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File: 1557938116167.png (570.31 KB, 800x800, 1555232961664.png)

No. 661493

Thread Image Credit: >>
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/652301
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

EDIT: Do not post about Lainey unless her content has some connection to Greg. If you desire to start a discussion about her, go to the fakeboi thread or make a new thread about her in /snow/. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. >>647967

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:
>The county gives Greg the terms he must follow to repair the damage he has done to the wetlands. >>652379
>Even more hilariously they are requiring him to build a fence so that he'll keep out of the buffer area. >>652383
>Kalvin Garrah makes a video exposing Greg's transphobia and abusive personality. >>652585
Lainey does not defend Greg publicly and only vague tweets about it on her private twitter account. >>652696
>Greg attempts to manipulate Kalvin into taking down the video. When this does not work he proceeds to his next tactic - threaten to sue. >>653080
>Since things did not go in Greg's favor, his new attempt to weasel out of any criticism is to release "I Am No Longer Married & 'Onision' Is Going Patreon Exclusive" where he states that he will no longer share his marriage or "Onision" publicly. >>655308
>All exclusive "Onision" Patreon videos he releases during this time are just complaining about the haters and feeling sorry for himself. >>655983 >>656825
>Greg goes on a copywrite striking rampage. >>656804 >>656842 >>656872 >>657453
>Krimson Rogue releases a book review of Reaper's Creek >>657173
>Allie, an ex-patreon and a bit of a cow herself shares some information about Greg and Lainey's relationship. >>657831 >>657855
>Madison chimes in with her personal experience. >>657937
>STRANGE ÆONS releases her review of Greg's second book, This Is Why I Hate You. >>659590
>Just a day later Greg makes a video announcing that "Onision" will be returning to his youtube channels.
>His first Onision video in 19 days is one which he defends James Charles because he's young and he his bound to make some mistakes. Oh yeah, and strait men can't be victims. He goes on to state that he believes that Austin Jones's prison sentence was too extreme and he should of been sent to a mental health facility. >>660125
>Greg tries to ride the expose wave for attention claiming that Jeffree Star sexually harassed him. . >>660554 >>660671

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No. 661494

Image Credit: >>653205

No. 661499

Excellent choice for a thread picture, OP! It perfectly represents what kind of a joke Onion is.

No. 661503


This wasn't about the imported accounts, it was active users like LizardQueen for example who wanted to get the boot and have their account anonymized. There is no option to "quietly leave" because only mods can disable accounts and the only way to reach Greg is by making a thread in the forum support area. His DMs are closed.

No. 661512

He’s just uploaded to YouTube a video trying to cancel Jeffree star. Used a very old clip of Jeffree supposedly sexually assaulting another person. It a very short clip so don’t know the context ie if this is from an ongoing joke between the two. Comments are mainly saying how this is going to backfire badly on him. Not sure if Jeffree will bother giving him the time of day to Sue him tbh I th8nk that’s what he’s hoping for to gain some kind of relevancy?

No. 661516

Ridiculous.. he is really pissing me off more than usual with this slander bs. I am really starting to think that he does want someone to sue him or cancel him for good, it’s like he is self sabotaging and he’s doing it to Lainey too.

No. 661521

If he goes to court, and I hope he does, I hope they wind up forcing him to pay the defendant's legal fees, and fine him for wasting the court's time (I forget what the legal term for that is).

No. 661522

File: 1557943886796.png (693.94 KB, 921x598, bye.png)

No. 661526

>whew, boxing looks way easier than it is

this actually might be the most embarrassing onision video for a while

No. 661527


his obsession with talking while flailing at that punching bag is so cringe.

>"boxing looks way easier than it is"

okay but what you're doing isn't boxing you striped bag of lard.

No. 661530

GDPR anon here. Transferring databases between sites with no reason, notice or consent is not compliant at all, and Greg is ysing it for business so it is definitely a violation

Basically, you are allowed to collect those emails or names or whatever for one specific 'purpose'. Once the purpose changes or something else changes (like a new site) you can't just transfer people over, and say we'll if you don't like it leave. You'd have to individually regather each consent, and if someone didn't consent you'd have to remove them. And not just remove them off the site, wipe them from the database. That's why it's not a great idea to hoard teen emails, Greg. You actually gotta take responsibility for how you use that info.

If there are any EU members who were pulled into his forum, they'd be well within their rights to report to their data protection authority in their country.

No. 661535

he has a solid point here but lol if he thinks that video isnt already super famous, and double lol if he doesnt realize this video makes him look like a big bitch

"call me mister told you so. nobody listens to me. you should start" jesus christ

No. 661541

Please do this.

I also work with GDPR and this is 100% a violation.
Carries a pretty hefty fine usually too.

No. 661547

Anytime I see Greg engaging in something aggressive and violent I can't help but think he's turned on since its been exposed in his books he is turned on by it. Talking about Jeffree copping a feel is getting him all juiced up lol. Hasn't Jeffree already addressed this?

No. 661560

If Grugly went to a neurologist and they ran a scan through his brain, they would find all kinds of fucked up shit in there. Too bad Grugly is against doctors

No. 661565

What is that hole-ridden shirt doing outside of the garbage bin, and how is he not embarrassed to broadcast himself wearing it

No. 661567

Honestly, the only thing I think about when I see him now is this >>>/pt/661155

I really hope J* keeps ignoring him. All Greg's good at is leeching off of drama and being sued might make him relevant again. Ignoring him has been much better, though. His videos do poorly, people aren't interested in him anymore, not even LC is giving the time of the day. Rather than seeing him poop out countless videos about a lawsuit, I'd prefer to see him vanish silently: no big bang to be remembered by, but just completely irrelevant and forgotten.

No. 661572

Yeah but a lawsuit would shut his ass up real quick since he can't afford to do anything. He would probably be served with a cease and desist order. Maybe he's trying to get sued to try to file for bankruptcy?

No. 661574

I showed my brother, who actually boxes, this video and his response was: "This is absolut beginners level. I'm talking young kid who never threw a punch in his god damn life first boxing class shit."(no1curr)

No. 661576

he looks like he's on his tiptoes about to fall over with every punch

No. 661579

Bankruptcy wouldn’t discharge his IRS debt, probably wouldn’t discharge any outstanding fines for the wetlands massacre.

But he could just declare bankruptcy at any time, no need for him to lose a lawsuit as well. He just desperately wants attention imo.

No. 661581

Ah didn't know that. He'll end up losing the remaining five viewers if he keeps trying to pick fights with people more popular than him.

No. 661604

He's really whiteknighting James Charles over here lol ridiculous. If anyone were to cancel Jeffree, it definitely wouldn't be him lol the desperation

No. 661663

>On top of this, he sustained a severe head injury at the age of five where he actually cracked his open after a fall from some playground equipment

He was actually 2 years old when that happened, he talked about it in an old video called "Onision's scar". He said he was at church with his mom when an older kid pushed him and made him hit his head on the ground. That huge dent he has on his forehead was caused by that impact, and it's very possible it caused some damage to his frontal lobe too. He definitely behaves like someone who has frontal lobe damage

No. 661677

File: 1557974374894.png (468.33 KB, 477x338, 43938643521676.PNG)

We dont see below his waist so he may be doing that thing he does when shooting hoops. He lifts one leg up like a lady being kissed.
Its the Alpha-Male-Onision-Fighting-Stance.

No. 661682

File: 1557975284631.jpg (662.25 KB, 2500x2358, netball.jpg)

it's a netball move, he just needs the cute skirt.

No. 661685

I hope js ignores him too, like Shane but unfortunately once Anus gets focused on slandering one person he can’t stop.

It’s odd too that he’s been hyper focused on js since Shane’s documentary came out. JS just made one tweet about the James Charles thing too so it’s not like he went out of his way to put James down. Weird Anus would focus on him when there were several other people who he doesn’t like that said worse.

No. 661725

He focuses on JS because he has some small fraction of association with him and he is clearly desperate to insert himself into this drama for some reason. I am with the anons that speculate he actually wants JS to call him out because he needs more people to click on his channels.

No. 661747

Greg focuses on Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star because he's been in reach of them before and he's deluded into thinking he deserves their engagement and income because although he produces monumental shit content at least he's honest!!!! He's obsessed with wealth, he's whiteknighting JC because he probably sees himself as a once great yter cancelled by the mindless public. Personally I was always confused JC got popular because he wouldn't have when I was young but then I realise kids these days think gender and sexuality is a sub culture like goths. Greg can't integrate and self inserting himself as a spokesperson for the LGBT community is not helping. He's at a loss because he's apparently a retard. He won't stop fixating on those more successful than him because he can't figure out why.

No. 661752

Does anyone know the source for people on twitter stating Greg starved two dogs? From his childhood or the dogs he's shown on camera? I thought he gave Nibbles away and wasn't aware of Dobbs, Leelu or Caterpie dying?

No. 661754

To the anon that left that awesome writeup on the last thread about Grugly's birth defects, can you elaborate a bit more about that? I wanted to reply to your comment on the last thread, but it was about to be locked and a new thread hadn't been shared yet so I didn't wanna take up one of the last remaining comments. I found your comment super interesting, so I tried looking up more information on Google about it but couldn't find anything. I wanna know all about Gurgles retardation.

It's just hilarious when you consider the video he made a few months ago about retarded kids being shot-up at a school shooting.

I wish more than anything that J would take Grugly to court. We all know that J isn't afraid of lawsuits and probably has a team of the best attornies around. Would there be anyway for him to do it quietly? I know he could do it without saying anything, I'd imagine he wouldn't say a word publicly about it. But is there a way he could keep Grugly from mentioning it publicly? If not, I still hope he brings on a lawsuit. I don't think Grugly would get too much attention for it, maybe just a slight spike in views. I don't think it would result in new subs or a newfound interest in Grugly long-term. Just think back to Shane's documentary on Graveyard Girl's channel dying. That was made in a positive light, plus Rachel isn't horrible like Gurg. She earned a lot of views and subs from that but fell back off quickly. So I definitely don't think a lawsuit from J would improve Gurg's career like, at all. It may even be the final nail in the coffin. For that reason, I really hope J acts. Every day Grugly keeps posting about him, pushing him. And I don't think he'll stop. Like an autist, he becomes super fixated on someone and obsesses about them for days. I doubt any video Grugly would make about the situation would stay monetized.

Come on J, let him have it!

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 661759

What would J* sue him for, he's just bitched about J calling him a fag which is just funny because it's fucking Greg who got on like a homophobe at that time and now he's posted a video from 2009 that did happen. Just let him be irrelevant and have even more people in his mentions bringing up all his shit. Every time he engages it's just a platform for people to point out his shit

No. 661760

>what would he sue him for
He's saying Jeffree sexually harassed him, lol. That's at least defamation, but no one knows about Gerg or doesn't give a fuck about him, so his "sexual harassment" will never go viral, like James' did.
I doubt he even knows about Gergs bullshit, he has him blocked and I can't imagine Jeffrees fanbase keeping up with Gregs wheel of drama.

No. 661762

Getting called a fag in a recording studio with Shiloh isn't sexual harassment. There would be no case. Onion needs to get it together for the views and start some real courtroom drama. May I suggest a divorce!

No. 661763

>Getting called a fag in a recording studio with Shiloh isn't sexual harassment. There would be no case.

That’s the point. There would be no case for Greg if J* sued him for defamation. It’s an easy win.

No. 661765

No it would be a waste of the courts time because someone's a retard and thinks name calling is sexual harassment. Greg doesn't have a big enough platform to even come close to stepping on Jeffree's toes. Why give poor man Onion the time? Shane Dawson already showed the worst thing you can do to Greg is ghost him.

No. 661766


I would think the fact that Grugly said, and keeps saying, that J sexually harassed him. I feel like Grugly is being disingenuous about the situation 100% and also did the video for no other purpose than to harm j's career. Defamation. I do think if j wanted to pursue it, he'd have a huge chance of winning because he'd have the absolute best attornies for the job.

I know people keep saying a lawsuit would give Grugly undeserved attention, I'm just not convinced it would really result in much controversy. I'm positive J wouldn't mention it publicly, so it would just be Gurgle going on about it. He's hardly gotten noticed by the videos where he claimed j sexually harassed him, so it's reasonable to believe he wouldn't get noticed for making the lawsuit public.

I totally get where you and others are coming from, but he just keeps getting away with slandering and trying to ruin the careers of other creators and it's always said that doing anything about it would be counter productive.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 661767


Can't J* make some sort of gag order where Greg isn't allowed to speak of the court case? That way no attention is brought to it.

No. 661768

It's not going to happen. It would be effort for Jeffree even if he does hire all the best attorneys to ask him why he's doing this when it isn't making a dent on his empire. Greg"s not going to antagonise any big you tubers because he doesn't have the reach to get noticed by them. The faggot needs to assume pecking order and he's down in the shits.

No. 661783

If I had to guess it might be about the two dogs he had with Shiloh, he only kept them because she wanted them after they split and then when he got with Lainey immediately got rid of them so he could get new ones if I remember correctly. Can’t remember Off the top of my head if he starved them, I’m sure he neglected them of course maybe another anon can chime in who knows

No. 661784

I’m surprised no one has suggested that the reason hes sticking up for James Charles also has to do with Laineykaibot
In his mind James is getting betrayed by all his YouTuber “friends” and is gonna be struggling to find new ones to make videos with him. Greg probably sees this as an opportunity to get his wife properly into the beauty community via a collab with James Charles and bam tons of money coming in for them, plus if she gets any crossover from James fans that’s tons of more young impressionable teen girls he can expose himself too when he hops into Lainey’s videos. As much as we know he hates Lainey making more money than him we also know he will grab at any tiny string of fame he sees.
I guarantee he’s reached out to James on top of his public support with a message about how him and his wife are so supportive of him admist all this drama and how James inspired his “husband” to make his own beauty channel, blah blah blah.

No. 661788

damn can he kill another turtle or something
im bored with him

No. 661791


I doubt it, seeing as she stopped doing beauty videos on Beautybot a year ago. She’s said it was her "most miserable time" on youtube lol

No. 661804

File: 1558027101800.jpg (519.34 KB, 1809x527, Screen1.jpg)

Anon here. Pic related and this YouTube link are where he admits these things.


In reading how he talks about it from his archived site, it's absolutely clear to me that no one has EVER discussed with him the long term problems of these sort of birth defects and injuries. In fact, his injuries seem to have exacerbated his already serious birth defects. And it appears that Greg's family did only the bare minimum to deal with these issues.

It explains so much about why he is the way he is. Why his comprehensive abilities, creative abilities, cognitive skills are so stunted for someone his age.

No. 661806

That would explain why his mother called him an "indigo child", she knew he was special, but dressed it up with a euphemism to make everyone feel better about it.

And it would also explain why his mother always dealt with his problems, e.g. in school. I think, iirc, a fellow high schooler of his brought up how his mother would save his butt back then.

No. 661812

The only animal I know that was starved was a chicken when Onion was just a little bulb, which at that point it kinda falls on his mom for not being an adult I guess.

No. 661836

I thought Greg only had Nibbles with Shiloh the dog that he made vegetarian and fed spaghetti and when they broke up he gave the dog to someone? I guess it's just people running wild with assumptions wouldn't be surprised if it came from KF they get a lot of shit twisted

No. 661857

He only got one dog with Shiloh which he gave away when he moved to Los Angeles for a while. The two starving dogs were his childhood dogs along with chickens that apparently died because his mother neglected them at some point.. I’m not sure if that was ever verified or not or where it came from maybe one of his stories

No. 661867

>The scanners I guess gave them the impression I was going to only be a quarter-wit

Well, they weren't wrong…

No. 661872

File: 1558035563100.png (835 KB, 1387x648, lmao greg.png)


No. 661902

He hit the like button on his own stupid videos? That’s almost as embarrassing as liking teen girls’ clickbait vids. Ugh.

No. 661949

File: 1558051713517.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.4 KB, 587x669, Screenshot_20190504-081813.jpg)


Thank you! I 100% agree that he's completely unaware of the full scope those birth defects and injuries carry. I can sorta get why no one sat him down to explain to him what it means, but I am surprised he's never looked into it himself. Maybe he's willfully ignorant, we all know Grugly sees himself as god personified. He thinks he's the smartest man on YouTube. He thinks he's hilarious, and he proves this by constantly laughing at his own jokes. He thinks he's dashing, he went as far as comparing himself to Ian Somerhalder (I'm screaming)

I don't think his ego could take knowing the full truth of what his birth defects and deformities mean.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 661973

I also find it interesting he liked John Oliver's piece on public shaming. You just know the whole time he was watching it feeling sorry for himself and thinking he's a martyr. It probably never occurred to him that he's one of the worst kinds of public shamers

No. 662034

Wow so much for being "gay" liking videos of hot women in swimsuits.
Those girls are the exact opposite of Laimey, they are super feminine, attractive and have nice bodies. We all knew he isn't attracted to Laimey's "type", or to her in general for that matter, this is just more confirmation of that

No. 662045

tl;dr: he’s a lil’ ‘tarded kek

No. 662049

I don't see it happening tbh, the ICO has far bigger fish to fry, they'd look at him and go and vomit in a bin.

No doubt, and I don't work for the ICO, they receive hundreds of reports, especially in the first few years they're looking for the huge companies to make examples and hopefully shock others into compliance.

No. 662050

He has become so irrelevant not even his controversial videos get him any views anymore.
Last year people would at least hate watch when he came for someone but now not even the haturz care as much as before. Now, people would rather watch any hate video made by anyone on him no matter how crap it is.

It's beautiful.

No. 662055

File: 1558080055849.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.29 KB, 640x917, 00EA4EE4-CE43-4552-A3E0-86E354…)

No. 662056

I don't think he's sucking it in hard enough.

No. 662057

…got you where?

No. 662059

Who the fuck is he kidding? His muscles arent toned properly and it's just nasty. Sorry if nitpick but I just felt my vagina prolapse

No. 662068

He has an old man body lol

No. 662071

Maybe next time take a picture where you're not sucking in your stomach

No. 662072

What new eating habits? Is he trying to go vegan again? lol

No. 662074

Why does he even bother to do this shit lol he’s flexing for teens guys.

No. 662075

Congratulations on being a lumpy old man I guess? He's tilting his hips up to help him flex his abs. Notice how he's not showing his tits because you can't really suck those puppies in.

No. 662077

>I need to be a better dad & husband
>immediately proceeds to ogle at bikini models publically

No. 662078


Holding your arm up to stretch yourself out and look thinner is such a well known trick and an unnatural way to stand. Everything he says and does is a big fat lie

No. 662080


Who exactly does he think he's fooling with this pose? The fact that he would stand in a way that's so obviously him trying to look slimmer while adding the caption about eAtiNg bEtTeR really demonstrates how delusional he is.

Y'all should look at the post on IG, he's getting dragged in the comments lol

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 662082

File: 1558097293975.jpg (232.98 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20190517-134613__01…)

Most comments are hilarious but a few need to find Jesus.

No. 662083


I get that maybe some of these are fans, but I feel like Greg is objectively hideous. And this is a terrible shot, he's clearly sucking in and trying to look thinner than he is. People who are complimenting him here are lying lol

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 662214

File: 1558120383738.png (276.3 KB, 946x553, Screenshot_22.png)

He claims making an account on Cameo was requested. Who the fuck would spend $20 to hear his insufferable voice when you could just go to youtube and hear it for free?

No. 662262

"New eating habits got me here" got him where??? Is he implying his body looks good? He still has a gut even though he's obviously sucking in extremely hard and his body looks like cottage cheese. His narcissism is unbelievable

No. 662284

lmao there's only 1 review and it's 5 stars. We've already seen he likes his own videos so I bet that 1 review is just him.

No. 662310

He often describes his shitty work as "awesome" so it's definitely him

No. 662337

File: 1558141043182.png (244 KB, 562x598, change.png)

the truth about my health problems how i caused them

I know this is a Lainey video but I feel that it gives a peak into the power dynamics of Greg's and Lainey's relationship.

Lainey originally wanted to become vegetarian at 14 because her cool friend was doing it. Around this time at a concert she received a video from PETA showing how meat was made so she really wanted to start this new lifestyle, unfortunately her parents did not support her. At 17 she became vegetarian. (Go figure, when she started dating Greg.) Salad and vegetables where out of her comfort zone and she ate a lot of vegetarian meat substitutes. Around this time she was losing a lot of weight and becoming very dizzy when she stood up due to anemia. She states at this time she didn't care about herself and was happy to be losing weight. She found out she had severe iron deficiency when giving blood and they told her she needed to see a doctor but she thought she knew better and decided an ensure a day would fix the problem. She continued on this course for many years. She went to the doctor and he told her she needed to supplement her diet. He suggested iron supplements and citrus, but she hates both of those and refused to use them. A solution she was willing to try was adding fish into her diet which helped quite a bit. (She ate fish about two times a month.) Ever sense she's been bouncing between being a pescatarian and a vegetarian. She really wants to try and stay a vegetarian this time because helping the environment is important. Part of her helping the environment is buying reusable bags but she needs to remember to bring them to the store. Apparently she has two foods that she likes and mainly eats but she's going to try really hard to branch out to more iron rich foods such as leafy greens and citrus.

tl;dr Lainey hates herself and allowed Greg to make all her decisions for her. This resulted in having ongoing issues with anemia. She never mentions Greg but it is well known that he requires the girls he dates to be on a certain diet.

No. 662339

Jesus Lainey how hard is it to swallow a tablet before a meal you like.

No. 662340

File: 1558141580454.png (59.77 KB, 524x608, sad.png)


What the heck, did Lainey cheat on him or is he talking about some other girl? He only writes about his personal experiences so I'm really wondering what this is about.

No. 662345

File: 1558142274519.png (319.78 KB, 802x626, mr told you so.png)

Dropping a mirror and a summary from our neighbors. Anon, if you happen to visit this site - Thank you for the great summary.

The Truth About The YouTubers I’ve Me

Onisionspeaks: The Truth About The Youtubers I've Met
(Tried uploading to KF but the file was too large… so I uploaded to vimeo - I try to always reupload to avoid giving Greg any views, even if it's only a small amount.)

Summary for those who can't sit through 11 minutes of bullshit​

Greg plays the piano (really terribly I might add - I don't know if he did this to appear 'creative' or what the point of this was, but he clearly doesn't know how to play this instrument) while he talks about some random youtubers he has met over the course of his career - interestingly enough, he really hasn't met many youtubers.. or at least met many who are still around
He talks about Tobuscus, and he clearly wants to talk shit about him but because they are both supporting one another on Patreon, Greg limits his shit-talking to "Uhh.. you can tell there's a lot going on there. He is somebody you would want to be around to have fun but not be around for anything else."
He gets real salty talking about Jaclyn Glenn. He says that "she can never be honest because she is always living vicariously through other people and presenting [her boyfriend's] personalities, it's like she isn't a real person. She's never really been genuine, I don't think she even knows who she is."
States that he's better off not meeting other youtubers because he "psycho-analyzes them like crazy" and "I wear my heart on my sleeve and try to get to know people and bond with people." In other words he's a lonely loser who desperately wants to become soulmates with every person he meets, and when they show the slightest bit of trepidation in allowing Greg to exert power/dominance over them, Greg has to throw a tantrum and "drop" them.
Greg HAS to be the biggest fucking cow in the entire world and go on and on about how "honest" he is and how people are idiots for not believing him in the first place about Jeffree Starr sexually harassing him: "A lot of people are likely going to start coming forward, a lot of straight guys saying 'he did things to me' or 'said things to me' and 'went too far and put me into a horrible hellish world of me feeling violated' because when I had just met the guy… UGH gross." (He says 'me' here referring to these straight guys speaking in the first person, but the quote sounds off because of his shit use of the English language..)
On Blaire White: "I think she's kind of just a fucking bitch. I don't think there's much more to her than being kind of just a bitch." But he states that she is the "right" (?) kind of bitch and he would get along with her despite the fact that she is "kind of dishonest".
"This one girl I used to date, people said I was wrong in the situation and then it came out that she lied about the seizures and lied about the situations.. she will lie to get whatever she needs. It's tragic." Holy SHIT how many times does he have to repeat this.
"In time it will be pretty obvious that I have been telling the truth the entire time. It's sad that a lot of you guys don't like me but it sucks even more for you that not only do you not like me but you're also wrong and I'm right and you have to live with it…? How many times do I have to be Mr I-told-you-so before you realize I'm Mr I-told-you-so?" (????) Greg has been going off with this Jeffree Starr bullshit because a video came out of Jeffree copping a feel of some guys dick and saying to a camera that it's big and somehow that shows EVERYONE that Greg is always right and you're not. If you haven't seen the clip of Jeffree - no, it is not this huge insane 'gotcha' moment that Greg wants to pretend it is. Greg also uploaded a video a few days ago with only this clip included and then this sad mic-drop moment where he's just like REEE you should have all believed me I was right and you were wrong as always!!
If you thought this video would end without Greg mentioning how he was right about Social Repose and how wrong everyone was to doubt him about the guy… whoo boy you clearly haven't subjected yourself to enough hate watching yet (Save yourself while you still can.) Greg also notes that he was right about Cyr, and says "He was worse than I ever imagined, wow" which is bizarre because.. what exactly has Cyr done? Yes, his weird mail-order bride is a psychopath with 200 IG accounts created to harass people she doesn't like, and yes, she's a creepy slut, but why does that mean Cyr is so terrible? …I guess because he didn't respond to Greg's multiple sad attempts at reigniting their bromance.
TL;DR: Shitty boring video of Greg telling everyone they're wrong and that he's right and also the most honest youtuber alive (shocker, he's really keeping us on our toes). Also very briefly shit talks Jaclyn, Blaire, Shane, Cyr, Social Repose, Tobuscus, and most notably Jeffree Starr because Greg is desperately trying to get people to notice him and his 'sexual assault' allegations since they are relevant to the recent situation regarding James Charles and his straight-boy grooming accusations (because Jeffree called Greg a faggot ((he's not wrong)) 10 years ago. Yes, Greg has referred to this 5 second interaction as sexual assault.. which is painfully exceptional.)

No. 662346


I am on the floor at fucking Onision trying hard to be Trent fucking Reznor. Try harder, asshole.

No. 662357

Lol why did he do his makeup like Social Repose? All he needs are those black sclera contacts and he's all set to hatefap to his own reflection.

No. 662363

That is a five thousand dollar electronic piano if it's the model I think it is. I thought this man was "broke".

No. 662376

Because he knows even Social Repulsive is more popular than him so he's trying to copy him

No. 662413

So now Onision going to try to be next hardcore EMO, gothic, try hard musician? Such a blatant rip off of 'The Hand That Feeds'. His voice is so grating, honestly the song would be "better" if he wasn't screaming in the background. Otherwise, super repetitive and predictable. Like, I know exactly what he's going to rhyme, because its like a 13 year old is writing it. No creativity.

Like, after listening to it, I feel sick and got that second hand cringe going on. Honestly, I'd want him to do more of this just because of how embarrassing and edgy this old man is being.

No. 662452

I like how he skirts the issue with tobuscus>>662337
Exactly what I thought after I watched the video, how indecisive can a person Jfc but then I remembered how hard it must be for her to think for herself. Straight out I knew she went vegetarian because of Anus, he tried convincing Shiloh etc and it’s not surprising she has so many health issues lately… she is always sick it seems. Everyone who lives with him gets ill, gets acne it’s gross.

No. 662454


Lol, he said "If you're a youtuber, don't let me meet you because I will see right through you."

As if anyone actually wants to meet him What, is he trying to bait J* or something? Say what you want about Jeffree, but as disgusting as he is, he's a workhorse and I guarantee he's far too busy with his makeup line, his videos, and his meet-and-greets/paid appearances to give a shit about a has-been like Gerg. He doesn't spend all day hating the world in his house and sperging on twitter for 18 straight hours every day.

No. 662455

I remember this bitch said in a livestream she likes being anemic because it made her a "pale fragile smol boi uwu" and the reason she refused to take iron supplements is because it would make her look less pale. So stupid and irresponsible

No. 662458

jfc what an idiot, not all paleness looks the same. You can always tell when someone is naturally pale vs when they're sickly and she ALWAYS looks sickly.

It can't feel good, either. I know if I don't take iron supplements when I get my period, I get headaches, nausea, and just overall feel like shit so I can't wrap my head around her being severely anemic every day and being able to function. Being around Greg is miserable enough without adding the physical effects and general weakness that anemia brings with it.

No. 662509

Appreciated, anon!
I agree with you. Lainey approaches certain things from a different angle than Greg, so evaluating their statements together (or in contrast to each other) reveals a more holistic picture (e.g. her openly confessing that Greg is (verbally) abusive etc.).

No. 662516

God I fucking HATE that the last like 5 videos he's been like "As a former self-identifying straight guy." You can't just claim an LGBT identity to get in with all the cool kids Greg. You clearly only love vagina.

No. 662523

It's obvious as much he wants to suck Trent Reznor's dick but this is not even subtle. Stealing Social Retard's makeup and plagiarizing Trent Reznor's music… lmao

No. 662530

I think it's hilarious how when he mentions Andy Biersack, he doesn't mention that in the recent years Andy is ignoring him and doesn't want anything to do with him. Mr Brutal Honesty cherry picks things more than any other person he was REEE'ing in this video. Why did he even mention Tobuscus? I thought they were friends lol. And the James Charles/Jeffree Star stuff… Apparently to him a late teen is about the same age as a mid 20's man. He didn't get called Anus for nothing, the amount of crap he talks is unfathomable.

No. 662563

File: 1558200989266.jpg (349.74 KB, 1017x1196, Screenshot_20190518-133453.jpg)

Did anyone catch this? In Lainey's video with her super totally legit trans friend where they're playing badminton, she points the camera at their dog and shows a pile of burnt garbage. It's illegal to burn trash and construction material in WA.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 662564

File: 1558201741022.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190518-133317.png)

No. 662571

Well at least he isn't burning cardboard in the fireplace anymore.
It (along with bonfires) are illegal here but rarely enforced, it is a bit concerning though that it looks like he made a (shitty) bonfire so close to a treeline.

No. 662573

File: 1558203514859.jpg (237.14 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20190518-141803.jpg)


Freaking burning starbucks cups???? They are SO lazy. Also, can anyone tell what this brownish thing is?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 662574


Aside from the tree stump and cardboard?

No. 662575

I couldn't tell it was a tree stump.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 662576

All that holier than thou bullshit and they eat and drink from a lot of single serving shit like juiceboxes, waterbottles, take away cups, and yogurt, burn waste, buy tons on unnecessary shit bought at Target but made under the same conditions as the shit at Walmart, and are generally thoughtless with their consumerism and produce as much waste if not more than someone who doesn't even think about it but, hey, they don't eat meat so, you know, it's all good.


idk it it is a tree stump, it looks like a still but is probably an upside down bucket.

No. 662578

It's got a hole in the middle and an indentation on the side; it's probably a stump but it could be a planter.

No. 662579

That's exactly what it is. So he's basically burning tons of trash cardboard and plastics. What a nice chemical filled haze to waft over the neighborhood.

No. 662582

File: 1558206261762.png (159.54 KB, 693x629, conditions.PNG)

As far as I understand they were also asked not to burn anything in their yard. Shouldn't the badminton net itself be a problem? They were supposed to set up a fence in that area so that it doesn't get damaged even more.

No. 662587

his new fucking video of him singing, i physically winced in cringe

No. 662589

where did all that dead wood come from? is he illegally burning trees he illegally cut down?

No. 662592

That’s an upside down trash can in the pile. The indents on the bottom.

No. 662640


Okay I see that now! And check out how it's halfway burned. Disgusting, they're burning fucking plastic. Illegal.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 662650

File: 1558226335938.png (115.35 KB, 768x1162, 5-18-2019.png)

A smaller YouTuber that Greg put a copywrite strike against had to resort to contacting him on his new website.
She states her case intelligently and without resorting to insulting him. Greg of course blows her off and in a round about way tries to scare her with hints that what shes done is illegal and she needs to speak to a lawyer.

No. 662657

File: 1558228231983.png (367.82 KB, 781x711, furries.png)

He's scum. Apparently he believes he's the only one allowed to use clips from other creators. Just two weeks ago he stole a good part of I Hate Everything's well edited and scripted video about furries and just slapped his retarded commentary over it. To top it off he didn't even credit IHE but the minute someone uses a clip of him in a response video, "I'm gonna sue you".

I Hate Everything's video

Greg's (Mirror)

No. 662660

File: 1558228494930.png (114.21 KB, 577x389, Sad News.PNG)

Any Patreon Anons know what this is about?
My first thought was it was plain clickbait, but since its his Patreon he doesnt need to trick his Patrons into watching his vids.
Im hoping its truly something "Sad" and milky.

No. 662675

He probably put his wiener dog in a plastic bin out in the backyard and left it out in the sun.

No. 662683

No. 662703

awesome job, I've missed your videos

No. 662707

God aldii is the best. Thanks for making this amazing content!! It’s funny but informative and puts everything together in a succinct way that it’s easy to follow when normally greg’s garbage is so convoluted and horrible.

No. 662787

File: 1558249519839.png (Spoiler Image,291.75 KB, 720x520, IMG_20190519_100252.png)

He mentioned (or, EmO cHaRLiE mentioned) that he had a few sketches coming up on Patreon that were too inappropriate for YT. Other one was a BNHA sketch.

Also, what the fresh hell is this. D'ya think it's got to do with a sketch?

No. 662798

It looks like he ate out a girl while she was on her period.

He's so fucking pathetic. A bunch of people should copy strike his ass right back since he has no problems with using clips from their videos.

No. 662807

it's interesting this blackmail he's using. see- they can all counterclaim without issue and get their videos put back up and strike removed. even repzion didn't seem to get how easy it was going to be. then after the counterclaim greg would have to launch legal action to further keep the video down, which of course he can't and won't. so to circumvent that he's privately blackmailing very small youtubers with a threat of a process they don't understand. the less copyright claims he makes, the less bad he looks to youtube. they can terminate his account for abusing the copyright strike system, so he doesn't want them to get wind of his scheme. anyone who fell for this letter, put your videos back up, you have nothing to fear. just counterclaim. who knows, you may help to get youtube's attention on greg!

No. 662808

File: 1558260336549.png (32.94 KB, 372x264, May 15 - May 16.PNG)

I always enjoy the drop his Patreon has on the 1st of the month, but Ive never seen this before. We're still two weeks away from the end of the month and in just one day he had a significant money drop. He lost only 4 Patrons, but lost 242 dollars. Those four patrons must of been high tier ones, which would make sense since hes had some of his mods and long time fans/patrons asking to have their membership and accounts deleted from his new website, so they must of pulled their pledges too. I hope this is a trend that continues.
Greg doesnt give a shit if he loses fans, he's said it himself. But to lose hundreds of dollars, that has to hurt. I wonder if we can expect a teary eyed video soon about how sorry he is and how he hopes anyone hes insulted or harmed returns to his Patreon.

No. 662825

Well, could this be linked to >>662660?

I think that, yes, you can counterclaim, but if party claiming in the first place refuses, you would have to share your full name and address with said party.
I'm pretty sure she didn't want Greg to have her address and all - since everyone knows he'd doxx her eventually.

No. 662834

The way it works is you have the right to counterclaim and no negotiation is required in order o do that, and your name and address must be on that counterclaim. Then Greg is given an amount of time to answer the counterclaim with a court order. No court order from Greg means your counterclaim stands, video comes back, strike lifts and Greg gets a little more scrutiny from YT.

Margo abused this system to get Venus' address in order to attempt an attack at her house, and also in an attempt to kill Venus' channel. But even Margo had to stop, because there are only so many times you can lodge nuisance copyright claims before YT threatens your own channel with termination.

In short, Greg's bluffing.

No. 662869

jesus, break out the lawnmower once and a while. Then again, I guess that falls under the category of real work

No. 662875

I knew the Scorpio Full Moon was going to be good. Awk Scorpio Onision having to watch this in the Scorpio Full Moon knowing 1000s of potential fans will also see it. Thank you as always for the videos!

No. 662879

I've missed you so much Aldlii, you're the only person that can make Onision be funny.

No. 662889

i've always wanted to see a video compilation like this just because
he contradicts himself
so fucking much
i've never met someone contradict themselves on such a continuous basis

No. 662901


So in theory, if everyone he tries to copy strike just keeps fighting it to the point of him needing a court order, YouTube will eventually terminate him?

He's likely been copy striking dozens or possibly over a hundred smaller channels for income over the past few years since he knew they wouldn't stand up to a big channel. He made a big oopsie now that channels like blaire and rep have more engagement and active subs

No. 662902

You are our patron saint, aldlii! Always happy to see new content.
Shamelessly promoting stuff that is behind a paywall. Lol. Oh how I wish he'd get busted for this.

No. 662914

I am always baffled by his amount of hypocrisy and amazed he has NEVER addressed it. It sometimes makes me think he is a giant troll because I have a hard time believing anyone could be that unaware of themselves
Also recently when the kalvin stuff went down, Greg dismissed his transphobic tweets from like 10 months ago saying they were “so long ago” then turns around and makes an entire video on something Jeffree Star did/said like 10 YEARS ago

No. 662921

He'll pull back from making more frivolous claims before that happens, because yes, that's what YT can do to him. Margo had to sop doing this to Venus. Greg's situation would take a little longer as there is a legit fair use debate he could rest on, but enough frivolous claims and he'd get a warning and quietly back off.

No. 662972

Well.. this is not the first time he’s gone on a string of false copyright claims. A few years ago he did the same thing and nothing happened to him then and it doesn’t appear Youtube will do anything about the recent abuse of their platform.

It’s frustrating seeing him get away with this t

No. 662983

>>661493 Do you think he picked up "singing" again because of Drew's music response to him copyrighting his video? If so kek,so much frustration in such a little man

No. 662989

Onision Is Trying to Terminate My Channel

Greg is still trying to take down Repzion channel by going copywrite strike crazy.

No. 663005

File: 1558363155769.png (387.78 KB, 566x585, mha.png)

No. 663009

File: 1558364847821.jpg (394.34 KB, 1919x1079, gregsabobblehead.jpg)

Of course he makes a video about making his mother come… and his teacher … as a 14-year-old.

Bonus: This classy picture of perfect proportions. kek

No. 663010

Don’t do it to yourself anons. Don’t watch this garbage. I don’t watch MHA so I don’t know who any of the characters are but I doubt it would make a difference.

Essentially Greg has the super power to make people orgasm. So he uses it on his mom till she sends him away to school where he uses it on his teacher who likes it. Teacher gets killed. Then tries it on someone who it doesn’t affect, so naturally he forces that character into his own crotch. That person gets killed. Then he uses his super orgasm power on himself. The end.

Such masterpiece.

No. 663012

Oh no, repzion told onision to consider the wellbeing of his kids before going through with a false copyright strike. Cue Greg sperg about how repzion is “threatening my familyyyyyyy!!!”

No. 663013


Hard to believe this bullshit is produced by a middle aged father of two and not by a 14yo emotionally wounded virgin

No. 663016

this isn't even cringe anymore, this is a hate crime against anyone who lays eyes upon it. greg is a married man in his 30's still trying to take selfies like a 16 year old emo boy in 2019. this legitimately looks like something i'd see out of the corner of my eye during sleep paralysis.>>662787

No. 663018

MHA didn't do anything to deserve this

No. 663044

Why's he look like a dwarf tho he's going to turn up on The Undateables next

No. 663054

File: 1558381258210.jpeg (194.72 KB, 750x1021, 47C26B39-DD75-4B05-BE39-B46971…)

I swear he’s doing all this shit on purpose so he doesn’t have to deal with the slow slide into irrelevance. He wants to go out with a bang so people will still be talking about him

He’s also been taking recent swings at Mikenactor’s channel as well (1/2 cap)

No. 663056

File: 1558381309676.jpeg (186.15 KB, 750x1174, 0F06C88B-0D3F-4891-9DE9-AECDA9…)


No. 663058


This is the only life he knows. He never had a chance to grow up. Even in the army/navy when he was in S. Korea he didn't have the chance to grow up either. Some entity was taking care of him.

Queue his Youtube carrier where he feels entitled to this life and success. He never had a chance to become a mature adult despite having children. So this behavior is because he's only been around kids and immaturity, and a dash of stupidity.

No. 663069

File: 1558384564195.png (454.23 KB, 1222x1168, onion.png)

He is so desperate.

No. 663072

Well all everyone will say is what an idiot he was.

Btw lol guys in his recent video he mentions the shower/shitting he does… Hey Anus, you sick pos!

No. 663074

he has never made a woman orgasm before, i will bet my 401k on this. also i really hope their kids were away when this was filmed. does anyone think he's already fucking basement hannah minx? he spends so much alone time with her and lainey is never around.

No. 663076

I'm not watching it, but I sure hope it's the same girl as both his mom and the teacher, and not that he brought his actual mom in again…

No. 663113

File: 1558395824170.png (289.13 KB, 565x648, emo charlie.png)

Reacting To My First Video Ever

The bonus video is showing unavailable. Apparently he had problems with the upload but never got around to fixing it.

No. 663116

File: 1558397324761.png (91.06 KB, 757x567, chart.png)


Another Vlog where he makes a chart about his sexuality. He's attracted to women physically but he's totally gay/bi guys. Oh, and he also likes that Lainey doesn't have the same parts as him.

No. 663138

He's basically spelling it out that he's not attracted to men in the slightest, considering that the one field that he cares most about and thinks is the most important part of a relationship (ie physical aspects) is where he is most attracted to women, and the stuff that makes him look good (ie mental and emotional aspects) is where he is supposedly attracted to men… even then men only being in a minority position of his attraction

No. 663149

This is dementedly autistic. Like making graphs is autistic as fuck but to make it about your sexual attraction takes you to a new level of what the actual fuck.

No. 663158

It looks like he's trying to discourage Lame from transitioning and looking like a dude. It's not like she would do that in the first place anyway, but still

No. 663178

greg is as straight as an arrow, despite his fascination in dressing in women's clothes
he's trying really hard to appeal to the left by calling himself "gay" and what not because most of his fans are tumblr-using 14 year old girls that make asexual moodboards of the doctor from doctor who and shit

he called himself pansexual at one point, then, "Gynesexual" at one point too - it's on his speaks channel still

if lainey transitioned, he wouldnt be attracted to her lol no matter what he says

No. 663179

also because lainey's entire personality is 2012 tumblr
it's nauseating
they have such a lack of personality i honestly cant tell if she's genuinely trans or not

No. 663186

IMO you can’t be gay or even bi if you’re unwilling to have sexual relations with the opposite sex. His already lousy 10% is really 0% and we all know it.

No. 663189

File: 1558416967474.jpg (18.58 KB, 419x161, tweet.JPG)


Pretty sure he's already not really attracted to her anymore. He rarely openly talks about how unhappy he is with how things developed with his former teenage cheerleader wife, but his recent tweet is pretty telling. Also, Lainey is growing her armpit hair now and iirc he at some point talked about how he hates body hair on women.

No. 663193

Anus has a very deep seeded perverse side of him, he’s a sexual deviant and that is the only part of him that would ever be attracted to Lainey if she transitioned, he fetishizes trans people and the novelty would wear off very fast. What I wonder is what he is making these charts and videos about his sexuality for.. I mean who even cares what he wants sexually. Why does he even think anyone wants to know this stuff, nobody is asking lol

No. 663196

>my last parody was deemed inappropriate
>fetishizes pedophilia, incest and murder once again
Yeah, I wonder why that is.

>this video was requested by one of my top level patron

>I made it my favourite way
What a cunt. This person spent at least $50 for him to do one of their video ideas and he goes ahead and does it the way he wants.
Why are these people happy with what they're getting.

No. 663211


I thought this was for his future(, very female) child bride. You know, to let all of the cute alt girls, who stand in line for him, know that he's still into them, and to tell the James Charleses in the world to get lost.

But maybe it is a friendly reminder for Lainey to keep her female parts.

No. 663213

So… 19.8% cleaning your house and stuff

And by 'cleaning your house and stuff', he really means 'and stuff'

No. 663216

I agree with you. I forgot to mention this was a Patron Bonus video so not only would the person have to be a Patreon of his but be crazy enough to watch his bonus content linked under his main upload.

No. 663221

First of all, thank you for taking the time and uploading, anon! Rereading my comment, I hope it didn't sound condescending in regard to your comment. I just felt sarcastic.

I didn't know the video is behind his pay wall, that kind of makes it less likely to be catered to a new child bride, buuuuut it might keep his patrons sponsoring him since he's conveying that his female supporters still have a chance with him. I know that his patrons are usually frowned at and belittled, but I can't shake the feeling of being sorry if they are led on.

No. 663228

I wish I never watched this but it would be a fun video for Kaibotfag to react to. My husband stimulates making an older lady cum for 4 minutes! Not that I've really had respect for the Onion actresses but that Hannah Minx rip off, wew girl. Sad.

No. 663241

Lol he only included “cis” people on this graph. Why go out of your way to say cis rather than grouping cis males and trans males in the same category? Especially if he goes out of his way to call Taylor his husband but doesn’t even exist on his chart of attraction in the way he laid it out.

This is the same thing he always does where he tries to use all these terms to seem woke but skirts around the actual meaning by replacing “woman” with “afab”. He wanted a third that didn’t have to identify as a woman like his husband but was afab. This of course doesn’t legitimately include people like kalvin who have transitioned but only young people who are experimenting with their gender label as they grow up.

For someone who was so ragingly anti-sjw he must be living in his own hell rn.

No. 663261

He thought it would be classier than saying bobs and vagene, plus possible woke points. Instead it makes him look like a jerk to everyone.


Honestly that is true about marriage, especially when you have kids. Sex just isn’t the main thing going on.

On the other hand, most husbands aren’t jacking off in a boiling hot shower several times a day plus publicly drooling over teens on Tik Tok.

No. 663266


So I almost brushed this off, thinking "oh, it's just Gurg's bullshit, but then I realized how fucking weird it is. Not only in the "mysoginistic/transphobic" way, but in an abnormal way. Imagine ANY other youtuber doing this. Everyone would be weirded out by it.
You really start to realize how much weird shit he has pulled all these years, to the point where this kind of behavior is not unexpected from him. He's insanely not self-aware.

No. 663278

Reminds me of Nick Bate’s autistic ass lists. I guess Greg is more of a charts guy.

No. 663281

Anon from KF reuploaded and summarized 'Really Sad News'. Thank you again, I'm looking forward to the day when we get to see Greg getting everything he's earned with interest.

Really Sad News

-This is about that little girl Greg went crazy trying to promote on GoFundMe for her "heart surgery"
-Claims that the parents "Decided to refund everyone because of 'harassment'"
-This so-called harassment was people asking for proof that this little girl actually needed surgery and that the money was actually going towards said cause, which is absolutely understandable considering they were asking for tens of thousands of dollars and these "parents" offered zero evidence the kid was even sick besides a picture of her at the hospital - which she could have been at for any number of reasons. It isn't like proof is difficult to show, you would have countless evidence. You had no trouble uploading a photo of your little girl at a hospital - but apparently redacted medical forms are asking too much? Give me a break.

I'm sorry but how is it harassment to ask for proof? I truly 100% doubt that they were legitimately harassed. I think 90% of GoFundMe's (Greg only added further proof to this with his bullshit GoFundMe to turn his swamp into basically a water theme park) are more often than not SCAMS. But how DARE anyone ask for legitimate proof that this little girl really needed surgery. Why couldn't the little girl get medicaid? What exactly was wrong with the little girl's heart that required her to have a 20,000$+ dollar surgery? They included no evidence or proof of any of this. And Greg seems to truly believe the parents refunded everyone the 8,000$ that was raised because of harassment…? They did not include any email or information. Where exactly were they being harassed? I do not believe for a moment that they would have refunded that money unless there was an actual reason for it (like that it was complete bullshit and they were scared everyone was going to figure this out and they were going to get into legal trouble like other liars on that site have in the past.)

I bet money that these people couldn't show proof because they didn't have proof and they were scared that people were questioning the entire situation. Greg wants to play victim and make all his "haters" seem like despicable horrible people - but lets be real here. It doesn't make sense for the parents of this child to not simply include some medical papers/ANY sort of proof which would shut critics up. If they'd rather refund everyone… I think that only shows this GoFundMe was not what they claimed it to be.
(Even Greg is low-key questioning their validity in this video)

No. 663285

Gerg and his massive IQ can't even do simple addition and percentage… 90+70+60=220
10+30+40=80 jfc

No. 663299

The real question is why he promoted the GoFundMe in the first place. AFAIK he has never done this, and can never be bothered to follow up with people or care about their issues. I still think this was a front for him or someone he’s paying off, which is why he made a video trying to get attention.

No. 663307

sorry kid. We made a lot of money to save your life, but we're just going to let you die instead because of harassment on the internet.

Do we need any more proof that it was fake?

No. 663313

That girl doesn't even live in the US, she lives in Ecuador and there's free healthcare there. That GoFundMe was definitely a scam

No. 663332

Wow. Everything really has to revolve around him, doesn't it?
Or is this just a way out for him to never donate to anything ever again?

As much as I'd like to laugh about it, but I guess he means
90 out of 100
70 out of 100
60 out of 100
and so on.

Then again, it's Greg, so I wouldn't put it past him to be bad at numbers…

No. 663387

The left column is compared to the right one, the math is fine. However, the entire context of the chart is far from fine

No. 663388

Just wondering if you guys would like some more 'bonus' videos. The three I have yet to share are onision and friends show off their vegetarian bodies (warning, Billy the fridge is shirtless), Onision is better than people who like to follow drama, and onion and friends talk about what they 'love' about women. aka, bitching about their partners.

No. 663392


of course we do. lol. please and thanks in advance.

No. 663397

No. 663404

Still stuffing his little heart out, I see. Also, how can he post videos like this, but then claim that his instagram "this is what healthy eating gets you" post isn't forced?

It's gotta be a hit on the ego for Greg and Billy to be by a guy who actually looks healthy.

No. 663419

File: 1558502650782.png (2.38 MB, 1136x640, 836F218C-B616-45EC-8029-05E8FA…)

Because I refuse to suffer alone.

No. 663420

File: 1558502693100.png (2.52 MB, 1136x640, A8CD2828-8BE5-4306-B32D-364D2C…)

No. 663423


I grimaced until I spied the wee baby fists. Then I laughed.

No. 663430

File: 1558505670517.png (43.07 KB, 771x548, 74653.PNG)

Ive been watching some of the threads questioning Gregs actions or not totally licking his ass and he is locking them down, including the thread a youtuber created to ask why he was putting a copywrite claim against her. >>662650
Two of the multiple threads that people created asking to have their accounts and membership deleted and passive/aggressively taking a shot at Greg have been totally removed and I now get a "this thread no longer exits" page.
Hes making sure that his new echo chamber is fully complimentary towards him, and any thread he doesnt like is removed or bump locked to be lost in the sea of mind numbing threads like "does Onision think Im pretty" and "whats the funniest incarnation of Onisions 12 Banana songs?"
The replies his fans are making in the threads are not full on attacking and sometimes agreeing or opening their eyes and I dont think thats sitting well with Greg.

No. 663442

what in the holy hell

No. 663461

File: 1558511315203.jpg (119.75 KB, 1083x1300, 17411465.jpg)

…and yet onion picks on eugenia cooney.

No. 663493

I love how he tries to make fun of people calling him a narcissist and the veg body meme, but he comes across as incredibly salty.
In general it looks like he's addressing his "haturz" instead of producing content for his patrons, or are his patrons nowadays exclusively people who watch him so they can criticize him later?
With the exception of the last video, maybe, that's a giant circle jerk.

Thank you uploading, anon! <3

No. 663498

Sure Onion only picks on girls he wants to fuck including Blair White.

No. 663499

File: 1558528775337.png (663.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190522-083150.png)

"When I don't follow the narrative, they'll either continue with what they call me or they'll act like they never called me in the first place and offer no apologies. There's no justice, there's no real idealistic outcome, there's just people being jerks online to each other"

No real idealistic outcome? What does that even mean? Lmaoooooo. I can't stand when people try to dress up what they're saying, usually those types of people aren't able to use words correctly. Grugly does this constantly, and it's hilarious. I would love if someone strung together examples of him smugly misusing words in the wrong context in a video.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 663592

File: 1558558196372.webm (1.12 MB, 1280x720, what we love about women.webm)

No. 663597

People are saying his IRS trial is in june, where did they get that information? I'm not asking to be spoon-fed or anything just that I didn't see that information being shared anywhere and I'm curious where it can be found

No. 663606


yup, esp since stepanka was the beneficiary of all the donations and deleted her twitter as soon as someone found out what was really going on

No. 663611

File: 1558565486789.png (120.39 KB, 581x472, 57411.PNG)

>The Homewrecker

Is he really going to sperg about this again? Its like Drama-Herpes. He has certain topics that just out of the blue flare up and he has to rage about for a few days.

No. 663615

It's just a skit about a women who is trying to hookup with her married boss. Greg isn't even in it, but if you want I can reupload.

No. 663617


That's definitely about Madison. Cripes.

No. 663621

No. 663635

wtf this looks like the start of a porn

No. 663636

wtf even was that video
was that supposed to be funny?
it just looks like he's taking out his rage out on madison in video form by creating some alternative reality where she gets spat on and fired

No. 663637


It could easily be anyone he invited over as a "cameraman." How dare they try to destroy a family?

No. 663641

That “what we love about women” video isn’t very feminist, is it Gregory lmao. Also nice Shiloh reference, this dude cannot move on from anything jfc.

No. 663645

Holy shit, this is an actual hentai of MHA. Greg isn't even original! It's disturbing enough as porn, to make it into a parody by a 30 year old is sad.

No. 663651

Onision didnt starve any dogs. I hate the dude too but cant stand people spewing bullshit. He had one dog with shiloh and gave it away because fucktard didnt want to look after it. He is guilty of neglect of dogs , thats about it

No. 663652

Trial? They dont put you on trial and I owe the IRS. They make payment arrangements with you. Unless he is disputing the amount which is a really stupid move on his part. They dont make mistakes

No. 663653

Tax Court exists. Onion is the kind of idiot who would think it’s a good idea to bring his stupid arguments about deducting the cost of alimony and Teslas there.

No. 663657

File: 1558574380071.gif (574.22 KB, 498x398, tenor.gif)

I've never seen someone who literally embodies this gif of Zoidberg.
Then again I'm still shocked Billy the Fridge hangs out with Onision as well.

No. 663667

Because he was doing his fake positivity bs to deflect from the videos that came out one from Jaclyn and of course Kalvins.

No. 663671

I….. don't get it.

No. 663676

this might be a non-contribution, definitely a bit blogpost-y but i havent seen very much mention of it and i’ve been lurking these threads for a while now. the onision forums, at least when they were run on ipb and had an active chatroom, were a huge groomer playground. many of the mods (that were male, anyways) were very predatory towards younger girls including myself. i was 12 when i first joined around 2011-2012. i was one of the girls in several of the old uhohbro rate videos. the problem with those forums was that not only would onion himself target the young fragile girls, he encouraged other men near his age to go after the leftovers. i really wish i had any caps but i deleted anything i had out of shame when i came to my senses. he encouraged (and if not, he at the very least allowed) predatory interactions between 20+ year olds and 11-13 year olds. seeing now that he definitely had access to seeing private messages, i know that he at least had some understanding of what was happening considering i was not the only girl there that was groomed into sending very underage nude pictures. sorry again for the blogpost, but i hope that this can get some additional attention

No. 663687

I really hope Onion is too dumb to scrub the CP from his computer before the swat team inevitably knocks his trailer door down. Please consider making some sort of public call for receipts. This is fucked.

No. 663701

File: 1558589633442.jpg (80.3 KB, 595x511, shanehatesyou.jpg)

He seems to be in one of his moods currently.

No. 663714

what the fuck

I hate to admit it but that trisha tweet is kind of funny.

No. 663717

"That is why so many people have herpes" including your wife

No. 663721

Some anons have been vocal about the only guys that were on his discord were creeps themselves and all the nudes that got leaked on the /snow thread of patrons were gathered from the severs Onion's mods were making that were technically nothing to do with Onion but were.

Sylar had severs with underage nudes. The guy that looks like a dyke Lt Lassie that was dating Booty released loads of nudes than threatened to kill himself on the snowflakes thread.

The German guy is a freak too. There was an underage 12 year old jew called Daddy Donald on twitter that tried to help harvest our IPs lol. They are all nuts but with all the allegations coming out against other you tubers I wish anons or former patrons would come here and dump info about all these servers Onion was using to groom girls. Fat Becca one of his highest paying patrons got into a ldr with Sylar and when that ended so it seems did her patronage. There's a lot of stuff that's been hidden I wouldn't be surprised if there's an Onion nude out there somewhere

No. 663723

It's apparent how he gets off on degrading women. What a pos.

No. 663730

You do have a point there and the comparison is kinda fitting. But if he's happy the way he looks, good for him. I'm more worried about his mental state and why he's still friends with Greg.
That's what he should be criticized for imho.

So, in short:
- girl seems to like her boss and flirts with him
- boss clearly flirts back
- girl is happy cuz she obviously has a crush but remains sceptical
- boss starts belittling her cuz he has children (>and
how is she supposed to know?) even though she tried to clear up the situation
- boss gets super pissed
- girl is very sorry
solid 15 (of 90!!) seconds of different angles of the boss spitting in the girl's face while she repeats how sorry she is
- boss fires her

In what world is that a conversation that would ever take place?
Whoever wrote this (and I feel like Greg's not the only one at fault there) seems to have some major anger issues and / or fetishizes humiliating other people. This doesn't even resemble a skit anymore, it's solid revenge fantasy. Or a really weird fetish.

No. 663731

This is what Trump would make if he were a bitter Youtuber. Create an alternate reality situation where his fee fees can’t be hurt by bad bad women. Clearly someone tried to do this with Grease and he was caught, thus the “homewreckers are pathetic” rage here.

No. 663733


Tinfoil but this could be greg’s version of what went down with him and the various actresses he has in his videos

He might’ve thought one was flirting with him (although he takes every interaction with women as flirting because of his ego and he doesn’t see women as people, only receptacles for his micropeen) and screamed at her when Lainey wasn’t home

she of course apologizes and tries to clear up the situation by stating she wasn’t flirting and had no intentions but of course Greg’s ego can’t handle the idea that a woman in close proximity to him might not be attracted to him, so he spins it into this

it’s sort of a “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID” passive aggressive thing and it’s really transparent bc Greg is so uncreative that it would only make sense for him to base a video off of his own warped sense of reality

No. 663751

How is that interesting or appealing content? Especially for teens and twenty-somethings.

No. 663754

Seems like it describes the Sam situation. Since she “worked” for him and he sent her home abruptly.

No. 663761

No, I think this is supposed to be targeted towards Madison. Greg made a point to point out that she cheated on her boyfriend with her boss.

No. 663783

But wouldn’t that mean that it’s she that has a family / man that’s shes cheating on. Here it’s the boss that has a family and all that.

No. 663786

File: 1558633335588.png (273.51 KB, 564x663, what is more important.png)

What is More Important

Haven't watched so I'm not sure if there is any milk to be had.

No. 663788

Won't watch it either but we all know what it's about
His "job" is much more important than his foot and the kids, even though he wouldn't admit that, and ~family YouTube channels are evil and exploiting their kids~

No. 663803


Not worth watching, he just talks about family channels on Youtube and how he thinks children become employees as soon as they appear in videos regularly and children need to be protected. Obviously inviting random strangers over to your house to chain up in the basement is not as dangerous as showing your kids on camera.

No. 663804

I’m surprised he’s kept up with his ban on kids online rule. His channels are burning and I thought he might resort to using his kids to get views. He would get a lot more views after all. I don’t think it’s to pretend he’s not a father to attract new girls thing holds up because he still brings up that he’s a parent every so often like in this video (ignoring his nonsensical “I’m no longer a dad” online thing bc he clearly acknowledges it). Does anyone know why he might still be keeping them offline? Lainey?

No. 663811

I think he knows that his behavior toward his kids wouldn’t look good online.

No. 663813

There are lots of reasons why he may not show the kids but here are the few that come to mind. I'm pretty sure that he doesn't like to share the spotlight with anyone; ffs he always tries to take over Laineys videos when she features him. Another reason may be because they are not well behaved. It really does seem like he spends every waking hour 'working' in attempts to get away from man wife and the kids. There is no way he'll give up his alone time to film with them. More than anything I think Greg gets off on feeling morally superior for not showing his children and Lainey knows that there are anons that will be very judgmental about the way the children are being parented.

No. 663814

Exactly. Not only would he have to interact with his kids, which he hates doing, he would have to do it in a healthy way. That is already too much effort for onionboy.

No. 663816

File: 1558641098207.jpg (467.5 KB, 1367x868, onion boy.jpg)

i was browsing his forums and he has a topic called "what's your favorite laineybot video?" and he links his own comedy sketch video with lainey barely in it except for smiling awkwardly at greg toward the end

No. 663818

>"On Kai's channel"
>Posts a video from his own channel

Your narcissism is showing, grease boy

No. 663829

Doesn't his wife also have herpes?

No. 663831

I think its cuz he knows fellow pedos will be joining his fandom and scare away his teen fans/potential underage gfs. And if your YT comments become a pedo breeding ground then your traffic suffers and you get demonetized if you dont just disable comments.

Basically projecting his ebebophilia or whatever he calls it.

No. 663832

File: 1558645967386.png (Spoiler Image,323.81 KB, 884x497, 1526104763454.png)

>I wouldn't be surprised if there's an Onion nude out there somewhere
There is and it wasn't exactly hidden. He was just as desperate for attention a year ago.

No. 663834

Christ I forgot about this. Wonder when a brave girl will coax his teeny peeny out for a debut

No. 663836

The closest we got to dick pick leaks was this >>517761 which is close and scarring enough lmao

No. 663843

Also, people get herpes 1 from sharing drinks, kisses (like auntie kisses, not making out), sharing musical instruments, etc. What part of that is a moral issue for Onion to get on his high horse about?

No. 663852

Lainey twitter anons… anything interesting as of late?

No. 663876

File: 1558663745426.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.18 KB, 884x497, 1526124166162.jpg)

I'd almost forgotten about his homage to our Queen.

No. 663891

File: 1558667163342.jpeg (154.47 KB, 750x390, 977B387D-C2F0-408B-90EB-8B4028…)

I wonder if he tried to copyright claim Strange Aeons’ video

No. 663892

That’s not how it works. When you write a book, people are allowed to say whatever the fuck they like about it. They don’t have to worry about hurting your feelings!

No. 663893

When is it not? lol

No. 663894

the great thing is, he can't because she doesn't use clips from his videos. The content id wont pick it up.

No. 663897


No. 663899

Does that mean he was sexually abused by his father in real life like it happened to his character in the book?

No. 663901

I don't doubt it, the funny thing is that he made a reaction to one of her videos and he showed her ENTIRE video in it, if she wanted she could copyright claim that video very easily, just saying. Gargoyle never gets tired of being a hypocritical dumbass

No. 663943


Yup and dmca doesn't cover reading someone's written word as a violation.

No. 663953

File: 1558714299753.png (5.98 KB, 543x69, daddy issues.png)

Yesterdays Bonus Video:

My Dad

Same old stories but this time he posted a picture of his dad on onision.com so people will know Greg thinks his dad is a sexual predator.

No. 663955


Him saying that because his dad is a child molester (allegedly) he is uncomfortable around kids is such a red flag. He should be grossed out by pedos, surely, not by the children?? It just screams that he’s into kids and is scared about acting on it

No. 663967

Wtf. His sisters definitely have to have disowned him by now. I get he thinks he is being high and fucking mighty by exposing his big old evil dad, but how scummy do you have to be to out your siblings abuse like that? Even if it is true, he has no place to keep mentioning the victims. He goes out of his way to mention that the victim is a BLOOD relative and in previous videos has admitted it's his sister. What a fucking asshole wow.

No. 663984

By all accounts, his sisters and his dad are close, so who knows.

Also pointing out that Greg has related his own experiences that sound like child abuse to me (mom giving him naked massages, older girl at church camp) and doesn’t see them as abuse, so his ability to identify abuse seems off.

No. 663993

Tinfoil, but he might aim for generating more traffic aka visitors for his forums.

No. 664014

"It's not my fault I'm a creepy fuck who sexualizes children, it's my dad's fault!" just admit you're a pedo already, dude

No. 664024

Knowing how much he spergs about papa Onion, that would be the logical conclusion - that he was the one who was molested, not one of his sisters allegedly.
Why the fuck did he mention his father's name though. It's like he really wanted to name drop him.

No. 664057

File: 1558748560248.png (2.17 MB, 1136x640, 8A6C4347-1501-4B28-B2E9-420EA2…)

Gregma uploaded an old ass video from his Mr. Odd days on his encore channel. It’s just him looking “bored with melancholy” with his shitty music playing in the background. However, there’s a twist on the editing side where it becomes super creepy with the animation filter he puts on and his face disintegrates.

Ladies and gentlemen (newfags): Onion, age 19.

No. 664059

>>664057 samefag
He’s also back with his I-couldn’t-kill-a-rabbit-story once more.

No. 664081

Greg is on younow.
I hope someone can record.

No. 664085

missed it. I wonder why he decided to go on younow and if he was doing it as a ChArAcTeR

No. 664092

File: 1558763751940.png (265.79 KB, 759x1129, Sieg Heil = Sehr Lustig.png)

Im seeing more and more of his fans turning on him. That little safe space he created for himself at onision.com is not the echo chamber he hoped for.
Im waiting for Greg to see this Sieg Heil thread and either make a short one sentence dismissive comment or locks/deletes the thread and hope everyone forgets about it like hes been doing with some other threads calling him out or bringing up his questionable actions.
I can also see him getting pissed and writing out a long confusing paragraph defending his humor. If you remember his gaming stream when those girls criticized his suicide jokes and he started using that overly calm voice he does when hes REALLY pissed. He ended up kicking them off the stream and refunding their Patreon pledge. If you scold him about his humor he gets triggers. Thats a major sore spot.

No. 664099

File: 1558776193357.png (88.3 KB, 886x637, 693505834275.PNG)

>a short one sentence dismissive comment
>or locks/deletes the thread

I guess I forgot
>revokes their membership and deletes their profile

Greg would make a great dictator. Can you imagine him giving one of his OnisionSpeaks speeches from a balcony above the Piazza Venezia in front of his adoring fans.

No. 664109

There goes the little sensitive manlet again:
the malet who judges people when they make Lainey cry.
The manlet who abandons friends like Cyr when they are of a different political opinion or disagree with him.
The manlet who screams at a girl and sends her home when she doesn't want to be kissed and touched by him.
The manlet who refuses to talk to his infant daughter because she cannot reply in full sentences.
The manlet who is too busy "working" all day just to avoid spending time with his family.
The manlet who can't take any criticism about his listless, bad, offensive jokes.

Poor Greg.
We should all pity him because his fans are so mean to him.

No. 664110

Lol no one cares about Greg anymore, did anyone catch it or was it like a twitch stream with 2 viewers? He's getting exceptionally dull these days

No. 664135

File: 1558800914021.png (147.02 KB, 566x715, touching greg.png)


Greg making videos about his favorite subjects, himself and sex. Who needs or wants to even know this stuff about Greg?

It's really not worth the watch.
He sees hand holding as childish.
Face licking is a-okay!
Back rubs and foot rubs are good.
Don't touch his arm pits, knees, shins, butt hole, facial hair, and body hair.

He likes kissing, licking, and of course his dick being the prime focus.

No. 664148

File: 1558804465813.png (167.62 KB, 629x658, discordnerds.PNG)

I guess he is busy emailing people again. A sperge and blocking is coming soon.

No. 664154

File: 1558804942616.png (51.49 KB, 635x435, Capture87027.PNG)

Is this an olive branch to Bootyslayer? We all heard she ended up in the looney bin last Christmas. Or its just vague enough so all the fans and Patrons that have been jumping ship will return. Its a given that any Onision fan has some type of mental issue, professionally or Google self-diagnosed.

No. 664160

I guess that might be another of his "gentle" reminders for Lainey. Maybe she wanted to cuddle. And he wanted sex.
Or it could be another "Christian Gray" thing, so his fans find him more appealing …?

Ugh, I hate when he steals my (bad) ideas

No. 664165

File: 1558810205389.png (43.51 KB, 1319x312, dating.png)

He thinks that dealing with people who have "mental" issues is "hell" but he needs that narc validation and money.

No. 664168

Of course he thinks he's the stable one, calling everyone else crazy. That projection is insane.

No. 664206

Wow, are we sure he was not sexually abused as a kid?? Seems that Crazy Tami and JULAYYY really done a number on him.

No. 664207

i think the only reason greg is with lainey is for the sex
he calls her "boring" to her face, but then defends it with saying they're "passionate" 'cos he is sexually affectionate lol

No. 664209

he held shiloh in his videos and played with her hair but pushes lainey away when she tries to touch him
but……. she lets him have sex with her whenever he wants, and she's a doormat that bends to his every wish, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and he has said in videos that he "loves how much she loves him" (that's nearly verbatim) basically, he likes starry eyed fans that worship the ground he walks on

No. 664212

>he held shiloh in his videos and played with her hair
…then he shaves it off cuz she’s a good bitch.

No. 664213


He did the same with Billie. He held her legs and let her sit in his lap, and there’s of course the infamous video where he was touching her under the blanket while Sarah looked on (now deleted). There’s so many videos of him shoving Lainey away or kissing her and immediately leaving.

It’s pretty sad.

No. 664218

Shit even the stories about Sam where she said he pulled her into his lap while they were playing video games or watching tv or whatever - has he EVER done that with Lainey? Girl has got to know he is lukewarm towards her, she is just afraid to leave cause that would mean getting a job.

No. 664238

There was also intimate moments with Skye like her comfortably laying on top of him with a blanket, sitting on his lap while kissing his right temple…touching his ass…yeah

I take it Lainey never touched his ass on or offscreen

No. 664239

Stupid noob question - I feel like some of the stuff that's out there about Greg should probably be enough to prosecute him for grooming or something, no? I'm just really baffled that he just keeps living his best predator life with no consequences

No. 664250

He can't get convicted if no one puts charges against him.

No. 664263

He was also like that with Skyes little sister.. creepy fuck he has videos of them and he zooms in on her predatory like >>664239 yeah a victim or her parents will have to come forward and go to police, there’s really nothing much we can do. Tbh anon i truly believe it’s only a matter of time until that happens.

No. 664270

File: 1558892293743.png (32.22 KB, 795x492, ayalla.png)

No. 664275

File: 1558895377491.png (260.8 KB, 563x673, Julia.png)

No. 664277

i feel like a broken record every time i say this but: Greg, you're in your 30's. has nothing else ever happened in your life for you to be constantly festering in stuff that likely happened 10+ years ago and with people you haven't seen/talked to in decades?

nobody gives a shit about your first time or if you exaggerated the details for your terrible self-insert OC 2009 fanfiction of a book. these kinds of videos are seriously expositive of what little actually goes on in his sad life. imagine being in your 30's and still making youtube videos for your underage fans talking about something that happened when you yourself were a teenager and wasn't even as significative as you make it out to be.

No. 664282

Greg really enforcing it was a totally cool grown up experience for him at 11 to be sexual with a 15 year old. If only there were more considerate older mentors out there to teach the inexperienced how to be intimate. /s

Why did he feel the need to mention the 'random factoid' that he's wiped his hard drive? Was he deleting his collection of photos of girls with hearts of 15 year olds?

No. 664283

Sarah's mom didn't care enough to press charges against the predators who were grooming her daughter since the age of 14. In fact she supported them and gladly handed her daughter over to them when she turned 16

No. 664285

I understand how people feel about Onion dreams but I feel like I have to get this off my chest, it was very traumatic…

In the dream, I was in a bathtub with the other creepy guys in the video (I was kidnapped) but I kept my clothes on and wasn’t sure if the guys were naked or not but Greg was. He came to the bathroom and I saw his tiny cock slightly hidden by the dark brown pubes, he turned around as if I wasn’t supposed to see it or something but I kept waiting for the chance to take a picture and post it here. The rest was a blur as I only remembered myself scooting away from everyone in the tub and Grease kept yelling at me for some reason and I just remembered looking at the tub’s interior .(no1curr)

No. 664302

>Why did he feel the need to mention the 'random factoid' that he's wiped his hard drive?

Because he's an idiot that thinks deleting, using CCLeaner, or even formatting deletes recoverable data from hard drives because he's fucking technologically inept? Another time Onion admits something he shouldn't have because he thinks he got away with something.

No. 664303

Yeah that was weird. A long spiel about writing non-fiction about an 11 year old and 15 having sex then juxtapose that with a quick word about how his hard drive has been wiped. Im not sure if he meant it to mean he did it purposefully or it was an accident?

One small thing that made me feel gross. Greg says about his first time with this 15 year old
>I for some reason knew how to do things
at that age and it being the first time it should be awkward and bumbling. The first thing that came to mind was hearing stories from CSA victims and them talking about being taught sexual techniques by their adult abusers and in the future their first consensual sexual partner being surprised by their sexual knowledge. I know Greg says he was never abused, to be exact he has said numerous times he "doesnt remember ever being sexually abused" which to me is a weird way to word a statement like that, but we all know how Greg likes to play with words to make sure he covers himself.

No. 664306

If he was sexually abused he should come out and talk about HIS experiences instead of dancing around and throwing his sister under the bus. If she was sexually abused it is her story to tell publicly when and if she is ever ready. It's not an easy thing to do and I'm sure it doesn't help when your brother is out there airing out your past trauma to bring in more money.

No. 664311

Wait, he used to say he lost his virginity at 14 with his goth girlfriend who was 13, now he's saying he lost it at 11 with a 15 year old? He really can't keep his lies straight, can he?

No. 664312

File: 1558912946767.png (111.63 KB, 803x329, gross.png)

They didn't have sex but he did finger her. I suspect that he was vague in hopes to keep the video from being demonetized.

No. 664313

That is what's odd. The goth girlfriend (Shiree) was his first true love as he said numerous times. This is just him sperging that he likes older girls. And wtf Julia got with an 11-year-old when she was 16? What the actual fuck that is actually fucking nastier

No. 664314

Greg isnt very tech savvy, even with all the boasting he does about making websites for the US Navy.
He tried to say the reason his old website was wiped and removed was because of a DDOS. Im positive that Greg deleted everything because of all the heat he was getting about the underage girl photos, and his fear that the feds were going to be knocking on his door. Im sure he did get DDOS'd a couple of times through out the life of that site, but a distributed denial of service is basically a glorified phone jam. Its like having all your friends call someone at the same time so that person cannot receive a phone call from anyone else. It doesnt delete files and remove your website.

Greg thinks any man whos been abused as a child is weak and damaged as an adult so he wouldnt want to admit it or have his fans know about it. Look at the way he joked about Jeffery Star
>I think someone snuck into his bedroom late and night and makes disgusting sex noises


He said they "just did stuff" and "got to third base" when he was 11, so no actual P-V penetration.

No. 664315

it reminds me of male students that get molested by their female pedophile teachers, but it's never taken seriously, because they see it as a "pleasant experience" because they're too retarded to see the predatory context because they got sex out of it

No. 664317

File: 1558913688824.jpeg (361.48 KB, 1125x1227, EFA0A930-4193-46D9-901B-770521…)

Ayalla is calling Gurg out again

No. 664321

Grug never truly loved Lainey, not even when they banged on that hotel desk in New Mexico. She's always been a "reeee normie" cheerleader, no personality, and she's never been a real looker either. The only thing she brought to the table was her age and maybe her supposed obsession (there were more crazy fangirls so I wonder how did he pick Taylor). That's the sad truth. He 'loved' every single real ex he had but not his stupidly loyal manwife. Would be sad if Lainey wasn't such a boring cunt.

No. 664325

Does anyone know the title of the video where greg makes fun of youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki? He made fun of the way she looked by making her nose large and hooked. He was being anti semitic

No. 664327

I'm pretty sure it was on his main comedy channel titled "10 things I hate about YouTube" and I've been searching for it but it seems like he's either deleted it or privated it.

No. 664329

If I remember correctly there where other girls he did videos with at the time but they seemed to not give into Greg's demands as easily. Lainey was the only one willing to become Greg's puppet and at the time he probably felt like he needed total control. Although her lack of personality was bad for videos it was good for little man Greg's ego.

No. 664333

File: 1558916216510.png (58.1 KB, 472x455, shes 15 greg.png)

Anyone who's scrolled through Onisions Twitter replies has seen this love-struck puppy trying to get a like or reply from him. This may end up being trouble for Greg. I can see a ProJared situation popping up once he ignores her and she feels slighted.

No. 664335

I think most of us would be drowning in milk if Gargoyle found another loyal teen to meet at a hotel to cheat on his wife. It would be 2010 all over again! I don't believe that he hasn't slipped into a girl's dm's after that nowadays.

No. 664336

File: 1558916882276.jpeg (456.41 KB, 2048x2048, BED965E6-E793-41DA-8F03-5AD2DA…)


Lmao, I’d say poor Lainey, but

No. 664337

That girl has been proved to be 16 this year and Greg was talking to her and others about sex on his forum. All under 18's are supposed to be banned but she isnt

No. 664348

I don’t see the comparison with ProJared unless Greg, like ProJared did, solicits nudes from her underaged self. The ProJared girls weren’t “slighted”, they rightly identified him as a supercreep.


Susan Wojicki isn’t Jewish. She is Catholic from a Polish Catholic background. Greg is such a goddamned moron he can’t even bigot accurately.

No. 664387

File: 1558927868339.png (1.49 MB, 828x1792, 7AC17D17-F06C-4DB0-B2F8-599720…)


Billie agreed, an angry sperg and/or fapping his baby carrot to B incoming. That former Lainey clone and now Billie clone replied, too, and Madison tried butting in. Anus just doesn’t charm the ladies the way he used to sarcasm

No. 664390

File: 1558929034984.jpg (134.68 KB, 600x451, D7dRliXX4AcqEMu2.jpg)

>Greg was talking to her and others about sex on his forum

No. 664416

>fapping his baby carrot to B incoming

Implying he doesn't do that all the time already lmao. Seriously though, he takes those super long 4 showers a day for a reason

No. 664454

I don't necessarily believe Grugly about having sexual experiences with an older girl at 11. Is this the first time he's said this to be true? I feel like perhaps he's sick of getting heat (especially with the recent popular videos on YouTube where his books are being read/made fun of) about making up and glorifying such a disgusting scene. So just like with David in stones to abbifail, wHo yOu CaNt mAke fUn oF hEs a ReAl pErSoN, he decided to pretend the scene depicts true events so he can use it as a shield from criticism.

When he mentioned how he already knew what to do somehow, to me it just came off as bragging vs implying he was abused sexually growing up. Grugly and his tiny ego is definitely the type of ogre to brag about hypothetically being good at sexual activity as an 11 year old. And now I wanna throw up.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 664458

He's told this story before. Given his way of looking at the world, at women, and how is mother was with him, turning the incident into a sexual conquest is how his tiny ego deals with it. In his mind he has never been a victim of a woman, ever.

No. 664460


This story was definitely around before he wrote those books; he spoke about it a year or two ago in one of the videos where he was drawing on whiteboards. His "ex girlfriend stories" or something like that is the title of the video.

No. 664485

kek you guys saw shadbase drawing of onion?
rich of shad to call him out when he's a child diddler as well but it was funny

No. 664491

Do you really think Grugly, an average American, knows the difference between a Polish Catholic and a Jew? Lol. He could have at least googled that.

No. 664497

just at tinfoil but do you think that he treats her different because she is the only one who got pregnant?

like we know he has an actual pregnancy fetish. but what if the infatuation disappears once an actual crying, fussy baby appears? we've already heard him talk about in mutiple "comedy" videos what a pain kids are.

No. 664505

He doesn't really treat her differently, he just doesn't want to lose at a game … that no one plays with him. Iirc, people on the internet, and even youtubers, warned Lainey not to get with Greg and even contacted her family and tell them that she was about to marry him. People predicted they would separate within a couple of months.
That's why every once in a while videos and "songs" pop up on his channel, reeeeeeing about how they're still together and how the haters were wrong instead of focusing on why he loves actually Lainey - which he doesn't do: We witnessed his behavior towards her and heard what he said to and about her multiple times.

Greg's limited, little mind is just not able to connect those bits, so he doesn't think (or even know) that everybody else can.

No. 664523

It is sad how they emphasize they're into consensual stuff as if it's another part of their kinks, and not normal and intrinsical.
The poor kid doesn't even expect someone to respect her boundaries, she only "hopes".
They're wording it in that way to excuse themselves to him for having boundaries. The poor kid quickly backtracks and shows how she'll bend and ignore those boundaries for a man.

He really couldn't collect those types of people on YT or Patreon or any other platform than his cultish forums. His chances of obtaining new teen poon ending up with a prison sentence for the posesion of CP/grooming a minor/etc. have skyrocketed with this new forum.

No. 664531

File: 1558975734298.png (26.87 KB, 305x866, --------.PNG)

tee hee hee

No. 664541

Yeah if he actually loved her at the beginning but he didn't. He was still sperging about Shiloh hardcore when he met her. She's always been the rebound to prove teh haturz wrong.

No. 664551

Keep telling yourself that hon.
Greg is sooo unbothered by the hatuuurz, he solely talks about them, is married to a foot with children to show them and even gets a tattoo to always remember them.
If he was that obsessed with his actual fanbase, maybe he'd have one.
He is so incredibly dumb, I don't know if it's hilarious or just sad.

No. 664553

iirc in one of Taylors videos Onion states the reason he fell for her was because "she was there" basically.

No. 664618

Has no one mentioned that she asked to shower with him nor that she basically raped his 11-year old friend the following year???

I wonder if this chick has made it to the sex offenders’ list yet, or at least stopped pulling a Michael Jackson on little boys?

I guess we now know why he (subconsciously) hates women.

No. 664643

i think in order to leave lainey, he'll have to A) get an alt teenage girl into their weird poly relationship to rebound off too when lainey is "2 insecure to deal with :("

or B) have lainey do something to him he can twist to make her out to be a terrible person, and then leave

he even admitted this in a video where they're playing jenga (playing it wrongly, might i add lol)

No. 664648

File: 1559013913578.webm (3.59 MB, 320x180, when i first saw you_.webm)

No. 664654


No. 664776

In the same video he basically called her boring to her face by saying she was never exciting, not even in the begining of their relationship lmao

No. 664777

Yeah he implyed she was the safe choice

No. 664788

>Why's he look like a dwarf
…because that is him in his true form.

No. 664795

Can't help but laugh at Sarah's face in these photos. She was queuing up vying for Billie's position. Wonder how that shits going

No. 664799

Man Onion drama is really dried up huh?

All we can do is discuss old milk from years ago.

I am not so sure this is a bad thing though. Maybe this is the final nail in his coffin. Once the haters stop caring about him he will have nothing left.

No. 664813


Well. Now I'm convinced he only stays with her to stick it to the haters. He KNOWS we'd have a field day if they broke up.

If only Lainey would wake the fuck up.

No. 664817

File: 1559062172877.png (304.56 KB, 566x715, ec.png)

He's ran out of topics and just retreads topics that where successful in the past.

Eugenia Cooney Update_ GREAT NEWS! (+ A Pic!)

Bonus video on DDLG & Furries

Didn't watch but I'm assuming it's the same old opinions and trying to use EC's name to pull in some views in attempts to bring back his dying channel.

No. 664823

File: 1559062863142.png (1.04 MB, 1164x660, Untitled.png)

Click bait as usual, the "great news" is that she's alive, the pic doesn't even show if she's gained weight/etc. Takes him until almost the 3 minute mark of a 3:47 video to even talk about the pic because the rest is about how haters kept hating on his EC videos

No. 664833

I like how some of his fans have just blurred their memories of what those videos contained it’s like they’ve replaced them with some warm fuzzy way Greg went about discussing Cooney.

No. 664852

Lainey made a new video about bisexuality. She finally swapped it so that she’s straight for liking girls and gay for liking guys. Also, she tries to be progressive but manages to reenforce gender roles. She says when she’s with a guy she knows her role as the more passive (traditionally feminine) person but doesn’t know how to be around girls.

She’s also back to saying she’s fantasizing about dating girls but we all know she doesn’t want another girlfriend. Who can blame her honestly.

No. 664855

He might as well start making a sperg series about furries now because the DDLG topic is dried up.
She's not even trying to like girls anymore, bitch knows she ain't fooling anyone. Meanwhile Grugly is crying in the corner because his 'trans' wife can't fish a new stupid teenage girl.

No. 664878


I really hope Jaclyn calls his bullshit out and humiliates him publicly again

No. 664881

Im going to legit have a seizure with how many jump cuts he did in that DDLG video.
Does he think thats still something the viewers enjoy? I remember Laineys fans pissing and moaning when he was editing her videos and using a couple dozen jump cuts for no reason and then going to black & white over and over.

No. 664889

File: 1559082471964.webm (1.05 MB, 241x180, ohmygod.webm)

>I see kids, they irritate me both in how they look and act. Irritating.

I was waiting for Greg to catch himself, realize how shitty that sounded and put a little tag on the end of that statement
>…I mean except for my own kids, they're the greatest!
but I guess hes tired of pretending he cares.

If anyone caught that YouNow stream he did recently it was just a few minutes of him asking his fans the name of a song. Hes humming it and asking for the title. You could hear kids screaming upstairs and you just know if he hadn't been in front of the camera he would of been screaming at them to shut up like he does to the dogs barking.

No. 664906

>because her body is getting too healthy

That's phrased like they're purposefully trying to trigger her, what the fuck.

No. 664908

Jesus fuck that passed over me, But it sounds like it, And greg is contributing to this as well.
This person and greg both have a weird ass death wish for eugenia.

No. 664913

I also thought that was worded weird. That whole twitter post is nasty though. A man took a creep pic of a girl and gave her location out as well as possibly triggering her.

No. 664915

You can't even see that girls face to know if she's really Eugenia or not, there's no proof it's her. Plus I doubt she'd be buying new clothes with her mom since it's a known fact that her mom was a big enabler of her eating disorder

No. 664921

It’s unbelievably shitty to repost creepshots of someone who’s gotten off social media for mental health reasons. If it is even her!

No. 664968

File: 1559097673388.png (206.06 KB, 678x753, Capture _2019-05-28-23-37-43~2…)

It happened hahaha. Get fucked you greasy cunt

No. 664969

File: 1559097822094.png (2.06 MB, 1136x640, D6DDD129-97B7-432C-B80A-D0FF56…)

He reuploaded to his encore channel again, do with this as you wish.

No. 665018

File: 1559107365048.jpeg (153.28 KB, 750x846, B0784AFC-3DE1-4F01-8B45-668DC1…)

Onision fan logic: there’s no way abuse is happening on grug’s swamp because “dogs don’t like abuse :(“

No. 665031

so we've seen his bare naked ass, his back acne, his huge balls and 3/4 of his tiny dick, him in an adult diaper, him taking a shit… what's next

No. 665036

>implying the dogs aren't locked away outside or in a dark room 24/7 so they wouldn't see the abuse happening even if they cared

No. 665050

We have yet to see him piss and ejaculate.

No. 665055

I thought he pissed on a baby in a video? In a toilet? Or have I misremembered that.

No. 665058

I think that was fake, liquid wasn’t yellow iirc

No. 665059

… Why do I think that will be his next Patreon tier idea

No. 665060

>see kids, they irritate me both in how they look and act. Irritating.

Lol what? Kids look like normal fucking humans, just in small and well, act like kids

Is he trying to hide his pedo tendencies again by saying "kids irritate me, what even are they. So disgusting"

No. 665061


She literally said, that if she's attracted to a girl, she wants to "cuddle, hold hands, be cute". And if it's a guy "spit in her mouth". She just wants a friend that she feels safe with, maybe emotional support, since she sure as he'll ain't getting it from Gurgles

No. 665062

you know what
there's a video on lainey's channel where lainey and greg are talking about poly and greg literally says to her, "you need a girl in our relationship so you have someone to talk about your feelings with,"
he's so emotionally incompetent, he chalks it up to "hurr durr being a man," and that only a "FEEEMALLLEEE" can be emotionally empathetic toward lainey
i remember having to pause the video and actually facepalming
he's ridiculous

No. 665067

We have seen Taylor's saggy tit and her vaginal discharge soaked panties too

No. 665094

File: 1559139588661.jpeg (248.86 KB, 750x808, E13D624E-8BC8-47A4-9270-14756D…)


No. 665097

My best guess is that he wants validation and asspats from his "hayturzzzz" because he's not getting enough attention.

Tinfoil: It might also be his personality disorder showing.

No. 665099

Not all piss is yellow anon, it wouldn’t be completely shocking if it actually was his real piss, we’ve seen how gross he is; and honestly it would make more sense with how dumb he is for him to purposely use really yellow looking fake pee for a video.

No. 665104

I mean, the part with the herpes is true ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 665136

True, but it was 2008 when he shot that video and I doubt Skye would’ve let show that footage anyway as she had some agency unlike the other after her

No. 665163

The worst part is that this is a black woman defending him, after everything he said about their hair

No. 665166

Not all black women are sensible, I mean, Grug allegedly dated two black women in school and you have to be pretty sad or stupid to date a fugly wannabe goth like Onion lmao

No. 665167

He needs to drop a sex tape. With Taylor, one of his Patron whores, doesn't matter. That would give him attention to last him for a month I guess.

No. 665171

ew anon, nobody wants to see that. don’t give gurg any ideas.

No. 665186

File: 1559168142068.jpg (20.08 KB, 575x148, haturz.JPG)

it seems like the majority of Onion's tweets these days are just him convincing himself that he is above the haters because obviously they must be so miserable just because they dont like him right?

No. 665189

Yeah, well, anything to keep you him working on or improving himself, right?
Of course, it's always the others. Duh. Makes life so much easier!

No. 665190

Why do they have razors and toothpaste on the back of the toilet?

No. 665203

File: 1559173145849.jpeg (86.7 KB, 347x400, A0251BE5-ED06-4ACC-A298-FB5BDF…)

He’s doing it!

Because Greg doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “sanitary”.

No. 665205


I mean … he did date some “hot babes”/attractive women in his day, god knows how or why, and how all he’s left with is his nasty foot manwife and their screeching spawn in a sinking swamp trailer riddled with thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of debt, barely making income, and having 8 fans left while his exes are all doing much better off without him.

Lmao, not only is Lainey by far the most a) boring b) untalented and c) unattractive girl he’s ever been with, but she literally has herpes, too.

No. 665207

To some up this video
>says same things he said before about family channels

No. 665225

Starting A Family Channel

He doesn't say anything new. Kids who are on youtube are 'employees' and the parents must only care about money. Oh yeah, and of course he doesn't have kids because he doesn't want to be called out or inconvenienced when he does something that makes people worry for his children safety.

No. 665234

Posting videos you made in your basement online is not a career.

No. 665331

Maybe part of the reason that Greg doesn't wanna show his kids is because he knows they're gonna get more attention than he will. No one cares about this washed up youtuber anymore, but throwing cute kids in, that takes more attention away from him.

No. 665380

adrienne and shiloh were so quirky/animated and then u have monotone foot……..

No. 665384

Yeah, imagine the intense jealousy going on in that house when the comments are all about how cute his kids are and no one cares about him.
It would also make him appear his age - or "old" in Greg's words - because of the age difference and the fact that he indeed is a father.

No. 665385

Not to mention one of them apparently has behavioural problems and the other one, he doesn't speak to.

No. 665391

remember when onion wouldn't change madison's baby because he didn't want "The haters 2 call him a pedo :(" maybe his retarded ass thinks it makes him a pedo to talk to or change his own female child
wouldnt want the haters online to think anything is susp :thinking:

No. 665442

File: 1559239123201.jpeg (156.33 KB, 750x364, 7CABC392-44D1-4C29-B53F-E23D01…)

Bit of a derailment/spoonfeed but does anyone have a mirror of this? Sounds hilarious

No. 665483


Hasn’t he done this before though? I feel like there have been numerous instances of him pouting over his 6 fans all talking to each other instead of sucking his micropeen by violently agreeing with all of his idiotic opinions about sex for 2 hours.

No. 665489

I'd bet money he thinks that.
I'm sure he also never changes clot's clothes because he could see her naked body.
He's so fucking disgusting. How Taylor sees this and enables it by saying "uwu the mean internet ;(" is beyond me. She's a mother, she should be the first one spotting a threat to her children, which is her husband.

No. 665493

I'd pay good money to see that. Sounds hilarious. He's way too up his own ass to just be happy people are having fun without him. The only way they're allowed to have fun is with him front and centre.

No. 665579

Heh, reminds me of some musician getting slightly upset because two fans were talking amongst themselves in one of his live-streams before ending it (he was gonna end it anyway).

No. 665586

there's mothers that side with their partners even knowing fully well they raped/abused their children. women like Lainey or Holly who know their partners/fuckbuddies are pedophiles and silently enable it exist and aren't as uncommon as we tend to think.

i hope to whatever deity is out there neither of his children ever get abused, sexually or otherwise, by anyone, esp. not Gregma.

No. 665614

This person >>>/ot/410987 exists, so… (read at your own sanity’s risk)

No. 665705

This is one of the most gross things about Onion that he'd refuse to help an incapable child that can't even comprehend how to go potty. He doesn't want to be accused of being a pervert because he's so worried about the child hitting on him while she's exposed. He is fucking mental. Because he can't turn off his sick thoughts and the vagina alarm in his brain he would let a child stew in her own filth because HATURZ. I guess I mean he stays with his wife, that's now a whole new identity where she becomes the opposite gender of who she wants to have sex with (????), for the HATURZ.

Wouldn't be surprised if he does do porn for the HATURZ he's 0robsbly been dying for someone to ask lol

No. 665707

Does anyone have a mirror for this video I don't want to give the disingenuous cunt views.

This is something. She based her entire identity of trying to figure herself out. Kept making points about gender and sexuality are not the same and she feels actually a gender, non binary. She just called herself gay for sexuality but never really discussed it did she? She was hardly a fucking dyke being married to Greg and having mental breakdowns over him fucking another girl and then skin walking the girl for years.

Greg has made a fool of Taylor. She is a fucking doormat oh my god. No wonder she never told her parents any of this bullshit. Her Internet persona is just being Onision's wife and he had to set her up publicaly in such a way that he can have groupies that want to film and fuck him at their compound.

She's bi now, as opposed to what Taylor, straight? you stupid bitch. At least Onion let her appeal to the sex and gender she's actually sexually attracted to. Spit in my mouth boys!! I just want to be degraded by a nice man, save me from Onion and spit in my mouth uwu!! Girls.. Uh we can hold hands and if you turn my husband on too much I'm cry!!!

She's so fucking dull.

No. 665738

File: 1559320709248.png (272.34 KB, 566x611, bi.png)


She is insufferable, I only made it three minutes in. Good luck Anon.

No. 665743

i don't follow madison but did she move? i just saw a video on youtube from "the cut" with her in it…

No. 665744

nevermind! the cut is based on seattle, i thought LA for some reason. disregard!

No. 665745

Did you have a stroke while typing that anon? I tried following along but literaly nothing you said was comprehensible…

No. 665797


yeah let’s all continue to talk about someone this thread isn’t about

No. 665834

Excluding lainey is the stupidest shit ever in these threads. It's like someone wants to protect her.

No. 665844

File: 1559342966733.jpg (639.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190531-184552_You…)

This piece of shit retard made yet ANOTHER EC harrassment video. He really is so desperate, those videos are the only ones he can break 15k with anymore. He is beyond shame now and must realize how sick and creepy this is? Right?

I think it's mostly to scrounge any money he can, but also to get attention from people like Jaclyn Glen (who tweeted about the one a few days ago). Someone needs to put this sick dog down for fucking good already

No. 665862


I know the mods want to keep this thread focused on just onision which is fine but could we make a different thread for both of them as well as this one? I know Lainey has her own snow thread but I don’t think anyone really goes there and there’s enough overlap with the two of them that it makes sense to have it in one thread somewhere. I understand not wanting it to derail with nitpicks about how she looks but the gender and bi thing are likely a result of her being with onision because it seems like his abuse has stripped her of identity and his need for fresh girls has pushed her to identify as bi.

Idk i’ll shit up if this is detrailing but want to find something that works for everyone lol.

No. 665876

Lainey is 100% relevant to all Smegma threads because she is a living example of what his manipulation and abuse does/did to an impressionable and lost young girl. Shes definitely a milky cringe cow in her own right at this point but it all ties back to the living Chucky doll Smergenstein and his abuse.

Making her verboten here was always a fucking stupid choice.

Anyway, has anyone been keeping track of all Gergory's new sock puppets on Twitter? They're fucking hilarious, excepting one proven to be a 14 yr old which is just sad and worrying. "Proud onision fan" is 100% Greg and it's hilarious. Hes so pathetic it hurts

No. 665881

File: 1559348763956.png (334.92 KB, 563x671, patron only.png)


He had a meeting with people he can't name about something he can't talk about and now he knows whats gonna happen in the future. He bought some drums from Costco so now he is all hyped to make more terrible music.

I bet everyone is holding their breath to see more of his musical masterpieces. Here is the most recent one:
Family Channel Song

No. 665885

Thanks for upload anon. I tried, couldnt stand more than 2 min 40 secs of him. Some observations:
a) his head is literally the width of his ribcage
b) the meeting and plans he "cant talk about" are definitely him meeting with a crisis PR team to try and salvage his dumbass trainwreck

Sorry Gergles, you got lucky on a viral fluke and your retardation and personality disorders took your easy monied life from you. Your lack of talent ensures you'll never see that kind of notoriety again bitch lol

Even if he got mildly middle class successful again in 6 months hes just gonna sperg again and show his small dick energy to the world all over again.

I feel bad for the poor professionals hes paying to help him

No. 665886


I hope it was Shiloh's lawyers telling him to STFU. Was she the bear, Greg? lol

No. 665899

In the new one he had the audacity to say his relationship with EC is like and brother and sister. He sounds like one of those obsession fans that stalk celebrities and called them their husband/wife.

No. 665907

Christ, does she EVER talk about anything else but her gender identity or sexual orientation? I wonder if she's like this off camera. As much as I hate Greg, I don't blame him for being bored of her. She has NO other topics in her conversational wheelhouse. At her age, she should have this shit figured out already.

No. 665912

File: 1559353905476.gif (1.56 MB, 325x200, 9f3c7883c3.gif)

He's so afraid of his "haterz". He even tries to instill that fear into his fans/patrons by saying that engaging with haters is like fighting a bear or playing with fire. So the haters are now this monstrous flaming bear trying to kill you.
Is this just a way to keep his fans from having any kind of conversation with people trying to show them the true face of Onision? Ive seen in his Twitter threads many of his fans shocked about his history of bad behavior when someones shown them proof via links to videos or websites, because they've only been a fan for a couple of years.
If you make the haters into monsters then you dont have to worry about your fans having any kind of conversation with them. Reminds me of the movie The Village. You're kept in this isolated community and not allowed outside contact and if you dare try to go beyond the borders then the monsters will get you, in this case the Inferno-Bears.

No. 665966

It’s pretty much the same manipulation tactic he used on Lainey about her family… only Anus is the good guy .. everyone is a liar except for him, the usual… it’s friken disgusting.

No. 665974

So his investment was buying some drums he could write off? Wow, amazing. Investors hate him!!!

No. 665977

Sam said all they talk about is Youtube. Truly the most exciting house you could even live in.

I think the Olive Garden date was basically a dream scenario of the best these idiots could generate conversation wise by this point.

No. 666012

File: 1559367777704.png (1.27 MB, 1363x899, Screenshot_34.png)

here's greg's retarded Eugenia Cooney video
can't wait to see how angry Jaclyn Glenn gets this time.


No. 666014

File: 1559368042811.png (325.51 KB, 571x746, idiot.png)


It's sad that Greg has to twist legitimate concerns into ridiculous claims just so that he can prove the h8ters wrong. The only one that said he wasn't married was himself in attempts to dodge criticism about how dysfunctional their marriage is.

Too bad the haters aren't stupid enough to fall for your elementary school level manipulation tactics Gregma.

No. 666028

Why is he trying so hard to convince us about stupid shit lately? He knows we’re not stupid and too hard-headed to be manipulated anyway.

Please stop, Gregma. Nobody buys into your bs - not now, not ever!

No. 666029

He so self righteous. He criticizes the person who shared that photo of EC on twitter but was more than happy to make a video about it? (Also Greg gets photographed in public, I guess that makes him kind of famous.)

His defense on making fun of EC is that he has basically done it to everyone else in his life. He likens it to a brother making fun of his sister; just because you made fun of her once (or several times publicly so you could rake in those youtube bucks) doesn't mean you don't care about her. Also he considers it 'petty middle school drama' if you try to call him out on his behavior.

On to how to help:
Be supportive. Like what he's doing right now, supportive can be making all sorts of monetized videos about a person who has reached out and asked you to stop. I'm sure that really-really makes her feel like you have the best intentions.
Ask people to take down any old pictures or videos that show her body. If Greg can't make money off of those no one else can.
Have Greg make fun of the person with the eating disorder. This will push them into making positive changes; if it worked for Lainey, it will work with EC.
Oh yeah, and Greg's videos couldn't of hurt EC's mental health because she called him 'irrelevant' once.
Again, remember to badger anyone who has an EC video until they take it down. We don't want the algorithm to suggest her any hate videos. Of course she would need to be searching for herself on youtube to get those sort of recommendations, but I really don't think she's the type to seek out negativity. You would have to be one heck of a narcissist to search youtube for the newest videos about you on the daily.
Also EC should cut out anyone who hasn't been supportive in her healing.

The rest of the video he just reads out helpful advice for anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

No. 666057

I hope Gherkin doesn't try to spin that the haters re-uploading his videos are trying to hurt Eugenia, because they're re-uploading his awful videos because he shouldn't be able to slink away and hide his bad behavior.

If I was Eugenia I'd be fucking offended by this video. Part of recovery is being able to handle triggering stimuli and learning how to cope with it healthily. Obviously people shouldn't be throwing shit in her face on purpose to trigger her, but she also needs to be able to navigate the world without people shielding her from everything.

Also Gherkin studies have shown that when kids are bullied about their weight they actually gain weight so fuck right off with your idea that your comedy influences people to improve themselves, the only thing his videos make me want to do is travel back in time and convince Onion's mom to get an abortion.

No. 666064

>"Proud onision fan" is 100% Greg
Be careful, that one is so obviously not a fan that it could either be Gurg or a troll that wants to play with the haters.

No. 666212

File: 1559415423557.png (1.61 MB, 1922x1050, Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 20.5…)

gregory's spouse mentions wanting top surgery in the "Naming Trans Guys" hairdye vid they just dropped, but not for a second would greg permit it. gotta have tits to keep the grease!

looking like an emaciated guy fieri also probably doesnt help

No. 666226

File: 1559417866948.png (6.98 MB, 2208x1242, 0DFDDBF8-96AF-4CC3-8EF9-D87E0C…)

I’m not so sure anymore. If she publicly states that she wants it and Greg doesn’t allow it then his whole persona of being a supportive spouse will be thrown out.

In a recent Laineybot vid she clearly has stopped shaving under her arms and Greg hates hair on his partners.

No. 666227

exactly what i think
i think he'll let her go through with it to keep the persona of being the "TrAnS AlLy" but find some sort of scapegoat reason to leave tbh
billie set the bar pretty high tho but i think he' ll take whatever he can get at this point

No. 666230

Lmao that won't happen in a million years, in her wisdom teeth video she made it very clear. She was afraid of removing her teeth and made a big deal about having to go under anesthesia for that, imagine going through a surgery much more serious? She's too much of a pussy

No. 666233

And who would take care of the kids whilst she recovered from the operation? She will never tell her family that she's "trans" and Greg can't and don't want to take care of them

No. 666239


>greg’s spouse


Come on, anon.

No. 666241

Well. That’s what comes with letting this become a Taylor-thread.
Better get used to it.

No. 666253


Lmao, ok. Pretty sure when this was an Onion and Laundry thread people got called out for using her speshul transtrending pronouns, now people like you call out anyone who mentions her? She’s always relevant to Onion, plus milk’s been pretty dry now from him.


No one ever said you weren’t married dumb fuck. I know you pretend you’re not Anus, just like you pretend you’re not a father, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re tied to a swamp foot manwife and two spawn that you can’t stand. It also doesn’t change that the whole internet is aware of this fact.

No. 666311

Rehashing nitpicky topics is one thing but using her transtrender pronouns just reeks of plain and simple newfag.
Her content is even more boring than usually. Anybody else noticed she doesn't really have Grug in them as she used to?

No. 666377

EC's hairdresser posted a picture of her today, she looks like she has gained weight in her face.

I predict a new spergy video soon from our main Eugenia supporter.

No. 666554

File: 1559464704741.png (311.61 KB, 706x564, Capture _2019-06-02-05-33-16.p…)

So gargoyle re-uploaded I'm a banana but made it 10 minutes long and put more ads on it. His desperation for money is just sad to watch. Btw so much for "quality content" re-uploading videos from 10 years ago

No. 666561

>>666554 serious question and not cow tipping but rather abiding by all rules and terms and agreements on lolcow; the latest upload is 10 minutes long and has already been viewed 6.5 thousand times!! Is there any way An anon can provide USELESSFUL ADVICE on how a ghost can report this video to YouTube’s terms and agreements as a violation since the video is literally a decade old and literally on repeat for ten minutes! This has to be a violation of YouTube’s terms and agreements.
Can any anon provide USEFUL ADVICE to report this clear and obvious violation on the advertisement agreement

No. 666562

anon stop clutching your pearls

No. 666574

Maybe you want to look at Youtube's terms and agreements, because its not violating anything

No. 666582

Nah,Greg already put a stop to the hair. In her newest hair video, she shaved them.

No. 666593

They are being sarcastic you dense fucks

No. 666601

They’re tempfags, they don’t understand sarcasm.

No. 666617


Any excuse to see a glimpse of your first wife and your early and only success, huh Grease?

No. 666629

File: 1559495483907.png (303.14 KB, 570x753, ec.png)

Anon, you where right.
>I gotta say I told you guys before in multiple videos that EC is a beautiful woman and you know what? I was proven right with this photo.

I can reupload on request but it's just a 2 minute video where he calls her beautiful and talks about how wonderful it is that she's getting better.

The Shane video is one where he compares their facial structure.

No. 666665

What a fucking stalker. That thumbnail makes him look like several women and children already have restraining orders on him.

Every time he does this, there's a chance that she'll see or hear about it and her recovery might stop. He's deliberately trying to fuck it up for her.

No. 666673

To be honest in >>665881 he does look a bit like Shane. I think all this rage is because he wants to skinwalk Shane and live his life. If he can't be Shane then he can destroy Shane and bring him down to Greg's level.
Of course a good deal of this probably has to do with Greggo's closeted homosexuality.

No. 666675

The actual fuck. Why does he think she would care what some gross has-been old suburban dad thinks of her looks?

No. 666677

He finally realized that his content is nothing but dogshit without his ex-wife, took him long enough.

No. 666690

So by this logic he looks like a literal predator (i.e. how much he reee's about Shane Dawson). You played yourself, Grugly. Also doesn't this dumbass understand it isn't 2009 anymore when he vaguely resembled Shane with shitty quality cameras?

No. 666693

Here is a new link to add.
Cameo : https://www.cameo.com/onision

He's so disingenuous. He focuses on how long the person has been a fan and one he didn't even know who he was congratulating for graduating college.

No. 666740

Let me guess, he took a "flattering" picture of himself and an unflattering picture of Shane to make that comparison, cause he's so hawnist guyz

No. 666747

File: 1559515748332.jpg (334.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190602-173428_Fac…)

Greg finally found the picture Eugenias hairdresser posted and had to go on about her…again. i should note I'm not following him and his ass showed up in my feed.

No. 666750

Do you anons think Greg is in love with Eugina?

No. 666753

kek no
it just gives him easy views

No. 666762

He's not "in love" with her because he doesn't love anyone but himself, but he does have some fucked up sexual attraction to her and it's pretty obvious imo

No. 666780

Agreed anon, he’s always made gross comments about how hot she would be if did this and that. Not because she should be healthy but to look good in the eyes of Greg. She’s also mentally unstable and Greg has a knack for “saving” girls like this

No. 666802

Aww she looks so cute and alive here!… and looks strikingly like Skye

Killing two birds with one stone if you know what I mean

No. 666806

File: 1559523561581.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, DD9D15D0-BC63-48CD-AC62-AE531C…)


He posted it on Twitter, too, and BW is ripping into him. How long before he makes another angry vid about her, since she’s another person he wants to hate fuck.

No. 666811

File: 1559524587624.jpg (108.65 KB, 900x1200, IMG_20190602_211015.jpg)

Imagine being so unlikeable, random people in your local area start calling you out on social media.


Pic related. Feeling second hand embarrassment from seeing he goes out in public like that. Are those crocs on his manbaby sized feet?

No. 666824

File: 1559526472193.jpg (32.14 KB, 610x480, 1501090322268.jpg)

>you know what you did to her
>what you ignored behind the scenes
Someone please spill the deets on this. I want another foot dug in the Greg grave.

No. 666825

It looks like Blaire has some inside information about how Grok made Eugenia's condition worse, at least that's the impression I got from the second tweet she wrote. Unfortunately she won't tell due to her respecting Eugenia's privacy but it would be amazing if she exposed his ass

No. 666826

Tiny feet and a massive bobble head. That body language is spot on for a child about to have a meltdown as well because they don't want to be there.

No. 666833

He looks like a Roloff (from Little People Big World)

No. 666874

I love this. If he complains about his privacy being violated by this photo being taken, it makes him a hypocrite. He included a pic of Eugenia (that someone took without her permission in public) in a video a few days ago so this is just him getting his just desserts.

No. 666900

File: 1559541419624.jpeg (330.54 KB, 1125x1099, 81BA10A0-5509-4DF6-BD98-703FFA…)

No. 666904

I'm assuming that it has to do with how his continued harassment of her and the videos he made made her condition worsen. She was doing ok not great but ok until onion decided to start making videos on her and she started to spiral at an alarming rate.

No. 666905

It's a good thing he doesn't have EC's number or he would be even more relentless and harass her like he did with Adrienne.

No. 666933

Thank god for that cone we now have the scale of smol boy Onion.

How the fuck would anyone mistake that for Shane Dawson. He's not a fucking red head jfc, he has child proportions.

No. 666964

Honestly shit like this triggers relapses. This might be one of the worse things hes ever done to someone clinging to life and she's not even someone who once entertained him, even for money, clout or peen.
God, this is the one of the most neutral people he's ever interacted with and he's being such a piece of shit.

No. 666993

Is that a gun holster or it just a design on his shorts? Also he's wearing socks with sandals like a grandpa. Cos of course he fucking is.

No. 667002

File: 1559570820021.png (1.46 MB, 828x1792, 0336FD61-D710-4144-96EE-45DECA…)

He’s deleting videos that underperform. I saw last night he had a video a couple days old that had barely broken 4K views. Another video was seven or eight thousand views and almost a week old. Did anyone else notice this?

No. 667020

Greg doesn't want her to get better. period.
He needs her to pull in views, she's the only "controversial topic" that he can talk about and which generates him money. As soon as she'll have recovered, he'll only be able to make videos about how "horrible her condition was in the past and how great she looks now". It won't be controversial and dramatic anymore hence, it won't pull in any views.

Triggering her and hoping for her to never recover is a lucrative business for him, no matter how many times he tries to spew HIS truth about wanting her to get better.

No. 667049

He definitely doesn’t. He already admitted in the past he’s wanting her to die so he can make a video about him being “right” about her condition and how he did more to help. He’s definitely trying to trigger Eugenia into having a relapse. I can only hope she’s keeping away from social media or has at least finally blocked him so she won’t see his shit.

No. 667055

File: 1559580541488.png (1.91 MB, 1334x750, 096057DB-4E10-4A24-8F4F-714682…)

Are we sure footwife isn’t skinwalking Shane to keep Grug interested?

No. 667067

Is it possible that he could go to jail for this? It’s almost like attempted murder.

If Eugenia does die because of relapsing - God forbid, wouldn’t he be held liable for this and would her friends/fellow YouTube colleagues report him to the cops?

No. 667070

Not really.

If I were her family though I would seriously be looking into getting a restraining order to stop him from talking about her and harassing her online.

The court costs would be worth it if it really is as damaging and triggering as it seems to be.

No. 667072

She's have to get fatter, stop showering, be somewhat entertaining to pull that off. Her skinwalking skills are as half assed as her video skills. Grug is better off imagining himself as Shane lmao.

No. 667073

with a good enough lawyer.

I doubt EC & family has that type of money though

No. 667081

All EC has to do is keep doing what she's doing. Shes recovering privately for her own mental health and everyone respects that.

I wonder if Onion wants to be the next SoOoO EdGy AnD CoNtRiVeRsAl Paul brothers. He seems to thrive on negative attention.

No. 667083

Hah, I'm surprised he isn't wearing his bulletproof vest.

No. 667129

It's definetely not a design on his pants, it looks like it's reflecting light so it must be something made of metal… weird as fuck

No. 667140

Her friends could help with costs, though. I have no doubt that Jaclyn and Blaire would help if it meant that Onion would be silenced about EC for good.

No. 667141

Oh… that explains a lot. I was wondering why his views seemed to have gone up again on his onisionspeaks channel when most videos were barely hitting 5 or 10k for a while. If he deleted those of course it looks like his channel is more successful again. I guess nobody cared enough to notice.

No. 667146

File: 1559595568187.png (33.03 KB, 559x383, Capture _2019-06-03-17-53-01.p…)

It looks like he deleted or privated a lot of videos, he lost almost 300k views according to Socialblade

No. 667151

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic at this point.

No. 667159

Look at how the "famous" Onision, "the most honest YouTuber", is all alone. No one wants to stand next to him.

Iirc he had a bit of a reputation of being smelly in high school… well, just wondering…

No. 667170

… doesn't that mean he paid for it, so people would see it?

No. 667174


I'm highly sure it's that weird wallet he has. From that video where he complained about Disney would security or some shit?

No. 667212

That cone is 26.5" according to the listing, he's roughly 2.5 cones tall (taking into account the rough distance between them)

So that makes him between 67-71" in height which is consistent with his height next to the Spiderman statue
I.e onion is about 5'8-5'8.5, and most of his height is his giant head.
But we already knew that.

No. 667326

File: 1559622901433.png (71 KB, 578x741, interviews.png)

Joe Interview

Billy Interview

I've only watched the first few minutes of the Joe interview. He says he didn't kiss his cousin and just remembered it wrong. If some brave anon wants to see if there is any milk feel free.

Billy's first few minutes are sucking Onions dick so I doubt there will be anything too juicy there.

No. 667342

I’ve noticed he deletes them on his mains and then just uploads them on his archive channels. I think he’s done this for a while now.

No. 667348

The long part is a lanyard and the part in the middle looks like a stuffed animal sort of thing, no knives here

No. 667352


These were actually pretty good. The first one critical-but-not-really of Onion and in the second one, Billy mirrors Onion back at him.

Back in the day, JoySparkleBS made a THIRTY MINUTE video railing at Repzion, MundaneMatt and Jeff Holiday ("Mundanematt, Jeff Holiday, Rezion [sic], & Chris Ray Gun Mock Those Flagged At Pax") OVER A PHOTO of them all sitting together at a restaurant while at PAX. Also at the table was Billy the Fridge. She goes on to say something about how much she loves him (and totally isn't kissing his ass, guys! lol) and how he is a sweet boy who needs to choose better friends.

Pretty sure Billy calling Onion a "sweet boy" was a reference to this. But could also be coincidence.

No. 667365

File: 1559631504433.jpg (636.59 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190604-024346_You…)

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, it looks like Onion has renamed a bunch of videos on his OnisionArchive channel to "patreon.com/onision" and based on the thumbnails I'm assuming he has done it on any possibly controversial video except weirdly enough not videos concerning his drama with past relationships. Also he's been playing with diapers since like 2009 so maybe he does have a fetish.

No. 667386

Id say good job Joe making Onion squirm but he's obviously hanging out with him and went easy enough to not sever any business ties.

Greg's constant deflection was reminiscent of this article https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2015/04/07/how-to-tell-when-people-lie-and-make-them-tell-the-truth/

And how can he not confirm he killed his turtle Wtf. "Turtle's are really good at playing dead." Did the stupid cunt not check before disposing of it?

He refused to talk about his mum. Said his Dad molested only girls and was molested as a child himself. Greg all of a sudden claims he can't remember his childhood before age 11,and your man Joe insinuates that's common for abuse victims. He said he misremembered kissing his cousin, he tried but he freaked out. He was 13. The interviewer said was it not your cousin freaking out cause she wasn't in to you and Greg got annoyed and face went red lmao. Cockblocked by his own cousin yeehaw!

Anna Minx and Billie were in the background not even going to watch Billie's interview. And then the interview ends with Joe Reading out a private dm from a group text with Onion Billie Anna Jessica and Jo in which Onion is mad no one wants to collab on a Saturday, slags them all off while sucking up to Jessica. Joe says Onion does the because Jessica slobs his knob all day. Onion got uncomfortable and it ends with Joe appeasing him with a hug. Is Jessica the patron that looks like Lainey?

No. 667387

Sorry for edit on phone:
- onion claims his dad was also molested as a child, he doesn't claim he was.
- group dm is Billy the fridge not Billie.

No. 667395

>Is Jessica the patron that looks like Lainey?
I guess? She’s been mentioned quite a bit before. I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg was fucking around with her.

No. 667432

There was such a soft ball question, or at least easiest thing to admit to being wrong to, "did you destroy the wetlands?" because he did… by like every sense of the word. Even a "yes but" would have been less blatant

No. 667447

Jessica is the chick who’s been in a couple of his videos, the thoughts and prayers one etc. She also has a kid so I don’t really see him being into her At least not for the trinity lol

No. 667449

File: 1559668159768.png (228.38 KB, 629x458, kissing cousin.png)

If I remember correctly he kissed his cousin while she was sleeping. Does he think his new story makes it any better?

No. 667476

File: 1559674040039.jpeg (374.81 KB, 750x958, 41361AA7-0193-40F4-9BC6-5A25C0…)

He is so fucking unhinged and autistic, sitting in front of his computer all day looking at what haters have to say, so obsessed with the fact that he’s a has-been that he sits around making charts.

…Sir, this is a Wendy’s… He genuinely reminds me of Chris Chan & Nick Bate

No. 667482

File: 1559675597785.jpeg (128.4 KB, 814x795, 31D9BDEC-C73F-4344-95E2-064E63…)

Sebastian Williams, a popular drama YouTube channel that is relatively positive though has some satire, uploaded a video about Eugenia, just showing the picture of her getting better and encouraging positivity, but also slammed Onion at the end of the video. All of the comments are basically saying they’re happy for her and how irrelevant and awful Onion boy is, lol.

See Anus? Nobody likes you.

No. 667483

ew I hate sebastian. he sucks jeffree star's ass and anyone who pays him enough for good press. really not the greatest example

No. 667484

Agreed, is there a thread on him somewhere?

No. 667496

Lmao is he advertising his Patreon on the title of his videos to attempt to gain more patrons or something? When I think he can't act more desperate for money, I'm always proven wrong

No. 667526

did he delete this tweet? I couldn't find it. but then again it might be buried in the 5 billion posts he made bitching about meat eaters today

No. 667527

No. 667576

File: 1559694489779.png (314.44 KB, 1270x1027, Onion trying to sell secrets t…)

New poll, apparently Onion is getting desperate for money.

No. 667578


>photos you would not share anywhere else but are still not graphic.

Is he finally going to sell pictures of his kids? That's the only thing I can imagine anyone would want from him that would be secret/not graphic. Why else would he have to be so tremendously vague? He has no sense of discretion about any other part of his life other than his family.

No. 667579


"to the highest possible tier so nothing leaks"
some cow is going to pay greaseball $$$ in search of huge milk just to hear about him biting lainey while he huffs and puffs on them for 5m ,
hes too easy to see through lol
or who knows, some patreons might get to hear about his secret diaper fetish

No. 667580

Pretty sure he’s hoping the haterz will be desperate enough to pay him for the possibility of dirt.
Don’t fall for it, anons. He won’t share anything worthy of milk because he still knows it will get out. Or hopes it will, rather.

No. 667582

As a patreon anon, I wouldn't give any extra money for details on his boring life.

He is still mentally in his teens so I imagine it's just things a 14 year old would find important.
He'll probably share more of his family life. Most likely complaining about how Lainey and the kids hold him back.
Take photos of himself covered in fake blood.
or brag about how 'good' he is in bed.

No. 667630

File: 1559707062899.jpg (299.59 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20190604-234255_You…)

I'm not really sure of what his motives are here. Could he just be really lazily plugging his patreon? Probably. But could he also be obscuring the titles so that searching through his videos is mindnumbingly tedious. That's what my main theory is. I think he's trying to make it hard for people, like Mikenactor, to pull old clips of him looking like the real ass he is.

A lot of videos with overtly sexual clickbait thumbnails had their names changed to the patreon url, these videos were one of his biggest scandals. He didn't change the tags for some of them at least. I clicked on one video with a busty asian babe in a bikini for the thumbnail and lo and behold the tags: bikini, best bikini haul, women, swimsuits. Searching "onision archive best bikini haul women swimsuits" brings up that video.

And then I found one of his videos where he did rate his fans, keywords: rating, fans, forums. When I search "onision archive forum fans rating" that video shows up. Either way its fucking weird to change a bunch of videos on your archive channel to your patreon url.

No. 667631

Wtheck lol I cannot even understand what he’s talking about.. so it’s not gross or nudity and it crosses social norms(?) and 18+ but it’s not going to slander him if it gets leaked.. At this point maybe he’s just putting the feelers out for doing porn

No. 667651

>I don't share this content because of the fact that it is not for everyone
Yeah, didn't give a fuck about that one when he exposed everyone's secrets, but now it applies to him. So much to "most honest youtuber" and "onison has no filter and is uncensored"

No. 667668

File: 1559723252100.png (372.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190605-091748.png)

He's getting SO MAD throughout the video, it's amazing
Like Joe is clearly joking at times and you can just see the rage on shregmas face that he's trying so hard to disguise by fake laughing and shit

No. 667670

>>667668 Look at that body language too. By 12 mins in, he's brought his arm and leg up in front of him to form a physical barrier between Joe and himself.He was totally pissed.Bye Joe…lmao

No. 667684

File: 1559736086871.png (639.11 KB, 675x491, jessica.PNG)

>I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg was fucking around with her.
I really don't think so. Unless shes able to out doormat Taylor and let him do some really deviant sexual shit to her.

No. 667690

File: 1559738037768.jpg (64.59 KB, 594x469, capondesign_dc4cat0-250t.jpg)

>Joe Reads out a private dm from a group text with Onion Billie Anna Jessica and Joe in which Onion is mad no one wants to collab on a Saturday

When trying to prove his point about people only wanting to be his friend when hes famous he says "I just want to establish I was right, about a certain person… the one who's not here"
This isn't really milk but it does show another long time friend leaving the fold. My theory is that hes speaking about Eugene (CaponDesign) I haven't seen him in any of Onisions new videos besides a recent re-upload of Balloon Fight-Death Note Battle.

No. 667697

Yeah, I don't think it'll be milky, so you're absolutely right saving your money, anon!

He'll have falling outs with his top tier patrons anyway, so whatever he posts there will come to light eventually.

That makes a lot of sense, thb. But he might shoot himself in the foot again: If someone who just recently became a fan of him has to click on numerous videos with the same title, they will get confused and bored soon and stop watching.
Less views = less money

I'm waiting for him to realize this and sperg about how he's so totally indifferent about making money on youtube "you guys. Look here, see how my views plummeted. I'm so poor, guys. Pls send munneh, must buy instrumentz and veegun meat."

She looks a little bit like young Sarah here.

No. 667699

He wants to make Onion critics pay for interviews. And by the sounds of it he wants to talk about his past sexual experiences with Billie and any other girls.

No. 667713

Kudos to Joe for doing an interview was actually pretty fun to watch. The approach he took is one of the most effective ways of dealing with Gurgles as far as I've seen. He kept it under the guise of comedy but really went for the jugular with some of the points he made. Like another anon said, you can really see him physically retreat into himself since he's so embarrassed and uncomfortable.

No. 667743

She does look a bit like Sarah. Onion likes them understated lol. Has he fallen out with the last patron he flew out and took to that rented house? A local fan to slob his knob would be more economical. And if she's got a kid she'll probably keep tight lipped about it too.

No. 667744

This 100% sounds like he's going to tell other people's secrets that he's been involved with. Even though he's already done a fair bit of that when he was mad at people, I'm sure there's other things he hasn't shared. Just sounds like a bad time.

No. 667754

The joe interview is fantastic!! This is much better than any of his sham “debates”. It really cuts through some of his bs and shows how to handle him.

No. 667768

tbh the atrocity that is grease's books are a HUGE insight in greg's mind and how he thinks/views the world
he even admits they are self-inserts
and the main character is a "uwu damaged girl" with self harm scars that he "saves" as well

No. 667779

God that text conversation was so telling. The way he berates his “friends” and goes off about how famous he used to be is pathetic. How in the hell do these people put up with him? If a friend talked to me like that I’d drop them so fast.

No. 667783

Jesus Christ, nobody wants to hear some suburban dad talk about all the sexy sexy sex he’s had. It’s like that Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch sketch where they’re gross college professors who go on and on about their loverrrrrrrrs.

No. 667787

Yeah, the two interviews strongly reminded me of an intervention.

No. 667808

Based upon the fact that Gurg actually put it on his own channel shows he didn’t consider it serious. OR he thinks he “won”, which may be more likely since he started sperging about the “interviewer” making things up towards the end.

No. 667829


He’s probably going to:

A) Bitch about Shiloh being the worst relationship he’s ever had while simultaneously trying not to smile and laugh like he always does when he talks about her.

B) Go back and forth about how much of a druggie loser Billie was, but also how great sex with Billie was, since he’s openly stated he likes “underdeveloped girls” and tweeted after their breakup how she came to him self conscious about her chest size and he reassured her he loved her smaller chest (i.e. he’s sick of Taylor’s massive droopy milk jugs).

and C) complain about his wife and kids and how Taylor never cleans up after herself and the kids always scream and are so annoying, and also how Taylor won’t go out and bring another girl home for them to share anymore.

No. 667830

I appreciate how Joe was able to highlight many of Gregs nervous reactions and 'tells' for when he's lying with this comedic interview.
Joe: "what about your mom greg?" Greg: Anxiously plays with hair.. "uh..next?"
Joe: asks simple yes or no question Greg: "Well… Let me put it to you this way.."
Joe: "Greg, d'you know what I see under your make up? You turning red." Greg: Gets into fetal position on couch.

No. 667835


Aha, brilliant. Keep it up, Joe. When confronted by women, Anus screeches and obsesses to show his off his fragile masculinity, when confronted with a man he shuts down and pouts.

No. 667857

>my life is private!!!

No. 667864

Who is this joe guy? I’m utterly fascinated now but can’t find him anywhere. This interview is beautiful, but even the Billy one seems scathing. How does Onion seriously consider these people friends?? They obviously can’t stand his ass and keep him around bc he literally begs.

No. 667873

Don't know who the cuck the Joe guy is but he's been in other videos with Onion and BTF. I don't think there was always this friction between them and Onions fallout with Madison is the likely catalyst.

No. 667881

Serious disappointment that you guys are falling for these interviews… it’s obviously constructed to make Anus look like he’s in the hot seat. They’re all friends as well and Anus wouldn’t allow videos on his channels if they truly made him look bad. He has been playing up the whole bad guy villain of YouTube to make us or any other critics full of crap.

No. 667882

File: 1559785709624.png (42.15 KB, 644x657, so little votes.png)

I think you're 100% right. The first half is about his new top tier patreon. He says:
>On top of that this top tier is going to include things I want to say to people but I can't say because I don't want people to hear it if they don't want to hear it.

The really sad thing is hardly anyone even replied to the poll. I'm sure he'll do his normal lazy thing. Make content for a week then drop it in favor of pushing out more videos everyone can consume.

A Serious Topic & Other Stuff

No. 667890

That video! Normal people don’t need to be reminded to think about how others feel. He is ridiculous.

No. 667893

File: 1559787973867.png (2.56 MB, 1136x640, F38C47BA-0521-488D-9BD5-F872A0…)

Onion reuploaded one of his autistic songs featuring his ex on his main channel.

Here’s a quote from her before she left the interwebz:

>”Please remember that we had nothing at the start of everything…”

And now he is truly alone with no one by his side (unless you count Taylor kek)

No. 667894

Thet did have a pretty real tiff when Onion was blasting Madisom though. I wouldn't be surprised if Onion is the friend they don't really like to hang out with and you certainly don't want to bring around other people because they suck. Their relationship is probably 99% based on YouTube (remember when Maya said all Lainey and Onion talked about was YouTube? lol) and don't really have a true bond.

No. 667904

Lmao just because he posted it and doesn’t think it makes him look bad doesn’t mean it doesn’t make him look incredibly bad.

No. 667906

I went back and forth with both ideas.
But think about how many times hes put out information he thought was benign or that put other people in a bad light or was "edgy humor" and it ruined him and he had to either defend himself or delete all evidence of it.
Im sure he thinks this is some how making his haters impotent because its flipping all the stories and arguments about how hes a garbage human being, and trying to turn it into a skit. But the way Joe drilled him, it was funny and you could see Gregs unease with the whole thing.

No. 667928

It's hilarious too because all Billy said was that he couldn't make it. Politely through text. It's not like he was ghosted or told to fuck off rudely and instead of being like 'oh okay we can reschedule' or even voicing his hurt rationally 'well that's a bummer, you guys have cancelled a bit, maybe we can all agree on a date?'
Instead he chucks a tantrum like a toddler. You don't wanna collab because I'm not famous anymore! Wahhh!

God what a loser. They are losers for even hanging out with him. I do get the vibe they aren't really into him though and all laugh behind his back.

Also I noted that he said 'trying to kiss someone isn't molestation!'
Uh it is if there isn't consent.
Maya doesn't quite fall under that category, but yes, kissing someone when they are asleep is molestation ya weirdo.

No. 667944

Sometimes I tinfoil that Gretchen has sekrit seckz with his mom

No. 667949

I’m in Massachusetts and recently was in a very similar situation and had to go through the police to get a restraining order.

It is free, she doesn’t even need a lawyer and the videos Onision has made are literally the ideal kind of evidence.

He would be so fucked and it would take almost no effort.

I’ve posted this maybe a month ago and I don’t expect one post on here to clear up misconceptions about the law. I really can’t stress enough how it would take a quick trip to the police station and Onision would be totally screwed. I really fucking hope someone close to her lurks and sees this, it would take ten minutes at most to compile evidence and even her gaurdian could report it, though I think she would find it personally very empowering.

There is no maybe, he broke the law multiple times and her case is black and white. Really sorry for obnoxious formatting, I’m legit begging at this point for this to be communicated. She has the perfect kind of evidence there will be no cost and no battle. It is criminal law.

No. 667953

>he said 'trying to kiss someone isn't molestation!'
>Maya doesn't quite fall under that category
Actually yes, because she didn't consent. she didn't really have time to react to him forcing himself on her. I'm glad someone else noticed he said that. What do his SJW fans think about this statement? oh, of course nothing because they're all braindead. but they should be outraged

No. 667960

Don't even get me started about his fans. There's SO many comments complaining that the Joe individual was too harsh and rude when it came to talking about Greg being molested jokingly.
Why do these retards get butthurt over his own friend roasting him but asking very valid questions but they'll screech honesty whenever Gurg decides to make hateful videos on anyone else? Like these are the same people who pretty much cheered him on when he dragged Billie's private life everywhere but whinge that his feelings are being hurt in a retarded skit.
It makes no sense.

Also I find it funny that he's saying the worst thing he's ever done was what he did to Billie.
So breaking the trust of your wife and contemplating isn't the worst?

No. 667961

*contemplating leaving your kids

No. 667964

Just people need to leave her alone, and I’m certain the last thing she or her family need to deal with is stuff on the internet. Half of what is keeping the drama about her is Onision and the other half is all the people who say they care about her..

.. also joe is another predator of young girls so of course they’re friends and why they support each other

No. 667995

Not doubting, but what did Joe do? Tbh, I thought his interview was pretty interesting. Might not be accurate, but he seemed to have genuine disdain for onion. Especially when he was accusing him of being an abusive liar who wouldn’t take responsibility for his actions.

No. 667996

Proposing** the idea of leaving your baby and wife behind to start a new life’s with her teen girlfriend.

He was the one suggesting it, it was t just like he thought about it, remember.

No. 668005

File: 1559851364765.png (114.61 KB, 258x539, plsno.png)

>attractive photos that push the boundaries

fucking disgusting

No. 668006

just 1 step closer to actually selling his body. I cannot believe this is real but it is…

No. 668008

Since there can’t be much demand for nudes of Onion and/or Lamey, is he going to get pick-mes from his Patreon insiders circle to pose? Or is he going to do that ultimate creepy surburban dad move of hiring 18 year old “models” off Craigslist?

No. 668009

I mean.. hes already showed us bare ass, bare chest, underwear shots. What else is left? Surely he wont show his tiny peen. then his sock fantasies will be over.

I guess he is just really hoping his teen audience will be thirsty enough to pay in hopes he will post nudes

I shudder just thinking about it.

No. 668012

Lol is he kidding? $250 for that bullshit?
His "secrets" get leaked anyway, probably through him, cause he can't handle not everyone knowing everything about him.
His photoshoots are probably just ~super seksi~ pictures of him cosplaying as God knows what, cause he's the actual queer faggot in Lamps and his relationship.
And the last one, kek. 250 Dollar for him putting in someone's first name (so no one can find them online) in most videos. For that amount of money he should be dedicating at least five minutes of every video thanking every Patron that pays that much.

No. 668016

out of all the milky twists that have come out of 2019, surely no one expected Onision becoming a costhot

No. 668018

Is he finally gonna show his duck?

No. 668040


Sex, probably not, but he did 100% admit that her giving him nude body massages gave him a boner. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a little too excited when he sat on her lap as a kid.

No. 668103

Not doubting either, but how do you know joe is also a predator? Never heard of this guy until this video.

No. 668112

Agreed, and to put the icing on the cake we know he isn't that good of an 'actor'. At his best all he's able to do is put on costumes and shriek.

No. 668151

File: 1559882699326.png (159.56 KB, 405x253, joe-tobuscus.png)

>joe is another predator of young girls
Are you mistaking Joe for Toby/Tobuscus? Greg hung around Toby for a hot minute last year. I think they bonded over the accusations of being sexual predators and abusers but they both realized neither of them had anything to offer in the way of a boost to their YT popularity so they ghosted each other. If you're already YouTube cancer you dont start associating with similarly toxic people.

I know this thread isnt about Joe. But Ive only been watching the drama for a few years and I dont know the origin of this friendship. Any veterans know the backstory? I remember about 2 years ago everyone praising Joe in hopes it would fuck with Gregs head.

No. 668196

He probably literally dreams of it, but I doubt they even mouth kiss.

Also, doesn't he still hate her?

No. 668209

Seeing the two next to each other, the other anon might have confused them.

I'd also like to know where the accusations about Joe stem from. I don't want the mods to get funky about the thread getting derailed again, so it might be a good idea to discuss the matter in snow:

No. 668267

The married mother of two came out with a new video saying Greg posts ugly pictures of her and girls are better kissers. I need a shower.

No. 668268

I believe Joe and Greg met through Billy, pretty sure Billy brought Joe in to some Drunken Peasants streams but they "fired" him for being a troll. First time I ever saw him and Grug interact was the DP 24 hour NYE stream at the end of last year. I don't know how familiar they were with each other before that, but Greg is SUPER uncomfortable with Joe the whole time. I always get the impression that they actually don't like each other very much and Joe just likes trolling him, but they stay acquainted mostly for Billy's sake.

No. 668322

File: 1559948286574.jpeg (163.69 KB, 750x629, CD0363E7-4728-4D22-91B6-5AEEA8…)

I don’t wanna give this bitch views, can someone pls mirror Lainey’s two latest vids? Also is there anything interesting on her private Twitter?
Offering up a dumb Onion tweet in hopes that it’ll make my post relate enough to Gurg for me to not get banned for talking about Lainey.

No. 668334

I could no longer watch the entire podcast. All Gruckenstein is doing is the usual derailing, gaslighting and bending the truth for their approval as well as being a socially awkward faggot.

I’m glad joe molested him.

No. 668355

File: 1559953264592.png (2.34 MB, 1136x640, 26382209-4154-491A-A633-2BF145…)

He uploaded the Billy interview today.

~Ur A sWeEt BoI gReG~

No. 668360

File: 1559953694497.png (2.26 MB, 1136x640, E65AAB6C-3027-40EB-B389-DFB969…)

Second pic

No. 668361

What It's Like To Date A Girl
Lainey is getting lazy. She didn't even share this one on her Patreon.

I'm About To Flip
It looks like it's just gymnastics stuff.

No. 668370

File: 1559954807330.png (240.08 KB, 566x570, vcard.png)

I Lost My V-Card

Greg lost his virginity at the age of 14 to Sheree who was more sexually experienced than he was. The first time they tried to have sex he couldn't get it up. Second time she gave him oral to help him get it up. They ended up having sex in a wooded area near a church. She accused him if not being a virgen because he did her from behind. Their relationship suffered after she got into weed culture because it cut into Greg's time. I mean, God forbid that something get in the way of those 9 hour calls. He laments about her becoming a normal boring person. It's called growing up Onion.

No. 668386

It's such a shock to see just how doing shit she genuinely enjoys makes her slightly more tolerable. It still pisses me off to see how much Shreg RUINED this person. This girl could've kept up with her tumbling, kept her friends, maybe tried YT if she wanted to but nope she had to get sucked in by Shreg and ruined her life.

I still hold out hope for Lainey deciding to finally leave him and expose his shit.

No. 668420

File: 1559965145061.jpg (536.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190607-233548_Chr…)

Guys, Greggles got triggered so much by repzion commenting on one of his inane tweets, he immediately logged into a sock to let his impotent Narc rage flow (since emo Charlie cant engage ofc), and his quivering bitch emotions got the best of him and he outted his most aggressive sock. 2 pics

No. 668421

File: 1559965176301.jpg (501.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190607-233443_Chr…)

No. 668424

Wow even Billy gets more love from onion than lainey

No. 668425

File: 1559966565609.gif (826.06 KB, 449x318, ce434f46-ad5e-4bbf-b0ef-399a7a…)

Oopsie daisies!

No. 668431

Wasn't realDonaldTrump one of his long time higher patreons? Does anyone know what caused their falling out?

No. 668432

Ugly person trying to get cred for dating fellow uggos. That’s embarrassing.

No. 668433

The dating girls video is so dumb. It's not like she really has experience with real relationships with several guys and girls, she married Greg right after turning 18 and the only experience she has with girls are from being poly. She never had a real relationship with a girl except B maybe, but even then B was more in a relationship with Greg than with her.

She keeps on talking about how soft and gentle girls are compared to guys and that she misses this. If she wasn't stuck with Greg she might realize that most guys are gentle and considerate too, she just married a total scumbag who only cares about himself. But I bet Greg loves this video, because it gives him hope that there will be another girl in the relationship at some point again. I hope no girl falls for them again, Greg only wants a new sex toy and Lainey wants someone that will listen to her complaining all the time.

No. 668435

Wait so did he actually post a reply as himself? Or are people just assuming it’s Greg cause no one else would possibly defend him so hard?

No. 668436

Samefag. Duh I see it now. He said “me”.
Could be a mistake it lets just hope that Greg was just stupid enough to forget he was posing as a fan

No. 668437

File: 1559970536301.jpeg (533.5 KB, 1125x1227, A252C6AD-A420-4CF9-9083-CD9238…)

His weak defense

No. 668438

File: 1559970537820.png (1.16 MB, 828x1792, 68F70EC1-2F42-4035-9F75-515A8C…)

Definitely him.

No. 668447

"Don't like the truth? Leave." That is verbatim what Greg says. His narc ass isn't even being subtle.

No. 668448

Almost all of her videos have 0 comments and if they do, it’s one comment, from Greg. Really not helping people believe that Greg doesn’t actually control Taylor when he’s the only one allowed to comment on her videos.

No. 668449

Looking through the replies off that account and I've never read the word literally so many times so closely together. He's far stupider than we thought he was if he thinks he can fool anyone with that account.

No. 668466

File: 1559981746386.png (91.6 KB, 918x559, Capture35228.PNG)

A fan that has been very vocal in support of Onision the past few days got flipped in a thread and made the mistake of agreeing by saying "you have a good point" when an Anti-O brought up Gregs collecting underage girls photos and traveling cross country to have sex with teenagers and Gregs only defense is-
>Is that illegal?
Gregs mask of being a character cracked and he immediately replied with a threat. I never realized he watched bottom-shelf fans so closely to make sure they toe the line.

No. 668473

File: 1559983802870.png (83.71 KB, 349x281, top tier patrons.PNG)

He wants to have private chats with his top tier patrons where he reveals secrets about himself and if it gets leaked he'll know who did it.
Am I reading the Patreon levels correctly? There are 8 memberships available but only 4 Patrons have pledged for the $250 tier. How could he possibly know who was the culprit if his secrets get out if there are 4 suspects. Is he going to have them sign NDA's and then threaten legal action. Maybe brow beat them all via Skype sessions.

No. 668483

As if she knows what it's like dating a girl. Billie was always for Greg and they both constantly ignored the doormat and left her crying alone in a room while they had fun without her

No. 668504

Quite unironically, she's good! I like that she's got that going for herself, being out and about, but especially out of that hellhole of a house is a good start. But of course she needs to cry about her ouchies in the end…
I wonder if Greg's ok with his wife being good at something while he sucks at everything he touches. kek

In regard to
>What It's Like To Date A Girl,
it's quite funny to watch because she only has Greg (and her ex) to compare, so everything she says about being in a relationship with a guy basically refers to how things go with Greg. It's very telling.
Thank you for uploading these, anon.

No. 668516

File: 1560001737276.png (52.35 KB, 1193x426, gregoryjamesdanielavaroeisanac…)

Nobody crosses state lines for that reason? Oh really Onion? They just created 18 U.S. Code § 2423 (b) just for kicks and gigs, you fucking predator? I bet when he contacted a lawyer about fucking minors (something's fucking wrong with you if you have to check the legality of fucking someone and you're not within 3 years of them) I doubt he disclosed he intended to travel across state lines to fuck then 17 year old Lainey and kept the inquiry as vague as possible.

We also know you did this with Shiloh when you were still married to Sk so fuck off you predator.

No. 668522

Anon don't be so harsh, he's retarded.
No one crosses statelines for minors, boys don't get raped and women can't be predators

No. 668523


that's literally all he has

No. 668524

That’s such a straight girl thing to be like uwu girls are so smol and soft and sensual uwu while guys are not. It’s very naive but I guess that makes sense since she’s never really been in a relationship with a woman

No. 668556

Wow, this "fan" has the same birthday as Greg? What a coincidence!

He's not even being smart about this.

No. 668560

He’s acting like the secret police in his Sicesca cult

No. 668569

I mean, that's basically all "Omision Land" is. He just gave it a new label.

No. 668621

Lmao. Truly wish we could upvote replies.

No. 668624

File: 1560050669222.png (89.65 KB, 686x761, lainey reddit.png)

found Lainey's old reddit account where she vented about Greg

No. 668625

File: 1560050734735.png (180.69 KB, 1316x1400, reddit2.png)

No. 668626

I don't think these were verified as Lainey? They were probably just someone trolling.

No. 668633

maybe someone pretending to be lainey, or lainey is really stupid

No. 668643

I don't doubt that it was Lainey. Three years ago, Gergoyle didn't have half the amount of haydurs that he does now. Not to mention that she is naive enough to leave that much traceable info while believing that no one will notice. Most people on Reddit leave a fuckton of identifiable info like that in their post history, but they aren't internet famous for being window lickers, so no one ever identifies them.

No. 668644

I don't doubt that it was Lainey. Three years ago, Gergoyle didn't have half the amount of "shadow fans" that he does now. Not to mention that she is naive enough to leave that much traceable info while believing that no one will notice. Most people on Reddit leave a fuckton of identifiable info like that in their post history, but they aren't internet famous for being window lickers, so no one ever identifies them.

No. 668646

That doesn't sound like Lainey, the only kinda convincing reddit post I saw that I was convinced that it might be Lainey was posted under an obscure handle Lainey has used in the past I'm pretty sure but I can't fucking remember it. It was like "xuire" or something like that.

No. 668651

These threads and universal Greg hate on the internet were thriving three years ago. Someone did this for funsies. This was all publicly available info at the time.

No. 668737

it's xxuire

No. 668739

File: 1560101726872.png (18.03 KB, 496x374, asdjiosa.png)

there were reddit posts under the username ''xxuire'' where the user would talks about regretting polyamory
they could be fake too tho idk

No. 668790

File: 1560121792289.png (247.87 KB, 1136x640, 4130D979-5EE1-4392-982D-9BA790…)

Save your money anons, no dick pics

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

No. 668791

File: 1560122309207.png (24.31 KB, 566x356, 9045475.PNG)

A video request made by a fan on his forum. What the fuck is wrong with these people? This made me very uncomfortable reading. If he replies with some gross pedo joke I wont be surprised.

No. 668806

We've already seen his dick, but you need a microscope.

No. 668816

File: 1560133009958.jpeg (154.31 KB, 876x519, ewww.jpeg)

No. 668821

File: 1560134880067.jpg (89.04 KB, 648x662, fakeapology.JPG)

he's spent all day raging on twitter about some apology he supposedly received from a "hater". He went on to make about a dozen tweets about this same screen shot. Whether its real or not, its clear he is obsessed.

No. 668823

File: 1560135141284.jpg (37.07 KB, 763x355, whereistheapology.JPG)

meanwhile, he expects everyone to accept his supposed apologies for all the things he's said and done (apologies no one has actually seen, mind you)

No. 668841

Not “in the nude” we haven’t.

Speaking of dicks, why do male lolcows have tiny cocks like this faggot, amazing atheist, Chris-Chan and Nick Bate?

No. 668859

Nah, Lamp was too delusional to see what went on with Billie

That is fucking disgusting. Pedos attract pedos, I guess

>big youtubers like Mikenactor or Repzion
ya ok
Ugh so easy to figure out he wrote it himself, I don't even need to read the whole thing
Talking bad about other people, sucking his own micropeen again, listing things and his infamous "everyone: x ; onision: x" dialogues.

Boring Greg, try harder if you want our attention again.

No. 668861

plz no, literally this and his asshole are all we have left

also why does he keep wearing jackets in like every vid (or a lot)

No. 668891

If he starts sharting out nudes, I'll officially resign from following Onision drama.

That being said, I don't believe he will. My best guess is that he's starting to hunt down people who leak his content, probably because he wants his lil secluded echo chamber where he can freely hunt teens and tweens.
With people having an eye on his forums, discord on patreon from the inside, he always needs to be careful not to let his predatory views slip (too much).

Hmm, maybe I'm giving him too much credit, though, maybe he's just broke and urgently needs the money. Speaking of, is there any news about his IRS debt or the wetlands disaster? That could be the reason for him to start begging for money as well.

No. 668895

Repzion said his Patreon stats dropped $1k or some shit this month.

No. 668904

He’s trying to hide the fact that his vegetarian boday turned into lumpy sausage.

No. 668905

File: 1560175242985.png (306.7 KB, 556x695, smaug.PNG)

You can tell he spends A LOT of time in his head having vivid revenge fantasies where he turns out to be redeemed and his haters get humiliated. You know those fantasies are as cringy as the ones he wrote down in his books.

In his mind, he will rain just fire on those who wronged them. He posts this fantasy online thinking it sounds as intimidating as in his head.
In reality, he gets two major blockbusters mixed up and embarrasses himself online (posts picture of Smaug, talks about Danaerys)

On another note, I am amazed at the number of sock-puppets this guy has, imagine how much time that all takes! Time he could be using to teach his daughter to talk or learn a skill for a real job.

So now that his channels have failed, he spends half of his time in his head fantasizing about being successful again, an the other half on the computer pretending he's successful again with his sock-puppets.

No. 668907


Nice fake dialogue. Who else writes like that? lol.

No. 668909

Twitter discovered this Gary Fuller person has a brand new anti-o tumblr account (made only a month ago). So it seems a bit unlikely someone would go from hating onion enough to create a hate blog to suddenly seeing the error of his ways so strongly he feels the need to send Gurg some overly detailed apology. In less than a months time.

Even if it isn’t Onion himself who made this account (and I’m on the fence, because I doubt sometimes he has the forethought to create some fake account a month in advance) I do believe this account is just some troll in any case.

No. 668924

Just like Onision to compare himself to the villain while thinking he's the hero

No. 668936

Can Gurg get the fuck off Twitter and vent his retarded revenge fantasies into another book or something? At least then we get to be entertained when Krimson Rogue and Strange Aeons eviscerate him.

No. 668951

Danearys was an ignorant violent fool. Guess it fits Onion boy!

No. 668965

File: 1560195148592.jpg (548.26 KB, 1080x1920, 20190609_065912.jpg)


I've talked to "Gary" lol, he denies he's Greg obviously, but he types (example in pic) exactly like him and hates repzion, kalvin and mikenactor. Anyway I think it's Greg or an amazing troll.

No. 668967

File: 1560195926002.jpg (51.06 KB, 586x314, ha.JPG)

His slip up with his "fan account" is so funny, he's so mad about his own stupidity. Of course he's a guy named David and 40 years old, as if any 40 year old man would create a fan account of Onision. Not only does he want to convince everyone that he has fans, but also that not all of them are underage girls.

And he misspelled rumor.

No. 668970

File: 1560197179721.jpeg (300.39 KB, 750x958, 0E4D8A71-147B-4D2C-B4F8-8A7A6F…)

Sounds like classic Greg. Isn’t David the name of someone in one of his books? And Davis in another? Why does he only know like 20 names?

…He’s literally losing it.

No. 668976

No one can convince me otherwise these aren't Greg they repeatedly uses his buzzwords like "honest" and "haters".

No. 668977

File: 1560199363062.jpg (34.3 KB, 675x1200, D8soQIIWkAE8Tp-.jpg)

He's back sperging on this account because the one he used to insult people got suspended. Can't take long until he loses control on that one too.

No. 668980

>32 yo married father of two

Will he ever grow out of that 2008 humor?

No. 668982

He’s going so far into his damn head with these Twitter personalities. It’s like he’s trying to recreate Split. What happened to removing it from his phone because it was soooo negative?

If Greg snaps one day and actually does something violent, I’m really going to regret my inaction.

No. 669018

Greg you should probably finish the series before talking this shit.

And no one is saying sorry for jack shit. You're the only one who wants King's Landing in this dumbass scenario, and you burned it down yourself.

No. 669025

File: 1560214232491.png (383.96 KB, 567x714, A retards retort.png)

Go Fluck Yourself

He is losing it. He made a song for the haters. Apparently he got that tacky clip art 'Do not engage' tattoo for no reason.

Also it's hilarious that he refers to himself as a comedian, activist, and a hero at the beginning of this song.

No. 669026

It's just like those childhood taunt songs, both music and lyrics. He regressed to kindergarten level.

No. 669033

i dont know where else to put this sorry if this brakes rules i tried reading rules before but havent used this. if it does delete. is it true Kai reads this? my friend is one of Gregs patrons for months they started talking privately i feel like Kai should know this. Does Kai read his sent emails? Because even though he said he was kidding saying you can divorce for fraud over spouse becoming transgender and will likely be able to get out of paying spousal support and only have to pay child support isn't a funny ""joke"". Saying there is proof on record of Kai saying they felt like they were in the wrong body before they met Greg and since Kai didnt tell him until after they were married and had kids could be considered deception and good lawyer can prove this to a judge is all "joking" right greg? Idk if this really is all a joke but i used to watch him when I was 13 and remember him being really salty and hung up on spousal support to his ex hope this isnt a long con youre doing to get out of the marriage greg not fair to kai but you were ""joking""?

No. 669034

understandable newfag and possible bait, but I think we should bite. This seems oddly specific enough.

anon, would your friend be willing to grab screenshots of her emailing or messaging greg? Are they still a patron of greg?

No. 669035

still a patron her and i were fans of him when we were younger i liked him for 2 years, embarrassing to admit, i outgrew him and started to like Kai for a little but not long. opened my eyes. my friend did not stop and she works part time and uses some of that $$$ to support him. i did not even know that she did this the only reason i know is because she was bragging to me about how they talk privately now i told her it was wrong to do. i think she told me because im the only 1 of our friends who would actually know who he is. i have to be honest i have NOT seen proof fro her but i havent asked im writing what she told me and why i thought it was fked up she went into detail and was laughing at this and i dont think she is lying i have noo idea how tf she would even know what spousal support and marriage fraud and deception is, she would never use words like that tbh. im going to ask her for SS i dont want to make it seem obvious like im posting so im going to say i dont believe her and to prove it b/c thats sick if its true

No. 669036

While I would be zero percent surprised that Greg said these things, I also know he is aware nothing online is ever secret. So saying these things in texts/messages would be tremendously stupid on his part. He may not be smart, but he is paranoid of the haters and tries to keep his worst stuff a secret if he can.

But if it is true, Lainey will never take it seriously unless you have actual proof. So take screenshots. Greg will of course say they are faked, but I am pretty sure they can never be removed from someone’s account so it can be proven with video.

No. 669041

Assuming this is real, don’t anger your friend and say you’re against what she’s doing, then she’ll never spill.

I’m guessing one of his sycophants will be monitoring this thread and will warn him, and he’ll sperg out on her for telling you stuff they discussed in private. If he stops speaking to her, hopefully she’ll turn his back on him.

No. 669042

it's true, he has gotten smarter on who he says stuff 2, especially after the long con vyx managed to pull. But he also becomes so irrational and sloppy when he has a new play thing/or "friend" he gets to vent to.

No. 669048


I can totally see him doing something like that where he ends things on “friendly” terms even though it’s something he actually just springs on his partner. That’s pretty similar to what happened with Skye in that he said it was totally good and she was the greatest until “they were just better a friends” and had to split up when it really sounds like he dumped the divorce papers in her lap one day and left.

So while it’s in line with something he would do, without any proof, you can’t take it as truth.

If it’s true, we’re just as likely to find out by him announcing his divorce via insta as we are to see screenshots.

He would get off on the child support but isn’t it more lucrative for him to stay in the marriage right now? She seems to be the only one pulling in a real income and they have to both shoulder the burden of his tax debts. So ??? Also, does he have a new girl lined up? He’s unlikely to bolt without one but there hasn’t been anyone that seems like he’s taken an actual interest in like he did with billyie.

No. 669054

Their tax debts, not just his. The debt/tax fraud piled on while he was married to her, so wouldn't it still be split upon separation? I could be way wrong.

No. 669072

>Also, does he have a new girl lined up?

if >>669035 >>669033 is telling the truth, maybe anon's friend?

No. 669083

File: 1560231426548.png (349.25 KB, 650x512, Onision talks to ProudOnisionF…)

Onisions use of multiple sock accts to defend himself recently has gotten bizarre yet hilarious.

No. 669087

If they filed taxes separately, they’re not responsible for each others’ debts.

There’s also something called “innocent spouse relief” which is if your spouse cheats on taxes, you may not have to pay (I am simplifying this because tax chat is dull).

No. 669090

They were audited separately for separate years. Lainey received less years of individual auditing. So filing separately seems to be he case, at least up to when they were audited / Greg got a tax lawyer.

No. 669092

So we know Lainey was audited as well? I'm surprised he didn't try to buy himself shit through Lainey's taxes aswell.

No. 669093

yes it's back in the threads, it's mentioned her getting audited for at least one year. but idk if there was any outcome, like a debt ever mentioned after that. she never bought a house and tried to write it off so she's probably ok.

No. 669105

Onion in the start probably did the thing, like the prenup, that they keep money separate because all women apparently are succubuses who just want his money. Look at him now haha

No. 669116

"rumer" lmao that's definetely onision

No. 669122

Well, since there's apparently no one around anymore who supports him he needs to console himself, I guess. Some of his patrons have had the audacity to critcize his humor or have a mind of their own, Lainey now goes tumbling and seems to have somewhat of a life outside of the swamp trailer plus she's not pulling in any girls, his "youtube friends" roast him in interviews and probably laugh behind his back, no cute alt girl wants to stay in their shed and get chained up in the basement. Maybe repeating what a "great" guy and what a "winner" he is, might make it come true one day! lmao

And yes, he did get his clip art tattoo for a good reason. It's great advice for anybody to stay far, far away from him. Well done, Greg.
May I suggest adding "TOXIC PERSONALITY" as well? It would be such a great match.

No. 669160

How old are you, if you dont mind my asking? You said you liked him when you were 13 for 2 years so what are yall like 15, 16?

No. 669264

Don’t scare away and/or inadvertently ban potential milk, let’s just assume this person is over 18 if they are commenting here, since Greg has been making videos for a decade now.

No. 669271

lol i was thinking of becoming an undercover patreon to see what milk i can find. i have enough money to waste but i also dont want to support him so yikes(read the rules)

No. 669276

No. 669277

Don’t. We’ve got plenty of people who give him money for milk. He doesn’t need anymore

No. 669298

File: 1560303703648.jpeg (84.11 KB, 640x229, E9BD463E-D366-4FD5-844E-E42AC1…)

He’s bitching about Skye walking away with his money and never taking her place staying in the kitchen making sammiches and that he was scamming the military with his marriage for benefits again whilst his eyes were shifting when talking shit about her (while uploading footage of her on encore). He doesn’t mention much about Shiloh other than “she was exciting and inspiring” and that the relationship was “a madhouse” and is glad to find stability with doormat and that they’ll be together 5eva.

He also upped the filters to where his hair is a darker shade of brown and his eyes are bright blue like his ex-wife has. Fuckin’ creepy yo

No. 669299

Oh and he finally admitted that she had equal part in the Onion franchise but and it made him angry because “it wasn’t about the money!!!!!!”

No. 669306

Well, if you've got real money to burn, there's no other way we'll see the dick pics and "secret" vids for the $250. Not sure anyone wants to see them though.

No. 669318

No don’t encourage this. Onion does t deserve our money. let him go broke as he is already on the path to do.

No. 669320

File: 1560307114662.png (879.63 KB, 1070x621, i can't spend over 500 dollars…)

He still doesn't understand why his channels are dying. He thinks it's because he removed his tags and descriptions when youtube changed the algorithm.
He also said his house is confirmed 'half business' by the government. Oh really?
Accuses his haters of having BPD. Also thinks the white people that go after him are racist. (Joysparkles and Repzion's GF)
Bitches about being called out on his sock accounts.
Says it's okay if he gropes someone because he's doing it as an actor.
Greg goes on to say he was right about the wetlands and he can't spend more than 500 dollars on plants. Completely ignores the barrier requirements.
Confirms he divorced Skye to be with Shiloh.
Claims he only married Skye because he wanted more money and off base housing.
Complains that Skye wasted time and didn't do things a housekeeper would do.
Calls Lainey 'stable'. He brings her on camera to show they're still married. He still seems to be telling her what to say but in a more light hearted tone. Lainey appeared to be having a nicer time filming with Greg and she was giggling and joking around.
Note, I'm not sure what is different but I watched the patreon version that had a extra minute in it.

No. 669332

File: 1560314914521.png (561.64 KB, 549x554, OnisionLiesAgain.png)

One of our neighbors has noticed that someone on twitter claims Onions shots of his backyard in this video are not actually his yard. Not sure theres any way to confirm this but ooooooh boy if its true, then onion has truly sunk to the deepest depths of patheticness

No. 669362

File: 1560322836007.png (379.56 KB, 710x389, wetlands agreement.PNG)

His combination of shitty reading comprehension and attempting to convince his fans that its not as bad as everyone is saying pisses me off.
He keeps calling the red osier stakes "sticks" Im not sure if hes just misreading it (likely) or hes trying to make is sound trivial.
>its just tiny little sticks Im having to poke in the ground no big deal guys
But if irc he had to buy a pallet or two of these "not so important" red osier stakes and they were not inexpensive.

Then he just totally misreads the next part. They say he must provide $500 to guarantee the installation of the buffer enhancement. And he reads it as
>they dont want me to spend more than $500, thats the limit dont spend more than $500.

When Greg reads something he cant help himself but automatically spin it so it favors him. I remember him reading something during a livestream and it was on screen so us the viewers could read along. He totally twisted the persons intent by adding words and only corrected himself when half the viewers were screaming at him in all caps about his mistake.

No. 669411

File: 1560340968049.jpg (170.53 KB, 1024x575, ISqld2opz805kb1000000000.jpg)

I looked at photos of Battle Point Park and maybe? I just don't see Onion going to a park because people might think he's a pedophile, kek. In all seriousness, they don't have neighbors to their left so it's possible he's just filming the wetlands a bit to the left of his property. When Dobs is in the shot it doesn't look nearly as clear as their backyard actually is and you can see what looks like the swamp in the background.



No. 669422

File: 1560344014122.png (2.79 MB, 1836x841, onionsbackyard.png)

It does look like he's probably standing at the very edge of his property and also hasn't mowed anything so of course its going to look lush and not like you maimed it. If he showed us the same yard in winter and there's going to be puddles and mud again. He even admitted he did a bad job removing the blackberries since they've grown back. He never got the roots. I also don't think that's stock footage he does have that lavender in his yard.


$331.67. Though that's only one species of plant and he's supposed to have a total of three and fence that shit in. He seriously needs a lawyer on retainer to read everything to him.

No. 669424

File: 1560345379113.png (45.27 KB, 251x519, D83Rd4DW4AA1ZKf.png large.png)

He slipped again on his sock account! Repzion is triggering him hard. The tweet is deleted aldeady, of course.

No. 669454


Ok starting to think this is a troll. Gurg has never been one to make direct comments to his haters before. He always just subtweets them.
I’m not sure what sort of troll would go to this amount of effort, but I am leaning towards all these “slip ups” being on purpose

No. 669456

That's not true tho, I've seen him several times making comments to his haters on youtube and twitter under sock accounts. why would a troll be this invested in defending him, over years? the socks have been coming and going not just recently. If it actually was a troll he'd be as mentally ill as greg himself.

No. 669461

>In the words of laineybot, I am fucking shooketh

he's really slipping up these days. '''defender of onision''' is now banned for reeing about fake screenshots and calling people cunts.

No. 669462

Nah he’s been caught before using his sock accounts, remember Greg is a dumbass and can’t control his narc rage. He always have to reply in some form despite his new tattoo.

No. 669481

File: 1560360850775.png (170.93 KB, 663x559, the shade.png)


Besides Greg slipping up on sockpuppets, it seems Sarah (once again) is disgusted by people like Greg. Or she's vaguely calling him out.

No. 669482

File: 1560361792414.webm (1.22 MB, 1280x720, jparchive-1138802587023683584-…)

No. 669483

Greg is pathetic, but there's never been any hard evidence to prove he's ever made a sock account. OnisionProud is probably an Anti-O that wants to get Greg's attention without signing up to his Patreon and earn his trust to get some milk in DM's. OnisionProud is just some bored, psychotic troll. No one should be taking her seriously.

No. 669487

Her? Didn't the account owner claim to be a 40 year old man named David? What suddenly makes them a "her"?

No. 669508

File: 1560367099898.gif (239.87 KB, 320x320, 8DxmZY6.gif)

No. 669525

I seriously have my doubts about Greg having fans above the age of twenty-something, let alone forty year-old stans that go as hard as OnisionProud does. Every time Greg's had a so-called fan go to great lengths to argue with the Twitter anti-o's, it's always turned out to be some random girl or a group of random girls. But yes, I'm assuming this person is female, but I don't believe this account belongs to Greg or is associated with anyone who gives a fuck about him.

No. 669527

File: 1560371135679.png (622.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-13-06-08-20…)

Conversation between Greg and freshly minted 16 yo about how she lost her virginity.
The forums.
A hunting ground for this pedo.

No. 669534

ngl Greg’s response to this girl sounds like a bit. Not saying it is but no one talks that unnaturally.

No. 669551

Oh hi Gerg stans trying to damage control. Proudonisionfan, which is now suspended, fucked up again in a reply to repzion AND there are videos on Twitter posting proof.

Gerg apologists fuck off, you're embarrassing. He has proven over and over again how thoroughly infantile and retarded he is, and anyone with any sense sees right through his pathetic attempts at manipulation and damage control.

Go home to your sad little reject forum and tell daddy Greggy to cut his losses, burn "onision," and get a fucking job for the sake of his unfortunate kids.

No. 669555

Also, how is that a "bit"? Lol. He didnt have to comment at all, and the fact he did comment such an inane empty response shows it was literally just to make his current groomee feel uwu special and noticed, and to normalize sexual talk to make her feel like a real mature big girl.

His comment added absolutely nothing to any interesting discussion, everyone over the age 18 has heard similar losing virginity stories, it is not unique and it's not something to be surprised or "wow!" About.

Literal grooming and its fucking obvious

No. 669557

Not a Greg stan, but you sure are retarded.
No one you replied to is defending Greg.
Judging by the context of the post they probably meant that the comment seems like it's from a bot. Calm your autism, twitterfag.

No. 669558

I wish I could remember the video and the exact details. I apologize in advance if I make a mistake about the specifics. This video is from a year or so ago.
Greg says in the video that he knows how VPNs work because he had to buy one. It was when there was some kind of poll/contest for worst person on the internet or something like that. He said that the haterz were stuffing the ballot box so he would end up being the winner of the title, so he bought the VPN and used it to vote multiple times. He seemed to think it was ok and not dishonest because he was going to be given a title that he felt was not true, so him using a VPN to vote over and over was perfectly fine.
He was willing to do that, and admitted to it years later. Im sure in the future he will reveal that he make Twitter sockpuppets because the haterz were spamming him and he needed to defend himself.

No. 669609

>the amount of people

The amount is literally 1-2, calm down Sarah.

No. 669632

I bet Greg pushed the whole 'kai hates people who don't like me' package deal crap to Sarah after she didn't want anything to do with him.

No. 669639

I kinda wonder what exactly upsets him about the fact that the girls Lainey has "dated" haven't wanted his greasy carrot? Is it because he sees the only thing Lainey has of value is him? Is it because he basically created Lainey and so if they love her they should obviously love him?

No. 669658

I think its deeper than that. Greg thinks everyone finds him attractive and wants him sexually, women, men and even children. And if you hate on him that means you REALLY want to fuck him and your pretending to hate him to hide your true feelings.
If you're so delusional that you think everyone wants you and a woman blows you off it can really fuck with your head. Just watch that stream where he first talked about Maya not finding him attractive. His world came crashing down.

No. 669663

Kalvin has made yet another reply video to Gurg's video about gender dysphoria. He said if Gurg wants to debate a 18yo tranny to feel better about himself, Kalvin is up to it.

No. 669666

every debate with greg turns into a clusterfuck and he always ends up thinking he's "won". It's completely pointless

No. 669679

File: 1560412922234.png (617.9 KB, 1280x800, sam greg.png)

I know this is old milk, but I've heard NO ONE talk about this.

Why did Greg never get in trouble for cuddling Sam (holding her in his lap,) is it because he used manipulative language? "Hugging comfortably while sitting,"
if he is a cheater for doing it with Billie, why wasn't he a cheater for cuddling Sam?

No. 669705

Are you asking why he didnt get in trouble with Lainey? Or why there wasnt a bigger outcry from the public? People did bring it up. They would try to get answers when he would livestream on YouNow, but you dont get much traction when he ignores those posts in the room. As for Lainey, she will ALWAYS excuse anything Greg does. Lainey strikes me as the wife who defends her husband who is accused of having sex with a child by saying "the girl flirted with him, she seduced him"

No. 669715

no hes just a textbook narcissist. he can't fathom anything not directly relating to him.

No. 669730


Lainey 100% blames the other woman, but I’m sure she knows that Greg does something wrong, she just chooses to turn a blind eye and cry over it, rather than have a spine and confront her infidel of a husband. Classic Hera and Zeus.

No. 669731

This makes it sound like Onion was getting handsy and cuddly with Sam probably intending to spring the relationship onto Lame "Here Honey I brought home a new fuck toy for you", Lame probably walked in on some kind of physical contact between Onion and Sam, which meant Sam was definitely cancelled and Lame couldn't even bother to pretend to be a lesbian and awkwardly cower naked and afraid, in the corner of their bedroom nestled atop her disposable fast fashion nest she calls laundry all while Onion's greasy roasacead vegetarian bod writhes in passion on top of Sam, and so because of this he tries to imply that Sam made him uncomfortable when he hugged her which shifts the blame to Sam making her the bad guy and once again Onion the unscathed hero, except for maybe an extreme case of blue balls.

No. 669763

He manipulated (really badly) that situation and made Sam look like an evil homewrecker who smacks kids.
He talked about it in a video and he mentions that he and Lainey spoke about it in the shower about Sam 'trying to kiss him' and he asked Lainey (although he obviously knew) if that indeed is what she was trying to do.
He brought up hugging being something friends do and went on about how he's so great because as a male the normal thing to do is spread your seed and leave your other half for a younger woman.

So yeah he just spun it that way and Lainey just agreed to it.
The video is called 'The girl we sent home Sam'

No. 669791

"thats crazy!" he says like he just heard the plot of a sitcom, completely ignoring that these "consistent experiences" sound more like they're being hinted at a sexual assault. dude's reading this shit like an erotic fanfic, you can tell he's completely disappointed that he's not getting all kinds of detailed stories about 14 year old girls sleeping with greasy old men in their late 30s like him.

No. 669804

You can tell he's replying so nonchalant about it as to not appear 'creepy'
Like he's distancing himself in a way but all it does is make him look like he has no empathy.

No. 669843

Wonder what her excuse for Clot will be. Greg's already sexualizing babies and incest is one of his ~~kinks~~

No. 669930

Sam is a homewrecker, it wasn't Greg's fault.

No. 669943

Not sure if you are trolling or not but as much Sam wanted the grease peen, Greg led her into these situations and allowed them to happen. She only got sent home because Lainey wasn't into her and snitched for 'hitting their kid'
Had Lainey said yup let's add her to the poly thing, Greg easily would have kept her there.
He was at that desperate stage after Billie where he was creeping extra hard and trying to find a replacement. Pretty sure Sam said somewhere she was into Lainey (obviously she was just an obsessed Greg fan) but Sam strikes me as a mentally ill fan who who say anything to please them. I get Amber vibes from her, possibly autistic.

But yeah as much of a weirdo she was, Greg is not innocent there.

No. 669946

File: 1560474598750.jpg (907.89 KB, 1876x1550, gurgles.jpg)

Eugenia Cooney Confession (+ My Stalker & The Truth About Copyright)

>Hey guys. You know that phrase, go big or go home? Well, I'm tired of going home [laugh] so from now on I'm gonna try to go as big as I can for most every single video that I do and that means a lot of, yeah, crazy stuff for you. But today we're gonna discuss a lot of things. We're gonna discuss copyrights. We're gonna discuss a creepy stalker who has been stalking me since the day I met my husband, Kai. I'm gonna discuss other things. I might forget some of these topics. I might not even mention them later on. But I also want to talk about how my life is a mess. And when I say my life is a mess, I mean my whole house is like a disaster, as you can see here. This makeup table is a mess. I'm showing you another thing that is a mess [shows messy areas in house]…

[talks about what he’s going to do, cleaning, etc.]

@ 2:00

>Okay, straight up. My history with copyright is a crazy one, really. And what I mean by this is I’ve been claimed countless times by countless people. Like, people will look at my videos and they'll say, hey, this has my copyright material in it. And they'll hit me, and they'll hit me hard unfortunately. And something I want you guys to understand is that when someone tries to copyright claim you a lot of times right now they use a system called Content ID. So, for instance, I had a lot of TikTok videos on the UhOhBro channel but unfortunately they were copyright claimed. Like, most every single one of them. And I would appeal some of them and say, hey, I think this is fair use because I didn't use a hundred percent of your creation. I didn't deter traffic from going to your site. I didn't trash you or anything. I wasn't hurting your business. I wasn't doing anything that basically affected your copyright whatsoever. And it was, you know, a review or otherwise a parody or something that would make it, you know, re-inventively entertaining. And, of course, they would always say, no, it’s not fair use, and they would strike me down. When I say strike me down I don’t mean like copyright strike me because that would only happen if I were to appeal it again. If, for instance, I did a TikTok video reaction and they claimed me and I, in response, said, hey, this is fair use. And they said, no, it's not. And then I said, no. Yes, it is. And they said, no, it's not. And then I finally again said, no, it is. I'm really mad about this. Then they could either give me seven days to say, okay, you know what? I'm not going to appeal this. Or seven days to remove my video, or I would get a strike against my channel. My, like, whole YouTube channel.

>If I was actually that confident in my comprehension of fair use. But unfortunately I did some research on fair use and it turns out that fair use is very great. And what I mean by this is there have been cases—legal cases—where the judge will say, this is actually not fair use because, first of all, you don't necessarily have the rights to monetize something. Like, I can't necessarily monetize those TikTok videos because they're not my original creation. I may be able to criticize them or share my opinion on them and so forth, but actually running ads next to them, that seems to be pretty debatable.

it all sounds like he’s trying to justify his copyright striking spree on other channels recently.

>And maybe that's what they were thinking when I appealed these cases where they copyright claim my videos. I would say, hey, this is fair use. And maybe their response was, yes, you can use it but you can't profit off of it because I would be using it. I would be using it fairly. It wasn't getting stricken for these things because I didn't push it so far where they'd be forced to strike me. Or essentially voluntarily strike myself with how many appeals I would have had to file.

>But it's not necessarily fair monetization. You know, profiting off using someone else’s content. That's a little bit more grey. In fact, it seems that fair use is most protective over educational content and not so much just, like, commentary and parody and so forth like I've done.

>So, the question kind of becomes, like, what kind of content do you want to make? Do you want to just be the type of person who takes other people's content and comments on it? Is that really inspirational to you, or do you want to do something that's a lot more original and awesome that can never be copyright claimed? And the second option actually sounds a lot better to me because it's kind of depressing to put a lot of work into something and then just have it claimed. And then you're like, well, crap. They kind of had the right to claim it. Unless, of course, I wanted to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer, and then go to court, and then try to explain to them how I, with my limited knowledge of fair use, am somehow justified when it's simply not that simple.

simply not that simple.

>Like, for instance, there's this case where somebody was, like, making Disney grotesque. Like, they were making very, very Gore versions of Mickey Mouse and so forth. And the judge decided that it wasn't fair use because obviously you drawing Gore Mickey Mouse, and I guess maybe they were profiting off of it, that doesn't help out Disney in any way. In fact, it could only hurt Disney. And when you have something that you created that people are just perverting and turning into something, like, horrifying, especially children's cartoons and so forth, you can kind of see how the judge would be like, no. You're actually just being a jerk and you're trying to hurt Disney, or so it seems. So, no, it's not fair use.

or “Gore Mickey Mouse” could be, idk, a comment on consumerism, marketing to children, and corporate greed…? I don’t think Disney needs much help considering they’re a $130 billon company lol

>Like, a lot of people don't understand and good faith is a huge part of most any weighing in the legal system. If someone knows that you have good intentions when you use some’s content, then you're gonna be way better off in court. Most likely, just based on whatever researched, then say somebody who just wants to make Disney look terrible and make their cartoons look terrible and just make people depressed, you know? Like, nobody really wants to see that, except for twisted minds and people with sick sense of humor. So, me occasionally. [awkward laugh] I do have a twisted sense of humor.

>But overall, like, with these cases where people copyright claim me, I've just kind of let it go. I've decided to make content that is just better and more fun for me to make because I really don't think anyone deep down—they may on the surface be cool with it but deep down I don't think anyone wants to see someone just whine and complain all the time about all of their copyright issues, which is why I haven't made video after video after video complaining. I'm sure I've complained at one point or another but that was, like, the years ago. No, I think you guys would be much happier if you just, like, saw new content from me that was enjoyable and not just me cursing the name of all the music companies and all the TikTok associated companies and even Brittany Louise Taylor. I don't mean to name drop. I'm not trying to be negative towards Brittany Louise Taylor, but I did a commentary video on Brittany Louise Taylor and she copyrighted me and I didn't make a huge deal over it because, you know. I just—I don't want to be, like, a fighter, you know? I mean, I look at the copyright claim I got from Brittany Louise Taylor and I think, okay, did I use her content? Yes. Was I trying to help her out? Not exactly. Was I kind of criticizing her and trying to make her look bad? Well, not exactly. I was more so just making fun of her, which is more so like parody. But in court if I tried to explain to them I was like, listen. I used this thumbnail of Brittany Louise Taylor crying because she used clickbait, right?

>She had herself crying in the thumbnail and the whole video was just, like, hi guys. You know, it's classic YouTuber stuff. I’ve done it. Most everyone's done it, but it was so ridiculously over dramatified. And the video started out with her book, like, she's like, buy my new book! And it's just, like, I clicked on a thumbnail of you crying and you intro with promoting your book. It just seems a little bit too hard not to make fun of. Anyway, so I don't know if Brittany Louise Taylor used Content ID system and the Content ID system is something that goes out to text people's content and then sends it to you and says, hey, do you want to claim this because it's using your content? Or maybe she manually, like, filed a claim or something but I think that would have struck me. So, it's most likely Content ID. Point is, she definitely claimed the video. I was no longer able to monetize it. And, you know, I don't really like that. [awkward laugh] I like my stuff being monetized so I think I just removed the video and moved on with my life.

>And you might be thinking, hey, that's censorship. She cancelled out your freedom of speech. It's literally not true. Brittany Louise Taylor did not attack my freedom of speech because if that were true, I wouldn't be able to say all the things I am right now. Like, there's no way Brittany Louise Taylor can copyright strike me now, okay? There's no way because I'm not you her images. I'm not using her videos. I'm just telling you a story about her, which is my right to do. And that's why it's not an attack on freedom of speech at all in any sense whatsoever.

No. 669950

>Now, the real question is—and I think this is what a lot of people get upset about in regards to copyright—is will I be able to get as many views if I just talk about Brittany Louise Taylor verse actually have her footage in my video, thus doubling basically the length of my video and increasing my ability to rank high in the search engines. And also when you cut from yourself to somebody else that increases retention typically. So, ultimately, you know, it comes down to, oh, crap. I'm not gonna get as many views talking about Brittany Louise Taylor as I would if I had her footage and so I think that's why I would be upset about that and why I didn't make a follow-up video or anything like that. Like, you're not gonna get as many views. Not as many people are gonna care because it's just not as stimulating to the mind.

>But, uh, anywho-zzle. I think it's about time we clean some more now that we all know a little bit more about fair use and copyright. And I guess how frustrating the process can be in general for everyone. Even the people claiming. I mean, the good news is in regards to, like, copyright claims and so forth, the future of YouTube—it's looking up, okay? Like, as far as the people who are claimed and the people who claim and so forth. Like, it—there's a huge win coming and I'm not allowed to talk about it other than saying things are looking good for creators of both copyrighted contents and people who use other people's content, so forth. It's basically an everybody wins scenario. So, stay tuned for that. I can't tell you how I know it. I can't tell you why I know it, or

anything like that. I can just tell you that things are looking up for everyone—both claimees and claimers. So, that's a good thing. All right, let's clean the upstairs.

[cleans more]

>I am getting sweaty. This is a rough task especially since it's becoming summer I have no air conditioner in this house.


>Had to wheel a whole recycling bin up here just to take care of the recycling and the trash I just threw over the railing for the bears. I'm just kidding. I put it in the trash can.


>Alright. So, the next thing that we should discuss is my stalker.

He’s talking about Repzion.

>A long, long time ago—like, seven or eight years ago—this dude found out that he could get views from putting my name in the title and just talking about me in just the meanest way possible. But unfortunately for him at the time I actually was getting pretty popular. In fact, I started getting, 100,000 to 300,000 views per video, so it didn't really look good on him to continue trying to destroy my marriage, like, by contacting my to be in-laws where he tried to convince them that I was some kind of horrible monster, when, in fact—I mean, look. We're still married happily. We're really, really happy. We fight, like, maybe once every thirty days it seems. And then I just stop talking to my spouse for like an hour and suddenly everything's better. It's kind of weird, actually. So, yeah. Like, once every 30 days I get huffy and puffy and I’m like, you're not being brutally honest to me. You're not—you're not, you know, typical Scorpio stuff.

>Anyway, so this stalker guy will pretty much say anything he can to get views so it seems. Like, in the video titles and so forth. They're very, very clearly misleading and no one seems to care that they're misleading. Like, I want you guys to imagine you have a YouTube channel or something like that and every other day you see this same methed out looking, pale, pasty dude who's going on yet another rant about you for anywhere from 10 to like 30 minutes. It's crazy. And while you don't actually sit down and watch these videos through…


>…you do have to hear about them a lot. Like, people write you and they say, hey, so-and-so is harassing you. So-and-so’s attacking you yet again. And what's annoying is the same guy constantly tweets at me on Twitter and I'm like, what are you doing? Like, I don't talk to you I'm not interested in you. I don't like you like that. Like, get out of my life. And what's bizarre is this guy actually apologized at one point. When I started getting really popular he apologized. He's like, who am I to judge your relationship? It's like, that's the whole point, you know? Judge not lest ye be judged or something like that, right?

>Like, the people I've gone after in the past, turns out I'm right about. Like I said a certain someone, who will be discussed later in this video, had ED, and while I encouraged her as a person to, like, get better and so forth I also educated people on how dangerous ED was. Turns out I was right about her and she wound up going to rehab and now she's doing so much better.

>And there's also Jaclyn Glenn. I talked about Jaclyn Glenn and how she was in denial. How she would not listen to me despite the fact that I was right about this guy who's gonna cheat on her and then he wound up cheating on her. And that guy was Social Repose. And I called out Social Repose as well. Right away. And I was warning people about not getting with him but Jaclyn Glenn didn't listen to me and Social Repose wound up being exactly what I said he was. Actually worse because he cheated on Jaclyn with four different people. And, you know, it's a terrible thing what happened to her.

>And, you know, maybe these are, like, fleeting thoughts. Like, maybe there's some psychological reason why Jaclyn Glenn, to this day, lashes out at me despite the fact that I'm on relatively good terms with her. Like, we apologized and we grew and I thought that everyone was getting better. But then she'd make video after video about me just being like angry. I don't have beef with Jaclyn Glenn. I'm fine with Jaclyn but she has beef with me. But she never, like, actually says, hey, is this true? Or, hey, I have an issue with you about this. Like, I would appreciate an e-mail. Wouldn't you guys appreciate an e-mail if someone has a problem with you? Just email you that you have a problem with them? I know I've reached out to people and I've said that I have a problem with them. Except there are the rare instances where there needs to be, like, a PSA. Like, don't date this guy he's gonna cheat on you. Nobody date this guy. And some people would perceive that as mean and ugly and none of your business, but if you're right about someone doing that, then aren't you trying to help people from getting hurt?

>And I think that's maybe the biggest problem with people who stalk me online. You know, give constant unwanted attention, is they think the right about me yet here I am in a happy marriage. Here I am in a happy life. Here I am with friends and family that love me that love spending time with. And there they are just being angry and alone with other angry people.

>In fact, there are screenshots that heavily imply that the guy who's stalking me has a girlfriend who is an anti-semite. Who is an anti-semite in 2019? Like, really that's so a hundred years ago. Anyway, so every little thing I don't do, and sometimes kind of do, winds up being a video title on this dude's channel. It's like, I don't understand how a person can respect themselves when literally you have X amount of recent videos and more than half of them are about one person. You know, like, you have, let's say, the last 20 videos, right, and 13 of them are about the same dude, I think you might need therapy. I really do.

I like how he has to qualify “recent” videos, because he knows he’s made countless videos about Shane and Eugenia.

>But what I really really don't understand is how people support people like that in the thousands. Like, imagine somebody is really, really mad at anyone, really. Any one person who is not a political figure because that affects us—that actually has a direct impact on our own lives—but just someone who has nothing to do with you. Who wants nothing to do with you. Anyone who obsesses over someone like that you don't want in your life and the reason you don't want someone like that in your life is because one day you might be in the cross hairs of them.


>Like, I myself used to have super toxic behavior. It was bad. It was super bad. Not quite as bad as this freak guy who's obsessed with me, but pretty bad. And on my patreon I think I actually found a solution to a lot of my problems. And it was totally unintentional, by accident. So, I have my discord on patreon and basically what that means is that every other day—pretty much almost every other day—like we are very good about this. I talk to people. I interact with them and having done this—and I know this is gonna blow your guys’ minds, but we've been doing this for, like, two years now having discords and skypes and so forth—but having done this for so long, I feel like I've become a better person talking to people and just being less socially reclusive. And so I feel like that's made not only my discord get better and just like a more enjoyable experience but also skypes and so forth as well as noticing my own toxic behavior in the past and improving myself as a human being. Oh, by the way, quick side note.

>It's at this point if you're still watching to not only comment what your favorite Avenger is but also comment your favorite DC character. And if you don't know DC characters, just say Batman so after whatever comment you leave or if that's all you want to comment it should say Iron Man, Batman and a lot of people won't know what you're talking about and that's because they're phonies. I'm just trying to root out the phony comments or is not on patreon because those guys are awesome. But there's a lot of people who aren't awesome on YouTube because it's free and they're basically here just to troll. So, I wanted to see who the trolls are and who the trolls aren’t.

>So, with all that being said let's clean a few more rooms and then talk about Eugenia Cooney. Like, honest confession, no BS Eugenia Cooney, which is, you know, what I do anyway. But it sounds nice.

[more cleaning]

>Let's talk about Eugenia Cooney already. First off, people say I am obsessed with her. And people say that, you know, I’m a bully. And this is what I'm confused about. First of all, I make fun of everyone including myself. So, if I dislike that person then I super hate myself. But then people say I'm a narcissist, which is confusing because obviously I don't hate myself if I'm a narcissist, right?

he clearly has no idea what NPD is.

>I love self-depreciating humor and I love humor that takes the wind out of, you know, everyone's sails because life is too stressful to be serious. But, no, how I really feel about Eugenia Cooney is—I don't like love her, you know? Like, I'm not, like, in love with her or anything like that but if she died I would sob hysterically. I would—I would—I would be more miserable about her dying than I would about people I've actually met. And I think part of it is because I've actually invested so much time and energy into Eugenia Cooney getting better. Like, I've really wanted her to get better for such a long time. And, again, I know people are gonna be like, but you made that video where you joked about her. God, talk about not being able take a joke. Like, spoiler alert. If your dad goes, hey, that dress makes you look like a pile of cancerous cotton candy. Just a terrible thing to say. By the way, don't say that to your daughters. But that doesn't mean he never loved you. It doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. It means he's a jerk with a very insensitive sense of humor.

it’s called abuse.

>But, no, like you guys saw with Hannah Minx, like, way back, okay? I would make a bunch of videos about Hannah Minx and I also dated Hannah Minx, okay? Like, Hannah Minx really, if you think about it, is very very similar to Eugenia Cooney. And, you know, I actually confessed my love for Hannah Minx at one point and then she dumped me. She didn't want me to love her, but she wanted to date me. It was a weird situation.

>Like, one time she called me when she was drunk and said she wanted to F my brains out, which was an amazing thing for me to hear because I was like, oh my god. Hannah Minx just said she wanted to F my brains out. But I think that we were both not necessarily compatible because obviously we were not on the same wavelength. But what I'm saying is is, like, I cared about Hannah Minx about the same as I care about Eugenia Cooney and I dated Hannah Minx, okay? So, for anyone to say that I don't value her life? For anyone to say that I don't actually mean it when I say I care about her? The fact that I always feel like crying when I talk about Eugenia Cooney. I mean, not always but when I think about, like, not caring about Eugenia Cooney I feel like crying. And people off-camera, my friends in real life, they know that I bring her up when nobody asked me to. I'm like, hey, did you see Eugenia Cooney got better? And people are like, oh, yeah I saw that. That’s cool. And then we have a conversation about it because it matters to me.

Gurg genuinely thinks this makes him less creepy?????

>But you guys don't really know, do you? You don't really know all you have is I made a joke or two about her. Probably four or five jokes actually. And people can't take a joke. And I joke about everything. I joke about my own spouse. Like, I'm literally married to Kai and I've made entire videos just crapping on Kai in a comedic fashion. This is what I do to people I love, okay? I just do—I do it to everybody pretty much. Anyway, so, like I said, I'm not saying I love Eugenia Cooney. I'm not saying I'm in love with Eugenia Cooney, but I would take a bullet for her for sure. I'm just saying though if you think I don't care about Eugenia Cooney you don't know me every single time I find out she's doing well or that I see a picture of her doing well I feel like the world is just so much better. Anyway, so that's my confession on Eugenia Cooney and—oh, God. why did that feel so embarrassing? You know what that felt like? That felt like I was drunk and talking to Eugenia and I was like, you know, I've always thought you were great. But what I will say, and I know this is gonna upset a lot of people. This is gonna upset so many people. I think that Eugenia’s last picture was hotter than any Andy Biersack photo I've ever seen in my life.

>Just saying it she in her healthy state is one of the most gorgeous people on planet Earth. I need to stop this is so creepy, Greg. You know, I tell you guys too much. I really do and this is gonna wind up being some anti-onision video in a minute. Like, someone's gonna use this against me but, you know. It doesn’t—screw it. Whatever. You guys know the truth about me and that's just how I feel. So, if you want to hate me for caring about someone too much—you don't know how I really feel unless I just admit it to you so that's how I really feel. And I really wish this girl the best. I think she's so beautiful and I think that she has nothing but amazing things to share with the world. And she's just a person who has suffered a horrible condition and she's recovering from it. And to me, she's like an angel on earth, you know? Mind you, my spouse is an angel on earth. Not LIKE an angel. My spouse IS an angel. I'm just saying, like, Eugenia Cooney is also just an incredible looking human being and she also has a great personality. It's just this whole thing has been holding her back for a long time and now that she's getting over it she I mean she's stronger than you or me or anyone. I'm in awe. Yep, okay, so this video is creepy now.

then like and subscribe outro

No. 669951

I'm not trolling, that's just the reason I remember being given by the Onions. My memory might be swayed by the funny fanart a couple anons did during that time tho.

No. 669959

He's so difficult to follow. He can't form proper sentences, his vocabulary is very limited and he misuses words often, he gets lost in his own train of thought, and don't even get me started on his atrocious attempts at making a metaphor…

No. 669962

I don't know how their fans can even accept that since she wasn't the first girl they've flown in. Girk can argue all he wants about how Sam was only a cameraman but Billie too was also an "employee". Onion had every intention to fuck Sam only became a homewrecker because his Momwife put her foot down.

No. 669966

Look we know Greg's a liar but let me point out a few things about the mechanics of YT copyright strikes that show how everything at 2:00 is fabrication.

How it works is:
Party A notices Party B is using their material, and uses the YT system to report a DCMA claim against Party B's video.
YT either takes down or monetises Party B's video, depending on what Party A requested (Greg often did the first just to get money off people, till he snapped and tried to use it to suppress criticism).
Party B earns a copyright strike on their channel. Too many of these = termination (at least till any false strikes are lifted).
Party B sends a "counter notification" stating that in fact, it's fair use and they aren't violating copyright.
Party A then has NO CHOICE but to get a court order, obtained in YT's jurisdiction, to keep the video down.
No court order? No bueno, video goes back up, case closed, strike is also lifted.
If an account was terminated through an accumulation of strikes, it comes back as the strikes are lifted one by one. The main issue being lost revenue in that time.

There is no 'back and forth' as Greg is claiming here. It's a cut and dry process, Youtube isn't involved with assessing any of it from the first claim to the counter notice. It's between Party A and Party B only.

No. 669968

Oh and one more thing, as each strike is lifted by people sending their counter-notices, Party A runs a higher and higher chance of having their own channel scrutinised and terminated - for abusing the system.

This is why every small youtuber affected by Greg's strikes should send counter notices and not take their videos down.

No. 669974

Hey guys, what would happen if I leaked Onision's patreon vids just to fuck with him?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 669975

Do you mean can he do anything to you? You should be fine as long as there is no way to trace it back to you. It would be milk regardless and everyone here would love it, godspeed anon. Most people here reupload to somewhere that isn't youtube.

No. 669976

There's plenty of people doing that. Don't announce your plans to fuck with cows so you can fulfill your need to be validated by anonymous people on lolcow.

No. 669977

>I'm tired of going home


No. 669978

>Like, a lot of people don't understand and good faith is a huge part of most any weighing in the legal system. If someone knows that you have good intentions when you use some’s content, then you're gonna be way better off in court. Most likely, just based on whatever researched, then say somebody who just wants to make Disney look terrible and make their cartoons look terrible and just make people depressed, you know? Like, nobody really wants to see that, except for twisted minds and people with sick sense of humor. So, me occasionally. [awkward laugh] I do have a twisted sense of humor.

This is if an oven made a video tier dialogue.

No. 669979

>Was I kind of criticizing her and trying to make her look bad? Well, not exactly. I was more so just making fun of her, which is more so like parody.

Bullying = parody

No. 669983

All he cares about is money and being right. Also I don't believe a word of what he says, youtube has been his life and his career for years and he acts like he's in the dark about this shit. Even in this video he talks about how to get longer watch times by cutting away to another video; really he knows about that but not about copywrite claims and fair use? As for complaining about Repzion, he is so hypocritical. Not only has he done the same thing to EC but the videos he made could of actually harmed her mental health to a point it could of led to her death.

>I think that Eugenia’s last picture was hotter than any Andy Biersack photo I've ever seen in my life.

The way he talks makes me think he's using EC as masturbation material. GROSS.

Thank you so much for transcribing this because there is no way I could of made it through this video with out several strong drinks.

No. 670046

>But, no, like you guys saw with Hannah Minx, like, way back, okay? I would make a bunch of videos about Hannah Minx and I also dated Hannah Minx, okay? Like, Hannah Minx really, if you think about it, is very very similar to Eugenia Cooney. And, you know, I actually confessed my love for Hannah Minx at one point and then she dumped me. She didn't want me to love her, but she wanted to date me. It was a weird situation.

>Like, one time she called me when she was drunk and said she wanted to F my brains out, which was an amazing thing for me to hear because I was like, oh my god. Hannah Minx just said she wanted to F my brains out. But I think that we were both not necessarily compatible because obviously we were not on the same wavelength. But what I'm saying is is, like, I cared about Hannah Minx about the same as I care about Eugenia Cooney and I dated Hannah Minx, okay? So, for anyone to say that I don't value her life? For anyone to say that I don't actually mean it when I say I care about her? The fact that I always feel like crying when I talk about Eugenia Cooney.

LMAO. Keep crying about Eugenia another emo girl who doesn't love you or even wants to fuck you drunk!! Oh poor Greggles. Lainey dye your hair dark and get a big fuck off emo fringe so Greg can stop having to fantasise about all these other ladies.

No. 670058



>Like, for instance, there's this case where somebody was, like, making Disney grotesque. Like, they were making very, very Gore versions of Mickey Mouse and so forth. […] In fact, it could only hurt Disney. And when you have something that you created that people are just perverting and turning into something, like, horrifying, […] You're actually just being a jerk and you're trying to hurt Disney, or so it seems. So, no, it's not fair use.

That sound like Greg saying that anybody reporting about his misbehavior is wrong for painting him in a bad light, and an appeal to people to stop making videos about him, especially when you also take the following part into consideration, which sounds like people (Repzion) should stop complaining and making videos about him claiming their videos.

>these cases where people copyright claim me, I've just kind of let it go. I've decided to make content that is just better and more fun for me to make because I really don't think anyone […] wants to see someone just whine and complain all the time about all of their copyright issues[…].

I also get the strong feeling that he tries to spin it that way that using footage (of him) is a no-go whereas talking about people is absolutely fine and in accordance with copyright law. Maybe I'm reaching, but might he be trying to intimidate all the youtubers who make videos about him to not show his original footage because deep down he knows that it's always his own videos that reveal what a horrible person he is?

>And you might be thinking, hey, that's censorship. She cancelled out your freedom of speech. It's literally not true.[…] Like, there's no way Brittany Louise Taylor can copyright strike me now, okay? There's no way because I'm not [showing] you her images. I'm not using her videos. I'm just telling you a story about her, which is my right to do.



>And what's annoying is the same guy constantly tweets at me on Twitter and I'm like, what are you doing? Like, I don't talk to you I'm not interested in you. I don't like you like that. Like, get out of my life.

Is he really implying, Repzion has a crush on him. lmao


>Here I am in a happy life. Here I am with friends and family that love me that love spending time with. And there they are just being angry and alone with other angry people.

Well, his narrative doesn't really fit with him looking for a third in their relationship, telling Lainey she's bland and he just married her because she was there and accusing his parents of being predators and abusers.

>First of all, I make fun of everyone including myself. […] I love self-depreciating humor and I love humor that takes the wind out of, you know, everyone's sails because life is too stressful to be serious.

… says the manchild who can't deal with the slightest critcism. smh

No. 670059

Yeah, I also found that part really disturbing. He talks about dating Hanna Minx who wanted to "F" him, rambles on how much he likes Eugenia and then compares her to Andy Biersack, who, if I remember correctly, he has made a life-size doll of and raped in one of his "comedy" videos.

How does that convince anyone that he's not totally sexually obsessed with Eugenia? Geez, it's always him who actually reveals shit publicly.

Thank you for taking the time to go through half an hour of Greg's BS and transcribing it, anon!

No. 670069


Didn't Hannah deny ever dating that ogre? I think they were friends, and Grugly started catching feelings since he's a caveman and can't have a platonic relationship with an attractive woman. If I had to describe it, I'd say they were "talking" for like a week? And Grugly ended up scaring Hannah off, he probably creeped her out the whole time, but he really sealed the deal when he told her that he loved her. His ego was shattered when she didn't reciprocate and stopped communication.

His story is that sHe jUsT wAnTeD mE fOr sEx, which wasn't okay since nO sEx WiThOut lOvE. His out of control narcassism and delusions compelled him to create this lie that she lusted so much for him and treated him like a piece of meat and wasn't in it fOr lOvE to help soothe his fragile ego. Grugly can't handle it when a woman doesn't feel strongly for him, but what Grugly thinks is worst of all is when a woman doesn't find him attractive. So lying and making it seem like she found him unbearably sexually attractive is how the Gronk was able to pretend publicly that he was coping well.

The truth, though, is that Hannah was never really into him. I'm pretty sure he pressured her many times to be with him romantically, and many times she did not. I think she finally sorta…gave in and tried…and could only put up with it for a week. Keep in mind, that their "relationship" (as Grugly calls it) was entirely through Skype and phone calls. They never saw each other during their actual "relationship." We all know how Grugly handled talking to Adrienne via Skype and stuff before they met, demanding constant contact with him even to the point that she wasn't able to follow a normal daily routine. I imagine it was even worse with Hannah, as he had actually met her in person prior. I'm surprised she last as long as she did.

So she pretty much ghosted the Grug and a while after that, she stopped appearing publicly on social media all together. Grugly, of course, had to audacity to ask his followers to find her or to update him on where she was and what she was doing. What he wanted was for them to bully her into contacting him, which thankfully didn't work. But for years after, even today, he refers to Hannah and their rElAtIoNsHiP. He uses her images for thumbnails, makes videos about her. FOR FUCK SAKE, he even found a lookalike and named her something very similar (like Alanna Spinks or something?) He did this to such a degree that MANY people assumed it really was Hannah.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 670071

YES lol
he fucking named her Annah Minx
which is super creepy

No. 670072

I always knew the greasy ogre had a fucked up sexual attraction to EC, now it's finally been confirmed by the ogre himself. I wonder if when she gets "healthy" he's gonna try to invite her to be part of his poly relationship with the doormat

No. 670074

> I cared about Hannah Minx about the same as I care about Eugenia Cooney and I dated Hannah Minx, okay?

i'm screaming. did gurg just flat out admit he's obsessed with EC because she looks likea girl he ""dated"" (i'm being generous here) for like a week a lifetime ago? are we so far down the rabbit hole that this is what it's come to?

> inb4 lainey is crying

No. 670084

>Here I am in a happy life. Here I am with friends and family that love me that love spending time with. And there they are just being angry and alone with other angry people.

Yuuuup and this is why 80% of the videos you create is just you obsessing over your Haterz and complaining about all the mean things people say about you.

>these cases where people copyright claim me, I've just kind of let it go. I've decided to make content that is just better and more fun for me to make because I really don't think anyone […] wants to see someone just whine and complain all the time about all of their copyright issues[…]

Every dumb Patreon video you make has been you just complaining about things people say about you on the internet. You think people want to see that shit? Especially people that are supposedly your fans.

No. 670120

File: 1560534960836.jpg (Spoiler Image,547.01 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190614-195220_You…)

Big ol' yikes on that zoom in

No. 670122

He reaaaally put his foot in it with one. Why would you say her latest picture was hot? This whole thing he has about EC is fucking disgusting. He's really made himself look like an obsessed weirdo.

I feel like he's obsessed with her not only because she looks like his perfect ideal of a perpetual emo goth teen, and plays video games and is into all that weeby shit he likes, but I actually think he's drawn to her anorexia and the fact she's vunerable.
He's such a manlet and prefers short women smaller than himself.
I know he rabbits on about her being too thin and I'm sure he'd prefer a bit heavier, but the vulnerability involved with having an ED, the fact she would be extremely weak physically and already has a somewhat submissive nature to her probably really appeals to him.

Apart from Adrienne all of his partners have been quite submissive in nature. Bilie may have had a spine after he hurt her, but during the relationship she was pretty under his control. Shiloh like Billie, also at first glance seemed to wear the pants in that relationship but then at a closer look you realise she was a teeneager so really how much control did she have?

He's a fucking idiot for talking about this Eugenia thing. Liking her to Biersack and Hannah Minx both people he goes on about fucking constantly or wanting to fuck. He has gone from annoying clickbaiter trying to make money from her to actually bordering on sexual harrassment.
Like if he wants to argue that Jefree was a creep for making those comments to him, wouldn't someone that made a video comparing EC to people they WANT to fuck or have previously fucked in the past…wouldn't that be classified as sexual harrassment?

Anyway I've always known he had a greasy boner for her. It's been obvious for everybody and now the retard has actually gone and admitted it. What a tool.

No. 670124

File: 1560535788801.jpeg (149.42 KB, 640x454, 911AFA5D-EA6B-49EB-8178-E6911A…)


No. 670142

I mean it’s kinda obvious that she Hanna minx wasn’t really into him because she did disappear to get married and have a kid shortly around that time so honestly I think he’s fabricated it more than it ever was. If she had got married then she must have been involved with her husband at that time… Anus likes to assume girls are into him more than they obviously are

No. 670144

>Like if he wants to argue that Jefree was a creep for making those comments to him, wouldn't someone that made a video comparing EC to people they WANT to fuck or have previously fucked in the past…wouldn't that be classified as sexual harrassment?

Nah, I wouldn't say it's sexual harassment, at least not in that video, he just said he finds her hot. So basically every fan of any singer / actor / star publicly saying they find that particular celebrity hot, would be guilty of sexual harassment. I'm sure he meant it as a compliment and if he only had made that video, I'd even give him a pass.

To me it's the perpetuity and the obsession that make Greg so incredibly creepy. He just won't let go of her, first bullying and making fun of her like a 10 year old who secretly has a crush but denies it, and now the fact that he calls her hot and compares her to people he wants to shag.

I get strong Amber-vibes from that person… anything to get any attention at all.

No. 670145

THANK GOD Hannah cut ties with him before she met him in person and he raped her and tried to impregnate her like he did to Adrienne. She's probably the luckiest/smartest woman who's been in Gargoyle's life

No. 670146

That's a good point!

She might just have felt sorry for Greg because he is / was a fellow youtuber who was (starting to get) shunned the the entire community.

No. 670149

He really doesn't have ac in his house? Is that normal up north? I live down south and couldn't imagine living in a home with no ac

also why does every cow here think that intent is more important than outcome, have these people really never heard the saying "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"?

No. 670151

Yes, it's normal up north.

No. 670157

File: 1560547049656.png (589.15 KB, 1174x753, gerg.png)

Got a bit lazy with this one at the end

No. 670163

We’ve had some pretty hot weather in Washington the past three days too, I’m surprised he didn’t shell out for a house with AC when there’s been some really hot summers here. I live in an apartment in DuPont and all units have AC, utilities don’t cost much when you only use it a few days out of the year and you’d think he’d want to try and help his ~skin condition~ by avoiding getting overheated, but I suppose it’s just further proof Gergles truly isn’t that bright a bulb.

No. 670166

that tattoo is an excellent detail

No. 670167

File: 1560549177441.png (592.92 KB, 1174x753, gerg1.png)

You made me remember a detail I missed, thank you anon

No. 670181

Kek. Drawanons are the best

No. 670195

Next thread picture please

No. 670203

Thats fucking perfect lmao nice work anon and agreed, next thread pic.

No. 670234

Well it seems like he believes anyone who collabs with him is obligated to fuck him based on the way he treats the girls he flies in. He probably asked Hannah for a collab they probably tried to iron out the details for the week they "dated" and then she ran when she saw crazy.

He doesn't even use the heat in winter so I really doubt he'd splurge on the electricity required to cool his home if he did have AC. Pretty sure he mostly illegally burns cardboard to heat his home in the winter. Its kinda odd though how in his McMansion he installed solar panels and still there's videos of when Sarah, Billie, and Ayalla were around where they're huddled under blankets because poor Onion "invested" all his money in "business" and couldn't afford to heat his mansion with two small children living there.

No. 670255

File: 1560582535387.jpg (293.04 KB, 1075x615, Screenshot_20190615-090915_Ope…)

Oh my, anon

No. 670282

Twoon and Kalvin have posted videos about Onision.
Twoon's vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdsJYODU0Ms
Kalvin's vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C7RmbD8lK8

No. 670286


I’m from the south but have lived up north for two years now, and I’ve had AC in both places.

Anus just doesn’t want to pay for something as ordinary as heat and ac for his house where his wife and small children live, because plane tickets for 18 year olds are a much better investment.

No. 670291

Yeah, I live in New England, it is colder than Washington, and the only people without AC are poor or hardly ever home, unless it is night time.

No. 670294

I wonder if the house needed a new AC and the flippers just never bothered replacing it. If so, that could have been a chip to use when negotiating the price of the house. An opportunity, no doubt, wasted on Greg who probably didn't even notice.

Has anyone seen an AC unit in videos shot in the rear or the house? Not to be confused with the countless cardboard boxes and other refuse back there. It could also be on the side of the house behind the toys stored there, much to the chagrin of their neighbors.

It makes me lol that they have a fancy thermostat for systems they try not to use. Because having the window dressings of being successful is more important than being successful and comfortable in your own home. What a dunce.

No. 670298

So I looked up the listing for his house and one (Zillow) says there central air but the other listings (~10 or so) don't mention cooling at all. So, I believe the Zillow listing to be in error.

No. 670305

Tbh my whole take on the JS thing is that yeah he probably had a bad experience with him but it sounds to me like JS was being an ahole to him because he didn’t like him not because he wanted him, like Anus implies. They were insults lol not pick up lines and from what I know I know about JS he wasn’t into sleeping around.

Anus is jealous that Shane is friends with him and supports him I’m pretty certain that he would be jealous of anyone that gets Shane’s attention like that… he just can’t stand that Shane was run off by his obnoxious behaviour, I’ve seen tweets in those days where Shane actually calls him out for talking about his exes so much.

No. 670354

File: 1560645372832.jpeg (88.98 KB, 1125x949, E59153ED-3CF1-4EAE-8347-F8095A…)

Idk if anyone noticed but Sarah and Lainey no longer are friends on Facebook nor do they follow each other on IG. I’m really hoping Sarah’s new best friend opened her eyes to how shitty the onions are.

No. 670356

this has happened before. I think it's just Lainey's MO to unfollow people when shes having a fight with them

No. 670358

I think it might be for good this time, Regina isn’t friends with Taylor anymore and considering Sarah’s tumblr post, she seems like she’s done. At least we can only hope Sarah’s done with Taylor.

No. 670412

good. its weird and inappropriate how sarah lusts after plainey

No. 670429

File: 1560678589231.png (27.82 KB, 540x255, sarah.png)

You mean its weird and inappropriate for two adults to string a 16 year old girl along for like 3 years or so…

Don't blame Sarah for what the Onion's pretty much allowed to happen.


No. 670432

She's been posting a lot on tumblr about how much she wants to die and how men are evil and stupid so I'm keen to agree with you there tbh.

No. 670500

File: 1560706732277.png (301.38 KB, 570x778, sad greg.png)

He didn't say much in this video because he didn't want any details leaked. Here's a quick summery:
Greg has been having issues both financially and emotionally. He was also upset that someone asked him to say specific lines for a cameo. He felt like that was not what cameo was for and it felt like it was just a 'business transaction' and not something real. He had put on makeup for the cameo but was so bummed out about how things where going for him that he didn't take it off or film any other videos so his face broke out in pimples. He spoke to his mom and 'financial professionals' about 'stuff'. Things are getting better.

He doesn't look sad so he just tints the whole video blue to show he's depressed.

No. 670511

File: 1560709077451.png (332.87 KB, 565x486, sad lainey.png)

Lainey is stressed out. Things she has planned are seeing her mom, going to pride, seeing tilian live, and dental surgery. She seems to be doing things that are more cost effective such as going to the park, library, and a secondhand childrens store but of course old habits die hard. She went out for treats and boba tea with the kids and has all those outings planned. She feels stuck in her life and she needs a change so she wants to redecorate the house.

The money situation must be getting rough for her to start changing her daily spending habits. (If you want a mirror just let me know and I'll reupload.)

No. 670512

I'd appreciate a mirror. Thank you very much, anon!

No. 670518

I think it is funny she wants to redecorate the house. When Skye suggested making the house look nice, Greg said she was using him for his money!

No. 670519

No. 670520

Thank you so much!

No. 670526


Can you please post a mirror, please. Thank for all you do for the thread.

No. 670530

No. 670533


This is literally depressing. You can tell how much she wants to talk about her kids and show them off but knows she can't without greg narc raging. The only time she actually seems "human" and happy is when she talks about them. It's like hearing any other mom talk, but with everything else it's some fakeboi scripted personality.

No. 670538

You know things are fucked when he runs to crazy Tami for help.

No. 670551

File: 1560719933198.jpg (380.24 KB, 1962x1594, d985bd01090113d5c682cff917f71c…)

Angry toddler? Anemia? Kinky sex? What is the excuse for this today? I think it is crazy, excluding the "kinky neck bites," how many bruises she gets.

No. 670554



Thank you for the mirrors and dedicating time to it, anons! Much appreciated!
Greg does look kinda unhealthy and tired with the sunken in eyes and the flabby cheeks, so this time I do believe him since his haggard appearance gives it away.

It's beyond me how Lainey still pretends that her bad mood and fatigue is caused by a house in need of decorating when there's so much else wrong in her life. It almost sounds like she's starting to feel sad about her lost teenage years because something "is missing" in her life.

No. 670557

File: 1560721006412.jpg (190.55 KB, 656x452, greg target.jpg)

>Cameo isnt literally for me to have a cameo in one of your sketches, and somebody asked me to do a bunch of things I didnt want to do.

This right here is why Greg will never be able to hold down a 9 to 5 job. He's lived too long as his own boss not having to answer to anyone. A Cameo video request is whatever the purchaser wants (within legal and ethical limits of course) If you feel weird or suspicious of what they're having you say then you dont accept the 20 dollars. But we know how desperate Greg is so he took the cash like a reluctant prostitute and cried in the shower afterwards as his ass bled out. If he ever got a job at some big box store he'd last a couple of days before getting fired or stripping down naked in front of his manager.

No. 670578

So basically he's "depressed" because someone paid him to act out a sketch, and to Greg that's telling him what to do so he's having a salty tantrum because I dO wHaT i WaNt
If he's going to alter and change what people ask him to do it's not really doing what they're paying him for so he shouldn't be lying and saying they can write the script
Imagine being such a pissbaby you'd get DEPRESSED over that

No. 670603


There is no point in them decorating the house at all, it'll just be filled with trash and mess everywhere and look just as bad. Nice houses are for people who aren't lazy and unclean

No. 670607

This video makes me wonder how Lainey addresses gender with her kids. She buys her kids highly gender specific clothes and you can see her following around a little girl in a pink frilly dress on the playground, and I'm assuming she's not just following random kids around a park filming because that would be fucking creepy.

She's anemic probably bruises easily, I know the mark under the "you are my strength tattoo" is a burn scar from a waffle maker according to her most recent tattoo video.


No. 670611

Thanks for making the mirror!

This video was surprisingly refreshing and seemed genuine unlike a lot of her other videos.

It does seem like she’s genuinely making an effort to go out and do things with the kids and while she doesn’t show them, she is able to talk about things related to them in a healthy way that acknowledges she has them (rather than only bringing them up to shield himself like Greg). It’s sad that she filmed that part about getting frugal toys and clothes for them with greg’s big, expensive massage chair in the background. Why don’t they sell that if they are hurting? It’s like 9k new or something like that.

Does anyone know why comments are turned off for her channel? Did Greg turn them off when he turned his off?

My guess is she’s not forcing anything on them and counting on them to make their own decisions with gender (like they also decide when to wean). They haven’t shied away from typically gender-conforming things like they had a race car bed and a princess bed but they let the oldest son paint his nails and experiment. It doesn’t seem too extreme either way. What has to have affected them most gender-wise is having to call their mom a new name and a new gender. That has to be really confusing at their age.

No. 670616

Haha, when he started with cameo, I knew he was too much of a bitch to do what anyone else wants, because he wants to be in control about everything, cause he's such an ~alpha~
He really thinks people want to give him money so bad he can do whatever he wants.
Glad to see he's having a breakdown because he had to do something he didn't like for the first time.

No. 670630

Wait, did he really push through?
I understood it that way that he didn't record the cameo and was too upset about it to record anything else.

No. 670633

Do you think they actually make their kids participate in the trans shit? I’m pretty sure Lainey said the kids still called her mommy. Then again that was when she was “agender”.

No. 670671

I think he did do the cameo cause he needs his shillbucks but it distressed him to his very artistic core that he just couldn't muster the energy to create his own art. Poor little Onion.

No. 670710

If she's spewing her transgender snowflake shit into her kids ears, she really is a bad mother.

No. 670733

Lainey said in her video that she looks hideous away from her ring light when she doesn't have makeup and is just sorta filming on the go. I couldn't disagree more. She actually looked really pretty and seemed like a nice person hanging out with her kids. It makes me think how much better off she'd be back with her parents and away from Grugly. I think if it were up to her she would include her kids in filming. I think she could really do well doing that as she rebuilds her life away from the swamp trailer and Grugly.

Then she gets to the very end of the video back in front of her ring light and looks like she always does I remember her stupid gEnDeR iDeNtiTy iZ eVeErYtHinG nonsense and I strongly dislike her all over again.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 670745

I love how she’s saying going to the library and the park are life hacks kek. Those are just things normal people who aren’t hermits do

No. 670766

My sentiments as well.. Lainey needs to gtfo of that house and away from Anus.

No. 670769

So both anus and foot are feeling "depressed" lately, does anyone else thinks that's not a just a coincidence? They must be having serious marriage problems, even more than normal

No. 670772

That's what I am thinking.

Taylor is so excluded from the real world that it feels extraordinary to go out and do normal things. Before Greg, Taylor had an social life, went out and did things all the time, and experienced life. All until that was cut short by choosing to be with him. I feel like many of us always hope that these are little signs that she sees the problems and gives us a glimmer of hope that she will up and leave. But maybe, just maybe, with the financial issues and the pressure to bring in a third, and the wanting to redecorate the house, and obvious want to show the kids, maybe it is just stacking up and little by little… who knows? Please let me have hope, as much as Taylor's been a spoiled, abusive, toxic brat, pleaseeeee.

No. 670785

Despite everything, I really do feel sorry for Lainey. She was groomed by Greg when she was just 17 and now she's stuck with him. She never got the chance to be her own person (literally everything she does can be traced back to him, otherwise we wouldn't even be discussing her on this thread).

I do hope eventually she realizes how fucked up her situation is and gets the hell away from the greasy onion boy, but unfortunately her track record hasn't been stellar so far

No. 670787


She would be so much better off if she would continue to get out more and do stuff like this. Plus, I agree with people here, I think she would be a great mommy vlogger, even if she doesn't overly show her kids.

As for Greg, maybe he's depressed because Lainey is going to be having surgery and he knows he's going to have to actually watch the kids.

No. 670826

i would've loved to see Lainey interact with her kids on camera or talk about them. despite the shitty circumstances they came in, the kids are basically the only people lainey interacts with every day and she must feel like she has a duty to protect them from Greg the Sperg and his narc rages. idk if she loves them or not, but she's the only person in that house that's ever cared for them and gave them the love and attention they deserve.

parroting several anons before me, I hope she leaves. real talk. i hope she waits for the split second Greg leaves the house, packs up her bags, buckles the kids up in the car and drives for the hills. it's not like Greg would notice his own kids are gone anyway

No. 670892

Apparently another reason he was depressed is because someone challenged him to a charity fight. Instead of ignoring it he responded on twitter which resulted in tons of comments calling him a coward and a pussy. Also it's hilarious that he goes out challenging Shane and JS to fights but the moment someone challenges him, fighting is barbaric and he's above it. (According to a video he uploaded to his encore channel the same day.)


No. 670894

ever see Lainey's draw my life? it's since been deleted (it was a Patreon-exclusive that got leaked, but I can't find the mirror anymore.)

her only boyfriend other than Greg was the David Goodman guy (she talks about him in her stalker video)
he leaked her semi-nudes, she dated him anyway, he stalked her and verbally abused her, she stayed anyway. She only left because she started talking to Greg over Skype and said she didn't even acknowledge it was abusive until after Greg. I honestly feel like shes never going to leave Greg. she doesn't have enough life experience as result of being groomed so young to acknowledge how abnormal her relationship is

No. 670899

File: 1560824434564.png (14.79 KB, 505x239, onision meme.png)

He types so childishly, and I can't tell if it's because he's genuinely mentally stunted, or he's trying to appeal/groom his 16 year old female audience that watch him

Like who the fuck writes shit like this unironically as a 30 something year old

I thought I was watching someone mock Onision, but nope, Onision says shit like this actually thinking some 16 year old with blue dyed pubes is gonna see this One Direction reject, and be like, "omg <3 the perfect man. So open minded. So sweet… he likes me in sweatpants, and he's a trans ally <3 xox"

No. 670908

lol he called her a lady.

No. 670911

I feel like if somebody feels their Cameo isn't satisfactory and asks for a new one or a refund, it'll be the end of Cameo for Greg because he'll go into full on rage

No. 670924

Just a reminder to the Lainey sympathizers, time and time again she's proven (and said in many cases):
-she doesn't feel bad for how her husband treats friends, family (I can't control Greg)
-she doesn't feel bad for how she's treated friends and family (where's my sympathy)
-she doesn't care how shitty Greg is; rather she enjoys the fact that people take about their concerns as she wants to be pitied (and then laugh)
The boychild can't take input/criticism for anybody, remember when he was supposed to work on a project with some group and he fought over control of the camera work?

No. 670954

Hmm.. maybe anus’s top tier perk will be ‘creative’ nudes of Laineybot. Lol maybe that’s what he has up his sleeve. I honestly wouldn’t put it past him

No. 670990

File: 1560835614055.png (4.78 MB, 2436x1125, C65ABD40-44D7-4ED1-9A25-CEFEAB…)

Onion released another (cringe) compilation of his old music videos on his main channel and in the bully video he gets fondled and jacked off by his then-wife on-camera.


No. 670991

File: 1560835742970.jpeg (106.62 KB, 1125x465, 2B0A4550-750F-41F8-ABEB-8CCD21…)

Oh and I found this comment:

Not sure if he’s trolling or not but it wouldn’t be surprising at the very least.

No. 671025

Holy shit, has anyone here managed to scroll through his entire Instagram feed? It's almost entirely selfies and there are SO many photos I scrolled for 10 minutes and didn't get to the end. He posted 'comparison' shots of 2 photos 10 yrs apart at least TEN times to 'prove' how 'young' his aging ass is. It's the most blatantly narcissistic feed I've ever seen. He REAAALLY thinks he's hot shit.

You're not, Greg. You're a pimply man with a personality disorder who coasted on a viral video for a longer than you should have. But's it's over.

You will NEVER be a YT success story. NEVER again.

No. 671026

lainey is like the complaisant wife that shrugs when the husband molests the kids

her only ex before greg raped her repeatedly and she still stayed
she's hopeless tbh

No. 671030

File: 1560852035142.png (213.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190618-105755.png)

Please be about the cameo please be about the cameo

No. 671038

Grugly mentioned talking to people about his finances and said he thinks it's going to be okay. I wonder who exactly he means?

For some reason, I feel like it's not financial advisors or investors. It doesn't seem like there's enough income to warrant such things, though I do realize those sorts of professionals don't JUST deal with the wealthy.

I wonder if there's a possibility it could really mean he's been talking to the bank who owns his house. I wonder if he's been attempting to modify his loan or something, or maybe he's been trying to work out getting caught up with his mortgage. It's the way he said "I think it's gonna be okay" that makes me think it's more to do with losing assets vs figuring out how to gain assets.

What do y'all reckon he meant?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 671039

Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention the fact that when the IRS stuff first came to light, Grugly said in reference to speaking with an IRS rep that he thinks everything is going to be okay. And we all know it wasn't and that he was in H U G E shit.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 671050

He had an accountant after he committed tax fraud, not sure if he still does.

No. 671056

Thank you. I hate that she gets so many passes despite having proved she is just as much of a cunt as he is. And she also has a long history of being a shit parent, making it very doubtful she'd do well as a 'mommy vlogger'.

No. 671068

File: 1560873886793.png (686.67 KB, 997x853, 20190618_120401.png)

Ah. I hadn't considered that. Now that you mention, I remember reading somewhere that he had IRS business to take care of this month. The fact that he mentioned talking to crazy Tammy in the same video makes me wonder if he's begging for the house back he gave her or maybe he, Taylor and the Gruglettes need to move in with her. He hasn't mentioned speaking to her in forever, so now that he has while they're having financial issues is pretty suspect. Also, he literally looks like a sasquatch in this photo from his gross poshmark.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 671078

File: 1560876918891.jpg (507.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190618-125015_Chr…)

It has been truly a pleasure seeing Grugly squirm while his actual male peers attempt interaction and banter. He really just cant handle it. I dont watch youtubers, but fpsdiesel and the likes responses to Greggy's hypocrisy and cowardice have been excellent.

Btw, anyone know what this person is talking about from the patreon? (Image). There was also a recording of one of patrons saying she was 16, and Greg almost trying to cut her off…the video was linked on Twitter I wish I had saved it.

No. 671080

Bold of them to assume he would say the same thing to his daughter, who he doesn't even talk to.

No. 671086

File: 1560879966138.png (37.42 KB, 576x410, stalker.png)

I took a quick look, maybe this one?

No. 671093


God, it pisses me off how he types. shrugs. smirks. “Yeah . . . It’s tough. It’s . . . Something really deep.”

Only 11 year olds type with ellipses and narrate actions like a dunce. I can’t believe this fucker even passed high school.

No. 671123


And that's the kind of communication people pay for to have with him?

Patron: "Hey, that's a really bad thing that happened to you, fellow Greg-patron."

Greg: "Yeah, whatever."

Patron: "Good that you're feeling better now."

Greg: "Yeah, whatever."

Even my pets show more interest in my life. lmao

No. 671128

Grug started a fake company called neisimuto or something like that and he was using it as basically an undeclared tax shelter.

That's what he set up with his cpa. He had to renew the company earlier this year and didn't. More than likely the IRS sniffed this out.

No. 671145

For those of you that haven't noticed, sage is back in /pt/.

No. 671186

Let's be real, the only decent thing the gergles have done in their lives is not put their children on camera

Whether or not it was for the right reasons, it's the right thing to do

No. 671191

File: 1560908765424.png (24.81 KB, 568x287, sc1.png)

Either Greg or the 16 year old deleted the comment about her losing her virginity. A bit suspicious since it was up until it was shared here.

She's been commenting on all his patreon post and they appear to be friends. This comment makes me think there is something to the claims that Greg has been complaining about Lainey's translarping and is considering divorce.

No. 671194

Perhaps she has outgrown the childish anime posters that adorn the shack.

No. 671198

How narcissistic do you have to be that you think Cameo is just for a 'quick shout out or hey'
If he wanted to do that he should have just put down personalized videos. He doesn't wanna put in effort because he's a control freak. Plus it doesn't matter who it is, he believes he's giving that person traffic by making an appearance in their shitty video and he can't stand people 'making money off him' even if it's a shitty fan who's videos probably won't even be seen.
He'd rather make quick personalised hello videos for his female fans so that he can feel special.
He thinks he's that special that people would want short videos of him saying hi to them. Wow.

No. 671231

File: 1560922273930.png (91.5 KB, 720x1113, Screenshot_20190619-010948~2.p…)

Update, VERY likely that Onion is about to hit IRSGate 2.0. Pic related is from a publicly available listing for his somewhat hidden second business "Nesiamotu". It's been noted as delinquent since February. As it is listed as a c-corp, this means mainly he has defaulted on income tax for this company.

Ever since discovering this I've personally kept an eye on it, especially since he has often refered to himself as an "investor". With no money to invest in literally anything worth a fuck, and no equity built in anything he's ever done with his YouTube ventures to be worth anyone else's investments, this entire thing has screamed "tax shelter" to me.

He's fucked.

No. 671232

File: 1560922658408.png (106.07 KB, 720x751, Screenshot_20190619-010933~2.p…)

No. 671233

At one point he had a "sethouse", not to be confused with the house Onion gifted to his mother, that was fully paid off. He sold it during his "boohoo my life is crumbling around me because turbotax". That could be where any money for investments could have come from.

No. 671240

Lmao I love how Gurg's face always ends up on /r/hittablefaces on Reddit, he gets posted bi-monthly it seems, and whenever he gets posted on reddit usually it's on a cringe post. Karma.

No. 671242

File: 1560926568946.jpg (240.08 KB, 1080x622, Screenshot_20190619-024118_Chr…)

Set house was 6803 133rd Street CT E Puyallup, WA 98373 sold 6/30/2017 for $246,144.

But finding this info I stumbled upon James Jackson aka the new Onion. They also renamed the Onion bulbs. Fucking Cloey Abbigale really?

No. 671253

File: 1560928641111.jpg (78.09 KB, 1080x168, Screenshot_20190619-031704_Chr…)


No. 671256

What does the E and R stand for? I'm guessing before and after, but I'm confused because it's mixed up in some places

No. 671257

E is grantee R is grantor meaning the e is the new name r is the old name

No. 671258

Thanks. I'm surprised they're using the old last name. Looks like they updated it here too https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/laineybot.html

No. 671260

wtf did he really change his name that many times? i've changed my name once, and the process was so tedious, and it raises no red flags when he does it like 4 times?

No. 671261

So did Greg change his name to James???

No. 671263

Yup he's Jimmy now.

No. 671264

My guess is the name changes are for job hunting because of all the grooming google searches

No. 671266

>job hunting
hahahahaha that would be hilarious if he ever tried to get a job

No. 671267

Pretty sure you can change your name as many times as you want but it does make the background report take longer.
And if the application asks you to disclose all previous names and he doesn't that could allow a prospective employer to disqualify him from employment.

No. 671269

File: 1560931480820.jpg (20.87 KB, 313x499, 41GYbyfcMYL._SX311_BO1,204,203…)

Wait, Abbigale… His book. That's all kinds of creepy.

No. 671277

He probably tried to use the corp as a way to shield further income streams from the IRS or something. But if he doesn't file taxes he's going to pop up on their radar again real fast.

Really it's staggering how ineptly Onision has been managing his finances. He exceeded the expected lifetime earnings for a guy who graduated HS and trained to become the Airforce version of Paul Blart Mall Cop several times, instead making something like a few million off Youtube thanks to the accidential exposure of his Banana suit dancing.
Now other people, smarter people, would probably use a CPA, file correct taxes on time and invest substantial sums so they could live frugally off rent and capital gains while only working to supplement their income.

But not Onision. Having the spending habits and impulse control barely above of a bum who just won the lottery, the Greaselord opt for pissing away unending amounts of money on trivialities, expensive consumer goods and flying out barely legal girls to stick his third little finger inside their (hopefully dry) vaginas.

Discounting probable lies about his financial situation, he's still saddled with IRS debt, enviro restoration fines and dwindeling viewership and less potential recruits for his next teen bride. He's going to lash out again soon, maybe after his next manic phase?

No. 671278

If Greg can't keep his Death Note posters up, I think he'd die.

No. 671280

That's so gross. Which came first, the book or the kid? Either way, it's fucked up he'd name his kid after his fictional manic pixie dream bride. Or vice versa. Yikes.

No. 671287

The book came out 2015, clot came out 2016.

No. 671288

He's back to his mother's maiden name? TOPKEK. He must have really run out of ideas for a new surname. Also Cloey Abbigale? They must really hate their daughter, giving her one name from a character Shiloh played on his channel and a character from his book. Does Gurgles want his daughter to become a troubled uwu goth/emo chick when she's older?

No. 671290

Anon, that's his type, he is practically making his dream girl and since she has half his DNA it's almost like loving himself.

No. 671298

Well he did indeed say that incest is natural…

No. 671299


No. 671309

Lurk more newfag.

Cloey’s name is just a reminder that Taylor will never be number one to Greg and it’s funny that she refuses to see that. Especially since she was such a big fan of his before they were dating. Abbigale is essentially Shiloh, and it’s why Taylor hated the Stones to Abbigale so much.

No. 671311

I'm more shocked Lainey actually legally changed her name to Kai lol Didn't see that happening.

No. 671316

I didn’t either. That must mean they are telling the kids she has a new name and presumably a new gender.

I wonder if top surgery comes next.

No. 671318

Makes me wonder if Greg has forced her to change her name and/or her sex on official documents. But then again would either of them go that far into the translarping hole?

No. 671323

You have to have a document from a gender therapist to change your gender marker on any official documents in Washington. So far all they’ve done is change their family name. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually transitions though. What I’ll be surprised by is if divorcegate happens after her transition.

No. 671324

While it was never proven:
Stated that Greg was doing it so he could divorce Lainey and get out of spousal support by saying she defrauded him.

Take it with a grain of salt, but it seems to be a plausible reason for him to be supporting it so much.

No. 671325

FYI according to Pierce County changing all of their names cost them close to a grand. The filing fee is $204 each, I don't think the "family name change" fee applies because they got rid of their middle names.


Wouldn't she have it done in New Mexico since she was born there?

No. 671331

No. 671354

Wait, so if I write down that Gregory Avaroe aka Onision is now called James Jackson and his wife, Taylor Elaine Anderson, who has been known as Lainey Avaroe and is now called Kai Jackson, will google pick that up then?

Would that inform people looking up his name to have a quick background check that Gregory Avaroe and James Jackson are the same person?

>Really it's staggering how ineptly Onision has been managing his finances.
>Now other people, smarter people, would probably use a CPA, file correct taxes on time and invest substantial sums so they could live frugally off rent and capital gains while only working to supplement their income.

That's because he has delusions of grandeur: He knows everything and is better at anything and everything than any professional and if something goes wrong, he just blames everyone but himself.

No. 671357

I don’t know. James Jackson is a stupidly common name

No. 671358

Yup. for once Greg has made a smart decision.. noone is gonna google that and find his history. And honestly thats as much of a check that some/most employers do

No. 671362

File: 1560961259434.jpeg (138.45 KB, 750x966, EAE20C2A-A666-438E-855B-C337BE…)

The entire google front page for James Jackson has to do with a white supremacist murderer… kek, but also maybe purposeful. Gurg thinks he’ll get buried in search results. Too bad he’s too stupid to know that you usually have to disclose any past names for anything legit.

No. 671364

Maybe connecting location like James Jackson of Gig Harbor or Pierce County, Washington.

Kiwifarms is on the second page of james jackson of gig harbor

No. 671367

He’s such a dumb con man and a piece of shit. Start a made up company! Change your name whenever you feel like it! Start a Patreon and constantly change the benefits!

Also reminder that farmers saw the “Welcome Cloey” banner in their house way back when and thought it was a red herring from Greg James Jackson. He truly named his child CLOEY, unforgivable.

No. 671368

File: 1560963063867.png (898.67 KB, 1080x719, clairebanner.png)

I think you mean the Claire banner, I think the first time we saw Cloey was a decal over a crib.

No. 671369

File: 1560963118248.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1924, 34BAF847-1F79-4CFA-9E61-5B25C4…)

In non-name change related news, looks like Repzion is serious about suing James Jackson.

No. 671374

James Jackson and Kai Jackson have been added to the thread op.

No. 671384

Wtf, why would they spend so much money to change their names for fun, when they're ~~struggling~~ so hard

>changes her fucking name to her new boi identity
>won't tell her parents she's a snowflake

I think legally changing your name is already pretty far gone if you're doing it for snowflake points.
Imo she's just a totally lost woman who threw away her life and happiness at 17 and I think any decent therapist can see that too.

No. 671389

I mean, Greg has already changed his name multiple times. It's clear they don't treat it like a serious commitment.

No. 671396

File: 1560971618905.jpg (535.06 KB, 1066x1531, Yikes .jpg)

Gregory James Jackson naming his kid after his ex's skit name is like one step away from this dude

No. 671399

File: 1560973275699.jpeg (650.46 KB, 1125x1647, 27E511A9-51C9-4C76-AD25-5D9EB2…)

Do any of you lovely ladies want to debate James Jacksoff? Also lol at his quote retweet.

No. 671404

He's too pussy shit to take up on mikenactors debate offer so he's hoping for just a bunch of his fans to show up and lick his cunt.

No. 671407

onion is "debating" people on younow at the moment


No. 671408

Has this dumbshit forgotten when Lucidia debated, I mean, humiliated him? lmao

No. 671410

he's picking random people in the chat but theyre all insane people and children

No. 671411

Did Onion ever call Shiloh "Shy"? I feel like I have heard it at least once. Skye, Shy, Kai. Someone might be slipping up with names.

No. 671418

“Insane people and children” is the perfect description for Onision, I mean James Jackson’s, fanbase.

No. 671427

he's talking to a stressed out teen, kawaii blonde girl, and smug-looking midwesterner right now… idk who this blonde girl is, but i really hope she tears him down]

currently discussing eugenia lol

No. 671429

that was anticlimactic, theyre all letting him off way too easily

No. 671430

naw. theyre all scared teens or trolls

No. 671431

>>671427 As usual he's picking the low hanging fruit to talk to.

No. 671434

he must've needed a huge attention boost today, cherry-picking scared teens must make his micropeen feel sooooo good right now

No. 671436

someone asked him to explain why he made some inappropriate jokes and he just starts talking about Shane instead.

so far he hasn't really answered any questions anyone has had, but it doesn't help that he's only talked to nervous teen girls.

No. 671507

File: 1560993879220.png (40.43 KB, 760x356, name change.PNG)

They're asking questions about his name change on his forum. I dont think unbrit is a troll or spy, "she" seems to have a history on the forums before this topic was made. I wonder if Greg will ignore then lock the thread/topic, or do some kind of "stepping in and out of the truth" like Joe eloquently described when it came to Gregs "truth"
Onision: My middle name has always been James.

No. 671511


true, most employers aren't actually going to check all the names or do a background check. that said, most WILL just trash any application that lists 5-6 name changes because it looks sketch as hell on its own

No. 671512

They're seriously still breastfeeding their kids? This woman is delaying her wisdom tooth surgery because she can't take painkillers while breastfeeding. I know Greg pushes how important breastfeeding is and the codependency that Lainey gains from it. But she's delaying wisdom tooth surgery over this, when she clearly mentioned she was having tooth pain.

No. 671515

If Greg thinks changing his name to something that's equivalent to John Smith is going to help him get a high paying job in the near future hes just as wrong as hes been with everything else in his life. The interviewer is going to see he was enlisted 2005 to 2008, and then he'll need to explain how he supported himself the past 11 years. If he says says YouTube then all this cloak and daggar shit with changing his name was for nothing because you know they will look up his YT history.
The end result of him working for someone is all I care about. Lets pretend he gets a decent job as an editor for some video company, he wont last. He will rub everyone the wrong way, he'll tell his bosses how they're wrong and hes right, and probably do some creepy shit to the female employees that causes HR to get involved.

No. 671517

File: 1560995615231.jpeg (158.09 KB, 1242x981, D9daAuGWsAAnf89.jpeg)

This YouTuber is saying she can and will take anus to court for falsely copyright claiming her videos. I hope this works and the smug ogre gets his ass obliterated in court

No. 671518

Isn't their oldest kid about five and their youngest kid about three? They don't need to breastfeed anymore. It's very telling that Greg values unneeded titty milk for the kids over his "twin flame" Taylor's dental health…

No. 671519

Good for her. Greg deserves to be sued by many people. Hopefully she wins.

No. 671522

It reminds of when an anon jokingly said that maybe they breastfeed the kids to save money and time on buying/making food for them. I could totally see it

No. 671524

File: 1560996626540.png (18.58 KB, 831x206, money.png)

What is he up to? I really do hope he's digging himself a deeper hole.

No. 671544

It's not like this is an inherently bad business model or any typeof fraud. Where it becomes those things is if you don't pay your damn taxes for the company.

Trust Greg, uh sorry Jimmy, so use a cpa to set up a business model then defraud that model to land himself in more hot water.

No. 671547

File: 1561000076064.png (34.36 KB, 833x359, money 2.png)

No. 671557

File: 1561001608420.png (32.39 KB, 939x541, 8867.PNG)

welp, I guess James didnt like them giving away his secret name change

No. 671562

This kid made himself look like an idiot during that “debate” and didn’t have the smarts to ask any real relevant questions.

But are we sure Greg isn’t just referring to “onision” as his business? As in he spends all his Patreon money buying himself new instruments for his shitty music instead of using it on his family? Cause that’s what it sounds like to me.

No. 671582

Hmm tbh I’m thinking that perhaps he is saying that all the revenue from patreon goes to his accountant to pay his tax fraud bill. That’s plausible and then I’m left to assume they live off Lainey’s channel and whatever else money they’re pulling in.. Anus still makes some money off Youtube, not a lot but if they combine their income I’m sure they’re not hurting too much.

The name change is just odd.. I’m going to agree with the other anon who said maybe it has something to do with them seeking employment elsewhere or to hide their online stuff.

No. 671595

Probably keeping income in his corporation to minimize personal tax burdens. Pretty common for many, but as with all things you can count on his shady past and present idiocy to ensure a future blowup.

No. 671596

but wasn't his corporation dissolved already? Unless he has another, that is.

No. 671597

watching that horror show of a "debate" stream today and seeing some of his twitter comments I am starting to realize a lot of his most active haters are just an young and idiotic as his fans.
They make the rest of us look bad and only further Greg's opinions that we make shit up and aren't intelligent.

No. 671608

kind of like how gregory "james jackson" david avaroe of gig habor washington treats marriage

No. 671609

I don't know if it's still true, but Trot quit the titty months ago.

No. 671610

Absolutely guaranteed that Taylor does it for weight loss under the guise of being a crunchy mom. And onion has a superiority complex over it, we all saw his gross tweets about it.

No. 671631

Why can't his fans just google pierce county public auditor records (https://armsweb.co.pierce.wa.us/) and look it up themfuckingselves? The only reason why Lainey's name is on a separate screenshot is because the search goes Last Name, First Name Middle and whoever put it in their system fucked it up. His fans are dullards, they need to stop letting Onion spoonfeed them bullshit.

This chick has been extra annoying on twitter kinda being a whiny bitch when Repzion didn't just instantly respond to her tweets when it was late at night and early morning for him. Saying that Repzion probably hates gameplay channels and that's why he won't help her(???). I don't trust her enough with my money because of that kinda childish attitude, but if Rep sued I'd throw some money at it because he's a bigger youtuber and has more accountability because of that. Good luck to her if she does it, but maybe don't act so melodramatic it sorta makes it seem like your motives aren't pure.

No. 671633

File: 1561028945165.png (201.58 KB, 788x985, swampshackfullreconveyance.png)

Sorry to double post but you need to copy and paste the link, clicking on it doesn't work.

There's also more recent shit from "avaroe gregory". In April it looks like they purchased large lot next to them for $19k Funnily enough they still list Lainey and Greg as husband and wife. They also received full reconveyance on the swamp shack. I don't speak legalese but it sounds like they don't owe on the Swamp Shack anymore?

No. 671635

Almost 20k? I know most of his “money problems” were a way to drain fans of their allowance money but I thought with his indulgent spending over the years that he wouldn’t have that kind of cash free.

No. 671636

Is there a way to help Grugly's Onision identity and all its terrible-ness come up when James Jackson is searched on Google? Like, if we enter James Jackson Onision into Google and stuff will it help whatever algorithm Google uses to correlate those search results?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 671638

It does. Greg paid off the Swamp Shack mortgage in full. Once again indicating that Gruggles constantly lies about his finances and used the stories about "struggling" to soak his retarded teen/tween fans.

No. 671642

Well, I wonder if Greg Avaroe's / James Jackson's Patrons know that the money they give him fully goes to his company and he's still able to spend $20,000 on a plot he doesn't necessarily need.

No. 671645

Its quite possible he's still making financial blunders and can't really afford this at all. Who fucking knows.

No. 671651

File: 1561037212819.jpg (118.29 KB, 953x307, newplot.jpg)

Samefagging, I'll just leave that screenshot here (adjacent plot).

No. 671652

File: 1561037263395.jpg (130.05 KB, 950x368, swampshag.jpg)

Another one of the trailer, just to have both in one place.

No. 671654

File: 1561037589968.jpg (90.43 KB, 945x823, newplotmap.jpg)

$19,000 might have been kind of a bargain actually.

But it's quite interesting that he bought the plot April 16 when his last official application / permit dates back to April 11.

No. 671656

File: 1561037766502.jpg (92.07 KB, 941x453, permit.jpg)

No. 671659

Just more wetland for Onion to destroy.

No. 671671

Guess now we know why recently he’s been filming in a bunch of areas of his “yard” that didn’t look anything like his yard as we’ve previously seen.

No. 671674

Well he did film his yard, just from the trees of his neighboring lot that he hadn't had the chance to clear. He also hasn't been allowed to mow the gubmints land so its overgrown compared to the sod he laid out. In one of the videos where he was going over the restoration plan it mentions that he's not allowed to remove plants in the buffer zone, to which he says that a plant that is considered an invasive species (species of blackberry) that he had originally tried to remove is growing back in the buffer zone because he never removed it properly.

No. 671683

That’s extremely smart (Jimmy Jacks must have gotten a better accountant) because all the IRS and the county and state wetlands people can do is put a lien on the house, whereas they could have just scooped any money sitting in a bank account.

No. 671694

so the swamp trailer used to belong to the heirs of robert e lee???

No. <