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File: 1600898358453.png (477.21 KB, 450x642, 1600357215782.png)

No. 797033

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>791146

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad (SITE IS DEAD)
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking (and specifically titpicking), armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Recap of last thread:
>redid her Bunny Bulma set from before but now with a suit way too small for her (like always) and has her clear straps cutting into her shoulder
>got new extensions, let them get ratty again, took them out, and then put new ones back in
>keeps wasting money on shitty halloween decorations probably for her new sets
>technically belongs in the calves thread but it Mariah was supporting one her friends in anti BLM posts despite how much she claims to be a “woke queen”
>has about 20 cosplays planned for the next 2 months, likely going to do none of them as per usual, but she seems more desperate than usual to try and sell herself as a cosplayer and not the low quality porn peddler that she is
>she got lipo, again
>Mariah recently got invisalign despite looking like she doesn't need them, likely to jump on the trend of other people around her having dental fixes to their teeth and not wanting to be left out
>it seems her tattoo mystery man that was with her in the previous videos has disappeared, and is likely why she’s flipping her shit on instagram stories all the time and posting pictures of a children’s book to seem deep
>claims to be miss mental health awareness and in the same breath tells people to “try not being depressed”
>she's continuing posting cringy shit on tiktok
>just turned 25, and had a party with no one wearing masks despite being in the middle of a pandemic. let the quarter life crisis begin.

Sorry if this opening post isn’t the best, I thought someone else would make it after 3 days but I guess no one else wanted to after the OP of the last thread got chewed out.

No. 797034

They got chewed out because, like you, they didn't listen to anons and chose an awful thread pic.

No. 797035

Again, I waited 3 days and saw people in the thread requests asking for a new one to be made, no one else seemed to want to make one, you can make the next one if you want

No. 797039

Nta and ty for putting a thread up but idk what the point of voting is if the people who make the threads dont take it on board?

No. 797040


Why would she post something like this Jesus Christ… On the other hand I hope she keeps posting kek

No. 797044

Just a small suggestion but the calves thread link needs to be updated next thread as it still links to the last one.
Other than that, good job on the thread OP.

No. 797050

File: 1600909038527.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.94 MB, 2880x3840, kTe9C9i.jpg)

No. 797051

File: 1600909156110.jpg (Spoiler Image, 673.23 KB, 1125x1687, oyBQs4Z.jpg)

I will bet anons money that THIS is the WORST self shoop to date.

No. 797052

While you were sleeping:
>friends throw her another b-day party at the park she frequents, supplying food to fill her gullet
>Kevin is forced to put up her enormous Halloween decorations
>Vamps came over again
>decided she's into Yu-gi-oh again and ""creates decks"", plays for 9 hours (according to Kevin)
>apparently charging money for videos of stills we've seen before (and vice versa)

No. 797054

"Lemme lift my fupa for ya"

No. 797055

File: 1600910994683.jpg (913.15 KB, 493x926, IQwB6E3.jpg)

>Put a finger down if in 6th grade you were very so much obsessed with the thought of Malcom X and his history to a point where you made a video presentation that was 20 minutes long and you showed it to your history teacher which she then loved SO MUCH that she would show it to every other class period, every other day and have you leave your class to come watch it with them every other day and then have me talk about Malcom X to everybody

No. 797059

this is what you see before the darksouls death screen

No. 797060

File: 1600915607850.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.96 MB, 2880x3840, l1VZdj8.jpg)

No. 797062

File: 1600917238575.png (692.34 KB, 680x778, 8357D3B0-6837-4E3B-8BF3-15A18B…)

Accurate cosplay 10/10

No. 797065

File: 1600917556869.png (500.72 KB, 495x871, 2934573409785.png)

NTA but thanks for making this! People always get mad, but they never make the new threads. If they really want the thread a certain way, they need to make it themselves.

In other news, Mariah is now playing YGO

No. 797067

X to doubt

Why yu-gi-oh all of a sudden? Its not suddenly become popular again, outside of the yu-gi-oh community, has it?
I look forward to seeing her sperg about metas and cards needing to be banned though.

No. 797070

She's participating on squarecuck's podcast tonight. sojubombtv

No. 797086

File: 1600932559802.png (55.49 KB, 684x626, kek.png)

solid kek, anon. she'd be called the fupa demon.

No. 797090

Can the next OP please add her tiktok????? she uses it almost daily

No. 797091

Yugifag here, There's has been a flux of new players after Cr1tikal uploaded some videos unboxing booster packs and getting Expensive cards, Most of the new people thinks that is still played like in the anime series and lost interest once all the new ruling and 10+ mins first turns come into play lol

No. 797094

I still find uncomfortable looking at her tits, her nipples are so damn small and deformed.

No. 797101

Ugh great. Another incel she likes? I suppose all her inspirations are from youtubers like him. He went downhill real fast, so i'm not surprised. I guess she'll try to fake like YGO now

No. 797106

Same, also the fact how deflated they look, like either empty garbage bags or badly drawn 2D tits.

No. 797110

Thanks for using the shitty pic I made for the threadpic

No. 797111

File: 1600955135491.png (34.3 KB, 860x433, 120-1206686_transparent-saitam…)

Yes, everytime i look at her tits, i just think in the oppai logo. They're just 2d flatted tits lmao.

No. 797120

Ugh I knew it had to be related to him. Fuck critical, man he doesn't even donate all his youtube sheckles anymore.

No. 797126

It's like she asks herself "Hmmn what do those filthy nerds like… Oh I know!"
But is she showing off someone else's childhood collection of cards? Who does this?

No. 797127

More like "Oh look, Critical likes this and he's worthy enough to date me"
But honestly the only time a popular youtuber wanted to hang with her the man was mentally off his rocker.
Which should tell something to Momo. But she's too in denial for that

No. 797136

Kek a manlet and hamplanet, such a fitting couple. I'm sure they'd look splendid together.

No. 797137

I don't know WHY she wants to date a youtuber. It will expose her unshopped body and people on youtube are much more honest than her hugbox

No. 797138

He has a girlfriend anyway. Moo is just following trends again and he's in popular right now because of his Cuties and animal cruelty takedown callout to YouTube videos. Not because of fucking yigioh. He's always done those videos. Probably started following after that and then got triggered to be the best duelist by sperging out and buying packs. Moo is a fucking idiot.

No. 797143

Remember during one of her older cam streams, she looked visibly shaken when someone mentioned "sugar daddy" and "Mr Beast" in the same conversation to her? She probably does have a Youtuber endorsing her but, like before, she's worried their public involvement might make people cancel them.

No. 797159

Christ the doctor who took off her nipples and put them back on needs their license taken.

No. 797178

I wouldn't put full blame on the doctor. Her breasts looked fine once upon a time. But then she gained 200 pounds, lost 100, gained back 50

It's a wonder her body is holding itself together

No. 797208

File: 1601000731907.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2052, 486C66D0-E979-45C8-98A8-7C624A…)

Kevin is heavily obsessed with ygo (you can see the tattoo on his arm here) and like clockwork she’s pretending to be super in to some guys hobby while acting publicly like their regular friend gestures are romantic like she did with senseis spiritual hobbies and that bun biting picture of them.

No. 797213


calling it now, she’s going to talk about plans to cosplay dark magician girl at some point then never do actually do it

No. 797214

yellow roses mean friendship and if that weren't enough the price tag is $10. How romantic.

No. 797216

You don’t seriously think it would take more than 10 bucks for her to be on her back right? She’s thirsty AF and of course she wouldn’t know anything past “uwu roses means he wants me!” Or some shit.

No. 797217

Imagine having to tell people you like yellow roses when you have a goddamn cheese rose on your arm. Her and her live in hangers on are the dumb leading the dumber.

Her interest in plants probably goes just as deep if she buys them at a bougie vegas whole foods of all places. There's a whole internet there and probably local shops with cool stuff on ig but she would have to actually care beyond "decorating" a basic ass aesthetic. At least she learned to turn the fountain off when recording? Such growth.

No. 797218

You're right. Once she got the flowers she probably spread her legs across the counter-top for him. She could literally spend thousands on a guy and all he'd spend is $20.

No. 797219

File: 1601004573161.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1281x1067, h3PoJer.jpg)

From her "cat" set. Please compare to >>>/pt/796704

No. 797220

File: 1601004692053.jpg (Spoiler Image, 864.78 KB, 1156x734, 0kJ0Eqa.jpg)

No. 797221

File: 1601004922413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 2880x3840, xBqMgXF.jpg)

No. 797227

Lol nice jawline contour.

Her face and that brown lip…looking like a kid who regrets eating all that chocolate cake and might be sick.

No. 797229

File: 1601007954080.png (583.6 KB, 502x866, 9453408.png)

No. 797230

File: 1601008023046.png (481.68 KB, 483x870, honrymoo.png)

Is this some tiktok meme? Or is she being serious?

No. 797231

I guess this'll be here new dbz sperg fad then?
How long do we reckon it'll last? I give it a week, two at most.

No. 797232

help I've fallen and can't get back up

No. 797233

She edits herself like she weighs 120 pounds but these just expose her "Weight loss"
She's still above 200 pounds jfc
My question is how long before she gets a YGO tattoo. I can't fathom getting a permanant tattoo for a fandom I don't even like for a guy who doesn't like me. It's a step below getting your crushes name tattooed on you and showing them how unhinged you are

No. 797238

It’s a tiktok meme. It’s funny that she acts like she knows how to play the game though.

No. 797242

Shes already done this before and has old old old photos of her in a bought DMG outfit

No. 797243

She's referring to Uzumaki probably sperging about it lately because of Halloween. Wonder what her shitty video project will be.

No. 797244

The video shot of her lurching away from the camera in this outfit (last thread) will forever be one of my favourite Moo things.

No. 797245

Its sooo weird to me that when taking a pic of something she always has to show the person who gave her the gift when its a guy. They always look so uncomfortable.

No. 797249

She probably does this shit on purpose to make their girlfriends angry. She seems like the type of person to do some psycho-manipulation shit with taken men

No. 797284

She walks hunch backed which is hilarious and perfect for one of the unsexiest people alive.

This looks disgusting. Just a fatso rolling around.

No. 797285

This looks like she’s trying to tuck a dick, lol. I doubt she ever learns to buy clothes in her own size so it ends up looking very unfortunate.

No. 797288



This is straight up awful

No. 797289

She has to draw on a jaw kek

No. 797295

File: 1601044917558.jpg (214.52 KB, 1438x1868, 20200925_053146.jpg)

No. 797296

>was just kinda nervous
>already released a video bareback fucking some rando

Okay, Mariah

No. 797297

she's sp transparent. She did like 2 cosplays to keep the title and say "see? I'm still a cosplayer" but then jumped right back into porn

No. 797300

Squirting video? Jesus christ she didn't ease into this at all she's just a porn start now. Whew

No. 797304

So now she's gonna piss herself life on camera? The descent into degenerate whoredom is accelerating faster every day.

No. 797319

“Multiple orgasms” how can you have multiple when you’ve probably never had a real one in your life [thinking emoji]

No. 797320

It must be so depressing being one of these sex people and waking up knowing no matter what you need to “masterbate + squirt” and “ride a giant dildo” that day

No. 797323

Just drink a big glass of lemonade half an hour before the video and stick out your tongue like a drooling retard. Sounds like an easy job tbh and only a couple of minutes of work a day.

No. 797324

She's just peeing I bet. I highly doubt be can squirt or control that.

No. 797329

Of course she's just going to be pissing.

I'm honestly not surprised at all how quickly she's resorted to this. She has to keep the paypigs interested. I'm sure she'll be doing bukkake in a couple of months, that's more her style anyway since it's uwu Japanese.

No. 797335

Do you mean Umineko?
It’s why she got that dreaded cheese rose tattoo lmao. And how could we forget her AMAZING COSPLAY VIDEO for it

No. 797337

File: 1601063595235.jpg (557.17 KB, 495x899, eCde81J.jpg)

Additional notes about cat set:
>released a large amount of clips not extending past 20 seconds (around 20)
>in one clip she exclaims "I finally have use of this fucking baagg! 100 dollars" kicking the randoseru
>lots of lying on her back, feeling up her lurch tiddies
>she diddles herself but its distracting between the unwraveling underwear and discoloration.
>this is a actual still

No. 797338

File: 1601063651096.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1156x914, I0vMjBO.jpg)

No. 797339

File: 1601063740985.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1265x816, cDWOf9a.jpg)

>realizes people can see her gut and lifts both her legs

No. 797341

This is a stupid nitpick but you can tell 90% of her plants are fake and from ikea and the only living plants are actively dying rn which means she made her fuckboi water the plants once to pretend they're all real

No. 797343

Squirt is just pee anyways. It's something that pornsick males made up cause they need a visual representation of the female orgasm. So they just have women piss themself in porn and dumb women play along.

A little bit of pee came out after your boyfriend hammered on your bladder for 20 minutes? no shit. Not a magic fluid.

No. 797348

The face of a 40y/o using filters to make herself look like an anime baby abomination.
Off topic but is anyone else really sus about the randoseru? What if she starts making baby porn? I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 797350

What in the actual hell is that sideboob shape? I get it that she's had a bunch of procedures, but man. I actually feel sort of sorry for her.

No. 797361

Does she get those awful helmet hair extensions to make her head look bigger? Because it's having the opposite effect. How does she not realize she looks ridiculously proportioned in almost every way imaginable

No. 797362

40? Isnt she like 25. But yeah it doesn’t look great.

No. 797363

she looks like she fell over

No. 797364

Uhh its a real thing its cervical fluid when it actually happens. No doubt pornstars/sex works fake it but it isnt something made up

No. 797368

please. i'm begging you all. no squirt sperg

No. 797372

File: 1601081575554.jpg (793.57 KB, 476x893, Jk7trSn.jpg)

Castlevania cosplay apparently

No. 797373


Squirting is piss and its gross that moo pissed on her mirror. No need for a splerg argument over it. Google is our friend, lets not waste space here by talking about it

No. 797377

Fuckin christ will she ever learn how to make decent faces? She's like nigri but way worse

No. 797384

this shit escalated quickly

No. 797394

Being hyperbolic. Her face is mad aged for 25.

No. 797398

I can’t believe she managed to look like she’s cosplaying a character from the planet of apes.

No. 797399

Her Barney rubble cosplay is spot on

No. 797413

She looks like a dog spread out for surgery

No. 797416

File: 1601096408288.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 260.67 KB, 1536x2048, AA19D213-4588-4E8D-B0DF-CC9C95…)

Her ass reminds me of this nasty mushroom I found while walking my dogs

No. 797425

She apparently posted some tiktoks addressing “rumors” that she was banned from conventions and something about sharing lewd photos of a minor (i havent heard about this one)??

No. 797428

File: 1601109062230.jpeg (231.77 KB, 828x1472, 6B34E121-6F52-4318-A276-D9E83C…)

Oh boy she’s looking rough!! And who is she trying to kid?

No. 797429


man, the dude who boned her in those videos had no interest in her because she is mad lol is maddie her totemo lesbian girlfriend now?

No. 797430

Do you even know where the cervix is

No. 797431


Is the LGBT community ever going to call her out for baiting and pretending to be anything but straight when she used verbage like dyke and how she sexually assaulted multiple other women

No. 797435

jfc the resemblance is uncanny

No. 797444

File: 1601123148241.png (2.2 MB, 1078x1588, Screenshot_20200926-052430(1).…)

It is a stupid nitpick. Her plants are either too far away to tell or clearly alive. Plants the size she has take a few weeks of neglect to start looking like shit and she has the money to replace them. If you're going to cosplay a concerned plantfag at least know what you're talking about.

Her titok should really be included while it lasts. She gets a weirdly large amount of view convincing teen virgins that her body is real and attainable.

No. 797446

File: 1601123712464.png (2.48 MB, 1075x1617, Screenshot_20200926-052301(1).…)

Some anon in the last thread pointed out how she deletes comments. Scamming on titok youths seems gross, but a natural evolution. They only know a pornified version of women, she pays good money to surgically turn into a melting sex doll, everyone wins.

No. 797448

She looks like a exhausted mom who just gave birth and is like

"What have I done"

No. 797456

It's not like she's banned, it's just she's so cheap she doesn't buy a badge for the convention hall and lurks outside or waits for someone to give her one.
That and she's chicken shit cuz the real cosplayers inside will kick her ass if she so much as looks at them.

As for the child shit I haven't heard of that either??? Like why would she spread rumors about herself? Unless she's talking about her weird ass behavior on tik tok?
Most of the people who follow her on tik tok are teens and it's weird because she links her socials and she produces porn.
It gets worse considering she admitted she doesn't mind if teens jerk off to her and that weird ass Mama shit. I know it was to seem kinky for her simps but out of context it looks bad

No. 797457

File: 1601135147569.jpg (16.46 KB, 320x318, 1f0b37112ab97bf302730a49a41b54…)

But seriously, this thread is full of Momo using every fat girl angle and trick in the book. But damn those unedited pics of her are ROUGH.
why would she even post this?

No. 797461

she is banned from some cons, anon. mostly vegas local.

No. 797473

Momokun should start going to Canadian conventions. I'll pay to see that.

No. 797478

So I think i figured out where the 'minor' picture rumor came from? I think it's a game of telephone from her posting pictures of kids without consent. There was a point where she was taking random pictures and video? of a random kid and I think they were in her IG story. You could clearly see the kid's face and people were weirded out that she was posting this kid she had no connection to and talking about how creepy it was (this wasnt at a con either)

So I think

'Momo was posting pictures of kids/minors without consent' became 'Momo posted lewd photos of a minor'

She did one once (Hal-con i think?) where she only got in because she harassed staff to make her a guest because she wanted to go with friends. This was the same time she 'cosplayed' from Destiny or one of those games claiming to have made armor that we knew her friend she leeched off of made.

She's not gone back since.

No. 797480

Oh fuck I remember! That was when she was pretending to like Loli and doing the gross Mommy fetish to appease her degenerate fans. She was even showing off Loli con comics at a park and kids were running around the background. That's when she took pics of kids callin em cute which just made her look like a creep piling it all together.
To make it worse she had to make it creepier when she went to Japan.

This is Moo being an inappropriate dumbass. But she isn't a pedophile

No. 797500

File: 1601162747742.jpg (219.42 KB, 1440x2493, DNGswpw.jpg)

In classic Moo fashion, she released 1 out of 3 clips of her diddling herself (instead of a full feature). First video was very dumb, just had her rubbing her body and saying shit like "I'm gonna fuck myself!". The video was beauty filtered and she never took the skirt off because her gut would show.

People are saying the dildo video that was indicated above might be like the Celestine set and never be released.

No. 797508


>"Bro I dunno who started some weird ass rumors but I've never been banned from a fucking convention bro and I didn't fucking share photos of a mino[r]-lewd, nude mino[r]-What the fuck is wrong with you mother fuckers! Stop lyin', stop!

>"To the people making lies about my booth at a convention in Vegas, um, no I didn't make up a fake name. I went with my name and my booth and I know the people who run the show. Thank you!"
>"Usually I don't say anything 'cause I really don't care to but this like minor thing is weird. I don't like it. I'm really just gonna put a halt to that one and say stop fucking slanderin'. It ain't good [makes noises] Careful!"

She must've stopped comments because there's 0 on all three of these tiktoks

No. 797526

File: 1601168506957.png (4.09 MB, 1242x2208, 7AA362A3-D760-4AD0-A2E8-3567B8…)

Oh boy…

No. 797527

God please don't…

No. 797528

I thought the minor situation was when she posted a video or pic of her in her chunk-li getup and was hugging a child near her booth, which said booth had her nasty shit on display.

No. 797533

No. While that did happen, nothing cringe happened aside from her posting ~inspiring moments~ shit about it.
She's recorded children at the park or in Vegas at a strip mall multiple times. While it's true there was no "lewd photos", I can also attest to her implying she likes loli (wore lolicon inspired sweater alot) and also acted like a "mommy" character. She also posts alot of screens in her instastories of caps from doujins that are shota driven. Also remember the Kana situation? She made comments about it.

No. 797548

There is literally a character that is canonically dressed very skimpy and yet all these thots have to lewd Nezuko.
Of course they'd have to read the manga to see that character.

No. 797549

She's already getting a ton of people on her post commenting they don't agree with it. She posted the "adult version" manga cap on her insta but she doesn't even look like it. Seems like a shitty attempt at trying to justify herself.

No. 797552

WTF there is no "adult version" in the manga. There's her more fully demon form, which I could understand if she did it properly, but she really just gets bigger and isn't an adult.

No. 797553

Momo isn't a pedo
But maybe she shouldn't lewd a minor right after the rumors she spread herself like a dumbass

No. 797554

She missed the opportunity to paint her bloated sausage lips green like the bamboo gag lmao

No. 797555

Also sus she decided to talk about this on TIKTOK of all places? Not on insta?

Also also where are all these callout posts on tiktok peddling these kind of rumors?

No. 797557

Thots lewd Nezuko cuz the bamboo thingy in her mouth reminds them of a BDSM gag and she's the token waifu of the show

No. 797570

What is going on with her face? She's managing to look like she's been stung by bees, a granny and regretting her life choices all at once lol.

No. 797571

This is so fucking scary

No. 797572

Bitches be like “I’m cosplaying the adult version!!!” And the only thing that’s adult about it is the fact that they slapped “adult” in front of the character name.

No. 797573

It’s funny she posted a picture of the demon form on her instagram as a way to justify her “adult” Nezuko cosplay. It just embarrasses her more & makes it even more clear she didn’t read the manga.

No. 797580

Damn her face looks droopy as fuck in this like its melting off

No. 797582

The irony of her doing a rant on tiktok about "not going near minors" and posting this right after.
Never change moo

No. 797589

good lord lmfao i had no idea what character she was trying to cosplay so i googled it and… she literally looks like a five year old? what is wrong with this grown ass adult jesus

No. 797590

File: 1601209474835.jpeg (155.36 KB, 826x853, 51FED966-6C8D-4D6C-B5A6-05E995…)

Oop someone called her out on tiktok, let’s see where this goes

No. 797594

Omg anon can you screen record the video? This is juicy.

No. 797598

File: 1601215523515.jpeg (270.54 KB, 750x731, 5AC648E6-4801-430D-A1C9-5A0256…)

The red yarn and lighting doesn’t do her any favors

No. 797601

I'm not even sure she was paying attention to the anime

No. 797602

She she's doing sets of this character without her most iconic item? The bamboo?
Honestly I think she only does these half ass cosplays in-between her disgusting porn to make herself feel better.

No. 797605

File: 1601219585250.jpg (336.25 KB, 1080x1704, 20200927_080637.jpg)

She probably skipped it because she doesn't like it. A number of people pointed out Nezuko being a minor in the comments. She replied to one of them with a long ass reply about how she chose to wear the kimono this way because it looks better. So much for accuracy.

No. 797606

>>797605 her argument of "yall are bodyshaming me because I have big tits" is really insulting honestly. She really knows how to gaslight her audience huh

No. 797608

File: 1601219820447.jpg (72.39 KB, 685x781, eh7Tk3X.jpg)

I put both of them together for the full rant but it does it seem like it was written by someone else?

No. 797609

From what I can tell multiple people are posting about her at this point, but they keep getting reported and taken down. She also deleted her own videos calling people liars over the allegations and trying to bury the evidence by posting all these weird "cute" videos she's already posted on her Instagram story.

No. 797610

I don't why she tries to get noticed in new communities anyway. The stuff she did was pretty bad. Does she just expect people to forget?

No. 797611

Just from random videos about it, it seems tiktok has a "umU no booly" rule and will take down exposed videos but won't take down 14 year olds twerking or adults making erotic content where a child can see? Seems kind of backwards.

No. 797614

No you wanted to show your tits. Thats your gimmick, moo. Stop lying cunt

No. 797615

She's right though. Its retarded to say a fictional character is at risk when moo obviously is an adult. No one looking at her content will be confused. Nothing about her looks young. Now if Roxylight did it, then people would be freaking out because she looks young with barely any tits. Its cherry picking who can lewd who.

No. 797616

Because these people are obviously sex workers and linking back to their sites. There's a difference.

No. 797619

File: 1601223278640.jpg (1.77 MB, 2400x1800, pt2020_09_27_12_14_42.jpg)

There's so many ways she could of done this better, so don't go that route. I've seen other cosplayers who are about as busty as her magically be able to fit everything in an appropriate costume that fits the way it should, and if she didn't want to do that, Nezuko literally has a full demon form in the Manga that makes her look more "adult." She first said that this was supposed to be an adult concept of Nezuko, yet when she posted about the shoot she said it was supposed to be episode 19 specifically…and if thats the case, Nezuko is still most definitely a child in that.

No. 797621

>25 year old Arab
Fuck off mariah lmao and stop gaslighting the shit out of your audience to push your pedobait

No. 797622

I just don’t know what’s worse, her cosplay or people sperging about some fictional character’s age. Momo doesn’t look like a child or a teen.

No. 797624

File: 1601224628729.png (34.58 KB, 733x352, momo.png)

She's being called out on twitter too thats gaining a bit of traction

No. 797625

Idk what's worse, pedobait or people defending pedobait

No. 797628

I think you're forgetting it's her character that's the concern here. She peddles to people who likes this immoral content.

No. 797630

This. There's literally a world of hentai out there full of ADULT characters, wearing ADULT/FETISH clothing, but these degenerates choose children to peddle to their disgusting neckbeards. Suddenly it's not about the character or accuracy anymore, they just liked the outfit. Yea, nobody believes that from them or their gross neckbeards (who actually know the character and like the disgusting pedo content). These miserable lowlifes can all go straight to hell.

No. 797631

People are concerned she's trying to be cos famous on tik tok because she isn't a cosplayer anymore. She is baiting a very younger crowd of most likely minors when in every other social she produces porn.
It's a gross bait and switch

No. 797632

This. Because let's face it, at this point her peddling her mommy fetish to a mostly underaged audience, and choosing these types of cosplays are getting to a concerning level.

No. 797634

when did twitter antis invade lolcow, they're fictional characters

This is the creepy thing. She has a clear mommy fetish she brings up a lot and is posting to a very young audience weather she likes it/realizes it or not, she doesn't even tag her posts or account as 18+ which is pretty important etiquette over there.

No. 797635

File: 1601231807425.jpeg (41.09 KB, 350x490, 5944A21C-B446-45A4-8A18-C0D54A…)


For someone who loves Japanese culture so much, you would think she would know how to close a kimono accurately.

No. 797637

Sorry anons, but she is right about all of this. Stanning fictional characters as if they have any real damage towards girls like in CUTIES is really stupid. No one is looking at her and thinking "Yes, that's a fresh looking 8 year old demon girl with massive tits". She shouldn't put this on tiktok at all because she knows she is just doing it to flaunt her tits, but regardless Nezuko isn't real, so it's like arguing about Kanna again. It's just a stupid soap box moralfagging argument to be clout chasing good doers on social media.

No. 797638

I honestly think it's because she is attracted to the boys on the site who take off their shirts and stomach roll. They all have that look, but they just aren't all Asian. Moo has a body type, not just a race type.

No. 797639


It’s fucking pedo baiting and uncomfortable for minors under 18 to see characters their age be drawn in this way dipshit. It normalizes sexualization of minors. You’re one of the morons that think “it’s fictional so it doesn’t count” gtfo

No. 797640

I don't think you understand what pedobaiting is, anon. Nothing about her is pedobait and an outfit alone doesn't make pedobait and she is unrecognizable as the character unless you read the caption and a fictional character cannot be pedobait because they are not real. Chill about your precious animu.

No. 797641

go back to twitter anon, they're cartoons

No. 797642

she's gotta keep the coomers around somehow.

No. 797644

what is pedobait about her huge saggy mom tits? are you retarded

No. 797648

I don't even care but why is so hard for some of y'all to grasp

>character is portrayed as small child

>adult woman sex worker is portraying a character who is a small child in a sexualized way
>character who is a small child is being portrayed in a sexualized way by a sex worker
>gross and tasteless at best

Like if she was doing a sexy version of Lisa Simpson with her tits out, would that not be weird and tasetless but far from the worst thing on the internet?

No. 797649

The actual bigger problem is attracting minors when she’s a porn star. fictional characters don’t have rights and pedos don’t have rights either but she’s being extremely irresponsible about her content given every other platform she has is 18+

but also
>being responsible
pick one lol

No. 797651

I don't know why people are freaking out about an anime character.
What I'm more pissed about is Moo linking her nsfw accounts on tik tok to try to lure minors into paying for her porn.
There are plenty of simps willing to pay for her porn. The fact she's luring in minors to watch her "squirt" or show off her asshole just seems like a fucked up fetish thing

No. 797652

if you look at moo and are thinking of real children you're the one with the problem here anon kek

No. 797653

Tinfoil but where as it might not be pedobaiting, she's obviously trying to cater to a younger audience, from the cosplay pics as of late to the trends on tiktok she does but barely understands. I think its all in a desperate attempt to have a new audience since her current one has gotten as much out of her as what they wanted…too bad that new audience is too young to pay for the shit she shills out.

No. 797656

Stop moving your goalpost. No one fucking cares here.

No. 797658

I don't care so much that it's a child character, just that she did it so badly. Even if it was an adult in a kimono and she opened it like that, I'd be annoyed. Especially when there is a literally a version that DOES show some cleavage, but Moo is too lazy to do the extra work for that version.
When people see people like Moo trying to shill themselves as "real cosplayers", it makes people think that all cosplayers are sex workers who occasionally throw on an inaccurate costume.
Of course, there's also a chance she bought the wrong size and can't physically make the kimono close, but she'd never admit to that.

No. 797659

File: 1601237158426.jpg (449.92 KB, 1440x2503, Qbl93BJ.jpg)

No. 797660

File: 1601237391158.jpg (1 MB, 522x921, 3w4AxHG.jpg)

Nezuko previews on tiktok

No. 797661

File: 1601237423052.jpg (921.85 KB, 525x922, GoZR7Tz.jpg)

No. 797662

File: 1601237467594.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2303, 3886ABDD-5454-478A-8EB8-6CEAF1…)

Yet another call out on tiktok.

No. 797663

It’s interesting to see how the culture has changed. Ten years ago you could go as Sexy Misty from Pokemon or whatever and nobody even blinked.

No. 797664

It's definitely costhots and loli fetishists in here being obtuse about it, like normal people/non-degenerates won't find that immoral and disturbing just because they try to gaslight (it is). Even more disturbing is them trying to normalize it like it's no big deal. Again, they are definitely TRYING to pander to pedos, and they aren't fooling anybody with their deflective logic. From here they could easily decend further into depraved and predatory territory. Definitely concerning behavior.

No. 797666

File: 1601240300582.jpeg (423.39 KB, 750x940, 6F4D063F-D2CF-465F-8F65-B3C262…)

At least they mention about her recent escapade with her liking posts about supporting the 17 year old protest shooter

No. 797668

File: 1601241215969.jpg (357.98 KB, 961x1948, Screenshot_20200927-171239_Tik…)

I've seen her being scrutinized in social media comments before, but never to this level. I wonder how she's planning to recover from this

No. 797669

And she thought Twitter was bad lol

No. 797670

This is such a dumb argument. Misty outfit is already fucking bizarre for a kid to wear. Someone older than Misty's canonical age wearing a crop top and shorts isn't making the character design sexy. SEX WORKERS did sets as sexy Misty like
Cosplay Deviants. Lazy bitches who wanted an easy closet cosplay threw on a yellow tank top and shorts. It was not common to do "sexy" Misty, no one was like "wow hot an 12 year old character but grown and sexy" gtfo with that revisionist history.

The reason Nigri got popular in the first place was because doing lazy slutty costumes was a NOVELTY. The reason people get pissy about costhots is because cosplay used to be more than dressing like a ho trying to collect the most nerd boners.

I mean I literally did not mention real children at all whatsoever but keep on being deliberately obtuse. Why not go download some loli porn if it's fine and not real children? Fucking dumbasses gotta come out of the woodwork every time this dumb cow cosplays a kid with her sad tits and ass out.

No. 797678


Fucking thank you.

There’s plenty of anime characters that are over the age of 18. Youre disgusting to excuse it off as a fictional character. It’s still a minor that you’re viewing as an adult. Why are you viewing a minor as an adult?? They’re not. Don’t age up. Don’t lewd. This is the same as ravioli ravioli dont lewd the dragon loli. Bitch is doing the same thing she did with kanna and feigning ignorance again. And like we’ve said, she’s never apologetic to when she fucks up. She has proven then multiple times now.

No. 797681

Exactly. Cosplays used to actually be fun until costhots just threw on a bikini and a fucking wig and called it "cosplay".

No. 797683

I’m thinking that if and when she releases this gross af sounding porn she’s advertising the call outs will get milkier. Should be a good week. On one hand we have “uwu so positive ima cosplayer” and otoh we have her squirting/pissing on a mirror. This should be fun…

No. 797684

If she gets into my hero academia she'd be the type to do a lewd cosplay of Eri. Ahaegao, clavage, the whole fucking nine. Probably even a "daddy aizawa" comment.

No. 797685

10 years ago you could sexualize Pikachu and become one of the most welly known cosplayers…..

No. 797688

This is pretty much why I don't cosplay anymore. It's stopped being fun and now it's just another beauty contest.

No. 797690

Not sure how you got all of that from my comment.

No. 797691

File: 1601254031750.png (3.12 MB, 1242x2208, 695A8738-4418-4CFE-BD1D-4A4A27…)

She’s already sinking her rachet nails into that fandom.

No. 797692

Oh yeah its clearly the wrong size. Probably got an XL and even then cosplay kimonos are SMALL

No. 797693

Moo isn't cartering to pedos. You're massive retard.

No. 797694

>> beauty contest
>> Moo



Pick one

No. 797695

Newfags, shes talked about BNH for 3 years. You're late to it. She isnt new to talking about it. Sage your posts.

No. 797698


She’s never done a MHA cosplay and suddenly she’s doing it when it’s the biggest cosplay trend on tiktok and she’s been overactive on there. Okay.

No. 797699

Hero Fagademia sucks and the kids who cosplay it are cringe af. Why should we care?

No. 797700

She tried to jump on that when it first came out, made cosplay promises and never did it. There are pictures of her in a onesie of the main characters It’s just the same shit again now that it’s getting popular again.

I am living for the tik tok call out posts though. I don’t think she imagined she’d get this kind of response. She will either keep deleting comments or just stop and go back to her IG hug box.

No. 797701

They havent even reached the art theft, charity scams, telling people to kill themselves and so much more
Momo has done so much it's hard to believe

No. 797704

So is there a reason she even switched to suddenly being active on tiktok? Granted I don't know if the costhots are big on that platform, but it always has seemed just as bad as Twitter with the callouts…so I'm stunmed she would go there and cosplay Nezuko of all things. Like she thinks the outrage of tiktok will benefit her?

No. 797705

Umbranwitch and Vamps were doing it so

No. 797707

Tbh tik tok first went viral because of people in “cosplay” on there. But the fact she’s on it now is probably because it’s proven to be a lucrative platform you can use to go viral and make money from. Also the fact everyone else is doing it too.

No. 797708

The only thing that happened is they desperately want to cancel her. kek

No. 797710

File: 1601262883500.jpg (854.66 KB, 522x923, BZFimzo.jpg)

Posted with the sound clip from Euphoria saying “Yeah I'm not supposed to be here right now because I'm dressed like a hooker and none of you like me”

No. 797711

well yeah Moo. It's not every day a middle aged
F grade porn star tries to appeal to the young people in hopes they will buy your porn. It's fucking weird

No. 797712

lmao at half of the design being engulfed by her saggy tiddies.

No. 797713

I remember she swore up and down in her streams that she had the materials to make the suit for this. She must have gained too much weight for a suit to be made from those materials.

No. 797716

because momokun wants to cosplay from mha and this is a momokun thread you moron

No. 797717

90% of her humor is referencing Tik Tok memes, which is why her livestreams are insufferable. I'm sure she would prefer to become a wealthy viral Tik Tok influencer instead of making squirt videos, but it isn't meant to be

No. 797720

Because she used it as a bag for her tits instead of it going over them the way it should because then they'd be sad and down to her belly bottom

No. 797722

File: 1601266492509.png (863.42 KB, 539x939, 120033254_35456488267399393_30…)

she's using a lot of "I don't give a fuck" type audios in her tiktoks, not really the best look moo

she's also going braless to show off her sag bags

No. 797723

She's nasty and wants teen boys to jerk off to her and steal their parents credit card for her onlyfans. I just checked and she went from saying her of was on her ig to not mentioning it at all right after the pedobait shitshow on this thread.

It's next level degeneracy when your need for attention makes you get on a kids platform to make them want to pay to see you naked, but whoomp there it is.

No. 797724

She just needs to find a new platform to scam. She can't go back to twitter or youtube or even twitch because she isn't consistent in her business practices

No. 797727

That’s been changed for awhile. Her bio was blank for like a week or so, until she changed it to what it is now.

No. 797728

Actually she's changed it 3 times this month on tiktok so she's probably trying to not be kicked out

No. 797729

File: 1601270588097.jpeg (297.37 KB, 1242x1194, D08D25DC-0B65-4EE3-AEA2-C91C52…)


No. 797730

Yeah Moo you tell those 14 year olds! But really she might've been so excited about the attention of it all that she forgot to wear a bra when she stuffed herself in that onesie for this. Good or negative any attention feeds that ego.

No. 797733

Not to mention borderline illegal? Definitely a grey area. Also do any other porn stars even try to cater to kids on tiktok?

No. 797735

File: 1601274391971.jpg (38.44 KB, 512x384, lel.jpg)

Holy shit I just realized the top of the abs pattern is on her tits here. They're so saggy they're literally in the place where the manufacturers assumed peoples' stomachs would be.

No. 797737

Does anyone know where I can find the other two videos that she made but for free? I will not pay shit. Maybe this isn't the place to ask for this, but I want those two videos(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 797738

look somewhere else for your fap material, you fuckin degenerate

No. 797740

Why do you even care? Everyone is throwing shit at her, and you were offended by that?? lmao

No. 797742

This is not the place to ask.

However, what do you like about her? I’m actually curious

She’s so gross and hideous it’s weird to me that people want to wank to her

She has a creepy face, her voice is obnoxious, the things she says are obnoxious and stupid, she’s fat and her skin/veins/discolorations gross me out.

What’s the appeal?

No. 797745

nayrt but the thing is… nezuko doesn't exist so people can do whatever the fuck they want with her. from all the awful things moo does on a daily basis why are people here picking on this bullshit that only sjws are worried about?

No. 797746

you know what, fuck them kids nobody cares about how they feel when they shouldn't even be looking at 18+ content

this is the point that you all should be worrying about

i too hate to hell and back bitches who only put a wig and some lingerie on and call it cosplay/sexy up characters that would never indulge in that, but no child is suffering from nezuko being lewded on, i promise you that

No. 797747

The sobbing and crying and pearl clutching over her cosplaying a loli is the most autistic I think this board has ever been. Nezuko isn't real and there's no way for anyone to mistake Moo cosplaying as her for a little girl. Fucking take your hand wringing over fictional characters to Twitter and shut up Jesus fucking Christ. The people outraged over this are far milkier than Moo is at this rate, unless she desperately fires back and embarrasses herself in the process. Until then, literally nobody cares. Stop moralfagging.

No. 797748

This could be the new “this spandex suit “ rant comparison

No. 797750


Shut the entire fuck up. The entire cosplay community has been called out on that shit, she’s not exempt especially after being told not to do this. Her comments are full of it too from whatever she hasn’t gotten to deleting it yet.

No. 797751

giving fictional character rights has been a trend for kids to do these days and autistic adults have joined in. The anons sperging here are more than likely underage, the telltale sign is the use of the word "literal/literally".

Learn to integrate

No. 797752

Like no one is talking about fictional children's rights? Sorry you can't understand big brained concepts of why sexualizing any kind of children is gross, do you need to keep clogging the thread defending Moo's right to shove her titties into whatever amazon cosplay she wants and anyone who doesn't like it is an autistic moralfag? This is some wk scrote behavior, can we move the fuck on

No. 797753

autistic "adult" farmers like sexualising children, let them be

No. 797756

You can tell that she’s bothered by the call outs that’s been happening on Tiktok. Stay mad Mariah.

No. 797757

File: 1601287044949.png (3.08 MB, 1242x2208, BC8403C7-F185-46E0-AF08-AF8CF5…)

I’m actually surprised the suit didn’t bust at the seams… this time.

No. 797759

you beat me too it anon. Why did she post 3 tries at this dance? she can barley bend her knees.

No. 797766

The wig and her arm hiding any potential curves she has really makes her look like a very large log.

No. 797773

Wow, she looks HUGE, why did she think this was a good idea at all?

No. 797774

Why is it every time Moo lewd cosplays an underage character someone comes in her threads defending it?

No. 797775

Her butt really do be looking like that gross mushroom that anon posted above tho

No. 797783

Confirmed she's trying to grab an underaged audience. Disgusting. Even if she wasn't a pedophile she is def creeping up to it if she wants kids to jerk off to her

No. 797786

weebs are big weird and this website allows them to frame it as 'YOU SOUND LIKE SJWS!!!!!!!!' and turn it around as though people who are mad are the same as eternally triggered pansexual fakebois on twitter

No. 797790

The recent drama of her trying to lure under aged people to her 18+ porn sites just gives her enough drama for any drama channel to do like an hour long expose video with plenty of receipts

No. 797792

We can only hope.

No. 797793

Especially now since people are upset with others who were trying to use Etika for clout before his death. Which Moo did, and after his death too.
That and her suicide baiting others. That doesn't include her sexual assault claims, her breaking others cosplays, racist comments and jokes.
Now her baiting underage children
Like it would be one juicy video for any channel willing to compile it all together. Moo is the perfect example of a female predator and she can't blame her ADHD for this one

No. 797796

its the "propping my ass up so it looks like I have booty cheek meat" for me

No. 797800

There are so many cosplayers cherry picked for this argument. Its who is liked and not liked as a cosplayer. Ive seen so many sexualized Nezukos. Go to tumblr.

No. 797802

Shes not even doing splits. You dont magically learn in a week to overextend your joints. Her leg is so bent thats away from the camera.

No. 797803

Its almost 2 years. She hasnt brought in up in a long time anon. Drop the Etika thing. Rarely anyone talks about him anymore.

No. 797804

And her sexual assault claims were before that but people are still pissed about it. Especially considering her past about being a cunt about suicided but now acting like a saint about it. Yeah, people can still hold her accountable

No. 797806

also to add since it's relevant
she recently told people during suicide prevention month to just stop being depressed cuz people have it worse than them. Sooooo yuh

No. 797815

File: 1601310740318.png (396.58 KB, 976x894, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 11.3…)

This whole thread is becoming a debate about cosplay morality. Meanwhile Moo is acting especially desperate, flailing around on the floor to stay relevant. She's a shitty person either way.

At least the comments are funny.

No. 797816

sage for majorly offtopic but … anon, sweety, men have no standards, they will fuck or fap to anything. they only pretend to have standards so they can control women by lowering our self esteem

No. 797819

Nitpic but… “Splits” … as someone who had to take ballet for 9 years I am insulted.

No. 797821

sage for ot but vamps texted/sexted an underage boy well into her late 20's when she was moo's lapdog. vamp even bragged about how she "still has it" in private if i'm remembering correctly. that plus all the times moo has sexualized young characters adds up whether you think it is morally wrong or not, she clearly has a thing for it. don't think moo is retarded enough to try and groom someone but she does seem like one of those femcels who feinds over any and all male attention. still deserves to get bullied for trying to find sexual attention on a kid's app.

No. 797824

Where did you hear this about vamps from? Moo has a mommy fetish it’s not hard to imagine she wants to fuck a teen boy but where is the evidence for vamps? If she did that and moo knew that disgusting

No. 797826

File: 1601314648973.jpg (699.73 KB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20200928123641607_o…)

I made gifs of all 3 vids but the file sizes were too big so here's some screenshots instead. You can see her black thong thru the costume and honestly it's just a lot of jiggle and rolling around out of breath

No. 797827

Jesus christ all it takes is for her not to be in fat girl angles to realize just how fucking HUGE this chick is.

No. 797828

Wow it’s like granny rolling around in dough or something. This is genuinely horrible

No. 797830

Did she delete this from TikTok?? It’s still on her IG but it’s not on her TikTok despite it having the logo.

I seriously can’t believe she even posted this. It’s not flattering in any way for her and she’s just telling on herself with how big she really is.

No. 797831

Should add the shake effect in post. Moo lucked out on a good edit

No. 797832

She deleted them. Seems like the criticism is getting to her. Or she took a second look and realized how cringe it was

No. 797835

File: 1601318145242.gif (5.8 MB, 480x468, 74F3BDD0-0C24-4902-A8AF-352B19…)

No. 797836

This is sped up but if you watch it at the original speed you can really tell she struggles to move around and was clearly out of breathe by the end.

No. 797837

This shit is just hilariously tragic. I can hear the mouth-breathing from a mile away. Jesus.

No. 797841


This is all because she doesn't know how to actually editing anything properly. If she actually understood basic editing she could easily be able to hide shit through a secondary app and third party edit it so that she could keep her 'skinny' Korean app shape she wishes she always could have 24/7. She's a fucking dumbass and knows how to do nothing. She should feel so embarassed. I can't wait to see Tiktok ruin a good portion of her career.

No. 797842

She has officially removed her wap dance videos from her Instagram as well lol

No. 797843

Please tell me someone saved them with sound so we can all cringe and not just this gif

No. 797845

They are ALL a problem. Just because others get away with it doesn’t mean Moo doing it isn’t a problem.

No. 797854

File: 1601321558430.jpeg (27.37 KB, 332x340, FDE2C0AB-A6DB-4F78-883C-963CBE…)

Her last attempt at a mha cosplay was literally one of the previous thread pics

No. 797859

File: 1601322795310.gif (1.12 MB, 320x180, t996yn.gif)

This reminds me of the videos fat chicks make to say "See? I can do everything you skinny bitches can do" but right after the video they are wheezing and about to die

No. 797860

File: 1601322873089.gif (11.66 MB, 346x640, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

No. 797862

Momo isn't doing the splits. You can clearly see her other leg is bent and isn't stretched out. She would pop her leg out of the socket if she actually did the splits

No. 797863

File: 1601323013545.gif (11.39 MB, 346x640, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Version 2

No. 797864

File: 1601323185585.gif (11 MB, 346x640, ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif)

And the 3rd time

No. 797869

No. 797870

This unironically looks like when my grandmother had alzheimer's and thought she was a teenage cheer leader again.
Same level of Sadness

No. 797873

The saddest part is that even with all of that movement her ass won't shake. And the thong.

No. 797874

Oh indeed. Especially with her being obese. Mariah Mallad really doesn’t have it going on for her.

No. 797889

>whether you think it is morally wrong or not
It's a fact that it's morally wrong, don't be idiotic. That's like saying watching 3d child p*rn is ok because "tHeY aReN'T rEaL ChilDreN". At the very LEAST that's extremely creepy. Obviously the people who don't care are just degenerates who could gaf about morals and lack moral compasses.

No. 797890

Jesus Moo twerking isn't hard just move those hips. Also she's kind flexible even though she is really fat so kudos to her

No. 797900

File: 1601339663496.jpg (428.6 KB, 459x906, Lma6uYI.jpg)

For some reason she's at a cabin with Umbran and Kevin. She's expecting more people.

No. 797903

i couldnt care less about moo and i want her to pay for every single shitty thing she does, but i wont be a fucking hypocrite and moralfag about cartoons

No. 797906

I went to watch YouTube vids of this to see how absolutely horrible she did and a girl who's 400 pounds did it better than moo because she actually put energy into it and didn't just barely move her ass she straight twerked in sand too

Like damn moo you have no energy with anything sexy at all just dead ass starfish( No1currs about a 400lbs fatty u saw)

No. 797909

yeah because it doesn't give her attention anymore? If anything about him popped up rn, she'd be all over it like a sushi buffet

No. 797910

Would be funny if the dept of wildlife accidentally trank darted her and tagged her ear. And of course she’s off in the wilderness. With a buncha people . During covid. After being roasted for her fat dance skills. On a weekday.

No. 797912

I can't believe she did this three different times to try and get her ass to bounce at the one part and each different pose/attempt it still DOESNT work

No. 797917

File: 1601346623776.jpg (567.04 KB, 517x906, tRZl4xv.jpg)

Dark Souls Firekeeper cosplay.

No. 797918

Momo must be having some mental shit going on right now. Like she knows she has to produce porn to get a pay check, but she seems desperate to be cos famous again and get out of it. But Moo, your genitals are all over the internet

No. 797919

Eyelashes are worse than normal here which is honestly impressive.

No. 797920

Will be interesting to see how she handles things here on out. I expect "bad bitch mode" to come back and she will throw her therapy out the window.

No. 797927

Dude I posted her tiktok video and a coworker of her dad's commented how awkward it is working with him when he's seen his daughter's online shenanigans.

No. 797929

Holy shit that's dark. And yet, guy only has himself to blame for ending up in some pathetic and niche section online

No. 797930

Imagine seeing some dumb ethot online and then finding out you work with her fucking dad. Shit I'd be awkward as fuck too.

No. 797932

File: 1601359761614.png (3.24 MB, 1242x2208, 17DE72BC-6F1E-4F79-BA0E-953764…)

From Moo’s IG. They’ve procured a cart full of booze. I don’t know if she’s renting that cabin in Nevada or not but they’ve been cracking down on people holding house parties in Air BnB rentals during the pandemic. I can see Moo being stupid enough to get arrested at one of them since it’s clear she never gave a shit going by all the outings/gatherings she’s done lately.

Got secondhand embarrassment reading this. I wonder how many of his coworkers talk about it behind his back. That’s awkward AF.

No. 797948

The newfaggotry is strong with this one

No. 797950

Gets laughed at for her low energy half assed tiktok and immediately calls in her crew of 2 people to get drunk and cry. Such a badass bitch.

No. 797957

Don't forget the SpongeBob text. I smell pull, twitter, or both.

No. 797961

I could see her getting fined for inviting too many people to her rental if a neighbor reported it, but I can’t see Moo getting invited to any of the normie rich kid parties happening around Tahoe or the mountains. Especially if her +1 is Umbran.

No. 797966

"Don't drink your calories guys" "I don't drink or party"
I guess she's feeling pretty good now that she spent the whole summer sucking the fat out of her gut
Now it's time for the winter weight gain

No. 797969

File: 1601391056824.png (709.81 KB, 492x817, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 10.5…)

Serving up some target clearance rack realness: Moo's Fire Keeper cosplay.

No. 797970

File: 1601391129854.png (642.27 KB, 1107x691, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 10.5…)

It's like this woman can't do anything without trying to 'pwned the haters'.

No. 797971

File: 1601391452930.png (423.81 KB, 864x583, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 10.5…)

uwu kewin stays ouwside wit me I'm scawd.

No. 797972

She already made a few videos of her flipping off the tik tok community.
Cuz ya know, getting therapy from a wannabe guru tattoo artist is actual therapy

No. 797973

I saw these on the homepage and thought they were some random girl from the costhot thread. This doesn't look like Moo by any stretch of the imagination, those filters are really pulling their weight. The whole look is still shit though, complete with her lash falling off.

No. 797975

It’s early but please make this next thread pic lmao

No. 797976

Yep, when you're just taking pictures from your chest up you can just throw on a shit ton of filters to make yourself look better and thinner.

However what filters can't fix is the quality of the costume. That shirt looks like she got it at a lane bryant.

No. 797977

File: 1601392251821.png (143.36 KB, 346x426, Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 11.0…)

Saged due to this being about Umbran but is she a natural blond? Maybe that's why she always looks like a corpse. Black box dye hair from the drugstore doesn't look good on people who are naturally blond.

No. 797978

She is. It is kinda like what PT did where she thought she looked more asian or exotic with black hair.
She wont admit it now and will claim she looks better with black hair and that's it

No. 797979

File: 1601392586953.png (273.02 KB, 2048x771, Screenshot_20200929-091512.png)

No. 797980

That's so insane to me especially since she clearly has low self esteem. Like girl, you would probably have a little bit more if you had a flattering haircut and color that worked with your skin tone instead of you trying to pretend to be some 'asian wifu'.

No. 797982

Also I'll keep this brief since this isn't a PT thread but I didn't know who that was but I looked her up and I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HER and know her. She used to hang out with a friend of mine Nikki. Super weird kid.

No. 797984


she’s trying to be like billie eyelash

No. 797990

Umbran has an old timey face that would look suit the classic pin up look.

No. 797991


Fire keepers didn’t deserve this

No. 797992

It looks like she's wearing an AliExpress bathing suit with a cloak and an oversized costume crown. I would not have guessed firekeeper if it wasn't for the positioning of said crown kek.

No. 797995

File: 1601397377251.png (5.14 MB, 828x1792, B72A6EFD-A805-46B3-A0F2-53E750…)

Why did she use the same sound twice for two tiktoks? It wasn’t cool the first time. Also: this one reminds me of Trisha paytas.

No. 797997

File: 1601398736105.png (11.45 MB, 1242x2688, 60E4FE40-0BF5-438F-9CB5-1CA817…)

Anyone else laughing at how hard the filter is working on her chin yet it’s not enough.

No. 797998

I knew she was trying to export these to tiktok because they dont have a k-app type filter on there. That's why everything is much worse lol She can't edit to save her life

No. 798005

i'm not that tiktok commenter but i used to work with her dad too and it was super fucking awkward. it was during the time when she was claiming that she was supporting them financially and it was just strange to imagine her saying these things about him online when his job is on his social media and is so public facing. he doesn't talk about her at all, i'm not surprised considering its a male dominated dept. imagine you mention your daughter to your coworkers and they look her up and find her porn and sub to it….

No. 798012

Jesus Christ I feel bad for her family. Nobody in her family is a saint either but I don't think people deserve to be affected by someone else's online hijinks.

No. 798013

not really, shes got an ugly cock nose

No. 798017

her mom is a dealer at a casino too, i can only imagine how awkward that had to be considering she's the supportive one. like, does she show her coworkers the pictures? she even likes the lewd ones on momo's insta, anons have pointed it out before. imagine if some neckbeard who saw a pic of her mom on her insta ends up at her table and says something…

No. 798023

Huh didn't know that. How can she claim she's supporting her family? Dealers make bank. It's a good job and you can make a good bit of money at it.

No. 798024

This is so sad. I hope the coworker tells her dad they saw his daughter getting rawdogged on the internet

No. 798025

And what lose their job for petty shit? Real life doesn’t work as the internet wish some times. That could even be grounds for the coworker to get sued.

No. 798026

I believe she's given them money in the past, but using the word "support" is an over exaggeration on her part unless she's paying all of their bills.

One thing that can be said for Moo is that she's willing to front money for people, even if it's for the wrong reasons. Helping out her family now and then to keep them off her back makes sense

No. 798027

I even deleted the post after taking the screencap. I don't want them to get in trouble because I posted their comment from a private group.

No. 798036

if she gave them money in the past, it wasn't because they were in the dire straits she painted them to be in. without giving away too much, he's a security supervisor making in the range of 20-25 an hour. her mom is a full-time dealer at a popular hotel and makes tips. they are definitely comfortably middle class, especially from the area of town they live in. when she was lying that he'd been laid off and she had to support him, i saw him that day at work lol…

No. 798047

I saw a comment that this is the same dance the kids did in that horrible 'cuties' movie. Can anyone confirm or deny? Would be messed up if true.

No. 798051

I definitely recognize the handjob and butt thrust combo move from the trailer online. Its vile seeing kids do that motion, hard to forget. Color me shocked if the whole dance is from that movie + Moo is doing it on tiktok for kids

No. 798052

This is a dance from the WAP music video, as Moo said before. Cuties didn’t invent twerking

No. 798055

It's a common dance move for dancehall and "twerking" dances.

No. 798056

File: 1601428046056.jpg (952.41 KB, 526x923, c3Ie2le.jpg)

Yes she did that dirty ass contour to her nose

No. 798057

wtf is going on with her neck?????

No. 798058

File: 1601428735538.jpg (703.05 KB, 404x755, 5rRWqVH.jpg)

No. 798059

File: 1601429024564.jpg (1.21 MB, 652x746, OLZFTFQ.jpg)

Here's a closer look but I dunno. Castle Corsetry made it

No. 798067

Is this a vacation or is she going to do shoots here as a tax write off for her business?

No. 798068

holy shit this is so fucking ugly.

No. 798069

File: 1601432987360.jpg (758.74 KB, 463x894, 1QpYGsg.jpg)

obligatory "so much content coming" post

No. 798071

She's going to be drinking and eating like shit because of it. Lets see how long this new 2 rounds of lipo last.

No. 798072

She only wrote herself down as a business to write off vacations like this as tax write offs. She does so much shady shit I'm surprised they didn't catch on yet. Any idiot taking vacation pictures can claim it as a business expense if this was the case… and Moo is that idiot

No. 798073

Wait, who used to hang out with a friend of yours? PixyTeri?

No. 798074

Yeeep. It doesn't seem like she still has a thread here anymore though so I splurged about it on kiwi.(lrn2integrate)

No. 798079

File: 1601448014821.png (3.47 MB, 1242x2208, 6D6E8FF0-5272-4B2F-BA97-77F9DA…)

No. 798080

File: 1601448161262.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, 3D7A315A-EA2F-4B8A-927A-42896C…)


No. 798081

File: 1601448264783.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, FFF764AF-F88F-4C34-84A3-4A7457…)


No. 798083

File: 1601448608023.png (2.08 MB, 1242x2208, EEF6FE43-83CB-4055-B150-A3437B…)


These look so uncomfortable.

No. 798084

Damn Aly has gotten pretty chunky yikes. Two fat cows colliding is going to be hideous. They are both going to be so painted over in Cucks editing.

No. 798090


paya is new and unfortunate. what happened to cosplaying big strong mommy urbosa?

No. 798099

But..isn’t Aly cosplaying Zelda, not Link? Wtf moo. Also huh, she really doesn’t look good as Paya, fucking yikes.

No. 798101

File: 1601462922251.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, A6DE18CB-C42C-4D95-BEEB-57A10B…)

I guess this is the person playing Link (I have no clue who they are) but I’m shocked Moo is doing a pov type shoot with a chick in a silicone chestpiece. I thought she reserved those types of shoots for guys she thirsts after.

No. 798115

Because she's running out of guys who will tolerate her molesting them on set
"Hey since I paid you a bonus how about you give me something special?"

No. 798122

Also she probably doesn’t have to pay these girls, they’re probably willing to do this shit for clout because they think they’ll gain followers. Her circle is so fucked up.

No. 798124

Link can face down Ganon again and again, but he would run in terror from that monster.

No. 798125

this looks like those 40 year old moms who are Fans of LoZ. You know the types, they had a LoZ wedding, still wants to prove they still got it despite the 200 pound weight gain

No. 798133

File: 1601484921595.jpg (222.67 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20200930-105451_Ins…)

I like how her fans are equally problematic, terrible cosplayers, and also despised on tiktok.

No. 798137

File: 1601486854144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 580.96 KB, 1440x2270, bBcsZwe.jpg)

Why did she do a set with Aly right after Vamps did a set with Aly?

No. 798139

Keep this as reference so we can overlap the images just to see how rounded out cuck makes Moo's squared off, lumpy thigh-ass

No. 798147

Moo trying to pass off her thigh flab as her ass is sending me lol

No. 798148

Thanks, I’ll have a look!

No. 798150

“Heavy” being the appropriate word. Where is she getting all these costumes from all of a sudden? Sorry if it’s been mentioned and I missed it.

No. 798151

Beat me to it. Cheap joke, but not as cheap as Moo.

She'll always come for your fandom. Reminds me of all the sperging when she was 100lbs lighter about her cosplaying their favorite whatever. I honestly like parody of things I like. It should be a dollar tree challenge.

No. 798152

File: 1601492469443.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.75 KB, 873x1566, 20200930_150227.jpg)

No. 798159


I only saw the bottom part of this shot and seriously thought it was a pack of Hawaiian rolls. Sad asses on both of them but moos is the worst

No. 798160

when the photo set is released someone should shoop the ugly ass mushroom on moo's butt.

No. 798163

damn even with ps that shit lumpy lmfao

No. 798165

She looks special needs

No. 798172

that shit streak on her ass is never going away huh?

No. 798174

Its not even photo shopped yet. I can't wait to see how they shop it when the sets out lol its gonna be smooth and round. Watch

No. 798175

Curious why moo never done something like this with umbran, or any shoot for that matter

No. 798176

She is manic as fuck right now. She’s done more cosplays this past week than she has in the past two years.
Probably desperate to grasp onto any remnants of her being a cosplayer. And she’s using tiktok as a platform because it’s filled with children who don’t know her crappy history. I can’t wait for word to get around and to see her chased off another website.

No. 798177

Umbran has lost more weight than moo, she’s probably jealous or something

No. 798178

File: 1601502903632.png (5.22 MB, 1242x2208, E217DD72-9E6E-44E4-8C69-DB697C…)

Oop forgot to drop her newest cosplay

No. 798183


>altered by me

Translation: “had my friend let out an aliexpress kimono to fit my hulking frame”

No. 798187


She makes absolutely nothing doesnt she? Everyone does everything for her huge lazy ugly ass. What a fucking waste of space

No. 798188

Cause ain’t nobody wanna see that. Unibrow Moo mashup? Nah

No. 798189

This isn’t cosplay- this is someone’s mom taking a damned selfie before work. What a lazy lazy cosplay.

No. 798190

They are DEFINITELY already trying to run her off tiktok. She’s been deleting comments and limiting them to cope, but they’ll get her eventually

No. 798191

I noticed Moo really likes to shit out costumes around Halloween. I assume it's because this season gets her the most money. I don't get it since she works year round? You'd think she'd put more effort into it

No. 798193

That and the times she gets the entirety of her calf herd together is when she goes ham with the whole cosplayer lie. With all of her craft slaves in one place, she can party and shit out sets she can then trickle down to her cucks for the rest of the year.

No. 798197

This. Like…if you want to make money being a "cosplayer" then throw more money at craft slaves for costumes or actually learning to make literally anything instead of sex contraptions and obviously gay men to make really bad porn?

If I was making her kind of money for doing jack shit I would like…actually indulge in my expensive nerdy hobby? Because making things is challenging and interesting? But she has no interest in cosplay itself besides the attention and $impbux. She's going to regret this sex work moment so bad in like 5 years. Why thots can't develop a skill beyond being thotty and getting surgery when doing that could actually give them some career longevity or alternatives is the wildest thing to me. Just use. Your money???

No. 798198

god it's been so long since she's actually cosplayed I forgot the ever-present cry of "costume ALTERED BY ME", that's some real old school mariah talk

No. 798202

Ive never understood why she bothered to even put “altered by me” What exactly did she alter? A larger opening for her honkers? Yeah ok.

No. 798205

Also quick question, is she one to make fake accounts to save her ass? Cause I’ve seen a few VERY empty tiktok accounts comment on videos calling her out > “omG stop lying whEres your Proof?!” Cause I swear it seems like she’s lurking…

No. 798210

no it's probably umbranwitch looking through her comments/making fake accounts. Maybe if she does a good job, moo will let her in a photoset.

No. 798217

File: 1601527460909.jpg (982.98 KB, 1418x760, q0Ty1Zg.jpg)

its not a hijab, Mariah lol

No. 798218


Further evidence she’s not actually Muslim and only ever uses that and her 1/2 “Leabenese” heritage to play cards. What a racist cunt

No. 798230

oh no she is back to the 'altered by me'

$100 for something with cheap fabrics and that anyone could sew?

No. 798231

That’s a high price tag for cheap fabric and foam that most likely reeks from having been on her.

No. 798233

File: 1601539305601.gif (1.55 MB, 382x215, tumblr_pfv3fvXuv11xylde3o4_400…)

If her friend is doing this to look better in comparison it's not working. They both look horrible.

No. 798246

File: 1601549434150.jpg (133.93 KB, 843x960, dog.jpg)

Why does her gooch and cunt area always looks so fucking dirty. also imagine the smell.

No. 798248

Being overweight and being in poor health causes area's like the gooch (my new favourite word thank you) and the underarms to darken, partially because they don't get enough oxygen. I used to have that to a degree. It magically went away when I started watching what I ate and exercising consistently. Just in case Moo wants to know how to get rid of it. But, that'd require effort.

No. 798250

File: 1601550487341.jpg (34.11 KB, 567x564, 1601266239011.jpg)

Interesting and disturbing to know anon. if not much oxygen gets to her cunt and gooch would that lead to some form of cell death or like weaker/less sensitivity of said areas.

do you think shes ever put veggies in her shopping cart?

No. 798257

To my understanding, it's surface level hyperpigmentation. So the cells on the top layer of skin have more melanin than others for one reason or another. Meaning the affected area's shouldn't be deep enough to cause sensation issues.
That and my lady bits are still sensitive as hell so, I don't believe so.
Of course, this only applies if she's got the same type that I had; related to being overweight and insulin resistant as a result of obesity. But, since it's Moo, I'm gonna take a reasonable guess and say she does.

No. 798272

Yeah tbh it's just a fat person thing. Those places rub together all the time & it's just dry/chafed/dead skin cells

No. 798338

Jesus Christ, trim the bangs on that wig. Does she not own a pair of scissors?

How is sitting next to and ignoring each other "girl x girl?" By that logic, every woman who sits next to another woman on the subway is a lesbian.

No. 798353

The length of the bangs are pretty character-accurate, but the volume makes it look gross. She needs to find someone else to do her wigs, Umbran's massive deepfried wigs just don't work most of the time. I think Moo likes them bc she knows how weirdly small her head is kek

No. 798358

>How is sitting next to and ignoring each other "girl x girl?"
That's been the standard Instathot approach since before Instathots were even a thing.

No. 798364

"small waist" lmao moo you're the size of an aspiring sumo wrestler

No. 798372

She said she shot gxg. Not that this image specifically shows it. Read you guys. The derailing bc of comprehension is retarded.

No. 798373

Moo… this is called a habit fucking moron

No. 798386

you must not have seen the previews on her instastories…

No. 798422

File: 1601641669578.png (Spoiler Image, 46.17 KB, 906x721, b3c52e4a03ce1e87667d1ea31a5b1e…)

Jesus fuck Moo, 80 dollars? I could fill up my gas tank twice and still not pay that much.

No. 798429

An anon called it before (might be thread or two ago) she's gonna charge a ridiculous amount for her porn videos if she ever does it and it not only won't be worth it but it won't be what she says it is.

No. 798443

Never in my life have I seen a sex worker charge $80 for a 4 minute video. She’s out of her mind.

No. 798444

Especially when it’s just herself masturbating and squirting?? While her full blown penetration videos were like, what, $20?????????????

No. 798445

In mooriah logic, this is "special" and "something I had to push through so you have to pay me well."

Getting fucked by a guy that ghosted her was likely so cheap so she didn't have to pay him anything. "I didn't make enough on these videos."

No. 798447

$80 to see her piss? Who in their right mind would pay for that??

No. 798448


The answer is in your question. Nobody paying unironically for this is quite in their right mind . This is her way of trying to make herself feel better or thinking she’s better than every other ethot- by charging 8 times more for 100x less effort than anyone else. Her neckbeards could buy hundreds of videos of the exact same thing on any platform for that. This is what she does to make herself feel better about her pathetic body and attitude. “Well I’m a higher tier “performance artist”, not a low tier cam whore!” I wonder how many chargebacks she gets.

No. 798453

I honsetly don't think anything will be able to top that B/G video, but this just might if she ends up simply peeing all over everything.

No. 798457

File: 1601659534701.jpg (Spoiler Image, 590.35 KB, 454x735, 5xYyqAF.jpg)

Certain people are not happy she is charging such a high amount of what might be shoddy quality. They are aware but simps will be simps

No. 798458

How the fuck does she not rip off her clit with these claws holy shit

No. 798459

She inserted them so she must like claws in her cooch

No. 798461

Actual pee porn. Some fluids can be released during sex, but it doesn’t “squirt” like that, and you can tell it’s straight from the urethra. I can’t believe her simps are actually paying for this.

No. 798463

They're not paying for that. They paid for what they THOUGHT was squirting and got that. Notice you HAVE to drop the money first. Least you can charge back.

No. 798465

…Squirt also comes from the urethra, you morons, but going to agree this is straight up piss. It doesn't happen like this.

No. 798466


idk, but it still feels kind bizarre seeing her producing this kind of content because I honestly thought she would avoid going down this route as much as possible …

No. 798472

I will say that she spent 4 or 5 attempts in all and they all just look like her pissing on the floor. She was saying shit like "I wanna try again" and just piss herself. It looks like she wanted to project so she scooted up closer.

No. 798474

Lol from the sounds of it nothing erotic about it- sounds like a class lecture or something. “Oh I need to try again” and certainly not what the simps were wanting to pay for. Where’s these complaints though? And I agree she looks like she’s pissing. Her house now smells like cat AND cow piss. Sanitary !

No. 798478

Honestly, I am surprised she sells this type of content for this cheap. Her prices don't reflect her 'high class art' she tries to push. If her prices would have been much higher, some people would have still bought it and she would have had some kind of pedigree.

But of course, attention and money comes first.

No. 798481

Isn't it only possible from a penetrative orgasm as well? You're not going to squirt from clit stimulation Moo.

Call it what it is, the fetish aspect of just pissing herself may actually justify the price to some cucks.

No. 798484


You’re joking right? This is bottom tier shit- seems a trend atm for cows to be pissing themselves and of course pornhub and all those sites have tons of this crap for free. No she is trying to sell low tier shit for high end prices. Go on manyvids and you will find tons of “squirting” videos for about 5 bucks. By way better looking people who actually try. She’s a fat girl rolling around trying to be edge.

No. 798486

Truly racing to the bottom of the barrel at this point, Can't believe how quickly she's escalating her "content".
Also someone needs to add the "I don't think what I do is porn" quote to this image

No. 798487


Every study ever conducted has proven that "squirt" is literally piss, "you moron".

Jesus fucking christ the way scrotes have made women think that involuntary loss of bladder control via spasm during orgasms is some mystical fluid from <insert vaguely clinical-sounding organ discharge> is hilarious.

There has never, in the history of humankind, been squirt that was not either a: literally JUST URINE, or B: douche water, forcibly inserted, and used in porn.(derailing)

No. 798488

nobody cares about your encyclopaedic knowledge of and obsession with pissing. have a day off

No. 798489

someone's pissed they got ripped off by mooriah lol

No. 798492

She’s going down it FAST too

No. 798497

I feel like it was just yesterday that she was using nipple covers to retain her "lewd not nude" stance. But after her full frontal reveal she transitioned into blatant porn really fast. I'm surprised she didn't try to stick with just topless pictures for a while

No. 798499

Moo is good at making value choices. She decided that that hedonistic living was worth a fuck of a lot more than health and dignity real quick.

No. 798509


No. 798534

I can't believe it's almost been a whole year since Moo was proud to announce she makes "six-figures doing non-nude content" on a radio show and is now doing penetration and squirting videos. Time sure does fly.

No. 798536

disgusting bitch, What is the difference between her and the animal!

No. 798538

Animals have charm?

No. 798544

Animals have more shame than her

No. 798547

Tbh it's probably piss but a lot of porn stars do that. It's just to sell it lol. It's weird that Moo is employing that though, bc yeah it's straight up hardcore porn shit

No. 798548

I think she may have cut herself. At 1:40, you can see something on her middle finger after she "squirts."

So, somehow she found a way to make this even more disgusting.

No. 798549

I find it hilarious that Mariah is slowing turning into Chel 2.0

No. 798565

Considering she fucking attacked her unprompted forever ago on twitter, I find it humorous the bitch is sucking down that sour medicine called Karma. She’s the new Trisha Paytas with even worse lipo and lip fillers.

No. 798566

Trish is a troll and is actually hard to trigger, most of her shit comes across as an act for views/attention. Moo gets butthurt and rages over everything.

No. 798569

File: 1601726351494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.25 KB, 497x444, ss (2020-10-03 at 04.59.31).jp…)


No. 798584

her super incel fans aren't going to be happy with her outtie. especially after all the perfect innie shoop.

No. 798586

The last few threads feels like Momo in a manic mood caused by herself
"Yeah I do porn now but people really follow me for my cosplay! I don't have to show my coochie for money! I do it because I want to! Now excuse me while I try to claw my way out of the porn path by going to tik tok and being grossly sexual to my teenage fans"

No. 798593

File: 1601745862428.jpg (Spoiler Image, 440.11 KB, 1500x1125, 20150706-anchovies-primary.jpg)

Proves she isn't really taking care of herself when her pussy looks like anchovies

No. 798595

this is cringe incel-tier shit. Her vulva looks normal. Go outside.

The quality looks horrible. I will never understand how she can continue to rip off her fans. Seriously– even if they're basement-dwelling coomers, there are other fatty sex workers who put out high-quality content that they could sub to.

No. 798599

imo this is still an innie

No. 798600

incels don't like anything to stick out cause they're nuts.

No. 798602

link to her pissing porn, not sure how long itll last up there

No. 798604

Wow, you all weren't kidding. It 100% looks like she's just pissing. What a horrible video.

No. 798605

File: 1601753511480.gif (1.46 MB, 448x252, tumblr_p83a7rdbWC1xrqgt2o1_500…)

How the fuck is she fingering her self with those fucking claws jfc

No. 798609

Someone paid $80 for this
Eighty dollars

Ikr, seeing those claws in action gave me anxiety, especially considering how much dirt is underneath them.

No. 798610

And that kids is how we get diseases.

No. 798611

File: 1601754410089.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 185.24 KB, 467x636, 2C2845B6-7665-4533-B671-D941E8…)

This is blood? I’m scared

No. 798612

My body recoiled in horror. I bet her insides are tore the fuck up. I want to die because my curiosity led me to watch it

No. 798613

these nails are 100% giving her micro injuries. i'm a nail tech. extensions are either acrylic which is plastic or hard gel which is basically resin and both are very hard/sharp and will cause bleeding.

No. 798617

File: 1601755923566.png (Spoiler Image, 2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 72934BB9-C588-492E-8559-2CDB2C…)

It took me a sec to see that her nail was discolored from something in your pic, that has to be blood, right? There’s no way she isn’t slicing up her cooch when she’s ramming her claws in that hard. Holy shit…

No. 798624

File: 1601757419724.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1626x2048, Screenshot_20201004-063710.png)

At first I thought maybe she had done that thing where girls have one nail a different color, but nope that is either blood or bloody discharge? The fact it's kind of brown and not bright red like a fresh cut reminds me of the end of a menstrual cycle.

No. 798626

looks like blood under the nail which means she gunna have to scoop it out with her other nails

No. 798628


is this her link or yours? maybe up it to where it can be archived against the inevitable banhammer

No. 798629

Unless she's wearing the same costume twice (which I doubt):
Her tiktok has her wearing the same outfit. Her nails are all the same color, no decorative nail. That HAS to be blood or discharge of some sort.

No. 798630

not my link, i was linked it from someone else who likes to laugh at moo

No. 798637

Words cannot describe how I felt when the bloody nail went back in and came out “clean” again

No. 798641

We've turned out some horror cows over time with Luna and Shay, seeing Momo slowly slide into this category is horrifying but inevitable.
We got piss and blood in one video, how long before we get ass play with evident shit?

No. 798645

File: 1601767993730.jpg (916.45 KB, 598x747, fAbN1gU.jpg)

A actual photo she posted thinking it looks good

No. 798646

she looks like a silicone sex doll jfc.

No. 798647

File: 1601768219486.jpg (1.17 MB, 597x752, wpJuztJ.jpg)

No. 798648

I'm dying over the hem on her cosplay. She said she "altered it herself" but she couldn't even hem the edges?? Even when you cut up parts of a cosplay to make it look ripped or rugged, actually good cosplayers know to protect those raw edges by hemming. she cant even manage to do that?

saged for nitpick/diary entry

No. 798651

This is kinda a retarded take though. BLM is cancer and every protestor that got shot deserved it. The problem is that Momokun decided to act woke for victim points because she's a """Muslim""" woman, then a few months later decides to do something based.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798653

Take your edgy shit to another thread. This was 6 days ago.

Does she not vet everything she posts? This would be embarrassing if she wasn't already pissing herself on her bathroom floor

No. 798656

80 dollars for 4 minutes of her vag? I pity the simps

No. 798659

If this is true, it is against onlyfans policies to shoot actual blood.

No. 798662

What in the FUCK is going on with the skin blurring in these pictures? What am I looking at???
Did she shoop these herself?

No. 798663

Probably, looks so shitty. The uneven hem looks very blurry i some parts too.

No. 798666

Holy shit, her head looks like it's fucking floating. I'm also getting MJ vibes from this.

No. 798668

This looks like the kind of crappy airbrush editing they'd do on photos in the eighties before digital editing became a thing. She damn near blurred out her nose, holy shit.

No. 798672

The makeup is too heavy
The hair looks heavy
The editing is heavy
The bitch herself is heavy

No. 798676

How can she edit her face into a complete dorito and think “yes this is fine I look human”

No. 798679

File: 1601792317919.jpg (24 KB, 450x731, 30f0ec3560d54b16b4d77414777921…)

Serious question. Is there a reason she went down this full-fledged porn road? Was she losing money?

Jesus christ she's come a long way from when she first started. I actually thought she would never go the porn route, especially how she talked about others who did porn

No. 798680

- Money
- Too lazy to get a real job
- Desperate to stay “famous”/ relevant no matter what

Pick one

No. 798681

All this editing and they still didn’t fix her fucked up lash corner

No. 798684

I think the industry's just been turning that way for costhots too. What happened to moo isn't exclusive to her. I'm more shocked by her weight gain. It's really jarring seeing what she looked like in this picture and what she looks like now.

No. 798686

People used to be really starved for non size 2 content I guess?
She was always a butterface at best. Like does her body look way healthier and less mangled by surgery here? Yes, but I can also smell her smugness and stank attitude from here. If you need 4" heels to give your ass a semblance of a shape you don't and will never have an ass.

No. 798687

So this basically proves that she was editing her genitals like we suspected.

And god…….I see why. I'm literally in hell right now.

No. 798689

i dunno what you're talking about it looks like a tiny innie to me and i'm pretty shocked

No. 798690

Oh Lord… I really, truly didn't think Moo would stoop to this. This is beyond filthy. As some anons were pointing out, seeing her bloody nail get shoved right back in to come out clean made me want to cleanse myself with holy water. This is bad…

The fact that it's recorded in this angle so we can't see her atrocious thighs is something, too. And for fuck's sake… you know she didn't clean the floor nor her hands. Her rings will forever reek of piss. This whole thing is nightmare fuel. As much as I wanted to see Moo hit bottom of the barrel, I take it back now.

No. 798695

We wanted to "see" her hit the bottom of the barrel, just not with our own actual eyeballs.

No. 798697

Porn has become a lot more socially acceptable with the popularization of OnlyFans, etc.
When she started to get attention cosplaying 4-5 years ago she was a novelty, now every other girl has an OnlyFans. If you can’t beat them, join them. Who knows what the consequences will be in another 5 years?

No. 798699


Really? What lewd cosplay artist hasn't gone this route? A lot of IG models go this route as it is more lucrative. Don't be surprised when she starts escorting. It's really the same cycle for all porn actresses.

No. 798704

Most costhots get an inflated ego and think that they are too good to have normal jobs. But most women would rather have a normal job than go down the sex worker path. Whatever makes them feel happy I guess?
It's just too bad Moo obviously hates it and is trying to worm her way back into cosplay

No. 798707

I remember back in the day where anons didn't believe Moo stank despite Moo's obvious disgusting habits like… come on she even admits herself that she doesn't shower every day. Some people can get away with that but Moo is a big girl stewing in winter clothes in the vegas heat all day because "I like my make up so I wanna keep it for a few days"
Yes, Moo is obviously going to stink and her covering herself in perfume isn't going to help.

No. 798711

I don't know how long it will take but a video where she announces that she's getting into mainstream porn and claims it's a "dream come true" is inevitable. Hilarious side note: She's 25 and half the time she gets uploaded on porn sites her video has a MILF tag.

No. 798714

exactly, she's super pissed it has come to this. That she has to take her clothes off for attention.
She reached her peek super early in her career when she was invited to cons as "thicc Samus", getting sponsorships, and pulled in 30k some months without having to show her titts her butthole.

You can't really call her a cosplayer anymore and it's laughable she labels herself as a pro. Anyone can cosplay yes, but on pro levels? I've seen high schoolers in anime club do better than her

No. 798716

Yeah, instead of a cosplayer who does lewd content she's now a sex worker who does cosplay.
If she had put in more effort and hadn't burned so many bridges she could have at least slowed the downward slide.

No. 798719

File: 1601832404475.jpg (47.61 KB, 640x640, 9f11a70677907935038d448dc2b52d…)

To be more specific she dumped Eric Matos, the greed in this picture, who was pretty much being her Dad by keeping her to a gym routine. She dumped him because he advised not jumping fully into cosplay without a backup plan or actually learning how to be a seamstress. In order for this inevitable thing to not happen. He's the progenitor of people giving her advice that she has completely disregarded. Be it learning how to make cosplays, don't binge drink as much, don't hang out with douchebags, save money for rough times, and overall when she's drunk keep her hands to herself because that makes people uncomfortable. The just of it is she is a toxic narcissist who is vampiric to everyone and anyone. She's the Mia Khalifa of cosplay in the sense of she has no credibility so she has to siphon it from either the company she keeps or people she fucks.

No. 798725

Do you think she ever regrets telling people Nathan Deluca raped her?

No. 798727

God, I would hate to be her Gynecologist.

No. 798728

I dont wanna be "that person" but technically you don't have to shower everyday. Of course thays not the case for someone like Mariah. For her I would probably have her shower twice a day, and even then she'd probably still stink to high hell.

No. 798731

It's technically advised against showering/bathing everyday, however people who DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEMSEVES NEED TO lol.

No. 798734

doesn’t that mean she would need social skills and an ability to hold a conversation

No. 798736

No. "escorting" is just a polite/legally ambiguous way of saying prostitution.

No. 798737

I would say it's fine to shower your body everyday when you live in Vegas or other hot ass places. It's your hair that really shouldn't be washed everyday.
Mariah has taken it to the extreme where she's so unhygienic she has to get new extensions instead of just taking care of them

No. 798738

Listen, we all know Mariah would be the worst escort and that would never happen. She's a pillow queen and would lie there like a dead body.

I'm pouring one out for the poor esthetician that has to work during a pandemic; people are dying but she's out there putting her life on the line, waxing moo's vagina so she can release shit like this.

No. 798742

Moo is having a Amoung Us stream at 6pm PST

No. 798745

Didn’t moo also cheat on that guy too?

No. 798748

totally thought this was an accent nail color and now i'm fucking horrified

No. 798759

For anyone who cares: it's 6:30 pm and Mariah is late to her own twitch stream again

No. 798762

File: 1601861787666.jpg (623.02 KB, 621x597, O0vjXJp.jpg)

>kween has arrived
>bought a new mic but can't adjust it correctly
>everyone in her discord chat is rubberbanding (lagging) vocally

No. 798766

so much make up, so much face tape
at least she was smart enough to layer it on instead of showing her fans the horror of her natural face

No. 798768

File: 1601862225031.png (754.27 KB, 777x638, man.PNG)

wow she looks awful

No. 798771

File: 1601862382701.png (1.24 MB, 1215x665, c66aef6476Yb7774f2aaeed4f00daf…)

all her friends are chatting without her, and she still hasn't set up her screen yet, so were just uncomfortably looking at her up-close

No. 798772

She needs to stop making duck face since it shows how much her fillers are spilling out of her lip and around her mouth
Also whoever did her make up and tape needs to be put down

No. 798774

Jesus christ she's annoying. Never listened to her voice before but the lisp and accent is infuriating

No. 798776


>apparently DigitalNex's real name is Christopher?

>despite telling everyone not to reveal the room code, she streams it herself for everyone to see
>first or second to get killed

No. 798777

So now she smears.. bronzer across her face?

No. 798779

It's supposed to be the cute e-girl pink nose but she did it on the bridge and not the tip of the nose like a goon

No. 798781

Plenty of people on onlyfans don't do straight up porn though, especially the costhots. She could have done boob bouncing and panty flash vids or whatever and drawn the line there. But she went straight to porn. Was she that in danger of losing her audience? Idk it just seems like a major jump

No. 798783

The distance between her nose and upper lip never ceases to amaze me

No. 798785

The only time I’ve ever had fun when moo streams is her getting shot down and called out for not being able
To understand a Japanese guy and her reading my immortal on her camstreams. If not for transcripts highlighting the lol she bores my tits off. She really is dense.

No. 798789

Lots of egirls do it across the bridge too, but it does Moo's honker no favors. the cutesy makeup styles she always tries to do don't fit her

No. 798790


I also think it's supposed to match your colouring aka: brown is a bad choice.

No. 798791

Has anyone noticed during her twitch stream she is constantly licking around her lips. It is so gross, as if she is trying to scrape the last crumbs of her previous meal into that trash hole she calls a mouth.

No. 798793

Honestly she definitely always wanted to do porn but wasn't big enough and reception to her stuff wasn't as great with simps as it is now. No way in hell someone who does simulated porn of fucking someone in 3 seperate shoots didn't want to do porn to begin with. She just was waiting for the right time and lucky for us she waited until she was Trisha levels.

No. 798794

She never uses chapstick that's why. Anons have pointed out how dry her lips are all the time and especially being inflated like that now for over a year, the skin stretching might itch a bit.

No. 798796

im suprised her twich chat is so dead

No. 798797

She's boring as fuck. I'm not shocked.

No. 798798

Coomers don't care about her twitch streams.

No. 798811

where would she even get twitch followers?

No. 798812


Escorting is a euphemism for exchanging sexual favors for money. Prostitution.

No. 798814

Pretty sure anon meant that escorting requires social skills and the ability to hold a conversation. Otherwise how will she ever get clients.

No. 798832

Shes trying to make her nose upturned and pointy. The second she turns profile, her bulbus nose is super obvious.

No. 798835


This confirms Moo is definitely that girl who won’t suck your dick after its been in her disgusting, muddy pussy.

Uploading yourself scraping old, congealed blood out of your pussy while pissing on the floor is just… vile.

No. 798851

It is clear that Moo is feeling herself after getting attention from clueless tweens on TikTok. Yet like every time she tries to fashion herself into anything but a z-tier porn star it fails horribly because she's a lazy, spiteful bitch with no passion for anything but chasing dick, getting high, and pigging out.

This is what, her fifth attempt at trying to be a Twitch thot? At least our cow had the sense to not and try to show off her saggy udders this time.

No. 798855

File: 1601909552265.png (87.49 KB, 274x291, 1580948993896931.png)

I know you inteded to reply to a different comment, but holy shit if this isn't an excellent analogy for how she presents herself vs what she actually is than I honestly don't know what is

No. 798861

File: 1601913381989.jpg (215.89 KB, 1400x1050, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

The fact she's already flipping off the teeny fans over on tiktok isn't a good thing. The fans she has now only like her because she can fake being/looking younger with the filters and make up.
Cosplay tiktok are dicks about only youthful looking people getting attention.
Probably why she only does school girl and teen characters.

No. 798862

Her piss video is the new Momo Challenge.

No. 798867

File: 1601916801294.png (Spoiler Image, 317.37 KB, 454x736, squirtispee.png)

this bitch is pissing herself for money

No. 798868

this has already been established. for the love of god stop posting it

No. 798869

why would you do this to yourself? those nails… JFC thats a yeast infection waiting to happen, fucking dumb ass is making sex painful for simp money.

No. 798871

I'm sorry you couldn't coom due to this being pointed out. Also lmao @ tranny mods banning >>798487 because it ruined their fap session.(continued derailing)

No. 798873

Or, and hear me out..it's sperging about shit already established and moving on from.

No. 798876

File: 1601918384993.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

This is literally the most vile thing I've read holy shit… I can't believe she actually did this exact thing and didn't even think twice…

No. 798877

it wasn't fresh red blood either, it was clumpy brown blood. Hygiene isn't Moo's top priority and it was no wonder the guy who was lazily fucking her in that other video was half flaccid and barely sticking it in.

No. 798880

lol thanks for the scarring mental image anon! Seriously, she is such a trashy and dirty bitch. He was probably disgusted by her and can you imagine the smell barf

No. 798889

This is completely, 100% truth. I was friends with Eric for a long time in Las Vegas and he was nothing but kind to her and her friends, and he always tried to steer her in the right direction as well as cosplaying himself. Her fame blew out of proportion and she basically said "Fuck you." to all of his help/advice. Momokunt is as bad a person IRL as everyone sees on the internet.

No. 798893

the nasty bitch. im almost surprised bitch didn't attempt to suck on her finger

No. 798894

Moo sucking the old period blood off her sausage fingers "Mmmn! BBQ sauce!

No. 798896

File: 1601930007604.jpg (5.88 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

>suck on her finger
>Mmmn! BBQ sauce!
Satan is that you?

Moo should be nominated for horror cow this 2020, next time I wanna kill my apetite I'll just browse this thread.

No. 798897

Maybe this was a Halloween stunt… She's trying to be a sexy vampire by eating her own brown period gunk. God this cow went from bad to worse real quick huh

No. 798900

I know right!!
Damn then thats some dedication for them simp bux lol ugh gross! what if its not even old period blood and it's something else… Would not surprise me at this point

No. 798914

File: 1601940697584.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x2109, 6DC4ECAB-84F7-412A-8294-A00A04…)

What is going on with her boob? The skin looks so weird

No. 798922

elasticity in her breasts might be fucked from all the tight clothes n bras

No. 798923

Yo-yo weight.

No. 798926

File: 1601949272119.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, 25AAACE9-591A-466F-9488-D27419…)

Wasn’t she naked when doing these? I know you can’t really tell because of the silhouette (and until you see her flapjack tit in profile) so wtf is she doing posting it to tiktok?

No. 798927

File: 1601949321842.jpg (878.49 KB, 471x894, ljLRzh1.jpg)

No. 798935

I'd say yo-yo weight and abusing the fuck out of her body is leading to premature sagging.

No. 798936

File: 1601953679492.jpg (659.88 KB, 470x895, UEN95qv.jpg)

I mean what does she need a gaming laptop for? She doesn't stream anymore nor uses a laptop for games since she and Vamps "split"?

No. 798937

Just………why wouldn't she edit it? Why subject us to that?

No. 798939

Silly, Moo can't edit MOVING pictures!!

No. 798942

Not to mention gaming laptops are wastes of money. You could buy a gaming PC for the same price as some of these "gaming" laptops.

No. 798943

Isn’t this her 3rd/4th gaming setup too? She lives to waste money…

No. 798945

If memory serves me right she JUST bought a new set up this past year when Brandon was going to stream on Twitch. She has a Mac and also "bought" a new set up when she first got patreon money or something like that (one of her controversies)

No. 798946

hear me out
I think Momo is just that dumb bitch who never lets her computer updates or cleans it out, basic maintenance
so when it slows down she gets a new one

No. 798947

She tries and we see those walls wiggle

No. 798948

She JUST got that one, anon. That's the fucking ridiculous thing. I think she is literally just getting an excuse for a gaming laptop so she can be in rooms with other people while they play instead of being on her desktop where she is isolated.

No. 798949

god what a horrible existence her friends put themselves in for free rent and clout. No amount of money could get me to live with Moo

No. 798968


did this bitch even consider taking it to a repair shop? Or buying a replacement part? Just one quick google says this could be a bios or harddrive problem that can even be fixed by just going into the bios menu and changing some settings.

No. 798971

File: 1601983616494.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2688, 4AAF5AAA-7451-4C78-9D01-07B752…)

this bitch really bought a gaming laptop to play among us on

No. 798977

Yeah, it's a pretty simple fix, but this is Momokun we're talking about…

No. 798978

A gaming laptop…..for among us……She’s so frustratingly wasteful

No. 798987

Knowing Moo she's either going to drop it, or take it out to public or future cons. This thing is going to break or get stolen in less than a year

No. 798997

Imagine spending $800+ for a technically FREE game

No. 798999

A game you can also play for free….on your phone….. Hilarious.
Keep spending, Moo. You're just looking foolish!

No. 799005

For games she doesn't even play
Like when has Moo ever completed a game past the intro? She only does these things to pretend to be a nerd.
I guess it's for her brand and whatever. But no one gives a fuck about her cosplays, she only got famous for her lewd shoots and porn.

She's the only person I know of to spend thousands on things she isn't even interested in. But she was like this in high school. Like how her whole personality changes based on who she wants to fuck

No. 799012

What’s funny about her computer issue is that in all probability she has either a loose cable or something like that. Not worth replacing a whole system. Of course she’s a dumb wasteful fuck. Betcha she uses this as an excuse to not release (insert whatever promised sets she said she would do) anytime soon.

No. 799015

I think she did it too because she was streaming like it's her job and she was getting paid but nobody was there or cared about her it's so sad

No. 799035

It took this bitch like 2 years AND having her cousin play for her to finish BOTW, a game where you can literally skip everything and beat it in one day. This shit does not surprise me

No. 799046

Just needs a new hard drive because looks like a typical W10 update corrupted it. Like wtf is her problem?

No. 799047

Yea I was going to say this - just means her C drive was messed. But again could have just been the cable loose as well. Or the HD was fubar. Either way of course she uses that as an excuse to flex needlessly when a new HD set her back what, a few bucks? She’s so dumb. Betcha she didn’t secure the old one either lol.

No. 799049

…she could have just got an 8g flash drive, download proper w10 files from her cousin's comp and fix it for $15 to wipe it or go to a computer store and pay $200 to salvage it instead of $800 for a new laptop. So a 53rd of the price or a 4th of it…

No. 799055


Stop trying to help her.

No. 799057

No one is helping her, she already bought the setup. They are just pointing out how impulsive and stupid she is.
Also, sage your post if you have no milk.

I'd bet she just wanted to drop a bunch of cash to show how much of a serious gamer she is. Its more convenient and ~flexworthy~ to get a whole new setup rather than wait for geeksquad to show up.

No. 799064

Moo really has this weird cycle where she has to prove herself?
She wants to prove she's mentally sound so she rants about "peaceful warrior" shit
She wants to prove she's sexier than a sex worker so she does "lewd cosplay"
She wants to prove she's a quirky gamer girl so she binges on computers and cards??
It's weird. She could just have proven this without spending so much money.

No. 799066


Putting in extraneous details she can just follow and return her laptop today is helping her. Sage your own damn post.

No. 799068

She just pissed herself and showed the world her dried bbq sauce period blood and >>798971 she's going to drain her bank account on shit like this thinking she's rich until the money stops and she has nothing to show for humiliating herself and becoming a gross pig inside and out.

No. 799074

My question is this- is she still even pretending her Patreon matters? The last time I recall this level of bullshit was before her promising a Buncha lies trying to get to 2k subs. But of late this haven’t seen shit about her Patreon. Mostly curious what cheap stunt she will try to get more attention like that on tiktok or OF. Also I wouldn’t worry about her trying to return her obviously overpriced computer - the smell of grease and all will make it no refund. We can say anything we want she only postures and never takes actual sound advice. That’s how we got here

No. 799082

I don’t think you know what sageing is which shows what a newfag you are. The person you replied to’s post is saged. Yours are all not. Come back when you’ve learned how to use the site, no one is helping moo

No. 799097

It's almost as if Moo had no real
interests or hobbies besides eating, clout chasing and being a fat autistic hypocrite.

Moomoo honey, dear, precious; regular people can see through your shtick, you're not a model. You're whore. Now piss on the floor walk the dinosore.

No. 799122

what the actual fuck

No. 799123

File: 1602083008656.jpg (125.11 KB, 1392x854, FDRJhEP.jpg)

Bulma previews

No. 799124

File: 1602083068688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 353.48 KB, 1383x2147, lvWWCbt.jpg)

No. 799125

File: 1602084169314.png (309.32 KB, 412x406, dirty girl.png)

If her editor shoops her to hell and back… why not remove the dirt/bruise from her ass?

No. 799126

File: 1602084321146.jpeg (59.58 KB, 281x325, 4B324593-F93E-4850-8484-56271F…)

Top tier editing per usual

No. 799127

i think its a dirty fold line they thought would give her some semblance of an ass

No. 799129

File: 1602084564260.png (218.99 KB, 407x314, mo mo.png)


No. 799130

File: 1602084798031.jpeg (707.68 KB, 1053x1037, E1B1CD42-C6FD-4422-83F8-5CB973…)


Mariah you can’t get your lips plumped to the size of sausages and then still do your signature mouth breather pose like this.

No. 799131

Where's her ass…

No. 799134

Her eyes look blood shot. Combined with that facial expression…yikes.
And the pose on this…it’s like shes high on a bunch of drugs and trying to figure out how to get up off the floor in those heels.

No. 799136


It's the pink background most likely. Maybe she is a little high, but she hasn't been to Cali in a while so I doubt it. That or her eyes are strained from wearing so many different lenses in such a short span when she was shooting this.

No. 799137

I'm going to give her this one and say it might be a weird fabric spot in the tights also. Sheer black tights like these or dark brown ones always have weird discoloration sometimes in just random spots. You can try to pull around the fabric to fix where the dye mightve settled on the fabric to sheer it out, but it's honestly a manufacturer thing.

No. 799141

it lines up with her other "ass cheek" almost perfectly and you can see the discoloration on the folded cheek so no, its her rolls for sure. its REALLY hard to stain sheer fabric.

No. 799143

Whoever is telling her to do her makeup like this needs to push her further, it's so hideous. Her nose and top lip make her look like she was eating mud butt.

No. 799147

in general lately, whoever has been giving her tips is doing us some service. im digging the sunburn face shit lip combo.

No. 799149

It doesn't match up with anything else in the photo and it's not a roll at all. lol The fabric isn't pinched and the skin isn't indented enough there to be a fold either. It's just sheer fabric that has a spot that collected more dye when in the process. I don't know if you've ever gotten cheap plus sized tights anon, but these are those. That's how they look usually with minor imperfections.

No. 799151

That's not how stockings work, sorry to say.
But I will say it's probably a buildup of fabric that she forgot to adjust when she was pulling it out of her ass.
Still my point still stands, it LOOKS like dirt so why would the editor leave it like damn.

No. 799152

These are tights, not stockings anon. No one would notice unless it's pointed out and because we nitpick here, anon.

No. 799153

The editor blurred the fuck out of her nipples but left her face looking like… that. Also what’s going on with her crotch area? I’m not sure what I’m looking at.

No. 799154

This just reminds me of little sue who from whosville. Only sadder.

No. 799156

Either way, its easy to edit the whites of your eyes and make them not look bloodshot. Her editor is garbage.

No. 799159


They aren't bloodshot? They are tinted pink.

No. 799163

Weed is legal in Vegas. As much as she moos that she doesn't do it anymore, she absolutely uses. Plus she has hookups there for the other shit she does.

No. 799165

I find it funny that Moo thinks she can exit Porn by changing her name
that and… who's dumb enough to use their real name as their porn name? Why I will never believe anyone who says Moo has ANY intelligence

No. 799172

They can be tinted green, orange, and brown if it pleases you. My point is its a very easy fix and the color they are come off as bloodshot, not healthy.

No. 799179

Thats her ass contouring

No. 799181

She could’ve played the game on the phone for free…

No. 799184


I mean what do you expect from someone who literally bought a $300 Fate Grand Order account on ebay because she couldn't access her old one instead of just…starting again.

No. 799186

300 dollars for a game she didn't know how to play and dropped right after she bought said account.
She burns through everything she spends

No. 799194

That's something I never understood… fgo is one of the simplest games considering they walk you through every aspect in the tutorial singularity

No. 799206

File: 1602126184264.jpg (871.64 KB, 472x895, j8y79Gx.jpg)

i wonder if she'll shoop herself tan again

No. 799215

File: 1602131413083.jpg (96.79 KB, 512x724, 1441.jpg)

oh this will be horrible

No. 799217

File: 1602131604366.jpg (881.04 KB, 479x892, TLgs2qP.jpg)

Don't know if this is a new set up or what but

>this happened

>Moo says she's moving at the end of the year because she bought a new house
>was talking about her new "streaming room" in the new house
>talking about how she was going to put a faux neon peach sign in the back of her streams but since she's moving there's no point. Wants to make a "Momo" neon sign for her backdrop as well
>had to buy HDMI cables since her Mac wasn't integrated to her new (?) tower she says

I wonder if she bought that ~Umineko victorian house~

No. 799221

funny that despite being a gamur and botw fan she hasnt been playing that new game everyones talking about wink lol

No. 799223

Cue the "OMG guiz im so excited about [redacted]!" story

No. 799224

I swear, her constant splurging of money on hobbies she's never been seriously invested in is enough to give me a migraine.

No. 799226

File: 1602141537437.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2688, 16C03F4F-024E-4CA8-B4E9-18E1CE…)

She bought this pre made from Costco. They just released them at costco, so I know this is a new computer.

No. 799227

I haven't heard her voice in a long time and now watching these stories again and wow she talks like a black woman. She used to talk like this before but now the accent it's more prominent

No. 799230

>'bought' a new house

So she's renting another house.

We know our moo and if she bought a house she would be bragging about it before this not 'i bought a house' in some random ig stories. She bragged more about renting her current place than her supposed new home.

She couldnt even afford the bougie home she was originally bragging about renting for her uwu Umineko shoot dreams (For newer anons she claimed she was getting a house with an amazing staircase that would have been so high class and totally exactly like the umineko staircases or some garbage)

No. 799238

at least they finally gave her a nose job via shoop. but what in the ever loving fuck is this pose?

why are her tits the only thing out of focus? Photographically and spatially and visually it just makes no sense. lazy editing at its finest

No. 799243

Remember how she canceled a japanese lucky cat shoot because she decided it would be offensive?

No. 799247

I highly doubt she bought a house. The last time she said she bought a house turned out she was just renting her current empty box in the middle of no where vegas. Maybe she got some sense and is downgrading. Though we all know that wont be the case since she said she can't live alone and needs live in slaves, I mean friends

No. 799249

okay, who's the lets player/streamer Moo is trying to impress this time?

No. 799250

But Quetz is actually fit unlike Moo. This will be a disaster as usual.

No. 799256

you've gotta pick between invisible hat pose and that one

No. 799267

File: 1602178009686.jpg (375.21 KB, 472x893, AeUfYto.jpg)

This is so embarassing.

No. 799268

her boobs look like a man's chest what the fuck?

No. 799269

Yikes she bought an ibuypower pc. They are some of the worse on the market.

No. 799270

even with the white background you can see where he re drew her body to make her appear 100 pounds thinner and in some areas he just completely gave up and just blurred the fuck out of the picture or just over exposed the area.
Like this picture is so brightened up it hurts the eyes. At this point just pay for an art commission

No. 799271

If that would be the case, I can’t wait for her to post anything like that on Tik tok and see her ass get cancelled forever.

No. 799273

A body double would do the trick.

No. 799274

The pose and editing makes her arm look amputated. Also why she keeps doing her lips like that?? Literally looks like either she’s a fat kid who stuffed their face with chocolate or she’s been eating actual shit.

No. 799275

lol the amoun of airbrush, girl he could have at least fixed that busted lip of hers, the way she painted her face does not compliment herself at all. Honestly I wonder how much she pays this guy for this shitty photoshop job.

No. 799276

File: 1602186393274.jpg (1.01 MB, 2880x3840, eDdfe1D.jpg)

if anyone forgot the original

No. 799280

Moo only using the ghetto black voice for when she wants to appear extra trashy or aggressive/bad bitch. Never change Moo and keep your stereotype

No. 799281

It's like someone told Moo the old school chola lips are making a come back

No. 799282

when will moo understand that getting a well fitter bra will make her look slimmer? She either doesn't wear one or wears ill fitting sport bras. Just admit you gained weight and get a bigger size.

No. 799283

Her bra is so ill fitting it looks like she's wearing a chest binder

No. 799284

She said she intentionally wears sports bras that compress her tits because she doesnt like people staring or some shit

No. 799285

I hope she pulls a Trisha and suddenly claims to be a gay man

No. 799287

She has uneven breasts. She is too cheap/lazy to order special bras with different size cups. She could also buy a bra that fits her bigger tit and an insert to support the smaller one.
It’s easier to just wear a sports bra.

She’s also a top heavy (meaty back, shoulders, arms) heifer so the underwire and straps digging into all that fat is probably uncomfortable.

No. 799288

sage for no milk
she'll never do that because she'd have to get fitted and she'd rather live in denial of how big she is
they make plus size bras without underwire, she's just lazy, trashy and in denial

No. 799289

Saged for no milk/speculation but Its especially obvious seeing her try to skinwalk people like juliette michelle who did Yoshi-ette instead of doing Boosette and Bowsette which are more popular

No. 799291

She did Bowsette but it was so bad she claimed it was a joke and would do a "Serious" cosplay of it later. She did it twice but it was just as bad and she never touched the character again since people kept making fun of her. That and every cos thot did it better

No. 799292

It's weird to me that Higurashi is literally trending on twitter but she hasn't even mentioned it since the new Anime came out

No. 799298

Because it isn't on netflix

No. 799300

File: 1602201431647.jpg (660.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201008-165819_Ins…)

Moo is with Nicolemjean and Kevin right now

No. 799314

Just like Tiktok people are gonna know who she is and will get roasted on her streams as well. She's gonna have to face the fact that she will always be infamous and no matter where she goes she will always be known as the racist sexual harassing cosplayer who turned into porn in order to stay relevant.

No. 799332



christ, she's even giving weed the "overpay for shit quality product just because of brand" treatment.


No. 799333

people have said on here hundreds of times that her lips look like a prolapse and i never saw it until i laid eyes on this picture right here. how can she be proud of this??

No. 799336

as an us citizen she should be locked inside her house and quarantining but fuck other people's health right

No. 799339

Invisible hat definitely. This looks like a deformed thanksgiving turkey fell down in the oven and can't get up

No. 799355

I know this is three days old already, but is this bitch really wearing multiple layers of false lashes? What is even going on there.

No. 799378

Idk what u think area 15 is but it’s definitely not a dispensary?? Unless I’m reading your post wrong.

It’s basically an art installation space with a lot of different interactive exhibits, except they have a lot of other things like games, food, alcohol, some zip lining shit.

No. 799380

File: 1602260291543.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, D33BF223-9CA3-4F92-8844-930B96…)

Lol sure Moo.

I think the anon got it confused with the Planet 13 dispensary near the strip.

No. 799381

The business is open though, but fuck employees, right? Can we not nitpick retarded shit like this because you want to be a moralfag. At least the crew has masks and its just weed, anon.

No. 799447

This will be perfect to bring up again next time she goes on a manic screaming fit or claps back at one of her paypigs.

No. 799449

the irony of her posts, if only she actually listened to em.

No. 799452

File: 1602292009076.png (3.3 MB, 1034x1800, E53F5455-55FC-4C62-ADE5-EBE490…)

Those filters are really working overtime

No. 799453

File: 1602292215724.png (3.88 MB, 1242x2208, 6AF7C0B8-59B0-45F8-8F90-706822…)

No. 799454

I wonder what life is like to only look at yourself through a filter on max and have a mental break down every time you look in a mirror

No. 799459

the point is more about how she never stays home at all

No. 799460

Holy shit is the caption written in Strokenese

No. 799462

She genuinely thinks she’s Julia Fox it’s so funny

No. 799463


Weird fat girl pose to make it look like you have a defined clavicle but okay Mariah

No. 799465

File: 1602297982445.jpg (1.07 MB, 525x923, LHSHmVL.jpg)

No. 799466

Eghhhh I can't imagine that

No. 799467

Ohnooooo she looks so bad

No. 799469

I love how between >>799452 and this it looks like she got a breast reduction. Stuff like this is what REALLY shows the size of her udders when she's not trying to use every available trick and filter (or straight up shoop) to try and make them look bigger.

No. 799470

How did she manage to look nearly as bad in that as Tess Holiday? Also guessing no big halloween project I'm shocked her stories aren't choked with her sperging over her so called fav getting a sequel.

No. 799471

File: 1602298794255.jpg (1.08 MB, 602x750, a09FQoN.jpg)

Compare to what she posted on insta after.

No. 799472

I love how blatantly insecure she is. I actually think she looks better in the tiktok than this but gotta make them cuckbucks I guess.

No. 799473

File: 1602299024768.jpg (87.35 KB, 1486x293, yJtpkFr.jpg)

Farms post. Null says this has been a ongoing issue where her "team of lawyers" try to DMCA a variety of posts in her thread. This request was in regards to her personal Facebook post about kicking that cosplayer's tail at Katsucon.

No. 799475

Not as bad as Tess Holiday but I’m beginning to think maybe this dress just does not look good on fat peoples

No. 799477

Moo looks worse than Tess Holiday did. Tess probably paid the designer to have custom sizing. Moo got a few sizes too small and looks like a slutty strawberry shortcake.

No. 799484

this looks bad but honestly, I don't think it even has anything to do with her weight this time. this dress is just really matronly and frumpy. if it weren't for the plunging neckline it's 100% a dress I could have seen one of my grade school teachers wearing.

No. 799489

Strawberry shortcake dun ate the berry bake house.

No. 799490

Did the filter not work? I forgot how bad the skin on her face actually sag and the jowls. She looks like Droopy

No. 799492

Why in the world are her boobs literally in her waist band. Can she not tell? Did she think this would look good? Was she trying to make them look smaller?

No. 799497


So she goes from insta thot and being inappropriate on tiktok to…trendy grandma on tiktok? She really has no middle ground

No. 799505

Yeesh, light pink is not her color. It makes her skin look really sallow. Those sleeves are unflattering, too. The emphasize her lunch lady arms.

No. 799506

I'm just laughing at how her tits go below the string tie at the waist.
She's had so many procedures, why not get a lift?

No. 799522

she probably believes they're fine as is

No. 799530

She's probably waiting on the perfect excuse to go dark for a few weeks for the recovery period.

That or she doesn't want to deal with the inevitable backlash she'll get when people realize her tits are actually smaller and the sag was what made them look bigger.

No. 799544

File: 1602352218764.jpeg (204.99 KB, 1200x1200, 440FADC9-1A53-4C41-ADC2-A700A0…)

Just because Lirika Matoshi makes this dress in moo’s size does NOT mean it flatters her. Jesus moo, those sleeves are doing you no favors. If it were a long bell sleeve she might even come close to looking halfway decent, but fat girls just don’t fit this shape or sleeve well at all. She looks like fucking Tess holiday

No. 799559

she probably got it on aliexpress (the original is from there anyway)

No. 799562

Really shocked she hasn’t even mentioned the Higurashi anime with the ball that got dropped the last episode. So much for being “the biggest fan” like she claims. Guess those videos really didn’t mean anything.
Although I’m sure she’ll bring it up as soon as she reads this, and will post her videos claiming what a big fan she’s always been.

No. 799575

Do you think she bought it because Tess was critiqued for that dress cuz it looked awful and she thinks it looks good? I think it looks horrible on Tess.

No. 799576


Actually its the real thing cause it has the Lirika Matoshi name/logo on the bag. Plus the real thing has glitter painted strawberries on tulle (4 layers of tulle I think) instead of the cheapo screen printed (or sequined) strawberries on one layer tulle with a fabric slip that you see for the knockoffs.

Its about 500 bucks for the dress so I wouldn't be surprised that Moo got it for her usual flexing.


No. 799577

No, she probably got a few sizes too small and her pancakes won’t fit.

No. 799580

there is no real thing, anon. the designer is a fak.

No. 799581

File: 1602367534776.jpg (900.49 KB, 476x896, xJ9P3HZ.jpg)

At the sanctuary with princess rabbits, looks like

No. 799592

I thought the same, but it's not on Netflix so she doesn't have immediate access and is lazy. But you called it, sperg ahoy after your post.

No. 799654

Tess wasn't criticized for that dress though, quite the opposite. She was on best dressed lists etc. She made the whole thing up for attention because she's a liar and a cow herself. Moo bought the dress because it was trending on social media for a minute, that's all.

No. 799730

File: 1602518638219.jpg (511.02 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20201012-180423__01…)

No. 799732

Lol literally on cue. How sad is your life you have to wait to be called out for keeping up with stuff you "like"?

No. 799741

It is only 2 episodes in too though. I know an anon mentioned it in the thread, but until episode 2 the hype wasn't building.

No. 799743

So she'll listen to us on turtle lips and this, but when we point out how unhygienic she is or lack of after care to her lipo she ignores. Hey Moo your other fav InuYasha got a sequel too Hurry up and sperg about that too to keep up face.

No. 799751

except it's not a fucking remake and both eps have new content.

No. 799752

File: 1602529129497.jpeg (19.87 KB, 168x300, F02A3B98-5E32-4D37-8DF4-C98F6E…)

She did sperg about it when it was announced. Her IG stories were littered with weeby Inu-Yasha bullshit to prove how big a fan she was. I don’t know why anons said she wasn’t hyping this other show’s remake when she posted nonstop cringe about it in her stories when it came out.

Countdown to when she posts select shots from her failed Higurashi video. We never forgot the Genji oni mask, Moo.

No. 799787

what does the dance means moo, why won't you explain?

No. 799790

File: 1602558806797.jpg (61.37 KB, 418x240, 20201012_221350.jpg)

More and more like a crackhead every day.

No. 799791

She claims to be basically the 'biggest fan' of the series though and even used to claim she helped to fan translations of it. There were PVs posted from March and she didnt post about it once. It was her biggest 'Wiki repost spree' of all time and she couldnt stop going on about how much the series meant to her etc.

No. 799795

I doubt it hygienist to fuck yourself with acrylic nails. As lesbian, i had cut nails off even when i love them, but they are too much pain. I wonder can she cut herself, and get infection down there? Sounds danger

No. 799803

File: 1602566790846.jpg (264.56 KB, 427x405, YzmP0Gj.jpg)

No. 799807

fuck she looks haggard, straight up looks like a hard drug abuser/old

No. 799811

OT but how do you know this? I haven't found anything on the internet about this

No. 799827

Anon is just saying whatever because they hate Moo that much. Vamplette has a knock-off, Moo has a real one. They are absolutely not comparable.

No. 799836

File: 1602608808449.jpg (20.54 KB, 275x261, 1602566790846~2.jpg)


She made a tiktok about how she's a catfish bc of cosplay but only took off her wig for the after part. Would be a lot more dramatic and realistic if she compared in cosplay to her natural jowl hobo state

No. 799837

File: 1602609104179.png (173.79 KB, 427x405, allicansee.png)

No. 799838

She has the same dead fish eyes as toopolr. Absolutely revolting.

No. 799842

She sure does act like a druggie. But she could be using drugs to lose weight. I have seen people who are dumb as rocks use this logic

No. 799855

She'd have to use a drugs like meth and heroin. Unless that's what she's using the Adderall for.

No. 799864

She has bad genetics, eats like shit is back to drinking and smoking/vaping. Its not always only hard drugs, anons. Jesus. She'd be way more crazy than the blue moon spazz attack meltdowns she has. She's got a fragile ego. Its not drugs like heroine or meth.

No. 799865

File: 1602624881184.gif (13.96 MB, 346x640, 20201013_162858-min.gif)

No. 799866

Honestly looks like her weight loss game plan is to just wear clothes that are 5 sizes too small and flesh colored compression gear.

No. 799867

it's the weight loss for me

No. 799876

The opposite of aspirational. Fat uggums hanging out in a house that looks like a weaboo HomeGoods.

No. 799884

The house being basically empty besides her manic shopping spree attempts to decorate is so depressing. All this money and no taste or personality at all

No. 799886

Well now she has another house to fill her empty hearted shit in so you're welcome

No. 799887

File: 1602648346694.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1263x1756, BQ3FZZW.jpg)

Someone forgot to delete her ghost elbow

No. 799889

thats the side of her body lol

No. 799890

Those panties look painfully tight on her sides/gut. Also the clip umbran just posted proves she hasn’t really lost weight.

No. 799891

File: 1602652240354.png (3.45 MB, 1800x1672, C49CA607-4FB7-4306-B569-5F1B29…)

Maddie kissing Moo’s shoe. Well I guess this is one thing Vamp didn’t do in her tenure as Moo’s lapdog/doormat. Their relationship is really fucking disturbing.

Oh god, I thought that was her elbow too until I zoomed in. She’s just that wide! Usually Squarecuck shaves off the part of her body that sticks out.

No. 799906

Moo has quit the updates on her weight loss. So has she quit pretending, or has she stopped because of the online bullies?

No. 799912

Now that you brought it up, she will update.

No. 799924

I can and can’t believe she put her precious figures by a open uncovered window directly in Las Vegas sunlight. Those figures are fucked

No. 799927

Considering how she has snapped/broken a few figures before it doesn’t really surprise me. She must have smooth brains to buy them overpriced and then just breaking them.

No. 799932

She’s like a fat toddler who breaks all their toys and then tantrums for new ones.

No. 799934

A fat extremely spoiled toddler. She’ll just go and buy a more expensive one, even though she probably won’t even know the character.

No. 799954

She’s drunk and out of breath.

No. 799960

That bracelet though lmfao barely hanging in there

No. 799974

File: 1602733049571.jpg (702.04 KB, 470x895, KhFBbgu.jpg)

Fat kween updates:
>says she misses her paypigs
>alot coming in the next couple weeks including cosplays
>bought a shitton of manga from Barnes and Noble including Demon Slayer, Fate/GO and Elfen Lied

No. 799977

Oh Christ now she looks like she has pig hooves.

No. 799978

File: 1602736253054.jpg (185.41 KB, 511x937, Screenshot_20201015-003158_Chr…)

She really spent hundreds on that gaudy ring that looks like it came from Forever 21, it just amazes me. I know she's trying to brag but it's just embarrassing, she has awful taste

No. 799980

Honestly for once a "luxury" brand created something half-decent and wearable. This could be worse.

No. 799983

I would have never guessed that's from fucking Gucci. My sister has rings like that and she paid a fraction of the price.

No. 799993

Why does her ring look fucked up and discolored?

No. 800006

Didn't she used to wear that Cartier ring on her middle finger??? Did she get too fat she had to switch it to her pinky lmao

No. 800008

At least her paypigs won't be able to see crusty blood under these ones

No. 800016

File: 1602777168093.gif (2.02 MB, 480x270, source (1).gif)

That ring is the physical embodiment of Xerxis from Southpark…

No. 800040

Apparently she is is building a house? At least she showed that on her story, can’t take a screenshot atm so sage.

No. 800041

File: 1602799934080.gif (8.16 MB, 255x450, videotogif_2020.10.15_18.09.52…)

Cringe, she's posting to her stories about missing her skinny days when her family still loved and were proud of her and then coping by flexing the "house she's building"

No. 800042

File: 1602799951589.png (3.56 MB, 1800x1454, 11226AEF-BEF5-4EBC-B98D-B8ACB9…)

Is this the new house she’s getting? Not the “Victorian” house that totally exists in Las Vegas? I figured it was going to be some newly developed cookie cutter piece of shit on the outskirts of Red Rock Canyon.

Funny seeing her sperg like this as if it’s the best time of her life and pretending like she isn’t doing bottom of the barrel, overpriced amateur porn. Don’t you have a mirror to piss on Moo?

No. 800044

The sad thing is that there’s too much coomers. Still can’t understand though.

No. 800046

File: 1602803341116.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 6D8A2DF9-22D8-4263-855C-6F2A6A…)

dropping a ball of tinfoil from Juliette’s stories, I tried to think of other costhots who are “copying” her look and couldn’t but again take this with a grain of salt

No. 800049

Coming from a cow who has no idea of her own and has a long history of stealing designs etc. Jesus, this is getting more ridiculous by day.

No. 800053

Even on a pinky her fingerfat is still stretching around it. The colour of the gold cartier stuff looks off or flat but it's probably the filter she's using.

No. 800056

That house looks like it’s In Summerlin judging from the height and stuff it’s in the bougie area

No. 800058

Uh, no, anon. She actually had her specific style. Go complain about bishoujo somewhere else.

No. 800063

File: 1602812423252.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, 902649DA-C2AC-4B58-AC0D-43BC76…)

Stay classy Moo.

No. 800064

File: 1602812933105.png (3.22 MB, 1111x1800, DEC3594F-BF93-4B20-941E-BA1CAA…)

Hard to believe she’s 25 when she looks like she’s pushing 40. Her filters on this can’t even decide wether or not to remove her eyebags for each one.

No. 800066

On that car pic shes wearing three cartier rings, and then the cartier bracelet in the latest nsfw pic uploaded here. Doubt they are real tho

No. 800067

gonna be funny when it's foreclosed on

No. 800068

It just surprises me the only brand she buys to be fancy is gucci. Most people have multiple favorite brands. It's like she went "What's a total waste of money rich people buy. I know! Gucci!"

No. 800069

Why do I get the feeling that this is the last we're going to hear of this house and she's never going to move into it or just rent a different place?

No. 800070

How much you wanna bet she just walked down the street and snapped a shot of someone's build-a-bear house?

No. 800072

i think this is her worst makeup yet

No. 800074

Holy shit this looks so bad.

I don’t know if anyone’s told her you can get filler to help with those under-eye bags. She blows so much money on injections, why the fuck hasn’t she gotten the one procedure that would actually help her appearance

No. 800076

She is so consistent with fucking up hime bangs and only using lipstick on her top lip. Bravo, Mariah, you look like a terf having an allergic reaction.

No. 800089

It's Umbran's cosplay so technically it's not HER fucked up hime bangs

No. 800100

I’m glad she didn’t at least do the scary ass red lipstick like Umbran did

No. 800114

File: 1602831151854.jpg (80.46 KB, 758x853, 20201015_234848.jpg)

No. 800123

File: 1602833235333.gif (212.05 KB, 174x359, B59C3869-12B0-47EB-8A07-8317CB…)


“Can’t sleep, Moo will eat me”

No. 800147

Damn I thought I looked bad as her- turns out she looks the most pathetic of all yumeko’s

No. 800148

Doesn’t yumeko normally have red nails ?

No. 800152

File: 1602844965574.jpg (467.65 KB, 1079x1428, Screenshot_20201016-063907_Chr…)

Lmao what is this face

Her wig looks like emo phillips' hair

No. 800164

File: 1602852395922.png (766.88 KB, 767x997, Screenshot 2020-10-16 084755.p…)

besides umbran lmfao…

No. 800168

Neither of them can’t do makeup at all, idk which is worse.

No. 800187

I'm surprised Moo hasn't jumped into the vtuber bandwagon with her totally "original character" like bunnyayumi did

No. 800190

She might be going for an aegyo eye look, but it doesn’t suit her face at all. The lack of brows and huge lashes make the bottom left pic look especially weird

No. 800200

Please stop making blatant suggestions for her knowing she reads her religiously.

No. 800208

i wonder if this poser has even played the VN kek

No. 800224

How she thinks this looks attractive is beyond me. She looks like she has down syndrome.

No. 800249

Based on her track record, how likely is this to be a McMansion that's just a carbon copy of other houses in the same neighborhood? It seems she likes to move around to basic ass neighborhoods because she has no taste.

No. 800252

It is exactly that from the zoning of it. This is a planned housing development area and this is one of the houses they are working on. She isn't contracting any of this, but as someone going into the purchase of a developed housing house though, she can be able to adjust finished, colors, floors, and pay extra for them from the get-go. That's as much as 'building' from her personally as this can get.

No. 800258

Late but 2 of those cartier rings look fake
t. Buys fake cartier

No. 800259

where from?
For a friend.

No. 800262

File: 1602891190505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.87 KB, 620x930, oHEOBur.jpg)

No. 800263

Wow this us wildly bad. Her face looks really heavy/fat, her boobs look photoshopped into the rest of the picture, and her body looks like someone else entirely. …this is one of the worst recent “pro” shots I’ve seen of her in months

No. 800264

saging for not contributing, but what fillers?? i've talked to plastic surgeons before and they said they didn't want to do that because its such a delicate area.

No. 800270

Her legs look amputated.

No. 800272

File: 1602895752233.jpg (423.82 KB, 1166x558, MWVP0IO.jpg)


No. 800273

imagine taking out your trash at 10pm and looking over at your neighbor's porch and seeing moo writhing around on the floor blinded with her tits out. i would move out that night.

No. 800281

I’m sorry but this looks like literal overfilled garbage bags stuck to her. That spandex is really getting a workout.

No. 800282


ot but it is done. snitchery made a video about getting them done and I think Jackie Aina had done it too. They put in a really small amount in, but i've only ever seen youtubers and people who spend a lot of time on camera do it

No. 800290

The proportions on the editing is killing me. From her massive linebacker shoulders ittie bitty waist to her bulbous thighs and pasted tits. It reminds me of a bad truck bed art I see as a meme.

No. 800313

That is the most costume-y looking piece of "designer" jewelry I've ever seen. It looks like what a ten year old boy would come up with. It looks like the kind of thing those animatronic fortune tellers wear. It looks like a prop from an Indiana Jones movie. I feel like only clout-chasing retards give Gucci business, because 80% of what they make is tacky, gaudy, and tasteless. People like Moo would buy a dog turd for a hundred bucks if it had the Gucci logo on it.

No. 800349

File: 1602945781108.jpg (23.73 KB, 445x340, trying to stare at both tits.j…)

Jeanne… My poor sweet Jeanne… What have they done to you

No. 800351

That's the fire keeper from darks souls.

No. 800361


as if this bitch has played even a minute of DS3 lol

No. 800363

It's not Jeanne but I appreciate the joke anon!

No. 800371

Under eye fillers, your doctor might not have been willing to do it because it's not considered sage in many area's. Not FDA approved, if that means anything to you.

The lack of shading on the bottoms of the suit really show off that she has no forethought or willingness to work to make her costumes look good.

No. 800372

Tear trough filler. I’ve had it done with restalyne and had excellent results. It lasts longer than lip filler (18-24 mos) and is placed a little deeper. The area is delicate but when done by a skilled surgeon the risk of complication is v minimal. Of the injectables I’ve gotten, it was by far my favorite and worth the money.

No. 800413

File: 1602974628294.jpg (759.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-10-17-19-44-49…)

No. 800441

File: 1602984650145.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.9 KB, 1072x1903, 20201017_183124.jpg)

Hot mess coming soon

No. 800442

Oh look she finally figured out what a womb tattoo is.

No. 800456

File: 1602988411615.jpg (155.69 KB, 720x1153, 20201017_213449.jpg)

By far one of her worst looks. She's been looking extra old lately.

No. 800459

I don’t see how anyone can jerk off to this once they see the face. It’s giving me 40-something chain smoking hooker. Those lashes and lens make it even worse

No. 800471

I think the hurt might be from the five-sizes-too-small lingerie, but maybe it’s weaboo angst?

No. 800478

File: 1602992150364.jpg (11.86 KB, 225x183, thisrighthere.JPG)

I know it's the fabric but it just looks like she's wearing boobie pillows since it looks like her tits have fabric folds. It's bothering me to no end.

No. 800484

When your drunk aunt does a face swap with a cheap anime figurine

No. 800490

This wig is horrendous. It makes her face look so long. She could've been lazy like she usually is and gone with her own hair for this one. Yuck.

No. 800492

I think she had Umbran just floof up her Yumeko wig cause it has the same shitty fringe

No. 800495

Agreed. I know she's always been terrible at expressions but this is so ugly I'm in awe of why she chose to post it. And fringe cut styles always look bad on her, not sure why.

No. 800496

Love the file name, kek.

No. 800498

Same droopy ass pig ears she uses for every pointy ears character she butchers. Never change, Moo!

That outfit looks like pure hell though, good god.

No. 800500

i don’t understand what’s going on here, why’s her skin look like she’s one of those realdolls?

No. 800501

eek, forgot to sage, sorry

No. 800502

Sage but it's a vid on Insta so a still image of it is gonna be blurry. That being said, her skin does look plasticky in the vid regardless. Filters are working over time as usual

No. 800517

File: 1603020726937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.75 KB, 264x520, why.jpg)

This is the saddest tit I've ever seen

No. 800518

Out of all the things to fix in this cosplay ALONE why doesn't she change wigs… The fried look really doesn't work w any look, why does she think she looks with a natural hairstyle…

No. 800520

I don't know why, but it kinda looks like her
Semiramis wig just with shorter bangs.

No. 800530

Lots of girls are doing succubus shoots rn and this is the worst one yet

No. 800534

I swear I thought this was some kind of action figure or bad art while scrolling down. The editing makes her look… not alive.

No. 800535

alright pin head larry, calm down

No. 800550

What makes its sadder is in the original you can see she cut and pasted that nipple from lower (you can see where it was bc it's pixelated as fuck) &it didn't even line up right bc she made the width of the tit bigger too. But that pic also smoothed her back rolls into looking like it's part of her arm and raised the right side of her panties to cover her gunt >>799887 really just more of a cgi painting than a legit photo

No. 800562

She's done one every year since 2018 though, so this isn't unnatural for Moo. She just wishes she could make looks like Midna and other skinny/skinny fat thots do for Halloween. She has to piece these together hapharzadly because she doesn't fit into standard belt harnesses.

No. 800563

What original? Don't act like you've seen these unedited, anon. They lifted everything about her, Square adds volume to her deflated tits in these photosets (too bad for her she can't do that in videos). Thats what causes all the pixelating. Stretch and lifting non-existant volume in the tits. It's partially painted too. The nipple alone has nothing to do with this.

No. 800579

I know this is no surprise to anyone but holy shit their relationship is super creepy.

No. 800580

File: 1603058901186.png (617.68 KB, 803x585, Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 6.09…)

When she calls them 'womb tattoos' it makes me want to throw myself out of a plane.

No. 800582

why does her crotch looks so gross and putrid? its like it smells from the picture

No. 800584

File: 1603061085871.jpg (497.26 KB, 739x389, hdH5nar.jpg)

No. 800585

Did she “alter” those panties herself? lol

Literally every set now features a droopy eyelid weighed down by a chunky lash. It makes her look fucking retarded.

No. 800586

Christ, Yvette Fielding off Most Haunted has really let herself go.

No. 800587

Because she never fucking buys anything that would actually fit her so it ends up just getting sucked up her unwashed cunt.

No. 800596

File: 1603065736879.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.58 KB, 640x853, U9eFNEu.jpg)

I dunno anon! Let's look closer!

No. 800602

Omg get back pan out! It’s gonna fucking blow! Damn this is a rough af choice of costume. Is it supposed to be frayed to shit?

No. 800603

File: 1603069850794.jpg (245.43 KB, 800x776, lord save us.jpg)

She blurred this area and it still looks absolutely awful

No. 800604


Stupid facial expression aside, this is honestly her best material in a while. This looks pretty good. Maybe there's photoshop shenanigans that I'm not detecting, but she seems to be fitting into this outfit pretty well, and it looks decent.

No. 800606

In all fairness, that's how things look for most people

No. 800608

Put your dick away for a second, this isn't good at all lol. Even with photoshop shenanigans this is horrid.

You seriously can't think her squeezing the life out of "tits" and crotch looks good?

No. 800610

I was confused that it looked frayed too but it actually appears to be black lace panties frankensteind to the bottom of it?

No. 800613


I'm just trying to be charitable. She's put out a lot worse than this recently, but I wish she could make a facial expression that didn't make me laugh. All of this is relative, and considering that thousands of dollars of plastic surgery went into it.

No. 800615

lmao. She really hasn't had any plastic surgery. The lip injections and slight lifts she has do not count. Now the thousands on lipo is another story. That being said-

Are you fucking blind? This is by far one of her worst outfits she's done. The hair is awful, her droopy eyes due to her multiple lashes, her crotch blurred to fuck but still managing to look like a dead fish, the shitty ass frayed ends, the horrible lenses, the fact that she's hurting herself squeezing into this mess… yeah, it's bad. Stop looking at this through your dick. She got Umbran to make her wig, bought some 10$ lashes and lenses and threw together some cheap ass, frayed pieces that aren't coherent together. Not even mentioning the fact that she looks ungodly old for some reason, more than usual.

No fam. No, it doesn't.

No. 800616


Good point, I meant lipo when I said that. And her arms do look huge when compared to her body, so it's not subtle at all.

Idk. I was actually repulsed at some of her previous stuff, like that fingering video, and some of that green set from earlier in this thread. This just doesn't repulse me, and the tits barely fitting into the outfit seems like it could have been the goal.

This bar is very low.

No. 800618

Alright, I see your point given we had to look at that atrocious, appalling "squirting" video. That was the lowest. And when compared to that, I don't shiver in disgust, but this is still bad for a "professional cosplayer." Other costhots are doing overused crap like this but don't them as repulsive as Moo.

I mean ffs, she just straight looks like she has down syndrome with the usage of multiple lashes. Really do not understand why the hell she thinks it's a good look.

No. 800621

So do we think she’s trying to backpedal now that we’ve seen her pissing on a mirror and getting half chub sexed for 10 seconds? She can’t really think anyone believes she’s a cosplayer still can she? Who the hell is she trying to kid? Also I love how she’s always trying to ask these stupid questions in her posts. “What are you going to be for Halloween?” And such. Get real. It’s almost like she’s looking for ideas to steal every time she does that.

No. 800634

she looks so unclean, i can smell the dirty pussy from here

the questions are to get interactions with her posts in hopes of getting more of a reach. it’s why the questions she always asks are dumb stuff like “what’s your favourite colour!” and “what’s 2 + 2?”

No. 800637

She had halloween going for her. Lets see how the schtick holds up past dress up time. She will be back to doing porn. No one gives a shit about her cosplays.

No. 800638

>>800596 I was trying to figure out for the life of me how this was fraying. If you look at the straps connected to the o-ring on her stomach the ends are folded outwards to show the raw edges, when usually they're folded in towards the body.

She seriously is wearing this thing inside out.

No. 800639

So it is two pieces. She is wearing a thong over the fake PVC material harness thing and she is using one of those cheap ass lace chinese ones. Lol. It's not inside it, that is the actual legit quality. This is the type of stuff SHEIN sends you.

No. 800645

I was reading back and was reminded she was threatening to release even more porn like her riding her fuck machine or something. Perhaps this is why she’s all in trying to convince people cosplay is her thing. And like the promise of a calendar she hopes maybe that gets swept under the rug that she was going to horrify the world with her vanilla fucking again? I dunno

No. 800652

She already did that.

No. 800660

>>800639 I realize she's wearing two pieces for coverage, but the extra thing is under the harness' bottom. If you look at >>800603 the strap from the o-ring on her hip holds the attached bottom over the separate piece. The whole harness part is inside out.

No. 800780

This isn't the first time moo has worn a costume inside out or backwards. I think she might be special ed.

No. 800799

why is it i have beer googles on when i look at this heffer. she's not hot and not the worst fat girl. i just wanna fuck her dumb mouth and fat saggy tits.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800805

Begone scrote

No. 800813

Personally I'm tired of seeing moo in tiny bikini tops and the signature black thong. It's so played out at this point. Give us some regular panties and a fitting bra, moo. We're bored as hell.

No. 800815

Are we more bored than the guys she paid to touch her? Prolly not

No. 800823

imagine posting about how low your standards are to a site full of women LOL what a fucking loser

No. 800830

Good lord did she cut the center of those panties out with her teeth

No. 800847

They're maybe real because she's wearing cheaper entry priced items, unlike the items with diamonds. The colour on hers looks off maybe due to the filter but the matte look is what's throwing me off. There's no way someone lets their ring get scratched up that much without polishing.

It's hilarious that in >>799974 it's likely she bought a new ring for her middle finger bc it's less matte and scratched, since the other had to migrate to her pinky.

No. 800872

Oh boy did Moo repeat the sweater thing where she wore a sweater backwards to show off her saggy tits?

No. 800893

File: 1603133534747.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 699.04 KB, 750x932, 966814E3-141B-4402-A35C-9A9774…)

New ig post. not sure who finds this attractive but ok(repost)

No. 800907

cock likely

No. 800911

Its their "in speaking" shit. Like they have an actual relationship/friendship.

No. 800917

probably their equivalent to "open bobs"

No. 800950


I mean a basic juste un clou is still over $1k so I'd hardly call them "cheaper" IF they're real. Moo likely bought cheap knockoffs.

No. 800958

I expect she has fake knockoffs but the colour of each piece in her pics is surprisingly close to the real thing. Fakes look more orange and I've yet to see cheap fakes come close.

The real set looks pale yellow on photos though not as matte. She is probably maxing the skin smoothing filters. Still wouldn't be surprised if it was fake in the end.

No. 800985

are her bottoms tearing? with all that $$$ you'd think she'd invest in some honey birdette or something…. lmao

No. 800987

She's streaming on Twitch if anyone cares.

No. 800989

I can't understand why fat people draw attention to how overweight they are with jewelry.

No. 800993

if it wouldn't be too much of a bother could you email me? i would really love to just ask you a few more questions about how you like it and such, i really want to get it done but i'm kind of terrified to do something not fda approved lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800997

she did once, I remember her bragging about it but if my memory is right she only wore it once for some lazy home shoot

No. 801002

Yeah and it was way too small on her what i remember, so she wore it differently than it was supposed to and it was very unflattering.

No. 801004

HB cups tend to run a bit smaller than most so she’d be bursting out of them/she probably can’t fit into their largest size lol

No. 801010

This is a cookie cutter house. It’s in Summerlin, so she’s paying a shitton of money for it, compared to a newer part of town where you can get more (and a much better) house for less money. Moo can’t house shop worth shit.

No. 801025

You're ignoring the point lol. She can do a lot of things properly, she doesn't want to because she can't flex.

Why spend 180k when you can drop 440k to show the haterz?

No. 801041

It's retard logic tbh. She's literally spending money on a McMansion that's going to fall apart. I know someone who bought a McMansion before it was done and moved into it a few months ago. The place was literally falling apart within a month. You cannot just buy a house before it's finished especially a manufactured home. She has enough money to buy property and hire a team to build a luxurious home.

No. 801114

Personally I think she's dumb enough to pay retail but you can get essentially a 1:1 copy at the price of gold plus labor from Chinese jewelers look up misschen625 on ig. The price of gold has shot up unfortunately and brands are raising prices quickly to cover it

No. 801135

I thought thats what she was trying to imply when she posted it on IG. Posting an incomplete home gives the illusion that she hired a team to build her a home cause Moo gotta flex

No. 801153

Not to get too off topic but the way these "communities" work is theyre pre-planned. The entire undeveloped neighbourhood goes up for sale, You buy the land from a developer as pre-sale before its buildable which is probably been saying she's got "real estate investments" whenever shes tried to flex over the last year since I guess technically she would have. And then select from their 2-3 option catalogue and everyones houses get finished around the same time because they have the same features. Its the budget version of building your own house instead of working with a designer and speed and appearance is put above quality. She'll probably be moving in by thanksgiving thats how rushed they are. Tl;dr its worse than a mcmansion, its a step down.

No. 801195

File: 1603238208507.jpg (517.46 KB, 480x896, 7keppmO.jpg)

No. 801197

File: 1603238352267.jpg (1.28 MB, 748x750, 4KQBlU5.jpg)

I know this is Umbran's fantasy but it looks like Moo gave less effort as usual

No. 801204

It looks like baby’s first Halloween makeup from the cheapo facepaint you get at the 99¢ store. Moo has unlimited resources and still comes out looking cheap AF.

No. 801205

File: 1603241314678.jpg (451.96 KB, 471x893, 8ZcM3VU.jpg)

Speculation but either:
>Moo's Halloween project is scissoring clowns with Umbran
>Umbran passion project for herself

Not confirmed in the video, just recorded Umbran doing playbacks of her twirling around pipes to music

No. 801210

This is what juggalos consider “bottom of the barrel drunk cute”. Ugh

No. 801211

I leave for a couple hours and suddenly she's a juggalo.

No. 801216

Is this from anything in particular because this is not a good look for either of them.

No. 801217

Umbran made the blue haired one first and then made the second one for Moo because she has a raging hardon for her

No. 801221

Umbran look huge with that costume.

No. 801222

File: 1603244625020.jpg (727.09 KB, 474x891, C02pC81.jpg)

Eric, squarecuck and alivealf are there too.

No. 801223

File: 1603244733862.jpg (560.66 KB, 459x890, EmjmfRw.jpg)

Eric's side account

No. 801229

I was never afraid of clowns until this moment. Whyyyy did I open these?

No. 801239

File: 1603248914066.jpg (525.67 KB, 465x888, 7WTRJHX.jpg)

No. 801244

The fact that umbran is large too but it looks like moo is bigger than her even in that photo. She really edits the photos to hell and back.

No. 801255

Umbran is a fucking mess lmao. Take it from someone who used to associate with her

No. 801257

Spill the tea anon

No. 801260

The false lashes are actively trying to crawl off her face.

I'm having the strangest deja vu, didn't Umbran do this clown makeup on Moo before?

No. 801269

Yeah iirc she did this makeup on moo on a stream at one point and it was just as much of a hot mess if not more than currently.

No. 801278

Quit teasing us, anon. Spill the milk or don't mention her at all.

No. 801290

Soo is she simping for this Eric dude or is he just someone she pays to visually torture?

No. 801297

Yeah you can't tease us like that. Spill it or scram.

No. 801311

This is a shoot for the "clownsonas" Umbran shat out for them when the Joker movie was all the rage. Moo is almost never this generous (humoring them with a personal shoot where she isn't the STAR) to her lapdogs though, I wonder what kind of dirt Umbran has on Moo right now.

No. 801321

She needs to be careful with Umbran. She can't simply throw her away when she's bored of the friendship or finds a new wig maker. Umbran is a special breed of crazy

No. 801326

is umbran's collar a diy buttplug project?
Come on people tell us your personal experiences in the calves thread. God knows I haven't held back on a lolcow i knew.

No. 801340

Love how the filter placed a bottom lip on top of her tongue like that

No. 801348


- Her family are millionaires. She lives in what's basically a mansion in rich white peopleville

- Despite this, she cries poor and begs for things and asks gets people to do any buy things for her

- Again, her family are millionaires and despite this, she is a notorious fucking shoplifter. She openly brags about doing it.

- She always claims Commissions are "closed". They're never open. They're only for open for Moo or other famous cosplayers she wants to clout chase with.

- Cosntantly cancels any commitments if one with a famous cosplayer opens up, leaving whomever high and dry.

There's more but this is what I've witness before I noped out. It only took a couple interactions ar some Midwest cons lmao

No. 801354

Can you provide proof you were associated or

No. 801356

I don't doubt Umbran's family is rich, but I highly doubt their millonares. That or they completely disowned her cuz she's hella embarrassing. Would explain why she steals shit, got got off from mommy and daddy

No. 801357

File: 1603317744686.png (139.09 KB, 550x550, TOLcCC3.png)

Rich people steal too

No. 801370

But her wigs are so fucking retarded. Who would buy them?

No. 801373

Not surprised tbh. I always wondered how she was able to afford cosplay and living at moo's.

No. 801448

I love you all so much <3(emoticon use)

No. 801451

Go steal some shitty makeup, Maddie.

No. 801471

Rich people are often hella embarrassing, anon. They grow up basically never having to second guess themselves. She fits the bill perfectly for fat & trashy rich white girl

No. 801474

Bad bait. Not even moo or her calves would be that stupid.

No. 801492

>>There's more but this is what I've witness before I noped out. It only took a couple interactions ar some Midwest cons lmao

What else anon ? Tell us

No. 801508

File: 1603403392688.jpeg (723.43 KB, 1242x1373, 03D47278-4666-473E-AF88-A1F29C…)

Her saggy tits in printed zentai suits will never not be hilarious.

No. 801517

File: 1603408660751.jpeg (649.62 KB, 828x1247, BA7526DA-340A-41B7-AE39-E2E960…)

Think this is just an empty promise or she might start making YouTube videos? Good lord, that would be a trash fire.

No. 801519

That’s so lazy. Tape them up at least!

No. 801525

Empty promise as usual. Remember when she was going to review figures and talk about spotting fakes? Still waiting for that one, lol

No. 801532

File: 1603412248567.png (3.27 MB, 1800x1007, D6E882E7-AB5F-4E3B-98E2-E04ADE…)

She looks more like a clown here than her actual clown shoot from the other day lol

No. 801549

Remember her Calendar and the 432 cosplays she was threading to do back at the beginning of October? I mean October last year. Also January March and whatever other months she’s posted a laundry list of cosplays and then done none of the above or half assed one of 20 with a wig and invisible hat.

No. 801564

File: 1603417715671.jpg (806.55 KB, 468x890, FVTI2hY.jpg)

Some choice shots

She cut off the cuffs of her shirt. I'm assuming she did it to fit in it

No. 801565

File: 1603417771051.jpg (720.48 KB, 469x896, KX3WatK.jpg)

No. 801566

File: 1603417898316.jpg (164.46 KB, 352x262, IoB8Zbd.jpg)

No. 801593

God she looks like a fucking Neanderthal…

She turns up to a shoot looking like this and still wants to be known as a professional cosplayer. Lol ok Moo.

No. 801610

She thinks this makeup makes her look like an anime character but it really just looks like an imvu face textured stretched over her fat disgusting face

No. 801617

this might be beating a dead horse, but jesus christ her boobs sag SO bad for her age. She's in a fucking push-up underwired bra and theyre still on the bottom of her rib-cage

No. 801624

Dear lord

No. 801628


There’s always so much to dissect in her pics. The ill fitting wig. The bracelet over her shirt.

No. 801629

Why is she just repeating cosplays over and over again? She’s done this nurse a few times already. With all the content that gets produce year after year within anime you’d think she could come up with something bew??

No. 801631


Unless it's trending Moo won't get out of bed.

No. 801635

Why do grown OnlyFans women use TikTok (a kid's app, let's be real). Their following is mostly 14 yr old boys and they know it, getting off to them. I think knowing this and continuing to do it is disgusting behavior. Keep it on non-children centered apps you haggard freak

No. 801641

In her case it's because teens and immature 20 somethings are the majority who still give a fuck about cosplay. She's doing it right.

No. 801648

They're also the ones who don't know Moo's past like us mid20s-30s anons. Lmao

No. 801657

i think anon's point is that catering to underage fans with sex is disgusting, not that it's bad marketing or whatever.

No. 801666

Yes but the tiktok crowd seems to be somewhat aware of her shit iirc and since it is relatively kid centered I see her getting her shit handed to her in time

No. 801685

she forgets that 99 percent of the community hates her. Even most of her fans hate wank to her and call her a pig. She will turn off the like to dislike bar, and then turn off the comments. Then cry and pretend it all didn't happen

No. 801703

File: 1603495396122.jpg (738.05 KB, 522x923, 38MZaTQ.jpg)

More of this cosplay. She keeps bending over in most of her tiktoks, however

No. 801706

Of course she does, a classic fat girl technique for hiding rolls of lard.

No. 801712

Are the saggy tits a new trend or has she outgrown all bras from Torrid?

No. 801714

Her sports bras stretched out

No. 801737

She is going braless so her nipples will be visible on TikTok

No. 801738

hair isn’t quite right for ms choksondik from South Park, but the tits are exactly correct

No. 801742

File: 1603507794196.png (3.54 MB, 1242x2208, 21D5221D-A00D-4335-BFE8-0D2A3A…)

At least she’s giving fair warning now that her ADHD is acting up… you know, before she goes out to sexually assault people

No. 801744

What's up with basic bitches and ADHD

No. 801747

Is being manic even a symptom of ADHD??? I thought that was bipolar..

No. 801748

It’s “trendy and relatable” I guess. It’s her go to excuse to be lazy and explain away her shitty behavior.

No. 801749

I think she’s seen us use the term “manic” so much whenever she goes off in her IG sperges that she thinks thats what ADHD entails lol. She’s so fucking pathetic.

No. 801750

No it absolutely isn’t lmao, it’s definitely only bipolar. ADHD can cause impulsivity, which mania also does but they are not even remotely close to the same thing and ADHD isn’t episodic like mania is. You don’t feel “episodes” of ADHD coming on, this is literally the dumbest shit I’ve read all week lmao.

No. 801751

All e-thots have to have SOME KIND of mental illness/ailment/something wrong to seem approachable/relatable and get sympathy/cuck bucks.

No. 801753

her tiktok is so fucking horrible. She doesn’t even look real. She looks like a parody of herself. Over fat overly bad eyelashes that crusty wig and if she tried to dance she’d step on her tits. The only one who could think this was a great idea is umbran . She looks pathetic.

No. 801756

File: 1603517214535.jpg (8.73 KB, 284x178, images.jpg)


No. 801782

Why do people get their lips plumped up like that? its seriously gross

No. 801785

ADHD person here (actually diagnosed by a doctor), no mania is not a thing for that. She's just making shit up to enable her shitty behavior.

No. 801786

Interesting, a shoplifter? Also not surprised by her behavior for her business. What else you got about her though?

No. 801787

She's just saying whatever other fake "I have severe ADHD lol not going to take my meds" tiktok videos she sees. The whole trend of not taking your medicine is fucking stupid and ADHD has become a trend on Tiktok without most of these people actually being diagnosed. Moo is in it for the clout as usual. She's really marketing herself as an autistic severe ADHD hentai egirl with tits on there is and it's fucking disgusting.

No. 801789

On the discussion on mania, I am bi-polar (also diagnosed by a doctor) ADHD and bi-polar are incredibly different, medications for ADHD like Adderal will lead a bipolar person to go on manic episodes. They are treated completely differently. The 2 conditions get confused a lot because symptoms can be similar. So yes she's full of shit

No. 801790

Oh yeah that's super bad. If I don't take my ADHD medicine that's how I get into car accidents and almost set my apartment on fire. It's super annoying. This is why I know this bitch doesn't fucking have it.(no1curr)

No. 801791

That made me snort-laugh, thank you

No. 801792

File: 1603566068985.png (638.25 KB, 904x588, Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.46…)

Watch out, she's wearing a wig that wasn't made by umbracalf

No. 801793

File: 1603566143700.png (304.38 KB, 339x503, Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.47…)

No. 801794

File: 1603566177950.png (300.82 KB, 369x553, Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 2.47…)

No. 801797

File: 1603567058540.png (427.42 KB, 498x586, Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 3.16…)

This is also her face after she gets off the jeep and 'accidently' almost runs into the male photographer.

"Surprise heheheheh"

Is this the new guy she's going to obsess over?

No. 801808

She is really proud of that isn't she. But her paypigs probably like the 'natural' moo.

No. 801811

anon you made a new thread lmao

No. 801814


lol of course byndotrash would publicly post a photo with momokun

No. 801823

Funny, an anon a few days ago just said she should get honey birdette lingerie. Seems like a bit of a coincidence

No. 801829

File: 1603587252578.png (Spoiler Image, 24.89 KB, 866x607, f8399dfa4bcf194773649012b4d3f4…)

I still dont get how onlyfans pricing works. So her squirting/peeing w.e was 80 and the dildo riding was 45?

No. 801831

She charges based on what she thinks it's worth. Since her peeing herself was seen as "hardcore" she charges nearly 100.

No. 801834

pricing is literally all up to the creator. She probably charges more for things she finds disgusting or asks for more when she spends too much money

No. 801842

File: 1603598584165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 636.59 KB, 594x1059, lCiH5wW.jpg)

She was having a flash sale but I don't know what that entails. I don't doubt her videos are weirdly priced, as it's normal for her.

Anyways, the video:
>7:07 minutes long
>Same schoolgirl outfit
>can hear Umbran harpy screech in the background
>same beginning scenes of her showing off her toes/stripper heels
>jiggles and smacks her pancake ass
>attempts to spread cheeks but there are none
>got a brown male dildo torso from Amazon, assuming because it has Archer's skintone
>sucks it in so her fupa doesn't flap in the wind

No. 801843

Sounds like a train wreck, but morbid curiosity wants to know if you can link the vid.

No. 801844

Yeaaah, my bad. I'm a dumb ass.

No. 801846

Wait you can hear umbran in the bg? Are they in the room together while she films her porn?!

No. 801847

isn't umbran super gay for her? i can definitely imagine her masturbating in the background while being cucked by a dildo.

No. 801848

was thinking the same thing, damn umbrancuck has it bad

No. 801850

Now I'm morbidly curious. Send a link.

No. 801854

You could hear her in the back of the bloody fingering video, too.

No. 801855

Does Moo get off on torturing the fag hags she surrounds herself with? She can't possibly be gay or even bisexual. Its gotta be a power move, right?

No. 801856


I mean she was also in the limo when moo did the titty grab video. I guess it's normal thing for them to hang around each other when they produce content like that.

No. 801857


I mean she was also in the limo when moo did the titty grab video. I guess it's normal thing for them to hang around each other when they produce content like that.

No. 801858

Well she is a sexual harasser after all.

No. 801870

Wouldn't be surprised. They have a super creepy relationship that clearly has very poor boundaries.

No. 801871

Makes me wonder if they actually do have a thing going on tbh. I mean before umbran showed up noo was very anti porn, and now that’s her gain source of income. I’d love to be a fly on the wall during any of their conversations

No. 801875

File: 1603636568314.jpg (62.42 KB, 1029x879, Dom0xjZUUAAY9Uw.jpg)

umbran watching moo scrape her vaginal lining from the doorway

No. 801876

Yeah I'm not 100% sure of umbra's sexuality (which the idea of exploring that makes me want to stick my hand in a blender), but she makes a lot of 'haha jokes! totes gay!' with Moo and the ones Umbra was obsessed with before Moo.

I'd bet money on it. Moo is so desperate for attention that I think she would hook up with Umbra just for the validation. I mean, she let's Umbra have her super creepy obsession with her and actually seems like she gets off on it when it's clear it's def not healthy.

No. 801877

Oh yeah, it's a power move. Moo is super narcissistic and enjoys the attention but also enjoys hurting them.

I honestly think she enjoys enjoying people's lives after their 'trysts' end more than the actual fling itself. We've seen this time and time again. When the Umbra and Moo falling out happens, which is only a matter of time, it's gonna be REAL ugly. Mostly because I think Umbra is just as crazy if not more so than Moo herself.

No. 801878

*enjoys ruining people's lives

God I'm dumb

No. 801881

Umbran also drew lewd pictures of moo as well. Their friendship isn't fucking normal.

No. 801885

don't forget all the weird gross spit shit they did.

No. 801889

Even as a power move that shit is fucking deranged. Filming masturbation porn with your friend just hangin and watching? Even if Moo knows Umbran wants her, that's still just beyond nuts. I seriously can't even imagine what their relationship must actually like if they do that. That's some apex level codependency or something

No. 801890

Found the video pretty easily with a quick google search. I couldn’t hear Umbran in the background but to be fair I didn’t turn the volume up very high. I did, however, enjoy the fucking cat in the background at a couple parts. Cuz a cute white fluffy cat is certainly what someone wants to see in the background of their porn.

No. 801891

Okay whew I hope that means she's just yelling in another room or something

No. 801903

At least there was something redeeming about her video.
Also she hasn't mentioned her covid cat in a while. Give us an update, moo.

No. 801914

Don't know what video you watched but even with a low volume you can hear Umbran screeching in the background. It sounded like it was coming from downstairs.

No. 801926

considering they found it on google and didn't provide a link its probably a different video or not even Moo's since most of the top searches for her name and title of video isn't actually her

No. 801928

No. 801931

This is so uncomfortable to watch, jfc moo

No. 801933

File: 1603680452463.jpg (268.13 KB, 472x887, v0zuzjG.jpg)

Teaser is out but its really short

No. 801934

File: 1603680741987.jpeg (55.3 KB, 680x765, template-homer-simpsons-back-f…)

No. 801938

Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but why doesn't she look as fat as always, is it because she's using a filter or she's using some trick to look less fat ? or did she get more lipo?

Is she really less fat or I'm going fucking blind ?

No. 801944

The effort she puts into these videos is so low compared to her cosplay shoots (which is saying something).
The way it's filmed on her phone makes it shaky and low-quality, not to mention that 99% of the time she's staring at herself and making faces. Plus the dildo looks like a weird CPR doll.
It's strange that she finally caved just to make very basic OnlyFans level of content.

No. 801964

File: 1603745981110.png (Spoiler Image, 8.45 MB, 1242x2688, 5B9B6963-C4B7-4288-A172-04745D…)

She’s still big but uses her clothes to hide or make an illusion of being smaller. But this fucking cpr dummy makes her look fucking huge. I love it

No. 801977

A cpr dummy would actually be resourceful since I doubt anyone under her would be able to breath

No. 801983

Was this the video someone up thread said have umbrans ass in the background talking ? Anyway can’t see this video past the first few seconds- motion sickness from her shit tier cam efforts. Besides eating is there anything she’s actually competent at? And that was a CPR dummy - she had to pay it to lay there and then she squished it.

No. 801997

imagine paying $45 for less than 5 minutes of actual fucking.

No. 801999

I gagged when she kept saying
"Oooh fuck"
It's so corny.

No. 802006

She stares directly at her phone for most of the video and looks like she’s disinterested and just going through the motions to get it over with. I’m sure the guys paying for this crap would pay less for an actual hooker, and the hooker would probably be more engaging.
Moo, for the life of her, isn’t convincing enough to act sexual and it’s honestly hilarious seeing her fail at it.

No. 802017

45$ to watch Moo flailing back and forth for 4 mins while she hides the actual penetration under her rolls. It's such low quality and Moo is so unnatural it felt like watching a revenge porn upload. The fact she didn't even bother with a tripod shows she puts in the absolute bare minimum effort to keep the cash trickling her way

No. 802058

I think her tiktok is gone? I can’t seem to find it

No. 802060

Gut so fat her belly button is sideways lmao.

No. 802069

I do hear some noise in the background but could be the cat. But what caught my attention is the lube is the same as from her Pochaco shoot from like two years ago. Did she use 2 year old lube?

No. 802073

Lubes can last a while and it's been just over a year.

No. 802078

she needs to take those damn heals off if she cant move in em without lookin awkward lmao

No. 802084

Most lube has a shelf life of within a year after opened.

No. 802096

or, she purchased more… jfc some of you ladies tinfoils are just pathetic.

No. 802100

still momokun.co and still alive and well, unfortunately.

No. 802112

Have you even followed this idiot for more than a topic?

You think the same person that barely has any proper hygiene would actually be wise enough to do this?

No. 802122

It's the sort of thing I could imagine her keeping in her bathroom for years and bringing out periodically when she finally has a use for it again. I doubt lube is something she's using constantly so it's far more likely to be the same one. I also doubt she would know or check to see that lube has a use by date

No. 802150

Moo can't even handle washing/brushing her hair half the time

No. 802190

File: 1603841718875.jpg (27.29 KB, 409x304, HCT3u8y.jpg)

>pro-BLM but buys from dollskill still

wow great

No. 802201

What a retard. She lives in las vegas for fucks sakes.

No. 802208

Momokun deserves a spot in the "Ridiculous Photoshoppers" thread
I know if Square released her raws it would be unprofessional of him and he probably will never get work again.
But seeing past DM's she had with other photogs of her asking them to make her thinner just has me morbidly wondering what state is she really? Is she back to 250? Is she pushing 300 pounds again?
I can't wait for covid to be over and we get good candids again

No. 802213

It’s the “Oh my fucking God” for me, every time. I’ve heard fairy tales that were more convincing.

No. 802217

No she doesn't. Everyone knows who she is and she is on PT for a reason.

No. 802220

Damn guess I’m blocked then

No. 802221

File: 1603856411530.jpg (231.09 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201027-223846_Tik…)

It still amazes me that she can cover her whole face in makeup and face paint and STILL look lumpy and dumpy

No. 802223

File: 1603857168870.gif (1.2 MB, 320x192, 6quM15.gif)

trying to fondle her own butt like…

No. 802249

Kinda wish you guys who come in here giving us false hope that her accounts are gone would stop. If you do/say stupid shit on her page or where she can see it, expect to be blocked by her. This isn’t new. Also, sage next time you have nothing to add.

No. 802258

File: 1603888280840.png (214.78 KB, 459x676, thanos.PNG)

who's excited for her thanos cosplay????

No. 802278

You're taking the piss, but with how bad she is at body paint combined with a bald cap would be such a delightful trainwreck.
I mean yas queen Mariah, go for it, snap at all the haters.

No. 802279

Well she does have the body to pull off thanos. And the wrinkles. The shoulders are a match.

No. 802299

Combination of lipo, filters, clothing choices, and angles to all make her look smaller. Also notice how we don't see a whole lot of photos where she's standing profile. There's a reason for that.

Now she is less fat than she was at the start of this year but she's also had face lipo and another round of stomach lipo done. Which honestly, girl is running out of fat cells so she isn't going to be able to do this forever.

No. 802315

File: 1603916473082.jpeg (232.28 KB, 750x407, 35AA22D5-BFD5-4046-A6B8-619234…)

You get a glimpse of her side profile in the clown OC music video on her Instagram. This is the best shot I could get but it’s at the very beginning. Got to love how quick everyone but Umbran and Squarefuck are to expose her like that. She can keep getting the fat sucked out, won’t change the fact she’s built like a fridge.

No. 802317

File: 1603918483385.gif (5.18 MB, 521x360, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

Her clown is supposed to be anger/rage but she's all smiles most of the vid

No. 802319

File: 1603918594931.jpg (196.77 KB, 1387x1500, BeautyPlus_20201028154951964_o…)

When you think clowns, do smoke bombs come to mind?

No. 802320

well this explains why she hasn't been bragging about her weight loss. Even with the corset, shape wear and clothes that obviously don't fit her she's slowly gaining all the weight back
Like jfc Moo, it hasn't even been 2 months

No. 802321

I can’t tell if she’s acting bad on purpose to fwart Umbran’s long time dream OC or if she just genuinely doesn’t understand how to act angry. Even the comments pointed out how flat Moo’s acting is compared to hers. (Would post but most were deleted by Moo last night before I could grab them, my bad.)

This whole project reads as Moo throwing money at it and sloppily executing so that it’s out of the way. She probably has something set up for the 31st that will outshine Umbran’s clowns and prove she’s ~actually skinny~ from all the tire throwing.

No. 802324

I’m screaming over the monkey face she makes right when she gets ready to swing the bat. Those fillers made her lips look awful as was suspected

No. 802326

Mooriah doesnt understand the concept of acting. Even when she sabotages her friends she doesn't act/look any worse than she always does.

No. 802328


Was she going for a Ms Trunchbull cosplay with the outfit or?

No. 802341

Remember her totally legit acting class she attended over skype? The lying about being in college arc was wild.

No. 802342

Everyone is using this brand or versions of that brand.It's in right now.

No. 802368

I actually kinda like how she looks in this? She's all covered up and the huge wig is flattering on her. Maybe I'm just thankful to not be seeing her deflated tits for 5 mins

No. 802372

File: 1603955086145.jpeg (202.22 KB, 750x481, 417F108B-9842-4214-A55A-28C8E9…)

fat toddler

No. 802377

File: 1603958772430.jpg (58.56 KB, 696x418, bom.jpg)

Who could ever forget when she was a business-marketing-linguistics-Japanese quadruple major?

Moo's face here reminds me of Park Bom. Both of their faces are fucked up beyond repair due to fillers and rapid weight gain.

No. 802378

Between the bad shoop and her nose blush she has a Grunkle Stan style alcoholic nose

No. 802379

Agreed. I think it's just charming not having to see a single inch of her flesh for once

No. 802383

The way moo is focusing on altering her nose with make up makes me think she's preping for a nose job.

No. 802395

I can’t wait to see how botched that comes out.