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File: 1490249164537.png (363.28 KB, 548x590, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.0…)

No. 362302

Margo's holed up in student goshiwan in Seoul. She recently celebrated her 42nd birthday by setting up her OutcallMassageSeoul website (3 am "outcall massage", anyone?) and ranting at Venoos for strangling her while Margo was just innocently trying to visit by opening the door with tools.

Margo's been nursing pink eye, and took a photo of herself doing a home perm… and now she's wearing head wraps. She promises more veedeeoos as soon as her poop eye is better.

No. 362303

File: 1490249204046.png (498.33 KB, 928x592, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.0…)


Do we think she has any hair left, y/n?

No. 362304

Last thread

No. 362307

File: 1490249426119.png (39.32 KB, 311x227, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.0…)

We get a brief rant against Venoos and her ingratitude for her "education" of being pulled from school at age 11 and turned into a sideshow.

No. 362309

Also from Venus: she mad a post a few hours ago about struggling. She says she went to therapy but it sounds like she found a shitty therapist and it was making things worse (told her to hang out with older people only because she was so mature??) so she stopped, and is getting a pet instead.

Sounds like she made a healthy decision, and Margo's cat cafe photos are about to get angrier and more frequent in an effort to compete.

No. 362318

How can she possibly think that she looks nice on this picture. And it really looks like she's balding, can't wait to see how much hair she's left

No. 362319

I came from future to say she's faking cancer cause perm went bad

No. 362320


but she wants to look bad so everyone sees what weenoos boolying did to her!!! kek

No. 362321

"Paying her bills" "Educating her", does she think these are exceptional things for a mother to do for her child? Even though the reality was Venus was pulled out of education by Margo to be used as a cash cow meanwhile her mother still cannot support herself. I'm surprised she hasn't been told to leave Asia and go back home to Europe.

No. 362322

hahaha, a do-rag? Guess someone's perm didn't go so well. And those hashtags #dior #diorscarf like she's wrapped in luxurious designer swag…that ain't a Dior scarf, you old freak.

Oh and all those "uplifting messages" she's thanking her legions of fans for? Her prev. pinkeye post had a total of NINE comments, of which only 6 were what could be called "uplifting." One of them referred to her as a succubus.

Top trainwreck of 2017 so far. KEK

No. 362323

Nice job, OP! Well done.

No. 362338

btw wth is wrong with europe for her avoid it so much?
i think she can live in switzerland and thats a damn fine place, this wooman doesn't know whats like to be poor in a third world country
get over yourself margo, living out of asia isn't the worst thing in life

No. 362339

Marge becomes paranoid after manaki's announcement to open a yt channel.

> manakiokada.com 2017-03-16

> manasenpai.com 2017-03-16
> minakookada.com 2017-03-16
> okadamanaki.com 2017-03-16
> okadaminako.com 2017-03-16
> venus-angelic.com 2017-03-16
> venusangelic.com 2017-03-22
> venusangelic.net 2017-03-21
> venusangelic.org 2017-03-18
> venusangelic.tv 2017-03-18
> venusisabellepalermo.com 2017-03-16


No. 362340

she thinks she'll get rich

No. 362341

because eurofags can tell she is a madwoman from a mile away. in asia she can try to hide behind cultural differences. mind you, if venus moved to europe so would marge.

No. 362344


She should live in agony/angush/rage 24/7 with this obssession with Venus and paranoid ideas, living of craigslist prostitution, movig from an airbnb to another, country hop for visa, counting coins to eat and not having anything stable for one single day is not going to help her mentally, she's only feeding her madness.

What she's doing is not a fun adventurous young folk backpacker trip. It's something that honestly sounds desperating.

I don't have any kind of sympathy towards her and I wish she could never more have contact with Venus (despite even if Margo magically leave her alone, Venus probably will never be 100% ok - I know it cause I'm estranged from my very abusive parents as well), but anyone can put two and two together and realize this lifestyle will only make her more delusional and, most important, dangerous!

Go to a place where you'e allowed to live permanently, find therapy, find a job, find a place to live for more than a week!

I really hope she has just one second of half sanity to realize that how the fuck being a hobo in Asia can be better than a stable life in EU?

I'm so mind fucked by this ugh

No. 362346

Is it normal to have the urge to force her into a mental institution and shove some pills up to her asshole everytime I see a new post from her?

No. 362347

funny she did a perm when venus didn't
waiting for the day she'll appear with a wig identical to venus hair

No. 362351

sometimes i think she could really try to hurt venus without caring for consequences since her brain has completely melted


No. 362352

> By making all her dreams come true…
No. What you made come true is her nightmares. You were a nightmare and you raised her be thankful to you for being a cunt all those years.

> and still paying her bills for her

You still pay for VA online shop because you want to keep it. If it is a burden for you, give it back to your daughter.

> Well at least I can say I cared for my daughter…

You cared for nothing. She was the one that filled your belly with food, your wallet with money and your wrinkles with botox cream.

> … in a way that not many do

Exactly that maggo. There are many single parent families with more children than you, who work hard for their children, they clean dirty toilets, build buildings with their hands during the coldest winters, do extra hours, all that to provide for their children what they need and those parents don't ask their children to thank them bc it is what you do when you decide to keep your them with you. That is true love, bitch! But you, you live from the others' efforts. You should shame.

> educated her well…

If it is true why do imply you raised a psychopath and why you did you say she terrorised you all those years, marge? You lacked personality?

> made it possible with 18 moving to Japan…

She wanted to live with her husband. She doesn't need your approval to do it.

> and earning well.

Apparently she doesn't need you to earn well, but you, margo, seem to need her so much to earn well.
That just means 1 thing: you lie. She knows how to earn money and you don't. SHE was your milkcow and YOU were the filthy parasite.

> Her not being a bit thankful…

V should be thankful to you for providing you financially? Are you kidding?

>… doesn't show my character, it shows hers.

It shows that you are an unresponsible cunt, marge. And V goes well without you.

In other words, you lack of dignity. You are a parasite. Get a stable job. Provide for yourself instead of using your old parents. Your body is jung and healthy enough to work (unlike your face). Take responsability of your own bills, bitch!

No. 362353

It is completely normal, anon. We all feel the same empathy towards her.

No. 362360


A mother should be someone that you'll run to when you have a problem, not the one you'll run from to not have problem.
A mother let the child take her own decisions after certain age because she should had provide tools for the child know what to do or what kind of path seek
A mother should be happy when it finally happens and the child feels ready for life
A mother should nurture not jeopardize, should be happy for the child accomplishments not jealous, as we all are happy for the people we truly love.
When the child finds love the mother shouldn't feel fucking betrayed!!! That's fucking disgusting and points to the emocional incest (different from physical incest, take a look) you submited the girl.
A mother don't fuck try to destroy the daughters carreer and marriage for being jealous, feeling betrayed and left behind cause having a carreer and marrying should't be something bad ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your only kid choose to be away from you and is happy, doing well and is repulsed by you.

Your only kid is happy.
You approach = unhappy.

Hm, if you're such a good mother shouldn't you choose her happiness as well?

Oh, wait, you're a shit mother!!!

No. 362361


That's why she's crazy. She can't acknowledge reality, she's trapped in those irrational ideas and that's her reality.

No. 362364

I wish she could be able to feel shame at least. This would be enough to make her stop.
Mind you that when you google her name there are tons of results showing so much crap!
Imagine finding someone cool, you go on some dates, you start getting interested then you for some reason decide to put the name on google and bang: years of the most absurd crazyness documented.

Now, you're about to hire someone to clean your house/take care of your kids/anything that allows a stranger to enter your house. You google the name of this person, bang: margo.

Hell no.

I'd not only delete all my social medias and never more appear online but I'd change my name as well if I were her.

Thankfully I'm not. kek

No. 362374

>Sure Jan

No. 362413


The fun thing imo is that in Venus's latest video (why do you know 7 languages) Venus says japanese was a hobby for her, and the other languages were things she had to learn because of her narc mom moving so much.

No. 362417

I think she's just renewing all the ones she made last March? She made a bunch of these around then.

No. 362418

File: 1490289478655.png (802.07 KB, 816x1000, latest.png)

I just imagine her hiding some kind of voldemort situation up there…

No. 362426

File: 1490291722523.png (668.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170323-135344.png)

The hair has been released.

Her eyes are giving me doped out Luna Slater eyes. Bleh.

No. 362427

Lol, Luna Slater vibes**

No. 362428

TWO home perms back to back?? She is lucky she has any hair left.

God, I wonder what it looked like after the first one if this is the "improved" version. Bitch looks awful - it looks like when she had those "yes I'm dating a black man!1!" predator dreads.

No. 362431

"a little dry" kek

No. 362432


Omg, she only spent 15 on the very best and most realistic Satan cosplay I've ever seen! :o
This woman has talent you guys! She's finally showing that up to us.

You go, Margo!

No. 362433

File: 1490292657374.png (46.77 KB, 322x337, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.1…)

The full caption and tags

No. 362435



No. 362436

If she tries to dye over it.. those hairs look like they're barely in existence. She's shrunk each strand down to the core.

Lol, I KNEW those first curlers were going to give her the Chinese grandma special. I would have paid money to watch her walk for shame back down to the drugstore for the NEXT box of perm stuff…

No. 362438


That's the only hobo that pays 15moneys to look more hobo, incredible

No. 362440

>Luna Slater doped out eyes
They look dead (and so does her hair, kek)
Wonder if she's medicated? Antipsychotics or mood stabilzers maybe? She really has that dead-eyed zombie look.
Or maybe she's just boozing (more likely.)

>best and most realistic Satan cosplay

No. 362441

>A mother should be happy when it finally happens and the child feels ready for life
>A mother should nurture not jeopardize, should be happy for the child accomplishments not jealous, as we all are happy for the people we truly love.
>When the child finds love the mother shouldn't feel fucking betrayed!!! That's fucking disgusting and points to the emocional incest (different from physical incest, take a look) you submited the girl.
>A mother don't fuck try to destroy the daughters carreer and marriage for being jealous, feeling betrayed and left behind cause having a carreer and marrying should't be something bad ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything you just wrote is classic narcissistic mother, right out of a textbook. All that plus the "so ungrateful for everything I DID FOR HER!"
I was reading over some of my old NPD stuff last night after Venus posted about her struggles and getting therapy. Marge could be the poster child for NPD, it's downright scary. Reading about daughters of narcissistic mothers also gives a lot of insight into what Venus is going through and fits perfectly with some of what she's posted about in the past…feeling worthless, self-loathing, self-doubt, never being good enough, struggling with finding meaning in life. She's a poster child too, for all the ways a narc mom fucks with the mind of a helpless kid and the lasting damage they cause. I really hope she doesn't give up on therapy.

No. 362442

hooooly shit. professional hairdressers wont perm colored hair, especially not box-dyed hair. And margo permed her hair herself twice, using two completely different rods. She fucked up her hairs curl pattern and im sure when her hair is wet it stretches and melts/breaks off. Horrific
sage 4 blogpost

No. 362444

Posted at 3am Seoul time. Just getting home from "work," marge?

No. 362445

Might've taken until then to get it to look anything like hair.

"Easy to style"

No. 362450

File: 1490294838986.gif (1.75 MB, 427x240, 20170317_111720.GIF)

No. 362455

File: 1490295248422.jpg (10.47 KB, 298x39, ok.JPG)

No. 362457

File: 1490295364276.png (12.56 KB, 300x65, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.5…)

Lol, she looks like a batty international artpop sensation? She wishes she looked kooky and expensive instead of broke and insane.

Even some of the stans can see all is not well.

No. 362463

It looks like a light brushing would just take it all off. So many bald patches.

No. 362464

Some of it is bald; some of it is her grey coming in under the black. And if she tries to dye over the cracked strands she has left…

No. 362467


Not even if someone put bjork on fire and hit her with a surf board till the fire is over she'll look as bad a Margo

No. 362470

File: 1490297586870.png (29.34 KB, 302x207, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.3…)

Margo seems to have crashed out after posting at 3 am, because there's no way she'd let all this stand if she was awake.

Should've kept the wrap on until it grew out or relaxed, Mags.

No. 362474

File: 1490298066181.png (19.33 KB, 415x91, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.3…)

Welp, after getting over 10K likes on most of her photos in the past 2 weeks and dressing in all her new grown up lolita outfits, Venus cracked 200k instagram followers and is gaining likes and follows at faster clip than ever.

Between this and her hair actually falling apart, Margo (who lost 2.5k followers over the past 6 months) should be thrilled when she wakes back up.

No. 362480

Just looking at it is making my scalp itch.

No. 362481

File: 1490298479003.png (21.51 KB, 212x132, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.4…)

And as a follow up, she also passed 1.4 mil subscribers. She gained 300k during the year of Margo smearing her and shutting down the channel for about 6 months in total.

No. 362486

Haha, that's gold :')

No. 362491

File: 1490299809481.jpg (37.02 KB, 580x300, aE2HMQk.jpg)

Do you think she's aware she looks exactly like the evil stepsisters from Cinderella?

No. 362494

File: 1490300568898.png (25.96 KB, 305x167, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 1.21…)

and it continues…

Fastest comments she's gotten in a while, lol

No. 362495

I wonder if maggot will loose her shit and just shave her head at some point, because you can't save that hair tho.

No. 362499

Margo would probably watch Cinderella and root for the stepmom and the sisters tbh

>cinderella used them

>they raised her
>look how ungrateful cinderella is
>she left her mother behind to marry the prince with all the money
>she should share the money with her stepfamily

sage for shitpost

No. 362500

LMAO so true

No. 362502


that moment you realize there's no ctrl+z in real life

No. 362504


someone should make a banner of this with "garlic garlic garlic" written on it

No. 362505

Totally accurate!

No. 362506

It'll be Venoos's fault Margo dyed her hair from black-blond-pink-black-red-strawberry blond-green-blue-blond-black and permed it twice in one night and she had to shave it.

That or her crippling tinnitus and stress from being bollied by Venoos.

No. 362508

oh my god, and they say karma doesn't exist.

No. 362509

ya'll reckon she's crazy enough to shave it off? how do you even salvage that mess? especially on a swamp hobo's salary

No. 362510

She could take Onion's blindfold haircut challenge for some Youtube bucks.

No. 362511

Exactly the kind of collab he deserves, lol

No. 362517

I love you bishes. LOL

No. 362518

File: 1490304690579.jpg (258.14 KB, 601x1806, 1490249815270.jpg)

At first I didn't get why she did this shit, but finally we can understand why Margo is trying to look like a homeless poodle.

Her evil plan is to get adopted and fed by Venoos again.

No. 362519

Still more reasons for swamp hobo tears:
>19 hours ago: swamp hobo posts "almost recovered, TY for UPLIFTING MESSAGES"… gets 94 'likes,' 20 comments
>16 hours ago: VENOOS posts about trying to get better/therapy…gets 9K+ 'likes,' 895 comments
Hi, marge. NO ONE CARES. This is #karma coming to bite you in the ass.

No. 362527

File: 1490305936257.jpg (55.65 KB, 598x570, IMG_2369.JPG)

>#dior #diorscarf
um, no… #not #notdior
You fucking loon.

No. 362528

File: 1490306165122.jpg (120.62 KB, 760x838, IMG_2371.JPG)

So tragic, on so many levels.
And I love it.

No. 362529


No. 362539


I like how proud of it she's, it's like those viral videos of toddlers that find their daddies clippers, shave their hair in patches are are very happy and proud showing off of the job they did in secret.

Except that the toddlers are cute and she's just sad and scary.

No. 362541


I told you guys

No. 362544

Next ig post:

Veenoos broke into my house during the night did it on me while I was asleep just to booly me!!!!1 Dat psycho!!!!1

No. 362545

Smh…this bitch and her back alley dior scarf

No. 362562

Top motherfucking kek, anon

No. 362564

Why she would do that?
Why she would do that alone with a 15$ perm?
Why she would do it twice?
Why she would show that on ig?
Why she thinks it's good?

I have so many questions…………..

No. 362567

How long do you guys think it will take for her to shave her head?

No. 362573

>Margs hair starts falling out
>She shaves it
>Makes a video of her doing so while wailing and saying weenus did it to her
>Wenus put her under so much stress
Will this be the greatest breakdown since Britney 2k7?

No. 362584

Her right pupil looks weird.

She says "a little dry" like someone who has made worse.

The swamp beast.

> Look, vater, I didn't spent my money superficially, unlike Weenoos. Gimme more money, mutter, if you really love me.


Hobo gangnam style! kek

It looks like someone pissed on her hair.

She has narc cancer. It spreads to her hair.

She will probably block her stans out of shame. Margo is gonna dig her own grave.

Come on marge. Shaving your head is like shaving your ass. Just do it bitch.

No. 362588

She ruined her "dior" scarf like she ruined her hair. And cherry on top, her hair are now green bc of the scarf. How does she to not feel double stupid???

Probably kek

Bc it is "proof" that she doesn't spend money that mama gives her. Except daddy reads here and is used to deception.

No. 362593


"Bc it is "proof" that she doesn't spend money that mama gives her. Except daddy reads here and is used to deception.

She just spent 15$ fucking moneys to fry her hair. How's that saving money???
Bitch, how cheap a lighter is?

When you save money you save it, no one NEEDS an ugly perm, that's the most superficial and dumb shit to spend money on! 15 or 150, it was on a PERM, it's wasted. If you're poor for real you know that and you dont pay to burn your own hair.
She's nasty and I'm so fed up of this martyr hobo mother she keeps forcing, I bet she got shit hair on purpose to match the character. Gross.

No. 362601

Absolutely fried! Omg. It's so bad. We all knew this would happened and Kappa delivered.

Not only two box perms in a row, but likely South Korean brand, which is made for Asian hair. Asian home perm or straightening kits will wreck European hair! Dumb, cheap-ass woman.

No. 362623

omfg that rubbery melted texture even in the best pick she could take kekekekekekek

No. 362625

I'd feel bad but 15$ diy koren drogstore perm box twice on hair she bleached and painted black back and forth a hundred times.
How could it turns out even ok???

omg no one is THAT dumb.
she was high, it's not possible
I refuse to believe this


No. 362629

File: 1490320482514.jpg (357.24 KB, 1249x1283, IMG_2423.JPG)

>She ruined her "dior" scarf like she ruined her hair.
That's not a Dior scarf. It's not even a reproduction of a Dior scarf. It's a cheap 5 and dime scarf with 'Dior' printed on it.
Pic attached is a Dior scarf.

No. 362630

File: 1490320551466.jpg (172.22 KB, 1003x1118, IMG_2424.JPG)

real Dior scarf

No. 362631

File: 1490320743759.jpg (171.71 KB, 1184x1430, IMG_2425.JPG)

That shit on her head isn't the Dior logo, not even close. Either she's too brain-damaged to know the difference or she's flat-out lying (shock!)

No. 362632

File: 1490320889854.jpg (38.77 KB, 476x452, IMG_2427.JPG)

NOT Dior.

No. 362635

People have roasted her perm on insta, and there's a bunch of comments on the previous photo that look like bait (both positive and negative.) She hasn't made another appearance yet though. Mags has to have woken up by now (she posted at 3 am, it's now just after 11 am.) Maybe she's actually feeling bad after having her new hairdo laughed at.


No. 362637

>Why she would do it twice?

Narcissists. They just don't know when to stop, and that's how she alienates everyone in her life, and now she's alienated what last strands of thinning hair were still trying to stick with her. The way it looks now, it'll come out in clumps each time it rains or a shower hits her. You can already see her mostly balding scalp through it. Jesus Christ. She's not going back to Europe because everyone would see she's severely mentally unstable. In Korea she's just a weird white lady, and a bit of a sideshow.

When it all falls out her next scam will probably be pretending to have cancer, and blaming it on V. I wonder if she'll find Johns who are into that.

She probably woke up to more than half of what was left of her hair on her pillow.

No. 362646

>She was high, it's not possible
>I refuse to believe this


She's either unraveling/decompensating or drinking (again) or maybe both.
Circling the drain..

No. 362660

the picture is filtered as fuck too and it still looks like this.

No. 362662

you actually believe grandpa reads here

No. 362663

Zsu does; he might, or she might give him a heads up.

No. 362672

she used to, but is there any indication she still does.

No. 362674

She's not participating in online drama any more and she changed to a different instagram, but she did repost her photos of Venus's merch (her wearing her Venus tee, drinking from her coffee cup with the logo) recently when Margo had one of her flare ups. She seems busy with her husband, kids and career but I think she keeps one eye on the crazy when she gets a moment. Not all the time though.

No. 362676


No. 362677


Oh my god, I'm dying. This looks like what resulted when I was three years old and held my Barbie doll to a boiling teakettle. Melted plastic hair everywhere. Melted face too.

*(I swear I'm not a psycho, was playing with her in the snow and wanted to warm her up lol.)

No. 362681

File: 1490333888677.jpg (227.78 KB, 640x1597, IMG_2455.JPG)

Zsu is still very invested in Venus and follows her closely, as does grandpa ferenc. They both faithfully like every one of her IG posts and Ferenc has taken to commenting on a lot of them too.

No. 362695

She looks more and more uncanny with each picture. Like something supernatural wearing a human skin.

No. 362704


jfc margaret stop it already

No. 362705

File: 1490340097240.jpg (351.56 KB, 1278x1799, IMG_2487.JPG)

hahahaaa, she deleted it. Must have sobered up and was like oops! DELETE DELETE DELETE
(I knew she would.)

No. 362710

File: 1490340397626.png (27.75 KB, 305x169, Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.0…)

fucking keeeeeek - she couldn't handle the hate for once!

No. 362711

So this confirms it…she stays up all night roaming around Seoul servicing "clients" and sleeps all day (or more like falls into an alcohol-induced coma and sleeps it off.)

No. 362713

>fucking keeeeeek - she couldn't handle the hate for once!
Nah, I think she was drunk off her ass when she posted that pic and deleted it once she sobered up. Bet the old bum didn't even remember posting it.

No. 362714

She might also have had it fall out while she was sleeping; she's going to have to wait for Mama Margit to wake up so she can beg her for wig money

No. 362715

>inb4 margo gets a buzzcut now

No. 362718

It totally might have fallen out while she was sleeping (it off) but that wouldn't explain why she deleted the pic as soon as she woke up and crawled her hungover ass online though. I second the drunkposting/shame deleting theory.

I see many #diorscarves in her immediate future.

No. 362730

That's not the same as reading here. I know she used to…

It certainly would be interesting to glean info on Margos true lifestyle in SKorea, re Craigslist and the obvious clues she is hooking. If I were her I might not be able to resist.

No. 362731

That's just a different pattern.. I've seen that pattern before.

No. 362734

and starts wearing cheap cosplay wigs

No. 362753

There are tons of scarves with this pattern. I mean, Margo's scarf probably is fake but two seconds on Google will show it's a real logo.

No. 362754

File: 1490355195392.jpeg (206.93 KB, 800x800, 2016-01-1920160119-56676-3n3mt…)

Dropped my pic

No. 362755

The narc's pity party… kek

No. 362756

I wonder if she'll go secretly to an hairdresser and say
> see? Just a bit of x and y product on my hair and everything is fine! I told ya!
or if she decides to make dreadlocks to hide the fact that she ruined her hair.

No. 362758

I meant
"dior" scarf = false
dior scarf = real

Sage for unprecision

No. 362760

We should call that a not-dior scarf… that transfered its green color on her fried hair.

No. 362763

> Weenoos still rubbing and booling me. Im loosing my hair bc weenoos cancer! PSYCHOOPATHEEEN!!!

No. 362776

File: 1490357893269.gif (1.49 MB, 346x261, 1489555014458.gif)


No. 362781

Huh, I remember in one of her rants margs claimed she was losing her hair due to stress.

Shit haircare = stress

No. 362798

holyshit. I'm honestly shocked her hair hasn't fallen out by now.

No. 362799

She has hit the rock bottom long ago and she still keeps digging deeper. She deserves a fucking trophy for her unsuccess.

No. 362800

If she brushes it, all I can hear is crunch crunch crunch

>Lol, I KNEW those first curlers were going to give her the Chinese grandma special. I would have paid money to watch her walk for shame back down to the drugstore for the NEXT box of perm stuff

haha, love you anon

No. 362829

Her eye was already weird in that picture with xiao. I wonder when exactly she got the germs in her eye.

No. 362833

Looks like she dated Bacterian to have such an infection.

No. 362834


If she brushed, washed or even touched it at any point after that photo it probably already fell.

No. 362835

ew you guys stop talking about eye infection ewwwwwwww

No. 362836

File: 1490370727807.jpg (208.5 KB, 750x991, IMG_6211.JPG)


No. 362839


so no more moooney from mama and dadf for maggot?

No. 362842


Considering that she's stalking and tried to break in her daughter home this is super creepy

No. 362853

Aint no brush going through that chewed gum mess.

No. 362854

I feel queasy just looking at the filtered picture so I don't even want to imagine what the real thing looks like. Must be a damn mess.

No. 362859

A+ meme, Margoyle.

No. 362860

when one customer had bad aiming

No. 362869

Seriously is she an alcoholic?
Fries her hair into oblivion, shamelessly posts a picture of a gross eye infection, and then deletes it all the next morning…

No. 362890

>Seriously is she an alcoholic?
99.9% sure she is.

No. 362893

Is she continually fucking up her hair in an attempt to avoid detection from the authorities?

No. 362899

C'mon, Margo's just messing up her hair because she's an idiot. Back in the day she did it all the time to Venoos and fairly regularly to herself, now it's all focused on herself.

No. 362902

This. Margo has been perpetually fucking up her hair on the reg since Venus turned 13/14 and Margo turned into "cool mom", and since Venus is an extension of herself, to Venus as well. One of Margo's first YT videos was of her fucking up Venus's hair - she wanted spillover views from Venus's channel, which was blowing up at the time.

Notice how Venus dyed her hair back brown when she arrived in Japan and has either kept it that way, or gotten a professional job done in a salon (when she did the purple / grey ends and extensions)? Margo used to butcher Venus's hair at home as often as she butchered her own, but left to her own devices, Venus will sooner wear a wig or have extensions done (professionally, for once!) than do something extreme and unbalanced to her actual hair.

No. 362904

File: 1490381403279.jpg (114.13 KB, 916x516, IMG_2505.JPG)

>two seconds on Google will show it's a real logo.
Nah, maggot's is a cheap knockoff. The logo on hers is similar to Dior's but obviously not the same and not 'real.'

No. 362907

This, Maghag used to bleach Venus' hair and whenever her roots started showing, she'd touch it up by putting bleach on her entire fucking hair instead of just the roots. No common sense.

She likes to fancy herself as a "jack of all trades", and in her own mind she's the one who always knows best. Mensa-level IQ. University educated. Degree in radiology. Fitness and nutrition guru. Part-time hairstylist. Polyglot. Massage therapist. Manager. She doesn't know shit, and we all know, except for Maggot. That's why she decided to fuck up her hair not once, but twice in a row. Too arrogant to admit that maybe she can't do everything.

No. 362919

Reading comprehension's not your strong point, is it?

No. 362924

Reading comprehension's fine, thanks.
It's not a real logo.

No. 362927

The point was that it is similar to a logo that is used by Dior, as >>362631 made it sound like there was only the one Dior logo used on scarves.

The post literally says 'Margo's is probably fake'. Nobody here thinks Margo's scarf is genuine.

No. 362943

It also says
>two seconds on Google will show it's a real logo.
It's a (bad) copy of the Dior logo.
That's not the same thing as "a real logo."

No. 362944

File: 1490390169611.jpg (193.58 KB, 1774x504, IMG_2519.JPG)

Speaking of margoo and her "QUALIFICATIONS"
pic is from her (totally professional and legit) outcall massage website:

No. 362945

File: 1490390265248.jpg (603.89 KB, 2007x1405, IMG_2521.JPG)

Also from the website, her certificate in Personal Training

No. 362947

I found it online:


It's an approximately 4 month-long course that awards a "Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training" on completion.

No. 362952

Her "3 years of study" of Thai massage is the same level, 7 short courses over a total of 3-4 months, leading to 7 "certificates," in 2008-2009.

So, a total of maybe 8 months of training, from 2008-2013, long outdated. No college degree or even college study. And she's almost certainly not currently certified in ANYTHING.

No. 362959

It is close to a real logo that is used; a comment in response to a post that implied there was only one Dior logo, the standard all in-line text.

Obviously fake crap uses 'real' logos too, there was absolutely no suggestion that Margo's scarf is genuine.

How hard is this to understand? Seriously?

No. 362966

Enough with this scarf shit
it's fake, end.

go to the milk

you guys are annoying

No. 362980

File: 1490399787519.png (758.05 KB, 932x599, Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.55…)

Ha she put up an old pic of her at the spa where she caught poop eye. Guess we get repeats until her hair situation is resolved.

No. 362984


> I want to go to the spa again..

And get poop eye again.

No. 362993

garlic garlic GARLIC
Seriously, she gets scarier and creepier looking every day. Like fucking reptilian.

No. 362994

Lol this is what she looked like last week, before pink eye and frying her hair off. She looks creepy and awful (half of that's her face, the other half the Line camera app over her creep face) but hella better than she does now!

No. 363015

No one wants to have sex with her bc bodyhair.

No. 363016

Look at her swollen face! How can she not being an alcoholic???

No. 363017

File: 1490408395768.png (39.1 KB, 310x253, Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 7.18…)

She IS paying attention, because between the bait she's being left, someone tagged her and said that she tried to break into Venus's house with tools. THAT she doesn't want seen. She is leaving up he comments asking about V's dad and making vague accusations though.

No. 363018

* she doesn't want seen, and deleted

No. 363020

miurogi has an existencial question:
> How was Venus father?

We can find the same question here

Yes, marge. How was Venus father? Like you? No personality?

No. 363021

> Right eye is fucked up. Let's do the same to the right eye.

Karma doesn't even need to be a bitch. Marge is enough stupid to ruin her own health.

No. 363022

She deleted the comment from both photos; she doesn't want anyone to see that, or that she broke into Venus's house.

No. 363025

Comment is still there on the scarf picture but spa picture comments got fully deleted!

No. 363028

I'm the commentor she blocked me lmao

No. 363030

New video, download in case she deletes

No. 363032

She is SO SENSITIVE about her #permhair! In the first 5 seconds she says she's not bald - but that she can't wash or style her hair! lololol

No. 363033

Her english is definitely degrading.

No. 363034

It's another "korrrea is actually superior to JApahn, Venoos!" video.

Japan has a higher life expectancy, but she's trying to prove Korea is going to surpass them, and that she's early on that trend.

No. 363039

She's been talking cancer and death for two weeks now. Good.

No. 363040

9:30 talks about how south koreans drink more than russians. yeah, perm selfie was drunk selfie.

No. 363043

So does she wear that turban throughout the whole video? (not gonna watch it, sorry. I literally can't stomach the sight of her.)
Anyone help me out?

>I see many #diorscarves in her immediate future.
And turbans.

No. 363044

>>So does she wear that turban throughout the whole video? (not gonna watch it, sorry. I literally can't stomach the sight of her.) Anyone help me out?


No. 363045

so she really did, finally, fry all her damn hair off. Now it's gonna be #diorscarves and turbans all the way.

No. 363054

I haven't watched it but let me guess: people die because evil daughters try to kill them

No. 363057


>People commit suicide in Korea bc they work so hard and everyone else is working hard so your efforts feel very little

No. 363058

Can any kind anon summarize this video? I'm not sure I can stomach sitting through Margoo's voice .

No. 363060

So is there a point somewhere in this or just a bunch of rambling about cause of death statistics in various countries? Is it supposed to be funny, informative, cute, provocative, what? (not gonna watch it.)

No. 363061


Nope, no point.

But a lot of jump cuts.

No. 363067

Narcs often give themselves a makeover or change of identity when they are feeling low. These new "identities" are used to lure in more people for sympathy and Marc supply. Then the true Margo comes out and no perm kit in all of South Korea will save her newly acquired relationships/people to mooch off..

No. 363081

File: 1490427420665.jpg (102.12 KB, 609x277, margo the lizard.jpg)

No. 363098

File: 1490442165544.gif (678.26 KB, 300x100, venooos.gif)


a bit late but I felt like it needed to be done. Tried my best with my basic ps skills.

No. 363100

I'm looking forward to Margo's future filled with cheap nasty wigs

No. 363102

> I'll propably die from Weenoos cancer but found a finally found an anti-cancer, corean radish. And my radish is bigger than Weenoos' radish! HA!!!

Why does she always compare Japan vs Korea? It sounds like those stupid games where children compare their pee pee stack with others.

And why does she speak about death. She compares causes of death of both contries like someone who wants to know who will have the most glorious death between her and her daughter.

Marge, you are not Japanese nor Korean and you don't have their life style to expect having the same life expectancy. You are hungarian, you prostitute yourself, you are homeless, you are at the mercy of others. Don't expect to exceed the 60's. As soon as you reach menopause your health is going downhill. Your parents are gonna die before that, your siblings won't give a shit about you and you will have no money from family anymore.

No. 363106

> I drink lots of alcohol but that's normal bc korean! Daaah~~~

No. 363107

> Look Weenoos how sirius I look! I'm modeling.

No. 363109

File: 1490450180367.png (170.62 KB, 596x341, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.47…)


Lol no matter how much she hates Venus she still can't resist tagging herself as "VenusAngelic mom" "Venus angelic mom " , also I guess her talking about death was suppose to be soothing ??? " Soft asmr".

With all this talk of cancer and frying her hair … Is she going to start claiming that Venus bullied her to the extent her hair fell out and she got cancer ? I wouldn't put it past the hag to start a gofundme scam for "cancer treatment" with how often she tried scamming V's fans with "V needs private schooling" "V needs a studio space"

No. 363111

If she hopes V gets cancer she's probably shit out of luck. Statistically, if either of them gets cancer, Maggot will get it about twenty years earlier. By the time V is the age maggot is now, targeted stem cell therapy for cancer will be routine and it will be nbd. There's also a bunch more Nobel Prize winners in this area of research in Japan than there is in Korea.

No. 363116

>Koorrea is better than Jaappan because Weenoos is a psycho boolly who corrupts Jaappaneese people and makes them anorexic!

No. 363120

As an alcoholic, I can confirm her behavior is definitely influenced by heavy drinking. And like another anon said, she's really bloated and has awful skin.

No. 363126

File: 1490468877593.png (50.62 KB, 209x167, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.0…)


No. 363127

File: 1490468894296.png (68.99 KB, 209x200, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.0…)

No. 363128

File: 1490470640446.png (473.94 KB, 926x592, Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.3…)

"Venoos will go to cat cafe soon? I will go first!"

That kitty looks sad and matted; the cats are this cafe don't appear to be well cared for =(

No. 363135

> I drink lots of alcohol but that's normal bc korean! Daaah~~~
Does she really say she drinks a lot or is that your interpretation?
(either way it's pretty clear she binge drinks)

No. 363183

Cat be like:
> Oh no. Not that stinky alcoholic hobo witch again! sigh

No. 363184

My interpretation.

No. 363186

Quite a few anon's interpretation.

No. 363190

eh? This cat looks healthy anon.

No. 363193

the foreshadowing in >>362319

No. 363223

File: 1490500139941.jpg (74.13 KB, 755x740, IMG_2746.JPG)

Surprised she'd upload a video w/o her usual extreme levels of filtering. Not flattering at all. She looks like the puffy haggard old drunk she is

No. 363243

File: 1490502550694.jpg (67.97 KB, 500x281, 40141132-500-281.jpg)

No. 363246

She like someone's old baba. Sadly, she might have success with an elder viewing audience if she played off the 'elderly grandma' trope with more mature interests, instead of all these fruitless endeavors to try to seem younger.

No. 363258

I looked up pics from Quirrell from Harry Potter for comparison, but compared to maggot Quirrell looks fairly young and handsome. She has a problem, she's drunk all the time.

No. 363259

oh snap

No. 363271

File: 1490512543687.jpg (40.79 KB, 407x502, IMG_2781.JPG)

She's become one of those creepy old ladies who walk around with way too much makeup caked on their wrinkly saggy old skin but somehow still think they look hot.

Also kek at how she literally melted her chin away with whatever blur tool she used… and how bad this still looks despite her (apparent) efforts.

No. 363290

File: 1490519236135.jpg (102.18 KB, 928x598, starbucks.JPG)

>It's been a while since your last starbucks selfie.


No. 363292

Can you imagine being a Korean going about your day, and this thing walks past you, its hair melted just like its face.

No. 363293

Her hairline is so far back, she looks bald. I think she's actively avoiding showing her ratty, burned out hair, but it looks so much worse than whatever mess is on top of her head.

No. 363301

Trying to put her hair out of the selfie so she doesn't look ridiculous with her fried hair.

No marge, no one relates to your fried hair. Your stupidity is so unique!

No. 363302

She's so ugly she only walks out at night. Is it a rat? Is it a bat? No ,it's marge!

No. 363307

keked my ass off

No. 363308


Margaret Baba Yaga version

No. 363309

Idk why but Marg seems to be those old ladies that overperfum themselves and one can smell then even 30min after they passed by or from 1km distance.

No. 363311

Kek, marge who smells like someone who parfumes bath herself so much that corpses fall behind her everywhere she goes.

No. 363312

Or who stinks so much like worst hobo ever.

No. 363346

File: 1490547030982.jpg (112.15 KB, 1853x408, IMG_2789.JPG)

>>It's been a while since your last starbucks selfie.
Yeah it has, since Christmas actually.
dat $10 Youtube check musta come in, eh marge?

No. 363349


And adsense won't let you pick the money before you have a minimum of $70, no? kek

No. 363352

File: 1490548231178.jpg (170.86 KB, 872x491, IMG_2800.JPG)

See, I go cafe wear new gray dress eat cute food too, VENOOS.

No. 363357


If she put an effort she could pass by a regular human being, normal clothing, normal makeup, etc. An ugly regular middle aged lady.
But I think she prefers bad attention than no attention at all.
Why she won't play normal at least to fix her life?
Seriously, go Europe (so many peoples dreams is living in EU, it's not bad at all), change your name, get a job. Any job will pay more than outcall massages.
Live your life.
There's Starbucks in Hungary/Switzerland too and she even may get to suck some money from government too, which suits her style, and some good mental help for free.
Since she's alone and she only spend on herself she can save some coins to travel Asia or whatever once a year. I mean… I'd prefer Asia once a year and have a life than being a hobo prostitute there. Anyone would.

You're not 20 anymore, put your shit together, Margo, what if you get really ill? What when you mom dies? What when soon no one wants to pay more than 50 to a complete job? What when you Korea visa ends?

The world owns you nothing.
Even if you were indeed the perfect mother you think you were, your kid own you nothing.
In your mind she's ungrateful. Ok, so… You have to do for yourself anyway, no matter who's what!
You're and adult, you're not disabled in a way working is impossible! I see people with down working and taking care of themselves, C'MON!
No one own shit to you and whining about that all the time on internet won't change it.
Now you're by yourself, it has been one year, you blaming Venus. Will you still blame her in ten years? You relay on you now and you know it, soon if you don't move it will be hard even to you to believe it's anyones fault but yours.

I have 0 empaty for her, but shit! Her choices are just mindblowingly STUPID. My brain overheats everytime.

No. 363365


you booly.

No. 363369


I wonder in what situation will be maggot at the end of this year. I mean she went pretty quick downhill since Venus left her. I don't see her changing her situation anytime soon but she can't keep it up that kind of "life style" for a longtime either. But on the other hand she managed to move from a low point to a new one, so everything is possible.

No. 363373

No amount of Meitu blur can hide your struggle face, Margoblin.

No. 363401


I really think she'd rather die than go back home to Papa Ferenc though. Even though he subsidizes her existence, I don't think she could cope with the fact she was around people who see through the bullshit.

No. 363411


>I wonder in what situation will be maggot at the end of this year.

>she can't keep it up that kind of "life style" for a longtime either.
meh. She's indestructible like a cockroach. I think she'll keep scamming and scraping by indefinitely.

No. 363415

File: 1490563198605.jpg (137.86 KB, 1099x1035, IMG_2806.JPG)


It cracks me up how she blurs that face into OBLIVION. It's beyond laughable at this point.

No. 363418

And her eye is still red, to boot! Get some visine girl. Pink eye is not supposed to last for days.

No. 363420

File: 1490563999649.jpg (155.7 KB, 760x838, IMG_2808.JPG)


>Can you imagine being a Korean going about your day, and this thing walks past you, its hair melted just like its face.

except it's even worse irl because her face can't be filtered & blurred to fuck irl.
tfw THIS walks into your Starbucks..

No. 363422


She's making alone as a hobo prostitute in Asia where she has no right to work.
If she goes back to europe that she has the right to live, work and get medical help, I don't see why she would need to be with her father.
If she can do her own thing where she can't even work and she endures living each week in a different shitty shared room and sell her asshole to have how to eat, she sure can do much better where she has all her citzen rights. That's why I don't get it.
Hooking is much worse than working, being hobo in a strange country you don't know the language is much harder than having things right in a place you can live.

So she can do things, she doesn't need daddy in europe.

I'd prefer to serve fries on McDonalds during the day and Burguer King during the night for a sure money than my asshole on the street just for buying dinner………

Go home, Margo.

No. 363423

why is she doing this to herself

No. 363437

>If she goes back to europe that she has the right to live, work and get medical help
She doesn't want to work. Work is for peons and ordinary, inferior people, not Mensa-level geniuses, autodidacts and polyglots like margo.

You keep trying to apply rational thought processes to this creature. She doesn't have rational thought processes. Her brain is literally malformed and malfunctioning.

No. 363440

even colloidal silver as a poor's man remedy works, she has no excuse to parade that nasty infection around

No. 363441

Pink eye is definitely meant to last for days or even weeks. Don't know what you're on about. She definitely needs treatment, though, but her shit-infested razor right near her eye aside, the duration of her pink-eye is still relatively normal.

No. 363451

why is Margo even in Seoul?
She has no friends, no stable source of income and doesn't even speak the language. She lives in a microscopic room, which is usually only inhabitated by students half her age.

Is she really that desperate to stay close to venus?

No. 363455

r u new?
yes, she really is that desperate

No. 363458

Margoth doesn't need rights. She owns all the rights and privileges but it is her daughter that 'boolies' her everytime something is forbidden or refused.

She doesn't need Europe when it is in Asia where VA became famous. And marge 'is' va.

She doesn't need to work. Her job was VA and it got stolen by her 'böse' daughter. Marge is an eternal victim.

Margo isn't hoboing in sk, she does 'cultural immersion' in the streets of seoul.

She isn't hooking. She has multiple one night stands with sugar daddies bf bc she finds herself jung and hübsch.

She constructed an illusion in her sick head. She is in different reality. Makes excuses and justifies unjustifiable things with her alternative crazy world reality.

There is nothing to understand bc npd = insanity.

No. 363460

my head will just explode with her stupidity. it's so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 363479

File: 1490577177101.jpg (77.44 KB, 476x386, IMG_2809.JPG)


Marge is da REAL Venus Angelic, you peasants.
VENOOS is an impostor, an ungrateful BOOLY and thief.

No. 363480

File: 1490577223236.jpg (202.57 KB, 1324x745, IMG_2821.JPG)

No. 363502

Ahhh this is perfect anon 10/10

No. 363517

>You're not 20 anymore
Oh yes she is. In her mind she's a hot yung girl.

>what if you get really ill? What when you mom dies? What when soon no one wants to pay more than 50 to a complete job?

margo doesn't think in these terms.
See: 20 traits of a psychopath:
#2 grandiose estimation of self
#13 lack of realistic long-term goals and
#15 extreme irresponsibility, then add massive levels of delusion to the point where she lives in her own alternate reality and there it is.

>What when you Korea visa ends?

She doesn't give a shit about visas anymore, she's been visa-hopping so long she has it down to a science at this point. Plus she's been a scammer and a grifter for how many years now? Going back to at least 2013. No problemo.

No. 363539

Also aren't you not suppose to wear any eye makeup while you have infection since the makeup will then carry the infection. So next time she applies the makeup she's just reintroducing the bacteria?

No. 363541

I fuckin read this in her voice my sides holy shit

No. 363542

Maybe you should watch the vid. No need to read it in her voice when you can hear her saying it about her own mother.

No. 363558


Good point and yes, I think you're right. Dumb bitch. lol

No. 363559

Mascara especially. It's stored in a wet, dark tube. That makeup is fucked and margo is going to wonder why she has chronic stinkeye.

No. 363580


Yep. Plus that's why you're not supposed to keep the same crusty old makeup around for months: it breeds germs.
Wonder how old the old hag's is?

No. 363585

File: 1490606089952.jpg (195.08 KB, 1200x862, 32f1cd04fddc7760283c8f7a690619…)

Getting more baby jane vibes than usual

No. 363632

What will be the final straw for her? Will she ever give up? I'm trying to think of what it would take for her to realize she needs to give up and go back to the EU but I cant think of anything.

No. 363636

Anon, I imagine you with a little geiger counter type device scanning Margarine's posts.

No. 363639

I'm firmly in the Margo's a tencious tick team.

I could see her being employed by some mafia type organization as a madam for a brothel. She has 0 moral compass, her sole course of drive is to punish and outdo young girls and she's terribly agreeable if she gets what she wants. It would be easy to get her on board. Her constant travelling for visas would probably help the organization by her staying under the radar. Her status as a foreign citizen could also help.

More alarmingly, I could even see her using her YT knowhow to bait young girls into coming to work for her, not knowing the actual job offered.

She had no problem prostituting her own daughter so some random girls aren't going to get any mercy or pity from her.

No. 363728

+1 for tenacious tick. I'm not a bit concerned about the welfare of "poor margo," she's a tough old bitch and an expert scammer. She'll hang on forever just like a big old barnacle.

No. 363729

Correction: should have said experienced scammer, not expert. Experienced = been doing it for a long time. If she was expert she'd be better at it instead of barely scraping by.

No. 363770

File: 1490666594768.jpg (290.68 KB, 1278x1480, IMG_2877.JPG)

Look who commented on Ashley Isaacs' latest (nightmare fuel) selfie…yes it's cyrillus_kyrillos, her devoted longtime follower and marge the swamp hag's more recently acquired fan. He was the fit vegan ginger's #1 fan back in her heyday too.

I love the tiny little band of freaks this thing attracts, it's a neverending source of entertainment.

No. 363773

Nothing will ever get through to her. But if she's overstaying her visa and passes out somewhere in the street, she might be forcibly repatriated at some point, and might find it difficult to get back to Korea. Once she's back on her feet she'd still try to find a way to make it back to Japan though. There's no changing the mind of a narcissist, they just get more and more delusional as time passes. Actual outside forces (law enforcement, mental hospitals) will have to bring this plague down. She'll still accuse V of being behind all of it.

The Barmy Barnacle. Sounds like a pub in a fantasy story, run by a lunatic. Not that marge could ever run an actual business longterm.

No. 363774


Tey might be a troll

No. 363820

Maybe they're just into lolcows like us. Some people who frequent this imageboard or similar sites like to kiss up to cows for some reason. No idea what they're expecting to gain from that though.

Either way, regarding Maghag I think it's safe to say she won't ever give up. I'm more concerned about the possibility of her ever squeezing out another kid tbh. She's way too narcissistic to ever want another baby, but if she runs out of money maybe she'll want another cash cow/someone to take care of her once she's too busted to go hoeing. I think it's unlikely that she'll ever spawn again but the thought that it's possible is still scary.

No. 363832

Marge will lay a new video about diy make up soon. Venus posted a video about one hour ago about diy rainbow gloss.

No. 363834


kek I think she's way too stupid and her lack of control is showing to quickly for that, no one would take her shit, I think she's very capable of trying to enter in some illegal business tho, but I'm sure she's so impertinent, annoying and lunatic she'd be kicked out in 5min.

She's dumb and nuts you guys, and I don't know what you think but her social skills are not that good kek. I doubt she has good long term friend, good contacts or is even capable of tricking people for long.

She is a scammer but not a very good one, let's be honest, she just got "lucky" to have an ok looking daughter to sell for a while.

No. 363845

TIL Ashley is still alive.


No. 363865

>No idea what they're expecting to gain from that though.

Didn't he milk a couple of videos out of margoile?

No. 363882

That depends on if she can scrape together enough money to do some basic DIY

I'm more expecting that rainbow highlighter to get ground up and funneled into a clear lip gloss via a sheet of old newspaper.

No. 363884


>Didn't he milk a couple of videos out of margoile?

Not that cyrillos one, no. He just follows his idols Ashley, the fitveganginger and now marge, and likes and comments "so pretty!" on their IG posts.

No. 363885


Yeah she is, and more horrifying than ever. She's living in Mississippi now and stretching her earlobes to put in plugs. blecchhhh

No. 363886

File: 1490728260705.png (63 KB, 895x432, Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 12.0…)

So in light of the Great YouTube Purge that's going on because advertisers don't want their commercials on response and commentary channels (like Onision, etc) I wanted to check if the age policy had affected Venus. She took a hot of -200 followers the day it went through, but in general, her videos are pretty age appropriate since she's been in charge, so she wasn't really affected by the changes.

We can get a picture of what Margo did to the business, both good and bad last year. Obviously Mags tanked the views during the multiple channel shutdowns, but once the channel was back up and Mags started such a shitstorm, Venus actually got more views than ever, even if it was so Margo's flying monkeys could attack.

She's back on course now, however. All that effort wasted, Margo, along with all the money Venus left with you (V's leftover bank account, plus the tuition refunds for both of them in language school, plus Venus's SwissBux.) All that rage for nothing.

No. 363901

>follows ash, margo, tfvg
May be that's a farmer?

No. 363903

How the hell is margo still legally in Korea?

No. 363919

>May be that's a farmer?
nah, he's a random freak like the rest of the freaks that follow the swampthing (NJM, azlabyrinth, bigge dogge etc. etc.) She attracts 'em like shit attracts flies.

No. 363941

Let's report margoyle to the sk autorities. If someone knows the place where she is just tell them, so she will be deported back to Hungary. She needs mental help.

No. 363943

She has to break the law to be deported.
We've been through this "let's get her DEPORTED!" drill a thousand times over the past year. It's not gonna happen. Just let her rot in her rented cubicle in Seoul.

As far as her needing mental help, she'll never seek help because she doesn't think there's ANYTHING wrong with her. And it can't be forced on her bc she's an adult, and even if she were forced into therapy somehow there's no treatment for NPD. No drugs, no therapy. Nothing.

You're barking up the wrong tree here.

No. 363950

>even if she were forced into therapy somehow there's no treatment for NPD.

I didn't know that :/

No. 363957

This is why people with NPD are so dangerous. If you think someone might be a narc, RUN.

No. 363972

File: 1490749520103.jpg (398.68 KB, 1494x1643, IMG_2946.JPG)

>NJM, azlabyrinth, bigge dogge etc. etc. She attracts 'em like shit attracts flies.
Speaking of good ol' asslabyrinth, he's (still) camped out on PULL, tirelessly defending his bae
>question: why does margaret constantly screech about Venus BULLYING her when Venus hardly ever mentions her?
>asslabyrinth: maybe Venus IS bullying her PRIVATELY, Venus lies, why does everyone always believe her and not margaret? margaret is just MISUNDERSTOOD! you're all so mean to poor heartbroken margaret!

No. 363973

File: 1490749957130.jpg (323.58 KB, 918x1024, b156e8b9-4608-4213-9df5-264e44…)

asslabyrinth aka 'Mike Kent,' middle-aged creep and faithful defender of margo (his true love.)

No. 363980

It's because they can't accept there's anything wrong with them. The worse things get, the more the world and everyone in it is out to get them. They sabotage their own therapy because naturally, therapists are also out to get them.

The other reason is that it's not a chemical imbalance like depression or other mental illnesses, narcissists actually have less gray matter in their brain, "structural brain abnormalities" (http://www.livescience.com/37684-narcissistic-personality-disorder-brain-structure.html). You could say our mensa level autodidact here is brain damaged. Which would make me feel bad about laughing at her, but she is evil enough to warrant it.

No. 363994


I still can't get over that this middle aged fuck is going onto a girly website daily to argue with a bunch of teen girls….

His wife must be proud.

No. 363996

That would have been enough for her to move back to the EU or at least settle in Korea and find a job illegally. What a nut.

No. 363999

More than enough. She lived on it for a 6 month multi continental joyride, and that doesn't include the free month of rent Venus left her with in Korea. I say 6 months because it was clear she was on her last money in Hamburg and London, when she picked up that guy who brought her back to Japan, and when she started getting money from her family.

No. 364004

>this middle aged fuck is going onto a girly website daily to argue with a bunch of teen girls….
Endlessly. And on marge's IG too, back in the day, and those commenters were even younger. A lot of them sounded like they were around 13 and asslaby took great satisfaction from getting the better of those little girls. He sure showed 'em!

No. 364022

it probably turns him on

No. 364029


The best part is that he pretends to be a 'reasonable' person while just not reading shit people post at him.

No. 364040

The best part is how butthurt the guy gets about how mean and UNFAIR everybody is to his queen. No one UNDERSTANDS her and they won't even give her a chance quit being so meannnn!!!11!!1!

No. 364059

Mike, take your dick make love with your gf instead of running after the skirts of that 'generous', 'jung' and 'loving' mutter you never had! You're an adult, man!

No. 364062

I had a nightmare about this hag last night, woke up in a sweat. She's terrifying.

No. 364083


DO you think he has a mother fetish ? Maybe even a granny fetish now that Margo has a matted poop stuck in the hair poodle perm.

No. 364087

I'm 100% sure of nothing anon, but when someone names his pets after the name of their yt idols (https://www.instagram.com/p/BGWKrg_gFEh/) and sacrifices their couple for margo, then there is at least obsession.

No. 364106

You need to learn how to sage and keeping derailing, offtopic opinions to yourself

No. 364119

you manually typed anonymous into the name field and spelled it wrong. are you the same person trying to be thread police in the snoozy thread too? asslabyrinth is margo related and a source of a small kek while she's plotting her next freak-out, if you're gonna thread police at least know better than to namefag

No. 364121

how much is rent for a goshiwon?

No. 364122

Obviously they spelled it like that on purpose, you walnut. Az stuff is off topic, make a thread for him in snow if your boner for him is that hard.

No. 364124

then instead of being an idiot who can't spell, they're namefagging which is seen as a bigger offense than a tiny derail. an AZ thread would absolutely die within 2 minutes because he is nothing without the context of margo. same reason why there's no separate lainey thread from the onion thread.

i'm not even any of the anons quoted in above post, im just so tired of people thread-policing and derailing the thread WAY more than a tiny discussion of someone tangentially related to the topic

No. 364126

I never saw this before and I don't remember being posted here, but it's maggot being emotional about supporting your tochter veeenooss and you can't do harmful things to your children.

>from 2012

No. 364131

ironically you're the one who is derailing thread with whining and raging.
Would farmhand delete offtopic posts?

margo made more videos like this before, speaking how you should let your children be, how you should be supportive of their decisions, etc. She also complained in one of them how Venus has final say on what men can her submissive supportive mother date or not.
She was basically creating an image of ideal parent, while being vile leech who beats her daughter.

No. 364132

Knowing narc moms, this was probably created after a particularly vile fight, to bolster Margo's inner narrative.

No. 364137

How many stans does the kappa have left?

I know asslabrador hangs around on the teen forum but I haven't heard of other knights lining up to get their dicks sucked?

Is she a one stan yung womahn now?

No. 364162

deleted no, but you'll be put out to pasture for continuing to namefag

100%, this is projection if i've ever seen it

No. 364175

>Az stuff is off topic, make a thread for him in snow if your boner for him is that hard.
margo's tiny band of hangers-on is 100% on topic, it's part of the freakshow. And making a separate thread for any of them is ridiculous because none of them warrants their own thread.
Get over it.

No. 364219

So, what marge's actually saying is that VA yt channel was Venus' idea and not hers.

No. 364231

The degree of autism with which you "zOmg this is derailing!" fucks try to lord over this thread is unreal.
Mergles is a fucking planet, and any shit dust and debris in her gravitational pull is on topic, including her hangers-on, her daughter, her father, and anyone else tangentially associated with her. Give it a fucking rest.

No. 364233

agreed but learn to sage

No. 364253

Well said.

No. 364326

Place your bets on when Marge is gonna post an IG picture in a ratty wig that she tries to pass off as her own hair.

No. 364331

ratty wig she tries to pass off as her own hair

or what anons said above about shaving it off and pretending venoos gave her cancer by being such a booly

i'm voting latter bc there's more money to squeeze out of clueless bleeding hearts like hamburg jassy

No. 364332

I bet she will go to actual hair salon instead to fix her hair, she is aware people expect her to go bald and going actually balf means defeat for her, she just can't let this happen.

No. 364334

Where is she going to get money for a salon? That shit is going to cost hundreds to fix, if it's even salvageable at all.

No. 364335

>clueless bleeding hearts like hamburg jassy
Poor jassy learned her lesson the hard way, lol.
Now she's sadder, wiser and €110 poorer.

No. 364336

File: 1490858719278.jpg (181.77 KB, 1209x1470, IMG_2887.JPG)

Just wanted to say, it was a year ago today that marge the swamphog shut down her kid's Youtube channel (the first of three times) with false copyright claims.

No. 364340

File: 1490859106648.jpg (335.15 KB, 894x1626, IMG_2886.JPG)

Then promptly took off on a marathon hobo train tour across Japan, wearing the same clothes for days at a time, wandering the streets looking like a deranged homeless person and sleeping in mangakissas. She was in full-stop manic rage mode back then.
FF a year later and she's a dejected, forgotten and bald. RIP marge.

No. 364341

^^ the untied shoes get me every time.

No. 364343

File: 1490859479427.jpg (73.61 KB, 594x725, IMG_3036.JPG)

to commemorate the anniversary, a rare unfiltered selfie that shows the true devastation that is her face. (and this is three years old, it's only gotten worse since then mates.)

No. 364344

Remember that time she had to hunker down on the floor of a convenience store, with the roaches? She did everything to sabotage V's life, but V is doing better than ever. I can't wait for the end result of maggot's hairy experiments. Venus' BJ doll probably gets better haircare than Korea Kappa.

No. 364346

File: 1490861590370.jpg (227.44 KB, 1518x1103, IMG_3058.JPG)


Who could forget? She was on a demented quest to find Manaki's parents to notify them that their son was holding Venus hostage, even called the cops at one point if I recall (hence pic attached.)
Good times.

No. 364359

In this picture she actually looks young and her eyebags almost invisible(almost because filtering). if only she'd just quit drinking and fixed her sleep schedule, she might have looked like decent person instead of demented street hooker.

No. 364361

The origin of that photo is, back when they were in London, Margo called the police on Xiaorishu for """"cyber bullying"""" Venus. The Okada speech bubble was added later, presumably by a 50 year old trying to make a meme.

Though I think she did contact the police whilst searching for Manaki's parents, it was a separate incident though,

No. 364362

File: 1490876911793.jpeg (Spoiler Image,52.65 KB, 500x500, fav mags.jpeg)

This one in the red wig might be my favorite margaret of all time. Was she cosplaying Leelo from the 5th element? For her sake I hope she still has that wig.

Sage for pointless reminiscing.

No. 364363

Omg she looks like a german drug addict trans wooman! She's such a cunt, even feminity ran away from her!

No. 364365

How could jung Hans have a baby with that thing? Was he under drugs, alcohol, hypnosis, threat, … all that at the same time with temporary poopeye blindness? Was unfeminine wooman a swiss german man thing at that time? I simply can't understand how he could have a boner for that thing. Was he raped by her?

No. 364370

File: 1490881470247.jpg (833.02 KB, 1280x858, 1423419776170.jpg.fa272394f448…)

Marg didn't actually look all that haggard when she was younger. Pic related is from 2003-ish. Sure she used to be fat and those eyebrows are trashy af, but she used to look and dress like a rather normal human being. She wrinkled up so quickly it's scary. I hope Venoos didn't inherit her lizard genes.

No. 364371


let's do not forget how aggressive she treats her skin. If she did those kinds of "methods" to clean her skin in the past years as well, then of course she aged in such bad way.

No. 364373

It's scary how she looks like a normal mom in this pic.

No. 364374

She even had a normal hairline. But, see that death grip on Venus' little hand and getting her started in showbiz? She was already a burgeoning stage mom, setting Venus up to pay all the bills eventually.

No. 364375

She looks like my friend's sister here. That's eerie.

No. 364382

weirds me out how intensely she's grasping venus's hand with both of hers in this pic even though the other woman (actress?) is actually holding her. it's so creepily possessive….

No. 364383

Yeah, people always say Marg didn't give a fuck about Venus until her YT channel took off and she "realized she was good for more than just child support payments." That's not true at all, it's much worse than that. It was Margo's plan from the start to make Venoos famous and turn her into a cash cow.

Venoos uploaded a video of herself as a kid to her channel. She's like 3 years old and keeps saying "Venus actress, Venus model". Kids playing pretend is cute, but no normal 3 year-old even knows what an actor is. I wonder where she got those ideas from. Then they were both cast as extras in that movie when Venoos was 6, and later she was sent to that Thai school and participated in beauty pageants.

No. 364396

She looks much more pleasant, but was she really only 26/27? She had Venus at 20, right?

No. 364401

Iirc she was like 22 when she spawned. So Venoos was 6 in that picture and Morgue was 28. The thin eyebrows, mom hair and outfit age her quite a bit, but her face wasn't actually as haggard-looking, she has no gigantic bags under her eyes, her skin has a nice color and looks healthy, and she doesn't have any dreads, is not wearing her daughter's lolita dresses, doesn't have any insane tattoos or any other obvious signs of mental instability.

She defo doesn't look hot but she looks like a human being.

No. 364410

I think that the little bit of extra fat in her face really helps her looks, tbh

No. 364413

>In this picture she actually looks young and her eyebags almost invisible(almost because filtering). if only she'd just quit drinking and fixed her sleep schedule, she might have looked like decent person instead of demented street hooker.
No, don't think so.
this (unfiltered) pic was just a year later and it's how she would have looked in >>364346 minus the PS/filters. Those tragic eyebags and deeep facial lines didn't just appear in the space of a year.

That face is not something that could have been improved by fixing her sleep schedule. It's a combo of shitty genes, smoking, drinking, poor skin care and (most important) her evil toxic soul.

No. 364431


Wow she looks like my antie here, kek, the hair, the ugly glasses, the crooked nose and the fat arms, but, hey, better, much better than now. Better "healthy" mom look than hobo alcooholic hooker look.
It's just a pic but her holding Veenus little hand like this gives the impression of moms that use the kid to fill her emotional needs when it should be the other way around.
You know, like "my kid is all I have" when the kid should be the one feeling like this about their parents. Funny enough this impression turned out to be true.
Emotionally damaged, needy, lonely woman with tendencies to mental diseases and their only female child……. Oh, man………. They always fuck up the girl.
Been there with my mom, not nice, not nice.

Ew. Poor weenoos (she was the cutest kid tho)

No. 364432

File: 1490900921739.jpg (207.82 KB, 590x913, IMG_3119.JPG)

>The origin of that photo is, back when they were in London, Margo called the police on Xiaorishu for """"cyber bullying"""" Venus.
Actually it was Beckii Cruel marge called the cops about, and it was after Beckii, Xiao, Kelsey and the other Youtubers she had been stalking and harassing with fake Twitter accounts for weeks called her out on it and exposed her as the one that had been doing it ("BULLYING and stalking" marge, according to marge,) not cyberbullying Venus.

>The Okada speech bubble was added later, presumably by a 50 year old trying to make a meme.

The speech bubble was added by a farmer here, the same day marge posted about 'looking for Manaki's parents.'

Your 'a 50 year old trying to make a meme' comment is reminiscent of vexxtard's description of lolcow being a bunch of unemployed middle aged women, btw.

No. 364433

File: 1490900980723.jpg (190.18 KB, 1051x890, IMG_3120.JPG)

No. 364434


There's an old saying that after forty it's your ass or your face. I never really understood it but it means that if you want your face to look good you might have to accept some fat in places where you might not like it.

I've heard it attributed to Catherine Deneuve but I think it's a lot older than that.

sage for completely OT

No. 364435


agreed she looks better w/ a lil extra meat

venus looks….angelic

No. 364451

"You face or your fanny" is the exact phrase that was used, and I thought of this too.

However, by the time she was 35 (my current age) her desperation and ever growing jealousy of Venus was etched onto her face in a way few women that age experience. She did lose 20 pounds or so - probably when she got her personal training certificate at the gym - but she wasn't overweight enough to have that kind of weight loss cause that level of facial collagen loss alone. It looks like a combo of poor genes, lack of sleep, mental illness, drinking, and possibly amphetamines.

No. 364452

And the whole thing is "At fifty, it's your face or your fanny", so even though it's long been accepted that keeping very thin when your older will cause you to wrinkle, the effect wasn't pronounced until much later than Margo experienced it.

No. 364460

>reminiscent of Vexxed blah blah
It was a comment on it being a lame joke in an outdated format, chill.

No. 364535


>blah blah

my ass. That "50 year old trying to make a meme" is exactly that little shit's line. I certainly didn't get a "50 year old" vibe from that meme at the time and I'm not getting it now.
And you need to get your facts straight too.

No. 364559

File: 1490937542244.gif (414.19 KB, 200x150, M73kk_s-200x150.gif)

>venus looks….angelic

I find this joke offensive

No. 364589

File: 1490943287805.jpg (268.73 KB, 935x1602, IMG_3161.JPG)

So can we talk about this??

No. 364590

File: 1490943431987.jpg (78.47 KB, 463x662, IMG_3162.JPG)

That makeup
That poopeye
That face

No. 364592

That HAIR! It kills me every time.

And since Venoos wears glasses and goes to Starbucks, so to must Margaret wear glasses and take Starbucks selfies. Wonder where she got the cash for either? Must've gotten a raise on her allowance for being a (mostly) good girl for 6 months. Except for the attempted b&e and 3 short outbursts.

No. 364593

Even with the filers, she looks haggard as FUCK.

No. 364596

File: 1490943572343.png (50.25 KB, 331x377, Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.5…)

"Perm for easy updo!" = a lot of it fell apart and she's pinning what's left down

No. 364598

God, her ears and nose are both HUGE. Never noticed the ears before. And both those keep growing as you get older… so it's gonna get worse.

No. 364599

File: 1490943765074.png (337.21 KB, 469x457, Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 12.0…)

Close, but no cigar, Mags (lol jk not close)

No. 364602

>saves me from a BAD HAIR DAY
I can't breathe
KEK choke wheeeeze

No. 364603

Jesus fucking CHRIST I have never had a picture of her ACTUALLY make my skin crawl in disgust before. What in hell made her post this? She's becoming even MORE blind to her own looks!

No. 364604



No. 364605

She's definitely pinned that shit down to hide the bald patches. This karma is wonderful.

No. 364607

That's line camera, not actual mascara. Which is even more ridiculous.

No. 364608

File: 1490944449751.gif (264.95 KB, 200x152, IMG_3151.GIF)


garlic garlic garlic

No. 364610

Pretty sure this is a cross dressing old man

No. 364612

Her poop eye must be pretty bad if she's back to wearing glasses - they were the first thing she ditched when she turned into "cool mom", when Venus turned 12. We know from the photos Ferenc posted that she's worn glasses since she was a child, but she seems to associate them with her fat, non "sexy" self.

She's really got a bad case of pinkeye if it's lasted for 3 weeks and she now has to wear glasses instead.

No. 364617

File: 1490945363236.jpg (45.68 KB, 411x303, IMG_3165.JPG)


She done fried that shit to a crisp and killed it dead. FINALLY.
Oh what a glorious day.

No. 364622

This is pratically art.

No. 364624

She's really burbling away about her new cute lil perm that saves her from a bad hair day, so easy you guys!?? Seriously?
How?? It looks like she has a GD dead animal on her head.
I can't even process this..

No. 364625

File: 1490947001919.jpg (21.66 KB, 300x300, 3477123581_7e7c7ef178.jpg)


She looks like she's used that spray paint for hair that's used to hide male pattern baldness.

No. 364626

It really does. Or more likely she just blacked in the semi-bald patches with PS or something, you can see the solid black areas she filled in on >>364617

hahaha, fucking maggot

No. 364630

Omg, not trying to be rude but that legit looks like black person hair

No. 364631

The quality of the hair is of course fucking dreadful but I have to admit Margo looks better with shorter hair. She looks less "old wooman trying to look yung" and more '50 year old arty hipster' which IMO looks better on her. She won't look young and kawaii but being an older arty eccentric would give her an outlet for her bizzare fashion choices and she can go befriend a bunch of shallow hipster faggots.

No. 364637

From a distance, it does look very kinky and like a 50's doowop singer's hair. But then you see the close-up and it's 3 different textures and chemical burns.

No. 364642


She's clever actually
"saves me from bad hair days"
Indeed, if you have bad hair everyday than bad hair days are just regular days.
Point for Margo in this one cause it does make sense.

No. 364643


I'm white but my hair is curly and very frizzy naturally, when it's too humid it ends up looking like this and I feel like shit everytime, thinking Margaret actually payed TWICE to get this keks me up so hard

No. 364645


she has such an… evil face. she looks like a cartoon villain.

No. 364647

You think she has been wearing contacts with her poop eye? Oh gods, she probably has.
Well. Its hard to have a bad hair day when you have no hair. Keep going Marg, its working.

No. 364649

She wants to call attention to her glasses and dessert but I only see wrinkles, eye bags and damaged hair.

She should bleach/fry her hair in extra blond again so it merges with her skin color and stupidity and becomes less noticeable. She should also avoid black mascara that look like a block instead of a fan.

That stupid hungarian really doesn't know how to style herself. Even gypsy Johnny Depp has a better style and make up look!

No. 364650

I agree that she's the incarnation and the definition a the bad hair day.

No. 364651

She had a myopic mind. Now she has a poop eye.

No. 364652

Not mascara, firewalls. Or trump's border wall against mexicans, if you prefer.

No. 364653

File: 1490958099496.jpg (135.51 KB, 1200x1806, buddy-holly.jpg)

She went from Baby Jane Hudson to bad Buddy Holly impersonator, which I guess could count as an improvement?

No. 364655

Baldness spray for margo as a x-mas gift.
It think she'll be happy.
#sprayformargo (njm get out of my head!!!) Keeek

No. 364656

I'm so glad to know Margo is safe and sound in Seoul still. I had an encounter with her doppelganger in my city yesterday, she had closely clipped hair and just looked a wee bit more aged in the face (well more than Margo shows anyway) but everything else was a double: the accent, the angry… everything. They could be sisters.

No. 364713

My grandmother had this shag carpet dating from the 50's. By the time the 90's rolled around when I was a kid it had matted into this nappy, scratchy, burnt-up looking shit that was as rough as astroturf. If you fell on it you'd get wicked carpet burns.

Margret's hair now looks exactly like that nappy carpet. She done chemically burnt that shit into a dupont fiber nightmare.
God bless the universe. Amen.

No. 364735

>Margo looks better with shorter hair.
It wasn't by choice though, that's the funny part. It's the remains of a scorched hair apocalypse.

No. 364747

I'm predicting a Merglet Hitler youth cut next. Watch.

No. 364769

It's a wonder Margaret can comb her hair at all. I wonder how long until she cuts her losses and just shaves it all off in a Britney Spears tantrum.

No. 364770

This is pretty much what's she's done at this point, as it's as close as she's come to having lost it all.

(ps I hate April 1st on the internet)

No. 364776

I haven't checked Margo rants in months. Wtf she still is hanging on with that Venus abuse me lie. She should move on like Venus has done.
Anime is a lot like sex. Done right it's a beautiful act of creation that brings a little more light into the world. If it's sick and wrong... it's even better.

No. 364785

I hate it, too. Wondered why things looked so fucked up.

No. 364794

File: 1491009290754.jpg (243.96 KB, 500x339, cKRt3G9.jpg)

No. 364811

File: 1491015522334.png (472.4 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0184.PNG)

No. 364812

File: 1491015610969.png (269.3 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0181.PNG)

No. 364814

she deleted it already. bad taste april fools?

No. 364815

Aww man when I was reading this I was hoping it was some sort of misunderstanding because those trains can get pretty crowded. But apparently it was the same girl multiple times and he didn't deny it… Poor high school girl and poor Venus. :(

No. 364817

most likely. I'd think if it was real she would've removed her other photos with him.

No. 364824

File: 1491016593760.png (520.48 KB, 807x593, Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.14…)

Replaced with this. People don't know whether it was a joke - and agree that if it was an "april fool" it was in extremely bad taste - or if she was in shock and deleted it when she realized this is probably something should should think about before making public.

Christ if Margo gets ahold of this, she's gonna cackle from now until the end of time.

No. 364825

File: 1491016697950.png (418.14 KB, 810x591, Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.17…)

Anyway, here's Margo from the goshiwan kitchen. She's not gloating yet…
Anime is a lot like sex. Done right it's a beautiful act of creation that brings a little more light into the world. If it's sick and wrong... it's even better.

No. 364827

Holy shit so distracted by the Venoos thing, i didn't even see how fucked Mags' latest body shoop is

No. 364828

File: 1491017295354.jpg (327.59 KB, 1432x1951, IMG_3195.JPG)


No, it was not "replaced" with the doll post. She posted the doll pic just under 2 hours ago (pic attached) plus several posts of the doll on its own account earlier today…so we're supposed to believe she went from happily posting pics of her doll to "just found out about Manaki getting arrested" within the past hour, and immediately ran to IG to post a long-ass paragraph about it?

Sorry but I'm just a wee bit skeptical..
25 / Argentina / Hufflepuff

No. 364829

So I just thought of something - Manaki has a car. He drives to work, and he works nights. When was he assaulting this one particular high school girl on the subway, on a regular basis? Does he sometimes take the subway to work? I suppose it could be done in the mornings on his way home. But we know Venus doesn't have a license, and we've seen Mana coming home from work in the car.

Just a thought? Venus may indeed have been making a REALLY off color joke and didn't except it to be so harmful.

No. 364838

File: 1491018742627.jpg (384.65 KB, 1226x1625, IMG_3199.JPG)

So… either
1) she "just found out" her hubby was arrested between these posts and this (alleged) post about Manaki's "arrest" (within 1 hour,) then immediately ran to IG to make a long-ass post about it,
2) she had a sudden whimsical urge to make an April Fool's joke with this post, or
3) she was hacked (or someone made a fake post on a fake account and took a screenshot of it.

You decide.
25 / Argentina / Hufflepuff

No. 364841

So looking forward to a half used can of it being sold on her website!

No. 364845

I'm pretty sure this was a bad taste of a April fools joke. Also if Venus breaks up with manaki, wtf she's going to live at? If she stops posting for a few days then the post was real.
Anime is a lot like sex. Done right it's a beautiful act of creation that brings a little more light into the world. If it's sick and wrong... it's even better.

No. 364855

File: 1491022534512.jpg (61.91 KB, 1258x254, IMG_3201.JPG)

She was on IG liking someone's post about a cute video they bought on VHS and an hour later suddenly decided to jump back onto IG to confess to the world that manaki got arrested?

Sure Jan..

No. 364861

File: 1491022942892.jpg (480.06 KB, 1185x1484, IMG_3203.JPG)

the post she liked.
After posting several pics of her doll, all dressed up.
An hour before jumping on IG to tell the world her husband got arrested in a long-ass, greatly detailed post.
Yeah, that seems totally credible. She absolutely did that.

No. 364865

She may have just found out. People do normal things when things are normal.

Or it could be a joke. We'll find out. But bad news always comes out of nowhere, so her activities immediately before the post are meaningless in sifting for the truth.

Now if she'd gone back to making doll posts and liking cute things immediately AFTER, you'd have a point.

No. 364868

My point with the timeline is that if this is real and she "just found out," her response was to immediately (within an hour of "finding out") jump on IG to announce it to the world with a long and very detailed post? Does that seem credible to you? Because it doesn't to me.

No. 364872

Shock is a thing, and she doesn't have any family or close friends to tell it to. The internet is the closest thing she's got. So yes, it seems credible to me.

And, it could be an off color joke. But nothing she's done thus far seems "off" to me.

As a personal blog, my mother was arrested for sex crimes when I was a teen. Trust me, this shit comes out of nowhere, and you dont know what to do or say, and sometimes you just start running your mouth because you're looking for comfort that doesn't exist. An in my very relevant experience, she's not not anything that seems off to me, if this is true.

No. 364880

Could be fake, could be legit.

Why it could be fake:

1) Today is April 1st
2) Iirc Manaki went to work by car in the video Margaret filmed when she was stalking them, but they have since moved so idk.
3) People always used to talk shit about Manaki because of the age gap between Venus and him, the fact that he started following her when she was 14 and he was 20, how they met etc. They said it made him a creep, a pedophile etc. Especially her lizard mom always made him sound like a sexual deviant. Jokingly saying all these things about her husband might be her way of poking fun at these accusations.

Why it could be legit:

1) People are pigs. Sometimes even the people you think you know are secretly pigs.
2) She seems to have very few friends and probably felt the need to vent, just like how she vented about her psychological issues and therapist on Instagram. She also said herself that she feels lonely repeatedly.
3) Watching/liking normal things after making such a relevation is nothing out of the ordinary. If you get news like that, it shakes up your entire world. Especially if you're as dependent on your husband as Venus is. If it's legit her emotions will most likely shift from being numb to being sad to being disgusted to panicking/fear etc. Watching and liking normal things on the internet could be an attempt to both calm herself down and restore a little bit of normalcy. A coping mechanism if you will.

If it's fake: Shame on her. Manaki already had to take so much shit from both Margaret and Venus, and yet he was still there for her to come save her and provide for her. He really doesn't need to be involved in any more shit. "Very mature" my ass, although it's probably not surprising that someone who was only ever around her psycho mother would be somewhat emotionally stunted and not understand why that kind of shit is not cool.

If it's legit: I feel for her. She went from depending on one person who turned out to be shit to depending on the next person who turned out to be shit. I hope she sees it as an incentive to learn to be more independent in the future as to not rely on other people as much. Maybe return to Europe and get an education idk.

No. 364889

>"just found out"
You keep saying this but where does it say that? She says she doesn't "know how to explain this" and it's "still so confusing", not "I just found this out this very second".

I hope this is a joke that didn't land, but having a weird timeline actually gives more credibility to this being truth to me.
Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you.

No. 364893

She's been raised by Maghag and didn't even have a single friend growing up. She likely doesn't understand it's not okay to joke about things like that because she has very little experience interacting with other human beings.

No. 364899

I remember once Venus made and then deleted a post talking about Manaki mentioning "touching girls boobs and butts" and how it upset her. The post was worded weirdly, so people couldn't figure out the context of what he was saying and if he was talking about past relationships or what. Does anybody else remember this?
I'm still kind of in the camp of it being a joke, though. I at least hope it's a joke, because that's a horrible thing to have happen all around.

No. 364900

I never saw that post but I don't follow Venus too closely.

Tbh I'm still trying to figure out what they were thinking.

I mean, if it was a joke, then Manaki must be in on it, right? If he isn't, then it's even worse. But if he is, why did HE think this was an ok thing to do? Why joke about sexual harassment with your professional social media account? Why joke about it at all if you know your lizard mom can see it?

Even if you go lol jk afterwards, that sort of thing always breeds rumors. No idea what Venus was thinking unless it was actually legit.

No. 364907

That story doesn't even make sense though.
Quote: he "molested the same girl with patterns in frequency" so the "authorities could track him down and get him at the subway"? If a hypothetical girl was "molested" on a subway would she not raise some kind of alarm at the time, like say something, yell, call attention to it and maybe report it/call the authorities immediately? Why would the authorities need to "track him down" and "get him" after serial molestations "with patterns in frequency," like they were solving a who done it mystery? You get felt up on a subway, you say "get TF off me, creep" and get on your cell and call the cops while the other people around you on the crowded subway hopefully react by grabbing the perv till the cops get there, yes?
Not plausible: the alleged victim of these repeated molestations "with patterns in frequency" just what, lets it keep happening? Only calls the cops after repeated "molestations" and they have to "track him down" after these serial "molestations?"

This doesn't pass the smell test to me. I say her IG was hacked.

No. 364908

That's not how it works in Japan.

No. 364913

As much as I believe this was a "prank", she lives in Japan, not the west. Girls getting molested on trains and feeling too scared to speak up because it makes them stand out is actually a serious problem they have there.

But regardless, Manaki owns a red car that he drives to work, we've seen it a few times, this whole thing has little chance of happening.

No. 364914


Not how what works in Japan? You're not allowed to say anything if some perv gropes you on a subway? What, is that considered impolite or unladylike or something?

No. 364919

File: 1491041012301.jpg (99.47 KB, 500x351, 20080310_tokyo_0126_jan_500.jp…)

Recently their government/police has been trying to make women act up if a pervert is molesting them, usually by putting up posters like pic related on train stations.
But a lot of japanese women are ashamed to say anything nonetheless. They don't even give the molester stink-eye.
It's mostly because of their shame culture, they are too ashamed to make it known that a pervert is molesting them.

People tend to idealize Japan as a futuristic country with high moral but a lot of things there are still very backwards.

No. 364920

You need to learn how Japanese culture differs from Western

No. 364923

Even putting aside the cultural reasons of not wanting to draw attention to yourself that have already been mentioned, if you've never been molested it's easy to think "oh if that happened to me I'd yell at him" but when it actually happens it's just as likely you'll freeze up in fear and have no idea how to react. It can happen to anyone.

No. 364925

yes I remember that.

No. 364927

Guys, the venus post was definietly a april fools joke, stop being naive.

she realized it was stupid and deleted it the moment she got faced backslash.

If you want to discuss this further, go to the venus thread and do it instead of shitting up the Margo thread.

No. 364930

I was thinking Venus made it just for margo to see, since margo stalks her 24/7. Margo would see the news of manaki being arrested first, and if Venus will be left alone that would be margo's hottest chance to snatch her belloved cash cow back.

No. 364931


can we stop using "marge might see it and have a reaction" as an excuse to post things not related to marge? we can discuss it once she reacts if at all, meanwhile it can go in the venus thread

No. 364942

so it's been a week since she posted this and the last video, and there's only 72 likes and 2 comments - one of which is a lowkey drag/bait she doesn't seem to have realised

venus has made jokes/comments in really poor taste before, I don't see how this would be different from that. I guess that is a derail for the time being, though

also, how long has aunty Zsu had her IG back? I haven't been watching for a while, so I was surprised when someone mentioned her in this thread
I love her dogs even more than her gr8 comments on this shitfest

No. 364951

>I was thinking Venus made it just for margo to see

Why would she do that though? Venus has done almost nothing but ignore Margo since she left. That's some far-fetched reaching anon.

also this >>364931

No. 364971

>She was ignoring margo since the moment she left.
Given how other family members give subtile references to margo and her antics on IG i expect venus to be similiar, and besided she just did something no one expected and that can be anything.

No. 364998

You are incredibly ignorant over what happens when someone touches you or flashes you on the subway. Most people freeze and cannot move; this is doubly true in Japan rather than the west due to deeply ingrained shame culture. Sure some people get mouthy, but the people who get a fight response rather than a freeze are very rare, and the flashes / molesters then think a freeze panic response means this is okay. And there's nothing one can do to stop the freeze response in the moment; you have no control over your body.

No. 365009

File: 1491072417494.png (50.84 KB, 309x338, Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.4…)

Mags' future travel plans

No. 365048

when venus was the greatest troll of them all

No. 365049

>also, how long has aunty Zsu had her IG back?
She came back last Nov.
She had meant to temporarily disable her old acct. when she got too stressed out over the whole situation w/marge and her father and his weird IG posts but accidentally deleted it instead so she had to come back with a new account once she'd cooled off a bit.

No. 365053

File: 1491084337599.jpg (73.24 KB, 398x594, IMG_3219.JPG)

>You are incredibly ignorant over what happens when someone touches you or flashes you on the subway. Most people freeze and cannot move;
true, I've never been in that situation personally. But would the person "freeze" during multiple "molestations," with "patterns of frequency," by the same person, and only notify the authorities after these "multiple attacks," forcing them to "track down" the molester? That's what I'm questioning. This story makes no sense.

Anyway, since both Venus and Manaki have posted instagram stories about some PSII videogame since this all happened, I'm gonna assume it's not real and was either a very misguided attempt at an April Fools joke or a hack.

Manaki's last night

No. 365054

File: 1491084382439.jpg (92.22 KB, 403x598, IMG_3220.JPG)

and Venus's today

No. 365079

File: 1491090804202.png (103.83 KB, 710x334, Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 4.52…)

>>But would the person "freeze" during multiple "molestations," with "patterns of frequency," by the same person, and only notify the authorities after these "multiple attacks," forcing them to "track down" the molester?

Yes. You would still "freeze" during the attacks, even if they happened by the same person (just seeing them would cause the victim to avert their eyes, try not to be noticed, etc.) Even after you contacted police - because you are still upset, and know what's happening is unfair and wrong, but cannot move during the attacks - you would still probably have the same panic response.

Add to that crowded Tokyo trains with no place to move, and an ingrained culture of not calling attention to yourself, AND the fact that this behavior by men (and their victims) is rather notorious and long standing (decades of it) on the Tokyo subway, the person would probably try to avoid him as much as possible, but be both unable to run away if she wasn't rooted to the spot by both fear and a press of people. Groping women on the Tokyo subway is so well known that they had to make "women only" cars (info attached) to try to curb the issue (because the men won't stop groping.) They are limited in number and fill up fast, however.

No. 365081

As before, this could very well be a dark and tasteless April Fool that they realized was over the line. But nothing is the story sounds untrue or unreasonable, and nothing in Venus's or Mana's behavior before or after appears off or odd.

No. 365086

and it's possible for a school age child who is being regularly predated upon to be paralysed and essentially feel themselves 'in a relationship' of sorts (a frightening one) with that person. that person can get a psychological hold over them. then there is the cumulative effect of not having said anything the previous times, therefore feeling in a less and less viable position to say something. and knee-jerk assumptions like 'if this was real someone would say something immediately' are what they also struggle with internally. the guilt and fear compound.

all that said, in the absence of supporting info (like Manaki going offline) I feel this was a joke gone badly wrong. it sure read as realistic though so I hope it's not true.

remember that Venus has been raised 100% in the company of her mother, an abuser who thinks and talks about sex in in unpleasant ways, and who has an awful 'sense of humour'. girls imprint on their mothers, even their awful mothers. if it was a joke by venus, this may have come up in her unbidden because it's the residue of this abusive world she's been in. physically leaving is only step one, the rest of the battle is in your mind. venus recently had a therapy experience she didn't like, so she's rejected therapy altogether which is not the best. the timing of that event followed by this kind of fits.

No. 365135

File: 1491103672709.png (551.59 KB, 810x588, Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.26…)

So this is the first return post. No apology, no explanation. "Protect your maiden heart"

No. 365162

i kind of feel bad for her

No. 365166

There's a lot about Margo's situation to feel bad for, like living alone in a foreign country, being unemployed, having no contact with her daughter, and frying her hair.

The thing is that she did it all to herself. She has 'outs', but she refuses to take them because she's deluded. I mean, she's crazy. You can feel bad about her mental disorder and that'll be the most valid thing, since she can't help that she has that.

No. 365179

Nobody cares, use the thread on /snow/

No. 365193

File: 1491134930703.png (620.49 KB, 929x592, Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.08…)

Margo's at the beach

No. 365195

File: 1491134970551.png (18.01 KB, 308x80, Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 2.48…)

And someone told her about Venoos's post

No. 365196

File: 1491135107988.png (1.22 MB, 1196x1632, Screenshot_2017-04-02-14-04-12…)

Granpa Ferenc posted a new picture in ig about marge.

No. 365197

> Margaret, my 'prodigal' daughter, you have post!

No. 365200

It's addressed to Margit, the mother.
The sender is some sort of registered association that works with convicted people, offers debt advice service and helps relatives or other family members, etc.

I can't really see whether he's referring to Margo, manaki or any known person at all. Or if the family is just interested in supporting that association (donating money or whatever)

> website in German language: http://www.scheideweg.nrw/

No. 365211


> Ein Leben ohne Kriminalität - Christliche Lebenshilfe

Life without criminality - christian life support

It's based in Germany. Granma Margit is a victim of criminality or is supporting a criminal with money and prayers.

No. 365221


I'm sure she's posting other's photos about the beach and whatnot considering Franc's address was to Marge in Hungary.

No. 365251

That's their home address; Margo def. lives in SK. Margit lives in Hungary with her husband. Margo and Margit have the same name.

No. 365257

>I can't really see whether he's referring to Margo, manaki or any known person at all. Or if the family is just interested in supporting that association
Grandpa's posts are always about his family, all the time. He started the account to reach out to Venus and make commentary at marge. Pretty safe to assume this is about a family member and that family member is marge.

No. 365258

That family member is the OTHER Marge.

No. 365259


I get absolute joy every time I see the river capa posting about going back to the river.


Soooo.. Margo's officially being cut off financially ?

No. 365268

> Ein Leben ohne Kriminalität - Christliche Lebenshilfe
>Motivated by the love of God, which is unreserved to every human being, we are committed to people who have fallen into social distress through addiction and crime.

They train people to go into prisons and offer support and counseling to prisoners. The part about "people who have fallen into social distress through addiction and crime" is interesting since it could describe ol' Ratface (except it leaves off the 'mental illness' part.)

So why get involved with an organization that is focused on helping criminals and addicts as opposed to, say, people who have fallen on hard times due to mental illness? Might this be a hint as to the swamprat's current situation?

No. 365269

could definitely point to mags being an alcoholic like we've thought

No. 365270

Well Marge is technically a criminal. She's evaded taxes for years.

No. 365271


You're reaching too far, anon. I think it has nothing to do with the swamp monster and more because he feels proud of whatever his wife is doing. You know papa and mama Palermo have a life of their own and maybe he just wants to share parts of that life in social media like the rest.

No. 365337

File: 1491190107517.jpg (355.51 KB, 1211x1482, IMG_3327.JPG)

Speaking of aunty Zsu, she uploaded a video of herself talking about how her name is pronounced on IG (her English is surprisingly good btw,) someone commented that she should start a Youtube channel and she answered this:

Still based

No. 365338

I fucking love Aunt Zsu. Savage af.

No. 365340

>let's go to the river
>cherry blossoms coming soon too!
Funny, I don't see even a single tree in that picture, let alone CHERRY BLOSSOMS omg!

No. 365355

Ha, poor old thing. Not only irrelevant and ignored but now openly mocked by her (formerly terrorized) family members.
Death of a narc.
RIP marge.

No. 365361

Zsu is the hero we need.

I have a feeling grandpa doesn't know how the internet works though, he just doxxed himself? They're going to get crazy packages from weirdos like Old Jewish Mama.

No. 365365

File: 1491204317443.jpg (230.08 KB, 1894x1253, IMG_3336.JPG)

Check out these stats, you peasants.

No. 365366

File: 1491204433584.jpg (139.98 KB, 499x841, IMG_3340.JPG)

No. 365374

This is so embarrassing….

No. 365375

to add
normally the women only cars are inforced during morning, 5-6pm or when jobs end… sometimes last train rush hours and its usually the only first or last train cabin. odakyu line is infamous for being the chikan line and they will actually question people whos gender looks questionable. (a friend of mine who was a little too butch was asked to leave the train by a personnel).

No. 365376

Women with legs like that should not wear miniskirts. Go below the knee or wear tights. Or just dress for your age/the body you have, not the body you want, or your daughter's body you covet like air and wish to inhabit, creepy kappa.

No. 365378

File: 1491207318857.jpg (195.33 KB, 611x1194, IMG_3344.JPG)


No. 365384

File: 1491208774838.jpg (160.36 KB, 496x838, IMG_3348.JPG)

you wish you could rock a miniskirt like this u jealous haterz stfu

No. 365387

Those trans legs…

No. 365390

don't insult trans people, these are just ugly old chicken legs

No. 365391

Are those legs edited

No. 365395

Don't insult old chicken. She's just ugly af.

No. 365404

exactly - see every tranny ever lol all I can see is fucked up "feminized" man legs

No. 365413


also, mommy dearest has been pretty calm lately in the face of Venus's therapy talk and getting on with her life (as far as Venus can be said to have one), is it possible that Marge has calmed the fuck down (sedated)? Or is she saving up energy for a chimp out the likes of which we haven't seen?

No. 365429

She tried to break into Venus' apartment in Decemeber. I vote chimp out.

No. 365476

File: 1491256407055.jpg (185.06 KB, 598x615, IMG_3384.JPG)

>Are those legs edited
Nope, just really ugly (she thinks they're super kawaii tho.)
Note that bulgy varicose vein-looking thing on the left one, visible here and in >>365366 and >>365384

No. 365477

Daikon Ashi as the people of her beloved Nippon would say

No. 365514

Wow she looks so much better with that mask on her face

No. 365533

> her beloved Nippon
noo Japan sucks u slut. Korea SO MUCH better wtf you talking about?! kys
- margaret

No. 365636

Are her legs like that because she used to workout a lot?

No. 365641

Duh, can't you see the workout lines

No. 365649

or she managed to hack Venus' account and she was the one who posted that stupid joke, Venus' got it back instantly so now she (Margo) keeps quiet not to be accused… I know it's unlikely but not impossible.

No. 365650

does that tinfoil hat keep your head nice and warm?

No. 365663

Not saying that she hasn't put on weight, but you can definitely see muscle. She looks nasty, bloated, and fat, but you CAN still see the muscle… probably from wandering the streets 24/7.

No. 365669

The idea also crossed my mind but it gets blown out by the fact Venus didn't immediately apologize or how maggot would have gotten the photo that was posted along with it.

No. 365674

let's not startto dis shitto again, if mags was behind it, 9/10 of her last insta posts would have been caps of it and incoherent screaming

No. 365722

File: 1491340434449.jpg (280.06 KB, 645x1531, IMG_3418.JPG)

>Are her legs like that because she used to workout a lot?
Like what? You mean cute, shapely and adorable, right?
margaret is naturally blessed, get over it.

No. 365727

File: 1491340631727.jpg (200.63 KB, 897x1092, IMG_3419.JPG)

and quit being jelly

No. 365749

the fuck is going on with her crotch?

No. 365760

obviously booly venus did it, haven't you heard the incredible song margo wrote about it? venus angelicoos, comes from my uteroos~

No. 365765

Fuck, Venus looked so dead here.

No. 365767

Is that menstruation fluid that I see on her right monster leg?

No. 365770


Yeah, right? Who wouldn't want to have those sexy mann legs, shaped like a daikon. Run daikon run!

No. 365771

I never realised she had knock knees

No. 365779

She looks like a Naoki Urasawa drawing

No. 365786

File: 1491351749994.png (677.67 KB, 928x593, Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.21…)


No. 365792

shes trying to avoid a camel toe so hard

No. 365808

>can we see booty pic

No. 365823

wasn't that taken around the time she was plotting her escape?

No. 365824

Looks like she straightened her hair again. Double fried, straightened, crump coat and chill.

> to let you know: I ain't forget you!

Everyone forgot you, marge, and you should forget you, too. And don't forget to forget all your passwords, pins, to eat. It's the best thing you can do to yourself.

No. 365828

We get it, she has ugly legs, but you're posting the same comment over and over again with pictures so low in quality that you had to have only saved the thumbnail, then sized them up or something. Can you just stop?

No. 365837

>Can you just stop?
What, you no like look at sexy sexyy wooman pics?

No. 365838

ooh look, so cute and fun!

No. 365840

And JUNG, you forgot the most important part! She is JUNG and definitely not ALT; Venoos is alt because this is upside down Margo World.

No. 365864

awkward lighting + bra texture or are her nip-nips showing through her shirt?

No. 365868

File: 1491362482124.jpg (145.73 KB, 1160x653, IMG_3477.JPG)

VENOOS ain't shit, everyone knows who the REAL queen of kawaii is.

No. 365876

File: 1491363042468.jpg (15.53 KB, 374x374, 16425955_1174856309296395_2805…)

I think she's trying to do that stupid pigeon toed kawaii stance

lol her youtube avatar is fucking hilarious, pic related.

No. 365878

Christ, so much Line camera it looks like a kabuki mask.

No. 365880

File: 1491363425029.png (23.03 KB, 312x107, Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.36…)

Margo makes it clear that her #rippedjeans are FASHION and not just because she's a hobo

No. 365882

File: 1491363494423.png (10.79 KB, 257x39, Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.36…)

And I think this dude is just a long con troll; he's the guy that follows Ash, and used to follow The Fit Vegan Goblin and AlyRealRecover.

And she just laps it up.

No. 365884

Mags deleted the booty comment; she always deletes the guys who are her clients (i.e. when they ask to check her DMs or comment on their trip). I don't think this guy is a client, but she always left those comments up before. Seems like she's gotten sensitive to lewd comments now that she's in the sex industry.

No. 365890

Ah shit Zsu shut down her instagram again; guess she didn't appreciate the attention.

We're sorry, Zsu! Maybe we can all edit out your name in future? We appreciate that you find Margaret as ridiculous as we do.

No. 365891

File: 1491364824412.jpg (140.88 KB, 1063x1286, IMG_0073.JPG)

>the booty comment
That's this guy, lol. 'Cody.' And he's def. not a client, he's a basement-dweller who's latched onto marge for the same reason as this cyrillos_kyrillus guy. It's her very own lil freakshow.

No. 365893


No she didn't. Are you hallucinating again?

No. 365896

File: 1491365021925.png (40.85 KB, 1057x271, Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.03…)

No. 365900

File: 1491365487273.jpg (591.43 KB, 1476x1875, IMG_3479.JPG)


Still there and still public, hun. Did you maybe try to troll her and got blocked, perchance? tsk tsk. tacky.

No. 365901

As you can see from the screencap, I'm not logged in. So a block wouldn't be effective in that case. And no, I've never weened on Zsu's profile.

No. 365902

Ah, she changed the name. No underscore now.

No. 365935

File: 1491374882675.jpg (158.18 KB, 1082x940, IMG_3482.JPG)

>Fuck, Venus looked so dead here.

>wasn't that taken around the time she was plotting her escape?
Maybe just before. This is from Oct. 2015. They were in Seoul and Venus was churning out nonstop mukbang videos and getting thinner and thinner, to the point where it was scaring people.

marge had announced Venus's surprise marriage to Manaki the month before, then immediately grabbed Venus and set off on a 9 day trip to London and Paris, spamming pics of herself having the time of her life
with Venus trailing in her wake dressed in pajamas and looking shellshocked and dazed. Then they landed in Seoul and Venus started her new career as a mukbang Youtuber.

Three days after this pic >>365727 Venus (margo actually) announced the marriage was off due to some paperwork issue and she'd changed her mind about the whole thing anyway. So yeah, it was a very stressful time.

No. 365936

Why are all your photos so low quality?

No. 365939

Wow that's some foreshadowing in that picture.

No. 365942

>>Three days after this pic >>365727 Venus (margo actually) announced the marriage was off due to some paperwork issue and she'd changed her mind about the whole thing anyway. So yeah, it was a very stressful time.

Mags made the mistake of taking Mana and Venus on a "honeymoon in Paris" (with his MIL along to prevent any unapproved consummation, of course!) before tearing them separating them. I think the trip made Margo realize she'd vastly underestimated how much the young couple cared for one another, and did her damnedest to break them up during the trip, as well as during a 3 month campaign after when she plied Venus with booze and shoved a different man at her, repeatedly.

No. 365945


I don't think Manaki was with them on this trip, anon.

No. 365948

Remember the post-sex nude Margo posted in Tokyo, that was her alibi for saying she wasn't the one who had tried to break into Venus' accounts all night. This is not an impossible theory, but surely Venus has changed so many passwords and things since they were last together that Margo couldn't work it out?

No. 365950

no flat-earthers here pls

No. 365951

File: 1491379177594.jpg (1.78 MB, 2592x1944, k2c4rmq.jpg)

No. 365954

Yes, she was. This >>365378 photo was taken in Paris, on that trip. Along with many more. They're still n Margo's instagram (as Venus's photos are still up from the trip, on the same dates.)

No. 365955

Oh sorry, you said Mana. If I recall, it was considered their honeymoon. No photos of him IIRC but Venus's captions at the time said something about it, I believe.

No. 365962

The lying position makes deepest wrinkles and hanging skin disappear. But she still ugly. She really looks like a doll, more precisely like those old vinyl sex dolls from the 70's.

No. 365969

Wtf what is she wearing?

No. 365970

Never, she probably will just wear a wig.

No. 365971

Dude looks like ed sheeran

No. 366030

He looks more like terrorist Anders Breivik.

No. 366043


It's not the position making those wrinkles disappear, honey. It's the filters.

No. 366060

gosh i can't wait to meet marg this summer.

No. 366077

She looks like those ugly hilarious sex dolls anyways.

No. 366102

You're reusing the same unfunny joke in multiple /pt/ threads >>364007. gj

No. 366105

Interesting. I don't get what it's supposed to mean, am I missing something?

No. 366107

>Anon is projecting

No. 366119


ohhh, okay.

No. 366142

I thought he was referencing east europe for some reason and didn't understand what that had to do with anything.

~we use old model projectors to this very day in schools~

No. 366184

new veehdeo guys

No. 366187

That HAIR. I cannot get over it.

No. 366194

Oh man, just yesterday I watched part of a video where someone was doing a tour of their tiny officetel and wondered why they bothered making a vid about somewhere so basic. And today Margo tops it with showing off her goshiwon!

>I wanted volume and I got volume. I guess it's a success!

Even she doesn't sound convinced. And good lord that stained, dandruff-covered sweater is gross.

No. 366196

Sorry did she say fire "extinct-er"

No. 366197

Good lord.
She looks on the verge of tears.
Margo's, that's enough, go back home to Europe, this is beyond ridiculous. You literally sleep under wet laundry. This is just sad. Is it really worth it to continue living as a ~kawaii ulzzang guru~ ?

No. 366202

And she's sick from the air pollution, in addition to her poop eyes? Margaret, honey: GO HOME.

She's got leftover books from someone's university course, just so she can pretend she's not just wasting away in a goshiwan, where people half her age camp out for a few weeks while waiting on an apartment, or move on with their lives.

>>366196 yes she did, anon. She certainly did. Comparing Margo's engrish to Zsu's is pretty enlightening, considering Margo actually lived in England for more than 5 years.

She seems to have retrieved her external hard drives, though… I though you said they were "stolen", Mags?

She's also got a stash of MORE hair dye… PLEASE let her try to dye over her stripped and double home permed hair. Do it, Mags.

>>And good lord that stained, dandruff-covered sweater is gross.

You know she's still "pre-washing" her clothes in filthy leg hair water… and may not be able to afford to do her washing otherwise.

She's in a pathetic situation, and even that's more than she deserves.


No. 366206

She also says "clotheses", and claims she couldn't finish her veedeeoo because she's soooo busy - it ends with her hustling down the street to a nighttime "massage" appointment.

No. 366211

I wonder if she got in trouble for filming the communal areas…

No. 366224

File: 1491442117660.jpg (145.54 KB, 912x1009, IMG_3534.JPG)

oh lord
She's one step away from being that crazy old homeless woman that shuffles around muttering to herself while passersby cross to the other side of the street at the sight of her, and that's exactly what she'd be if her poor deluded mommy wasn't keeping her afloat.

I keep asking myself why she's still trying to make herself happen as a Youtuber and IG star when she has no following…then I remember, she has no life and absolutely nothing else to do with her time..

No. 366230

Anyone care to give a synopsis? Screenshots?
Why is the title "I almost died in the shower?"

No. 366240

It's a room tour, that's all. Being a goshiwon, it's a tiny windowless room and all there really is to show is her messy desk and cabinets, the toilet/shower combo wedged in the corner and the meagre contents of her fridge. At one point we hear a sneeze from a neighbour that pretty much sounds like it's in the same room. The walls are paper thin - I wonder how much people hate the noise Margo probably makes at all hours.

The clickbait title is because Margo was once in the shower when something fell off her desk and blocked the shower door from opening properly - that's how small this damn room is.

After explaining that once her wet clothes (which hang directly above her bed) have dried she puts them into the closet (really?! Thanks for the tip!), the video suddenly cuts to Margo walking down the street at night, explaining that she's soooo busy.

Also her hair looks fucking awful.

No. 366247

Well damn. Wonder why she'd upload such a pitiful thing? Is she going for pity points? Like "poor me, don't even have warm clothes or shoes to wear but I stay positive!" part 2?

That scary clown makeup, ratty lint/dandruff-sprinkled top and most of all THAT HAIR is giving me LIFE though.

No. 366252

The joke could have been used better, since it's an overhead projector.

No. 366253

There is so much shit in her tiny little room. I thought that, maybe, a Goshiwan could help her cut back on her obsession with physical objects, but apparently not.

I bet she washes her clothes in the shower.

No. 366265

First old hobo idiot in the internet to make a video about NOT MY HOME TOUR!

No. 366266

She doesn't sleep in soaked wet laundry. SHE is the wet soaked laundry walking down the streets of seoul.

No. 366268

File: 1491456906944.jpg (210.01 KB, 1701x1148, IMG_3631.JPG)

Okay I did it so YOU don't have to:

"Hi, I'm Margaret Palermo and I gonna teach you about Life."

No. 366269

File: 1491456983216.jpg (213.41 KB, 1576x1141, IMG_3633.JPG)

Incoming photo barrage (sorry, it's just too good)

No. 366270

File: 1491457034015.jpg (244.96 KB, 1801x1154, IMG_3634.JPG)

No. 366272

File: 1491457153022.jpg (284.25 KB, 1920x1146, IMG_3635.JPG)

margaret haz fun
hahaha, hi margaret!

No. 366273

File: 1491457216498.jpg (286.12 KB, 2045x1152, IMG_3636.JPG)

Dis my desk!

No. 366274

File: 1491457281050.jpg (275.81 KB, 1695x1160, IMG_3637.JPG)

Dis my fridge!

No. 366275

File: 1491457330298.jpg (248.03 KB, 1835x1158, IMG_3639.JPG)

No. 366276

File: 1491457401434.jpg (258.65 KB, 2042x1154, IMG_3640.JPG)

No. 366277

File: 1491457471885.jpg (296.8 KB, 2044x1146, IMG_3641.JPG)

Guess this is where she keeps her dishes?

No. 366279

File: 1491457517167.jpg (250.83 KB, 2044x1157, IMG_3642.JPG)


No. 366280

File: 1491457724395.jpg (307.35 KB, 1984x1152, IMG_3643.JPG)

like…you couldn't WASH THAT SHIRT??
jfc, fucking hobo

No. 366281

File: 1491457755576.png (446.18 KB, 929x589, Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 10.4…)

And here's what she looks like in the instagram promo photo for the veedeeoo.

She's been taking all of her selfies in the public kitchen because she's hoarded up that room. She even says at the end of the video that goshiwans are intended for short tem living only, until you figure out how to make a deposit on and are accepted at an apartment. There's no way she's gonna be able to get up enough key money for a Seoul apartment. Wonder why she stopped using AirBnB? Her last few roommates must've left shitty feedback; we know what she did to the place she stayed a few days at in London, but she must have tanked her rep there is she's been living in a goshiwan for 6 months.

No. 366282

File: 1491457795230.jpg (297.07 KB, 2047x1143, IMG_3645.JPG)

forgot the filter, marge?

No. 366283

File: 1491457861049.jpg (209.12 KB, 2039x1141, IMG_3646.JPG)

dis my bafroom

No. 366285

File: 1491457952484.jpg (193.12 KB, 1590x1156, IMG_3647.JPG)

She seems absolutely deranged in this whole video. Seriously.

No. 366286

File: 1491458334599.jpg (229.5 KB, 2039x1146, IMG_3648.JPG)

So this cubicle is a tiny cot, storage cupboard and mini bathroom/shower crammed on one wall opposite a desk and fridge on the other, with like a two foot space in between? The whole thing looks like it's about as big as a closet.

No. 366287

File: 1491458397319.gif (3.17 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Holy shit, her face at 1:30 when somebody dares to sneeze. She's really on edge.

No. 366288

File: 1491458432982.jpg (241.93 KB, 1962x1154, IMG_3649.JPG)

She looks like a literal bum, dirty and dishevelled.

No. 366289

WHY does she wear black shirts so often?? All they show are al the filth she wallows in daily: dead skin flakes and filth galore.

Wonder if we can see the leg hairs in HD…

No. 366290

File: 1491458546637.jpg (256.94 KB, 1931x1127, IMG_3650.JPG)

um, what's the situation here?
legs lookin like sausages

No. 366292

File: 1491458594088.jpg (286.61 KB, 2045x1161, IMG_3652.JPG)

No. 366293

File: 1491458691437.jpg (235.73 KB, 1930x1157, IMG_3653.JPG)

Imagine you're an unsuspecting citizen of Seoul and this walks past you

No. 366294

File: 1491458742466.jpg (273.34 KB, 1963x1166, IMG_3655.JPG)

I'd be scared

No. 366295

File: 1491458803703.jpg (258.64 KB, 1992x1151, IMG_3657.JPG)

really REALLY scared

No. 366296


Seriously. Like everything hanging above her cot is black too.

No. 366297

File: 1491459184834.jpg (257.21 KB, 1946x1143, IMG_3656.JPG)


I'd fucking run

No. 366305

No. 366329


She looks like one of those creatures from Nightmares Before Christmas feat Edward Scissorhands hairdo.

She should audition to a Tim Burton movie

No. 366331

You did the Lord's work, anon. Thank you!

Ugh! She looks terrible! THIS is life Venus was supposed to maintain? No wonder she ran off with a goofy nerd the first chance she got. Margaret is such a lost human being. This is abnormal. Can she ever get her life on track?

No. 366335

Looks like she took my advice to transform into an eccentric arty older lady. She will obviously always look crazy but this suits her age and personality much nicer.

No. 366336

Wtf happen to her hair this shit is unacceptable.

No. 366337

I can't handle how shittily her stuff is organized.

Cardboard for laundry? And dishes? in a room with a shower? and drying the clothes above her bed? She is outright asking for mold.

Even how her food is arranged doesn't make sense to me. Do minifridges in korea not have a little freezer at the top? Would that not freeze her veg?

No. 366342

>all the dandruff on that top
Love yourself, Marge. Please.

No. 366344

I sometimes forget that Venus is tall lol

No. 366346

File: 1491477239065.jpg (209.21 KB, 1152x2048, 17807332_10207759028927407_753…)

No. 366348

there's a Venus thread RIGHT THERE in snow. it's RIGHT THERE >

No. 366349

Lol she's still taking protein powder.

But she's an edgy, jung satanist, anon. It has to be black, even if black looks harsh on older women.

I hope some kind anons on her insta will ask her to do a konmari vid next.

She only seems tall next to maggot because the kappa shrunk out of spite.

No. 366363

> Hi, it's Margareto Palermon and I will teach you about life. Dis is a toilet, it's like a seat with a hole in it were you can make nervous poop soup, stir the shit in it, then send it to BOOLY WEENOS in Japan who stole my money, thanks to dat button there!

No. 366365

Looks like those uneducated people that throw their clothes to the ground (and never clean the ground) then put their clothes back on the next morning. She just tidied her room to make a video but she's so unused to clean and tidy that it show in the video.

No. 366366

Relevant to the thread, imo, because Margo has forever been calling mana a pedo and we were considering whether her IG had been taken over by the maggot again.

No. 366367

She looks like Vexxed in his video where we see his fat tits hang so much down that when he runs they slap him in da face! Luckly marge is flat like a hobo wall else she would be more disgraced than she already is.

No. 366368

File: 1491486404033.png (189.92 KB, 474x268, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 366369

oopsey. Margos hair are thinning~

No. 366371

Baldness, early menopause, prostitution, eye infection, STD, homelessness, unsuccess, begging, disgrace …

Thanks to margo many people feel better when they compare their life with hers.

No. 366414

Already deleted


No. 366418


It looks like that second perm really worked out, Maggo!

No. 366421

File: 1491504593230.png (217.85 KB, 509x755, Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.4…)


No. 366423

What about all her friends and boyfriends she had now that the dastardly Venoos was out of the way?

No. 366427

ah but i didn't think anyone was stupid enough to actually entertain the idea

No. 366433

That (dirty, moldy-looking) shower crammed right next to that sad little desk on one side and the equally sad little cot on the other, like literally all CRAMMED together. And her dishes and toiletries all in cardboard boxes…she's really hit a new low. And she's been living in that hovel for months, with no plans to move on apparently. Sad dirty old bum.

No. 366438

And how delusional is she to think she has any type of career in YT. Margo's vid has been up nearly 24hr with almost 1K views, Amy Slaton's is up about 15hrs with 4.2K.

No. 366440

She's becoming a crazy old recluse living in a tiny rented box. She hasn't updated her Craigslist "massage" ads for two weeks, wonder what's going on with that?

And whatever happened to the gym and working out? Guess that's not happening any more either. So what does she DO every day, just sit in that awful closet-sized room staring at the walls? She's been stuck in Seoul since October with just that one quickie trip to Japan where she had the cops called on her for trying to break into her kid's apartment in December. Other than that she hasn't been anywhere or done anything in all that time. She must be feeling the pain, considering the whirlwind of travel, shopping and restaurants her life used to be.

No. 366442

I don't think that's dandruff, I think her scalp is scabbed and flaking because she burned it while perming her hair.

No. 366443

She said herself at the end of the video that the rooms are only intended for short term stays "until you figure something out". So she still seems to think she's working on a bigger plan. But knowing her, that plan still centers on getting all of Venoos's YT bucks back (hence the December break in attempt.)

But her temporary plan has now exceeded 6 months (mid Oct - beginning of April). She needs key money to get a place in Seoul (which is a HUGE deposit) or get back on the AirBnB merry go round. The fact that she's not in another AirBnB, which was her go to plan for so long, makes me think she got blacklisted after her disastrous stay in Hamburg (where she filmed her Venus Angelicus video) followed by her bad review in London. Or the issue of the houseboat she trashed in the Netherlands - which I think was an AirBnB rental? - may have finally been resolved with her being blacklisted from the site.

No. 366444

Does anyone know if there are time limits on goshiwan rentals, to prevent long term squatters? I know my local hostels have either back to back rental limits, or a year maximum to prevent people using them as deposit-less efficiency apartments in a big city. I would imagine that goshiwans would have similar rules, especially seeing as the rooms are unventilated with showers inside and VERY small - the rooms would need to be regularly refreshed in order to keep the building from falling apart.

No. 366445

File: 1491508705754.jpg (390.87 KB, 1695x1160, IMG_3663.JPG)

>a room with a shower? and drying the clothes above her bed? She is outright asking for mold.
She already has it, anon. Look at that shower.

No. 366447

File: 1491509185302.jpg (273.15 KB, 1962x1154, IMG_3664.JPG)

^^ and her "bed"(cot) with the wet laundry hanging overhead is right next to the moldy shower, so..yeah. That room will need to be fumigated once she finally gets her ass outta there.

No. 366450


What happened / when was the houseboat episode? I must have missed that one!

No. 366453

I follow margo's threads religiously, but missed that episode too.

No. 366456

After she and Venus left London, before they got to Japan.

You know the Netherlands storage unit Margo emailed Ferenc about paying for, the one she demanded Venus pay for else "all childhood belongings" would be "thrown"? Margo hauled a bunch of their stuff to that unit during this period of time. Apparently Margo AirBnB'd a houseboat and left it in very poor condition, before absconding to Japan.

No. 366490

No marge, you are not introvert. You are alone!

No. 366519

File: 1491523193512.jpg (82.72 KB, 910x683, 88f106b1-128d-41ae-abbc-dfdc9a…)

Well she might see her current accommodations as an upgrade though. She has a private room and her own bathroom after all. Remember back in Tokyo she slept in a plywood box in a dorm room with 2 shared bathrooms for 60 people. So, yay marge?

No. 366533

whenever I feel like I'm failing in life, I come back to this thread.

No. 366539

I don't get why she's living like this, bitch just get a retail job and fix yourself. Why would anyone want to live like this?? Half of me thinks she's doing it just for sympathy or out of spite

No. 366540

>>bitch just get a retail job and fix yourself

She can't, she doesn't have a work visa and doesn't speak Korean. The only work she can get is under the table stuff She might be able to talk a shop or restaurant into hiring her for cash - but she would need to speak the language. Hence, the only work she CAN do is stuff like "massage" and language tutoring (although she can barely speak anything fluently that's not Hungarian, and is apparently tutoring in German when she only speak Swiss German, badly.) She doesn't have an special skill set that would get her a work visa, either.

No. 366547

nah there are plenty of places that would pick her up for something like a retail, restaurant or something similar despite not speaking korean

No. 366548

Still would have to be under the table. And, Margo's appearance doesn't exactly inspire confidence (i.e. slavered in makeup, insane hair, hard to deal with, garbled english, filthy clothes, etc.) Would YOU hire her? In addition, you know Margo wouldn't consider lowering herself to something she think is unworthy. And she thinks she's an expert in everything - remember those horrible #autodidact gel nails she gave Venus? - and cannot accept feedback.

There's just too many variables, from her language, to her lack of a work visa, to her appearance, to her attitude.

No. 366549

>something like a retail, restaurant or something similar despite not speaking korean
She'd never lower herself to such a menial job, even if she could get one.

No. 366593

File: 1491537308212.png (33.06 KB, 313x191, Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.53…)

He trollin' under deep cover, and Mags just wants a fawning friend to tell her that her cardboard storage solutions are elegant, mindful, and demonstrative of her #mensa status

No. 366643

Muscular legs (and arms) on women tend to just look fat unless they eat very clean to allow the muscle to be visible. SO yeah.

No. 366652

firstly, bless you screenshot anon, fuck the person who told you to stop

secondly, JESUS CHRIST this is the tastiest milk i've had in a long time. her descent is slow but wonderful. how much more will she ruin herself? will she actually go into da river? bless her intense narcissism for saving all of this to social media.

admittedly, i became a fan of venus after their split, so that lends to my enjoyment of this but… ahh it's so good to see someone truly and thoroughly get their comeuppance for once irl.

No. 366662

No, that anon is annoying as fuck. If people want to see her in the video, they'll watch the video. It's not even 10 minutes long. We don't need a spam of Margo blinking and pointing at random things, we don't need captions "TAIPED LIKE DIS!! BEECOOS DIS IS MARGO ACCSENT, FOONY JA??", it's not funny and it adds nothing to the thread.
It's not hard to contribute. Create art (good or bad), make gifs, dig up milk or information, screencap her comments or things she's written, the list is endless.

No. 366675


Did you take a secret survey or something? You sure know what's best for everyone, leader-sama!

No. 366677

Maybe some of us don't want to watch the video or give Margo views?

No. 366679

the inmates have taken over the asylum, anon. give up… I have.

No. 366681

and Margo gets the last laugh /samefag

No. 366685

>don't fall off the edge of that flat earth, kids.

I agree…


For you, to me anon is right.

No. 366701

she looks like robert smith

No. 366703

i don't have the ability to watch videos 95% of the time so i appreciate it. some people are in different situations than you. like, transcribe anons are my favorite because i'm severely hard of hearing and YT auto captions don't work well, especially for people with accents/english like margo's.

stop thread policing and get over that people are in different situations and have different opinions than you. if you don't like it, ignore the posts or hide the thread instead of making a big angry derail rant about it.

please don't reply to this post again just to fucking derail about it, snowball badger.

how dare you, robert smith is the superior crazy grandma aesthetic

No. 366708

>please don't reply to this post again just to fucking derail about it, snowball badger.

I can reply to it because that's not "snowball badger", I was that snowball user you are so obsessed with, you said the same to a different anon in Venus' thread. Stop.

No. 366713

Yeah, except Robert Smith has a soul. And takes showers. And has talent.

No. 366747


She can, she can go back to Hungary and get a job there. Fuck, I'd have a lot more respect for her if she did.

No. 366755

That was kind of the point =)

She can't get a job in Korea due to the numerous factors involved: no work visa AND she's herself and her own worst enemy to gaining employment. At least in Hungary (or the EU in general) that would be one barrier down.

No. 366779

You really need to stop taking lolcow so seriously, take a break and relax a little.

No. 366790

File: 1491595843496.png (831.63 KB, 928x592, Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.09…)

Flower pics - did we miss a freak out?

No. 366791


Margo has a genuinely good eye for her scenic and travel pictures. I don't know why she doesn't put it to good use. She could even legitimately tap into the starving artist aesthetic, instead of the filthy hobo aesthetic.

No. 366813

Really though? Being objective I must say her photos are wholly generic and sometimes downright bad. Even that one shown is bugging me as it should have been framed differently.

No. 366820

how dare two anons make the same joke that is metaphorically relevant. do you think that everyone who calls someone a 32-inch-waist-chan thinks they're actually talking to the original person the joke came from? you gonna have admin check my IP? see what said… >>366779

i'd kill to see her do a cure cover, though

honestly IA. her photos aren't the best in the world but if she put a bit of effort into it and spent some of her starbucks money on a decent camera/phone with a decent camera, she could do it. that grungy broke-artist aesthetic works for trash heaps like too poor and luna without them having actually interesting content, margo could spin it if she actually learned anything in her years of relentlessly marketing venus

No. 366827

>>spent some of her starbucks money on a decent camera/phone with a decent camera

Venus left her a $5k camera, in Seoul. I'm assuming Mags hocked it during her Grand MultiContinental Tour, because she complained about having to film from her phone in her last video. But she did have access to an excellent camera, and of course, threw that opportunity away to stalk and harass her daughter.

No. 366828

i assumed something like that too since she'd be constantly talking pictures with it #5000$camera #professionalphotographer #dslr etc if she still had it. most cheap to midrange smartphones these days take 10-13 megapixel pictures, which is plenty for instagram.

but we could spent 15 eternities waxing poetic about all the things she could do if she wasn't a psycho narc

No. 366907

I wonder if I should buy the domain name margitkoncz.com and put all margo's porn-like pictures, screen caps and that kind of stuff.


No. 366908

That's her mom's name as well, just fyi. Margo never uses any name except "Margaret" and her ex husband's surname.

No. 366909

>her ex husband's surname.
That would be Neuschwander.
"Palermo" is a name she bought (i.e. legal name change) when she lived in Tenerife, from 2010-2012.

No. 366912

>>"Palermo" is a name she bought (i.e. legal name change) when she lived in Tenerife, from 2010-2012.

Huh, TIL. Margit Koncz is still the mom's name, however, and supporting her fuckup oldest kid beyond all reason aside, she doesn't deserve to have her name associated with Margo's fuckery, IMO.

No. 366915

I would like to add that menopause is one of the most dangerous times for personality disordered mothers (especially cluster B). It's when they're most furious and cruel to their children. My cousin's mother physically attacked her (with a broken bottle lmao) after a life time of emotional abuse as soon as she hit menopause. She was arrested, it was vile. If mags was going through early menopause it would explain what prompted Venus to escape, it's often the last straw for victims and shakes them out of their Stockholm syndrome.

No. 366918

Also when their children grow independent. Mine started hanging out with / sleeping with my friends, and ended up in prison. Learned nothing, of course.

No. 366926

Correction: it's Neuenschwander

No. 366943

All that filth in the place shes staying in. I bet it looked why better. Do they not have inspections or find it suspicion.
Goodness Margoo they gavr better rental places.

No. 366950

File: 1491641432877.png (35.21 KB, 640x406, margo.png)

Never change Margaret

No. 366962

File: 1491653650743.jpeg (17.9 KB, 306x350, e3cf55e5a29c13828bcce4c7036306…)

this is such fucking bullshit.
Weenoos clearly not assaulting her aside, it's a parent's responsibility not to raise a crazy fuck. Parents who have violent kids are always mortified, embarrassed and secretive about it. Think about all the people on the news who are interviewed after their kids murder people "I'm in shock! He was never like this! He was a good boy!".
She's so full of shit it's dripping out of her.

No. 366965


it is always beyond me how an adult of more than 40 years can picture themselves as a victim of their child. it's like those mothers that cant handle nor parent their preschooler child and then feel like theyre the victim of their childs misbehaving behavior.
it's especially mental when the mother is known to be the one that is abusive.

No. 366968


I can't tell if she's trying to co-opt Venus's story of fasting for a month.

Look, I am have eating disorder too! I was homeless because (I decided to follow venus to japan instead of sorting myself out in korea) when Venus boolied me she was mean and didn't pay for housing.

No. 366982

I really would like to see her finances and how she keeps herself afloat. Also, does she have a tourist visa for korea? Wouldnt she have overstayed it already?

No. 366986

her visa situation was already discussed a million times already. something about europeans getting 3 month tourism visa. to get it renewed she just has to leave the country for a specific amount of time (e.g. japan) and come back and BOOM! new visa starts to count from day 1. for more information go back in her threads.

for her finances Im actually surprised she is still able to pay around 700 dollars a month for her goshiwan without any job. but then again, how many dicks do you have to suck for that?

i can imagine though her storage units have expired and she lost most of her stuff.

with an EU-passport she could literally stay in any EU country… there are literally no boundaries visa-wise (for living and working). germany, austria, hungary, france, sweden…. but no, she enjoys her glorious hobo life in asia.

No. 367037


She has a pretty nice laptop in that vid. I though EVIL WEENOUS stole it from her.

No. 367045

She's had it since she landed in Japan the first time. She's full of shit.

No. 367046

"Once broke a glass entrance door", thats a new one.

Why'd you break the entrance door, Margo? We know it wasn't Venus. It's always interesting to watch Mags describe her own behavior (i.e. when the cops show up, etc.)

No. 367055


It gives the thought of how fucking messed up was their relationship to begin with. She tries to buy pity points and instead burns herself. But yeah #Margo'sLogic

No. 367108

lol all of you should have some respect for Margo because she's a mom. A single mom who spent her youth raising Venus.
I love how everyone keeps on finding excuses for poor Venus who didn't have a normal childhood etc etc because her horrible mom dragged her from a place to another.It would have been better if she abandoned her in an orphanage right? Then none of you would complain because Venus wouldn't exist online. Everything Venus is today is thanks to Margo. Bad, horrible, crazy at least she took her everywhere and didn't leave her alone in this shit world.And that's what she gets. You make fun of her for wishing to be young . Well she lost her you RAISING VENUS. And now the kid doesn't even talk to her anymore. She should have thrown Venus away or left her with her father and live life as she pleased. She would now be more accomplished and less frustrated. Lol is not worth raising kids

No. 367109


lol you really have no idea about the batshit crazy abuse she put venus through do you

No. 367111

Sounds like the same anon that's derailing the Venus thread

No. 367115

I do actually. As she said venus was a mistake that ruined her youth. She didn't want to be a mom but she didn't have the heart to abandon her. So she probably hates venus for stealing her youth and loves her at the same time because it's her child after all.She doesn't seem so terrible to me. And btw I'm sure all of you are/will make wonderful parents who don't abuse their kids or make mistakes at all.
I'm not any anon lol I read everything but never post. It annoys me too much how you people don't know anything about having and raising kids yet you criticize this women.May your kids come out like the hartley hooligans Retards.

No. 367118

i think you need to take a break from the internet for a while

No. 367120

nice bait

No. 367122

File: 1491693007347.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, super bait.jpg)

Just report, y'all

No. 367131


I'm a parent, I do know about raising kids. Margo is a terrible parent and part of why I find her so compelling is because she's so awful.

No. 367132

She is more than likely mentally ill so her parenting skills would be abnormal.

No. 367133

File: 1491694491472.png (339.61 KB, 1063x259, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 4.33…)

Margo updated her YT banner. Lol, sO rAnDuMb!!

Doges! Mustaches! It's 2008!

No. 367134

You can fuck off.
I have worked with children whose parents didn't want them and subjected the children to all sorts of emotional and physical abuse. Don't tell me I know nothing just because I haven't pulled a squalling blob of my own dna out of my vag.

Children don't choose to be born and its a parents job to raise them correctly. If Margo feels she 'wasted her youth' being devoted to Venus then she needs a psychiatrist. What else was she going to do with her 'youth'? Travel? Done. Have boyfriends? Done. Pursue random professions as she felt like? Done. Learn new languages? Attempted.

Margo did what Margo wanted and dragged Venus along. Now that Venus wants nothing to do with her Margo is claiming Venus to be ungrateful. Why should Venus be grateful and continue to put Mother Margo first when everything Margo touches continuously self destructs?

No. 367145


0/10 try again

No. 367160

I'm a single parent with 2 kids. I work hard for them. I sacrificed my youth for them. I ask nothing in exchange. I never sacrificed the scolarity of my children to make my travel dreams come true. I raised my children alone. I never used the fuckin excuse "oh I'm a victim single parent with no personality. If my children did sth wrong thats bc SINGLE PARENT and I have TWO children".

Margaret is an ass grown adult not a child. She must take responsability for her own shit and find a job. She's not mentally retarded nor physicly disabled.

Margaret already said in old interviews that VA was originally Venus' idea. Inform yourself instead talking shit! Video editing was and is made by Venus. Margaret just supervised and bossed around sometimes almost pedoporn ideas into her daughters videos. If you have two eyes on your face compare video editing and content of videos when she was collaborating with her mom and after running away.

And I'm sorry for you if you went in an orphanage. But the fact that you had no parent doesn't give you the right to proclaim that abused children should be happy to have parents and stfu.

Grow up and get over it, anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367165

>writing essays in response to bait
C'mon, get a grip.

No. 367167

>i can imagine though her storage units have expired and she lost most of her stuff.

That is great. She mentioned a while ago that she was going to post all of Venus' childhood pictures in order to embarrass or incriminate (?) her or something? The thing is, if the maggot has pictures of Venus as a child that are embarrassing or incriminating, as in nudes or something, those aren't incriminating for Venus at all, they'd just highlight how abusive the dirty, wasted maggot is.

lol. on the off chance that this isn't bait, you're projecting like whoa and likely an abusive piece of shit yourself. Get professional help.

That font in the banner is some paint level stuff.

No. 367459

File: 1491787049818.png (400.31 KB, 579x568, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 6.16…)


From twitter

No. 367460

File: 1491787083834.png (458.04 KB, 587x573, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 6.16…)

2/2 she really cracks herself up

No. 367508

>she really cracks herself up
lowkey hope that this was meant to be an intentional chicken-based pun

No. 367515


It would ruffle my feathers if it wasn't tbh…

No. 367536



This anon be like kids just appear at your door and ruin your life.


And as an adult it's not acceptable to leave what you did yourself to be a burden for others.
She raised Venus because she fucked without condom and didn't abort so NOT MORE THAN BASICS.

You want her to get a medal for taking care of her own choices?


No. 367537


Let's respect her, she fucked and got pregnant, you guys.

Whoa congrats, much respect, you don't know how to put on a condom.
Then raised another broken unuseful adult (venus) to society.

Amazing, Margo. 10/10 much respect

No. 367540

>As she said venus was a mistake that ruined her youth.
The fact that this is public knowledge just shows what a shitty mother she is.

>I'm sure all of you are/will make wonderful parents who don't abuse their kids or make mistakes at all.

There's a difference between a mistake and abuse. This may shock you, but most parents don't abuse their kids.

I hate the idea that a parent deserves asspats for not abandoning their kid or drowning it at birth. It was her choice to give birth, so it's up tp her to follow up with some responsibility. Maggot made the choice, not Venus. Venus doesn't have to love or respect someone just because she came from their womb, especially when they're as fucked up as Maggot.

>if the maggot has pictures of Venus as a child that are embarrassing or incriminating, those aren't incriminating for Venus at all, they'd just highlight how abusive the dirty, wasted maggot is.

Right? Literally any incriminating picture of Venus as a child reflects on her. We'd still all be here thinking, "what kind of mother stands back, lets that happen and takes pictures?" Maggot's delusional.

No. 367541

B-but she didn't leave her baby in the gutter or throw it to any wolves! Doesn't she deserve some credit!?

No. 367552

>Let's respect her, she fucked and got pregnant, you guys.
imo the situation is worse, because as it was mentioned already narc moms get a child on purpose to have someone who is fully dependent to them and also loves them unconditionally what newborns/toddlers automatically do. as soon as those children start to become independent functioning human beings they get shit from their mom, which is the reason why venus was hold on such a short leash.

No. 367613

Also did maggot have venus to try to keep her dad with her but it backfired?

No. 367636

According to Zsu, yes. Margo purposely got pregnant to make Venus's dad stay with / marry her. So Venus wasn't an accident at all, contrary to what Margo started saying last year.

No. 367641


and she didn't even try to rush the divorce, on the contrary.

No. 367642

Dragged it out for ten fucking years, to punish him. I've seen other women narcs do this, in a "if I can't have him, no one can" narc rage, where fucking around in court is the high point in their lives. Mags was dreaming of a reprisal of this when she imagined a lawsuit against Venus and the channel, one where she controlled their fate. But small claims isn't like divorce court, where things are tipped in favor of a dependent woman who wants custody of the child.

No. 367668

I hope she catches something and dies because of untreated infection. That's the only way the crazy will stop.

No. 367677

I wouldn't go that far. It would be ok if she just made a huge mistake ending up in a forensic psychiatry where she stayed for the next couple of years. Away from any kind of social media and her daughter.

No. 367729


… health insurance is required for a tourist visa, isnt it?

No. 367730

No, as an EU citizen they just checked my passport, scanned fingerprints, asked some very basic questions and let me in on a tourist visa.
I can't speak for if they do more advanced checks for people who are repeatedly in and out of the country, though.

No. 367731

would explain the chronic poop eye though

No. 367732

Well, OTC treatments really don't cost much but I guess Margo would rather spend that cash on protein powder and unicorn palettes like any normal 40 something.

No. 367777

File: 1491872777868.jpg (152.54 KB, 1528x777, IMG_3864.JPG)

So the old snake hasn't posted any new "LEGIT outcall massage" ads on Craigslist for over 2 weeks now, since March 24.
Wonder what's up with that?

No. 367795

File: 1491876819513.jpg (157.11 KB, 820x1244, IMG_3878.JPG)

For those who were speculating about her $700/month rent, it seems goshiwon rooms like hers in that area (Seocho station) with private toilet & shower go for more like $400/month. This one is typical:


No. 367797

File: 1491876964910.jpg (139.57 KB, 754x1351, IMG_3879.JPG)

Shared kitchen:

They all offer free ramen, kimchi and rice too (and some include eggs) so that's probably what she lives on.

No. 367838

she only got pregnant to force V's dad to marry her.

Margo always has seen Weenos just as a meal ticket and not as a human being.

No. 367917

My question is: How can you accidentally fall into Margo's vagina?

No. 367919

Well Wikipedia cites kappas as good at wrestling, dragging cows in rivers to drown, and rape, so I gues we can draw out own conclusions.

No. 367922

File: 1491923980094.jpg (68.66 KB, 929x594, marg.JPG)

Margaret Palermo: Luuving Mother. Artist. Inspirational Soul. Better than you.

No. 367961

Shit taste.

No. 367966

Soooo, she bought a doll head at the dollar store, then stuck it on a base she sculpted from something else at the dollar store. Badly, with no definition, and the base she made doesn't match the neck of the doll head she bought, so it looks like he has a weird ring around his extremely long neck.


No. 367967

That peeling paint windows aesthetic only works if you're in a high-end industrial loft in a major city, not a poverty sticken hovel. You look like you dwell in a Dorothea Lange dustbowl era photograph you evil cunt.

No. 367968

> #finearts

It remembers me that asian guy she cut the hair of with that psychopathic gaze.
Does taxidermy apply to humans too? I thought she only collects and travels with embalmed dog corpses.


No. 368065

File: 1491958854730.png (645.17 KB, 925x592, Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 5.59…)

Damn, that's a clean subway. When public transport cleanliness puts Margo's filthy hovel to shame.

No. 368073

Such a busy busy gal!
#onthego #sobusy #ARTIST

No. 368078

File: 1491961730092.jpg (72.27 KB, 415x481, IMG_3898.JPG)

>When public transport cleanliness puts Margo's filthy hovel to shame.
Yeah no kidding. That dirty moldy shower makes me retch.

No. 368130

This is such a cool idea.

No. 368175

These kinds of post are actually really neat. If she focuses on exploring and learning more about their culture, with frequent videos about some aspect of South Korea that she experienced, she has potential to make a respectable and interesting living. She doesn't need fancy equipment or editing programs to just go to library or ask Koreans to teach her about the area.
I don't understand why she never fully took advantage of using the various countries she has lived in as material for travel/culture videos independent from Venus. Her former entries/photos barely touched the surface of those cultures. Cribs: alcoholic's hovel edition.

No. 368178

>>Cribs: alcoholic's hovel edition.
You. I like you.

No. 368187

Nothing in this post says marg made this sculpture. Her contribution to art is she took a picture of it. Margs is an highly accomplished photographer.

No. 368194


>highly accomplished photographer.

anon she is a homeless crazy old prostitute and also disgusting and dirty and abusive

if you want to fuck her so bad just go to Korea and hand her 20 bucks

No. 368199

Asslabyrinth, is that you?

No. 368200

It was a joke.
Margo goes on about how she is a world class photographer. She likes to brag about how one of her photos of Venus went viral.

No. 368207

File: 1491975984575.jpg (101.12 KB, 492x664, IMG_3905.JPG)

>just go to Korea and hand her 20 bucks
I doubt she can charge that much, anon.
I mean, come ON

No. 368215

Don't worry anon, those of us who are capable of not sperging out at the slightest hint of a lack of venom picked up on the sarcasm.

Anyone else following this armchair psychologist pretending to be a real psychologist on PULL?

No. 368218

Sorry its just that there were people white knighting her both here and the Venus thread. Either some thristy faggot or a jealous poorchan that thinks that you can't be abused if you have some money/are prettier than her. They should love themselves and hire a better hooker also I'm sure you can fuck her for 20 bucks and be her next meat ticket/ be babied for tree

No. 368222

Calling margo slut or prostitute unironically is grasping for straws, we never had confirmation of her prostitution.

No. 368233

File: 1491989738541.jpg (33.6 KB, 380x279, lady-gaga-addicted-to-radio2[1…)


anon plz.

sure there's not firm evidence but there are enough indications pointing towards it that at this point it would be highly unlikely that she weren't a prostitute.

No. 368237

She is a prostitute and has confirmed she's a prostitute. She just says she hasn't slept with any of the men she's whored herself out to in exchange for travel tickets, rooms, and food. Or are we forgetting the man she met in England and used to get back to Japan?

No. 368243


that's some milk. Where has she confirmed she's a prostitute? and i don't want speculation

No. 368247

She bragged that she basically became some Japanese man's sugarbaby to travel with him back to Japan and to different holiday spots. Then when people called her a prostitute her defense was "Well I didn't sleep with him!"

All the caps or milk recaps are probably a thread or two ago? He owned those really nice sports cars and dropped Marge first time she showed her crazy.

No. 368249

Samefag but I'm about to leave so I can't keep combing but here's where the Lexus-guy saga starts when farmers connect the two of them for being in London together.


No. 368256

I just went PULL just to read that freak's posts! She is so fucking condescending, arrogant and hard-projecting mental case herself. Seems she has already been banned? That was some great sperging.

Wasn't it the strange men, some who had been in South Korea, leaving comments on her IG and she deleted some of compliments indicating they had met recently? I think the previous thread had screenshots.

No. 368296

Yes, for a while men were using her insta to ask her to message them, or thank her for "the fun trip". Then she switched to kakotalk for her "massage business" which allowed a clever anon to track her craigslist ads.

(she's stopped offering the "german lessons, btw. Maybe people realized she can't actually speak or write German with any proficiency)

Using craigslist to advertise a "legit massage business" is the same as using backpage.com. It means only one thing, and it's not massage.

And she met Yukio, a lonely Japanese man in his 60s, in London when she was flat broke. Suddenly she was at the London Eye, out to a steak dinner, and at a clean motel instead of rooming with 5 people in a 4 bed flat (which she left a mess). Then she was back in Japan, with Yukio and his dog. Then just as suddenly, at the Plywood Palace, rooming with 29 other women in a bunkbed dorm. When people fit the story together, she bragged that "a rich Japanese man" wanted to marry her "but I said no" and that she never fucked him, haha isn't she sooo smart?

The old bitch is in serious denial and has to engage in heavy doublethink to get through the day as a sexy jung wooman bohemian world traveler artist, rather than a lonely, insane, broke 42 year old prostitute.

No. 368314

What name do they go by?

No. 368316

tbh I still dont get why she didnt lurk him into marrying her. Either he wasnt THAT well off, it wasnt lucrative enough for her or….. idk. I mean whoring yourself out for one men at a time and living reasonable in the same country as your daughter and having a visa-kun is still better in maggot-terms than whoring yourself out to different men, living in a tiny whole in SK….
but of course maybe he just kicked her out after he realized what kind of a crazy golddigger she is. who knows.

they are referring to "Maxine64" which is now banned. The discussion by her started here:

No. 368334


No. 368397

>maybe he just kicked her out after he realized what kind of a crazy golddigger she is
My money's on this ^

No. 368403


He went to the hospital and she moved on.

No. 368416

>and that she never fucked him, haha isn't she sooo smart?
exact quote was "never even had to touch the D, haha" or something similar, as I recall.

>He went to the hospital and she moved on.
There's no evidence of this. It was extrapolated at the time because grandpa ferenc posted a pic of a Japanese hospital (a stock pic from their website) when marge surfaced in Japan last summer and people here took him literally that someone must be in the hospital! And later when the info about Yukio surfaced, omg it must have been him!

(No one was in the hospital. Do not take everything grandpa posts literally.)

No. 368845


Wasn't Venus actually in the hospital around that time though? (Or was that at a different time? I remember she got really sick at some point, probably due to stress from our dear Kappa.)

No. 368856

Yeah, I think that was around the same time she had that intestinal issue. Didn't Margo sperge out about having to be hospitalized too when Venus made the IG post explaining that she was in the hospital? I might be wrong though but Margo definitely sperged about something at that time.

No. 368864

File: 1492080795716.png (374.45 KB, 985x543, 2345678876543.png)


when venus posted the hospital thingy, our beloved kappa started posting private emails in that she claimed venus talking about having gotten half her intestines removed in south korea.

the thing with the lexus guy started a few weeks after that.


No. 368986

Yes, she did say this. When she was in London, Margo sperged that no one cared about HER life threatening illness, and claimed to have to go to A&E where the doctors pitied her for her stress induced illnesses, "daily vomiting from stress", hair falling out, and crippling tinnitus. Whether she actually went to a hospital (clearly drug and attention seeking) is anyone's guess.

Just can't confirm anything later on in Japan; that was spurred on by Grandpa's post. He could have been implying everything from her needing to be institutionalized, to someone being hospitalized, or whatever. We'll never know.

No. 369184

Here's the timeline:

6/12/16 to 6/19/16 Venus is hospitalized with sepsis. Marge is in Hamburg (6/15-6/30) sperging about her illness/she was hospitalized too and no one CARES!! and raging about VENOOS having her intestine removed to lose weight.

6/30/16 marge runs to London after hamburg jassy kicks her ass out of her apartment

7/4/16 marge hooks up with a vulnerable old Japanese tourist (Yukio) in London, they spend a couple days sightseeing together & he takes her out to dinner

7/14/16 marge pops up on a beach in Shizuoka, Japan. everyone is horrified. Ferenc posts a pic of a hospital in Shizuoka captioned 'Very nice hospital' the next day. people take him literally (again) and go omg someone's in the hospital!

2 months later (Sept.) the stuff about Yukio surfaces. people go omg must have been HIM in the hospital!!

He wasn't in the hospital. No one was in the hospital. It was just ferenc being ferenc.

No. 369186

Good timeline. I'd just like to add: Mags was only with Jasmin for 3 days. After Jasmin asked her to leave, Margo got an AirBnB for a week (the one she filmed "Venus Angelicus" in) before taking a bus to London.

No. 369271

>Venus Angelicus
Probably the only genuinely funny thing Marge has ever done. The gifs were priceless.

No. 369282

In that video she reminds me of Lord Voldemord. The nostrils etc.

No. 369431

Poopeye is unexpectedly silent again, eh?

No. 369542

File: 1492276017382.png (527.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170415-130503.png)

No. 369543

File: 1492276073091.png (489.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170415-130518.png)

No. 369544

File: 1492276133139.png (778.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170415-130523.png)

No. 369545

File: 1492276179348.png (488.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170415-130534.png)

Last one. Venus goals?

No. 369546

poor venus just wanted some control over her life

No. 369548

Oh snap this is Venus? Then have a boyfriend "of my choice" is sad, my bad. Different content.

No. 369549

File: 1492276405999.png (680 KB, 932x587, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.1…)

You'r missing the tag; Mags got her stuff from storage in the Netherlands.

No. 369550

File: 1492276558278.png (477.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170415-131426.png)

No. 369551

With Mags having had the storage stuff shipped from the Netherlands "at great expense" for no other reason that to dump of Venus, this could be a milky few days. And where exactly is Margo going to put all this stuff? Her mold infested goshiwan?

No. 369552

File: 1492276604876.png (583.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170415-131439.png)

No. 369554

Says the woman who weighed V's fucking salad on camera. There's one person who inspired the thinspo and that's you, Margaret.

You know what makes it obvious? She stopped as soon as she got away.

No. 369556

How the fuck would Venus caring abput her weight be any proof for her being an "abuser" "bully" amd whatever she's saying… She's insane.

No. 369558

This one shows Venus planning video ideas.

So much for Margo being the brains of the channel; she just proved Venus's case for her.

No. 369559

God, Maggot. I suppose she thinks these are her "proofs". You are right, Venus is better off far away from an abuser that would expose stuff like this publicly so it can all be misinterpreted. Mags, you'll always be a filthy lying pos.

No. 369561

I don't know how any of this could be interpreted as sinister by anyone but Margo. Even her loyal stans are like "uh… is this not Venus's private stuff?" and saying how sad it sounds. Some are shocked at Venus's "goal weight" but in what way would that make her a bad person? That's an ill person, especially since she never foisted it on her fans / audience in any way.

No. 369567

Sorry nonny, I got the caps before she captioned them, I guess.

No. 369569

Let it be noted: all of these were posted after 2am local time. Mags is up, drunk and raging, and probably just home from a "job" and in a fury.

No. 369572

File: 1492278386135.png (27.7 KB, 299x155, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.4…)

and we're off in the comments

many to follow

No. 369573

File: 1492278406516.png (46.97 KB, 306x267, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.4…)

No. 369574

File: 1492278477307.png (41.36 KB, 290x269, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.4…)

No. 369575

File: 1492278511590.png (26.26 KB, 303x140, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.4…)

Margo answers this, next

No. 369576

File: 1492278597334.png (38.07 KB, 307x208, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.4…)

The other person told Margo that this is enough, let it go. Remember Margo now calls Venus "it" -this means Margo sill thinks Venus is hounding her cruelly all day by leaving those 2 initial videos up. That's the "daily abuse".

No. 369577

File: 1492278623745.png (24.6 KB, 313x121, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.4…)

No. 369580

Note that Margo treated her daughter's ED by taking her to the gym. Brilliant plan, Margo.

No. 369581

File: 1492278999970.png (64.8 KB, 298x381, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.5…)

Margo replies to this heartfelt missive, coming in a second

No. 369582

File: 1492279015367.png (14 KB, 310x52, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.5…)

No. 369584

File: 1492279297589.png (53.11 KB, 314x303, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.0…)


No. 369585

File: 1492279370112.png (61.48 KB, 311x361, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.0…)

Venoos bully her erryday (again, this is because Venus has 2 videos up from over a year ago, responding to the shit Margo put out, first.)

No. 369588

Marge pretending Weenoos wrote all that pile of lies and pretending she got her storage boxes back… That's no proof margo! No one believes you, not even yourself!

No. 369590

Is that 1500kcal or 1300kcal? Either number is a relativly modest restriction regarding Venus's height, age and activity level. I cut on 1500kcal.

No. 369591

No. 369592

File: 1492279887611.png (29.41 KB, 314x154, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.1…)

Swipe at Zsu I would imagine.

I'm sure Zsu is delighted to be the opposite of you, Margo: happy, pretty, jung looking, successful in her work, nice family of her own.

No. 369594

>Venoos is staying away from me
>but obviously I still know everything about her life!!

Never change, Margo. I kinda enjoy that we always get these lulls and then loads of milk at once.

No. 369596

File: 1492280695500.png (51.1 KB, 312x306, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.2…)

Venus wanting to impress Mana and get a place of her own without Mother Gothel is PROOF of her having a side piece and an evil plan.

No. 369598

File: 1492280815103.png (26.37 KB, 319x140, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.2…)

Margo has traded "CHEATED" for "boyfriend on the side"… which was her boyfriend's best friend. Whom Margo plied them all with booze, and pushed Venus to break up with Mana, and had them all do the same.

No. 369599

> Reply

> It is happening now, the entire time.
The only thing happening right now is your bitter pueril frustration. No one remembers who you are marge. Get over it. Get help. Get a job. You just got an eye infection, not a leg amputation.

No one believes you marge. You don't deserve justice. Forget your revenge plans. You put yourself in misery. Take responsability for your own actions, you grown ass wooman.

Just stop marge. Your ridiculing yourself. If ridicule could kill, the streets of Internet would be invaded by corpses. That's how ridiculous you are!

No. 369600

"I want a boyfriend of my choise" + "I want a boyfriend" = "searching for a side-boyfriend to bully" (margo's logic)

No. 369603

So Margo says these are all from the Nov-Dec right before Venus left. But then how was it so hard to get this stuff from storage? She didn't have a Seoul storage - she had one in Tokyo, and one in the Netherlands. It wouldn't have taken 6 months and "great expense" to get these if they were in Seoul, and written in Seoul.

I think Margo's mixing up eras of time here.

No. 369605

She's claiming these are all written right before Venus moved in with Mana - i.e. in theory, she still had a husband, although Margo was doing her damnedest to keep them apart and break them up (including feeding Venus booze and telling her own boyfriend's bestie Venus was down).

But as I said here >>369603 the timeline doesn't make sense in terms of where the storage was located

No. 369607

They also had a storage in Japan

No. 369608

Yes, I mentioned that. But Mana cleared it out before last June (2016). Remember how Margo cried for help with her 17 boxes because cruel Mana wouldn't pay to store her stuff any longer?

Anyway that Tokyo stuff was from before Venus and Margo moved to Seoul - i.e. no way it could be written Nov-Dec 2015. And if it was from the other storage, it would be from 2014.

No. 369612

File: 1492281823821.png (15.1 KB, 298x70, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.4…)

? Margo accidentally posted a DMs I think

No. 369614

What's the domain name beginning with 'he'? I don't remember any dn beginning with those letters. Has anyone an idea?

No. 369615

File: 1492282309619.png (52.94 KB, 305x325, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.5…)


No. 369616

File: 1492282324340.png (44.51 KB, 306x256, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.5…)

No. 369618

nm, it's Venus's height in cm

No. 369619

File: 1492282662156.png (17.14 KB, 304x77, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.5…)


No. 369620

File: 1492282680462.png (63.95 KB, 311x400, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.5…)

The whole thing

No. 369621

File: 1492282953888.png (26.47 KB, 286x150, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.5…)

She claims three storage units now - Tokyo, Netherlands, and Seoul I assume.

But Manaki and Venus were' the ones who held the lease on the Tokyo one; Margo was only responsible for finding a place to put all the shit she left in their storage (which they paid for until June.)

So she seems to be talking about Netherlands, and possible one in Seoul? Or she got the 17 boxes shipping from Tokyo finally?

At any rate: having things from the storage that weren't available previously means this stuff wasn't in Seoul, and is not from that era of time.

No. 369626

File: 1492283225001.gif (819.14 KB, 275x156, 1491974915567.gif)

>graduate uni
>be fluent in japanese
>have a job
>want to have a good salary
>read a lot of books

>much proof of psychopathy

what is wrong with that woman. how is that proof in any way?

she probably will sell all of venus stuff on a website as she did before.

No. 369628

And what does cost as much as 2600$ this year marge?

Storage? She already took her things, the rest is under your responsability.

VA online shop? You wanted to keep it bc you, jung schön 42-jährige frau, are 'the real VA'. Your responsability.

Housing costs? You eat, sleep and shit. YOU go to spas, hotels, restaurants, goshiwons,… Not Venus. So, your responsability.

Lawyer? YOUR lawyer, so… guess who's responsability?

Let it go. Return back to the stinky hole you came from and stop ridiculing yourself and guess what happens: no more bills but verrückte frau pills. Happy end for everyone.

No. 369629

File: 1492283379219.jpg (62.71 KB, 750x679, Margo admits photo is her.jpg)

can someone translate what that japanese thing is saying?

also i just want to through this old image (farmed april 2016) in here, for any newfags.

No. 369630

File: 1492283386899.jpg (98.95 KB, 540x616, IMG_20170415_210831_067.JPG)

No. 369632

Garlic! Kek

No. 369633

File: 1492283445293.png (59.55 KB, 318x348, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.0…)

She thinks these notes are like the psychopath kid in "we need to talk about kevin".

Yes, losing weight, thinking studying is good and reading books is enjoyable, wanting a boyfriend she has a say in having, and then wanting to impress a guy she actually likes: all proof she's about to commit a school shooting.

No. 369634

Good to see that Margaret is as pathetic as ever.

No. 369636

Didn't she say herself that she was in Japan back in January? Does anybody have the screencap?

No. 369637

She was there in December, which she confirmed.

No. 369639

Venus didn't say her mom came to the house in January; she posted the video in January / Feb if I recall and said the break in happened a few weeks back.

But Margo was there on December 7th, she was quite clear about that. And Venus never gave an exact date.

No. 369642

> I'm small and soft
No, marge, you're athletic like as an ugly germanic trans frau stereotype.

No. 369645

File: 1492284054620.jpg (50.27 KB, 720x960, smallsoft.jpg)

smol soft margaret

No. 369646

File: 1492284172395.png (587.52 KB, 736x544, 9.png)

this woman is freaking delusional

No. 369648

wow, she blocked my fake IG account after i only said i see no proof. that woman is on a roll. kek

No. 369652

File: 1492284551856.png (33.58 KB, 311x202, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.2…)

Someone points out it's weird she felt she had no choice in dating.

Margo twists it into "well she didn't even wanted him, boyfriend ON THE SIDE!!!" totally sidestepping that the notes show Mags in an awful light.

No. 369655

>she wanted to date for fun
wow, what a freaking psychopath

No. 369656


Thanks for clarifying.
Margo must be very drunk.

No. 369657

Psychopath on the level of a character in a novel who planned to and shot a bunch of kids in his school with a bow and arrow, after killing his father and sister (ironically: leaving his mother alive).

Yes, wanting autonomy in your love life and not to be sold off to whoever wants a "white european virgin", totes samsies as going on a killing spree.

No. 369658

>Margo, the female bodybuilder
>"small and soft"

No. 369659

annnnnd the pictures got deleted

No. 369661

File: 1492285115151.png (393.29 KB, 1019x264, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 12.3…)

Aaaand we're out! Mags deleted and passed out. G'nite you crazy bitch! Let's do it again soon.

No. 369666

I think she's trying to hid it from her parents.

Oh well, Zsu reads here. They're gonna hear about this, Margaret.

No. 369668

I wonder how AssLabyrinth is gonna spin this shit Not a narc? Right. I think Magoo thinks she's still gonna cash in one day.

No. 369669

>>Magoo thinks she's still gonna cash in one day.

she rapidly deleted my comments about how the notes actually DISproved her claim to the channel, because they show Venus planning the themes, narration and schedule. I put it like I was doing her a favor - like, delete this because it could fuck up you lawsuit - but she deleted the comments instead.

Oh well. Narc can't even read. She's too stuck in her warped narrative to figure out what makes her look bad.

No. 369671

Thanks for the milk Marge

No. 369687

lol she's so psychotic lmao, how can anyone take her seriously at this point?

No. 369689

I mean coz I have never dated for fun.

No. 369690

You know what I really dont get? Why she feels that it's okay to display issues her daughter may or may not have online.

No. 369693


It's just a vocab list. Looks like she was doing language exercises on that page (maybe JLPT study).

No. 369694

ha ha Margo must have done a crash course at The Raven Sparks School On How To Get Your Kid To Do What You Want.

Just shows how mental she is that she thought posting this would prove her point.

No. 369698

In margos twisted mind this is proof of her being abused.

No. 369702

File: 1492294161476.png (79.98 KB, 332x539, margo breaks in.png)

"Unfortunately I wasn't even in Japan in January"

But you were there in December.

No. 369715


is she really trying to say that venus hit her for no reason after she used tools to try to break into her apartment? that's reason enough

No. 369721

> Margo says these are all from the Nov-Dec right before Venus left. But then how was it so hard to get this stuff from storage? She didn't have a Seoul storage -
>the timeline doesn't make sense in terms of where the storage was located
It doesn't make sense but the wishlists/doodles etc. she posted were from that time period, Sept-Nov. 2015 (she talks about dieting in Seoul to get skinny before going back to Japan, then later wants to speak perfect Korean and get a boyfriend by Christmas.)

Mags had announced that V & M were secretly married on 9/2/2016 when they were still living in Tokyo, then immediately snatched Venus up and lit out of Tokyo on a week-long trip to London and Paris, before ending up in Seoul on 9/10. Initially the 'plan' was a temporary stay in Seoul while getting visa paperwork sorted out but then a month later (10/16) came the announcement that the marriage was OFF due to a paperwork mixup plus Venus had changed her mind anyway, and they had decided to stay in Seoul because they loved it.

So that all fits. The stuff about dieting in Korea to get skinny for Japan would be before mags declared the marriage was off and the rest, about speaking perfect Korean and getting a bf by Christmas would be after that.

Don't know why all this stuff "in storage" in Seoul would just now be available to her but w/e, nothing makes sense with this fucking loon.

No. 369739

Awesome kek

No. 369749

It's NOT confirmed that ALL those notes belong to Venus. Marge is a desperate pathological liar, a bad contraproductive liar, forever incoherent and contradicting and that's all we know for sure.

No. 369750

Venus wants to be skinnier than maggot, with her stocky, busted body ever will be? Aboosive!
It's pretty normal for kids from dysfunctional parents to not want to be or look like their nutbag parents at all. 1500 calories is plenty if you're not tall, there's a whole movement of people who say that 1200 is plenty.

From one of the other caps: Venus wants to gain knowledge from books instead of hanging onto every word from insane mama's lips? Aboosive! Psycho!
That bitch. It's also normal for kids from dysfunctional families to have to get information on how to have a normal life from sources that are not their crazy family.

About the massage ads on craigslist: regardless of whether the maggot intended them to be for prostitution or not, think of the clients. If you wanted a legitimate massage, would you buy one off craigslist? Risk that your masseuse is a pervert psycho, a serial killer, or just a thief? Craigslist is not exactly a hive of legitimate professionals. Unless you're after something that legitimate massage businesses don't offer, you don't get a massage from CL.

Korea is full of legit esthetic salons that offer massages (for to Westerners relatively cheap prices) in an environment that is clean and where the customer doesn't have to worry about weirdness like the masseuse suddenly offering a happy end for more cash.

>siblings can be super opposite
Yup. One can be homeless and flailing around drunk, while the others live their lives like functioning adults. How dare they!

Venus and Manaki seem to get along like a house on fire, they even have the same sense of dark humor. Sucks to be you, jealous kappa.

Damn. You did not pay for shit, maggot, we all know who's footing the bill. Grandma Margit needs to stop giving her money now, so that she can no longer pay the storage and the contents gets chucked out/auctioned off. It's not as if Venus cares about all those bad memories just festering in those units.

>I'm small and soft

Sure thing, Jen. Venus, not even 50 kg, is the hulk now? You're stocky and bloated, not a little cuddly animal. Alcoholic fatty liver disease can't kill you fast enough.

I'll never understand why she chooses poison green and vomit brown to show off her pastiness.

No. 369764

>It's NOT confirmed that ALL those notes belong to Venus.
So what if they do? They're nothing but doodles and wishlists that any teenage girl could have written. Why deny (SO vehemently) they could be Venus's?

No. 369767

File: 1492301353873.jpg (65.9 KB, 460x480, diemargo.jpg)

sigh. I feel bad about myself for saying this but I genuinely wish Margo would die. Leave her box room and get hit by a delivery truck, fall down an open manhole, be the victim of a random burglary-gone-wrong. I really would love it if she died.

No. 369775

I don't confirm nor deny. Marge wanted to create/reveal new elements to revive old drama and shot a bullet in her own foot.

Narc rage is my favorite milk, but I prefer use the information she gives to understand what she expects from others rather than for the information itself.

Her rage is the best moment to put her even more in rage. Best milk ever.

No. 369819

Sure. I'm just saying, all the pearl-clutching "she made it up! it CAN'T BE REAL, she's lying!" seems a bit misplaced because there's nothing even remotely problematic with anything the old troll posted. In fact that points to them being real, now that I think about it…if marge was going to fake something she would have written much more lurid shit, no?

>I genuinely wish Margo would die.
nah, let her continue to fester in her Korean shithole. It's way too gratifying watching her circle the drain plus there would be so much guilt and extra grief for Venus if she died.

No. 369820

She's still deleting any comments made on her other photos, referencing her late night fit.

No. 369827

>if marge was going to fake something she would have written much more lurid shit, no?

she also would have done it waaay sooner.

the hilarious thing about the whole story is that margie-girl actually waited eagerly to be able to get her hands on that stuff and post it, to finally have proof and get asslicked by people. I dont think she actually thought people wouldnt see this as proof. She mustve been astonished and shocked.

Would actually be fascinating to put her involutarily in a psych ward and examine her psyche. I would be in for it. That shit is gold.

No. 369830

>Don't know why all this stuff "in storage" in Seoul would just now be available to her but w/e, nothing makes sense with this fucking loon.

that's in fact weird.
maybe she wasnt able to pay the fees and therefore they deny you access to your storage until you pay the fees you owe?

No. 369834

Since she made a huge deal out of paying $2600 to get the stuff, and that doesn't seem like enough to pay for shipping from the Netherlands (and the fact that this isn't early childhood stuff) makes me think she finally coughed up the funds to get her 17 boxes back from Tokyo. That would make this stuff from before they left for Korea (and before she started dating Mana initially.)

But she didn't bust it out once Mana have her the ultimatum to get her shit out because he wasn't going to pay the fees any more, and we would have seen it when she sold Venus's old lolita clothes online.

So maybe it was stuff she had to pay the back fees on in Seoul?

Everything Margo says is so convoluted, and she's had so many storage places and fees. Whenever this is from: if she had access to it before, it would have been posted before. I she wanted to make something up, she would have posted it before. I guess that leaves this as being from the 3 months Venus was in Seoul.

>>maybe she wasnt able to pay the fees and therefore they deny you access to your storage until you pay the fees you owe?

I think you're right, but this seems like a whole year of back rent, and usually storage places chuck everything to auction if you don't pay for a few months. She may have been paying a little and begging for extra time until she could pay the entire back rent.

So this bitch laid on her back for dudes on craigslist for 4 months in order to show everyone her daughter was sad and had an eating disorder. Such proofs of abuse… on Margo's part.

No. 369854

File: 1492307985360.png (701.44 KB, 911x540, Hannibal_Lecter's_evil_smirk.p…)

whatever storage she cleared… it must mean there is no room to breathe anymore in her goshiwan……..

No. 369867

>show everyone her daughter was sad and had an eating disorder.
Don't think what she posted (calorie restriction, wanting to be skinny) qualifies as an ED (if it does then I had an ED at Venus's age too.)

No. 369869

Well, wanting to weigh 45 kilos (100 lbs) when you're 5'6" or 5'7" is pretty tiny; bmi of 15-16. I think that qualifies as disordered.

Margo is the one who used to weigh Venus's fucking salads before she could eat them, though. And after Venus left "home" she put weight back on. So the source of this unhealthy focus (or Venus trying to have some control over her life, even if it was just with food) was Margo.

No. 369877

She watches every video and update from Venus religiously. Is that what Margo considers constant bullying? Venus creating content on her own?

Venus described as "big". I bet Margaret used do that a lot to her. The calorie restriction logs and goal weight are a little concerning, but they don't seem insanely low/dangerous if she wanted to do more modeling. There was a note about eating several types a food at each meal, which shows she was trying to figure out how to do it in a healthier way.

Margaret's solution was to take her to the gym…. Not getting at the root of the problem. What a witch.

No. 369894

Not really disordered, I don't think. Assuming she's 5'6" and her goal wt. was 45 kg (99 lb) that would be a bmi of 16, if it was 43 kg (95 lb) that would be bmi 15.3. That's runway model size. (Kate Moss is 5'7" and 104 lb, Bella Hadid is 5'9" and 110 lb, that's a bmi of 16.3 and 16.2 respectively.) The minimum for a runway model is 5'9" and 110 lb. which is a bmi of 16.2

Venus wanted a runway model-sized body. So did I at that age. So do millions of other girls. Is that healthy? No. Do they all qualify as disordered? I don't see that.

No. 369919

File: 1492317394527.jpg (123.31 KB, 645x618, 5467787654.jpg)

her mother clarified that she is 166 / 5"5'.

>Do they all qualify as disordered?

It usually does, proanachan. Eating disorders are highly associated with a poor body image and pathological dieting. Poor body image and patholodical dieting are signs of disordered eating, that can also occur when an ED itself isnt fully developed. Even when not having developed a complete ED, wanting to look like a supermodel most of the times drives you towards it, since you achieve that malnourished state only through starving and if you follow through girls fall into EDs fast. In the best case it just makes you hate your "fat" 22 BMI ass. In the worst case it makes you full-mode ana.

Cant find it right now, but I remember a study saying the around 70% of all women all of the time have slight or severe disordered eating without the necessity of a full ED, through skipping meals, having "forbidden" or "bad" foods, feeling guilty when eating / when eating forbidden food, wanting to lose weight, repeated fasting and so on and so forth.

Venus has disordered eating. Hell, who stuffs their face with a 3 kg pudding? It's out of the question Venus has(/had) to some degree an unhealthy relationship to food. But it sure as hell is only rancid milk. If Margie had put some receipts from that allegedly bowel removal on the table, that wouldve been something. But this? That were only some teenage scribbling.

TL:DR Venus disordered eating habbits is rancid milk.

No. 369989

File: 1492334450114.jpg (28.85 KB, 594x114, Od53zPU.jpg)

Good post. I think some Venus fans read "disordered eating" and confuse it with accusing Venus of having full-blown ED like her mom is now claiming.

No. 369991

Hint, Model offices skew the numbers. Just like Bravo fucks with Dakotas size. Agencies add an inch or two, because technically I could be 6' if I'm on my toes and besides, I look tall. They also minus 10-15lbs of your weight, because technically I could just drink a lot of water for a week and look a lot tighter/thinner that way. Hint, Bella is around 130lbs and in reality 5'8 on a good day.
Model agencies projected numbers aren't real and if you were actually with a BMI of 15 these days no Designer would reserve you because it's fucking illegal these days almost everywhere. Also the media would latch onto it so hard, Victoria's secret is under a lot of fire for having a few models who had a BMI under the BMI promise they've made.
This anon is absolutely correct.

No. 369994

I'm not saying that they're not Venus notes to herself but I personally find it strange that none of them are in German and that there all in English, although that could be because margo only shared the English.
everyone I know writes quick lists to themself in their mother/first tongue. even attempting to write in another language usually results in a mix of the two on accident.

Unless Margo wanted proof she was to stick to these or something. If I didn't want my mom to see it in Japanese or Korean….

No. 370028

This is really not true. It would give the agency a bad name to send over a model that doesn't have the measurements listed. You constantly have to get measured and remeasured as a model and any changes will be updated.

No. 370031

and you know this, because youre a professional model? or an agent?

it's common practise. as long as the model fits in the clothes that are a specific size anyway i dont think anyone bothers.

hell, for a waist of 24 inch, even a normal lunch can add up an inch.

models do know that, and probably only eat a single-digit amount of cheese cubicles before a job, if anything at all, and dont drink much, to keep the mass of food and fluids in their stomach to a minimum.

No. 370036

found a pic to compare the handwriting (I doubt that margo would have been able to write such an essay):
the "I" seems to be the same

No. 370051

Actually, yes. I work in the industry and am married to a working model. I don't mean to come off as sperging, srry. But it would reflect really poorly on an agency to fudge their numbers, especially since a majority of bookings are done via photos. The model shows up and is thinner, fatter, taller, shorter? It will not only piss off the stylist who's pulled the clothing, it might bring shoots to a standstill.

No. 370061

I do wonder where, all my interactions and bookings I've been involved with have been like this. These involve good agencies that are known. Some of the models for sure are that thin, but I've never heard about them getting booked again. Last spring quite a few got sent back with a warning and the company I've worked with just cancelled a bunch of reservations due to the models showing up way too thin. Which continent are you on?

No. 370070

North America with domestic and international bookings. I've seen some drama and fits pitched when models show up different than listed.

No. 370142

File: 1492370163398.png (212.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170416-151430.png)

>le triggrrred guys?

No. 370143

File: 1492370252449.png (612.15 KB, 928x594, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.1…)

Don't forget about her super cool SW shirt with the blurred out turkey neck.

No. 370144

Seems to be belittling Venus again with her "who DOESN'T like food?" "Only a booly psychopath eating disorder abuser doesn't like food, haha!"

No. 370146

Isn't that Venus's sweatshirt from when they were bumming it in France?

No. 370150

File: 1492371921989.jpg (182.81 KB, 601x802, IMG_4048.JPG)

Sure is.

No. 370151

File: 1492372025405.jpg (132.86 KB, 593x751, IMG_4049.JPG)

"look weenoos, mama got ur shirt. hahahahehe"

No. 370152

File: 1492372219722.jpg (185.3 KB, 613x745, IMG_4050.JPG)

"u remember dis, right? from our fun trip when u wore dis same shirt wif ur jammies all thru Paris AND London? tehee.."

No. 370156

Probably just got it out of storage.

No. 370169

File: 1492375124868.png (340.31 KB, 1163x617, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 1.36…)

Found out why Margo's massage ad serches for "hellomagpie" haven't been coming up; she's using her website for contact now.

Bet everyone is hella disappointed when that brightly lit stock photo of a delicate masseuse turns out to be a haggard haus frau filth covered kappa.

No. 370170

dated April 6

No. 370171

File: 1492375286869.png (79.38 KB, 1169x219, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 1.40…)

Can't yet speak Korean, notice. April 3rd.

No. 370172

File: 1492375347864.png (51.06 KB, 586x248, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 1.41…)

And here's the company she keeps in the elite "services" category of Craigslist. Note the want ad for escorts.

No. 370173

Note that she also now lists "Basler Medical College" as her license info; I'm sure that year of radiology school in 1997 really aids her massage practice.

No. 370174

File: 1492375864893.jpg (162.52 KB, 812x1175, IMG_4051.JPG)

Yep. She's taunting Venus (she THINKS, except I'm pretty sure Venus ignores her, her instagram and her YT channel.)

So how many boxes of shit does the old magpie have piled up in that already cluttered rats nest she lives in, and WHERE is she putting them? Bc her 'room' is basically this:

No. 370176

File: 1492375933110.jpg (174.15 KB, 750x989, IMG_6230.JPG)

It's even sadder when you live in denial and have never made a good point.

No. 370178

And where is she going to put the 17 boxes she stashed in Tokyo, and god-knows-how-many she dragged to the Netherlands from London. Time for yet ANOTHER storage, probably, because what is financial responsibility and letting go of trash when you can hoard?

That dude is a moron, Greg's been trying to bait another YTer into doing a video on his for the past month; it'll help his views. And Margo screaming "in denial" at another narc is so rich it might give me a heart attack.

No. 370179

File: 1492376159440.png (28.77 KB, 590x97, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 1.55…)

More displays of Margo's stellar engrish skills.

No. 370180

Pot. Kettle. Pot. Kettle. Pot. Kettle. Pot. Kettle.

I know it'll never happen, but a part of me wants to see Margo duke it out with Onion. Two narcs having a "debate". It'd be priceless.
Thrown in Vexxed the autist as the "referee" for good measure.

No. 370190

under venus' motivation for dieting
>So you can be in ultimate control of your life
how delusional is maggot that she doesnt realize this is only proof of what a fucked up mother she was

No. 370201

File: 1492381394558.jpg (98.71 KB, 750x574, IMG_6232.JPG)

Her English is definitely deteriorating.

Is she trying to say something like 'Who did you learn that (the things that you know) from?'

No. 370203

I think she's trying to say something like "from whom do you know what [it is that] you know?"

But yeah, her english has gone downhill more and more ever since she left England. Not speaking it daily is obviously gonna make anyone rusty, but she's bad with any of her other languages, too. Margo never properly learned Swiss German either; people who do read her and Venus's emails to one another in that language and said it was horrid. No wonder she stopped giving "German language lessons". And, she never picked up either Japanese, nor Korean, despite glomming to Venus's side in language schools. Seems she depended on Venus not only for income, but also to be her translator in many cases (although in that awful Christmas 2014 video she snaps and Venus and corrects her English; you can see Venus visibly flinch.)

Take Zsu as an example: same schooling as Margo until college; both girls seem to have had lessons in English in high school. Zsu moved to Switzerland as well as Margo, and so speaks Swiss German daily, but speaks nearly perfect and barely accented English (from the recent video where she demonstrated the correct pronunciation of her name.)

No. 370223

>from whom do you know what [it is that] you know?
Yeah, that's exactly what I was trying to say.
I think I read too much Marglish and couldn't form sentences myself.

No. 370296


>Impress Manaki

lol sure, wasn't the other way around?
sage for late

No. 370311

Well, she does have low self-esteem and he was her first boyfriend(and first friend). Remember how Margaret was trying convince her that he would cheat on her?

No. 370312

I'm late but this is the evidence Margo has bleated about for a year and all it shows is a young girl trying to get control of her life, and that Venus' video ideas were her own. I live for Margo-logic, it's so out there.

No. 370328

Margo on a roll, loving it!

No. 370330

File: 1492395615886.jpg (486.53 KB, 1148x1792, IMG_4057.JPG)

Okay, I know this isn't Venus's thread but this is just too good to pass up… because yesterday while mange sat up all night in her moldy squalid room, picking through boxes of crap and rageposting, VENOOS was out under the cherry blossoms all day at a Hanami picnic.

No. 370333

File: 1492395729739.jpg (484.55 KB, 1152x1769, IMG_4056.JPG)

…complete with homemade bento boxes.
(suck on that, morge)

No. 370349


venus thread is thataway>> >>>/snow/286133

No. 370354

File: 1492397350848.png (41.36 KB, 296x241, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.25…)

More on track: some czech or hungarian chick is claiming to have witnessed Margo's "horrible abuse" at the hands of cruel Venoos at the airport.

No. 370360


i would love to know what happened exactly. i imagine its more along the lines of venus being a normal teenage girl who was a bit cranky after being starved and dragged across the world once again by her narc mother

No. 370377


Remember the good old days Marg? Where Venus cooked dinner for you every night while you quilt trip her into eating salads?

No. 370384

Didn't they prepare and eat their meals separately for years(which is super fucked up)?

No. 370401

>venus thread is thataway>>
Yeah, like I said. I know. Sometimes Venus's stuff is relevant to morge and vice-versa though. You can't always separate the two completely. Deal with it.

No. 370409


how is what you posted relevant at all to margo? "oh while margo was being margo venus lived her life normally like she always does regardless of what margo is doing." it's irrelevant

No. 370415

tbh I think this girl is talking out her ass

No. 370443

OK I have to ask. WTF is with Margo randomly posting "Garlic"? Does it have some meaning any anons have deciphered? Does she mean it like "sour grapes" (someone is being pissy) or is she using
a messed up incongruous metaphor, intending it to be like "bitter"?

No. 370444

Poking the cow, I see…
Did the maggot replied to it?

Don't worry, anon. Your typing is waaaay better than common marglish.

No. 370446


i haven't seen margo say it but in a video someone asked venus if she missed her mom and she said "garlic garlic garlic" as if warding off a vampire

No. 370452

Margaret write it here:

She is definitely referencing Venus' video… that she probably had on repeat for hours while reciting a satanic prayer.

No. 370463

No reply, but she did "like" it.

No. 370464

File: 1492417275036.jpg (64.6 KB, 540x471, IMG_20170417_102050_225.JPG)

No. 370465


idk what Margo is even trying with these, these aren't even anything bad even though a bit cringey. Like all she did was show that she's ready to post her own daughter's private diary into the internet

No. 370473

New veedheo! Hair care with Margie!

No. 370475

She looks so awful.. her hair is so disgusting
and why is she using that cheap green screen??

No. 370481

oh my god you know why… I started trying to read the book titles to get some insight and then I realised it's just a photo of a respectable room and she's filming with a green towel hung up in the corner of some disabled bathroom

No. 370485

She seems like an odd, quirky but nice and fun old lady in this. If I didn't know better….

No. 370488

because she is filming in the only squaremeter of her tiny cellar room in the goshiwan that is not filled with boxes and stuff from the storage of south korea she can no longer afford.

No. 370490

I agree. It would be easy to see this, have someone tell you that her daughter is an abusive psychopath, and you might believe it based on this impression alone. You can see how people who don't know about the drama could be fooled by this seemingly timid, soft-spoken woman. The contrast with her dark side is so weird.

No. 370492

A perfect example of a narcissistic person doing the best to be seen as charming

No. 370494

Do you think in private, she shrieked and screamed at Venus, or kept that loopy, calm voice?

No. 370497

Is that a serious question?
There was no need to be gentle and calm or charming towards Venus, so I can't imagine Margo even feeling the urge to treat her well, except for when she needed/wanted something from her.

I don't think Margo wasn't funny at times, though.

No. 370509

File: 1492434608608.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170417-090811.png)

Haterz are soo obsessed with me!!

No. 370511

Wow, I am legitimately taken aback by the condition of her hair. It's like nappy fur from a 1970's stuffed animal. Wow, just, damn. I would have a nervous breakdown if my hair were in that state. She would honestly be best served shaving that all off and starting over, you can't come back from that.

I'm also bewildered at her white mascara primer shining through, I thought you were a world class makeup artist Mergs.

No. 370528

There are so many people she can refer to. Does she mean pull, kiwis, or us?

No. 370531

File: 1492436822879.png (14.49 KB, 557x88, kek.PNG)

I just couldn't help giggle a little

No. 370532

I meant creepy calm, like Hannibal Lecter.

No. 370585

File: 1492442809473.jpg (49.14 KB, 398x500, mpfd_2.thumb.jpg.cd0fa33b87ea4…)

I stole this off from PULL…

No. 370598

I love this

No. 370655

File: 1492449452837.png (30.18 KB, 318x151, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.1…)

It's missing the hash tags - she's jeloos of how successful #askvenus is and wants people to send HER questions.

No. 370671

Lol the result of the mask is that it's slightly less nappy, sure - but then it becomes apparent that she did indeed give herself the Chinese Grandma Home Perm Special, twice (even after changing the rods). It's not just the horrid texture that looks bacd Margo, nor just the color, which doesn't match your skin. It's the ridiculous curl pattern you put in your hair; no matter how you can repair it, it's gonna look bad.

No. 370681

File: 1492452069562.jpg (49.58 KB, 375x500, image.thumb.jpeg.a5e3625acc105…)

Hallo everyone. My name is Margaret Palermo and today I'm going to teach you about life.

No. 370701

So boring. She has no clue how to make an engaging video. Yawn. So much for being the brains behind Venus Angelic.

No. 371548


No. 371549

You know what? I genuienly feel that Venus' videos have gone downhill since she left Margaret. Marg always strikes me as the more charismatic of the two. Her videos may not be full of fancy effects and editing but I feel like she doesnt need all that to hide behind anyhow

No. 371552

File: 1492468025043.png (2.21 KB, 115x121, sonBAIT.png)

No. 371562

piss off you grotty little wanker. Dont tell me you are supporting that overweight monstrousity that calls herself Venus Chan?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 371565

File: 1492469430667.jpg (74.45 KB, 430x168, SuperBaits.jpg)

u wot mate

No. 371578

File: 1492471047511.png (48.72 KB, 148x144, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 4.15…)

On top of her horrid banner than includes a bunch of jokes from 2008 (doges! mustaches! chevron! lolersk8s!) she changed the subscribe button to a Dr. Evil joke.

Wow so funny / edgy, Margo!

No. 371583

File: 1492471361430.png (280.17 KB, 575x436, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 4.18…)

>>fifty skin smoothing masks used
>>still looks like Baby Jane

No. 371586

File: 1492471614744.png (70.08 KB, 205x168, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 4.24…)

More of Margo copying Venus: besides Mags starting an "ask Margaret" thing on instagram today, in an effort to copy Venus's successful #askvenus videos, a moment in Margo's hair video stood out: where she said she was doing an "expectation verses reality" with the hair mask.

Wonder where she came up with that? Oh yeah. Venus did it a couple days ago.

No. 371604

It literally says to use this on wet hair on amazon, which she mentions having checked…

It does look better, but seriously.

No. 371607

File: 1492474129474.jpg (80.34 KB, 506x278, Silent Horror.jpg)

Browsing a webcomic called Silent Horror and found proof of Maggot's new job.


No. 371608

You don't understand. Margaret is beyooty expert nonpareil - a gel nail #autodidiact, a technician of hair coloring far beyond what any trained beautician can achieve, and knows everything about makeup. If she looked at all the directions for the hair masque and determined that dry hair was the way to go, maybe you should listen to someone who so obviously knows her way around beauty products, anon. I mean, just look at the curl definition of her second #permhair and tell me that body doesn't make you jeloos.

No. 371618

File: 1492475058128.jpg (248.38 KB, 750x1007, IMG_6235.JPG)

Margo has been getting meds from """a friend""" (read: a random online) rather than drawing any attention to herself at a proper medical establishment and is rightfully suffering for it.

No. 371626

"Unicorn Laboratories" yeah sounds like legit cold medicine you should totally take Margo.

Let me help you: you took speed

This should really help her mood.

No. 371630

WHY can't she read basic Korean to get a non-shady over-the-counter cold medicine from the drugstore?! It's been a year. Hangul is super easy to learn compared to Japanese. What does she do when she's not out a'whorin'?

No. 371633

And when Venus paid for a semester of full immersion language school, plus a second semester that Margo just blew off, plus she lives in Korea and has nothing else to do all day, plus the language books Venus bought for her, PLUS the language books she just showed off that someone gave her when they moved out of the goshiwan?

No. 371639

File: 1492476641263.png (252.49 KB, 1121x458, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.49…)

Does she actually want someone to link her to LMGTFY? This took one second. The first link is to their english language website where you can look up the medication.

No. 371650

This shows how much she depended on Venus. Venus was the only one with the language skills to get them around. That is just terrible. Margo: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Her behavior is so damn weird. How does she survive being so dysfunctional? Maybe pretending to be this ignorant is merely an attempt to get people to socialize her. Like breaking an appliance on purpose just so the maintenance worker can keep you company.

No. 371678

If she just straight up wanted attention, she'd post it on her instagram though, I think. She keeps her Trump stuff away from her asspat farming and on twitter; her asking for aid about not being able to read moonspeak makes me think she's actually slightly embarrassed about this. But it also means the Celebrity Manager is too retarded to use google.

No. 371684

top to the fucking kek
looks exactly like her.

meh, was hoping for actual LSD. looks like its only penicillin that has usually literally no side effects (if not allergic)

i dont buy her being that incompetent, its just another attempt for pity points.

sry, that >>371674 was me, deleted for avoiding constant samefagging

No. 371689

weirdly enough the site just tells you to call them for business inquiries if you try to look at any of the medication listed on their website. I tried to track down the mystery orange pills but couldn't manage it, but I'm tired as hell right now so maybe I'm missing something.

No. 371800

File: 1492493439213.png (110.3 KB, 986x445, IMG_5276.PNG)


I see, so that's how she was the "real veenoos angelic" all along. Anon, that comic was pretty spot on kek

No. 371995

File: 1492538217712.png (29.92 KB, 583x140, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.5…)

Song lyrics? Or is she still "tripping a nightmare" on those cold meds and writing bad poetry?

No. 371998

Also note that she has 1850 followers, and her tweets are never liked or retweeted, not even once.

Did she buy them all? Wouldn't buying them guarantee her some minimal amount of engagement?

No. 372007

lyrics. of a shit song. (imo)

>I’m fairly local, I’ve been around,

>I’ve seen the streets you're walking down,
>I’m fairly local, good people now.

>I’m evil to the core,

>What I shouldn't do I will,
>They say I’m emotional,
>What I want to save I’ll kill,
>Is that who I truly am?
>I truly don’t have a chance,
>Tomorrow I’ll keep a beat,
>And repeat yesterday’s dance.

>Yo, this song will never be on the radio,

>Even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote,
>It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional,
>Yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral,
>The world around us is burning but we’re so cold,
>It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional.

>I’m not evil to the core,

>What I shouldn't do I will fight,
>I know I’m emotional,
>What I want to save I will try,
>I know who I truly am,
>I truly do have a chance,
>Tomorrow I’ll switch the beat,
>To avoid yesterday’s dance.>>371995

No. 372010

I don't know why narcs so strongly identify with songs, especially pop lyrics (recall Patrick Bateman and his love of Whitney Huston, and Huey Lewis.) I knew a narc woman who, at the age of 28 (which she tried to hide from everyone for some reason) breathlessly sent around Taylor Swifts "22" to her friends, saying it perfectly described their lives. Their lives centered on cheating on their spouses, stealing from people, and doing coke. I bet TayTay thought of them when she wrote it, right?

This one sounds like Margo is being emo about the one sided fight she's in with Venoos - she's the brave one who has a chance! Just as soon as she stops tripping on Unicorn cold meds.

No. 372351

File: 1492564237938.jpg (113.83 KB, 750x584, IMG_6263.JPG)

There may well be bought followers but a fair chunk of Margo's followers are people who look out her for milk (myself included) or who have randomly followed her because she's always tweeting stupid shit at more successful accounts for no real reason, pic related.

No. 372355

Fishing for engagement, I assume. It seems no one is stupid enough to bite, much to her disappointment.

No. 372367

what is she even trying to say?
can someone translate from marglish to english?

No. 372368

"This sentence is so bad you should kill yourself hahaha" ~ edgelord margo

No. 372378

Yes. Maggot is known for her eloquence when speaking and writing in English. That's why it has it's own category–Marglish.

No. 372735

File: 1492623342405.jpg (33.67 KB, 254x199, 2.jpg)

No. 372782

Ok so who is lying? because They both can't be lying, and as much as I don't like Margaret I honestly cannot believe venus for even a second, she is full of shit.

So which is it? is Margaret the liar or Venus?

I have seen evidence of Venus' bullshit so if someone has some evidence against Margaret I would like to see it.

Sorry for being clueless, I avoided Venus for a long time, and just hapened across a video about her today. I wish I hadn't…

No. 372786

Read previous threads, you fag.

No. 372792

I would prefer that I have sex sometime in the next 5 years so no thank you.

If I am going to spend hours online researching something it's going to be something that matters, like how our economy works or TED talks about science and shit.

Especially when all I need is someone who knows the truth to take 45 seconds to explain it.

If you don't care then that's fine, I will just have to assume she's not lying since I have seen the pictures that prove what Venus did. Doesn't bother me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 372794

>I have seen the pictures that prove what Venus
Please show.
If you informed yourself about venus, then you would know that venus is the "normal" and margo the crazy one. Venus wanted a normal life and Margo was and is probably her biggest stalker and enemy in her life.

No. 372795


show the pics or shut up.

here's the short version: margo is a narcissistic liar. venus isn't perfect but she's definitely the victim and there's threads upon threads of proof.

here's the long version: we've been following this shitshow for over a year now, it can't be summed up in 45 seconds. if you'd rather be ~*~*~le intellectual~*~*~ instead of wading through the cesspool that is the drama surrounding margo/venus like the rest of us then please leave, we won't miss you.

No. 372799

Wow I thought this was lolcow not her youtube comment section.

You tell me to "prove it" when the proof I mentioned has been availible for a long time, how is it my responsibility to inform you of something you can easily find with a google search?

Where did the money come from? the Laptop had her name on it, She married a pedophile stalker then cheated on him the second she got her visa…

What am I missing here?

In be4 you flip it on me, I looked for "proof" that All that shit is made up and margo is the crazy one but I can't find shit, funny how that works eh?

The pictures I mentioned show that Margo owned the joint-account and that the laptop was stolen, since she was able to lock it and you have to own the thing to have that access.

So instead of flinging shit like triggered apes why not inform me how anything I have said is incorrect?

Instead of telling me to do it myself and give me no evidence or any clue as to whats ture and what is false.

I don;t want accusations either, I need solid proof, because as of right now, Venus has alot of evidence against her, and all I can find on margo is internet troll comments and hate-filled biased ED-style smear pages about her.

I would happily investigate the truth, but the word of a bunch of Anonymous internet warriors isn't proof. And why should I wade through hours of lies and bullshit to find this evidence that supposedly exists?

Are you saying there is any proof she is lying besides Venus' word? Because that doesn't mean jack shit.

No. 372807

you sound like margo

No. 372810

>Comes to thread where Margo's antics has been documented for over a year
>Demands farmers to give a summary of a long, complicated situation
>Reeeeeee I don't want to read! Do the work for me! Why are you getting mad I want all of this info handed to me instead of seeking it out myself even though it's readily available!

We're not your personal wiki. If you want information, look it up.

No. 372811


like we said if you have the pics please post them.

margo locked the laptop, that does not prove it was hers, just that she had access to it. venus on the other hand paid for her housing, schooling, and left her several highly priced possessions. she only took her own things and the laptop (which she paid for with her youtube income, by the way). The bank account was a joint account but was filled with her own money from her youtube income. None of that money belonged to Margo and she had no right to take away Venus's access to it. Venus had every right to remove her from her channel. Margo had no right to fly to Japan assuming she would live with Venus and assault, harrass & stalk her when Venus did not comply. Everything Margo did was out of malice. Everything Venus did was to escape that malice.

Also Manaki is not a pedophile stalker., at the very most it's up for debate. He was a fan, and Venus was underage. It was a little weird to the outside viewer but they started a relationship & got married when she was a consenting adult.

No. 372838

If our threads are too hard for you to understand, just go to the maggot thread on kiwifarms, they have it all in one.

No. 372850


>You tell me to "prove it" when the proof I mentioned has been availible for a long time, how is it my >responsibility to inform you of something you can easily find with a google search?

>Instead of telling me to do it myself and give me no evidence or any clue as to whats ture and what is false.

Follow your own advice. If you aren't willing to provide evidence, why should we? (And it's easily available on kiwifarms as previously stated.

No. 372866

Ignore the troll, y'all.

Troll: feel free to go back and look at the evidence in past threads. If that's too onerous for you, try kiwifarms starting around page 30-35. It's around when Venus moved back to Japan to live with her husband and Margo lost her mind over it.

No. 372918

>I would prefer that I have sex sometime in the next 5 years so no thank you.

Lol. No you won't, dude. Go hug your dakimakura.

>If you don't care then that's fine, I will just have to assume she's not lying since I have seen the pictures that prove what Venus did. Doesn't bother me.

Lemme guess… from Vexxed's video where all "evidence" and testimony was submitted by Margaret? Predictable.

No, it's one her fat, socially-inept betas with a mother complex that haunt her IG.

Or that titty-monster Vexxed.

No. 372923

File: 1492643345610.jpg (264.48 KB, 1423x1508, IMG_4174.JPG)

Is there anything as odious as a busted-ass 42 year old hobo/hooker who tweets lyrics from Twenty One Pilots and goes on instagram to brag about a dank insta account that followed her, hashtag #butthurt ?


No. 372924

File: 1492643372629.gif (Spoiler Image,3.85 MB, 480x360, ɘɔnuod mɘ ɘʞɒm.gif)

No. 372931

Miss Christine Chandler would be jealous of such ample bosoms!

No. 372942

sage your side chatter, friends.

No. 372989

Does Marg want to be the new idubbbz now?

No. 372994

This will never make me not laugh.

No. 373033

That is 100% one of the jelly weebs who has been obsessively posting hate comments on every one of venus's IG posts ever since the "omg so horrible" April fools joke. Also willing to bet their "proof" is just the screenshot of that lmao

Go back a few of venus's posts on IG, it's probably one of those 1 or 2 girls that kept posting that shit and keep insisting they're going to unfollow and that Margo was probably telling the truth all along, and yet they keep coming back.

No. 373066

>obsessively posting hate comments on every one of venus's IG posts
No hate comments recently (that's a topic for Venus's thread tho)

No. 373185

Are you sure about that? I got very "homely male with ample bosom" vibes.

No. 373202

>TED talks
good luck, honey

No. 373204

Now we know why margo likes vexxed so much. He has sth she hasn't: big tits. Tits so big that they hit him in the face when he runs.

No. 373209

It was hypothesized by a few people that she offered sexual favors to Vexxed in exchange for the interview, but maybe it was the other way around: he let her motorboat those flapjacks and assert her dominance.

I hope y'all enjoy that mental picture.

No. 373231

File: 1492690416249.jpg (29.41 KB, 225x225, download (1) 3.jpg)

No. 373233

>>372924 what video is this from?

No. 373250

somewhere in here >>>/snow/172043

No. 373270

Face slapping tits! Face slapping tits!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 373324

alabaster retard(sage your shitposts)

No. 373337

I always assumed Vexxed was her new daughter, an ersatz she could pimp out for the less picky client.