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No. 490659

Onion has turned Youtube into his new Twitter and lovebombs Lame and his kids to the max.

Lamey is basking in her smugness since she kicked Sam out. Subtly accuses Sam of stealing and denies it later. Sam rages about Lame accusing her of stealing, on Twitch.

The Onions are posting about how happy they've been the days after they kicked Sam out.

Sam does an interview about her shitty living situation and Greg gets offended, starts trash talking her and raging about cheerios. The two start streaming accusations and insults back and forth, but don't actually talk to each other.

Grug defends Footface against Sam. Footface has nothing to say about the situation as usual.

Lame and Sam talk on the phone and Grug implies Sam got kicked out because she was being inappropriate by coming onto him. He threatens to expose emails they exchanged. Sam claims the emails consist of Greggle trying to get her to admit she had feelings for him.

Grug gets triggered when trolls say Sam and Maya rejected him. Tries to make people believe that they wanted him and he rejected them.

Grug makes a video calling DDLG gross to derail the pedo accusations against him (even though Lame calls herself his little girl and calls him daddy).

Onionboy posts cringey Onision video with Sam, directed at haters.

Onions sell Tesla and buy a truck. Still waiting to see what the IRS will hit them with. Also in process of searching for a smaller house.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow will be used for live blogging, sperging and nitpicking.
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



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No. 490662

TempCow is gone for now, live stream blogging can be done here


No. 490916

Question for anyone who follows streams, has Greg talked about watching hentai at all since his brave and courageous addiction confession?

No. 490920


According to Sam he has. He even showed her some of his favorites, if I remember right and she was telling the truth.

No. 490926

File: 1519877273927.png (45.47 KB, 493x570, script.png)

He's making another video about SR. Seriously he's desperately retreading the same topics that brought him views back in the day. Euginea, SR, JG's boobs….

Sometimes I can't believe how blind he is to his own behavior.

5. Heʼs also so adaptive & mobile, like, one day, heʼll have a friend,
then the next day, that friend will dump him and itʼs like he hated
them the whole time.
- One day talking about how much he loves Onision. The next day
talking about how he never liked Onision and heʼs horrible.

How can he even type this without realizing he does the exact same thing every time.

Honestly it's the same points he has already brought up with new wrapping. No wonder why people are getting bored with his content.

No. 490928

Too bad you can't type in a suggestive like oh idk, himself? Roast yourself Onion. That would actually be a great video.

But yea I agree, he's just milking the same utter of dry drama to try and make videos. Especially when isn't he the one who judges people who constantly make creepy stalker like videos on him??(He said the channel who made the olive garden date video was). Such a hypocrite.

No. 490930

I made a paint version of lainey with upturned eyeliner (though it is thick sorry about that) it looks a lot better in my opinion

No. 490931

File: 1519882623712.png (207.94 KB, 312x343, lain.PNG)

rip forgot to attach image

No. 490940

lol, Sam was his best friend tho!

No. 490960

File: 1519912373519.jpg (105.94 KB, 1023x378, Screenshot_20180214-024113.jpg)

Yes. Perhaps it was in one of Sams deleted twitch streams, but Greg has been dabbling in the hentai again, per Sam's words.

She stated that Lainey had caught Greg fapping to hentai a few times since she (sam) had been there too remember that?? Lol

But yeah, Sam told Greg how much she liked Sephiroth, so Greg took her to a computer and said hey watch this, and it was a hentai porn of Sephiroth and Aerith doing it, and i think maybe (maybe) there were tentacles involved. Can someone confirm or deny the tentacle part? I recall personally livebloging about it on Temp. Because Greg is gross and has fucked up boundaries.

Also, when asked about hentai, Sam states there was a box of Hentai discs behind her chair, and that she would show them, if it weren't for the fact that her twitch account would get banned for that lol.

Here is a screencap of a chater asking Sam to whip out Gregs forbidden sticky yet crusty box of Hentai.

No. 490963

>Sam told Greg how much she liked Sephiroth, so Greg took her to a computer and said hey watch this, and it was a hentai porn of Sephiroth and Aerith doing it
Isn’t that like, legitimate predatory grooming behavior?

No. 490968

she said on stream, before she left the mansion, that he offered to give her his hentai collection, also. like, i guess his folder full of hentai. likely with the intention of them watching together, hopefully, as he had already tried to watch/look at the sephiroth x aerith hentai with her. sam said she hadn't looked at hentai in years though and really had no interest.

No. 490981

Absolutely. It’s different because Sam isn’t a child but predators will often sexualize things or show kids cartoons or that have been modified to be adult or outright pornography. Think Mr. Horton from Different Strokes.

No. 490982

I really hope he never did that with Billie…

No. 490986

I like how he is titling it "10 Things I Love About Social Repose" after his Lainey video with the same title. It goes to show that he groups her in with people he actually hates. How fitting that his wife would be the first one he roasts. Is this supposed to become a series like Shane Dawson's series?

No. 490987

I don't think he did because Billie had gone there already in a relationship with them. However, from what we've gathered from his and Sam's livestreams he wanted Sam to be in a relationship with them, but that wasn't why she was there. So he probably took her liking Hentai as a way to seduce her with his collection. Which only shows how much of a creep he really is if he thinks that's something anyone would actually be interested in. Even Shiloh freaked out the first time she found out he got off to Hentai. I can't believe Lainey is ok with it, but she seems to be ok with a lot of weird shit he does so

No. 490990

Sam isn't a shy virginial womanchild though, seriously she knew what she was getting into, it's not the first time she's lived with a youtuber, her ex is a twitch streamer/youtuber known online as nightmareRH, this whole thing almost seems to have been a strange publicity stunt, her twitter has been wiped of almost any mention and the yt video's/streams they uploaded together have disappeared, it's all very very odd.

No. 490992

Lainey's new video "is my relationship toxic" is a whole world of smug. Any fledgling pity I may have felt has now vanished forever.

Edit, I can't attach the hooktube I'm on mobile atm, I'll try later.

No. 490993

I just saw that. Did you see the amount of times she said sometimes or frequently in that quiz?

No. 490994

File: 1519931662772.png (1.41 MB, 1334x750, 3C1F1F23-4BCA-4F52-8E17-58D6B0…)


No. 490996

She even takes quizzes like he does and minimizes things he does. She says “never” for things that come up semi-frequently.

No. 490998

i just watched the beginning and already am cringing. Lainey referred to the song "Toxic" by Brittany Spears and got offended when Greg said it was a terrible song. makes me think that Lainey might actually be one of those people that fantasize about relationships like this and listens to the song often, relating it to her own life.

No. 491000

Nobody is making you stay here Keith

No. 491001

How are they still not getting tired of taking quizzes in every third video? Oh right. Because it takes zero effort but allows them to have a clickbaitey title about their relationship (cause that's the main thing their audience is interested them being the real life soap opera they are). Their remaining fans for sure are getting tired of it finally, who's really excited to see the result from some random online quiz anyways? Hello lame and onion, it's 2018. Don't tell me this is the only content you can come up with. You even ask your fans for ideas, yet you post the same type of videos over and over again… But yOuTuBe Is KiLlInG mY cHaNnElS


Thanks for the hint anon, I'll find you.

No. 491002

true but they must be doing something right because even though they post the same videos and have relatively boring content, people are still willing to pay them. so honestly they are winning as long as they can make thousands off of patrons a month.

No. 491006

I'm pretty sure is inflating his patreon figures, there's a number of "new" accounts that have no creators they're supporting yet they're commenting and liking content. I know he's pushing patron on his forum but the amount of actual patrons vs the active discord patrons is wildly inaccurate. There are maybe 10-15 discordfags active at any one time and his vimeo views are as laughable as his yt ones, onionbuoy is sinking fast.

No. 491008

they are ridiculous. as if a quiz is going to be able to tell you whether or not it's toxic. grug and lame are on a whole other level of toxicity. they need a quiz made specifically for them.

No. 491010

>"I think our trust is stronger than ever, I straight up tell on hoes."

pretty sure they were talking about Sam in this.

No. 491011

Lainey also says "[Greg] gets me cereal in the morning"

They're talking about Sam

No. 491012

Lol his dead-eyed stare.

Guys I know he's less relevant than ever, but he has a plan!! Remember, he's going to use his WhatAmI army and wait for the hate to die down before commencing his return!! Hahahahaha

No. 491013

By telling I’m assuming she watched sams livestreams, reported back to onion sam was an incognito hater/farmer, and onion was sick of sam anyway at that point since she wouldn’t be poly and got rid of her. They are so boring when are girls going to stop going there and just let lainey have that gross dick all to herself

No. 491014

They're gonna be jabbing at her in each and every video for the next two years, for all of her faults/poor decision making sam doesn't deserve this vindictive sly, below the belt passive aggressiveness. The onions are truly toxic. What type of sociopath do you have to be to drag an innocent person into your twisted mindgames to prove a point to your wife?? I'm waiting for the year lamey finally comes her senses and objectively looks at the way her husband treats her, hopefully for the sake of their kids it'll be sooner rather than later.

No. 491017

She’ll never get there. She doesn’t want to. Plain loves the ‘power’ she gets from being a caveman’s wife. She’s a lost cause. Every time they bring someone new to the house, my hatred grows. They are both cucks. They’re both awful.

But then I think about how Taylor is going to realize, at some future date, that her entire life has been a joke. She had children with this piece of garbage. At some point the fact that her entire life has basically been about ~~erasing herself for a guy who has the intellect and emotional maturity of a twelve year old is going to dawn on her and it’s going to suck, and I for one am going to laugh at her and say ‘we told you so’.

No. 491021

I hope Onion and lameo stay together in their miserable relationship. What's going to happen when they are old and dont have any "haters" to blame for their shit relationship? Just like no other girl deserves an asshole like onion, no guy/girl deserves the smug bitch that is lameo. She seems god awful. Look how shes treated every girl thats liked her. Like i know some people think she should find a healthy relationship after onion, but lameo IS a toxic person herself and will prob ruin the next girl/guy's life with her bullshit.

No. 491023

True but since she already has a pattern I wouldn't be surprised if she hopped on to another abuser-type like onion. She has this idea of a soulmate and eternal love. So if the marriage with onion comes to an end she'll probably look for another guy she can worship (I mean come on, she'd never actually have a relationship with a girl). It will be hard for her tho having two kids with a lunatic, but maybe if she doesn't have high expectations she'll find another one. Can't imagine any decent guys would take her tho, if so I'd feel very sorry for them.

No. 491037

She looks terrifyingly pale here.

No. 491038

It’s the filter. She turns it up in her videos with Smeggory so he doesn’t look so red.

No. 491041

So is the livestream thread gonna get unlocked, or do the mods decide what streams are important to discuss? Lainey has been live for 30 mins already.

No. 491042

Did anyone catch the part where Lainey said Greg is a narcissist but she is "an inverted narcissist"? That was only ever discussed here on lolcow, lerking confirm.

No. 491043

Tbh I didn't expect the stream thread to be working out from the beginning

No. 491044

she was talking about being mexican earlier

No. 491045

I as well question why the mod designated livestream thread is still locked down. Lainey is streaming

No. 491046

Nobody will watch these shitty streams without a place to discuss them. If no one watches there won't be any milk unless the blargh or rsn catch some of it. Great decisions are being made here

No. 491047

Why is it locked again? I'm confused

No. 491048

A couple of users went off topic. I guess that's enough reason to lock the whole thread without mentioning when it's going back up (if ever).

No. 491050

People have said it on her YouNow a lot. No proof she comes to lolcow.

No. 491052

There was a big post about her being an inverted narcissist on tumblr.

No. 491053

This is pretty ridiculous, I agree.
A lot of us miss the streams entirely anyway and would bother to wade through a little bit of posts for a recap.

No. 491054

File: 1519959101169.png (Spoiler Image, 4.27 MB, 2208x1242, 0209D8EE-D160-47F5-9E09-48C70D…)

I’d be livid being a Lainey fan and having to endure Gurg’s face all the time. He’s in so many videos and a large portion of her fan base can’t stand him.

No. 491058

Sam is live now and she said she forgives the mother F**er for calling her a whore LOL. She saw the newest laineybot video where onion boy and lamey talked about her

No. 491059

File: 1519960052933.jpeg (342.29 KB, 1241x1206, 014858D2-ACDA-444F-B203-E92D19…)

what is this? Onion is actually trying to get people to volunteer to be judged by him in his videos. he makes it sound like they’d be signing up for the greatest experience of their life.

No. 491061

Staff is fucking up when it comes to Onision threads for whatever reason.

First they decided to get rid of sage, then they got rid of tempcow, then they wanted to split the Grease threads to contain stream discussion in its separate place for whatever reason.

"Making threads easier to read" is the dumbest fucking excuse I've ever heard when the content being discussed clearly still pertains to The Grease Mansion. I understand banning people for derailing and all that but discussing Lainey/Greg streams (even some discordfags/catfish as long as the discussion relates directly to the Avaroes still) is perfectly on topic.

We'll see where this goes. Making changes without proper community support often ends poorly.(take it to meta)

No. 491062

I didn't even knew Onion called her a whore. If that's true I would've liked to know about it.

Or you know at the very least have a liveblogging thread for streams, so users can discuss what Sam is talking about.

The farmhands are doing a stellar job with this.

No. 491063


The mods are annoying. I agree with Keith these middle age mods are ruining it for everyone. Hey mod before you say take it up somewhere else, you guys DONT LISTEN! Are you guys Gergs middle age fan girls? Lol time to change my IP address .(: ^))

No. 491064

Sam also is upset that Gerg lied about stealing/wearing Lainey's clothes without Lainey's permission. She heard Gerg say it himself in his stream. Says she has her own clothes and completely different style from lainey…

No. 491065

He called her a hoe in Lames new video

No. 491066

Sam revealed that Gerg and Taylor were in the process of divorce (not currently). Probably around the Billie situation.

No. 491067

File: 1519962837979.png (1.22 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1978.PNG)

I was coming here to say the same thing, this is the questions in the chat when she said it, it's the only one she could be referencing too since she reads them in order most of the time.

No. 491074

LOL. Sams stream is so good tonight. She said any feelings I had for you are gone, you are nasty. What slander? I'm not the one calling you and lainey hoe, cunt etc.

Sam also mentioned that she told Gerg it wouldn't be a good idea to throw sugar water on the table but he insisted cause it would be HILARIOUS. Complainey raged and was gonna make Gerg clean it up by himself but ALL three of them cleaned the table. In the end there was still a stain on the table and floor that will always remind Lainey of Sam.

No. 491075

Sarah is in sams stream. Sam warns Sarah that the onions have hot water on Sarah and that she hopes they all stay good friends. If they don't it won't be good for Sarah LOL.

No. 491076

I'm not sure if that person is sarah or not, I find it odd that they dont follow sam and are in her chat, but she is not confirmed as sarah

No. 491081

File: 1519970770974.png (5.84 KB, 312x69, oMNjyFD.png)

this also happened

No. 491082

Damn this is a milky stream, I hope some kind anon backs it up in case twitch mutes it because Sam always plays copyrighted music.

No. 491083

Sam says Greg blocked her and deleted her from his discord and released any emails between the two of them to his patrons. She said there is nothing incriminating in them just her trying to deescalate the situation. She's still waiting for her apology because she knows she did nothing wrong.

No. 491084

File: 1519972490106.png (4.91 KB, 300x59, XFkSLWn.png)

bootyslayer spooted in Sam's stream

No. 491085

booty is a fucking two faced hypocrite. she constantly talks shit about grunk yet praises him on stream etc.

No. 491086

>>491085 waiting for another ban now KEK

No. 491087

Adding to this, Sam found out that Greg didn't tell Lainey she was moving in, adding to Lainey's discomfort. Sam said she felt like shit after learning this.

Sam says the only times she was alone with Greg was in a professional setting; making videos, streaming. They hugged often but didn't do anything inappropriate.

Greg is now trying to say Sam tried to kiss him a week into her being there which Sam confirms is a lie.

No. 491089

>They hugged often but didn't do anything inappropriate.
A married man hugging some hot young girl "often" is not inappropiate??!?!!

> Greg didn't tell Lainey she was moving in

Lame has absolutely no backbone. How can she allow Gorg pull that shit on her? Not the first time hes done it also, I remember Lame bitching about him brining people over to stay without even asking her etc

No. 491090

Holy wow, that’s is pure unadulterated milk, whether she’s lying or not.

Stupid Sarah will run back to Complainey with that intel and of course Complainey will say “psh PssSSSsssHhhhh whatever bitch!”
Sarah better get a fucking clue because I totes believe Sam overheard something from the smelly Onion himself.

I also think Onion is sweating that he told Sam way too much and he fears she will turn on him and reveal some shit that even lainey won’t be able to question OR will cause her serious doubt or concern.

Please let the milk flow.

No. 491091

The night before she was told to leave she heard them talking about her and Greg saying he could sue her for slander.
Sam also commented about how she could use a hug, then went on to say a good 10 second hug, the kind that starts at the waist and travels down to your ass. Saying she used to get hugs like that all the time. Onichans first appearance in the vid is around the 1 hour 30 minute mark.

No. 491092

I think Booty stans harder for Sam than Onion though. Could be wrong.

Where is Gronk making these allegations? I want to see.
Supposedly there’s a ton of Patrons that are watching Grease for milk gathering purposes but we seem to only get drips.

Also, good lord Lainey is insufferable. She lets Greg move a complete stranger (not to mention, a female) into their home with their young children and one of the very first sketches is him and new girl totally mocking and making fun of Lainey. She is so ridiculous for allowing him to walk all over her. No shit that she was feeling insecure with Sam from the beginning but once again, it’s simply the other woman’s fault and Greg was an innocent little lamb the entire time.

No. 491093

With tempcow gone we probably won't hear from the patron anons that much, hopefully they pop up in the streaming thread with milk from time to time but I don't think they can really post here since it won't exactly be considered on topic. It might take a few weeks before things get resorted out and anons figure out what exactly consitutes on topic and off topic between the two threads. Hopefully everything gets caught back up though.

No. 491094

Ok, we already know Onion is a psychopath, but think about it. What kind of a person moves in with a married couple, without ever even talking about it to one of them?

It's just too crazy. There is a wife and a mother in there, raising her kids and Sam doesn't even bother to contact her like Heeey see you soon I'm moving in with you to do camera work :)

I don't think Sam is a necessarily a bad person, but she sure as fuck ain't right.

No. 491095

you realize there's an entire thread for patreons on snow right

No. 491096


did she give up on greg and move onto sam now or something
idk is anyone still even in their discord

No. 491097

she has a crush on greg (most likely for clout) now she's moving onto sam as she's bi sexual LOL ~ patreon anon(derailing)

No. 491098

fucking retarded

sorry for asking about her here, the patreon thread isnt in op and i forget where the fuck it is

No. 491099

File: 1519980997092.jpg (441.08 KB, 1973x1973, IMG_1771.JPG)

Someone commented that lainey looks like Lucille from the Simpsons. LOL. I can't unsee it.

No. 491100

i think anon means the farmers who infiltrate onion's patreon to give us the scoop, not the actual crazy ones in that thread

No. 491102

File: 1519981358606.gif (2.47 MB, 480x362, giphy.gif)

thanks for tainting my mind anon
he's really starting to bait a response out of youtubers again, his whole online persona revolves around getting a reaction out of people

No. 491103

I mean if it wouldn't be considered off topic here I'm willing to bet it would be relevant to the patreon thread

No. 491104

For future reference.

No. 491105

Yes, this is what I'm talking about.
Giving us the content that really no one should be paying for.

No. 491106

File: 1519986312634.png (474.69 KB, 851x451, staylost.png)

Even Gurgles is noticing how incredibly vain Lainey is.
I mean, they both are, but for some reason, it bothers me worse with her because she constantly pretends to be this personal that struggles with confidence, but she's more in love with looking at herself than Gurgles, I think.

No. 491107

There’s a couple patreon anons in the discord. It’s kind of fast paced but it’s a good place to nitpick and talk about milk.

No. 491108

Oops to clarify I meant the temp discord…not onions.

No. 491109

Damn I wish I could get the hookup for invite there but no one is giving it anymore. I dun goofed.
Discord for LC is completely dead and you can't even post in it. I don't understand it's purpose.

I just want to read Onion milk but it's on life support right now.

No. 491110

>naked (again)
>trying to look mysterious and edgy in front of the most mom/family style shower curtain

No. 491112

File: 1519988227236.jpg (5.22 KB, 223x226, OAdKk2T.jpg)

it's mainly just onion using his server as a room of yes men to validate his delusions about sam right now, also because of realstream leaks patreonfags have been quaking. I think greg has finally accepted he has no real friends but the money is worth it in exchange for being a public beggar

No. 491114

Oh yeah, but I was talking about the anons here that have infiltrated Greg and laineys patreons. On tempcow they would release screenshots from time to time on like their streaming schedules, or Lainey arguing with patrons, just minor milky or inofrmational stuff. Along with patreon exclusive videos.

I also want to let everyone know that the livestream thread was reopened. Sadly not until the end of Sams stream but hopefully it stays unlocked until and at least duri the next stream so we can all discuss it and capture milk in realtime.

No. 491115

File: 1519989070437.jpg (70.96 KB, 782x246, csn2kRA.jpg)

Don't know if this is particularly interesting or related purely to onion but this was his mod/bootlickers public statement after a few RSN leaks about gregs behavior towards a patreon.
Now the real question is if this is a way to distract from who should really be apologizing to the patreons (Greg).

No. 491116

they made a new one a while back, the invite is at the bottom of announcements in the old one.

No. 491117

File: 1519989658381.png (1.01 MB, 800x1217, Screenshot_2018-03-02-11-04-44…)

Grug has lost around 100 patreon's since sam's departure. He's now on 901, iirc during samgate he was hovering around 1,030. Even hate watchers have lost interest. Lameylovebombing is well and truly underway, they're both desperately trying to prove their love is true and honest. Nothing to see here guize, sam is a h8r, I dindo nuffink, I LOVE my spouseboi.

No. 491118

File: 1519989686389.jpg (53.01 KB, 564x179, FNJBvml.jpg)

Lainey responding to the reupload of when she pressured maxieboxie into donating more shekels on younow live

No. 491120

But I thought it never happened, Lainey!

No. 491121

I think Sam is not the only reason. I noticed the RSN vids are really affecting their image since they show significantly more shitty behavior than the blargh's vids did and are posted almost every day. There must be a correlation. Of course part of the behavior that was exposed had to do with Sam tho.

No. 491123

for the millionth time, patrons ALWAYS drop at the end of the month. this doesn't mean anything.

No. 491124

I hate this so much. it's like carrot top fucked the grinch.

No. 491125

File: 1519993633583.jpg (59.46 KB, 720x720, DXPMSh1WsAck1Yh.jpg)

I cant help it, but Gregs Face looks like the typical beauty op fail in this one.

No. 491126

Except it does mean something. He's not regaining his old patreon count and loses more ptrons by the end of each month than he did before.

In January he raked in about 4k, but come Febuary it dropped down to 3.4k, because most people didn't like that he slandered Shane.

So again, yes it matters because he is not regaining his old count.

No. 491127

So Sam finally admits she knew Lainey didn't know about her going to the McMasion. She arrived a few weeks after the Maya situation and anons speculated Onion would bring someone in next as it's "his turn"

Lainey as a married woman with young kids has every right to be skeeved out by this girl moving into their house; but the Onions have been doing this shit all of their daughter's lives that it's somewhat normal and their son will be old enough to form memories over this unstable mess.

what is the process of divorce to the onions, I mean a doctor appointment can take months of planning the initial phone call, however I do hope some caps.

If I was Lainey, the ex-hottie-that-came-to-my-house-who-enjoyed-being-groped-whilst-hugging-my-husband talking about their almost divorce would make me sperg. Do you think she preempted a twitter rage by deleting?

and finally, with them deleting their twitters or leaving them inactive, are they refunding people paying for those perks?

No. 491129

This whole video was slander against honesty.

And they both really made my skin crawl with him cradling her and kissing. They both need a fucking reality check. And his demeanour throughout this video, the short bastard has nothing better to do. And who is minding the kids, are they both in the corner present for this garbage?

i just hate to imagine him as a father to a little girl, honestly.

No. 491132

>Lainey as a married woman with young kids has every right to be skeeved out by this girl moving into their house

of course, but that doesn’t mean she has the right to treat Sam like shit and pretend Grug did no wrong. whether or not Sam knew before she actually moved in is irrelevant to the fact that Onion invited her without asking his wife. Despite them saying they both make the choices in their relationship, it’s clear Onion has the upper hand. And Lainey needs to start actually putting the blame on him instead of pretending he’s innocent because he makes her feel good when he says he’s “telling on hoes.”

Edit: and it seems like they both refer to any new girl who’s attractive as a ho. because there have been girls they both think are not attractive that they don’t insult. But the second a girl is pretty and she threatens Lainey, they both attack her.

No. 491134


>Edit: and it seems like they both refer to any new girl who’s attractive as a ho.

I think the way they are treating Sam is deplorable, but really, she bears responsibility for walking into the clusterfuck that is the Casa de la Grasa in the first place. There might… MIGHT… have been a little wiggle room when Billie walked into it, but not after Billie, Luxy, Maya, the way Greg treats his minions on discord, etc. Anyone who willingly goes there is asking for it, in my opinion. So I don;t feel all that sorry for Sam.

Having said that, even if she were a ho, what does that say about Greg that he imported a "ho" out there without talking to his wife about it, and having her around his very young children for a month?

Taylor needs to take a good hard look at herself and Greg. Sam didn't make any vows to Taylor, and she doesn't have a responsibility of any kind towards Taylor or her marriage, such as it is. Greg is 100% responsible for anything having to do with the Venn diagram representing the intresection of his marriage, Sam, and Taylor.

No. 491137

samefag, but I also need to add to the second paragraph:

Also, what does it say about Taylor that she allowed a "ho" to be around her children for a month, and tolerated her being there and interacting with her family? Like, if my husband brought in someone I thought had dubious morals, and I had two small children there, I'd pack all of us up and get out. Bottom line, even if Sam is a ho (which she's not, but she is a dumbass), neither Greg nor Taylor are any shining beacons of morality either.

No. 491139

>what does it say about Taylor that she allowed a "ho" to be around her children for a month

If Lainey seriously responded to this she'd have no choice but to admit that she's a dishrag and Greg totally calls the shots in their marriage. It makes things ok in her mind if she calls Sam a ho and acts passive-aggressive towards her.

No. 491140

The grossest thing about the Onions to me is that they’re never closer or bonding more than when they’re shitting on other people.
Their enjoyment of crapping all over others is the biggest thing they have in common.

She won’t, but rest assured she reads this exact type of comment daily and does her weird huffle puff noise and doesn’t say anything. OR, if she’s getting particularly roasted that day, she might say, “Greg is totally different off camera” and/or my favorite, “I don’t control Greg.” Her merch should literally have that slogan on it, with a tm attached.

No. 491142

>rest assured she reads this type of comment daily
Which has resulted in her deleting her twitter app.. yet grug DOESN'T control me, muh relationship is mutually loving and respectful, much like all the "gurlfrens" who want a V relationship with her have realised, if grug can't have it neither can lame. So completely non toxic ~so honest~

No. 491144

Anyone have notice Lainey doesn't hide she is a bitch like before? Even before she did anything she hide under any shitty excuse (her anxiety, her agender, Grug, etc) now she make excuses after she fucks up, I hope she comes more out of her comfort zone so someone can debate her hand on hand.

No. 491147

I thought that has been confirmed. I don't know if im the only one that noticed, but whenever we talked about something, especially in temp, they would make a video about it or vaguely allude to it on stream. I.e. we talked about lainey being small and her ddlg fetish then greg puts up a video… and so on.

No. 491148

I just thought about the question if onion would be okay with lame having a V relationship with a girl if he himself could have an exclusive girlfriend himself. So that both would have a v relationship with a girl. I think there might me a chance he would agree to that but he'd probably not because he doesn't want any money spent on a chick for lame he can't have lmao. And lame would of course never be okay with that cause she's jealous af for obvious reasons.

No. 491149

They definitely keep up with their threads. Vix asked Grug if he read them and he said no because they trigger him, but he definitely sends someone over here and has them report back. And we know that Grug loves to tell Lainey when people are shitting on her, so that's how she knows what's being said.

>I think the way they are treating Sam is deplorable, but really, she bears responsibility

I get what you mean, but Sam has a good excuse though. She does have a messed up home life and didn't really have a place to live, so even the Grease Mansion would look good at that point. After this though, if any other girls move in with the Onions then I have no sympathy for them. Grug has been doing this to girls for years, but now it's both of them doing it.

What makes me so mad about the situation is that these are people they are using to entertain themselves and spice up their relationship because Grug gets high off of using girls and needs other women to make himself feel good and Lame gets high off of causing problems between them and Grug so he kicks them out and makes her feel better about herself by insulting them. Since she's so insecure that she needs her husband to sleep with other women and then insult them afterwards to make her feel like she's appealing to him.

No. 491152

Am I the only one who finds it strange that he first went to unblock all haters on twitter to end the censorship on his profile with his "free speech" shit and now he suddenly decided to stop tweeting? It seems he's tired of fighting against the opposite site or he finally realized there will never be a majority standing behind him anymore. I wanna know what really led him to this decision to abandon his favorite place to vent. It's been a long time now without coming back.

No. 491156

he's using his youtube feed instead

No. 491159

I didn't see any leaked e-mails in discord or patron.

No. 491160


Sam still says the same thing from the day she left grease mansion. That the living environment in grease mansion was way better than her current situation and less toxic. She says she ate so well there (now all she eats is junk). She is grateful although the last week she was there was super awkward. Gerg told Sam that he wanted her to stay but would talk behind her back with lainey. He said not to leave until him and complainey talked it out (feb 13) the next day he gave her the plane ticket. Which means the doormat somehow convinced Gerg to send her back home the same day.

She is upset now cause Gerg talks shit and makes up lies about her. She has a reliable source (probably gergs patreon) who tell her everything even the fact that he gave all his patrons sams email and their email convo. Then taking jabs at her and calling her a hoe. She is surprised how someone can be so two-faced. She is upset he is that he wants her to reveal her "true feelings" for him so badly. She knows he wants to use that as evidence to make a video about her since he apparently lost money when she was living there and needs to make up the loss.

Sarah is such a kiss ass. It's probably cause the onions have info about her that even sam knows lol. She really said in Lames stream that the onions are the type of people who wouldn't kick people out and give them at least a months notice. Bitch he handed her the plane ticket the same she had to leave. They could have at least given her a week.

No. 491163

DISGUSTING. He was all "she hugged me from behind so awkward!!!" before.

Greg is not only a deadbeat dad, narc, liar, abuser but also molester!

No. 491164

>Gerg told Sam that he wanted her to stay but would talk behind her back with lainey.

He probably didn't want Sam to leave, but Grug has a habit of fucking shit up. I'm sure he didn't want Sam to leave and when he realized Lame wasn't going to give in and he didn't wanna listen to her insecurities, he had to let Sam go. And like always, he immediately starts bashing the person because he thinks they are going to do it to him. When in actuality, the only reason people talk shit about him after they leave is in defense of themselves because he attacked them first in an attempt to make them look bad to the public, when no one actually believes anything he says. So he just screws himself over by doing that because then the person will respond and then we find out the truth and it makes him look worse. If he just stopped shitting on people the second they leave, they wouldn't expose him.

No. 491166


i would die seeing greg try to sue someone for slander - all the judge would have to do is google him and he'd lose

No. 491168

Not wking the onions but sam's version of events has changed almost as often as lame's gender, initially she told everybody she was "thrown out the same day" then she said it was the next day then it emerged that grug hadn't actually thrown her out, sam decided to leave of her own volition, as any sane person woukd have done, also the idea that sam was from a terribly broken home with a impossibly abusive narc mom is so untrue it's almost laughable, seriously samstans need to ask her about Chris, the well known youtuber/streamer also known as nightmareRH, the man she lived with, the man she was in a relationship with for a number of years. Sam is about as ~honest~ as the onions at this point. Having sperged about that I still think the onions' treated her shittily, she's not a bad person but she went in with both eyes wide open.

No. 491169

File: 1520016016200.jpg (397.55 KB, 1694x826, L and 2 kids.jpg)

>And his demeanour throughout this video, the short bastard has nothing better to do. And who is minding the kids, are they both in the corner present for this garbage?

In the video of Lainey trying on clothes she had Cloeys arm visible, and it was not date night, so they did not have a babysitter for the night.

The kids are most likely in the room being quiet, or in another room. Which begs the next question: which room and floor, or why so silent?

No. 491175

I think that's something that I can't grasp. Lainey is a married MOTHER of two kids, and she keeps letting these internet randoms come stay with them. Wouldn't you want to meet in person somewhere away from the house first before letting strangers near your kids?

No. 491176


Well if you actually watched sams streams instead of edited videos on YouTube you would know that she does talk about Chris. She admitted that Gerg is more humble than Chris because when she would compliment Chris he would say "I know" but Gerg at least had the decency to says thanks.

She said she would leave the house when the atmosphere of the house got really bad cause of lame. But Gerg said to wait until he has a discussion with lainey. He got her a plane ticket for the next day she really didn't have a choice but to leave in short notice so she was kicked out. She probably thought she would have a couple weeks to figure things out.

You seem like the Gerg Stan who finds fault in the person who has been kind about him. She didn't even talk about him in her last stream but only brought him up yesterday because of the shit talk and calling her a hoe and saying she wore Lainey's clothes without their permission.

No. 491182

File: 1520019721161.png (111.68 KB, 800x892, Screenshot_2018-03-02-11-05-11…)

It was just an observation about her cough honesty, it just seems odd that every stream she lights up when somebody mentions gronk, she reminds me of a kid with a crush and will take any opportunity to talk about him either positively or negatively, at least she's out of Mcmansion and hopefully she'll go on to bigger and better things, I just find it disingenuous that just because she left nobody calls her out on her ever changing stories. In other news grug is practically begging his patrons to but shit from his poshmark, this is the 2nd in a week, the first one he sold everything for $10 (mostly lamey's old iPhone cases, she had enough to stock a small shop yet they're broke..) the onions need some fast cash it would seem.

No. 491184


Why are they selling leg and hand restraints, though?

No. 491185

File: 1520020617988.jpg (53.75 KB, 485x393, uhhmm.jpg)

Awkward, were these for Billie if she had gone to that basement?

No. 491186

File: 1520020844382.jpg (103.24 KB, 917x567, errmm.jpg)

Just womens accessories you guys, no kink shaming!! Obviously space princes are excluded.

No. 491187

>The kids are most likely in the room being quiet

if they have their kids in the room with them when they make these videos, that's extremely disturbing. In most of the videos they do on Lame's channel, Gurg said disgusting things and this whole video was about whether or not they are in a toxic relationship. And both kids are old enough to understand AT LEAST some words.

No. 491188

it kind of sounds like you're whiteknighting. sam's story changes every time gurg says something shitty about her. i think that's because little by little she's actually telling the truth, not lying. like most people, she kissed both of their asses. first Lame pissed her off with the stealing stuff and then Gurg when he started bashing her on stream. so then she stopped kissing their asses. everytime they talk to her or when Gurg posted the hater video with her, she kind of goes back to kissing their asses until one of them says something rude about her.

No. 491190

no way, the Onions definitely had those way before Billie. they probably sold them cause Grug isn't into DDLG anymore, now that he accused Shane of being a pedo and people mentioned Lamey calling herself his little girl. they didn't need to purchase restraints for Billie because they already had them, that's why it was a quick thought for Grug.

No. 491193

tinfoil: Greg initiated the whole debacle so he could eventually send Sam away to regain Lainey's trust, loosen the leash, and have the ability to cheat more inconspicuously.

No. 491194

where is the proof? link to the stream?

No. 491195


No. 491196


Exactly, it may seem like she is changing her story but it's because she wanted to stay in Onions good side after she left. She is revelaling what really happened little by little after the onions trigger her.I know it's fucked up but she really thought Gurg was her best friend (she said she new about Shiloh and Billie but understood why Gurg was upset -_-).

The onions then trigger sam with lies and rumours and she is forced to defend herself. Gurg wants to trigger her to say what he wants her to say which is her true feeling for him. He wants to use her words against her but Gurg is just digging his own grave. She straight up said Gurg is blackmailing her (will sue her for slander).

She really should be happy that she is out of their lives but it's obvious she is upset about the situation. If this is a publicity stunt she is an amazing actress. Gurg and lame should really stop talking about her if they wanna keep the remaining fans they have left.

No. 491197


Btw Sam has a full time job now (I believe as a corrections officer). She is trying to move on and is still sad she lost her "dream job" at grease mansion where she played videos and did art everyday. The Onions should shut up before she reveals anymore info because she has tea.

No. 491198

I hope she knows that she doesn't need the Onions to do that.

No. 491199

I'm willing to bet you don't really have anything to back up your claims. You sound like an onion.

No. 491201

why didn't we come up with this earlier? lainey totally got the evil looks too, maybe not in those two pictures but generally

No. 491203

are you sure she got that job? because in a stream she said her dad and her step mom are both correction officers. not only that but i don't think living in someone else's house and paying absolutely no bills and not getting paid is a job. Grug wasn't paying her at all. she was just living there for free, eating food they bought and using equipment they supplied. now look at that and think about it. why did Onion really have her there? The Onions only bring people into their house when it's beneficial to them. I find it hard to believe that Grug just wanted a friend to come stay and hold a camera for him while he provided her with everything she would need with nothing in return.

No. 491204

I don't know how anyone can see the condition of their filthy house and think to themselves huh I should buy their second-hand goods. It's not like they wash shit before it goes out. Everything is probably grimy from lube and smells like BO.

No. 491205

I'm pretty sure it is washed. I've bought Laineys clothes a long time ago and it smelled like detergent

No. 491206


She starts her 7 week training on the 12th but your right she doesn't officially have the job until she completes training.

Lol I don't think it was a job either but she did…Gurg told her that it was a job and they would be business partners once their streams took off. She also designed merch for both lainey and Gurg. She mentioned that she spent a lot of time playing games with their family? Idk if she was implying she was taking care of the cloe and Troy when the onions were doing their own thing. What else could she mean by "their family?" But yeah we dont think it's a job but she thought it was.

Gurg admitted he wanted to be in a poly relationship with Sam but lainey said no. He lied to the both of them. Told Sam it was strictly business and didn't tell lainey Sam was coming. Gurg is an idiot. The goes on and says he rejected Sam. LOL Sam said you didn't reject me Greg you liked me but lainey rejected me.

No. 491207

File: 1520025747881.gif (498.4 KB, 500x400, uno1.gif)

why would you pay them money for their rags jesus christ

No. 491209

I was a fan

No. 491210

would you have bought the clothing if it was a rando selling it? or did you just buy it cause it was lainey's? what did you buy?

No. 491211

File: 1520027449001.jpg (588.62 KB, 1245x467, VSTRKLu.jpg)

From "Is my Relationship Toxic Video"
Looks like he got botox or fillers for sure, it's never been so obvious up close like this. I figure they're both using blur filters in this video and it makes it all worse.
They try really hard to kind of my romantic towards one another in the video but lainey's complaineys on younow say otherwise. Doesn't she constantly remind us how much she misses greg in their own home lol

No. 491213

Shorts. And probably, it's not the first time I've shopped on poshmark

No. 491214


… Why would you buy Lainey's clothes?

No. 491215

File: 1520031553871.jpg (973.08 KB, 2048x2048, 1520031241615.jpg)

No. 491219

Was this before their house got overrun with dirty laundry? Maybe she sprayed it with febreze.

No. 491220

File: 1520033010732.jpg (553.51 KB, 2187x2187, IMG_1781.JPG)

No. 491225

Hey, don't shame former fans that have seen the light.
A lot of their fans did anything they could to support them because they think/thought they were cool people.

No. 491227

File: 1520034868470.jpg (67.88 KB, 600x600, Untitled1.jpg)

No. 491229

Still processing, and it's not the entire stream but Greg talks about Sam 99% of the video.

No. 491231

the pointy ass lipstick is accurate. why does taylor do her lips in the most unflattering shape ever? why doesn't a friend, like maybe sarah, help her out?

No. 491232

Doing gods work anon, I'm assuming grug will fire his doubleagent patron.. he was not a happy bunny, there's going to be fun and games in the mcmansion tonight. The truth will out I suppose, I hate saying this but I see this not ending well for sam.

No. 491233

dont out anyone

No. 491234

girl should have done her homework, greg doesn't even get paid for streaming on twitch

No. 491236

Here's the beginning of the stream, watch this one first.

No. 491238

He muted one of his discorders for talking to Sam, he's such a manchild his streams are so unbearable to watch.

He also says sam apparently "showed more affection towards him than Billie" and "attempted to swat at one of his kids"?.

Though I don't know how much Sam did there's no way I'm taking his word for anything that happened, he's changed his story so many times.

He said they were on good terms when she left and now he's going after her the same way he did to Billie. Man I hope Sam sees the light and spills everything.

No. 491239

The discorder was actively on the phone to sam whilst questioning grug for her during his livestream. It's all kinds of fucked up. Sam is starting to be a bit obsessive. If she wants nothing more to do with them then she simply stops talking about them/liking their tweets/video's etc If they make an allegation her best answer is lamey's go to.. I don't know anything about that, go and speak to greg etc.. but whilst she's still actively involving herself in their lives this will carry on ad infinitum. The onions are a nasty breed, sam could end this now by just refusing to mention their names, if you give people enough rope and all that.. but I think she likes the drama and attention too much to just walk away.

No. 491240

Even if you only have Greg's incredibly biased point of view on everything, it's incredibly obvious he is an unstable manchild who guns for anyone he perceives as a "threat" - which includes people who never interacted with him in the first place like Eugenia. You have to be an idiot or a 13 year old to think there is anything sane or likeable about Gurg, sorry Sam. She played with fire and is surprised she's getting burned.

No. 491241

No, they weren't on the phone. They were confirming to Becca that she was ok with the discorder sharing what she'd said.

No. 491242

You're right. If she wanted to end the drama, the best thing to do is to ignore them and move on. I do feel it is more complicated than that though. She is very young, she is upset because she actually liked being in the house, and though she may be naive for trusting the situation she is still going through a trauma and the publicity of it is revolving a lot around her internet persona. I sense she is a good person at heart, she wants to do the right thing, but its hard to get over a situation that you're already not over and just keeps getting worse with more and more false allegations and bullying from the onions. I'm hoping she spills te milk. Didn't an anon say she alluded to Onion giving very intimate hugs? I didn't watch the stream so i cannot confirm

No. 491243

She did, I believe the stream is still up.

No. 491244

"attempted to swat at one of his kids"? Does he realize how big that accusation is?

"just because i avoided kissing sam i should get a standing ovation because all the girls i dated had horrible, cheating dads :)"
how do these people not realize how HORRIBLE he sounds.

No. 491245

He has some audacity saying sitting in his lap and wiggling around made him uncomfortable without answering wtf she was doing in his lap in the first place. how can you let her in your lap then claim you're uncomfortable?

No. 491246

Some highlights:
>Apparently, Greg is saying that Sam tried to kiss him when she was there. Onion does some virtue signaling about how all the women he's been with had dads that cheated on their moms (I guess your daughter is a statistic now too, huh?) In an amazing twisted logic, he thinks he deserves a "stadium-sized, standing ovation" for "dodging" a kiss. Says he was "trained" by a poly relationship how to "deal with this stuff".
>Claims that proof of Sam's affections for him come from his aunt's claim that she had "cow eyes" for him. (I think she meant "doe")
>When Sam was there, there was the moment where Greg's mom was "transphobic" (he doesn't reference this, but we all remember it) but says that his mom defended Lainey when his aunt said that Sam was "trouble".
>Apparently she "tried to kiss him" a week into her staying there, and Greg constantly deflects this. Talks about her having a dream that she's pregnant with his kid. He says that he didn't kick her out then because he "didn't know" whether they would end up poly or not and if that comment would be okay later if so. He "let it slide" even though he supposedly expressed reservations about her being there under false pretenses.
>He brings up something to do with the kids (we tinfoiled when it happened that she reacted when one of the kids was having a tantrum and Greg reacted really weirdly towards her) and how it caused her to become very withdrawn towards him afterwards. It turns out one of the kids fell and she gasped and he scolded her for it. He was surprised that she spent the day away from him after and then she came out and "hugged him from behind" and told him she missed him after that.

>He also talks about how she tried to "swat" one of the kids on the hand. I would bet that their son tried to grab her or hit her and she was going to correct it. He says Lainey doesn't even know about it yet, so expect this to get blown WAY up and Lainey to get crazy about it.

>He said he had to let things pile up in order to have a "justified reason" to kick her out. TOPKEK!
>He says that Sam has everything to gain from looking innocent and he "doesn't have much to gain from making her look guilty". He says Lainey thinks she's a homewrecker with low morals.
>"If you're a hoe, admit you're a hoe"
>He says he gave no indication to Sam he was interested.
>Says she "wiggled" on his lap.
>Says Sam was more affectionate to him than Billie. (I'm not even exaggerating)
>Greg flips out on a discorder that disagrees with him or doesn't lick his ass.

I can't finish this but you get the idea.

No. 491247

I think they know, but realize questioning him will get them no where. Notice he said "here's the thing" multiple times while interrupting them, but when a patreon did it he objected.

No. 491248

>He says Lainey thinks she's a homewrecker with low morals.
I mean if her husband didn't sneak girls in so she could say no, nobody would be "homewreaking"

No. 491249

Gurg and Sam claim she was brought there for business. Sam said that Gurg introduced the idea of hugging. And why was Sam on his lap in the first place?

Sam said that neither Gurg nor Lainey brought up being poly, and yet Gurg let things slide because he wasn't sure if they'd end up poly? Someone had to have brought up poly. It does not make sense.

No. 491251

Maybe Greg had it in the back of his mind but never actually brought it up to Sam or Plainey because he knew it would raise red flags. Afterall, he did not tell Plain he was bringing sam in the first place. He was probably trying to gauge everyone and see how it turns out, and it turned out nothing like he planned.

No. 491253

I just can't imagine Gurg being uncomfortable and grossed out by Sam, especially if he intended for her to possibly be poly with them. I feel like be got busted with his hands in the cookie jar and this is just a bunch of lies to cover his barely legal fetish. Maybe Onion was rejected by Sam, panicked thinking she'd run to Plainey so he tried to beat her to the punch and exaggerated innocent acts like hugging. With the love bombing and suddenly turning to hard on Sam. I feel like he is for sure covering his tracks to stay in Lainey's good graces. Maybe he senses she's had it with his shit, or he's becoming co-dependent on her income. IDK

No. 491254


Gurg can't ever keep up with his lies. He invited Sam for business without telling lames. He never told Sam he wanted to be poly. Sam found out his true intentions after she left grease mansions where Gurg with his big mouth revealed he wanted to be poly with Sam in a stream.

He never said anything to Sam cause he was trying to convince Lainey to be poly with Sam. When Sam would get along with Lainey he would say creepy things like good job your getting on her good side.

When the doormat finally couldn't take it after almost a month she told Gurg, Sam had to go. I'm sure Gurg wasn't happy but there was no point in keeping Sam any longer, he didn't want a best friend but a girlfriend.

I have no doubt this manipulator started the hugs lol. He made a rant how Maya didn't hug him and that's what friends do. Didn't he manipulate the situation that friends can cuddle and give full body naked massages.

Sure Sam might not be the brightest, but it's clear who the liar and manipulator in this situation is. It always has been onion boy.

No. 491255

He's definitely trying to pay a debt to Lainey for bringing a girl into their home without her knowledge. I tinfoiled it started with him quitting Twitter (to spend more time with her and the kids) but now he has to make Sam look like an enemy too, because it didn't pan out like in his fantasies.

PS: Lainey has been on Younow for 17 minutes, but conversation for that goes in the stream thread (it's unlocked again)

No. 491256

Didn't she move in on Gorp when he was seeing Shiloh? Isn't she a homewrecker then?

No. 491257

My opinion is he has to keep her in his favor until he finds back up. We all know he can't be alone. Right now it is getting harder and harder for him to find bait. All his bait ends up seeing through his bullshit or having to leave so he has to go back kissing up to lainey. He won't be able to stand paying the child support etc alone, he needs new bait to help feed his ego through it all.

No. 491258

File: 1520042632975.jpg (295.6 KB, 2105x2105, IMG_1790.JPG)

No. 491260

so in th beginning when sam was gone he was still cool with her and they were still friends even though he sent her off over "realizing we would never be poly together". Remember sam didn't know about that in the beginning.
Greg runs his mouth off and sam defends herself and all of a sudden greg has all this dirty laundry on sam?
How much of this shit does he make up because when she first left he made no mention of a kiss or anything lmao

No. 491262


Sam talked about this in her stream. About the pregnant dream. She said Gurg would ask her everyday what was her dream and if she had dreamt about him. When she told him about the dream at that point they were telling each other their dreams everyday. She didn't know he thought she was a hoe cause of it.

Also if anyone is a hoe isn't it lainey who kissed more than 40 guys in high school. Sams only relationship was with Chris.

No. 491264


Lol onion boy is very delusional but I think he is trying to get on lames good side by telling her that he protected himself from the hoe/home wrecker sam.

Lames is probably so smug and happy that her man could have cheated but he didn't. She is an idiot.

No. 491265

File: 1520043276067.png (2.2 MB, 1242x658, alrightythen.PNG)

Greg released his anniversary video

No. 491270

File: 1520043688923.gif (3.02 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)



No. 491272

Huge fucking points to the main chick basically interviewing gurg in this stream, I've heard her on a few previous streams and she seems relatively adept and she gits the milkies outta old man greg. ty random discord fag i love u

No. 491273

If it was just the video in the middle, without the intro, ending/hash brown, it would have been a very nice gesture honestly.

No. 491275

Thanks kind anon.

A weird thing about this is that this middle-aged greaseball frequently references convos with his aunt and mom, like they're his only friends kek.

>ooooh my aunt disapproves

Also it sounds like Tami loves stirring up personal drama, it all makes sense now… Greg saying hoe over and over is so sad, okay Lil Xan (who he's too old to know about)

No. 491276

Basically just a bunch of zooming in and out of pictures of them on his phone with his weird song he made for Lainey playing against a backdrop of "nature".
You can see his smeary gross finger prints all over the phone throughout the videos.
He makes it about him.
>They married me even though people told them not to.
>We married on the anniversary of the day I tried to take my own life.
And this is totally what kills it entirely.

No. 491278

File: 1520044282990.png (275.98 KB, 633x330, talentless.png)

also he totally didn't "write" the "song" being played throughout the montage.
He doesn't even know how to play piano, let alone write or read music.
He just sampled a free track in protools/wavelab/cubase
kek what a hack
nothing about him is authentic

No. 491279

>sorry let me sympathize - or sorry specifitize - but SIMPLIFY…
jesus christ, is he trump? at least trump is really old.

>i'd rather just mention it passively and let it go

spends whole stream talking about her

No. 491280

File: 1520044573317.png (625.08 KB, 882x500, UNTITLED.png)

>"hey baby i love u so much here is picture of my phone in a bush"

No. 491283

File: 1520044757614.png (1.48 MB, 1866x902, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 9.35…)

Did their house always have these stairs or is she at someone elses place? I wish they'd update us how their house search is going.

But he thinks that's that how you make music, kek.

The video was surprisingly sweet for Greg. The ending really ruined it though.

No. 491287

Basically Greg flirted first and made subtle moves and sam flirted back but eventually rejected him. So he’s making this video to completely discredit her once sam comes out with all the dumb shit onion has said or done, and lovebombing lainey in between so she’s so far up his ass she won’t believe a word sam says

No. 491288

yes anon the house has stairs in the entryway, have seen the real estate listing for the onion home and the deleted house tour video.

No. 491291

Also can someone explain to me how if you want to be potentially poly with someone, how that person being affectionate or even attempting a kiss is considered THAT crazy?

No. 491293

onion boi has no logics, that's how

No. 491298

Yeah, it's the same area that he did the "Girl assaulted by fruit video" with Sam.

No. 491303

File: 1520051985724.jpg (477.22 KB, 938x549, 3FTUKs4.jpg)

she is the breadwinner at this point and not even by that much since so many of her videos get demonitized.

that's just what greg is saying; you're seriously not going to take his word for anything are you? If any of this went down then why is he barley coming out about it

No. 491304

Is this photo modified in any way.. because those smile lines are really deep

No. 491305

that's just her with her usual blur filter

No. 491311


thank you for reminding me of the only simpsons episode that gave me nightmares.

No. 491313

I heard thst Maxie was thinking about visiting their house? Did anyone else hear this?

No. 491314

Same!! Tbh I’m surprised he allows her to be on because she often points out how he’s wrong or overreacting.

No. 491316

Thank you!

Also he admitted that HE was the one that instigated having her sit on his lap when she “wiggled”. He says he pulled her onto his lap because he was “too lazy” to get up 😒 for a 3 second hug like ??? The wiggling could have been her trying to get off of him or responding to him clearly coming onto her.

No. 491318

Onion boi is in his comments on his 6 year anniversary video defending himself poorly…again

No. 491319

File: 1520063028164.png (26.13 KB, 967x213, noonecheatedWAH.PNG)

No. 491320


Is that the girl that people were saying would come with Allie or whatever her name is? I read something about a road trip to Grease mansion, but not sure if it was only speculation.

No. 491321

Is he fucking serious?
He has a great way or rewriting history and it’s actually really sad that Lainey actually believes this garbage.

No. 491323

>People who have come into our lives have repeatedly underestimated our bond

Are all Gurgander's lovebombs centred around the haturz?
Also not once does he say anything about Lame as a person, just about how devoted she is to him. She doesn't have much of a personality, but still.

No. 491325

File: 1520075864926.jpg (30.85 KB, 680x680, b7d.jpg)

Not only is he re writing history bit this whole poly thing is so pathetic. It reminds me of june going "reee vanilla normies don't get it"
Yeah sure onion, it was all sams fault again. Thats works on your wife but not on us fam

No. 491326

She probably justifies it as being different since Greg wasn't married to Shiloh zzzz

Homewrecker, bitch please - look at who's letting them into your home in the first place. She's so fucking delusional.

No. 491330

Right, but even if this were true why would person B give person A permission but not person C? If person C was not allowed to fuck person A why would person B give person A permission to fuck person C? He's ridiculous

No. 491331

This micro dick has the gall to call himself a feminist, yet he goes on a spiel about how women are typically hoes with no control over their desires, and will go for any guy regardless of whether he's taken or not, but of course men never ever do that because they're so gallant and good.

No. 491332

He acts as he isn't and has never been attracted to Sam, but he states himself in that stream that if Lainey had been interested in a poly relationship with Sam then he wouldn't think Sam's behavior was inappropriate. So obviously he considered Sam as a potential "mate".

No. 491333

Enough of this.

No. 491336

Lainey doesn’t believe it, that’s the thing. She constantly brings it up and she knows it’s cheating she just won’t say it because she’s afraid of upsetting him but they are always fighting about it and he’ll rage tweet asking his followers if he cheated and try to pin it on both Lainey and Billie. Obviously she hasn’t heard the saying once a cheater always a cheater. Gurg has just found a way to cheat and be able to manipulate his wife into agreeing that he’s innocent while the other person was wrong.

No. 491340

I'm pretty sure Lainey has accepted he's cheated, domped him then took him back. That's her version. She is deluded of course.

I am so weirded out by the Sam wking. In early streams while she was at the McMansion she on camera was asked in chat if she would date Lainey and she paused then responded "maybe" There is no way in Hell that she is not aware of the poly bullshit that is Gurg and that she is not some poor girl who had to be saved from her homelife. Sam has streamed near enough daily since then and it's to talk about Greg to 'shadowfans'. She is obsessed.

No. 491343

File: 1520095608960.png (209.52 KB, 511x600, greg posing like plainey.png)

Gerg is trying hard to get attention with another DDLG video.

No. 491351

File: 1520101004948.png (263.08 KB, 452x358, fsdg.png)

I spot a little Trot

No. 491353

File: 1520101578787.png (1.39 MB, 1334x750, B34862DE-E4A7-4C3B-9777-5A693D…)

Did she reupload with a blur?

No. 491354

File: 1520101661211.jpeg (288.23 KB, 750x618, 8B852931-FA76-43BB-A473-FC69FD…)

Blur vanished for a second.

No. 491355

Its strange how quiet they are.

No. 491356

It's probably conditioning at this stage

No. 491357

Sam’s HOT can u imagine how insecure and hideous the space prince must have felt??lmaooo

No. 491358

You can almost tell from the hair shape that the kid has his head down, must be watching something on a tablet, maybe even with earphones. Would explain why he keeps so quiet. Young children left playing with tablets and smartphones every day develop sort of autistic tendencies so they would tend to interact little with the world around them. Doubt their kids are quiet all the time, but very likely they are given hi-tech shit to play with whilst mama is recording.

No. 491359

Lmao no wonder they want to keep their kids out of the spotlight with leaps like that.

No. 491361

File: 1520105450268.jpg (815.73 KB, 1920x1080, ewomg.jpg)

no words

No. 491362


Yeah, what the fuck was that all about, he's actually spraying PAM right on the mushrooms to add oil?

Some romantic dinner they had, happy anniversary Lainey, you get countertop chopped tofu, frozen broccoli and undercooked ravioli!

No. 491364

i was more bothered by his "vegetarian body"

No. 491365

What a disgusting creature

No. 491366


is that a nipple ring? I'm going to vomit

No. 491367

Sure looks like it.

No. 491368

File: 1520106376090.png (670.65 KB, 859x502, well.PNG)

No. 491369

no, just a thin shirt.. probably because it's old and his greasy body is making it stick to his nipple

No. 491371

>using 3 pans for no reason
reeeeee bet lainey had to load the dishwasher and put everything away afterwards.

i know people who make a huge fanfare out of doing a nice act, only to be super inconsiderate every other second. he loved making himself seem like a good husband in this video.

greg, you need a training bra with floppy man tits like that. a nipple ring doesn't make you more attractive. you seem more like a hoe than anyone else.

No. 491372

It looks like a hobo walked into their house and started cooking.

No. 491373

I swear there are Greg stans in this thread. Always saying the weirdest stuff about Sam.
Yes, this one especially is likely constantly staring at screens. It makes me really sad for them. I’m basing this off how often you see it in both their videos and streams combined with him being very quiet.

No. 491376

Not that anon but it is possible to simply not like Sam or find her too suspicious to like. No one has to be a Greg stan for that.

No. 491377

OMG anon get out of my head. I am laughing so hard because this was legit the first thought I had when I saw this picture.

Seriously wtf is his whole appearance? And how does he still have teen girls fawning over him? IDGI but then I guess even crazy serial killers and rapists (ie ted bundy) have fangirls.. the world is a weird place.

No. 491378

Obviously, but it’s the same regurgitated stuff he streams about too.
“Sam the Homewrecker! She’s a total hoe that knew what she was getting into!”
It’s getting pretty tired.

Lainey’s new video makes me want to punch things because it again has so much Greg in it. She makes these stupid comments via YouNow about how you can be a Lainey fan and not like Greg because they make totally different content. And a lot of fans expressed they don’t like him. But now he’s in nearly every video. She’s oblivious to what her fans actually want, when she’s trying to appeal to the LGBTQ community and Greg is pretty much most things that demographic doesn’t like: misogynistic but masquerading as an ally, manipulative and degrading to his spouse (no matter how many GOALZ videos that they make), a straight white male trying to tell others how to think/act/feel. But she keeps allowing him to be there and basically worm his way into everything she does because he is thirsty AF to regain even a small amount of the attention he used to have.

No. 491388

It really bothered me that Plainey was car vlogging with little one in the car. Friggin reckless. You can tell she's not using a car mount for her camera because of the angle changing nonstop.Like no one cares that badly about your frozen food diet, do it at home or when your kids aren't in the car.

No. 491391

did anyone else catch that she said she had Greg slice her apple for her because she’s a “baby.” Is there anything this girl can do? She’s constantly saying how she has Greg open things, fix things, cook things and now slice things for her. Even with CPS or a flat tire she calls Greg to come deal with it for her. How can you raise kids if you need someone to physically take care of you?

No. 491397

They obviously don’t know how to cook or use spices. Pam is also horrible even if it is the evoo because it’s a pressurized can. That and no favor. You loose flavor cooking separate and to not sauté in the same pan can leave food flat. Sorry if nit picking but it shows both adults may use YouTube but never learned to cook from it. They don’t follow instructions. You would think after having two kids and talking about diet you would see some of their skills improve. This goes to show you they can’t clean or cook.

No. 491399

Not to mention she keeps taking her hands off the wheel and trying to look at the actual camera the whole time.

No. 491402

If one was to report anything to CPS, this video would be it. It clearly shows reckless, distracted driving and endangerment - just sayin.

No. 491406


lol she probably stole her kids' snacks to show how "healthy" and "hydrated" she is and how Daddy Onion takes care of his baby girl Lainey

No. 491407

File: 1520122599360.jpg (44.38 KB, 532x266, washingtonlaw2.JPG)

Not just that BUT driving and doing anything else (eating, making phone calls, texting, using handhelds) and now illegal in Washington and other states and has been since July of 2017. Breaking some laws there Plain, and doesn't your husband not associate with criminals?

No. 491408

File: 1520122641882.jpg (42.93 KB, 648x237, washingtonlaw.JPG)

Addition to that

No. 491410

I agree it’s negligient as hell, but slow down on the CPS thing. They won’t do shit over something like this.

No. 491411

Yeah PLEASE do NOT call CPS over this. Leave their caseworkers freed up for important things.

No. 491412

Keep the children out of discussion.

No. 491430

im more surprised they had 3 clean pans…

also god i hope that isnt a nipple ring.

they probably skip any lainey related videos tbh. i feel hes full filter outside of those…

No. 491431

I agree that I wish this is the kind of stuff authorities would actually see. No, I'm not going to report it - I'm not even American.

Maybe this is part of the reason they make so much content. But that's probably giving them too much credit.

No. 491432

I know we can’t post about anyone under the age of 16, I’m well aware of this rule and I’m not the anons that posted about them, but I thought PARENTING discussion was fair game? No one was saying anything specific about the minors themselves they were talking about Lainey and Greg as parents. I have always seen that be allowed. Lainey blogging with a minor in the car is a HUGE deal and never something that would have been censored before… To be honest I’m starting to wonder if one of Grease’s discorders has become a farmhand here…

No. 491433

jokes on onion i don't watch his videos

No. 491434

File: 1520135480246.jpeg (357.91 KB, 1242x1745, 2C11E8C8-FD88-4EE3-9954-3F2556…)

is onion serious? of course he said “including myself” he just described himself! this is exactly what he tries to do to everyone that gets into the grease mansion. Lainey most of all.

No. 491435

I don't think the farmhands are infiltrated or anything, but I agree that discussion of their parenting and their weird and inconsistent attitudes about their kids has always been fair game before.

No. 491436

He is so stupid, trying to give advice and sound like fucking Yoda.

>when you see someone telling only one side of the story

Uhh yeah that's called perspective? Everyone has one? Let's get real Greg, talk about how Onision videos only scrape 30k views after months lol. Examine yourself

No. 491437

File: 1520138289656.png (120.35 KB, 501x1030, 10 Things I Love About Being A…)

So Becca made it to the grease mansion… he's so past desperate at this point.

No. 491438

Becca never made it to grease mansion. He just used a clip of her voice for the helicopter sound, because her laugh sounds kind of like a motor.

No. 491439


I just realized it was 3 months old. It's hard to keep up with his antics when I can't stand watching his videos.

No. 491441

farmhand linked mostly posts of some creep trying to get a shot of troys head so its creepy

No. 491444

>tfw her occasional interactions with the children are more helpful towards raising them than all of onions ever
>he overreacts like a fuckin neanderthal

No. 491446

greg's gonna look funny after 5 more years of botox

No. 491453

File: 1520154595320.jpg (115.48 KB, 884x701, Wbw0cuH.jpg)

No. 491455

Its really not creepy because as you see Lainey or greg know how to edit and blur him out of vids, because they blurred out his face, but one of them chose to not blur his hair.

Imo, the onions review their vids before uploading to a public forum, so grabbing a still from one of their vids seems like fair game and totally not creepy.

But it was probably 3 pics too much for the farmhand to turn a blind eye to. Because further up this same thread we discussed the kids with their first names and no one got a warning.

No. 491458

their names are public knowledge you moron, going out of your way to post a kids head is gross

No. 491459

Sam re Plain's relationship video. She forgives Gruggles?

No. 491460

She's really coming off as kinda obsessive and more than a bit creepy, why scrutinise their every video/stream for mention of yourself then proclaim you have no interest in them?? The more I see the more I believe the onions had a lucky escape as did sam. She needs to focus on her career and take a step back from onionland, are we still able to post about her here or should she go into snow/onision flakes?

No. 491461

I mean, I kind of get the obsessiveness: Las Grasas are making a lot of pretty shitty allegations. On the other hand, I think the way Billie handled her fall from grace drove the Grasas a lot more crazy than the way Sam is handling it. Seemingly ignoring everything they say and do (aka moving on), while keeping quiet and answering questions about stuff WHEN ASKED is a lot better policy than just blurting stuff out in clear response to the shit they vomit. Sam is giving Greg and Taylor just what they want– attention.

No. 491462

Do you guys think with the kids being around more they are going to start bringing them in the videos? It just seems like we are getting more and more of them in different ways.

No. 491463

I think maybe because Lainey always has them and Gurg is forcing her to keep up with her channel, patreon, the house and taking care of the kids she’s caring a little less each time if the kids get in the videos a bit. Because she keeps saying on streams how she has no help and that’s obvious when Gurgle is on stream obsessing over Billie, Maya and Sam and Lainey has to record her videos with her kids in the room because he can’t watch them for a second. It would be exhausting having to worry if your kids arm shows up in a video. So I think Lainey just doesn’t care as much anymore as long as it’s not their faces and stuff.

No. 491465

File: 1520180040063.jpg (413.72 KB, 1024x768, tinfoilhat.jpg)

Interesting how the thread can be dead but as soon as someone criticizes Sam in any kind of way there is guaranteed at least one thirsty stan chiming in within minutes to whiteknight her. Strange.

No. 491469

Never understood why she needs to hide everything about her kids in the first place. I get not showing their faces on the internet, but why go the extra mile to avoid any interaction on camera?

No. 491471


Hopefully one day someone like Gurg slanders you on the internet with something new to say everyday. That you are a child abuser, a whore. a person that tried to destroy a marriage, someone that made sexual advances toward a married man but got rejected.

She is not a little bitch like you who is gonna cry in the corner and take all the accusations out of Gurgs mouth. It's also hard to not say anything when people keep asking in her streams what happened and when Gurgs own patreons tell Sam all the horrible things he said/is saying about her.

If the girl was SO OBSESSED why hasn't she revealed more stuff about Greg or at least talk about him during the last two streams when more accusations from the onions have been released. Other than the apparent "attention seeking" behaviour, stupidly believing her situation would be different from the other girls in the Onions life and gofundme situation what exactly has she done to warrant criticism?

I "white knight" her because she has done nothing wrong. If people think she changes her story then what about Gurg who said that Sam only left because Lainey was insecure? When Plainey probably gave him an ass whooping for that commment all the slanders start spuring out of onions boys mouth. She wanted to keep her friendship with the both of them and like any human she wants to vent about a guy who claimed to be her best friend but say slanderous things about her… I guess bitches like you have no one to vent to and will just cry by themselves since no one will stick up for you.

No. 491472

File: 1520184828516.png (57.07 KB, 680x680, db869b156149cffd44a979374660f2…)

Really gets the noggin jogging

No. 491474

I get not wanting to show their kids’ faces for safety reasons, but it is weird. A lot of Youtubers don’t show their kids but still talk to them. The Onions completely ignore their kids and make them sit quietly in a corner. they don’t even let them make any noise and if they do they cut it out. That to me is strange. like they want to pretend they don’t exist to the point that Lamey is acting like a teenager and Gurg is saying vulgar things with the kids in the room. But I think that Lame is starting to become more lenient with it because she hasn’t been totally cutting out the kids when they make noises or show for a second. which means she must be editing her own videos now because before Gurg was editing her videos and he was sure to isolate the kids. I mean he’s so desperate to pretend they don’t exist that they cook and eat in the kitchen with the kids no where to be found or heard simply because Lame has a camera in there.

No. 491475

To me she just seems angry. Probably Gurgles' comments really get to her and she feels the need to defend herself.

Don't think she's stalking them, just that anons tell her everything Gross and Plain say about her.

Tinfoil because don't really know.

No. 491476

Maybe it's because Grease is so obsessed to look young and be appealing for teenagers.
That, and not looking like a mom makes it easier for Plain to attract the manic pixy blue haired gurls.

No. 491478

File: 1520186703356.gif (890.54 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)


>I guess bitches like you have no one to vent to and will just cry by themselves since no one will stick up for you.

Take your meds and spend less time constantly refreshing lolcow, Karen. It's not that serious.

No. 491479

Tinfoil hat here
But what if Greg is finally looking over a certain age because he wasn’t someone more self sufficient than Lainey. That in the video Greg is cooking and bitched about her cleaning habits and how helpless she is and he finally is realizing he has a lazy partner and always saying she needs help.

Not saying he helps a lot but what if the plea for help with kids is that she constantly wants Greg to do everything. Because he mentioned the kid coming to his office with Sam. It seems like we are getting bits of info to how the house functions. Lainey gets rid of useful people because she realizes she is replaceable. Greg is tired of it all. Only protects her because she fills his need to be wanted but he is tired of a lazy partner who isn’t self sufficient and uses it to get her way.

No. 491481

Pretty sure hes just running out of options since no one wants to date him anymore and his fame is dead. He probably was mad Sam didn't give him a boost in views immediately and thought it was safer to keep lameo happy since she's bringing him money. If lameo was not bringing in any money, I guarantee he would have dumped her by now. No wonder she stresses over views. She knows that's her only value to him now. What a trash relationship.

They are even too boring to pay attention to now as a "hater". I was hoping the Sam thing would provide more entertainment, but the onions throw out girls every other week now. Lameo is as awful as greg and there is no one to root for in this. Can't wait until their fame completely dies and they are stuck with each other hahaha.

No. 491482


You are probably right. Sam mentioned that she spent most of her time "playing games with their family". I'm sure by family she meant their children. What a surprise while Gerg does his own thing and Plainey vaping, complaing to Sarah, doing her makeup for hours and then doing her live streams.

Plainey said she had such a busy day in her video which consisted her being out with the kids from 9-12 and then going on a date with Gerg. She is so lazy and thinks even a bit of work or just going out is such an accomplishment. She is spoiled and has never had a real job her entire life.

No. 491483


Aw, did the little bitches feelings get hurt. Poor you, I just answered your question for you. Hopefully we can move on this white knighting Sam questions and talk about the onions instead. Thanks, love Karen.

No. 491486

She "likes" every single tweet from lamey, she's streaming about grug's videos within hours of him uploading them, she becomes overly animated as soon as his name is mentioned, she can talk about him for THREE hours straight routinely, yet she isn't obsessed?? This is a woman who spent at most 4wks working for somebody and at week 2 she declared the onions to be "her family now" samstans seem to have very short memories.

No. 491487

Regardless of what you think about Sam, being associated with the onion drama will not do her any favors at this point. She needs to move on for her own sake. No one wants Greg to show up if you're googling yourself. If she stops talking about them on her streams, people will lose interest in her in regards to the onion drama and she can (try to) make her own brand through her art.

No. 491488


Lol from what I know lainey hasn't been on twitter for more than two weeks because of the hate so how is she tweeting? She tries to stream everyday from around 8-9 est. she gets animated because she is answering people's question about her best friend calling her names and making rumours. Yup she still says she forgives Greg and likes lainey after all the things they said. I'm sure if Greg genuinely she apologized she would say it's all good. Anything else you need clearing up since you don't know all the faxxx.

No. 491489

bro take a chill pill you certainly aren't helping other farmer's perception of your sooper precious Queen Scam with all of your sperging.

No. 491490


She hasn't talked about him in her last couple of streams though. But she might today because the blargh uploaded OLD streams of her talking about Greg and people are attacking her in the comments. She commented that if they wanted something to be cleared up they should come to her stream and just ask her. It's hard when thousands of people think you are wrong and you just simply want to defend yourself even if it might not be the best move.

No. 491492

That’s true but I also see how aggravated he is with her constant smallness and helpless act. Similar to how she would spew she is gay every five seconds on stream. She played sick in the past when preggers too.

I think he has shifted his type hence why the ddlg thing annoys him now. Things that are related to Lainey. He wants a worker not a complainer. The trinity is so he can replace Lainey not keeps on. Lainey will never allow one. She says she will but it’s a way to keep him from calling her a cheater like he used to say about Bi women. Hence why she changed her self to straight to fit his preference at the time. It’s all a game to manipulate each other to stay even if they are unhappy because they don’t want to be seen as the bad guy.

She did. I believe the issue is Sam liked playing family a bit and enjoyed the attention she is starved for. Hence the need to obsess over him. She fit the profile of his first wife with willing to work and edit. He got Sam out before a big blow up from Lainey occurred so Lainey can cry wolf, in my point of view.

They are avoiding the whole Greg tried to leave me and he be seen as a bad guy. They both are very separate while trying to play the public couple. Lainey is being careful so when the fall of Greg happens she can cash in on the even for her benifit and make him dependent on her. At the same time she is destroying herself trying to make this happen.

This is a tinfoil about many things but based on the patterns they show. They both don’t like each other hence why the whole table thing. Lainey won’t blame Greg because she needs him till he no longer has a use.

No. 491496

Sam is playing with fire, because she has the support of around 8 farmers she's believing her own hype, she deleting streams at a whim, if she realises she's shown herself in a poor light they're gone, in her second solo stream at the onions, she broached the poly subject and stated she woukd be happy to be a part of their relationship, this was available in temp but has since been lost to the sands of time, undoubtedly it will resurface, these things always do but she need to be certain that mountonion is the hill she wants to die on, she's already bad mouthed the youtuber who gave her exposure initially, her business plan seems flawed at best. Lamey's last tweet was 2 days ago, sam searches the internet compulsively for any anti-o content in order to leave disparaging remarks, she's playing victim but without actually being victimised. Onion will be on discord later today and lamey will be streaming as usual. In Onioncord news the word "cow" has been banned for whatever reason (lolcow was being discussed and sperging ensued, who's afraid of being outed?..) and onion has been re-uploading recent content and deleting it within hours whilst lamey's uploading patron exclusive content only to upload said content to uchoob within 4hrs.

No. 491497

Not to Sam stan, but she seems disillusioned with Gurgus. Like she was one of those fans who ate up his shit and now she's trying to expose him?

No. 491498

The youtuber who gave her the, "interview" is an asshat. He wasn't doing her any favors just trying to get milk out of her for views. The when he heard she had ranted in her stream he contacted her and asked her to provide him with clips. Seriously, if he wants to monetize videos of her spilling milk the least he could do is sort through and edit the footage himself. Instead he got pissed at her for not doing it, went on a rant and then when the tide didn't flow his way deleted all the shittalking he did.

No. 491501

Who is Karen? I don’t think I’ve read that name in this thread before today I’m relatively new though.

Umm idk how to sage without an email text input field :/

No. 491503


Sage is no longer enabled. Don't worry about it.

Karen is just a name people like to use on the internet. It comes from the whole "neurotypical Karen" meme where they'd be like "thanks for telling me that eating my greens will cure my mental illness, Karen".
The overuse of it is pretty annoying.

No. 491504

Hey newfriend, don't use emojis. if you want to show a reaction to the post you're replying to, please try and use a reaction image. DW about sage, it's disabled on pt anyway now.

No. 491505

File: 1520196469359.png (393.48 KB, 398x413, beforelainey.PNG)

peep that pimple below her bottom lip

No. 491507

File: 1520196507908.png (339.46 KB, 360x381, afterlainey.PNG)

She literally… could her make up tutorials be any worse? She literally popped a pimple mid-video.

No. 491510

That's pretty gross, but I can't stop laughing. Maybe one of her tutorials should be on how to conceal pimples. "Today, fellow kids, we are going to discuss the ways to deal with the peaky skin issues that all of us smolboi beans have."

No. 491518

File: 1520200819894.png (646.11 KB, 861x620, téléchargement.png)

holy shit, her latest video had a few seconds where her camera blur stopped working and jesus christ. someone PLEASE help her with her makeup. i know she's using ELF but her blending is trash.

No. 491519

piling on pounds of makeup on a daily basis and practicing poor hygiene (if anything sam has said is true, anyway) probably made her skin break out

No. 491521

I love makeup as much as the next person but I never understood piling on foundation and concealer if you're having a breakout. It'll never get better, like let your skin breathe. I think if she acted like a human, she wouldn't feel so bad about looking like one. But she's fake, so she has to look fake.

No. 491523

She kept complaining about how nothing was blended when she didn't even wet the beauty sponge…

No. 491526

>I literally don’t look like I have foundation on.
>it looks like my regular face, it changed nothing.

I don’t know who she’s trying to kid but her face was pale and full of blemishes before she put foundation on. She literally mixed the blood from her pimple in with her foundation. I’m cringing.
Was that pic after she put concealer on and blended it? Because that’s just wrong if the concealer still didn’t blend.

No. 491527

can we just talk about the clothes thing for a second? Grug is so frustrating. when he said Sam wore Lame’s clothes, I’m 100% sure he was referring to the time she wore her clothes in a video (as Sam said herself). How can you bring another woman into your home, blame that on her. Have her dump sugar water on your table, blame that on her. And have her dress up in your wives clothes and say “she didn’t have permission!” I’m so sick of Onion. This idiot does these things and always finds a way to turn it around so it’s the other person’s fault. Having Sam wear Lame’s clothes for a video is not her fault if she didn’t have permission. It’s obvious Onion have them to her to wear. It’s like this guy is so delusional he’s never at fault for anything. Like how they got pissed at her for the desk. He gave her that desk, but no Lame blamed only Sam. This is why people can’t stand either of them. Because Grug never thinks he’s at fault, he gives people permission to use Lame’s things and then says “well Lainey didn’t give them permission so they did a bad thing!” And then Lame sits there and blames them instead of her husband because she doesn’t have a backbone. Like I don’t get how they are so delusional they both make it out to be the other person’s fault.

No. 491528

I'm curious if they're pissed about her wearing Plain's clothes in a picture Sam posted on Instagram. I know in Sam's stream she said she did wear the outfit for the video but had Onion's permission to. If Greg gave Sam permission to wear Lainey's shit then its Greg who crossed the line, not Sam.

No. 491530

PLUS Sam being accused of stealing Lainey's makeup and then clothes seems crazy to me. Sam doesn't really wear makeup and dresses completely casual and "normal" tank tops and jeans. I don't see why she want or need to take any of Lainey's over the top looks.

No. 491540

Can the Sam wking for the love of god STOP. She is DULL. It wasn't until it was laughed at here that she was asking for 5 grand mere days after leaving the Grease Mansion on gofundme, that she deleted it and she's been doing damage control since.

Sam is not a victim. She had a long time boyfriend she lived with, moved back to her Ma's after that ended, has been seeking Greg's attention since whenever the fuck she won that computer from him which she sold. I mean Sam is a big enough fan that Onion takes notice of her and sends her a fucking macbook, but there's no way she could have known how howwibble he was before she moved in to his home (LOL).

And some of y'all are like, DAMN THAT GREG, playing Sam and Lainey off each other!!! Uh, Sam is the other woman.I don't give a fuck if yall believe the shill of her being a cameraman only, she went to live with a family who she only had conversations with the husband. Since when is moving into someone else's property such a nonchalant deal, "hey greg can't wait to move in with you and your wife. your wife totally knows right? i can't wait to finally meet her and FINALLY HAVE A CONVERSATION." WHAT??? She's an Onision fan and thought it was 100% normal to live with him without even reaching out to his wife? Fuck sake, even Toilet Clogger Beck reached out to Lainey.

Sam also does speak about the Onions on every stream since she left. The last few days in the MCMansion she was finally speaking after staying silent and only looking at herself in the viewfinder, and when she finally spoke it was for the 'shadowfans' benefit, sighing at Onion's paying patronfags, poking fun at Onion etc etc. I get that we all poke fun at Onion and hate him, but you're not suppose to bite the hand that feeds you. Sam was staying penny free in another FAMILY'S HOME and making fun of the family online.

Sam's a fucking loser, but hey, at least she can get a like on her instagram photos now. Even tho half of them are probably from the sad anons that frequent the streams daily(infighting)

No. 491541

>wants people to stop defending Sam
>posts wall of text talking about how ebil she is

I really wonder sometimes how many delusional Onion fans frequent this board and post. The curse of anonymity.

I could sit here and argue with you but I’ll just say this: at the end of the day, every problem with Sam comes down to being Onion’s fault. So it really doesn’t matter how bad you think she is or what a “homewrecker” you imagine her to be. She never would have entered and stayed an entire month without Greg’s blessing an approval (which is laughable, considering the mountain of evidence where he claims she was trying to seduce him and he encouraged her to goad and infuriate Lainey.)

No. 491542

File: 1520205846003.gif (4 MB, 320x320, tenor.gif)

No. 491544

As far as I remember her jokes about the onions during her stay were pretty harmless. Lmao this post has to come from an onion stan. Everytime someone defends them as being a FAMILY as you say and that the girl being there somehow disrespects them or homewrecks it's hella suspicious. Oh god forbid someone is stupid in their early twenties, guess you've always been making smart decisions then. The focus should be on onion's terrible behavior, he is the first to blame when it comes to not including his wife when he's inviting other people and taking her things.

No. 491546


Literally no one is saying that Gargle isn't the same piece of shit he's always been, that anon is just saying Sam totally knew what she was getting into and now she's whining like a giant baby and begging for money when it didn't work out like she thought it would. She's just a big of a loser as all of his other fans, she just happens to be petty and spills milk when the Onions rejected her.

No. 491547

smells like a samefag, and all samefags these days could also be called samfags or sam herself, ey what up girl, what's it like getting them single digit instagram likes now.

why don't you go out on the pull to the bar again with your brother and chat up more married men?(infighting)

No. 491548


oh god she's going to get a gnarly infection one day

No. 491550

As long as she's good for some milk and causing some strife in their home I'm okay with her. I don't really care if she wanted to be poly or a cameraman, makes no difference to me. I love that onion can call her a homewrecker for "wiggling" on his lap and ignore the fact that he pulled her onto his lap in the first place. I also love the level of denial Taylor has to be in to blame someone other than her husband. So yeah, I don't care if Sam is a leech, as long as she keeps on dropping bread crumbs.

No. 491551

>she's whining like a giant baby and begging for money
Are you talking about the gofundme that lasted one day and then she refunded the money to those who donated? Catch up anon, looks like you aren't lurking enough.

No. 491552

How is it sam’s responsibility to make sure Lainey knows and is okay with her going there to work? She has no obligations to Lainey. That is all on gurg. It’s his job to make sure his wife knows his deal with people who come stay in their house, and when Lainey is in the dark, it is gurg’s fault alone. It’s not at all wrong of Sam to assume gurg actually cleared it with his wife beforehand. You know, like a normal husband would do

No. 491553


>the other woman

anon pls stop omg. onion's feet are both out the door of his own free diseased will

No. 491555

lmao what age are you girl? it was hardly a real job, greg wasn't paying her, he said he'd split the profit from his twitch streams which he doesn't get paid for? She was moving in because her home life was sooo bwad!!!

She has no obligations to Lainey, again have you ever stayed at someone's house longterm as a house guest? I don't mean sleepovers. She 100% had an obligation to the mother of the household who had 2 young kids under 5. Common decency to make sure that your new 'roomie' had okayed you living there with her kids. That's why family is stressed when it comes to the Onions. These girls may just be visiting Greg, but Greg is a family man that comes with a spouse and two young kids, you want to move in with him, I think for any sane person they would make sure they're not imposing on the others.(infighting)

No. 491557

hahaha, she didn't even ask her brother if she could e-beg for him. Now she's living with her Dad and his wife and all she does is shit talk her stepmom on her streams too as if she has more right to live with her Dad as an adult at 21, that has previously lived with her long time boyfriend and then mother. Looks like her Dad even pulled some strings to get her a job in his line of work too. Oh woe is Sam! She is such a victim.(infighting)

No. 491558

>Greg is a family man that comes with a spouse and two young kids
Oh shut the fuck up.

No. 491560

Reee go away gregma stans

No. 491562

Yup, such a family man. Which is why he needs new women to bang every month and hides in his hentai cave to beat it and stream games all day while Plain juggles housework, video making/editing, and two small children SUCH A FAMILY MAN

No. 491563

Sam isn't causing strife for the onions. Her little fans have derailed threads here tho, spammed others and been the downfall of livestream threads and livetyping. Not to mention that anons in temp that were actively "let's not post about Sam's streams to main, I am worried for her safety!!" Yall faggots or what?

Sam changes her story all the time and the most milk we ever got from her is about hugging Grease. Can yall remember Billie? That was milk. Sam is a poor man's shit autistic Billie and she keeps coming off worse and worse.

Greg these days, he barely get's hate comments on his streams or views. His patronfags are gaining egos from the anons that go to twitch daily and talk about becca/sylar/tamara/booty/etc. None of this is milk.(infighting)

No. 491565

well the man does have a family, the 2 children he has are not made up and lainey is not a figment of all of our imaginations but Sam's sad tales from her life may as well be.

How hard is it for some of you Sam fans to critically think and realise Sam must have just thought "fuck Lainey and the 2 kids, if they have a problem with me they can talk to Greggy!!" I mean Sam is trying to garner sympathy because she had to leave her horrible home life, but she doesn't bother to enquire what the homelife of the person she wants to move in with is like? Or she was aware and just thought, fuck it, I'm Sam, I deserve THIS(infighting)

No. 491567

for fucks sake, just stop. No one cares how Lainey felt. She invites people into their home and relationship. No one here is going to feel sorry for her or view Sam as a "homewrecker". Greg wanted to screw someone else, Lainey wasn't having it and Sam left. Was the gofundme retarded? Hell yeah. She pulled it and refunded everyone so I don't really have any reason to hate on her at the moment.

No. 491568

could you shut the hell up? or just fucking leave already. only one person was whiteknighting Sam earlier. no one is whiteknighting her. we’re simply fucking saying it’s ridiculous that Greg does shit like this and gets away with it. take your grudge on Sam to a thread about her instead of ranting in paragraphs here. this thread is about Greg and Lainey and right now Sam is relevant to the situation. recognizing that they did something shitty to her is not whiteknighting. it’s putting in depth how shitty they are.

No. 491569

wking = saying anything that isn't totally trashing a person you dislike I guess

No. 491570

I'm with anons that are sick of Sam discussion. Greg ignores her and the most that has been addressed is the fucking hugging and Sam sucks because at least Maya made Greg feel ugly over it. I say move Sam to the /snow/ thread for the onionflakes. She's causing more strife here than with the Onions(infighting)

No. 491571

tempcow did get ruined by Vix and Sam, all these damn horny bitches(stop sperging and samefagging)

No. 491572

Alot of these Sam wkers seems to be holding on to the hope that she is gonna drop some huge milk and finally kill Onion. If she had anything else, she would of said it already. At this point she is only making him look better, and anyone thinking she's not also playing the victim and using this situation to get attention for herself and had no responsibility for any of this is blinded by their hate for Onion. It's not always a good person and a bad person in a situation, they can both be shit. Probably the same people that keep up about the fucking height and feet size shit.

No. 491573

> Greg ignores her

Are you saying there's no Onion milk?
I mean, really, that's what a ton of you seem to be saying.

And yet. Here you are.

No. 491574

File: 1520209165011.png (183.01 KB, 280x393, gingerbe.png)

It's not, but I guess when it doesn't fit your tastes, you're willing to say what you need to to feel better about it.

So why does it matter then? I don't "stan" for her, but honestly comparing anyone to the Onions makes them seem like saints.

I'd say at the very least, she continues to prove that post-successful YouTuber Onion hasn't changed one increment and proves that he will eventually cause more problems for himself and way more problems for Lainey. She's just a pitstop along the runway Onion train, spiraling closer to disaster.


No. 491575

Greg does ignore her. He's blocked her. He doesn't talk about her on youtube, just to his patrons in response to another stream she has done and she went to RSN and Onion never responded to it via video etc etc etc. I think it's safe to say Onionboy isn't going to try and monetise this weak drama.

"Hi guys. I had this… lets say.. friend stay with me. It was just a little under a month and they were helping me with my videos and such. Regardless they have had to leave because they made Lainey (heaven on earth) uncomfortable. Boob squeeze"

Even Greg gets Sam is vanilla(infighting)

No. 491576

there is no doubt in my mind this is an onion stan now.

No. 491578

I'm pretty sure you can figure out the anons who like Sam, probably the 3 usernames you see in the twitch streams all the time. One of them was even calling Becca hot the other day. I swear, some of the anons got a bit too cosy and actually developed a routine around these twats, and then some even started paying to get access to his discord.

Money well spent, the milk has been overflowing over here!!!! ….(infighting)

No. 491579

thinking Sam is dull, thinking sperging about shoe size is dull. MUST BE A ONION FAN ON LOL COW DOT FARM(infighting)

No. 491580

File: 1520209453383.png (687.91 KB, 981x849, beautiful.png)

It really doesn't matter if he tried to "monetize" it or not. Read what he said, or watch it yourself.

If anything, Gregma would have done himself a service by actually ignoring her, instead of raging about her, in game (not to mention during streams that these retarded Patreons pay for in the first place) all the while ignoring them, the ones paying for his attention so he can flip his shit about her supposed homewrecking that he actively engaged and participated in.
The first video when she got there was mocking Lainey. No shit Lainey would hate her from day one.

No. 491581

File: 1520209738574.png (462.5 KB, 852x474, laineytho.png)

Can I just say, if we weren't so distracted by this asinine quarreling, we'd notice that these DDLG videos Greg has been making seem to be subtle jabs at Lainey?
It's weird.

No. 491583

I feel like onion has been trying extra hard to act grossed out by the whole daddy kink but like… they've outed themselves about this kink multiple times. I've been taught that if someone is extremely defensive about something they are usually in the wrong and have a reason to be defensive.

No. 491584

everything he does is making subtle jabs at Lainey.

i'm convinced she stays with him simply because if she left then she'd have to get an actual job.

No. 491586

tinfoil: Lainey probably really likes age play, but she's keeping it a secret. Greg was all for it until he had a daughter and now everything about it is creepy. Lainey hasn't stopped and his disgust towards her is growing

No. 491587

I stan Lainey, I know this will probably be met with 12 yr old anons going OMG SHE IS WORSE THAN GREG!!!!!!! SHE HAS A VAGINA!!!!! (since I speculate anyone that hates lainey wants to hatefuck Greg because Lainey is a victim of circumstances)

I truly think Lainey has the upperhand. Her Dad sends her gifts and money still even after all the shite her husband has done. Her Dad works with legalities. Her prenup was before Greg got her up the duff and she before she was technically self-employed (remember he married a student). Lainey now has her own income, now has 2 kids and has been Greg's longest relationship and marriage to date. I reckon Lainey will play the long game for that alimony and child support, she's got a taste for the lazy lifestyle and she'll always be able to play the mom role when asked what she does for a living.

My happy ending is Lainey leaving Greg desperate, alone and more in debt whilst also growing her hair out long and ditching the agender shit.

No. 491588

File: 1520210684105.png (208.7 KB, 762x1047, wtfonion.png)

Onions latest "perk"..

No. 491589

It's not thinking sam is dull, it's acting like greg is some family guy who only talked about sam once and has done no wrong that gives away you're an onion fan. Lol, he still talks about people from 10+ years ago. He will talk about her forever just like how he still brings up billie and whoever else.

Also regardless how people feel about sam, this is all onion's doing. Blaming the other girls they bring in is lameo's get away free card into believing her husband is an angel and it's just these evil homewreckers who are standing in the way of their perfect relationship!!! Even though they are funded and paved the way to come there by her own fucking husband. The only other people who do this are his own patreons who are hoping they will fly them into live with them.

He can pretty much make fun of her all he wants and she will create the excuses for him. That 10 things i "love" about lameo video was so harsh, yet she made excuses for him and was happy because he took her to walmart. Lmao. Their relationship is beyond fucked. Lameo is delusional in the head and thinks her e-fame makes her happy enough to stay in the shithole that is her life

No. 491590

ilu anon, THIS

No. 491591

we already know Greg likes to rewrite history while leaving g up blatant proof of the co teary. this is just yet another example. he spergs about cheaters because he is a cheater. he spergs about DDLG because he's into DDLG.

No. 491592

This is so fucking dodgy. He sounds like a fucking cult leader.

No. 491595

If you can handle watching it.
He keeps saying weird things about Lainey being his little, basically. But also talks shit on it. It's really weird. But a lot of the things he shits on in the video are things we have seen from both of them lately.

If the Onions have "shit on Sarah" as was mildly hinted at, imagine the vast amounts of shit Greg would throw at Lainey if they split. She knows it too.

Speculate all you like, but some of us just really dislike them both equally.

I hope someone has been buttering him up enough to get access KEK. Get your tinfoil hats ready.

"So this Canadian girl I dated once"
"So this person we were in a poly relationship with once"
"So this camera person I had once"

No. 491598

Every single thing gurg does is a jab at lainey. I'm pretty certain that she's fully aware of it by now, but she just passes it off as his "hoomur" and rolls her eyes for the camera's and buries the upset deeper and deeper until one day she'll crack and realise the person she thought she was marrying never existed.

No. 491600

Greg: "Don't ever tell me anything you don't want the whole world to know. If the world finds out your secrets through me it's your fault for trusting me with them in the first place!"

Also Greg: I need a safe space!

No. 491605

Lainey used to be so like light-hearted and an emotional person and I feel like Gurg has just sucked her soul right out. She's just an emotional zombie. She cants even conjure up the feelings to cry anymore. It's sad. She was so bright eyed and pretty and now she's sunken-faced and bland. Obvious signs of being depressed and living in an emotionally exhausting relationship. I feel bad for the girl she used to be, not necessarily the girl she is now.

No. 491606

So whoever leaks content has already been exonerated using gurg's own logic. Just wow.

No. 491609

I feel like she was a young bitchy spoiled teen but knew she should at least hide her snarkiness. Now she got a little internet fame, and it went straight to her ego and she just lets her bitchiness fly out because she thinks shes hot shit who earned her fame (lol. fucking onion = talent). So she went from young bitchy spoiled teen to old bitchy spoiled adult. She's had pretty much zero growth.

No. 491610

File: 1520212521260.png (356.89 KB, 477x478, depressed.png)

I actually totally agree with you. She seems incredibly depressed.

No. 491611

Sorry pal

Greg or Lamey invited, INVITED Sam over to stay for one month.

As long as Grunk and Slimy talk, reference, or allude to or take jabs at Sam, I'm paying attention TO SAM to see what she'll say in response.

As long as she talks about either Onion, Lame or her stay there, I'm paying attention to what Sam is saying.

So tuck that in your pipe and see you next tuesday.

No. 491612

Well he did try to make his little Sisesca cult a thing.

No. 491614

Agreed. Greg is only acting this way because the more he acts like it was Sam's fault and acts like she's the monster the safer he feels. He's backtracking because he has done f*cked up.

No. 491615

Sam's already admitted Lainey didn't know. Lurk moar

No. 491616

Same anon. 23 married to the biggest douche on youtube and with 2 young kids, 100s of miles away from her family, has to deal with her in-laws constantly berating her and coming over to help clean her house because the man she married is too busy living on the internet everyday.

No. 491622

lainey didn't know beck was coming over until last minute either. onion has a blatant history of inviting girls over without laineys knowledge

No. 491630

Gerg seems to be of the mindset that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, probably because he knows Taylor will shoot it down. Much easier to just love bomb on Twitter for a couple of days and take her shopping for ~gay~ clothes in the Target men's section after the fact. This only applies to HIM though; everyone else has to agree to his terms and conditions and literally sign a fucking contract and NDA. Then all hell breaks loose when someone "betrays" him

He's such a piece of shit.

No. 491631

File: 1520219805540.png (1.06 MB, 900x1170, moany lainey.png)

For my lovey fellow farmers. With the onion threads dying and the infighting I hope this gives you a chuckle.

No. 491632

This is utterly fantastic! Thank you anon I'm laughing myself silly here! Spot on!

No. 491633

OMG it's beautiful LOL!!

No. 491637

File: 1520224515911.png (173.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-05-14-34-09…)

Plain obviously heard about the "swatting" incident because she seems pretty fucking triggered about it on her tumblr

No. 491638

File: 1520224545106.png (167.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-05-14-34-19…)

No. 491639

File: 1520224625836.png (214.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-05-14-34-23…)

tumblrs furiously

No. 491640

Plainey is so easy to manipulate. Funny enough Sam was talking about how she thinks hitting kids is abuse too.

No. 491641

and yet there is no proof that incident ever happened. How does this bitch blindly believe anything he says

No. 491642


What a fucking hypocrite. No matter how much you advocate against spanking/disciplining your kids or whatever, you're still subjecting them to mental abuse and possible future issues due to yourand your husband's lack of morals and shameful internet past, Lameo.

No. 491650

Holy shit this is amazing!
The bread crusts… too perfect
Please continue blessing us with your art

No. 491654

i guess its laineys turn to bring a girl home now, right

watch out blue hair jessie

No. 491655

honestly, its clearly a case of both - and shes probably having a hard time sorting out her feelings. idk why you guys are arguing/picking sides lol

No. 491656

i think that realstream yt uploaded a younow clip of her putting on the foundation with a fucking powder brush and holy shit i dont even wear makeup and it makes me mad 1

also reminder she doesnt know how to clean beauty blender. doubt she cleans anything. probably just buys new ones. i bet her kids put them in their mouths too (because kids are kids)

fuck now im depressed

No. 491657

Are you ESL? When the term "family man" is used in North America, it specifically refers to the part about being devoted to said family. Not just the fact they are a man with wife and child.

oh right, this is why people hated tempcow. i understand now……

No. 491658

File: 1520239093628.png (42.25 KB, 1080x387, IMG_20180305_103715.png)

This was posted on the latest video of Onision, in The Blargh's channel.

No. 491659

Anyone else feel like this is a way for him to collect more blackmail material on his Patrons?

No. 491662

File: 1520240357618.jpg (154.76 KB, 1792x1052, Capture.JPG)


No. 491663

File: 1520240492878.jpg (128.01 KB, 1717x949, Capture.JPG)

No. 491664

File: 1520240586578.jpg (107.88 KB, 720x1058, IMG_20180305_020214_315.JPG)

Fucking dumbass.

No. 491668

Wow, great job RSN.

>they hate that

Yeah no shit, moron. Not only lurking, likely sperging and using anons art, now you’re cowtipping and sending more newfags our way. Slow clap.

If this idiot ever identifies himself on here pls permaban.

No. 491675

well, maybe if they stay quiet and use ctrl+f before asking questions they'll learn something. I can only hope his demographic isn't mainly -18 year old girls/boys. Oyyyyy veeeeyyyy.

No. 491677

File: 1520246058038.jpg (33.9 KB, 640x480, stooped.jpg)

my fucking sides
To be fair gargamel already does that on his own. He's cucked lainey over 3 times in the last year alone

No. 491678

File: 1520246230340.png (18.18 KB, 895x197, rsn asshole.png)

What an Ass!!!

No. 491679

He's probably butthurt someone made a thread about him in snow and we're not all up his ass here.

No. 491680


You realise bitching about it is just going to encourage him to do this, you know? You also realise that threatening permabans if you ever catch him doesn't do shit, cus permabans don't do shit. I've been 'permabanned' like 3 times for being an ass, probably 4 after this comment now admitting that. The power of permaban is an illusion to make power-hungry mods feel better, would bet RSN isn't at all worried about it either.

Just ignore the guy, don't give him the attention he wants from posting shit like that. The only reason he's doing it is so you bitch about it and he gets a giggle about your butthurt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 491685

If Sam really thinks Greg is (I guess WAS is the more appropriate word now) then she’s insane. She’s not, nor has she ever been Greg’s best friend. Grease never even mentioned she existed until he brought her to the Mcmansion and then when Sam didn’t pan out as a romantic thing, he was too eager to toss her aside. So def think Sam is delusional if she thinks he was her best friend

No. 491688

Can she grow a fucking spine? Onion has to have really nasty dirt on her, I can't see a different reason to still, after him slandering her so intensely, pretending to be a better person in this. Sam, just destroy him with all you got. He doesn't deserve mercy. And don't worry about ~wrecking his home~, sooner or later the shit will hit the fan anyway

No. 491690

Yeah honestly agree. Sam has no backbone at all because after watching that stream where Greg calls her a hoe repeatedly and talks about her like she’s the most disgusting creature on the planet— I would have spilled everything I had on Grease in an instant. She either doesn’t actually have anything on him, or she hopes for reconciliation with him one day. I’m betting it’s the latter, but she’s dumb for thinking that after he drug her name through the mud and back.

No. 491694

File: 1520251059675.jpg (44.85 KB, 581x593, 26165898_10211678429020319_294…)

Yes, me, because it totally fucking is.


There must have been more than wiggling! I think this is why Greg slandered her so hard and so fast, then started saying shit like "oh she will lie and say all kinds of stuff and you will believe her". He tried to cover his ass in advance to make her look like she's lying out of bitterness when teh spaghetti start coming outa her pockets.

No. 491695

I laugh because she sperged about this on YouNow today, defending herself and saying it says it’s a foundation brush right on the brush. She was catching a lot of hell for it and insisted she was right though.

No. 491699

Damn it, spill the beans already.
Never-ending rage. I hope he finds his own thread.

No. 491700

Sam spergs on her twitch about her family problems, set up a gofundme on behalf of her brother to beg for money for him without asking him first. Fights with her stepmom and calls her derogatory names online, yet her Dad and stepmom have got her a job with her Dad and took her in after being kicked out of Washington. (Also, this is something I don't get, Sam was living with her Mum before Onion, but the plane ticket Onion gave her was able to get her to her Dad who she hasn't saw in years? There had to be planning for that??? If I moved state/country after living at my Mum's and got kicked out, wouldn't you get the ticket back to your last residence? She ends up at her Dad's and starts a massive family fight lol)

I doubt Sam has anything on Onion unless it directly pertains to her behaviour with him and flirting in which, she's the other party. So she's hardly a victim.

Also the bitch loves CWC, Sanic porn and lame internet culture that stems from other /chans/. She won a macbook from Greg, you mean to tell me she never researched who she was going to go live with?? LOL

Sam will not spill milk because I'm sure Greg has more shit on her. By week 2 she was calling the Onions her family and probably slabbering about her own family to them. Sam doesn't seem to have any IRL friends, she's just an internet weirdo and possibly autistic

No. 491701

Have you quoted me by accident? Because I'm of the same opinion. I'm willing to cut her some (a lot of) slack for being 20, but she will still have to own up to moving into a house without talking to the woman, wife and mother LIVING THERE already. This is outrageous(ly funny) and I don't know how she doesn't get called out for that by everyone in this thread.

I just think they did something sexual and now she started treathening to spill. She is still a victim though, a victim of Gregs horendous online slander. What he is doing is morally wrong and illegal and he's a gross 30+ yo man.

No. 491702

i didnt know he had one till someone mentioned it. ban message implies he already might have ha.

No. 491703

i bet its a powder foundation brush jesus christ, she has to bend logic for something so simple.

No. 491704


So Lame and Greg have called her a attempted home wrecker, a whore and ect… All because of an awkward hug, a proclaimed attempted kiss and because she looked at him with admiration .. She was a huge fan, how did they expect her to look at him ?

They fucked, didn't they ?

Everything they claimed she did that could make her a "whore" or "homewrecker" is rather tame, and never actually reached an inappropriate level either. Lame's always trying to flirt with other girls, and all the past girls to enter the house did so because of the "Poly" shit. I mean for her to be a "home wrecker" or "whore" in the eyes of the onion clan, I think what happened must be significantly worse. Perhaps Sam is staying silent not for the Onion clans marriage, but rather because she's embarrassed with w.e happened between her and Greg.

No. 491708

I feel like >>491678 is just him selfposting bc he thirsty for attention anyway lol

No. 491710

Who the hell cares about this guy or what he says, he doesn't deserve this threads attention. I'm ignoring any further mention of him that isn't related to a stream cap.

No. 491712

Nothing to see here people, nothing at all.. sam is in NO way a famewhore. This is just getting horribly embarrassing.
she's playing a game except it's going to backfire hugely. She's witnessing an internet hugbox atm on her streams, sometimes I pity her absolute inability to adult but then she pulls even more childish stunts like "Reeeee I can RUIN you" as witnessed above and any fleeting empathy I may have felt disappears faster than the onions money. Was she hoping cyr et al would welcome her with open arms? This isn't adding up at all. It never did.

No. 491713

RSN has a thread in snow

and here is the onionflake thread for all the girls part of his harem. Perhaps Sam sperging should be taken to there until milk directly related to Onion comes out

No. 491714

He self posting in his thread too. Strange how all of onions orbiters are calves in most respects themselves too.

No. 491718

File: 1520260760945.jpg (47.8 KB, 1024x569, CrbOSwQWAAA-vqR.jpg)

>Everything they claimed she did that could make her a "whore" or "homewrecker" is rather tame

This is what makes me think that something bigger happened. Greg always shifts the blame but this time it seems like he's shifting the blame for something nobody has mentioned yet. I reckon he tried to make the relationship more and now he's flipping it to say she's a whore so that he's covered his own ass when the news comes out.

He likes his women spineless. Say what you will about Billie and Adrienne, but I think the fact that they defended themselves and didn't let him walk all over them meant that they came out of the whole mess a lot better.

No. 491719

maybe the wiggling was caught by lamey and maybe it was unclothed

dumb tinfoil, but right now theres at least a half truth to base it off of

also that tweet is 100000% this bullshit and taylor needs to open her squinting eyes for once in her life

No. 491720

Sam twitter got posted in the /snow thread.

She posted 26 photos on Oct 8th in 2015, then didn't update again until Jan 2016, and then doesn't update again until she's at the Grease Mansion

Anyone know more about her relationship with her ex boyfriend? Also in the Oct photos she posted one of her half brother playing Minecraft so was she living with her Dad in 2015?

Does homegirl just find a guy to latch on to and then moves in? she doesn't have appear to have any actual friends on instagram.

Her whole demeanour makes me think of those girls that just want male attention. she only posts selfies. She has that lame af humour that guys have on messageboards. She was bragging the other night on stream about some attractive married dude hitting on her in the bar when she was with her brother. idk, girl doesn't seem to have much of a life

No. 491721

sounds like Sam gave a lapdance lmao

No. 491724

Homewreckers are hardly a myth, it takes two to tango.

In a normal scenario, a boyfriend invites a female friend back to his place without telling his gf. They both arrive and the gf is pleasant but takes her bf to the side and asks who this is and where did you meet? He says he met her at work/somewhere, so the gf is like "ok" and tries to talk to the other girl. How the other girl behaves is now on her and not on her husband as she has been introduced to the gf etc etc.

Onion events:
Onion sends girl computer for contest. Onion then buys her plane ticket to live with him to do some freelance work for a place to live. Girl agrees and begins to make arrangements for uprooting her life to a new state. Girl arrives and Greg picks her up from airport. Greg has a wife at home who doesn't know a fucking thing. Girl arrives and Lainey pulls Greg to the side to ask wtf is up. Greg goes on rant about Maya being invited over and how awful she was. Greg assures Lainey Sam is there for work only and will help with the upkeep of the house. Lainey is made to accept this by some tactics from Greg. Lainey makes it clear she is not comfortable with Sam and ignores her and never mentions her online. Onion debuts Sam to audience by making fun of his wife. Onion never tells his audience about this innocent arrangement because he fears public backlash because his habits are public knowledge. Sam ignores Lainey but calls her bf her best friend and spends majority of day with him. Hugging is normal for the most part. Sam is filmed in various skits playing his gf. Sam states the house becomes horrible to live in and she hasn't ate in days and has been confined to a room because she doesn't want to upset anyone. Onion gives her a plane ticket to fuck off. Sam plays victim online and streams daily since always talking about the Onions and commenting on anything related via youtube comments or her twitch streams, or twitter, or her instagram.

I think Sam needs a life.

No. 491725

"Ya nigga" shows this tweet is directed to women, like Lamey, who only blame the woman and not both parties.

No. 491726

Its not her problem to tell lamo she is coming thats her HUSBANDS job jfc, who cares about lamo anyway? She probably loves being cucked, hence why she keeps staying

No. 491727

this makes me think the newfags are all underage. imagine going to live in someone's house and not okaying it with their wife, the one that currently makes the money in the home lol

No. 491728

You would assume the husband already did that hence the invite, are you retarded or do you just assume couples not communicating is normal?

No. 491729

ya, so it takes two to tango. Think it's pretty scummy on Sam's part to think living with the Onions would be no big deal especially after their history.

No. 491730

Sam knew Lainey didn't know though??

No. 491731

No, I am the Anon who posted the Cap. I didnt know he has his own Thread. Sorry!

No. 491732

If a married guy with two kids invited me to be a live-in cameraman in his home, I would absolutely assume that he and his wife had had at LEAST one conversation about it, if not many.

I don't think Sam's an angel in all this by any stretch of the imagination, but it's really not on her to check with Cuckboy if he's communicated with his wife. Any reasonable person would assume that an invite has been okayed by both adults living in the home.

No. 491733

OK, I just wasn't sure you misunderstood and then wrote a wall. My b.

No. 491734

even if she asked, he would just lie - like how it was totally ok to wear laineys clothes for the sketch

No. 491735

hahahaha. A reasonable adult would have reached out to the wife to at least thank them for letting her stay and maybe bringing a fucking thank you gift. God when my family members even come to stay from out of country they talk to the entire household beforehand to be thankful and usually bring a present to again be thankful because idk if you're 12 or not, but taking on a roommate out of the blue can be very stressful it throws the whole house out of whack.

No. 491736

"Wrote a wall" can the newfags provide ID before posting, like a passport number or some shite

No. 491738

Nah if he had any dirt on her he had already spilled it. All he could come up with was twisting situations in a way to make her look like a thirsty slut when in reality he never said anything to her to communicate it was inappropriate. He always does this - act like everything is fine (for example, pay for cyr's equipment to stab him in the back and say he was only taking and using him). He already talked SO much shit about her, there is no way he has real dirt on her. I rather go with the tinfoil that she doesn't say anything bad about him because she hopes she can be friends with him again or is still kind of grateful because he invited her (still buying that he tried to help her)

No. 491739

Sam is incredibly self-centred, she named the [married with a kid] man who "hit" on her repeatedly on stream, she was convinced he was watching her and he was invested enough to have gone through her social media, she's also convinced that onion does this too, her twitter has been thinned out to the extreme in the past two weeks, fortunately it's still available in its original form in a previous thread, she responds primarily on stream to the people she belives to be male and ignores the lowley female "fans", her attitude towards lame was incredibly telling insofar she believed it was lame's sole responsibility to ensure sam was included, remember that sam had passive agressively tweeted at lame for at least 12mths and spoken on the phone to grug since at least August of 2017, (lame should have ripped grug a new one at that point) sonida/sam plays the victim well, everybody in her life has treated her badly, everything is a crisis.. she's an onionstan through and through. I think she's truly earned her place in the onionflakes thread. >>>/snow/514777 unless she comes through with her I can destroy you threat I think she needs to stay there tbh.

No. 491740


You must not be American. Americans rarely bring gifts in scenarios like these. Plus, Sam isn't a family member, she was hired for a job by onion.

Did you ask your boss's wife when you were hired, for her permission to work with him? No? It's because that's between you and your boss, the wife has no say, except privately to her husband.

Laineys permission is irrelevant. This is at least the 4th girl onion invited to stay, vix would have made it 5. Lainey was aware of at least 2 of those (Billie and Maya). The common factor here is Greg. Not the girls. Lainey knew about Billie and it didn't stop Greg from letting Lainey move out and proceeding to make life plans with his wife's girlfriend, touch her naked body, cuddle in a bed with her, and try to kiss her after knowing her for like 2 weeks. Onion is the scumbag in every scenario, always will be.

No. 491742

If his idea of dirt is "she wriggled on my lap after I allowed her onto my lap" he's just gonna fuck himself over and it'll be funny as fuck. Next up: "She sucked when I put my dick in her mouth #homewrecker"

No. 491743

LMAOOOOOO if my boss hired me for no pay to play on his computer at his house and live with him you bet I'd be investigating who I was suppose to be living with and reach out. You college age anon? Common practice for unis to set up ways for communication between new roommates so it's not awkward af to live with them lol

Billie went for Lainey as did Maya and Onion knew and tried to get in on it too (he was successful with the younger more damaged girl)

Everyone knows Beck got brought out without permission from Lainey and it ended with the Onions using her as their new toilet humour.

There is a reason Onion never publicly announced Sam living there because it would be Ginger beck all over again but even Ginger beck was a Lainey patron and had devoted attention and songs (lol) to her.

Sam had been @ing Lainey and Greg on twitter but what she never thought to @ Lainey 'Omg so excited to live with you!!'

Sam follows CWC there is no way she has not heard of Onion drama and it was only until she was laughed at on Temp that she took down her gofundme. Girl lurks. She has nothing better to do she doesn't appear to have friends

No. 491745

lol what when was she ever "light hearted and emotional"? she always did the deadpan boring shit, she always was boring and spoiled. she's just depressed on top of it because she knows her time in the mansion is almost up, and greg grew sick of her long ago. she was never an expressive light-hearted, sweet girl though.

No. 491746


the infighting in this thread gets so fucking old.

No. 491748

So you really expect her to tweet at her or dm her when all the communication goes through onion? Lainey doesn't even use twitter anymore except for announcements. On top of that their agreement to work there seemed to be kind of private so maybe she wanted to be discreet about her visit until she was there? Don't know if she talked about it before she was there. However, I think you are exaggerating. It's completely on his side to clear things with his wife and I bet lame was ignoring her when she was there.

No. 491749

Lol of course lainey was ignoring her except when she had to clean up after her or wash her clothes. The most they seem to have spoke was over the sugar water lmao. Sure Lainey never even mentioned Sam when her desk was taken. Lainey was not about Sam. Every girl brought to the mansion has been for Lainey (Beck too) apart from Sam.

Just find it odd that Sam was tweeting her before getting the ok to live at the McMansion then doesn't communicate with her. It's odd. I can't believe the reaching happening in this thread. Sam wasn't getting paid and if she was such a victim why wouldn't Greg tell Lainey they were rescuing some poor girl? Uh because there were other motives.

Sam tried she failed. Lainey wasn't having it

Ya Greg is as always a villain, but Sam a weirdo too and with her humour and sniffing around Cyr and JG she just seems like an attention whore. Maybe she should ask her stepmother for tips on how to homework better

No. 491751

Thank you for this. Sam is definitely an attention whore and not a victim. Greg is always the worst person in these situations obviously, but that much goes without saying. Sam isn't a victim either. Neither is Lainey. None of these people.

No. 491754

jw if anybody else has noticed lately, literally all of the comments on laineys videos and instagram posts are from people ages 10-15 i'd say. makes me soooo uncomfortable that they're laughing about whether or not their relationship is abusive and there's 12 year olds who wish that they were in a relationship like lainey and onion…

No. 491756

Lainey and Greg THRIVE off of hate towards their relationship, that’s why we can expect these cringey, “is our relationship awful?!” type videos that are horrible for young viewers bc Lamp and Grease only desire one another when they can strike up that “us against the world” mentality. It’s why they always bring in a new girl, so that the problems aren’t “their” fault but this outside force that’s trying to “wreck” their marriage that was never a good one from the start. There’s no real trust and there’s no real love there. Lainey is desperately clinging to her fantasy she’s crafted about Greg being the perfect dad/husband in her mind, and she knows she’s more appealing to him if people are trying to separate them. That’s because he’s a predator and he needs to constantly be feeling like he “won” Lainey. He no longer feels that way which is why he’s grasping for a new challenge aka girl to isolate from fam/friends that he knows will object bc he always goes for young ones. I think Greg really misses when Lainey’s fam fought to keep him from her. In summary, that’s why Lainey is constantly trying to create this imaginary conflict from the haterz so Greg will want to “prove the world wrong” by loving her.

No. 491757

I hope they grow out from it. When I was 12, I used to have a stupid idea of what perfect relationship is too but you mature and realize how cringy it is.

What I really hope is that nobody legal aged comes to be their next unicorn. Sam's motives are questionable but I really felt bad for Maya, she was just interested in Lainey and didn't care for internet fame.
Plus if they can't get anybody to use as their punching bag to project their marriage problems on, then Lainey and Greg will eat each other alive.

No. 491758

Ugh, just watched is new video. He address still making videos about Eugenia, him slandering Shane, talking about Adrienne and her hygiene, Shiloh, Billie, and even Sam. God, he makes me watch to punch my computer screen.

No. 491760

use hooktube ffs

No. 491765

Don't worry, it's a reupload.

No. 491766

File: 1520274520507.png (112.93 KB, 507x914, comments.png)

Samefag, I don't know who is worse. Ol' Onion Boy or his idiot followers.

No. 491767

>Just find it odd that Sam was tweeting her before getting the ok to live at the McMansion then doesn't communicate with her. It's odd.

Yeah it is kind of odd, but not in the way you say. If you arranged to move in somewhere and you only have one point of contact with the household you would assume everyone in the household has already okayed it. Even - no, especially - if the people you're moving in with are in a relationship, you would assume they had sorted things out amongst themselves well before offering you the room. That's what's weird. It's not weird for Sam not to reach out to Lainey, why would you assume you'd need to contact the other housemates if a room is already being offered to you and you've already sorted it all? This is something that should have been discussed between the members of the household before advertising the vacancy. It should never have gotten to the point of Sam being offered a room without Lainey's knowledge.

It's weird as fuck that Sam didn't nope the fuck out of there when she found out Lainey wasn't aware, because who tf wants to live in a household where people don't communicate about things like this? Especially when those people are married. You're obviously gonna have a bad time. Why is Onion offering rooms to other women behind his wife's back? That is, and always will be 10,000x more weird than someone taking him up on the offer. He is the one who married plainey and vowed to be faithful to her, none of the other women owe her shit.

I don't like Sam, she's clearly an attentionwhore and she dickteases milk all day long. Thought she was somehow special and different to all of the other girls onion talked to which is laughable. All this ~I could ruin his life~ posturing is really annoying and pathetic. But you all need to stop hating on her so hard just because some anons like her or have neutral opinions. you're just polarising the issue. You're not going to change anyone's opinion and you're just going to make the people who like her come to her defence more.

No. 491768

I put him to 2x and he's still insufferable.

No. 491769

how is greg her only point of contact? she knew how to tweet @ lainey, i mean she managed to DM greg lol.

Also I think context is very important in this situation that is relevant. Sam was moving into the family home of a young family (I don't need autists being like HAH FAMILY MAN ARE YOU A NATIVE SPEAK DONT YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!? It literally means he has a family, and I'm British GSTQ) who broadcast their lives on youtube. Sam had no reason not to talk to Lainey or did Greg tell her not to from that point on? she felt more comfortable talking to Lainey from a distance, but once Greg says she can live with them she distances herself from Lainey. Odd.

The whole situation is weird. Commenting on how weird Sam is does not take away the fact that we have all been laughing at the revolving door that is the McMansion.

The Sam stuff was different because neither of them mentioned her on social media/followed her. Ever addressed her to fans about living there and Lainey would make it clear on YouNow she didn't want Sam there. Even laughing that she should do a twitter poll to get her desk back.

I definitely think Sam and Greg were into each other, why else would Sam say on stream she would consider dating Greg. she was loving the speculation about her and Onion being together. She played it up on twitter and twitch and instagram. I'd love to know more about her past relationship if any Sam stans want to divulge

No. 491770

samefag, i meant she said she considered dating Lainey on stream when asked.

No. 491771

Could this kid behind Lainey be Troy? he's standing awfully close to them to just be some random kid(childs face)

No. 491772

nah, when she was in stream and somebody brought up you could see her kids in some of her videos, somebody implied it was a random kid standing behind lame and onion on their date and she dispelled it. just a rando

No. 491773


Not to mention, I think Troy's hair is pretty blonde.

No. 491774

Are you a lameo stan? Get off this girl is the homewrecker shit she loves. Onion agreed to bring her there without telling his own fucking wife. Who cares if Sam tweets at her or not seriously lmao. It's been clear from all the past girls that onion takes over any conversation when it comes to bringing girls there. She wanted to move there, so why would she ruin it by talking to lameo without telling onion? They've been in a 5-6 year marriage. It's onion and lameo's job to communicate with each other. Lameo still gets off on the idea that it's all Billie's fault because she herself was incapable of talking to her own husband and telling him no so she put the burden on billie and then excused her own husband's behavior. Again stop feeding into the sam is the homewrecker bullshit they love. You can think sam is shit, but it's 100% onion and lameo's responsibility to talk to each other about who they are bringing into their house around their little children. You think lameo is gonna get excused if onion brings a girl without her knowledge and she sits like a doormat for weeks while the girl is there and then that girl hurts her kids? No, that's on her too.

No. 491776

What’s with his wicked deep voice all the sudden

No. 491777

well yeah I do hope Lainey gets her shit together for the kids and if we want to talk about how young Sam is at 21, can yall remember Lainey was groomed at 17 and then knocked up at 18. Much time for development guys!!!

>she wanted to move there, so why would she ruin it by talking to lameo without telling onion?

there you go, finally understanding Sam is just an attentionseeker out for herself. Fleeing from her terrible home life to impose herself on a Young Mum with kids. such strife!!

Sam really is brave. Moving across the country to live with someone without having a source of income. It's almost as if she was head over heels for the guy(ban evading as usual)

No. 491778

Not trying to further engage in the discussion if sam's a homewrecker/idiot or not, I just had to laugh about the fact that they were all together in the mcmansion without even spending time together as a "family" that invited a friend. Like that anon >>491767 said, greg is fucking weird to invite his female friends over without telling his wife and then only spending time with said friend in his office or w/e he calls it. Judging from what lame said on younow they (her and sam) didn't talk that much, and Sam used to comment under her videos and in her streams to communicate. In the SAME house. Does it get any weirder? It feels like they are all sitting in different wings of a huge ass manor where it's too much of a journey to walk over the other part of the building lmao. Also, the fact that lame always says they're too busy to spend time with each other, yet they both work from home and do the same job. It wouldn't actually be a problem to share one office or do projects together. Why is it that onion never streams with lame except maybe once a year, and never makes videos with her (for his channel), but once a girl is there (billie, ayalla & sarah, gingerbeck, sam) he does all these things with them? We all know why but how far from reality is lame that she doesn't see these things or doesn't protest? Sorry that this is nothing new but it's mind-boggling how sad and freakish their marriage is.

No. 491779

If this kid is just a random then she's opening a can of worms (vegan ofc)

If you're shooting a video that will be used for commercial purposes, you need to have written permission from everyone featured in the footage. This includes shooting a commercial for your business, testimonials from customers, a Web series that generates income or an entry into a contest. Customize a standard release form to explain how you plan to use the footage, and state any rights the subject may have in regard to payment – for example, is the subject signing away all claims, or will she receive a flat fee or percentage if the video makes a profit?
ref: videomaker "keeping it legal" 2017

No. 491780

Again i dont care what people think about sam, but this omg poor young wife lameo who doesn't know what her loving family-oriented husband will do is the dumbest shit ever. Lameo knows her husband will bring young girls. She brings them herself when its to her benefit and to keep him. Instead of laying down the law or leaving him, she decides to appease him and start whispering in his ear about how terrible the girl is in hopes she will "win" and be best girl. Then goes onto be smug when the girl gets kicked out and flashes her ring around like she's some goddess lmao. Lameo is 23 now, not 17. She has two kids and her original goal to gain e-fame is building up her ego to think shes hot shit and puts that before anything else, even her kids. Anyone who still likes onion is pretty crazy, but I will think Sam is as bad as lameo when she sticks with the onions for 5-6 years like lameo has. She doesn't even come close to the shithole that lameo is right now. Lameo invites the "homewreckers" herself than acts oblivious and like a poor smol bean that must be protected from these evil woman trying to ruin her otherwise perfect relationship! Yeah, no aint buying it or giving her any sympathy.

No. 491781

Lame knows, she's just in denial and likes not having to work. If she left Onion she'd have to get a job and take care of her kids.

No. 491782

That's pretty much the logic of anyone who lives there or visits.

No. 491783

>Fleeing from her terrible home life to impose herself on a Young Mum with kids. such strife!!
Because that wife would without her doing be in such a healthy relationship, right? Stop trying to blame her, gurg is the idiot who's looking for a replacement.

>Moving across the country to live with someone without having a source of income.

It shouldn't be overlooked tho that working with onion could have other benefits like for example the exposure that she needs as an artist, at least if she wants to work online and connect with people in that industry. It's not like she just went to live with some randos.

No. 491784

…But she did live with some randos.

No. 491785

He's still buttmad that he cheated so once again he needs to place the blame on billie. He says he totally didn't cheat on doormat but billie did.
>greg tells lainey he's gunna do whatever he wants
>doormat agrees
>doormat tells billie not to do things with greg
>greg initiates sex with billie
>billie tells him she doesn't know if doormat would be cool with it
>onion insists he cleared it with her
Does he not realize he and billie slept together lmao. He can't just say it's all her.

14:00 He believes that his audience unironically has a high IQ and level of maturity.
15:00 He implies all haters never get out… he's historically known to stay up all night obsessing over himself.
20:30 He's obviously mad as fuck that adrienne was freaked out by his weird crying shit.
At the end of the video he tries to convince us how alpha he is and insists he isn't a beta male.

No. 491786

Disgusting these assholes will "protect" their own children but not anyone elses? I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 491787

Judging from the Discord leaks, I think they're probably an Onistan kek.

No. 491788

It's his "serious voice", I think.

No. 491789


I know it was stupid of Sam to go to Grease Mansion but why are you guys making the "woman, wife and mother LIVING THERE" the victim.

The doormat let Sam stay there for a month and take care of HER own children when she did her own thing. I understand you want to question Sams behaviour but Lainey is also an idiot that has no backbone who just goes to Sarah and cries about her marital issues. This isn't the first time she let one of Gergs fan stay in her house without her permission either! She had no problem of letting Sam around her children, she was only mad cause she got jealous when Sam was with Greg. Instead of just telling Sam to leave right away she used manipulating tactics by stalking her stream and going to Gurg and say the Sam is a hater. She even said on her stream she doesn't want to date any girls anytime soon and destroy her happiness and peace. Gurg is probably crying LOL.

Sam said she came to Grease mansion, and then went back home to get the rest of her belongings. Lainey could have told Sam and Gerg right then that Sam is not allowed to they in HER house because. But she didn't so please don't treat the "family man" and "wife/woman of the house) as the victims.

No. 491791

Thank you anon, you're helping the ones who can't endure his repetitive bullshit. He told his version of the cheating 1000 times now. Everyone who follows him has heard it at some point. Why does he need to repeat himself so often? It's not like his old videos disappear or anything. Or does he do this to reassure himself that he's right and all his exes and ex-friends were terrible people by finding things they supposedly have in common?

No. 491792

He admits to having sex with Billie, despite his bouncy from "cuddling" and massages and then back to sex every other week.

Says A's vagina smelt like maggots and garbage.

Admits to being into BDSM, which I assume he already did in the past.

Says he doesn't watch Shane's videos.

No. 491793

For the people shocked by Sams behaviour and admiration for Gerg have to have seen his comments from his fans on his videos and his patreons who pays him. A lot of his fans know about Billie and Shiloh but still blindly defend him. Sam was/is his and Lainey's fan girl. Her wanting to work for the Onion King isn't shocking lol?

No. 491794

oh and at the end he basically does a tl;dr that is still tl;dr saying I WAS RIGHT ABOUT X, I WAS RIGHT ABOUT Y

and he says "someone" told him about how their friend didnt like him so he addressed it in a patreon only(?) video

No. 491795


LOL. Also he said that he told Lainey when they were showering together that his cameraman was gonna come and live at their home but she just happened to forget.

No. 491797

Yeah, i'm less shocked by Sam's behavior than his patreons like becca and whoever who shell out all this money to him and get nothing in return. That's more pathetic to me lol. And they are probably the ones who come here and shit on sam and whatever girl ends up making it to the house while they dont get to, not realizing they are the more pathetic one.

Lol. They must only ever "talk" when they are fucking or showering together.

No. 491798

>I know it was stupid of Sam to go to Grease Mansion but why are you guys making the "woman, wife and mother LIVING THERE" the victim.
i didn't even do this though, i implied it was retarded and UNBELIEVABLE of sam to go live there without even talking to taylor. in my book, this qualifies as bizzare behaviour

No. 491799

Honestly the Billie situation still confuses the hell out of me. The Grease logic was insane. He was married to Lainey and he fucked Billie but they both called BILLIE the cheater? Either they both cheated or neither did. The fact that Lainey keeps falling for his justifications just shows she's an idiot.

>The doormat let Sam stay there for a month and take care of HER own children when she did her own thing
I find it funny how Gargoyle and Plank drag these girls and women through the mud but let the supposed hoes, sluts, liars and druggies spend time with their kids. If what they asy about everyone else is true then they're both shit parents. If I thought somebody was a hardcore druggie or a homewrecker, I wouldn't put them in a situation with children just because I wanted to make terrible videos.

Yeah, it was wild. Even if the two weren't married and were just roommates or something, surely you'd still want to know it was okay to go there? Or want to know more about the people you're living with?

I only feel sorry for the kids.

No. 491801

all this infighting is dumb af,
sam isnt a victim
lainey isn't a victim
greg sure as hell isnt a victim.

everyone played a part, no one ever had a gun held to their head and forced one person to move in while forcing the other to let it happen etc. shit could have been stopped at any point, steps could have been taken to prevent anyone from feeling 'victimized' or whatever.
everyone involved knows what type of person greg is, everyone involved could of had enough of a say - theyre 3 fucking adults.
this isn't fucking black and white, every single person involved is at fault and absolutely no one is a victim.

No. 491802

Exactly this. The only ones who didn't have a part to play who are completely innocent in all of this are the children.

No. 491803

A very astute observation, anon. I agree wholeheartedly.

No. 491804

His diatribe about being a dominant and fierce, NOT BETA AT ALL, dogcollaring 50-shades-scenario lover makes it sound like he's trying to attract fresh meat, or he's speaking directly to someone in particular.

No. 491805

This is a trap to get his haters to send him money in hopes of getting milk

No. 491808

sounds like you make your family uncomfortable. either way this isn’t just Sam’s fault. We don’t know what Onion told her we just know Lame didn’t know. For all we know Onion told Sam she could come and Sam asked if it was alright with everyone and he said yeah. it’s not unusual for Grug to make decisions without Lame knowing and pass it off like it’s perfectly ok. Sam was friends with Greg, not Lainey. and we’ve seen it with Vix, people try to talk to Lainey and be her friend but she’s a cunt to them and doesn’t respond. So Sam went there for Greg. Not Lainey. He’s never needed Lainey’s permission to bring his friends before, they both have people running in and out of their house so how is this only Sam’s fault? it’s hilarious how people in this thread recognize that Lainey constantly blames the women instead of her shitty husband, but anons in here are doing it to. If you stan the Onions so hard, this isn’t a place you should be.

No. 491809

There’s no proof as far as I can tell that Sam had any indication that Lainey did or did not know about her coming. As far as anyone knows, Greg told Sam that Lainey knew or alternatively told her that Lainey would be fine with it.
I didn’t think so before, but this makes me think he might have actually fucked Sam or at least engaged in oral or something with her.
With Billie, he always tried to make unseen like it was just “massaging or cuddling” and now with Sam it’s “wiggling on my lap” and he is going to great lengths to say how disgusted he was by her (probably to throw Lainey off?)

No. 491810

Kek. Has he said sam smells yet? We should have played bingo for this situation

No. 491812

Same better be fucking pregnant with triplets and ready to serve him with child support to make up for how insufferable these threads have been lately.

>spergs about Shane's awful ancient jokes again
>I'm not wrong for telling a 13 year old she's not fat (and therefore "attractive" after studying her pictures but it's totally not even close/worse u shadow fans!!)

The spelling things out of words is juvenile as hell. Not sure if it's a Youtube thing so he doesn't get flagged or him trying to confuse his preteen viewership.

No. 491813

No anon, Hulk looks better than that.

Green Onion looks like an angry turd.

No. 491814


THIS. The anons REPEATING how weird it was that Sam a blinded fan went to work for the onion king without his precious wife's permission seriously come off as onionstans. Gerg told Sam that lainey knew that a cameraman was coming and Gerg said he told Lainey in the shower. Yes Sam went to work for Gerg even if it wasn't really a job since she wasn't compensated with money. I'm sure Gerg and her had an agreement she would be compensated in other ways like her art being promoted and her twitch stream, living for free and free food. I'm sure Gergs other blinded fans would go to Grease Mansion in a minute if they had that opportunity and probably wouldn't go to lainey for her blessings. His other female patreons didn't go to lainey for permission why would Sam. Yeah Sam tweeted Lainey in the past but she was ignored but onion boy sure did reply and even gave her a job!

I AGREE that what Sam did was stupid and let's move on until she decides to milk the thing that will "destroy his home". There is no point of arguing over this. You guys saying that it was horrible of her not to get Lainey's permission just proves onion boys claim of Sam being a home wrecker. Also proves Lainey's claim that it's always the woman's fault not her nasty, disgusting beta husband.

No. 491815

>The spelling things out of words is juvenile as hell. Not sure if it's a Youtube thing so he doesn't get flagged or him trying to confuse his preteen viewership.
It's so he doesn't get flagged, but Shane should write a cease and desist letter at this point.

No. 491816

File: 1520289465494.png (307.2 KB, 705x435, grunk-smashedit.png)

No. 491817

File: 1520289535265.jpg (13.65 KB, 400x292, wicked.jpg)

I see no difference

No. 491818


Just based on what Sam said on her streams she said Gerg told Sam that Lames knew she was coming. The day she came to Grease Mansion Lames was apparently very nice to her and even bought her a green tea frap. It was only when Gerg told Lames that Sam is the cameraman and that she will be living there Lames started hating Sam. Tinfoil: Cause she knew that her husbands only intentions of bringing a young, pretty girl wasn't just to make her a cameraman. It's well known that Lames got no backbone to confront her husband, but she sure can be a cunt to the other woman because it's all their fault.

No. 491819

Did anyone already comment on Greg making a grooming joke with Sam yet? Creepy to say “I think you’d be a tough person to groom” even as a “joke”.

No. 491820

Sam has also claimed that he admitted to her that he didn’t need a cameragirl and that’s what made her think she was there only for polypotential.

No. 491822

If it's public knowledge now that he doesn't actually need a camera person and that he "lost money having a girl in the house" & "could have done all those videos just fine without Sam" how is he going to sneak the next one in without the guise of "professional reasons"?

No. 491823

You'd think that admission would IMMEDIATELY make Lame suspicious and question Grunks motives whenever he invites someone to be his "camerawoman". Macandcheese, Vix… sure he was just being "friendly" now Lamey? I guess he wont be inviting anymore camerawomen now right? He admitted he doesn't need them. Why invite one ever again?

No. 491826

It’s cameraMAN, anon. Get it right.
(Greg actually argued with us in his stream that Lamey probably got confused about it because of the MAN term).

No. 491827

He fucked himself over with that kek. Now he surely needs a new excuse to bring girls in. Lame stating that she doesn't want a girlfriend and that she doesn't know if she ever wants one again doesn't make his situation better either. I wonder what he's planning next. The cameraperson excuse was already dumb af but lame and his stupid fans still bought it.

No. 491828

Doesn't gurg usually stream by now? This is strange

No. 491829

Claiming that she didn't clean up after herself is almost the same.

No. 491830

He's been uploading a load of stuff to patreon, including his masterpiece (that should have been dropped yesterday but wasn't..) something is definitely up in grease mansion, they've been all over the place this past week, even his high paying patrons are being ignored. Wonder what's got them so pressed?.

No. 491831

Lame last night on YouNow said they wouldn't be home to stream tonight so maybe he isn't home either. Guess we can expect another Olive garden date video

No. 491832

File: 1520300215721.png (79.21 KB, 487x453, about.png)

Dropping Chapter 6 of Gronk's book.

Reaper's Creek - Chapter 6

If you want the audio version let me know and I can upload it.

No. 491844

4 pages is not a chapter, you silly onion

No. 491846

Lol, chapter summary:
- Onion finds a dead body in the creek half-eaten, and it gives him nightmares of an alien poking him through the next
- Onion picks a rare flower, and his stepfather is there too
- Onion is a gentlesir who wants to woo over Audrey, but this bully Phillip keeps teasing him? But it's not clear at all how he's bullying him lol. Phillip just keeps asking him if Onion has a problem with him without giving any reason
- Now they're fighting with fists on the playground
- Now they're in the principle's office and the two are friends

>That was the last interaction I'd ever have with him before he died weeks later.

Yeah Onion, that last sentence that came out of nowhere and ruined any suspense you may have possibly had in this story is sooper dark.

No. 491847

I didn't think it was humanly possible for his writing to get worse - I was horribly wrong. This is so incredibly disjointed.
Gergle, you suck, give it up already, wow.

No. 491849

Some youtuber i know invites me to his house to stay, shoot videos and edit his shit. He tells me exposure would be my pay and being the fame hungry cunt I am, I accept.

Why the fuck would I have to okay this his wife whom I barely know and barely talk to and ignores me on her younow? It ain't my fault they have a fucked up relationship, I'm just here to do my own thing.

No. 491855


GASP You are just like Sam! Your actions are just retarded and unbelievable! How can you be so bizarre and not even ask his wife, the woman of the house her permission! You are such an ignorant slut! Even though her own husband is inviting you to his home you are the home wrecker it's for sure not his fault that he is inviting a random fan into his and his wife's home…God I think you might be autistic :/.

No. 491857

It should be obvious that you're agreeing with that anon but your sarcasm and the amount of Lainey wking nonsensical logic in this thread is making it so hard for me to be 100% sure.

No. 491859

All his "chapters" have been 4 pages. Could you imagine actually having this as a physical book? Lmfao

No. 491866

I think we can all agree that the infighting needs to just stop.
Lainey is an idiot for not giving Sam the boot,
Sam IS an idiot for not clearing it with the other person to live in the home (woman or not, makes no difference, it’s the polite thing to do when someone lives there with young kids you’d be around)
And Greg is obviously an idiot for wanting to bring in a new girl and force her on Lamp just like in the past.

So it’s safe to say Lainey AND Sam both did wrong— bc it’s undeniable. Anyone defending either of them against the other is talking in circles bc both of them were wrong.

No. 491867

Agreed. Also you can like Sam and still admit she's entitled and an opportunist

No. 491868


Sorry I know my "sarcasm" is bad lol. Maybe it would have helped if I said "Anon, you ignorant slut!" (The office ref).Anons claim not to be Lainey stans but they were wking her. Seriously any of Gergs fans would have done the same thing as Sam and they have in the past! None of them called lainey but I think one of them brought her a gift? Would it have helped if Sam brought Lainey a gift lol?

They are treating lainey as a smol bean and a dutiful wife and mother. If Lainey was really a good person she would have never allowed Sam to stay there for a day let alone a month. Why would a mother let a stranger be in the same house as her children. If Sam bothered her so much why would she let Sam spend so much time with her kids? It's because Lainey's a hypocritical bitch. To be so bothered and insecure by Sam but still let her babysit your kids while you are at hot topic or on a date with Gerg. Also the both of them have people in and out of their home all the time whether it be Gergs cameraman or lainey potential gf.

Lainey was only crying when Gerg told her he wanted to be poly with Sam = he was attracted to Sam. YES I agree Sam should have talked to lainey but most people in Sams place (Gergs creepy fan girls) wouldn't even bother when they have the chance to "work" for the Holy Onion King.

The anon made a good point that if they got to work for her fav youtuber she wouldn't ask for their wives permission especially if they have a history of ignoring your tweets/messages. Most people also assume that a husband and wife communicate about strangers living in their marital home.

Yes, I like Sam I find her enjoyable to watch and pretty funny. But it's obvious she made some stupid life choices. When Gerg gave her the opportunity to be his cameraman she took it. I'm sure she asked him if lainey was fine with it and Gerg said yes. And that was enough for her, she didn't feel the need to go to lainey which she should have. She also knew right away that lainey was uncomfortable and should have left but she didn't because she probably thought hey she isn't asking me to leave and I'm taking care of her kids, designing her tattoos and merch, and she is making me breakfast!

The main people in fault are Gerg and Lainey not Sam. They are the ones who brought her in the house and let her stay, made her meals, let her near their children. Seriously, some anons then calling her autistic because of her poor life choices….?


You are completely right. All of them are idiots and we should move on from wking the onions and refrain from calling them "family man/woman". Only then the infighting will stop. I think Sam is done with talking about the onions which is good so we no longer need to bring her up unless she milks or Gerg opens his mouth again.

But I still think Lainey and Gerg did so much more wrong than Sam….kk I'm done ;).

No. 491870

>Yeah keep you back turned to me you pathetic loser!

>We were both taken to the principles office but at the time I didn't understand why I was even in trouble.

No. 491871

samefag, the context for the second one is that he punched the bully in the face repeatedly. The first one is what the bully said to him before he did the punches.

The idea of Onion punching another child in the face an implied ~30 times probably and not knowing why he was in trouble is hilarious to me.

No. 491873

She's hardly old… she's 23(?)

No. 491882

That's true but under normal circumstances you'd go through an immense amount of maturing in the period between your late teens and early twenties. Living with onion let her be stuck on the same level for years. So yes, she's still young but appears to be more immature than she should be at that age (=stuck at the age of 17. She's basically a teen mom who doesn't mature anymore)

No. 491883

Did you know that booty is Lady Flatass? The female that Shiloh banned from the forums because she was all over Onision. She still is and even worse she is now a mother(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 491884

go post about it on the patron thread

No. 491885

I would if I knew where it was

No. 491886

He says Lainey said Sam had low morals? Says the female who admitted fucking and blowing Onision the first time they met after 10 days ONLINE dating.

No. 491887

No. 491891

Low morals my ass. I love how these two fucks are so quick judging other people's morals or behavior when they are the ones who invite random strangers (online friends are still strangers until you really get to know them) into their holy family home every few weeks, see a possible poly gf in every girl that comes around, lainey with her constant crushes despite being married, then forgetting about the person the next day, the list goes on. That they even take the word morals in their mouths is incredible.

No. 491927

Lainey is so stupid, he kept Sam the "Homewrecker" around because he thought his trinity was going to happen, he wanted that girl with no morals.

It's strange how Lambo constantly talks about morals, when asked why she didn't date Madison she said they had different morals. Lambo think's she's a saint because she doesn't smoke weed, she still brings in barely legal girls to get with her husband and then demonizes them if they get to eager, while her husband slanders them.

No. 491928

I'm wondering did Onion tell Lamey Sam apparently tried to kiss him, wiggle on his lap and hug him inappropriately or was it only after she left it came out? If so this is as bad as cheating, Onion was keeping this information from his wife, and only after used it to prove how faithful he is for resisting. Lame of course will cover her eyes and ears and be so proud that he didn't do anything.

No. 491948


Nope. The thing that made lainey uncomfortable was the side hug, the pregnant dream, Greg giving her desk to Sam, Sam wearing her clothes for the skit, and Sam being a "hater" on her streams and twitter. Lol people would also make fake Sam accounts on you now and would comment "let's do the sister wives tag". You could see Lainey's face get triggered. Her also just feeling insecure of the cameraman being around Greg all the time.

When Sam first Greg left Greg said the only reason Sam left was because of Lainey, that lainey was so uncomfortable and insecure with Sam around.

These sexual advances from Sam, and child abuse claims only came weeks after. First it was everything is cool with Sam she can talk to be anytime, weeks later "ewww Sam, gross I don't wanna talk to Sam. I am so disgusted". Or "I wanted to be poly with Sam" weeks later "A lot of people think Sam is hot which I don't see".

Lol, this idiot is clearly love bombing lainey and acting like he is the best husband "who tells on hoes". He is only revealing the wiggling now because he is scared that Sam will say it first. The thing that Sam tried to kiss him really sound as delusional as Maya being obsessed with him.

No. 491952

File: 1520372492653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.67 KB, 1024x1024, ew.jpg)

I know we've already talked about this, but wtf… when the filter doesn't focus her for a second she looks so dirty.

No. 491953

It’s just because she has freckles. That filter is a very poor choice, because it smooths and blurs her so much that it makes her regular normal skin seem flawed. She addressed her filter on stream btw the other day. Someone mentioned that it causes her to go in and and out of focus and she said it is just the camera constantly readjusting to the poor lighting. Then she named the filter and said something about it not blurring her and that it just adjusts the colors of something.

No. 491958

It has a slight blur. Lights can’t completely take out all blemishes or smooth skin unless it’s very bright. Aka light comes in a on a cloudy day on a low quality camera the lack of quality flattens the skin. Not even beauty dish or any beauty light flattens that much. Slight blur on there because re-adjusting the camera is picking up on a different area of the face showing the dark spots under foundation.

She needs vitamin C brightening creams/ toners to help with making her skin more flush naturally. It’s weird how she apparently uses those face masks but has so much skin issues.

Sam mentioned they were in the drain. So she uses them. Her acne is is from not cleaning her face and unclean enviorment. Such as not changing the pillow case and sheets.

Hormones usually are around the time of the month. But this is really really bad consistently. It just shows the lack of care outside of the internet image they have.

No. 491964

File: 1520377923550.png (248.32 KB, 381x676, image-1.png)

Here we go!
Here's a few words from Sam:
>Hey guys, thanks for still supporting me after all of the stuff that's been happening. I'm in a weird place because I have made it clear that I don't mean Greg any harm, but it's come to my attention that he's made access to our private e-mails a Patron perk. I feel pretty violated, but he feels entitled to sharing this because, well, it's Greg. I'm sharing this not to be spiteful, but just to set the record straight. If I ever crossed any of his boundaries, Greg didn't make it clear to me while I was in his home. Everything was fine, I understood Lainey's discomfort, and although I had to leave and move into a bit of a hostile environment, I said again and again that I sympathized with Lainey and agreed with their decision to kick me out. However, after I told RSN that I wasn't attracted to Greg, he started lashing out and accusing me of one thing after the other. He keeps calling me a hoe and a homewrecker. He even tried to accuse me of "swatting" his child, which is absolutely, 100% false, and a horrible thing to say out of spite. I hope you guys don't judge me for sharing, but I feel like I'm being bullied and I'm trying to stand up for myself.

No. 491965


Where is this from?

No. 491966

The most Honest Yootuber is lying to fit his slanderous agenda? What a surprise, I like Sam but did you really not think this wouldn't happen. Stop involving yourself with the grease mansion please woman.

No. 491967


Ok but where is the milk though??? She said the information she had would "beak his marriage off" or some shit… This is harmless and boring

No. 491968

File: 1520378269568.png (301.49 KB, 751x629, image-2.png)

No. 491969

File: 1520378438877.png (350.27 KB, 750x1334, image-3.png)

No. 491971

It´s still something

No. 491973

Sounds like Sam really tried, though.

No. 491974

If this is legit good on her for speaking out finally about the hitting accusation.

No. 491975

File: 1520379016683.png (788.04 KB, 750x1334, image-4.png)

There's still more

No. 491976

I agree, it seems like she really tried to be warm and polite towards lainey and she gets absolutely nothing back. Did Lainey pay her for the artwork?

No. 491977

oh shit so Sam was the "friend" a bit ago that plagiarized the elephant drawing from Pinterest and said she drew it.

No. 491978

File: 1520379306086.png (734.32 KB, 750x1334, image-5.png)

No. 491979

Sam did the artwork for free.

No. 491982

Of course she did. Being able to stay in the Grease Mansion is enough of a reward.

No. 491983

she plagiarized the drawing?

No. 491984

yeah back in temp an anon reverse image searched it and found it on pinterest

No. 491985

File: 1520379745202.gif (393.37 KB, 250x150, 8920893.gif)

No. 491986

File: 1520379841251.png (816.97 KB, 750x1334, image-6.png)

No. 491987

File: 1520379975954.png (823.29 KB, 750x1334, image-7.png)

No. 491988

File: 1520380201042.png (791.34 KB, 750x1334, image-8.png)

No. 491989

File: 1520380209087.png (900.52 KB, 750x1334, image-9.png)

No. 491992

I wonder why she only went with two elephants instead of all three if it’s to represent her and her baby(s)

No. 491993

During the time she was talking about getting an elephant tattoo, she referenced a "friend" (Sam) a lot on her YouNow. Sam used to draw a lot of pictures of Lainey in the past, but Lainey probably got sour after Sam moving in unexpectedly.

The elephants represent her kids, they have their birthstones on their forehead.

No. 491994

I think she wanted just the two babys, so her finished tattoo is meant to be the two little ones not the mom+kid

No. 491995

It seems like she changed the design after speaking to greg

No. 491996

Back then people were speculating she changed it to just two becuase it was ddlg related like she was the baby elephant cuddling up to Greg but then it was actually tatted and the birthstones seemed to match up with the kids so the tinfoil got dropped pretty quickly,
I wonder if she hates looking at the tattoo now that this whole cameragate went down

No. 492000


LOL it's actually hilarious he didn't have a problem with Sam before she did the interview with RSN. Onion boy got so offended when Sam l said she wasn't attractive to him because he was scared people would this he was rejected.

Why is this man child so obsessed with being rejected and rejecting people. I wonder if a lot of girls rejected him in the past that he is so afraid? Either way it's hilarious.

No. 492001

Same happened with Maya, Onion hates the thought of being rejected, I imagine this is why he dislikes Sarah so much and was mean to her while she was there. She seems to be mainly interested in girls going off her Snapchat and obsession with Lainey. I can only imagine him losing his mind having a bi girl turn him down for his space prince wife.

No. 492002

Yeah that was definitely the turning point. During that stream (when he was streaming simultaneously) he was still talking about the poly thing and right after it (when he was able to watch the rsn interview) he started calling her names/not attractive like a 12 year old boy. Hr ALWAYS needs to be the one who rejects or dumps people. It's so pathetic.

No. 492003

File: 1520383542613.png (163.14 KB, 807x306, sickfuck.png)

"original alcohol girl"

she has a name, you disgusting human being. going out for a drink with your friends is not being alcoholic, it's called being SOCIAL. i am sure an individual like greg would know that

also, i was repulsed at how he tried to manipulate sam "the damsel in mistress"'s texts in a dishonest way. to be completely fair, she never really denied about having a good time with greg. what hurt her the most was the aftermath, not the departure itself

No. 492004

File: 1520383623071.jpg (32.66 KB, 251x381, IMG_20180307_015027.JPG)

From today's stream. Topkek. Haven't watched it, just clicked on it to laugh about the freshly showered caveman.

No. 492005

is he losing hair?

No. 492006

bet he's still mad he pissed her off while she was drinking and she yelled at him for it. it's been how many years and he's still a little pissbaby over it.

No. 492008

He is. There was a video with him and Plainboi where you could see a bald spot on the back of his head Topkek

No. 492009

But anon, he "happily moved on"!

No. 492010

‘Anon, you ignorant slut’ isn’t an Office ref it’s an OG SNL reference from the seventies, check yourself!

No. 492011

If Greg had just kept his mouth shut and not sperged out calling her a ho and shit, this message actually makes him look reasonable and dare I say, caring towards Lainey.

Whilst none of this proves that Sam didn’t try to kiss him to whatever, it does make his rampant statements about how awful she is sound fishy when he is being super polite to her here.

No. 492012

His new video on speaks channel is horrific, I'm on mobile so can't link via hooktube.com
The onions really are shitty.

No. 492013

File: 1520385281612.png (54.61 KB, 544x140, Untitled.png)



No. 492014

The only thing I don't understand is why they're texting this back and forth? On 20th Jan sam was living there.

No. 492015

It made me wanna bang my head on my desk.
stfu Onion breathe.

No. 492016

Ty anon.
How mental do you have to be to agree with ANYTHING he says in this?? He's fucked in the head.

No. 492017


Yeah I saw the OG one but I heard it first from the Office and I found it more funny. The office took a lot of OG phrases but a lot of fans just reference the office. Well atleast I do. "Dwight, you ignorant slut" will forever be one of my favorite lines lol.

No. 492018

One of his four after fap showers for the day.

No. 492019


She said that the last week she was there it was a very uncomfortable situation. She pretty much stayed in her room the whole time and didn't even eat a lot because Lames was at that point so insecure, distraught and uncomfortable with Sams presence. Sam tried to give them both some space hence the texting back and forth.

No. 492020

Laimeybot has a tattoo drawn by the alleged "mistress"… queen cuck.

No. 492021

any kind anons wanna transcript this? I can't stand watching him talk for 5 mins let alone 22 yikes

No. 492022

I'm done after the maggot smelling vagina. This psycho. And I'm only 5 minutes in, wtf i just realized this is a 22 minute rant. Please brave anons, help us

No. 492023

Sending a friendly email after years of not talking to each other means she wants to fuck you…Gurg logic
Waiting for the transcript too, he gets in my nerves so easily and I tremble like a motherfucking chihuahua when I`m angry

No. 492024

Sorry anon, I wasn't clear, I was curious as to why the tattoo idea was established via text, seems strange, especially given they could have done it face to face, I get the last few days would have been uncomfortable but that wasn't until 13/14th feb iirc. The onions ONLY seem to communicate via text and it was better than tweeting it I guess, it just seems wrong to most normal people I think!

No. 492025

Also dwight love, cheers anon

No. 492027

Yeah, that's the point I hoped out too. Is he actively trying to kill his channels at this point or is he so far gone he truly sees no wrong in this?? Did the h8urzz break him? onision??

No. 492029

At the end of the video he talks about how he isn't ashamed of being a dom , using hand cuffs , ropes etc and no one can make him be ashamed of it. gag

No. 492030

I think his evil plan is to make his videos so insufferable that his haters can't watch them anymore. Seems to be working lmao

No. 492032

File: 1520387714382.jpg (438.9 KB, 978x1212, Balding Greg.jpg)

Omg, is Gurggles losing all his hair? Cuz onion boy is balding fast!

Greying and receding hairline. Maybe the universe will do its work on onion, so that his continual access to underaged underdeveloped minors will be eliminated through the unstoppable ravages of time.

Made it to 30 seconds in and had to stop. Every douchey video he makes alienates more of his last remaining fans. Good.

No. 492034

10 minutes into lames stream and she already triggered af kek

No. 492035

File: 1520388483261.png (58.92 KB, 839x630, IMG_0195.PNG)

No. 492039

I always thought he cared so much about his cute emo hair and everything but it's been such a mess lately. He didn't have a haircut in ages, the black dye grew out almost half the length of his hair. Which makes it look even more greasy than usual. That's what men in their midlife crisis do.

No. 492040

Anyone know what leaked info everyone is talking about??

No. 492042

Someone in the chat asked, "are you getting a new camera person?"

Lambo response: "Fuck No! We learned our lesson."

Of course it's all Sam's fault.

No. 492043

Lame’s neck is COVERED in hickeys. Must’ve been a long gross “shower”

No. 492044

Yeah she's actually going to record a video on "how to reduce hickies".

No. 492047

God I wish he would stfu! He’s just abusive and covering it up with kinks. TOTES DOM. Singlehandedly enforcing the stereotype that bdsm is full off misogynist pedophilic freaks.

No. 492056

Found this; seems to explain Taylor's personality a little bit. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201802/3-core-facets-narcissism-malignant-adaptive

The article's more or less GregvsTaylor.txt

No. 492059

File: 1520394622927.png (534.41 KB, 750x1334, 03233658-28DD-4981-8E99-3C94ED…)

Anyone tried DMing sam for tea?

No. 492060

i couldn't make it past 1 minute. he is so full of hit. can't even look at his smug onion face.

is the whole video about eugenia cooney again?

No. 492062

Fuck her body is going to end up being one bad memory if she ever gets the balls to leave Greg

No. 492064

Because that's the only way people speak to each other in the onion mansion

Like how Lainey was trying to FaceTime gurgling during a twitch stream

No. 492065

Give me a list of what anons want to know and I'll do it

No. 492066

How about screens of the emails and dms/texts that he's charging his dumbass patrons for.

No. 492069

Hm yeah you’d think she’d want to give those up for free to undermine his plan to profit off them

No. 492070

I want to know if she's reached out to Lainey and told her some of the kids onion is making up.

No. 492073

She popped up into Lainey's stream tonight wanting to be guested
Lame went in, went on a rant about everything Sam supposedly did and didn't do while she was there. I'm so glad I stuck around for the end of the stream cause it got milky. I feel like if there is 100% whole milk to be had, its coming close to being spilt.

No. 492074

File: 1520397704654.png (149.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-06-23-38-49…)

Gerg removed his latest "I'm not sorry as usual, so suk mi" vid and posted this buttplughurt:

No. 492075

File: 1520397732406.png (123.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-06-23-39-13…)

No. 492076

He removed it because he "accidentally" leaked Sam's number. He's blurring it out and re-uploading it.

No. 492078

oh man if he ever found out this entire site has a rule to only post links to his videos if they're mirrored…

also love the implication that he's being paid as if by the hour to look at things he hates, not that he was already looking at things he hates and decided to make a video about him. certainly not the guy who wrote a sad excuse for a book called "this is why i hate you"

No. 492079

He is so delusional. His patron filters out haters? Your patrons leak your shit all the time dude. Such a dumb ass. Get a real job and stop relying on your 13-year-old viewer's allowance to pay your unnecessary expenses

No. 492080

Anybody record the stream? I got to bored but looking back at the moments captured she was really triggered.

No. 492081

>4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

No. 492084

The blargh was in the stream in the beginning… but I think they left and then came back after hearing drama was being stirred I saw them post "wait whats going on?" after Lainey was going off so I don't think they caught the beginning of it. Wouldn't be surprised if RNS caught something, I'm almost sure he goes in undercover. Never seen him there. A lot of people had been sitting in quietly and once Sam popped up A LOT of people went with questions. It was good milk. Lainey said "anymore questions about this if that didn't clear it up ask me now because I will not talk about this anymore" But then ignored everyone and dipped out. Told Same she had her number and if she had a secret that would destroy her marriage to text or call her but she was not doing it on younow.

Will probably get the call and pretend it never happened. I hope Sam has something, and drops it

No. 492085

>RSH goes in undercover
>Never seen him there

Cause he's never been there to record and rips his videos from more professional platforms.

No. 492087

File: 1520399114146.jpeg (322 KB, 1242x2208, 3036E596-D3C9-411B-989F-D2080D…)

Apologeeze if OT…
I was just posting in the sh0e thread rn when I received this ban. This isn’t my comment at all, I blocked out the IP, but it’s not my IP address either. The ban only showed one time, and it was filed last month? I can post fine, bc it’s an “expired ban”, that I never received? I’m assuming I received someone else’s ban by mistake. Buttt….
The reason for the ban was:
>hi cow

So does that mean >>486546 was posted by a cow? A McMansion cow or otherwise?

I was going to post this in meta, but it’ll probably be ignored, so I felt at least it might be worth something to someone here.(take it to meta)

No. 492088


No. 492089

God I need to see the replay, I decided not to watch her stream when I got home from work and I’m kicking myself for it now

No. 492090

Go to his goddamn thread in /snow.
I’d link but I’m on mobile.

No. 492091

Someone had to of caught the end of the stream. They catch every other dull moment and post it like news. At one point Lame laid her head down on her desk for a few seconds, I truly think she doubts Gurg a little but wants proof… claims if there is proof there would "be a problem"

No. 492092

Did Sam say she had something that would ruin her marriage? Where did that comment come from?

No. 492093

lainey made it up, sam said no such thing

No. 492094

I will do it later, bear with me.
It’s going to be arduous from the sounds of it.

No. 492095

File: 1520400172663.jpg (30.54 KB, 694x238, Screenshot_20180307-162159.jpg)

> Lainey made it up, Sam said no such thing
Did Lainey also make a YT account to post this on?

No. 492096

Jesus Christ, the three of them need to act like adults and not like retarded teenagers. One of them has been out of his teens for more than ten years!

It's like a soap opera with attention whores for the cast and two innocent children as the audience.

No. 492097

File: 1520400680145.jpg (19.89 KB, 573x116, sam.JPG)

Sam is debating between on releasing her side of the story or remaining silent

No. 492098

File: 1520400738380.jpg (41.41 KB, 582x292, sam2.JPG)

Claims she doesn't care anymore

No. 492099


He's going to shit on her so fucking hard if she does make a video, but come on Sammie, we all wanna see it.

No. 492100

Sam could either let it go and have them still continuously shit on her for years to come. Or she could fight back and expose his grease ass just like Billie did.

No. 492101

Bish will do it anyway, MARK MY WORDS. She just loves the attention shes getting so wants to hold it in a little bit longer so more people can beg her for the info. But its def coming. Prepare yourselves farmers

No. 492102

She claims she doesn't care who she tells. Not that she doesn't care.

No. 492103

She's always saying that she will but never actually does. Here's to hoping she'll stop dick teasing and do it already.

No. 492104

Lame was highly upset in her stream today remember when her streams upset her she cried to gerg. I bet anything gerg is getting ready to film at least 3 onisionspeaks videos like he did when the weedgate happened.

No. 492105

is that a nipple piercing?

No. 492106

Does he not know the word Damsel? He keeps saying "Dansel." He uses weird phrases and mispronounces words all the time….

I agree I think it's a tease and she won't back it up again. THis will only cause greg to shit on her more and she will do nothing and fade back into obscurity. I want it to be true though. Leak it if you have it,

No. 492107

File: 1520403133689.png (323.73 KB, 477x479, squidward.png)

Please tell me someone has this.

Gurg, we're trying to prevent more Sam's and keep you honest. That's all. Your shit show is pretty entertaining most of the time, have to say.

Is the 22 minute rant?
If anyone has it, I'll transcript.

No. 492108

If she does have something (which I'm personally not convinced she does) it would be best for her to release it now before he makes videos to discredit her, or he goes to Lame first with a twisted version to make Sam look bad. This whole thing isn't making her look great to many people already. So, if she has it, she better drop it first.

No. 492109

File: 1520403631308.png (603.22 KB, 923x718, yiiiiikes.png)

Even the Blargh said so.
Check snow, it's all there.

I personally hope she releases everything. I hope it's super milky.

No. 492110

The comment where she said she had stuff that could ruin their marriage really came from her account. Shit I wouldn't be surprised if more happened because Onion seems paranoid.

No. 492111


Lmfao, no. Just grease's gigantic gross niples

No. 492115

File: 1520406890828.png (653.85 KB, 847x663, gregmas.png)

Alright, "I'm not sorry" transcript.
(Going to just summarize. 22 minutes is torture.)

>On his forum, someone tried to defend Onision on a Eugenia video. The person was introduced to points made against him and wanted clarification.

>"You don't see Onision being an entirely disrespectful person? He promised he wouldn't make a video on this girl after she asked him not to, yet he done it." Says he hasn't made "a negative video" on Eugenia after she asked him not to. Says that he made positive videos so "that point is invalid".
>"A second chance? Either you're new or you're implying that whenever he apologizes he gets a clean slate, a "second chance" which is entirely the point I made. He's not the level I make him out to be." At this point, you can tell he is about to refute every point they make.
>"-Rating the looks and bodies of underage girls, sometimes with sexual comments." Says, "WHERE DA FAXXX? WHERE DA PROOOOF??" Starts saying that every recent video has 18+ year old girls in it. Says he's compelled to unload his TOTALLY HONEST opinions when asked for them. Wants proof he's ever said anything inappropriate in a serious context to a minor. Says you (DA HATURZ) should make a montage with all the people's photos and ages and post it to his forums because then he has to address it.
>"-Shames Shane Dawson for his weight, something Shane is very emotional about."
>"Firstly, thanks a lot for bringing that guy up. You guys tell me not to talk about people, and then you bring them up again and again and again. And then I get blamed for talking about them, even though you guys are the ones that brought them up." Says everyone was onboard talking about people's health problems until it came to Shane. Says it was obvious for a while that Shane was classified as medically obese. "Possibly worse." Says as far as he knows, Shane has improved. Says they had "private convos" and it's clear that his comments didn't hurt because Shane is healthier now than he was before. He says he doesn't watch his videos but "based on the thumbnails" he's healthier than he was when he addressed his weight. Says that in all the videos he made addressing his weight, if Shane is happy it shouldn't matter what he says. "People don't want to focus on the truth, they want to focus on catchphrases and simple sentences that they can use to make someone look worse than they really are."
>Starts rehashing Shane's video talking about how he called an underage girl S-E-X-Y (he actually fucking spells this). "I HAVE NEVER EVER DESCRIBED A CHILD LIKE THAT!"
>"Shane can go ahead and say he was "joking". After his co-host threatened him with prison." Starts ranting about how his rating videos are so mild and innocent compared to Shane joking.
>Says that Shane is celebrated and he is a pariah.
>Says if people are mad about his innocent rating vids, that everyone is totally asking for in his forums, Shane's videos should ENRAGE YOU."
>"-Video tapes his ex having an assumed nervous breakdown."
>"You know why you guys know about that footage? Because she asked me to upload it. And you know what really actually happened? She later admitted that those were fake. NEXT."
>"-Sexually shaming his ex."
>"What they're talking about is me saying that my ex had POOR HYGIENE issues, which she did. I can guarantee you, if I didn't take care of myself, the way this person did. If I took off my pants and the whole room was filled with the smell of MAGGOTS and TRASH, and one of my exes went to the public and said this, you guys would be SHAMING ME, UNTIL THE END OF TIME ABOUT IT. Because we all know that hygiene is within our own control. You understand this? OKAY. Especially since she released a bunch of private voicemails of me, which if I released a bunch of private voicemails of someone, you guys AGAIN would freak out and say that I violated someone's privacy and I should be ashamed of myself, etcetera but when someone else does it to me, I'm the bad guy. AGAIN."
>"-Stalking his another ex with like fourteen voicemails trying to emotionally manipulate her."
>Scoffs at this being called stalking. Says to look up the definition. Rolls his eyes and says, "But you guys hate it when I use FAXXXX." Says they were both the same age and adults. She chose to release the voicemails and she apologized later. She tried to be his friend but he says he declined because she was not honest and she was not clean and didn't want to be associated with her. (Wall of text pops up. See >>492003 for what it says)
>It also says that these two ADULT WOMEN are who people constantly use as examples as "Damsels in distress" and that he broke up with both of them "REPEATEDLY" for a reason. "I'm good to the people that I date. The same cannot be mutually said." (weird pensive piano music plays)
>Next screen 6:40 says:
The most recent example of people making up a damsel in distress is Sam. This is part of the message that she wrote me: Written to me after she was asked to leave our home. (It's cut off, not the full message): charge for committing domestic assault as a result of me being here, she saw me a threat to her marriage too. I feel like I'm making everyone's life worse everywhere I go. The past month is the happiest I've ever been and the way things are looking right now I'm never going to be at that level again. Thank you for showing me Metal Gear Solid V. Thank you for treating me better than anyone ever has. I hope someday I'm lucky enough to find someone like you.
(This is especially fucked up when you realize he released a part about what's going on in her father's house with her stepmother, and it makes it look like she's some kind of homewrecker trying to work on someone else's man. Context is everything but if you read only this part, you might conclude she is constantly going after other people's men.)
I'll post the next SS after this post, since it's long and has a convo between the two of them.
*Still working on the rest of this*

No. 492117

I realllly hope Sam makes a video telling all. People think she tried to hit a child bc of Grease, that’s not something you let slide

No. 492120

File: 1520407528603.png (373.3 KB, 1221x652, 48964534897867678.png)

No. 492121

Yeah vaginas don't smell like trash and wtf do maggots smell like? He's just shaming the Texan ex further he's such garbage.

No. 492122

Why did he rearrange the texts that way? Look at the time stamps

No. 492123

File: 1520407927394.png (481.08 KB, 1174x630, antionarrative.png)

>"So the girl you're trying to paint as a Damsel in Distress clearly wanted me back, considering she said she wanted to hang out with me when I was the only person in Seattle she'd be hanging out with. Gave me her number, said I'm actually a good guy, etcetera, this DAMSEL, wound up being on my side. So that means you're all alone in your stance against me on this position, when it comes to everyone involved in the actual situation.
>Screen comes up with email that one of his exes sent him saying he's a good person and misunderstood. Not sure which one this was. It's clipped to show what he wants. Timestamp 7:26
>Another screen comes up. I'll post it with this.
>All the while, dramatic instrumental music plays, complete with pianos and violin.
>"-Tried to manipulate a young woman to be chained to his basement with the tattoo, "I'm a liar", then proceeded to sexually shame her when she rejected the request."

No. 492124

You know Onion's stans don't notice these things lol
He's trying to make the narrative favor him

No. 492125

If when she took her pants off she filled the room with the smell of maggots and trash, why did he fuck her multiple times, and let's not forget, insist on no protection? I smell something too onision. Bullshit.

No. 492130

File: 1520409273601.png (340.94 KB, 644x674, billieprobs.png)

He posts this after the last part.
>"You're talking about someone I put on a leash before." Talks about how BDSM is his kink. "Don't watch 50 shades of grey and then come shaming me. My name is not Onision. My name is not Gregory Jackson. My name is Christian Grey, in this context." TL;DW I'm so dom, and I'm consentually chaining up women that are into it. Gross, gross, gross. Talks about how Billie totally wanted to be chained up and negged on and treated like dirt and it was totally his kink. Says Billie agree to wearing the sign saying she's a liar. Terrible instrumental music is still playing with some hymnal angel singing in the middle. Weird. It all comes back to him declaring that everyone everywhere is able to get away with everything BUT POOR GREGORY and he totally can't lie because we will all shit on him.
>"We dumped Billie because she is a criminal and liar, (music stops for dramatic effect) which btw has nothing to do with the liar tattoo."
>"Also, the basement is my bedroom."
>"She totally was going to wear a dog collar and be chained to my wall and could have removed it at any time. And of course she wanted to come back to me because she was pampered."
>Rehashes the illegal drug BS for the 20,000 time. (I can't even be fucked to type this. I'm sorry anons, it's fucking killing me)
>Once she admitted to doing illegal drugs, he said: "Forget the jacuzzi. Forget the massage chair. Forget the King Temperpedic mattress that you'd be laying in. Forget the projector on the wall where you can play PS4 or do whatever you wanted. Forget the hand delivered food to you. Forget all these arousing and stimulating things I was offering you. You're not coming back to us. EVER. And that's when I broke up with this girl for the 6th or 7th time." (Some other weird music was playing during all of this but stops abruptly here for DRAMA) "I'll say that again. I broke up with her for the SIXTH or SEVENTH TIME."
>(New music plays)"As the person who was never dumped, in that relationship, I ask you, what happens, when you get dumped six or seven times by someone, does that mean that the other person as fault, typically or does that mean that you are a repeated screw-up? That you keep lying and doing illegal things. Just use your basic reasoning skills. My problem is that I forgive people too much. I give them seven chances. That's insane. I did the same thing in a relationship before that where I was with someone that admitted that they have a split personality to me, and I still got into a relationship with them anyway, despite that. It's my bad. They named their split personality "Alieana".

The video stopped working for me here. When it's reuploaded, I'll continue.

No. 492131

Can't Sam report him to Patreon?

No. 492132

>even if that means 1 view per video

This is hilarious, because to me it implies he'd be the only one watching. AKA, not even his own fucking wife (she admits to not watching his stuff anyway iirc).

>I'm allowed to talk about people I "don't like" because idiots pay me on Patreon even though I ignore them when they tell me to stop

Also, why is he vaguely implying he gets paid to watch other peoples videos? That comment is sketchy as fuck.

No. 492133

File: 1520409698854.jpg (167.78 KB, 1067x483, AJ calls it small hot doggies.…)

>If when she took her pants off she filled the room with the smell of maggots and trash, why did he fuck her multiple times, and let's not forget, insist on no protection?

Because Onion boy wanted to get his dick wet, and his signature move is to quickly jam it in before the girl has a chance to check out Greg's tiny micropeen and laugh at him.

Seriously. Greg was intimidated by a age appropriate peer who has sexual experience, because AJ could compare Onision's shrimpy dick and technique against others.

So then he has to publicly "shame" and "belittle" the girl because he thinks that makes him look good.

But it shows just how low Greg is in reality.

No. 492134

File: 1520409941528.png (162.77 KB, 763x735, patreonguidelines.PNG)

Yes, she can.

No. 492135

Fellow anons I have a serious question as I am quite confused. If Lainey hates being misgendered so much why does she refer to herself as Gergs Little girl or daddy? Aren't those considered misgendering terms or do "non-binary" people make their own rules?

No. 492137

He really does love his "good people don't get dumped, and I am never dumped" narrative, huh

No. 492138

File: 1520411180866.png (235.78 KB, 774x477, liarliarpantsonfire.png)

>"But that same person admitted that she was a pathological liar in an interview with a hater. So what I'm saying here guys is that you have two liars, two self-admitted liars, who were both dumped six or seven times by me, in fact the other ex might have been dumped eight times. Both individuals were adults. Who were very clearly just trying to use someone to live off and very happily took tens of thousands of my dollars.
>(Music stops) - "If I. was like. those people. YOU. WOULD LYNCH ME. It would be the END OF ME. But instead, I'm the responsible adult who took care of these people until I dumped them. Six. Seven. Eight times.
>I don't know in what world you can look at those individuals and go, "THOSE ARE THE DAMSELS IN DISTRESS" and not realize that those were actually the freeloaders who would repeatedly betray the hand that fed them. In fact the same person who lied, admitted they lied and also admitted that they took part in illegal activity repeatedly was in a poly relationship with myself and my spouse where there was an agreement communicated. The agreement I made with my spouse was that I was able to whatever I wanted to in the relationship: No limitations. I repeatedly said this, and it was repeatedly made clear to my spouse, and my spouse agreed to it. But then my spouse went and told the third that they were not to do certain things with me. Because my spouse didn't feel it was absolutely necessary to communicate this to me (weird music stops again for effect) and instead my spouse felt like everything would be okay if they just communicated this standard to the other party in the relationship. But again, NOBODY TOLD ME THIS.
>So when myself and the third wound up alone, I began to pursue making love to them. And they said, "I don't know how the other person is going to feel." And I said, "Don't worry. I cleared it with them. We are completely okay, as I had additionally made love to the other person many times before, in the presence of my spouse, simultaneously with my spouse. But what that woman clearly knew, and was not telling me, is that since I made the agreement with my spouse, my spouse had spoken to her. And because she agreed to make love to me, and didn't communicate to me that my spouse had set other standards since then, it became a situation where she was cheating on my spouse. And yet TO THIS DAY, people will say that I cheated, despite this very clear, very simple concept being readily available to the public.
>Talks about how this is just one of the MANY examples of why they dumped her. After she was dumped she spelled "FUCK YOU" in broken up pumpkins with a noose on the ground.
>IF I DID THESE THINGS YOU GUYS WOULD CHASE ME TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!!! (See the irony of the cheating thing here?)

(more to come. halp)

No. 492143

Is this the first time he admitted it was more than just a massage?

And it's really hard to read, I can't imagine listening to this shyte. Thank you anon for listening to it for us

No. 492146

The weird thing that Gurg doesn’t get is that it doesn’t matter how “PAMPERED” she would have been in his decked out basement suite, it’s NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE for seven whole days that would be torture. (Heck not even allowed to leave that room was the deal) so he doesn’t get that most people tend to get stir crazy if they don’t get to leave their home, bc him and Lainey LOVE that scenario since they literally hardly go anywhere, ever. Lainey was prob jealous, because to her Onion waiting on her hand and foot is her life goal. Just like how she bragged about how he was slicing up her apples— she desperately wants him to baby her.

No. 492148

Heads up for those that wanted to see Lainey get super triggered about Sam, Realstream posted it
I hate clicking his vids but I missed the stream and had to see this.
She got LIVID. Was almost like she was trying to trigger Sam into spilling whatever it was that could destroy their marriage and made it clear she thought Sam had nothing, and was bluffing.

It sucks though bc I don’t think they caught the whole thing, cause anons said she said more about Sam that wasn’t in the RSN vid

No. 492150

File: 1520414981493.png (62.49 KB, 222x234, Capture.PNG)

No. 492151

>this is such old news
>i dont fucking care
>my 33 yo husband put a collar of hickies on my neck HE PICKED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 492153

The only time Lamo shows any kind of emotion is when she gets triggered. How sad is that?

No. 492154

She's so fucking bad at makeup. the tldr of the video
>bragging about her hickeys at the ripe age of 23
>smugly tells Sam that she has her number and can contact her
>if Sam has something to say, she can say it to her, basically telling Sam to meet her outside, how bout dat
>starts ranting about Sam's five minutes of fame
>promises to stop talking about the matter
>if you have something to say that will destroy her marriage, then Sam should tell her since Sam cares about Lainey

Jesus, she really is at the mental level of Danielle Bregoli.

No. 492157

> as I had additionally made love to the other person many times before, in the presence of my spouse
This sounds like he put his little sausage in her before but that's really hard to believe… Lame watching him have sex with billie? I doubt that. I always thought they were only making out or touching each other while he was having sex with lame (puke)

No. 492159

This is so gross to think about. Lainey wanted to keep Greggy happy by having another girl involved but she can only sit off to the side and be sort of involved but God forbid Greg pops a boner for her.
It’s so bizarre and twisted how Lainey thought appeasing Greg this way was a solution to her marriage. Apparently, based on the TMI they give us, she gets Christian Grey’d every night in the shower. Why would you put so many details about your sex life out there??

No. 492161

File: 1520423162024.gif (919.39 KB, 308x200, tenor.gif)

>large gap between 2pm and 9pm
>message from the day before pasted at the end
>first message has no timestamp

No. 492162

If anyone missed Lainey getting pissed on YouNow last night, The Blargh just posted this

No. 492164

File: 1520424831216.jpeg (794.88 KB, 1536x2048, 42B504E4-8854-4313-A11C-D28D08…)

I’m here for the impending fall of the onions, are you guys?

No. 492168

File: 1520425532454.jpg (178.25 KB, 351x318, EnqnEnT.jpg)

Looked like she wanted to cry after younow, shaky voice and everything.

No. 492169

god i hope so

No. 492180

Sometimes I hope adrienne would call him out on his bullshit. Unfortunately onion stans like to believe him anyways and she doesn't have a following, also he'd talk shit about her even more. Imagine being married to someone who won't stop shaming his exes online and still talks about their vaginas.

No. 492181

>I also listen to my husband who I trust… And over somebody who's lied to me and who's made things that made me uncomfortable in my own house

How does that same thing not apply to your HUSBAND who has a history of trying to get his dick in every girl that visits and who didn't think about your boundaries when he fucked billie?!

>this isn't on him, it's not

It's never him. Why is it so unbelievable that he gave her signals? He admitted that he thought about a poly relationship, which includes being attracted to someone and probably also doing flirty stuff to break the ice. It's always the girl who's trying to wreck her marriage.

No. 492183

File: 1520430556786.jpg (55.47 KB, 720x298, IMG_20180307_145226.JPG)

Found this under the blargh's video >>492162

What the… Dunno if this is true, I haven't heard ayalla talk about onion for a while and past streams are only available if you're subscribed. So sorry there's no proof yet

No. 492184

File: 1520430626709.png (345.5 KB, 811x470, icangoon.png)

Continuing 22 minute Onion video:
>"But because you decided that you don't like me, you will defend most anyone that stands against me."
>"My personal expectation is that if you support me, you're likely a more adult, mature person. Because you've dealt with people that have lied to you before. You've dealt with people who have continually taken part in illegal activities before and you're sick of those people. You're on my side because you have dealt with crazy people before, who have split personalities, who you've had to call the cops on before. You've been in totally mental relationships where people will take you to a whole different world where up is down and down is up because that is how their crazy brain works and you love them so much at the time that you're just nodding along not realizing how messed up your relationship is.
>And then you, like me, have moved on to SANE relationships, where the other person is completely AWESOME. And you realize how CRAZY the previous relationship really was. You then express how crazy the previous relationship was and because you're not a public figure, with normal, sane human beings around you, who you've expressed these feelings to, agree with you. Because for some reason, people who we keep in our own lives, in real life, typically are very sane stable, healthy loving considerate human beings.
>And the people online, well, those are the nut jobs that never get out. Those are the people that sit on the blogs, typing away crazy things about people they've never met. Because they made up this agenda - obsessed their whole life - towards someone that doesn't even really necessarily matter, that being me.
>There's also a third type of person, who, doesn't want to take a side. Because they know that they don't know me. They don't know the other people and they kinda just want to ride this out and see what happens.
>And I'm not sure who I respect more. The people who are whole-heartedly on my side or the people who are very skeptical of every single person involved. Because skepticism is healthy. Looking at me and saying, "Well I don't know if you're telling the truth - I don't know if you're lying. But I won't take a position to one extreme or another. Because I'm an emotionally balanced person who doesn't want to invest so heavily into something that I'm not certain of.
>That kind of person, that completely makes sense.
>But let me be clear about the people that support me.A lot of them have been watching me since 2008, 2009, 2010. They've seen that, again and again, my facts line up. My stories remain consistent and I've expressed these stories both on livestreams and privately and in videos. So you could easily catch me, at some point, if I was trying to remember a story made up. But you don't catch me - because it's not a story made up. I don't have the memory capacity to make up a story and stick with it like that. At least I don't think I do, because I've never really tried. So if you support me or refuse to take a side because you're skeptical of both parties, then I respect your position. Because I can only assume that the people that support me have been paying attention to details and the people who are skeptical haven't been around long enough to see many details line up on my position.
>(SS from my post comes up) 16:26 into the video
>It's not that people are giving me a second chance, it's that people have listened to and understood the full story. I would need a second chance if I did something like describe a baby as S-E-X-Y or a uh, 9 year old, as S-E-X-Y and then made an apology video about it. Where I would admit that I was horribly wrong, like a certain Youtuber did. THIS REALLY HAPPENED. A youtuber did in fact describe a baby and a very, very young child, like an 8 or 9 year old, somewhere around that age, as S—E–X–Y. REPEATEDLY That person, needs a second chance.
>Text pops up on the screen: They actually don't deserve a second chance, because that's unforgivable, I'm simply making a point about only requiring a second chance if you've done something really bad.
>Meanwhile, I don't need a second chance for these things. You want to know why? Because I'm not wrong.
>New text on screen: "You don't see Onision being an entirely disrespectful person? He promised he wouldn't make a video on this girl after she asked him not to, yet he done it.
>I'm not wrong for saying I wouldn't make any more negative videos about someone, that being the context, and then making positive videos about them.
>(Text criticizing him rating teens bodies) I'm not wrong for giving many, many adults my opinion on photos they submitted. And I'm not wrong for telling a thirteen year old she's not fat. Thirteen year old in an outfit that looks like she's going to the YMCA to workout on a treadmill. I'm not wrong for that. I'm not wrong for rating all the other people who submitted to a forum which clearly stated that you are only to submit appropriate photos.
>I'm not wrong for critiquing someone's "health issues" (criticizing Shane's weight)
>I'm not wrong for uploading my ex's fake nervous breakdown. IT WAS WITH HER CONSENT.
>I'm not wrong for saying my ex had maggot vagina because she was sooper dooper mean to me too. REMEMBER? YOU GUIZE NEVER HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE ONLY MEEEE.
>If people don't shower, we definitely need to publicly shame them. You guys always shame me and say I don't shower because I have greasy hair BUT GUESS WHAT?? I shower EVERY DAY. I'm not CRYING about you guys shaming my hygiene because my hygiene is AWESOME.
>As for leaving fourteen voicemails, I'm sorry for ever giving that person a chance. That person used to be a part of a hater group. They posted hateful things to my forums!
>Text on screen: First time we made love she said I was the best she ever had. After I got cheated on my another girlfriend, (yes, it really says this. Onion can into English) she tried to get me back. While that was kind of her, I still regret ever being with her. (next screen) Which is why I rejected her offer to hang out with me, and never called her after she gave me her new phone number.
>MORE AND MORE AND MORE rubbing it the audience's noses about past relationships and how great of a boyfriend he is/was and how he always pampers his lovers.
>A screen shows with factoids about his past exes.
>Conclusion: If people lie to the Onion King or do illegal activities, he's going to kick you to the curb!
>Continues to go on and on, and on, and on about Adrienne.
>Text on the screen about how he was mocked by her for crying about not wanting to cuddle after making love to her. Mockingly talks about how she's not a damsel in distress because of this.
>IF I DID THIS I WOULD BE A MONSTER. (I fucking wish I was joking. He actually fucking types this out.)
>The last two minutes are just more of the same. Someone else can torture themselves listening to this.

No. 492185

… By all means, keep digging, Greg. Do carry on.

No. 492186

File: 1520431019264.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, 7b2.jpg)

>"But because you decided that you don't like me, you will defend most anyone that stands against me."
>Most anyone

You're the real mvp anon

No. 492191

File: 1520432291389.jpeg (505.29 KB, 1242x1501, AEBDD297-EE15-4B26-8137-914B06…)

She was also super dejected and annoyed in her newest patreon only video. She had to record a beautybot vid after the stream, lol.

No. 492192

Could onion possible have told Sam he is no longer in love with Laim? I need to know this marriage breaking bomb come on Sam, we already know plainey won't care either way but spill the milk.

No. 492193

File: 1520432402405.png (295.63 KB, 479x434, laineysmellssomethingbad.png)

Keeping my fingers crossed that Lamey keeps poking Sam until she finally just gives up and tells everything. Greg is going to make 90 thousand videos dragging Sam after though.

No. 492195


Hey Onion

>Just because you TELL your wife that you're going to cheat on her

>and then she begrudgingly accepts that you're going to cheat on her no matter what she says

>Doesn't mean you didn't cheat on her. Telling your spouse you're going to cheat on them is still cheating.

No. 492196

I do believe Sam has something though remember during Onions streamed he was concerned Sam might say shit that wasn't true and people would believe her. That's weird coming from him because he usually says how honest he is and how he can never be exposed because he's so honest

No. 492197

That's what I though too. He could have said he doesn't love her anymore or that he's unhappy. Since she was his best friend lmao

No. 492198

UMMM WHAT. Please tell me this stream is posted somewhere. I need to know if this is true, morbid curiosity I guess

No. 492199

The thing I’m so pissed about is the whole “swatting” thing with the child. For starters if it’s untrue then that’s a horrible thing to say about someone. If it is true and was done with malicious intent then this is something we’ve all talked about repetitively. The fact they’re inviting these random fucking people into their homes with their children and they DONT KNOW THEM.
It’s bound to happen that someone they get in there is going to be a bad person and those children are going to be the ones to suffer! If anything we’ve seen about the onions point to child negligence, THIS IS IT.

No. 492200

i think its more likely sam told the child "no" repeatedly and couldnt take it anymore and maybe smacked their hand lightly

but we'll never know

No. 492201

This was aggravating on so many levels. Does Lame even listen to the things that come out of her mouth? Yeah, Sam definitely sounds bad and I believe Lame believes all of this. But we all know Onion boy isn’t innocent. Sam acted like a slut but he’s a whore too and I think that’s what Sam has on him. That he allowed her to behave that way with him. I just wish she’d come out and say it already.

Lame definitely looked like she was going to cry when she was going off about how she took care of Sam and Sam went behind her back. But what did she expect? She keeps allowing her husband to bring in all of these random girls, why would they respect her? If they spend more time with your husband than you do, why would they think to tell you anything or even care? They are closer to him than you are. The only time Grug and Lame are together is when they are eating on camera and he’s in the mood for BDSM. Maybe stop being a doormat and people will fear you. When they see Grug walking all over Lame, they feel they can do the same thing.
Especially if he was sitting there insulting her to Sam which I don’t doubt he did. It was ALMOST Billie all over again. Grug has someone who had his back while Lame was isolated but now that Sam is gone, Lame has the attention and she’s desperate for Grug’s approval so she’s blind to everything that happened and once again he’s an innocent little bunny who did no wrong and Sam’s the big bad wolf. I feel for Lainey in the sense that she had this girl in her house who was being a massive slut but it irritates me that she is blind to the fact that Sam wouldn’t have acted that way had she not felt it was okay. Obviously Grug gave her the impression that he was okay with it I mean for fuck sake they were locked in his office together for hours in the dark.
I bet when Sam tried to kiss him it wasn’t “no Sam! What are you doing!” But instead “Sam, I would like to, but I can’t. It would only result in the rare occasion that my doormat gets angry with me.”

No. 492202

Guessing she got a little excited during gaming with the children and it resulted in play fighting.

Since we are talkung about this again, can i just vent about ridiculous those tumblr posts from plain were? How spanking is abuse and horrible, from a woman who neglected her child's hygiene to an extent they needed to be put under by a doctor? Also those posts reminded me why i hate Tumblr, nothing is level headed about people on that site.

Thank u. Wish i could sage.

No. 492203

of course lainey believes all of it. She'd rather believe her husbands bs than the truth - she believes BILLIE was the only one who cheated - so yeahhh.
Sam could come out with screenshots or a fucking video recording of greg saying "I dont love lainey" and she would still believe gregs bullshit over the proof

No. 492205

sam doesnt even sound that bad tbh. do you seriously believe what greg is saying? i highly doubt she tried to kiss him. maybe a cheek peck, MAYBE. but he purposefully tries to misconstrue everything. who knows if the kiss was even for a video? one of the multiple videos where he conveniently partnered with her as her fiance, then her baby daddy, etc. i doubt the wiggling in lap story as well.

she's an attentionwhore but i just don't think she'd gun it and do that severe of stuff. as far as complimenting him, telling him he looks handsome and that he's funny… imo that's not even sus? you can say that kind of stuff in a way that isn't suspicious.

i think sam wanted him, but lame was too in the picture for it to be worth it. i don't think she'd be ballsy enough to try. and obviously, lame and greg are terrible parents and none of this is acceptable to bring around your children. it's one thing if they put her up in a separate home, but you should never bring strangers around your children to live, platonic or not.

No. 492206

Lol'd when Lainey said "why would I want to talk to someone who did things that made me uncomfortable in my own home?" bitch you are describing your own husband

No. 492207

File: 1520436532967.jpg (445.92 KB, 886x1240, Screenshot_20180307-101804.jpg)

What's delightful is that Laineys fans and subscribers have been waking up more and more with each day that goes by.

Read the comments on the blarghs long vid and realstreamnews short vid. Lainey fans be questioning everything now.

From her voice, to her smuggness to her constant contradictions, her young fans realise that there is nothing normal or respectful about Lainey or her husband greg.

Lainey gonna be loosing subscribers, views, and loosing all them donations and bars and patreons.

Best part is they did it to themselves, and Lainey can thank Greg for any drop in her revenue, because Sam never said anything bad, until Greg started shitting on her during his own streams.

Lainey loves to say she don't control Greg and that he is his own person, but his stupid actions affect them both and affect ultimately their continual loss of income.

I am ok with that.

No. 492208

She's definitely frustrated about him too deep down cause we all know he doesn't help her cleaning the house. She's in denial tho and lets it all out on the third person, the guest who's been with her husband all the time. She's already used to doing all on her own but then this other girl came in so she felt she needed to clean up after two people suddenly (plus her children). I bet greg made Sam feel comfortable the way things were and took her back to the office after they had lunch or dinner together to leave the cleaning up to lainey like he always does, being the lazy fuck he is. Sam explained herself and I believe her that nobody communicated what they expected her to do and that she put her things in the dishwasher and everything. She even babysitted the kids although she was supposed to work for greg online so it's very irritating when they come up with that accusation AFTER she left. Isn't it also common to be more relaxed with guests cause they are supposed to feel at home? Unless you clearly tell them "hey would you mind cleaning the kitchen" or whatever. Their communication skills are SO bad but they always act like the people they are friends with alwayd need to know what's the right thing to do. You just can't win.

No. 492212

File: 1520437616081.jpg (121.39 KB, 1080x1469, _20180307_104227.JPG)

Comment on the blargh's upload

No. 492214

The outcome I expect, and probably same for Sam.

She should just go on Younow and tell "the truth".

No. 492215

Of course he's not gonna allow Sam to spill the beans to Lainey before he can justify his actions to her first.

No. 492216

at first no. I immediately thought Grug was lying and thought Sam didn’t do that stuff. but Sam kind of admitted that she did. With the lap thing I’m pretty sure she said that he pulled her into his lap and she’s made excuses for everything else basically saying everything he said was true and she hasn’t really denied any of it she just says “it wasn’t just me!” And the fact that she even threatens to have something to say kind of means that she was doing something with him and so they both are trying to make each other look bad because they both have something to share. At first I was GO SAM! and I still am cause I want that milk but you have to admit she is portraying herself as a slut by admitting to the things he says, just with her own little twist on it. So Sam and Grug were both being sluts kek. The only thing I think Grug is lying about is his involvement. I don’t think he’s innocent, I definitely think coerced her into doing that stuff and I definitely think she did. And he liked it. Despite what he says.

No. 492217

>Lainey can thank Greg for any drop in her revenue, because Sam never said anything bad, until Greg started shitting on her during his own streams.

That was another thing that pissed me off! Lame had the ignorance and nerve to actually say that Grug didn’t say anything until Sam streamed about them which means that she really does listen to everything he says blindly because Sam didn’t start streaming about them until he started shutting on her.

No. 492218

she was also probably pissed because from those texts between Grug and Sam, it seemed like he catered to her and brought her food. Something he most likely doesn’t do for Lame. But Sam even helped Lame clean up the sugar water on the table and Grug didn’t do that pissed me off as well. That Lame was trying to say she cleaned up after Sam but that was her husband’s mess and he didn’t even help them. But no sam’s the dirty one.

No. 492219

I just finished watching the stream like 10 minutes ago and all I was thinking:

Lainey is in a loop of "you have my number, talk to me" and "I don't want to talk to you, I'm done"

and if Sam goes and calls Lainey and does break some secret to her, this just gives them time to fabricate a story to go against Sam's, so Greg can push out a video in an attempt to discredit anything she says or claims.

and yeah this just happened so I'll place a bet on Greg coming out with an "honest" video which is still demonizing Sam before she can make her own video.

No. 492222

Of course he’d do something like that. There’s no point in Sam telling Taylor anything because she’ll just figure out a way to do her infamous mental gymnastics where Greggy is her daddy and soulmate and every girl on earth is a harlot out to make her sad

No. 492223

of course he did. It’s nice how he can butt into Lamey’s business but she stays out of his. Sam didn’t call him, she called Lame and that just scared the piss out of him. For any normal human being that would raise some red flags but instead Lamey will just sit there and listen to every word he says. It’s pathetic. This is why people get frustrated with her, because she doesn’t have a backbone and we know it. Despite the fact that we all can’t stand Lame and her smugness it’s frustrating watching another human being willingly let themselves be treated like shit and to look for any excuse they possibly can.

No. 492226

Sam doesn't have anything, that's why she just teases it. she's trying to trigger onion to say more stupid shit and prolong her 15 minutes.
(and even if she did have anything, she wouldn't drop it, she still obsesses over him. I'd bet money she'd go back to the grease shack in a heartbeat if he asked her)

No. 492227

This comment is so spot on. The thing is, Greg would leave in an instant if he found another manic pixie dream girl like Billie. He liked Sam enough for suk mi, but not enough to leave his marriage for. Sad thing is onion is getting more poor an ugly as days go on, so his options are limited. He will never find another Billie.

No. 492230

File: 1520441008455.png (189.99 KB, 1288x758, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 16.4…)

No. 492231

>Never typing out another tweet

No. 492232

He also deleted his “I’m never getting on twitter again” tweets

No. 492233

Aaaaand the tweet is nowhere to be seen right now.

No. 492234

We should prepare for Onioncuck's return to Twitter. He's definitely going to announce it officially, kek.

No. 492235

Hahahaha is he trying to start a petition now

No. 492237

What the heck is the point of deleting it in 15 minutes or less.

No. 492238

creates a bit of panic in his followers so they reply quickly and en masse

No. 492239

Mirror of the deleted video. I posted it earlier but I didn't realize it showed Sams number so I edited it out.

No. 492240

I thinks this is for a video he's going to make today (it's "urgent") and he desperately needs to back up his arguments. Then he goes back to never tweet again lmao

No. 492241

And here is a mirror of Lainey's stream from last night. Fell free to time stamp milk.

No. 492243

File: 1520442399313.png (227.71 KB, 500x791, vent.png)

And last here is a reupload of a video he released last night on patreon addressing the backlash of the deleted video.

Don't watch me or this video

No. 492244

Rsn is gonna steal that, need a watermark.

No. 492245

Hah classic never being prepared in advance for either of them!! Lainey will even say on stream, “I still have to make a video tonight but I don’t know what to do it on” ..most youtubers develop an organized system whether it be a notebook/planner, or post it’s on a board, so they know in advance what their videos will be about and how they need to prepare. Not these shmucks.

No. 492246

Oh no we need therapy anons! The hypocrisy in this is very high

No. 492248

>You know that need to vent

Lainey always has sooooo many ideas, but is begging for new ones every single week.

No. 492249

he sure loves talking about how its ok to do anything for money, huh.

No. 492250

He doesn't get it or doesn't want to admit that you can be entertained by watching people you hate when they are a total trainwreck. Why else are reality tv shows so popular… It's probably too absurd for him to believe how funny it is to watch his crazy shitshow or then you are a boolie even tho he made fun of everything he could find on uhohbro for years

No. 492251

Why doesn't she just spill the tea already? It's clear that it can't be helped, the Onions are shitting on her and there's no way to become "friends" again.

No. 492253

Lol he’s so bad at being manipulative and is such a hypocrite. He wants “haters” to leave him alone so he can do shitty things in peace without criticism and tries to make it seem like the people who criticize anything he does as helping him even when his videos are being mirrored and he’s not profiting financially. His thing is that’s giving attention to “negative” people or people you don’t like but makes a whole video giving his time and attention to “haters” and has made soooo many others.

No. 492254

In one of her replies in the youtube comments she said she would only do it in form of a video… So maybe (hopefully) she's still thinking about how to do it the best way. She should make sure to not make any mistakes at this point so that onion can't twist things around

No. 492255

If she has some she should but I don’t think she has anything. Tbh what’s already been made public is incriminating enough for Onision. He moved in a young woman with a troubled home life under the pretense of working for him in a role he admitted he didn’t really need, showed interest in her sexually with asking about her being polypotential and invited her to hug him a lot and pulled her onto his lap. Creepy enough.

No. 492256

The only hope that's left for him is to actually start a cult with his remaining fans and set his content to high $ tiers on patreon. I don't want to give him ideas but if he wants a safe space where everyone agrees with him he should stick to his discordfags and stop youtube completely. What does he expect?

No. 492257


lmfao it's hilarious how he think's he's smarted than he really is, and less transparent than he really is.

He really thinks anyone would believe that he "cares about the haters" and he's so so worried and concerned about them that he's having a "this is for your own good" and "this hurts me more than it would hurt you but i care for you so much that I'm sacrifizing for you" talk with them. lamo i just can't, I'm laughing sooooooooo hard right now. Top tier comedy.

No. 492258

I think he gets it but won’t accept people doing that to him. He can’t take criticism he’s too fragile.

No. 492260

It sounds like he’s mirroring things lainey says to him. She said on stream that if he wasn’t happy in their marriage she wouldn’t want him to leave because she values his happiness over everything which I believe bc she’s admitted to being codependent but he is clunkily parroting the sentimate bc he thinks it will manipulate his audience.

No. 492262

File: 1520445018076.png (100.3 KB, 608x208, 658695.PNG)

She actually addressed that on twitter.

No. 492263

even if Sam made a video, she’ll probably take it down like Billie did (and hers reached almost a million didn’t it?) because nobody wants to be associated with onion boy when they’re off doing better things

No. 492264

Gurg shouldn't assume that the people "psychoanalyzing" him don't have degrees in psychology, or work in mental health for that matter. Many psych anons are the ones who are "obsessed haters". Wasn't there a psych patron of his that called him out on stream, and he got defensive? What about those psych anon graduates that wanted to debate him and their professor who just wanted to question him on his views?

And saying that because his spouse has a psych degree and would therefore know if there's something wrong with him is a ridiculous when 1) she's publicly made very uneducated mistakes, such as confusing borderline and bipolar with her best friend POST GRADUATING and 2) never working at any capacity in the field, not even an internship. Reading about disorders and seeing symptoms of a disorder manifest within a person are very different.

He doesn't care, though. He clearly has nothing else to discuss and is letting his ego play into defensive tactics to make his typical "hater call out" content. It's familiar territory for him, we end up talking about it, his fans get to stroke his ever descending virtual balls, rinse and repeat.

No. 492266


She has nothing and I'm already tired of her implying that she does but she's just too descent to release the info you guise, she's starting to look like a cow to me.

I had enough when Taylor asked her to call her on the phone in her last livestream and she didn't. She had to wait until she was off of Younow to SUPOSSEDLY do it, while on stream she wouldn't stop trying to get hosted. Seriously she looks like an attention whore rn to me.

No. 492267

Calm down, onistan.

No. 492268

File: 1520445220785.png (11.88 KB, 427x139, hmmm.PNG)

But she did call Lainey.

No. 492269

That’s just something she said. There’s no proof that it’s true.

No. 492270

Sam's an idiot for not recording the call like Adrienne did with the voicemails.

When you're dealing with Onions, you have to record every single encounter with them or else they'll try to attack the accuser. She needs to pretend like it's court and have a mountain of evidence.

I honestly don't think she has anything or is pulling a Joy Sparkles and is doing a, "It's juicy, just wait!" and then it's not nearly as juicy as she hyped it up to be.

No. 492271


>he had to wait until she was off of Younow to SUPOSSEDLY do it, while on stream she wouldn't stop trying to get hosted.

You would believe whatever she says huh?

She was there when Taylor raised her phone and said "call me if you have something to say". But she insisted in being hosted instead of calling her. I cal bullshit on that comment

No. 492272

Eh, I'm not so sure about that. I'm one of the ones who doubt that she's going to drop a milk bomb but Onion did the same thing when a fake Billie popped up during doormat's stream a long time ago.

Fake Billie popped up a week or two after the basement gate and was provoking doormat. Guess who oozed into the room? Gregma. He took over Lame's stream until her fans asked him to leave.

No. 492274


>I honestly don't think she has anything or is pulling a Joy Sparkles


You can't just say something like "this could destroy their marriage" lightly around the onions. Haven't she seen the amount of shit Lamp would tolerate from Greasemanlet before even considering leaving?

By saying that she's already hyping it up a lot imo.

At this point only something like Grunt getting Samcam preggers would be something bad enough to destroy shit


The fact that she made up a credible lie doesn't make it true.

No. 492275

>I honestly don't think she has anything or is pulling a Joy Sparkles and is doing a, "It's juicy, just wait!" and then it's not nearly as juicy as she hyped it up to be
That's what I'm afraid of. She's hyping it up so much but still won't deliver, and my milk starved ass is almost taking the bait

No. 492276

Oh… So that's why I think she's not as attentionwhoring as some people claim, she knows onion is a ticking time bomb so she tries to stay polite and calm and only defends herself so far. At least I hope I'm right and she's only being tactical about it.

No. 492277

>The fact that she made up a credible lie doesn't make it true.
I thought the onion stans were gone

No. 492278

not to defend laimey, but it was probably her kids fallen out baby teeth

No. 492279

Her kids are way too young to be losing that many teeth. Troy is around 4 and cloey is still a baby. Most people don't lose their first teeth until they're around 7

No. 492280


Kids only start losing teeth after age 6, olders onion kid is 4 or so…

Unless Trot's cavities have made him lose all his teeth already, being their kid's teeth is very unlikely

No. 492281


That was my first thought, could be Troy's rotten and removed teeth.

No. 492283


boy can't spell

No. 492284

He literally writes as if he is in 4th grade, which is pretty shameful considering he's 32. I think it's hilarious he's all, "I do what I want, YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!" when his "writing" would be covered in red marks if he submitted it in any middle school class.

No. 492286

i highly doubt they are the kids' teeth. the youngest probably doesn't have many teeth and the oldest shouldn't be losing teeth for a few more years. the teeth are probably onion's or lame's because they are weird enough to hoard their own teeth.

No. 492287

Lmao that’s not being an onion stan.
Saying something is likely because they’re shitty people but is unsubstantiated is different than saying ~they would never do something like that so it must be a lie~.

Give it time. He will probably out himself like he did with his crazy terms for bringing Billie back.

No. 492288

Plain is so fucking stupid. Grug is 100% in the wrong here and she is so fucking blind to that fact. It's like he could literally grope another woman in front of her and she'd still find a way to blame it on the other woman. I get being pissed off at Sam for the shit that she supposedly did, yeah I would be too. But to act like your husband did nothing wrong? He literally brought another woman into the house, he asked her AND Plain if they would want to be poly. He admitted on a stream he wanted to be poly with her. And he spent all his time locked in a fucking room with this girl while ignoring Plain. She's so delusional and Onion is right. Nothing he does will ever make her leave him. She will always tell him no when he breaks up with her. That has to be fucking suffocating but reassuring at the same time. Because he is allowed to fool around with other girls and count on Lainey always staying there to support him. The only downside is having to live in the same house as a clingy, insecure doormat. Must suck hearing someone you can't stand nag constantly and trip over their garbage. What happens when their relatives move or die? Who's going to clean that mess for them then.

No. 492289

>He will probably out himself like he did with his crazy terms for bringing Billie back.

He is already in hte process of doing this, as he literally cannot stop himself from making weird shit up in order to ~discredit~ Sam. The funny thing is, it seemed like she was gonna keep her mouth shut before he started with all his usual crap, so he's setting himself and Taylor (and she's helping him so much!) up for a delicious flowing of cream. Even if Sam doesn't come through with anything good, and I am on the fence about that, Greg's inability to not sperg out at the slightest hint of rejection or opposition will deliver.

No. 492290

She is blind as fuck.
In the stream, she said he brought her to be a camera person and she believes him that that's the only reason why Sam was there but said to his audience he did NOT need a camera person. She's such a dunce

No. 492293

Oh god. Now that I'm actually thinking about it I can't help but imagine how poor his quality of life must be, all those teeth they had to remove when his were rotten is gonna leave him with a lot of empty spaces in his mouth until his adult teeth come in. Probably why he still breastfeed so much, if has trouble chewing the milk would at least provide a lot of nutrients. Unless the onions shelled out to get the kid some temporary teeth. My daughter is 9 months old and already has 8 teeth. Can you imagine how many he had when they were all rotten? The poor baby, probably why he's so quiet too, had to have a lot of mouth pain that led to him not talking much outside of crying at that time, on top of his parents being nut jobs that don't want him to make noise when they're filming he's probably a very reserved child.
My heart honestly bleeds for these poor babies in their house. It's bad enough to have the onions as parents but then strangers coming in and out of their lives. I can definitely see Lainey keeping his pulled teeth though, even though she's ashamed of letting his mouth get so bad it's a thing a lot of parents do. Sorry for my blogpost, this information from Ayala is just putting trots dental problems into a ne perspective

No. 492294

isn't this the guy who begged for his shadowfans to come back to his streams?

No. 492295

greg and lainey are both actively against seeking medical help for their children. i believe he posted a video a long time ago about taking troy to the doctor for some obscure medical issue, arguing with the doctors for god knows why, and using this as a reason for why doctors are all scam artists and medicine is bad.

so like, i seriously doubt that troy and cloey are getting any kind of medical attention. greg is vocally anti-meds and lainey is a little puppet so of course she is, too. and from what i remember troy's teeth ARE falling out and full of cavities. someone needs to save these children.

No. 492296

can sam just release a fucking statement about the entire time there than these gay little comments on fucking drama channels omg

No. 492297

File: 1520450758747.jpg (150.45 KB, 804x926, 0jXnBco.jpg)

same anon here, lainey posted this in a facebook group when troy was about 2 years old. there's no doubt in my mind that the teeth are his.

No. 492298

yeah but billie has a personality and is essentially a youtube groupie. sam doesn't appear to have any friends apart from her brother so she'll probably stay on this hype train for months

No. 492299

I remember that. I don't know any 2 year olds who have cavities, plural. Maybe if Lainey got her head out of Greg's ass, she'd have time to practice dental hygiene on her kids. I like how Greg and Lainey have pretty white teeth and retainers, but their kids come into the world getting cavities immediately. It shows how much they care about themselves and how little they focus on their kids.

No. 492300

File: 1520451035692.jpg (24.47 KB, 600x217, Capture_1.jpg)

From Greg's $30 forums

No. 492302

File: 1520451104052.jpg (32.82 KB, 600x412, Capture_2.jpg)

No. 492303

File: 1520451123197.jpg (31.08 KB, 600x379, Capture_3.jpg)

No. 492305

File: 1520451136000.jpg (33.87 KB, 600x399, Capture_4.jpg)

No. 492306

are people literally falling for this? is this why there are walls of text going on about troy's teeth from years ago. huntys plz

No. 492307

wtf are with the leelu screenshots are u trying to give me a headache

No. 492308

Ah yes block her before she can reply and deny the accusations you know aren't true. Manipulative dickhead.

No. 492309

File: 1520451360893.png (423.54 KB, 654x564, hickies.png)

are we sure these are hickies and not from their collars they use in BDSM lol…
I think we've all had our fair share of hickies and I don't know any hickies that look like that. the one near her trap looks like a regular hicky but that long ass line looks like something rubbed against her neck like a hand or a collar.

this was from her oil video on her beauty channel btw.

No. 492310

right Sam, release some fucking deets then, man.

No. 492311

Jeezus h christ, is he really pulling the “you made Lainey cry” bullshit again? Is this supposed to garner sympathy? It just makes her look pathetic.

No. 492312

oh shit so onion did accuse her of slapping a baby's hand? sam really went into that house feeling entitled af

No. 492313

At this point you' have to be real fucking stupid to even believe that. She sits on streams for hours ranting and screeching at trolls and talking about how she 'doesnt give a shit'. She even has the audacity to treat people like shit to their faces. I doubt she's cried over Sam at any point.

No. 492314


"It's obvious I TRIED!!"

That doesn't make it good enough Grug. You trying and failing means her number was leaked. "Trying" doesn't cut it.

If you didn't notice it wasn't blocked, then I guess you don't put the care into videos that you claim to.

No. 492315

>believing a word out of Greg's mouth
>In 2018

No. 492316

really. I can’t even read whatever we’re supposed to be reading in those lmao

No. 492317

>feeling entitled
What do mean anon? It hasn't been proved outside Groggs words and a text he immediately blocked her after.

No. 492318


This feels like when he used to dare haters to unsubscribe from him, then people actually started unsubscribing and he panicked hard

No. 492319

>being this retarded
where are you autists coming from? onion always twists shit once his future trinity members are out of the house.

No. 492320

Sorry guys the Leelu's serve a purpose trust me I'M SORRY

No. 492321

File: 1520451874869.jpg (39.19 KB, 600x423, Capture_5.jpg)

forgot the pics

No. 492322

File: 1520451891190.png (424.43 KB, 365x639, saucysam.png)

anyone else get the feeling Sam prob frequents messageboards and self posts her selfie and asks "what do?"

i wouldn't be surprised if she knows RSN and is responsible for the mass amounts of cucks that frequent this site now. i also love how if you don't like sam and dob't believe her because she's inconsistent and comes across braggy on her streams you're an onion fan.(ban evasion)

No. 492323

File: 1520451911630.jpg (31.23 KB, 601x324, Capture_6.jpg)

No. 492324

i don't think he's ever involved his kids tho tbf.

No. 492325

samefag, but you can barely see what i'm talking about in this screenshot, but if you look at it when she's moving in her video, it just doesn't look like a regular hicky. it's like a trail, so i'm pretty sure that was from their bdsm play which is disturbing. the least she could have done was cover them up, but instead she recorded a video making sure that, THAT side of her neck was the only thing you could see.

No. 492326

sorry, forgot to post the sauce: https://www.instagram.com/sonidarh/

No. 492327

File: 1520452083484.png (436.4 KB, 965x641, saucysam.png)

No. 492328

She is so annoying. If you bring up anything greg does, she has an excuse ready for greg. If someone says greg did something, she screeches WHERES THE PROOF. But Sam does one thing SUPPOSEDLY which she never actually saw with her own eyes, and she goes off lol. Also give me a break. Onion is the one who constantly lies to you and makes things uncomfortable in the house. Sam didn't invite herself to the house and decide to live there, your husband did that.

He's going to deny whatever Sam says, and if she has no proof of it, lameo won't believe her because onion has been trying to establish how sam is a liar since she left. And lameo the moron believes her lying husband.

No. 492329

lmao WHAT the actual fuck. he's no where near Andy Biersack and the majority of his patrons aren't even his fans they are there to get milk for the rest of us. no one is going to be lost in happiness if you message them onion. you aren't special and you're not talented. anyone can be a 32 year old cuck who posts videos on the internet for a living and married to a woman with the personality of Tumblr.

No. 492332

lol in this instance i think the patron is coming across weird. she paid in the first instance to be his fan on patron why is she so pressed he contacted her via the site

No. 492333

I mean that was when onion decided it was a good idea to have sam dress up as lameo in the video he shits all over his own wife.

No. 492334

Gronk got extra with the love bombing lmao

No. 492335

How does this answer my question? I dont give a flying fuck about the whole lainey clothes shit, I'm asking if there's proof outside gurgles words about Sam hitting a child. There's a huge difference between issues, anon.

No. 492336

What a fucking joke. This guy is so manipulative.

No. 492337

did he also write the caption and the comment? i love how greg can manipulate all girls, but when it comes to Lainey she's suppose to be able to stand up to him. Even tho we all suspect he is horrible and abusive, Lainey should be able to stand up to him, it's not like living with him for years would wear her down…

No. 492338

Not that anon and I'm not sure but didn't Sam say she was given permission to use the close and this shows that she was lying at least to someone? Either way as much as I hate Lame this is impolite at best

No. 492339

sorry you greentext about entitlement. unfortunately i just don't tunnel vision in on one issue at a time, i like to look at the bigger picture and use all da fax(ban evasion)

No. 492340

The greentext was me quoting your post fatbecca.

No. 492341

We don't mind the leelu watermark, anon. Appreciate you.

No. 492343

any tin foils about what sam might have to "destroy their marriage"? i think if she really has to build a huge case and if she's hesitating because one misstep could make her lose credibility, it's more serious than her and greg having slept together (which is obviously what happened). but at this point we all know that greg could fuck someone right in front of lainey and she wouldn't even consider divorce. after all, he's cheated on her quite a few times and she's always made excuses for him.

imo it has to be something that would really make lainey snap once and for all. greg seems especially agitated these last few weeks and they've both been posting nonstop about how much they love each other and care for their marriage. it seems like he's overcompensating in anticipation for when shit hits the fan.

No. 492344

Damn this is good milk. Can i just comment on how pathetic it is for gurg to use this pay wall forum as a place he can just get attention amd praise from whoever is left? Thanks milk anon, idk if its worth another 30 bucks though. Its amazingly pathetic how low onion has sank, but 30 buck could take you out for dinner which would be more worth it.

No. 492345

maybe hentai related
maybe greg is feeling bi-curious and wants to fuck a man
maybe he confessed that he doesn't love lainey romantically any more

No. 492346

with what lainey has been saying in these streams, since it's come up frequently for whatever reason, i wouldn't doubt that he confessed to not loving her anymore (as if he ever did lmfao)

it seems to be the ONLY thing she would EVER leave him for and honestly i'd believe it. if sam had come out with receipts and evidence and recordings weeks ago lainey probably would have had an easier time believing it, though. now greg has gotten to her and she doesn't want to believe anything without solid evidence.

No. 492347

The clothes were for the video he had her film with him. 10 things i love about lainey. So she obviously had permission.

No. 492348

I don't think its weird. I'd be offended too if I was only relevant to him when it came to my account. He had clearly never messaged her before to tend to his fan. She only mattered when he lost the income, and then when she didn't fangirl over him he got defensive and felt like he deserved a reaction. His ego took damage, he was probably hoping him contacting her would "blind her with happiness" so much she'd repledge.

No. 492349

tbh I feel like she has nothing new just has Greg has nothing on her. They both seem to be acting like retarded children.

No. 492350

She either has something, but it's going to be her word against his, which lameo won't believe her. Or it's something that is eh, and not that groundbreaking. Hell, what am i saying? She could have video evidence of greg doing something, and lameo will find an excuse for it.

No. 492351

Lainey would stay with him if he was bi.

It could be the not loving her or not wanting to be married to her (again). Lainey will not believe any he said she said so she would need audio or video proof. Texts won’t be enough because they could have been “faked”.

No. 492352

Maybe the "marriage ending" comment is Sam using hyperbole. Maybe Greg vented/spoke candidly about Lainey to Sam and Sam thinks he said something Lainey would be upset about. Seems most likely. They were together for a month so I could see him shit talking Lainey to Sam to gain her confidence and trust. Greg likes to do a whole "Us vs. Them" thing with his friends and partners .

No. 492353

Isn't it a weird coincidence how all these girls who come to their house are evil liars, and the only common factor really is onion, the innocent perfect angel? Onion must be very unlucky that every girl that comes into his life is an evil liar except perfect empathetic lamey, the best person of all! /s

She'd love if he was bi. Then he would be more like Shane! And they could talk about how gay they are together!

No. 492354

lol well fuck, it's def not sane girls falling for him

No. 492356

kek you're right anon

mentally unstable girls are very attracted to Onion, they can relate to him.

No. 492357

whatever has happened is going to make both Sam and Greg look bad. Thats why I think Sam keeps teetering and dropping hints but isn't being forthright about what actually happened. Would you want the internet to know that you performed suk mi on Greg? Do ya'll believe her when she said she has info that would ruin their marriage? If not, why would she ever lie about something like that?
Either outcome is terrible for Sam IMO.

No. 492359

If she spills real genuine incriminating milk on greg I think even the sam haters will be so occupied and delighted they will give her a break.

No. 492360

but no one is shocked if greg would cheat on his wife, that's what the whole revolving door policy is at his mcmansion. we are confused by the girls that would willingly hook up with him when he is a terrible human being and his horrible behaviour has been documented for years.

No. 492361

>I don't know any 2 year olds who have cavities
Me neither and I'm a fucking britfag kek. You can go your whole life without cavities, shouldn't a 2.5 year old with MULTIPLE cavities ring alarm bells & shouldn't a parent notice bad oral health BEFORE the teeth decay? Lainey and Greg are shitty parents and they're lucky their fanbase is too young to realise it.

>slapping a baby
I can almost guarantee this didn't happen. I bet she lightly swatted the hand of a naughty kid. Greg hypes up every mistake. Smoking weed makes you an aimless junkie, having sex makes you a low moral whore. If it had been anything more than a tap, Sam would have been a child abusing homewrecker.

>caked on makeup like she has a second face
>still has visible hickies
Guess she never grew out of the high school lovebite craze huh

No. 492362

My cereal is so dry
I need the milk
and shes so close to spilling
I'm hoping Greg has pushed her buttons enough

No. 492365

you know, when my younger cousins were toddlers i would swat their hands if they were touching something they shouldn't (for instance if they were picking up some glass they would DEFINITELY drop or about to touch something hot) because politely telling a baby that they might get hurt isn't exactly a realistic strategy

probably something like that happened and greg saw and couldn't WAIT to use it as a way to paint sam as an abusive monster. if the hitting thing actually happened why didn't he tell lainey before sam left the house?

No. 492366

Only if mini-Joy actually drops any milk. I wish she would shut up instead of teasing until she's built up a decent enough video. All of the hinting is making her look less credible.

No. 492367

I don't understand if she was so intent on being guested by Lainey last night, and refused, why she didn't just stream herself. Hasn't stopped her before.

No. 492368

I agree that it's probably something that makes her look bad too. I think she's dropping hints instead of spilling the beans because she just wants Gargoyle and Plainey to back off and she's using it as a warning. If they left her alone, it probably would have amounted to nothing but their weird obsession with dragging people through the mud is pushing Sam.

Plus sam probably knows that dumbass lainey is gonna stay with Grease even if he had used her makeup primer to lube up his sidepiece

No. 492369

Most likely T* was throwing a temper tantrum and went to swing on Sam in the same way he does to Onion and tries to do to Lainey and she swatted his little fists away and they were swinging towards her. That is the only time I would swat at a kid, toddler tantrums can be violent.

No. 492370

lol, place your hand on their head and let them keep swinging til they pass out. toddlers are like what a foot high if even?

No. 492371

Honestly that's what I think it was - a painless swatting of the hand. He used the word "swat", which is a weird choice of words for a smack or a hit. Either she did it to stop the kid hurting himself or, like >>492369 said, to stop them getting aggressive with her.

If the stupid, useless fucks actually watched and disciplined their own children instead of inviting strangers they met online to come hang with their kids, shit like this wouldn't even happen.

No. 492372

The swatting of the hand isn't abuse
If he said, "she spanked my child" that would be different. "Swatting" or hand tapping isn't abuse, its correction. Same thing animals do. A small child doesn't understand reasoning. I have a feeling those children get no real discipline or attention so they are difficult. Billie commented that all they do is cry.

No. 492374

She constantly slandered by Lainey and Greg. I don't blame her wanting to be hosted. She could have sat there and cleared the air to Lainey's face and her audience. Two birds with one stone. I would have done the same.

No. 492375

small children can understand reasoning, they're pretty quick to learn yes and no. i've saw people swat at toddlers and use too much force, and other people deal with the same child by just talking calmly and giving the child room to analyse and make the correct decision by themselves. children and animals perform better with positive reinforcement. i find asking a 'bad' kid for help makes them feel good and more willing to cooperate with you. /sage

No. 492376

"Swat" can sometimes mean "spanked" and I bet that's why he specifically used that word. He wants people to think Sam spanked one of the kids.

No. 492377

has she streamed on twitch recently to clear up any of this?

No. 492378

lol, sorry I didn't mean it in a "retaliation/ fighting back" way but more of a way to establish that you don't tolerate that kind of behavior the way their parents do. Greg has stated that T* gets aggressive when upset and he lets him hit to take out his aggression.

No. 492379

There is absolutely nothing stopping her from uploading a video to clear the air. She should have known how doormat was going to react because she always attacks the girl, never her husband, even though he's always partially to blame. Doormat seems to think that it only takes one person to cheat.

No. 492380

File: 1520455344929.png (67.24 KB, 901x637, gfgd.png)


lol why would Sam reach out to JG to talk about Onion?

No. 492381


I wouldn't be surprised if this "swat" was Troy coming at Sam swinging, and Sam redirecting his fists. Pushing a hand that's swinging at you, a child or not, is not hitting nor abuse.

No. 492382

I agree with that. If she calls lameo, greg will take over then tell lameo what sam said, twisting it in his favor, etc. That's the shit that happens with them. At least on younow she would have to talk to her face in front of people watching what she says to her. But yeah, sam should just say it on her own stream and get it over with.

No. 492383

To get advice on how to deal with him talking about her.

No. 492384

you should watch the video even JG can't be fucked talking to Sam

No. 492385

Exactly. The Onion Family is so extremely anti-corporal punishment (as seen on Lainey's tumblr) that anything other than loving tender contact is considered abusive and out of line.

No. 492386

Do some of you think T is still a toddler? He’s over 5 years old now.. at this point it’s bad learned behavior if he’s hitting not a temper tantrum. That being said we don’t know exactly what happened because Sam and onion have both been vague.

No. 492387

probably to get reinforcement. honestly. There’s a group of youtubers who make videos about Onion whenever he makes videos about any of them. Like JG made a video about him when he made a video about BW and so on. So Sam’s probably trying to get back up before she spills any milk. That or she’s just being a dumbass who is trying to be friends with the people who hate the Onions.

No. 492388

yeah, no one knows anything i love how there's a discussion even about fucking T now attacking Sam lol

No. 492389

Why couldn't she message Jaclyn in private?

See, things like this is why I doubt Sam. It makes her look like she's milking the situation. She keeps going to people who have or had contact with the caveman instead of making one simple video to defend herself.

Adrienne and Billie released what they had in one go and then moved on. Saying what you have to say and moving on is how you win over the Onions not giving them more drama. They thrive on that shit.

No. 492390

I'm wondering… How does she explain this to herself?
>gurg "hires" online friend as cameraperson
>gurg asks lame if she could imagine being poly with that person
>after they kicked her out, onion admits he didn't need a cameraperson
Lame, I'm really interested in the mental gymnastics to why it's ok that gurg began to have a romantic or sexual interest. She never addressed this point. She blames sam 100% but doesn't even see that gurg was thinking about this girl? Isn't that inappropriate, thinking about starting relationships with your friends when you're married?

No. 492391

I think because of how some farmers assume he's being raised (by the paranoid shut in narc power couple) they infantilize him a bit because he may not be as socially developed as other children his age. It's all pure speculation and until Sam spills that is all we have.

No. 492392

I did watch the video. I was just answering the question lmao.

No. 492393

Sidenote, I dont get how any girl still likes lameo or dreams of being in a relationship with her. You will never act perfectly enough for her. You go there and want a poly relationship? Wrong. How dare you like greg??? You go there only for lameo? Wrong. How dare you not want to do a poly relationship to be with lamey?? Why are you wasting their time! Somehow you end up in the poly relationship, but greg pays more attention to you than lamey? Wrong, how dare you be more likeable/prettier than lamey! You somehow end up in a poly relationship but don't give greg enough affection? Wrong. How dare you not please greg enough to want to keep you around to be with lamey!

Then lameo still goes on about how bi and poly she is.

I definitely think sam is milking the situation, but i also dont believe some of the shit greg says and dont think sam is lying about most things.

No. 492394

JC's dm's are closed. She has to dm people first.

No. 492395

yeah because 8 year olds don’t have tantrums. I guess once you’re 4 you’re practically a mature adult. T isn’t even 5 yet I’m pretty sure so lol. And we already know he throws fits because Onion has admitted that the kid throws fits in public and he has to take him outside and let him punch him.

No. 492396

Lainey was pissed off at Greg throughout Sam staying there and had made numerous jokes and digs at him on younow after him taking her desk for sam etc.

Lainey was also pissed at greg during cuddlegate and said he cheated and she confirmed he slept with billie. she left him, onion tries to claim he domped lainey and billie both, but he didn't. Lainey left him and went to stay at a mates. i'm pretty sure lainey in her head forgave greg for cheating with billie because he convinced her about the blurred lines, and she took him back.

Nowadays she doesn't have connections in Washington or people to go stay at unless fucking Kittenspace lol. so i think Lainey has to put up with whatever goes on in her home until she figures out where she can take her kids too when shit finally gets too much.

look how pressed sam is making out to get a free plane ticket back home. and now she's getting sorted with a job. lainey has two young kids to uproot too and the only family around her is greg's and they clearly don't like her (sister never invited her or the children to her wedding)

so i think lainey is prob more calculating than we think and may be saving up her younow money to bail who knows (they do have separate bank accounts)

personally i wish sam would say what she has to so we can see what onion and lainey do.

No. 492397

I'm the one who you're replying to in both replies and I fully agree. Gregma is lying his ass off and doormat is believing everything that he's saying. So… the usual schedule pretty much.

She's completely retarded to not have doubts despite the same thing happening every time they bring a girl there. Gregma is always the reason why there's drama and accusations when things end badly with each girl. How can she not question that? How is she still in full denial?

She needs to donate herself to science so they can study her stupidity.

No. 492398


Onion himself has admitted that Troy gets aggressive and that Onion allows Troy to beat on him to let out that aggression. It's not exactly a far stretch to imagine that same child might do that to other people, especially when both the Onions have said Troy can't go to daycare because he wouldn't do well there.

No. 492399

Their expectations are so far from reality. I can't imagine that someone who's into a narc like onion would also be into a doormat like Lame. Even though they are both shitty, selfish people their personalities are pretty different. Even though all these teens still comment they are attracted to both, how likely is it that someone over 18 would go this far and that an actual relationship would be the result?

No. 492400

Wow what a reach. Mature adult? No. If your child is having regular tantrums into their school years then something is wrong. It’s one thing for them to get upset and cry when they’re tired or hungry or whatever but regular violent tantrums? No. At that age they should know it’s not acceptable to hit other children/ people in general.

No. 492401

it's just funny how it goes from "Sam would never swat a child" to "sam had to defend herself from hulking troy"

No. 492402

Lol there is 0 chance lameo thought greg was bringing her just to be a cameraperson. That is the biggest load of shit. Remember the last person he asked to be a cameraperson for him was that macandcheese girl who was 18 and knew nothing about filming, who also greg found attractive. If greg wants a cameraperson, he could easily get a dude. And lameo isn't that stupid. She's in deep denial. And she is very manipulative. She knows if she protests against onion, it will turn onion against her. So instead she waits to find and point out flaws in whoever he brings and whispers it in his ear to get her kicked out, so she can "win" in the end. She is SUPER manipulative and calculating.

No. 492403

The Onion man himself has recently admitted his son experiences intense tantrums.

No. 492404

i really think anons need to stop analysing the alleged behaviour of a 5 year old and focus on his dad.

No. 492406

I believe it happened but I’m not going to hate on Sam for it. If t has some kind of special needs they should not be leaving him with a 21 year old who likely knows little to nothing about child care. Especially if they consider anything outside of coddling abuse. He probably just had a tantrum and she didn’t know how to deal with it. If t is that violent they should get him help while he’s younger it’s only going to get worst as he grows.

No. 492407

exactly… even if troy does hulk out to the point where he has regular tantrums, even if he's a violent child, even if he has problems… that's greg and lainey's faults! especially greg's since he apparently has taught him that beating people when he's angry is appropriate, acceptable behavior! troy is not the person people should be focusing on. literally what kind of parent allows their child to hit them to release anger, that's basically raising a domestic abuser. greg should be ashamed.

No. 492408

Once i was swinging my mates kid around outside really fast and i accidentally wacked his head on a lampost. He was great about it, so was my friend. I doubt she did oat as bad as that, if she did anything at all..

No. 492409

i don't think it's hating on Sam to conclude a 21 year old probably doesn't need to swat at a child for whatever reason. if he's acting up, go get his parent or firmly say 'No'. I presume the child understands english.

No. 492410

I mean, I wouldn't consider redirecting a swinging fist a "swat".

though in the above images, Onion does say Sam hit "a baby", which leads me to think it may have been Cloey?
I would still find it hard to believe that not only would someone be so brazen enough to swat another persons toddler on their hand, the biggest thing that makes me doubt anything actually happen was that it wasn't an issue IMMEDIATELY after it happened. Why wait until Sam was gone? Why wasn't Sam immediately kicked out, why wasn't Lame IMMEDIATELY told? If it ACTUALLY happened, then all that tells me is Onion cares more about fucking some chick than the well-being of his child. If I was Lame, I would be mad at Sam, but MORE angry, by far, at Grug for keeping something like that from me just because he wanted Sam around for poly potential.

No. 492411

glad you see how stupid you sounded. He’s 4. You are acting like it’s insane that the kid would have a tantrum and trying to make him older than he really is. anons are speculating something that is possible considering what Greg has admitted himself. now stop trying to diagnose a 4 year old.

No. 492412

lol this is complete tinfoil that T was swinging at her! i can't believe how off topic sam stans go, but i'll probably get banned for typing that

No. 492413

I'm not exactly sure what being in denial means. Is it that she's completely aware what's going on but refuses to admit it, so she lies to the world to keep that happy image and hopes that he will eventually change and everything will be fine one day
does she oppress thoughts and lie to herself to convince herself her husband is loving and caring (with the result of believing these lies and living in a dream world). Cause this is so unbelievable to me… Not seeing how shitty he is.
Maybe it's both. Probably interchanging.

No. 492414

anyway are we really giving merit to the idea that sam actually HIT a child when just 2 hours ago it seemed unthinkable? like fuck i said IF it happened it probably wasn't as bad as greg has spun it to be, in all likelihood with greg being a huge liar it probably NEVER happened at all.

No. 492415

what? lmao how can you be great about getting your head bounced of a lamp post.

anyways I don’t think Onion even saw Sam try to swat his kid because he said he heard her gasp so he probably assumed that

No. 492416

you can't slander sam without hearing about it for hours these days.

2 hours ago it was unthinkable and now she's a victim to a toddler

No. 492417

I don't think anyone is at all blaming the poor child. Being aggressive, being taught that hitting is okay and having tantrums is the little information we have that has been confirmed by his own father.

Onion also said that Sam "swatted" at one of their children. Anons are only speculating the rare possible instance that Sam could justify this accusation since she has also stated that she does not agree with disciplining children physically ever.

It was most likely a split second reaction to a child's outburst.

No. 492418

it's been said multiple times it's a tinfoil, learn to read.

No. 492419

In the twitter convo with Sam, Gerg said that she swatted "a baby". Either he's weirdly referring to his 4 year old as a baby or he's talking about the younger one

No. 492420


I still think it's unthinkable. The "if" it happens can have potential justifications about how Onion would spin something, as he's always spinning nonsense in an attempt to come out on top.

I'm more of the mind that he was talking about Cloey, since the text conversations refer to "a baby" and Troy is a bit old to be considered a baby at this point.

No. 492422

he probably did mean the young baby, but it's probably even harder to defend sam against the bandaid, poor T is being scapegoated now as the hulk lol

No. 492423

Just curious- Has Sam responded to this specific accusation of child swatting at all? Has she denied it or avoided answering about it all together?

No. 492424

I can't help but find this mental image hilarious. Tiny Onision turning green instead of red and hulking out in his diaper is killing me anons.

No. 492425


She has denied this ever happened.

No. 492426

Whatever happened it was probably about C who is a little over a year old, Onion wrote in his last text to Sam before blocking her "slapping a child on the hand, a baby no less". >>492303
A five year old is far from a baby. I wish Sam would talk about whatever incident he's referencing, the tinfoils about it are absolutely wild.

No. 492427

I think she's not being truthful, Onion's accusations are a bit too specific for me to believe Sam.

Who on Earth would even admit to hitting a little baby?

No. 492429

Did you watch his stream? He changes the story midway.

No. 492431


Too specific? He said "swat" a child on the hand. Changed to "slapped a child's hand, a baby". I would not consider that specific at all, that's about as generic as one can be. Specific would be if he gave the actual scenario. He made an vague accusation, and left it at that.

No. 492434

>too specific
this is the guy who specifically said billie was lainey's girlfriend only while he was trying to get some suk mi from her. the guy makes shit up all the time to fit his own story.

No. 492436

both times Sam has been kicked out by her dad she was a legal adult, while she has a young half brother belonging to her stepmom. She has a photo of him on her instragram playing minecraft. No offence to Sam, but he's hardly going to ditch his wife and young child for his adult daughter who pops in and out whenever she gets domped.

No. 492437

File: 1520458460276.jpg (113.5 KB, 1183x741, Capture.JPG)


Attached is one of the mamy convos shared by Greg in his $30 paywall forum. Leaks are compiled in the attached imgur; e-mails and texts included.

Sam says this about the e-mails and what Greg and Lainey have been saying:

The "I love you" Thing was a reply to a couple of situations Greg would try to get me to say it by looking at me and saying "You love me don't you?" and me not replying to respect our friendship.

Greg described me trying to kiss him as my head hitting the side of his head, he said I made no effort to turn my head but I never turned my head when we hugged anyway because I was tall enough to put my chin on his shoulder. I explained to him that when you said someone attempted to kiss someone you usually picture someone being lunged at trying to kiss someone's lips.
In the email when I said "Things are twisted" I said that to conclude the discussion because he had said Lainey was reading out emails and I wasn't interested in arguing anymore, I added that he should do the right thing and Lainey deserved to know what really happened to I didn't have to deal with it anymore. He was clearly twisting the truth for Lainey and there was no way he would go back on what he's already said to them.

(He) was twisting the truth like I said
Some things happened but he was stretching it

It wasn't anything huge, more so how everything we did wasn't out of his boundaries. I failed to understand how the hugging was my fault when he was included too. Greg would frequently stare at me and go "Oh hey, just looking at you."
Lots of little things he did
and never giving me any reason to think he was uncomfortable until after I left

this [Pregnancy dream/ supposed kiss attempt] happened either on the 5th or 6th day I was there, we did a skit right after it happened about it
he said he kept it in mind to consider it being an issue, like it became an issue when he realized we would never be poly
I didn't say I had a single big secret that would ruin their marriage, I said I didn't want to be responsible if it came to that. Any normal couple would react negatively to what happened but they are no normal couple. It was Greg's true intentions that were all pushed onto me

A lot of the things he did were very intimate, almost like he really wanted things to be poly
when we hugged it wasn't like a friendly hug, his hands would move down to my LOWER back
my LOWER back

Lainey only saw one time Greg hugged me from behind with one arm, that I would consider to be friendly
he also frequently pet me
he did that in front of Lainey sometimes

[Why'd you side-hug and say you missed him, was he distant?]
yeah I didn't want him being hung up about the whole gasping thing forever
I figured if I acknowledged I did something wrong we would move on

From memory instead of reacting to the fall at all he reacted right away to me, like I shouldn't have cared or shown any concern
saying that gasping gives a reason for a child to cry
it was involuntary and I tried to explain that so I was emotionally withdrawn so that I wouldn't have anymore emotional reactions to things

[Why are they saying you loved them?]
I addressed it in my streams, I loved him as a friend we had SO MUCH in common. He was really cool to hang out with but again I always made sure I wouldn't do anything Lainey wasn't okay with, and I thought Greg was telling Lainey everything and that's where I was ignorant. He was keeping secrets until it became convenient for him to use it all against me. I loved his family a great deal too.
Lainey and I even agreed you can love your friends, that's no problem. But they said I crossed the line with the dream and the hug.

I hate how it was treated like I said It was a dream I boned him or something when it was nothing like that, it was amusing enough to turn into a fucking [skit]

I expressed it every few days I figured I wouldn't be able to stay there, Greg asked me one day "Are you happy" and I said yes, he came over and hugged me and said "I want to hold onto you for as long as I can"

I wanted to say all of this to Lainey [last night on the phone] but they didn't want to listen

[She'd ask why you didn't tell her in the first place]
Lainey did, and I said I thought Greg was super transparent and already told them

[Did Lainey see this lap or hug stuff]
Surprisingly Greg either confirmed it or Lainey heard a different version than I heard from Greg
Lainey never saw any real hugs
Like Greg has said, he withheld information from Lainey "to not hurt them"

People went to Lainey acting like there was a huge secret when there wasn't, all I said was I didn't want to be responsible for their divorce

The swatting thing came out of left field. He said that the gasping and swatting thing are related but I just don't see it

No. 492438

Why are you posting this a shit ton of times, chill

No. 492439

why do people even believe greg? He exaggerates the truth all the time to fit his agenda. If he actually thought the "swatting" was so bad, he should have done something then. Not when they have a falling out and wants to shit talk to the person.

No. 492442

because I accidentally attached the wrong things.

No. 492443

File: 1520458983967.jpeg (321.72 KB, 750x634, 6F680FD2-0CAE-433D-8B79-DC873F…)

This is such a weird thing for lainey to do. It's almost like she's subtweeting her husband. Also kinda proves her doormat status

No. 492444

Are you new?

No. 492445

lol she tweets shit like this then goes on a rampage on younow if you dare insist greg controls her. She really loves that attention

No. 492446

She proved that status like…2-3 years ago. And she has always subtweeted him since the beginning rather than going to the room to talk to him despite having a psychology degree that should have taught her how to speak to people.

No. 492447

She moved out on her own anon.

No. 492448

SAM IF YOU'RE LURKING. Pleeeaaasse report him to patreon. Take this fucker out. He has no respect for you and you need to give him no mercy. Like usual he is twisting the truth to benefit him. This is the same thing he did to Billie when he decided to give out something personal she experienced. He is trash.
He is breaking these rules as this anon posted. Not only is he releasing personal information, he is putting it under a paywall!

No. 492449

she said in her email her dad threw her out because her stepmom was threatening divorce when she was 19, and then she implies this time she was being threatened to be kicked out, but instead her stepmom hit her dad and the police got called. i guess it's her stepmom she's been talking about in her streams about losing her job and trying to shift blame on to greg for creating all the drama.

seems like sam makes a lot of women uncomfortable(ban evading as usual)

No. 492451

File: 1520459744456.png (217.05 KB, 1469x482, 0d451ae2a7388e8029d992c38c3ca8…)

He's still sperging

No. 492452

File: 1520459765848.jpg (190.38 KB, 625x619, 52c3c366e96217af76467db853b0b6…)


No. 492453

inform her to spill the milk

No. 492454

Sam needs to make this video she's getting dragged

No. 492455

lol because who would dare think greg would create drama???? Oh…because he is.

>lost their husbands to people like her
LOL yes its the woman's fault if the husband decides to leave his wife for her.

No. 492456


Fly in frame at ~4:54. How many bugs are living in their house?

No. 492457

I can see why he's still with doormat now. She'll never blame him for cheating, only the woman. I wouldn't be surprised if he drilled that into her head.

No. 492458

>calling himself a married man
Lol gtfo

No. 492459

How much of a happy home was it when something like this even happens? Okay, okay, this aside. Great ( bad, actually, pretty terrible ) job, Gergle, trying to manipulate this subject.
His manipulation tactics are still painfully obvious to anyone with a half functioning brain.
If he let it go further, it would be 'the evil home wrecking woman' who caused it all, not him. Perhaps he would "blame himself" if a video needed to be made, but we all know those are pity points, not genuine remorse, eg the Billie situation.
& Foot of course buys into this kind of shit still, because…she's dumb, desperate, narcissistic, is enjoying the life-style, what?

No. 492460

Denial, most likely tbh.

No. 492461

>Greg and Lainey have pretty teeth
Greg has the teeth of an old man, crooked as fuck and he even kept his rotten wisdom teeth to the point of them becoming completely black (like the one you can see in that old video). I don't know about Lainey, she seems to have fine teeth, but if they both couldn't bother to brush their kid's teeth it makes me think.

No. 492462

Lainey sold this hat. I bet she sells (or sold) the shirt too.
Two separate situations.
My guess: C might have pulled her hair or did something innocent but inappropriate and Sam slapped her hand as a reaction. A lot of people don’t really know how to react towards small children when it’s out of the norm for them to be around them. Just spec but makes more sense for it to be something small and innocent and Sam thought it was correction but it wasn’t even malicious.

Speaking of the whole situation, looking back at the timeline and how events played out, I don’t think Onion became critical of Sam until she started “entertaining the haters”. He was fine with all of her “homewrecking” that supposedly occurred but then she started showing him the hater content and that’s when it became obvious to anyone watching that he started turning on her. I think aldii’s video was the final nail in the coffin. I also think that Sam thought he was emotionally mature enough that he would just laugh about it with her and make a few self deprecating jokes about it and move on. It really broke him. He’s been spiraling ever since, desperate to prove he’s not a pedophile.

No. 492463

I'm inclined to agree that denial must be hugely involved, but at the same time…
We're sitting here, reading all of this, laughing at it. Some things piss some anons off, some make us deeply cringe, but we're for the most part all happy that we're not the ones living this life. But she is, right, she's right there, experiencing all of it - and a lot of it isn't some hidden manipulation. It's public, we all get to see so much of it.
How many times does this need to happen for her to understand that in reality he doesn't give two shits about her on any deep meaningful level?

Not that I'm in any way complaining, the milk is usually great, keep it up Onions.

No. 492464

Let's pretend Sam did hurt the kid (she didn't). If Greg kept her there, knowing this, he's a bad parent. If she didn't, he lied, and he's a shitty person.

No. 492466

What a feminist!

No. 492467

Have we talked about Lamp's latest video? (SPRING CLOSET CLEAN-OUT). People are fucking mad in the comments cause she sells all the clothes fans JUST gave her as gifts and also sponsored clothes. She's cleaning out brand new things cause they don't fit and because she neeeeds new things for the new season. I see people calling her greedy more and more often and calling her out on not financially struggling. Even her fans are having a hard time finding excuses for this shitty behavior lol. Like how does she not see that she better should not be this obvious about not giving a fuck about her fans or that they spent money to make her happy. Is it a new concept to her that people usually don't sell gifts? She is killing her innocent smol bean image really quickly. Anyways I'm glad they are finally turning on her.

No. 492473

File: 1520464654424.jpg (305.18 KB, 1686x954, Y3RJM1h.jpg)

I'm just… sooo fucking tired of hearing "they made lainey cry"
everything makes lainey cry, shes crying because shes trying so hard to deny the truth why it's waggling right infront of her face - her husband is a lying, cheating, manipulative, dirt bag.

No. 492474

I wonder how come he never mentions whenever HE makes Taylor cry. (I don't wonder at all, we know why.)

No. 492476

I had to laugh at him saying "Sam, why are people saying I kissed you, I'm really grossed out by this' - you know, as if this is totally a normal, sane, reaction to have.
It would be sane to say 'Hey, I heard ( whatever info ) and this is really confusing to me, because it never happened" and so on. But he can't help being a massive piece of shit.

No. 492477

Does greg realize someone can't be a homewrecker if he doesn't leave and cheat on his own wife? Lol. "failed attempt at a homewrecker". What an idiot. And of course she can't call lameo without greg being right there to listen to it all.

No. 492478

… I hate to be off topic (sorry if it is mods!) but I can’t help but when this whole nonsense is going down that he’s, again, totally jealous of Shane. (Who’s got to confront his first partner for views and then is good friends with a few ex’s). I get the idea in his head if he couldn’t get a poly deal with Sam, she’d be the Garret to his Shane Dawson rip off

No. 492480

>asks girl to be poly
>is really grossed out that people think he kissed said girl

Does this cunt ever listen to the shit that he spews?

No. 492481


God she's so old and sad looking.

No. 492483

He has the mentality of a middle schooler ("Ew that girl's ugly! So gross! She stinks" etc.)

>I also called her a dumbass repeatedly
Look how proud he is

Also he can stick that promotion up his ass, what is it even worth it on his dying channels? And everyone hates him, it's actually bad to be associated with him

No. 492484

Lmao his response to her question about why he thought it was appropriate for him to have Sam not his lap in the first place is WEAK. He pulled her onto his lap. He initiated so I don’t know what he’s talking about with “being uncomfortable”??

No. 492486

she went to jaclyn glenn because RSN started making shit up? It had nothing to do with him.
>hugging me from behind
She said the side.
How did she get into your lap greg?

No. 492488

What can Jaclyn Glenn do about that? She isn’t rsn. I like how it went from swatting a child to swatting a baby to hitting a baby to swatting a ‘younger family member’. If you’re going to make serious accusations be specific pls.

No. 492489

“I’m being vague for my kids’ privacy but fuck Sam, am I right?”
What a guy Greg is

No. 492490


The only way Gurg will ever confront what Sam has said here is if one of the more vocal patrons in his stream asked him directly:

1) "Did you ask Sam, 'You love me, don't you?' before she said that she did?

2) Did you tell Sam that you "wanted to hold onto [her] as long as you possible" prior to her leaving? And if so, why would you say such things and continue to hug her at that time thinking that what she had been doing was inappropriate?

3) According to your spouse, you brought up being poly with Sam, and your spouse declined. You also said in a previous stream that because you no longer saw any potential in Sam being a potential partner in your poly relationship, you no longer felt it was appropriate to hug her. You also said that you weren't attracted to Sam in a sexual way. If you weren't attracted to Sam in a sexual way, why would you ask your spouse about being poly with Sam, given that your preferred poly relationship is a "trinity"?

4) You've mentioned that Sam was not invited to live with you for poly potential, and poly was not on the table at any point. Sam was there for business as a cameraman. However, you mentioned in a stream after she left that you didn't need a cameraman (this also might have been said to Sam during her stay?), and again potential poly with Sam was brought up by you to your spouse, according to your spouse. Why would you ask a cameraman to live with you that you did not need? And why did you ask your wife about being poly with Sam if it was either not in the back of your head as a possibility?

Gurg may try to deflect these questions, but that would still be telling to show he's avoiding the truth.

No. 492491

This blows my fucking mind. How are you going to teach a toddler the only way to sort your emotions is to take it out on others. That kid will be so fucked once he holds relationships with someone other than his parents. I have a 5-year-old boy and he knows how to deal with his frustrations with words, not psychical violence. We don't use corporal punishment, we use a reward system and time outs.

No. 492493

Is lame streaming tonight? Gotta surprise for her.

No. 492494

File: 1520473206582.gif (1.23 MB, 389x252, BelovedEnormousDalmatian-size_…)

Can't wait, anon!
I think she might chicken out since she's SOOPER SAD.

No. 492495

She said she gasped and Onion acted weird about it which made her feel like she did something wrong

No. 492496

Can we use our brains? Being tapped on the hand to correct a behavior isn't abuse. She isn't a parent and it could have been an impulsive reaction to whatever scenario happened. We don't know what happened, maybe C was reaching for the dog food Lame left on the floor and Sam reacted accordingly. I don't think "swatting" is uncalled for if its for safety of the child. If my baby reached for a hot stove or something sharp my reaction who be to swat their hand. Not hard, and I'm sure if she did do it, it wasn't hard. But we don't know, it could be total bullshit. Onion didn't even give her time to defend herself before blocking her and uploading screenshots

No. 492497

File: 1520473889465.png (40.68 KB, 393x446, tumblr_p586x14hFv1r1kiq7o3_400…)

Interesting bit of info from Sam. I wouldn't be surprised if an awkward hug is what inspired Onion's "kiss" story. Also interesting that she says they're similar heights…

No. 492499

also Sam wasn't sent away for the "hitting a baby" thing. if she really did something that unforgiveable then it's awful that the Onions allowed her to stay and only mentioned it (weirdly) after Sam "betrayed" them.

it all seems way too convenient and different to the story we got about why she left (that Lainey was uncomfortable with her being there due to her relationship with Gurg).

No. 492500

Yeah she just went on not too long ago.

No. 492501

He's clearly covering his tracks. If he keeps repeating his shitting narrative over and over and over, someone including him will believe it

No. 492507

File: 1520476117290.jpg (311.19 KB, 1009x1145, Screenshot_20180307-212401.jpg)

Semi relevant. Reading the nypost and an article about psychopathy in children and adults was there.

Greg checks off a lot of the golden standard of psychopath. Lack of empathy, lying, inability to accept responsibility, etc.
Worth a skim.

No. 492508

that’s so shitty. like you are making a video for your fans of you getting rid of the shit they spent money on to send to you. classy.

also one thing I wanna say is that everyone lumps Lame into the financially struggling bit because Grug is, but we have to remember that they are legally financially separate. so it’s really only Grug that’s having financial problems. they pay for things separately and have their own money. and Lame is making more than him so she can spend it on whatever because she doesn’t have to worry about his problems with the irs because they aren’t her’s. the only thing she has to worry about is her house and cars. the rest of their stuff is separate though and they file taxes separately. so she’s fine as long as she didn’t do the same dumb shit he did.

No. 492509

so… this says a lot about lainey, i think. she basically says that she doesn't want to leave greg because she's comfortable and restarting her life after a divorce would be too difficult. not once does she say it's because she loves him and she also doesn't mention her kids. but she also talks extensively about how she doesn't think their divorce would affect her patreon and viewership.

even if (and that's a pretty small if if) greg doesn't love lainey, i doubt she'll leave him. at this point i'm wondering what it will take for their marriage to fall apart since literally nothing bothers her or gets to her.

No. 492511

Him trying to kill her would be the only thing that would get her to leave.

And knowing doormat she would only leave for a few days.

No. 492512

hasn't she been in physically abusive relationships before? i seriously doubt that anything he does will make her leave. the ONLY thing she has ever said she'd leave him for was if he wasn't happy being with her, and even then she sounded reluctant.