own weight if you're thin. Will always remember this hambeast "friend" of mine who would loose her shit everytime me and other friends would talk about working out together alongside calling anyone on the thin spectrum "bony", fuck that bitch.

No. 936425

Oh my God, my neighbor would constantly get my boyfriend to go over to her house and pour her dog food into a bin for her because it was "too heavy". I think she just wanted attention from him it was honestly so pathetic. I told him point-blank he wasn't allowed to help her anymore she can just open the fucking dog food and feed her mutt from the bag. Pathetic. Coke-ana was 100% doing it for attention from you guys. That kind of behavior gets me so fucking pissed. It's just pathetic and it evokes the opposite of pity

No. 936432

Bpd in men. So idk if this fag is diagnosed or what, I guess not because he is a guy. But it's so obvious and ten thousand times more pathetic as when women display this behaviour.
>Is an insecure lil bitch
>Surrounds himself with girls who are even more insecure
>Is poly
>After one meeting he puts pictures of this girl on his wall
>You so special uwu I think I will tell the other girls off
>Second meeting he tells all his traumatic shit he went through as a child
>Collects pity as its a trophy or something
>Sooooo spiritual
>Gets flashbacks and starts crying
>Writes poems about his trauma
>Ugly as sin lol thats just a bonus
>Always overstays because he is not able to let go and go home alone
>Never wants to be alone
>Third meeting is two weeks long with no break
>Loves drugs but of course for spiritual growth and not like the other junkies
>No job
>Everyone so mean to me
Sorry for sperg this guy is just no good I see a dark time coming

No. 936435

My personal anachan neighbour also had a dog kek. The dog was as skinny as her and would puke randomly all the time.
>It's just pathetic and it evokes the opposite of pity
Exactly. Worst thing being her personal life story was sad as fuck. Her ex-bf told us that when he met her she was a successful model. She was sexually abused by her uncle when she was a kid and then got raped again by a moid from her agency, which started her ED. One day the boyfriend rang at our door and said that he couldn't take it anymore and had to leave. Her attention seeking behaviors got worse after that

No. 936821

finally someone who finds both types at different ends of the spectrum annoying

So Olanzapine is supposed to make you feel better but it's not going to make you friends, or give you a more fulfilling life. It won't calm you down (as this seems anxiety related)
I know how dark and cold it feels at the moment. We really do have a lot in common, surprisingly, not wanting to say much. You deserved to have a family that looked after you well, and it's probably harder for you to make the first steps. But just talk to strangers. Go to some random meetings. And accept that you are cringe, so that you can be your true self. I need to be reminded of this, but some people really don't care if you're awkward, and you're more of a queen if you're aware of being awkward and decide to try nonetheless.
Unpopular advice, but the easiest way to have social interaction is by joining a church. You can attend even if you don't believe in God one bit, and that's a place to force yourself to go to, and a place to talk to people. They can be a community centre too where there are many events to hear about and many people to connect with.
About your job being sucky and the blessing of autism, there's not much to be done. Just be kind to yourself. Make yourself packed lunches with yummy healthy food, have a cleaning routine and a playlist to go along with it, look after someone's cat. You don't deserve to have bad things happen to you, and the world isn't revolving around you in a superstitious way. I know how it feels, but you have to expect the feeling. I hallucinate in many ways, like seeing spiders on the walls, feeling them on my skin, hearing voices and music, and occasional paranoia. I just like to think of it as a superpower. Secret hearing and senses, cowabunga!
I hate getting older too. I think of missed oppurtunities a lot and end up ruining my day. We have to stop, because our brains like habits and patterns and we will make it harder for ourselves. Why can't you pick up your hobby again? If you join an online or irl group related to it, you will have the motivation to keep going.

tl;dr sometimes you have to force yourself to find happiness, expect the paranoia, keep challenging yourself, and go to church

No. 938799

File: 1634247543606.jpg (493.53 KB, 1200x675, clown.jpg)

Thank you for your advice anon, I want to digest what you said and get myself together, but after what happened today it seems even harder. I had like a full meltdown at my job and the only coworker I talk to went to my team manager to tell her she's worrying about me because I'm stressing over everything all the time, I cry over nothing, like small mistakes no one gives a shit about, and I'm coming to work sick because I'm afraid of getting fired (like today was the first day of my period and I felt terrible, I vomited, I was very weak etc.) So I had a talk with my team manager and my supervisor and I couldn't stop crying in front of them, it was so fucking cringe, they assured me I have nothing to worry about and that I'm a good employee, I was trying to tell them it's not just about the job, it's about being around people etc. but I felt they didn't really get that, or maybe I was speaking too quietly, I don't know, I was in a very bad emotional state. They also told me they think I've changed since my first day and now at least I talk to someone, unlike before, and that everyone has their own pace at which they change, and that people accept me the way I am. They also allowed me to go home ealier and rest. Like, on one hand it was better than I expected to hear, but on the other hand I feel retarded and pathetic and I can't stand the fact that someone at my job saw me at such vulnerable state. One part of me wants to reach out to them sometimes, but the other thinks they're fucking normies who just say what their liberal policies command them to say to an autistic retard like me and deep down they think I'm crazy, pathetic and stupid and they talk shit behind my back. I wish my mindset wasn't so abusive. Writing this down made me cry again, I just can't take it

No. 938822

Both of this. I generally get along well with people who are different. Have shizoid friends, can related to ADHD and such too since I am an autist. But I cannot deal with this new wave of anxiety bullshit since it's just an one-sided way to control over what other people are allowed to say. Plus points if you aren't even allowed to vent because nevative feelings are also causing anxiety.

It's like being surrounded by toddlers with special needs and constantly censoring yourself. The worst shit is that this attitude seems to be everywhere these days. I don't know if it's some way of control or a horrible internet meme, but it's terrible.
Especially since I lack social contacts in real life for being an autist. Internet was always the method I used to have fun. Talk about hobbies and fandoms you are in. But now everything is flooded by these people.
I even had panic attacks as young kid and it was absolutely not like this. And I never bothered others with it either.

No. 938846

Fucking same. It's making my life much more enjoyable and completely destroying at the same time.
I do it almost 100% of the time I am awake. Even while I am thinking of what I should answer in this post I see short scenes of my alter ego popping up in which I am trapped in some astral world or something. Everything I do and think gets projected into some movie-like parallel reality in which I am living through events that are metaphors or otherwise related to mean real needs, emotions, ideas and so on. Like a reflection.

It's hard to do anything since daydreaming is way easier and usually more rewarding. Why working for anything if I can just imagine already having it right now?

No. 939039

I know it’s a late reply but this post has helped me realise why I can’t keep friends around. It’s because I’m a fucking pain in the ass. I always lamented “what’s wrong with meeee?!” When I could only have acquaintances or friends I see infrequently but now I know. I’m lovely, but a real fucking pain in the ass.

No. 939100

I'm the exact same way anon, I've pretty much daydreamed my youth away. The thing is, I don't know if I want to stop. It's ruined any chance at me actually having a successful life but at the same time I know I will die without it. Daydreaming is just too fun.

No. 942298

Recurrent depressive disorder. Finally getting treatment. I also have an aunt who has some kind of disorder that fucking sucks and currently visits 2 therapists and she is still a delusional weirdo that first overshares and then gets angry for no reason, cuts off contact and accuses you of the wildest things. When I first started searching for a therapist I asked her for advice and she kept trying to call me every day to ramble on how our family is cursed and that my great-grandpa was in a prison camp for communists and why that is the cause of our mental problems. My dad also might have something because me and my siblings had to endure a lot of mental and emotional abuse from him.

No. 942323

most autistic guys in my country are so fucking irritating

No. 942367

You, for yourself, have to keep in mind that yes, you might be fucked by your genetics, but with all the help today you don't have to turn out like your family. It's a lot of work, but your brain can change and with the right care somehow get better. Try to ignore your aunt, you won't need two therapists like her and I hope that you can work through your trauma because of your abusive father.

No. 943917

What's the nonnies' opinion on DID? I've seen so much zoomers roleplaying ocs but it is an actual disorder, a bad coping way or just the next Little Bitch Disorder?

No. 943921

There's either schizos or attention seekers.

No. 943946

Here's an article about it. Called DSM-5-Tik-tok and it's an interesting read. There's actually a name for the case of those kids faking their diseases called Fastidious Disorder.


No. 943952

Here’s my hot take if someone is faking a mental illness there is something legitimately wrong with them it’s just that they’re very histrionic or narcissistic kek

No. 943960

that article lists a tiktok user who is faking her tourettes as an example of someone "not faking it". ThisTrippyHippy magically only got her tics at 17 years old and has videos on her youtube channel from years ago where she's a teenager and nothing is wrong.

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