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No. 880117

It’s okay to be confused. Being stupid is not a crime.
Previous stupidity >>>/ot/870271

No. 880122

what is the mathematical probability that 2 anons make the next stupid questions thread at the same time and both use cat pictures for threadpic?

No. 880123

File: 1628849060711.png (59.29 KB, 264x192, Screenshot_2021-08-13-01-51-51…)

Which cow is this

No. 880127

Jessica Nigri.

No. 880131

Is it necessary to buy a 5G phone? I need to buy a phone and the model I'm looking at doesn't have 5G. I do ideally want my phone to last 3 or so years if I don't break it before then.

No. 880133

Has anyone of you merged two Origin accounts? Does one of the other accounts get deleted then, or is it more like that library sharing thing on Steam?

No. 880137

I merged me and my sister's Origin account, they just ask you which one you want to be the main account and the other gets deleted?
I did it because we both had different Sims 4 DLC and we wanted to share them, so we just share one account now.

No. 880138

Thanks! That's actually the same exact reason why I wanna do it, too lol.

No. 880140

no problem you can do it through the live chat i believe

No. 880141

its been years since i did it but it more then likely didn't change

No. 880142

File: 1628850715877.jpg (134.16 KB, 1020x576, Starring_Mickey_Rooney.jpg)

Bringing my very stupid question from the previous thread: There were many instances in Hollywood when white people played Asian characters, but does the opposite exist? Has there ever been a film in Asian cinema where an Asian actor played a white character?

No. 880146

File: 1628851996007.jpg (6.3 KB, 278x181, merle.jpg)

merle oberon, kind of.
she played (among many other roles), anne boleyn! she was half sri lanken, but lied about this for pretty obvious reasons (not easy to get decent roles in the 1930s as a not-white person). weirdly enough, despite people around her believing her when she said she was white, she also got cast in a lot of asian roles, as she looked 'exotic'. (then again, so did kathy hepburn & lauren bacall, who definitely weren't concealing mixed heritage). i often wonder how that would fit into the cultural appropriation / yellowface conversation.

No. 880150

Probably the live action anime adaptations? Shingeki no Kyoujin, Black Butler, etc etc. Anime has a lot of western settings and when adapted into a musical/LA movie they still use japanese/famous asian actors

No. 880152

I don't think this is what anon means, she means whiteface. Merle's mother was Eurasian herself. Merle was mostly white anyway.

No. 880153

Is the whole "women's pants have small pockets to make them buy purses" conspiracy even true? That's kinda dumb imo, you just need one purse or backpack and you're good, you don't buy a purse everytime you buy pants. Also probably unpopular opinion but I prefer bags, I can shove all my stuff inside and I'd be worried to be pickpocketed.

No. 880155

ngl i just wanted an excuse to talk about her because i think she's neat

No. 880156

Never heard of that before and yes it sounds like bs kek. I should imagine it has something to do with wanting a tighter fit and smoother line or something. Pockets are often bulky.

No. 880160

The lack of pockets in women's clothing has unironically been a feminist issue for a long time.

No. 880161

File: 1628854408268.jpg (145.41 KB, 900x750, anna-kashfi-2.jpg)

Lol anon. Shame we don't have an oldie goldie celebricow thread, they were supreme cows, much more interesting people. Datalounge is usually excellent for oldie gossip, they probably have threads on her if you're interested. All I can remember is Laurence Olivier despised her and would bully her, in part because she asked him to have an affair while she was married to Korda and he was engaged to Vivien Leigh. Filming wasn't going well and she kept fluffing up her lines and while on a bathroom break he stole her spare tampons and made a wreath or necklace or something and when she returned confused, he cruelly chastised her for delaying the crew and said it was to mop her up (what he actually said was much more cruel, but I can't remember what it was). Anyway, the whole crew fell into a fit of laughter, and humiliated she ran off set bawling.

Interesting how things change re ethnicity, Anna Kashfi picrel was actually British/Irish but passed herself off as an Indian lol. She even kept her real ethnicity a secret from husband Marlon Brando lol.

No. 880164

samefag. Forgot to say her real name was Joan O'Callaghan.

No. 880169

>Shame we don't have an oldie goldie celebricow thread, they were supreme cows, much more interesting people
the historical cows thread is kinda that

No. 880173

File: 1628855713690.jpg (34.98 KB, 640x448, joan crawford gymnastix.jpg)

i'd never heard of that site before, thank you so much anon! that's fascinating
was it just an unspoken rule that women named joan are milky?

No. 880179

"Kinksters" are always the ugliest fuckers. Is it because if they are forced to settle for people matching their looks, they think it'll be slightly better if they start a polycule and at least get to fuck a bunch of different ugly people? Or if they introduce shit that actually brings the attention away from both parties ugliness(puppy play, age roleplay)? Or do normal looking people just keep their weird shit secret?

No. 880187

I forgot about that thread. I'd love a Hollywood one though, I'll make one later.

lol perhaps. Although I doubt anyone has Crawford beat!

No. 880235

I spent a short time attending 'kink events' back when I was like 19 and… a social retard trying to make some friends. There are a few genuinely very good looking kinksters out there but they're in the minority and they're 100 times more batshit than the uggo ones are.

No. 880249

Through the likes of common friends I've just seen that colleague who cheated on her bf for years with my ex just had a Romantic Photoshoot with him to commemorate getting engaged. I'm this close to commenting something like "what a beautiful couple", I know it would be petty but the question is whether too petty or not?

No. 880257

File: 1628862199729.jpg (75.08 KB, 800x1017, Merle-Oberon-2-2.jpg)

I've never been a fan of thin arched eyebrow trend of the 30s but damn she pulled it off

No. 880259

Speaking of Brando, is it true that he was bi?

No. 880266

i feel the opposite, i absolutely love the thin brows, i find them so beautiful and feminine.

No. 880278

well that's dumb. why does everything have to be tight

No. 880280

File: 1628863611795.gif (179.56 KB, 200x169, 7fc705c8fe7aa62ad029bb7e879c3c…)

If/when you make the Old Hollywood thread could you post a thread to it? thank you

No. 880281

I meant a link

No. 880289

This pisses me off so much. My husband wears fleece lined orange hi vis coats and not only are they extremely warm and comfortable, they have huge pockets every where, including inside. One of the chest pockets even has a special hole so he can route a headphone and mic to his mobile phone while still having it accessible from the outside. I've looked everywhere for similar coat for women and the closest thing I found was an offshore sailing coat that cost hundreds of pounds.

No. 880300

Nobody cares but I did it and it felt great, would recommend

No. 880301

Is anyone else an introvert whose parents constantly pester you to go out or date or get more friends? How do you deal with that?

No. 880306

Mine did, especially my mom, I moved out and frankly, I don't see any other way out of it. Explaining my feelings calmly many times fell on deaf ears.

No. 880307

Tbh I moved to the far end of my country and I don't tell my dad much about my life

No. 880330

What is the shoplifting banner from?

No. 880332

Nta, but I highly recommend Dickies work clothes. They have some nice jackets, not sure if they have anything exactly like you described though.
I wear their scrubs as cargo pants, they have so many pockets I can leave the house without a purse.

No. 880338

I asked because I've already moved out but to an apartment that my mother owns and she still demands to know every aspect of my life and keeps telling me that I should get in contact with my friends, etc. She also wordvomits what happened to her every time we talk even though I never ask her

No. 880342

She had the romantic photoshoot with your ex, or the man she cheated on?

No. 880347

Samefag also she constantly makes these passive aggressive comments like 'Your cousin is on a festival right now. You know, she goes out. With her friends'. She knows that I cut off most of my friends because of my avoidant tendencies and I have nowhere to go. I don't know how to deal with these comments…

No. 880355

File: 1628872891669.jpg (37.53 KB, 466x650, prod_ladies_parka_front_bark-4…)

Check out Lands End. Not identical to your description, but I just looked and they have a fleece-lined water resistant jacket with two big outer pockets and an inner chest pocket for £50. Might be OK? Your best bet is looking on outdoor/sports sites for specialist clothing tbh. I know you don't want to spend a lot, but if you find a second hand lightly used one then isn't it a good investment? Rab and Buffalo Systems are high quality British brands I'd recommend. BS does a women's parka with five pockets. Site doesn't mention cost tho, sorry. http://www.buffalosystems.co.uk/products/ladies-parka/

No. 880356

I'm a radfem but I like this song, am I stupid? I love the energy but like, I dont want bitches getting smacked

No. 880359

Nope. 2/3G still exists (though they're just starting to be phased out) so I see no reason why 4G would go out of usage that soon

My mom
>No sleepovers! No hanging out at friends' houses! No after school activities!
>Anon why don't you have friends

No. 880362

samefag. *I meant to say if you buy a new one from a quality brand it would be a good investment or you could buy a lightly used second hand one.

No. 880366

it's just a song anon, chill. i love rico nasty too

No. 880367

The man she cheated on

No. 880368

Did any other anons have an edge lord phase? Particularly at an age you really shouldn’t have? How do you deal with the guilt?

No. 880372

What is better, having no friends or having friends with whom you have nothing in common and who don't understand you?

No. 880381

What do you mean by edgelord? Like offensive /pol/ shit? Or just liking black and horror?

No. 880387

How do I stop accidently hurting people?

No. 880389

nayrt but really?? I always thought it was momokun

No. 880391

it's just music anon, you're not failing as a feminist by enjoying it. I'm a fan of rico too and love this song of hers especially.

No. 880394

what style do you use while browsing lolcow? as a newfag I enjoyed the standard lolcow theme, then switched to darkcow but these days I enjoy girltalk. who are the insane anons in the caps thread using the jungle theme? I might try it for a week!

No. 880395

Darkcow, my weak ass eyes can't handle anything else lmao

No. 880396

I love this kind of lowkey pettiness, good for you anon

No. 880401

girltalk but it makes me feel dumb for whatever reason lol

No. 880422

I use the default because I have my browser set up so all history and everything is deleted when I close the window so I would have to set it up again and again every time if I wanted a different theme and I don't really care

No. 880427

Offensive /pol/ shit. Liking saying slurs and joking about being Nazis and stuff.

No. 880429

how do you keep track of where you are in a thread? like whenever I open a thread it jumps to where I left off but wouldn't clearing history/cookies disable that

No. 880435


No. 880438

I fear and admire you
God I miss keekweek

No. 880443

I just scroll up from the bottom

No. 880449

Notsuba since years

No. 880462

Can you just snap out of mental illness? I was seriously depressed and avoidant from my teens to my late twenties, but since turning 30 it's like I've become a different person. I seek out friendships and am just happy in general, and view the world in a completely different way.

No. 880472

Yes you can. Mental illnesses evolve constantly, whether for the best or for the worst. Brain chemistry changes as well as environmental factors. I'm glad you're doing better anon.

No. 880473

Lol I originally read this as part rebuke plus gloat and my heart skipped a beat anon. And yes you can, happened to me. Several years of depression and suicidal ideation disappeared all of a sudden. I am very grateful. I'm pleased to hear you're doing better too!

No. 880475

If that’s your personal experience and you truly feel healthy now, it must be possible. I read anecdotal shit about people’s mental health improving from their mid-20s due to hormones balancing out and their brains maturing, idk how true that is. Also 10+ years is a long time to be ill. I’ve had issues for about the same amount of time and though I’m not fully better yet, I do find myself having less patience for my dumb brain iykwim? I also parent myself more and force myself to do shit which helps. All that being said, I think it’s possible to snap out of it naturally but not possible to snap someone out of it by force.

No. 880480

Yes, the older I am the less likely I am to freak out and get anxious, even though I didn't ever really "faced" my fears or worked through them with a shrink, I think my brain chemistry is just chilled out.

No. 880490

I've read lots of ppl have depression in teens and 20s with no "real" reason why, then everything gets better at 30. Probably some effect from the fontal lobe finishing developing.

No. 880493

reading OPs post filled me with hope now I'm 31 and then

>hormones balancing out

well fuck, cause I have a diagnosed hormonal imbalance

No. 880498

What is christmas really like? Like what do people do on christmas? I have no idea because I grew up muslim.

No. 880500

File: 1628881600388.jpeg (80.06 KB, 700x900, 9F08023E-763B-462A-870A-E6AECB…)

When were scarves like pic related last “fashionable” among young women? I don’t mean cutting edge fashion, but popular enough you’d see them about a lot. The floaty spring scarves, with bright colours and feminine designs like butterflies or flowers.

I remember seeing them a lot at some point in the past 15 years but can’t pinpoint when. Specifically in the UK if that makes a difference.

No. 880506


No. 880510

last time ive seen it all over the mall was 2013

No. 880515

It depends on the family. Before christmas my family decorates the christmas tree. Then on christmas we all have breakfast together and it's a special breakfast, we have cookies, and we have special lunch too. And we open presents whenever and then the rest of the day we don't do anything just watch the same christmas movies that are shown every year. And wish it snowed outside.

No. 880531

I remember these scarfs were a trend for a little around 2008ish. But they were folded differently, like in a triangle.

No. 880537

A pizza place used to send me coupons in my email, and now they just send emails with the heading "Enjoy 51% off Flavored Crust", but it's not a deal, all the pizzas are regular menu price. What the hell is that even supposed to mean? Is it because flavored crust is included? Because wouldn't that make it 100% off? What is the significance of 51% is it a reference?

No. 880539

File: 1628883951837.jpg (8.77 KB, 240x240, 1622503157093.jpg)

does sleeping to get over someone work just like keeping your mind occupied with hobbies/etc? because you're not thinking about them while sleeping?

No. 880545

I mean… I guess? You're not thinking about anything when your sleeping though. I think it's much better to actively keep your mind occupied and hands/body busy by doing something rather than just constantly sleeping to keep someone off your mind (plus who knows if what your subconscious will do if it decides it wants to dream about them?)

No. 880551

Hi, made the thread. I had a few ideas but decided to make it broad to keep it simple… sorry if it's shit! >>880546

No. 880565

ayrt and I don't really dream so sleeping is guaranteed to keep them off my mind, but i can't tell if it's working how i want it to or just delaying my getting over them, if that makes sense. But then i feel miserable awake, i'll try to do anything but just can't get into it or when i do get into it i think about them in the midst of it and it ruins my mood. It sucks, maybe i just have to suck it up and keep trying

No. 880570

I felt better at 25, so that makes sense.

No. 880571

File: 1628886017197.jpg (87.64 KB, 720x261, fog.jpg)

There are two problems with it. 1)You may sleep away your life. 2)You may have a happy dream about this person and have your heart broken all over again the second you realize they no longer love you (or are in your life)

No. 880586

Sorry anon, but you do have to just suck it up and keep trying. Delaying it won't really do any help, you have to actively work through it. It takes me a really long time to get over people, usually at least a year, and the beginning months are fucking miserable. There's nothing you can do but do right by yourself everyday, letting yourself process your feelings then moving along with what you're doing. There will come the day when you feel less miserable than the day before, and then the day after a little less miserable, and so on and so forth.

I hope you'll work through it anon. Shit really sucks.

No. 880597

yeah I will try not to sleep. I already feel so much better talking about how difficult it is, thank you nonnies
I use keekweek

No. 880600

I feel like I'm the only one who uses Szalet. I love the dark red and skulls kek

No. 880609

How are they gonna film the underwater portions of the new little mermaid film? Like she's gonna need to talk, do dance numbers and sing I just don't see how they can do it.

No. 880626

how did they film finding nemo? probably much the same way

No. 880627

pls gimme the answer I've asked so many people and all they do is laugh oh god.

No. 880633

Are you oblivious to technology?

No. 880637

Do you also wonder how they film movies set in outer space or non-existent fantasy lands with dinosaurs?

No. 880638

Finding Nemo was animation not live action anon…
There are probably parts in actual water, but the rest would just be CGI or whatever. Just "movie magic".

No. 880641


No. 880646

File: 1628889893938.jpg (23.46 KB, 888x1110, 14852001.80.jpg)

Good store/brand for mary janes? i want a look similarish to the doc martens one

No. 880649

They will drown her for an authentic performance

No. 880651

I alternate between keekweek and jungle. both give me a really nostalgic feeling and imageboards are a comfy place for me so it only makes sense

No. 880674

No. 880683

Cheaney? Grenson? I haven't checked in a while.

No. 880762

How do I get the Tiktok algorithm to only put cute animal videos on my For You page?

No. 880768

I don't think you can get it to exclusively be animal videos, but long press on videos to get the "Not Interested" option and use the following tab instead of the For You tab

No. 880792

Can somebody explain to a literal brainlet how cream skincare items intended for sleep won't just rub off on your pillowcase? Some of these products look a little thick and I don't know, I'm scared it'll rub off immediately since I sleep on my sides and roll around a lot.

No. 880793

You rub the cream in.

No. 880794

Your skin absorbs most of the product or you gently rub it in. Do you just slather it on and hope for the best or something lol?

No. 880795

That makes much more sense.
Ahh, I was thinking more of the sense It'll sit on top of my skin like those clay or sheet masks. If it gets absorbed that's fine.

No. 880798

does anyone else have the urge to/find it calming to doodle your name repeatedly? lol it makes me feel like an autist weirdo so I don't do it often but this is a thing I've had since I can remember. weirdly enough my great aunt does it too.

No. 880828

File: 1628911519878.gif (316.93 KB, 245x280, 1597001471734.gif)

This post reminds me of how some women use tampons wrong by leaving the whole applicator inside instead of injecting the cotton piece
>I was one of those women

No. 880829

File: 1628911694097.jpg (39.55 KB, 563x305, 20.jpg)

yes! i used to like to write my name on my mattress

No. 880833

Ouch, what the fuck

No. 880835

tampons don't go inside the rectum fellow ''''woman'''

No. 880839

Wtf, who does that?

No. 880841

has anyone rushed a sorority before? i decided to do it on a whim and rush starts Monday, im a lil scared

No. 880859

Do you get more anons responding to your post if you post a photo with it?

No. 880878

Joining a sorority is pointless. It's full of pickmes and alcoholism.

No. 880882

File: 1628919924267.png (17.97 KB, 651x287, huh.PNG)

Is this an actual thing or is it a shitpost?

No. 880891

Probably accurately sums up half the posters in half the threads here, to some degree or another (but not the teacher student part)

No. 880892

If you mean the word itself, it's slang. 裏山 is slang too, a pun on 羨ましい. I guess it's a meme word: jealous (pun)+death penalty. It's a real thing, you look for it on social media, you'll see Japanese people using it.

No. 880905

How long does your breath smell fresh after brushing your teeth? Is it normal that mine only smells fresh for about an hour?

No. 880919

If I put disinfectant in the washing machine for washing my underwears, is 40C temperature enough? Or should I still wash them at a high temperature?

No. 880929

I feel like yes.

No. 880940

I'm in a sorority, so I'd be down to answer any specific questions. In general though, sorority culture varies really significantly by the greater greek life culture on your campus, and then less so by the individual sorority. If you're scared about getting in/getting rejected by one, firstly, the odds are likely in your favor since most sorority membership numbers went down during covid, so the amount of members they can currently take should be higher, and secondly, it's frequently less of a personal rejection than people think it is, it's not uncommon for a sorority to have to not offer a bid to a woman they would have happily taken a different semester just because they weren't able to offer a greater number of bids that particular semester. Rush is just a lot of talking to people. I'd be prepared to answer basic "get to know you" type questions you'll likely be asked about your interests, your major, why you're rushing, etc. Then if you go back to talk to a sorority after the first day, conversation will typically be steered to providing information and answering any of your questions about the sorority. I imagine some sororities have really particular criteria for being willing to offer a bid, but most are really just looking for someone who's a good personality fit for their chapter.

No. 880957

File: 1628934082767.png (167.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210805-133455.png)

It sounds like a hentai tag lmao. Jisho is wild sometimes.

No. 881021

What are the legal ramifications of someone, let's say creating a comic adaptation of an already existing novel (keeping its title and plot, everything) and uploading it to the Internet?

No. 881027

Or creating a fan sequel to an existing work?

No. 881042

I think it's way too complicated of a question for "stupid questions". You'd have to look into the copyright laws of your country. If it's "common property" then it's free to use, that's how Disney managed to get rich off fairy tales. But I assume you don't want to make money off of it.

No. 881045

I need to pirate photoshop for my dad, but I haven't had to do that in years (I last did it on my own laptop in 2017). What's a good torrent site for software? Piratebay is being weird and only giving me results with very few seeds

No. 881047

If you don't make profit from it, it's usually fine. There are some rare cases of authors that are agains any fan work at all (Anne Rice comes to mind) but otherwise it's no different than being an active AO3 writer or twitter fanartist.

No. 881052

As long as you don't make a profit of it it should fall under fair use policy imho. The chance of the copyright holders finding out about it is pretty low too.

No. 881056

Can mods report somebody's IP to local authorities? Question not related to anything at all

No. 881061

File: 1628946087544.jpg (119.11 KB, 1280x720, trotter.jpg)

killing yourself is a waste of time
go to australia
see the wombats

(pic is an elephant not wombat)

No. 881064

Amazing thing to say to a socially retarded cowardly autist with no money

No. 881066

If you treat every suicidal Internet post as solemn fact, you'll never stop wearing black.

No. 881069

Is it true that only old ladies use washcloths when they shower? I use them for physical exfoliation and my mother made this comment

No. 881071

If a tanned person uses AHA or retinol, will their skin turn lighter, since they both accelerate the rate of skincell turnover?

No. 881073

I use them, idk what else you're supposed to use to wash yourself? Those plastic mesh balls that come in stupid giftsets that fall apart after one use? Washcloths is what everyone uses here.

No. 881074

Piece of shit, what do you think is gonna happen? There's nothing they can do to help (unless of course your goal is to make my life even more miserable), I've been depressed since childhood, had my first attempt at 13 and still wish I could die, I've been involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital, locking someone up is the opposite of help, it's punishment if anything. Besides I've only asked how to get killed, I'm too pussy do it myself

No. 881077

I think those 'puffball' things are more common now but I hate em. I use a sponge tbh but most of the time bath sponges are sold amongst the baby bath stuff? Guess you're an old lady and I'm a baby.

No. 881087

Haha yeah

No. 881097

File: 1628948556434.jpg (31.2 KB, 798x343, 152bb5b4efa2f5ab52fcc802154e90…)

Watch second twilight movie and take tips from Bella Swan's reckless life choices, you'll either die or start actually loving life. Saying this unironically.

No. 881133

Ladies how can I treat a nasty mosquito bite? I’ve been putting hydrocortisone and antifungal on it for like 2 days now and my bite is still red, swollen, and itchy. Please help me nonnas I need some womanly wisdom that’s not on google

No. 881136

Put hot spoon to it to neutralize the mosquito juice

No. 881151

lmao anon, if your brain is so fucked up you actually want to die then being locked up in a psych hospital is not the opposite of help.

No. 881170

Is anyone else getting headaches from this year's sun? On hot days as soon as I step outside in the sun my head hurts.

No. 881178

Now I want to watch Twilight. Maybe I should do it. It's kind of cringy but I like the atmosphere of the first movie.

No. 881186

My mom complained of having headaches and she blamed it on the weather/sun

No. 881187

Tbh the first one has an awkward charm to it. I also liked the blue, icy tint the film had to it, it gave it an interesting atmosphere

No. 881198

Has it happened to anyone that you thought you have vaginismus because you couldn't fit your fingers/sex toy in but when you finally had sex it suddenly was not a problem?

No. 881199

I had migraines two days in a row. Usually I only get them once every year or two. We're having a heat wave where I am so I'm attributing it to that and the shitty diet I've been keeping the past week.

No. 881200

Yeah, turns out I just have a weird mental block about doing it myself.

No. 881204

Yup, it happens only when it's 32°C+ . Last year I didn't have any during summer but now it's almost weekly due to the heatwave. I actually thought I might have brain tumor lol

No. 881208

Is it true that if you use eyedrops regularly, your eyes get used to it and they are gonna produce less tears in the long run?

No. 881209

I live in a pretty wet miserable place but I tend to get headaches on days where its warm and wet at the same time. Dry heat doesn't do it to me weirdly.

No. 881230

I've fixed some posters with putty and they can't stop falling off, is there a way to make them stay in place?

No. 881235

Command strips are good if tack isn't cutting it

No. 881242

Any practical advice on how to recover from an eating disorder/ manage it if you dont have access to treatment?

No. 881245

Sorry I'm of no help, but I think we might have a recovering from eating disorders thread. Not sure where tho.

No. 881249

What kind of free google chrome extension exits in order to access websites that are blocked in my country? Any good recs?

No. 881261

Search for a VPN extension.

No. 881262

File: 1628962129313.jpg (175.96 KB, 1080x1185, 15535265_527030407501000_89867…)

This might sound scrotey, but I was wondering to what extent is/was the lip filler trend influenced by porn, more specifically 'blowjob lips'? The main source of the lip filler trend seems to be from celebrities that have done lip fillers, but I feel like porn also influenced this too. Do average women who get lip fillers know that the trend may have been influenced by porn? do minors who want to get fillers know this?

No. 881264

There are CBT worksheets for eating disorders specifically, you could check them out

No. 881265

Oh of course it was influenced by """"blowjob lips""""" (hate that expression so much) because in porn a lot of women get lip injections and bigger lips. This is a pornsick society so of course this was meant to happen… same reason why a lot of women get bigger breasts and butts

No. 881267

cute style, who is the artist?

No. 881268

it's heartmush's old art

No. 881271

Are there any artist anons here who've been in therapy? Is it true that therapy hinders creativity?

No. 881290

I'm a visual artist and illustrator and "therapy hinders creativity" is such a bullshit excuse lol
It doesn't hinder much, it actually helps you get peace of mind so you can produce even more. Even if you get into a creativity problem, there's many ways to connect to yourself again and there's many ways to get creative again. """artists""" who say that are probably dumb stupid artists that draw anime vent art and have no other ideas besides that

No. 881309

Why would it.
If you feel better you can actually finish your projects and dare to share them.

No. 881391

what's the best way to go about getting an invite code for ovarit? i only have one twitter account and i'm terrified of interacting with gc/rf accounts even in private because the begendereds have their eyes everywhere.

No. 881422

is the true crime community interested in organised crime at all? or is it a whole different thing?

No. 881446

File: 1628977061256.jpg (17.36 KB, 303x104, lw banner.jpg)

who is this?

No. 881455


No. 881456

Mystery.jpg her thread was on /pt/.

No. 881481

No. 881497

I wonder if she's okay or if she's really dead. Ngl, her schizo arc was very depressing (if true)

No. 881506

I've been lucky enough to miss any raids other than a single gore image I saw on the front page, but what the hell are you supposed to do when someone posts something illegal like the CP raids? I've done an anonymous tip before, but I don't know if you're supposed to immediately file one. Is it a mod's job and farmers don't need to since they aren't hosting it?

No. 881512

Admin and mods report it

No. 881567

Whether it's schizophrenia or another disorder or drug abuse, it does sound like mania or psychosis. Was lolcow and the post exposure and subsequent ridicule from /r9k/ responsible somehow, maybe? She was always crazy, but not like that.

No. 881609

has the celebricow thread pic been posted off site yet? it really is a work of art

No. 881619

Lmao, she's not dead. She just made a rumor that she was because she was embarrassed that she got a thread. Some anon from a few months ago admitted she was still around on the dl.

Subsequent? She loved the attention from r9k, she was a tripfag there.
It's not hard to believe she got too annoying and overplayed her hand enough for her behavior to be noticed. She wasn't a nice person.

No. 881621

she seemed pretty legitimately schizo

No. 881622

Is there any way to force prime video to let me watch something in HD?? I’m on my ipad and I keep hitting the little HD button but it refuses to switch over. I have it set to best video quality in my settings already. I don’t mind the buffering but I want to watch this in HD

No. 881623

Nah. She was just mean and knew sometimes she had to make up certain shit to throw off her samefagging. It was noticed anyway.

No. 881702

File: 1629014608340.png (53.56 KB, 256x256, clothes help.png)

can anyone tell me what these two articles of clothing are called? i've been trying to remember but i can't. the first is that long coat that people wear in movies and the other is some weeb thing where only the front is covered by a loose turtleneck sleeveless dress.

No. 881703

Trenchcoat? When I searched for 2 I got Virgin Killer sweater

No. 881704

2nd one is virgin killer sweater
1st one PROBABLY techwear, could be wrong.

No. 881706

holy shit, thanks so much. trenchcoat and virgin killer sweater are the names.

No. 881764

That's supposed to be a trench? Looks like a duster coat or something.

No. 881766

I'm sure this is a retarded q, as I know nothing about how these things work. Could the site be redesigned so users have the choice of having images automatically hidden? Like auto-spoilered? I'm thinking about the cp/gore issue.

No. 881810

I feel like we'd need some sort of AI for that which identifies gore or cp and would filter them and I'm not sure if that exists. I'm nearly tech illiterate so I know nothing about these things

No. 881812

This is embarrassing because I've been using this site for a while, but what are farmhands? Are they like Admin samas right hands? What's the difference in their responsibilities?

No. 881814

I might be wrong but I think farmhands are mods? not quite admin level powers but can attend to moderation-related issues

No. 881858

File: 1629033143274.png (17.71 KB, 152x104, who iz ths.PNG)

who dis? he look familar but i cant place his face

No. 881862

looks like Jason R Womack to me, anon

No. 881867

This is that dude from twin peaks? I think…

No. 881870

That's Giant from Twin Peaks, nonna

No. 881872

File: 1629033849415.png (1.4 MB, 828x1792, 2B3780FA-87FA-456D-88CC-E4F394…)

No. 882018

File: 1629042844217.jpeg (168.74 KB, 1080x1094, 717313AD-52FA-4914-9E44-3B664B…)

nah, that's the train pulling into the Mackstination Station if I've ever seen it nonniecompoop.

No. 882028

Why is my wifi so horrible it barely works on my iphone? i have a nice router & i pay extra money for upload/download speed. But like 80% of the time my cellular data works faster/better than wifi. And the cellular data is ASS because I live in bumfuck nowhere with shit signal. Wtf nonnas? Is this an iphone issue?

No. 882033

Mine does the same thing. WiFi works fine on everything else but cell phone? On data 24/7. I noticed it not working around the beginning of last year. When did it start for you?

No. 882043

Honestly not sure when it started happening but this has been a constant problem for quite a while now. How annoying!

No. 882057


No. 882063

I’m going to punch this guy

No. 882071

To any bartender anons, is drinking a part of the job? I watch a lot of shows and whenever there are bartender characters they just drink beers and drinks during work. I also knew a girl in uni and she said they do drink on the job but I just can't seem to wrap my head around this, is it really true?

No. 882078

yes bartenders drink on the job. it’s hard not to. especially as a women, customers will buy you drinks. you don’t HAVE to drink but it really is part of the job. it would be like being a barista and never drinking coffee drinks or smoothies

No. 882084

So does that mean that all bartenders are inherently tipsy all the time? Wouldn't it be a bit of a slippery slope into just wanting to drink all the time?

No. 882086

Different anon, do you ever fake taking a sip? I'm sure you'd have to watch your intake?

No. 882092

i don’t know if bartenders are always tipsy, but you’re right it is a slippery slope to alcoholism. one of my family members was a bartender and would come home & park on the lawn

No. 882098

Varies by locality.
In the UK it's illegal for them to drink on the job so it depends whether or not their manager cares about the law or not

No. 882121

Nta but providing you only get tipsy it means you’re fun with the customers, you’re obviously not supposed to get blackout drunk though. I think employers either don’t understand the risk or don’t care because they can find plenty more people to work minimum wage.

No. 882186

Going to uni after growing up extremely socially isolated in a religious community. How do I make friends and socialise with normal people, I’m terrified.

No. 882202

It's okay anon, everyone in their first year of uni is anxious for various reasons so you are just a drop in the sea of it
Join clubs and societies if you can as a way to meet people, even if you feel completely unable to talk to them at first once you do a few team activities with them it will help your social confidence a lot. If you are nice and honest eventually you will find your people.
Don't feel pressured to drink or do drugs if you don't know how to handle them because you can end up in really bad situations

No. 882238

for ppl that have used airbnb, have the prices gone up? i dont remember the cleaning fees being over $66. the service and occupancy fees are super high too

No. 882267

Why the fuck are Polish men so tall?! Do they suck all the life out of their moms while in the womb? Literally unnatural, who needs to be 7 ft. (Not race-baiting just amazed at the absolute freakishness of polish men).

No. 882280

wait until you meet dutch men

No. 882282

I’m guessing it’s covid-related.

No. 882307

Yes, Dutch men are gargantuan.

No. 882320

What thread was the bong moid who went to kabul talked about? I forgot

No. 882326

is that a norm? i haven't noticed it but good for us if yes. my bf is 6′4 but he's taller than most people, including me

No. 882328

>>882128 here you have the post

No. 882335

Thank you, ily anon!

No. 882344

How do I ask an “old friend” out without sounding too desperate? I’m worried that I’ll be friendzoned again as he had rejected me in the past.

No. 882347

Honestly don’t, if he rejected you in the past he will do it again. It’s not worth getting with people from the past who have showed you they have no issue hurting you or tossing you aside like trash. You do you, but I would save yourself the hurt and move on.

No. 882349

Not just the men, see I have always been the "tall girl" of my group of friends(5'7 1/2) but then I went to Germany for my masters and I felt so tiny, seeing so many girls just being casually taller then me was something I was not used to, most women were taller then the average male in country(Pakistan)

No. 882356

File: 1629066839207.jpg (82.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is there any esthetic procedure or strong skincare product to get rid of face hyperpigmentation/acne scars? I've been fighting for years against these blemishes and they won't go away, I'm resorting to 40% hydroquinone now because it's getting ridiculous. I've been using every type of product against it (tretinoin, vitamin c, etc) and taking multivitamins but shit doesn't work!!
t. light skin mixed race with translucent skin
No, at least if you have a good therapist anyway. I was excited to go each day to show her what I've drawn because it gave me something to look forward to and she never judged what I drew. She was genuinely nice and never killed my vibe, I never had to change my style if I knew I was going to show her. I could be true and honest with her and that does anything but stifle creativity.
I wish I was still in therapy because now I draw much less. I stopped going because of financial reasons.

No. 882366

Lmao reminds me of some of my professors from art school that pushed students to "further explore their traumas" and only these who would get really personal and dark would get best grades and public praise. Truly weird.
Therapy is what will actually boost your creativity as it's goal is to uncloud your mind. If not for therapy I would probably have given up on art by now.

No. 882380

7ft? Damn here a guy is considered tall if he’s 6ft

No. 882384

My brother is considered tall in my country, people often comment on his height and how tall he is(he's 5'10)

No. 882385

Sounds silly but are you wearing sunscreen?

No. 882393

File: 1629069011272.jpg (158.59 KB, 960x1280, DWiEAsrWsAA36Nx.jpg)

Didn't they measure the average hand grip strength of nations and Dutch women are stronger than Indian and Pakistani men and some others? Can't remember who else. Anyway, madness. Picrel Dutch and Indian business people lol. My mum was shocked too. She's 5'6, which is above average height for a woman in the UK (5'3). She's usually one if not the tallest woman in any given setting and she said wherever she went in the Netherlands she was the smallest lol. She said it took some time to get used to. I don't know if this is true or not, but a friend told me the term 'white horse' (to refer to white women) originated in Japan. Apparently Dutch women were larger than Japanese men at the time and (tw) raping a Dutch woman, was to them, as difficult as taming or riding a horse

No. 882394

I am almost obsessively at this point lmao, but I don't fault you at all for asking. Is 50spf uva+uvb enough or should I go higher?

No. 882400

Have you ever had a consultation with a dermatologist that also specialized in aesthetic medicine? Laser treatmens and microdermoabrasion are both giving very good results when it comes to getting rid of hyperpigmentation. Skincare actives usually only help when the problem is not too advanced and are better as precaution than actual solution to already existing problem.

No. 882425

File: 1629072978776.jpg (502.83 KB, 1920x2560, douglas-de-la-hoz-02-02-04-geo…)

No, but thank you for the suggestion. When I went to get a chemical peel (it did almost nothing lol) at my local spa the beautician DID mention that microdermoabrasion could help me more. I was kind of scared of it since I was worried it would just permanently scar my whole face but maybe I should give it a shot? I definitely fell for the new influencer skincare craze.
I think people get memed by great and very talented creatives like H.P Lovecraft, Van Gogh, etc etc that were very mentally ill and think all traumatized artists are like that. But people have no fucking idea how many schizoid artists fly under the radar because nothing they make is either genuinely good or considered good. Trauma alone doesn't make you a good artist. If anything the talent was there before the illnesses came in and those people had the immense skill to power through and properly express what they felt. Are you kidding me? Lovecraft died alone, scared and penniless, didn't he?
>pic related

No. 882464

Yeah, no. It depends on how you think and come up with ideas, some people are able to be creative through chaos and there are people like you who are able to be creative through organization and careful planning. Plus, you yourself can’t really determine if it’s good or not, get over yourself you haven’t become normie anon you still go on here lmao

No. 882501

I think that's good but make sure you reapply every 2 hours or whenever your face gets wet. Like the other anon said, I think it's best to see a derm if otc topicals aren't working. Best of luck!

No. 882502

Do people who live alone usually have living rooms?

No. 882503

I did when I lived alone, though I always slept on the couch or made a pallet of blankets and pillows on the living room floor and mostly used my bedroom as clothes storage tbh.

No. 882504

yeah just because you live alone doesn't mean you're a hermit

No. 882519

What should I get my dad for his birthday?

No. 882520

It’s better to have a living room so your room is only for sleeping and the living room is for hanging out, watching tv, maybe drinking some tea or reading a book.

No. 882521

What does he like? Foods? Drinks? Knickknacks?

No. 882534

When do you become "satisfied" with your knowledge of something? I know that's a dumb basic questions humans have been asking for years but I mean specifically with nonfiction subjects. Like with science, do you read all the famous old books (such as On the Origin of Species) until the new books and then studies? Or do you read a comprehensive textbook and handbook, call it a day and then just read new stuff or old specific studies that haven't been expanded upon? I just feel lost with what to read to really "know" and/or "get" a nonfiction subject.

No. 882537

I like giving my dad hampers, he loves food but you can also put random things he likes in the hamper like tools or bits of clothing etc.

No. 882540

It honestly depends, some people dedicate their lives to studying a single subject, trying to know everything is impossible, so it’s better to pick one thing that got your attention.
So yeah, you do need the basics of something, you can’t study biotechnology without knowing the basics, and maybe a bit more of biology, so you can have an idea what are of the most important terms and concepts for that field of biotechnology you actually care about.
I hope it makes sense.

No. 882588

All I know about my dad is he hates carrots, and loves meat. His birthday is in 5 days and I've never given him a proper gift, unless you count hugs. My sister bought him a polo shirt.

No. 882594

What helps with mood swing during PMS? Do those teas marketed for it help at all? I woke up with the desire to jam a knife into my neck because everything feels pointless. The painfully sensitive tits I can handle, it's just the feeling of hopelessness that is unbearable. I'm already taking antidepressants and calcium as well because I read it's supposed to help but sometimes I feel like it's not enough

No. 882595

If he loves meat, and probably cooking, maybe give him a set of knives? Or grilling accessories? Maybe something like an apron or gloves for cooking. Those are nice and useful gifts.
You could get him something different too, like red wine so he can have it with a nice steak, or socks, those are always appreciated.
There’s also the option of a nice belt, shoes, or a sweater since autumn and winter are upon those with 4 seasons.

No. 882602

>loves meat
So buy him a high quality steak.

No. 882624

When you're in the shower, when you wash your neck, just take the washcloth up behind your ear and give it a scrub like every other body part

No. 882630

You’re right and I didn’t, my sisters advised me on not asking; saying “you don’t come to the dick, the dick comes to you”. The closest thing I said was “hopefully we can see each other again” after telling him we had a great time at the club (my sister came with me to see him, he invited us).

No. 882631

Your sister sounds based.

No. 882641

>It depends on how you think and come up with ideas, some people are able to be creative through chaos and there are people like you who are able to be creative through organization and careful planning.
Being creative through chaos is not limiting your "creativity" to unadressed traumas, anon. You may not know it because you sound like an edgy kid but goal of therapy is not to make one a normie actually.

No. 882737

File: 1629116989848.png (127.73 KB, 828x1792, 2C13FCCC-B4BF-4DF1-9FB6-55E4D6…)

i’m moving and my new bedroom has 4 doors on 3 different walls. how should i situate my furniture? i only have my queen bed, a bookshelf and my desk, but it seems impossible to fit even that much in with this shitty layout.

attached is a quick drawing of where all the doors are for reference.

No. 882743

File: 1629117585445.jpg (45.02 KB, 500x373, done.jpg)

Shot in the fucking dark, but is there anyone here that has any experience in jp visual novels?
I've extracted the script from a japvn with crass and extracdata but i can't open the .ks files in a readable format (and even the pics and music are there but are not recognised by my pc). how can i read them? vnocr is so fucking slow and glitchy, and i want the script next to me when reading.

No. 882744


based on the image alone, you can either place your bed in the bottom left-hand corner and your desk / bookshelf along the top wall; or place your bed along that top wall and bookshelf / desk in the bottom left corner. first option would probably give you a little more room with what you got

No. 882762

Thank you, anons!

No. 882767

I'm no expert and these might be dumb questions but is your system locale set to Japanese? I use a program called Locale Emulator. Another thing would be making sure the Japanese language is installed on your PC but that's probably a no brainer. Sorry if this isn't helpful

No. 882811

File: 1629123603962.jpeg (117.37 KB, 1090x828, 409BA4B1-F08F-48DC-A72E-E4D667…)

If women are the fairer sex why have they been made to jump through hoops (makeup, hair, certain clothing and silhouettes) in order to express attractiveness since forever ago?

No. 882813

How many of those doors need to be accessible? Could you potentially block one off with no problem? Other anon is right, you only really have two choices. You could try having your bed in the bottom corner positioned diagonally if you have enough floor space and want something different.

No. 882815

Who shilled the products at the women of yesteryear and the sensibilities? God bless on your journey of self discovery.

No. 882821

I would say I'm gonna shit in your oatmeal but I doubt you eat anything that supplies COMPLEX carbs

No. 882837

Because of the fragile male ego

No. 882952

2 questions
Why do breakfast foods either make me super constipated or give me painful diarrhea? There's no in-between.
How come drinking tons of water doesn't fix my constipation issues like everyone else? I don't know the exact amount but I drink so much that I have too piss every few minutes and I often get up a lot at night. If I drink any more than I normally do I'll have to live in the bathroom. Yet I still only shit once a week.

No. 882955

No. 883099

I’m an almost 180 cm obese woman who has a lot of testosteron in blood test results due to unfortunate genes. I can run 2 miles without being out of breath. I am fat because I eat a lot. I eat a lot because I’m hungry. I’m hungry because my blood is manly. I can carry my heavy fat grotesque body with ease, probably because my test is so high unironically.
I have a very gentle personality.

Why the hell did a 154 cm woman threaten to punch me?

No. 883104

What happened in the run up to the threat?

No. 883105

What are you eating for breakfast? Also, are you getting enough fiber in your diet?

No. 883107

How do I tell two of my friends who are trooning out that it makes me uncomfortable that they said I was their blueprint/inspiration without being “””canceled””””?

No. 883110

Sometimes when you're mad at someone you don't care about their height or weight, you just want to fight. Also, she probably thinks your weight is a disadvantage. What did you do to make her want to punch you?

No. 883115

I'm not sure, but you sound awesome nona

No. 883122

To what extent do Cantonese and Mandarin speakers understand each other?

No. 883130

File: 1629145597036.jpg (128.48 KB, 1080x491, IMG_20210816_212553.jpg)

A hot guy superliked me but this is his bio. Anyone want to decipher it? He might be him I material but he also seems sexist but he might be stupid af and not even realise

No. 883131

Himbo material*

No. 883134

He sounds sexist and unintelligent, where's his body count?

No. 883135

Honestly I've been skipping breakfast altogether recently, but the stuff I usually ate were either waffles, french toast, pancakes, oatmeal, hash browns, honey biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, or something with cream cheese on it (not all at once/daily but throughout the years). Food with cream cheese being the rarest/least eaten cause that had the worst effect. The only breakfast thing that didn't cause problems were sausage burritos or lightly buttered toast. As for the amount of fiber I'm not sure.

No. 883137

is this bait? there's nothing to decipher he's calling the woman reading it a washed up slut. just ignore him.

No. 883138

>lets not talk about loyalty if you have exes
I guess if you break up with someone you weren't really loyal to them?
>no hymen no diamond
"I won't marry you if you're not a virgin"
>You should be taking me to dinner with that body count
Why does this feel so targeted? He's saying the woman should wine and dine him if she's fucked a lot of people. I guess he's one of those guys that think that they're a catch and that women should try to impress him, not the other way around.
>He might be him I material but he also seems sexist but he might be stupid af and not even realise
Why are you even trying to give him the benefit of the doubt? He's not a "himbo", he's an asshole.

No. 883139

I posted for the first time on crystal cafe a few days back, went to check the thread to see if I have replies and my comments aren't there anymore. Any idea why? I'm not familiar with cc tbh. They definitely went through, I saw them.

No. 883141

I think he's saying he wont be loyal if you have exes

No. 883142

You were banned and your post history was deleted.

No. 883146


Update: he invited me to his next gig, probably at the same fag bar he’s currently l dj’ing at.

No. 883148

Sorry, politics isn't my forte, but what is the point of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan? If the majority of people are trying to flee, why not just let them go so they can be left with the people who agree with their ideology and will be easier to control?

No. 883150

I was using a free VPN.

No. 883152

He sounds like he hates women

No. 883157

to quote that guy from the walking dead "people are a resource"

No. 883161

File: 1629147503031.gif (808.48 KB, 245x175, 7bfd961bb0e41b6f5431fe63be98a9…)

No. 883169

Wasabi, natch

No. 883179

I have a friend who is a bartender. About 50% of his coworkers are functional alcholics who drink whenever possible. About 40% are your typical social drinkers, so I bet there are times when they do and times when they don't drink at work. And about 10% are super hard-edge teetotalers, mostly because they used to be alcoholics.

I was surprised to learn that essentially all the bartenders he works with are also on coke. We live in a flyover state, not LA. But they do an insane amount of drugs at work and after.

No. 883192

Bc oil.

No. 883279

He's extremely thick girlies. I'm actually surprised he got this far in life and men say women have life on easy mode. He has no idea he's thick either wouldn't even be an endearing himbo. And he's a fucking taurus

No. 883280

What are the signs of a guy wanting to fuck you are how long does it take for his lust to show?

No. 883281

if he’s being nice to you he wants to fuck. men treat women like shit if they don’t consider them “fuckable”

No. 883341

is there anything that will actually bring cystic acne to a head or get rid of it?
i’ve done lots of googling and basically all i’m finding is “don’t touch it/ put a patch/cream on it and hope for the best”
Is there really nothing that can be done to treat cystic acne? I don’t wanna take birth control again

No. 883342

depends how forward they are. i've had guys think it was cute to say they wanted to have sex with me like the first time i've ever talked to them. it's a mixed bag.

No. 883344

Have you ever looked at your own baby photo and felt this very specific kind of sadness?

No. 883346

I was on some medication for a few months years ago, changed my diet into a low sugar one and stopped using most dairy products, eventually it did clear up and so did most of the scars. Now I just use tea tree oil for the few spots I do get, I still get a few reoccurring cysts on my chin but I just don't touch them besides applying the oil.

No. 883347


No. 883348

Not nostalgia, more of a protective, and almost pitiful type of sadness? Maybe that's just my fuck up ass being dramatic

No. 883349

yes, i feel sad looking at pictures of myself when i was a child because i was such a depressed, disturbed child and got bullied, allthough i wasn’t actually as fat/ugly/disgusting as i thought i was. makes me sad that a little kid could even feel that way.

No. 883351

i look at baby pictures and pictures of myself as a child and just think about how i wanted to be an adult the entire time

No. 883357

I get you, I can’t look at myself as a kid because I feel sad, I don’t have a bad life but I was sensitive back then and just wanted to have friends, but I was also too autistic and didn’t know how to mask properly.

No. 883364

Definitely relate to feeling protective. Basically I don't see my present self as being the same person as my child self in old photos. I want so badly to protect that child's innocence. Yet I know there's fuck all to be done about the heartbreaking things that child had to endure, which is exactly why I am this person today–for better or worse. I want so badly to go back in time and warn her, let her know what's going on, and to give her a hug and say things will be ok even though I am living proof they were not.
That little girl in the photo will experience loss, betrayal, and grief. Even in that frozen moment where she is so happy and seemingly carefree, a vague remembrance of the underlying loneliness and vulnerability. Like echoes.

No. 883374

You get it, anon. Hugs to us.

No. 883394

Yeah, I looked miserable in my childhood pics. Feels bad because I was dealing with so much at the time from being abused and dealing with the PTSD after. I'm trying to put it in a new light though, I was a really strong kid for surviving that

No. 883398

Yes. It feels like it’s me, but a separate person. Sometimes, depending on the age of the photo, it feels like she was taken away from me. I wish I could have protected her.

No. 883420

File: 1629172024571.jpeg (40.28 KB, 1280x720, F0374770-47E0-4681-9831-EC9CF6…)

How could you get yourself to let go and delete everything? Photos, videos, audio recordings, apps, links, saved passwords, profiles, reports, pdfs, important documents etc.

No. 883421

never ever unless i'm about to die or go to jail permanently

No. 883422

I think anon was asking how you do it, not would you do it lol

No. 883423

I have all my important files on an external hard drive and come to think of it I should back that up too. I haven't had a new laptop in years and I don't trust my current one. It needed a full system restore a day before my masters dissertation deadline and I actually factored a complete breakdown of my laptop into it. I had back ups to go and anticipated a crash lol. Live like me, everything can go tits up in a moment, you must have a plan b

No. 883427

My twitter account shows people I know irl in my "Who To Follow" suggestions thing. If I can see them. is it likely they'll see my account too? Even though I'm anonymous I don't want anyone to find my page.

No. 883462

Was there ever an example in history of lobotomy working out well for the patient without them turning into a vegetable?

No. 883466

Do you have location turned on? Or follow a lot of people you know irl?

In both cases there's a chance they will see it, but if they'll know if it's you that's a different story

No. 883467

Further to this, can you still get a lobotomy? Under what circumstances?

No. 883478

Who do you think will win the upcoming elections in Canada?

No. 883479

check if its connected to your phone number/contacts somehow. that is..very creepy

No. 883496

Were water/drinking fountains still a thing in schools up until covid? Did they get better technology?

No. 883498

Yes, and no they didn’t. They implemented water dispensers for water bottles which were fairly good. But water fountains did not improve very much at all.

No. 883513

I don't know how but social media knows every-fucking-thing about you. Last time I tried to create an instagram account on a new e-mail without connected phonenumber I still got people in my recommendations, people I knew but hadn't seen in fucking years so it wasn't a people-in-your-location thing. I say just quit social media, especially twitter.

No. 883514

Did you sync your contacts with IG? It didn't happen to me.

No. 883517

will dressing cold ramen noodles in oil prevent them from bloating overnight?

No. 883518

File: 1629186266370.jpeg (228.8 KB, 600x800, 1623586789.jpeg)

How do I get stains out of a top made from fabric like this? (I think it's mesh?) I tried soaking it in vanish powder for an hour but it didn't budge whatsoever. Any ideas?

No. 883527

What's the stain? It matters.

No. 883550

some peroxide or really tough detergent (tide?), and hand scrubbing it should work. normally you could just take one side of the area surrounding the stain and scrub it. if that doesn't work then maybe a brush might do it? good luck anon

No. 883574

Why do people put so much importance on sex and relationships? Everybody would be so much happier if they just went volcel and focused their sexual frustration on art or something.
(this is rhetorical question btw, I'm venting out of frustration because of my friends).

No. 883594

I don't agree with the sentiment that everyone should be volcel but I do agree that people in general seem way overfocused on sex and relationships

No. 883604

Thank you for your input. Please enjoy your stay, Dr. Spock.
I'm kidding by the way, I agree. I take out all my sexual frustration by writing and drawing and painting. I'm way more productive when I'm horny, but unfortunately I just produce useless bad horny content that I could never show anybody.

No. 883617

Lol I was being hyperbolic, of course I'm not advocating for literally everybody to give up love, it was directed towards people who can't stop whining about being single.

No. 883628

Because I just turned 30 and down want to die alone and a virgin, clock is ticking.

No. 883729

How does centrism compare to left wing politics? What are the differences?

No. 883730

File: 1629204167176.jpeg (7.71 KB, 275x183, images (5).jpeg)

No. 883731

File: 1629204255033.jpg (28.7 KB, 720x697, bdd.jpg)

No. 883733

…? Centrists grill sausages more often than leftists?

No. 883765

mental illness < centrism > mental illness

No. 883769

Has anyone else orgasmed from a stressful dream or situation? Specifically being late?

I am experiencing a lot of work stress and the other night I was dreaming about meetings and deadlines. I woke up a little bit and started rubbing and a few seconds later, I orgasmed.
Thinking back, my first ever orgasm was spontaneous. I was running late to a class in secondary school. I was only going to be late by 2-3 minutes but I was NEVER late and the thought of walking in front of everyone after class already started to get to my desk made me anxious. I'm walking up the stairs, feel like I have to pee, get more stressed and anxious from thinking about how much later I would be if I used the bathroom, and then I orgasmed while going up the stairs.
Please tell me I'm not the only one. This isn't a common thing and only happened to me maybe another time or two.

No. 883781

pretty much

No. 883783

Good for you but this is weird

No. 883798

I know kek. I hate these muff storytime nonnies, keep it in the vagina thread.

No. 883813

Give me opinions on a 31 year old woman dating someone at maximum 3 years younger. I've always been the young immature one in a relationship, I am afraid of the dynamics or do you let the young man think he's a boss? Thank you

No. 883819

28-29 + 31 is fine

No. 883849

File: 1629212130584.jpeg (66.68 KB, 700x547, B0F6CC15-3A6A-4F73-8690-2EA3B4…)

What's a good light laptop for school? My campuses opened up again, so now I gotta bring a laptop. My previous one was so fucking heavy and big it hurts my elbow.

I'm doing programming if that helps, thanks.

No. 883867

I don't get corsets, just as much as I don't get modern shapewear. What's the point if it's only making you look different in public? At the end of the day when you find someone who's gonna look at you everyday at home and when you're naked they're gonna look at your real figure. I'm not trying to be like "hurr women aren't allowed to make themselves prettier" or anything but I find there to be a giant leap between something like natural makeup or bras to corsets and shapewear.

No. 883868

If you wanted to spike someone’s drink without people ever finding out it was you, what would you do?

No. 883879

Not spike someone’s drink because that’s retarded and illegal. Maybe go to 4chan where people are actually unhinged and ask over there for idiotic advice.

No. 883880

cliche answer but i got a refurbished macbook air and it works well, plus it's super light

No. 883913

File: 1629214452679.jpeg (140.55 KB, 450x529, Phrenology1.jpeg)

Do you think intuition is real?

Do you trust your intuition/gut feeling?

No. 883916

Take a sledgehammer to my face.

No. 883919

Why some pedophiles like cartoons/children media? What's the correlation? I'm a cartoonist, and I've knew so many pedos into cartoons is starting to freak me out

No. 883923

File: 1629215120583.gif (3.48 MB, 480x366, monophy.gif)

Recommend audiobooks that are available on Youtube? Preferably fiction and not a classic (I've seen countless Austens and Lovecrafts). I've already listened to Howl's Moving Castle, The Exorcist, and Room by Emma Donoghue.

No. 883953

File: 1629216290521.jpg (22.6 KB, 300x464, boston-marriage.jpg)

It IS insane how much we tie sex and relationship to everything, but it's scrotes society so it's not surprising. If they didn't make relationship and sex propaganda then most men would just die out from lack of female attention. They've basically meme'd piv into being the norm even though most women don't come from it and it's risky. And women are happy to play act, we've gotten so deep that to break the illusion would start a witch hunt or some shit.
As a young person you're constantly pressured to get into a relationship, all of tv and media is about highschool relationships, and sex appeal, and sex. Then as you get older your friends are too busy catering to their scrotes so friendships don't survive. Some just get a bf bc it's more convenient to split their rent. Then from mid thirties basically everyone has a family, it becomes impossible to form deep bonds with other women because scrotes useless and expect women to play both wife and husband roles, leaving no time for friends. Your financial partner is also the person you're expected to fuck. And if you stop fucking he'll throw a tantrum and divorce, or make you and your kids life a living hell. It's insanity. Women should start doing Boston marriages (platonic marriages for financial purposes).

No. 883956

I thought it's mostly exactly for those who won't see you naked and look at your real figure, no? Kinda same principle as shaving where lots of partners won't actually mind you being fuzzy but people on the street will point out.

No. 883958

I trust my gut 100%. There's been times in my life where I've just felt "off" about people and down the line they've all turned out to be assholes one way or another. A lot of them were male and pointing out bad moids is like shooting fish in a barrel, but still.

No. 883959

I do. It's mostly just your subconsciousness picking up on signs that you on a personal level don't really understand, anyway.

No. 883970

Reeks of male piss. Women get treated better in general if they're prettier. Bfs opinion doesn't matter.

No. 883972

You can Google everything nowadays but back then how did people decipher the labels to wash the clothes?

No. 883973

Stop baiting, cia-chan. Go back to 4chan.

No. 883976

Yes it's real, it's your brains unconscious sorting through past and present info, to keep you safe.

No. 883981

God you are so fucking insufferable. "Hi moid" should be a bannable offence, this is getting over the top.

No. 883994

Tbh I think the only real purpose of a corset or shapewear is to make your outfit look better and more fitting. For example if you wear a skin tight dress, even if you’re small there’s gonna be an outline of your stomach, all your nooks and crannies. Shapewear just makes everywhere look smooth and nice, it’s an illusion, of course no one looks like that. I think belt corsets are super cute, not a fan of the steel boned ones, those just seem like rib-breakers.

No. 884001

yes you are an internalized pick me and you want scrote to open the door for you when his true intention is to fuck you cuz you are pretty or you are a histriionic narc that expects praise. Go sudoku ana chan starving will never make you pretty and scrote will never pick you.

Sage for derail but wanting to be pretty and wanting scrote to treat you better in hopes of fucking you is pick me behaviour because you are prettier and nothing than an object to him just reeks of pick me

No. 884002

Stop shitting all over the place ESL-kun your typing style reeks of scrotal retardation

No. 884006

pretty bold to call someone else ESL when you keep using the word “reeks” like it’s the one fancy word you know. pick up a book sometime

No. 884008

File: 1629219474800.png (630.06 KB, 1100x1400, 1623921264957.png)

did anybody save art or links from the schitzo FTM pooner / nilsen anon ?
i browsed the /lgbt/ archive the best i could for a while and found only a few pictures.

No. 884009

I used the word once retard

No. 884014

Can I necro the 5 year old Harry Potter thread in /m or would it be alright to start a new one?

No. 884017

and once in your previous post, retard.

No. 884018

At this point I recommend starting a new one but if theres any good stuff from the old thread you should link it in a summary maybe

No. 884020

how did you find them? idk how to use the archive, I've not used 4chan in years. there are a couple in the fakeboi thread but you prob already know that

No. 884022

yes, especially in women and yes, I do. I have no real skills or talents except my intuition is usually spot on; I'm weirdly proud of it.

No. 884024

I didn't make that post though

No. 884026

archived.moe is what i used. idk what keywords to search though. here is what i found already from her

No. 884039

non-ESL-chans, do you pronounce IKEA as eye-kee-ah or as ee-care?

No. 884042

none of that, more like ee-keh-ah (hope I transcribed it ok)

No. 884053

I've heard it as "eye-kee-ah" all my life in bongerland.

No. 884058

File: 1629222735932.jpeg (231.48 KB, 883x1325, 43A4C5CB-7E21-4644-B6B1-494F6D…)

Belt corsets generally look so, so bad. I mean look at this. Even if you swapped out the denim dress(?) for something else… it would still probably look really bad.

No. 884063

why would it end in -care lmao

No. 884064

Would anyone be interested in a Goodreads cringe thread? I just got the idea now and I think it would be great.

No. 884069

Yes, make it nonita.

No. 884072

Probably really dumb question, but is it legal for me to sell wallpaper collages, made with random pinterest inspo, on websites like Fiverr? I'm assuming it's considering stealing whoever's art it is right? In order to sell stuff like that would I have to own the pictures? I want to earn some easy cash by doing something I'm good at, but I'm clueless about if that's really wrong or if it's okay? Sorry if this pisses off any artists I just wanna make sure

No. 884074

No. 884079

Yes I think that's illegal but you could search for unlicensed images (I think there is an option on google images to search for unlicensed images only) you can use them

No. 884081

You would need to edit the pictures to the point that they’re not resembling the original source, I guess.
But in any case, you could make your own collages with free pictures or with ones that you take, maybe you could pick apart the pictures you like from Pinterest and add them, but you would still risk being in trouble since people are so bored nowadays that they would be willing to find out just where did you get a sparkle effect for a collage.

No. 884085


Haha oki doki then

No. 884087

I'll definitely look into the free pics then, thank you so much guys.

No. 884089

i third that uwu, goodreads is full of cringe

No. 884258

my orientation for grad school is tomorrow and i'm terrified to say the least. my probable autism and my internalized need to look pretty has always made moids gravitate towards me– particularly nerdy types who find out some of my interests and then are like HEHUHEUEHUEHHEU OMG A GIRL LIKE YOU EXISTS (but then they get disappointed when they discover i'm a person with rights to my own body and who i'm attracted to). any tips for making friends with other girls and making myself look as unapproachable to nerdy males who will inevitably try to guilt trip me into dating/sex? i'm sorry if this seems like i'm bragging, these men are on par with incels when it comes to attractiveness. i whave some female friends online and really value their companionship which thank god has no strings attached. i wanna be a girls' girl irl.

No. 884284

How can I get foundation drip stains out of my black clothes? It’s not coming out in the wash

No. 884312

File: 1629239060742.jpeg (65 KB, 468x660, E87HweaWQAAKOPS.jpeg)

No. 884342

Is World's End Club any good?
I was gifted it for my birthday because I'm a DR fan, but the gameplay sounds really different. There's clearly a Monokuma ripoff I there, looking at the art book. Pielope? As in pie-lope, or pee-el-oh-pee? Oh no I just thought, P-L-O-P. "Plop"? Oh my god, is Pielope a stupid poo joke name? Is it supposed to be plop in disguise? If so fuck you Kodaka

No. 884450

What's the name of the song/sound meme at 1:37?

No. 884462

pillar men theme from jojo, i think?

No. 884464

the first act is pretty great but I didn't really enjoy it much after that. The dialogue is kind of a slog and the gameplay/puzzles are really simple. If you like DR you might get some enjoyment out of it, haven't played DR but a friend said World's End Club is like a tamer dumbed down version

No. 884466

samefagging to add I enjoyed the game a lot more with Japanese voiceover. Some of the English voice acting is painful kek

No. 884483

any anons have tips on clipping your dogs nails? my dog is super chill except for having her nails done, I swear she can even read my mind when i'm just thinking about doing it, and she flips out whenever I try to do it (she has some sort of trauma I guess from the vet cutting them too close once). I have to basically sit on top of her to hold her down when I do it and it's super stressful for us both. anyone have success with dremels or scratch boards?

No. 884510

File: 1629258889845.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.52 KB, 720x920, E9370D22-3F5E-4DD9-8054-921EF9…)

I am a pillar man expert so I have an obligation to weigh in. Yes. it is in fact the pillar man theme song.

No. 884538

mine was more scared of the sound of the dremel than anything. couldn’t even get it within 5 feet of her. if yours is skittish about loud noises at all i wouldn’t even waste your time.

No. 884575

File: 1629269155566.png (525.11 KB, 706x391, whuuuoh.PNG)

1.) Any anons who tried Banza noodles? Is it any good?
2.)I'm thinking about buying a pair of Steve Madden Chelsea ankle booties. Anyone know how the fit is? True to size? Too narrow?

No. 884597

What he cooking

No. 884608

Try it with treats. Show him whatever you're using for trimming and give him a treat, try to touch his paws with it, give treat if no reaction etc etc.

Cutting nails = food

Walking and digging can also help to wear the nails down somewhat

No. 884632

I don't know anything about dogs but what if you trained her using treats to shake hands or just hold her paw in your hand generally. then at some point escalated it to clipping one single nail. and so on bit by bit.

No. 884667

is there anywhere in the world that sex work is completely decriminalized (NOT legalized)? it's what all these leftists/libfems want, saying it would be so great for women yadda yadda. I just want to know if there's anywhere in the world that has done this so I can look at the results. (I'm typically anti sex work by the way, I just want to do more research and be unbiased)

No. 884696

Should my boyfriend I am in a relationship with (we used to be best friends beforehand) prioritze me over his male best friend? He told me that we are both his priority and equally important to him. He knows both of us equally long. Am I in the right to be angry about this?

No. 884698

samefag dont know if it matters but we have been together for 2 months

No. 884700

No unless you’ve been together for a long time. I’d never prioritize someone I barely know over my friends.

No. 884707

Did you read the post?
>He knows both of us equally long

No. 884724

Nta but he should over time and it depends on the situation. It's probably just too early for him

No. 884738

The fact that you've only been officially in a relationship for two months and he's known you both for the same amount of time, it makes perfect sense to me that he would hold you both at equal priority.

No. 884746

File: 1629287444190.png (109.19 KB, 1080x1052, IMG_20210818_135024.png)

German anons, what does it mean when someone has this symbol on driver's seat? I'm being stalked by a car with German plates but we're in another country

No. 884763

thats the first aid cross

No. 884764

It just means there's a first aid kit under the seat or whatever. Unless you've done something to piss off Germany you're probably having paranoid delusions.

No. 884788

File: 1629290669452.jpg (75.35 KB, 1024x972, Godis-Europa-1024x972.jpg)

How come Poland consumes so little sugar compared to other countries?

No. 884791

I'm polish and that doesn't seem right

No. 884794

Nta, I'm croatian and yea, seems off for us too

No. 884797

File: 1629291095077.jpg (256.96 KB, 1024x768, Mot-kassan-1024x768.jpg)

This is the source: https://www.gomc.com/firstpage/201810023.pdf
I can understand that Sweden is high up because our supermarkets look like this picture. But still weirdly high and others like Poland are weirdly low.

No. 884805

The statistics are especially high in the Nordics due to the loose definition of "Sugar confectionery", a lot of soft drinks, energy drinks, bottled coffees, breakfast cereals etc. are classified as sugar confectionery due to their high sugar content. Rightly so imo

No. 884810

I'm coming to sweden! Prepare yourself and let me crash at your place!

No. 884817

Some parts of New Zealand have, as far as I know.

No. 884822

I deleted my amazon (uk) account lately because I was browsing alot and buying shit I didn't need. That didn't last long though and I signed up again because I did actually need something that was best priced on there.. I was surprised that 2 of the offers they give you upon joining were available to me again.

I'm certainly not complaining but I always thought they remembered things like email acounts and card details and could keep track of those to stop you redeeming offers twice?

No. 884825

Anons with smartphones, since when do you have your current phone? I've had mine since 2016 and it's a bit slow but it works well enough so I don't see myself getting a new one just yet.

Anons with cellphones that aren't smartphones, is there a specific reason why you don't have a smartphone? You don't want one or can't get one? What do you use instead?

No. 884826

Haha. Norwegians like to come over as tourists in order to hoard candy. I wonder why they aren't on that list.

No. 884835

I'm not sure if I know the difference, but afaik, Brazil.
Pimping is still a crime, though.

No. 884844

File: 1629293884965.jpg (63.75 KB, 1024x683, Women-eating-crisps-183179243.…)

Do Brits consider crisps to be proper food instead of snacks? When I visited a restaurant in London I was told they had no bread but I could get a bag of crisps with my soup. To me it was kind of like saying we don't have any apples left, but you can have some chocolate!

No. 884845

No we don't. That restaurant is odd.

No. 884848

Okay thanks, it was a weird culinary experience.

No. 884850

I want to try crisps dipped in soup now

No. 884853

In your experience, could a persistent UTI be related to undereating?
It's bacterial, but nothing is clearing it, not d mannose or antibiotics. I haven't been eating much because I'm depressed. Wondering if eating more would help.

No. 884856

I used to do that in college cafeteria, jalapeno chips in potato soup are good

No. 884857

I would think so, UTIs are often triggered by stress and undereating causes stress to the body
At the simplest level you need sufficient sleep and nutrients to overcome health issues

No. 884859

In my experience being slow to treat it initially is what often causes that, ignoring symptoms in the beginning means you really pay for it later.

Some bacteria are just stubborn though, apparently utis like everything else are becoming resisitant to the same ole antibiotics we'd been relying on for years

No. 884860

How the fuck can I delete this one account off my microsoft surface? I was given one for work and one of the admins set it up before I came so it has his phone number on it. Everyday I get a "there's a problem with your account, click here to fix it" sort of notification. I can't manage or update it since it's his account and even though I've added my work email and made a completely separate microsoft account just for work, it still keeps giving me the same error because it's something with his account. Is there no way for me to remove it without asking him to go in?

No. 884868

I think I've had mine since 2017ish. It's a refurbished iPhone 7 and still works decently enough that nothing really bothers me. I'm originally an android user and only switched to iPhone for the 6 and the 7 because the battery on my android phones was garbage straight from day one (my 7 still has good battery life and my 6 did too before I was forced to upgrade), but now I have the newest iPhone from my job and I loathe using it because I don't like not having touch ID anymore (and in the time of masks, face ID sucks even more ass) and having to readjust to tiny little things annoys me. I'm most likely going to switch back to android when my 7 completely shits the bed. Not sure if I should go with a Samsung (my last phone before my iPhone 6 was an S3 with garbage battery) or one of the Google Pixel. Phones are so expensive that I normally will buy at least one generation older and most likely refurbished. I'm praying the battery life has been improved lol. I carry an external battery with me at all times but even with my current phones it's more of a "I didn't have time to charge before I left the house so I need to charge it now" or for emergencies, rather than "well, I've drained my full battery for the day so time to charge it again in the middle of the day!"

No. 884871

Yeah, that makes sense, thanks for replying. I also thought that this but I was wondering if any anons had any anecdotal experience of this that they could share

Yes, that's definitely something that's caused a lot of trouble in the past. Now I'm super quick with them, but this one in particular is trying to kill me. I actually started getting some pain in my lower back today and I'm scared it's a kidney infection, but also I was in a car crash last night lol and I already have a pre-existing spinal problem so who knows.

No. 884880

Me again >>884859 and I used to take cranberry capsules, garlic capsules, vit c and general vitamins when I was experiencing my first never ending UTI. I would buy supplements whenever there were 3 for 2 sales on and I basically threw everything at it. Can't say what exactly shifted it but I got another one years later when my relationship was going to shit and I hit a point where my urine smelled incredibly potent and stale after it had just left my body. Sorry for that lovely detail but yeah I feel like stress obviously plays a role.

Even when I had the most potent urine going on I somehow escaped it hitting my kidneys. Look our for the symptoms of that though, nausea, shivering.

No. 884887

I just bought a new one recently. The one before this lasted me 2 years. I wish I could make mine last that long but I always end up breaking them and mine are so cheap (200 euro max) it's not worth it getting them fixed imo.

No. 884892

Anorexia and undereating is known to cause chronic UTI’s. Have you tried cranberry pills anon? They’ve cleared the bacteria from my system or whatever the shit they do

No. 884899

>Cranberry pills
This stuff doesn't actually work, either your body clears it yourself or you need antibiotics

No. 884903

If you have an UTI ofc antibiotics are necessary but after you finish your antibiotics you can take these pills for three months to clear up the remaining %1 it did help me

No. 884917

I took a laxative (dulcolax) around 2PM. I understand it takes around 12 hours to work - am I going to wake up in the early morning for a bathroom emergency or is it more like next time I naturally feel like shitting it'll come out easier? I've legit never taken laxatives before

No. 884925

Ayrt I obviously mean in addition to seeing your doc and taking antibiotics, I assumed that'd be obvious. I'm talking about in between antibiotic courses to try and prevent rather than treat. When you're taking everything a doc gives you and still suffering you'll sometimes take some supplements too if there's a chance they do the slightest thing to prevent.

Cranberry juice itself I don't think helps as much as people claim but the concentrated capsules combined with the others I listed, I believe they might've helped to break the cycle for me.

No. 884930

is there really a large overlap between methheads and white supremacists in the US?

No. 884939

Why do some anons capitalize random words in the middle of sentences that don't need to be capitalized? like:
>i took my dog For a walk today
or something like that. Is it an esl thing?

No. 884941

thought it was more of a phoneposter thing, from autocorrect

No. 884944

There's languages that cap words that English spelling doesn't but it could also just be autocorrect. I think the latter is more likely

No. 884953

Bought a refurbished google pixel 2 a few years ago, it still works great and does everything I need. I try not to buy a new phone unless my current is literally busted (or becomes so obsolete that I have to upgrade).

Mostly I hate face ID software. afaik the pixel 5 has a touch sensor so I might spring for that one when it starts to get heavily discounted.

No. 884954

Someone told me it might be German famers doing this. It also reminds me of how neccessarysperg used to type about her Husband.

No. 885050

Does having more life experience automatically means more wisdom?

No. 885065

What does it mean to "deepen your interests"?

No. 885080


No because there are old idiots repeating the same mistakes they made in their 20s/30s. Learning from life experiences and just experiencing them are two different things.

No. 885099

I'm only in my thirties but I've learnt some things where… fuck I wish I'd known that in my twenties! lol. I only learnt them because I fucked up and learnt the hard way. The even harder part is changing though. You can 'know better' but still fall into the same old behaviours.

I think being wise is being able to truly change based on those lessons. Some fall into repetitive cycles where on the surface they do know better..but it still takes a while to put it into practice.

No. 885127

Definitely not a hard rule. My father is more of a fucking idiot in his 50s than he ever was in his 20s.

No. 885129

its krauts
german has a bunch of additional capitalization rules, so they could just be doing it out of habit

or it could be >>884941
idk i dont use autocorrect

another interesting esl trope is having space in between the end of a sentence and a punctuation
>why do they type like this ?
>no one knows !

No. 885130

That's French speaking anons, they do that before exclamation points and question marks in French

No. 885136

yeah its definitely francophone
i see it a lot in MENA peeps too, obviously due to the french influence

No. 885181

Fucking same anon. I removed twitter's access to my contacts but people I know still get suggested to me and I'm worried why Twitter is sharing this information.

Fortunately I only use a locked account with 0 followers but it's scary. I feel to nuke my account sometimes.

No. 885184

Why can’t I use the search function on 4chan???

No. 885229

File: 1629315474741.jpg (161.66 KB, 933x1280, tumblr_95c657a6cccbc6a34137aab…)

This is good to know, I had no idea about the ? and !, I will stop doing it now kek

No. 885238

You're right, it's momokun cosplaying Christmas Samus

No. 885239

if youre only using it lurk just use nitter instead
in general if you care about keeping a lower profile, just disable all javascript
youll notice 90% of the internet stops working
but thats just how it is these days

No. 885242

What does MENA mean?

No. 885244

middle east/north africa

No. 885246

Learn beyond surface level and/or get skilled at it beyond basic skills, I think.

No. 885247


No. 885253

File: 1629317318246.gif (89.3 KB, 200x100, danse.gif)

>Christmas Samus
i miss when samus just wore power armor

No. 885283

Nonnas my throat is swollen, what's something good to take for it that's natural? Most lozenges are loaded with sugar and they all taste gross to me.

No. 885286

Propolis spray, of course it may taste gross too

No. 885373

File: 1629327398264.jpeg (85.77 KB, 640x308, 45226908-1FA0-4D59-8F3A-615373…)

is it safe to put your name and image on your Lyft profile? (picrel) I use my dad’s name on there because I didn’t want to be instantly identified as a woman.
I haven’t used Lyft/Uber in a couple years, when I did the male drivers I had were creepy, like talking to me way too much or having me sit in the front seat. The lady drivers were nice and professional.
What do you think anons, should I use my actual name and upload a photo?

No. 885380

I think It’s okay if you use a really profesional and maybe unflattering picture to avoid having scrotes hitting on you.

No. 885382

imo unless its literally 100% required, i see no reason to put your realname and id on basically anything online
do lyft drivers not pick up people who have no name/photo? ive never used it

No. 885390

Friends "e-bf" is:
-Vaush fanboy
-Peterson apologetic praiser (it's his greatest idol, literally)
-Elon Musk fanboy

How fucked is she? How tf do you even find such combo, I can't even imagine what it's like dating such person

No. 885406

probably really annoying
or it would be if it wasnt for
at least she doesnt have to actually deal with him ever

e-dating confounds me tbh

No. 885426

Why do anons get so offended when anyone says diet affects vaginal smell/taste? Diet affects body odor, breath smell, sweat smell, skin condition, hair condition, etc. Why would it effect literally every single part and aspect of your body and not the most sensitive part? Insecurity reeks from some of you sometimes

No. 885438

anons will get offended over anything, i think it’s funny sometimes

No. 885466

File: 1629336429858.jpg (484.7 KB, 1200x1800, image_22bf34b6-7234-4d57-8d97-…)

How did this fugly dress ever take off into becoming the "it" dress of the summer last year? It looks so tacky, cheap, and it does not look flattering on anyone. My stupid question is, why did this dress become a thing for a while?

No. 885467

coomers probably, they're obsessed with the "sundress" now

No. 885469

I'm kind of glad that it was so popular among troons and fatties, I think it would have been way more devastating if those groups had glommed onto something I thought was good kek

No. 885476

>coomers like sundresses
how so?

No. 885478

I'm don't think that's a sundress, it looks too heavy to be one. Why have sundresses been brought up so much recently? Men being into sundresses has been a thing for ages

No. 885481

It got popular because of the "cottagecore" trend. Other than the strawberries, I'm not completely sure why people looked at it and thought "this is cottagecore".

No. 885484

I think it started in the reddit hate thread, because someone posted some neckbeard's response to "what clothes do men prefer women to wear?", which was something like innocent sundresses make my boner hard gehehe. It was gross.

No. 885490

Because they can be seethrough. After r/jailbait went down scrotes made innocent sounding subs for their porn, and iirc one was dedicated to sundresses.

No. 885494

has this place always been this racist or did i just start noticing it recently

No. 885496

CreepshowGate And ChrisChanGate got us a new influx of newfags and edgelords.

No. 885499

File: 1629342678152.jpg (954.02 KB, 3008x2000, sanc0818.jpg)

I feel like it's gotten really really bad lately nonna, so it's not just you. There basically isn't a single thread in /ot/ anymore that doesn't have racists sniping at each other (or even worse, racists fervently agreeing with each other), just a miserable situation all around.

I'm holding on to the hope that it's just a couple of morons who will eventually move on to more racist pastures. I think if normal people consciously try to post a bit more, the idiots might get drowned out (I've been trying despite mostly being a lurker lol)

No. 885507

What racism? The only race sperging i keep seeing is in the celebricows thread but that has always been a shitshow.

No. 885514

Seconding >>885499. Of course there's always been (and always will be) racist anons, but I've been using this site for 3-4 and didn't notice this much until the influx of newfags and KF users. I'm not an oldfag or anything, but I feel like lc has been a lot worse recently between all of the sperging/infights, and the CP/gore. I tried to leave a couple months ago, but now I think I might actually stop coming here as often as I do. this kinda turned into a vent, sorry

No. 885515

From what I remember today, the twitter thread had a weird vibe and there was some dubious stuff in the vent thread. Mostly it's kind of scattered around, little r9k flavored tidbits (typical stuff like all muslims are rapists, black people are aggressive and dumb, asian women all lust for the white cock, etc) that pop up pretty often and just feel… off.

I'm honestly not a fan of sjw culture, and I know that a lot of the discussion is being prompted by current events. Still, the possibility of lolcow turning into another nasty corner of the internet for smoothbrains to jerk off about the minorities in makes me sad.

No. 885518

There was also two racist posts in micky's thread on /w/

No. 885519

How do you dispose of grease/cooking oil? I just throw it in the trash, but I've heard people say they pour it down the sink (this definitely isn't right), or throw it outside.

No. 885520

I think part of it is because of KF scrotes flooding this place.
The best we can do is report, tell them to fuck off and make them as uncomfortable as possible. No doubt in my mind they have scrotums, or are delusional pick-mes dating /pol/ moids. I really don't know what I hate more, Twitterfags or /pol/tards.

No. 885521

Nta but the race posts in the vent thread just seemed like they were venting about men who kept bringing up their (the anons) race, and posts related to muslims were shitting on scrotes and the religion specifically, some anons are even ex-muslim. Haven't seen the twitter thread yet though.

No. 885524

There's someone (or multiple someones) who keeps bringing up Asians specifically. I ignore it, but it strikes me as weird.

No. 885528

The snow thread recently birthed by the twitter thread (the woke journalists one) might be the best example of what I mean. There's nothing inherently wrong with criticizing some annoying twitter sjw, but the circlejerking keeps getting increasingly vigorous until people start saying retarded scrote-tier shit ("why are flips so pathetic", for example).

No. 885533

>typical tuff like all muslims are violent

I didn't see any posts saying that, they were talking about muslim men. and a lot of them are violent. also, muslims are not a race and they are also not a minority.

No. 885562

anyone have tips for a retard who didn't have to do chores growing up for living with roomates in a college apartment for the first time? like good guides on cleaning and major issues you had and how you dealt with them.

No. 885565

What does "t. <text>" mean? Is it like speaking from experience?

No. 885569

File: 1629349756167.jpeg (87.56 KB, 1280x720, 57EBF376-C3FC-47ED-8EB3-D5B3D1…)

As someone who for 26 years of her life never had to do more than occasionally do the dishes or throw the trash.
Just do it, have a decent schedule and stick to it, sure, you could try having these cool timetables with the times and days and such, but there will be days in which you might not stick to them and then it will be annoying to go back to it.
I think that you could also talk with your roommates like
>hey so, how do you guys organize the cleaning and stuff?
And then they will tell you wether they have an already planned schedule or not.
Then the cleaning part, YouTube is your best friend, if scrubbing with soap doesn’t work, YouTube it.

No. 885573

yeah, pretty much. It's short for the Finnish word terveisin, which is a letter signature kind of like "regards" or "yours truly."

No. 885580

why are so many image board users weebs?

No. 885585

4chan, somethingawful forums, and japanese imageboards.

No. 885589

It all started when the internet was created, people from all kinds of paths of life decided that yes, dumbass retards that can’t hold a conversation in real life should have their place on the internet.
And thus, forums of different niche hobbies were created.
Anime became popular because it was cheap to produce and weebs, who never went out of their caves, created forums to talk to other weebs.
Then the forums stopped being neat, and then some losers decided to copy the glorious nippon’s imageboard system, making a sooper speshul place for weebs to post their favorite waifus and to talk about their grorious nippon fantasies, away from the prying eyes of the sooper evil normies, chads and stacies alike, unaware of the possibility of such sooper sekrit clubs becoming more and more easy to access for the normie population.
But seriously, it’s because it was based on Japanese imageboards and they usually have anime as a base because it attracts all kinds of autists.

No. 885592

Moot made 4chan based on the Japanese board 2chan to post about anime with his friends. It's been ingrained into imageboard culture from the start.

No. 885614

Talk to your roommate about splitting up the cleaning responsibilities (e.g.: every odd weeks you're gonna do the general cleaning in the shared living spaces, and every even week it's your roommate's turn).

I personally didn't have any issues with cleaning while living with a roommate. If I forgot to wash my dishes, she washed it for me and vice versa. If someone cooked in the kitchen, they cleaned up after themselves afterwards.

Do you know the basics of cleaning? You vacuum first, then mop (pay attention to the washing up liquid, some of them cannot be used on wooden floors). If you don't have proper washing up detergent, put some soap or dishwashing liquid in the water. For general cleaning use disinfectant or just any general cleaning detergent (for surfaces that are not that dirty, just a wet sponge will do). NEVER MIX BLEACH WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN WATER!!!. Have separate cleaning sponges for the bathroom and for the kitchen (or you could use just paper towels to clean and throw it away afterwards).

Random note: I used to be really untidy and found having a roommate really useful because there was external pressure to do the cleaning. Like, if I lived alone, I would have let the dishes just pile the fuck up but the fact that there was another person who used the kitchen made me want to not inconvenience them

No. 885619

Can someone tl;dr a sheltered Eurofag about what's going on in Afghanistan and the Taliban?

No. 885623

What is the origin of the "in that case, yes I'm based" banner?

No. 885631

I believe that's Samantha's banner >>>/snow/1145913 You can ctrl+f to find the post

No. 885644

US troops retreated, Talibans took over because there was no one to stop them, people are fleeing Afganistan because they Taliban bad

No. 885645

File: 1629359404199.jpg (372.07 KB, 1536x2048, 4d321035-7b8b-4443-a945-95f33a…)

Are cats an "invasive specie" anywhere else other than America?

It's always americans who keep saying that and how bad cats are.

No. 885649

Google how cats ruined Hawaii

No. 885651

is there anywhere I can donate to help women in afghanistan? I have seen a couple of places to donate but I'm always hesitant to because I don't always know if the place is reputable or not

No. 885653

Well, shit.

I never had doubts that they could be pest, like every other animal when there's too many of them. Guess this sort of does answer my question.

No. 885656

Hawaii is also America…

No. 885663

Hawaii is an US state anon lol

No. 885668


No. 885680

Thank you anon!

No. 885697

ah thank you

No. 885710

Can I get a TLDR on who this Lucinda is? I see a lot of anons say they feel bad after reading her thread but I have no clue who she is and why her thread may be worse than some other cows.

No. 885712

There is a tl;dr in the thread OP, and you could just skim her threads. There's only 2 of them…

No. 885713

Does anyone remember which thread it was where anons had an interesting conversation about Catholicism and they mentioned the name of some philosopher or priest that said women were actually superior in regards to the Adam and Eve story?
I can't remember for the life of me and I want to find those posts again

No. 885718

No. 885719

Bless you anon I looked all over kek

No. 885723

There was an anon who claimed that eating acidic food while pregnant ensures that the baby will be a girl. Is there truth to this? Can someone give me the details?

No. 885728

If there was any possible way to guarantee the sex of a baby, don't you think it'd be common knowledge?

No. 885731

Hm. Good point kek

No. 885736

What a nice read, weird it got no replies, thanks for bringing it up! >>885713

No. 885741

If someone does not have sex all their life, can they truly know their own sexuality? As an analogy, you can't really tell whether you like a food until you try it, no? You might like the idea of it but reality might turn out different than your expectations

No. 885743

Come on lol have you never been attracted to anyone in your life? People have imaginations and instincts, and experience attraction to many aspects of another person separate to the physical act of sex. Nobody would want to have sex in the first place if they didn't experience distinct arousal to outside of intercourse.

No. 885745

No. 885755

Sperm decides the x or y because the egg is always x so no

No. 885763

How can someone be a Vaush fanboy and a Peterson apologetic?

No. 885775

File: 1629378536874.jpg (165.64 KB, 589x581, sausagefest.jpg)

joey doesnt even have plans to get the 15k or so americans outside of kabul back currently
considering the only direct diplomatic line into afghanistan rn would have to be THROUGH the taliban themselves, i would be EXTREMELY skeptical of any charity claiming to be able to do anything directly

sry for politics in /ot/ but id rather not see farmers get scammed
if you do find some group claiming to be able to help, put them under the utmost scrutiny
scammers are dirtbags and love crap like this that can play on peoples emotions

No. 885782

I’m getting my vax next week (biontech). Can someone tell me how it felt for them? Did you get really sick afterwards or just a bit or soreness? I’m hella scared of medical stuff so I’m freaking out a little (at the same time I’m ready happy to get it)

No. 885789

Is that pfizer? I've got bith jabs and had no issues apart from the sore arm for a day or two. It's not a bad pain either, only when you like move your arm back or reach up with it. You get to pick what arm it goes into, so if you're right handed go for the left arm.

No. 885791

Where do people go for their ONS? I can't picture myself inviting a person I barely know at my own place or going to theirs.

No. 885793

File: 1629380993267.jpg (77.83 KB, 500x379, tumblr_lrtt0cK7hw1qgoqaeo1_500…)

Which funny old threads would you recommend reading?

No. 885796

I'm fully vaccinated w biontech and I only got a little bit of soreness in my upperarm and felt completely fine otherwise. Mild musclepain from working out is more unpleasant than this was. The first one was jabbed in my right arm and it didn't even bother me.

No. 885797

I had slight arm soreness and a headache that set in a few hours later after my first shot. Second shot, the arm soreness set in more quickly and was definitely more prominent but that was it. My older parents both got it too, dad slept the entire day after his first shot and was fine his second. My mom was just fine both times.

No. 885804

you have to read all of them

No. 885825

When do you sage? I always sage now because I have become paranoid about it. The only time I have unsaged, I got a "not milk" red text. What I generally consider milk or contributions for the thread, seem to be unimportant or boring for other farmers or the mods.

No. 885827

The shoplifting tumblr threads. I want to say it was on /pt/ but could be wrong.

No. 885829

Anons who live with roommates, do you have problems doing number 2 when others are around? Because I do. It's a huge fucking problem. I have a shy bladder and taking shits is even of a more inconvenience especially with thin walls. I have to plan when others aren't there but that's not always feasable all the time. I wish rent wasn't so fucked where I live, I really need my own space.

No. 885836

I do as well with people around in any capacity. My fix has always been running the sink with both faucets on high to drown out both my noise and theirs. It's a massive waste of water though

No. 885838

Smart. I do the same but then I get extra self-conscious that they just know.

No. 885848

Oh absolutely. I'm holding out for the day we get designer bowels that synthesize our shit into social credits and the toilet becomes a relic of darker days.

No. 885852

I can hear the people in the flat below me pissing and shitting and I swear tf it feels like they wait for me to go into my bathroom before they go into there's. I've started to put on a fan for white noise when I use mine now. It's crazy how shy I get about shitting but needs must. I hate getting woken up when they shut in their ensuite which is directly below my bedroom. You can always tell when they're drinking you hear the squirty shits the next day.

No. 885855

No. 885879

Sooo… Let's Plays in the style of 2007-2014, as in literally just recording your gameplay and commentary without any community input almost at all. Not much of a thing anymore, yes? Feels like all is live on twitch and similar nowadays.

No. 885918

Does the word "childless" have a more negative connotation in your mind, compared to something like "childfree"? Or do they both mean the same thing, to you.

No. 885921

Childfree makes me think of those people on reddit who call babies crotch spawn. Childless doesn't make me think of anything negative or over the top.

No. 885924

Hmm now that I think about it I think "childless" always makes me think of a woman who wants a child but can't? That's the first thing my brain went to. Childfree sounds like a choice someone is making.

No. 885935

Nta but I'm reading those threads and there are so many smilies, as well as names and subjects filled out. When did lc start to ban people for doing that?

No. 885939

It's still a thing but it's mostly used as a guide or for people who can't or don't want to play the game but still want to experience the story.

No. 885942

File: 1629390863892.jpg (117.23 KB, 1200x675, NieR_Automata_201604_SS_2B9S_0…)

Can someone recommend me a playthrough of Nier Automata that they like? Commentary is okay. I watched Cry's playthrough before everything went down with him and I enjoyed it, but I can't bring myself to rewatch it and but also want to watch someone play it again.

inb4 just play the game yourself
Not really into playing games as much as I like watching people play them, also I have no PS4

No. 885950

Childless makes me think of someone who doesn't have kids, they might want them, they might not. Childfree makes me thinks of people who made a decision not to have kids. Some of them are cool about it but most of them are really fucking annoying. They'll disrespect other peoples decision to have kids while insisting that their decisions are respected and have such a rabid hatred of children it makes me think they should be put on a list.

No. 885963

I would also like this, you get to help two dummies at once

No. 885968

i usually put some paper towels in the trash can and dump the grease on top, if it’s just vegetable or cooking oil i dump it down the sink. as for motor oil and car grease stuff like that, there’s an area at our local dump to dispose of it

No. 885969

just got back after 3 years, how often does gore and … get posted here nowadays?

No. 885971

There's been a lot of shit happening lately that bringing attention to the site so more than usual, it's been like once or twice a week for a month at least.

No. 885973

i had both doses of pfizer and didn’t get sick, i had a sore arm both times though, the first time was worse. i made sure to drink lots of fluids before and after getting my shots.
i had a panic attack after my first shot because i was so terrified. i had a much better experience the second time though.

No. 885987

File: 1629394368900.jpeg (544.53 KB, 1500x1500, A44689C3-570F-4DC8-A69A-780C3B…)

How often do you wash your scrunchies? Should I wash them with my clothes or should I wash them with my hairbrushes?

No. 885993

I wash scrunchies every 5-10 wears or so, together with my clothes. As long as it's regular fabric and elastic it goes into the washing machine.

No. 885995

File: 1629394882749.png (616.73 KB, 1858x1080, z.png)

Any Canada anons here? Is this anon exaggerating?
I go to Ryerson (online, international student). Honestly…should I try to transfer? My first year grades were really good, but my HS grades weren’t because of stress and depression.
I already worry about my degree in itself. I don’t want to be negatively judged because of the institution, too. I thought all the memes about Ryerson were just shitposting from rival schools, and if you do well overall, you’re fine and it doesn’t matter much where you went. Was that overly naive?

No. 886005

I heard that hairdye works best if it's used on 'dirty' hair (hair that hasn't been washed for several days). Does toner works the same way?

No. 886011

Depends on where and when you want to work, and also what Ryerson does in the next year. If you’re not planning on working in Canada it doesn’t matter. If you’re enjoying whatever program you’re in, stick it out, it won’t matter to most employers that you went to a school founded by a big player in the residential schools. If you want to have Woke Credibility and you’re in fields like business, marketing, politics, you should probably transfer.

No. 886017

alright positive update: i ended up assembling a group of girls and getting their numbers. things went really well yet i can't help but feel like someone noticed i'm socially awkward or weird despite knowing that i did a decent job. there's a lot of moids who were staring at me (as one would expect), including one in my program who looks like the incel canadian van killer.
the men are way uglier than i expected. i miss undergrad where moids were cute. the best looking guys who dress decent look extremely 'liberal dude who calls himself a feminist' to me and i hate it.

No. 886056

Well done nonnie!! And don't be nervous about them noticing your social awkwardness, I bet you came across as endearing

No. 886066

lol that was me! i am sorry for scaring you anon. really the people who are trying to get the school name changed/are painting him as some big residential school are unhinged so i would just ignore them

to be fair, your school doesnt actually matter that much. i would say your degree/grades are more important anyday, ive never heard of anyone hiring based on schools although ppl from uoft will say that because theyre snooty and annoying lmao

i attended york (another huge lefty school which is arguably crappy too) and i never felt i was less likely to get hired anywhere especially because i just did my work and i know many others who have excelled just the same no matter the school. theres lots of weirdos at every uni, so if u are happy with ur program thats all that matters. also, like the other anon said whether u actually wanna work in canada would be important too but i think your program/grades once again would help with employment and not the school

sorry about that anon!

No. 886084

I was getting my ring finger measured today for my wedding ring and as I wear a ring on my right ring finger I assumed it'd be the same size as that but it wasn't, it's actually bigger. Is that normal?

No. 886090

I found that when I got engaged, my left hand fingers are all smaller. I'm right handed so I don't know if that's the reason behind it?

No. 886099

Is there a secret to smooth shaving? Every time I shave my legs I exfoliate, use a new razor and nice shaving cream, and moisturize after. But I still get really painful razor bumps, scabbing and ingrowns. My leg hair is too dark and thick to go without shaving but bumpy red legs isn't much better

No. 886111

the secret is to just trim using the shortest setting. I tried everything and I'd still get strawberry legs.

No. 886121

File: 1629400822576.jpeg (65.65 KB, 868x867, vt.jpeg)

Thank you anons. I want to travel/work elsewhere, at least for a while, so I guess it's fine. I'm relieved lol

No. 886124

You'll be fine, anon. Ryerson is a decent school. Worry more about doing well, getting internships, and networking.

No. 886126

im so sorry for the scare still! good luck, as long as you do your work you will be just fine. hope you enjoy your courses!

No. 886145

I genuinely think it was the bodyposi efforts in the 2010s. Lots of posts flooding online about "woc lips" and how they need to be integrated into western beauty standards. Bigger lips and the thicc trend seems to have trickled from the online activists, to psuedophotographers and their zines, to mainstream instagram, to the fifteen year olds who are just becoming older teenagers and see these things as normal. I don't think they're aware of the porn tropes. Their uncle who went to erotic theatres in the 70s would call them blowjob lips, not the girl on tiktok who saw her 500th worm's eye view of a filtered face and shitty caricatures of her favorite anime characters.

No. 886152

File: 1629401833390.jpg (77.31 KB, 400x400, m84wj8e5o4w31.jpg)

How soft are samoyeds? I never pet one before but I really want to.

No. 886190

A boomer question: what are those rounded, small loudspeakers called that are so popular nowadays?

No. 886211

Was someone already talking about the new OnlyFans update somewhere on here? I swear I just saw some posts about it but now I can't find it…

No. 886219

Can I follow several people on nitter or does it only work for individual searching?

No. 886223

Very soft when groomed well! my friend had one and to be honest, i have never hated a dog before him. it was like if a scrote with adhd and an affinity for sniffing crotches was an animal.

No. 886224

How about you don't fuck random people you barely know

No. 886230

I think it was mentioned in /snow/

No. 886234

I also want to know this

No. 886236

someone mentioned it on ariana's thread in snow!

No. 886248

Is drinking beer seen as more trashy than drinking cocktails?

No. 886249

Yes but you shouldn't drink alcohol in general.

No. 886251

What are the longest papers you’ve ever had to write for school?

No. 886255

10-14 or so pages for high school, but it's been years so wtf do I know. I just vividly remember a literature paper that was 12 pages and it wasn't the max amount.

No. 886261

For high school, a 16, almost 17 pages paper about geography, 23 if you count the pictures.
In uni it was an almost 40 pages of tables and analyses for my linguistics’ course’s final project.
It was all in Spanish though, so it’s not the same as writing in English.

No. 886266

What is butt chugging?

No. 886275

okay, thanks mom

No. 886276

File: 1629407378748.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, why.jpg)

For university I had to write a 100 pages long thesis about a subject I had to make up based on my 6 months long internship for my last semester. The thesis was in 3 languages, my first language was like 50 or 60 pages long, one part was in English and the last part was in Japanese and was a disaster because my Japanese teacher told me to focus on one specific topic and then removed a bunch of points from my score because she found my work to be off-topic. I then had to make a 20 minutes long presentation based on that, my final argument was that it's currently difficult to hire nurses in my country because the government is stingy as fuck and nurse school is expensive compared to the shitty salaries they get, and that if this situation stayed this way and it was still nearly impossible to have enough nurses and doctors for all patients in our hospitals and nursing homes we'd be completely fucked over in the case of an unplanned huge epidemic or health crisis that would cause a huge spike of number of patients. Guess what happened 5 months after finished my last semester.

No. 886290

20 pages for my undergrad thesis, not including the references.

I know that's short for an undergrad thesis of all things but I was shoved into a seminar that wasn't about that I studied for. I was an international relations major and an older friend told me the seminars are usually broad topics since IR is… you know, broad, but my last semester at uni they only had a seminar for meant for latin america and carribean studies students and shoved the IR kids into it. I spent the last three and a half years studying east asian politics (with a focus on Japan) to write my undergrad thesis on… latin america?????

I somehow made it through. I'm 90% sure my professor didn't even read it because he gave me an A but I know full well that my paper was hot garbage. He only cared about the students who were actually majoring in the subject. Probably the single worst paper I had ever pulled out of my ass. I wrote something about the use of violence in Venezuela protests or some shit like that. My seminar professor was also super unhelpful when I would go to him for help or any direction, and I had to turn to my Japanese professor (who was also one of my major advisors and I was close with him) for help.

No. 886351


I usually pour it into something else that's going in the trash, bottle, bag, etc. If it's a lot of oil, maybe google cooking oil powder/solidifier

No. 886372

Posting this here cause I feel out of the loop. Why will onlyfans ban porn? Isn't that going to kill the platform?

No. 886401

I think it’s supposedly banning explicit pornography but nudes are still ok? It’s unclear whether fetish stuff without penetration is included. I don’t think it will kill the platform because a good chunk of whores on there sell feet or lingerie pics or implied nude costhot shit. They’re not all $3 crackheads like Shayna.

No. 886449

maybe you can write a 200 pg paper on Christine westonne chandler and predict hizzur future accordingly, psychic writer nonnie

No. 886455

do white people actually smell like wet dogs and rain or is that just black twitter coping

No. 886463

I thought it was milk and nickles? Anyways it's probably a cope, I've noticed black ppl have some kind of weird superiority complex about exfoliating and moisturizing everyday (unlike white ppl), and bathing themselves in perfume. Odd.

No. 886466

I smell like fresh milk and white bread, don't think there is anything wrong with that.

No. 886469

File: 1629416594849.png (71.68 KB, 1188x514, Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 6.57…)

kek I don't think i've ever met a white person (or any race of person) who smelled like any of these things, maybe if they weren't taught proper hygiene? even people who don't wear deo usually just smell like BO though

No. 886471

kek, ntayrt but anon that sounds delicious, I wish your bakery-scented ass well

No. 886472

What does it mean to be a "plain" woman? Is it just a nicer word for ugly? I don't get it

No. 886473

think of a french woman

No. 886476

Average, not standing out

No. 886478

File: 1629417140508.jpeg (463.81 KB, 3264x2448, fxog4xxb1bb31.jpeg)

no striking features, usually dark blonde or brown hair, brown eyes, doesn't put effort into appearance, wears boring clothes like jeans and cardigans, personality is meh. Generally they don't have any quality that makes them stand out.

I don't think it means ugly but not striking either. I think most plain looking women can fix their appearance to be more striking though. There are a lot of female celebrities who naturally are quite plain looking

No. 886479

that sounds oddly nice

No. 886482

I read some study that said men prefer long hair on women if the women was plain but if the the woman had a beautiful face then it didn't matter if she had short hair or long hair… what the fuck is an average face compared to a beautiful face. I don't think it's supposed to be this confusing kek maybe I have facial blindness or something.

No. 886484

It means a woman who is not putting in enough effort to perform hyper femininity.

No. 886486

Keep in mind that men are retarded. Short hair is not flattering on all face shapes, but that doesn't mean a person who doesn't look good with short hair is a plain-looking person. Moids see a beautiful woman with an unflattering haircut and think "ooga booga 4/10". If you asked a man what structural features he personally thinks make a woman's face beautiful, his brain would short-circuit because it's not capable of working that hard.

No. 886487

Who gives a fuck, men have no taste. When men say “prefer” something it’s always an attempt to neg you. Remember scrotes will take any woman who graces him with attention.

No. 886489

To me, a plain face is a forgettable one and it does not evoke emotions. Ugly faces do, some degree of repulsion and I'll remember them.

No. 886491

But you won’t choose being ugly over being plain is that correct?

No. 886493

Some do, depending on their diet and how good their hygiene is

No. 886494

how can i smile in photos without looking like i bite people? i look like a feral

No. 886495

I would choose to be plain.

No. 886497

I have features like I was written as a Mary Sue and sometimes I also feel this way

No. 886498

Practice smiling in front of a mirror. Get used to the way a nice-looking smile feels. You are probably smiling with too much tension so try to relax even though having your photo taken can feel awkward.

No. 886500

Male’s idea of female beauty is literally the most non-existent and memeable, actually braindead. They just consume whatever those corporates are selling and believe it. If they got shown bimbo cougar porn they’ll prefer that, if they got shown heroin chic waif porn, they’ll prefer that.

No. 886503

Same thing goes for women, otherwise instagram thots wouldn't exist.

No. 886514

We have multiple "unconventionally attractive men" threads and Benedict Cumberbatch it a heart throb, women aren't as easily meme'd into changing our preferences.

No. 886516

Embrace being feral anon

No. 886533

File: 1629420334303.jpg (68.9 KB, 332x500, 3558131207_fdccbc1044.jpg)

Going off this anon, plain is usually ascribed to girls someone would think as "default" in some way. Others would look more pronounced next to them.

No. 886534

Who is supposed to be the plain one here?

No. 886540

the one on the left i think

No. 886543

probably emma (middle)

No. 886547

Yeah instathots are the product of women endlessly chasing male’s preferences which aren’t a thing to begin with

No. 886548

This picture is shit to illustrate such concept because they are all recognized people. Post normies facebook pics or something.

No. 886551

you can't blame beauty trends on men lmao they dont gaf about filled in eyebrows, fake tans and lip injections come on now

No. 886560

Drag queens and gay men in general are still men, anon.

No. 886571

deep state, cabal of cross dressers and fags who impose harmful and shitty beauty trends on us in order to undermine women…

No. 886588

How difficult is it for lesbian couples to adopt kids? I hate the idea of creating new children when there’s already lots out there that need a family

No. 886591

Whenever I read historical novels, I am pretty sure it is euphemism for ugly, but nowadays I guess it is just not standing out

No. 886599

How do Finnish people feel about Americans?

No. 886603

Question to those who have been in multi level marketing of any kind, especially the kind that DM facebook friends frequently to try and recruit them - when you see the wall of your unanswered messages to them, do you feel like you're being judged? Like they're just missing out on the great opportunity you're giving them? What kind of mentality did your uppers tell you to have about people who ignored you? Context: a couple years ago I added an old friend from college and our message history is solely her using the classic MLM conversation starters on me, so I wonder why she persists.

No. 886607

Every guy I've dated (like 4) has told me that his parents at some point sat him down and asked if he's gay. Do all men get questioned like this? Or do I just like fruity guys wtf

No. 886611

I feel like anons aren't the type to get sucked into MLMs, it's such a normie thing.

This blog is a good insight into how things are behind the scenes, granted with a lot more self awareness than most of them probably have

No. 886615

Most that I've met smell like sour tangerines usually but that's only when it's summer/they're sweating. Besides that I don't notice a particular smell.

No. 886618

Neat read, I have it in a tab now, thanks!

No. 886629

Why do I usually see black guys with fat white girls but when I see white guys with black girls the black gf is almost always pretty

No. 886632

I have a serious answer for this but I don't want to get banned for race bait.

No. 886658

File: 1629429080487.png (1.35 MB, 1600x1600, akemi_homura_kaname_madoka_kyu…)

Are there any stories or media where a mysterious edgy girl is paired with a cute outgoing guy? Even better if the girl is tall. So like a gender flip of the usual "opposites attract"/mpdg thing

No. 886668

File: 1629430211753.jpeg (185.54 KB, 1400x2100, CFEED722-B38A-4F14-A0F0-DB2CD4…)

I’m pretty sure there’s a coomer manga that’s almost exactly that, but the guy is a short delinquent and the girl is his creepy fan. What you described also basically describes Kimi Ni Todoke to a T, minus the girl being taller. I also thought of The Wallflower, but the plot of that is completely different and the reverse harem is a mixed bag of shitty personalities.

No. 886672

Black men see white women as a prize and as a way to get back at da white man. Plus white women are given an extra heaping dose of female socialization so they're more "submissive" and "serving".

No. 886704

Having been around both black people in this scenario, my experience is the black men have very little standards/expectations for women outside their race. A white woman is meant to be kinder and southern black men tend to find being overweight attractive. The excitement over any attention from a different race means they take almost anything that will come. She just needs to be a woman who "acts like a woman" to counter the abrasive black woman. The black woman here may have bigger expectations for both herself and her partner, usually reflecting her political values. To a more liberal black woman, she gets to begrudgingly participate in a world she judges as more privileged and easygoing. For a more apolitical one, she's not only independently improving her own life but getting the prized men out of it all and legitimizing her status. He's supposed to be more intelligent and well-read than the black man. She's more likely to keep herself well manicured. Or know she's pretty and tries to date accordingly (her beauty is meant to be equal to his "elevated" lifestyle). I think white men also just have higher standards for darker races. SE asians, latinas and ME women I see with white men tend to be pretty too.

Ultimately it's (in America) one of our odd outcomes of having insecurities in our identity. A lot of seemingly arbitrary social rules coalescing.

No. 886707

How hard is it to become a relatively successful nsfw digital artist? I have the ideas and basic art skills, just need to learn tablet software drawing.

No. 886715

File: 1629433440749.jpeg (1003.77 KB, 750x1074, B70E8389-8E29-4314-A05F-67BB01…)

Read Lovely Complex! The plot’s main characters are a cool tall girl & a short feisty male. I read it when I was younger and liked it a lot, so definitely a nostalgic lens on it’s quality as far as a recommendation goes though. Best of luck finding other series if this one isn’t your style!

No. 886724

File: 1629434765186.gif (356.56 KB, 498x284, lovely-complex-risa-koizumi.gi…)

I love Lovely Complex but I don't think that fits anon's request other than the heights. Risa isn't edgy or mysterious at all and she and Otani aren't opposites, they're super similar and that's why they click so well.

No. 886727

Is it possible to get the delta variant if one already received two Pfizer shots? My mom has been complaining about fatigue and cold like symptoms

No. 886734

she got the shots in like January btw

No. 886735

Yes, the vaccine is less effective against delta variant and it becomes even less effective against it over time. Studies suggest 78% efficacy against delta after three months, down from 90% right after being fully vaccinated. It is possible that she has it and she should get tested to confirm.

No. 886738

File: 1629436818759.jpeg (129.78 KB, 728x1035, 3058ADE4-FEE8-4590-BCEE-56E907…)

Kek I love that manga but LoveCom is really nothing like OP requested, they’re both super outgoing and get along with everyone. Otani is even a bit of an ass at times, and Risa is extroverted open book.
The delinquent x outcast tall girl manga is a 4-koma called takasugi-san no chibiyan hero or takasugi’s tiny delinquent hero. I called it a coomer manga but it’s not exactly, I was just remembering the excessive emphasis on the female lead’s chest.

No. 886748

Can someone recommend me a site where I can watch movies and TVshows? I used to go to 123movies.page (it literally had ALL the movies and TV shows that ever exised, it was great) but it doesn't load anymore I guess it got shut down

No. 886751

It's pointless cus if every woman bought a build a body and a fuck ton of surgery to get a bimbo trouty mouth face men would want natural women again lol

No. 886755

You attract gay dudes lol jk u probably do like fruity guys (not gay gay maybe bi dudes). Or sensitive gnc men I think any gnc dude will get asked if he's gay or bullied for seeming "gay" (Cus I don't equate being a gay dude to acting girly, ime the most macho men be the gayest)

No. 886756

I go to primewire dot ag

No. 886759

This makes alot of sense lol I'm neither black nor white but I wondered why it's low-key a thing in the US (mama June looking white woman w a black dude, pretty black girl usually w alot going for herself w a white dude)

No. 886762

I think you're just attracted to guy who aren't overly macho which is reasonable

No. 886769

Last time I went to the hairdresser I picked a random new one. They just sent me an e-mail saying "It's been 6 week since your last appointment, schedule a new one!!". EVERY SIX WEEKS?! Do people actually do that? Do I have to? I only went to get my ends cut, I have nothing special with my hair going on otherwise. To be honest it's a miracle to get me in the hairsalon twice a year but I thought every 3 months was the norm, not every 6 weeks??

No. 886770

People will flock to nsfw art like flies even if it isn't all that good kek. A cheap tablet will do

No. 886772

That's the standard time I hear recommended, but no doubt it's excessive for most people. It could be necessary if you dye your hair since you might have visible regrowth after 6 weeks, and if you don't cut your own bangs they'll have grown into your eyes by then.

No. 886778

If you have a haircut with a specific shape (especially on shorter hair) or dyed hair or a treatment maintenance each 4 to 8 weeks is standard. That's why older ladies are in the salon constantly. Afro hair in protective styles or silk press also need very frequent attention.

No. 886784

You need to look up the laws and process specific to your country. For example, in mine, it's not even possible for someone who's single to adopt, let alone a lesbian couple (same sex unions here aren't legal yet).

No. 886786

File: 1629443961392.jpeg (50.04 KB, 540x501, 982C3AA1-02AA-4955-A744-502F6B…)

if I have a fanaccount and there's certain people who are starting to sound stalkerish and get on my nerves, should I tell them off, or should I keep ignoring them? only because I don't want to get cancelled and lose the viewership I do have over petty drama, I can't stand the way one of my followers in particular is acting. if I continue to ignore her she may get the hint, but thus far she's sounded more and more schizophrenic overtime and it's not getting better

No. 886795

Thanks anons, I don't have a special cut or my hair dyed or anything so I think I'll just go with the 3 months.

No. 886797

Can someone link me to the insteresting Wikipedia pages threads? Can't find it

No. 886838

What are some good excuses for not answering someone's messages for a long time (for weeks)?

No. 886839

Say you have Avoidant Personality Disorder?

No. 886847

File: 1629454334751.jpg (79.86 KB, 800x1155, aba79284a3c34be7ad3795cc5fa1c9…)

Anons, I just got picrel, they're made of eco leather and both - but especially right one - squeaks awfully when walking. I've never had this problem with leather but I wonder if it's something that eco leather does? Is there a way to fix it or should I rather return them and get a new pair?

No. 886848

Does never having had sex prevents you from being touch starved? I'm borderline touch repulsed but I never suffered CSA or anything.

No. 886856

I'd need to do some research for that and this guy disgusts me way too much for me to even watch the documentary about him.

No. 886861

Eco leather and vegan leather are fancy words for plastic

No. 886866

Right? I thought I was missing something when I kept seeing bags advertised as ~vegan leather~, like isn't that just rebranded pleather?

No. 886882

They smell like sweet milk or something to me. It's a dairy smell.

Agree and the "default" depends on where you live. Every one of those girls would be uncommon or exotic depending on location.

No. 886888

And this specification is relevant how? I don't care if it's real or not or what exactly it's made of, I used the marketing name for what it is because I hope some other anon has an experience with a material named like that, I don't think being like "um it's just plastic actually" would help

No. 886908

>using lolcow as WebMD again
Are "smart drugs" or nootropics legit or placebo?
I'm only resorting to memes because I'm tired all day please god. I've been taking vitamin supplements for years and am not obese, I also try to drink coffee in the morning. I don't even have the energy to do things I enjoy, like playing games or drawing. Again I don't follow an unhealthy lifestyle, get little sleep or eat shit food all day so I'm confused?

No. 886929

Lol why are you so mad? I'm just saying it's squeaky because it's literally made of plastic.

No. 886935

Pleather is just plastic though

No. 886987

Nta but the plastic property of it explains why it's squeeky, doesn't it?

No. 886988

What's that OnlyFans update about?

No. 886989

People who never drink water… are they… okay??? I’m curious what negative health effects non water drinkers live through. I would imagine their skin is incredibly dry.
People who brag about never drinking water usually look like tweakers to me tbh.
I can’t imagine living this way, I always have water.

No. 886994

File: 1629466856584.png (529.12 KB, 474x627, 2525-454.png)

Can anyone ID this bag? It's supposed to be a vintage Ralph Lauren. Idk even know what keywords I could use to do that.

No. 886999

No. 887001

Thank you so much anon, that's a lot more than what I managed on my own.

No. 887011

Try asking on purseblog

No. 887012

I've found two other listings confirming its a Ralph Lauren hobo style shoulder bag made with acadia brown crocodile, but no dates for when it came out.

No. 887039

They are banning explicit content. No more porn

No. 887043

Yes I do and I need some excuses lmao. I went on a Meetup two weeks ago and a guy wrote to me but I couldn't bring myself to answer him. He's organizing another Meetup today and I really want to go but he's obviously gonna be there and might ask why I didn't answer him

No. 887052

Samefag. I like him, that's why I didn't answer. Only fellow avoidants gonna relate kek

No. 887081

I really should get some kind of diagnosis because I always relate way too much to avoidants, schizoids or just autists lol.

No. 887107

Why the fuck did lc ask for permission to record audio when I tried to post an image for the first time on my new phone?

No. 887138

what does "pooner" mean? i know it has something to do with ftms but what does the actual word itself mean?

No. 887142

i think it has something to do with 'poon' (aka vagina) combined with the -oomer memes

No. 887182

Ah fuck it I'm gonna stay home and binge on food

No. 887230

Do some phones come with pre-installed sceen protectors? How do I figure out if mine did? I was going to as a screen protector on mine but then I noticed there's already this ridge around the selfie cam which makes me think there's already one on it..

No. 887388

Looks like a douche. Have you tried douching your phone?

No. 887407

File: 1629486186425.jpg (21.64 KB, 329x351, E6Bs9x0XoAQnNdw.jpg)

No. 887414

my Samsung S10 came with one pre-installed, you should find the information somewhere on the internet, if it's not in the product description.

No. 887420

how do iranian gay couples decide whos gonna have to troon out? lol

No. 887443

Simple, whichever one has the halal girldick

No. 887467

No. 887473

File: 1629489690880.jpg (33.81 KB, 400x288, 49a6ee1fb4bb6d5a2ed5771caaf723…)

Does anybody know what video I am referencing? It's a momma cat running while carrying her kitten and then drops it on the sofa in a rough manner. I saw it on Instagram, but I cannot find it anymore.

No. 887534

File: 1629493329963.jpeg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024, florida man pet.jpeg)

Floridanonitas, is it really a semi-common occurrence for you guys to just find alligators chilling in your pools or did the internet lie to me once again?

No. 887542

So what’s the deal with men over 38 and struggling to keep their dicks hard? Am I forever doomed to a life of mostly semi softs until I hit menopause ?

No. 887544

You can fuck after menopause wtf anon. Also to answer your question: coomerism

No. 887553

I thought the wet dog thing was a meme (and it mostly is) but I did date one white guy who literally smelled, to a T, like a wet dog. It was horrible because he would come out of the shower smelling worse for the first 30 minutes because the water would bring out some sort of natural scent in him that was really off-putting (the same way getting a dog wet makes them smell). I felt bad because his hygiene was good and there was nothing he could do, it was just a genetic thing. Smelling his scalp or ears made me want to vomit. I've dated or been close with other white men who smell like normal humans and I've never encountered that strange smell he had ever again.

I've read that finding someones natural scent off-putting could be some sort of genetic avoidance thing. Like it could mean you are incompatible genetically and your offspring wouldn't be ideal or something. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but it seriously felt like a biological warning sign to stay away from him.

No. 887554

I was just being cheeky. I don’t know if I’ll want any dick by then seeing the sad state they’re in currently.

And I figured as much but jfc. I had his dick nearly in my stomach and he’s struggling to keep an erection. At least the dinner was good kek

No. 887556

I want to ask a question but I'm afraid it will cause infighting

No. 887561

Semi unrelated but did he have a beer belly? I feel like all men past 35 start getting one

No. 887563

what is it about

No. 887570

Anons, is it retarded to be mad that your family members are asking you to do something when they've got two capable adults living with them that could do the X thing??

>I'm busy with my commissions and being asked to cut a fucking grass 1hr away from my home

>Person that asks is on a vacation but there are two people living in the house
>A videogame addicted tradthot LARPing NEET
>An old woman who needs help yet the NEET can't even touch a fucking grass
I am so pissed but I can't even say no UGH. how can you sit at home playing your games and not being able to cut a fucking grass when I am a literal not blood related stranger

No. 887573

Man get fat, unfit, and depressed because they start to realize their life is shit and they’re insignificant. Their bodies don’t produce as much test, their sex drive dips, decades of porn usage and poor selfcare setting in. Women don’t coddle their feelings as much anymore, don’t fake orgasms anymore, don’t give them easy access to pussy anymore so they feel emasculated and insecure. Midlife crisis a brewing. All of it makes for the perfect limp dick cocktail. Many of them start to troon out or become pedophiles and acquire new disgusting fetishes because they now need increasingly extreme stimulation to get off.

No. 887574

the covid vaccine

No. 887576

No anon my mother does the same shit when my lazy fucking brothers sit on their ass all day

No. 887577

File: 1629495727271.jpg (31.04 KB, 600x600, 1347461.jpg)

help I am about to fix my toilet with picrel and I watched a lot of tutorials and understand the concept but I am terrified I will create a disaster!! has anyone else done this? is it actually possible to do for someone with no home repair skills but who isn't stupid? don't want to call a plumber bc money and stubborn

No. 887579

He had a sorta pooch but not like a full on beer gut. He doesn’t drink beer.

Last guy I was with didn’t have a belly and more on the fit side. Only a couple year difference between the two. Dating in this age range is new to me and I only just recently started after a 2 year hiatus. Dated in my early & mid 20s and had the same dick for a few years. It’s like a whole new ball game of sad.

No. 887580

Just pull a Leo di Caprio and refuse to date anyone over 40 or get your chosen one some make-pp-great-again-pills.

No. 887581

I’m the anon who had the softy dick question and this makes a lot of sense. Thanks nonny.

No. 887584

is there a safer place than craigslist to find people to room with?

No. 887593

Only one was 40 the rest have been 36-38. I don’t think it matters at this point and will start shaving pp-pills into their cocktails.

No. 887645

unsafe people can be anywhere but some other places are your local university's fb groups or subreddit, your city's subreddit. Also I think apps like Zillow and Trulia have a rooms to rent section in addition to their regular for rent listings. Both of those have functional desktop sites as well. ask around to your acquaintances if they know anyone looking for a roommate or whose roommate is moving out soon. I will say I've never had a bad experience checking out people's apartments who put roommate ads on craigslist but I'm quick to be suspicious and trust any gut feeling not to go somewhere. For times when I put my own apartment up looking for a roommate, I had more trouble with a lack of response than with creeps, although I noted a male lived there as well which may have driven off creeps. don't be shy to say if you only want female roommates. talk to people on the phone before you go meet them. don't further communicate with anyone who seems rude, it indicates a lot more than you think.

No. 887692

File: 1629504460650.gif (578.26 KB, 480x368, Boxxy.gif)

Anons, if you became an e-celebrity would you still post on here?

No. 887699

No. 887731

I would, because I wouldn't break any rules. Also I don't think I'd have a thread here at all (and if I had, I wouldn't post in my thread)

No. 887774

I've repaired toilet cisterns several times and it's not that scary. If you're just replacing the flush mechanism the worst thing that will happen is that you will have water constantly flowing into the toilet. If you're concerned be aware of where your bathroom stopcock is. If it goes really wrong, you can turn off the stopcock and it will stop water from flowing into the cistern.

No. 887777

Is there a way to freshen up my pillowcase between washes? I drool on it and it smells

No. 887778

Buy more pillow cases and replace it nightly, then wash them all at once

No. 887795

File: 1629513785222.png (169.8 KB, 1023x682, 1627271109718.png)

who's this lizard woman and/or what is she from

No. 887797

Why do scrots post gore mostly on snow? Is it because of the tranny threads?
I don't understand why scrotes are so attracted to violence.

No. 887803

No. 887809

Yes I think so. Has it been posted in Bella's thread before? It was/is there too.

No. 887880

Why do so many depop sellers ask you to message them before buying? I’m so curious about what transpires during these conversations. I’ve tried to message a few times but never get a response (I feel like they can tell that I’m not a zoomer because I don’t use emojis)

No. 887954

How do I make my text green here? Any guide here that tells me all the secrets?

No. 887963

Do I have the right to complain about indie videogames if I pirated them?

No. 887965

Newfag just put an arrow before what you want to greentext
>like this

No. 887966

>thank you

No. 887978

Admin making a post in meta about handing over the site to whoever seems out of the blue to me, what is going on?

No. 887980

Depends. I see no issue with complaining to friends but complaining to developers is probably a dick move unless it's genuinely a game breaking bug.

No. 887984

File: 1629539244192.jpg (254.24 KB, 1391x783, 1622779096733.jpg)

I quit my job so my last day of work should be the 27th of August. I'm considering not going to work today, tomorrow and Monday just to get a break because I'll start another job on the 30th. Tuesday is my day off so I'll just have to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Problem is, I can't get a letter from my doctor to justify it and be payed for any potential sick leave because getting a doctor appointment is a pain in the ass these days, they're all booked until next week.

Should I skip work anyway? I don't think I'll need to be in good terms with the company for any future reference and I'm supposed to work from 3pm to 11pm everyday so I'm legit tired anyway and have constant headaches but two weeks ago the doctor I saw told me to just take pain killers and go back to work.

No. 887999

It's always good to leave on good terms, but usually there's that one assumption. If you truly never wanna go back or put them down on your resume, just skip it.

No. 888006

It's a call center job I had for nearly a year until I could find a better job that's more in line with what I studied in university. I'll put that call center job on my resume no matter what because it's better than having a huge gap, and where I live employers cannot do call previous employers or managers without your consent. I wanted to leave on good terms but I'm so sick of this shit job.

No. 888011

Nta but sounds like you don't need it. If you're confident I'd just take off, it's a call centre they've probably dealt with worse lmao

No. 888014

I'm in the smallest team in my call center, so that's where the turn over is the lowest by far, the company has seen way worse but my specific team, I'm not too sure. Whatever, you're right, I should just skip work until Wednesday, go back just for the last 3 days so I can give my stuff back to the managers and give a last "good" impression.

No. 888045

Why the hell are movies from the 70s so fucking weird and are full of ugly naked people?

No. 888049

drugs and scrotes

No. 888054

Some anon mentioned a Dagger Ranpa or whatever it's called imageboard, is it real or was she just fuckin around? What's it called?

No. 888067

are there any mlm cows or an mlm board? I've been really into the antimlm community and so many of these girls in mlms are cow material. they are so entitled and obnoxious. All the anti-mlm creators on youtube don't want to be sued or whatever and always blur the faces of the girls in the mlms and it drives me crazy. I want to see what these psychos look like. I want more. These people in the mlm are literally the worst people on the internet.

No. 888068

>t/l note MLM means multi level marketing and not men loving men
The only one I know of is the Reddit board r/antimlm. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some on facebook as well

No. 888071

I meant here on lolcow. I'm already on everything else and everyone is just too…nice

No. 888077

Why are men so obsessed with the future?

No. 888105

Was there a thread for the manga "Berserk"? I swear to god there was a thread by that name discussing the manga, and it was an old(er) thread, and I've been meaning to read it. But now when I search for it both manually and using control+F I can't seem to find it. I have really weird dreams though, but I seriously think that this exists. Am I crazy? Can anyone link me to it if they find it? I'm so convinced that it was real, but using two different computers yields no results. What the fuck

No. 888118

File: 1629556333107.gif (114.95 KB, 950x866, 1628549213846.gif)

thank u baby

No. 888131

I’ve gathered it’s just polite to message before asking, however I’ve also had sellers ask me to complete the sale outside of depop to skirt the fees.

No. 888133

Why does cc have both img and media? They sound like the same shit and some threads are even similar

No. 888149

Img is for image dumps and the like. People post images for anything from animals to dresses. It is primarily for images, not long conversations.

Media is talking about media. People post whatever anime or movie or show, etc. that they want. Since people mostly talk about the media rather than post pictures, there's more text than Img.

I don't know why you didn't understand something so simple, but we're all idiots sometimes.

No. 888162

Update, I didn't go to work because I remembered that my family literally just went to Spain on holidays yesterday and I don't drive so since I'm supposed to finish my shift at 11pm everyday I'd have to spend all my earned money on ubers or taxis to go back home to not get kidnapped in my shitty neighborhood. So I'm chilling at home and eating some KFC.

No. 888168

No. 888172

Depop gets gayer every day doesnt it. No you don't have to message people, anyone who says you do is a weenie. As a seller it's actually the opposite: anyone who asks a question is probably a problem. A lot of ebay sellers straight up block people who ask questions without buying.

The only caveat is dont buy something from an inactive account, getting a refund on depop is ass because you'll have to go through the paypal dispute system which works but it's slow. So if you want to check if a seller is still around then message them maybe. But anyone who's trying to gatekeep their items behind "be friends with me first" is a weenie weirdo. Do not interact. They sellin a bit of clothes, it's not a secret club.

Also do NOT do any offsite transactions, you will probably get scammed (zoomer males are slime in this regard, the average zoomer will try to ghost with the money if you seem naive. it's bad). If someone asks you to do an offsite transaction, you can screenshot it, report it and get them banned, and imo you really should, because anyone who does that IS doing it to selectively scam whenever they feel like they'll get away with it. The fees aren't so much that it's worth it for sellers to risk trying to go offsite unless they're trying to scam. Or they're just retarded and risking their account to save a couple bucks. If it's not you they scam, it will be someone else if you don't report it.

Frankly I dont know why you all try to use depop still, i have never encountered even 1% of this fag business on any other platform. The aesthetic is so tired at this point anyway… do you really need zoomie funky selfies to tell you how to dress? tell me what you're trying to buy and I will find it or a better it, and NOT on depop.

No. 888173

I’m not too familiar with cyber crimes and reporting them but is there actually a way to help permanently get rid of the cp and gore raids? Like if it’s reported or anything?

No. 888176

Depop is overpriced and full of entitled scalper children, yet every time you suggest someone go thrifting for cheap but high quality finds they say thrifting is soooo expensive because Depop. Find another app, kids!

No. 888178

What I wonder is why did every movie from that time period have that yellow/orange filter on them. The whole decade just seemed to be tinted orange/yellow/brown.

No. 888180

Depends on the film used and cameras of the time. Some were tinted blue.

No. 888192

Separation and these rules makes no sense since media also has threads that would fit img and vice versa and they have similar threads that are just image dumping. Honestly, this just make it all more confusing and is very unnecessary.
Site is ugly as your attitude

No. 888259

When do you guys go to sleep on weekdays and the weekends?

No. 888268

the hays code (a bunch of moral rules about what could be included in film) ended officially in 1968. from 1927 til then, you couldn't make a film depicting (among many other things) - sex, drug use, interracial relationships or pointed profanity without the character doing them being the villain and also usually dying (you couldn't show them getting away it, usually that just meant killing them off at the end).
i imagine that a lot of established directors and writers, as well as up-and-comers who had come of age in the hippie 60s, were bursting with film ideas that couldn't be made previously, leading to a LOT of really wacky films coming out all at once.

No. 888273

Around 10-10:30 during weekdays, whatever I feel like on the weekends

No. 888274

My mom and I had an argument about this lol: is it okay to wipe off the surface of a plant's leaves when they get dusty? My mother says no because apparently it pushes the dust into the leaves or something. Is this true?

No. 888288

it's not true, your mom is retarded

No. 888291

When people say sleeping with a body pillow helps their back, how do you sleep with it? Do you hug the pillow, put it under your back…?

No. 888293

I knew it!! Thank you

No. 888294

Bring back the Hays Code. They might start making half-original films again

No. 888301

So many people on depop are hot though. I scroll for the eye candy.

No. 888307

Weekdays 1am, weekends 5~7am.

No. 888308

I mean i sort of understand about people & thrifting, it is hard work and online people cant really be expected to get off the couch for very much. But yeah you will have way more luck and almost zero weenie zoomies on ebay/etsy/literally anywhere else.

I recently discovered swap.com - kind of strange generic site but it's real & quite cheap in the clearance section, and very good tools to sort by size, brand, item type & color, which other sites really lack. It's not a seller-based site, the site does all the listings themselves so its all standardized and theres no dealing with individual weirdo sellers. They have about ~700k items, and they have a kind of weird selection of brands that they carry, it's a mix of secondhand/thrift and discounted new stuff a la tjmaxx style. So I would just search some brands that you like and see what they have/how they price those brands. Or alternatively tick in just your sizes/price range in the advanced search and see what they have.

Random other tip: for any amazon clothing/shoes, try searching for the same product on ebay. When amazon sellers get items returned opened, they frequently write them off and sell them on ebay at a big discount, less than half 9f the original price. One ebay seller that definitely works on this basis is "pairmysole" which has like 300k+ pairs of shoes listed, and thats just one of many.

No. 888326

Sometime between 1-3 am

No. 888333

Thrifting is super easy as long as you know the measurements, know what you're looking for and have a variety of sites to browse through. I can't recommend any outside of my country and don't wanna get doxxed but if I can find excellent finds using just local sites in my remote shithole I'm certain people from bigger countries like the UK and US will have an even easier time.

No. 888346

I do love a lot of code era films (the double entendres in film noirs are often more titillating than showing full sex would be imo), but it makes dramas & horrors a lot more dull when you know that the villain is just going to die at the end regardless. Sometimes it gets very silly - my favorite example of this is The Bad Seed (1956), in which the villain gets struck by lightning at the end, killing her. It doesn't match with the tone of the rest at all, but by god is it hilarious. (Skip to 4:08 in the video)

No. 888402

Why does it seem like online pro ana types are disproportionately british? The snow ana thread has a pretty large number of brits, and I remember the same thing being true in ED communities from about a decade ago.

My going theory is that they eat a diet heavy on processed and packaged snacks, sweets, and meals, which makes calorie counting easier and more tempting

No. 888419

Sssssh don't spread the word. Once people know to look beyond depop, other places will go down the same path.

No. 888421

Lol thanks anon. We have a thread for old film discussion btw. >>>/m/155834

No. 888439

Because they have free healthcare, munchies and anas go together like peas on a pod. In america, healthcare and med debt is a lot compared elsewhere.

No. 888440

Where are you from? Might be confirmation bias. They're English-speaking communities as are we, so we discover them and post them here. There's tons of equivalent foreign communities for literally anything, I only discover them when I turn on my VPN because everything is in another language. We forget anglosphere stuff spreads wider.

No. 888444

I know it's my Merle Oberon sperging that caused the thread to be created in the first place, and yet I'm too nervous to post there because I don't know what to say lol. It's like I was cursed by a witch to only be able to talk about OH in unrelated conversations.

No. 888447

Alain Delon's cock was posted it's not exactly a highbrow thread anon lmao.

No. 888465

Do these workouts for a slimmer waist actually work? I know spot reducing fat isn't a thing, but is this the same kinda thing as building muscle making you look slimmer?

No. 888466

I’m from the states, so I mostly mean that there seem to be a lot of british pro anas in anglo spaces relative to the size of the uk population. They’re pretty easy to identify because they’ll mention the NHS or reference british chains and products.

Another theory I have is that since there’s a somewhat less rigid high school to college pipeline, people with EDs can easily end up in a state of bad mental health induced neethood after graduation

No. 888467

I hug it, put it between my knees. No idea how it's working, but it magic'd away seven months of back pain.

No. 888469

It's genetics. If you are on the lower end of normal bmi(to underweight) or underweight, working out will make your stomach slimmer and lose a couple inches but you won't necessarily get an ideal waist hip ratio. I tried and it didn't work, I'm a slim rectangle naturally. If you're on the higher end of normal or obese or overweight it may work but you do need overall fitness

No. 888472

doing those workouts alongside corset training worked for me, i'm not sure about on their own though

No. 888476

Not black Twitter, but in Japan there's this:
>Prior to World War II, Japanese contact with the West had been at a minimum. When they came in contact with the Portuguese in the sixteenth century and the more numerous English and Americans in the 19th century, they reacted with shock. The blue eyes and “red” hair of westerners are attributes of goblins in Japanese folklore. They were appalled at the hairy, sweaty bodies that gave off a strong body odor due to a diet higher in animal fat. Those who did meet Europeans were disgusted by their stench: people who seldom touch animal products are extremely sensitive to the body-odor exuded by eaters of animal fat.

>It was butter, the Japanese thought, which made Europeans so peculiarly rank: bata-kusai they called them (using the English word for the foul substance): “butter-stinkers." The terms Bata-kusai, “stinking of butter,” is still a derogatory term for things obnoxiously Western.

I think it depends on the person, really.

No. 888479

Does anyone remember the thread/type of thread DIY-dildo anon posted on?

No. 888486

Dumbass shit thread: >>>/ot/595399

No. 888489

Thank you!

No. 888498

I swear I've read this before but it was a historian's account of Japanese meeting the Dutch. Not that it changes anything ofc, considering it's supposedly a phenomenon present among all Euro groups. Still, it's odd they aren't mentioned, they first had contact in the early 1600s. I've heard it said black people can smell metallic, like copper coins or something. I can't think why that would be and never noticed it myself. Doesn't sound diet related, so maybe some sort of hair product?

No. 888503

File: 1629584878850.jpg (363.61 KB, 1722x1187, Worldwide_prevalence_of_lactos…)

Kinda inspired by above, but how is fast food like chocolate and ice cream (or cheese) handled in countries that have a large percentage of lactose intolerant people? I imagine it could be less popular than in NA or Europe, but since it's still sold anyway, do people just suffer through the side effects? Or is stuff made with a non-lactose variant of milk?

No. 888508

Huh, I thought Argentina was mostly populated by people of european ancestry, yet they're at 80-100%.

No. 888528

what is that 'cc' everyone keeps referring to as an alternative for lolcow in the 'lets save lolcow' thread?

No. 888530


No. 888605

File: 1629594730741.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1026, CA9443F4-F35B-4291-BBAE-886846…)

this chick isn't exactly fat but she's got a really fat stomach… how does this happen? i'm wondering if i've somehow done something to my body that has made me gain unnecessary weight to my stomach and waist even though i'm not fat at all (170 cm and 56 kg).

No. 888608

She probably carries her weight there, she isn't exactly skin and bones either but I guess she got that unlucky fat tummy gene

No. 888616

she's obese, anon

No. 888625

rattle rattle

No. 888638

nope, i have the same body as her

No. 888656

it depends mostly on your diet. people don't usually gain that much weight in their stomach unless they consume a lot of sugar, carbs, and/or alcohol

No. 888703

What should someone do before committing suicide, besides writing a note?

Inb4 attention-whore

No. 888704

Continue living, preferably

No. 888705

Calling a suicide hotline so you can work through your issues, then going to therapy and getting meds if possible, forming good bonds with people who you know will be patient and be there for you. Then you live, and live, and go on living. Those are all things you do before commiting suicide.

No. 888707

You tell somebody. So they can stop you.

No. 888708

Honestly that looks like a mommy tummy

No. 888743

I deleted the acc. It's too much honestly. I shouldn't be a coward and should've confronted the creepy fans but I figured it's not worth the fighting to deal with them.

No. 888837

File: 1629614105982.jpg (30.63 KB, 473x357, Nana.jpg)

Instead of saying "cheese" say "alright". Looks more natural. If that doesn't work then >>886516

No. 888896

How do you stop talking to somebody you've talked to almost daily for years? I'm just tired of this person and I don't like talking to him anymore. He's always up his own ass and tries to get with me every time I vent something and it's creepy. He doesn't understand that I don't want to be with him. But he'll start bothering me more if I suddenly block him…

No. 888910

Are my nutrigrain bars too burnt or do they just come like this now?

No. 888922

How do anti-capitalists imagine the ideal world looking like? Lately I've been watching degrowth Youtubers and it's intriguing but I can't see how their ideas would work in real life

No. 888954

How much time has to pass in order for posting in a thread to count as necroing? A month?

No. 888966

Nearly every month I'll have a whole night of stomach gurgling shortly before my period is due. No upset stomach after all that noise though, just ridiculous levels of gurgling that lines up with all my other premenstrual symptoms starting.

What is this?

No. 888976

I think yours are messed up they should taste light and oaty. You should send them an angry email and get a coupon or some shit

No. 889014

I'm pretty gassy before/during my period, maybe it's the same for you except it manifests more as your stomach gurgling?

No. 889029

Are there any other decent japanese imageboards aside from futaba? I don't like futaba at all.

No. 889042

I don't think it counts as necroing as long as you stay on-topic and don't just reply to something. At least, I have responded to like two or three threads already where the last post was several months ago and never got a ban.

No. 889044

How do you stop feeling embarrassed whenever you post on here?

No. 889045

When most of your boyfriends end up being virgins without you seeking them out, does that make you sort of a loser?

No. 889078

Is there a way to turn off the annoying user gifs on ohnotheydidnt? I hate the design so fucking much. It literally gives me a headache. I clicked the readability option and barely anything changed, the background colour disappeared and the text became a little larger…

No. 889084

File: 1629642582937.png (210.61 KB, 1200x675, monkas.png)

I swallowed two pieces of gum, whats going to happen to me?

No. 889091

a gum tree will grow inside of you

No. 889104

What do you put on when you want some sort of background noise but not music?

No. 889110

Podcasts, ambient music to drone out to, field recordings.

No. 889112

When I want music but I have to concentrate on something else I just listen to funeral doom

No. 889197

If someone doesn't do anything all day expect for lying in a bed, do they still need to eat at least 1500 calories? And if yes, what does the body use all that energy for if the person doesn't even move?

No. 889201

To keep you alive anon. Your organs need energy even in resting state. The amount of calories depend on your BMR.

No. 889204

well you're still breathing and your heart is still beating, no?

No. 889239

Does 4chan implementing vpn blockers help reduce the CP/sperg posters? If so maybe admin should try that, unless it’s expensive?

No. 889247

Does eating onion and garlic fuck up everyone's stomach? Or do I have some sort of sensitivity?

No. 889258

it's common because of the oligosaccharides. they basically ferment in your intestines and make you gassy/bloated/etc.

No. 889310

Is it racist to want to be a geisha for Halloween if you’re not of Japanese descent?

I really like the culture and want to show my appreciation for it and my niece who is partially of Chinese descent from her father’s side asked me to dress up like one for the upcoming holiday. However, my sisters clam it’s racist and cultural appropriation.

No. 889315

in 2021 someone will probably try to "cancel" you for "yellow face"

No. 889318

It's not and generally the Japanese are happy to spread knowledge of their cultural dress to foreigners. Your sister sounds like she's spends too much time on tiktok.

No. 889320

Nah, but it's a little embarrassing.

No. 889321

what the fguck is a pookie

No. 889331

Context? Could just be a cute nickname for a s/o

No. 889346

It's a poo cookie

No. 889352

File: 1629658652431.jpg (66.92 KB, 760x503, mixed-dog-breed-pictures-1.jpg)

it's a poodle-husky, of course

No. 889360

club penguin baby roleplayers?

No. 889372

goo goo

No. 889373

how to i stop simping after a guy? i have baby fever now someone help

No. 889379

I was so into that shit when I was a kid

No. 889392

which screen color filter is better, the built in one on Windows 10 (nightlight or whatever it's called) or f.lux?
also sometimes I wonder if having it on too much fucks with your perception of color when you have to edit or draw something, even after disabling it

No. 889395

The windows built in is fine, if you use f.lux don't set it to be too strong; all my drawing had messed up colors when I had it, even if I remembered to turn it off everything was weird and blue and my head hurt

No. 889412

There's a blouse i really want on Lacemarket, but I have no feedback and the seller said they won't sell to accounts without feedback. Should I message them and ask if they will sell it to me anyways? They discounted the price a bit so it seems like they're really wanting to sell it.

No. 889414

I don't know how that site works, but maybe you could ask them if you could send them half the money up front.

No. 889417

Can't you just create a fake review by setting up a second account and "selling" something to yourself? Idk the website so idk if that's possible. Otherwise I'd just try contacting her, if you have any other account with public reviews of purchases like ebay you could show her that.

No. 889427

I've given up on the blouse, even though I'm in love with it and I'll probably never see it for sale again lol. The fear of being bitched at is too high

No. 889431

File: 1629666696259.jpg (237.76 KB, 920x894, 1f9397ef2481cec6a4c33157d428d8…)

Is it normal or is it unhealthy to want to unfriend everyone after college? I just don't vibe with people anymore. Or I feel like I want to glow up and seeing the same people is hindering it.

No. 889459

Just try it. At worst the seller will repeat what you already know. Also what's up with the "I won't sell to people without feedback", like can she even cancel the purchase if you decide to purchase it without inquiring her first?

No. 889475

the way you typed this sounds exactly like something a friend told me, down to the bit about the glow up and everything.
anyway, i think its fairly normal anon. these are people that you wont be forced to see anymore, and if the bonds aren't strong between you guys then ofc its natural for you to move on. i will say though that if any of your current friends are petty people who hold grudges over this kind of thing, or if its a particularly tight knit group, they might talk some shit about you, but honestly if you dont plan on seeing them again then it doesnt matter too much .

No. 889480

I've never been professionally fit for a bra and I really need to but I have no idea what to do or where to go or what to look for. What do I do?

No. 889484

do you have any small local lingerie shops? i would start there. i’ve never been fitted either (only measured myself) but i’ve heard not to waste your time with victoria’s secret.

No. 889492

I've measured myself but not well. I've honestly just been wearing the cheapest bras I can find from Walmart because I have been pregnant back to back and haven't wanted to bother getting a nice one only to outgrow it months later.

No. 889517

Can hydrogen peroxide get out dried blood stains?

No. 889520

yes i’ve brought panties back from the dead with peroxide

No. 889526

Thank you!

No. 889563

File: 1629684461419.jpg (95.81 KB, 1024x988, 8c8dd482-251a-4bc4-81d5-7d8f0f…)

How can I stop being friends with someone who is my bestie, kind of? Preferably without making a scene. I'm just tired of he treats me sometimes, even if I do love him as a brother almost. I think he's kind of an asshole towards me sometimes, and recently I've been feeling like he makes fun of me without him really realizing.

No. 889568

Gradually ghost him until he’s not bothering you anymore.

No. 889571

Just tell him directly exactly how you feel and then see how he reacts. If he acknowledges is then maybe give him a chance? if he denies it then tells him you can't talk with him anymore, "you need some time off" and thats it. Don't just ghost him.

No. 889640

Can anyone recommend where to get makeup samples? I haven’t really worn makeup since quarantine so I don’t want to buy more full size products that will definitely expire again, but I would like to not look haggard for one night kek.

No. 889665

go to somewhere like sephora and ask for a foundation match, then act undecided and ask for a sample of it. I think you can also buy small sample versions of popular products there but don't think they're exactly cheap either

No. 889676

That’s a good idea, thanks nonnie. I totally forgot that they do foundation matches in store. I was looking for a sort of “sample beauty box” that would have a lot of different products like primers and such, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like that.

No. 889677

File: 1629697619714.jpg (539.17 KB, 1076x1079, Screenshot_20210823-014447_Ins…)

would it be considered really weird if I asked a small and local stable if I could come over and just… hang out with/pet their horses? I'm in a wheelchair and can't ride but still a grown up horse girl in my soul

No. 889679

File: 1629697916273.jpg (147.72 KB, 1200x857, E2uhOSqXMAIetJV.jpg)

Can dicks twitch?? I was reading a erotica novel and there's this scene where a guy is narrating and says something like "my cock twitched at that noise" and I was wondering if that is something that they actually do??

No. 889682

heheheheheh yes

No. 889688

they can and it's disgusting

No. 889691

Do it anon, you shouldn't have to miss out on things you enjoy. You go and you spend time with those horses

No. 889695

Yep. Also after coming they can do that really hard, like standing up and falling back down rapidly.

No. 889712

I did that after high school. I don't think it's that weird, especially if you weren't extremely close with everyone
They do and I'm ashamed to admit it's a big fetish of mine

No. 889731

do scotland and wales have the same rivalry with england that ireland has?

No. 889748

Yes. The English where just as cruel to the Scottish and Welsh.
We fling shit at each other on the internet but for the most part we all get along IRL. At least we appear to. I mean I’ve been to Ireland, Scotland and Wales and have met Irish, Scottish, Welsh in England and have gotten along with them as I would anyone else. Id say there’s a lot more violent hostility to the English in Southern Ireland than anywhere else in the uk.

No. 889750

Is it safe to travel alone in Romania? I want to see Vlad Tepes's castle and there's also a church I'd want to see in Brasov

No. 889757

if you want I can help you anon I'm Romanian and living here, if you're interested please reply and I will reply again with my contact info in another post but you have to be fast because I will delete it in like 5 mins.

No. 889761

Ah you're kind!! I don't have any concrete plans as of yet I'm just playing with the idea of going there. The castle would be the main thing I'm curious about but if there are any other attractions in the nearby area, I would love to hear about them.
Also, just curious about safety, when I told friends/family that I thought about going to Romania, they were all horrified as if I told them that I'm going to North Korea or something lmao. But I'm sure it's not as bad as they think, right?

No. 889771

I saved it, thank you!!!

No. 889777

Wales maybe, but Scotland since the 15th Century(especially after Scotland's protestant reformation) has bee one England's main partners in plundering the world

No. 889788

I switched internet providers and now my IP is range-banned from 4chan. Little of value was lost but I kind of miss being able to post in the sewing/crafting/help threads on /cgl/. How do I, as a computer illiterate dumbass who’s too embarrassed to admit to posting on 4chan to ask for help non-anonymously, get around this without buying a 4chan pass? Apparently VPNs are blocked or something.

No. 889791

File: 1629716718807.jpg (59.69 KB, 617x960, 1618562834891.jpg)

Advice on where to find guys that are virgins/inexperienced? Dating site rec? I'm not Christian myself, so Id feel weird joining a Christian only site. I have major trust issues and would prefer to find a guy like this.

No. 889802

Why do people call incels schizoids? If they really were schizoids they wouldn't care about being single, right?

No. 889803

You're thinking too hard about it, schizo is just a common insult imageboards and they think schizoid is just a synonym for schizo.

No. 889804

File: 1629718109657.jpg (166.12 KB, 960x960, 485825_3606832928533_120495128…)

Growing up, were you attracted to boys your own age? I found them repulsive psychologically and physically. I never developed a crush on a male peer or found teen idols appealing. I'd say, from aged eight onwards I was attracted to men and could only become aroused by fully developed bodies only, like men in their mid twenties (when my libido fully kicked in that is, which was about aged 12 approx). I didn't want anything to do with men for a long time though, longer than most of my peers actually, I was a bit scared of them at the same time. I seem to have skipped some developmental stage my friends went through kek. I wondered if it's actually more common than I realise.

No. 889808

Nah not at all, I also found them repulsive. From 12-21 I wasn't even attracted to real men, I was all about my anime husbando, and just the one guy too. He was like the ideal man to me, I built a whole head canon around him that wasn't even related to his source material anymore. Then I met a man I was actually attracted to and it was like the stars aligned n shit. I am proud af of myself for staying a virgin until I met him, I don't know if that's stupid, but I plan on him being the only man I'll ever be with.

No. 889820

Not stupid at all, sounds lovely. I feel lucky, being scared of them led me to being a late bloomer and I think it probably helped in avoiding the silly and sometimes traumatic experiences friends went through with teen boys.

No. 889821

Fellow anons who are inactive on social media or don't even have accounts at all, do people find you weird? A guy I met a while ago looked at me as if I was a freak when he learned that I don't use Facebook or Instagram either. It amused me tbh

No. 889825

No, I usually got praise for it. But when it comes to dating some think it's a red flag, that you're hiding something

No. 889827

I only, truly liked one guy who was basically like a shiny Pokémon because he was genuinely nice and basically exotic looking for my country my crush for him was huge but it was because he was a nigel, I don’t know how is he like right now because I was/am too autistic to talk to him, but he was husbando tier.
Otherwise, I never really got any boyfriends because teenagers are honestly gross looking, deformed beings with too long limbs and too short torsos with edgy personalities, I wanted an older boyfriend or that guy from my school as my boyfriend because anyone else was/is a shit idea.

No. 889830

>red flag, that you're hiding something
I can understand the thought process behind this, but…example? What would I be hiding by not posting on social media?

No. 889831

Most of my boomer co-workers think it's great because social media is a fucking sewer (even though they use it themselves). Fellow Millennials are mixed, some think it's great others think I'm some sort of cavewoman or pseudo boomer. Zoomers all think I'm nuts. The people I volunteer with give me the most shit about the "activism" I might miss out, typical SJW bullshit but it doesn't bother me. Retweets are helping anyone, volunteering in person is. Nearly all the women I've dated have fucking hated it. They think I'm sketchy and hiding something, although some admit they're just mad they can't snoop about and be nosy which is fair enough lol. Thank god I met my fiancée who also doesn't use social media though, I don't think I'd want a partner who does.

No. 889832

I was, when I was in elementary school I crushed on harry potter while the movies were coming out.
I also crushed on one boy in my class but I don't think we exchanged more than 50 words in the 8 years we were classmates.
My first boyfriend (in 6th grade) was cute even though he was a manlet but I didn't have absolutely any attraction to my 2nd bf and 3rd boyfriends throughout high school. They were both ugly as sin to me. I had a few celebrity crushes, a husbando and I frequently fantasized about guys I knew that were actually good looking. I was really horny though, I wrote my first smut before I even knew what fanfiction was when I was around 9.
I was barely exposed to porn as a child so I don't know where all that came from, but I also entered puberty early.

No. 889850

Eyy, early puberty here too! Distinctly remember being traumatized in 4th grade when blood started seeping through my shorts. I was also a horny kid starting when I was five, drawing boobs, manhandling my stuffed animals, having wet dreams about my guy best friend (who objectively looks ugly kek). Funny enough, I thought touching men and sex were repulsive

No. 889855

Yes, and for some reason people tend to assume it’s because I’m snobbish and that I look down on people who do have social media. In reality it’s because I have social anxiety and I actually envy people who can consistently post about their hobbies on sm and make friends that way.

No. 889859

like another relationship/family I guess?

No. 889866

I have two or three accounts, but I'm a lurker for the most part. My brother doesn't have social media at all and I'm jealous of him. He was smart and doesn't have a paper trail where people can find him and doxx him…not that would ever happen, but it's the principle.
If I was dating a scrote who didn't have social media, that would be a huge turn on. To me it says that he doesn't need to mindlessly scroll to pass the time. Also he wouldn't be sucked in to all the BS takes and opinions that social media has.

No. 889867

>Funny enough, I thought touching men and sex were repulsive
actually same, I thought piv in particular was highly revolting

No. 889884

What's a good platform/way to talk to someone you met on 4 chan via dms without getting doxed?

No. 889887

I'm 28, never had sex and I still think like that, am I doomed?

No. 889896

Anons who recovered from depression / other mental illness, does it ever actually feel better? Or is it just "everything is shitty but I have coping skills now so I can scrape through the day"?

No. 889908

I was on antidepressants at like 12 and would say I was depressed til my late twenties. At 29 I don't even know what happened but I don't experience the depths of it anymore. I get mild lows that feel more like a normal reaction to having a bad day. Chemically I think my brain just balanced itself out. I can't take credit for it. Just lifted when I never thought it would.

No. 889910

The only way you can recover from it is by getting far far away from the environment that caused it in the place and by quitting the routines that cause it, but if you stay in the same place and same people it will be very hard to quit those routines

No. 889936

No, it actually gets better. It feels like my brain isn't capable of getting that depressed anymore, which is interesting because my circumstances haven't significantly improved.

No. 889945

Maybe a bit of both? I do think that things have gotten better for me. I moved away from a lot of things in my life that were major stressors/triggers for my depression, but also rewired a lot of my thinking so I wouldn't self sabotage myself as I got into a better situation. There are times where I look at the world and I realize how fucking god awful it is and how much I want to fucking die solely because I can't bare to exist for another 50+ years in this hell on earth, but there are many days where I am grateful to exist and I think there's a lot of beauty to be found here too. I am filled with regret over wasting many crucial years being a depressed bitch, but I try to remember that things worked out in the end. I have met a lot of great people who contribute to my happiness, and if circumstances were different, they most likely will not be in my life. It's a push and pull but most days I am happy existing while doing my silly little tasks for the day. My life has not become a fairytale by any means, I am just happy now that I am no longer at rock bottom 24/7.

No. 889975

Literally the same, I could have written this

No. 889980

Asking mentally ill anons which therapy is the best? CBT? Any good suggestions?

No. 889983

Depends on the problem

No. 889995

I remember years ago a dental nurse came into my college to give us all a talk on dental health. She said the ideal toothbrush should have a really small head and soft bristles. Her unbranded example brush looked like a typical childs toothbrush rather than an adults. Tiny head. Bristles weren't varying sizes or anything. Small, soft, no frills.

Why aren't toothbrushes in stores anything like that then? Are they bigger and full of varying bristles just to catch your eye?

No. 890000

Bamboo toothbrushes are usually like that. I've noticed that my teeth have been a lot better ever since switching to them but didn't know why.

Plastic toothbrushes are stiff because they're mostly designed for men as the default users, as men press hard and fuck up the bristles really quickly.

No. 890002

File: 1629734312786.jpeg (21.64 KB, 612x612, 2dcfd4d6-192c-4f27-af12-bbec3e…)

Pretty much. It's been shown that offering consumers a variety of choices makes them happier, even if some of the choices are straight up bad. That's why they make giant toothbrushes and firm bristled toothbrushes for "extra cleaning power", even though both of those features are actively bad.

I actually saw this monster of a toothbrush at the supermarket once, it looks like it's legitimately for horses. The power grip sex toy base for manly men made me laugh.

No. 890010

My toothbrush has medium-hard bristles and I thought it would good for thorough cleaning

No. 890014

I invested in a sonic toothbrush recently and noticed the brush head is smaller than most manual brushes I've seen.
The larger bristles can damage your gums, which counterintuitivly makes them recede and expose you to gum disease.

No. 890016

I think firm bristles are supposed to be bad for your teeth because they can strip away enamel and jab you in the gums, causing irritation

No. 890019

That’s nice to know, I’ll get a softer brush next time thanks anon!

No. 890023

This is my first time dealing with unemployment and my employer denied it. I'm job hunting, is it worth it to fight it?

No. 890044

No, but was never into older guys either, or real life males in general. All my crushes were/are on cartoons and I didn't have sexual feelings or thoughts until 16. I feel like in an alternate world I would've end up like a female chris chan (but without the crimes)

No. 890045

It depends on a couple of factors, but it's generally worth it to file an appeal. The process is pretty simple, you file a document with your state's unemployment review board stating why you think your were improperly denied, and then you usually have to take a call with your employer's representative and someone from the state. The appeal system favors employees, so you'll probably win (especially if you were declined for a dumb reason) at the cost of spending a few hours.

Make sure to file with your state quickly though, since you generally only have 15-30 days.

No. 890075

No, I wasn't attracted to anyone. I played World of Warcraft and dressed up my dolls. It was nice, wish I could go back.

No. 890096

Yes, but then, people think I'm eccentric anyway, so they just consider my lack of social media presence to be another example of that and shrug it off. Every now and then, I come across someone who is genuinely aghast/taken aback. One guy even asked me how I got news or knew what was going on in the world. I didn't have a polite response for that one.

What's really funny is that I work in communications and write social media content for a living. Still think it's all trash though and does more harm than good.

No. 890101

yeah I was like, why exude all that effort to do that when grinding probably feels better? People are cray
you're normal, anon. I thought the same until I did it. Just gotta find the right person

No. 890125

People either think it's really cool or just unusual because they can't comprehend how I keep in touch with people. I kind of look like someone that would be active on ig because I'm into fashion and I work in the art industry, so the fact that I don't use sm makes a strong impression on people which I actually think works in my advantage.

No. 890148

To me it did get better. I manage stressful and painful things better, find joy in simple things, can do stuff that require effort. I didn't go on medication or therapy, took me years to get to this place and yes, still get bad days but nothing like what it used to be (couldn't shower or change clothes, ate like shit, just scrolling on sm, horrible mood the entire day, sleeping a lot). Like other anons have said, sometimes it's a gradual change of your mind and how it works without really changing your environment, but other times is about changing that environment. I don't know where you're on your journey, but I'm sending you strength. It does get better, you get stronger and more in tune with yourself

No. 890155

i just got set up for my first tattoo appointment, but i’m confused about tipping etiquette. they quoted me $400 for a 3 inch black and white tattoo, which seems absurdly expensive. am i seriously expected to tip another $50-80 on top of that? pls help me tattoo anons

No. 890185

I don't know how intricate your design is but that seems like twice or three times the amount you should be paying and you should maybe consider a different parlor.

No. 890199

File: 1629749536570.jpeg (306.94 KB, 452x585, B7217B8C-6C4C-4E37-93CF-B1D252…)

i’m getting the judgment chain from hxh tattooed. i’m just getting the dagger part tattooed (not the chain). i believe they quoted it would take 2 hours at $200 an hour.

No. 890208

File: 1629749956271.jpg (195.04 KB, 1280x1280, Tumblr_l_208078511860325.jpg)

I just remembered incognito mode won't save you from your internet provider seeing what you searched up. Now let's say I was at work while reading weird hentai, how fucked am I? Anons my boss doesn't need to know I'm into tentacles

No. 890212

File: 1629750264720.jpeg (25.55 KB, 452x190, 32278101-EF4D-4BF8-9675-AFB615…)

Why are you even looking at porn while working?

No. 890213

There is no standard rate, it's something the artist decides themselves and if you like your artist's portfolio and want to get tattooed by them you aren't being overcharged. However if there are other artists you like just as much, then you should get a quote from each of them before deciding because their hourly rate may be lower. Cash tips are appreciated in the service industry and yes you are expected to give a 10-20% tip of the whole service.

No. 890219

I sleep at my place of work so I sometimes beat my cat up before bed as you do, but now I wanna kill myself because I've done it twice now and just realised they could probably know

No. 890221

>I sometimes beat my cat up before bed as you do
what does this mean, also you sleep at your work? Maybe im just very bad at reading kek

No. 890226

the plot thickens
it means she masturbates before bed nona

No. 890227

Anon sleeps at work and tickles her pussy (cat) before bed. She is assuming that you also masturbate to fall asleep, like she does, at work, with tentacle hentai.

No. 890232

Samefag with a follow up question. Can the internet provider see exactly which device the search came from? If not I can get out of this alive

No. 890233

File: 1629751326720.jpg (76.83 KB, 726x900, vivien-leigh-circa-1930s-evere…)

Favorite noses? I love a cute ski-slope.

No. 890235

Okay but that is like the weirdest way of saying that you masturbate so i thought she was actually beating her real pet cat up? Also im tired so im just gonna blame anon. But im sorry for her that she sleeps at her work and has to masturbate to tentacle hentai because that seems like the worst porn to me. And i also like to think that most anons dont masturbate to tentacle hentai at work so she should stop making assumptions.

No. 890242

It confused me at first too, anon. I don't masturbate to fall asleep so I thought it was literal too until I saw your post then read her op.

No. 890248

But why are you sleeping at work? Just why to everything

No. 890250

I don't wanna be conceited but my nose is my favorite because my mom and my aunt have the same so I am happy to have the same as them

No. 890253

File: 1629752809613.jpg (21.48 KB, 277x277, Tumblr_l_259178642122601.jpg)

This is the stupid questions thread, not the retarded tentacle anon personal questions thread. All you need to know is I'm gonna fucking do it again

No. 890255

cat = pussy lol

No. 890258

Is keto worth it? I see great results but I've also heard about people fucking up their kidneys. I'm huge tbh and have a lot to lose. I don't know what to do about it. I've tried everything else. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago counting calories and being vegan but it started to go into dangerous territory so I stopped and ended up even bigger.

No. 890259

File: 1629753118911.jpeg (355.29 KB, 1242x1193, 5475AFCC-62CA-432B-BD7A-B8ACE8…)

Stop fingering your cat at work.
> Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can see everything you do online. They can track things like which websites you visit, how long you spend on them, the content you watch, the device you’re using, and your geographic location.
I wonder if it’s possible to see coomer game ads from the pc’s at your workplace.

No. 890261

Like any other diet, it ultimately comes down to cico. Do whatever helps you do that, personally I don't think it has to be keto (and I'm not convinced keto is good for you long term either).

No. 890265

What are you the pussy police? Thank you for answering my question though mwah

No. 890266

I’m just saying because your boss might judge your taste in tentacle porn.

No. 890267

I like my nose too. It's not conventionally attractive because I have a dorsal hump, but I like dorsal humps. No one in my family has a nose like mine, so I consider it my lucky charm.

No. 890271

File: 1629754218362.jpg (14.46 KB, 306x306, d832c885c3b6cf3622612f9f55e7c4…)

I love them too. So charming.

No. 890272

File: 1629754389005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.92 KB, 512x512, Tumblr_l_459423747303162.jpg)

Ladies what the fuck am i looking at

No. 890277

Scrote shit

No. 890279

A dead pig wearing a wig?

No. 890300


I've contacted the DWD, read up on the appeals process, and have a rough draft of my appeal started before I format and fax it. Any tips on what to avoid/how to approach? My employer fired me on basis of saying I left (as if I quit), but I was fired for trying to make an interview somewhere else. I had permission to leave, but they counted them as absences at work later. I've read that they want concise statements that sum up why you disagree and want to appeal, but if a situations has many factors/is nuanced, are there things I shouldn't mention?

Thank you for answering the question, by the way!

No. 890301

The pig from the Saw movies?

No. 890304


*if a situation has

No. 890308

You're already fucked because you enjoy hentai. Gross

No. 890322

File: 1629756983088.jpg (290.6 KB, 1080x1202, 02434e4cdc7cb34150d0a28827fc49…)

I'm making gyoza right now and I'm just so excited! I love it so much, it's going to taste sooo goood

No. 890325

oh my god, that sounds amazing. What are you filling them with anon?

No. 890348

Don't have any social media either, and like the nonas above I've had people being confused about how I keep in touch with people, or how I get news. Getting accused of lying also happens a lot. I generally always have had the reputation of being that weird girl though, so the reactions towards me are still less extreme than those towards my normie boyfriend who also has none (or only abandoned accounts).

No. 890357

My friends wonder wtf I do with my free time and think it's weird and truthfully, I am hiding something.
I don't want anyone to know I like anime.

No. 890371

Beeeef, cabbage, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, and a lil salt. I wish I could smell like this smells for the rest of my life.

No. 890375

My favorite response is the immediate defensive “oh, I have to have social media, my family…“ blah blah

Bitch we both know you own a phone

No. 890399

If three people move in together to a place with two bedrooms, is it fair that the person who has a room to themselves pays more rent?

No. 890406

not that ugly ass nose and not every conventional nose

No. 890415

No. 890418

no, especially not if the people sharing a room are a couple. it's not fair either way though.

No. 890427

If they aren’t a couple, why would it be unfair?

No. 890429

Yes, isn't that the norm? Or, rather it's that the ones sharing a room pay extra. Whatever the standard rent for one room is, that's what a single person pays, then if a partner is added they pay more but not quite double. They use less space in the bedroom but more outside of it, and more utilities.

No. 890431

It's a nice friend filter. If someone thinks it's weird that I don't use social media, that tells me we have very different values and won't have much in common. I don't like to document my life or thoughts in that way and prefer to live in the moment without a screen in my face. They also probably have a sense of humor that I can't connect with. If they are neutral to it or if they also don't use social media, that tells me there is potential for us to get along. I don't care if my friends use social media, but life without social media shouldn't be a foreign concept to them.
No. Those two people are sharing the same communal spaces. The person with a bedroom of their own doesn't have any additional value just because the other two decided to share a bedroom.

No. 890468

can somebody give me a bit of backstory on this null person? I've never heard of him before a few days ago, I heard he tried to take over lolcow at one point or something

No. 890475

Imagine being this insecure.

No. 890477

Any anons have GERD and "cure" it?

No. 890478

Null/Joshua Moon is the admin/owner of Kiwifarms. I don't browse KF and don't care about them unless it has something to do with LC, so all I really know about him is that he's fat and ugly. He did want to own Lolcow at one point (and has made posts here before) but he let that go because he couldn't handle being a mod of another imageboard called 9chan. He talks about it a little here https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/
>I originally discovered lolcow.farm while looking for new domain names to switch to from cwkciforums.com. I found the .farm TLD had come out recently and checked to see if lolcow.farm was taken. Not only was it taken, it was in use.
>For the record, I don't want to host Lolcow Farm. I might've offered at some point, and I think some moderators once supported the idea, but after 9chan I have no interest in hosting an imageboard again

No. 890481

He's fat and ugly and I would not have sex with him.

No. 890499

File: 1629770440230.jpg (71.16 KB, 600x600, depositphotos_31779129-stock-p…)

Nonnies, when you wear a midi skirt, do you pull it up or down to use the toilet? I drop maxi skirts and lift mini skirts. I am wearing a midi skirt for the first time and when I went to pee just now I feel like I had an aneurysm trying to decide whether to drop or lift it. Anyway, I dropped it. What Would Nonny Do?

No. 890504

I always lift my skirt because I don't want it to touch the bathroom floor or toilet.

No. 890506

I gather it up in front of me like a veil before I even bend over. Anything else and you might as well be touching toilet water yourself. Dropping it makes it risk touching the floor.

No. 890509

what's the most secure way to host a secret group chat?

No. 890511

Good call. I didn't think about the possibility of dropping it on the floor, yuck. Well thanks for your help, time to obsess over what kind of filth I must have dragged around on my maxi skirts since there's no way they didn't touch the floor.

No. 890513

Take it off and lay it on the toilet seat so your butt is warm and protected from aids.

No. 890531

You the real mvp

No. 890540

File: 1629775194856.jpeg (35.58 KB, 310x443, 28242405-3fc4-422c-987e-3ac455…)

I saw this milk crate stepping challenge going viral, where are people finding so many milk crates?

No. 890549

How do I get rid of a UTI without going to the doctor?

No. 890558

Drink A LOT of cranberry juice and water, keep yourself clean (but don’t over bathe), you should especially not take a lot of long baths as that could worsen the infection. Be active in general, get outside to better your immune system. Try looking for general antibiotics at your local drug store too, perhaps that’ll help.

No. 890562

I heard D-Mannose is good for both UTIs and yeast infections, but I haven't tried it personally yet also, if your problem is that you can't physically go to the doctor, you could try a virtual doctor's visit

No. 890564

LOTS of water, D-Mannose vitamins, ibuprofen, and azo pills from the store to relieve pain!!

No. 890580

Omg these remind me of that toy story scene

No. 890590

The person with a room all for themselves does have extra value. If you share a room with a friend to save money, you're giving up space and privacy, you can't bring your date to have sex on your bed, you can't masturbate whenever you want, and you have to agree on extra rules. It's no longer "your room your rules". You have no "sanctuary/safe space" so to say.
And even if they're a couple, on top of giving up personal storage space they have no private place to be apart from each other, so if someone is in a bad mood or wants to be alone they'd have to either sleep on a common area or leave the appartment altogether.
Even at hotels with "per person" rates, booking one double occupancy room is always cheaper than booking two single occupancy rooms.
Charging a set amount per room or charging a set amount per person are both unfair though, but there are probably formulas out there to figure out the fair rates.

No. 890597

Is it gay to hookup with a woman because I want to try something new and non-threatening?

No. 890599

Is this bait?

No. 890612

I've only had a UTI once and the internet said to put a tablespoon of baking soda in a litre of water and drink that over the course of an hour. Made me feel fucking terrible and made me throw up but the UTI was over by the end of the day..

No. 890619

Cranberry juice won't do anything, it has also too much sugar and bacteria love sugar. The proanthocyanidin in cranberries has only an effect before the UTI, because it can build a layer on you bladder which helps to prevent the bacteria from staying there and you would rather take pills with that then drinking litres of juice, because it would take litres to get the right PAC concentration.
Drink lots of water or diuretic tea, try eating raw garlic, it's an natural antibiotic, without the whole side effects of normal antibiotics, wash your underwear and everything getting into contact with your lower part, like towels, above 65°C and avoid alcohol and sugar.
If you happen to live in Germany, try Angocin (https://www.angocin.de/) best thing I ever had against a UTI, don't know if there is something similar in other countries.
Oh, and avoid having sex and if you have sex, you have to go and pee afterwards so you can flush bacteria out before they make your bladder their new hom.

Also, have a closer look at your kidneys, if they start hurting or you pee blood, go to a doctor immediately. My last UTI did that for me, it was fun, but all of that above helped more than the antibiotics I got prescribed, doctor gave me Ciprofloxacin, she was an idiot.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

No. 890740

How tf are they spamming so much, isn't there a 30secs cooldown on posting?

No. 890741

I'm thinking bots with dynamic vpn. I don't know though, I don't think in tard language

No. 890745

What about sugar free cranberry juice?

No. 890754

cranberries naturally aren't sugarfree, maybe anon's referring to that?

No. 890768

File: 1629796460774.jpg (11.49 KB, 305x87, 20210824_111235.jpg)

Wtf is a mason lounge? Freemasonry lodge? Something else..?? Not my screenshot btw

No. 890776

What is this from? Was the original text French? Could it be 'maison' lounge? So like a regular lounge in the house

No. 890781

yes, he literally means freemasons since he learned about how society works from /pol/ threads

No. 890782

Is this why incels become trannies? They imagine a correct ("easy") way to live life as a woman and are upset women don't listen to their grand wisdom so they try to do it themselves?

No. 890843

File: 1629806329003.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 2048x1536, GordonPigAbduction.jpg)

Yeah it's Amanda the pig from the saw movies

No. 890859

File: 1629809115124.png (510.96 KB, 640x480, download.png)

Why do you bitches say "I want female friends so baaad, let's be fwiends~" and then don't text back?

No. 890863

i'm socially retarded, sorry…

No. 890864

I would text you, anon. I'd send you little pics of the cute shit I'm doing all day and ask you how you're doing and what your favorite color is.

No. 890867

Every interaction with someone up until a certain point makes me feel like I'm being fried with a magnifying glass and idk why.

No. 890871

Well…stop that, you shitpost on lc all day surely you can find something to say kek
You're my female fantasy anon. But lowkey I get jealous if you're like that with all your friends nonyyyy
Really? What point? Surely there has to be triggering factors. Like you feel guarded against them for some reason.

No. 890872

Well you're in luck, I have no friends!

No. 890898

Because I have a life and sometimes the messages get lost amongst my other DMs TT sorry

No. 890899

I was watching the new Swedish show on Netflix and was kind of shocked by how ethnically diverse the cast was. Is Sweden actually this diverse? is it only diverse because the show takes place at a rich boarding school so maybe the implication is that there is a lot of international students? Swedenfags help me out. The show was Young Royals btw.

No. 890913

Is reading a common hobby?

No. 890918

Has anyone tried reusable pads? What are some brands you'd recommend?

No. 890925

Not resuable pads, but I did use period underwear so I guess it's pretty similar? I bought Padkix through their kickstarter, I think they now sell it so the pads are removable from the underwear itself (and attached by velcro) but I have the ones where they're just sewn in. I really liked them! Very, very comfortable and held quite a bit of liquid. It took some getting used to to not clench my legs together because that'll bring the edges in closer to your vag where it'll then leak since the edges are now soaking up your blood instead of the actual pad itself, because the pad does a fine job of catching and holding a lot of liquid as long as you let it. I never felt that "soggy pad" feeling unless it was an uncomfortably crazy and heavy flow, but it would still hold pretty strong and not really leak.

Rinsing them out feels kind of gross but I just took them with me into the shower and wring them out. I feel like it's about as gross as washing regular underwear that you unfortunately bleed on, I don't really care since it's my own bodily fluids.

No. 890931

So apparently it's a thing for Tik Tokers to put collagen powder in their coffee…doesn't it break down from the heat?

No. 890936

I've done this since 2016 and have seen benefits. idk

No. 890941

What benefits have you noticed? And do you use flavored or non flavored collagen powder? Although I'd imagine a flavored one would either mess with the taste of the coffee

No. 890943

The coffee probably isn’t high enough to affect the structure but even if it did, collagen is only beneficial due to higher intake of amino acids (the components of a protein), so even if it broke down into those individual components it would have the same effect. But collagen is overpriced protein powder anyway, you might as well just eat gelatin every day.

No. 890956

Does Zara hire based on looks?

I don't go into the stores often so I'm not sure if their employees are generally attractive young adults. I'm thinking of applying to have some small cash alongside college.

No. 890961

Hasn't it been proven that taking collagen powder orally does nothing? At least that's the conclusion I came to when I researched it a few years ago.

No. 890963

I don't think so
That's right

No. 890964

Idk but from what I've heard from a friend and others, Zara is fucking terrible to work at.

No. 890966

I use unflavored but my local store has been getting tons of flavored ones in. I'd imagine they'd go well in plain or vanilla yogurt, unless they're supposed to be a drink? I notice my skin seems more elastic, less dull, my joints feel a bit more ~lubed up~ and helps a little with malaise. Not sure how much of the malaise is helped by caffeine though

No. 890967

are you sure? collagen hydrolysate is supposed to work. samefag as above. I know it's not placebo and haven't found anything to prove otherwise.

No. 890968

Should I throw out precooked tofu that was in a fridge during a 12 hour power outage?

No. 890977

I'm not sure but my brother says so and I trust him because he is a pharmacist. He says collagen is destroyed in your stomach before you can absorb it. He may not be right

No. 890978

What did they hate about it? I experienced a lot of shit at my last job so my tolerant meter is sort of high

No. 890980

Yes. My sister works in one of the more relaxed inditex stores and she says zara is very old fashioned when it comes to the hiring process as they like to feign this classy and luxurious image when in reality all inditex clothes are the same quality, maybe massimo dutti aside.
You need to be skinny-ish, pretty, you'll always have to wear visible makeup, have your hair in a high ponytail or a bun and idk what else. She also told me a lot of the girls working there tend to think they're hot shit for some reason so there's always employee drama but that could vary.
I'd rather recommend pull and bear, bershka or stradivarius when it comes to inditex.

No. 890984

Personally I'd just do a smell test but any food that needs to be fridged (things with moisture, dairy, etc) is in danger of poisoning you if left at room temp for over two hours.

No. 891027

Does drinking water with ice cubes in it actually help you lose weight? Or is it bs?

No. 891029

If it has a slimy surface when you touch it, throw it out

No. 891036

that's what I meant, the sugar in the cranberries is just too much if you eat other stuff throughout the day. I would get pills with PAC, last time I read about it, you should take at least 36 mg PAC on a daily basis, but it's been some time I had my last UTI, so I don't know if there are any new findings.
What helped me getting rid of it really was garlic, every time I feel something coming up, I eat 3 x 3 cloves of raw garlic for at least 3 days. I know, people will tell you that it stinks, but I don't care, I don't want to take antibiotics if I don't need them and can take care of bacterial infections another way.

No. 891041

staying hydrated helps with curbing hunger because often times we feel hungry when we are actually thirsty. there are weight loss tales about how your body needs more energy to control your temperature which is supposed to happen when you eat/drink cold stuff, but the amount of energy burnt in order to keep your body temperature stable when drinking water with ice cubes is probably negligible. in the end, it all comes down to eating less calories than your body burns a day. iced water may also curb cravings which again leads back to controlling your appetite and keeping your calorie intake below a certain number. hope this helps, nonita.

No. 891044

Can I take the hpv vaccin if I'm 28?
I never had sex, because I'm socially retarded , so it should be ok, right?

No. 891045

i'm danish but scandinavia generally is generally pretty diverse imo. ofc there are way more white people, but if i take a walk right now i can almost guarantee i'm going to see someone black, middle eastern, and asian. sweden takes even more immigrants than denmark and norway. the suburbs and small towns are different though and a lot of non white people end up living in ghettos

No. 891059

Anons who use menstrual cups, do you feel the blood fall out of you like you do with pads? Thats the worst feeling when I use pads and I stand up and feel it so I was curious

No. 891060

Nope, it feels like nothing, similiar to a tampon

No. 891061

Where can I read about social media trends if I'm not on social media? I would love to laugh at zoomers on Tik Tok but don't want to make a Tik Tok account

No. 891064

you can get it as long as you didn't have sex. i wanna get it too but since i'm almost 30, health insurance doesn't cover the cost. it would be like 300-500 euros in my country and that's just too much for me. go get your shot(s), nonny.

No. 891094

Am I supposed to feel a difference in my body when I take vitamins? I've been taking vit d for a few weeks now and I guess I feel less weak and sluggish but I dont know if that's just placebo

No. 891104

How stupid is it to lie and tell someone you’re moving out of the country when you still live in the United States, just a different state from them? My parents were abusive and now they constantly try to contact me and get me to “come home” after I moved out, I feel like they would give up if they thought I was out of the US though. Are there any obvious pitfalls here to avoid, is it a completely stupid idea?

No. 891111

If you ended up in hospital in a bad way would they be your next of kin and be contacted? That's one way it could backfire or get you caught

No. 891112

Wouldn't it be easier to just change phonenumbers and/or block them? Or do they go pretty far in their attempts to reach you?

No. 891121

You can get it even if you have had sex though? You just need a series of pap smears. Obviously it's best to not have had sex with lots of people who themselves sleep around a lot, but in my country you get the shot at 18 by which time lots of people have already gained some experience.

No. 891150

File: 1629836277577.jpg (115.46 KB, 600x394, lh-orzo-with-tomatoes-corn-and…)


I'm thinking of making this dish for dinner tonight but I'm too cheap to buy orzo. I have angel hair spaghetti and also jasmine rice at home, could I substitute either one of those for the orzo? Which one would be a better substitute?

No. 891186

What the hell does "demiromantic" mean? I know it's uwu mogai bullshit that is not even real, but I've been seeing this term a lot recently. Demisexual, I get, I still think it's stupid and fake but I understand it, but how can one be demiromantic? Do autistic nerds believe normal people fall in love with randos every day?

No. 891191

>Do autistic nerds believe normal people fall in love with randos every day?
Yes, they do. More importantly, they believe they're special. Since they're special and NLOG, then if they can't fall in love with total strangers, that means evil neurotypical normies definitely can and do.

No. 891193

Looks yummy anon! I would go with the jasmine rice (since it's cooked in the sauce instead of a big pot of water, the angel hair might end up a little unevenly cooked) and maybe adjust the proportions a bit - like 3/4 cups rice and 1 1/2 cups water.

No. 891210

What supplements are the best for increasing focus/concentration?

No. 891215

Huh, I always thought the opposite of demisexual (feeling turned on by random people) was made up or like some internet joke.

No. 891229

Does the website delcampe have mostly the same sellers as ebay or are there different things? Wondering if it's worth it to check both sites.

No. 891230

Demisexual was originally a joke which was apparently first used on an RP forum or something but unfortunately a lot of Tumblr kids took it seriously. I distinctly remember most people making fun of them back in 2013-2014 along with xenogenders and plurals, and now it has spread like a cancer in Twitter, what the fuck happened.

No. 891247

Niacinamide, iodine drops to add to your water, omega-3. The best thing to increase brain function however is a healthy and balanced diet.

No. 891266

Boring answer, but no supplements beat eating a healthy diet. Staying hydrated and making sure you get enough carbs (glucose is essentially the brain's only fuel source) is good for day-to-day function. Getting enough DHA is important in the long term for brain maintenance, so try to eat the right ratio of omega-3/omega-6 fats and possibly take some krill oil capsules if you feel like your diet's not going to cover you.

No. 891330

How do I go on dates just for the company, because I am lonely, and food? How do I do it without using Tinder, since I don't want any old classmates to see me on there and find it so cringe to make a profile about myself?