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File: 1543541656700.png (1.36 MB, 1334x750, 1542618047905.png)

No. 607094

Thread Image Credit: >>601471
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/600694
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onion Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/ Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Lainey states that the day of her anniversary was shitty. Might be because of her twitter being leaked or because Greg is a shitty husband. >>600699

>Lainey does another video with Jess/Ryan and confirms she’s still salty about Billie, after almost 2 years of them not being together. >>600866
>it’s speculated that Jess/Ryan’s significant other did not feel comfortable with them staying at the Grease Trailer. >>600890
>Patron DMs between Greg and ex-Patronfag Beccacopsicle and Sylar are released. Surprise, Greg talks like a retarded Disney villain. >>600902
>Greg spergs about DDLG >>601059 Religion >>601067 >>601075 Skye >>601151 and Strange Aeons (this is still going on) >>601253 >>601298 >>601472 >>601485
>Calls Shane Dawson a liar for being in the closet over a 6 year old tweet >>601607 >>601680 and somehow relates it to Shane being a “pedophile”. >>601688
>Greg drops a podcast about his wannabe cult. >>602065
>Greg can’t take criticism and runs away to his private twitter >>602141 only to continue to post on his main account. >>602204
>Greg shows his ass and makes it obvious that Greg and Lainey bringing over girls is only for his sake. He also thinks women in their mid 20s to mid 30s are “mature.” >>602218
>More Strange Aeon sperging. >>602213 >>602270 >>604250
>A fetlife account that may belong to Lainey was found. >>603011
>The countdown to tractorgate begins, just in time for milkmas. (December 6th, 2018)

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295) derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here (cowtipping). You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.



No. 607099

File: 1543542153822.png (60.11 KB, 592x623, Screenshot_27.png)

All that's happened recently (since the last thread hit post limit) is vague tweets that look like cries for attention.

No. 607101

File: 1543542236187.png (67.95 KB, 597x731, Screenshot_28.png)

No. 607103

File: 1543542287100.png (41.81 KB, 584x355, Screenshot_29.png)

No. 607104

Dumb cunt has lost his marbles. He must have heard from the government.

No. 607105

What the hell are these tweets? Nothing's happening with the state right now, I don't think.

He strikes me as legit retarded sometimes.

No. 607106


“I’m not even straight, stop harassing me.”

Yes you are, you dumb fuck, you’re attracted to vaginas.

No. 607108

File: 1543543293611.png (23.58 KB, 585x244, the edge.png)

No. 607110

manic tard rage?

No. 607113

I guess he thought being fake gay was a get out of jail free card since it is for his fake ass wife.

No. 607116


LMAOOOOO he’s so damn salty knowing he’ll never reach 1,000 again.

Be mad, Gerg.

No. 607118

File: 1543544501813.jpeg (190.52 KB, 933x933, 313E4547-199C-4F37-9E5A-363728…)

When the webcam is “better”

No. 607120

Nothing says sexy quite like shittily dyed black hair and jaundice.

No. 607133

File: 1543546566053.png (322.7 KB, 863x815, update.png)

Dropping an update from kiwi in regards to the Onion's upcoming case.

Staff report and hearing notice #1:

Staff report and hearing notice #2:

No. 607134

He better be practicing for his mugshot and stop with those Zoolander faces.

No. 607135

ahaha no claim of being totes gay or discrimination from youtube or haters can get you out of a legally binding contract, especially one that has a greater affect on the world around you.

whenever something newsworthy happens or when a celebrity dies he is quick on mentioning the struggles of some other unrelated topic but it never applies to him. sure grug, you are residing on that land and you wanted more yard totally for your children but wow its like what you did had a greater impact on the local land than what you were intending for you kin. why should anyone have sympathy when what you did could potentially have lasting effects longer than you will be there?

knuckle up butter cup and prepare for the inevitable fact that your local jail wont give a fuck you dont have your caked layers of foundation for that mug shot.

No. 607136

I know that this might be a big nothingburger in terms of milk because courts and slow and all that but I'm really hoping that we get something on the 6th.

Someone at kf said there's a possibility that there'll be a transcript online? Please, god.

No. 607140

I think something will happen. If you look through the pdf of the document, they pretty much laugh at his claims. He can't get out of it, especially since it also shows that he changed his story from "I wanted a better view of the lake" to "It was weed!"

No. 607141

It's also going to be published in the Tacoma News Tribune I believe.

No. 607142

File: 1543547511536.jpg (128.41 KB, 567x706, image0.jpg)

These shirts remind me onion's tweets

No. 607143

He probably shouldn't be boasting about being "gay" right before he goes to jail. He might be exchanging those fake banana blowjobs to real ones.

No. 607147

inal but court records are public and can be accessed. according to https://www.courts.wa.gov/newsinfo/index.cfm?fa=newsinfo.displayContent&theFile=content/accessToCourtRecords records than cannot be accessed are

>Adoption records

>Mental illness commitment records
>Alcohol and drug treatment commitment records
>Paternity records (except final orders)
>Confidential name change records
>Juvenile non-offender records (Juvenile Dependency, Truancy, At-Risk Youth, Child In Need of Services, Termination of Parental Rights, and Developmental Disability Placement)
>Court records sealed by judicial order

doubtful destroying protected lands due to willful ignorance are included. surely we will have access to their flailing attempts at proclaiming innocence

No. 607148

File: 1543547661771.png (32.08 KB, 460x246, Untitled.png)

His edgy "satanic 666" patron level didn't last long.
I know its petty and the perfect example of schadenfreude, but I look forward to the beginning of each month just to see how low his Patreon numbers will crash. Last month he lost 104 patrons. The Patreon numbers did their whole leveling out thing, but he never returned to 725. I really only enjoy it because I know he watches the numbers daily (maybe even hourly) and the first week of every month I know he panics.

No. 607153

File: 1543548062571.png (305.26 KB, 1094x773, tacomawanews.PNG)

You must mean the Tacoma WA News

No. 607154

Most hearings are also recorded and Washington does typically broadcast certain hearings. I hope there's a livestream of it.

No. 607159

File: 1543548265825.jpeg (48.04 KB, 342x321, E56753C4-4173-4492-AA28-80A1AE…)

This isn’t super milky but holy shit is plainey cringey as fuck

No. 607161

File: 1543548339186.png (340.84 KB, 604x821, Screenshot_32.png)

the timing of his tweet and this post is…

No. 607165

I came to this thread bc I saw Tacoma on the front page, if you guys end up figuring out which one it’ll be posted in I can easily pick up a copy and scan/photograph it for y’all. I’ll keep updated, I fell off onion milk when Sarah came back into the picture a few months ago and left out of disgust lol.

No. 607169

Do you have a source for this? It'd be hilarious to see that shitshow published

No. 607170

Tacoma News Tribune is where it'll be published but the publish date hasn't been confirmed.

No. 607173

File: 1543549530908.png (6.01 KB, 1315x46, chrome_2018-11-29_21-45-22.png)

No. 607179

File: 1543550585192.png (120.15 KB, 704x632, onion and laineybot.png)

No. 607181

while tractorgate is going on lainey is debating on using kai (greg suggested it, of course) as her new name. doubt she plans on getting a gender therapist tho.

No. 607182

lmfao. that's especially hilarious to me because that name is relevant to me due to a personal cow.(no one cares)

No. 607185


First time? Hasn't she made MULTIPLE vaping videos?

No. 607187

File: 1543551614603.png (38.28 KB, 645x155, Screenshot_33.png)


No. 607189

She's retarded. That's what she's worried about? Really? She has to go to court too but clearly a name is more important than possible jail time! She's not going to stay a fake butch for long.

No. 607190

Classic Lainey. She sticks her head in the sand by distracting herself with trivial things while Greg rages on social media about it.

No. 607200

File: 1543554132520.png (59.96 KB, 218x345, hearing ad'.png)

nvm they only posted the hearing date in the Tacoma News Tribune, (found the ad in staff report #2 >>607133 ) but it is a public hearing so I hope an nosy anon can tell us the deets.

Stupid question but, since it's a hearing do the Avaroe's have to appear in court or is it just a discussion between the officials?

No. 607203

both parties have to appear generally. even though the state is doing the prosecuting usually the ones who filed the claim need to appear to give initial testimony, which will help move proceedings along.

No. 607205

File: 1543555014851.png (53.08 KB, 702x539, okbby.png)

so despite violating ordinance, grug and his joke of a lawyer want people to shut up about them doing so, potentially seeking damages therin, and have them apologize for falsely claiming they broke law.

its like making big boi choices in life comes with big boy repercussions when you do wrong. too bad

No. 607206

File: 1543555378395.webm (1.79 MB, 1280x720, KIA-KAI.webm)

>kai as her new name
Did they just take the name of their shitty South Korean car and mix the letters up to find a new "fuckboi" name?

>greg suggested it, of course

He's like Brick Tamland "I love carpet. I love desk. I love lamp."

Oh sweet, sweet birdbrained Taylor, you both suck at thinking up new names. It would be better to take a page out of your gay husbands playbook and just do a Twitter poll and ask for submissions from your dwindling fan-base.

No. 607210

She may as well cause her name changes every month.

No. 607213

If he wasn't such a weirdo, I'd say he was drunk. Most likely he was just being manic.

No. 607216

wow he's down to 666…. y i k e s

No. 607217


I predict Anus will dwindle down to the 300s by next year.

No. 607224

I think he’s doing his best impression of 2008, I’m so random, quirky teen. Once again Greg is ten years behind a trend.

No. 607225

Kai is also from AHS:Cult

No. 607226

File: 1543558668586.png (9.01 KB, 288x264, 664.png)

It's 664 now.
his tweet here makes it seem like he's upset about the numbers dropping. Remember when he had 800-900 patrons?

No. 607228

Samefag, Lainey already has his body littered with onion tattoos. Might as well take on the name he wants too. He renamed her Lainey, why not also take hold of her translarp name.

No. 607229

Hes pissed they didnt obey him. He told them to keep it at 666, and two contrary patrons has the gall to pull their pledge. I hope he doesnt find out who they are, or they can count on a few emails berating them.

No. 607230

Has he done any milestone tweets? He held such a party at hitting 1,000. Lucky him, he's doing better on YT now that he's playing the algorithm and playing 5 ads per 20min video.

No. 607232

Yeah, exactly, after another blue-haired person Greg wants to fuck.

No. 607234

I like to imagine he thinks of Lainey the same way he does his Kia Sorenta, and thats where he came up with this Kai anagram.

~rides her for just a few minutes each day

~thinks of her as just another possession

~constantly looking to trade her in for a newer model

No. 607235

Kai Anderson is a character from American Horror Story Greg constantly faps to.

Maybe a coincidence, but her previous last name was Anderson as well

No. 607237

In b4 he makes Lainey dye her hair blue and fuck her imagining fucking Kai Anderson.

Although.. Kai was a top, so.. is it pegging time for greg now? Kai Anderson cosplay buttsexing his newly gay admitted self?

As he said when he dressed her as Harley and "fucked Harley", he'd be fucked by Kai. A homophobic, misogynist white supremacist cult leader.

Oh. So it'd be his ideal self fucking his literal self.

No. 607240

No. 607243

File: 1543560956198.png (22.32 KB, 587x198, bitch what.png)

No. 607244

what the fuck did tammy make this site

No. 607245

Remember how mad he got about the photo edit? The ogre doth protest too much.

No. 607247

holy fuck you can literally hear the trees cracking & breaking by the force of the little tractor pushing them into the swamp.
"I just pulled up some weeds"
yeah right, my ass you did.

No. 607257

But hes super transphobic on his tik tok video.. choose one.

No. 607274

I remember him flaunting 1k, that's why I'm in shock.

No. 607278

Holy hell. Good job anon!

No. 607289

I agree, A+
but needs more lip sores

No. 607344

he'll spam their accounts every month anyway

No. 607350

File: 1543568761240.jpg (185.88 KB, 1317x634, LogicalFallacy.jpg)

>"Like if you go to her top videos, like one-third of them are about me. Half, even!"

No. 607368

No. 607375

File: 1543574066235.png (151.16 KB, 704x632, B6BF12AC-EF07-49A9-AF89-D723F2…)

This was missing some details

No. 607379

was he drunk when he wrote this shit? i know the onions have been doing straight edge tries drinking vids and other stuff lately so its possible lol

No. 607381

File: 1543575282336.webm (3.95 MB, 640x360, should_i_stick_my_tongue_out.w…)

I thought it was funny he was so upset by this.
If he took the time to look at any of his ugly wife's SM he'd see she does the same fucking thing.

No. 607383

> sure grug, you are residing on that land and you wanted more yard totally for your children

For his children? That would actually be a noble thought. I'm pretty sure he either wanted to build a shack to hide in or put Lainey and the children into, so he can "work" in peace and quiet or he was jealous of his neighbors' plots and couldn't accept having the worst place in their neighborhood…
(It's still beyond me how that trailer was worth $500,000 to him.)

No. 607388


Great jobs, anons, I love both of your works! Thanks for sharing them!

No. 607390

This is perfect hahaha

No. 607396

That last argument tho. The legalese way to say "ignorance isn't bliss dumbass"

Goddamn if the way Crazy Tami draws people isn't some uncanny valley shit. If that's what she sees the world around her to be then it's no wonder she raised the Onion to be this way.

No. 607397

The funniest thing is that the reason there is video evidence of him destroying the yard in the first place, with chainsaws, with the tractor, and then another video of him continuing work by laying grass after the date he was told to stop working- is because of his initial STILL completely wrong idea that if he turns any home improvement he does into a video for his channel, he can tax deduct any of the items he uses in the video.

So to save money on the chainsaw, he puts it in a video.
To save money renting a tractor, he puts it in a video.
To deduct the entire cost of putting grass over the ruined land, after the date he’s been told to stop, he films it and uploads it as a video, and then tries to claim back the money from the taxman.

If he wasn’t still trying to pull his IRS shit, that his home improvements count as business expenses, then the video evidence wouldn’t all be there to convict him so easily.

He sinks his own ship time and time and time again

No. 607399

The girl tweetinf to him is 14 and obsessed with him and so is her TEN year old sister. It is scary the parents who don’t know what their kids are up to online

No. 607406

File: 1543581243281.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 9d5.png)

>35 seconds

No. 607410

Your honor, are you trying to tell me that all the teenage girls lives that have been saved because of this man's videos isn't worth the environmental damage that has been committed by my client? He has at least a million subscribers, that is a million lives touched by this man. The people affected by the environmental damage is not nearly as important as the lives touched by my clients videos.

No. 607418

Much improved! I knew it was missing something.

No. 607425

I have this theory for the longest time.. He always criticizes things about other girls that Lame does, or ways Lame does her makeup, behaves, looks. It's almost like he projects his negative thoughts about his wife onto other people because he is too narc to actually admit his own wife isn't all that..

No. 607431

Or he's doing it to make Lainey feel shitty and insecure so she can keep on feeling like she's less than and therefore never leave him because too insecure

No. 607488

File: 1543590398413.jpg (79.26 KB, 750x537, Dm5fnTFW0AA7BSC.jpg)

>6 days until Tractorgate!

I predict 6 more days of nonsensical Twitter sperging, 5 new transnames, 4 raging videos, 3 terrorized dogs, 2 children used as defense in court, and 1 tomato in a bulletproof vest.

No. 607491

And a partridge in a pear tree ^^ xD

No. 607515


No pear trees anon - those were torn down because they were "too dangerous" for the kids.

No. 607543


Lmao I am so tempted to go and witness the man baby melt down in person. Maybe Lambo will show up with some fresh bruises on her neck and a herpes sore to pick at nervously while her gay husband gets decimated in court kek.

No. 607545

If you're in the area already then it might be worth it just for the first-hand reports. It's a public hearing and the Kiwis are already trying to do the same but they're not expecting Onion to make a scene in court and think he'll just sit quietly.

As if.

No. 607556

He won’t make a scene. He’s terrified of irl authority that’s why he makes up the closed off world where he can be an untested authority of everything.

No. 607591

I mean that is true but he'd show up under the belief that he'd get away with a slap on the wrist and owing money like he does the IRS.

The paperwork said he could face months/years of jail time and there's no way Gurgles will go quietly into that. Him being forcefully ripped from social media and his little kingdom is removing him from all he has left and he can't live without the world knowing about his every move and what he thinks at any given moment.

No. 607592


Wishful thinking tinfoil but imagine if Thot used the opportunity in court to blurt out his abuse and neglect of her and the children.

No. 607595

Taylor's name is in all the documents as well, Greg hasn't even manned up to say his wife was not involved lol. Maybe the whole family will turn since Onion has ran off any potential baby sitters even his own family.

No. 607597

Reading the documents it seems they just want him to comply with Part II. Up to 90 days jail time or thousands in applying for permits and then the cost of all the damage.

I wonder if he'll show up in his bulletproof vest fearful the haters will show up. If any of their crazed fans are reading you'll know his location for definite on the 6th go ask him for his honest opinions this is your chance! /s

No. 607603

I'd be crying if anybody actually went there, yelling out:
"Hey Onision! I love you so much! Please rate my body between 1 and 10? Would you date me? Am I too curvy?"


No. 607607

File: 1543601919719.jpg (154.77 KB, 1080x801, IMG_20181130_181638.jpg)

Looks like Onion is expecting to be busy around the 6th wonder why?

It's a perfect time for a fan! If they can't afford the $500 to hang out with him at a fun fair this is your best shot!

No. 607609

topkek at his gross wife and beloved Billie constantly stick their tongues out

No. 607613

File: 1543602588460.jpg (184.2 KB, 457x640, EMGNmakeupfails14.jpg)

late to respond but lmao he's getting flashback under his eyes, it's what happens when loose translucent powder or pressed powder that sits on the top layer of the face isn't properly pressed in, and the flash photography picks up on it. It's why his under eye region is way lighter. You gotta blend after you bake gergles.

No. 607614

File: 1543602701691.jpeg (230.03 KB, 1125x692, A9026376-B39E-44A4-B03E-E8D25A…)

Still vaguetweeting. Too bad people just think he’s having a mental breakdown.

No. 607621

What if he's going this to show he's mentally unstable for jail

No. 607623


I was kind of thinking along those lines. Seems like he is trying to put things in place to feign mental instability for something.

No. 607624

Anon that's it! He is so terrified of going to jail so now he is crazy tweeting so he can plead insanity in court and have "evidence" to support it!

No. 607625

insanity pleas are not that easy to obtain. spergy tweets going to make him look mentally impaired but not so much as to get him off of his stupidity

No. 607627


In times like these I really hope his neighbors / the court have done enough online research and are somewhat aware of LC.

No. 607631

If that's the case then he wouldn't need to tweet like this. He makes himself look like a spastic constantly

No. 607633

Knowing him, he most likely doesn't realize that you must have documented proof of diagnosis for any mental illnesses, and he must show evidence of being mentally incapable of understanding reason when the offenses were committed, which won't work now because he's been communicating about his activities and justifying them just fine. The environmental damages he's done are punitive damages, not criminal.

It's pretty rare for anybody to claim insanity on a tort case, because it's literally so far fetched and useless. But of course, I bet dollars to donuts gergles thinks it's an option.

No. 607634

Lainey just posted a lookbook and called herself a "small man" in it kek. I'm surprised she actually used the word man.

No. 607635


It’s a lose lose either way for Anus. Either it doesn’t work, or he has to obtain medical proof, and he’ll be diagnosed with NPD finally, even though he rages that he doesn’t have it because his foot wife’s BS in Psych clearly equates to an MD.

No. 607638

Literally holds up spork

No. 607646

What a surprise, she picks a name that is popular with fakebois. Why can't they ever choose a normal name for their age and ethnic background? Wouldn't sticking with Taylor be a better choice anyway as it's already unisex?

No. 607671

imagine being so stupid that you think acting like a sperg on twitter will sway a courtroom

No. 607686

underrated comment

No. 607687


If anyone goes and ruins the day by sperging out and taking the attention away from chief sperg here, they deserve becoming the subject of their very own thread.

No. 607691


seriously. Don't make an ass of yourself in court let gerg handle that himself

No. 607729

Gargles doesn't like the name Taylor. Presumably because he didn't choose it, idk. It's a good name.

No. 607794

File: 1543618114082.png (195.85 KB, 2123x876, lyinglamelainey.png)

I looked at her 4th "vaping for the first time" video just to see the comments, so you don't have to.

No. 607823

File: 1543619238891.jpeg (32.32 KB, 275x258, 1543548265825.jpeg)

No. 607834

File: 1543619792551.png (92.58 KB, 675x156, Opera Snapshot_2018-11-30_2316…)

No. 607874

You've got it. He didn't start tweeting all this random nonsense until around the time he realized he couldn't get out of the hearing by refusing the letter.

Too bad it won't work because you don't just become insane overnight.

I bet that like/dislike ratio is going to give her more anxiety than the idea of losing their house is.

So literally jackets and hoodies that everyone owns. How androgynous.

No. 607877


Just watched a couple minutes of this video, and first of all, she fucked up her hood 2 seconds in and didn't fix it and looks like an idiot for the rest of the video lol
And secondly, is she trying to trick people into thinking this is her first time vaping? Or did she just decide to name it that for the clickbait??? Its stupidly obvious that shes vaped before. What an idiot, literally lying in her title to get a minuscule amount of views

No. 607883

This was beautiful. I don't think Greg's lawyer…even tried? Maybe she thought Greg was too retarded to know what a proper appeal looks like and copy pasta'd that horrendous joke of a legal argument. You can clearly see how the county responds referring to ordinances and other legal definitions. That's how real legal argument is made.

I think the best part of the response was that Greg was so smug about his trespassing "defense" and probably saw it as a golden ticket equivalent of a legal loop hole to get away with fucking up protected land. Meanwhile the County says "meh. not even our agency." I understand Greg is a lay person with legal issues, but it never fails to get a great laugh when someone appeals something and is angry that the appeal is responded too. I bet the dumb fuck thought he had the final word and that's why he was sperging. Not sure if he could actually see the difference in legal writing, but he could at least tell the County very easily dismissed each of his arguments.

No. 607886

Well they’d be kicked out even for using a phone so I honestly don’t think anyone will worry about stealing Greg’s spotlight

No. 607888


Wow what a waste of money on more clothes you're gonna pawn off.

No. 607889

theyre so poor uwu

No. 607897

Dec 6th is when German Santa puts candy in shoes left outside. He is giving us milk instead on Dec 6th

No. 607898


I think the only reason she uploads on her channel still is to promote her Patreon which is not only lazy as shit but it's pretty much a slap in the face to their patrons. They should provide a break down to all of their patrons of what they actually do with the money they receive - because if it's not going towards improving their content they are bums. I think we can all agree they havent been working towards improving their content so they can actually gain more subs and stop e-begging. Their attitude is "you should love what I put out and support me regardless because Im awesome and too much of a basket case to function in the real world".

Target hauls, vapes, tattoos, alcohol, and day trips to Panera bread and the movies is not a channel - it's a documentary of a married couple with kids that act like spoiled teenagers.
True Life: Please don't make me do stuff!

No. 607905

Couldn't someone just turn on their audio recorder on their phone and put it in their pocket? I haven't been to a public court hearing or anything so I'm not sure about all that.

No. 607906


der Narzissmustag

No. 607923

Phones aren't allowed in court, but an anon could show up and describe what they saw. That's what Kiwi farmers did for Chris Chan's court cases.

No. 607929

File: 1543631154225.jpg (110.87 KB, 599x619, rules.JPG)

Cellphones have to be off but don't worry, everything is digitally recorded and I would think would be available publicly after?

You could also bring a notepad and make notes so you don't try to remember all the details.

No. 607957

Boring, white trash teenagers at that. Imagine thinking that going to cheap chain outlets is worthy of content.

No. 607959

i guess going to court means lainey has an excuse to wear her prom suit or whatever

No. 607960

File: 1543635288393.jpeg (465.75 KB, 1125x1923, 1E51B030-83E4-40C2-A71D-7D27D2…)

First world problems. I hope they get fucked financially.

No. 607964

It's not a misgender if you look and act like a female, you pussy.

No. 607965

What does the seconds represent?

No. 607974

File: 1543637130838.png (937.9 KB, 750x1334, AAC296C3-4612-4550-BBD0-190385…)


The post called referred to her as “her” twice. Lol, be mad Lainey, your whiny ass girl voice gives away the fact that you have a vag.

No. 607975


Ungrateful brat should be happy she was even sponsored to begin with but “uwu mY pRoNoUns aRE vALiD”

I didn’t hear her complaining when a fan called her “she” when sucking her ass because they met at that concert last week.

No. 607978

Love that she's blaming youtube for her video being demonetised and doing badly. I mean, it has nothing to do with her blatant clickbait (dIsHoNeSt) title and boring fucking content that minors shouldn't be watching /s

No. 607980

Lainey your fans can't vape because they're children. Seeing videos like this could make them want to vape to be "cool" like you.

No. 607982

File: 1543639000740.png (296.4 KB, 778x435, 385629365894.png)

No. 607985

Lol she was complaining about the vape leaking in her ig live. I hope they don’t pick her back up for another sponsorship.

No. 607991

She fetishes 2010 emo boys so hard it's kinda creepy

No. 607992

Why would anyone want to sponsor this smug translarping cunt, it’s not like there’s a shortage of influencers to enlist for shilling.

No. 607993

File: 1543640731687.jpeg (111.72 KB, 1125x698, 1BCEBBF6-2638-447B-B896-94D426…)

I’m pretty sure at this point he’s trying to type and act like today’s teenagers

No. 607996

File: 1543641103019.jpg (17.13 KB, 275x399, adam.jpg)


Def trying to be her old emo favorites, but not looking as good.

No. 608001

also she's got a feminine fucking name. I mean what the hell does she expect?

No. 608003

Lainey's videos don't tank because she's been demonitized, lainey's videos tank because she's boring as fuck.

No. 608013

I really hope she comes out and says that she puts her pronouns in her email signature or something so that there's no reason for them to misgender her.

No. 608017

Really, she could be an adult and politely correct her sponsor. I mean, it's a business transaction and that's a kinda big part of her brand. I'm guessing she just wants to victimize herself and be passive aggressive as usual rather than actually try to fix what's upsetting her.

No. 608023

She also doesn't complain when her own husband refers to her as a she. But go ahead and lose your sponsorship Taylor, less money in your pocket is a good thing.

No. 608029

Lainey you tag yourself on your videos with female pronouns, so please shut the f up.

No. 608043

Totally true. As well as the fact that Instagram posts are editable so theres no reason for her to not message then and correct them

No. 608077


Is it me or this genius is trying to pull a Marina Joyce?

>act insane

>rake in millions of views

Too bad people know he's legit crazy.

No. 608080

File: 1543662216701.jpeg (878.34 KB, 1125x1361, 02BC1550-4332-49C0-8673-25011E…)

Hey guys! Did you know? That I’m Trans?
Look at my trans flag guys! Totally trans. My name is Kai now. Yeah I know that my husband and I are gonna get fucked by the government but my pronouns matter MORE!

No. 608082

Is that a security camera in the top corner…?

No. 608083

I was just gonna ask the same thing about the camera in the corner.. too lazy to actually watch kids or is lainey/greg keeping and eye on eachother..?

No. 608085

It is.

No. 608087


Lol, that's probably Gergs way of "watching the kids". He doesn't have to interact with them and he can fap to Billies Instagram while he sees through the camera what they're doing

>duhh Gaylor, the literal definition of "watching" is literally watching something. I don't have to be in the same room with Trot and dumb Clot, who can't even talk. I'm literally watching them by looking at the camera.

No. 608091

File: 1543666446861.webm (5.11 MB, 602x338, e46a1daf.webm)

No. 608092

Speaking of folks Greg wants to fuck, he's gonna lose his goddamn mind when he finds out Jaclyn Glenn has a new boyfriend, a major upgrade from ol' horseface AND a guy who swears to the audience he's gonna treat her right.She's also looking pretty hot in her Xmas elf outfit. I know this is a Gurg thread, but I hope the mods will allow me posting this here as it relates to seeing if Gurg has a sperg attack over it or if he pretends to be overjoyed for her with that creepy 'sincere' voice he likes to use in buttkissing videos. Since he's pretending to be her friend I'm dying to see how he reacts to this.

No. 608109

he already tried when he screamed like a baby covered in "blood" and streamed it

No. 608111

lol is he supposed to be crying for real at the end

No. 608114

He probably made himself cry for sympathy again. He looks fucking disgusting lol.
Imagine being AJ and seeing him covered in a blanket, crying like that because you said "what" after he called your name

No. 608120

confirmed shane found inabber through his onision video.
around 0:30

No. 608121

File: 1543676510892.png (805.38 KB, 963x519, 1503603709151.png)

It's not "misgendering" if you look, act and talk like a girl, Looney. I don't understand the mental gymnastics of these people being perfectly comfortable with looking like chicks but getting called "she" triggers them.

There's no need to hear her voice, she looks extremely feminine at even a glance.

Guess "non-binary" is no longer hip and fashionable enough for these people. Sure, it's a stupid fad but not as bad as suddenly pretending to be "twanz".

No. 608130

I find it painfully funny she called herself a smol man. Bitch the only smol man is your gay husbando, not you. What kind of a weeaboo name is Kai anyway. Wasn't Eli good enough for her?

No. 608132

>flag still hasn't been ironed
>shitty little student desk
>shoved into corner of living room with mismatched chair
>chair pushes out into the doorway
>lone Youtube award on wall
>security camera above to oversee/spy

And meanwhile Greggles gets the entire garage to himself. Lainey really will just take the scraps she's tossed, won't she?

No. 608149

this is lainey's ppp meme

No. 608151

File: 1543684659936.jpg (29.95 KB, 768x1024, ftm-swimtop-768x1024.jpg)

What trans man EVER wears swim wear that looks like this???There are actual swimmers made for trans men that have binders built in & even have room for a packer in the trunks. She's delusional.

No. 608154

We been knew.

No. 608156

File: 1543686182108.jpg (57.99 KB, 474x704, fat mattdamon.jpg)


Sure he looks like Matt Damon. FAT Matt Damon.

No. 608159

File: 1543686347239.jpeg (718.81 KB, 1125x1619, 59CFC0BF-645F-44AB-ADDB-467D0F…)

No. 608160

File: 1543686363765.jpeg (703.61 KB, 1125x1498, BD7F8B6D-29C6-447D-BAC8-B81677…)

No. 608163

File: 1543686625050.jpeg (436.67 KB, 1125x998, B48B839B-97BE-4138-9BE5-814649…)

Never fails.

No. 608165

>i look like matt damon
>i look like a steamy gay guy who gives great blowjobs

i just cringed so much i think my asshole inverted

No. 608166

File: 1543686847482.jpeg (193.68 KB, 1125x343, DE5E0FD5-C2C5-4BDB-81EC-3E0367…)

He deleted this tweet.

No. 608171

If he ever needs a surgery or anything he is going to be the worst patient.

No. 608172

“I feel like if I were gay, I’d love to eat my boyfriend’s load because that’d be like my reward for pleasuring him”
~Onision, circa 2017

No. 608174

gurgs you look like the night manager of a donut shop

or a sketchy divorced dad

or someone in line at a payday loan place

No. 608180

can you not post her video so we dont have to give her dumb ass views on accident. he will probably make a video on her if he gets desperate enough and since jaclyn is an idiot, she will make a reply video and get him more views. but we all know he's just pretending because he wants jessie page

No. 608187

But she hates confrontation uwu. If she tried to correct the sponsor she'd start crying like a soft fragile smol bean before she could do it

No. 608203

File: 1543689377139.jpg (247.01 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20181201-193530_Ope…)

He's really trying to look as mental as possible. Gonna be tough five days Grugg.

No. 608216

Doesn’t he realize he’d have to delete every single tweet prior to swamp week for that to even be considered? And I use that term lightly, no judge is retarded enough to buy this shtick. Either way.

No. 608221

That and wouldn't they have him do a mental health evaluation with a professional? He can't bullshit his way out of that and being a narc isn't a defense.

No. 608223

They would know he's trying to cover his tracks someone who has been on twitter as long as him doesn't randomly delete all their tweets.

If he wanted this to seem real it should of happened when it all started.

No. 608243


Why he keeps thinking that’s a good picture is beyond me. His eyebrows are literally resting on his lashline. We know he acts like a Neanderthal, night as well look like one, too.

No. 608244

File: 1543699050444.jpg (325.58 KB, 810x1567, 1201sperg.jpg)

No. 608251

"With Chararacter" I laughed so hard

No. 608252

File: 1543700952425.jpg (304.6 KB, 1078x1115, Screenshot_20181201-224722_Ope…)

@his poll

Sure Amber, he was nothing but sweet to you. That's why he called you gross for sending him and Gaylor nudes and told you to leave them alone until this RSN thing happened and he could collect a few pitypoints.

No. 608253

Imagine "I rented a Bobcat and savaged a wetland not because I'm an ignorant and entitled manchild, but because I'm mentally ill, you ableist!"

Everyone would wet their pants laughing.

No. 608254

From a scale of 1 to 10 how mad you think the onion man is that strange aeons didn't respond to his videos?
I say 100

No. 608256

It's going to get worse as he gets older and will probably fuck with his vision. Lol

No. 608274

Just want to point out that Kai is the name of Peter Evans character in American Horror story Cult, where he happens to play a internet troll gone narc cultleader. My bet is that Onision felt so connected to this character that he put the idea in Laineys head to name herself Kai.

No. 608280

>>608274 i think one of the anons has already mentioned that character. What is also creepy is the fact that greg is the one who suggested her to change her name to kai, lainey, to be poly and bi.
It seems that greg created her entire identity and she only sticks with it because its her safe space in which she doesnt have to be afraid of greg leaving her.

No. 608298

File: 1543708540112.png (511.81 KB, 1194x754, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 00.5…)

lol i dont think its spoken word just because you talk over shitty midi ringtones there greggo

No. 608300


No. 608302

>with chararacter

Nice spelling there, Greg

No. 608303

File: 1543710189817.jpg (80.9 KB, 768x1024, DsWAzSwX4AAPgYF.jpg)


shut up poopbeck!

No. 608305

Heck. I didn't even notice that and I'm dying. that's the funniest shit ever

No. 608306

he obviously did it that way on purpose, that's just his writing style, anons! duh! he doesn't need an editor so stop criticizing him… be human!!!1!

No. 608308

Good Lord.
His computer should get a restraining order, so that Greg cannot get near it anymore…

No. 608311

so the "songs" are like 2min each?

i cant decide if this i- nah changed my mind, his "podcast" is def more pathetic

No. 608313

Oh my fucking GOD. I just listened to the previews and it's even worse than I expected.


38 songs. Fucking kek.

No. 608318

Greg has never been able to grasp the concept of quality over quantity.

I'm always astounded at how deluded he is. The man genuinely thinks his books, albums, videos are brilliant works of art. I guess that's why his content hasn't improved or changed in 10 years.

No. 608319

File: 1543711744255.jpeg (337.59 KB, 1125x1698, C5DDB17C-6832-483D-95C5-CD87CD…)

No. 608320

File: 1543711789850.jpeg (561.34 KB, 1125x1512, 0FF6318F-0FFE-430E-8A2C-35FF17…)

No. 608323

I'm surprised this doesn't include 10 remixes of "I'm A Banana".

No. 608365

File: 1543716526058.jpeg (193.36 KB, 1242x524, 29B7A1C3-1556-41C8-9C3B-DDBFB0…)

hes either loosing his mind or hes finally becoming self aware of how idiotic he really is

No. 608371

Greg finally becoming self-aware

THAT is comedy

No. 608394

File: 1543720715494.jpg (299.67 KB, 581x3442, t3iyHlB.jpg)

more from the mind of greg
bonus at the bottom

No. 608395

That last post? Lmao I hope Greg gets sued by Shiloh

No. 608405

wow, this is cringe. fucking premium content eh gurg

No. 608406

Jesus christ he's pathetic. It's so wild that he sends people these "heartfelt" messages once a week asking them why they pulled their pledges and then gets mad when they give him any legitimate answer.

Also… he does realize that you can't get a restraining order against someone for threatening to sue you right? I sincerely hope he's not stupid enough to think taking legal action against someone through a lawyer is "harassment"

No. 608407

So he's using his "exclusive" twitter to bash patrons that finally see sense and reason. Disgusting

No. 608411

File: 1543723599243.gif (6.05 MB, 264x468, milkplease.gif)

It would be a glorious Christmas gift if both Shane and Sh sued Grease at the same time, while he gets reamed with swampgate fines.

No. 608418

But why did he wait until August to post this when the email was sent in April?
What a coward posting it to his super secret twitter.

No. 608421

Greg rages about things out of the blue. Perfect example was his freak out about Strange Aeons. At the height of his rage against her, for no apparent reason he starts freaking out about Shane again and posting links to that weird typed out dossier he made about all the evils Shane had committed.

There is no rhyme or reason to his spergouts.

No. 608423

Gun newbie so someone tell me if that's fake or real.

No. 608424

yeah I don't think he knows how restraining orders work. They aren't as easy to get as people think.

usually you have to prove that there has been physical contact of some sort and the person has to make definite threats.

in some states they wont allow you to get a restraining order for online harassment, thats a different offense alltogether and must be proven. I somehow doubt Shiloh has emailed greg any time recently, and one thing they do care about is how recent the offenses are. They are not going to issue a restraining order for correspondence that happened 5 years ago.

They certainly don't care if the person cheated on you once.

No. 608431

Shotgun racking noise is very polymer sounding, if that makes sense. So Id say fake.

All the guns Ive seen him use in videos have been airsoft with the orange tips removed or altered. I doubt Lainey allows real guns in the house.
Only real-steel firearms Ive seen him shoot were a small pistol with his sister at a gun range and a small caliber rifle in a very very old video. The rifle was a family members and everyone was taking turns shooting it. And the pistol (a 22lr) was his sisters I believe. I laughed as he was shooting it because he says "wow the recoil" after firing off a few rounds. The recoil on any firearm chambered in 22lr is like being lightly pushed by an anemic Laineybot.

No. 608436

Funny that there are things called autopsies that are usually performed by a medical examiner, who works for the county, so is not affiliated to any hospitals, and is usually a pathologist. if a patient suddenly dies after surgery, you better bet that there's going to be an autopsy performed. Of course Greg doesn't y'know, think. Otherwise he would know this.

No. 608437

File: 1543728980668.png (244.3 KB, 595x1230, Screenshot_1427.png)

I hope we can still be friends.

No. 608438

File: 1543729093614.png (40.55 KB, 595x370, Screenshot_1427-2.png)

No. 608439

File: 1543729197805.png (15.41 KB, 595x128, Screenshot_1427-3.png)

No. 608440

File: 1543729361580.png (118.05 KB, 595x380, Screenshot_1427-5.png)

No. 608441


i wish we could see this screenshot

No. 608442

File: 1543729570792.jpg (300.02 KB, 1125x2002, lolcow1.jpg)

No. 608443

File: 1543729631954.jpg (118.42 KB, 1125x1129, lolcow2.jpg)

No. 608444

File: 1543729669454.png (13.11 KB, 595x95, Screenshot_1427-6.png)

No. 608445

File: 1543730302500.png (476.12 KB, 751x528, no.png)

not to derail from the milk

No. 608447

I don’t even need to click on this to know it’s more click bait garbage. Hell its probably another quiz.
They are two of the mos my uncreative people on YouTube. And while Plenty of non creative people are successful on YouTube, they usually have something else going for them such as, I dunno, likeability? But gurg considers being likeble as being fake.

No. 608448

What is wrong with Lainey's nails?

No. 608449

yup it's clickbait lol

No. 608450


That dumbfuck tried to dye her hair black… and used her bare hands instead of using gloves.. hence, the gunk on her nails.

No. 608451

100% did not happen. So much ~AahNiiStEeee~

No. 608452

It's just another clickbait video. It always is because Taylor the Doormat will always choose the micropeened, greasy caveman over the welfare of her kids.

No. 608456

lol this is the day the people came out to check out his yard, right?

No. 608459

No wonder so many of these have only one like or none. They're just a bunch of ramblings by Frankenstein. What a nobody lmao.

No. 608464

it's 100% clickbait, but these kinds of videos are always still funny to me because they spend so much of them trying to pretend that they aren't bothered by what the internet has to say about them, being sarcastic and snarky, but like… their relationship has been on the rocks before, and anyone looking at it objectively can easily tell they have no chemistry and greg just stays because he has no other options. they act like people are making things up and pulling shit out of thin air but we're not. people called it when billie came around that she was there more for greg's benefit and that he was far more into her than he was into lainey. and all of that lead to them very actually almost getting divorced with greg being totally okay with signing the kids over to lainey so he didn't have to deal with them anymore. those are all very real events that took place, so I'm not sure who they think they're fooling when people continue to talk about their unstable unhealthy relationship. especially when they themselves are so transparent about things, they literally put all their dirty laundry out there constantly. I dunno, it's just wild to me that they continue to try and make fun of "the haters" and pretend they don't care what people are saying when they obviously do and there's so much evidence from their own mouths that their marriage is an unhappy sham at best lol.

No. 608465

Wait so people told him Booty was posting on lolcow, and he thought it was fake? He's truly an idiot.

No. 608466

File: 1543732688859.jpg (155.67 KB, 1806x849, thathairtho.jpg)

No. 608469

you cant save whats already broken lol
but okay youre true love and whatever

No. 608470

File: 1543733288606.webm (2.84 MB, 480x360, eeMOtional abuse.webm)

No. 608471

I tried enlarging it and cleaning it up but I could only read part of the text.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but, could you post the screenshot of YT worried he was suicidal. If you dont have it, do you remember the jist of it? Thanks

No. 608473

File: 1543733898382.jpg (56.82 KB, 1890x723, suicidal 1.jpg)

No. 608474

File: 1543733907735.jpg (149.21 KB, 1959x1119, suicidal.jpg)

No. 608475

>Nov 18
>Nov 20

Isnt that around the same time he removed his pinned tweet with suicide hotlines?
He had that as his pinned tweet for so long just to get asspats and YouTube went and turned it around on him, so he took it down.

No. 608476

greg hasnt had a shit fit with laineys private twitter being leaked but you best bet he is going to subtweet about betrayal and chimping about wasting their time on hate.

thank you twitter anon, this is simultaneously as hilarious and drivel as one could imagine

No. 608480

I thought he was leaving and was only gonna post on his patreon twitter? Well that was fast kek

No. 608481

File: 1543735260850.jpg (200.77 KB, 782x440, 6744.jpg)

If only Russian hackers could get ahold of his emails.
Id love to see how crazy he must of sounded in his appeal to youtube for them to legit be worried about his well being. He must of been giving off Nasim Aghdam vibes and it scared them.

No. 608483

Plaineys chin is way too short

No. 608484

File: 1543735462679.png (170.28 KB, 587x445, trading in.png)

No. 608485

He said he used booty to bait or some bullshit.

No. 608486

This literally makes no sense whatsoever. They’re just going to rush somebody out of the room in the middle of a surgery and pretend nothing happened? What, with their surgical incisions still gaping open? “Yeah don’t mind the entrails still hanging out of his body, we were totally done operating. Yeah I have no idea how this happened lmao”

No. 608487

File: 1543735708500.jpg (84.3 KB, 824x318, image0.jpg)

No. 608492

Im sure that when he confronted Potato-nose with the proof and emails that had been sent to him Megan told him she was "working from the inside to sniff out the rats"
Its easier to believe that than realize one of your highest paying Patrons talks shit about your ugly wife worse than you do on a daily basis.

No. 608493

>Reference Sheet requiring 10 people who can vouch for Gregs credit.

Id love to see who he scribbled in. Is he even on speaking terms with 10 people?

No. 608496

Also the listed death would still be found most likely to be complications of surgery so still affecting mortality rates of surgery.

No. 608497

I can already see Gregma saying something this retarded in court on the 6th.

No. 608498

File: 1543736961935.png (261.06 KB, 1299x609, CAPTURE541978.PNG)

Maybe Im reaching but I thought that the deleted tweet and the tweet he replaced it with that said the 3rd leading cause of deaths is hospital mishaps was a low-key dig at Bootyslayer.
Hes still a little miffed that she had the ganas to talk back to him and try and correct him about who true heroes are.

No. 608499


What is he underlining in the second pic and saying "Nope" to? Too blurry to see

No. 608501


…is he drinking out of a paper cup?.. in his own home? That's a little weird to me

No. 608502

Is it, though? You’ve seen how gross and lazy they are, of course they’d be wasteful bastards and use disposable dish ware in their own house.

No. 608503

File: 1543737665433.jpg (64.58 KB, 529x460, 0904-lil-wayne- sizzurp.jpg)

They went from vaping, to liquor, straight to sizzurp.

No. 608506

File: 1543737921380.jpg (384.29 KB, 1080x725, 20181202_000110.jpg)


Went back to screenshot this but you were too quick.
The two in the bg make it so much worse. Proof that they're just using paper cups just so that they dont have to do dishes

No. 608508

maybe he used his top level patrons lmao

No. 608510

File: 1543738685075.webm (14.59 MB, 480x360, lel.webm)

from today's livestream

No. 608512

the truest hero is war hero onionlord

No. 608515

So, by Onion's logic here, he wouldn't consider our military members heroes because they are paid and compensated in other ways for their service to others.

Also, Onion loves definitions. Here is the first listed definition of "hero" via Google:
"a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities"

I don't see a requirement of non-payment… Hm…

No. 608517

greg's old jank religion really proving he worships the earth, huh

No. 608520

The tweet he deleted came after his hurrdurr doctors kill don’t trust them tweet

No. 608524


He's personally attacked because someone else has the name Billie and joined his stream? We all know the real B would never join.

No. 608527

I was looking through his main twitter history on Nov 18 when he got his appeal denied and the "we think you may have serious mental issues" email from YT.
It seems like it really pissed him off.
Nov 18 - 31 tweets in 9 hours
Nov 19 - 44 tweets in 12 hours (stayed up till 3am pounding them out)
this was the same time period when he did that whole "Im taking my ball and going to OnisionPrime"

Those 2-3 days must of been rough for that poor guy. Some lesbo hipster chick tore him a new asshole with her reviews, and when he countered with a rebuttal video his fans said he was being a jerk. Then he was told by his boss that his work wasnt up to par and he would have to redo it, plus HR calls him into their office and tells him he seems depressed and they're worried he may commit suicide.

If you read all those tweets on those days hes all over the place with his hate. I can understand the tweets about Strange Aeons, and how he feels betrayed because everyone thought he acted like a dick in his reaction video. But then he veers off onto "Shanes a pedo" "Shanes a coward & homophobe for not coming out sooner" Jesus & Christianity are frauds, defending his poly relationship, shitting on DD/LG, his mom was a horrible monster, his divorce, slut shaming, defending his tweets about wanting to fuck little boys, and so much more.

When he gets wound up, all that pent up shit just comes gushing out.

No. 608529

Can you imagine how many times a day Taylor has to listen to his 9-11 jokes? Even his edgy humor is out dated.

I guessing this is what Onision was like as a child.

No. 608530

What a fucking mentalist. Why is he trying to make out to people that it's the same Billie they dated because it obviously fucking isn't and its not a rare name.. Onion. Billie doesn't give a shit about you anymore. Maybe you and herpeboi should move the fuck on since it's been over a year. She doesn't want you back, deal with it

No. 608532

File: 1543746306672.jpeg (350.07 KB, 750x988, 59881982-42D8-44C2-A699-40FF24…)

Neither of you are gay you fucking autist, enough with this fuckery

No. 608533

He needs to get off the internet altogether. Twitter and YouTube exacerbate his mental instability. If Thot’s head wasn’t so far up her own ass and/or if she was a normal human and wife she would probably be concerned about his increasing levels insanity.

No. 608534

He's so desperate to keep his videos with her in them. Very stupid, Greg….. You were warned.after tractor gate I really don't think more legal trouble will be in your best interests. He's gonna end up with nothing because he's a stubborn dumbass

No. 608562

Exactly this, I couldn't agree with you more.
Maybe they're partially over telling their "haturz" how great their marriage allegendly is and have moved on to trying to convince themselves.

Remember, though, he IS a vegetarian and was a vegan! So he cares about animals (most of the time when he's not too lazy to look up ingredients), nature and the environment (unless it's in his way, then it's okay to mow it down).
As is Lainey! She's too good a person, she can't even eat fruit or veggies (unless they're in form of frozen burritos or from Panera Bread).
Uggghh, those two. They're in dire need of a legal guardian and a socio-educational instructor on the daily!

No. 608564

the capital letters belay what this album truly is…


No. 608565

No. 608590

I think it did, but they were likely referring to the gas grade. Onion then tried to make a joke out of it since he looks soooooo young.

No. 608592

dunno if the enthusiasm is fake or not but either way it's weird and creepy af how excited he is about his wife looking like a 13 year old emo boy. you don't look "gay" greg you look like some age play fetishist who likes little boys.

No. 608602

They probably went out to get fast food

No. 608603

Jesus look at the 10 shades difference in his skin where the makeup ends.

Really does look like he took a weed whacker to his hair though. The whole thing looks like he's experiencing some kind of extreme hair loss and it's just coming out in clumps.

In Addition:
>4 days until Tractorgate
Place your bets now regarding whether two Avaroe walk in and if only one Avaroe walks out.

No. 608609

Greg behaves himself in court. Then he spergs on his lawyer if he's ruled against and spergs on social media. It will be epic.

No. 608611

I don’t think Greg will go to Jail but I do think he’ll be fined heavily. It’d be fucking hilarious if he did go to jail though.

No. 608616

File: 1543774033067.jpeg (192.53 KB, 1125x739, 302CD853-A47A-4022-87DE-8E8B8B…)

No. 608618

Guess he's awake and making his daily lolcow rounds.

No. 608620

It’s just a dumb private Twitter, Gurgle.
I doubt there was anything really interesting (besides what anon posted).

No. 608625

Cunt, shut the fuck up. You do this to people on a regular basis. I hope you get betrayed repeatedly until you die, Frankenstein.

No. 608626

Hasn't it been actually 2 years now? the billie saga ended at the end of 2016 yeah?

Correct me if I'm wrong anons, A year is mental but after two years, Getting THAT excited at the thought of billie checking up on him. Notice how he says "my ex girlfriend" lmao he's pathetic

No. 608628

Be mad bitchboy

No. 608630

you're welcome biiiiiiitch

No. 608633

Always hilarious when Mr. Edgy humor and "I AM THE JOKER" whines about trust because useless tweets were leaked. What a pussy.

No. 608635

File: 1543776766282.jpeg (573.68 KB, 1125x1256, FEEC3362-508E-4F20-9235-4B9CC7…)

Booty continues to do the most. I wouldn’t doubt she was the one that leaked.

No. 608636

my my.. she seems quick to jump into panic mode right there.

No. 608638

i feel like we shouldn't try to figure out the identity of the leaker for the same reason people redact advice in the momokun thread. we know they read here, and if they figure out the leaker and ban them, we lose the milk. dumbasses probably wouldn't figure it out without our help, so let's not cut off our own milk here

No. 608639

Seriously Greg 0/10 for Onision "prime" content. He should reimburse everyone who paid for that perk. $50 and he's still withholding and vague. His patroen should be shut down, I can only imagine what the high paying Kik conversations he has with people he's not interested in. I bet its all "ha" "mmk" ":p"

Such a greasy bastard

No. 608641

Tbh I think the anon wants to be found
They left a lot of hints

No. 608642

It probably was Booty. The one who plays up the dramatics is usually the one behind something. We already know that she was posting here and got caught.

No. 608643

Or they're massively fucking stupid. Such as >>608642

The dumb bitch was caught posting before lmao

No. 608644

This is so weird. What does he mean? Booty is trying to break down the walls of him and Lainey? It doesn't make sense lc. So he's aware Booty wants him and she's oblivious how obvious she is being? Why does this dumb bitch pay him so much money she must be oblivious, it also looks like her twitters gone again

No. 608647

File: 1543778079730.jpeg (460 KB, 1125x1606, 1D1E0E0C-0810-459F-9D9D-25E74C…)

I think he means the haturz are trying to make him distrust his “friends” by providing proof that Booty is posting on hate sites

Cap is OT but onion related

No. 608648


GIRLfriend Lainey. Can't apply to you, can it?

No. 608649

Guess lainey doesn't know that greases baby carrot got all excited last night when he thought billie came into his twitch.

No. 608650


But if he's still pushing for a girlfriend behind the scenes but Lainey is against it does anyone have bets if he will end up actually getting one and if so, how soon?

No. 608652

He's definitely gonna. Remember when he was put into his place by Lucidia and how meek his voice and defensive his body laguage became? And how much he sucked up to her in the end? That's how he behaves in real life and when talking to adults. It'll be the same in court.
Only after getting home and pretending to be the sole ruler of the Internet, he will try to convince his dwindling fanbase of his strength and self-confidence / overconfidence.

No. 608654

He's not even trying to pander to Lame or more importantly the the LGBT community anymore. It's clear from their videos he's brought up this idea multiple times but I guess he's worried this is the last chance he's going to have at his trinity. After the government gets done with him, not even a stupid star-struck teen will be interested in his gherkin.

No. 608655

i give it 3 months, he's getting so much more vocal with it and she can't put it off forever as much as she tries

No. 608656

Thanks so much for the video. This was cringe as hell but it was definitely good for a laugh.

No. 608659

File: 1543779550559.jpg (304.91 KB, 2896x2896, gP4IP6t.jpg)

I was watching an episode of Law & Order SVU and the pedo character who also was a cult leader who impregnanted a 12 year old looked just like onion.

No. 608660

File: 1543780105380.jpeg (455.82 KB, 1242x1206, 307458F1-FA6F-4AEE-8110-DC95AC…)

Anyone know if this is true?

No. 608661

He also streams across platforms with periscope, youtube and twitch. Which is another thing thats against TOS on those sites.

No. 608663

Well you know they base all their episodes on real life things.

No. 608665

File: 1543781014152.jpg (335.93 KB, 1033x982, Screenshot_20181202-210241_Ope…)

This is what I found so far

No. 608670

File: 1543781746455.png (555.04 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_12-02-09.15.39.png)

No. 608672

I'm in Gig Harbor, can I shit in his yard or is that cow tipping?

No. 608673

File: 1543782681952.png (231.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7505.PNG)


No. 608674

That sounds more like asstipping.

No. 608676

I don't know anon, remember the absolute shit show it was when trot had a ball rash and he took him to the doctor, the doctor even threatened to call security on him due to the way he was behaving

No. 608678

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do anon (hint: I wouldn’t do that).

No. 608679

What? That happened?

No. 608680

The clip is right here anon >>608510

No. 608681

Don't be a fucking idiot.

No. 608683

Lmao his reaction says everything, if Billie wanted him back he would leave Foot and the kids for her in a heartbeat

No. 608684

Was there original footage uploaded or was it just him describing what happened?

No. 608687

It was his dramatic account of events intended to make doctors all look like morons but it just made him look unstable when his familys welfare is on the line.

No. 608689

No. 608703

oh, he'd WANT her back, but his pride wouldn't let him just accept her without somehow making her "prove herself" or some dumb shit and then he'd just ruin it for himself again and have to crawl back to Plainey

No. 608708

File: 1543789213688.png (571.42 KB, 647x487, Untitled.png)

gurg's pink inflamed skin does not work with his new darker cool toned hair. the entire time watching this I was fixated on his sharp yellow crocodile teeth. he really is comfortable with lainey and has let himself go.

No. 608713

File: 1543790851903.png (338.77 KB, 577x397, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.45…)

No. 608714

File: 1543790937246.png (118.15 KB, 238x282, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.45…)

This tiny man is so fucking repulsive.(Nitpick)

No. 608715

Jesus christ stop spamming the thread with you inane nitpick, Can we get back on topic that one of greases minions potentially posted his entire twitter.

No. 608716

I guess him and Lainey get away with selling their Twitter/Instagram accounts because no one/not enough people have reported them yet. If it's against TOS there should be a possibility to successfully report them and get them taken away some of their most attractive patreon rewards.

He legit looks like a melting Jason Voorhees in this.

No. 608721

That's about transfer of ownership. Stop.

No. 608728

>>608672 all these anons saying no and I'm over here praying for a Brown Christmas at the Shrek Shack.

No. 608730

File: 1543794994001.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x5613, IMG_20181202_235604.jpg)

No. 608733

Roseanne Barr falsely accused her parents of sexual abuse, so it’s not that far fetched that people would lie about such things. And since he accuses every other man he’s threatened by as a pedophile or rapist I wouldn’t put it past him to lie about it

No. 608735

File: 1543796614247.png (937.83 KB, 750x1334, BDE60F0E-8281-44C1-8730-DE4F33…)

Looks like Zamplebox fixed their description and took out “her”. 100% guarantee that Lainey didn’t contact them herself and politely ask them to change it, but instead her rabid fans harassed the company until they changed it.

No. 608737

File: 1543797153522.png (69.24 KB, 859x449, screencap7681.PNG)

I went to check out the tweet Zamplebox made and its gone. If any of you had seen it days before the only replies were people letting the company know she was bad mouthing their product on IG and crying about being misgendered.
I guess thats why the deleted it.

No. 608741

Is it possible for us to report the fact that he’s selling access to a private Twitter?(Cowtipping)

No. 608744

Kek, they didn't want to use her pronouns so they just deleted the word altogether. This sponsorship likely cost them more trouble than it was worth.

No. 608746

File: 1543799003102.png (525.43 KB, 806x990, 76859_4626_324_364255_7466.PNG)

No. 608748

they probably would have used they or he if she actually had the balls to talk to them instead of whining on her private instagram.

No. 608752

File: 1543799682021.png (31.78 KB, 585x320, 75834.PNG)

I love that shes fucking with him and he doesnt even know it.
She's basically doing that whole tap someone on the shoulder and move to the other side when they look
Greg needs better confidants. Bootyslayer is moving that red laser pointer all around the ground with Greg jumping and racing to catch it.

No. 608754

File: 1543799718361.png (911.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181203-021345.png)

Wish I could sage but I found this on reddit and almost choked.

No. 608755

File: 1543799893371.png (73.21 KB, 1577x767, hahahahaha.png)

Gurgenstein sperging on Kiwi

No. 608756

File: 1543800576618.png (35.96 KB, 628x330, Untitled.png)

-dry heave-

No. 608757

No-one else would call themselves 'Proud Onision fan', that's for sure.

No. 608758

Could he be trying to stir the pot for drama with Null? Null was streaming a couple days ago and mentioned he’s interested in doing a stream on Onion. Major tinfoil that he’d bother to watch Nulls streams but, still. Weird timing.

No. 608759

File: 1543801218447.gif (3.56 MB, 359x202, 6F61352F-2E77-4D20-AC4F-D78C93…)

>saves lives

No. 608760

Normally I'd think this was just him sperging like he has for days but they actually do have mirrors around their bed.

Can I go out on a limb and say that Gerg isn't getting enough attention on twitter so he may be shitposting here and KF as well?

No. 608761


The writing style is a dead giveaway that it’s him, holy fuck. How is he this retarded?

No. 608763

I don’t reckon he is posting here, it would be way too obvious

No. 608764

File: 1543801735884.jpg (25.26 KB, 710x277, Capture.JPG)

So much for a quiet night in the Onision household tonight.

No. 608765


I mean look at >>608672 who else would even go to the effort to do that?

No. 608766

It's also obvious because the account was created today.

No. 608767

File: 1543801859004.png (26.54 KB, 564x209, 531543154315431543.PNG)

No. 608768

Hmmm you do have a point. Plus it’s not like he has anything better to do.

No. 608771

File: 1543802462900.jpg (37.04 KB, 516x427, Capture.JPG)

Looking like a corpse there, Greggles. Is that his next attempt to get out of court on the 6th? Fake his own death?

No. 608773

File: 1543802960751.jpg (28.25 KB, 859x220, Capture.JPG)

Looks like whoever it is is back on. I hope the Kiwis figure out who it is.

No. 608776


The report function on Twitter doesn't give very good options for how to report for this specifically. I also don't know where anon found the initial image of this supposedly breaking Twitter rules, so I'm not sure

No. 608777

File: 1543804554013.png (81.07 KB, 472x354, tattoo.PNG)

They both like to commemorate special occasions with tattoos.
I sketch out a little something for this grand event
Placement would be their choice but I think butt cheek would be appropriate.

No. 608780

At around the 2:30 mark he goes into a weird sexual rabt about the nanny and mentions how he has weird desires… lmao ig all of his prior nannies were there for reasons other than the kids huh

No. 608785

File: 1543805559772.jpg (32.11 KB, 588x388, 8494.JPG)

For once this is something I would pay them to do.

He's live with all 15–err, 1.5million fans.

No. 608799

did you even look at the number of cups

all youre doing is switching them from lazy to filthy, but we already knew fly town was a mess

No. 608801

You violate peoples trust all the time, you stupid faggot. You literally violated peoples trust on the very same Twitter you're mad you got caught on.

No. 608802

also why did he post this on his main twitter, now everyone can know to look what mr "so honest" says

No. 608803

File: 1543809287414.jpg (151.09 KB, 1600x1200, wonka runts top banana.JPG)

It's 100% one of these. The fact Greg can't figure it out is hilarious.

Lainey why do you let this potato nosed cunt continue to interfere with your life? Cause she basically pays your cell phone bill?
Don't trust this bitch or she's gonna steal your banana husband.

No. 608805

File: 1543809337900.webm (901.38 KB, 1280x720, fish.webm)

Has anyone listened to the fish song? Cuz… lol

No. 608806

He can get a trinity in jail.

Greg w/o botox on left.

>tfw onion gets hit with thotaudit and the irs has to drag this out further

No. 608809

ugh imagine this thing trying to get sukmi with that gross face

>most everyone
>most everyone

100% Greg and 100% dying at the thought of kiwi being an onion site.

did he upload that to beautybot cause it looks like make up shes put on that channel

No. 608816

lmao he just called lainey the devil wew

No. 608817

"Pescetarians are the devil
I'm crying. What the fuck is his problem

No. 608820

Taylor is the devil.

No. 608823

File: 1543814420570.png (5.68 MB, 1242x2208, 20FFD572-96CB-4B52-9B68-CE48E1…)

uh oh, greg being a creep and asking
billie if she’s poly with her new boyfriend

No. 608836


Relationship goals!(don't use emojis)

No. 608842

It's so weird that Greg insists his eye isn't lazy but the more videos he makes, the more I notice his bung eye. All that staring at computer screens can't be helping.
How can he seriously not see it?

No. 608843


Are you kidding Anon Onision's eye isn't lazy……

ALL of him is!

(Sorry I couldn't resist.Pls mods no ban for mild joke.)>>608842

No. 608844

File: 1543820993108.png (421.86 KB, 648x1475, m-misgendered.png)

Looks like Onion is misgendering Lainey lmao

No. 608845

>has no real life friends to watch films with but managed to find inbred retards willing to pay for the experience

What a time to be alive

No. 608849

I don't think you're wrong, but it's a video game. Just FYI

No. 608853

File: 1543823990125.jpg (373.34 KB, 1200x715, bchimat1830.jpg)

So… they call her Kai now?
It's so pathetic that he gets to give her a name again
Imagine you wanting to change your name but your husband makes fun of your choice until you no longer want that name and he gets to name you.
What about Mat? It's short for Doormat and I'm sure Gerg would approve because that name fits you like no other.

No. 608854

LOL of COURSE he'd approve of Lainey being called Kai over Eli. There's quite a few anime characters called Kai. Eli is far too normal for a name.
I bet he can live out his fucking weird futa hentai creep fantasies now. Yuck.

No. 608855

Uh oh laim his need for a 'girl' is back. You no longer fit that criteria, prepare to be blackmailed and emotionally abused and manipulated into letting him 'experience ALL of his sexuality'

No. 608856

i dont think he is. i think he's using her 'gender' against her, right? like saying "well i have a husband/"spouse", but no GIRL to tie up', right?

No. 608857

More like prepare for divorce. He set her up to become a man, He literally has an out for himself.

No. 608858

Heh, yeah I just realised that, me being an old cunt who didn’t know that it had been made into a game. It’s embarrassingly pathetic that the only people he associates with are his paypigs via the Internet and even more embarrassingly pathetic that they spend their pocket money playing video games and watching anime with a deranged geriatric pedo

No. 608859

Wow if Lainey wasn't a cunt, I'd actually feel sorry for her. The amount of videos this twit has made screeching about everyone needing to accept her weird fake gender and sperging about her pronouns and saying he has a 'boyfriend' and then he whinges publicly about not having a girl to tie up. How rejected must Lainey feel. It's also obvious he's pushing for another poly thing.

No. 608860

He's not going to divorce her until he has a reliable backup to take her place. And between his looks, dwindling relevancy and money problems, that's not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

No. 608861

Gosh he is SO bad at pretending to be one of his fans
>Using the dumbest name possible
>Starting with fake statement using colons
>Sarcastic sentence in asteriscs (*)
>You haven't accomplished anything unlike him
>He saves lives
>Calling haters pathetic
It's the exact same shit he says and does under his Twitter sock accounts. He doesn't even try. The thing is he is so stupid to think that just because it can't be 100% proven that it's him that it means people don't know what a sad, obsessed person he is.

No. 608868

Hell, I thought I was just noticing something weird and it was simply the angle, but if it's actually lazy, it's fucking distracting. I rarely watch his videos so I never caught it until this last marriage video, but damn it would get annoying for regular viewers

No. 608876

>wrote his name three times in one sentence

No. 608886

pretty obvious its just somone copying his writing style. it's easily done and gets this kind of reaction

No. 608891

File: 1543842803320.png (102.37 KB, 296x231, lABWpV4.png)


>taking the bait this easily

tempcow was a mistake

No. 608892

don't cause shit between sites

No. 608893

It's not the actual eyeball, it's the eyelid mostly. Sometimes it's chameleon like similar to >>608708
Definitely lazy.

No. 608894

File: 1543843303303.gif (967.02 KB, 245x245, 8XMFu6C.gif)

I have nothing to do with this, I'm just embarrassed for those farmers

No. 608900

This is just more proof that he's in love with himself.
You don't need mirrors to look at your partner - but you do need mirrors to look at yourself doing it.
Oh Greg, your stupidity always betrays you.

No. 608912

He probably can't think of anything hotter than seeing his babycarrot penetrate his husband from behind at rabbit speed (kill me for writing this)

No. 608926

Greasy boy is the personification of r/ihavesex.
I am not sure if he openly lays out his sex life and pretends it to be so 'special' to brag, or to try and lure in some kinky cute little teen girl to join their marriage, or to make haters believe he actually loves life with his wife.. uh i mean "husband" although he suffers daily.

Also am I stupid or wasn't his post here about him wanting to find a girlfriend and Lame totally missed the point? He's not even trying to hide it that he wants a new girlfriend now that Lame went full on "i'm a boy!".

No. 608929


I'm with you anon, I'm pretty positive Lainey totally missed the point. And probably still missed it when he followed up with his "I'm a girl and liked to be tied up" post.

No. 608931

That's what I took away from it. He can't keep it in his pants for long. Nambla larping with his gay boy wife won't keep him satisfied. His thirst for fresh teen puss hasn't been quenched since Billie and that was two years ago.

No. 608933

>i want to tie up a cute girl
>???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????/

come on "kai", it's not that deep.

No. 608940

Oh Taylor that has to hurt. He's gone and invalidated you and called you ugly. Tensions rise before the hearing.

No. 608942

>Tensions rise before the hearing.

To be one of the many flies on the wall in the Grease Shack right now with 3 days to go.

I'm wonder if Lainey will drag out her prom suit or if she'll show up in a dress and play up the innocent wife card.

No. 608960

I’m thinking it’ll be the black skinny jeans & her most presentable fuckboy shirt/sweater. But it better be good bc today’s my bday & tractorgate better be my milky belated gift

No. 608961


Everything about Taylor Elaine Avaroe's "private" life is on the internet. There's no card for her to play up and neither is there for her husband, Gergory Daniel Avaroe.

No. 608970

What's Lamey gonna do when the people misgender her at the hearing "Uhhhh it's they/them your honor"

No. 608972


>I'm wonder if Lainey will drag out her prom suit or if she'll show up in a dress and play up the innocent wife card.

Probably the suit, she knows that she’ll get absolute shit if she doesn’t. I imagine that she’ll be too preoccupied cringing and trying to not to burst into tears because “uwu the judge keeps MiSgeNdUuuRinG me”, not because she and Gerg are being fined thousands upon thousands of dollars.

No. 608978

I doubt she'll even go, they both alienated every one they know who could possibly watch the kids for a day. Unless there is a court order for both of them to be summoned?

No. 608980

She won't actually do shit. She gives the impression of a battered wife outside her online screeching.

No. 608983

File: 1543854336508.jpg (37.54 KB, 442x520, 893.JPG)

He was actually somewhat coherent last night.

No. 608989


She literally dug herself a huge hole. Notice how she says “them” or “that person” when describing a stranger or random people because she knows that there’s a small ass chance that they might say they’re the opposite gender or non binary or some shit, and she’ll look like a huge hypocrite if she gets corrected.

The problem is, a majority of people don’t subscribe to being non binary. Most people can tell if someone is mtf or ftm trans, but that’s usually not too hard to identify and easy to correct. So she sounds like a complete idiot in public trying to call everyone “them”. Imagine she’s at the hairdresser or hot topic:

>Were you helped by anyone today?

>Yeah I was helped by this cool person.
>Who was it?
>Umm…they were … that person over there.

No. 608997

No Lame, he's telling you he wants a real girl to fuck, not a translarping ugly dyke dressing as a teenage boy.

No. 608999

Is the Kai thing real? I don’t see it on that thread.

No. 609003

No. 609008

Sorry for being completely off-topic but I was browsing his musical repertoire and listening to the dance-jam "I Can Never Run" and wondered, have we ever seen Onision run? It seems like he'd have some absurd Tom Cruise unnatural gait.

No. 609020

Not that I can remember, but you're so right. It's probably ridiculous

No. 609021

File: 1543864254102.jpeg (199.22 KB, 1242x561, 68599B28-176E-4CE7-A4D0-596CCF…)

I don’t think this has been posted yet, sorry if it has

No. 609024

You might feel nervous because you're a woman and it's getting more and more ridiculous.
Go get surgery or shut the fuck up.

No. 609026

Hasn't been posted. But ugh. Lainey can make a video about their pronouns but updating their bio on insta is a problem? Sure, you can feel weird about doing that, nobody is policing your feelings (besides all of lc), but what right do you have to be even mildly upset when your sponsored brand misgenders you in a goddamn post? Obviously the person updating a brands social media isnt in on every gender of every creator, maybe they're even interns, so the very least you can do is provide your pronouns for them to double check with if they need to. If you dont have it written down anywhere for someone to check, you can't be a baby and expect every person or employee of a company to automatically know your gender.

No. 609029

I think she only feels 'nervous' because Shreg just posted that he wants to tie up a girl and she no longer fits the bill.
What's the chance she goes back to being a girl because she's that insecure about him either dumping her or hounding her for more poly shit?

No. 609031

I’m not really into patreon but can someone tell me if what Greg and Lainey do on there is normal? It seems so odd that literally almost all of their pledge incentives have something to do with talking to them or being friends with them

No. 609033

Onion boy just deleted his website I believe? lol

No. 609038

I only pledge to an artist and creators of an indie website, so I cant state by personal experience that what they're doing on their patreon is abnormal, but imo, their patrons are not paying them as supporters of what they /do/. Like, if you pay an artist monthly, they'll do some livestreams, give you early peeks of projects, create personal art that you can check out, ect., but onion boy is mostly doing weird private hangouts where he plays games and chats.. and lame literally doesnt do anything productive.
Can others chime in?

No. 609040

File: 1543868022050.jpg (172.25 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20181203-211103_Ope…)

>youtube fired me
>fired me

Oh, you were employed by YouTube? Wow I thought you were just one person out of billions who films himself, uploads it and then expects money from a multibillion company.

No. 609041

Notice how they didn't thank their fan for the compliments or support. And they wonder why their channel and fan base is dying.

No. 609042

File: 1543868182852.jpeg (5.69 KB, 455x111, images.jpeg)

Lucky for him the wayback machine exists! Here's the site! https://archive.org/web/

No. 609043

Haha he's 100% losing it!

No. 609044

Pls stop using Taylors special pronouns

No. 609047

We don't do that here. Taylor is just an insecure bitch, nothing more newfriend

No. 609050

She is insecure because she knows Gayg is a cheater. But somehow she never holds him accountable for being a creepy predatory piece of shit - which makes it a win/win for him. He can't deal with the fact he is a cheater either, which is why they both gang up on the thots that have had the misfortune of witnessing their dumpster fire of a marriage in person.

No. 609055

I wonder what is he trying to hide and from who?

No. 609057

About the website, I think in a fit of emotes he deleted it. Funny 'cause it was a place for him to talk to fans occasionally and enjoy the low-key circle jerk. lol

No. 609062

Maybe he didn’t pay the bill for the server lmao

No. 609063

She'll be quiet as a church mouse then go home and cry about the 'bigoted' judge on her private insta like the little bitch she is

No. 609066

honestly this is probably how both of them will act.
Gurg only acts tough for his viewers, he doesn't actually have the balls to confront a judge in person.
He will come home and tell a story about all the FAX he laid out infront of the TOTALLY DISHONEST judge, but I doubt he will say much of anything in reality.

No. 609067

when did he start using all lower-case?

No. 609071

Youtube never employed you, Frankenstein-looking pedo.

No. 609074

File: 1543873851046.jpg (27.85 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

Greg just messaged kiwi again:

"Was going to respond but since you blocked me like the cowards that you are, here is one last message.

After this? Block me again. I don't care.

Hater = Unhappy person trying to spread their unhappiness to others…. Especially those who are described as being brutally honest even if it is the unpopular truth that everyone hates.


Instead of literally dedicating an entire website/forum to someone you hate, who by the way is a veteran that served YOUR country, have respect and spread awareness about a literal pedophile… Like Shane Dawson for example.

Onision: Dated women who were within the literal age of consent.

Shane Dawson: Literally and repeatedly described a literal child as "sexy" and a bunch of other stuff that only a literal pedophile would day.

Yet Onision is the pedophile? Your logic is so mind-numbingly idiotic… You are garbage human beings/cowards.

Get your priorities straight and stop hating on someone who is more honest/factual than you will ever be.

This site deserves to be taken down.

Wake up.



He attached this most honest and totally legit meme. Christ, hes autistic.

No. 609076

File: 1543873903715.png (533.29 KB, 1266x830, kf_onionsbiggestdicksucker.png)

Some utter nutbag can't stop sperging on kf.
Since milk is slow I thought I'd transfer that over in case it might really turn out to be Greg, so it'll be saved for posterity, even though I don't think he'd stoop to that level but rather have one of his paypigs do it for him. Maybe it's an attempt to distract from his leaked private twitter or his forums being gone or even tractorgate?

No. 609077

File: 1543873932779.png (538.65 KB, 1260x901, kf_onionsbiggestdicksucker2.pn…)

No. 609078

File: 1543873946222.png (153.05 KB, 500x340, tumblr_m7nkevonei1r1kxj7o1_500…)

Other retarded onion images 1/2

Does he think this is what is attractive to teen girls? Jesus H.

No. 609079

You beat me to it, anon.

No. 609080

File: 1543873976398.jpg (569.8 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20181203-225206_Ope…)

So much to his 666 patrons
Get a job, Grugly

No. 609081

File: 1543873996854.jpeg (265.04 KB, 2048x936, DsY8L7YVAAAMhhq.jpeg)

His 'proof' against Shane. No one but Onion is this stupid and autistic.

No. 609082

File: 1543874255666.jpeg (95.82 KB, 1033x294, BF68CFC2-146F-48AD-99C9-B290BB…)

Ironic that he links his website where he admits he isnt gay and that his father never beat him…. kek

No. 609084

More specifically, he says yes was never abused by any adult. Yet he's claimed recently that Mama Tammi was a horrible abuser.

So Greg, were you lying then, or are you lying now?


No. 609085

File: 1543874578566.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 6514E701-DE83-497C-9B35-41D9C1…)

OT but this reminds me of PlaineyThot and her stupid ass trans-age shit, since she’s a 12 year old boy, not a 24 year old adult, man or woman. God knows she’d never actually have the balls (literally or figuratively) to take any legal action though, since she can’t even muster up the courage to tell Mommy and Daddy she’s a man.(derailing)

No. 609086

>No, he does not recall ever being directly violated by any adult.
This is such a weird way to put it. Is he trying to leave the possibility of repressed memories open?

No. 609087

I listen to a podcast about serial killers and the dudes biggest perks are like one on one talking with him about serial killers or whatever else you wanna talk about. He puts out real content tho

No. 609088

>literal age of consent
Driving to another state where it's legal to fuck a 17yo, to fuck said 17yo is pretty disgusting and doesn't sound legal to me.
Just like fucking Raven who dates 16yo Logan while she's, what, 40? Just because it's "legal" doesn't mean it's ok.
Clinging onto the "it's legal!1!" line just underlines the fact that you also think it's wrong.
Greg the fag would NEVER find a woman his ago who would put up with his shit.

No. 609089

No, he is making room for if he ever wanted to change his narrative to suit him better in the future he could suddenly remember. But also since "violated" is a general term, he could say "Oh, I meant sexually violated. I wasn't sexually violated. But I was physically and emotionally violated!"

No. 609099

No one even likes that guy. He's not the audience of those that post on Kiwi Farms and Shane even has his own thread in /snow/. He acts like these sites worship Shane, when he's either disliked or no one cares about him.

The fact that Greg probalby posted on the Kiwi Farms, whose posters are probably better at pulling up court docs and case updates than us speaks volumes about his attitude towards his upcoming court date. Failing Youtube channel, failing marriage, failing patreon and now failing court case…the epic spergs to come.

No. 609105

it clearly isn't Greg posting. it's a troll

No. 609106

The real milkmas would be him trying to do a Shane style documentary and then reeeeee-Ing when he only got 20k vs 20,000,000

“The secret life of laineybot” when onion?

No. 609108

Yeah because he hasn't been proven time and time again for using fake accounts to fight with haters. You obviously don't know how much of an autistic cow he is. Sperging is all he has to do all day. Can't believe people still use the same logic/arguments as him by implying he was too important to do such things. He is insane and obsessed with proving his haters wrong if you've forgotten that. He's also so stupid that normal people can't
grasp it anymore. Someone who makes .txt files like this >>609081 is likely insane enough to post on kiwifarms poorly disguised as a fan.

No. 609109

Can we not derail the thread about the shitty troll on KF? If it is Greg I’m sure they’d announce it.

No. 609110

As if he has a busy schedule and mental stability. He's known to make sock fan accounts, and this doesn't sound any different. Popular opinion here and on kiwi says it's Grundle because he has a history of this kind of behavior. Also his asslickers would dox themselves for his attention, so the vague username is such an onion move. Just another day of autistic screeching into the void, only days before the trial of the century.

No. 609122

Derailing the thread in a gleeful frenzy every time you suspect someone to be Onision is no different from spamming "Hi (cow)" and the endless (and unsuccessful) tinfoiling about HiImaSociopath.

Stop showing off how new you are. Stop taking lame bait. There have been countless trolls like this.

No. 609180

Greg expected other Yters to give him financial advice & was pissy if they didn't. Why is that their responsibility?

No. 609181

The best was the time he went to r/legal advice about his IRS troubles, and they were all, "Well, dude, of course you couldn't deduct your house and your clothes!"

No. 609184

Didn't he just sperg about TurboTax and how could it let him make ridiculous claims?

I got into Onion drama post Billie-saga. I have to say ppl who have followed him for years must sleep soundly knowing his far fall from a McMansion to a Swamp Trailer and can't even manage to keep that under control.

No. 609186

Just saw Shane’s new house. I bet onision is green with envy. 10yrs on youtue. and he ended up in a stacked trailer

No. 609190

File: 1543897008345.png (339.2 KB, 377x763, WpY64AT.png)

This retard is always trying to run from his problems. That's the most exercise he gets aside from "just sex my dude"


what the fuck

No. 609191

I think it's obvious by the discord circle jerk that they're paying to be "friends".

I don't use Patreon, but I don't think this is uncommon among Youtubers.

No. 609192

When he switched to being manic.

No. 609194

Nah, this is too much of a tryhard. They should've stopped at the original message.

No. 609195

That text image was posted on his Twitter, iirc.

Didn't archive anon say Greg used a spoofer or something? So we'll never know if it's actually him.


He's already implied his dad molested him, when he was going on his weird vendetta spree from Lainey's ex to A's dad then to his own.

No. 609197

No. 609199

File: 1543898833826.jpg (122.74 KB, 1093x450, Screenshot_20181203-234510_Chr…)

Bless the government for creating taxes and being the sole reason why Shreg's career is failing.

No. 609214

Greg is the sole reason his "career" is failing.

However, the slow bleed of funds became a blood bath after ole' Uncle Sam reamed Greg. We got to see massive Karma in a relatively short time. Some cows wither and die slowly, but Greg is special. His fucking lying, manipulative personality really accelerates his decline. Only cow I've seen bleed out like this is Mariah. Poetry in motion, anons.

No. 609218

File: 1543904171144.png (442.26 KB, 1288x886, Screenshot_2018-12-03-23-00-41…)

Without any proof, it's stupid to assume that those accounts aren't trolls. His writing style requires little to no thought or effort, seriously, it wouldn't be too hard to immitate.

Back to current milk, I wonder what this is about? Im betting it's her changing her name to kai, deleting beauty bot but not sure about the last one. Her channel's views are really sinking too. I think her viewers have figured out her channel's just the same regurgitated content over and over. I'm genuinely wondering how much longer until she quits youtube entirely.

No. 609232

File: 1543906232213.png (49.75 KB, 666x461, 037145334.PNG)

I feel like this has been glossed over. The last time he shut down his own site it was when news articles started coming out about him requesting photos on his personal website and some of them being underage girls in their underwear. He said that it was a DDoS attack and it damaged his website and wiped it clean. A distributed denial-of-service attack doesn't wipe a website, or do any real damage. Its basically the same thing as someone calling your phone over and over and not allowing anyone else to get through. I feel like he wiped the slate clean on his website back then because he was afraid the Feds might get involved because it was gaining so much publicity that legitimate news outlets removed from YT drama were picking up the story.

I wonder what scared him this time that hes shutting down his personal website and trying to "delete all." Is tractor-gate involved?

No. 609233

File: 1543907097934.png (9.11 KB, 498x239, Capture.PNG)

when you make a request to "onision.com" these are the requests it makes before it returns a permanent 301 (moved) error

digging around a bit, you can find pages here and there if you manually go to the link it's trying to send you to "onision.wtf/forum"

link of note, every page I've found says it's permanently moved to "eghq.com"

this link, for example https://onision.wtf/forums/page/2/

No. 609234

File: 1543907545093.jpg (106.93 KB, 1440x840, Screenshot_20181204-021156_Chr…)

That was obviously sarcastic since Shreg can't take responsibility for his own shit and those two reddit threads whining about TurboTax show that perfectly. Its almost like he needs to follow his own advice.

No. 609248

She's even more pathetic than Selene from The Tribe.
Bet they both hardly make a peep and look at their shoes the whole time.
I'm really hoping someone makes it there and writes an accurate transcript.

No. 609250

That's not a smile that's a grimace.
Whoever wrote this, Gurg or speshul fan, is genuinely deluded.

>>609082 Good catch anon.

No. 609262

Surely I’m not the only one here who is genuinely surprised that Thot has lasted as long as she has on any platform. The response she gets to any and every piece of “content” she begrudgingly barfs up in order to bring home the begetarian bacon (in the absence of Grot having any semblance of income) is overwhelmingly negative, which must be sending her uwu smol bean anxiety into overdrive. When she agreed to become his child bride she probably envisaged a life of being a kept woman courtesy of her greasy husband’s YouTube shekels, not being the sole panera breadwinner making 742784 videos about her tumblr gender while Anus screeches into his echo chamber and beats off to hentai.

No. 609274

I can only assume she’s going by Kai, quitting beautybot since makeup makes her dysphoric now, and she’s changing her video schedule. Hand me my $30 Lainey.

I’m honestly curious as to why he deleted his forum. Did he forget to pay the server bill or is he getting hit with a lawsuit for slandering Shiloh, Skye, and/or Shane? I’m crossing my fingers for the lawsuit tbh.

No. 609275

File: 1543918104511.jpeg (218.28 KB, 640x1136, 962C9392-A583-459E-9E5D-B44C7D…)

No. 609276

File: 1543918130458.jpeg (444.37 KB, 640x1136, 912DD992-3DE9-42EA-A34E-BFB218…)

No. 609278

File: 1543918192105.jpeg (428.14 KB, 640x1136, D51271B1-D94F-4222-84A4-EFC93B…)

What? God the level of reading comprehension is mind blowing , yet doesn’t come as a surprise. I guess if we see a correction in the next few days to come, Lurking confirmed?

No. 609284

File: 1543920595766.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x2864, 20181204_054928.jpg)

Why are some of these FAQs and posts written in first person and in third person?

No. 609285

He likes to talk about himself in third person because he believes it makes it come across as a neutral, third-party observer. But he's not actually a third-party observer or neutral so sometimes he slips.

No. 609296

I was about to be like its editing 101 to make sure you're speaking from the same point of view but then I remembered this is Shreg we are talking about who shits on anyone offering to edit his books for him.

No. 609297

He thinks he comes off as an intellectual talking in third person, when in reality he sounds like a pissbaby with a God complex.

No. 609309

Forgive me, I’m admittedly ignorant for 22, but the IRS situation. When you deduct taxes throughout the year (you don’t pay them when you get pay checks, etc.) you have to pay all of the back at the end of the year when you file. So, is this the same with writing things off? Did Greg just never pay back on taxes when filing? Or does writing things off mean you never have to pay it back? Like did he just fail to pay them back or was he literally cheating and stealing from the IRS?

I love this. Call me cruel, but I love when these two shit on each other. This dumb bitch makes all of these videos pretending her relationship is golden, meanwhile he tweets about wanting a girlfriend, when she acts confused “but me daddy” he shuts her down by basically telling her she’s not what he wants. If she wants to be a boy she’ll have to allow him to get a girl the same way he begged her to when she came out as bisexual. What’s it gonna take for this bitch to realize that he doesn’t actually accept her for this shit she’s pulling. He’s got an agenda. He’s not gay, he’s attracted to females and the more his wife claims she’s not a woman, the less attracted to her he will be and the more he’ll be yearning for an actual female. Let’s be realistic, Grug is addicted to sex. It’s got nothing to do with an attraction to Lainey. He’ll fuck her to get off, but he’d enjoy it more if she was a feminine woman.

No. 609311

File: 1543928096255.png (900 B, 149x20, dishonesty.PNG)

No. 609312

Basically the government looks at your income and dependency status/dependents and determines how much you owe the government. By writing off Shreg means deducting. You are able to deduct certain items off your taxes (fuel efficient vehicles, donations, other shit). Shreg's problem is that there's the 1/29 rule where you can't deduct more than 1/29th of a business property (aka his house lol) and he deducted the entire house. So he probably paid the bare minimum of taxes owed, he's being audited and will end up owing back taxes.

No. 609313


Thanks, anons. This guy is a fucking moron. You’d think considering he knows that being a YouTuber is considered self-employment, he’d have done his research on tax policies for self-employement. Either he thought he was being clever or he was just that lazy. Either way he’s ignorant. And what about Lainey? He’s her coach in everything she does. So, do we know if she was doing the same thing? Or is everything considered his so only he can try to cheat the government, kek.

No. 609314

I think he's deleted it since he gave the Onision email as his contact email and anyone from the govt. that googles it will come across his forums. He can say his an Internet personality and stuff is sensationalised from other sources, but Onision.com is codenming.

This is probably why all the emails between the governments seem so light hearted, I'm sure everyone dealing with that case has googled what onision is. And it's fucking hilarious

No. 609316

He blames Turbo Tax and others for not telling him.

Lainey is paying off his debt, but she said she's saving money to pay off his IRS debt specifically. tbh a lot of women do this kind of shit, but the guy usually doesn't have an internet paper trail showing he's been trash from day 1.

Part of me thinks Greg filled her taxes as well, as a way of control to make sure she wasn't lying to him. Because that's the kind of person he seems to be. She also seems to lazy to do it herself.

No. 609318

This guy is annoying now, but I think this video is a good comparison of Greg's Dear IRS bullshit and Lainey's house tour. Keep in mind this is the McMansion they no longer have (I feel sorry for whoever bought it tbh)

Here's Lainey's house tour in full (someone else's channel, it was taken from Patreon)

I dunno which is Greg's, but you'd probably have to ask someone for a mirror anyway.

w/o watching he writes off a ton of gaming stuff because he uses it for youtube. he also barely jokes about a mirror being in a video and says "that ones on me" or something because he doesnt think he wrote it off.

tl;dw he thought he was being clever.

Lainey did a trailer tour, but I don't remember if it was private or on YT.

No. 609319

File: 1543929399933.png (18.95 KB, 823x181, jewtubekilledmychannel.png)

If this is actually Shreg it kind of goes to show you really how big of a fucking idiot he is. Youtube doesn't pay Shreg to make videos, they aren't promising him anything so the " In any other career, not paying the agreed upon wage after the work is done is illegal" comment is really fucking stupid. Youtube pays you to put ads on your videos, that's it. You're not employed by youtube even if you're in the "partner program" that's just being a preferred channel for ads you dingus.

No. 609320

I bet his stupid ass thought deleting his host/email would result in them no longer contacting him. Given the not signing for mail, this feels likely.

No. 609322

lol. after reading/seeing all this, I wouldn't be surprised if the onion boy opened up an emergency gofundme to help pay back the evil irs

No. 609324

But anon he did! Patreon

No. 609325

That's a better point anon, he's probably trying to delete some sort of paper trial, maybe he's scared of his business email being vetted.

No. 609326

Lmao xD patreon is just a long con. I'd want to see him desperate enough for a gofundme(xD)

No. 609334

obvious troll is obvious

No. 609335

No. 609342

>donated thousands to charity
Bitch where.
>he collabs with people far less popular than him
First of all, you're not a good guy because you're filming videos with people who don't have 2Mil. dead accounts as followers. Second of all, YOU are the person that is far less popular everytime.
>he's not about money
Ooooh that's why you won't even upload videos that get demonetized, or why your "fans' have to pay you to read your tweets and watch your shitty content

No. 609376

Exactly this. He can't even ask for people to help him not go to jail without insulting them.

No. 609389

As a vegan Onion's take on vegetarianism offends me. It's fucking dumb as hell. No, people who eat fish are not the devil. Even if I think they should stop eating fish it's still reduction of suffering and carbon print…It's kind of pathetic for someone who can't even manage to cut dairy and eggs nor eat a vegetarian diet that isn't pure garbage to be that better than thou about eating fish.

Lainey's claim that eating fish is a way to fight anemia is also dumb. Fish is not even a good iron source…Just go to the fucking doctor and get a multivitamin gosh

No. 609419

So, basically "she's a hole to fuck" to him. That's really, really sad.

The money belongs to Greg himself, they have a prenup IIRC, but the debts are shared, of course.

No. 609420

Oh. my. fucking. god. His new video about his patreon had me laughing and cringing at the same time.

Immediately goes off saying he 'sometimes' gets in fights and doesn't treat people who pay to join his circle jerk differently.

I'm dead.

No. 609460

Apparently, telling someone not to joke about other people committing suicide is being an SJW. Also this happened months ago, get over it Greg.

No. 609471

just seeing his stupid shit eating grin as he watches himself is pretty telling. He is so in love with himself its kinda scary.

I bet he watches his own videos daily and just marvels at how smart and funny he is.

No. 609474

File: 1543955392927.jpg (81.87 KB, 1256x711, dumbface.JPG)

forgot photo

No. 609477

why the hell is he making content about "drama" that happened in a private conversation a million years ago? does he REALLY not have anything better to make content about?

No. 609480

File: 1543955810040.png (118.82 KB, 434x212, Shreg.png)

My reaction to his video.

No. 609486

He spends so much time bitching about HATURZ and telling them to stop watching him, but yet all he ever does is produce drama content that only the haters watch. If all the haters actually left, he'd have no one left.

No. 609498

He literally fucking whinged in a long ass video at strange aeons for talking about a fictional character in your book that happened to be based on a deceased friend.
But he still wants to laugh and puff out his chest about kicking out a girl who asked him to chill out with the suicide jokes, After which he proceeded to mock and insult her along with the flakes.

No. 609499

Looks like he's fapping to hentai right there.

No. 609500

I could not fucking handle him laughing at every single "joke" he makes

No. 609514

OT, but in snow the (former) discordfags are at it again. Somboby leaked Becca's nudes (that I wished I hadn't found).

No. 609521

Can't do the post # crap, so here's the link.

No. 609577

never forget all the times he told people to get over dead celebrities because everyone dies, thousands of people every day even. then chester bennington died and he was the biggest hypocrite because as shreg always proves it's only important when it pertains to him.

No. 609641

Jesus fucking christ I never noticed how weird his laugh-track group is…. seems like they all are a reflection of himself. Im impressed he can even bare his top tier patreons. No wonder he constantly skips out on perks and takes to sperging on his regular twitter

No. 609644

It's common for narcissists to refer to themselves in the third person.

No. 609646

File: 1543962900443.jpeg (42.73 KB, 540x408, 0863093C-8E83-48BA-876F-1D4EDE…)

>claims to help people with suicidal thoughts
>drama = not interested (in regards to Poor dumb Becca telling him she was suicidal)
>shits on a patron who lost her father to suicide in discord (WELL MY DAD IS A PEDO I HAVE IT WORSE LIZARD)
>constantly jokes about people who have or at least attempted suicide
>makes a video (months after the fact) reeing about a girl who asks him to be a little more sensitive to those who may be affected by suicide jokes
>mfw people still hail him as a hero

No. 609647

he obviously helped people by toughening them up, anon. none of that weak SJW empathy shit!

No. 609650

If only he'd drop the nice guy hero facade he's so bad at and just screech at people to harden the fuck up like Chopper Reed did… he'd still be an obnoxious cunt, but it'd be slightly funnier.

Or maybe not. It's a stupid idea.

No. 609651

totally agree, he'd probably have more views that way too, but his head is too far up his ass. he probably thinks his shitty passive-aggression is empathy or something.

No. 609660

Got curious and did a wayback search of EGHQ and it turns out that it's one of his oldest sites, going through time back to 2003.

So he's not even shutting the site down, he's just transferring it around to different domains that for some reason he's owned for years and years.

No. 609661

The bastard did not serve our country. He disgraced the uniform and called US service members murderers. Real vets would kick his flabby ass!!

No. 609689

I havent seen the swamp tour video so thanks for linking.
I'm disturbed that her neck looks like that, and she mentions that her grandma is visiting a few times in the video and just, jesus christ, greg cant even tone it down when a family member is visiting? Gross. And super uncomfortable

No. 609690

being a cunt when asked to please tone it down or at least be considerate about which jokes you make and to whom is something edgy teens do at 16yo, not at 30 with a fakeboi wife and 2 kids.

No. 609691

I find it odd Gurg keeps making attempts to disprove claims that he is "all about the money" when that's not even something people say all that often. (more like he tried to pretend he was 'barely survivng' in order for people to feel sorry for him and join his patreon, but then he goes and essentially says most of that was bs in his recent video)

Mostly people talk about how he wants to be surrounded by an echo chamber and spergs over negative comments which is pretty much exactly what he is proving in his "I banned a patron" video

No. 609694


Yeah it's ridiculous. My partner is a vegetarian and he eats fish still. Everyone's values and beliefs are different and its fucked up to shove everyone in a tiny group and expect them to all act the same. Many vegetarians choose to be for different reasons. Some for ethical reasons, environmental reasons, or economic reasons. Shut up gerg

No. 609701

Of course he can't. Lame and her family must never forget who's territory she is.

No. 609729

File: 1543974047927.jpg (24.72 KB, 400x400, lamesnewlewk.jpg)

idk if y'all have noticed but her new profile pic literally makes her teeth look so weird

No. 609732


No. 609734

It reminds me how Ted Bundy would sometimes talk about himself in third person when describing what he did to those young women. When I thought anus couldn't get creepier…

No. 609767

The thumb isn’t nitpicking. It straight up looks like a Megan Fox toe thumb

No. 609781

He has watched old videos in new videos and laughed at his own old unfunny jokes.

No. 609813

You forgot "reminds his tween fans regularly that he was going to kill himself until he started Youtube and that it's his reason for living today, not his family"

He may not be a hero, but maybe one day, he'll be an hero.

No. 609817

Onision.com now redirects to his patreon page. Wonder why.

No. 609820

Is that picture in his collage him as a child or his son? If that's his kid I'm surprised he added it in. If it's not, the teenage Lainey replacements might think it is and get spooked. Bad move, Anus

No. 609821

it redirects to http://onision.com/NTUQZ/ which is an index page that contains a header to "refresh" the page to his patreon, so he's able to capture the ip/header info from anyone accessing it

No. 609825

File: 1543993813280.png (18.1 KB, 797x268, Screenshot(20).png)

samefagging but his forums were hosted on Wordpress affiliate hosting and now it's on Godaddy. what happened to that sperg late last year/early this year?

No. 609829

You think he’s smart enough to do that knowingly ?

No. 609830

yes and no, it's not hard but it's more likely he's used GoDaddy to redirect it and godaddy is serving empty redirects since I checked the IP

but fact remains, he deleted the tweets but I know I'm not imagining him shitting on Godaddy for hours a couple months ago

No. 609851

Uh oh is the gay brotherhood trying to dox haters lol. Pretty sure the 13 year old jew tried to harvest farmer IPs on temp. They're coming for us!! /s

Dude should be working on his appeal, doesn't he realise he might be made into a joke in the local news

No. 609857

The photo is him as a child. The boy looks like Lainey

No. 609862

How do you know this, anon?

No. 609865

>>609857 it s Sarah,of course she knows,or Sam(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 609866

I highly doubt Sarah would ever betray the Onions and Sam has moved on. Anon could just be someone that saw them at the store since Lainey has to take the kids with her everywhere because her husband can’t be bothered to watch them. I mean he doesn’t even have a nanny cam, he has a fucking security camera.

Which makes me wanna ask if we have a potential candidate willing to attend and witness the tractorgate trials?

No. 609870

Madison Decambra and Shiloh were hanging out in person last night. What do we think, will the onion man sperge?

No. 609872

File: 1544018684613.png (431 KB, 355x477, banner.png)

I checked out his patreon banner and I'm guessing it's Greg as a baby. Lainey is only there because she's part of his identity as a supportive spouse of a transgender teen boy. It's also pretty funny that the couple photos he uses are from the early years of their marriage when she identified as female. The placement of the more recent and only solo picture of Lainey is pretty telling. Maybe I'm reading way too much into it and it's just his underdeveloped humor showing it's self.

No. 609881

File: 1544020166729.jpg (628.25 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20181205-152649_Ope…)

sorry for OT, but Shiloh still has "Gregory" tattooed on her neck
I thought she covered it?

No. 609882

Holy shit really? When he lurks this thread and sees this of course he will. “An Ex Friend of Mine Betrayed My Spouse And Is Friends with My Ex That Cheated On Me And Had Someone Else’s Baby.”

No. 609885

That’s what anons were saying, so I guess they were wrong. That’ll get his baby carrot in an upright position. Probably shouldn’t have taken that picture because he might try to use it to argue against her potentially sueing him. “How is it harassment if she still has my tattoo on her neck? She’s clearly still obsessed with me. If anything that is harassment!”

No. 609886

I dont think its a big deal she still has the tattoo of his name. My bf was in a horrific relationship with someone years ago and still has her name at the back of his neck. Its just not really a priority to get it fixed especially with money , and he cant see it anyway. Im working on something to cover it. i dont think the tattoo means that much. Maybe shi is keeping it as a fuck you to grug incase he sees it or hasnt found something good to cover it with? I can definitely imagine him stewing over this(Blogposting)

No. 609887

File: 1544020942566.jpg (50.61 KB, 750x1334, Q4pcW9L.jpg)

Since Anon didn't post cap, pic related

getting that tattoo is one retarded decision but not getting it covered up all these years later when she clearly got new ink in the meantime is one of the most kekworthy and cow-cementing things I've ever seen. Paired with that instaposing and her new persona, she should be in the flakes thread, not the soundclout one.

>inb4 whiteknighting bc Shiloh can do no wrong

I'm sorry you got cucked by your bf because he'd make a huge stupid decision for his ex but doesn't respect himself or his new relationships enough to fix his mistake.

No. 609890

I agree it’s dumb she didn’t get it covered, but it’s just another way to torment Grug.

I hope they shat on him the entire time they hung out and MD convinced Sh to sue his fugly ass. Numbers make you stronger after all. Can’t wait for the livestream or video about this on Greg’s part.

No. 609891

>just another way to torment Grug.

Sorry but it's the opposite. If anything he'd be absolutely fucking delighted to know she's still marked with his name. The mental gymnastics to whiteknight Shiloh here are astounding.

No. 609893

Okay you need to fuck off. I literally agreed that she’s dumb, yet you want to screech that people whiteknight her. Go take your hate boner and make a thread dedicated to her. Tired of certain anons trying to turn shit into infighting. If anything I’d say you are whiteknighting Greg.

No. 609894

Torment.. maybe as in she has the tattoo, but isnt his? He cant do anything to her anymore.

No. 609895

You say she's dumb but in the same sentence applaud her for keeping the tattoo and pretend it would somehow bother him. Report me next time you get so rustled about someone disagreeing with you.

No. 609897

It could torment him in many ways, because he’s easily triggered. I mean he didn’t want Lainey getting a tattoo of his name, but his ex girlfriend that he still bitches about has his name tattooed on her neck. That’s what I meant.

No. 609902

Is she actually friends with madison or was it a chance encounter ? I dont understand why she says she doesnt want this drama but then goes and meets up with the people from his social circle which is already kinda hard to do since no one wants to be associated with him. Maybe shes just being passive aggressive so he spergs out and she has something definite to sue him about?

No. 609912

File: 1544023158609.jpg (272.45 KB, 1125x2164, E9aPlC8.jpg)

They only started following each other after the big breakup between Madison and the Avaroes, so take away from that what you will

No. 609921

them meeting up is only going to make Gurg think they are both still obsessed/in love with him.
I wish they had kept their little meeting private.

No. 609922

This is a tinfoil but she had dreads in her insta does anyone think his tirades about dreads came from that? He clearly can’t let anyone in his past go so it could be…

No. 609927

I mean, in the end they both can do whatever they want.
Saying they shouldn't meet/shouldn't publish meeting each other gives Gerg way to much power in their lives.
Just because they all met him in the past doesn't mean they're meeting each other because of him and only talk about him. And it sure doesn't mean they shouldn't meet, just because Gerg could react to it.

I don't mean to attack you anon, I just think we shouldn't always assume things are about him. He only has the power his haters give him.

No. 609934

That seems really unfair to them tbh? I don't see why their lives should have any thought of that onion boy might think just because they used to associate with him.
Let em live, Anon. Onion can only whine about something for so long when he finds out lol

No. 609939

Lurk moar anon.
This has been extensively covered.

No. 609945

Someone actually did try to do exactly that to keep the off topic Shiloh discussion out of the main thread but Shiloh stans spammed the thread with a rule breaking melt down and got the thread locked. It was weird.

No. 609946

You realize thats what greg wants right?
He kept chasing skye, and shi and aj off the internet, He wanted all of them to stay off and have no presence because he thinks he's "king of the internet"

He even attempted to do that shit with billie as well. Why the fuck should they just placate the grease?

As far as I can see, They could be trolling to trigger him and I approve because lol fuck him, more spergs for us to laugh at.

And he's non-stop been uploading vids with her in them despite being warned by her manager not too.

No. 609947

It was closed cause all she had was old ass milk and a whiny post about some lame rapper dying.

No. 609949

It felt very vendetta like and lets not forget people, Booty was caught posting here and she also has a huge hate boner for shi, Plus with the "fan" thats been trying to defend grease on kiwi. I wouldn't be shocked if grease himself is just anon posting.

Why else would an anon say "Oh they should just stay private, how dare they have an internet presence"

Who else do we know that wishes for this exact thing to occur?

Oh yeah, Greg.

No. 609951

File: 1544031097766.png (360.54 KB, 295x326, B15A796B-A458-41DF-9363-A150AA…)

Right now the kiwifarms thread is completely derailed with the “OnisionFan” bait and now the lolcow thread is being derailed by Onionflake drama causing massive unnecessary infighting. All the day before Gregory and Taylor Avaroe’s big court date in Gig Harbor.

No. 609954

It’s something to discuss in the meantime. I could do without the infighting tho.
I’m excited for tractorgate and the potential spergout that ensues. I also hope Shiloh wises up and sues his ass and finally gets that damn tattoo removed.

No. 609957

I reckon shiloh would keep that tattoo to torment Lainey. Shiloh has contacted numerous girls onion has been with, she's very much still in the background to his drama.

No. 609963


Here's some tinfoil for ya: what if Sh didn't have it removed yet because she wants Onion to pay to remove it? Someway, somehow, hang on to that tattoo until the right moment (like suing him for continuing to use her image) and it will be HIS money getting the tattoo removed from her.

No. 609964

No ifs, no buts, no “onions a cuck”’s - everyone who got involved with grog after his “big YouTube break” (with maybe the exception of AJ) is somewhere on the “attention seeker to cow scale”. If she’s keeping anything that ties her to him and serves as a reminder I worry for her headspace

No. 609965

any anons going to the tractorgate hearing tomorrow?

No. 609969

I agree, there’s no other reasonable explanation for her hanging out with Madison Decambra. For Onision and people like him any attention is good attention and she is still pursuing a “performance based” career. Same with Madison. They both still have something to gain from subtly inserting themselves into his sphere.

No. 609979

I think that Shiloh is a) a cow and b) still wants Greg. The fact that she has the tat and shows it off on her insta is attention whorey, idiotic, and serves zero purpose, unless she's still interested. The lawyer contacting Greg after all this time to take videos with Shiloh down was great to see Greg act spastic but why then? Shiloh is weird. She contacts all the women Greg fucks, she's still on his dick. She treated AJ like shit, she reached out to Lainey and Billie–it's just weird. All that business with Rogue and the baby photos was nuts. Personally I think they're a perfect match for one another.

Are there any anons going to the hearing tomorrow? Damn, to be a fly on the wall. I'm sure he's going to lose his shit.

No. 609982

Greg has scorned enough exes to have some determined to fuck up his life. Well done on Shiloh and Madi hanging out a night before his hearing I'm sure him and Lainey are raging. And Madison will love to scorn Lainey behind her back to true love Shiloh

No. 609988

Shi most likely doesn't want Greg back. I think all things considered she has enough of a brain to stay the fuck away from him. As do the rest of his exes. The only people obsssed with Greg are Lainey and FatBecca and he bareley tolerates the both of them. The only reason he sticks with either of them is they both line his pockets , only difference is he ocacsionally fucks Lain.

No. 609991

I don’t know. I was admittedly thinking it earlier. Anon is right, Sh always contacts the people that Greg fucks over. Which means she is still very observant of his life. I think that Sh and Greg are both extremely fucked up people and obsessed with each other. Let’s not forget that Sh pretended to be friends with Adri and claimed to hate Greg, but went right back to him the moment they broke up. She’s also contacted Lainey, but failed because Lainey worships his carrot peen more than anyone. The only difference is he isn’t as obsessed with her as he was with Sh and B. If Sh was able to befriend Lainey, though, she probably would have done the exact same thing. If Greg didn’t marry Lainey, he probably would have gotten back with Sh. I think they are both weird and that’s why Sh never removed the tattoo. She’s had years to do it. It’s a tattoo of her ex’s full first name that treated her like shit and publicly shamed her, who is also married and has kids now. Why else would she have that tattoo and why the pic above, openly showing it off?

No. 609993

File: 1544038273882.png (178.96 KB, 925x435, lmao.png)

"tormenting Lainey" would be an even more idiotic reason to keep the branding, lmao anon what are you even on

based and blackpilled

I think they're probably genuinely bonding over how terrible it is to spend time with him but a) I can't feel sorry for Madison because she witnessed a lot and it was fine and dandy with her until she was personally affected and b) Shiloh befriending all his scorned exes speaks volumes.

I don't think Shiloh is still into him at all but I wouldn't be surprised if this ended in another blowup like Shiloh and AJ because both of them are unstable attention-seekers. It's all good with me though, the more content they make together, the better. For all I care they can start dating each other as long as it brings milk.

I'll be moving this to the flake thread >>>/snow/691458 from now on, but instead of discrediting any criticism of Shiloh as vendettachan hater flakes XDD, realize that we've experienced time and time again that the people who seek out Greg have cow tendencies with or without him. We're still laying into Lainey hard and some anons seem to hate her more than Greg, Shiloh should not be exempt and a lot of the harshness ITT is in response to some farmers mollycoddling Shiloh and rewriting history to pretend she never did any of the fucked up things she did or that she didn't grow up to be a dime a dozen bong-ripping instaho ddlg snowflake. But she's GOALZ because she lost weight and got over her ex (but really not because clearly she's still wrapped up in it). It's way too much projecting from blogposting anons who want revenge for their own trauma.

No. 609994

There are a lot of girls that, when they get out of a really shitty relationship, try to warn their ex's new gf, because they dont want their ex to abuse the new gf as well.
I also think it's not her job to contact Gerg's new victims, but after all she went through I understand why she doesnt want other girls to go through that as well.
That she still has the tattoo is odd to me as well. I dont know how much her character has developed in the past seven, or so, years, but if she's still like the Shiloh she was at that time, maybe she still has feelings for him deep down.
Overall her and Gerg were perfect for each other.

No. 609995

To be honest, the tattoo might be a reminder and a motivator to her to do better than she did before.

I know a girl who tattooed her boyfriends name on her when she was 18, he ended up cheating on her and beating her up so bad she ended up in the hospital. She didn't cover it up because she wanted to keep a reminder that since she survived that, she can survive anything. Dunno is that the case, but since she clearly has a deep seated resentment towards onion, it might be that she's on a mission to warn other girls so they don't get fucked up like she did.

AJ did try to do the same didn't she?

We are talking about good ol' gurgles, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if his exes had experienced way worse shit than we know and now are on a mission to fuck him up.

No. 609996

Uh, her blow up with AJ was because Shiloh wanted Onion back lmao, or can you not remember her and Onion announcing their engagement in Cyr's apartment? You seem butthurt.

No. 609997

Thanks for making my point for me Anon-chan

No. 609998

Your point is all over the place tbf

No. 609999

Move discussion of Shiloh and Madison here as long as they're not directly involved with current happenings in Greg's life. >>>/snow/691458

Also this is a reminder to stop blogposting your relationship experiences.

No. 610002

>To be honest, the tattoo might be a reminder and a motivator to her to do better than she did before.
I thought of that as well. She doesnt see the tattoo, so maybe she really just doesnt care.
If Lamp ever has the guts to leave his droopy ass, she'll has a hell of a lot more problems with her 374 Onion-related tattoo. Girl's branded. All that's missing is him literally branding her with a hot horseshoe(read the farmhand post)

No. 610003

File: 1544039426851.png (914.97 KB, 1125x1419, image0 (2).png)

on to non-flake related news:

No. 610007

who banned this, are they literally retarded?(read the farmhand post)

No. 610012

She got so excited when gerg said she looked Mexican

No. 610013

Have you watched it anon? Don’t mean to be lazy, but I’m in public and curious if we could get a summary?

No. 610015

Anything to appear non-white to these white trash trailer specimens.

No. 610016

mod, the post is about lainey you idiot.

No. 610019

ESL farmhands at it again eh?

No. 610020

As someone who claims to be trans and very dsyphoric of their female body parts wouldn’t having more kids and even discussing that fact make you feel even worse about yourself and make you beyond uncomfortable ? Like I’m very confused lol

No. 610022

It's clearly a continuation of the derailing conversation about Shiloh's tattoos. Nothing that has been said in that comment about Lainey's tattoos is either new or relevant. Don't be daft.

No. 610023

Sorry for same fagging but the someone I’m referring to is Lainey btw

No. 610024

File: 1544040585077.png (43.95 KB, 690x161, info.png)

Read the rules and usage info.

No. 610025

This is why we need all the mods purged when the new admin comes in.

Stop pushing this double posting shit.(derailing)

No. 610027

Seriously, I just want a summary of the video that was just posted.

Can we please get that from anyone willing to skim through it? In public right now or I would do it. Much appreciated if someone is able!

No. 610029

I like how Lainey tries to stand up for her self about her IUD. But it totally goes over Greg's head

No. 610030

File: 1544040755620.jpeg (44.03 KB, 750x366, 5C878920-3590-4E5B-A461-4191AC…)

Welp it’s December the 6th here and I’m waiting patiently for the northern hemisphere to catch up so the tractorgate proceedings can get underway. You gon’ be more than a little fucked up, Anus.

No. 610031

This rule has been in place for a long time, you can either follow the site rules or find a different community with rules that better suit your taste. Anon was merely reminded, not punished in any way.

This is the final warning, all bans so far have been temporary, but I want to remind everyone that ban evasion will lead to a permaban.

Now quit derailing and read the damn rules.

No. 610033

>western hemisphere
I thought Gargoyle already said he wouldn't mind having children with another WOMAN? kek

No. 610034

Give it a moment anon, or wait to watch it. Asking to be spoonfed info is annoying.

No. 610035

Oops sorry thank you !

No. 610036

kek, thanks anon. Seeing as Grot very obviously lurks he must he shitting his pants over the prospect of farmers being present for his hearing, knowing how badly we will savage him. Not like we don’t already, but y’know.

No. 610037

I don’t think she hascontacted the Alta sisters yet, or she never tried because Skye probably hates her guts

No. 610038

Gomen nasai on the “no more Shiloh-talk” rule(doubleposting & wrong thread)

No. 610040

I doubt he'll buy a big enough bulletproof vest for the hearing in time. Kek. Despite what happens - getting jail time, paying a large fine or getting thrown out of court for being an autistic dumbass - we'll have the freshest Christmas milk going down in Onion history.

No. 610041

Most of the video was them shopping and eating. Onion violated some Christmas decorations. He was pretty mean throughout, including saying that just a close up of Lainey's eye would do better than her regular videos. He also said he only watches her videos to jerk off.
At the very end they spoke about kids. She's on birth control but in 3 years she wants him to get the snip cos that's when her birth control runs out.

No. 610042

I literally said I would do it if I could. Don’t be a cunt. What is with farmers getting so butthurt today?

Yeah, maybe. Probably is, Greg turns into a little bitch when confronted by people to his face. That’s why nothing has ever happened to him with CPS, police, etc. And they never come across his various social media platforms. And he just shut his site down, probably because his lawyer advised him to.

No. 610043

File: 1544041944619.jpg (66.61 KB, 992x223, OnisionPrime-10649768402032353…)

way late onion prime content
but this reads like a "and everyone on the bus clapped" kind of story.

Also, I looked up to see if you could watch the hearing online and I don't believe you can but all records for these kinds of things are public. I just wish we could see in real time if he flips the fuck out.

No. 610046


Thank you, anon. Why in 3 years? What’s the wait? If she’s going to make him do it when her birth control runs out, what’s the purpose of him not doing it now. They are so stupid. Clearly that means they aren’t having kids again. I doubt he’ll do it anyway because he loves the thought of knocking women up.(doubleposting & ban evasion)

No. 610047


are y'all doing this shit on purpose right after Farmhand said not to do it and posted a screenshot of the rules? really? not even trying to hide it?

No. 610055

File: 1544043918264.png (39.65 KB, 626x318, suffer.png)

No. 610060

I will as long as my baby behaves

No. 610066

Yeah that usually happens the day before you have to go to court as a criminal.

No. 610070


>She's on birth control but in 3 years she wants him to get the snip cos that's when her birth control runs out.

That’s how long she probably plans to keep on breastfeeding Clot, ugh. So dysphoric except when you flop your veiny udders out in public with no issue, Thot.

No. 610071

File: 1544045171682.jpg (361.55 KB, 1064x1589, 1205tweets.jpg)

Better start a sperg to keep your mind of your court date tomorrow.

No. 610074

Oh shut the fuck up, you narcissistic, ugly ass criminal. You literally told black women that they had dirty hair because it's a different texture than yours. I hope he gets jail time.

They don't take care of the two that they have now. Those kids are ignored and will possibly be without a home soon.

No. 610076

>George W. Bush

Extra extra! Greg is still retarded!

No. 610078

It's George H.W. Bush, for one.
Secondly, he praises Obama, yet Obama has sent drones to the middle-east and has had innocents killed. Will he have the same stance when he dies? Probably not.

He's late on the news of his death. Guess he's been too busy destroying his yard and yelling at his kids.

No. 610083

>birth control

Trans masc people don’t like being on BC, Taylor. Keep on faking it, you’re doing a bad job. Being on BC is putting more estrogen into your female body you are so dysphoric about

No. 610088


Is she on a type that eliminates her periods?

No. 610089

File: 1544047391171.jpg (256.63 KB, 1080x1596, 20181205_170054.jpg)

Her "fans" just learned about her racist past and Greg cannot keep up with deleting them.

No. 610093

What? What tweets? Did I miss anything?
Anyway, the "racist tweet card" is bad, and might result in quite a loss of subs.

No. 610094

File: 1544047974645.jpg (125.05 KB, 1066x737, Onion.jpg)

Your dad: is in a cult because he's a Christian
You: started a literal cult
Your dad: allegedly is incest
You: kissed your cousin while she was asleep, proudly said stepmoms are hot, got nude bodymassages from your mom
Your dad: allegedly raped and abused people
You: raped AJ and abused everyone you ever met

So, if he's a monster, you are aswell.

No. 610098

File: 1544048270650.jpg (53.88 KB, 600x615, laineyracist.jpg)

Here you go anon, I've seen youtubers get cancelled for less. Hope this really bites her in the ass

No. 610101

File: 1544048374259.jpeg (76.3 KB, 636x615, 0CA1C478-AEEA-45DE-BB96-9603FE…)

There’s these tweets as well. I wonder if she’ll pull a J* and say if she was in a very dark place when she said these things to get sympathy points from viewers. That is if she even addresses them.

No. 610104

I was expecting worse tweets tbh. That's the way I'll sometimes casually talk to my boyfriend or other friends.

If she was being blatantly hateful and using a hard R or even legit homophobic then sure, but yeah, those tweets are lame. Big deal lol

Then again, I'm an idubbbz fan(blogposting)

No. 610105

Thank you, anon!
I'd bet money on her deleting those tweets asap.

No. 610118

>idubbbz fan
We don't care

Whatever brings down this bitch is good, like the other anon said, other youtubers have been cancelled for less.

No. 610119

lol. I'm pretty sure it won't, all you can do is pray she makes/made an actually racist remark like roseanne barr

No. 610122

She’s just not relevant enough for people to care I guess. Other youtubers who have been shut down for their “racist” tweets are big name ones. Honestly her addressing the tweets would be more detrimental for her because then it would probably catch the attention of Cancel Culture Twitter

No. 610125

Yep, it won’t. These tweets have been out for a while. If you go back far enough I’m sure they’re on here. She wasnt “canceled” then and she won’t be “canceled” now.

No. 610129

>>609912 Why continue to become friends with people who exit Onion's life? It is very odd.. she looks great and it has been 6 entire years. You'd think this continuous "Keeping up with the Avaroe's" would have ended by now. Gerg's response when he finally catches on will be legendary either way. Where are his discord whores when you need them..

No. 610145

The IUD causes little to no periods in most women.

No. 610150

Trot and Clot will be saying the exact same thing about him in the future, lmao

No. 610156

File: 1544054394891.png (10.8 KB, 569x88, good.png)

No. 610157

File: 1544054534460.png (10.92 KB, 585x93, the sperg before the storm.png)

No. 610160

File: 1544054863038.gif (481.04 KB, 300x224, paybackbitch.gif)

Someones feeling the pressure

No. 610170

File: 1544056209108.png (1.3 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181205-172349.png)

What the hell is this i hate it

No. 610171

It is our gift on the eve of the day of the tractor. It should look better on desktop though.

No. 610172

File: 1544056688280.png (1.04 MB, 829x699, Untitled.png)

i'm ded, it's hideous but so wonderful and wholesome. i feel like i had a stroke. thank u lolcow

No. 610174

KEK Home Depot tier love it

No. 610175

File: 1544057042728.gif (3.38 MB, 700x285, KEEEEK.gif)

All glory to our based admin and farmhands. This is hilarious!

No. 610179

What happens if he throws a fit at security at the court like he did at the theme park when they wouldn't let him bring in his metal wallet? Will Toth have to go to trial by herself after they taze him?

No. 610184

You guys are amazing. I can't stop laughing

No. 610187

my eyes needed to adjust but its amazing lol please keep it forever

No. 610193

I’m genuinely surprised he’s not acting out on twitter. His lawyer probably told him to put a sock in it lol.

Thank you based farmhands/admin.

No. 610197

Laineys new video is so depressing. Lainey passive aggressively pointing out how Onion used to complain about how her pregnancy was hard on HIM and him trying to make fun of it, is so cringe. I genuinely don't understand how a person can be as much of a doormat as Lainey is

No. 610200


Wow, what in the world. This is quite typically Lainey though, shes always been this kind of person

No. 610202

lol, she's more petty than us – I guess I can respect that.

He won't shut up about her, and she's a public figure. I don't blame her.

No. 610205

File: 1544062098639.jpeg (126.11 KB, 1125x678, DB3DE63B-B7FB-41EB-A31B-368985…)

No. 610206

File: 1544062143087.jpeg (263.52 KB, 1125x873, 73D90E25-AF5D-468C-9276-8F9187…)

Lol of course he’s going the “I’m depressed REEEE” route.

No. 610215

fatbeccs was only allowed around cause of $$$, now that's gone, so is she

maybe you're thinking of the living potato

No. 610228

File: 1544066355287.png (20.97 KB, 581x216, cap46310.PNG)

Greg doesn't know what to do about his private twitter getting leaked.
Potato Nose is asking him to make a SUPER DUPER SEKRET twitter account for just his bestest best fwiends. I dont understand why shes pushing for that. If the group shrinks hes eventually going to figure out it was her.
Any guesses what he'll call this account? OnisionOptimum?

No. 610236


No. 610238


The issue for transmasc people is that any form of birth control adds estrogen to the body. The IUD emits the hormone while its installed.

No. 610244

IUD is non-hormonal you fucking idiot.

No. 610245

in light of this completely off topic discussion some IUD devices do emit progestin only hormones kek

No. 610253

It doesn't matter really either way. We all know how much Shreg hates condoms.. I've also noticed his oppressed sexual urges leaking into his content. The most recent UhOhBro video has the guy constantly commenting on TikTok females, "If you're at least 18 years old I'd bang you. But I'd have to fall in love with you first" (said this twice..) even going so far as to comment in a recent video how he would "pull their hair and bite their neck (further stating it is because he is sooper gud at sex)". This goes along with his recent tweet about needing a girlfriend to use chains on. The dude is desperate for fresh teenage meat. It is vomit inducing to see such a mentally-stunted egomaniac CONSTANTLY ranting about sex… he never stops talking about it. If I were Lainey, I would have 5 IUD's implanted just to make EXTRA sure his deformed offspring aren't growing inside of me. I am surprised as well that she hasn't stopped breast-feeding by now.. considering how paralyzing body dismorphia is described as, I would have switched to bottle feeding after the first year, if not foregone it entirely. My guess is Onion has the final say on when she can do that as well.

No. 610258

Gig Harbor anon from the other day, anyone have info for me to go to the hearing tomorrow?

No. 610261

Random anon trying to help ask kiwi.farms they have different rules on cow tipping and doxxing. This would not be the best place to ask, all respect to lolcow.

Onision's thread is under the "beauty parlor" forum title. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/onision-gregory-james-daniel-jackson-avaroe.4851/page-387

No. 610262


See >>596021

Also, shout out to our admins for the makeover. Killed me!

No. 610264

Imagine paying for something only to have a bitch who has been known to post here to try to push for extra security. Greg is incredibly retarded to trust Megan. One false move and I'm sure she'll do worse than post super secret twitter posts

No. 610281

File: 1544073468904.png (106.54 KB, 567x563, pity points.png)

No. 610287

Taylor looks like she's doing community service lmao

And Onision looks emaciated due to a terminal illness.

I would make a shitty photo w/caption but I can't think of one.

>I've felt like crying since the middle of this podcast on~ This hurt.

lmao that fucking tilde, I'm deader than his dead friend. And his turtle. Does he mention the turtle.

No. 610289

I hate… his stupid way…of typing… like he's so…deep

No. 610295

he needs to… feed
his delusions
dark youth

his edg i n e s s
would dull the ..sharpest..

The Joker

do you believe, yet
that I Am
a fellow teen


No. 610297

Jesus Christ, I'm wondering wtf Lainey's going to wear, and how she's gonna complain about being misgendered by either the judge or Greg himself… Perhaps Greg will spurge out on the judge/people in the court and will correct them on her pronouns lmao.

No. 610298

does lame even have to show up? somehow I doubt she is going

No. 610299

he types just like how he talks lmao…
it's so… fake… deep…

tldl; he didn't cry when his grandpa die (he was too young) and his two nephews who died (one was stillborn and one died of sids) because he never met them. We was super torn up about Jad though. His dad also murdered a woman because he wore a motorcycle helmet and he didn't give the passenger the helmet. He goes on a tangent on how horrible his dad is after speaking about an Airman who died in a motorcycle accident because he gave his passenger the helmet instead of the Airman wearing it himself.

No. 610300

IUDs can be non-hormonal (e.g. Paraguard) or hormonal (e.g. Mirena)

If Lainey goes as well, who would watch the kids though?

No. 610302

File: 1544075077968.png (64.7 KB, 696x222, 04.png)

All the appeal docs have both their names. So I assume they both are being charged, and have to show up.

No. 610304

as funny as it would be for Greg to freak out and try to onion-logic his way out of paying the fines, I honestly think he'll just pull out his sad face and pretend that he's remorseful. he probably won't even talk much since they have a lawyer

No. 610305

If I remember correctly she got the Mirena which is the 5 year hormonal IUD, which lines up with bandaid is around 2 and she says 3 years left.

No. 610306

Have you seen the video of him talking to the cops during the Sh fiasco?
He was timid and used that feminine voice he likes to use thinking it makes him sound calm and non threatening.
When confronted with someone with real power like police officers or in this case a judge, hes going to be a pussy. He acted like a tough guy to Sh manager/lawyer because it was on the phone and not face to face, plus the guy was just some rando acting as her legal rep, screaming at him isnt going to get him a contempt charge.

No. 610307



No. 610310

>Also, shout out to our admins for the makeover. Killed me!

Seconded. I've had a shit day and giggled like a schoolgirl when I saw it.It's just too perfect.

No. 610315

He's an Athiest but believes in souls? Wow.

I'm so excited for the case tomorrow. I'm surprised he hasn't done anything crazy like trying to get into a psych ward or anything, in avoidance but also to plead insanity.

We are going to have to be quick to back up any videos he makes afterwards. I have a feeling he will release one and then get scared of the consequences and delete it.

I really hope someone does attend tomorrow, or that we are able to obtain the minutes.

No. 610316

File: 1544078313159.png (83.33 KB, 858x879, reminder.png)

Since I feel like we have a few anons going:

Take notes for us farmers who can't attend lol

inb4 he skips out on the hearing because he thinks the haturs are out to get him

No. 610317

For the cell phone thing: if you're not being disruptive/be discreet, you might be able to keep it out. Not being disruptive is having your phone on your lap to record what is being said via voice memo. Just put a scarf or gloves over the phone in case someone is looking over at you. Most courtrooms have microphones, so you should be able to hear Greg and his attorney loud and clear.

I worked for the courts in a large metropolitan area, so the rules may have been more lax.

No. 610319

>>610156 Grugs the kind of bitch that feels sad for like five mins and immediately declares on twitter that he is depressed
HIM to get the snip? Sure laim. I bet Greg has stupid ideas about it making him less of a man. Also in a vid just a few weeks or a month back didn't he say that he still wanted more kids? With a third potentially lol

No. 610320

Tinfoil: maybe his “I’m so depressed” tweets are a cry for a fan of his to call a wellness check on him so he’ll get sent to the hospital and not have to go to the court tomorrow.
Oh who am I kidding he doesn’t think that far ahead!

No. 610321

He would never risk the possibility of being trapped forever.

No. 610322

Greg said more kids were a possibility or something, but specifically said he didn't want to put Lainey through pregnancy again (omgosh he's so noble such #goals)

No. 610326

Don’t give him ideas, anon! For real tho, I wonder if he will fabricate something in an attempt to avoid or delay the hearing and force Taylor to go along with it.

>You can’t let the father of your children go to jail! I grew up without a father and look how it fucked me up. BE HUMAN!!11!!1!!!1!

No. 610334

Yep. They're both listed as the property owners on the deed so they where both summoned.

I've spent the last hour catching up on all of the biology/wetland talk on kiwi and oh boy, I am excited. Greg's really fucked himself over. Not only did he negligently remove trees/shrubs/bushes on a federally classified wetland causing widespread, ecological effects, he's also gone and hired what looks to be one of the cheapest lawyers he could find. The inevitable massive fines and various fees coupled with his IRS debt and current mortage is going to lead to one of the greatest sperg-outs in onion history, I'm calling it right now. God bless tractorgate.

No. 610335

To the farmers going, make sure to take a notebook and pen. Sit in the front benches if you can. I wouldn’t risk breaking the cellphone rule because you can get kicked out, so just take as many bullet notes. When Gurg and Plainey say something milky, quote it please.
It would have been great if one of us got permission to take photos, that can often be done two weeks in advance by filling out a form. Hopefully farmers can get a good glance of Gurg’s face or that a journalist who got permission takes pics (if any respectable news outlet even cares to cover this washed up emo, that is). If we’re lucky, we’ll get a mugshot by the end of this instead. Let the milk pour.

No. 610339

File: 1544087317323.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, 03368FA2-DC55-4511-AE4E-4582BF…)

Safe to say I can forget about having any semblance of a productive day at work. LET IT POUR.

No. 610341

Sometimes, these type of long hearings have small intermissions. If a farmer who can recover from the spergfest that will be this court hearing can come on and give live updates in between breaks, that’d also be great.
Judges who can detect bullshit also love cutting off liars as they speak lol Onion will definitely get his ass handed to him. If Plainey is also on trial, her and Onion will likely be sitting a part from each other—adding to their defenselessness.
She probably won’t be LARPing as trans tomorrow either. Let’s hope the judge triggers her.

No. 610343

Where can we get a court sketch artist at short notice, lol.

No. 610344

Judging by the outstanding renditions bestowed upon us by the artfags in these threads it shouldn’t be too hard!

No. 610346

Happy tractorgate y'all!
Can't wait for courtmas in seven hours.
With a spaceprince on one hand and the worst lawyer ever on the other, what could go wrong for Gerg.

No. 610347

No. 610348

why are Lainey's fingernails still black??? maybe I'm confused about when her videos are filmed and what order, but goddamn, wash your hands in between filmings maybe?? wear goddamn gloves?

No. 610349

File: 1544092299538.png (209.47 KB, 800x642, vocaloid_karaoke_party_base_by…)

i fucking hate the holidays so this is prob my one good time this month

dont let me down captain planet court system

No. 610363

The anons who go will have a nice view of his messed up haircut kek

No. 610364

Honestly anon I was also hoping for a court sketch from a farmer lmao. Not sure if it’s too much to ask for because the milk will be leaking from courtroom crevice to courtroom crevice, and it can be overwhelming to hear how these things unfold, but it’d be hilarious if someone could dedicate their visit to drawing Onion, even if it’s super quick and low effort!
A professional court sketch could be done by a photo journalist who specializes in these things and didn’t get the permission to take photos of the case beforehand, or even a designated courtroom sketch artist. Hopefully one will be present. The application process for court room pictures is super easy too, even a college student could have gotten approved just say you want pictures for a project. The court even lets you pick the specific case to take pictures of. Imagine all of the golden tractor shots we could have all laughed at if any of us had filled out a form for approval a month ago.
Unfortunately, Greg will likely be sitting facing the opposite direction from any farmers to face the judge, but who knows! If we get lucky, the room will get full of other attendees and the court will play the hearing outside of the court room, so hopefully a farmer can take pics of a TV screen if that happens kek.

No. 610366

anyone else the feeling we are heading for a huge anti-climax?

No. 610367


I feel it too. We hyped it up so much. I really hope its going to be worth it

No. 610370

I'm afraid it's going to be similar to all the other times cops/animal welfare has been to his house. Nothing will happen and he will upload a "HA. SEE HATURS. The authorities agreed with me! You are all so pathetic." Etc.

I know this is different because it involves the actual courts but..I dunno….Gurgles has an uncanny way of never really paying for his crimes.

No. 610371

File: 1544103599347.jpeg (451.86 KB, 1234x962, 11AA223F-A1F5-4C10-9A46-C8B2B1…)

Ngl, just a bit. However, shit is definitely going down.

Either Onion will be paying a hefty fine, far more than he can afford, and he’ll probably have to do community service kek. Or, he does end up going to jail for a year minimum. So much can happen in one year, and we are guaranteed a mugshot. It really will depend on whether he is charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, and that’s dependent on the value of property damage. The best case scenario is he gets at least ten years in jail!
In this particular case, it doesn’t even matter if he claims he wasn’t aware that he tampered with protected property, according to this government website.

Even if Lainey herself isn’t on trial (highly unlikely,) she’ll most likely go with her ~boo~ to court and she’ll be sitting among an audience of people who hate Onision, and hate her too by extension. She’ll get her feefees hurt.

The judge will pick up that this family is dysfunctional as fuck in general. Hopefully more of Onion’s slip-ups come up in this case, as there will be times where he is directly asked questions that are very personal. If it ends up getting super milky, there will be multiple hearings. If there’s multiple hearings, then now we will be better equipped to try getting every juicy detail in court in the future.

We are guaranteed milk either way. Let’s hope it’s a felony charge.

No. 610372

Happy December 6th, farmers!

What are your guys predictions? I want to make a Tractorgate bingo card. So far I have the Onions getting away with it, Greg blaming everything on the haters, and Lainey dropping her fakeboi act.

No. 610373

Already going to call it. Onion gets a fine and maybe some community service. His wife won't get anything since she didn't physically do any of the damage. No jail time much to our dismay. It's a non violent crime and he is a first time offender. Now I cannot factor in his ego and possible outbursts. I can see a being held and or fined for contempt of court.

No. 610374

Good idea. Plainey looking into the judge’s eyes, and turning against Gurg by saying, “I.. can’t control his actions.. your honor.”

But seriously I can see Onion getting community service, which in itself can be lulzy. Hopefully he’ll have to rake leaves off a highway wearing an orange jumpsuit.

No. 610375

File: 1544104439725.png (347.71 KB, 469x466, 1442742986273.png)

I think the opposite may happen. Usually he is not caught on camera doing his dirty deeds. Plus it is a lot more now than just the police, I feel something bad for him coming down the line for this, not what most anons believe, but, something…

No. 610376

-Gerg starts fake crying
-He throws a fit for getting punished (be human!)
-He's saying he's a veteran and fought fot this country
-Lamp's getting pissed because she'll get misgendered
or whats most likely:
-they're both just sitting there, getting assraped while their lawyer does an awful job

No. 610377

Can't be more disappointing than momo in japan.

No. 610378

>Lainey dropping her fakeboi act

Change it to she wears a dress to court.

No. 610379

I'm honestly so curious about that.
I really hope the kiwifarms will put their autism to goos work and offer us a milky report.

No. 610380

I really wonder if they're paranoid about farmers being there.
They're both reading the thread so they must know that some people are going to attend.

Put "Greg screaming at the judge to get the haters out of the court room" at the bingo card

No. 610381

Probably the real reason they flashed their kohl's cash was to buy Lameboi a little twink suit for court.

No. 610382


- Greg brings up his kids as a defense for not being punished
- Greg misgenders Lainey in his sperg
- Greg throws Lainey under the bus (unlikely, but it would be sooo good)

No. 610384

File: 1544105329780.jpeg (451.18 KB, 1163x1214, B8BF3984-DEEF-4C71-B4DC-0F83C0…)

Even people on Twitter are spamming at Onision about his court date, and saying things like this. It seems like even twitterfags are keeping tabs. Hopefully a local newspaper will pick up on it too, small towns like this would consider a has-been YouTuber to be news.
Even if it isn’t the sentencing we want, we are guaranteed sperging and at least two anons are so coming through and going. I think a lot of our milk will depend on how accurately anons will depict the case in their notes.
At a minimum, Onion boy will be paying out of his ass, and hopefully someone will sneak a picture of the spaceprince in court if she’s in the audience, too. There’s no way she won’t be crying at some point

No. 610385

Hope he bought a new bulletproof vest to fit his bitch tits

No. 610387

Kek it just hit me that he’s definitely going to misgender Lainey. He can try to be as PC as he wants online, but no one will give a fuck in an actual courtroom. Even the judge will misgender her. Either way, they are going to throw each other under the bus—the question is, who will do it first? This is going to add so much conflict to their already failed marriage

No. 610390

i fucking LOL'd, imagine the possibilities.

No. 610391

She allows her family to misgender her becuase they wouldn’t understand so of course she would let the courts. She understands it’s an identity more than fact.

No. 610395

Let’s hope they have a male judge, please. Female judges are a bit more passive (not all of course). A man’s communication style is more blunt in general, so a male judge will actually speak to them in a condescending way and be argumentative. Imagine Lainey trying to tell the judge to please use her ~pronouns~. As soft-spoken as this bitch can be, she knows farmers will be there, and she’ll likely want to conserve her fakeboi image. If she tells the judge to not misgender her, it’s milky and attention-whory. If she doesn’t tell the judge anything, it’s milky because she publicly outed herself as a transtrender. Either way, a male judge is guaranteed to be a huge dick, and if Onion gives attitude, the judge will give it right back.
Lainey is way too sensitive and a male judge will break her if she has to talk.
By the end of the day, these two will be taken down several notches.

No. 610398

Sorry for shilling (I’ll take the ban) but here’s a server I’m in mostly dedicated to the onions if you guys want to chat about tractorgate.

No. 610399

The glorious day is here!
-Taylor will wear some kind of dress pants/sweater combo.
-She will definitely be misgendered because they recognize her a female. No public sperging will happen because they save that for insta captions/tweets/videos as she showed recently
-They will probs just get a fine and if we’re lucky community service. If it’s just a fine expect a video from Greg sperging about everything.
-I really doubt jail time because that’s just too good to happen. We may get lucky but it’s doubtful

No. 610400

He's not an atheist, he stated that himself when debating JG last year. She skimmed over it but I wish she'd addressed it.

>>610366 Yes. I'm seriously confused by how excited anons are, with Gurg's history of never getting repercussions, I'm expecting a slapped wrist and that's it.

>>610373 This is spot on.

No. 610404

Do you think his cheap lawyer is going to bring up Shreg's claims that they trespassed on muh swamp? Complete with video stills to back up his claims of course.

No. 610405

Getting anything is going to be a hit to his fat freaky head; I'll take it.

No. 610406

At this point I think we should be grateful for anything, too. We are guaranteed more Onion debt and online sperg festivals galore after this case, from both Plain and Gurg. If we’re lucky, maybe a candid photo of them. The community service or one year in jail is a cherry on top.

No. 610408

O k but do you guys realize that this could be the beginning of the end if not the direct end to Onision as we know it. I mean jail is almost guaranteed here. I might drink some pino I'm so excited

No. 610409

File: 1544108236561.jpeg (673.22 KB, 1567x2095, DB19FA0E-83B7-443B-AC59-D30477…)

sadly I won’t be able to attend this shit show in person to draw an actual court sketch - I did manage a little something though

No. 610411

Dying rn thank you for this anon

No. 610412

People always say that. He's such a piece of shit, if that's what happens - I don't even mind.

But Taylor will still probably be on the outside, and Onision lives on in his children. Just wait like 5 more years for Trot to hit Google.

No. 610413

bravo. it is beautiful! It made me kek.

No. 610414

But is it? As much as I would love to see Onion go to jail how likely is that going to happen vs doing community service?

No. 610416

Hey Mods, any chance we can use this image and have a live thread for the court? It would be great to discuss it live :)

I’m excited to let this milk get a flowin’

No. 610417

Gerg will find a way to fuck community service up. Community service involves interacting with people who will not be amused at his narc tard-rages.
Can't you be sent to jail if you don't fulfill the terms?

No. 610419

So did his neighbors and the law Google him, you think? Christ, I hope so.

No. 610420

File: 1544108941880.jpeg (267.24 KB, 1129x518, 681C9692-98B0-4A07-92BC-44BB3C…)

Kek, yes. Let’s hope he arrives late to court today + aggravates the courtroom + fucks up his community service + can’t afford to pay his fines. He’s on thin ice after today.
Also, anyone know if probation is a possibility for him? That’d be hilarious.

No. 610421

The fines are the big punishment. They can be pretty steep, and the Onions are already broke as hell.

No. 610422

Eh, I feel like we jinx ourselves when we say shit like this.

No. 610423

Hey, do any anons know if his back taxes will affect his case? Because since he already is in debt with the IRS wouldn't the judge see he will have trouble paying his fines and just make him do community service automatically? I have no idea how these things work so it would be cool if someone else does

No. 610426

Remember anons try and snap photos of the two gaylords going into court, I'm sure their outfits will be milky enough lmao. So jealous of anons that will see that fucked up haircut in person. Remember to throw some onion at him afterwards kek

No. 610427

Wouldn't that be against the rules, though? We're licking our lips here, but let's not push our luck too far.

No. 610428

Don't worry anons, even just to apply for the permits to reverse the damage will cost him thousands, then the actual cost of repair. They may not even be able to afford the Kia after this. I do t think Onion would be offered community service in lieu of potentially tens of thousands, he's not a teen or young adult, he's a grown man that's tried to defraud the IRS several times.

No. 610429

Samefag. Looked it up. No pictures.

No. 610430

It's not illegal to photograph people outside of court.

No. 610431

File: 1544112041186.jpg (663.84 KB, 967x1000, tractorgatebingo.jpg)

Here's the card. Feel free to change it around or make your own with the template.

No. 610432

Although today is a glorious day, please remember to refrain from making the thread into a chatroom.
For newfags: make sure to check out the rules and info pages to help you integrate.

No. 610433

Lmao Lainey has to leave the room bc anxiety. They'll be getting ready for it now do you think Lainey will HIT THE VAPE first or look at her lavender tattoo to calm down lol. Wonder if Greg will show up bald

No. 610434

> clears free space
Thanks anon, it's awesome.

No. 610435

No. 610436

File: 1544112688806.jpg (1.03 MB, 1078x1078, MTXX_20181206160546_mh15441125…)

Happy onionmas- love drawfag

No. 610437

I really wonder if his twitter nonsense was really to try and go for an insanity defense just in case.
We know he already done that in the past (getting naked to get out of the army), it's not even that far-fetched

No. 610438

beautiful, anon. beautiful.

No. 610440

tbh I'm not expecting him to have to do time, that would be TOO good. I'm mostly counting on the sperging in court and the aftermath. The only way that could go wrong is if he pussies out and holds himself back because he's scared. Does the absolute fucktard have a lawyer or is he representing himself?

No. 610441

it's funny because he's basically admitting that he fell in love with billie before he actually had sex with her, as he "doesn't sleep with people he doesn't love". i believe he also mentioned this in his "my marriage is over" video when he was complaining a lot about plain. i wonder how she deals with that, knowing that as soon as she gets a girlfriend her husband will fall in love with them, and she's being constantly pressured to get one lol

No. 610442

He found the cheapest environmental lawyer he could find. The appeal she wrote is in the previous threads. >>595862 >>596021

No. 610443


Unfortunately I don’t see jail time happening. I predict Plain will wear her prom suit and some makeup but not style her ugly ass emo cut in a mature way; she’ll sit there silently and not speak, nor will she correct anyone about her pronouns.

As for Anus I have no idea. I predict a fine, maybe even a hefty one. He’ll probably act depressed on twitter for a bit, maybe make a speaks video where he acts like a pussy, then go into REEEEEE mode a few days later.

No. 610444

It's very unlikely he'll get jail time for this. He will probably be fined pretty heavily but I doubt they'd send him to jail for something so minor

No. 610445

Yeah except he's been acting like a complete ass up to this point and I don't expect him to stop. The fact that he received written notice to stop fucking around with shit and continued to ignore it doesn't look good.

No. 610446

File: 1544114053070.gif (2.3 MB, 498x280, 1484721388956.gif)

Tampering with the flood plains in Washington isn't really minor. They have a really bad history of mudslides. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Oso_mudslide) However, if he only gets fined I'll take that.

No. 610447

Minor would be a non lethal petty theft, Onion's done more than tens of thousands in damage. I think some anons are underestimating the seriousness of damaging "some plants". Anyway, the letter in evidence states what they will do, he has to pay the permits and repair costs, if not then possibility of jail. I think WA will just want the scrounge to part with his money and fix the fucking wetlands. His hearing is essentially him being told the contents of the letter since him and his wife were too illiterate to read it.

He might not be getting butt sex in jail but parting with money is probably what Greg equates to rape

No. 610448

We can always hope. Who knows how many years it’ll take to repair the damage he caused?

No. 610449

>His hearing is essentially him being told the contents of the letter since him and his wife were too illiterate to read it.

He also petulantly refused to sign for a certified letter about this issue, so he's got that going for him as well.

Basically, I hope the judge reams him and his gay husband new assholes and fines them back to the stoneage.

No. 610450

Yeah he felled several mature paperbark (birch?) trees. Putting things back exactly how they were is going to take potentially decades.

No. 610451

she also has lost her authorisation two times, because she kept on lying and told a client to burn evidence against them. (was the exact same case Grugg has now. Living on wetland, signing a paper that says nothing will be done without permits, destroys land)
If she's pulling this shit again today, she'll lose her authorisation forever. So she has no other choice than to be honest and let Gerg get his consequences.

No. 610452

I predict it will be rather boring. I think they will turn down his appeal and he will have to pay fines and uphold the original order. That would still mean he is out a ton of money. He would have to hire the environmental specialist and then pay to correct the damage he did.

No. 610454


No. 610455

I wonder how his sod is now. He hasn't been really filming his backyard as far as I can tell which probably means his lawyer actually did one thing right and got him to stop filming dancing evidence against himself and posting it on the internet.

No. 610456

That's why the funniest part of today will hopefully be eyewitness accounts of how socially inept these two retards are. It would be a shame if no one heckled them. On the streets or a rabid fan turns up and begs to be chained to Greg

No. 610458

File: 1544115316622.jpg (1.03 MB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20181206-115431_You…)

Never mind it looks fucking terrible and lumpy but surprisingly green.

No. 610459


Did he just layer sod over debris like its a cheap carpet? I'm honestly surprised it isn't dead. That has to be an old photo

No. 610460

wtf? He didn't even bother to make edges to make it look less terrible? It looks like square of platic grass on top of old leaves.

No. 610461

yes he did… great way to throw thousands of dollars out the window.

No. 610462

wtf? He didn't even bother to make edges to make it look less terrible? It looks like square of platic grass on top of old leaves.

No. 610463


>Did he just layer sod over debris like its a cheap carpet?

That is exactly what he did.

No. 610465

Why isn’t he wearing pants…?

No. 610466

when does he wear pants tbh

No. 610470

The lawyer brought it up in the complaint so probably. The ridiculous thing is they have an easement on their deed that allows officials to "trespass" and check out the wet lands and any reported damage, so it's not even a valid point.

No. 610475

Do we know for sure there will be people in court to update and take notes etc?

No. 610478

File: 1544117464280.jpeg (138.76 KB, 1125x699, 20F897C8-857D-46C7-8C40-C91CB8…)


No. 610482

is he tweeting while being in the courtroom or was it over in under a half an hour?

No. 610485

It started at 12:00PM PST so perhaps it was 30 minutes before if the poster is also in PST

No. 610486

If any anons are there, I hope they see Greg with a phone and take their phones out too in order to update us. I'm kind of skeptical about any farmer actually being there though.

No. 610487

either he's waiting to start or isn't there.
the hearing is 3 hours long.

No. 610488

Its scheduled to go until noon so they may have taken a break and he's tweeting to throw everyone off. Or he just didn't go.

No. 610493

Is the hearing actually three hours long? Or is it that other cases are going to be heard in that three-hour window, along with Onion-boy's?

No. 610499

Its blocked off on the Pierce County calendar for 3 hours. Onion's is the only one scheduled for today.

No. 610500

File: 1544118332726.png (2 KB, 275x75, hearing.png)

It's three hours long for the Avaroe's. They aren't seeing anyone else today.

No. 610503

I'm gonna be so disappoint if no one is there to update us, the milk will flow whether we know it or not!

No. 610505

Boy oh boy do I wish he and Lame were there while some farmer is discreetly filming everything.

No. 610506

I’m wondering if this is just going to get a series of long, drawn-out continuations like Chris Chan’s trials did. Kind of hoping not though, been looking forward to seeing this asshat squirm for quite some time.

No. 610507


You can schedule tweets in apps like tweetdeck and whatnot.

No. 610508

File: 1544118622691.png (128.15 KB, 483x238, dowant.png)

If nothing else we'll have the court recordings or transcripts. Not sure which they release on their website.

Until then we can all enjoy the lord's work in the way of this festive overlay and keep refreshing their twitters in case one of them feigns a panic attack and has to escape the court room to furiously tweet about how the BIG EVIL GOVERNMENT is going to take all they have.

No. 610510

oh didnt know that, ty. Makes sense for him to let the hatesites think he's all good while he's getting his ass torn up

No. 610514

The mobile view of Twitter's website will tell you which client was used to post a tweet when you view the individual tweet.

No. 610515

File: 1544119519248.png (14.23 KB, 384x148, Screenshot_36.png)

No. 610520

Oh damn that’s funny, he really thinks he’s sneaky doesn’t he?

No. 610526

File: 1544120911571.jpeg (656.81 KB, 1242x1660, F46B5CAB-8C84-4837-8068-95AF9E…)

Really do think this is Onion trying to pull a fast one on us, because he would have sent this half an hour into his hearing. Even if he did have a break, he wouldn’t be allowed on his phone.. and if he were on his phone for some reason, why would he tweet shit like this? I really think he’s trying to go down the route terrorists go when they drop hints on social media prior to their crimes. Onion thinks he’s relevant enough for a judge or potential jury to look up his social media. To an extent, he still does have fans, but certainly is not relevant. He probably wants to seem as ~unhinged~ as possible so people go soft on him. All of this is just adding to his retardation.
Bonus: what if he actually did go into court late, and gets into even more trouble. Please be the case.

No. 610527

There’s a small chance that Repzion is at the court hearing. He retweeted someone on twitter who told him to go and asked if it was open to the public but my phone is out of memory so I can’t screenshot it.
I’m not getting my hopes up though.
Maybe another lovely anon can?

No. 610528

You forgot "Why don't you arrest Shane Dawson too? He called a 6 year old girl sexy!!!"

No. 610529

File: 1544121138942.jpg (187.88 KB, 1075x1194, Screenshot_20181206-193145_Twi…)

Got you

No. 610531

oh god he shouldn't go, that would just fuel greg's ~obsessed haturs stalkerz psychos~ schtick and would actually sound believable for a change. Random people, ok. Drama/commentary ytbers, that's a bit off

No. 610533

he tweeted about it an hour ago, so he'd be late if he did decide to go. If an farmer is there she's probably laying low. Let's wait a bit.

Also there's most likely going to be an update or a transcript posted online in a few days. Most hearings are recorded.

No. 610535

She would bring her fidget spinner too, but they are not trendy anymore

No. 610537

Not American so I have no idea how that works. Where would they post this? On the county website?

No. 610539

File: 1544121568155.jpeg (251.36 KB, 1242x1009, 0A3D1173-A8B9-4A5A-B067-AE9F7C…)

In Onion’s replies. Jesus Christ. His fans are not making him look good rn.

No. 610541

I didn’t think I could be more confused by onion fans but they continue to drop to new lows. I wonder how much it gets to him that his biggest fans are all fucking stupid 12 year olds.

No. 610542

Is there a possibility that it's a scheduled tweet?

No. 610543


I was under the impression that this person was a troll. "Our lawyer"? And I'm pretty sure even 12 year olds don't talk like that.

No. 610546

File: 1544122646104.jpeg (288.44 KB, 1063x537, 7AF368E8-D187-4C6F-BB73-1BA6B5…)

The sent from web client can mean anything. Either he is using his phone’s web browser, or he is using an app to send scheduled tweets. The tweets would have the app’s name on it though, like “Sent from TweetDeck.”
It most likely was sent from a web browser, and you can’t schedule tweets like that. Maybe Lainey is tweeting for him?

No. 610547

I can't find the link at the moment but there's a public record page on all court proceedings. There's also a public case file on what's going on where everyone is getting updates/court info from.

No. 610550

No. 610552

File: 1544123194742.png (25.33 KB, 274x159, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 2.04…)

At some point he mentioned he deleted the Twitter app. So his tweets from desktop are from Twitter Web Client, and tweets from mobile are from Twitter Lite.

Though it's possible to open Twitter in desktop mode while on mobile and post tweets from there.

No. 610554

theres nothing there anon

No. 610559

Bit tinfoil, but this bitch clearly knows what he’s doing if he felt the need to announce he deleted the actual app. He knows tweets from desktop/desktop version on mobile web have that “sent from web client” stamp. What if he actually was entering court, and he sent that tweet from his phone’s web browser in desktop mode to try making us haters feel like we’ve lost and that he’s still at home and has no court hearing or something?
Because he’s been awfully quiet since that tweet, so has Lainey. The hearing ends in 45 minutes so we will soon know the truth.

No. 610560

File: 1544123731039.jpeg (248.08 KB, 750x782, 9A112A96-A001-4D95-A178-B5497A…)

Works for me

No. 610561

The staff report is amazing and completely destroys the bunk submitted by their lawyer. I don't think that the Avaroes getting let off is an option, they are definitely getting a fine and probably still have to pay the $2000 application fee and whatever it costs to get an Advanced Abbreviated Plan from a Professional Engineer.

No. 610562

about the tweet thing, I think we should ignore it completely as it's clearly to distract people from his case and maybe to throw his followers off, like "well he's on twitter, he can't be in court rn" or something. fuck it

No. 610563

odd, might just be me, thank you for showing me

No. 610567

it also does not work for me, maybe cause I am an eurofag. Is there more info there than >>610560?

No. 610568

File: 1544124178598.jpeg (146.88 KB, 745x865, D6D0BE86-3BA2-4229-9EC9-CF83B0…)

Fingers crossed!

No. 610569

No. 610570

File: 1544124322158.png (54.44 KB, 982x478, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-12-0…)

No. 610571

File: 1544124324686.jpeg (598.14 KB, 1242x2109, 7DC86692-282F-40CF-8EB6-60A56B…)

There’s a lot but this is among my favorite parts. They tried so hard to seem like they were innocent and didn’t know what to do. Everything is debunked so hard including they were contacted with instructions on what exactly to do.

No. 610574

File: 1544124710323.jpeg (180.51 KB, 750x1294, 20F263DF-5568-4887-9FC3-80CBA4…)

Have some patience eurofags, there are 50+ pages to read through. Looks like onions court bearing was in a small part of the local newspaper. Can’t post more detailed image because I don’t feel like blocking information.

No. 610575

all good take your time

No. 610577

Maybe someone could upload this file to a dropbox or a google drive?

No. 610580

Where does it say his appeal was reported in the newspaper?

No. 610581

For clarification: looks like the newspaper posted the hearing information in a "Legals & Public notices" section. Not that it was reported on.

No. 610582

thanks for posting it anon, but it's too small to read zoomed in.

No. 610585


This was posted a week ago. >>607133 Don’t attempt to mislead others by passing off older information as new. Make sure you read the thread before posting.

No. 610587

I also think that's a troll. There's no way anyone would write like this, not even among Greg's fans.

No. 610592

This is a bit confusing at the second appeal, the alleged Due Process Violation, as the county responds that a NOTC was dated Sept 17, 2017, but that the time frame of the clearing was August 2018. Is that a mistake?

No. 610593

No, it's not. The clearing/complaint happened in August and they issued a NOTC after checking out the area in early September iirc.

No. 610599

So it wrapped as of about half an hour ago, either he's going to be mouse-quiet or REEEEEEEEEing like he's never done before.

How soon would findings/results be up, anyone know?

No. 610602

The case heard on the 29th November has been updated but the cases heard yesterday haven't. So less than a week but not as early as tomorrow.

No. 610605

Check kiwi farms later. They've got several people going.

No. 610608

I'm guessing it didn't go well. If Greg got a decent decision, he'd be bragging about it and smugly going on about how right and true he is. He knows the trolls want to drink his tears so he's holding back on bitching because he's at least smart enough not to give us instant gratification. However, we'll find out soon enough. The impending sperg will be great.

No. 610609

he didnt lose one word about it on twitter, at least on his public one, so maybe he's sperging on his secrit account

No. 610610

Nah he's too scared to post on his secrit account lol

No. 610612

File: 1544130498749.jpeg (9.27 KB, 260x194, 2B31B3D4-C374-4319-879E-458DDE…)

Any idea what local publication might cover it? We’re prob going to find information there first. I wouldn’t be shocked if people chose not to show to the court, especially on a Thursday morning…

No. 610613

File: 1544130505946.jpg (34.46 KB, 389x597, riuyC1R.jpg)

>he's at least smart enough
>implying Grug is smart at something

Imho he'll be sperging later today instead of sleeping. He simply cannot stop himself from sperging on Twitter, it's in his blood.

No. 610616

Probably shouldn't have typed "smart enough" but I gave him too much credit.
The only other excuse I can give for his radio silence is that he's actually stuck at the court house or with his lawyer filling out some paperwork based on the decision. Greg can't afford to drag this out any longer and based on Greg's appeal and the County's Response, I cannot see anything being ruled in Greg's favor. Court's are usually lenient, but there's no getting away with the 2K application fee for .. was it engineering assessment of the damage he's done and corrective measures? I mean that's just paying for someone to go out there and give him estimates.

No. 610621

Tinfoil but maybe he's so quiet because he got arrested lmao

No. 610623

I hope he's quiet because he got arrested thst would be amazing

No. 610625

We could only dream of this happening.

No. 610627

cant wait until Gerg makes a video on it screaming about how he is right and the government is unjust for harming a family

No. 610629


I doubt it, but, Fuck, what a merry milkmas that would be..

No. 610631

I mean it IS greg we are talking about. hell he kept a clip of his micropenis in a video for his underage teen fangirls to see. he'll make videos on lierally anything

No. 610632

I guess I just don't get to read this thread today. This theme is actually unreadable on mobile. :(

No. 610633

OT but a farmhand split a little milk in the onion flakes thread >>>/snow/744860

No. 610637

If he gets arrested he will get what he has been desiring for along time. Getting away from Lainey and the kids.

No. 610639

What are the options available to Greg in the way of punishment?

>slap on the hand

>community service?
>jail time

No way they'd let him off with a warning after he ignored demands to stop and turned on them accusing them of being wrong.

If they issued him a fine he can't pay it because he's still paying off the IRS. Just adding more debt wouldn't make sense.

Is community service an option? I saw it mentioned but I didn't know that was actually on the table.

Jail time is something we all wish for but I'm not entirely sure how bad you have to fuck up in order to get time. Surely signing a paper not to fuck up the land and then taking a mini-bulldozer to decades old trees and property that may not even belong to him.

No. 610648

I wish but I doubt it. he's either busy filling out paperwork or being silent on purpose. him getting arrested would be a godsend.

No. 610654

If he got arrested or is set to go to jail, I believe it should be possible to look him up on an inmate search list. I'll try to check.

No. 610655

He's probably sulking before a melt down later. It's his MO.

No. 610656

if he was arrested it could be a while until he shows up on the inmate search list. they'd have to get info from him and knowing him he wouldn't be easy to deal with

No. 610659


I assume he'd be in Pierce County and it's updated regularly, and he's not listed, so I'm assuming he got fined out the ass. Then again, booking takes a bit.

No. 610660

Let's hope he is actually going to jail but booking is taking a while. even if he isn't we know he got a huge ass fine

No. 610662

File: 1544133735639.jpeg (527.78 KB, 1242x1605, EF79A88D-0706-4C20-A22D-853159…)

Next tractorgate date! Maybe they couldn’t fit everything into today’s hearing?

No. 610663

A little OT, but does Lainey have a new private twitter and has it been revealed yet?
laniebot and uglybirdd are practically dead but since her private twitter is still a perk for $20 patrons, I figured she still has one.

I wonder if she been venting about the hearing over there.

No. 610664

It would be amazing that the neighbour thsat was at the hearing brought a shit load more concerns. Wonder if he found any of Onion's videos an raised alarm truly we can only speculate but hesrin continued? Something new came up

No. 610665

any rich farmers willing to shill $20 for the team?

No. 610666

Im getting a “something went wrong” when trying to open onions twitter.. just me or anyone else seeing this?

No. 610667

That's gotta be what happened. At the very least, the evidence against Grease and Mat didn't fit into the three hours, which just shows how damning it all is.

No. 610668

still working for me

No. 610669

I get it all the time. Reloading the page usually fixes it.

No. 610670

still working for me too

No. 610671

I called the office and they said "The case wasn't heard because appellants' lawyer asked for more time, they are trying to sort something out." So it's nothing juicy, the lawyer is just stalling for whatever reason. That's why onion didn't go, he would've agreed they were doing this with the lawyer ahead of time.

Sorry for the anti-climax anons.

No. 610672

May also show how unprepared his lawyer was. Was she aware of this evidence? Mid trail she's trying to figure out how not to get in legal trouble herself fuck this red faces goon. Team Onion a mess as usual

No. 610674

So the lawyers incompetent, kek what a perfect fucking duo

No. 610675

hey at least there will be another date. better to have another then them getting off easy

No. 610676

So they're gonna get fucked in the ass just in time for Christmas.

Awwww damn, I'm gonna have to double up on the milk I set out with the cookies, it sounds like.

No. 610678

So they didn't tell their lawyer the truth. GG Grunkle and [insert fakeboi name here].

No. 610679

i hope his shitty lawyer is getting lots and lots of billable hours on top of the other fines he's still going to have to pay.

No. 610680

OT but I lowkey feel bad for fakeboi. like she is no doubt an abuse victum. im not saying she is innocent but like she was groomed and have been in 2 abusive relationships for a decade now

No. 610681

Yeah he knew about his 10th date for Mr works 24/7/365 he's barely working this month. Wonder what patter he's given to his patrons? No doubt today is a win for Onion because people were dishonest about him being in court. Enjoy smol man, you and your lawyer are dumb af merry christmas

No. 610684

Oh, that would make sense. Since Gregory Avaroe has his very own ond vera special definition of "the truth" and "FAX", his lawyer probably saw the arial shots and the video and might have freaked because her reputation is already pretty bad. I'm sure she doesn't want to end up unemployed because of a stubborn, truth-twisting oaf.

No. 610685

and right before xmas…wow onion deserves that

No. 610686

File: 1544135023505.jpg (628.86 KB, 808x1442, 20181206_232259.jpg)

Oops, his address was visible

No. 610688


This is a public online document? It looks like an email from county staff to onion and his lawyer, is that correct?
If so, I cant believe he has his email titled "Onision" when he uses it to contact his lawyer and the county lol so stupid

No. 610689

It’s not the milk we deserved, but this is still milky in and of itself! Onion and company have had months to sort this shit out. What new revelation came up that they have to stall this long? Greg and his Walmart lawyer are just putting on a show.
If there’s one thing judges hate, it’s having their time wasted. They slated three fucking hours (far more than the average court case runs) for the Onions.. for them to not even go through with it today. Them pushing back the date was definitely a last minute change, too. Or else we would’ve seen the new date on the couer’s website sooner. Things aren’t looking good for Gurg and company already.
Also, as mentioned, this means Greg is investing even more money into his lawyer for more time, kek.
Just remember, if the retards are quiet online about their case, it isn’t because they’ve won, it’s because they gotta keep hush hush.

No. 610690

its listed again at the end

No. 610691

Kek how embarrassing. You usually learn in school that you should have a professional e-mail address for adult things. He's so out of touch with adult life and probably thinks this is acceptable because it's his "business" e-mail.

No. 610692

I feel bad for her for this too, because she wasn't the one who did the work, and she almost certainly wasn't the one who told Greg to do it. So she's there because she is legally responsible, but she probably had very little to actually do with it. Greg does whatever the hell he wants, and Taylor doesn't have much input into it.

That being said, she is still an enabling, conniving, shitty piece of work.

No. 610693

i took the liberty of googling his house on Google Maps. for some reason Google Street View wouldn't let me drop into the street leading up to his house. weird.

No. 610694

agree. i really hope she gets out of there with Trot and Clot

No. 610695

"sort something out" Oh is the bimbo lawyer not as dumb as we think they are? Did they just realize how much shit Grugly and Gruglier are in and this case is a lost cause? lol

No. 610697

As per usual, I'm on the fence in regard to Lainey because yes, she's an abuse victim and but then she's done soooo many bad and horrible things herself as well.

She has parents who still support her to this day even though she's gone behind their back so badly. She's had so many wake-up calls throughout the years and still can't let go. She's either incredibly dumb or seriously emotionally / developmentally stunted which is sad, not only for her but also for her kids.

No. 610698

Lawfag here -

Now I'm not sure exactly how tribunals work, but in Civil Cases, "extensions of time" and resetting hearings is standard practice. It does not at all bother Judges, since it's common practice to reschedule hearings.

Now what exactly do Greg and his lawyer intend on "sorting out" is the real question. If an appeal was filed, the county can file a response THEN a "Reply" to that Response can be filed. That's at least how it's done in regular ole' Courts. I'm thinking maybe the attorney was working on other shit and rescheduled to file a Reply before the hearing. If so, that means we might get a super milky Reply to the County. Hopefully it's better written, but hopefully it's not.


It could have simply been rescheduled because Greg and Lainey were dying in their raped wetland soil and had their lawyer reschedule. It's not a big deal and it only means the lawyers gets more time to bill.

I'd look up the Rules of Procedure for tribunals to see if a Reply would even be allowed if it missed submission deadlines.

At this point, I'm also wondering if Greg's attorney read that pretty thorough Response and is looking for mitigating factors so Greg doesn't have rebuild an ecosystem. Kek.

No. 610699

File: 1544135972813.png (451.46 KB, 468x587, Screenshot_2.png)

Don't know if I've posted this already but here's a video that'll give you perspective of how much Greg will be in debt because of the IRS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CVKCUoZCOrGxRU3bCC6FAbo5pqhzZ8ob

5 months until we can see how fucked he'll be by the IRS.

No. 610700

herbrain is most likely emotionally stunted. like she got groomed as a teenager and was already pregnant by time she was 18 (who knows it could have been earlier) The changes pregnancy would bring at such a young age fucks with you

No. 610702

The Lorax LMAOO, nice one

The plot thickens… Either way, call us Santa because for Christmas time we're gonna get a lot of milk

No. 610703

this is gonna be the Christmas present we all deserve

No. 610708


That's the emoji he uses for 'Depressed'? It's literally known as the 'Smiling face with smiling eyes' emoji. Further proof ol' Narc/sociopath Gurg has no idea how to read real emotions or to intuit what the external expressions of them are.

No. 610711

im literally studying psych. mostly narc/sociopaths/psycopaths and Gurgle has like all the traits of a narc and sociopath. But according to him im just some 13 year old emo who doesn't know shit but the DSM says im right lmao(armchair)

No. 610717


apparently lawyers often postpone like this when they think their client will lose in the hope they drain the other party of money and win by proxy that way. can any legalfags confirm? if true, the lawyer is a dumb shit because they're up against the state so the money WONT run out. onion is likely to drain of funds first.

No. 610725


not a legalfag but I know lawyers try to postpone cases when their client is likely to lose to run out the statute of limitations. I don't know what the SoL would be for his case, though.

A lot of times they do it because the courts have more important shit to worry about atm.

No. 610729

Maybe Laimey had a smol boi nervous breakdown while Grease had a psychotic gay meltdown. Their silence says way more than them ree-ing on tweeter.

No. 610733

As far as I am aware the statute of limitations is 2 years. No way they can successfully postpone for that long. They are going to have to face the music.
Their silence speaks volumes. I definitely think Greg would be sperging about how smart and amazing he is right now if things had gone well today.

No. 610734

Isn't the government itself bringing this case against the Onions? Are they really going to try to postpone indefinitely against the government? lol.

No. 610740

He's going to stall as many times as possible.

No. 610742


He’s hoping that if he makes enough black and white videos where he talks in his effeminate voice and says how evil and unfair the government is, those teen thots will cough up $300,000.

Keep dreaming, Anus.

No. 610745

I'm pretty sure the government isn't going to let him stall too much. His area is susceptible for landslides and flooding. One bad rainy day could kill people.

No. 610751

Not necessarily. Lawyers often want things settled as quickly as possible. Time is money with them and I'm guessing a small time case like Greg's isn't going to be pulling in lots of money. For the most part, in defense cases, the large sum put down in the beginning is really the profit they expect. You want to get that initial fee then try to get the case settled and moved on to other bigger cases.

One problem with "milking" a case is there are limits and limited billing amounts. You can be reported to the bar association if you have a large bill amount and it can get you disbarred if you're charging ridiculously or aren't managing a case appropriately. Ethical billing and representation are a big deal.

Another reason to move a case out is to keep clients happy. If you get reported to the state bar, even if the findings are ruled in your favor, your malpractice insurance goes sky high.

I'm sure the continuance was issued because Greg and Lainey were too anxious about going or the attorney wants to actually present some better arguments.

No. 610753

That could be why they're being quiet. They realized they have no case and they're busy brainstorming more excuses to try and save their asses. But knowing them, probably not.
In reality, Onion has probably been locked away beating off to thoughts of better times all day (inspired by recently seeing the name Billie in his stream) to relieve stress, leaving Lainey to watch the kids while intermittently sobbing and taking tongue-out selfies. In other words, nothing unusual for them.
December 20th can't come fast enough.

No. 610754

The thing I wonder is will they continue to add to his fine and if fine can not be paid he might actually serve time. He hasn’t paid or served time any extension could add to his time in the end he didn’t rectify it all.

That and depending on how they both file their taxes it might not only be his debt. Kids are a dependent and deductible. If they filed separate he couldn’t claim them. Only one parent can claim the break from my knowledge.

So even if Onion serves first, if he goes to jail, Lainey still has to account for his debt as her’s. This whole thing is becoming interesting. Federal stuff always moves slowly. Hurry up and wait. They like to build a solid case against people and also get their money too.

Lainey is not excused from wetland damage. She has her name on this house same as the last. She is not an excluded member just because of her inaction. She is at fault for lack of action in this case. She didn’t stop him and is legally binded to the contact no matter if she read it or not. Once you sign your name and over 18 years of age you own it. Only time it’s not is if you can find it unconstitutional. Which in this case good luck.

Their lawyer is up the creek after actually getting information to review. If she was smart she would take the retaining fees and walk before loosing her last chance at the job she has.

No. 610758

I don't really feel bad for her, because she's a shitty self-absorbed fucktard of a "boi" but there can be no doubt how fucked over she's been in relationships contributed a bit to what a shitshow her life and how she presents herself is.
She is both incredibly stupid and lacking personality inherently but no one deserves what she got.
I was actually thinking perhaps her fakeboi transtrending, in addition to hopping on tweentumblr trend as she is wont to do, may be due to some sort of posttraumatic self-hate? Pls no ban for armchair but it's a thing that rape victims do, de-feminize themselves. Even if she wasn't raped by Greaseystein, he ruined her life and basically forced her to have kids (fetish, her being a doormat, etc) too young. She must subconsciously loathe her vagina and what "it" indirectly did to her and her body and her life (no way she's self-aware or introspective enough to try and digest the roots of her emotions tho lol)

No. 610767

File: 1544146761481.jpeg (821.34 KB, 1242x1676, 120CD8BD-FAE8-4128-B438-C4E5EF…)

He’s back, with scheduled Eugenia sperg.

No. 610770

No doubts that Greg is a sociopath, or at the very least a manipulative and conniving asshole, but I wouldn't look too deep into the meaning behind his tweets. Especially when you're trying to prove that he has no idea about how people express emotions.

Like we've already established before this is most likely just a half-assed attempt to make an insanity plea or he's just sperging for the sake of being an absolute edgelord. His 14 year old fans love the idea of him using a happy emoji with something dark and meaningful.

No. 610771

Be prepared anons, the court date will probably be postponed several more times. Cases like this are postponed for months sometimes.

No. 610772

I know this isn't going to happen but just imagine - plainey and grug go to court, plain gets misgendered, grug spergs at judge, both get sentenced and plain ends up in a mens prison

No. 610775

Isn't a case like this kind of time-sensitive, though? I mean, the lug nut destroyed a whole ecosystem in his backyard. He cut down trees that were decades old. There's danger of it all eroding and decaying further the longer the sentencing waits.
Or is he going to have to hire the inspector and start working on restoring it before all his charges/fines are processed? I'm not sure exactly how things like this play out.

No. 610776

>YouTube Community on Eugenia Community
>Eugenia Community

No. 610778

What is your obsession with getting fucked in the ass?

He probably thinks it makes him look professional because it's his "business" email.

As much as we all dislike Lainey for obvious reasons, I'd much prefer her staying out of this one so the kids still have one parent that doesn't totally fuck up their lives for selfish reasons. She's annoying and horrible, but she didn't damage the yard. She was taking care of the kids Onion neglects. It's funny that he hasn't even tried to defend her or ask for her to be excluded. It's pathetic, because instead of thinking of her kids in this, she's probably pushing aside large amounts of cash to help him even more. What's going to happen when they lose everything? One of them needs to be worrying about feeding and clothing the baby. This dumb fuck wanted a prenup, why is she so ignorantly giving him the money he didn't think she'd earn on her own?

No. 610779

Strange aeons made 3 videos on him.
Greasion "SHE IS OBSESSED WITH ME. EW CREEPY. get a life! Why do you keep talking about me s weird!"
Also Greasion: Makes the 50th video about Eugenia Cooney after Eugenia asked him politely to stop several times.

No. 610781

>As much as we all dislike Lainey for obvious reasons, I'd much prefer her staying out of this one so the kids still have one parent that doesn't totally fuck up their lives for selfish reasons.

Sadly for her, her name is attached to the case. She is equally as responsible. The kids are better off with Lainey's parents anyway.

No. 610782

No. Lawyers will postpone in hopes of convincing the DA to change their mind, lessen a conviction, etc. She's probably trying to get a better deal for the Onions, which means the DA probably doesn't like them and is looking to really punish them.

No. 610783

> Lawyers often want things settled as quickly as possible
Shut the fuck up . And right after you say

> Time is money with them

If you're the lawyer anon you probs passed the bar exam in new jersey or one of those easy-ass states right? There is no WAY someone who passed it in , say New York, would have that dumb ASS mentality as yours. " lawyers want thing settled quickly" lmao surejen.jpg

You're right.

No. 610784

That could be the case. In some circumstances, when you mess up, owe something, etc. your lawyer will advise you to try and pay some of costs for damages before the court date. This is in hopes that the courts will see you've attempted to right your wrongs and go easier on you. So, this could also be why his lawyer asked for a reschedule. He could be trying to figure out a way to fix some of the damage he caused, so he can use it when he goes to court. This way they'll be easier on him. And they most likely will.

No. 610785

Thank you, anon. I don't get where anyone, Onions and farmers alike, can come up with the idea that Lainey isn't part of this too just because she wasn't the one buzzsawing and bulldozing.
She always says she "can't control what he does," but if she was a responsible adult she would have known about the restrictions on their property (just like he should have) and would have told him not to do this shit because it would be illegal and they'd get fined. Instead they both somehow have ~nooo idea~ this would get them in trouble, and she's helping him build bonfires during a burn ban and hanging out while he takes an actual bulldozer to their backyard for no reason at all. They're both clueless assholes who should have actually read the paperwork that came along with the house they purchased, that they BOTH signed, or at least consulted it when they wanted to do some outside renovations. I can't imagine being so careless and naive, especially at their age.
She's not a helpless child, nor does she have an excuse to claim she was in the dark about any of this. She's his adult wife.

No. 610786

Lainey can't even call a tow truck to come get her car when she gets a flat tire. She can't even slice herself an apple. What makes you think she knows anything about any laws? I doubt she even read the deed to the house before signing it. She listens to everything Greg tells her. She ignorantly trusts him completely. Greg is the type of person to read the restrictions and say fuck it, because he doesn't think anything applies to him. He's entitled and is the type of guy to scream at a kid passing by to get off his sidewalk. Lainey isn't smart about things like this. I don't know why anons pretend she is.

No. 610787

>I can’t control what he does!
How’s that working out for ya?

You shouldn’t want to control your spouse (like Obesion wants to do to everyone around him—and Plainey is manipulative as fuck toward everyone around her too), but you should be able to tell them shit and they’ll take it into consideration. Especially when your own ass is on the line, too.

No. 610789

Calm down anon, people are allowed to disagree with you.


Honestly, I can't see them allowing him to delay it much longer than, let's say, March. And I highly doubt he wants to have Pierce County and the IRS hounding him at the same time. Stalling for time isn't beneficial for Lainey and Greg. They've already stalled twice, there's only so many excuses they can use to stall now.

Lainey isn't a child though. Putting her blind trust in Greg with financial decisions is dumb considering how she's helping him pay for his IRS fuck ups. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Let this be a lesson to them both.

No. 610790

His videos about Eugenia are the only ones that get more than 20k views kek, so no wonder he won't stop

No. 610791

It's more so finding her culpable rather than implying she's competent in any way. Learned helpless and being pathetically stunted do not excuse her from the responsibility of being an adult/citizen/mother. I don't think anyone here thinks she can actually understand or do anything, anons are just pointing out she is culpable.

The fact there are numerous screenshots/vlogs etc that point to her being manipulative and lying makes this even more so, regardless of whether she can wipe her own retarded boy-ass or not.

No. 610792

Oh, I'm not saying she IS that smart and capable, I'm just saying she SHOULD be. There's no excuse for her helplessness act or her penchant for blindly following everything he says. She's 24 years old.

No. 610793

No one is excusing her. Everyone knows she's at fault. That doesn't change the fact that there are two babies in that house that should not be affected by their father's arrogance and their mother's ignorance. They spend all day, everyday with Lainey. And Greg is putting them at risk of losing both parents or their house because he won't admit that he was the one driving the tractor. Yes, Lainey was there and saw him doing it. No, she didn't tell him to stop. But she didn't get on the tractor, so if anything were to happen she should be the one that gets off the hook and stays with the kid. Imagine both parents getting in trouble and being sent to live with grandparents you barely spend time with. I feel like their lives would turn out seemingly normal if it were just Lainey and Greg was out of the picture. She's dumb, she's manipulative, she's a cunt and she's a narcissist, but she is their mother and she's only 24. So, we can still hope that she grows the balls she desires and leaves his ass for her kids.

No. 610794

Sucks that she's still gonna get fucked over by Greg's decisions then. "I'm not him" won't work when your name is on the deed for the house.

No. 610795

Yes, it may get put off again after the 20th December, but it cant really get put off much more, can it? I'd imagine it'd be super important to get the wetlands sorted ASAP before flooding season… This isnt just a case about something static, its a living thing, with houses and lives at stake

No. 610798

I wonder, if they were to give Grug a choice: pay the money or go to jail, which would he choose?

We know he’s a cheapskate, but he’s also a lil bitch.

No. 610799

I'm not well informed, so please be gentle, but now that the court date has been postponed and likely(?) will be further postponed, can't an anon near where the hearing is taking place have enough time now to get approved to take photos?

No. 610800

Well, anon said above that it's already been put off before, so I don't think it'd be in their best interest to keep asking for more time. And most lawyers charge for that. It costs money for lawyers to set up hearings and rescheduling them adds more costs. So, she's most likely charging the Onions for this. When a lawyer is asked to reschedule, they usually ask for another $2000 or however much the initial cost was. That's why the anon stating above that lawyers want things done as quick as possible is incorrect. They don't give a shit because they get paid even more for it. It's not a one time payment. So, Greg's just being a dumb ass at this point. He's paying her even more and will have to pay fines and/or the cost to repair the damages he caused. Can't estimate how much this will cost him all together, but I'm thinking it could close to tens of thousands.

No. 610806

The most positive thing out of it being postponed is that one of you locals can actually get your ass to that courthouse and not only entertain yourself with waves of milk but also entertain us thirsty peasants!!!

No. 610809

New video on Onisionspeaks about Eugenia Cooney. Guess he has to make that clickbait money back to pay his lawyer. Two disgusting things within this video:
>Includes a clip of a VERY young little girl who clearly made a video reaching out personally to Eugenia. He has actually included a small child's heartfelt message in his revolting content, monetizing her.
>A man talking about how he was on his death bed, detailing how his family was around him… Greg stops the video in the middle of this man talking about almost dying from his drug addiction to mock how he looks. Greg goes on to state the man is 32 and Greg is older than this man. The man clearly has been through a lot, and Greg actually stops him mid-sentence TO GLOAT ABOUT HOW WELL HE HAS AGED IN COMPARISON TO SOMEONE HEALING FROM DRUG ADDICTION.
This is one of the most disgusting videos I've seen in a while.. wow.

No. 610810

What if he is effing her and she is doing it for free? Tinfoiling I guess,but knowing him it could be true

No. 610811

Gentle reminder Greg said he'd kill himself if he ever went to jail.

No. 610812

>why is she so ignorantly giving him the money he didn't think she'd earn on her own?

You already know the answer – to prove her love to him

No. 610813

By trying to fix it he's just going to cause more damage tho lmao

No. 610815

a little OT but I agree with the anons who said Lainey doesn't deserve to be punished along with Grendal. Yea she should have told him not to but Greg doesn't give 2 shits. he has shown that he doesn't stop when asked. But she is a parent. People also say how we need to think about the kids but no one is doing that now. Taking them away from their mother who is the one caring for them all the time will screw their heads. Imagine yourself in that situation. Imagine being separated from someone who loved and cared for you. sorry for that rant lmao

No. 610819

Exactly, this is what I said and what I meant. Everyone knows Lainey is a piece of shit when it comes to teenage girls in her home and her fake boi persona, but she is with her kids 24/7 and they have a bond with her. And that's why some of us were saying it is shitty that Greg isn't admitting it was him that tore up the yard. No one is excusing her or saying she isn't a shitty person, but some of us would just rather see Greg get fucked over the most in this specific situation.

>inb4 hate boner anons come in accusing us of whiteknighting Lainey

No. 610822

The whole video is disgusting…such a low functioning sociopath.Also my mom is a meat eater who had a awful diet for years and she still is confused by a decade younger.Your vegetarian diet has nothing to do with looking younger,it a about genes and nutrition,maybe my mom could look even younger if she didn t eat crap but she is still on that "youthful than my age" train being a shit meat eater gregster.He is ugly anyways and he looks his age,even older in some videos…Nothing to brag about,go back in your cave.I m sure this guy doesn t have a truly humble brain cell and it s sad.(read the rules and usage guide)

No. 610823


As long as Lainey is with Greg, her children are never going to be okay. The mom card isn't going to cover her ass in court and it won't here. The kids are better off living with her parents than with them. An emotionally stunted mother who constantly has identity issues is not a good mother.

You're also assuming they'll actually send the onions to jail. They want them to correct what they fucked up, not waste taxpayer money by going to jail for 90 days to a year.

No. 610825

File: 1544156492212.png (14.37 KB, 553x205, whoislainey.png)

well, I'm disappointed they didn't go to court today, but on another note it looks like Onion might be looking for a 3rd or even a replacement. I say this because why tf has he been mentioning falling in love before having sex so much recently? it seems like he's looking to fall in love with someone to bang. Like Lainey who? I like how he responds to this woman's email talking about how he isn't interested because he wants to be in love when he has sex. No mention of his husband.

Is it just me or has he been boasting about his ability to be attracted to other people a lot lately? I don't think I remember him ever talking about his attraction to others as much as he has been recently. Almost like he wants Lainey to feel like shit. he seems pretty willing to get into a relationship with someone who isn't her as long as he's in love with them.

No. 610829

So who is Grug copying with his new typing style?

No. 610832

That shouldn't be a problem. Didn't he tell Adrienne he loved her after talking to her for three days? "I only have had sex with people I love" get the fuck outta here.

No. 610833


This is environmental law, not criminal law, first off. It's completely different. You cant compare it to what you see of tv. Lawyers DO want to end things quickly, at least with non criminal cases to my knowledge

No. 610834

Journalismfag here. I was thinking the same thing. In theory, if an anon who is willing and lives in Washington has the time and ability to go to the December 20th hearing, there might be a chance to get approval for courtroom pics.
A local anon would go to the courthouse tomorrow or Monday, speak to a clerk, and ask for the application. Said anon will be asked why they want to take photos. Anon can say it’s for a university newspaper or a project of some sort. If the clerk determines it’s a valid reason, anon will be given the form.
You’ll need the case number to fill out the form, and I believe you’ll have to be with an organization/school/job. The form isn’t that hard to fill out, but you gotta have your info ready. You submit the form to the clerk, and will be notified if you’re aproved before the case, but not on that same day.
The problem with this though, is say an anon does get approved, they can take as many pics as they’d like—however, posting them on here can be a problem.
As much of a wet dream as it’d be to have spastic, high quality Gregma shots, it can be risky for whoever does take the photos and for the site potentially, if they’re posted to here.
Can we get an artfag to sketch?

No. 610835


This is environmental law, not criminal law, first off. It's completely different. You cant compare it to what you see of tv. Lawyers DO want to end things quickly, at least with non criminal cases to my knowledge

No. 610837

Lainey deleted her private instagram.

No. 610838

So his earlier tweets about being depressed and dying, all clearly show he's very worried about the case. But he must have known his lawyer was going to ask for an extension. So, he was this >>610156 >>610157
worried over just rescheduling, imagine how much he's shitting himself about the actual sentencing.

>>610785 She went and picked out the fucking tractor with him! Watched his from the house. There's no such thing as an innocent bystander, she could have stopped it at anytime. She's just as guilty as he is and deserves whatever she gets. I think all the anons kissing Laineys theoretical dick are newfags, brought here by tractorgate.

No. 610839

File: 1544159550251.png (335.77 KB, 1125x742, rip just.lain.png)

No. 610841

Some of us are legalfags, anon. Those of us providing you with information on these circumstances did not "see it on tv." Try again. Don't get mad because you thought you knew what you were talking about.

Knew you would come.
>inb4 hate boner anons come in accusing us of whiteknighting Lainey >>610819

She's moving up the tier for a shitty, boring instagram that no one should have to pay for anyway. She's such a fucking dumbass. I don't watch many YouTubers, but does anyone else have private social media accounts they charge their patrons for? Like who tf do these assfucks think they are? I can't believe people pay for this shit.

No. 610842

no defense lawyer of any kind wants to "end things quickly" ever. that's not how they make money, nor is it how they win cases.

No. 610843

I may be able to make the 20th hearing.
Had today's penciled in, but I couldn't go because of surprise family stuff.
I've also never posted here before!

No. 610844


DAs dont exist in environmental law, and lawyers who are not dealing with criminal cases DO in fact want to finish quickly and get on with the hundreds of other cases on their plate. That's all I'm saying. Some of the shit being said here is a little ridiculous and it sounds a lot like people not knowing what the fuck their talking about

No. 610846

He also told Maya he loved her the first day he met her, and Hannah minx before they even met in person I believe which freaked her out and prompted her to break up with him

No. 610847

Do you think you or any other anons willing to go can request the court picture form? It’s a really easy process, just have your story straight, though it may vary from county to county.
Without blogposting too much, when I did this type of thing, pics of inmates at hearings were posted online, and the court never came after me.
However, this is Greg we’re talking about, a known lurker who will throw the biggest bitch fit if court candids are posted onto here.
There’s no issue with an anon taking permissible photos for their own enjoyment and safe keeping, but surely there’s a way we can all see them too. Perhaps a sock puppet account somewhere or a drive.

No. 610848

It's a neat idea, but I'm not willing to lie to get photos. If I'm able to go I can do comprehensive note taking a report, though.(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 610849

Unless you're an actual lawyer with professional insight, please quit derailing with speculation and arguing about the lawyer's methods. It's getting out of hand.

Also don't discuss taking photos of the cows in public. Discussing attending the hearing is okay.

No. 610854

That is insane. Of course the lawyer is getting paid, not doing it for free because she’s banging Gurgles.

She’s 60+years old, married, attractive in that rich white society grandma way. If she wanted a boy toy, she could hire an actually attractive one with the money Grot and Thot pay her. Someone hot, who showers, who isn’t a ridiculous asshole.

No. 610855

File: 1544162301174.png (66.69 KB, 617x304, S9rUVxy.png)

shhh anon, don't respond to newfags who don't know how to quote and have to spew their insane conspiracy theories. you know better.

crossposting from the flakes thread:


it looks like Booty had a mental breakdown at work over being outed as a traitor yet again and was sent home.
She later sperged out in the Onioncord about getting herself committed for mental health reasons, and was removed from Lainey's Discord just a few minutes ago. She's offline and it's the middle of the night, so that probably means Lainey gave her the boot.

I'm crossposting this here because it means that Lainey does believe the evidence about Booty, no doubt. She lost modship the day her post history was outed and now on the day her application was mentioned she gets kicked out of Laineycord. I really want to know if Greg and Lainey are fighting over whether or not Booty is the leaker (Spoiler Alert: she is ) while Greg is plugging up his ears and singing La La La Lolcow Lies!!!

No. 610856

It reminds me of those faux-poetic depression meme types. Gabbie Hanna comes to mind, although she's 27 and thick so Greg doesn't know who she is.
Really I think he's just trying to generally come off as depressed, low-energy and worn down by not capitalizing or punctuating. I can never really tell what angle he's going for with his manic style changes, though.

No. 610858

I wish those thotaudit retards would hit these two up.

No. 610859

I think most people with paid for accounts are sex workers but idk, I don't use Patreon

No. 610860

What's really "ridiculous" is how mad you are about this leaking shit, honestly. There's nothing interesting on your private instagram, nor was there anything particularly interesting on your private twitter other than confirmation that your life is fucking miserable. Arguably the best things we have from there are from your streams, and even that stuff is mostly vague insinuations (about Maya, Sarah, Jess's partner etc.) Nobody who views your leaks on lolcow were people who would have otherwise pledged money to see that shit, so it's not "stealing" from you. It's both dumb and selfish to make people pay to see pretty much nothing, and it's not even allowed to put a twitter or insta behind a paywall anyway.
Grow up Lainey. There are bigger problems in your life than people "leaking" pictures of you sticking your tongue out with a caption about how much of a smol boy you are.

No. 610861

i like how she just ups the cost and screws over her actual fans

No. 610862

Desperate times call for desperate measures anon, they better scrounge up that pocket change before the 20th while they still can!

No. 610866

File: 1544169268292.jpg (1.18 MB, 2975x3850, desperation.jpg)

From Kiwi

No. 610868

File: 1544170275608.jpeg (132.42 KB, 750x439, 1BE82F85-8AAE-45DB-BF4E-1BEF40…)

Twitter/your “career” are the least of your problems, you spastic. As pointed out in the replies, you are failing at life for being an unfunny, untalented, unintelligent, unoriginal, unrelatable, uninteresting, unstable predator.

No. 610869

File: 1544170673795.jpeg (183.69 KB, 750x759, D1F43721-27F7-4DDC-B3A1-F17FDF…)

I bet his last will and testament decrees that he is to be buried in that fucking banana suit.

No. 610870

Tinfoil: Did he just receive one of those mass spam scammy emails where a woman supposedly "enjoyed meeting you last time", whilst digging around to find one for viagra. Next he'll be ego boosting that x amount of women in [his area!] are wanting to be with him from random ads on his anime fap sites.

No. 610878

This means less money for lambo in the future, let me summarize:
- patrons who were pledging for the tier now have less reason to pledge because she took one important reward away from them (the private insta)
- much less people are going to be willing to pay more for the same thing. We've seen how few people were on Shreg's private Twitter due to it being ridiculously expensive
- Haters aren't going to pay the higher amount either because the Instagram wasn't milky at all.

So good job to whoever leaked it kek. One other thing is that they are both actually really stupid to even have all these exclusive social media tiers. It makes them look SO bad because they want you to think that they are some very important celebs and their content is so great that others have to pay for it. The only reason to have such things would be if you're a camwhore or fetish model or something like that, in that case you would offer actual content on these accounts.
I understand things like early video access or patreon-only videos if you're a video creator but this whole "pay us to be our friend" shit is completely arrogant and self-absorbed and totally misses the point of a patreon.
They also still don't seem to understand that their fans are mostly underage and the only ones who are interested enough in secret accounts are the ones who don't earn their own money yet. Idiots.

No. 610881

My thoughts too. Being lazy and passive isn’t an excuse. He probably told her what he was gonna go that day and Lainey didn’t care because she didn’t bother to read / bother to understand the contract either. Plus I remember how she was spering some time ago how it isn’t onisions house but hers as well and that she also owns it bla bla bla, you can’t sperg and be condescending to your own fans that are asking you questions and state that it’s your house and you know what happens in and about it and then not know your contract. The sperg was about their old house that she insisted was also on her name so I assume same rules should apply to the new one

No. 610884

Don't want to derail because I'm not a lawfag, I'm just curious if they could get reduced fines if someone did take pictures. Nick Bates got us videos on sentencing day because he was a disgusting perv, could Onion and Plain get a reduced fine if they claimed the haturz infiltrated the trial? I was expecting a soverign citizen sperg like vid related. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=RfVbiefMdNU

No. 610887


He sold it a while ago now

No. 610892

it's not a trial lmao. it's a hearing over an environmental violation. it'll reach some kind of financial status/agreement/fine in due course.

No. 610893

Greg is probably immeasurably smug that the case has been pushed back, but what he doesn’t realise is while it gives his lawyer longer to work on the case, it also gives the other side the same extra time to build a bigger case against him, find more evidence they might have missed had this been closed yesterday, or for someone in the neighbourhood to come forward with more evidence in the meantime.

Not getting this overwith was not him getting one up on the government, he’s just handed them an extension on time to bury him deeper.

No. 610899

Doesn't mean he couldn't get jail time though. I know the neighbor did much less to the wetland than Shreg did (just cut the tops off of cattails) but the neighbor is at least respectful to the people he talked to and was let off with a warning, but if Shreg didn't act like an ass to all authority he wouldn't be in this situation, at least not this big of a shit pile.

No. 610900

I think you're setting your expectations too high. Unless he goes all Ruby Ridge on them (which is my personal hope and wish).

No. 610901

I mean they are either going to recoup the cost of the damage or they're going to punish him in another way. At this point, I really can't see their lawyer making a convincing enough argument to get him off free especially with the way her client has been conducting himself. He's been confrontational, erratic, and now he's wasting their time pretty much. He used heavy mechanical equipment on protected land without a permit, took down at least one 50 year old tree in a wetland which will possibly contribute to land erosion and flooding, took out a bunch of greenery and brush as well which will also possibly contribute to land erosion and flooding, burned cardboard boxes, burned irresponsibly during burn a ban (not in a pit, burning cardboard boxes), continued to work on the land past the government sending him a public stop work notice for days, and to top it all off he butchered not only his property but he also butchered the government's property.

No. 610903

File: 1544187331064.png (197.04 KB, 560x436, tweets.png)

No. 610907

>intersectional feminism for everyone
yikes those are just keywords and next to no understanding of it. On the right track but needs more education

No. 610909

Ugh the background she sits in front of is so distracting, it makes the video look like its strobing or something.

Also "society is too tolerant of men" kek what. I know what she's TRYING to say but goddamn she's an idiot.

No. 610910


Like a lot of abusive assholes, Greg is obsessed with the honeymoon phase. That with Lainey is long gone. He wants to feel that again. It's like chasing the dragon to him.

No. 610913

So, um, does this mean since she identifies as a he, does that mean society is too tolerant of her?

No. 610914


i know her grandma is mexican but i cannot help but wither a lil bit whenever lainey reaches and grasps for those poc points with "i'm mexican" or "my family is mexican"

No. 610916

>"Laineyslave I demand you make a video justifying my worst tweets but do not use my worst tweets! Also make out I'm righteous and the get back to finding me a girlfriend!!"

No. 610919

That's the combination of her shutter speed and the lamp. Basically she's using a cheap LED light, which flickers at a frequency that doesn't match her camera settings. It could've been fixed by adjusting the camera's shutter speed, aka flicking the dial one notch to the right or left. Truly content worth paying for.