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File: 1593585493450.png (879.77 KB, 744x1014, 1593577531610.png)

No. 783058

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Required Reading/Viewing:
>Shane Dawson sexualizing young children thread: https://twitter.com/misshemlock/status/1276465876607229952
>A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies: https://tinyurl.com/y6fqpkg9
>Karmageddon summary: https://tinyurl.com/ydesyz6g
>The Bye Sister/Karmageddon Character sheet: https://tinyurl.com/y6wlzrcc

>People FINALLY start to question Jeffree Star’s history/behavior after his previous affiliation with Dahvie Vanity (who is publicly outed as preying on underage fans)
>Jeffree repeatedly brags about having dirt on everyone, but claims he never knew anything was going on with Dahvie in interview with Chris Hansen. No one buys it.
>Jeffree goes on Keemstar, claims he has a recording of an assault victim of James Charles, still zero receipts
>Shane makes a Twitter notes apology where he tries to justify being friends with Jeffree and destroying JC’s career with no evidence, claims he needed to be served “a slice of humble pie the size of the fucking empire state building” >>990492 >>990493 >>990494 >>990497 >>990498
>Shane is outed with multiple instances of blackface and predatory content going back years
>Jeffree is outed (again) with multiple instances of racism and just being a terrible person going back years
>Shane is called out by Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for a video where he’s pretending to jerk off on a poster of then 12 year old Willow Smith
>Blaire White claims she’s heard the voice memo and calls Jeffree a monster in an attempt to defend Shane? Or something?
>Tati releases a video claiming she was manipulated by Jeffree and Shane (statements approved by her lawyers) >>999319
>Shane has a full on tantrum on Instagram Live in response to Tati’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YMoUJymhaw
>Ryland throws a fit on Twitter in defense of Shane: >>999407 >>999410
>Trisha weighs in: >>1000002 >>1000018

Shane Dawson's Crew/Additional Collaborators:
>Jeffree Star: Scary cosmetic alien, horrible person (https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar)
>Ryland Adams: Fiance (https://twitter.com/Ryland_Adams)
>Morgan Adams: Fiance's sister (https://twitter.com/_morganadams_)
>Andrew Siwicki: Cameraman & Editor (https://twitter.com/AndrewSiwicki)
>Garrett Watts: Big tall friend (https://twitter.com/Garrett_Watts)
>Kati Morton: Questionable therapist (https://twitter.com/KatiMorton)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanedawson
Youtube: youtube.com/shane
Instagram: @shanedawson
Thread #1: >>697489
Thread #2: >>843231
Thread #3: >>900756
EDIT: Original thread OP with working links -> >>>/snow/1000263

No. 783060

We are back!! did anyone watch nikita's video? or was it just bait? i dont want to waste my time with these fools!

No. 783061

It was just bait, just a Q&A get ready with me.

No. 783062

I listened to about 20 minutes and there was nothing about Shane in there up to that point, it was just bait.

For the anon from yesterday ( the former fan ) - have you started reading his 2nd book yet? If so, was there anything of interest in there?
I was reading his first one and I'm very confused about who this content is targeted at, who the buyer demographic is suppose to be.
It's too out there for kids/young teens to read, while adults just aren't going to be entertained.

Also, thanks farmhands!

No. 783063

Jafart's grandma looks awfully young in this video.

No. 783064

He paid off some random woman to pretend to be his mother for years, by his own admission in the shane documentary series. I don't think any of his family actually keeps in contact with him.

No. 783066

watch him be like "thats my maternal grandma thats 103 my paternal grandma who is in this video is actually the co-owner of the fountain of youth, discount code coming soon"
that is so sad no wonder he is so bitter even his own mother wants nothing to do with him even AFTER he amassed fortunes. That shows you what a shitty person he is. Unless she's dead or something which i doubt.

No. 783067

File: 1593650963860.gif (751.01 KB, 320x180, B671E25F-2CB7-447F-8D69-141056…)

>pedo shane dawson taking his rightful place in /pt/ next to pedo onionboy
this is a really beautiful moment, godbless u mods. I always knew they’d end up together!

No. 783068

And next to pedo yaniv too kek

No. 783069

oh to see without my eyes

No. 783071

Everyone attacks Onionboy for his "music" and yes it is awful but, Shane's music is somehow sooo much worse. I can barely finish the video, it's so bad.

No. 783074

File: 1593652953189.jpg (56.18 KB, 594x299, bree.jpg)

I think Jimmy's "songs" are much worse. He has zero artistic talent.
Watching this felt like I was watching a parody, though, so I agree that it's really bad.
Kind of weird to see his fans crying because he privated this video, lol. Although in all fairness they're probably tweens.
Is that Bree playing the female lead?

No. 783075

Can’t remember if this was posted in the previous thread or not but if so it deserves a repost for accessibility. Shane in the 2014 reality competition “The Chair”
>Is given $800K to direct a movie
>Shane demands the script be rewritten to include dirty raunchy jokes to appeal to his fanbase, is then mad he doesn’t get a Writing credit
>Script is so bad no one wants to be in it or work on it
>No one wants anything to do with it or him because of how racist and homophobic he is
>Shane insists on playing the lead and romantic love interest
>Spends the entire time freaking out about how he looks on camera and if he looks fat
>Throws tantrums, yells at producer, treats everyone like shit
>Refuses to take criticism or advice or feedback
>Then talks about how open and collaborative he’s been uwu
>Keeps comparing it to Superbad
>Competitors’ movie is universally preferred
>Wins competition because his fangirls show up to screenings to meet him
>Zachary Quinto fucking hates him

It’s just chef’s kiss an exact mirror to all of the toxic behavior he’s publicly exhibiting now. Clearly Jeffree didn’t corrupt Shane, he’s always been this awful. I’m honestly surprised he and Drew remained friends for as long as they did after seeing this. (apparently Drew is the only decent part of the movie)

No. 783077

File: 1593653449292.png (161 KB, 850x408, 5AB0B179-5566-4D1A-A99E-08A418…)

New York Times review is maybe my favorite
>"an abyss, an insult to the craft of filmmaking, storytelling and entertainment in almost every way."
Especially since he ended his twitter apology talking about how he wanted to make films or whatever

No. 783078

dont come for me but i lowkey liked it. it gave me metrostation shake it vibes. maybe im just nostalgic for early 00s

No. 783079

He's delusional if he thinks he wasn't already blacklisted in the film industry after that fiasco

No. 783081

5:55-6:45 kek this aged well

No. 783083

I haven't watched the movie. I might, just to see if it's really that bad ( I'm sure it is ). It's on YT.
Shane's behaving like a complete narcissistic douchebag in this series, tho.

No. 783084

Has Jeffree Star/Jimbo Scat broken his silence yet? Snapchat or instagram story, anything?

No. 783086

Susan Wojcicki must feel like a clown after all those meetings with Shame Diabetes

No. 783087

His visiting his 100, or is it 104 gram no wait 103. trying to give her the covid or something.

No. 783088

No. 783089

"POOP IS FUNNY PEOPLE…..WAKE UP" has me in stitches. shame and his fans are a special breed

No. 783090

File: 1593656101620.png (48.9 KB, 953x487, 766d152c6f2.png)

Jeeeeesus christ. Also Missi Pyle what the fuck are you doing there, you're better than this!!!

Neither Nikita or Tati executed it this well, but if I were Laura or Manny or anyone Jeffree accused of being racist, I would absolutely clickbait people with a Jeffree drama video, slam it full of ads, and then donate the AdSense to BLM. Can you imagine what a power move that would be? I know all yall drama channels lurk here, one of you better get on that before Jeffree does. Cause unlike Shane's dumbass he probably has a team of PR people and lawyers working on how to save him right now.

Which is to say, I don't at all hate Nikita baiting Jeffree drama and then spending a good portion of the video talking about BLM, it just feels like a missed opportunity to really stick the landing.

No. 783091

I never picked up on the falling out between Bree and Shane, has anyone seen any caps on what shit he said about her? I guess the tweets might be lost.

Nope still radio silence. He hasn't posted in days I think. I'm curious to know whether the time he's taking means he's struggling knowing what to do next or whether we are in for a drama treat. Only time will tell.

No. 783094

>>783091 Jeffree was out buying a car and meeting fans lmao

No. 783096

Wtf? I remember reading that his mother is very sick and him saying that she lives with him in his mansion

No. 783098

File: 1593657440819.jpeg (129.75 KB, 750x1334, 927845620837.jpeg)

No. 783101

Literally nothing about Jeffree Giraffe can be trusted lol

No. 783103

File: 1593657907764.png (173.74 KB, 879x332, 2c6f2sa.png)

Don't wanna give Rich Lux the views but is he still 30 miles up Jeffree's ass? Jeffree's previous MO of dropping hints to drama channels right before he does something and Rich being his #1 brainwashed grunt makes me wonder if
means anything. I'm just wondering if Jeffree's plan is to completely throw Shane under the bus, and he's trying to lay the groundwork or something.

No. 783105

File: 1593658874285.png (166.31 KB, 589x707, hftt.png)

tried to look up this boomkackmua and he's still on insta, but it seems like he deleted his twitter after that story cause it was posted all over twitter, kek. Looks like he got into it with HFTT last week as well.

No. 783106

File: 1593659224043.jpg (189.31 KB, 1080x1080, 98331660_834658503710603_75018…)

I don't trust anyone whose hair looks like this

No. 783107

the hair isn't the only problem there tbh

So Edwin is reacting to Tati's video rn, not really a fan of his content but maybe he'll say something new.

No. 783110

I never paid much attention to the Manny/Jeffree drama back in the day but I’m losing my mind, this dude deadass says
>I wanna say I’m sorry for saying your asshole smelled like sriracha sauce, that it looked like you were on drugs, like you had a carrot dick
with a straight face. I guess he lied about hooking up with Manny? But he says he did it cause he wanted Jeffree to think he was cool and Jeffree encouraged him to go with that narrative when Manny was being cancelled even though it was obvious he was lying. But I can’t stop laughing cause this dude just genuinely seems SO dumb, a true himbo

No. 783117

>maybe he'll say something new

I envy your optimism.

No. 783121

video of jeffstein buying the car

No. 783122


Is this real lmao? The statuses are sending me(imageboard)

No. 783123

It's a fake account that takes you down a really weird Stargate SG1/ Teen Mom wormhole. Someone has very specific interests I guess.

No. 783125

Even Repzion did a video on the Tati/Shane/Jeffree shit storm. He's either slightly less of a tard than I thought, or a farmer. His take is the general consensus of this and the prior thread.

Also no one seemed phased by this video so I'm assuming I'm the only one late to the party in realising Jeffree used to upload revenge porn on "isanyoneup" and has his own rape allegations to go along with his 'straight guy' fetish? >>>/snow/1000316

Personally the guy's a bit insufferable, his favorite YouTuber on Contrapoints (kek), but I found the video interesting until the Gen Z tumblrite speech half way through. Again that might just be personal taste.

No. 783129

File: 1593667064683.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x2127, A8F23745-DB50-409F-88D2-F59D34…)

There’s a video that has been circulating around the internet where Jeffree claims to own shares in Morphe. They came out mysteriously stating they don’t stand with Shane but Jeffree is fine? Something is suspicious.

No. 783132

I honestly love Amandabb. Can't post her video on KF (obvious reasons). Literally her and Kenya predicted this a whole ass year ago and nobody listened.

No. 783133

wtf is this email lmao, they weren't sending anything like this when james charles was getting called a nonce

No. 783134

This is so funny. If there was a doubt that Joffrey owns shares/has power over Morphe now there's none

No. 783135

File: 1593670671948.jpg (55.23 KB, 828x381, voldemort.jpg)

If he owns a part of Morphe then this is him lowkey shitting on Shane without making an official response to the whole situation. I can't wait for him to make a public statement and i'm sure he's going to cut as many heads are necessary to save his own.

I wonder if Nate would dare to say something milky about him or the whole drama now that they are no longer together, he did live with him for several years and Jeffree involved him with the JC scandal implying something happened between them.

No. 783136

I feel that for the first time in Jeffree’s life he won’t say anything. That’s what a lot of youtubers are failing to realize. The more they give attention to things or address anything, the worse it gets. If they ignore it, it will eventually go away.

I don’t think Jeff will say anything. I think he’ll move silently.

No. 783137

File: 1593671366448.jpeg (269.45 KB, 1174x872, C6CA8327-F829-4A6F-BBB1-9D0EF4…)

anyone who has any basic brain function predicted this a year ago and no one listened, no one listened because jeffree made it impossible for anyone to listen, that’s what he does.

no one could have possibly predicted the conditions necessary though, just goes to show how unkillable he’s been that it literally took this much occurring at one time to finally get us here. turns out Dahvie, a global pandemic and the murder of an unarmed black man were all his horcruxes. (which I think makes tati narcissa in this scenario?)

anyways, countdown til Jeffree throws Shane under the bus to save his own ass with a sob story about how he too was manipulated by big mean Shane
pic related, shane and jeffy

No. 783138


OT but I'm convinced Repzion is a farmer

No. 783139

I just kind of assume most of them are? or lurkers at the very least, especially the ones that cover onion. iirc pettypaige did a couple of videos about onion that were pretty much entirely ripped from the threads at the time

No. 783140

He is impulsive and messy as fuck, he proved it countless of times. I 100% believe he has some sort of PR and they're making him not say anything

No. 783141

Might simply a case of Voldemort making Morphe a fuckton of money instead of holding a significant amount of shares. I wouldn't be shocked if he really does own a big chunk but the preferential treatment could also be explained by his pull being far greater than Shart.

I concur, unfortunately. If he says nothing, unless Shane throws him under the bus, he can get away the way he did with Tati during the previous drama. He can let Shane sperg and maybe he might vaguepost, don't expect him to say much though. Tati's video was an incredible self-own, didn't seem like Twitter bought it at all. Seems to me he is already in the clear. As much as I don't like the "hitting on straight men is RAPE" tier takes, gay men really get away with the most in female-dominated spaces.

No. 783142

I'm thinking about what Jaclyn said in her video - that Shane should make another video where he addresses every issue separately and apologies.
I'm not sure how that would work. Although I have no idea what possesses someone to do blackface ( and so many times! Well, racism, I guess ), he can apologise for it, and it's up to people if they want to accept that apology or not.
He can also apologise for making rape jokes still at 26. He can explain away his creepy behaviour around animals, maybe, I have no idea how.
But how the fuck do you apologise for asking a kid to twerk for you on Omegle? How do you apologise for having the weirdest sexual conversation with a 12 year old, going into such graphic detail?
It feels like these things should be somehow illegal, it's that bad.

No. 783143

I like it too anon.. what is wrong with us lmao

No. 783145

same here lol I find it catchy

No. 783147

File: 1593675462694.jpeg (288.83 KB, 1242x504, 5937D86F-09B9-43D1-8AED-9C97C9…)

I would say so. He is well on his way to being on /pt/ with his girlfriend too.

On another note, I wonder how Shane’s sugar baby is. I think he’ll bail

No. 783148

File: 1593675959502.png (455.65 KB, 746x543, cheeto.PNG)

Anyone seen this? lmao

No. 783149

Isn't that a fan account though?

No. 783151

This was a fan account anon

No. 783152

File: 1593676809918.jpg (446.35 KB, 1440x1631, Screenshot_20200702-084926.jpg…)


No. 783153

What… That is a retarded reach. Sony doesn't care what some tranny-adjacent YouTube millionaire thinks, it's just bad PR for them to associate with Shane who was recently accused of being a pedophile with mountains of evidence showing he is poison to a brand rn. JS isn't that big of a deal outside of the beauty bubble.

No. 783155

File: 1593677569089.png (306.2 KB, 661x574, Cattura2.PNG)

i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible. (1/?)

No. 783157

File: 1593678726388.jpeg (95.59 KB, 799x503, C1FC1B7A-0570-4C13-B6F2-77F527…)

I find it weird that this same collection of evidence (stuff he said about the girl on his podcast + excusing pedophilia) was posted in video format but was majority ignored or disliked because that was a “serious allegation that could ruin lives”. That was a few years ago. Funny how things change. I’m glad more people came out with their experiences.
His “GHETTO PROM FROM HELL” video is one of the main ones I remember and the ending is basically a big black man named Tyrone is a rapist and instead of taking a girl to prom he’s going to rape her and she screams for her mom out of the car window as they drive away. Additionally you can see his brother Jared in blackface lmao

No. 783159

My thoughts exactly. He can apologize for the blackface, racism, rape jokes. Not be forgiven, but he can apologize. He was a 20 something male trying to fit in and be funny. But the asking young girls to twerk, talking about sexual situations with minors? I mean.. eehhhhhhh no. That's predatory behavior and he needs to not be famous. Possibly prosecuted (doubtful, but kids and patents need warned).
I feel the same about Voldemort. He supposedly has proof of other you tubers committing crimes and rather than go to the fucking police he uses is as extortion for their silence? Like, why is this not a bigger deal. He's either committing multiple felonies or he's lying. Either of the two is fucking disgusting.
All of these beauty you tubers turn out to be disgusting people. Not suprised, considering their livelihoods are all about covering up and changing perceived flaws to meet societal standards. To which very few of them are decent enough humans to meet those standards.

No. 783161

Shane truly was a comedic genius.
OT but I have to say I really fucking hate how ugly shane is, like jesus christ his face is so punchable that I'd be so happy if I never have to see him again.

No. 783163

Tati is just as grimy as Shame and Joffree. I supported her thinking she was a little uppity and very naive. But this bitch makes her money by thievery,fraud and deception


No. 783164

File: 1593679633985.jpg (976.53 KB, 1800x2400, pt2020_07_02_10_42_46.jpg)

He absolutely is, he's posted his shitty graphics in the Onision thread multiple times, never realizing that his filename shows he made it himself and isn't just reposting someone else's work.

No. 783166

shane once admitted to molesting other kids he played with what a dirty fucking nonce https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1278161757891067904

also still can't believe an immense cow like trisha is currently the one whos video on the situation made the most sense

No. 783167

Am I the only one who used to find him kind of attractive? 2014/2015 was his peak. I don't get why he stopped showering lol

No. 783168

File: 1593680067611.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, 0DD8AFC0-D7C6-4951-9B30-D86CE7…)

>Sony doesn't care what some tranny-adjacent YouTube millionaire thinks
I’m confused, if strikes are being made wouldn’t it essentially be Jeffree filing them through Sony? Like Jeffree does a strike through Konvict Muzick or whatever the fuck, and that strike is technically filed through Sony because they own it all. Not like Sony going “uh oh Jeffree’s mad, better try and take down Shane!!”? I don’t think what Sony thinks or doesn’t think would have anything to do with it

also tho isn’t shane in danger of his account being deleted next if he has multiple strikes now? I feel like that might be the next big break

good shit anon

No. 783169

That's some good attention to detail anon. Thanks for confirming my suspicions kek

No. 783170

imagine being his fucking therapist and taking him from this to a fatty who pisses in bottles and on the floor who doesn't shower or get dressed

No. 783171

>shane once admitted to molesting other kids he played with

Better clarify in your post that it happened when he was 8, not uncommon for molested kids to do it to others their age because they don't know better nor where the line goes.

No. 783173

Hold on… HE is that annoying fuck that spams their autistic 3D shit in Greg's thread?
I'm pretty sure he's been banned for it at least once but I had no idea it was Repzion specifically.
Thank you for the informative screencap.

No. 783174

Just as Onion's YT career ended and his milk became nothing but awful nudes no one actually wants to see. Timing really could not be better.

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 783175

I wouldn't call him a farmer, because he just completely rips his content from here, with sprinklings of kf and guru gossip and PLL etc. None of his own opinions are worth anything and he words everything terribly, the only value to his content is hearing everything we say here. Repzilla, Edwin, and all the rest do the exact same thing. Imo the farms sort of becoming more 'known' in the past few years ish to normies who didn't grow up on imageboards has given all of these idiots a free ride, they grab all their 'ReCeiPts' and timelines and content from here and KF, they're all fairly dense and predictable

No. 783177

How does the filename even prove that? It looks like he took it from the site. It's pretty much a given he lurks though.

No. 783183

File: 1593687317528.png (498.84 KB, 611x718, 2020070201.png)

Everyone is wrong anyway. It was created by someone on twitter. https://twitter.com/emocharlie5/status/1189212050297409537

Repzion thread: >>>/snow/982148

Anti-o thread: >>>/snow/691458

No. 783186

Oh shit looks like you're right. I assumed it was him who made and posted the edit because in the description of the video that uses it as its thumbnail he only linked the website the edit was made on, not the guy who made it. Sorry, my bad!
Sage for false alarm and off topic.

No. 783188


Someone at Sony has noticed this shitshow and is trying to unhitch their brand from anything to do with a demonetized racist pedofork. It's not like it's hard for them to just nuke videos if they have any kind of rights to it.

No. 783189

its really insane how rich he is. i thought it was all bs at first and he was in debt but assuming a couple million people buy his $20-40 palettes and tacky merchandise every time it drops… his net worth is apparently $200 million, but that seems a bit ridiculous

No. 783190

It's not that far out, the beauty industry in general is a financial titan. They've got half the planet consuming their products, and they've been pushing to conquer the male market too, which is why they've been promoting all these faggots as top beauty gurus.

No. 783191

Trisha, Peter Monn and nappyheadedjojoba are the only ones that have any sort of critical thinking skill it seems. I roothing for you Trish

No. 783192

big mood just now. pedofork. i laughed.

shane vs. the smiths was satisfying, but shane vs. j* is actual best timeline.

he's an ugly, mentally ill fat man, and shit is catching up with him. now, he looks like a guy who pisses in empty soda bottles.

No. 783197

how is this bitch still relevant

No. 783200

File: 1593699288865.jpeg (266.01 KB, 750x688, C8B9EA8E-726E-4D13-AD7F-2487C9…)

Was the tinfoil that SpillSesh is Morgan ever followed up? Scrolling through some drama channels responses on twitter and she seems noticeably less harsh and more sympathetic to Shane than all of the others, but not any less harsh on Jeffree (and Morgan clearly never liked him in the first place). 1st tweet is about an apparently fake story that was going around about Shane being rushed to the hospital, the vague ‘one of us’ who had access to Shane could easily be Morgan. sage for tinfoil.

sure jan

No. 783201

I started watching shane recently and wow I didn't know any of this. What an ego!

No. 783202

this was already posted >>783075

No. 783204

I mean it definitely sounds like her, but she also has a really common voice.

No. 783205

I don't know if you anons have seen this but i think it's funny kek

No. 783206

I’ve never actually looked into Shane before but watching this video, he’s so much like Onision. How do people like this guy? Judging from this video, everyone who’s actually worked with him hates his guts.

I don’t to hear the words “little boy cock” ever again.

No. 783208

File: 1593702272940.jpeg (286.13 KB, 750x958, 4954D542-C5D4-48A6-9F2F-683F6E…)

her voice has never seemed particularly common to me, but it’s interesting to hear that opinion. it’s possible i’ve just never encountered other people that have a similar voice

anyways might just dump a couple
more sus tweets. PP says ‘one’ of them checked and now SS says an even more vague ‘I heard people did and he’s ok’ like…..from who tho? I haven’t seen anyone else claiming they checked, I can’t even find any other drama channels that have acknowledged the story. she’s also liked several tweets about how messed up it is that someone would post that

No. 783211

Uhmm they do sound pretty similar even the pronunciation of some words. It seems kinda edited to sound deeper.

No. 783212

File: 1593702962990.jpeg (218.35 KB, 766x1586, EA559EE5-DF74-4227-AC91-3B9C9C…)

these also seem like very morgan tweets given her ‘omg food!! lol so randum!!! XDD’ personality and still supporting andrew (who people always thought she had a crush on)

No. 783213

It would make sense because she doesnt really post that often on her youtube channel but still is able to have a comfortable life in los angeles. And the voice, oh my god. I've never listened to this channel before but im totally on board with this conspiracy. I dont think is a conspiracy at all. Its her!

No. 783214

File: 1593703382287.jpeg (436.37 KB, 750x1039, 4D8C621F-6D51-4174-9E23-1D4462…)

idk if this is sus or not really because I have no idea when she did this but she also seems to have bailed on twitter? can’t find whatever new account she’s talking about

No. 783215

Maybe you are blocked. I can see her tweets and page.

No. 783216

imo this proves J* has enough shares in the company to dictate business decisions. what they say in this letter blows my mind.

No. 783217

it's @morganadams, next time, use the twitter search.

No. 783218

What exactly is Ryland saying in the background to Shane?

No. 783221

I did, searching morgan adams on twitter only came up with her old twitter for me (_morganadams_), I even tried through her youtube but that still links the old account too. the morganadams account didn’t show up until I specifically googled trying to find it (that could just be weird twitter algorithm for all I know tho)

No. 783223

lol he is probably fuming, probably telling him he is gonna leave him if he doesn't fix this shit, Im calling it out now… Ryland will probably leave Shane if this shit gets bigger. Then he will released a video calling Shane out and probably doing a metoo saying how Shane abused him and did a lot bad things to him and of course Morgan is gonna back up Ryland. Jefree of course is def going to throw shane under the bus to save face. This is getting so good! Honestly I am here for the downfall of these two clowns its about damn time someone put these two fuckers in their damn place.

No. 783224

I can pretend that Im Sony and copy strike someone. The thing that is weird is that Jeffree's name is there too unless someone has a hidden account with the username J*, not URL, and is striking the videos under the guise of Sony. Their report system is extremely easy to take advtanage of and pretend you are other people in the process.

No. 783225

File: 1593705491264.jpeg (544.83 KB, 1460x1148, 84E9AA77-6535-4EFF-BBCF-A44EC9…)

both accounts spoke pretty extensively about Jenna at the same time. this doesn’t seem weird on face value except that neither account seems to have spoken that in-depth about any other youtuber or drama recently. all the other drama SS has tweeted about has been one off comments or reactions or going ‘omg this is so crazy what’s going on right now!’, so it stands out to me that they’d both hone in so intensely on Jenna more than any other thing happening

No. 783226

Its because she wants to remain in the group that gets messages. J* blocked her she admitted. She's trying to stay on shane's good side to get info. Spilly is a wreck. She made a whole video on fake black face for god's sake.

No. 783232

Honestly when I look at this whole mess and the people involved I think one thing
This is why ugly people shouldn’t be famois

No. 783237

File: 1593708030046.jpeg (266.37 KB, 750x687, 5E5C3A3B-D362-428B-8A72-512027…)

lmao what? j* has blocked thousands of people though, he blocks his own fans or anyone that questions him but especially drama channels that he hasn’t been able to put on his payroll. hftt and peter monn I know for sure are, probably most of the drama channels are blocked but none of them are trying to stay on shane’s good side to still get info. pretty sure he even had trisha blocked for a long time before they became friends

ss is still calling out shane’s shit too btw, she’s just the only one also saying she feels sad about it or concerned for him. most other drama channels (not on j* payroll) are just saying fuck that dude full stop. I stopped watching paige when she got on the payroll so idk if she still is but if she’s still a jeffree grunt it would make sense for her to have that stance and make a fuss about what a toll the drama is taking on lil baby shane

but not excusing shane or ryland’s actions but still showing concern/disappointment in them while also being 100% against jeffree absolutely fits morgan’s mo and it’s a pretty unique stance. just saying.

No. 783238

*famous. And I agree.

No. 783252

lmao the dark place, spot on parody

No. 783259

OMG This picture is sending me
Please add it to the next thread pic kek it's like Im looking at them hahahaha

No. 783261

Ew no anon what's wrong with you
That's literal shit taste kek

No. 783263

Not the person you're talking to but what does kek mean?(kek)

No. 783264

this is so good kek
>My 6 dogs: "Demon, Depression, Death, Destruction, Deleted Tweets and Dildo"

god this is 10/10
2020 is saved

No. 783266

No. 783269

Don't judge me anon lol I was 14 when I was attracted to him. (but I also find pewdiepie attractive so I guess I probably do have shit taste)

No. 783278

i saw this a day ago and was gonna link it here but i thought id get accused selfposting. its tooo accurate lol.

No. 783287

The man was literally sponosered by jeffree star for a video. I'm tired of these uneducated manlets.

No. 783289

implying Ryland isn't going to milk his fat cow dry before he leaves lmao

No. 783292

I cringe so hard anytime these scrote commentary channels hop on to beauty community drama. They are no different from Shane in the sense they are just getting involved in something that doesn't concern purely for profit. They spread the toxic narrative that Shane, jeffree and friends represent the whole beauty community when they make up like 1% and they couldn't even name another beauty guru. Like shut the fuck up and go back to reviewing dildos.

No. 783293

Everything he says is right though lol

No. 783294

Jesus, Critikal really fell off after his face reveal

No. 783295

KEK this is so fucking funny thank you anon

No. 783296

File: 1593726308760.jpg (38.39 KB, 600x467, d87.jpg)

Its just a phrase that started in world of Warcraft when you typed in lol, then 4chan users picked it up making it popular

Its just another obscure way to say lol on the internet

No. 783303

My running theory is that it's for sympathy. Like after his 50,000th apology video ( intentionally "not getting done up") it just became his default. A mild emotional manipulation to give him the slack that he clearly needs to continue existing.

Also the biggest change in his appearance is the old man neck, and there's not a lot to be done there aside from film from higher angles.

No. 783304

careful there, anon, total lack of taste is one of the early symptoms of covid

No. 783319

I always assumed kek was from Korean Starcraft players since 'lol' for them is kekeke…

No. 783323

Its probably both since both games are made by Blizzard

No. 783325

But… Why would she make a drama channel if she has a youtube channel of herself with a good amount of subscribers already? It seems to me that people who have a drama channel are people who want in on the beauty community but can't gain a following with their personality since the market is too saturated. It seems very time consuming, saving all recepeits, always watching influencers waiting for them to make mistakes and the videos must be made in the shortest amount of time possible and often or else the public is just going to watch another drama channel's take on it. Who would want to do that? She could just post more on her channel

No. 783328

Stop it. Get help.

No. 783329


Its definitely WoW though, esp since autists like 4channers love WoW

No. 783331

The two factions spoke different "languages" that weren't mutually intelligible. If you were a horde player and typed "lol", alliance players saw that rendered as "kek". Alliance was the pretty races, so cool people played horde. Not that I'd know, WoW was for losers obviously…

No. 783332

I don't understand why this isn't blowing up more?? It's really sad but didn't give him the right to do it to others at all

He definitely needs taken away from influencing children or at the very least extensively investigated by the police

No. 783339

i mean he was okay looking. but i did notice ever since he got into a relationship with ryland he's deteriorated in every way possible.

No. 783341

it was hes aunt, and uncle who he pretend where their parents, his dad kill himself , and her mother was a crackwhore

No. 783342

He seemed happier when he was with Lisa.

No. 783345

Shane’s pedo drama made it to a conspiracy channel kek

Not even tinfoil hatters want nothing to do with you hahahaha

No. 783346

File: 1593746998277.png (140.14 KB, 1184x766, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 11.2…)

if this is real im a little surprised to see j* standing by Shane but I guess its the only thing he can do because at this point there so tightly wound together but, if Jafar decides to drop spoiled dogshit especially behind the scenes I really dont know what would happen

No. 783350

Shit as it is, Shane is the worst of the two. J can get away with with petty lies because the ones he's caught in like >>783121 have nothing on videos of Shane pretend jacking off to Willow Smith. Sucks, but J can continue on with his shit. There will always be stans for him, but Shane? If you say you like Shane that's over for you. This controversial won't kill him unless pedo stuff is involved and I mean him personally, not just knowing people.

No. 783351

File: 1593747633429.webm (2.34 MB, 960x540, oR6JbRItojaNgKLV.webm)

sorry if this was ever brought up in the past threads but have any of y'all heard this audio?

No. 783352

Samefag. I finally watched Not cool. Everything that was said here >>783088 is pretty much correct.
It's a terrible movie. It's loud, obnoxious and only relies on shock value. I understand why Quinto pulled his name out.
Just to be fair, I also watched Anna Martemucci's film ( Hollidaysburg ) which is, by no means a 10/10, however still superior in every way. Cinematography, the pacing, better acting, cohesive story.
Anna got completely robbed here, just because Shame had any army of rabid fans who voted for him.

The plot thickens!

No. 783353

I think somethings coming behind the scenes, Jafar is being with shart privately saying ,ill stand by you and support you 100% I love you , but then be silent, or denounce Shart publicly and be like its for the best. im leaning towards the latter

No. 783357

File: 1593749389404.jpg (1.57 MB, 3000x3000, EbJ2TkAWkAEy0Nq.jpg)

He'll throw him under the bus 100%
But even if he keeps the silent treatment or does another one of his pity apologies, people are not having it at all, he's going to get curb stomped by the public anyway

No. 783362

It would be poetic if Jeffree denounced Shart and acted horrified at his history of pedophilia. The meltdown on Shane's end would be astronomical

The downside is that Jeffree would walk away looking like the better person

No. 783363

File: 1593752515600.png (636.09 KB, 1098x427, 1521871af.png)

>It seems to me that people who have a drama channel are people who want in on the beauty community but can't gain a following with their personality since the market is too saturated.
ntayrt but that's a rich thing to say….here….on this website. A lot of them are able to make a shitton of money and fans without actually exposing themselves or their personal life the way other youtubers have to, and if they do show their faces like Rich or Paige or whoever then it doesn't really make sense to say that they "can't gain a following with their personality" because that's exactly what they've done? Like how is it any different from us anonymously talking shit on this site? except they're just able to monetize it.

>She could just post more on her channel

I mean I don't know if you've watched any of her content but she very clearly struggles to come up with any content that doesn't revolve around Shane and Ryland. All of her videos are either terrible clickbait, qUiRkY fOoD, or Ryland in the thumbnail. I'd imagine a drama channel is actually 10x easier, you don't have to actually think or come up with any original content of your own and you'll never run out

No. 783365

Trisha shitting on Tati and defending Shane

No. 783367

File: 1593754854922.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_128…)

bruh wtf. every time these people open their mouths more shit comes out and i can barely keep track of all the bullshit

No. 783368

Please read the thread, this is posted twice and in the OP

100% Joffree has material on her husband. That's why the lawyers are involved

No. 783369

So trisha just released a few videos, if someone can archive them all that would be great. PL I was addicted to meth for a couple of years in my early 20's. One of the things that your body does with most stimulants (cocaine, molly, meth, etc.) is dilate/widen your pupils. I'm thinking that something serious happened between her and either shane or jeffree sand she is posting this to combat any accusations of drug use.

No. 783370

No. 783371

No. 783372

she's on something for sure

No. 783373

I think she might be having some sort of breakdown but if her additction is with stimulants I doubt she is on something. Maybe her mental state is being diminished because she has bitten off more than she can chew?

No. 783374

Samefag I might just be too empathetic. She could also be on some sort of depressant like alcohol or xanax.

No. 783375

Am I the only one that thinks him being cancelled is dumb af? Why is it just happening now, this shit is 10+ years old, and he hasn't made content like that in years

Reminds me of the dude who got fired from Guardians of the Galaxy

No. 783376

Could be both, but the slurring and mood swings are definitely signs

>Am I the only one

No. 783377

I didn't even think about the slurring. She's really well known for speaking fast without stuttering. My first memories were from her on ellen and her my strange addiction episode for tanning and both she spoke incredible fast but didn't slur her words

No. 783379

File: 1593759150018.png (79.13 KB, 718x472, Screenshot (8).png)

Okay yeah she either needs to be 5150'd or on something or both. Also sent thirst tweets to ethan which makes me lean more towards the 5150

No. 783381

OT ig but I wish she would do more vlog style videos that didnt involve Shane/Ryland, I really liked her videos on that roadtrip with her friend. She's basic but self aware of it, entertaining just enough that it doesn't come out as obnoxious.

Jesus she's unhinged

No. 783382

File: 1593759622128.png (321.61 KB, 746x625, Screenshot (7).png)

No. 783390

The comments are sending me. "Why don't you check your own pupils" kekk
I feel bad but Trisha's meltdowns are always so funny

No. 783391

File: 1593764030082.png (16.32 KB, 541x173, tyretgewty.PNG)

wtf i like Trisha now

No. 783392

File: 1593764234129.jpg (329.99 KB, 1242x1118, 1593565721858.jpg)

did all the people posting shane was molested as a kid conveniently forget this? i mean i can believe him molesting other kids but not him getting molested.
it's not a prerequisite to be sexually assaulted to become a pedo.

No. 783393

File: 1593764678837.jpeg (146.75 KB, 600x400, A61253C2-84AA-4240-A4E0-AF0C12…)

jesus, she looks like the big boy nightmare baby from rugrats

No. 783397

File: 1593768096359.jpeg (547.81 KB, 828x1327, EE874079-1D71-4286-B494-0D140E…)

>Also sent thirst tweets to ethan which makes me lean more towards the 5150
Pic related. I love her..

No. 783398

File: 1593768120323.jpeg (822.53 KB, 828x1336, 3AD6BCEC-A640-47B7-A1F8-B282D6…)

No. 783399

File: 1593768610310.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.15 KB, 722x1061, ECxcOdRU8AAjgf3.jpg)

No. 783400

Wtf i thought men do not develop cellulite

No. 783401

Why is his ass so square and wrinkly?

No. 783402

What a daddy indeed.

No. 783403

Why. Was he intentionally trying to ruin someone's day by posting this, or what?

No. 783405

Oof that's a big contradiction on his part. The way he talks about himself as a kid is eerie as fuck, literally sounds like a ped fantasising about their ideal victim

No. 783406

of course, lisa let him abuse her and treat her like complete shit, while Ryland doesn't give a flying fuck about him but his money

poetic justice

there's a video where they say Shane made him write a list of all of his exes with ratings and everything. Shane's mental

No. 783408

Wait, he abused Lisa? Any sources on that?

No. 783409

He posted it as a response to when James Charles leaked his own nudes.

No. 783410

this is the stuff nightmares are made of. jesus

No. 783411

OT but it's almost sad how pretty much no one but Trisha is defending Shane. He has defended all sorts of horrible yt narcs back when he was a yt sweetheart and had the midas touch to make people mistake shit for gold. Yet here he is and all of the garbage batch kids he's collected over th years are nowhere to be seen.

No. 783414

File: 1593781472928.jpg (115.74 KB, 645x225, priorities.jpg)

Just caught this on my timeline in that exact order.

No. 783415

Also the one who dated the human trafficker is also defending him by saying he bought someone an iPad once.

No. 783419

I’m 50/50 about J abandoning Shane. Because even though J “has dirt on everyone in the community,” Shane probably has some interesting things to say about J after spending so much time with him. If Shane felt like his career couldn’t be salvaged and J had abandoned him, he might make a video exposing him in one last desperate attempt at revenge.
Shane is a liability either way, so J just has to decide which possibility is better.

No. 783425

I was thinking the same Anon, but then I realized some things. A LOT of people really did even know anything about his old content. And the fact he “apologized” for it but still left the videos up and were still making him money, is the big issue.

No. 783428

Is it a weird cultural American thing to resent people that make money? Of course drama channels monetise this type of content, it's their bread and butter. Shane got slammed for his disingenuous interest in the beauty community. Claiming he is a closet MUA, loves make up and has a passionate interest. His shit was the cash grab, not some measly drama channels. He couldn't even fake his love for make up that he made a trailer showcasing him exposing the dark side of the beauty community (off the back of his other 'dark' series ergo, series in which he uses controversial figures and topics for views), then shoved a something-part hours long series about a beauty product he was (surprise!) developing and selling.

Like, I've noticed this sentiment with other cows as well and people that make content about them. People try to paint them making money off adsense as immoral. It's senseless, stop being so hung up on money.

No. 783429

Not to mention the predatory behaviour around children. A lot of people, myself included, didn't know about that either.
Things like that don't really have an expiration date. "Sure, he asked a child to twerk on cam, but it was 10 years ago!"

No. 783450

When millionaires fuck up people close to them always act like them throwing money around proves what a great person they are. They’re filthy rich! A few thousand dollars is nothing to them, especially if it means good PR for a social media personality.

No. 783452

>Tyrone the big black rapist
>using rape humor for his incel audience

It's time for Shane to finally hit the road. I was always tired of his racist and sexist 'humor'

No. 783454

File: 1593792296929.jpeg (354.09 KB, 750x868, 7B34051D-53A0-4817-9BCE-189760…)

tana’s said this which isn’t much of anything. I do find it kind of telling that none of his herd of cows have stuck up for him. even before this, none of them seemed to really stay friends with or interact with him a lot after their series? jake, bunny, bobby didn’t seem to have any relationship with him afterwards, tana, trisha, brittani (who he was friends with beforehand) are the ones that stayed friends with him

>Also the one who dated the human trafficker is also defending him by saying he bought someone an iPad once.
huh….the girl that has a history of being manipulated by sexual predator men with money is defending shane? weird

No. 783455

She knows damn well that she doesn't give a single fuck about black lives. Anyway, Tana has always used people to get them to do things for her and then throws them under the bus. It's pretty much what she's known for besides being hella trashy, useless, scammy and late for everything. It's no surprise that she's not defending Shane, she has never defended anyone but herself.

No. 783456

File: 1593793077762.jpeg (205.8 KB, 750x993, 8253B1EA-EA45-4D47-A137-A59733…)

oof eugenia posted this last night, how stupid and tone deaf do you have to be?

she also retweeted all of trisha’s stuff saying she agreed, so not to worry he’s got the 3 most sane and mentally healthy people defending him

gabbie hanna apparently said that shane told her that jeffree kept using ‘the f-word’ around him and kept trying to get him to say it in the beginning (one of the drama channels said this but I can’t remember which one now). but gabbie hanna’s out of her mind too so who knows.

it does seem like it fits jeffree’s mo though, i think other people have said similar things, basically that he was immediately using offensive language around them to encourage them to do the same for blackmail?

No. 783464

No. 783467

>gabbie hanna apparently said that shane told her that jeffree kept using ‘the f-word’ around him and kept trying to get him to say it in the beginning
>a man engaged to another man saying the word "fag"
If this is true, then that is some weak AF dirt. Also, Jeffree says the word fag all the time, so he should know better than anyone that no1curr if gay/bi men say it.

No. 783468

Holy shit, that's straight up sexual harassment.

No. 783473

The issue isn’t him making money, it’s that he’s apologized for the racist/ Inappropriate content and expressed remorse while still making money off this content he claims he’s embarrassed about. And not just ad revenue but also merch he hadeven just a year ago.

No. 783475

Gay men use the f word all the time, i dont see that as dirt in the slightest. That’s like being mad a black influencer uses the n word around other black influencers?

No. 783477

doubt that Jafar Scam will dump shame. Think about the hours of unedited footage fatso has from making that JS documentary

No. 783479

This should be next threads picture lol its soo good. I do agree Lord Jafar is def gonna leave rumple dawson to dry for sure 100% just like he did with all his other friends.

No. 783493

Jesus fucking christ what a fucking pedo

No. 783494

Cant be just me, but does it seem like almost all the heat is being moved onto shames back fat and jafarts gonna get away with it again.

No. 783495

While I don't know if making money from drama or any other kind of controversial content is the best moral choice or not, I do agree americans have this very weird obsession with money and who is richer than them. This is why socialism is raising up I guess

No. 783496

Yeah, it's funny because all this drama started with Jeffree being a scummy lil shit with his cremated palette and dahvie vanity shit. Then he was asked about James Charles, and then Shane self inserted himself into the "drama circus", and now he's paying for it. Tati, but most importantly, his live reaction to Tati, really made this mess all about him. Now Jeffree is quiet and he will probably stay quiet so Shane takes it whole for the team.

No. 783500

Was the video of Shane talking about if his computer was stolen he'll end up on To Catch a Predator? Alluding he's like Mark Salling. It's late here so I can't bother searching.

No. 783503

Shart also had an obsession with Jacob Sartorius for a while, he would make suggestive comments about him and asked Baby Ariel if they were fucking when she was 15 and Jacob was 12. I have no doubt in my mind he has CP on his hard drive.

No. 783505

File: 1593809454035.jpeg (856.95 KB, 3464x3464, A32003FC-6D28-444B-8C6C-021416…)

Lol get fucked shart

No. 783506

>>783505 shanes store is still up tho https://www.shanedawsonmerch.com/

No. 783507

Shane says "I dont believe celebrity suicides because narcissists don't kill themselves" in this video around 2:30. Which is similar to what Tati said in her video about Shane telling her "James wouldn't kill himself because he is a narcissist".

No. 783508

This video is so fucked in multiple levels. It‘s still up…

No. 783510

It is, but killer dropped him.

No. 783513

>>783510 but since killer merch runs shanes site, they havent completely dropped him then?

No. 783515

Clearly Not completely but it is weird that they removed there logo.

No. 783516

I'm sure they still have contractual obligations to fulfill. You can't just delete a clients website because they're being cancelled online. But by removing any mention of their brand, the logo and all the photos with Jeffree they're giving a clear message and distancing themselves until they can drop him officially.

No. 783518

I’m against cancel culture but holy shit, Shane is beyond salvation, just cancel him already, he’s horrible.

No. 783520

This is hardly cancel culture. More like a piece of shit getting his comeuppance after years of racism and pedophilia.

No. 783528

File: 1593817265011.jpg (9.98 KB, 200x270, NOOOOOO.jpg)

I accidentally came across this terrible shirt of that racist character and apparently Hot Topic used to have them for sale.

No. 783530

i really want to hear from j*. say what you want, because he is dogshit, but his timing is good. everyone is waiting for his take, even if it sucks haha

No. 783532

I heard that Shart has his own porn room and Ryland can’t enter. Seems like he might be hiding shit in there

No. 783533

Where tf did you hear that

No. 783534

What the actual fuck? I knew Shane would jack off to porn after having sex and it was something Ryland didn’t like but where the helll did you hear that?

No. 783535

What in the Euphoria hell

No. 783536

File: 1593820268062.png (387.11 KB, 590x808, flnXrb3.png)

Killer Merch is prepared to go down with this sinking ship.

No. 783537

I’m trying to find it. I swear I heard it a year ago or so. I might be wrong. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 783539

File: 1593820627833.jpg (93.5 KB, 646x1039, Ebu0dJ0WkAMUyj9.jpg)

jesus christ, this thread. i never realized how many times he's joked about fucking his pets. is there a link between zoophilia and pedophilia?


No. 783540

Notice how she introduces herself for this particular video "hi my name is Blaire" because she knows this potentially will give her new viewers.
All influencers are scum, and they're only in it for themselves and for the money.

No. 783542

I assume the link is power over someone/thing that cannot consent.

No. 783546

Blaire is trash.

No. 783548

File: 1593825988988.png (1.73 MB, 1000x1300, dr.png)

I seriously think Jeffstein is just locked in some war room somewhere with a bunch of underpaid, underfed, abused PR people and accountants and lawyers running the numbers on which option and which blackmail is going ensure he loses the least amount of money. I don't think he's timing anything, I think he knows the longer he makes people wait the angrier they're going to be about whatever he does finally say so he has to make it as airtight as possible (in a legal sense as well, given whatever Tati's up to). I wouldn't be surprised if >>783536 is just Jeffree backtracking because he saw people weren't responding well to him hypothetically dropping Shane. Because who the fuck would be buying Shane merch right now? No one's interested in a "restock", it's a deliberate statement.

No. 783550

No but without actual proof I feel like a lot of guys make tasteless shitty jokes like this with animals. Media just has someone to post it. You have thots who take half naked photos with cats. Its just props and joke material to people. Not saying its cool to the degree Shane is taking it, but this is clearly a gag.

No. 783551

notice how she actually used clips of shane being a pedo and didnt sugar coat it or call it "tea"

No. 783553

Ok so this is the root of my irritation with Shane getting cancelled. This shit was MAINSTREAM. In HotTopic!

Shane has been making these inappropriate pedo/racist jokes ALWAYS. And he was worshipped for it bc he was sooooo “edgy.” It wasn’t obscure unknown stuff, it was in some of his most viewed videos. Those creepy fucked up “Millie” puppet videos were with the Fine Bros. I just- I guess as much as I think he’s a POS, he was encouraged in this direction by SO MANY people, and is now being crucified for it.

It just seems so hypocritical and he hasn’t done this shit in ages, but I can’t express this without sounding like a pedo apologist. Does anyone at least get what I mean/ remember when this shit was widely accepted??

No. 783556

its so annoying everyone is up her ass about how "intelligent" she is because she said this drama is unimportant and we should be focusing on black lives matter. yeah. this tweaked out pig is peak intelligence, the one who admitted to using meth, and whose job is to sit in front of a camera crying or eating.

No. 783557

Thats my issue to and a lot of with cancel culture. A lot of this was more 'acceptable' and mainstream like you said. Its like jokes in the 80s were worse than 90s, and 2000s. Jokes and humor evolved and boundaries started getting put in place. But people being this shocked about comedies, influencers, actors being called out for some of this stuff makes no sense to me. The willow thing anon, is so gross though. I feel like a lot of dudes make these shitty jokes. I know a lot of women faun over underage boys who sing. Look how sexualized Beiber and 1D were to older women. They aren't jacking off to the air, but it isn't just a Youtube thing. Its global.

No. 783560

Some of it was as recent as 2016, let’s not act like he’s a changed man. He’s just better at hiding.

No. 783561

I'm the anon you replied to and yeah, I absolutely feel the same honestly.

The only reason the hypocrites that turned a blind eye to it care now is probably for Twitter clout.

I feel like him being fucked up was never well hidden, but it feels like edgy offensive humor aimed at kids and teens was a really easy thing to cash in on back then but it doesn't excuse anything. I doubt he ever changed his behavior or fucked up coping mechanisms since then.

But people going as far as to post "receipts" of people like Trisha in ganguro makeup or singing along to a rap song to accuse her of being on the same level as these guys is ridiculous even though I never really liked her…

No. 783562

For me it's the fact that he involved actual children in these jokes. I don't think that was widely known.

No. 783564

When I was a preteen I remember going through his entire channel when his worst video were out. You could claim I was really oblivious for my age but, I honestly think this applied to like majority of of his audience; all of his fans were so young, they weren't able to comprehend how bad his content was.

I'll give an example, lots of people watched South Park at a young age (btw I'm not trying to compare the two, south park is actually funny) and didn't realize how "bad" the jokes were until they were older. I think a lot of the ppl who watched him got older and forgot how terrible his content was and feel almost betrayed that they were watching that as kids without knowing it was so inappropriate.

That's atleast how I kinda feel about it, not sure how any of his long time or current fans see it. I was never a "fan" just a acknowledge some of his vids and didn't remember it being as racist, pedo-ish, gross etc. idk if that's due to age or how society has grown, it's probably a mix of both. Regardless, I think the outrage is justified if it means we're setting a line for these "edgy" youtubers.

No. 783568

I was honestly surprised at my own acceptance of this stuff until I looked back on it as more of an adult (much like the one anon).

I (even now) genuinely never took him seriously or thought he was an actual predator- I assumed he saw it as so ludicrous that’s why it was a joke and “funny” to make these kids uncomfy. But- isn’t that even more dangerous? Someone you don’t take seriously that you don’t view as a threat despite their screaming from the rooftops? They’re an even BIGGER danger to children. Or….. is it the squeaky clean youth pastor??

Bottom line: I trust no men lmao. I appreciate your guys responses. He’s probably an awful person, so I don’t feel too badly.

Ok that’s fair, not all of it was that long ago.

No. 783569

There was an active audience that laughed and enjoyed edgy/crossing the line type of humour. That audience made him famous. The new audience that came from make up or documentaries… even those from shane and friends videos are the ones surprised and disgusted. The older audience probably outgrew that type of humour or stopped watching him.
There's a lot of terrible clips but from what I've seen the intention seems to be humour or shock value. I'm glad that's not the type of popular media going around anymore but it's hard to make people understand that it used to be highly encouraged and really really popular.
I think the whole cancel culture thingy is dumb and everyone is just waiting for redemption arcs. But at the same time I think it is important to make all of that unacceptable again. It's a weird place right now. I just hope nobody loses it and hurt themselves. If any, they all should be hold accountable for being so shady and acting so back stabby behind the scenes.

No. 783581

>it was a joke and “funny” to make these kids uncomfy. But- isn’t that even more dangerous?
Yes, I think it can actually be more dangerous.
What's the difference between some scrote who isn't famous asking a kid to twerk on Omegle vs. Shane Dawson doing it and recording it?
The difference is that in scenario 2 the child is going to do it without thinking because it's Shane Dawson and they want to please him.
Same thing with the video where he's asking his 12 year old cousin if she's bleeding and talking about other sexual stuff. Would anyone think that's funny and okay if it weren't Shane asking those questions?
No, they wouldn't.

No. 783594

Fucking this. So tired of these faggots clutching their pearls over this shit NOW because Twitter is infested with full blown BLM/Antifa aids to the point that Jenna Marbles cancelled herself for saying "Ching chong wing wong" in a dumb music video and impersonating Nicki Minaj with a spray tan in fucking 2011.

Shane is cancer but where was this level of outrage when he decided to be a money hungry prick and hop on a fresh out of rehab Eugenia Cooney for clicks and free promo for his fellow assmonkey Jafart? Because all I saw was everybody licking his asshole (including Onision kek). That was last fucking year! But no, instead we are going to bring up him doing blackface AGAIN (something he already apologized for albeit a shitty one but apparantly that's the only kind he is capable of kek) because retarded edgelord humor is way worse than hopping on a mentally ill woman for YT bux. Okay. Yes Floydchan is smiling down on all of you from heaven for your fake outrage and wokeness. Fucking clowns.

No. 783604

his army of 14 year old fangirls is not everybody, people have been trying to get his ass cancelled for years and were told to fuck off because “he’s changed and it was so long ago” like shart stans are doing in this thread. stop capping for this pedo fatty.

No. 783606

>Pretending as if even half the people that watched him last year were even there 10 years ago
LOL nice try dumbass, go suck on racist pedo dick somewhere else. No one gives a shit how angry you are about your fav being outed to have so much gross shit that even his fans can't believe how much is out there.

No. 783613

Yes, it's a powerplay and taking advantage of indefense creatures
Joke or not I think this is tasteless and he's fucking creepy

No. 783614

File: 1593842523471.png (997.27 KB, 1221x767, marblesisdead.png)

Yikes, you need to calm down. It's not that deep fam, I don't know how you could possibly be missing the point this hard. She didn't "cancel herself" because of that, she left because she's a 30+ year old woman with a master's degree and a house and a life that didn't want to be tied to embarrassing shit she did 10 years ago that she didn't feel like reflects who she is now. She wasn't driven off of youtube by sjws, she chose to leave on her own terms because she wasn't happy with it, and I don't blame her because youtube has been a shitshow for a long time now. She did a video in 2016 where she reacted to her old videos, and even then she was embarrassed and ashamed of the language she used and talked about how much she'd changed since then. So it's not a new concept, and it's definitely not
>clutching their pearls over this shit NOW

If you're sperging out over "retarded edgelord humor" and calling everyone faggots then she probably hasn't made content that you like in a long time anyways, so why does it matter?
>a person who hasn't made content I like in a decade is leaving a platform where she's unhappy on her own terms because people grow and priorities change
>fucking sjws did this!!!!!!
yall sound so fucking stupid, just let her go who the fuck cares.

Also, I know the "Marbles is dead" thing is a tired meme, but really that dog is barely clinging to life, and he was a puppy when she started. Since her whole persona is named after him and her content was so dog-focused and she's clearly been unhappy for a while, I honestly think she would have quit or found it impossible to move forward when he died anyways. I think she made the right call, I'm just surprised it took her this long.

>Pretending as if even half the people that watched him last year were even there 10 years ago
Took the words right out of my mouth. The people who were encouraging him to do that shit back in the day are not the people that are crucifying him now (re: >>783553 ) because those people grew up, realized it wasn't funny and stopped watching or paying attention which is why he had to evolve in the first place. Shane keeps getting older but his fans just continue to be teenage girls, and teenagers today are vastly different from teenagers a decade ago.

No. 783618

First half of this video is going over his apology, so ~9:18 is where it starts talking about other people. Info I'm not sure has been posted here yet:
>Catie Turner (had a song in one of Shane's series) says she didn't claim the videos, but wants nothing to do with Shane
>Jessie Buttafuoco (ex-podcast co-host) posts a lengthy apology
>Steve Green and Nicki Limo talk about a collab video where Shane makes fun of Trayvon Martin
>Bree Essrig's tweets
>Lisa Schwartz (Shane's ex) apologizes for being part of an inappropriate video with Shane's cousin, says she apologized directly to Shane's cousin and aunt
>Speculation if Garrett's tweets are about Shane
>Gabbie Hanna privated vids with Shane
>Blaire White claims she heard the voice note and it's credible and a youtuber

also so much has gone on I forgot Shane literally says he's willing to lose it all and will be ok if no one forgives him uwu in his apology video, kek

No. 783632

anon, for the past 2 years or so shane would constantly get viral/semi viral tweets about his past. people have been aware of it and annoyed about it for a WHILE now, at the very least ever since the Tanacon series were he went back into the mainstream attention outside his usual fanbase everyone was like "wait isn't that guy the racist skits one?" while Jenna never had any backlash whatsoever, she stopped making videos because she felt like it.

No. 783640

I wonder how panicked Shane is now that Jafar won't publicly defend him.

No. 783643

Old but I can't help but be amused at people gushing about Lisa(among others) being an innocent baby for apologizing and deleting her old videos with Rumplestiltskin.
If she really thought her own past behavior was awful, she would have deleted those vids and apologized way before all this started instead of profiting from them all these years. She and all these other youtubers doing this just want to save their own asses. What's next? Are people going to say Onision is a good person for calling out Shoon years ago?

No. 783645

If Shane didn't get fat again he would have continued with the edgy shit. He only took the "serious documentarian“ route because he could project his insecurities on the people he filmed and then hide away for months to "edit“ (aka sit in a dark room, browse twitter while binging on food and not shower while occasionally appearing in his friends' videos to say self-deprecating shit and snort like a pig). The success of his palette launch gave him some confidence back which led to him to make that retarded statement. Ironic that he called JC a narc, I guess it takes one to know.
I highly doubt that Jeffree is going to drop/call him out any time soon unless he is 100% sure that he would come out on top. It's beneficial for his rebrand to maintain this one "friend" he has. I am sure he's been in Shane's ear since this shit started lmao I'd bet Shane will upload a second video on this before Jeffree uploads his first.

No. 783650

what's disgusting to me is shane 'joking' about fucking animals, making vids to help clean up the image of furries, and still being connected to kero, who is one of the zoosadists. fuck all of those people and i hope they get stuck in a burning building. that shit gets me big mad.

No. 783653

I previously assumed he never spoke out against the zoosadists after giving Kero such a big platform with that video because he felt too important to bother with it all given his ego. But this whole thing and the more animal fucking jokes he's made that come out, the more it seems like there's more to it.

No. 783655

File: 1593868264519.jpg (138.22 KB, 1079x323, Screenshot_20200704-070522_Chr…)

At this point I don't even know if it is tinfoil but maybe Shane did know they were zoophilics and frecuented the furry/zoo scene during that time.

It just bizarre he didn't make an aftermath of that interview after Kero and SnakeThing were persecuted.
Looking him now being accuse of zoophilia and pedophilia is bizarre and to much of a coincidence

No. 783664

lol I love you anon

No. 783667

Onision redemption arc, let's go Internet!

No. 783671

I wish Jenna would have said that in her video. Instead of overly apologizing for something she obviously doesn’t condone and bending the knee to cancel culture. Moving on to a new chapter makes total sense! She could have utilized her platform to apologize, while also addressing the fact she’s grown up and it’s time to explore life more outside of YT. People have followed/watched her vids for years and that’s how she chose to leave them? Weak.

No. 783672

>go suck on racist pedo dick somewhere else hurr durr no1curr wut happened two years ago dumbass

Then why do the previous Shane threads exist genius? Take all the time you need to figure that one out champ. Oh and you first kek.

>yall sound so fucking stupid, just let her go who the fuck cares.

Who the fuck cares right? I don't know maybe the people that supported her and watched her content for years? I'm fine with her leaving YT, I can respect that, it's the way she left that pissed me off. She privated a bunch of her old content because god forbid some easily triggered autistic finds it and spergs about her joking about gender roles or whatever might offend their small, fragile minds. She didn't cancel herself? Surejan.jpeg.

>If you're sperging out over "retarded edgelord humor" and calling everyone faggots then she probably hasn't made content that you like in a long time anyways, so why does it matter?

Weak assumption. I can enjoy content like Jenna's and call out the hypocrisy of people raging over old, edgelord humor vs current fuckery. But your whole long ass post missed the point anyway so nothing gained, nothing lost kek.

>calling everyone faggots

Do you know where you are sjwchan? Maybe imageboards aren't for you "fam".

No. 783675

stop sperging and return to 4chan, shart stan

No. 783677

>hasn’t done it in ages
>shanaynay featured as recently as his newest “documentary” posted last week

Pick your struggle

No. 783679

File: 1593880392523.png (696.55 KB, 640x2184, B22204DF-0CCC-487B-AE8E-7CFA06…)

Morphe “taking the time to fully review” customer complaints about about Jepstein.

No. 783680

can you move your jenna sperging to the youtube general thread? she knows shane but she never was part of his squad and is unrelated to the drama (and youre annoying)

No. 783683

>durr no1curr wut happened two years ago dumbass
Lol I literally never said this, are you that autistic you can't even read properly due to how ass blasted you are? Are you mixing posts together cause you can't read through bitter tears?

No. 783685

Holy shit, Jeffree might actually be over after all of this.

No. 783686

"Please forget about it in the time we are "reviewing" this"

No. 783689

this might be the funniest takedown of shane i’ve seen yet

No. 783690

File: 1593883030210.jpg (203.66 KB, 655x822, 0dawsonfan.jpg)

I saw this video circulating around Twitter. At a 2011 meet and greet, Shane kissed an under aged fan. In the comment section she said she was 12.

No. 783691

That's disgusting if she truly was 12. Where were her parents?? I would have beat Shane's ass if that were my daughter

No. 783693

File: 1593883447281.jpg (48.8 KB, 750x701, EcBDqd8XsAAA_pj.jpg)

Honestly, i always thought Onision insulted Shane of being a pedophile just to throw shit at him, but now i wonder if he witnessed/Shane told him something

No. 783694

Yuck. I remember when Halsey was ripped apart for kissing an underaged fan in a meet and greet, and Shane has been getting away with it for who knows how long.

No. 783695

File: 1593883586296.jpeg (23.37 KB, 750x737, 313C10B0-C0E3-4557-BE90-03B741…)

>go suck on racist pedo dick somewhere else hurr durr no1curr wut happened two years ago dumbass
nta but literally no one said this what the fuck are you on about ahahaha go climb back up shane’s ass on twitter you’re embarrassing yourself. you’re acting like a toddler just because your precious boring ass white lady decided she didn’t want to cater to assholes like you anymore, stop obsessing over her and move on with your life like she has. the sjws didn’t do this, she wants nothing to do with ‘fans’ like you

No. 783696

He's such a disgusting freak. He was in his 20s. How tf did he think this was okay.

No. 783697

you can stop using twitter reaction images and speaking for jenna anytime

No. 783698

sorry, didn’t mean to trigger you

No. 783699

I’ve seen more videos than this of him kissing underage fans js. I don’t know if I can find the videos but this was a “thing” he’d do at meet and greets.

No. 783704

File: 1593884767195.jpg (49.12 KB, 390x257, closeup-young-woman-showing-st…)

I cannot find any other explanation for this other than him being a disgusting pedo

No. 783708

I could care less who this Shane fuckhead is but he does have a punchable face

No. 783710

File: 1593885708074.webm (2.08 MB, 720x864, iAZjNMGbdYSZ8KxW.webm)

No. 783713

I can’t get over how ugly he is for a booty guru. He’s literally Voldemort in a blonde wig.

No. 783714

lol shamu dawson really let himself go

No. 783722

kek the fatass body paired with the pathetic baby hands.

there's a video where this depraved fuck talks about himself as some sort of sex God, imagine that kek. I'll see if i can find it.

No. 783729

he never had anything to let go of tbh

No. 783733

File: 1593896226228.png (378.82 KB, 740x585, breeessrig.PNG)

Shane's ex-friend Bree just dropped a statement on "Plane Pawson" (kek)

No. 783736

File: 1593896416358.jpeg (226.57 KB, 750x680, DAD01786-379B-4648-80FC-55D684…)

I feel like I keep seeing similar whisperings as pic related. makes me wonder if the real reason jafar hasn’t shared the voice note is because it was illegally obtained? cause if he wasn’t secretly recording his convos then why would he always be using offensive language and trying to get people to do the same in front of him? all he would need is a clip of them saying something, he would never have to post the parts of the convo where he’s saying the same awful shit

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turned out he had his whole gross sex dungeon house wired for recording and then inviting people over to try and get blackmail

No. 783737

File: 1593896494312.png (823.21 KB, 1269x546, p7caht0uzv851.png)

Pulled from Reddit - "Shane asking his (mostly underage) fans for questionable pictures on Dailybooth"


No. 783738

File: 1593896514324.jpg (729.75 KB, 592x3465, breeessrig.jpg)

The full statement

No. 783740

This seems to be the most popular theory. California is a two-party consent state, if he didn't record it with the other person's permission he could be in deep shit

Why hasn't this pedo been arrested yet?? Wasn't Austin Jones indicted on the same shit?

No. 783742

If you look under the comments even his own underage fans are like "wtf no I'm like 14". Sadly, there seems to be a lot of photos. This is so disgusting, he's 100% a pedo, he knew exactly what he was doing.
Pretty much. Also not much different from Onion's forums asking for girls to post photos of their bodies for videos.

No. 783745

I wonder if Jeopardized Childhood feels like he needs to do this type of thing because of his past racist scandals. He must be really that paranoid to keep evidence to drag everyone else down with him, just in case.
Oh, looks like Solidified Dogshit is going down Austin Jones' route.

No. 783751

Did some digging based on one of the comments and found out he had a running series called "Viewer Orgy Party" where he featured the answers to these posts. Found this disturbing video where he straight-up admits to getting sexual responses from 10 year olds (full response starts at 3:18).

He goes on to show a photo of a literal naked baby he had his viewers caption. The caption he shows is "miley cyrus fucked me."

Then he shows pictures of teenage girls wearing his merch, calling them sexy.

I don't even know. Watching this just made me feel sick. I'm sure there are dozens more like this that he privated on his second channel.

No. 783752

I feel you on this. He was one of the biggest youtubers back in the day, this behavior was accepted and even thought of as hilarious. None of this stuff was even slightly hidden, it was always out in the open. Don't get me wrong I think Shane is a shit person but it's so weird how people praised him for those videos and now want him "canceled" for the same exact videos. I don't get it. I see people on twitter say "these videos weren't even funny back then" but they obviously were considered funny since he sold merch in hot topic.

No. 783753


I feel like this is very relevant to the topic and an unpopular opinion. Strongly agree with Adam on this.(imageboard)

No. 783755


I… should not have looked at the comments. Holy shit. It looks like that pedo "webcam video from xyz" ring that was hanging around Youtube for a while.

What the fuck, Shane.

No. 783756

lurk more, samefag

No. 783758

kek that's not samefag, this is a popular thread atm

No. 783760

Have you ever heard of hiding in plain sight, nonce

No. 783761

It's reaching a point where I think the police should look into it.
Too bad no one did 10 years ago. I believe him when he said that his biggest fear was the FBI taking his computer.

No. 783762

not a samefag, idiot

No. 783764

His own subreddit is reporting him to the FBI now. There are pictures of very young children in obscene positions in those comments. Anyone who thinks it's "just humor" at this point needs to seriously reevaluate themselves.

No. 783766

Not the anon you replied to but,
do you not know the origins of reaction images?
They were popularized by 4chan….. y'know an anonymous imageboard like this one.

No. 783769


dumped it there since it was too big for here and didn't want greg to copyright strike me.
just a side by side comparison.

No. 783772

Nta. Posting reaction images isn't the culture here. The pics you're posting should be somehow related to the milk.

This is amazing anon.

No. 783773

Shane looks like Onion with a coke bloat

People post reaction pics all the time here. Hide saged posts if you only want to see pictures related to the cows

No. 783774

the only people that thought it was acceptable and "hilarious" were literal children tho?? they didn't know better. any reasonable adult would not have been okay with children watching this stuff even back then

No. 783775

I was 11 watching these videos. This is disgusting to look back on. Watched these in groups in computer labs in middle school. Omegle was a breeding ground for predators and shane is definitely one of them

No. 783777

I'm sure the audience was mostly children but the people who put his merch in hot topic were adults. I'm just saying it's weird how that (disgusting!!!) humour was thought of as funny and praisable but now he needs to be canceled for it. He should be canceled for all the weird pedo shit but the old videos with shanaynay were always out there on his own chanel and praised

No. 783778

File: 1593901484720.jpg (91.46 KB, 1616x520, killyourselfshane.jpg)

Totally not a pedo, guys, just typical 2010 edgelord humor.

No. 783779

My jaw dropped at the "santa pic" one. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 783780

File: 1593901796649.gif (3.79 MB, 480x265, 3E3689A3-3986-4E7F-BC62-A2A5C8…)

>not embedded
>no sage
>i agree with these people
>37 min video
this reeks of newfag self-post, who are these people and why should we care what they have to say about this?

>Posting reaction images isn't the culture here. The pics you're posting should be somehow related to the milk.
ahahah what the fuck are you talking about? this isn’t even remotely true, unless maybe you’ve only ever been in the onion thread? do you not know the difference between saged and unsaged posts?

the internet is rife with, let’s call them ’shane dawson gifs that didn’t age well’, it’d be a crime not to use them now, sorry reaction-chan

No. 783781

I didn't know what to expect watching this but it sure wasn't Onision singing about orgies.
I couldn't sit through it but I skipped to 2:48 and it Shane said "(She) was kinda like an orange child with titties.. the best kind of you ask me ;)", what the fuck?

Never knew anything about Shane's content outside of kids quoting his edgy blackface videos in grade 7. Somehow I didn't know he had connection with Onion outside of them kissing at VidCon and the onesided pedophile allegations against Shane that I assumed were deflection at the time yet…. here we are.

Middle aged men on youtube with teenage scenekid hair are truly a neverending curse.

Not a samefag for once, I was one of the anons that first brought up the Hot Topic thing. this threads just really active.

Maybe a dumb question but how many fucking channels does Shane have? I've seen at least 3 abandoned and separate to his main from videos in this thread alone.

No. 783782

>this reeks of newfag self-post
i thought the same. it feels like there are a lot of new shame defenders finding this thread ever since it was moved to general

No. 783783

it must be Christmas in July for our onion man kek turns out these two are peas in a pod

No. 783784

what is that scar from?

No. 783785

loose skin surgery. learn to sage.

No. 783786

Extra skin removal from when he was skinny for a moment in time

No. 783788

What if Shane is in here RIGHT NOW? He's posted screenshots from here before so I wouldn't be surprised if he's defending himself

No. 783789

Not sure if Shame would actually post to defend himself but I'm 100% sure that Ryland would lol

No. 783790

Treyland definitely would. doesn’t want to stop receiving his paycheck from Daddy Warthog

No. 783791

File: 1593903011741.png (306.54 KB, 749x566, aaaa.png)

No. 783792

File: 1593903083776.jpg (52.62 KB, 643x254, Screenshot_20200704-235034_Chr…)

What a coincidence

No. 783793

I can't talk for 2010 specifically because i was a child and i didn't know english yet, but from my perspective in 2013 and after yes, black humor was accepted but he pushed the line too far a lot of times even for back then, and it was not as accepted as you claim, people knew damn well it was wrong. He was praised and watched by children who didn't understand how wrong it was, youtube wasn't as mainstream so parents or adults weren't on the platform nearly as much. Not sure about the hot topic thing but most people called him out and disapproved of his movie. It's also not the point. People are criticizing his racism and numerous moments of blackface, but he already got called out for that even years ago, the nail in the coffin was the gross sexualization of children, and yes, they could just be very poor, tasteless and unfunny jokes/bits, but things like >>783737 and >>997459 where's the funny?
I also think people just want to see him fall and are just using everything they can

No. 783795

His old Fullscreen podcast had a lot of questionable shit, obviously the cat ejaculation story but also his barely disguised glee at the amount of underage nudes he was sent unsolicited on Snapchat.

Wonder if anyone bothered to save those podcasts when Fullscreen went bust.

No. 783796

I remember when that podcast was going around about him saying a 6 y/o or whatever was "sexy" I remember people were outraged by it but his stans absolutely buried it by saying "hes just joking its his sense of humor hurr durr" so for the anons saying no one was trying to cancel him until recently is stupid. This was from about 2016 (correct if wrong but it was a while ago). and when he made that apology video about his blackface back in like 2015 do some of you think he made that because he himself realized his actions were wrong? no!! it was because enough people were calling him out and it was enough to make him want to clean up his image. But sadly the amount of people calling him out were sorely outnumbered by his tween stans so he was able to skate through the drama. Also saying that the people who greenlit his hot topic merch were adults…i mean duh but we all know how seedy and rife with pedos and racists these media industries are.

No. 783799

Tinfoiling here, but I wonder if they ever had plans to release the alleged voice memo against James in Shane's docuseries. Jeffree seems to believe it's enough to condemn him, but who knows. Whatever it was they chickened out of including like they did the Dramageddon clips.

Obligatory: sweet irony coming from Shane.

No. 783800

This channel has a lot of episodes. I never listened so ICBA to comb through them all but I'm sure someone will

No. 783802

i'm rewatching some things and i can buy this

No. 783808

File: 1593907512424.png (281.01 KB, 622x628, cowmeetscow.PNG)

KJ is a cow herself, but this post about Shane is interesting.

No. 783810

>>783075 There is no way Shane didn't get blacklisted from the film industry based on his behavior here. He must be scared shitless right now. He has no plan B. No leaving YouTube to quietly work for Hollywood. I would love to see him go housebroke and start working for Jenny Craig again

No. 783813

File: 1593908475198.jpg (128.96 KB, 1242x897, EcBoiSwUcAAPgyu.jpg)

I don't see how he could come back from this financially, he's essentially been blackballed everywhere: Hollywood, YouTube, the cosmetics industry. Jeffree is his last lifeline and he won't even speak up in his defense.

No. 783815

First of all, how dare you post this picture. Secondly, it makes sense why he would feature blacklisted Kathy Griffin on a video as well. Kindred spirits and all that.

No. 783817

No. 783818

already? that was fast. oh to be a fly on jafars wall.

No. 783819

File: 1593910607773.jpg (23.56 KB, 480x360, a14ee4cf4f729950583238490b4566…)

imagine letting yourself get this fat again

No. 783820

File: 1593910845869.jpg (54.5 KB, 540x960, shanedawsontiktok.jpg)

A wasted investment

No. 783822

File: 1593911273415.jpeg (108.26 KB, 452x359, 9C6AEBF0-0E23-4E32-947F-2E18FB…)

That’s onion boy!

Jk but man, the resemblance is uncanny

No. 783823

Onionfag was asked to contribute this awhile back

No. 783826

File: 1593911872424.jpg (22.76 KB, 337x430, Picture175.jpg)

I found his photobucket and the photos on there are pretty bad.
The username is just shaneyaw.
(Some of the folders are buggy and don't open, I archived it in case he's obsessive enough to be deleting accounts we post in this thread)

No. 783829

"I know what you're thinking: 'Shane, why are you asking children to do blowjob faces on camera?' And my answer? Because it's fucking hilarious." (3:18)

When you accidentally implicate yourself in soliciting CSEM

No. 783830

Ew, but at least he’s not obese anymore.

No. 783831

File: 1593913049903.jpg (23.12 KB, 500x607, tshirtlogo2.jpg)

Does this shirt design from his photobucket make anyone else uncomfortable?
Gives me the same vibe as the really severe blackface videos and photos he's done.

No. 783833

File: 1593913546579.jpg (266 KB, 2215x2576, NINTCHDBPICT000592240814.jpg)

>at least he’s not obese anymore.
get your eyes checked anon. have you seen recent photos of him? he basically gained all the weight back.

No. 783834

jesus, this is the first time i've seen how bad it is. he has curves like a woman. he aged so terribly. r/the_wall material

No. 783840

File: 1593915618927.jpeg (14.7 KB, 260x194, images (1).jpeg)

anon please

No. 783843

He made millions from the Conspiracy launch and was already a millionaire before that. He has enough money to be set for practically the rest of his life (considering he's not blowing money on designer shit like Jeffree and Trisha and his biggest expense is probably Ryland) so I don't think he'll ever stoop down to working low wages again. I do wonder though if Ryland would stay with him if he had to start living more frugally and not giving him as much money each month kek.

No. 783850

someone looking like that shouldn't invite comparisons by wearing a pig tshirt kek

No. 783852


Shane told Qaadir that because he was gay he would replace Shanna

Qaadir didn’t feel comfortable with that and warned Shanna

on Qaadir’s birthday he chose to have one drink & go home rather than help Shane clean up his set

Shane’s mother threatened Qaadir for not helping, saying his birthday is just another day and he lives with her for free

Shanna chose to side with Shane’s mother despite Qaadir looking out for Shanna previously

He also says both Shane and his mother are racist, and says Shanna lies about their racism (implies for money)

No. 783853

What about all the fucking remodelling he did?

No. 783854

Qaadir also talked about how he treated Lisa terribly behind the scenes, kek

No. 783855

unrelated but I like that paper mario shirt, sadly it comes attached to a fucking idiot

No. 783856

He can't have much of a savings, if any. When he purchased this gigantic money pit of a house, his finances never made less sense.

No. 783858

You anons may or may not remember this, but Shane used to run a series on called 'The Weird Side of Youtube'. One video was about furries and he featured KerotheWolf. If you're not familiar with the Zoo Crew Leak of 2018, consider yourself lucky. But if aren't familiar, a telegram log of furries trading IRL videos and pics of cp and zoosadism was exposed two years ago. So far, two people involved in the leak were arrested (Levi Simmons and Christian Nichols). KerotheWolf was heavily involved in the leak and admitted to fucking roadkill, having an interest in minors, and fucking his dog, Koda, to death. Not that Shane would have known this since his video came out a year before the leak but still…

There are two other videos privated from the “Weird Side of Youtube” series. One was a video about adult babies (a cow crossover with Binkieprincess) and the other was a clip compilation.

No. 783859

He took down the adult babies video because received a lot of backlash for making jokes about wanting to see Binkie fuck in her diaper and defending ABDL because he didn't want to kinkshame. Another note, Shane mentioned that if he was a girl, he would wear a diaper. Kind of funny to think about when Shane mentioned that thought he was trans for a while (he said this in his interview with Blaire White).

This video has been wiped from the internet completely and the only thing left is a reaction video.

No. 783860

love this pic

No. 783861

The "oh my god" did not age well kek

No. 783862

Anon I love this pic. We should make a collage for the next thread with every pic

No. 783863

i feel like this should have a spoiler kek

No. 783864

File: 1593921166021.png (1.7 MB, 1352x1760, ew.png)

Asking for feet pics to his underage fanbase. Lol so funny right guyyys.
Notice how everyone is a teen.

No. 783865

File: 1593921432052.jpg (87.33 KB, 426x600, a-scandal-at-nickelodeon-the-d…)

Dan Schneider has entered the chat

No. 783867

File: 1593921693024.png (260.2 KB, 592x560, asdfghj.png)

Description: shane asking his fans to do a giving birth pose.
This is in 2012.
Even people back then were already calling him a pedophile.

Anyone who defends him saying that back then humor was different is completely wrong.

No. 783868

Am I the only one who felt Jenna's apology was disingenuous? I don't think she's a horrible person or anything like, say, Jeffree, but to me, it seems she only apologized because her untouchable top youtuber pal, Shane was finally getting cancelled over doing similar things she did in her past. I didn't buy her excuse that she cares so much about her old content hurting others. If that was the case, why didn't she "cancel" herself in 2019? Or 2018? Why wait, and leave that content up that she claimed she cared so much if it hurts other random people and ONLY remove it when your untouchable friend Shane finally gets some repercussion for his behaviour. To me, it seemed like she was just afraid of getting cancelled so she'd rather cancel herself and go out on a high note, while pretending she suddenly cares about this old content harming others so she can look good. It felt so fake and viewers just gobbled it up. I never really disliked Jenna, but now I feel she might be fake and two-faced.

No. 783869

Exactly. The edgy humor shit is one thing I will grant you it was less unacceptable (rape jokes, race jokes, et cet) but its never been cool to solicit weirdly sexual pictures from your OBVIOUSLY teen fanbase. If it wasn’t a minor e-celeb and it was just some twenty-something asking for blowjob miming pics from tweens…you’d know what was going on. Nasty shit. If this was just ‘jokes’ I wouldn’t really care. At best he has shown himself to be okay with sexualizing minors if not into it

No. 783870

this dude is posting like 8 youtuber apology analysis videos a week and im living for it

No. 783871

She was already done with youtube and saw this as a good way to martyr herself while doing what she was going to do anyway.

I liked Jenna until she put her tiny dog in a basket, tied a bunch of balloons to it and let it rise 10+ foot off the ground while laughing about it. She was awful to her pets on several occasions but gets passes for some odd reason.

No. 783872

Stop derailing, go whine about it in the youtube thread >>>/snow/980242

No. 783873

File: 1593923629777.png (1.11 MB, 1224x1728, sdrftgyhuj.png)

Other weird photos he has on that page. This includes "show me your porn pose" and "show me your blowjob face".

I didn't want to add the pics the fans posted, because it feels really fucking wrong. Thank god there's no nudity, but still it doesn't feel right. Most of them are teens, some look even younger.


No. 783874

for real. I don't see her as someone to martyr herself, one of the stupidest things to say, not to mention the wrong place.

No. 783875

Omg you just reminded me he got a whole bunch of older woman fired along with him and his mom and brother because of this trashy ass video he filmed while he worked at Jenny Craig. I think he had his coworkers pretend to strip and shit And unlike him they didn’t have YouTube to fall back on. I really wish Jenny Craig won that lawsuit then we wouldn’t have been in this mess.He’s just been ruining people’s lives from the beginning. Most of the women were middle aged and this was before YouTube was a household name so they probably agreed not realizing he was gonna post it to his huge ass online following. He’s a horrible person

No. 783877

Okay now I’m on a rabbit hole and this is his first YouTube video and his first joke is about how people might be wondering why he is making videos because he isn’t “a 12 yr old girl looking for man love” he’s been obsessed with pedophile jokes from the beginning dude is a weirdo.

No. 783878

There's a saying in spanish that translates to "Between lie and lie, the truth arises". I think this is the case. He's oddly so obsessed with pedophilia, molesting, and disgusting jokes. I think this is the way he copes with being a pedophile.

I remember when Bobby Burns made a video freaking out saying how Shane wasn't a pedo, and things kinda calmed down, he defended him. Then Shane ruined his life and Bobby became a deranged mess.

No one is sticking for him now. Only a miracle can clean his image now.

No. 783880


Bobby Burns expose Shane challenge

No. 783881


Damn I despise Shane yet I was in the "early 2010s edgelord humor, get over it" camp but that's straight up socillitation of minors. He's a pedo, bag it and tag it.

No. 783884

No, el dicho es entre broma y broma la verdad se asoma. So it translates to: between joke and joke the truth peeks out.

No. 783886

Re: Shane's podcast, his first co-host is Lauren Schnipper and his second is Jessie Buttafuoco. Lauren is the producer he's absolutely awful to in >>783075. She's also the co-host in the podcast clip where he's talking about his justification for pedophelia and she's telling him he's disgusting and begging him not to say it. Shane doesn't follow her on twitter and she doesn't seem like she's even active online but I bet she could tell some horror stories.

Jessie Buttafuoco (second co-host) I kept thinking the name sounded familiar and then I realized she's the daughter of Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco….aka her dad was the dude in the 90's that had an affair with a 16 year old girl who then shot his wife in the face (she surivived). They called it the "Long Island Lolita". Kinda OT I know but man, can you imagine being associated with two completely different sexual predator scandals? I feel bad for her, that really sucks.

No. 783887

sorry I got it wrong lol

No. 783888

qq your fav got attacked. Go back to reddit with your white knighting bullshit or hide the thread if it's upsetting you. Spergs.

ew wtf is wrong with him(derailing)

No. 783889

jenna absolutely did martyr herself and if you can't see that you are legit retarded. wrong thread though yea.
yea its gone beyond that now

No. 783890

D’Angelo Wallace made a video about what a con Jeffree is.

No. 783891

Do you have a brain injury? This thread isn't about Jenna, you can shit talk her all you want but go do it in the right thread instead of derailing this one with your autism. She's not gonna fuck you dude, you've got to get over it.

I don't even know what you're trying to imply here. I don't think she as a 9 year old had anything to do with her dad being a scumbag and having an affair with a minor. And I don't think she tricked Shane into asking girls for feet pics…so yeah, it does appear to be an unfortunate coincidence that she's encountered these 2 terrible men in her life?

No. 783892

File: 1593933388942.png (92.98 KB, 846x534, jeffsy starfish.PNG)

This comment on that video gave me some hearty keks.

No. 783896

What I don't get about Shane is that he's now making up this narrative that he was molested when him himslef said he never was, but what pisses me off is that he's going to use that as an excuse for having done predatory things about minors for so long.

I imagine Shane being like "I was molested, sorry I was in a dark place, didn't mean to come across as a pedophile" or "I was molested, so I turned out a pedophile" when it's like, no? You're not supposed to feel sorry for a pedophile, ever. He could had stopped himself anytime.

No. 783898

I think his angle is that he was molested and used edgy humor to deal with the trauma, not that he is indeed a pedophile that can be excused due to being a CSA survivor.

His conduct with his teen fans was clearly way out of line though, idk how he's gonna sell his story.

No. 783910

What do people think about Tati saying Jeffree has blackmail material on people - Could it be Nikkietutorials? She was threatened by a blackmailer and they are no longer the close friends they were

No. 783911

I think it's extremely likely, I'm not into beauty community stuff but I saw a couple of clips from her videos earlier where she drops some beautiful vague roasts against him after she came out.

If it wasnt him I wouldn't be shocked if it's someone he shares his dirt with, I've definitely seen other people wondering this recently too.

Jeff seems like the kind of dude that despite being incredibly gay is probably a huge bigot against anyone lgbt who isn't specifically a gay rich white man or thinks transwomen are "tricking" straight men so it adds up….

No. 783913

iirc she said it wasn't anyone "known", that it was someone from her personal life or something

No. 783914

I used to think maybe Jeffree outted Nikkie, but he reviewed his make up and it just does not seem like Jeffree had anything to do with that.

Also Jeffree LOVES straight men, he thinks it's possible for straight men to fuck men and be straight, so why would he out someone for doing something that he himself thinks is hot?

I don't doubt Jeffree is hateful, I just don't think he had any hate for Nikkie, like he has for James. Jeffree himself has been accused of being gross toward straight men, he does not give a fuck about that.

No. 783915

File: 1593952083495.jpg (Spoiler Image,382.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200705-132155_Ins…)

Apparently someone hacked Shane's TV and…

No. 783917

wtf am I looking at

No. 783918

File: 1593952358353.png (309.62 KB, 573x519, 1558290689310.png)

No. 783919

I doubt its real tbh but I guess its there to humiliate him which serves him right for being creepy towards minors

No. 783920

person who tweeted it said it was from a tiktok by hellokittytiddess.

Idk or care how tiktok works, if some anon wants to look it up on there. If it's real, that has to be an old photo because that person looks way to thin to be current shane.

No. 783921

No. 783922

Until today actually I thought well Shane doesn't strike me as a pedophile, he was just being edgy.
But then I heard the shit he said on that one podcast about Limp Bizkits 6 year old cheerleader daughter or some shit, and i'm like I dunno man.
Dude does seem to come across as a pervert, and then he had sex with a cat or some shit?
Dude's deranged.

No. 783924

File: 1593954756230.png (14.85 KB, 501x131, shanetweet.png)

No. 783927

Oh, sorry for not clarifying what I meant better. I don't watch her so anon saying it's someone in her personal life is probably correct.
Might not be him at all but while it's not remotely logical I've seen gay men obsessed with straight men before get a weird jealousy about transwomen fucking straight men and "getting away with it", while they think they can't.
I don't know, it's weird.

Probably fake but holy shit, I laughed anyway.

No. 783928

That’s just a random unverified Facebook account that’s been dead for years. Probably not the real Shane Dawson. There’s enough real milk on this guy, no need to post this fake shit.

No. 783936

do you really think that poor woman cares what her pig father did when a whore almost killed her mother? Jesus christ.
I never thought Shane was funny but his humor was ok in the earlier eras when everyone was meme racist and edgy. I definitely believe that he could be a pedophile but I just base it on his bizarre behaviour. He had many phases from being fat to a devout christian, not a direct relation to it but he definitely gives me unstable vibes that he could pull off being a pedo.

No. 783941

men that fuck transwomen aren't straight though

but yeah i also think it still could be jeffree. he could have sent the information anonymously, or hired someone to do the dirty work for him idk

No. 783942

It really doesn't matter whether he's "actually" a paedophile, when he's engaging in pedophilic behaviour.
Who cares what his underlying thoughts and feelings are, it's his actions that hurt people. And it's his actions he's paying for, not his thoughtcrimes.

No. 783943

No comments or likes and his real name isn't Shane Dawson it's Lee Haw.

No. 783945

File: 1593962227812.jpeg (34.82 KB, 480x270, 36B17BBC-A311-4F00-A54E-DF0FEA…)

>> >>783898
>I think his angle is that he was molested and used edgy humor to deal with the trauma, not that he is indeed a pedophile
agreed, this is absolutely the route he’ll go, it’s been his refrain and the plot of his jeffree redemption arc
>i made homophobic jokes because i was confused about my sexuality :(
>i made fat jokes because i had an ed :((
>i hurt people because i was hurt :(((
too bad neither of them can come out as black to excuse their racism lmao

even if it is fake/not him, it’s still interesting and worth note that someone got ‘child molester’ vibes enough to ‘joke’ about it even back in 2011. also weird that yall are quick to pile on that one as fake and not the one where someone is claiming they hacked his tv and have pics of him getting fucked in the ass? what?

>It really doesn't matter whether he's "actually" a paedophile, when he's engaging in pedophilic behaviour.
agree as well, you can’t just go ‘guise just because I was making racist jokes and perpetuating harmful racist stereotypes doesn’t mean I’M racist and ummm actually it’s really offensive that you would think that so I’M actually the victim here :((((

No. 783951

Crazy question, but isn't blackmailing people a crime in itself? Can't J* get in a lot of trouble legally because of this?

Also confirming that in California, you can't record someone without their consent. Doesn't that add to him getting into further trouble?


No. 783952

File: 1593966578190.jpeg (331.79 KB, 750x681, 3B850E9D-A5A7-489F-B779-F5E83B…)

obviously a lot of people were speculating that the ‘voice memo’ was one of the dolans, but if it turns out they’re trolling or taking advantage of the rumors, I don’t think people will respond well to that

I’m just gonna say right now though, if it does turn out to be ethan I feel like it’s going to be a similar situation that happened with jc’s other ‘victim’ where he came out pushing the ‘ew omg james was hitting on me wtf i’m straight, I just wanted to be friends, it was disgusting’ narrative (that no doubt jeffree was encouraging) and then jc released the receipts where the dude was clearly flirting with him and talking about questioning his sexuality and used him to go to coachella or whatever

not saying james couldn’t have taken it too far or misread a signal at one point but I remember watching their collab videos back in the day and they definitely never seemed offput or uncomfortable with james doting on them (and james was still the biggest yt
of the group by far, so emma and the dolans both gained a significant amount of subscribers from being friends with him)

I don’t doubt jeffree’s going to come out swinging hard with whatever this voice memo bullshit is. but I do think there’s a difference in ‘being told no and ignoring clearly established boundaries’ and ‘being given mixed signals by a friend who is flirting back’ especially when you’re all confused horny teenagers. (also jc and the dolans are the same age so idk how jeffree’s gonna swing this predator narrative)

blaire claims she heard the recording and it was legitimate, but I she’s also messy and trying to insert herself in the situation and wk shane

I think jeffree would have definitely played the note for tati in trying to convince her to make her video. but tati was radio silent for so long and compared notes with james so I have a hard time imagining she would come out and say what she said if she believed the memo was legitimate (or maybe james was able to provide context that changed her mind)

I don’t think keem has acknowledged that it was legitimate or even wether or not he’s heard it, which also feels very telling since this all really kicked off with him

another option I could see is the dolans come out with the tati angle of acknowledging the voice memo, but claiming they were manipulated by shane/jeffree and apologizing to james for the part they played (because that seems to be the more popular trend)

anyways, maybe I’ll completely eat my words but that’s just my prediction

No. 783956

He should have added the weird lie he always tells of never drinking alcol when there's tons of evidence of him drinking

No. 783957

File: 1593967083212.webm (5.68 MB, 1280x720, t-mH1kvqBw7OkBgg.webm)

For anyone else with the stomach to hear Shane Dawson call a 6 year old cheerleader "sexy" multiple times and also wonder why it's a crime to beat off to pictures of naked infants.

No. 783958

The Dolan twins are literal himbos with 90 IQs and I can only imagine that Jeffree is the one who has made them the most uncomfortable, to be honest.

No. 783959

File: 1593967604688.jpg (170.35 KB, 1124x1764, f7pimkibjtp31.jpg)

Some people speculated that they are going to be talking about their fathers death, so I'm not going to have high hopes on them addressing the rumors around them especially since they did the same shit during Shanes and J*s commercial when everyone thought they were going to come forward about James

No. 783962

None of these people, including jafar, care about something being legal or not.
If he has a recording of some youtube fan favorite saying a bunch of racist or otherwise disgusting shit or even a confession of doing something, that youtuber won't care if they can get him into trouble or not, because once he publishes that recording(either by posting it himself, through another person or a fake account) that youtubers career and reputation is in deep shit.

No. 783964

Fun fact: onision did the theme song for viewer orgy party, birds of a feather I guess.

No. 783965

File: 1593969821699.jpg (37.82 KB, 540x960, EcLF35LWAAA3ZXD.jpg)

This should be the next thread pic

No. 783967

I doubt he blackmails them in a legal sense (ie forces them to give him money/something of value against his silence). I think it's a lot more petty than that, ie don't say this or don't say or don't collab with this or that person…

No. 783969

I'm just speculating but wouldn't keeping a youtuber from doing a collab be considered illegal bc since it's their career and source of revenue, like a collab is a business venture for them

No. 783971

File: 1593971108740.jpeg (389.33 KB, 727x1489, D9467457-48F7-45B0-A5AD-4982C9…)

oh, no doubt. I don’t know how jeffy can call anyone a predator when he’s the one that’s in his 30’s and doing this with 19 year olds (at the time)

>None of these people, including jafar, care about something being legal or not.
not true, jeffyboi threatened legal action left right and center (even if he was legally in the wrong). The problem is it was always smaller youtubers or even his own fans, so they were too scared or uninformed to fight back, and also really had no recourse to fight back since he threatened it over extremely petty shit (the hassle and harassment and legal fees would never be worth it when jeff has all the money and resources in the world going after small youtubers). plus he often made the legal threats publicly so if that wasn’t enough to scare them then the hoard of his fans harassing them was more than enough to make them apologize and backtrack even if he had no real legal basis to his threat

I think he knows and cares better than most exactly what’s legal and what’s not, but I think he’s having to tread lightly for the first time since someone (tati) is actually going to legally fight back against him instead of just being scared off by his vague threats. I think he also would usually do his dirty work through other people so he couldn’t be held accountable, he got sloppy with being so eager to talk about the voice memo with keem and now he’s paying for it

No. 783974

File: 1593971280775.png (298.58 KB, 799x372, 1.png)

Posting this for the "nate is the voice recording" tinfoil.

No. 783978

kek, of course because nate is sooo straight, he’s only gay for jeffree because jeffree’s so special and unique! the only thing that gives me pause on this one is that blaire said it was a youtuber

this tweet is so fucking funny though because it’s 5 sentences and every single one of them is a lie or a clear manipulation. you can see him doing the dirty work through nate and tati here, sure ‘nate’ banned james from the house….nate was probably so high that entire time he doesn’t even know who james is let alone what was going on around him, does jeffree really expect anyone to believe nate had ANY say on what was going on in jeffree’s house?

No. 783979

There's video evidence that Dolan twins shared a bed with James and Emma so how could they me uncomfortable around James but still cozy up to him when they could've easily slept on the couch of their pent house suite. (the one recording is Ethan, while J* said that the twin that was molested was Grayson)

No. 783980

nate is a gold digger and jeffree is a narcissist, so it makes sense that he's only """"""gay""""" for j*

unrelated but god emma has such a punchable face

No. 783986

It was mentioned upthread already, but yes. He never distanced himself from Kero and Kero is a zoosadist.

No. 783990

I dunno if this small tinfoil was mentioned..
But when Shane blurted out that he was molested, it made me instantly think of that voice memo. Do you think he might've been the youtuber on that voice memo? I just might be a slowpoke here but it seems out of nowhere he would blurt it out.

No. 783992

the way he ended his sentences with "haha" is literally like that 35 year old groomer meme

No. 783993

Just like Shane wasn't ACTUALLY talking about chescaleigh when he was describing murdering an SJW YouTuber? Nikkie could be lying to save face from J*

No. 783996

File: 1593979137691.jpeg (112.59 KB, 639x1441, received_696890307827187.jpeg)

Sage as it's completely irrelevant, but made me kek

No. 784000

I know Ryland is bougie but practically all his videos are sponsored on their own, which I imagine is at least $10k+ ad revenue a video, so at least he’s making his own money, He got fame off of Shane but I don’t think Ryland at this point would need to rely on Shane..and if he decided to leave him he’d probably make mad money off his “Bye Shanester” video and keep some loyal fans.

I don’t love Ryland but I think his videos are chill, I appreciate he does a lot of home projects and likes to keep busy and it’s nice he’s always hanging with his sister.

No. 784001


No, he said on his podcast years ago he was molested as a child which made him molest other kids when he was also a kid

No. 784002

File: 1593982431137.jpg (387.31 KB, 1194x2048, EcMD_qwXgAI4l_C.jpg)

Adam McIntyre (that kid who tried to cancel Colleen Ballinger because he lost access to her twitter account after causing a huge PR blunder) made a video saying Shane hired Hunter Frederick (famous PR man responsible for saving the face of countless celebrities) only for it to be proven to be false less than three hours later. I wish these drama channels realized we don't need a repeat of dramageddon 2 and to fact-check and stop releasing new videos every 2-3 hours with some stupid clickbaity thumbnail.

No. 784003

he's such an entitled prick for having exactly zero talent

No. 784004

Shane has been using the 'Dawson' name since 2008, and there's no other traces of him on Facebook that seem as real as this one. There are some Lee Haw profiles, but they are all more recent and seem like fans roleplaying as him. I found his Livejournal, but no mention of his Facebook, and this is the first thing that pops up there. There are some interactions on other posts, and the posts are very much on his brand. It seems to me like this an old, forgotten account.
Does anyone know if he ever had an official Facebook page? I feel like he did, but if that's the case, it's gone now.

No. 784005

This is another tricky point that YouTube monetizes channels way too easily, especially the no effort drama channels.

No. 784006

I don't trust that kid's channel at all. He's a known liar.

No. 784007

>that kid who tried to cancel Colleen Ballinger because he lost access to her twitter account after causing a huge PR blunder
I mean….that was on her for hiring a a literal 14 year old boy to write tweets for her. And nothing really excuses her sending him her underwear or being a 30 year old woman whining about her divorce to a teenager and cosigning the harassment of a minor…..but go off I guess. sage for OT

No. 784008

File: 1593984775585.png (563.48 KB, 1190x696, countless.png)

This really seems like an embarrassing self-post lmao.
>Shane hired Hunter Frederick (famous PR man responsible for saving the face of countless celebrities)
>famous PR man
>responsible for saving the face of countless celebrities
>countless celebrities
I can count to 4 actually?

No. 784010

There's was heaps of shit she did wrong and I'm not defending Colleen but there's a lot of evidence that he is mentally ill himself.
He lied in the lingerie video and said he never got a chance to even touch it yet there's pictures of him wearing it over his clothes in a stream. There's a lot of inconsistencies in his story, not to mention he acted like he'd been scarred for life and was going to take time off social media but then came back in less than a month to make tea videos.
I don't think any of the things Colleen did was right, I don't even like her or her content, but I recognise a clout chasing little fag when I see one.

No. 784012

I doubt some random PR agent is posting on imageboards about their ties (or lack thereof) to Shane Dawson. Anon is likely regurgitating information they heard elsewhere

No. 784014

File: 1593985714508.png (188.42 KB, 561x688, twitter.png)

>Anon is likely regurgitating information they heard elsewhere
Information they heard elsewhere….you mean the one account that originally tweeted this with 15 followers? There's no other source for this info, literally no one else is talking about it. This is so embarrassing lmaoooo

No. 784016

Lmao the people speculating my identity are sending me. I'm just some fag that's bored at home and unemployed who reads too much into this situation. Sorry y'all I'll go back to only posting here when I'm drunk

No. 784017

Shart admits to thinking 14-year-old Fred wanted to fuck him and sending him perverted texts. Just openly being a child predator and no one around him did anything about it


No. 784018

File: 1593987651607.png (40.3 KB, 504x385, sfdsdfsdf.png)

>Lmao the people speculating my identity are sending me
I mean, it's not really speculating, you did a very bad job lmao. You liked a bunch of tweets about Colleen Ballinger, and clearly have a vendetta against this Adam kid.

You also don't seem to be very good at PR at all. That isn't even an offensive rumor, wouldn't it have been better PR to let people believe you WERE involved with the Shane/Jeffree? Is it good image restoration to describe exactly what scandals your clients were involved in? Or that you made up fake stories for them? Isn't the point to try and make people forget about those scandals? No wonder you have no clients holy shit.

No. 784019

anon, we know. read the thread

No. 784021

I'm fucking dead. Like I said, I'm just an unemployed fag with too much time on my hands because miss 'rona but go off sis(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784022

men arent allowed on this site. fuck off fag

No. 784023

File: 1593988444908.jpg (25.48 KB, 355x360, Eb5YW_4UcAEm3Jg.jpg)

if y'all don't stop derailing and infighting over lukewarm milk

No. 784025


Speaking of PR in general though, this is a PR nightmare.
I can't see how anyone could turn this >>783737 around and put a positive spin on it.
"I was just really immature, I thought it was funny!" isn't going to work when you have him asking his underage fans for crotch pictures, sexy poses, etc.
The more comes out, the more it becomes clear that there was something darker going on there.
His fans were way too young to know it ( not all, some realised that what he was doing was messed up even back then, eg the "I'm 14" comment ) and the rest of us were either his age or older and never really watched him.

Even things like this. It's amazing how he can openly talk about this and everyone was just "lol hilarious". Plain sight all over this one.

No. 784028

No. 784030

I don't even get the argument. Shane has always been a piece of shit, ever since he first started the cancer we now call "the influencer" on youtube with misleading titles and thumbnails. He weaseled his way in to fame and is responsible for many other shitheads that are now famous like Greg Onision and some other assholes. People keep buying people like these's shit giving them money and pretending they are a somebody when they aren't. They don't have talent, have absolutely nothing to contribute and as you can clearly see are demented perverts with no morals. The companies use them to shill overpriced sub par products, we're suppose to look up to them since they have money, and its all empty and hollow and bullshit.
Don't get me wrong i'm not anti commercialism, but I am anti-influencer. Stop giving them money, don't have your kids view them, and let them fade in to obscurity.
Stop making talentless assholes happen.

No. 784035

File: 1593992619363.png (447.79 KB, 898x483, 541224b.png)

Agree with all this. The people that are calling Shane out now only know him or were fans of him in his most recent incarnation. Obviously everyone knows he's an OG youtuber, but they didn't watch him back in the day. It's kind of like thinking your grandpa is a kind benevolent harmless old man and then finding out he did atrocious racist war crimes in Vietnam before you were born.

Anyone still arguing that he got this way because no one ever stopped him or it was acceptable needs to watch >>783075 because it shows people literally begging him to be less racist/homophobic/disgusting in his movie because nobody wants to work with him or audition for it or have their name anywhere near it because of how horrified they were by it, and that was in 2014. And you can see people trying to tell him that even in a gentle constructive way, and his response was to have a literal tantrum and storm out or scream at them. The only people that were "encouraging" him to act this way were his immature teenage fans (and obviously he cared more about teenage girls than the adults telling him he needed to cut that shit out, because the teenage girls were the ones buying his merch and voting for his movie and validating him)

Also if you skim his wiki you'll see that he was in talks to do produce several different projects over the years (2 TV shows, 2 movies, etc) that never went anywhere. Hot Topic execs didn’t need to actually see any of his stuff to sell it or know that kids wanted to buy it. But obviously the people who actually had to look at his work and read his scripts or whatever did put a stop to it. So there's plenty of examples of people in power not letting him proceed in that way and choosing not to work with him even though he did have a large fanbase. Like everyone else is speculating, he was probably blacklisted from the film industry after that.

No. 784036

He just got in early (lmao), that's really all there is to his success tbh. Back then there weren't that many people to watch and people outside of the internet didn't understand the platform anyway. I do think he got lucky in the sense that there seems to have been some kind of mass amnesia surrounding his old videos when he started the food videos.. Like, I feel like a lot of his original audience (kids) moved on and a new wave of kids came in, and only now those kids are woke twitter activists that remember how fucked up he truly was, just like Shane suddenly remembered that he was molested (lmao2). He was a loser faggot that was watched by other loser faggots because there was nothing else to watch and the only reason why he was able to survive off of that is because he just… kept doing it. Like you said, it's not talent, it's not some kind of admirable persistence… just mindlessly shitting out stuff. He got lucky that we have a culture that assumes a lot of clicks = good. What a weird time we are living in.

No. 784038

File: 1593993973353.jpg (156.49 KB, 1200x675, clowns.jpg)

And can somebody please, please explain to me HOW these guys are beauty experts (for women)?
Who decided that every gay guy out there is a make-up and clothing expert just because they're gay?
I mean just look at them. And they're supposed to tell US how to look?
We live in clown world.

No. 784042

I hope Ryland dumps Shane’s ass because they used to discuss having children someday. Someone like Shane should not be allowed anywhere near children after all this shit that’s been dug up. I seriously hope a child is never left in his care.

No. 784044

Doubling up on this. My 13 year old niece liked him because of docuseries and conspiracy garbage. I mean middle school kids will always be scumbags when it comes to racial jokes, but in no way would Shane's pedo edgelord humor fly.

I'm Shane's age and his shit was NOT socially acceptable then or now. Maybe you go on the internet to say N—–, but it was as socially acceptable back then as it is now. We aren't becoming more PC, Shane just found a gross platform that allowed his shit and he wasn't on the radar with people who could hold him accountable. The pedo shit still surprises the fuck out of me. I mean, we understood that rockstars/celebrities had sex with teenage fans and somewhat tolerated it. Even if Roman Polanski is a fugitive many in the industry said that it wasn't a rare thing to pick out a 13 year old girl off the streets of Paris for sex. What Shane was doing WAS A RARE THING.

No. 784046

I was on the fence about whether he is a pedo, but this confirms it 100 percent

No. 784047

amandabb made a good video about this a while ago. the makeup community is dominated by mediocre white men who aren't even the most talented at what they do within their own demographic.

No. 784048

couldn't agree more. And the fact that Shane was so comfortable deceiving his millions of fans by constructing the facade that he is now suddenly into makeup and dying to be a beauty influencer just further shows what a lying, manipulative pos he really is. The fact that he has been able to trick so many people into thinking he is really a sensitive empath blows my mind.

No. 784052

Holy shit, in Peter Monn's video he just put out like an hour ago, he says this Hunter Frederick ("famous PR man") sent out a ton of emails to drama channels trying to "confirm Jeffree Star's phone number" and a bunch of drama channels also got emails from like hotmail accounts claiming to be CNN and major publications asking to confirm rumors that Shane and Jeffree had hired Hunter Frederick.

So basically he self-posted everywhere online trying to start rumors that he had something to do with Shane and Jeffree just so he could then make a public statement denying it while also trying to get drama channels to give him Jeffree's phone number, lmaoooo

(starts around 12:45 or so)

No. 784053

>The fact that he has been able to trick so many people into thinking he is really a sensitive empath blows my mind.

His becoming fast friends with Jeffree Star proved that was bullshit; no true empath would risk getting within a mile of Ye Olde Pink Plastic Gremlin. Dude is the biggest psychic vampire on the planet.

No. 784055

>sensitive empath
Is that you, Alizee?

No. 784058

Skeletor becoming an influencer shocked the fuck outta me. It's like a bad parody of drag make up. Sad because there are some legendary queens out there that might look gaudy af, but still creative and interesting. Jeff manages to look gaudy, ugly, cheap and boring.

There are a lot of amazing gay men in the industry, but there are an equal amount of talented female make up artists. It made me curious, so I googled "Best MUAs in the world" and other similar type searches. I saw Jeffree Star's clown face with sharpie eyebrows next to Pat McGrath. How does that make sense?

No. 784059

giga hyper based
Seriously… they're everywhere on instagram. Jepstein being the most mediocre of them all, all he does is be rich and do mrbeast content. Does he even do makeup on his channel anymore?

No. 784060

What the actual fuck- I have no words.

No. 784065

File: 1594002765158.png (66.97 KB, 595x309, 3DC29CF0-9B32-4FDE-B831-C39A2E…)

ahaha, this is so fucking stupid, Jeffree’s gonna lose his shit over someone trying to get his phone number, remember when he destroyed that girl that looked up how many sephora points he had and she was fired and harassed by his fans?? what an idiot

No. 784067

Well, that was creepy as fuck. The kind of thing you keep to yourself instead of bragging about it on twitter. She deserved getting fired tbh…

No. 784068

he's so dramatic. as if his information isn't easily searchable on google

No. 784074

I don't think Jafar threatens people with blackmail for trivial things like preventing a collab. He uses it as leverage after his friendships go down in flames, as they inevitably do. He needs to be able to threaten mutually assured destruction to keep them from revealing all the shit he said while they were still friends.

You tell on me, I'll tell on you, and maybe I go down but I'll take you with me, so let's both just stay out of the other's way.

If he's forced to release the compromising info publicly, his advantage is gone, so outing people is actually the last thing he wants. This is also why I don't think he had anything to do with blackmailing Nikki. There was nothing in it for him.

No. 784076

So let me get the straight, someone (possibly Adam?) could be going around emailing Different drama channels to get access to Jedediah Stinkypinky’s #?

Sage for mess

No. 784083

Apparently my old middle school friends forgot to unlike that page so it might be real.
I clicked a link in a description of one if his official sidechannels and there was at least 2-3 slightly different Shane fanpages that appeared to be run by him although the specific one I saw was "Shane Dawson Videos" or something like that. He definitely had at least a couple official pages with posts similar to the molester one all with almost 0 comments.

No. 784084

File: 1594012281997.jpeg (77.9 KB, 1125x642, EcMP5lOVcAEUBdI.jpeg)

>(possibly Adam?)
What? No, it's literally the guy that self-posted about it here as well calling himself a famous PR man that seems to have a vendetta against this Adam kid. So from what I can tell:
>Some dude named Hunter Frederick emails a bunch of drama channels from his hunterfrederick.com email asking drama channels to "confirm Jeffree's phone number" saying he's a PR firm and implies that he's working with Shane and Jeffree to clean up the situation
>At the same time, drama channels also get emails from people claiming to be CNN or other major publications saying "Whoa have you guys heard that Shane and Jeffree hired this Hunter Frederick PR guy? Crazy right?", (except those emails are coming from like, hotmail email addresses, not CNN accounts)
>Adam (one of the many drama channels Hunter and "CNN" emailed) is the first one to mention the rumor on a livestream earlier today
>Hunter Frederick immediately responds on twitter going "WHOA THIS ADAM KID WAS WAY OUT OF LINE IMPLYING THAT I, HUNTER FREDERICK PR, AM WORKING WITH SHANE AND JEFFREE" even though he's the one that sent everyone a bunch of emails implying he was. No one cares or knows who he is.
>Then comes here and self-posts the apology, calling himself "famous PR man responsible for saving the face of countless celebrities" >>784002
>Gets called out for blatant selfpost, doesn't actually seem to have any clients or credibility >>784008
>Literally the only public source for this rumor is one tweet from this account with 15 followers >>784014
>Hunter calls himself a fag and denies self-post, gets banned >>784021 >>784016
>Peter Monn posts a video a few hours later talking about these sus emails all the drama youtubers were getting talking about this this supposed PR firm >>784052 trying to get Jeffree's phone number
>Turns out to be Hunter Frederick

Also someone on Twitter pointed out that he's clearly been a fan of Shane's for a long time. I have no idea why he has a vendetta against Adam, but it's clear he does because on Twitter he liked a bunch of Colleen tweets. I get the feeling other drama channels are going to talk about it since he tried to contact all of them with this nonsense, so I guess we should be honored to be included in his sad attempt to gain clout and shove himself into the drama? idk

No. 784086

File: 1594012919135.jpeg (48.57 KB, 1125x394, EcMP5lSUwAALxZ2.jpeg)

>Then comes here and self-posts the apology
the statement, I meant to say. He self-posted his twitter statement here after Adam mentioned him. Peter Monn read his statement in his video and was making fun of him for how poorly written and weird it was for someone claiming to be a PR firm. But, you can go to his website and read his credentials for yourself, such as "At the age of 23, Hunter was called an expert in his field by some of the world's most reputable journalists and public relations professionals.", which are probably the same "reputable journalists" claiming to be from CNN with hotmail email addresses, kek

2nd pic of Shane fandom

No. 784087

Hope this hasn't been posted yet, not milk but James from today basically refusing to say anything about what's going on lmao. He tweeted about getting "paparazzi’d" today, must have been this.

No. 784088

OT and nitpick but goddamn the stain on his shirt in that pic is gross.
It looks like it's from a professional photoshoot so I don't know why they wouldn't wipe that off or just edit it out.

Wait….. that dude really posted in this thread when the infighting was happening? What a mess. Imagining a middle aged man trying to integrate into the board culture here is a weird mental image.
I shouldn't be surprised since I remember seeing Titanic Sinclair or whatever his name is selfposting on /cgl/ and /mu/ many years ago.

No. 784089

Wait what the hell happened in this thread?

No. 784090

>basically refusing to say anything about what's going on lmao
Well yeah, I mean he's not stupid enough to do that. He was more polite than he needed to be to some dude who walked up with a camera in his face saying he saw him in the car and followed him asking him Shane should be forgiven, that feels extra inappropriate given covid and all. At least he was wearing a mask, unlike Jeffree. That being said…I don't understand why JC's mask is doing that?? I've never seen that happen before lmao

(also obviously it's not him, but I deadass thought that was Ryland he was with for a sec)

Just scroll up 4 posts sis it's not that hard, the least you could do is sage >>784084

No. 784092

I am so curious about the voice memo. One thing I don't understand is why Jeffree seem to show it to whomever? I wish someone would deliver the milk already

No. 784093

i like this and am happy it was shared. it rly does open eyes on more or less evident stuff.

JS isn't a beauty guru, he just likes makeup. He doesn't do tutorials. he tests makeup and does the same look in every video. He doesn't even give beauty tips or anything.

No. 784094

A regular mask and his long ass chin is pulling it down slowly until it keeps snapping under his nose. He also keeps trying to keep his head up, but fixing it.. Someone make this poor kid a mask for his long face.

No. 784100

File: 1594026942463.jpg (378 KB, 3507x1753, deadinside.jpg)

Well, I mean Jeffree Star looks like a technicolor Morticia Adams if she went on a week long crack binge, James Charles looks like Janice from the Muppets band "Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem". Remember James Charles, lip collagen is a privilege, not a right. The lips need to be smaller than the face. As for Shane Dawson he has god awful skin which sure isn't his fault but if you're trying to be a beauty queen at least find a solution or cover that shit up. Also, I don't know why if its his thing or whatever but the man always has the same vacant apathetic stare in every single picture taken of him.
But I guess thats what happens to you when you've been a company shill for the past 50+ years.
I'm fucking done. Stop making people like this famous, for the love of God.
They are not your friend and they will not make you look good. They will make you feel as empty and dead inside as your wallet after you're done "supporting them".
Just flaps of empty leather.

No. 784102

File: 1594027892650.jpg (434.08 KB, 1979x2048, EcJdeHAWAAEkBZL.jpg)

No. 784103

His ear pieces honestly look too long and he didn't adjust the nose piece if he's wearing one of those masks.

No. 784105

I love you

No. 784109

File: 1594031998632.png (2.39 MB, 1604x572, jafar.png)

that's what narcissists do, he always does the same look by himself, to himself, and shows it off on youtube because he's oh so special
take a look at these pictures for example… aside of color variation, they look exactly the same, he's even doing the same bimbo pose and face in these pictures
that lumpy mouth tho… yikes

>Remember James Charles, lip collagen is a privilege, not a right.
Comment of the year lol

No. 784111

File: 1594033325948.jpg (165.21 KB, 1200x820, pogo.jpg)

In what world do we live where people look at that creature and think "oh hey that looks good, i wanna look like that, here have all my money."
I must be getting old because I don't get it. Might as well ask Clint Howard for beauty advice.

No. 784112


My tinfoil is that young insecure people like it because they know that no matter what, at least they'll look better wearing it than hellbeasts like J* and Dawson. I mean, even Mikenactor doesn't look quite as terrifying as either of those two when he gets into mommy's makeup case.

No. 784113

File: 1594034064203.gif (950.63 KB, 498x280, clyde_cash.gif)

Ahhh so they're lifting up an even bigger loser than they are in order to feel like a winner. I then still don't get why they throw cash at these mutants. What even if their "talent?"
But hey, any one of you youngsters ever insecure feel free to lift me up as the head loser so you can feel better about yourselves.
I can even get you guys makeup palettes with my stupid name on them since they only cost 10 cts a piece to make and i'll sell them to you for insanely high prices.

No. 784122


Ayrt, anon, ily, my vote for the next thread pic

No. 784123

h3h3 talking about Pedo Puppet Pals. ethan meh obviously, but man if people hadn’t seen that fucked up clip before they sure have now (the tea decoration is a lil funny)

are the fine bros still relevant at all? we already cancelled them over reactgate right?

No. 784126

No offense but its high time they cancel h3h3 too.

No. 784136


100% offense, fuck Ethan.

No. 784139

Ethan deserves to be cancelled as much as Shane does, both are garbage humans.
As for fine bros, they are irrelevant for a long time now. Havent seen them in about 5 years.

No. 784140

>>784139 what did ethan do?

No. 784141

This is why nobody takes this kind of situations seriously.

No. 784142

Its real easy: We need to cancel ALL influencers and big youtubers.
To redeem our souls.


Stop giving them money.
Stop making them happen.

No. 784143

It's Lee Yaw, dummy.

No. 784147

He's dumb as fuck and always talks out of his ass without ever researching thoroughly the topics. He's also very money hungry and always gets into fake drama to get views, when he got famous criticizing youtubers who used to do that

No. 784150

Do you all think Shane will actually be cancelled for good this time or worm his way back to the top?

I am sceptical as this stuff gets brought up every few years and he always manages to turn it around. Although this time the pedo stuff is more revealing than ever. His "I was molested excuse" reminds me of Milo Yiannopoulos and even far right retards decided he'd gone too far and that was only one comment.

No. 784153

I hope to fuck it is. Shane has been a cancer on youtube since 2007, he's the one that started influencer and youtube douchebag cancer.
He gave us Onision, for one thing.
Bout time this degenerate gets what he deserves.

No. 784155

People went from 'uwu he must be protected at all costs' and attacking you if you dared to even hint a bad thing about Shane to complete disgust and hatred for him, even comparing him to Onionboi. I don't think he's coming back from this. I hope.

No. 784175

File: 1594052953746.png (462.06 KB, 500x555, FbTo1qbzgf.png)

I think he's doneso this time. No one gives a fuck about racism or fucking your cat, but pedos don't come back. Jeffree I'm not sure, he's truly been the most unkillable youtuber up to this point. Shane is maybe his most powerful horcrux so if we destroy Shane we'll be that much closer to ending Jeffree at least.

I don't watch his shit but Ethan seems like the type of dude who wouldn't have thought this was as big of a deal, except he has a kid now. You know what I mean?

No. 784190

What these anons said >>784175 >>784155, I've seen a lot of people comparing him to Onionboi and if any of his stans try to defend Shane, they end up getting ratio'd. Shane's fanbase is made up of soft uwu white girls who will excuse racism as long as it's from their favorite mentally ill uwu white boy, but the pedo accusation crosses the line for them.

I think Shane is finished too but I also think that depends on whatever his next move is. He already used up the "I was molested as a child and I coped by using dark humor" excuse. No one is buying it anymore, especially after the Smiths refused to accept it. There's no way he can pin this on Jeffree since he financially depends on him at the moment (Youtube monetization is gone and so are his sponsors) and the pedo shit happened before even meeting him. Not even the Jenna Marbles inspired apology worked for him and the Tati rant just showed his true colors.

The only way I can see him coming back is if he leaves social media for a year and he pulls a PR stunt by releasing a "documentary" on how he changed and learned a lesson from being cancelled lol. As for Jeffree…I honestly think he'll be fine after this. As much as I want him to make fool out of himself, him being quiet and not defending Shane is actually helping him in the long-term. Jeffree has a lot more to lose and I can't see him sacrificing that for Shane. Maybe he'll speak up if James Charles makes a video or statement or something, since Jeffree is obsessed with him.

No. 784198

I can see him taking a year off and doing the documentary thing. He already resents his fans expecting a schedule from him. Looking at him you can see he's living a very unproductive lifestyle. With all his connections to the mental health community and therapists he seems to have resolved to accepting he's a cunt that pisses in bottles instead of dragging himself to one of his bathrooms.

Reading over this thread refreshed why I hated most of his content. He was clever doing those series on other YouTubers that helped gained my viewership back.

>>783952 re this, Grayson always looked like a young George Michael to me. I know it's rude to speculate on sexuality but he seems gay. Emma and Ethan had a relationship or fling whatever they want to call it. I guarantee J and Shane just wiggled their way in with the Dolan's when the "sister squad" stopped filming together. Honestly it seemed that it was Emma and James that had issues, but obviously a gay guy and a straight girl not liking each other doesn't implicate a sexual assault happened or whatever fucking reach Jeffree is going for

No. 784201


Oh yeah the old "reformed pedophile" tactic. That's sure to work out. Maybe he can do a documentary with Cinnpie or a Smash tournament for pedos (now that the old one is cancelled).

No. 784205

File: 1594062229721.jpg (93.58 KB, 1280x720, dsxfghbjk.jpg)

yeah, I never got why people want to support or look like someone like jeffree ever… he has such an unfortunate ugly man face, he looks so bad with his eyebrows shaved, his lips are so lumpy and artificial, like, what do people get from trying to look like this? the only attractive thing about him is money. His personality is shit, he fucks hetero men for funsies, he only wants to be in the right, his friends fear him, he gets into pointless fights and bullies everyone, and the only thing he tolerates is his own self to the point of obsession

I think people just really like the bougee life he has, but even with all those gucci clothes on top, he's still ugly inside and out

No. 784206

This, the podcast really ruined his career, he used to be so funny but all he is now is a hot pile of garbage. I feel sad for Hila because in all honestly she's okay, and I like her art/clothes.

No. 784207

File: 1594062578352.jpg (54.66 KB, 640x351, tumblr_6277e5ddb18ef3a5fead878…)

lmao anon that picture is great
unironically this

No. 784212

his name is shane lee yaw not haw…i am not a fan of his but i do research

No. 784213

File: 1594063808135.jpg (70.25 KB, 640x480, ea7af13b696cd25c643623e51cde7e…)


No. 784218

fucking kek this is so stupid but got me good, ty anon

No. 784221

File: 1594065567080.png (315.22 KB, 692x721, shanememe.png)


Can't unsee the alien meme when I look at this image, so went and made it.

No. 784222

literally happy you did it because that's a cringy joke i tried to hold in myself

No. 784228

thank you anon

No. 784229

anon I laughed so hard

No. 784230

ryland looks so cute here and oh look a leprechaun with a hole on his shirt lol

No. 784231

File: 1594068146925.gif (4.75 MB, 480x480, giphy-downsized-large.gif)

>Shane is maybe his most powerful horcrux

No. 784233

File: 1594068699092.jpeg (385.63 KB, 1200x1602, 6E56D0BA-CC17-4065-B6CC-184EF9…)

>Grayson always looked like a young George Michael to me.
GOD anon I’m glad I’m not the only one. I mean I’ve never watched them enough to tell them apart or whatever, but I do remember thinking one of them looked like george michael and also wondering if that was subconsciously impacting me thinking maybe he and james had something going on

I see thanks to your info and google that it was definitely grayson, it’s the dang earring….that can’t just be coincidence, right? choosing the george michael vibe? I mean maybe he’s done some soul-searching and come to the conclusion that he’s straight, but I‘d have a pretty hard time believing he was never trying to sort some of that out at one point (which there’s nothing wrong with either way)

No. 784239

>He already resents his fans expecting a schedule from him. Looking at him you can see he's living a very unproductive lifestyle.
I'm not familiar if he's ever flaked on a promised video like other cow YTers have but if not, can you really blame him? He was making enough money that he didn't need to press himself to do tons of work all the time. And honestly I think his switch to infrequent but long videos has helped his 2nd rise to popularity because now every time he releases a video it's an event and people take notice. I agree that his lifestyle does seem to be unhealthy as well as the super stressful crunch time that occurs around video releases.

I could easily be wrong but personally I think Shane is done for good this time. He really got incredibly, ridiculously lucky that he was able to reach such a high level of popularity AGAIN after falling off once. 99% of formerly popular YTers especially from his era cannot say the same. I just don't think he's going to win the lottery again.

This is perfect anon

No. 784245

One of Shame's old HS videos. I don't know what I just watched.

No. 784249

Makes you wonder if the bullying he got in high school wasn't because he was fat but because he was a racist POS.

No. 784251

where did LeprYEEchuan Dawson grow up again? this shit was offensive back when he was a teen, does he at least have the "I grew up in a racist area and didn't know better!" excuse?

No. 784252

Long Beach, CA

No. 784253

I feel like a teacher who assigns Zora Neale Thurston would also know enough about United States history to take Shane aside and say "Okay, but seriously, blackface is really fucking shitty." Which would render Shane's claim that he didn't know any better with Shanaynay and other blackface characters completely false

No. 784254

Barf @ the comments calling this racist fattie cute

No. 784255

I sadly don't agree with the anons saying Shane is over. He still has 21 millions subscribers, which is an enormous amount. I know he got demonetized but honestly, considering youtube dollar eyes and the fact that Shane had meetings with Susan in the past i can totally see him regaining monetization. I'm also seeing a lot of his braindead fans still defending him.

No. 784256

the thing fat people do in school is either get funny or get strong: not whatever this is. I wonder if anyone has done the thing where they drag up his old school and throw a hissy fit at them (seems like many of these were a school project and I have seen people be this petty)

No. 784257

I'm also cynical about Shane ever truly being over, but I think him losing over 1 million active subscribers at this point in his career is significant. With big brands like Target and Morphe dissociating from him, it puts pressure on YouTube to do the same. But he also might quietly crawl back to the platform when (or if) all of this blows over. It's hard to say.

No. 784260

I looked it up properly on Facebook but made a mistake when I was typing here, lol.

No. 784262

He should have been punched more growing up

No. 784269

So are people here angry because of his disgusting “humor” or because of his autistic fake racism that you see everywhere on the internet, i hope the first because who says that shit about kids.

No. 784271

EXCLUSIVE: LA Sheriff's Dept. Opens Investigation On Shane Dawson; Survivors Urged To Come Forward

No. 784273

For the love of all that is holy, please don't let this investigation be as butchered as the Onion case.

No. 784277

go be racist somewhere else

No. 784279

Hope this is true and Sanders isn’t pulling a Joffree with false investigation claims.

No. 784285

File: 1594089663591.png (55.73 KB, 656x241, Screenshot2020-07-06.png)

not surprised

No. 784287

Anyone think he could see actual jail time for this?

No. 784288

It's split. His edgy race jokes were retarded but most people weren't angry until after Willow Smith's family got involved lol.

No. 784291

Is it normal for a sheriffs dept to inform a youtube drama channel that they opened an investigation? idk anything about that type of stuff

No. 784292

>>784291 Sanders reported Shane a while back with a fuck ton of evidence so i'm assuming thats why they informed him.

No. 784293

I was following this through r/beautyguruchatter… now the threads have been locked and there seems to be no more discussion of the developments.

No. 784294

Score hidden
1 hour ago
We are aware of the claims of an investigation yet we will not be allowing discussion of this until an official statement has been made by a reputable source.

they just want conformation

No. 784295

whatever lsa loser
that was gross shit. never liked him. i knew he was onion's twin.

No. 784296

Sounds like bullshit. The sheriffs dept has their own twitter. If they had a number they'd put it up on their fucking twitter, not tell some youtube asshole to give eXcLuSiVeS to his audience.

No. 784297

maybe he's looking at his thread?

No. 784298

I don't follow that, but what made the Onision investigation be butchered?
What can be prevented here?

No. 784299

These drama channels need to be careful. They're going to get slapped with a lawsuit if they keep making these bold statements about the PD getting involved.

It was circulating on Reddit and Twitter also.

No. 784300

sounds liberal and not racist enough to do this "not knowing"

No. 784301

thanks for this. I didn't see that recent post.

No. 784311

File: 1594094477917.jpeg (153.34 KB, 750x867, 64FA445B-E4DD-4F2C-A981-D67D0B…)

(repzilla so take with a grain of salt I guess)

No. 784312

File: 1594094557332.jpeg (126.14 KB, 750x713, 7C935A73-938D-4EEC-96E5-A95943…)

yee haw

No. 784315

can you imagine the LAPD secretary that took that phone call lmao

No. 784326

File: 1594102278760.webm (1.78 MB, 1280x720, MP-DJ8INJ_CM6LYB.webm)

I know this has been mentioned before, but words don't do it justice (posting for posterity)

No. 784329

I had friends in common with Shane during our high school years and heard stuff through the grapevine. He was just an ass and has always been racist. He's been called out on it before in person but apparently he never learned.

No. 784330

Oh and to clear up, Long Beach is an extremely liberal place. He literally has no excuse to be the way he is other than his weird mom.

No. 784333

I'm trying to find what Gregma said about Smegma regarding the pedophilia and he literally was right all along, lmao

No. 784335

it's shocking that Gurg was probably right about pedo shit all the time, but he couldn't provide receipts. i remember watching antioniosion youubers talking about it, could be Repzion for sure.

No. 784342


My question is, weren't the videos containing Shane's inappropriate behaviors online this whole time, it's just that nobody paid attention to them until recently? Because other than the snippet of Shane calling a baby sexy that was going around back in the day, I don't recall Greg providing much reciepts along with his claims which is interesting if the proof was online and accessible all along. I just feel like he likes to throw accusations at the wall when he doesn't like someone and is happy the biggest one actually stuck lmao

No. 784344

Birds of a feather flock together

No. 784345

He made a documentary that had some receipts i haven't seen anywhere else, mostly about him making his cousin do some gross sexual things. I'm not sure i'd recommend watching it, he tries to paint himself as the good guy/someone with a higher moral ground, kek. Personally i stopped watching when he was talking about Stinky flying out a 14 year old for videos and justifying himself flying out Plainey with "muh law she lieed i was already in luv" because i was laughing too hard

No. 784346

I think because it was that old (at least the pedo jokes) only people who followed Shane since then knew about it, it wasn't until now that shit hit the mainstream media (specially with the BLM movement) where people of all kind had access to it instead of only fans who followed him since the very beginning, neither the say I think those fans got used to those innapropiate jokes so they didn't bat an eye until people outside the niche point out it wasn't funny or normal.

I honestly thought he was just stupid until I read here that he had a friendship with Kero The Wolf, a pedophile and zoophilic, the same things Shane it's been accuse, if I think he is still going full pedo/zoo I don't think so but in the past he must definitely had a combo with a 12 y/o out or had fantasies with animals.

No. 784354


It says a lot about what a world class loser Greg is that he managed to fuck up this slam dunk. To be fair though he probably did add some momentum that finally caught up with Shane despite the tween Shane stans trying to rationalize and whatabout it all away.

No. 784360

Searched it up and this came up, any other evidence they were friends?

No. 784361

His old viewers or those that were around for his start probably hate him for both but back then he pushed all aspects of edgy humour so it was mostly his personality that was off putting since he incorporated basically all scumbag traits. However it was the 'internet' back then, and IRL and the Web were always seen as separate entities and not intertwining. Even lately I've been trying to talk to normies about it since BLM and Internet culture has changed a bit and I thought they'd know about it. People still don't see YouTube as a professional corporation and a niche culture.

For the current fandom the racist shit is probably new and with the current culture of online actually having IRL repercussions people there will be a bigger storm of outrage this time around.

No. 784364

Greg and Shane were friends back in the day. They are both revealed to be creepy pedos attracted to teens. Greg was probably accusing Shane cuz he remembered back in the day Shane did/said fucked up stuff w teens (because they’re both creepy fucks they would have felt comfortable. Greg likely didn’t have receipts and was going off memory

No. 784383

>any other evidence they were friends?
anon there’s literally a gif of them kissing at the top of the thread >>783067 and also >>784326

we been knew they were friends, it’s not a conspiracy theory or anything, that’s never been hidden info that’s why gurg has been so obsessed with him for so many years

No. 784387

I think it was less that they were friends and it was more than onion saw him as a peer fame -wise (but clearly this is due to his ego - he was never quite as popular) And he felt they looked alike. And then he saw Shane as a more successful version of himself and grew absolutely obsessed and resentful.

I recall Shane distancing himself from Greg pretty early on.

No. 784403

Lets face it, Shane made Greg. Hell he might have even gotten noticed by Tosh.O because of Shane.

No. 784407

Greg has been obsessed with Shame since they stopped being “friends,” and that’s one of the reasons Onision’s credibility was shot. He didn’t present the evidence in a calm and expository way; he narced out about it. He never did it with the intention of “exposing” Shane. He did it to prove that Greg Good Shane Bad and it was some horrible personal offense done to Greg that Shane still had his success, which came off as hysteric, obsessive, desperate, and incredibly jealous with the added doublethink flair that Greg was doing the exact same thing as Shane by asking his underage fans for shots of themselves in their underwear, sleeping with 17 year olds, etc Greg things. If I weren’t on my phone I would find and link it, but recall that Shane sent Greg an email alluding to a cease and desist or defamation suit against Greg that Shane ultimately wouldn’t follow through with “for the sake of [Greg’s] children,” to which Greg fully narced out “WHY IS HE THREATENING MY CHILDREN??” because, you know, he’s Greg. He made several videos about this as well.

When Greg has talked about it, he has provided a few noteworthy clips: the ejaculating on a cat thing, the clip of him with his cousin, and calling a baby sexy. It’s certainly not as comprehensive as all of the evidence available against Shane now (I guess Greg is just lazy and stupid) but people still explained it away, and you can’t blame them. If you look back on the Onision threads when it happened, people here defended Shane to some extent - not out of any love for Shane, but because Greg is literally the worst person on the planet.

No. 784410

Samefag to say that in more than a few of these videos or twitter rants calling out Shane, he would also accuse Felix PewDiePie of some variety of misconduct, which would overshadow the accusations he was making about Shane. Shane’s got a pretty big fan base but it’s nothing compared to PDP. Then he would ultimately renege on his accusations of Felix (never apologizing, but would say something to the effect of “maybe I was wrong.”) and then both things would get swept under the rug because you can’t accuse two people of something and then say “oh okay I was wrong about one but the other one is still legit!!!”

Also important to mention he did this multiple times. I guess he would just forget that he’d exonerated PDP before. I can’t pretend to understand Onion’s brain.

No. 784412

Youtube demonized his cideos, and his brand is too toxic for companies to sponsor. He’s pretty much fucked.

No. 784413

>gurg was right all along!!!!!
Yall need to calm down with this, you’re giving him WAY too much credit.

>Greg likely didn’t have receipts and was going off memory
This is exactly why you’re giving him way too much credit. He didn’t “have the receipts” because he was just throwing shit at the wall to see what stuck. IIRC Greg didn’t make his video or any accusations until after someone else released the podcast clip and it was already gaining momentum, and if he had any memory of Shane doing anything he could have brought it up before then or even anecdotally in his video wether or not he had the proof to back it up. I could be wrong, but I don't think any of the receipts >>784345 actually originated from Greg, I'm pretty sure he just took them from other people.

Like >>784342 said, the evidence was there all along, he could have easily found it if he actually wanted to (especially if he had any memory of the videos, he could have at the very least pointed people in the right direction) but that was never the point. Greg wasn’t actually trying to warn people or actually concerned about the children, Greg’s point was to prove “see I’M not a pedophile, SHANE is a pedophile! SHANE is who you should really be mad at! If I was really a pedophile then why would I be so angry at what SHANE is doing?!”.

kek @ how poorly this video aged, but it actually has a lot of good info in it proving this point. It has all of the clips showing Greg was just talking out his ass and also has the emails between Shane and Greg with Shane threatening legal action if Greg didn’t stop harassing him (what >>784407 mentions). Just listen to some of his actual comments about Shane:
>Shane Dawson was talking about a girl less than half the age of any girl I’ve ever put in my videos
>You have to be enraged by Shane because he targeted babies and young young young children
>[When asked why he hasn’t contacted the police if he’s genuinely concerned about the welfare of a child] I don’t want to waste police time with false accusations
>12 year olds are more likely to molest Shane Dawson than he is to molest them. Way more likely.
>Shane Dawson IF I’m wrong about you then I’m sorry, but if I’m right then I don’t know but if I’m wrong about you then I’m wrong
If he had any actual memory of Shane doing anything, he easily could have said "I know I'm not wrong about you even though I can't prove it", but he didn't.

TL;DR A broken clock is right twice a day, Greg doesn’t deserve any credit for this. If anything, he was only reacting to accusations that other people had brought forward about Shane because he's obsessed with him and saw an opportunity to harass him. In the end he probably did more harm than good, because if he wasn't the one saying it people probably would have taken it more seriously.

No. 784414

Been noticing people start hating even on political correct pc youtubers that they don’t deserve to earn money. Kinda based if it’s no longer gonna be possible to earn money off youtube and if they all lose their net worth. t. Salty

I def believe Shane will lose his fame a la sem pepper style

No. 784415


It was kinda revolting to hear Greg brag to Nick Oreo about how he's been "right about everyone", naming Shane, Chris Hansen, and others. He literally just cares about being right and making himself look better and having the moral high ground. In his mind, naming flaws and mistakes of others negates any and all critcisms thrown his way

No. 784418

Yeah, but Greg's smooth brain thinking was "don't come to me when these guys are bad." Because people have zero tolerance, Greg will be instantly canceled if he ever had any kind of spike back to fame even as a sex worker.

>I was right all along

>Sticks dildo in his ass for OF

Okay, Greg.

No. 784419

sage for ot, but I have no idea why anyone even gives him an ounce of attention for those claims, he literally spews shit on everyone who has wronged him, I still wait for Sarah to be proven as a rapist lol

No. 784428

File: 1594145283205.jpg (56.75 KB, 750x989, 01d5ef6105c5822fb9d5e3b0e984b1…)

>Greg was probably accusing Shane cuz he remembered back in the day Shane did/said fucked up stuff w teens
I don’t buy this either. Shane would never have "confided" anything in anyone, let alone Greg because Shane doesn't think his actions are wrong, he never has. He doesn’t think he’s racist, he doesn’t think he’s a pedo, he doesn’t think anything he’s ever done has been wrong. He just thinks people don't get his edgy humor and he was continually validated by his teenage fans who were too young/stupid to know any better while ignoring any of the adults telling him it was wrong. His response in 2018 to being called pedo wasn't really remorse, neither was his response to being accused of fucking his cat. It was anger that we'd ever even think that about him. WE'RE the sickos for not knowing he was pure of heart and they were just jokes or taken out of context uwu. Shane had over a decade to bury these receipts but he didn't think they were receipts.

Greg always knew what he was doing was wrong, that’s the difference. That's how he never technically broke the law (in that regard). That's why he always knew the age of consent where he was going, that's why he waited until the exact moment, that's why he says shit like he's attracted to women at their peak fertility and that's just science!! Sex with a minor is illegal, but grooming a minor until they reach the age of consent isn't. IMO Shane has a much better chance of ever going to jail than Greg because Shane literally doesn't understand why googling naked pictures of babies to masturbate to would be illegal. And if Shane goes to jail and Greg doesn't, Greg will only feel MORE vindicated.

He's only ever "right" about anyone because he leaves room for himself to be right, like how his apology to Shane was "IF I'M WRONG then I'm sorry". But him accidentally being right about someone doesn't mean it was for the right reasons and it doesn't mean they were wrong about him. Same tactic Jeffree uses (much more effectively) with situations like Daved Scissorhands.
>Daved Scissorhands wants clout so everything he's saying is fake
Did Daved want clout and attention? Yes. Were his caps showing Jeffree being racist real? Also yes.

No. 784429

I meant the furry, not Onision or whatever
who's Greg. Sorry I only know this bitch from the J* era

No. 784437

File: 1594148254538.webm (3.37 MB, 576x768, g0Yb8VT5NjZI2AVF.webm)

No. 784455

File: 1594153408035.png (429.81 KB, 428x755, tiktok.png)

This is the worst thing I've ever seen, thanks anon! I hate that this made me go look at Shane's TikTok.

>who's Greg
I wish I was you anon

No. 784456

There wasn't even an Onision investigation. Never expexted Shane to beat him to it though, lol.

No. 784463

File: 1594154767522.webm (5.97 MB, 640x480, download.webm)

This video is so fucking funny because 1. he's soaking wet for some reason, 2. he's almost certainly sitting on the toilet making this and 3. Shane thinking he discovered this "conspiracy theory" that people "scammed" their way to the top of the phonebook by knowing the alphabet like, a decade after the last time anyone used a phonebook

Just shows he's still trying to appeal to his kid/teenage fanbase because they're the only ones who wouldn't already know that

No. 784464

They weren't friends but they were friendly with one another. Shane is still following Kero.

I think the story of how Shane came into contact with Kero is far more damaging. If it wasn't for one of Kero's diaper/babyfur friends, Ashley Zoe Fox, Shane would have never interviewed Kero. Ashley is also friends with Shane and asked Shane to interview Kero.

Video kind of related. Skip to 9:27 for Ashley's dinner with Shane (yes, before you ask, Ashley is a trans woman). Unlike Kero, Ashley was already known to be into ADBL. He founded a website dedicated to babyfurs in 2002 and has ran babyfur conventions since the 1990s. Ashley's husband is also a babyfur and has drawn cub art (the furry equivalent of CP).

And there's no way Shane could've have NOT known Ashley Zoe Fox was a babyfur because Ashley openly talks about it. Shane has an ABDL fetish confirmed?

No. 784473

File: 1594155542141.webm (3.27 MB, 320x568, i9LaH7_fabfIC6cb.webm)

And here's Ashley defending Shane.

No. 784492

I'll never understand how people can't comprehend that someone can be nice and a terrible person at the same time.

No. 784507

God ewwwwww why is he drenched ewwwwww

No. 784510

The red face and wet (greasy) hair are onions staples lol

No. 784530

File: 1594164867602.jpg (100.89 KB, 640x891, EcTCTUDVcAIqnoJ.jpg)

Aged like wine.

No. 784531

I feel sorry for this girl. She has now grown up and understands how fucked up this was.
While Shame over there is still like "lol humour".
I hope the investigation into him is real, it just sucks that it didn't happen a decade sooner.

No. 784545

I mentioned this in another thread a long ass time ago but there's a video where Shane basically just bought a bunch of crap at the thrift store or something. One of the items was adult diapers and in the video he makes Ryland put one on and suggests SEVERAL times that he piss in it/keeps asking him off he pissed in it yet, all while Ryland does weird sex poses on the floor. People brushed it off when I pointed out how fucking weird and fetishy it was but I really wouldn't be surprised if he's into that.

No. 784551

Oh I would put my money on Shane being ABDL. Idk if for him or his partners though.

No. 784560

File: 1594171268017.jpg (93.57 KB, 946x2048, 20200707_212046.jpg)

No. 784562

File: 1594171785850.png (149.45 KB, 590x400, EcXIZWZXQAEXZ.png)

(nta but posting the context is probably helpful….)

No. 784564

Ew. There's the thing where he made Tana pee on him too, and his weird peeing in bottles thing.

>all while Ryland does weird sex poses on the floor

tbf though, Ryland is always doing weird sex poses on the floor in every video

No. 784566

Keem is a pathetic asskisser.

No. 784567

This is the same guy who defended Kero even when it was confirmed he sexually abused his own dog so I'm not surprised he'd defend Shane.

No. 784568

Ot, but always find it odd people don't use the 24hr time format on their phone, makes a person seem dim.

No. 784570

File: 1594172732126.jpeg (158.96 KB, 750x929, FFEF5B80-EC86-4AC7-8785-97A1F3…)

Still no news from J* but he was photographed with Blac Chyna today. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but all the drama is so mixed up at this point.

No. 784571

File: 1594172788879.jpeg (169.28 KB, 747x1020, D8160B2F-38AF-4825-9328-9876D9…)

Full image

No. 784573

So Jstar hands out with Blac Chyna, I was wondering why he was being shady towards the kardashians on a view of his videos. Hinting he has inside information as if anyone in calabasas willing associates with him. Mess.

No. 784575

He's been spiteful toward them ever since Kim dropped him and apologized to her fans for associating with him. It's ironic considering he tries to emulate them in every way.

No. 784577

ayrt, thanks! forgot to type words with the post

this is Keem's screenshot from the tweet

No. 784581

Well fuck Sanders then. Why the fuck would he lie about something so serious and verifiable?
Although I'm still hoping that he gets investigated at some point.

No. 784585

Hah, so he's bought a friend in Chyna. Since he hates most woman, maybe this will work out for him, they're both as plastic, fake and toxic as each other.

No. 784588

Holy fuck, there's not one moment in this video that didn't age terribly. The whole premise is she's 18 now and they couldn't do anything Shane wanted to do when she was 17
>”You don’t know struggle until you’ve taken a picture next to Eugenia fucking Cooney bitch”
>Joke about wanting to watch horse porn
>”I have a list of things that i want you to do now that you’re 18”
>Joke about how Tana should have to see him naked
>Gives Tana a pube
>Prolapsed anus
>Shane talks about someone throwing up on his dick
>Drinks Kombucha, says it tastes like pee
>”Have you ever drank pee? Or had someone pee on you? You’re 18”
>Shane says he’s had someone pee on him sexually
>Brings her 3 water bottles, excitedly makes her drink them when she says she'll pee on him
>”You could like straddle me and pee on my lap and then I’ll show them the pee”

Honest to god Shane looks more excited and alive at the prospect of a barely 18 year old girl peeing on him than he ever has in any other video (more than any interaction with Ryland, more than when he was making millions of dollars). It's horrifying.

No. 784589

What the fuck.

No. 784592

There's also audio of him talking about how he wanted to chop some other girl's head off too, and joking about fucking her when she was a child. It was a girl that he had like, known and worked with? I'll have to see if I can find the clip

No. 784595

I fucking hate Tana a lot but holy fuck. Shane is a fucking degenerate.
Ryland please get away from this man.

No. 784596

this is SO FUCKED UP and drama channels should talk about this shit
But nooo, poorbby shane is soooo poor and sensitive and such an empath, how could he talk in detailed fashion on how he would torture a woman and rip her fingernails off etc?
Honestly I had to close the vid because it is disturbing as fuck.

No. 784599

File: 1594178835937.png (Spoiler Image,705.28 KB, 428x732, shane.png)

>Shane says he’s had someone pee on him sexually

No. 784600


This one too

No. 784603

File: 1594179904939.jpg (92.17 KB, 640x710, 1593468341376.jpg)

WAIT anon do you know Shane's magical black school friend???

No. 784604

This was one of the first videos that made me start side-eyeing Shane. I’ve watched his videos since I was young and assumed his inappropriate sense of humor was for shock value, but now I can’t help but wonder if his humor is just his way of expressing his degeneracy without repercussion.

No. 784605

>My friend happened to be black
Kek, whatever you say Shart

No. 784610

These are so fucking disgusting that it's a wonder no one said anything about them when they were uploaded. Wanting to see her bloody tampon? Wanting her to vomit, spit, pee and period on him? And she just thought it was the most hilarious shit and playing with her boogers but that's disgusting as hell.

No. 784611

File: 1594182867012.jpeg (338.08 KB, 1167x680, D02C968F-E49D-469E-A0CD-7BED6D…)

Did I miss anyone sharing this?

No. 784612

two pieces of trash

No. 784614

File: 1594184886380.png (51.41 KB, 590x166, fame.png)

Fucking finally, it always absolutely blew my mind how much the Drag community continued to look the other way and support him despite everyone tripping over each other to try and be the wokest (and you know there's no way they didn't know what his history was) Fame has come out against them as well, you love to see it.

Trixie still hasn't acknowledged it in any way or unfollowed him, which is really gross. I've always kind of wondered if Trixie's makeup production was connected to JSC in some way, and if that's why she hasn't cut ties yet? Especially since she just previewed her new lipstick line yesterday. Trixie cutting ties could make a huge difference.

Also I know Willam and Alaska appeared on Shane's podcast (Willam a few times I think) back in the day, so I wonder if they've made any statements?

No. 784624

Uhh, maybe cuz it's "FUCKED MEEEEEUH! WITH A TOOTHBRUSH!" Tana.

FFS. Shane was melting barbies in waffle irons. WTF did anyone expect from Shane? Obviously a low tier shock jock. Think an unartistic John Waters (bless him).

No. 784630

Almost all of them are toxic, predatory gay men. They don't give a shit about Jeffree's bad behavior they just recognize that he's PR poison now and are trying to get ass pats for condemning him. Guarantee that if he comes out with a good enough statement they'll be right back to sucking his dick.

No. 784641

Keem should have been canceled many years ago.

*they're ALL toxic.

No. 784644

he got cancelled by idubbbz, but apparently he didn't give a fuck.

No. 784646

This, they're all disguting pieces of shit, them cutting Jeffree right now is just cleaning up their reputation. So who cares, lolcows flock together.

No. 784652

They already have, in fact this recording was addressed in his apology. Justifying it by saying it wasn't directed to a black woman but to a white woman (who complained about his racism). Great.

Speaking of drama channels have you guys seen the shitstorm that is going on with Sanders Kennedy reporting Shane? It was posted earlier but ofc Trisha is now coming to the defense. I think there could be a case here with the wayback machine requesting photos from fans thing but over some puppet videos, shit's degenerate but not a sex offense.

On another topic I wonder if this could end up impacting Youtube terms, since all these pedo joke videos had millions of views and were up on YT for the longest time. We already had Elsagate and with Youtube trying to be as child friendly as possible nowadays, even targeting anything colorful or cartoony to be demonetized, as soon as there is an advertiser or parent uproar it's over for the rest of shock humor on YT.

No. 784653

This. Kameron Michaels posting a story where he throws his Jeffree star palette saying "i wasn't on the pr list anyway" and everyone praising him irked the hell out of me. Do you really believe he didn't know the shitty things Jeffree has done? It was just convenient for him to look the other way, and now it's convenient not to. Gross

No. 784675

Maybe he realized these palettes cost only 10 cts to make
So nothing of value was lost.

No. 784684

he even has that glazed dead fish eye look

No. 784687

Honestly I'm sick of Trisha

No. 784706

He really is looking a lot like Greg

No. 784731

he released a statement

No. 784736


The police can suspect you of anything all day long it doesn't mean shit, Mr Fat gay Chris Hansen.

No. 784746

Wasnt Kalel the abusive manipulative ex anthony talked about in his draw my life vid?

Trisha went on a dated with a pedophile who was convicted of following a boy to the bathroom to watch and she defeneed him by saying how she didnt know and we dont know the "whole story" shes just as sick as shane and should never be around kids. Birds of a feather

No. 784747

wrow breaking news trisha acts like a victim of abuse

No. 784748

Have you anons seen Pewdiepie's live watching the Tati's video and Shane's livestream? I think he has some good takes but he was too harsh and bitter to her.

No. 784750

>Wasnt Kalel the abusive manipulative ex anthony talked about in his draw my life vid?
yes she was. She also publicly defended sam pepper back in the day during his sexual assault/harassment allegations so that just goes to show the kind of people that are speaking up in defense of Shane.

No. 784756

No one is gonna watch 52 minutes of this Nazi scrote pandering for views. And of course he was harsh to her (regardless of if she deserves it or not), he hates women and so does his beta audience

No. 784759

what editor approved this???

No. 784760

How does he hate…women ??

No. 784762

Pewdiepie, another influencer piece of shit we should have canceled a long, long time ago.

No. 784765

I wonder what JC told him right after Bye Sister, he seems to hold Tati in huge contempt, but he's definitely not a Shane or J* supporter. Isn't he the only person linked to only JC to have reacted?

No. 784768

lol @ him making fun of her age as if he isn’t a 30-something whose claim to fame is screaming over video games for his 12-year-old audience. dumb swedish cunt

No. 784770

I honestly can't with that argument, it's obviously less mocking her age and more the fact that she seems very immature (whether you believe her or not). Even my 76 yo grandma thought Tati should be embarrassed for her actions when I explained the drama to her.

No. 784774


> Insulting Tati for prefixing her video with a belief in a higher power and being an "elevated being"

pfff, Like pewdieprick hasn't prattled on about his veganism and Buddhist beliefs in the past.

Though let's be real, all YTers will jump on this for the clout. So it's no surprise the shitposter king made a reaction to Tatis video

No. 784775

Please spare your poor grandma from this fuckery. She doesn’t need to hear how our generation makes stupid people famous

No. 784776


They all should be embarrassed. They're all a bunch of 30+-year-olds squabbling about what an 18 yr old "allegedly" might have done. I can't with any of them. I seriously think all that probably happened was James flirted/came onto some dude and now that guy is screaming "sexual harassment".

No. 784777

does your 76 year old grandma know how to sage

No. 784779

He doesnt. More like apathrtic towards womens issues but he sure doesnt give a fuck that his audience does. There was that time when his mom posted about about celebrating international womens day on her facebook. his fans found out and harassed her until she removed the post

No. 784780

like this

No. 784782

Agree. They all act like they all forgotten how it was to be 18 (And to be filthy rich on top of that at that age).

About any young gay dude will try to flirt and turn straight guys gay. It’s nothing new nor shocking.
Any 18yo dude in general will do something dumb, petty and unreasonable at some point. Not that it should excuse any crime, but it shouldn’t cause massive massive drama. JC shilling a competitor’s brand for 5 min just to get backstage pass is totally normal for an 18 yo airhead to do.
Tati is the ridiculous on for befriending a 18 yo guy with raging hormones and acting shocked when he acts like one.

No. 784783

I think penguinz0 makes a better, more condensed point with the same kind of bitterness

poor granny farmer

No. 784786

Sounds like your grandma has bigger things to worry about

No. 784787

Tati is so bizarre to me, the weird religious and spiritual shit she spouts in her video feels so robotic and out of place. While I can believe she was egged on by Jeffree and Shane, she still made the video rather than trying to discuss it with James privately.

She made an Instagram live crying about the vitamins and came across unhinged. James text her to explain why he was shilling for Sugar Bear Hair and she still sperged out. As an influencer you'd think she'd understand it's part of the job and what 19 year old isn't going to shill for VIP tickets or w/e it was at Coachella.

saged for tati sperg.

No. 784794

File: 1594249595501.jpg (64.57 KB, 640x601, 6h0cooj0np951.jpg)

Poor Lia.

No. 784798

Ew, that's repulsive. He really is just an onion by any other name.

No. 784809

Okay this is going to sound ridiculous and maybe even a bit bigoted, but so be it: I wonder if Shane is really gay, or if its the kind of Luka Magnotta / Andrew Buchanan-type gay just for the attention and just to make it in the media industry.
Plus when you think about it, pretending to be gay is a pretty good cover to hide pedophelia.
Its a ridiculous theory, outlandish even, but its been playing around in the back of my head.
Just give me your thoughts on the matter. Not saying I'm right, not saying I'm wrong. Just been wondering about it.

No. 784812

Shane says he's bisexual and I don't see any reason to doubt that, even if he is a shitstain. He's demonstrated himself to be a major creep toward young girls AND boys, so if his relationship with a man is part of one long con to cover up pedophilia, he's doing it wrong.

No. 784813

Its outlandish to think someone could pretend to be gay or bi just to achieve success, however, that being said: how many closet gays and lesbians aren't out there living a straight life even with kids and such?
So maybe it works both ways, no pun intended.

No. 784815

Then again, considering Shane's best buddies with Kero the Wolf who is a known zoopheliac furry zoo sadist, maybe Shane is just willing to fuck anything. Like a hole's a hole. Women, men, kids, animals.
Better not let him in your house or your goldfish will stop swimming.

No. 784821

From what I remember Pewdiepie’s statement in support of Jame’s defending himself really helped JC bring himself back from his dark place to make his rebuttal, then after they did videos together a lot. Pewdiepie is friends with JC and probably feels bitter about what Tati did to him, plus her video is just“don’t blame me :’( boo hoo i’m so sad i made a video destroying a boy’s life almost” so being harsh is valid.

No. 784822

He'll be fine until his several millions run out. I'm curious to see if the Smith family will take legal action against him.

No. 784824

peter monn is annoying, clickbaiting and always delaying the actual content of the video but he talked about jeffroy starbuck's new make up that's going to launch this friday i believe.

No. 784826

not sure there's anything they can do legally but i'm sure they have the pull to bar him from so much as working the concession stand at a movie theater again if he ever tries to enter hollywood. he blacklisted himself from the film industry when he acted like an egomaniacal pos on the chair

highly doubt pdp cares about anyone to that caliber, much less james charles

No. 784829

Kek they made like one Minecraft video together a year ago. Pewds just hitches his wagon onto whatever scandal is happening at the moment like a glorified drama channel, it’s not that deep.

No. 784836

There's so much pee talk in this i get R. Kelly vibes.

No. 784839

>an unartistic John Waters
This so much. No one with even half of John's talent would ever be allowed to make it big on youtube. All corporate wants are soulless little secret pedo shills like shane.

No. 784842

WSJ is that you? Why do some people think he hates women? Hasn't he been with the same woman for nearly a decade now? People have tried to start rumors that he abuses her lol.

No. 784843

Pewdiepie is a red-pilled scrote, now discuss it in >>>/snow/980242

No. 784845

I know who he is. I'm just saying rumors of him being a Nazi and abusing his gf are fairytales made up by morons for clicks and views.(derailing)

No. 784851

File: 1594260045913.jpg (391.16 KB, 1455x1080, 787e920c.jpg)

Yeah, I always fast forward if I ever watch his shit but he was particularly annoying and distracted for this one. That being said, I like the point he's making here just truly how terrible of a friend Jeffree is to Shane here and points out that Jeffree's whole crusade against Manny was that he was a "bad friend" to Jeffree. Which is also why Tati went after JC too??? Why the fuck are these old ass people so heated about people half their age being "BAD FRIENDS", what the fuck? It's truly the most middle school logic

I also liked that he pointed out that the people Jeffree is hanging out with right now are people who would have never bothered with prior to this (bc I don't know or care enough about who he's been baking cookies with or whatever, so that was helpful info)

>oh yeah if he hates women so much then why is he married to one????
One of the dumbest arguments I've ever seen on this god forsaken website, which is very impressive. Also, stop derailing, take it to the Youtube thread >>>/snow/980242

No. 784853


Always disliked him but couldn't pinpoint why. He's been throwing up red flags since he started on youtube. It's not that different from Onision asking his underage fans for pics in their underwear so he could "rate them".
>Mr Fat gay Chris Hansen.

No. 784854

>stop derailing
I was answering another anon and I wasn't making an argument. If you want to spread unproven retard rumors, then good for you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784868

Not milk but this video shows how much his "emphatic bleeding heart" persona is an act. It frightening how long he's gotten everybody fooled.(repost)

No. 784872

Yes, we know, these clips have been posted 3 times already.

No. 784880

love this pic anon lol

No. 784881

wut new makeup?? sources anon? aside of this flamboyant gray bear looking dude

No. 784882

File: 1594272944648.jpeg (336.37 KB, 749x1539, AD39FF3B-FC97-4EAF-99A7-59D1AF…)

here’s the actual post

it’s bad enough that he’s being a chickenshit coward like this, but imagine THIS being the hill you die on…..boring ass lip liners

countdown til jeffy pretends his product sold out in 1 min, like he always does!

No. 784888

File: 1594278799950.jpeg (155.96 KB, 750x1000, AD997FE9-7461-4729-8930-3CBB2B…)

I can’t tell if this is funny or not? I think it might be funny just on the premise that jeffree was in someone’s insta yesterday bragging about how dior specifically sent those shoes to him. I doubt jake was taking a shot at jeffree
(the cereal was reese’s puffs, very important context)

(also I know he probably just had a cup in there)

No. 784889

>>784888 jake is literally too dumb to shade like this and straight boys dont care about the makeup industry

No. 784898

dont think he ever been vegan or mentioned buddhism. he mentioned philosophy. saying nigger once doesnt make him a nazi either. he literally donated milions of dollars to get water to african children BEFORE any of the slur drama.
he shit on tati (i stumbled upon the stream) relentlessly though. as someone who has been on fire before he should know better than to call her a huge bitch, liar etc. he even mentioned that he was going to make a video but it had enough dislikes for him not to care.

No. 784920

File: 1594305230126.png (30.61 KB, 596x271, ice_screenshot_20200708-171222…)


No. 784933

File: 1594311464152.jpeg (128.34 KB, 750x534, F327EC79-0810-4C16-B3FF-EA76AC…)

so with the sanders kennedy video, I keep seeing this sentiment which seems really bad, but then I saw a few people saying that that doesn’t apply if he was speaking to the police on like a public help line or whatever where they’re also usually recording the call? like 911 calls are recorded, but they don’t usually tell you that or ask for consent upfront, right? or if the line says ‘this call may be recorded for quality purposes’ or whatever like they sometimes do, does that count as both parties knowing/consenting even if sanders didn’t specify that he was recording also? like the argument of
>he recorded a police officer on the job without his consent
different scenario obviously but I guess is that any different than people recording police officers being shitty at riots and posting that online?

not condoning sanders actions that was stupid as fuck (I haven’t even seen the video lmao), but this seems like an interesting question to me

(also lmao @ drama channels suddenly coming experts at recording consent laws in every state)

no one gives a fuck about your precious nazi poopiepants, weren’t you banned already?

No. 784947

File: 1594315030448.png (171.38 KB, 361x691, Dz9FUSeXgAEKBtW.png)

He's not a nazi and you know he isn't. Stop posting extreme mistruths just to get a reaction and then being surprised when you get it(derailing)

No. 784955

sanders is from NY (a one party consent state) so i’m not sure if the law varies by where a conversation is recorded

jfc, can you pdp stans find somewhere else to lick his asshole already? this isn’t his thread

No. 784956

I don't watch him. Stop sperging

No. 784957

He makes a “joke” about kids peeing on him in this video with Lucas. Fucking sus.

Fuck off and stop derailing the thread, then.

No. 784959

>sanders is from NY (a one party consent state) so i’m not sure if the law varies by where a conversation is recorded

It varies from state to state. Some states even consider video recording and audio recording as two different things.

I.E. Videoing someone in a public place is usually legal with or without consent as you have no "expectation of privacy" when you are out in public. But you can still expect your conversation to be private.

I'm not a lawyer..

No. 784975

I will never forgive Shane and Kati Morton for how they handled the Eugenia Cooney situation. It was not his place to make that video because massive truths were not shown. He completely avoided the topic of her mother, who could possibly be enabling her eating disorder. Look at Eugenia now, that video didn't help. Jaclyn Glenn's story is a lot more believable and Shane played into the hands of Eugenia's mother.

No. 784981

Jaclyn Glenn monetised and profited from being such a "good friend". She's a disgusting leach herself. And Shane does anything for money. He's never going to live all this down. YouTube documentaries are the only "movies" he will ever make now.

No. 784986

Maybe she is a leach, but I feel like there was and still is a genuine concern for Eugenia's well-being. Let's not forget that without her, Eugenia would most likely have gotten help. I'm not saying she's a saint, but I feel that she is correct in her perception of Eugenia's mother. I agree with you that Shane will do anything for money.

No. 784988

The fact he said hopes his laptop never gets stolen shortly before the piss thing just adds to the sus.

I was really confused over the positive reactions about the Eugenia documentary when it came out because I remember my only thought being "That really didn't explain shit" and it was incredibly forgettable and felt so fake.
I actually didn't know Eugenia has a controlling abusive mom but that info alone explains things clearer than Shane's shitty video did.

No. 784993


This is very tinfoil hat territory etc. But if you watch the videos she does with her mother they seem very forced and the dynamic between them seems weird. I guess Narcissistic abuse could be a cause. I just get serious Gypsy-Rose / Dee-Dee vibes. Just a hunch and I'm probably wrong. I don't know them apart from their online personas.

No. 785001

The only reason why these drama channels are going so hard in on Sanders is because they banked on Jeffree responding and having material for 100 more "JEFFREE DUMPS SHANE?" type videos (sanders included).

He jumped the gun because the milk has run dry and unlike farmers they've staked their own idenities in being "tea spillers". Once they saw that spike in video views they know its time to milk the topic until its dry. Theyre scrambling because J* has stayed mum which none of them were expecting.

If the sanders drama is what Sam is focusing on she should really remember the whole John Kuckian / Thomas Halbert blackmail drama she was directly apart of and never really addressed 3 years ago kek. They all live in glass houses.

No. 785018

why are you defending someone who doesn't know you exist? nazi or not.
at least use the right thread dude

No. 785019

>saying nigger once doesnt make him a nazi
sis listen to yourself please lol, still makes him a stupid person
>he literally donated milions of dollars to get water to african children
a good coverup and excuse if anyone calls him racist

no one cares, I watch him too for entretainment, but I know he has done wrong. why even defend the unexcusable.

I honestly think that this means nothing, Jake Paul is just a brainless idiot

Kek of course, this bitch launches this shit in the middle of drama. I saw one comment in this post about a youtube video of Jeffree hitting someone in the ground but never have seen that before, doesn anyone know about it?

No. 785022

>I watch him for entertainment

No. 785026

File: 1594331988049.jpeg (86.63 KB, 750x581, ec.jpeg)

>im writing a skit about it LOL
A skit where he gets to be in blackface AND get peed on by a young girl? What a dream!

I honestly don't know how Kati didn't have her license taken away after the Jake Paul trainwreck, but then BetterHealth-gate AND Eugenia Cooney? How the fuck is she still licensed? She has to have been reported, right?

I agree with you anon. Everyone was terrible in that situation, but Jaclyn was the least terrible. Everyone around her was monetizing and profiting off of Eugenia (Shane, Kati, her mom, Onision even) but at least she attempted to do something about it. Shane and Kati are the most terrible, and they shouldn't be forgiven. Kati especially for that bullshit she pulled with Jaclyn. She doesn't care about helping her, she cared more about an opportunity to shill her book.

Also, I forgot I saved these tweets cause they really made me laugh. It was some thread where someone called out Eugenia for >>783456 and a lot of the replies were seriously saying shit like
>she doesn't understand
>she's mentally ill
>she's too young to know
>she doesn't know any better
imagine being this brainwashed kek

>i don't watch him i just know a lot of specific information about his life and hobbies and religion and diet and relationship and his finances and everything he's ever said and done and every accusation ever made against him and will ban evade to keep derailing a thread that isn't about him to whiteknight rrreeeeeeeee
he's a nazi lmao, you sound like the same anon who wouldn't stop derailing with Jenna vendetta

No. 785027

Long video that goes in to the degenerate history of Shane, including kissing a 12 year old.

No. 785030

Ayrt pdp, what? I know fuck all about him, I think you're confusing multiple anons for the same person. Just let it the fuck go kek(ban evasion)

No. 785031

I watch Jeffree Star for entretainment too, it's not that deep. You can watch something without having to completely agree with it or being an ass kisser.

I don't like Pewds or Jeffree or Shane on a personal level, I just like watching their stupid shenanigans. It's like watching Paris Hilton or Tila Tequila back in the day, but people seem to forget that watching something doesn't mean you are the biggest fan or support someone.

I think people here have watched the jeffree x shane palette documentary without being fans for example. It was plastered all over youtube.

No. 785033

I find it funny that Jorts is a so-called ~beauty guru~ but doesn't even do his own makeup for these awful promo shoots.

And an extra hearty hmm @ his makeup artist being the Director of Global Artistry at Morphe. They're never dropping him.

No. 785109

Are you selfposting?
This has a really low view count and looks pretty low quality.
I don't really wanna risk sitting through half an hour of what might be old info rehashed from this thread with nothing worthwhile.
Sorry if I'm just in conspiracy mode but
>199 Twitter followers
>Almost all tweets are either in response to people with threads on here and her last RT was 14 hrs ago
>You posted this 14 hrs ago

No. 785130

If you don't know who Jean Maté is, then i'm not going to explain it to you, bud. Look at that view count again and take a gander at her sub count.
Have a wonderful day there, Sherlock.

No. 785132

>2k subs

No. 785133

If you wanna keep this going then you'll have to do it without me there, champ.
Don't quit your day job just yet.

No. 785135

File: 1594395902587.png (184.1 KB, 400x400, 0afeca6.png)

Ntayrt but this is clearly a selfpost, this is Hunter Frederick's "famous PR man/countless celebrities" all over again lmaooo. Embarrassing.

No. 785150

This person was recently shouted out on a creepshow vid so they probably do have some legitimate subs

No. 785152

File: 1594404330788.png (138.05 KB, 1071x583, humblebraglol.PNG)

You didn't even reply to me correctly, you clicked your own post instead.

The amount of blatant selfposts on the whole site I've seen in the past week alone is insane. Same with people ban evading like the Pewdiepie derailer too, lol.

No one doubted that there's some real subs but it's not exactly difficult to get to 2k subs, that's….. not much.

I don't wanna derail further but I get the feeling the irrelevant selfposter that talks like her mouth has been stung by hundreds of bees commented on her own video on a fake account to compliment her own voice.
The secondhand embarrassment and lack of self awareness is killing me.

No. 785153

>selfposter that talks like her mouth has been stung by hundreds of bees commented on her own video on a fake account to compliment her own voice.

ahh so you´re not only stupid, you´re also a racist. sure kiddo, i´m totally her.
its fine though, theres no laws against being a stupid racist. do you can be that. you totally found me out, go buy yourself a gold sticker.

No. 785156

Please shut the fuck up

No. 785157

I just thought I'd clear the air whilst taking a shit just now, to prove to the idiot that I am not Jean Maté.
Please don't point and laugh at the idiot, she's been trough enough already today.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785158

File: 1594408400553.png (3.05 KB, 256x192, 1584481950978.png)

Holy shit this is the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen posted on this website, you were really so butthurt about being called selfpost that you made a youtube channel to whine about it? ahahaha

No. 785159

What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody you're replying to is the selfposter. We're asking you to stop shitting up the fucking thread. You're not funny and I keep thinking something actually interesting might be happening in the thread but it's just you sperging again(please stop samefagging, selfposter)

No. 785160

>Nobody you're replying to is the selfposter
>so butthurt about being called selfpost
I didn't say they were selfpost, I said they were butthurt about being called selfpost, maybe if you weren't angry typing through your tears you could actually read

>I keep thinking something actually interesting might be happening in the thread but it's just you sperging again

uh huh, I make one post and this dude makes an entire youtube channel and voice recording of himself whining about how he got called a selfposter to prove he's not some nobody youtuber no one gives a single fuck about, but I'M the one the one that's sperging. Also there hasn't been an unsaged post in hours…..so are you just parked on the thread refreshing it every 10 seconds or….? Why would you think there's something actually interesting happening lol

No. 785161

NTA but you get notifications pop up if you keep a thread tab open

No. 785162

File: 1594410433546.jpg (139.4 KB, 1050x925, Screenshot_20200710-154532_1_1…)

No. 785164


I wonder if this will get Jafar to sperg out, the silence is boring now.

No. 785166

I’m confused by the way this is worded. Are they’re only temporarily ceasing commercial activity?

No. 785170

File: 1594411871111.jpg (213.96 KB, 2456x1601, thekarening.jpg)

The meltdowns are delicious

No. 785172

Yikes, J* stans are next level embarrassing.

No. 785174

I wish Beautylish would do the same.

No. 785175

Yeah the wording is a bit confusing. Is he still an investor? Are they dropping his products but allowing him to influence things behind the scenes? I feel like horse face still has some connection to the brand since they specified "commercial activity "

No. 785177

File: 1594414390886.jpg (621.67 KB, 1889x1750, 5257.jpg)

Oh fuck! Jumanji can't hide and pretend to be ~so unbothered~ anymore hahaha

I was actually at the Mall of America just a few days ago (MNfag) and walked by the Morphe store there just to see if there was any remnant of Shane and all the lights were on but it was empty and seemed to be locked down and closed in the middle of the day? Seemed weird since Mac/Sephora/Ulta in the mall were open, and they had all the signs up about needing a mask to shop. No employees in sight, no explanation for why it would be closed either. I wonder if this is why now? I bet the reason they took so long to do this was because they had to prepare themselves legally for whatever possible retaliation shitstorm Jeffree would release on them

No sign of Shane, saw one little display with the James stuff but I would say like 60% of the store displays were JUST Jeffree. (sorry for terrible pic that doesn't do the amount of JSC justice, but it was giving me spooky abandoned mall vibes)

They might as well go ahead and close that store down for good

No. 785178

Doesn’t he have his own website? Was he selling products exclusive to Morphe?

No. 785179

I wonder if Morphe dropping Jeffree will be enough for him to fully throw Shane under the bus.

No. 785180

Here's to hoping

No. 785182

When were you there?

No. 785183

The tears from J* stans on that tweet are delicious. Jeopardized Childhood, aren't you going to defend your poor fans?

No. 785184

I never understood why morphe had stand alone stores to begin with. It’s one grand and by the look of this picture they barely have enough products themselves to fill it out.

No. 785186

A little off topic, but it's fascinating how his fans can support blm and stan and repeat offender racist. The level of delusion to find see jshart as anything but a toxic stain in the youtube beauty community.

No. 785187

no she doesnt fuck you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785189

File: 1594418495784.jpg (293.2 KB, 1200x1200, EIYvrkoWoAAXrxK.jpg)

I don't think he was selling anything exclusive to Morphe but I think by selling with Morphe he was able to sell some of his stuff in physical stores? Like they were selling his stuff in Ulta too because Ulta carries morphe. I think they only sold his brushes and setting spray and not actual makeup at Ulta but they definitely sold James and Jaclyn's palettes. never bought any of his shit though so I could be wrong

It's not like there's a ton of Morphe locations anyways, I think MOA is one of the only ones. Throwback to Shart and Jafar taking a private jet to MOA so Shart could show up in a crusty ass stained sweatshirt and this amount of effort for his OWN makeup launch. deadass looks like he rubbed that eyeshadow on with his dirty fingers while sitting on the toilet or something (but he didn't do it for the money guys he L O V ES makeup!!)

wednesday, so 2 days ago. Tbf I didn't try the doors, I just didn't see any employees in there (or anyone even in the vicinity). The internet says that location closes at 7 PM, my phone says I took that pic at 6:46 pm (so oops not the middle of the day the summer sun confused me) but I took that pic on maybe my 3rd and last pass by it with some time inbetween and I never saw any employees in there. Maybe they were in the back and would have come out if the door went off or something, but that's still a bad look considering there were lines to get into Ulta and Sephora. I was just surprised at how much Jeffree propaganda there still was but maybe I'll go by again next week and see how it looks then kek

No. 785192

The youth of today, while informed in some areas, majority of them are vain superficial lil cunts and it's hilarious that they stan capitalists whilst also saying shit like "eat the rich!" They're fans of a gay man that hates women, who sells shit makeup and does beauty tutorials for shite looks. Kids need less time on their phones and more time outside.

No. 785194

This is beyond pathetic. J* stans really think that a whole ass brand is gonna be like "Oopsies! Sorry, Brayden!" about a marketing choice they obviously deliberated over for a hot second. The amount of whiteknighting these people do for a man who would sell their lives away for a big meal of Taco Bell he wouldn't even eat is incredible.

No. 785195

File: 1594419244350.jpg (31.21 KB, 640x640, phj84afmo02qbwe.jpg)

I'm dying to see what these two fuckwads are gonna say when they come out of hiding on social media.

All of my Ultas carryed Jsharts "exclusive" eyeshadow palette and brushes, along with James and whats her face. (But I live in Orlando and all the stores that carry it are in the Tourist area.) Also his color theory is shit.

No. 785200

File: 1594420882761.jpg (137.33 KB, 1200x900, Dp5p9QuWkAIBEI6.jpg)

hmmm sorry last thing I’ll say cause I know no one actually cares lmao but I’m still gonna lean towards my assertion that it was mysteriously closed. Because it has 2 sets of giant glass doors that were both closed, you can see in my original pic there was a rope divider thing blocking one of them off but most mall stores don’t even have actual doors, let alone shut them until the mall closes. You know what I mean? they’re usually open like pic related so people can just wander in. Not to mention almost every store that was open had people guarding the entrance to limit occupants and make sure everyone had a mask and makeup stores are EXTRA strict about this

Good insight anon, I just remember them really shoving those brushes and setting spray in everyone's face for a long time, that gross pink display front and center right as you walk in and check out

I think the only reason Jeriatric Star chose not to sell more in stores is because then he couldn't control the stock the same way and proclaim that everything he touched sold out in 10 mins. Maybe the palette was limited supply so he could still say that, but those brushes/spray/bb were never ever out of stock in any Ulta I went to

No. 785201

File: 1594421830775.jpeg (432.19 KB, 750x866, B3BD14A5-AF3E-407E-BB1C-DD77D7…)

posted 14 mins ago
>our brand and jeffree
since when has it been anyone other than jeffree ‘SELF MADE NO ONE HELPED ME, ME ME ME’ star cosmetics?

No. 785206

Oof, I really wonder if Jeffree is finally going to say something on his insta or on twitter about all of this. I just know he is seething behind the scenes but his PR team/minions are freaking tf out. If he responds to Morphe but not the other drama it's going to look even worse for him to keep ignoring it

No. 785207

LMAO I hope Voldemorphe is seething

No. 785209

Reminds me of a tumblr post I saw yesterday and I wish I saved it, it said something like
"Generation Z thinks they are better than Boomers but then call girls ethots and karens", something like that. Like this generation thinks and swears they're so progressive yet they do a complete 360 and continue being stupid twats. This is what the woke koolaid does to you, homophobia/misogyny but make it woke

No. 785212

anon it could had been closed earlier because of coronavirus

No. 785214

Update On My Shane Dawson Report

No. 785215

Generation Z love fast fashion and supporting sweat houses and donating their money to people that play video games on twitch streams and will sometimes donate to charity if a streamer mentions it, or donate to a sex workers GFM for being empowering. They really are a bunch of twats.(derailing)

No. 785217

That felt so bizarre to watch. Like…What was this. What are you doing Sanders, lol.

No. 785218

kekkk he's such a lazy-eyed mess, what is this 15 second "update"

No. 785220

Oh he's livid. He's seething. He's yelling at his dogs, wishing Nate was dead, and googling Tati's latest address to send more death threats to both her and her lawyers. Shane is locked out with Ryland waiting in his front yard as Jeffree screams into a gucci pillow for 5 hours straight.

As much as I enjoy this though, I don't think Morphe is a huge part of his brand right? Didnt he just do a few palettes and some brushes? He'll probably move his focus back to concealers and then maybe foundation, eyelashes, eyeliners, etc. He'll hunt for a new partner to boast about although that'll probably be hard given how much has been aired out about him lately
I don't know how anyone manages to watch this oaf's videos. He's clearly mentally unwell and he babbles until he completely runs out of breath which is annoying too. Kind of like that Peter Monn guy. Peter yacks and smacks his lips so much it's insane-not to mention his constant need to be at a side angle with his lips all stuck out like they always are. I dont know who tells these drama people to have such annoying habits but it needs to stop. At the very least, talk more calmly and for the love of god stop smacking your lips so damn much!!

No. 785223

I know those dogs are treated better than any black person Jepstein interacts with, but I'm secretly hoping Jebediah will put his dogs up for adoption. They deserve better than to wake up every day and see a garish pink horse every day.

No. 785224

people who run drama channels are often crazy cows themselves

No. 785225

Sony has blocked the videos in the Beautiful World of Jeffree Star series again. The strikes were lifted for a while, but now they're back. Wonder what's going on there.

No. 785226

File: 1594427580537.jpg (70.04 KB, 461x819, EcipfcMWkAAlZBA.jpg)

sage for the screencap not being current but jesus christ how can people coddle him and say that this is a good job in makeup? disgusting male pig

no wonder, I tried rewatching that just to see how manipulative J* and Shane are and couldn't even see half of the videos up.

No. 785229

Jesus everything about that look is tragic, the eye lashes look like spider legs

No. 785236

How can you be in your 30s and objectively think this is good enough to post? 12 year olds doing makeup for the first time don't look this fucking hectic.

No. 785237

It's what happens when everyone around you feeds your fragile ego with compliments because you're an uwu smol bean with anxiety

No. 785239

File: 1594432017010.jpg (109.56 KB, 720x1090, Ech49byX0AABlz8.jpg)

>As much as I enjoy this though, I don't think Morphe is a huge part of his brand right?
It was a huge part of his brand, Jeffree was Morphe's biggests seller and it's an understatement to say that he made a lot of money for them (and vice versa). Jeffree went on tour for Morphe last year and he did meet and greets for all their grand openings. Morphe was the only brick-and-mortar store that sold all of his make-up, not just the collabs. Jeffree also had a dedicated section in their stores. And, IIRC, I think Morphe might have delayed James Charles' mini palette for the Jeffree x Shane palette.

Ulta also sells Jeffree's makeup, but only the Morphe collabs. Beautylish and beautybay sold the collabs too, but they're only e-commerce stores.

It must be so hard for Jeffree to stay quiet right now lmao. I can't wait for him to pop off but I won't be surprised if he doesn't.

If he was actually serious about becoming a beauty guru and showing improvement, then I would excuse this. But obviously he was only interested in selling his palette. The color story in his palette is bad so it's not like he could've done a good look from it anyways.

No. 785240

I'm reading it as any remaining stock will go on clearance for a week and then they're throwing out the rest and not restocking.

No. 785241

Why does his left eye (our right) always looks like it’s sliding off of his face

No. 785244

File: 1594434103995.png (321.27 KB, 593x548, morpie.png)

nah, like I said
>no explanation for why it would be closed either
>Seemed weird since Mac/Sephora/Ulta in the mall were open
The mall is open 11am-7pm, which is what their hours are listed as as well. If it was corona related there would have been at the very least a sign somewhere explaining that's why they were closed or their new times (there were plenty of stores that were just closed, but none of the makeup stores), but instead they had signs about requiring masks inside. And according to Morphe's website (re: Covid)
>All Morphe stores are open except for Roosevelt Field Mall in New York, and our Texas locations
Checked twitter and at least one other Morphe was closed 2 days ago (op says CA in their profile). It does seem odd now that the MN one was still floor to ceiling JSC, but I think something was up.

Not sure if tinfoil, but do you think Morphe waited until today specifically to announce this? Cause of Jeffree's lip liners being released or whatever?

No. 785250

I think his face is just asymmetrical

No. 785259

File: 1594439754136.png (2.17 MB, 1137x1920, 43BB2002-5D71-49D4-95A2-CC320C…)

ntayrt but they're talking about the ‘cease all commercial activity’ part, not the ‘expect to conclude within the coming weeks’ part, that part's pretty self explanatory. it’s confusing that they didn't just say they were ceasing all ties with jeff and instead specified only commercial ties

>If he responds to Morphe but not the other drama it's going to look even worse for him to keep ignoring it
oh do you mean like exactly what shane did by ignoring the smiths but responding to tati?

ot but godbless these redtexts, just beautiful

No. 785264

File: 1594442249969.jpg (19.37 KB, 381x381, zb_p.jpg)

This degenerate pedo has such a punchable face I swear
>The color story in his palette is bad so it's not like he could've done a good look from it anyways
My thoughts exactly, what the fuck are these colors? Neon yellow and bright pink and all these browns? If you put all of them together they just don't make sense

No. 785266

File: 1594443037730.jpg (47.68 KB, 700x400, sdfghjk.jpg)

I don't think they will go on clearance, but if it does, I wonder how many people will get it?
Like, the colors are alright, kinda cute, but the fact that this is made in China with who knows what inside is enough to not want to get it, better stick to colourpop (plus the fact that it is stuck to a well known racist is enough to not want to get it)

Speaking of which, I wonder if Jeffree will make videos ever again? the way I see this going in the future if he doesn't want to ever speak up again is
>Make a yt channel exclusively for his brand, no vlogs, just pure advertisement campaigns
>Never make videos with himself talking in them ever again, just video of photoshots or something like that with a song on top
>Never make videos reviewing makeup or about his life ever again, his stans will immediatly be like "JEFFREE WE MISS YOU WE LOVE YOU" and expectative will follow
>Once things calm down in a year or two, go back to the same videos because "I missed making videos for you guys so much!"
>Be extremely selective with his words and who he shades

No. 785267

File: 1594443220406.gif (3.82 MB, 400x226, 90546B8D-FBCE-4941-938D-6A6C66…)

This palette is absolutely hideous.

No. 785272

Honestly, these accounts look fake. I bet J* paid for them to create an atmosphere of support.

No. 785273

I'm still baffled how this nasty ass palette sold that well. The colors are just.. I have no words.

No. 785274

One word: advertisement.
The documentaries and emotional manipulation about how good and beautiful both of them are is what sold the palette in less than an hour.

No. 785275

And the names are freaking stupid too lol
>cheese dust
why would I want to wear anything related to this greasy, sweaty, smelly pedo piece of shit?

No. 785277

Woke fangirls are actually brain dead and will "yas queen" and "come thu hunty" until they are hyping a rich celebrity's ego hard enough to get noticed by them or be told her loves them as a fan. Honestly tho it is interesting that a lot of jafar and Shane fans seem to be trashy women who are already moms like that retard who beat her child and posted about it online because her kid destroyed her j* pallet.

No. 785280

Jeffree possibly
Got dropped my morphe
But I think he’s still
Making bank

No. 785281

File: 1594456965838.jpeg (46.04 KB, 1529x338, 1572408278271.jpeg)

Because his braindead fans gobbled up his uwu so poor persona

OT: While I was looking for this picture I clicked the previous thread link in the op and it took me to one of Onision's threads, heartily keks were had

No. 785288

-rupi kaur

No. 785293

I didn't mean an accent, I don't know her race at least get it right and call me ableist instead because I meant she sounds like she has a learning disorder.

The video thing is making me also lmao
I bet he thinks we're both 1 anon samefagging which is so hypocritical.

I'm so grateful that the thread actually went back on topic after that though.

No. 785318

I will say a lot of time for mall retailers they will close before their designated close time if they’re slow to ensure the employees get out when they need to. Since it’s a mall and not an outlet, you NEED to be out by a certain time.

Chances are they are slow af because morphe isn’t thst good of a brand to begin with and I’m sure all this has taken a hit on their foot traffic too.

No. 785319

The conspiracy is the worst offender mainly because it was literally Shane grabbing colors out of a bag that he liked. The earlier palettes like thirsty and the red one he did were actually really pretty.

No. 785320

nah you're just a petty mod that can't let it go because you were owned six ways from sunday, hence why you're not the one who got a ban.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785324


No. 785351

File: 1594492493605.jpeg (188.87 KB, 750x952, 77215BD3-48AA-49FB-AFE9-5A4E21…)

aww, no unfortunately people really are that brainwashed by him. if you look at the previous beauty guru threads you’ll see it was full of jeffree-spergs even here

has keem confirmed if he actually heard that voice note yet? big yikes either way this seems like a very stupid thing to take SO PERSONALLY that he’s gonna go support jeffree instead (even if it’s a ‘joke’ it’s really not). why the fuck would a makeup company care about keemstar’s schedule? he’s really lost touch with reality

speaking of losing touch with reality, imagine being so paranoid you think the anons making fun of you are secretly mods that are obsessed with you, top tier kek

No. 785354

why is he taking this personally? It seems like he's going out his way to attack everyone who does anything he doesn't like to Shane & Jeffree.
Also, why would they give a fuck about Keem and his opinion? Jeffree's rich as hell, why is he acting like poor Jeffree is going to be broke or something?

No. 785358

You just done understand anon how is poor Jeffree supposed to afford his next mansion and his collection of high-end S-class cars. He NEEDS that deal with Morphe even if he's a self proclaimed self made millionaire! He's basically as impoverished as Shane at this point! /s

No. 785359

File: 1594497257707.png (1003.82 KB, 1045x774, Screenshot_62.png)

> Jeffree's rich as hell
Maybe Kumstain is on the payroll? Wouldn't be the first time Jenga bribed a drama channel

Kek @ all the people who are just now actually looking at Shane's palette for the first time and being surprised at how awful the colors and names are. So that Liam guy that outed some Jeffree shit did a review of it back when he was still a fan of theirs? He compared it to Black Habit's Aura palette which I thought was interesting because I don't think I'd seen that comparison before but they're def similar. I've also never even heard of that brand so it would be continuing Jaundice's habit of completely ripping off smaller unknown brands color stories

No. 785362

File: 1594498052099.jpeg (569.74 KB, 2048x2048, 0A2B52A3-1AFB-462D-8A0A-F219AB…)

Eh I guess they look similar ish (aura above, conspiracy below)

Aura’s shades actually look like they’d work together though

No. 785364

File: 1594498348624.jpeg (357.01 KB, 1242x2208, 3FCC9A3C-1D7A-48D7-8D1F-9C0D5E…)

Same gag but actually now that i see them compared, 5 and 6 might be a stretch but the others stand

No. 785366

He probably feels like he's next in line

No. 785368

I mean besides the bright yellow these are all basic colors in most make up palettes

No. 785372

File: 1594504012979.jpg (468.17 KB, 720x1280, EAqdI0s.jpg)

Bad Habit's "Aura" palette was a dupe of ABH's Prism palette, even.

No. 785373

Kek I hope Jsharts products end up in TJ Maxx or Ross.

No. 785374

Even Kat Von D's line ended up at winners. Nobody is safe.

No. 785380

Keem says neither he nor Banks ever heard it

No. 785381

he's a 40-something piece of shit, he needs to get off the internet.

No. 785387

File: 1594511978663.png (623.77 KB, 468x1096, Conspiracy.png)

No. 785389

File: 1594512021983.png (249.14 KB, 468x629, Mini.png)

No. 785393

I thought "cry on my couch" was "gag on my cock"

No. 785395

Wow. What a rip off. Except the tones in Shane's are way off making it look drab, unflattering and autistic.

ABH's has jewels and muted earth tones colors. Shane's is fucking pastel with jewel tones and brights. What's really interesting is the brown in Prism, Parallel, doesn't have a dupe in Shane's and it pulls the color story together. Sphere is the odd one out in Prism and JS and Shane included it. How cheap and stupid.

No. 785396

Actually there's no brights except for "Food Videos" The palette is drab without trying to be.

No. 785411

Alright someone’s gotta make a Shane bingo, but it’s a makeup palette instead of a bingo sheet

No. 785413

File: 1594542119125.webm (1.44 MB, 640x480, peepee.webm)

No. 785431

File: 1594561689956.jpg (7.82 KB, 352x245, 874f395459e3180a5b511053e8689d…)

>He tries to drink mine as well

No. 785437

File: 1594564822852.jpeg (335.66 KB, 751x2265, 2B13CCF9-6F60-41E7-ADD4-37B9CD…)

color me not surprised with this bullshit

No. 785438

Excuse me wtf
Like I'm all for "don't kink shame" since people develope kinks against their will, but to be this open about it is unnecessary

No. 785440

sage for tinfoil, but I'm willing to bet money the likes of Jafar, the Paul brothers, and Eugenia all paid Shane to make the videos about them as PR moves. Shane's rep as the "OPraH OF YOuTUBE" at the time would've been easily exploited for this stuff.

No. 785480

> people develope kinks against their will
this might be true, however, self control exist anon, something shane doesn't have

No. 785481

Shane just always liked making actual terrible and stupid youtubers seem better or more humane. The paul brothers are still ignorant douchebags, eugenia is still sick and living with her abusive family, and jeffree is still racist and self-obsessed.
And while he made himself look poor and fragile, he's still manipulative and questionable at best.

No. 785507

File: 1594604294999.jpeg (248.89 KB, 1125x1610, E45ED642-116F-4BBB-BD93-B38E85…)

Does anyone else remember Shane desperately stanning that cash me outside girl when she was 14?

No. 785542

Even worse I remember him having jojo siwa prints all over his house some months ago

No. 785550

Yeah but wouldn't it be a real good cover for a pedophile to pretend to be gay? Maybe his whole boyfriend is just a live in rent boy pedo-beard.

No. 785554

Still radio silence from Shame Baaawson? I wonder if J* gave him the advice to lay low and not address the situation at all until something else catches everyone's attention

No. 785558


The only genuinely helpful advice Voldemort would give anybody would be motivated by it suiting him in some way.

A lolcow like Shane is incapable of not livestreaming his freakout to watching a hatchet job video on him in real time because his brain is onision level of mush.

No. 785564

File: 1594645657396.jpg (158.18 KB, 1600x1156, shocked-surprised-woman-lookin…)

A lot of reaching in this thread

No. 785566

Don't you just love how Shane's rent boi told him to gtfo the live stream?
He could already see his credit cards getting declined.

No. 785583

File: 1594663308247.png (181.39 KB, 918x591, socialblade.png)

Can we stop with this "Ryland is a goldigger/Ryland needs Shane's money" shit? Ryland's annoying as fuck and just as much of a cow, but it doesn't make sense? Obviously Shane gave him that career, but Ryland was still making more than enough on his own on yt. And since Shart got completely demonetized and Ryland didn't, technically Ryland's the breadwinner and the rent boi now.

Like >>785558 said his brain is onision level of mush, no one who had even the most basic common sense would have made that video. I was more surprised Ryland let him go that long, unless he just didn't know that's what he was doing at first? If it had to do with money Ryland would have kept his mouth shut, but he made just as much of a fool of himself by sperging out on twitter

Hide the thread if you don't like it friend

No. 785584

lol pretty sure Ryland will probably dump Shart Dumbfuck, since he will no longer have any money, Ryland will probably realize that he can do better than Shart, the cherry on the cake would be that he ends up making a video how Shane abused him or the disgusting things shane made him do. Lol I for once cant wait for this, lord Voldemort is probably enjoying all the shitshow from his lair. Lets be real he really doesnt care, the guy makes money in more ways than just makeup so yeh leaving Shane to deal with all this shit on his own is his move. How dumb must Shart feel knowing that Jeff Dunham left him on his own to deal with all bullshit.

No. 785596

I have no idea if he is or isn't, I just sorta came up from it off the top of my head, his rent boy.
My reasoning for that is because I don't believe anyone could put up with somebody like Shane without there being some sort of monetary compensation.
As for Reynland or whatever the fuck her name is, I don't know her, nor do I care to.

No. 785601

They must be happy shane is done now so they can use the unnecessary dramatic docu format depicting white problems. I don't understand why is so dramatic. Yeah it must suck to have so many people shitting on you for something you can't control but this is a lot.

Oh to be a dolan twin and only worry about acne during a pandemic and the explosion of social movement against racism and xenophobia.

No. 785602

File: 1594676145235.gif (1.66 MB, 245x240, 607C514B-F84B-45FD-BE23-33F2AA…)


how kendall jenner of them

No. 785609

File: 1594679001283.jpeg (96.55 KB, 780x1200, CEBFCECA-B6CF-41A6-B7BB-1B8671…)

haven’t looked at twitter or anything, how’s the reception for this been?

No. 785611

No. 785622

Qaadir Howard, one of the people who ran in Shane's crew during his early youtube career, did a live stream where he talks about his experiences with Shane. He also called out Shanna and Bree, other people who were in the friend group. Says Shane's mother is also a racistm talked about living with Shane's mom and getting kicked out.

No. 785628

Idk how anyone was expecting anything other than this. They did the same exact thing and used the hype of people thinking Grayson was a sexual assault victim of James Charles to talk about their… dad passing away?

And you can't even pretend like they weren't being purposefully vague in order to draw in views. It came right after J* was telling everyone that James assaulted one of the Dolan Twins and then they posted that weird "time to open up" tweet that shane was in. Theres no possible way that they were unaware of what it seemed like they were doing.

Idk really rubs me the wrong way that these two straight white dudes get away with capitalizing off of pretty serious allegations of SA without any critique because I guess their audience thinks they're too stupid to know what gets them views. Someone needs to tell them to knock that shit off before the tables turn on them kek.

No. 785634

you have no idea what "more than enough" is if you think $450,000 a year (if that) would pay for the current lifestyle Ryland gets to have

In LA, 450k a year is like, upper middle class. As it stands, Ryland gets to live the life of a multi-millionaire via Shane. Completely different levels of wealth, obviously..

No. 785666

Twitter is trying to cancel them fro something completely unrelated to the curent drama (one of them said faggot in a video i think) while any criticism of them using the current drama as click bait/hype for their video goes unnoticed. They really learned from the best, it's a good thing that they talked to Shane and learned how to be a scummy piece of shit directly from him!

No. 785668

It's an understatement to say he's all over the place during this live stream.

No. 785683

Bit of tinfoil but I am honestly starting to think at some point Shane watched A Serbian Movie and found solace in it. I only know of it cause it's in fucked up movies lists. But it has a somewhat infamous scenes of CP and came out 2010.(tinfoil)

No. 785688

>It's an understatement to say he's all over the place during this live stream
Yeah, that was my initial thought too. But Spill did a video summary about it (starts at 1:30 or so) and the fact that Bree not only corroborated what he was saying but also apologized for letting it happen makes me more inclined to believe what he's saying. It'd be nice to hear from Shanna Malcolm though.

No. 785699

There's certainly some appropriate pictures of teenagers in the replies. He is a definite pedo, no non-pedo would ask teenagers for their "best porn moves haha :)"

No. 785707

Whatever the fuck lead you into that conclusion? Yea shane is fucking nasty but you're reaching

No. 785721

reaching-chan has entered the chat

No. 785730

fuck outta here with your reaching. The movie came out at the height of edgelord shit and was toted around as something to watch if you were 'brave'. It's not a stretch to wonder if he'd watched something around that time period.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785746

that’s generally what tinfoil means, yeah

No. 785793

File: 1594763903289.png (62.09 KB, 597x167, uwu.png)

Still no word from Shane but he changed his profile pics. The flowers are killing me, this grownass man tryna be the (◡‿◡✿) emoticon to save his career?

No. 785798

people will see horrible men with cute flowers and think it's progressive and groundbreaking. he's trying to seem innofensive and cute. he looks like he can't even kill a fly in this pic.

No. 785799

the last one was the thumbnail from his recent conspiracy video that got demonetized. he must be preparing his 2nd redemption arc attempt

No. 785807

File: 1594770640543.jpg (111.7 KB, 700x700, austin_jones_in_case_you_were_…)

I knew that smile and do looked familiar..

No. 785815

this literally looks like a picture from a missing persons ad kek. the nerve he has to not comment on a thing while trying to stay low-key and set up his comeback… this is the definition of men using the imagery of softboi wokeness to hide the fact that they're shit

No. 785819

OT but how long until Shane Avocado shows his asshole to the internet for $$$$?

No. 785826


the similarities are pretty uncanny. i mean they've both asked teenage fans to twerk for them on video.

No. 785851

do you think old shane would have opened an onlyfans in a heartbeat?

No. 785869

I think he would've but he would've posted obscure edgy and 'fun' shit first before actually getting nude (kind of like onision?)

No. 785874

File: 1594802440857.jpg (88.58 KB, 867x319, send feet pics.jpg)


le pedo face

No. 785880

>he looks like he can't even kill a fly in this pic

He would probably try to cum on it as a larvae tho.

No. 785881

This is frighteningly accurate

No. 785908

nah, no way, he’s too obsessively self-conscious about his body to ever do anything like that. even when he was skinny he was like that

No. 785954


I dont know if you guys remember this but it's so great (but actually bad) among this drama. It's made by the guy who did the "Myspace Movie"

No. 786046

Go away

No. 786104

God it really seems like they're just going to run out the clock on all this. I'm beginning to doubt Shane's going to say anything ab this at all. I wonder how Ryland and Morgan are going to be able to continue on YouTube without being bombarded by angry comments.

No. 786142

yup. nothing will happen. who knows when they will upload normal content, if they even do.

No. 786144

File: 1594963949578.png (854.98 KB, 735x846, 987654345678987654.PNG)

D'angelo is preparing a long video about Shane's pedophilia. His video on Shallon Lester had a lot of traction, so maybe this will keep the public pressure on Shane Yaw.

No. 786145

about 5-6? years ago or so I was in Shane's private password protected tinychat room with maybe 60 other people (kids)
and we all watched someone stream 2 girls 1 cup and other shock/porn videos while Shane and a bunch of fans were on camera reacting

No. 786151

why does this guy have so many stannies? he has a monotone ass voice and has never anything interesting to add to the conversation. just another drama channel

No. 786152

the dry, sarcastic humour is the main part of the appeal. i don't know if he still bothers making any sort of art while talking, but i'm sure that also drew some people in.

No. 786154

he does some good research and presents it well, I guess that's why? I can't be bothered to like him but some of his videos are quite good

No. 786161

>>786145 do you have any caps to prove this?

No. 786198

Well, I believe you because I remember him talking about Mister Hands in one of his videos many years back… (If you don't know what that is, don't look it up)

No. 786200

Shane is that weird age where when Internet culture blew up he should have been more mature to not act like a teenage cousin showing the young cousins all the weird porn he's found online.

I can't imagine how he had a relationship with Lisbug. Makes me question her sanity.

No. 786222

Shane and his podcast cohost admit to possession and distribution of CP


No. 786224

Talking about a child like that, mocking his full name, and dropping the n word all in one short clip. Don't know how the dude ever came back from that one in the first place.

No. 786247

i hope youtube takes some accountability or is held responsible for not only allowing this on their platform, but endorsing it and boosting his popularity. if not for his youtube fame, shane yaw's only public appearance would likely be a mugshot because there's no way they were just joking in that podcast

No. 786255

that's a big yikes, how did they think this was appropriate?

No. 786256

They don't, is the problem

No. 786265

Don't make exaggerations, they drop the N word that's in an email. It's already enough that they're talking about receiving (unsolicited?) nudes from kids and not immediately deleting them and telling their audience not to

No. 786267

lol these kinds of people always end up telling on themselves.

No. 786272

File: 1595045868640.jpeg (51.6 KB, 567x725, skeletor.jpeg)

K-Pop twitter is losing their mind over a tweet made my Jafar calling a k-idol Choerry untalented after she called him Skeletor. It only took an hour for them to get it to trend at #3 in the US. Keemstar is saying he talked to Voldermort and it's not true, the tweet is photoshopped. The tag #JeffreeStarApologizeToChoerry is a shitshow.

No. 786275

Kpop stans being the nail in Joffree’s coffin and not his racism or pedo associations would be the most 2020 thing to happen in 2020

No. 786278

2020 is like Final Destination once you're in its sights. Not even shutting the fuck up, canceling his Wi-Fi, moving to a remote island and hiding out the rest of the year in a bunker in complete silence would have saved Jeffree.

I wonder how Shane's story is going to unfold.

No. 786281

will trooning out save shane's and jeffree's career?

No. 786286

This is the second time people photoshop a Jafar tweet to keep the drama going.
Him and Shane are under a lot of fire, they won't suddenly come out of hiding to attack someone.

No. 786295

I wondered if Shane’s new pfp was foreshadowing a series of him coming out as enby. It’s just predictable enough to be a bad move, but queer stans aren’t to be taken lightly. It may save him if he chooses to go that way.

No. 786309

File: 1595086997297.webm (8.08 MB, 640x480, zUYl1Z_o.webm)

Webm'd for posterity. Watch the cohost be the one that goes to jail for distribution and Shane get away with it.

>Don't make exaggerations, they drop the N word that's in an email.
….so it's ok for them to say it because a child wrote it in an email? The child is the one who should know better here? Weird that kids seem to think saying the n word and sending nudes is what will get them attention from Shane-senpai, where ever would they have gotten the idea that that's what he likes?

No. 786312

>they won't suddenly come out of hiding to attack someone
>18 Jul 20
Are you stupid or just a delusional wk? 18 meaning 2018, this would have been from 2 years ago. Do you have proof of shoops or is this just tinfoil? Cause sure it could be fake, but Jeffie has a long documented history of tweeting and deleting, attacking anyone who says anything about him no matter who it is, and also attacking asian people. Remember when he threatened and harassed Michelle Dy because he thought he owned the word "approved"? (Meanwhile Tati was using "Tati Approved" and Jeffree had no problem with that). And then it turned out he was completely full of shit about everything he was threatening her over? So far it's completely in line with Jeffree's previous behavior, there's no reason not to believe it's something he would have said.

No. 786319

Are you retarded?
18 Jul 20, as in 18th of July 2020

No. 786323

The only way to beat the cult of J* is if he enraged a bigger, more powerful cult… kpop stans

No. 786326

This tweet is not real. They made it up.

No. 786327

Not op but I thought this was 2018 as well. TODAY is july 18 2020 and 5 am in la would have been ~6 hours ago but this was posted over 14 hours ago. So the timezone thing is confusing, not a kpopfag so I just assumed it was some racist thing he did years ago like every other racist thing he did years ago coming to light now. It does seem like something he would have tweeted though, I wonder if they took a real tweet and just changed thr pic out?

No. 786339

File: 1595100611661.jpeg (659.09 KB, 1242x1780, A8F8F1A8-88CE-4CBC-9C10-6EA1F2…)

It would’ve taken you 5 seconds to scroll beneath the tweet

No. 786386

Jeffree posted the video. I didn’t watch it because he’s a fucking ugly little coward who didn’t even have the balls to leave the comments up especially after all the vile shit he’s said about people. I really hate y’all for making something like that exorbitantly rich(imageboard)

No. 786387

I watched it about five minutes ago and comments were on, so he JUST turned them off it seems. makes sense since most of the comments were bashing him despite the oddly high like:dislike ratio. maybe he bought likes?

he just babbles on about how he's been reflecting and he's sorry. doesn't really mention anything specifically. his PR person is either an idiot or a genius, only time will tell I suppose.

No. 786388

At least link the video when you discuss it.

Haven't bothered watching yet, but lol at him performing the humble act from his golden couch.

No. 786389

He says nothing. He tries to use Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and BLM as a deflection. And talks about how he's so woke for calling out brands for only doing 15 shades of foundation/concealer. It's a pathetic attempt to prove he's not racist and that he's abvove everyone

No. 786390

Maybe I’m reading too deeply into this but the fact that he uploaded this video on the same Jackie aina made a comeback to YouTube is kinda sinister to me. But then again I’m high lol

No. 786391

File: 1595117310611.jpg (53.18 KB, 828x508, lmxdgivffo041.jpg)

Disappointing he didn't throw Shame under the bus, what a show that could've been

No. 786392

jeffree has the karen voice on in that video

No. 786393

Kat blaques commentary on this is incredible

No. 786395

I know that the couch is meant to be gold crushed velvet but it looks so fucking ugly.
It looks like it was originally a light yellow couch and someone jumped all over it with dog shit on their shoes and smeared it all over.
I hate it.

No. 786399

>the comments are turned off
gurll! haha of course they are, haha I cant wait for that like and dislike ratio to change or probably Jeff dunham will also hide it once the dislikes get bigger, haha love the fact that he didnt even speak about Shart. But they are family guyzz!

No. 786403

He did talk about Shart. They are still bffs he's confirmed.

No. 786404

Despite being a makeup business owner Jeffery has literally never been known for his taste. He's the tackiest person Ive ever seen

No. 786405

Did you even watch the video? He addressed Shat very clearly…

No. 786407

yeahh kek I know I am a dumb bitch, as soon as I posted that, he started talking about shart. I guess no throwing anyone under the bus then, thats a smart move, Tati must be looking like a clown right now.

No. 786408

This ugly fuck. Please tell me people won't start sucking his dick again after this.

No. 786412

joffrey looks like the idiot because he decided to bring up BLM so he wouldn't look as racist. tati has been a clown but she's less universally hated, especially by black twitter

No. 786416

oh yeah I agree for sure lol we been knew, but still tati could have mentioned the movements and the stuff that is going right now with all the injustice or at least posted links to all the blm movements and charities. but nope she was like an ostrich putting their head in the sand

No. 786417

I don't blame her honestly, it would just come off as disingenuous and trying to use it for her own gain…kinda like how jafart just did

No. 786420

yeah it could be seen that way, tbh I was looking for this to get messier, jaffar going back to his old ways lash out at everyone, throwing shart under the bus and pretty much be the villian of the booty goorus

No. 786421

I understand your point perfectly but I also want to add that Jeffree didn't put any links to petitions, gofundmes, donations etc. No carrds, no nothing. He did a lousy fucking job of promoting BLM.

No. 786424

yeah he is super disingenuous, only used that as a shield but the guy hasn't done anything worth anything to help the movement. Both him and tati are big rats that dont deserve a platform, I hope his video gets a bunch of dislikes, tatis video has almost the same amount of likes and dislikes. I wonder what is her next move after jaffars vid?

No. 786428

Lol anybody catch the fact that he ADR'd Elijah McClain's name in at 5:53?

No. 786430

Is he ever going to address that he has inside knowledge of sexual assaults and he's using them as blackmail or

No. 786433

No, because he claims that he's never blackmailed anyone.

No. 786434

anon you know better. he'll never address that. if he gets called out he'll find creative words to slide his way out of it like a weasel covered in grease.

No. 786435

>It would’ve taken you 5 seconds to scroll beneath the tweet
It would've taken you .05 seconds to scroll up to >>786272 to see there's no source shown for the original tweet, but I'm glad you invested that valuable time into being an asshole instead of just providing the proof when asked for it.

No. 786437

In his video with Blair White he said he had questioned his gender before and that he almost thought he might be a transwoman at some point so, that's not that farfetched.

No. 786439

File: 1595128500278.webm (5.35 MB, 640x480, 5HsVGyjYZDhOu_jQ.webm)

Stole this clip from hftt on twitter but the audacity of this man to say this shit. I hope he gets decimated, no one but his brainwashed stans are buying this bullshit anymore.

No. 786440

this is in extremely poor taste. it's been over ten damn years since this dollar store barbie has "gotten swept up" and gone along for the ride with the drama. at what point do you become a responsible adult and admit to your wrongdoings? i guess it won't be this decade either for jeffree. all tweets i'm seeing about him are people calling him out so i think his time is running out finally. this is real disgusting to pull that about-face to take the heat off his shiny plastic ass.

i know it's been said but that couch is tacky and ugly as fuck. goes to show money can't buy taste.

No. 786447

Yeah that was super jarring, wasn't sure if I was just tripping out or it was actually edited in. I'm assuming he mispronounced his name or something, otherwise I've no idea why they'd redo it.

No. 786448

These people always gotta virtue signal and deflect. He looks like he's sitting in a giant piss puddle.

No. 786456

he wasnt even prepared, hes studdering over his words trying to say something about blm. "black trans women are being murdered every day" kek. i think he dubbed over "elijah maclain" because he doesn't know who the fuck he is KEK

No. 786459

And j* completely ignores black women literally dying every single day just to stay woke yeah okay Jeffree. You're still a racist POS.

I was so hoping he'd shade Shane like he does every one else. He'll still turn against him. Now it's just a matter of when.

No. 786479

File: 1595154614456.jpg (149.47 KB, 1024x576, gfds.jpg)

the worst part about this ugly ass sofa is that if done well, a golden crushed velvet sofa doesn't look that bad.
Questionable taste, but not so bad. But the one that jeffree has looks dusty, dirty, disgusting, and is probably full of dog hair. For someone so """boujee""" he clearly has bad taste

No. 786481

How can a dude looking like a technicolor Morticia Addams get any type of serious attention I feel like I'm taking crazy pills what the hell is wrong with Zoomers?
Stop it, get some help.

No. 786491

>what the hell is wrong with Zoomers?
Hey, hey, slow down… this one is actually on the Millenials.
Jeffree Star rose to popularity as part of the Scene trend back in the Myspace era.

No. 786497

whoever's fault it is for the love of God please stop making these pervert jojo siwa-incarnations famous.

No. 786510

I think it’s more so his bright ass lights he uses to wash himself out. Velvet looks terrible under bright lighting, especially gold velvet. Not sure why he filmed it on a million dollar sofa instead of the studio where he records his other videos, it’s not doing much to make him look humble and reflective