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File: 1594705212692.jpg (957.69 KB, 1548x1024, Djcr0VD.jpg)

No. 785690

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>779771

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad (SITE IS DEAD)
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>selfdegradation, misleading Instagram posts about exercise and frequent plastic surgery is the key towards weight loss
>exposed her genitals on a hike with her friends looking out
>harassed Wisperia Workshop for not sending her wigs fast enough during the pandemic. Failed to realize everyone's mail is delayed, not just hers.
>still butthurt when gymrats educate her on proper form
>still big mad when men enter her space and react to her weird shenanigans like sanitizing the gas pump and cutting her off in traffic
>rents a dude promising the B/G (boy/girl) content her patrons have been waiting for. Turns out it's just him being handsy without any penetration like it was led to believe. Apparently she is too shy for penetration but isn't too shy to spread her asshole open.
>consistently lacking self awareness when she reacts to recent drama (Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson/J*'s)
>more basic ass hats, acrylic stands and photobooks
>bought elaborate sex machines and toys she will never use
>claims to be working in real estate/management full time
>watched Hamilton once, will probably rant that she is 1# super fan forever

No. 785694

So I'm aware the knee surgery was an excuse to explain her bad form and a cover for her plastic surgeries… but gotta ask again
When is Momo going to get knee surgery? As if Moo ever went to a real doctor before.
Not like it was another elaborate lie she told while in one of her manic moods

No. 785695

Well, to me, it seems like never.
Moo seems to really sperge about things if she's passionate about it and if the thing she's sperging about will get her attention. This came out of nowhere and we'd for sure hear about it a long time ago if that was a reoccuring problem

No. 785700

If she did get surgery she seems to completely disregard after care and wouldn't that cause some type pf damage by now? Unless one of her sweatshop workers are actively cleaning her wounds I can't see her taking the time to prevent infection or injury.

No. 785706

Best thread pic and name combo ever

On another note, I've seen her mentioned in some niche Russian article about lewd cosplayers. It's always so strange seeing cows somewhere else than lolcow, makes me realise that the shit they do is literally for the whole world to see

No. 785711

Imo Moo just sprung that story to cover up for something else (maybe to not get flack for going for cosmetic stuff during a pandemic?).

Bet she’s going to be absent for a bit, was totes for her bad knee guys, then come back with a BBL and explain how BBL don’t make you gain an ass, it’s really all squats and plant based diet my dudes!

Tbh I kinda want her to go ahead with it, botch the recovery process, be manic about it, gain back all the weight and get a droopy ass 2 years after.

No. 785726

Her two completely different cup size tits still floors me. Is it photoshop or is it for real that bad that quick?

No. 785734

It's not photoshop, it's a consistent thing. THe bigger one also has more visible veins so you know it's just her anatomy.
But now that we're bringing it up she's going to ask Square to try to edit it out or just say "Real women have different cup sizes!"

No. 785754

This is an awful OP pic it's so badly done. It could have been good with some effort.

No. 785755

we voted on it and I think its funny. nothin stopping you from making one for the next thread pic. I encourage it

No. 785756

Why is that fuck boy joji doing in the thread pic? Is mooriah after his dick as well? Wouldn't surprise me since she did wanted to bang that one mangaka guy during her Japan trip but he got creeped out by her

No. 785758

The thread pic is really a joke. Think of Joji as every guy who runs from Momo when she tries to seduce them. She is also getting procedures done every week, more than ever. She's looking for some kind of man

It's speculated yes. None of her simps are very happy about an attractive guy touching her so it wasn't for her fans, just to pay someone to touch her.
I will be very surprised if he comes back to work with Moo since she's very inappropriate to guys who clearly don't wanna fuck her.

No. 785764

File: 1594754822529.png (705.65 KB, 720x1186, 1594702967727.png)

Can we take a minute to see how mich photoshopping it takes to take the brown out of her ass crack? It looks loke a shit stain.

No. 785766

I'm just gunna say…
the gray pale color of her skin and the shape of her body looks like a bloated waterlogged corpse ready to burst

No. 785768

She's had several anal bleaching sessions and it still looks like that, get your money back Moo

No. 785769

I don’t like Joji as much as the next man but Jesus Christ calm your shit lmao. It’s a still from a MV where he’s running through a limo and it’s been shopped to make it look like he’s running from her. sage

No. 785784

It's her obesity makes the groin,neck,armpit whatever fold your body have gets darker.I think it looks so bad because her skin is grey,maybe she should spend on fake tan it would work better or some vitamin D it's free.

No. 785786

That will never happen anon. She doesn't like darker skin colors. That and she thinks it makes her look more desu asian

No. 785802

looks like diabetes skin discoloration to me

No. 785809

It's really something that Moo has worse discoloration then some 300lbs people
It shows how shit her diet and lifestyle are, also that lipo doesn't mean weight loss

No. 785811

It’s due to her breast reduction surgery.
That’s pretty brutal for her to be having prediabetes at such a young age.

No. 785812

Momo SHOULD weigh over 300 pounds if it wasn't for all the lipo and whatever unknown sketchy stuff she's done to her body

No. 785817

I don’t think it’s even possible to lipo that much off your body. She’s obese but she has never been that obese. Even a super tall person at 300 pounds would be disgustingly morbidly obese. You have to be extremely lazy to get to that weight, even lazier than moomoo

No. 785818

Think about it, she never lost any weight naturally before. Her first round was when she was around 180 pounds. Last year she was 260-270
She was already close to 300.
So the fat surrounding her organs is of a much heavier person

No. 785837

File: 1594783744951.jpg (Spoiler Image, 660.31 KB, 750x1106, k6dWIRY.jpg)

No. 785838

File: 1594783857391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.35 KB, 750x494, v0QCC26.jpg)

No. 785839

File: 1594783959686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 560.72 KB, 750x1106, 50RMGrc.jpg)

the best one

No. 785840

File: 1594784120231.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.82 KB, 2048x1365, qWE2Aah.jpg)

please release this mess soon

No. 785841

It's not that ridiculous, actually. If she's gotten 6-10 lipos in the last few years, and takes of the max 10-15lbs per, she could easily have taken off a total of 100+lbs.

No. 785842

that arm shop… that everything shop

No. 785843

Spits drink out
This video looks like it doesn't have a filter. Dear god I'm not ready for this but at the same time curious as to what she really looks like

No. 785845

this still alone looks so non-sexual it’s hilarious. looks like someone getting some kind of uncomfortable breast lump exam

No. 785848

hahaaa, I’m pretty bad at spotting photoshop generally but lol at the entire outline of her body

No. 785853

Why does she look like a muppet more everyday? Lol

No. 785855


tinfoil, but do you think she asked for her ass to be covered in an emoji because it’s considered a “product”, since people pay to see it?

No. 785857

No. Probably a part of it, while worse is on Instagram from her, they were paranoid about getting flagged.

No. 785858

I hope this is an outtake because this is a horrible, horrible shot. Not even good voyeurism if that was what they were going for.

No. 785859

Earlier in this account's stories they showed like…2 whole bare asses so I don't think that's it, chief. She def asked to keep it censored cause of ass discoloration.

No. 785860

She wants to show up Bishoujomom so, so bad. It's hilarious how much she has been trying to look like her.

No. 785862

Most people have ass discoloration. It's not as uncommon as you think .

No. 785864

yes but if you kept up at all you would know that moo has said herself that she gets her asshole bleached so either she's lying or it was even worse than this (or she actually does have some other underlying health condition that has caused the discoloration to return)

No. 785865

You know this wouldn't even be a thing if it wasn't normal. People nitpick discoloration all the time. That's why people get their assholes and surrounding area bleached. It doesn't stay that way forever and she's only mentioned one bleaching. Waxing more than once though.

No. 785866

Lookin' good with those workout lines, Moo!

No. 785871

Plus look at how far it extends. That ain’t normal asshole pigmentation. She has acanthosis nigricans and no bleaching or procedures are going to help that.

No. 785875

Well womp I just want the drama!!!

No. 785876

It just looks like hyperpigmentation to me, especially with how it is consistent with her elbows and knees when she doesn't shoop. Don't doubt it could have to do with her obesity but if it was diabetes we would also see that on her her cheeks, neck, wrists, etc.

No. 785877

He looks like an awkward, nerdy virgin teen that’s seeing and touching tits for the first time (which would be fine if his entire rich guy appearance wasn’t trying to sell the complete opposite) and she looks like one of those over exaggerated movie portrayals of women that got too much plastic surgery and therefore can’t move their faces while they speak.
It’s such a mess on a whole new level. I love it.

Also can we please stop the medfagging based off her ass discoloration? Who tf knows who decided to try to censor it. Might’ve been the salon/clinic/?? because they thought it’s aesthetically unpleasing, might’ve been moo who was just uncomfortable (and judging by the fact that she constantly shoops it lighter herself and got it bleached, that’s most likely it imo).
To say she’s prediabetic just because her butt crack seems quite dark in this badly lit and low quality shot is a bit of a reach though.

No. 785883

People are saying she’s likely prediabetic because she’s medically obese. It’s not a reach at all.

No. 785885

Not only is the knee surgery not real, it's an absolutely awful excuse for her terrible squat form. The way she was squatting would only wreck your knees MORE, and if she had or needed knee surgery she shouldn't be doing squats at all for at least a few months.

No. 785888

Yup, i think so too. She’ll probably get the BBL and say that it’s bc of the knee surgery so she has a better posture or some shit.

No. 785891

She already said publicly that she was gonna get a BBL so why would she then go back to lying about getting it?

Also not meant to sound like I‘m WKing but maybe she hasn’t reached a low enough weight yet to get the surgery done (she says she is below 200 but it’s Moo so…) or she just can’t get it rn due to the whole Covid situation. A lot of clinics postponed elective surgeries (and hers doesn’t seem too urgend) so it might take a few months for her to even get an appointment.
Not from the US though so I have to idea how long it usually takes to be scheduled for non-urgent surgeries. Under the current circumstances I‘m not too surprised it’s taking her so long to get surgery, though.

No. 785898


Sage for former fat med sperg but at her weight I began to develop fatty liver. Her organs are no doubt being taken over by visceral fats.

No. 785902

File: 1594821684491.png (147.42 KB, 2290x396, Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9.58…)

Apparently Mariah is trying to clean up the results when she's searched on Google. Screenshot from the other farms.

No. 785904

nta but because she's done that several times so i wouldn't be surprised. she thinks everything she says or does is in a vacuum so she can just pretend it away. ffs she is still pretending to work out and won't admit her millions of worthless lipo sessions and only confessed to one.

No. 785909

Didn't Moo say a few threads back that she was paying for a service much alike a group of people taking down her paid content from other websites? I remember some insta stories about it.

No. 785910

Nah ever since the lipo that happened around her pochaco pool shoot she’s actually been quite transparent with procedures. She just tries to talk down their effect (i.e. ‘lipo doesn’t make you lose weight, you actually gain!!!’) but doesn’t deny getting them. That‘s why I don’t see why she’d try to hide getting something done she’s even announced before.

She was using an app that supposedly did that but iirc anons already pointed out that the app was a total scam.

No. 785911


I’ve definitely seen some of her content on some well known sites get removed recently but I suspect it’s like her “team of lawyers” she always talks about.

She’s probably doing the takedowns herself or getting Maddie or somebody else to.

No. 785912

You forget the half truth game Momo plays. She's never transparent. She thinks if she talks about 1 procedure once in a while she doesn't have to talk about the 10 others she's hiding under the rug. She's getting more work done but the number is hard to guess

No. 785915

someone pls shoop scrubs on this man. he looks like he's performing some kind of medical procedure, his posture is so clinical and dry and lacks any kind of sexual context. moo looks like a desperate divorcee that hasn't been touched by a man in 15 years.

No. 785918

She should have hired a simp to touch her. At least there would be some sexual attraction.

No. 785921


Her nipple keep changing colors and its really weird. Is that the photoshop or lighting? I know nothing about photoshop /sage

No. 785922

And apparently neither about female anatomy or how to integrate.
Be gone, scrot.

No. 785923

You don't know about filters and saturation?

No. 785927

Not really. Bishojo is just as irrelevant and less of a cosplayer as Moo is.

No. 785928

I'm starting to think a random Tinder dude would've been a better investment than this dude.
He doesn't look natural. He fucks people on camera but with Moo he looks stiff and uninterested in his body language.

No. 785929

well the dude gets paid to fuck perfect 10's. Moo basically cat fished him. But it's his fault for not noticing photoshop. It's his job

No. 785930

It's funny because he was with another plus sized "model" yesterday. He seemed more into her than Moo. Maybe Moo had too many restrictions? Making him incapable of acting?

No. 785931

I’ve seen the guys pornos they aren’t very good, he looks good but that’s it the chick is the one that does all the work while he does maybe three Boeing positions. Moo picked someone equally as boring as her in bed and you know she just wanted some guy that was Asian which he isn’t! He’s Latino. Do better research moo! She’s a lazy dipshit so unlikely.

No. 785935

He shoots with people fatter than Moo. So yeah, not all 10s. He's just a hired prop.

No. 785943

>she’s actually been quite transparent with procedures

Not really. She always acts like she's only gotten lipo once or twice and lying about lipo making her gain weight is still a GIANT lie.

If lipo was just about 'shaping her body' and 'made her gain weight' why does she keep getting it? Why does she keep photoshopping her whole body? Each statement/action doesnt exist in a vacuum

See I can almost guarantee that she also forced him to hold her in a certain way. Remember if you were to naturally hold Moo's boobs it would be obvious how flabby and flat they really are. Notice how he's holding them up and together so that they look perkier than they are, he's also being told not to let his fingers sink in too much because look they're completely just resting on her tit. I dont doubt that he's not great at this but no one would go to hold boobs and hold them like that.

No. 785948

Also she only became transparent only when people called her out on it.
Otherwise she’s known for lying.

Anyone remember how for years she tried to convince people she was still in college, and would take pictures of her books as “proof”?
Haven’t heard her mention it in so long lmao.
And or course her glasses that she ~totally needs~ despite them only appearing when someone brings them up.

No. 785949

"If I tell them about one lipo session, I can hide every other procedure I did and claim it's hard work and diet!"

No. 785950

File: 1594842393212.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 2048x1365, routineclinical.png)

No. 785957

Yep, she is. Whenever I used to type her name or handle into Google, these threads or other embarrassing shit used to come up first. Now it’s all her current social media platforms, patreon and OnlyFans that come up. For someone that talks so much about “change and growth” as a person, she certainly doesn’t practice it and just throws money at people to hide the shit she’s done. She’ll do anything to control the narrative except take responsibility.

No. 785960

This is fucking great, I actually cackled. Thank you for your work based anon!

No. 785962

This is so well done, its almost scary lmao. Its hilarious.

No. 785967

Well done anon! I think this is more apt.

No. 785973


And the books she showed turned out to be first year intro level books despite her claiming that she was “close to graduating”. Also the asinine claim that she somehow completed all her coursework before classes even began or even got a syllabus because like everything she does she has to make some retarded claim that she is not just the best but so hilariously above everyone that they are practically knuckle scraping drooling retards in comparison to her.

No. 786029

I already want this as the next threadpic

No. 786037

File: 1594870190993.png (993.39 KB, 720x1025, Screenshot_2020-07-15-20-27-04…)

No. 786042

The last time she mentioned school was when she said she applied to go to school with Vamp to be a pharmacist. And of course in usual Moo fashion, she couldn't keep up with how many lies she was telling and forgot.

This is perfect. It did seem more like a breast exam since he clearly didn't even want to touch her. Hope this is the next OP image.

No. 786049

Wouldn’t be cheaper for her to get some gastric bypass surgery?

No. 786059

Idk what's actually stopping her from pursuing a career. Even famous rapper Megan Thee Stallion is currently in college/uni.

No. 786062

She's not fat enough to even qualify and you have to prove weightloss for a year with proper check-ups with your doctor every 3 months to prove you are losing weight constantly.

No. 786064

File: 1594885321779.png (Spoiler Image, 3.37 MB, 1800x1579, FAA80704-4E08-4CF5-8742-754C77…)

Nothing explicit it’s just that her face frightens me.

No. 786067

Yeah I'd imagine most experienced plus-sized porn stars 1. actually know how to be sexy 2. aren't as constantly obsessed with trying to get the right "angles" to hide themselves.

No. 786074


Not necessarily. You don't have to do any of that with medical tourism. Hard to do right now but once travel bans are lifted its definitely something moo could throw money at someone to do. I have a relative who did it and didn't have to do any of the stuff they make you do at home.(no1curr)

No. 786081

File: 1594904867155.png (70.75 KB, 300x300, 9A867D4F-5B16-4305-AA4B-59E6D5…)

No. 786084

Thanks for the future night terrors.

No. 786086

File: 1594907842058.jpeg (162.49 KB, 745x965, 234836B0-5486-4ED1-B82C-693FB4…)

thought she couldn’t get more nightmare fuel worthy but she has proven me wrong yet again. imagine waking up to that…

here’s momo over at r/instagramreality

No. 786087

File: 1594910125985.jpg (185.38 KB, 1280x720, Truth or Dare creepy smile.jpg)

No. 786088

She's going to be known as a chronic photoshopper up there with korean models and throw SquareCuck under the bus again even though he just listens to her ridiculous demands
Though I don't think Moo asked him to erase her damn armpit and shoulder so her arm is one big blob. That's on him

No. 786090

she probably asked him to shoop out stubble/discoloration and the end result was a blob since she's a blob. it's not like he has much to work with.

No. 786091


Just like what happens with her knees in most photos

No. 786096

This just looks like some perv molesting some special needs adult. Isn't she working with adult acting people now? Why hasn't anyone told her Down Syndrome face isn't sexy.

No. 786097

All these people are self made. None os them are actual porn models with companies and it's only been this one guy. The cosplay manthots I would argue aren't even close to being professional and we already know Bro selfposts. If you want to call this guy an adult actor, sure, but he's accumulated stuff over time like Moo and has his own brand he's made himself. Moo just wants her foot in the door to who he knows in Vegas in the actual sex scene. She's slowly trying to creep into where she can maybe get highlighted if the right person is at an OF party.

No. 786098

Ah I see so she's just gonna hop on whoever makes the highest money offer. I'm surprised that cam site hasn't tried to bring her back in seeing how she's obviously gotten over "uwu so shy have boobie jiggles'

No. 786099

Why would she need to when OF has a free streaming where you get 80% of your profits and it's not by tokens? It's a better price for everyone come round.

No. 786100

It's because she's still ashamed she does sex work. If you ask her she will still call herself a "famous cosplayer"

No. 786101

She hasn't even used any of her sex toys and still refuses to show real penetration with any of them aside from already have a buttplug inserted. She is too pussy to do anything sex wise. Same reason she bought all those sex machines and hasn't used them yet. It makes her look appealing but without actually doing it at all. She also have everything cropped when she's 'masturbating'. The cucks who think this is real are embarrassing and only get their rocks off to porn which is always faked so they have no idea.

No. 786102

If she gets desperate enough she'll fumble through. I'm fully expecting her to hurt herself because she won't look into proper use or care.

No. 786103


i know she thinks making a funny expression passes as humor but her face is already so grotesque and twisting it into weird expressions or angles just makes it worse

No. 786126

"I'm afraid we're going to need to put you down"

Funny enough, with the nurse scrubs on, this more resembles actual porn vs a photo from a formal dance for the developmentally disabled…gone sexual!

No. 786127

Top kek anon, well done. I thought it was legit at first glance since it seems like some tacky porn set.

Regardless of restrictions, the post op life changes would be too much for Moo. Given she eats.. like, 3 plates worth of food per meal, I doubt she'd have the will power to drop down to half a plate per meal, otherwise she'll stretch her stomach back out or injure herself.
Seeing my mum go thru it and the amount of work it takes makes me think Moo would literally never get it because she and "discipline" are incompatible.

No. 786175

File: 1594993854773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 657.69 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot1.jpg)

Is this her?

No. 786180

Yes. It’s several lipos ago though.

No. 786185

She looks bigger here, but at least her proportions were better, head wasn’t shooped as small. Now it’s like waiting for her to be on ”Botched”. Bitch looks absolutely revolting now lol.

No. 786190

Yeah somehow fatter Mariah looked “better”. She had an hourglass-ish figure still but was proportional for a fat girl and didn’t have the awful lips and other face work she has now. She never exactly looked good but she somehow looks way better here.

No. 786192

anons please, that picture is retouched to fuck as well

No. 786195

This. She'd already had multiple rounds of lipo and lip filler here. Not to mention it's as usual photoshopped to hell. Can't believe anons are falling for it?

No. 786196

No one is falling for it you illiterate buffoons. What part of “she never looked good” did you fail to comprehend?

No. 786199

You obviously did if you failed to noticed the work she'd already done on her face, genuinely believe she had an "hourglass-ish" figure without the aid of retouching/lipo, and think she's looked anywhere near well proportioned in recent years. Her arms, waist, and legs have all been shaved down and smoothed out in that photo to give the illusion she was proportioned or still had a figure at all. It's okay, anon, not everyone is good at immediately spotting photoshop and surgery, it's why her neckbeards keep falling for it too.

No. 786213

Yeah ofc it is. Still imo her proportions were a bit better back then. Now it’s just way past salvaging.

No. 786214

Samefag, just adding that yeah duh, she shooped her photos to hell and back even then. Imo it all is just worse now lol.

No. 786226

File: 1595023571677.png (69.23 KB, 155x275, 1564571208128.png)


Never forget this is what she actually looked like around this time

No. 786240

keep it down

No. 786245

File: 1595029262840.png (303.37 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2020-07-17-14-28-42…)

No. 786246

is she pretending to be a realtor? On her porn account?

No. 786250

Her "not lipo" friend posted this. Not sure if this was for her recent procedures but she made another deposit.

No. 786252

If that's true than Momo is an all time sucker. this girl knows she has a life time customer with Moo
think about making more than 20k a month but using most of that money on cosmetic surgeries and lipo

No. 786258

Were you guys not here for this? BTS showed how flat she is. This is rounded out with photoshop. There's nothing better here lol

No. 786260

Because this screen didn't come from her account. It's snatchedLV's.

No. 786293

You’re so fucking stupid

Ntayrt but all they’re saying is she looks slightly better, that’s it

they never denied her retouching or lipo or anything. Calm your shit

No. 786306

When no one in the thread said that at the time, so its newfags who havent been following. Its the same as all her shoots. Shes got one or 2 good tluch ups. Shes not more proportional or anything here. Now I see why cucks by into it.

No. 786307

Calm your titties already, this is derailing.

No. 786336

File: 1595099723421.jpg (252.17 KB, 1080x1465, hQf16nk.jpg)

First she said she had to prep for Squarecuck but then she said she had a weird mental week? Also wasn't squarecuck back living with her?

No. 786342

Nude on a vibrating sex machine? Good lord, she's going to jiggle like a bowl of Jello. This is legit terrifying.

No. 786344


>originally wanted to do it in cosplay but I had a better idea recently to do it with as little effort as possible

No. 786346

"Thanks for your money, you're not getting customs lol."

"My mental week means I had to think of more excuses and ways to scam your money while promising things, how do you not catch on by now is beyond me."

No. 786349

More like she wants Square there to frame her up to make sure the customs don't show how unfit and unsmoothed she really is. She's can't even do unedited customs without him. LOL

No. 786350

Can you imagine her melting down over us noticing she uses filters to Hell and back? Like hello?

No. 786366

File: 1595109222374.jpeg (212.57 KB, 1400x1400, momokun.jpeg)

>well she is named momo-kun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786379

Gastric bypass wouldn’t work on moo. She would just do what all the others who failed with this do. Snack 24 hours a day on small meals.

No. 786380


Ah yes her red dead redemption cosplay…with as much effort as she’s always put into her cosplays. Now with MORE filters.

No. 786473

And i hoped she’d for once cosplay for her bodytype and cosplay a horse or a cow.

No. 786496

Didn’t she originally say she’d do anything for customs? Like nude, butt play, penetration etc? Now she’s saying she’ll only do it in cosplay and “normal”

No. 786503

She still thinks if she hides it behind cosplay she doesn't have to call it porn. Why the sudden change happened

No. 786508

Lol already backpedaling and she hasn’t even started. Expected. So predictions on how many beards get ripped off on these customs?

No. 786521

She’s already explicitly excluded anything penetration and masturbation before >>>/pt/780705
so idk where you’re getting this from

No. 786557

File: 1595197328585.png (844.46 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-07-19-15-17-01…)

No. 786617

this is probablt the most contact she's had in a while

No. 786620

File: 1595221263654.jpg (392.84 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200720-000055_Ins…)

Looking like a burst sausage

No. 786621

All that lipo, all that sagging skin

No. 786622

Got a real seven drawves looking face here too. She trying to not filter as much or was her phone in the way too much for SNOW?

No. 786626

It is honestly depressing to see how jarring her body looks compared to last year. All she had to do was take care of herself most days of the week for this to not happen. Skin is so hard to get rid of successfully I can't imagine her looking normal before 30 at the point.

No. 786627

The only reason her skin is doing that is because she botched herself too. She will never rid of the side sagging back fat unless she cuts it off. She did this to herself by masquerading as a skinny girl when she was too fat and got lipo. I can't wait for how fucked her makes her body. Invasive body contouring only does so much when you have layers of fat in you and you're not contouring muscles.

No. 786630

File: 1595226785590.jpg (320.03 KB, 528x682, WZpCSdC.jpg)

She hoisted up her thong to try and create an ass crease but it just depressed it more.

No. 786645

File: 1595229250877.gif (987.02 KB, 500x375, Homer jigglin for justice.gif)

I'd imagine it'd be just like this.

No. 786648

File: 1595233575843.jpg (317.74 KB, 1440x1080, IMG_20200720_042203.jpg)


Found on thread #42. Couldn't have been more accurate. Just blow her lips up 5x and there's Moo.

No. 786649

File: 1595233599944.jpg (39.15 KB, 963x258, Screenshot_20200720_041606.jpg)


No. 786651

Genuinely, what's the point of having all the work done on your mid section when your top section still gives you a very blatant triangle shape? Could she not have the fat from her arms and upper back transfered into her behind to make a more pleasing image? If she's gonna spend all that money anyway, wouldn't you want good results?

No. 786655

She could never get a butt lift because she never met the BMI requirements until now. That’s why she’s only been taking fat out, she has gotten arm lipo done with bad results.

No. 786659

Yeast infection incoming.

No. 786667

she is one of the worst writers i've ever seen

No. 786689

File: 1595259942812.jpg (105.89 KB, 550x550, 131958674_o2.jpg)

Look again. She probably cant wear it any different. It's so small on her she had to attempt to pull on it to pretend it wasnt digging into her sides. You can tell it's way too tight no matter where you look at it

This is how the back of these are supposed to sit (though she got the thong cut) it's pulled so tight and is digging into her skin so much it almost looks like she's wearing a skin suit and where the swimsuit is are 'joints' between the prosthetics it's so gross.

No. 786703

She really had to give herself a wedgie to even put it on.

No. 786727

OT but can you post the link for this one Lol

No. 786750

not that anon but here's what I could find
https://uevo.shop/?pid=122502073 Is it possible this is the one she's wearing?

No. 786752

Yeah as I said she got the thong cut but the upper back area is the same so I wanted to show a full back view rather than the angled view with the weird pose you can see how thick the bands are supposed to be though and it's just sad how much it's digging into her skin

No. 786805

File: 1595303074194.png (628.79 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2020-07-20-20-42-06…)

No. 786807

You can watch her waist go in and out with the filter in the video.

No. 786809

File: 1595304307356.png (3.75 MB, 1312x1800, DB9BD57B-3445-4CEB-BF2C-EF988F…)

No. 786812

I watched the video and she had the filter on max. It's weird, at a few points her body almost doubles in size when she turns and snaps back.

I also refuse to believe Momo is in her early 20's. I have friends in their 30's who look younger. Hell, I know people in their 40's who look better

No. 786829

I'm sorry but the water noises make it sound like she's spreading her legs to pee and it just sent me. Her hair is still fried to high heavens despite the cut and bleach break… and I bet she uses overpriced products for that result too.

Sometimes I forget she's a super cunt who hates advice (except when dishing it herself) and I want to teach her how to take care of herself. But there's no fixing her insecurities, aggression, compulsive lying and victim complex.

No. 786832

You can send you the holy grail of advice that will make her look 10 years younger and shed fat naturally and she will still spit in your face. Her insecure ass will just throw her overly shopped pics and then insult you saying something along the lines of "When you have a body like mine honey, then you can give me advice"

No. 786851


Her retard faces in the vid just make me lol. She has the face of an 80 year old woman whose been binge drinking all her life

No. 786870

this is the first time I've ever seen her room clean. did her mom visit recently lol

No. 786902

File: 1595348479782.webm (12.1 MB, 720x1280, 20200721_165848-VideoToMp4.web…)

For those who don't want to/can't go on instagram. This is very uncomfortable to watch

No. 786903

Forgot to add - she seems to play some piano music in the background but the song is barely audible because of the loud waterfall noises

No. 786905

think about only being able to look at your reflection through a filter on a max level. I wonder if she avoids mirrors if she doesn't have her phone handy

No. 786908


I'm surprised more people don't comment on her accounts about how it's very obvious that her clothes suddenly shrink into her skin as the filter does it's best to keep up with the beast.

No. 786911

This. Until the cunt sees a therapist about her delusions and compulsive lying, a nutritionist and doctor to beat the upcoming diabetes, nothing anyone says to her will get through Droopykun's head.

She wants to be skinny so bad that she seems to truly believe the delusion that she is even after years of being a 70 year old looking hippo and needing photo/video effects to make her look that way. I wouldn't be surprised if she truly thought that and avoids mirrors like >>786905 said. The only time we see her looking in one is with a phone in hand and she's always looking at herself through the phone, not the mirror. That's just pathetic. The video wasn't even sexy it just looks like her usual trying so hard to be sexy that it looks dumb and awkward. Anyway, water is wet.

No. 786937

Has she ever done anything for her jowls? I don't understand with all the work she's had done on her body why she doesn't fix that problem. Hers specifically age her considerably. What is it about her face that makes it look haggard and way older than what it is? I can't put my finger on it. I don't mean the drinking and other factors like that, but was specifically on her face that ages her. Would she look younger with those jowls lifted??

No. 786939

Her face already looked aged because of her eyes so the sagging jowls made everything worse for sure. Anyone who does a weekend of drinking and partying will come out of it damn near dehydrated so all the years and coming back on her fast. Plus taping her cheeks/neck damn near to the back of her neck during all this for sure added on to it. Her fault really.

No. 787005

The only thing she does about her mastiff mouth is pull the skin taut and tape it, making the problem even worse. Fillers wouldn't help, it's sag. She'd just look even more inflated.

No. 787007

The issue with her jowls is because she’s had way too much lip filler. Filler doesn’t just dissolve after a few months - it migrates to other areas of your face, particularly your jowls, and can linger for years. The more you get, the worse you look. You can see a similar look on other women who’ve had filler, like kylie Jenner for example, or even fellow ‘cosplayer’ Jessica nigri if you want an example closer to home. The more she tries to tweak her face, the worse she’s going to look over time. It can get so bad that a lot of women who’ve only ever had their lips filled end up looking like they’ve had cheek filler too. Moo’s already taken It too far, filler goes down after a period of around six months (although like I said, it doesn’t disappear) but I’m willing to bet she tries to get top ups after just 3 months at the earliest - she only cares about her immediate appearance, she couldn’t give less of a fuck about how she’s gonna look later down the line.(no1curr)

No. 787009

She’s looked like droopy the dog for a couple years - before the fillers.

No. 787011

She's always had them. Lurk more. Fillers dont matter here. Its genetic. Her skinny mom and sister have deep lines too.

No. 787046

Let’s be real, the puffy duck lips don’t help the droopy look

No. 787071

I refuse to go to her page, but I'm a little curious what this was. It doesnt work for me.

No. 787090

File: 1595408819169.png (1.8 MB, 1242x2208, 140C2110-B8F9-4034-A5F9-F90073…)

She has two right feet kek

I love how she keeps hiring the most mediocre artists since I’m sure the majority of the decent ones either 1. Know her shitty history. Or 2. Charge actual industry rates and Moo is notoriously cheap.

No. 787091

File: 1595409006059.png (1.98 MB, 1800x1045, 60648F75-5F69-4BAF-A551-D9F3B8…)

The rest of them. They don’t resemble her at all which I guess fits the theme of Moo being a delusional cunt.

No. 787093

i honestly think the art is cute and dig the style, but if i saw these anywhere else, moo is probably the last person i'd expect them to be portraying.

No. 787094

None of her 3 tattoos are on it. Nothing about it says it's her. At least in Maddie's art she gets the eyebags and sausage lips right. Is the bikini color supposed to be peach for momokunt?

No. 787096

So did she like…forget she had a OC?

No. 787102

File: 1595412490922.png (Spoiler Image, 2.11 MB, 1905x964, 6425435346.png)

A couple stills from her foot fetish/masturbation video from OF.

No. 787103

File: 1595412554993.png (Spoiler Image, 502.98 KB, 544x1068, 6425435345.png)

No. 787105

File: 1595413609343.png (888.8 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-07-22-03-26-07…)

No. 787106

Never going to get over this woman's delusion of having a bubble butt. She's all width and no volume.

No. 787109

Is this her trying to be "ugu kawaii desu ne~!" ?

No. 787125

Tbh I'm surprised she can bend her legs that much. She might even more flexible than Shay

No. 787136


Takin a pic with iPhone 11 pro but lookin like a pic taken with a webcam from 2002

No. 787143

Thats how it is with most people with stickers like these. Unless you know directly the source, you could still have these without context. Problem is that you will know.

No. 787144

She never had an OC

No. 787146

File: 1595430748292.jpg (45.84 KB, 660x660, cow-girl-profile.jpg)

How quickly we forget.

No. 787151

File: 1595431131100.jpg (92.64 KB, 640x800, tumblr_00e8be7875c7892575ed4b4…)

so whoever the artist is I wonder if Reiq knows they're just blatantly ripping off one of the old stickers he did of moo.

No. 787152

I would ask for a refund. You expect to get a model who looks like she's 140 pounds like Moo shops herself to be, but getting someone clearly over 200 and lookin like grandma

No. 787154

I love the brown tarp she's wearing to hide her body. Other than that, you have to have a shitty filter to make an iPhone 11 pic look like a shitty webcam pic. She really wants to distort her image so bad

Momo sends her pics to artists and tells them to use em as references.

No. 787156

File: 1595432045898.jpg (418.81 KB, 1273x532, 275edd75f50cf1d1414b04c62f651e…)

it's not a 1:1 copy but it's obviously a rip off which is just gross. Also if you think moo sent anyone a photo of her and got these back >>787091 you're just as delusional as she is. I'm fairly sure these are all copied/traced.

There's a tell tale lack of anatomy knowledge in simple places like the bust arts and the two same feet. It's pretty blatant to me that the artist copied/traced and then tried to make the figures wider to make it look more like 'moo'. No way did the same person who drew the back shot and 'water bust', drew the butt up shot without heavily referencing from someone like reiq.

No. 787170

Anon, who cares? Are you Reiq and it’s triggering you? Moo probably asks for this pose specifically and your spergfest about how some $40 art she commissioned from a mediocre artist might be traced is drifting into OT. No one cares

No. 787176

Thats not her OC. It's a slight twerked stolen IP.

No. 787182

she backpedaled and tried to say it was her totally original OC
She even commissioned some artist to make a reference sheet which was the same character but in denim shorts and a hat or something which she cosplayed at that South American convention(?)

No. 787189

Anon, I know. I don't think you are getting the joke at all and are being extremely literal about the OC thing.

No. 787225

I wasn't the other anon, just clarifying in case you didn't know.
Really I don't care, I just think it's funny how quickly she dropped cosplay to do basic porn, even her own "OC" which was made just for porn

No. 787227

Issa joke. A running gag. You new here or?

No. 787233

Ehh, Moo does this pose often to show off her nonexistent ass. She probably just gave them all the same image to reference.

No. 787243

Quit sperging over the art, we aren’t here to nitpick someone’s art work. Besides the only people who get anything remotely close to what she REALLY looks like have been the people who make art on here

No. 787246

It's hilarious how her tattoos are never in art of herself. Because in an actual art piece they would look even more stupid than they already do on her own body. Fate autist tattoo + cheese rose- both tattoos obtained to reel in men and failed.

No. 787247

File: 1595456866483.png (577.33 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2020-07-22-15-26-04…)

No. 787250

Gramma having a stroke face strikes again.

No. 787251

Jesus this fleshy blob/drunk aunt look is so pathetic. Her face is especially hard to look at. The lips look like they’ll burst if theres slight pressure applied to them.

No. 787252


I believe the other is the Saiyans race logo from DBZ. Which she doesn’t even pretend to be a fan of anymore.

No. 787275

This is her biggest stroke yet.
It’s like slowly watching an obese person fall down. I don’t understand this position at well! I don’t understand this image

No. 787276

That little bit of Hank Hill butt cheek poking out is fucking disgusting.

No. 787279


"Help I've fallen and I can't get up"

No. 787281

File: 1595469959544.jpg (268.53 KB, 1077x1914, 20200722_220529.jpg)

Shoving a whole ass side and back titty into the front of that suit.

No. 787282

File: 1595469984881.jpg (271.92 KB, 1080x1920, 20200722_220547.jpg)

No. 787283


that’s a hard yikes lol

No. 787284

all the lipo she's had and she still couldn't get a butt lift?

No. 787285

The size of her back is always so shocking. She can sometimes make herself look halfway decent or even slender from the front and side with maximum filters/shoop, but once she turns around and we see her back, arms, and shoulders it's all over. She's fucking massive. Just a hulking blob of fat and sagging skin.

No. 787286

Most reputable surgeons won’t do a butt lift on people in the obese or even high overweight zones. You have to be close to an ideal weight for your frame.

No. 787289

File: 1595471668825.jpg (539.67 KB, 828x1019, Nn4QUbb.jpg)

No. 787290

She probably thinks that if when she gets to a healthy weight - kek - and gets a BBL, that it will love the sagging skin in her thighs that's already really prominent. All it's going to do is throw her proportions even more hilariously out of whack.

No. 787291

Senior citizen vibes.

She probably picked out this lifeguard get up since the Realize swimsuit cut her up like a Christmas ham.

No. 787294

File: 1595473185994.png (573.16 KB, 720x944, Screenshot_2020-07-22-19-57-43…)

No. 787296


I feel like the “beached whale” joke would be too obvious. But damn does she make it so easy.

No. 787305

Each day she gets closer and closer to looking like Judd Nelson with saggy tits. Also this makes her look like she just has black holes for eyes.

No. 787307

its been an honest while since I've scrolled and my mouth just stays open. This is so cringy. Just everything she posted today yikes to hell

No. 787308

she tried to edit her boob bigger because her already flat tits were flatter! The massive blur! I wonder if she plans to edit out her deep crotch and inner thighs stretch marks? Or maybe surgery? Those will look like saggy saggy skin regardless of non evasive lipo/contouring if she loses weight lol we know she cant though

No. 787309

Just to point out she's so fat her fupa, in tight enough clothing, looking like shes tucking a dick now lol shes not lost anything

No. 787315

File: 1595482197802.png (1.31 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2020-07-22-22-28-27…)

The edit

No. 787326

Is her lip bruised or is that normal for fillers?

No. 787331

Even through the filter you can see the cottage cheese. There is no fixing that

No. 787333

I love how the filter and angle makes it look like she has midget arms
No comment

I know who Moo reminds me of! Mickey Deer! Moo is one lash away from getting an eye infection like Mick. Even funnier that they are both obese but edit themselves skinny

No. 787343

implying reiq didn't trace photos to make his shit art from the start. he's a hack.

No. 787347

Yeah bruising is common with fillers, but it’s usually within the first week or so after the injection, not just randomly

No. 787351


I think it's been awhile since we have seen the classic hat holding pose.


It looks like she has no legs.

No. 787360

Not sure why you've got the hate boner for Reiq, but I've seen some of his streams, he's a legit artist. Feel free to post your profile though, anon, for comparison…

No. 787368

You're conflating tracing with referencing, which is normal practice for pros in order to get work done faster. If anything you can only really shit on him for having no morals and working with people like moo

No. 787376

Let's stop whiteknighting for an artist that willingly worked with Moo and doubled down when called out on it. Nobody cares if you like his art or not
She's been hiding with filters so much lately that this picture actually shocked me. How can she claim to have lost so much weight "not from lipo" and still look like this

No. 787378

No one is whiteknighting him, he's a piece of shit. But claiming he traces his art when there are videos of him creating drawings from scratch is just retarded (and that anon is persistent across multiple threads with this vendetta. Call that shit out).(derailing)

No. 787385

File: 1595521966168.jpeg (612.75 KB, 1220x2356, E06DD7A6-6E4F-4EBD-9F15-CF37D0…)

Apparently moo and trysha are sharing boy toys

No. 787386

File: 1595522005494.png (Spoiler Image, 7.74 MB, 1242x2688, C6C35CED-10DB-40DA-BDD6-E0EAC1…)

Spoiled for not moo

No. 787387

This poor guy like damn at that point just get a shitty retail job. He looks dead inside with Trish on him.

No. 787388

lmao looks like he‘s just as shit at his job as Moo. Can’t even look turned on when he’s getting paid for it.

No. 787391

Even paid people can't pretend to like their clients.

The old saying "True passion is hard to hide" is true, paid or not, if someone is into it they can't hide it.

No. 787393

She acts like she didn't know but she lives to be Trisha.

No. 787394

Of course Moo copied Trisha. She's been trying to be her clone for a year or so now and has no originality whatsoever.

At least he's actually grabbing her flat ass firmly and not icked out like he was about touching Mariah.

No. 787397

Trisha paytas butt isn’t flat, she’s had a bbl. momokun on the other hand Has no ass in sight.

No. 787399

File: 1595525888714.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.87 MB, 2880x3840, EdtU83v.jpg)

I wonder if she had a meltdown because people saw her, like last time

No. 787400

trish still has no tish. that lift didnt do anything. You can see how flat it is here even with her pushing her hips up. Lol. Her and moo have hank hill middle asses

No. 787401

File: 1595525978941.jpg (2.73 MB, 2880x3840, hWc4OvZ.jpg)

No. 787402

File: 1595526098380.jpg (3.29 MB, 2880x3840, fW2x9Mx.jpg)

No. 787403

File: 1595526261605.jpg (188.27 KB, 1080x1920, a2jG0Kk.jpg)

No. 787404

File: 1595526265035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.91 KB, 1536x2048, 20200723_124406.jpg)

Spoiler for trish but if he can go to town with trish why was it so awkward with momo(not milk)

No. 787405

Big yikes, do your eyes a favor and dont zoom in.

No. 787406

Momokun probably just smells like sweaty socks

No. 787407

File: 1595526373773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 386.73 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20200723-124633_Twi…)

No. 787408

Still looks flat. Moo had a lot of lipo but is still a whale. Having a procedure doesn't mean. She has more ass than Mariah but that's not saying much. A piece of cardboard has more ass than Mariah.

No. 787411

So instead of skin walking Nigiri she's skin walking Trish.

No. 787412

Really sporting that ball sac look, I see.

No. 787413

why would she post this? I know she doesn't care that her pictures contradict one another but god damn

No. 787414

Wasn't she just preaching about social distancing and masks a week ago?

I don't know why she insists on looking like "sexy" Paula Deen with down syndrome.

No. 787415

File: 1595527445023.png (319.33 KB, 798x405, zerodifference.png)

Speaking of, I have to laugh at these two pictures together on her Instagram because she's accidentally telling on herself. The one on the right is from her trip to Japan in November of last year, when she was still probably 250+, left is from a couple of weeks ago when she was allegedly 207 or something.

No. 787417

kek, so she MIGHT be 230 now and only lost 20 pounds because of lipo. We all knew it already but still hilarious to see

No. 787420

Does this bitch ever close her mouth

No. 787422

> But anon, youre obviously not seeing her small waist, which is totally the only indicator of weight!

She looks the exact same, only a couple inches off her waist and thats it. Same linebacker shoulders and saging breasts. Great job Moo.

No. 787424

This is straight up a PT I'm Poopin style image jfc.

No. 787431

File: 1595529138813.jpg (207.14 KB, 488x750, Momo_Hill.jpg)

I know this joke has been made a billion times by now, but… c'mon… she's basically asking for it at this point.

No. 787439

You couldn't pay me enough to have sex with that idiot. I'd much rather have sex with mariah then Trisha, and that's not by a huge margin.(no1curr)

No. 787441

can't imagine the amount of STDs she must've gotten from trisha through that dude

No. 787442

File: 1595533621162.jpg (323.48 KB, 1080x1152, 20200723_154710.jpg)

No. 787446

watch her get triggered by anons not buying her weight loss and saying she's now magically 170 with a photoshopped pic of her thrown in for good measure

No. 787448

It's hilarious considering she's even heavier in the recent photo. Mariah, we know you're not eating "whole foods".

No. 787449

damn, absolute skinny legend right here

No. 787451

File: 1595536244279.jpg (9.98 KB, 200x197, oh god why.jpg)

No. 787455

File: 1595537214561.jpeg (299.38 KB, 750x1102, 9C66DB1D-37BB-4605-99B4-FA2786…)

Wtf why is her arm peeling like this?? Looks like she’s glued little Doritos onto her arm(nitpick)

No. 787457


It's not skin peeling, its her tattoo. But check the stretch marks on her upper arm. Yeesh.

No. 787462

This looks even more awkward, it’s clear this guy has no idea how to pose or do what he’s suppose to do, just a pretty face at this point.

No. 787465

No, she thinks it looks sexy.

No. 787470

Her arms are so fucking massive wtf they look like a small woman's tighs

No. 787478

hi def ain't her friend

No. 787488

Trisha paytas has a ton of STDs including ones that are dangerous for pregnant women. Moo should be thankful she only had him perform a breast exam.

No. 787490


No. 787515

File: 1595565846938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.72 MB, 3840x5760, HkuFCeC.jpg)


No. 787517

She looks so drugged out and being taken advantage of, but that probably turns her on considering she wanted to act out Euphoria scenes for a set.

No. 787518


Woman with saggy tits looks bored as faceless man gives her a breast exam. Is this hot to anyone?

No. 787519

The way he has his hand on her is killing me.its so flat like he's trying to push her tit without actually touching it

No. 787531


That there is a hand that wants no part of what’s happening. This is ripe for another shoop by the genius anon with the doctor edit lol. Also, she couldn’t wear any other earrings besides the safety pin ones? I mean, she can’t style for shit so I don’t know what I was expecting.

Her mouth really bothers me tbh, especially the corners. It never fails to amaze me how much she’s managed to destroy her body in such a short span of time.

No. 787532

File: 1595573661196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.66 MB, 3840x5760, 1595565846938~2.jpg)

Her tit is so weird and flat, it looks like she sacrificed it to hide her arm fat.

I can't believe she posts these and thinks they look good. She looks like a droopy and dead eyed cougar preying on the young.

No. 787533

I mean, she didn’t do much to hide her arm fat because theres a lock of hair resting to the right just to emphasize how wide she is kek.
Her mind has totally checked out here. To her it’s just another easy thing to shit out so she can collect her Patreon/OF money. Dead inside doesn’t even begin to describe her approach to sets anymore.

No. 787535

Between this >>787385 and this >>787515 I feel like I'm watching a education video on how to feel for breast lumps? For someone who has had 5 boyfriends you'd think she'd know how to pose like a "couple in Las Vegas"??

No. 787536

File: 1595575418773.jpeg (940.04 KB, 1500x1500, 5AE9C4E8-78D5-4E28-9481-4F8DB0…)

This was literally the first thing that came to mind.

No. 787539

File: 1595578131747.gif (1.57 MB, 466x270, F3BD2FF1-2C96-487B-8B09-313EFD…)

deadass looks like moto moto lmao

No. 787540

I'm just wondering who comes up with the concepts here, because there isnt much sensual, sexiness going on with a dude…just kinda…mashing them tiities about? Shouldnt this be enticing because this just looks uncomfortable and awkward.

No. 787545

It doesn't help that moo doesn't know how to look erotic or even turned on. I don't know if it's because she's never orgasmed, been turned on, or if it's because she cannot even act like it. Ru Paul said you have to make love to the camera, maybe if moo pretened it was a cheeseburger or sushi?

No. 787546

There is a reason Mariah pays photographers and isn't paid by photographers to model for them. She doesn't know how to model or how to look at the camera and entice the viewer. She's a dead eyed blob. The stills are hilarious, I'm sure the video is 100% awkward cringe.

No. 787548

Jesus Christ, this guy's a porn star? He looks like he truly has no idea how to touch a boob.

No. 787549

It’s so, so awkward. Is the photog squoodles? Has he ever seen a fancy porn? Or even George Michael videos?

No. 787553

Bold of you to assume they’ve actually had some sort of concept that went beyond ‘guy in limo, guy in hotel room, some groping will happen’. Everything else they probably decided as they went.
At least that’s what I assume since Moo’s and Marvin’s shoots always look extremely improvised.

No. 787556

Trisha filmed with him recently so that’s way after Moo

No. 787558

From the thumbnail she's a dead ringer for PT.

No. 787572

Im sure these stand alone photos are from cuck so he has them in poses he can typically edit her stuff. I hope this guys hands are in the way enough tho because both of them vs a 5 man camera crew fir the other guy, i doubt they directed it enough where he can edit her ass bigger or boobs up and with volume as we see here. Cant make them bigger when hands are in the way like this.

No. 787584

File: 1595607872297.jpg (172.17 KB, 1232x1847, FB_IMG_1595556159521.jpg)

No. 787585

She got more lipo on her stomach so now she's gaining weight exclusively on her upper back and arms. She can usually last at least 2 months after a lipo binge, but she's sprinting towards her previous weight, but now with an even more botched body.
I'm scared to see her candids this winter, but also morbidly curious

No. 787593

No one can prove to me she lost weight. No one. She's ridiculous.

No. 787595

>Tripod Chan

This reminds me, whatever happened to her "friend" GirlontheMoonPro? That was just one of her dumber lies, right? Did she just abandon it after being called out?

No. 787601

Yeah, she made the account RIGHT after someone on lolcow called her out lol.
"No I don't use a tripod I have a professional photographer"

No. 787606

She never told us who it really was and the account hasn't updated.

No. 787612

That's what I thought. I just… don't understand the impulse she has to lie about such stupid shit?

No. 787613


No. 787620

She wants so badly to come across as professional, so maybe her dad won't side eye her and avoid touching her, so maybe people at cons will actually approach her and not laugh behind her back, so maybe she can pretend she hasn't wasted her life for the past 5 years.

So moo lies, about photographers, her weight, her wealth, friends, and hobbies. She can photoshop her girth and busted face, but she can't photoshop the empty look in her eyes.

No. 787648

File: 1595633655294.png (854.11 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2020-07-24-16-26-15…)

She posted a cut off instastory saying her knee won't crack everyday!

Guys she got approved for her BBL and they'll make her crack bigger!

Didn't she say it was a tear? >>>/pt/779289 so why is she posting it won't crack anymore?

No. 787653

Because she can't keep her lies straight.
The knee surgery is going to be an excuse as to why she's recovering from the BBL. Though doing it on someone like Moo who rapidly gains weight is just going to make her look more obese. That and more horrifically disfigured

No. 787657


If she does have a PCL & MCL tear not sure what shes going to do. She'll be on crutches and have a knee brace for over a month and shes gonna have months of physical therapy.

Shes gonna need to shoot months of content ahead of time(she won't) or she'll be even more irrelevant and lose her income stream

No. 787658

Or just take lazy topless cell phone selfies

No. 787661

The tooth shape a BBL gives you is terrifying, I honestly cant believe she wants that. I shudder thinking about how her body will look by the end of the year.

No. 787663

She wants to look as botched as Trisha. Let her do it. Like other anons say she will not adhere to her healing regimen due to inpatience.

No. 787667

"Ma'am I hate to inform you but you have a lump."

No. 787673

I hope to god she gets a BBL and botches her body to no end.
Also, is she wearing a white personal mask or is she wearing a surgical mask inside-out?

No. 787674

That's a surgical mask, or a version some grocery store made. It's just that it looks make out of the material, not cotton, due to the stamping up top where a fastener for the nose goes.

No. 787675

File: 1595642193207.png (805.87 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2020-07-24-18-54-24…)

No. 787676


She said the doctor confirmed her knee injury but if it's an old injury then she would have had this checked and confirmed when it happened? She claimed it was an old injury beforehand so how is she not aware of the pain or cracking?

Also if she goes through with
Knee surgery it leaves a pretty noticeable scar, it's going to be hard to lie about getting this surgery. Plus there would be the possibility that she might have to drain fluid buildup for about a month (maybe).

No. 787677

File: 1595643737381.jpg (488.51 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200724_222230.jpg)

What a skinny legend.

No. 787686


When she mentioned her knees cracking, all I could think of was her piss poor posture while she was still trying to make people believe she lifted weights and exercised regularly. You’d think you’d remember your knees cracking and being in pain before leaving a crater in your garage with the force of you jumping rope for the sake of some IG stories.

Honestly, I know her idiot fans won’t call her on it but the ones who did try to give advice on how not to fuck up your joints should be criticizing her right now.

I’m with the other anons in thinking this is a cover for a BBL. there’s no way she can fake putting on a brace for however long it takes to recover from knee surgery when she couldn’t wait to take off her compression garments from her lipo.

No. 787688

That and I don't know how she will explain a sudden ass when she can't do squats cuz of said surgery. I don't know why she has to make such stupid lies in the first place. She already admitted she wanted a BBL, why lie about it now?

No. 787690

BBLs are dangerous. They can give you a fat embolism, which is often deadly. I would personally discourage Moo from having it done. She already makes plenty of money off of her paypigs with the butt she has, so it feels like the surgery is a response to critics.

As weird as her butt is, I wouldn't even put in in the top ten worst things about her. If she just stuck to posting cheesecake pictures and kept her lies, opinions, and hands to herself, she wouldn't be a cow, just a frumpy camgirl.

No. 787718

Cannot believe this is someone in their mid twenties

No. 787727


in absolute awe at the size of this woman. maybe she does have this knee injury, but it only became a bother when she gained so much weight? i feel like most of her joints are screaming trying to hold her up. it’s almost scary how fast she went downhill.

No. 787734

Wow that’s really gonna collide with the 32 planned cosplays that she was totally all gonna do.
So, taking away this month + August (unless she‘d want to shoot with bandages, crutches etc) that’s almost 3 cosplays per month.
Not that I believed it before but yeah, that’s totally gonna happen.

No. 787739

File: 1595663098040.jpg (324.97 KB, 1080x1647, 20200725_024402.jpg)

Either that's a roll and she lied about weightloss or momo was dumb enough to put her pussy on Instagram. Yikes.

No. 787740

I think it’s just fat overhanging, this is covering her pussy. She’s so incredibly flat and her boobs look flat too and deflated. She should have posed better, what happen to her “modeling”

No. 787742

Wth even if she didn’t have a fupa this pose wouldn’t show her vag. Her thighs are way too big for that.
So even though this picture is cringe due to the terrible photoshop in that area, it’s not and would not be showing her pussy.

No. 787756

File: 1595676283889.png (2.58 MB, 1800x689, 2CF0F5C4-95F7-4CB3-A8F8-16A05B…)

Imagine being Mariah and having access to tens of thousands of dollars each month for doing the absolute bare minimum and not putting any of that money into modeling lessons or a fucking well made pair of prop headphones. She never fails to astound me with her level of laziness/arrogance.

No. 787772

I am so sick of this one trick pony pose where she puts all of her pressure on one arm and sticks out her chest.

No. 787793

Her face is muppet like in this

No. 787816

Joda cule vieja fea. Me siento mal por masturbarme con ella :'^((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 787819

File: 1595713207733.jpg (205.98 KB, 951x951, Janice_m15.jpg)

Why would you do Janice dirty like that.

No. 787826

She's succeeded this far without any of that, what makes anyone think she'll mess up her winning strategy now?

No. 787840

what the fuck is wrong with her nose contour? this bitch needs to blend.

No. 787843

File: 1595738321529.jpeg (81.4 KB, 630x727, 02E2DE1D-2EAB-41C3-8C1D-DF9B3B…)

Next thread pic please

No. 787846

this set is like three procedures old

No. 787848

Ahh the good ole turtle lip days

No. 787850

I miss turtle lip days. She looked like a retard before but now she just looks brain dead.

No. 787859

Same. She looks like a person having a stroke 24/7 now. Why on earth she keeps adding fillers, bitch is going to look like the cat lady’s retarded sister before hitting 30. It’s funny to look at though.

No. 787867

because she only listens to her haters and it finally got to her when we kept mentioning the turtle lips. Same reason why she's getting a BBL. She can trick her fans into thinking she has an ass, but she knows and we know she has a hank hill ass

No. 787908

It's fucking amazing isn't it? Remember when some of us would give advice on simple solutions to improve herself? Does she take those in? No she jacks her face up and is gonna get a BBL because we laugh over her thin lips and flat ass.

No. 787912

because the real advice we gave her would actually require major self improvements. Actually diet and workout, stop getting surgeries

No. 787920

Since Vamp left she's basically had at least 3 caretakers 24/7 at her house it wasn't impossible. Can't change being a spoiled cunt I guess.

No. 787921

File: 1595794741332.png (930.2 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2020-07-26-13-13-06…)

I get the b/g video is at the end of the month but apparently she hasn't delivered on customs or the "tremor video".

No. 787922

File: 1595794780747.png (743.68 KB, 720x709, Screenshot_2020-07-26-13-16-54…)

No. 787923

File: 1595794912820.png (508.19 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_2020-07-26-13-13-31…)

No. 787924

File: 1595795069042.png (450.03 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2020-07-26-13-14-19…)

No. 787927

"Look at what you're missing!"
Who told her no?

No. 787929

Ah yes, I too love wearing a sweater and black leggings in July.

No. 787941

Kinda reminds me of a German sausage the way she's packed in there.

No. 787951

The way her left boob is smoothed to high hell makes it look twice as large (yet still flat) compared to her right boob.

I feel very sorry for that dress. It's going to tear the moment she decides to bend down even a little. For fucks sake, DRESS IN YOUR APPROPRIATE SIZE. It would look better because there's hardly be creases all over.

No. 787955

File: 1595800699142.jpg (21 KB, 300x295, 1595536244279.jpg)

No. 787958

This reminds me of the saying “Tits on a fat girl are like abs on a skinny guy.” If she had a body like Vivi Winkler, I’d understand more. She must think Umbran’s fetishised drawings of her are accurate.

No. 787962

I believe in one image she did rip it at the seams.

No. 787967

There is katinamallad again. Makes you wonder if she’s trying to where her own kids skin.

No. 787968

check >>782490 it's absolutely ripped at the seem on her hammy legs

No. 787975

I don't think we will see this dress again. She most likely broke it when trying to peel it off

No. 787978

File: 1595810876979.jpg (228.16 KB, 956x957, 26belwz.jpg)

Went on Depop to look at what she's sold so far and..

No. 787981

$60 for that mess, yikes

No. 787983

I honestly think this is what happened with that Albedo dress. She was bragging for a while about how it was 3k and so on. Probably got it put it on and ripped it

Do we know what happened to the other pink wig she had? The one that was used at AX last year.

No. 788007

The dress has shirring

No. 788008

Trisha said she only decided to film with this guy because she saw him with moo and didn’t feel so self conscious. If someone like Trisha thinks you’re fatter than her then KEK(no1curr)

No. 788010

He's collabed with multiple "thicc girls" anon. You're giving her too much credit. Trisha never said her name and mentioned he also "modeled" with petite/thin girls too.

No. 788022

She said “thick thick girl a few weeks ago” I mean do the math. I give this lump of fat no credit, just think it’s funny a fatass like Trisha would use moo to feel better about herself.

No. 788023

The story is gone, but a few days later he shot with a cow 2x the size of Moo, but at least he posted her to his stories. He never posted Moo. Lurk before saying anything.

No. 788063

File: 1595859172618.webm (1.23 MB, 480x720, 20200727.webm)

I can't look away from the second pair of buttcheeks on her back

No. 788064

Oh shit, she just cannot look sexy to save her fucking life. My sides.. ow

No. 788080


Wow so now it’s “put my ass on a shelf to make it look like an ass”?

No. 788116

File: 1595886015878.jpg (468.95 KB, 1432x2547, 20200727_174026.jpg)

"it IS a knee surgery you guys see???"

No. 788124

File: 1595887845494.png (747.56 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-07-27-15-07-15…)

To add to anons post:
>doc said she needs cortisone shots
>definite tear but no surgery is needed now

No. 788127

She is having this problem because she’s a mini-landwhale.

No. 788128

File: 1595889368942.png (662.42 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-07-27-15-34-43…)

No. 788129

Question but is she obligated to inform them of her procedures? Cause I can imagine her purposely lying about it to fit her muh curves delusion

No. 788130

File: 1595889447190.png (700.16 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2020-07-27-15-34-58…)

Explaining her leg has alot of pressure in it and now she's limping post shot

No. 788138

200+ pounds is really hard on a 5'2 frame

No. 788153

Ortho medfag here. No, there's nothing that she would need to tell them that would have any effect on their decision for treatment. That being said they should have taken a full medical history from her which would be on there if she didn't omit it.

What a wuss. Standard post injection symptoms. She should be out walking to help the steroid move through her joint but I can guarantee she's just sitting on her fat ass doing nothing making the injection next to useless.

If the doc isn't a quack he'll only give her one or two shots. Any more than that in a younger person will weaken her ligaments and combined with her already massive body she will definitely tear something in the future. Hopefully they counselled her on her weight while she was there. 99% of her symptoms would go away if she stopped eating like a pig.(medfag)

No. 788154

Samefag but they wouldn't know she had a tear for sure unless she gets an MRI. You can make an educated guess during a physical exam but an MRI would he needed for a definitive diagnosis. I don't remember her saying she was getting one but I can't keep her shit straight anymore.

No. 788169

File: 1595909778181.png (1.02 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-07-27-21-13-49…)

I wonder if this train wreck comes with audio this time

No. 788171

Bet cha money in a little while she's going to come out with an "empowering" speech about how cosplay was never her true calling and doing porn is what she really wanted to do this whole time

No. 788174


Smart money says no. Same as always. Loud ass running water, music blaring in the background so you can’t hear shit.

No. 788180

cortisone shots aren't covered by most insurance anymore because they're maintenance drugs

No. 788182

that and her poor form at the gym when she was trying lifting and shit

No. 788217

File: 1595944075747.jpg (62.14 KB, 630x727, 1595944036955.jpg)

or this one?

No. 788221

File: 1595946742708.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2175, Screenshot_20200728-092911~3.p…)

Lazy and irresponsible. Honestly if I was one of her yes-men I'd enjoy that leech life for as long as possible until she's no longer a "golden goose"

No. 788223

File: 1595948748077.jpg (20.76 KB, 600x600, Classic_Vintage_Satin_Underbus…)

Or! oooor
You can literally get any other corset for literally 18 bucks and have it look better than this crap

No. 788224

Good corsets are pricier than that though. But no way i’d pay 200$ for a poorly made one that might stink of sweat.

No. 788228

If it's custom, does she realize it won't fit anyone else correctly? Honestly it doesn't look too different from an average corset in the pic. Also, unless she pretty much doubled the price for Moo, you can just see on her website that she charges $200-$300 for most corsets so no, it's not worth over $500 Moo.

No. 788229

That's not even a longline? Also "Fits Medium to XXL" that's not how corset sizing works. It's always measured by the size of the inner waist at full closure.

No. 788232

She could not not mention her SNATCHED waist.

No. 788233

These are old. No

No. 788235

Cheap ones often may have a metal busk, but the bones are likely plastic. You'd have to spend $18 alone to either buy the bones cut and tipped, or $18 in labor to cut and tip the steel yourself.

No. 788241

If she's going to imply the buyer could get her "results", she should at least include a free copy of photoshop with purchase.

No. 788242

And at least give the buyer 50k+ for lipo. Moo is ridiculous

No. 788243

You can get a decent training corset for 100 bucks and that's the high end.
She doesn't wear corsets all the time so I don't know why she wants to paint the picture of her getting "snatched" by a corset.

No. 788244

She is just as bad as a hun bot

No. 788256

You can get an excellent corset from orchard corsets for so much less. It won’t be custom, but it’ll be a lot nicer

No. 788258

File: 1595964717850.png (1.19 MB, 708x1197, Screenshot_2020-07-28-12-30-07…)

Taking bets on how much these will cost

No. 788259

File: 1595964761555.png (1.4 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-07-28-12-30-14…)

No. 788266

>somebody somewhere will buy at least one of these and will put them on their desk.

No. 788268

She looks fucking brain-dead. People who buy these probably own a wall of Funko pops tbh.

No. 788273

That made me laugh with its accuracy. Good one, anon.

I bet someone buys one to set their dick on and send tribute images to her. She said getting them makes her so happy and all on onlyfans.

No. 788280


No. 788282

No. 788287

She wishes her saggy bags looked remotely this perky.

No. 788301

This is disgusting. It’s not even a good photo or cosplay! Why this image?!

It looks like something a overweight insecure obsessive girlfriend buys her boyfriend for a 1 year anniversary gift. Shit quality and image.

No. 788306

Ugh. That foto makes me nauseous, why did she have to shape her non-existant ass into a ballsack? I hope they flop like her photobooks so she doesnt profit from such shit-tier merch.

No. 788318

The packaging doesn’t help but dear god her left arm reminds me of the small hand dude from Scary Movie.

No. 788323

File: 1595995333110.jpg (366.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200728-210215_Red…)

Under 3 minutes and a month of hype! LOL

No. 788324

File: 1595995429856.jpg (917.03 KB, 1476x982, vjOKiFA.jpg)

Do not shoot the messenger (quality is shit but not mine. Trust me when I say you DON'T want HD)

The video is 2 minutes, 30 seconds long. It is part 1 out of a 2 part release. Part 2 is coming Friday, apparently.

>The music is like gravure music but worse. Reminds me of elevator music that you'd use from the Youtube Library.

>Shows her posing for pictures in the video. I assume the stills will be included in part 2's release? Who knows

No. 788325

File: 1595995539861.jpg (1.17 MB, 1576x973, xvS6Ue9.jpg)

>With the seductiveness level of a cat making biscuits on your comfortor, the male model whisks Moo's boobs
>Moo literally stands there making gaping faces but does not seem aroused at all

No. 788326

File: 1595995634524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 763.37 KB, 1010x894, oVm1b5C.jpg)

>It pans out to Moo sitting on the poor man, crushing his pelvic bones under her massive weight
>Folds by SnatchedLV

No. 788327

She's so fat. Like we haven't seen her not be able to keep it in, in a while and this is just sooooo bad! Moo, no way you are anywhere near under 200lbs. I bet she felt good during this and then has been eating like shit since thinking "Yeah I look good he wanted me"

No. 788329

File: 1595995872737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 848.63 KB, 1436x978, CDqRFkW.jpg)

>If by cucked you mean looking at her shit streak, then the camera panning out to catch her attempt at looking back at you while this poor male model counts to 10 as her rolls about her pancakes then I guess so
>Does have a shot where she sits at his lap to assume the blowjob position but then it cuts to the next scene suddenly
>she left a part in where she looks panicked at the camera like she wants to move on to the next scene

No. 788330

File: 1595996009120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 672.19 KB, 1129x969, AUv9vuh.jpg)

This is embarassing and if you aren't dreading part 2 then there is something wrong with your brain.

No. 788331

Those back rolls.. She needs a full skin tuck.

No. 788332

And now any image of perky breasts is DOA because those are flat as hell. Everyone says pancake titties but I've seen pancakes with more volume.

No. 788333

Because 2 minutes is all they could salvage from hours of video

No. 788335

File: 1596001946257.gif (61.88 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)

Holy hell. We are watching someone kill themselves slowly with food. But it's Moo so it's still funny until her first heart attack or stroke

No. 788336

File: 1596002054404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.98 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20200729-005358_Dri…)

Have you ever seen anything more terrifying

No. 788337

This is an awful male "actor". First off, he can't even act interested in Moo, it's his job. Second, it's hilarious that he's pulling her breasts down and doesn't even look slightly interested.

No. 788338

He is shit, but he's more shit with Moo. Remember, after hours of footage they only managed to get like 2 minutes of crap. Moo was most likely over directing him and instead of focusing on feeling good she was more concerned with hiding her body and trying to appear thick… which obviously back fired
On that note, I don't think her ass is dirty. The discoloration really looks like someone with diabetes

No. 788339

Jesus Christ that nonexistent ass. Maybe it’s a blessing we aren’t seeing this horrorshow in motion.

No. 788340

On the weight related illness note
I'm even surprised she admitted her knees are fucked up. Though she didn't blame her weight, she blamed her shit form. (It prob was her form and the weight combined)
But she's def showing signs of weight related problems/illness

No. 788342

Didn’t she say is was “lacrosse” related? Unless I’m mistaken. But she’s too stubborn to fully blame her form since she went into full on bitch mode to anyone who criticized it.

No. 788343

I know age can play a factor but if this was a reoccuring pain, she would've spouted about it. She's just fat and it's weighing on her joints.

No. 788344

I'm cracking up so hard it looks like one of those sand mood boards on tumblr.

No. 788353

Bless, he looks like a cat clawing on curtains.

No. 788364


Death by snoo snoo

No. 788367

The stills have my sides in orbit. I don't know what's more hilarious. The gut, the yoga downward dog tits, the bat wings, the back rolls, the brown ass crack, the busted awkward face, or the dude not sure what roll of fat to grab.
Under 200 lbs? Sure, Mariah.

No. 788368

Granny wants secs

No. 788372

File: 1596027510570.png (129.88 KB, 376x360, fear.png)

That's some thousand-yard stare going on

No. 788380

Two virgins.

No. 788381


someone one with skills needs to photoshop milo's face over joji's in the OP thread pic lol. very appropriate now.

No. 788382

need a better pic

No. 788383


No. 788387

how to grab tits….hm….maybe I’ll just hold my hands real flat like I’m feeding a horse

No. 788388

It’s so funny she hyped this up so bad as her first b&g set but besides her tits being out its actually more tame than the shit she did with KBBQ back in the day

No. 788389

Sooo… basically, not what she was selling (because boyxgirl usually means her doing something to boy), underwhelmingly short, low quality and overpriced? Classic Moo. Nothing new under the sun

No. 788390

She just doesn’t want to admit she’s XXL by the standard.

No. 788393


Going to sneak this in. If Someone can save it too. I'm out right now but the link was posted so trying to drop it before its zucked.

It is so bad . How would part 2 be better lol

No. 788394

File: 1596041173149.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.11 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200730-004446_Eco…)


No. 788395

thank you coombro, we need more heroes like you in these threads(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788396

I got banned when I thought it was originally released because I asked for details. I wanted details because I don't want to puke watching this mess and it called it thirst posting when I wanted a good kek without eye bleach. Anyways, if someone can provide a detailed summary and take one for a team I'll be eternally grateful. I don't want to download this on my new laptop. Gross.

No. 788397

File: 1596041472051.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1265x729, mangledtitsacks.png)

Oh my god I can't believe she allowed herself to be filmed like this without any sort of filter, her body is beyond ruined. They don't have any sort of chemistry whatsoever, we already know she can't act sexy to save her life, but the fact some porn pro can't even muster up the professionalism to act like he's even remotely into her and her mangled tit sacks and brown streaked crack is just… not surprising actually. I cringed the entire time.

No. 788398

it's not a beheading video just watch it u fuckin poon

No. 788399

You din’t get that body with food only, must be alcohol too.

No. 788400

File: 1596041627661.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 717.73 KB, 3072x3072, F2FD8C63-903E-4354-86C3-53CD2C…)

Why is her crack so streaky and brown? Can she not wipe her own ass?

No. 788401

Look at this >>788397. No.

In all the stills he seems like a mannequin. So the video is just him fondling and getting crushed by a fatass? Her porn is the worst.

She's just fat and the skin rubs against itself I'm guessing. Waxing might make it worse.

No. 788402

Well with KBBQ they fucked during the sets so the sexual tension was actually real. Moo lost her sex drive because she no longer feels sexy and is insecure about her body

No. 788404

File: 1596042565404.jpg (886.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200729_130911.jpg)

Why does she tell on herself so darn bad.

No. 788405

Also maybe bad tanning lotion? Idk, disgusting anyways.

No. 788406

Doesn't surprise me this is the kind of video she puts out, shes garbage.

No. 788407

I doubt tanning liquid stays on her ass like that for YEARS

No. 788408

All of that motivation and hard work and "Whole Foods" really paying off, Moo.

No. 788409

True lol. Probably it’s due to being obese or diabetes then.

No. 788411

the video is truly horrifying, this part of it is horrendous, her breasts look so deflated. They cut are such weird times, like when she looks at the camera. She looks very uncomfortable, its kinda unnerving.

No. 788412

I really don't want to save it but my morbid curiosity over it is killing me

No. 788414

File: 1596044161187.png (Spoiler Image, 553.2 KB, 495x652, moo.png)

This whole video is a mess
(forgot to spoiler)

No. 788421

Yep, anyone not jerkin to her 24/7 knows not to waste money on this or expect anything other than her bullshitting.

No. 788424

This was so fucking awkward and terrible. Moo had no idea what she was doing and kept looking at the camera even in the blowjob part. She leaned in then quickly back out like "Is that all I have to do?". One of her eyes was bugged out when he grabbed her by the chin which made it even more weird. She really couldn't lotion up her ass for the ass shot? Her skin looked so fucking parched and it was practically melting on the guy. This whole video was an overpriced mess just like every other video that she wasted money on making.

No. 788425

Yikes. Her body looks so lumpy and weird. A lot of the posing is uncomfortable like when he i first groping her tits, she has her hands behind her head like she doesn't want to touch him at all. Every time he mashes down her books, you can tell they are just like empty sacks. The whole thing is a mess.

No. 788426

Ahahahahahahahahahaha oh shit Moo, this ain't it.

No. 788427

Does the camera person have Parkinson? I mean why would she willingly release someone this poorly made?

No. 788428

Because horny people will buy it no matter what. If people had self-control or actually forced her to TRY, she may improve.

No. 788429

File: 1596048002590.png (271.96 KB, 886x536, vlcsnap-2020-07-29-14h38m40s52…)

That moment when you figure out that money can't fix your looks. She's so young but looks so old.

No. 788430

File: 1596048085788.png (963.52 KB, 1548x1024, savehim.png)

No. 788431

File: 1596048330280.jpg (Spoiler Image, 496.78 KB, 763x410, ltQjzct.jpg)

I paused at the best/worst shot ever and just lost it.

No. 788432

My sides, anon. fucking KEK

No. 788434

If someone told me Momo was just an obese male to female tranny I would believe it.
She's starting to get so fat her feminine traits are vanishing. I wouldn't be surprised if the weight is starting to fuck up her hormones

No. 788436

So, second part is gonna be another 25$ (maybe more) for 3 more minutes of this uncomfortable mess? yikes

I'm horrified thinking about the "ass worship", if it even exists.

No. 788437

She covers his whole body with her waist girth when she is standing in front of him. It's not her tits. It's her fat arms and waist and he disappears lol

No. 788438

I don't understand how she doesn't understand basic modeling with tits. shoulders back. She wants them to look saggy and lumpy and 50 years old? This doesn't look sexy and leaning over like this exudes lack of confidence.

No. 788441

This is baffling. The only two cells I have left are furiously processing this image. How can she possibly shoop herself so small but the fabric doesnt seem to be blurred/warped? Have I gone blind?

Furthermore, how is she able to delude herself into thinking she looks like the image on the left? Why? Is it all for money?

We will truly never understand all the mental issues that led to this level of delusion.

No. 788443

This is a fitting sequel to Umeneko. They're both poorly executed dumpster fires. It starts off with her shaking that stiff ass cheap wig, the middle shows her huge fucking gut, back tits, linebacker shoulders, saggy deflated tits, and shit stained ass crack. The chefs kiss is the ending where you see her hammy saggy face. Not one moment could be sold as erotic. I can't wait to laugh at part 2.

No. 788444

Porn pro?? Judging by his other stuff he’s done it’s really clear this guy has no idea what he’s doing and is just as bad at acting sexy like Mariah is.

No. 788448

Isn't supposed this dude was a professional tit grabbing or something?

And he does that. Lmao, it looks like it's a virgin kid trying to know what to do.

No. 788453

It's more the partners you see him working with are terrible, it's kind of hard to match energy/show interest when …you literally have no interest in your partner.

It IS a thing, you know. Even with porn folks.

No. 788458

I think it also comes down to that he's decent attractive and willing to work with fatties and uggos. So he probably gets enough work without having to be good

No. 788460


Hahaha, well fucking done anon.

No. 788466

File: 1596053044440.png (2.98 MB, 1125x2436, 55A428D9-B46E-4566-8798-5EFFBA…)

What kills me is that she’s staring at the camera instead of focusing on the guy! Not a good angle her tits and ass look
Flatter than ever

No. 788467

Looks like mr garrisons tits from South Park

No. 788468

Fuck, she has the body of the naked old woman from The Shining. Which I guess makes sense because she’s dead inside.

No. 788471

I know I shouldn't be, but I'm actually in awe of just how much different and worse she looks without all the filters. This video is like the Camversity streams all over again. Not only has she very obviously not lost any weight, but state of her skin is appalling. The texture and color of it is so bad and I can't believe how much loose skin she has just hanging off of her now. And I knew her breasts were bad but they're still even more deflated than I remember them being somehow. Her face is a whole other mess on its own, the fillers have her looking so busted and prematurely aged. It's just an obscene amount of ruination for someone so young, all because she's just too lazy to actually diet and exercise or have any sort of skincare regimen.

No. 788477

lmao i bet this bitch the only moisturizer she use on her skin is her grease of not bathing in weeks disgusting,i can't believe her asscrack looks like a shitstain kek.

Yes,there are pornstar with discoloration there but doesnt look like this,maybe the anal bleaching was bad? or her diabeetus is really bad i can't really see dark skin on her neck tho.

No. 788478

This man is completely dead inside.

No. 788480

This. Her tits are so unnatural looking, that and her fucked up looking face.

No. 788483

pancake titties and an ass like a frying pan ass. this man wishes he skipped breakfast. or that she skipped second breakfast.

after momo sat on him, i think he's just dead

No. 788484


She has actually said on stream before she doesn't wipe, only uses a bidet

No. 788487

Ok, seen the video and I am mostly sure she will puss out because she is not ready for d*ck and is lesbian. Also, the dude had the face of "last time I do this for less than usual"

No. 788488

if she did she'd be more clean.

No. 788492

She should still wipe with a bidet. Her ass has no volume but it's wide. A bidet can spread the mess to the inner ass cheeks and you need to wipe to finish the job
I've seen a lot of obese people and it's just amazing how prominent her discoloration is despite sucking the fat out to appear not as fat

No. 788493

File: 1596060776258.jpg (21.78 KB, 493x437, Capture.JPG)


This was very awkward, I wonder why they didn't cut the video and left that part in. She recoils back from him and shakes her head like "nope."

No. 788497

The only thing this video proves is that she doesn't lose weight for herself, but to show the "haters".
Who the fuck lies about losing over 50 pounds to prove she isn't a fat ass?

No. 788498

You know anon we were all perfectly fine with the lie that it was diabetes discoloration. Why did you remind us of that horrible fact that she openly admitted she doesn't wipe

No. 788500

File: 1596062630639.png (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 1768x991, Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 6.41…)

2 seconds in and we've got a nip slip- a new record!

That is the saddest groping of the saddest tits I've ever seen.

No. 788501

Would explain why her work out & diet sperging stopped. She hasn't lost any weight, looked like she gained it.
Which is good, she was fucking annoying. The only credentials she had was showing pics of her roided dad from over 10 years ago.

Watch her brush off the weight gain by saying shit happens. She's going to be 300 pounds by next year

No. 788504

Tell me I'm not the only one who wants to see Trisha start random beef with Moo for no reason other than Trisha getting randomly jealous.
It has happened before where she flips and attacks a random person, I want to see these two cows collide

No. 788507


Oh lord, the second-hand embarrassment I got watching this. I don't think I have ever felt such cringe while watching erotica (even when acting is bad)

I kept seeing people in the threads say that she doesn't know what to do with her body(and look sexy) and it never really got to me until I saw this video. The chemistry (or lack thereof) was so awkward I almost felt sorry for her and the dude. Moo, just stick to bad photo shoots.

No. 788510

As great as that would be, Mariah would suck Trisha's asshole until a fake friendship prolapsed out of it.

And to think there's going to be a part two.

No. 788512


She’ll just blame it on the lipo again. Which is some retarded notion that she keeps trying to pedal as something that makes you gain weight instead of losing it.

No. 788513

No, it would only get Mariah more notice to the general public. Now unless Trisha had receipts that Mariah did something fucked up and people cancel her for good… I’d be down. But just petty drama? Naah.

No. 788516

File: 1596065884932.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.13 MB, 562x362, 20200730_022913.gif)

For those who don't wanna watch the whole video. Maria's top tier sexy acting.

No. 788517

File: 1596065963187.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.13 MB, 234x250, 20200730_023637.gif)

The weird awkward moment some anons were talking about. Not sure why that was left in. She looks like she wants to Gtfo.

No. 788518

Its so odd too, how she calls this "boob worship" or whatever, but he makes little to no effort to actually caress them, play around with the nipples or things that make it seem more intimate. Instead, he acts as a baker, mushing around those sad excuses of breasts.

No. 788519

File: 1596066184886.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.49 MB, 720x404, 4FB4FC63-AC83-434A-9160-C0FD35…)

Sorry for the shit tier gif but I had to capture that head shake for preservation. Such great acting and editing from master director Moo lol. Wonder if Mariah will finally make good on her offer of bleach since watching this has permanently damaged my retinas…

No. 788520

Her fat almost swallows up the whole dress. It's uncanny

No. 788521

Good boob worship porn has some grouping, nipple flicking (To make em hard), pinching, biting, suckling. There is none of that. The anons who said this was a glorified breast exam were right on the money

No. 788526

This is so weird?? I don’t understand the point, it can’t even be seen as a tease, she doesn’t even do anything and she immediately comes back up with a look of pure “I really don’t want to do this”

No. 788528

Geez, he's grabbing them so roughly, like he's a little kid playing with play-doh. This looks like it hurts.

>The music is like gravure music but worse. Reminds me of elevator music that you'd use from the Youtube Library.
She probably just googled "royalty free music" and used something in the first page of results.

I gagged. Talk about pictures you can smell.

Oh my God, this legitimately looks like her head was edited smaller lol

No. 788542

Wasn't the Celestine set supposed to be released as well? Or will she bury that one too?

No. 788547

File: 1596077244575.jpeg (328.9 KB, 687x687, 6F97B77E-DCE8-4FEE-AEBA-895C20…)

Seems like she second guessed the first hair shake and then went all in for the second, overly dramatic hair shake.

It’s like a single moment of self awareness. I love that this was left in. It makes me laugh so much

No. 788558

File: 1596081317434.jpeg (909.25 KB, 3821x1867, 44FA69A1-C353-4BD2-8601-6DB2EB…)

Both images are hard to look at.

No. 788559

If the first part is this bad I’m terrified to see part 2

No. 788570

genuinely shocked by these flaps she's got going on. this guy is pretty hot, i wonder if that's why moo is so uncomfortable or if she's just really not used to being with someone after so long.

No. 788577

What really gets me is the music. It already sounds so cheap but the obvious awkward looping is the cherry on top

No. 788579

File: 1596097333458.png (366.91 KB, 486x889, 90867.png)

This will be such a trainwreck if it actually happens, which I doubt.

No. 788585

I'm SO glad I watched this, I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Everything is so bad… Mariah's acting, her mangled body and face, the drunk cameraman, the editing with late cuts leaving her confused face in, the cheesy music, the mechanical dude… everything in this screams low budget, low effort, low quality. The people who pay to see this are fucked in the head, I'm 100% sure of it now.

No. 788588

File: 1596111374918.png (1.04 MB, 1129x782, momoanono.png)

oh my god his wide eyes lol he doesn't know if he's making it out of there alive

No. 788591

File: 1596111946116.png (1.45 MB, 1127x948, 003245.png)


I wasn't going to bother downloading this until I saw your comment. Thank you anon, I'm dying.

Dude looks so deeply uncomfortable the entire time. I wonder how much she had to pay him for this.

Also super awkward how every time she'd look away from him to give the camera a look, they'd suddenly cut the scene. The whole thing is a mess.

No. 788602

This is her delusion that she is some professional model/actress, it leaked over from her cosplay days where she tried to make herself look more high quality than she actually is. Her paypigs would be much happier with her getting railed with a cellphone camera rather than this overly dramatic and long winded mess.

No. 788608

File: 1596114494575.png (1.17 MB, 2400x1080, 20200730_080542.png)

Wtf is that vein-chan? It's like protruding out of her skin.

She is so haggard and saggy goddamn.

No. 788609

I think it's her old breast reduction scar that has migrated and stretched out with her weight gain and sagging skin? Threw me off too.

No. 788610

Yeah, those are the breast reduction scars, they're very noticable when he's kneading her titbags like dough as well.

No. 788611

Is that a breast surgery scar?

No. 788615

Good to see those Skype acting classes are paying off

No. 788617

How can she be so fat but her boobs be so deflated and small? I know she had a reduction but her chest looked so much better when she was smaller. She really look like an obese man

No. 788620

Because yoyo dieting and reduction at 16. Boobs are not normally inflated with perky fat 24/7 forever. This is what fat tits do. Even without the other circumstances. Get used to seeing tits that arent bolted on. But her yoyoing as a teen bc of her dad really fucked with them. this is the biggest issue.

No. 788626

That's where her boob meets her chest and is hanging from. Just shows how incredibly saggy her tits are.

No. 788630

Brings a whole new meaning to "Death by Snu Snu."

No. 788634

>But her yoyoing as a teen bc of her dad really fucked with them. this is the biggest issue.


Her boobs were in a much better condition when she started cosplaying. It's 100% because of her constant weight gain and refusal to take care of her body. Also remember she got lipo on her underboob area so she doesnt have the support that her boobs should have (and because it's so close it's very possible that they took the fat at the vert bottom of her breast as well (since that specific procedure her boobs have looked flatter and the fold by the scar has been much more pronounced than ever before.

Also from what we know she didnt 'yoyo as a teen' she was obese, got to her skinny self and then as she stopped doing sports and it only got worse once she got into cosplay and could hide her gut in her waist trainers and forest-kun

No. 788639

This is how boobs are, anon. You age, they big fat and heavy, they sag. Her tits are normal. People are just so used to seeing implants, pushup bras, editing. Most large boibs dont have that volume as you get older. Sabrina nicole for example. She sags, but because she didnt yoyo like moo, the batural fat in her boibs hasnt changed much. Just the elasticity in the skin. You are acting as if being fat most of your life until high scholl, then gaining it all bavk after a reduction wouldnt do this too. This is how boobs are. How skin works. Not everyone is the same either. Moo has shit genetics.

No. 788641

It's anons like you that make me question if you're aware that most of the people who are on this site are women.
Yes we know what boobs look like. But Moo's are that of a much older person. It's just baffling to a lot of people to see someone with such a fucked up body at such a young age.

No shit titts sag as you age. But she's in her early/mid 20's.

No. 788642

Pretty sure everyone in this thread is female, so we're well aware of what natural breasts look like. No one is disillusioned by fake boobs or push up bras. Her tits are extremely fucked even compared to just a couple years ago. This isn't just normal aging, she isn't even that old, only 24. You're acting as if she's in her mid 30s or 40s or something. She isn't, she just looks like it. Her breasts were fine until she started gaining an obscene amount of weight and constantly getting it sucked out of her. >>788634 is right.

No. 788644

> the batural fat in her boibs

No. 788645

Let’s not forget that she basically wears a (fitting) bra. She only wears sports bras (which usually are too small as well) or bras that fit her 100lbs ago.

No. 788646

That is not how a barely early 20s boobs work anon.Hers are end result of constant fast weight gain and lipo fucking up where fat goes. A heavy person around her age likely would have perkier boobs than her as the fat wouldn't be constricted by lipo. Sorry you have shitty tits anon.

No. 788649

We all have boobs. Most of us have boobs that haven’t been affected by weight fluctuations of 100 pounds in each direction, crappy reduction surgery, and a bunch of liposuction. Her boobs look unusual because they’ve been through unusual experiences.

No. 788650

anon plz. I laughed harder at this green text than the first time I read it in op. kek

Honestly it's gone beyond the lipo, the reduction, the constant weight gain and loss throughout her teens and early 20s. She's wrecked so much more than just her sad boobs at this point. Her entire body is a weird lumpy sad mess with sagging skin and riddled with surgery scars. Even her face hasn't been spared and she has sagging jowls and heavy laugh lines before she could even hit 25.

It's honestly absurd to think how many thousands of dollars she's put into her body only for it to be almost on par with someone like Luna Slater.

No. 788653

First you say her tits are "normal" then you play the genetics card. Sit down lmao. She has terrifying breasts because of weight gain and surgery, punt. Either you're a scrote or you have the same tits. I extend my condolences to you in both cases.

No. 788660

i thought tit talk was bannable?

No. 788661

Seeing how her video was just 90% bad tit torture porn I think tit talk is relevant enough

No. 788669

She had a reduction in high school, pay attention

No. 788684

Did you not see the glorified breast exam photos? If the milk directly involves her breasts, then we can talk about her breasts.
Nitpicking her surgery scars is stupid or her areola size/color/shape.

This dude is kneading her breasts like a toddler playing with slime.

No. 788688

her sag and comparing it to 'normal people' isnt on topic. we get this every thread. Jfc

No. 788695

File: 1596145977648.png (Spoiler Image, 804.5 KB, 1006x998, jessica nigris new shirt.png)

I'm the art anon who's drawn stuff a few threads back and honestly she looks so bad nowadays you can barely exaggerate it anymore

No. 788696


No. 788699

this is fucking great

No. 788702

holy fuck lmao

No. 788705

My vote for thread pick.

No. 788706

File: 1596149440460.gif (627.46 KB, 361x324, 9F77E649-ED91-4556-88FA-00C09A…)

>the filename
god bless you artanon. we've missed you so much.

No. 788707

Holly hell anon this should be put in Louvre lmao. True representation of this cow ,the accuracy is outstanding

No. 788708

That file name is what got me. Jesus.

Is there a way we can display this beauty unspoilered ??

No. 788709

The whole him grabbing her boobs is probably how she wanted it. The good ol' hentai way.

No. 788717

Holy fuck this is amazing. So glad you came back.

No. 788719

Why did she look like someone's dying Aunt in the video?

No. 788720

Bless you anon, you’ve been missed! Definitely next thread pic worthy!

No. 788721

Bless you, anon. I’m wiping away tears of joy/revulsion, you are just that good.

No. 788722

the cheese fucking sent me kek this is so perfect
it's good to have you back anon!

No. 788726

holy fucking shit this is so good
I'm crying at how you managed to portray that poor model's emotion with just his hands

No. 788727

you really captured the dead look behind her eyes too. just masterfully done.

No. 788731

This is beautiful, anon, I love you, please marry me.

No. 788734

My vote for next thread pic
You're a god/goddess

No. 788741

File: 1596158224712.png (104.79 KB, 258x544, 1592494559033.png)


>The cheese

No. 788742


We should be able to have this as thread pic unspoilered if the pic for the last thread was okay, imo

No. 788751

wonderful. but i have to say, i think you actually upgraded her boobs. the real ones have even less volume lol

No. 788753

the tattoo is spot-on

No. 788770

Youd make awesome political comics, anon. Just saying.

No. 788773

Oooooh my fucking god. The Squidward badge, the cheese, the book and saggy ass tits… fuck mate, you got me laughing so hard no noise could come out. Bless you talented anon.

No. 788778

File: 1596184921781.png (381.47 KB, 886x536, vlcsnap-2020-07-31-04h39m23s45…)

The slack-jawed stare, the crazy eyes, the guy looking like he's never touched another human being before… this is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 788779

File: 1596185181625.png (353.66 KB, 886x536, vlcsnap-2020-07-31-04h45m19s97…)

[confused grandma face]

Okay I'm done now.

No. 788780

But but her dorito chin….

No. 788781

I can't see why this should be spoilered. There's no nipples or genitals in sight. What is this a site for pre-teens?

No. 788783

Moo always tells me one thing. It doesn´t matter, if you´re fat, ugly, behaving badly, … - as long as you have a vagina or tits, men will always praise you.

No. 788784

When you remind yourself she has lipoed her upper arms before and they are still that big. Spending hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery to still look like this. Momo is a poster child of why healthy habits are so damn important.

No. 788799

Potato chin. Very spudzy.

No. 788800

i thought it was the back and slightly under for wings.

No. 788801

It's sad, without the lipo or the tattoos and a little bit of effort when it comes to maintaining her weight she'd be a nice little latina tradwife.

No. 788802

Shes not latin or trad

No. 788804

Really? She looks like hispanic. Bad genes then.

No. 788805

In one drawing youve shown more talent than Moo in her whole career. Youre a blessing, ArtAnon. Kudos on the "wish I wasnt here" pin, it really tied the whole picture together.

>That uminacho cheese tattoo tho, lol.

No. 788808


“Little bit of effort?” tf you talking about, she’s a ham planet. Stop projecting your Latina creep fantasy

No. 788811

File: 1596212579117.gif (1.07 MB, 220x167, tenor-5.gif)

This deserves an award. Bless you artanon. My only regret is this won't show up when you google her.

No. 788812

Sage your fuck shit, she's arab, Lebanese partly. She looks like any other arab chick I've ever met aside from the ones that come from the further south places like Yemen and Bahrain.

No. 788815

She is cute as fuck don't act like you're not jerking your dick here either(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788818

No. 788830

File: 1596221308357.gif (720.44 KB, 173x195, 54382B3F-582D-4AC8-8B04-577ED3…)

When scrotes stumble in and think we’re all men

No. 788833

She's obese as fuck and looks like a noseless bug with fried hair, what are you on about? Men are so pathetic hooooly shit

No. 788835

She looks like a bootleg body pillow at this point.

No. 788844

Moo is just Mayo Lebanese.

You gotta go to KF where the boys are. Even they're repulsed by her.

No. 788850

File: 1596228614616.jpg (389.7 KB, 1080x1881, 20200731_164943.jpg)

Apparently she did the tremor video. And I bet it a huge mess full of snow filters and terrible acting.

No. 788861

God, from the thumbnail I legit thought that her leg was one of her enormous arms. I imagine the tremor video is going to show massive fat rippling.

No. 788870

smdh at all these faggots itt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788871

File: 1596235430564.jpg (527.88 KB, 1079x1919, 20200731_184353.jpg)

No. 788872

No. 788874

No penetration as expected lol.

No. 788875

yeah how about you swipe up, with a wet wipe

No. 788881

Yeah, her OF numbers are falling, so is the Patreon, and hell if Patreon gets sued into shutting down.. there goes a goodly chunk of her monthly income. She's not getting more comfortable, she's desperate. More neckbeards want belle delphine types over an obese 3/10.

No. 788883

It's almost the start of the new month. Her numbers will spike back up in about a week

No. 788886

Very true, but she's never been so desperate as to do this. Bigger women who are proud of their bodies don't 100% rely on fat girl angles and shopping themselves to hell and back. She's losing her simps.

No. 788888

We go through this every month
She isn't losing simps. She has more than ever since expanding to OnlyFans. She has less cosplay simps but more straight sad porn ones

No. 788896

Heaven's Feel 3 comes out in Japan on August 15… there's been no announcement of when we get it in America.
Of course she's probably so out of it that she doesn't know Japan isn't letting any tourists in and thinks she can just fly over and see it.
Sage for Fate sperg but she's so dumb.

No. 788903

Wouldn’t put it past her to illegally download the movie

No. 788905

File: 1596247975126.jpg (705.33 KB, 852x987, LjFrpyz.jpg)

Tremor video (7:32)

>lots of lube on tremor (what's pictured was half of it)

>lots of POG emote "o faces"
>had it on but I think she had it on a "manageable level" where she would do fake porno sounds as if it were blowing her mind (buzz was not that loud)

No. 788906

File: 1596248122172.jpg (Spoiler Image, 645.21 KB, 639x1055, dNCkHeF.jpg)

>the filter she was using would jiggle her neck fat and her middle/tits when she moved too much

No. 788907

File: 1596248172214.jpg (345.35 KB, 538x666, zfIgfQM.jpg)

No. 788908

File: 1596248310309.jpg (439.07 KB, 850x543, 1UIIytM.jpg)

I forgot to mention she had like…4 different cuts of the video…like she recorded the footage with different apps? They were framed differently.

No. 788912

God that’s the face of someone that has just given up

No. 788913

This looks like sad milf porn

No. 788914

and that is with filters cranked up to the max too. Her chin vanishes completely. I don't want to know what this looks like without filters

No. 788918

Seriously. There are a bunch of chubby cosplayers, look at someone like QTSnack who is massive, but she doesn't care and her following is big. Most of these girls sit straight on the camera, don't have filters blown out like moo. Like her face is so smoothed it's gross looking in everything she posts.

No. 788919

Did she put noise this time?

No. 788920

No. 788921

The filters are making her necklace look 2 dimensional and floating
And here it just gets sucked into her chin-neck to form dorito

No. 788928

One year from now, we will see her doing low-grade porn to pay the bills, yikes.

No. 788940

She looks like she ate Shayna and absorbed her powers.

No. 788945

she legit looks like a botched granny here

No. 788948

Is the video up on anything yet ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788949

lolcow isn't your personal spank bank

No. 788952

Holy fuck nuggets, her face looks like it's melting off wtf

No. 788958

File: 1596302181083.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1037x1556, Jajutsu.PNG)


No. 788959

Just thought it was funny what she said about cosplay being all fake

No. 788968

It looks like she got more lip filler in her top lip, it makes her face droop so bad. Her body always looks like it’s retaining a lot of fluid, especially her legs. Also I found it funny that she is now experiencing what a lot of obese people experience, weight bearing joints, like her knees. Obese people’s knees can’t hold up their weight so they start to break down, especially since she had a knee injury before. Even her knees gave her away that she’s too fat.

Who the fuck is this trannyfaced bitch?

No. 788972


Bravo, we all think you're a disgusting no one. Get better taste.

No. 788973

Posting here and lying about jacking it, is probably the most attention from women that simp has gotten all year.

No. 788975

Go to thothub if you wanna see that shit. Dont come here for you're own personal pleasure.

No. 788978

maybe some of us would like to see more than screencaps so we can discuss the video in more depth, like that tit massage vid. why gatekeep the vids anyways? not everyone here finds that junk worth the price.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788979

You got to be shitting me lol… Do you think we're dumb? Just go on PornHub and pick a random video.

No. 788980

Pay for it if you wanna jack off to it. Around here it’s for gawking at, so unless you wanna pay for it don’t beg like an incel. If you’re gonna thirst over a horrowcow at least sage your posts so it’s not obvious you’re new

No. 788984

yeah you're right i'll pay up to stay relevant in these threads, fuck off. is it not possible to be a coomer and laugh at her ruining herself?

No. 788985

The pictures Are enough. Knowing what she is like she’s making stupid faces for 10 minutes and edits it for 20 seconds of presentable footage and we all laugh at how she’s fucked herself all the way too the bottom tier of internet notoriety.

No. 788990

Anons used to dump her entire sets, not for scrotes but because it gives us all something to look at and notice hilarity like bad filters and milk in. If you’re not going to post it then shut up and stop talking about it. Your potato quality gifs and half assed screenshots are barely milk.

No. 788992

Agreed. It’s nothing new. you point out her filter moving, her funny faces and the sad audio and then post one cap. Are you feeling that protective of your porn because you enjoyed it? people are asking for the upload so that they can scrub through to share what they find because you half assed it and expect anons to kiss your feet. these threads have been ridiculous with the jerk off material screaming ever since the PULL refugees came.

No. 789002

You guys are embarrassing, begging from anons for this cow’s nudes under the guise of “for making fun of her and also your gifs suck”. No one here owes you anything. If you aren’t gonna pay for it and post it then you can go to kiwi and beg for it there. Yes, anons pay for it when they feel like it and if you want to be generous, go sign up for her OF and shell out the $50 for ham jiggles and post them here yourself. What a stupid hill to die on.

No. 789011


Imagine spending $50 to "laugh" at a video by yourself and then feeling righteous for not posting it on a website where we all laugh at the same person, because you feel like someone might cum to it. In reality if neckbeards did come here looking for it you'd only be keeping more simps from giving her money. Feels like you're trying to do promo to get people to buy the video but okay.

No. 789013

Listen shitheads I was agreeing with you morons on just posting pictures because none of us are going to ay for video we all are familiar with because she does the same shit over and over again Iin fact there’s not even a point for posting pictures either because she does the same shit over and over again. If you can’t read sarcasm that’s your problem. The gist of what I said just to simplify it for you: moo is predictable and never changes and all her stuff is as basic as she is.

No. 789016

You have a lot to say for someone who can't sage their posts.

No. 789019

You have absolutely nothing to say than don’t talk back(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 789021

Tbh this same shit happened a while back with the Patreon Anon who was filling high and mighty just because they were posting paid content. Like you can feel important but it’s your money going towards the cow every month and in reality it’ll get posted by someone at some point. So time to move on.

No. 789037

i know you guys are gonna clown me but honestly seeing moo turn into a sex worker really makes me sad as hell. Like yeah she did some shitty things but i always thought she'd bounce back, lose weight and become a baby jessica nigri again. But to leave this thread for like a year and see her go from "lewds before newds" or whatever that slogan was to this is honestly depressing. I cant help but feel bad for her. I know its her life and she's prob making mad money off this shit but like its crazy how someone can go down this route so quickly. It makes me scared for other women in this community and others like it. sorry for no contribution this shit is just sad as hell

No. 789044

File: 1596348993292.jpeg (488.5 KB, 902x978, F8E331BE-5F60-4EA9-9D27-77C7E6…)


I love how warped her phone always is

No. 789049

She actively made these decisions for herself. There’s nothing to feel sad over. If she wants to be a fucking joke, let her.

No. 789052

tbh Jessica Nigri probably doesn't have much longer until she's following in Moo's hoofprints, maybe with slightly less embarrassment though
Mariah just jumped straight past the dwindling interest to sexwork

No. 789070

Its pretty much the path these costhots choose. They sell lewd pictures for neckbeards to jack to. Eventually the neckbeards get bored of lewd so the money they make goes down. Then they go nude to bring them back then its a slippery slope and ends up with just making porn.

Though some have reasonable sized fan bases or aren't willing to go that far. Or they try becoming twitch tiddy streamers

No. 789084

Her fingers are disgusting looking. There's literally nothing attractive about this girl.

No. 789091

Eh. Nigri could’ve comfortably retired years ago. She’s been cosplaying for over a decade and for most of that was the number one cosplayer as far as visibility and popularity goes, and she’s also supposedly really weird about hoarding her money. I think she understood that this wasn’t something that could last forever and made her financial decisions accordingly, and at this point she’s only still continuing because there’s no real reason for her to stop. Beyond that as a cosplay titan who has kept her image (relatively) squeaky clean, she’ll be able to continue with con appearances or could easily translate over to something that isn’t looks-dependent, like costume workshops.

Sage for Nigri tinfoil WK no1curr. Mariah on the other hand seems to think she can keep living off Patreon month to month while ballooning indefinitely and barely cosplaying anymore. She could have carved out a comparable market to Nigri’s for the first year where she pretended to be body positive, but instead of commissioning her cosplays she insisted on half-assing them herself and then also, you know, she was a sexual predator and a rancid toxic bitch.

No. 789115


Nigri could probably quit today, disappear from the internet and never have to work another day in her life. Comparing moo to Nigri who has never shown nips/puss (even if she gets extremely close to it) even after all this time?

Meanwhile Moo has to lower herself every month to maintain her numbers, all of her merch is lazy garbage, she cant even keep up with all the 'amazing things she's totally putting out my dudes' Other than her sets the only merch moo has for sale is her overpriced stands and her overpriced photobook. She's too stupid to have had a clause where she was allowed to resell her Reiq stickers cause even if they had a huge falling out having those would have been better than literally nothing. It also doesnt take that long for stickers to be made so the fact that the new art isnt for sale yet shows how little she can actually do as a 'super smart business woman'. Also with all the money she makes she cant find any actually good artists to make merch for her? It's sad and is probably one of the biggest reasons why she keeps having to lower herself because she has no other monetary avenues.

I almost feel like we should compile a list of merch that moo bragged about putting out that never saw the light of day/was sold briefly and she never bothered restocking

No. 789122

File: 1596395982253.png (51.26 KB, 624x247, Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 12.1…)

Photobook selling like hotcakes /s

No. 789148

File: 1596409304614.png (Spoiler Image, 2.46 MB, 1242x2208, 46626CF0-8FF7-4453-84CE-345A44…)


Anon on KF posted the link for the Tremor video. It’s just as boring as the previous video but this one is probably sadder because it’s longer and loaded with filters trying to hold her together. Her chin disappears completely in most shots.

No. 789149

I said in a past post that it was going to be the same as everything else she posts and an anon sperged lol I like being proven right. Moo is lazy in the sack too and the guy likely has to do all the work.

No. 789151

"Stop sperging no this time will be different!"

And people wonder why she still rakes in a ton of cash doing little to nothing.

No. 789152

Had to loosen the old belt off her diaper panties for this boringly wild ride. The music she chooses always reminds me of the ambient music played at restaurants, I guess that's sexy for a hog dressed as a cow and her feeder crew.

No. 789157

I watched part of the video and then googled other videos and I don't even know if hers was even on haha legit watched other people and you can clearly see its on by how much their body jiggles from the vibrations but moo doesn't move at all haha fucking dumb bitch

No. 789163

File: 1596412993511.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 401.54 KB, 2048x2048, A4AB6511-FA84-4365-967F-B96DDE…)

Haha holy shit anons weren’t joking about the pog face. I couldn’t bring myself to turn on audio or watch any of her shakey hand held shit but she constantly made this retarded looking lip suck face. Does she think this is what biting your lip is?

No. 789167


No. 789173

Men have such low standards they’ll pay $50 a month for this garbage? Pornhub is free and 60% of it is better quality, Jesus Christ

No. 789174

File: 1596417365273.jpeg (108.05 KB, 933x1129, CFDCB6C7-A450-4C3C-9D77-459452…)

she’s giving us lin vibes

No. 789182

i didnt manage to see the other one but this is already so sad. whats that music. why she is just there not moving. why her face looks so uncanny. in in physical pain.

No. 789183

i can't believe people really pay for this shit. all this money to see some bozo sit on a vibrating toy and eat what was left of her lower lip.

No. 789184

File: 1596426162405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 269.03 KB, 340x504, toaZ5ly.jpg)

I know she has the filter on full blast so is it making vein chan massive compared to the other?

No. 789185

File: 1596426648582.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.26 KB, 313x603, Screenshot_20200802-205058_Chr…)

when even a closeup of your hank ass shows no ass lol

No. 789187

Jesus christ, where’s the spoiler?
My fucking eyes
Can’t even imagine why anyone would wanna see this bitch’s sad, floppy body.

About as visually appealing as a bursting sausage

No. 789190

I mean, honestly, this is just tame. She could have faced serious charges from sexual harrassment. She could be in jail. She could be living a poor life. She could be completely kicked from every event and convention ever again. Hell, she could have been found herself to be doing fucked up porn ever since big drama blew up couple years ago and she lost a lot.

But she wasn't. After some time everything was just somehow forgotten and glossed over (like most issues with elite cosplayers). She's a cunt, a scammer, a toxic influencer, and a sexual harrasser who's apologised for nicht yet still making money, having some kind of career, presence, audience, and basic needs?

This is the fairest minimum amount of karma she can pay, anon.

No. 789192

She was taking topless photos in high school. She's always been sexual and trued to use her tits for attention. She's always acted like a whore, even in interviews when she tried to show off her sad Samus ass.

No. 789193

Moo's fans are into degradation. If you look at her reddit you can see them talking about loving seeing her get bigger and shit.

ESPECIALLY since there are screenshots of her bragging about not having to show off her body and having a 'personality' and just a year or two ago she was claiming she would never do nudes and acting like her doing the nip slips were a one time limited thing. Now everyone's seen every inch of her body. I wont be surprised if she starts using glass dildos to rake in the people who are weirdly into seeing the inside of her vag. There's SO much porn and especially hentai about the 'uwu puritan girl' having to demean herself to being a cum toilet and that's exactly what her current fans want from her.

It works even more that she flip flops between being totes asexual to being a needy slut who wants you so bad. I dont think any of her paypigs actually buy her ruse but they'll throw money at her to keep the idea that 'all women are just dumb sluts who will do anything for money'

Yeah but she always acted like she was above it all and that was totally just her showing off her 'body positivity' s/

No. 789195

This is so… boring. Even fucking Shayna does decent basic editing and adds music.
Also kek at her using Instagram to film this, the filter is so obvious

No. 789226

this cow couldn't even be bothered to prop her phone up on a stack of books or something? Why is she filming herself like some tiktok meme. This is terrible

No. 789230

When you have cuckbucks you DO NOT need to try lol. She knows this, for as dumb as she is, she's not stupid.

No. 789239

Same anon, here

It’s just utterly pathetic man, I’ve been lurking since probably #50 and her transformation into the heaping mess of loose skin she is and easily being ~250 pounds now is just.. ugh. Any semblance of an attractive form she may have held in the past is basically gone.
Not that I ever found her attractive, her bug eyes and terrible facial expressions are such turn-offs.

I know a lot of anons have tinfoiled her embracing a feeder fetish later on, and it seems like she’s not too far away from it. She’s already got the linebacker shoulders and fuckin arm wings.

No. 789247

File: 1596474698360.png (496.81 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_2020-08-03-10-09-28…)

Sorry your bread kneading tutorial got shat on Mariah. Bon Apetit would've featured you

No. 789249

So either she's been lurking both farms, or shr got negative feedback from subscribers.

No. 789252

She doesn't take criticism well. It's obvious she knows what we both say since she lurks. KF was also discussing her relationship with her father at length (someone looked up her old FB posts and analyzed them).

No. 789256

I feel like one of her camming buddies told her to bite on your bottom lip and she translated it to sucking on your bottom lip the whole time like a tard

No. 789259

I don’t think she’ll go the feeder route. She honestly hates being fat, she’s just a lazy piece of shit that let herself go and is too lazy to fix it. That’s why she gets all the procedures done. She’ll trust and rude this train until she makes no money anymore

No. 789265

No more weight loss updates? Awww Mooo come on! I'm sure you're totally down to 180 by now!!

No. 789266

Please use hands to make and heal, or mush around my botched, mangled titties

No. 789267

Anon!! Don't you know she ghosts and shows us nothing for 6 months!? It's part of the process! Her sensei and gym trainer taught her!

No. 789306

File: 1596515149506.png (1.03 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-08-03-21-17-05…)

>Misotokki has moved to LV and is near Moo
>bunch of people at Moo's, including Cat, Kevin (came back from Florida) and others
>onigiri, snacks and booze are part of a whole foods diet

No. 789307

File: 1596515263573.png (1.11 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-08-03-21-17-58…)

No. 789309

>that eyebrow

No. 789310

covid who?

May they all get it.

No. 789314

Nice whole food chips back there. She's about to gain another 20lbs now that her slaves are there.

That's the hope. They all deserve it too for not giving a single fuck about the people they might pass it to.

No. 789316

God, Moo’s face takes a different shape with whatever filter she slaps on. She looks like a middle-aged chaperone here.

I wouldn’t wish covid on anyone but her and her friends are practically begging for it at this point.

Also, I kind of find it funny that Cat goes to great lengths to omit Moo from her IG stories when they’re hanging out. She posted one earlier with the other girl making the onigiri. Not to mention her vague posting about “toxic friendships” on twitter.

No. 789317

She's trying to save face because of her ear business. She knows having Moo is stories except just to reblog Moo's shoutouts can get her in hot water with actual business deals of her own. Not the ears, but seamstressing.

No. 789359

Frida cosplay

No. 789363

It was nice of the family to visit their botched aunt during this pandemic
Also Moo really doesn't know how to style her hair, since she's just relied on it being long as a style. Now that it's cut, badly, short it's just a mess. Also hasn't gotten much length even tho she chopped it off a while ago?

No. 789372

Calling it now, how long until Moo pulls the victim ~proud to be lebanese poc mashallah~ card in light of recent Lebanon news to make it about her?
>inb4 something about feeling so much empathy for the victims, something about her family and posting receipts of charity paypals to show how good of a person she is

No. 789375

File: 1596570063586.png (974.66 KB, 1440x2560, 1506965177420.png)

Wonder if it'll be as cringe as her Las Vegas Shooting sperge

No. 789388


We can only hope anon.

No. 789394

and we were making fun of her being a little over weight then. We have come a long way
I wonder if seeing her past self upsets her

No. 789405


holy shit she looks like venus' mom YIKES

No. 789503

I was about to say that. She looks downright skinny in this picture

No. 789539

File: 1596663747278.jpg (95.86 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20200806_004045.jpg)

No. 789540

66lbs my ass

No. 789542

Sooooo you're 230 pounds Moo?
You know most women will lie about 5 pounds or something. She will lie about 40 pounds without batting an eye

No. 789546

File: 1596669470681.png (907.65 KB, 720x1011, Screenshot_2020-08-05-16-14-44…)


No. 789547

File: 1596669967027.jpg (431.44 KB, 715x813, 8KNMA3a.jpg)

No. 789548


No matter what angle or how many filter she uses she still has that hank hill ass

No. 789550

wtf is wrong with her jaw?! Her face is pink but the sagging jowls are yellow. Is it because the fat is so close to the surface?

No. 789557

eewww…. her mom liked this…

No. 789561

So she'll post her ass but did she actually say anything about Lebanon other than some reposted story? So much for her proud Lebeanse heritage.

No. 789562

She's between a rock and a hard place since anons found out her family hasn't set foot there in a few generations. Though I'm surprised she isn't trying to make it all about her regardless. Unless she's planning something big for clout

No. 789568

Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll post a few stories of her donating (to the wrong charities) to shut the “haters” up.

No. 789572

Well, her dad apparently went there to score chicks when he and her mum were separated (so gross)

No. 789574

Her mom always likes Mariah's disgusting photos. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the only family member supporting her whoring herself out.

No. 789582

Or more likely, Moo has her Mom's Insta password and her Mom has no idea what she's "liking".

No. 789591

FR that's like…the ass you wiped when she was an infant, why are you cosigning the thottery?

No. 789599

ugh the way her droopy ass just spills over whatever’s under it grosses me out. No glutes in sight.

No. 789600

She went to a con with her and sat at mariah's booth while the neckbeards came for signing. Her mom has liked her photos for a while. she's just as gross as Moo or a doormat like vamps was.

No. 789601

The over edited cleft chun she made with a dent on the side, not the front. Lol

No. 789627

Is the chair just shaped like that or is the curve from editing?

Also might be nitpicking but the clothes hanging out of the drawer pisses me off. Moo has the time to take 200 selfies and edit her flat ass but can't make the backdrop presentable? how does she make money doing this? lazy as fuck.

No. 789632

I agree she’s a slob but it’s literally a single piece of clothing barely sticking out of the drawer. Let’s not nitpick the small things when there are legitimate issues to comment on.

No. 789636


for real, this section of her room is probably the cleanest we have ever seen any part of her house. it's probably cleaner than many anon's rooms right now lol

No. 789652

Fat, unshapely legs and then a pathetic, flat ass. I hope she realizes that out of her "194lbs" the 40lbs she's lying about are in her linebacker shoulders and jellyroll back.

No. 789659

that's an underestimation anon

No. 789690

Will part 2 still be coming out or is Mariah going to accept that the shoot was a grotesque shitshow and the world is better off with less footage.

No. 789691

So this is Moo's self destructive game plan regarding her weight.
She will continue to lie about the gain because of quarantine because she doesn't have to make any public appearances. Her friends avoid taking candids of her and when they do no one really sees them since they don't tag Moo.

Moo thinks "I have time! I can lose this weight before quarantine ends. Who will know?" While stuffing her face, booking more lipo sessions until finally, when all this is over we get to see her misshapen form unedited at a con.
And I'm legit excited to see it. Like a free ticket to a circus freak show.

No. 789784

File: 1596901600012.png (634.18 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2020-08-08-08-45-20…)

No. 789785

File: 1596901674634.png (665.88 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2020-08-08-08-45-23…)

This excuse seems very recycled but without the SeNsEi flavor

No. 789786

File: 1596901870178.png (1.18 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-08-08-08-45-29…)

No. 789788

File: 1596901992250.png (783.05 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-08-08-08-45-42…)

>she does say she misses long hair

No. 789789

If she was going to a therapist we would have heard about it by now. That and she would have to admit that she's in the wrong somehow.
All these posts scream is she did something wrong. Moo what did you do?

No. 789793

>Getting so long and thick
Bitch it hasn't grown an inch since you cut it and it looks fried as hell

No. 789796

So we're getting a meltdown soon can't wait. I wonder what it'll be about this time. Putting my money on the porn.

No. 789799

I anticipate she'll use this as a excuse to quit porn and go into ~big builds~ cosplay again

No. 789800

She’s been saying “the last year I’ve really been working on myself” for the last two and a half years, how many years does it take to learn not to be a shitty person?

No. 789804

I've noticed she's turned to abusing filters really hard-core now. Like, that's ao filtered it looks like a joke.

No. 789822

says it's long and thick but uses a filter to blur everything in the photo, including a very obvious bald spot with a few frizzy strands.
Her problem is she doesn't even bother brushing her hair. If she just took care of it would have some life in it already
MOO! Wash, brush and condition that shit

No. 789824

I just remembered back when she was living with her parents she would always say how good her mother was to her when she did her hair for Moo.
What if the only reason her hair was so long, thick and shiny in the past was because her Mother was brushing her hair for her every morning like a toddler.

Moo's parents raised an adult child. Girl can't even wipe own ass. Her "self care" fell apart after she left her parents house. They really didn't teach her anything

No. 789852

Makes the most sense, mom prob indulged all her bullshit I mean she's liking Moo's thottry pictures. I think mostly in hopes showing her support will get Moo to change. I mean remember that video of the cosplayers hanging out in Peru? Moo was all over the place being loud and obnoxious and her mom just sat and smiled never told her to tone it down or anything.

No. 789853

Must be a shitty therapy when you still have a shitty personality. And what growth? More and more you lose any decency you have left in you. And I strongly doubt that people have commented about any "change" she so called made.

No. 789855

Yea mom was so awesome moo wanted her to die.

No. 789858

This isn't the first time she claimed she went to a therapist. Though if Moo was ever caught her excuse would 1000% be "I never said I went to a professional therapist"
I'm pretty sure it was her talking to her cucks for 5 minutes

No. 789859

File: 1596933612607.png (4.98 MB, 1242x2208, 436EEBA2-BA9F-47FF-B78D-84942E…)

She is in some deep denial about her figure it’s honestly pretty pathetic. She has to shift the perspective of the entire room for the filters to do their job. Also, nice touch on covering the chair, Moo… because your previous pics outted you warping the photo.

No. 789861

She is. She turned on every filter and edited so much she looked like a 120 pound woman, not someone over 200.
She really hates being fat.
Her game plan really is this >>789691

She can lie to her simps but she can't lie to herself… well yes she can, girl avoids mirrors

No. 789867

File: 1596936086881.jpg (310.98 KB, 724x692, 6kryS18.jpg)

It's like she forgot she just released a video betraying her delusion

No. 789868

>all white
>black leggings

No. 789881

Moo is one of the few people who is shameless about editing out 100 pounds of fat

No. 789893

i knew it was because of her maxing out the filter kek

funny how she publicly loves being fat until she gets the chance to edit herself 6 sizes smaller

No. 789900

You know what guys? The more I look at it, that's not skin. That's not her discolored shin. She's wearing a bodycon thing.

No. 789901

Just to add, she definitely got more lipo if she is wearing bodycon items.

No. 789922

her short fat hand holding the phone betrays it all.

Also that shirt is fugly.

No. 789930

File: 1596987900209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 5760x3840, ZdLkCyN.jpg)

being directed by who? yourself?

No. 789931

File: 1596987976693.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 3840x5760, LBMlL3n.jpg)

No. 789932

File: 1596988310268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 3840x5760, Ic8zp8d.jpg)

No. 789933

She looks like Sloth from The Goonies here.

No. 789934

I can't with these facial expressions. These have to be her worse ones yet

No. 789935

This is like your damn mom who tries to keep with the young people and rented a limo so her and her daughter and her friends could go to prom and she took one too many shots from her flask.

No. 789937

File: 1596989723582.png (1.9 MB, 1262x1122, mmk.png)

The sheer eroticism.

No. 789939

File: 1596990826041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.34 KB, 1200x600, 350cleaningfeeinbound.jpg)

i had to do it

No. 789940

Petition to make this a banner

No. 789941

This must become a banner.

No. 789942

Please add in her words of wisdom about how she doesn't need to take off her clothes. That is always an added win for these banners lol

No. 789947

File: 1596995142328.jpeg (27.34 KB, 645x729, NLDugGD.jpeg)

She genuinely looks like the brainlet meme

No. 789950

It looks like Moo had a stroke but she was never aware of it

No. 789953

File: 1596997128315.jpg (39.46 KB, 381x512, moo.jpg)


lmaoooo she looks shitfaced as fuck here

No. 789954

I wouldn't be surprised if she had to get drunk to do this, somewhere deep down she must hate herself for how low she has sunk.

No. 789961

File: 1597001967962.jpeg (149.38 KB, 681x760, 886EC834-CBE2-45BD-B115-572306…)


No. 789963

Of course she does. She hates herself so much she basically made a poorly made SL avatar to hide from the fact she's an obese mouth breather with no real skills

No. 789966

This is stunning

No. 789985

File: 1597009714127.jpg (422.3 KB, 1030x687, 20200809_174718.jpg)

I love the sloppy editing and how you see the massive amounts of cottage cheese and lumps she has on her legs.

No. 789988

who shooped this? this is such bizarre anatomy.

No. 789991

squarecuck as usual

No. 790004

He can't keep up with the lumps so he basically erases her skin and lazily sprays on shadows and textures. But Moo is getting so large he can't hide every lump anymore

No. 790005

File: 1597016874189.jpeg (96.97 KB, 320x320, 3F661B5B-1DD8-4A86-BA90-0CFD34…)


What her future looks like

No. 790006

She wishes she looked like this now

No. 790010

File: 1597019430775.jpg (130.43 KB, 640x960, c24404df831edf71e5d5b86c71924d…)


Looking more and more like Janice from the muppets

No. 790034

This is the face of a woman who has never had enjoyable sex before.

No. 790035

Is this a roofied role play fantasy?

No. 790041

Exactly. Her face looks so lifeless. I don’t know why she wouldn’t try to make herself look even slightly enthusiastic.

No. 790043

The only thing that excites her is money.

No. 790044

This looks like the cheapest, shittiest limo. Peep how the "window" between the driver and the back is just vinyl sheeting, and the lights look cheap as hell.

No. 790047

Next thread image please.

No. 790061

There's some kind of red mark above her upper lip. I can't tell if it's a bruise from the fillers, or Moo's toddler-tier make-up application.

No. 790065

I think you're wrong, I think food, attention and asian dudes (that won't fuck her, no matter how much money she throws at them kek) excites her as well.

No. 790082

I was gunna say. This reminds me of the limos you get during your prom night

No. 790085

squarecuck could at least shoop that nasty ass shoe soles

No. 790088

Peep the chin lipo.
Great job keeping up with your surgeries, Moo.

No. 790094

File: 1597096141859.png (1003.29 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2020-08-10-14-45-19…)

No. 790096

File: 1597096432123.png (1.17 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-08-10-14-45-50…)

>got her wigs from Wisperia
>pretends she didn't spit bile on them for ~not mailing fast enough~ during the pandemic
>uses vernacular English to compliment the wig and her body
>says people will be impressed by her Gorgon cosplay

No. 790097

File: 1597096488240.png (817.7 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_2020-08-10-14-47-34…)

No. 790105


Lol at the blurry wig next to her waist in the first pic and legs and the second. She is not even trying anymore. Also what is going on with her tittie on the left (our left)? Looks like its folding like fabric

No. 790106

Serving Venus‘ Mom vibes here, whatever her name was lmfao

No. 790110

I was going to say the image is completely blurred all around her in >>790096
But Moo, I thought you were the happiest you've ever been and you don't ever want to be "anorexic"
Cuz to Moo eating just 2000 calories a day means you're an ana chan

No. 790112

File: 1597104374351.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.86 KB, 960x1280, DvwwDca.jpg)

No. 790113

File: 1597104467538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.12 KB, 960x1280, reHksiN.jpg)

No. 790117

File: 1597107364735.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, E84703ED-8996-4001-B755-723A85…)

No. 790119

Does she really think that cum looks like PVA glue?

No. 790121

Something tells me she will try to do the belle delphine face.

No. 790125

Ya, Moo, I'm sure you know where the whole MedusaxShirou thing came from. Hint: it wasn't Heaven's Feel, or even Fate Stay Night.
I'm just pissed that she's doing Medusa dirty like this.

No. 790126

It does in a lot of hentai art, which is where she probably gets inspiration from. I wonder if she ever has actual real sex anymore.

No. 790127

Ya, but that's based on a scene from Fate Hollow Ataraxia which I highly doubt she's ever read. Not that she'd ever admit it because she's OMG #1 FAN

No. 790129

File: 1597113276934.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.04 KB, 960x1282, 72NLahV.jpg)

full size

but anon!!! shes asexual!!

No. 790130

This is such a bad angle for her body shape. It really lets you see just how WIDE she is. Moo, those edited pics you just posted aren't anything close to what your real body looks like. I feel like even if you showed her the unedited botched photos, she'd say the camera was out to get her.

No. 790131

It's laughable she's still hiding behind cosplay when all she did was slap a wig on
I remember a while back she chewed out a fan for calling her out on that

No. 790134

This is the nastiest thing I've ever seen

No. 790139

I at times feel bad for Mariah then I remember that she and her guru Nick got wrapped up with the Osho writings. Why that's bad is Osho's cult produced salmonella in order to kill people so they could rig an election in Oregon during the 80s. That whole group was so terrible that Netflix made a documentary a couple years ago where it was also revealed Osho participated in sex trafficking. But ya know who cares when you're tattooing an Indian cult leader's quote on some girl's foot or quoting him to sound like you're working on your life?

No. 790143

lmao those condoms look like they're filled with milk

No. 790147

these are worse than shayna's gross pics
ass crack stains, old lady glasses, and why the condoms filled with fake cum??? this is so so far from "sexy"

No. 790148

File: 1597123563981.png (555.98 KB, 304x985, Rider_Casual.png)

I am gonna nitpick a bit here, she has so many fake glasses and she wears these ones that arent the right shape? She picks the lowest hanging fruit costume for the character and still cant get it right? Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a wig and she probably wont do anything past this set and we'll see parts of the wig sticking out of a drawer in a month

No. 790150

She def just poured milk in condoms to tie on her thong gross. Also pretty sure the only hentai that do this sorta theme with condoms are cum dumpster ones. Since her only understanding of sex is from hentai wonder how far she'll go.

No. 790151

It's funny because if she didn't say who she was cosplaying I don't think anyone would get it. But she's aware no one gives a fuck what character she does anymore. She just goes straight to the porn now.
She knows her career would be over in a month if she only released sfw cosplay sets

No. 790152

Are those fresh stretch marks?

No. 790154

No. 790157

Yeah anon,don't you know?
Lipo makes you gain weight and losing weight gives you stretch marks /s

No. 790166

File: 1597154436638.jpg (762.14 KB, 1440x1430, Screenshot_20200811-100045_Ins…)

I don't get why she even had to commission Wisperia specifically for this wig (and throw a fit at them)? The only styling required was the bangs, which are no different than anything Umbran has done fifteen times for her already

No. 790167


Well…Wisterias wigs are less crunchy to start with I suppose. Around moo everything becomes crunchy,smelly,and cat piss smelling, but at least with wisteria it didn’t start that way.

No. 790168

Moo was already trying to publically chew out this wig maker for "Taking so long to deliver" forgetting there was a pandemic. If it was up to Moo she would have cancelled Wisperia but she can't

No. 790173

Oh yeah I have no doubt the quality is better than Umbran's and the styling is way nicer than hers would have been. I just can't understand why out of all the wigs Moo would commission a high-quality wigmaker to do, it would be this (in the grand scheme of teased, stylistic wigs) relatively simple one.

No. 790174

All that money and she’s buying fashion nova fucking kek

No. 790181

Because Moo loves flexing in the dumbest of places. See: Commissioning Designer Daddy for her inaccurate Umineko gown that cost her $$$ and that other monstrosity she squeezed her lard into for Katsu.

She has a live-in wig slave but now she can brag about having a wig from Wisteria because money is no object to a ~real~ fan like our cow!

No. 790185

I'm late to the party
Anyone has the videos? The boob groping and the sybian?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 790187

I doubt another brand of jeans carry her size. Fashion Nova carry jeans size 13-15-1x-2x-3x. What size is Moo?

No. 790194

I'm guessing she's wearing a size 20. I don't think unless she's wearing jean leggings any jeans should fit over the monstrosity that is her legs.

No. 790195

They probably send her stuff for free. They usually send even small influencers a fuck ton of clothes. Also as other anon said she can’t fit high fashion jeans

No. 790196

The tag looks like it says 18, which Fashion Nova carries in some of its styles. Might be these:


No. 790201

Eh lots of brands sell jeans at higher sizes now. American eagle, torrid, even most of the brands at target go up to at least a size 20. The fact she’s actually wearing jeans for once and it’s cheaply made China grade jeggings just makes me laugh l

No. 790207

Momokun doesn’t want boyfriend jeans anon. Size 20 for skinny jeans is really a rare site. Knowing moo she buys fashion nova jeans because she totally thinks her body is just that snatched for it. Fashion nova jeans are specifically known to be geared specifically towards women with very large hips/asses and tiny waists. Which momokun believes she has

No. 790211

File: 1597185034647.png (648.95 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-08-11-15-20-48…)

Another AMA

No. 790212

File: 1597185144796.png (883.88 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2020-08-11-15-21-23…)

She was in the car with UmbrAn and Kevin. Looked like they were going to the casino?

No. 790213

File: 1597185211913.png (757.17 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2020-08-11-15-21-35…)

No. 790214

File: 1597185317969.png (800.55 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2020-08-11-15-22-29…)

No. 790215

File: 1597185433770.png (556.25 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_2020-08-11-15-23-31…)

No. 790216

is that the cum carton i see? nice.

No. 790217

It's coconut water. She had it yesterday in her kitchen pics.

No. 790218

Katinamallad likes this again ew. I think we can all agree that moos parents are the worst, I mean they created moo after all. Kind of a good reason to have licenses to be parents.

No. 790219

File: 1597185912196.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2208, 6F8FA294-E6DE-46B5-9A4B-578DCD…)

Yup, they’re at a casino. Probably going to the forum shops at Caesars Palace or something just as unnecessary. The casinos are probably the worst fucking place to being during the pandemic… not that Moo cares, she needs her “self care” time.

No. 790220

So much for wanting people to stay safe. She must've forgot her rant from a month ago

No. 790221

File: 1597186168277.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x2094, 409F258E-1F02-4CA0-92AC-CFB3CD…)

Because of course she will.

It’s always “do as I say, not as I do” with her.

No. 790223

Really surprised she just reposted the Lebanon donation info and didnt sperge about it like usual. Her mom posted more shit about it and it's suspicious to me.

No. 790227

Kind of a bitchy way to answer this question but it’s pretty obvious moo has a “type”

No. 790228

File: 1597189646383.png (895.66 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-08-11-16-45-06…)


No. 790230

File: 1597189815614.png (689.47 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2020-08-11-16-45-19…)

No. 790231

File: 1597189889233.png (830.13 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2020-08-11-16-45-24…)

No. 790232

File: 1597189992693.png (506.82 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-08-11-16-45-36…)

No. 790233

File: 1597192267866.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 8E43F3EA-511B-4EEA-81CF-76B8F6…)

Sure Moo.

No. 790234

File: 1597193246609.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1250x752, expertmouthbreather.png)


Ah yes, Moo, the queen of sexy faces

No. 790235

Her mom has always been an enabler. This is the mother that thought it was a good idea to give Moo a present and her own birthday cake… during her sisters party every year.

No. 790236

Fate is weird. Moo can literally bump into someone with covid, shake hands, and drink from the same cup as them and she will somehow not catch it.

No. 790237

anyone she can use for clout, costume maker or attractive asian she can drag around as a weeb prize

No. 790238


Notice no violin listed. Wasn’t she like a master violinist? Lol!

No. 790239

Hahaha Moo! Calm down
Watch when someone asks her to play something she will chicken out so fast

No. 790242

Moo is so rancid even COVID is like no bitch I have standards.

No. 790243

File: 1597198442890.png (756.34 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-08-11-19-12-25…)

How can your back tit be bigger than your front tit

No. 790246

Her person is certainly growing kek

No. 790257

we know this is untrue because it's the first mention of it. though she mentioned flute before but in a "i was band one year in hs and quit" kind of way.

No. 790263

File: 1597225202537.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, 3B4038DC-A046-4725-A81D-950CF5…)

>says her cosplays are “high quality”

We all know that isn’t true lol. Also she rants about the amount of “are you single” type questions she gets in these Q+As. Like, Moo, you’re a sex worker, it comes with the territory. She can’t seriously be this naive to say this when she fosters an environment on her social media that’s openly gross and demeaning. She’s never set boundaries and welcomed all the gross comments on her page because she feels it validates her somehow and she gets off on the attention. But suddenly she has a conscience lol ok.

No. 790264

File: 1597225708388.png (2.54 MB, 1157x1800, 11BDF47E-EE80-43E5-A12E-AA4779…)

>claims to speak Japanese but only knows a little Arabic.

>says she stopped smoking in March


>says she experiences burnout

Lol literally how? She doesn’t create anything. Lifting your phone to order costumes online and flopping your sorry tits isn’t hard.

>loves the furry community and wants to go to furry cons.

Good luck with that, Moo. They despise you.

No. 790265

She's also speaking Japanese because of a ask, if anyone wants a whack at if she's correct or not

No. 790266

Gotta wonder if it’s a phrase from the one introductory Japanese book from her extremely short stint at UNLV lol The one she used in pics to prove she was actually attending.

No. 790267

Her Japanese is basic, super basic. cringe listening to it, its almost like shes got a… phrase book or google translated off to the side? And copying that little hissing when you think mannerism seems fetishistic to me, since I can't recall her ever doing that in her normal speech pattern, so it's like she's… cosplaying someone who speaks Japanese, surprise surprise.

Also I have to wonder if her definition of "burnout" is feeling tired from over eating and not doing any physical activity. Coz, yeah, that's definitely a type of burnout, but probably not the one she's talking about.

No. 790269

She used "yo" to end her sentences ALOT. I'm not super into speaking but it seems elementary or just googled/taught yeah. I wonder why she entertained this question at all?

No. 790270

Moo is so awkward in her video insta stories it’s unbearable. What’s with the blinking eyes on that one ask showing support

No. 790271

File: 1597231454839.jpeg (379.95 KB, 2048x2048, 33761127-2073-413C-BF55-AD76AA…)

Who did it better ? lol

No. 790279

Abby Mallard.

No. 790282

You know shit’s bad when even the furries hate your flat ass.

No. 790284

It was hard to listen to. She is speaking basic Japanese but with some advanced phrasing. You can tell by the way she struggles with the sentence structure but speeds through saying certain phrases that she isn't learning Japanese properly or by a book. By the way she talks, she's reciting lines shes heard from Animes and then using basic Japanese for other sentences or filler. She thinks speedily saying and rolling her Rs makes her sound authentic but she lacks in the right phonetics.

No. 790286

File: 1597242760901.png (636.86 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-08-12-07-29-44…)

No. 790287

Those are probably somewhat accurate but really doesn’t matter with how fucked up and misshaped her body is from all the procedures.

No. 790292

With OnlyFans being charged with tax evasion, what's moo and all these e thots going to hop on next? I'm lowkey thinking this is behind her recent sperging.

No. 790297

File: 1597247223484.png (2.13 MB, 2847x1412, 17c.png)

>32 inch waist

No. 790298

Patreon is also being sued but I imagine some service will start up to fill the void.

No. 790301

LMFAO bitch where? She should know better than to spout lies like this when we’ve been following her for years. The only instrument I’ve seen in my years of laughing at this pig is when she was sperging about being a devil man crybaby ultra fan and showed a video of her “memorizing” finger placements on a flute for the theme song. Get the fuck out you cow. I think there’s a container of crisco in the pantry you haven’t dug into yet.

No. 790303

Her lies are off the CHARTS. Speaks Japanese, plays a bunch of instruments, 32 inch waist. Yeah okay moo.

No. 790305

Double those numbers and probably more legit

No. 790306

We've all seen her breast exam video. It's more likely 46 42 44, without lipo she'd be queen fridge body

No. 790307

>32 waist
I don’t believe you, moo

No. 790310

She's suddenly peddling more lies and "thank you for all the love" stories, I wonder what hurt her ego this time.

No. 790311

File: 1597255801236.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, ADE176B5-2D10-4BBA-82CD-21A57D…)

>wants to do a facesitting photoset. Says it’s an “untapped market”.

She’s so stupid, it physically pains me.

No. 790313

File: 1597257899490.png (750.62 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_2020-08-12-11-34-40…)

So let me get this straight:
Moo thinks she can
>act awkwardly sexual for no reason, even when the event is as not sexual as possible
>can label herself sexual roles like a "mommy Dom"
>can grab tits and ass without consent
>can make unwarranted comments about people

But people asking if she's single is TOO MUCH?

No. 790318

That dorito chin. Oof.

No. 790320

I know a couple of her long-distance friends in real life and they all act like that. Porn cosplay (but how dare you call it that its BOUDOIR), they post the most lewd stuff they can on instagram, calling themselves Mommy and acting super dominant and "sex c". All of them are homely, fat women who have to pressure people into sex but will have breakdowns if you ask them if they're single or straight, lol. They get triggered cause it reminds them how they'll never find anyone with enough money and even less brain cells to put up with them. Waiting for the day they're all milky so I can finally toss the rest of these fat weebs to the hell hounds. It's so sad to see them all congregate and leech off each other.

saged for OT and retard vendetta-chan monologue

No. 790323


I just laugh at how pissy she gets when she gets asked if she’s single. Cause it’s just a painful reminder that no one with any sense or dignity wants to put up with any of her bullshit or go anywhere near her stank ass without proper compensation and all she can do is stay mad and cry instead of making any attempt to make herself desirable.

Also funny how she thinks she is too good to date her fans. As if they are so beneath her that they aren’t worthy of dating her. Then again, they are the exact kind of degenerates she invites with her trashy attitude and behavior. I guess she doesn’t want to date guys who treat her like fuck meat. But she gets what she deserves by acting like a trashy cumdump who wants people to call her “mommy”. Those are the only people who have any real interest in dating her. Everyone else has the good sense enough to stay the fuck away from her. And that makes her so damn mad. I’m sure the guy she was filming with in her last video probably puked in his mouth at the sight of her horror show of a body. I’m sure she thought in her head that he’d find her irresistible if she threw herself at him and that she’d finally have a boy toy to parade around to show her haturz that she can absolutely bag a man if she wants to. I bet soon as he secured the bag he got the fuck out of there and has been dodging her calls since.

No. 790324

Don’t forget wanting cum tributes and all that cringe too. There isn’t a level she won’t promise , nor a promise she won’t break. Or an artist she won’t rip off

No. 790325

Wearing a corset doesn't count you dumb cow

No. 790327

File: 1597275767194.jpg (496.02 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200812-173746_Ins…)

Christ. I don't know why she would say "no I don't date fans" so rudely with THAT face shown. Her voice sounds gross and heavy in the videos too. Without those new hair extensions and wigs and a pound of makeup she really does look and kind of sound like a Mexican guy.

No. 790329

She's lying to herself. She's secretly hoping that in a sea of disgusting incel neckbeard fans one of them is either hot, popular, asian or a talented costume maker.

No. 790330


We all know that isn’t her fan base. If she ever found one of those as her fan, god help that guy.

No. 790332

There was Etika. But he was losing his mind and was in self destructive mode before his time ended.

No. 790333


That’s what it is. She’s praying that among the degenerate incel neckbeards that jerk off to her is a hot, buff , popular Asian cosplayer/costume maker that is just begging to throw himself at her and sweep her off to NihonLand. Except anyone with functioning eyes and any self respect has enough sense to stay the fuck away from her let alone even attempting to be in a relationship with her. So in order to repair her bruised ego she has to pretend like she suddenly had some standards that none of her fans could ever hope to meet so they just need to give up on the idea of ever getting to date her.

No. 790334

File: 1597281324949.png (1.2 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-08-12-18-13-26…)

No. 790335

File: 1597281445936.jpg (805.71 KB, 1080x1920, LCgReMf.jpg)

under 200 lbs muh doods

No. 790336

32" waist my dudes.

She realizes she would have to be a midget to be that shape and size and have a 32" waist right?

No. 790337

maybe she meant 32 inches across and not circumference. Because what a wide fucking load, even in after face tune

No. 790338

Damn, she really needs to stop blowing money on liposuction and get a nose job instead.

No. 790339

…. honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that's what she did

No. 790341

File: 1597296740916.jpg (248.21 KB, 1048x1264, Screenshot_20200813-003126_Chr…)

No. 790342

It's honestly too bad there isnt a way to really mess with those to show her hammy arms and the massive tumors that are her calves.

No. 790343

When did she say she was 172 lbs? Thought she said she was 190

No. 790344

someone has her video on the dildo?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 790345

Her Japanese is atrocious, similar to weebs who take 1 semester of basic Japanese and think they're fluent. Her incoherent babbling made no sense and is cringe for someone who supposedly is "fluent" enough to do translation work.

No. 790346

I honestly can't believe people get off to that shite. Change your ways or remain a virgin till you die haha

No. 790347



>ima wa honto ni nihongo ga jouzu desu.

"right now my Japanese is very good."
>"sakinen choshi ga warukate…"
maybe she meant to say "warukatta" as in, "was bad"
As in…"last year"…as in "kyonen"??
>"watashi no sensei ga osheeteh kureteh-eemasu"
Do you mean "oh-shi-e-te"?

Her pronunciation is so bad….

anyway sage for nitpick

No. 790349

she was probably trying to say "sakunen" which is a slightly more formal kyonen

her nihongo does not seem to be jouzu desu.

No. 790350

File: 1597314416738.png (11.73 KB, 105x105, behelit.png)

She's putting on the ~nipponjin akkushento~

No. 790354

In Japanese class they usually teach you to never say you are really good at Japanese since you are supposed to be humble. Of course Maria is not that anyways.

No. 790357

I see Moo can say phrases in Japanese, but has anyone ever seen her hild a conversation in Japanese? Have a back and forth conversation? That's the test of if she is even remotely fluent. I never saw that, even when she went to Japan.

No. 790358

she sounds like she learned how to pronounce japanese from listening to anime dubbers say character names.

No. 790363

File: 1597330604582.jpg (566.42 KB, 693x1033, kFQb6lR.jpg)

Umbran debut

No. 790364


Because to her it’s about owning all the haturz who called her out for lying about being a translator. She doesn’t have a single humble bone in her fat body. Everything she does is done in an attempt to spite or piss someone off to get get back at someone who made her feel small and inadequate. She thinks that by belting out a few lines she heard in anime that it somehow now means her Japanese is god tier and she can move there right now and start working in the anime industry.

No. 790369

File: 1597337818771.jpeg (136.62 KB, 739x745, DA9CC5FA-1ABB-4AE0-B2AB-88270C…)

This reminded me of moo, saged for irrelevancy and idiocy. This should be her next cosplay, it would really suit her she’d only need some tights

No. 790370

Thank you, anon. I was very curious to hear how she spoke but I missed the asks. It was a good laugh and at the same time a very deep cringe feeling.

I’m sure she could have an awkwardly phrased, broken-japanese conversation based on the video capture the other anon posted. But it’s pretty cringe. Will the conversation go smoothly or make complete sense for both parties? Probably not. I feel like the people here (in japan) are too polite to correct these web foreigners like moo and will just be “日本語上手ですね!” the same way they compliment foreigners that use chopsticks well.

No. 790373

I dont have access to it, but people on Reddit are saying the second half to that video is now out, but it is only 2 minutes and is charging $30 for it. Waiting to see if anyone drops it over there so I can upload for you guys, but I didn't see anyone mention it, so figured I'd bring it up in case anyone else wants to be on the lookout for the link. It's most definitely overpriced. Just hearing it is only 2 minutes. Lol. Isn't this half supposed to have the "ass worship"?

No. 790377


Of course it’s only 2 minutes long- that’s as long as the model held out before fleeing for his life.

No. 790384

I…don't know how she's going to do it when she's taken up most of the limo seat.

No. 790385

np anon
link is available for all who missed it
relive the horror again and again

No. 790386

Cant wait For that mess. If it’s anything like the boob worship, it’ll be a glorified rectal exam.

No. 790388


I’m wondering if we’ll see a shot of a look of true visible disgust on his face upon getting a whiff of her stank asscrack that she’ll forget to cut out like she did in the last video. Where she left in a shot of pretending to go for his dick then immediately pulled back like she forgot the camera was rolling and she didn’t want to be seen sucking chode on camera.

No. 790391

Honestly I'm more worried about her future plans with her face sitting video. I know she will attempt to wash down there, but the fact she admittedly said she can't properly wipe down there is horrifying. Unless she gets one of her "friends" to literally wipe her ass for her

No. 790395


She finally got somebody that actually wants to touch her

No. 790411

If that’s going to happen i feel truly sorry for whoever the victim is. She is known to smell bad, can’t imagine how bad the stink is down there.

No. 790413

She never said that. She just said she uses the bidet and anons took it as if she never wipes, ever. You probably weren't here when she mentioned this and are taking what anons have been joking about as being serious lol

No. 790449

File: 1597433671541.jpeg (636.16 KB, 750x1122, 085181AD-89EA-418E-BB59-10AC21…)

Didn’t Mooriah talk about doing a kemono friends cosplay before? Sage for slightly ot.

No. 790450

File: 1597434804045.png (406.66 KB, 511x916, 1589670755097.png)


This is almost definitely for Mariah's OC she announced back in May

No. 790451

Oh boy. Can’t wait for three same poses, same slack jawed overdose expression with the same exact camera angles BUT NOW WITH A DIFFERENT WIG!!

No. 790452

Yeaah so i thought but couldn’t find the announcement! Anyways, the wig looks as hideous as umbrans wigs always do.

No. 790453

File: 1597436938677.jpg (165.14 KB, 1080x1080, hairadk_117395038_962974414203…)

Company posted before and after of her hair extensions but we also got before and after filters/photoshop.

Oof shes look pretty rough.

No. 790454

Omg this is actually epic- those blown out lip sausages, her jowls, and her sag and arms…also useful photos to redo as mugshots.

No. 790455

I didn't even know you could have crows feet on jowls like that godDAMN. She’s 24!

No wonder she only looks at herself through filters.

No. 790456

File: 1597438574950.jpg (320.28 KB, 999x1332, 20200814_165611.jpg)


Lmao she doesn't even look human, can't believe they told on her like that

No. 790457

The fillers make it look like she has an underbite.

No. 790458

next thread pic. There's nothing more that can be said.

No. 790459

It’s sad because her bottom lip got sausage-full, but her top lip still looks small here.. it’s all puffy above the lip instead

No. 790463

Peep that logo of her sports bra through her shirt. You think it’s because sports bras are the only thing she can fit in ?

No. 790464

There are plenty of bras that can fit her. It's just she doesn't know her size or measurements. Well, her real measurements anyway

No. 790466

She looks like she got hit in the face with a plank of wood.

No. 790467

Holy fucking shit this is hilarious! I wonder how long until she bitches at them to remove it.
Like the anon above said, it’s definitely new thread pic worthy and in mugshot style.
Her head is jutting so far in front of her to hide her double chin, I wonder if she sprained it.

No. 790469

she'd have to admit how far she's let herself go to herself if she went and got a properly fitted/supportive bra

No. 790478

I don't know why she calls them OCs. These are existing patterns and the tigers have like 2 others of each breed shown right here, snow and bengel.

No. 790479

I legitimately feel so bad for her. She’s only going to get more crepe-like and battered as years go by. Holy shit. Are you sure she’s 24?

No. 790480

I know, it's scary. Every year she ages 10

No. 790488

Fresh stretch marks on the back of her arm too

No. 790490

File: 1597457258124.jpg (23.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


This reminds me of those Yandere Dev images and they're equally as bad

No. 790491

Holy shit that's rough. 24? That's got to be a real mind fuck. She legit looks close to 40 in those pics. Kinda makes me feel bad for her. She's like Penny Underbust, her entire existence revolves around wanting people to look at her and get attention. Penny is a disgusting human being but this shit makes me feel a little bad for moo. 24 and looks like an Italian grandma. Fucking hell.

No. 790492

So not only do your new extensions look like shit but whomever took these before photos did it on purpose sis look at your fucking PROFILE

No. 790493

I wish anons would stop feeling bad for Moo. She makes these decisions willingly because she’s a vapid piece of shit and she hasn’t done a single thing to change it. If she actually sought therapy and made an honest attempt to better herself, then yeah, maybe I’d feel a little bad that she’s at this point. But she hasn’t so she doesn’t deserve sympathy.

No. 790494

I wouldn't blame the person taking the before pictures. Moo looks horrible from any angle. Not like the girl can waste hours on filters and photoshop

No. 790495

Never stops being hilarious how fucked up her skin is when she would brag about what products she was using and how healthy she is eating. Beast looks like she is still downing monsters and consuming pure salt.

No. 790496


lmfao she's really stretching her neck as far as she can to grasp onto something that kind of resembles a jawline

kudos to that poor male model for even managing that breast exam, if i saw this beast lumbering towards me i would run for the hills

No. 790497

I get it, I know she's a douche and has a lot of shady shit in her past. Some I'd be willing to chalk up to being young but most is just flat out shit bag behavior. Those pics just caught me off guard. She looks like she should be on The Sopranos in a track suit, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, making spaghetti

No. 790498


Imagine him having to move on to the second part- trying not to hurl with the “ass worship” segment. If he was on the fence gay before he’s totally into guys now…

No. 790500

File: 1597462921232.jpg (180.63 KB, 1457x716, profile.jpg)

The lines in the first image look a little warped compared to her side profile. I guess you gotta get those angles in Moo

No. 790504

File: 1597474077158.jpg (14.64 KB, 230x256, 20200815_024353.jpg)

Genuine question, can anyone tell what these bumps/lines are here? Are these from cystic acne or scarring or something else?

Honestly I feel (a little) bad, because she has splurged so much on skincare and tried to convince everyone (herself) that her skin is improving and looks so amazing every time she does, but it's obviously very textured and probably painful. Girl needs to cut the expensive garbo and just go on a simple medicated treatment plan.

No. 790505

It's just her fat face, bad lighting to make the transformation look more drastic, and just overall a typical before and after to glorify the hair, but nothing can fix Moo's face except all the editing happening on the after photos.

No. 790528

Looks like it could be marks from wearing a face mask, and looks like she had her lips (and maybe cheeks) filled recently in the pic so her face could be more swollen from that.

No. 790543

Yall never seen wrinkles on an old fat lady? Moo's just pre maturely aging cuz of years of poor diet, alchohol and drug abuse

No. 790545

Must be her Lebanese genes.

No. 790546

No anon, her pure Asian waifu lebeanse genes could never do this /s
I wonder if it's her cheek fillers rippling. There was speculation she got some and with how deflated her face is it might be true

No. 790549

You just spoiled the Netflix documentary I was watching, kek

No. 790550

how can someone with so much money look so haggard

No. 790552

I think she's always had those features, but they're exacerbated now because of her cosmetic procedures and weight gain. Pretty sure her mom also has them

No. 790562

WTF…she looks like some shitty amateur drawing, where the artist hasn't quite gotten the hang of the proportions of the human face. This is some uncanny valley shit right here.

No. 790591

File: 1597525147956.png (771.42 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2020-08-15-13-50-50…)

No. 790593

File: 1597525191949.png (819.93 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_2020-08-15-13-56-57…)

No. 790595

File: 1597525305801.png (883.84 KB, 720x977, Screenshot_2020-08-15-13-57-03…)

No. 790599

Spamming the board Moo?

No. 790604

She's just mad her mug got released untouched by snow or facetime

No. 790610

File: 1597526177587.png (158.62 KB, 300x541, 8dc741aecdee95f459cbdcdcceee44…)

She's starting to look like Diane Choksondik

No. 790611


If you have to tell people how much your feelings aren’t hurt, the consider your feelings hurt. All these dumb bitches continue to tell on themselves by trying to act “so not bothered by all the haturz” when all it does is reveal how weak and insecure they are that they need to clap back at everyone who says something bad about them. I’m sure she’ll spend another night crying greasy tears into her screen desperately trying to find a way to show how much she “doesn’t care” without it looking like she spent all night thinking it up.

No. 790612

No one trying to hurt her feelings. It's just the shock of seeing her face without editing or filters. More laughable that she added a bunch more in this picture.
She's literally looking at herself through rose tinted glasses

No. 790613

I feel bad she leads such a shallow unfulfilling existence, sad and alone. I'd be horrified if I'd done that to my body too tbh.

No. 790614


Fuck her. She had multiple chances to turn it around. Become a better person. Actually do good in the world. But every single time she turned her nose up at the very idea of kowtowing to anyone asking her to even attempt to be a better person. She continued to lie, steal, abuse and bully and said fuck anyone who asked her to stop or demanded any accountability or remorse from her. And then has the nerve to parade herself as “such a good person” and some sort of bastion of “love and positivity”. That she “owned up to her past and has made strides to be a better person and that you should too”. What a load of horseshit.

So there’s no pity from me when the fat greasy bitch is stuck in her room crying crocodile tears into her phone about “hurt feelings” or whatever shit she is whining about this week. She literally has no one else to blame but herself since she told anyone who honestly tried to help her to fuck off, taking any hints of advice as a personal attack or thinly veiled sexist remarks meant to put a “strong wahmen” like her in her place. Then surrounded herself with yes men leeches who won’t dare to ever question her or call her out.

I say keep the insults and jokes coming. It seems to be the only think she cares to listen to instead of literally anything meant to help her.

No. 790615


This isn’t at all making light of the sexual assault that shes guilty of, blaming it on mental illness, stealing from artists and other cosplayers, lying for a year about plastic surgery while giving fake health advice, racist comments.

No. 790628


its literally just a meme going around u retards („you think u can hurt me? Im [insert smth relateable u struggle with but make fun of]“)
idk why everyone is sperging and pretending her feelings are actually hurt

No. 790630

File: 1597535026613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.81 KB, 1560x720, 8Jz3lXL.jpg)

not for the faint of heart

No. 790632


I regret ever clicking on that. Hope he bleached his hands after that and burned those clothes.

No. 790642

File: 1597542854220.jpeg (452.73 KB, 828x883, D61B7177-6454-4503-BA6C-E8D4D7…)

I know she’s gotten her asshole bleached multiple times plus there’s products like pic related that are ~$30, so why do I have to see her nasty dark crack with my own two eyes? Unless she really is prediabetic and it’s acanthosis nigricans, which I guess shouldn’t come as a surprise.

No. 790644

File: 1597543200640.jpg (625.66 KB, 1080x2246, Screenshot_2020-08-16-02-57-33…)

The clear outline where the sea was just cloned tooled in to hide where her arm really is.

+ Random blurred area where her hip has been edited

No. 790646

No..that's jus how her actual face looks.

No. 790651

She said it once. Shes gotten full Brazilians more than once.

No. 790652

She's done asshole bleaching at least twice. Because one time was a double feature of anus and vaginal bleaching
Yeah she still has this horrid discoloration. Which even diabetics can avoid if they exfoliate

No. 790657

Can we stop fucking sperging over how dark her ass crack is? Some people get more pigmentation there, some don't, who fucking cares?

No. 790666

Wtf she looks like Nika or jaelle or one of those spam bitches, can't unsee

No. 790670

she wishes she did, Moo is one of the ugliest cows on the board. Not that they're much better.

No. 790677

Well, she's a shitty camgirl selling her looks, so she's kind of obligated to get rid of blemishes like that if she wants to be more appealing to the coomers who buy her content.

No. 790682

ahhh, yes. nothing is more sexy than looking like an amputee

No. 790684

I'm gonna call bullshit on that one! Just for reference, I'm 5'6 and 135 pounds and my relaxed waist is 30 1/2 inches.(no one cares)

No. 790690

Usually I'd agree over nitpicking but the thing is it's not just her asshole, it's like… Her entire crack. It's such a weird color. And if you're such a perfect professional, and if you do so much to put up an illusion, you can't even find a solution to that? Not even… Foundation, as a last resort? Throw money at someone for some basic After Effects?

Poor Moo. kek

No. 790691

sorry about your dark butthole anon

No. 790695

File: 1597602793309.jpeg (366.52 KB, 1242x1488, FABEE551-AF96-4B63-A132-C939B2…)

It’s funny how she doesn’t see the irony in any of the quotes she posts and how it relates to her being a shit person.

No. 790696

damn she got so much plastic holy shit

i skimmed this thread, did she finally stoop down to doing hardcore porn yet or is this boy/girl content softcore

No. 790704

right? she's done this exact thing to people.

No. 790712


Quoting an Islamic figure while playing the Muslim card when convenient and never actually being Muslim, typical fake ass Mariah

No. 790716

The >you think you can hurt my feelings
is just a tiktok meme. You're probably not wrong but don't read too much into it.

No. 790729


Is anyone going to tell her Islam is a misogynistic religion to hell and back and that‘s where they‘d send her after stoning her to death for being a sexworker?

No. 790731

File: 1597615203046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 603.81 KB, 647x1070, PfYqfdo.jpg)

>absolutely haram

No. 790734

What the hell am I even looking at

No. 790735

No. 790738

thank god you uploaded that, I had no idea how to do it myself. I originally thought It couldn't be her, but idk the sound of her urinal fountain makes the think otherwise lol

No. 790740

Same. She also had the same ass lipo scars. However, not sure who the dude is.

No. 790741

I would think that if this is really her she woulda been advertising it hard, dont ya think?

No. 790742

Plus her patrons were surprised she'd release full on penetration. She was just saying that the B/G limo set was the "most comfortable" she was with her adult content.

No. 790746

but okay why the fuck is she wearing a tarp

No. 790747

Doubt it's her. As said, she'd advertise it beyond anything cuz:
"This is the most lewd/naughty I've been muh dudes!"

And shilling it on her IG and OF behind a $30+ paywall just for a preview.

No. 790748

It’s possible she was too ashamed of herself going full degenerate and decided not to post it openly, without realizing once the internet gets it it’s out there forever.

No. 790749

Yeah this is bait bc she doesn't even watermark her shit with momokun.com so it's not her plus she'd delude herself enough to get some buff Asian guy to fuck her if she was not some fat ass white dude

No. 790750

Same day?
Girl must've been real confident after having a man pay attention to her

No. 790752

Are you sure about that anon?
These say differently

No. 790756

I agree, no way this idiot would've just let the video slip out without advertising the hell out of it.

No. 790757

are you retarded thats the onlyfans watermark

No. 790760

File: 1597620695514.jpg (222.46 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200816-183149_Chr…)

No. 790766

Ok but who was willing to actually fuck her?

No. 790770

My bets on squarecuck

No. 790773

I was skeptical of that clip at first but yikes. Hope her parents are proud of this.

No. 790775

I mean, you’re probably not wrong. That guy will do /anything/ for cash since he’s stuck around her for this long doing her dirty work..

No. 790777

File: 1597622583486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.34 KB, 293x198, VQtB5zH.jpg)

So which one of the men from Moo lore has what looks like a triforce (?) tattoo on his gunt?

No. 790778

Well that was quick. I thought she was uwu too shy for this?

No. 790780

He's going in bare too from what I can tell I don't see any plastic sheen from the heavy filtering. Whose ready for mini moo moos.

No. 790781

I was gonna point this out too, someone fucking raw dogged this sow. I hope she's on birth control.

No. 790782


Good eye- didn’t see that tat there. Also good question. So….moo lowers herself to reality- does porn and with some pasty fat white guy? This year never ends and the spiral to complete porn wannabe came faster than even WE expected. Just wow

No. 790784

Gave myself a near death experience by watching but the shitty lame moaning is the same I take it back it's her

No. 790787

She fell to low grade amateur porn so fast. This has gotta be the fastest a cos thot fell

No. 790788

So who called August 16th 2020 for Moos decent into full on penetration porn?

Can you heavly filter and shoop video? If not, that explains the sateen circus tent nightgown.

No. 790791

I bet as the days go by she will deeply regret and feel shame for posting this lol. The high you get when you do something naughty while horny is sucked away after you come down from your horndoggedness.

No. 790792


I can't believe she went from only showing her nipples in her highest Pateron Tiers (that were in like $75+ tiers) to showing a full on penetration for just $30.

If she was gonna go all in you'd think shed at least high roll it and try to make as much money as she could.

How long ago even was that? like a year ago? Wow that was quick.

No. 790798

It hasn't even been a month since she put out her bread kneading tutorial and now she's just casually dropping vids of gross dudes doing her bareback.

This is one hell of a spiral.

No. 790799

It just isn’t the downward spiral I find hilarious or even the speed of decline it’s the fact her production value still sucks- she looks like a hammock under a tarp in this video

No. 790800

File: 1597632252206.jpg (339.8 KB, 924x1239, lol.jpg)

Just as a memorial of the day that Momokun started doing amatuer porn

No. 790802

Iirc Moo confirmed she's bipolar. If she's manic rn it could explain why she'd make such a big dive without thinking it through

No. 790803

lmao anon, the umbran ass grab with the flag in the background is hilarious

No. 790805

Next thread pic please

No. 790806

There cannot be more than one pasty chub-beast in her circle with a triforce tattoo on his guts. How hard is it going to be to find this guy?

No. 790807

Look at people for who she follows. That's how we found "bread kneading man"

No. 790808

Cause it can't be Kevin right he's fit as far as I remember. And def not Tattoo kun he dipped the moment he had a gf.