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File: 1455251289053.jpg (93.48 KB, 634x930, article-2223209-15AEA826000005…)

No. 236030

New thread because the old one became OT cancer.

Previous thread:

Summary: http://pastebin.com/1WXBTsZu

Also Venus made a new video talking a bit more about Margo's abuse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtAmT3Tra54


No. 236032

File: 1455251868450.png (15.76 KB, 286x217, Untitleds.png)


thank heavens for this announcement. i hope people will listen this time. anyway i hope margo will make a response video. something about watching her face when she tries to confront all the (rightful!) critique

No. 236034

Fucking cry a river margo and drown in it.

No. 236035

Holy fuck, I lost it at OP's photo.
Where is it from?

No. 236038

No. 236039

"even took my notebook"
i bet her suicide note was in it

No. 236040

Does Margo not have Venus' phone number, which she could use to give the shipping address?

No. 236042

Don't forget, she's homeless now and poor too. How would she cover she shipping expanses? She should just go into river, best solution for everyone imo

No. 236045

The ultimate Catch 22: Get a job, send address to Venus and get stuff back or whine on Instagram about stuff being gone.
We all know that Margo will continue the latter since jobs are ~beneath her~.

Who wants to place bets on whether she'll snap and go to jail for trying to kidnap a kawaii tween to be her new ~dolly uguu~ cash cow?

No. 236047

Wait by notebook could she mean laptop?

No. 236048

i didn't even think of that omg

No. 236049

Lol I didn't either until a second ago, just sorta remembered a lot of people call notebooks laptops so maybe that's why Margo is making such a big deal out of it

No. 236050

but why would venus steal her notebook though? doesn't she have her own computer?
i miss maggot's milk but she is so DUMB

No. 236052

Even if she actually meant a super crappy tiny laptop I bet it still had a .txt file with a suicide note in it somewhere.

No. 236053

I don't think Venus stole anything from Margo tbh. If Margo means the storage locker in the airport, I think Venus said she returned the bag cause it was only Margo's stuff inside. If she means the storage they kept while in Korea, (why would she leave a laptop in storage?) I think Venus is leaving it alone, only reason I can think of is Venus said she shares that storage now with Manaki for their own things as well, so she might have taken the laptop home to make more space in the storage. But Venus did say she is willing to mail any of Margo's stuff to her, and she seems genuine, so I don't think she stole it

No. 236054

even if she meant notebook computer, why does that stop her from giving an address?? shes obviously still online, posting comments to Instagram.

I sincerely want to know where she is. Its like she posted that, now deleted, Instagram video because she forgot she was supposed to be homeless…

No. 236055

If Maggot is truly homeless, she's going to have to prostitute that dusty ass for money. Too bad her greatest fears have come true. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

No. 236056

File: 1455254285115.jpg (70.28 KB, 750x495, tumblr_ny2xwrYP1M1qlkpdmo1_128…)

was just scroliing through tumblr looking at venus and how she's changed since she really got popular and man, she just looks dead inside in this one.

No. 236057

Have you seen her awkward weeb tween videos from before her dolly phase that was monetized by Margo? She looks so different!

No. 236060

Not knowing much about Venus, but still following her as a major lolcow, I always knew her mother lived through Venus' fame.

Happens subtly with borrowing clothes and doing "management" deals, making sure she's always next to her during any interviews and media exposure.

I'm avoiding arm chairing at all costs viewing the last thread's shit fest, but Margo is a real piece of work.

Seeing Venus in her new videos, she seems like she's finally able to breathe. It makes you feel a little hopeful.

No. 236061

It's funny that Marg is saying how Venus 'stole all of her stuff'

…but I will bet you all of my sheckles that most if not all of it was bought with Venus' money. Marg hasn't had a real job in a long time. What could she possibly own that she earned/ bought with her own money? Too fucking bad Margaret is going to have to learn to be an adult, it's sick that she lived off her daughter for so long that she literally doesn't have shit to her own name now.

No. 236063

File: 1455255752460.jpg (14.22 KB, 444x332, 1454512224817.jpg)

Yfw you realize that without Margo Venus will just become a regular youtube and there will be no reason for her to be on here and we will just become the Katawa Shoujo general of /pt/

No. 236066

Wtf Margo threw a knife at her?!!

No. 236074

The fact that Maggot boasted Venus' virginity and wanted to sell her daughter off to some disgusting wealthy old man make me want to throw up in my mouth. That is fucking sick. Proof she never loved her own daughter planning to do something so evil. Now Maggot is going to have to either find a job or be a prostitute. Karma is a bitch.

No. 236077

Yeah this is horrible. If Margo cared so much for a "millionaire", why didn't she fucking marry one herself? Her boyfriends seemed like losers

No. 236082

If Margo needs the laptop to 'do things' then she would have had it with her in the room in Korea. Margo can only be suggesting Venus stole it from her when she ran away. I call bs on that.

No. 236084

Could it be possible they shared a laptop?

Amyway, margo seems to be perfectly cpable of posting nudes without it…

No. 236085

eh if dakota can stay a lolcow so can venus

No. 236087

Maybe Venus did take her laptop and thats why she's able to upload videos now. She wasn't doing that until after her and her mom met.

No. 236091

Even if she does mean laptop - doesn't margo say the same thing about anything venus owns? If venus bought clothes, they belong to margo in margos mind. If venus pays rent, that apartment is margos, etc.

If anything, I think marge is wailing that venus took her own laptop with her, and marge is sperging out because she still can't conceive of venus having her own property (or the fact that venus bought all of margos shit for her - so really, everything margo "owns" belongs to venus.)

No. 236093

A bit OT but this reminds me of part of the merchant of Venice.
Venus - Jessica
Manaki - Lorenzo

Just replace ducets with Swarovoski/notebook

Justice, the law, my ducats, and my daughter!
A sealèd bag, two sealèd bags of ducats,
Of double ducats, stol'n from me by my daughter!
And jewels—two stones, two rich and precious stones—
Stol'n by my daughter! Justice, find the girl!
She hath the stones upon her, and the ducats.Justice, the law, my ducats, and my daughter!
A sealèd bag, two sealèd bags of ducats,
Of double ducats, stol'n from me by my daughter!
And jewels—two stones, two rich and precious stones—
Stol'n by my daughter! Justice, find the girl!
She hath the stones upon her, and the ducats

No. 236094

I don't get it either. Maggot should have tried getting the millionaire husband instead of trying to sell her daughter to one since she's the gold digger, not Venus. Maggot has little to no standards when it comes to men, I agree. They were all losers and didn't have any of the imaginary degrees that she possesses.

Gonna take a stab in the dark that she was always jealous of her daughter and just wanted to sell her off instead of supporting her with a sugar daddy. She's slime no matter how I look at it.

Huh… Has anyone asked that psycho what she has a "degree" in? I bet she'll say something utterly stupid like neurology or astrophysics.

No. 236096


Because millionaires want a young looking wife instead of a crusty looking old hag.

No. 236099

True. She was probably hoping a Saudi Prince would come along, buy Venus and solve all of Maggot's money problems.

No. 236100

i love the nicknames for her
maggot, mayo
marganator should also be one

No. 236101


No. 236102


No. 236103


No. 236104

Ah true. It was probably a shared one, bought with Venus' money. So, not stolen anymore than Venus is 'stolen' from her.

No. 236105


No. 236106


No. 236107

File: 1455263345264.jpg (27.71 KB, 250x250, 18946268.jpg)

She saw a lot of what she wished she could be in Venus, and thats why she pushed her so hard so she could live vicariously through her. Venus was young and "pure", something Margo clearly wasn't. Margo was also fairly young when she had Venus, so chances are any hopes and dreams of marrying a rich dude went out the window, which is also where a lot of the resentment came from between her and Venus.

No. 236109

Millionaires usually either end up marrying driven, intelligent and ambitious women (ergo, someone they actually have something in common with), or young naive bimbos with bleach blonde hair and huge knockers.
Marg has a rather strange relationship with reality, but I think even she knows she is neither. She's too old and haggard to be type B, and even though she has a ~university degree~, she is also trashy as fuck, leaches off her teenage daughter rather than getting a job and obviously stopped maturing somewhere around age 14.

No. 236110

Isn't there a picture of both of them on separate laptops, margo's in the front taking and venus in the background working on her laptop?Venus had blonde hair when the pic was taken. I can't find it.

No. 236111

Margo apparently used to work in radiology if her oldish tumblr is accurate.

No. 236113

File: 1455264783396.png (1.21 MB, 1257x570, ggg.png)

This one? I nabbed it from >>231730

No. 236114

to be fair, you can break a laptop or etc in a few years
BUT i still don't believe maggot about venus stealing one from her

No. 236116

File: 1455267097005.gif (492.1 KB, 499x207, 56158.gif)

No. 236124

I remember they having a mac pc too. So even if Venus took the laptop, margo should still have the pc, no?

No. 236125

I think the place they lived in Seoul was too small, so they left a lot of stuff in Japanese storage?

No. 236126

When they were london margo said that they have 2 mac pcs.

No. 236127


>The pattern and shape of a bruise are also important when distinguishing accidental versus inflicted bruising. Inflicted bruises often are shaped like the object that caused it (Jenny, 2001). The hand commonly is used to injure children and can leave a negative imprint when capillaries break between the fingers as blood is pushed away from the point of impact

No. 236130

>log in

No. 236140

File: 1455272966384.jpg (121.27 KB, 749x960, IMG_20160212_032844.jpg)

What's it say?

No. 236141


No. 236142

Umm.. Something like 'love comes to chu!', I think??? idk, Japanese is super rusty

No. 236144

Is that a basketball cushion? Maybe the caption is some kind of basketball related sound effect

No. 236145

He looks really sweet and a good match for Venus (from what we can see on pictures), I just hope he doesn't turn out to be a major douche canoe

No. 236146

That's not at all what it says, it's a sound effect if anything.

No. 236147


it is "suki" written in a childish way

No. 236148

Where did you get that from…?


No. 236149

The most accurate translation would be "wuuuuuuuv (this person)" [>love - "i wuv you"]

No. 236151

he looks so young here

No. 236152

Venus hasn't blocked her on Instagram because Margo still follows her..

I want Margo to speak out more tbh. Sweet juicy drama.

No. 236155


he looks so cute!

No. 236156

I would like to see the place where venus lives now. Maybe she can make a apartment tour at some point.

No. 236159

File: 1455279462903.png (452.22 KB, 587x558, e38b5a742cfe8c8b4271a664ac1601…)

Keemstar tweeted about Margo again… I hope he doesn't make another video on the topic…

No. 236160

underappreciated post

No. 236161

wow he's really late on that one

No. 236162

Yeah I know right, he could at least mention Venus' response. I just pray to god she leaves him alone and he leaves her, I can't stand Keem.

No. 236163

Aww, he's as physically slow as he is mentally.

No. 236165


From what I've heard about Keemstar and the kind of asshole he is, he'll make a video. Here's to hoping he actually gets it right.

No. 236166

I follow him on Twitter, I used to be a fan of his up until the pedo crap with everyone. But I know he has his own topic for that.
A lot of the stuff he Tweets doesn't actually end up in a video unless he gets enough of a reaction on the tweet. I just know poor Venus will comment on it, hoping to clear stuff up again depending on what he said…

No. 236167

This really pisses me off. He's sooo late on this.

I read a comment on YouTube saying they listen to him before anyone because drama alert is a big professional company so therefore they do research…or someshit like that.

Driving me crazy tbh

No. 236168

its fun keeping up with her, but is she really a cow?

No. 236169


I'm sure with the nude it's going to create a reaction with his fanboys. I wish Venus would just pretend that they don't even exist.

No. 236170

>>236109 I didnt think Margo was ugly, just had an ugly personality. Im not sure why she could not have married a rich man I actually thought she was pretty

No. 236171

Leafy responded to it, saying he'd tap it but other than that, it didn't seem to get much attention in my eyes. 47 RTs and 322 likes…

No. 236172


It's still fairly early since he posted that in the middle of the night. I'd give it a day to see the reaction.

No. 236173

True, what timezone is Keem in? He posted that first thing in the morning for me.

No. 236174


Says he's in NY, so that would put him EST.

No. 236182

CummStar is just as bad as Maggot. There's no way he's going to NOT attack Venus for this. The dude just wants to rile up more drama between them for more views. He's a mysogynistic piece of shit.

No. 236183

It's 8am here, as of posting, so it looks like he posted it 3:30am (if the time on the screenshot is accurate).

No. 236184

Someone should inform her that she should try to get a proper job now…

No. 236190

The Tweens are being gross on Margo's account. Oh well.

No. 236191

Everyone is telling her to use code Keem…

It's Mayo all over again. (She'll get confused by it and probably post "And now there's some Keem?")

No. 236194

I love how Venus has stopped shopping her face. It's like she actually has a nose again and doesn't try to slim/shorten her face. She honestly looks a lot cuter now.

No. 236195

I agree that she's not a shriveled haggard flabso everyone here seems to take her for. She's actually quite good looking for a 40yr old.

That being said, she has no sense of style and no dignity, constantly aging herself with the ridiculous teenager crap. Dreadlocks? Green hair? Bodyline and clothes stolen from Venus? Bitch pls, not even a basic office drone would be into that, let alone a successful rich man. She would have to actually admit she'll never be an idoru sensation and start dressing in classy clothes fit for her age, the horror.

No. 236197

Isn't she closer to 50?

No. 236198

I think it's her personality that is the biggest problem her. She can dress up all she wants, but with that lunatic vile piece of shit personality no sane person will ever want to come near her.
Especially when they find out about Mayo's online presence and her posts.

No. 236199


yeah I think she is 47 or so

No. 236200

She had venus at 22, so she's 41

No. 236203

The problem is that Margo looks so ugly to me because her personality is so rotten. Even if she was beautiful it would be completely masked by her hideous personality. It can really affect how you see people.

No. 236204

OP's pic looks like they are about to debut on maury or jerry springer lol (for non amerifags, those are super trashy day time shows)

No. 236205

I'd say Jerry Springer is like our Jeremy Kyle.. but I've seen both and Jeremy Kyle seems a lot less crazy

No. 236206

this is true for many lolcows. objectively average or above average but they are awful people

No. 236208

File: 1455287743142.png (587.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-12-15-23-28…)

I was scrolling down Venus IG a bit and realized that in many shots taken by Maggot, especially full body shots in the street or at home, Venus looks very tired and serious, even pissed. I bet Maggot made her pose for pictures when she was not in the mood or even forced her to do so and then posted the pics on V's IG (some captions sound like Maggot edgy/sarcastic/stupid humour).

No. 236209

File: 1455287844666.png (571.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-12-15-23-13…)

No. 236210

File: 1455287883224.png (1013.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-12-15-25-22…)

She looks like crying here.

No. 236211

File: 1455287902094.png (784.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-12-15-26-13…)

No. 236212

the description is so obviously written by marg, c'mon weird humor and broken english no way venus wrote that
looking back it's easy to see how many pics were posted by maggot

No. 236213

She looks sad and miserable here.

No. 236217

Really hope Margo Gothel doesn't rain on Venus' parade during Valentine's Day (though coming fron her it is possible). Let the gal have her day for Christ sake!

No. 236220

I love her outfits here though. But yeah, she looks very pensive!

No. 236221

In light of that 'millionaire' concept of Margo's, this one is pretty awful.

No. 236223

These are all really depressing and creepy now… Poor Venus.

No. 236224

Wonder if Venus would have even posed like that of her own accord, same with posting a bikini pic. Some of these pics are just sort of lewd/suggestive and I can imagine she wasn't eniterly comfortable with that.

No. 236228

Agreed. I imagine them walking through the store and Margo holding up this bikini and suggesting she put it on, then casually holding up her phone and asking her to pose. I mean, I'm not saying that everything Venus did has to have been Margo's idea but in some cases it'S hard to think otherwise.

No. 236229

Why aren't people talking about this video more??
Her mum threw a knife at her when she was 13!
She threatened to kill herself when Venus disagreed with anything.
Margo told her millionaires wanted pale virgins.. trying to sell her own daughter basically.

Venus is being so mature about this. I admire her so much now.

No. 236230

because we talked about it already in the last thread before it was shitted up. you're just late.

No. 236232


I think it was discussed in the previous thread.

No. 236233

Not late, I was in that thread. Guess I scrolled past all the shit and missed it.

No. 236235

I honestly feel like going through her insets and trying to guess which pics were posted by margo tbh

No. 236236

T-thanks autocorrect

No. 236243

Pretty sure this was taken during her first "breakup" with Manaki when she was still in Japan which was no doubt causes by Margo. There's so many pictures that Venus doesn't look happy in. Compared to the selfies now where she's literally glowing with happiness since the escape.

No. 236244

He's so cute!!

No. 236245

Why did she put that last scene after the vid ended?

No. 236246


Might've forgot to delete it.

No. 236247

I really hope she's in contact with Google about her YouTube and her Gmail account situation. That's so wrong Margo has control of it.

No. 236248

He looks so young and happy.

No. 236249

Both Venus and Manaki look so much better in recent pictures.
It's almost as if associating with Margo adds years to your appearance. She sucks the life out of you, I swear.

No. 236251

That's a pretty good job, I wonder why she left? Oh wait it's Margo, she probably got fired for doing something crazy.

No. 236254


If someone has an ugly personality, they actually appear very ugly to me. I don't know if it's just me? But yeah, I think Margo is revolting to look at.

No. 236257

I think they'll be celebrating White Day, which is next month. That being said, I hope she doesn't ruin that.

No. 236263

You realize that Japan does both, right?

No. 236265

It's possible though since on valentines in japan its the girl who gives present… I guess Venus is broke and all so they might decide to just chill or whatever

No. 236275

Pardon, I was under the impression it wasn't that common to celebrate Valentine's there.

No. 236277

isnt this venus's shirt she always wore in Korea?

Maybe it's really Manaki's and she was always wearing it to be closer to him, a little secret from her mom. I had wondered why she liked it so much, it's not her usual kawaii style and it looked big on her.

No. 236279

Oh my gosh, I think you're right anon. That's so cute.

No. 236280

Everyone is crying and defending Venus, which yeah I guess it's sad the girl's mother is a whack job (and deserves to go v v v far away) but in a few months y'all will go back to calling her an embarassing weeb who does shitty make up, dresses awful and how mana-chan is a peado.


I feel bad for Venus but at the same time, that's as far as I'll go.

No. 236281


That's really cute!

No. 236283

If she doesn't go back to her mother her threads will probably be more akin to what Dakota's threads are now which are basically just news dumps and posting new pictures and videos.

No. 236285

another possibility could also be that Venus and Manaki bought matching shirts, which imo is also super cute

No. 236290

File: 1455305672886.gif (341.59 KB, 480x357, CRY.gif)

oh my god i cant its too much

No. 236294

File: 1455305910499.gif (411.38 KB, 269x195, 25135167.gif)

And that's why Manaki is so happy in the picture. He got his shirt and his love back.

I hope Margo uses some other river than my river of tears.

No. 236295

How come? Did Dakota get her shit together?

No. 236296

Yeah I think this too. Manaki's shirt has red in it, Venus's shirt don't.

No. 236297

Oh noooo!

No. 236298

File: 1455305985140.png (1.01 MB, 934x503, gfhghfghf.png)

looks legit

No. 236299

IMO even better. Let the bitch drown in the tears caused by seeing those two. Like some disney villain or some shiz

No. 236300

i like how she and margo call it 'running away from home'
you are over 18
you didn't run away from home

not to mention you guys bounce around countries like its your job. what even is home

No. 236301

wow v cute

No. 236302

where is the red

No. 236304

how is this a swim suit? more like… decoration.

No. 236305

His hair is reddish too due to them, and i doubt his hair has a pink hue.

No. 236306

File: 1455306340655.png (774.15 KB, 689x555, ssd.png)

Anyways, I doubt that Venus's shirt would fit him, since it's such a feminine and short cut. But might definitely be couple shirts, it's cute.

No. 236307

Mm I don't think it's the same shirt, look at the collar, the pattern on the tips is not the same. BUT I do think they bought matching shirts, and that's very cute.

No. 236311

Doesn't look like the same shirt. Same pattern, similar colors, maybe. But I mean, plaid shirts are fucking everywhere so it's entirely possible they just have similar shirts.

No. 236312

IKR? A 19 year old doesn't run away - they move out. And a married 19 year old moves in with their spouse, they don't live with mommy and see their spouse when mommy will tolerate a brief visit.

No. 236314

Why are some of you under the impression that people can't change their tune about something? That's some fuckin toddler shit right there.
When someone annoys you do you carry that weight forever? And why are you so salty that nobody is joining in on your hate fest?

No. 236317

She changed the fact that she displayed her nasty opinions publicly. She tried to project a different image than the racist bitch who thought everyone was a lesbian pedo hitting on her.

No. 236321

Wow, she looks awful in this, completely exhausted. Pretty sure no one would post a picture of themselves looking like that.

No. 236322


being over 18 doesn't mean shit. in maggot's psycho mind, venus was gonna be her dolly child forever. forever in maggot's grasp, tied to her until death. so obviously venus was caught in this way of thinking. she hasn't had the chance to mature and grow up, she has no girlfriends, no life and so she's pretty much a child in an adult woman's body. so venus DID run away from home because venus is not an average 19 year old. don't be so mean.

No. 236324

it's a swim suit from the brand swankiss, i have one too but i don't swim in it… just wear it to the beach

No. 236329

What really convinces me is that her videos don't come off as trying to garner sympathy or views. No sobbing, and the language is fairly neutral.

No. 236330

Except she did run away. Leaving in secret out of fear your Mom is going to find out is not exactly "moving out".

No. 236331

File: 1455308711162.jpg (105.22 KB, 916x599, vday.JPG)


judging by last year's v-day she spend the day with him and got some chocolate.

No. 236333

File: 1455308930857.jpg (86.12 KB, 919x600, nails.JPG)

samefagging but I really hope that Maggot never works at the nail salon

No. 236334

Yeah, but it wasn't running away from home either. But I think it's just her english tbh, she could've worded it better. Like "How I left my mom" or something or just leave out the "home" entirely

No. 236337

I can picture maggot posting this image and writing the caption thanking herself.

No. 236339

I am so fucking scared of these nails. This is so uncomfortable for me.

No. 236340

>Definition of Run Away
>a: to leave quickly in order to avoid or escape something
>b: to leave home; especially

Her mom was basically forcing her to stay in South Korea, and I'm sure Venus considers wherever she is staying at with her mom to have been a home. Ergo, she is running away from home. I can't believe people are debating this.

No. 236341

File: 1455309686996.png (1.31 MB, 900x650, jggDi44.png)

On the subject of "selling off Venus' virginity/purity/whatever to a millionaire" or whatever, I can't help but remember the whole Bodyline thing….

I wonder how much of the Venus vs Bodyline "scandal" was over-dramatized or just straight-up made up by crazy-pants Maggo.

Don't get me wrong, though: I still believe that good ol' Mr Yan is a pretty creepy dude.

No. 236343

That was probably either a failed attempt or where she got the idea to sell her off.

No. 236344

I definitely think Margerine made her film the video at least. Mr Yan is creepy though, so I wouldn't be surprised if some weird shit went down.

No. 236349

God help me!

No. 236351

Pretty sure it's the shirt in this video.
There's no red in it, so it's a different shirt, but that would have been cute.

No. 236354

File: 1455310822992.jpg (139.04 KB, 625x960, IMG_20160212_134934.jpg)

I know this isnt new info or anything. But this comment triggers me…

>ill be the one to say it

THE ONE?…In what world is she living in where she was the first and only to feel this way?

No. 236355

Lmao she admitted in the first sentence other people threw atrocities at margs and then acts as if shes the first one to say something against her. I bet she's also a SWJ

No. 236356

No. 236358

Well said!

No. 236360

Has Maggot really tagged her answer witch Mensa?? haha Because it takes a genius to do nailart?? And still it looks disgusting

No. 236361

Mom shaming?
Oh boy, is shaming the new 'hating on'? Is this what the kids are saying now?

No. 236362

No. 236363

No. 236364

File: 1455312258642.jpg (41.79 KB, 479x601, father.JPG)

No. 236365

God, margo is ugly

No. 236366


No. 236367

File: 1455312373106.jpg (95.46 KB, 928x602, the fam.JPG)


everybody looks so happy and then there is maggot.

No. 236368

Posted by her GRANDfather, but the picture shows her FATHER

No. 236370

So why does her grandpa pops up now??? Oh I made some researches on this guy and he seems to be some kind politician in hungary. I dont understand what he is saying but they are alot interviews of him in hungarian tv shows.

No. 236371

No. 236374

I am taking that back. He is not a politician lol. But he has something going on, like a big firm or sth similar

No. 236376

I wonder if her family will try and contact her or Venus try to contact them. From the pictures on his insta, it might seem like they might have an interest in contacting her, but might be fake also.

No. 236377

Venus aunt ist just one year older than her… wtf

No. 236378

HAAAA!!! wearing a serious suit and tie outfit too…

No. 236380

Annual family vacation.. wow venus missed alot

No. 236381

Do you guys think maggot's father made some researches about her and venus and saw what is going on?? But at the same time I hope he checked maggot's insta before the airport nude …

No. 236382

how did they get this

No. 236383

They all look so downsy, Margo kinda had luck

No. 236384

>Mom shaming
I can just smell the tumblr on this one.

No. 236386

This instagram is only 4 days old…I wonder if it's legit.

No. 236389

Well, they are all looking against sunlight. Also it looks like a regular family in regular leisure clothes. But yeah… it's lolcow so of course you will nitpick

No. 236390

this pic is so unflattering

No. 236391

These nails look so… SO bad. The shape is crooked, the sizes aren't uniform and the placement of those giant jewels looks… Idk, odd. It's not a professional manicure by any means. It looks really bad.

No. 236392

Yup. He posted new photos that werent on his fb. And he could also name all of the children and her correct names. He also linked his website.

No. 236393

That's good then, I didn't keep up with everything in the past few threads.
Hopefully they get in touch with Venus and don't side with Margs, it'd help a great deal in preventing her from creeping back into Venus' life to have other family support.

No. 236394

Even when she was young, Maggot looked like a fucking grandmother.

No. 236396

I wonder if she was nuts back then…She just looks like your typical uggo.And the father looks like a typical Hungarian

No. 236399

File: 1455314652441.png (14.75 KB, 312x50, e84353.png)

Interesting when Margo has only had bad things to say about him

No. 236400

Of course she did. Typical behaviour, it probably served to estrange Venus from her father and make her the only "reliable" parent. I wouldn't be surprised if her Dad had tried to get in touch, but Margo shut him out until he gave up.

No. 236405

File: 1455315445212.jpg (113.21 KB, 635x960, IMG_20160212_151318.jpg)

It makes me nervous these people are talking to him. I hope people stay nice.

No. 236406

Yes it makes me uncomfortable too tbh

No. 236407

Yeah… I'm kinda nervous about that too. Fangelics are pretty annoying and kinda… Nuts?

No. 236410

She probably means that Venus took her laptop but since Margo bought it and gave it to Venus as a gift, it's HER property therefore Venus stole it. Even though that's not how it works, most crazy parents pull that card. "I bought it and gave it to you but since I used MY money, it's MINE and I'm just letting you BORROW it"

No. 236412

except venus's money probably paid for it

No. 236413

No. 236416

I would fucking too if I had to eat 100 McD's nuggets…

No. 236417

No. 236420

I don't think anyone is siding with Venus' dad? Farmers are just saying that Margo probably forced the dad out of the picture after they broke up to have Venus all to herself

No. 236421

Before anyone tries to create this lovely, pure image of Venus' father, please consider we don't actually know anything about him other than what Margo said. Margo is a liar but most of her lies have had a shed of truth to them (Venus defense video.)
For all we know he might be a shitty person too and Venus just had bad luck with parents.

No. 236424

Alright so I just want to say it is pretty normal for NPD parents to demonize the other parent in situations of divorce. It is totally possible that Venus's dad ISN'T a deadbeat, but Margo made it seem that way so Venus wouldn't think she had a means of escape.

No. 236427

I have a suspicion that Marge denied Venus' father access and that's one of the reasons for her moving Venus around so often (?) because he knew what a monster she could be? but who knows

No. 236428

This is true. I guess it's just weird to me that Margo's father would say such nice things about a guy that was supposedly so awful to his daughter & granddaughter (although Margo's parents could just be crazy too, who knows).

No. 236430


I wouldn't put it past her. The violence she showed Venus is probably what she did to him, she probably drove him away and had no choice but to let his daughter stay with her to keep her sane. She probably played the guilt complex game for it to happen.

No. 236435


I have so many friends whose mums are unfortunately like Margo. Constantly shit talking the father, making their lives hell and suing for sole custody, then turning around and acting as if the father abandoned them.

No. 236437

Any (new) word from Muggle? Or is she still staying quiet

No. 236439

tbh, I'm wondering whether or not she is in the river, her silence is a bit unnerving now

No. 236442

She's with friends like the video she posted. She's probably venting to them now . They are her audience.

No. 236443

Cuntface has been active but keeps deleting immediately on Instagram. Last post was of her friends place she's staying at then it got removed. She's lurking, but now more and more hate her now Venus has revealed more.

No. 236449

Aww he is wearing her shirt

No. 236459

it has been discussed before, it's not the same shirt but they could have bought them to match

No. 236460

That's a little random but. In japan Valentine is for the girl to give chocolate to the boy she likes. So i take, the chocolate in the photo is what Venus made for Manaki.
It's custom in japan that month later on White day, the boy gives chocolate back to the girl he received some from on valentine.

No. 236461

So Venus father really does look like Robin Williams .. For once Margo told the truth

No. 236467

Celebrity beefs are staged as shit therefor I dont trust any beef of youtubers with 1 mil subscribers, gtfo here maggot and penis stop craving attention.


No. 236469

File: 1455329822254.jpg (41.08 KB, 380x443, tinfoilhats_2012h.jpg)

Cool story

No. 236470

how come venus never received that youtube trophy thing? she has more than a million subs.

No. 236475

why are you posting yourself here

Even youtube has standards

No. 236479

You have to request one, they don't automatically give them out unless you fill out the form.

No. 236480

File: 1455331248497.gif (1.87 MB, 596x416, huuyukkk.gif)

No. 236482

>why are you posting yourself here
What you don't like my looks? :(

No. 236483

It'd be neat if Venus got in touch with her father.

No. 236484

that's all projection anon.

this, all of this.

No. 236485

pls stop tinfoil-hat shaming.


No. 236487

stop or sage thanks

No. 236488

I accidently rewatched a bit of that living doll documentary and I felt completely sad when Venus said "my mom is my best friend". I definitely think they need to fix their relationship, they definitely can do this! Wish the best for them!

No. 236490

Are you a psychologist?

No. 236492

Go read in meta, where there's a useful guide.

Write 'sage' in the email field to not bump the thread. Useful for off-topic.

More useful is to not post off-topic.

No. 236493

Sage your shit already. You aren't a psychologist, you cannot predict or advice if they should be contacting each other. I repeat my question and if the answer is no, stop pretending to be a psychologist.

No. 236495

File: 1455333889165.jpg (65.64 KB, 500x483, 1455226941921.jpg)

i drew this like 4 years ago and lol'd just now when i saw somebody had posted this in the last thread. i thought it was lost forever. thank you for saving this for me anon LOL

No. 236496

You're the problem in these threads. There was nothing wrong or offtopic with the original anon. Granted they're saying the same thing everyone else has been saying for the past 3 threads, it's still acceptable. Nothing wannabe psychiatrist about it. Move on.

No. 236497

thank you.

i apologize if i repeated what people have been saying before but i cannot comprehend how somebody can think it'd be good for venus and margo to keep talking.

it's not like i'm armchair diagnosing them, but seriously, just fail to comprehend why as

i can form an opinion from the vile things margo has been spewing about her daughter, and thus, i think she should haul ass away

No. 236498

I also missed this in the last thread because of all the shit posting that I had to skip past, thanks anon for posting it again. We need another hell week.

No. 236499

Please get educated on all the things Margo did to her daughter. And if you did, and still think they should "fix their rlationship" please get help

No. 236501

Hang yourself

No. 236502

i said,

>armchair diagnosing them

as in plural
not as in they/them uggu pronouns you dumb cunt

but keep on shitposting and trying to act all haughty since dat precious milk is all dried up for you

No. 236503

Venus would look great as a heroin chic she needs to quit this nihongo style

No. 236504

I did not respond to you. Not even in my deleted post.

No. 236505

r u ok

No. 236506

They is a perfectly useful word that does not have to have anything to do with tumblr gender bullshit.

And get the chip off your shoulder. In a snit because you weren't abuse by your mum, FFS.

No. 236507

Can we all please ban the PULLtards

No. 236509

Where the hell are all these retards coming from? I don't think it's PULL.

No. 236510

care to explain what you mean by heroin chic?
anything above her dolly stuff has been an improvement, even her most recent outfits were cute

No. 236511

Do I have to repeat myself? I did not reply to you.

No. 236512

Does PULL know how to sage questionmark

Nah they looked cheap and stupid. She has pale skin, eyebags and dark hair she just would pull it off better. No one looks good in the clothing venus wears tbh.

No. 236513

>thinking about pronouns in a non sjw-tier post in the first place

Are you only here to get angry? I don't understand. You're the only person thinking about pronouns. Stop going offtopic for no reason.

No. 236514

Menopause panic babies happen, Margaret also had Venus super young too

No. 236515

"gentle speaking lip smacking"

this made me so fucking uncomfortable, these videos of hers are so odd

No. 236516

first world problems

ugly weeb mother

Ugly daughter ugly mother

No. 236517

This just makes me feel sorry for whichever host family they had at the time of this video. Imagine shuffling through the house only to find Margo on the AMSR train to YouTube stardom.

No. 236518

nightmare fuel, thanks

but imagine venus talking in on her mother's weird videos, her whispering to a camera or shaking her lady bits for some uggu man

No. 236519

I remember Venus attempting ASMR videos as well. Here's one of them. (and her viewers were all fucking confused. At that time i think ASMR wasn't such a huge thing like it is now) Though i think Venus did better, Margo's is everything else but relaxing.

No. 236520

not relaxing at all..

No. 236521

Forgot to finish my post but in 2014 ASMR was also really popular, fatface was always late on bandwagons (remember the elsa tutorial?)

No. 236523

wtf is the point of this video? why is she whispering? and why does she think she knows anything about Japanese culture? she's fucking unbearable to watch

No. 236524

LOL venus and margaret are one and the same. I just hope to god she will get pregnant by minaki

No. 236528

There is no fucking fixing that relationship.

No. 236537

>I think that your child has an own personality and if you break it they will break your child it means you will have an idea, a fantasy about your child, who this child should be and you love this idea more than your child. So get your shit together, love your child instead of a fantasy. Love the person instead of an idea.

No. 236538

The hypocricity in this one is real. it irks me how she can say that with a straight face.

No. 236546

>wtf is the point of this video? why is she whispering?

Not defending Margo but whispering is a common ASMR trigger, it's like a pleasant feeling you get in the back of your head and makes you super relaxed when you hear certain sounds like whispering or tapping or scratching on stuff or visual triggers like hand movements etc. It's quite popular on YT

No. 236550

I just mean why is she whispering/ASMR-ing a rant about crying in Japan and how to blow your nose. She could read a nice relaxing short story, but instead she rambles about this random ass topic?

No. 236552

Christ, he looks like Dave Coulier.

No. 236556

File: 1455345473721.jpeg (323.9 KB, 1920x1456, image.jpeg)

This was a comment made on the Manaki pic. Did anyone see this post???

No. 236560

File: 1455347966604.png (1.34 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-13-02-18-37…)

No. 236561

File: 1455348359093.png (521.31 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-13-02-25-07…)

Milk possibly incoming

No. 236562

it's scary knowing this was all margo's great idea

No. 236563

Ah, the very concerned woe is me alcoholic mother angle.

No. 236564


Apparently, magro despise hard working men

No. 236565


margo took the sausage mukbangs advice kek

No. 236566

Great diversion technique. Literally say NOTHING about the fact that, hey, you beat your daughter, tried to throw a knife at her and abused her mentally pretty much her whole life, just make up some bullshit "she may be in danger, Manaki sent e-mails" as if it makes everything said before irrelevant.

No. 236567

"So worried about my dauguter, I'm at a posh bar with my friends. My son in law emailed me that she's fine, so obviously she's dead."

No. 236568

Already deleted because all the comments were talking shit to her. She knows she's fucked up now lmao.

No. 236569

Aaand bahleted. Lmao I almost feel bad for her.

No. 236570

I just noticed too. wtf is she doing?? how many pics has she done this with now??

No. 236571

Who has time to do the hashtagging shit if you child is in danger?

No. 236572

By my count 3. But Its possible I missed some at the speed she takes them down.

No. 236573

My roommates mother lives down the road and when we have his sister over she'll make something up like that she heard her daughter yelling or something absurd

Controlling mothers are so creepy to me

No. 236574

Ha ha, already gone.

Margaret had also commented below: "I had some emails from Manaki… hmmm".

No. 236575

Samefag here. I love how the nude never gets deleted.

No. 236576

I was just thinking how I wish she would. OT, but her forehead was made to be slapped repeatedly.

No. 236577

oops, I missed the screenshot posted after.

No. 236578

So has Marg been drinking? That pic has some wine in it but it might not be a current pic.

No. 236579

Probably because her n00d gave her 2000 new followers

No. 236580

She's with a friend she says? I can't understand Margo-speak too well.

I do see a laptop though!!

No. 236581

Nah. She's good looking for her age but 99% of those are following for le drama

No. 236584

Is this some sort of business meeting?

No. 236587

Either they're following her for the drama or they have some some weird affinity left-over for her just because she's ~Venus' mom~…but on her own her 'content' really isn't anything follow-worthy.

No. 236588

File: 1455351289378.png (672.18 KB, 866x495, panada.png)

I was watching when the suggested video popped up. kek

No. 236589

Has she not said this exact thing multiple times? She keeps milking this "manipulation" angle….as if it makes her look less like a manipulator.

No. 236593

Same thing with the alcoholism/ED/abuse shit she accused Venus of having. One of the more obvious signs of npd.

No. 236601

Called it. I knew she'd want to be a prostitute instead of getting a job. Lol

She could very well be lying to make Venus feel bad but that shit will just backfire. She's embarrassed her enough.

No. 236603

Would margos visa allow her to work in japan?

No. 236605

Right now she must surely be a 'tourist', visa-wise, So no.

No. 236609

So…was that nude photo a part of the plan to gain customers?

No. 236613

She'll be okay if there's enough men with MILF fantasies, but middle aged hookers can't be too much in demand unless she's cheap.

No. 236617

It seems too real to be fake… but Margo said "Anything could happen"
What if, she told Venus to run away and then she'll caue some shit to make sure she gets back…?

No. 236618

Doubt it. I think Maggot has burned her bridged with Venus after all this. Manaki and his family seem pretty kind.

No. 236621

File: 1455362120618.png (357.59 KB, 449x555, venus.png)

No. 236622

Her hair looks really nice like that but i wonder why the pictures are so blurry.

No. 236624

Might have been done on purpose. Even with the shit quality you can tell she looks really tired.

No. 236625

It sounds more like she's threatening them.

No. 236627

You can't "fix" an abusive relationship. That would involve Margo accepting that she treated her daughter like a commodity or did anything wrong at all, and since she's painting herself the victim and not even adressing Venus' claims about the abuse, there's no way that would happen unless she had some sort of ephiphany.

No. 236628

Maybe she liked the pics and she was too lazy to take new ones and she shared them like that.
I do that too sometimes XD

No. 236629

No. 236630

I wish I could un-watch this.
Also, she looks eerily like Venus in this.

No. 236631

Maybe she is trying to stop the bad meitu shooping and showing more of her flaws?

No. 236632

File: 1455364808041.jpg (42.91 KB, 575x435, kkkawaiimargodesu.jpg)

No. 236633

Also possible that she could have been moving around when the photos were taken in order to make them blurry? Nevertheless, nice to see that she's at least trying to keep upbeat.

No. 236634

not sure if any one else has already posted this gem from marge's channel….

No. 236635

So what's Margo's plan now?
I predict she is trying to find a husband in Japan to get a visa.

No. 236636

this is posted every few threads but i have yet to get the courage to watch it

No. 236637

You can do it Anon. It's a rite of passage.

No. 236638

if i die, please be aware i leave anything to my asshole cat
i want him to destroy everything in the afterlife

No. 236639

File: 1455366328065.png (16.43 KB, 416x158, no.png)

I threw up a little in my mouth

No. 236642

Its weird. Watching this made me realise how much influence Midge had on Venus'videos. The edits and mannerisms are similar. I hope to see a lot of change in Venus' real videos. (not just the videos defending herself)

No. 236645


Do you have to watch the whole thing? I mean fuck. I just kept skipping forwards.

No. 236646

There's another hilarious argument going on under Venus latest instagram post. Yet another 10 year old kid attacking Venus because of Keemshit video.

No. 236648

File: 1455370313349.png (485.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-13-14-28-10…)

>@venus_angelic seems to be in danger
>I feel there is some manipulation going on

Yeah, two desserts, taking happy selfies, watching tv, posting a cute pic of her husband… so dangerous. This evil guy is manipulating her and turning her into a… happy person!

No. 236658

venus angelic and her mother always look tired because they have a weird face.

No. 236660

I'm still not over the fact that this shit is 30 mins long without cuts (as far as I can tell). Wonder if Venus was home when she filmed that.

No. 236662

I doubt she is in danger but you dont know in what state she is just because you're seeing her instagram. Although I feel she is in danger because Japanese icecream is really disgusting. Poor svetlana

No. 236665

File: 1455374511478.gif (945.08 KB, 320x180, 2ozf5r.gif)

lets not forget chubby bunny

No. 236666

That was a trend on youtube mongoloid, everyone did those videos.

No. 236668

yw anon pls make more margo fanart

No. 236669

Venus's was extra creepy with the white drool leaking from her mouth, obv directed by Margo

No. 236671

Yeah because Venus is not eccentric at all and wouldn't try to be like an anime character because she is so not a weaboo…

No. 236672

But you would drool too. Sometimes it's unfair to blame someone for everything.

No. 236673

calm down, it's just gross.

No. 236674

The whole challenge is gross tbh

No. 236676

yea but her version is just disgusting

No. 236677

Maybe you just have a dirty mind, most people would drool with marshmallows stuffed in their mouth

No. 236678

No it wasnt gross. Everyone drools on those challenges because youre stuffing fucking marshmellows in your mouth.

No. 236679

You know I've been thinking: could those blue marks be her selfharming herself? I'm saying this because I have a friend with the exact same marks. I asked her how she got it and she said she beats herself up.

No. 236680

on both arms though? Even so, it's still possibly a result of emotional abuse.

No. 236681

No one's going to believe we're not the same person now

No. 236690

Kind of an odd place to self-harm.
They look more equivalent to someone grabbing her on both arms.

No. 236691

Hell no, that reminds me of Stockholm syndrome. My mom used to be like Venus' Mom and one day I woke up and did not accept her abusing bullshit anymore, just like Venus. Just because she is her Mom doesn't mean that she is sacred and that Venus has to take her crap, it will ruin her. I wish Venus the best and her Mom some special therapy, even though I think that she's a lost cause.

No. 236694

exactly. at some point it all falls into place and you just kind of grow up and see things for what they are. i mean, some people never do but i'd say it usually plays out that way

No. 236695

Closest thing they can have to "fixing" their relationship is staying in separate countries and playing nice if they are ever forced to interact…like all kids of NPD parents.

No. 236696


No. 236704

I just said that I've experienced the same thing and because of that, I understand what Venus is going through, without telling any specific details about my own life, and explained why it's reasonable that Venus can't forgive her Mom for now.
I said that for the people who are saying that they should forgive each other and move on for them to understand that it's not that easy.

No. 236705


Venus has problems, everyone has problems.

"mi problems"

agree with the other anon, take it elsewhere.

No. 236707

I dont give a fuck about venus or you, but this thread is not about you. I saged this post for a reason.

No. 236708

Has anyone else ever seen that Jdrama called "Otoko demo onna demo nai sei"? If not, it's basically about two kids who are "intersexual" where they're born with weird genitals/wrong bodies.

One wants to be more like a guy and has loving folks. The other wants to be more like a girl but passes more as a guy and has this crazy ass weird mother who is just like Margo, locks her daughter up in her bedroom, weird dolls around the house, threatens to knife her, dresses her up like a doll (the dad is always at work). It's so messed up.

No. 236709

I guess y'all are blind.

Only said that I understand Venus and think that she's doing the right thing, didn't whine or kept on talking about my so-called "own problems". :)

No. 236711


Again, go to another thread and whine. It's annoying enough people are all licking venus's ass atm until it does down and they all start slagging her off again (cos it'll happen when margo's milk gets dry).

:) go to the other thread anon, just so you don't get too offended.

No. 236712

File: 1455383080928.jpg (200.2 KB, 944x637, venus.jpg)

No. 236714

I wonder if her next video will have anything to do with this, I've seen a few channels do that kind of thing recently

No. 236715

This. Venus is still a cunt.

No. 236716

Their children will sadly be ugly, and its not entirely venus' fault.

No. 236718

Oh god i'm sorry but he is ugly

No. 236719

oh come on i think he's cute, that's subjective

No. 236720


They're cute, I do think they're cute. But I do still think Manaki is a prop for a boost in the AMWF community. I get that he "saved" her and he's such a wonderful person. But I do think it's all sketchy. Manaki and Margo, I just think Venus is a poor lost lamb if anything.


I don't think Venus is that bad. It was her twat-faced mother. MOST of it. But I do still think she's annoying. Again, until the milk with Margo dies off only then will people start calling her rotten again because she's a giant weeb with 1M subs, Jap bf and living in Japan like every cow does because Japan is the land of all kawaii and amazingness.

I just see her more or less either sticking with Manaki, getting preg and having a baby or two. Making videos. People keep saying "she'll have a clothing line!" and "ur jelly if you dissagree! so salty!" but I don't see that. I see her collabing with maybe some other Jvloggers and possibly modelling for some shit cute clothing line. But I'll STILL say it to this day. I think Venus would have made a career in Japan if she had kept that Nico Nico thing years ago. Then there is the issue with the mother… idk maybe things have played out for the best, she's got rid of her mother and in Japan? So who knows.

But I can't see Venus being a big model like Taylor R or Kota though. Sorry.

No. 236721

Maybe if we were PULLtards, yeah. We aren't so retarded that we can't see that it's been her mom being a cunt this whole time.

who cares.

No. 236722


Meh, he's somewhat cute but kinda ugly. But you can't have an opinion on this thread anon because most of these farmers are probably after jap boyfriends themselves, after a bit of that kawaii attention and if you ever diss a Japanese man, god help you.

No. 236723

Okay this one is def Manaki's shirt. QT

No. 236724

If I was a person who couldn't take any offensive stuff, than I most likely wouldn't be on this website at all.
If you don't like me sharing my basic opinion about this matter, then you're the one who should go to the other thread.
Yeah, Venus is still a cunt and weird, but what do you expect when her crazy mother isolates and brainwashes her. However, now that she's "free", I hope she starts acting mature and find a real job.

No. 236725

File: 1455383822542.png (329.2 KB, 704x396, tumblr_m4ifoxrpdh1qgtr8no1_500…)


Poor Miwako-chan knew how binas-chan felt :(

No. 236726


She won't find a real job anon. Not when she's got Youtube and Flynn-ryder-Mana-chan at her side! She's too kawaii for real work. Youtube, acting cute and eating is her job.

No. 236727

Penis is a cunt and her boyfriend is ugly looking and this thread will not serve as a personal army for Penis.

No. 236728


You're just jelly because she's cute and you're probably ugly anon!!


No. 236729

File: 1455384249719.jpg (25.62 KB, 500x333, 643ccb83de98fe0d6a8c8fa0e90c60…)



No. 236730

Eh, once you take her fame-whoring stage mom out of the equation, she's just a poorly socialized teenager with a large online following. It's really not that far-fetched for people to sympathize with her, considering most of the hate was directed towards Margo in the first place.

No. 236731

S-sorry for not excusing her cunty behaviour.

No. 236732

Its so ugly its cute (as a baby)
But as an adult…

No. 236733


poor venus-desu ;(

No. 236734

Make an appreciation thread on PULL for her then but not here.

No. 236735


white/asian babies for you

No. 236736

I find quite funny how both have such round faces. I don't find him attractive at all, but oh well.

I'm bored of these people going on with the "but venus is not a saaaaiiint, she's a weeeeb! you're going to call her out again when the drama fades awayyyy".
Jesus, we know she's a weeb and not a fucking saint, but people here is just empathizing and realizing how most of her cringy shit came from Maggot.

What I see here is just a bunch of jealous weebs (or just one jelly weeb)that were alredy jealous of her before the drama started and now are extremely jealous bc even people on lolcow are siding with her.

You should contact Midge, maybe she wants to be your manager and help you to fins a japanese husband and then you can run away from her and live your own j-drama.

Salty bitches cannot handle a bit of kindness on lolcow.

No. 236737


No. 236738


Manaki is ugly but the only thing wrong with Venus is the fact that she's a giant weeb. I'd bet $50 that you're one too though so that's not really even a valid criticism.

No. 236739


Oh here we go, always the one isn't there. No anon, it's just a piss-me-off how one moment everyone is all "oh you poor thing venus!" and I can understand, it's mostly due to her abuse. But at the same time it's "aw isn't she amazing!" but next month, majority of y'all will be calling her the worst person on the face of the earth because she's blurred her pictures, made a dumb mistake with her make up in some stupid korean trend video or god knows what else. That's what's annoying. No one can make their minds up.

Also people need to stop throwing around "you're all jealous!" and "so salty".


No one is nice on the internet, glad you've finally just realized that. Welcome to 2016.

No. 236740

And the fact that she makes weird videos and lies about pretty much everything.

No. 236741

No. 236742


Most people who lurk these threads are weebs anon, why else would they know or have an interest in J-fashiony-Kpoppy fuck knows what.

Every weeb ass licks for kawaii attention.

No. 236743

No. 236744

I'm not interested in japan though (or Asia for that matter). I'm here for milk.

No. 236745

obvious pulltard, doesn't know how to post video properly.

No. 236746

Plus can I point out, that even if you are jealous of Venus. Some people are on this thread, no doubt about it, while the others are just white-knights who get upset if you say anything about her or Manaki.

Why be jealous? Aside from a large following. That's it really. Living dolls aren't a thing anymore, the girl has a crazy mother and barely sees her family, no actual home, nothing to her name really. Stalkerish Japanese guy.

It's not a life to be jealous of. If you all want your own weeb attention, make youtube accounts, get attention and a stupid persona like most of these fuckers in the /pt have and gain a following. That's it. That's all Venus as accept drama and a nutty mother.

No. 236747

white knight plz

No. 236748

You are crazy and think this too thorough

No. 236749

This. Her reaction to her mom saying she had an ED in the video was the most cliche cringe inducing shit ever. I can see not wanting to admit to an ED but at least pretend to be normal not kawaii skinny girl eats so much but can't gain weight and magically lost weight when she reached all of 5'4" (probably a lie too).

It's so weird seeing all these Venus fans after being in the pre-drama threads. Even most people saying manaki is cute when he is literally ugly as fuck.

No. 236750

Venus is also a narcisstic tbh.

No. 236751

But Manaki is nihongo therefore he is bueatifiel

No. 236752


I thought this too. Venus is what, 5/7/5'8 right? She's pretty damn tall, Manaki/s height too. But she definitely lost a shit ton of weight, could be for many reasons + her shitty mother.

Even if she has ED, Mana-chan can help her through it because his nippon touch can cure many things :)!

No. 236753


All Japanese men are sacred and beautiful

No. 236754

File: 1455385995291.png (304.67 KB, 580x326, tumblr_m4ifoxrpdh1qgtr8no1_500…)

No. 236755

Have to love these "salty jelly weebs" vs. "ass-licking jelly weebs" fights kek

No. 236756

Almost 100% sure she isn't THAT tall, probably around 164cm-168cm

No. 236757

I met Venus IRL. I'm 5'9 and towered over her, there's no way she's 5'7. I'd say she's 5'4.

No. 236758

idk whenever i watch jvlogger videos they say "beware oh japanese guys at XXXX cause they probably aren't looking for a relationship" i think shibuya is the place most mentioned

No. 236759

she said she's 5'4 (165 cm) in one of the last 2 videos, what the fuck is this argument

No. 236760

It's because Margo claimed her height as like 5'8 in the past, probably to make her seem more model like or some bs

No. 236761

Venus is actually 5'7 (I know this because I met her and she was the same exact height as me)

No. 236762

These 2 things seem to contradict you >>236757

No. 236763

>implying her mom didnt force her to make this video

No. 236764


One thing I do know is that fangelics do not belong here as this is not an appreciation thread.

No. 236765

>being this butthurt people aren't jumping on the Venus hate wagon

I don't even care about Venus, it was always Margo that interested me. I'm glad she got away and everything but I'm definitely not a fan. Just because people don't want to shit talk her doesn't mean everyone is on the defence force or anything.

Also posts like this are partially why the last thread went to shit, can we all just stop. Lack of Margo seems to be making drama in the threads all on its own.

No. 236766

There is no need to A-log Venus but you know damn wel that in the last two threads people are worshipping her. White knights out.

No. 236768

I thought this too but it's also possible that she got so defensive because she gets comments about a possible ED from time to time and just wanted to prove that wrong.

No. 236769


It's pretty much fangelics come to raid lolcow from Youtube/IG ect. They flock to PULL and here. Poor Venus, yeah it's nice she's free and such. But again, the "omg shes amazing" act is fake as fuck.

Manaki is just as creepy as most gaijin hunting gooks anyway. "He saved hurrr!!" meh, sorta. But what do we know? We're all salty and jelly apparently.

No. 236770

>mfw this was the first video I saw of Venus

It felt weird watching this desu

No. 236772


the thumbnail looks like she's getting a good fuck in the grass

;) at it like rabbits eh

No. 236773

Jelly lesbian weeb you would do this too if you had the chance XD

No. 236774

Disgusting. In that video she's like 14 you creep

No. 236775

People are happy that a girl everyone watched get abused for years not only confirmed her abuse but was smart enough to plan her escape.
You can't really blame people for being happy/proud of her at the moment, it's not that people are being her fans all of a sudden, but it's that people are happy seeing her finally happy after what we assume was a lifetime of misery with Margo, AND Margo is getting karma hit her back (I'd say this is a huge factor, people love seeing the bad guy get whats coming to them).
In all honesty Venus isn't that interesting and a lot of people are starting to think that all the shit from back in the day seems to have actually been Margo instead of Venus because a lot of her posts were clearly written by Margo, which has recently come to light. So if someone is shittalking Venus I can see how someone might feel bad because they might think maybe it's not even Venus' fault, it could have been Margo who instigated this hate… along with the years of abuse/mistreatment of Venus in general, which makes them feel even worse.
To be honest I can see why people don't feel like talking badly about her with all the reasons above. The adoration will die down in a while but right now I can understand people feeling happy for her.

No. 236776


No. 236777


No. 236778

Yes she did hahaha
She obviously thinks she is a very intelligent (and practical and logical) person.

No. 236779

>lets shitpost instead of having an actual discussion

No. 236780

13 year old detected

No. 236781

You guys are bored

No. 236782

No. 236783

well said!

No. 236784

this thread is going to shit again

No. 236785

Uguuu under this line only fangelics allowed <3


No. 236786


No. 236787

XD here the queen was eating a cookie hahaa…love her so much. She looks so cute here haha

No. 236788

>being this assblasted

wew lads this thread has once again gone to shit, learn how to contain your autism


No. 236789

mods thanks

No. 236790

Venis iz a strong inzapendent WOMYN!

No. 236791


No. 236792

You dont find venus the strong independent womyn like she is?

No. 236793

noooo not hellweek, I don't wanna get banned

No. 236794

Right now I want to seriously suggest this to Admin. It feels like this has happened the last 3 threads in a row, we need moderation because every thread goes to shit.

No. 236795

You want admin-sama to ban everyone who dislikes venus angelic so there will be only fangelics left? May /r9k/ ruin this website if she will actually do that.

No. 236796

Stop fucking samefagging, holy shit.
Only a retard keeps samefagging this frequently on a website this slow.

No. 236797

Please take discussions about Hellweek to the /meta/ thread.

No. 236798

I was all of these but >>236793
Wasnt samefagging by purpose btw

I JUST FIND VENUS A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMYN but I'm also against censoring shit.

No. 236799

On purpose I mean*

No. 236801

> Wasnt samefagging by purpose

Lurk a bit before you post. Your newfaggotry is off the charts.


>You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post. Users may also be banned for posting in a very immature manner.

No. 236803

Is Marge still in japan? Im flying to Tokyo tomorrow, I'll take a pic if I happen to see her/them anywhere

No. 236804

Jesus fucking christ, I thought a new thread would get the fucktards out, but apparently not.

No. 236805

As far as we know. She hasn't mentioned going back to korea but apparently she's now staying with her "friends" so there isn't much chance you'll see them in the airport now.

No. 236808

Guys, seriously, report and move on. Don't reply to shitposting and bait, it feeds the troll. They'll get bored, or banned, eventually.

Also this >>236797.

No. 236833

Maggot probably made her do this to help sell her off to a millionaire. A lot of her old videos and photos while under her control are so uncomfortable to watch after this huge drama bomb.

No. 236837

IMO even if Marg didn't make her do this, the message at the end meant well. She's a little misguided in the way she gave the advice but it doesn't feel artificial, considering most of her fanbase wants to be her.

But I'm still on the Marg made her do it train because it's seriously the most likely thing.

No. 236843

You have a lot of feelings. Who gives a shit if people are licking her ass for a hot minute and will shred her tomorrow. Get over it, it's not a big deal.

No. 236866

did anyone else notice that manaki is always wearing the same shirt in all pictures venus uploaded of both of them?lol even in the videos they made tgt he wore a similar plaid shirt.

No. 236870

basic bitch japanese boy fashion consists almost 100% of plaid shirts and keds.

No. 236873

Just watched this for the first time. They are actually really cute together, and it made me smile. Manaki is kind of doofy looking but he has a nice voice.

No. 236876

she looks better today than she did back then.

No. 236877

plot twist is that all these photos are just old ones of her and Manaki dating and shes actually stalking him in japan while margo stalks her

No. 236884

File: 1455401816224.png (399.3 KB, 915x407, The family is the most importa…)

No. 236885

Due to the high post frequency of Venus threads at the moment, posts in these threads will receive heavier and more subjective moderation for the next few days or week.

A new global hellweek will also occur within the month.

No. 236886


thank you so much admin-sama

No. 236888


Yes, a thousand times thank you admin!

No. 236890

>a nurse in switzerland, an engineer and a language teacher in the family

And then we have Margo…

No. 236891

Holy shit. Maybe I need my eyes checked again but Maggot almost looks nice in the 1975 pic. Like, she looks not crazy.

No. 236892

Margo, the failure of the family.

No. 236893

Really explains a lot.

No. 236894

All hail our admin overlord. The next hell week can't come soon enough.

And lol at margo's family tree - all happy normal people with lovely jobs, then margo goes careening off to crazy town as the ex future pimp for her daughter.

No. 236896

Thank you admin-sama!!

No. 236899

nah I agree with you anon. looks like a sane margo

No. 236900

most insane people don't get truly fucked up until their late 20s/early 30s, then they just get worse and worse as they get older.

No. 236901


Pretty sad/funny at the same time that Margo has nothing under her wedding picture.

No. 236902



That means the thread must ONLY praise how amazing venu-desu is, whiteknights are going to have a field day! Manaki is the Japanese god, so no bashing him!


No. 236903


>>Manaki is just as creepy as most gaijin hunting gooks anyway.

Really? If you want to be a racist twatwaffle, maybe you should go to a Trump rally?

No. 236904


Okay Anon, well done. Venus escaped, that's all well and good. She's FINE and we're sure she'll be alright in the future as long as she fucks off her crazy mother.

But it's just hilarious how most people will go back to slating her in a few weeks over stupid shit in her videos.

It's not even Venus I have a problem with it's the PULLtards and people praising at how amazing Venus is. When weeks ago she was awful minus her mother in the picture.

No. 236905


It was sarcasm anon. Again go blame Venus and her stupid crazy ass mother for that sort of gross shit.

No. 236906


What the hell is wrong with you? Either you can't read, or you need a lot of therapy.

No. 236907


I agree, these threads are boring. The drama is literally over now. Now it's all "VENUS IS SO STRONG!!! OMG!" and "ew Margo is uploading pics of herself".

The milk is going sour

No. 236908


Oh piss off anon

No. 236909


so 0ffensive

No. 236910

whats annoying is you being salty over other people not being salty. get the sand out of your cunt and get over it.(derailing)

No. 236911


Margo looks like the type of woman who goes to take a dump and doesn't use any toilet paper. Like she just dumps and does the dry n' dry.

No. 236912


Why do people keep using "salty" again and again?

Since when did the 'fangelics' start raiding the /pt anyway.

piss off back to PULL(derailing)

No. 236913

I can bet in a few weeks time when the milk is gone. Venus will make a video and watch the lot of you start criticizing her.

"omg shes so ugly"

"so badly applied jesus"


No. 236914

>admin makes post saying due to the high level of shitposts, venus threads will be monitored a lot harsher
>20 minutes later people are shitposting again


No. 236915

Well, you aren't exactly what people would consider non salty. Why can't you just keep hating and other anons keep loving without anybody sucking their panties up their butt crack

No. 236917

then report you fucking retard. admin already said what they would do.

No. 236918


either way anon, she's still considered a "cow" with or without her mother. im shitting on everyones pity party for venus but again give it a few months and she'll be a ugly-awful-terrible-yellow-face-loving-weeb who lolcow hates and the pity for her will have washed away.

its hilarious

No. 236920

so the real question is now

is venus a cow or not a cow?

No. 236921

We have to wait for her next move, so I say a potential cow.

No. 236922

I think she'll end up like k00ters, I don't think she's someone who really wants that sort of attention on her. Most of the milk came from margo's milk maid titties.

No. 236923


I think for now Venus is the calf of mother cow.

No. 236924

Because using nigspeak constantly is a dank meme. You tumblr idiots always ask this type of thing.

That being said I really don't get what there is to be salty about Venus. Her family/romantic/life skills situation is so horrible unless you are so thirsty for jap dick you think manaki is not ugly as hell.(derailing)

No. 236925

the cows are in here whining about the lack of hate in the thread.
why even come into this thread if it gives you autists such hardcore uncontrollable diarrhea?

No. 236928

I think after this whole ordeal she will become super lowkey, like someone else said similar to kota.
It's obvious she wanted to drop the dolly stuff for a long time and try something new, we'll presume margo pressured her into keeping the living doll thing up this last while.
Honestly I feel like future milk will come from Margo instead.

No. 236929


I still feel that maggot will go full nuts at some point.

No. 236930

Agreed, the crazy has not fully erupted as yet.

No. 236932

i want to see her document her first john

No. 236934

Disagreement isn't necessarily the same as derailing. People are allowed to dislike or criticize Venus as long as they aren't spamming or replying to basically every poster in the thread accusing them of whiteknighting, like another poster was doing.

No. 236935

Tbh I was referring to posts like

In all honesty though I just was pointing out in jest that we couldn't even go 20 minutes without people stirring this shit back up again

No. 236936

Enjoy next month's Hellweek.

No. 236937


I think the same too. She'll just sort of fade out, still there but not as… lulzy?

Idk she'll probably collab or something.

No. 236938


Shhhh… shhh anon you'll upset people!

No. 236939


Yep, precisely. She'll just hop on the AMWF train with the rest of the weebs living in Japan and make food videos/manaki appearances or something.

Anyone else think Venus is gonna end up on Japanese telly or model in a few mags? C'mon don't be jelly.

No. 236941

Nah I'm not too convinced that she will. She has a really awkward TV presence, at least with Kota she's kinda tomboy-ish which makes her kinda cute. Venus is just too normal, and doesn't have the pretty gaijin features.

No. 236942

but anon, so many poor anons are losing milk! they're just lashing out.

No. 236943

No, kooters face is more model quality for japan. She'll likely just make youtube videos. If she becomes friends with other popular youtubers maybe she will stay popular on youtube. If not, then she will only have the more dedicated fangelics left as her fanbase.

No. 236944


omg ur all jelly and salty how dare u

No. 236945

Imo venus will
>go back to finish her education
>get a degree from college
>maybe teach languages or brush up on her languages and become a translator (since she knows so many)
>make videos on the downlow and will probably become less and less as time goes on and she moves on with her life

No. 236946


This is why she should have kept up that nico nico, maybe she would've been an aidoru. But tbh it might have been awful cos manager and margo— infact no, fuck it. Margo would've INSISTED she manage Venus.

No. 236947


sounds like a more ideal plan tbh

No. 236948

not sure if she is fluent in nihongo as I know 0 nihongo but she should definitely NOT teach people english or spanish

No. 236949

Magot looked exactly like Venus does now… ugh I hope she does not age that terrible

No. 236950

And her mother aged terrible because…?

No. 236952

I agree with you.
Thousands of girls like her got abused.
the only reason why people care is because her weeaboo mom made her famous for money.
Venus is boring and ugly, Margo is insane as fuck.
personally i just find the drama hilarious because it proves living doll and idols only attract damaged people

No. 236953

She's mentally ill and through the years it shows on the face + that resting bitch face got marbled into her face as well and now that's the only expression she can do.

No. 236954

i'm pretty sure both are mentally ill.

No. 236955

she was raised to be a cow but she might free herself from that and develop into an actual human being. margo is a major cow obviously. let's hope she'll produce some quality milk without venus in the future. sth like becoming a camgirl (camwoman?) lol

No. 236956

Now, no.
but she was a one too.
Crazy parents's offsprings are often also crazy. i guess maybe after months we'll have some milk of her. maybe she'll end up like margo. who knows.
venus's health is probably fucked up so lol

No. 236957

Her english and spanish are fucking bad and her japanese is so-so.
She should give up languages tbh her accent ruins everything

No. 236958

Venus still can be helped and she's young and it doesn't show on the face yet. But I agree, she has undergo some therapy as well if she wants to completely get over it. And better now, otherwise she will turn into a Magot 2.0 and the misery will be set on her face.

No. 236959

I doubt Venus is mentally ill, otherwise she would have stayed with her mom forever. Venus's "aging" is rather her always caking her face since she was a toodler because of her pageant mom.

No. 236960

bitch resting face has nothing to do with mental illness dude. Venis has this syndrome too and many other girls too. Although both are mentally ill, bitch resting face has nothing to do with your mental health.

No. 236961

File: 1455407847954.png (301.76 KB, 245x573, Screenshot_1.png)

Yeah. Venus should probably stay away from the internet for a while and get some mental health asap till all of this drama disappears AND then re-start doing videos.

No. 236962

fuck i didnt mean to put this pic

No. 236963


Probably first positive thing I've said so far in this thread. But I agree, she CAN get there guys. She isn't mentally retarded or 50 odd. Venus can actually make a better life for herself. I may think she's a huge ass weeb but jesus christ, I don't think that low of the girl not being able to do anything.

Meh, she can go back to school, get degree, maybe tutor and teach languages while Youtube and married.

No. 236964

margo already looks sort of crazy here. i mean, might just be because of hindsight but there's something horror movie about her. i don't agree that she looks that much like venus. the genes worked out better in venus' case imho, venus isn't as chinless and the forehead is not quite as huge.

No. 236965

Venus is mentally ill because she endured a VERY abusive mother all her life.
she might have depression or other mental illness man

No. 236966


too late anon, i've seen it.

kota looks kinda cute there tho

No. 236967

You sound like a retard, half of the cows here have normal parents if you don't include the Ostrengas.

No. 236968

That's not how mental illness works, anon.

No. 236969


Without outside help she will be a cow.

She has to get off the internet, stop making youtube videos but it's all she knows.

Also if she continues doing stuff on social media, margot will keep going after her because she's just giving easy targets.

No. 236970

Omg you know what's kinda funny tho. Venus is more like Rapunzel and Kota is more like Cinderella.

No. 236971

To be fair I dunno if it's exactly fair to criticize a girl for her accent when she was discouraged from talking to anyone else apart from mother dearest for practically her whole life.

No. 236972

Calm down anon. No need to be so edgy.

No. 236973

It's cute af though, not gonna lie. Always have to remind myself that she doesn't actually look like that.

No. 236974


I want to be compared to a disney princess too, anon.

No. 236975

Not that anon, but you are held to a higher standard if you are to teach languages.

No. 236976

What other fairytales does that leave and do any other cows fit their roles?

No. 236977

Do you think children who endured child abuse grow up in a healthy way? Fuck no.
they have a lot of mental problems

No. 236979

It's not only her accent…she isn't a polyglot.

No. 236980

Yes which is why I said she should go back to education and brush up on her languages.
I think if she spent a few years getting good it would be her best chance for a good career, she knows a lot about those languages already so she has an advantage there. Especially when you consider Margo didn't even let her finish her education it seems like her best bet.

No. 236981

i think without shoop she's cute as hell.
too bad kota wants to look like a fetus.
anyway sorry for OTT.
venus could go back to school

No. 236982

Never said that, I said she additionally has a resting bitch face and as you age the unfriendly expression will also fuck up your face. You will also end up looking older as you actually are. Venus should try to train and mantain a friendly expression if she wants to avoid becoming Magots 2.0

No. 236983

File: 1455408377110.jpg (27.08 KB, 328x293, 1410344369184.jpg)

pls stop

No. 236984

This. And accents that thick aren't something you can just erase with a dab of education when you're nearly 20.

No. 236987

>this ignorant

The Bitch resting face syndrome expression actually prevents wrinkles. Margo looks just right for her age, she is fucking old. Also, she is white. White people age easier.

No. 236991

I'm not sure who to put the reply to, because it's been suggested a few times that she should get some help/therapy. Doesn't Japan have really bad support for mental illnesses? Especially if Japanese culture still hits children as a form of punishment, surely she'd get a "shouganai", and a pat on the back on her way out the door, like depression is just simply part of the culture.

No. 236992

Resting bitch face leads to hanging granma mouth corners though and it does look old imo. Just trying to slighly pull up your mouth corners will lead to a much more neutral expression in the long run.

No. 236994

A psychologist is a psychologist tbh. The bigger problem is: in what language will she express herself to the Japanese psychologist?

No. 236996

But she was already at a psychologist? She talked about it in her last video, it was to proof her mom's claims of having aspergers are wrong.

No. 236997

Nope, she googled the symptoms of autism at an earlier time, and she didn't relate to any of them. she said it in her instagram post before the video was uploaded

No. 236998

Mental illnesses are a huge taboo in Japan.
I fucking hate the way Japan is "ableist" (im sorry for sounding tumblry) but they blame children with ADHD and tell them it's their fault and the teachers dont give a shit either.
Japan is one of the worst place to treat mental illnesses

No. 236999

Anon, intersex is a medically acknowledged thing. It's not a tumblrtard thing, you can only be born intersex.

No. 237000

LEL, she self diagnosed herself. She is everything but sane.

No. 237001

But on the other side, many parents in the west get their kids diagnosed and treated for ADHD while they are only behaving the way kids of their age should.

No. 237002

Judging by that all users here aren't sane either.

No. 237003

You don't make sense. What kind of projection is that? Lol

No. 237004

Did you miss all the posts of people here diagnosing each other and themself with mental illness?

No. 237005


What used to irritate me was back when people used to say she sounded Japanese when it was obv she sounded like she was from Holland/Poland/Ukraine/Switzerland tho

No. 237006

Well by definition, she was disproving a diagnosis. For one, you certainly can't self diagnose autism, that shit has to be tested by a professional, and not margo projecting her own problems onto her daughter.

ADHD medication is totally over prescribed in the US, simply because drug companies make money off of it.

No. 237007

but we already know everyone here is crazy and im including myself

No. 237008


You can be the anon-hime-chan, lost on the web with a ton of weebs and you need a prince-sama to save you!

No. 237009

Holland? Have you ever heard a Dutch accent before?

No. 237010

Oh anon! <3

No. 237011


It's true, I know a Japanese girl and she has schizophrenia and her mother is a cunt to her.

No. 237012


In the drama though they called it "I.S/intersexual". That's why I said it, referring to what the drama said.

No. 237014

True, but Japan is still one of the worst countries for mental illnesses.
They blame mentall illnesses on you and teachers do not give a shit if you have ADHD, which is a HUGE problem because ADHD kids and teens need to have more attention and need to have more time to do their homework.

No. 237015


Within Europe anon, she sounds like she's from somewhere around those countries with that accent. All Gestapo and shit. She hardly sounds Japanese, hence why it was irritating.

No. 237016

… Isn't that the opposite of being a self diagnosing tumblrtard? She was repeatedly called an aspie. She checked the symptoms and she found that she doesn't relate. And fucking honestly if you've ever been around someone with aspergers you'd know Venus isn't even close. Fucked in some other way for sure though I don't doubt that.

No. 237017


Some Jdrama try making mental illness and being sick as no big deal I've noticed. But I think Japan just sees them as "crazy people". They're very… not kind to it.

No. 237018

As a dutchie myself, her accent sounds both dutch and eastern european at the same time…

No. 237019

yeah, I feel incredibly sad for all the people in japan to cope with mental illnesses or handicaps. they either get blamed, judged harshly or people dont think it's important

No. 237021

If a real certified psychologist thinks she is a bit autistic, I honestly wouldnt be suprised. Anyways, I just said that she never went to a real psychologist so she cant currently disprove it either. Either way, even if she has autism she shouldnt be treated for autism but the symptoms she is suffering from. We dont know the symptoms that bother her.

No. 237023

It's more the old generations tho, there have been plenty of documentations ( like the one from http://www.japantoday.com/category/arts-culture/view/new-documentary-explores-taboo-subject-of-mental-illness-in-japan ) and manga that take it as subject.

No. 237028

true but that's how mental illnesses are viewed by most people.
i've went to japanese school and the teacher didnt try to help me nor give me more time for my homework because of my ADHD.
i know theres an anime called wakamote that tried to explain social anxiety and younger generations are trying to help them though so i'm glad.
i just hope they have more rights and treatments and more understanding

No. 237029

have you ever heard of ptsd

No. 237033

That's actually nice of Japan. You shouldn't get extra privileges in class just because you have adhd. If you can't handle it, go do something you can handle.

No. 237034

Praise be to admin.

No. 237036

What the fuck?
I need more time because ADHD makes it very difficult to concentrate. You're fucking stupid. Do you also think people with dyslexia dont need more time to write texts?
>If you can't handle it, go do something you can handle.
So I shouldn't go to school then?
You're a weeaboo.

No. 237037

Also people with ADHD wouldnt need extra "privileges" if they wouldnt be as privileged as people who do not need extra time you dumbass.
anyway sorry for being OTT
venus should keep it lowprofile and try to get therapy

No. 237038

she looks pretty qt

No. 237039

I wish venus would make more videos like this

No. 237040

Venus could be a translator with her language fluencies. It's a well-paying job.

People were saying Venus has had cosmetic surgery on her IG page, saying the pics are blurry to hide it. @margaretpalermo (the read one) commented "No she didn't" a few hours ago. So she's still lurking V's IG but at least she's backed off making insane comments (for now.)

btw her comment was made shortly before 5AM local time.

No. 237043

Oh it would even be nice of Senegal if they did this to you. It has nothing to do with me being weaboo, but that they decided way didn't give you extra privileges. In America would treat you like a princess just because you are slow. If you can't concentrate don't go to a Japanese school but go do something at your level. I think the sex industry doesn't require much attention span. This is also not your personal blog.

No, she should do vlogs since she is in Japan.

No. 237045

Not the same anon, you're stupid. School systems do not give a fuck about your mental illnesses. I have the same issues and o am fully supporting myself. there are no free handouts or crutches, get on medication and get over yourself. Everyone has shit to deal with, millions of people have mental illnesses, if you're going to let them hold you back because you don't have the will or desire to fight against them then you don't have any reason to bitch.

No. 237046

kek at her ramen mustache

No. 237047

She could be a German teacher since she's fluent. Giver her time she'll be fluent in Japanese since immersion is the easiest way to learn a language… Unless the person is Mira.

No. 237050

Sorry if I'm a newfag but what about her music career? Didnt she started a kickstarter hundred years ago? Did she eventually released music?

No. 237054


As far as I know, she never released or even made any music.

No. 237058

There was a strange pitched version of that Icona Pop song credited to Venus Palermo but no real music. It's on Amazon mp3 but the sample is literally Icona Pop's original version credited to the wrong person.

No. 237059

Or she could be a tour guide

No. 237060

No. 237062

Why should I have to watch and like her videos in perpetuity anyway? I'm just here for the Margo drama, and watching Venus' current vids is a part of that. The idea that we're on one side or the other is redundant.

No. 237063

Thanks for the link. But I remember she asked a lot of money…where did that money go? For one song?!

No. 237065

Nowhere as it didn't read the funding goal.

No. 237066


No. 237067

holy shit this describes Margo perfectly
A demon trying to eat Venus' soul

No. 237068

She and Margo didn't get any of the money. The Kickstarter came nowhere close to its goal.

No. 237069

BPD is mostly trauma-induced anon. Just one of many examples. Abuse = later problems for the victim.

No. 237070

I think Venus wasnt too excited about this project tbh it sounds like Margo wanting to make her daughter famous and be rich. Oh, and it was created by Margo

No. 237071

No. 237072

Margo pushing for cheesecake photography of her daughter who was a minor. It's just too rich.

No. 237073

This style suited venus the best, was disappointed when she turned to kawaii.

No. 237074

Her mother simply told Venus she was autistic. She had no resources to access to know whether her mother told the truth or was lying. The traveled all the time so who is she going to ask?

Why is the onus on Venus to prove or disprove this?

Venus believes her mother lied to her, and she used what she had - the internet - to compare to her reality. She feels comfortable saying she is not autistic.

So who fucking cares?

No. 237075

I didn't mean to sage that.

No. 237076

I didn't say it was entirely trauma-induced, anon.

No. 237077

And how about you sage your personal arguments.

No. 237080

You said BPD was mostly caused by trauma. Gotta love all these psychologists here.

No. 237086


This thread is like Kiki lost Cow potential with the thread derailing fighting and shit

No. 237091

Can you stop derailing.

No. 237095

This isn't awkward, it's just childish and cute. I think it's adorable when she pats his head.

Manaki isn't some gorgeous guy, but he's just a dude. I don't see why people are so disgusted by him.

No. 237096

this video your post some cringy shit

No. 237097

It's just like, my opinion, man.

I wish Margo would post again. Has she said why the hell she's in Japan other than waiting for Venus to give her television and crystal necklace?

No. 237099

C'mon Margo, you know you want to post something provocative!

No. 237101

Can we please not bump this thread if its not necessary?


No. 237102

File: 1455423264604.png (633.07 KB, 768x1057, Screenshot_2016-02-13-23-11-34…)

new post, pals
they're picking out furniture together

No. 237103

I think Venus should change her brows but I'm not exactly sure how. Just that the ones she has now don't really fit. Manaki looks like a sporty lesbian here, which is actually pretty cute.

No. 237104

Did Vena-tan and Mana-tan get their own apartment? This post kind of hints that they did.

No. 237105

They're so much thicker on the outside, she probably tries to make them straight by plucking her arch from the top, but doesn't even it out.
It's nitpicky but it bugs me too.

No. 237106

Maybe his current furniture isn't kawaii enough. If she's filming videos on a hot pink Hello Kitty sofa we'll know.

No. 237107

LOVE THIS! They look adorable and happy. Good for you, V!

No. 237111

School systems do care so fuck off.
You're a huge weeaboo if you think people should treat mentally ill people like shit

No. 237112

Nah, food videos are better

No. 237113

>language fluencies
she only speaks german and english

No. 237114

or an AV actress

No. 237115

I see that in Margo's future tbh.

No. 237116

nobody would pay to see margo naked.
i imagine venus being an AV actress. I mean she could try to act kawaii and like a dolly loli.
tons of pedos would pay for her just like pedos pay for junior idol (dont google pls)

No. 237117

she barely speaks either of those

No. 237122

as if I would google that shit.

Anyway, Venus is a teenager, and she's married and setting up house. She's still doing okay with her YT gig. AV seems her least likely avenue.

While my comment about Margo was just a joke, she has already posted (then deleted) that she'll have to go into prostitution to survive.

No. 237123

oh god. to be honest margo's body isnt that bad but jesus christ her face is creepy and so old-looking.

No. 237128

Creepy and hot, the best combination!

No. 237130

i've heard of creepy cute but creepy hot?

No. 237133

It's a Margo quote

No. 237135

No. 237138

You sound like her crazy fucking mother.

Venus is 19 and conversant in 3 languages. She can be whatever she wants to be.

No. 237140

Your stanning shows.

No. 237142

Wasn't it a few threads back that we stopped day dreaming about what jobs she should do? This is pretty pointless. Some posts are borderline fanfiction.

Japan anons, does a general spouse visa even allow employment?

No. 237156

File: 1455431185712.jpg (564.88 KB, 771x1136, ito-thebully.jpg)

Reminds me of The Bully by Junji Ito

No. 237179

She also speaks japaroo

No. 237180

Grandad Ferenc commented on her latest IG post- something in Hungarian. He's following her IG too (the only one he follows.)

He made the account 4 days ago, clearly with the intent of reaching out to her. Must have gotten wind of this somehow. It would be awesome if she could reconnect with her relatives!

No. 237183

I hope they get reunited… That would be so nice since the rest of the family all seems to get along pretty well.

No. 237185

>this fucking manga
Always thought the dad was an asshole for leaving the kid with her, even if he didn't know she'd go crazy abusive mode

No. 237187

Funny, I just bought Uzumaki today

No. 237188

Well in his latest post:
"The family is the most important."

He is trying to reunite margo and venusu and the rest of the family (I think).

No. 237189

Margo should just be disowned.
There are 15 people in this house, and she's the one who has to make trouble.

No. 237190

Marge is an in-law, so not really 'family.' I'm hoping he/they want to connect with their granddaughter/niece and not marge. Because I think she's poison.

No. 237191

Well, as harsh as it sounds, but, if your mother doesn't care about you no one will. They are all busy with their lives, have their own children and I doubt they are interested in contacting her - they dont even know who she is. (I'm excluding the grandpa of course!)

No. 237193

I bet you 100$ the reason why this account exists is because of maggot

No. 237198

awww… just ran granddad's IG comment thru google translate & it says "Much happiness!"

No. 237203

File: 1455438529296.jpg (47.87 KB, 1000x504, image.jpg)

here for posterity.

No. 237208


So they're picking out furniture like any normal young couple and the tumblrtards here are going omg she's not going to get much mental health care (there's zero sign that she needs it), and those same tumblrtards are probably from hamerica where mental health care is so wonderful and all-caring they never have school shootings or kids who kill themselves because they've been on ADHD meds for years, because their obese parents and morbidly obese teachers can't keep up with normal kids' activity levels.

Venus looks "boring" I guess, so awfully normal compared to some of the people posting here.(derailing)

No. 237209


Excellent find, anon. If someone is a good illustrator, we could have a maggoty version.

No. 237210

The fact that one of them tried to contact Venus in the first place, and another had a video of herself singing titled "VenusAngelic's Mom's Sister Singing" or something means something (probably). Plus, Venus is already a legal adult. What would she really need from them, apart from finances/a place to stay if her life with Manaki goes tits up, or a shoulder to cry on?

No. 237220

IN all honesty though, Venus slayed these spicy ramen challenges. She eats them like candy. I still wonder how she does that.

No. 237223

File: 1455441881766.jpg (34.24 KB, 384x288, 64eLvB7.jpg)

No. 237224

File: 1455441891354.png (64.39 KB, 552x475, margo.png)

WTH man, is that Margo trying to be venus on that photo?

No. 237228

That is Venus in the photo, here's the original: http://venusangelic.tumblr.com/post/66866568944/ふっふ

Where did you find that?

No. 237230

Oh okay. I thought maybe Margo shooped herself to look like venus, it's weird she put Venus photo on her profile though.
Found this on her old kickstarter page some anon posted here >>237063

No. 237231

Shit wrong one, i meant here >>237068

No. 237234

>Trying this hard to make penis angelic sound like a star
This is getting pathetic

No. 237237


I thought it was doe deere for a sec.

No. 237245

how is having sticky drool running down your face not gross? you guys are getting pretty silly in the sake of defending venus.

No. 237248

it's gross.

No. 237249

I've tried those noodles, but only with like 50-75% of the packet, and they are really fucking spicy. The only explanation I can think of is that she got told off for whining about eating spicy food as a kid, and some how built up the resistance.

No. 237250

Ignore these anons, they're just acting bizarre over the stupidest shit.

No. 237257

or she really likes spicy food? i know i do. there is a demand for noodles like this to exist for a reason. jesus, you guys will find the stupidest shit to speculate on.

No. 237258


Maybe she just likes spicy foods? I don't think every little thing about Venus has something to do with her batshit mother.


>drop out of school and join the sex industry because of ADHD


No. 237259

the more spicy food you eat, the more you can eat. it's not complicated.

No. 237260

File: 1455457503506.jpg (30.6 KB, 604x471, Nh0EkyHRIEA.jpg)

> Mfw in my country knowing 4-5 languages pays off as less than 1000$ a month

No. 237262


doesn't mean her mom force fed her spicy food as a kid

No. 237263

cept shes not fluent and i ts not well paying unless you are awesome and have your foot in the door with a good company
otherwise its random small jobs

No. 237266

Ferenc (Hungarian side) is Margo's actual father…

No. 237275

File: 1455463770512.png (684.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-02-14-16-27-26…)

Maggot's dad just posted a pic of little Venus.

No. 237277

god bless!

No. 237278

sure it was a pain in the ass

No. 237279

I haven't followed this thread for quite a bit. Has he tried reaching out to her by any chance? (I hope he has.)

No. 237281

File: 1455464832913.png (196.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160214-104811.png)

No. 237282

He posted a comment on one of her Instagram photos-

No. 237284

But can we be sure it is actually Venus gramps? Because it could also be someone who found the pictures online (maybe fb) and posted them on instagram.
Hell knows, it could even be Margo.

No. 237287

I am pretty sure that this is not venus but her aunt naomi. Her aunt was blond in her childhood and venus wasnt

No. 237288

Well, if that's true, it could be another reason for Margie's relative silence on social media. That or her family got in touch and told her to stop shitting in public.

No. 237291

She looks exactly like venus!
1% chance her mom dyed her hair but doubt since it seems like she started milkking venus iwhen she started yt.

No. 237292

But what should they do in Switzerland? They are living in Hungary after all.

No. 237293

This is clearly Venus, look at her face. She looks blonde because of that yellowish light.

No. 237295

File: 1455468128062.jpg (21.12 KB, 611x157, fetusvenus.JPG)



looks like tiny venus

No. 237297

Hah and I remember she lied about having dark brown hair

No. 237298

I hope Venus reunites with her other relatives one day, the ones Margo tried so hard to keep her away from. I'm sure they'd love to get to know Venus more.

No. 237305

In fairness there are a lot of people who start out with a lighter or even darker haircolor as a kid that changes around puberty. It wouldn't surprise me if she started out golden blonde.

No. 237307

There are a lot of blonde kids / dark blonde kids that have their hair dyed by their mother brown because it suits them better. They are right tbh, it usually does.

No. 237308

Also Marg has always wanted a dolly for dressup so it's totally plausible that she bleached/dyed her hair lighter/darker at some point.

No. 237317

Tbh that's unfair to say, when she was 13 she didnt wear makeup, it was just after yt she started to look fake and plastic. Many mothers dye their kids hair brown or blonde…Anyways, venus looks the best with dishwater blonde, dakota's hair color.

No. 237320

There is another option - her hair went darker. You can see that her roots are dark.
My older brother looked like an albino kid until he was like 7?

No. 237325

did venus put that shirt on backwards

No. 237326

Most girls with dark blonde hair have dark roots. She just lied about having dark brown hair, no big deal. The dark brown hair looks too harsh on her for a reason anyways, hope she grows that hair color out.

No. 237327

you write like an idiot

No. 237330

No, there are some sailor collar shirts that are square on both sides.

No. 237336

you alright?

No. 237347

totally agree
fat americans should shut up with their mental health advice - you live in an overdiagnosed and overdrugged society, leave Venus out of this

No. 237359

nice samefag, shill

No. 237368

Actually I agree with that too. People in the USA are overmedicating their children. I read a lot about this and it's pretty worrying, specially with all those shooters around there. Some studies show that those american crazy shooters are almost always overmedicated for being diagnosed with some mental illness. Maybe those medications make it even worse!
Some 6.4 million American children aged between 4 and 17 have received an ADHD diagnosis at some point in their lives, the US government scientists found. The number has risen by 16 per cent since 2007 and by 53 per cent in the past decade. This is not normal. It only happens in the US, where the big pharma corporations totally rule. Well, i'm gonna stop around here, cause im probably derailing. And i will be called a weeaboo for saying this, like some idiots only have this to say. And i dont even know what a weeaboo is.

No. 237369

You're telling me that the stimulants used for treating ADD/ADHD are implicated in shootings? This is definitely news to me.

No. 237370

this is some twilight zone shit right here…

No. 237371

But overmedicating happens usually in the west tbh. But I agree.

>inb4 samefag

Lolcow is not your personal hug box.

No. 237375

All of this is so offtopic though

No. 237376

No. 237377

i'm gonna agree with those saying that add+adhd are over diagnosed, because they are, especially in murrica. most of that is due to the manner of medicating. most of the meds target a large area of effect which causes the same reactions to people with and without the condition. so if the kid is too high strug, over excited or doesn't pay enough attention, even if they technically don't have any condition, it will in essence 'cure' whatever the issue is.

No. 237380

File: 1455488149776.jpg (38.38 KB, 356x497, its all dried up boys.jpg)

No. 237381

Actually, fuck that. The medications involved in Columbine were SSRIs. Yes, SSRI are absolute aidsbutt. But I haven't heard of a single shooter with ADHD, nor medications used to treat it being involved. Yes, SSRI are the babies of big pharma, but they are not sugar pills nor are they necessarily worse than placebo. They're a tool that is poorly understood and not always effective. But for a not statistically insignificant number of depression sufferers, they're a valuable asset. They change lives for the better.

A kid with ADD is more likely to quit attending school and sit at home all day doing nothing instead of shoot up the place. Mind you, Eric Harris was sadistic/psychopathic. He did not have ADD.

Define overmedication. They're very happy to reach for the pills instead of first trying alternative measures (particularly exercise), yes, but if they indeed work they're a very helpful tool for developing better strategies for dealing with your problems.

I read these articles. Again, they mention SSRI, not fucking ADHD stims. Kindly shut the fuck up.

Please forgive me.

On topic: am I the only one who is slightly creeped out by Venus? Her chin is really tiny.(derailing)

No. 237382

I have a friend from Sapporo and he said physically disabled and mentally ill or disabled people all get shipped off to this one part of town to be homeless beggars and shit.

No. 237384

japan's issue is that they have an idealized society(it comes out all the time in anime. anime is what they want life to be) so anything that threatens that is rejected and viciously pushed out like a disease. a lot of people don't get what a vile place japan actually is for pretty much everyone. anyone outside of that ideal is terribly treated and risks being miserable forever, so a lot of them develop deep inner strength so they don't lose themselves.

No. 237385

You are probably on meds. Don't feel ashamed.

No. 237386

It depends for me, I don't like the way she looks at high angles. She looks like a scary alien. Normally I think she's quite cute, despite my usual preference for fuller lips.

No. 237390

Asian societies really remind me of ants and bees. The relentless push towards no individualism and everyone's actions being motivated by what's good for society as a whole. From a Western perspective it's really interesting, especially as this attitude has stuck around with industrialisation and so on.

No. 237401

strangely enough this attitude in japan came about with industrialism. it didn't exist in the same way before that at all.

No. 237402

Nah, that's not true. One of the reasons Aokigahara has such a bad reputation is because they used to take old people, unwanted babies and otherwise burdening to society there to die of exposure. Bushido also has a huge emphasis on self sacrifice, as does the ideal version of mothers and wives.

No. 237411

Caption is "2005, Switzerland". It's not her aunt, it's her.

No. 237414

I wonder if venus will start making Japanese housewife videos.

uh oh

watch out Mira!

No. 237415

I don't know anything about this girl, mainly here for some other cows, but the video did make me feel bad for her. Damn, what a mother.

No. 237416

I've heard people say venus's husband is older than her. How old is he? I can't find that info anywhere.

No. 237418

He's 24? 25?

No. 237420

still nothing on Margo ?

No. 237429

No. 237453

They said their age gap is 6 years and his Twitter username implies that he was born 1991, that makes him 24 turning 25 later this year but idk about his birthday.

No. 237456

File: 1455502272902.jpg (99.91 KB, 400x345, XS4Emgb.jpg)

>You're a huge weaboo if you think people should treat mentally ill people like shit.


boo hoo go cry and die
this is the real world, if you can't handle it and get over your shitty mental illnesses, then fuck yourself
no one gives a shit about you, least of all the school systems
you don't deserve speshuul treatment just because you're sad or things are more difficult for you, that's life bitch. everything is hard for everyone.

Why has margo been silent for so long, last post 1w??
Did she fly back home or is she still in the airport dumpster(derailing)

No. 237458

File: 1455502500459.gif (738.13 KB, 500x269, river.gif)

No. 237460

File: 1455502650186.png (955.98 KB, 934x688, 34534.png)

>Why has margo been silent for so long, last post 1w??
>Did she fly back home or is she still in the airport dumpster
Her last post was one day ago on Venus's IG as stated in >>237040 , she's busy stalking Venus.

No. 237464

Bodyline isn't exactly known for taking good pictures.

No. 237466

Oh jeez, you're an idiot with no real understanding of mental illness. I hope you do most of your socializing online, so people don't have to endure that painful ignorance irl.
Come to think of it, you and Margo would make one hell of a delusional couple.

No. 237470

>get over your shitty mental illnesses
honestly ive been trying for years

No. 237482

I think it would be more normal for her to stalk her daughter than you to be fair

No. 237484

Reason why I defend margo is because she clearly made a nice comment.

No. 237494

I meant on her own ig, posts that she put up herself.

No. 237495

Do you even know what site you are on or?

No. 237496

Read the thread.

No. 237497

can you guys not bump the thread if there's no milk?

No. 237498

I agree, shit is annoying.


No. 237528

>learn to sage!!
>puts SAGE in both fields

are you being sarcastic or are you just dumb?

No. 237542

Here your reaction.

No. 237548

obviously sarcastic you sperglord

No. 237550

File: 1455522760239.jpg (28.1 KB, 480x480, original.jpg)

I can't even bring myself to fully read this thread because you all treat Venus like she's some innocent abused puppy who couldn't hurt a fly… Obviously her mother is insane and nobody deserves to be abused but Venus is a grade A asshole herself and she's racist and Asian fetishizing but of course lolcow would go up for this little petite white girl(race derailing)

No. 237553

No. 237555


No. 237557

They said before he's 6 years older, ..that would make him 25

No. 237558

oh they are gonna attack you now lol

(But I agree)

No. 237560

>grade A asshole herself
pls explain, i'm being serious

and also this
>she's racist and Asian fetishizing

No. 237562

Have you seen any of her videos? She does make-up videos on "How to look Korean", "How to look Japanese". She wears Indian religious items for fashion and there's more than enough people who have had bad experiences with her (granted some of them were probably influenced by her mother). For you all to be so obsessed with her you sure seem to skip a bunch of information that's out there about her.
She's a fucking weeb

No. 237563

Even if she is not an asshole (she is) or fetishizing (she is…I btw dont agree that she is racist) she makes the cringiest videos ever, and just because her mother is crazy doesnt mean that we should give her a pass.

No. 237564

how is that being an asshole? It's not like she's spitting on these cultural items or using them to make fun of different races/ethnicities.
Honestly, you sound like a tumblrina.

No. 237565

She is a weeb, but take the cultural appropriation bullshit back to tumblr.

No. 237566

Thinking it's stupid, creepy and fetishizing for a white girl to make videos on how to look like different races doesn't really make you a tumblrina but rock on y'all

No. 237568

Nice post fam, I totally express my resentment and not my understanding for people who take medication. Looking forward to hellweek.

Like don't get me wrong or anything, I don't have anything against her. I think she's probably a lot cuter to others, but she's just kind of slightly off-putting to me.

Oh no, how horrible, she's ~culturally appropriating~

that's a fucking retarded reason to dislike someone. go back to tumblr, thanks.

confirmed tumblrtard lmao

No. 237569

>rock on y'all
your edgy humor doesn't change the fact you gave no example for how she's an asshole

but really, please explain why venus is an asshole? but i do agree about her younger self being cringe, but we all are
inb4 hxc venus fan who sucks her dick 2 hard )):

No. 237571

>saying y'all equals edgy humor
this thread is so tired

No. 237572

W-White bitches are great!!

No. 237573

Honestly, I don't think that kind of stuff makes her an asshole, just naive. She's obviously not making those "how to look korean/japanese/half" videos with malicious intent, she's just not really been exposed to anything that might tell her that that's not really ok. It's the kind of thing she's been riding on her whole life without a lot of real-world experience.
Stupid maybe, but not an asshole.

No. 237577

File: 1455525524753.png (36.8 KB, 258x267, 2333333.png)

If an ugly hambeast did the same shit Venus does lolcow wouldn't be half as forgiving as they are now (see pt) but keep denying it. Gives me a hardy chuckle

No. 237578

>she's just not really been exposed to anything that might tell her that that's not really ok. It's the kind of thing she's been riding on her whole life without a lot of real-world experience.

And thats where you are wrong. We all have been learning this stuff thanks to tumblr and social media. Even the normies before 2012 didn't know about this stuff. I'm sure she uses tumblr and twitter. Admit she wanted controversy, she is still a massive attention whore.

No. 237579

where is the admin when you need them
wasn't this thread supposed to be modded more heavily?

No. 237582

Venus wasn't even allowed to hear about feminism (Margo covered her ears when that one interviewer brought up the topic feminism) i kind of have the idea that she wasn't allowed to get educated about particular things (like the shit you find on tumblr)

No. 237584

Where have I said I like her? I'm ambivalent at best, but nobody deserves an abusive parent. You're fucking retarded with your black and white thinking. Please stop posting.

No. 237586

I reported some off topic garbage yesterday, it's still here.

No. 237587

Who said she does? I'm glad she was able to escape maggot's clutches but she's still a dumb weeaboo white bitch(race derailing)

No. 237588

why has admin forsaken us when we need him the most?

No. 237590

>this farmer is seriously trying to convince me that venus didnt fap at lesbian pr0n when no one was looking

She isnt a saint, she received A LOT of comments of people telling her that she shouldnt make such videos, yet she made them numerous times. So tell me why our Angelic Angel was/is was so innocent about this subject?

No. 237594

i don't believe she's completely innocent, she is pretty ignorant.
but the constant posts of THAT GATTDAMN CRACKER IF SHE WAS LE HAMBEAST U WOULD ALL RAGE are so tiring.
it's been happening the past few threads

No. 237599

we need a scorched earth policy here.

No. 237600

what exactly does that mean?
we just delete the thread to start over when milk begins, or

No. 237602

there's supposed to be a stricter, unique moderation for this thread right now.

disagreeing is not a problem but some of it's verging on shitposting and some of it is definitely derailing.

ah well…

No. 237606

what does her being white have to do with anything?

fucking americunts and your new age social justice

No. 237607

The pt thread is very kind and positive and gentle

No. 237608

File: 1455529261194.png (48.06 KB, 342x121, 9i0okl.png)

Don't even live close to america

No. 237616

What Indian religious items? If you mean saris or bindis no they aren't fucking religious garments I'm sick of having to explain this shit already(derailing)

No. 237618

so you're from murican colony. fed on their burgers and social justice bs. no difference.(derailing)

No. 237620

So what will be the future of these threads? What purpose will it be? If Venus stays cunty should we keep these threads? If she has a normal voice, normal videos etc… Will her threads be deleted?

No. 237621

pls go back to your safe place on tumblr where you can screech like a banshee in your echo chamber and leave us in peace.
you're obviously triggered.(derailing)

No. 237625

Both of you are triggered.

One is triggered because not all farmers treat Venus like a sad puppy and the other is triggered because Venus is fetishizing Azns and appropiating cultures.

No. 237627

You're so painfully new to imageboards it's obvious. You don't belong here. Go away.

It is not bordering, it's blatant.

I'm not either of those people you're referring to.

No. 237628

venus is appropriating asian culture that asians appropriated from europeans so…. is appropriating approppriation still appropriation?

No. 237631

yeah I was trying to maintain a shred of politeness.

your arguments back and forth are pissweak. no one actually cares who said what to who. it's just embarrassing.

No. 237632

sage this bullshit

No. 237634


No. 237636


Beats me. I was locked out for three days because of a single question about a poster's native language, and now there's race wanking as far as the eye can see. JFC.

No. 237637


Tumblr ruins everything. Tubblr is why we can't have nice threads staying on topic. Of course Venus is going to be "problematic" on le tubblr, nothing isn't problematic on Legbeard Lane. She's skinny for one, and tubblr really hates that. She's cis, she's married OMG BOWING TO LE PATRIARCHY! Instead of staying with a strong incest-lesbian genderqueer womyn like her mom.

No. 237638

You're a 'murican by heart from the way you talk. Traitor.

No. 237639

lmfao you are so fucking uneducated, almost everything that Japan has as a culture was stolen from other places, China, England, other western countries, etc. You're so painfully tumblr so you should probably just go back to it.(>>>/b/)

No. 237641

>Oh look im being hardass online i'm 2edgy4u


No. 237642

I dont see people giving her a pass, i see people understanding that she was most likely forced into making those vids because she had a batshit parent who made her do it and i dont see whats wrong with that?

No. 237643

still banging on. this isn't the place.

No. 237645

File: 1455539711463.gif (Spoiler Image,304.25 KB, 400x282, from hell.gif)

Look, it all started out with maggot being bugfuck insane. Can we go back to that? It was so beautiful.

No. 237646

File: 1455539870850.gif (1.37 MB, 740x522, Maggot romantic.gif)

No. 237647

>taking my post this serious
I wasn't being literally, just pointing out why anon is butthurt. I wrote a constructive long post but it wont make sense, you wont read it nor will it contribute milk. There wont be milk if the cow is absence.

Can we all not post in this thread until she is active?

No. 237648

No, there is no milk. Shit gets boring. This happened 5 weeks ago in internet time.

No. 237653

venus is looks and acts like a complete retard the only reason her downs looking self got any kind of fame was because of her evil sea witch mother. can't wait for her to disappear finally

No. 237654

>tfw they will tell you that you are jealous

No. 237655

y-yes i'm so jealous i don't get to act like a retarded infant with speech impairment

No. 237657

This is all very tumblr and all but can we please shut the fuck up and keep this thread about Venus and Margo instead of giving us this off topic cancer?

No. 237658

Lol ppl who get mad because you don't like/hate the same person they do are funny. This girl is not that interesting to argue over.

No. 237666


oh my god you dumb bitches fucking sage your off topic cancer

No. 237669

File: 1455547129927.jpg (156.91 KB, 943x612, venus.jpg)

No. 237670

So having boyfriend that not same race as you is fetishising said race? Sounds like tumblr logic.(don't respond to the bait)

No. 237672

File: 1455549194975.jpg (Spoiler Image,864.97 KB, 608x1070, 1422590135886.jpg)

Dear Admin-Sama,

Thanks for the extra moderation in this thread. Here is a present 4 u.

Sincerly, a farmer

No. 237676

People fucking love PT, have you never been in her threads before?

No. 237677


Learn to sage before telling Admin to fuck off. Take your shit content back to PULL. People like you are why this thread needs heavy moderation to begin with.

No. 237679

File: 1455552186787.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, fire_community.gif)

I think we can all agree that Venus has made questionable videos before, and that she is a mega weeb. I don't think that makes her a straight up asshole though, just a kid that has led a somewhat sheltered life and probably doesn't understand why its ignorant.

You can't really use the excuse that just because she uses social media she should understand what she did was fucked. People use social media all the time and still have shit attitudes about some basic stuff. And I am pretty sure Margret Thatcher sheltered Venus as much as she could and probably even forced those videos to stay up for the $$$ (Her Korean video has almost 7m views) despite people complaining about them.

If people complaining about how others are sucking Weenus' Peenus then they probably haven't been reading most of the threads. Most of the people are just happy she's gotten away from Yeasty Margo, and are hoping that this means Venus will make more mature videos in the future. I MEAN LETS BE HONEST, ASSHOLES. Most of those cringy-weeb videos were probably Maggot's idea, just trying to cash in on what got Venus popular, which is her weird weeby videos.

No. 237680

Im thinking Venus on her own would be more along the lines of Sophie, who is another massive weeb but not lolcow. Maybe a snowflake at best.

No. 237681

Some people think Venus is "fetishizing" because she is/used to be big weeaboo and some of them only want to date Japs solely because of their race.

No. 237691

any reason you specifically call her 'margaret thatcher' lololl she aint no iron woman

No. 237692

You're not British are you? Good ol' Maggie is possibly the most hated politician ever to grace our little isle. (Cameron is probably catching up though) It's a horrible insult to compare someone to Margaret thatcher.(politics derailing)

No. 237693

Maybe Venus is still going to be a shit person without Marg. Maybe not. It's impossible to tell how much of her past drama was her own fault because Marg always had access to all of her accounts. Marg is an obvious lunatic so of course people are going to give her props for cutting ties with her insane mother, which is not an easy thing to do and does take balls. People who still consider her a massive lolcow try way too hard.

Oh, and all this fetishizing bullshit is so Tumblr. God forbid anybody be attracted to their significant other because of their physical characteristics. Who gives a shit about why they're dating? Plenty of people just want someone hot to fuck. U bitches salty because it's not ~tru luv~?

No. 237694

Attention all triggered chinks and niggers if you are triggered by this stop appropriating my internet and go eat mud and rice, k thnx(race comments are disallowed in /pt/)

No. 237697

If you're not a leftist, she's not.

Sage for OT

No. 237700

File: 1455557793676.jpg (5.95 KB, 194x259, images.jpg)

looks iron to me

No. 237701

>thread about venus
>keep arguing about bullshit

No. 237703

Its ironic how most pulltards tell other people to go back to pull, its like the only thing they can say. She was being sarcastic you retarded piece of weeb.

No. 237706

It is when you do it solely for their race, yes. Venus is with manaki solely for him being Japanese. Not because they have a lot in common, bff's… etc.

No. 237707

and you know this how…?

No. 237710

Corporeal world? Is she working there now and not relying solely on YouTube?

No. 237711

I don't think she went straight for the first Japanese man that looked at her? They certainly both seem to get along, and they seem like they're both gentle and rather quite people.

No. 237713

Corporeal, not corporate. As opposed to dream world.

No. 237714

Lol my bad, definitely misread that. Still would be interesting if she did begin working IRL in Japan.

No. 237720

She has no skills that could be applied in the real world, she lacks no money though as her fangelics will give her enough money.

No. 237721

Which is sad in a way but shit if the fans are that passionate about her I guess it's a good way to live. Considering she had to provide for Margaret she'll be saving tons of cash now.

No. 237763

She would have married Mr. Yan's manager long time ago if it was only for the race and money.

No. 237768

venus probably went with manaki because he's japanese like most weaboos do, but maybe after sometime they began to realize they have the same interests or something like that.

No. 237778

aka my dream life

No. 237782

File: 1455571390439.png (89.49 KB, 608x659, narcissism.png)

I know Venus just said she's against accusing people of having disorders, but Margaret seems like a textbook narcissist mother to me. The controlling, isolating behavior, lack of boundaries, immaturity, and emotional manipulation are all common in moms with NPD. The way Margaret acts like a loving mother then claims that Venus isn't her daughter anymore when she doesn't get her way says it all.

No. 237783

You don't need skills to be a barista, sweep streets, or to shelve merchandise. Why does "job" assume some sort of white collar work? Or is Nippon different in this aspect, too?

Anyway, since it's the culture for the wife to stay at home in that country while the husband works, what makes you think she'd even ponder a job or furthering her education?

>inb4 more women are supporting themselves in weeb land!111

Yeah, this is Venus Palermo, the girl that never raised a finger in her life thanks to her money hungry river monster mother.

No. 237785

Waiting for all the Weeb Youtubers who ever got involved in that past drama to form together to suddenly try and be Venus's friends to make themselves look good. The amount of sucking up by Annchirisu is actually stomach churning.

No. 237799

isn't that the one who made a parody about venus with xiaorishu?

No. 237800


I'm not the anon you're replying to, but I think so? I know she herself made her own Venus parody.

No. 237803


That's her. She now claims to be so supportive of Venus since she escaped Margo's clutches yet won't remove her parody video because it's one of her most popular ones and FUNNY LOLZ.

No. 237810

Just goes to show how fake she is. If she were genuine about supporting Venus and wanting to be her friend, she'd take it down. I think that even the person that made that Uranus Devilish one took their down.

No. 237813

Waiting for Annie the most tbh

No. 237831

If you think your mother doesnt read your text messages you are dumb (I'm not defending her but i just want to say that all mothers do this)

t. Experience

No. 237834

nah you just had a controlling mother.

No. 237836

I never had a phone though, I'm speaking of experience because I am seeing it constantly. I definitely think its a good thing for mothers to do, because these days kids do such weird things and its a nice thing to know what they are up to. If they arent doing anything harmful I wont confront them. Again, this is just what I would do.

No. 237837

can't work out how to sage or be arsed to ask, but such an expert poster. pathetic.

No. 237842

>isn't aware of "sage goes into all fields" meme

Out yourself even more pulltard

No. 237854

Lol shut up Totemokawaii you and your logical fallacies are so transparent.(don't respond to the bait)

No. 237857

The fact you that you did not sage this proves you have been very long here.

I'll stuff Penis in your throat if you reply without sage. In fact don't reply at all, it's useless.

No. 237862

I don't disagree, but there's a difference between what normal mothers do and what Margaret does.

When a normal mom checks her child's phone, it's out of concern. A lot of moms will be like "that boy my daughter has been talking to seems like a dick, I want to make sure he isn't messaging anything weird to her."

Margaret is like "I need to have control over my young adult daughter's social media accounts so I can cultivate the perfect public image for her and prevent her from making any friends." She's not even trying to protect Venus, she's trying to control her.

No. 237883


I agree, anon. I want more Maggot milk, what has she been up to?

No. 237898

>She's not even trying to protect Venus, she's trying to control her.

You could even argue she's trying to BE her. She posted as Venus many times.

No. 237899

I've banned 12 people for derailing. Apologies for the delayed response; we are very understaffed at the moment.

No. 237900


Farmers actually love PT.

only edgy newfags bash our Queen

No. 237906

Many thanks to you admin.

No. 237907

It's even in the site's rules.

No. 237911


since when one must have friends in common and the same interests to be with someone?

No. 237912

Based Admin-sama

No. 237921

Oh god, anon. You just reminded me of something Maggot said in either a comment on Instagram or on PULL. I think it was when that old hag started drama with Barbie for no reason and she got roasted. She got so mad at Barbie for defending herself and calling her out on her lies. I clearly remember one exchange going something like:

Barbie: At least I'm not some old granny trying to live through her daughter.


That confirmed it for me.

No. 237922

If venus wanted a japanese husband she could do better (at least cuter or richer) than Manaki. But she's with him, so she probably actually likes him.

No. 237925

I never followed Barbie but I happened to see all that as it was posted to her thread. Barbie had Margo's number alright!

No. 237938

No. 237940

File: 1455610591266.jpg (120.06 KB, 540x960, 1435000569819.jpg)

Oh! Do you know what I just remembered about this drama? Maggot said Barbie was a HOMELESS girl, top kek.

No. 237941

File: 1455610618319.jpg (182.81 KB, 540x960, 1435002008043.jpg)

No. 237946

It was amazing. Margo's shade after shade… and Barbie just straight up gave it to her.

No. 237962

I wonder why Venus didn't close her online accounts like Yukapee did after the lolipedo drama. Looks like she loves to be in the spotlight after all…

No. 237964

It's likely she just wants to keep in touch with her fans so they know she's ok and to keep Margo from taking over any of her accounts.

No. 237967

She has no other profession at this time. She has to work, basically, and this is what she knows. The fanbase is already there, the YT management deal is done.

No. 237969


kek at Margo for low-key implying Barbie was prostituting herself in the streets of Shibuya. Her attempt is so obvious and cringe. Margo is so fucking stupid.

No. 237970

It's all she can do for money right now, really since it's all she knows. She needs that YouTube income.

No. 237974

Unlike Yukapee, Venus' drama is not damaging to her. If anything, this has made her everyone's darling and success story. She has all to gain from this: her freedom, her own life and YT presence.

No. 237978

File: 1455628370247.png (587.01 KB, 914x471, vas.PNG)

I don't know why the pic is in such a bad quality, but this looks like a good look for her.

No. 237979

She probably just uploaded a thumbnail version and Insta stretched it.

But damn I love dark lipstick on her! Her hair looks nice too.
Our baby Venus is finally growing up.

No. 237980

I suppose she saved it from a scene of her video and she didn't realise the quality was super low

No. 237983

Looks like another talking video from this shot. Maybe we get to hear some more about her past with Mother Gothel

No. 237984

i like this look on her

No. 237985

farmers are so nice to venus because she is a itty bitty abused kitty :((( <3(please be constructive)

No. 237986

She looks nice and age appropiate here.I bet margo forced Venus to wear dolly clothes and wouldn't allow her to wear dark lipstick or something more mature.

No. 237988

Oh fuck off.
Of course they are nice. You can be the biggest weeb in the world and it would still make me feel bad for you if you had a mother like marg.
ESPECIALLY since everyone who had a bit of a brain wasnt surprised.

No. 237991

You sound really inappropriately jealous it's.. very weird

No. 237995

Farmers are being nice to Venus, because we are hoping all of her cringe came from her mother. Now she has escaped the demon queen we are hoping nice and supportive comments will help Venus improve her video content and actually show some progress.
We want her to do well in life. Especially now the truth about Margo has been revealed.

No. 237996

Can someone linke me to where the margo drama started? I never followed the venus threads on here but this sounds interesting.

No. 237998

just click on 2 or 3 "previous threads" and youll see the beginning i guess.

No. 237999

Damn, I wouldn't have expected dark lipstick to suit her. She looks great, looking forward to seeing more new looks.

No. 238000

Venus said it's not lipstick on her updated description
Maybe it's chocolate, and then i'm laughing about how everyone is like "you looks so grown up with this lip color"

No. 238002

File: 1455636593308.png (323.01 KB, 1002x1400, margo.png)

No. 238004


She looks like Lorde kinda

No. 238006

What comic is this from?

No. 238011

Anyone got a Morello (OITNB) feeling here?

No. 238012

oyasumi punpun. it's the one main character's crazy mom

No. 238021

Can someone explain to me what "PULL" is

No. 238022

Dark lips only makes her small lips seem smaller and it looks awful imo

No. 238025

No. 238026

White-skinned people need to stay the fuck away from brown lipsticks, jesus christ.(stop)

No. 238028

Forgot to add that I like her hair this way. Makes her skintone and eye color really nice and striking.
I just can't deal with this lipstick at all.

No. 238029

I have the feeling that it's another video where she stuffs her face and it's chocolate and not lipstick.

No. 238041

a bit OT

but do you guys remember last year when venus posted about the marriage with manaki and about the ceremony which they planned to do one year later? because at this point they only signed the papers somewhere. Do you think there will be still a wedding party?

sorry for my english

No. 238058

My mom never read my texts.
I don't think that it's necessarily abnormal for a mother to read texts out of concern, but there are definitely those who read them for wanting to control their child's every move ie. Maggot

(sage for OT)

No. 238059

I think it's peel off lipstain that's popular right now. Even if it isn't it's nice to see her in a very dark color, I think it looks really good on her.

No. 238061

When she had that orange hair that was the best look, but that stopped her popularity so she turned back to kawaii. Since she is milking all that attention ofc she wants to wear normal clothes. But after the attention is fading away she will turn back to kawaii.

No. 238062

>we want her to do well in life
No offense but that was PULL's slogan.

No. 238085

This will be her first video on her own (other than the ones talking about what happened.) It'll be interesting to see what direction she takes.

No. 238086

not kawaii, racist-chan

No. 238090

Venus looks really pretty here tbh. The quality of the photo is pretty bad though.

No. 238091

Real question is, who is responsible for this video?

No. 238093

Different anon, but it's about suiting your skin tone, not racism. Black, Hispanic, and Asian girls have plenty of things that they look like shit in too.

No. 238094

>Hi my tasty nasty nylon nutella nekos!
>river sausage

No. 238097

Yeah but this colour actually suits her. It's more to do with the undertones of the skin rather than an entire race.

No. 238099

I'd prance around the house like that too if I had her legs.

No. 238102

Her lips look like she ate chocolat or poop

No. 238103

good thing her body compensates her face

No. 238110

Nah, you stay away from us.

No. 238113

Its true though, I'm pale so it would look weird to have brown lips. Brown skinned people usually have pigmented lips. Unless you want to look like you kissed poop.

No. 238116

You can see in this picture that she is a natural dark blonde. Dark hair makes her face look very harsh and those negro lips dont make it better.(stop)

No. 238119

I don't know what anyone else thinks about this but I whole heartedly think that Venus put Mayo in the river…

No. 238121

that would be a plot twist i am really interested in

No. 238126

Was it? Oops.

I honestly haven't been on PULL for a long time. I will admit I did venture there frequently, but stopped a few months before its weird disappearing and reappearing act.

I only used the phrase "we want her to do well in life" because I figured it would be an easy way to say we want her to grow up, get over the weebish ways and be happy.

No. 238127

she certainly seems the type to just snap and end it all, especially since that's her checking account that walked out on her.

No. 238129

I think it's either lip stain or eyeshadow as lip colouring.

No. 238132

Some brown shades are gorgeous and definitely not a "nope, never use if you're white". Thinking that way is just silly.

No. 238147

it depends entirely on undertones dude

obviously it wouldn't look very good on nastya or a pale, ruddy irish girl

No. 238150

It doesnt matter, it just doesnt suit penis

No. 238189

well she edited the description to point out that it's not lipstick.

No. 238216

goddamn. this is insane.

No. 238232

I think she looks nice with a bolder lip, but I don't think something that dark, or at least that tone suits her very well.

No. 238239

File: 1455691632222.jpg (148.26 KB, 592x471, noaegyosal.jpg)

This look really is gorgeous on her. The only thing I'd get rid of is the extreme aegyo sal.
Hair, make-up and top suit her nicely though.

No. 238242

I agree, I think she looks quite nice.

No. 238245

I'm probably just not seeing it, but I don't like the dark make up on her. I see so many people raving about how it looks cuter, makes her look her age/younger.

Imo it actually makes her look older. But she looks older whenever she has darker make up (Gothic Lolita, dark Angel, and big lips make up for reference). To me, she suits more natural make up.

But if she and her fans are happy I guess….

Her hair looks really pretty though, coupled along with her (natural?) eye color! ♥

No. 238250

Like the other anon said, she looks a little like Lorde. I think everyone's saying how great it looks because it's so different to what we're used to seeing. It's rather flattering on her, but in a drastically different way.

No. 238251

Penus has naturally medium/dark brown hair.

I think she'd look really nice with a light brown or natural dark blonde. She always does such extreme colors. The orange is the worst though it really takes her into slav mail order bride territory easily.

No. 238265

Has anyone seen this cringey video of her mom getting a hideous tattoo? I had never seen it until just now, but you can tell even in this video how obnoxious marge is.

No. 238266

this is clearly a foot and stocking fetish vid. wonder if that shit was her idea

No. 238268

I literally didn't mean to be racist, pale people and brown lipstick just should not mix. It looks bad. Either full on black, or light colors look nice.
The whole "dark matte lipstick" trend just looks really awful on anyone who doesn't already have brown or tan skin because it doesn't match.

No. 238272

Ew, wtf, stop stating that Venus looks like Lorde. Lorde is disgusting, she looks like a fucking mongoloid. plus she and V share zero similar features.

No. 238280

Lol, I don't see that neither.

I guess them having the same hair color counts for something?
Lords reminds me more of Lily Allen, and I think people are losing sight how natural-Venus looks.

But even with the thought of non-photoshopped Venus, they still have no similarities.


No no, even if it's different, I still find it brings out more of her mature features (which are pretty prominent already), therefore making her look old. But as I said, if she's happy with it, then so be it.

No. 238286

All this stuff looks creepy through the lens of Margo's involvement.

800K+ views though. No wonder Margo's steaming- her puppet is gone.

No. 238287

I agree with the brown. I'm a pale girl myself, and it just makes your skin look dead. I do, however, love dark vampy lipstick, but again, you have to be able to pull it off.

No. 238288

I saw this once some time ago and the only thing I remember was that Venus tried hard to be supportive but you can also see that she was kind of "eeww" inside/very unconfortable the whole time.

No. 238290

I don't think that that this is a good everyday look, but it's a cute gothic like make up you can wear once a while. I like it more than all those extreme dolly make ups.

No. 238291

"I'm 16 and that's underage, but my mom is getting a tattoo today and my mom is over 18"
idk that was adorable. Also i think Venus looks really cute in this video. This normal teenager style really suits her.

No. 238292

What in fresh hell is this??!! Total fetish video. Makes me wonder if Margo was paid for it.

Those shoes she has on in the OP pic look strangely familiar…

No. 238313

New video

No. 238314

I see what you mean! And someone commented on the video that it looks like Venus can't really walk in them.

No. 238318

I really liked the ending, with the "this is all just for fun" part. I feel like this is what she would have maybe liked to add to her older videos that are in the same style if it weren't for Margo

No. 238319

Oh my god she is adorable, love this new side to her

No. 238320

She has quite a dry sense of humour in this one.

No. 238321


Is it just me or is her voice actually a bit lower in this and not as high pitched as it usually is? If it is, maybe Margo did make her use a high pitched voice.

No. 238322

'unless you work in a candy store and its totally okay to smell like a bar of chocolate'

LOL not gonna lie I'm enjoying new Venus

No. 238323

oh no.
She's so cute in this video, holy shit.

No. 238324


If she's so amazing then why is she still a cow? Before anyone jumps the "ur so salty n jelly" train, I'm literally being honest. Why is she still on here and not Margo? Shouldn't the cow be her mother then and not her?

No. 238325

This is her normal pitch - very obvious that Margo made her put on a 'cutesy' voice for the camera.

No. 238326


She looks a bit like Zoella but with a wider face in the thumbnail tbh

No. 238327

I can see the resemblance

No. 238328


Meh, she's cute and I admit it's nice to see her being normal and not "omg hello mi jelly beanz!" but I found the video average at the most. It's because it's Venus, she's cute and everyone will shit themselves over this. Her camera quality is a hell of a lot better and it's nice knowing she's free plus she's finding her own style of doing videos? I like that a lot more. I think when she first started out her videos were messy and all over the place, so it's good to see a bit of order going on.

Other than that, I just find this meh at the most. Cute though. But I think Venus will start hopping on the Too Faced products bandwagon like every other weeb out there.

No. 238329

we still don't know what direction she will be going at. its hard to judge after only one "normal" video from here. i say she is still lolworthy, but the cringy parts seem to be toned down a lot. if she keeps it up i dont think she will be a cow anymore.
but i do enjoy seeing her have this freedom, and it being noticeable, even tho i might not enjoy the content.

No. 238330

She is so cute, the darker style suit her incredibely well.
I want to dye my hair dark chocolate too now.

No. 238331

File: 1455715353736.jpg (145.56 KB, 1920x1080, 723156fed7dfbaf8890708fc6219d7…)


Espesh when Zoella made that Autumn make up video. They kinda do look a little alike (thumbnails). Zoella is like 9 million subs ahead tho kek

No. 238332


I agree, no one really knows.

Anyone think she may get job or something in Japan though?

I still think Venus will end up collabing with Rachel and Jun at some point.

"Our Japanese husbands"

I can already see it happening.

No. 238335

File: 1455715763978.jpg (291.28 KB, 978x652, v.jpg)

I appreciate the creativity, but it looks pretty awful. Better off just buying a brown lipstick.
Maybe she just needs to exfoliate her lips a little. I dunno.

No. 238336


how dare you




No. 238339


what a meh video

No. 238340

I would expect this thread to stay in /pt/, even if Venus turns out super normal now it'd be odd to have separate Margo and Venus threads.

True, but you can't make a whole video out of that.

No. 238341

Am I the only one who thinks she should've created a new channel and tried to get rid of her old imagery? Like she could've kept venus_angelic, but maybe… open a new one so we clearly get a separation from the Margo Era and the Freedom Era?

No. 238346

And ditch a million-plus subscribers? Not gonna happen if she wants to keep making money from her videos (which she'd be dumb not too, at least until she feels a bit more settled and figures out what she wants to do with her life from here). Besides, her ad partner company would shit a brick if she even suggested starting a new channel.

No. 238364

Probably. Or blend it so it can be used as a lip tint! I know I'd rather do one of these myself instead of spending money on lush's all-natural tints… and I really liked cocoa as a blush.
She looks good, quite useful tip and the video wasn't a mess of a cluttered collection of her doing kawaii camera poses.

Go on, Venus! Don't blow shit up by posting an eating video for the love of god!!!

I hope to fuck she starts doing vlogs and going outside. That'd be like Christmas.

No. 238366

i thought this vid of Venus' is a takeoff/riff on the one where the girl made lipstick out of crayons - the same way. Maybe I'm overthinking this.

No. 238367

Brown lipstick is a huge trend now. Grav3yardgirl is wearing one on her latest tutorial and many other YouTubers as well.

No. 238372

Lel everyone keeps saying that in her latest video her eyes look happy etc…

The reason why her eyes look normal is because she didnt wear them in that video. Circle lenses make a person look sickly. Anyways, her tutorial is gross.

No. 238374

I take my comment back. Her eyes still look sickly and creepy. She needs to dispose those circle lenses.

No. 238375

you need to let go of the salt, anon. do you freak out like this in PT threads? Everyone is always praising PT for her improvements and encouraging her, I don't see why its not allowed for Venus when she's now trying to find herself and improve herself.

No. 238380

I like that she taught us a German word, she's never done that before. I hope she talks some more about European cultures instead of being a weeb 24/7

No. 238382

Bitch always did that ^.~ thank maggot for that one if you like it so much.
She didnt change at all, idk what you all are saying.

No. 238383

Really? I must have missed that part of her past videos. I only remember her teaching viewers Japanese and Korean words and customs

No. 238386

>>238383 is me
Sorry, Meant to reply to >>238381


No. 238388

this right here. She's putting more of her actual personality in this video and it's always nice to see when youtubers do that.

I'm taking her return with a grain of salt. She's a million times better in this than in her Margo!era videos but I'm not really sold yet. I'm sticking around for a little while so see what else she does but hey I mean she could have easily started off with a 'here are Japanese snacks watch me eat them desu' like she did in the past so that's a plus.

I dont remember her doing that and if she did it wasnt a frequent enough to say that she 'always did that'. Also why the fuck would we thank Margo? They used to live in German speaking areas so of course Venus knew German you shitwhistle. (Also with Margo's handle on the english language German is probably mainly what she spoke to Venus in).

No. 238398

That and the creepy tweet amargo did about her daughter legs


No. 238405

I think, based on the text message screenshots that were posted between the two, she definitely speaks to her in German when they are alone.

No. 238410

You should thank her for that because if you like it so much it was something maggot told venus to do since it was something she did in Maggot era videos. I remember she taught us a russian word or something in an old video.
Dyslexic cunt.

No. 238412

Do you really have to post every of your comments twice. It's already enough to read the shit you spill once

No. 238418

Admin-sama allowed us to delete our posts so we can edit them. Fanboy.

No. 238434

>Anyone think she may get job or something in Japan though?
Nope. She'll probably just continue making youtube videos and be a housewife. Manaki doesn't seem like the type to push Venus but who knows?

No. 238450

… how did typing shitwhistle make them dyslexic?

Also wow something she did ONCE isnt something she's 'always done'. Also I doubt EVERYTHING she did in Margo era was thought up by Margo. It probably started off with Venus doing things on her own and then Margo making sure she was 'perfect' and if anything the fact she only did it once shows it was probably Venus' idea and then Margo was like 'no teaching eurolanguage isnt kawaii enough'

No. 238453

Anon clearly is a whizz not them you transphobic whore

Sage your posts next time

No. 238462

I wonder where Margo is (Japan or Korea right now) and why she hasn't updated her instagram yet (I mean, without deleting them the next few minutes!)

No. 238490

how many farmers think maybe this whole thing is staged dramu just to get more followers- if you think about it margo must lurk here and know what is getting attention and what people think of her and them, they're both in the same country, the manaki marriage was already set in motion when margo was in the picture. thoughts?

No. 238493

I do. It's another Amber rose vs Kanye West case. Negative attention is the attention margo's saggy tits craves the most.

No. 238494

File: 1455738489766.jpeg (72.93 KB, 900x900, image.jpeg)

How many times are people going to ask this question
It gets asked multiple times each thread

No. 238499

File: 1455738934959.jpg (24.03 KB, 500x281, 11148701_1063725143641994_8496…)

>using jojo images for your derails

No. 238512

>you in charge of detecting sarcasm

Not even that poster, but c'mon.

No. 238532

Because people can, just like they can like penis.

No. 238548

That crossed my mind too..

No. 238559

This is cute! obviously it's not meant to be practical, it's just more like fun and I love this side of venus!

No. 238563


ugh yes anon

shes perfect and amazing

No. 238564

is that sarcasm

No. 238565


Don't start. You'll set the fangelics off anon… Didn't you know? Venus is this new reformed amazing person and Manaki is the god of asian men while her mother is an evil fuck. You can't say anything against them anon.

No. 238566

I can't wait until she starts her housewife in Japan videos and yellow facing again :)

watch y'all get pissy

No. 238567

watch out mira

;) venus might just make them better

No. 238569

File: 1455747639169.gif (492.4 KB, 500x251, sass.gif)

I think you'll find that Mira is the one and only Queen of stereotypical/racist Japanese housewife videos.

No. 238576


Give it time, Venus was known for pottering around the kitchen (house in London/weeb era) when she was dressed in that stupid red costume making cakes.

She'll probably do an up to date version, princessy backdrop, Manaki looking pathetic in the background and Venus talking how they're going to make miso or something. She likes eating and shit so it'll work out.

"Cooking for my Japanese husband!" <

No. 238590

This video was alright. I do like how she's no longer using that forced kawaii desu voice anymore. The tutorial was weird but at least she admits that it's not practical to use in real life.

Fuck. I didn't know weebs are jumping on Too Faced. How do they even afford that stuff? I thought they could only afford cheap shit like Maybelline and e.l.f. and the rest of the money went to bad wigs and those pockey sticks or whatever they're called.

No. 238621

too faced isn't even that expensive, jesus christ.

if you're spending hundreds of dollars on japanese clothes and pastel seifuku and waifu figures you can spare a bit of that pocky money for some kawaii makeup.

No. 238650

oh anan, thou cracketh me up.
for real, I like you.

No. 238675

I wasn't implying it was that expensive. All the weebs I knew would freak out about UD's Primer Potion being $20 and screaming, "OH MY GOD!!!!! TOO MUCH!!!!" The ones I knew were obviously more broke than the ones you know of.

No. 238744

ahahaha oops, didnt mean to post along with you anon sorry

No. 238745


Maggot is such a shitty mother but she sounds like a giant brat.
"Please God kill me" because of a laptop.

No. 238746

Yeah, at least she deleted it immediately so maybe she thought it was too rant-ish. I know I tweet stupid shit like that whenever something bad happens and I regret it right after

No. 238747

Anon I don't think it's a matter of her not having a laptop. I think it's the fact that even though she tried her best to appease her shitty mother by sacrificing what she rightfully owns, but Margo still threw a temper tantrum and took away Venus' independence and control over her own life. Imagine getting away from that, only to realise you're still powerless compared to them.

No. 238748

fuck i wanna support this girl so bad
is there something wrong with me

No. 238751

Are you autistic? It's not about a laptop. After everything she's done to try and liberate herself from Maggot, Maggot has essentially bricked the only means she has to communicate with her fans/edit videos etc. She could have footage, photos, anything on that laptop that she needs to operate her channel and now it's gone because Maggot is a piece of shit.

After everything else that has happened to her, this is just another blow and I'm not surprised she reacted badly. She's had enough.

No. 238754

Yes ofc, but no point in uploading a big text like that for all to see with "please god kill me"

No. 238755

I have a legit feeling that this girl might kill herself or otherwise harm herself sometime in the future. There's only so much abuse and control you can take.

No. 238758

I really hope not but you might be right. It sounds like she is really despairing.

No. 238759

It's just a feeling I got. Like none of this is going to end well and that something major's going to happen in the future, although I don't wish it upon her either.

No. 238760

File: 1455806642671.png (21.4 KB, 308x209, vass.PNG)

she changed the description again. "no #cutformac"

No. 238761

File: 1455806660671.jpg (89.88 KB, 456x810, tumblr_o2qzk09oZp1qfacsao1_540…)

reuploaded with new caption

No. 238762

I was about to say I think we've ran out of milk, then this happens. Poor Venus..

No. 238765

Do you think Margo is gonna find her now? Maybe kidnap her or something

No. 238766

So basically Margo could find her, with this "mac finder" thing. That's scary

No. 238767

Oh fuck off. She's just blowing steam and is probably just exhausted. Don't tell me you wouldn't say some shit when you're upset because someone fucked up your computer remotely. And she's only 19, she's gonna say dumb crap. People say stuff like "god please kill me note" all the time.

No. 238768

Venus probably bought the laptop with her own money there must be some way to get access back. Maggot you're despicable.

No. 238769

Are there apple stores in Japan? Could she get it fixed?

No. 238771

#cutformac LMAO I died reading that. Did her fans really suggest that? Or is she just giving us a slice of her dry humor?

No. 238772

Tons of them

No. 238773


No. 238777

File: 1455809237440.gif (2.53 MB, 250x208, D1dyqPPJ.gif)


I want to do a bit more than just pray. I've had to do this myself a couple of years ago. I don't do IG, so if anyone can maybe put this in a comment? I'm also more doing this out of hate for Maggot than love for Venus, still pretty neutral on Venus, but the insane neediness of Maggot, and the lengths she'll go to are the milk that keep me going. If she has remote access, she can delete all the data.

First, if their laptop automatically connects to wifi on booting, they need to turn off the wifi, make sure the internet is not connected. Then, step two is a little more complicated. Normal booting isn't going to help, but by booting in single user mode she can create a new admin account.

Step 3 is also very important: making sure that the finder thing Maggot uses is deleted/uninstalled BEFORE connecting to wifi again!

Step 2: (Manaki should be able to find this stuff in Japanese and perhaps do it for Venus)

(the below is C&P, sage for OT) How to boot in single user mode and get new admin account:
Shutdown the Mac
While holding ⌘+option+P+R, power on the Mac
Continue holding all four keys until the Mac has chimed (restarted) twice, then release the keys and allow it to boot normally

If that fails, or you still can't boot to single user mode, give this a try. Resetting NVRAM:

While holding ⌘+option+O+F, power on your Mac, after a few seconds you should be greeted with the Open Firmware screen.
Type and click return: reset-nvram
Type and click return: `reset-all'

Hopefully by now you can boot to single user mode.

Boot to single user mode (⌘+S while powering on)
Type and hit return: /sbin/fsck -fy
Type and hit return: /sbin/mount -uw /
Type and hit return: rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
Type and hit return: reboot

This should boot your Mac to the setup assistant. From here you can create a new user account, which will automatically be designated as an administrator account.

STEP 4: if that cunt of a whore Maggot has deleted all the data out of spite, because she's old, wasted, and has nothing of value in her pathetic life? I recommend a full, clean start by downloading OS and reinstalling.

No. 238778


No. 238782

Shes gonna upload videos with her phone instead

No. 238784

I think she was just upset the moment she uploaded it, she deleted it and re-captioned it which means she obviously found it too ranty.

I wonder if margo will try to figure out where she lives since she can locate it now right? I feel a little bad for her about that. Margo has her claws in everything still and is obviously still salty af.

No. 238786

File: 1455810957373.jpg (134.43 KB, 943x607, venus.jpg)

No. 238787

I can't believe the Keemtards are still bullying her on IG

No. 238788

I didn't think that 13 year olds had attention spans that lasted this long. Shouldn't they have gotten bored and gone back to being ~le epic trolls~ on CoD or something?

No. 238806

If she wanted to find her she would be there already, they were living with Manaki's parents when they first announced the dating.

No. 238811

I hope venus google this shit there are way to bypass find my mac. But this whore need to stop cant venus press charges against her mother or something?

No. 238812

How? They'd have to extradite Marg from Korea into Japan, and we know that they're never even going to try on something this insignificant.

No. 238814

>first world problems
She could just buy a new one instead of killing herself, you know? There are girls who dont even have a laptop.
>inb4 its because of her controlling maggot and now she cant communicate with her fans bawww
She could just give up the fame without suicidal thoughts you know? You guys claim she didnt want "the attention" and that her mother forced her (bs).
She could also just enjoy the attention and buy a new (windows) laptop.

You guys are going too far. All of you.

No. 238815

You're an idiot. It's not because she can't communicate with her fans that she's so distraught. It's because she as done all of this to get away from her and still Margo has the power to turn it all off and try to claw her way back to her. Why are people so dense that they can't realize this?

No. 238816

I feel so bad for her.

Her original caption was over the top, but its obvious this whole thing is really stressing her out and she let it get to her. I can't even imagine feeling that smothered and that controlled by your own mother. YT is all Venus knows and is her only source of income, and her mother is trying to take that away from her because of spite and anger.

Venus clearly realized she let her emotions get the best of her, that's why she reuploaded with a new caption.

No. 238817

And how exactly can she do that?

No. 238818

There's no way Margo would've let her get a job because it would take time away from her yt career, and I don't think Margo is a good enough mother to have taught Venus life skills so she could be independent, so honestly I feel like people like >>238814 are fucking idiots because it's not like she can just tip her hat, leave youtube, and go get an actual career and support herself on her own.

No. 238819

Do you not understand the concept of "Where's my mac" ? She knows where Venus is now and because she owns the account, she can claim Venus stole the laptop. Venus is a minor in Japan and it would be very difficult for her to fight back against this legally.

No. 238820

Venus isn't a minor anymore

No. 238821


but could manaki go to the police or something and tell that his waifu is being harassed by maggot?

No. 238822

This so hard. But also I'm really fucking tired of people saying 'youtube isnt a real career' because it reminds me of when people used to say 'art isnt a real career'.

Does she make money from it?
Does she make enough to live off of?
Fucking obviously since her and her mom were living comfortably off of it.

So it's a career.

'Oh but the algorithm changes and she might not be making money soon'
Well businesses close down and downsize all the fucking time. So shut up.

No. 238823

Oh I am aware that people like venus and you will never function normally in society. Good thing you can camwhore and she can make her … quality videos.
Plz dont study laws

No. 238824

Isn't 20 the age that's considered an adult in Japan?

No. 238825

Oh of course youtube is a career. But prostitutes have a career too. Do they get respected? No. So stfu moralfag

No. 238826

Adult = 20 in Japan. I did actually specifically say this in my original post.

No. 238827

File: 1455821525441.gif (1.89 MB, 268x246, 4535.gif)

lmao how the fuck are you going to compare making make up videos to being a prositute

No. 238828

Let me explain to you how much money Venus dropped within the past few weeks
>Dropped money on last minute flight to Japan
>Probably putting a down payment on the new apartment?
>Buying furniture and appliances (maybe)
>Taxis and the such

Let's also not forget that Margo probably dried out her account (since she has the PIN etc) with HER flights as well as just generally overspending/taking out cash be a bitch.

Also when something like this happens your first thought is not 'oh I guess I'll go out and buy a new one' it's 'wtf is happening'

wow you must have real long arms to be able to reach that far.

No. 238829

You do realise than even when someone poor looses a laptop they're much more concerned about the content on it, you know, 'cause it's potentially lost forever? Idiot.

No. 238830

That's fucking terrible logic lmao. You could replace youtube with any other career in that sentence.

No. 238833

Well with Margo being Margo I doubt Venus is gonna get that laptop back so she might as well buy a new one and since they just went furniture shopping I don't see why they can't buy a cheap laptop.

No. 238837

obviously the bitch is going to end up buying a new laptop, good lord

No. 238842

You can't unlock a macbook without cloud id and apple stores wont help you because it is a policy/ and the system is built that way to prevent anti theft. The american FBI actually is trying to get apple to allow for a way to brute force your way through in the next generation of phones so the government can go through and get data from the phones of terrorist, but the company is trying to fight that.
I don't think Margot is accessing her computer remotely it's more that the laptop is logged into and registered through apple's cloud system and via find my iphone you can use the theft prevention system and lock the "lost" computer. Venus is kinda screwed unless she can convince her mom to unlock it and give her control of the apple account. So basically her mom has a bargaining chip now.

No. 238851

This is besides the point, Venus probably losts a ton of templates, her editing softwares, raw pictures and footage, her own pics, DIY tutorials what not.

She probably forgot to (or couldn't) save it all on a external drive. Plus if it were me, I'd also lose a ton of saved up links and memorized passwords of different accounts. It's a huge waste of time and money for Venus.

Margaret is the cruelest dumbest bitch ever. That move benefitted no one, no one can currently use this laptop so what's the point ? God I hate her more and more.

No. 238854

Margeret needs to be reported to the police. What she did is incredibly fucked up and sadistic, she's nothing but a cunt and will do far worse. That's why the bitch has been quiet, she's on the down low stalking Venus and making up new plans to ruin her life.

No. 238857

What was the original post?? What is "#cutformac"?????

No. 238859

I'd like to know this too.

No. 238861

Venus was adding in some dark humor in parody to #cutforbieber

No. 238862

it's probably a reference to #cutforbieber, which was something /b/ made up a few years back so biebertards would cut themselves, this was after some drama or other to do with bieber

No. 238863

Could anyone re-upload?

No. 238864

No. 238865

This girl is scarred for life. Getting a "husband" is not the right way to go. There's also a question if she really is married when you need parental consent to get married at 18 or 19 in Korea or Japan.

If that marriage is legit, no Korean or Japanese media company will sign her when one of their mandatory requirements is no boyfriends or even dating while in contract. The only way she could land a media gig outside of youtube is if she lucks out or become a softcore/AV actress. Modelling is possible but there are real lolis doing that in Japan. Don't know why they will get someone older.

No. 238866

Was >>238760 the original post? Whys she saying she's not doing it anymore? When did she first mention it?

No. 238868


No. 238869

It's deleted anon.

No. 238870

File: 1455826369600.jpg (57.21 KB, 338x600, 1455804786737.jpg)

No. 238871

it's apparently been removed but the short of it is that she explained the situation, then said things like 'I disappoint everyone, I suck at life, I'm sorry please god kill me'
I'm not going to reupload, if it's been removed there must've been a reason

No. 238873

>They just went furniture shopping I don't see why they can't buy a cheap laptop

Yeah, they just bought new furniture. Why do you think she still has a few hundred dollars laying around?
Just because YOU would be able to buy a laptop on a whim, doesn't mean that everyone can do that.
With all the drama that has been going on, I imagine Venus being quite tight on cash.

Yup, you're very fucking autistic. The bad kind, the kind where you're just a dick to everyone, because you lack empathy and can't take a fucking joke.
Venus isn't going to kill herself, #cutformac is jest you dipshit. She never meant it. And you're also a dipshit for not seeing how it can be pretty shitty when your abuser keeps abusing you, even when you thought you were finally safe.

People aren't going too far, you're just too autistic.

No. 238874

Omg :c

No. 238875

She's panicking and terrified and saying stupid shit. She's not actually suicidal.
Thinking you're safe, but then your abuser finding out where you are and even shutting your computer down, is quite a fucking scare.

No. 238877


what the fuck are you on about? only idols have to deal with that no boyfriend/husband shit.

No. 238878

Dude, you need to chill. First of all brand new furniture is not a necessity like heat or food, so if they don't have alot of money to be spending they shouldn't be out furniture shopping. Also if they are so tight on cash then Venus needs to get a part time job and like I said before if they can buy new furniture then they should be able to buy a cheap or used laptop since youtube is Venus's career.

No. 238879

are you on crack, i don't think venus has ever mentioned wanting any sort of legit modeling/ actress type of job in japan. i really just think the bitch wants to create videos and dress and look cute, end of.

No. 238880


Nope that's a misconception. Some actresses have that clause especially when they are marketed as a teen/etc. Even if they do allow boyfriends/husbands, it will need to be extremely hidden from the public which is impossible.


I am not saying she wants to. I am just saying it is almost impossible for her to do so.

No. 238881

if she doesn't want to then who cares if you think its impossible for her to do so?

No. 238884


Just pointing it out just like what you're doing now.

No. 238885

We need a rule about autism on this board.

No. 238886

It's also impossible for her to be an astronaut, if we're just listing off random impossible careers.

No. 238887

I don't like Venus but I feel bad for her because of Margo. You can tell she was freaking out when she posted that first post.

No. 238889

This she probably lost a lot of footage and tools she has saved up to make future videos. Probably stuff like her video she was going to make about her marriage to manki, expensive video editing software, free licensed music,etc. More importantly I doubt she has paper copies of many important documents since she was always country hoping and had to ran away from her mom unnoticed. Hopefully as a youtuber, she is often making backups to a external, but I wouldn't be surprised if thats not the case as both her and her mom are pretty dumb. I can see her frustration though, if I lost all my computer data one day and that is my income I would be frustrated as hell and feel like hurting myself. She should really ask her agency to help her on this because both her and Margot are probably signed on the contract and have to comply with them on certain terms.

No. 238890

I think youre missing the point. Buying a new laptop doesn't get your pics or video or files back. like anon said earlier what Midge did doesn't benifit anyone, no one can use it now. Its just spiteful, which is really annoying.

Im sure Venus will get a new laptop sometime and start over. Shes gonna just have to.

No. 238891


Now you're just being retarded. Everyone here is weighing her actions, speculating or something else. A YT/media person like her which has some modeling/TV experience will likely try and find something on the same line of work because she already has an experience doing so. By having a husband/boyfriend, she basically shut that door herself.

Yes she could try and find something else but she is not fluent in Japanese, no skills/degree nor experience other than youtubing. Anything other than media-related work will take awhile.

No. 238892

Has Maggot ever been diagnosed with anything?

No. 238893

being a genius

No. 238895


You don't have to not have a boyfriend to work in media in Japan, She could still get signed with a modelling agency or something. And if she really did have to pretend to not be in a relationship she could do just that, Manaki doesn't have to be mentioned in her work, but considering she's already pretty popular everyone already knows shes married.
If she isn't trying to be an idol or go into some kawaii bs and just wanted to do regular modelling it doesn't make a difference whether or not she was single because she wouldn't be marketing towards the same audience of men she would be if she were an idol or some other otaku related career.

No. 238896

Nah you're still being the retarded one. The only time Venus ever even tried to do something modelling related was for bodyline back when she was still doing lolita BS.

If she didn't have a husband she wouldnt be in Japan right now so your point is completely moot. Only really big tryhard youtubers try to get legit acting/modelling gigs. If anything from her video history she'd probably apply for a salon or something and I dont think salons care about if you're married.

IDK why everyone keeps crying 'weh weh weh Venus being married is the worst idea because of how young she is/her losing her weird old man fandom' or wtf ever. Not everyone cares about that shit and without him she didnt have the ability to get away from margo. Literally unless the relationship fails I support them. Even if they end up just being platonic or wtf ever. Venus is in a way better place now than when she was with Margo and a good state of life is better than 'but what about jobs desu'

No. 238897

Is there a chance she could save her laptop?

No. 238904


Unless she lucked out and marketed as something else then it's possible but is that really possible? Otaku-related career? Didn't I say AV/softcore?


You even said it yourself numbnuts. Their "marriage" is questionable.

And you assumed I am a fan which I am not. Just legitimately sad for her situation. She escaped a bad situation just to land into a questionable one.

No. 238912

Jesus Christ. Just when you think Venus could start enjoying her life with that psycho mom out of the way, this happens. I feel bad for her. It really is a case of thinking you're finally safe but your abuser goes and does even more shit to hurt you. I hope something can be done about her laptop but it doesn't look too likely right now.

She has already spent quite a bit of money this month on furniture, getting out of Korea and such. I can understand her frustration since YouTube is the only thing she knows for making money. It may be a while until she can afford another laptop and a good video editing program. From the looks of her previous works, she was using iMovie which is only on macs. I don't think she'll get a Windows computer…

No. 238922

Could anyone explain the whole Mac finder thing? What did her mom exactly do? Did she remotely (WiFi) connected to her laptop and changed her password??

No. 238924

Can we get #surrenderthemacmayo a trending hashtag? Or flood may o's page with questions about it?

No. 238925

Basically, since Margo has all of Venus' passwords/ emails she can set up a program that allows her to report that the Mac got stolen, which then locks the Mac from all use.

No. 238926

I had a feeling that fucking psycho magrot was up to some underhanded shit these past few days. Don't forget, she told V she would "destroy her." That computer probably had all her financial stuff on it too, like bank accounts…which V now has no access to & magrot is probably in the process of emptying out. This creature is a spiteful vindictive rampaging hosebeast from hell.

No. 238929

I'm wondering if Margo is in Japan legally. Has she stayed in Korea long enough for the visa clock to reset? Can Margo be reported and deported?

No. 238937

No. 238938

Sorry stupid phone. I don't see how Margo can access the data on the computer remotely if it's locked. Unless venus stores passwords in a doc that is stored in iCloud…I'd be more concerned about Margo finding her location. Jeez, Margo is a creep.

No. 238942

I bet marg transferred the bank accounts, etc. to another computer before locking Venus' laptop. Now marg has full access to all of it and Venus is locked out.

No. 238943

Poor girl, she must be terrified. She was probably just getting started to get settled in, and now Margo does this. I hope she stays optimistic.

No. 238946

That's not the way "find my iPhone/Mac/iPad" works. Margo isn't a hacker lol.

No. 238948

Can't she just take her to a place to get it unlocked?? I'm pretty sure there must be places in Japan like that.

No. 238951

Pretty sure this is what Margo did. She's not an elite hacker, just a troll:

No. 238952


Please. There were idols in Morning Musume married and spawning babies at 19. And for gaijin the requirements aren't exactly the same. Who even says she wants to be a traditional style idol?

No. 238953

File: 1455838895545.png (268.48 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-18-19-41-32…)

I wonder what Margo wrote…

No. 238954

Apparently you can also delete everything on it using this. I hope that's not the case. I wish Venus would take legal action at this point…

No. 238956


It's made so that you can delete your data if someone else has your computer. If I were Venus, I'd travel to Korea, brain the bitch and dump her into the river, and get the rest of my stuff back. Magoo has gone too far.

No. 238957

It's time for Venus to go to the police for stalking, and harassment. She has the screenshots. Manaki can help her, and since Manaki isn't a foreigner, I'm sure the police will be more amenable to helping.

No. 238959

couldn't this count as some sort of harassment?
I would start looking into a restraining order if I was her.

No. 238966

I hope something good will come of it if she does. Margo has been going way too damn far. I really hope she doesn't have Venus' location after this whole mac thing. I'm worried about her and Manaki.

Never did I think there'd come a day (because I can't stand ultra weebs), but I just hope this girl will be alright after all these drama bombs with her evil mom.

No. 238970

By the Dr anons on this board? Plenty.

No. 238974

Too many to quote but the number one issue here is not the laptop or the files. No passwords to YT or banks could be compromised. Margo's a mean bitch for shutting the laptop down and good on Venus for posting publicly about it.

The real issue is Margo now has Venus' EXACT LOCATION; it's part of the Find My Mac function. Wherever this laptop goes, Margo can see it on a map. She has Venus' home address - maybe not to the apartment but she now knows the building.

Margo will have also been able to make some recordings using the onboard camera.

I feel this is a precursor to a face to face meeting. Margo being this vindictive with the laptop shows that she only has ill intent.

No. 238975

Yeah, I agree. I think margo is going to try to confront Venus in public. Venus should contact the police in her neighborhood and give a description of Margo so that they can keep an eye out for her.

No. 238976

Fuck. She and her husband need to go to the police. I hope Japanese police aren't as shitty as people say and they actually do something before something happens to either one of them. We know Margo is psycho enough to try and kill her own daughter. This is terrifying.

No. 238977

That only works if the laptop is on and connected to the internet. Besides, wasn't Venus using the internet at a Starbucks? Margo probably knows her neighborhood at best.

No. 238978

Still, Margo might lurk in the aforementioned Starbucks and lie in wait for Venus to return for some free internets. If that does happen, at least the confrontation will be in public I suppose.

No. 238979

Yeah. Ugh. It's true, she's figured out a place that Venus visits regularly.