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File: 1591919020881.jpg (146.15 KB, 697x988, riTPgC5.jpg)

No. 779771

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>774466

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>claims her kitten Satoshi was misdiagnosed. Satoshi's condition is shown off on social media for pity points
>still flaunting her exercise and diet routine while performing her exercises in poor form. Claims to be 206 as of recent
>still traveling despite Coronavirus
>still ripping off popular artists for the sake of creating ~original content~
>participated in FUTURECON, a cringy "virtual convention". Recorded a skit of herself eating nuclear noodles, provided clear and unfiltered evidence that contradicts her weight loss.
>sperges about the BLM protests for George Floyd. Calls out her peers for not speaking out like she is. Highlights include: saying it was never a "black versus white" thing but a "everyone versus racists" thing, misspelling "George Floyd" in a hashtag, putting "Arabic" people before other POC in her rant, getting butthurt when Leon Chiro was called out for calling the protests "drama" during a live stream, got mad when someone commented about her not using one of her accounts to talk about BLM protests
>promised Celestine topless pics for cuck's proof of donation towards a BLM fund. Claims to have "raised money" for the funds despite just giving her noods for free?
>made a mysterious trip to the doctor's for a MRI. Never mentioned her old knee injury or needing a revision surgery before. Anons speculate surgery happening earlier than she implied.

No. 779778

Cannot wait for more brags from her about how she "raised" $?k for blm when her paycows probably just send her regular donation screenshots unrelated to her promises/from randos on twitter lol

No. 779780

I'm confused. So Moo sold a picture where she edited someone else's vagina onto her fupa?

Or is this just a fan edit she didn't make?

No. 779781

Someone on KF said it was an edit that was posted to the Discord they’re in. So it’s definitely fake.

No. 779782

>So it’s definitely fake
That's not "definitely anything". If anything that's more the rumor than anything else.

No. 779783

too many differences for it to be fake not to mention the differences in creases. Clearly it was from the same shot, she just removed her underwear.

No. 779786

The supposed pic of her vag really does seem like shoop, her labia minora lookike they’re too big to be hers compared to the other shots of her vag with clothing. Not to mention the odd angle it’s at, the hair being basically the same as another photo that it looks to be shooped onto, and the coloration looking like it was shooped in.

No. 779792

I can’t believe we’re even debating this photo. Yes, it’s her photo of her body but with the clothing photoshopped out and someone else’s vag slapped on. Men have done this with her other photos before she went topless where they edited the nipples in. It’s not that hard to understand. The difference in color/angle (plus the blurring) should have been a dead giveaway. Can we move on now?

No. 779793

I can't believe this thread is getting overrun with moo apologists trying to discredit this leak

No. 779794

someone showed the exact edit in the last thread and the actual picture she sold was posted

No. 779795

File: 1591930901584.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 317.56 KB, 1080x538, 0ED628C6-7F56-41E0-98BE-D79D6C…)

Reposting the side by side another anon posted.
You can’t seriously be this retarded to think this is real. We can criticize the actual crap she feeds her cucks (like the nightmare inducing cum lube horror show) but this is so obviously photoshopped, it’s frankly kind of pathetic you fell for it.

No. 779796

You see more shirt in the first picture not even to mention more of her front. Are so fucking blind that you can't realize she took off her underwear and took another shot. The images are similar because it's her. There are enough minor differences to account for her having to readjust after setting up for the second shot. Its real move on.

No. 779797

obvious bait from the anon that made the shop

No. 779803

You’re an actual retard if you think this is the case based on the length of hair on her pubis. Did she shave ONLY that area mid shot too? Do her flaps magically have special lighting that makes it different shadow wise from the rest of her fat crotch?

No. 779805

actually, staring at this a bit more it does look…. off?
i dont know if i believe she'd shoop a fake vag or someone dlse but it does look a bit uncanny, i dunno

No. 779806

did** damn phone

No. 779807

she didnt even post the picture

No. 779812

Just because you want this image to be real doesn’t make it so. Even if she did just take off her underwear and shot it again (which she didn’t) then her positioning again for the camera wouldn’t line up as perfectly as it does in the other pic. Jfc get your head out of your ass. It’s photoshopped, move on.

No. 779814

File: 1591937877120.gif (Spoiler Image, 854.55 KB, 530x524, 1591914104924.gif)

Repost for spoiler my bad.
This is another anons image from the previous thread. Imo a better comparison. Its obviously fake, they are literally the same exact photos, but one is shopped. You would have to be a fucking autist not to see it.

No. 779818

File: 1591941585656.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 985x1113, Capture _2020-06-12-02-00-03.p…)

No. 779820


this is from her gym uniform pochaco set, before she was showing off her cooch to everyone. it’s shooped, it’s a one piece outfit so if you see the shirt there’s an issue.

No. 779823

Bless your soul, anon.
Now all of those cucks ITT that want it to be real will hopefully shut up.

No. 779827

is..that her asshole? is it that gaped? jesus christ NSFL. i should've known from the spoiler.

No. 779830

Oh jfc … just look at >>779818
It‘s neither her nor anyone else‘s asshole gaping. It’s shadows.

No. 779878

File: 1592004322008.png (1.11 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-06-12-16-22-06…)

No. 779879

jesus christ those filters do not do her justice do they

No. 779886

Thought so too. Also she’s a fat person so guess she would have more fat on there too, and it didn’t look like she was pulling the skin upwards either.

No. 779912

no one wants it to be real, we just wanted the proof.

No. 779940

She looks like a fat Kris Jenner.

No. 779941

Most people with eyes who have been on the internet for a while can see that it’s a shoop. There’s so many things that don’t add up, it would take an idiot to believe it’s real. So why did you need “proof” outside of looking at the image itself?

No. 779959


Wow this is like jersey shore edition.

No. 779970

Her face looks so off

No. 779984

File: 1592080083948.png (460.02 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-06-13-13-26-02…)

No. 779985

File: 1592080209315.png (745.41 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2020-06-13-13-26-09…)

No. 779988

Bananas are really sugary and not very nutritious. Moo, just because it grows on a tree doesn't mean it's good for you.

No. 779991

I haven't been here in a minute but I've been seeing her go on and on about this weightloss thing like she's some sort of licensed specialist. Yeah she'll drop a shit ton of weight but the minute she goes on one of her 3 week vacations she's going to fall back into old habits so hard because nothing she's doing is sustainable. It is if fitness is your passion but I think we all know this isn't the case. Also she has to be kidding herself with that body fat %

No. 779992

She posted a screenshot saying she was at around 29 percent last week, momo is completely delusional, but I also think she is just using one of those nifty scales that send an electric impulse through the body and then measure your fat composition and its connected to the app from which she post screens

No. 779996

File: 1592090647019.jpeg (412.69 KB, 1920x1920, 0590027C-87E0-4A84-AF86-36357F…)

She just genuinely doesn’t see how much of a hypocrite she’s being with this, does she?

‘Do as I say and not as I do’ pt. 253

No. 780000

did she change her goal weight? I thought she wanted to be 160-170 because that was her "favorite" weight? this bitch is so full of shit saying she loves herself so much more now that she's obese. she's always wanted to be skinny and hates that she's let herself get so huge.

No. 780002

so are grapefruit and pomegranate

No. 780003

What a fucking idiot. Even if it is all fruits thats fucking sugar.

No. 780005

not to WK but there's a difference between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars.

No. 780008

Not really in terms of nutrition, anon. Sugar is sugar, your body doesn't know the source of it.

No. 780009

File: 1592097491757.png (181.16 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2020-06-13-18-05-10…)

"Public violation" Girl, every character in that hentai was raped. Vult is the name of one of the main male characters who gets "first dibs" on the female characters. He rapes Celestine as a result of her failure to protect her people. Afterwards the women, including Celestine, are given to the public to be gangraped

No. 780010

Yeah, but neither Moo nor anyone else got fat because they ate too many bananas. If she wasn’t obviously lying her wide, flat ass off she would be losing weight.

No. 780011

I can’t wait for her eventual meltdown once she’s shed her water weight and realizes she’ll have to actually do more than “3 hour walks” (lol sure Jan) and posing with weights in IG stories to actually achieve her “135” goal weight. She doesn’t have the discipline for it and will fall back to what she’s used to unless she manipulates her family to continue coddling her by prepping her meals.

No. 780020

>sugar is sugar
anon i…

No. 780023

File: 1592102986399.jpeg (204.43 KB, 757x392, 6964E345-1462-4A67-83EC-5A3D72…)

Maybe it’s an automatic setting? 135.6 lbs is an incredibly specific number.

But on her Facebook she claimed that she was miserable when she had a BF% of 15. Lying then or lying now.

No. 780029

Lol. Daddy's discipline, you mean, Moo? Where's that robot like discipline been the last 3 years?

No. 780035

If you don’t know the difference between processed sugar and natural sugar I don’t really know what to tell you anon. There absolutely a difference between 300 calories of bananas and 300 calories of cheesecake

Losing weight is calories in and calories out full stop. That’s what moo doesn’t understand, she thinks she waddle a mile And still lose weight with a shitty diet. Hell, she could eat 1200 calories a day I’d McDonald’s and still lose weight (but she’d feel like shit)

No. 780036

Her weight goals sure are getting lower and she hasn't even reached the first goal of 170-180
But now she wants to be 135? I mean good luck to her. But I wonder what's triggering her so bad she wants to lose weight.
I wonder if the guy she was suppose to do the hentai set with said no to sex.
Whatever happened to that dude anyway?

No. 780037

Yeah, the molecular structure is different because one is a chemical compound that is genetically modified. lol

No. 780041

it's not even as complicated as that, the body just processes different sugars for different things. even fructose vs glucose vs sucrose.

No. 780074

Is there a full insta story archive?

No. 780107

File: 1592158105769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1440x2060, gn3YmoQ.jpg)

No. 780109

it really annoys me how these aren't that bad. Especially quality-wise compared to other people doing this. The issue is that she only looks good after all that editing unlike a lot of people doing this.

No. 780110

Why does she always do such weird faces with such bland poses? I feel like she’s more focused on making these photos a “beauty” shoot than actual porn. She should do more situational or story-esq photos I think, it would suit better with the weird expressions and would stop her from repeating the same poses over and over.

No. 780112

She's trying to go for the "Oh, you are looking at me, I'm slightly shy, but aren't you intrigued?" female whore smolder.

No. 780114


It’s already well known that she has no fucking clue how to look sexy or seductive. She just tries to ape whatever retarded faces she sees in the hentai she watches and thinks guys are are even remotely turned on by it.

No. 780117

nitpick but that eyelash falling off is the only thing I can see

No. 780118

This is so over processed I didn’t even notice she had cum lube on her until j zoomed way in

It’s literally in the post if you could bother to read

No. 780121

I don’t mean to nitpick but god her hotdog blow up doll lips look bad… is she going down the Stephanie Michelle path or?

No. 780122

My tinfoil was that it was the weight of some anime character and I checked a couple (Rangiku, Tsunade, etc) and the closest I found by approximation on bodyvisualizer.com using official measurements is Super Pochaco at 136 lbs.

But also I'm retarded and invested way too much time into this tinfoil so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 780125


Shes said before one of her idols is Trisha so I assume more her look over Stephanie's.

No. 780131


It’s starting to get real creepy how far she is trying to take this “irl anime goddess” shit. It’s like she has no idea how to be a real person at this point.

No. 780134

Moo, don't you already have two dudes desperate enough to take your cash for shoots? With how hard you're fishing right now something tells me they don't want to touch your enflamed cunt with a 10 foot pole no matter how much you're offering them.

No. 780140

I was thinking the same. Square had to do so much editing he just lightened everything to hell and called it a day. These are basically Square's digital art pieces. I just wish he would stop enlarging her eyes so much. It really makes it look uncanny. Well I would also like him to stop shopping off 100 pounds of fat but, yeah

No. 780141

At this point if she isn't using meitu filters square is bc that's what this trash looks like

No. 780142

It was just tinfoil but she was suppose to have done a hentai set with a dude recently and was bragging how she's paying to fly him down. She tossed a lot of money to get this unknown dude to pose with her for the set.

However she still hasn't done it. My guess is she only sent the guy pics where she edited out all her fat. Then got upset when he didn't fuck her, which is the real reason she paid him.
Cuz Moo is super professional about male models "Excuse me, but I didn't give you all those gifts and cash for a photo shoot. Now take off your pants"
She really is a female incel (aka nice girl)

No. 780151

File: 1592172817085.png (7.06 KB, 472x176, isdb.png)

NTA but isdb.pw is closed, here's a screenshot but go ahead and check the link yourself

No. 780159

Pretty sure Alex will do it for the clout points.

No. 780163

File: 1592181291402.png (1.42 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-06-14-17-31-03…)


No. 780164

File: 1592181384208.png (706.73 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-06-14-17-31-13…)

She was with Kevin, at least, while hiking.

No. 780165

File: 1592181772881.png (818.04 KB, 718x1035, Screenshot_2020-06-14-17-37-29…)

No. 780166

File: 1592181902962.png (880.57 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2020-06-14-17-38-05…)

No. 780167

File: 1592181937203.jpg (2.04 MB, 1438x1799, YOvhMFG.jpg)

No. 780169

Is this up in Red Rock Canyon? Families go up there to hike… what a disgusting piece of shit.

No. 780172


Her head is smaller than one of her boobs. That’s .. weird.

No. 780174

Her face looks just like those creepy edited photos of Amanda Bret.

No. 780175


Why does she edit her head so tiny?? You would think she would want to make her body look less big in comparison to her head

No. 780183

Fuck her last round of lipo screwed her up even more. Getting it done only on her upper body made sure it only went down to her legs

No. 780184

she has the face of a 70 year old here

No. 780185

File: 1592186352138.jpeg (4.91 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

No. 780186

File: 1592186697526.jpg (647.09 KB, 1080x2280, cdTTMXe.jpg)

No. 780187

Another surgery or Japan trip coming up? She's being extra thirsty for paypig money lately.

No. 780188

Great job admitting to a crime on your socials Moo

No. 780189

its not illegal to be nude in the wilderness, theres no laws against it

No. 780190

But adding that lewd implies sexual conduct.

If a man had said that there would be calls to register him as a sex offender.

No. 780192

It’s illegal to make porn or be nude in public spaces within a certain radius of children or places children are known to frequent like schools, daycares, parks/trails, etc.

No. 780193

Knowing Moo they went 5 feet from the trail and she started stripping. If anyone had seen her she probably would have gotten the cops called on her.

No. 780197

File: 1592189583876.jpg (560.97 KB, 1440x2960, HwZ3UZK.jpg)

No. 780198

Yeah this is 100% illegal.

No. 780200

So they have to tip her before she will say if she will do the requests or want to do something else.

No. 780201

In Nevada, this constitutes as indecent exposure and can result in fines, prison time and she can even be registered as a sex offender since its a sex crime. She’s fucking lucky she didn’t get spotted doing this because she for sure would have been arrested. I’m not going to go too much into specifics because I don’t want to clog the thread but the laws are easily accessible via google.

Funny how in the span of a few short years, Mariah has gone from talking down to sex workers to debasing herself in public for cash to maintain her hedonistic lifestyle. Hope her mom is proud when she sees it promoted on her IG.

No. 780202

She's following the natural timeline of a sexworker
They all do the "public sex/masturbation" shit, then get called out because surprise you shouldn't do that
Then they pretend they never did it and condemn anyone else who does it.

No. 780205

I know right? Remember when she charged 100 bucks for just topless? Now she's charging 40 for anal and vaginal. She def isn't in need of money unless she wants a bunch of surgeries.

But more likely she's doing this to stay relevant as a "cosplayer"

No. 780206

If you have photo evidence of it happening like she has on her Onlyfans & instagram, doesn't that count as proof/evidence that she committed the crime even without getting spotted?

No. 780208

That’s so disgusting, why did she think this was a good idea? Report her ass, what if a family with small children was hiking at the same time? I’m not surprised she’s stooped this low, but damn how gross can you get?

No. 780209

I dunno why anyone would bother. Momo seems to get away with anything. There is nothing anyone can do because she can always claim she lied about where she was.

No. 780210


This had some good info on what is considered as indecent exposure in Nevada and Moo fits the bill in the case of her pulling this shit at Red Rock Canyon (it’s obvious it took place there since it’s recognizable to locals. Plus, it’s close to her and she’s been there multiple times according to her own social media posts). It’s a shame all the people she harassed in the past didn’t press charges but like >>780209 said, she seems to get away with anything. The bitch is practically Teflon.(cowtip suggestion)

No. 780211

File: 1592196322945.jpg (579.81 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_06-14-11.43.08.jpg)

Looking more horse like with each filler and horrible overbite

No. 780212

Would it be Possible to report someone to the authorities if they post the stuff online? I think Jake Paul was recently charged after a video exposed him for looting at the mall during the blm riots.(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 780213

She really needs to stop abusing whatever beauty app she downloaded

No. 780214

She had more lipo you can see the scars. Working hard my ass.

No. 780215

It’s illegal and of course she’s bragging

No. 780216

Are you really surprised?
I'm just surprised she gets it done every time she heals. What kind of quack is sucking the fat out of her every few months?

No. 780225

?oediv lluf eht tog enoynA(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 780226

Fuck off scrote

No. 780227

No. 780233

File: 1592209022337.png (Spoiler Image, 3.88 MB, 1067x1800, 578DE385-CCAE-4E41-BEEF-AF14CB…)

Jfc she really is devoid of any shame. Every time I think she hits rock bottom in terms of “content” she manages to dig even further.

No. 780235

She is a mad bitch

No. 780236


But you guys… are we really sure it wasn’t just her ADHD that made her do it?

No. 780237

I hope she uses that same excuse to the police when she eventually exposes her nasty snatch to a family out for a hike.

Do we have a photo edit of her fleeing like Bigfoot because that’s what I’m sure people on the trail saw when she finished her recording.

No. 780238

File: 1592210976413.jpeg (161.61 KB, 1280x720, A2403C02-ECE3-45CC-B9E3-45CBE0…)

Samefag but nevermind, I found it! We can probably update it or something.

No. 780240

This is funnier/weirder if Kevin was on this hike with her, what did she do? “Brb my dude gonna step off the trail and shoot some content” is he standing off to the side fucking around while she’s doing this?

No. 780242

He was probably paid to be her lookout tbh

No. 780245


Her sexual descriptions always sound so crude, like a 12 year old doing a google search for porn

No. 780247

That‘s actually the least weird part to me, tbh.
I guess he just waited on the trail. Just like when someone would go pee in the bushes during a hike. Or she told him to go ahead and that she‘ll follow.

Not defending this shit in any way and it’s still hella inappropriate but I guess he‘s aware that she does porn for a living. He should know how retarded she is…

No. 780249

she looks like a fucking tweaker when she starts to "masturbate"

No. 780259

love it, anon. bless.

No. 780260

I mean they probably went on this hike knowing full well this would be the result. I doubt she was spontaneous, they both knew what was going to happen.

No. 780261

something about the phrasing “vaginal or Asshole” is so funny to me

No. 780266

There was a part in the video where it looked like she was talking with someone when she hiked her leggings up. It was clear Kevin was at least standing infront of her.

No. 780267

These recent pictures and her bumpy botch body just has me convinced she got more lipo and cool sculpting done

No. 780275

File: 1592234668108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 373.57 KB, 1076x1311, 20200615_162324.jpg)

Why does it look like she has two assholes?

No. 780279


No. 780281

It’s folds in the asshole skin, and the low quality of the video and ss mess up the shadows, you can see when she stretches her cheeks all the way it’s just a normal asshole.

No. 780282


No. 780287

Her degenerate cucks should start getting bored with long tit jiggle, ass spread, and fake masturbation soon. Considering she likes Euphoria so much I suspect she'll get vile as this goes on.

No. 780289

File: 1592242970500.jpg (71.07 KB, 635x749, 1362800514011.jpg)

It's so bizarre how long she would be coy and tease this, not so much as even showing her areolas through a shirt, and now she jumped to spreading her asshole so quick lmao. Desperation is such a slippery slope.

No. 780292

She acts like it’s empowering but the bitch of it is is that she can’t go back. She did well to play coy for so long but now she’s selling custom asshole vids for $40 (which seems… extremely cheap) so she can’t just go back to “uwu I’m too shy to show my nipples.” Her simps are going to expect $40 bootyhole for the rest of her miserable “career.”

No. 780295

Because she doesn't want to admit she cannot make it as a cosplayer. No one is going to buy her cosplay sets anymore unless there is porn attached to it. She's an irrelevant meme in the cos community. But she wants to pretent spreading her asshole makes her the cos queen and not another cam girl

No. 780298

Between the stills and the clip she's doing everything she can to avoid showing the stretch marks in the front. I just find it kinda funny that she's less shy/embarrassed about showing her spread asshole to the world than stretch marks.

No. 780299

I did notice there were edits in the video, and was confused as to why she’d have such jarring cuts. But you’re right anon, it’s literally just so she could hide her stretchmarks. How sad.

No. 780306

I understand she's trying to move quick so no one spots her (God help them if they did) but she is moving so oddly… is she on something? Her face is so bizarre. I know she's using a filter but her facial expressions, the way she's moving, she's obviously not enjoying it. Love how she cuts it so no one sees her nasty ass stretch marks, too.

No. 780315

I know this is often said but holy hell does she have zero sex appeal or idea of what teasing/being sexy is. There's absolutely no sensuality whatsoever and she has no clue what to do with her breasts. For someone who likes porn/hentai she looks like she's only seen the sex act once in a biology book. Is this the result of never getting laid? I'm seriously baffled, even her expressions are off. She must have been on something. Please tell me she was on something.

No. 780319

You watch porn stars, they do it slowly and even in the outdoor ones they seem cheeky.. she just rubs her tits and crotch like a virgin boy that doesn't know what ero zones are.

… does she know what ero zones are?

No. 780345

File: 1592263059994.png (1.5 MB, 846x1412, thefury.png)

I don't understand how she thinks the filter makes her look better, it makes her look somewhere between uncanny and terrifying. The eyes are like Amy Irving in The Fury kek

No. 780348

I had assumed it was uploaded at 2x speed? But if that's the real video… yikes?

No. 780359

The way that she plays with herself makes it seem like she has no feeling in her chest

No. 780366

She's probably rushing because she knows full well that someone could come walking by and see her and call the cops.

No. 780397

Miserable but constantly bragged about her dad and how athletic she was, but now that she's a fat slob she says he was abusive?

No. 780404

File: 1592284014112.jpeg (913.97 KB, 750x1022, 714A1022-280D-4E54-810C-0F0E84…)

No. 780406

It sounds like how someone would describe a hentai commission from an artist.

No. 780411

File: 1592285503216.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1242x1702, 086FE5D9-F9AC-4435-AF46-99E0C1…)

I know the pic was posted already but it omitted the location tag. I was right, it was Red Rock Canyon and families go up there all the time. She’s such a fucking degenerate…

No. 780414

Her skin is so stretched out from being far. Look at the massive lines on her arms where it's just deep stretch marks for days. Jesus christ, Moo. There isn't a surgery that can fill those types in. I wonder what her plan is.

No. 780417

I get she wants to suck in to look skinny, but every time she does her chin recedes into her neck and its hilarious.

No. 780433

File: 1592295702396.jpg (679.9 KB, 1069x1518, 1569417069588.jpg)

She said it's her first time doing customs BUT Friendly reminder: this was some of the prices the first time she did customs.

No. 780437

It is so strange to see how she is incapable for making sexy faces. I watched the video and I could only really focus on this weird mouth water swishy thing she was doing with her mouth as if she was trying to spit out large amounts of water. And I also found strange the way the panties looked on her, but that might just be me nitpicking.

No. 780438

Pasties/lingerie: $400

Full asshole, pussy, and tits: $40

Wow Mariah is so charitable to her paypigs

No. 780468

I think she realized those prices are ridiculous. Those prices are for a high class whore, and for 800 you should be fucking her.

Then again those prices were when she thought her main source of income was the cosplay and not the porn. Though I don't know how Paetron allows this bull shit

No. 780469

With everything she’s doing now she is essentially killing off her patreon as nobody is going to pay for shitty lewds and halfassed cosplay.

No. 780470

Tbf, her patreon would’ve died either way. Sooner or later. Her cucks were getting tired of her bullshit teasing and lies (‘full nude’ aka still not showing anything they want to see). Especially with those prices.
I’d even go as far to say OF is way more profitable for her now than patreon could’ve been at this point.

It was a smart move of her, financially, to focus on OF-porn and making it more affordable (as long as she keeps going down that path of showing continuously more).

No. 780471

That and it's in her best interest to keep her paetron up. Even if she doesn't make content she can pocket a few thousand every month for cucks who forgot to unsubscribe

No. 780527

Not trying to encourage cowtipping, but it would be so awesome if she tried this again and got caught and registered as a sex offender.

No. 780540

sex workers are all the same. This is disgusting. No one wants to see this and it's easy to stumble upon this since it's a public park. She really went down hill, didnt she? i wish she'd get arrested or reported for this

No. 780542

Tbh onlyfans in general is killing off Patreon thots, which is a good thing. All those people like Mariah can stay in their little bubble sbd Patreon can finally be used for those it was originally created for, actual creators.

No. 780546

Why does it seem like she's jumping right into anal? She's done buttplug pics and is spreading her asshole open before even trying to show off her cunt.
Does she think asshole pics are less lewd or is she trying to appeal to butthole fetishists?

No. 780547

Maybe it has something to do with her obsession of becoming an irl hentai goddess and assholes not needing to be censored?

No. 780564

I think it's mainly two things. The first is that she's trying to sell the "I have a naughty side I've been hiding~" angle. The second is that, as mentioned above, when she takes pictures from behind she can hide the stretch marks in her pubic area.

No. 780601

oh fuck I missed the new thread. I find it kinda funny how these threads are essentially free advertising for her sex work with samples included. Myself and everyone else that lurks for bread crumbs would like to thank the angry trannies and women who have dedicated so much of their free time to obsessing over this cow; I have cum so much with your assistance. The best part is that I don’t have to pay a fucking dime to see that beat up pussy.
TYFYS (´∀`ゞ

No. 780602

She really is straight up a porn star now lol. Wouldnt be surprised if this was already on pornhub.

No. 780603

Imagine beating it off to a slab of cow meat that looks aged and abused. You should go get some help. The incels who simp for Moo are without a doubt the worst.

Or it's Maddie, which is worse.

No. 780604

I thought maybe it’s Maddie too lol. Anyways, disgusting.

No. 780609

It’s probably not Maddie judging by the “free advertisement statement”. More likely a morbidly obese moid who stumbled on this website not being aware of the majority demographic. It seems they don’t even have two brain cells to rub together

No. 780611

>not giving money to the cow thanks to this thread
Sounds like a win to me.

No. 780617

The majority demographic here isn’t a bunch of trannies and women that are constantly at each other’s throat? You could’ve fooled me. Moid is such a funny buzzword, darkcel gaming is so god damn epic lol

No. 780620

I was referring to the “free advertisement” statement. It would be anything other than advertisement posting any of your stuff here. Maybe next time try hiding your powerlevel before you spout out male reddit terms like “darkcel”.

No. 780621

No one cares what you do with your pecker. Anyone who gets off to Mariah's "beat up pussy" is a self loathing beta. But since you're also a poorfag, reaching out for bread crumbs, don't announce it because you'll probably get less scraps. Do you want to ruin your chances of obtaining low quality butt plug photos for your cum in a million?

No. 780623


I’m going to cum again hold on

No. 780624


No. 780630

Now they’re back to sounding like Umbran and Moo herself.

No. 780632

She managed to get the ring off her fat finger if anyone noticed

No. 780639

File: 1592429243777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 811.66 KB, 533x876, vaQQtMK.jpg)

No. 780673

File: 1592436516308.jpg (120.5 KB, 1612x378, nbM6E0r.jpg)

Forgot to mention she posted a gif of her being "fucked" on the floor. I'm saying this because it focused on her upperbody.

No. 780678

So she’s making full on amateur porn videos then. “Cosplay model” my ass.

No. 780679

Christ that’s horrid. The downward spiral is complete.

No. 780680

That bra looks so painful. It hurts me just thinking about it.

No. 780682

No fucking way! Is she actually going to start doing real porn now instead of sad spinster-bation?
If it's true it's hilarious how hard she's eating her own words about slut shaming sex workers right now.

No. 780684

I don't think her photobook is selling as quickly as she thought. Its been out for 9-10 hours now and only sold around 70 copies.

Her previous one sold out very quickly.

No. 780685

Her previous onsen book seemed more… complete? As in, there were three (or more) photoshoots included, and she looked like she put the slightest bit of thought in using different sets and costumes (or lack of them)? I guess it makes sense why it sold out faster. This just seems like reused photos that you can already get a feel for in her ig page.
I cant help but be amused at the tought of moo sitting in her empty house with a bunch of these unsold photobooks lol

No. 780686

She showed off the book on IG and it included the pics of her at Katsucon. It was kind of cheap and I dont think Patrons are thirsting for her nudes as much anymore

No. 780687

not complete until she actually comes through.

No. 780691

Why spend $50+ for a book when you can pay $12(?) for her onlyfans and get tons of nudes? If she wanted to make money off of photobooks she should have made it the only way to see more than what was on instagram.

No. 780692


So now that she is a full blown amateur pornstar not some cosplayer, how long before she is dropped by every convention and no longer featured at all? She burned about every bridge she could before, but now there has to be nothing left.

And at what point do we not care anymore? Her eventual suicide is coming for sure in the next few years after she does enough porn to make her unviable to anyone and unemployable. Bad pornstars wearing cheap cosplay while doing sex badly is all over PH, Moo isn't special in that regard.

No. 780695

Did she get permission from Sakimichan to imitate her art? Is Sakimichan getting a cut of the profit? Why is she crediting her but never asked her to begin with?

Also sakimichan has been dragged and cancelled for her anti-BLM liked tweets and shitty apology. Like Mariah who only posted a few times a day about BLM max, stopped days ago, and is sperging about herself and her shitty ass book on her story.

No. 780696

Do her parents know of her slope down into doing full on porn? What a day to be on the sidelines if they get leaks of her vagina on full display or getting plowed by some random on the internet. Mommy and daddy must be proud of their degenerate daughter.

No. 780698

Also why the fuck is she renting out a gym for hardcore porn? Just use a cheap motel or some seedy theme motel. Or your fucking house. She is going to end up ruining her life with hardcore porn and end up without a savings to show for it.

No. 780699

Imagine a few years from now and her trying to find a job with only starbucks and porn on her resume.

No. 780701

She sure is accelerating very quickly, its only been like maybe 6 months since she finally showed her nip nops now shes spreading her hank hill ass and porn

No. 780702

It makes me wonder if the people around her are full on 'yes man-ing' her to do this shit.

Since Vamps moved out (the only adult in her life) and Maddie (a teenager) moved in moo's degeneracy has gotten much more worse

No. 780705

File: 1592446449178.jpg (141.32 KB, 381x677, yQiCDku.jpg)

No. 780706

But she just released a video rubbing her gross sweaty pussy out in public and has released multiple pictures with a butt plug in, like…? Why is she still pretending she's "shy" or uncomfortable, is it just to try and drag this out as long as she can?

No. 780708

File: 1592447369405.jpg (19.73 KB, 320x233, bbl.jpg)

There you go. She plans on getting the butt lift as suspected.

No. 780709

So a knee tear MRI turns into a BBL consultation? Makes sense.

No. 780712

I'm so ready for her to look like a bloated ass clown, assuming she actually performs the recommended aftercare and doesn't have complications. I can, unfortunately, see her oozing green fluids though with her level of hygiene.

No. 780713

The only anime character she looks like is the witch of the waste.

No. 780715


She is the spitting image of Enya Geil

No. 780717


Because being treated like fuck meat where “anything goes” is degrading and doesn’t feel good. So now she is flipping back to “Oh gee I dunno. I’m so shy uwu. I don’t think I’m comfortable with that stuff” hoping that the degeneracy she invited calms down

No. 780723

Maybe she realizes the fastest way to retire is to do the porn. But her ruining her health and body with plastic surgery is getting rid of her retirement funds.
Is her whole career really dependent on Square editing her picture?

No. 780726

anon she's 22, she can't retire on a few 100k even if she's somehow saved that much.

No. 780727

i mean im a straight guy but i guess now im a tranny or a woman because i have standards oof.betas sure are wacky(Male)

No. 780728

File: 1592461478404.png (822.29 KB, 1200x1147, EV52b8oUcAE46xY.png)

Jesus.. is this what troll remorse feels like? Because I feel really sad now.

Anyways, she's also fuking up her future prospects by not even putting some effort into learning new skills, moo has been trying to learn japanese, "cosplaying" and doing social media for years and she is still dogshit at everything.

No. 780729

"star" is doing some heavy lifting there

No. 780730

Of course, a bbl. it includes a ton of lipo. It takes a year to heal. I can’t wait to see her fuck this up.

No. 780733

NTA just correcting that she's 24 and will be 25 this year. September 1995

No. 780741

she’s only 24?? I thought she was late 20s how unfortunate, her face and body are ruined

No. 780747

on god I can’t wait for this bbl disaster.

No. 780750

yet every day she looks more like she's bordering 50


No. 780759

What? She's done both of these already for anyone who pays to see it. If you're gonna do this kinda shit at least decide if you wanna be shy or go all out, quit flip flopping in between the two. God she's bad at this.

No. 780784

Well now we know why she’s losing weight. Since a majority of board certified plastic surgeons don’t operate on people with bmi’s over 30 for this specific procedure.

No. 780786

I think it's hilarious karma how she used to make fun of fat people. Now she has this amazing income but all of it goes towards weight loss surgeries, lipo and plastic surgeries in a desperate but failed attempt to not be a fat ass.

No. 780801


Wait, she wants to make porn with a dude but says here >>780705 no penetration and masturbation?? Also anybody here thinks that she is going down the porn route because she has no other guy to fuck her?

No. 780803

>no other guy to fuck her
Anon, momokun has a tinder. Males probably consider her a “slampig”. She’s probably sleeping with a different guy every night. She does not need to do porn to make men sleep with her.

No. 780804

I could believe that, but only if she is looking for a fit dude to fuck her. Random incel betas would line up out the door to fuck her. But an average even below average would never fucking touch her. So I could see her thinking she could get a decent fuck out of a paid actor. But at that point hire an escort cheaper and much easier.

No. 780805

I think there’s plenty of attractive/fit men that would sleep with her. The only thing momokun would have to pay for is being seen together in public with him.

No. 780806

The problem is despite being a fat fuck her standards are stupidly high. They have to either be insanely attractive, be of some use to her or the boyfriend of someone she personally knows.

That and she's only doing porn because she's painfully aware no one follows her for the cosplays. But it does seem she's doing the "Look what you're missing out on" thing. So makes you wonder who scored her

No. 780808

Just had a realization. How is she going to survive financially during her recovery from the butt lift? She'll need the surgery money plus a raft for the recovery time.

No. 780809

Moo has never respected recovery time before. Why start now? She'll go back to business as usual in a couple weeks.

No. 780810

She has plenty of money with the release of her new photobook and her finally doing porn. That and I'm sure she has something in savings for surgeries like this.

No. 780812

>thinking moo saves money

No. 780816

Lol moo doesn’t save or invests. She squanders money the minute she gets it.

No. 780818

this if she actually invested she'd brag about it all over SM.

No. 780819

Doesn’t momokun make tens of thousands a month? I’m sorry but she definitely has more than enough left over even with her spending habits. A trip every few months to another country and expensive clothing aren’t going to make a huge dent in how much she makes. You guys inflate her expenses way too much.

No. 780821

You can't be this stupid

No. 780823

The only thing stopping momokun from getting a bbl in the first place was her bmi not her income. Around the time this video was made she had 1400 patreons and right now she is sitting around the same amount and she also has an onlyfans as well. Even with self employment tax rates she’s making a fuckton of money. It’s not like she lives in an expensive state either.

No. 780826

we tinfoil this every thread. she doesn't handle her finances well and she's literally wasting her money on food and lipo almost constantly. she has $$ to burn on whatever because she's not properly saving it and it's really obvious. it's not like moo is smart, she's never even had a real job.

No. 780845

She only cares about men when they’re either
a) currently in a relationship
b) asian
c) basically a doormat
d) all of the above
She doesn’t care about any American randos that want to fuck her. If she wanted though, she probably could have sex because a bunch of guys literally won’t care who they sleep with, as long as it has a pulse.
And also this:
>The only thing momokun would have to pay for is being seen together in public with him
Guys will (want to) fuck the fat chick, but never admit to it.
On top of it she’d probably want the guy to be in cosplay, too so she can make herself feel better about what she‘s doing. And finding a guy that’s willing to fuck her publicly AND wear a costume while doing so? Yeah, good luck with that.

She does make decent money and probably has quite some savings, yes.
But: If what >>780730 mentioned above is true and recovery would take up to a year, that’s a whole other story. If she kept spending money the way she does rn she’ll probably spend all of what she has saved.

What’s more interesting to me is how she’ll cope with not excercising or rather going back to her supposed sudden discipline after pausing for 8+ weeks.
Since we now know she’s only losing weight for the surgery to begin with, she’ll more than likely go back to being a lazy fat slob once she’s done with it. I’m looking forward to that,

No. 780846

My theory is when her accounts get dumped with the money from Patreon/ onlyfans she goes on her crazy spending sprees. It’s like clockwork, first half of the month she’s spending like wild on whatever, herself, friends, trips, bills etc. As the month ends you can tell she slows down, she pushes her sets more, etc etc. I don’t think she’s ever at $0 in her account, I’m sure she does have some sort of cushion for just in case. But it is very clear she doesn’t plan or budget. The fact she waited until the last minute to do her taxes, even after the deadline got extended due to covid, shows me she is very lazy (duh) and that she probably had to wait until she had that money to pay.

Notice after she did her taxes is when she started shilling out the porn. Very curious.

No. 780847

Recovery does not take a year for a bbl, most women can go back to work in three weeks or so. If anything we will just see more toppless photos before she’s able to take her shapewear off. Most bbl recovery is two months

No. 780866

You forget she doesn’t pay for just herself. Moo pays for her lapdogs flight, board, and food when on these excursions. She buys shit for herself and apparently pays of her family every now and then, the house is more money spent. So is the money she spends on bad cosplay, and she has six cats so cat food, cat liter. Vet bills since one of the cats is dying aparantly. Of course food her favorite thing to spend money on, you know her dumb ass is buying only organic food thinking it’s healthier. If you really think she has a lot of money left over when she tries to live like a kardashian your out of your mind.

No. 780885

File: 1592530426614.jpg (652.38 KB, 1250x1874, qrsRxYL.jpg)

Only woman alive known to have skin as blurry as Vaseline rubbed on a lense.

No. 780886

fuck I hope Square charges her double for repainting everything. But then again his anatomy is total shit sooo it could balance out

No. 780890

lmao i thought this was some dumb pochaco set. she's got airbrush halo around her, she probably shoop'd it since usually when she does it she just blurs away wrinkles and folds but doesn't do as much bending.

No. 780892

That carpet sample bikini is making me gag. Her patented slack jawed, braindead expression isn’t helping matters either.

No. 780893

This is the worst editing I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure the water droplets were photoshopped in from a brush preset in the shower set and this is still somehow so, so much worse.

No. 780894

I still think she's cosplaying the dogmobile from Dumb &Dumber

No. 780895

Holy fuck this has me dying. Can we get her shooped as the fucking dog van plz for the next thread thumbnail

This is a new level of low. Like how the fuck you do this bad?

No. 780896

File: 1592535312408.jpg (18.04 KB, 283x280, 1r5pbd.jpg)

Square really needs to tone it down with the vibrancy, it's too damn shiny it looks like a terrible sakimichan painting

No. 780898

Don't be silly. Looking like a sakimichi painting is her goal. You just complimented her. She strives to look as slack jawed and as unrealistically bimbo as the women that artist draws.

No. 780900

File: 1592536447271.jpg (161.71 KB, 830x769, moocoot.jpg)

Gotchu fam

No. 780901

Bless you anon! I’m dyin’!

No. 780902


No. 780915

This is perfect, anon, it fucking sent me

No. 780932

> ‘Mom, can I have hentai?’
> ‘No, we have hentai at home’
> Hentai at home:

But for real, she looks like one of those terrible, terrible rule 34/deviantart porn drawings. Only thing that’s missing is a comically large dick.

No. 780933

Anon even with all those expenses she would have money left over. Don’t think you understand what an exorbitant amount of money she has been making for a few years. She is not hurting for money, but when she is too old to be whoring herself on the other hand…

No. 780935

Fuck man, I know this goes in the calves thread but that wig is so god awful. How do people delude themselves into thinking this is well done?

No. 780944

The wig next to those dark thick brows is so ugly looking. Isabelle doesn’t even have dark eyebrows and has golden fur, why’d she make them so dark?! Everything about this is so low effort, except the wig which was made with too much effort and try-hardism.

No. 780945

Shes probably going to different doctors

No. 780951

I keep seeing posts about how moo can get laid, well sure women have no problem getting laid. Question is, can she get laid by men she wants? No, no she cannot. She has yellow fever but is considered ugly by Japanese beauty standards. She's fat, stubby legged, dark complected, bulbus nosed, loud and obnoxious. Has she gotten fucked once in her Japan trips?
The only men that want her are overweight socially awkward feeders or Bob Vageen.

So yeah she can keep pulling in beta bucks till she hits late 20s and is tossed aside with no chance of getting a stable job. She can keep living a lifestyle of spending tens of thousands a month trying to Frankenstein a body. She can pay for it… for now.

The rest of us poor saps will just have to suffer having a stable career, meaningful relationships with s/os that care about our wellbeing and having long lasting friendships. She sure has it good with her crown of shit on her photoshopped liars chair.

No. 780958

>Has she gotten fucked once in her Japan trips?
If she hasn't, it's not for lack of trying. Anons in Japan have seen her listed nearby on Tinder during her trips.

No. 780960

File: 1592564201756.png (898.1 KB, 913x409, 68RL9Shf.png)


Her most accurate cosplay so far! Isabelle is based on the Shih Tzu breed, Mariah even has the same disgusting overbite and retarded eyes as this ugly dog, truly her best.

No. 780961

That should tell everyone how pathetic and unfortunate looking she is. She can't even get banged by thirsty gaijin hunters on tinder. Even their standards are too high to roll her obease body in flour to look for the wet spot.

No. 780976

Don't do shitzus like that anon.
She's got an overview not an underbite. Either way the dog is a million times cuter than her.

No. 780980

that is the most wall-eyed dog I've seen in a while.
…Oh, but give the pup on the right some extra ear scratches.

No. 780982

Yes men she wants will definitely sleep with her. That’s just how men are even asian men. Though they won’t date her or tell anyone she slept with them. She is a throwaway woman to them

No. 780987

She's not even that. She wishes a Jap guy would bang her. The closest she gets is Squarecuck.

No. 781037

File: 1592599981878.png (Spoiler Image, 535.42 KB, 500x718, cjJ7bmq.png)

Live image of squarecuck during this shoot

No. 781069

She still has 170 photo books left.

She’s likely gonna end being stuck with over 100 of them and with cons cancelled this year and possibly next year she won’t even be able to try to get rid of them at a booth.

No. 781123


Yeah but mention how many she sold. I'm sure she's fine with some left. She'll find a way to sell them.

No. 781125

File: 1592632059440.jpg (328.28 KB, 1176x1920, 20200619_224617.jpg)

No. 781127

Like… I get being impatient but especially right now to pull this publicly is so spoiled. Even if it was shipped there are a lot of packages getting stopped. I've had some packages of a big order get stopped but not others, all sent from the same place.

I wonder if she even emailed them again before pulling this nonsense.

No. 781128

File: 1592635085051.png (275.29 KB, 1800x463, 363D1D89-B89A-4EF1-A5CD-E4DC56…)

I got curious and looked. The first pic is from the same post but the second was a comment she left on another of that accounts post. I’m not going to see just how many she commented on to make noise but she’s coming off as extremely insufferable. If you’re that upset, just request a refund and have your in-house slave Maddie make you a crunchy helmet wig. It’s not unheard of for packages coming overseas to be held for long periods of time because DUH covid. I mean, it’s not like Mariah is pressed for time and absolutely needs it ASAP for “modeling work”.

No. 781129

Jesus Christ Mariah, there’s a global pandemic happening. People are dying. Your wigs can wait, human lives can’t.
What a disgusting human being.

No. 781132


Of course she’s doing Nezuko. Another underage character she’s going to do a lewd “grown up” version for to cater to her pedo fans. Disgusting.

No. 781140

Can't deny you're white if you're acting like this much of a Karen, Mariah.

No. 781151

Bet she’s doing another shitty sakimichan version. Sakimichan is cancelled anyways but i doubt mooriah cares.

No. 781170

it's closed you donkey

No. 781172


can't wait!!! that disgusting shit is fire. gonna shoot mad ropes to it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 781176

Nooo anon she's not white. She's asian muslim! Despite anon confirming she's Mediterranean (white) christian.

No. 781178

It's so weird because she did the same thing with Shad. Does she think these super famous artists are going to give her clout?
Well don't answer, I know it's a yes since everything she does is for clout.

No. 781181

"Can I please get my wig?" lmao. what a baby. what, moo? gonna throw a tantrum because the only part of your cosplay process you actually do (buying stuff online) got delayed? poor thing.

No. 781182

"I don't care we're in the middle of a historical world wide pandemic. I need to pretend to like a show for clout. Soooo unprofessional"
I don't know why she cares so much. No one cares about her cosplays, they just come for the porn.
Or, she could be a sane person and just ask in private for a refund

No. 781184

File: 1592666835179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 485.86 KB, 1079x1054, Screenshot_20200620-182502_Ins…)

Sage as its OT, but saw this rendering of Meg Griffin and had to do a double take, bc it looks exactly like mariah

No. 781196

She probably didn't say anything because it was probably COMMON SENSE that a pandemic was fucking with mail times. She really doesnt get it. Guess that rant was all talk

No. 781197

File: 1592669588967.png (682.25 KB, 760x824, peoplearedying.png)

No. 781204

This is beautiful. I know it's early but this needs to be new thread pic.

No. 781234

File: 1592681346006.jpg (438.57 KB, 1079x1681, Screenshot_20200620-142853_Ins…)

No. 781236

Gotta love it when she doubles down on her bullshit whenever she gets criticized. God, she's such a fucking brat.

No. 781238

Mariah WOULD be a fucking Karen

No. 781239

>I paid a LOT of money for three different wigs
>only mentions one in the other post

Moo says this as if that person's wigs arent just plain expensive to begin with. EVERYONE who is waiting on their wigs from Wisperia paid a lot of money.

God she's such a Karen it's painful.

No. 781257

Why the fuck does she have Maddie then if she’s gonna order from a Russian store that has long been under restrictions before the U.S was under quarantine. What a dumbass!

No. 781287

If I was a successful shop like them I would just refund her and blacklist. I'm sure they can resell them, it's not like Moo ever does any cosplays that are FOTW

No. 781310

Holy fuck, I would absolutely believe that that was her.

No. 781313

It also just highlights her mentality once again. She throws money at it and thinks it will fix and get her everything.

>but I bought three wigs, I paid A LOT of money

>so why am I not your top priority in life yet?

No. 781315

Notice how she said "before the pandemic" and did not give a specific month. I know someone who was getting small and big packages, made the order late March and was getting them months later. She could've brought this up months ago but she KNEW she'd get shit about raising a stink during the pandemic. Now she thinks "phasing" applies to other countries and Moo needs her wigs now!!!

No. 781317

Especially since the virus didn't suddenly start when it hit America. It was already effecting the East for months and even the UK/Euro.
Packages have been delayed since Feb for a lot of people

No. 781322

The 19 in COVID-19 stands for 2019, it's been around since November. She's a moron.

No. 781339

File: 1592704243585.png (2.12 MB, 1660x2048, Screenshot_20200620-184937.png)


No. 781340

File: 1592704355873.png (1.19 MB, 1877x2048, Screenshot_20200620-184959.png)

No. 781342

She's doing the equivalent of a middle aged white woman angrily saying she deserves a haircut

No. 781343


She’s not wrong

No. 781356

File: 1592716824535.jpeg (409.3 KB, 1459x1823, 0ACBC46D-B13D-4307-8956-66D5F3…)

Is Matt still a calf?

Because oooof what is this?(wrong thread)

No. 781377

Yeah of course she thinks they’re gonna acknowledge her when she keeps doing shitty cosplays of their versions lol.

No. 781381

Didn't the pandemic hit Europe months before America, like all the way in December of last year? Is Momo that dense and stupid?
That and her order would have taken at least a month to complete.

Moo really is a Karen

No. 781382

She ordered them around 3-4 months ago when she promised at do 18 cosplays (I'm not joking) and completed 2 since then
So the USA was already on restrictions I believe

No. 781394

Italy started registering infections in late Februrary and (in central/western Europe, at least) it mostly went from there. Restrictions started in March. Iirc Russia was a bit on the later side with everything.
But generally speaking, it was declared a public health concern on an international level as early as January.

So, yeah, definifely could’ve known that shit would be delayed wayyy back. If, you know, she didn’t think the whole world revolves around her.

No. 781395

they apparently found traces of covid in Italian water samples back in december (they're regularly testing the water quality) as >>781381 tried to communicate. But no, Covid didn't start appearing in Europe until end of January. We did close borders and transit really quick so I'd rather trust the wig maker's word than Mariah's.

No. 781405

The comments she left have since been deleted, but screen caps exist Mariah, covering your tracks won’t work.

No. 781415

If moo really deleted these comments it’s because she got flooded with comments calling her a dumbass. 4 years ago she would have been able to get her blind followers to attack Wisperia and cancel her like she did to nana and koreanbbq, now that she’s just a cam whore no one will back her up anymore.

No. 781416


I guess even she could see what a selfish dickhead she looked like complaining about shit like that in the middle of a global pandemic.

No. 781418

Yep. Incels will pay to see your tits and vag, but they won't go to bat for you. That's why they aren't fans.

No. 781420

How can a woman afford two phones but can't afford to employ her ~wig making friend~ into making these expensive wigs herself? A stunt for clout? Not confident in her friend's abilities? She's living with Umbran ffs

No. 781428

>can’t afford
The wigs she’s waiting for are way higher quality than her ugly wigs.

No. 781441


Wisperia's wigs likely cost more than maddie's, but wisperia also sells wig-making tutorials so idk why she didn't either buy the tutorial for maddie or learn it herself (lol @ moo making any part of her own cosplays) if she couldn't wait through a global pandemic for shipping

No. 781451

Maddie wont really learn much of anything. She's convinced her helmet wigs are gods gift to the cos community

No. 781465

File: 1592789340710.png (330.18 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-06-21-18-24-56…)

No. 781466

File: 1592789380631.png (332.92 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-06-21-18-25-01…)

No. 781467

File: 1592789585455.png (220.19 KB, 720x1211, Screenshot_2020-06-21-18-25-06…)

No. 781468

File: 1592789729087.png (161.2 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-06-21-18-25-25…)

No. 781469

Does…. does she think Pride Month is related to Juneteenth/slave history? Why call it Pride Month? Mariah did you hit your head?

No. 781470

Does this basic bitch think people don't know about the American Civil War? She needs to shut the fuck up and go back to showing her asshole for 10 bucks a month.

No. 781473

For people who don't know how Moo's brain works
She's mixing up Pride month with Black lives matter and other racial topics. Forgetting completely Pride is about lgbt
But she needs to be careful with her wording because there are idiots out there who say we should perma make pride month another black history month like "Proud to be insert race here"

No. 781477

File: 1592799248441.jpeg (476.36 KB, 1242x1271, 824AA47F-C508-4A30-8DED-D2B7FF…)

Looks like someone isn’t claiming the Muslim card anymore

No. 781478

File: 1592799276390.png (620.87 KB, 1242x2688, 3633FF5B-8C7D-4A1A-9213-B26C38…)

Triggered much?

No. 781479

It amazes me that Mariah can always manage to set herself up for failure but always pin the blame on someone else like the idiot she is.

No. 781480


“And the whole room clapped”

This is about as retarded as her claim of chasing down a phone snatcher in Peru and the whole street clapping when she caught him. Is she so pathetic that she has to make up stories about beating people up?

No. 781481

She's just nervous because a few anons in the last thread exposed her small percentage of Lebanese as the Mediterranean (white) Christian Americans that came to America like a century ago. She's more American Italian than anything else and is afraid of being called out.

Then she claimed before that makes her asian for weeb points too cuz she thinks people are stupid AF. But yes, most Lebanese do speak Arabic, except for Moo.

I think her dad was play fighting with her and he let her win and it went to her head. That or if he did take Moo down he knows she would cry on the internet about her abusive father. The guy can't win either way

No. 781483

Because she's so full of shit that she needs two of them.

No. 781492

god does anyone remember when moo was claiming her parents and especially her dad was abusive? I'd love to edit the two rants together.

Remember that she blamed her dad for her being 'underweight and unhealthy' and implied he gave her an ED, ripped up her old art in front of her and a bunch of other stuff.

No. 781493

January 2020
>"I had parents who absolutely abused me when i was younger."
>claims to be traumatized and says trauma like 100 times in her stories

August 2018
claims her dad would break her stuff when he got mad and he only took out her anger on her

Stuff like >>781477
really just proves that she was making stuff up. It'd be different if she was saying that stuff when she was still living there but she has her own place why would she in one second claim he triggered an ED in her but then say he's the reason she 'grew to be such a strong soul and individual' MUCH LESS calling him her best friend? Disgusting.

She really loves just flipping the narrative to whatever suits her means at the time

No. 781494


It pretty much changes whenever she is looking for Internet brownie points. Everyone is talking about abuse? “MY PARENTS TOTALLY ABUSED ME AND MADE LIFE MISERABLE FOR ME!!!” Everyone talking about how ashamed her parents must be of her for what she dies for money? “I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD WHO SUPPORT ME THROUGH EVERYTHING”

They pretty much only exist as props for her to display whenever she needs it. I’m pretty sure they are just normal people but a self centered bitch like her needs to make the lm out to either be “the best ever!” or “literal garbage who abused me and made my life miserable” to impress complete strangers on the internet.

No. 781495

I’ll never forget the livestream, she was supposed to be apologizing for the sexual harassment scandal but ended up crying on cam how how abusive her father was.
She even brought out a sketch book of obviously traced anime and said how he ruined her dream of being an artist or some shit. She even got pity points from some anons here, it was pathetic

No. 781498

She thinks she’s so badass lol
Years of being a toxic asswipe to people behind their backs at the drop of a hat made moo so paranoid she thinks everyone is out to get her. What did this chick say that was at all antagonizing? Maybe she meant something bad, but Moo didnt even know it yet so why go off like a 13 year old with something to prove

Embarrassing. How long til it’s deleted

No. 781499

I'm really sad for her father!
Did he know that he would have only a disgust bitch selling pictures of her ass and vagina for people on the Internet for some money? I think he does’nt know anything about this nonsense!!

No. 781501

I think he was aware for a while. He disowned her for a year I think. He lightened up because Moo's mom is a door mat and kept her around. So basically the wife poking him like "you're really going to lose contact with our daughter?"

No. 781508

It’s literally pride month right now

No. 781509

But does her family REALLY know what she’s been doing. she is asking for video advice for porn, talking about POV blowjobs, riding a sex machine and already showed full vagina, asshole on the internet, and exposing herself in public like a degenerate for money? Any normal parent would be ashamed and embarrassed, unless her mother is just as much of an idiot as moo and still thinks she’s a “cosplayer”.

No. 781510

Anon said that because she threw in "pride month" without mentioning anything lgbt related beforehand. The only thing she was talking about was the BLM protests. It's strange she would throw in a mention about pride month and then continue talking about the protests…

No. 781511

What >>781510 said, learn to read. She talks at length about BLM and Juneteenth then throws in pride month and keeps talking about the protests. Like she thinks they’re linked.

No. 781561

Moo hasn't really said anything about pride at all. She is homophobic but tried to cover it by claiming BS sexualities. She has claimed straight, bi, pan, lesbian AND asexual. She has nothing nice to say about the lgbt community

No. 781568

She should follow her idol Trisha's foot steps and claim to be a Transexual gay man next so she can check off every sexuality

No. 781572

Tinfoiling, newfag. Hey, shes mentioned before how both her parents know, father strongly disapproves she said. Mom approves but doesnt go out of her way to look at the obscene material aside from what Moo posts on Facebook and Instagram because her sister and mom follow her on it. Read the threads.

No. 781583

Just an observation and not a newfag, calm down

No. 781594

This is deleted.

No. 781595


sofiakhanofficial's profile says she is islamabadian, something tells me she doesn't have an issue with muslims, but leave it to moo to jump to conclusions and make herself look like an ass

No. 781615

if anything she could be possibly upset Moo here is a fake Muslim and Moo retaliated so harshly out of fear of being exposed and further shunned in the cos community

No. 781634

Was interviewed by the same guy who wrote one of her earlier articles. She shared it today on insta. It has alot of incomplete sentences and grammar mistakes… which makes me think he published it without proofreading it. This was published back in March 2020.


Some weird bits:

>She said she started cosplaying from the Twilight and Inuyasha series. Had friends that thought it was weird but she felt she didn't need to explain herself/do what made her happy

>Says she makes a "mood board" to develop a concept for her shoot. Throws it to Squarecuck to make discuss and set deadlines. She and Squarecuck pump out alot of photoshoots and have a backlog. Square edits a small amount for promos then sends the rest once he's done for final pushout on her websites.
>Says stepping out of your ego and accepting that there is no answer is helpful towards mental health
>Says the best advice she wished she learned at the beginning was to keep quiet about things. Thinks alot of influencers "lose themselves in social media" and overshare.

Sorry I didn't look at when this article was originally posted so I had to edit my prior post.

No. 781687

All the questions were the same from other interviews. Twilight cosplay? Since when? Is it bc there's gonna be another film soon?

No. 781690

File: 1592887409651.jpg (651.78 KB, 1125x2436, K3xpH0V.jpg)

No. 781694

Wait someone paid for a custom and she then posted it?? Doesn’t the defeat the purpose of a custom.

No. 781695

Yea a gif of it. It's common for thots to do it to drum up interest or they time gate a custom then release it to everyone who subs.

No. 781696

I dont think she's ever mentioned Twilight back in the day, especially when everyone bashed on it starting in like 2008 or whatever. I really doubt she'd be the type to like it, let alone cosplay

No. 781697

File: 1592890514445.jpg (357.4 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20200623-013302_Ins…)

Post a video on insta doing squats. Everyone starts telling her she is doing them wrong. Also mentions up coming "knee surgery"

No. 781700

File: 1592892392661.jpeg (84.77 KB, 742x414, D70F7819-7063-4EA8-A028-11A9D0…)


“Mansplainers”. Jesus this bitch actually talks like this?

And of course the clap back comes right after. Super bitch doesn’t like being told how garbage she is at something so she of course has to be all. “I never asked for your advice anyways”.

No. 781701

Something must've happened that made her want to act like this again. Someone piss in her cheerios?

No. 781702

It was pretty obvious she was just trying to show off what little ass she had and did not care about her form at all. We have seen her for squats before and she always does them wrong because the bitch doesn't really work out.

No. 781704

So she has a tear but she’s hiking? And she never shared her tear before?

Yeah right.

No. 781712

Excuses excuses with this girl. Why are you doing squat sets with an mcl tear?
Besides this isn't the first time she's been caught lifting or even just exercising with bad form.

No. 781726

File: 1592916537155.jpg (98.4 KB, 1079x462, Screenshot_20200623-084554_Ins…)

she cant pick why shes mad now, she just knows shes mad for being told shes not right

No. 781727

except you shouldn't be doing them if you can't maintain form. that's like training 101 and really makes it obvious she hasn't been working out. lol

like i think she believes that she can just show up in the gym for a photo/video op and everyone will believe her. but it's obvious to anyone that works out that she doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 781730


So, what would her excuse be if a female that lifts weights tells her her form is shit?

No. 781734

File: 1592921171038.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, Moving_Bubble_Bass_196.png)

I love that this lard ass chooses fitness of all things for her hill to die on. No mansplaining allowed. We stan a fitness queen.

No. 781737

File: 1592921558560.jpeg (684.72 KB, 1578x1119, 73EB90FF-2038-4BA5-9B56-37AC43…)


No. 781740


That’s all it is. People not kissing her ass and telling her how amazing she is at something. So she immediately gets all defensive and bitchy with “I didn’t ask for your input” or “I know what I’m doing and I don’t need you to tell me”. Her fragile little ego can’t handle not being the best at everything she does, so if she’s wrong she doesn’t want to know it. To her it’s all just “haters trying to bring her down with negativity” and “sexists men trying to put a strong woman like her in her place”. When the reality is more “Hey retard. I know you like to delude yourself into thinking you’re this stronk anime goddess who will crush your head with her tihicc thighs, but you’re goin g to seriously injure yourself if you keep working out like that”

She wants the same from her followers that she does of her friends: “I don’t want your opinion. I just want you to tell me how right mine is”. Which is why I’ll just laugh when the dumb bitch inevitably hurts herself even worse.

No. 781741


I’m sure she’d immediately move to criticize the other girl’s appearance in some way. She’s like a five year old when it comes to other girls and just resorts to calling them “ugly and jealous” when called out by one.

No. 781742

she's doesn't care about working out when she relies on plastic surgery and photoshop to appear skinnier. the first thing you learn about working out is if you have bad form, take a breather, compose your form, finish the rep and call it quits. you dont keep pushing your body bc thats how you get injured in the first place

No. 781743

Has anyone seen the video yet , I don’t know if I want to but I want to know how she filmed it ? It’s 1 minute of “fucking” for 40 dollars but I bet it’s just a ribs up view of her tits flapping

No. 781744


That’s not what she wants to hear though. What she wants is to be told is how much of a “workout queen” she is and that she should be teaching classes because she’s so good.


I’m sure there’s loud running water so you can’t hear anything and an chest high view of her awkwardly bouncing her flapjack tits with no rhythm whatsoever and her making stupid faces at the camera.

No. 781745

If you know you’re making mistakes and Iig you’re filming so you can fix your mistakes, then aren’t the people giving her advice exactly what she wanted??

No. 781747


No. What she “wants” is to be told how much of a “workout warrior queen goddess” she is and how completely flawless she is at everything she does. She doesn’t want to be told she is bad at something or that she is doing wrong. She wants to shut the fuck up and kiss the ground she walks on.

No. 781748

Yeah its stereotypically lazy and exactly like that

No. 781752

If her excuse is that she took this video after doing a few sets and is sore, why didn’t she take the video on her first set when her form was supposedly perfect?

No. 781753


Because it never was. It’s just her horseshit excuse because someone called her out. She doesn’t know what she is doing and doesn’t like being told that so she has to comeback with “Ummm actually, I know what I’m doing and I don’t need misogynist pigs like you telling me what to do”.

No. 781756


She knows that a portion of her paypigs like fat girls or are feeders right?

No. 781757


Doesn’t mean she likes being a fat girl. Despite her “happy with my body how it is” bullshit she hates being fat. Hence the constant lipo and surgeries. She doesn’t want to be fat but she also is too lazy to actually put in the work to lose weight and just wants some miracle cure that will instantly shed 30+ pounds off and keep it off without her having to change anything.

No. 781759

File: 1592930650743.jpg (Spoiler Image, 297.67 KB, 320x549, iOvje77.jpg)

Moo is standing. Moo lies on floor. Moo rocks herself like she's getting fucked, on the floor. Moans and says "fuck me" like once or twice. That's it.

No. 781766

Somehow the lackluster explanation you gave us is hilarious to me lol. I'm sure its more entertaining than her video.

No. 781768

I tried my best. It really was lackluster. Her room was messy and it was kind of like "??? I thought you had a ~male model~ to do scenes with but guess not"

No. 781770


Guess he got a good look at her and noped the fuck out. Of course “model” doesn’t mean the same thing to her, which comes professional decorum. What she wants is a new fuck buddy arm candy to tote around as her new “boyfriend”. Complete with expensive gifts, dinners and vacations as well as dicking her down in the middle of a shoot.

No. 781775

maybe that's why she's cunting it up the past few days.

No. 781784

She chooses to show off your back but all I can see is her upper body. The fat and sagging skin. And she had multiple sessions on her back and sides too and she still looks like that

No. 781786

She is infamous for sexually harassing male models during sets, why they rarely work with her despite her paying them a large sum.
It's the ONLY reason she over pays her models. Not out of the kindness of her heart. She really is a male incel.

No. 781789


“But I bought you all those expensive gifts, hotel rooms and dinners! What do you mean you aren’t gonna sleep with me?!”

Yet she has the nerve to get on her moral high horse and bitch about “toxic masculinity” and “male entitlement”. If people knew about half the shit she does to guys they’d be calling her an incel too. Let alone imagining if the roles were reversed. If she was a male cosplayer demanding sex from a female model she’d be buried within seconds of it coming out.

No. 781797

I think youre confusing female models and only 1 mentioned a shoot. Onky guy who she touched and never even came forward was the convention hall molestation.

No. 781821

No way she's actually getting dicked down in this one. There's probably music in the background and she's just moaning alone like the idiot she is

No. 781823

She was playing city pop again. No waterfall, however.

No. 781824


I've seen the full video and you are correct. Just her mindlessly moving without any rhythm while having a dumbfounded look on her face.

The only question I have left is how long before she is doing full hidori rose like videos. At least she puts in the minimum effort for cosplay unlike Moo a "professional cosplayer"

No. 781843

I think it was last year she flew a guy down for a shoot who had a girl friend. She bought plan tickets, took him out to dinner, bought him a lot of gifts and was taking a lot of pics where she was all over him and making mushy feely posts when they barely knew each other.

No. 781860

File: 1592983392472.png (329.25 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2020-06-24-00-15-08…)

No. 781862

File: 1592983887932.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, DB14578E-3B22-4BAD-85F9-B591DF…)

what the fuck

No. 781863

She knows some states don't allow call recording?

No. 781865

File: 1592984650379.png (783.86 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-06-24-00-40-34…)

>sperge ranting about masks
>cites her friends, Amazon and Yaya Han as places where to get masks
>passive aggressive as ever

No. 781866

File: 1592984803673.png (1015.14 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-06-24-00-41-04…)

No. 781867

She will literally do anything to stay relevant at this point and using the BLM movement like this is just gross. I don’t mind people using their platform to boost useful info but she’ll turn around and claim she had “SO MANY” people message her with proof they called and that means she made “all the difference”. It shouldn’t take incentivizing disgusting lewd selfies to do the right thing.

I know it’s a nitpick but she misspelled Breonna’s name… Just like with George. Jfc Moo.

No. 781868

Says the woman that groped herself in public… without a mask on. She has some nerve going on about the public’s health when she doesn’t even follow her own advice.

No. 781869

She says this right after demanding to be treated by Wisperia as if there wasn’t a pandemic going on and there weren’t 7k+ new cases in Russia on a daily basis.
She also says this very shortly after visiting this wolf sanctuary without any face masks whatsoever. Bitch only cares about people being mindful of other people’s health when other people is her.
Maybe someone coughed in her face or she realized she’s a high risk person because of her weight. Either way, hypocrite as usual.

No. 781870

Transcript anon here. You love to hate it! Another late night rant from our peace warrior kween:

After >>781865 string of insta posts:

>Understand the concept of people who literally bitch and moan about not wanting to wear a mask. Stop being a baby, it's not about you! It's about everybody else and making sure everybody else is okay. It has nothing to do about your right as a piece of shit human being!

>It has everything to do about taking care of the people around you
>Do your part…as small as it is…and put the fucking mask over your stupid mouth!
>If you personally don't wear a mask when you go outside in public, unfollow me. I don't want you here. If also you don't support spreading the news of police brutality. Peace! Shoo!
>If you're personally real offended by anything that I've said, you little special fucking snowflake - leave~
>It's not about you! It's your own ego that is huurt~ 'cause you're an asshole~
>For just us who are doing their part: let me just say a huge thank you for continuing to wear your mask, and sanitizing and washing your hands. You guys are- I know its hard, I know it's tough right now, and I know it can be mentally draining but you guys are making a difference you guys are helping to heal the world and I'm so proud of you guys. Please dont think that your efforts are not helping everybody else 'cause they are and it's very admirable. And thank you for doing your part it means alot.
>I was at the gas station today and I always spray down everything and I have my little [makes noises]. And it was weird- all these old white men just staring at me like- like coronavirus isnt a real thing. 'cause he's over it y'know. They're done with corona. He's like "okay I'm done with it" y'know cause thats how it works in White America theyre just like "we're done!" [giggle]
>I'm just at gas stations, likie literally anywhere I go I'm like-I have my own [?] spray and I'm like [noises]. And I get weird ass looksas if like I'm overdueing it or I'm being TOO cautious. I'm like okay~ [clicks] Okay, Karen.
>Okay. If you feel personally offended by anything that I've said, you do not need to stay here. I am not holding you hostage! Do not attempt to follow me! Nor do I want your follow~
>I get the big bag, I don't need your fucking follow. You do not mean that much to me. Bye
>For those who, uh, do their part? UNGH! I could personally just [slurp sound] I would!
>For all purposes…that was a joke!

tl:dr: Moo was being theatrical at the gas station spray sanitizing the pump. A bunch of "old white men" were staring at her. She big mad because people cannot have a different opinion on real life events that cater to their own unique circumstances.

No. 781878

I don't know what she expects to accomplish. I doubt some low-tier thot making some calls will suddenly end police brutality. Maybe she should get her "lawyers" involved, heh

No. 781879

Considering she went to the wolf sanctuary duringnthe lockdown and then went for her thot asshole viewing.. I mean hike.. without a mask, she's full of shit as usual.

No. 781891


I don’t know how her fans aren’t completely sick of her constant “if you don’t like ____, the get off my page. Bye bitch!” posts. Every week it’s another damn hypocritical purity test with her. I’d just be sick of her at this point.

No. 781895

But she has been caught multiple times not wearing a mask in public. She's the queen of hypocrisy

I know right? She's over here pretending she's Jacksepticeye. That spreading her asshole and being a toxic human being is helping anyone but herself.

Moo here's a tip. You clearly don't know how to be a genuinely nice person. Every time you try your actions are just 100x worse than what you intended. Cut the crap

No. 781907

During the pandemic didn't she post a gross ass video of her spitting in Maddie's mouth? Sit down Moo

No. 781914

What a dumbass. Not even smart enough to realize her demographic isn’t peace and love weebs. It’s incel neckbeards with swords hanging on the wall and gross freaky old republican white men.

No. 781938

File: 1593039476998.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1994, 5DFD062C-893C-4C37-8EAC-1C08B9…)

No. 781941

I mean that’s a pretty cute outfit but for autumn, not summer.

No. 781942


That dress is actually nice. Leave it on and she makes a passable Torrid model. Remove it and she returns to dumpster sluts gone horrid.

No. 781949

File: 1593042941104.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x2073, DA17D0A7-5C36-4C8D-AB90-2C5FD5…)

I mean, you’re not wrong.

No. 781952

No. 781953

The music is hilariously off-putting! Like fucking a fat old lady who fell on the carpet.

No. 781954

this should have only been the first 30 seconds after that it's just awkward and boring. She really shouldn't give that a whole minute to look at her ugly outfit and over filtering.

No. 781956

Its funny how she keeps raising her chin higher in order to have a semblance of a jawline.
Her downfall is hilarious, I get the feeling that she thinks rocking herself in the carpet like a flea-infested dog is more reputable than straight up doing porn.
Look at where that cheap spandex suit got you, Moo. We're all proud of you.

No. 781957

Her "moaning" sounds like her just being out of breath from the rocking. Also I'm pretty sure this hoe jerks it to herself lmao

No. 781960


Wtf is this? I mean of course it’s porn if you wanna watch someone rolling on their backfat rolls on a dirty floor, otherwise with the music and the fact she’s not actually doing anything except scratching herself I can’t even think this isn’t an ad for what hell might look like.

No. 781962

omg the music is so loud and she just makes the same face with no progression. Who could get
off to this?

No. 781964


People who’ve never had sex. Ever. Or seen the internet. The fact that she’s so fucking stupid she even shows she isn’t inserting anything or even trying is the lowest effort shit I think I’ve ever seen. I mean even a literal special needs person could make porn how stupid do you actually have to be to even fuck this up this badly?

No. 781979

I guess the last few orbiters she has and some dumb, poor wankers. If this is what she makes now, it’d make more sense to just straight up go into making porn and not this shit.

No. 781980

Anon I’m pretty sure she did run out of breath half way through.

No. 781984

File: 1593055346414.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1836, uvh8o2o3ou841.png)

Is she trying to rip off of this girl since this girl's fundraiser was a massive success?

No. 781989

This is old news. Moo already pulled this stunt during the fires after seeing her post while posting graphic images of charred koalas.

No. 782008

Nothing will ever top the image in my mind of her holding a phone on a selfie stick rocking herself back and forth on her carpet making dumb porn faces she thinks is sexy with music blaring in the background. The mental image of it alone is hilarious.

No. 782012

Omg literally this. About halfway through her face just screams ‘omg are we done already? can I stop? this is exhausting’. Combined with the what at this point is just heavy breathing …

Also what >>781960 >>781964 said. She wouldn’t even need to actually insert something, but she could at least make it look like something is happening so it isn’t just her rubbing her back rolls on the carpet.

No. 782014

Belle Delphine did this last year, made bank off of it. But she actually looked believable. There is a market for pov sex. Moo just seems like she just sucks in bed.

No. 782030


No. 782034

I think she took it down lmao

No. 782035


Let’s be honest based on all the photos and videos she has no idea how to act sexy or sexual in anyway. It’s always looks terrible and awkward.

At this point I’m not convinced she’s ever had sex or even touched herself.

No. 782039

I don't think she's a virgin, didn't she send nudes before becoming this mess? I mean if she was sending nudes i guess she was getting some action. Anyway, that doesn't change the fact she's awful at sex or being sexy.

No. 782044

It’s a reach to say she’s never had sex, but that doesn’t mean she was any good at it. The whole KoreanBBQ drama was because he was fucking her on the side and she wanted more than that so she ruined him when he rejected her.

No. 782048

Down already? Where's the mirror in this mf

No. 782057

I've heard she's hooked up with guys and they say she's bad in bed.

No. 782058

she def is not, but doesn't mean she has skills in bed. Some people are just better at sex.
Moo only sees sex as a means to get something so of course she sucks at it.

Anyway, she had a boyfriend before her cosplay career, a few of her classmates said she loved sleeping with taken boyfriends (they are teenage boys so no surprise there) Korean BBQ before she got too fat, and a few more who gave her a quickie for some clout.

It's harder for her now since she has no clout and is just a cam girl. So she can't really offer a guy anything other than an itchy crotch and an infection.

No. 782068

She has clout.. sort of? What he has is a paybase of feeders that don't leave their basement. Guys she wants to fuck will not fuck her unless she becomes their sugar mama. Making her the literal rarest of unicorns, a girl that has to pay to get laid. Imagine, paying for sex. Kek

No. 782117

File: 1593138604768.png (819.99 KB, 1242x2208, 326BB8DA-A576-4F36-A320-E0CDEC…)

>I won’t tolerate people who bring up my past transgressions for which I never apologized nor took responsibility for or learned from.

Just… shut up Mariah. You never made an attempt to better yourself. Any time you fucked things up, you waddled away from accountability.

No. 782121

Oh, well, Mariah that just seems like you need to shed your own ego and accept that not everything needs a answer right?
For someone who hates Twitter you sure like sharing screenshots from the app.

No. 782123

?? What the hell is she talking about. No one cancelled Jenna, Jenna literally came out of nowhere to cancel herself. If she even watched Jennas content, she'd know that it was fairly obvious Jenna wanted to quit and move on for a while now anyway. She was already going to quit, this was just an easy way out.

Before this, barely anyone was saying anything about her other than that she should stop supporting Jeffree and Shane which like said…the amount of people pointing that out was so small. She wasnt trending over it or anything. I dont know, I feel like by NOW mariah would know to at least look into something she's talking about a LITTLE bit lol. She looks insanely stupid popping off about something she doesnt know even half the situation of.

I guess it's just another case of a hit dog hollering though. Reopens old wounds of her being rightfully told to fuck off. Idk maybe instead of screaming into the void about how everyone should shut up and accept your apology, you should actually idk, just be a better person?? Hint; a better person doesnt feel the need to constantly bring up that they're a better person now

No. 782124

File: 1593140289995.jpg (674.11 KB, 1874x1250, bLGnIjb.jpg)

Samefag but in addition:
I don't expect someone who stans the fuck out of Jeffree Star to UNDERSTAND what Jenna and Shane did (in regards to blackface) is WRONG. It is immature for her to vomit up a false narrative in support for black lives then to turn around and say this bullshit. Your support is performative, Mariah.
Anyways, here is her blurred ass

No. 782125

File: 1593140324619.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.04 KB, 1439x2160, FYMkVY7.jpg)

No. 782127

File: 1593140431067.jpg (357.22 KB, 1439x2161, ex9lon4.jpg)

No. 782129

She always looks so bored and so tired of doing her job fuck if I was making the money she did I'd be looking fucking chipper knowing I did bare minimum and got thousands

No. 782155

those cankles kek

No. 782163

Also, even outside of Jenna obviously wanting to pack it up and focus on other things for a while, Jenna actually showed the audience first hand what she did/said, and apologized. Then she showed she had actually changed.

Here you have Mariah who just pretends like it never happened and tries to bury or distract from everything she’s done instead of outright addressing it and apologizing. You are no Jenna Marbles, you cow.

No. 782164


Why is the wig orange??

No. 782173

Jenna did what Moo did not. Moo likes to retract from the fact that people held her accountable for doing something male cosplayers would instantly get kicked out for.
Saying cancel culture is ~toxic~ is saying you cannot and do not want to be held accountable for the bad things you've done. Mariah lived without consequences for her actions as a child, she finally did face a consequence as a adult. What did she do? Blame something else. Blame someone else. Say she was abused. Continue to make jokes about it WELL AFTER THE FACT and then you chalk up another fuckup on the board. She is mad that people remember, she is mad that she was being recorded doing these things and these things remain on the internet. Funny how she still acts like this, has no true friends and holes herself up in a cookie cutter house in suburbia.

By the way, Moo, growth and change requires you to SHOW that you've done it. A couple of days ago you were insulting your "fanbase". Clearly you haven't grown.
Apparently Umbran is blind.

No. 782190

Because it’s made by Umbran. She often uses wigs that aren’t the color they’re supposed to be.

No. 782197

File: 1593155066103.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1195x606, BSm2kaw.jpg)

rubbing her coochie and poking her crusty foot into frame wow great content

No. 782213

Lol, that filter. Is this supposed to be a painting?

No. 782243

Oh please. Moo is too irrelevant to be cancelled. She's nothing but a feeder fetish cam whore. Not even a costhot at this point. Just a fucking cam whore showing her asshole for rent money.

No. 782249

You are 100% correct. She can’t be cancelled because her “fans”/paypigs are absolute filth.
Only other “cosplayers” that care about her are patreon thots looking to poach customers, legitimate companies and artists won’t touch her with a 10 foot pole.
People willing to pay to watch women degrade themselves don’t really care about what those women have to say.
I’d wager a month’s salary we lolcow people watch and listen to her instagram stories more than her fans.

No. 782276

technically she never gave a meaningful apology. she never directly said sorry to those girls and instead gas lighted them and claimed they only wanted to take her down because they were jealous of her. Then blamed her actions on ADHD

No. 782277

exactly. If she stopped trying to benefit from human (and animal) suffering maybe she wouldn't be seen as such a piece of shit. But every time something tragic happens she's basically drooling at the idea that maybe she can get some clout out of it.

No. 782278

half-naked dopey obese Isabelle, just what everyone wanted

No. 782288

File: 1593186010020.jpg (60.22 KB, 854x960, 106423361_2686179158375838_886…)

her photography is becoming more like this with each post

No. 782387

Her nipples look so poorely sewn back on here.

No. 782388

Sage for OT but I hate this picture so much because the fur panties make it look like shes showing off her hairy Isabussy.

No. 782390

File: 1593231812766.webm (1.56 MB, 640x1136, mariahmallad_106118654_2588815…)

This filter she is using is so terrible

No. 782392

She doesn't even play WoW wtf is she on about the horde??

No. 782396

She jumped on the Classic train and streamed it a couple of times afaik

No. 782403

File: 1593238019190.jpeg (488.36 KB, 1242x1845, 3AA2D060-B595-4922-BF24-F41D86…)

Moo’s been sharing a bunch of posts from this account every so often in her stories. She’s oblivious to the irony.

No. 782410

File: 1593251081852.png (2.14 MB, 1110x1680, 5D23D145-E946-40BA-B37B-438AEA…)

Sure Jan.

No. 782419

She’s obviously just making excuses for herself. I highly doubt any of her followers - whether male or female - care enough that one slide and a simple ‘couldn’t work out as much due to busy schedule, so nothing’s changed’ wouldn’t have sufficed.

It’s basically just as expected: She was motivated and disciplined as long as she got instant gratification but as soon as she has to put effort into it without an instant reward, she loses interest.
But it’s basically what almost everyone who’s fat due to laziness experiences: The first several pounds are easy, you lose them rather quickly but then you hit a brick wall and it takes a lot of dedication, effort and discipline. Which most of them (including Moo) don’t have, otherwise they wouldn’t have gained as much in the first place.

So, once she has a manic episode in a week or two she’ll be ~right back on track! and super motivated! for a few days until she gives up again. Rinse. Repeat.

No. 782426

File: 1593263445874.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, 2E67AC90-CA64-4649-B1C6-B28834…)


She’s also probably pissed at Maddie’s progress

No. 782427


And this is what happens when you actually eat less than your basal metabolism.

There would be no way Momo would be 201 if she sat around her house all day, eating less than 1500 calories.

No. 782429

>real estate, investing, accounting, products, and managing

kek those sure are some Business Words

No. 782430

She’s so far sold 145 out of 300 of her photo books in about 10 days.

No. 782436

not saying she hasn’t been losing weight for awhile since she skateboards but it’s really funny how this weight loss seems like it came from her spending a week or so at home out of moo’s house kek

No. 782439

There is absolutely no way anyone of her size is eating 1500-1700 a day and losing weight as rapidly as she claims she is

No. 782440

And Maddie didn't need multiple rounds of lipo and cool sculpting to get there either

Moo on the other hand needs the fat sucked out of her and even then she still gains 50+ pounds in the course of a year

No. 782442

While her family is full of real estate sellers and politicians, I highly doubt she's going that route. Seems like she's making excuses much like how before she wanted to be a teacher, a pharmacist, a whatever her friend of the week wanted to be.

No. 782443

She changes her "dreams" every month. Last month she wanted to open a legit cat shelter. She's just scared that her future is low quality porn

No. 782444

The future is already here- she IS low quality shit tier porn. Just waiting to watch her simps get bored with that and her go full out. Slippery slope and in moos case it’s been insanely steep.

No. 782446


To maintain her weight she's obviously eating maintenance calories. More likely she's gained weight and that's why she's not posting weigh ins. I feel like if she was truly maintaining she would sperg about "plateaus" and try to flex that she's gaining muscle faster than fat. Someone her weight can lose 1-3 lbs a week with proper calorie restriction.

No. 782457

Yeah exactly. Also she very quickly gained quite a bit of weight when she moved in with Mooriah. Moo is probably very bitter about Maddie actually taking care of her health.

No. 782458

I think she sabotages female friends who live with her. Vamps also gained a lot of weight living with Moo but lost it the moment she moved out. I can honestly see Moo buying fast food and pretending to be nice but also thinking "You can't afford lipo but I can. Eat up fat ass"

No. 782460

I thought the same lol. She really has that narcissistic and selfish personality type it seems.

No. 782473

Must be the fit tea, anon! If you shit like a fountain, you COULD ALSO LOSE 100'S OF POUNDS!
She's fucking delusional.

No. 782476

File: 1593291392023.png (1.28 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2020-06-27-13-54-09…)

>of money
>of good friends
>of morals

No. 782478

File: 1593294370972.png (865.91 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2020-06-27-14-44-10…)

No. 782479

File: 1593294394241.png (889.64 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_2020-06-27-14-44-31…)

No. 782480

File: 1593294828747.png (954.91 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-06-27-14-51-03…)

Who did she pay

No. 782481


I hope whoever it is hes in a full hazmat suit before he gets near her.

No. 782484

If it wasn’t for her tiny head this could actually be a decent look/outfit tbh.

No. 782485

Even when she did stream, she was playing Alliance. Further proof she just parrots ancient memes for clout without a clue about what they mean.

No. 782490

File: 1593297775355.jpg (333.01 KB, 1439x1802, 7rA2ICZ.jpg)

you were saying

No. 782491

Whatever filter she's using makes her looked like a botched over filled housewife.

No. 782492

File: 1593298215311.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, 3A3A1133-6EBB-4F03-832B-E66FD2…)


Here’s the IG clip. The filter is struggling to hold her features together and failing.

No. 782493

It looks like the Snow app with all the features set to 100. Uncanny.

No. 782494

File: 1593299758985.jpg (382.41 KB, 1439x1802, 1593297775355~2.jpg)

The seams were at their limit

No. 782495

That whole dress is at it's limit. She has to bend over and cover half her girth with her ham shank arm to try to lie about having a waistline.

I'm still laughing at yhe face tuning her into having a small upturned nose, instead of her Jimmy Durante schnoz.

No. 782497

I haven't seen dorito chin editing this bad outside of Korea/China

No. 782499

File: 1593303128056.gif (4.07 MB, 320x240, Qvid.gif)

Momo the moment she stands up straight and breaths out in that dress

We wont be seeing this thing twice

No. 782500

File: 1593303557067.jpeg (725.89 KB, 750x1110, 66FFB947-D5BE-4DBB-8078-719477…)

Yeah this. Her editing is starting to look like this girls editing.

No. 782512


Wow she really fucked up her face, didn't she

No. 782516

File: 1593310944934.png (739.47 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-06-27-19-19-51…)

Who is the guy close to her

No. 782517

File: 1593311904924.png (702.84 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-06-27-19-37-19…)

No. 782518

File: 1593314166205.png (851.49 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2020-06-27-20-14-08…)

Found him. He also has a OF

No. 782519

Oooh could this be Moo's paid cock?

No. 782520

Of course she went after someone who looks Asian and is way more fit than her

It's absolutely hilarious bc she thinks these men have any attraction to her fat lard ass

No. 782521

File: 1593314484837.png (786.54 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-06-27-20-14-18…)

No. 782522

File: 1593314858849.png (437.07 KB, 720x889, Screenshot_2020-06-27-20-22-07…)

He is a dancer. I'm laughing to myself that Moo exercised her ass off to impress this ~fit azn BOI~

I searched the dprjohnny guy thinking it was him but he shaved his head and left. He also changed his account name. I scrolled to every Asian guy in her list and they literally all look the same: same eboy hair style, tattoos, ripped and is on social media.

If this is her new cock, he has a strong friend group so I believe he won't bend easily

No. 782524

This is almost as sad as when nikita dragun was hurt her PAID boyfriend didn't really like her. I feel like this is the road Momo's sprinting for
"But I paid for this and this! I'm no golden goose! Fuck me!"

No. 782525

lmao he doesn't show Moo in his story

No. 782526

Moo is being sneaky as usual and not showing herself because she knows people will say something. Too bad~

No. 782543

File: 1593326232249.jpeg (149.45 KB, 750x520, AFB1F6A6-8964-4E3F-9FCD-287F22…)

Sorry for the bad sencoring but kinda laughed at this comment lol.

No. 782555

When will she realize that wearing things that are too small makes her look even fatter? She's so obsessed with the number on the tag that she's totally overlooking the fact that she looks like an overstuffed sausage.

No. 782566

Maybe he's looking for motivation to kill himself, and he figures fucking Moo will push him over the edge.

No. 782583

So did she end up fucking a guy?

No. 782586

No, lol she's not doing anything and people were looking for him to warn him for HIS sake to avoid backlash as he's not a terrible person.

No. 782596

I hope he figures something is up with Moo right away. Usually nice people keep their distance. But we have seen plenty of people change cuz Moo throws money at them who turned into ex calves.

No. 782598

She already did. They went to a BBQ place last night she goes to all the time (she was not present, probably because the guy had like 7 people with him). She put money down for a limo. She probably also paid for the hotel room they made content in. She's not looking for a business partner but a fuck buddy. I am assuming she wasn't present because he had friends, they're all in digital marketing and she would've gotten her ass roasted for not know as much as she does.

No. 782602

sage for tagging onto you for a second but I love how she’s been getting limos for her group outings lately (the last one before quarantine in Vegas and now) it puts into perspective how big shot she thinks she is. It just seems like the dumbest flex

No. 782603


Yes still people sperg about how can Moo spend all her money and not have a savings? She does dumb shit like rent a limo for a normal night out to impress everyone. Can't wait for the vague posts about how all men are trash when this rent-a-dick doesn't treat Moo like a queen when the camera stops.

No. 782604

Anon she makes easily 20-40 grand a month. She can definitely drop on renting a limo. You guys act like she buys several cars/houses. That would literally be the only way she would be hurting for money is if she made much larger purchases but she doesn’t.

No. 782605

40k a month and she looks like that. Not even worth it.

No. 782607

Yes she’s lazy and no amount of money or surgery will make her attractive or skinny. That’s why she has to buy a handsome man’s attention. But even an average person wouldn’t be hurting for 70-90 an hour to rent a limo.

No. 782610

File: 1593374625164.jpg (400.78 KB, 818x821, wW0aJHV.jpg)

No. 782611

I can't tell if she put it halfway down her boobs like that because she thinks it's sexy or because she's trying to prop up her boobs so they don't hang down to her waist.

No. 782612

To prop them up. Dresses like that only look good and fit well if your boobs are, you know, not down to your belly button.

No. 782613

Jfc she looks sloppy gross in this dress, obvious corset lines, tita falling out the sides, she still can't show her ham shank legs. Good od what a fucking mess.

Atleast this one isn't ripped at the seams, that we can see anyway.

No. 782615

Christ just get the proper size. The cut is perfect for her shoulders but come on.

No. 782616

Now I'm wondering if she bought these dresses when she was skinner and didn't expect to gain the weight back. I wonder if she's going to balloon back up when the guy doesn't want to date her

No. 782618

Can't feel pity for this dude, he took her money. A quick googling of her name or handles reveals all her sins, but he's still going to slam the pig for some quick cash.

No. 782619

Doesn't work that way, because unless someone comes up to you AS A BUSINESS you normally don't go "hmm lemme background check the FUCK out of this person."

She always acts shady/tries to hide things, very good chance she did this transaction (that nothing happened btw) in a way it didn't raise any alarms for him.

Besides, farmers and other people who catch wind will warn him to stay away.

No. 782622

>Doesn't work that way, because unless someone comes up to you AS A BUSINESS you normally don't go "hmm lemme background check the FUCK out of this person."

Well yes, but actually no.
In the usual, average business world, that’s what it’s like. But any semi-decent, reputable influencer will check out the person they’re working with publicly. Only those that thrive off drama and gossip will check or even care about what the person has done as long as it isn’t something really bad (like, genuine pedophilia etc) and publicly known.

Since this guy shoots with Moo to begin with, he either doesn’t care enough about his reputation to check or doesn’t take any of the ‘accusations’ seriously.

No. 782629

Anyone know where this dress is from though?

No. 782631

It’s kinda weird how quickly this is escalated. You’d think she’d spend awhile doing dildo and etc shoots before moving on actual sex and etc.

No. 782632

Looks like an old anthropologie dress

No. 782633

I wonder why she started wearing dresses though, I thought she was all about hype beast and gym wear.

I wonder if she's chameleoning for her new side cock

No. 782642

She's surrounded by simps that tell her she looks great and filters the fuck out of her pictures so thatnshe believes it.

No. 782645

File: 1593394179113.jpg (326 KB, 720x1560, zxAcXHi.jpg)

She is so full of shit lmao

No. 782646

File: 1593394242551.jpg (422.09 KB, 720x1560, CB9UeFA.jpg)

No. 782648

It’s incredibly sad that she has to pay someone to touch her sexually.

No. 782649

This man could've probably been making bank elsewhere.
And this fat bitch messages him, pays him to suck on her tits/grope her.
I'm tired. She's so desperate.

No. 782650

File: 1593395632018.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x2190, B58FE8B0-DE8D-48F9-8351-A9C98F…)

Lots of stories of her working out tonight. First chunk of them is just her sitting in front of her weight machine and singing. There's a video of her lifting weights, but I think i'm going crazy because it doesn't even look like she's lifting anything.

No. 782651

File: 1593395714610.jpeg (366.96 KB, 1242x1335, 9FE8AC7F-96A1-4044-B6D7-530BDC…)

And of course she has to flex how she's totally famous on onlyfans, my dudes

No. 782652


>”No penetration yet. I’m still too shy uwu”

She is so full of shit I can smell it several states away. Moo can try to milk this as long as she can but her cucks are getting impatient and there’s far better content to spend fucking $40 on that isn’t a 3 minute video of a guy trying to wrangle her flapjack tits in a limo. She’s so insistent on splurging for an entire “production team” on something so mediocre it’s hilarious. Just take the plunge Mariah, your future is D grade porn anyway and no lies about a career in reality, accounting or investments are going to save you lol

I saw the story of her lifting the weights. I’m waiting for her to eventually go apeshit from comments over her shit form.

No. 782654

Jesus, she never misses an opportunity to flex like a jackass. Her and how many other models have that same percentage? I’m guessing a lot.

No. 782655

I dont get it.
Why rent a hotel room, a limo and a asian man? Why do all this shit when she could be at home just riding a dildo or just teasing for like..ever? She is really doing the most for no reason.

No. 782658

So this limo company just let her shoot some dingy grope porn in their car? Probably not the worst thats been done in their vehicles, but fucking weird she is okay with that, but not penetration with a dildo in her room.

No. 782659

Because she wants the dude to fall for her, obviously.

No. 782660

at least she's aware she's sprinting towards porn
Hella annoying that she still thinks she's a cosplayer

No. 782661

Yes there is a reason anon. She needs to pay a hot asian dude to fuck her.
1. she thinks she's too good for her simps
2. decent guys are aware they can do better
She's getting smarter I'll give her that. The cosplay models usually run away because they aren't cool with fucking her and getting out right molested. But this guy makes a living outta fuckin girls.

No. 782664

Moo and Umbran got a weird friendship. Who brings their friend to their porn shoot? Let alone pay them to draw uwu lewd moo merch.

No. 782667

Is this mylow guy asian?
In some of his post he writes words in spanish, and several comments are in spanish.

No. 782672

a few earlier anons were mentioning he was asian looking. I think because of the wording other anons just assumed he was

No. 782678

Sorry, I was under the impression he was. In a HOTGUYSFUCK video on pornhub, he says he's half Columbian and half white. I was under the impression because he performed in Tokyo at one point? I dunno
His porn name is also Will Molina for the curious

No. 782682

File: 1593409908385.jpg (229.2 KB, 1080x1879, 20200629_014359.jpg)

Her sausage lips make her look like she has an underbite

No. 782683

Did someone say slippery slope? More like bullet train downhill no brakes right into D list porn. Just wow. And to think some thought it would take a lot longer.

No. 782689

File: 1593416421926.png (612.63 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-06-29-00-37-09…)

No. 782694

Yeah that’s…. weird. Why is Umbran there. So weird it makes me want to throw up

No. 782697

Because moo can't do anything by herself. I doubt she can take a shit unassisted.

No. 782698

AKSHUALLY American Indians are descended from Asiatic people and if he's a mestizo that's where he gets Asiatic features from.

No. 782699

That price for that content…. oof…. does she not know her market?

I know she has loyalists who will shell out but it's going to be rough for her. Taking bets on her prices dropping over the long haul. There's absolutely no way she can justify that price for the content she offers.

No. 782702

Idk maybe she needed her to help with corsets or something? Weird anyways.

No. 782706

Because she is desperate to make what she does sound like a legitimate “career” instead of just paying a stranger to suck on her tits and grope her for money. She can play him up as much as she wants but it doesn’t change the reality of what it actually is. Hope she enjoys her new found hookup while it lasts, hot Asian guys aren’t going to be the ones to do this with her for long.

No. 782710

over/under one year until Moo is taking bbc

No. 782715


Well over except for a dildo. Shew won't deviate from white/asian rent-a-dicks. If her really old posts are to be believed she is quite racist and won't ever fuck a bbc outside of something plastic.

No. 782716


She won't be taking any kind of penetration lol. It's her latest "you may see this one day, keep giving me money" tactic.

No. 782717

Honestly having the guy around for content isn't a good move. Good for her to get her rocks off, but the last time she took pics with a hot guy her simps were very upset. They mentioned to Moo they want an ugly fat guy doing stuff so it's easier for them to self insert and for humiliation porn.

No. 782726

This. Hidori Rose's videos with her boyfriend work because he's the typical skinny-fat white guy with an average dick
Moo only thinks of her own pleasure and tries to find cut, handsome men out of her league and out of her demographic

No. 782727


Man, idk this shit made me cringe bc I imagine that all that happened while moo had her open mouth breather face. It's even worse when you know that Umbran was on their side while all that happened wtf this shit will be raunchy af.

No. 782735

Yeah this. Unless she tries to cater to fat ugly girls, but i don’t think that’s it.

No. 782741

Idk Anon, she’s been moving at such a rapid rate with her porn. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the year she’s st least doing BJ shit if not full blown vag/ anal.

Still just absolutely floored this is what her content has become.

No. 782754

Wait but like… how is she going to shoot and edit this so that she looks okay in it? Her previous porn vids have either not really had her face in them or had a cringey snapchat filter over her face like the outdoors one. Is she going to have a filter on her face in these videos with this dude? I actually can't wait to see what she does with the editing attempting to pull this off kek

No. 782761

That’s probably how it is going to be. Unless the editor knows how to animate lol.

No. 782775

File: 1593471717118.jpeg (216.66 KB, 1095x721, 45BD8755-23AE-4F74-98F8-DF0DAC…)

Still 155 left kek
Guess no one was pumped to buy her overpriced vanity garbage when they can get it for free eventually.

No. 782779

75 bucks for 4 pictures basically. The poses aren't even that different. My god she over prices shit when they are first released

No. 782781

File: 1593479108799.png (861.43 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-06-29-18-00-04…)

>more Dad hats

No. 782783

How often has she talked about 'all the dope products in production' before? What has ever actually been released except for shitty photobooks and some key chains??

No. 782784

Fuck, it looks like Moo is one more injection away from losing the ability to show facial expressions.
Even through the filters and smudged on make up I can tell how botched she is.

No. 782792


Last time we saw her without any filter was the spicy noodle video and she looked really rough

No. 782803

It's probably Maddies ugly as drawings turned into stickers

No. 782822

Ah, so someone discovered face tune.

No. 782823

Yeesh… On the next episode of Botched…

No. 782824

took her long enough.

No. 782827

File: 1593511965914.jpeg (48.86 KB, 680x850, 6FE23FEA-8CA9-4DBA-A925-B64926…)

No. 782856


She's been using facetune. She's even had some of her old file sets named with "FaceTune," was a few threads back I believe. She doesn't hide it lol

No. 782860

You mean to tell me that she paid someone to not have sex with her? That she's so repulsive she needed to pay a guy to touch her boobs? Holy shit that's pathetic.

No. 782865

Her claim is so that it's some "by a professional porn star". Because you need a porn star to k ow how boobs are touched. Well, I mean she isn't wrong. A regular guy would gag and laugh at her, then demand his money back after seeing her without filters and face tuning.

No. 782871

LMAO WHAT, $75 for pictures? How could you be that stupid, pretty sure i can get a blowjob and some aids for $20.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782872

Literally, she had to pay a professional so she has no problems or anything. I mean like she starting to create false rumors o shit like that.

No. 782874

Except she always says ”it’s just a filter teehee” even though it’s very obvious the photo has still been retouched in facetune or ps.

No. 782877

I bought a beautiful coffee table book that's over 200 pages, legendary photography and art for 50 bucks. Mariah is a delusional scam artist. It's pathetic that these were bought by the saddest sea urchins with extra cash. It's such an ugly photobook.

No. 782906

File: 1593541166201.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.46 KB, 800x1200, 54AC2E40-223A-425D-B1D5-FD822A…)

Don’t forget she’s charging $40 for these shitty stands.

No. 782907

These make her look like an amputee.

No. 782936

You could like porn a lot but buying this shit it's just fucking awful.

No. 782942

File: 1593557669346.png (146.22 KB, 720x834, Screenshot_2020-06-30-15-41-44…)

No. 782943

Lmao still tagging circleofchiefs, how sad.
Also did she forget to tag the actual person who made the cosplay for her…?

No. 782944

She never forgets. She never credits people.

No. 782945

I honestly can't imagine someone buying this and just… having it in their home. Like can you imagine going to someone's house and seeing that on their desk? Maybe nestled among the gooey anime figurines stored in a dusty DETOLF cabinet? I shudder.

The way she's going, she'll lose a foot to the beetus soon enough.

No. 782949


Silly anon anyone buying this shit has nobody that actually drops in on them except for well being checks to make sure they are even alive.

No. 782961

That's what i mean, where the hell would you put that thing to not get embarrassed. Pretty sure something like that ends in the trashcan really quick.

No. 782974

this bitch has never played guilty gear, give me a fucking break.

No. 782975

She isn’t a fan of 99% of the things she cosplays and claims to love. The only effort she puts into this “career” is googling what’s popular at the moment and throwing money at people to capitalize on it as fast as possible so she can claim to be first, no matter how sloppy it looks.

No. 782978

which would be fine if not for the bs she writes about this character meaning SO MUCH to her, and represent her! she read a wiki article, it's pathetic.

No. 782980

She didn't even cut the BG from between her torso and arm…. WHHYY.

No. 782984

File: 1593598289681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 540.12 KB, 1920x1920, 638BB465-EAB2-48A4-A58F-6E0D26…)

>you know me, when I do cosplay I go all out

You mean: when you let other people take care of every single aspect of your cosplay you end up with a decent costume but STILL manage to get shit wrong.

No. 782987

more than likely stopped hanging out since in previous instances at his job he was sexually harassing a female Asian worker. Also making her pick up food and drinks while talking shit with her yet she can't snap back out of fear of not keeping her job at the tattoo parlor. Plus dude's got family and friends who are police so most definitely an "All Lives Matter" white dude trying to school others how black people aren't actually victims just have the mentality to stay victims.

No. 783000

Lmao she looks like a fucking disaster with that red wig.

No. 783008

Holy shit, she doesn't even look like the same person in the Widow pic. Her real face, no (or little) photoshop, ages her at least 20 years. Rough AF.

No. 783014

>The name’s Baiken


No. 783026

She's just ugly as fuck, I've never seen that photo before but she looks like she's pushing 50.

No. 783031

Lmfao in the Black Widow "costume" she's got the smug look of "I know this is half-assed but my cleavage is out so that's all that matters".

No. 783043


I believe the Black Widow "costume" is from an old YouTube series she took part of - Something like a DIY easy/cheap cosplay challenge.

No. 783118

i swear to god it looks like she made natasha's bracers out of that weird reed fencing from home depot, lol

No. 783158

Dude’s a creep but they stopped hanging out way before BLM picked up again and Mariah doesn’t care about sexual harassment. He most likely dropped her because he got a girlfriend and Mariah couldn’t contain her thirst.

Yeah it was a DIY challenge back when she was still pretending to make her own cosplays.

No. 783233

File: 1593707559119.jpg (239 KB, 2048x1365, 8ZxCMe0.jpg)

No. 783239

Holy shit it looks like she’s going to crush him lol

No. 783241


The final photo will be this blurry or worse.

Also does anyone else get the impression that this shoot is more about Moo trying to get a photo with a hot guy than actually making content? Dude is way too defined to fit her demographic so it has to be self serving.

No. 783242

You’d think for a dude who does porn as a career, he’d know how to grab onto an ass.

Also wtf does Moo have diaper rash? Lmao

No. 783244

Guess now we know why the seams were ripped to hell in the sides of that dress lol. I can’t get past the fact she looks like a flabby middle aged prostitute about to smother that poor idiot.

No. 783246

He’s used to grabbing girls half moo’s size he actually wants to fuck. He looks repulsed by moo here

No. 783247

Getting into filming porn for the (fleeting, male) validation of it all. Typical Mariah.

No. 783254

he clearly doesn't want to touch her, embarrassing

No. 783255


Can you blame him? He’s seeing her without a ton of filters/photoshop.

Plus we know how bad her hygiene is, can you imagine the smell being up that close?

No. 783256

He does look repulsed and with good reason.
If anyone has seen her irl, they know just how bad it is. I saw her in person when she wore her Cindy costume like 50 pounds ago. She has weird discoloring like subtle slight purple bruises and really bad lumpy skin all over her thighs.
There’s a reason it’s the last costume she allowed her ass to be seen wearing in public.
She must look so much worse these days. The closest we get to the truth are her candid Baiken pics and those are from afar so the true horror can’t really be seen

No. 783258

Im always amazed by how Moo's breasts both migrate and separate from her sides. I keep trying to piece how theyre attached to her, but I guess it will always be a mystery.

No. 783268

If this is just a teaser pic, my sides are already in orbit. She looks like wadded silly putty.

No. 783279

Kek, she paid a dude to touch her and he still didn't want to touch her. She's so big that you can barely tell he's even there.

No. 783280

imagine being a short woman and still having wider shoulders than a male

No. 783282

Hes probably realized how unsmooth, saggy, deeply set stretch marked she really is in person. I wonder who gets to edit these

No. 783288

Love the regret you know he's feeling.

No. 783298

When even a man hoe is disgusted by you ouch. Can you think about his horror when Moo is most likely whispering in his ear "I want you to fuck me after this shoot."

Also Moo's thought "It can't count as sexual assault if the person does porn for a living" since the girl is toxic as hell or will most likely tell the man "If you don't play along I will tell people you raped me!"
since as a reminder, Moo has claimed false rape allegations in the past for attention.

No. 783308

I'm not sure how much money they paid this dude but I can guarantee it's not nearly enough.

No. 783312

he was expecting some thicc goddess but then saw her unshopped ass irl.

She's so transparent. This has nothing to do with content, she just wanted an attractive guy to touch her.

No. 783315

File: 1593735168045.jpeg (192.51 KB, 1009x1129, 662FB242-2164-44D2-96F7-CA095E…)

Close up of moo getting fondled by porn star

Your comment inspired me, anon

No. 783324

File: 1593738006242.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 3565EFCB-4917-4D1C-B1F6-226312…)

Filters are working overtime…

Holy shit anon this is great.

No. 783326

makes you wonder if she avoids mirrors and just uses the filter on her phone to look at herself

No. 783330

the worst part is that even with filters she looks like JonTron in drag

No. 783338

Damn she looks like a washed up abuelita

No. 783340

And it speaks to the true state of her life that she had to pay him to do so.

No. 783344

Goddamn it. Good job anon, I choked on my almonds. Next thread pic pls

No. 783347

File: 1593747005371.png (3.27 MB, 1800x1040, 615153B7-CB63-42B6-8FAC-550266…)

I wouldn’t be mad if this came from someone who actually owned up to their mistakes and had atoned for them. But Mariah keeps posting shit like this to try and quell any discussion of the shit she pulled in the past. The only thing she’s good at doing is pretending she’s done nothing wrong, ever, in her life and everyone else is just delusional or out to get her. Mariah has her head too far up her own ass to see the light.

No. 783348

But your mistakes involve gaslighting artists for your theft of their designs, sexually harassing 5 different people, brought someone to suicide and got 5150'd, sexually revealed 1 person, stole yet another designs and continues marketing it for profit with hardly any changes.

Too bad these are mistakes that should be publicly told to anyone meeting you. Id like to know if Im meeting someone who has a habit of not keeping their hands to themselves and steals materials and ideas from other artists openly.

No. 783349

File: 1593747457201.png (882.98 KB, 1161x1799, 6ED46097-EED7-4655-906E-B82884…)

The quasi-introspective act is fooling no one. I doubt she comprehends any of this tripe.

No. 783354


No. 783359

Imagine forgiving child groomers, rapists and molestors.
Couldn't be anyone but Moo.

No. 783360

This really means a lot. Especially while staring into her empty, soulless eyes.

No. 783385

She's such a competitive narcissist who has to compete with every girl she knows

No. 783386

I'd assume this is being posted in light of all those Smash players who just got ousted for grooming kids and using their clout to exploit others. Especially when some she's hung out with

No. 783387

>I wouldn’t be mad if this came from someone who actually owned up to their mistakes and had atoned for them.
This though.
Continuously growing and learning is one thing. But learning out of single mistakes shouldn’t take you years. You can’t excuse making the same mistakes over and over again with ‘much still learning gimme time be patient uwu’ when you’ve been called out on them YEARS ago already but still haven’t changed.

Jfc this whole, condescending ‘holier than thou’ under the guise of spiritual growth while being such a hypocrite pisses me off so much.
She can keep preaching water but drink wine, but those who continuously have to emphasize how much they’re growing and point out all the good things they do, are usually full of shit.
Actions speak louder than words, moo.

No. 783395

They committed statutory rape, mariah

No. 783407

Blah blah, please bitch do not go all metaphysical on us, your lack of education and grammar skills makes it laughable. Just keep to showing your asshole for tips, it's where you belong.

No. 783462

Can you visualize someone who sympathizes with pedophiles and rapists because she is so scared for being called out for her own shit behavior?

Her being this nervous about sexual assault and rape allegations makes me really think about the anons who keep bringing up the possibility she has down much worse than we know. Moo already acts like a predator to anyone who's close to her with her lack of physical and emotional boundaries.

I just wish if it was true, more people will come forward. It's not like she has attack dogs anymore, she's just a thot no one will defend other that Square cuk

No. 783480

Imagine wanting to fit in with the fighting/Twitch community so much that you're willing to throw your morals and forgive people who prey on younger players.

No. 783489

Most of the FGC ostracizes Smash players, this was a long time coming. And with Mr. Wizard(Joey Cuellar) getting outed as a rapist it's kinda funny that the man who was gatekeeping so much of the community then gets outed. Moo fits right in with them to be honest. Although nobody in the FGC likes her, we know she's a fucking cow and nobody interacts with her, EVO is in Vegas every year, she gets the fuck roasted out of her if and when she comes around.

No. 783502


The fact that she is trying so hard to minimize it as “People who simply made some mistakes and just need to learn to be better going forward” makes it obvious that she is pissing herself at the thought of the cancel culture mob digging up her past again and dragging her. A “mistake” is forgetting your wallet at home or forgetting a friend’s birthday. These are pedophiles and rapists preying on and abusing children. Fuck you for trying to minimize it and getting on your soap box to lecture people about “being better”. Assholes like you and them need to be buried underneath the jail.

No. 783504

Lmao this is coming from someone who gaslights her friends, sexually preys on people, is racist, and didnt once acknowledge or apologize for it. Maybe you should own up to those mistakes before saying this.

No. 783519

Okay but has there been any real indication besides timing that this is, in fact, about those rape allegations etc?
I mean, no doubt that she would defend them. But y‘all act as if it‘s a confirmed fact.
We all know she‘s sensitive and petty enough to become preachy like that just because someone has criticized something minor she‘s done herself.

No. 783522

Almost all of the current drama happening right now is based on some form of sexual misconduct or toxicity. What makes you think she is NOT talking about it without directly addressing it?

No. 783523

File: 1593816040427.jpg (205.51 KB, 1125x892, POfV1e9.jpg)

No. 783525

File: 1593816572152.png (262.36 KB, 720x1192, B061B54C-F8FA-4D6D-9D2F-A4B32A…)

Consider the fact that she posted this IG story on Leon Chiro’s birthday (Just after posting a pic showering him with love for clout) as he was getting called out for his views on the BLM movement and being a sex pest. I’m not saying what she’s posting now is related for sure to what’s going on in the FGC currently but it seems like she only pipes up when those types of controversies happen.

No. 783526

Oh boy, I can’t wait. If it’s anything like the Sabrina kigu video she was in, it’s going to look uncomfortable and be awkward as fuck lol. It’s not sexy to her unless she’s taking advantage of the situation.

No. 783543


Also the bunny ayumi and Mike z drama hahahahaha(newfaggotry, wrong thread)

No. 783547

So she's gonna get that one chick who always does the bad rope work to take pics with her?
Or was that the calf that moved out

No. 783549


Moved out, but her and moo tagged each other in posts last week.

No. 783555

Anyone is a member from the discord forum that is managed by the tumblr account? Used to be a member but forgot to log in for three days

No. 783558

That account is so dead, anon. Lol. Not worth it. Join the lolcow main. Someone might know there but its mostly full scrote.

No. 783563

File: 1593830024122.jpg (111.36 KB, 1080x775, dTzOIiZ.jpg)

not my cap

No. 783565

File: 1593830477172.jpg (608.17 KB, 473x789, 14mLfCx.jpg)

No. 783567

File: 1593830598126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.07 KB, 463x661, I5BiQDI.jpg)

nsfl but yes she eventually spreads her ass to reveal full streak

No. 783570

File: 1593830708510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 401 KB, 475x674, T4kEYnE.jpg)

No. 783572

Being proud of America right now is pretty tone deaf, Moo.

No. 783573

i at first made a post about her only showing ass then had to delete it because i genuinely did not realize this was a fat vag at first glance. welp, we're completely past the cosplay saga now ladies. welcome to the shayna homer simpson mouth club, mo

No. 783574

All that for only $16 too lol

No. 783575

Why do this on the floor? The bed is in the frame. Low-budget attainable really has to be her aesthetic gimmick at this point.

No. 783576

Teehee get it? Spread eagle for 4th of July? I'll stop.

Because in the video, she's standing then goes to the floor to take pics in the mirror? She pans to her crusty feet and flat ass. I don't get it either.

No. 783577

seriously i feel like i'll be banned for a worthless post, but i can't help but reiterate: goddamn was this a swift slide. tinfoiling about her motivation is useless, but it's still amazing that she turned this quick and with not a whisper about her old attitude. those old posts about being above showing borthole for fame have gone beyond cream and aged into fine cheese. never imagined this was the path we'd take from 'that cheap spandex suit' selfposting.

No. 783578

Holy shit this looks just like that amazing anon drawing from early threads…the one that she had put on shirts lol. The little butt and grin and everything.

No. 783582

Nothin says USA like flat asses and cellulite

No. 783591


She's noticeably smaller in this photo than in some of her other recent ones. Has she been working out, or did she get another lipo? Doesn't look like photoshop, because it's a frame from a video.

No. 783592

Forgot to mention: the clip she released today has no sound.

No. 783596

File: 1593836125306.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.32 KB, 540x960, 4erjl7rter851.jpg)

She uses SNOW and it has a stomach filter. We also can see here she has 4 new marks by her fupa. Her arms are in the way but another anon pointed out new dark marks too.

No. 783597

She has to lay flat on her back or pull her gut up to her ribcage for anyone to even see the top of her pussy. This is just sad now.

No. 783602

So 4 minutes with no music or anything? sounds extra awkward

No. 783608

fantastic mcnuggies cosplay

No. 783615

File: 1593843047093.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 929x659, thanksforthememories.png)

Kek. Thank you anon.

No. 783616

Holy shit anon, my sides!!! Please god let this be the next thread pic, it’s like a prophecy fulfilled!

No. 783621

God I miss that art anon.

No. 783635


I'm cringing at the memory of her giving one of these shirts to jessica nigri

No. 783637

The best part is when she made all of her "friends" including nigri wear it for a photo op. Only for the shirts never to be seen again and followed by that entire group not associating with her anymore. kek

No. 783639

File: 1593859197146.jpg (63.24 KB, 1080x720, 1499722813709.jpg)

No. 783644

Wow this is when she was 100 lbs lighter and didn't have to pay people to be around her.

No. 783646

File: 1593864969726.jpg (825.83 KB, 1080x1688, 1499722722960 (1).jpg)


She wanted to show how unbothered she was that she rushed to make these instead of shipping out her backlog of patreon rewards, but she took the 't' off of momokun indicating she was at least a little bothered. And then funimation featured the moment! How embarassing

No. 783647

File: 1593865081125.png (576.11 KB, 1093x948, 1499598064837.png)


We had some really talented art anons back then

No. 783662

That quote tho. She sure showed us!

No. 783670

So she goes from “ uwu I’m shy” to “lol I’m such a horny slut”. Pick a gimmick and stick with it you Fuckin ham planet.

No. 783701

She can’t. She’s fishing for relevance because she’s a joke relying on the widest thirsty betas for her livelihood. Since what she’s doing isn’t terribly sustainable in the long run (porns half life? 12 seconds) she’s gotta reel them in.
And bitch is all the lanes wide

No. 783711

Probably because of her heavy breathing, must be a workout for her to even lift that gut up lol.

No. 783712

She looks so much like Janice from the Muppets in the latest, it's so hilarious.

No. 783715

File: 1593888556725.png (937.63 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2020-07-04-11-46-12…)


No. 783716

File: 1593888667471.png (934.99 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_2020-07-04-11-46-17…)

No. 783721

File: 1593889963223.jpg (354.47 KB, 719x900, Screenshot_20200704-221123_Ins…)

Her mom liked these, such abusive parents she has. Looking extra special needs in this one.

No. 783723


Yeah, it's called money.

No. 783727

are those the same shorts from her cindy cosplay that she's unable to get on all the way? yikes. like, I know she's going for a look having them undone like that, but you can tell if she tried to pull them up and button them she couldn't. I thought you'd lost so much weight, moo?

No. 783728

Momo come on now with that shop, the belly button isn't even in the right place
you can't keep shaving off 100 pounds of fat

No. 783731

File: 1593895541929.jpg (835.34 KB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20200704154236306_o…)

Same fake "boiga" from 2 sets

No. 783732

I feel as if some folk song should be written about Moo’s migrating bellybutton. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 783735

this is honestly probably the closest she's ever gotten to a good lewd pic (in b4 15 salt-chans jump on me because they can't understand "closest" isn't "succeeded")

this however is straight up a PT pose. like, it gave me PT-SD flashbacks. this is that "mcnuggies" meme body shape. The shorts are so shopped and her ass is so flat that my brain can't even parse the plane. incredible.

No. 783743

File: 1593897386467.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, 4345AE44-E5EF-4761-B514-396482…)

last year vs this year

No. 783747

I was about to say that she did lose weight after all.
Then I remembered she was recovering from one lipo during that shoot (so likely still swollen) and even got another round since then.

No. 783748

File: 1593898011273.jpg (44.42 KB, 1080x302, Screenshot_20200704-152214_Ins…)

Classy fans as always

No. 783754

File: 1593898597612.jpeg (76.39 KB, 720x960, A8E447BA-DFF5-4A1B-A5CD-C250E6…)

yeah I remember a lot of anons talking about how she shouldn’t have been up hanging out and whatever so soon. hell, credit where credit is do she’s gotten A Smidge better at posing and at least she isn’t wearing the god awful pink to white eyeshadow with every single thing anymore. I feel like this was almost the start of the super intense Dorito chinning too?

at the time this stupid lube bottle was so lewd and this was this most ass she’d shown (over blurred at the crack in true scamming fashion in the unedited $1 Patreon tier version.) who knew that a year later she’d be showing her asshole for real.

No. 783768

File: 1593899856444.png (206.13 KB, 1271x1080, sketch-1593899858511.png)

No. 783776

I would not recommend watching the video, I did it for you and I immediately regret it.(newfag)

No. 783787

Lmao it's perfect anon. I love it!

No. 783798

oh god the wheeze this expelled out of me was painful. thank you and also fuck you for making my nightmares a reality. next thread pic for sure

No. 783811

File: 1593908256691.jpg (154.12 KB, 1080x1350, BqQPgpX.jpg)

She has to have something done recently

No. 783825

File: 1593911578989.jpg (Spoiler Image, 450.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200704-181155_Red…)

Ew ew ew ew ew ew

No. 783832

She's not even holding to anything when showing her chocolate starfish. She's so flat.

No. 783836

It's angling and photoshop and probably face tape but she fucked herself over with those diabetic grandma thighs/knees

No. 783844

She’s sucking in so much it looks like. Looks ridiculous. At least she knows her angles better, other wise she doesn’t look smaller than last year, exactly the same.

No. 783847

tbh I think she looks cute here, especially her hair, a little Kristin Ritter-ish

even if it's really fake

No. 783848

she shooped her weird boulder shoulders smaller and made her head bigger, you can see the blur lines around the areas

No. 783857

She also blurred her gut
She only looks "decent" because her 100th round of lipo is kicking in and she went on a crash diet for her paid escort

No. 783876

File: 1593924918721.png (156.66 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2020-07-04-21-50-36…)

No. 783882

ah yes last year she was close to 300 pounds and ever since then she has been panic buying Lipo procedures

No. 783885

Her and my grandma have the same thighs

No. 783893

why are ALL the drawers on her dresser open wtf CLEAN UP BEFORE YOU TAKE PHOTOS

No. 783895

Maybe she is your grandma lol. Ok sorry for your grandma, that was rude.

No. 783897

girl you just posted a picture of your butthole on the internet

No. 783899

Jfc, that's just sad to look at. Sad and disgusting.

No. 783900


No. 783902

She looks like a fucking clown bitch

No. 783903

I can't put my finger on it but the whole video is just so… awkward. Everything she does is stilted. Does she have any grasp of sexuality beyond "show naughty bits, get praise?"

No. 783906

I know the original quote is VERY old milk, but I feel like we need a side by side of this with the “cheap spandex suit” comment. Pressing on your flat butt cheeks to display your butthole while looking smugly over your shoulder at the camera, with your flappy side boobs from the botched lipo … I dunno, man, that’s a pretty depressing devolution.

No. 783912

Serious question, having never had lypo myself. Would these be scars from her last one? (That she made video of eg her last admitted lypo session) or are these new ones?

Of these are new, then she has lost literally no weight naturally.

No. 783916

File: 1593952260536.jpg (367.05 KB, 1489x2624, momobutthole.jpg)

That's literally a cat asshole

No. 783926

I think the old scars would have faded more.

No. 783930

yeah i found this and its not for the weak stomached (4th of july vid)

No. 783933

Is the video sped up or something? She looks so spastic, jumping from one thing to another so fast. It's like she doesn't know what to do with her body.

No. 783939

File: 1593960005597.jpeg (108.06 KB, 557x570, E5EF2FBB-FB56-4E91-91FF-7A2597…)

What the hell is that??

No. 783940

The way she manhandles and flops her tits around will never not be jarring, it looks so painful. She absolutely has no idea how to act sexy at all, all she does is bite her lip to for extra turtle realness. Also I can't believe she's spent so much money on anal bleaching but it still looks like that.

No. 783946

So people have been wondering why she doesnt do this stuff on her bed and I think i've figured it out.

I think when she lays down on the floor she puts something behind her back so her chest is arched forward and because of the angles it makes it look like she has more of a waist (and tricks the eye to make her boobs look bigger too). If she was to do it on her bed she'd have to do it a lot more because the cushioning of the bed would push all of her fat forward and especially because she has so much fat/loose skin on the back of her she cant have that.

Since she's on the floor and basically elevated, her fat/loose skin just hangs down so it basically works to snatch her body. Note how she doesnt show herself laying down and her very well insulated ribcage is sticking out when she pans down to her crotch

No. 783948


That moment of her lying in front of the mirror is really something. The dirty floor, the filth in the background, the clutter, Moo herself being trashy af.

Also after she finishes to flick her bean (which she ends with this failed ahegao face kek) she takes the phone from one hand to the one she used to touch her snatch and idk something tells me she ain't cleaned her phone after that.



No. 783949

All I could focus on were her lipo scars…

No. 783950

are those stretch marks just above her bikini line or scars? you can see them just to the left and she covers them with her hand later. if they're stretch marks they're just unusually deep looking and also weirdly placed.

No. 783953

I forgot who it was, but I remember she looked down on another cosplay cow who showed her asshole and told her she isn't a cosplayer

No. 783970

Both. It looks like she had a lipo and a tummy tuck.

No. 783972

I wish this art anon would come back and give us a current year Moo. They were fantastically good.

No. 783975

It was chelhelbunny

No. 783977

Her mid section lipo has made her look so strange. From the front she looks like a normal, albeit slightly heavier plus size woman. Then she turns around and suddenly she has a profile of a 300 pound woman complete with back fat and an undefined obesity butt. It's so shocking.

No. 783981

i think that's more shoop than lipo, it's much easier to shoop the front into "big tits small waist" than to figure out what to do with the back lumps. her attempts to widen her hips to look like she has a bigger ass (which is what makes it look even flatter) make her look mcnuggies chonky from that angle. the front would probably look just as large if she didn't have so much of it being covered up (both literally and in eye-grabbingness)by boob

No. 783984

File: 1593974518858.png (150.34 KB, 273x308, 45e6e7a7e69ec8ecc3db74e509e450…)

This is terrifying
She cranks the filter up to 10 and turns herself into a fever dream

No. 783987

would explain why she completely edited over her stomach.
She is beyond stupid. She threw thousands on lipo and a possible tummy tuck for what? She's going to gain all the fat back, but now her skin is going to be thin, scared up and lumpy. What's her game plan?

No. 783988

imagine getting lip fillers and then blurring your lips to oblivion with a filter

No. 783989

File: 1593976052051.png (65.67 KB, 277x301, newface.png)

I feel for that filter. She set the settings on so high you can see the define line where the filter just gave up on life and just erased a whole area on her face. It even completely erased her chin

Even with the filter on max settings you can still see her double chin, granny jowls, and eye bags

No. 783997

The shadows from her bikini warped to fuck from all the editing to her gut.

No. 783999

>Phil Good
fuck lol

No. 784031

pucker up

how desperate do you have to be to get off to this? All I can think off is "I don't think what I do is porn" and it makes me laugh.

No. 784037

How scared of irrelevancy does she have to be to blatantly do porn? I mean good on her that she's aware no one follows her for her "cosplays"

No. 784039

She has no higher education, job prospects, friends… this is all she has. She dug her own grave.

No. 784049

The fact that there's no music makes it feel like a cursed video with a terrifying backstory but no it's just Moo being Moo

No. 784050

Don't be silly anon. She has a degree in linguistics, knows Japanese, is a former Olympian, is a pharmacist, runs a cat sanctuary, master crafter, took REAL acting lessons, use to be a professional manga artist before her dad tore up her sketch book, coffee expert and is planning on becoming a teacher AND a vet! The world is her oyster

And I'm still missing things in her totally legit qualification list. She doesn't sound ridiculous at all

No. 784056

File: 1594000549252.png (978.08 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2020-07-05-18-51-53…)

On Mount Charleston with Kevin and Umbran, bout doubt going to degrade herself again

No. 784061

Don’t forget her stalker career as a flute soloist who practiced days on end to master the Devil man crybaby theme. She’s also a spiritualist, a director, a photographer, “body suit senpai” … the imposter syndrome with this bitch is unreal

No. 784062

Stellar not stalker fml

No. 784066


And of course she isn’t wearing a mask in public despite how much she bitches at others for not doing so.

No. 784075

My guess is the boot in filters means she is looking worse and gaining weight now that her lipo peak is wearing off.

Will one of her "friends" snap a candid

No. 784091

She‘s also an aspiring realtor, investor and accountant as we‘ve just recently learned!

Now that’s just a ridiculous nitpick imo. I‘m assuming those hiking paths aren’t crowded enough for people not to be able to keep a 6ft distance to others and the virus spreads even less outside than it does inside.
When she e.g. visited the wolf sanctuary that was a whole other story as she was directly interacting with people and obviously not keeping distance.
But wearing a mask while hiking outside would just be dumb and unnecessary. (As long as they can, in fact, keep distance, obviously.)

No. 784104

i don't agree at all. she posted multiple stories about wearing masks and chewing people out. plus, you should still have a mask on you for when you're near others.

No. 784110

If she's hanging out with people she doesn't live with, she has to wear a mask. Simple.

No. 784118

i'd love to stick my peepee in her pusspuss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784124

She might’ve had one in her backpack. If they suddenly encountered people on the trail, they can simply stand at a distance.
If they suddenly encounter several people and keeping distance isn’t possible, I agree, she should wear a mask. But there was nobody anywhere near them in those shots so it‘s still a ridiculous nitpick based off assumptions.

Kevin and Umbran do live with her though, so I have no idea what the point is you’re trying to make here.

No. 784128

I didn't know they both lived with her, thought she only had one roommate.

You're getting weirdly upset about this tho. She sperged about wearing a mask. People should be wearing a mask.
Why you trynna defend her?

No. 784129

Because you keep bumping the thread with irrelevant shit like that.
As I’ve said, it’s a nitpick that’s based off an assumption, not even something that actually happened.

No. 784137

File: 1594043040383.jpeg (821.77 KB, 750x1098, 354D4869-04A9-43C6-8A49-EDC9C9…)

instead of nitpicking masks because Mariah is wildly inconsistent in what she practices and preaches let’s talk about more of her ugly merch. will she ever change her logo? it’s not like this dumb peach is actually associated with her

No. 784149

Didn't Vamps 'design' that basic ass clip art peach anyway? Moo has never made anything remotely meaningful in her life, but will always be happy to take credit for it.

No. 784151

She keeps adding the peach logo to everything in hopes it'll stick and be her "recognizable brand". She also used that same ugly peach on the hideous melony stands that didnt sell out either.

No. 784157

It makes sense why she uses a peach since Momo means peach in japanese and we all know how good her Japanese skills are!

But she could at least make it more personal than just a peach outline…

No. 784162

Going on about Momo's logo and brand I'm highly confused. Didn't Vamp AND Moo enter a buisness thing together where Vamp was a co owner with Momo? Or did Vamp just assume that? I guess we'll never know
But yeah, Moo owes her whole cosplay and branding to Vamps and SSS. Now that those two are out of her life she isn't a cosplayer anymore.

It's just too bad Vamps didn't spill the tea on Moo since she's one of the former calf who has the most dirt on Moo.

No. 784163

File: 1594050951377.png (495.46 KB, 647x1232, Capture _2020-07-06-10-40-15~2…)

I feel bad for Maddie, she's the biggest simp

No. 784165

She looks so big lol. Not surprised she edits out like 100lbs though.

No. 784166

I think she looks good here. The outfit is form fitting and accentuates her shape. TO ME inb4 I get called a wk for saying something nice

No. 784167

I'll back you up anon. She's aware to look thinner she has to wear shaping pants and hike them all the way up to her titts. But her arms give her away
That and she just recently had lipo on her stomach again so she has to wear something to compress it anyway. Well now a days she is always healing from lipo so I don't think she has a choice in wardrobe

No. 784169

File: 1594052512038.jpg (291.34 KB, 1080x1904, 20200706_091905.jpg)

How do people not notice all the rolls and sacks of fat just squeezing out of her clothing thats too small. Ughhh

No. 784171

because her followers are mainly neckbeards distracted by her floppy tits.

also because people are incredibly easily distracted in general, look at how fucking gullible people are when it comes to photoshopping, they just don't look at pictures closely.

No. 784172

It's literally just a shittier looking version of the peach emoji which gets used fucking everywhere. Very strange that she wouldn't invest in a more personal logo, but I think it's smart of her to sell the peach merch. It's discrete, lots of people wouldn't ever wear merch that was more clearly referencing their support for a costhot/cam girl.

This has been said 1000 times but god her filler face is just so unsettling and sad, she literally got meme'd by career anxiety and fucking instagram cosmetic procedure ads. If she was more prudent she could have invested in more intensive procedures with lasting results that actually suited her face but she's just gonna keep looking puffier and lumpier…

No. 784173

People are being tricked since Moo recently lipoed herself to an inch of her life and is editing her pictures to Dakota Koti levels.

Moo's the one who has to look at herself without a filter however. Causing her to get more botched surgery

Is no one going to mention she edited her arm to a normal sized one and stretched the rocks around her? Momo, girl, we have seen your real arms right here
insecure cuz you're gaining weight again?

No. 784176

I don't think they'd call you a WK..but definitely a simp if you think someone who edits to hell and back and forward and back looks nice.
People not simping and fapping to her or tossing her money notices it lol. She knows it too, because she REFUSES to wear fitting clothing as she thinks it makes her look sexy.


She's the type of thot that thinks no one follows her friends/"co-workers" to see the real them.

No. 784179

In Moo's defense, she probably can't find clothes that fit because lipo has deformed her body. She doesn't have good proportions. Her back is freaking HUGE, her waist is drained of fat weekly and her breasts are deformed from rapid weight loss, gain and reduction along with recent lipo.

No. 784180

At least she isn't doing cold pressing anymore. Those fake fat abs were the worst ever.

No. 784181

I think its also, in part, a wilful ignorance on their part. "Of course she's hot! I'd be wasting my money if she weren't, and I'm not desperate enough to do that."

Genuine curiosity. If she were to stop lipo and go on a solid diet of healthy eating and exercise, would her body ever be able to go back to a normal shape? I don't know much about lipo but it removes the actual fat storing cells, right? So even if she were to lose weight properly, the distribution would still be uneven and messy?

No. 784183


Which is why it is intended for someone thin who wants to remove fat deposits that they can't loose with normal weight loss. Not to make a fat person thin again.

No. 784184

she can never have a normal body again. Without editing she's a lumpy disgusting botched mess. If she lost 100 pounds she would have damaged loose skin. Even if she had skin removal she would have horrible scarring.

She is forever dependent on editing her body and she can never show herself in public with a bikini ever again. No amount of money can fix her deformities

No. 784187

Worse, it removes the layer of superficial healthy fat. It's one of the reasons why reputable doctors want you to lose weight first. They want to lipo as little as possible. Momo is essentially removing the fat that keeps your body plump, youthful and soft. Meanwhile, the artery clogging cholesterol and organ strangling fat is helping age her prematurely.

The best option for momo is to spend a few years slowly losing weight. She's young enough that her skin can adjust. Skin is capable of this, it's just people want to lose 100 lbs in under a year and two organs are unforgiving when it comes to that quick of a change. Skin and heart. If she lost weight slowly she might get lucky and have minimal loose skin, especially with appropriate moisturizing and muscle building.

Momo has ruined her body for good. There are tons of things she can do to start improving and restoring the damage, but people who are capable of that hard work don't get botched bodies like Mariah in the first place.

No. 784194

File: 1594058310163.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 453.95 KB, 1242x671, 982D8DE1-F1D1-45EE-985A-1A075F…)

I feel like she‘ll end up like TwoThornedRose. Like, literally. Just with more filters, worse camera quality and a botched face.

No. 784200

Asides from the shit logo she never once bothered to change since Vamps made it, Mariah never seems to know exactly what kind of merch is actually appealing. You can tell which ones were suggested by others (Charms, standees) compared to something she thought would sell (Dad hats, visors, those ugly beige “lewds not nudes” hoodies). I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see many people her age wearing old lady visors like the one she’s sporting. Even in Vegas. (Moo blends in looking like an old hag on a power walk in Summerlin lol)
I got secondhand embarrassment any time I saw her repost an image of some other cosplayer she obviously freely gave merch to in order to promote it.

No. 784219

This is not nitpicking her looks, I don't care that she's obese but how has she not lost a single ounce when she's so physically active? Does she eat like a cow?

No. 784224

You already know the answer to that one, anon, of course she does. Going on a hike now and then doesn't make up for that. She only works out/hikes for the camera.

No. 784225

Firstly, I doubt she's that active. She curates her photos/streams to make it seem that way.
Secondly, she eats out A LOT. And orders food a lot. All you can eat sushi, etc.
And thirdly, and most likely, she drinks a lot of alcohol. Even if she were drinking straight vodka with seltzer, you're looking at 100 cals A SHOT. And I promise you she probably drinks 10~ shots worth of vodka when she drinks because she's so heavy + eats so much. She also drinks energy drinks/sugary things all the time.

No. 784243

What has to happen to you to make your thighs look like that? Good lord.

No. 784246

Skin tuck surgery.
The scars go over her stomach, too but they’re a little lighter and therefore less obvious.

No. 784280

File: 1594088088006.jpg (631.93 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200706_221256.jpg)

What is up with those extremely deep laugh/jowl lines? I know she is fat and all, but even for that. Her face looks like homer Simpson. I know it's been speculated on, but could cheek fillers have this effect?

No. 784281

Fat, genetics, and she smokes and vapes constantly.

No. 784289

The lip injections and the chin/neck lipo was a really bad idea. It's just more places for the fat to go
That and she feels good because she keeps getting lipo but is still gaining weight in all the wrong places.

She doesn't deserve people worrying about her, but in the past year she lipoed around 80 pounds of fat out of her. Her insides are that of a 300 pound woman and it shows.
How is she not in a panic daily?

No. 784304

More proof no matter how many procedures you do, if you don't have a healthy life at core you'll end up fucked.
She cakes her face in makeup and then I doubt she has a proper skin care (plus sun exposure).
Then, genes, being white, so she ages like shit.
And of course, she eats and drinks trash all the time which really shows over time.
Filters and shoop and pumping botox all over yourself don't help either, sometimes the more you try to hide it the creepier and more obvious it looks.

t. someone who had the exact same problem looking like shit before waking up to reality (don't wanna sound preachious and no1curr, just astounding to see the exact same trainwreck I went through like this)

No. 784305

Does anyone else find the way she talks grating on their nerves? Especially when shes promoting her sets like this. Asides from her slurred speech and annoying mannerisms, she probably struggles talking through those botched lip injections. I know it’s probably considered a nitpick but yikes. I couldn’t imagine being around her for more than a few minutes.

No. 784307

I NEVER listen to her videos and rely on transcript anon to post here

No. 784316

I didn’t want to say anything bc it felt like nitpicking. Something about her sounds MORE annoying than usual. She’s really exaggerating her “urban” accent that she obviously doesn’t have. It’s pretty freakin annoying. Kinda wish some of her insta followers would call her out for that but we all know her simps don’t listen to her when she opens her mouth

No. 784320

r u retarded anon? Say what you want about moo but the amount of fat taken in a liposuction isn’t more than 8 pounds and that’s pushing it, in third world places with less standards they could take up to 20 pounds of fat. 80 is just impossible specially at her weight which makes it risky and considering drs won’t lipo someone more than 2x a year.

No. 784337


She sounds like when you get your mouth frozen at the dentist and it's just starting to wear off. I don't think she is used to her lips. They are getting to be way too much.

No. 784347

File: 1594116815608.png (1.24 MB, 1795x855, B0B550C6-426D-48ED-9079-E9F18A…)

Ah yes, the cheap Las Vegas prostitute look. God she’s so trashy, no amount of money can salvage this.

No. 784348

File: 1594116973948.png (749.58 KB, 799x685, BA2882C0-C151-442D-810E-F9C0AD…)

Samefag but yikes. She looks like she just woke up from an all night bender.

No. 784355

File: 1594121016178.jpeg (46.96 KB, 750x427, B592A93C-FFB9-4E4C-A442-E0E972…)

her arm is just wow

No. 784357

Ever notice how she wears the same necklace all the time then it suddenly disappears? Seriously, she had had this necklace on for 3 months.

No. 784362


…really? Her she wears a necklace a lot? This is the level of nitpicking beyond scrotal autism.

Every person I know wears at least one accessory habitually. You don't need to immediately zero in on some dumb shit just to feel like part of the milk.

No. 784365

File: 1594126337328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 352.63 KB, 1155x2500, a3eabf7.jpg)

Good lord, her snatch straight up looks like it stinks.. girl, learn some hygiene.

No. 784366

Follow the threads before you try to call out nitpicking lol.

It's similar to her gucchi fannypack that never came off, this particular necklace was a flex not too long ago.

Yes, people tend to wear accessories for awhile, but with moocow, when the flexing doesn't work as intended she moves on quickly. Literally, just go back a few threads.

Thought this was determined to be fake?

No. 784369


No. 784373

No this one was real iirc. The other closeup posted of her spread vag was fake.

No. 784374

No, that's legit, it was the pic of her supposed full frontal pussy that was shooped. Either way it's old milk.

No. 784375

Fuck even with all that lipo you can def tell she's gaining weight again. And didn't she suck the fat out of her arms just this year? How much food is she eating??? I was aware she photoshops the fat out but this is next level self hate.

She looks closer to when she was 250 pounds. Anons were not kidding when she fudges her numbers.

No. 784377

Seeing the video proves that the porn stud was catfished.

No. 784378

You know he was from the way he was reacting in videos and pictures. He even went as far as to post everyone on set except Moo on his social
Safe to say he wont be coming back a second time. Especially knowing Moo most likely was trying to get in his pants.

No. 784379

She uses the same speech manners to promote her photobooks and my god it is annoying. She probably does it for brownie points or to appear "hehe so quirky and shy even tho I flash my asshole for money in the internet"

No. 784380

Deets please! Can you explain the video or do a summary?

No. 784390

He will probably be back. Moo has money. I dont give a fuck what anons say, she has money. People who make porn don't give a fuck. If money is involved, that's all that matters. She looks so deflated and old and saggy though without editing. She's better in photos than videos without SNOW over everything and none of this looks SNOW filtered. Her rolls will probably be cut except a few scenes. Probably kept the dress on the whole time and only raised the skirt or dropped the top. Hiding her mid the whole time.

No. 784391

Moo has always been low key racist. But compared to everything else she has done it was def swept under the rug

No. 784393

Anyone find it weird she mentioned it was a B/G video but did not promo the dude? The dude also hasnt updated with a teaser on his social. It doesn't make sense

No. 784394

She's getting that Tess Holliday arm bulge. Moo, at least try to do something now; this will only get worse.

No. 784395

Because he's hired. It wasn't a shoot for him, he's just a prop in the whole thing. Thats why Moo had her camera guy there, probably Square, but everything else was his because he's used to actual porn. She probably offered to pay for his crew too. This guy is complete prop material for her shoot. Also people on Reddit are saying they are subbed but don't see the videos in DMs. I don't know how true that is vs people just saying it to find leaks. Someone will leak it.

Also someone is pretending to be Moo on PornHub going by Ms Mariah but tagging herself as Mariah Mallad. Not worth posting it because it's shitty quality and bad, but tried checking Pornhub and none of this video is there yet. Give it less then 24hrs.

No. 784405

She has a habit of promoting stuff on insta that hasn’t been posted/released yet. She constantly did that patreon

No. 784411

And with how easy it's been to get her stuff released, Im taking it as this is what she did and posted something about 'o i was tired posting tomorrow night instead'. That or it was posted too late, the usual capper is at work or something, or they haven't bought it yet, and they will have it up within 2hrs. We will see it.

No. 784416

Never low-key. This was three years ago, but still exists online. Also can't forget her use of racial slurs on twitter.

No. 784417

same person who tried to benefit from BLM while also mocking a stereotypical urban accent

No. 784420

File: 1594143439749.jpg (8.68 KB, 168x300, DjEKLzmU0AUTk2d.jpg_large.jpg)

Again this is old (fucking jpeg artifact) but the way she continues to thoughtlessly "sound urban" in her speech is sus

No. 784423

Her white ass reminds me of Michael from the office

No. 784449

I swear to God i'll never get over how small her head is compared to her body. I always think it's a shoop.

No. 784451

File: 1594152589425.gif (4.71 MB, 253x450, videotogif_2020.07.07_16.08.32…)



No. 784453

This is more vain and self serving than her Fate video

No. 784457

File: 1594154002495.jpg (122.83 KB, 1548x1024, joji-run-02-2020-billboard-154…)

Is this what Joji was running away from in the limo?

No. 784460

File: 1594154545612.jpg (488.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200707-154204_Ins…)

More work?

No. 784461

File: 1594154587634.png (864.11 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2020-07-07-13-38-28…)

Another procedure.

No. 784468

Oh god, is it finally happening, is she finally gonna post a guy on girl video. Everyone get your puke buckets ready.

No. 784469

It's going to be HER idea of it, so don't worry, it'll be stupid and cringe LONG before digusting.

No. 784476

I think she’s showing the results from the last procedure

No. 784480

File: 1594155923023.png (798.85 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2020-07-07-14-03-06…)

Forgot time stamp.

No. 784482

Body contouring or in google terms, non surgical lipo.

No. 784483


It's strange to me she didn't include any footage of her with the male model in the preview. Like wouldn't she want to advertise her FIRST boy girl video… With the boy?

No. 784484

I looked into the page itself and they specialize in a lot of lazer lipo procedures

No. 784486

I don't think she wants to disappoint her fanbase by getting a fit Asian man

No. 784495

Too good, my sides

No. 784496

Her thighs are so wide there’s no way she could cross them. Funny how the guy isn’t in the promo vid indeed.

No. 784499

It's because the "meat" of the content is going to be a blink of the eye kinda deal. If she previewed it, she gave away the only reason to buy it.

No. 784500

Oh god, please don't tell me she got more fake abs

No. 784501

What was that Moo? About working out super hard and losing weight naturally?

Girl is going to gain another 100 pounds from over eating now that she feels good about the surgery

No. 784504

oh my god, this looks like one of those disgusting Vegas porn video intros

No. 784505

So, is Moo dumb enough to think if she only lipos her mid section that she isn't obese? Looks like she's growing water melons in each of her arms. Girl already has that flat obesity ass too
Moo, you're still a fat ass. Now you're just one who's deformed and botched

No. 784514

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought this was just a lumpy sausage casing. She’s what, 24? 25? Prime of her life and her body is beyond wrecked.

No. 784522

I’m beginning wondering why she bothers with the “body sculpting”. she doesn’t maintain the upkeep for it, her diet is shit so the results don’t really last. She’s just wasting money at this point.

No. 784526

Because it is

No. 784546

File: 1594167547107.png (429.09 KB, 750x427, fromlargetobarge.png)

Went back to the first thread out of boredom but uh… jesus christ, that is a lot of ruination for just a few short years.

No. 784556

Someone plz edit moo into the background

No. 784565

From a cosplayer who had everything handed to her to a nobody making cheap Vegas porn. She sure burned out fast

No. 784574

Of course she did. She never had interest or talent.

No. 784576

She gained weight, a beautiful cheese tattoo, an even uglier lackey, cosplay infamy, a trashier occupation and fanbase, but no man that isn't trophy fucking her or wants money. Poor loser.

No. 784578

She sure as hell squandered it. If she were smarter and actually had a creative bone in her body, her cosplay career would have sustained itself far longer than this. But Moo is a greedy, impatient little shit that burned every bridge imaginable with her horrendous personality so it’s not surprising she’s ended up like this in a few short years.

No. 784580

Well, she has always made cheap porn, she just always hid behind cosplay because "I'm better than THOSE girls". At least now she can stop pretending to have an interest in anime now that she has her neck beard fan base

Problem with Moo is she has always been a basic bitch. You're right, she could have been making her own cosplays by now, she had big names interested in her. She could have been up there with Nigiri and Yaya
But the truth is, she never wanted that. She always had a "i'm better than everyone" attitude because she never liked the anime/gaming community. She never developed past high school and always thought they were a bunch of losers. But what interests does she have?
Stealing boyfriends, fake glam and plastic surgeries.

Now all her income is for surgeries and keeping around whatever fake friends she has left.

No. 784584

> Well, she has always made cheap porn

Before Vamps opened the cosplay door for her she was already sending nudes to guys for attention and validation. She really doesn't give credit to Vamps and everything she did for her. She had an amazing group of friends and she was so awful to all of them.

No. 784598

File: 1594178684186.jpg (44.9 KB, 1080x202, Screenshot_20200707-202350_Red…)

another anon called it. She's wording it make it sound like its out when she's disclaimering it on her OF feed that its coming out this month, not immediately

No. 784634

You can bet porn stud thought she still looked like she did when she cosplayed Samus. Moo can rest assured He will probably come back for the money, but he won’t fuck her for free.

No. 784635


No. 784639

apparently filler migrates to those areas around the mouth eventually and because she gets it done over she is accelerating the effect. Her mouth really annoys me and it's looks worse than it ever did.

No. 784643

File: 1594200991739.png (825.48 KB, 750x1334, C3B606DC-C4B1-481D-B75A-3D1DF0…)


Looks like she’s trying to prove she really is a serious cosplayer, she posted a ton of stories of cosplays she’s done in the past.

Sorry, Moo. You started off a costhot from the very beginning. Nobody has ever cared about your “big builds” or your crappy video passion projects.
I remember first time seeing her ugly mug in Anime expo forums, showing off her tits in a Sakura cosplay then some black lingerie immediately after.

No. 784645

She didn't even make any of these fully herself. She had other people help her. Most of the bigger stuff was premade from whatever old fuckboy she had. I bet she went back and edited who made what too or completely deleted some.

No. 784648

Imagine being moo and looking back at this as "when I was thinner"

No. 784649

File: 1594202884865.png (357.01 KB, 750x1334, 8C53297A-A40C-40C1-A8C1-46A4B5…)

Totally trying to lie to herself that she was ever a real cosplayer.

She was wearing bikinis and lingerie from the get go. She should just acknowledge that’s the only reason she had a following bc her cosplays have always been inaccurate falling apart messes.

No. 784650

File: 1594203691049.png (985.38 KB, 1129x1660, 8AD4336F-21F0-414D-A0EF-88CB8E…)

Literally every single blip displayed at the top is a picture of her from around the start of her “career” up until now. Mostly old. Is she having a manic crisis or something right now that she took time to repost that many old photos of herself to somehow feel better? Maybe her bleak future in D grade porn is finally starting to sink in. That’s what happens when you’re a talentless cunt.

No. 784661

File: 1594212187586.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 2FEB7225-D106-44E6-8B96-2377B3…)

She deleted all of that sperging. Wonder why?

Btw the “important announcement” is her ugly ass peach visors are dropping. A woman with fashion sense as bad as hers has no business designing anything.

No. 784663

Yeah i think so too. Also thinking what happened to all the cosplays seen in some of her photos on the background? Some of them were she never sore. Maybe she ordered them too small and she feels bad about it and is trying to lose weight because of that? But her idea of losing weight mostly consists of lipo so it will never work.

No. 784664

Definitely a maniac crisis as she has already deleted all of them from her story already

No. 784665

File: 1594214314004.png (929.91 KB, 640x1136, C0BC0429-C344-4D96-B0A8-2CC4A1…)

Of all the photos she could use to show off her hat she used the one that makes her head look the tiniest

No. 784666

Sudden sperging and trying to validate herself as a cosplayer when all she does is order costumes the wrong size and stand awkwardly to a fanbase that doesnt give a fuck what she's wearing.

No one cares about your "cosplay", get fatter, waste your money on stupid shit, and let the cottage cheese flow.

No. 784667

the contrast between her red face and pale skin, combined with how small it is just makes it look like she shopped it onto a different body, lol

No. 784670

This photo popped to my mind. She looks about the same size to then, she must really be stretching that neck

No. 784671

File: 1594215602139.jpeg (59.25 KB, 619x622, 0F51D0DF-28C0-43B1-B1B8-60A0C1…)

Aa forgot to add the photo, sorry.

No. 784672

The shrunken head on the huge ass body. My sides

No. 784673


I wonder how close she is to this these days.

No. 784676

Oooh someone was lurking her lolcow thread and had a mental breakdown I see

No. 784677

She's going to sell maybe 20-40 at most to her orbiters and thats it. No self respecting girls want these. Her demographic are simps who look at porn

No. 784680

yeah I don’t understand why she keeps doing “clothing” when she can hardly sell out any of the plastic or paper crap she’s made before. a simp might buy a hat once, but they’re not coming back for a whole clothing line.

No. 784683

A lil OT but Maddie has always leeched of famous costhots. Costhots being the key word. Now that Momo is doing 95% porn do you think she's going to parasite off another famous cosplayer and completely ignore Moo?

Makes me think about her other "friends." They only show up if Moo is giving them money or paying for food. But how long will that last? Since there's always another fresh cosplayer entering the scene who, ya know, actually cosplays and is good enough not to have to shit out porn

No. 784685

I think she'll stick around a bit longer and then eventually distance herself. It's all fun and games until you go to a porn shoot that scars you for life.

No. 784692

wait, is the right really her? If so, when was that?

No. 784694

Yes and it wasn’t even that many threads ago

No. 784702

>yeah I don’t understand why she keeps doing “clothing”

Tinfoil but Nigri has been shilling her hats like crazy lately. On Twitter she's retweeting tons of pics of people in her hats. Nigri is also praised for being a savvy buisness woman and not just a thot. I'd wager our cow is jealous and desperately wants fans that actually care about her and don't want to just jack off and dip. Just another stolen idea a lá "Lewds not nudes"

No. 784703

Lurk more instead of asking to be spoonfed.

It probably belongs in the calves thread but whatever. Has Maddie been simping as hard for these other costhots tho? I’ve never followed her so I wouldn’t know, but she has this really weird crush on Moo, so she might stick around even if she has nothing to gain from it. I mean, Moo had already given up cosplay for the most part when Maddie came along. The only difference to then is that she’s showing off her asshole now. And, as I’ve said, Maddie has a crush on Moo, so she probably doesn’t mind.

tl;dr I don’t think Maddie is around for clout as she’s never really benefited from knowing or being around Moo to begin with.

No. 784707

Based on some of Maddie’s stories it’s heavy implied she has a crush on her and is gay for Moo.

That probably also explains why she tagged along for limo shoot….

No. 784710

She also follows other hefty cows she sees as 'strong' though like Striderscribe and Kobaebeefboo. Anyone who is fat or have large tits. Maddie has a type. She's just able to make money off of Moo.

No. 784712

File: 1594229491451.jpg (125.21 KB, 803x959, 69cb943d3d4c0975b37286fe749fe5…)


She is still insisting this was based off the fanart when she clearly copied nigri

No. 784714

Nigri based her off the fanart and another piece of fanart too. Moo shared both pieces and even credited Nigri got Nigri brownie points.

No. 784715

Not enough to warrant a transcript but she ranted on her bts account:
>weighed herself the other day at 207, freaked out that she gained weight but is now 201. Blamed her period bloating
>hasnt eaten meat since April 29th. Has had fish (for the b12), "accidentally" ate dairy when she ate a "vegetarian burrito" with sour cream in it and baked mussels with yumyum sauce ((she says yumyum sauce which I know has mayo in it. Weird she didn't ask when she ordered it))
>says she used to drink 2 white Monsters a day. One in the morning and one at 9pm
>has Kevin cook her veggie burgers for her because he's really good at cooking them apparently
>lost 30 lbs in a month and a half due to whole foods diet
>doesnt want to support the meat industry, says that second of pleasure eating meat is a lifetime of suffering for a animal ((got this from her beloved documentary)). Apparently gets sick from eating/smelling meat now
>recommended/tagged happycow which is a resource for finding plant based foods/vegan resteraunts around the world

Quick mention: on her main account she said she wants to do Youtube because she has alot of ideas but doesn't want the attention from Youtube crowd. Might do it anyways because she likes being on "thin ice".

No. 784716

She just wants the clout of being talked about due to her past drama which YouTube always loves, but once drama channels hear about how she does this constantly, they check somewhere like here for proof and receipts, she'll be fucked. Actually this might be great. It'll ruin her.

No. 784719

On top of being a avid J*/Trisha Paytas fan, she'll be done.

No. 784723

>weighed herself the other day at 207, freaked out that she gained weight but is now 201. Blamed her period bloating

…I've never gained 6 pounds while on my period.

No. 784724

File: 1594231620535.png (958.51 KB, 1548x1024, Cursedlimo.png)

I'm at work but I tried anon lol

No. 784725

sage for irrelevance but I'm pretty sure it's very possible if youre already at a high bodyweight cause that naturally makes you able to retain more water
TL;DR momokun is Fat

No. 784726

File: 1594232039659.gif (10.42 MB, 257x450, videotogif_2020.07.08_14.06.38…)

Moo posted a story on ig about how she wants to start a YouTube. It was long so I made it into a gif for sake of file size. Lots of strange facial expressions made even stranger looking by her bloated plastic sausage face.

No. 784727

From a nutritionist stand point, this is all bullshit. It just shows she doesn't even know how to lie about numbers. She may have lost 15 pounds, but only because of lipo. Even then it's apparent she's gaining again from her limo candids

No. 784728

Outside of her hug box? First she's going to spend all day deleting "hate" comments, turn off comments in general, then abandon it.
She already tried the youtube thing before with her Fate video. No one gave a shit

You're a hoe Moo, just spread your asshole

No. 784729

Someone's upset that she's only seen as a cheap porn pig

No. 784730

>Strange lip licking
>I do kinda want to start a youtube do
>whispers I gotta lotta ideas up in this head
>I bet you I could do good too
>But I also don’t want to attract attention on youtube
>Because youtube is scary
>But then again I do enjoy walking on thin ice as they say, fuck

No. 784732

File: 1594233242637.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, D261C8CE-2578-4279-8233-AC07EA…)


I forgot about this but Maddie posted about the filter that Moo has been abusing lately in all her insta stories.

No. 784733

It's okay Maddie, it just means you like your own face more than… whatever the fuck this is
Maddie and Moo are on the same levels of attractive irl except I can give props to Maddie since she's losing weight naturally

No. 784735

Tinfoil but I think moo benefits from Maddie's nerdness. She didn't know what to fake interest in without vamp

No. 784737

it helps but Moo doesn't need it. She just copies other cosplayers and reads the wikis on the show to pretend she knows what the hell she's talking about

However it was funnier she got perma tats on her body for shows she's no longer interested in

No. 784738

thats fucking glorious anon

No. 784739


The filter makes it look like the screen is covered in cat hair

No. 784743

You forgot
> yeah I’m a vegan diet I don’t eat meat
> I eat fish but I don’t eat meat
Girl just call yourself a pescatarian.
Funny how people think the fishing industry is any better than the meat or dairy industry

No. 784745

She also keeps "Accidentally" eating things with animal products in them. She could just say vegetarian but vegan is more trendy.
Not that it matters, we all know her diet is complete bull shit and she's just lipo/cool sculpting her way to botched victory

Also to the anon who said you can only get lipo procedures done just twice a year, hahaha ooooh cute that you think that

No. 784751

I'm not going to argue about the fishing industry, but you're taking her too seriously

No. 784757

Bets on how long it will take for Momo to get a pimp. Oops I mean boyfriend

No. 784761


How many times has she tried and failed to start up a YouTube channel? Hell just how many times she has fished for compliments asking “Should I start up a YouTube channel talking about anime/fitness/ “whatever retarded thing she is pretending to be into to get some fuckbois attention”? You would think after all the negative comments and dislikes on literally everything she posts she would have picked up on the fact that no one gives a fuck what she has to say or what she does unless it’s her complete debasing herself sexually.

She’s so desperate to have her stupid opinions validated and told how right and talented and knowledgeable she is but she knows she is going to get dunked on the second she opens her mouth and of course say something flat out stupid and objectively wrong.

She’d spend most of her time deleting and clapping back at comments. Then after a week she’d just give up and post some long winded whiny rant about how “people are so toxic for no reason and don’t want to see you succeed in anything”.

No. 784766

She usually cries and runs away after a week. People on youtube are not shy about tearing you a new one in the comments and dislikes.
Moo is so soft shelled.
The community hates her outside of her hug box.

She's drowning in the reality of not even being a thot, but just some cheap porn peddler.
She could turn around, everyone can. But that would require actual hard work and change.

She has to get off the internet for at least 6 months, give out a real apology video of all the shit she has done, actually work out and not depend on plastic surgery to save money for crafting and actually learn a skill other than lazily spreading her cheeks. But that is like asking a fish to run.
Well in Moo's case she isn't even a fish that swims. Moo is a sun fish

This thread is watching someone slowly burn themselves to death

No. 784769

nta but did you even watch the stories? It’s because Moo is being serious about it.

No. 784772

don't feed the sperg troll. Just report/ignore and move on.

No. 784773

Don’t click this, it’s a deformed penis with a rod stuck on though it. Fuck off dude

No. 784781

They are both quite ugly in candids but Maddie at least haven’t abused plastic surgery and permanently fucked up her face. She just needs to get away from Moo. It seemed like she gained weight when she moved in with moo and lost a lot when she went to visit her parents. Makes me think lol.

No. 784785

I see Moo is doing that classic obese person move where they say "Well I don't eat this and that so I'm healthy!"
You're still over eating and eating like shit. She just admitted to still eat out. Fast food vegan places uses a shit ton of oils and salts.
And she just admitted that Marvin is making her vegan burgers almost daily, that's still a lot of calories
Gurl, you're over eating on fats and oils. Take responsibility for yourself and cook your own food

She reminds me of Sharla who gained weight on a vegan diet cuz she's a dumb ass

No. 784795

This is perfect, Anon.

No. 784800


Please remember not to take the bait. Simply report and move on.

Same sad ugly dick from before.

No. 784801


No. 784802

Yes..this is a largely female dominated place. Problem? lol

No. 784803

Moo is just triggered because she doesn't like the thought she agrees with farmers when we say she isn't a cosplayer, she just makes B level porn
So she is sending us the dick picks her simps send to her on the daily

Aaaand cue her putting on a crusty wig and man handling her breasts/flicking her bean to prove us wrong
"Cuz it isn't porn if I put a cosplay wig on!"

No. 784804

come on anon, b level is far too high a grade.

No. 784805

you're right
pornhub amature porn is more up her level

No. 784807

Not even that because at least they get laid.

No. 784810

True, they don't even have to pay for it
Some even have millions of views
Moo wishes she had amateur porn numbers

No. 784814

I’m so sorry your dick looks like that, just depressing. Stop posting your penis and get a life dude. She’s never going to fuck you.

No. 784817

Moo, go home you're drunk

No. 784818

so a bunch of incels are in /snow/ right now making asses of themselves in the irony insta thread. They're the type that run instagram gore accounts. I'm assuming this is spill over because they retarded typing is the same.

Moids, not even once. Just ignore and move on.

No. 784827

Not that it matters but I’m in full support of Moo making a YouTube channel only because I think it’ll be cringe worthy af. Also I’m interested in how long she could keep it monetized with her “content”.

No. 784835


No. 784838

i clicked on them but my internet is slow and didn't see shit, in case you're not bullshitting us rn: bless you

No. 784841

how many threads ago was it that she was talking about doing figure reviews and how to spot fake ones? Whatever happened to those plans moo?

No. 784846

She's not. See >>784818

No. 784848

nta but it's not gore it's just dicks lol.

No. 784856

Really ugly dicks on bodies built like Moo's.

No. 784862

At least we know exactly what type of sub human cranks his hog to this hog. Not that it’s of any surprise. Truly bottom of the barrel losers who never grew out of their middle school porn shock humor phase.

We’ve seen dicks before. It’s not shocking, just pathetic. Trolls really think posting shit like this is top kek big brain pranking when it’s really not very original or intelligent.

No. 784866


Same as the “Should I review anime on YouTube?” plans. Immediately dumped once she got all the asspats she needed from just mentioning wanting to do it.

Just like fat people like Moo who mention wanting to “work out and eat healthier” they just want the support and encouragement they get just for announcing it and not actually having to put in the work to do it. You think Moo wants to sit down for hours watching anime (not for leisure, literally for her job where she actually has to pay attention and take notes and be able to articulate some opinion other than “omg she has such huge tiddies, I wanna cosplay her!”), write scripts, shoot for hours on end depending on the format and presumably edit the videos on a weekly basis? Of course not. She can barely keep up pretending to like anime just so her simps will keep dumping money on her. Imagine if it was her actual job.

But she absolutely wants to put it out there that she is thinking about it and immediately get showered with praise and encouragement “omg you totally should!” and “you know so much about anime I’m surprised you haven’t started already!”. And that’s enough for her. As long as people aren’t only telling her “Shut the fuck up and show us your tits and ass!” she’s happy cause now she doesn’t feel like such a talentless whore who’s only skill is taking her clothes off and pretending to fuck herself on camera and even that she isn’t particularly good at.

No. 784873

File: 1594270733202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 301.81 KB, 1125x1001, Y1dsWAV.jpg)

And now for something completely different

No. 784874

File: 1594270803407.jpg (417.77 KB, 1125x1442, BkuPbXv.jpg)

No. 784875

File: 1594270886235.jpg (114.23 KB, 1125x406, vGfn6hR.jpg)

Whatever happened to her ~sekreet stash~ of adult toys? This seems wasteful since she will do nothing with these

No. 784877

She trying to be like Trisha now?

No. 784878

Wow she's just like shayna

No. 784883

Why even bother filming with this? Her flapjack ass and kangaroo thighs are going to engulf the whole machine like melted silly putty. Wont even be able to see anything remotely penetrating

No. 784886

It makes me wonder if Moo has ever offered to pay Maddie so she can get plastic surgery or to get work done.

That's the only reason why Vamps was such a lap dog and stayed until Moo took back their agreement.

No. 784890

She‘s already bought the tremor weeks ago. Maybe use that first before buying several other fuck machines?
Bitch is truly being manic as fuck right now.

And in the next post she’s gonna emphasize how shy she is again, isn’t she? Jfc she needs to make up her mind at some point

No. 784908


She’ll definitely say she’s too shy to use them and push it off as much as she can but she’s said she bought them so her paypigs are going to want to see it.

She’s down spiralling hard and there’s no way back for her now

No. 784914

She probably can't reach her gash anymore to properly fuck herself with regular dildos. That or this somehow makes her "creative" &not like other thots uwu

No. 784922

Kek, here's to hoping that her sister comes by here again to tell us all about how her sister is not a pornstar.

No. 784924

File: 1594307170781.png (535.1 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2020-07-09-08-03-56…)

No. 784925

Yep, next she's going to be all "No I'm too shy for penetration!"

Then she'll make a "pov" video of her using both toys without the penetration shown.

It's amazing she spiraled from "I don't have to do nudes" to showing us her butthole, but she's still going to find a way to scam at the end of the day.

No. 784927

two and a half stars? i'd want at least a 4 star average review on my fuck machine

No. 784935

So she’s gonna do her stupid fake arousal/orgasm faces in public while pretending to be wearing them or have them turned on for about a minute while constantly checking if someone’s looking?
Sounds so appealing.

No. 784937

File: 1594313207857.png (445.27 KB, 720x1046, Screenshot_2020-07-09-09-44-29…)

No. 784938

What is she on? She keeps photoshopping her body smaller, she isn't anywhere near 200. Plus she just had lipo and cool sculpting done. What hard work?

No. 784939

>plant based whole food calorie deficit

Didn’t she just post her liposuction treatment yesterday? If shes under 200 lbs now its only because of that

No. 784941

File: 1594314001541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 569.62 KB, 535x980, COYfqIm.jpg)

Apparently losing weight through contouring "laser lipo" is the same as being disciplined lmao

Anyways here's a video she posted to stall giving out any of the promised content she made this month

No. 784942

File: 1594314100000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 476.01 KB, 507x898, eAfJ42u.jpg)

I feel like now she's going to have a meltdown if she doesn't meet her dream weight because she knows she can't lose weight on her own without a procedure being done.

No. 784943

I feel like she's trying to convince herself. But if she was confident in her own abilities she wouldn't need to get cool sculpting and lipo done every month.
But now that she feels good about her photoshopped pics and the sculpting she's going to stop her crash diet and gain the weight back and then some.

Fad diets don't work. Life style changes do

No. 784944

The daughter of a vegan family (with a body builder Dad, no less) thinks it's fair to get ahead and do lipo instead of listening to her family and doing what she did during lacrosse to lose weight. Hilarious.
No one else in her family is obese. Just her.

No. 784945

because she's a lying brat
Maybe she will go the Venus route one day and get an illegal surgery done to cut out her intestines
She's becoming a surgery addict

No. 784950

She likes changing the definition and terms of shit. She thinks just because she says "You can't loose weight with lipo" doesn't stop her from losing weight from it.
You're still sucking out 10-15 pounds of fat every time you go in Moo. So yes, you 100 percent didn't loose any of the weight on your own

No. 784953

Her legs remind me of the My 600lb Life people who have lost like 400lbs and their legs still look like tree trunks.

She’s really just destroying her body all for a defined waist. Sad. How old is she? 25? Amazing.

No. 784960

>From anorexia to very overweight
My eyes almost rolled out of my head. Mariah, you were never anorexic and you are OBESE, bitch. She'll never be honest with herself or her audience about how unhealthy she is. Still can't wait for her to claim to be back at 180 in a couple weeks despite the hard evidence in her photos of her looking no different or smaller at all.

No. 784961

wtf is up with her tits in this pic? One looks like it's twice the size of the other, and the nipples are uneven (and her shoulders are roughly even, so one isn't being pulled more than the other). Bad shop or filter? Just looks super fucking weird.

No. 784966

She probably thinks her being a normal weight and the athlete diet-behavior and calorie tracking habits her father tried to teach her were anorexia symptoms. I don’t think any actual anorexic could be mindless enough to become as obese as her. (I would love to see her claim having an ED again though. She’d be a perfect addition to Georgia.)

I think it’s the filter struggling to figure out wtf is going on.

No. 784967

File: 1594318725624.png (160.27 KB, 704x957, Screenshot_2020-07-09-11-14-02…)

Some comedy

No. 784968

File: 1594318754542.png (134.14 KB, 720x974, Screenshot_2020-07-09-11-14-18…)

No. 784969

File: 1594318848355.png (118.96 KB, 720x807, Screenshot_2020-07-09-11-14-32…)

No. 784970

File: 1594318918317.png (68.47 KB, 720x467, Screenshot_2020-07-09-11-15-16…)

If lipo made you gain weight why did you do it 5+ times

No. 784971

That's nice and all but that's shit that she did ages ago which do not count anymore so he's right, it's not discipline.

Also a hearty kek at real estate. Bitch since when?! Management? Bitch you dropped out of college, let's not make it more than it really is which is a piss poor attempts at getting your shit together before failing.

No Mariah, lipo tried to help you lose weight but your greedy obese ass ruined it and gained the weight yourself.

She's always biting the hand that overfeeds her.

No. 784973

Brandon, her cousin and roommate, is a agent. Her family has agents. She cannot prove she is a agent. Where is her face on a website for agents? Does she work for the same Keller Williams office? Doubt it.

No. 784974

The only reason this "discipline" is something she actually holds onto lately is because of the pandemic. If parties and cons were going on there's no way she would be that wet blanket spouting "I'm vegan" at a KBBQ or sushi joint.

I'm looking forward to what Donkey-Kong-esque form she will take on next thanks to all these procedures.

No. 784976

>Real Estate. Management.
>Merchandise production
You mean the shit tier shirts and dad hats with the lazy ass peach logo someone else came up with for you? She acts like she's launched some bougie clothing line instead of just taking stolen ideas from other people and slapping them on cheap visors.

Her clapbacks are always so fucking funny. She's so desperate to prove that she's more than she is, that she's really this boss bitch real estate mogul,savvy businesswoman, cosplay queen, fashion designer, and Olympic level weight lifter when the reality is she's just a talent-less, shameless thief, liar, and a fat ass grifter peddling D-list porn to neckbeards. She hates what she's been reduced to and always has to say some shit to try and feel superior, but the truth is there's nothing creative, remarkable, or unique about her at all. Deep down she knows this and fucking hates herself for it.
Also lol at "full time job". Didn't she work part time at Starbucks for a few months, maximum?

No. 784977

Bitch probably arranged couch pillows at one open house and now she thinks she's a fucking real estate agent. How many houses have you sold, you lying cow?

No. 784980

It speaks volumes about how much discipline she has that she's eating fish "for the b12". Wasn't she taking b12 supplements just a couple threads back as a replacement for energy drinks?

No. 784982


Same as when she got called out for pushing her “body positivity” bullshit despite getting lipo. She was rightfully told how hypocritical she was being about her endless preaching about “loving your body no matter what” and “happy no matter what size you are” yet there she was getting lipo done and pushing fad diets and teas. She got pissy then screeched about how “You don’t know what it actually means and I’m totally right”. She always has to try to one up and prove to everyone how right she is and when she is proven to be wrong she doubles down even harder and flat out changes the meaning of words just so that she thinks she is right.

No. 784984

Is Momo claiming she's a relestate agent now? Why? that's such a random thing to lie about

No. 784985

I love how no one is buying her shit. Even her brain dead fans aren't that stupid
also only 3-5 pounds? Moo you suck out the max number of 10-15 whenever you can

No. 784987

A manager to what? She can't even manage her own diet or life.

What unprofessional piece of shit depends on their PHOTOGRAPHER to manage her/diet for free?

No. 784989

She said real estate management. I'm going to assume she invested in it. Now people with half a brain and the cash to invest in such endeavors have a wealth management agent. The agent makes sure the properties are bought, sold, indured, if rental properties the rent is paid, etc etc. If it's blank tracks of land they make sure the taxes and insurance is paid also to advertise for prospective buyers.
So either she's a dipshit and is going to get sued into the stoneage for property mismanagement or she's taking credit for the agents work. Both are highly likely.

No. 784990

I know her simps are so far gone that they’ll believe any lie she tells them no matter what. But it still surprises me that they can’t rub two brain cells together long enough to know she’s full of shit, especially once she double downs on anyone rightfully calling her on it. She’s shown literally no proof to what she claims and expects them to take her word for it. Fucking real estate my ass, she realizes that she has to take courses for that right? She shows off every aspect of her life except proof about her obvious lies. She can’t throw some of her first year UNLV textbooks out for a quick pic to try to back her up this time lol.
My god, she goes to a print on demand site like Redbubble, inserts her shit tier clip art logo on a product and suddenly she’s in “merchandise production” and “management”. The delusion is real.

No. 784991

she's mad cuz more and more people see she's just making amateur porn now. Why she's making all these ridiculous claims

No. 784992


I can’t help but laugh at her clap backs because they are always the same. The second anyone reminds her that she isn’t anything more than a talentless, D-Grade eThot selling pictures of her butthole to degenerate neckbeards on the internet she immediately tries to come back with all these imaginary accomplishments and skills she has built up in her delusions that she’ll be doing long after her thot well dries up in order to feel some sense of superiority.

I just love some of the ridiculous shit she has either claimed to be an expert at or professions she is secretly doing behind the scenes with no ones knowledge. The lazy fat ass who sits around all day watching anime collecting Dorito dust in her cleavage somehow is also secretly a real estate mogul, manager, fitness/weight lifting expert, translator, actor, streamer, master cosplay sculptor, and linguistics major. It’s like she never stops to think that “Damn, this sounds pretty asinine at this point”. Whenever she gets into an argument with someone she immediately tries to claim to be an expert in an attempt to shut down the conversation and “win”. In her head she is thinking: “Now that I have suddenly revealed that I am secretly a total expert at the thing we were arguing about you’re now some loser, virgin, incel who still lives in his mom’s basement who’s just hating on a woman on the internet for not wanting to bang you. Conversation over. I win.”

No. 784998

but what about her fugly clothes, anon?!

No. 785002


Pretty much. The walls are closing in and she starting to be less and less known for “cosplay” and is starting to be seen as another run of the thot doing the whole “OnlyFans/Patreon/Premium Snapchat” racket. And everyone knows the shelf life of those aren’t very long and are quickly fazed out once their looks start to fade and they get in enough controversies or piss off too many fans by ripping them off and they are quickly replaced by someone who is younger, hotter and will do all the shit you won’t do because of some misplaced sense of pride or ego.

Those stories never end with one of those girls coming out of it starting a multimillion dollar company or acting in big budget movies and tv shows. They usually end with them going back to working shitty retail jobs, marrying some rich asshole to be his trophy wife/arm candy or just straight up jail cause they thought they could pull that “boss bitch who don’t give a fuck” attitude in the real world. Yet Moo thinks that when this all over she’ll have a huge multi-million dollar fitness clothing company, multiple high end rental properties with a shredded Asian fuckboi trophy boyfriend.

She’ll be lucky to get her old job back at Starbucks once the simps find someone else.

No. 785004

I just thought of someone Moo tried to leech off of, Belle Dephine

I bet you 10 bucks the only reason she wants to do youtube is because she looks up to Trisha since she does porn and is a hated human being yet still has a thriving youtube channel.
She only has one because she does mukbangs and it pleases the people with a feeder fetish. Moo has to accept who her real audience is. Not anime fans, but gross basement dwellers who jack off all day

No. 785005

You guys know the meme where Homer Simpson looks kinda skinny, but the fat is all just pinched together in the back?

No. 785006

you like krabby patties, don't you, momokun?

No. 785007

She's just embarrassing herself at this point

Real estate agent, managing a clothing line, Olympic athlete, cat sanctuary, 5 different collage majors, professional artist, flute player, nutritionist and pro trainer

She's the classic example of people who blatantly lie on their job resumes.

Watch her tell people she manages/owns the wolf sanctuary next because she throws money at that girl to be "friends"

No. 785008

Her tits are legitimately two different sizes. If you go back and look you can tell in her other topless stuff. It's most likely a combination of breast reduction and weight gain. On top of that she had the under boob area lipoed with this last round so they are extra flat. But all in all, it's because she has fat boobs, no big boobs. I think when she does inevitably get a boob job, that is gonna be hilarious. Sorry for mild titpick.

No. 785010

You forgot translator, photographer, and thief catcher that everyone golf clapped for.

No. 785011

Tinfoil but I'd bet she bought these because she realized after this b/g shit she just did that guys dont want to stick their dicks in her so these machines are her investment. This way no one can see her unedited body either.

No. 785012

Linguistics expert too

No. 785013

adding to this tinfoil
you think after porno dude did the groping shoot with her she asked him if he wanted to come back and fuck her for videos and just flat out said no?
He gets porn directors paying him to fuck perfect 10's so it would make sense he can be picky and the dude was basically catfished by Moo.
Now she's buying fuck machines because at least the machine can't say no
aaand then the thing breaks after the first use

No. 785014

fuuuuck she has baguettes for back rolls.

No. 785016

“I do Lipo to get the shape I want, not to lose weight!”

This is the shape she wants?? Even with filters you can tell her proportions are totally fucked.

Also I’m very happy some of her followers are calling her out. I have a feeling she was hovering around that 203 mark for a while and just days fuck it and got it sucked out of her. Bitch was just dumb and it ended up getting posted online. No one believes you did all this through hard work and discipline Mariah.

No. 785017

And somewhere in moos house several sex machines sit, gathering dust and Cheeto crumbs, and it is a room of horrors yet unseen. The smell though.

No. 785020

File: 1594329978371.png (89.53 KB, 720x652, Screenshot_2020-07-09-14-22-10…)

Mariah your dad is a bouncer who used roids. Dont get cocky

No. 785021

so her family and friends studied hard for years just for Moo to piggy back off their accomplishments. So just because her dad is a professional she is too by default?
Just because her family are real estate agents she's one too?

Moo, instead of having 100 made up degrees get your own. Becoming a nutritionist takes less than a year online

No. 785023

Lmao, where is her scientific data? She's just spouting shit that she heard, not read. And just because your dad told you to eat more vegetables lard ass, it doesn't mean that he's a nutritionist. And why can't this bitch speak in complete sentences?

No. 785025

>being white, so she ages like shit

No. 785028

She watched 1 documentary and is now a expert.

No. 785034

lol her dad is a suit, he's not even front-line enough to be called a bouncer. don't doubt that he fancies himself a nutritionist, meaning he's read a lot of google. 100% a trait passed on to her and it's hilarious to see her regurgitate his boastful lies within her own.

No. 785035

With her focus weight and vegetarian life style I am surprised she hasn't brought back celery juice again that she was ranting and promoting like last year…

Oh wait that was just her weight loss fad at the time just like whole foods and being vegetarian will end up being.

No. 785037

She's not trying to suck circleofcuck's dick so she dropped it lol

No. 785039

Her dad doesn't count cuz the dude is a roided idiot
Both him and Moo didn't get the bodies they have now naturally
Guess she forgot to mention that

No. 785043


Nutritionist is not a protected title. Anybody can call themselves a nutritionist.

No. 785046


I’m a nutritionist now ? Yay! Also whenever she says Whole Foods, I see her eating an entire store like Godzilla. And it shows in every picture that she probably could.

No. 785057

File: 1594343994858.jpg (271.72 KB, 1080x947, Screenshot_20200709-211654_Goo…)


If you want to call yourself a nutritionist there is nothing stopping you, or moo's dad, or moo herself, which I would not be surprised if she did soon

No. 785067

File: 1594354627556.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 3840x5760, WhLUCKn.jpg)

No. 785068

Jesus I was so stunned by the shoop on her body that I audibly gasped when I saw her face. She is looking more and more like a sex doll with every set she’s released.

No. 785069

She finally reached Dakoti Koti levels of photoshop. That's legendary