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File: 1534707787844.png (77.4 KB, 275x155, 1534563086086.png)

No. 565585

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>563425

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215

The Basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator

>second Camversity session proves to be MILKY as a disgruntled Moo expresses her frustrations. She even went as far as saying the AX backlash for her sexual assault scandal was "stupid shit"
>paypigs and fans alike wise up to her obvious photoshop
>third stream was boring to fuck all until the last hour. She talked about her father, the repercussions of her actions and answered some pressing issues like the myOppa scandal.
>attendees of Shinecon allege sightings of our mystical Moo at registration. She was instantly rejected. Chatgoers on her CamV ask about her appearance and she tries to disprove it by texting the found of Shinecon (and not providing receipts), showing her Instagram stories and sounding surprised with Vamp
>is aware via chat goers of the Thornechan/TheCosplayBunny incidents
>Danielle Beaulieu and Kinpatsu Cosplay are currently trying to backpedal from their comments about Moo being in a "witch hunt"

No. 565588

File: 1534707922056.png (387.43 KB, 584x645, Screenshot_91.png)

No. 565589

File: 1534707978251.png (214.82 KB, 623x469, Screenshot_90.png)

No. 565590

File: 1534708133314.png (149.18 KB, 788x1212, daniellebackpedallingrightupmo…)

So much backpedalling jesus christ.

No. 565591

It's true Dan and Kin seem to be mainly pissed that their facebook post got out to the public. Just like Momo, in their eyes, a witch hunt is when people point out their stupidity, hypocrisy and bullshit. Sorry girls, that's not a witch hunt, that's more like karma.

No. 565592

Cosplaybunny also responded if anyone has caps

No. 565594

File: 1534708337135.png (80.36 KB, 788x645, daniellejuststop.png)

Danielle claiming she was "forced" to come to Twitter lol.

No. 565595

She also molested men and there's video evidence of that but still didn't say a damn word.

No. 565596

She didn't have to go to Twitter to support the victims, they have social media accounts on sites that she frequents too. She's just making up excuses now.

No. 565597

File: 1534708479715.png (99.96 KB, 757x771, cosplaybunny.png)


I get that CosplayBunny is being very polite, but it's not worth being overly sweet with Moo's orbiters to keep the 'peace'.

No. 565598

File: 1534708558333.png (256.85 KB, 609x1692, Screenshot_92 copy.png)

No. 565599

>Raerae's comment
Finally someone fucking said it.

No. 565600

That's the thing though, even when Momo 'apologises' over DMs her behaviour in public screams everything but remorse. It's all just lip service from her! They can harp all they want about getting private apologies from Moo but the reason she's still getting dragged is because Moo doesn't put her money where her mouth is with her so-called apologies or making amends.

No. 565601

File: 1534708803525.png (104.03 KB, 776x771, daniellebullshit.png)

Or better yet, ask every victim that came forward if Danielle actually reached out to them when it all kicked off. Who this bitch trying to fool? What a load of lies.

No. 565602

File: 1534709510316.png (150.52 KB, 780x1378, metoodanielle.png)

Danielle is really trying to make it look like she cared about the victims the whole time. Don't make me laugh.

No. 565605

File: 1534709969049.png (60.76 KB, 594x475, Screenshot_94.png)

No. 565606

File: 1534710109821.png (829.05 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-08-19-13-20-59…)

No. 565607


Moomoo Star shines again.

No. 565609

File: 1534710844493.png (834.06 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2018-08-19-13-33-12…)

No. 565610

Is it our turn yet to tell moo to 'get over it'?

No. 565611

It's not even worth circling the bad PS points in these pics anymore
The whole thing is a mess.

No. 565612

Aww, Moo has found new backpedaling treadmill buddies.

No. 565613


her head. is so. fucking. TINY.

No. 565614


What the actual fuck is happening with the right side of her face, the neck actually melts into her "jawline". Im REEEEEEEing just looking at it closer.

No. 565615

lol whose tits are those?

No. 565616


Her face is sinking into her jawline. Top notch editing from Cucknoodles!

No. 565617


It looks like somebody drew on her cleavage

No. 565618


Everything about this pic is so sloppy.

No. 565619

File: 1534711781618.jpg (316.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180819-134436_Ins…)

Ive been sitting on these but fuck her 1/4

She messaged me out of nowhere in dms instead of publicly

No. 565620

File: 1534711810698.jpg (353.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180819-134445_Ins…)

2/3 [not 4]

No. 565621

File: 1534711828373.jpg (332.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180819-134455_Ins…)

No. 565622

it's fucking sad how low she has gone. i got to know her because that deapdool cosplayer d-piddy retweeted her samus shoot and now she is a giant wide trainwreck.

anybody defending her is a fucking dilbert

No. 565623


No. 565624

I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.

No. 565625

More Moby Dick than Francis Drake

No. 565626

Asked about people gettimg late rewards and one dude on twitter getting sets finally after 8 months

No. 565627

'Fired' her patreon manager

No. 565628


thanks for the good chuckle, anon.

No. 565630

File: 1534713375528.png (339.2 KB, 377x763, WpY64AT.png)

so she fired manager mario because…. she said there was nothing to fix?

No. 565632

Mario is the name of the Patreon the manager was messaging at the time

No. 565637

When was this?

No. 565638

13th. The mario thing was in july i think

No. 565639

File: 1534716760438.png (88.55 KB, 619x838, Screenshot_68.png)

No. 565640

File: 1534716802116.png (59.51 KB, 616x558, Screenshot_67.png)

No. 565642

More like her body is so fucking HUGE!

No. 565647

Looks like Danielle blocked quite a few Twitter users when she got called out for eating Moo's ass, uwu so mean.

No. 565651

Apparently Kinpatsu blocked a bunch of them too

No. 565652


Lmao why are Moo's supporters so weak? It's hilarious.

No. 565653

Maybe they are right. But it's Moo who should take their advice. Nobody in cosplay wants her around anymore so she should stop the drama and "just get over it" and move on with her life. She can always go back to school at Imaginary University right? And with her imaginary degree using her real name on a camsite shouldn't be a problem when she is looking for a job right?

No. 565655

moo's name being on a camsite will never be a problem because she won't qualify for anything other than a grocery store cashier.

No. 565656


She can work with her bestie! Cashier besties for life.

No. 565657

god this manager shit is a load of crap. i'm glad the patreon guy came into the thread to confirm she was lying about it. moo would never take a manager, it would cost money.

No. 565658

File: 1534721016086.png (40.39 KB, 569x329, lol.PNG)

No. 565659


This mentality pisses me off because it enables molesters. She’s not the only using this excuse, I’ve seen momo defenders saying similar shit “I was groped at a con and I confronted them in person and they said sorry! I don’t think it’s a big deal when I am sexually molested and neither should you cause sorry fixes everything!”

Pretty obvious that her confronting Moo about her groping DID NOT STOP Moo from groping others afterwards. If a molester sees the only repercussions for molesting is having to apologize, of course they’re not going to stop. In fact, Moo seems to get off on upsetting people so she probably found it funny when Danielle (likely in a weak ass-its ok just dont do it again tone) confronted her.
Danielle’s dumbass even said “I got an apology from her when it happened to me and I am just hoping it was not in-genuine”

SURPRISE, you sexual assault apologist! Moo didn’t mean one iota of her apology and YOU added to the problem, making her feel untouchable

Harrassment at cons is a big problem, Momo is a big name cosplayer and that is why it js important to show everyone in the cosplay community that it won’t be tolerated. Gropers need to know they can’t just grope, apologize, run away, and repeat.

No. 565660

I'm tired of her supporters saying "i don't condone her behavior" but staying friends with her is condoning her behavior. It makes her feel like what she's doing is ok because she still has friends and people who support her. She doesn't learn anything

It's funny that Moo is the one that brought up famous cosplayers privately supporting her yet they're getting mad at everyone else

No. 565661


They think anyone "below them" are the ones to get mad at, but anyone in their cosplay famous circlejerk doesn't deserve the same treatment.
Followers, money and fame is all they care about at the end of the day and in their minds their precious Moomoo is being bullied by all the peasants.

No. 565663

OP you fucked up the image is too small.

No. 565664

File: 1534722023386.jpeg (246.25 KB, 750x1226, 1BC81D60-CF67-4B32-A14D-214465…)

This is gonna look like those fat frogs doing yoga. The ones like garden gnomes? She’s gonna look like that.

No. 565667

Why would they ever ask someone pushing 250 to do wii fit trainer??

No. 565668

I'm pretty sure they're trying to say she needs a trainer. Hopefully.

No. 565671

Mariah and Vamp are posting footage from some con on insta.

Mariah is still wearing yesterdays clothes

No. 565672

File: 1534723504142.jpg (63.19 KB, 1280x720, lame joke.jpg)

more like "she fat, train her" amirite anons

No. 565674


I spot a wild OverTFlow in one of the video clips. Mmmmhmmm…

No. 565676

wii fitt'n to train her

No. 565679

It’s from fanime but I guess I thought Nicolette and dweebking were done with her huh and overtflow

No. 565682

File: 1534725194680.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 56FCDAEF-C769-41AD-9573-756FC9…)

Absolutely enormous

No. 565684

This doesn't even look like an anime character, besides the horns she looks like some middle aged woman who works at a shitty diner

No. 565686

That's her biggest problem. Her cosplays never look like the characters at all anymore. It always just looks like her in a different wig stuffed into yet another costume that doesn't actually fit

No. 565687

yoga … ? is she wanting to do yoga now because of Vamp showing off her flexibility on stream?

No. 565689

File: 1534726641766.png (158.32 KB, 708x822, s1.png)

Someone please tell Danielle to just stop talking.

If anyone remembers, Hanari claimed she was sexually assaulted by Rae Kay Bro and Momo called her a liar and defended Rae. You can see the discussion in the first calf's thread >>542958


No. 565690

File: 1534726664168.png (133.51 KB, 608x776, s2.png)

No. 565691

jajaja this is who I was thinking of. She dragged this chick hard, and then was like "oops i guess???"

No. 565692


Suddenly Danielle is speaking with people Moo has interfered with. Gotta make herself look like she "cares" about them all while still whining about her tragic experience on Twitter. Trying to save herself huh?

No. 565693

I don’t see anyone here ever telling moo to kill herself or any shit like that.

>Get over it.

No. 565694

It’s so fucking bizarre that everyone keeps referencing these male sexual predators when discussing Moo.

She’s not abusing these women due to sexual attraction and lack of boundaries. She is intentionally picking out and attacking women she recognized as prettier, more successful or smarter. She’s knocking these women down, not trying to achieve sexual satisfaction.

No. 565697


a lot of male sexual assaulters don't do it because of sexual attraction either.

No. 565698

I don't think you understand why men assault …

No. 565700

actually last night in the live stream they were going over their sexual history colette had 34 momo had 5 penetrators there was a whisper of gals but it might be trying to get attention

No. 565701


Good god. Will someone please tell this bitch to shut up already.

No. 565703

For a lot of rapists, it's about the power.

No. 565705

There were never any girls. She made it up.

No. 565707


A definite sign she is seriously backpedalling to save face after being called out for defending Moo and victim blaming. "She did it to me and I got over it!"

No. 565709

File: 1534729355358.png (238.86 KB, 344x657, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 6.42.…)


No. 565710

File: 1534729392702.png (286.53 KB, 344x662, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 6.43.…)

gif anon plz

No. 565711

File: 1534729493561.png (249.79 KB, 349x659, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 6.44.…)

No. 565712

She later mentioned there was 2 girls but who knows if that is real

No. 565713


Please don't say she's making some sort of collage/documentary video about herself and her pure & innocent life for more asspats…

No. 565714

File: 1534729599608.png (191.69 KB, 352x661, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 6.46.…)

She was watching it with Vamps. I'm guessing she saves them on her Cloud

No. 565715

She mentioned in one of the streams shes making some kinda documentary. I do believe it was about weight loss and loving her body or something like that

No. 565716


I hope she mentions Cucknoodles and his amazing editing skills to make her look thinner, so much love for that body!

No. 565717

The bunny buttplug and two computer accessories are gone from her Etsy. She might've bought them

No. 565718

She better mention the fat getting sucked only out of her gut and upper thighs along with Square Noodles turning her into what’s basically a fucking oil painting.

No. 565721

File: 1534730751277.png (196.04 KB, 350x662, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 7.05.…)

there's a guy and Vamp over. no stream?

No. 565723

stop saying thats your room moo, we know your real room is a filth den

No. 565724

She really is shit at any form of job she gets.
Would always be late as a barista.
Can barely make her own cosplay, and never uploads pictures on time.
And now she can’t even sit in front of a camera and do nothing (or at least update her schedule)

What does she even do all day? She doesn’t have a real job, and doesn’t even make her own costumes.
What does a day in her life look like?

Sorry for rambling but man, she’s bad at everything.

No. 565725

She's good at spending money.

No. 565726

Especially on food

No. 565727

she eats a lot, i guess
watches anime

No. 565729


Good at flexing like the dumbass she is, good at eating her weight in shit food & energy drinks, good at lurking here to read up about herself 24/7 and good at being a useless cunt…

No. 565733

Guy there I bet is her new fuck buddy she alluded to seeing during her stream last night. Her and Vamp talked about 2 months ago Mariah fooling around with someone. Might have to back check who she hung put with at the time

No. 565734

I guess stay up late and sleep in? then her "friends" hang out with her after they've finished work

How long realistically is her career going to last? like another year or so?

No. 565736


Well around 2 months ago she was trying to hop on OverTFlow's dick…then today she's posted a clip of him on her story zooming in on his face, I wonder if that's him at Moo's house.

No. 565739

File: 1534733033785.png (259.26 KB, 339x657, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 7.43.…)

For those wondering about the stream, she's at a vegan resteraunt and might not stream tonight. Will crossover and keep posted as needed

No. 565742

File: 1534733901618.jpg (80.45 KB, 812x591, 1527184383097.jpg)

So much shop moo, you're not fooling anyone with how much weight you've gained.

No. 565743

They said it happened in Cali which could be Megamarines or possible the asian dude in her recent shoot pics she posted. The on she had in her insta story joking how close he was to suicide just like how the car was super close to the curb

No. 565744

I can’t believe she has the nerve to shop herself the same size as her Cindy when the shorts clearly can’t button anymore

No. 565745

Super healthy and slimming there, MooMoo. Can't wait to see you be one of those vegans who eat nothing but processed crap and only get fatter.

So whose dick is she trying to ride with this sudden ~vegan~ phase? Her family has been vegan for awhile, so it isn't her trying to kiss their collective asses.

No. 565746

She got scurred by something she watched on Netflix.

No. 565747

File: 1534734974182.png (248.53 KB, 350x660, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 8.15.…)

Eating with mystery boy and Vamps at the restaurant still

No. 565748

Whoever the fuckboi is in the stories Moo is taking extra care to not film him.

No. 565749

His voice in the earlier clips sounds familiar. It's definitely someone she's hung out with before.

No. 565750

Could be KBBQ otherwise known as Dave. I'd be pretty adamant about not showing that I rehooked up with the same girl who fucked me over and that I'd be hounded by people for it. Tryign to make sure no one sees so they don't get their past looked up

No. 565751

anon are you serious

No. 565753

Lol no

No. 565754

Starting to think its OverT, he flies out to the UK for some stupid YouTube celeb boxing match soon and after his girlfriend got notified about Moo desperately wanting his cock a few months back, they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Gotta keep it hidden this time.

No. 565755

I'm going by the voice and the dude's hands which there's visa of Dave and you can cross check how this dude's hand looks to all the pov sets they did

No. 565756

This is fun to guess who it could be. It looks like OverTs hands and his dudebro voice.

No. 565757

gross, I'm mad if it's him like wtf mariah is disgusting go home to your girlfriend

No. 565758

File: 1534736269712.png (124.39 KB, 396x306, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 8.36.…)

I don't know. I know for sure it's NOT Overtflow because she always shows him off for clout. Lsharma and Riansynth just got back from Signapore so it might be him?

No. 565759

No they’re both done with her shit too

No. 565760

It's Chris Barr on her instagram. He hasn't posted since 2015 but recently followed him

No. 565762

Sooo another Korean dude to slop on? Predictable..

No. 565763

Yeah it's really not subtle when this guy hasn't posted in 3 years but to the guy with me is probably him or squarenoodles not wanting drama. Guy in her instastory has long thumbnails that go back almost to his first knuckle which square does too but I'd think he'd already be fine being seen since she tags him in shit

No. 565765

Whomever it is she doesn't want to show. She's shown Marvin after the scandal was dropped as they went to that sashimi restaurant so I don't think it's him. It probably is the Chris dude. How would she even meet up with him? A mutual of David's?

No. 565766


Maybe though square because in the beach picture she posted at Huntington Beach recently in Cali there's 2 guys which is square and possibly this Chris dude I don't know exactly

No. 565768

File: 1534737787722.png (153.71 KB, 340x659, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 9.02.…)

>no stream because she had "family stuff"
>will edit videos for "other people" on stream tomorrow

No. 565770

Sorry to respond to myself but I'd like for facebook anon to check if he's on her list of friends and see if he lives in Cali

No. 565771

Maybe the guy asked her not to show him in the videos so he wouldn’t be associated with her and get hate lmao

No. 565772


Maybe its like that joke about fat chicks and mopeds

No. 565773

you fucking liar lol

No. 565775

>no stream because she had "family stuff"

I know Vamp said you guys were like sisters, but that doesn't actually make her family.

No. 565776

She's probably trying to quarter this dude off so the hate doesn't affect their relationship which already has sunk their relationship since if your ashamed of who you're dating then you're done

No. 565777

Hasn't even been a week and she's already given up lmao.

No. 565778

i wonder if they dropped her.

No. 565781


doubtful. I would think her page would be closed at that rate. Also Vamps isnt streaming like she was saying either. I woulda thought having a fuckboy on cam with her in a mask or something might have been worth watching either for topkek or her trying to impress him with nudity. Ugh but still

No. 565782

Camversity doesn't allow guys to join in the stream

No. 565783

That doesn't explain her hiding him off the site, aside from the "family" lie.

I wonder if any neckbeards popped off on social media. I'm too tired to look.

No. 565785

File: 1534740043272.png (73.04 KB, 595x498, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 9.40.…)

i think we missed this?

No. 565792

Can’t find him on Facebook

No. 565794

WHats his IG? No ones posted anything except his name which is a generic white by name

No. 565795

Yeah she could have been controlling of him and asked to delete or change his name. If you're friends with anyone else of her small circle I'd check too

No. 565796

IG name is hellomynameschriss he's recently new on her follow list but his most recent post is December 2015 and he recently followed her too

No. 565797

Check through satellite friends too squarenoodles was at the recent shoot with 2 girls other than our lovable cow and her dog

No. 565798

Sorry I posted like 325790235 times, my internet is garbage. Hopefully I deleted the duplicates; shit was not on purpose.

No. 565799

It’s seems like he’s just not active on any social media.
The perfect man for Moo, probably knows nothing about her and her scandals.

No. 565800

Holly is too stupid to know Mariah has literally mocked sex workers, apparently.

No. 565801


Holly is just plain stupid lol. Her and her fake followers. Her IG got taken down and she has to beg to hit a decent number. Cancelled. Along with Danielle and Tayla.

No. 565803

Not supporting Kinpatsu isn't a great loss, shes talented yes but her cosplays are so boring and lacking in creativity. You can only see the same sexy chestplate and shin guards with spikes all over it so many times before it puts you to sleep

No. 565804

Yeah I can’t find him on Facebook at all

No. 565805

It's more than likely she told the guy to delete stuff for the sake of being with her which is controlling as fuck and wouldn't put past her not doing since she went to great lengths to control Nana and other friends

No. 565807

File: 1534744543047.png (236.3 KB, 347x662, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 10.54…)

I guess it was her cousin

No. 565808

Guess that was the family stuff that came up

No. 565809

So we didn't see him with her at EVO and now suddenly we see him after the whole day of hiding someone from view while Vamp sits there on her phone that's deliberate

No. 565810

He's wearing the same clothing. He appeared in her instalive after EVO despite not seeing him. I believe it because he might actually be local and setting up her computer? Who knows.

No. 565812

>>565742 This blows my mind. She was a whale during the Cindy shoot, and this recent set featuring the same shorts was apparently done in May.

Now that we're almost into September, and considering how much weight Mariah put on since the AX fallout, I sincerely doubt she would actually be able to fit one of her legs into those shorts these days.

No. 565815

No time to stream apparently but she's playing Smash on instagram live right now.

No. 565816

Why don’t these asian fuckboys ever have any respect for themselves, or some standards. Geeze.

No. 565818

File: 1534747875209.png (689.32 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2018-08-19-23-49-20…)

Rip Camversity lol

No. 565819

>>565818 Is this one of those situations where she's only recording her face, and completely neglecting to film the actual gameplay?

I swear, if it weren't for this bitch having a knack for getting into trouble and being the subject of controversy, she would easily go down as the most boring human being on the planet.

No. 565820

“Muh cousins from michigan”


No. 565821

Shes filming gameplay just not HER playing.

No. 565822

so.. she was only non-competitioned out of Twitch, and not other online streaming services? I find that hard to believe somehow, but if that's actually the case then Camversity has a terrible NDA/NCA

No. 565823

>>565822 If I were a member of the Camversity staff, I would be furious that Moo would have the audacity to stream a Smash session on IG, but then she lulls the audience to sleep during her contractual appearances. They should drop her, and they should publicly apologize for expressing interest in a boring, scandalous heap of elephant shit to begin with.

No. 565827

I’m surprised no ones tweeted or contacted them yet

No. 565829

Susu contacted them but I don't think there was a followup

No. 565835


Considering they turned off comments on their photo of Moo when they advertised her they're really not a very professional company who most likely do not care.

No. 565837


i would be pissed that she cancelled her stream only to do a stream on a different site, especially a stream that's been more interesting than any of her other streams so far

No. 565839

Starting to think Camversity is trying to become "big" as Holly keeps posting about signing up, which she's obviously getting paid for and they're luring newer members in. It's such a shit camsite lmao, if they're trying to be like Twitch it's not working. Keep it 18+ rated like the other websites, that's what the cucks want, not a storytime session in bed.

No. 565843

If it was a brand new service it might work and they were going the 18+ gaming route like Plexstorm. But they already have a user base and they expect them to be naked

No. 565852

She got more revealing laying in bed doing her "I love You guys, I'm gonna be better" BS than on her cam page. Laying in bed naked with a blanket pulled up is more appealing than sweats and sloppy hair.

How many times is she gonna blame that blackhead tool for her fucked up skin? I dont know anyone who hurts themselves using one.

No. 565855

I feel like they either don't care, or they're too new to afford losing whatever little money she brings in.

No. 565857

It's definitely the tool, not the shit sleep schedule, terrible eating habits and not drinking water.

Definitely the tool.

No. 565859


She shows more skin on Instagram than on cam, she really is something else.

No. 565867


I highly doubt that if wasn’t allowed to stream on Twitch, that she would be allowed to stream on Instagram while under this contract. I’m sure she must be in breach of contract by streaming somewhere else other than Camversity. If they had any sense, they’d drop her dumb ass.

No. 565870

i don't think she's actually getting paid by them.

No. 565871

She has to be, do you think she'd do it if it didn't benefit her in some way?

No. 565872

eh, it seems more like she's getting referral money. she roped vamp into it so it makes sense. she's clearly super desperate for $$ right now, so there must be some reason why she didn't stream there last night.

No. 565875


Seems like it. Holly referred her, Moo followed, then she referred Vamp then she followed. Moo wouldn't have taken up camming voluntarily lol, there's cash involved and needed quick.

No. 565876

the rest of that stuff seems like excuses. she didn't mention "not be able to get nude" or "not being able to use twitch" the first day and seemed pretty receptive to showing herself off at first. the site is promoing her, but it doesn't have to be paid on their part. i'm thinking it's referral $$ that required the camgirl to cam for a certain amount of time or make x money over 30 days or something. i'm guessing either she made it and got the referral amount already, or she got paid early by them because she's ""famous"". i know moo is a lazy ungrateful shit, but is she really stupid enough to ruin a paid promo by trying to take advantage of a loophole? if they said twitch, they probably said twitch or similar, and IG isn't similar.

No. 565877

According to her on the stream she has an NDA, can't stream on Twitch for 3 months and was there to help bring in new people.

If it wasn't a paid promo she would be working on getting tokens instead of telling to not give them to her.

If it was a referral thing then she would not have purposely delayed her stream until Vamp started and instead promoted that.

No. 565878

Of course she's stupid enough to ruin a paid promo, look where all of her sponsorships have gone

No. 565879

No, she was doing it for holly at first and then vamp and now she's mysteriously decided it's not important. She didn't get paid by them.

She implied this, she didn't actually outright say it. And she hasn't even been on twitch.

No. 565880

So back to her hugbox then? Control was something she didn't have on camv. I don't think she could handle that

No. 565881

I'm not sure why people think she gave up on camv because she took 1 night off.

She had mentioned before she has to do 20 streams per month so she can take some days off

No. 565882

cause she did the same shit on IG instead. and it's more that we think she fucked up rather than gave up.

No. 565883


Her time on Camversity proved how cowardly, ignorant, self absorbed and disgusting she really is IRL, she really can't cope on there and being questioned continuously over what she's done put her on edge. The amount of lies told alone in the last few days was just insane. Instagram is her only safe space now.

No. 565889

It's still one hell of a coincidence that she decided not yo stream last night after Danielle and Kinpatsu went to bat for her on social media.

I realize that Mariah doesn't have to stream every day, since it seems like it's a 60 streams over 3 months arrangement (20 per month), but it's a little peculiar that she tried to play it off like she was having a great time on an impromptu IG stream.

I'm with those of you who think this is part of Operation: Hug Box. There was no way Mariah wanted any part of that drama that took place yesterday.

No. 565890


I believe this. She saw all the shit that was going down on Twitter about her yet again and couldn’t handle having to answer for another shitshow.

No. 565892

My guess is she didn’t want to stream on a nude camgirl site while her cousin was there because she doesn’t want them to know.

No. 565893

I mean, she did mostly start it with the whole "top cosplayers still want to be besties but not interact with business" thing. What did she think was going to happen? She's in the spotlight in a bad way and people are going to start guessing. Then you get people leaking private posts and it just all snowballed from there. If she'd kept her mouth shut, the Danielle and Kinpatsu stuff would have just been another "Oh, well they're just shitty" like with Miso and whats-there-names instead of blowing up.

No. 565894

>>565892 I'm willing to bet her cousin is fully aware of the misadventures of Lard Bonne by now.

No. 565895

We will see if she decides to cam tonight or says anything about it or if it's all over.

I hope she continues we were getting so much milk

No. 565896

Has she ever had a period when she wasn't extra milky? It seems like every move she makes is just one disaster after another. She really should just quit trying to be cosfamous or even internet famous all together. As long as I've known about her its just been a shit show.

No. 565897


No not really but this time it's in a live setting and we can see her reaction to things that isn't planned. Getting to see her getting pissed off at questions was so great

No. 565898

Double post.

We wouldn't been able to see her get so pissed off and jealous of Vamp if it weren't for these

No. 565899


Exactly. Yet again she has no one to blame but herself. She was the one tryin to play the victim with her “Oh woe is me, no one wants to be my friend publicly but will still do it behind closed doors” bullshit. It’s so clear she was looking to throw people under the bus and drag them down with her like she always does.

No. 565900

I wish she would do what she wanted to do and take a break from everything for awhile and work on herself.

She was worried people would forget her, nobody is ever gonna forget her lol and if they did that's a benefit

No. 565901

i hope she takes vamps advice and go hoe for a bit

No. 565902

she's trying to get out of it imo

No. 565903

She needs to combine that with camming to make some extra money. Get on a real cam site or manyvideo account like the other costhots

No. 565906

no boys allowed on the cam site

but i dont think it was him at "vegan dinner"

No. 565907

Sometimes when she sleeps, the drama stops. But only sometimes.

No. 565908

She said it was her cousin but never know with her

No. 565910

The fact she didn't show him when they were eating, but did when he was setting up PC, and said family emergency or whatever the fuck is all sketchy as hell.

She should've just cancelled last night if she had known she'd be busy setting up her new computer the next day.

No. 565911

Still think it's a fuckboi she's still close with and doesn't want people to know about, she hasn't done that shady no face filming before in her stories until yesterday.

No. 565915

Not very often lately though, her friends open their mouths and create even more lol

No. 565918


Yeah. It’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even have to say anything anymore. Her friends will now cause a shitshow all on their own now.

No. 565919

Mariah: "Defend me guys! I need it!"

Friends: defend her and screw up

Mariah: "I could have done that myself."

No. 565920

In a nutshell this sums up the current life of Moo. Yet she still thinks this will settle down, everyone will forget and she'll be idolised as a cosplayer again. She really needs to give up. Nobody misses her, nobody will miss her and her supporters are making her look worse as well as themselves with their waffling.

No. 565921

>>565919 There's some legitimate truth to this. When popular people in the cosplay/geek communities speak out in defense of Mariah, it actually hurts her brand and stature ten times more.

It's so easy to provide receipts when necessary in order to shoot down her defenders, enablers, and apologists. The more people open their mouths in defense of someone who's pretty much irreconcilable at this point, the more those very same people are adding fuel to the fire. Oddly enough, they're also doing damage to their own brands, and making the cosplay community look like a bunch of entitled, elitists fucks in the process.

I have zero sympathy for Mariah and her allies. She's her own worst enemy, and nobody's buying the "I'm so happy, my dudes" bullshit on her social media outlets, when we all know for a fact that the majority of her problems in life are the direct result of how she mishandled herself as a representative and participant in the cosplay scene.

No. 565926

And the thing with these other popular cosplayers not thinking before they speak is none of them are close to Moo, she's just another tick on their list of 'popular mutuals' they happen to be associated with for that elitist ego boost. They only care about is her status and how they can benefit from that, genuine friendship is the last thing they want. They don't want to lose a member of their circle jerk and that's the only reason why they care.

No. 565927

File: 1534788677994.jpg (Spoiler Image, 688.73 KB, 1890x566, 1488649211219.jpg)

I've been backreading the older threads (currently at thread 11 lol) and there's always a 'weightwatch' photo compilation.

We need to update this.

No. 565929

This is so disturbing. Eat a carrot, Moo.

No. 565931

File: 1534789122825.png (253.14 KB, 345x658, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 11.09…)

To add to what anon said earlier:
>says skin is "looking better"
>thanks her instalive people for "truly being so nice to [her]"
>"All you can ever do is realize your faults and realize your fouls, get better. And be better. No "try", "do"
>"Sometimes you, or others, won't see that change for a while. Whether it be days, weeks, months and sometimes years…but you gotta keep goin', you gotta have your blinders on, focus. Focus on where you need to go in life-"
>"Focus on compassion, your awareness of others, how you respect people and how you speak to people. You know, we all don't start off perfect. We all have our own lessons we need to learn. Just because you made a wrong decision in life don't hold onto that. Don't hold onto that toxicity. Don't make yourself think you can't be a better person and you can't grow. Don't let anyone else make you think you can't either 'cause you absolutely can. You absolutely can be better each day"
>I really love you guys and [deep sigh] I feel a change in my heart and my mentality and I'm grateful for, honestly, everything that's happening. It's really been eye opening."
>"Each day there's a new lesson and , my God, do I work my hardest to apply each lesson every single day. Every single day."
>"I will continue to be a loving, kind, respectful, compassionate person. And there's nothing that's going to change that"

She was talking in this mousey, WhImSiCaL GuRu voice and it was weird.

No. 565932

Her narcissistic self love and positivity speeches are so predictable and cringy.

No. 565933

She always sounds either smashed drunk or beyond stoned when she does this shit.

No. 565934

File: 1534789255405.png (7.19 KB, 641x59, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 11.20…)

She followed that dumb af costhot who said she did nothing wrong. I thought she didn't watch videos of herself like she claim on cam?

No. 565935

>15lbs of carrots later

No. 565936


Lol bitch stop Lying. You were in your hugbox and thusfar are 0-6 for positive changes

No. 565937


So how many times has she spouted this exact bullshit after fucking up? And has she done anything to be better? No? Then shut the fuck up until you actually do Moo. Everyone is sick of hearing it.

No. 565938

Just like she doesn't read hate sites but we watched Vamp read lolcows on stream

No. 565941

She shouldn't hate this site so much. If she followed even a fraction of what was said here she'd be a lot better off.

No. 565942

File: 1534789532804.jpeg (376.85 KB, 1800x970, 1133DDF7-5140-4291-9E75-8D4049…)

Updated fam

No. 565943

She's getting close to the same size she was when she was younger and the heaviest. Moo is going downhill fast.

No. 565944

she would almost be there if she didn't lipo her gut. But 20 more pounds and her gut will sag again. She thinks if she sucks the fat cells out she wont get chubby again.

No. 565945

According to her we are just "barking doggos" and ignores all we say

No. 565947

Soon they won't have able to photoshop her stomach once her gut is hanging over her bikini

No. 565949

File: 1534790145994.jpeg (84.42 KB, 686x509, 781DA8AC-6586-49CD-875F-5D9F05…)

Not sure if this was posted already but here’s another meme to add to the pot

No. 565950

the photoshop will be more obvious. Momo's shoots are basically CGI works

No. 565951

Eventually it won't even be shoots. Just all CGI.

No. 565952

They will photoshop her face on 3D renders of her old body

No. 565954

I wonder how Mariah feels since Bunny just posted a pic of her as Albedo- and Mariah recently posted about cosplaying her soon.

No. 565955

The second image always makes her current blob of a self even more depressing because she had a cute body. It was chubby but cute and had a nice shape to it. Her body now is lucky to not be diabetic by 25 years old.

No. 565956

The lipo really fucked up her body. If she hadn't had it and was at her current weight she wouldn't look nearly as bad. She'd have a belly but wouldn't be so lumpy

No. 565957

Anons have suspected she's at least pre diabetic since she's well into the obesity range and just shoves sugar and salt into her maw. We never really hear her talk about seeing a doctor doctor that isn't a plastic surgeon. If she did she would brag up and down about her amazing healthy bod and totally fine blood pressure

No. 565958

A few months ago someone made a comment about her body and she claimed her doctor said she was healthy, but I highly doubt it

No. 565959

Notice how Danfail and Kuntpatsu went quiet when confronted about their double standard.

No. 565960

Exactly. I know BMI charts aren't 100% and all that but if you take her height and the weight she claims she is, she is still obese. Now, add those pounds she tries to hide…she's VERY obese. And that's not healthy at all.

No. 565961

They probably told her she was healthy but over weight but all she took from it was she was healthy

No. 565962

And that was probably 50 lbs ago. I know we shit on her bad skin beinf hygiene but skin will show when somethimg is wrong.

No. 565963

Her current vegan phase is making me laugh. She's eating all the sugar filled greasy shit that makes you gain weight anyway. She's just like Sharla
"It's okay gaiz! I know I ate 3 servings worth but it's vegan! So good for you!"

No. 565964

She's really done irreversable damage to it. More doctors really need to put people on diets to prove they wont fuck it all up before lipo just as they do more extreme weight loss surgery.

Lmao no doctor would label someone severly overweight/obese as healthy under any circumstances. You just need to look at her bad skin and arms the size of an average persons waist to know her body is screaming for help.

No. 565965

I'll give her a few more days. In her story yesterday she zoomed in on Vamp saying even the NON VEGAN enjoys the sushi they were having. What's Moo trying to say that she's converted now? Lmao.

No. 565966

Tinfoil but I feel she's going down the vegan route to try to lose weight and is going to end up like our friend the onion boy where she has no idea what foods are actually vegan and stocks up on processed shit which will just make her skin bad again because soy can be hell for those with prone skin and she'll bloat up from the salt.

No. 565968

She might be eating vegan foods but she's still overeating and stuffing herself. She ordered a shit ton of food on one of the streams. Like 2 vegan burgers, chilli fries and some other stuff

No. 565969

Wasn't she eating crab rangoons a couple of days ago?

No. 565970

Yeah, I think a lot of the reasons why people like hanging out with her at parties is because she gets wild when she drinks. But the invasion of privacy and thirst for fame really turns a person off.

No. 565972

Ya she was eating them on like the 14th

No. 565973

I swear one of her vegan friends says she will drop weight so fast but forgot to tell Momo it's because you eat mostly raw veggies and protein supplements and not carbs, sugars and salts.

No. 565975

That's one huge bitch

No. 565977

She watched a documentary on Netflix and is now going vegan from what I can remember was said

No. 565978

She's not going to give up on sashimi and only eat veggie sushi.

No. 565979

You can't miss someone until they go away. If she wants people to forget, she needs to go offline for a while.

No. 565980

She eats too much, whether it's vegan food, or during prime rib night at a casino buffet. Her idea of going to a gym is walking through the front door, taking a picture of herself in the mirror, and walking right back out. Everyone knows by now that she always wears workout apparel in a desperate attempt to sell the fitness enthusiast BS to the neckbeards and the truly dumb bitches involved with the cosplay community. To make things worse, this Camversity commitment ensures the world that she'll have to sit in front of a computer monitor for 4 hours a day, and a total of 55 more times before her 3 months are up.

TL;DR = The only time Mariah stands a chance at losing weight is when she poops, or forces herself to cry.

No. 565997

ya skin looks better with those filters on, eh old girl

No. 565999

i think its funny she did the dumb as fuck cool sculpting to try and give herself abs, and all the lines get shooped out in her photos. Its like she knows it looks god awful

No. 566001

>>565999 It was even more pathetic when she tried to pass her fat rolls off as a six pack thanks to countless hours at the gym.

No. 566003

I thought it was funny when she tried to get everyone to feel bad for her because she had/has and eating disorder and was "anorexic". No one bought it obviously and she never mentioned it again.
She just throws whatever out there and really hopes it will stick for sympathy points

No. 566005

I remember that. She tried to pretend she was working out one body part at a time and told people she was going to work on her arms next.

No. 566006

I didn't even realise she was naked at first, her fat rolls make her look like she's wearing a shirt.

No. 566008

That also shows how little she knows about health and muscle building. It's a shame nothing her dad tried to teach her stuck even if he was an asshole. To get visible abs you need low body fat %, no matter how hard you claim to work out your abs, and when she's clearly flabby everywhere else no shit nobody will believe they're muscles.

Did she really? Who the hell works on building one muscle for an entire period then moving to the next? That's not how it works Mariah. You can work out one area a certain day of the week but not a different body part per month. Thats straight up fucking retarded.

No. 566014

Does anyone know what actually happened at shine con

No. 566015

There's no photo proof or any official statements.

No. 566016

she said she didn't go but a few people swear she did. I am not defending Momo, but with the hate circling around her this can only be a rumor until it's proven to be fact. Though it does seem like something Momo would do.

Proof is very important in these threads so the people calling her out has things she can't say is just rumors. I'm still waiting for her to talk about the false rape claims she made against that one guy. She keeps dodging that.

No. 566018

Lets be dead ass real.
We have anons and their friends scoping at conventions. We have cosplayers like ModOk, GabbyC, Steff, TheCosplayBunny AT THE FUCKING CON. There is 0 footage and no photos of her walking up to registration.

If any anons or their friends HAVE it, POST it. Otherwise stop coming to this thread to spread lies. It invalidates everything if we keep believing false information and reposting it.

No. 566019


The problem is that from what everyone is saying, she left almost immediately after being turned away. She didn’t stick around to make a scene or try to draw attention. She left as quickly as she could so that no one could have the chance to snap a photo of her like at EVO.

No. 566021

File: 1534802827902.png (26.3 KB, 585x146, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 3.04.…)

saw this on twitter.

I'm just saying it's detrimental to have false accusations on an anonymous board where posts can be duplicated. Believe me, I would mentally shit myself if there was a picture of her sneaking in so her cam session rant would blow up in her face.

No. 566023

File: 1534803073706.png (99.51 KB, 720x469, 1461799602151.png)

This is a screencap from thread #1, back in April 2016.

Maybe this is a stretch, but this really reminds me of the newest sexual assault accusation? She's, once again, claiming that chest size directly relates to cosplay talent.

No. 566024


I agree. It helps no one to come here with stupid made up lies.

But I would say think of this as the same as her saying “I wasn’t kicked out of AX my dude” after her sexual assault stuff broke. She has always tried to pretend that nothing is wrong when the sky is falling around her and will refute anything that says otherwise. This is probably the first con she attempted to get into that she was outright banned from. You really think she is going to just openly admit to it? I admit, it sucks not having photos. But she was seen there and was a big subject of discussion.

No. 566025

File: 1534803192702.png (517.45 KB, 545x540, 7878789918.png)

I don't blame people for mistaking her for moo… but girl you might want to consider your cosplay choices when moo's in full spotlight and known for her cow bikini

No. 566026

I think this is a prime example of how Moo's antics affect people. This girl is cosplaying the Milk Party girl after Moo tries to "claim it" as her own. Now this girl gets bullied because of intrusive thought. If Moo was upfront about cosplaying Milk Party instead of trying to lie about ownership this little shit wouldn't have happened.

No. 566027

>>566024 The thing that complicates matters in terms of the differentiation between rumor and reality was the whole AX debacle. All of us know that she wasn't welcomed there, and yet there weren't actual photos or videos of Moo getting kicked out. Granted, it became largely known that the closest she came to being an attraction of any kind was when she hung out in the garage/construction area.

With that being said, I can see why people want to believe she was turned away at Shinecon, even without the lack of evidence. I don't think she actually went, on a personal note. If there isn't money to be made, then there's no reason to go. She knows her cosplay career is in jeopardy, and she's no longer able to use cons as a marketing accessory. Considering how EVO went, I have my doubt about her subjecting herself to a similar demographic that clearly shit on her throughout that entire event.

No. 566029

Yeah but you have to try and think the way she does. She doesn't do shit because it might help her market her brand or rescue her brand. She does shit because it's what she wants to do right now. There is no process of consideration. Just impulse. And as we have all seen, her impulses are usually stupid bad.

No. 566030

>>566029 This is a good point. She gets off on being annoying and disruptive, so I'm sure going to a con just to piss off those who are aware ofher shitty ways doesn't sound farfetched.

No. 566031

But think about it like this as well. There was more than a handful of people there that could've interacted with her. Antares went to the convention and we know she still sucks Moo dick (she hasn't publicly come to say she disconnected the umbilical cord yet)
I don't know. I feel we need to dig a little deeper if we need to know the truth that badly.

No. 566032

I've tried digging a bit and the only mentions I see are on here or they got it from here.

I'm not even finding any tweets at all which you'd think there would be a few

No. 566034

Is she sucking her gut in and then putting her hands over her stomach like that to further push it in?

No. 566035

File: 1534804789307.png (719.45 KB, 681x505, RUMBLE RUMBLE RUMBLE.png)

some bud added the jojo rumble kanjis

No. 566036

She’s wearing the ol corset under there

No. 566037

I think she's feeling ill from her tight ass corset. The whole time she acted like she was going to faint.

No. 566038

File: 1534805058700.webm (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 1849685397162388934_217175041.…)

No. 566039

File: 1534805096231.webm (929.22 KB, 640x1136, 1849685969466737024_217175041.…)

No. 566044

This isn't 1981 guys. Everyone has a fucking camera phone. If you see it it isn't hard to snap a pic even a vid. And if you're worried bout looking weird use the buddy system and just take the pic of them with her in the back. Otherwise its rumor.

No. 566049

3 burgers 3 fries chili fries and protein truffles

No. 566051

Jesus christ, atleast I think Vamp at one of the burgers but seriously

No. 566052

File: 1534809775404.jpg (95.77 KB, 720x1146, IMG_20180820_200240.jpg)

No. 566053

File: 1534809791415.jpg (110.09 KB, 720x1137, IMG_20180820_200242.jpg)

No. 566054

File: 1534809802722.jpg (101.14 KB, 720x1139, IMG_20180820_200246.jpg)

No. 566055

Found all these on Twitter. Not mine.

No. 566056

This is what someone who actually understands PR looks like.

No. 566058

Least that was cleared up and professionally too.

No. 566074

This is getting corny.

No. 566075

It's also corny having our validity questioned.

No. 566077

How is it corny exactly? Someone asked the con guy, got an answer, thanked them and that's it. You can't just dive in and ask stupid shit "did Momokunt show her face or what cause fuck that bitch she need to get kicked out'.

No. 566078

6PM and shes still in bed…

No. 566081

The drama whore in me is sad it wasn't true, but I'm glad its been cleared up. The other anons who were demanding proof had the right of it, posting rumors with no proof only validates Mariah's "Waaa I'm bullied and being witch hunted!!!!" narrative. So we need as much proof/ hard evidence we can get for stuff like this.

No. 566084

anyone have the screenshot this moo is from? want to make a transparent so we can all make memes

No. 566085

His statement is professional but because of our sources being the 1st to post a response instead of Momokun showing hers you can infer that this guy supported her in his messages to her but she don't post it because then he would get hounded. In the same vein of her popular cosplayer supporters she won't make drop

No. 566087

>>560075 and the previous thread.

No. 566088

The point of this was to prove whether or not she was at the convention. He wasn't promoting her in his business like Creator's Guild or pinkcitygram.

He probably did not respond to her, which is her reason for not posting any results back. Again, I am not Moo so I have 0 idea. I'm sure if you want to ask him his stance on the scandal, you can message him and try to get answers.

No. 566089

File: 1534814970636.png (265.51 KB, 352x660, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 6.28.…)

You weren't lying…I wonder if she'll drop today's stream as well.

No. 566090

i 100% believe she got dropped by them. especially after her actions yesterday it reeks of bitterness, but she's too tough to actually say she was dropped so she'll keep acting like she just doesn't want to until she thinks people forgot.

No. 566091

That is all purely speculation. Mariah would have posted his response ASAP if he replied back to her, just to prove everyone wrong. He probably never replied back to her, which IMO shows he probably wants nothing to do with her on a personal level.

Also at that point the rumor hadn't blown up as much. Imagine you're this dude, in the middle of your first convention, and you get a DM from Mariah fucking Mallad begging you to prove she never showed up at your convention. The dude probably had way more important shit to do.

No. 566096

They removed their ad for her from google

No. 566097

File: 1534816739435.png (628.9 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4142.PNG)

No. 566101

someone's depressed

can you explain? do you mean their site or?

No. 566102


No. 566104

File: 1534817291410.jpeg (186.04 KB, 872x827, 1534549374018.jpeg)

When you googled Camversity it had an ad saying Mariah is….Camming?

Its gone now

No. 566107

is…is that a part of her body or a strange, flesh colored pillow/blanket?

No. 566110

All I feel is a strange relief for RecordAnon. Her laziness is your freedom.

No. 566111


Lol I was about to say this same thing. At any rate what's the odds she makes victimette sit in as a bullet shield?

No. 566114

I think the cam thing is pretty much done already. You know how she thinks. She thought she would be kelly ripa orsome ahit and all her thousands of fans would be watching. But all she got was neckbeards furious because she wouldn’t show her tits. No instant gratification or validation, no moo.

No. 566116


I can't see why….I mean only moomoo could sell leads on patron notice that only those pictures get likes, go to an 18+ website just to dress like a greasy grandmother and think that's doable

No. 566124

If it was done I'm not sure why she would even mention it and say she'll do another one

No. 566126

File: 1534821771785.jpeg (122.61 KB, 960x862, 9B664251-CCDA-46FB-86B1-973396…)

This just popped up in a Legend of Zelda FB group I’m in. She’s making many rounds online.

No. 566127

"I didn't lose any sponsorships"

No. 566128

1:2 as long as she doesnt have work

No. 566129

She probably got dropped by them, saw us call it out, and decided to keep camming on the site to pretend she is still being sponsored to do so

No. 566136

Wtf, this is such a petty and downright weird comment. What's the context here? just… too odd.

No. 566141

Iirc it was a promo thread for good cosplayers that aren’t titty monsters

No. 566142


Well if she did have a sponsorship and is trying to keep up appearances for cash hope she understands the neck beards won't pay for storytime bullshit

No. 566148

File: 1534825550028.png (79.11 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_2018-08-20-21-23-36…)

No. 566157

But…it hasn't.

No. 566159

File: 1534826997163.jpeg (140.89 KB, 928x708, 1534482967430[1].jpeg)


>muh chin shape

No. 566160

File: 1534827313133.jpg (514.57 KB, 1400x1400, quicksquare_201882105454516.jp…)

I see no difference

No. 566164

That's an insult to the frog

No. 566167

File: 1534829024259.jpeg (177.17 KB, 750x1006, 3C6AA5B9-1EE6-4F0C-A7DA-CB3662…)

I wonder if this is about krissy?

No. 566169

Aaaaand this is why Mariah gets away with what she does. I don't know why people are afraid of a fat turtle that they can outrun and block the incels that come with her. She has almost no power now and any clapback that she gives will be met with aggression right now because she's fucking up from left to right. There's literally no reason for anyone to be afraid of her anymore with the exception of molestation.

No. 566171

>>566169 To piggyback on what you just said, Mariah's Twitter influence is non-existent, and there are probably only a handful of neckbeards left that would take the time out of their day to even bother defending Mariah to an excessive extent, since she's not around to like and retweet the ass kissers. They're only vocal on IG for the most part.

I, for one, refuse to support any cosplayer who has dirt on Mariah, yet refuses to spill the beans out of fear that Momo will crawl out from under their beds at night and eat them.

No. 566177

At this point, it has to do with comfort levels. I personally have friends who do the same shit but they all give the excuse that her ~friends will come after them~. This is not the case anymore since EVERYONE knows she's shitty.
I wish people would just drop the tea while she's gone and hope for the best.

No. 566178

I mean it seems like it would be something recent if it hasn’t already been said

No. 566179

Surprises are everywhere.

No. 566180

I think it’s about ShineCon. Read the replies.

No. 566182

File: 1534833640475.png (203.04 KB, 352x656, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 11.38…)

Sabrina just got done doing a Raven cosplay with Bishoujomom. Wonder if Moo will be Starfire?

No. 566183


Yeah. It’s starting to look like what everyone thought was true. She was there. She was banned. And it’s looking like she threw her dick around to get the con organizer to backpedal and deny she was ever there.

No. 566184

post/archive dem tweets

No. 566185

File: 1534834922765.png (786.52 KB, 1350x577, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 12.00…)

Etsy additions

No. 566186

File: 1534835009161.png (725.14 KB, 1347x607, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 12.00…)

No. 566187


Why is a "professional cosplayer" buying something as simple to make as a cape?? Of course I know the answer, she's a lazy POS with more money than sense, but she should really just keep her head down and work on her craft for 6 months.

No. 566188

File: 1534835047980.png (172.71 KB, 536x294, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 12.01…)

No. 566189

Today in "More things Mariah won't fit in".

No. 566190

When was the last time that lazy piece of shit even worked on something? Since before AX?

No. 566191


Better question- why is Moo buying anything cosplay? isn't like she was ever A- a cosplayer or B going to go back to any con on this earth, and C- none of her neckbeards give a shit about cosplay. I'll go with "shes an idiot with some money"

No. 566192

It's a narc's delusions of grandeur. She's still trying to convince herself and others that she's not just selling her pancake tits and non-existent ass, she's a "successful professional cosplayer".

No. 566193

File: 1534838991527.jpg (636.78 KB, 1075x1752, 20180821_100850.jpg)

Saw this on twitter, kek

No. 566195

>>566182 Either that, or she'll use DC Comics as an excuse to dust off the Harley Quinn outfit she originally planned to use in a shoot with Onision.

No. 566200

File: 1534842189789.png (1.44 MB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2018-08-21-02-01-23…)

No. 566201

Goddammit, I knew she was adding on greek god themed items on her etsy for this as soon as I saw them. This is so typical of her lmao
I hope the artist reams her if it's the case.

No. 566202

So she watched Hercules again then.

No. 566203


Tweet seems to be gone. Can't find it anymore. Hopefully someone capped the whole thing or archived it.

No. 566205

>”Cool sculpting changed my chin shape!”

Bitch, where? You’re so fat you still have a double chin. Looking at photos of her back when she was slim is glaring because she actually had a nice looking face. Nooooow she’s fucking hideous, multiple chins and all.

No. 566208

I capped them all but I'm waiting to see if they bring it up again.

No. 566214

That guy moved to Texas. He literally has no reason to come back to Moo considering Moo pretty much ruined his life.

The guy might've been a fuccboi, but I don't think he deserves the shit that he went through under her.

No. 566217

Might as well post them as doesn't look like that Twitter user will bring the subject up again.

No. 566234

don't respond to shit from days ago that's been resolved.

No. 566235


Maybe I'm stupid but I don't see how this connects to shinecon?

No. 566237

i wonder the excuse tonight taking bets.
1:2 family
1:1 sleep
1:40 colette is over
1:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 she got banned/fired

No. 566238


Lol My question is since her first stream she has been in more and more clothes….so next show she will what, wear a refrigerator box dark glasses, a hoodie, three coats, and a hat?

No. 566239

almost forgot if she strips willingly without vamp causes(like vamp is also streaming and making them tokens ez) we all vomit and i double the pot for the next day

No. 566240

>I'm so in to this stuff I never mentioned before
>Dream cosplays

No. 566241

File: 1534868645827.png (344.15 KB, 460x816, 1491644810663.png)

Maybe she ran out of clothes to wear and that's why she's not streaming. Or she can't afford to buy new shirts till Patron tugboat.

No. 566246

I find it interesting how Vamp has been showing more skin recently since camming in her ordinary selfies, while Moo hasn't for a while.

No. 566249

This makes me wonder if she's had work done.

No. 566250

Well soon it will be the "lewdest month every my dudes", so probably.

No. 566251

File: 1534873304522.png (475.27 KB, 720x952, Screenshot_2018-08-21-10-40-48…)

No. 566252


She only has like 4 beach cosplays and post photos that all look the same with her cliche posing isn't exactly 'many' lol.

No. 566253

She can’t even get the name right……
It’s called Lore Olympus

No. 566257

It hasn't been fully resolved. We can't confirm that Chris is the off the grid fuckboi but we can communicate with people who have had possible interactions with him that are now dissociating themselves. Sabrina, Midna, and the others who recently jumped ship could possible have seen him with her or she dropped his name during times together which the best way to sell us asking would be she drove 2 people into exile and bullied people now she wants to be safe from the same shit?

No. 566259

It wasn't all that milky cause they refused to spill the milk. The screencaps might make them clam up even more.

No. 566262

It will never stop confusing me that Cindy doesn't even go to the beach. Try playing the game you stupid fat cow. Or just keep copying Gabby and Sierra whatever keep digging your hole lmao.

No. 566264

Which if people want to argue against doing this then remember this girl cheated on bfs during highschool which we have caps from fellow schoolmates, she flirted with guys who have gfs namely Castlecosplay/Overtflow, claimed Deluca raped her when it was lie which in reality more than likely was her hooking up with him while seeing KBBQ and she spinned it so she wouldn't be found out as a cheater, and to the same topic of KBBQ she was seeing him while flirting with Bardock Obama in the same summer. So instead of being someone who she may portray as get fuckboi who doesn't listen to drama since he's off social media, it's more in the camp of she has a guy who she can fuck when the other guys get cold feet she flirts with and he doesn't know while she treats him like a mushroom. Keep him the dark and feed him shit

No. 566268

haha, same. I'm like, at no point in the game did Cindy ever go to the beach. It's so random. I still can't believe mariah was technically less fat at this shoot.

No. 566278

wat? i meant we figured out that the guy in the instastories is just her cousin… read the damn thread.

No. 566288

some anons are speculating that her willingness to film her cousin so candidly while hiding his face during the dinner story means that the person might not have been her cousin (otherwise she'd probably have shoved a camera in his maw while he was chewing)

No. 566289

lmao she wasn't even dating KBBQ but she'd obviously deluded herself into either thinking they were or that she had a chance with him.

No. 566290

File: 1534880856558.png (384.58 KB, 823x452, cccc.png)

No. 566291

Her female cousin "from Michigan" (glasses, was sitting in the back near the TV during her instalive) revealed herself elsewhere and it spooked Moo into ending the live when that cousin said she wanted to leave.

The male cousin lives in the same city as Moo. I'm not going to elaborate on both as it violates global rules but trust me.

No. 566293

File: 1534882131320.png (234.63 KB, 353x659, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 1.05.…)

No. 566294

File: 1534882151509.png (232.73 KB, 344x658, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 1.06.…)

No. 566300

how has she not had a heart attack from her munchlax body

No. 566303

Even with that heavy filter, that honking zit on her chin comes through
Face is looking better, my dudes!

No. 566317

Shes so fat and lumpy that she's coming off more like a whale than a cow anymore. Her face more or less resembles a humpback too.

No. 566318

What did humpbacks ever do to you, anon

No. 566321


Filters can't even save this Snorlax any more.

No. 566322

Since when was Snorlax this ugly though

No. 566323

File: 1534893654749.png (896.06 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-08-21-16-19-02…)

No. 566324

Linguistics muh dudez.

No. 566325


Inb4 she makes this girls art her "totes original OC much dudes!"

No. 566326


“I love finding new artists whose ideas I can steal from and rip off”

No. 566327

If she wants to do ANYTHING from Greek Mythology I suggest Adephagia. Seems the most fitting.

No. 566329

you right

Moo probably more so resembles a Muk, Garbodor, or even a Guzzlord

No. 566330

Guzzlord is too badass for that treatment. I’d go with Alolan Muk. Bc the fungus growing on it resembles her acne.

No. 566332

>>566323 "Oh, yeah? You're a fan of Usedbandaid? Name 3 of her Patreon tiers".

On the plus side, at least she'll shut up about Fate for a while.

No. 566333


Seriously?? The most recent updates of Lore Olympus have dealt HEAVILY in themes of sexual assault and how hard it is for the victims.

Of course, Mariah is too thick to figure out why it might be in poor taste for her to plan a Persephone cosplay right after we see her character taken advantage of. I wonder what UsedBandaid thinks of a know abuser trying to plug her work

No. 566337

>>566333 As of right now, they aren't mutual on IG. Mariah recently started following, but Usedbandaid hasn't followed back, thankfully. Knowing Moo, she'll message UBA and manipulate her into following Mariah back. She'll use an excuse like "I just subscribed to your Patreon and shared your page with all 500k of my followers! I deserve a follow!"

The fact that I can really picture her saying this makes me sick.

No. 566338

>>566337 I honestly just hope no negative flack hits the author because of moo’s plug, she just went through a shitstorm for addressing sexual assault at ALL

No. 566339

>>566338 100% agree. There's no reason to hate someone or something just because Moo is pretending to be interested in it, specifically with the hopes of finding and enticing actual fans to potentially support Momo on Patreon.

No. 566340

Unfortunately this is Moo's way of thinking, she expects you to acknowledge her 'good deed' and massive amounts of praise when she does so. We've seen how everyone who's cut ties has said a similar thing, she acts like you owe her something and you'd be worthless without her.

No. 566344

File: 1534899432619.png (247.5 KB, 350x662, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 5.52.…)

>totes reads comics gaiz
>editing "for some peeps" on Camversity at 7 pm (currently almost 6 pm)

No. 566345

File: 1534899484770.png (247.31 KB, 350x658, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 5.56.…)

No. 566346

File: 1534899519639.png (252.71 KB, 352x660, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 5.56.…)

before anyone freaks out it looks like a compression bra? I thought it was shapewear but you'll see

No. 566347


LOL she shows more skin on insta than on CamV- which is hilarious since she wouldn't get as much hate from the "fans" if she would just play the cam game correctly and that tan body suit think looks like shit.

No. 566348

File: 1534899546905.png (256.33 KB, 351x655, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 5.57.…)

>talks about Guzma's "1st b-day" on the 25th

No. 566349

File: 1534899557691.png (235.17 KB, 346x660, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 5.58.…)

No. 566350

This just reminded me that I've run out of cheese smokies. It also makes me not want to eat cheese smokies anymore.

No. 566351

Topless for Instagram but not Camversity lol okay Moo.

No. 566352


lmao it looks like she cut it a bit too short trying to make another crop top so now she has to wear it over another shirt and look like an idiot

No. 566353

File: 1534900082276.jpeg (343.68 KB, 750x930, AD1D608F-C465-4BC9-97EA-396203…)

No. 566354


Is there a "camwhoring for dummies"?

No. 566355


No. 566356


Topless for Instagram, won’t even take her shirt off for a camgirl site. Fucking lord

No. 566357

is she turning in to those fat ppl who only wear sheets or wht

No. 566358

Wow we can see how she gets all the guys, huh

No. 566359

seems like she's in a good mood today, i bet she hooked up with that mysterious fuckboi. can't wait for the stream chat to piss her off in a few!

No. 566360

As your managers mariah I'd say you should seriously make the camshows more….like camshows. Otherwise all you're doing is pissing off your actual fanbase of creepers stalkers gangstas perverts neck beards and cuckolds. And if they hate you who will be left? Right that guy on the side

No. 566362

It's cus she can hide her awful tits on an insta story and pretend she's cool with it, on cam she'd be stuck lying down the whole time for fear of getting up

No. 566363

She should read the Photoshop user manual.

No. 566364

She's too insecure to show her true self on cam, but with the magic of filters and Instagram she can show the bare minimum in those stories instead.

No. 566365

Fuckboi, don't u mean her cousin anon!

No. 566371

She must be a real tease to them

No. 566372

But her neckbeards et al KNOW she doesnt look like her overly shooped plox. they wanna see the actual goods because it will make it even MORE believeable that she will touch their no-no squares. Permission optional since birds of a feather and all

No. 566377

Shes online, not live yet.

Stream thread >>564208

No. 566384

Being a vegan didn't last long, ordered a rotisserie chicken on stream

No. 566391

She mostly cooks at home, anon!

No. 566407

File: 1534907764899.jpeg (166.78 KB, 1229x1706, F613464B-AC30-4725-B686-0DBBFC…)

Japan does not want your fat molester ass.

No. 566408

File: 1534907777948.jpeg (262.54 KB, 1242x1762, 70D308B5-D181-49A1-9FEF-F766AD…)

No. 566409



Momo’s always delivers. If we’d all had a pool for how camming would work out, none of us would have guessed “Slams a rotisserie chicken live”, even though it’s the most Momo-like activity imaginable.

No. 566410

Cause if Japan needs anything, it's more molesters.

No. 566413

I dunno what it's like in a Lebanese family, but my Persian friends tell me it's not weird to marry a cousin …

No. 566414

Lebanese family. Very weird.

No. 566426

File: 1534910879474.png (182.84 KB, 433x706, vampsblackeye.PNG)

made this brought it over from the cams thread- this is supposed to be great editing? so I made it into the first thing came to mind.

No. 566431

Most vegans actually cook.

No. 566452

not true. most of my vegan friends eat fucking oreos and chips all day and survive on whole foods meals.

No. 566454

"totes reads comics gaiz"
Care to elaborate?

No. 566456

She never said she was vegan

No. 566478

Kind of ironic and fitting that a recent chapter and chapters since have all revolved around one character sexually assaulting another character. Are you just really really into that moo?

No. 566486

Today's stream was the most boring shit ever. If Mariah's original plan was built around the idea of boring farmers to death, then I'm afraid she may have actually accomplished her goal with me in particular. Count your blessings if you bypassed that atrocity.

No. 566488

hahah her tits are too saggy to fit in that crop top. why is she so obsessed with crop tops when they I lu make her look worse?

No. 566490

If CamV is trying to get more girls to think "hey I can do better than that" and join, or trying to make neckbeards see the light, then it's hella effective.

Luring sick fucks in with wrong tags and fetish talks, then refusing to do anything remotely sexy on a goddamn camsite, it's not how it works you delusional cow, you can't bluff your way through like Patreon. You don't have a personality, only your exposed tits and ass have any value on there.

No. 566491


I don't see how she is making their site look like anything other than a huge joke really. I mean what next? she watches TV for four hours and ignores everyone? There is some thirst there, but how much longer will chats with the kind of hot talk like "oh you should try coldstone" be entertaining to the wks and neckbeards? And she still gets salty when Vamps is mentioned.

No. 566493

show off cool sculpt

No. 566494

Well, with that Japan ticket she's earned her dogs respect for awhile longer.

No. 566496

If I were Vamp, I would have asked Moo to invest that money into braces.

No. 566497


wow…less than a thousand dollars. Souls are selling cheap this year. Looked up the price and round trip is less than a grand each. Of course no doubt Moo will make a scene in tokyo or wherever, and never make it out of the anime shops.

No. 566500

File: 1534919987380.png (128.99 KB, 345x661, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 11.39…)

she left it this dark

No. 566501

File: 1534920087623.png (362.77 KB, 345x658, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 11.39…)

No. 566502

If she's the one who edited Vamp's other twerk videos, please don't ever edit another person's video again, Mariah.

No. 566504

She's trying to think of a back up career since she's gonna have to quit cosplaying before the end of the year kek

No. 566505

>>566491 Here's the conclusion I reached after today:

Mariah wanted to make her cam shows more like Twitch streams. The reason why this hasn't equated to any success is because Mariah doesn't actually indulge in numerous nerdy/geeky hobbies. To elaborate, she isn't going to show herself playing any video games, because it will immediately expose her as a phony once everyone sees how incompetent she is as a gamer.

She's also not a natural talker, which is embarrassing upon considering her written, rehearsed statements aren't any better. I mean, if one of us hypothetically were to go on a date with Mariah, we basically know what we would have to look forward to based on these streams alone. She would show up looking like a hobo, she wouldn't talk in a normal manner 80% of the time, unless she were to say something about a text from Vamp. She'd order the most expensive shit, and talk about how her meal choice is relevant to her current dietary fad.

We've reached a point where she's not only unlikable for her shitty, aggressive, and/or dishonest behavior, but she's unlikable for being the most unremarkable woman ever, and she's only 22.

No. 566507


add to that this- She's going to go to Japan? Her dirty ass habits, and especially her dirty ass feet, her loud and obnoxious behavior, in public and not, is not going to make her popular there. No cons, and is any cosplayer going to trust her with their raw unedited files when she is known for saving shit to fire back at people? Doubtful. And on dates you forgot "checking her phone 24 times in half an hour"

No. 566508

i thought she was already helping so many ppl with theirs tho

No. 566509

by going to japan, she just means shes going to go shopping in tokyo. just like when she went to nyc to "see the tree" and shopped and sat on garbage bags

No. 566510

She has to be the one that took over yea

No. 566515

Good luck. Everything in Tokyo was fucking expensive. Flights and food were cheap. Clothing wasn’t.

No. 566516

>>566507 Spot on, anon.

I think my biggest problem with Mariah is that she lacks authenticity. There's an old saying that goes something along the lines of "When you spend so much time and effort trying to impress everyone, you're actually not going to impress anyone", and this appears to be what's hurting Mariah.

We've seen her transition from trend to trend, phase to phase. I can't picture her playing the hell out of Overwatch or Street Fighter, in spite of her claims that she absolutely loves Chun Li and Mei. Her Cindy FFIV beach shoot was completely unrelated to the way the character is in the game. She bought a Fate account from eBay to make it look like she was a meticulous grinder, which was eventually exposed based on her builds and focal points. She only knew who Samus Aran was thanks to Smash, which is another game/series she spends minimal time on. She pretended to like Halo, if I'm not mistaken. Her anime knowledge pertains to what she remembers seeing on Wikipedia pages. And her home decor scheme is not indicative or reflective of someone who claims to love art, anime, manga, popular comics, sci-fi, music, games, fitness, or movies.

She's so fake that it actually infuriates me. Take someone like Gabby, who actually plays Zelda games, buys the merch, and puts actual effort into her cosplay in order to pay homage to something she loves. Then you have Mariah, whose cosplay doesn't resonate for the simple reason that she doesn't make anything with love, because she doesn't genuinely love what she's cosplaying. That, along with the fact that she gets so many commissioned pieces, results in eclectic outfits, not to mention her expressions and locations aren't typically related to Mariah's choice of characters to portray in the least bit.

No. 566517

can you imagine her editing some cosplayers video? "oh yes I deleted that part where you were not ready and it showed your vagina, totes my dude!" (releases unedited files to shame and or blackmail said cosplayer later). No Mariah I doubt anyone would trust you with your record of clapping back and being a foul human

No. 566518

she wont fit asia sizing anyway lolllll

No. 566519

>She bought a Fate account from eBay to make it look like she was a meticulous grinder, which was eventually exposed based on her builds and focal points.

No, she lost her actual account (which was basically inactive/unused) when she broke her old phone or whatever the fuck. She bought the other one because Aniplex(?) would not give her back her old account (which she lost due to her own stupidity lbr).

>She only knew who Samus Aran


>She pretended to like Halo, if I'm not mistaken.

I'm pretty sure she actually wrote Halo fanfic, but it was probably more like Red vs Blue fanfic. But at least that's slightly more authentic than usual.

No. 566520

>>566517 It makes zero sense to me that Vamp would be okay with using Moo as a video editor. Here's a girl that purposely films your snaggletooth and your woodpecker beak of a nose in the most unflattering way imaginable, and you're going to trust her to make you look desirable?

Let's not forget that Mariah probably sees Vamp as direct competition now, since Vamp actually does a decent job on Camversity. Everyone and their mothers believes this eats Mariah up inside, as her underling finally won a game of basketball against Dad in the driveway, if you'll allow the metaphorical expression.

No. 566522

>>566519 Anon, you're wrong on those first two bullet points.

The correct spelling is Samus. There's even a game called Samus Returns.

And you're buying the lost Fate account BS? A game that she hasn't shared a single screenshot from until she started playing on the purchases account, I might add. And anyone who has ever played the game knows that she isn't utilizing her roster properly.

Please stop commenting here unless you have something useful or factual to say.

No. 566523

File: 1534923325080.jpg (94.59 KB, 800x452, f67e877f0b117cba19a304e0e00131…)

Not that anon but you can't say who can and can't comment. Anon made a mistake, it isn't the end of the world.

No. 566524

The CND video featuring Moo is up.

No. 566527

"Samas" was what Moo spelt her name as multiple times even though she claims to love her so much, it a joke.jpg. Take that stick out your ass, learn the lore and how to take a joke.

No. 566528

>>566527 All right, all right…

There's no edit button, so I'll apologize to >>566519.

No. 566529

File: 1534924666776.png (857.28 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_oysz80H1QP1wgdp08o1_128…)

It's OK, sometimes it's hard to tell newfags from badjokefags

No. 566530

File: 1534924904674.png (4.4 MB, 2208x1242, 7F5766B7-45B0-45E9-9123-544970…)

That was painful to watch. After all the crap that happened on twitter with people calling him out on being with her, he still treats it like it’s a joke.

Screenshot is from the video.

No. 566531

his forhead acne matches her chin acne

new tinfoil, he was the one at vegan dinner

No. 566532

>>566531 I back this tinfoil.

No. 566533

Etika has always been trash so it's absolutely no surprise he has no problem associating with trash like Mariah.

No. 566535

How fucking old are your friends. Most ADULT vegans actually know how to balance a meal.

No. 566538

Is there anyway to watch her old streams from somewhere? Sage for dumbness

No. 566539

There isn't any sage on pt and if you mean cam streams, check the thread.

No. 566540

My thoughts exactly… most adults I know who are vegan make at least some semblance of an attempt to cook real meals. Even if it's plain ass rice and veggies.

No. 566543

Not to mention her penchant for bizzare pairings, all because she has no clue about the source material and was desperate to get laid so she just picked the first "THICCCC" waifu from these random games; Wicke & Guzma, Camilla & Ryoma, Mei & 76

No. 566544


No. 566554

Trash attracts more trash. How long till she tries to fuck one of them? It's what she does best.

No. 566555

Very true. Moo is just an empty shell and has no passion for anything involved with cosplay, gaming or anime. It's all about how much she can profit off of every trend and phase she goes through & how much attention she can get to increase her ego, nothing more. She's the definition of the stereotypical fake & soulless geek girl.

No. 566557

>If CamV is trying to get more girls to think "hey I can do better than that"

I doubt that was their intention but it's surprisingly effective. The true question would be if you'd have the Vamps effect and make a bunch of tokens immediately after starting a stream or whether without the infamy of Momo there you'd be sitting in front of a camera waiting for one or two people to trickle in the whole time. Dunno about Momo but some of us actually could use some tuition money.

Momo in Japan is going to wind up another Logan Paul.

No. 566561

So Momo is going to Japan in two weeks, she supposedly is contracted to stream 20 times a month. Does that she will be doing streams in Japan?

No. 566567

True. She never talked about Camilla with her summer outfit when she could have, she never talks about overwatch beach event since dva got a new skin (since at one point she did a terrible shoot), never talked about the recent smash direct or anything. She never gives a shit unless it makes her money.

No. 566568

calling it that her behavior will be almost as disgusting as the logan paul japan vlogs

No. 566573

I predict an intense amount of screeching

No. 566577

I'm sure it's already happened.

No. 566579

I hope she's ready for the reality that over in Japan she's going to be even more of a landwhale than she is here in the US. Nobody is going to be looking at her and thinking 'thicc', they're going to be wondering what the fuck is up with America between her lumps, her gross attire, her toddler-like behavior and her screeching.

No. 566585


Most definitely. She is going to go there acting like a cringey weeb thinking that it’s all about anime and video games, screeching every five seconds at whatever she sees and how “OMG I WANNA LIVE HERE SO BADLY!!!! AMERICA IS SO FUCKING LAME!! Not to mention everyone there thinking she is a gross, obnoxious American slob.

No. 566586

Her way of being will offend everyone in Japan and they will treat her as the rude ass she is. Like Andy dick years ago

No. 566587

so did Vamp get nude?

No. 566588


Hell. They’ll judge you for not having proper table manners. You think the girl who scarfes food down like fucking water buffalo has any idea about table manners?

No. 566589


Mariah will be (or already is) the personification of everything "baka gaijin" stands for lol

No. 566591


Dirty feet and socks, loud phone convoys and screeching, bad table manners, being pushy and not waiting your turn, holding up pedestrian traffic…all are big no now. Can't wait for her to try taking pictures of some guy with sleeve tattoos. She doesn't know that meaning

No. 566593

In two weeks? I thought she said they’re going in November?

No. 566594


Watch how pissed someone will get at her for trying to shove her phone in their face while they are eating like she always does.

No. 566595

From my experience (or maybe I just got lucky cuz I'm not Moo or Logal Paul level of stupid), Tokyo is pretty chill with foreigners but you still have to at least attempt to not be a dumbass. Mostly they just ignore you. But we all know she's gonna be loud, obnoxious, and generally just a dumbass. And this is the reason they hate us. Ugh. Moo, you are representing part of America. Not a good part because simply looking like a train wreck will make them hate you, but at least TRY to not cause a ruckus.

No. 566596

Christ Vamp's Zelda boudoir video is so shit. The lighting is too dark, the camera is shakey, the whole attempt to be 'sexy' is embarrassing and there's too many jump cuts. And Moo wants to edit more cosplay videos? Yeah how about no.

No. 566597

>I'm not Moo or Logan Paul level of stupid

You more or less hit the nail on the head. God damn, I can't wait for this massive train wreck, I hope her neckbeards are happy with not only paying for her trip, but the trips of the only calves she left too.

No. 566598

I wonder how she will fair at other at other places she's going to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and then back to Tokyo

No. 566599

Moo's lucky none of her victims has pressed charges against her for sexual assault and harassment. Having a criminal record doesn't go down well in Japan. She's going to be such a fake ass Weeb mess there, I feel sorry for the locals already.

No. 566601

Oh god, she's going to be mad disrespectful at the shrines in Kyoto, isn't she. That and waddling around as a ~geisha~, I just know that her and Snagglepuss are going to go ham for that shit.

No. 566602

This right here is hwy I think her WKs and neckbeards are stupid. They keep saying the victims didn't press charges so it isn't important. Do they realize that if they did she'd be completely ruined even outside of cosplay? So basically you are telling people to ruin her life completely? Best to keep those opinions to yourself little WKs.

No. 566603


Osaka and Kyoto we will express polite disdain. She might want to brush up on her 5 years of speaking our language though.it would be like her to think she can kancho people on the train…

No. 566604

I cant wait for her to try and buy a cosplay in Japan or some shit only to find out most clothese wont fit her, if any at all.

No. 566605


She will be escorted away if she isn't respectful in the temples and shrines. And she will screech to anyone in earshot and be btfo. And filming is forbidden in some places. When the movie lost in translation was being filmed the yakuza told Coppola off and shes famous. It wouldn't surprise me if moo thinks she is bigger

No. 566606

Her fans are just…very special. As long as she provides them with lewds and self love posts of being the happiest geeky girl alive they'll soak up anything to support her more. It's kind of sickening.

No. 566608

At this point I’m expecting a total shitshow for her like in Peru

No. 566609

>Moo in Kyoto
>prefecture of passive-aggressiveness

No. 566610


But she doesn't dress or try to steal a Peruvian culture Anon! this will be SO much worse. for one I doubt very highly her lip service to my culture will carry over to how to behave in a shrine or a temple, or even the difference between the two. She will do everything wrong almost certainly. She will dress disrespectfully if she follows her norm, and smell to high heaven, which is very rude. And it would be like her to take up the entire path. >>566609

She may find out we are not passive aggressive lol. She may find herself being given directions to Kamagasaki where with her attitude….well lets say the thing in peru would look like a minor issue.

No. 566611


At least Camilla/Ryoma is an actual ship in Fire Emblem Fates and can actually be done in the Revelations path. But then she totally botches her FE stuff up by describing Camilla, a woman raised in a terribly corrupted environment and who's still bitter and damaged AF for it, as "my little psycho". Proving that she still knows jack shit about the characters she cosplays.

No. 566612

Can't wait for her super emotional stories about how beautiful amazing wonderful polite magical Japan is, how she ~luvs~ it there and feels like it's where she's meant to be, how being surrounded in the culture she LOVES and dedicated her life to just makes her cry omg so sorry my guys I'm just so happy I had to tell you about it in a half hour long ramble

No. 566613


We know she doesn’t give a damn about Japanese culture. She’ll go there like every idiot thinking that “I like anime and manga so I’m totally one of you guys, amirite? I’m totally gonna be here and create my own anime uwu”

No. 566614

Lmao you know it'll happen, fake Moo tears and story spam.

No. 566618

I hope she takes videos so we can see her making a complete fool of herself in Japan. We'll likely see Vamp and co looking embarrassed as hell at her behaviour.

No. 566619


Oh god. I can see the 3am hour long instastory with her greasy face crying into the camera about how “Omg Japan was so absolutely magical and perfect. The people were so kind and polite which you never get here in America. I’ve never felt so at home there, it totally feels like I just belong there you know, especially since I love the culture so much already. Lol sorry for crying so much guys. I know it’s dumb, but I just had to talk about this amazing place that I love so much. I’m totally going to try to move there and do cosplay.”

All the while talking in her insufferable voice and doing obnoxious camera angles and constantly zooming in every other word.

No. 566620


I’m sure Vamp will have to spend most of her time there babysitting more than anything else. I can absolutely see her having to constantly pull Moo aside to stop her from doing something stupid that will get her in trouble or having to pretend she isn’t with her when she makes a complete jackass of herself in public trying to meme the shit out of everything.

No. 566623

It's going to be like a mother trying to wrangle a 2 year old full of sugar.

I feel like Vamp will atleast have some common sense and be semi respectful there and not make a fool of herself

No. 566629


Oh we will have tons of milk from this trip. Its like weeb Mecca. There are quite a few webstraming cams at the major shrines so wild cow spotting could be fun

No. 566631

Man, the thought of Moo going to Japan just makes me think the citizens are gonna mistake her for a fucking kaiju with her massive girth.

No. 566632

I love when cows visit Japan, it brings the best milk. I wonder if she'll pull a pixielocks and only eat greasy gaijin food or sushi in Japan.

No. 566633


I just want to know how much weight she will gain in the short time she is there lol

No. 566634


Not like she’ll be able to read the menu. She’ll stick to American stuff like McDonalds and Fridays.

No. 566638

You know we're going to get an instastory of her lard ass pigging out at a conveyor belt sushi joint. And she's going to go Robot Restaurant and creep shot the girls because she's not like the other girls, my dudes!

Every super obnoxious gajin thing to do in Japan? She's there. -Badly dressed, greasy and doing the fucking praying pose, she'll be there.

No. 566641

Guys you are missing so many things.

She can bring those cringe "crop" sweaters with shit like LOLI on them, and her Dragonball crap

And the real question
how will she survive without vaping

No. 566642

There are also places that she won't be able to film at, but it won't stop her from trying.

No. 566643

Love how he refused to SAY what she did and passed it up like she snotted on someone's dog or some shit.
Pussy boy.

No. 566645


And I hope her dumb was gets it taken away from her. But I’m sure we’ll hear some bullshit story about it being stolen and how she chased the guy down on foot and once she finally caught him the whole neighborhood applauded her.

No. 566646

And saying racist things the whole time. If she thought we were bad, just wait until she waddles into Japan. The Japanese imageboards are going to tear her apart just like they do to Mira, Logan Paul and Kota.

We know that she can't keeper hands to herself and that she thinks running off will save her, but she's an ugly foreigner, only bad things will come from that if she tries. Hopefully they drag her ass to a cop or beat her ass.

No. 566648


Being in a country surrounded by Asian bois and girls who she thinks are all weebs like her? No way in hell she keeps her hands to herself.

No. 566649

How much you wanna bet that she won't bathe before hopping in an onsen

I would maybe understand if she only molested one person, but there were many. What kind of person are you to stand by someone like that?

No. 566653

jfc all this tinfoil about moo in japan is cringy. she's going to go to tokyo, not go anywhere else. only eat at places with english and take shitty videos in 7/11 and akiha. no one in japan will give a shit because she's a dime a dozen fat white bitch in japan.

No. 566654

She mentioned in her stream she’s going Tokyo > Osaka > Kyoto > more time in Tokyo.

No. 566655

yes because she totally has enough $$ and doesn't lie ever. even if she goes to those other places it will be more of the same and she will be bored anywhere but tokyo. i doubt she's even going to japan and will probably say weeks beforehand that she "forgot" to get a flight/hotels and can't go.

No. 566657


LOL not tinfoiling if we all know shes cringe af and has the manners of a goat and smells like a dungheap. And because shes SOOOOOO smart and knows it all…I mean come ON she couldn't even stop herself being lulzy in NYC and that's still murka. In Japan there are a million small things and yes, she will get by on ignorance of the small mannerisms sure. Its the fact she thinks bathing is optional, that shes rude and loud, etc that will bring the lulz. She can't even manners in America, what makes you think in a culture that is very Mannered she will survive? (for my money I betcha she hits the duty free and that's about all she sees)

No. 566658

File: 1534961570770.png (260.09 KB, 739x441, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 10.40…)

Mmm chunky

No. 566660

File: 1534961660378.png (306.38 KB, 616x484, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 10.39…)

No. 566661

Lol imagining Moomoo's huge body stuck in crowded trains, trying to fit into small hotel bathrooms, trying to navigate through mobs of people… just being her size in general in Japan, she's in for a bad time.

No. 566663

Bitch Tokyo is in Japan wtf.

We also thought that she wouldn't do anything in Peru and Moo proved us wrong by causing trouble.

No. 566664

she wont fit into any clothes either. good for her a current trend is XXXXXXL sized t-shirts

No. 566665

are you retarded? no shit tokyo is japan i'm talking about the people claiming she's going to onsen and do all this other shit.

No. 566667

the japanese will just ignore her. they ignored logan paul until he took videos of the dead, they ignored rice gum and all those other people. moo is a standard issue weeaboo and will not be a big deal no matter what she does.

No. 566668

If they even allow her in. I’m not sure if they’re looser with tourists but isn’t there a no tattoos rule in an onsen because of yakuza association or something?

No. 566670

yeah, generally onsens dont allow any tattoos. some might be more loose especially with female tourists

No. 566671

How about a screeching fatass who can’t put her phone down for more than 3 minutes?

No. 566672


There are a very few that allow it but she'd be better off showering at the hotel…lol jk we know that worn happen

No. 566673

Agreed. Plenty of assholes go to Japan. I just hope the dumb fuck is too stupid and drunk to catch her trains properly.
Japan is an easy country to travel to, I’d live for bad things to happen to her, but it’s not very likely.

It will likely just be a waste of a trip just like NYC but to her all the prepackaged tacky-tourist style bullshit that she’s going for will be worth it. “Omg I went to a pokemon store and bought plastic shit readily available in America!!!”

No. 566674

Generally, onsen are being more accessible as Japanese associations with tattoos & yakuza are strictly for Japanese guests with tattoos. Most onsen have strict signs to show if they accept visible tattoos or not. However, there are many other basic customs such as removing shoes in certain onsen or ryokan before entering, washing yourself clean before entering the onsen, and not allowing your hair or towel to touch the onsen water. Also, many guests are naked and filming will be heavily prohibited or frowned upon…but there are some ryokan that have private onsen they're just very pricey.

No. 566675


Pretty much. It’ll be her screeching over stuff she can already buy online in America. But because there’s a store for it she’ll say it’s “soooo much better than in America”.

No. 566677

Even then its very slim, my hotel I stayed at in Narita had an Onsen, and I couldn't go in over a tiny one on my finger

No. 566678

Almost everything is "technically" a ship in Fates but that doesnt mean anyone actually does in the fandom. Point is she didnt have any good basis for it as you said because she only googled the bare minimum to get money from fans. It's really sad seeing her waste all this money on things she doesn't give a rats ass about.
By sad I mean funny. Do continue superfan Moomoo.

No. 566680

Anon obviously means moo isn't going to as many places as she says.

And guys, lets be real, moo won't go to onsen because she's too insecure about her body. Especially with all the tiny asian women around, moo has yellow fever and most girls with yellow fever are super insecure towards asian girls.

No. 566694

Any bets on Moo acting like a thirsty white girl around the Japanese guys while over there? She's got that yellow fever after all. It'll be like paradise for her.

No. 566696

She likely will and hopefully they will want nothing to do with her

If they showed more interest in Vamp then her it would drive her crazy

No. 566698


maybe her ADHD will make her grope some dudes because everybody else is so touchy~

No. 566699

Jokey tinfoil time: We know she's been in /snow/ for both the calves thread and Usagi Kou's thread, what if she's been shopping in the gaijin hunter thread too? That'd be a hell of a crossover.

Either way this is sure to be a blast, she just can't stop milking herself, can she?

No. 566707

File: 1534973871384.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 939ABADE-7E2C-48D0-AD91-9E9F2D…)

Holy shit someone please help her

No. 566708

Her skin is disgusting up close. Get some basic hygiene skills Moo fucking hell.

No. 566709

All the chin acne

No. 566710

Also noticed how filthy her hoodie is.

No. 566711


Wait she said shes doing a photoshoot today, they are gonna need to photoshop the hell out of that chin

No. 566713

>>566707 Even Vamp mentions she looks dead inside on the clip of Mariah cleaning the car windows.

Also, Mariah has 4 large whiteheads on her chin that look like they're on the verge of busting open in the middle of her next all-you-can-eat sushi fest.

No. 566714

why the hell is her forehead polka dotted?

No. 566715

It’s theough a car window with soap suds all over it. The white spots on her chin are just bursting pus filled pimples tho

No. 566716


Fucking lord she is a damn mess

No. 566718

Those frown lines are horrendous. Her cool sculpting was supposed to add sharpness and definition, and now this chick has a face like Ralphie May used to.

Vamp is getting revenge for that shitty Zelda video footage.

No. 566721

Whoever the surgeons she gets her work done by, they're really shit.

No. 566722


Im gonna need holy water for my eyeballs.

I know its not the best thing to do but damn mariah take a bath, pop those zits and steam ur face for a good half out.

I just kek'd myself into next week over this pic. She looks like a troll or a witch from a little kids fairytale

No. 566723

Sorry for doublepost but i meant *half hour

No. 566724

File: 1534977562447.jpg (49.51 KB, 539x960, 39930123_255762981733408_80016…)

Having a laugh that Susu is still putting out these subtle little jabs

No. 566725

File: 1534977583045.jpg (54.3 KB, 539x960, 39937370_257755294852473_27924…)

No. 566726

File: 1534978124530.png (682.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180822-154748.png)

He was actually alive before he caught a whiff of her body odor.

No. 566727

This part always makes me laugh, Susu will keep her eyes on Moo at all costs.

No. 566728

File: 1534978704090.webm (1.46 MB, 640x1136, 1851847356535199909_3861180.we…)

This is a little too accurate

No. 566729

you could not convince me this wasn't a fat guy if i didn't know it was moo.

No. 566730

Also not sure if just a joke but Vamp implying Momo has a boyfriend

No. 566732

File: 1534979451060.jpeg (90.01 KB, 800x600, 3E697010-B098-4BB1-AFD6-36C015…)

No. 566734

Well they do seem to fetishize blonde/light hair and the light colors eyes. Moo would probably be ignored

No. 566735

I don’t think even gaijin hunters ever stoop that low

No. 566736

cool sculpt looks great on you mariah, nice purchase

No. 566737

What don't they photoshop tho

No. 566738

>cheating on your boyfriend already


No. 566740

Sorry newfag to Moo but why do people say she smells like rancid meat and if so how can Vamp stand it?

No. 566741


Because she has admitted to not showering and will wear the same clothes days in a row without changing out of pure laziness.

No. 566742

Probably someone who already has a girlfriend. Moo isn't commitment material, she's always going to be the side chick or fuck buddy on the go.

No. 566743

>>566740 Vamp's a dog, and dogs love raw meat.

No. 566745

No. 566748

those glasses lmao if she lived in a trailer she'd be the perfect picture of white trash

vamp should be a good girl and drop a name already i'm too invested in this drama

No. 566749


I think the joke is she had just taken this picture >>566726 and then was 'caught' talking to the other skeleton

No. 566751

ik it's probably just a joke but the optimistic in me hopes moo had some unfortunate magic healing dick pull her out of her depressive episode and we all know when dick is involved she's soon to get insane again

No. 566752

File: 1534983208728.png (963.34 KB, 530x950, Screenshot_72.png)

They are getting more cats

No. 566753

She's about to go on a trip to Japan and she wants to adopt kittens? This fucking moron.

No. 566755

>were adopting

that linguistics major

No. 566756

She did the same thing with Guzma. She bought him from a breeder then left him for a few weeks for cons and photoshoots.

No. 566757

Who’s we?? She doesn’t live with vamp anymore she lives alone.

No. 566758

Poor cats deserve better…

No. 566759

Pretty sure both her and Vamp are each getting a cat

No. 566761


Wasn’t Vamp talking about being in huge debt? And her dumbass really thinks she can afford another cat? I’m sure Moo talked her dumbass into doing it.

No. 566762

This bitch is really perpetuating the busted granny stereotype she has created for herself by going out and adopting another car or two. She truly is the undesirable, eternally single crazy cat lady we all joked around about her being once upon a time. Moo is a living meme.

No. 566763

Already a crazy old cat lady before 23

No. 566765


I’m sure she’ll try to “take back” that stereotype like she’s trying to do with “Camgirls can do more than get naked on camsites”. How long until she tries to push “Crazy old cat ladies can be sexy thicc queens too!!!”

No. 566767

and will she introduce them properly to her hell cat so they all get along or just throw them all in the same amazon prime box collecting room at once?

No. 566768

File: 1534986063735.png (598.98 KB, 527x950, Screenshot_73.png)

They fucking got two cats

No. 566770

File: 1534986092852.png (614.17 KB, 517x924, Screenshot_74.png)

No. 566771


in a few days we'll see a post about how sad she is that she had to return the cat because it didn't get along with guzma and jaeda

No. 566772

is she really trying to push that? i thought it's camversity's thing, since they're trying to be the new twitch. you know, cause men who want to see nude women totally care about shitty twitch girls.

No. 566775

>that outfit
Wow we actually have a real life mini moo on our hands

No. 566776


Yes. One of the stupid points she tried to make during her streams is that “Cam sites should be for more than just nude models and allow non-nude models as well” she stupidly thinks that “Girls having to get naked on a camgirl site is a bad stereotype that she wants to change”.

No. 566777


Great. Now I’ve got retard in stereo.

No. 566779

The biggest loss from Onion cancelling his collab with moo is that if they hadn't collabbed and by some blessing from the milk gods joined the trinity Moo would have been forced to take daily showers as part of her routine living in the swamp combine

No. 566780

you already know the answer, anon, look in to your heart

No. 566781

I take it there won't be a stream tonight on account of the cat adoption CATastrophe?

Another anon suggested what I'm about to say earlier, but I'll repeat it because I'm a believer as well…

I think Camversity dropped her, but isn't making a public statement on the matter. Mariah streams at a very inconsistent rate, and it's only been a week and a half since she first set foot into this industry. I also believe that the last stream or two weren't part of her contractual obligations. Rather, she's just going out of her way to pretend that everything is fine, and Camversity totally loves the numbers she's generating for their site.

No. 566782

Is she wearing fake Supreme slides, atrocious

No. 566783


they're more likely her senpai slippers from creators guild

No. 566785

Yeah, this.

Which might as well be fake Supreme, so lol

No. 566787

File: 1534988829759.jpg (117.71 KB, 1080x1920, 39604612_2188470991182519_8132…)

No. 566789


Getting later and later. What's the point?

No. 566792

Was today BFF Twinses day or is Vamp trying to be Momo 2.0?

No. 566793

called it. Guzma is an adult cat so she's bored of him and is getting more kittens

No. 566796

File: 1534989873620.png (310.19 KB, 930x446, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 7.04.…)

No. 566797

….. so anyways the d.va short was pretty good

jkjk, she knows she can't post her old d.va pics cause people will ask what happened to her body

No. 566799


An adult cat that SHE ruined with all of her neglection and with how she refused to put him limits. Poor him, poor Jaede and poor kittens.

No. 566800

Vamp does dress similar to Moo alot more than people think. It's just standard basic bitch leggings and a crop shirt attire.

No. 566801

lol any bets on her not even seeing the short? She's just posting cause it probably passed her dash from someone reacting to it.

No. 566802

Awww she cares about Overwatch again, how predictable and of course 'inspired by' @ Nigri again too.

No. 566803

Plenty of cosplayers are sharing the own DVA shots or of the other characters talking about it so that's enough for Moo be educated on to jump back on her Overwatch bandwagon acting like she gets the hype.

No. 566804


Stream so late that nobody who actually gives a damn will be watching so they can’t call her out.

No. 566807

File: 1534992024208.png (245.8 KB, 347x658, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 7.40.…)

20 minutes til stream

No. 566809

She looks like shit in the old ones. Like a Halloween costume, idk. It's bad even for her.

No. 566810

She actually looks like she gives a fuck about camming, face tape is doing serious over time.

No. 566811


. . . Why the fuck does her neck look like it was painted on?

No. 566813

>>566807 As if the world doesn't already know how her face looks, as shown in >>566707.

That shade of makeup doesn't even match her natural skin tone.

No. 566814

So excited for Momo in shinjuku

stops to take selfie, gets run over

No. 566815

File: 1534992797322.png (703.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180822-195131.png)

Momo is recruiting the services of Vamp to help add some zest to the stream. Anything to distract from this tragic beer belly, I suppose.

No. 566817

Shes live

Stream thread >>564208

No. 566831

>face vs body color

is she gonna stream as harley quinn or something
nice clown makeup

No. 566834

>I'm a poc!!!!

No. 566835

Isn't that the top she wore yesterday underneath her too short crop sweater

No. 566839

now that you mention it, i think so.

No. 566842

Apparently, the kittens are one boy and one girl. The owners are being evicted so she's "adopting" them for 2-3 months. The boy is "Kirito".

Crossover from stream thread

No. 566845

Seriously what program did she buy stock in to turn >>566707 into this?

No. 566853

Where does she hide the face tape??

No. 566868

even if she looked like she does when she tapes her face she doesn't look good.

No. 566870

Nice subtle contouring on the neck and jawline moo, looks like you smudged dirt on yourself

No. 566895

Wtf is with this clown ass makeup

No. 566902

her face looks like a mask with dirt smeared on it, that color is too yellow for her face

No. 566903

File: 1534997888866.png (212.59 KB, 348x658, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 9.17.…)

god backtiddy game strong

No. 566909

>Swipe up to not see this on stream my dudes

No. 566915

File: 1534998700704.png (249.99 KB, 331x487, Nathan.png)

I can't fucking unsee this

No. 566920

File: 1534998999834.png (472.39 KB, 913x511, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 9.29.…)

crosspost but Guzma is currently using the litter box in her room. She was complaining earlier that all he does is play in litter

No. 566930


Can anyone else look at this and hear "Shut up, Mimsy!!" ?

No. 566950

>stops ~eating dairy~
>ordered enchilada, carne asada fries, tacos

No. 566952

File: 1535002345429.png (4.84 KB, 326x81, WITCH HUNT.PNG)

Even Trump got ur back tittys Mooriah

No. 566974

Cat probably has a uti or something then. Liek, ask the vet about it Moo.

No. 566976

Currently is using her ~computer room~ as a safe room for the kittens and won't be setting up until they return home

No. 566977

EW Mariah why the fuck would you keep the litter tray in your bedroom???? Some cats accidently empty the tray when trying to dig over their poop and trail it over the room. Her bedroom must stink if she doesnt clean the tray twice a day and we know she wouldnt because shes a lazy cunt. I vomit at the thought.

No. 566980

During the stream, someone tipped 1,300 tokens, which basically resulted in Moo and Vamp getting within 150 tokens of reaching the nightly goal. To add some background, Vamp was supposed to teach Mariah how to twerk once the goal was reached.

Mariah went first, even though she didn't receive any instructions from Vamp on what to do. So Mariah shook her ass like an epileptic in the middle of having a seizure, and was wearing black pants that didn't seem to impress the neckbeards.

Vamp jumped in, wearing underwear and a shirt, and twerked while the Pokemon rap song was on. She immediately won the audience over, and then everyone (including the guy who tipped 1,300 tokens) voiced their displeasure about Mariah's lack of effort, along with her unwillingness to show some skin while she twerked.

All in all, it was a pretty wretched stream, but at least Vamp apparently gets to keep the tokens for actually pulling in the viewers.

No. 566982

File: 1535011241928.jpeg (304.85 KB, 996x2047, 82A1A25F-DD7A-4AFE-A839-D5BC35…)

Starting the full cam girl route

No. 566984

File: 1535011287917.jpeg (308.05 KB, 996x2047, C6666A67-0216-4A34-B70B-7477F5…)

wow what an amazing ass


No. 566989

File: 1535012934455.png (49.21 KB, 720x766, 20180823_012408.png)

So that guy who donated 1,300 tokens must feel pretty foolish after Mariah did nothing of value on the stream.

Here's a reminder of what tokens cost on Camversity. He bought over $100 worth of tokens, and certainly didn't get his money's worth from Mariah.

No. 566990

That top makes her tits look like a fucking pumpkin

No. 567008


its mr_wonka, he's been donating every stream so he should have an idea of what he's in for by now

No. 567011

He's sketchy af

No. 567013

Probably one of moos friends that she makes donate so she looks a little less pathetic

No. 567018

Doubtful. He donates to me. Also large amounts of money. He just has more money than sense.

No. 567021

yuck how depressing

No. 567025

CamV girl?

No. 567026

sounds like she's making an attempt at introducing the cats properly as per >>566976
… so I guess that's good …

No. 567033

nnnope, to me it sounds like she's just locking the kittens up in that room for the whole 3 month timespan
watch as she teehee forgets to close the door properly and ends up with seriously injured cats

No. 567036

I think Mr Wonka is someone associated with the CamV. Dunno but acting as a primer to get the tips rolling. something like that.

No. 567037

This I wouldn't doubt for a second. Hes dropped over $100 on me and Moo and every girl ive seen him jump in their stream. No one has that much money and blows it on cam streams.

No. 567039

i don't really pay attention to what he does in Moo's stream but I've never really seen him request anything from other girls. Does he request from her?

No. 567040

I don't think I've seen him request anything but he definitely talks in chat

No. 567052

File: 1535038519430.jpg (16.48 KB, 309x309, 785128B8-4BB4-4CBF-9D23-C76A3D…)

Please tell me someone has a cap of today's stream? I need to see this mess

No. 567053

Recordanon here, I recorded it all and will start reencoding it later today and uploading it

If anybody wants any specific clips before I start that let me know

No. 567055

I want the clip at 0:37:00, where she talks
About new victim

No. 567057

No. 567058

The failed twerking attempt after the goal was reached!

No. 567059

No. 567062

No. 567068

When did she claim she was vegan?

No. 567072

File: 1535045951383.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x3107, 1535031664567.jpg)

some good shit

a couple days ago she watched a documentary on "dairy farms" and decided to try and step back from dairy and beef products

No. 567083

File: 1535048258960.png (410.3 KB, 928x594, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 11.17…)

No. 567087

Weren't they all in the same room together during the cam show, though?

No. 567089

oh god i fear so much for these poor kittens

No. 567091

Isn't she out of town a lot? and like going to Japan pretty soon?? She doesn't seem like the best person to foster kittens for that reason alone forgettin about the rest

No. 567093

Me too, anon. She completely ruined Guzma and severely neglected Jaeda, so Mimi and Kirito will not have a pleasant life with her.

No. 567094

God no. So now she's going to pretend to be an animal expert too? I feel so bad for those cats.

No. 567107

I tuned in and out of the cam show but I saw her calling Kirito's name and talking about the kittens off to the right of the screen and then saw >>566920 so they had to have been in the same room unless she took the kittens out and let Guzma in at some point.

No. 567109

i also forgot does lolcow hate sex workers and whores? or do we not mind it unless it's someone that has done made things in the past?

No. 567110

uhh you realize this board has hundreds of different people with different views and feelings, right?
We’re not a hive mind.

Anyways, really fucked up for moo to take in fosters when she’s leaving for Japan, and going to blizzcon in the next few months.
She’s gonna leave them all alone and fuck them up like she did to Guzma.

No. 567111

Typically don’t give a shit unless they’re human trash like Momo and Sere for the most part.

No. 567112

File: 1535052985986.webm (18.42 MB, 1572x676, cosplaybunny.webm)


Here you go

No. 567113

I was hoping i didn't get the hivemind comment, but i mainly mean't what's the majority of us with the opinion of showing your body to betas and what not is.

If someone makes a statement like "stop pandering to neckbeards, it will most likely have a overwhelming amount of positive feedback agreeing with what the person said besides disagreeing with the topic of pandering.

No. 567114

No. 567116

File: 1535053455465.webm (4.48 MB, 1572x676, momotwerk.webm)

Heres her "twerking"

No. 567117

We really all just come from different views on it. Might not be the answer you are looking for but that's what it is. I used to cam and encourage others to do it if its what they like. Another person might not like it at all and hate everything to do with it. Then there are gonna be the people who are completely indifferent to it. The site isn't all people hating a specific action or anything, just the people themselves. There really isn't a different answer.

No. 567118

You're going to get a hundred different answers especially on a board that has costhot and camwhore topics but I think as long as you're minding your own damn business and making your money then you're fine.

No. 567120

File: 1535054021253.webm (2.37 MB, 1572x676, comparison.webm)

Both of them twerking just to show how bad she was

No. 567121

File: 1535054104715.webm (1.13 MB, 1572x676, handbra.webm)


Here you go

No. 567122


Thank you, it's def not what I expected lol
That villain laugh tho

No. 567125

File: 1535054771811.webm (17.29 MB, 1572x676, asssmack.webm)


Mariah doesn't know how to smack an ass

No. 567126

You know, I feel like Moo would try really hard to learn how to twerk to outdo Vamp because she sees her more as competition than she sees her as a friend, but I'm not surprised she's total shit at it either. How does Moo get more attention and """notoriety""" for putting in half or even no effort at all? I'll never understand.
Her whole "I'm totally not that sexual, my dudes!" seems like a complete act that she made up after her sexual harrassment scandal.

No. 567127

Dunno. Hard to be sexual when no one wants you. Either her complete lack of hygiene or her bitchy personality, she's hard to want to have sex with. Both you have to deal with to sleep with her, even if only temporarily. Even doing lewds, you can see the lack of knowledge in being sexy. She just mimics what she sees in photos or porn or whatever (and horribly).

No. 567129

I was not aware that this site is a sentient being with its own preferences and values lmao. This is also off topic, there's a whole /ot/ board where you can find a thread to post your opinions in and get plenty of answers, I'm guessing you must be new or doesn't frequent here and has a set stereotype, but can you not derail here?

Thank you Recordanon for enduring this.

No. 567130

I always thought vamp had a nice ass but huh

No. 567132

So lesbian my dudes.

No. 567134

When she is bent over its not bad but when standing up not so much. During her own twerk/dance you can really tell

No. 567137

you cant molest a guy so i dont why momo is getting flack for that, not saying im defending her cause im not, otherwise she looks like a cow and her stream was beyond boring for me,

No. 567139

File: 1535058548124.png (17.25 KB, 275x275, 1533583870321.png)

"you can't molest a guy"
so you're telling me, assuming you're a guy yourself, that if some random girl or guy came up to you and shoved their hands down your pants and grabbed your dick, that you wouldn't call that being molested?
are you actually retarded?

No. 567140

I wouldn't bother engaging trolls.

No. 567142

File: 1535058982997.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 567144

how does she have the energy to be so annoying 24/7

No. 567145

You take a character that is naturally annoying and put all the skill points into stamina.

No. 567147

nice white ass she isnt a pawg tho>>567130

No. 567150

the snaggletooth in full view here

No. 567152

>>567126 Moo won't learn anything, in spite of her competition. She doesn't know how to sew or manufacture props. She doesn't know how to bathe or exercise in order to compete in the physical appearance department. And she thinks she's an expert when it comes to business and marketing, so she can't bring herself to admit fault or take good advice (which is why she hasn't disappeared or taken a break).

No. 567158

File: 1535065041510.jpg (119.38 KB, 875x616, Asherbees.JPG)

I knew Mariah in cake face looked familiar.

No. 567161

Reminder that this thread is for Momokun NOT Vamp. If you want to post about Vamp take it to the Calves thread in /snow/.

No. 567163

i hate that this made me laugh aaaa
she sounds so much like meg griffin a lot of the time in her other clips

No. 567164

It's not like shes Satan, she can do small good things every now and again but shes just a general shitty person anyhow

It's like if Hitler made a joke for a minute that doesn't pass what hes done shes pretty comparable

No. 567166



a-are black men starting to trickle into lolcow? Oof.


lmao it's like they're twerkin to two different songs. Moo really has absolutely no sex appeal, and I used to think she was pretty hot back in her Samus days.

No. 567167

Lastnight stream is up


I'll get Tuesdays up soon, nothing really happened in it so its not a priority

No. 567169

Fk if she actually goes vegan I have to hate her a little less

No. 567170

she's not, she bought an ate an entire chicken two days ago. her entire diet mainly consists of meat and fish. do you think she'll give up korean bbq and sushi?

No. 567172

love you!

No. 567173


wait, she thinks she’s on the “consumer” side of a farm?

We’re damn near 100,000 posts on this loon, she’s an entire damn dairy.

No. 567174

File: 1535068604253.jpeg (354.39 KB, 1242x1707, 6DE26E1F-7BF4-41B5-BA74-3E1631…)

Unsure if this belongs I’m calves thread. But Vamp’s FB status and Moo’s replies

No. 567175

File: 1535068626696.jpeg (617.59 KB, 1242x1762, 8ADC3BCA-CDC2-47AD-8C7B-22B7C5…)

No. 567176

*in calves thread

No. 567179

Well maybe if she wasn't a low life like her dearest best friend Moo, maybe she'd be liked back a bit more.

No. 567180

>You know what never doesn’t lose feelings?

Linguistics major, lmao.

No. 567181

does japan want another earthquake when she slams?

No. 567182


Shocking no one, no one wants to date these two shit birds. No wonder Moo keeps trying to tell everyone they are dating.

No. 567184

What a sad life to have, no male actually wants these two unless it's for a fling and no actual relationship. Not surprising at all lol.

No. 567185

>>567184 No woman wants these "bisexuals" or "lesbians" either. Both of them are damaged goods, and by constantly hovering around one another, they're decreasing each other's value on the singles market.

No. 567186

File: 1535073241845.png (802.45 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-08-23-18-09-03…)

She's live right now..apparently

No. 567187

File: 1535073276151.png (1.05 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-08-23-18-09-35…)

No. 567188

They can be lonely old cat ladies together, bless.

No. 567189


Exactly. I’m sure having to get an earful of Moo screeching and having to sit through her stench is an immediate turn off for any guy/girl looking to date Vamp. She’s practically always trying to claim her territory with Vamp that it’s no surprise no one wants to get near her.

No. 567191

Really convinced Camversity told her to sort her shit out. Second time she's been in full makeup and got tits on show after looking like an abomination on cam for the last few days.

No. 567192

Shes live unannounced.

Live stream thread >>564208

No. 567194

No. 567195

File: 1535073597407.png (704.05 KB, 1076x1452, Screenshot_20180823-211257~01.…)

Nice <3 just nice…

No. 567196

Said to death but she legit looks 40 years old.

No. 567198

It was announced.

No. 567204

Watching too many Jeffrey stars tutorial but she didn’t learn shit out how to do makeup

No. 567211

Eyebrows and makeup done? Someone at camversity definitly told her to stop looking like a troll on stream.

No. 567220

If Asherbee could teach Momo how to use powder instead of grease and Momo could teach Asherbee how to use mascara then they'd both be better off.

No. 567221

>implyin jeffrey star actually does good makeup

No. 567225

How does she manage to hid her face tape

No. 567226

That's what i want to know, because she's definitely using it.

No. 567230

Mua anon, but if she’s using a proper face tape, it’s a slightly textured pad with a small loop attached that an elastic is clipped on and hidden inside the hair. You can place them well hidden behind or near the ear or in the shadow of where you want the jawline to be and then cover it up with foundation and powder. Might be concealed even better by the layers of foundation she cakes on tho

No. 567237

File: 1535081591762.jpg (56.35 KB, 300x257, Neck-Tape-Image.jpg)


She must be fixing it behind her ear

Instructional video: https://youtu.be/laS-QpNzvLs?t=32

No. 567238

>You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome

No. 567252

There is no way that behind her ear is pulling that much skin back. It baffles me how she is able to pull her hair back yet use the facelift stuff. This is the knowledge she needs to pass onto the world.

No. 567274

Lol I’m just imagining her doing a stream and one of her face tape things loosens and half her face melts like she had a god damned stroke.

No. 567275

Forgot to crosspost but she plans on releasing a "milking set" with her OC Moomoo. It will involve a 400 dollar milking machine and she will sell prints for "charity", giving the proceeds to a local dairy farm. She corrected herself to say "sanctuary"

No. 567281

I'm just glad I made it out of Moo's stream alive, before she reached her swimsuit goal. Some of the farmers are among the bravest souls out there for putting up with these streams for several hours, and multiple times per week.

Those pictures in the stream thread are jarring. I get grossed out seeing her walk towards around the room in her regular clothes, and some of you fight through the dry heaving for the sake of milk. Godspeed!

No. 567284

recordanon is the bravest of us all no doubt.

No. 567285

lmao just look up a tutorial. it's not hard.

No. 567287

File: 1535093142553.png (214.72 KB, 403x440, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 9.12.…)

sorry for low quality

No. 567288

File: 1535093159854.png (Spoiler Image, 505.82 KB, 909x506, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 9.17.…)

No. 567289

File: 1535093178202.png (190.22 KB, 465x382, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 10.16…)

No. 567290

File: 1535093216112.png (Spoiler Image, 454.1 KB, 917x500, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 10.16…)

found it interesting her sides literally ripple. looking at these and her shoops are night and day

No. 567291


No. 567294

>>567290 These things on her back…

Are they growths? Tumors? Sweet asteroids of death?

No. 567295

itty bitty back tiddy

No. 567296

File: 1535094934466.jpg (752.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180824_001146.jpg)

I remembered this bikini, so I decided to scroll through her IG pics to grab a few screencaps from when she last wore it for a shoot or event (June, 2017 according to the IG dates).

I thought she was at an unsightly weight back then. I have no words to describe how she looks in this bikini after 14 months of lipo, healthy eating, and extensive exercise, my dudes.

No. 567299

Her body's using pseudopods to eat her own bikini

No. 567305

This bitch only bought the bed sheets for this streaming site.
She ain't even trying to make it seem like she cares.
Someone like her should change her bed sheets twice a week if not daily kek.
I doubt she sleeps in this bed tho because that would mean that she has to make her bed looking tidy for the stream again and we all know that she is too lazy for that.

No. 567319


who the fuck changes bedsheets daily other than hotel maids?

No. 567322

Because she's a disguating bitch who doesn't shower and many people have said how much she stinks

No. 567327

Not them but she's eaten on it, spilled wax on it, rolled around on it in her days old clothes, and Vamps used copics on it.

If she's going to use the bed just for streaming then the least she can do is keep the damn thing cleaned before it ends up looking like Luna Slater's bedding.

No. 567330

Your forgetting cats are all over it and it has a litter box right next to it

No. 567332

She moves the same way a cat does when it's about to vomit.

No. 567333

Its kinda sad that she lurks here, sees all this shit about hygiene and cleaning up,and still manages to be a complete slob. I get you're lazy but shower, Moo. That wouldbe one less thing for is to bash on you. You think she'd want us talking about her nastiness less.

No. 567334

I cant believe this bitch has a fucking litterbox in her room where shes eating and sleeping. This is far worse than her not showering imo. Why can't she put it in another room it's so vile just to think about.

No. 567336


It was 40 bucks not 400

No. 567337

I think we are over-reaching here based on other speculations about her possibly having a new room mate.

If she is quarantining the kittens in her room then it makes sense she'd also have their food and litter tray in there also…

Now whether or not she has another space to do this in her apartment, IDK, but I feel I personally would want to quarantine kittens in the room I hang out in the most to keep an eye on them.

No. 567339

Having kitty litter in the room isn't horrible if you're cleaning it every other day, which I would assume Moo isn't.

No. 567343

Agreed on this. We've seen the room where she sleeps and it's a different room. I believe there's a window above the bed in that room. I think she just made one of the guest rooms (maybe Vamps old room) look nice for camming. This is actually pretty common for cam girls if they have the extra space.

No. 567344

B-but anon, if she showered daily her precious pinku hair would fade and look bad!!!

Which it does anyway within days of her dye jobs because her hair has been fried to hell and back multiple times the last two years.

No. 567345

True. You don't want to do the camming thing in the room you sleep in. Its messy and not everyone keeps their bedroom clean enough for personal effects free enough. Its just safer to have a different room.

I've dyed my hair numerous colors in the last 5 years and its just about proper care, not showering. If you are getting your hair professionally done and its fading that fast, you have hair problems. I know tons of girls with normal hair type that don't wash their hair every day but still shower every day. Hell, I don't wash my hair every day. That's what dry shampoo is for. It would actually help if she washed her hair more often because conditioner might help salvage the mess she's gotten it into. Instead she looks like a faded gnarled mess even when she bothers to brush it out to look nice. It still looks like complete fried shit.

No. 567346

Maybe one day she'll realize hair oils can distort colors and make them fade more than washing it.

No. 567352

Recordanon here,

Momos stream messed up lastnight and when it restarted Camversity auto muted it.

So I have the audio from the first hour and half but only video from the rest :(

No. 567353

File: 1535127402761.png (662.17 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-08-24-09-14-35…)

Cant wait for her to reach her goal again so she can recycle the same old bikini

No. 567354

File: 1535127519611.png (965.15 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-08-24-09-14-31…)

No. 567360

dw recordanon, you're doing god's work + we really appreciate it!!

No. 567361

because animation is yet another field she’s a total expert in right…

No. 567362

disney's hercules was the worst trash ever.

No. 567364

literally not how it works, anon.

No. 567366

Didn't you see her drawings, totally an artist my dudes.

Love the vamp did a quick drawing on stream that was better than Momos traces

No. 567367

Also how long until she’s an ‘expert’ in Greek mythology. Whoever called this phase when she started reading Lore Olympus was spot on.

No. 567368

She just needs to buy herself a shower cap.
That’s it.
Then she can shower without washing her hair.

Or hell, go the Pixielocks route and just bath+Lush bath bomb it.

No. 567369


I remember some people thinking that Disney!Megara was THICC or something due to her hourglass-like figure. I smell a sexy Disney!Meg cosplay in the works…

No. 567370

Her body would match Demeter or Dionysus a lot more than Megara

No. 567372

Poor Meg.. with how gross she is, she'd make a better Phil

No. 567373

File: 1535133448057.jpeg (217.66 KB, 900x1565, 977356B3-6052-4580-A936-9276B6…)

there are always options for that hambeast body but she never takes any of them because she’s so in denial

No. 567376

File: 1535134587439.jpg (21.67 KB, 598x359, bypqhwlcyaex4s4[1].jpg)


she'd be better suited as philoctetes

No. 567386

she should make this her 1st fully shirtless cosplay.

No. 567388

Next thing you'll know she'll be screeching on ig during her manic phase about Persephone and Hades like every other "totally smart and unique uwu" girl.

And she can legitimately tag it with topless lmao.

No. 567389

but anon you only learn about hades in the disney stuff!

No. 567397

she's had hades on her etsy list for a long time

No. 567398

File: 1535142234916.jpeg (15.96 KB, 700x300, 28E0B47A-0F58-49CA-BD2E-0F374B…)

This is the only “Meg” she’s capable of cosplaying as

No. 567414

File: 1535145351795.png (511.59 KB, 831x500, phil.png)

Momokun looking for the next cosplayer to harass

No. 567415

inb4 Mythology Studies major

No. 567416

Soon, first she needs to play through God of war games like she mentioned she wanted to do

No. 567417

File: 1535147107624.jpeg (367.92 KB, 1280x720, D86AD008-A1CF-4503-ADAA-619A3C…)

Plenty of cosplays for her to choose from there! Kek

No. 567419

all jokes aside, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 567420

"it's just a pasty my dudes ;)"

No. 567422

you must be a newfag if you dont know about mariahs apocalypse zone of a room

No. 567423

File: 1535149796998.png (766.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180824-152905.png)

Gee, I don't know. How about actually fucking sewing something for once?

No. 567424

she only bought the new one, which is norse tho iirc

did all her sweatshop asians abandon her?

No. 567426

that actually… does look like her, not even kidding. Oh my god.
There’s got to be a photo with her face in the same expression, right?

No. 567429

File: 1535151750652.jpeg (321.33 KB, 1367x2048, DBC50EE6-400B-49E5-AF18-188EDB…)

No. 567430


those nasty feet

No. 567431


can't tell if it's dirt or she's so fat she cuts the blood circulation to her feet and they become this color

No. 567432

She is so formless. There is no possible way she works out

No. 567433

File: 1535152153189.jpg (550.34 KB, 1854x2424, IMG_6448.JPG)

If she does some dead space she would fit Pregnants better

No. 567435

File: 1535152461362.jpeg (373.44 KB, 2048x1611, 0CA89D65-6F08-4238-AA44-85FE6D…)

As you wish

No. 567436

My god, it's like they're twins!

No. 567437

File: 1535152960778.png (115.37 KB, 207x242, atpRtsd.png)

oh dear christ, anon

the resemblance is too uncanny

No. 567438

I'm torn. On one hand, she's an absolute mess of a human through and through. On the other hand, I have this urge to fuck her. Shouldn't be too hard to find her, living in the same city and all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 567440

File: 1535153475079.png (34.6 KB, 427x138, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 7.31…)

No. 567441

Literally no ass in sight

No. 567442

File: 1535153966563.png (63.76 KB, 226x193, mariah 2.png)

Popped up on my recommended videos today

No. 567444

her ability to make wigs look disgusting remains impressive, at least

No. 567449

We've seen her sneeze into her hand and then run her fingers through her hair/wig. Who knows what else she does

No. 567450

Even Camversity didn't want to listen to her.

Seriously though thank you for all your hard work.

No. 567452

File: 1535156066361.png (Spoiler Image, 399.18 KB, 1014x616, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.12…)

There has never been a sadder looking butt known to mankind, not even Hank Hill's butt was this pathetic.

No. 567454

It doesn't even look like an ass in this context

No. 567455

File: 1535156552089.gif (489.4 KB, 245x240, tumblr_mxfmk7xAuJ1qkgh4go1_250…)

No. 567456

All I want her to do is run a goddamned comb through it, at this point. It’s such a rattyass wig.

No. 567457

File: 1535156917596.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1367x2048, 1535151750652.png)

No. 567461

Laughing way too hard at this.

No. 567463

This is the unshooped version

No. 567465

File: 1535159286681.png (1.33 MB, 1280x720, moo.png)

the ultimate moo

No. 567466

File: 1535159853974.jpg (20.11 KB, 480x478, over 9000 keks.jpg)

here it is–our next thread's pic

No. 567467

That poorly shopped back boob overhang. Or bra bulge fat, whatever they call it. You can see where they smoothed it over and you totally tell she has that by observing the shadows behind the pony tail.

No. 567469

Lastnights stream is up

Due to the stream restarts and other issues theres only about 20 minutes of audio. Some may considered this an improvement though lol


No. 567473

File: 1535161337819.jpg (133.43 KB, 828x1469, 39523527_1918831978139847_6826…)

No stream tonight

No. 567477

Sure Mariah, sure.

What's our shows done vs total should be done?

No. 567478


>has a picture of Megara as the BG

Already hinting towards a possible ~sexy Megara cosplay~. Toldja, guys.

No. 567480

File: 1535163382613.jpg (437.5 KB, 500x500, bHaJV3g.jpg)

if i didn't know it was moo

No. 567481

if she tries to cosplay meg it’d be absolute trash no doubt.

No. 567483

I feel like Meg Griffin is a little more suited for her

No. 567487

File: 1535168018563.png (389.32 KB, 807x594, Screenshot 2018-08-24 at 8.33.…)

No. 567488

File: 1535168196561.png (285.12 KB, 345x658, Screenshot 2018-08-24 at 8.34.…)

>busy hanging with vamp no stream tonight
lmao lazy

No. 567490

If what people are saying is true and she only has to stream 20 times to keep her end of whatever deal people think she made with Camversity, its not that big of an issue to miss some.

What she needs to be careful of though is missing too many, not keeping track of it, and then being in trouble for not holding up her end of this 20 day agreement.

No. 567492

File: 1535169775112.gif (1013.31 KB, 245x251, ohhun.gif)

No. 567493

honestly I just think she takes the “weekends”

No. 567494

File: 1535170132396.png (113.17 KB, 533x313, Screenshot 2018-08-24 at 9.08.…)

Additions to Etsy

No. 567497

She would make a good necromorph. But seriously, the dead space fandom is small but vicious. Let her try talking about the plot with long time fans.

No. 567500


At least shes sparing record a on a breakdown

No. 567503

File: 1535176537155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.79 KB, 1188x387, nanabutt.jpg)

Idk why I felt the need to do this, but her butt really reminded me of nanalan

No. 567506

jfc anon

No. 567507

File: 1535177057612.png (170.39 KB, 345x661, Screenshot 2018-08-24 at 11.04…)

~gamur gurl~

No. 567523

flashbacks to "I'm totally gonna cover up my tats for cosplay my dudes!!"
fuck outta here, if you want your OC to just be you with a disgusting wig and shitty headband slapped on top then maybe you should consider just calling it modelling

No. 567524

Anon plz this absolutely the funniest shit and horrifying shit I’ve ever seen next thread pic please

No. 567530

some guy she’s after probably mentioned it.

No. 567532

She was watching a youtube video of dead space lore so clearly hasn't played the games. Then went on to watch downfall because all she knows of research is just watching whatever online. Downfall and aftermath are terrible.
As we know she relies on wikis & i find the DS wikis really incomplete, I'd like to see her bullshit her way about DS

No. 567533

she wrote dead space fanfic.

also ppl are talking about her nudes on twitter – does anyone know if its something new? im assuming its just shops i dunno if i even wanna look

No. 567534

File: 1535184682691.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, doubt.jpg)

>she wrote dead space fanfic.

I'll believe this like I believe her being a translator.

No. 567535

FUCK, OK, I remembered wrong.

She favorited whatever this shit is about tho:

No. 567541

File: 1535189547059.png (864.82 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3055.PNG)

I need to look back on this stream because why tf does it look like she has a tampon string dangling amidst her thighs and forest kun.

No. 567543


I think it's just the inner side of the panties that are turned on the outside because she didn't bothered to get it out of her asscrack.

No. 567545

mate do u even know what forest kun is

I agree, you can see her left side is lifted into her ass, and turned in such a way you could see the lining.

Not that I'd put it past her to have a string sticking out.
Also I'm surprised the maker put lining in.

No. 567547


What a mess…christ.

No. 567553


lurk moar.
She leaked her own nudes before got famous. We made a dropbox of them in one of the last two threads

No. 567554

She leaked her own nudes and spead them to all her lacrosse team mates, which a member's sibling confirmed

No. 567573

File: 1535209460140.png (650.87 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2018-08-25-08-01-04…)

No. 567574

File: 1535209503115.png (723.8 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-08-25-08-02-16…)

Went to ice cream with sister

No. 567575

that's so mean to nanalan

No. 567580


forest kun isn't in this picture??


so much for no dairy

No. 567583

File: 1535213933419.gif (767.08 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

i mean why would anyone believe she would last a week

No. 567586

Her blabbing about how Clock Tower 3 was actually Inuyasha made my eye twitch. Pls stay away from ps2 horror games Mariah

No. 567590

there is no findable dropbox link in any of the last ffew threads. I suggest the dropbox link is added to the OP to have less people asking for them on these threads.

No. 567591

Is she retarded

No. 567593

No. 567595

File: 1535219943215.png (46.18 KB, 720x350, Screenshot_2018-08-25-10-56-55…)

>size 14

No. 567596

A 14 in dog years maybe.

No. 567597

I'm a 14 and she looks twice my size

No. 567598


But yeah, Mariah's way too big for a 14.

No. 567599

Her nudes are ridiculously easy to find anon. And have been posted NUMEROUS times. Yet every thread we have some dumbass begging for her nudes.
We’re not going to spoon feed you her nudes anon. It makes you seem like a thirsty neck beard. If you want them, you can find them easily. Lurk more.

No. 567600

LMAO she is NOT a size 14. Momo please. She is atleast a size 18 bordering on 20.

No. 567601

Inb4 she plans to cosplay Todd Ingram just to make vegan jokes my dudes!1!!

No. 567602

Her waist may be a 14 because of the lipo but the rest of her sure as hell isnt

No. 567603

I’m a size 18, at 207 pounds. Same height as her and similar weight distribution, and I’m still like half her size.

No. 567604


guys obviously she's not a size 14 but judging by her clothes and the way they fit her, i'm assuming she only buys size 14.

No. 567607

bitch, stay away from ps era horror games. she's such a fake bitch

No. 567610

It may not be a lie anons & fellow fat chans. Women's sizing varies a ridiculous amount, usually by store or brand. Cut&style too. Body composition also matters tho, more squishable fat can squeeze better into stuff compared to solid fat or muscles. Then again it could be she "fit" into a 14 once & declared it to be her official size even if the measurements of that garmet no longer fit her or match what other size charts have for the same size. Unless she's showing the tags on all her stuff, we won't ever be sure, so lets not derail further

No. 567612

File: 1535226376411.png (672.08 KB, 517x702, moomoo.png)

Let us never forget this gem.

No. 567614

File: 1535226750114.png (265.15 KB, 343x660, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 12.52…)

No. 567615

File: 1535226779108.png (283.23 KB, 352x660, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 12.52…)

No. 567616

Between her insta and streams, she really has outed herself as never cooking at home.
"I only eat out a couple times a month!"

No. 567617

I assume she doesn't count delivery as eating out

No. 567628

ok he looks so cute here

No. 567629

He always looks cute, ragdolls are adorable. Too bad the owner is shit

No. 567630

i dont need to lurk moar, ive seen her old nudes. thats why i asked if it was new drama.
but people on twitter were talking about her showing her crotch. it was just retards falling for a bad photoshop.

you just google her username + nude and get tons of skanked up pictures, and the nudes mixed in. its not worth it.

No. 567634

Her fuckboi Overtflow lost even after trying to pull wrestling/ grappling moves during a boxing match. KO in 3rd round by Sensei even called the punch after Overtflow tripped him to get leverage

No. 567635


I find it sad she posts less of of him now that he’s older and she’s already moving on to new kittens. She treats them like objects.

No. 567636

To her they basically are.

No. 567639

>>567595 This kills me, only because she sure as hell asked Squarecuck to shop her waste into oblivion in the photos she did where she's standing next to Collette.

So Mariah claims to be a size 14, and says Vamp is a size 7. In this case, why aren't her pitiful and willfully ignorant neckbeards asking the obvious fucking questions? Something like "Well, if you're twice her size, then why are you the same size as Vamp"?

This shit drives me up a wall.

No. 567641

File: 1535235021147.png (340.56 KB, 720x730, 20180825_150738.png)


"Gosh, Collette. You should really start eating better. You, a size 7, are built just like me, a size 14. Going to the gym is a bop, my dude!"

No. 567647

After having such an avalanche of milk in the last two months, I'm almost disappointed that these threads are slowing down.

Watching the rise and fall of Mariah Mallad in these two yeas has been a true adventure. Thank you, farmers.

No. 567655

Do not worry, every time it seems like she's going to dry up, Moo finds some new way to milk herself. Expect a massive fit if she's somehow blocked from going to Blizzcon, although we all know bitch was just going to ghost outside like she always does.

No. 567656


Don't worry she ain't going to Con anymore. Too much of a coward to face anyone even if she's isn't banned outright

No. 567658


I think everyone is forgetting a very important detail here: She only ever wears stretchy clothing (sweatpants, leggings, etc) and never ACTUAL sized clothing. The last time she probably wore clothes with an actual non-elastic waistband; she probably WAS size 14. Since the elastic clothing has a lot of give, they support a LOT more weigh gain without you noticing.

She's easily 16 at the LEAST, but more likely 18-20… she just hasn't worn a pair of SIZED pants in so long that she doesn't know how big she actually is.

No. 567659

I wear size 14. I'm 5'2'' and weigh 140 pounds. This fat cunt isn't near the same size as me, lmfao. She can keep wishing all she wants

No. 567661

if she suddenly claims to be a huge dead space fan i'm going to fly into a rage.

stay out of my fandom, moo.

No. 567663

Also she mentioned her bust was 42(?) which puts her in 18W for dresses alone and I'm almost certain her band size is above 42 just by looking at her side/back fat

No. 567664

she's probably wearing a 42DD bra cause her cup size looks more like a C or so. so the DD would work if she was a 46-48C usually. i think she's dumb and doesn't know how bras work.

No. 567665

I'd say 20 tbh. Not for her waist but for her legs. There's nothing below that can accommodate those bulbous tumors.

No. 567668

File: 1535245904998.png (1.23 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2018-08-25-15-56-25…)

Late but hung out with tattookun earlier today

No. 567669

File: 1535245946393.png (922.22 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-08-25-15-57-46…)

At his house with his doggos

No. 567670

File: 1535245973637.png (996.97 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2018-08-25-15-58-38…)

No. 567671

File: 1535246005232.png (674.39 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-08-25-16-00-07…)

His practice slab

No. 567672

File: 1535246236020.png (807.18 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-08-25-18-15-22…)

Already introduced Guzma to the kittens

No. 567674

Winner of the caption contest, I sure did kek ty anon

No. 567675

I think she's laying low because she's still trying to go to dragoncon this coming weekend I believe? She wants to fade out enough so people dont beat her ass in the middle of downtown ATL

No. 567676

I wont beat her ass but we're all on the lookout for her

No. 567677

File: 1535248352295.png (1.01 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-08-25-18-48-55…)

No. 567678

File: 1535248513467.png (1.02 MB, 692x1191, Screenshot_2018-08-25-18-49-03…)

>short story about how she was doing tai chi with tattookun and as they were talking about Japan she said that he should come with them
>"helped him get his ticket" (she bought it) and said its crazy that she's going to her "dreamland"

No. 567679

File: 1535248548977.png (1.04 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-08-25-18-49-49…)

No. 567680

lol what a fucking loser.

No. 567692

File: 1535249479315.png (23.69 KB, 917x303, lasnar.png)

she dropped big bux on that jfc (assumed she's going in 2 weeks someone said?)

No. 567693

File: 1535249546622.png (17.84 KB, 350x481, avgnov.png)

and even if not until november…

No. 567694


Whenever you feel insecure about your looks, just remember that at least you don't have this sad excuse called an ass.

No. 567695

can we get an inventory of her current calves/fuckboys?
vamp, overtflow, holly? cnd, cucknoodles, who else?

No. 567698

Shes live

Stream thread >>564208

No. 567708

If she's not already riding that dick, she's sure as fuck dying to.

No. 567749

We’re here for the milk, not to pander to feeder fetishists.

No. 567763

File: 1535263758558.png (Spoiler Image, 112.96 KB, 342x661, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 10.54…)

What is the point of taking a promotional job AS YOURSELF, A "INFLUENCER"/"MODEL", but you use your best friend to meet your own fucking goals?
This is the third? forth? night she's used Vamp's twerking as a top tier reward.

No. 567768

>>567763 The optimist in me hopes to God that the admin asking Mariah to check her notifications brought up the same point. Mariah has no appeal, and is not compelling to watch in the least bit. Meanwhile, Vamp has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to be a cam girl. Mariah needs Vamp. Certainly isn't the other way around. And Camversity should make a public statement to clarify what their expectations of Mariah truly are. I haven't seen anything from the company saying they're going in a direction that caters to fandoms and gamers. This is simply something Mariah is trying to sell to the viewers to cover up the fact that she doesn't feel comfortable exposing herself on camera, even though she pretends she's a sexual deviant of some kind.

The other thing is that Camversity has to be disappointed with the numbers. Mariah is pulling in roughly 0.11% of her Instagram base to view her shows. Let's not forget that a good chunk of viewers are "hate viewers" like myself that don't even follow these girls on social media. The numbers are staggeringly low. The only consistent financial draw is Vamp. The audience is running out of questions to ask her. And now Mariah's brand is in worse shape than it was before the sexual assault allegations. The neckbeards were loyal because they thought Moo was a cool chick, and every stream makes it more and more apparent that she's a loud, petulant, insecure poser.

I don't know what she expects to get out of this upcoming trip to Japan. The way I see it, this is her last hurrah before she finally begins to separate herself from the cosplay scene. And yet Mariah will try to pass it off like it's going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

No. 567769

I hope she disappears…and this isn't even a "meh hate Momokun" type wish anymore. She "joked" multiple times about her controversies and ever since stream 1 she has made herself more anxious trying to "not offend anyone". She's actually walking on eggshells.

Why can't she JUST go to school and have cosplay as a hobby for extra money? She lies so much it's hard for anyone to trust her. Now she's lied to her paypigs by, like you said, pretending to be a sexual deviant in photosets but prude as fuck on camera.

No. 567773

File: 1535267681853.png (354.54 KB, 720x979, Screenshot_2018-08-26-02-09-43…)

Like a cash cow.

How does vamp not see that mariah is using her? Mariah tried going on scamversity by herself and got massive hate so she hired her calf to do all the work while she sits down and pretends to be bisexual for tips. What's more pathetic? Mariah for using a desperate girl like vamp OR vamp for letting herself be used for money and attention from greasy men with a fat fetish?

No. 567774

>The other thing is that Camversity has to be disappointed with the numbers
maybe, maybe not. I've noticed that's she's almost always their top streamer unless Lena the Plug (Adam22's gf) is on. And it's a pretty big gap between the number of viewers they pull and the rest of the site. Maybe they're hoping that mariah's viewers get horned up enough to visit the other girls on the site. Also I've noticed anytime someone in the chat asks for nudity or anything like that, she'll make it a point to say that there are other girls on the site that aren't non-nude. This could just be her or maybe it was what camversity told her to say since they knew up front she was gonna do non-nude stuff. but yeah the camversity team has to be feeling some type of way when she's livestreaming herself video editing with no rewards or goals.

No. 567775

You're acting like Vamp, who is almost ten years Mariah's senior, isn't getting something out of this arrangement. Vamp was already doing this stuff before she and Mariah started cosplaying. This isn't humiliating for her, it's just the next money ticket. Moochlette knows what she's doing and she knows what she's giving up. She doesn't care about dignity. Most leeches don't care what they look like hanging off the ass of their prey as long as they get their fill.

Mariah should worry about what happens when she's all dried up, though.

No. 567782

>>567769 One thing worth noting from tonight's stream was the part when someone asked why Mariah and Vamp no longer live together, and Vamp said she preferred her current situation because she seldom talks to her roommate, which leads to something you sort of touched upon, anon.

Mariah could really benefit by not forcing herself down people's throats. Vamp created healthy separation by moving out, and every one of Mariah's critics believe that the lack of a hiatus is a huge factor regarding why it's hard to believe Mariah has any feelings of remorse or regret for her behavior. Had Mariah taken a step back and focused on other endeavors (school, regular employment, honing her craft and not pumping out low-quality sets), she would have increased her chances of being welcomed back by the community. But Momo is stubborn, and her ego won't allow her to take time off to improve herself in other areas. It's a shame. I'm not exactly rooting for Mariah to change in any way, but it would be nice if she didn't drum up 78 threads worth of misdeeds and counting.

No. 567783

Noticed the nickname and hearts next to it, she's still got a thing for her fuckboi it's pretty obvious.

No. 567785

I hope Camversity really put their foot down this time. All the other cam girls do as they should on their OWN, Moo continuously has to have Vamp on her stream to boost tokens. Moo on her own is completely pointless, useless and boring. That's not how camming works. Bitch needs to go.

No. 567793

>implying camversity has a lick of sense

No. 567795

Very good point there tbh.

No. 567801


Likely this, I'm 5'7" 160 lbs, size 10-12 which is usually a Large in athletic wear, but I can squeeze into a Medium if comfort and common sense wasn't a factor.


This is already suspect because women's sizing is even numbers and junior's sizing is odd numbers

No. 567816

Not being funny but to the anons who claim to be a size 14 and momo's height but don't look anything like momo… are you being serious? I'm a 14 and 5'9" and even at my height it's still pretty fucking fat. I have no trouble believing she's a 14, especially when accounting for vanity sizing.

No. 567821

Stop derailing the thread about what pant size you are.

No. 567824

She shown her pussy yet?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 567825


Of course not, Vamp is her sockpuppet and will probably do that job for her instead. Everything Moo should be doing she's getting her lapdog to do instead.

No. 567827

File: 1535291908892.png (783.77 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2018-08-26-06-57-20…)

No. 567828


Her rapid obsessions with certain shows and series & trying to "be" the characters in some way is really sad. Incoming Wikipedia Mythology Moo and how it relates to her amazing life.

No. 567830

she does realize that Persephone was kidnapped against her will and held hostage, right? it isn't romantic

No. 567834


Persephone also had a very good relationship with her mother.

No. 567837

The good thing is that Persephone could only come out of hades, to the surface, once a year to see her mother. So at least we won’t have to see moo for the other 364 days of the year.

No. 567839

greek mythology? why not pander to neckbeard shit like MRAs or something, stop fucking ruining everything moo you fat unwashed cunt

No. 567840


But she wants to be a serious cosplayer who's forgiven and loved in the community like she wants to be anon!

No. 567841


Seriously though, is there a personality disorder that is known for latching onto things in such a rapid and aggressive manner?

No. 567842


I swear she's got some form of Psychosis going on, she's really disconnected from reality.

No. 567844

BPD can sometimes have intense obsessions and fixation as a trait, actually a lot of people who seem to 'kin' characters display signs of BPD.

No. 567848

The only disorder I can think of is autism and I doubt Mariah is autistic just desperate and histronic.

No. 567849

It's called having no personality of your own and being so desperate to fit in, you constantly like things, even if you don't really like them to appeal to others. Tons of people do this because they're boring and plain.

No. 567851


Lmao an anon called this just yesterday didnt they? "Watch her pretend to be so quirky Persephone and Hades relationship goals uwu"

Its funny and sad how predictable she is.

No. 567853

I'd bet my Psychology degree that this is what's going on, nothing more.

No. 567856

no don't do this lol it's just called being fickle

No. 567868

I’m curious, how does she pronounce Persephone. Does she go “purse-eh-phone” or “per-self-o-nee” I just think it’s funny when a -fake nerd girl- prounounces shit wrong.

No. 567869

Its a Greek word. A lot of people mispronounce mythological names. Its not really something too unique to Moo. What I find funny is her lack of actually knowing her story. Someone asked about the spring and Persephone and Moo was like 'what what about the spring omg tell me more loooore!'

No. 567870

Moo of course picks a persephone and hades as goals, Persephonewho is kidnapped, raped, and tricked into eating food that keeps her in the underworld away from her mother.

Moo has a fascination with rape and all things abusive when it comes to men huh? I recall her admitting she loves being choked during sex and what not. Guys don’t want to be with moo just because she’s a slob, folks will overlook that if you have a great personality (which she lacks) guys are likely turned off by her demands, her lack of manners and her disturbing sexual kinks.

Moo is the type a guy would bang because she’s easy but would never call back or take her home to meet mom because she’s just not gf material.

No. 567871

Ofcourse she picks Persephone. She has said that her favorite hentai is Euphoria and also mentioned that shes really into netorare.

No. 567874

If you go to college you're forced to read Greek literature in your basic Arts requirements. If Mariah actually attended college she should be able to pronounce some of the most common Greek mythological characters, especially if suddenly she's "obsessed" with this comic.

The sad thing is that she's begging to know more when she can buy off one of thousands of books on amazon that focus on Greek myths. If the bitch could read. It seems in chat we was asking how Hades became the ruler of the underworld in a fucking cam session. That's how much of a trashy person she is. She could even read tons of Greek myths online, but she's such a fake nerd that suddenly reduces an entire mythology of the most advanced Western civilization to a modernized webtoon. Not saying Lore Olympus is bad, it's clearly written by someone who has done enough research to provide a creative story and interpretation, it's just pathetic when Moo tries to play along in her new gimmicks and obsessions.

No. 567875

I don't believe for a single second that the woman who can barely read somehow managed to get a 55 on the PCAT exam to get into pharmacy school.

No. 567879

So her AND Vamp are going to Pharmaceutical school? I thought it was just Vamp.

No. 567880

Yeesh, I've just commented this >>567388 a day ago and lo and behold the sperge has begun. Moo's so predictable, she always goes for fucked up abusive ships because she thirsty af.

No. 567881

No, after Vamp announced that she was going to pharm school and quit cosplay Moo claimed to have gone to a pharm school before, just a typical lie to try to one up Vamp.

No. 567882

The comic has a pink haired thick girl that's been commented to be more beautiful than Aphrodite. Of course Mariah wants to attach herself to that image. Too bad she's a fat sack of shit with garbage orange pink hair.

No. 567883

The main reason she cant just go to school is that she is a dumbass. Bitch barely graduated high school.

No. 567884

The trip to Japan is also her last chance to blow a lot of money for nothing. Her income isn't what it used to be and that doesn't look like it is going to change for the better.

No. 567886

What is Moo going to do when Vamp finally goes to college? She has barely any calves left and she can't last an hour at a con without the Internet losing its shit. She's going to be become a mess no doubt or try and get Vamp to join her at cons even when she needs to study, which is something Moo knows nothing about.

No. 567891

Anon u ok? Not all American colleges force you to read Greek lit. I can’t think of any degree owning people I know who were forced to in gen ed classes. Moo didn’t go to college this much is true, but she’s not the only person who mispronounces Greek mythology names

Maybe this is vamp’s chance to get out. Maybe she’ll do a complete 180 after she goes off to school and start spilling all the deets. One can dream I guess.

No. 567896

Meh. It's anecdotal if I say everyone I know has at least read some Greek tragedies and Shakespeare that often reference Greek myths, I know I had to. Greek names are also included in art history, western civilization and other general ed classes, but you have a fair argument, anon. I'm nitpicking. For a woman who couldn't even read through a cat book, I shouldn't be criticizing her for mispronouncing a semi-exotic name. I guess it's like criticizing someone who can't do pre-algebra when they also can't add.

Do we even think Vamp can get into Pharm school? It's got a lot of science pre-reqs, testing, and probably letters of recommendation. Fucking around with Mariah, while working a full time job doesn't really show signs that you plan on getting into a fairly rigorous program. Maybe Vamp just announced that when she saw the axe come down after the sexual assault scandal. Has she mentioned it since? I think Mariah will continue to stagnate Vamp until funds run dry.

No. 567898

The good thing about all of this is how Mariah is making it perfectly obvious how transitional she is, and it's really putting off a lot of people. I'm quickly reminded of a point during last night's stream where she told Collette to entertain the viewers while she read a web comic. Then, as Collette was attempting to engage with the audience, Mariah started screaming like an inbred jackal, much to the dismay of everyone in the chat. That's actually the turning point where more and more people were praising Vamp for her involvement with the stream.

Mariah will continue to live in her own little bubble, insisting she's incapable of fault while trying to convince the world that she's the number one fan of her flavor of the week. She's literally digging a hole so deep, she'll end up in Japan with nothing to go on.

No. 567901

Attention whore-ness

No. 567902

She's also going to community college with Vamp (supposedly). Or, at least that's her plan.

No. 567905

File: 1535312701437.png (132.88 KB, 720x866, Screenshot_2018-08-26-12-43-01…)

No. 567909

Translation: I like to buy my friends and buy them more things when I'm beginning to question if they're still my friend.

No. 567921

Anyone know where you can find vamps sets?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 567924

>I think Mariah will continue to stagnate Vamp until funds run dry.

Why does everyone act like Vamp is Mooriah's unfortunate victim? If anything, Vamp is probably sticking around for a free Japan trip and place to stay and food and all the other reasons that Vamp has stuck with Mooriah up until now. Vamp is not some abused housewife who can't escape her abusive breadwinner. Vamp is the mature 30 year old woman choosing to stay with a dumbass 22 year old with more money than sense. Vamps has an established well-paying job as a manager, is better off than Mooriah in the long run, and could leave at any point. She chooses not to because she likes what she's getting. Don't count on anything.

No. 567925

Vamp was also the one who showed her the sexual assault memes and laughed and continuously harassed people on Mariah's behalf, she's not innocent at all

No. 567926

Aug 21 and lastnights steam is up

Made some changes for lastnights one, audio should be louder, more insync and I hid the controls so there's nothing covering the video.

Unfortunately that also gets rid of the time stamps, let me know which you prefer.


No. 567927

lol, I was thinking about that after checking the thread last night. She's borderline kin material for sure.

No. 567928

She's so on edge.

Vamp doesn't have any friends but Mariah, she said so herself.

No. 567945

File: 1535329959498.jpg (5.38 KB, 348x145, TimeForGulag.jpg)

No. 567946

Imagine getting stuck, literally, next to Moo on 10-hour flight.

No. 567949

Fucking hell that would be a nightmare. I’d rather sit next to an actual child. But she’s probably not only going to be a pain in the ass to anyone next to her, pretty much anyone around her will be annoyed. She’s in a group of her dogs rather than with her mom. I don’t even want to imagine.

No. 567951

File: 1535331052039.png (1 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-08-26-17-46-56…)

Flower Child cafe lunch date with tattookun

No. 567952

File: 1535331144706.png (974.04 KB, 720x1157, Screenshot_2018-08-26-17-47-03…)

No. 567953

File: 1535331217147.png (1.38 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-08-26-17-48-14…)

Can anyone transcribe her babble?

No. 567954

File: 1535331252271.png (825.42 KB, 720x1159, Screenshot_2018-08-26-17-47-19…)

No. 567955

So tattoo guy likes comics, right?

Cause this is the second comic top she's worn. Must've bought a whole new selection of shirts just for him.

No. 567957

>>567953 That's the first time I've ever had to turn my head from left to right just to read the word "Wolverine" across a t-shirt.

No. 567959

Moo on a mission to impress her potential new fuckboi…could be the case. Whatever they like, she suddenly likes too. Happens every single time so she looks remotely interesting to them.

No. 567961

Thanks Recordanon for enduring what most of us can't. Also for the next thread summary should the links to streams/clips be included?

No. 567963

Even so, she's a 30 year old who's "best friend" is a 20 year old attention whore from Vegas. She's not some pathetic wittle victim, she chose to befriend someone almost ten years younger than her and she chose to take that person's "friendship" money for two years, involve herself in every one of her scandals while doing so.

I get that you want to make Mariah out to be the Devil, but why do people get pants on head retarded whenever the subject of Vamp comes up?

No. 567964

I love when we can notice what her potential crush is into by her immediate change in habits. And if its obvious to us, it's probably obvious to him… How embarrassing.

No. 567965

I went to make an attempt but there's no audio so we're blessed not to hear her babble for once.

No. 567967

Vamp is more grey than Moo, and people have said she wasn't as annoying prior. Plus, without her around, she seems tolerable. It's a weird dynamic.

No. 567968

Yes I think they should be included since we have archives for her IG stories and etc

No. 567970

I don't think anyone thinks Vamps is innocent or a victim, we just note how pathetic she is due to Mariah's influence alone. Vamp is probably shitty on her own, but some people do become exponentially more toxic when they mix with the wrong person. I read some pretty interesting books about serial killer couples and it's almost the same logic dialed back about 1000x. For instance, many female partners engaging in sexual sadism would never engage in that without their partner. Not like you feel sorry for the cunt, but you understand that they're doing things as an attempt to please whoever they're with. Hence the mochlette remarks and labeling her as Mariah's dog. It's not to victimize her, but it's more about commenting about Vamp's pathetic situation due to her toxic friendship. It's not to make her out as a victim. And I'm not trying to armchair because I don't believe there's any giant psychosis to Mariah and I don't even believe she could be diagnosed clinically as a narcissist. I think some people are just shitty people. You don't need to have a disorder to be a giant piece of shit. Vamp is a notable giant piece of shit because of Moo or at least we these characteristics because of Mariah.

No. 567971

Shes live!

Stream thread >>564208

No. 567973

The thirst is real and she's delusional if she thinks she has a chance of being a girlfriend to someone. Moo is too much work.

No. 568003

So can someone explain Momo's Dakota like abuse of photoshop and filters? Was it because of her first few cam sessions and people calling her granny?

No. 568005

read thread 1. thanks

No. 568006

Momo has always been pretty shameless about showing off her jowls and greasy face to the world

No. 568016


Try taking the Monday AM or Thursday PM flight. Crying children are infinitely preferable to entitled assholes.

No. 568020

So it seems like Jnig and Ryan are going to tokyo with Mariah and Vamp? She kept mentioning them with whoever she's talking to about her japan travels. Figures why Jnig never retweeted/mentioned anything that had to do with Momo's sexual assault. It's a reach, but I assume Jnig is the one that told mariah she couldn't be seen with her anymore because it was bad for her business.

No. 568023

I'd bet more on Moo booking it to coincide with Jnig's trip more than Moo going with her. She was ready to move to Arizona within weeks of being around her.

No. 568031

Well, we'll find out when they go to Japan.

No. 568036

File: 1535344074779.png (Spoiler Image, 413.12 KB, 670x501, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.24.…)

No. 568037

This made me cringe. She sounds so embarrassing with that fake concern. I'm not sure why she addresses the allegations in the chat if she's just going to make fake disgust faces. "People shouldn't be shaming her for something" For what, Mariah? Shaming her for what exactly?

No. 568038

cursed image. And she sounds like a valley girl. it's painful

No. 568039

Girl needs to wear a mask or something if she's not going to bother with makeup, her face is so busted. At least Vamp knows to put on makeup to hide.

No. 568044

File: 1535345011204.png (Spoiler Image, 474.21 KB, 909x509, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.38.…)

"Moo sucking it in. She definitely did not get cool sculpted abs gaiz" the flood

No. 568045

File: 1535345067128.png (Spoiler Image, 437.78 KB, 908x506, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.39.…)

No. 568046

File: 1535345080391.png (Spoiler Image, 582.48 KB, 910x510, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.39.…)

No. 568047

File: 1535345111228.png (Spoiler Image, 433.55 KB, 909x513, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.39.…)

No. 568049

Crosspost from stream thread but Moo said she recently posted on FB about a "fake friend"?

No. 568050

No. 568051

You can tell she's specifically going after him because we haven't seen this shirt before - she actually bought new clothes. Bitch will wear the same crop top hoodies, leggings, flannel, and busted Tom's for a year, but suddenly she's hanging out with this guy and we see her in something new? Obvious.

No. 568052

File: 1535345569005.jpg (20.89 KB, 424x369, mickey.jpg)

No. 568054

op material

No. 568059

i mean she def didn’t have a future when her Patreon bux ran out but she once again attached her FACE and real name to something that will fuck her up in the future lmaoooooooooooo she will never learn

No. 568061

File: 1535347613648.png (131.18 KB, 551x739, 2018-08-26 (1).png)

She just made these 2 new posts on her Patreon, are there any patreon anons left that could divulge what's in the text post?

No. 568062

lmaaooo they look like two long socks with something heavy in the toe pulling them down… oh yikes

No. 568067

Quickly going from "not nudes only lewds dudes!" To pasties. Ever get the feeling the camv admin really said something about her crap? As for people saying good about vamps….after listening to booriah for three hours you'd believe she was wonderful too. Cause at least shes bearable and not boring AF

No. 568070


Yeah. The fact that she has even gone to pasties means CamV probably pulled her by the ear and told her to knock all the shit off that she was doing before and do something actually somewhat sexy. Funny since she thought she could get by on standing on her moral high horse and telling anyone who dared to ask for sexual content on a camgirl site to fuck off.

She went from looking like a total slob and doing nothing but stare at her computer screen while editing or reading some boring ass book no one was interested in to actually doing her make up and wearing pasties while completely topless. I'm sure CamV also told her to stop inviting Vamp on as well and that she needs to do it alone.

No. 568071

Its only a matter of time. Its funny how fast Ivory towers fall.

No. 568072

>>567953 Something about a photo shoot, followed by renting a studio, going "to" Amazon (?), picking up an outfit for Gabby (Gabby Cooke?), going to Men's Warehouse to pick up a suit for Eric, and some other shit that I couldn't quite make out.

She talks like she snorts/smokes meth and/or crack.

No. 568073

>>568072 Double post. I'm not too sure on the Eric thing. She said something about making a cape or a cake. Knowing Mariah's tendency to avoid cooking and baking, she most likely said cape.

Again, there were a few parts that I couldn't make out due to background noise and her speedtalking world record attempt.

No. 568074

File: 1535350453102.jpg (382.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180826-231042_Pat…)

No. 568076

File: 1535352082846.png (284.4 KB, 640x480, Character_Profile_-_Fat_Buu.pn…)

she looks like Fat Buu with tits

No. 568077

Her real nip is showing on both sides of the cupcake.

No. 568081

You mean her areola?

No. 568083

Remember guys, only whores get naked on camsites muh dudes

No. 568084

lewds before nudes!!!!1

No. 568085

Doesn't count my dude! Panties don't count!

No. 568089

She's finally becoming the very type she used to shit all over like she was inferior to cam girls and sex workers. Class act!

No. 568091

Did anyone cap vamps shows?

No. 568093


this is the momokun thread not the vamp thread

No. 568096

Vamp thread link?

No. 568097


for vamp and the other calves

No. 568098

Thx m8

No. 568125

Dude thats not her nipple. Thats an areola. You guys are trying way too hard sometimes.

No. 568126

since when the areola is not a part of the nipple?
it's showing, get over it

No. 568127

..Since they were two separate things? Its not her nipple. Can we stop spreading this type of misinformation? Wait until she actually shows them to start screaming about it.

No. 568128

I've been waiting for someone to pint out how she used her legal name yet again on at site that's potentially harmful to any future career she pursues. I'm not sure what agreement she has with the site, but what's wrong with using "Momokun" as a handle?? Especially on a site she looks down on. She says such repugnant things about cam girls and cam sites yet she's willing to slap her face and full name on the front page? For everyone to see?? Ok Moo, I get that your desperate and greedy. But get some standards. Don't join a cam site if you think your too good to take your top off on one.

No. 568129

It's BEEN mentioned in various threads. She wanted to move away from "Momokun" for the longest time.

No. 568130

Moo has reached the level of being a true sell out and she knows it. She won't have nothing else left to make good money from and camming is her only option to keep the cuckbucks flowing because her Patreon won't last. Why pay for tiers of shit cosplay lewds when you can watch her get topless for free when she gets paid the tokens to do so? Most of her fans don't even have to reach in their pocket for that because there's always the few dedicated fans willing to throw those tokens at her instantly. She's desperate for money, desperate for validation and desperate for attention now that cosplay no longer has the same effect for her.

No. 568131

That is the most dumbest move to make. Move away from a nickname to your full name and link it to everything that will never land her a real job in future if she needed one. Moo really isn't very clever at all.

No. 568133


Like she would ever do a "real" job. She can't even pretend to do a good job at her cosplay, camming, conventions, meet and greets, Nothing. So the idea of her ever working successfully anywhere….she doesnt need to worry about rep and besides, after all the sex assault thieving and lying online? Camming isnt gonna make her ANY worse.

No. 568134

Im guessing she's hoping to go the Meg route and get known for her real name and pick up jobs in the industry. Tough luck though. Not even her industry 'friends', like Justin, give a shit about her and no way in hell would any compnay like that give her a job.

No. 568140

This right here, but less Meg, more Jessica.

No. 568142

vein chan is back!

No. 568154

I think it is the "same" for censorship.

She's trashy af, but I'll give her a pass on the whole "nipple" thing. If only because we've seen so much of her crotch/asshole.

Though, tbh, the only reason I'm meh on it is because those stickers looked pretty big.

No. 568157

no one means biology when they talk about the nipple in regards to lewd shit. plus the areola is attached to the nipple anyways.

No. 568159

File: 1535399535665.webm (Spoiler Image, 17.56 MB, 1572x676, nipple.webm)

Since everybody is talking nipples, heres a clip from one of the streams where they are kinda visible

No. 568161

File: 1535399640331.jpg (9.55 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

It's a site full of women, I'm not sure what you expected.

No. 568162

File: 1535399846085.png (586.19 KB, 930x595, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 12.57…)

No. 568165

File: 1535399910194.png (505.78 KB, 832x596, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 12.58…)

No. 568169

File: 1535400503014.gif (49.04 KB, 300x200, Jontron-GIF-Image-Download-3-3…)

jontron lookin bitch

No. 568170

File: 1535400505342.webm (Spoiler Image, 5.17 MB, 1572x676, downfall.webm)

Start of Moo's downfall into camming

No. 568172

her boobs are so sad. She's got the boobs of a 600 pound 50 year old. How? They look like saddle bags.

No. 568173

Letting guys look at her tits for free. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Those guys in her chat aren't going to tip her for something she just shows up in, they'll just make nasty comments. Way to play the game.

No. 568177

I like how she’s using a panel from the old version of the comic which the artist has purposefully removed from the internet and asked people not to share. As always, an inconsiderate cow in her ignorance.

No. 568178

She can't tape those up no matter how hard she tries

No. 568182

ugh her tits are hideous, they're so saggy and heavy looking

No. 568183

I'm sorry, but wtf are you talking about? Like her phone or people talking in the video?

Eric is her ex boyfriend and gabby is an ex friend, neither of them would work with the cow.

No. 568184

File: 1535403986050.webm (1.72 MB, 640x1136, 1854712496638074114_202203486.…)

Shes reading off a list of everything she needs to do. You can listen for yourself

No. 568187

File: 1535404592602.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 319EE91E-A302-4284-9AD3-B32D0A…)


You mean it’s been forever since you made anything yourself?

No. 568191

>>568187 Wishful thinking, but is she ordering concealing clothing because Squarecuck didn't take too kindly to her public criticism of him for those horrendous beach edits? If she's going to hide her lumpy body with a robe, then at least she won't need a ludicrous amount of photoshop to fix a multitude of problem areas.

No. 568192

I may not be a seamstress but at first glance that doesn't even look like kimono fabric. The bottom one especially has a texture that looks more like curtains.

No. 568202

File: 1535408433386.png (636.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180827-151831.png)

Moo claims to have just purchased a motorcycle. I can't recall her ever having expressed interest in motorcycles in the past. Now I'm left wondering if she bought it for the tattoo artist guy, or if he's someone she plans to go riding with.

A fool and their money…

No. 568203


I assume she does not have her motorcycle licence yet either…

No. 568204


No. 568205

Bet you anything she bought it for him or she bought it to use as a prop in her cosplays.

No. 568210

I love how she keeps pushing them up with her hands while at the same time claiming she loves them.
They look worse than I expected btw, way way saggier

No. 568212

File: 1535409390394.jpg (32.99 KB, 200x150, 3f16-132.jpg)

No. 568213

I thought that was a bed skirt

No. 568216

are her boobs ok? they look really hard …

No. 568217

If you listen to the video, she says “I see you pops” she’s at her parents house. her dad bought a motorcycle NOT HER

No. 568218

No. 568222

Her first snap Dad was cut off so it kinda sounds like "I just got a motorcycle"

But definitely its her dad and not her

No. 568225

Eric and Mariah are still friends