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File: 1455063664431.jpg (43.67 KB, 306x478, article-2136332-12C588B8000005…)

No. 234603

Last thread reached limit:


Old threads:


No. 234604

Good summary anon

No. 234605

File: 1455063816931.jpg (73.97 KB, 504x403, manaki & venus vs. the ogre.jp…)

this thread needs up to date pictures.

No. 234606

Whoever did this, bless your heart

No. 234609

File: 1455064019365.jpg (374.95 KB, 1024x1365, magoo.jpg)


Margaret can continue to buy expensive sausages at the airport if she visits Roppongi a couple of times a week and gets familiar with that kenyan sausage.

No. 234610

Thanks Anon! Was worried I might've missed something

No. 234611


Venus looks better with brown hair than with that bleached blond; brown hair makes the color of her eyes pop.

The best revenge is that Margaret will look like shit no matter what.

No. 234612

Well if Margo ever needs a job to survive, she could always take up staring in German dungeon MILF porn.

No. 234615

what, like the basilisk in harry potter?

No. 234616

Agreed although in the "Ariana Grande ponytail" (or w/e it's called) video someone posted in the previous thread she did look nice with her blonde hair, but yeah, overall darker hair colors seem to fit her type better

sage for slight OT

No. 234619

OT but long time ago I was obssesed with blonde hair and light eyes and now I prefer dark hair with light eyes, it looks better, like…more balanced? So I agree, I love Venus' dark hair ♥

No. 234622

Same here my friend. Light eyes with dark hair are really gorgeous, I do love dark eyes with dark hair as well tho. Sorry for OT

No. 234623

No. 234626

Nope, you're not. When I first saw the picture, I thought something along the lines of, "Holy shit, she's plotting murder."

But what we got instead is so much better.
I'm not happy Venus is hurting (needless to say, nobody deserves that shit), but I'm happy to see Margo finally losing the last grip on sanity she had.


No. 234630

Did Margo actually say anything about this expensive sausage, or was it just from one of the troll accounts that popped up today.

Either way Margo with a mouthful of sausage while going into river is the perfect visual.

No. 234632

It was a troll

No. 234633

File: 1455067157579.jpeg (49.69 KB, 750x250, image.jpeg)

It was a troll account.

No. 234639


She didn't say anything, but she posted a picture of her breakfast at the airport on IG. Somehow the fact that she was eating breakfast was also Venus' fault. Everything is Venus' fault, never mind that she's a crazy shit mother who couldn't be arsed to give that girl a decent upbringing.

No. 234643

holy shit im lost and confused
is that margaretpalermofan or whatever acc deleted now or is it that new margeretpalermo acc or was it margaretpolermo

No. 234648

Personally, I think the last straw for Venus was the fight they had at New Years, Venus seems to have been biding her time since then.

I'm really surprised by her video actually. I think most Youtubers would have made a huge exposé/rant video where they expose all the dirt they can about the other person, but Venus didn't touch on anything that didn't have to do with the accusations against her. I guess she also realizes that Margo makes herself look bad enough without any additional mudslinging, but either way, I'm really glad she's handled this the way she has.

No. 234649

Fuck the troll accounts. I wish people would stop posting the screen caps here.

No. 234650

So far there has been:

No. 234651

margaret looks souless in every photo

No. 234652

File: 1455070415370.jpg (263.2 KB, 2048x1152, lexiskorea.jpg)

I hope we get more photos of Venus enjoying life with Manaki, his family and new friends like this one at her language class in Korea not long before she left. It's actually a relief to not see Margaret there.

No. 234653

Venus should make a new youtube channel, if she keeps uploading videos on her current one won't the money she makes go to Margo since she has her bank info.

No. 234654

she might have connected her youtube to another bank account

even if it was attached to the old one, margo doesnt have access to it because venus has the card

No. 234655

> the fight they had at New Years

What happened then? Sorry, I didn't start following Venus until this whole thing with her leaving and Margo going to Japan drama started happening

No. 234656


Maybe she got the account frozen on her end? I'm sure Venus has sorted something out, she's doing well. I wish she'd change the title of her videos with Manaki though as no doubt Margaret played a role in labeling him as the ex-boyfriend. Now all V has to do is try and recover her Twitter, Facebook page and get a new website made.

No. 234657

My feeling is Venus has got things sorted out in that respect, and I reckon that's why she's announced the merch and made the video. I doubt Margo can log in, or will receive anything.

IMO Margo only has control of the things she already snatched - the twitter for example.

No. 234658


Margo hacked Venus's account on Instagram and posted some bullshit & caused a massive salt fest when Manaki surprised Venus in Seoul resulting in why most likely she escaped.

No. 234659

tbh i don't think she needs a new site. she should just leave the web and grow the fuck up. she seriously took a big step, but she needs to stop being a delusional weeb eventually.

No. 234660

She's 19 dude.

No. 234661


She could always set up a Store Envy for her merch she plans to sell and make a basic website fused with a blog like she used to do. The website she had was cringe thanks to Margo whoring out her ancient living doll persona tbh. Venus already has fulfilled the Weeb destiny of moving to Japan and married a Japanese guy so now she can grow into something more lol.

No. 234663

Oh, that's shitty of Margo but I guess with her recent behavior that's sorta understandable. Thanks for letting me know!

No. 234664

File: 1455071464519.jpeg (509.46 KB, 1469x1536, image.jpeg)

No. 234665

I'm starting to wonder if Maggy told Venus something about Manaki which angered her.. Made her break up and change the titles of their videos together.
Remember when Maggy said that Manaki hit on her? Somehow I doubt that ever happened. But it makes me wonder what kind of lies she could have been telling Venus, and she believed them at first?

No. 234666

i always felt she was sort of embarassed to wear these weeby clothes and sport that ultra long bleached blonde hair. she strikes me as someone who'd rather blend in more/be cutesy in a toned down way. imagine sporting a fake persona all the time

No. 234667


Most likely. She probably did a "mother knows best" rant about Manaki and poor Venus got brainwashed with her endless lies in the beginning.


How she looks here and the outfit she posted recently on IG really suits her as it's a mature cute look. I think she got tired of going for the super kawaii dolly attire as well.

No. 234668

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that crazy NPD way
And who shall wear the kawaii crown?
Good Margo drown on the way!

O farmers let's go down
Let's go down, come on down
O farmers let's go down
Down in the river to pray

No. 234670

O'Margo where art thou!!!!

No. 234671

Bless you anon.

No. 234673

No. 234674

I felt kinda bad ruining Alison Krauss' beautiful song with Maggots name. I hope I can be forgiven for tainting it.

No. 234675

It was for the greater good, Anon.

No. 234677

No. 234678

Good music, good milk.
The Age of the Farmer is 2016.

No. 234679

Margaret is too quiet. I have this vision of her walking calmly around Yokohama whistling the 'Twisted Nerve' tune from Kill Bill plotting some devious shit…

No. 234681

I went into river, what did I see?
Doll-eyed Venus swam with me
A bag of my belongings and Svarovski stones
All the things I used to see
All my fans were there with me
All my past and futures
And we all went to Japan in a little row boat
There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

No. 234682

Do you think Margo learned her lesson about posting hate online?Every time she posted something, people called her out on her shit. She could have given up trying to get people on her side.

No. 234683


if Margo is one thing it's determined. That bitch is plotting.

No. 234684

New theory, shes not posting because she wanrs people to get worried and think she went into the river. Then haha she strikes "look how worried, my fans are! Venus isnt worried because shes a bad person!" followed by bikini dancing for some reason.

No. 234685

Margo will never learn the lesson I think. I mean, seriously, the woman is…how old? Over 40. If she hasn't learned not to be a psychopathic, manipulative crazy bitch by now, there is no helping her. She might give up for now because of the backlash, but that's not learning a lesson, that's just trying to avoid stirring the pot even more right now while she plans a comeback strategy. Like other people have been saying, I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up posting a hospital picture in a few days claiming she attempted suicide or something like that.

No. 234686

You guys are giving me the greatest/weirdest playlist

No. 234687

Don't forget PJ Harvey from the previous thread

No. 234688


And Mother Knows Best from Tangled lol.

No. 234689

>amnesiac era radiohead
you're my new favorite anon

No. 234690

Ironically, I'll be going to haneda airport tonight to pick up a friend. I wonder if she'll still be there…

No. 234691

Thanks Anon! Though I gotta say I enjoy their later stuff too, TKOL gets a lot of negative reception but I thought it was quite good too (sorry for the OT)

Oh goodness, please look around for Margo! Check the toilets and showers too if you can.

No. 234692

omg I hope there's a Margo sighting.

No. 234693

New video from Venus addressing the accusations her mother made and confirming some things we had all guessed e.g that Margo hits her

No. 234694

third time this has been posted

No. 234695

File: 1455075476290.png (546.83 KB, 500x488, Slowpoke.png)

No. 234697

File: 1455075502329.jpg (131.25 KB, 600x200, soexpensive.jpg)

No. 234698

new thread. people might not want to try and find it in the old one.

No. 234700

I kinda think shes in yokohama, trying to find the exact location and angle those photos on Venus' instagram were taken from.

No. 234702

i bet she's not even in the airport honestly. she's just playing it up for attention. if she has venus's money, she has money to stay in some random hotel and stalk venus.

No. 234703

I think Venus may have some control over her YouTube channel now and may have a new bank account set up in Japan. Why would she say that she's going to keep making videos if the funds were going to psycho mom?

No. 234704

She's not the lesson-learning type.

No. 234706

I sure hope Venus waited to post those images after she left town.

No. 234707

I just looked down and realized I'm wearing the exact same shoes as Venus in this photo lol.

Seconding this. She probably is sitting in a nice hotel somewhere plotting ways to get back at Venus and trying to track her down. Possibly also thinking of ways to murder Manaki without leaving any evidence behind.

No. 234709

why the fuck are you wearing shoes at your computer?

No. 234710

lifestylers just don't know when to turn down

I'm pretty sure that if she's quiet then she's found something better to do. That means either stalking venus or whoring herself out to stay in nipnipland so that she can stalk venus. if she were talking to the cops/making any progress we would have heard about it.

Who knows, maybe she got arrested, kek

No. 234711

to keep your feet warm, silly.

No. 234713

still loving the thumbnail

No. 234719

File: 1455079286092.png (692.08 KB, 933x602, penus.png)

Latest IG post from Venus. No reply from Maggot yet.

No. 234720

I've never traveled abroad so I don't know how visas work exactly, but if Margo is still on her Korean student visa, can she just wander into Japan like that? And if so, for how long before she would be ejected again?

No. 234721


you know what to do

No. 234722

Dae scared to sleep
Honestly Margo's lack of reaction is scary and she cant keep it up its just a waiting game

No. 234723

not scared, sorta excited tbh. i'm seriously sleeping less these days just following all the drama here. woke up at 3am a few days ago and instead of trying to go back to sleep, i just stayed up all night in the venus threads.

No. 234725

File: 1455080416102.jpg (44.16 KB, 275x184, 1455060638322.jpg)

underated art from the last thread.

No. 234729

I'm exactly the same, it's like 5am right now and I'm just here.

No. 234730

They vary for different nationalities in different countries, anon. As an Aussie I can go to the US or Schengen (in the EU) for 90 days as a tourist without a visa. That is specific to my nationality and those areas.

I don't know what an EU citizen (Margo=Hungarian) has to do for a visit to Japan, but it is probably pretty open when it's a short visit.

No. 234731

As an aussie. I did not know that.

No. 234732

File: 1455082101707.gif (359.72 KB, 245x167, tumblr_mh3vsccuo21qlvt53o2_250…)


It will be fine, farmers. Manaki is on his native turf, they probably have some sort of support from his parents, and they are much better able to deal with the police than crazyass maggot. Go to sleep! Insomnia will make you mental and you could end up like Margo. We'll watch over them.

No. 234733

Hit these four points when coming across a crazed, aggressive maggot:

>Solar plexus


No. 234734


bitch I want the milk straight from margo's sad saggy teets

No. 234735

Travel away anon… we have very generous arrangements.

No. 234736

goddamnit I wanted to make the thread, fuck my gay working hours

No. 234737

Samefagging to be technical: a tourist visa is issued automatically on arrival, valid for 90 days.

No. 234738

Margs face is kinda busted but her bod is pretty good. I think shed make for a good prostitute

No. 234739

I realized something while shopping today. If margo needs the money, I would be willing to pay her to make and release a video of her singing and dancing to "mother knows best" from Disney's Tangled.

No. 234740


Let's keep track and make sure we report her to immigration once her ninety days are up.

No. 234742

File: 1455082954180.gif (964.12 KB, 245x300, anigif_enhanced-buzz-21701-137…)


You're cruel but I love you best, anon.

Is anyone else reminded of the mom in Black Swan?

No. 234743

That's probably her only option for money right now since Venus escaped. I'm sure there's a market in Japan for old hagfish prostitutes.

No. 234744

File: 1455083040376.jpg (74.97 KB, 720x595, IMG_20160209_234255.jpg)

No. 234745


Who is that? Matilda's mom?

No. 234747

File: 1455083154383.jpg (24.03 KB, 400x400, black-swan-mother-cr.jpg)

Magoo is more of a bargain basement Barbara Hershey tho. But it's the same kind of absolute control, infantalizing, creepiness.

No. 234748

its the lady from Austin Powers

No. 234749

Frau from austin powers, ha!

No. 234751

File: 1455083384022.jpg (76.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


There's people who have a busu-sen fetish, and who only get excited by ugly women.

No. 234752

File: 1455083494852.gif (1.13 MB, 320x213, Water demon emerging this is a…)


Thanks! I should watch that again while we wait for Margo to resurface from the river.

No. 234753

File: 1455083631453.png (1.13 MB, 1443x656, margaret palermo.png)


Sage for samefagging but the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 234754

Good idea. It will reset though if she returns to SK, even briefly.

No. 234755

File: 1455084056041.gif (350.57 KB, 500x212, tumblr_inline_mi81rffFsz1qz4rg…)


No. 234756

dude, YES.

Woman gets knocked up, loses her "dreams" and aspirations, has to raise the child instead, then lives vicariously through that child.

No. 234765

it makes me really happy to see those supportive comments

No. 234767

This entire situation is reminding me of Tangled.

No. 234771

File: 1455088094445.gif (881.87 KB, 500x500, rejection.gif)

Doesn't Maggot realize that when people just started saying that she looked nice and even beautiful, they were just being kind to her for Venus' sake? As in: if you want someone to like you, you'll be nice to their mother.

No. 234773

She doesn't get it at all. It explains why that one jackass guy stood up for her so hard about how she "put her life on hold" and how he "feels so sorry" for her. Old creep just wanted to get into Venus' pants. It's gross.

No. 234776

I've never spent much time reading the Venus threads because I'm not into weeb and I always found her annoying


I just watched her latest video and it's given me a lot of respect for her. She shows maturity I've never seen before. I always thought of Marg as the cow and felt really bad for Venus. After Courtney Love, Margot is the last person I'd want as a mother.

Venus' relationship with her bf is still really sketchy to me, but … all I wanted to say is that I wanted to comment in this thread to say I admire her strength and I'm fucking relieved she got away from her mother. I'm not surprised she's lost weight dealing with what must've been brewing.

Soooo…there you go. My 10 cents.


No. 234777

Margo deleted the screenshot of Venus saying that she wants to make products for fans and how it was her idea. Anyone know why? It was up for an hour but just refreshed and it was gone.

No. 234778

Im a little suprised they let her in, stalking doesnt seem like a very good reason to visit Japan. She did mention having a bit of trouble with immigration. But that was probably because she "lost conscience on Haneda aiport"(sic) and not a visa issue. Could be both.

No. 234779

It was up for the last 24 hours. She deleted it just minutes ago anon

No. 234781

Maybe she is cleaning up her shit posts to make herself look better?

No. 234782

thank you i actually had no idea she posted this

No. 234783


She may have been acting erratic. It would be hilarious if they're observing her, suspecting her of being a terrorist or something.

No. 234784

I saw that, too. My guess is that marge got told by venus's management / whatever group margo was howling about told her to take that shit down. She's the mother of their talent, not the talent, so what margo wants or thinks means jack and shit. But I'm sure that the company is appalled by margos behavior and told her to delete or get sued for claiming she's responsible for all of venus's merch ideas.

No. 234786

File: 1455092958220.png (501.28 KB, 1024x946, Venus Angelic.png)

No. 234787


For reference, these are the pics margo deleted.
For those of you that are curious, yes, the nude is still up. These are not the actions of a sane woman.

No. 234788

Yo I'm thinking Margoyle might be taking the Kiki route. Silently lurk about, occasionally deleting posts but otherwise radio silence. Cause otherwise she would've responded to Venus' video by now in some way. Damn I can't wait to see her next move.

No. 234797


For better or worse, they are married anon.

No. 234811

File: 1455096763298.png (48.56 KB, 630x235, margo.png)

Margo is alive y'all

No. 234812

Lies. Margo just wanted to isolate her from her husband so she can keep taking all of her YouTube money,

No. 234813

suddenly acting like nothing happened and casually answering questions ???

No. 234814

Yeah anon, didn't Margo write earlier that she went to the Hungarian embassy and got the papers, before they left Japan? I don't know where to find that… one of her mad comments.

No. 234815

It's just another tactic, like suicide threats, disinformation, personal abuse. None of that has worked so she will test out acting reasonable - see if she gets what she wants.

No. 234817

Yeah, she did. It's probably somewhere in the last thread but I remember reading it too.

No. 234818

this isn't like Seinfeld Margo, you can't just waltz in the next day and pretend like nothing happened.

No. 234819

File: 1455098511433.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-10-06-00-37…)

Did anyone post this? She posted on KEEMSTAR's video.

No. 234820


I really wish she didn't. They would've forgotten all about her if she didn't posted that comment. I hope this doesn't come back to bite her in the ass.

No. 234821

She also got a lot of hate on it.

No. 234822

Aah first time I disagree w approach. I think directing people to her response video and accusing Keemstar of slander would have been more effective. Or just directly not address Keemstar at all. But anyway.

No. 234824

One thing I noticed in Venus's new video is that when it looked like she began tearing up, she stopped recording/editted the part out instead of crying on cam. It reminds me that a lot of people who want attention or ~validation~ would probably show themselves crying, but Venus seems really mature about how she's making the video and shows that she only wants to tell her side of the story rather than use her situation to garner any kind of pity or attention. I used to think she was a cringey attention seeker but it's clear now that that was all Maggot's doing.
And I'm glad she dropped the kawaii uguu voice, her real voice is much nicer.

No. 234825

I feel like Venus is way more mature that everybody expected. Her mother really restricted her in that sense; who knows what Venus is actually capable of doing.

No. 234826

His fans won't believe her no matter what she says

No. 234827

Of course. They are 12 year old edgelords for fucks sake; they don't give a shit about that. They just want an excuse to feel ~ the trollest of trollz~*

No. 234828

File: 1455101031107.jpg (56.89 KB, 500x380, 1446869595636_kindlephoto-3389…)

Pic related: Keemtard's fans.

No. 234829

I think his fans proved to be numskulls long before..they just need to be pointed by Keem into one direction, follow his lead without using their own brain and go bash on someone. People who subscribe a channel like Keem's are obviously not from the smart side.
I don't get how his channel has so many subscribers anyway.. i mean all he does is fame sucking off popular youtube channels by mentioning them in his videos. But i guess there's too many idiots in this world

No. 234830

File: 1455101117509.jpg (121.99 KB, 960x618, 1454816026015.jpg)


Found it, here: >>232178

No. 234831

No. 234832

Dumb question, but what exactly is Venus' nationality?

Judging from their dealings with the Hungarian embassy re: marriage papers, it would be natural to assume that Venus is Hungarian, but she speaks Swiss German with Margo (whom I presume is Margo's second language). Her father is Swiss as well which would grant her the right to be Swiss too? Especially since Margo and Venus' dad were married.

No. 234833

I think so.

No. 234834

I think she may have had a dual citizenship, Swiss-Hungarian. Assuming this, she may have had to contact the Hungarian embassy to give up her Hungarian citizenship to perhaps have Swiss-Japanese. Or have to renounce all her roots and be completely Japanese. Either way, as it stands now she either has one of them or neither.

No. 234835

Yeah but it felt weird to write "husband". I still think of him as a weird stalker figure, some visa extender and those videos where they look so uncomfortable together. I didn't even like writing he was her bf.

As much as a bitch it makes me sound, I hope he's just a stepping stone for her for now. He creeps me out and it's like he's yet another bizarre person she's got in her life again.

Sage because it's not new news in the unfolding drama (all this is going to affect her mentally at some point. It's too sad).

No. 234836

I wonder if Margo will make her own video?

No. 234837

Very strange, because if Venus were born in Switzerland she would automatically be granted Swiss citizenship. My likeliest guess is that Margo was working in Switzerland illegally (Switzerland is not in the EU and Margo would need a work permit to live here legally) or otherwise have some sort of temporary visa, but had to return to Hungary to give birth - hence, Venus being Hungarian.

Still odd that she speaks Swiss German to Venus instead of her native language though.

No. 234838

Japs are awkward in relationships already and Venus has never had any social interaction or a boyfriend. It's kinda expected they would act this way.

No. 234839

You get dual nationality if one parent was born in another country, so yeah she'd be Hungarian Swiss.

No. 234840

That makes sense. Since Venus has dual citizenship I suppose that they have to request for papers from the Swiss and Hungarian embassy both in order to get married in Japan

No. 234842

Yeah, like she'd have to show she is not married already in either country… for example.

No. 234843


Sure, anon. No JAP was ever a regular human being, ever.

No. 234844


I don't really think it has anything to do with Manaki being Japanese. Venus did say in one of the tag videos that they're both introverts, plus some people are going to get awkward in a relationship if it's their first one.

No. 234845

File: 1455102978255.gif (496.28 KB, 500x342, freshprince.gif)

"Japs" Really?

No. 234846

it would actually be a pretty handy abbreviation, too bad about all the WWII related bullshit.

No. 234848

In any WWII related context the Japanese absolutely deserve to be called Japs and worse.

No. 234849

Still didn't get over the fact they killed Josh Hartnett huh?

No. 234850

File: 1455105543360.png (2.62 MB, 1300x1180, tsc.png)

not anymore margo

No. 234851

You can't have a double nationality in Japan. If you want to be Japanese you have to give up on your real nationality. Best you can have is a permanent resident card. I think a few people got an honorific Japanese nationality or something, but they were basically National living treasures already..

No. 234852

File: 1455106452194.png (266.56 KB, 500x569, kdshjfkf.png)

No. 234853

her hair looks like someone squeezed her head and poo wormies oozed out of her scalp

No. 234854


You all are a bunch of weebs. No one gives a fuck about saying niggers but as soon as someone says "japs" your asses start to bleed.

No. 234856

Just wanted to bring the infamous interview that Margo tampered back . At around 9:19, after Margo covered Venus ears the interviewer is hinting that once Venus is an adult she's not gonna take Margo's shit anymore.
Dude was so right!

No. 234858

this whole interview is a mess

No. 234859

watching this again makes me so angry, maggot proabably sat down with her before hand and told her what to say and if should couldn't answer to just be quiet.

Kinda hilarious that Venus is in white and Mayo in black

No. 234860

No. 234861

File: 1455107833400.jpg (63.45 KB, 625x417, eb10d1d0e41d4f2980a8c84c403ae6…)

Am I the only one who thinks this is just a huge scam…?!

>Penus needs to get a Visa in order to stay in Japan and be relevant to weebs

>Penus tries to be popular like Kota but nobody cares about her
>Penus needs a japanese dick in order to stay in Kawaii Land and the only visa she can get it's a spouse visa
>Penus officially starts to date Manaki hoping her weeb fans will find her channel more interesting now that she has a rich japanese boyfriend and her life it's all kawaii and sugoi
>She starts to loose a big part of her fanbase due to Manaki (pedo fans, smart people who knows she's doing this for Visa)
>Fakes a broken relationship with Manaki while secretly arranging a marriage
>Marriage pic on Instagram
>problems with documents for marriage
>Penus goes to Korea with mom while trying to resolve the whole situation. Since they're not able to go back to Japan so easily, Penus tries to appeal to koreaboos and begs for money
>Marriage can be done! She can go back to Japan, hooray!
>Mom knows pedo fans will start hating Manaki because he's stealing their forever virgin loli aidoru, so she sacrifice her image in order to let people start loving their walking-visa.
>Since people on lolcow and PULL always said they don't hate Venus but her mom, Margo starts to act the part of the ogre we always imagined in order to give the image of an indipendent, brave and smart princess to her precious living doll. Manaki is now the prince charming all the little weeb fans are dreaming of because he helped Venus to escape from the worst parent of the year (teenage dream)
>The dramu starts and everyone is interested, haters included.

In the next episodes:

>Venus begs for money again and thanks to her brand new fanbase + the old one she finally reaches her goal

>She gives her mom all the money. Margo can stay in Japan now, until she finds a desperate sugar daddy.
>It's time for a fake reunion. Everything it's forgiven now
>Happy ending in Japan.

No. 234862

>Am I the only one who thinks this is just a huge scam…?!

No. 234863

>Am I the only one who thinks this is just a huge scam…?!


No. 234864

it's called paranoia

No. 234865

No, but we remain silent so newfags don't rampage.

No. 234867

whoops the video wasn't supposed to be there just forgot to delete

No. 234868

fuck off your tumblrness triggers me

No. 234871

How many fucking times have we been through this already? Margo's a crazy, narcissistic bitch and I'm sure she'd rather saw off both her legs before consciously ruining her image for her daughter.

No. 234872

I was talking to a Japanese friend a few days ago about an unrelated couple who got engaged, and she told me that it's unusual for Japanese people to marry until they are over thirty.

No. 234873

Margo literally looks like a wood witch with those nappy dreads

No. 234874

go back to your containment forum pls

No. 234875

You left your tinfoil hat at home, anon.

Neither Margo nor Venus is smart enough to engineer this and the amount of shit being slung around far exceeds the potential gain

No. 234876

I don't care if this is a scam or not and i don't care about venus or margo, as long as there is dramu and as long as there is milk I will be entertained by this

No. 234877

The whole relationship with Manaki it's something we didn't expect from her. But hey, she gave her precious daughter to a random japanese fan.

They're thristy for money and fame and nobody cared about Venus before dramu started.

No. 234878

File: 1455110093982.jpg (37.55 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

No. 234879

I'm not quite sure how margo can come back into the picture after this >>234609

No. 234880

I want PULL to get out.

No. 234881

When Venus actually gets to answer questions, it sounds so rehearsed.
You know Margo told her exactly what to say.. she had full control of every aspect of her life. So sad.

No. 234882

I think it doesn't matter as long as Venus gets a new, larger fanbase (which means extra money). Now everyone had the confirm that every mistake she did in the past was because of Margo, her image has been totally restored.

Same thing for Manaki who changed his reputation from "pedo stalker" to "the perfect soulmate for Venus".

No. 234884

Oh ffs.

This is the type of consultants and planning only Justin Bieber was able to afford.

Pls stop trying to make this conspiracy theory happen.

No. 234885

You all say what you want the video Venus made seemed genuine and Margo would never destroy her own reputation so bad for the sake of making Venus look better. >>234861

No. 234886

for the sake of money

No. 234887

I'm just adding some "real life" to it.
Life's not a "Disney princess" movie, you know…a person with the same background as Venus can't be saved from a random guy from kawaiiland she knows from such a short time.

No. 234888

I can see where you're coming from RE: lack of money and desperation, but you're forgetting 1 incredibly important factor: Margo would NEVER make herself look bad no matter what. She would never sacrifice her own image, she is simply not a selfless person.
That, and Margo is incredibly stupid, she's proven this time and time again.
She also seems to lack severe social awareness and seems incapable of understanding other people's emotions, only her own.
For her to have the foresight that doing this would make them more money is beyond her intelligence and even if she did think of this she would never agree to go along with it anyway, she would probably make Manaki be the villain instead.

No. 234889


Another one who thinks every farmer is white.

No. 234890

Life isn't a Disney Princess movie, but it also isn't a super elaborate intricate devious evil plan either. Are all of Venus' problems solved? No. Is Margo a fucking loon? Yes. End of.

Also Venus isn't that good of an actress in her new video to pull off those sort of emotions for views.

No. 234891


You sound like one of those retards who think Cumberbatch's baby is fake, and it's all an elaborate plan to hide that he's gay and getting buttfucked by Martin Freeman.

No. 234892

Nah dude, think more Elsa Mars

No. 234893

omg the leash killed me

No. 234894

I am black and if white people say "nigger" i want to punch them in the face

No. 234896

Kek at your elaborately typed out fantasy being described as 'real life'.

No. 234897

fair call anon.

No. 234898

cool story.
now shut the fuck up and stay on topic. Post your triggers on Tumblr, not here. Because none of us give a shit about what type of things make you fly into an autistic rage.

No. 234899


No. 234900

No. 234901

Back on topic, referring to >>233863 & >>233885, does Margo think that because she came up with "ideas" that Venus is not allowed to produce the merch they/she had previously discussed?

"[Venus] just writes like it came to her mind just now…" also with her "still homeless, btw" at the end makes me want to suplex this woman, I swear.

No. 234902

Shut up nigger.

No. 234903

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

No. 234904

No. 234905

File: 1455115190624.png (15.19 KB, 342x298, Idiot.png)

You should consider getting together with this person. Share your conspiracy theories, make your own tinfoil hats for each other and oh yeah, GTFO

No. 234906

You think Margo is that self-sacrificing lmao?

No. 234908

Not talking about that conspirational nigger but just saying; you guys mix up "hey maybe venus it's not as much of an angel as you guys think" with "margos right!!!!11!11 shes not abusive venus is lying!!"1

No. 234909

I wish pull and possible cumstar fans would fuck off plz. Anyway people keep on complaning about venus being emotionless in her vid first of all she is no emotional fattie american that cry's for every little thing, she is swiss german and out of personal experience with german people i have noticed they are not very emotional and they wont cry infront of other people. But in this video you can tell that venus seems very angry and sad at other parts (like the animal abuse part it seems like she was crying but she cut that part out) but she also seems to be focusing on her words cause her english has gone to shit over the years she probably also doesnt wanna accidently offend anyone when she is discussing the subject of mental health.

Sorry for long post and my shitty english

No. 234911

No. 234912

Umm. Are you 12 bitch? Lose the emoticons.

No. 234913

I second this. As a half austrian i must say , showing emotions in that way, like crying in front of the camera isn't our thing. I even get told sometimes rather cold and lack emotions when i meet people from other countries such as people from the us.(Venus is part austrian too btw )
I do think, however, you could see that talking int his video wasn't so easy for Venus, and she had to collect herself a few times (hence the cuts)

No. 234914

I think this is all for real, but why do you guys get so fucking butthurt any time the possibility of it being fake or a scam comes up? I think Margo lost way too much face for it to be a business move and she seems too unstable, but if someone wants to talk about it from a conspiracy theory angle, why not? Is it cause you're all too empathetic for Venus now? On a website dedicated to mocking people of all places…

No. 234916


because at this point, you'd have to be brain dead to think this is fake.

No. 234917

It has barely anything to do with being empathic towards Venus tho. If you want to read about conspiracy theories about the whole damn thing, go to PULL and leave us the fuck alone

No. 234918

People also should take into consideration that Venus primarily made this video to deflect rumors and tell her side of the story. If you make a video like that and bawl a thousand times, it makes an extremely bad impression because a) you cannot present yourself as factual and trustworthy when you're obviously emotionally unstable, but that's pretty important if you want anybody to believe you and take you seriously, and b) Youtubers bawling on camera for more attention has been done to death (Onision, Shane Dawson etc.) and if Venus would have done the same in her latest video people likely would have taken it less seriously.

Tl;dr I think it's pretty refreshing she decided not to whore out her emotions on YouTube. The video she made was appropriate and not "emotionless". As an Internet personal it is understandable why she'd want to deflect rumors, but her thoughts and feelings are her own private matter and she is not obligated to share them with anyone on the internet.

No. 234919


Because it's a retarded fucking theory, deal with it.

No. 234920

It's not about conspiracy, it's about being realistic. I LOVE the fact that Venus is free from that rotted cunt now, but just saying, calm down with the preaching on everything. You are all almost getting too faggy.

No. 234921


Fatties would have more sympathy if Venus donned problem glasses.

No. 234922

People here are not willing to talk about it because it is a shitty theory with zero proof and zero logic behind it. The only argument people post over and over again is "But you guys, they have done shitty things in the past, too!" and it's starting to get boring.

No. 234923

It's because is not a realistic theory, and when people point out glaring flaws in said theory >>234888 no one ever seems to address or refute them.

No. 234924

What if Margo is actually living with Venus and Manaki tho, and this really is all for attention? Margo has gained near 2000 followers because of this. Venus gains support + Youtube revenue, Margo gains attention, it's what they both want.

No. 234925

OMFG go away

No. 234926


The only reason she gained so much was her new neckbeard following after that nude she posted.

No. 234928

Margo went far too scorched earth for this to have been a concocted plan for followers and sweet sweet YouTube revenue.

No. 234929

stop it or margo will invade your butthhole and take you into the river afterwards

No. 234930

File: 1455117120337.jpg (111.32 KB, 500x408, tumblr_myo8y9964o1s03sudo1_500…)


Agree, it's really, really boring. It doesn't help that those who bring the conspiratard stuff have only a precarious grasp of English. It's like reading something written by someone who's having a stroke.

No. 234931

>implying remembering the shit snowflakes did in the past is boring

guys we might have to delete half of this site lmao

No. 234933


What if right now Margo is fucking Manaki in the ass with a strap-on, while Venus watches them and plays with her own cock. WHAT THEN, BITCHES? WHAT IF VENUS IS A MAN? You have no evidence to the contrary!

No. 234934

The only people who believe this "theory" are salty cunts like Totemokawaii who refuse to accept that maybe Venus made one good decision in her life and has the potential to change for the better.

If it is all an act, Margaret would have to adapt the role as "bad guy". She would never do that because she's like 15 years past her expiration date and nobody gave a shit about her kawaii nudes and midlife crisis selfies if it weren't for all the fangelics trying to kiss up to her. She's a narc and needs the attention, that's why she would never voluntarily separate herself from her daughter. She's nothing without Venus.


No. 234935

File: 1455117349269.jpg (39.57 KB, 510x383, yourightnow.jpg)

No. 234936

Bless you anon

No. 234937

Anon pls point out that where I said remembering what people have done in the past is boring?
I merely said that "this person did something in the past" does not prove anything; and I am tired of reading this argument over and over again because it's the only one these tinfoil-hat-chans bring to the table. Reading the same shit over and over again is boring.

No. 234938


The bitch was out to ruin Venus, how hard is it to get that sometimes people are fucked in the head?

No. 234939


You're Spanish or Mexican, aren't you?

No. 234942

????????? ok

No. 234943

margo being a cunt =/= having to glorify venus now

I just wanted to point this out now because crusty maggot's fans and various theory fags keep taking every argument like this to bring up their conspirational theories and it's unerving.

No. 234944

File: 1455117871051.jpg (10.57 KB, 304x234, h4m6l59o6nsyn0zt9fcf.jpg)


I'm calling it right now, if she takes her skin off Venus is a 12 foot Jewish Lizard Alien.

>drinking human blood, particularly the blood of blond-haired, blue-eyed people, seems to be very beneficial to holding mammal codes open.

No. 234945


You always sound unhinged in a similar manner.

No. 234946

This thread is going to shit

No. 234947


The Lizard connection may be hard to prove to the skeptics (although equally hard to disprove), but many many other revelations on this website have over time proven to be spot on.

No. 234949

Venus should for her own safety and public image get a restraining order out against Margo. That would release her online and bank accounts, stop her defaming her online, and prevent her from being physically around her. Margo is the typical abusive, narcissist who has gaslighted Venus all her life.

No. 234950

lmao not having new updated to the drama is making everyone loose their shit

No. 234951

Venus is at a turning point right now. Maybe she'll continue to be a lolcow, maybe not. That's up to her and her alone.

However, I am going to give her massive props for taking action and escaping her abusive mother, and for remaining civil on social media. If this is ass-licking, I'm guilty as charged. But imo she did everything right up until this point and I find that quite impressive considering how she was raised.

No. 234953

fucking kek
'I was afraid that if she got attention, I wouldn't be able to handle it'
it was about her for her all along

No. 234960

File: 1455119295705.png (7.21 KB, 282x60, jewish lizard lady.PNG)


the truth is out there.

No. 234964

No. 234968


Margaret Palermo, as well as her fans, are well known on PULL for promoting the aluminum foil hat trend. This trend started as a way of keeping lolcow from being able to read the mind of the person wearing the hat, but the trend has grown to be popular in some weeb spaces, as well as in certain corners of IG.

No. 234969

She could have BOUGHT 2000 followers with the click of a button. There is no logic to your scheme.

No. 234971

Now I will never be able to mentally unsee Margo hissing all her speech and doing the weird-lizard-tongue-flicking-thing after.

No. 234972

File: 1455119877652.png (807.17 KB, 603x999, lizard queen.png)


She's not a lizard, right.

No. 234973

guys acn you help with some history home work

No. 234974

About Margo the lizard woman? Sure.

No. 234975

File: 1455120103229.jpg (11.29 KB, 252x192, 35db216492598e63d562d8cc5379cd…)

No. 234976

It hisses 'sausage' to you before it slithers into the river.

No. 234977

send this to /x/ asap

No. 234978

Seriously no. Margo fucked up big time and there's no way this shit is false. We've all seen how strange Venus has been acting since the New Year and the girl FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF HER BULLSHIT.

No. 234979

File: 1455120322044.jpg (38.79 KB, 620x620, WTF.jpg)

WTF is happening here

No. 234980

File: 1455120507851.png (41.61 KB, 460x258, stop.png)

can we shut the fuck up for a while

No. 234981

File: 1455120515290.png (1.61 MB, 950x444, kappa-mummies-on-display.png)


We discovered why Margo's banging on about that river. She's a kappa/reptoid alien.

No. 234982

>can't see the obvious sarcasm

No. 234983

Lmfao been reading thru this site and shit half the posts are just makin fun of the poor goddamn lady, leave her alone. It was venus's choice to leave and theres no point in still making fun of Venus and her mom. Lay off. Dont you guys have something important to do LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234984

the desperation for new drama keeps getting bigger I see

No. 234985

Where's hell week when we need it?

No. 234986

Don't you have anything better to do other than shitposting? Nobody gives a fuck. They're still cows worth milking, even if Margo is the main one in this story.

No. 234987


lol n00b to lolcow lol

No. 234989

>something important to do

is you a troll or a whiteknight

No. 234990

If you didn't have pics of a 12 year old ok there, I would've thought those captions were about redditors.

No. 234991

omg clannnad is so sad when the little girl die and her mom too shes like "wheres mommy" then he sings dango dango dango diegozoku. Real sad story :(

No. 234992

File: 1455120929922.jpg (37.1 KB, 800x436, TrueStory.jpg)

No. 234993

>>234991 i agree myfriend it was really sad hey you should watch angel beats that one made me bawl OMG im not gonna say anything about when yui disseapers oops i just spoiled it srry :(

No. 234994

This thread is full of 12 year old parasites that need getting rid of for being irrelevant as fuck.

No. 234995

Fuck u now i cant watch it

No. 234996

If newfags allow it, we might want to stop the shitposting now. Top kek can wait.

No. 234997

We need new milk or else this thread will go to hell

No. 234999

Admin-sama where are you …

No. 235000

Yes, help. Please. Now.

No. 235003

i wish it was hellweek again

No. 235004

File: 1455121485963.jpg (126.75 KB, 577x385, rhoa-phaedra-annoyed-at-apollo…)


What's up with the sudden explosion of shitposts? Admin-sama, clean up pls?

No. 235005


We need hell week more often, this is getting ridiculous.


No. 235006

I can only assume cumstar's fuccbois found the thread (maybe people tweeted it at him or it's in the comments on the youtube video)

No. 235007

File: 1455122004765.jpg (142.18 KB, 316x459, kappademon.jpg)


No. 235009

I assumed it's probably them. Nothing but a bunch of faggots.

No. 235011

Fucking hell!

No. 235014

File: 1455122524875.jpg (395.54 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_mtn2uqOQgR1r76gowo10_12…)

Venus you WILL be with mutti for now and for always

No. 235015


She was on TV with ratty dreads (?) and her tits hanging out? Poor Venus, imagine being raised by that trainwreck.

No. 235017

Plus, I can't imagine it's comfortable making a video with your SO when your crazy mother is right there (which I am sure she is in those videos)

No. 235018

This was Swiss tv too, wasn't it? Probably not the best idea to show up looking like Christiane F but whatever.

No. 235019

Anyway ignoring the shenanigans going on I just want to say anyone who legitimately thinks this is some conspiracy theory is an idiot. If it was Venus, would have been way more active in both posting on instagram as well as talking more poorly about Margo. If the whole plot was 'get Venus pity fans by Margo being terrible' Venus would have hammed it up. Venus would be posting pictures of 'bruises' and telling DIRECT stories about how she was abused. Also Margo wouldn't have been insulting her in ways that would legitimately harm her image.

By claiming Venus was an animal abuser, alcoholic and generally terrible it harmed Venus's 'brand'.

Also people claiming that 'Venus did bad things in the past': Give me receipts. I'm pretty sure every time Venus had a major falling out with a youtuber we can trace the rift directly to her mom. It ALWAYS went back to 'Venus was nice to me when we hung out but then later on I got rude emails/my video was taken down' which sounds hardcore like Margo actions to me.

Now how about this; what if in those videos Venus made mistakes that Margo doesnt allow and then seeing them in the video Margo went 'NO U R TRYEENG TO HARM MY- I MEAN WEENUS' KAWAII IMAGE U R A H8R'. There's several other things like maybe the videos were getting more views than Venus', or the people in the comments were saying that the other girls were prettier or wtf ever.

But when it starts off it's always 'Venus was chill irl but then online she was terrible to me' I think Venus actually wanted to be friends with those youtubers but Margo couldnt stand the possibility of her cash cow learning how to be independent like those other youtubers were.

No matter what all of the shit we have on 'Venus' sounds a LOT more like 'Margo' behavior to me.

No. 235020


it was a Lithuanian show. Maggot fits the typical east-european trash look tbh

No. 235023

your attempt at humor is so cringeworthy

No. 235024

I never knew they were shown on TV in my country omfg. All the women there advised maggot to let venus go to regular school and seek mental help lmaoooooo

No. 235026

Sound like something a lizard would say…

No. 235028

Oh this gave me a good chuckle.

No. 235031

File: 1455125895238.png (933.81 KB, 1574x948, 1439663991742.png)

about 5 months ago she wanted to "hanging herself from a bridge" instead of "going into river" kek

No. 235037

Can we burn this thread and make a new one

No. 235040

Wait vietnamese girl? Did she mean annchirisu?

No. 235041

I think she means xiaorishu

No. 235042

what exactly happened between venus and xiao anyway? i only know that xiaorishu made a parody video (called "uranus devilish" or something like that) but there seems to be more to it?

No. 235043

It's just weird she refers to xiaorishu as Vietnamese because Xiao's 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 Vietnamese (as far as i remember) that's why i was confused.

No. 235045

There's a part in her ED article that explains the drama between her and Xiao, however I don't know how trustworthy ED is as a legit source so…

No. 235046

No. 235047

Nah Annchirisu took part in making parody videos mocking Venus's accent and Weeb persona. Now she's Vietnamese. The other chick is Chinese. Margo prob on bout her who funny enough is showing her 'support' now on Venus's latest video.

No. 235048

It's slowly recovering, don't give up yet

No. 235051

Magpies theme for Venus:

'I'll live through you
I'll make you what I never was
If you're the best, then maybe so am I
Compared to him compared to her
I'm doing this for your own damn good
You'll make up for what I blew
What's the problem…why are you crying'

No. 235069

Has Margaret ever done a day of honest work in her life? How did she earn money before she sold her daughter to the internet?

No. 235071

probably prostitution or put Venus into CP.

No. 235072


I think she was first a guest worker in switzerland, then when they moved to spain she was a waitress and I read something about being a fitness coach during the Uk time I thin idk correct me if it's wrong.

No. 235074

Oh man I remember this.
"Wanna kill myself, but I gotta make sure I edit really bad lashes onto this pic"

No. 235083

Fucking. Preach.

No. 235085

File: 1455132437624.jpg (406.45 KB, 639x350, S3h0f7X.jpg)

the cardboard should've read; please save me from my mother instead

No. 235099

File: 1455135092821.jpg (117.9 KB, 640x360, 16-02-10-21-10-42-340_deco.jpg)

No. 235103

It's lizard mom going to be the new recurrent kek of this thread.

No. 235104

What I find interesting is that Margo still hasn't responded to Venus last video. I mean she get accused of physically abusing her, which is even more serious than all the other shit she has done to Venus, and she isn't even trying to defend herself? for me this is almost like a confession that Venus is telling us the truth about this matter.

No. 235107

I feel like the fact that she is quiet may be because she didn't think that Venus would speak up (especially about the abuse) and now she noticed she's screwed, also by seeing all the support Venus got on her video. Maybe she finally gave up.

No. 235108

That seems pretty logical, but at the same time I can't help but feel Margo will give it at least one more shot. (The woman is kinda batshit insane after all.)

No. 235109

I suspect she's planning to do a video response herself and is waiting for it to upload or she needs to edit it or something. Probably hastily cropping screenshots out of context to try and incriminate Venus.

No. 235113

File: 1455137333402.png (27.41 KB, 908x486, peenus.png)

No. 235114

Basically, yeah.

No. 235116

and? if you're trying to prove this was for views or something, this chart only shows up to 2015. This shit started only a week ago.

No. 235118

File: 1455139112546.png (13.6 KB, 1107x378, peenus.png)

No. 235119

can someone please kick all of the tinfoil hat-chans back to PULL

No. 235120

File: 1455139584267.jpg (932.31 KB, 233x197, jHWYhL9.jpg)

No. 235121

That's not even that much of a raise.
That aside, i think the stats went up because of keemstar's video which made a lot of people who never heard of her, check out her channel. And that didn't really give Venus popularity.. quite the opposite.

No. 235123

Suggestion, sweetheart: Take these screenshots to PULL

No. 235125

The thing is, Venus is not going to profit all that much from one time viewers who only stop by to check out the drama. Yes, she'll have one or two videos who will generate a bit of cash, but to really live off YouTube she needs a big and consistent viewerbase, which she won't gain just by drawing attention to herself. Yes, they will come for the drama but as soon as she's back to business as usual eating spicy ramen on camera, they will lose interest and disappear into the void.

If Venus somehow gains 500,000+ new regular viewers from this I'll eat my words, but for now my point still stands that neither of them profit all that much from the drama.

No. 235126

True, although both Margo and Venus gained a ton of new followers on IG. I'm not with the tinfoil hats, but both of them definitely gained more (permanent?) attention there for sure, Venus more than Margo though.

No. 235127

I wonder what approach Venus will take to her videos now that Margo isn't making her do mukbang or weird shit like this?

No. 235128

I feel like this was more Margo's doing.

No. 235129

gotta release these crazy kinda videos if you wanna go viral. is probably how she thinks

No. 235130

Instagram does not really matter, though. Youtube is their cash cow and they need viewers more than anything. It also remains to be seen if these new followers actually stick around. They are most likely interested in the drama, not in the content they normally produce. As soon as the drama dries up they might get bored and fuck off.

I predict more videos about Japan/with Manaki. They are easy to make, are popular with weebs and have the biggest potential attracting new viewers. Watching her eat shit is boring and she has no talent for makeup, but she does have the pretty white girl in Japan with azn boyfurendo thing going for her, and if she is smart and takes advantage of that, she might do pretty well.

No. 235131

If she actually talked normally and genuinely like she did in that 'I killed my hamster' video and did videos about adjusting to her new life in japan as a (I presume) housewife I'd give her a sub and actually watch her channel.
She could do videos about any difficulties she has compared to living in other countries (lets be fair she has a lot to compare to and probably a lot of stories to tell), cute bento videos, trips out and about videos, fashion and beauty videos..the list goes on.
If she dropped in the occasional anecdote about the weird shit her mother got up to that'd be a bonus too.
A draw my life video would be amazing once this all settles down, too.

Sorry for the ramble. I know a lot of this has been said before.

No. 235133

okokokay…I know a lot of you really hate hearing the conspiracy theories. BUT, >>234923 claims no one addresses or refutes the flaws in the theories, like this one >>234888 so im going to address them.

now, I have been following and reading and commenting since before she ran away. Im still wondering why Margo hasn't deleted the hate comments, when she was so on top of it not to long ago; stated here >>234905 ? Someone who wouldn't ever look bad on purpose isnt hitting the damage control button as hard. why?? Also, why hasnt she posted on her Instagram for several days now? what kind of narcissistic attention whore stops posting for several days?? Also, why hasn't Venus blocked her mom from commenting on her posts? (maybe its out of a primal love for moms idk) And why not make Manaki the villain? because they already did that story, we all know that.

I really want to believe this fantastic story, because its great to see someone escape from abuse. but It just all seems very convenient for them.

sorry for the rant.

No. 235134

>If she actually talked normally and genuinely like she did in that 'I killed my hamster' video and did videos about adjusting to her new life in japan as a (I presume) housewife I'd give her a sub and actually watch her channel.
Same here. It would satisfy my weeb needs greatly.

No. 235135

she's still in full panic mode it seems, her cash cow broke out of its pasture - something that she was more than sure would never happen. she has no contingency plan and no clue what to do.
she has been posting comments and is probably trying to find Venus somehow.. or she's busy eating expensive sausage.
Venus did unfollow Margo, which is progress. it's difficult to cut contact full level.

No. 235136

It was either earlier in this thread or in the previous one where someone stated that the holidays in South Korea are now over, therefore Margo probably returned to SK to get her shit sorted out. There's a screencap floating around somewhere where she claims that her lease for the apartment she and Venus shared ended on the 10th February so I guess she's busy with real life shit going on? Trying to think of an alternative, I assume it's a little more important than frantically deleting IG comments. Her reputation is fucked either way!

No. 235138


>what kind of narcissistic attention whore stops posting for several days??

The kind who's managed to get their fix from another source. If she's with "friends", no doubt she's bitching about everything to them and feeding off their attention. Guaranteed she's raging privately to someone.

>Also, why hasn't Venus blocked her mom from commenting on her posts?

Because it's public. Margo's gonna go at her one way or another. If she cuts her off Instagram, she'd probably ramp up her private attacks. Keep as much of it as public as possible then there's proof for people what Margo's like when shit doesn't go her way.

No. 235139

Honestly, i'm not sure if Venus future videos will change that much. Maybe after all, she wants to stick with acting her online persona. Since it brought her many viewers and fans in the past. If she would quit being like she used to be in front of the camera, the people who really liked the Venus she portrayed before might feel fooled if she completely changes.
What i think she could possible do is to gradually change with time.. like starting to bring out more mature material but not like from 0-100 without completely stripping off the online persona everyone knows .. Just a thought and to say, we shouldn't keep our hopes up too high that Venus suddenly becomes a quality jvlogger or something.

No. 235140

File: 1455142378259.jpg (10.3 KB, 250x250, i-want-to-believe.jpg)

There is no conspiracy you autist. Margo is a crazy cunt and Venus finally escaped. The end.

No. 235141

I suppose your right. occam's razor. Either way its entertaining all around.

No. 235142

>Why hasn't she deleted any of the hate comments?

You said yourself that she hasn't been online in a while. Margo also has a massive victim complex (everyone's bullying me!), so in a way the h8 comments might actually reaffirm her world view. Most importantly, how that Venus has spoken out she can use these comments to guilt trip her daughter, since Venus publicly accused her of abuse, which certainly contributed to the public outrage. Long story short, the hate she gets is just as convenient for her as all the asspats she received.

> Why hasn't she posted in several days?

She probably can't. It seems as if she's still stranded in Japan with no place to stay, and in one of the screenshots she explained that in Korea she only paid rent until the 10th. It is not unreasonable to assume she's in some deep shit right now. Maybe she go into river.

> Why hasn't Venus blocked Margaret from commenting on her stuff?

Because it might still hurt to much. Or maybe because she has more important shit to take care of (RE: Bank account). Or maybe because she does not want to censor Marg, as a symbol that she's telling the truth and does not have to hide anything? Because Marg commenting on her stuff actually helps her, since she's doing a great job presenting herself as a victim? To give her an outlet so that she does not go after her in private?

> Why not make Manaki the bad guy?

That wouldn't even make sense from a conspiracy theory angle. Manaki can provide japanese visa for one of them and a Japanese bf is every weeb's wet dream. Making him the bad guy is biting the hand that feeds.

> Believing that someone voluntarily left an abuser is so hard, I'd rather imagine a mother would tell her only daughter she was a mistake for a slight increase of followers on Instagram.

No. 235143

She didn't address the thing about the pin number and the bank account in the video. I wonder what's going on with that?

No. 235144

Doing all of this for (idk like 2000) new instagram followers would be way too crazy, even for Margo

No. 235145

Sorry, I wanted to say Marg is doing a great job presenting herself as CRAZY, not a victim. Venus actually benefits from letting her rant.

No. 235147

Do you guys think she could work in the japanese entertainment industry? I was thinking about it the other day, maybe she could sign with an agency and become a tv personality (once her japanese is good enough, of course). Idk for some reason I can picture her doing this at some point, she has this kind of cheerful personality in front of the camera and looks cute.

No. 235148

I suppose she sorted it out. Otherwise she probably wouldn't have uploaded a new video on YT. Which makes me think that Margo has probably privately given Venus the password to her account after all since Venus mentioned that her mother held both her PIN number and Gmail account password hostage.

No. 235149

>Why not make Manaki the bad guy?

I wasnt asking this.this was a question asked by someone else, that I was answering in my rant. >they already did that story

No. 235151


There are WAY more questions to refute before you try claiming it's a hoax:
Why is Margo painting herself the villain and not some rando in Korea? With Venus finishing her schooling there they could have easily said one of her classmates was abusing her or wtf ever. Why would margo post incriminating things on Venus' instagram to ruin her 'purity' shtick? Why would Margo sling insults that could directly harm Venus' image? She could have claimed Venus was bipolar or manic or something so she wasnt 'in her right mind' to run away and Manaki was taking advantage of that. Why would Margo stay in an airport rather than staying in Korea claiming 'venus/manaki took all the money so I cant even afford to try and see her woe is me'. Why did Margo's story change like 50 times? If this was so well planned out why was she so desperate and frantic?

And as I've said since Manaki was ALREADY 'the bad guy' it would have been REALLY easy to make him seem even worse:
>He stalked Venus to Korea and found her at her language school and kidnapped her
>He told Venus that if she didnt return he would kill himself
>By being close to Venus Manaki got her bank/youtube/account info and deleted everything
>Manaki has gone around japan spreading lies that Venus was a prostitute and now she gets hate mail every day (add fake Japanese tweets calling her a slut for effect)
>Manaki is suing Venus because of fake marriage

if they wanted to play something extreme it would have been easy since Manaki has such a small online presence.

It would have been better for publicity if they painted Manaki as someone trying to ruin Venus because of jealousy because it would be 'A poor single mother and her daughter fighting against an evil MAN fight the patriarchy blah blah blah'

No. 235152

Re: Conspiracy Theory.

Yes, it is POSSIBLE, however highly unlikely.

If they were faking it, two things have the potential to happen:

1. They will get found out eventually by someone spilling the beans (family member, Mananki (if they ever break up), a friend, an anon, etc.). Stuff like that always slips out at one point or another.

2. They would be ruined. They would be digging such a huge hole for themselves that there would be no getting out and that would be the end of both of their careers. Period. That is a huge gamble and one I have doubts either would want to take.

So yes, it is possible, however based on those two things having the potential to happen, it is highly unlikely they would want to take such a risk.

At the moment, it should be taken for face value, because there is some evidence that makes this entire ordeal look real.

In time (and probably not very long) more events will occur that will prove if it is real or not.

No. 235153

yeah, moreover if she goes for the nail tech thing she could promote herself showing her works on YT

No. 235154

*and one I doubt either would want to take.

And by "they would be ruined" I mean they would be ruining themselves after making a choice that would be so deceivingly slimey, it would lose any and all respect from any followers forever. That is something that just would not be forgiven, so it would be a huge risk especially considering secrets always have a way to get out.

No. 235155

I find interesting that Kota and Venus have in common abusive money hungry mothers and both fleed to Japan to stay away from them.

Highly improbable, but I'd love to see both making a video together talking about it.

No. 235156

OR participating in the "parentsassy of estranged children" forums. They're a hive of narcissistic parents astounded by their children cutting them off. They smugly declare they'll write them out of their wills, and tell garbled tales with odd missing details about their kids that show they have no idea that they're clueless assholes. Although that usually happens only when they have no other n supply left and their kids make it clear contact is never happening again.

No. 235161


I followed Margo on instagram because I wanted to keep up with drama, and was afraid she'd eventually go private. I'll stop following her once she stops being lulzy.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this thinking, and that a good hunk of margo's new "fans" are just following for milk/lulz.

you don't make bank of people who follow for the lulz.

No. 235162

i have also been leaving supportive comments for margo

not to actually support her but to keep the milk hopefully flowing if she feels supported

No. 235163

It goes up to '16.
Just like that gap between 2013 and 2015 is 2014, the gap after '15 is '16. Chart goes up in twos.

No. 235164

File: 1455146462601.gif (879.35 KB, 500x265, yougovenus.gif)

Her Youtube description has changed to something more 'natural' & cute and not like a business resume in order to get more viewers, fame and fortune which Margo probably wrote when she became her momanger.

THIS is the Venus we'll get to see for once now.
Plus new videos every Wednesday and Friday too.

No. 235166

File: 1455146751243.png (13.66 KB, 585x167, venus.png)

No. 235167

She still has to change the links (since there's the ones Margo possessed and her deleted homepage) and the location in the bottom still reads "South Korea" I suppose she forgot

No. 235170

Dude, being a youtuber is a job. Growing up has nothing to do with making the videos she makes, you know?
I'm so fucking tired of people telling her to grow up when she evidently has done that by leaving her mother. Plus, she's 19, and he never had much a of childhood. Can you be a bit more sympathetic??

No. 235172

Th-that's really adorable… I grinned a little at the "cute is my fire and yummy my desire" part haha

No. 235173

I like this Venus so much more than Margo-Pretending-to-be-Vanus

No. 235181

First time I've actually seen this, thanks anon. Been falling behind on Venus drama
Wow I truly feel bad for her. I want to hug her or something

No. 235182

Inorite? It made me go awww…I hope she makes really informative videos about life in Japan with her own twist on it.

No. 235186

There was no public update on that.

Margo referred to Venus setting up her own bank account. Who knows what happened but obviously the YT money is going somewhere that's in Venus' control.

No. 235189

I did too! I couldn't help but go "awww" irl

No. 235197

File: 1455151806989.png (581.52 KB, 839x1200, 036.png)

No. 235198

File: 1455151867606.png (492.55 KB, 843x1200, 038.png)

No. 235200

buying 2k followers cost $20, and she doesnt get too much likes. So I guess theyre fake

No. 235202

She posted a nude, half her new followers are thirsty neckbeard milf fetishists or just stalkers keeping tabs on how cray she is.

No. 235203

i was reading this on my phone during my break at work.

kek i'm not a lifestyler but you made me giggle anyways.

I think Kota and Venus would actually make really good friends. Both seem really sweet and kinda shy but I'm sure they'd have an amazing friendship since both are really into kawaii weeby stuff and cute jfash.

No. 235204

Guys is this a happy end? Margo disappearing and Venus being finally free, with a loving husband and hopefully a cozy job and a new life.

No. 235205

Kota is anything but sweet and shy. She's a racist, there's videos to prove it. Venus isn't, if she were ever friends with Dakota she would be in a very similar relationship than the one she had with her mother. NOT GOOD.

No. 235206

>Both seem really sweet and kinda shy
>sweet and kinda shy
How high are you?
Being a shut in doesn't equal shy

No. 235207

I think Sharla would be the best option since they already know each other? I think a Venus, Taylor, Sharla trio would be pretty cute. Venus would have people she could actually go outside and hangout with rather than Dakota who doesnt seem to go out outside of work related things

No. 235209

Kinda surprised gimmeaflakeman didn't jump on the Palermo drama yet to make a video about it. Since he's the drama queen of jvlogging and Venus lives in Japan

No. 235211

Man, sharla is such a drag though. She's always so indifferent or straight up negative. She looks like she's clinically depressed tbh. Taylor could be a nice match, but she is almost 10 years older, so it might be an unbalanced friendship.

No. 235212

I haven't been regularly watching Sharla for a few months now, but back when I did (and the few videos I watch now) gives me the impression that she's a pretty happy/okay person. Where/how does she appear indifferent/negative?

No. 235213

Sharla is the most boring and monotone vlogger ever

I can't stand her videos because of how boring she is

No. 235219

File: 1455156306209.jpg (141.06 KB, 834x603, venus.jpg)

No. 235220

File: 1455156384746.jpg (149.53 KB, 839x604, venus.jpg)

Oops the image failed to save properly. Meant to post this one.

No. 235227

>sound of margo furiously browsing through google street view in the distance

No. 235229

from what I can tell though, I think Taylor would be a pretty positive older female role model for Venus. She has always lacked this in her life. Taylor could be the "older sister".

No. 235241

lmao you are all a bunch of idiots i still think venus is kind of a stupid girl, but i can start to understand why her internet presence is so fucked.

still dont give a damn about her one way or another. glad margo is gone though

No. 235242

She worked at a dentist in the UK. Probably as a receptionist as she isn't qualified to be a Dental Assistant.

No. 235244

I hope Venus is not outside at 6am for any bad reasons like getting kicked out or something

No. 235245

on this pic, somewhere, margo commented "shame thats my skirt" and she got ravaged by venus stans

No. 235246

sharla is also 27-28

No. 235247

lololol true but that would be a bit too creepy, talking about venus… she's still pretty young.
at least when he called out mira on the crap, mira was what 23?

No. 235248

File: 1455159765514.png (108.12 KB, 271x275, 1455053412001.png)

Just including this from the previous thread.

No. 235249

holy fuck ive never seen this
i need some drugs man

No. 235251

All this time we have been wanting a "draw my life" from venus when in treality the most entretaining one would be from margo.

I wish she would make that video soon.

No. 235254

No. 235256

I just had a thought, when Margo said Venus didn't have any friends because she didn't want them, even if Venus did have the opportunity to make friends, why would she ever take them home to meet Margo?

No. 235258

It's pretty save to assume that Margo will run out of money soon considering that Venus got the access ofer her YT again, meaning she is able to change the AdSense banking information to a new paypal.

No. 235259

No. 235265

This made me want to start taking LSD again
I like this more mature yet still cute style on her
For her own sake I hope she's turned off geo-tagging or is wiping exif data before uploading so Margo will have a harder time tracking her down

No. 235271

I really don't think Margo ever thought her cash cow would run away. She should have had an alternative plan. Like an actual job. It's so pathetic that she just planned to ride the Venus train forever. But that seems to be the case.

No. 235274

You think margo would have just let venus go off on her own?

No. 235279

how many times has this been posted?

No. 235281

FFS she went to Japan alone to model for Bodyline when she was younger and nobody seemed to care then.

No. 235282

File: 1455165270410.png (428.36 KB, 800x594, Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.3…)

she speaks

No. 235283

File: 1455165278499.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-10-23-33-30…)

She's baacckkkkk guys!
I'm pretty sure she did have bruises in at least one video.

No. 235286

Lol this bitch I swear.

No. 235287

Do we really need to go into why everything she said is either a lie, obvious, easy to prove or just plain stupid?

No. 235288

Why did she bother taking a screenshot of a text she sent? Radio silence for days and this is the best she's got now.

No. 235289

Venus did indeed have clear bruises on her arms in a video - you could see the hand / thumb positions

No. 235290

I like how materialistic Margo is. No mention of Venus cutting her out of her life cause well that's a big deak, it's all about her stuff. MAH BELONGINGS

No. 235291


No. 235292

Narcs are SO DUMB. That's the best you got? "Well, if any of that were true, why didn't my child pack her bags and leave when she was 5, huh?! Why didn't she call her father, a man I have no contact with and have told her doesn't care about her, and who she doesn't have contact info for?! Why did I buy her anything at all, like clothes and food and pets, when she's just gonna turn around and not support me for life??"

Margo, the only people who can empathize with your position, are other abusers and narcs, because you all sound the same and your kind are the only ones who buy this bullshit.

No. 235293

This, what are we supposed to think of those? I highly doubt it was because of some rough sex Venus had. Her mom grabbed her.

No. 235294

I could have sworn there was a cap of a Venus video in one of these threads showing bruises on her bicep. Can't find it of course.

No. 235295

File: 1455165853955.jpg (187.19 KB, 939x604, venus.jpg)

No. 235296

The screen cap's in the last thread, anon.

No. 235297

She removed her photo as soon as someone pointed out she had bruises in one of her videos.

No. 235298

Margaret deleted her post.

No. 235299

I didn't look at the comments… if that's true, wow.

No. 235300

admission of guilt much?damn margos dumb

No. 235301

Can confirm, the post is gone already

No. 235302

So dud she actually send this to anyone or was it only so she could have a photo of it?

No. 235303

Margo has probably always been physically abusive towards her for years and with how Venus said she screamed to let people know near them that she was being hurt says it all really…

No. 235304

File: 1455166214110.jpeg (71.67 KB, 518x500, image.jpeg)

No. 235306

Someone suggested on the gummy sweets pic if she'd change her surname to Manaki's. That'd be fucking great tbh. Completely get rid of Palermo for good and enrage Margo even more.

No. 235307

I love how Margo's latest plan blew up in her face within minutes. Can't wait for the next move!

No. 235309

Deleting this because no one needs two caps of a bruise.

No. 235310

Wow, that definitely looks like someone's thumb from grabbing. How hard does one have to grab to leave such a mark, too??

No. 235312

Did Margo delete this already? I went to leave salty comments on it but I can't see it now?

No. 235313

It'd be great if she did. I imagine the name Palermo brings back bad memories.

No. 235314

honestly why doesnt she if they're ugug in luv? japanese name to fit into nippon land desu

No. 235317

She actually has to. In Japan you aren't legally recognised as married unless you share the same surname, although he could take her name if they wanted.

No. 235318

oh really?
i'm gonna look into that
but that law makes sense tbh

No. 235319

That's actually kind of messed up. Where I live you're not even allowed to change it at all, unless you want to jump through a lot of hoops. Sage for OT.

No. 235320

You're allowed to informally use your married name but legally it has to match your spouses' name. I think in order for her spouse visa to be valid she probably has to change her name or has already done so.

No. 235321

Where I live it simply isn't done and people would assume that you and your husband/wife were brother and sister if you had the same last name.

I always imagined it would be really inconvenient, like do you have to get your name changed on your degrees and stuff? And getting a new passport is expensive… And then there's divorce..

No. 235322

on your degrees, you don't have to change it (in the US)

No. 235323

Do you have to bring your birth certificate to prove the degree is yours when you show employers or do they just take it on faith?

No. 235324

Same here. I'm from Quebec.

No. 235325

i mean, it's pretty easy to explain that insert here is your birth name, thus why it's on your degree. i guess it isn't that big of a deal for people in the States? i wouldn't bother changing my name on my degrees anyways, i earned that with my maiden name, lmao.

you usually get your married surname if you take your partner's filed on your driver's license and social security card, then you may also have to update your passport if you have one.

when you file your marriage papers, the court house you file them with will have the paperwork for you to submit where they can change most of that for you or guide you in steps of how you need to complete it.

No. 235326

>management arranged

why is magro so obsessed over management??

No. 235327

because if she isn't obsessive, her lil ole cash cow will waddle off. that means working a real job

No. 235328

… and it's already gone! Margo took a bunch of shit just having that pic up for less than an hour. She already took it off instagram, because some commenters reminder old marge that there was a video where venus is clearly bruised. She deleted the comments AND her screenshot.

No. 235329

Because its the only thing thing she can do with her life and also doing it wrong

No. 235330

File: 1455168810693.png (129.05 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.53ed54469d0810…)


She got into an argument with her followers and then deleted it.

No. 235331

Its how she rationalizes taking Venus' money. She "earned" it.

No. 235332

File: 1455168929902.png (88.58 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.4621f123725bf1…)


You have to be quick with the screen shots, or it's gone.

No. 235333

>and even after stealing I didn't hit her.
Does she want a fucking cookie for that? That's such an incriminating thing to say.

I actually have no idea what she is talking about in the first part though.

No. 235334


Ohhhhh, so hitting people is bad but grabbing them and holding them against their will is Okay. So glad Margo explained it.

No. 235336

File: 1455169196327.gif (1014.16 KB, 500x250, ididnahwt.gif)

No. 235338

I'm beginning to wonder if Margo hasn't found an attorney, or someone vaguely sensible to give her advice. The Margo of three days ago would never delete an accusation.

Not saying she has a legal case but a lawsuit is something right up Margo's alley.

No. 235339

Honestly, I noticed some of her posts have had much better English than others. I haven't been taking a proper note of it but some of her recent posts I think were definitely written by someone else because as we all know, her English is abysmal. I think she is just ruining their efforts by posting on her own instead of giving them total control.

No. 235341

Lmfao anon.

No. 235342

I fucking love you anon

No. 235344

File: 1455170951669.png (929.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-11-01-08-03…)

This is boring…

No. 235345

With all these conspiracy theories I think ashleigh might be a doll again.

No. 235346


How damaged is Margo's brain? There's obviously a fucking video where Venus has a bruise on her arm.

No. 235347

anyone know what language the dude who speaks at the end is talking in?

No. 235348

No. 235349


"Friends" must be code for Air BnB host families.

No. 235350

Looks like margo has finaly left the airport.

No. 235351

it's hard to hear but I think it's some european language

No. 235352

If mayo is living in japan i will scream hysterically

No. 235353

Tbh it looks like a share house and the language sounds slavic

No. 235354

This shit really annoys me, farmers always bring up what she said a long time ago as a reason to hate her…yet you guys have no problem calling people japs and niggers. Like…seriously? Of all the reasons to hate Dakota, being a racist is fucking hypocrite reason.

No. 235355

she return home to Krakozhia, land of many river and sausage

No. 235357

Margo will stay in Japan forever, find her own Manaki and make kawaii housewife in Japan videos so that she can directly compete with her ex-daughter and earn enough dough to support her crippling sausage addiction.

No. 235358

Margo seems to have lost everything as no doubt Venus was paying for their apartment in Seoul. Smfh.

No. 235359

its glorious.

No. 235361

She cant even sell her swarovski collection.

No. 235362

Living off your (then) underage daughter…fucking pathetic.

Venus has right to take her clothes and swarovski collection, since it was bought with the money she earned anyway.

No. 235363

File: 1455173687870.gif (482.11 KB, 492x202, Laughing-Then-Crying-Gif-Tumbl…)


She'll finally have to experience being a responsible grown adult woman, oh however will she cope? I hope Venus sells her shit and splashes that sweet Yen on some burando.

No. 235364

If Venus made a shopping video; Id love that.

No. 235365

she already deleted the video on ig

No. 235366

Margo deleted the video lol

No. 235367

I wonder what's next. She tried being batshit crazy, staying away, and being semi-reasonable. I bet she'll revert baxk to batshit crazy the just fade away.

No. 235368

What? But she didnt even… Why?

No. 235369

Maybe she got too many bad comments.

No. 235370

She wasn't getting the attention she wanted or the sympathetic reactions probably that she now has to live with 'friends' and got salty about it.

No. 235371

File: 1455175200986.gif (1.43 MB, 320x213, RiverMonster.gif)

shes back from the river!!

No. 235372

File: 1455175352661.jpg (7.95 KB, 245x197, 1454428315499.jpg)

why would you do this

No. 235373

Im going to have nightmares now thanks

No. 235374

has someone seen it before it was deleted?

No. 235376

No. 235377

There was a clip of a door and windows (that's what the screenshot is) then it cuts to a couple people with the'r faces out of the shot in a small room with a tv

No. 235378

hahaaaa! im glad I turned my sound on for this.

No. 235379

it came to me in a dream last night.

No. 235380


No. 235384

File: 1455177859880.png (856.5 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.0…)

As for Margaret saying she never had bruises, in this video you can clearly see bruises in several places on her arms. Pretty severe ones too, as they have turned yellow/green.

No. 235385

File: 1455177926249.png (688.72 KB, 1277x800, Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.0…)

Bruises visible on both arms in several places. Clearly she didn't just walk into something, it wouldn't be on both arms.

No. 235390


Oh wow I didn't notice the other 2. They're the same color too which (I think?) means that it happened on the same day. There's no way Venus would be clumsy enough to get 3 bruises on 3 completely different locations on the same day.

No. 235391

I believe Venus on everything except the eating disorder. I could be wrong but I do think she purges… like in her chicken nugget video and how she has gotten so much more thin and sickly looking. I sincerely hope she's alright.

No. 235392

Not trying to deny the abuse, but every bruise gets yellow / greenish over time. The color of the bruise normally isn't connected to their severity.

No. 235393

She may not fit the specific criteria for an ED, but yeah, she does display behaviours that could easily lead her down that road.

No. 235394

Yeah, especially with the dieting stuff. Honestly I just want the poor kid to be alright. She might be 19 but considering how sheltered she's been, I think of her as like a 16-year-old.

No. 235396

aw. I hope Manaki treats her well and actually is a good guy. abuse victims like Venus tend to run towards a hint of love; I hope he doesn't take advantage.

No. 235397

This bruise looks like it was made by a thumb. I have done this by to myself by accident when crossing my arms (except I get them further on the underside).

No. 235399

This is, if she were a good manager she could easily move on to other 'clients', but she's just a bitch.

No. 235400

Hopefully living with Manaki will help her develop a better relationship with food.

No. 235401

Yeah, I'm sure Margot nitpicked on her body all the time if she let her daughter start dieting at 11. Manaki will appreciate her as long as she is healthy I am sure.

No. 235402

I don't get the asexual thing. Why did Margot say that, to make Venus seem weird? Cause it's not slanderous like being an alcoholic or having an ED… and why would Margot know surely her daughter's sexuality? Does Venus even know what it means to be asexual? She was saying "I think it is obvious I am not asexual" is that cause she has a boyfriend?

I'm looking into unimportant things, but I dunno, I found that to be the weirdest accusation.

No. 235403

I think it was to make her seem more pure

No. 235404

Oh, I suppose that'd make sense. Thanks for replying anon.

No. 235405


I don't get how she would say Venus is asexual to make her seem pure but then say that she's an alcoholic in the same post?

No. 235406

I think she sais that to make it seems like Venus is with Manaki to take advantage of him and not because she's attracted to him.

No. 235408


No. 235410

Magro is so fucking entitled it's making my blood boils. She acts like Venus fucking owe her for traveling to great countries and doing almost jack shit and getting paid through her daughter !

She probably had to work like what, 20H per week and lived in pretty great places. Opposed to what ? A boring 9-5 job that barely paid the bills as a single mom in Europe with occasional vacations.

I can't stand her acting like barely working as a freelance, with no boss or schedule, is a sacrifice she made for Venus. Has this woman ever really worked anyway ? I'm 99% sure magro is the kind of entitled european garbage who lives off handouts and won't settle for a boring average job because she expects to live better than anyone else.

No. 235412

She made fun of Manaki for being a factory worker so she probably is that kind of person to be honest.

No. 235414

Just noticed that Venus fixed the titles of the videos she did with Manaki to say he's her boyfriend instead of her EX.

No. 235415

Good for her! I can feel the Margo rage from here.

No. 235418

Old news but I noticed Margo edited out Venus' Twitter bio again(used to have a description and her location:South Korea) but now it's just a link to Margo's Twitter

No. 235419

margo could start doing sausage mukbangs

if you know what it means…

No. 235420

She should just give up on trying to convince people that it's her Twitter already.

No. 235421


Ugh, the only thing that came to mind was a bukkake. How do I bleach my brain?

No. 235422

Here anon, watch this!

No. 235423


Thank you, kind anon.

No. 235424

You're welcome!

No. 235425

Oops I forgot to remove the video URL…

No. 235426

You know full well if she bought burando and ended up looking ita, you'd shit all over the girl.

No. 235427


Awwwwww how adorable…in light of Margo's negativity this is pleasant lol.

No. 235430

Just one more to lighten up the thread some more!

No. 235431

Tbh, I would like for her to try lolita again. I would love for her to look up what a good coord would be and not use Bodyline anymore.

No. 235432

File: 1455187873762.jpg (109.36 KB, 640x640, lolitavenus.jpg)


Gaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you anon.


TBH Venus has had some really nice coords and others were just odd. I've seen far worse Itas out there. Lolita does suit her, like at the fashion show at some anime con, but I think she's not into it any longer.

No. 235433

File: 1455187943496.jpg (123.05 KB, 940x576, venus.jpg)

No. 235434

I like her new, more mature dolly style better anyway.

No. 235435

I prefer her look as a young adult tbh.

No. 235436


Seems like she wants to interact with her subscribers more. I think that's a really good thing.

No. 235437

This sounds like a great idea!

No. 235438

I think this is a lovely idea tbh, I feel that Magpie always limited her connections with fans.

No. 235439

Currently astounded by how much more natural she looked in her awkward tween weeb videos from before Margo dolly-ified her with the blonde hair and makeup.

No. 235440


Her hair was so beautiful back then. Is there any possible way she can restore her back to that?

No. 235441

Maybe if she has it in her natural colour and a little shorter for a whioe, the hair that grows back will be nice and healthy?

No. 235442

Also I keep forgetting to remove the video URL after I post, sorry.

No. 235445

Is Venus still wearing her cirlce lenses? I feel like the video she put up on facebook asking about her circle lenses must have a meaning behind it.

No. 235446


Maybe it was a code with Manaki that when she was ready for him to book her a flight to Japan that she would make a post about losing her circle lenses?

Atually now I said that, its obvious that they've been in secret contact this whole time she was in Korea anyway so I'd doubt they'd need a secret code!

That was a strange seeming video though.. I do wonder.

No. 235448

I thought it was obvious they kept in contact since Venus posted that picture of them together in Korea, saying along the lines "Manaki came to visit me!" while he mother straight up said "He's stalking my daughter!"

No. 235449


If Margo was listening in during that, that was the perfect code between Venus and Manaki. To Margo, she would've thought that Venus went to town to get another pair of lenses ("I can't find them"), but Venus was actually at the airport.

No. 235450

You ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, not all farmers are some kind of crazy hive mind???

No. 235451

Or maybe her mom made her shove the toothbrush down her throat?

tbh I dont think she ate those nuggets in one sitting. She probably spent an entire day eating them imho cause otherwise we've never really seen her eat THAT much in a short amount of time. even her live mukbang was a small amount of icecream

ugh I usually hate when people do the whole 'wow draw me stuff and I just MIIIIIGHT use it' It always seems like a cheap ploy to get free art out of people but fuck me if I'm not gonna do it anyway.

No. 235453

Isn't fan art always free tho

No. 235454

Personally, I think it's Venus wanting to acknowledge the fanart she has accumulated. She isn't asking for new stuff at all.

No. 235456

Anyone speak Portuguese? From what I understand they see that Margo is the crazy one here unlike Cumstar.

No. 235457

I speak Portuguese

No. 235459

Are they perpetuating Keemstars shit or do they get what's going on?

No. 235460

I do and he's not really saying bad or good things about venus? just saying (translating) what margo said and venus' response

No. 235465

Did you guys notice that in her videos with her husband, the Ex is now gone. All the videos are now called with "Boyfriend" not "Ex-boyfriend".

No. 235466


They are simply translating their posts about bullying and the hamster situation and pretty much talking about the polemic statements. They are not taking sides.

No. 235467


Someone already mentioned that. You're late, anon!

No. 235468


she also made a playlist with Manaki related videos.

No. 235469

File: 1455198824337.jpg (22.14 KB, 741x150, playlist.JPG)

No. 235471


Sounds like we should be expecting Venus and Manaki in a video together really soon!

No. 235476

The other anon is right. Bruise colors don't indicate severity, but as the other anon suggested, it indicates time. I'm not sure how long of a time between the two you could have and they'd still be a similar color. It's probably different for everybody, but I'd guess within the range of a couple days. Sage for sort of OT.

No. 235478

File: 1455200397839.jpeg (78.25 KB, 640x615, image.jpeg)

Just imagine how embarrassing it is having a mother like this. She has no shame.

No. 235479

No shame and she doesn't even look decent while doing it….

No. 235485

File: 1455203230793.png (66.3 KB, 198x243, wiggle wigglw.png)

No. 235486

Her stomach reminds me of PT's workout lines

No. 235488

Her deltoid looks good but no one needs to see a wrinkly stomach and a middle aged woman thighbrow.

No. 235489

She reminds me of Sheryl Nome here…

No. 235490

Honestly, I think she has a great body for her age and I don't see any problem with older ladies showing off on their personal instagram accounts etc
It's only weird when she's wearing Venus' clothes, or tagging it #venusangelicsmom or whatever.

When I'm her age I'm going to flaunt whatever I still have too, I'm just not going to be a psychotic Mother Gothel whilst I do it.

No. 235493

File: 1455208252293.png (606.68 KB, 1018x575, i did not.png)

No. 235496

I agree. Some people on IG also keep saying she's "almost 60," but she's in her early 40s.

She is a vile person but her body isn't disgusting or anything.

No. 235497

I dont think margareth is abusing her daughter lol…venus is just being a white girl, they will be friends again. Kim kardashian and kris jenner have similair fights like this lel. #reunitethecrazypalermos

No. 235498

She is white and pale pale people always have bruises lel

No. 235499

File: 1455210507726.jpg (4.53 KB, 200x200, eae5e8f9e5fb41239f8e0b3921fd22…)

No. 235500

So you're sayig Kim K and Kris jenner arent having similair temp feuds? And are you also saying that marks on white skin doesnt show up easily? I am pale as fuck and I also get often bruises, but I'm not abused. I like Venus come from a single parent family and I know too well I blamed my mother for ecerything when we had fighrs, while 90% it was my fault, this is why I wont jump on this bandwagon. There are two sides, not one side. Fuck venus and her momager anyways tbh.

No. 235503

no one gives a fuck about those sand niggers take that shit else where.

No. 235504


Because you know, every argument ends the same.

No. 235506

Wtf?! They are European….

No. 235508

the Kardashians are not white.. sorry…

No. 235509

Oh I thought you were talking about venus. Kris Jenner is Dutch by the way, is that white enough for you?

No. 235510


No. 235511


Not the same anon, but lmfao Kim ain't white thanks to daddy.

No. 235512

No. 235513


Samefag, but we should really get back on topic.

No. 235514

File: 1455211494109.gif (1.64 MB, 260x265, rHQCKXC.gif)

No. 235515

Allahu Ackbar

No. 235516

File: 1455211635431.gif (704.86 KB, 311x217, caXWbtE.gif)

No. 235517

Alright guys, take your allahu akbars somewhere else, please.

No. 235518

File: 1455211760284.gif (1.63 MB, 650x350, odXKhyv.gif)

No. 235519

Fuck this topic

No. 235520

No. 235521

Did no one save Margo's video? it makes me curious

No. 235522

If Venus is abused by her mother, she likely abused her mother too.

No. 235523

Any time the milk even kind of dries up, this thread goes to hell.

No. 235524

Lolcow's pt kind of sucks and should die already. Admin-sama should just change this board and give it a cute name :^3

No. 235525


I don't see how that would be the case though. There's no proof that she abuses Margo, is there?

No. 235526

fuck off

No. 235527

Is there proof margo physically abused venus? I completely agree that momagers shouldnt be whoring their daughters out but its these days too common that its unfair that she is being lynched.

No. 235528

Where is the video? With margo and her "friends". Did she deleted it?

No. 235529

No. 235530

File: 1455212354988.gif (1.13 MB, 400x226, n7JFcfv.gif)

No. 235531


Well considering this:


No. 235532


Admin, can you do something with this person?

No. 235533

I have similair bruises like her, am I abused?

No. 235535


Not really, i'll give you that much, but it's pretty fucking weird to have bruises that are the same color in 3 completely different locations.

No. 235536

Depends. Has your mom been beating you ?

No. 235537

can you all just shut up until there's any news, this thread is going to hell

No. 235539

if you guys seriously think those bruises are a result of abuse, I feel fucking bad for you. I have bruises like that all the time, yes on my arms, yes the same color. I actually have some on my legs right now too.

think about it. Venus isn't eating meat anymore, right? and if Margo's not lying about her ED, she's probably anemic and bruises like a peach. i honestly don't believe for a second those pitiful little bruises are a result from an angry abusive mom. if Margo were to actually hit or grab Venus, it would leave a darker mark than that shit.

No. 235540

First off, Venus isn't vegetarian or vegan. She does eat meat. And the video with the bruises is a little older, before Venus lost most of her weight

No. 235541

dont you think venus would then wait for the bruises to become lighter to make a video so people wouldnt question her? also at that point she WAS eating meat and is again now as far as we know, they only went vegan for like 2 days or something. stop talking shit if you've not caught up with what's been going on you mong

No. 235542

There may be no "proof" that Venus was physically abused but there is also no proof that she wasn't.
And taken from what Margo is capable of, by the posts she made this past week (like calling Venus a !mistake!) i would rather believe Venus words over margos js

No. 235543

Ever heard of spinach, broccoli, kale, lentils? Even IF she were vegan or vegetarian, as long as she wouldn't live off of fucking oreos, she'd be fine. You can get iron from plants.
And it's pretty obvious that Margo probably did abuse venus.

No. 235544

no anon I've never eaten a vegetable in my fucking life. what do you think? Christ, you bitches need to calm down, my bad for forgetting she wasn't vegetarian anymore. still, you all sound like affirmative action kids right now thinking those bruises are from Margo beating her daughter. get real. yes she's abusive but those are way way too miniscule to mean anything. talk about over analyzing.

No. 235546

I pointed out these bruises a few threads back and everyone told me I was looking to far into it

No. 235547

Lmao, what is it with people who think physical abuse means you have constantly have broken bones or strangulation marks or some shit. They're obviously faded. Obviously none of us were there so it's Venus' word against Margo's, but those kinds of bruises might very well be from abuse.

No. 235548

I'm gonna go with Venus on this one. I think her mom is a shitty person.

No. 235550

I'm…kind of half-tempted to give Victor (gimmeabreakman/gimmeaflakeman) an email about the Venus thing just as a means of getting the word out about whats going on. He has a pretty big fanbase (I think?) and like another anon said, he's a pretty big dramawhore, so hopefully if someone gives him the whole story so far, we can get a bunch of people backing her up to kind of ward off all of KEEM's goons? Idk, its just a sudden thought. What do you guys think? It's probably unnecessary.

No. 235551

I agree

No. 235553


After someone told Keemstar about this, I HIGHLY recommend not to bring anymore Youtubers into this.

No. 235555

I am a victim of domestic violence and I had those typical bruises you see in the media haha…He even punched me so hard in my jaw I couldnt move my jaw for weeks..when I hear others getting abused its usually about miniscule things. It actually makes me angry. Reminds me of those girls on youtube who make almost "abducted/rape" videos. perhaps this is a stunt so venus gets more publicity? If not, I guess treatment for the daughter and mother would be the best as it is immature what both of them are doing.

No. 235557

Dont plz people like you are the reason why miscarriages of justice still exist

No. 235558

Leave it. Keem's 12 yr old fans already moved onto something else.

Just cause other people's abuse isn't severe as yours doesn't make them liars and it doesn't make you a special snowflake. You care enough to post you got punched in the jaw even though you could've just as well skipped that detail, do you want attention? Sorry you had shit happen to you, but you're not special for it. Venus could have been abused too.

No. 235560

I am anonymous and I need a space where I can blog lol. I dont really care but I just dont consider petty abuse abuse tbh.

At the end of the day my post doesnt matter and there still isnt proof. Yall should stop already.

No. 235563


lolcow isnt your personal blog space

No. 235565


Go to Tumblr for that.

No. 235567

key word in your story "he". was it your father? or a boyfriend? if it was a significant other then you were an adult and had a choice to be with them. venus was underage until recently and didn't have a choice. even when she did turn 18, she was stuck in a foreign country and had no way to make it on her own. even now, without manaki she'd be stuck with her mother. emotional abuse can make you feel just a worthless and shitty as being beaten to a pulp, and is no less damaging psychologically, especially when its from a parent.

tl;dr fuck you

No. 235569

Alright, I'll drop it. I had a gut feeling that "yeah, this probably isn't the best idea" but I just needed the extra confirmation. Thanks for the input.

No. 235570

No. 235573

>At the end of the day my post doesnt matter and there still isnt proof.

precisely, so shut up and go get your jaw broken again you dumb whore lol. your boyfriend should have done more to you than that

No. 235574

No really, fuck off

No. 235575

>I dont really care but I just dont consider petty abuse abuse tbh
Fucking hell! Any abuse is abuse.
Abused by their own mother especially hurts one way or the other. The one person who you should suppose to be safe with , hurting you, physically or mentally is always painful.

No. 235576

Oh wow you're so sad…

No. 235577

Dude you totally got them

No. 235578

can we move on lol

No. 235579

no one cares about some boohoo whore who got punched in the jaw by some man who obv did the right thing. venus has been AT LEAST emotionally abused by mayo, and you're a blind cunt if you deny that. domestic abuse is still abuse.

anyways, i'm curious to what mayo's next move will be. is it bad i miss her constant, frantic posting?

No. 235581

Do you guys really just NOT know how to ignore obvious bait? Jesus fucking Christ. I feel like every time a thread is "derailed" because of obvious bait it's because everyone else felt the need to reply.

No. 235582

I feel the same anon. It feels too quiet without Margo's fevered airport posts.

No. 235583

I'm not that anon you're talking about but I don't think underaged gals are allowed here

No. 235584

Lol I miss it too. It's like, with Margo there's always something to look forward too. Sometimes it's a nude, sometimes it's a ramble, sometimes it's a catfight. I hope she comes around soon cause I wanna know what her next steps will be. Afaik she's living "with friends" in Japan, but what about her language school in Korea?

No. 235585

Didn't the money run out for it on the 10th or something?

No. 235586

wait, how do you know the friends are in japan?
i asked if an anon knew what language they were speaking, and somebody guessed something slavic, which seems bout right.

No. 235588

I wish i had seen the video, i would probably know what language they talked if it was something european

No. 235589

Oh I had no idea, sorry! I thought Venus paid for the language school in advance so even if Margo was left without money, her school would still be paid for

Just thought if she went to a different country she would've announced it by now, you know how Margo can be. But yeah maybe she ditched Asia completely in which case I really wonder what she's gonna do now

No. 235591

I'm pretty sure she specifically said "friends in japan" so maybe she found some people on AirBnB that happen to speak her native language?

No. 235592

oh goddamn that's probably what happened tbh
i wish she would leave japan already
how has her taxes or constant visas not caught up to her yet?

No. 235593

No. 235594

It was probably a guest house, and the "friends" were probably some people she met in the language school back when she was in Japan.

No. 235595

I feel like Margo is reading lowkow and she only made the video to prove that she's not homeless and strolling around the airport anymore after everyone made fun of her for it

No. 235597

but if she was trying to prove something why would she delete the video?

No. 235598

Isn't Venus from hungaria or something? In "white culture" it's abuse if parents yell at their children etc…(I am white) but I have friends of many different cultures and their parents used to beat them when they were children and they even yell at them now but they never considered it as abuse. For those who dont hang out with PoC you can easily google such memes. I'm not saying it didnt hurt Venus but could this possibly be a cultural reason why Venus' mom did it? Can anyone confirm if its "normal" for hungarians to get your ass kicked by your parents? I know a few Polish people who admitted this thats why I ask this.

No. 235599

no, it isn't.
it shouldn't be normal any parent to emotionally and mentally control their child, hit them and use them as a cash cow.

No. 235600

Polish anon here, idk who told you that, but beating is not acceptable. The worst acceptable thing is spanking but only when it's a young kid. At Venus' age it wouldn't be ok

No. 235601

The fuck? I live in poland and it doesnt take much to see its an abuse. Were it cultural only then she wouldnt be such a fuckwit about it making up lies. Being an idiot isnt cultural. I sure hope anon You don't see it as an excuse. If it was cultural then Venus wouldn't escape.

No. 235602

Oh boohoo, sorry but the fact that you had it worse doesn't invalidate other people's experiences. This is not the victim olympics.

No. 235603

btw just because in "PoC" (more like PoS tbh) culture violence against children is common doesn't make it ok either

No. 235604

anon pls let's just ignore the bait

No. 235605

So why exactly has this thread filled up with shitposters again?
Is it just because it's active and they'll get the most attention here?

I wish hellweek was back. I want to report them all for being shits but there's no point.

I just want more venus news but watching this thread is painful right now with how crap it is.

No. 235607

I get that you want to know if beating your children is normal in Hungary, but honestly, I don't care AT ALL. People nowadays, especially people from developed countries, know perfectly that beating and abusing your kids is wrong and illegal. Margo has lived in FIVE european countries, she knows perfectly how good parents should be.

No. 235608

Thank god, a nonshitposter

No. 235609

in this day and age no one wouldnt consider Margo's level of bullshit abuse. Considering what margo has said in public imagine what she has said and done in private. im from a country where its mainly black people so a child getting beaten when its a shit is common but theres an obvious line between discipline and abuse. discipline usually stops when the child is in their teens and sure as hell stops if the kid is bring in money.

The fact that Venus was Margo's only income is honestly all the proof i need to say that shes abusive. any good parent wouldnt put that kind of pressure on their child. imagine how many times margo told venus she had to do a video or she couldnt eat

No. 235610

Can confirm. I'm black not Hungarian. But my mother never used me as a cashcow.

No. 235611


I think because there's no new milk and people are getting bored.

sage because not really about Venus.

No. 235612

Also, beating your kids for "cultural reasons" doesn't make it any more acceptable.

No. 235613

while were on this topic, why is it called PT? is it named after pixy teri?

No. 235614

Yeah PT discussion was banned on /cgl/ so they took it somewhere else

No. 235615

Oh racist-chan…you do know venus is white right? A polish anon just sugarcoated that they spank their children only when they are little, something the western europeans pretend not to do.

No. 235616

You're being a hypocrite tbh. But you're right about the cashcow thing. I guess it's a cultural thing after all.

No. 235617

well she's swiss right? not sure about switzerland but spanking your kids at younger age is common in germany, and i bet as switzerland as well.
but Venus was already too old for that type of discipline.

No. 235618

How about everyone shuts up until venus or margo does something worth mentioning?

Quite frankly I don't give a flying fuck about what race you are, what your culture thinks is good or bad or even if you were abused or not.
Like many people I'm not here to read about YOU. I don't see you mentioned in the OP.
If posting this crap on your own personal blog isn't cutting it for you, maybe you should realise you have attention seeking problems and should step away from the computer for awhile.

Sage for rant but this is getting ridiculous. I'm bailing on this thread. I'll catch up in the next one.

No. 235619

>this anon cant take control in real life
were you abused? Talk about it tbh

No. 235620

all this shitposting is triggering me.

No. 235622

This tbh
The thread is a mess. No1curr about your abuse. We even made a containment thread to stop people treating Venus' thread like their personal blog but they don't get enough attention there so they're still coming here.

No. 235623

repeating old memes too tbh.

No. 235624

I really dont care about venus or what you have to say though

No. 235625

File: 1455219712387.jpg (148.21 KB, 858x536, police-pig-2_3373841k.jpg)

Can everyone just stay on topic? If you're bored then go and shitpost on /b/ instead.

No. 235626

Uhhh..okay cool. But what are you doing on a Venus threat if you don't care?

No. 235627

What did my post even have to do with you

No. 235628

File: 1455220181535.jpg (70.93 KB, 640x613, awesome-funny-chive-photos-1.j…)

No. 235629

Late in this thread but to be fair, we are abusing venus too if we must be very fair. I bet venus was crying in the beginning when she read her threads/found out about her encyclopedia dramatica page. She hates us just as much as she hates her mother. So I will leave this thread as I feel bad for her now. I am glad I never really insulted her like some of you did but I still participated. Wish the best for her. And fuck you all. I am going to live my life, forgive everyone and try to become a better person.

See ya all tomorrow.

No. 235632


please get your self righteous ass out of here an into the nearest river.

No. 235633

Solid finish. God bless this post.

No. 235634

i'm still homeless, btw

No. 235636

I hope your jaw gets fucked up again bye

No. 235638

>such a newfag that they don't even know most of the shittalking was directed at Margo
go away

No. 235639

If Venus DID have damage to some severity, she obviously isn't going to make a video with a black eye or some shit. I'm actually surprised the bruises weren't covered with make up or something. Since it looks like they're healing maybe she forgot or didn't notice.
Seriously go back to Tumblr. Admin please.
I believe in Hungary it's a bit more common in the US. I would think it's not to the point of burising though… Something like spanking your child. Just because it happens there doesn't mean it's okay though, and Margo abuses Venus emotionally. We've all seen that.

Margo keeps posting and deleting as of yesterday but I keep missing it. How long until she goes into the river?

No. 235640

M-m-mother Palermo? Is that you? You can't read I never mentioned a jaw.
But I am going to report you because I feel threatened by you. I am sorry.

"Reason: abusive"

Seek anger management and stop abusing your daughter and others.

I-I have a home. But are you homeless? I hope you get a home ASAP.
T-t-thanks. May you become a nicer person!

No. 235641

File: 1455221525714.png (587.61 KB, 919x518, HLfPhTF.png)

New Venus post. Nothing too interesting yet. Maybe Margo will post a comment without deleting it.

No. 235642

I thought you left the thread? Lmao

No. 235643

I guess she will upload a video tomorrow according to her YT channel description. I'm curious about how her new videos will be.

No. 235644

So her husband will become the new pimp?

No. 235646

How come every time I leave this thread for any amount of time there's 100+ posts and no new fucking CONTENT.
Where are all of these retards flooding in from and where are the mods?

No. 235651

stop being the leech and try being a useful poster for once.

No. 235661

I just want to point out to posters like this and other people in this thread that my mother used to slap my face all the time, hard enough that my cheek would turn red and my eyes would water. Once the red would fade there would be absolutely NO visible sign that she was hitting me, but she did it often and it did hurt.

Expecting victims of abuse to "prove" that they are "actually" being abused by showing wounds or bruises is sick.

No. 235662

File: 1455225095900.gif (930.58 KB, 500x206, tumblr_n0b1yq8Yby1t5fwlao1_500…)

No. 235663


No. 235664

This is a good look for her, love her hair like that.

No. 235665


No. 235666


No. 235667

Margaret is fucking insane, bless Venus's little heart.

No. 235668

I feel so bad for her having to deal with Margo

No. 235669

SHE IS SO CUTE. Sorry, but I had to say it.

No. 235670

margo die pls

No. 235671

When she talks about Margo abusing her because of not understanding or saying things incorrectly it makes me furious, because Margo's English is so shit Venus was probably right most of the time and still being beaten for it. Poor kid.

No. 235673

I knew she was fucking smart. When I was on PULL no one believed me.

No. 235674


She looks so much happier and healthier already.

No. 235675

File: 1455226010263.gif (825.64 KB, 245x150, help.gif)

"On my birthday my mom wrote me unfriendly… unfriendly comments on instagram…"

No. 235676

I'm cynical as hell and even then I don't think Venus is acting. If she is acting, she should definitely look into a career doing so.

If any anons are still on the fence whether this whole thing is a publicity stunt, Margo and/or Venus could have started a gofundme and I am sure tons of people (farmers included) would donate to help Venus out. But she hasn't done anything like it, so I am pretty convinced it's real

No. 235677

I can't believe Margo threw a fucking knife at her own daughter

No. 235678

Agreed, and she talks/acts like a normal human being without Maggot's puppeteer grasp.

No. 235679

Props to Venus for not posting all those comments and caps Margo made to her. She is showing Margo the respect Margo never gave her

No. 235680

What the fuck? She threw a knife at her? Did I hear that right?

No. 235681

I love you anon

No. 235682

I had to pause the video when I heard that. Like, what? Oh my god? Margo.

Around 4:40 she talks about it.

No. 235685

File: 1455226456643.gif (492.77 KB, 245x195, tumblr_lvctyqfMWg1qazf3y.gif)

milk aint flowing right now, its just my tears that are flooding the place up

No. 235686

If people STILL believe this is all a ploy for views then there is no helping it. People have been saying Margo is abusive for YEARS. None of this is new, just more extreme. Some people will always have their tinfoil hats on. But it's been clear to most everyone that Margo was living through Venus.

No. 235687

Damn. I can't believe she threw a fucking knife at her. Well, actually, I can but just wow.

No. 235688

Margo threw a fucking knife at her!!!!
And Venus just tells it as if it is the most normal thing a parent would do. That shows that she must have gone through a lot of insane crap with Margo.
I'm even more angry at the old hag now that i saw the video

No. 235689

Bless this girls heart. I'm glad that she got away when she did.

No. 235690

So are you guys all with the Venus defence force or what

No. 235691

Same. I'm in public catching up on this like NO DONT DO IT HOE DONT CRY

No. 235692


Yeah I heard it. I just can't believe it.

No. 235693

Same anon, same. The end of the video killed me.

No. 235694

I actually cried a little, she seems so sweet and dealt with so much bullshit from Margo thinking it was "normal" until she realised it was wrong and abusive.

No. 235695

>Margo hit her
>threw a fucking knife at her head at 13 years old after threatening to slit her wrists with said knife
>instead of getting a job, made Venus live in a tiny room in Korea with her
>set her up by threatening to report her to the police when it turned out that the suitcase Margo left with Venus' stuff in it didn't have any of her things in it
>wanted to basically sell her to a rich guy

Anyone who thinks this is a plot or is making excuses for Margo is in serious denial because they don't want to accept something so awful can happen to another person.

No. 235696


Two-faced bitches. Venus should keep her issues to herself and fix this in private. One thing I can say is that you should never please your enemies. In a few weeks after mayo's drama is old we will all laugh at Venus only. Venus is so naive.

No. 235697

I have a theory as to why the editing is kind of bad (with all the cuts and little mistakes) i think for one.. Venus might have told a lot more of the story but decided to cut a few things out because she thought maybe she shouldn't tell too much after all. And i also think maybe the editing is sloppy because it might be hard for Venus herself to watch and listen to the Video again and recall all the memories over and over ..she might just want to quickly be done with the editing hence it became a little sloppy

No. 235698

File: 1455226941921.jpg (65.64 KB, 500x483, tumblr_m89aawODTN1ru0vy2.jpg)

Reposting this glorious fanart of margie marge

No. 235699

Defence against what? Are you really expecting everyone to take Margo's side in this or something?

No. 235700

No. 235702

Fuck off to tumblr bitch

No. 235703

She actually sounded like a real teenager in the end of the video, where she makes the heart shape with her fingers

No. 235704

Oh wow maybe JUST MAYBE people can change their views and opinions when facts present themselves???
You expect us to be cunts to Venus when MOST of the threads have always been assuming that her shittiness was actually Margo when we started spotting the difference in their typing???

Or were we MAGICALLY supposed to know that Margo was forcing Venus to do a lot of stuff and using her account to type things?

Should we have magically referred to posts made on the twitter and instagram under the name Venus Angelic as Margo?

also shut the fuck up you're the tumblrite to assume that we're all unchanging in our views at least sage if you're gonna shit post

No. 235705

Yeah but on lolcow she had more unfriendly comments

No. 235706

Margo is a MONSTER. She's one of the worst parents I've heard of since… Not getting into that. Wanting to sell your own daughters VIRGINITY TO A MILLIONAIRE?!?! What the fuck kind of disgusting bitch does this?!?!

This is the worst thing I've heard of a mother doing. Everything Margo does screams insane bitch. Poor Venus.

No. 235707

File: 1455227251869.jpg (142.24 KB, 500x667, frightnight.jpg)

Sleep with one eye open
gripping your pillows tight

No. 235708

lmao bite me

No. 235709

You sound awfully new. Also, get out.

No. 235710

>that leg

No. 235711

>selling your daughter to a millionaire
Dont lump all daughters into this I would love to have a mother who would find me a rich guy lel

No. 235712

It's different when its your mom making those unfriendly comments.

No. 235713

File: 1455227328626.jpeg (42.61 KB, 1242x695, image.jpeg)

Jesus fucking christ

No. 235714

Why don't they just go to r9k?

No. 235715

you know what adds the sad factor besides the fact that she knew it was normal? That there are a lot of margos out there trying to pimp out their daughters.

No. 235716

now imagine that thing coming at you with a knife

I'll readily admit that Venus has more balls than most of us

No. 235717

Pls go into the river

No. 235718

This isn't funny anymore but when Marg find Venus

No. 235719

>Well Educated
>No school
Margo probably means "submissive"

No. 235720

No. 235721

I kind of imagined Benus getting buff

No. 235722

Watching the video I realized Venus kept saying stuff like "My mom said she'd come to the airport" or "I'd meet my mom at the airport." Is this proof that Margo was indeed not at the airport for three days eating her expensive sausage?

No. 235723

Much better thought anon, her buffness just made me think of the video and I totally forgot about what happened at the end.

Mana and Venus, go get buffed.

No. 235724

And Venus is a lot smarter than I gave her credit for too. I used to think she was dumb as a rock but that was thanks to Margaret doing dumb shit making them both look bad. I think Venus will break the cycle of horror that her crazy cunt mom started. She doesn't come off as manipulative as she once did since Margo was well… You know… Using her accounts posting as her and forcing her to do shit she didn't want to do. Even in her newest videos her voice sounds more natural.

No. 235725

so I should go into a river because I want to marry a certain guy? People like you are the cancer of feminism. Cry me river

No. 235726

They got physical at the airport and security had to separate them, at which point Venus escaped

Not sure if Margo was haunting the airport for 3 days though. Can Nippon farmers perform an exorcism?

No. 235727

I felt physically sick reading that. So that's why Margo is so obsessed with her virginity…

No. 235728

I don't care what you all say but I will always take the side of an abused child.
I think Venus has been brave as fuck, I lived with abusive parents until 20 because I just didn't have the courage to leave.
She did this in a foreign country and had to even solve the money problems etc by cutting her own mom off. Wow.

No. 235729




No. 235730

I know that, but Margo made it seem like she was staying at the airport the entire time. But it seems like she was telling Venus stuff that would imply she was staying somewhere else and then just use the airport is a meeting spot for them.

No. 235731

File: 1455227950193.png (192.43 KB, 1338x834, Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 21.5…)

No. 235732

Bitch what

No. 235733

She says "But don't call him", call him what? I think I might have misunderstood this part.

No. 235734

man that was a very unfortunate moment to say "lol I want my mom to find me a rich guy too". Are you sure youd like to be raised as a submissive bitch of some ugly ass millionare with a dusty dick?

No. 235736

The thumbnail makes her look like she should be a character in a Luc Besson film like Leon or something.

No. 235737

What bitch what

No. 235738

Get in touch with Margo I'm sure she's yearning for a surrogate child

No. 235739

Whats wrong with dating older guys? Why are all the girls here so immature and young?

No. 235740

Haha wow. I've never seen this before.

No. 235742

I took it as an awkward joke, like don't call him (on the phone) or something like that.

No. 235743

I am not a weaboo and I doubt she is a good pimp, venus isnt even that popular.

No. 235744

You completely miss the point. Pls go to pull nobody cares what you want

No. 235745

are you retarded or pretending to be? no one said dating an older guy is bad, we're saying that having your mother grooming you from age 11 to set you up with an old rich guy purely for his money is bad

No. 235746

>mfw these days 12 year olds on instagram with 20 followers wear even more make up than venus ever did

No. 235747

File: 1455228442534.jpg (108 KB, 500x667, mother.jpg)

These arguments is why this thread is turning to garbage. You're stupid and can't read, or just bait.
Please leave, nobody cares that you want to be a sugar baby for some old European guy. That's not even anything close to what Marg had planned for Venus. There's a difference between an adult making the decision to be a dependent to some wrinkly rich guy and being raised from birth to be a pure virgin dolly toy to some creep by your own mother. gtfo

No. 235748

Shh anon youre being IMMATURE

No. 235749

yass tell her.
So what is now Margo up to? I've lost the track of what posts she posted/deleted and where is she…

No. 235751

Either there are wannabe bl cks or actual bl cks in this thread.


No. 235752

>no context of your statement
river is callen

KEK >>235751
double fail

No. 235753

>>235750 deleted kek
"Either there are wannabe blcks in this thread or actual blcks.

Lmao double shitpost fail

No. 235754

I don't have enough money for chemotherapy

No. 235755

Mad u aint getting this dusty dick?

No. 235756

Racist, can't post for shit AND is a lazy fuck who'd get on with an old man for that easy dolla.

No. 235757

Holy crap. I'm just sitting here trying to process what I just heard/saw. Years of emotional & verbal abuse. Fucking margaret terrorizing and holding this girl hostage w/threats of suicide.

It's a miracle V survived & managed to gtfo with her sanity intact, let alone as level-headed as she seems to be.

No. 235758

It's truly awful.
I can't imagine how many girls couldnt escape their margos…

No. 235759

holy shit everything is falling into place, I've been following venus for so long and now that I can see the whole picture it just blow my mind.
This cute retarded girl was a manipulated and abused child between the hand of a crazy narcissistic woman.

No. 235760

File: 1455229103616.png (219.11 KB, 560x477, image.png.4eab377e0cb2691a1c9f…)

stop feeding the troll

No. 235761

I think the part that gets me the most is that she thought it was normal. And even said before she realized it wasn't normal, she'd probably do the same to her kids. Thank God she got away.

No. 235762

Notice how she is articulate and quite smart when talking on her own.

No. 235763

We already stopped

No. 235764

I'm a lesbian no thank you

Oh I dont agree with that straight whore but no one uses the word bitch besides blCENSOREDcks and wannabe blCENSOREDcks. and that meme >>235747
Jesus christ why?? Why did you think it was something we would post on here? Back to lipstickalley or something with you, blCENSOREDck tumblrina.

No. 235765

Just how many countries has margo hauled Venus to? Venus never stood a chance to make any friends.

> London
> Netherlands
> Thailand
> South Korea
> Japan


No. 235766

Margaret is still trying to play the victim card. "oh POOR ME! Homeless & broke cuz evil Venus TOOK EVERYTHING!" etc. etc. But then she deletes immediately. Classic manipulative psycho shit.

No. 235767

Racist-chan pls go

No. 235769

You must be new here.
Did I trigger you? Bit bitchy huh?

No. 235770

Wait, has the word black actually been censored? Or is this anon just weird as fuck.

No. 235771

at what point were they in thailand?

No. 235772

When she was a kid, to do pagents

No. 235773

Didnt you figure by the contents of lesbo-chans posts that shes weird as fuck? even if blacks were actuall censored itd probbly be for shits and giggles

No. 235774

i can almost smell your autism

No. 235775

Thats the earliest sign that you have to take the child away from the mom

No. 235776

No. 235779

File: 1455229616127.png (116.96 KB, 1262x400, Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 22.2…)

Would Mr. Palermo care even if he knew his daughter was being abused?

No. 235781

Her mom studied?? what??the??fuck??
probably didnt do much since for a few months. oh shit

No. 235782

Eiher he is as shit (since he fucked Margaret) or she threatened him (very possible) with something vile.

No. 235783

Her escape makes me ridiculously happy. I hope she'll come to see how deeply fucked up her mom truly is because she still seems to almost try to defend her/hold back. Maybe she's just trying to be decent though and not wash the dirty laundry on the net which is awesome actually. She obviously doesn't want to badmouth her mom online more than she really has to, even though she has every right to, at this point.

No. 235784

The word blCENSOREDck is censored because the word itself is a slur. blCENSOREDcks are a slur.

No. 235785


Marry me

She's been to Spain as well afaik. Tenerife, 3 yrs.

No. 235786

r u even ok

No. 235787

i think she was making a awkward joke

No. 235788


what drugs are you on

No. 235789

I really liked her input on decision making and consequences, she actually inspire me to get my shit together.

No. 235791

Yeah… and when she said "after talking to some people I realized this was NOT NORMAL." Wonder if that means she's getting therapy over there? Or maybe she's just talking to SANE people. jfc

I can't get over how matter-of-fact she is in these videos and on IG. No melodrama at all. Go Venus!

No. 235793

Did she say Manaki's mother was sending her emails to see if she was okay? I was sure I heard that or am I mad? If she did its so nice to know she has more than just Manaki worrying about her.

No. 235794

There's only so much sheltering Margo can do, especially as Venus got older. Just talking with Manaki could have made her realize what Margo wasn't normal or healthy. Its probably why he wanted her to come to Japan and get away.

No. 235795

Just subbed to her channel and gave both her most recent videos a thumbs up. I didn't even care about her videos before but the way she has been handling this drama impresses me way too much. She is quite mature for her age and it's actually pretty sad that she was never able to show this side of her before because of her shitty excuse for a mother.
I don't care what y'all think, I'm gonna support Venus from now on (unless she fucks it up big time of course). Also, I fucking knew it that her mother instigated all this shit with the GoFundMe campaigns and dragging Manaki's name through the mud. I'm sure Margo is also majorly responsible for all the broken friendships/business relationships Venus could have had in the past. So happy that Venus sees through her BS and realized that her mother's behaviour is not normal at all. I hope Venus will it keep it up, I'm optimistic tho.

No. 235797

Hi Asha

No. 235799

Watching that last video was tough. It's obvious she's not trying to throw a pity party since she doesn't cry in front of the camera, and she's still trying to respect her mother. I don't want to blindly kiss her ass either since she's human and totally capable of being an asshole, but she seems like a decent girl.

No. 235800

Same, also left nice comments on her insta and stuff hah. I mean i might unfollow if she starts fucking up and making drama, but for now i support her.

No. 235801

she was incredibly mature. her reflecting on her mother hitting her and how she might have hit her own child…..it was just very powerful. im very proud of her. i was in a similar situation as a kid and i know lots of young people follow her and i'm glad someone who might be where i was can learn from her

No. 235803

anyone else like the thumbnail on her most recent video?
i think it's cool and shows her escaping.
also on her other one about not being an animal abuser and how it's her yelling

No. 235804

I subbed too. I sent her a little drawing and a few personal messages a few days ago, it's sappy but I wanted to cheer her up a little on her birthday.
She comes off, to me, as a very strong girl that doesn't want to sit around and mope about her situation. While some of her fans are undoubtedly babying her in comments, she still needs to know she's got support. Also, seeing as her content will be different without Marg behind the camera yelling at her between cuts, I don't feel like subbing to her now after the split is wrong or out of pity.

No. 235805

Her thumbnails changed so much to her previous ones, just like her instagram pictures. It almost seems as if she's trying out different styles and aesthetics now and i like this Venus.

No. 235806

15:01 showed Margo true nature "your mother will answer the quest for you bc you're not smart enough to do so. That's what your mother thinks"
That was a brilliant interview and I onot hope Venus can keep fleeing away

No. 235807

so do i, i'm curious to see her able to branch off and do what she's interested in now

No. 235808


>waiting for the rude comments tearing all those poor anons apart for being supportive

No. 235810

Yeah, it's going to be fascinating to see what direction she takes now that she has control over her content/brand.

No. 235811

please stop trying to fall for the dumb ass bait oh my GOD

i found he insufferable before, but now i'm starting to like venus
this has been an interesting past week tbh

No. 235816

3:12 onwards is very mild behaviour for Margo, but it's a good example of a) how she constantly put Venus down and made her feel dumb even though b) Venus does clearly speak/understand English better.

"But you don't wear jeans… but this was the question" /sneering laugh
Except, it wasn't. Venus was doing a much better job of answering.

No. 235817

Anyone else can't wait for Margo's response to latest vid? I'm hyped to see what Margoyle will use as excuses

No. 235819

i'm starting to think that marg has given up
or at least is too occupied with sorting her shit out (visa, place to stay, school etc)

No. 235820


I would like to see a video of maggot about this. Freaking out and being totally cray in front of the cam.

No. 235828

I also need this in my life.

No. 235832

Poor Venus, having her own mom throw a knife at her ;_; I feel so bad for her and I'm so proud of her for getting away from her abusive paycho mom. I hope Manaki is a nice guy and she does well on her own in Japan.

No. 235839

iirc it was in a thai buddhist temple in switzerland

No. 235842

I don't believe her mother hit her.
I don't know, I think venus lied a lot to gain more subscribers because she knows her channel was going downhill.
this is attention whoring at its finest

No. 235844

Fuck off

No. 235845

she also insults people with aspergers so i dont understand why anyone would have sympathy on this bitch.
both her and margo are shit. they'd do anything for attention

No. 235847

My heart is breaking watching this.
But I'm so happy that she looks really happy and healthy; her makeup and hair look really good as they are right now

No. 235848

File: 1455236890500.jpg (33.46 KB, 220x326, 220px-Bait3D_poster.jpg)

No. 235850

>telling someone to leave because you dislike their opinion
im sorry for not jumping on this "help poor little venus and treat her like a child" train" fad especially since we've been mocking her since forever so dont act like you seriously care about venus

No. 235851

File: 1455236995339.jpg (36.71 KB, 720x540, 1438691697353.jpg)

No. 235852

At this point I feel like these derailing posts it's one person trolling and not a vendetta-chan or even somebody who even believes what they're saying.

No. 235854

i'm not baiting nor trolling.
i just can't trust venus. she knows she's been losing subscribers so now she's trying to gain subscribers by acting like a victim, not that she's worse than her psycho mother

No. 235856


>psycho mother

>she's not a victim though!

No. 235857

Yeah… I'm a child of a narcissistic/borderline mother and, though Margo is definitely bonkers, I'm surprised by Venus' actions in this period. When I cut ties with my mother, I was a wreck for years and not nearly confident enough to buy a plane ticket to another country to marry, let alone make a video about how I was abused. Something about this just doesn't feel right.

No. 235859

projecting is stupid though

No. 235860

File: 1455237773634.jpg (24.37 KB, 600x408, 090.jpg)

No. 235861

She was already married though? She just left her mother to go live with her husband. Also, how you cope isn't how everyone else copes.

No. 235862

her mother is psycho but im not going to side with venus just because you think she's a little delicate flower.
she's a fucking adult. she needs to grow up and get over it. her psycho mother surely fucked her up, i doubt venus is a good person because of her mother.
why is everyone feeling bad when all of you have been insulting venus since she was 13 with her weeaby cringe-worthy videos but now you know she has a psycho mother you act as if she was perfect and margo was the only one evil here.
Ever thought when venus read all the comments 4chan and lolcow made, she would cry and be hurted?
her mother is the worst but i think we're all bad.

No. 235863

because infantilizing a woman you've insulted for years but suddenly feel bad sure makes you look better

No. 235865

You'd be surprised. My situation is kinda similar to Venus' (minus the weird fame obsessed mother). It took me flying halfway around the world and getting married for my mother to finally leave me alone, and who knows she might still be trying to email me or something but I don't check it anymore. Messaging my grandma she says I seem so much happier and free, and I'm allowed to have contact with my dad now, so of course it's possible to be doing well after a short period of time, I think it's circumstantial. Sorry for personal, but it seemed relevant.

No. 235866

Ever heard that any victim of abuse is acting differently to being in this situation? Not everyone deals with shit the same

No. 235867

i dont understand why anyone who was truly abused would say it aloud, let alone make a fucking youtube video.
either you're SUPER courageous or just lying.

No. 235868

*could instead of would

No. 235869


and who the fuck are you to decide how people should react to and cope with their abuse?

No. 235870


>she needs to grow up and get over it.

but… that's what she's doing? she left her mom and moved in with her husband. She's trying to get control of all her accounts and get her stuff back. she's clearing up the confusion her mom caused with her crazy ass posts.

what the fuck else does Venus need to do?

No. 235871

lol dude this is an anonymous message board. No one will ever know it's me talking about my abuse. I don't talk about it irl because it doesn't matter any more. Where do you think all abuse stories in the world come from? Liars? You are naive.

No. 235872



No. 235873

*at this point.

She literally just got away from her mom a week ago, anon.

No. 235874

are you an abuse survivor, or have you just decided to lecture strangers on their thoughts & opinions?

No. 235875

It was obvious man. Margo was constantly shitposting all over her accounts and defaming her publicly after she left. Her accounts got attacked by Keemstar 12 yr old fans Speaking up doesn't seem so unexpected. To me it also seems Venus didn't reveal a lot.

No. 235876

nice samefagging.
Venus never said a hint about her abuse and her mother "hitting" her but now she makes a fucking youtube video about it? lmao sure it's real

No. 235877

but doesnt margo still control her accounts?

No. 235878

Maybe because everytime she made a video in the past, Margo was in the same room?

No. 235881

Sup Margo.

No. 235882

i just think since you're traumatized, it'd takes you months (now she's away from her mother) to say it but maybe it's real too
i've known some people who were raped and the next day, they told it to someone.
i have no idea how they were able to did that but damn.
it's just unusual tho

No. 235884

i miss venus's early videos

No. 235886

why would Venus need to hint to us when a lot of us already felt like something weird was happening between them? most of the threads about Venus were actually about Margo and how controlling she seemed. Venus didnt need to hint at anything, it was already obvious…

No. 235887

>implying someone that has a different opinion is margo
pls dont.
margo's english is too fucking bad and i doubt she would know how to reply

No. 235891

blonde on her looked cute

No. 235893

You think Margo would allow Venus to talk about her abuse in a public forum like YouTube, keep it up and not beat her? She was probably having the worst time of her life when Margoyle was muscular in London.

No. 235894

"I trained speaking. Dont hit me!"

Didn't Marg write the descriptions herself?

No. 235896

true but i don't 100% trust venus nor margo.
i mean both are exaggerating to make the opposite look bad

No. 235897

Back to your containment hug box fag

No. 235898

so anyone who doesnt kiss venus nor margo's ass is a bad person now?

No. 235899

…Didn't she just hit one million subs not too long ago though? She's not really losing them.

No. 235900

Wtf are you reading that? Stfu already. She didn't insult anyone with ass burgers and nobody here gives a shit about being PC. Take that shit to PULL.

No. 235902

Are you serious, she actually said in her video that it's rude to use mental illness as an insult, and hurtful to people who have those disorders. I have aspergers and I can see that you're the bitch here just throwing around bait.

No. 235903

>doesnt give a shit about PC
>dont say bad words to venus!!! it will hurt her feelings

No. 235904

It all makes sense.
Her mom kept her out of public school so venus wouldnt be TOO smart or have access to TOO many other people. She wasnt allowed friends, her mom always sabotaged those relationships. She was denied every opportunity to have someone in her life that'd make her realize that being abused was wrong and that her life shouldn't be that way.
She was kept away from males to preserve her innocence. She was probably never given sex ed other than "don't do it or I'll kill myself". Her mom watched over her like a hawk going as far as making her share the same bed. That way she can always be sure that Venus was still a virgin.

All of that to sell her off. Her mom wanted to sell her to the highest bidder. To someone who could do anything they wanted, because they'd know that Venus DOESN'T know what's wrong with being abused. She would have been handed right over to some creep and that creep would have just continued beating her into submission and Venus would have thought that was ok because thats what her mother did and no one ever told her it was wrong. No one ever had the chance.

Venus's mother is disgusting. Filthy. She treated her daughter like less than a dog. Told her that without Youtube she would be forced into prostitution…as if her mother wasn't trying to prostitute her all along anyway. Fucking sickening.

No. 235906

>. Told her that without Youtube she would be forced into prostitution
any proof? when did this happen?

No. 235907

In Venus' most recent video

No. 235909

Is there any proof of all of this bullshit or it's just venus's words vs margo's?

No. 235910

fucking kek at the "after" with her clearly wearing foundation/ make up.

No. 235911

thank you!
i have a hard time understanding her because of her accent

No. 235912

i wish venus would go back to blonde

No. 235913

I mean, it does make sense that her mom would try and sell her off to some millionaire, considering how often she talked about her daughter's virginity.

No. 235914

i thought it was to attract japanese peods

No. 235915


No. 235916

Now you're just trying to shit stir. I never wrote don't say bad things to Venus you fucking autist. Get some reading comprehension.

No. 235917

i'm the opposite, haha, i think the dark hair looks good
when it was blonde you could see how damaged it was the past few months? but it wasn't ugly

No. 235918

Well way to assume everyone reacts to abuse identically, anon. Sage for personal blog, I was also raised by a borderline / narc and I got the fuck out before my 18th birthday and told everyone that bitch was crazy. A lot of us learn to disassociate, and that shit doesn't catch up for a while. It took 15+ years for me to start to confront / be overwhelmed by the magnitude of damage. Before that I was laughing to the bank at my freedom.

So the way you or I or anyone else reacts to their abuse doesn't mean shit. It's not a one size fits all reaction.

No. 235920

Margo disgusts me, poor Venus. Hopefully Margo won't be able to reach her now

No. 235921

I agree. her hair looked damage.
i'm surprised it now looks silky.
i guess she's not using heat anymore?

No. 235923

i'm genuinely curious.
1. why would you tell your everyone your mother was abusive, considering there's high chance people will not believe you?
2. isnt it something to be ashamed of?
like i dont go around telling people i was raped because a lot of people will judge you harshly or it's kind of a taboo

No. 235924

From her instagram pics it also looks like she might not have been washing it consistently over the past couple months.

No. 235925

*judge me

No. 235926

Can anyone summarize the newest video? I can't watch it right now.

No. 235927

dude that one maggot posted where her hair was in a bun was so nasty
like looking at it made me cringe
i'm kinda curious to why she wasn't washing it or really taking care of herself?
but at least now in manaki she seems to have like, proper hygiene
small steps, penus

No. 235928

File: 1455240077229.png (115.25 KB, 849x1469, venus.png)

She even typed it out on the video

No. 235929

Basically saying how Venus ran away, how she realized her mother's abuse wasn't normal and a few more anecdotes about her moms abuse

No. 235930

nvm i just realised she wasn't probably washing her hair frequently due to everything, woops

No. 235931

Someone doing something horrible to you does not warrant feelings of shame from the victim. It warrants feelings of shame for the perpetrator. Nobody deserves to be physically abused nor raped. Wtf anon.

No. 235932

Basically, Venus explains some of the fuck up shit that Margo has been doing this past lately, Manaki wants to bring Venus back to Japan so she would be safe, Margo is against it claiming that Manaki is a psychopath, pedophile,etc. Margo then threatened to delete her account and she said she would be sent to hungary to be a prostitute.

No. 235933

i just can't speak about it irl because i'm ashamed. i mean what if people dont believe me? what if they mock me? i just can't do it anon.

No. 235934

i'm curious to the prostitute part
i have no doubt margo would say something so fucked up
but she was so serious about venus being a pure virgin so even that much of an extreme shocks me

No. 235935

venus' purity was only important to margo. she projected her feelings onto venus and thought that venus prioritized her purity as well

No. 235936

do you think her threatening venus with being some whore on a street was in her mind basically the 'ultimate' punishment for her daughter not obeying her?

No. 235937

There's nothing that says you have to, but for your own sake seek professional help if it fucks you up inside.

No. 235938

Margo is fucked up, she would say and do anything if things don't go her way, no?

No. 235939

I mean, Venus even states in the video that Margo got physical with her

No. 235940

likely the latter

No. 235941

Margo seems to tie her daughters worth with her purity. By saying Venus will become a prostitute, she saying her daughter will be worthless. In short, Margo is fucked up.

No. 235942

I am taking you at your word that you're curious. Being an abuse victim isn't something to be ashamed of. Shame leads to trying to hide your situation, which will keep you in it longer and make it more likely that you will continue the cycle by going on to abuse someone you love one day. Accepting that the way someone treated you was wrong and unjust helps you accept that acting abusively is also wrong and unjust. I accept that I was abused so that I can break the cycle of abuse. My mother also hid her own abuse, but it wasn't much of a secret in our family… it's no coincidence that childhood abuse often leads to mental issues later in life. Accepting abuse is healthy and ok and is nothing to be ashamed to speak of.

There's definitely a difference in "I accept that I was abused" and "I was abused, pity me, here's all the details" though. Idk if you're not seeing the difference (hint: I haven't seen the former here in this thread) but you might benefit from reading subtext a little more closely to see if someone is genuine or perhaps exaggerating.

While I'm at it, props to everyone here who has escaped from an abusive situation. I'm glad we're okay.

No. 235943

I highly recommend that you seek therapy, anon. Not because you did something wrong, but because I think you would benefit from some perspective. You don't have to share your story with anyone but your therapist. I promise it will be ok.

No. 235944

Agreed. Venus' blonde hair looked so damage, plus Maggot never toned it properly since she thinks salons are a rip-off. Last time she was blonde, it looked super brassy. Sure, Venus hair still looks damaged but hopefully she doesn't get it bleached anymore so it can be healthy. Her natural warm brown as a tween looked great with her blue eyes.

No. 235945

thank you anons! I'll try to seek help. i'm deeply sorry for being OTT
i just wouldnt want anyone to confront my mother because my family thinks i'm the evil one (because threatening your child to be adopted and to go to foster care is nice right) and they agree with her.
at the same time it's just fucked up. i cope with mental illnesses and i'm 100% sure she does too (maybe bipolar or BPD i'm not sure) but she was abused by my father (who strangled me when i was 13 smh) so i feel bad for her even though i hate her.
so far i've only told this to one friend.

No. 235946

You have the kind of abusive family that I'm talking about, the one that perpetuates cycles of abuse. You may find it difficult to convince people that the abuse is real in real life because they know your family and are more comfortable denying that there's an issue. No one helped me as a kid, even when stuff happened in public. Please do what you can to gain independence and keep yourself healthy so you can go on and have a happy life as soon as you are able to leave this behind.

No. 235947

also i did said it to someone and i ended up being in foster care but my foster family was fucking insane and i missed my mother (even if she was very abusive) and i was extremely stressed there too.
i just want to be 18 to fucking leave the house(underage)

No. 235948

File: 1455241395914.gif (47.48 KB, 275x275, 1432881112505.gif)

thank you anon!
i never thought i'd find support in lolcow but anons here are pretty sweet

No. 235949

It's very hard coping when you're under 18. Are you in the US? You may have options for becoming an independent minor if you're a certain age. Try finding your own things to do outside your family, too, like getting a job or taking up a trade. I got a job when I was a teen that helped me gain self-confidence and financial security. Or even just go to the library… anywhere to get space.

Maybe look into teen homeless shelters too in case shit hits the fan. I know it's not as comfortable as being in your room, but having a fall-back plan will make you a lot calmer if there's a big flare-up in your family, and will keep you safe. They also may be able to connect you with local therapists, counselors, and/or support groups.

No. 235950

No. 235951

i live in Canada
i'm reading this and holy shit
she ALWAYS denied hitting me or insulting me (and my older sister who left) it's so frustrating. she also gossips to her sister about me and my "problems" and thought i had aspergers? damn
everything fits on the list it's so creepy

No. 235952

she also always say shit like "No one could put up with the things you do like i do" and blame me for my ADHD

No. 235953

I don't know much about Canadian resources but maybe someone here can help you further. You can also try googling for teen shelters in your area. Good luck, anon. You're going to be ok, but it's going to be uncomfortable getting yourself out. Be prepared!

No. 235954

Okay i hate to be that guy.
But this thread is about Venus so could we stay on topic?

No. 235956

No. 235957

Next OP please link this thread in your rundown

No. 235958

As much as this conversation is benefitting someone, the global rules of the board still apply, and those include staying on topic and being 18 to post.

At this point, the off topic stuff is absolutely out of control. I suggest if you really NEED to use the thread as a diary of your abuse that you make a specific thread in /b/.

this is the Venus thread. not the "tell your life story with almost zero connection to the topic" thread.

No. 235959

Actually seconded, it's easier to get direct support and doesn't derail the thread.
This is so recurring in each thread we should probably include it at the top of all future threads.

No. 235960

thank you anon!
anyway im sorry for being OTT, back to venus.
she's in japan right? what does she want to do as a job now she's away from her mother?

No. 235961

I definitely do. It would've been Margo's worst fear so of course it should be Venus' as well.

No. 235962

According to crazy Margo, she mentioned nail tech but that could be yet another one of her million lies.

No. 235963

Does she truly have an ED?
she claimed she didnt have on here tho

No. 235964

She says she doesn't but it's still generally suspected. It's understandable, not many people with ED really want anyone to know.
I hope she gets better, if suspicions are right.

No. 235965

they got physical? explain pls

No. 235966

Just a thought, but watch the video?

No. 235968

File: 1455244248841.jpg (183.29 KB, 932x602, venus.jpg)

No. 235969

Minimal makeup is the best on her.

No. 235970

Venus explains in the video that Margo hit her because she didn't agree with her or something and then Margo tried justifying beating her

No. 235972

>being a youtuber is a job
making stupid makeup tutorials isnt

No. 235974

I do like the direction her Instagram is going in. It's not that super weeaboo desu stuff she did under Margo's control. It's normal young adult stuff now.

No. 235976

If it makes you the dolla, I don't see why it can't be a job.

No. 235978

Thank you for this link. Fits Margo to a T
Also realizing more and more that this is both of my parents.
Glad Venus handled her video like she did.
Sage for slight personal bs

No. 235979

Venus is probably making more bank than you are.

I honestly can't imagine how some of the long term Youtubers make consistent content. I think I would get bored after awhile, even if I was really popular and making $$$$

I do hope Venus' YT goes down a more mature route now. Her cringy beauty videos were terribad, and she honestly has no skill when to comes to make up. She's better at hair, and wouldn't mind seeing more hair tutorials and OOTDs, as well as vlogs of her in Japan with her husbando. I think if she took time to refine her make up skills and didn't white wash her face so much, I'd love to watch some.

No. 235981

Like if she did little outing videos with Manaki or something (y'know, once Margo is for sure out of the country and can't hunt them down based off landmarks). Those can still be cutesy and stuff… and she can be herself in them, as well.

No. 235982

>Venus is probably making more bank than you are
lmao no and youtube still isnt a job. and youtube monetary system has changed. it's not easy as before to make money

No. 235983

then much do you make a month then, moneybank-sama

No. 235985



No. 235987

I don't care who you want to fuck or to marry. Please blog about it somewhere else.

No. 235988

The bag thing was a total shenanigan. Margo wanted to see Venus so there's no reason for her to go elsewhere and leave the bag in storage. Now Venus confirms it was total bait.

No. 235989

You know there are other reasons people lose weight, right? I'm not saying she probably doesn't have an ED, but she could have lost all the weight from just being depressed. I doubt so though, considering those "perfect body test" videos she took.

No. 235990

Yes anon, I know.
Why is this thread so confrontational?

No. 235992

lol okay. The only thing different is if your videos are shorter than a minute. Venus is OBVIOUSLY making bank. Sure they were living in a shitty place in Seoul but they were still living in Seoul, right after living in Japan/Tokyo, and buying a bunch of clothes, constantly going out and doing things, and that is their ONLY income for TWO people??? Venus obviously makes quite a bit

or are you claiming you can even more easily afford the entire life funds of two people who lived rather extravagantly a lot (not to mention visas cost quite a bit too)?

No. 235993

i think because others, me included, are tired of the shitposting that's been happening.
you're fine from what i can see, but the spam got irritating and made it go to shit.

No. 235994

people in this thread are pretty crazy

No. 235995

if she makes so much why did she asks her fans to give her money for her "music debut"?

No. 235997

I never understood the meaning of this video

No. 235998

watch her video, she explains she never felt comfortable doing gofundmes but her mother forced her into it

No. 235999

how long ago was that? as well as if she wasnt making much how did they magically afford everything they did within the past year???

No. 236000

Why are you so fucking defensive? are you venus's lawyer or some shit like that?

No. 236002

people are defensive because you're annoying as fuck and i wish the mods were here lmaaaaooooo

No. 236003

>calling me annoying as fuck because i said she wasnt rich
>uses ????? and lmaooo
i don't think you're old enough to be here

No. 236004

you're the only one defensive as fuck so just go pls

No. 236007

Both of you, please shut the fuck up.

No. 236011

Youtube still isn't a job tho

No. 236012

Should we make a new thread? this thread has gone downhill with the dense people around here

No. 236014

I think we should, but please include the /b/ thread someone suggested earlier

No. 236043

When did she start losing all the weight? I swear last time I checked in on Beenus she was still puffy child weight and it can't have been that long ago…6 mos.? She's legitimate thin thin thin now.

No. 236046

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