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File: 1555006935210.gif (7.03 MB, 485x340, 1550704691844.gif)

No. 652301

Thread Image Credit: >>642113
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/643915
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

EDIT: Do not post about Lainey unless her content has some connection to Greg. If you desire to start a discussion about her, go to the fakeboi thread or make a new thread about her in /snow/. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. >>647967

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:
> Greg removes his more distasteful Eugenia videos under the guise of not wanting to trigger her. >>644007
> Greg threatens to sue Repzion over videos made about him. >>651666
> Says he'll no longer be sharing any videos with his dogs because people where concerned about the conditions they where kept in. >>644209
> A Patreon pulls their pledge over a joke where Greg expresses his desire to kill mentally disabled people. Greg goes off the deep end because she also pulled her pledge from Lainey. >>644959
> Lainey gets another generic tattoo. >>645006
> Greg asks for help with his aquarium on insta, ends up showing off how bad of a pet owner he is again. >>645040
> Greg goes on another rant about how thoughts and prayers are useless after a mass shooting in New Zealand. >>646343
> Greg releases a video in regards to why he didn't change the diaper of a friends daughter that he was watching. News flash - it makes him look worse than just saying he finds it gross. >>647184
> Tractorgate update >>648222
> Despite all his LGBT virtue signaling, Greg still post about wanting to have sex with two people that have vaginas. >>648640
> Greg releases a video reacting to an old song he wrote about B. >>649219
> JG makes a video on Greg calling him out for all his hypocrisy. >>651197
> Lainey makes a video about her gender saying she's still breastfeeding and is unable to transition. It appears she is looking more seriously into starting the process. >>651666
> Look forward to Kalvin Grarrah making an in depth video exposing Greg's transphobia. >>651867 Lainey is already crying. >>652207

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
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- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.

No. 652313

Perhaps it's good to note again that discussion of Lainey alone is no longer allowed.

No. 652324

Yeah, and discussing anything that isn't "totally relevant", using nicknames for them or anything else that was fun.

No. 652334

watched like 5 minutes of Onion streaming on youtube and he says he can't relate to POOdiepie because he created content for children…

the lack of self awareness is astounding

No. 652336

also when asked which youtubers he likes he said Jessie Page even though he "doesn't watch her".

So how the hell can he like her content then? like what?

He then proceeded to list all the other people he "doesn't watch". And im starting to think this is why his content is trash. Just like people always say if you want to be a writer, you need to read a lot of books (obvious he doesn't do that either), you HAVE to watch things other people create in order to make your content better. he is such an idiot.

No. 652343

He DOES watch those other people though. He pretends he doesn't to try and belittle them.
He's said to Jaclyn on a few occasions when they have argued or he has debated her.
It's a way of being condescending and also a good way of not addressing anything people bring up in anti him videos.

He used to use the tactic of being like 'I have more subs therefore your opinion is not valid' but now because everyone hates him and other people are far more popular he just says garbage like he doesn't watch their content.

No. 652346

I've been watching the stream in the background and it's pretty much 75% him complaining about haters. If we didnt exist he'd have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Kind of makes me want to never mention him again.

No. 652353

File: 1555018793272.png (1.56 MB, 720x1129, Capture _2019-04-11-18-32-44~2…)

Anus started planting shit by himself, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the planting supposed to be done by licensed workers and not by this idiot? It's gonna be hilarious if he gets in more trouble for being a stubborn dumbass

No. 652354

As if his moronic skits or Death Note parodies interest anyone above the age of 10. Even those who liked the ermahgerd so random humor he did back in the late 2000's/very early 2010's are well into their 20s by now. He wishes he could attract any gen Z's to watch his content.

Oh wait. Lol.

No. 652355

The funny thing is even if the most dedicated anti-o's decided to ignore him completely, he'd make new haturz by humiliating his "smarter" patrons.

No. 652356

Are these in his front yard? I can’t really tell

No. 652358

Is there a reason why the last two Onions threads haven't had any titles to differentiate them from each other?

No. 652359


I agree 100%. I was just thinking about that. I wish I had the ability to forget he existed, most times.

No. 652360


I agree 100%. I was just thinking about that. I wish I had the ability to forget he existed, most times.

No. 652367

No. 652370

As much as I appreciate thread making anon (and I do, I really do!) can we start putting the title back next thread? It makes it a lot easier to find.

No. 652371

Talking about yourself in the third person is pretty damn crazy.

No. 652375


It seems to me that he got off very lightly in terms of financial cost but they've really stuck it to him over the 'intrusion into my view of the lake/having a big yard' that started this whole mess.

The fence is particularly hilarious although god knows it's a good idea because the onions can't be trusted.

No. 652378

They're being made to pay for and install a fence that separates his dumpy yard from everything else he fucked up.

No. 652379

File: 1555025048293.jpg (155.04 KB, 685x622, conditions.jpg)

>The applicants shall install blue “Wetland Buffer Boundary” signage along the determined
buffer and construct a 2- or 3- split rail wood fence or Pierce County approved substitute
type fence along the determined wetland buffer boundary and along each side of the
pervious footpath to the lakeshore. This is being required to distinguish the critical area
from the developed portions of the site and help protect the buffer area from intrusion and
other human impacts. An opening in the split rail fence is allowed to have access to the buffer
for maintenance and access to the lake by way of a pervious footpath. Photographs of the
installed fence shall be submitted to the Pierce County Environmental Biologist upon

Is that a normal procedure or is that one for Greg (and other people who aren't very trustworthy) specifically?
Well, he can say good-bye to his great view over the lake and the dock that will never be built.

I bet Greg loves being lectured. Ahahahaha

Sorry for deleting, I didn't want to double post!

No. 652382

he said he didn't watch "someguy827" when he debated him, and yet, he had an in-depth understanding of what consisted in his videos

he sits on his ass all day on the internet; that's his "job". i find it hard to believe he doesn't watch anyone's videos

No. 652383

File: 1555025590642.jpg (121.21 KB, 568x921, plot.jpg)

It looks like Greg "loses" half of his plot when he has to build the fence.

He already had the smallest parcel in the neighborhood but now his trailer will look even cheaper (in comparison to his neighbors' parcels).

He's really the one and only person I "know" that exclusively turns everything he touches to shit.

No. 652386

He got off really lightly in terms of $$$ by not having to replace mature cedar trees, but still. Pervious footpaths aren’t necessarily cheap, depending on what materials the county allows, and fences aren’t either.

No. 652389

Greg is such a fucking retard that they're making him build a fence so that his idiot brain will be able to understand what part of the land he can and cannot touch. Top kek.

No. 652391

My apologizes, it was my first time starting a new thread. If I happen to start a new one again I'll remember to title it.

No. 652434

File: 1555037924145.jpg (376.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190412-035710_Ins…)

I'm drunk. Is shiloh preggers? So many filters that i can't tell if their hands are on her dog, thigh, neck or her leg

No. 652436


I think thats the back of her neck.

I think what he's doing is saying he doesn't "watch" these peoples videos on a technicality. He's not actually WATCHING the videos, he's only LISTENING to them, his eyes never really look at the video, so therefore it's TOTALLY different and NOT dishonest.

No. 652452

he definitely watches every video that is made about him. he is a narc, there's no way he could stand not knowing what people say about him. his defense of "Someone TOLD ME!!!!" is flimsy because he doesn't have anyone left TO tell him. his twitter comments are bare.. his youtube comments are bare.. his patreon chats consist of like 10 people at most. He totally stalks youtube for any and all mentions of him because he makes comments/tweets/videos about them instantly.

Not to give him any idea.. (HI GREG) but if he really wanted to continue this façade of having no idea when someone talks about him outside of "someone telling him" then his responses should be 2-3 days after the video in question happens. not mere hours later.

He is a terrible liar. we all see through you.

No. 652487

Reading the report though this isn't the final say on how the wetlands are handled, there's other jurisdictions involved and they get to state what they deem appropriate restoration, he does though have to build a fence and separate his property from the government's kek

No. 652491

File: 1555077564335.jpg (68.43 KB, 737x494, N6GF9rG.jpg)


This case needs a custom sign in language onision can understand

No. 652497


He got what he asked for: Greg was oh so worried about his children being stung to death by those lethal blackberry bushes and nettles, so from now on the fence will save his family from the dangers lurking out there in the greenery.
It's a pity that his garden will be a lot smaller and he won't be able to boast about his beautiful "lake view" but I'm absolutely sure Greg will be honestly grateful that the county takes keeping his family safe so seriously - since that's obviously Greg's priority no. 1 as well.

No. 652512

lmao I totally missed it at first

No. 652515

>all terrain vehicles are not allowed
Has the state been watched his video of him fucking around with his ATV with Billy the Fridge?

No. 652524

They’re orobably referring to the videos his neighbors sent in of him destroying it with his fisher price tractor

No. 652581

Lol I think many things in this report will infuriate him.

For a while now, it seemed that Grease got a lot of pleasure from fucking up his yard, and it helped him blow off steam/dad responsibilities. From getting a huge truck, renting tractors, and making a million videos about it in the process… The plant instagram is SO middle-aged dad “DIY look what I can do!!!” behavior.

I wonder what he’ll do with his energy now, besides video games.

No. 652584

Kalvin just uploaded his video, it’s 40 minutes long. Can’t wait for onion to get annihilated

No. 652585

You could actually just link the video next time

No. 652605

Oh, I can't wait for Greg's butthurt reaction!

No. 652608

Kalvin makes Greg look really terrible in this video. The clips he provided are really damning.
The only downside to this video is it's length and the amount of ranting.. it kind of convolutes how horrible the clips make Greg look.
But lord he did a number on Greg.
Lainey is going to probably respond by leaving the internet even more than before, but at least Greg should produce some hilarious spergery over it.
Please God don't respond with more fake positivity. I don't know how much more of that bullshit I can possibly handle.

No. 652609

I wish Kalvin wasn't so quick to excuse Lainey and consider her 'dysphoria' real although I can understand that he went with being respectful so that his points wouldn't get dismissed. If Lamey was forced to be bisexual, how can anyone be certain she's definitely FTM? Knowing how pushy Gargoyle is? Other than that, I love how angry he was in this video.

No. 652616

Damn, that clip of Lainey flinching and looking petrified when he thought he'd hit her was pretty damning. Especially after the clip of Shiloh freaking out cause she thought that he would hurt her.

Can't wait to see Greg's reaction to getting his asshole torn by Kalvin and the County's baseline plan.

No. 652619

Taylor is aware of the video and she okay'd it. I wonder if this is exactly what she wanted.
I know onion is super militant about breastfeeding and circumcision but what if forcing lainey to breastfeed is a way to keep her from transitioning.

No. 652620

How do you now she okay'd it? Did she help make this video (like gathering evidence etc)?

No. 652621

I do take issue with the clip of Shiloh though, unfortunately. Because that was from the video they acted out together where Shiloh faked losing her memory and having a "seizure". She wasn't actually scared, that entire thing was fake.
Kalvin did take that clip out of context and I knew there was a high likelihood of at least a bit of false information within such a lengthy video because Greg has been online for over a decade now. There is just way too much information to go through and the more information there is, the more likely you are to get something wrong.
At least Kalvin didn't make too big of a deal out of that clip… I understand that he was using that clip to highlight Greg's cruelty toward women, but that just wasn't the correct clip to use.. even if he used the clip of Greg filming Shiloh where she was having a freak-out and the cops were called would have been better to use as evidence of how he horribly treats women.
Or better yet he should have shown the text messages to Billie ordering her to be chained in his freaking basement… I'd say that is pretty cut-and-dry evidence of abuse.

No. 652623

he DID show those texts though

No. 652624

Yes, how do you know Taylor okay'd that video?
From the tweets she posted on her private twitter account, she seemed pretty upset over Kalvin responding to all of this.
I didn't see anywhere her "okaying it".. unless I missed something, that isn't Lainey's MO. If she had okay'd the video then she would be promoting a video destroying Greg's bullshit character… and we all know she is too much of a doormat to ever do that

No. 652625

Oh okay, I must have missed that part.
I just don't think he should have added the Shiloh clip in particular. The rest was correctly used and damning.

No. 652626

File: 1555109416988.png (67.04 KB, 220x249, Greg Responds.PNG)

Here we go. Get your popcorn.

No. 652629

that was quick even for greg.

No. 652632

This is proof that the video was good.
It scared him. He never responds this quickly.
…the only thing that irritates me is I'm sure we will see mostly bullshit positivity. But who knows.
To anyone wondering, it is starting on the hour within three minutes from now. So whatever your time zone, the bullshit is about to begin.

No. 652636

Live stream just began right now.
Go check, he is live

No. 652641

i am not gonna watch dont got the time but if someone makes a summary u will be a fucking god send to other anons. like >>652632 said it scared him so this is gonna be good.

No. 652648

Oh boy Onion just emailed Kalvin his phone number and seems desperate as fuck to talk to him, HE'S BIG MAD.

No. 652656

How do I grab the live stream when it's finished?
I have no doubt it won't stay on onions channel once his manic anger simmers down.

No. 652659

goddamnit I hope Kalvin doesnt engage with him. DO NOT ENGAGE KALVIN THATS WHAT HE WANTS

No. 652661

He's enjoying the attention. The only way he can get attention nowadays is when "haters" make videos about him

No. 652664

Can some nice anon make a mirror of Kalvin's video plz? You just know Greg is going to try to get it taken down so there should be a reupload just in case.

No. 652673

The whole premise of Kalvin's video doesn't work though unfortunately because it's based on the idea that Greg is holding Lainey back from transitioning when in reality he is the one who gave her the idea to begin with. She most likely doesn't realize that cause you know, abuse victim etc. etc. so it won't make the Avaroes care too much, will probably push Lainey closer to Greg which isn't good, and their fanbases are so small at this point that it really is just a waste of time. Easily forgotten.

No. 652678

I'm going to summarize and use direct quotes from the livestream when it is over but.. just a prior warning, this is going to be LONG because Greg is sperging like nuts

No. 652680

Doing God's work anon

Delicious, anyone have a good idea for a good artwork based off of this latest milk? I can think of 1 or 2, but I don't think they're as good as my last one

No. 652681

If you are the artist that has produced many of the amazing pieces I've seen in the past few threads.. you are doing Gods work as well, anon.

No. 652682

Thanks! Just the last one though

No. 652684

Greg being gay is a joke. He's attracted to the female body and the 'male' mind. He wants to be able to emotionally neglect her with out a fight and use her when she happens to serve a purpose. She can't complain too much because she's suppose to be a man and men shouldn't be clingy and needy, but her private twitter has been showing that he's been taking full advantage of this 'transition'.

No. 652690

Holy shit he is still going on. I was so happy that the stream ended but he just started another stream now.
I am trying so hard to watch and write direct quotes and a summary but JESUS he is sperging hard.
I'll post the summary to the first stream but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to watch of the second… this is hours of bullshit

No. 652691

Do your best
don't worry too much about random rambling

No. 652694

File: 1555117591105.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, giphy (11).gif)

Oh Kalvin , thank you for this! I'm just waiting for the final count of Greg's Freudian slips. Whenever he goes off the rails he reveals more then he justifies

No. 652696

File: 1555118285529.jpeg (298.4 KB, 1125x904, 6923D937-DD5F-4CC1-9C81-8B9599…)

Here’s Lainey’s response about Kalvin’s video.

No. 652697

File: 1555118336892.jpeg (176.18 KB, 1125x765, 3406EAB0-7890-4E7E-B3C9-DC38BF…)

Minutes after Greg posts this.

No. 652699

I gave up after 10 mins. His whole argument is I'm married to a transman and you guys make up stuff! Good luck anon. It looks like he may have already deleted the other stream.

No. 652700

File: 1555118430855.jpeg (323.8 KB, 1125x927, 318B46ED-1C3D-4B1D-9A45-0A7F46…)

Then parish, Lainey.

No. 652703

(warning: Painfully long)
>Begins video complaining that Kalvin is “so dishonest” and that no one will see his stream, they will only watch Kalvin’s video and think he is being truthful. Is clearly extremely triggered and states he is “overwhelmed”.
>”I wish you guys would not support them because they are popular, but support them because they are right.”
>He begins with using the bullshit typed commentary he adds to his videos, specifically in the clips Kalvin used, as an excuse for the words he says. He says that the added written commentary states he is “okay with getting surgery as long as the person is 18+.”
>”It confuses me that you could take someone who is literally married to a transguy, who literally says you can get surgery, literally the dude makes an hour long video stating I am transphobic. How is that okay?”
>”Kalvin says he hates himself. I don’t hate trans people. Explain that to me. Kalvin says he hates himself, he hates being trans, wishes that he was not trans at all.. then I’m the transphobic person even though I love the community.”
>Greg wants to talk to Kalvin directly and says he will talk to him right now. He is very obviously really upset.
>Goes on about how he just made a video yesterday about how much he supports the trans community. “You know that everyone is going to pile on and hate me, I’ve been here for 11 years and you want to cash in on the Onision name. I am going to email you my phone number and that would be great if you straight up call because I think you, uh, need to sort some stuff out because you just made a BS video and I would love to hear your justification. If Kalvin calls me then that’s mad respect for that because then at least you are willing to back up your words and not just hide behind your camera. I just sent my phone number to you. Call me. The video you just made is bullcrap.”
>”You guys are telling me to watch the video but here’s the problem: the video is 47 minutes long. Jesus 47 minutes long. You guys are saying Kalvin has huge balls, then make the phone call.” (Irony considering how fucking long this FIRST stream is)
>“You can prove so many things if you edit it out of context. And no I never made fun of Christina Grimmie getting shot you don’t have proof of that you guys literally just make stuff up”
>“Okay, tax fraud? Yo that’s straight up slander, you have no evidence of tax fraud if you did I would be in jail. I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of Gen Z’ers here. You have no evidence of tax fraud occurring and you can’t just say that without evidence.”
>”I got a report yesterday on the wetlands that primarily the only thing effected were noxious weeds. So again slander. If I got a 500k ticket I would have had to sell my house. These are things that are not true. I don’t know how you say things without evidence and pretend it’s real.”
>”I’m NOT 37 HOLY CRAP. Like how many times do I have to debunk you guys before you realize that none of you know anything about this. I showed actual evidence about the wetlands if I committed tax fraud I WOULD BE IN JAIL you have no evidence of this.”
>”Are you going to support Kai through surgery? YES. This debunks your entire video. He made this video to dehumanize me so you can attack me and not feel bad.”
>”But SERIOUSLY you guys, I am married to a trans guy I will support him through surgery and you call me transphobic? Look at the video that went over yesterday but none of you guys saw this because you don’t care about the truth” (Begins playing the video talking about top surgery/about Lainey that he uploaded yesterday instead of playing Kalvin’s video because he knows Kalvin has serious points and makes him look like an utter monster)
>Actually plays the entire video he uploaded yesterday holy shit.
>This is where Greg begins contemplating taking legal action against Kalvin. He very clearly is considering it, probably because Kalvin gets a lot of views and he knows there is money to be made if he does take him to court and wins (although Greg wouldn’t win). ”He could edit anything to make me look bad this is what’s crazy I don’t understand how you can look at his video and how obviously edited out of context it is and support the guy. This is malice, it fits perfectly with slander, he could easily be sued for the things that he has said because they are horribly damaging.”
>Talks about what he would say to a judge and how the judge would agree with him because he can establish malice and slander
>Finally gets back to Kalvin’s video. Responding to his obsession with teenage girls : “Wow. WOW. I have been married to a 24 year old and have been married to them for 7 years and you are saying I’m into little teens. It does not get more slanderous than this guys. There was a 19 year old who was an adult. The only person I have actually really dated is the 19 year old, is that what you are talking about? Like do you guys even care about the truth at all? My GOD. He just accused me of pedophilia, tax fraud, wetland destruction, the people who saw it, the county and the private contractor, said there was no destruction just elimination of noxious weeds. There is no evidence of gross texts with underage girls. I said that you can get surgery if you are 18+ and I support that.”
>More on the teen allegations : ”Someone said you were with a 17 year old. Are you talking about the person I am married to? We are talking about legal relationships. If it is legal then shut up about it. So you see a perfectly successful marriage, right? And you say that is predatorial? That’s what’s confusing.”
>”Saying I abused my spouse now? Show evidence. You aren’t like a detective. Key point – he hasn’t reached out to my spouse and said ‘yo I’m here to help you I actually believe that you are a transperson. He went on a rant saying ‘if you actually are a trans person’ and then attacks me.”
>”17 is NOT a junior in highschool. Maybe if you are behind, maybe.” (NOT TRUE. Does he think you are 16 your entire Junior year? Fucking moron just denies it because he knows how creepy that makes him look..)
>”Do you have proof I blocked Kalvin on Kai’s accounts? If he is blocked he was blocked by Kai”
>”You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a 17 yo and a 18 yo in a line up dude. It doesn’t make a difference.” (Funny coming from a guy who acts like the legality of relationships is SO important)
>On topic of Billie texts : ”Not 18. 19.. Not wanting to tie people up… when you simplify things… there is no situation of anyone being tied up anywhere. You say ‘Oh you tied up so and so’ but there is no proof of anyone ever being tied up” (Which is not the point that was made at all, the point that was made was that he TRIED)
>Still on Billie : “We shame people for being into certain things and then we are into certain things ourselves.. you watch 50 shades of grey and you are like ‘hurrah’ and he ties her up and people are like yay this is great and then you have someone like me who never actually did that but implied it to make up for someone going behind my back and lying to me.”
>“This guy is going to make like 3000$ on this video trashing me. The whole intro is slander you cannot say definitively someone is guilty of tax fraud when you have no evidence you cannot say someone is predatory towards children when there is no evidence you cannot say these things.”
>On Eugenia Cooney : “I don’t think I made much money at all making jokes.. I did make money spreading awareness about anorexia and spreading information about eating disorders and they are taken down now because I was right and now that person is in rehab and getting help. So I was right the whole time.” (First time he has ever admitted to making money off of Eugenia that I know of.)
>On old tweets that are transphobic : “Whoa you’re still using really old stuff that I already apologized for?”
>Greg’s Influence on Lainey Transitioning : “Transgender individual. Like can he not say Trans Guy? I was calling Kai a guy before he was even confident enough to call himself a guy. Kai was like, ‘I don’t know if I’m a guy’ and I was like ‘no you’re a guy’ and I started calling him that and the more I did the more he adopted it and became comfortable” (Goes to show how much power Greg has over Lainey OOF)
>“He’s saying he’s pretty critical of the trans community himself. Who willingly says he’s critical of the trans community. The difference is I’m showing you the video without editing it out of context and he said he’s critical of the trans community. Who is willingly critical of the trans community? Do you know what that means?” (Acts like he really GOT ‘EM on this point and keeps repeating that Kalvin said he’s critical of the trans community COUNTLESS TIMES.)
>Goes on to try and make Kalvin look bad on this “critical of the trans community” part and that he hates being trans and hates himself. Really wants to make himself look like he is a victim and as if he is apart of the trans community and being attacked wrongly.
>Goes on about how every “gender” is valid and that Kalvin is gatekeeping and transphobic and hates himself. “It’s absolutely bonkers, dude. And people support this guy.”
>On Greg’s multiple videos on Kalvin : “What husband wouldn’t stand up for their husband. What human being would not defend their husband when they are being attacked by someone who is critical of the trans community and is transphobic??”
>On Kalvin referring to Lainey as Greg’s spouse (this is so hilariously ironic later on in the stream) : “GREG’S HUSBAND. Why can’t he call my husband my husband” (Even though he CONSTANTLY calls Lainey his ‘spouse’)
>“HE’S DEAD-NAMING MY HUSBAND. He keeps calling my husband my spouse, he referred to him as they/them, he keeps dead-naming my spouse! reeee” (because Kalvin calls ‘Kai’ Lainey in the video)
>“He is blatantly being disrespectful to the trans community by dead naming my husband and not using the proper pronouns and says himself that he is critical of the trans community.. and says he hates himself. People act like he’s an ally when no, you’re the enemy bro”
>Kalvin states he refers to Lainey as Lainey because of the title Laineybot : “BULLCRAP. He is transphobic.”
>Greg REALLY latches on to this. He repeats about 2 million times that Kalvin hates being trans and is critical of the trans community and is thus transphobic.
>”You guys have bombarded my spouse to the point that he wants to quit. He doesn’t even have a public twitter because of you guys.”
>Kalvin says that Lainey is in an abusive relationship and hopes he gets out because Greg is holding her back from transitioning. So Greg laughs and replays the fucking video he just uploaded about top surgery AGAIN
>Lainey calls and Greg says “Yo I’m livestreaming bro. Yeah I’m livestreaming right now. Okay love you bye. You guys see how I talk to my husband? I literally said bro.”
>Denies that he ever took down the video Kalvin did about Laineybot. “He literally lied to you saying I took down that video. He knows damn well who did the claim against him, it was Kai. It didn’t say anywhere that it was me because I do not own the content, Kai does. He just lied to you guys that’s how much he respects you by the way he says that a claim from Kai is me. LIAR. Tell Kalvin to show the receipts. I can’t take down other people’s videos it would have to have been my videos” (Even though you two are literally attached at the hip and you have access to every account Lainey has..)
>Makes a big fucking deal out of this copyright strike thing which is completely off-topic and no one gives a flying fuck about it. But he thinks he has another GOT ‘EM moment here so he really milks it. Because apparently if Kalvin lied about this then that proves every other point he has made automatically null and void. “Your boy Kalvin is FRAUD. Open-closed FRAUD.” Mega-triggered.
>Kalvin said he was blocked from Lainey’s channel so he could not access the copyright strike or something along these lines. Greg freaks out because he realizes Kalvin commented on Lainey’s video. Re-plays Kalvin saying Greg went on Kai’s account and blocked him again. (HOLY SHIT HE DWELLS ON THIS BULLSHIT FOR SO LONG he thinks he proves through this point that Kalvin is a LIAR so no one should believe him about anything)
>Kalvin says he has never stated Kai is not transgender. Greg shows the comment Kalvin left again where he opens the comment with “Kai if you really are trans”. Greg is very proud of this.
>Ends up stopping the video when he sees Kalvin is defending Lainey and stating that he believes Lainey is transgender because he knows it would make Kalvin look good and he doesn’t want that. Claims suddenly that he cannot sit here all day and do this and his SPOUSE needs him (YES HE SAYS SPOUSE MASSIVE KEK). “I know I’ve already lost because this guy is popular and I’m not. This guy is celebrated and I’m not. So there is no winning for me. If any of these allegations were true then jail jail jail jail jail. But you guys don’t care about facts. If you’re going to attack someone then you need to be honest, not out of context but what they actually said” (even though Greg ACTUALLY SAID every single thing included in Kalvin’s video..)
>Kalvin says he hates Greg. Greg spergs about Shane Dawson : “Have I said I hated Kalvin? I have not announced I’m going to make this totally honest documentary on someone or this totally honest review of somebody and not announced my totally honest bias and all that stuff that goes with it, okay? I’ve made many comments about a youtuber who said he jerked off on his cat, and then admitted it, he described a little child as S E X Y, he said he googled little naked baby pictures, he filmed his 12 year old cousin and told her to strip on camera and told her to eat a hotdog slow for all the child predators watching and so-forth… uh I went after that person because I don’t like when people admit to doing horrible things in a serious tone. I went after that person. But with Kalvin you have a person that admits to hating me and doesn’t care about the truth.”
>“Nobody gives a fuck about what I have to say and that is because so many people have painted a picture that is false and slanderous about me.”
>Goes on about how Kalvin has constantly invalidated Lainey but he is pretending to be more accepting because now Lainey is meeting his standards.
>Greg now states that Kalvin needs to have a discussion with him and get the actual proof. He clearly wants Kalvin’s viewers and the attention it will gain him. “I gotta go. I made my spouse a promise and I am two minutes late. Most of you won’t believe me and are horrible people who don’t care about the truth. Most everything everyone says about me is a lie. It’s generation Z I hate you guys so much most people who are 18 and under you guys are terrible you’re fucking awful and the idea that anyone thinks I would like these people is frustrating because why would I even want to talk to you guys.”
Stream Ends. Note that he started a second but I can’t torture myself to sit through and summarize it. Okay I’m going to go drink hard alcohol until I pass out now.

No. 652710

Thank you so much for enduring Gerg's sperg for us, Anon. You're a peach.

He's really become so predictable. While I was watching Kalvin's video, all I could think about was what Greg would say in his own defense, and it's magically delicious that Greg not only proves how far up his own ass he is about the trans community and his gay marriage, but also about how the law works. No, Greg, not every legal offense is met with jailtime. That costs money, time, and resources. He was fined as a punishment. That doesn't make destroying the wetlands any less illegal.

No. 652711

You're a stronger person than I. Enjoy your drink and I hope you have sweet dreams that do not include this little man.

No. 652714

Bless you anon!

>Lainey calls and Greg says “Yo I’m livestreaming bro. Yeah I’m livestreaming right now. Okay love you bye. You guys see how I talk to my husband? I literally said bro.”

Also holy shit back to the "hey buddy" stuff as some sort of proof he supports transmen kek

No. 652716

Meanwhile, your husband literally does the exact opposite.

No. 652717

Thanks so much.

I'm glad that Greg is losing it. He's right that Kal is going to make good money off this video and I sincerely hope that thought continues to eat away at him. Poor narcs, they hate it so much when they don't have control, it's why he wants Kal to call him.

He is predictable.

No. 652718

Seeing how Kalvin is talking about abuse, the video isn't going to be monetized. That just means Greg can't ree about him making more money than him.

No. 652720

Kalvin explicitly stated that the video isn't even monitized

No. 652721

She's pretty much just doing the same thing that she did when people tried to support her and tell her to leave her abusive relationship. Someone showed genuine concern for her and her possible transition and she goes all, "buh they don't matter".

And then you have this cunt who completely messes every single point in Kalvin's video. This has absolutely dick to do with what he said. It's like someone telling him how abusive he's being and he starts talking about the color of the sky.

No. 652723

>This is where Greg begins contemplating taking legal action against Kalvin

Just like he took legal action against Repzion. Oh wait, that never happened lmao

No. 652724

File: 1555122619544.png (Spoiler Image,306.19 KB, 640x1438, screencapture-twitter-Onision-…)

Just because you're with someone for an amount of time doesn't mean you aren't abusive.

No. 652725

File: 1555122703000.png (40.4 KB, 615x345, Screenshot_8.png)

No. 652726


Greg is such a goddamn pussy. Hes like a kid who covers their ears and screams, "lalala I cant heeeaaarrr you".

No. 652727

he literally went off on Kalvin for calling Lainey a "transgender individual", saying Kalvin is afraid to call Lainey a guy.

This is the dude who constantly says "human" and "buddy" and "bro"

No. 652732

Kalvin, if you see this, don't call him. Last time he was on the phone with Madison DeCambra, he tried to corner her into certain responses and record it so he could make a video or supposedly pursue legal action. It's one of Onision's traps to catch you off guard.

No. 652739

I really really really hope Lainey transitions so we can watch Onion freak the fuck out. We all know he's totally not okay with it. He himself goes on and on about how much he loves the female body, you really think he's going to be okay with never having that again?

No. 652740

Lainey is such a two-faced cunt. She loves to have people feel sorry for her, because those same people are hesitant to demonize her from the genuine wrong-doings she's committed (such as being a literal child predator). That was Kalvin's largest pitfall. Lainey is not some innocent, little lamb who needs to be protected from Greg's wrath, even though she loves giving off that vibe. People have been trying for years to get her to understand that Greg is a massive dickwad, and she hasn't listened. The stupid bitch is always complaining how no one cares about her or wants to validate her problems, when anyone comes along who wants to care about her and and offer support, she burns her bridges. Imo, it's not out of loyalty to Greg. Lainey's proven to be just as shallow and self-centered as he is. The truth is that if she left him and sacked the fuck up, she'd have to actually be responsible and graduate from her victim complex. I'm sorry, but I fully disbelieve that Lainey's tweets aren't coming from her own mind. She's a coward and suck.

If she has a problem with Kalvin, she should just speak for herself, without the use of a private account and without relying on Greg to speak for her. Kalvin needs to stop feeding into Lainey's victim mentality.

No. 652742

So Greg is just gonna keep yelling that no one has proof of the things they say about him, but when Kalvin shows the screenshots and video clips he just skips over them and says "These are so old. I already apologized for that. Next!"

No. 652746

>”Kalvin says he hates himself. I don’t hate trans people. Explain that to me. Kalvin says he hates himself, he hates being trans, wishes that he was not trans at all.. then I’m the transphobic person even though I love the community.”

Lmao jesus christ Gerg how does he not understand that Kal hates having GENDER DYSPHORIA. It's a horrible chaotic issue. he thinks "loving the trans community" is the same as having a psychological and physilogical conflict for your entire life. He still refuses to grasp the concept that being trans is not a pleasant thing and isnt a fucking choice.

This entire rant proves every single point Kalvin makes. The milk is fucking delicious. He jumped down the hole and buried himself in it.

No. 652747

Greg doesn't understand that Kalvin's video was about his history of transphobia, from his oldest opinions on the topic to the newest stuff… But yeah. He can make a whole damn documentary on Shane's old-as-boot inappropriate jokes and call him a pedophile, but if someone does the same thing to him showcasing the receipts of him being a fucking moron, then people shouldn't be critical of him.

No. 652748

kalvin literally refers to Lainey as "he" and "him" and "Kai" the entire video.

No. 652768

All of these "Kai" tweets share his distinct autistic writing style. He must have been having a seizure trying to not to type "most every" in each line at some point and yet all the Onion tells are still there. Lol Kalvin made him so big mad he's going into Defcon 1 for damage control by skin walking his own wife. What the fuck.

No. 652773

File: 1555131418981.jpg (179.42 KB, 627x582, niceskingreg.jpg)

So let me ask you all this. What's gonna happen when YouTube is not making Greg enough money to feel him and his family. Mind you he has two kids.

No. 652778

Watch the fucking video. She dm'd Kalvin saying she was alright with it.
Yes she's crying about it on twitter but it goes to show you how manipulative she is.

Again, watch the fucking video. The video uploaded today is monetized, previous videos before it haven't been.

No. 652780

lol honey chill out please.

No. 652781

Here is the text from the subtitles of his second livestream:

hi I I'm here hmm I know that nobody expects me to follow up a stream with a stream but I have a appointment with the patron in like minutes and until then I just want to kind of chat with y'all commenters who are not here yet but you should be in a moments um I kind of just wanted to talk about literally anything glad to have you back thanks Kinzie says hi thank you Kinzie so it says again dude no not again I mean again but not again you know I mean damn hey hello again hi I don't see chat on the screen I bet I do that's when there it is okay a little definitely not hey hey hi hello how are you guys I just had a talk with Kai good news he laughed I went I went to pick up Kai because that's what he called me before in the last stream and yeah he he thought it was pretty funny what was said about him because here's the thing kai is really really great and Kai he doesn't really want to like thank you for complimenting me that's really nice of you but he doesn't really want to subject himself to all the stuff that I go through because Kai and I'm sure a lot of you guys thanks dev but yeah kai is a better person in so many ways and wants to live his life like wants to have a happy life hey do you care what people say about you being transphobic I mean I think that if anyone discusses it sorry that was someone's comment I think if anyone discusses it they probably care a little bit just saying we love Kai but we don't like you that's weird here's the thing okay so kai really really you know most anybody who's been married to someone for a long time really loves that person so do you guys think that you know Kai appreciates you attacking his husband like you guys don't if you're like for instance um you know I'm not gonna go after someone's spouse and then pretend to be their friend you know what I mean that just doesn't make sense and that's why I like a lot of you guys do like you guys try to like act like oh yeah I'm cool with you but I hate your husband and my husband does not like that as any loving person would so like when you say stuff like that just realize you're being kind of toxic it's like not like imagine if I said that about you like I said I like your spouse to your spouse but I said I don't like your husband or wife to your spouse they'd think I was a piece of shit rightfully so you know they're like how dare you hmm thank you for the much love for myself and I appreciate it for the things you've said and done you don't deserve see you're just being a hater at this point like why would you why would you like seriously know like why would you say that and then be like act like you're cool with Kai it's just a dick move how does being married to someone who's trans automatically make you not transphobic well that's pretty simple it's kind of like saying um like you like let's say let's say people say you hate the smell of cottage cheese yet you eat it every day or you hate the taste of cottage cheese yet you eat it every day obviously you like cottage cheese bro you know it's kind of like a guy saying he's not gay but es d s is the everyday he's gay obviously yeah I know regarding Calvin he doesn't want to actually talk to people and resolve things he just wants to make one-sided videos that only have % of the story and call that a call that a conclusion but I did confirm with Kai that yeah he he blocked Calvin because Calvin was posting he's like a private or a personal account and a public account on Instagram so please ignore all the hates and he said he did it because Calvin was posting his comments all over the place and one of the accounts that he put on Kai's video which was really unsettling you don't respect Kai's gender identity oh really is that why I call him Kai and referred to him as he and encouraged him getting trans surgery if he wants it like that doesn't make any sense please react to bad soundcloud rappers don't got time for that that's funny though thanks for your service appreciate you saying thanks it was three and a half years so you know enough to lose my mind BTS new album is so good love you Greg I think that is cool that you like that album am i pansexual I don't know what I am then it's confusing sometimes I like guys sometimes I don't it's weird and want to say guys I mean guys guys like Jensen Ackles you know like I always like a submissive person typically like there's pretty much nothing bad about subs but like sometimes I'm attracted it's more dominant figures like Jensen Ackles sometimes not there's guys and then there's guys guys and then there's like the big big guys and yeah if Kelvin does not have the right video evidence can you tell us which videos void that right okay so go to youtube.com slash when you see on speaks and type in Top surgery and watch all those videos watch all the videos that show up for my channel on top surgery and Calvin's whole video becomes a big joke there's nothing honest about you if there was nothing honest about me I wouldn't exist there's always something honest about everyone you spend the narratives up so people can agree blah blah blah rates you know you could have extreme opinions of people but that doesn't make it fact what's your opinion on creamsicles I love them how hot is Andy Biersack Andy Biersack is enormous ly hot obviously I mean what kind of question is that do you listen to any rappers no I listen to Eminem I guess do you not realize how offensive to assume someone's a sub just by how they look I don't give a fuck is that if that is that is that the new outrage culture thing you can't assume someone's a sub when they look like a sub there's thing called twink for a reason you support a lot of people it respects the requests regarding pronouns all the time though I know apparently you know a guy who says that he's critical of the trans community is not transphobic and a guy who's openly supportive of the trans community is transphobic that's the logic calvin is so full of Speights the evidence is in Calvin's last he said himself he made the video out of spite yeah so why would you take if someone makes a video out of spite and they admit it why would you take anything they said seriously like if you make an entire video that is literally just designed to be hateful and straight-up accuse people of crimes like he cues me of actual crimes and I'm not even jailed or anything like that so and by the way to get sued by someone you typically like I don't know I don't know what the hell that's about I really don't just to tell you some drill instructor made fun of your video telling people about the Air Force I know of course I drill it ok everybody knows drill instructors are like the worst you think a drill instructors can be like oh you poor you know the Air Force was you know really psychotic too you know he's not gonna know then you think it's kind of redundant the constant respond to hate you have and then defending yourself over and over it makes you look guilty or something yeah not true at all actually let's say for instance um Shane Dawson is a good example Shane Dawson defends himself does that make him guilty you know you just shot yourself in the foot admiring someone who is a package deal how can you admire someone and their spouse no the same took right Kai really does hate this like the whole like it's like people don't understand what it's like to love someone when you love someone you don't like to see other people shit on them but then you got all these people who act like heroes thanks dev that's cool of you but you got people act like superheroes or something like they can just like shit on someone that someone loves very much and then be like oh I'm your hero take my hand it's ridiculous as for as far as Karma I feel like karma is something that we you know lots of people have really long career being horrible and they never see karma really like billionaires a lot of them do terrible things but they're still billionaires Calvin is supportive of the trans video he's critical because everything you should be given critical that's respected ok I challenge you to watch all of my videos on top surgery I challenge you because all my videos in top surgery there's a very clear conclusion there which is very supportive of trans people but that is nothing that image he painted because he himself as that you guys said said it was out of Speights he was not being honest this person says but kind never defends you Kai defends me all the time I mean Kai has me in his videos like Kai behind the scenes as regularly saying how great I am and even in and I said great like good to him but even in his own videos he does talk about his effects like you guys should really go to youtube.com slash Laney bought and actually look at where Kai talks about me and not just say things I'm like proving you wrong with references to the full videos and not just stuff that was out of yeah I love all just joining what bullshit he's spitting now owe me wow you joined with a good attitude this man I got a tattoo and I still can't remember to not engage rights that's selective that tattoo is useful when I need it and otherwise not but what what what do not engage is really helpful for is Twitter but Kai got bottom surgery after Top surgery with us is D cuz you have no idea how many times I said I would SSD dude you guys really don't know if Kai had ID I would s it nobody's gonna use that soundbite because that doesn't help their their agenda it's ridiculous it's spiteful because you defending Kai and the hater don't like that Kelvin one hater yeah I know people should grow up I agree hey man keep your head up you and Kylie cool as hell thanks I thought you said you weren't attracted to men right here's the thing that's what I say I'm like Kai was telling me this the other day sexuality is often a fluid thing like for instance there's a lot of there's like when you date somebody and again this is a soundbite nobody's going to use because it's actually paints the full picture but when you say like I really like man I really like being with men and then you're with a guy who abuses you a lot of people like oh I'm never gonna date a guy again they say that shit and then they wind up dating a guy again human beings are sometimes attracted like a straight woman won't always be attracted to men sometimes she will be put off by men like some people are put off by alcohol right after they drank all night these are how people work we are human so you guys got to think Calvin was it a fun defending Kylie my dude Chi hates Calvin okay Chi has has said on on his own private Twitter which most anyone who follows him can confirm that he does not appreciate Calvin Calvin is an annoyance consistently you say Calvin was defending KY in the video right yeah you know what's funny is the I'm saying yeah as in horseshit um but you you have a person who does not talk to KY does not email KY does not ask him what his situation is and then pretends to be hero after he repeatedly invalidated KY okay why would KY lets okay you guys let me just let me prove my point by just basically being a human being to you guys and using human logic right okay let's say I'm going to the corner real quick let's say you have a boyfriend right and and I really want you guys to understand how annoying this person is let's say you have a boyfriend and there's this person online who says that your boyfriend is abuser and all these things and you know personally that that's not true at all you know personally because you actually live with them and you've seen them all the time and you love them it's a wonderful thing right and then you have that same idiot pretending to be a hero saving you from that person when you know for a fact that that person is actually perfectly fine okay why would my spouse be married to me as long as he is and then be like oh my hero Calvin when there's no rescuing needed you know like seriously go to youtube.com slash Lainie BOTS and watch the extensive videos that ky has made on me about how he really feels about me go ahead I guarantee you Calvin has not put those in his videos Calvin hasn't showed you all the clips of all the the times Kai has said I've helped him along his transition and I've been really supportive this is what's bizarre is you guys do not care about facts at all you do not care about the truth you just want to dehumanize me so you can feel good about ripping me apart you want to hate on someone you want to be horrible towards someone and you want an excuse to do it so you try to convince everybody that I'm as bad as it gets this is painfully painfully true yet you will continue to be in denial because some hip dude that is you feel as in your corner is someone you feel compelled to tribally defend despite how nonsense it is because basic human logic right you love someone you've had a very successful seven plus year relationship with them somebody else goes at first says you're invalid in a video your network has their video taken down that being Kai Kai's network had that video taken down I guess I haven't seen the documents or anything like that the emails or anything like that but I guess had happened I'm not gonna debate it so if Kai's Network had something taken down that probably means that I didn't appreciate it I blocked this person both on a private and a public Instagram I don't have access to Kies accounts in the sense that I never really used Kai's phone for any reason outside using the internet browser sometimes when my phone is unavailable I don't access Kai's Instagram which is where Calvin was blocked I guess on two different accounts Kai very adamantly does not like Calvin so you have this person who's acting like a hero and rips me apart right while pretending to be the hero of Chi and Chi loves me so you guys like imagine you in that situation there's this like there's this asshole who goes around school and they act like they're totally awesome and totally great and they go crapping on everyone who doesn't fit they're cool kids club whatever and then they target your boyfriend or your girlfriend or whatever and they say oh hey everyone look at this person's boyfriend or girlfriend they're trash and everyone's like ha ha ha yeah they're trash and then you got this this other person's like oh by the way this other person who is in love with them and has been with that person for seven years I'm on their side though does that make any like how is that person going to appreciate you nobody knows me in the world better than Kai so if you guys actually support Kai and you respect Kai as a human being and you think that Kai is a good person and all that stuff then respect Kai's ability to be an adult who knows who he's with but you guys don't respect Kai you don't at all you don't respect Kai on pretty much any level it seems because you don't think that Kai is smart enough and capable enough to make his own decisions on who he is with go to youtube.com slash Lainie BOTS watch Kai's videos about me watch Kai's videos about his actual abusive ex who actually committed crimes against Kai federal crimes and you'll understand why Kai has anxiety my impact on Kai all these years when I first met Kai he was very much so presenting feminine but after all these years being with me kai has transitioned and you're thinking that in a transphobic environment that could happen no if Kai a Kai probably will get Top surgery just so you guys know I probably will transition fully maybe even go on t and I'm supportive of that because I love my husband so anyone at this point who says that I'm phobic or whatever I think is overwhelmingly a liar and a fraud because you cannot see the husband of somebody profusely before even this topic really was hugely addressed you cannot see someone profusely prove their point through public statements and through the last seven years of them transitioning my husband transitioning you you cannot prove that more so you guys go on supporting a total lie a sinking ship of fraud and you'll find in time that the liar will expose themselves because that's how Liars work eventually everybody sees exactly what they are and that's how it's been again and again as far as me calling people out I told you someone was suffering an eating disorder I told you they needed help a lot of people were like they're fine leave them alone and I kept saying no we need to get them help and then they went to rehab I told you someone else was going to cheat on their girlfriend I said they're going to betray their girlfriend they're going to abuse them and so etc and it turns out they did exactly that I am a good character witness I am a good person to ask about people I had a friend a while ago and I said that he was a user I said that he was terrible to me and all that stuff and turned out now a huge portion of people know exactly who he is my point is in saying all this is I'm a good character judgment and this person Calvin you're going to see the crack show more and more in time because he is not an honest person if he was an honest person he would have told you he wouldn't have told you that I blocked him because I didn't block him not through not through my spouses accounts he won't have told you that I copyright struck him because I didn't the only thing that he would probably have and his emails is a notice from a network and that network is not attached to my channel and that video that network is attached to my spouse and that video fax anyway I got to go talk to the patron who is actually also my friend because she's an awesome human and we get along great and we've been talking for years so thanks for joining me today and remember if you think a person who has been there before a trans person transitioned and is still there after they transitioned and they're married to them and you think that person is transphobic the person who's in love with someone who's trans and helps their transition all the way along encourage them the whole way encourages top surgery if they need it encourages T if they need it then you're a fucking idiot if you think the transphobic you are fucking moron and subscribers of Calvin if you are supporting that message along with all these other idiotic messages God rests your stupid soul and and and while you're focused on me you're ignoring people who are actually voting Trump who are voting people to get banned from the military and so forth I voted fucking Bernie Sanders bitch absolutely

No. 652807

He also says Kalvin is less of an "ally" than he is because of his criticism of the trans community and his (understandable) negativity on being trans. Greg! He is trans! He's not an ally like you, he's part of the community and thus on a whole another level in the community with you!

No. 652814


I'm like 99% sure Kalvin was referring to the last video he made about Lainey.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 652818

File: 1555152983220.webm (758.38 KB, 320x180, phonecall (1).webm)

I was hoping to hear something tasty on Laineys end of the call, but nothing really there.
We do get a small glimpse of Onion Family Life. He drove his wife and children to the park, and instead of hanging out with them for a nice family day, spending quality time with his kids and "husband" he dumped them there and drove back home to sperg out on a live stream.
And then when Lainey calls him to pick them up he blows her off "hey Im actively live streaming bro" and she had to pester him twice for a time he'll be done and can bring her and the kids back home. Who wants to bet that if he had said it would an hour or two she would of been a good little doormat and said "oh okay fine, see you then"

No. 652830

Jesus fuck wall of text.

Greg is freaking out over this and Lainey is a snake, to no one's surprise. I'm still tinfoiling over him being so supportive as a way to divorce her once she's half-assed a transition.

No. 652834

Why doesn’t lainey drive herself? They have two cars

No. 652837

If you think a person who has been there before a trans person transitioned and is still there after they transitioned and they're married to them and you think that person is transphobic the person who's in love with someone who's trans and helps their transition all the way along (2nd stream)

Is he serious? How can someone actually believe that cutting your hair and wearing (occasionally) a binder means that she has transitioned? Gee Greg, I wonder why Kalvin doesn't think YOU should be the one speaking on/for the Trans Community

No. 652844


The auto-generated subtitles don't include punctuation.

No. 652845

It sounds like he doesn’t know what transitioning actually is if he thinks he’s “helped her through her transition”. She hasn’t even begun the actual transition. The mental acceptance part is the first step, but she’s changed literally nothing about her body. He hasn’t any idea what helping her through her transition means.

No. 652848

If anything, Lainey is even more feminine now as a “transboi” then she ever was when she was a girl back in the day. Like she wears so much fuckin makeup now, when she was a girl she barely wore makeup and mostly went without anything on her face. But she says she more “masculine”? Surejan.jpeg

The only thing she’s changed is she cut her hair shorter by an inch or two and wears a beanie half the time. The outfits are just more aliens and random tumblr graphic prints then her old clothes which just had some stupid Emo band on them or some basic solid colored shirt from target. And she sags her pants a tiny bit now.

Wow. Such changes. Much transformation. Very metamorphosis. Just like a butterfly. Amazing. Wow.

Guess when anons are tired and on their way home from work after a long shift and take their belt buckle out of their pants cuz it’s uncomfy on the train and/or throw a beanie on cuz it’s cold, that means they’re “transitioning” just like Lainey….. and today, just for the small price of $19.99 you too can be like Lainey the space prince!!!

No. 652851

Kalvin is smart accepting "Kai's" tran status and coming at Greg from that perspective, it's easier for Greg to later trip up over it.

If Greg has helped her transition why couldnt he stick up for his 'spouse' when his own mother was invalidating her identity? Why are Kai's family still calling her Taylor and apparently know nothing about their daughter now being their son?

The whole thing is a gimmick. She's already backtracked on non binary and she use to be so proud of her rehearsed tumblrspeak on YouNow. She doesn't do that now because she hasn't got ground to stand on when actual fans of hers start seeking advice about their own issues and finding discrepancies in what she believes. Lainey hasn't a clue. She's been a mouthpiece for Greg since he rebounded to her after Shiloh.

The entire premise of their relationship is to stick it to the haters; Greg's hater at the time his ex fiancé pregnant with another man. He documented the first split with Shiloh, his manic vlogs pre, during and post Adrienne era. The man cannot handle his own thoughts he needs to succubus a woman to get through the day. He got back with Shiloh, they announced their engagement and shit ensued. Next thing he's got a highschool girlfriend and moved across the country to do shit videos while she was in class. Lainey has a loose grasp of what is popular and is a try hard dweeb, clearly not popular and so fixated being on a cheerleader went to an after schools club of mixed ages to 'competitively' cheer. She's a loser and the only thing she had going for her was realising tranny is the new emo and finally as a 20 something year old mother she finally feel like a hip cool teen with her cool hot older YouTube husband.

No. 652854

Wow posting. I'll share some highlights.

>I just had a talk with Kai good news he laughed. I went to pick up Kai because that's what he called me before in the last stream… and yeah he thought it was pretty funny.

Calling it. She's going to act like a total victim and extremely hurt by Calvin's video about her shitty husband.

>"We love Kai but we don't like you." That's weird, here's the thing okay. You know most anybody who's been married to someone for a long time really loves that person. So do you guys think that Kai appreciates you attacking his husband? Like for instance, you know I'm not gonna go after someone's spouse and then pretend to be their friend.

>'I'm cool with you but I hate your husband' and my husband does not like that as any loving person would. So like when you say stuff like that, just realize you're being kind of toxic.
He's desperately trying to latch on to Lainey's 'popularity' for any sort of attention. He pushes this 'package deal' narrative throughout the entire stream. If someone likes Lainey they MUST like him and if they don't they should feel like shit. He also brings up the fact that they have been married seven years. So no one stays in an abusive relationship that long? News Flash!! Abusive relationships tend to last a LONG time because the person being abused is so brainwashed and afraid to get out of the situation. Also the part about going after someones SO was laugh worthy because he's done it before.

>Am I pansexual? I don't know what I am then, it's confusing sometimes. I like guys sometimes. I don't know, it's weird and want to say guys, I mean guys like Jensen Ackles. You know, like I always like a submissive person. Typically there's pretty much nothing bad about subs.

>"If Kelvin does not have the right video evidence can you tell us which videos void that right?" Okay so go to youtube.com and type in 'Top surgery'and watch all the videos that show up for my channel on top surgery and Calvin's whole video becomes a big joke.

So basically disregard anything he's said in the past. The video was about his HISTORY of being transphobic not this weeks narrative.

>"Do you not realize how offensive to assume someone's a sub just by how they look?" I don't give a fuck is that the new outrage culture thing? You can't assume someone's a sub when they look like a sub. There's thing called twink.

>He (Calvin) said himself he made the video out of spite. So if someone makes a video out of spite and they admit it why would you take anything they said seriously

The majority of videos Greg puts out are spite based.

>"Some drill instructor made fun of your video telling people about the Air Force." I know. Of course everybody knows drill instructors are like the worst. You think a drill instructor will be like, 'oh, poor you'. You know the Air Force was really psychotic.

>Karma is something. You know lots of people have really long careers being horrible and they never see karma. Like billionaires, A lot of them do terrible things but they're still billionaires.

Good news for old man Greg. He's getting to see karma first hand.

>"If Kai got bottom surgery after top surgery would you S his D?". You have no idea how many times I said I would S his D dude. You guys really don't know. If Kai had a dick I would suck it.

Says the man who won't even give her oral.

>Watch Kai's videos about me. Watch Kai's videos about his actual abusive ex who actually committed crimes against Kai, federal crimes, and you'll understand why Kai has anxiety. When I first met Kai he was very much presenting feminine but after all these years being with me Kai has transitioned.

Lets not mention that the reason she first got a girlfriend was because he wanted to have sex with two females. The second girlfriend she had, Greg kissed her before Lainey even did.

No. 652856

File: 1555173999323.png (123.15 KB, 640x539, screenshot-twitter.com-2019.04…)

No. 652858

File: 1555174141670.jpg (221.55 KB, 996x2047, D35i2DzW0AA_T6F.jpg large.jpg)

No. 652879

This is going full on tinfoil but is it possible that Onision is purposefully dragging out the wetlands debacle in order to keep his marriage together in a similar fashion to cult leaders keeping their followers in line by constantly making up impending disasters? The more worried you - in this case Lainey and maybe even the kids - are about external stressors the less time you have to think about how you as an individual are doing emotionally.
On that note, Greg even acts like a cult leader towards his patreons, lovebombing them while they're in his grip and harassing and attacking them when they leave.

No. 652886

What if Greg is planning to leave Taylor after she transitions? What if the reason he is being so supportive of her transitioning is because he wants an out? Maybe he is hoping that once she gets on T for awhile she won't be that attracted to him anymore (I thought looking at him in the real would be enough but she still has uwu vision).

Then Grug can be like "I will always love you because you're such an 'aMaZiNg HuMaN' but it turns out I'm not really gay soooooo this marriage isn't going to work for either of us anymore."

Honestly it's perfect. He doesn't have to concede that the "hatUrZ" were right, he won't blame himself because he can't help that he is straight and that "Kai" was really a man the whole time, and he can eliminate his competition for barely legal poon.

No. 652887

I believe so too. I'd be very surprised if he wasn't already grooming a few possible Lainey 2.0s among his patreons.

No. 652897

File: 1555180121776.jpeg (248.07 KB, 750x577, E31058D1-9752-4E96-BA8B-DBF3C7…)

For the record, Billie came on to me. I’m sorry it ruined Lainey’s marriage. It was a mistake. Billie was amazing in bed. I feel horrible saying that, but despite me hating her to this day for what she put Lainey and I through… she was incredible. Best I ever had.

No. 652904

Funny thing is the whole point of kalvins video was for greg to shut the fuck up and let "kai" speak for himself - ofcourse all we got is endless onion ramblings and lainey being quiet as a mouse. Their behaviour just proves what he said. Lainey could make a video defending her totally-not-abusive&transphobic husbend, but she won't because he did all the things he was accused of.

No. 652910

Maybe they had to get rid of one because of their financial problems. It's pretty funny that they had to downgrade from 2 Teslas to this. Karma is a bitch

No. 652911


That’s what makes me nervous. We know he has a pattern of wanting to mark his partners in some way (tattoos mainly) but making irreversible changes to Lainey by encouraging her to actually medically transition is scary. If she actually isn’t trans as many fairly suspect, that’s a nightmare.

He will either leave her or heavily pressure her to get a female third for him and keep her around to abuse and for cleaning/child care/dodging expenses of divorce.

It is clever of him to say she’s trans but it might actually have bad long term consequences because he has to pretend to be encouraging of her transition, which might actually push her to transition.

No. 652912

Big yikes. I don’t know if it’s to distract from being called out or what but he’s still very clearly missing his third. Tbh im really surprised he hasn’t pushed her into getting another one. I didn’t think he would be shit down by Lainey for this long. I wonder why.

No. 652916

Feels like he's spiraling out of control. I'm expecting Taylor's gonna have to wear a lot of make up in her next video to hide the bruises. Does he have guns in the house? I hope not.

No. 652920

File: 1555183937358.jpg (126.27 KB, 1024x686, D4DcZGpWsAAuzD4.jpg)

Kalvin tweeted this

No. 652926

>All the best,

That line alone will make Greg ree. That is if Greg even reads his response. We all know Greg reads at a first grade level.

No. 652927

File: 1555184519700.png (943.27 KB, 1440x1818, Screenshot_2019-04-13-15-37-08…)

>Third email

Kalvin really got to him lmao

No. 652960


>'I'm cool with you but I hate your husband' and my husband does not like that as any loving person would.

Lainey has been saying for the longest time "I'm not Greg!" to distance herself from her husband's shitty actions and saying that it's ok to like her but not Greg as they're very different people. Now Onion's trying to act like they're one and the same as a shield from criticism. You can't have your cake and eat it too

No. 652969

Lmfao, nailed it anon.

No. 652980

Is there something wrong with on my end or did onion disable comments on his response videos because they were so negative about him ?

No. 653030

It takes two to tango.

Billie fucked him, but went along with it as a married man and the "most honest youtuber". To this day Taylor denies Greg ever cheated lol

No. 653037

This is what is always so annoying about his whole defense. Billie did not make any vows. She is a free woman to do what she chooses and it’s less morally corrupt to cheat on your casual girlfriend of a few months than your WIFE

No. 653059


Probably. He disables his comments or deletes 90% of them. On lainey’s videos he only deletes ones that make him look bad, not any about her. He probably gets off on people telling her all the things he wish he could himself.

No. 653080

File: 1555204343998.png (161.3 KB, 644x583, sueyou2.PNG)

Also this, apparently, Greg is gonna "make an example" of Kalvin like he is with Repzion..

No. 653083

What kind of lawyer is he talking to. I can only assume one that accepts payments in taco bell.

No. 653084

File: 1555204604703.png (163.58 KB, 563x614, kalvinresponse.PNG)

Also, Kalvin's response.

No. 653085

Yes. When I wrote out the summary for the main stream, Greg mentioned numerous times that he would win if he took Kalvin to court.
He brought up slander and malice several times as well. And when Greg looks at Kalvin's channel, you know all he bitterly sees are dollar signs.

It is extraordinarily hard to sue for slander and malice though considering Greg's extensive past of doing just that to many others on a public platform.
There is no possible way Greg has the money to pay a lawyer to dwell on these lawsuits for as long as would be necessary either.
He can dream about it all he wants - but Greg will never be able to go through with this.

No. 653088

Greg is the KING of taking things out of context and he does it in this very email by saying Kalvin said he was making the video out of spite, when he ACTUALLY said he was monetizing it out of spite. And Greg also took things out of context when he spent half his stream sperging out about Kalvin "lying to his audience" because kalvin reasonably assumed Greg was the one who reported his video on Lainey. How Greg is so blind to not see this is beyond me, but I truly think he believes he is the rightgeous one. He is just that delusional.

And speaking of delusional - it's no different from his threats to sue Repzion, but the dude seriously doesnt know what slander means. Posting screen shots and actual video clips someone has public on the internet and commenting on them is not slander. But yeah, I'm preaching to the choir here.

No. 653090

Onion scared a couple girls in the past by threatening to sue (like Madison or Billie) and he thinks it will work on everyone. Imagine the extinction burst he will have when he realizes that's not the case

No. 653091


Wasn't he financially better off at those times though? Making it more believable that he might sue whereas now he's soon to be as broke as a hobo.

No. 653093

It wasn't but a few months ago he threatened to sue Madison if she didn't issue a public apology for her comments on him being a pedo. She ended up doing exactly as he asked during an IG live. The way he instructed her to and everything.

No. 653100

Are you by chance a Psychology student?
Sorry for OT but I am currently training rats with operant conditioning and seeing your mention of an extinction burst was hilarious to me.
I'm just imagining Greg reacting as the rats do with extinction - he is so used to experiencing positive reinforcement to this negative behavior. Now suddenly, that reinforcement is gone because these boys aren't scared, they're laughing at his dumb ass. Just like the rats, Greg is going to start banging on shit and begin to make hissing noises. Lmao he is such a gross triggered creature.(armchair )

No. 653110


My favorite but of Greg's stream was him basically laying out how he pressured Lainey to be accept herself as a "guy" - the conversation he tries to defend himself with just lays how extreme the manipulation was

No. 653121

>Apr 13 at 1:23am
>Early Access: This Changes A Lot… But Not Everything
>The future of this patreon: The greatest videos I've ever made, released here first, uncensored. This video does not mean the end, it means something familiar gets even better.
>I hope you're excited for many more sketches & other content that reflects the art, and not so much the person behind it.

>Apr 11 at 7:09pm

>Uncensored: Chibi Tries Drugs
>I was live broadcasting on the OnisionSpeaks channel today (will have to post the feed here too in the future) ~ and it was requested I make a Chibi video… I have not done one in a while, and have been asked many times, so finally, here it is :)

>Apr 11 at 12:46am

>Uncensored: Turns Out, I Was Telling The Truth The Whole Time
>Thanks for believing in me, I wasn't messing around when I told people what happened all those years ago, and now, every honest person has to admit that.

>Apr 8 at 9:15pm

>Uncensored Patron Requested: ASMR Mukbang + Hate Comments
>This was… a challenging experience. On Discord, this video was demanded of me. I don't understand ASMR. I don't understand Mukbang. But you guys requested it, and I want to make you smile… even if I don't even remotely get it.
>Haha :P Seriously, please don't make me do this again… please. Please.

>I Was Catfished…
>I talked about this on discord yesterday and thought it would make a good story time! Have you ever been catfished??
>Also, do you like this kind of video? I have a few more cool stories to tell so if you enjoy this I'll definitely do more :)

NOT WORTH THE WATCH. She was 'catfished' on myspace when she was 13. Someone pretended to be their friend and she talks about how cute he was and how she may still have his picture. Creepy. Anyways she doesn't know what the girl was trying to accomplish but she wished she tried to hit on the girl as well.

No. 653132

blahblahblah BETTER THAN EVARRR blah blah blah

if i cared enough i'd search through every status update he's made where he claims to come back "better than ever" and then just comes back with repeats of all his old shit.

Greg you are BORING. Your haters are getting tired of you. I think it time to forget you exist.

No. 653140

Greg's Twitter is now a "character" and hes also removed his onion speaks channel from his Twitter bio. He is fucking panicking at how much Kalvin destroyed him. How pathetic it's almost painful.

Kalvin actually nearly made me feel bad for Greg's poor confused 'spouse'

No. 653151

>> I have already reached out to a lawyer

Greg, it’s Saturday.

No. 653199

I'm crying.

>Kalvin actually posted his video on April 12th, which was a Friday, so obviously onionboy saw his lawyer THAT DAY…

though we'll just ignore that lawyer's offices close at 5 o'clock and are notorious for their appointments being weeks later…

He's a fucking idiot, honestly.

No. 653205

File: 1555232961664.png (570.31 KB, 800x800, lolsuit.png)

No. 653206

Lmao holy shit, next thread pic please

No. 653207

That is perfect thread OP material. Thank you anon. kek.

No. 653212

"I'm suing you, I'm also suing you, I'm going to sue everyone who talks bad about me reee"

He really desperately needs money. Too bad he won't win any case and has to bear the costs. Grow up Gerg.

No. 653214

Wonder if it's the same corrupt lawyer he had for the wetlands that made him forgo court because he's thick as shit and just to start paying out for the destruction he caused?

Greg's such a retard. The only reason people bring up his tax fraud and wetland destruction is because it's happening, there's official government documents stating the ongoing process.

It's not illegal to laugh at someone ignorant of laws and procedures Gregory. It's especially funny when it's a washed up YouTube star with an ego complex. Trollolol etc

No. 653216

Do you reckon the Onion's are down to one car or have they damaged one somehow? He went over the 20 minutes from her phone call in the livestream, wonder when he bothered to show up to collect his wife and 2 small young kids at the park lol. Do you think he ushered them out to the park to do the livestream since Lainey apparently okayed Kalvin's video? She always distinctly states how she's not Greg and not responsible for him like other anons stated, yet he attaches himself to his hot topic trans boo and uses her as a shield.

I reckon as the kids age Onion is going to have a harder time getting his sperg outs online. Hopefully he'll realise and fire a good few dozen out. Let's get this car crash rolling

No. 653219

Onision looked absolutely panicked at his first livestream. There was actual fear in his eyes at the fact he could not control what was said about him. First time I have seen him react that way

No. 653223

this made my morning, bless you, anon

No. 653225

>>Lainey calls and Greg says “Yo I’m livestreaming bro. Yeah I’m livestreaming right now. Okay love you bye. You guys see how I talk to my husband? I literally said bro.”
If this isn't the biggest proof that he isn't attracted to men and can only treat them like friends then Idk what is

No. 653232

Especially since there’s so many terms of endearment that aren’t specific to gender like “honey” or “babe”.

But nope he decides to go with bro or buddy

No. 653234

Exactly! I have never heard a gay male couple, especially a married older couple, ever call each other “bro”, “buddy”, “pal”. Does he not understand that gay men use the same loving terms as heterosexual couples?

No. 653236

While I'm living for Kalvin's well thought out responses it's probably best he doesn't reply to more emails from Greggles. It'd be nice to publish them just for us to laugh but emailing him back is just feeding him attention.

No. 653237

as much as i love the current milk with kalvin, i also feel the same way wrt him responding to greg. i understand that likes and views are a very powerful form of social currency now more than ever & you’re right when you say it’s just giving grugly more attention, which is what he wants.

while kalvin’s made some very astute points, it’s hard to watch greg twist what he’s saying and misconstrue every single point that he makes. the willful ignorance of this man becomes more and more astounding with each passing drama episode bc he’s trying to hard to hamster his way to the narrative he wants to set (“I AM THE MOST HONEST YOUTUBER BUT I AM ALSO A CHARACTER BUT I AM ALSO RIGHT ALL THE TIME FAAAAXXXXXXXXX!!!!”)

No. 653247

You can even see him start shaking a little bit during the stream, boy was scared as fuck.

No. 653249

File: 1555251389074.png (145.68 KB, 719x666, kg.png)

No. 653257

lol onion's so delusional. He either thinks he's got a legitimate case or that he's somehow intimidating enough to stop people from outing/criticising him. Both are stupid ideas.

No. 653259

Greg is delusional as always. All Kalvin did was try to encourage Lainey to talk for herself and transition if that's whats needed.

Point 1. Kalvin's video was about the HISTORY of Onision's transphobia. The only person that made Greg look bad was himself. He put out video after video of his transphobic views publicly.

Point 2: How did this video (or the "Onision Lost In Court" video) financially damage Onision? Greg made several video responses (monetized) as well as live streams in witch he received tips from his fans. As far as damaging the "Onision" name, Greg has already realized that his own actions have done that long ago. Hence the whole Character fiasco.

Point 3: No one went after Onion's family. What Greg is trying to pull here is one of the scummiest things a person can do. He is trying to wear Lainey and his children as a shield to protect himself from criticism that he rightfully brought upon himself.

No. 653262

Kalvin is approaching cow territory at this point. She knows Greg is a narc who thrives on causing drama and her actions are triggering him to escalate but she's gotta get that clout.

No. 653264


Okay, but why are you calling Kalvin her/she? Lmao. Don't be an ass.

No. 653265

Come on, blend in with the rest of us so your vendetta isn’t obvious.

No. 653266

No, he isn't. He is doing something that needs to be done and that is showing how delusional and disconnected from reality Greg truly is. He's made lawsuit threats literally for a decade now. Nothing has happened, nor will it ever happen. This shows the lengths of mental gymnastics Greg employs to make himself feel right.

No. 653268

As long as there's still teenagers giving greg money, I'll support anyone putting out solid evidence of his shitty behaviour, which is all kalvin is doing

No. 653269

Do y’all remember how he reacted when Shane Dawson threatened to sue? His reaction was hilariously ironic. He will use his family as a shield for anything despite being a shitty husband and a shitty father.

No. 653270

he's acting like he didn't do tax fraud but didn't he get a huge fine? or is he claiming it was negligence, apparently for negligence you are charged 20 percent of the underpayment(i looked that up, not sure if true) but wasn't his fine insanely huge? i feel like it wouldn't be that low of a percent but i dunno, if he were actually to go to court he definitely can't lie about that

No. 653271

I'd honestly love for this one lawsuit to become true!
Tinfoil, but this might ruin Greg's life more than ever: Greg's trying to spin it the way that both Repzion and Kalvin, try to destroy his family aka he'll have to reveal what's going on in that house of his to his lawyer. Enough wrong words on how manipulative and abusive he behaves towards Lainey and the kids - and we've heard him slip up so, so many times - and CPS might finally find what they've been called for some time ago. He'd dig his own grave by going after Kalvin / Repzion for that particular reason, we all know that.
He's fucked up his career, he's fucked up his property, and the final nail in the coffin - fucking up his marriage / family.

No. 653272

The wetlands lawyer only does that kind of law.

Greg isn’t going to sue anybody. Kalvin, unlike Madison, is smart enough to realize that.

If some miracle occurred and Onion got together the money (ha!) and found a lawyer stupid and venal enough to file a suit against Kalvin, Kalvin could easily crowdfund the money for a lawyer.

No. 653273

Lmao this sounds like an onion fan trying to delegitimize Kalvin’s video. He’s not a cow, he makes some videos about onision and not making videos just to insert himself into the averoe’s life like Sparkles or w/e. He had some valid points and his trans perspective is important for holding onision to some of the shitty things he’s done.

One thing I did think kalvin got wrong in his video was thinking when Greg said he liked a dude’s brain in a girl’s mind, it wasn’t because he wanted someone who is trans but won’t transition it’s just that he flat out is a misogynist who thinks girls are vapid and bad. Like you can see he genuinely doesn’t like/value women throughout his history on YouTube.

No. 653274

Kalvin's points about Onion were pretty good and I'm glad that more people have noticed how much of a abusive misogynistic piece of shit he is due to Kalvin's video. Kalvin is tolerable aside from being a troon with a straight girl fetish.

No. 653275

I think he's still just trying to convince people that he had 0 blame for claiming his divorce etc on his taxes lol
His bill/fine would not have been so huge if they thought he wasn't at fault

No. 653276

I wonder if Greg was so upset because Kalvin has opened Lainey's eyes about her own situation and now Greg's losing his grasp on and influence over her.
He's pretty much in a quandary right now:

1) He can help / enable / force Lainey to transition which he hates because he likes girls.

2) He can keep influencing Lainey to stay in that in-between transgender state (so that he stays married to a woman but she can attract other girls because of his "trinity" obsession) and revealing that he indeed IS a transphobe / homophobe.

check mate

No. 653278

He uploaded video about Shiloh on speaks about an hour ago. He looks seriously weird in the video, like melting plastic.

No. 653279

comments and likes disabled of course

greg everyone already knows that sh has issues, that doesnt make you innocent.

No. 653280

File: 1555257985904.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x2216, 2CFC8F2F-CF10-4905-A05A-BB5B5A…)

This one? Looks like he disabled comments.
Also he’s been in contact with Shiloh’s abusive ex-boyfriend. 10/10 feminism, Greg.

No. 653281

File: 1555258022720.jpeg (369.61 KB, 1125x917, 34D9925C-36CE-4FB6-A907-92EA01…)

No. 653284

File: 1555259044698.png (40.29 KB, 745x335, no one cares.png)


I haven't watched but here is a mirror for anyone who wants to take a look with out giving this little man views.

No. 653286

File: 1555259545356.webm (4.83 MB, 420x360, shiloh ex (1).webm)

Here's Shiloh's not-so-clear conversation of her ex telling her he was going to contact Greg to ruin her life after she exposed him for not only cheating on her, but beating her as well.
For context, this happened February 5th, 2019.

No. 653287


Aww, so much for Greg's hOneSty.

so much for "don't make things up about people you've never met"

No. 653288

File: 1555259846695.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, image1.png)

No. 653289

File: 1555259868802.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, image0.png)

No. 653292

isn't your body stiff when you have seizures? also how did she record it, did she know she was going to have a seizure and hit the record button? i honestly think this chick is kooky, but being in a relationship with someone like greg at such a young age probably messed her up bad, also her ex is an idiot thinking greg could somehow redeem him lol

No. 653295

I'm pretty sure the body is stiff but I could imagine it'd be easy to throw her around or whatever happened.

No. 653297

Seizures are often preceeded by 'auras' which are similar to the symptoms migraine sufferers get before a migraine. So theoretically it's possible that she felt the seizure coming on and hit record before she actually seized. Or alternatively, she wanted to record Gorg being abusive towards her and the stress from the abuse triggered a seizure/ a seizure just coincidentally happened while she was recording.

No. 653306

i didn't know that. then i guess she could be telling the truth. my sister is an alcoholic and her ex used to violently swat her with a flyswatter when she was passed out leaving welts so i'm not surprised her abusive boyfriend would hurt her while she's incapacitated, seems like something cowardly abusive people do. it's gross that greg is so happy to take the side of the abuser. also he turned off comments so no one could come to her defense, i guess he doesn't even want his comment moderators to see what people have to say

No. 653310

It wasn’t Greg she was recording, it was a recent ex that Greg seems to be in contact with.

No. 653323

File: 1555265726327.jpeg (469.31 KB, 750x1289, 381741B3-428A-4F52-B0B0-DB6609…)

As if we needed any more proof as to how Onision truly feels about Lainey becoming a man, these are his publicly ‘liked’ videos on OnisionSpeaks. What reason would a grown man with two kids have to watch cute women ‘try on bikinis’ kek

No. 653340

File: 1555269756746.jpeg (370.73 KB, 1125x1066, 6C86976B-649C-4878-8C8E-0E6987…)

So amidst Greg still obsessing over Shiloh (and essentially e-stalking her) and reeing over Kalvin Garrah, he’s fighting with himself on Twitter.

No. 653342

You can have seizures due to mental illness. Those type of seizures have different characteristics than seizures brought on from actual epilepsy. I know this because if you go to see a neurologist for epilepsy, they will require a multitude of tests to prove that your seizures are not induced from psychological problems.
If S is still claiming to have seizures, my money is on them not being due to any form of epilepsy. And yes, during seizures your body tightens up to the point of actually feeling like it is going to break.
While she may have begun filming while an aura came on, the likelihood of "being thrown around limp" while experiencing a seizure is non-existent. Unless, of course, it is caused by psychological rather than physical maladies.

No. 653347

He's such a psychopath. Can't wait for him to sperg out so hard someone's coming to the swamp taking him with them and driving him to a mental hospital.

No. 653348


wrt cute women in bikini videos, if you keep watching videos like that, apparently YouTube's algorithm would direct you to videos of even YOUNGER girls in bikinis.

though i'm pretty sure that issue was addressed, it sure makes you wonder….

No. 653375

I think you might be right onions true fear is that Lainey will be pushed to transition and then he will be forced to look like a hypocrite by getting a divorce or be stuck with a man

No. 653378

I find it funny that Onion admitted in the past he felt no real spark for his wife and just kind of settled for her because she was there and talked himself into his attraction to her by saying she had an "Allison Mack from Smallville" vibe considering the real Allison Mack is now in jail for sticking by and helping a narcissistic psycho run a cult that preyed on women including branding them, threatening to expose them by having them tell their darkest secrets, and alienating them from their families. It's basically the alternative timeline for Onion's failed cult, I bet he's seething he didn't have the same success as Keith Ranier.

No. 653384

Onions new video is pure bullshit . He thinks because someone he dated did bad things that makes him innocent . This is a logical fallacy and he is deflecting . Just because his ex lied and did bad things doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong , both can be bad

No. 653388

He has a backdoor tho with his ~poly~ thing. I don’t think he would actually care that much if he gets to have a female looking girlfriend.

No. 653390

Good point maybe he will use it as an excuse to get a new young teen girl since his husband can’t provide him with what he needs anymore .

No. 653410

Hello friends there are several different kinds of epileptic seizure. You are all probably thinking of grand mal seizures, which involve convulsions and are the most famous kind. There are epileptic seizures which do not affect the body other than a loss of consciousness (absence seizures) and focal seizures which also don't necessarily cause convulsions and can cause sudden overwhelming emotions, like fear, and hallucinations.

There are also (equally medically valid) dissociative seizures which are non-epileptic and caused by psychological problems, and they may or may not involve convulsions.

Not to say that Sh has actually ever had any kind of seizure of course, but it's very possible to have one that doesn't involve involuntary movement or muscle spasms.

No. 653417

File: 1555290843533.png (777.7 KB, 1366x728, GIkHXFX.png)


It's well known that was faked along with the fake baby. It's not worth getting into.

Before Taylor came along he had many videos about bisexuals being cheaters or sluts in AJ's case. The idea for poly came about when "haters" uncovered Lainey's old dating profiles listing her as bi. When it got onion's attention he decided that lainey needed a girlfriend.

No. 653433

I'm sorry but Sh has well-known serious mental problems. It is documented, the girl is nuts. While Greg definitely was abusive towards her, that doesn't change the fact that she isn't a reliable source of any information.
The baby and the seizure… its just too much bullshit for me.

No. 653447

he's stated before that he loves lainey because she loves him, and no one else will ever love him that much aka put up with his bullshit for that long and idealize him and suck his ass because lainey's a fangirl

No. 653458

The caps >>653288 posted aren’t about the fake seizures she and Greg made a video about. The caps aren’t even about Greg, the caps are about Shiloh’s recent ex boyfriend who threatened to call Greg and “ruin her life” after she called him out publicly for abusing her. Judging by the description of his most recent video, >>653281
he has been in contact with her exes.

Shiloh isn’t very stable nor is she a very reliable witness but, the fact that Greg is possibly in contact with an ex who beat his ex girlfriend is pretty fucking sketch. It only makes him look worse.

No. 653468

True. I am really amazed that Greg is actually entertaining her ex. He has no idea who is telling the truth in this scenario. That man could easily be a woman beater. And he is publicly supporting him.
What a piece of shit for this dude to contact Onision just so he could bash her. Really revolting.

No. 653480

He didn't allow it for Lainey's benefit though. He allowed it for his benefit. Shortly before Billie even got in the picture he was already being an asshole to Lainey. Shoving her away from him in livestreams and shit. I bet he was already done with the relationship, probably after Lainey found out she was pregnant tbh. Her dating profile stating she was bi was probably a golden ticket to teen poon city for him because he didn't want boring ass Lainey anymore but now he fucked up and knocked her up. Now he just had to manipulate boring ass Lainey into making her think shes special or cool for going along with Girks stupid ass "trinity".

No. 653525

File: 1555306796257.png (7.9 KB, 275x256, patreon 4 14.PNG)

I am going to begin keeping closer tabs on Greg's patreon. His numbers have fallen dramatically. Today alone he lost several pledges.
I believe once this number drops below 2,000 permanently and no longer raises above it, we are going to see more desperation and outrage.

I wonder if Greg really believes two separate lawsuits will actually save him financially.. this is where the desperation is beginning to show through Greg's cracked, botox riddled exterior.

No. 653537

Doing God's work anon lmfao

Towards the end when he is watching Sh's ex talk about how he gave up so much of his time and energy for her, Grug basically wants to lick his asshole and call him "bro" because he had to endure the same howwible tweatment UWU.

Greg YOU convinced her to live with you in WA, SHE moved from Canada to be with YOU. Incidentally she ended up putting a promising music career on hold and focused on making YT videos with you instead. She even got her producer at the time to join in. She didn't have anybody but you (gee sound familiar?), so yeah, maybe she was needy but Jesus Christ you act like she didn't make any sacrifices for your dumb ass and was just a leech. If anybody is leeching it's you because you STILL post videos with her in them (even after she had requested multiple times for you to take them down) which is just really fucking weird and gross. Who cant let go of who again?

Oh and fuck off with telling people "ShE wAsN't 16 gUyz". Yeah, your right Grug she wasn't, she was 17. Which really makes fuck all difference because she still wasn't an adult dipshit. You're thirst for jailbait has always been strong Grugly, the history is well established lmao. Now go make your husband a sandwich bitch.

No. 653554

Does anyone know if Sh has reacted publicly on social media about Onision's video…?

I'm curious.. if I were her I would be furious

No. 653560

Nope, she hasn’t and probably won’t. It’d be stupid of her to do so if she actually is pursuing him.

No. 653568

In the video about Shiloh, it's a LauraRose who tells him about the video. I'm not Patreon savy or anything like that so I don't know if you can find people on there who aren't actual creators, but I searched through Google and there is absolutely nothing about a LauraRose that comes up except for that one Onision mention. What are the odds that is a fake Patron he's made to convolute this entire thing?

No. 653583

I found the patron story of his weird too. So he has a female patron claiming to be Sh's ex gf during Sh pretending to have all the memory loss and him dumping her. He then claimed he was single for 3 months before Sh and him got back together at Cyr's in LA and he proposed to her but that didn't fit that videos narrative. He was a poor victim that had to flee Washington. Remember his relationship with AJ lasted 2 weeks and in that time he was trying to convince AJ to abandon her pets and move in with him. There was no 'months'. When exactly is Sh suppose to have had a gf, wasn't she also talking with AJ and Sh mom was also talking with AJ.

Also love how he called Lainey just 'another person'. "I found another person because I'm a codependent insecure pussy." how romantic.

Also who taught Greg the word baseline. Sh is not the baseline for your degenerecy Greg, I believe while married to Skye you'd scream out her teenage sisters name during sex? You also tried to start a cult? Didn't you assault your dad after being a bitch to the stepmom you fantasised about because your daddy wouldn't let you see you tween gf?

Yeah we're aware you and Sh orchastrated some weird shit for views, are you that retarded you believed it and thought to make money off it regardless? You can even tell in the video he feels bad or some kind of way when the Sh's ex bf was arrested and detained with a bail. You know Greg feels a bit of hurt over that.

He's probably dying for Sh to engage and make a response. He probably hasn't spoken to her properly in years, I bet they'd still make each other laugh.

No. 653587


Doesn't make sense at all, especially how chill he supposedly was with the encounter and everything. That's gotta be one of his biggest reaches yet. I wonder if his fangirls are buying it.

No. 653589

Iirc didn't he break up with Ah but let her live with him. He paid her flights back to Canada because of the whole sepsis shit and she was dating that dude Randall in Canada and Greg was sending her money for her hospital bills she never had lol. He threw money at shiloh the way he did with Billie to keep her interested and tethered. Billie and Shiloh made Greg get out of the house and do things, they had more independence and knew they could earn money alone. That's why he tried to get Billie away from her family and resources so she'd been indebted to him. What he did with Shiloh. What he successfully did with doormat Lainey and he's trying to say Shiloh isolated him lol. So is Lainey to blame for Greg having no friends. Onion's friends never seems to mind being in videos with shiloh but no one has chemistry with Laineybot.

Idk if Onion is deluded and suffering from his own form of dementia, think its fair to say his life would cause depressive episodes for anybody.

No. 653591

The only fangirl around at that time was megan/booty, he has/had prominent patrons with the names 'laura' and 'rose'. Onion always leaves huge tells in his fanfics, I just can't quite figure out if it's through foresight or blind stupidity though.

No. 653596

Greg retconning his life again. He went to LA following the aftermath of the mental breakdown she had, which he filmed. This was a different incident than the memory loss thing.

My opinion is that he knew the police which were called during that video would want to question him as to why there was a 17 year old from another country living in the deplorable conditions his house was in at the time and he fled to avoid it.

And by deplorable conditions I mean he literally had a field mouse/rat/whatever problem and trash fucking everywhere. This was before the grease mansion era, this was still in the home he eventually gave to Mama Onion.

No. 653597

Just want to point out at the very start of this video he makes out he was hated for 'this whole thing'. Dating Shiloh does he mean? As usual he doesn't know how to masquerade just wanting to shit talk his ex. And he conveniently leaves out he left his WIFE for a 17 year old teenager. Not 16! Definitely not 16. 17! Big difference. So huge he didn't have the balls to say what age she was and how their relationship started out as an affair. So honest.

No. 653600

The memory loss happened prior because she was bald in the video of him filming her when she asks not to be filmed. He is muddying the time lines as usual. She was wearing one of her wigs in the Shilohs back video explaining their engagement at Cyrs place. They went back to Washington probably because Cyr couldn't cope with them and then I guess after filming a domestic abuse police call out on film your relationship can't really flourish from there. She fakes sepsis and goes home to canada and Greg sends her money.

I think his DMs from the patron were probably just big nosed Booty filling him in on her cyber stalking at the time. It doesn't seem like it reads she was an ex gf. He left Randall's name showing in his screenshots. Shiloh was dating some other dude. Just like how Billie used Greg's money to live a stoners fantasy in Amsterdam with a cute boy. It must sting for Onion to see his exs have more fun with his money. Probably stings a little more for Lainey.

No. 653601

And during the entirety of the relationships beginning almost, he was still actively going through divorce proceedings. Another "fun" fact.

No. 653604

Rewatching this.

To clarify.
1) the first DMs are from allegedly Shilohs ex gf from while she was dating Greg. She apparently found out Shiloh was cheating on her through an Onision video. Greg had sent her a link to that GFM about the child and had previously been in contact about something prior but it's not discussed.
Was there another girl involved at that time? Was it on tumblr idk if I can remember but was there some other girl?

2) LauraRose is from a YouTube comment and sent a link to Shiloh's ex bf video. Lainey watched it first and the video Greg filmed is him reacting to it first time apparently. So Lainey apparently won't read lc but she will read random links sent in yt comment sections about onions ex gf. Lol.

No. 653605

Thank you for clarifying who LauraRose is; I muddled myself up when looking through it all. Still, I don't really believe the story he gave us in that video; I'm finding it incredibly hard to believe there was another girlfriend involved at the time and she is suddenly "cool" enough with him to have decent talks and even go ahead with the random GFM he linked to her randomly.

No. 653636

Yeah I called bullshit with this Laura Rose chick when he showed their interactions in the video. The story doesnt make sense, but even if it's true, who cares?

The whole point of his video was to "prove" for the millionth fucking time how totally "honest" he is. That because a couple people came forward to spill their own bad experiences with Sh it should prove Onion to be the true, honest, and generous messiah that he is.

Onion was just as fucking batshit as Sh when they were together. He was not a victim: he was a grown man who thought it would be a good idea to dump his wife (that helped him build his career) and pursue a teenager in another country.

He even admits to witnessing the signs of Sh possibly having a mental illness early in their interactions when they were just talking through fucking Skype. Yet he, a man in his mid to late 20's, still decides to go through with it because a teenager with mental issues is the ideal package for Grugly.

And they both lied during their relationship. They just blurred the lines a lot more with what was real and what was fake to profit off of people's interest in their fucked up life. Just like he did after cuddlegate with the 3 or 4 I Betrayed My Wife train wrecks. He just makes himself look 100x worse when he does this shit lmao. Yep, just keep reeeeee writing your life Onision. It's not like receipts aren't all over the internet for anybody to see kek.

No. 653657

Onisions blatant misunderstanding of abuse just convinces me more that he his abusive.

>He thinks he cant be abusive because he and lainey have been married for a long time

>He thinks he can't be abusive because Sh was mentally unstable.
>He thinks he can't be abusive if he shares fake positive shit and shits out an insincere 'apology' every 2 weeks.

That goes to show he genuinely believes he can do and act however he fucking wants toward his partners and it doesnt count as abuse because of x weak ass reason.

If he seriously 100% udnerstood what abuse was he wouldn't hide behind these dumbass reasons all he'd have to say is "I support my partner and we love each other. I'd never hurt her. That's all there is to it." But he CANT do that because its not true. That's not how he is with any of his partners at all so he has to grasp at fucking straws to convince himself that its not possible for what he does to be bad.

No. 653671

File: 1555349298647.jpeg (728.85 KB, 1125x1876, 3C313684-267C-4CF3-980E-3185CD…)

I still am under the impression that other Megan lurks on Shiloh’s social media accounts to inform Greg on what she’s doing.

No. 653673

File: 1555349370618.jpeg (69.57 KB, 680x472, 15D8ABEE-5C08-4740-8339-79FFD5…)

Greg has “quit” social media. How long will this last?

No. 653675

Greg, you can’t just claim to be a character when you do something wrong. He’s so fucked in the head.

No. 653679

"…You earned it."

Well, I know I for one am heartbroken that Greg has retired to his fainting couch and we will no longer be graced by his presence on social media.

That is amazing; he acts as if it is a punishment.

No. 653681

He’s still posting on social media though. It’s amazing that he believes hiding behind some outdated skit character is going to deflect genuine criticism. It’s the character bullshit all over again.

No. 653682

God his habit of posting about himself in the third person is so cool and normal.

Unlike when you punish Lainey with the silent treatment no one actually cares and it isn’t close to a punishment.

Please really punish the haters by getting off the internet entirely.

No. 653683

How can we miss you if you won’t go away, Onion? Go! Get! Scoot!

No. 653703

File: 1555354670430.png (93.5 KB, 565x664, hypocrite.PNG)

I think he might be diving for cover now that people are calling him out for his BS.

No. 653711

Anyone else notice now that Taylor is presenting themselves as Male the hickeys have stopped? Greg is already loosing sexual interest and she hasnt even started to transition

No. 653725

yeah I noticed that too, as soon as she starts to show any interest in actually transitioning the rage will start.

No. 653729

Onision is quitting social media again? Hilarious.

What’s really fucking sad is I think that even though she was and is batshit insane, Greg actually loved Sh in his own twisted way. He just could wade through and sort his own bullshit to actually make it work.

He just settled for Skye, Thot was just some easy teen fan girl to rebound onto that ended up actually putting up with him and now he’s bored, AJ was too difficult and Billie was just a harem fetish. But I reckon he actually liked Sh as a person and she made him laugh, and that’s why he latches onto that drama still even more than any other ex. Perhaps I’m wrong, but regardless it’s fucking pitiful

No. 653730

*couldnt whoops

No. 653739

Greg did say once that if Taylor got rid of her tits he wouldn’t know what to grab onto during sex… so, we know his priorities are in order.

No. 653746

At times like these, I sometimes wish Skye or Alicia would come back and and give us a plot twist for the never-dying drama that is Grugly’s life. Just this once!

C’mon gurlz, we know you’re lurkin’!

No. 653750


Lmfao he is an actual child. He does this every time when he feels like he doesn't have any control over his viewers opinions. He will make the most empty, over dramatic threats to get people to bend to him. God he is stupid.

No. 653755

Quit social media yet sperge all day on social media as a "character".

No. 653756

File: 1555367654951.jpg (20.02 KB, 440x220, Bp39zN1IEAAuDlW.jpg)

i thought he already wasn't onision anymore and was now "character", this cycle he keeps repeating is so stupid

No. 653764

I agree with this. I understand them staying silent back when Greg had an audience but now it the time to strike…

Madison, Billie, Skye, Cyr. Anyone with dirt who is reading this! Its time for us to take him down(keith)

No. 653770

She wasn't 17 at the time you retard
If they wanted to post shit they would do it on their own stop trying to telepathically communicate.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 653774

You seem awfully defensive my friend. I advise you take it easy and relax. You seem to be coming off a little angry.

No. 653778


No. 653792

Not either of the people you replied to, but on behalf of this thread…
go away pls.

No. 653800

If Taylor can stalk/dox Shiloh without Gregma’s help along with damaging the others, imagine the plans she may have in order to get dirt on Skye. I’m 100% sure she doesn’t like being overshadowed by the first wife, especially when he felt more towards her than he ever did with Lamo.

It’s time to step up before it’s too late!

No. 653811

File: 1555384486085.jpeg (176 KB, 1596x480, 4543CB01-DDBA-47F8-9912-4ECC64…)

He’s writing more tweets to himself. What a miserable existence.

No. 653826

File: 1555391939763.png (44.13 KB, 587x488, 65465.PNG)

I know that Taylor is whispering in his ear about James because Greg cares fuckall about Beauty Guru drama. But Im unsure as to what the issue is that Taylor has with James Charles and is attempting to sick her Chihuahua guard dog on him.
Ill give Greg kudos for talking shit to James (for Taylor) in a way that wont bring even MORE hate down on him. Hes only embedding and linking to the tweets and not directly replying. He knows JC fans would tear him a new hole.

No. 653832

>>653826 the irony in that tweet is thick . I thought the most honest youtuber took pride in the way he will tell the truth no matter how much it hurts someone’s feeling

No. 653856

completely agreed. I think Sh was the only person who actually interested him. Skye and Thot are both extremely vanilla subservient beings who feed his dominance ego but I think Sh, for all the shit they did to each other, made him feel more alive. His speaks videos from that era definitely show him a lot more alive than before or after

No. 653861

When has James ever said otherwise?

No. 653862

James is in the middle of a controversy for basically saying he’s not “full gay” because he has found some women and trans men attractive. Of course Greg uses any opportunity to project like he’s not in the middle of a huge controversy for being way more transphobic.

No. 653872

Did Thot private her comments on her shitty catfish video? It says there are over 200 comments but they’re not viewable on multiple accounts. Did Anus finally crack and just disable everything on an account that’a not even his?

No. 653874

I can’t see them either and I think all of onision’s channels have the comments turned off

No. 653879

strange aeons is planning another onion book review i can't wait for him to sperg out about this

No. 653880

be careful anon. If you assume Greg did something that Lainey actually did instead, you are a LIAR. LYING TO YOUR AUDIENCE. REEEE

No. 653890

Obvious Grease x Shiloh stans

If Greg loved Shiloh enough, he would’ve at least let her keep her hair. As for the “feeling alive” thing, he was basically out of his leash and Shiloh was the key to finally releasing his inner manchildness and psychopathic behavior. Skye kept him grounded and somewhat sane but sure, she’s just as weak and boring as Tyler

No. 653903

Dat projecting, no one ships anyone Greg is with lmao, this isnt a kawaii animu.
He didnt give a shit about Skye.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 653911

File: 1555434612786.jpeg (566.43 KB, 1105x1349, 2AB75094-EBE2-4B12-B0FC-A2C420…)

Wtf is with his other “character” accounts. I guess Rod Danger represents his outwardly evil self?

His days really just consist of him tweeting back and forth between his accounts.

No. 653912

I feel like they're an attempt to prove that all his bad behaviour was done by the onision 'character' and that he's really a good person lol

No. 653915

File: 1555436090067.jpeg (130.35 KB, 470x902, 9563D0E5-66D1-4430-87B1-70E2B0…)


No. 653916

Lmfao who’s projecting what? Don’t get it twisted, I never threw the word “Love” around either of the pairs and besides, Gruck was obsessed with Skye just like he was obsessed with Shiloh and Billie. I take it you’ve never read his old blogposts before he hit it big on jewtube then? They (except Lame of course) had an impact on him one way or another.

At the end of the day, Onion-boy only has love for himself.

No. 653946

File: 1555448239028.png (270.21 KB, 1268x370, yikes.png)

Quality content

No. 653947

File: 1555449457201.png (265.87 KB, 501x1645, Screenshot_2019-04-16.png)


Someone on Tumblr sent that ask in an attempt to trick Gremlin into saying that relationships between minors and adults are okay.

No. 653948

he probably saw this before he replied, he seems like the type to obsessively search his own name/check up on gossip pages etc

No. 653959

Just getting caught up on the new Sh drama… Of course Lainey is the one that let Greg know about all of this so he could make a video. It really seems like lame keeps tabs on her. That being said I'm not surprised Sh always seemed really off to me, that doesn't change the fact that Greg is a creep that preyed on a minor.

No. 653960

I completely agree with you!! And she told Kalvin to go ahead and make the video meanwhile you know she had to a fit Onion about it in private. Stop being a fake ass bitch and letting your husband fight your battles for you.. This is the reason no one takes "Kai" seriously because nothing ever comes from "Kais" mouth. If she really didn't care she wouldn't be crying about it in private.

No. 653961

It’s so baffling how he only thinks illegal things are wrong because they’re illegal. You’d think a sooper smart philosopher like Greg would be able to think just a little more critically but I guess if it keeps him fucking teenagers, who cares

No. 653963

what’s worse is that he skirts around what is legally acceptable so much and never questions anything about the morality of his actions - he’s such a black/white thinker that the only divisions in his mind are legal/illegal and he therefore cannot be at fault because he didn’t do anything that was technically illegal

No. 653968

He totally is. His tumblr likes is a testament to that. He use to go on and like pictures of himself that fan girls posted. (The only interest he's ever had was was himself.) Now that he doesn't get as much love it seems like he just searches 'Onision" and REEeeEEee's into the swamp.

No. 654005

Dude has tweeted over 40 times today.
Still defending himself in the third person while also referring to Onision as a “character”

Not sure you can be the “most honest you tuber” when your entire persona is a “character”, but whatever. Greg is insane, water is wet.

No. 654025

File: 1555482718003.jpg (119.9 KB, 500x740, GregsSplit.jpg)

I feel like this is appropriate during this dissociative identity disaster Greg is attempting to play out on Twitter.

No. 654027

>both sides are assholes(This is not a chat room.)

No. 654028

why bring up the shiloh bullshit all these years later
it had already been established a long time ago that she's batshit insane
his life is so boring now that he has to bring up past drama

No. 654048

40 times…?
He is having a complete mental breakdown.
I think Greg is attempting to obstain from uploading sperging videos that will be dislike-bombed, so he's taking it out on twitter.
Watch as your twitter followers continue to drop more steeply, retard.
Kek this is amazing.
If the artists are lurking, and I remember someone asked if farmers had ideas for new Onion pieces, this multiple personality disorder Greg is exhibiting is a great one.

No. 654049

File: 1555495038586.png (139.36 KB, 594x445, Onision quotes.PNG)

Case in point.
Some sad soul out there is actually creating those ridiculous "inspiring quote" pictures out of Onision comments.
And this moron retweeted it. God that is embarrassing. Imagine any other youtuber doing this… they would be a laughing stock.
…Greg has become a living parody of himself. (Definitely not a narcissist, btw, right fangirls?)

No. 654053

1. He definitely made those quotes, just like how he has gifs of himself
2. I hate this tweet, clear as day that he has never self harmed because one quote about responsibility is not helpful lol. This must be the shit he shoves down Lainey’s throat when she’s expressing actual depression.

I think Onision is emulating what someone with friends would do - employ a PR campaign and spread the good news through your network.

No. 654055

Big words from a guy who held a gun to his head overseas in the military just to get out of service he VOLUNTEERED for.

No. 654068

File: 1555512698477.png (1.97 MB, 828x1792, 9F794328-41C4-4B07-9B97-FBF0CB…)

Anyone watched this yet to know if it’s milky? A mirror would be nice if any kind anons can do so.

No. 654074

I doubt there would be any milk from this. It's probably from a fan who used to "hate" him and now they're total dude bros like he and his wife.

No. 654075


I doubt it's even that. I'd say it's more likely a "comedy" skit. He's done videos like that before.

No. 654078

File: 1555515751776.jpg (44.37 KB, 745x223, tool.JPG)

based on the video description this is correct.
He is so salty he just can't fathom why people dislike him. Life is just SO UNFAIR for poor Greg.

Oh wait, sorry. Is this the real Greg? or his character Onision? Who did this hater actually meet? Who is the real one?

No. 654079

So according to him, the people he has not kept in his life (ie 90% of the people he has ever come in contact with) have opinions about him that do not matter. We should ONLY trust and listen to the 2 people that will still put up with him. That's it. No one else that has ever known him knows anything about him. Riiiight.

No. 654082

No. 654086

File: 1555517180176.png (312.72 KB, 562x721, poor grug.png)

No. 654095

Thank you. So, he claims that the singer Dodi or Dodie used to hate him. He showed multiple tweets of her going off about him.

Then he said he randomly ran into her and they talked and then went to dinner with him at a vegan restaurant and then she liked him. He says he was in L.A. when this happened.

Sorry for the super abbreviated rundown but the details honestly don’t matter.

I’m sure he can come off as charming to some people when they first meet him. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s a complete scumbag and predator.

No. 654098

of course he is charming at first. every narc ive ever known is this way. That is how they draw people in to begin with.
But those people never KEEP those relationships. Greg may claim he is the one who dumped all his friends in the past, but we all know it was mutual in most cases. That charm lasts about as long as his positivity spurts on twitter before the real personality comes out.

No. 654099

so who the hell are you then greg? if your "onision" persona on patreon is also fake then you're just a fake person period. Is this really the angle he wants to go with now? Does he think that will endear people to him or is he actually stupid enough to think this somehow makes all his racist, bigoted, horrible behaviors less bad?

No. 654106

What a fake story. Are there actual videos or proof of them meeting? Was that sick baby gofundme even real?

No. 654110

I cannot help but be skeptical of that GoFundMe.
Stepanka has created GoFundMe campaigns in the past for her "medical problems" and asked people for exorbitant amounts of money - tens of thousands.
And for whatever reason the people running these GoFundMe's never seem to include any actual medical records or evidence to support this claim that the people who are asking (in the case of the child 25 thousand dollars) for so much.
This is why I NEVER donate to GoFundMe.
50% of them always turn out to be fraud.
There was recently a huge news story about this couple who decided to begin a GoFundMe to "help" a homeless man restart his life by buying him a car and a house. The GoFundMe went viral and they made hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In the end, the homeless man and the couple were in on it together and were scamming people. The couple ended up keeping most of the money and refused to give it to the "homeless man", so he outed them and now they are facing years of jail time.
GoFundMe is a scam site, in my honest opinion. Never donate without evidence.

No. 654111

Thanks upload anon.

Okay so if onision is just a character and not really his actual horrible personality (which it is) why is he being more precious about it and hiding it behind a paywall? If emocharlie is just a character like onision why does it matter? He knows “onision” isn’t a character.

Also loling about him claiming someone thought he murdered Lainey and called the cops as if he hasn’t constantly baited his audience. Remember when he planned to go on a live stream say nothing and smear blood all over his face? That combined with him clearly being rageful and abusive towards Lainey I’m not surprised someone took it seriously and got concerned. I don’t think anyone should take his attempts to get attention seriously or call the cops/cps on them but it isn’t like he’s not doing stuff that would make people worried.

No. 654112

If you are going to ask total strangers to pay your medical bills, you sure as hell better include medical records and PROOF that you are using this money for what you claim to be using it for.
Once they get this money, they can spend it on whatever the hell they want.
Onision really pushed that kid's GoFundMe, but considering Stepanka uses that site to pay for her "medical bils" and the entire GoFundMe for the kid came from her, it just seems shady without any proof included that the child really needed heart surgery or that this money is even going towards that.

No. 654113

So is Greg really claiming that he will no longer be anything but his characters in his videos? He's basically claiming to be shutting down Onisionspeaks then?

No. 654114

if that's the case then his whole "I had dinner with a hater" story is made up? Or whoever met with him didn't actually meet HIM so what does it matter if they liked him or not?

He's so dumb. this whole character thing is dumb.(and also not the first time he's tried to do this. It didn't stick the first time either) I really just want his channels to get wiped from the internet.

No. 654121

He's done this at least 4 times. Everything with onion is a repetitive cycle of tard narc rage.

No. 654122

In the video, Greg states that he will only be characters here on out in any of his videos.
If he sticks to this, his views are going to plummet even further than they already have. He's shooting himself in the leg here.
People only tune in to Onisionspeaks for the controversy. Most people came to hate-watch. By completely removing this type of content, Greg is done for.
Also, Greg's being extremely manipulative by stating to his fans that the "true" Onision will only be appearing on Patreon now. His latest poll for his fans showed the overwhelming majority enjoyed Onisionspeaks content most out of any of his channels. (Of course this pissed him off considering he truly believes his skits are 'hilarious high quality content' and he is such an 'artist' who loves creating 'art')
How does he think he will ever grow his patreon if he is taking this risk? Onision's patreon has been on a downward spiral since the beginning and this will only amplify it.
Greg's characters are not funny.. they are not charming, they are not interesting, they are middle school-humor idiocy.

Tinfoil: Greg is resuming his bullshit "I play a character online" narrative because he is actually banking on a lawsuit between him and Repzion. I doubt he will go after Kalvin, but he seemed pretty set on it and it's a definite possibility. I am positive he has been following up with a lawyer on this. There isn't a doubt in my mind. He's absolutely that desperate.

No. 654125

This is exactly what happened when he tried to make his YouTube channels paywalled. It doesn’t work. He doesn’t have enough people who more than casually watch him to actually pledge. He also gets bored if he’s just surrounded by yes men drones. He needs to feel attacked by haters so he can start drama and attack others. This move will be financially and emotionally unfulfilling to him and he will switch back to his same old same old soon

No. 654126

File: 1555531060502.png (739.3 KB, 988x688, ermehgerd.PNG)

I hate watched Lainey's new video so you don't have to.

> Lainey's trying soda against for the first time in 10 years

> -le sad music plays- Stopped drinking soda after 9th grade cause I wanted to lose weight, clearly I stopped drinking for the wrong reasons cause am already smol bean uwu
> Admits to drinking Sprite at most 4 times a years. Replaced her soda addiction with sparkling water and Zevia
> Bought all the soda options available at Rite Aid and proceeds to be shocked and in awe of how much sugar is in each one
> Proceeds to hate on every single one
> Feels sick to her stomach after every single one
> Struggles to open a bottle of Squirt soda and had to use a wrench cause uwu 'i'm a squirt heh ;p'
> Dr. Pepper was the winner

Also I'm sure it's safe to say that Lainey's videos now have both likes/dislikes and comments disabled probably to prepare for all the hate comments she may get after Kalvin's vid.(post it in the fakeboi thread)

No. 654133

not a smart move disabling interaction on Lainey's channel. she left all other social media theres literally no where that her "fans" can interact with her. And her channel is the type that only survives because of interaction.

No. 654138

Thanks anon.
Kek this is so insanely DUMB.
I can't believe she is overreacting like that over something as common and harmless as freaking SODA.
Talk about zero talent.. this chick really cannot come up with a single idea for a decent video.. how the absolute hell are people paying her for content like this. Do they just pay her on patreon to exist..? Because they sure as fuck aren't sponsoring her shitty content

No. 654141

she was literally scared she was going to throw up from trying soda even though she said she drinks sprite a few times a year like what? sprite is just as sugary as any other soda. as if anyone could be sooo delicate that they would vomit from taking a drink of something sugary

No. 654144

Doesn't she also regularly drink Frappacinos? Not like those contain any less sugar than soda…

No. 654145

This is so embarrassing. Who the fuck acts like this.. I can't tell if she is being serious or if she is overreacting for the video.
Also she brings up her RIDICULOUS PTSD claims over that 6th grade bullying she never shuts up about. She actually states this was the worst period in my life.
If THAT was the hardest thing you've been through…? Having a bully in middle school..? You are the most spoiled piece of shit imaginable.

No. 654150

File: 1555534974270.png (12.83 KB, 594x139, Onision Loves Jessie.PNG)

…And the saga continues.
So even Greg's "characters" are stalking Jessie..? Lmfao

No. 654153

One thing I don’t understand about this “character in the streets, onision in the patreon sheets” is how does he expect to attract new people to pledge to his personality if it’s not him on his channels? Why would people pay for more “character” if they’re gonna get “Greg”?

He’s not all that business savvy is he?

No. 654156

He’s probably doing this because he chickened out of suing repzion and wants to say “I was never suing him! It was Character, up to no good again!”

But at least 3 or 4 times now he’s claimed that he’s done being fake and is going to be the Real Onision again, so how is anyone supposed to believe that all of his past tweets and videos are just him playing a character? He’s so dumb he can’t even keep his transparent manipulation tactics straight

No. 654164

Dodie was probably too polite to tell him to fuck off, felt sorry for him and/or didn't want to make a scene in public. He doesn't understand that not everyone is as socially retarded as he is. "He randomly ran into her" suuuuure I bet that creepy fuck didn't stalk the poor girl for a few hours or anything like that

No. 654165

Oh it's definitely because he wants to sue Repzion and Kalvin. He's going to pretend like the shit that he's said in all of his videos is just him being a "character" so they can't countersue.

No. 654166

lmao ok so what about all the people who loved him, met him, and talked about what an asshole he was? No those people must all be liars and haters right? Their opinion doesnt matter because its negative.

No. 654170

didn't he say this exact thing on his patreon like… only a month ago? (about wanting to be more unfiltered and real blahblah)

No. 654171

He's just desperately trying to "fix" his career. He's been going nuts for a while trying to figure out the best way to change his image up and lose all the negative attention…
Yet no one cares about Greg unless it's negative because he's such a joke.
Its kind of sad how unaware he is of his situation.

No. 654178

>Of course this pissed him off considering he truly believes his skits are 'hilarious high quality content' and he is such an 'artist' who loves creating 'art'

I love that kek. His patrons are basically paying him to stay stuck. He has done fuck all to produce anything but the same garbage since adpocalypse but in his mind his content is still far superior than any of his peers lmao.

He is just a greedy, lazy cunt. His channels have always been about quantity over quality. Just because you can shart out five videos about the same story you have already talked about a million times doesn't mean you should.

What about all the people who knew you in real life who said you were really a psycho? Its not rando's who post evidence of your cluster B bullshit, it's your partners, friends, patrons, and most of all yourself who reinforce how much of a cow you are.

No. 654189

I thought the next he comment on any photo of Jessie he will be ranting about her being anorexic, apparently she gets a past for eds.

No. 654196

This "characters" thing is wacko.

Does noticing that literally nobody ever does anything like it not clue him into the fact that it's just a very… wrong thing to do. Like, completely "he went off the rails" wrong.

No. 654204

My tinfoil is that he’s muddying the waters and bringing up Sh again in hopes that her lawyer will send him another STFU warning.
He’ll use his video and the video from her ex as “proof” she’s crazy and abusive and try and paint himself as the poor victim of who is being threatened for speaking out against an abusive ex. He’s hoping it will get the same kind of support and attention the girls all did when they spoke out against him and he can silence anyone who calls him out for ViCtIm BlAmInG, spurg out 57 videos on it all and cash in on the drama views because they’re the only videos he gets over 10k views on anymore.

No. 654206

Greg needs therapy. plain and simple.
It's clear he really and truly thinks he is being wronged. That he is some humble, honest, and loyal guy who is getting shit on just because he is unpopular. He has no clue how wrong he is and apparently will never see it no matter how many time people tell him. If it's someone in the internet, he brushes it off because they don't know him. If it's someone that does know him, he brushes it off because they're just mad he dumped them.

The only thing that could possibly help him (and its a big if) would be professional help.

No. 654213

I think he's frantic and behaving erratically (more erratically than usual) because he's lost all control of the narrative and his image. In the past when he would find himself being called out, he was able to convince himself that he was perfectly capable of steering the narrative in whichever direction he felt made him look better. Obviously, this never actually worked for anyone with half a brain. But it was always enough for Grugly, the low IQ, socially inept predator.

But this stuff with Kalvin, he doesn't know what to do to take back control, atleast taking back control in his mind. Because again, anyone with half a brain knows his terrible ways indefinitely no matter what stupid argument he fixates on.

He's losing his SHIT. Kalvin really got under his greasy, inflamed skin. And he's making a fool of himself all over social media as a result. Greg the narcassit doesn't know how to handle feeling like he can't weasel his way back in front of this controversy. I think the last dying piece of his "career" on social media is coming to its long overdue ending. Expect lots more hilarious sperging in the coming days.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 654224

That video of Lainey drinking soda shocks me…mostly because it looks like they're only pretending to drink some of the soda

No. 654246

I can't imagine Lainey is happy about this nonsense. He's about to blow thousands on a lawyer for a lawsuit he will almost certainly lose. Their financial situation is already so bad. I almost feel bad for her having to put up with his outbursts when they need to hunker down and actually save money.

Plus, repzion is just a part time welder right? How much money could greg possibly milk out of him even if he somehow won? I doubt repzion has more than $5k in the bank at any given time, if that, and a judge won't rule to bankrupt someone over a petty civil suit.

No. 654249

Samefag but it just occurred to me that greg probably thinks civil suits work the same way as all of his tax evasion/legal fees have worked, where you pay them off slowly over the course of months or years. I thought he was just doing this for pride, but he probably doesn't even realize that he's not going to make any money off of this unless repzion is sitting on a huge nest egg. He's unbelievably dumb

No. 654256


Newfag, we don’t call Lainey “they” here.(non-contributing newfag)

No. 654266

He’s not suing anyone Jfc he has said this crap so many times before. I’m sorry if you’re not being serious but don’t get sucked into his bs he’s full of crap and will always be full of crap.

He can’t sue for slander anyways and besides any judge after seeing and hearing his business because he would have to subject himself to scrutiny in court would laugh him out and perhaps questioning all the lunacy and criminal activity he himself has done over the years

No. 654277

File: 1555571221817.jpeg (547.81 KB, 1031x801, 8A601A07-F29E-4B50-AA40-B9D134…)

Your honor they said means things about me on the internet and destroyed my impeccable reputation

No. 654278

And he'll never get professional help because he thinks he knows better than doctors (see his spergy video on how he was 'right' about his kid's balls)
Plus because Lainey has a psych degree or whatever and puts up with his shit, he thinks that's proof he's sane.

No. 654288

I agree 100%, he's not suing anyone. He can't, he hasn't the means to pay for an attorney. More importantly, he doesn't have a case like at all. We know he's lying. He's done this before. He's just in a narc rage and since he hasn't been able to sway the opinion of others in his favor by his humiliating livestreams and Twitter posts, he's trying to scare Repzion and Kalvin into taking the videos down. He tried the same with Joy and he even threatened to sue Turbo Tax.

More proof that he's lying? He posted Saturday that he has already spoken to a lawyer regarding Kalvin's video. HOW?! Kalvin's video went out later in the day Friday. Grugly expects us to believe he spoke to a lawyer Friday afternoon? Saturday morning? What law offices are open?! He's getting sloppy in his narc rages these days, though I guess that's always been the case.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 654292

No amount of advanced therapy could ever fix him. Grugly is a lost cause. Just when it seems like he's Mr Zen or whatever, he goes full narc and the cycle repeats.

No. 654294

So it's "ridiculous" that people edit his videos out of context to make it seem like he really means what he's saying (he does) and it should be obvious that he's playing a "character" (it's not) but it's completely fine to take Shane Dawson's audio/videos out of context to accuse him of being a pedophile or an animal abuser. Or were his accusations something that the "character" Onision came up with and Greg doesn't share those views? I don't know why he's still pushing the idea that "Onision is a character" when it's so painfully obvious this only comes up when he's trying to distance himself from some drama. I know he has a special set of rules for everyone else that don't apply to him but I've just never seen anyone be SO proud of being a hypocrite. He's always yelling about how "honest" he is and yet loves blurring the lines between what his actual views are vs what is just a "skit" for his "character".

No. 654295

This is beautiful Anon. I vote this to be the next thread pic.

No. 654296

What is it with narcs and fake 'inspirational quote' bullshit? On the reddit narc threads so many OPS deal with their narc relatives posting a mountain of this shit. Is it because none of them have any idea what actual meaning and growth is? Greg thinks he's so unique,and yet again he proves he's another basic bitch ass narcissist.

No. 654297

FFs. Diet soda without sugar is a thing, Lainey.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654299

I guess he saw actually-famous/wealthy people who usually have ~personal attorneys they can call 24/7 and assumes that’s how attorneys work in general.

If he had the money, I would believe him. But he’s too broke to be able to afford that kind of legal assistance.

No. 654301

This is quite old and from a past thread. But I'm not sure if it ever made it to thread image at the time.

No. 654302

Noticed how Girkin changed his patreon goal to just being 1 patron so we can't figure out approximately how much he's making on patreon.

No. 654304

I think he might have done that because he accused repzion of damaging his patreon income, even though his numbers had actually increased slightly lol

No. 654309

People like Greg do not benefit from therapy. You cannot help someone who has no ability to empathize with humanity.

No. 654316

We're talking about someone who almost pukes eating fucking fruit ffs I don't think she's smart enough to think of diet soda.(Discussing Lainey without any connection to Greg is still banned in the Onision thread.)

No. 654327

Honesty, I motion that we just ignore the mod’s micro managing and just post about lame since I doubt many of us post often enough for it to matter if we get banned or not. They totally blindsided us with that stupid rule that literally not a single soul asked for or needed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654332

File: 1555603532791.jpeg (347.38 KB, 1242x641, 2C64E62D-6B3A-447A-A1BD-CDE8C6…)

Embarrassing that this will prob be Greg in a few years.

No. 654333

It's basically universally known that greg has NPD and anyone who know anything about psychology knows that NPD is basically untreatable because they will never see anything in their life and their fault and will instead constantly fight the therapist about knowing more than they do. Most therapist/psychologist refuse to treat people with NPD for this very reason.

It's so funny to me he's doing all this at the same time J* is dealing with all his legal battles. Greg WISHES he could just call a lawyer and have the "Bitch I'll sue you" mentality that actual famous rich people do have.

No. 654340

Is it possible that he spoke to Lainey’s dad who Greg believes is a lawyer on every legality issue ever?

No. 654348

I doubt it. Gremlin is way too proud to ask someone he's constantly belittled and mocked in the past for help.

No. 654353

I wish people would drop the Lainey's Dad is a lawyer meme. He worked in insurance ffs yes there's legality involved but I doubt the man can help Onion with all his civil suits lol

No. 654400


Its because he thinks that he's the perfect being and anything seen as a good thing obviously applies to him. He wants to push the narrative (because he actually believes) that he's loving, honest, etc etc and pushing bullshit on social media and acting like that's his beliefs is a way to push that. Think fake 'woke' dipshits and 'intellects' who also push quotes and retweet shit and act like that endorses their self-image.

No. 654410

File: 1555622792411.png (77.56 KB, 855x166, Onision Vlog.PNG)

New video uploaded to Onisionspeaks titled "vlog".
It's very pointless. Greg just goes on about how people who don't respect other's gender identity should rot in hell and then he proceeds to go through memes and pictures in the UhOhBro format. Stuff relating to gender identity where he pushes the narrative that he is an amazing advocate of LGBT.
It's utter nonsense. There is no milk here and Greg does not even mention the fact that he's supposed to be a "character" from now on, yet for whatever reason appears as himself in this video.
I would mirror, but considering how often mods ban people despite the work they put into making this thread better/more informative, I'm going to sit this one out. Sorry guys.
If someone else doesn't end up mirroring… I promise you aren't missing anything of value here.

No. 654415

He praises Caitlyn Jenner for spreading trans awareness and in the same video shits on republicans. Does he not know Caitlyn Jenner IS a republican and doesn't believe in gay marriage?

Basically he just virtues signals this entire video and shits on anyone religious or gender critical.
He also thinks that anyone who thinks this way must automatically be closeted trans. It's not like its because of their beliefs or anything.

He also wears that bandaid on his nose with the contrast turned up high as fuck in the latter part of the video.
Also noted that at one point he says he does not like men.
Confusing since he always claims to be gay

No. 654427

Admin, I really want to be on your side. I can get behind forcing others to stop criticizing the Onions' looks and nitpicking their less than milky flaws, but you're starting to get too big for your britches, and you're becoming too nitpicky about what people say or do on a thread that's meant to criticize Lainey and Onision. Lainey doesn't need to shit up the transboi thread. That video had nothing to do with her transboi issues. Could you please lighten up? I know I'm going to meet a lengthy ban for this, but the thread isn't that much fun anyway.

No. 654429


No. 654430

File: 1555629455285.png (395.34 KB, 815x375, vlog padding.png)

>He also wears that bandaid on his nose with the contrast turned up high as fuck in the latter part of the video.
Thats from a very old video of his.

I thought Id mention this because Im not sure if this anon realized hes using old videos as padding for this new vlog.
From 0:00 to 5:09 its new content of Greg yammering on and on.
From 5:10 to 11:40 he uses old video from 3 old uploads from his Speaks channel and main Onision channel.
He then caps it at the end with a curt 15 seconds of new content of him doing an outro and his stupid "boob squeeze"
I only point this out because I wonder if this is going to be Gregs new normal. His new videos will be a few minutes of him talking (new content) and then he will just splice in 10 minutes of shit from all his older videos. This way he gets a view because of people watching past the 30 second mark, and with all the old video padding it runs past the 10 minute mark for monetization, plus he wont get strike from Youtube for uploading old videos and trying to monetized them because hes bookended each video with new content.

No. 654432

Guys, I'm not able to view the comments on his videos. But the page shows it has 208 comments. Am I the only one?

No. 654433

Agreed.I got a 7 DAY BAN for a 10 word comment on Lainey.If I'd written a whole fucking paragraph but a throwaway comment? I'll be banned again but IDGAF. Mod:You're killing all the freedom of speech and fun here. Lainey is Greg's puppet so NEVER mentioning her here is ridiculous.She doesn't shit without Greg's say so. I've noticed the thread's have slowed to a crawl. Congrats,Mod,you've killed what was fun about this place.

No. 654434

Also agree.
This just isn't fun anymore..
I have mirrored videos, I took hours to write a lengthy summary for the recent stream and post it here, I've summarized countless things during the time I've spent posting to Onision threads, posted countless updates and screenshots..
But when I work so hard to make this thread better, as many others do, to be banned constantly (the bans were fair in some cases but 3 days for talking about Lainey…?)
…it just takes all the fun out of everything. I really enjoy this site, especially my fellow farmers, but I truly wish mods would realize how discouraging it is for them to be this strict and punishing..
At this point it just doesn't seem worth it to try so hard and then be treated like your nothing more than a worthless annoyance..

No. 654437

I'm sorry anon.I for one appreciate the effort you take for us.
I'd REALLY like The Mod to clarify WTF we're supposed to do with a stream where Greg talks about his spouse for 3 fucken hours.Is it a Greg-worthy topic? Or because he's talking about She Who Shall Not Be Named it's now not allowed?
Greg never leaves his house. He has no friends.90% of what he talks about relates to the one adult he actually has human contact with but let's pretend that's not the case.
What about the topics where we suspect Greg is speaking FOR Lainey,as we suspected with some of the texts? Well shit I guess they're out too.
You should also pull all the anon art depicting her as well.
Lainey HAS no life without Greg. To be such a Nazi about it is retarded.
I'll get banned. I don't care. Fucking worth it. This is asinine. Someone has to say it.

No. 654439

You realize it's hellweek right?
Nice catch. He's really running out of ideas. I noticed that the bulk of his content since 2011 has really been defending himself against personal drama or inserting himself into youtube drama.

No. 654440

It is absolutely fucking ridiculous to expect people not to talk about Lainey on this thread and ban them for it. Stick to banning for nitpicking/derailing. But Lainey is apart of Greg. That is overkill nonsense.
Agree with everyone else.(ban evasion)

No. 654441

I don't understand what's so hard about taking this to /meta/, then you wonder why you got a ban.
It is also hellweek so this behavior isn't being tolerated. It's at the top of announcements. You guys don't have an excuse to not know why ban lengths are heavier this week.
A thread can be made in /snow/ for all things related to Laineys youtube and patreon. It worked for kaka and kota. Because sage is in /snow/ it will help with nitpicking.

No. 654444

>Why not start a thread in /snow/ for Lainey?

It just seems like pointless busy work because the two of them operate as one toxic package, & the overlap & repetition will be extensive.This isn't like Venus & her mother who lead completely separate lives but whatever. Maybe Thot does need her own thread. Ok this will be my last word outside Meta on the subject.(ban evasion)

No. 654446

>>654429 also very much agree. It is just weird to be so micromanaged, This thread has become such a bummer for me. and I very rarely comment but I have been banned twice for making a comment and I still have no idea what did wrong. bet it happens again.

No. 654447

Can you all stop shitting up the thread with your unnecessary complaining? No one cares about your hateboner for Lainey. She’s not doing anything milky right now.

No. 654449


Funny thing is, if he did go to court with either rep or kalvin, the judge and both lawyers will be able to read over Greg's tax returns and bank statements to see if it can be proven that he lost income as a direct result of "slander." if they find any deposits in this account that aren't counted in his self employment income (IE his patreon) he's gonna get another IRS fraud report on his hands.

No. 654450

File: 1555634675645.jpg (200.99 KB, 897x848, 1da3NyI.jpg)

Don't know if this has been posted here but this is from May of last year (from kiwifarms)

No. 654453

>>654410 is it just me or in his new video does it seem his tone has a lot more anger hidden underneath the surface than usual . I wonder if he is about to snap

No. 654454


He called this video vlog, although it's not a vlog at all. I think now he does the classic thing of just titling a video as a test to see if more people click it if it says a certain thing. The past idek how many years all this nutjob has done on his yt channel was throwing shit at a wall and see what sticks. And when he happens to have one semi-successful video (like the tik tok one) he makes the same type of video so long in a row until people get tired of it. That's why his channels fail. Zero creativity, being out of the loop what teens wanna watch- yet making videos geared towards teens and obvious desperation. Normal people realize that you should quit something you are not good at, but not this guy.

No. 654481

I wonder if the inconsistency in his work could be a defense for anyone sued by him for financial damages? I know he is never gonna sue because he has a weak as shit case and no money to fund it, but while maybe he consistently uploads it could be argued that his frequent format changes and rebranding could be resulting in some of his "financial damages".

Every pitfall Girk has landed in he dug himself. He will never accept that he just fucking sucks as a person.

No. 654504

Same anon here.
I had actually intially wondered if that footage was old because his hair looked a little different.
That is extremely lazy of him to do that.

I also don't know why he continues to say things like 'tell me what you guys think'and in one of the last videos literally said 'tell me in the comments'
How does he expect any feedback at all if everything is disabled?
Like obviously the majority of comments are going to be hate, but it's such a pussy move.

No. 654593

Tbh it’s not us or other “people” that keep that meme alive. He himself admitted to talking to Lainey’s dad about different legality issues as a means to threaten people. I don’t remember the video but he was heavy on “this threat is real because it’s my spouses own dad who’s a lawyer that’s on our side” and it was after all the public shaming of said dad. Maybe some other proper anon knows which video it was in

No. 654594


I believe it was when he was talking about the state of Washington "trespassing" on Onion's property to survey the damage he did to the wetland. He sperged that the inspector did not have permission to be there.

No. 654605

File: 1555701077580.png (46.57 KB, 587x525, hoooly shit.png)

have y'all seen Greg's sperging about BPD
can't wait for his edgy teen girl fanbase to turn on him for "invalidating" them.

No. 654607

Do they have a kink cage now? In lainey’s Newest video you can see a white cage in the background. It could be for dogs but I could also see Greg using it to lock Lainey up as a “kink” now that he doesn’t have a basement anymore. Lainey has make a joking video about Greg licking her up in an old video so I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 654608

File: 1555701229680.png (61.06 KB, 606x528, lmaooo.png)

He's probably digging at Ayalla and Shiloh.
He forgets he self-diagnosed himself with BPD as well.

No. 654636

Has anyone else noticed greg's patreon went up by like $200 even though he's been losing patrons? I wonder if he's fluffing it or if someone is trying to be the next becca.

No. 654640

So true! You aren't the only anon who noticed that. He diagnosed himself with BPD on the AJ voicemails. It was and still is very clear that he was never diagnosed by a professional.

No. 654646

Maybe that cage is where they put their kids when they film(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654649

This might be a reference to Sarah as well.

No. 654651

File: 1555718270440.jpg (41.87 KB, 721x418, gdz_1280.jpg)

I remember that video also. He had footage from his Ring doorbell security cam showing those officers knocking on his door and peeking around the corner of the house to see the backyard damage. He claimed it was "fruit of the poisonous tree" because they gained the information of his backyard damage by illegally trespassing on his property.
If he is getting rudimentary legal advice from Taylors father hes most certainly using her as a proxy. Hes not going to swallow his pride and speak directly to her father. He just tells her what to ask her dad and then uses the information to make these empty threats to Repzion, Kalvin and the other half a dozen people hes told hes going to sue in the last few years.

No. 654653

Ringing on a doorbell isn't trespassing though? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure there is nothing wrong about being able to see the damage done from the corner of your eye.
Does anyone think he would be honest with his lawyers? He probably makes up fanfic about how the events really went down.

No. 654660

Why doesn't he just ask Lainey about the Borderline question? He likes to bring up the fact that she did psychology degree as a reason why she can't be abused by him (apparently studying psychology means you studied abuse to the point that you can't be abused) but he won't ask her a basic psychology question about personality and mood disorders? But then again, it caused him to get the uneducated answer he wanted from one of his orbiters. If that one person with BDP talks about issue they can be trusted but not whoever he wants to discredit right now with BDP

No. 654665

It is funny how Greg is sperging about personality disorders when he him himself most likely has one , probably narcissistic personality disorder for him though not BPD(armchairing)

No. 654666

File: 1555723645157.png (1.84 MB, 1536x1260, fatheroftheyear.png)

No. 654681


Lainey is so fucking stupid that when someone asked her on a YouNow stream “Does Sarah have BPD” she immediately thought BPD was bi polar disorder.

That’s pretty bad for an adult with a degree in psychology.

No. 654688

Has Plainey ever proven to actually know jack shit in psychology or are we just taking her word that she actually did what she claimed she did and didn’t lie to the internet like she admitted to straight up lying to her family? If she knows anything more than basic psychology then she’s for knowledgeably and willingly participating in this shit. I’m willing to believe Grug was born and bred to be a woman-hating possible cult leader piece of shit. If Lainey seriously studied psychology and still had a family with Greg and continues to endorse his brand of psychopathy… She’s more like his celebrity crush (that Smallville chick) than we ever knew.

No. 654691

bpd is a made up disorder so(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654694


Over diagnosed for misogynistic reasons? Sure. But it’s in fact a very real cluster b personality disorder. You can check the dsm-v if you want.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 654709

File: 1555750578011.png (1.22 MB, 1151x637, Onisions New Backyard.png)

The last inspection report said Greg has to set up some kind of fence and post signs in his backyard so he's reminded not to fuck it up again. I really hope Greg does it himself so we can have a good laugh at how half-assed it'll look, plus he'll have to pay a professional to redo it properly.

No. 654717

Imagining him putting up one big sign spelling out Do Not Engage in clipart (and then driving a tractor over it a few hours later)

No. 654718

Sometimes I have felt as if she just did a psychology COURSE and the idiot onision assumed that it meant she had an agreement and Lainey the ever opportunist let him believe it

No. 654720


Iirc laineys degree only required about 6 intro level psych electives for the major and like a C+ average. So nope, not really any actual qualifications

No. 654721


It would be illegal in other circumstances, but the easements he signed off on in his contractual deed to the house allowed full permission of the county to enforce and investigate their property since it's a state protected wetland. His lawyer prob didn't access the deed until later, hence the sudden change in plea last minute.

No. 654976

I wonder how long he’s going to try and hide the fence. Bet he’s devastated he can’t do shitty pond vids like the one he was prancing about as L.

Is there any reason this thread’s been dead recently? Lack of milk or has everyone ended up banned for a bit?

No. 654977

probably a mixture of both, there's barely any milk anymore and more restrictions on what people can talk about in the thread. The Onions are barely entertaining to hate watch anymore which is a shame but it'll be their downfall. Going out not with a bang but with a whimper sort of deal.

No. 654978

Since the swamp couple has left for a short trip (referencing Lamey's newest vid), there's not much going on currently.

No. 654987


It’s a combo of the AvaHoes going on a trip (reference, Thot’s snoozetastic new video that hasn’t broken 10k views in 2 days) and the one farmhand who loses their shit if anyone mentions Lainey in a post but not Greg.

Thot has also hidden comments in addition to the likes and dislikes, so she’s not even getting many views from hate watchers who enjoy the comments more than anything else. Grot is doing the same on his channel, except his aren’t even hidden, they’re full on disabled. Looks like he loves to read the people hating on his wife, but can’t handle any criticism about himself and his ~aRt~

No. 655001

I appreciate that farmhand. I would much rather have a quiet thread during non milky times, than have to read the constant nitpicking of the Avaroes looks and boring non milky videos.

I will patiently wait for fresh milk. It will come. It always does.

No. 655020

Can someone explain why Onision's videos show that comments are disabled, but Lainey's doesn't say comments disabled but just show zero comments? Is Onision's restricted?

No. 655030

File: 1555899770128.png (350.82 KB, 640x1136, 8BF1114A-7E03-4FF7-8842-C595E5…)

We have a traitor among us…

No. 655043

They're right tho

No. 655057

I mean its in the rules that they aren't allowed to just say momo is fat since we can all clearly see that, I don't think these are so much traitors but newfags who don't read the rules or lurk long enough before actually posting…

But also who cares if they think lolcow is shit, unless this has something to contribute to onion that I'm not seeing

No. 655067


Im facing the same issue. Gurg's video comments are disabled. But I cant view any of Laineythot's comments

No. 655073


Quit sucking the moderator’s dick.


I think that Gerg disabled his so he can’t see any criticism on his channels, but since he virtually controls Lainey’s he just hides her comments so he can keep up on drama and rage over what people say or secretly snigger at people making fun of his annoying foot wife. But by hiding them no one can like them and push them to the top.

No. 655097

Aww hun.
Not a traitor because I want to post to Kiwifarms now. I still love the farmers here.
I just don't like the mods, so I'm going elsewhere. Not a big deal.

No. 655098

I'm sorry that white knighting the staff team isn't a free pass for you to continuously blog post in the onision threads like you're doing right now.
I really hope you do enjoy your stay at kiwifarms.

No. 655099


No. 655116

You admins need to get a grip(keith)

No. 655121

>complaining that LC has 'autistic holier-than-thou admin/mods'

lmfao. Derail though it be, this is fucking hilarious.

No. 655122

This thread hasn't been popping for a while, and it's not from a lack of Grugly, Foot and the Gruglets drama.

Doesn't the reduction in clicks and interaction negatively effect revenue? If it's such a big issue for the consumer, which seems apparent, why not consider removing the rule everyone is so unhappy with? Sometimes, people in charge of decision making are wrong. Good decision makers aren't opposed to looking over an unpopular decision and making changes to compromise with the unhappy consumers.

It's just bizarre how this rule means enough to the mods that they keep it despite how almost unanimously hated it is by users. It's a pretty insignificant rule as well, why is it this important not to discuss Lainey?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 655123

>Doesn't the reduction in clicks and interaction negatively effect revenue?

They don't run this site to generate income.. The main admin covers the server cost and they have a patreon (i think) for donations to help with that.

They don't have any ads so where would you think revenue would be coming from?

No. 655124

We have discussed her anon
Just some highlights from last week's Kalvin milk

No. 655125

File: 1555937337073.jpg (11.08 KB, 190x253, I1xYAAb.jpg)

I don't think they're lacking in drama they just stopped producing cream and I really think it's because shrug has been tipped way too many times starting with vix and maya leaks were his last chance because of tractorgate

No. 655126

File: 1555937627402.png (69.94 KB, 636x683, lol.png)

Wonder if there is trouble in the swamp
lol @ the reply

No. 655148

This admin is PATROLLING this thread lmao. Look how fast they replied. Get off your high horse, you’re probably white knighting yourself while pretending to be a normal anon. It’s clear no one likes the changes, you killed the thread. I got a 4 week ban from our beloved, spastic admin but I guess this shows how well that worked out.

Yeah cause the rest of would rather rear about your feelings rather than discuss the onions.

No. 655156

Normally I would take this to meta and I hope I don’t get banned for this but can the anons complaining about the administration, mods, and not being able to discuss Lainey’s boring shit, please shut the fuck up. I can’t stand coming on here to see see the same whiny bullshit over and over.

There is nothing milky going on right now. A thread in PT quiets down when that happens. This isn’t snow. I’m sorry that you were able to get away with shitting up this thread for two years and now you can’t but this is how a PT thread should look.

Most people that have been here for years are happy to have things back the way they were. It’s just a very loud minority that are acting like spoiled children, that can’t take being told to follow the rules. Now if you would just shut up or take it to Meta, things would be perfect. Or maybe this isn’t the site for you anymore.

This is the last I will say about this outside of Meta. I don’t want to shit up this thread any further.

No. 655169

File: 1555953109619.png (210.96 KB, 648x473, 4-22-2019.PNG)

Greg told us that the world didn't deserve Onision anymore after getting his ass blown out by Kalvin and on April 13 he took his ball and went home.
But the last 3 videos hes uploaded to his Speaks channel, he is "speaking in his own voice" (as he likes to describe it) Is there some exception to the rule I didnt hear about? Or are these videos just ones he had recorded a week ago and they were scheduled to release so he put them out anyways.

No. 655170

File: 1555953291555.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1876, BFA5168B-9AD6-4658-85BB-316B18…)

Moving on, Greg lives on subtweets so it probably is about Lainey. Or he’s just trying to get people to discuss him again. His tweets have been boring lately.

In other news, Greg seems to be on a school bus with other parents. We can finally put those those homeschooling theories to rest.

No. 655171


Aren't they on vacation? I don't think this has anything to do with schooling, this could very well just be a shuttle.

No. 655172

This was posted before Easter weekend so no, they aren’t on vacation.

No. 655176

Why what? Why is he on a school bus? Who cares. Why is there an emergency exit in the roof? It’s in case of floods, Greg.

No. 655177

I don’t think he necessarily meant a character like Emo Charlie or Dale. I think he was more or less saying we weren’t going to get the real him. Therefore anything he says shouldn’t be taken as coming from Greg or Onision.

It’s a way to say what he wants so he can later say, that wasn’t the real me.

No. 655186

Greg's new video about feminism was disgusting. Talking about tightness and women draining balls(post caps)

No. 655187

this is an imageboard anon

where's the link

No. 655188

This seems rather nice to be a elementary school bus. Tinfoiling but what if they are to poor to fly so their bussing to their vacation location

No. 655189

This one hundred percent is a dig at sarah. He's making a narrative that she cannot be trusted if she were to come forward and accuse him of something.

No. 655211

God bless. Anons need to realise that when there's a public holiday for many people around the world the site isn't going to be as busy jfc.

No. 655214


Lainey was packing full-size toiletries for both of them in her newest video so I assumed it was a weekend trip nearby. Probably his mom's.

No. 655245

My tinfoil is that Greg actually got scared his husband was finally growing balls and might conceivably leave him, microdick in fingers, after the Kalvin take-down video. It explains why he is cowering behind his retarded "characters" on social media AND the obvious dig at a Sarah is further gaslighting Lainey, who may have brought up something Sarah had accused him of or mentioned recently due to the Kalvin smack down.

Indescribable that a middle aged man is hiding behind "characters" which are blatantly expressing his own narc-y shitty thoughts just in a slightly more retarded format. He gets better and better tbh

No. 655279

I don't get why he's picking up the character shit again because it's obviously not funny or entertaining. He obviously did it to deflect against criticism against his character but this is not helping his case whatsoever lool

No. 655308

File: 1555982367199.png (208.88 KB, 489x556, no onions for you.png)


Onision claims that he has removed his kids, pets, and now spouse, oopsie - husband from his internet life because people are causing trouble for him. They called CPS with concerns in regards to the children, Animal Control worried about the dogs and now he's getting called out about how he treats Lainey and he just really doesn't want to deal with the negative backlash. Too bad all the evidence was provided by Greg and Lainey themselves through their public uploads and streaming.

He wants us to know how honest he is and how "I kicked so many people out of my life for not being honest." That he had let so many people see the real him but we just tried to ruin his life. He accuses everyone online of being dishonest and putting out information with no proof. Apparently 'we' tried to break up his marriage by expressing concern and calling out manipulative and aggressive behavior. Also we get the old, Lainey is crying, story.

Because of all this he is removing his personality but it's a loss for the internet because he tried so hard to be a hero to others. Brings up the incident where he tried to promote the gofundme of the little girl who needed heart surgery. He tries to claim it was called a scam because he made a video about it. Not true Old Onion, people where questioning the validity of the woman who set it up because she has made several in the past. The reason people where upset about him making a video was because he was clearly using this little girls condition (real or fake) to improve his own public image. He claims that poor little girl only had about a 1,000 dollars before his video and afterwards it was up to 7-8 thousand all because of his video, dontcha know?

He goes on to say that people say horrible things about him for money. You know, It's not like he's ever cashed in in on drama. (Oh yeah, he just did it this week.) He claims that when he makes a video his criticisms are 'valid' unlike the ones raised against him.

In regards to the dogs.
All the trash in the dog pin was recycling.
Dobbs was not in pain and just struggling to get on a log. Since he wasn't hurting to Greg's knowledge he didn't feel like he should have to help him.

About taxes.
"If I was a tax fraud I would be in jail." They just thought you where too stupid to try to commit fraud Greg. I guess being mentally challenged can save you in some cases.

And now the wetlands.
Greg states he only has to plant 500.00 dollars worth of bushes and he's already planted 250.00 dollars worth of 'sticks'. Doesn't mention the fence or the signs reminding him not to tear up the environment. Also it's clear he doesn't realize this is not the end of his wetland struggles. Claims there was NO WETLANDS DESTRUCTION but no one cares to hear the truth.

Greg's Military Carrier.
Claims that people say he was not in the Air Force or didn't make it through basic. No one said he wasn't in the military. They where saying he threw a hissy fit to get out and that his greatest accomplishment was guarding a gate.

Greg Murdered someone?!
He keeps on bringing up how someone called the cops thinking he murdered Lainey. Yes, I do find this ridiculous as well but to be honest he's always done a lot of baiting in his videos. There are lots of videos with him covered in blood and trying to come off as crazy. He clearly does this for attention but shouldn't he realize it might not get him the kind he wants?

In the end he feels that people online should only be able to call out someone who has publicly confess to the horrible crimes they've committed. The only crime Greg has committed in his eyes is being too 'bluntly honest'.

No. 655312

> Claims there was NO WETLANDS DESTRUCTION but no one cares to hear the truth.
Ha, according to the report isn't he required to fence the swamp and photograph plant growth once a month or something? This isn't going away
I think going patreon exclusive is his attempt to try raking in more cash, he isn't making shit on youtube and his patreon numbers are dropping >>653525

No. 655318

File: 1555983037298.png (527.28 KB, 584x670, RYX1J8m.png)

The ringlight tho
His head looks bigger than it used to or is it just me

No. 655321

File: 1555983260957.png (172.9 KB, 492x499, feminism.png)

No. 655336


One quote of this video is hilarious.
"It's bizarre to me how everything can contradict your opinion, but so long as you have a big enough ego, it doesn't matter."
THE IRONY! Does he listen to himself? I mean cleary the answer is no, but Jesus man…

No. 655350

File: 1555986070433.png (124.68 KB, 988x757, Screenshot_2019-04-22-22-03-35…)

New website will be made to "reflect the new OnisionSpeaks"
What fresh new idiocy is this? Is he gonna make EmoCharlieSpeaks and the EmoCharlieForums?

No. 655354

emo charlie is so outdated I for real will never understand why he hasn't dropped his 'characters'

No. 655356

Don't know about bigger but he looks old as fuck

No. 655359

tfw onion is still riding on the coattails of shane dawson
everyone knows that half of his stupid made up characters in his old videos were shane copycats

No. 655363

Oh god this is on radical feminism.
He directly addresses his impregnation fetish but he defends it because it's his natural inclination as a male.
It's another clickbait title where he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about as usual. I guess he's just saying "not all feminist bad" but it's really just an excuse to make dick sucking jokes about feminists and defending his preg fetish.

No. 655368

And don't forget Chibi is weeb influenced "edgy" Fred. The actual Fred left YouTube like three years ago and stopped that character almost ten years ago yet Greg actually still uses that one
And seriously, what audience was he going to get from mixing "I talk 'serious' about cutting", poop jokes, batman skits, and fucking high pitched Fred made edgy? I get he has no original thoughts in his brain but still, at least steal characters that work together and have the good sense to steal new ones as the years go by

No. 655390

Ty for the summary anon

So confirmed Lainey may actually have come close to a break-through and their shit marriage was threatened by a bare display of Greg's abuse (that they cumulatively posted themselves!)

Without doubt this radical shake up to Onions online persona/routine is just going to be more fodder for him to guilt and gaslight Lainey in the future.

If she left him and made a series of tell all videos, or even "recovery" videos she could honestly make a fat chunk of change. Too bad

No. 655393

He never drops anything. He did three banana songs over the last few weeks.

His “if I’m not in jail, I haven’t done anything wrong” garbage is literally insane.

No. 655399

congrats Greg, nothing says feminism like belittling fat women and sperging about the importance of tight vag for ur micropeen.

No. 655401

I'm sure Lainey loves that Girk is publically denouncing their marriage. At least now Girk can present how he identifies. Single, ready to chain up some barely legal teen poon and mingle.

Seriously all the identities he loathes he can publically pretend don't apply to him, father, married, man who commits tax fraud and if he wasn't actively paying the IRS back taxes he would be in federal prison.

No. 655414

I love how he addresses the people who hate him as “you” in the whole video which just shows that no matter how much he claims that he’s focusing on the positivity and fans he will still first and foremost talk to his haters

No. 655417

So much for "do not engage"

No. 655421

Thanks for the summary. Hah so Greg's family life is crumbling and its everyone else's fault but his. This man that can save millions thru videos can't even positively impact the people and animals he lives with and has enraged his neighbours to report him to the government lol.

Kaifag is such a transtrender that it has taken a lbqt member to make her question if her husband is that great. The cool group she wants to apart of completely loathes him. The same group her idol Shane Dawson is apart of. I reckon she's skin walking Shane these days lmao

No. 655430

so if Greg is "no longer married" does this mean he won't be showing up in Lainey's videos anymore? What ever will she do for content now that she and Greg can't take couple's quizzes or pretend to hate alcohol for the 7th.. i mean 1st time?!

No. 655444

Nah, we'll get some amazing quality content of "vaping for the first time with EmO cHaRlIE"

No. 655447

While that'll also be a thing to cause Greg nightmares, going Patreon exclusive will cut his narcissistic supply of attention. His Patreon consists of yes men and people who are too afraid to speak their minds, because the ones who do are tossed and humiliated publicly by Greg.

As with his attempts to stay away from twitter and social media, he's going to fail. How else will he advertise his forums to the "masses" and draw in Lainey's replacement?

My first guess was that building a public image of him not being a husband and a father, will make it easier for him in the long run - when Lainey and him finally break up.
I don't think he'll be able to not show his Frankenstein's monster face in her videos, though. Again, he craves attention to validate himself.

No. 655462

Onision reminds me of someone that’s always on a diet but never gives it a chance to work. If they don’t see results in two days they are on to the next diet and on and on.

Hey, I’m going to have a paywall now.
Hey, I’m getting rid of the paywall.
I’m going to be raw and unfiltered.
I’m only going to put good vibes out there.
Screw everyone, I’m edgy.
I’m not going to engage the haters.
Dear haters, you suck.
I have kids to protect from thorns
I don’t have kids
You can’t be a man and have a vagina
My AFAB wife is now my male husband
My forum is going to be the best thing ever
Screw the forum. I’m making a website.

He’s so all over the place. Even if I was a fan, I would be sick of his wishy washy ever changing personality and formats.

The only thing that stays the same are his shitty outdated characters, skits, and “comedy”.

No. 655582

File: 1556067935761.jpg (102.72 KB, 1175x819, wat.JPG)

what black magic is Onion participating in to jump his patreon up so much this month?

I cant even fathom that 50 new people thought his content worthy enough to pay for.

No. 655602

lul fake accounts? Some anons pointed out the numbers and now they're magically increasing

No. 655675

Maybe some of them are the fans who felt they had to join his Patreon for actual Onision instead of emo Charlie. Though those complaining said they couldn't afford it so who knows
I'm positive most of these are himself though. At best some are real post video but he's likely inflating it at least a bit

No. 655688

He's been called out on livestream possibly YouNow by anons saying he inflates numbers. He raged about it for the rest of the stream so it's fair to assume it's one of his many tactics to stroke his ego. Since he's so honest you can always catch him out in what he's lying about because he'll fixate on it and try to lie it away. Essential if Onion is protesting over something he's guilty.

No. 655770

Just hate watched Lainey's new video. Basically, Lainey's 23 and me results helped her track down a long lost aunt (Lainey's paternal grandmother put her up for adoption before marrying Lainey's grandfather). The thing I found interesting about this and why I'm posting here is because Lainey says she's going to meet this new branch of her family over the summer, and I can't help but imagine the horror her aunt will face when she meets Greg. Also, apparently when Lainey met one of her cousins (who is very similar to Lainey, allegedly) they asked her about her pronouns.

No. 655785

>Inb4 Lamey's new found cousin starts making appearances in her videos and they become friends.
Just imagine the horror for Shreg having to tolerate two translarping Lames.

No. 655793

plz. Lainey will take the kids and travel without greg so he can stay at home and "work" which really means sperg on twitter for 18 hours straight

No. 655863

With Greg’s weird obsession with incest mixed with whatever weird experiences he talked about with his cousin/mom/aunt (or whoever) maybe he can acquire a sister wife in Lame-O’s tranny cousin. Ultimate white trash move and honestly wouldn’t be surprising at this point.

No. 655879

I wonder if Greg is panicking about these new family members Taylor has found. Hes never outright kept her from family or friends, but he gets in her head about how she should feel about them. If someone in her life doesnt like him he poisons her mind about them and makes her think shes come to her own conclusion that this person is a shitty human being. Lainey really seems excited about these people and they seem very open and supportive about her trans situation. This new family could be a problem for Greg and his vice like hold on Taylor.

No. 655907

File: 1556169525028.png (135.77 KB, 445x391, Repzion-Onision Is No Longer M…)

Repzions new video was uploaded only 3 hours ago and has already gotten 66,000 views. That has to hurt Gregs heart. I hope this causes some kind of new mental breakdown. Im assuming that "Emo Charlie" will be talking shit about Rep and defending Onision the next couple of days

No. 655914


lmao! In 2 days Onion got 35k views for his original video and it only took 3 hours for Repzion to almost double that number by making fun of it.

I'm honestly surprised that Gerg has held out for as long as he has. His channel and solcial media popularity has been on a steady decline and yet he still seems to have just enough idiots out there willing to support him.

No. 655945

Inb4 Gargoyle sends Repzion another email threatening to sue him

No. 655964

i think he only holds out because he really and truly believes he is in the right and that if he just keeps repeating himself and being the same old greg then the "idiot haters" will finally see the light. or maybe he thinks we will get bored and move on, who knows.

Him making constant posts and videos repeating his feeble defenses of the criticism towards him ("I'd be in JAIL if I committed tax fraud, you're all IDIOTS") makes me think he's just sitting in his swamp trailer feeling sorry for himself because the mean old internet believes all the lies

No. 655965

Repzion's video is up to 150k+ now and Greg's is still at 40k. And you know most of that 40k clicks are because that title is clickbait. People were actually hoping Lainey finally got free.

No. 655966

samefag - but he also has that video as the autoplay video when you go to his youtube page. Do those autoplay videos count as views?

No. 655972

just watched Lainey’s newest video. She got permission from family to tell this story (which i don’t fully understand what happened, someone had a bastard child but Lainey isn’t very clear) so wouldn’t that mean that her family would probably want to watch the video…? If any of them google their new “family member” or search up “Laineybot” on YouTube they must see all of the bullshit… Imagine finding out you’re related to such a train wreck through 23and me.

No. 655979

Gurg isnt famous enough for them to actually know who he is. Lainey probably tells them he is an internet celebrity so she can be smug about it. but theres no way any normal adult who looks up his content would do anything other than cringe.

No. 655983

File: 1556214021004.png (339.22 KB, 568x771, pay me.png)

No. 655989

File: 1556214709979.png (67.7 KB, 1102x628, Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 19.5…)

his new shitty site is up - http://www.onisionspeaks.com/

had a hearty laugh at attached

No. 655995

File: 1556215756866.png (17.69 KB, 258x378, CbizjUk.png)

i guess he was in a hurry??

No. 655998

soooooo he starts off by saying his patrons voted for him to focus on his "real honest talks" or whatever, but then immediately talks about how Onision is a character and isn't him. So does that mean he's never been real or honest? Cause as far as I am aware, he's never had a "GregSpeaks" channel.

How can any of these patrons see this shit and not realize it makes absolutely no sense? It's clear as fucking day he just wants to hide behind some character to claim nothing he has EVER said on youtube has ever been real? All those livestreams on OnisionSpeaks? I guess he wasn't being HONEST cause he was "Onision"??

Ugh this dude is just such a moron. I cant wait for his patrons to figure it out. But I guess we have to wait for them to enter high school first.

No. 656001

File: 1556218076982.png (82.83 KB, 679x169, lolbemad.png)

Anyone catch this? He took the time to change the name of one of his streams. Lmao.

No. 656005

File: 1556218387537.jpg (28.08 KB, 588x128, 4uzSHgo.jpg)

It really fucking bugs me when he completely misquotes something to share his opinion on it.

No. 656006

Thank you Patreon anon for coming through with these. knowing how badly Onion wants them to stay private, I get all giddy when you share these.

No. 656012

Yeah and he deleted the second one for some reason, the one he did after he came back from picking up Lainey

No. 656014


Why are there cigarette burnholes all over his shirt?

No. 656015

something tells me this new TOTALLY REAL AND HONEST version of Greg he's limiting to patreon is going to be more fake than any of his characters.

He KNOWS all his videos get leaked. His real, honest opinions are not safe there and he knows it. He is trying to elaborately set up this whole "Oh this was the real me ALL ALONG" persona on patreon and probably hoping it gets leaked. Because then in his mind, he has more validity to his whole claim that the person that said all those horrible things on his channel was just a character. "look how kind and nice I am on patreon, guys. This is the real me!"

He thinks he is so smart and has it all figured out.

No. 656016

His sperg in this video about Kalvin calling Lainey his "spouse" instead of his "husband" might be the most ridiculous thing ever because he literally uses the word "spouse" to refer to Lainey like 20 times in this very stream.

Someone needs to make a compilation of that and haunt his twitter.

No. 656018

That's so retarded since spouse means husband or wife. He's too dumb.

No. 656021

yeah that was his "gotcha!" reason for supporting his Kalvin is Transphobic theory. That and the Kalvin Hates Himself crap

No. 656047

She doesn’t even ID as a man yet from my understanding? Isn’t she still non-binary or w/e

No. 656051

emo charlies's twitter (sorry mobile): "In politics, there is no right or wrong.
There is only one question, "Which political party most closely matches your ideals?" ~

If their views match your views, tribalism takes over, and your morals cease to exist.

This is why I've pretty much lost faith in humanity."

Strange how emo Charlie has the exact same kind of sophomoric, juvenile takes that completely lack nuance or basic critical thinking that old Smergy smerg used to have.

No. 656053

I always found it amusing that Emo Charlie has always been the fan favorite among the other Shane Dawson ripoff characters for being "smart and reasonable" while in reality it's just Gargoyle acting out his edgy high school shooter-esque fantasy of himself.

No. 656131

I’m sorry but I genuinely don’t see the appeal of any of these characters. I’m so curious about what these young fans see when they see him acting that way? Because cmon it’s one thing to have the sad clown that spews deep shit but it’s a whole other thing to have an outdated stereotype trying to relate and educate you.

No. 656148

From what I've read, I don't think his fans even care for this whole "character thing" and even they can see right through it, which is telling.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 656180

File: 1556301377639.png (935.8 KB, 951x537, you are safe.png)


Haven't got a chance to watch it but it looks like Lainey got a new tattoo.

No. 656192

File: 1556305417866.jpg (235.03 KB, 1194x942, literallyfirstresult.jpg)

Every. Damn. Time.

No. 656193

"YOu aRe sAFe" lmao sure lame just like gurg "do not engage". I have few more ideas for you: "i'm not a pedo" "im very happy" "totally going to Fiji"

No. 656198

She wants to start taking CBD for muh anxiety, after she and her husband wanted to chain a girl in the basement for smoking weed lmao. The hypocrisy never ends with these psychos

No. 656239


The brand that sponsored her lists 6 oils, which she read out, INCLUDING EMU OIL. Jesus christ. What a fucking idiot


Emus are most definitely killed for their oil. Awesome vegetarian family

No. 656244


Oh god, that artwork is BAD. It's so sloppy, the words don't flow with the flower like at all. It isn't a cohesive piece. I wonder if she uses the same artist every time.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 656246

I like how she pronounced it JOE-JOE-BAH oil because she has no idea what's even in the fucking product she's hawking. Why any company thinks it would be a good idea for her channel to sponsor them baffles me

No. 656256

This makes perfect sense with Greg’s childish code of ethics. CBD is legal, therefore it’s fine. Weed isn’t legal everywhere, therefore it’s terrible and satanic.

No. 656281

I am pretty sure she goes to the same tattoo artist because literally every single tattoo she has is badly drawn/blowouts/looks like shit.

No. 656328

File: 1556336970652.png (343.71 KB, 590x449, po.png)

No. 656329

Hold the phone… umm she’s using cbd oil and breast feeding hmm okay. I did a bit of research and there’s no evidence either way it’s not good for baby but how in the world would Greg be okay with that

No. 656339

he has no interest or concern about what is healthy for his kids. He's likely a detached from the raising process as possible.

No. 656352

Does he really think a houseparty in some location in Massachusetts is an incentive for people to pay hundreds for his patreon? Is he also going to provide their tickets, or should they plan an ENTIRE trip full od expenses just to meet honesty incarnate? Seriously?

And the way he seeks validation while saying he doesn't need validation… Who is he kidding? lol At least get a day job dude. We all know soon enough you won't be able to pay your bills with the internet.

No. 656369

Lmao, she even took the first result.
Her tattoos always are so bad done, why is she still going to the same "artist"? Or does she actually think they look good?

"You are safe" sounds like another random quote Grugly wrote her on a dirty napkin and she was all like "this is love. Twin flames. This means so much to me it has to be my next tattoo"

No. 656381

He only pays for the hot ones so he can get something out of it later.

No. 656394

Jeez, he needs to get off Youtube

No. 656396


does she not know that you can get the artist to design a unique tattoo for you? like i don't get why she keeps getting clipart on her body.

No. 656398

Unless the onion family is so poor they can only afford cheap clip art tattoos kek.

No. 656403

this is terrible.

No. 656416

god its just ANOTHER video complaining about the haters.
We really do rule his life. It's kind of sad. He doesn't belong in any sort of "celebrity" position. He can't handle it.
I mean he's already crazy but its clear the internet comments make him crazier.
Just get of the internet, Gurg

No. 656419

File: 1556376867653.webm (1.61 MB, 640x338, never-outside.webm)

No. 656421

He seems to understand most of his "exclusive" spergs are going to get leaked anyway. He can't escape teh haturz. Enjoy the increase of money, Grugly, you'll bitch out those new patrons for being "too sensitive" soon enough. lol

No. 656425

That’s probably why he’s spending every one of these blocks talking to the haters. He’s making these videos for us so he can tell us what losers we are.

If I were an actual fan of his I’d be pissed that he can’t make an actual blog about anything other than how salty he is over internet comments

No. 656430

How long do you think it took him to get those strands of hair over his eye? Oh god the vanity. The grandiosity. The narcissism. It really is a wonder to behold.

No. 656431

Greg is going to be insufferable when that Joker movie comes out in October. He'll dress up as Phoenix and try & do an impression of him. He thinks he's some sort of dark mysterious outlier, when he's such a basic bitch.

No. 656432


Had to smirk when he complained about working on his new video and how it was soooo exhausting and soooo much work, much more than he usually spends on his videos.

The guy had to work for a couple of hours, maybe not even a 9 to 5er, and already complains that it's too much.
He'll never get a job when his Youtube "career" finally fails.

No. 656436

It sounds like it's just gonna be him and the two patreons. No Lainey, no kids, just Greg and people that pay to stroke his ego. Who's betting these patreons are female. Tinfoil: Jessica is one of them. Several times on patreon he's mentioned that she helped him come up with video ideas and she's even been in a few videos including the one he was just complaining about. I wonder how Greg's spouse/husband feels about this.

No. 656438

File: 1556383552744.png (343.4 KB, 561x610, high quality.png)

Apparently working 2 days on a video is the peak of high quality/effort for him.

No. 656441

Ah yes. Gurh - the King of Quantity over Quality. And one of the many reasons why his content has never and will never improve.

No. 656442

File: 1556383639041.png (318.76 KB, 725x837, uoqw2j.png)


Nearly the full set

No. 656462


I'm gonna make some more bold predictions:
> gunshots to the head with gratuitous fake blood
> appearances by every cheap Halloween store wig he owns
> him breaking character to laugh at his own joke
> evidence of his children and dirty house littered in the hallways
> some thirsty Patreon/YouTube nobody who is barely attractive enough to use for a click bait thumbnail
> fart joke
> screaming directly into the camera
> random fighting with no cohesive plot or dialogue

No. 656468

He has the humour of an ADHD toddler

No. 656473

you forgot
>9-11 joke
>makes swastika using his body

No. 656477

Replace FMA with Death Note and it's him.

No. 656493

Don't insult my husband like that anon. Plus he doesn't really reference fma ever.

On a serious note, why does he keep doing death note videos. DN hasn't been popular for as many years as he's been making these, and I can't imagine his "sketches" aren't the same low quality shit every time.

I also can't imagine that he can even accurately parody the show/characters

No. 656496

He autisticly thinks hes L in real life, despite Greg having an IQ of approximately -3.

No. 656512

His fixation with L is also funny because he's not like him at all. He's just like the main character except retarded. An egomaniac with a god complex who ruins the lives of everyone around him.

No. 656535

File: 1556407101307.webm (5.25 MB, 320x200, fireplace.webm)

What kind of monster covers a fireplace with posters?

This video was full of his standard random 'humor'. He pulls down the posters, throws away a couple of pillows, starts a bond fire, rips down the christmas lights, and makes abortion jokes. Trust Greg to keep it classy.

No. 656536

can someone mirror? i want to see this trainwreck. I know he considers his mid 2010s death note 5 parter like one of his best works so i can't wait to see this dumpster fire

No. 656541

Oh boy, oh boy. Tfw you have bigger tiddies than your wife / wannabe husband.

But nitpicking aside, I would even understand if he covered his fireplace for the video exclusively since they don't have too much space in their trailer. And let's be honest, covering up the fireplace is a lot safer that having these two dum-dums start a fire and burn down the house.
If he has the fireplace covered all the time, it just emphasizes that he doesn't have any taste when it comes to decorating his home, which doesn't surprise me. I still lively remember videos in which they have Christmas lights up in the majority of their rooms, just like teenagers do these days … ahem.

No. 656563

No. 656568

So was that Jessica chicks voice so boring that he had to dub her lines?

No. 656569


holy humongous fly buzzing around at 2:39

Also I haven't seen Death Note in like 15 years… the last time it was relevant, but was this supposed to be some kind of parody? it…. wasn't funny. The punchline of "dur hurrr let's kill all the people in the death note movie!!" 2edgy5me

No. 656570

I think its probably more that Onion things only HE can act as well as he needs it to be done

No. 656574

File: 1556414957362.png (3.36 MB, 1286x2217, temp.png)

No. 656583

Well in Greg’s words this is supposed to be his most important, hardest to film, best video to date so even though we already know this is further proof he’s a talentless hack.

No. 656584

File: 1556418677143.jpg (757.49 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled-1.jpg)

Good lord. The background in every single frame of this video is full of cringe. How can anyone live in a shitheap like this?

No. 656592

Wonder who they’ll give that poor hamster to when they get bored of it now that Madison isn’t around to help. One of the neglected guinea pigs they gave her died shortly after, I doubt they’d even notice if whether the hamster was even still alive.

No. 656594

File: 1556419854822.jpeg (565.85 KB, 750x900, 51B8AEDB-BA9A-4ADD-8AC8-4056B1…)

Reminds me of this meme. pillows on the walls? a drone, maybe? a…hat? random fabrics? Are we sure Lainey didn’t go to school for interior design instead of psychology?

No. 656595

I guess maybe it was his longest/hardest to film because he had to shoot the same scene 15 times so he could change camera angles EVERY SENTENCE.
like seriously dude.. go read a book on cinematography

No. 656609

File: 1556422336648.jpg (504.55 KB, 1920x1080, CreativeExpression.jpg)

I don't know if Lame ever went to school for that, but it looks like someone else in that house is well on their way to doing so.

No. 656612

File: 1556422458004.png (164.35 KB, 1080x1405, 20190427_233139.png)

I was looking at Gurgle's Instagram, the comments are ALL basically roasting him. Like, bad. I saw a girl calling him out for the fact that out of the less than 10 people he follows (with a few of those being his own accounts and Lainey) atleast one of them are literal children. Like this chick, class of 2022. This girl is FIFTEEN.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 656618

File: 1556423199543.jpg (746.1 KB, 1920x1080, ImagineTheSmell.jpg)

Nothing changed from the St. Trashpile Grease Mansion days. Every single peak at the background in the other areas of the house that aren't a common area for guests is like this.

Random leftover food everywhere, empty snack bags and paper towels scattered, clothing piles everywhere. And now that he's had to downsize to a MUCH smaller living space it must reek in there. At least with the last home he had the physical space to sequester this shit somewhere…and yet still fucked that up by having actual curbside style garbage bins of trash in different rooms INSIDE the home.

Christ. He's getting into "show bobs and vegene" levels of desperation. I don't know why this surprises me.

No. 656620

jeeeeeesus. i'm definitely not the neatest person in the world and I have plenty of clutter, but A) food clutter is inacceptable and B) clean that shit up BEFORE filming? Or before having a guest in your house? I mean really?

No. 656623

Right? Almost every room in the house is like that too. He has piles and piles of either trash or stupid shit like board games, movies, and video games that are clearly never getting used.

He just stocked up everything he didn't sell to pay back the IRS because it's pretty apparent he values material things over people.

No. 656636

theyre still hangin on to that bisexual flag, huh? as if being bisexual is some statement.

No. 656650


I've been thinking about the way that they decorate. It reminds me of Amberlynn Reid's house, in the way that it's extremely childish and all over the place.
Is that the way millennials style their homes??

No. 656667

No, it’s the way childish and trashy people decorate their homes. The Onions and Amberlynn/Becky/Rickie/Eric all meet that criterion.

No. 656676

Look at the boobs on this dude!!

No. 656684

That girl looks identical to Sam, I thought it was Sam at first. Gargoyle has a type

No. 656722

OT but Greg needs to go see a doctor about his saggy old-man balls, it’s not age nor cancer but whatev


No. 656730

Since he already steals most of Lame's clothes for videos, he should steal one of her binders.
Literally all of his parodies/comedy videos have the same punchline of shooting someone. This must be his fetish.

No. 656740

He can't get a cute alt girl anymore because of how old he looks so he settles with anyone who pays him enough.

No. 656747

File: 1556448093411.jpg (528.96 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20190428-063808_Ins…)

His wigs all look so disgusting, like throw that shit out. Not to mention I bet Lainey has worn this while Girk seized on her until his baby carrot squirts.

No. 656757

I get Lainey vibes from the girl in the video. Like chubbier cheeked Lainey.

No. 656761

File: 1556458831971.png (469.42 KB, 818x615, dilated pupils.PNG)

Im sure she has Gregs 4800 lumens ring light just a couple of feet from her face considering how washed out her skin is. But with all that light in her face look at those pupils.
I wonder if Greg is cool with someone whose probably taking mood altering drugs being in his house and interacting with his family.

No. 656766

Apart from the fact that this still isn't a Laineybot thread…

This might be a bit of a reach tbh.
I've had pupils dilated like that after a night of having just 2 hrs of sleep and drinking one single cup of coffee.
Plus, the picture looks edited so it might look way brighter than it actually is.

No. 656770

On first glance it looked like cheap sound proofing to me but then there are screenshots like >>656618. Maybe him and Lainey are just so used to stuff lying around everywhere that it's normal to them.
>>656620 THIS.

I hate to be that anon, but I have to say that the voice over was quite well done. At least in reference to the technical part, synchronizing sound and picture, his voice acting actually needs improvement since you can clearly hear it's him - for all of the voices. Some of the effects were decent as well. But given the fact that Greg has been making videos for how many years now - a decade? - he should have made use of these things years ago and it just emphasizes that he's all into quantity over quality as an anon stated above.
As per usual the story is flat and doesn't make any sense in many scenes and the cinematography / editing is an utter catastrophe.
Why can't Greg just take some courses and really work on improving his skills? (No need to answer this, I know he's a know-it-all with a god complex who can't do any wrong…) It's just annoying that he wants praise and ass-pats for whatever he creates without realizing that you actually either need talent or learn and be able to reflect upon yourself.

No. 656771

That mirror on the wall is right about crotch level. Interesting placement.

The pupils thing is kind of a reach. But that screenshot is giving me major 2011-post divorce vibes and I fucking hate it.

No. 656777

You do realize that's not Lainey, right? That's some patreon hoe that Greg invited over to their house

No. 656780

Wouldn't it be sweet irony if Gargoyle cheated on Lainey with that patreon groupie who vaguely looks like Lainey before the transbullshit? It would destroy her imo.

No. 656784

Fuck, my bad.
I was distracted and apparently didn't pay enough attention.

No. 656786

File: 1556468846309.png (45.38 KB, 581x502, frusTRAITed.PNG)

Did something happen?
He stopped being mopey on his Twitter (even before this Emo Charlie ruse) because he didnt like that it gave the haters ammunition. I guess he feels free to cry in his little echo chamber. Any of you farmers who are keeping tabs on the swamp drama and online documents know if some new fines or punishments were implemented recently?

No. 656788

pretty sure this is just more of his idiotic roleplaying

No. 656790

i'm late to this one, but how typically ironic is it that he's bitching about people criticizing his acne when he told everyone to lighten up cause they called him out for talking shit about that Aeon girl's eyebrows?

No. 656791


I didn't see anything new regarding the swamp, but I'm sure he is mad because he didn't get enough sympathy after his "I'm no longer a husband" video. He acts and types like a teenager in his "no one understands me"-phase.

Also, did he really misspell frustrated?

No. 656793


Probably something to do with the potential new trinity member.

No. 656801

File: 1556472409699.png (194.44 KB, 695x621, Screenshot_2.png)

well he's upset about something it seems

No. 656802

File: 1556472472078.jpg (70.68 KB, 845x459, gregoryspouse.jpg)

I'm a little late with that, I guess, but feel free to do with it whatever you want.


Would've uploaded it on youtube, but I figured he'd copyright claim it rightaway so I didn't even bother.

No. 656804

File: 1556472684003.jpg (320.71 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20190428-113025_Twi…)

Looks like he's desperate for money still lol.

No. 656806

Oml… Saying Lainey is deadnaming now? Its not even her real name and her youtube channel is called LAINEYbot… Jfc

No. 656815

File: 1556474527172.jpg (19.8 KB, 409x166, Blaire-White.jpg)

Well hes not going to get a nickel by claiming it. Looks like it was demonetized the day Blaire uploaded it.
Could he be claiming it just to get it taken down? She does a good job of making him look like a joke, and we all know Greg hates being belittle by a woman (MtF or genetic)
I was puzzled as to why he would take action on a video thats 2 years old, but then I remembered that Greg has this weird little mental Rolodex of people who have wronged him that he spins thru when hes taking his hour long baths and he gains these epiphanies about people and situations that are years if not decades old. Like suddenly remembering vividly all the abuse his mother rained down on him as a teenager, or that his Texan-Ex had told him she had been sexually abused by her father but Greg totally forgot about it for 7 years.

No. 656816

this is beautiful anon. Kalvin should definitely see this

No. 656817

also… has Lainey ever come out and SAID this was her deadname? Like how the fuck would anyone know that?
She uses the name Lainey on ALL social media except her sooooper sekrit twitter account.

No. 656822

Is this his actual forum?
Gee Greg, 2008 called. They said move the fuck on.

No. 656825

File: 1556477432722.png (267.37 KB, 566x478, rant.png)


>Hey, do you guys remember when things where simple? Like, I use to have the Onision Speaks Channel where I'd just upload me just talking, and that was cool. And like if someone made a video about me talking then I would get more views. You know, it would be a promotion as would it would be with anything. For instance lets say Leafyishere would make a video about me back in the day and I would get like million views. And that was really cool because it was like… it was cool because your audience was listening, your friends and all the people you gathered over many years, they cared about what you had to say and that was super cool. And some of them would be there to hate you. Some of them would be there to like you, but they would listen, you know? And it's weird because we now have a system where people only watch what people say about you and nobody watches -it seems- what you actually say. So reality becomes whatever a persons audience wants it to be.

Greg goes on to compare himself to Donald Trump and says people edit him out of context to suit their 'agenda'. The solution he has come up with is not having himself as a person who can be edited out of context. Says he 'can't stand' channels that start waging wars with other channels in an attempt to stay relevant. He says that JG made a hateful video about him, goes on to say he didn't watch all of it. Thinks a moment and then says he didn't watch ANY of it and that he just heard things about the video. He responded with positivity but now he feels the right thing to do was to not respond at all and that he's been feeding the negative attention by responding to haters. He feels like things should be taken care of behind the scenes but admits to making hateful videos about other youtubers "Soooo long ago". Ha, yeah right. He goes on to say it's like tweeting 'Sending thoughts and prayers" on twitter. It doesn't help the situation but it gets you a lot of likes and retweets.

>Analyzing what our real motives are in so many situations, it helps us grow. It helps us look and the mirror and go yeah, this is me.

Apparently he believes he's doing this. Goes on to defend himself in regards to making countless videos about EC. He says you can tell he really cared because he reached out behind the scenes to EC and her friends. He see's making videos about EC as a important act that raised awareness about EC's condition with her audience. He goes on to state that he's met many people in person who where triggered by EC and their disordered eating may have been a direct result of EC herself. He also believes that one of his ex's eating habits where influenced by EC. Oh, and he made a bunch of jokes at her expense but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about her. He believes that people say they care when they really don't. Brings up Kalvin saying that if he really cared about Lainey he wouldn't hurt her husband.

>What I'm saying in all this is the public is not receptive to honesty right now. They just seem to not be capable of it.

Greg claims to be a supportive and wonderful husband to Lainey but all these 'strangers' say he's terrible. Why are people not willing to believe Old Honest Greg? Correct me if I'm wrong but Lainey has never tried to defend him. He's also stepped back from social media because all the pettiness. He admits that he use to indulge in it but now he's focused on living a happy life with his family. That's what real life is, the people around you, your family, and what's outside the door, not social media.

>If somebody is a threat to somebody you call the police. If somebody is horrible and has broken laws you call the police. You don't monetize a video and say 'hey guys, don't do anything about this, don't go to the police, don't investigate or anything. Just agree with my video and go around bullying people for the things that I say, for the editing out of context or whatever.'

I'm under the impression that he is the most unselfaware man om the world. He goes on to say that people that he's never met IRL are talking crazy shit about him online. Brings up how he did a sketch where he lifted a girl up by the neck and now people use that screen shot as proof he's an abuser.

He hates being called a youtuber. Greg says he use to call out youtubers for not interacting with their audiences but now he realizes how evil people are.

Now he is one of the most hated people because of a wetland destruction that never occurred. He claims the hate is unwarranted because all his neighbors did exactly what he's done and that the neighbor that reported him and filmed him pushing rubbish into the lake with a bulldozer has no idea what he was talking about. Greg feels like for the rest of his life he's going to be seen as a destroyer of wetlands, murder, keeper of 20 people chained up in his house, and human trafficker. He doesn't understand why people make up these things about him. He asks "is it because I'm vegetarian?" or because I made a video about a youtuber they liked? Poor Greg is feeling attacked and now he can't even get hate views. He's extremely upset that when you search 'Onision' that hate videos are recommended before his own. He says if things don't work out he'll be able to get a normal job. In the end he feels like people make videos about him just to get attention and money. Even though his channels are dying he still feels very relevant because people make videos about him and they get tons of views.

No. 656827

You did great anon, thank you so much!

No. 656828

That's the wig Lainey use to wear. The wig she wore as Harely Quinn thst Onion boy confessed when someone's dressed up as a character he is imagining fucking that character. It's not cheating if it's Emo Charlie and Fake Lainey doing it!

No. 656829

No. 656831

Aldiii, is that you?? Put this on YouTube

No. 656832

No one is editing you out of context Gurg. We have all seen the original videos. Funny how he cant provide a legit example of someone editing something out of context. Because it hasn't happened. Someone post a clip of you saying transgendered people who get surgery are "science projects" and he screams "OUT OF CONTEXT!" but cant say HOW it was taken out of context.

No. 656833

Not a nitpick, genuine question here: are his eyebrows greying or is that just the contrast blown out? If his brows are greying, do we think this would send him into a narc spiral?

No. 656838

Nah, I've only been lurking ITT for 2 weeks or so and originally came here because of the Kalvin drama. Didn't even realize what a goldmine I've stumbled upon.

But yeah, I guess I can upload it on yt as well. Maybe it'll pour me at least a glass of milk, who knows.

No. 656839

omg this video is 30 minutes of him sperging about haters AGAIN?

How many of his super special patreon only vlogs have just been him whining about haters?

It is eating him up inside. I refuse to believe he doesn't spend all day surfing the internet for comments about him. If he really truly doesn't look at the comments or watch hate videos about himself, he wouldn't be this involved in it.

But it seems he has literally nothing else going on in his life but internet drama because he talks about nothing else.

And yeah, he can complain all day about people only caring about money and views, but he starts off the video saying that he used to be cool with videos about him cause he got tons of views from them?? Sooooo yeah.

No. 656841

File: 1556479331262.png (107.83 KB, 567x559, OnionCunt1.png)

No. 656842

File: 1556479413764.png (68.45 KB, 519x590, Onioncunt2.png)

I'm guessing he's desperate for money.

No. 656843

So I wonder if he went on this rabid copyright claiming frenzy before or after he made this 30 minute whiny rant video?

No. 656846

I feel like people should stop mentioning the wetland crap cause that's the only thing he can focus on. His fine wasn't as big as people predicted so now he thinks he's won and constantly uses that to show how crazy the haters are.

No. 656848

looks like Kalvin's twitter account has been suspended?

I'd theorize it was gurg's doing but then he might make a 30 minute video about how the "HATUZ say I got Kalvin banned from twitter, HOW DISHONEST!!!"

No. 656849


Not sure if he really thinks he has won, it clearly gets to him because he thought he would get away with paying a small fine. What he doesn't mention to his patreons is that not only does he have to replant numerous bushes, he also has to set up a fence and put at least 3 permanent signs in his yard that tell him where he can and can't walk. And that he regularly has to report to the county how his plants are growing for three (!) years.

Actually, I think this is even worse to him than paying a lot of money. The fence, signs and reports will constantly remind him of how he messed up and that he is not above the law.

No. 656853

File: 1556482855944.jpg (312.76 KB, 1080x1390, Screenshot_20190428-141838_Chr…)

From KiwiFarms… If this is true. Will we have a divorce saga soon?

No. 656855

File: 1556483053259.jpg (180.79 KB, 912x658, 61uc4ZHCkwL.jpg)

>And maybe this is the end of people talking about me because Im private on Patreon and you can't leak Patreon content without getting copywrite striked because its like you're literally giving away the new Marvel movie for free.

I haven't laughed while watching an Onision video in a long time, but when he said this I actually laughed out loud because of his unabashed delusion. Does he really think his shitty skits are at the same level of Avengers-Endgame?

When anyone asks that we stop talking about a certain subject concerning Onision it seems suspect. The fault in your request is that you think that if we all did stop bringing up the wetlands destruction he would also drop the issue. How long have you known Onision? He doesn't drop things. Look at how long hes been pissing and moaning about Shane standing him up for a collab.
>His fine wasn't as big as people predicted
I don't trust Greg to be truthful about how much he had to shell out in the end. Yes the fine wasn't a half a million dollars, but if you add up everything Greg had/has to pay when all this is done with, Im sure its going to be in the 10,000 mark. And like this anon said >>656849 Id rather him have something like those signs to commemorate his stupidity for as long as he owns this property and a type of probation for the next few years where he has to check in with the government to prove hes not fucking up anymore.

No. 656856

The guy is losing his shit and copyright claiming everything. He's too much of a pussy to actually sue anyone so he's going the soft route. He's in for a shock when all those videos/channels are overturned due to fair use. He'll end up making it a lot easier for youtubers who criticise him in getting their videos and channels back after he claims them.

This is a guy with a threesome dream with two girls who are bi. If he's mentioned Lainey isn't going there at all that's supect as fuck. Especially since he referred to this 'hang out' as a 'party' before. He only EVER gushes over female fans if they get his cocktail weenie stiff.

No. 656857

wow, he hasn't changed his tactics. talking and flirting with them over Skype then meeting up in another state where the age of consent is 16. why do people still find him attractive? i seriously don't understand, don't his patrons ever notice his fallacies or how quickly he flip flops between his opinions?

No. 656860

He has a video on Twitter from earlier this month that shows him with a blue haired “patron/friend.” It’s tagged #couplegoals wow he really wants to leave Lainey ASAP.

No. 656861

I don’t think he wants to actually leave her. I can see him wanting to keep her around to satisfy his need to control someone else. As long as he hasn’t found anyone as fragile and easily to manipulate as Taylor, and as long as he can still fuck anyone he wants, he won’t go anywhere.

No. 656862

So was the real reason onion locked down on Lainey's social media and made himself pateron exclusive so he could keep this suspect behaviour hush-hush? No lainey posting emo shit, no being called out for being creepy, nobody but his inner circle who will kiss his ass and encourage all his shitty behaviour knowing all about it. Hasn't lainey said she's not on his patreon?

No. 656869

>If somebody is a threat to somebody you call the police. If somebody is horrible and has broken laws you call the police. You don't monetize a video and say 'hey guys, don't do anything about this, don't go to the police, don't investigate or anything. Just agree with my video and go around bullying people for the things that I say, for the editing out of context or whatever.'

The funny thing is, in his 'I am no longer married' video he literally bitched and moaned the whole time about how people called CPS and animal control him. Now he's telling people that they should do that?

No. 656870

File: 1556486888199.jpg (98.33 KB, 465x776, wetlands.jpg)

I love that they even annotated the plan so heavily and neatly. It kind of shows what they think of Greg, I suppose.

>I don’t think he wants to actually leave her. I can see him wanting to keep her around to satisfy his need to control someone else. As long as he hasn’t found anyone as fragile and easily to manipulate as Taylor, and as long as he can still fuck anyone he wants, he won’t go anywhere.

That's what I thought, too. But so far, Lainey has put down her foot pretty heavily and Greg hasn't been able to draw in and ruin anyone else's life. I'm not 100% convinced she'll let Greg do whatever he wants since she knows she'll get the boot as soon as he finds her replacement. Plus, now that Kalvin has brought awareness to her being in an abusive relationship it'd be easy for Lainey to play the victim again if Greg went to Boston to have a threesome. I don't think he wants to come across even worse than he already does, given all the fuss he makes about his public image.
I don't know, they have a weird dynamic in their ~uwu~ twin-flame-perfect-marriage.

No. 656871

it'd be hilarious if Gurg went and hooked up with a patron in another state, but I don't think he will. He'd have to come up with some convoluted reason to feed to his new victims to prove that it is morally okay for him to sleep with them and I honestly can't think of what reason that could be. Lainey said it was okay cause she is no longer a woman? I doubt even his dumb patreon hoes would buy that.

No. 656872

File: 1556487746780.png (187.8 KB, 592x709, another one.PNG)

So who's next?

No. 656876

>He'd have to come up with some convoluted reason to feed to his new victims to prove that it is morally okay for him to sleep with them and I honestly can't think of what reason that could be.

As >>656857 said, the age of consent is 16 in Boston so he‘ll be all like
>It‘s totally legal and therefore totally fine!!!
He just doesn’t understand the concept of power dynamics in larger age gaps, so he‘ll just convince them it’s fine because it’s legal.
Plus, 15/16 year olds are usually really flattered by being told they’re act really mature for their age, so he‘ll probably just lull them with stuff like that as well.

No. 656877

First he'll go after anyone he's had disagreements with in the past. Then he'll search his name and strike any video with his name in the title.

No. 656878

i wasnt even thinking about age (ARE the girls he is planning to visit 16? I sure as hell hope not cause thats creepy even if he does nothing sexual with them)

I was more referring to his whole spiel about how important it is to him that his poly relationship not be a V but a Triangle or whatever dumb shit he said. He made it clear he didn't want Lainey to have relationships outside of him so what kind of excuse will he give to have a hookup outside of Lainey?

No. 656879

Not to mention that was only one departments conditions, it's even acknowledged in their report other federal departments actually associated with the ecology of the land still have to deliberate. This is far from over. Wetlands and being a predator that's just our onion.

No. 656880

File: 1556490034856.png (382.41 KB, 495x830, rant.png)

So it looks like Repzion is threatening to out Greg for breaking Patreon's TOS.

No. 656881

Haha maybe KaifagLaineybot should try out the name Skye2.0 isn't this exactly how he got with Shiloh? "I didn't emotionally cheat on Skye she would be beside me when I would Skype shiloh! It's just when she went out of the room I would tell shiloh I'm falling for her. Killing that deer was not a bad omen, it was just the start!!"

So KaifagLainey is going to be stuck watching the kids while Onion is in Boston getting his ego and dick stroked. Nice.

No. 656882

I really fucking hope he reports onion because that would be milky if he lost his pateron

No. 656883

I know jack shit about patreon.
I know he DMs former patrons all the time, is that what he's done that is against TOS?

No. 656884

Ah! Now the forums and his webpage make sense!

Tinfoil, but I bet Greg's been dreading this for quite some time, hence his new online platforms. After not seeing anybody take action, he returned to Patreon and started to bootlick his patrons again.

No. 656886

But there's no information about how much he's gonna have to pay in fines in any of the documents that were released (if there's any and I missed, I'm sorry), just about the restorations he's gonna have to make

No. 656887

Is Jessica (the girl from the newest DN video) the girl he's been skyping a lot?

No. 656888

Maybe he’ll force Lainey to take her as a girlfriend then tell her he’s gonna do whatever he wants with her girlfriend like he did with Billie

No. 656889

Pretty sure Jessica is local to Greg since she's also appeared in videos with the Drunken Peasants crew that G hangs with. Skype calls are one of his $100/month perks so it's probably one of the top patrons he lists at the end of videos.

No. 656890

I hope repzion follows with this threat. Onision is gonna eventually die in youtube, specially with this new thing he's trying about not being onision anymore in his videos and not having any sort of interaction with the audience like he mentioned in his newest patron rant.

That'd leave him with only Patron as a source of income. If he loses that as well, what else does he have left? Twitch? He's also been violating Twitch's TOS by streaming on twitch and youtube at the same time.

No. 656897

He mentioned her being an 'amazing human' too at one point. Wish I could find where… but that's code for Greg being down to fuck.

No. 656906

Can we get a snow thread for Lainey if we’re not allowed to post about her in this thread?

No. 656907

Grugly would have to be on actual suicide watch if he was permabanned from Patreon.
>inb4 he starts sperging how Repzion wants to destroy his only source of income

No. 656909

He thinks it's totally legal, but the MANN act says otherwise lmfao.

No. 656911

geez, it's like he replaced twitter sperging with a striking sperge. all he's really doing is temporarily stopping the creators from getting monetized views since they're all going to dispute it and (more than likely) win

No. 656914

No. 656915

File: 1556496785758.jpg (316.14 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20190428-181041_Twi…)

Repzion is now looking for a lawyer and he said he's serious about it.

No. 656917

File: 1556497306935.jpg (267.96 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20190428-182049_Twi…)

Forgot second pic.

No. 656922

He has reported my videos (that are no longer than a minute) and I'm pretty sure he has copyright claimed other farmer's meme videos.

No. 656929

File: 1556501127928.png (599.39 KB, 723x924, yikesx.png)

I'm surprised no one here has said anything about Greg making fun of Jessie Paege's anorexia video.


No. 656931

He's really losing his damn mind lately. He's picking fights with everyone like he plans on going out with a retarded and weak bang.

No. 656933

Greg slipped up and admitted he watched Jaclyn's video and then tried to backtrack

No. 656940


"Because everyone in society should die."

Jesus fucking christ. That was creepy as fuck.

No. 656942

This dumbass is gonna end up burning down his families home.

No. 656946

In Greg's anorexia video he looks high. His eyes are pink. This is not the first time he looked high

No. 656959

Post image anon this is an imageboard.

No. 656970

Seconding this. Wetlands Saga is not over just because Glug says it is.

And if he gets out of paying fines because he’s too poor, that’s hardly a win for him. Congratulations on being indigent, loser.

No. 657021

File: 1556526202379.jpg (79.81 KB, 520x945, strangeaeons.JPG)

Looks like Strange Aeons is planning another video roasting gregs shitty books. Considering how hard he melted down the first time this should get pretty milky.

No. 657028

He just pulls sentences out of his butt. He'll say whatever suits him in the moment, without thinking too much (or at all) about it.

If he really meant what he said in that paragraph, he should have called the cops on Shane instead of making monetized videos about his alleged paedophilia.

No. 657035

Ew onion is going to be in my state. Boston is enough of a shit hole without him.

No. 657037

File: 1556545336133.jpg (29.73 KB, 430x249, hipocrite.JPG)

he's currently getting a flood of twitter comments daring him to block them. Not sure what thats all about.

But it also seems he's rustled the feathers of the Dan & Phil fans for his latest video, which i didnt bother to watch.

But it's kinda amusing in the light of all this copyright strike nonsense that his two most recent videos are him reacting to other people's content.

No. 657038

I have too much self respect to watch past the point where he’s rubbing his face in mud.

I’m surprised he isn’t going for Social Repose since he returned. His targets seem completely random at this point like anon said upthread. Shooting weak shots at everybody hoping something sticks. It’s embarrassing.

No. 657039

He's just mad that she keeps ignoring him lmao

No. 657040

Even if he gets the videos taken down permanently, it'll still ruin his reputation quite a lot, plus he can't complain if other people have his videos taken down.

With the screenshots as prove, he can't hide behind Lainey anymore and say that she's the one claiming the vids, like he did with Kalvin's video.

No. 657041

What's even funnier (read: more stupid) is that only 30 seconds before that he complains about people not watching videos by the original creator but going off of second hand information.

It's a classic Greg: "People shouldn't believe what other people say about me, they should watch my videos first! I didn't watch Jaclyn's video but someone told me she said that."

No. 657051


I was a $2 patron at one point (no, not that one), maybe a year ago so I could gather milk. I pulled the pledge after a month. To this day, I get at least one message a month from him trying to reel me back in. It’s annoying, but if Rep claims to have pretty damning screenshots, it could be genuine harassment.

Lainey has violated the rules, too. Patreon says specifically not to charge people for follows on other accounts, and that’s exactly what she did, and maybe still does. You have to pay upwards of $25 for her to add you on her shitty private insta and Twitter.

They’re both so fucking dense. Their kids can probably read better than they can.

No. 657053

He wouldn't be so angry about it if she was a uwu teen, but alas, she's too old for him now. As if he didn't notice she was anorexic before lmao. It was pretty obvious.

No. 657068

Oh boy, she should also read Reaper's Creek afterwards, keep it a trilogy of cringe.

No. 657074

Well Greg is probably the one who made her Patreon and we all know that he's too illiterate and dense to understand the rules.

No. 657132

I don't know much about it either but I'd assume him sending message after message to ex patrons has to be breaking the rules. I vaguely recall a patron who had screenshots of Gurg harassing them because they pulled their pledge during his Shane sperg.

No. 657136

So I skimmed through the Dan & Phil video and it's just him making fun of Dan for being gay? And his retarded fans think he's some LGBT ally how?

No. 657139

His harassment of patrons is against TOS.
He’s even made videos mocking ex-patrons as well as selling ex friend’s personal e-mails, phone calls and text messages as perks (see his leaks of Sam and Madison’s and Shiloh’s Lawyer messages). However, Patreon as a company has made it very apparent that it doesn’t give a single shit about who breaks the rules so don’t get your hopes up.

No. 657142

Just curious, where have you seen that Patreon doesn't give a shit? It wouldn't surprise me

No. 657146

I bet he’s furious that he can’t copyright claim those videos.

No. 657148

Well, we called it. He can only handle so much rejection before he stoops down to berating and humiliating girls he’s interested in.

No. 657151

Some of you who have made amazing caricature art of Onion should offer it to reaction channels for a fee, so that they can make 100% copyright-strike-proof vids without using screenshots! Plus it would be funny as hell.

Also reenacting his videos with the ugliest puppet out there would be funny and there would be absolutely nothing he could do about it.

No. 657158

File: 1556573862461.jpeg (809.99 KB, 1125x1772, A896BE7E-2825-4986-A699-BC2CA4…)

A few twitter anti-os have tried get the attention of patreon support, and nothing happened. Just a bot responding to the tweet with a link to report a creator. You have to be a patron to even make a report and when patrons report all they usually get is a simple message telling them to take it up with the creator.

No. 657162

he's cracking lmao. does anyone have any twitter caps, see if he's posted about this? (he blocked me I can't see his tweets)

No. 657173

Review of Reapers Creek

No. 657179

There is literally no difference left between him and the schizo cow from this post: >>>/snow/204380

They even look somewhat alike, as an anon noted. And they behave alike.

No. 657197

File: 1556580706689.png (217.27 KB, 565x489, 673967.PNG)

He changed the Dan Howell thumbnail. I guess the melting face wasnt recognizable for Greg to get clicks by someone scrolling thru random videos, so he had to put up Dans face along with demeaning him about a skin condition. Of all people Greg shouldn't be making fun of people about bad skin.

Also Im almost positive that Greg berated Jaclyn Glenn for having an 11 year old girl in one of her thumbnails, yet hes got that ToysReview kid for the clicks.

No. 657215

Showing actual uncensored hentai to his underage patrons in a video before he tried to backtrack with 18+ only Patreon is also very against any TOS. But did Patreon give a fuck about those reports? Lol nope. Doubt they'll give a fuck this time.

No. 657238

so it turns out grug actually wrote porn in this book about an eleven year old boy. theres straight up a scene in detail of the 11yo fucking a 15yo.

looks like he no longer has a leg to stand on when it comes to accusing other people of being pedophiles. aside from rating underaged girls, he has LITERALLY written child porn.

cant say im surprised.

No. 657242

This actually happened to Gurg. When he was 11 (so a 5th or 6th grader) a 15 year old girl (a freshman or sophomore) molested him at a sleep over. Gurg views this as a positive experience, though the girl evidently expressed shame because, again, a high school girl molested a young middle schooler.

No. 657306

File: 1556600401734.jpg (78.99 KB, 604x689, crazygurg.JPG)

greg is currently going insane and posting the same old ass screenshot over and over in a row.

So we're supposed to believe that there was no grooming cause Billie posted in an old sarah stream that it didn't happen? But I thought Billie was a liar and wasn't credible?

Also, based upon how sarah looks in this screen shot, this is maybe before she came back after getting kicked out years ago. So a lot has happened since then, and Billie wouldn't have any knowledge of anything that happened after she left the Onion house.

Not sure how this is supposed to be his irrefutable proof, but he's goin off.

No. 657308

This may be the thing that causes Greg to break his pledge that Onision/Greg will only be on his Patreon. Hes going to be chomping at the bit, wanting to make a Speaks video showing the public that he was right. Making a Patreon only video about this will be preaching to the choir.
Am I wrong or wasnt there trolls making fake Billie accounts to fuck with Lainey during this time? Im wondering if this was one of those spoof accounts.

No. 657309

File: 1556601997818.jpg (19.39 KB, 237x254, donotengage.JPG)

well that was fast.

its just text, claiming he is "EMO CHARLIE"

I don't know how this person who sent him the screenshot watched an old younow broadcast as there aren't any on her profile. They may have gotten it here.

He's also deleted all the other tweets he made about it and now just has the one linking to his dumb video.

No. 657310

File: 1556602575957.jpeg (576.35 KB, 1125x1436, D3A40C72-8393-405E-8727-325119…)

Here’s Sarah’s response to his video. It’s obvious she’s annoyed with him.

No. 657312

>So we're supposed to believe that there was no grooming cause Billie posted in an old sarah stream that it didn't happen?
He forgets that he and Lainey had to tell Billie there was nothing going on with Sarah and even mentioned it in a video. No partner of yours should question if there’s anything going on between an adult and a teenager.

No. 657314

I thought Billie was a dishonest druggie liar who shouldn't be trusted according to Gargoyle. Apparently we can believe her only when it suits him, how convenient

No. 657325


Repzion is being a loose cannon here. I'm not going to explain why because it would be helping greg but for fuck's sake think.

No. 657327

Rep is a mini-cow so it should be no surprise.

No. 657328

I felt like I was the only person with this opinion.

I mean, apparently Grugly did unblock the video. But I feel like it's more important for Grugly to lose Patreon. That was be gold.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 657330

If Repzion was smart he wouldn't fucking post so much about threats and what he will do. Just do something and wind up Greg its not hard stop giving him bait to dance around.

I'm sure KaifagLaineybot is thrilled onion is stuck on his lost love Billie. Must be happy family times behind the scenes at the Onion compound.

What's the up with the patroen he's making videos with is she staying at the house?

No. 657335

No. 657336

Greg gonna go ape shit. I hope they dont start drama again. It's stail milk.

No. 657337

There's a yt field anon.
Billie's ex bf got copyright claimed by Onion boy. This video uploaded yesterday.

No. 657346

He’s talking like Sméagol/Gollum from Lord of The Rings. Truly insane. He’s a caricature.

No. 657348

It wouldn't surprise me if he's already started pushing for an 'open relationship' with Lainey.

No. 657350

Yep. Repzion needs to shut up and lawyer up if he really wants to do something about Greg. He's a broke ass who can't afford a lawyer so it's easy-pickings. Repzion is currently making himself look as dramatic as Greg.

Good, let him go apeshit so some milk can flow.

No. 657351

File: 1556633513853.png (269.81 KB, 1944x1418, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 16.1…)

author of three books, ladies and gents

No. 657354

Don't worry anon, KrimsonRogue ripped him a new asshole for being an author that can't spell, use proper grammar, or sentence structures.

Also, last time I checked, Billie wasn't around during most of the grooming so even if this were true, she would be oblivious to about 90% of the grooming that took place before, during, and after her time in their lives. There's more evidence of them grooming her than this one tiny piece of evidence against it that Onion grandpa is running with.

While on the topic of KrimsonRogue and small evidence, if we use Greg's logic, we can use the smallest bit of circumstantial proof like he is doing with the thing that Billie said. So in that case, I guess since he wrote child porn and statutory rape in such detail in his book Reaper's Creek, we should accuse him of being a pedo again. Great idea, Greg!

No. 657356

File: 1556634658368.jpeg (507.32 KB, 1125x1831, B35945F3-4ABC-41B3-A800-211E42…)

Never forget Cousin-chan telling someone that they’ve been waiting until Sarah was 18 to date her.

No. 657357

And on the whole Billie thing, she was like 18/19 at the time and likely groomed as well. I doubt she understood the gravity of the situation. Billie is never reliable and a druggie liar child until something she says fits the narrative.

Greg bringing up this whole grooming thing again was an awful idea. I know he needs attention at any cost but seriously dude… He’s digging his own grave.

No. 657370

File: 1556638833998.jpg (74.88 KB, 1296x829, VEuYd.jpg)

Is this a meme spelling I don't know about or was Greg just too excited to spellcheck?
Also ever since learning you need to watch 30 seconds to count as a view, I've just skipped around paused videos hoping to bypass this. Not sure if that works.

No. 657373

Didn't Maya say something about Sarah freaking out and crying when she found out Maya was going to be the next 3rd? Why would she do that unless she felt led on?

No. 657374

Or you could have just reposts the screenshot >>657351 posted already…

Jfc maybe read at least the last 5 posts before posting.

No. 657378

If that’s true that’s sad and cringey

No. 657379

Repzion should get in touch with Nick Rekeita he is a lawyer that has a YouTube channel . Rekeita might be interested in helping him out with copyright stuff

No. 657382

File: 1556641480160.jpeg (321.96 KB, 1125x826, A64FD580-3003-45B0-BE0F-D74B27…)

Looks like Ayalla knows about his video.

No. 657384

I think Rep needed to put an initial word into the platform to get people prepared for the eventual crowd funding that he will need to get going to pay for a decent lawyer. NOW he needs to shut up, work quietly behind the scenes and leave gronk stewing uncomfortably in his own greasy juices.>>657350

No. 657385

When did this become a Repzion thread? Dude is an annoying faggot, can you guys give him legal advice and armchair in /snow/?

No. 657388

Because he might be suing Greg? I get that the people talking about him as a whole is annoying but hes relevant to this thread. If he actually goes through with suing it would be so milky

No. 657403

Has it been stated which livestream of Sarah's the supposed comment from Billie is?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 657405

No. 657407

No. 657411

Even if the Ayalla hitting on Sarah thing was true, she was 18 and Sarah was 16, hence the weird phrasing of Ayalla as “An adult at the time” which makes it seem she was way older.
Imo, a 16 year old and 18 year old together, both being female also, isnt creepy or predatory, it also doesnt change the fact that they groomed Sarah.
Even if they used Billies statement as “proof” and “FAXXX”, the fact that Onion said that Billie saw Sarah as a threat to their relationship contradicts that.

No. 657412

I wish Ayalla would describe whatever encounter Greg has brought up against her that involves Sarah. It sounds so fucking sketchy when she’s defending herself for flirting with the 16 year old child she supposedly witnessed Greg and Lainey being inappropriate with. I’m just trying to imagine the scenario in which after allegedly witnessing Greg abuse Lainey or at least having suspicions that something inappropriate is happening or might happen Ayalla would do something that Greg can so confidently represent as flirting or a proposition toward a 16 year old. After seeing that Sarah is clearly a victim in a weird and fucked up situation (and supposedly being the moral compass/having bad feelings about Greg/Billie etc) wtf is this situation where Ayalla did something that she can’t even defend herself against? It makes her look bad and unreliable.

No. 657413

No, I spent a few minutes trying ti find it in the archive, but could only find a different one from 2 years ago with her wearing the same shirt and with the same hairstyle. That one was the one where Greg makes Sarah block Billie on stream, so it could be assumed this screen shot was before then?

No. 657414

Thanks for the upload, Anon. This video somehow makes me angrier about the grooming situation because using “Emo Charlie” to address this instead of being himself, he’s trivializing the seriousness of grooming and separating himself from it at the same time! Ugh. Wish I could sage for /rant

Aside from this, I had been thinking that maybe the copyright strikes are one final attack from a child throwing a tantrum so that YouTube has to respond appropriately and shut him down? I could see him Going that route instead of being forced to face once and fall all that he’s washed up

No. 657415

Hes doing it so he can claim it was a character and comedy if shit hits the fan

No. 657419

Ayalla’s denied her hitting on Sarah ever happened before this but, her second tweet did make her look fishy. But the fact Sarah only brings it up when Lainey has been proven to be a creep towards her also makes Sarah unreliable. It’s the no you tactic and it’s a weak as fuck rebuttal.

However, she does make a valid point. If Ayalla did ask for Sarah to sleep with her when she was 18 years old, it’s a lot better than a 21 year old (Lainey) asking a 16 year old to cuddle her or watch her bathe and her 30 year old husband encouraging them to date.

No. 657422

There are so many teen couples where one is 16 and the other is 18, my younger brother is in his teens and there are more couples like it than not in his friend group.
Not saying Ayalla hit on Sarah, but IF she did non jokingly, its not creepy. Seriously. If anyone thinks it is, no offence but they should go out more.

No. 657427

He's not honest, though. In his past videos where he talked about The Trinity he said he, Lainey and Billie were having threesomes all the time. Lainey said that wasn't true. She never got comfortable enough with the situation to go all the way. So either she's lying and he should be freaking out because his spouse is a dishonest person or he lied about their interactions to seem like a stud when everyone was calling him a cuck. Which one seems more likely? Lainey who is always crying was too insecure to have threesomes or Onion tried to lie about getting double poontang to seem cool. Place your bets.

He's not honest, he tells his truth which is a warped version where he manipulates situations to look like the better person. Then when people contradict what he said he goes after them like a bully until they concede and cop to whatever FAX he's trying to spew. That's not honest, that's intimidating and manipulating.

No. 657428

We might be thinking the same, anon.
It's just a screenshot, it could refer to something completely different. Maybe it was taken out of context…. imagine Greg's face if that is true. lol

No. 657429

does anyone remember which video he said this about billie finding sarah a threat? I'd definitely like to splice that together with his new idiocy

No. 657430

if I remember correctly, Gurg never witnessed this happening at all. Sarah supposedly told him about it only when the most recent grooming accusations came out and he took that as ammunition against ayalla's claims and ran with it.

No. 657432

There’s a thread archive for a reason anon.

No. 657434

uh yeah. If I knew the video title I could search for it. which is why I asked.

Do you really expect someone to go through all the archive threads to find some random video that might not even be there?

Don't be a dick, anon.

No. 657437

Agreed, don't be a dick. Especially when someone is going to take the time to put together a video making a good argument that will actually be seen by people as well as piss gurg off.

If I knew what video it was I would link you up, anon.

No. 657438

> How many times does Onision need to be proven an honest person?

I thought Onision was just a "character", so why does it matter if he's honest or not?

No. 657439

I kind of find Ayalla sketchy since she really could be doing something instead of tweeting about it. Also her Twitter basically sounds like that straight girl who only likes girls when she's drunk.

No. 657441


Ayalla said when all this first came out that she spoke to law enforcement and there's nothing she can do. Only Sarah can bring forth charges.

No. 657445

There were videos of Ayalla Billie and Onion and maybe someone else but I can't recall, playing the Never Have I Ever game or something like that. One of his edgy sexy videos where they talk about their experience etc. It was extremely cringe and even more cringe that the girls were clearly teenagers and Onion was pushing 30 at the time.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised that the girls would maybe say something 3edgy4me to Greg while they were all hyper and giggling. Like as much as we all think Onion is an absolute faggot Billie clearly had a crush on him at one point and idk Ayalla dated SR for ages so it's not mental to think these little teens were trying to impress big pervy Onion.

I wish his past victims wouldn't be so scared to come forward for fear of ridicule. Like we call Onion ugly but feelings for people are subjective and no one that is sane sees these girls as awful as Onion boy regardless of whatever things they may have said around a far older man that was encouraging it.

Onion's a predator. That is the bottom line

No. 657449

The stream he got "Guys no one is grooming Sarah. 100% not a thing" from is >>>/pt/350045

Here's Greg admitting that he had to tell Billie Sarah was just a friend. >>>/pt/348954

Bless the anon who made the thread archive.

No. 657453

File: 1556660654912.png (848.34 KB, 1125x2001, 7EB156B9-D5EC-405C-A173-6E9BEB…)

Looks like Mikenactor is gonna sue onion too, I really hope him and rep follow through with these threats cause not only will the milk be glorious but it’ll give him a taste of his own medicine and show him his dumb ass actions has consequences.

No. 657457

I don’t know if I’m just out of the loop, but how do these people have any legal bearings to sue Greg? Obviously he’s being petty but I don’t think what he’s doing is illegal in any way.

No. 657458

He’s wrongfully claiming other people’s videos so that he can make a profit. Under Fair Use these YouTubers like Repzion or MikeNActor can use clips of Greg’s content in their content because they’re making commentary on it. Greg is trying to claim that it isn’t Fair Use so that he can get all of the profits from the videos.

No. 657488

he really needs to stop with the Emo Charlie shit already. other than talking about himself in the third person (which is cringe) he is just tweeting like normal onion.

but his twitter engagement is shit. he must be getting his dick sucked hard by patrons cause otherwise i dont know how he continues.

No. 657492

hm yeah, we dont have any sort of context for that entire thing at all. (and we all know gurg is a big fan of context)

Without know what that conversation was actually about, it means literally nothing. Of course onion will never let it go because it's all he has. Well, that and the whole Ayalla is "brain damaged" shit

No. 657494

So she doesn’t like girls except when she’s drinking but somehow also hit on Sarah? That doesn’t really make sense. We know that she wouldn’t be underage and drinking at Onion’s house. There’s no way that’s allowed, illegal activity and all

My guess is that if they talked about this at all, it was more along the lines of asking Sarah what she was looking for in a girlfriend. Possibly even a question like, “Would you date/hook up with me?” I’m pretty sure that Greg even made a video with Sarah about rating girls and whether or not they were worthy to date. Is it not possible that a similar conversation was had with ALL of the girls? I could see Greg twisting that to all hell

No. 657500

I think it might be another way of him trying to get Jessie's attention. I watched one her videos recently and she mentions wanting a "soft emo boyfriend" a lot. I don't know how long it's been a thing of hers though.

No. 657525

File: 1556676812464.jpeg (38.6 KB, 480x800, 6570F5E5-BA01-4AAC-83DD-0D1FAB…)

yes because this is the cute soft uwu emo boi jessie wants

No. 657526

He’s practically talking in fourth person now lol. Before he would say stuff like “onision is a truth teller” but now it’s going to be like “emo charlie knows onision has never told a lie in his life”.

No. 657532

Thanks for the link anon, this was enjoyable and more detailed than strange aeons critique (which was also great).

For anons who dont watch/never kept up with the reaper creek breakdown while it was happening: Greg's third book literally has multiple scenes of actual fucking child porn. GREG WROTE CHILD PORN involving and 11 year old and 15 year old. How did this get swept under our collective rugs?

I dont recall this and I thought I kept up with reapers creek. Anyway, once again Gerg provided the most damning bullshit on himself, to be used in perpetuity forever and ever, amen.

Literal child porn in that book guys. Wtf

No. 657553

File: 1556684364824.png (225.14 KB, 435x362, dale for a minute.PNG)

I didnt watch it all the way through, just fast forwarded a minute at a time to get the jist. He rages about Real Stream News, but calls him Steal Stream News to help keep this all anonymous. And then bitches about people threatening legal action or calling the cops on Twitter instead of actually doing it. Im guessing this is a dig at Repzion and Ayalla?
The main thing about this video is that he only stays in the "Dale Character" for barely one minute, literally 60 seconds. His voice goes back to normal and his mannerisms and way of speaking is just like an old OnisonSpeaks rant, except this is sprinkled with the occasional "Im Dale not Onision" comment. I think he used the Dale character for this because its easier to just slap on that ratty wig, mustache and glasses instead of the Emo Charlie get up of pancake make up and smeared mascara and lipstick. Less clean up after the videos done I guess.
So basically we can expect future videos where hes dressed up as one of his outdated characters, then falls out of character a minute later and basically rants about something he himself Greg Avaroe is pissed about and then ends it with "and Im >insert character< not Onision or Greg, thank you." Does he really think that this game of make believe will get him out of trouble when he says something stupid or fucked up in the future?

No. 657554

File: 1556684394918.jpeg (154.45 KB, 750x518, 478724CA-39B4-4550-9ED6-7B64C7…)

Hypocrisy Part 1

No. 657555

File: 1556684507188.jpeg (170.43 KB, 750x488, 94D593ED-8177-435D-AFB4-04CF64…)

Hypocrisy Part 2

No. 657557

first 30 seconds are him trying to remind people that "Onision" is just a character.

No one buys that shit, gurg.

No. 657575

File: 1556698982168.png (1.24 MB, 2618x1232, Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 09.2…)


just checked socialblade and OnisionSpeaks is officially a top-50 channel. Is this because of the copyright strikes? I don't understand

No. 657576

File: 1556699048340.png (145.99 KB, 1784x596, Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 09.2…)


clocked 172mil views on Sunday. I mean obviously he didn't, but I don't understand what's going on.

No. 657577

It removes the views from the channel with the strike so if this was the sperg night he was striking everyone, maybe?

No. 657578


Shortly before he lost 172mil views, I would guess he put some videos on private and then on public again. Socialblade just interprets that as a massive gain of views.


Obviously there are still people that support his "character" crap. But I'm sure if he keeps this up even some of his fans will get sick of it.
I think it's hilarious that he just can't find a way to not sperg about hAtErs. It was already funny seeing him raging in his older videos, now he's still raging but has to put on a stupid costume. Plus the tattoo he got to show that he totally does not care about what haters say.

No. 657588

File: 1556715965300.png (123.75 KB, 284x491, 250.PNG)

i refuse to believe

No. 657591

Those perks aside, by seeing another one of those pictures I'm convinced that Greg only condemns women because he wishes he was one.

No. 657594

Greg turning out to be a trans woman all along would legit be the best way for this whole shtick to go full circle.

No. 657596

File: 1556724569226.png (189.67 KB, 720x1280, 225A3660-3D27-42EC-976A-17E9B0…)

Except he literally describes being molested by her thinking it was “magical”.

This Julia chick is obviously a predator; telling him “you have to heart of a 15-year old uwu” when he was just 11, then then in the next year pursued his younger friend as he (Little Gruck) was no longer “of age”.

I sure hope JULAYYY isn’t placed on the sex offender’s list

No. 657597

File: 1556724595719.png (165.58 KB, 720x1280, F2BB4D7E-8F8B-4F82-8689-3F5FD5…)

No. 657599

The fact he puts an unneeded disclaimer saying he can call her gorgeous just proves how much of a pedo he is. His existence must be so fraught, constantly trying to cover his words. He’s so dumb.

No. 657611

File: 1556731215059.png (8.27 KB, 279x279, Capture.PNG)

Mmm. Yes…the monthly Patreon decline.

No. 657612

Is emo still even a thing in 2019?

I know being emo was a huge trend back in the early 2000s but then the emo kids grew up and got replaced with hipsters and whatever else they're calling themselves at the moment.

I just feel like Onion's Emo Charlie bullshit is outdated and makes him look like the 30-something loser that he is, trying to be a cool dad or something.

No. 657616

"Outdated" is the definition of Greg. Everything he does and wears is terribly outdated. It's funny because his fanbase is so young that you would think he would make an effort in keeping up with the age group he's trying to get into the pants of.

No. 657617

Even when emo was popular this emo charlie character was not self aware enough to be funny and nor does he even look emo, more like a 50 year olds idea of what teenagers are. Gurg really has no idea about the world at all.

No. 657627

Alternate universe Mello where he doesnt die at age 50
He even mentions in the book that she hooked up with his friend a year later, and his friend was 11-12 she 16

No. 657636

File: 1556738975481.png (19.57 KB, 590x302, greg.PNG)

Hmmmm. Wonder what happened here?

No. 657637

Lainey refusing the TRINITAAAY, so she isnt a tru bisexual. Probably.

No. 657639

Although this is most likely the case we know how Greg likes to stick his nose in other peoples business so he may be trying to virtue signal. Funny how he says he's super Gay/Bi but has never pursued a relationship (romantic/sexual) with a man.

No. 657640

File: 1556739715610.png (16.76 KB, 606x193, onision boi.png)

sounds like he's obsessing about billie again

No. 657641


In his mind he did, because obviously Lainey is totally a man now. Because she says so.

He also still seems to think that everyone who is bisexual is interested in threesomes. (1) this is not the case and (2) maybe the person he's talking about was just more interested in the person of the other gender in that situation.

His interest in the sexuality and sex life of strangers is really creepy. Before this rant he once again started a poll about if his audience is hetero/bi/gay/other. Why does it matter?

No. 657642

It's absolutely hilarious how this applies to his faux tranny wife. He's being "biphobic" against her lmao such an ally who literally knows more about LGBT issues than actual LGBT people. Billie, who is probably fake bi, won't come back to you, Grugly.

No. 657647

Oh mighty wise Greg please do enlighten us on what real bisexuality is.

Could the anon(s) who leak Taylor’s private tweets please post if she has been active on there recently?

No. 657648

LOL let her GO. She doesn’t want you. It’s clearly about bilie. In his song that he wrote about her he had a stupid line about “you don’t love [lainey] you only love heterosexuality” Like even if she isn’t bi, who cares? She doesn’t base her entire personality around her sexuality like Lainey so it doesn’t really matter. The issue in the relationship wasn’t whether or not she was bi it was all the horrible triangulation, abuse, coercion that YOU inflicted on everyone in your house.

Also he’s already broken his “character” facade now that he’s tweeting about stuff that he Greg is sore over not his weird emo persona.

No. 657653

File: 1556743677858.png (1.11 MB, 1169x758, Screenshot_1.png)

I don't want to distract, but I stumbled upon his new OnisionSpeaks video which is about his "character" abusing his son. To sum it up, it shows him spanking the girl who plays his son with a tie while she's screaming, choking her and in the end shooting himself in the head with his brain splattered across the screen.

Now I'm sitting here seriously wondering how anyone can find this funny or entertaining. It's not even bad humour, it feels like watching Greg living out his abusive fantasies and disguising them as "comedy sketches".

No. 657654

Billie is young, beautiful, feminine and doing better than ever without the Avaroes in her life. Greg is old, ugly and worn out, has a gross manwife he's constantly abusing and is still obsessing over the barely legal alt chick he almost left his wife and son for years ago.

No. 657655

Jesus, I really hope he doesn't do that to his kids. But fuck the thought of it… Is the girl in the video one of his patrons? I wonder if he's purposely being that aggressive as an excuse to touch her and shit

No. 657657


I think it's the same girl that was wearing the blonde wig in the other video but I could be wrong. I was thinking the same thing though, because we all know he's into spanking (and the scene goes on for about 15 seconds, just him spanking her, calling her a piece of shit among other things, and her screaming/crying).

No. 657659

Now that Smergenstein has a son, I wonder if it will dawn on him what actually happened was to him was molestation and child abuse, or if hes just too damaged and wrapped up in protecting his ego/NPD.

Youd think when he sees his own son as an 11-year-old, hed realize how truly fucked up and gross that pedo teen girl was. I wonder if hed even feel angry or mad if that happened to his own son?

Apologies for armchair but it seems like that abuse and his moms weirdness is what fucked up his ideas on sex and sex roles/what is and is not appropriate etc. He may be too far gone with NPD to ever realize the harm that was done to him though.

His poor children

No. 657661

Hmm, plot twist it's just a parody skit of how Greg abuses Lainey or any really any woman

No. 657662

>she's screaming, choking her and in the end shooting himself in the head with his brain splattered across the screen.
Isn’t this 90% of his “collaborations”?

No. 657665

That whole church scene sounds like a cycle of abuse. I doubt a 15-year-old starts abusing younger kids out of nowhere. So fucking depressing, at least she apparently realized what she did was wrong, unlike Glug romanticizing it and continuing the cycle into his 30s.

No. 657666

At this point, I REALLY hope he at the very least films these horrible videos while his kids are at school or otherwise out of the house. Even if he isn't actually beating them, can you imagine the chaos of being a child and having to watch your father screech and act like a damn maniac like that? I mean, we already know his kids are subjected enough when Greg is being Greg, but when he amps up the crazy to "play a character," omg. I can't stand just watching that shit on screen, let alone being subjected to it in person.

No. 657667

We don’t know that. She could be a schoolteacher now molesting her students. The point is, they’re both sick. Sick people interact with other sick people. I just wish the law would do something about it and Lainey would drop greg.

No. 657679

Could Greg be into dd/lb? I haven't seen the video because I don't want to give him any views, but I'd have two aspects supporting that, which are him stating that boys cannot be abused in contrast to girls (iirc) and Lainey trying to turn into a little boy. And finally maybe his sperging about dd/lg (the lady doth…)
Maybe we shouldn't be concerned about his behavior towards her daughter but rather towards his son (I mean, we should, by all means, but ya know whatta mean). Btw, I don't want anyone to get upset over this, since I don't think he's straight up abusing his son - he fears the law too much. I just get these latent vibes. Sorry for more armchairing.

No. 657680

Except she didn’t stop and went on molesting his younger friend the following year. Though I do wonder what sketchy shit the SDA’s practice behind closed doors sometimes- if it has to do with this chick didling the kids sh was supposed to look after (Greg had mentioned that she was a camp counselor iirc).

Idk if you noticed this during the debate with that Irish girl but this stuck out for me out of everything…

When the Irish girl was questioning the shady perverted shit his family did to him and the naked massages from Crazy Tami, he seemed really uncomfortable; was putting his fingers on his lips, kept tugging/scratching at his neck and tried to blame everything on Shane and papa-onion as if wanting to avoid the whole CSA topic all together and trying to convince her that everything’s fine and dandy with his fam. I felt like we were witnessing his childhood trauma coming to light before the doors closed again.

I’d feel sorry for this psycho if he wasn’t a kiddie-didler and mental wife-beater himself.

No. 657682

It also isn't a balanced poly relationship when you focus more on the new person (and cheat with them) while the other person is crying in the next room but go off.

It's so pathetic how he is still so hung up on Billie. There's a thin like between love and hate.

No. 657683

File: 1556749535614.png (10.87 KB, 583x93, Screenshot_12.png)

>Could the anon(s) who leak Taylor’s private tweets please post if she has been active on there recently?

This is the only relevant tweet so far.

No. 657685

File: 1556749796067.png (19.63 KB, 587x308, Screenshot_13.png)

Sounds a little "biphobic" Greg.

No. 657686

Wtf this is very obviously directed at Lainey, who has always gone on about how much she wants to cuddle/kiss/have a girlfriend but has never said anything specifically sexual about another woman.

Things must be getting more serious in his mind with a potential new girlfriend and Lainey isn’t playing ball the way he thinks she should.

I’m here for this, trinity drama has been dry and it’s my favorite.

No. 657691

I do think he wants another girlfriend and is probably pressuring Lainey behind the scenes still but I’m pretty sure these are about Billie and not Lainey. After all he doesn’t really care if Lainey is super sexually into it probably just as long as he has access to another young girl. Lainey admitted that she and Billie never really did anything physical when it was just the two of them and he was more than happy with that arrangement.

He’s released a song he wrote about her, talked about her when he was defending himself against the grooming rumors recently, and Ayala has continued to speak out about him on twitter and he’s most likely following that and probably seeing all the cute femme pictures of Billie in cute cosplay and is mad.

Why he’s attacking her about something that fits his wife more than her is dumb but you know he haaaaates being ignored even by people he claims to hate.

No. 657692

File: 1556752743347.jpg (94.03 KB, 579x542, lainey.jpg)

No. 657694

File: 1556752869978.jpg (110.85 KB, 579x604, lainey2.jpg)

No. 657696

He goes on and on constantly about how his dad is a child molester. Insert obvious tinfoil implication.

No. 657697

Holy shit, I think an Onion divorce is actually possibly on the horizon. Shall we take bets?
Greg must truly have his next girl lined up if he’s willing to openly shit on Lainey and bring up trinity drama even though he knows that hurts Lainey/pisses her off immensely. When was the last time he even love bombed her? He used her as a pawn with the Kalvin drama but I can’t remember the last time Greg even pretended to like Lainey. Kinda sad until you remember they’re both gross predators.

No. 657698

Gregma wants to have sex with his dad?

No. 657699

lmao there must be petty fights happening on the daily at this point, i hope the kids are safe/they don't fight violently in front of them.

kinda tinfoily but taking into account the jessie paege parody video he uploaded recently + these past few tweets + everything else that's been building up within the past year, he must be REALLY on edge picking fights at every moment just so he can find an excuse to go THAT'S IT I WANT A DIVORCE. i wouldn't put it past him at this point to be the one to initiate the separation, knowing how much of a human doormat lamey is. as much as i dislike lainey i hope he doesn't put his hands on her, nobody deserves getting physically abused by their spouse.

No. 657701

Exactly, /s
But seriously, his dad was prob a cross dressing tranny or something. Would explain Greggo’s obsession with trans people.

No. 657706

His dad probably molested him.

No. 657719

ive gotten way too cynical I guess, because we always think divorcegate is right on the horizon but then they just continue to be together to "PrOvE tHe HaTuRz WrOnG!"

As much as id love to see this happen, I am done even considering it as a possibility. Lainey doesn't have the balls.

No. 657724

why the hell is Gurg talking about the "Bi Community" as if he's actually a part of it?

Firstly, even if he were actually bi (he's not) he doesn't interact with any other people so how the hell would he know anything about the community?

No. 657727

He'd probably just give Trot a high five.

Well we 100% know Tami did some weird shit with Greg. Nude body massages and dating a guy with the same name as her son and then screaming out the name Greg when fucking him.

No. 657729

I feel like Greg is desperate enough for attention at this point that he’d take the shitstorm of negativity that comes along with dropping Taylor as long as he has a new girl lined up. He has literally said that his being married is more about him being terrified of being alone than his particular interest in Taylor.

No. 657732

>now I don't

lainey your entire existence is comprised of self-loathing

No. 657744

Agreed, there’s no way she genuinely loves herself, she’s just saying that to be a spiteful bitch

No. 657773


Lainey said herself that she and Billie never once did anything sexual with each other and only kissed a handful of times during her first few visits.

Meanwhile, Grot claims that he and Billie would kiss each other “basically every time they saw each other” after Cuddlegate 1.0 and have dozens and dozens of threesomes, during which Lainey would blow him and he would make out with Billie.

One of them has to be lying, and he’s basically just describing his perfect fantasy where he gets to be pleasured by his submissive ass wife while getting to kiss the manic pixie dream girl of his dreams who doesn’t have herpes crusted lips.

Whatever really happened, will never happen ever again, Onion. Billie laughs at you now.

No. 657776

I'm pretty sure what Lainey meant that they never did anything sexual was that she was stuck blowing Greg while he ate Billie out etc. I can totally believe that they never touched during their threesomes and that it was largely just Lainey watching or gratifying her husband while he loved up on his new favourite girl. (You know, til they just started fucking without her while she cried in the kids room.)

No. 657786

It disturbs me that Greg has sex to begin with, but he seems like he'd be a selfish lover, has he ever explicitly talked about going down on any of his partners? Even if Greg was willing to pleasure his partner what teen girl honestly wants to peer down and see his blood red greasy face between their thighs.

No. 657787


He went off about B being too hesitant and shy to sit on his face.

No. 657793

Yeah idk if B ever actually did it but onion was 100% willing. I really think that she was the only girl he ever "loved" or at least the one he was the most infatuated with, far more than any other girl. Even on camera together they had a lot of chemistry and he was super lovey dovey to her - when was the last time he looked or touched his wife like that, if ever? She was the hottest girl he ever had and is ever going to get. He knows that she's pretty much the one that got away and between all the drama, his rapidly degrading looks and his dwindling bank account, he's never going to be able to hook someone like her again. Hence why he is completely incapable of letting her go.

On that note I'll never understand how Lainey could've watched them together and still manage the mental gymnastics to believe onion still loves her (or ever did).

No. 657796

he thinks wet vaginas are gross so i wouldn't be surprised if he refused to go down on a lady

No. 657797


Yeah, but he made it sound like he only thinks wet vaginas are gross because his micropeen won't stay inside

No. 657800

Sure Lainey had bandaid, she got pregnant during the interim between cuddlegate 1.0 and cuddlegate 2.0. Billie came back when Lainey was pregnant and that's when Onion started actually fucking Billie and when Sarah was there instead of Ayalla.

Lainey actually went into labour while out with someone else not sure if Sarah or her other friend that was local at the time but Onion was in the McMansion with Billie not sure who was watching Trot but could be assumed him and Billie took their sweet time before showing up to the hospital lol.

I haven't watched the clip of him spanking a patroen but he did that with Lainey in one video I'm sure that stings. When he had Sam round has was having her sit on his lap and cuddle up next to him playing games, if he's spanking this new patroen freely you can bet he's trying more shit off camera.

Maybe new patroen is up for having girl love with Lainey to show off for Greg and he's getting fed up having to hold his little micro dick in.

No. 657812

I don't believe they're together to prove the haters wrong, it's more of a thing they tell each other: Lainey hes never stood on her own two feet and is now a mother of two young children who went behind her family's back and married Greg.I understand why she doesn't want to leave him. Plus, she doesn't need to go outside and apply for a job like "we plebs" have to.
Greg, on the other hand, is already known for being unable to be alone and has made that clear in older videos (or the voicemails to A.). He'll only let go of Lainey as soon as he's secured another (insecure) girl (preferably from a broken, dysfunctional family) who can't or doesn't want to escape. We've seen that with B.

It's pretty sad either way.

Greg watches lesbian porn. I bet that in his mind that makes him part of the bi community.

No. 657814

does anyone else find it super weird when lainey and greg were going to get a divorce, greg didn't hesitate to sign full custody over with no reluctance, or interest in finding an alternative? i feel like most people when finding out they wouldn't be able to have custody over their kids would be heartbroken

madison confirms that he doesn't give a shit about his kids too lol

No. 657815

it's that, and also, he's with lainey because he hasn't found someone that he knows for sure he can rebound onto yet, and nobody is as good as bending over and letting greg fuck them into submission as lainey is

free sex, unwavering loyalty, why would he leave lol

No. 657826

Found some thread on reddit about him and what is genuinely funny about it is that every single person that says they used to be a fan says it was when they were 10-14 years old.

I thought your fans were mostly over 18 Gurg??? Not very honest of you.


No. 657831

File: 1556819736163.jpeg (643.27 KB, 1125x1523, E28CDFD3-9954-4624-B2A2-6E12FD…)

No. 657832

File: 1556819791633.jpeg (778.79 KB, 1125x1874, 783AE38E-4BEB-4B96-8FC7-004D4C…)

No. 657833

File: 1556819815259.jpeg (653.05 KB, 1125x1884, FF7BAFA1-DC0C-4757-88EF-66522D…)

No. 657834

File: 1556819976281.png (6.92 KB, 418x94, airforce.PNG)

No. 657835

Ignore the dumb tinfoil of Allie’s lol

No. 657837

File: 1556820334209.png (114.45 KB, 866x699, AllieTinfoil.PNG)

>did admit to possible tinfoil on last bit
> still if lainey DOES change their name i will eat my shoes

No. 657838

is this the same allie from the onion flakes thread? If so, I wouldn't believe a word she says, that bitch was bonkers

No. 657840

>Onions husband
>send money so they can go to starbucks
Taylor gets a new shitty tattoo or haircut every week, I doubt she doesn't have money

>Taylor still has feelings for Billie and wants to be friends with her

>Taylor wants a girlfriend

>Greg doesn't clean, neglects everyone and everything in that house and verbally abuses people

Nothing new

What does the last part even mean? That Taylor copies Anas friend?

Ana is fucking mental, I wouldn't believe a word she says. Seems like a personal vendetta to me.

No. 657841

Everything that she has said, other than the tinfoil, is plausible. It’s happened with other girls involved with Taylor. All Allie has to do is show proof.

No. 657844

This is that same AllieLovesLainey psycho right? That chick was always obsessed and inappropriate towards Lainey on younow and Twitter and Lainey was always visibly uncomfortable.

No. 657845

Y'all sound like onion boy himself!
"The girl was clingy with lainey so now nothing she ever says is legit cause I don t like her"
That is why a lot of these girls are scared to come out,not only they re afraid of onion but also of this pack of wolves from lolcow…

No. 657846

She has made shit up before also shes bonkers. We need proof.

No. 657847

File: 1556822853314.png (887.9 KB, 930x588, best friends.png)

I'm sure pretty the 'young friend' she's mentioned is Sarah. I remember when they sent her home then brought her back and hid that she was staying with them again. A little while afterwards observant farmers saw her in the background of an onion stream and she popped up in the mirror of one of Lainey's videos. Although she may have been there for Lainey there is Instgram images that show Greg and Sarah hanging out alone.

No. 657848

You honestly made me choke on my strawberry milk. Do we actually 100% know that about Tami and Grug??

No. 657849

Fuck off Allie, the Onionflakes thread in /snow/ has plenty of justification that she’s a lying attention whore. You must be new.

No. 657850

Noah fence but Onion is the only faggot overly using the term bonkers.

If Allie has screenshots that'd be great. She was a top tier patron for years so she probably does have an insight

No. 657851

Lurk moar newfag.

No. 657852


Yes. These are things Greg himself has openly admitted to. He used his mom giving him nude massages as justification for him giving Billie nude massages.

No. 657853

Also she helps him by luring in young girls with the pretense of being "her" girlfriend, but when they arrive to their house they are forced to suck gargoyle's micro dick too

No. 657855

File: 1556824495273.jpeg (72.15 KB, 506x900, 19759AA2-9A6F-409F-AEE1-BC95A6…)

No. 657856

File: 1556824527326.jpeg (84.82 KB, 506x900, B089583E-387F-49E4-B48C-9EDB73…)

No. 657857

File: 1556824647641.jpeg (79.25 KB, 506x900, 7C166FEE-82DE-41EE-989E-B66F4D…)

No. 657858

File: 1556824673584.jpeg (76.75 KB, 506x900, 4C7065FC-2202-4A0D-822E-6777D4…)

No. 657859

File: 1556824710526.jpeg (33.62 KB, 506x900, D96731C4-C244-4A55-A35B-8E65A0…)

Attention whore or not, seems like she may be telling the truth.

No. 657864

Did I miss something? What caused Allie to suddenly spill? Shit

No. 657868

File: 1556825965755.jpeg (217.31 KB, 720x1280, 06370BFB-F25E-43A6-921E-900BE0…)

Greg’s recent video about RSN. Girl’s very protective of her friends.
She posted this as well.

No. 657869

>>657849 suck it ! Also my name is Simi,bye(no one cares who you are)

No. 657877

Thanks for sharing!

Can you give any screenshots/proof of Greg being jealous and not wanting Kai to get a girlfriend? A lot of what you shared we have know about (that Greg is a abusive to his partners) but it’s generally believed that he’s the driving force to get a third.

No. 657879

File: 1556826773756.png (38.14 KB, 593x395, Screenshot_15.png)

She can't. Her first account got deleted for announcing that she wanted CJ tortured for assaulting Amber. So one of his minions reported her.

No. 657880

>>657877 I didn t share those sweetheart,just annoyed at people who trow insults around without any basis so when I saw someone posted proof I couldn t help myself to not say something.
If there are more screenshots this will be huge.We all know gurg is an abusive piece of shit but getting receipts from people who used to be involved with them hopefully will get more people talking.

No. 657885

Where are the admins right now?

No. 657888


It seems as though she is being truthful through the receipts she provided. This is huge and serves as an additional indicator that Greg emotionally abuses Lainey in front of their children.

No. 657889

"I don't want to leave them with him" god, what a sad thing to say about the father of your children

No. 657891

>but it’s generally believed that he’s the driving force to get a third.
Thats true. But I think there are usually two scenarios.

1. Greg sees Taylor has an interest in a girl and Greg also finds this new girl attractive so he pushes Taylor to go farther and sometimes gaslights Taylor that she really wants this relationship, like with Billie. Then enjoys having a side piece without it looking like hes cheating on Taylor.
2.Taylor finds a new girl and truly wants a relationship and probably wants the girl all to herself. Once the ball gets rolling Greg will try to insert himself into to situation and goes ballistic when the new girl thinks hes creepy and gross like Maya and Haley/Luxymoo.

So when its said "Every time onion becomes hostile and attacks the potential. Onion becomes insanely jealous and so begins the verbal abuse." It only when the new girl doesn't want anything to do with Greg. He realized hes not going to get anything out of it and burns everything down.

No. 657899

>Every time onion becomes hostile and attacks the potential. Onion becomes insanely jealous and so begins the verbal abuse.
This is what happened with Maya. It's not that he's jealous of the potential girlfriend, He's jealous that Taylor is getting more attention than he is.

No. 657901

> send money to Onions husband so that he could go to a Starbucks

wtf how much of a beggar are you Lainey? Okay, your husband's yelling at you. Instead of accepting money to go to a Starbucks or someplace to treat your hurt feelings with a sugary drink or retail therapy, just leave Greg.

No. 657903

And cause they don't want his Frankenstein looking ass.

I have no idea, but I hope no one scares away the milk. Allie cried wolf so many times that no one wanted to believe her. Makes sense, but she's providing proof now which helps a ton. Onion's going to peel back his character layer and start sperging.

No. 657906

That makes sense. That’s just surprising bc I though the bi thing was something he was doing to please Greg.

She wasn’t begging, she told her not to send it in that screenshot?

Everyone said it but she needs to leave. If the thing about her wanting to be on good terms with b is true I bet they could become friendly again without Greg in the picture.

No. 657912

She's afraid he's gonna stuff them under a plastic bin and let them suffocate to death like he did to Reptar and then claim it was an "accident" lmao

No. 657921

Realistically, she's probably more concerned he'll neglect them, like not changing diapers in Madison's situation. Or if he's in a foul mood, he will not want to deal with the kids if they wake up.

It's nice to have someone offer up screenshots, it's been so long since anyone has had the balls to provide proof. They are always so concerned about Lainey feeling betrayed when she could give fuckall about anyone but herself.

No. 657925

Lainey said that they would only kiss/hold hands/just mostly "romantic" stuff instead of sexual in nature,and Gregma sperged twice now about Billie being straight,but then Gregma the faxx machine himself claimed in one of his autistic post trinity breakup videos that they had all "kissed,performed oral on each other,and had sex together 20-30 times"
so which one would it be Greg?

No. 657931

i 100% believe this shit
pretty much everyone that was a mutual friend of greg/lainey, confirms that greg verbally abuses lainey

and lainey confirms that he calls her derogatory names in videos

No. 657932


and she startles so easily.

No. 657937

File: 1556835886865.png (100.72 KB, 565x664, lainey.png)

No. 657938

File: 1556835981576.jpg (106.77 KB, 640x670, lainey2.jpg)

pretty much confirming everything

No. 657945

Kind of odd how Sarah has Lainey's phone and says something not so uwu positive about the onions. Doesn't Grug also have access to Lamey's snapchat?

No. 657946

File: 1556836700920.jpeg (145.31 KB, 750x1200, EF087B6D-D48D-4712-B618-63A0B8…)

Not exactly info relevant to the current situation but Ayalla’s response to “Hey Ayalla. This might be too personal and I’m sorry if it sounds rude but I’ve always wondered this— do you know if sarah was around while lainey asked billie to not do anything with greg? If she was that’s a really dangerous and gross environment for a young teen. Was just wondering if you knew.” pretty much shows they don’t give a shit about what happens around their children.

No. 657947

Omg that is heartbreaking. What a fucking idiot. How the hell does he think people learn to talk if he refuses to talk to his daughter? I'm sorry but you have to be legit retarded to not see the point in talking to your babies.

But then, you know, maybe the kid's better off if Gerg doesn't speak to her because then maybe she won't be quite as susceptible to his toxicity.

I seriously worry about how those kids are going to come out.

No. 657949

Honestly, she made herself the victim for not leaving him not once but an assload of times. Everybody and their mother knows Gargoyle is an abusive pos. He gives fuck all about loyalty (insert Shiloh and Billie sperging) and his family. Yet she still stays. She's a sheltered and privileged bitch, too stupid to stand up for herself.
Even if she wasn't, she was Lainey's (arguably) only friend and must have known what was going on. Grug was fingering Billie under a blanket while Sarah was near, she knew damn well what kind of bullshit was going on and probably reported everything so Lamey could throw a pity party for herself.

No. 657953

It has long been established that Greg's wife Lainey (she / her) is straight as an arrow and repulsed by girls. She wants an emotional affair where she gets to be the dominant one, that's all.

No. 657956

to me this whole message screams of Lainey telling Sarah this Allie girl was too obsessed and Lainey asked sarah to say something to get rid of her.
I'm sure Lainey didn't really care what she said. All of Allie's message do kinda sound desperate and one sided.

No. 657961

File: 1556839417029.png (122.17 KB, 750x807, 1546621842461.png)

Or, Sarah tries to push away any girl interested in Lainey because of her own obsessive crush on her. Not saying Lainey was attracted to Ana, but it's apparent that Sarah freaks out when someone is interested in Lainey.

No. 657967

File: 1556840329968.jpg (76.68 KB, 1370x761, Capture.JPG)

this video is pretty much Gurg's twisted reenactment of an actual argument he and Lainey about about the issue. Really shows how much he cares for her and respects her opinions. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k60-5mwCWe8umFbseJwXdjbnOxhXrklI

No. 657969

How about just discuss the screenshots and info provided, I don't really understand the mindset of some anons wanting to discredit things and using bizarre reasons like "this has already been stated." Yeah OK, so there's an abundance of conflating evidence.

Stop trying to spoil milk before all details are known.

No. 657970

best part about this is, even with the over dramatic acting, it STILL make the Greg character seem like the asshole. It's clear he was trying to make the female character seem unreasonable, but it definitely didn't work.

I have a feeling this is how all their arguments go. Except any normal person can see that Greg is still in the wrong. Lainey has every right to be mad about the issue AND that he always calls her names and leaves the room.

No. 657971

chill, anon. Are you Allie? You're being awfully defensive.

We are not the type to take things on total face value when we don't know the context (that's greg's favorite word right now, after all).
We'd be dumb to just believe everything without questioning. There's nothing wrong with speculating what screenshots could mean when we don't have access to the entire conversation.

No. 657998

Not that anon, but you both make good points. With the screenshots and what's been said by other victims of Onion's tantrums, it's very easy to piece together what happened if you combine the two. We shouldn't take things at face value because we've been tricked many times before, but there is proof this time.

No. 657999

ehhh but the comment that anon was complaining about was just speculating that Lainey told Sarah to say something to Allie rather than Sarah sneaking off with Lainey's phone to talk trash in secret. There is no "proof" that either situation is correct.

No. 658001

And then that anon suggested just discussing the screenshots and info rather than immediately assuming that it's wrong. You said that we shouldn't believe everything without question and we shouldn't, but that's why we're discussing it.

No. 658003

>Nah I don't want to leave them with him

This is really fucking sad if true.

No. 658022

File: 1556867495614.jpeg (633.22 KB, 2048x2048, 26C0C0A4-6813-4D56-A3CE-A37DE9…)


Psh, performed oral on each other, that’s code for they both sucked his dick and he maybe gave Lainey 10 seconds of oral before asking Billie to sit on his face. He claims that he tried to make Lainey the center of attention and not him or B, but I doubt it. I know he wanted them to “make love” to each other while he watched, but judging how these two would awkwardly, just barely kiss makes me think that never happened:

No. 658031

File: 1556883356794.png (1.68 MB, 1334x750, DFE4AD19-6282-48E7-9113-60ECD1…)

Lainey actually looks kind of cute in those pics. Hopefully won’t get banned for comparing it to this pic from her most recent video. Greg is doing a number on her. Reminds me of how horrible Shiloh looked toward the end.

No. 658032

Might get banned also, but didn't Shilo also shave her head towards the end? Is that what he does to girls?

No. 658033

Are those bruises or hickeys in her neck?

No. 658034

File: 1556886972654.png (343.36 KB, 587x599, again.png)

No. 658035

File: 1556887061340.png (248.47 KB, 592x560, hairbot.png)

No. 658036

Farmers are not going to look dumb for discussing a screenshot that comes from a top tier patron for years. If there's discrepancy or inaccuracies let Onion boy address it in some sperg out, who gives a fuck if he thinks we're wrong. He always thinks we're wrong that's why it's funny as fuck when his life just goes from bad to worse.

Yeah its assumed that when Greg gets insecure about his gfs lwavi g them he basically sabotages their appearance in some way. He must think if him and Lainey both work the emo boy angle they'll score some sweet puss

No. 658038

He doesn't want to advance the human race because humans rape and murder yet has offspring of his own…

No. 658039

isn't this sort of sinister considering Shiloh shaving her head and them asking Billie too? How does Lainey not see this??

No. 658040

I got to 3min 15sec before turning it off. This video is a 33 year old man not knowing what the meaning of life is and not being happy with life because at the end of life you die so what's the point. He says the human species shouldn't advance because we're rapists murderers and specieist… He sounds like a literal dumb af teenager and talking about how politicians are egotistical and repugnant and everyone is so stupid for fucking around and living without meaning and who cares if you have ambitions because if you didn't achieve those someone else would anyway.

All in all Onion is a big insecure cunt that also thinks he's better than everyone else so therefore everything is pointless. Wew so deep Gurg

No. 658043

According to Sh, he shaved her head in front of a mirror and said something like, "I want you to shave your head because you're a good bitch." Not sure if that is true of course. There was also the video where she was supposed to be sleeping in a car and they shaved the sides of her head, but she admitted that she wanted that hair cut and they did it like that for viewz.

No. 658044

Sounds like he watched a few Bojack episodes

No. 658045

3:15 and beyond.

"I have an ambition to live a meaningful existence and I feel like I'm weighed down by piles of shit."
Greg goes on to complain about how people perceive him and brings up an example of people accusing him of having sex with the actresses in his videos. He goes to state "There is no such actresses that I'm secretly fucking behind my spouses back." It's so weird he has that qualifier there, like when he technically didn't cheat because he told Lainey he'd do what he wanted with B.

He continues to spew more of his 'I'm 14 and this is deep' insight when he starts to become more animated and his voice becomes a bit more exaggerated in a playful manner. Please note, the ideas/believes that Greg is bringing forth are not different. He pauses and says "I'm being a character right now, I'm not actually… laughs You know I press record on the camera and I don't know when I'm a character and when I'm not half the time." Closes out the video stating his plans for patreon.

No. 658047

I thought that was odd too, like you could have just said I'm not fucking her, but no he has to say "not secretly fucking her behind my spouse's back" as if he's trying to cover his ass since there may have been, may be intentions of, or currently some fucking around happening.

No. 658048

Bet that’s his excuse now when Lainey says she wants another bandaid.

No. 658049

My Best Hair Transformation Ever

In my opinion it's not really worth the watch. This is the second video in a row that Greg has stayed out of but now the realization that Lainey is painfully boring is starting to set in.

No. 658050

Awk poor wee Gurgles, maybe people wouldn't think you'd have an interest in fucking all your paid actresses if you didn't always obsessively fixate on most of your paid actresses.

No. 658051

Wait so Greg spurged in this video about being misunderstood and the annoyance of public perception and how he's perceived to be pursuing relationships with the girls he invites to his house, but then it's been a character doing the vlog? Did he even fucking specify who he allegedly was, was that Onision, Emo Charlie, Dale etc? What in the actual fuck is this retard on about

No. 658054

Humanity should give up space travel because "rapers" (sic) exist

His attempts at having a thought process are hilarious.

No. 658055

Surprise surprise, another excluuuuusive vlog where he bitches about his haters.

For someone who doesn’t read the comments or watch the hate videos he sure is up to date on what we’re saying about him

No. 658056

> "I'm being a character right now, I'm not actually… laughs You know I press record on the camera and I don't know when I'm a character and when I'm not half the time."

This is called insanity, Gurg.

No. 658062

File: 1556899744475.jpg (40.37 KB, 540x576, 59439854_336399540403871_69313…)

Not only did onion unblock me, he accidentally (?) followed me too. I guess gurg must be checking up on da haturz

No. 658063

File: 1556899909860.jpeg (351.6 KB, 1125x1444, D15D0FBE-613B-4E16-A838-C67192…)

He did this to quite a few people; before tweeting this lmao

No. 658065

File: 1556900241556.png (147.09 KB, 333x268, Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 17.1…)

dO nOt EnGaGE!!

No. 658066

He unblocked me too, he must be missing the attention from his haturz.

No. 658067


I got a follow as well.

Wouldn't following a bunch of "haters" make this tweet completely moot? I've never followed him, nor tweeted "hate" at him. Only called out his hypocrisy if someone else I followed retweeted him. That's not "hate" Onion. Proving you wrong isn't hate.

No. 658069

File: 1556902263271.png (78.95 KB, 575x314, k.png)

is this supposed to be ominous? lol all he's going to do is upset himself once he sees what people have been saying about him

No. 658070

His content is so shit lately. 1/3 personal grudges, 1/3 nervous breakdown/shitty marriage on parade, 1/3 crappy skits that thinly disguise his mental and emotional issues. And he expects to support a family on this?

No. 658073


I wouldn't think we can expect her to be interesting, though. She's completely removed from reality. She's isolated from her family, Greg chases away any chance she has of making friends in real life OR online, and when she isn't being Greg's punching bag (figuratively, at the very least), she's on mommy duty to her kids since her husband obviously doesn't parent them.

There's nothing of substance she can offer her audience without admitting her life is shit, which is probably why she fixates so hard on her gender. There's literally nothing else she has to offer because she isn't given a chance and she refuses to leave.

No. 658074

God he is so tiring it's almost no fun to hate him anymore.
He's done this song and dance dozens of times. Unblock everyone just to go on and re-block everyone a month later.

I think Onion needs a hobby. One that doesn't revolve around his idiotic internet presence.

Go take up pottery or something dude. Get some zen. do something meaningful. (actually didn't he just make a post about doing meaningful things with your life)? What IS he doing with his life that is meaningful?

No. 658075

He also needs a job. He's a mega lazy useless member of the same society that he keeps complaining about.

No. 658083

Neither one would give him the attention he so desperately wants though. He‘s such a huge narcissist, he needs an occupation that’s all about HIM.

No. 658089

Lmao that idiot can't even Photoshop right, he cut her entire ear off. If he wanted to use that shit as clickbait it won't work because people will realize it's fake right away

No. 658091

File: 1556912245477.jpg (20.84 KB, 614x343, b&dagain.jpg)

lmao anyone else notice that he keeps trying to make a subreddit but it keeps getting banned? This is at least the second one, yesterday it was OnisionSpeaks. Hilarious

I love it but I'm curious why Reddit would ban a community immediately like that. Not even Reddit wants you Greg lmao.

No. 658096

the mods here are useless cunts, this was inevitable. sorry not sorry.

No. 658097


He's probably charging for people to get in.

No. 658115

Can’t post caps now but omg Onision is live sperging on Twitter right now.

Also his new patreon schedule is fucking UNHINGED. He is never ever seeing his kids under the guise of “working” aka vidya.

No. 658118

if you make a subreddit to replace one that was banned, it's ban evasion (against reddit rules) so it immediately gets banned as well

No. 658121

File: 1556918913950.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, ohai grug.png)

Technically you can see him walking in the yard at around the 3rd minute. Is he doing wetlands work and cleaning maybe? lmao

No. 658136

Oof that hefty, middle aged dad bod lol He even walks like a neanderthal, I wonder if he’s gonna sperg at Lainey for catching such an unflattering view of him

No. 658141

lol he's going to see this and make a 13-minute long compilation of him supposedly doing work around the house.

No. 658143

File: 1556923141933.jpg (249.29 KB, 1920x1080, Qylb4or.jpg)

Speaking of his dad bod, I wonder if he knows this is available for purchase

No. 658179

File: 1556929584126.jpg (388.5 KB, 884x575, Screenshot_20190503-202606.jpg)


Anon, I'm crying.

This reminds me of the famous Patterson Bigfoot movie from the 60s.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 658195

File: 1556934893082.png (684.11 KB, 746x522, 35411.PNG)

He still has to have that yellow public notice sign about the work thats being done on his land posted at the entrance to his home. When is the county going to inspect the work he was suppose to have completed?

No. 658223

File: 1556944466503.png (140.54 KB, 443x383, blairwhite.PNG)

So Blaire gets a strike for using clips of Onisions videos. But hes allowed to use (had to figure out the total time of all the little snippets he used) about 3 minutes of her content in his 10 minute video.
Totally fair.

No. 658242

Looking at his sperg just makes me wonder if ant County or government workers still check his public socials lol. When I use to work in claims our fraud department would do checks on red flag cases to find conflicting evidence etc. Do you think Onion's whole character skit is him trying to keep his business separate from the government's watchful eyes.

I have to imagine someone is keeping tabs and witnessing him lose it. This character shit is borderline schizo. He is an actual nutcase.

No. 658245

The more manly Lainey looks the less those hickeys appear , you can see that in the hair video lmao. Onision can’t lie to himself to say he’d still be sexually attracted to Lainey as man… even if she got her vagina still right there

No. 658248

When he did this "character" nonsense the first time >>563950 (while also deleting all his tweets >>560606) we thought it was because either Shane or AJ's dad were suing him (he was incessantly throwing serious accusations at them, see towards the top of the thread I already linked).

Now we know that was not the case. The character schtick actually hurt his views and reputation, and yet he's repeating that failure.

This all speaks to me that the "character" stuff is not a strategy he thoughtfully formulated, it's insanity, plain and simple. Genuine dissociation.

No. 658251

Maybe I'm tinfoiling but what if Lainey subconsciously wants to look more manly to stop Greg from touching her?

I can't imagine Lainey enjoying having sex with him and maybe that's a way to make herself unattractive to him.

No. 658253

I could possibly get into this tinfoil with the recent revelations by Lainey that she doesn’t want another baby right now and how we know onion won’t use condoms or not spew his spunk in her. He’s talked about wanting another though, even if In that situation he just wanted to knock up a third. Lainey Is so deluded into thinking he loves her she probably assumes he actually just wants another baby and not that he just wants to trap a new girl.
Only thing against this is I’m not sure if she still has the iud or whatever. (Also gonna add that if she was trying to avoid getting knocked up again there’s a lot of women who still believe the whole you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding bullshit)

No. 658257

She did recently have that appointment at a women's clinic and the fact that it was a women's clinic triggered her. Maybe she was getting an IUD removed, if she got it after Bandaid I think that lines up with the 3 year Skyla IUD.

No. 658260

so greg literally unblocked, followed, then unfollowed a bunch of people last night just so that they would get the notification that he followed them and know that they were unblocked. what a fucking attention whore. i really wanna imagine he had to do all of that manually.

No. 658261

Would make more sense if she was upset about having to get her birth control removed then because it was a “woman’s” clinic. I imagine Greg wasn’t a fan of that iud even though we all know he doesn’t like having kids, her getting that iud took away some of his control over her body. I imagine he put his foot down on her getting on a new birth control now that that came out.

No. 658268

Here is another example of Onion showing how anti-lgbt he is. This is an old podcast featuring Cyr talking about his experience being friends with Onion before they had a falling out over the 2016 election (onion basically lost his shit over cyr voting for a third party candidate instead of hillary, the audacity).

Go to 24min, Cyr tells a story about how he and his guy friend like to wrestle each other for fun. Onion would call them gay for doing and tell them to not do it in front of him. He also called Cyr's friend gay because he was Korean(???). He later used his assumption of Cyr being totally gay in his shitty dis track as an insult.

I know this is old milk but, I feel it's being overlooked. I noticed Cyr has threads on here and I understand it might be hard to take him seriously but, listening to his perspective on Onion was interesting. And while you may not like Cyr, it's great karma seeing he's doing really well on twitch for his gta rps while onion's drama career is slowly dying.

No. 658293

File: 1556993657578.png (292.56 KB, 563x616, dealing with haters.png)


Yes this is an Emo Charlie video but these aren't Emo Charlies opinions, they're Gregs. Just because you put on a crappy wig and call yourself a different name doesn't make you unaccountable for the vile you spew. I also find it extremely sad that he's unable to consider another persons view point or even their feelings. (I'm betting this behavior extends to Lainey and the children as well.) Also his comedy is boring because all his characters are essentially Greg or scapegoats he's set up to prove himself right.

Anyways on to the video:
1. Organic is expensive:
Greg hates organic food because it's expensive and he thinks it doesn't taste as good as overly processed food. He also claims soy milk will make you grow female breast and could give you stomach cancer.
2. They have no taste… at all
All organic/hippie food taste terrible except for Beyond Meat.
3. They also think plants>human lives
Greg weeds his garden and then has his actress get all upset over it calling back to how people got upset when he was destroying the wetlands in his backyard.
4. No solution is the best solution
His actress brings out a shock collar and goes off on Greg about using it on his dogs. Greg defends him self saying that if he doesn't use it the dogs will be taken away and killed.
5. Thing 92, they also think everyone is evil no matter what the facts are
He has his actress play a pedophile. She comes into the house talking about how many children she's molested and then he shoots her dead. He has her also play another character who is outraged because he has just murdered someone. Greg goes on to defend himself by saying the person he just killed was a pedophile. The actress counters that it's not right that he was judge, jury, and executioner, but of course if Greg believes something then it has to be true.

No. 658304

He must have had another conversation with the County. It's funny how you can always tell what happened behind scenes based on the retarded videos he uploads.

>He has his actress play a pedophile.

This is him projecting after the backlash about him being a pedo who writes child porn.

No. 658318

I had