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File: 1530771687429.jpeg (153.29 KB, 584x794, A211E105-0048-41FF-82CE-CF8B20…)

No. 540883

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblrs: http://www.funeral1996.tumblr.com [new]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [old]

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>22 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean
>Tuna and Lurch can't pay rent because all their money came from Roger's social security so the ebegging is ramped to 100
>EVICTED from Rodger’s house
>Lurch and Luna move in with her ex-addict mother
>brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings
>tries selling nudes, shitty art, and ebegging to supplement the money they stole from Rodger
>Her "abusive" Dad continues to buy her shit from Amazon
>posted pictures of her and Lurch looting through a cemetery
>2nd OD
>newfound crack confidence causes her to post too many pictures of her fried egg titties

>more gross nudes & selfies with plants
>continues to beg for amazon shit
>deletes tumblr
>still squatting at her mother’s government housing
>kicked her mom out of her own bed and is making her sleep on the couch
>suspected laundromat “shopping”
>embarrassing posting on junkie fb page

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479

No. 540899

Even tho it was funny at first I'm glad I'm not gonna see those saggy tits as the thread pic.

No. 541015

absolutely perfect thread pic

No. 541112

Idk how this isn’t on autosage yet. She hasn’t been milky in months

No. 541134

you're not wrong. the only thing that i assume people follow anymore is her living situation, but it's not looking like it's gonna change

No. 541226

preach. the less i see of her the better, milk be damned she looks like those "has science gone too far" ads from the dawn of youtube. nasty.

No. 541344

Luna’s been doing nothing but trying to peddle off her shitty art on instagram the past few days.

I don’t understand why she doesn’t open an Etsy shop. All those bougie art kids would probably buy her prints. She’s going to continue to make diddly squat if she doesn’t expand past Instagram to sell her art.

There’s so many unorthodox ways to earn money that aren’t camming. It’s sad because if she could just get clean, she could work 2 days a week at a shop, or walk dogs, or nanny, or donate plasma, or just volunteer somewhere and get a job through that. But unfortunately, to do any of these things, she’d have to be off drugs and shower more than once a decade. And of course Luna will choose to be a dingy drug addict over anything.

No. 541384

You have to pay listing fees on Etsy, as well as a percentage of the sale. She stopped selling on depop because they wanted a cut. She's greedy to the point of stupidity.

Even ignoring that, I have another theory. She knows her doodles aren't worth the amount she's asking, and knows nobody would buy it without thinking of the purchase as "charity". The people who buy sketches feel sorry for her, they're only willing to pay THAT MUCH because they feel like they're donating to her rather than purchasing a product. Random people wouldnt accept her prices.

There's a reason she only shills her stuff to her followers, and people in her mental illness Facebook groups.

In one of these threads an anon said they reached out to her on FB asking to buy some art but she never replied. Shes too strung out to care about her artwork 50% of the time, I SWEAR she only starts drawing and showing off doodles when she's out of money. It always seems like she goes weeks without showing art, then suddenly LOOK AT EVERYTHING I DREW TODAY $55 PLZ.

She literally doesn't care until she's poor, she puts in ZERO effort.

No. 541471

for real. she’s lazy beyond any drug addict i’ve ever known. at least lurch deals as well as consumes so he’s at least turning over a bit. tuna quite literally does nothing to earn any money whatsoever except e-beg — and even that, she does mediocre.

No. 541484

File: 1530829787856.jpeg (289.96 KB, 750x1114, C142539F-750C-4612-8CF8-317979…)

but guys, her life is like, really hard uwu

No. 541556


holy fuck luna we heard you the first 300 times

No. 541561

>i lost 90% of my belongings when i was evicted
is that her new catchphrase or something? love how this picture of grave robbed goods is paired with yet another spiel about how hard life is uwu

No. 541570

She wants to die because nothing is fun any more? I'm sure the people who had to clean up that apartment you trashed didn't have much fun either, Luna. I bet Roger didn't think it was fun spending his last weeks wasting away on filthy bedding because you stole his care package of clean sheets. And I'm sure your mom isn't having much fun in constant fear of going straight back to homelessness because you won't haul your unwashed ass out of her Section 8 house.
I could go on.

No. 541585

>heroin addict
>donate plasma

No. 541601

>But unfortunately, to do any of these things, she’d have to be off drugs

No. 541855

No fucking shit her mental health is in the gutter. Even if she didn't have any preexisting issues the serious use of heroin would mess with her. Long term use will destroy your critical thinking and decision making abilities so she'd end up making worse and worse decisiond which would obviously lead her to shit situations which will make her depressed. And end up making her less likely to do anything, and she isn't capable of doing much now anyways

No. 541860

File: 1530859470723.jpeg (283.77 KB, 750x1096, CFBB79CD-16AE-4DE0-B330-708BB7…)

No. 541862

File: 1530859513958.jpeg (126.83 KB, 750x1150, 970D21BA-FF3B-4E9F-969C-9BA4DA…)

Just.. stop wearing makeup until the weather cools down? Jfc.

No. 541905



No. 541914

this bitch always looks dry as fuck, how can anyone be this dry and dusty

No. 541926

No idea just whatever I can steal lol

No. 541960

>I lost 90% of my belongings
>Roger was like a father to me
>I was born on the steps of a methadone clinic under a full moon
Bitch has WAY too many catchphrases thinking about it hahaha

No. 541961

File: 1530877449066.jpg (Spoiler Image,36 KB, 396x360, Untitled-1.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with her nose? It looks like her fucking face is peeling away

No. 541969

"No foundation" to her means, "I didn't bother to slap another layer on top of the other layers." What you're seeing is the filth peeling from her face, like lizard skin.

No. 542062

>nothing is fun anymore

That druggie artist lifestyle finally giving way to reality for you, Luna? Must be difficult suddenly realizing you have to be a fucking adult like the rest of us.

No. 542208

wild how “a lil foundation” to her is more than “a lot of foundation” to most people. you can’t see her freckles or anything. i feel terrible for her skin.

No. 542304

Luna must be super cracked out. She’s made about a dozen posts today.

No. 542309

let's see em

No. 542313

File: 1530920487329.png (544.92 KB, 940x492, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.38…)

ask and ye shall recieve

No. 542315

File: 1530920525966.png (521.76 KB, 938x493, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.38…)

>natural look
>obvious foundation line on her jaw

No. 542316

File: 1530920538487.png (573.47 KB, 940x497, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.38…)

No. 542317

File: 1530920556505.png (719.78 KB, 945x476, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.39…)

just in case anyone missed it!

No. 542318

File: 1530920575924.png (541.2 KB, 819x609, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.39…)

No. 542319

File: 1530920632852.png (553.92 KB, 841x609, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.39…)

No. 542320

File: 1530920645323.png (701.23 KB, 947x464, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.39…)

No. 542321

File: 1530920675683.png (587.76 KB, 818x605, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.39…)

No. 542322

File: 1530920694046.png (563.88 KB, 824x609, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.40…)

She photoshopped her ears..?

No. 542326

On her left arm, are those two swollen bumps or just dirt?

Thanks for these anon. she looks blasted as fuck to me

No. 542328

File: 1530921027808.png (534.06 KB, 820x604, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 5.39…)

I'm almost confident those are some really fucked up track marks.

And you're right, she looks completely out of it.

No. 542330

is her face flaking off? dear lord

No. 542339

File: 1530921955570.png (Spoiler Image,428.16 KB, 453x547, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 8.05…)

No. 542342

girl needs some fucking exfoliant STAT.
she could make one out of sugar and oil so easily but the ants have probably gotten to it first.

No. 542344

she's growing fucking barnacles

No. 542364

>came out like garbage
>make it cheap


No. 542382

I’m fucking choking

No. 542387

Like, in the elbow area? Looks like a large scar from not alternating injection spots. It’s probably just a hardened vein now

No. 542389

bit even steel wool could scrap off all that filth

No. 542390

*not, not bit oops

No. 542405

>haven't selfharmed in over a year

Didn't she say like a month ago that Lurch stopped her after she started harming by burning herself?

No. 542435

File: 1530928536518.png (159.03 KB, 720x757, Capture _2018-07-06-20-55-55.p…)

No. 542437

File: 1530928554697.png (64.05 KB, 707x415, Capture _2018-07-06-20-55-37.p…)

No. 542440

i fucking knew she wouldn't stay off tumblr for long

No. 542442

wasn't she posting pics of pills a few weeks ago? yeah benzos make you feel great tuna but you're not supposed to treat them like candy

No. 542453

Luna would be into Descendants

No. 542490

this lumpy bitch is dirty as fuck…she’s shaped like a potato ffs

No. 542500

File: 1530932758236.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1242x1548, 77963734-8484-4066-A9E9-06D788…)

>constantly complaining about their supposed sugar-ant problem
>leaves an open jar of smucker’s on the counter all morning (pic related)

No. 542517

That’s what I thought too. If someone could link to the post from the last thread

No. 542523


>Hit up friends haven’t talked to recently

Yeah Luna how else would you get money right.

No. 542533

No. 542538

It's filled with some old Instagram pictures and her old tumblr banners for now. One of them is a friend of hers who'd died it seems. Not her bf, but someone else named tai. It seems like a lot people she knew have died
Wow, from this angle and pose you can really see how fried her ends are compared to her roots and newer hair
Her whole body is practically a raisin at this point. She really needs water and more fruits in her diet for her skin. An oil cleanser to get the damn foundation off her skin, a good exfoliator once a week, and a shit ton of mustard seed oil for her hair (washed off with an egg to not strip the hair by overwashing the oil out with shampoo). Sage for going all Pakistani mom on here if I could

No. 542544

that is the same Tai as her "boyfriend" if you're referring to this post ( https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com/post/175185684494/happy-birthday-tai-idk-what-to-say-anymore-i ). Kinda a dick move to share pictures of a FtM pre-transition (especially when said FtM developed an eating disorder because of dysphoria), but Tai's dead so I doubt she cares about Luna using her for pity-points.

Luna doesn't know that many people who are dead, she just talks about them ALL THE FUCKING TIME to make herself look more tragic. She hadn't been close to Tai for years when she died and yet she acts like she just lost a soulmate.

No. 542545


I thought Tai was "nonbinary" not FTM?

No. 542547


kinda don't mind this one. i guess that's one way around not being able to draw hands?

No. 542548

really mundane critique but how does someone who does literally nothing but fuck with their appearance and take selfies all day not notice what makeup she uses? like you'd someone that image obsessed and slobbish would be able to tell you all about her ~makeup routine~. that's some serious lack of awareness unless she just has a huge hoarder pile of mascaras and grabs a different one at random every morning

No. 542550


i feel like she was either gifted or stole (or maybe bought herself instead of rent or essentials bc it's luna after all) a decent mid-high end mascara but that doesn't mesh w her 2poor2eat schtick. like all her other garbage she has to constantly remind us how 'cheap-ass' it is.

No. 542551

are you new? she's been saying the exact same shit for years

No. 542570

Shit really? Damn, I didn't make the connection cause tai was a girl here and Luna didn't mentioned it as her ex at all. That's low and dirty to put a picture like that up considering the circumstances. Next up is a picture of Roger stuck on a shitty bed and a picture of her mom on the couch in a post calling her a bitch

No. 542574

Why does she even bothers to ask people to follow her back on Tumblr if she will deleted that account in a few months?

No. 542587

File: 1530946420405.png (268.1 KB, 503x381, GkGtN7b.png)

No. 542593


tai is non-binary, not a trans boy/man

No. 542599

oh duh. that makes by far the most sense. every known item of hers is ~only a couple bucks~ from the thrift store or drug store if not literally found on the ground for free. the things she owns worth more than that? she has no idea and can't tell you sorry!

No. 542616


she even pulled this shit with a gift someone gave her. 'look at this DOLLAR STORE lipstick @ugly_tamagotchi bought for me'

No. 542648

File: 1530956824797.jpg (126.18 KB, 719x947, IMG_20180707_114653.jpg)

She posted this too, don't remembrr it from insta but maybe I'm wrong. Would sage just to be sure.

No. 542654

Gross, put a bra on. Nobody wants to see this.

No. 542677

4 mg is a shit ton

No. 542678

No I'm not new but there's a distinct difference between before and now. Before she said all that shit when they couldn't get drugs that week and now her entire world is crashing down around her. Soon as her mom kicks her out or has her housing revoked she's fucked.

No. 542722

She really likes that cocky hip out pose, huh?

No. 542756

Makes her have a "figure uwu"

No. 542768

But she's so self conscious and hates how she looks.
>Proceeds to take 50 more selfies in the same pose

No. 542849


Luna's always been a whiny motherfucker, but she's always used her ~totally deep mental illness and depression~ as a justification of getting high (her life is sooo shit she HAS to do heroin guiz).

Now it seems like she realises she's legit fucked, even when she was kicked out I dont think she fully understood the gravity of the situation. When eviction was looming she was just doing "lol I'll just kill myself instead of fixing my life" tumblr bullshit, she was just being edgy and stupid. Now it honestly seems like she's overwhelmed, which is fucking satisfying as shit.

No. 542867

>Got klonopin script and was able to:
>1. Not feel "anxious"
That's called "not being dopesick" lmao
>2. Drew some shitty art and write some shitty poetry
THIS IS NOT BEING PRODUCTIVE, THIS IS THE BARE MINIMUM. Doodling and writing shit down doesn't count as "getting shit done." Confirms what I thought about her in >>541384 where she just draws a shittonne of art when she runs out of heroin - "lots of art today" = she just churns out as much as she can in one day.
>3. hit up friends I haven't talked to lately
Benzo high erodes your social filter, right? She probably started messaging everyone she knew with a massive sob story and her "lots of art [she drew] today" begging them to buy it.
>4. Felt somewhat okay mentally, still stressed and scared but ok
Luna literally cannot handle being sober. Any moment she's sober she starts freaking out until she gets SOMETHING. Klonopin must have a better high than Xanax for her to write this big essay about it, but the pills aren't as ~aesthetic~.
>5. so so so in love with my fiance
lol so they're the type of couple to argue constantly when they're sober, then make up when they're high.
>6. tamed my extreme anger issues and got along very well with my mama today. In fact I enjoyed every moment with her!!
??? Fuck this is sad. Her mom gave her her fucking bedroom in a 1 bed apartment and Luna was STILL shouting at her and treating her like shit because of "her anger issues." "Anger issues" is such a fucking scummy excuse, it literally makes me think of wife beaters. Having "anger issues" and not seeking help = you're a fucking asshole. What could her mum have possibly done to deserve any shit? She's sticking her neck out MASSIVELY for Luna, and Luna's being a little bitch about it.
>wanting benzos doesn't mean you're a drug seeker
the klonopin she took didn't belong to her, she says she's not got a prescription. Stealing people's drugs, or buying benzos on the street DOES make you a drug seeker. This bitch is too lazy to sort out her own insurance and just fucking steals other people's drugs.

No. 542875

>Now it honestly seems like she's overwhelmed, which is fucking satisfying as shit.
It's not really all that satisfying imo. She's still not taking responsibility for her actions and she's still being an ungrateful snob to everyone around her (calling her own mom useless, putting her in danger of being homeless, etc.)

>lol so they're the type of couple to argue constantly when they're sober, then make up when they're high.

I was reading some of the old threads (lol) and there was one post where she admitted that Roger and Lurch screamed all the time and that enjoyed going to her ~evil~ father's home in order to get away from it.

And of course there's the classic incident where Luna spilled water on the carpet and Lurch yelled at her "THIS IS HOW YOU GET MOLD DO YOU WANT MOLD?"

No. 542944

File: 1531004522075.jpeg (223.49 KB, 750x1214, 090C8D15-6A38-411E-A79D-A00228…)

More dumb posts from Tuna today.

No. 542946

File: 1531004597459.jpeg (331.24 KB, 750x1192, A6FF2710-A4FE-42A3-B419-B241DA…)

No. 542947

File: 1531004637818.jpeg (216.32 KB, 750x1203, F6DAFA0B-2A7A-4934-AC16-E17C29…)

Poor kitty.

No. 542951

Well my depression is back after hearing that

No. 542952

File: 1531004811669.jpeg (361.08 KB, 750x1204, E125E638-6A7A-4FA9-AF4F-8A731E…)


She must be high or manic as fuck. I like to draw, but art endurance is limited and there’s only so much someone can do in a day before they feel drained.

No. 542956

File: 1531004891266.jpeg (184.06 KB, 749x1186, D3DFFA88-63B3-4C30-B843-91A588…)

More “cheap” amazon clothes. What is her obsession with the word cheap anyway?

No. 542958

File: 1531004938411.png (8.13 KB, 518x272, uZ8VCsN.png)

The ~BPD MONSTER uwu~ looks like a Daniel Johnston drawing

No. 542959

>only 45
Woah so different and creative!

No. 542961

File: 1531005153116.png (35.54 KB, 514x854, 1OtXUe9.png)

>i always knew i’d be a big bad nobody just like mama and daddy

>what percentage of my life has been spent dissociating from the world around me? from my very personality?

Jesus Christ Luna

No. 542991

Srsly how the fuck is she so in denial about this??? She’s been an addict for YEARS, and STILL in denial? How is this possible?

4mg klonopin is equivalent to 4mg xanax (2 common bars). A common initial prescribed dose is 0.5mg. Who’s falling for this script bullshit? Obviously she has a high tolerance and I don’t doubt that 4mg feels closer to 1mg, but with that kind of tolerance, how can you not tell that you’ve been using way way too much? “Used to be my daily dose” yeah the dose you picked for yourself. I hate her

No. 542993

I'm soooooo damaged and fucked up!!!!

She lost 90% of her stuff huh? Hadn't heard that before. Weird how she's always wearing something different in her pics, how many outfits does she think a normal person has? and she always picks shit like this, some tight shorts that she wouldn't go out in like why doesn't she go thrifting or something? I've never known someone to buy so much clothing off Amazon oh and she has to call it "cheap" to keep up the illusion that she's really poor, honestly she's so poor

No. 543001

I find it hilarious how she always goes for the skimpy insta thot clothes yet in the same breath claims she "hates her body" and is "uwu so self-conscious"
Bitch you tried to sell nudes!

No. 543004

File: 1531007527123.jpg (45.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

> cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap

No. 543008

>I will make magic with my dying womb
oh no. That doesn't mean what I think it means right? Luna's claimed PCOS before which does affect her fertility but am I taking this too literally?

No. 543033

File: 1531009801918.jpeg (674.62 KB, 750x1053, B16B0B91-1080-4217-A0FE-2049FD…)

IG lurch isn’t doing much better in the bedroom… hey Luna, you know that there are people who can get you off in the world right? And they also might not be on heroin.

No. 543037

She also said she lost so much weight her clothes don't fit lmao bitch doesn't live in the real world

No. 543050

File: 1531011513026.jpg (52.61 KB, 640x370, ea6.jpg)

>i wasn't so focused on doing proper proportions
>implying she's now
>crappy junkie doodle with fucked up proportions

No. 543071

What's the deal with her drawing herself with a bloody nose? I know that's a possible side effect of coke, but I didn't think it was connected to other drug usage. Is it her being an edgelord, or what?

No. 543075

I think the obsession with pointing out "cheap" is a side effect of being privileged and seeking pity. She thinks she's deserving of the finer things, and doesn't realize it's her fault that she cant. It's also her way of signalling that she's poor. But if you're actually poor, you don't devalue what little you can get by calling it cheap.

No. 543099

File: 1531014113043.png (846.49 KB, 733x1113, kS4obL5.png)

She's posted her anime drawing books once and nose bleeds are a common anime trope. I don't think she's a weeb or anything but maybe she picked it up from there, that's the only thing I can think of. She's also drawn herself with an anime drooling mouth.

No. 543128

More grammatical errors and flat out typos in these than usual.

No. 543157

her definition of “cheap” is completely skewed which is how i fucking KNOW she’s not dirt poor like she says she is. the first time i noticed this was when she posted a link begging for a ~suuuperrr cheap baby pink skater skirt~ on amazon for $25 and i remember working at forever 21 at the time where we sold identical skirts for $4.90, and i’ve seen them at goodwill for even less than that. the things she’s posting aren’t even cheap. she has virtually no sense of money because she’s never had to work for her own.

No. 543158

>I hate my body!
>shows off body

Begging for compliments like they're going to put a roof over her head.

You can't expect for her to remember her lies while high, anon!

>since my weight loss most of my clothes don't fit

Don't worry Tuna, you're quickly gaining it back.

No. 543164

Fug anon 10/10

Thought she said she had no libido and was sex repulsed

No. 543168

File: 1531019411206.gif (902.22 KB, 500x230, giphy-3.gif)

No. 543187

Exactly, that's why her calling things "cheap" is so tacky. It just proves how little perspective she has. She enjoys the "aesthetic" of poverty, she doesn't understand the reality of it.

No. 543248

I'm still not seeing it. Even the most trivial things would set her off into a spiral of uwu so depressed, dissociating so hard right now, better take a handful of benzos. Then again, I won't be satisfied until she is actually on the street.

No. 543278

File: 1531028535319.jpeg (85.71 KB, 640x400, 4775C42B-5E90-48DF-87AD-CABEBE…)

No. 543285

tf ever happened to that job that she ~*totally 100%*~ had lined up?

No. 543310

File: 1531031631814.png (Spoiler Image,202.29 KB, 450x253, Theroomfullofloons.png)

No. 543348

She probably thinks that pointing out that something is cheap will make people more likely to buy it for her, like it’s a basic necessity that she can’t afford because she’s so ~poor~ as opposed to flagrantly begging for a gucci purse or some other ridiculous shit.

No. 543350

File: 1531034616651.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 6CD91BD9-9A7D-4EC2-861C-81F9E3…)

No. 543390


i think that's definitely true but she says it about the useless garbage she already owns/clothes she's wearing in her selfies too

No. 543396

Oh yeah. She can’t let us forget how impoverished she is, everything she owns is cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.

No. 543539

File: 1531075436805.jpg (152.25 KB, 720x960, 601789ef-a973-4192-9b58-0be3e3…)

Isn't this the gender queer pig she begged for?

No. 543627

>lost 90% of my belongings including my clothes
No, you choose to leave that hoarder druggie den with three trash bags full of stuffed animals and no clothes.

No. 543634

LMFAO not lucky may schumacher the genderqueer pig! Tbh no I think this is the second pig lurch stole for her from a store after she learned so much about friendship from her good ol stuffed pig pal lucky may! Lol if you ever need a good refresher on how full of bullshit and lazy Luna is, reread the old threads. I recently had a good chuckle reading about that stuffed pig. Also loled when I remembered how she used to claim she needed a cane to walk. Lol. Her scams used to be so wild tbh. I can’t believe there’s a single soul out there who still buys it tbh when there’s so much proof on the internet.

No. 543706

what the hell is this genderqueer pig shit? what did i miss omg

No. 543707


hashtag cripplepunk

No. 543711

File: 1531087079375.jpg (79.38 KB, 500x667, 696af8fe89c580657cfc7cccb8a7e3…)


fun fact our loony is actually the 4th result if you google img search 'cripple punk'

No. 543730

lmfao didn’t she also say pokémon go was ableist because you had to go out walking/exploring to do well in the game?

No. 543848

I can't remember which thread but about 18 months ago she was wandering around toy shops cracked out. She kept taking pictures of the plushies in the store and made Lurch buy her a pig, which she named and posed with (like the plants more recently)

No. 543860

File: 1531098453700.png (497.2 KB, 540x807, 1494695575132.png)

Samefag, I dont know how to make /snow/ links work in /pt/ but the pig was posted in thread #8, it's not the same one (pic related). The pig she posted was posted in thread #9 but I don't know where she got it from.

No. 543885

The man who pisses into juice cartons was worried about mold?

No. 543895

File: 1531101895397.png (1.01 MB, 824x1200, 1471466006620.png)

it's in the first 3 threads, pink background screenshot from her old tumblr, there are many screenshots of Lurch shouting at her - I went to look and felt like everyone else needed to read wtf I just saw from thread #1

>I'd say "daddy can you cum inside me" and if you declined I'd rub it into my breasts like it was expensive lotion


No. 543903

File: 1531102072805.jpeg (53.83 KB, 640x398, 1473128895953.jpeg)

I'll stop spamming stuff from the old threads now, Luna was so much more interesting when she was in /snow/ and I seriously recommend people go and re-read the old threads.

No. 543908

Knowing her, she just left it there and didn't bother trying to dry it.

No. 543910

Stop the planet, I need to fucking leave

No. 543925

this some nasty shit

No. 543936

File: 1531104041758.jpg (180.92 KB, 1000x700, 0XKUoRP.jpg)

No. 543964

that's why he pisses in juice cartons now. he learned some hard lessons from pissing on the floor. /s

No. 543990

File: 1531106322174.png (989.74 KB, 720x909, Capture _2018-07-08-22-19-21.p…)

No. 543991

File: 1531106356599.png (1021.15 KB, 720x899, Capture _2018-07-08-22-18-49.p…)

No. 544000

Throwing myself in front of a bus sounds like a great idea rn

No. 544028

Oh my god haha did we ever determine if the cane was legit or a prop? I have a feeling she couldn’t let tai have all the cripple punk spotlight. The ones I remember were specifically from the drug blog era and were included in a scam with lurch

No. 544185


Copy and paste the URL of the comment.

No. 544210


OT but I misread the filenames here as "Creature_…" and I feel like that's actually quite accurate.

No. 544285

File: 1531125417206.png (457.84 KB, 777x570, 1.1.png)

cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap

on the real though. she is sure to say !!!DOLLAR STORE!!! both times she mentions it. bottom comment is the "friend" who gifted it to her.

No. 544289

Looking more downsy than usual, tuna

No. 544290

File: 1531127112279.gif (844.61 KB, 500x212, 1A817D91-E8DE-48ED-8A07-8EDD3A…)

No. 544346

Since she's so obsessed with cheap cheap cheap things, why does she insist on expensive Copics rather than Crayola markers? It's not like she knows how to use the Copics anyway

No. 544366

>eventually when I get hired

Bitch you haven't even applied anywhere. You're too busy taking pictures in your dirty granny lingerie to even look for help wanted ads.

No. 544371

God that reminds me of an ex-friend of mine who got her parents to buy her expensive Prismacolors to use on kiddy coloring sheets to help with her bi-polar and to "chill her out". I asked why she didn't just use cheap Crayola since she wasn't the one buying it and it was just kids coloring sheets and she said the expensive ones just looked better.

It makes me think of Luna every time. Her art is shit but she thinks having Copics somehow makes it look better and thus worth more money. With how her art looks she's at the same level as someone who just colors in Animal Crossing villager art and doodles edgy shit in the empty space.

No. 544391

>uses "i/me" sixteen times in twelve sentences

But she's not self-centered, right?

No. 544446


She's looking… wide. Packing on weight in spite of her severe eating disorder and having no money for food, how inspiring.

No. 544457

luna recovering from being 40 pounds away from being underweight is truly inspiring, she's probs gonna need some more clothes now that she's managed to gain, if anyone wants to gift her a cheap amazon gift card so she could buy some cheap clothes that would be so kind

No. 544525


It's been established that lipstick is from etsy. It was cheap crap tho, I'll give her that.

No. 544546

I thought she stole it from nyx or did I miss something?
>>511511 and >>515072

No. 544561

File: 1531157483308.png (195.37 KB, 406x570, R0dppcM.png)

one of her favorite items on etsy is the aptly named rigor mortis lipstick and it's the same shade as the nyx one.


No. 544584

Holy shit the entirely backwards hand

No. 544586

>When I get hired
>Is going to increase her gage size as if dead end jobs have any form of job security immediately
Also, job interviews are huge on first impressions. She's likely very stinky, covered in marks from needles, and her face will be covered in yet another layer of foundation with her atypical lipstick. If her resume isn't immediately thrown out, her interview will do it

No. 544632

It looks way too long to not hurt her. If you actually use a cane regularly, the style of cane she has is not good if you have more than one pair of shoes because you need to adjust the height. Also it seems like the style of handle wouldn’t be easy to grip. I haven’t seen anyone who isn’t an ancient man use that type of cane for mobility because they suck.

Tuna can’t handle even the slightest bit of pain so there’s no way she’s using that thing for any kind of support. Tai was pretty famous for cripple punk so Tuna was probably riding that trend too but for aesthetic reasons and cool points.

No. 544651

But she literally has a Nyx branded stick in >>511511. that was 2 months ago though

No. 544665

File: 1531163640845.jpg (184.94 KB, 768x1218, img_33691.jpg)

Correct me if I am wrong, but Tai had the same type of cane and I believe she used it for real.

"Over the past year and a half, a new internet community has formed—“Cripple Punk”. However, the movement has nothing to do with The Ramones or The Sex Pistols—it was created by disabled people for disabled people, but like punk music, it’s anti-establishment and rejects mainstream ideas.

It was started by young blogger named Tyler T. who has a joint condition, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and PTSD. The movement began by accident when Tyler posted a selfie on Tumblr with the phrase “cripple punk” in the caption. The photo spread across the internet and a movement and community quickly formed, with Tyler as the founder and leader"

I really don't know shit about canes so correct me if I am wrong

No. 544739

Tais cane looks like its adjustable height, you can see a notch on it.

No. 544740

was tai like the genuine version of who luna is trying to be

No. 544831

File: 1531175502604.jpeg (128.3 KB, 1172x1372, 115475C2-9E6D-417F-96ED-E6B5F2…)

The cane there looks like an adjustable like >>544739 said, also if you look closely at Tyler’s cane the handle is both straight and cushioned, pretty ideal.

I think Luna stole bits and pieces of other people’s personality the same way she steals bits and pieces from graveyards. There’s nothing original about her.

No. 544922

Everything about her current "identity" is ripped off pieces of the early 90's alt rock scene. She has a nasty habit of taking Kurt Cobain/Nirvana and alice in chains lyrics and quotes and changing out one or two words to make them "her own". It's so fucking cringey.

No. 544965

File: 1531181715431.jpeg (207.93 KB, 750x903, 2539BB0D-B8C8-4F6A-A7C7-654067…)

No. 544966

File: 1531181726456.jpeg (89.47 KB, 750x449, AD687BA3-3714-49FF-B8DC-286F2B…)

No. 544973


I don't think so. I've been following both of them on social media for like 6 years and while they obviously had things in common since they were dating, Tai's general…thing was never as gross as Luna has unfortunately become.

Luna really took a fucking dive when she got involved with Lurch because now she's into all this 90s shit, she used to listen to modern music and whatever but I think she's just trying to be his soft grunge angel bby

No. 544974

something I've been doing when reading her posts is putting a lot of emphasis on the I's

She's literally living in a home rn like there's people living on the streets luna. I get being depressed cus you're a drug addict and you have no job but like sort your shit out if you wanna feel better??? I bet she fully understands that if her mom kicks her out she can go live with her dad too

No. 544977

She needs drugs again.

No. 544979


I hope that if she does end up moving back into her Dad's place her Dad won't let Matthew live with them.
Luna needs to grow the fuck up and start behaving like an adult and I think that as long as she's stuck in this juvenile addict mindset she'll just continue to deteriorate. It's really fucking sad how 95% of the time she revels in her own cheap filth, but she seemingly has moments of clarity.

No. 544985

I don't have a home!!!
Meanwhile takes a photo in the house she took over and essentially stole from her mom to share with her nasty pedo bf

No. 545004

I meant it more in the sense that tai was genuine like they had real mental health problems not muh bpd~ and 800 other things

No. 545062

Speaking of her dad, she hasn't posted about visiting him in quite some time. I think the last time she did she was talking about going to his workplace. Obviously he still buys her a bunch of junk on Amazon every week, but wonder what happened

No. 545067

She says this exact shit like twice week. It loses its meaning after a while, Tuna.
Time to put on your big girl panties and find a steady job and some housing of your own and support your own damn self. Are you ever gonna begin your adult life ffs!?
Should have applied for Section 8 when she moved in with lurches father and she would have had her own place by now. Assuming she could keep a job. Too bad so sad.

No. 545159

I mean Tai actually did commit suicide.

No. 545268


how long has she had this phone cover?
it's already so grimey and disgusting that it looks years old. imagine how grubby her hands must be to do that sort of damage in a matter of weeks

No. 545293

She is a walking petri dish of previously undiscovered strains of mutant bacteria

No. 545312

Has she… ever tried holding down a job? I know about that fleeting employment she had where Lurch had to come shoot her up but I feel like even the most strung out unmotivated addict would at least TRY more than once. Not to blog but so many of us have been where she is right now being able to work. "Muh BPD doe ^.^" You're just lazy tuna

No. 545318

ofc she's lazy, so far she's always had a support system to fall back on. there was no need for her to display mature traits such as responsibility or reliability necessary for holding down a job.

No. 545324

Maybe let's not judge the severity of someone's mental illness by whether they commit suicide or not? I know we are talking Luna here but that's fucked up way of looking

No. 545350

Yes but she ended up stealing from her employer/coworkers and got fired

No. 545654

The most annoying thing with her is she honestly hasn't tried, she's just assumed she can't work because:

>her knee

>her mental illness
>her drug addiction

I mean obviously, all that stuff sucks to live with and makes it more difficult to keep a job, but plenty of people in the world make it work because it's either that or living in the gutters and freezing to death in winter. They have no choice, yet she hasn't even tried to be flexible like work part-time, remotely, get on disability, get on Welfare, anything! She just leeches off of everyone and acts like it can't be helped when it honestly could be.

No. 545769

She insists everything she owns is cheap even in the case of her Amazon stuff where it obviously isn't so she can keep up the image of just barely scraping by on necessities while these luxuries just happen to fall into her lap. She's obviously really self conscious about having anything nice that makes her look privileged so she has to downplay it, but she still isn't willing to give up getting new lipsticks/two piece outfits.

Thing is people who are actually poor try their best to keep a dignified image and are actually good at getting deals/thrifting and would never brag about how cheap and terrible their belongings are. Or if they do, it's to talk about what a good deal it was, like "I got these shoes for $5 at the thrift store!"

No. 545918

File: 1531285166953.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.47 KB, 639x644, 9ne8r0E.jpg)

luna irl

No. 545980

All I meant by that was that people who are Mentally healthy typically don’t kill themselves.

Luna on the other hand is the type of person who constantly makes suicidal gestures and talks about killing themselves but ends up shocked and dismayed when that lands them on a 72 hour hold.

No. 546010

terrifying but the hands make it lmao

No. 546072

Exactly! This. There are many things in her life that are understandably horrible to both deal with and live through, but what she doesn't understand is when things are tough sometimes YOU, you as an individual and in this case HER have to actively make that change. So many people have and so many people will and I can honestly say that I hope she will be one of these individuals, but I frankly doubt it. If she still does not have the energy to make a change in the situation that she is in right now it's unlikely she ever will. Being groomed by a strung out junkie and getting addicted to H sure as shit is a bitch

No. 546081

samefagging but to clarify to the void that is my own lack of specification, making this change is in NO way drawing or writing poetry or being so full of love. It's making the awfully painful decision to drop Lurch, get clean and get a job. It'll hurt like hell but eventually it'll be what saved her. Her selfpitying trite poetry will never be.

No. 546119

She also needs at least some degree of therapy and a reality check, which will be rough on her. I know you can't get a reliable mental health reading on a heroin addict and all, but I'm sure she's still several fries short of a Happy Meal in the emotional regulation department. Not to mention the victim complex and obsessive wallowing in how troubled and borderline she is.

Fr her only roads out of this situation are a) death or b) years of pain and hard work/struggle, and she had every opportunity to not do this shit but she's fucked herself over at the ripe old age of 22. Remarkable.

No. 546133

To cut her some sort of slack I genuinely believe she DOES want to get better. I see no reason for her not to and she is visibly miserable pretty much all the time. Deep down I think she knows how much of her youth and life she has wasted on this confusing and even more depressing drug-utopia of hers. I think she knows her life is in no way ideal and that this fact cannot solely be contributed to her ~buhrderlinee~ or ~fUUcked up paast;-;~. Problem is that no one will fix this for her. She has to suffer for happiness and she is not willing to do that. Much easier to wallow in your misery waiting for an eventual miracle that will never come. The easy route is ultimately the route for tuna. Not related but when was the last time she updated her instagram? Still hasn't been accepted and suspect that I'll get lost in her hoards of follower requests.

No. 546154

>She also needs at least some degree of therapy and a reality check, which will be rough on her. I know you can't get a reliable mental health reading on a heroin addict and all, but I'm sure she's still several fries short of a Happy Meal in the emotional regulation department.
This is why she'll never get better, she's in denial. She thinks that she can manage her mental health while being addicted to heroin, despite health professionals telling her otherwise. She started going to DBT group therapy but stopped after they wanted her to stop taking drugs. She needs to separate which mental symptoms are her addiction, and which are her BPD. She must have lied to get her diagnosis, as I doubt a decent professional would give one to someone on heroin.

>I genuinely believe she DOES want to get better. I see no reason for her not to and she is visibly miserable pretty much all the time.
Addiction's a bitch. She knows her life is shit, so she escapes from it by using drugs, not realising that's what's making her life so shitty. The tumblr pill-worship bullshit doesn't help either, she thinks that getting high on excessive doses of prescription pills is ~valid~.

She won't realise she needs to kick the drugs until she's hit rock bottom, her mother is delaying the inevitable. She'll either get better, or end up as a rather sad cliche story. NOBODY wants to be a homeless addict stealing/hooking to survive, but there are plenty out there. To be honest, given how she reacted to her TWO ODs, it doesn't look good for her. Most people at least consider stopping heroin when they fucking OVERDOSE, but both times Luna just used it as a cringey ~died and Lurch saved me~ thing, I think she drew artwork on both occasions. She definitely dismissed quitting heroin when someone suggested it after her first OD.

Luna has problems underneath the heroin, but if she never stops glorifying drugs, she'll NEVER want to truly get better.

No. 546160

>her mother is delaying the inevitable

And risking her own wellbeing in the process. Does Tuna care? Hell no. Her mom is going to have to pry Tuna's fingers off of the door to kick her out.

I honestly think that Tuna needs to be homeless without a life support system before reality hits her and she gets herself onto her feet. Only a rough wake up call is going to get her to take her life seriously.

No. 546260

3 hours ago (so 2 hours after you made this post approx)

No. 546263

in the previous thread she mentioned she had over a thousand follow requests and was saying how she is too afraid to accept anyone since she knows people mostly follow her to laugh at her. at least she's sorta self-aware, but i wouldn't agree with you that she wants to get better.

No. 546368

I definitely do think she's a bit of a victim of tumblr "baby girl xanax" culture. I mean, being on such a toxic website from a young age/ popular and easily influenced. Also a product of pretty bad parenting… she obviously chose heroin addition for the aesthetics. She's stuck in that 17 year old " being depressed is cool, let's lie around and write bad poetry" stage that most grew out of, when they hit adulthood and had responsibilities. She's always avoided adulthood.

No. 546369

Sorry for the terrible spelling there

No. 546392

File: 1531355900822.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x1527, 67D8C51B-EE8D-443F-8667-D85780…)

i might be crazy but i actually kind of like this one. i’ve never been a fan of her art style but i feel like she put legitimate effort into this. the composition is interesting and the concept is unique.

however it still looks like she can’t color properly and just smashes her expensive markers on the paper until color falls out.

No. 546397

not trying to disparage your tastes anon, but this looks like all of her other animal crossing fanart. at least she had the sense to not draw fingers this time.

No. 546410

i actually dont hate her art either. i think that she isnt rly any better than she was when she was in high school, but there was a time period during her addiction where her art was waaaay more shitty looking than some of the stuff she's been putting out recently. if she tried harder, it could be kinda cool.

No. 546411

that’s what i meant; i feel like her newest stuff isn’t as trash as some of her older stuff was. if she was legitimately trying to make a living from her artwork, i’d respect that — it’s much more respectable than straight up begging and mooching. but unfortunately, as we all know, she’s just pumping out fakey art to get extra cash for heroin and mooching off her mom instead of finding money to pay her own fucking rent.

No. 546415

Cant draw fingers? Have your subject be chewing em off. Art

No. 546450

It's funny how the most basic of art impresses people. So she can draw some cartoons. Just because the average joe can't make a stick figure, doesn't mean junkie doodles are impressive. Lol.

No. 546456

Is it worth $70 though?

No. 546470

She doesn't care so it's rushed, she's just tryna crank out something to sell. I can never respect her art cus that's all I think when I see it and you know cus it's followed by "this is only $60 msg me if you want it" her shits real boring too oh she's anxious so she's biting her fingers away, she's sad so the pills say "sad" on them…I mean obvs you can like whatever you want though anon luv ya

No. 546544


err don't get me wrong, I can easily do better than her because I actually give a shit about my art, but as someone who really wants to be a professor someday I can recognize that she has some talent.
The problem is she's completely stagnated at her high school level bullshit. We can see it in her life, we can see it in her art. What I'm saying is that if she cared and actually put in effort, I think she could be more successful. Probably never a professional artist. Even if it's not to your taste, she even gets some attention for this crap so there are people who definitely like it and it makes me kinda sad to see someone throw away their life she way she does.

I would probably try to reach out to her if she weren't a drug addict and a scammer(blogpost)

No. 546819


congrats, no one cares, go create a blog. anyone here that's not doing heroin 24/7 can do better than luna, it's pretty sad that comparing yourself to her makes you wanna brag.

the people that like her art are likely just as clueless as she is and just lap up the animal crossing/junkie bby uwuwuwuu aesthetic, not because her art is 'good'.

No. 546831

Taste is subjective, lets not do this again. There are plenty of talentless webcomic artists who make popular art while being terrible technique-wise, so Luna's not unique in that sense.

No. 546840

By now we can tell she's low on milk if the farms are fixating on her boring scribbles for the billionth time around. sadly this cow is drying up, my lads.

No. 546852

i went to art school my whole life specializing in realistic portraits dude calm down. art is subjective. we don’t need to have this argument again.(blogpost)

No. 546926

Noooo we need to have faith! She’ll get kicked out soon, or have some sort of drama with mom/evildad I’m sure.

I wonder if Lurch would ever leave her.

No. 546938

He won't leave her. He has no reason to.
Unless he magically decides to stop doing drugs and needs to not be around her in hopes of staying sober.

Neither have a sex drive apparently so neither will cheat. And even if he cheated on her, she won't leave him.

The only way out would be an OD that narcan can't fix.

No. 546959

you must have been shit to need to go your entire life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546962

Yeah im waiting for an OD or some more "mugging at the black lives protest", but junkies are resilient. It could be tomorrow or 20 years from now.

No. 546969

thats not how art school works but still…. lol

No. 547001

>He won't leave her. He has no reason to.

I'm thinking the opposite, what reason does he have to keep being with her? First it was clearly for her inheritance, now it's likely her mom's apartment, but once that's gone…

No. 547045

but she didnt have any inheritance left for a long time while they were living with roger, who was like a father to her btw. I think he'll stay with her he obviously likes the mess of cellulite and saggy tits she's got going on and they do drugs together, if that's not love idk what is

No. 547057

yeah that's true, but wasn't she doing most of her successful e-begging while living at roger's? it seemed like a pretty steady flow of donations, and her dad was giving her I think $300 a month (which btw I wonder if he still does)

No. 547066

never underestimate the codependence of junkie relationships like this. the addiction ends up entangling them. besides, it's not like he really has options, who else would want that ugly motherfucker?

No. 547068

File: 1531421951141.png (278.87 KB, 703x1138, Screenshot_2018-07-12-20-57-57…)

Doesn't look thrifted or cheap aliexpress tier

No. 547069

File: 1531421974929.jpg (304.38 KB, 700x909, IMG_20180712_205611.jpg)

No. 547070

File: 1531421991903.jpg (248.41 KB, 695x894, IMG_20180712_205555.jpg)

No. 547072

unless he finds another junkie girl to be his junkie girlfriend – like one who is willing to put in work to pay for their habit (prostitution, dealing, legit job of some sort, or just running scams all day) – i think he'll probably just continue getting what he can from luna. lurch is repugnant obviously but i think he probably feels responsible for turning luna into a dusty drug addled fungus and worries she'll kill herself or whatever (i'm sure she threatens to all the time) if he leaves. nvm the fact that if he DID leave luna would just end up stalking him bc she's not savvy enough to cop on her own. plus most junkie relationships are just like crying over not having heroin, copping heroin, and then nodding out together while professing their love/allegiance to one another bc the world is against them.

No. 547075

>Doesn't look thrifted
idk man that definitely looks like something you'd see in the window of a goodwill or something

No. 547077

looks thrifted to me
doesn't suit her at all and lol she can't get married cus lurch won't marry her

No. 547085

Really? You have some nice thrift stores lol. That's a nice dress

No. 547094

Looks like an ugly bridesmaid’s dress that someone wore and then donated because they knew they’d never wear it again.

No. 547097


Sticking your collarbones out doesn't make you thinner.

No. 547098


at least she finally found a cut thats flattering to her body type

No. 547107

Looks like an 80's style dress, maybe someone dropped off a couple of old vintage dresses (seems weird to think of 80's dresses as being vintage, but). I bet it is thrifted, but that cut does suit her. She looks nice even if that sort of print looks odd nowadays; she just needs to make big 80's hair and it would be great.

No. 547127

I haven't seen a dress like that since the 90s and even in the 90s it was ugly. And kek to that giant yellow underboob area. The dress is more yellow than white but it's so obviously yellow right there.

No. 547143

if she brushed her hair and used like normal pink lipstick and some blush, she'd look nice here. I think the dress looks very good on her sorry lol

No. 547164

It does not look yellow here >>547069
I think it might be just a trick of light (unless the close up is photoshopped)

No. 547185

File: 1531434520849.jpeg (351.2 KB, 750x1110, 10BD2937-5612-458A-831A-5C1856…)

“semi homeless”

No. 547199

If you look in the older threads, he actually was looking to cheat on her. He would constantly hit up random hot girl catfish accounts on FB and brag about his ~luxurious life~

I think he deleted his FB by now, but maybe he still does it through other means

No. 547234

There's a yellow stain on the upper left part of the dress, anon.

No. 547239

that dress is one of the ugliest things i've ever seen and her eyes are so lifeless, this picture makes me uncomfortable in so many ways

No. 547244

I don't see it, just the yellow shade on the underboob part that disappears in the close-up. Maybe I'm blind

No. 547275

File: 1531443076025.jpg (59.96 KB, 500x750, 8.jpg)

She's had that dress since her hipsville days. Shame it didn't go the same way as the other ~90% of her belongings~

No. 547277

oh wow lol so…what exactly did she lose in this 90%?

No. 547281


No. 547283

Was she living with her mom during those days? It could be that her mom kept it.

No. 547348

her mom isn't living in the home she lived with luna tho right? i guess she coulda kept it tho…ugh luna please do something interesting for us to talk about lmao

No. 547478


why the fuck does she think it looks good to pull her bangs forward from so far back on her hairline? bitch looks like a greasy mushroom

No. 547514

File: 1531460321443.jpeg (17.29 KB, 299x394, AD931051-DF9B-4687-B19E-25B50F…)

She wants thick bangs but has too fine or thin of hair so she’s has to go farther back. You see it a lot with that style because delusional girls like Luna think people won’t notice or are too high on heroin to notice it looks like shit themselves.

No. 547639

Her mom was in a half way house about 1 year ago so it's VERY unlikely that she kept Luna's stupid possessions like clothing. Her mom has been living the rough life like Luna, when Luna left in 2013 with her inheritance, her Mom had trouble keeping herself afloat. I think she was homeless for a short time but I could be wrong.

Luna was 100% lying when she said she lost all her possessions lmao, she purposely left her shitty artwork because she couldn't be bothered to carry canvas / didn't want to spend money on 2 taxi trips. The only thing she appears to have "lost" is canvas artwork, not any marker paper monstrosities. She has all her plushies, all her candles, her 3ds, all her stupid trickets and clothing, she didn't lose dick. We've not seen the MacBook in a while but she mentioned she still had it when she moved in with her Mom (caption on a pic of her Mom's portable DVD player about how her disc drive was broken).

Her "landlord changed the locks owo so sad" story didn't even make sense, no Landlord is sat with surveillance outside their property waiting for the SECOND someone leaves to change the locks, it's not feasible. No landlord changes the locks on THE DAY you're supposed to leave, landlords have more on their plate than ONE tenant.

They don't usually change the locks before they've cleaned up, or before you've given them the fucking key back for obvious reasons. Luna probably never gave them the key back so they changed the lock after a week.

No. 547643


In many localities tenants are locked out when evicted under a warrant but not in Westchester County.

Tenant(s) and their personal property must be physically removed from the premises described in the warrant. There is no "lockout." The landlord (at his expense) must provide proper moving & storage, off site, by an insured, competent mover. The removed goods must be stored in secure storage within the County of Westchester, and a copy of the bond, must be provided to the Civil Bureau for inspection prior to the move. This helps protect all parties from loss, theft or damage and reduces the exposure to such claims.


No. 547644

>semi homeless

Maybe her mom is finally telling them they need to move out. I wonder if Luna will resort to ditching Lurch to stay with her dad or if she'll settle for spending her nights in a shelter and days out on the street with the guy who's never going to marry her.

No. 547650

Were Luna and Lurch forcibly evicted by court order? I mean it wouldn't surprise me at all, but I can't find any record of it in the Westchester County court records. Not under Luna's name or Matthew Schumacher at least, you can search by surname so there wasn't anything with Roger either.

But it's super interesting information regardless, even if their landlord DID take their shit, it'd be tucked away in some storage locker until they paid arrears and claimed it?

No. 547669

she is crying over being "semi homeless" for over a month now, since she is not allowed to live with her mom technically. she just crashed there with lurch like the maggot she is. so basically she is "homeless", just not out on the streets for the moment.

>tucked away in some storage locker
you dont actually believe that a landlord would put all the trash in their ex-apartment in boxes and tuck them away to rot, mold and smell away?
I can see their landlord telling them to take with them what they want to keep and that he will dispose what is left.
If I was the landlord I would go through that place with a flamethrower.

No. 547670

Could have too thin hair, too frizzy hair or an intense cowlick. That style is also the norm nowadays, the hairstylists that I have seen always do it, beauty school and professionals.

No. 547689

File: 1531491674196.png (180.82 KB, 720x1009, Capture _2018-07-13-09-20-03.p…)

Fresh (skim) milk from tumblr.

No. 547699

File: 1531494082097.png (283.23 KB, 612x446, dsasdasdasd.PNG)

I'd be willing to spend $7 bucks to buy her a pack of Crayola markers. With the way she colors with the copics, the Crayola ones would be a great dupe. Just so I don't have to watch her destroy those markers the way she does.

Even though she talks about loving everything cheap, I'm sure she would turn her nose up at them.

No. 547721

JFC she's the same three catchphrases every time.

>muh weight loss nothing fits i lost 90% of my belongings in the move

>pls send CHEAP new copics markers and CHEAP sketchbooks (or buy my drawings only 65 for a sketch plus CHEAP shipping)
>ever since roger died i've never felt worse muh depression is stronger than ever pls gib shekels

No. 547731

Wait is she using her old tumble or what?

No. 547733


>pls gib shekels

I’m howling

No. 547735

Whoever does next thread remember to change OP link.

No. 547736

Wait samefag - that post isn't on that tumblr, where'd it come from?

No. 547739

File: 1531502832566.png (562.14 KB, 530x662, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-27-51…)

No. 547740

File: 1531502912185.png (289.91 KB, 540x351, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-23-36…)

No. 547741

so, what in all fuck is that on her tit

No. 547742

File: 1531502980519.png (435.29 KB, 540x669, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-23-47…)

No. 547744

Isn't that her massive areola? It freaked me out too initially

No. 547745

File: 1531503295637.png (454.02 KB, 540x848, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-34-33…)

It is in her new tumblr

No. 547750

She could probably get at least one of her cats registered as emotional support animals and then I think more affordable housing would accept them. Her cats are old so I don't really want her to surrender them to a shelter but if she can't keep them and find a place to live she should consider giving them to someone she knows can take care of them.

No. 547755

"I'm semi-homeless and could be kicked out at any time but I NEED to bleach my hair! I need it! More than a roof over my bleached head! I also NEED new markers! I need them! I don't want to use the colors that still have ink, I need new ones!"

Like I said, this idiotic cunt isn't going to get her reality check until she's completely homeless.

No. 547815

File: 1531510567688.jpeg (116 KB, 750x507, A61C21EC-1761-44FE-9B00-FA115D…)

>drastic weight loss

bitch you lost weight 5 years ago

No. 547819

She fucking has all of those things? She can't seriously post about how she's stressed out cus she's "semi homeless" and then say she needs bleach. Why don't people tell her how awful she is? like I know she makes it hard to contact her anonymously but like if I was her friend I would have had enough of her shit ages ago

No. 547856


Noticed she doesn't explicitly meantion Lurch. Is she finally getting rid of the dead weight or just being lowkey ?

No. 547881

Tuna can only mention herself, no one else is important.

No. 547886

>I can't grieve Roger because I have no forever home to live

What does this have to do with grieving for Roger? We never even found out what happened to his remains.

No. 547969

he was cremated right? idk why she can't grieve for him, she sits around all day seems like the perfect time to miss someone, she's so self obsessed she probs thinks that the reason she doesn't care v much about him being gone is cus she's worried about not having somewhere to live not that she's heartless

No. 547976

she's basically the opposite of any anorexic. while they fear posting pictures online cos of their body dysmorphia or talk about how fat they perceive they look, luna is spam posting selfies. and going on and on about how much weight she's 'losing' and how 'none of her clothes fit her' because she's soooo skinny. it's obvious she doesn't have an eating disorder. even if you buy the whole 'there are anorexic fat people' bullshit, the way she talks about herself is so far removed from any anorexic i've ever seen.

No. 548034

You should try it anon, I’m interested in seeing how she’ll react. She’d probably say no because it’s not what “real” artists such as herself use

No. 548037

What is lurch’s real name again?

No. 548040

Matthew Schumacher

No. 548060

Shit, did she ever mention anything about taking his ashes when she was evicted? Did she just leave them in the fucking apartment and take all her filthy stuffed animals?

No. 548072

File: 1531531598516.png (972.52 KB, 720x1029, Capture _2018-07-13-20-24-10.p…)

No. 548087

luna has the body she deserves like 100% lol

No. 548108

>52, three kids all grown up

No. 548122

File: 1531535739958.gif (815.34 KB, 275x207, 1497841067956.gif)

Is this bitch for real. She's got that crack confidence again and will be selling nudes that no one will buy… again.

No. 548145

It's not her body/stretch marks that make her ugly, hell, you can't even see it. The real issue is her fucking face. And it isn't even something she can't fix, all she needs to do is wash her face and stop with the disgusting lip colours she uses. She needs colour with some warmth to it instead of that grey or nude she uses and either no foundation, or fresh foundation. Not to mention a good lip scrub. Also maybe a smile on her face instead of a dead-eyed look in the same pose hundreds of times

No. 548151

File: 1531538898377.jpg (319.22 KB, 1064x1280, tumblr_pbu175qQgZ1xxzxb4o1_128…)

Her stretchmarks are incredible, I wouldn't normally shit on someone for body features they have no control over, but Luna's stretch marks look like fucking fur because she yo-yos in weight so much. A 22 year old girl with no children should not have a body like that.

I guess this is what happens when you stuff your face with junk
food any occasion you can afford it, and then (involuntarily) starve yourself whenever you don't have any money. It's INSANE how fast her body has aged.

As sweet as I find your post, it's just not true. Even if you take her face out of the picture, you'd think "wow that grandma is comfortable in her skin" not "that's a 22 year old"

She posted a pic on her Tumblr a couple hours ago that is sooo fucking tryhard lmao. She's sucking in her stomach as much as she physically can, it looks so uncomfortable.

No. 548156

File: 1531539282302.jpg (358.7 KB, 1091x1280, tumblr_pbu1cqhhvS1xxzxb4o2_128…)

samefagging but I totally fucking forgot she had an iPad as well as a Mac and iPhone, this fucking bitch. From her tumblr again, she's made up her mother's bedroom to look exactly like her old hovel while her mom still sleeps on the couch with like… 1 blanket. https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com/post/175854394999/fav-shirt-good-hair-day you can see the bedding in the background, and Luna is clearly fucking high on heroin in that picture which is even worse.

>lost 90% of my possessions

>but not anything of value or anything I cared about

Sorry if any of this is a repost from last thread, Luna's clearly dumping old images from the last month on her Tumblr currently.

No. 548162

That Hello Kitty in the middle is like, "I'm already dead.".

No. 548166

File: 1531540396540.png (74.7 KB, 725x496, Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 11.5…)

No. 548178

p sure the only thing they left behind was rogers ashes

ohh but anon the keyboard is broken on her mac she totes needs a new one

No. 548183

File: 1531542003344.png (56.41 KB, 789x175, Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.18…)

this bitch is a fucking parody of herself

No. 548187

File: 1531542425323.png (39.05 KB, 790x390, pzLlWp0.png)

If you can't read what it says:
>it’s so tiring when someone enjoys fighting like…. i say NOTHING ams the person just keeps saying things they purposely know will upset me. i hate being instigated. i’m not really into astrology but i am a fucking angry aries for sure. like man if i’m not saying shit, and then you say something upsetting purposely, i don’t think you’re allowed to get mad if i say something fucked back.

>#btw this isnt abt matthew we legit raeely fight im talking anout my mom lol

No. 548195

She either stole her moms scripts and for confronted about it
Or got confronted about when she's gonna move out.
Grow up tuna.

No. 548215

File: 1531544581636.gif (972.44 KB, 400x400, 98ba21c1d4388e25bf342d1f2ac95d…)

No. 548216

File: 1531544593999.gif (1.29 MB, 400x400, b4b0a2f2b6f408b7fff8ccead0138d…)

No. 548226

What an ungrateful fucking cunt. Bite your tongue or grit your teeth if she's the only reason why you have a roof over your head at all, Lunatic. Or hell, move out of her damn place and get your own.

I've never seen such an entitled spoiled little bitch. All she ever does is whine, beg and take a million selfies. She really needs a job to keep her busy.

No. 548236

>my clothes barely fit since I rapidly lost a lot of weight!
>dress fits perfectly

She's so delusional.

No. 548258

File: 1531551855513.png (117.01 KB, 333x352, Cheep-Cheep_School.png)

tuna's constantly gaming for sympathy, but she clearly doesn't realise that her ig following would likely have a lot more of it to give if she were to actually show some genuine fucking gratitude for something - other than her dropkick "fianceé" who she is "so so in love with", and without using the word "cheap".

lost 90% of your belongings? be grateful for the 10% you got to keep. "nearly" homeless? be grateful you've still got a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in. say fucking thank you to the people who buy your overpriced art or send you money/gifts.

No. 548265

File: 1531554698080.jpg (Spoiler Image,635.57 KB, 1073x1341, Screenshot_20180714-155119.jpg)

Jfc is that the big areola peeking from her nightgown? Ugh.

No. 548294

I bet you her mom was simply saying that Luna needs to move out or they'll both be out of a home. Or maybe "I miss my bed".
Luna has totally fucking moved in and it's so utterly disrespectful to put her mom out of a bed when her mom didn't have to put her own ass on the line for Luna AND lurch in the first place. Luna should beg for money for her mom's groceries, not fucking markers. She isn't even helping pay anything around the house (we would never have heard the end of it if she did). I hope her mom changes the locks next time Luna and lurch are out. Honestly it's better than they deserve. Especially if they're doing heroin with our around her vulnerable mother whose life would be so much better without her daughter being who she is

No. 548318

I wish I could unsee this. Her whole ~aesthetic~ needs to go. 1992 called and wants its off-brand Courtney Love back.

No. 548320

For someone who has lost ~SoOoOo much weight uwu~ she still looks like an unbaked Christmas ham. As someone who works with users I have never seen any heroin addicts with this much extra padding. Ever. Maybe she’s spending her shekels procured “for rent” on Twinkies instead of drugs.

No. 548426

File: 1531587309705.jpeg (655.59 KB, 750x1061, 3BBEF483-D9BF-4595-AC13-A17794…)

Oh look at this pathethic vague shitpost. The end of what, Tuna?

No. 548443

of her day?

No. 548458

File: 1531594762445.png (12.93 KB, 688x233, 3vSnt7Y.png)

Not defending Tuna, but she posted this before spamming a bunch of selfies. It was the end of that.

No. 548857

I have seen fat heroin addicts before. Artie Lange is a example. However, most are skinny.

No. 549044

>purposely saying something to upset me
like "when are you going to move out?" or "can you stop fucking leeching off me?"
god I hate this bitch.

No. 549110

File: 1531672370796.png (727.86 KB, 871x589, 4.png)

Pic dump from KF.

No. 549112

File: 1531672407357.png (609.01 KB, 813x572, 5.2.png)

No. 549114

File: 1531672462556.png (714.5 KB, 818x598, 5.1.png)

No. 549116

File: 1531672578696.png (656.17 KB, 939x455, 6.1.png)

No. 549117

File: 1531672640626.png (952.45 KB, 936x595, 17.1.png)

No. 549118

File: 1531672675577.png (646.39 KB, 941x596, 17.3.png)

No. 549122

File: 1531672898654.png (699 KB, 816x595, 21.2.png)

No. 549124

File: 1531672927848.png (761.43 KB, 814x597, 21.1.png)

No. 549125

File: 1531672958791.png (787.69 KB, 816x597, 21.3.png)

No. 549126

File: 1531672985887.png (567.54 KB, 822x592, 21.4.png)

No. 549127

File: 1531673012938.png (620.07 KB, 820x598, 21.5.png)

No. 549128

File: 1531673042554.png (756.95 KB, 816x597, 21.6.png)

No. 549129

File: 1531673077041.png (510.49 KB, 928x595, 22.png)

No. 549130

File: 1531673105662.png (704.44 KB, 940x453, 23.png)

No. 549131

File: 1531673165911.png (613.62 KB, 820x594, 13.png)

No. 549132

File: 1531673236648.png (402.71 KB, 819x596, 25.png)

No. 549133

File: 1531673268309.png (609.73 KB, 825x596, 36.png)

No. 549134

File: 1531673313899.png (624.91 KB, 838x598, 33.png)

No. 549135

File: 1531673371400.jpg (148.34 KB, 637x960, tumblr2.jpg)

No. 549212

the skirt…it's killing me

No. 549288

her drawings look like some shitty self insert OC for that retarded homestuck thing

No. 549295

wow where is that leg with the band-aid on coming from? her art is all so bad, it reminds me of how a 12 year old draws. it's childish but not in a good way.

No. 549358

do i laugh at the blown out skin or the t-rex arms

No. 549371

File: 1531699353941.jpeg (181.21 KB, 640x873, AD72BF64-E9B4-4A47-8313-143CC3…)

No. 549470

I don't like Luna's art but it's suited to comics. If she made actual coherent narratives with more than just two panels I think she'd really have something there.

No. 549471

File: 1531714214152.jpg (589.73 KB, 1868x1280, tumblr_pbxor9RQMT1xxzxb4o1_128…)

>all our pics suck and this is old but i just wanna say, things have been ridiculously rough in 2018. all odds have been against us. but i am so fucking glad we met. i can’t picture my life without you. these last four years have been so great, and i love you more than anything in the world. your dad was possibly the greatest person i ever met and i’m so grateful to have known him for three years. he was like a father to me and he knew it. he said i was his daughter at that point. i love you. i love your dad. no matter how shitty things have been this year, no matter how much i’ve thought about ending my life, i won’t, because i can’t leave you and our cats. thank you for always holding me when i cry, reassuring me things will be alright, and being the best friend and partner i could ever ask for. you’re the best. as soon as we have a stable home we’ll finally be officially married. might as well be already, cos it feels like it. i love you.

No. 549472

File: 1531714309858.jpg (158.17 KB, 776x764, tumblr_pdsfoijsdijnosfxzxb4o1_…)

No. 549473

File: 1531714507349.jpg (65.51 KB, 696x1370, YoRZ4L2.jpg)

No. 549477

TBH she could do comics with some real effort. I know people I went to school with who have the same/worse art and STILL get work.

No. 549480


HOW DOES SHE THINK THIS GUY IS HANDSOME? It is a complete mindfuck.

No. 549483

he brings back the drugs

luna honey he's never gonna marry you

No. 549522

I was thinking the same thing. If she made single page comics and sell them in book form for like ten dollars, she could probably get good business. Definitely more steady income than hawking the same picture for months because no one is going to pay 50$ for printer art. Also, I wish she would stop using internet spelling for stuff, like in >>549132. It doesn't look like a stylistic choice, it just looks lazy.

No. 549528

when she becomes homeless she could be sell her shit drawings on the streets. i would not be surprised she doesnt lower the prices even tho she would be selling them off of a dirty blanket/towel.

it would be even more amazing if someone recognized her and ask for a bj in exchange to buy her shit.

No. 549531

Man marriage requirements have gotten harder these days. First it was an ID and now it's a home.

You would think that they would have gotten married when they did have an apartment. He's never going to marry you, Tuna. Next he's going to say that he can't marry you without a car and $150,000.

No. 549532

File: 1531725016676.jpg (51.48 KB, 650x938, cap_by_liefeld.jpg)

Jesus, she looks like a Liefeld illustration. Pic related.
Agreed, though I don't think she would make bank on them like she's apparently hoping. "Underground"/independent comics do seem to be more forgiving of lazy or bad art because you can just pass it off as a "style." But it's pretty rare to get rich off them.

No. 549541

Luna could draw silent hill comics. I'm not kidding, her art would be an upgrade to one series out from a little while back. She'd have trouble breaking into the industry but with a bit of work she could gain an underground following online and move to darkhorse or something. If she made an anthology of her current drawings and bound them up in a book she'd potentially have a good thing on her hands considering they already somewhat look all related. The reader can figure it out for themselves type of thing. Sell copies and then a hand bound original copy for more expensive. I could see her becoming a cool and exclusive artist that way
Luna could probably even go to her dad and he'd pay the publication fees to make it happen. It's probably less than what he's paying in useless Amazon velvet jumpsuits already

No. 549549

I agree, anon. I don’t exactly like her art but I do think it’s weirdly interesting in an outsider/naive art context. As much as she’s a cow it’s still sad that everyone in her life seems to have given up on her except Lurch. Girl needs a serious intervention.

No. 549560

>it would be even more amazing if someone recognized her and ask for a bj in exchange to buy her shit

Stop. Keep your disgusting fantasies to yourself. Nothing amazing about a women forced to prostitute herself.

No. 549561



No. 549575

How is it sad when she has earned it? When she isn't literally robbing graves or stealing gifts meant for the dying, she's busy scamming and fucking over anyone who gets sucked into her influence. She's a total cunt. If anything, it's sad she still has people left.

I know some of you are still stuck on how she used to be but fuck. All this fantasizing and sperging about how she could have a life if only, by some fucking miracle, she would turn into literally the opposite of everything she is now is getting really old.

Someone wake me up when there is actual milk.

No. 549611


agree 100%
She is a junkie, in every single sense of the word. She steals, lies, manipulates, and only cares about herself and fucking lurch.

She is not the tumblerina princess weirdo she used to be. She is a sad used up, washed up, heroin glorifying, sack of shit.

If she were on a path to get clean and better her life, I might feel more sympathy. If she showed real interest and effort into getting clean (like.. leaving lurch, going to rehab) then I could understand these posts >>549541

But she is never going to stop being a junkie. For whatever reason she still thinks it's cute, when really it's fucking sad.
She isn't going to get her life together enough to actually work towards ANYTHING.

She would cry on your shoulder and steal your wallet all at the same time if given the chance.

No. 549696

Leave Silent Hill alone. She wouldn't understand the themes and she isn't suited toward it at all. Her art and what it expresses are about as subtle as a trainwreck and that's what Silent Hill's bread and butter is (the first four, anyway). Please don't give her any stupid ideas.

No. 549796

… unfortunately, after leaving Lurch, Luna discovered that all the people who weren't interested in her porn certainly had no interest in the real thing. She ended up with another junkie boyfriend, but was not to be deterred. This was her time to shine. So she concentrated on producing a webcomic, My Paypal Is <paypal>, about a perpetually sad girl with saggy tits, and her journey through a personal hell. It managed to do remarkably well, despite the stories and art being the exact same fucking shit copy/pasted each week. She also bound her art into a special edition book, Selfies of the Very Depressed; critics were impressed by the fact the book was composed more of dirt and mould than paper, and she became the vanguard of a new movement, grimepunk (later known as grimefunk) Her talent was noticed by Dark Horse, and they offered her a gig to produce a follow-up, Sad Pills and Saggy Tits. Luna was overjoyed at the opportunity to go through a new set of colleague's bags and steal all their shit. This comic also managed to perform well, despite costing $250 / issue, and every story being a thinly-disguised beg for money. Her evil bosses expected her to shit out more than one comic every three months, so she sent them nudes, and never heard from them again. She spent the rest of her days thrifting in graveyards and answering fanmail with sob stories and requests for the fans to send their last few dollars to her, and lived happily ever after. Except that she was always super-miserable, somehow. uwu.

No. 549798

Just because there is no milk doesn't mean that you can shit up the thread with your unfunny fanfics.
Especially since we can't sage here.

No. 549799

as opposed to the retarded fantasy it was parodying?
your reaction made it worth it, anon. thank you.

No. 549862

File: 1531782225951.jpg (40.76 KB, 355x500, sh1.jpg)

do you even know what the fuck SH is anon? it's certainly not a spoiled child's playground. stop feeling pity for a lazy bitch.

No. 549927

I shitposted as an expression of frustration with this thread. It's bad enough it has been limping along in zombie mode, with the same clothes, the same poses, and the same dead stare over and over again. the same shitty art, over and over again, with the same deluded captions. there are times when I wonder if the photos being posted are actually new, or are just recycled from previous threads.
and then to make it worse, we have all this weird fucking stanning for Luna's piss-poor art and by association the nasty cunt herself. It became more noticeable than usual last thread, and again this thread. Granted, it is something different than the usual blogposting about people's drug habits, but it's not better.
also, kek at the idea of unsaged posts in /pt mattering these days. have you looked around? are you worried people won't be able to find the daily mariah thread if it isn't at #1? or that anons will be lost and confused trying to find somewhere to post their observations about lainey looking like a foot and greg being retarded?
/imaginary sage /s(k)

No. 549969

go outside anon

No. 549970

I wasn't talking the games, I'm talking about the shitty fucking comics that are out. The art in some are legit worse than hers and none understand silent hill's themes (except one, kinda). My point was that there are tons of options out there for her even with her lack of talent and ability to think. Instead of begging people to buy her art solo she could turn to comics that would at least sell, or a pretentious artistic anthology which do exist and have a following. I'm annoyed that she chooses the hard way when if she put that effort into working smarter she could have a better stream of income, she could have a life but she throws it out for lurch and a shitty heroin fantasy she's has in her head that she thinks actually exists out there. Being an artist who got success from pretentious art or shit comics that daddy helped pay her way into is still better than what she is currently
(Would Sage if could)

No. 549974

File: 1531789536463.jpg (275.94 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180717_020250.jpg)

No. 549975

xxl huh? so skinny these days
god i hope no one buys her this

No. 549976

File: 1531789948734.jpeg (273.58 KB, 750x1197, AB266C11-A47F-4FF5-8DA1-30D81B…)

No. 549977

Do laundry Luna, jfc

No. 549979

File: 1531790223180.png (725.01 KB, 815x639, HjPXmvg.png)

>i don’t live in a great place rn but i’m surrounded by gorgeous flowers. spent a lot of time at the library to get away from the toxic place i’ve been feeling trapped in.

Then leave??

No. 549980

File: 1531790343772.png (445.05 KB, 759x463, 5xmgomO.png)

>i miss having a place in mind when i say “i wanna go home” i miss my home

No. 549982

I'm sure her mom feels pretty bad sleeping on the couch and worrying about being evicted?

No. 549987


I cannot fathom being so desperate for "comfy clothing" and then demanding that the skirt you're begging for be in a very specific color

No. 549995

is this Rogers place or her Mom's?

No. 549997

There's no saving this room. I wonder if their landlord burnt their apartment down after they left.

No. 549999

this was her dump ass place at Roger's.

so when she says >>549976
"miss my old apartment, old life, Roger"
she means she misses having "her own" dirty hovel to shoot up in

No. 550007

She's such an ungrateful fucking cunt. I hope she ends up homeless really soon.

No. 550008

shoulda got a job so you could have paid the rent then

No. 550033


the fairy lights do not compensate for the blood/sweat/piss stained sheet hanging over the window in lieu of curtains tuna

No. 550057

File: 1531797417485.png (654.75 KB, 792x1388, Untitled.png)

cheap cheap cheap

No. 550114

So the walking easter island corpse is going to steal some bleach for her and some naive doormat is going to get her a giftcard cause she's a fake, lazy invalid who can't put an ounce of effort into her pathetic life. Cool.

No. 550118

File: 1531802829606.png (2.32 MB, 1953x3689, jesuschristgetajob.png)

Going off Amazon US links she's on quite a shopping spree. The total here is $76. Not sure if any sales affect this.

The only thing I couldn't find w reverse image search was that skater dress, and there were tons of listings for the little cat ear plugs so I just went with one that sold them in 3 pairs so that one could be wrong.

My bet's on that 'friend' is her dad offering to buy her stuff on Prime day and she's covering it up so she doesn't look spoiled.

No. 550119

I'm positive she calls things "cheap" so often because she thinks it's justifiable that she can spend money on these useless items rather than saving for important things like food or rent. Luna, these "cheap" things are all adding up, and you're not fooling anyone by calling all this crap cheap.

No. 550120

File: 1531802968347.gif (1.79 MB, 287x287, tumblr_pbzt3wfs7i1xxzxb4o1_400…)

>old. i miss my street

No. 550121

File: 1531802986430.png (208.82 KB, 803x425, ukhSZ7F.png)

No. 550123

File: 1531803277294.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, JINKX_MONSOON6.gif)

For real, her materialism is probably her biggest hindrance right now. That amazon giftcard could have gone to a simple outfit to go to job interviews in or visit employment agencies. She talks about finding an affordable place to live but on what income would they be living on?

Oh god she's a parody of herself sometimes.

No. 550124

Lmao she's right, she is delusional if she thinks her life is magically going to get better without any effort.

>I miss my old life I miss Roger
This bitch, she dooesn't miss "Roger" at all, she misses his retirement fund. Seriously Rogers death is always mentioned in the same sentence as her poverty, it's like she's blaming him for being poor. It's not his fault you're a fucking mooch, maybe I'm reaching tho.

No. 550127

>That amazon giftcard could have gone to a simple outfit to go to job interviews in or visit employment agencies.
Like 2 days ago she was complaining that her markers were running out and she had no art supplies, then she spends her money on a load of dumb shit like this when someone gives her a $75 gift card. I mean she could have arguably made some money if she bought art supplies, but even more clothing, makeup, and piercings are more important. Luna is a fucking parody of Tumblr culture, ~self care is more important than everything else~

This is why nobody donates to Luna more than once.

No. 550136

File: 1531805754583.jpeg (390.92 KB, 750x1202, 303F707D-2E04-44D8-9B56-CF7548…)

Luna’s mom is just so toxic and abusive, letting her junkie daughter and an Easter island statue stay in her home rent free. I feel like the most abusive part was when her mom gave Luna her bed to sleep in.

No. 550138

"Luna, I love you but you need to find somewhere else to live, I'll get evicted if they find out you're living here and using drugs" "Here sweetheart you can sleep on my bed, have you thought about finding somewhere to live yet?"

The worst guilt tripping and emotional abuse humanly possible! Please send money!

No. 550139


"it's hot outside so buy me a grey dress, i really want my pit stains to stand out bas-relief"

No. 550142

File: 1531806612909.png (10.38 KB, 720x187, Capture _2018-07-16-23-08-59.p…)

No. 550188

Shit like this makes it impossible to have any sympathy for her, her parents owe her nothing still put a fucking roof over her head (along with that of her codependent totem pole) when they’d be well within their rights and reason to disown her. If she doesn’t want to get clean then that’s her prerogative but no one owes her shit.

No. 550190

File: 1531813051825.gif (340.82 KB, 499x250, LoveIsBlind_GIF.gif)

She's probably too fucked up to really sit back and look at how ugly his Easter Island face is.

She surprises me every day with her bullshit. She's so shameless asking for a specific color. Go to fucking Goodwill, bitch.

No. 550227

File: 1531815840867.jpeg (258.58 KB, 750x534, 03C96291-E56D-44DF-B118-803C65…)

That filth, in this heat, in NYC. Let that sink in.

No. 550228


>I’m falling apart

>rly need that CHEAP dress to make it all better uwu

No. 550234

Not only that, but instead wishing she was clean, mentally stable and not impoverished, like most addicts on the streets who actually want to sort to their shit out, her grand aspirations is to be skinny and tattooed and cute. Okay, tuna.

No. 550239

File: 1531817006207.jpeg (391.41 KB, 640x1093, 218B4CA9-DCD8-4DE2-92E2-6B49BF…)

Jesus Luna for the sake of your kidneys go to a clinic or express care and get some antibiotics, this shit can’t be ignored and definitely hasn’t gone away just because you could pee once.

No. 550241

File: 1531817110243.jpeg (345.39 KB, 640x1093, 47775B2A-28D8-449F-B3F1-C673A9…)

Stuff like this makes me wonder if her and Lurch were ignoring Roger’s condition while he deteriorated.

No. 550248

>didn't expect to get evicted so quickly

didn't this bitch have like TWO MONTHS?

No. 550250

File: 1531818600399.png (24.66 KB, 647x393, VO45sqQ.png)

>cant wait to get out of here
She keeps saying this, but she's been staying at her mom's for around 2 months when she was only supposed to be there for 2 weeks. She should feel grateful to have a roof over her head and yet here we are

No. 550275

File: 1531826188056.png (78.4 KB, 720x438, img8274649929839.png)

No shit!? How long did she expect there to live rent-free. Wait, this is Tuna so why am I even asking.

Pic related.
>Caused by opiates and benzos.
This not being able to pee thing has happened to her before. Im sure she knows its caused by drugs but why not take the opportunity to come up with a crazy story and shit all over her mother.
I hate how she acts like she's being forced to live there. Stupid cunt.

No. 550276

>got a UTI because I'd legit been holding my urine
Uh nah, she was taking crack or some other drug and got a UTI, if she even got one. If she was holding her urine it wasn't intentionally, it's because she was too wasted to recognise her body's "I need to pee" signal, this dirty bitch would piss in a cup in her room or something (like her prince lurch lmao).
>not a coincidence that it took her passing out for me to finally pee comfortably
lmao UTIs aren't fucking psychosomatic? They don't go away immediately because you want them to? What the fuck is this story?

>Stuff like this makes me wonder if her and Lurch were ignoring Roger’s condition while he deteriorated.
I get what you mean. There are ambulance pictures and "i need a taxi to see roger" e-begging posts in the first thread, so it's not like he was in great health anyway, but you can't help but wonder if he would have survived longer in a room that wasn't moldy. Since like 2014 he's been hospitalised randomly.

I think Roger might have been a drinker (maybe before his health problems?) and that's why he was ostracised by the rest of his family, if Lurch and Luna DID neglect him nobody would fucking notice. The ONLY interactions with Roger I can remember from her tumblr when he was alive was "He bought takeout and let me eat some!!" so it's not like he was doing anything with them.

No. 550277

samefagging but fuck you beat me to it lol

No. 550294


I'd be making "bullshit comments" too if my useless asshole of a daughter was doing nothing all fucking day except stink up my bed with her equally worthless bf, or stand in my kitchen with a couple of pot plants taking deranged pics of herself all fucking day. Instead of doing ANYTHING to find a place to live.

She is legit such a fucking lazy feeb that she won't even get off her ass to walk through the lounge room to go for a piss. Disgusting.

Damn right i'd create a toxic environment for the ungrateful sow

No. 550297


It's really interesting to me how Luna demonizes her parents, who actually seem to go out of their way to be supportive of her. I mean, they clearly have their own problems, and yet her mother, who lives in subsidized housing, took her junkie daughter in despite knowing it almost certainly was going to backfire hard on her, and despite knowing she ran a very real risk of losing her own housing. And her thanks for that is having Luna tell the internet how shitty and awful her mother is. And her dad lets her (but apparently not Matthew) stay with him for a few days, buys her stuff and tries to get her to go to rehab and therapy, and yet hes Evil Dad. I get Luna is viewing them through selfish, heroin-tinted eyes, but man the cognitive dissonance is strong with her. She just HAS to be a victim.

No. 550322

Notice that Luna is generally avoiding explaining what those "bullshit comments" are. If they really were bullshit, Luna'd give details. But if they're stuff like "Get a job" and "Move out before I get evicted," Luna can't openly whine without being told she's being ungrateful and unreasonable. So she keeps it vague.

The one time she gives details, it's to say that her mom was worried about her health and wanted to go to the hospital. Wow, such an oppressive hagbeast. Poor wittle Luna. Doesn't mommy dearest know that the right way to be a good parent is to quietly, slowly waste away on a rotting mattress on the floor while Luna swipes her benefits and meds, and then die so Luna can scam people out of money by pretending she's going to have the most expensive cremation ever?

Fucking delusional brat.

No. 550323

File: 1531842129138.jpg (204.14 KB, 707x1132, IMG_20180717_174014.jpg)

Not to gatekeep a Sanrio cartoon but how can you truly enjoy Aggretsuko if you've never had to suffer through a shit (office) job?

No. 550371


doesn't really sound like she "gets" it, does it? "adorable" is missing the point by miles imo.

No. 550372

I hope she does end up with a uti. It would be a small comfort in the hell that she's been putting her mom through.

No. 550378

It's so fucking hard not to A-log with Luna. She's just déplorable in every possible way.

No. 550442

File: 1531863809873.jpeg (408.1 KB, 750x1200, D0342DCE-CE2E-4E3E-9084-16246F…)

No. 550444

File: 1531863847606.jpeg (273.23 KB, 746x1182, AD918554-F0E7-4678-90D5-0522D2…)

No. 550449

Terrible abuse = "You need to find a place to live, get off drugs, and get a job. You can't keep on like this" probably.

No. 550454

god think it's time i hide the luna threads i know she has no real milk rn but she's so selfish and irritating i can't stand it!

No. 550456

File: 1531865387640.jpg (27.79 KB, 559x520, lmao.JPG)

>Easter Island statue

No. 550468

File: 1531868325889.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>that piss stain on under the art
>those shit stains on the sheets in the top corner
>random flecks of dirt everywhere

Have fun with your nasty art, everyone!

No. 550486

Looks like dried blood to me. Even more yuck.

No. 550489

>I've been getting UTIs since I was a small child
>but it's definitely my mom's fault

No. 550518

Classic symptoms of someone who is way too comfortable

No. 550538

this bitch is the reason why lots of people dont believe people who have BPD when they complain about abuse. Like what the literal fuck is wrong with Luna. You are leeching off your mother while she is accomadating you when she could easily kick your ass out, luna is not incapable of getting a job. why do I feel like the comments abusive mommy probably makes is stuff like “are you looking for a job yet ffs” or “you need help”. she wont go into detail bc it’s not abuse. she probably confuses invalidation and abuse. maybe her mom just invalidates her feelings “boo hoo im semi homeless and broken” “idc you need to get clean” “boo hoo my mom doesnt get it ugh abuse”

i’ve genuinely never met anyone as entitled and bratty as her. i’ve met junkies who wirk their asses off to get their fix and still pay rent. some work to get their suboxone. to at least TRY treatment. i’ve met people with bpd who go through treatment and even if it gets hard they keep trying. i’ve met people in abusive relationships (hello lurch) who admit they are in one and seek help to get out, even if its hard. what the fuck is luna

No. 550540

>couch surfing
>living out of garbage bags
LUNA PLEASE! You've literally been living with your mom for a month+, im your own bedroom, where you decorated and everything the first day you were there.
I wonder if she says these things just for pity/aesthetic points or if she's actually that fucking delusional!?

No. 550548

Couch surfing? Isnt her mom sleeping on the (more comfortable of course) couch

No. 550643

>couch surfing
She says after kicking her mom out of her own bed and making her sleep on the couch.

>i won't o@into detail of the terrible abuse from my mom
Probably because Luna knows that she'll end up looking bad if she does. All her mom probably did was gently tell her to leave because she'll end up homeless otherwise.

Luna's so heartless. I hope her mom is rid of her soon.

No. 550717

File: 1531920141009.png (1.14 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-18-15-20-04…)

No. 550719

File: 1531920207652.png (887.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-18-15-20-25…)

No. 550720

File: 1531920228634.png (961.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-18-15-20-31…)

No. 550737

>can't afford to buy hair bleach or CHEAP clothes
>goes to the ER

Is she going to beg for donations to pay off these medical bills?

No. 550739

um, luna I gotta tell you something

No. 550745

Her art was better then imo

No. 550747

I mean it's still really awful they're both awful but the fist one is just more appealing minus the weird boobs

No. 550753

>life saving medicines

No. 550787

I don't think any amount of begging is going to pay off uninsured medical bills when you take a trip to the ER. If she can snap a photo just fine, she's not in dire need. She went to the ER anyway, though.

No. 550799

File: 1531932239423.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 9f13058xj6.jpg)

>Luna's mom: You need to go to the hospital.
~less than 24 hours later~
>Luna: I've chosen to go to the hospital.

No. 550901

Is there no express care or clinic she could have gone to instead?

No. 550913

File: 1531941706969.png (559.73 KB, 737x543, Capture.PNG)

No. 550914

File: 1531941741675.png (544.45 KB, 737x539, Capture1.PNG)

No. 550925

who goes to the emergency room for a uti?

No. 550934

I feel so fucking awful for whoever had to give her a catheter..

No. 550938

I feel sorry for the ER Tech or nurse who had to catheterize her if she's been stewing in her own filth before going to the hospital, and then had them having to go look down there. It's easier when you're more experienced to do catheterization but it's common to have to look around when the patient is bigger because you have to look through flab or whatever.

No. 550941

UTIs can actually be very serious and cause things like sepsis, organ damage etc. Most of the time you should just go to a doctor, but in rare circumstances they can be deadly.

No. 550943

There is, but she didn't.

No. 550949


She would be expected to pay at the time of her visit.

No. 550953


> since the evicted

also 'time to go home' but tuna i thought you were ~homeless~

No. 550955

She walks like she's got something up her butt. Reminds me of a drunken 80-year-old tranny.

No. 550957

lol wtf

No. 550964

File: 1531950822051.gif (1.02 MB, 400x400, tumblr_pc30b2lWQv1xxzxb4o1_400…)

No. 550965

File: 1531950838559.gif (1020.08 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pc30b2lWQv1xxzxb4o2_400…)

No. 550970

I hate when she poses with her mouth open like that, it looks like she has shark teeth ready to rip someone's throat out. It's generally creepy to see her move, eugh.

No. 550982

rip those titties

No. 551026

is that really what she chose to wear to the ER…?

No. 551042

File: 1531960462293.png (114.27 KB, 714x589, Capture _2018-07-18-19-32-12.p…)

No. 551046

jesus fucking christ!!! how do people keep sending her things when she will not shut up about how cheap everything they get her is? i'd be fucking livid. fuck this bitch, it's so hard not to a-log

No. 551059

$75 worth of stuff isn't cheap

No. 551067

File: 1531962759580.png (844.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-19-03-00-39…)

No. 551068


hair bleach, markers and heroin far more vital tho

No. 551070


samefag but probably because they feel bad for her but don't want to give her actual money bc they know what she REALLY wants it for

No. 551076

>I haven't gotten stuff for myself in ages
Uhh… excuse me? You're constantly getting gifts from people and buying useless shit off Amazon.

No. 551094

File: 1531965443553.jpg (41.57 KB, 500x647, b976f8322e72526f6fe3cd16e2b2d5…)

No. 551119

All of this. People who are actually homeless/impoverished people don’t have 24/7 access to the Internet so they can e-beg. They don’t keep animals they can’t afford to care for. They don’t create wishlists of “cheap” but very specific things they “need”. They dumpster dive. They go to soup kitchens. The go to goodwill. They try to get a bed at a shelter. They try to get a job, any fucking job, whether it be cleaning toilets or picking up garbage or whatever. It’s called survival instinct. She’s such a brat.

No. 551124

File: 1531967903773.jpeg (214.47 KB, 750x1334, 616966CE-86FA-4AA4-839A-91D9DD…)

My hat goes off to whoever commented that. I would be so mad if I donated to this ungrateful girl only for her to call everything cheap

No. 551129

do you think it was pat (that's her name right?) who got all that cheap stuff for her? or just daddy. she never says a actual name which is super rude and lol at that comment i'm glad she irritates her followers too

No. 551133

I reckon it’s her dad. I reckon she gets a hell of a lot more from him than the shit she shows us too, but she can’t talk about it because the game is up when people realise that she’s begging while receiving parental support,

No. 551142

>objects to make me briefly happy

Ohhhhhhh man am I so tempted to blogpost here.
If this ingrate can't look at an item a friend or complete stranger bought for her and not feel a speck of lasting joy at the sentiment that someone cared about her to buy her something…no words.

At least most ebeggars I've seen online feign joy and act like mundane shit is gold when they con suckers into gifting them shit. The strung out bitch can't even fake some gratitude.

No. 551172

Wow, calling someone's gifts and generosity cheap? Does she not see how fucking rude that is?

No. 551189

Beggars can be choosers, anon

No. 551208

>its all really cheap but im so excited

imagine buying your friend a gift and she goes on and on about how cheap everything is, even listing the PRICES of everything. i agree w the anon who said that tuna tlks about how cheap everything is so she can justify buying/getting new things when she cant even pay rent… but how does she not see how insulting it is? i used to think we were being a little too harsh on these threads but now… NOPE

No. 551250

jfc this bitch cheaps more than a nest of baby birds

No. 551274

>doesn't trust Wish
>will trust Chinese sellers on Amazon who mark up the prices though

What an idiot.

No. 551280

"I'M SO SAD! Please give me meds for my sadness!"

Does this bitch know that mere sadness isn't a reason for meds? And I don't think any therapist would be willing to give her drugs if they knew that she abused them. I get the feeling that she doesn't even tell them about it but just looking at her hands and feet make it obvious. She thinks medication is a cure all for sadness. Get a damn job and buy yourself things rather than pity begging people and that might help with that "sadness", Tuna.

No. 551288

>I reckon she gets a hell of a lot more from him than the shit she shows us too

and i wonder where its being delivered to? moms apt? bc the more mail she gets there, the harder it'll be to evict her. If mom doesn't get her and lurch out soon, she may have to go through a legal eviction process, esp if tuna has mail coming there (proof of residency) and then the housing complex/landlord will definitely find out. Is tuna smart enough to pull some shit like intentionally obtaining proof of residency??

No. 551294

If that's her plan, she's an even bigger cunt than we thought. "If you try to kick me out, they'll see that you broke the rules and then we'll both be homeless."

No. 551302

kek, tuna deleted the post she made on tumblr about all her cheap cheap cheap goodies because like three of her followers replied saying how generous it was of her friend despite how "affordable" everything was

No. 551338

Ok can someone plz address this. I have no fucking clue how she affords heroin. If she’s a daily user still, that’s a looot. Any indications she’s using street methadon/suboxone as well? I just dont understand where the money is coming from to buy drugs. Cheap ass benzos I get but not heroin. WHO gives her this money? WHERE is it from

No. 551339

well doesn't her dad give her like $200 a month? and lurch probably sells

No. 551349

File: 1532019806776.jpg (340.23 KB, 1047x1280, tumblr_pc4hn1NSIe1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 551360

this is the dress she wanted right? p sure she used her dad's prime

No. 551383

$200 a month? that’s gone in like 3 days w a high tolerance lol. she’d be a lot thinner if she was spending none of it on food too. Im sure lurch uses most of what they have… the dealing is really the only way i can guess theyre affording H

No. 551409

Tuna must be at a crossroad in her life cause her eyes are going in two different directions.

Also, she makes the most retarded faces when she's taking photos. She looks like an unkempt monkey.

No. 551441

File: 1532028566117.png (568.29 KB, 827x601, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 1.28…)

Apparently not.

No. 551443

File: 1532028720307.png (536.64 KB, 817x600, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 1.28…)

No. 551444

File: 1532028746006.png (126.1 KB, 746x551, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 1.30…)

No. 551445

File: 1532028797015.png (513.56 KB, 817x604, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 1.32…)

No. 551462

File: 1532030108602.jpg (35.44 KB, 400x326, 1190.jpg)

No. 551466

he's so fucking greasy and revolting, why doesn't he cut his hair D:

No. 551467


aesthetic, dear anon.

No. 551483

you should follow suit luna

No. 551485

File: 1532034222925.png (477.11 KB, 486x624, ed858d2b982f5a332785daad2352cb…)


hes always reminded me of this

No. 551495

No. 551496

File: 1532035715697.jpg (260.09 KB, 719x1120, IMG_20180719_232711.jpg)

the perks of having an abusive mother part 56773348

No. 551497

File: 1532035831583.jpg (173.6 KB, 717x954, IMG_20180719_232655.jpg)

No. 551499

File: 1532035864297.jpg (296.22 KB, 701x1226, IMG_20180719_232639.jpg)

No. 551501

File: 1532035987632.jpg (272.44 KB, 720x1078, IMG_20180719_233241.jpg)

No. 551502

I can smell this image

No. 551505

I'm going to forever see this man as Lurch, thanks anon.

What an abusive and toxic mom! What kind of evil person gives their daughter pants

Does that first line say, "I surround myself with pinus"?

No. 551515

I would be horrified to sleep among that filth. Just put that poor Korilakkuma out of its misery.

No. 551516

i think it's 'i surround myself with pinks'

'the streets sound like a scary place but i'll never do it alone' hmm sounds like she's been considering prostitution?

No. 551517

i think she means ending up on the streets aka homelessness which i doubt will ever happen, she'll just mooch off her dad

No. 551518

File: 1532039606666.gif (916.22 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pc4wodWVH11xxzxb4o1_400…)

Now in gif form.

No. 551519

File: 1532039621168.gif (856.77 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pc4wodWVH11xxzxb4o2_400…)

No. 551520

File: 1532039636303.jpg (265.93 KB, 1101x1280, tumblr_pc4womNjfU1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 551521

File: 1532039660545.gif (842.95 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pc4vwp9fFm1xxzxb4o1_400…)

No. 551523

File: 1532039670732.gif (909.61 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pc4vwp9fFm1xxzxb4o2_400…)

No. 551524

File: 1532039748933.gif (595.38 KB, 245x150, B5C5EF74-9FDE-4529-A12F-939495…)

No. 551525

File: 1532039771235.gif (445.43 KB, 498x336, tenor.gif)

No. 551532

I think Luna constantly goes on about how 'cheap' things are (the things she's buying, 'cheap' 'drugstore' makeup that still costs $8, the 'gifts' she's being 'given') because she's trying to pretend to her followers that she's really poor. When in reality, she's getting money from her rich daddy every month and it kind of goes against her 'poor' aesthetic (which we can all see in those posts she's made in the past criticising other people from buying from thrift stores because they aren't as 'poor' as her along with many other posts). Of course, by saying her 'friends' are buying her cheap things all the time, it just makes her look ungrateful to her followers who are gulliable enough to believe her.
The 'cheap' pants and tacky t-shirts and lip balms add up though (especially as the clothes are all close to $20 each) and it's obvious she's buying these things for herself as she never posts any pictures with her friends (which she would definitely do if they existed). It's all so bizarre to me as I'm a recovering heroin addict. And when I was a heroin addict, I bought only necessities and the cheapest versions of those. Those 'cheap' baby lips lip balms Luna's posted cost ~$4 and NYX makeup is closer to $10. It's a bit shameful but when I needed makeup, I would steal testers for products and I only ate rice for months on end. If she really believes these products are 'cheap', she's clearly such a spoilt brat. But I do think she does it to garner sympathy. 'Poor me poor me! I can only afford cheap things! Friends only buy me cheap things! Please paypal lunaslater if you can! It all helps!'

No. 551535

File: 1532040869111.gif (1.67 MB, 500x281, source.gif)

someone stop her please

No. 551553

>mfw i steal my abusive mom's bedroom and she's forced to sleep on the couch

No. 551572

wow luna, you're so cool i wish i could have a 50 year old fiance that doesn't want to marry me and a burning urinary tract

No. 551583

File: 1532045490890.jpg (109.36 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


kek ty for pointing this out anon, now i can't unsee it

No. 551603


Nope! If her meanie abusive father has insurance she’s definitely covered until 26. She’s absolutely could have gone to a doc in the box. It’s the only good thing about insurance here in the US.

No. 551616

Echoed. As another recovered addict, I can vouch for this. When you’re dirt poor you don’t have the time nor inclination to post on tumblr ad infinitum about how you need “cheap necessities” from fucking Amazon. That sort of shit doesn’t even register. All you care about is survival. And those pictures she posts of her dad’s beautiful apartment are just so galling. She’s such an ungrateful cunt, her parents “being abusive” is no doubt them just wanting her to sort herself out and not supporting her heroin-glamorising, stealing, lying, begging disgusting lifestyle. Yet they still put a roof over her head and give her money to squander. How the fuck does she have followers? I guess they’re easier to fool than her irl friends who have all kicked her scummy ass to the curb.

No. 551618

File: 1532050148306.png (354.06 KB, 553x525, Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 11.2…)

i really feel like luna didn't actually watch this series, just looked at the 'adorable' sanrio characters. she's so superficial. not that she would ever confront the fact that underneath the veneer of being ~sooo in love~ her 'fiancee' is a heroin addicted 40 yr old man with no job or place of his own. or, you know, that the rest of us suffer through shitty 9-5 jobs because you gotta do what you gotta do.

No. 551622

She really just gave up on that skirt, huh?

No. 551626

She ran out of cheap markers anon, somebody buy her some more stat so she can continue to grace us all with her amazing talent

No. 551627

I don’t ever believe it’s a friend bc chances are “that person” would be up in the comments of her posts at least once like “you’re welcome uwu” and someone would have called her out on how she words those posts. She’s literally just too stupid to see how often she is overusing the “cheap” ploy, like I truly don’t think she registers how often she talks about her “cheap” stuff because it’s ingrained in her being as part of a narrative she has to keep up and like many anons have said, she can’t talk about how poor she is all the time if she’s constantly getting new amazon goodies. I’m sure it’s her dad buying it, 75 dollars is a lot to spend on a random internet friend who is known to be a heroin junkie. Let’s be real. Also I have never ever known someone to ruin copics literally every 4-6 months like she does. It’s really sad tbh. She ruins everything with her lifestyle of squalor.

No. 551628

Jesus he even looks at you like a fucking predator. Honestly I do hate luna and her awful narcissism but if she left lurch and called him out I would consider leaving this thread, that’s how much I hate the creepy fuck

No. 551630


there was one instance of that happening with ugly_tamagotchi and the "dollar store lipstick" no but seriously how cute is this dollar store lipstick cheap cheap cheap

No. 551634

Uglytamagotchi has literally been commenting on every single one of Luna’s posts for like 5 years so I give them the benefit of the doubt.

No. 551636

Also uglytamagotchi comments on other instagram famous accounts, I’ve seen her on Molly sodas a few times

No. 551637


This reminds me of the Russian guy that was caught digging up dead kids and turning them into mummified dolls in his apt like that bundle looks do rancid and somehow evil

No. 551638

File: 1532051180464.jpeg (22.06 KB, 316x450, 448EC14A-26D1-4427-92CE-1C4D2E…)

nah anon, this

No. 551639

not to detail, but tell me more

No. 551643


still, i cringed so hard imagining how it would feel to buy someone a thoughtful gift (a lip colour in just the right corpsey mauve shade) and then have them post on their ig like 'hey everyone look at this dollar store lipstick from the dollar store (friend) got me i lost 90% of my belongings when i was evicted no seriously how cute is this dollar store lipstick from the dollar store? roger was like a father to me"

No. 551650

it does look sinister…well you gotta remember those stuffies have seen some dark shit

No. 551654

I remember an anon saying they sent luna old copics (I think it was that) before they really knew what she was like and she posted on her insta something like "someone sent me these" no name or anything

I think the "friend" probably doesn't even exist it was just her dad again

No. 551663

Haha it’s so telling that all of the farmers here can so easily craft a paragraph that sounds like it’s straight from Luna herself, but I guess that’s not hard to do when you only have 10 recyclable pity party phrases to throw around to maintain your uwu “poor person” aesthetic

No. 551664

Agreed, I feel like in the rare event that someone does actually send her stuff, she never names them bc she doesn’t want 40 people messaging that person being like “Luna does heroin!!!!!” which would fuck up her chances of getting more stuff even tho the person probably already knows bc Jesus Christ, just google her name and that’s all you’d ever have to see.

No. 551666

>left it four years ago
>my mom kept it

This is the second or third bit of clothing Luna's said her mom has kept. The lady is on government housing and got out of rehab, why would she be carting around her daughter's clothes for years? I'm going to take a wild guess and say Luna's just stealing her clothes at this rate since Luna keeps claiming she's living out of trash bags.

No. 551668

Tbh is that not the same dress and leggings that were on her amazon wishlist?

No. 551669

not that anon, but I think they are referring to Anatoly Moskvin.

>When you’re dirt poor you don’t have the time nor inclination to post on tumblr ad infinitum about how you need “cheap necessities” from fucking Amazon.

I really think this comes from the fact that Luna is a spoiled brat who doesn't understand the value of money. Coming from someone who was also once a spoiled brat, she thinks she really deserves these trinkets and treasures, and convinces herself that she truly needs them. When in reality, she could very easily make do with what she has at hand. It's just an immaturity thing. I wouldn't be surprised if the other 60% of her day that she doesn't spend scamming, begging, and whining is spent making huge wishlists on various websites to satiate her greed.

She's not in a position where her survival is threatened and therefore she continues to act like a child, i.e. throwing tantrums and blaming her parents for everything that goes wrong. According to her, they're the ones holding her back from living out a Kurt and Courtney lifestyle with Dr. Caligari–not her obvious immaturity, her narcissism, her addiction, her greed, her refusal to seek therapy or get clean, or her refusal to do literally anything for herself.

Tbh I feel bad for Luna's parents.

No. 551673

It might be. She begs for so much shit that it's hard to keep track of what she's got gifted from 'friends', bought herself, stole and pretended to get as a gift/bought, or graverobbed and pretended she found it.

No. 551675


nah the cheap floral trackies are grey and have bell bottoms and a drawstring waist and the cheap grey dress is hemmed above the hips not just below where a normal person's titties would sit. so now she essentially has two dresses and two pairs of pants that are functionally and aesthetically almost exactly the same.

No. 551706

Her writing really proves what a raging narcissist she is.
>I'm an angel but they ~clipped my wings~

No. 551710

seeing lurch blink is so fucking unsettling. i think because it proves he’s actually a living breathing person and not just a corpse luna has propped up

No. 551730

Only someone whose brain is irreparably fried from persistent drug abuse could find this junji ito monstrosity “handsome”

No. 551731

I think it’s hilarious there is a legit group of anons who think this lmfao

No. 551732

Luna should try livestreaming, I don't know how charismatic/entertaining she is in real life but people make a lot from the donations, not that she really deserves money but at least she would be (sort of) working for her money

No. 551733


livestreaming what? all she does is shoot up and play dress-up in her extensive wardrobe of cheap amazon clothes that is somehow supposed to be less than 10% of the garbage she used to have

No. 551735

File: 1532065723358.jpg (244.07 KB, 709x1139, IMG_20180720_074717.jpg)

No. 551736

File: 1532065743357.jpg (255.65 KB, 712x1138, IMG_20180720_074701.jpg)

No. 551737

File: 1532065768931.jpg (217.56 KB, 720x1137, IMG_20180720_074636.jpg)

No. 551738


he was like a father to her!

No. 551739

File: 1532065932591.jpg (195.38 KB, 719x819, IMG_20180720_075055.jpg)

No. 551740

anons who follow her on IG, did she ever respond to or acknowledge the person who commented "that was nice of your friend, sorry it's all so cheap though"? or did she just delete the post like she did on tumblr?

No. 551741

File: 1532066112463.jpg (134.87 KB, 720x814, IMG_20180720_074612.jpg)

still so salty she looooooves Aggretsuko though she can't relate

No. 551745


same anon, pls see >>551618

No. 551751

I can’t find the post anymore, I think she deleted the whole thing.

No. 551752

yeah like what the fuck. I get people have different prefences but this I do not understand. maybe he was extremely manipulative at the start when she was very vulnerable and young that he tricked her into believing he’s the only one for her and somehow subconsciously she finds him sexually attractive bc of how ~good~ he is. and now she’s stuck in delusion, in this cycle of abuse. Idfk. i’m sure he’s an abusive predator. remember her old blog? remember his fb?

it’s so odd how she’s so so lacking any kind of self awareness and takes no responsibility and has zero remorse for her actions. i’m sure she knows what she does is wrong, her lack of empathy and her narcissm just makes her not give a fuck

I really wanna make a parody of her art. any anon wanna do it with me? like, a painting in her style, but better, and more realisitic when it comes to her narcissism and grimy lifestyle, not that bs like “take ur meds” “keep going”

No. 551759

you can tell where she got tired of drawing lol what is that on the table, an ashtray? lol those fingernails tho like she really takes the time to include an angel, a cross, stars in the window, lamp, diary, etc but then can't even be bothered to make the final details look nice? lord. she really does lack awareness in all aspects and creativity tbh, it's wild she really thinks she can charge 60+ for animal crossing self portraits that aren't even colored or outlined with effort. that purple skirt in one of the last ones killed me.

No. 551767

She also misses the point of the Resasuke part so hard.

No. 551771

this picture is the most flattering one i've seen taken of her in ages actually, her eyes don't look scary as fuck for once

No. 551775


it's bc it's candid imo, she wastes so much time and energy dolling herself up to look horrifying and pulling contrived, unflattering poses

No. 551789

File: 1532075820805.jpg (22.23 KB, 202x361, 1532035715697.jpg)


No doubt her mom is keeping the cat food and litter stocked.


>flawed and cobbled together, a metaphor for the health care system

She's not that clever even to be contrived.


In b4 next tumblr account peroxideangel1996

So she had trouble getting her new cat eyelets into her lobes, forced them, and got blowouts?


Her mom could have kept their combined possessions in storage. If she cares enough about Luna to put her up for going on over a month, holding onto Luna's things with her own is not out of character.


>I recognise I haven't reached rock bottom yet

>you won't ever leave on purpose

What would be more rock bottom than having to part from Lurch? /tinfoil

No. 551801

Don’t give her ideas anon, for the love of all that is holy

No. 551802

when I took the screenshot she hadn’t replied yet and the pic was up for an hour or so. I checked back like half a day later and the photo was no longer there

No. 551809

File: 1532089622453.png (62.97 KB, 470x580, TunaBingouwu.png)

No. 551811

>parody of her art
Yes please!

No. 551812

File: 1532090102544.gif (397.03 KB, 220x150, 49847067-F254-4FB9-9521-765FD9…)

No. 551813


No. 551814


omg the drinking piss one. the juice carton from hell.

No. 551815

File: 1532091460979.png (576.27 KB, 1472x2272, themodernmonalisa.png)

someone ask for some parody art? fresh off the presses

No. 551816

This is actually brilliant and I feel inspired. 10/10, anon

No. 551817

File: 1532092939380.jpeg (639.07 KB, 1670x1539, 450792F1-B720-4730-9596-AEF4BC…)

A kiwi gave it a try.

tried copying her style and now I’d like to claim my easy $50.

Also, I legit have no idea how she gets the ink so streaky. For science, I used Copics on the cheapest shit paper I could find and, yeah, not perfect but nothing like how she gets it. Does she stab the paper with them?

No. 551828

Is that blood?

No. 551829

hard to tell with that fabric, could be drips of water. that diarrhea-colored ring though.

No. 551892

11/10 anon, bravo

No. 551902

Wow, that looks really good! Honestly from looking at Luna's art I kind of got the opinion that copics colour like highlighters do where you can almost never get an even colour but this looks properly coloured. I don't get it, also this makes me mad cause this style could have an audience but she's ruining her own style with her colouring and still sells it for prices of more professional artists

No. 551917

File: 1532112409132.jpg (1.35 MB, 904x1404, tumblr_pc6fnnZoOL1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 551942

File: 1532117506781.jpg (97.7 KB, 719x466, IMG_20180720_220945.jpg)

No. 551947

File: 1532118927060.jpeg (321.98 KB, 750x1168, A35B6CF7-7F4A-402C-80A6-DCCCFD…)

I love how Luna writes regurgitated tumblr posts down on a notepad and thinks it’s art. Newsflash girl, you are privleged as fuck. You are complaining that the US healthcare system doesn’t care about the poor and would let them die, but you obviously have access to health care because you went to the fucking emergency room for nothing more than a UTI. It’s like she sees herself as that one poor woman who got her legs mangled by a train and was begging for people to not call her an ambulance because she was uninsured.

Luna, you had access to mental healthcare. You ditched your program, that picked you up and took you to therapy, because you didn’t like the food they gave you there. You stay addicted to heroin for the aesthetic even though you could easily seek help with the support of your parents.

Fuck off girl. You don’t understand what it’s like to be poor.

No. 551949

I honestly feel like she does the super streaky, poorly done coloring on purpose to seem more like an outsider and make her art fall into the category of naive. She does it so shitty because she wants everyone to know that her art supplies are so old and ~cheap~ and she’s too poor to afford new ones uwu. Everything she does is to manipulate people into giving her money.

No. 551963

She makes it easy to play bingo >>551809

No. 551965

>threatened to be kicked to the streets daily
do it already Mama Slater! It's the only way she'll leave

No. 552009

Didn't she have a lot of money she inherited at some point and threw it all out for crap? So poor and neglected…

No. 552016

I scrolled past this before catching up with the post and thought "holy shit, is luna actually capable of talent when she's sober?"

No. 552030

I can't stop seeing homestuck but they did such a better job than luna lol like the fingers aren't wildy stickin out or anything! they should try and undercut her art selling like sell it for $35

No. 552098

File: 1532139649705.png (33.6 KB, 551x207, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 12.2…)

No. 552105

Bitch, we all know they are though!!!

No. 552123

lol no shit bitch but its easy to tell what fresh needle marks look like vs old track marks. lots of her marks on her legs have bruising around them - this happens and means its new. (i recall she posted a pic of just legs recently)

No. 552146

Lmfao anon Lurch in the corner
>dat big areola

No. 552183

>i get laughed at by people uwu
Too bad, Luna.

She's no better than the farmers laughing at her, she does the same thing to Abby Brown and even her own parents.

No. 552188

File: 1532156537756.png (609.38 KB, 815x594, 11.1.png)

No. 552194


managed not to outright tell us this plant was "cheap", still couldn't resist mentioning how much it cost.

No. 552213


luna's so deluded, she's said in the past that she thinks we "laugh at her" on here because she's mentally ill/an addict, when in reality a lot of anons are one or both of those things as well (or were in the past) as were the people from tumblr/leftbook groups who called her out on that honey martin post. people dislike her because she's a shitty person, and it might actually do her good if she were to take some of the shit that gets posted ITT on board for self improvement's sake not wah wah abuse i have bpd pls no bolly paypal@lunaslater bby

No. 552225

jfc 19 threads and this bitch never learns

No. 552257

literally lol. ive seen so many former h addicts on here and i’m sure some of us are still current addicts. lots of people with bpd too who would never act like this cow. i hate the people online who use their bpd as an excuse for eveything like luna more than i hate the people who totally self diagnose their abusive exes with bpd then go talk about them on support forums lol

No. 552260

File: 1532198085725.png (692.87 KB, 600x883, poorcat.png)

No. 552261

File: 1532198117187.png (892.53 KB, 600x847, lunabegs.png)

She posted the first picture twice with two different captions.

No. 552265

>people asked if they were available then never followed through
lol cus you told em they cost $70 that's why. i love how she thinks she can make enough money selling "art" to rent a hotel room or whatever. you'd think someone who was semi homeless and forced to only buy cheap dresses and plants would be trying hard to find any work they could

No. 552268

I love how the picture of Lurch with Smokey is so old it looks like a completely different cat, that could feasibly have been 10 years ago. She's definitely been doing a lot of weird throwbacks, is she starting to notice that Lurch is kinda uggo?

No. 552269

Ikr, even for Luna this level of delusion is insane. She'd have to sell roughly 15 of these to cover even $1000 of rent and I doubt she could do that even if she actually put in more effort.

No. 552271

> about US health care

> drawing of girl staring sadly at prescription medication with infected-looking red needle mark scab

fucking lol stop

No. 552273

Lurch actually looking human (and cute). Must be old.

No. 552275

yep. not to blog but am a current daily ~opiate addict [kratom] & I STILL am shocked by how abhorrent the behavior of this creature is.

she's either textbook personality disorder, or just in some seriously gross phase where she lacks empathy for other people & only cares about herself. this is why she has these threads – not b/c she uses drugs or has disorders [who doesn't], but b/c her behavior shows she's a narcissistic twat who seems to willfully never grow up.

sidenote, but if she cared enough i wonder if she could just switch to something like kratom. tons of people have, from h, & compared to getting completely sober it's a walk in the park. seems like she hasn't considered her options or at least she hasn't posted about them. IMO better to switch to kratom than methadone/sub.(read the rules)

No. 552280

um anon the us healthcare system won't give luna benzos so she can love lurch or seroquel so she can sleep at night, it's a fucking epidemic!

No. 552281

>and cute

anon you must be joking–or blind.

No. 552290


She's really trying to capitalize on how everyone around her she loved is dead, isn't she? She never cared about them while they were alive but now than they're dead she's naming things after them, shoehorning them into conversation and posting pictures of them to sob about how much they meant to her.

No. 552291

File: 1532205396781.jpg (176.79 KB, 1134x834, 2018-07-21_16-34-42.jpg)

Cute? Human? Anon…get some help, you're losing your eyesight.

She's too obvious to be so oblivious. She's only whining about the healthcare system because she can't easily get drugs like she used to.

No. 552294

Let's not forget her mom is also a junkie, throwback to that time Lurch got her to piss in a pot for him so he could pass a drug test and it ended up coming back positive for cocaine

No. 552349

You really need to re-evaluate your standars

No. 552352

That photo is not that old, it was taken within the last 3 years.
crack not cocaine

I feel like a Tuna historian. Time to log off

No. 552365

>preventable health problems

pls stop luna
she wants to be oppressed so bad like you might not be rich but most of your family is middle class and uh you white too

No. 552387

File: 1532224849199.png (8.81 KB, 468x75, homeless.PNG)

i found luna commenting in a bojack horseman shitposting group i'm in

No. 552389

File: 1532225518412.png (555.13 KB, 508x632, bojack.PNG)

she drew some bojack fanart too. of course she would relate to a self-pitying, narcissistic, self-sabotaging, drug addicted horse

No. 552390

her withdrawal would still be pretty shitty even using kratom after 5 years of IV heroin. it can get rid of most of the symptoms after using a few months (mild withdrawal) sure but she could take 40g at once and it will noooot make it a walk in the park. it can help, absolutely, but no walk in the park with her habit.

kratom is strong w no opiate tolerance but it’ll take a while for hers to get down so that she gets nice effects from it - she cant stand sobriety and she doesn’t wanna quit. what happened to the methadone clinic anyways

No. 552394

'in the other group I posted them people asked if they were for sale'

Sure girl. Nice try to sound less greedy.

No. 552396


Its really sad to consider I've seen shit like this published as commission illustration work in magazines before. Esp. girly tumblr feminism publications like Nylon or Rookie would eat this shit up. If she could just accept being a adult and having some level of adult responsibilities ( basic time management, a few years in the shittiest art school/internships, forming relationships with people besides Lurch that aren't entirely based off parasitism ) she could make a living selling her illustrations of ~*uwu sad girls*~ to that niche market that needs sketchy, cartoony art for articles about eds/teens on drugs/ect. She can even still be to a certain extent a low functioning drug user who lives in pigsty with her cats, Ive met artistic people who def are while still being able to met the bare requirements of being an independent adult. But I suspect a certain fundamental parasitism has been permanently formed in her personality at this point from years of vegetating and it'll never happen even if the opportunity was dropped on her lap, she would have some BS excuse as to why she didn't want to do it.

No. 552399

that's just great anon

>a buncha shit about me you didn't ask about
>hope ur ok

uh luna you're not homeless or semi homeless, you live within a home

No. 552407

if the ol' inheritance story was real, she's basically a failed rich person kek. i mean, that's what i'd consider myself if i got and lost that much money idk about you guys.

No. 552409

>that niche market that needs sketchy, cartoony art

but why would they use tuna when there's an absolute fuck ton of artists with that style, since it's easy to do, but they still use better materials, execute it well, and work for cheap or even exposure. meanwhile tuna mashes her markers in a way that doesn't look intentional, does sloppy work, and wants lots of money for it.

In order for this scenario to ever be feasible, she would need to seriously improve her work ethic and be less greedy, which is what it always comes back to. there's a million things she could do to improve her life if she took it more seriously, but she refuses to.

No. 552416

File: 1532231420581.jpg (301.23 KB, 700x1112, IMG_20180722_054539.jpg)

No. 552419

fair enough. she has been using for a long ass time so I guess that's the price you pay.

i am curious though, like another anon said, what her h use looks like at this point. probably b/c she's staying with her mom & maybe trying to appear sober on her IG/tumblr, but she hasn't posted anything blatant about using h in a while. kinda sucks that she's not as transparent about that anymore.

No. 552423

you know paypal would easily ban her if they(PP) found out people were sending her $ for nudes. they hate sex work and no (actual) sex workers would use paypal. shes a fucking idiot. someone will report her or PP will catch onto it soon, then poor tuna wont have all her idiot internet pals send her $. its easy. she doesnt know wtf shes doing.

No. 552428


>didn't know I was awake

>not doing anything productive like make breakfast, going to work ect
>making a point to look at pictures of me as a kid and smiling like a creep
>Didn't ask me when I was awake to show him pics of me as kid
> creeping on pics of me as kid thinking I don't see him

No. 552448


and he was gawping at it for so long she had time to pull out her phone, open the camera, set up the shot and 'sneak' a picture?

No. 552450

Ew what the fuck. Obviously he's a pedo, but that's so nasty.

No. 552493

File: 1532259936581.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.57 KB, 500x667, 1480023019934.jpg)

Throwback to that picture in /snow/
It was the source of our best meme tbh

No. 552494

samefagging but
>i snuck a picture of it but it would take me forever to find rn but I've posted it before.
This lazy bitch, it took me under 2 minutes to find.
>open first 3 Luna threads
>CRTL+F "chief areola"

How the fuck is she this lazy? Why even tell this story without the image

No. 552496

that big areola

No. 552498

Holy shit that boob is oozing out of the frame like a scene from The Blob. Its legit terrifying.

No. 552500

Get out of where she’s “living” ??
So she can have a room????? Like her mom’s?! Bruh


No. 552502

I personally bought a piece of art from claropsyche/vesperucca on instagram, she has 106k followers and is incredibly talented and popular and the one that I purchased is a really well executed, not sloppy, beautifully colored, totally finished mixed media original drawing and it was ONLY 20 DOLLARS. Luna is definitely out of her cocky mind from her years of drug abuse thinking this sloppy self portrait/projection chicken shit can make rent like that, especially on a monthly basis. She is so lazy she can’t even color in the lines anymore. How much you want to bet that if these are ever sold, they have stains and crumbs and hair all over them? How much you want to bet she just rips them out of the book? I swear to god this bitch has no idea what being humble is

No. 552504

lmfao I was gonna say I knew that he wasn't smiling at the pic just staring w no emotion whatsoever

No. 552505

can you please just stop. she's not going to change and you're not going to achieve anything trying to live through her. her art is shit and she is shit, the end. fucking hell.

No. 552516

File: 1532277341050.jpg (85.45 KB, 562x1000, unnamed-2.jpg)

No. 552517

i meant to say that lunas art work looks strangly similar to this russian girls art work ?

No. 552596

File: 1532297940352.png (16.73 KB, 782x273, ngrz5S7.png)

She deleted this post

No. 552619

I don't know why she's whining, it's not like much of the content in this thread is from her tumblr. Pretty much confirms to me she's been reading here tho, nobody here believed that she hadn't done heroin recently so she deleted it.

She's fucking OD'd in front of her mum so bare minimum she did heroin 2 months ago. She's trying to imply she's clean so more people donate to her, musta realised people don't want their money going on heroin. She's never been good at manipulation though, being strung out most of the time has made her a bit dim.

No. 552643

DAE remember like a year ago when lurch said to that catfish anon account that he only uses H like once a week and stuff like crack and benzos more regularly? idk why he would lie about that and be open about crack use. And if lurch was using less frequently (and maybe is now? considering they live w luna’s mom) do we really think he was/is just cool with Luna using up the entire stash lol.

Like if luna’s mom noticed her luna’s grown ass bf nodding out 24/7 why is she cool with him staying around? I get luna because thats her daughter but who the fuck would be okay w that creepy mf sleeping there

No. 552645


lurch was actually luna's mom's "friend" before they started dating iirc, that's how luna and lurch met. luna posted about her mom not being accepting of their relationship so im kinda surprised she's willing to let them both stay there.

No. 552648

I thought he was her drug dealer

Isnt luna’s mom clean from H now tho?

No. 552670

File: 1532314737649.png (761.38 KB, 815x599, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.56…)

I think Lurch was Luna's mother's drug dealer.
However, yes her mom is clean now and has been for a while. It's once of the reasons why she and Luna lost contact–her mom was trying to get clean but Luna was still a junkie.

No. 552671

File: 1532314750944.png (599.18 KB, 813x600, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.56…)


No. 552673

File: 1532314776165.png (603.08 KB, 813x601, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 8.55…)

No. 552674

File: 1532314883290.png (1.25 MB, 854x1200, cheap.png)


No. 552675

Even if this is a photo taken at her best angle and with favorable lighting she actually looks a thousand times cuter without that all awful makeup caked on. Her face looks so different and she even appears clean for once.

No. 552677

i know this isn't close up but I'm pissed off that her skin somehow looks clear? like how is that possible?

she's delusional about everything…this looks like it was done today tuna your art hasn't improved at all

No. 552679

>cheapest art
>35-50 dollars
Luna pls. Those should be the prices of her most expensive art and even then that's pushing it.

She looks a million times better here. She's been pick pocketing makeup for no reason.

The "pls no bully i'm a sweet pure angel uwu" caption is hilarious though because she's in dozens of facebook gossip groups and constantly badmouths her parents.

No. 552681

I don't follow this thread, but I opened the photo since I thought she looked kinda pretty. I went up the thread to find her other pics with makeup on and yikes

She seems like she has self esteem in all the wrong areas

No. 552683

Her thighs just keep getting more wide. Your boyfriend needs to wash his damn hair and shave his incoming pedostache, Tuna.

No. 552707

Lol make this next thread pic. She does look 500 times better, makeup makes it worse, or really just the kind she picks tbh. She should lose the pastel colors.

No. 552730

she actually looks pretty here. christ this is depressing.

>i’ve looked at my art from just a year ago and it’s gotten so much better

tuna, I hate to break it to you but…

No. 552732

Because she is pretty, she just ruins it with the caked on make-up and being a junkie in general… sad

No. 552741

Luna might be the epitome of wasted potential.

No. 552744

Am I the only one who can't see her freckles? She's just wearing more expensive foundation? And she wasn't able to wash off all her mascara, you can see it especially on the right hand side.

I mean she isn't wearing her downs syndrome eyeliner, but she purposely makes her eyes look droopy most of the time. It looks like this picture is like… Under 5 hours after bathing because she looks greasy as shit in >>552674

I'm getting Vicky shingle vibes from that pic tbh, why's it so much blurrier/low def than her pizza pictures?

There's definitely a couple pimples on her chin, but given how Luna is always covered in grease and apparently has PCOS, her skin is surprisingly good.

No. 552746

File: 1532344142611.png (3.2 MB, 2118x1774, 1492051232634.png)

samefagging but I tried to track down another pic of Luna's freckles because they're pretty distinctive, turns out she's lied about the "no makeup" thing before, pic related. Left she's clearly wearing makeup, and in right her freckles are WAY more visible. In every single pic of her "without makeup" she has chin pimples tho which makes me think.

No. 552747

but legit the pic on the right makes me feel so fucking sad, she was cuter before all the heroin, I don't know when that was taken but you can see life in her eyes. Her current selfies have these cold, pinned, soulless eyes that freak me out

No. 552752

File: 1532348213988.png (590.89 KB, 719x870, Capture _2018-07-22-20-54-25.p…)

He nodded out on Smokey and Tuna thought it'd be a cute pic?

No. 552762


tbh she looks almost cute in the left pic. And more like her age. Under all the grime and her shitty personality lies a little bit potential. maybe.

No. 552764

>apparently has PCOS
She claims to have a lot of things.

It's a shame she cakes her face in an ugly way. Her natural face is really pretty on the left and she looks young. But the moment she puts on makeup and doesn't bother with her hair, she looks older than her middle-aged boyfriend.

Ugh speak of the hideous devil. He looks like a cave man melded with an Easter Island statue.

No. 552770

So what exactly happened to her lips to cause this? Extreme dryness and chewing?

No. 552780

Kissing statues.

No. 552810

File: 1532371853053.png (447.96 KB, 820x596, 10.1.png)


Pic dump from KF.

No. 552811

File: 1532371903549.png (661.8 KB, 818x596, 1.png)

No. 552812

File: 1532371953987.png (811.87 KB, 819x598, 6.png)

No. 552815

File: 1532372008559.png (759.14 KB, 817x597, 9.png)

No. 552817

File: 1532372048306.png (677.92 KB, 815x596, 20.8.png)

No. 552818

File: 1532372083730.png (791.37 KB, 824x595, 20.7.png)

No. 552819

File: 1532372114909.png (684.54 KB, 815x598, 20.10.png)

No. 552820

File: 1532372155668.png (744.6 KB, 866x595, 4.png)

No. 552821

File: 1532372188775.png (582.32 KB, 821x597, 5.2.png)

No. 552822

File: 1532372248538.png (565.04 KB, 823x597, 7.png)

No. 552825

File: 1532372678688.png (755.05 KB, 942x596, 19.2.png)

No. 552826

File: 1532372719152.png (868.4 KB, 941x593, 19.1.png)

No. 552827

File: 1532372754341.png (453.67 KB, 938x597, 42.png)

No. 552829

the cats she draws look more human than the people

No. 552835

File: 1532373127781.png (761.73 KB, 871x596, 27.1.png)

No. 552837

File: 1532373171241.png (604.08 KB, 935x594, 17.1.png)

No. 552840

File: 1532373205777.png (782.17 KB, 939x596, 17.2.png)

No. 552846

File: 1532373704017.png (696.61 KB, 832x597, 44.png)

No. 552849

god she looks like shit

I thought the american healthcare system was depriving you of medication?

No. 552852

File: 1532374350724.jpg (81.08 KB, 650x823, Derek-Zoolander-in-a-turban.jp…)

She really needs to stop doing that expression with her mouth.

Ew, why would she put something that goes in her mouth with something that went in her dirty ears? Fucking nasty.

No. 552863

ok does anyone know the reasons for her obsession with Catholic/religious imagery?

No. 552884

File: 1532378745120.png (483.76 KB, 810x599, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.45…)

No. 552885


She shoots heroin contaminated with who knows what and has ingested methadone cheeked by a fellow junkie with hep C. Storing her Xanax with her crusty jewelry is the least her her hygiene risks.

No. 552886

File: 1532378858907.png (798.88 KB, 813x597, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.44…)

No. 552888


That's called stealing, you know.

No. 552889


I wonder if her mom has been leaving out the cleaning products as a hint.

No. 552890

File: 1532379025965.png (692.67 KB, 548x876, Untitled.png)

I'm guessing, but I think she's just copying Tumblr trends. Nicole Dollanganger et al popularised weird christian iconography and other people ran with it. Same with her obsession with Hello Kitty and pastel puke bullshit, she doesn't have any identity outside of heroin and what she sees on Tumblr.

I was gonna say "maybe its because of her interest in renaissance art" but that's giving her too much credit. Her old artwork doesnt have any signs of the cherubs/religious undertones, you'd think if she had an interest in it before Tumblr, it would have been reflected there.

I love going thru her re-blogs because they're like a weird parallel universe Luna, where she kept everything clean and didn't destroy everything she touched.

Her style isn't unique in any sense. I assume she stole it, just like she steals everything else.

No. 552893

I really hope that something precious of hers gets stolen again just for a karma slap. She deserves it.

No. 552895

it looks cute I feel bad for whoever she stole it from

No. 552896

That hoodie looks like it's festering in mold. How in the world can she wear that?

No. 552908

She would look so much better if she just didnt try to ruffle her hair with her hands, it drives me nuts

No. 552916

No, its because she steals from peoples graves.

No. 552935

File: 1532387681904.png (562.92 KB, 500x517, 5.png)

She steals makeup, food and countless other shit but doesn't sperg about it on tumblr like religious stuff, but okay.

No. 552937

File: 1532387783654.png (570.29 KB, 937x444, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.12…)

Incoming Tuna spam from instagram.

She's been posting about this red kanken all day. . .but for the life of me I can't remember her ever having one? Is this another stolen item?

Tinfoiling, but maybe she stole someone's kanken and that's where the "cheap" notebook from this post (>>552886) came from.

Please let me know if we've seen this backpack before because I'm reeling.

No. 552938

File: 1532387922041.png (679.38 KB, 934x449, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.16…)

Sorry, this post >>552886

No. 552939

File: 1532387935672.png (644.42 KB, 814x599, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.17…)

No. 552940

File: 1532387957110.png (808.82 KB, 849x602, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.17…)

No. 552941

yeah I'd say that's possible. It does look grimey enough to be hers though

No. 552942

File: 1532388053787.png (494.11 KB, 816x601, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.17…)

No. 552943

File: 1532388065526.png (538.08 KB, 813x599, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.17…)

No. 552944

File: 1532388148592.png (405.1 KB, 813x598, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.17…)

No. 552945

File: 1532388168161.png (624.53 KB, 815x600, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.18…)

No. 552946

File: 1532388238749.png (620.25 KB, 844x595, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.17…)

Sorry for spamming her posts, anons. I know she doesn't accept anyone's follow requests on instagram so I try to cap as much as possible.

No. 552947

been following the threads since the beginning and do not recognise that bag. I also do not recognise the plusheen attached to it that is clearly cleaner than the bag, nor do I believe that Luna is a David Bowie fan. >>552939

If the bag isn't stolen, at least some of the contents are. I recognise the "draw manga" book, and I'm pretty sure that the assorted print-outs were on their wall, but that plusheen can't be hers.

this bitch, she e-begged for those clips like 6 months ago and she's already broken all of them, while subtly e-begging for more shit.
>im literally crying rn paypal@luna.slater

No. 552954

I s2g if I was Lurch I'd have gone crazy by now, Luna just fucking sits there and cheers him on while he does the BARE MINIMUM.
>oh my babes cooking hes so dreamy
>my love is sleeping hes just so great
>look at my soulmate doing absolutely nothing and avoiding the camera! TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES HE SAVED MY LIFE <3
It must be fucking weird having someone follow you around everywhere you go, acting like you're a life-saving messiah.

No. 552957

cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap!!!

this stupid bitch, packs a backpack full of stuff that sits around on her dresser or whatever (well her moms) and calls it using her dbt skills

No. 552958

File: 1532389233033.jpeg (657.39 KB, 750x1155, F50B37C8-8217-43F8-8F5D-13D94C…)

she’s still begging for clothes but she’s ~subtle~

No. 552963

Randomly found this old etsy account a little while back, her sense of fashion is just terrible. Her wishlists pretty much confirm to me that she has no taste, and her fashionable teenage years were influenced by other people.

It's incredible how many tacky pink oversized sweaters she wants, didn't she have one that she inexplicably tried to turn into a crop-top by tying it up?

No. 552966

File: 1532390106138.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.1 KB, 640x989, 1478554496611.jpg)

kinda off topic but what happened to her Grandpa? He didn't die otherwise we'd have heard about it, and if he had been ~abusive~ and cut Luna off, we'd have surely heard about it. The last gift she mentioned he gave her was for Christmas 2016.

Spoilered img for old and irrelevant to the current dump, would have saged.

No. 552970

File: 1532390546141.png (664.25 KB, 801x649, 5JYtAJk.png)

No. 552971

File: 1532390590548.png (409.92 KB, 783x609, eg9lrYy.png)


No. 552972

File: 1532390677958.png (2.68 MB, 1400x1050, tunasandwich.png)

Alright everyone, I checked. Going down to the very start of her instagram from 2012, it appears she's had that bag since at least 2012. So at least she hasn't stolen that. I'm not positive about the pusheen plush keychain, however.

Scrolling up her insta is pretty depressing. She starts out in 2012 with tons of friends and some light left in her eyes. But as soon as she met Lurch, all of that goes down the drain. There are no pictures of her with friends, just hundreds of selfies of her zonked out on H with a corpse by her side.

No. 552976

wow that's sad, this throwback along with the current begging is really bumming me out

She chose Lurch and e-begging over her friends. Everyone she used to hang out with avoids her entirely now, even Rlyblonde and her mum don't fall for it anymore. It must have been more heartbreaking to see this from their perspective, as their friend slowly became more demanding and desperate, until they couldn't handle being personally harassed for money so often.

Heroin and online (window)shopping is a fucking depressing replacement for friendship.

No. 552979

File: 1532392003244.png (148.02 KB, 533x870, Untitled.png)

She must be high as shit or in a seriously bad mood, to be aggressively spamming this much e-begging.

No. 552981

File: 1532392282759.png (2.18 MB, 1421x672, before.png)

Tuna before meeting Lurch, circa ~2012 to the beginning of 2014.

No. 552984

File: 1532392382950.gif (1.19 MB, 512x512, tumblr_pccguspQf91xxzxb4o1_540…)

>remember health goth? this isn’t that because i ate coffee ice cream directly from the container after

No. 552985

File: 1532392394721.png (1.6 MB, 1000x737, after.png)

And after they began "dating."

It's weird to see her decline. She had friends and actually went outside. It's sad to see she threw everything away for drugs.

No. 552987

Bitch looks like a mime.

You could get that if you treated your dad better, Tunafish.

No. 552989

File: 1532392733276.png (90.47 KB, 198x185, 6.png)

Jesus christ that green ring can't be the one she's still wearing right?! It's a similar shape but damn it can't be… right?

No. 553013

Can this bitch shut the fuck up loool who wants to bet the only reason she’s decorating shit is because she’s high as fuck. she probably flipped to the “distract” page and thinks thats all skills are about, doing random shit (while high). what a fucking embarassment

No. 553014

it definitely is. that yellow clouding is what happens to opals when they aren't taken care of.

No. 553044

File: 1532405830616.jpg (204.49 KB, 707x1076, IMG_20180724_061504.jpg)

She has the same fluffy choker on the list that Micky wanted her nonexisting sugar daddy to buy for her lol

No. 553067

I see he’s been Weekend at Bernie-ing for a very long time.

No. 553094

God the picture of her with her eyes all fucked up freaks me out every time. I don’t know how someone would want to be that high. Tbh idk how she could handle it but 4/5 years down the road, here we are.

No. 553123

File: 1532426258337.jpg (85.93 KB, 384x944, abby luna.jpg)

i screamed when i saw this in the comments on abbys post lmao

No. 553144


Obviously another forgotten item in the hoard her mom kept for her.

No. 553145

File: 1532434865260.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1920, grandmasring.png)

This is the first time I've actually LOOKED at that ring, I assumed it was her Grandma's this whole time due to the colour but it's completely different. So she pawned this then lmao?

No. 553149

File: 1532436242414.png (7 KB, 630x120, haveimentionedihavebpd.png)

her description is truly amazing. she can't help looking for pity wherever she goes.

No. 553178

File: 1532441659514.png (263.68 KB, 458x736, Untitled.png)

She deleted this, wonder why?

No. 553179

what is her obsession with teeth? she has two (?) tattoos of a tooth, one on her finger; what's that about?

No. 553183

I'm starting to think she keeps saying everything is cheap to try and get around "Well if you have money for X why haven't you moved out yet?" either from her mother or the people who sent her money.

No. 553184

It's so wild that she straight up admitted that she never liked lil peep's music but still wears his merch around for the junkie aesthetic

No. 553191

well ya. I mean what has she gotten recently, clothes (matching sweats, tank tops, dresses) makeup (eyeshadow, foundation, lipsticks) hair bleach, fake nails, sketchbooks, markers, she's also been to the emergency room for a uti and the other day they got a cheap pizza together. I know she says shit like poor people deserve nice things! but to me that would be going to get that pizza, like she already has tons of clothes but she gets more because oh she lost weight! it's too hot to wear this dress cus it has long sleeves I need the same dress but with short sleeves! but but but it was cheap because I'm semi homeless! oh fk I hate her

No. 553201

>I know she says shit like poor people deserve nice things!
Poor people DO deserve nice things, but most poor people would realise fucking STABLE ACCOMMODATION is more important, and nicer than dumb shit. When people say "poor people deserve nice things" the assumption is that people are paying their fucking bills, and they deserve to spend their DISPOSABLE INCOME on whatever they want. If you're choosing pizza and heroin over rent, you're fucking retarded.

She has no budgeting skills, her and Lurch just buy whatever the fuck they want at that exact moment with absolutely no thought for the future. Kinda trips me out tbh, they have absolutely NO plan and are happy wasting the measly amount of money they have on stupid shit - she mentions finding her own place in the same vague way she talks about having a job in the future (i.e. she's not fucking looking and just expects one to land on her lap while she's fantasising about it).

I don't know if it's because she thinks eventually someone else will die and leave her with a big inheritance, or if she's just being an edgy tumblrite and thinking "I'll just kill myself if it gets bad lmao #sodepressed"

No. 553211

anon I didn't mean poor people don't deserve to have nice things lol I meant that she uses that as an excuse to buy needless shit and I don't really think it's that they can't budget, all the stuff she has is from her dad and I think that's why she isn't getting a job or doing anything productive towards finding a place to live cus she knows she can fall back on him if she has to, all this "I'm semi homeless" is just to show off how tragic her life is and you know she loves to be The Victim

No. 553219

exactly, poor people deserve nice things once in a while but she treats herself more often than a lot of well off people kek. it's also different if you beg strangers for money because of a poverty-related sob story, but then turn around and spend the money on shit that isn't going to help your situation at all. if she wasn't begging people and being deceptive about where their money is going, it wouldn't be anyone's business.
she's just another tumblr kid who takes good advice meant to be used in moderation and uses it to justify being a selfish lazy blob. it reminds me of the people who see some post like "you don't need to keep toxic people in your life! it's ok to end friendships if you aren't getting anything positive from them!" and then become super demanding and calling anyone who isn't at their beck and call 24/7 toxic

No. 553221

File: 1532455104442.png (Spoiler Image,70.41 KB, 524x414, 1470704939576.png)

lol dw im that anon, I wasn't shouting at you, it's just that Luna makes me rage sometimes with her bs. She was begging for money online to "help her find a room away from her abusive mom" then used it on pizza and plusheens, that makes me reee harder than it should. She's cried poverty countless times, only to prove she never spends the money on what she claimed she would. The only way I can see someone being okay with donating to her sob stories (then immediately seeing her buying stupid shit instead) is if they follow the "poor people are allowed to treat themselves" logic to its extreme conclusion. The people who enable her bullshit are nice people who naively overlook her flaws, which makes it even worse.

I have no idea how many people have given her money since Roger died, but I get the feeling it's a LOT. The more donations she gets, the more entitled and demanding she becomes. She starts to expect money every time she asks for it, and gets pouty when she doesn't. Before she was called out for spending it all on heroin, she was SO aggressive about it - she'd get angry if she didn't immediately get given money (pic related, she used to re-blog her own e-begs multiple times an hour. Look at those hashtags). She's getting that confidence back imo, which must mean she's getting more donations. She used to get ~$1k a month from Tumblr before everyone called her out for scamming, but I doubt she could ever get that much money again.

You might be right about the budgeting thing tho, maybe they know if they spend all their money on what they want, someone else will pay for what they NEED (like food and shelter). Probably easier to ask someone to cover your bills, instead of covering your unnecessary monthly clothing hauls.

tl;dr Luna isn't poor and doesn't deserve nice things. Poor people work fucking hard to keep their households afloat and need treats to keep themselves from going insane, Luna does nothing BUT treat herself.

No. 553227

I agree with everything that you said. Lunatic is completely infuriating with how lazy she is and thinking that the sheer generosity of strangers is going to pay for an apartment, rent and bills every month simply because she nor her ugly as fuck old boyfriend refuse to get a job. They are far too lazy, especially Matthew at his age, to not be responsible for their lives. They have two damn cats and can't even take care of them. She goes on and on about how much she loves the cats and Matthew but won't get a job to support what she loves? She goes on long love text walls talking about how much Matthew loves her and marriage but he doesn't love her nearly enough to get a job.

The only thing they love is being lazy and begging. Lunatic has already said that she doesn't plan on stopping because people keep giving her money whenever her beady, fish eyes tear up. They aren't going to ever be happy until one of them caves and gets a job to feel an ounce of responsible control over their lives. Sorry Luna, but you're 22 years old and cannot freeload for 40+ more years, and neither can your 40 year old boyfriend. No amount of kindness from strangers is going to pay for that.

I want her to hit rock bottom cause it's the only way that she'll take control of her life. She's not poor, she has her parents paying for everything. But one of her parents is struggling, the other limits what he does for her and both of them are getting fed up with her shit and are going to pull the rug right from under her ungrateful ass.

No. 553233

i saw her explain it once…i don't remember where. Maybe on tumblr a few years ago?
anyway they're supposed to be wisdom teeth, something about growing and maturing. becoming "wise" i guess, lol

No. 553271

There was $4 left on her food stamp card so she bought ice cream instead of meals for the next 2 days (pasta and sauce, bread, or rice and frozen vegetables). I thought Tuna was 'literally starving' and just 'can't afford to eat guyz!' but she buys a tub of ice cream that she'll probably devour in 20 minutes.

No. 553278

it's so interesting that Luna's claimed to lose loads of weight but in these old pictures she actually looks skinnier than she does now. or maybe the same size…

No. 553281

she lost some weight, but she’s gained some of it back now and she lost any ounce of muscle tone she might’ve had thanks to laying around 24/7. that’s why she looks like a melting ice cream cone

No. 553297

I wonder if Luna will claim to be a huge Demi Lovato fan uwu like she did with Lil Peep

No. 553298

i wouldn't doubt if demi is now her girl or something.

No. 553330

File: 1532474532630.jpg (92.91 KB, 612x612, preweightlossluna.jpg)

She has lost weight but it was a long time ago. Pic is from like 2013 or someshit

No. 553332

File: 1532474595985.jpg (33.16 KB, 360x270, rareweirdluna.jpg)

here's an even older one also.

idk why she's still going on about losing weight when her weight loss occurred 4 years ago ?__?

No. 553334

because it's the only evidence she has of her severe eating disorder

No. 553336

idk to ask for more clothes, to prove she doesnt have money to eat and also having an ED is on the list of things poor fragile damaged girls have

No. 553388

I know it's because she isn't so drug ravaged, but she looked so much cuter in her chub phase. Granted, she's not really skinny now but she just looks like a pastey and slightly bloated corpse.

No. 553408

She's so entitled. Like how she went to free therapy and complained about how the free lunches weren't enough food for her because they were just personal pizzas.

No. 553428


Look at those chocolate brown roots. It's so typical of Luna's delusional thinking how she acts like claiming she's ginger would make it true. Like no bitch we have eyes.

No. 553480


I think the biggest positive back then was pictures like this where she was out with friends and smiling and whatever. It really made her a lot more attractive. Now she's shut in with lurch and drugs all the time and it's just making her fucking weird and I feel like she's really out of touch with reality.

She did drop weight pretty fast so I think that made her a bit droopy + doing hard drugs lol. She really did look cuter back then.

No. 553498

What ever happened to Bryce? I think that was the name of the person with the lipstick on. Last I remember they may have been referring to themselves as she/her but that was a long time ago

No. 553534

>I think that made her a bit droopy + doing hard drugs lol
Luna didn't lose the weight and keep it off tho, she yo-yos in weight a lot. I think the reason she's so droopy is because she keeps gaining a lot of weight then losing it.

Both Bryce and Rlyblonde broke off contact with Luna in 2017. Bryce might have been earlier, Luna just suddenly stopped mentioning her. It looks like Bryce deleted all her social media prior to 2017 so there's no record of Luna on her stuff at all. Bryce goes by scatology on tumblr and bryce.sawyer on insta, Rlyblonde still goes by rlyblonde. Even Tai had broken off contact with her, until some cow-tippers messaged her on tumblr asking questions about Luna (they briefly reconnected a couple weeks before she died IIRC).

I wonder if Trevor is still on the scene. He was a neon green haired FtM who bought several of Luna's art pieces, and used to support her emotionally whenever she was whining. He was p much the only on who'd comment on her tumblr and he was on her fb too, haven't seen him in a while.

No. 553549

File: 1532520938088.jpg (221.99 KB, 720x1094, IMG_20180725_141251.jpg)

No. 553552

>friend didn't spend their own money tho
>not as good but I'll take them

No. 553554

>a couple
Bitch, that's a whole ass set. Has Tuna ever felt grateful for anything in her life? The audacity of this bitch.

No. 553557

Tombow brush pens are nice enough but I've found they tend to turn the paper into mush if you're heavy-handed with them, like she is with her Copics. Can't wait for more scraggly art.

No. 553559


Isn't this the same set she got on a gift card given to her in >>550057

No. 553564

oh dear, my bad then

No. 553609


The colors on these markers are nice but I'm already getting irritated because I know she's going to use them improperly. These brush pens shouldn't even be compared to copics, it's a totally different ballgame. Water based markers are generally kinda worse than alcohol but these brush pens are really good for being diluted with water almost like a watercolor for blending and I would bet a million dollars she'll just use them straight up and keep making ugly patchy art.

I'm annoyed that she gets so many nice things and just fucking ruins them all.

No. 553673

she deleted stuff off her tumblr too.
All of those posts have been removed.

I wonder why she's so skittish all of a sudden

No. 553679

Maybe a nice “friend” bought them all for her! Because they’re so cheap and she lost 90% of her belongings when she got evicted and she misses roger so much he was like a father to her and she’s dissociating so she needs to feel cute uwu

No. 553700

Going out on a limb here but I bet she bought a bunch of these items with her dad's money and is gonna pass off her new purchases as 'look what I found in my mom's house that I forgot I had years ago' when she shows them off on instagram. Because spending loads of money on expensive etsy clothes just doesn't fit her 'poor starving girl' aesthetic. And she's got to delete all the evidence off her social media that shows she wanted to buy them.

No. 553714

I wish she had an open account so I could tell her she should be looking for a job instead of drawing all day, she's such a pussy for hiding from criticism like I get it lol but there's so much shit I wanna say to her

No. 553777

File: 1532568953559.png (943.61 KB, 720x890, Capture _2018-07-25-20-32-54.p…)

No. 553780

File: 1532569373802.png (696.28 KB, 720x851, Capture _2018-07-25-20-36-55.p…)

>I have (track)marks that have been there 2-3 years without me touching them anytime recently
>im afraid people will think theyre recent

Those hand bruises tho lol

No. 553782

her saggy boobs just make the top say "gel"

No. 553794

Does luna lurk these threads often? I have dms from her begging me to buy a drawing

No. 553807

…how would she know who tf you are? we're anon.

No. 553809

Her hair looks better here, she just desperately needs to deep condition and manage her split ends. I did think her lip piercing was a mouth sore at first glance though. Not cute.

No. 553813

Because if anon posted the caps of her begging she could easily trace it back to someone. Facebook is not anonymous.

No. 553858


bold of u to assume she spends more than 30 minutes on a drawing

No. 553860

tbh she should just go back to having a medium/short haircut. it's easier to manage and the damage wouldn't show up as much.

No. 553934

She obviously straightens her bangs so why not straighten the rest of her hair too so it doesn’t look like a giant rats nest

No. 553990

oh luna dear, those fat girl angle shots ):

No. 554115

yeah she's saying if luna were to read here she could go look at her dms and see who posted the screenshot, then post anon's information here. it's unlikely since luna never shows up here but it's a valid question.

No. 554141

I get the feeling she checks here sometimes but not often enough to keep up with the thread regularly.

Last thread we had an anon share caps and luna didn't block her until she asked if Luna wanted to buy something instead of get it free, even tho screenshots of the convo were in the thread hours before. Thread before we had multiple people show off their begging messages and nothing came from it.
>Ok hun let me know I'm literally dying, muh PCOS periods

People have posted screenshots before and haven't been "outed" but I don't know whether they were eventually blocked. People have been sloppy with their avatar removal in screen grabs of her insta and didn't get booted, so I'd assume Luna's too high all the time to do the detective work, or remember which messages she sent to who.

No. 554198

File: 1532651775812.png (109.62 KB, 716x440, Capture _2018-07-26-19-33-30.p…)

Hey guiz have u heard she's about to be homeless and misses her father-in-law so much he was like a father to her! Uwu!

No. 554245

look for a job, apply for welfare, find somewhere else to live??

No. 554248

literally, millions of people have and are doing exactly that. I'm sure losing your boyfriend's dad was uwu so hard on you and only you.
Seriously she's 20? 21? And she still acts like a spoilt bratty child. God, I wish she'd go on Dr Phil, that would be one hell of a rodeo.

No. 554291

File: 1532666327937.png (364.03 KB, 750x1334, 4745C5A5-5DC6-4945-8BBB-61EBEF…)

we talked about art for a bit but here are some caps for you all

No. 554292

File: 1532666372021.png (369.9 KB, 750x1334, 62354C82-F4EE-484F-959E-1E967E…)

i got these at work today and just read them and dont really plan on responding

No. 554296

Holy shit even after all of the begging that she did on Facebook, she still hasn't learned to let up and stop harassing people for money, she's so fucking aggravating.

Get. A. Fucking. Job. Luna.

No. 554316

I just can’t believe she still tries it with the food and meds narrative. I know lurch don’t go to the dr or have insurance and this bitch don’t either so what meds exactly? Food as in puppy chow? Bitch would probably yield better results just being straight up about it.

No. 554318

Samefagging but also want to know what is stopping her from getting her own food stamps card! Isn’t there some kind of screenshot where she says she doesn’t have one but her fiancé does or something? I want to know what is stopping her from getting what her mom has. She could literally have a place to stay. She probably just doesn’t want to chance being interrupted and caught by people who work for social services? I know New York has a lot of specific laws, what city is she in again?

No. 554329

remember when luna told her mom she was gonna go on methadone?

No. 554336

She probably just said that to get her mom off her back about her (Luna’s) drug use. What a fucking joke that was! I’m sure she has no intention of going on methadone even after having (at least, from what we know) two overdoses. It’s like with every overdose she just wants to stay in this heroin junkie lifestyle even MORE. I’d love to see what a psychologist would think of her, just trying to analyze her gives me a headache.

No. 554362

She'll suck on a cotton ball soaked in a Hep C patient's Methadone backwash to avoid getting dopesick, but won't go the legit route. Amazing.

No. 554365

Luna is literally too lazy to do ANYTHING herself. She steals her moms xanax because she's too lazy to sort out her insurance, she steals Lurch's methadone for the same reason, she doesn't have her own food stamps because she's too lazy to apply.

Literally the GOVERNMENT would provide something for her, if she got off her fucking ass and actually applied for the assistance.

There's literally no reason she's not on medicaid. There's no reason she's not on food stamps, there's no reason she's not getting regular therapy. She can try and say its due to ~being so poor~ but its not. Theyd even pay for her transport to therapy.

No. 554366

>let me know
Lmao called it.

No. 554367

Lurch has a methadone prescription, he picks up something like 4mg a day. Luna used to beg for cab fare to take him to the clinic because of his totally not drug induced seizures. Was also referenced when Lurch had to go to hospital for his abscess.

Lurch isn't as lazy and stupid as Luna, he can't be. To survive as a junkie into your 40s? Dude knows how to take advantage of all the assistance he can, and probably is pretty proficient in stealing.

Luna can only shoplift trinkets she wants, the one time she tried to actually steal a handbag she got caught.

No. 554383

Well he also had his dad paying for everything up until his death. It's easy to do that when you're not footing bills.

No. 554395


oooh! Sauce?

No. 554405

Don’t want to post screenshots unless she reads here, but she also pesters me to buy things from her constantly. When I told her I was on a strict budget because I have a disability and can’t work as much as I’d like to, she said “oh i understand i’m disabled too anyway let me know babe x”

She’s repulsive.

No. 554406

yeah same anon. i once messaged her on insta (before i found this site and learned about all the awful shit she did) offering support and friendship and saying i liked her style and she spam messaged me about buying her art as well. i don't wanna post screenshots for the same reason but i told her i was broke (which is true).

No. 554408

anons who have her on insta/facebook could you please say something about this to her like I know you might get blocked, I just wanna know what her thoughts on actually helping herself, I'd do it myself but I can't!


Having a bum knee isn't the same as being disabled luna

No. 554412

It's in the old threads, I'll go find it. Lurch had to go to hospital for his leg infection, and they wouldn't give him methadone so he checked himself out against their wishes.

No. 554414

File: 1532703447917.png (338.95 KB, 684x883, Untitled.png)

I gotchu anon, it's in thread #11. >>409321 Lurch's leg surgery saga starts there. Turns out he's on 130mg… "he's" - I'm sure that's dosing for 2 people tbh, if he's not selling it on the street.

No. 554416

Tuna always talks about how she can't afford food but you always see these two idiots with cigarettes.

No. 554426

File: 1532708387856.png (320.85 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2018-07-27-18-16-39…)

No. 554428

File: 1532708567242.jpg (226.12 KB, 713x999, IMG_20180727_182200.jpg)

No. 554431

>>falling apart here
Literally looks the same as always, dead inside, drugged out and only woke up to mash some makeup on her face, post on IG and e-beg.
I think the main reason I hate her art so much is it's always about her fantasy world of being so uwu broken and depressed. Sorry Tuna, but this isn't what depression looks like, this is what narcissism and selfishness look like.

No. 554443

Someone should do a replication of this tuna style but as an accurate depiction complete with piss juice boxes

No. 554447

samefag that posted the caps from earlier, she just liked an old photo of mine from a couple of weeks ago, probably hoping i respond

No. 554449


Created using her cheap new Tombow brush pens, I see. They appear to have inspired her to use four colors to shade her skin!

No. 554461

File: 1532715517297.png (100.72 KB, 664x1878, 2deep4me.png)

"i would draw but i'm too weak" lol k

No. 554463

>living outta garbage bags ina place i'm
>no longer wanted

No. 554468

luna stop writing
poems like
this why don't you
look for a job for gods
sake its not that hard

No. 554478

every single verse of this makes me so fucking salty lmao.

>cant even rent a room in hell anymore

Nothing is ever good enough for her is it? Her apt with Roger was only "hell" because she and Lurch refused to clean up after themselves, leaving blood and needles everywhere. Roger's room looked clean. So much for Roger being like the dad she never had if it was "hellish" living with him.
>on a leash, im bound, but i'm still a hustler
WHAT LEASH? WHAT ARE YOU BOUND BY? WHAT HUSTLE? Unless her hustle is "cry until Lurch does it for her" she's full of shit.
>i've tried to die too many times, even made it to the gates
oh fuck off. She OD'd accidentally twice, then tried to act like it was ~uwu suicide attempts~. If she wanted to fucking die, why did she OD in front of other people in the same room as her, with narcan in their possession? Why did she keep posting that narcan saves lives like it was a good thing? She's just terrible at dosing and injecting, Lurch injected her for YEARS and she only started getting problems when she started doing it herself.
>oversharing is a sword in my spine
>im always the one to hurt myself
She says that everything's her fault, in a clunky metaphor that doesn't work (how do you stab yourself in the spine?)…
then 2 lines later she blames her upbringing/birth for the way she is, all while making it clear that she's ESPECIALLY sad guiz. Normal sadness? Nothing compared to Luna's existential dread.
>they tell me ima fighter, look at what you've survived
She switched from first person to second person mid-line. P sure it should read "they tell me "you're a fighter, look at what you've survived"." OR "they tell me ima fighter, look at what i've survived."
>my stomach shrinks with each blow
>evict me from my home once, shame on you
>change the locks twice
shame on me?
>i have no home, no pillow, no life
She just has her mother's bed, pillows, apartment and xanax.
>no more redos left this time, it's game over
She's fucking 22!!!! Why the fuck is it too late for her to fucking get a job!?
>I never learned how to behave
so she's not going to bother trying…
>goodnight, I'm sorry, the coffin has closed
…and just plans on killing herself, ok.

>or if she's just being an edgy tumblrite and thinking "I'll just kill myself if it gets bad lmao #sodepressed"
Lol I feel vindicated tbh, I thought this is how she'd play it.

Back to the poem, she switches from using apostrophes correctly and not using them, capitalising the Is and not. There's no consistency to any of this, it's literally just drug induced rambling put into text. I CANNOT believe she got a scholarship into a fucking arts college for her WRITING ability. This is fucking terrible, none of the metaphors make any sense and the language is clunky and retarded.

No. 554484


I have a couple of these messages from her, too. She asked if I was "an art fan" despite the fact that my account is based around my art and I post it really often…

It's pretty clear she doesn't check anyone's account a before pestering them for money. I think she sends these DMs to everyone in a wave.

No. 554493


>kicking and screaming like a newborn, sensory overload

That's narcan for ya.

No. 554514

>no baby asks to be born, especially not me

this line is so fucking funny. top kek tuna. the whole thing is terrible but i'm laughing so hard. this 'poem' is just an example of how not to write poetry.

No. 554559

>I have no home, no pillow, no life
This bitch. You have a home and LOTS of pillows because you're basically stealing them from your own mother, who might lose it all because of your selfish bullshit. Maybe you'd have more of a life if you stopped fucking around using people around you to justify your glamorous drug addiction. Get a fucking job, get clean, tell Lurch to hit the road, get proper therapy and meds and life will seem meaningful again. Or just kill yourself to save yourself all the effort since you're so weak. Piece of shit.

No. 554563

I love how she says “I found my home but the locks were changed” like it’s some metaphor but no, the locks were changed on you alright but it was only because you didn’t pay rent! It wasn’t something out of your control and you knew about this months in advance and she still did nothing to prepare.

I don’t know what her mentality is when it comes to housing, that “home” wasn’t even hers it was Rogers. Did she think she could live there forever? Is “home” just wherever people don’t tell you to get a job and you can steal their stuff?

I just want this “so homeless uwu” saga to end and her to end up at her dad’s already. I hope her mom gets the guts to kick her out.

No. 554580

i'd kill for someone to do a dramatic reading of this while moonlight sonata plays in the background

No. 554581

she's posted about smokey a bunch since she was evicted, but where the hell is pepper?

No. 554583


i've got a lot of free time atm, i'll do this for you later if i can ham it up enough

No. 554589

No. 554602

>we’re on our own.

Bitch, you’re what? 22, 23? Lurch is like 38 or some shit? You’re supposed to be on your own.

No. 554608

I think he's 39 or 40 now. Either way, he's too old to be pulling this shit.

No. 554617

Luna, move to the south.

Cheap cost of living, hot weather, and easy to get a job as a fast food clerk or waiter or something. Plus there's lots of crack addicts and poor people, you'll fit right in!

No. 554656

ok i'm glad to see her not do a goddamn animal crossing nose. this is one of the better faces she's done in a long time. and it's her own ofc. i mean compared to this >>552671 . she's so inconsistent for such an easy style.

No. 554759

She hates hot weather because it prevents her from properly caking her crusty face like an award winning lot lizard, and if there’s more work available she’ll have even less of an excuse for lazy ass e-begging.

No. 554821

OT but damn anon I'm wet lol

No. 554822

I think Luna should break up with Lurch, go on methadone and quit other drugs, move in with her father and start an ASMR channel like Karuna Satori did, her aesthetics are not bad and she can be creative, if she applied that into ASMR and kept doing her art too at same time she'd have some money going on and a will to live. But no, living with a 40yo addict and doing heroin with him while e-begging is much more goals to her.

No. 554825

File: 1532769350076.jpg (44.87 KB, 518x205, 1468297322308.jpg)

This is amazing lmao, you really hammed it up good.

She mentioned cats, plural, moving to her mom's house. Last reference of Pepper was 2 months ago but I think we would have got e-begging had he died. >>523772

28/03/1979. Lurch is like 17 years older than Luna, and I find it creepy af he's probably been taking heroin longer than Luna's been alive.

>Plus there's lots of crack addicts and poor people, you'll fit right in!
Luna find's crack addicts and poor people to be below her. Courtney Love didn't hang around with poors and work fast food. She used to say that crack was trashier than heroin???

She won't ever leave him. She has abandonment issues because her previous heroin addicted boyfriend dumped her ass (to keep her away from the lifestyle). She's been told by her father, her therapist, her friends, everyone's told her to leave Lurch and she just sees it as a "US AGAINST THE WORLD BABY" aesthetic affirming thing. She wanted the junkie lifestyle before she even did heroin, she was convinced she wanted to be an addict. She chose this, she didn't "fall into something she didn't understand." I don't see Luna ever fixing her own life because she doesn't WANT TO. She wants to be a gross heroin addict, in a drug den with Lurch.

No. 554834

I'm not even sure why some anons are so stuck on the idea of her leaving him. I mean, putting aside the impossible dream that it would magically lead to her wanting to change her life, she could do a lot worse.
She is contributing fuck all. He has to hustle for two. He's not trying to pimp her out, or bashing her. She could do a lot worse, but she'll never do any better. She clings to this 'lifestyle' with a deathgrip, so that means her dating pool is always going to be grungy junkies

No. 554836

>He's not trying to pimp her out, or bashing her.
Damn anon I hadn't thought about that. She's fucking lucky that Lurch is soft and braindead, and DOESN'T actually abuse her. Lurch basically lets her act like a child, most addicts wouldn't allow their gf to lie around doodling bullshit and watching Sanrio cartoons when they're fucking destitute. Nor would they have let her spend a $100 amazon giftcard on herself (>>550118) when they could buy things to resell for heroin. With the age gap and the power dynamic she could be in a far worse position. P sure that Luna doesn't have any drug contacts, she's always talking about Lurch going out to cop, he could just withhold her drugs until she started "hustlin" her own fucking high.

Honestly I can't imagine what their relationship dynamic is like. What the fuck do they talk about? What does Luna actually DO? Her interests include animal crossing and tumblr, his interests include sports and conspiracy theories… where's the crossover? Is it ONLY heroin? Lurch is so old he doesn't have any internet presence (he doesn't use social media at all), yet Luna is obsessed with taking pictures of herself and projecting onto the internet. They seem like polar opposite people? And they don't even have a sex life to make up for it, because of Lurch's limp dick.

At this point, it kinda feels like Lurch is looking after Luna like an unwanted child he's stuck with lmao - a sexless, joyless relationship where he has to "treat" her in weird juvenile ways like pizza and plushes to stop her from crying. And he has to cook for her because she doesn't know how to. He probably even has to say "that's a nice picture Luna" and put it on the fridge like a 5 year old's drawing hahaha

No. 554840

File: 1532778015466.jpg (252.6 KB, 653x597, lunascam.jpg)

I threw this together quickly cos I thought this meme fit her well

No. 554852


>She wanted the junkie lifestyle before she even did heroin, she was convinced she wanted to be an addict. She chose this, she didn't "fall into something she didn't understand." I don't see Luna ever fixing her own life because she doesn't WANT TO. She wants to be a gross heroin addict, in a drug den with Lurch.

And this is why she is a /pt level cow.

No. 554858

> I CANNOT believe she got a scholarship into a fucking arts college for her WRITING ability.

if you’re talking about Pratt, they don’t give scholarship based on writig ability, i think it’s just merit. she had to submit a writing portfolio and they decide to let you in. it is definitely not selective but they for sure didnt give her scholarship money for being ~uwu such a good tortured writer~ if that’s what she’s ever implied in the past.

No. 554869

File: 1532787166959.png (653.3 KB, 862x595, 28.png)

Pic dump from IF.

No. 554870

File: 1532787216861.png (547.71 KB, 826x597, 24.1.png)

No. 554871

File: 1532787292955.png (694.44 KB, 819x598, 32.png)

No. 554872

File: 1532787369483.png (578.79 KB, 819x594, 9.4.png)

No. 554873

File: 1532787491957.png (604.21 KB, 811x594, 9.2.png)

No. 554874

those new markers were worth it huh

No. 554875

File: 1532787599748.png (564.66 KB, 815x595, 9.7.png)

No. 554877

File: 1532787690173.png (564.13 KB, 818x588, 9.1.png)


These are old.

No. 554879

File: 1532787731441.png (694.2 KB, 813x588, 9.6.png)

No. 554880

File: 1532787758995.png (637.17 KB, 823x591, 9.3.png)

No. 554882

File: 1532787916909.png (677.57 KB, 820x591, 26.png)

No. 554883

Guess the peroxide finally came in the mail to cover her brown – er, I mean, totally ginger roots.


Lol "cheap". She says that the prices "range" here, but it's just fucking her making up all the prices off the top of her head like it's not arbitrary.

I can't imagine the type of person who would want to display this juvenile, contrived, unskilled mess of markers and cliches in their homes, nevermind PAY for the privilege.

And her insta is private! Like she doesn't even have an art insta, it's all the same group of 2000 people that she's tapping dry. She literally thinks she can make a LIVING selling these ugly amateur doodles to a tiny group of people, how fucking disconnected from reality is she?

yet she'll be the first to bitch UWU i have nowhere to live and no money! you'd almost think she's realize that marketing her insipid sketches to 2000 people isn't enough to make a living as an adult, but apparently not.

No. 554884

File: 1532787997443.png (675.54 KB, 821x598, 27.png)

No. 554886

File: 1532788060577.png (749.43 KB, 820x597, 34.png)

No. 554887

File: 1532788120559.png (804.58 KB, 815x598, 29.png)

No. 554888

File: 1532788169887.png (799.99 KB, 884x598, 25.png)

No. 554889

Nothing like lopsided bangs and covering the hip so people can't tell how wide you really are.

No. 554890

File: 1532788207978.png (685.23 KB, 817x598, 33.png)

No. 554891

ikr like that's what always amazes me she's just asking the same people over and over to buy, it's like her trying to sell nudes to her 50 tumblr followers. if she made an art insta she wouldn't even need to post personal stuff just the art but then ofc she'd open herself up to people who would question why this shitty art is $50+

No. 554892

File: 1532788245714.png (559.46 KB, 820x592, 36.png)

No. 554893

File: 1532788277974.png (586.96 KB, 819x593, 10.png)

No. 554894

It's so nice of her to paint what Matthew does all day.

No. 554920


I am legit in tears, Anon. Well done. (Also your timing on the lines along with the music was perfect.)

No. 554922

This is probably the poorest work I have seen from her, and she is deluding herself if she thinks anyone could like this

No. 554923

Agreed, this looks like something like a tween would draw on their notebook or something.

No. 554925

She should be embarrassed to show this, but she's so high she doesn't care

No. 554941

So many of these are self portraits. Confirmation that she doesn't see herself as fat as she really is?

No. 554943

How is lurch on methadone (sure he probably uses every once in a while but I doubt it’s daily anymore) but he’s okay with Luna using?? I can’t see how anyone who’s even remotely clean would be okay with heir SO shooting up infront of then 24/7. Like, does she still get thte dope through him? is he giving some of the methadone to luna or?

No. 554946


thx anons, I spent all of five minutes on it so by luna logic you all owe me $50

No. 554949

>I CANNOT believe she got a scholarship into a fucking arts college for her WRITING ability.
She may have had some form of raw talent before getting hooked on opiates and benzos. Her drawing was much better and seemed to involve a lot more effort pre-addiction as well. I doubt she would have ever become some respected poet, but if she'd have never gotten hooked, she could have carved a modest life for herself as an English teacher or assistant editor or something.

No. 554951

I think the methadone is to help with withdrawal symptoms, not because Lurch is clean.

No. 554964

Read what I wrote again, I said sure he still uses just not everyday. If luna’s not taking methadone or suboxone too then she has to be using frequently otherwise she’d probably be complaining about getting sick and from her daily selfies, she seems fine. (after 5 years of using, there’s no way she’s be able to look fine and take a million selfies while she’s dopesick)

No. 555056

Pratt is on the low man on the totem pole of arts schools in New York. It's not a good school and if they didn't have a really low cost of Tuition + owned all their buildings no one would bother to go there.

No. 555077

I agree. He is a sleazy scammer who prefers young cooch to that in his age group but he appears to treat Tuna relatively well (relative in the context at a codependent junkie relationship). She could definitely do a lot worse.

No. 555081

you can't sell methadone on the street. if you're going to a clinic you have to go every day and it's liquid, you have to drink it in front of the person giving out doses. after a while of being on it they will give you 2 doses (liquid in bottles) for the weekend so you don't have to go to the clinic. 130mg isn't really that much seeing as he's probably been on it for years and they slowly increase dose over time.

I guarantee he still is using on top of it and is the one who does all the work getting money for dope and also copping it. Luna can't make enough to support both of them e-begging. Luna isn't on Suboxone because you need to go to outpatient to get it and you also can't do heroin because it's a competitive partial agonist. if you're addicted to heroin and take Subs you get sick and if you're addicted to Subs and take heroin you won't feel it at all.

No. 555087

I also think her scholarship was when she was graduating highschool and to be honest an undergrad writing program is not going to be taking amazing writers, they're gonna be looking at shitty melodramatic highschooler poetry, Luna just stayed in that stage talent-wise.

No. 555089

I thought after a while they start increasing your methadone take home doses or is it not like that in new york?

also fyi you can definitely feel heroin on suboxone unless you’re on a very high dose, you just will need more and might not feel a strong rush. But you can certainly use on suboxone, especially if you wait 24 hours+ or swallow your dose. But Luna would never be put on suboxone, she’d be put on methadone bc she’s been using for 5 years.

No. 555181

I crie everytiem

No. 555211

It seems like she doesn't talk about shooting dope because she knows many anons are watching, and if she was on some kind of maintenance she would most likely be a lot happier. Perhaps Lurch shares a bit of the methadone, just enough to scrape by but not enough to feel okay. As I follow her on ig and see how she blabbers about being sad, I do believe her moods are completely dependent on how high she is able to get. Her increase in wanting to die and giving up hope is because at her mom's, she can't do as much since there's no Roger money and they may also be farther away from where the dope is.

I also think when her drawings mention things like "it will be okay! Not giving up!" it is only then that she gets a bit more drugs. Maybe that's when she takes extra xanax.

Her moods and negativity levels have everything to do with needing opiates. Agreed that if she would just get a fast food or cashier job she could afford enough heroin to be happier. No, it's not real true happiness, but in the depths of addiction opiates are the only kind of antidepresssant that matter.

I think when she is crying and suicidal it is from being dope sick. Most people aren't this ridiculously devastated in grief 24/7. She just doesn't want to have a repeat of the facebook incident.

I want to tell her so bad how I was in her shoes once, but it will do no good, she is full of excuses. She refuses to work because she is too good for it, and also is terrified of being criticized, which is part and parcel of starting new at a job especially after avoiding real work.

She has herself 100% convinced that her excuses not to work (her knee, mental problems, even being a "cat mom", barf) are totally valid. They just aren't valid to other people and the day has not yet come when she can face her own flaws and admit the truth to herself that she has been lazy and spoiled. She used to have tumblr as her own personal donation bank. Hard to give that up, but it's gone.

She will never feel okay until she faces her fears and flaws. And no one else can force that.

No. 555224

The thing that will cement Tuna’s status as an eternal cow is the simple fact that she doesn’t want to get clean. She doesn’t want to be happy. She revels in being an impoverished addict and ~artiste~ because it attracts the twisted validation she craves 24/7. If she wasn’t the self professed saddest girl in the world uwu, people (us included) would lose interest in her. Her myriad disorders, real or imagined, make her a ~ super special snowflake~ and without them she’s nothing. I know the US healthcare system is not the best compared to where I am but I find it hard to believe that Lunatic couldn’t clean her act up quick smart (ie ditch the smack and get some proper therapy and meds for her disorders) if she actually wanted to. Plus I’m sure rich daddy would foot the bill if she was serious about it but couldn’t pay the doctors bills herself.

No. 555225

The way she puts the message of the photo into literal words on the picture is so fucking cheap to me.

I wonder if she saw a picture of Peri from Fire Emblem for this one. We already know she's an uncreative shit when it comes to faces, so I wouldn't be surprised if all her people that aren't obviously her are based off games/shows/other actual people.

No. 555226

Agreed. A decent artist can convey pain without writing "I am sad feel bad for me" on a character's T shirt.

No. 555231

What is with her not being able to draw a hand that’s not holding a cigarette backwards????

No. 555232

So In other news, Luna is waiting for an angel to sing her her life’s purpose.

No. 555233

yeah that hand is completely backwards. which is honestly one of the easiest things to get right as an artist. tuna, you have hands. just look at them. a hand facing that way will have the thumb pointed away from the person. ugh, this just shows that she has the artistic ability of a child and the fucked-up proportions on her characters are not intentional or 'her style' or whatever she might try and pass it off as.

No. 555235

For real. She literally can’t even come up with subjects or content that aren’t based on her life or what she aspires to be. She also does the worst job of coloring them, I scrolled back through the last couple, and the one where she wrote about the us health system being corrupt, like you can barely even read what’s on that shirt because of how bad it looks and how sloppy she is and she actually wants 40+ dollars for that? I think this is like peak middle schooler skills right here. Also like the other anon said, the fact that she has to write these things on a shirt instead of letting the art speak for itself or convey the expressions visually is telling of her skills. She is so high and self centered she isn’t even embarrassed about her literal mare sketches.

No. 555236

*marker not mare? But close enough? Lol

No. 555299


I think it's more that she REFUSES to do anything to improve her life. Like, if she wants to live her addict dream, sure. But she won't even get a part-time job to support her habit. She won't apply for EBT, Medicaid, SSI, SSDI (I know of drug addicts receiving disability for underlying conditions) or even go to food banks/pantries. It's absolutely mind-boggling

No. 555301

Her little in-picture captions always crack me up. Sad Pills.

That's one thing that has always surprised me a bit. Most junkies will take anything they can get. I mean, she's too good for welfare but OK with stealing from cemeteries? She's fine with endless shameless begging from randoms on the internet but not going to a food bank?

No. 555313

didnt one thanksgiving or something tuna bitched about people donating foods she didnt like to food banks? i remember her complaining that people just donate canned vegetables and how its not very filling for her uwu. like talk about privilege….

No. 555315

Yep, she did. She's an ungrateful cunt.

No. 555349


iirc it was worse than that, she complained it wasn't "yummy"

No. 555368

this. it's not just that she doesn't want to get clean, it's that she takes absolutely no responsibility for herself, in even the most basic, bare minimum sense. if she made a real attempt at making regular income, signed up for the resources she's eligible for, had some semblance of a plan, and just kept to herself minding her own business, her self destructive attitude about addiction wouldn't really be enough to make her a big cow.

instead, she makes the shittiest attempts ever at making money, basically just so she can say she tried so she can go right back to her bed. then she blames everyone but herself even though she's one of the few poor people where it's entirely her fault. she had money but lost it all, and now she won't make any more. how can she not realize that?

her only chance at ever changing is if somewhere after 24 her prefontal cortex development wakes her the fuck up and allows her to scrutinize her life for the first time, because she's had plenty of wake up calls until now but they never work.

No. 555372

nah she's gonna stay the same forever and probs outlive us all ofc sad junkie bpd angel uwu gets less and less cute the older you get

No. 555425

File: 1532923625087.jpeg (324.34 KB, 750x1218, 26169639-E029-4E03-9758-77FF2C…)

Apparently Tuna can only mooch off her mom for a few more days.

No. 555426

File: 1532923640163.jpeg (402.58 KB, 750x1200, 489997FC-8B40-40C7-BAA6-85B0D9…)

No. 555427

File: 1532923655773.jpeg (290.55 KB, 750x1191, BDF8954C-3B47-4C3F-A15B-5B2AC6…)

No. 555431

The longer she spends with Lurch, the more weird her face gets. Her nose looks like a lumpy potato caked in makeup from the front and flat as fuck from the side.

She should be more worried about looking for a place to live than taking selfies of herself. Her priorities are fucking terrible.

No. 555433

eurgh, that lipstick

No. 555434

Maybe you feel yucky because you have a thick layer foundation caked on your lips? Just a thought, Tuna.

No. 555500

Tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t actually have to leave her mum’s house but she thinks people are more likely to give her money if they believe she is going to be homeless as opposed to the usual e-begging for “food” and “meds”.

No. 555501

Yeah, she already did the bit about only being able to be there a short while, and that was how long ago?

No. 555504

If her mum has told her to leave it’s only because she doesn’t want dope under her roof lest she lose the apartment, but she is still letting tuna and the 3D junji ito drawing kick her out of her own bed. Such a terrible parent! More tinfoil, but her dad would take her in if homelessness was a real possibility, but lurch would be the dealbreaker. I wonder which she would choose (my money is on lurch because no one would come to her pity party on the UES if she ditched her life of grime to go back to being a full time spoilt brat)

No. 555508

She's been there ~3 months iirc.

No. 555509

Derp I misread, she tried to get donations for a motel room like 2 weeks ago >>550136

No. 555510

Yep, since May, when she lost 90% of her belongings while being evicted after Roger died (did you know he was like a father to her?)

No. 555521

File: 1532945087171.jpeg (169.71 KB, 750x1134, 920F06FF-0E52-40CD-9D69-081898…)

Praise the person who left this on the comments of this photo

No. 555522


loooool block incoming.

i wish she would accept me but even going thru and tapping accept is too much for this stale crusty hoe

No. 555541

It isn't if you have money! She would happily accept you then.

No. 555558

she's scared everyone's gonna be mean to me her uwu and they are lol

No. 555564


she should charge like a buck for followers.

No. 555574

I don't think she will block them like they weren't really rude just pointing out the damn obvious

No. 555577

She deleted the comments so im sure the person was blocked.
Its pathetic how she refuses to face reality.

No. 555582

haha really, wow how pathetic

yeah keep trying to sell shitty art to pay for rent luna that's totes gonna work out

No. 555591

>she's one of the few poor people where it's entirely her fault
>she had money but lost it all
That's the funny thing about Luna. Even now after she lost her inheritance, she's still got a rich dad that's willing to let her live in his nice apartment. He'd probably pay for her to go back to college too. Actual poor people don't have that luxury and they would kill for it.

No. 555629

File: 1532970098217.jpg (70.67 KB, 998x624, 2018-07-30-11-59-31.jpg)

Who else got this same exact message???

No. 555634

File: 1532970329470.jpg (309.38 KB, 960x1280, a5ce9390-62d1-45a0-a2f6-3bf1bb…)

I wonder if another part of the reason she doesn't look for a job, even a shitty one, is because she's blacklisted from a lot of stores. In an older thread, she hinted that she got caught shoplifting at her usual CVS, so she couldn't go there to pick up prescriptions any more.

No. 555665

Her mom has been telling her to leave almost since she got there, from the sounds of it. She put an immediate limit on how long it was supposed to be - 3 weeks IIRC - and now it has been more like 3 months. She has all sorts of reasons to tell the leech to fuck off.
I don't know about choosing Lurch, though. remember when this shit started, she ran to abusive dad's place, even though Frankenstoned wasn't allowed to stay. If her dad hid all his drugs, then yeah, easy choice.

No. 555669

idk I think she's just lazy, a job isn't fun and she can't get junkie cred for selfies in a dunkin donuts uniform. she's high most of the time too

No. 555680

Her worship of CLove cracks me up a she's a bigger fraud and talentless hack then Luna.
Imaginary sage.

No. 555735

File: 1532984888141.jpg (52.66 KB, 300x439, PrincessAi Graphic Novel2.jpg)

I'm surprised Luna doesn't go weeb like her idol Courtney and make a manga with a self insert a la Princess Ai. Found my books while cleaning and could see Luna writing a tragic princess lost in the world comic with her shit Crossing style

No. 555750

Don’t give her ideas, the world doesn’t need more of her autistic toddler scribbling.

No. 555774

Like a circus side show

No. 556111

oh my god the hand is the wrong way around again. i really hope luna's lurking here so she can take some artistic advice from us. also that leg coming straight out of the other leg, not even connected to her body (see that gap?). i am triggered by how bad she is and how she thinks these could sell for anything more than $5

No. 556113

>haven't sold a piece all weekend
don't kid yourself tuna we all know you haven't sold a piece ever, apart from that one cat commission that you said you 'hated doing' and that it 'looked horrible' or something similar.

No. 556136

Bro. I can not believe I didn’t realize that Courtney loves name is literally on the front of this book lmfao. Holy shit. Lol.

No. 556137

But why did I think this was a poster someone left about tuna referring to her as courtney love? I gasped so loud lmfaooo and it wasn’t even tuna.

No. 556169

File: 1533069726589.jpeg (411.23 KB, 1242x1209, 0DC3907F-132F-4ABD-8E65-581C0B…)

Saw this on fb and immediately thought of tuna

No. 556239

lol you gotta wonder how she must feel when the animals tell her "wow luna! you're so reliable!" "thanks luna! i don't know what i'd do without you!" "thanks for all your hard work!" etc. i'd feel pretty guilty if i were her. i feel like the game is supposed to give children a positive attitude about helping others and completing daily obligations, but i guess it's just coddling and escapism for people like luna.

No. 556249

File: 1533093485841.png (205.64 KB, 500x707, its-like-when-im-doing-good-in…)

I can't support this notion even if it is luna lol

No. 556311

File: 1533111898911.png (223.78 KB, 701x1127, Screenshot_2018-08-01-10-22-36…)

No. 556325

She looks a lot better without makeup for real. Like what. She’s cheating herself by doing it at all.

No. 556326


I hadn't noticed before that she has hacked that top into a crop.

And as much as she lightens the contrast, the track marks on her left wrist are still visibly tragic (or tragically visible). No amount of getting high will delay reality, Luna.

No. 556330


look at that enormous dent her festering abscess left in the crook of her elbow

No. 556338


damn this bitch needs to do a damn water fast or any detox STAT

No. 556342

“Detoxes” are just fucking memes, anon. She doesn’t need to get into water fasting. She just needs to start actually drinking water, as well as eat a balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables instead of all the processed junk she usually shoves into her gob. She would also benefit from regular exercise and spending time outdoors.

If Luna truly wanted to improve her life, she should focus on building healthy, sustainable habits and not stupid get healthy quick schemes.

No. 556359

This girl has no fucking shame, the gall to just ask random people who like your posts of your "Art" if they want to buy it is astounding, I just want to message her and call her a greedy, selfish, no shame, lowlife, pathetic junkie cunt but it would be falling on deaf ears.

No. 556388

it looks like a scar from not rotating injecion spots. idk if it’s raised or not but she can cover up most of her track marks easily with makeup, i wonder if she ever got a job interview would she wear a long sleeve shirt or put on makeup, or would she flaunt them there too

No. 556407

I actually think this would be really interesting in terms of looking into Luna's inner world, e.g. how she views her reactions with outside forces. We haven't really seen any art from her that contains a fleshed-out narrative, have we?

No. 556419

Honestly if she made a Sonichu-esuqe comic about dealing with her parents, landlords, therapists, etc it would be great.

What's so funny about Princess Ai is that the main character is clearly Courtney Love, and she falls in love with a musician named Kent. I'd get so much entertainment out of the junkie us-against-the-world fantasy Luna would write about her life.

No. 556432

Princess Ai was basically a PR stunt to cash in on the manga trend and to white knight herself. I do have a soft spot for the comic though, even tho CL is a despicable human being. Really lovely dolls and figures were made out of the manga.

Call me a whiteknight but I would LOVE a comic by Luna. Her style is good enough for it and it would be interesting to see a story narrative about being a junkie mentally ill girl from her PoV. Ot would give insight on her as well as maybe it could be enjoyed in a death of author way.
I know I am optymistic but I have a soft spoke for this type of stories, like Emilie Autumn's diary/fictional story, even if the author bullshits.

No. 556436

that's pretty much what all her art is, anon. she's the victim of a cruel world, waiting to be saved, with the occasional glimpse of lucidity into how badly she has fucked things up.

>Her style is good enough for it
lift your standards. her style is nowhere near good enough for it.

No. 556448

Im not speaking about Luna publishing graphic novel in a legit publishing house but selfpublishing/releasing it as a zine. The comparison to Sonichu is on point. The appeal is in reading a flawed, DIY author work reflecting unstable reality of the artist, if it makes sense.
You don't have to agree with me but that's how I see it.

No. 556451

Tuna’s extremely superficial and predictable, this would be interesting if it was someone who had any kind of depth to their personality. You could just imagine would the comic would be like right now on your own, and you’ll probably be exactly right

No. 556459

omg can y'all stop saying stuff like this luna isn't going to self publish a zine lol she's not gonna do anything. ever.

No. 556461

Yeah honestly why do I see anons all over these threads jacking off to Tuna's art 'style'. Her art isn't remotely good. Just lurk the thread a bit and you'll see artfag anons posting about how the proportions and poses she draws are all fucked up, and how she uses her childish 'style' as a cover for her complete lack of skill.

Also that anon who showed us how copics can look when there's a person with artistic talent using them >>551817 instead of Tuna's slapdash streaky coloring.

Also Tuna's art is all basically her anyway. So we already have an artistic point of view into her life.

No. 556494

Eh, nobody's praising Luna's anatomy skills or saying she's a pro artist. Stop getting so triggered over people getting some kind of enjoyment out of her scribbles. We are here to have fun watching the cows, not get bent out of shape over them. You don't have to hate everything about a cow that you follow, you know.

I agree she's sadly not gonna do anything more interesting with her art beyond churning out doodles for sale.

I wish I at least had her amount of drawing skill (as little as it may be). I can never draw what I have i mind or the same character lol. Such a shame she's wasting her life and what little blessings life has given her.

No. 556500

File: 1533165188512.jpg (177.33 KB, 698x1034, IMG_20180802_011221.jpg)

No. 556502

File: 1533165226395.jpg (194.49 KB, 720x1043, IMG_20180802_011203_1.jpg)

No. 556504

File: 1533165258142.jpg (200 KB, 720x1090, IMG_20180802_011145.jpg)

No. 556511

anon you could be a better artist than luna you just have to consistently practice

No. 556513

File: 1533166702855.jpeg (245.2 KB, 750x1197, 0CB14463-1B3C-4900-B567-F0967A…)

dear luna, please clean off your GOD DAMN keyboard.

No. 556514

File: 1533166753357.jpeg (152.46 KB, 750x1159, 9B4F3D02-D621-42CF-A452-1C8AE2…)

No. 556521

Damn. Like yeah we all get sticky and messy keyboards sometimes but if you’re gonna take a pic of it for instagram why the fuck is it so hard to wipe it clean???

No. 556522

Even her stickers are dirty.

Why does she even put on makeup if she's not going anywhere? It makes no sense.

No. 556531

biggest achievement is that she looks ok without makeup

No. 556532

>goat soaked sitting two feet from the window

Is this bitch trying to mold up her mom's flat and ruin the bed?

No. 556533

This. She won't even make a public art insta to get more potential customers for what she has created, and starting a comic or zine and promoting it is like 10 steps ahead of that. It's pointless to come up with new things she could do with her life because there's a million of them but she refuses to do a single bleeding one. She's like the lifestyle equivalent of someone who's so obese that any slight diet change would make them lose weight, but they still stick to their same habit. At this point, there's not much that wouldn't help her a little bit. Even becoming a whiny tumblr camgirl a la shayna would give her an upgrade in stability and productivity, because she's at an absolute standstill right now. Her only problem is that she won't get moving on anything.

No. 556560


this is one of my biggest pet peeves with luna (as opposed to totally legitimate gripes) actually. like, the whole nicole dollanganger ddlg pastel/kawaii/whatever thing only works if you have good to meticulous hygiene standards. she reblogs "cute pics" of other people's belongings and living spaces with the aesthetic she's going for all the time, is she really so oblivious to how grotty she is? is it part of her derp cobain ~grunge~ obsession? or does she just not give a fuck? don't wanna be one of the anons who are obsessed w living vicariously thru luna fantasising about how she could/should fix her life but i think she'd be a lot cuter (or at least less disgusting) if she stopped wearing all this pastel shit and "surround(ing) herself with pinks"

No. 556564

It's not just a matter of disagreement, you keep bringing this shit up. If you're that thirsty for it, take it up with Luna. And again, I don't know what you're expecting if she did do it. Her scribbles are her perspective on her life. That's as deep as it gets. You seem to be expecting something more profound, and I'm telling you, it's not there. If she was just mentally ill or special needs, sure. But junkies lose depth and perspective as the habit takes over. That's why she keeps expressing the same basic themes in her art, the same shitty outfits and makeup for her selfies, and the same thoughts (cheap cheap cheap) over and over again.

You never do stuff like that just to feel better about yourself, or for the fun of it?

No. 556567

Imagine being so shit at makeup that people say you look better without it because you seriously lack that much basic motor skill and manage to make yourself look dirtier with it.

No. 556568


idk if it's the same person or not but at least art anon is sperging about something luna could hypothetically do, there's been a few posts recently that sound like they were all the same anon that have been like "luna should dump lurch and do asmr videos" "luna should try doing livestreams"

No. 556569

Somebody who would be interested in a comic by Luna for the same reason that they're interested in Sonichu probably is not going to be suggesting those things, anon…you don't seem to understand what that comparison means.

No. 556572

She has the drawing skills of a five year old so… ask a five year old to teach you how to draw? It's not that hard to pick up a Hampton book or Proko vid, anon.

Why do people get her expensive things knowing damn well that she isn't going to take care of any of them? What a waste of money. She does fuck all all day long and can't even use that time to clean her things to take photos.

No. 556585


I meant the anon/s who are suggesting luna do graphic novels or whatever totally in earnest. I know who Chris-chan is as does everyone who has been on the internet more than once.

No. 556595

I don’t think anyone actually acquainted with this whole shitshow would seriously suggest Tuna would or could do any of those things (comics, streams, whatever the fuck else). As hilarious as her live-streaming would be, a) there’s almost no possibility of that ever happening and b) her smacked out incoherent rambling would be entertaining for all of two minutes before becoming depressing as fuck. Her semi-inept scribbles are a good medium insofar as milk is concerned because they provide us with a grime covered window into her head, how she perceives herself, how she wants to be perceived, &c. Looking at her art is like watching trashy reality tv; a guilty pleasure that’s partially organic but mostly contrived and scripted.

No. 556682

File: 1533210363395.jpg (39.48 KB, 500x427, decipher-doodle.jpg)

According to google, this is an example of how a 5 y/o draws. Luna can draw better than that. I know you were exaggerating but I don't think this comparison is apt.

Imaginary sage.

No. 556683

Dude that anon was clearly exaggerating.

Luna's style is pretty common tbh. There are a lot of artists on tumblr with a very similar style, that's why the noses she draws are called 'tumblr noses' all over this board. There are plenty of much better artists with the same style, and you can tell they actually know how to draw and choose to draw that way. Luna just doesn't have any skill. Just because all you anons are bad at art, it doesn't make Luna magically good.

I think it would be funny to see a zine by her though. Filled with her hilarious poetry and bad art. And I bet she would try and sell it for $50+ a copy. I'd love to see that if she would bother.

No. 556684

Is this what we have come to? Really?

Yeah exactly. Her art isn't exciting or innovative, it's just her sperging with copics when crayola would be more her speed.
I think of these threads as her unofficial zine. Fuck knows she won't do the work.

No. 556692


>$50+ a copy

dude she sells a single doodle on printer paper for more than that, if her pricing were logical and not just arbitrary figures (or depending on how much extra she needs in order to cop that day) she'd be charging hundreds per copy

No. 556693

you're all wasting your time and shitting up the thread hypothesising business plans for this slug. why does this have to happen every thread.

No. 556694

That kitty needs a good combing. It's really aggravating to see how shitty their coats are. I know they're pretty old and scraggly; that's why she should take some time out of her busy schedule and make more of an effort to help them out because they can't do it properly themselves.

It only takes a few minutes, Luna!!

No. 556696

Luna is completely using Daniel Johnston’s style. Zero originality.

If you knew anon was exaggerating what is the point of this

No. 556754

Amazing,absolutely amazing
bravo to you

No. 556810

Don't act like a cow. I wasn't being serious, I was saying that Tuna's drawing abilities are absolute shit. She draws hands backwards and legs unattached to the body ffs.

How much you wanna bet that she just left the cat like that? And seriously you're right. Instead of buying herself dumb bleach and makeup, she could easily buy grooming tools for her cats instead.

No. 557043

what do these comments mean? am i having a stroke?

No. 557064

it's spam

No. 557248

File: 1533295355519.jpg (270.9 KB, 683x1126, IMG_20180803_131704.jpg)

No. 557250

Wow, stigmata and a crown of thorns. Much edgy, so depth. This could well be her most revelatory piece to date (i.e she thinks she’s a martyr, fucking kek)

No. 557257


suspenders not connected to anything even tho she drew her in thigh highs?

No. 557258

she has her legs cut off, that's why the suspenders are not connected to anything. You can see the blood and bones sticking out.

No. 557265

Her sustained abuse of Copics hurts my feelings. I wonder how much she will try to sell this one for.

No. 557267

the hands…r cursed

is this how tuna thinks her body looks?

No. 557268


cottage cheese legs aren't far off. think she thinks her arms are a lot smaller than they really are, though…

No. 557284

File: 1533308412567.png (12.56 KB, 543x270, vague.png)

No. 557391

File: 1533330716680.jpg (695.4 KB, 810x1464, 20180803_171054.jpg)

No. 557400

File: 1533331468678.jpg (512.54 KB, 1024x1280, tumblr_pcwlt3K6uH1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 557401

File: 1533331544364.jpg (375.64 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pcwluppFBu1xxzxb4o1_128…)

>#1 cat mom

No. 557402

File: 1533331669170.jpg (457.13 KB, 899x1280, tumblr_pcwltkgxrz1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 557406

File: 1533332305275.jpg (139.47 KB, 998x775, 2018-08-03-16-36-33.jpg)

No. 557408

File: 1533332456449.png (2.62 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-03-16-39-41…)

Oh my fucking god.

No. 557419

lol this bitch, still hasn't sorted out her insurance after her dad booted her off his.

>medications don't help

>I haven't been on meds in a year
PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT TUNA. Either she's ~too poor~ to afford medication, or ~too damaged~ for the medication to work, she can't have both. I love how she acts like she's ~totally valid for wanting mental health medication~ but will only take meds that are used recreationally/abused by addicts. Grabbing whatever pills you can find and taking them irregularly obviously won't fucking "work" because they're not prescribed for her diagnosis, and she's misusing / abusing them.

Jesus Christ it literally looks like she's melting what the fuck? Her nose is making me feel sick, it looks like peeling wallpaper.

No. 557424

Woah so we're talking on insta now and basically shes just giving a shit ton of woe is me excuses and subtly begging me to buy her art this is so weird I cant believe Im actually talking to her but ummm would it be scummy to post screenshots?

No. 557429

Tuna will always be a shit artist cause she literally has to write the meaning of something rather than letting the drawing do the talking.

Holy kek those feet and legs

No. 557430

Samefagging here but what the absolute fuck is this monstrosity…? Who would upload this? This is fucking scary to look at.

Do it. If anyone should feel scummy it's Tuna for constantly begging random people for money instead of getting a job.

No. 557431

Holy shit. Why post this, Luna?

It's not any scummier than Luna ebegging or guilt tripping random people who offer help by telling them she wants to kill herself. Plenty of farmers have posted their interactions with her before so post them if you want.

No. 557433

File: 1533335179610.png (261.84 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-03-17-13-15…)

Ok, here ya go fuckers, hopefully she doesnt get paranoid or see this shit n block me

No. 557434

File: 1533335244514.png (262.68 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-03-17-13-43…)

No. 557437

File: 1533335517138.png