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File: 1554855997035.jpg (125.69 KB, 720x891, _20190409_191233.JPG)

No. 651964

If you're new, here's a summary of why she's a cow:

Kiki Kannibal, Lilou Vos, Kirsten Ostrenga, Sperg-Chan, Keeks, Dakota's sister, whatever you wanna call her, has rebranded herself… as an SJW! Just as her previous threads died out, how ironic.

Following her Wal-Mart candids, Kiki abandoned the internet, only stopping in here and there to warn against internet stalkers and to post animal gore in the name of saving animals.

Bored with playing Sarah McLachlan on Twitter, she's graduated to giving out advice to sexual assualt victims and calling out every guy who has ever sexually assaulted her in paragraph long threads. Why now? Because #metoo.

Her new callouts include Romeo Lacoste, Jonny Craig (Someone's been triggered from reading the TND threads), and some random Sony executive on a plane, which seems to be the most recent account.

She also posted a badly scripted, hard-to-watch, two part video on her Twitter regarding sexual assault.
Video: https://mobile.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/1108539788007632896

It's speculated she's still in Florida because anons recognized her Florida bedroom in the video above and there have been no signs of Bobby.

At least she's trying to do something positive? I think she's just going public so she can have an excuse to give if anyone ever uncovers the Sperg-Chan stuff.

Oh, I forgot, Room 8 finally came out and now we see why she gave up on acting.

See previous thread for links to the stuff mentioned above:

Active links:

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mmmkikikannibal


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikikanniballl
IMDb: http://www.imdb.me/lilouvos
Actors Access: https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/lilouvos
Backstage: https://www.backstage.com/u/lilouvos/
Patron: https://www.patreon.com/lilouvos
Sperg-Chan Summary: https://lolcow.farm/kiki

No. 651969

File: 1554856389744.jpg (124.2 KB, 720x712, _20190409_193103.JPG)

Here's some screenshots of her Twitter SJW tier ranting to start the thread off. 1/3

No. 651970

File: 1554856426600.jpg (178.71 KB, 720x1045, _20190409_192951.JPG)


No. 651971

File: 1554856603151.jpg (183.95 KB, 720x1027, _20190409_193003.JPG)


No. 651983

kiki looks pretty cute in that picture, she wears photoshop well

No. 652009

huh. whoever this is, it's likely not a celebrity cause he wouldn't be slumming it in coach with Kiki.
maybe it was just some creeper that told her he was working on some major project to impress her.

No. 652048

Part of me feels like Kaka might not have neccesarily given up on acting, but maybe she tried too hard to mooch off Bobby for a free place to live in LA for what she thought would have been just until her career took off, but ended up back in FL because of the sky high rent prices in LA and not having her own car. Either that, or she tried to walk into another rape/#metoo "sexual assault" by acting intentionally brand new around some creep and ruining her professional connections she built with those student films.

Her being allegedly spotted in Chicago could have been her staying with relatives to nurse her ego after LA.

No. 652050

Oh and don't forget to mention her empty Instagram account for following and commenting on her sister's posts: lilsadlouvos

No. 652062

File: 1554906565270.png (1.02 MB, 879x823, mmk.png)


ffs can't she just focus on doing something meaningful instead of just tweeting @ celebrities about some supposed sexual assault.

It just seems like another fanatical tactic to take shortcuts with her acting career. She probably has hopes of being in the documentary.

No. 652065

Her account of her Romeo experience was included in one of those YouTube drama videos. Her name was blurred out so that means she was asked permission to use her name in the video and she denied it or the person creating the video knows she’s an asshole that will copyright strike anything with her name in it lol

No. 652083

Her one and only goal has always been, and will always be to be a famous victim pf a celevrity rapist. I think her parents convincing her Danny raped her as a teen just to cover the fact that they tried to entrap him & got him killed for dumping her really fucked her head up long term. It's like she only wants fame and attention based on pity and shame instead of passion or art.

No. 652126

I actually believe Kiki was assaulted as a teen but more blame need to be directed at her parents for continuously allowing her to be alone with older guys without proper supervision. A 14 year old should have never been allowed to hang out with anyone older than 18. Her mom focused so much on Kiki's haters, she left her vulnerable to predators over and over again.

No. 652136

Wasn't she one of the girls who were creeped on/harassed by Blood on the Dance Floor back in the day? Or Dahvie Vanity?

No. 652142

that was jessie slaughter

No. 652172

mte all her stories about her teenage escapades involve her parents dropping her off to hang with older guys. jonny craig tweeted her parents dropped her and kooter off. there was another guy she had a fight with at a mall and she had some story about how she was crying and calling for her dad to come get her while cars kept driving by and she was scared.

No. 652464

I want to slather her face like a low quality steak. Turn that meat into a neenish tart(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 652467

If that were the case then why would she do this >>652083 in addition to taking huge breaks from social media? Trainwreck as she may be, adult keeks doesn't have the same attention-seeking issue that most cows do. If you take any given threat on lolcow chances are that you'll see attention-seeking behavior that keeks hasn't displayed since she was a kid, if at all.
No that was after keek's peak and an 11yo girl, though allegedly they preyed on other girls too.
Well yeah, her parents are horrible people who didn't and don't give a shit about their daughters beyond living vicariously through them. The biggest thing that makes these 'i was sexually assaulted by this guy and this guy and this guy etc' stories believable from her is that she was put in a position to be exploited by her parents. It's not unlike the rumors of child actors getting passed around in the industry but much more pathetic given that it was for internet fame.
This is an imageboard for women…

No. 652513

I think the huge breaks were her trying to hide her being back in Florida/not in LA. Kaka only likes to show off when she's doing well or when she's just been ~raped~ for the 100th time.

No. 652665

anon wtf is wrong with you

No. 653277

I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but I've always wondered how Kiki gets assaulted so much. Especially for someone who never leaves their house.

Over the years, she has talked about being assaulted/abused/almost kidnapped by many different strangers.

Like wtf, Kiki? How does that happen so much to one person? I just don't understand.

No. 653394

Some of it is hysteria and the rest of it is likely because people who’ve been assaulted or exploited through childhood are more than twice as likely to experience it repeatedly as adults until they get therapy or work out their issues. Keeks is likely still arrested from her teen years and is continually revictimized as a result.

No. 653396

the way i see it, she has such level of paranoid delusion that anyone who walks up to her on the street asking for directions is an insane killer who has been stalking her for years planning her murder. and any person who happens to smile at her is a dangerous rapist lol

No. 653432


Why is that? They're more likely to put themselves into dangerous situations or what?

No. 653441

things like poor boundaries, draw towards what is familiar (abusive situations or people) and in general, abusers have a radar for vulnerable people. she is nuts but is probably extremely malleable to whoever she is attached to

No. 653637

she has claimed this 4 times that i am aware of.
- Danny, the reason being because her dumbfuck parents allowed a boy to come live with them in her daughter's bedroom (wouldn't have made a difference whether he was 17 or 19 imo. he was still going to fuck her when they turned their backs).
- the guy from the concert (?) whatever it was. Again her parents put her in that situation, dropping off their underage daughters alone in zone of strangers. Hell knows how he got her in a room alone with him to ask her to blow him.

- guy on the plane.
- a story of when she was working in retail and a customer tried to lure her into his car.

Call it slut-shaming if you want, but I think half of these scenarios happened because her parents were irresponsible as fuck and put her in dangerous situations. And the other half because well.. because she likes to dress like a anime dominatrix out in public, with short skirts and dog collars. If random everyday women get harassed by pigs for just going out, then it's not surprising that someone like her is a magnet for this kind of attention.

No. 653712


It's been more than 4 times.

I've been following Kiki for over a decade now, and every year she always tweets about new ones right after they happen. At least she did before she went into hiding.

Like once she was working in a store and a guy tried to drag her out. Idk if anyone remembers that.

No. 653714


Oh, oops. You mentioned the store one.

There were also countless stories of her being harassed by guys in her classes.

No. 653837

File: 1555403597651.jpg (70.47 KB, 486x750, Jy5Fa0kG1H8.jpg)

right, i remember the one about her class too.
1. a brief story time video about how a guy physically forced her to sit on his lap.
2. a homophobe tweet about a lesbian teacher sexually harassing her and how disgusted she was.

a 3rd reason of why there are so many of these "stories" is probably because she is just over-paranoid that everyone wants her and exaggerates + lowkey loves to brag it. before PULL started mocking her for it, her and kooter used to make countless humblebrag tweets about strangers doing/saying all kinds of things to them for being "pretty". and that included a ton of supposed unwanted sexual attention.

No. 653863

Pretty much. Usually they come from broken homes with parents who were abusive to them or just dysfunctional, and abuse becomes what they know. And of course certain personality disorders and addiction issues can reduce someone's ability to judge other people properly or make them desperate enough to end up in relationships that are bad for them. Predators, on the other hand, are good at reading people (at least with respect to how vulnerable they are to predation) and can detect potential targets very easily.

Keeks grew up in a fucked up family situation and may or may not have been molested as a child (including pushing random legal adults onto her as a teen), based on her recent social media posts. That would definitely make her more vulnerable to abuse. Her recent accusations are complicated by her previous(?) paranoid obsession with sexual harassment, but victims of abuse usually are far from perfect. It could be that she was/is lying about some things and being truthful about others.(armchair)

No. 653886

Still pushing that "she was molested by scott" narrative with no proof I see. Nothing about what you said describes the Ostrengas. She did not grow up in a "fucked up family situation", in the way of abuse, mental disorders or addictions. I don't even know where the fuck you get that from, unless it's projecting. There was another anon (or was it you?) on this thread years ago who first tried to start the rumor that she was sexually abused and admitted in the post that they were, and that's how they "saw the signs". If that's you, please stop projecting. You're not a psychologist, and her tweets are not your evaluations.

No. 654008

Christ I want to blast her face. Leave me with her asshole and I will give the world the second picture of a black hole(Begone, Male)

No. 654015

File: 1555477803525.png (53.7 KB, 142x295, makin josh lol everytime.png)

No. 655712

God I want to destroy her mouth, face and asshole…

I bet she loves taking a beating(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 655713

Hi kiki, why do you do this?

No. 655714

Schizo. Prepare thyself for my cum(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 656393


calm the fuck down elliot rodgers

No. 656418

frankly i think you're right about it being a humblebrag.
the assault survivors that i've known don't really bring it up on a frequent basis. even people that i know who are go-go dancers, cosplay models, strippers, etc., and have countless interactions with drunk dudes overstepping their boundaries don't bring any of that up unless it's relevant to the conversation.
kiki equals being sexually targeted with being attractive. like 'ooh i'm so pretty men just can't control themselves around me'. in reality there are men who will just leap at anything that breathes and has a pussy, but to her it's a validation of how beautiful she is.

No. 656502

This. When she called out Mayim Bialik for her stupid article about being too ugly to proposition she said she made it seem like she was bitter at those women for being desired. Sexual assault isn't about desire, it's an act of violence and cruelty. She buys into the men can't control themselves around attractive women stuff that she would've been told isn't true if she went to a normal school.

No. 656518

Kiki thinks that everything happens or doesn't happen to her because of her supposed superiority. Haters? They're jealous of her fame. Girl is a bitch to her? She's jelous of her looks. Guy rejects her? She's too good for him anyway. It's only natural that she buys into that sexual assault myth. Also, they teach about sexual assault in school? That must be a new thing.

No. 663303

File: 1558477194194.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, B9FFC509-209C-4C18-8664-DF5470…)

I follow sherliza n she made a video of kooter it wasn’t offensive at all n kaka had it deleted lol bitch is alive

No. 663304

File: 1558477225643.png (7.54 MB, 1242x2208, 4A04B5D8-086F-4450-B475-64FC44…)

No. 663359

File: 1558484564782.png (165.33 KB, 310x527, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 8.21…)

and now she's going to try to do something about it.

No. 663365

She easily can. It's just pictures, half of which the Ostrengas don't even own. It's 100% fair use and she can counterclaim and get it right back. I wish the Ostrengas were relevant enough for some kind of Streisand Effect to come from this.

No. 663588

File: 1558556091877.png (142.7 KB, 593x670, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.10…)

Keeks have active on twitter trying to act all innocent SJW. Who is she trying to fool.

No. 663607

How is it possible to be this much of a hypocrite? It's certainly hasn't been a decade since she was spamming lolcow with gore and posts about wanting to gut Taylor R.

Never change Keeks, you will always be a huge bitch.

No. 663848

File: 1558650417006.png (485.2 KB, 980x606, DF3FB464-CC01-41E0-82A0-EC8BB5…)

to be fair, the "I'm going to gut this bitch" post was actually her falseflagging death threats about herself. though that's arguably even worse

No. 663930


Her family is fucked up, without a doubt. You don't have to be beaten to a pulp on a daily by your heroin daddy to suffer mental health consequences from abusive parental behavior and neglect, just saying

No. 663933

Isn't kiki 30 nowadays so why are we blaming family, wtf? She's a grown woman or are you all armchairing womenchildren?. I've been reading her lolcow posts again ever since she has come up with a new persona and she legitimately makes me scared to death. Like I think we all would do this if we could, whiteknighting a lil bit for ourselves if we were in the situation of being e-bullied, but she's taking it too fucking damn far. Like the threatening herself part was fucked up, and proves she wants to victimize herself so much (well people always do that I guess but it's still scary to see it) just to get attention (or the thread deleted? Both? She knows it doesn't work yet she keeps trying and makes everything worse again and again to the point kota is starting to facepalm, I mean what milk did kota have? Muh homophobia when she was a fucking kid? Nitpicking? Having such an embarassment of a 30 year old balding sister?

Whoever dates her, needs to run as far as possible. I don't think after that weirdo Danny anyone harassed her at any more deeper level than catcalling, she is most definitely immune for any pervert or human being and if she continues her antics she will likely die alone.

And then I am scared even more when I see her new tweets, what the fuck? It is funny in a trainwreck way and scary at the same time. I just advice her to fix her shit and do something useful. The flagging videos and LARPing at age fucking 30 all to get infamous attention is so sad. Jimmy Star is some doing this as well but he's doing it right at least. We don't see your millions anywhere, kiki. Whatever you're doing, stop. It isn't being funny anymore. Her persona is just straight-out horrifying. I need to clear my history browser and I regret checking her out to see how she's doing. Jesus.

No. 664245

So much this. I just pity her now. Everything about her makes me cringe. We are about the same age, and I would be mortified if I was living with my parents, patting myself on the back for being in a couple of student films and thinking myself so brave for wearing my vegan leather bondage gear in public in a world full of sexual predators who want to assault me because of my kira kira princess from mars beauty. Jesus christ dude I know some people are late bloomers but she seems to be perpetually mentally stuck at 14 years old

No. 664256

Her living with her parents makes me lean towards more that there was no physical/sexual abuse going on with them. I think she was talking about encounters she had on the internet and with Danny.
Yeah, still awful, but she hasn't grown through it or helped herself at all. Unfortunately the same things have happened to so many girls, at this age more often it has been at least worked on, have gotten therapy, and improved. She likes too much to be a victim to be able to work through it healthily. She hasn't changed or grown at all. Most likely never will.

No. 664308


From what i vaguely recall from the GetOffMySpace days (oh lordy) the dad was intent on making Kiki an internet famous scene kid, who knows how much of that was consensual. She was definitely oversexualised and used as a cash cow by her own father (Koti too), and that's got to leave a dent in the psyche.

No. 668555

File: 1560020150812.png (241.93 KB, 807x510, Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 19.4…)

How is she still convinced that she has been 'targeted by a small group of persistent predators for over half of my life'? Where did she even get that idea to start with?

>Hopefully one day the internet will be a safer place for freedom of expression without insane amounts of abuse

It's sad to say but that's simply never going to happen. It sucks, but people will always be mean on the internet. All content creators face this crap but they don't break down constantly, they learn to deal with it.

She's still stuck on the same old things, I really wish she'd get some proper therapy.

No. 668590

because she refuses to admit that there is more than a small population of people that think she's a fucking psycho

No. 668615

Mental illness and trauma isn’t age sensitive you dumb fuck. Men grow up with absent fathers and are scarred for life and no one gives them shit. She grew up with psychotic parents, she’s always going to have problems. You have no idea how the brain works.

No. 668619

Wow some of you are so fucking ignorant. She’s obviously unstable and possibly schizophrenic, I highly doubt she can take care of herself and if she did live on her own there is such an increased risk of her losing it in a serious way. Abused people stay with their abusers literally all the time, especially when they’re parents and you want more than anything to believe they’ll get better and change because abuse is a choice, mental illness isn’t. She’s been rationalizing her parents abuse her whole life and clearly has cognitive processing issues that are constantly illustrated in these threads. She displays either hyper sexuality or this weird pure fairy shit which is splitting.

Kiki is a fucking asshole especially for telling people to kill themselves when she herself knows she has problems and doesn’t Medicare herself or get therapy, that could legitimately hurt someone with issues. But no she doesn’t deserve to have people being hateful about her mental illness, all that does is perpetuate not only her being crazy triggered the stigma surrounding common illnesses that people do not choose and suffer from all the time. How can you criticize her for her issues when you obviously have no idea about the most basic things, are you of a much older generation that repressed this reality?(k)

No. 668627

>so ignorant
>ur old
calm down there anon

No. 668696

I still think she might have autism. Kyler has it, right? The risk of having a second child with autism goes up about 20% after the first.

No. 668728

Ah, good old Kiki. Somehow it's nostalgic to see she's still out there making a fool of herself. Some things never change, I guess.

I don't believe that, honestly. It would explain some things but the majority of traits autistic people have don't really line up with her personality (or lack thereof).

No. 668751

It’s more amazing to me that she acts like she hasn’t consistently bullied and scammed people for the majority of her online life. Her current persona is very cringey and curated in a way that nobody is buying (another reason she never made it as an influencer). She’s acting like a victim of bullying because she’s pissed you can’t google her name without seeing all of her sketchy and abusive behavior in the past (recent and non recent). If it had been one or two instances as a teen, nobody would care. But it’s been consistent and that stuff follows you now. Not anyone else’s fault. I do not think she has autism.

No. 668786

women display autism differently than men do and the majority of "traits" of autism cataloged are based off male studies.

No. 668788

slightly OT but that's not true. it's a sexist idea.

No. 668838

>it's a sexist idea.
No, anon. It's not.

No. 668869

Medicine is highly skewed towards men, anon. Do some research.

No. 668900

no i mean men claim that autism in women is different because they attribute alot of the symptoms to women being airheaded etc.

No. 669062

just like heart attack data, i suppose? because those symptoms are also geared toward men.

No. 670864

File: 1560820600525.png (556.83 KB, 750x1334, 9E82E725-BA28-41D6-A255-B349B6…)

Is she suicidal?

No. 670964

this is a black mirror: bandersnatch reference

No. 670987

Old but ha, she would know, what with how she acted in Taylor R's thread.

No. 671187


meh, go read some literature on how research (from healthcare to corrections) has ignored gender, such as by only using all-male samples. Plenty of researchers have called into question the generalization of findings pre-science-giving-a-fuck-about-women.

Sorry if OT

No. 672745

Who has the energy to watch an 18 minute Kiki Kannibal video in 2019?

… hopefully someone will take the L and provide a summary

No. 672750

I only watched 40 sec cause its classic stale af, aint going no where, god damn bitch just get a 9-5 job, how are you even staying afloat type powdered milk.
>Says she wants to video "diary" dealing with and overcoming codependency, addiction or whatever to love etc
>says she knows its risky to put herself out there on the internet with this stuff especially "with her history" (kaka ever the antagonist who wants to live like shes still a teen getting harassed 24/7 on myspace)
>follows that up with saying what any up their own ass yt'er says which is ~"im sharing my story so hopefully someone out there can be helped or relate which totally isnt me admitting to my savior complex to excuse over sharing about mememememe

She starts mentioning that books exist and thats where im hopping cause shes just being quirky tm and sifting through her word vomit to make sense of whats inevitably "her story". She has time to impose clouds but can't edit out the constant tripping of words and not even trying to stay on track which just feels narc tier like nobody needs to see all the "funny" bloopers when it makes the vid 19minutes, you just think it makes you look approachable and attractive

No. 672751

>gonna video diary thoughts on overcoming love addiction and other shit in title to help other people with these issues
>says she was targeted, groomed, raped and abandoned at 13 (danny?) used codependency to cope, cant be alone, needs to be told things are ok by other people
>went to ER yesterday for heart stuff but no elaboration on it, does some kinda body awareness meditation spoken out loud
>says the guy who abused her used her as a "calling card" and people were enamored with him cause he was with her (wut?)
>used to tell herself she's worthless as a coping mechanism so nobody could "take anything from her" if she had nothing
>felt she should have been able to control more things in her life despite unpredictable circumstances even as a kid
>wants to become emotionally stable by herself
>had a rape kit done and the councellor said she was either going to be very promiscuous or hate men. she says it was both only she didn't screw around but had boyfriend after boyfriend
>kept falling in love with people super quickly and entering toxic relationships
>gonna be restarting her website

sorry if its a shitty recap. overall very stretched out content with little substance. thought the way she phrased her falling in love with people sounded like she was aiming to paint herself in a better light rather than take responsibility for entering toxic relationships

No. 672754

it's pretty obvious that kiki literally does have aspergers. she ticks a lot of boxes for the female stereotype and her brother is autistic. it IS different in women and its kiki 100%.

No. 672763

I don't follow this cow, but Jesus Christ the combination of that hairline and fivehead. Girl, you need bangs.

No. 672770

Thanks for the recap, anon! She is still making "being raped and harassed online years ago" her whole personality.

>sounded like she was aiming to paint herself in a better light rather than take responsibility

Never change Kaka.

No. 672780

Ok I work the teens/adults with ASD and have been a caretaker for people on many different parts of the spectrum. It doesn’t manifest itself differently in women…there’s just a large spectrum you can be on with varying behaviors, quirks, and challenges (like any person). I don’t think she is on the spectrum. She has a lot of weird social hang ups from her upbringing and years of self absorbed internet fame. Now she’s struggling to stay relevant on a platform that chok full of beautiful people with talents and interesting lives that make them “influencers”. I think she hasn’t come to terms with the fact that she’s in no way profound and what she’s saying is uninteresting pseudo psychology.

No. 672782

She also posted asking if there were any creative photographers in LA, so I guess that’s where she is. Also lol of course there are, they’re just not looking for you.

No. 672783


cool story. i'm diagnosed with it. it does manifest differently at the high functioning end of the spectrum because women are socialized differently and learn to hide it better.

it's impossible to say without knowing her irl anyways, but if she's reading here i hope she looks into it.

No. 672784

1. The hoarding in the background
2. The cringy thing she did, @ 6:00 lol girl
3. Crazy eyes throughout the whole thing.

No. 672786

She looks like she gained some weight tho. Like a healthy normal weight

No. 672791

Stop fucking armchairing.

No. 672806

Sage now exists in /pt/. Use it if your posts aren't contributing to milk.

No. 672993

I never thought she and Dakota looked much alike, but she kind of does look like her here

No. 673000

She rehashes some variation of this every 2 years or so looking at her Youtube page. Good lord, please just go to therapy in private and let go of your teenage years.

No. 673075

I know her hair is just behind her shoulders, but she looks so much better with short hair.

No. 673082

She's severely ill. I don't understand why she had to post that video painting herself as the victim entirely. The reality is that she's posted extremely offensive and hurtful things here at the very least.

I don't doubt that she's been abused, just you'd think she'd have moved onto and possibly past proper trauma reprocessing by now given how long ago the events occurred. It's not normal in the slightest to keep going over, over and over traumatic events. People who have been traumatised generally avoid that at all costs to prevent the re-experiencing of anything.

What was her aim with the video even? It doesn't show any attempt at moving past anything. All I've seen her do is post crap about abuse issues that have nothing to do with her. You'd think she'd recognise that all she's doing is triggering herself and not allowing herself to drop that topic already.

Judging by what she's said on this board alone, she really isn't who she's portraying herself as in the video at all. She's a bully who gets into a rage when she starts viewing anyone as superior to her. She might want to start viewing people as equals.

No. 673102

Right, if she did that here, who knows what else she posted/did on other websites? Wouldn't put it past her to create sock accounts and bully elsewhere (we already know they're good at making sock accounts)

Kinda glad she's back though, kek. My prediction is she's going to use this slow-moving thread about her to victimize herself about people "still being after her". Let's be honest, she constantly wants people to talk about her and hate on her, otherwise that takes away a huge part of her "personality" and leaves her with nothing to be a victim about and nothing to talk about.
I don't know about kiwifarms or other places or where else she is posted but as far as I know, nobody cares about her and at this point we're kinda just here to observe and for the nostalgia.

No. 673103


I think she never developed any sort of interesting life or personality…so she’s making her online persona 100% about this.
She thinks she’s some sort of personal growth guru.

No. 673106

I am confused about the video, was she actually in pain? Or was it emotional pain? Is she sick?

No. 673117

True, and no one knows how she treats people offline either.

Yeah, probably. I don't understand who has been "harassing" her online either as she states? All I ever see are people talking about the fact she needs to sort her life out here and that's all. The actual threats happened up to about 2007-2009 when she was in that scene phase, max? Around 10 years ago or more. It's fucked.

Thing is, she could talk about her actual recovery… The issue is that she doesn't have one. Yeah, that's pretty much it, agreed.

Agreed. She could actually just recover, y'know, by using actual methods that are proven to work rather than spewing pointless shit on Twitter about abuse.

Seems like emotional pain. Looks like she's working on accepting it and letting it do its thing rather than distracting herself. As much of a liar as she is, that's a good way to start handling it. It still confuses me why she's not further on in her recovery though.

No. 673121

Silly me, totally didn't realise who she's trying to be now. I think she's trying to get someone to notice her as a public speaker/anti-abuse spokesperson.

Unfortunately she doesn't realise (or maybe she does and is just feeding her ego) that rambling on about issues doesn't equal actively contributing to any worthy causes. She does fuck all to support anyone else going through the same things she claims to have. I mean, she can't if she's fucking around copyrighting crap online all day.

No. 673126

Supposedly she started to feel pain during the video (min 5-7) bc she recalled traumatic events (she literally triggered herself into emotional pain).
And then she said she is addicted to love and is a serial monogamous bc of her trauma and hasn't recovered.

No. 673127


Truly. Nothing she’s saying is profound or starting a worthwhile conversation. It all seems ingenuine. I actually get that weird “second hand embarrassment” feeling watching these, so I didn’t finish any of them. Especially from all the weird attempts to look cutesy. In the end, she’s only rambling about herself and asking really whatever questions to get people to reply. I don’t think any adult in their late 20s would be able to watch these and think they’re profound or useful. It’s cringey.

No. 673128

She said something about beeing in the ER? Something about her Heart?

No. 673133

Totally, and she herself claims she's opening up conversation. That alone achieves nothing. Most people are aware of mental health and other world issues at this point. Also, she treats her audience as if they're stupid; I could see right through her suicidal thoughts video on Instagram. She's trying to get people to associate her face with some kind of enlightenment/hope for personal gain, but she's still the same person as before. She wouldn't actually be there for anyone who was experiencing suicidal thoughts given the shit that's leaked from her mind here. Imagine being on your way to 30 and claiming people are cyber bullying you? Does it occur to her that she can switch her WiFi hub off?

No. 673134

It's been her shtick for a little while now. Ever since Lilou mysteriously disappeared, her only gimmick has been 'speaking out about abuse' but ignoring other people.

It's very hard to take this trauma shit seriously when she was posting gore here whilst simultaneously crying about animal abuse on Twitter….

No. 673136

Ignoring other people is what makes it obvious she's doing it for the same reasons the scene queen thing existed. Publicity, attention, etc. It's all to make her social media look good and override any trace of her craziness.

Yeah, good point. Feels like she loves trauma. I can't ever recall wanting to stare at images of animal abuse. It's concerning that's what she chooses to flood her accounts with.

No. 673148

She did. Apparently she was on ER the day before but will talk about it in another video

No. 673152


Seriously. “Opening up a conversation”
Lol girl there are like millions of memes about mental health issues because they’re so prevalent. It’s more open than it’s ever been. You aren’t original

No. 673246

Everyone seems to want to "open the conversation" on mental health. This topic also became specially marketable if you add a sprinkle of either rape or sexual misconduct after #metoo

She's just bandwagoning again under the disguise of helping others

No. 673248


I mean I’m not demeaning people who are struggling, but this isn’t a non-open conversation. Specifically ~*relationship addiction*~. Her go to is to victimize herself and come off hyper emotional and sensitive to cover up the years of abusing others. She’ll talk about ~*internet bullying*~, but she’ll never link this site publicly because it holds proof of her shitty behavior.

No. 673305

I know right? Don't get me wrong, the way her parents brought her up and treated her was clearly wrong even though we don't know the extent of it and she does seem traumatised. But just because that happened doesn't mean she gets to spew shit here against other people and attempt to solicit attention through opening up some "conversation" focused solely on her.

She literally is so behind with everything. People opened up that mental health conversation long ago, and now the majority are seeing the importance of going to psychotherapy and leaving things for those sessions only where it's safe. The biggest mistake she's made so far is opening things back up in the exact same spot she was traumatised in. Gets traumatised because of the Internet, runs back to the Internet she claims was full of predators anyway, I mean… Hasn't anyone told her that that doesn't make sense? You'd think by now she'd be smart enough to stop making herself vulnerable to a pool of people she doesn't know and stick to real-life interactions exclusively.

If she's gonna do YouTube, she could go down the route of showing people HOW she recovered (when she does) so people can try techniques themselves, or anything else that's interesting in her life, but she won't do that because she still has the compulsion to unload pain into the wrong place and try to gain sympathy. It's as if she's content with pain and trauma being her entire personality and existence.

No. 673306

Sorry, adding more to my own post, but I'm just realising since she said she has a relationship addiction, that means she can't function without one and I can gather she feels worthless without constantly being put on a pedestal. People like that have very low self-esteem, and will try to get attention elsewhere if they can't find someone who will stay with them to give them 24/7 compliments and reassurance (relationships don't even work like this). In her case the Internet has once again become her replacement, hence the video that's being viewed as a way to get people to tell her "It's going to be okay." She literally said that she turned to guys for them to tell her everything was going to be okay and that she's not worthless, but now she's turning to her YouTube audience to seek the same reassurance. She has a void filled with pain that's not going to go away unless she gets the correct treatment. Pretty pointless her being a mental health spokesperson when she's currently ill and her environment is still controlling her.

No. 673433

File: 1561684358197.png (1.28 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 9.11…)

She updated her website

No. 673455

If she’s truly ready to heal i suggest she change her online name to simply “kiki” or “kirsten”. She so triggered by that era yet can’t rid herself of it. Tragic

No. 673702

imo she hates negative attention unlike most cows, hence why she can disappear for years and why her most recent spate of bad behavior was all anonymous. She definitely doesn't live an 'all attention is good attention' lifestyle, at least anymore, which makes her kind of compelling.
To be fair, the vast majority of ~mental health gurus~ don't focus on serial monogamy; it's surprisingly absent from the discussion of mental health. However, like most people on social media who try to position themselves as an authority on mental health (or anything really), she is wholly unqualified to give any form of advice.
She did try to get rid of it; at this point she's probably given up and figures that embracing it is her only shot at renewing her e-fame because without her past and weird lolcow exploits she's unremarkable in a sea of wannabe influencers.

No. 674089

Literally the only way Kiki could be relevant or interesting now is if she went full 100% painfully honest and came clean about everything she’s done, as well as exposed how her parents exploited her growing up. Something like that would be fascinating and a glimpse into parental child abuse in pursuit of fame. As well as the effects it had on her mental health. Honestly I could see that even becoming an Oxygen special or something.

But she won’t do anything like that. She’s more concerned with projecting this fake image. That said, it’s interesting to me how she’s opening up about her mental state st all, and not trying to pretend she’s NOT got a host of issues.

No. 674213


Looks like she did change her name on her twitter/instagram

No. 674475

Quick question: her front hair pieces look gray ish?

She did. And added "the girl who played with fire" to the bios? So it's like, shes not Kiki Kannibal but she sure is the victim.

No. 674485

Her handle is still the same, so it's not like she's not clinging to her old internet fame in order to stay just slightly relevant.

anyway she posted a new video on IG, it's boring though.


No. 674928

Saged because old milk. Does anyone remember the time she said an inmate found her home address and wrote to her? This was on Twitter years ago. I remember her making out that it was him who contacted her first, when that's not possible. She had to have contacted some pen pal agency to be able to writ to him. I really started to resent her when I saw the picture on Twitter and the caption she wrote. The guy seemed lonely and she was just using him to look like a victim yet again. She's such a massive liar.

No. 675063

I remember that. She'd said inmates (plural) often contacted her bc they'd read the Girl Who Played With Fire article. She's despicable.

I preferred when she did the humblebrags about people stopping her on the street to compliment her butt lol

No. 675110

This video is bizarre as heck. She talks at 8:40 about how it felt good to tell herself she's worthless. She also talks shortly after about screaming lambs in her head. Yikes.

No. 675291

She posted a new video.

No. 675302

This is repulsive, especially her “accents”.

No. 675306

She literally calls herself a martyr in the first 40 seconds, the complete and total lack of self-awareness is astounding (but shouldn't be surprising tbh). Not watching the rest, she's nuts

No. 675317

Everything she's saying is all about "healing" but there's no indication that she has ever actually gotten psychological help. Her videos are just her going on and on about what she thinks about her pain and whatever in the most general way possible, but until she sees a professional I call bullshit. She's just congratulating herself for existing. Kiki, you said some really horrible things here. Really disturbing, gross, fucked up stuff. The way to move on from that is to maybe apologize or address what happened and get actual therapy, not ramble on about self-acceptance.

No. 675477

During the Great Lolcow Spergout keeks said that she was on disability, which means that she would have had to have been at least diagnosed by a professional.

No. 675509

Seriously only kiki would claim to have her mental problems being ''loving too much''

No. 675514

This is so boring.


"I can't love anyone or anything because I'll get attached, and I'll be co-dependent," - shows that she has high expectations of other people and just wants them to do everything for her. People frequently disappoint her when they're not putting her on a pedestal.

Her joke accent is making her look like she's not taking the topic seriously. Why is she going southern all of a sudden? I get how she lived in Florida most of her life, but come on, just stop it.

Martyr? Really?

Not really an epiphany that you can admire anyone/anything without attachment. This is common sense, fucking hell. You don't check out random people on the street, or plants or whatever, and immediately get attached. Is she saying that's what happens to her?

"When I would fall for someone I would think, oh my God, what are the next steps? Are we gonna get married?" - this is just creepy as fuck. Can you imagine meeting her, being interested and she starts talking about shit like that when you're simply trying to get to know her? Just shows she isn't interested in getting to know the person for who they really are and bases everything on appearance. Remember when she was trying to get a Japanese husband? She would have dated anyone as long as they were Asian. Also referring to what her ex said, no, this is not in fact "ingrained in all human beings, especially women." Lmao, we're slightly past the "caveman days" and society currently views this behaviour as desperate and creepy. How the fuck is this a human need? What? We generally want to find the right person to be with, so will take our time in getting to know them.

How can it be a love addiction when love is defined by being selfless towards the person in question without expecting anything in return? She didn't love any of those people. If she did, she wouldn't be demanding that they put her on a pedestal. She wouldn't be talking to them about huge commitments before even knowing them at all because she'd realise that could scare and harm them.

She admits she was playing the victim, while continuing to play the victim.

"Don't let these issues define who you are," she says, while letting all of her issues define her entire existence.

The biggest issue is that she's so socially retarded that she doesn't understand that the majority of people are aware of all this shit, but ultimately realise they have to process everything with the help of a psychologist and move onto normal life activities as soon as possible. Once people achieve balance in their lives they generally stop spinning the same conversation.

Also, no, we don't "oftentimes" need a trauma to trigger epiphanies. Plenty of people have never had traumas and they're still aware of how life works.

Wants to create a community so she can get attached to the praise of random people online, lol.

What a fucking piece of shit. I don't buy any of this until she admits to the crap she's been spreading on this site, as well as that site she dedicated to taking the piss out of Danny Cespedes years after his death. She's an abuser masquerading as some ethereal divine spirit healer. It's like, piss off. Maybe she can write to some more prison inmates and get herself a prison husband, that way when he gets out and has no one or nothing else, she can take full control and ownership of him, lol. Think she's generally trying to convince herself that the reason she doesn't have a partner is because everyone she gets with is disordered, when she's just a creepy, scary fucker, lmao. Can't wait until she starts making videos about how her exes are sociopaths because they left her.

No. 675633

I can't help but feel like she just read or watched war and peace and these are her retarded cliffs notes from Prince Andreis death scene where he finds forgiveness.

“Yes, love (he thought again with perfect distinctness), but not that love that loves for something, to gain something, or because of something, but that love that I felt for the first time, when dying, I saw my enemy and yet loved him. I knew that feeling of love which is the very essence of the soul, for which no object is needed. And I know that blissful feeling now too. To love one's neighbours; to love one's enemies. To love everything—to love God in all His manifestations. Some one dear to one can be loved with human love; but an enemy can only be loved with divine love. And that was why I felt such joy when I felt that I loved that man. What happened to him? Is he alive? … Loving with human love, one may pass from love to hatred; but divine love cannot change. Nothing, not even death, nothing can shatter it. It is the very nature of the soul. And how many people I have hated in my life. And of all people none I have loved and hated more than her.”

No. 677788

She's whining in her stories bc some guy insisted for her to accept his phone number.
> No MeAns No

FFS you're receiving a phone number, you can CHOOSE not to call. He's not going to have any of your personal info.

No. 677829

A lot of the things she's admitting got me thinking; does kiki have borderline? I get those vibes a lot.

No. 677835

nobody on here knows. armchair psychiatry is not the move

No. 677935

This insane cunt always finds a way to top herself. She came up with that whole bullshit story just to prove shes back in la. Honey, everyone has been hit on before it's just that most people dont have a social media meltdown about it. Get fucking therapy. Seriously. I find it hard to believe you ever have. Has there ever been a bigger victim? Can she please just suicide already. Really. Just sacrifice herself to save everyone from the unbearably painful and lethal levels of cringe.(a-logging)

No. 678337

These vids are so sad and lame. Kirsten, pls just get off the internet and do some crafts or something. Make some swarovski bat jewelry and return incognito in a year's time with an instagram store selling handmade scene queen nostalgia accessories. I'd be down for that.

Literally the only way Kiki could be relevant or interesting now is if she went full 100% painfully honest and came clean about everything she’s done, as well as exposed how her parents exploited her growing up.
alternatively, this

I used to get dogpiled on lolscenequeens/efagz years ago for saying this but it's true

No. 679218

Another boring, long, rambling video.

No. 679224

Is she just wearing the same thing over and over or were all of these videos made in the same day in a manic episode?

No. 679231

"Oftentimes we get addicted to unhealthy things, unhealthy media…"

Speak for yourself Keeker. It's funny that she said she consumes garbage on YouTube and she's part of that reality for me, lol. She is garbage and I watch her when I can't be bothered with anything else.

Major problem with what she's saying regarding how people make you feel; no one should be able to make you feel or do anything. She's missed the point again. Healthy adults can interact with most people, even if they have issues, and avoid seeing said person's issues as anything to do with themselves. This is why she's failed with so many things career-wise and in general. She's so quick to cut contact with people without knowing anything about them. How ironic it is that her slogan is, "We all have a story. What's yours?" when she doesn't even listen to anyone.

Everyone is a toxic abuser, even if they just offer her their phone number again after she's said "No." We live in a world where most people have been traumatised, hence why there's such a huge need for psychologists, and she needs to deal with those people because they're everywhere. She just wants to control them rather than staying respectful and controlling her own words and actions.

Like, I get it. You're obviously going to cut contact with outright violent people who have you in their abuse cycle, but she stops talking to people for the smallest of reasons. She stopped talking to me because I knew what PULL was. Also how is a guy offering you their number despite you saying "No," a threat of any kind? Just politely explain to him you're not interested instead of being angry about it. She's literally punishing someone for attempting to have a normal human interaction. I highly doubt he was doing anything other than asking the same question multiple times which is honestly not a safety threat, nor a big deal.

I hate how she's instructing people on what to do like a psychologist. She's just spreading bullshit. She needs to address the fact that if she feels unwell after talking to someone, it's probably some kind of trigger within herself that isn't based in reality. She continues to act like everyone is going to hurt her when that's just not the case. It is all her. All I hear is her justifying her behaviour as the product of outside causes; other people, energy, etc. She really needs to get fucking help because she does not understand that anything can trigger a trauma survivor. A sunny day, a colour, etc. She can't keep blocking out people and things that trigger her or she really is going to end up alone.

Again with the "toxic" labelling. She doesn't even see everyone as a human being despite their issues. Nasty. She's fucking ill.

No. 679236

Just to add, is she going to realise that giving advice to people while being traumatised and mentally ill is the worst thing she could be doing? I like to think that I'm in the know about certain things, but my psychologist proves me wrong every week. She is so painfully unaware of what is happening in her brain.

No. 679282

how does she support herself in LA?

No. 679285

I guess her parents support her

No. 680131

this video becomes a lot more telling when you view it with the knowledge that she's spergchan. perhaps getting caught posting hate and gore gave her a wake up call.

No. 680386

This new phase is so boring IMO… I can't bring myself to watch her new videos

No. 681897

Some dude has obviously moved on from her and she cant function. Literally the only reason she came back to social media was to put out passive aggressive posts hoping he will notice them, or make him jealous by looking like shes moved on too. It's literally her entire identity rn. So pathetic and boring. Try getting a fucking job. Aren't you like 40 now?

No. 681938

If she was seeing a psychologist, which she should be, they'd recommend she gets the fuck off of the Internet and stops exposing what is personal to her since that's what invites predators to interact with her in the first place. Is she legitimately fucking stupid or what? You really don't see many people past their early 20s with a desire for the world to see how they failed to get away from damaging situations. The second you put the same type of shit she has online, you're telling everyone, "I am vulnerable, come and find me because I'm still susceptible to allowing myself to be treated unfairly!"

I think she's lying though. Given what she posted on here relentlessly, she's probably trying to lure empathic people towards her to garner attention and use them for publicity. She wants to be seen as a Saint when she's anything but. She still wants to be famous and this is just another method she thinks might work.

She's STILL seeking romantic interactions when she hasn't healed. Not exactly inspirational. If she's unhealthy, she's going to attract the same. Garbage attract flies.

No. 683339

File: 1563882884403.jpg (155.01 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20190723-133654_1_1…)

You're right, they totally broke up. I remember her (ex)boyfriend had to deactivate some social media probably because some crazy people tried to get in contact with him regarding Kiki. Now he is up to something new apparently and started to post again this month which triggered her current phase. I censored his name btw

No. 683794

File: 1564002212728.png (393.57 KB, 715x525, Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 21.4…)

Late, but it hasn't been discussed yet: Kiki was apparently with Bobby for 3 years which would place their meeting during, or directly after, the great sperg-chan meltdown.
Armchair but she does hit almost every sign of BPD.

Was part of the reason she moved to LA for Bobby?

Will she ever get help? She seems to have an ounce of self-awareness in this post, but still no signs of actual improvement.

(Also how has it been 3 years since the sperg-chan reveal already?)

I was surprised she managed 3 weeks in a row of YT uploads and then, of course, she's totally missed this week. Some things never change.

No. 683901

It is really telling that you hate her so much, no wonder that you all are so fucking toxic, and no wonder that you are all TERF lesbos that prefeer to date landwhales.
Afterall, the say that misery loves company.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 683913

>Kiki was apparently with Bobby for 3 years which would place their meeting during, or directly after, the great sperg-chan meltdown.

She didn't want him to find out about her past, so she sperged all over the place to prove Bobby that we are all crazy ugly fat lesbian haterz and she's the poor victim. It was all a show to get some dick.

No. 683921

Wow this anon hit the nail on the head. And yeah, since sperg-chan was just over 3 years ago, she would have to have been with Bobby at the time. God, I just can't imagine being in a new relationship with someone that obviously nutso (no fucking way she was holding it together in real life) and STAYING for 3 more years, yikes.

No. 684010


to be fair, he never 100% seemed there in the head either

No. 684084

Not trying to hi cow here, but I guess some of you anons struck the right chord!

No. 684211

Lol she loses followers every time she posts

No. 684289

sorry for sounding like a total newfag, it's just been years since i even saw kiki and wondered if she ever modeled in japan? she's taller and skinnier than koots so why not?

No. 684340

That does sound like OG keeks but she moved past the 'lesbos' insult phase like a decade ago.
Jokes on that anon though, I appreciate keeks as a cow and still want her to make it
Japan has a completely different standard of beauty and values child-like looks; aside from her weight kiki had nothing to offer them.

No. 684503

based upon what we saw from her acting career, shes also the type that only looks pretty from very specific angles. (i guess thats true for dakota too) but also i dont think Kiki actually tried to get into modeling. Her sister was discovered by chance, so i think Kiki's only attempt was to hope she got noticed as well, but unlike dakota, kiki didnt go viral.

No. 685023

was just about to post I think she might be BPD.

Also does anyone else get the vibe that she’s trying to move into some weird self-help guru phase. Idk I can barely watch her new videos but its reminding me so much of “””that””” sort of person

No. 685026

I don't think there's any evidence of BPD at all here.

Yeah she's clearly still trying to stay relevant in a changing era and make herself out to be a "self-help" guru/influencer. It's so cringey watching these videos because it's so transparent how much she's faking this persona. There's nothing genuine. She's just nearing 30 and hasn't put in any work into talents or whatever to be interesting, so she's forcing this. She posts like a million memes on her stories to get noticed and it's really weird.

No. 687384

He's literally using the same name as last time, why censor it? Bobbyhatanaka.

Also how old is this guy??? I thought he and Kiki were both 25ish, but this guy is obviously in his 30s. Given how she was living with him in LA for the entire 2ish years she went silent on SM after getting with him, maybe it was a sugar arrangement and he just got tired of her not actually trying to start her own career. Whatever the case, if she was with Bobby for the whole 3 years and that's why she wasn't online then good for her, but breaking up with him to move back to FL as kota's career finally sputters out is kinda funny. I know we don't know what happened but I'm sure some idiot will eventually get the story by trying to message him.

No. 687385

File: 1564985779233.jpg (139.11 KB, 540x664, 20190805_021608.jpg)

Dropped the pic

No. 687449

I don't think she has moved back to FL. In her vlogs she's in the same place she was in with Bobby. She might actually have a job that's keeping her there.

Three vlogs in and she's given up on her YouTube return again. Is this a new record?

No. 687456

Kiki being a sugar baby for a middle class Asian American guy just to live in LA and halfass being an actress makes sense. Neither her nor kooter would ever date a man who didn't take care of them financially and have a half decent place for them to crash without paying rent. That would explain how secretive she was in the beginning and why she wouldn't post pics with him despite linking his IG and Twitter at first.

No. 687780

This guy looks like Asian 40's, not 30's. Did she ever mention an age gap or did she play it off like they were the same age? I sometimes kind of root for her and then I remember what a rotten person she is at her core. Those two are really going to age into Whatever Happened To Baby Jane., sadly.

No. 687946

That's weird. How would she be able to afford that?

No. 687980

I don’t think he was living with her in that apartment she films in. If you go to her YouTube video vegan date at the museum and go to 11 mins and 20 seconds and turn the volume up, you can hear her saying it’s 1.30 in the morning and he came over after work. Indicating he didn’t live there. Who says they’re going over to their own house .

No. 687985

She never mentioned his age, but she hid him enough plus his own social media went private so quickly that it was hard to tell, but from the moustache and hat he wore in the few clips she posted he looked (and acted) close to her age.

No. 688079

File: 1565146453738.jpg (42.76 KB, 560x369, kpmnn1-23avdigitaleyedance3lar…)


Nah he's very much the same age as Kiki. Probably only a few years older. I found an article about him dancing with other high schoolers during spring show in 2008. He's just old and haggard looking.

No. 688195

No. 688248

No. 689330

He isn’t haggard looking imo…he just seems to do intense workouts with a low calorie diet or something. He seems to have a super low BMI. It does make him look more mature, but I wouldn’t say haggard by any means.

No. 689528

File: 1565650166036.jpeg (228.9 KB, 750x1272, 7A7CE1D7-58CA-45C9-8194-43FD4F…)

What’s up with her IG username??

No. 689556

From Vicky Shingles to Kiki, Farrah Moan can't let MySpace die

No. 689634


Yeah, shitty vegan diets age you harder than normal. One anon clocked him in his 30s, another said he looked 40+. He's more haggard without filters than kaka, which is generous. I would never look at >>687385 and guess that was a 26-27 year old.

No. 689646

Not to powerlevel or sperg but as an Asian-anon this guy genuinely looks like my Dad's friends who are all in their mid 40's. This has to be diet related because we, and especially men don't age like that with a hard face. I know a lot of Buddhist vegetarians and they still don't look that hard in the face so this guy must be nutrient starved or some shit.
I imagine Kiki has a similar diet from the looks of it. She doesn't look so bad to me I think a lot of it is just how her face is made, but with some weight she'd look a lot younger.

No. 689652

Kiki used to push chinese herbal supplements really hard in her teens for any and everything from period cramps to dullness in her hair, I think she would have at least enough sense to take a womens multi once a day to prevent her from getting sick, but if she and Bobby had similar restrictive vegan diets then it makes sense, guys don't care about things like supplements and how their skin looks. They're happy to hode under hats and facial hair instead.

No. 689699

Pretty sure he teaches dance. I stumbled upon his shit a while ago. Pretty sure he’s older.

No. 689986

he's 27 according to a page i found (idk if mention it would be allowed). kinda reaching cause he was the only one to appear with his name and last name, but i think its a match cuz it says that he's from CA.

No. 690071

He’s different than the one in Japan, right? Taku?

No. 690125

Yep, different guy. Tetsuo "Bobby" Hatanaka is Japanese-American from California and Taku was a Japanese restaurant owner in Tokyo.

No. 697963


god, lolsq…. those were the prime LJ days, i miss them lmao.

anyway, i think it's interesting that you guys are bringing up the aspergers/autism thing. like obviously we can't really know, but kenna recently just made a video about recently being diagnosed with autism and she really reminds me of kiki in a lot of ways.(necro)

No. 723678

File: 1572407642242.jpeg (522.52 KB, 1125x1184, E15935D2-951C-4315-A671-8FF7FB…)

lurks her social media once in a blue moon to see how she's doing

No. 737437

File: 1575513494589.jpg (585.85 KB, 1066x1792, 20191204_213809.jpg)

Looks like she's still in LA, and still trying to fuck her way through life instead of supporting herself.

No. 737438

File: 1575513603515.jpg (604.24 KB, 1080x1767, 20191204_213928.jpg)

Her post referencing high rent in LA. Still trying to be an emo/scene groupie since that trend is coming back.

No. 737613

It's hilarious that she's trying to cling to her past scene clout despite still looking like a cheap Taobao fairy, it's like she wants someone to dig her old ass up and make #kikikannibal a hot topic again without her having to do anything or return to the style herself. That's what always annoyed me about Kiki, she so obviously and desperately wants fame and attention, but rather than be real about it she wants to pretend like it snuck up on her against her will for being so talented and gorgeous. That, and her never-ending almost-rape accusations are why she'll never make it, she's too passive and sheepish and needs someone to literally show and tell her everything and protect her from da hayturz and paying bills.

No. 737683

I missed kaka. I hope she doesn’t disappear again

No. 737922

Her fashion sense is still awful, but she looks surprisingly healthy here.
Wow, she's directly referencing her old e-fame days? Something's up…
She will certainly disappear again after her current venture fails. Hopefully she sticks around for a while though.

No. 737926

>Her fashion sense is still awful, but she looks surprisingly healthy here.

Looks like she finally gained some weight, maybe Kaka dropped veganism for cheese-filled snackfoods as well?

>Wow, she's directly referencing her old e-fame days? Something's up…

MCR just got back together, so everyone including their little sister is pretending they were the loudest, cringiest sceenie weenie in middle school because of it for clout.

No. 737930

>MCR just got back together, so everyone including their little sister is pretending they were the loudest, cringiest sceenie weenie in middle school because of it for clout.
Keeks has basically been spending the last few years pretending that her teenage years never happened, though, despite the fact that she could have easily capitalized off of being one of the biggest internet celebrities of the time. Could she finally be giving up on 'traditional' routes to fame and doing the only thing that will actually win her some recognition outside of our hallowed Farm??

No. 739120

File: 1575909504834.jpeg (63.6 KB, 498x1023, media0.jpeg)

She's gearing up for something, after all her failures and overblown "opportunities" she wasted, plus with Dakota being silent and not working these days I bet our beloved Kaka is planning some comeback to her scene dramukween days sand hair and makeup. The way she clings to the name Kiki Kannibal after running that persona into the ground speaks volumes about what a no-trick pony she is. The only way she can get attention is if it's negative but because that directly opposes her love&light&positivity persona, well, she keeps going crazy when she doesn't become loved & famous for simply being pretty and sharing her interests online like she still tries to pretend her sister did.

Mark my words, she's planning another comeback for 2020.

No. 740136

File: 1576157819686.jpg (723.85 KB, 1080x1738, 20191212_083426.jpg)

I guess it's Kiki's turn to try baiting for a SD with seminudes on IG? Her sister used to do that a lot when she was still getting decent work. I wonder what Kaka is up to? she keeps liking and RTi g shit about her and Kota/suing people/rebooting their scene fame.

No. 740464

i mean she still looks good and there's plenty of cringey autistic camgirls out there
it would certainly make her more money than anything she's tried in the past 10 years

No. 740469

Hopefully she doesn't resort to camwhoring until she tries profiting off of nostalgia first. It's the option that's most likely to get her money/attention and the only one she hasn't tried yet.

No. 740483

oops. didn't know you could sage in kiki's thread again or i would have for my last comment
anyway, i honestly feel like she'd camwhore before being honest about her past at all beyond "i was always a victim and the internet ruined me"

No. 740484

She won't try "profiting off nostalgia" because she won't actually do anything for herself. She wants to be able to pretend the demand for 2009 Kaka Kannibal is so great that she has to abandon her glittering career as an actress and animal rights activist to become a colored-hair trendsetter again. Problem is, nobody wants to force her to do it so she'll just keep teasing and posting 10 year old selfies as she vaguetweets about her and Kooters' prime.

No. 740495

I think the closest a narc like Kaka would ever get to selling her nudes to ant rando with money would be posting pics like this on piblic social media to fish for a sugar daddy. Ostrengas think they're too good to stoop to the level of those like Charms and those other scenehoes that turned into camgirls. If Kiki does the same thing then to her it could be like admitting defeat, since she so firmly believes she's unique and special and just has to wait for her big break.

No. 740679

Being a camwhore is below most people anon. Has nothing to do with being a narc. The vast majority of people would never consider that.

No. 740691

We have entire threads on camwhores who think exactly like Kaka, they believe they're too pretty and special to work retail or food service and thus, they cam.

The Ostrengas, however, believe they're even more special than that and so they spend their lives mentally tucked away in their ivory towers waiting for Purinsu Chaamingu-san to come support them for the rest of their lives. Selling nudes to strangers online doesn't fit in with their princess mentalities, they want to be plucked up by someone rich/handsome/influential who tells then they're too special and gifted to do anything but play around all day. Two entirely different mentalities, anon.

No. 740705

How the fuck is she still in LA? So many cows mysteriously living in expensive places, there is no way that none of them are escorting or sugaring. At least live in a believable area if they don't want people speculating.
I guess I wouldn't put it past her to fake living in the middle of LA though, like she faked being in Japan the one time.

No. 740758

she's obv living with her parents or her parents are paying for her place

No. 741148

File: 1576498261327.jpg (615.25 KB, 1080x1720, 20191216_071101.jpg)

Still doing the weird maybe-nude posts, this time she had an epiphany where she realizes she can't make avoidant people love her to prove her worth.

I wonder when Kiki will realize all her relationships fail because she's a pit of attention starved need that will never end or become self reliant? All she does is post PETA goreporn and talk about ~healing and forgiving herself~ on Twitter instead of getting a job.

No. 741152

So she's spent the past 5 years forgiving herself and giving herself asspats for acting like a psychopathic cunt on online forums?

No. 741161

And waiting for her rich prince charming to swoop her up out of mom & pop Kannibal's pocket.

Too bad Kiki doesn't realize that you can't fill the holes in your personality with psychobabble and fake humility while going through life with emotional blinders on, avoiding everything that challenges your self image and would actually make her grow as a person. It seems like she's kinda waiting to be "healed" but it'll never happen, because all her "pain" and "bad habits" are still rooted into her persona she can never let go of. She'll never be Kirsten, normal girl with an online following who shares her life and hobbies with her fans. She'll always be washed up Kiki Kannibal trying to rebrand herself as the "healed" version of Kiki Kannibal, with all the old clout sans the actual style. She doesn't get that you can't just dust off your old self while picking and choosing which traits to keep from it. Every time she seems to go away from that old persona, suddenly she's making references to it and posting old selfies again.

No. 741162

Shame/guilt is a hell of a drug I guess?

No. 741615

Has she completely ditched her “lilou vos” persona? Seems she has completely reclaimed her Kiki Kannibal name again despite the fact that that time in her life brought her so much trauma. She could get a decent following on YouTube if she could be consistent online for more than a week before disappearing again for six months. It’s sad because I actually do want to see her thrive but she’s still feeding off of the crumbs from her past internet fame for validation.

No. 741705

She ditched Lilou around the time she met Bobby, right? I guess she fogured she'd move to Japan with him and wouldn't need to try to be an actress in LA. Or, maybe renaming herself simply didn't work so she went back to being Kiki. Either way, all she seems to be doing anymore is talking to and staring at herself while patting her own ass. Maybe her parents moved to LA to support her there in the hopes of avoiding another meltdown when she can't find another Asian in Florida?

No. 741719

She looks so much older than she is. Not like 40+ or anything but definitely mid 30s. She doesn't look bad, just very… mature.

Forgiving yourself is all fine and dandy, but it's worthless because you didn't earn any forgiveness for the shit you've done. See an actual psychologist, do some work in therapy, make some apologies, and THEN forgive yourself. God, what a narcissist.

No. 741855

This. If she were focused on true healing she would be challenging herself, issuing apologies to people from her past and directly taking responsibility for her actions instead of just brushing all her past shit under the PC umbrella of "I was hurt & lashed out, but I'm better now sorry". She knows she'll never be able to convince anyone but herself that she's "changed" because in her mind, she can just pretend she wasn't aware of or responsible for calling people faggots and dykes and putting peope down for being ugly or poor, all because back then she thought she was a flawless, untouchable internet queen. Like you said, she's a classic Narc and that's what drives decent people away from her and attracts other narcs to her. She needs legit therapy.

As for her looks, yeah, she's not ugly but she looks older because she's probably malnourished from being a fad vegan for so long. her skin looks drawn across her bones and she has the Crazy Eyes, so all the winged eyeliner and falsies in tbe world aren't gonna help. She looks like those bonebags in the wannarecic thread.

No. 774624


idk why but she's reminding me of an even more awkward shallon lester. she needs to learn to enunciate better if she wants to make self-help videos

No. 775018

I feel like Shallon is atleast somewhat engaging, I always zone out after like 30 seconds of Kiki's 'self help' ramblings, I do think she looks better for some reason in this video though?

No. 775512

File: 1589771195936.jpg (176.17 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-05-17-23-03-27…)

Just like Kiki that her big revelation after all these years is that there's absolutely nothing wrong with her and she's just amazingly awesome.

No. 775760

Does anyone know what she’s actually doing? Like is she still doing acting at all? I’m surprised she hasn’t really tried getting brand deals or being an ‘influencer’

No. 776244

Holy shit she's so manic here. She makes no sense, is gushing about some book that she barely explains, starts tearing up, and then admits she's only 40 minutes into the audiobook. This is not a mentally sound person.

No. 776249

I agree I do not follow Kiki regularly, and if this was a video made by a random person I would think they are rambling and manic, not just because she made it. She needs real help.

No. 776260

As someone who has read the Attached book more than once, and done the exercises it gives (not sure how you'd do the exercises via audio book): she has completely missed the point of the book, and of attachment types.

The book exists to help you find you your own attachment type, and what types of people you should seek to befriend and start relationships based on that attachment type. The goal is to become a balanced person who doesn't HAVE a skewed attachment type - but it gives you an idea of how to seek out healthy relationships when you might not be 100% healthy.

The book gives three attachment types: anxious, secure, and avoidant. The anxious are attracted to the avoidant, and vice versa. The goal is for the anxious and avoidant to seek out more secure persons, and learn how to adjust their behavior to normal based on therapy and having relationships with securely attached persons.

What I got from listening to Kirsten wild eyed rant is that all avoidants are WRONG and SHE isn't BROKEN. Nothing is wrong with her exactly as she is!

Which is absolutely not what the book says. It asks you to knowledge how you behave in a bunch of situations; classify yourself as anxious, avoidant, or secure, and to what degree; and then suggests how to not act out bad behavior patterns by seeking out more appropriate people.

This girl fucked.

No. 776321

I feel like therapy or reading can help some people but in her case, she's digging into old shit and reading too much self help shit and making herself wig out.
She needs to leave shit in the past and stop worrying about all this psychology bullshit. It's not helping her at all and she's just reopening wounds and making herself crazier.

No. 776325

Uh… no, she needs actual therapy. There’s a HUGE difference between reading self help books and actually going to therapy and working on your issues. Kiki focuses on the wrong issues; she’s convinced that she’s just codependent but misses the fact that there are way more issues (see: sperg-chan). If she never gets help for that part (and she never has), she’ll never be able to move on.

No. 776326

Yeah but that's what I mean though. Therapy can help some people but she's not really doing that, she's doing the self help thing and diagnosing herself and going over old shit. I don't think I've heard her once say she is speaking to someone like a psychologist, counsellor or therapist, it's all links to articles are exercises she's 'read' about.
I wasn't saying she doesn't need ACTUAL therapy, I was saying that she needs to stop reading and giving herself labels and revisiting the past. If you read any of her old posts or watch her last few videos, it's all just her rabbiting on about her rape and trauma. I believe it's opening up old wounds that need closure. Like its all just revisiting shit and putting labels on everything.

No. 776334

Got it, I misunderstood what you meant! I totally agree then. She’s focusing on the wrong thing and avoiding treating the underlying mental health issues.

No. 776652

i'm actually surprised she hasn't spoken up before now and that she hasn't chimed in on the dahvie vanity situation. she performed with botdf. there are pictures out there in internetland. it's kind of her thing to speak out about predators from the scene because it lets her paint herself a victim so her not saying anything is weirdly off her brand. maybe she's actually trying to change herself though and live a better, happier life. i would still like to see her show real growth by owning up to her past and apologizing but if she's really trying to be better good for her. it's kiki though so it feels like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

No. 776703


She might have grown enough sense to not want to actively attach herself to this shitshow. Being on stage with him even if she was underage herself at the time (15 or 16) isn't a good luck now.

No. 777360

that or perhaps it's too much for her, i wouldn't be surprised if he did things to her as well.

No. 777651

I wouldn't be at all surprised if anything did happen between them sexually, but there's no way Kiki was forced if it did. Every relationship Kiki has ever been in has been sexual and for personal gain or attention.

No. 778078

but she would have been a minor if dahvie preyed on her. i don't like kiki but it's absolutely not okay to claim that she, as a minor, seduced him or something and that absolves him of anything he could have done to abuse her. not even her being an adult would justify it. no one deserves that.

No. 779179

The recent posts have confused me slightly (outside of the ramblings which are also confusing), has kiki had a rhinoplasty? Or am I completely tripping balls

No. 779966

Her most recent ig post… god. I feel like she thinks she comes off as quirky and fun but it’s odd how stuck in the past she is. She’s so lame.

Also, still wearing only three shirts…?

No. 781435

File: 1592772834521.jpeg (116.43 KB, 1242x2208, 02FF0EEB-9760-4939-8050-0763E3…)

Googling cillian murphy to the right, trying to show that she talks to actual humans to the left, and pretending she looks like center.

Not pictured: her open lolcow tab

No. 781584

lol what is this even?

No. 781666

ig story from yesterday. she’s posting again, but it’s same old dated stuck in 2007 quirky shit

No. 782272

Wait, did she finally cut her bangs?

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