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File: 1657018017717.jpeg (189.05 KB, 828x910, TayterThot.jpeg)

No. 882127

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24 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/866219

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@taylorndean
Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

New Milk:
>Posts about having a video lined up, but it never appears >>866265
>Mentions moving out sometime this year >>866325 & >>867511
>Still improving Twisty's enclosure >>866338
>Her GTP is still alive >>866426
>Supposedly 9 months into her sobriety as of 2/2/22 >>866921
>Talks about uploading a video >>866967 but can't decide which day… no video ever appears
>Supposedly the marks on her hands are from her fish biting her >>867729 & >>867742 & >>867821
>Rehoming one of her fish >>867810
>Out drinking with Aggy the soundcloud rapper >>868797 & >>868798 & >>868816
>Started following Jonny Craig again on IG >>870098
>Posted a pic of herself at Aggy's with her boob fully exposed >>871375
>Denies getting back with JC; claims she hasn't looked at his account in years >>871395
>Goes on a date >>871739
>Some passive-aggressive BS from Mama Dean, maybe about Taylor? >>873715
>Claims to have "moved on" from her trauma from Goiter Boy Jonny >>875435
>Confirms she and Jonny have been talking >>875532 & defends it because it "gave her peace" >>875571
>Now supposedly has nothing to upload (shocking!) >>875563
>Posts about losing a friend to addiction >>875939 & is taking some time off as a result >>875946
>Returns after 3 days, spergs about video ideas and posts thirst trap selfies and pics with 'ohmytinylungs'
>Disappears for months leaving anons to speculate she's deep into relapse (again)

Sour Milk:
>disappears in late oct after not uploading, comes back on Nov 6th with a wall of text on Instagram, she’s excited to finally have an answer as to why she’s always so exhausted, iron deficiency >>858929 One detective anon finds a post she made on Facebook in 2013 that’s almost identical to her Instagram post, talking about her finally having an answer to her fatigue issues >>858951
>“My Bedroom Is Filled With Snakes” goes live on Nov 17th, almost 3 weeks after she said it was “uploading” >>859735 like most of her new content, she spends a good chunk of the video narc ranting about herself
>finally decides to euthanize Dove, after letting her suffer for nearly a month >>860068 immediately after she admits to thinking about adopting new rats, but thankfully decides against it >>860083
>Nov 21st she says her newest video will be up on the 24th or 25th and gives herself ass pats for uploading another video one week after the last one >>860205 (spoiler alert it doesn't actually happen) on the 26th she says she couldn't upload on the 25th because she completely forgot it was Thanksgiving and instead decides to post that evening >>860483 the evening comes and goes and she doesn't actually upload the video.
>Dec 1st she finally posts the video >>860838 It’s painfully long and boring, and to nobody's surprise it completely tanks despite her constantly sharing and retweeting it >>861060
>Admits when she was in the hospital last Thanksgiving during heart goes boom saga, it was because she hit an artery shooting up even though she was claiming sobriety at the time >>860872
>”stabs her hand” while cutting something and goes on for days about how deep and gnarly it is >>861324 >>861326 she accidently shows it in a video and it’s actually a track mark, confirming she's not sober >>862287
>“goes into anaphylactic shock” when getting her iron infusion >>861496 magically when she goes two weeks later her allergy is gone >>862591
>goes out drinking even though she claims to be 7 month sober >>862742 makes a long public post saying it was non alcoholic beer despite her own pictures proving it was 5% alcohol >>862807
>promises a video before Christmas >>863633 then before the end of the year >>862937 obviously doesn't actually upload it (notice a pattern here?)
>posts a new years twitter rant then disappears again >>863368 not mentioning the video at all
>comes back on Jan 17, 2 weeks later with a huge text wall using suboxone as an excuse for the lack of video >>864650
>Jan 21st she says the video will be up on Monday the 24th >>865105 she somehow forgets she has another iron infusion so she can't upload on Monday, chooses Tuesday instead >>865600 disappears yet again after not uploading
>on the 29th she returns saying she couldn't upload the video because she heard gunshots? >>865928 Says the video will be up on Monday at 4:30 >>865932
>uploads on the 31st >>866158 its a video about her snake proving she has no idea what chimera means

>announces a video talking about her return to YouTube only to never speak of said video again >>859760

>Continues to hemorrhage followers while ranting about rebuilding her audience >>861018 >>861223
>somehow electrocutes herself twice in 2 days >>861825 goes on about it for a week
>has some nasty scabs on her lips, says they're from lip biting but are presumably burns from a pipe >>861823
>admits she's doesn't have any disposable income >>861864
>munchie shit >>861908 >>862574 >>862833 >>864862 >>862590
>continues to stay up all night going on crazy drug fueled rants >>862389 >>862430 >>862454 >>863209 >>864056 >>865162
>Cecelia is worryingly overweight >>862279 >>862275 >>862616
>first Sabor sighting since Jan 2020 >>862429
>talks about how great a person she is for wearing a mask >>862686 goes out hours later without a mask on >>862710
>dyes her hair brown and finally looks semi decent >>860158 then decides to gets another stupid hillbilly haircut >>862716
>mentions the video on Twisty's cage that she's been promising since Oct >>862829 (she still hasn't uploaded it)
>hornworms turn into moths when she forgets about them >>862884 decides to keep them because she uses pets to fill her life with meaning

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No. 882128

First time making a thread, hopefully I didn't fuck it up nonnies

No. 882137

File: 1657021900931.jpeg (605.29 KB, 1047x929, 67F481BC-6094-41B0-983D-2557AD…)

How much adderall did you take to make it?

Unrelated to the above, I tried to snag as many screenshots of Taylor’s latest ramblings.
Pt. 1

No. 882138

File: 1657022017786.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3465x3465, EA9904D8-E213-479A-AD27-A9B663…)

No. 882139

File: 1657022236946.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3465x3465, 705632EB-75AB-4A00-BBCE-323485…)

No. 882140

File: 1657022327825.jpeg (644.95 KB, 1170x2066, 65CD600C-84CE-40D6-852E-5052AC…)

Pt. 4
I didn’t bother grabbing the other photos she posted with the meth version of Melissa Green from the Millionaires.
Nothing super milky there.

No. 882141

I just didn't want to fuck it up, what can I say

No. 882142

File: 1657023016932.jpeg (631.09 KB, 940x1625, 1.jpeg)

These were posted in the Jonny/Syd thread. TLDR Taylor started hanging out with this new girl around the time she disappeared, and new girl is dating a known meth head. All three of them appear together in one of the IG videos.


No. 882143

File: 1657023059224.jpeg (446.31 KB, 928x1064, 2.jpeg)


No. 882144

File: 1657023110729.jpeg (94.43 KB, 720x1369, 3.jpeg)


Not sure who these DMs are from, but possibly solid evidence of Tay hanging out with a meth head

No. 882145

File: 1657023154577.jpeg (98.63 KB, 720x1359, 4.jpeg)


Evidently Taylor is hanging out at the bar with these two charming individuals

No. 882147

File: 1657023402184.png (405.51 KB, 455x718, trio.png)


Screen grab from one of the recent videos showing them all together

No. 882148

Great work nona

No. 882152

All six of these rants literally say the same thing, she said she tried to condense what she was trying to say but couldn’t (bc of the meth). It could have easily been said in one post. I hope mama dean drags her to rehab again.

No. 882154

Videos and pictures not posted here can be found here: >>>/snow/1579478

No. 882155

File: 1657032426772.jpeg (445.29 KB, 750x1285, B73A2F76-8352-4DF0-A868-328C24…)

Our sober kween

No. 882156

File: 1657032510168.jpeg (285.04 KB, 750x1197, 01B7BE57-1D02-4497-AD92-735EB8…)

What kind of phone does this broke friend of hers use? The quality is so offputting but so appropriate for meth adventures.

No. 882161

File: 1657035786549.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x2391, 30293FB1-3273-4B27-A93C-15BD70…)

Whatever ancient iphone is in this pic >>882143 The first giveaway for me that taylor was lying about her continued use was that she still uses her like 5yr old one whereas when she was making good money she always had to have the latest and greatest. Yeah sure peoples values may change but she is so self absorbed and obsessed with selfies that still sticks out to me as an obvious sign that she cant afford to spend any money on anything but drugs. Just like how she no longer buys new clothes and had to have her friend to her hair for her. Wouldn't be surprised if more insidious things were going on. Also i cant get over how in her “official” story she claims she was sober while making this vid but she had already been clearly using for a long time. Ive noticed addicts often do this posting pics they're high in but “no one knew” and they laugh bc they think they were slick and no one knows why they did that crazy thing. Well sorry tay but we knew we always know it’s so obvious. Addicts only fool themselves. And she really should rewatch her shit maybe then she’d see why

No. 882172

i'm not trying to offend those who are artsy and color their hair…. but i do notice a pattern within drug addicts where they color their hair bright colors and i'm curious as to the psychology behind it? is it just because it's literally like fun to color? or is it like a drug-fueled on top of the world high type beat? you can always point out between artsy types and literal drug addicts too. not sure if anyone else can relate to what im referring to

No. 882173

tinfoil that the #1 reason taylor resorted to meth again is because she couldn't get her adderall prescription. her next excuse for relapse is gonna be along the lines of "the healthcare system failed me and i wasn't able to properly treat my adhd and so i turned to the streets and crystal meth gave me the effects adderall would but yeah poor me, america sucks"

also, i have a feeling she wanted adderall in the first place to get skinny. i doubt she could give a fuck less about being productive but more so she felt self conscious we all kept pointing out her whataburger weight gain

No. 882174

i feel like it crossed taylor's mind that her thread was dying and she was down for that… but last minute when she was lurking JC's thread she couldn't bare the thought of not being talked about… so she made a reappearance…

No. 882185

Still can’t believe the fupa comment when there were clearly things in her pocket. Not trying to bring it up again I just cannot get over the stupidity. Only Syd would overlook something like that. I’m glad whoever that stupid cunt was got banned, I hope it’s permanent.

No. 882187

Agreed! I have an adderall prescription and it took me over a year and various specialists and tests being done to get it. Not to mention I have to drug test every so often (urine) and i can’t even use THC even tho it’s legal in my state. Taylor probably realized it would be harder to get than she thought and so she went right back to meth.

No. 882191

If her heart is in such bad shape that she can't even walk a few steps without her doctors advising her to get a wheelchair, there's no way in hell they'd prescribe her Adderall. One of the biggest side effects of it is potential heart problems. Not like that stops her from doing meth with her super spoopy fragile heart condition.

No. 882196

She doesn’t even have heart issues lmao, every time she disappears she comes back and hides behind a bullshit medical issue so that people can’t get mad at her and instead pity her “poor health”. In reality all of the issues she’s complained about over the years end up working out fine and being nothing at all. She’s not going to end up in a wheel chair, her methhead friend posted a picture where you can see her running by in the background, not to mention they’re at the bar all the time, she’s completely fucking fine.

No. 882202


Her meth head friend has made her Instagram private, but chase bats is still visible

No. 882231

It’s the meth, Taylor. There’s no way a board certified cardiologist has assessed her and looked at her past (and most likely current) history of drug use and went “hmm we have no idea why your heart rate is so high.” And there is no way they would JUST be trying medication if this has been ongoing for over a year. One of the first things they would’ve tried was a beta-blocker as her blood pressure is probably high as fuck too and it would lower both her bpm and BP. I find it cute she claims she’s going to be in a wheelchair soon and can barely stand due to her heart problems and she’s so exhausted all the time from just being awake, then immediately posts multiple selfies and a video of her out in a bar with two other junkies lol

No. 882243

Oh I completely agree with you, it just never fails to amaze me the sheer nonsense she posts online as if anyone on planet earth believes her bullshit anymore. She loses followers every time she posts these sperg rants too so I just wonder why she continues to do it… oh yeah, the meth kek

No. 882253

File: 1657074525339.jpeg (37.54 KB, 401x376, 51C52BAC-8B52-42BE-8F1A-0B88E4…)

Yeah she lost over 600 followers in 10 days on Instagram.

No. 882254

yup agreed. it's funny that she thinks lol cow is full of stalkers when a lot of us treat this as a tabloid of sorts. the lot of us who have a medical background or in healthcare are having a field day with her lies because they can be disproved easily.

No. 882255

meth-fueld sperg -> disappear -> delete once realizing how methy she sounded -> asspat herself about sobriety -> bring up jonny -> post selfie -> disappear -> repeat

No. 882259

whenever taylor lies about "first time being online in WEEKS" it's so obvious she's lying. you can tell someone is lying by stating and emphasizing on said statement as the first thing. almost like a precept to whatever bullshit flows out next. i bet taylor lurks/posts in JC & Skid's thread as well as prob lurks lol cow in general

No. 882272

I don't know a lot about EDS but isn't increased heart rate a common symptom of it? Why would her doctor be so shocked about that knowing she has that diagnosis?

No. 882275

Well according to insta TND is out at the bar with her meth head friends as we speak. Posting shaky stories cause she's too methed up to hold still.

For someone who needs to be in a wheelchair, she sure is at the bar constantly without one.

No. 882276

She is literally out of her mind to think "heart condition LITERALLY SO DANGEROUS!!!! that I can't sit down and film a fucking video but I can go out to bars with my drug addict friends" makes any sense. Why are u even posting this shit when u JUST said you're too sick to "work" like bitch

No. 882277

File: 1657082378084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.43 KB, 306x410, 6746862-6438011-image-m-48_154…)

for a lot of them it just seems like an aspect of self sabotage, you have to hate yourself to do hard drugs, and a lot of people who hate themselves alter their appearance in extreme ways

No. 882278

File: 1657082816376.jpeg (976.38 KB, 1170x2112, E45E67F7-53DF-451A-8B95-1C138F…)

I cannot imagine why. This is a cap of a insta story I don’t know how to save on mobile btw.

No. 882287

I got you nonna. Holy fuck no wonder she hasn't posted in months. She looks and moves like a strung out street prostitute. her fam are stupid to keep her around her adolescent brother (i doubt much had changed and i wonder if she drives still i bet so). There wont be any returning from this her career is dead and it was done by herself or should i say BY MYSELF

No. 882289

Also sorry samefag but to add: watch the probable home piercing get infected like every other one. She never lets shit heal right either and they all look terrible because of it. And lmao she is desperate to be sew edjy. we knew she has a deviated septum like so many other addicts and drug users; her nose has been crooked for a yr or 2 now. Part of why ppl wondered if she was also snorting the meth

No. 882290

the last part nonni KEKKKK

No. 882291

File: 1657088978492.jpeg (942.82 KB, 1125x2026, 3804A48A-B072-4D00-B086-1E5E65…)

holy shit am i stupid is it the filter? or faux freckles or meth sores?

No. 882292

File: 1657088984821.jpeg (154.58 KB, 828x1363, 0D86B7E7-B485-411C-A5E5-ADAC57…)

You can see where she’s been picking at her face (like she does when she uses) through the filter.

No. 882294

thought i double posted but realized someone else noticed her picking omgsh

No. 882296

parents can only do so much but seriously where the hell are her parents? and why do they enable her!

No. 882297

I can’t decide who is more mentally impaired, Taylor for thinking that anyone will believe this after however many times before she has pulled the same shit and then revealed she was still using or the handful of fans who do actually believe her. Even without knowing her history it’s clear that all these posts and photos involve a fucktonne of drugs

No. 882315

So are these really old, or is her hair black and red again?

No. 882319

She redid the red hair/split dye, these are from last night

No. 882321


It’s not so much as having a medical background as having common sense lol. Totally agree with the tabloid thing though.

Not meaning to blogpost but I’ll reiterate, learned about her in that Vice video and cheered for her, felt bad, then I read this and saw how she’s just a malevolent waste of space. Imagine being 24/25 and doing nothing but eyefuck yourself and do hard drugs.

Checked Momma Dean’s twitter for milk, nothing but PWS awareness shit and anti-gun Uvalde retweets.

No. 882324


Oh she definitely doesn’t have fans.

No. 882330

My pet theory going off of Tay & Luna is that they already have a tendency towards obsession with their own reflection and being strung out exacerbates that, so changing up superficial things like hair, tattoos and piercings feels ‘productive’ without having to actually do anything meaningful

No. 882363

lol thanks anon, I was thinking I would have to make my first thread. Thank you again.

No. 882365

File: 1657137217187.png (497.68 KB, 795x899, TnDhair.png)

Old screen shot but thought it was relevant enough not to sage
. I'm sure there was more moaning from Taylor after she posted this about how she could never do split red/ black hair again because it reminds her too much about relapsing and/or makes her want to relapse (but maybe I imagined that?)

No. 882367

She has no life skills, barely any education and no job experience except for being a PetCo cashier like 5 years ago. She was spoiled by the YT income at the height of her popularity and has no money management skills. If they pay any attention her they know she’ll just be on the streets going from couch to couch if her junkie friends even have homes. I think they think it’s better to control the damage when she’s a junkie at home instead of on the streets.

No. 882381

yes i second, thanks anon! i considered making the thread as well. however she was MIA and quite honestly i felt almost bad for her and was thinking she probably is over being a cow. not that she woulda made significant life changes but i figured maybe it was starting to hit her how much of a bum she truly is and she was going to fade out. so i also felt sympathy like yeah maybe we shouldn't make any more threads and let her go.

not the case, she knew her thread was 3 ft in the grave and had to come back and make sure it didn't reach 6. she loves the attention

No. 882382

truuuue truuuue. i always hear the whole "rather have a live drug addict child under my roof than dead on the streets"
which i agree with however mama dean surely know if taylor had drugs/paraphernalia stashed around her room, that warrants a call to the cops. sometimes jail can aid recovery. she should take notes before taylor ends up ODing.

No. 882385

if taylor straight up shifted her youtube content to full blown being an addict on camera, i'd honestly watch. i always miss Intervention, I feel like this would be entertaining

No. 882388

This post makes zero sense. No professional piercer would do it with a too-small horseshoe, you use an extra large one to account for swelling and healing. Gee, I wonder why all her piercings reject and migrate? How are your nostril piercings that are sliding down faster than glasses on a hot day?
Classic Taylor though, saying the exact same thing twice to open and close a post.

No. 882391

Seeing as she also dyed/bleached Taylor’s hair, I bet her tweaker friend DIY-ed the septum piercing. Tay was just starting to look semi normal again, she started hanging with tinytweaker and now she’s right back into the trailer park alt style. I get the feeling because she has no personality she’s mimicking the style of her new found drug pals, trying desperately to fit in.

No. 882393

That’s the thing, some dumpster fires like this go on Dr Phil and make a brand out of their trashiness. Taylor styles herself well and has a pretty face, she could totally do something like this but she’s just too lazy. Ages ago I think she talked about wanting to be an actress….

No. 882394

She’s desperate enough for the look but doesn’t have the money for quality.

No. 882395

in before this dumbass says she has POTS when she really just has heart damage from drug use.

No. 882398

Oops wrong thread lmfao

No. 882402

Holy shit, this is money right here. Great job Nonnie. How are you gonna lie your way out of this one, Tay?

No. 882403

It wasn't too hard and now I know how to do it. Just consider me your new thread bitch now.

I would kill to see her and Mama Dean on Dr. Phil.

I saw that and was like, bestie are you lost?? (Agree with you tho)

wtf is POTS?

No. 882404

POTS = munchie shit

No. 882405

If millennials were the "participation trophy generation" then Tay's generation is the "self-diagnosed disorder" generation. Istg they collect disorders the way we collected pokemon cards.

No. 882406

POTS is a real thing (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) where your circulation is fucked up and your heart rate varies wildly when you change position. Actually fairly uncommon, but because it is easy to fake, a lot of illness fakers/hypochondriacs claim to have it even though they don’t.

It’s also one of those things that is just an annoyance to be managed for most of the people who really do have it, but for the illness fakers it’s OMG CANCER OF THE AIDS.

No. 882412

doesn't help that she layed in bed past 5 years eating what's burger and candy… messes with her blood pressure, she's just an idiot. no one feels sorry for her

No. 882413

I really think people would like her more if she just was her true self and embraced the bar hopper sleeze rock vibe instead of trying to hold onto her old family friendly audience

No. 882415

If it were bar hopping & after a serious gap off of subs and dope, I agree to an extent. However the latest stories look to be her and that strung out new friend of hers at a house, almost assuredly stoned to the bone off methamphetamine. That’s a bad look for a (very recently) “sober” queen.

No. 882421

She wouldn’t be able to monetise that content on YouTube, she’s still clinging to the delusion that she can return to her pettuber glory days

No. 882426

THIS. what annoys me most about her is her outright lies. if she wants to be an online druggie, cool do your thing. it's the fact that she has live ANIMALS under her care and acts like she takes care of them

No. 882427

even if she kept making false promises of videos, if she rehomed her animals today i'd gain respect for her

No. 882431

this delusion alone is enough to convince me she's deep into drugs (not that I needed any more proof). no sober person's brain is so fried they actually would think she has a chance of turning her life around, let alone regaining millions of lost followers and making six figures as an influencer. what a fucking cope. junkies always are hung up on the past they had before they squandered everything away.

No. 882433

Hard agree, nonnie. It would indicate she has some awareness or a shred of responsibility. But she’s still trying to hold onto the hot animal girl thing even though it’s obvious to even us her heart was no longer in it even several years ago.

No need to blogpost but I got an axolotl recently and it’s the only pet I have. It’s a LOT of work and care, it’s mind-boggling to think she had 30 highly-particular, finicky and exotic pets at one point. A sober, hardworking person couldn’t do it alone even if it were their full time job.

No. 882444

Same, instant respect. I would actually be proud of her for once that she acknowledged she hasn’t been able to take care of her animal properly for a long time and that’s ok, as long as she rehomes. The misinformation on pet care she spreads is misfortunate, but what can you do.

No. 882446

Same. It would show actual growth and accountability. Unfortunately, Taylor is physically incapable of caring about anything other than herself. Her animals are just props for how unique and special and sensitive she is, even as they rot away in a childhood bedroom amid catboxes under hundreds of Dollskill shirts and the glow of a ring light until she decides to take them into her backyard for a little photoshoot.

No. 882477

There’s so much more to dislike her for though.
It’s not just the animals.
It’s the drug use around her brother who is disabled.
It’s the perpetual lies about literally anything.
It’s the exposing her minor fans to this “world” and even “accidentally” sharing her dealers number with them.
It’s this complete fabrication of self.

She always wants to be the victim. She always wants to be the center of attention.

I would love if she rehomed her animals, but it doesn’t absolve her of even a quarter of responsibility. She’s miserable.

No. 882483

All I want is a better life for Mushu.

No. 882487

And she's at the bar again with her methhead friends for the third night in a row.

But mUh AuToImMuNe DiSeAsE is so bad she can't film and needs a wheelchair…

No. 882489

File: 1657257053400.png (471.08 KB, 828x1792, 1CD1AD4E-10CB-4B54-B80B-6B422D…)

This sperg is…. bad.

No. 882490

File: 1657257101435.png (377.2 KB, 828x1792, 2F48917E-8A0A-44E6-A668-AC6DDB…)

No. 882492

File: 1657257361797.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, EFB08253-3EF8-4212-BD9B-BA137E…)

Very sober.

No. 882493

File: 1657257708406.jpeg (115.4 KB, 647x282, 213DD1F8-7A1A-474D-9C83-816389…)

What an absolute fucking cunt. Obviously Taylor has fans that are worried and this kassi bitch doesn’t give a fuck. I hope she dies seriously and Taylor is forced to go back home(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 882494

Such a lie. It has to be the meth. There is no way she doesn't know the cause and is out every night. If she was truly concerned about her health she would be at home. Who is taking care of her animals with her being out so much? Don't most of them eat at night too? I recall a feeding video that she was feeding her snakes all at night.

No. 882495

This cunt is going to ruin Taylor's remaining fanbase. Imagine letting your friends treat your few remaining fans like shit openly.

No. 882496

File: 1657258345492.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, DF25DBDC-F6B3-407E-AADD-212CA8…)

No. 882497

File: 1657258400179.png (2.29 MB, 828x1792, 3BA51A02-4C17-4F6C-9DB5-A0435A…)

She looks like shit.

No. 882499

File: 1657259175193.png (544.7 KB, 750x1334, 5C3ABF7D-7328-4308-827C-2E58A3…)


No. 882500

File: 1657259228914.png (539.41 KB, 750x1334, B2923606-5A27-4A00-ACFC-CE6FDA…)


No. 882501

I love how Taylor is so Quick to post about and show her half ass support about political things going on in the world. I genuinely believe she is too hard to even know what is going on with the roe versus Wade

No. 882503

*too high not to hard my bad nonnies

No. 882505

You can’t even walk? But you can zoom around your friends house, show up to bars multiple nights in a row, and take strung out selfies with your shaking hand?

I used to like Taylor. I really did. I was always on her side, never disliked her, always wanted the best for her. But she truly is such a liar she can’t keep up with all the lies. All these health excuse spergs are so she doesn’t have to admit that she relapsed. Wonder if this “doctor” she’s see tmrw is gonna put her in her place and drug test her.

No. 882506

Big oof if she ever tries to reappear this is going to bite her in the ass hard

No. 882509

taylor, you goddamn idiot. nice try with your disclaimers. the reason why you're not a recluse is because you're doing meth. you seriously think you make sense and it's just sad.

No. 882510

i'm prescribed adderall for uni and have to stay off my phone or else i'll end up typing up long ass updates that make sense in my head but are obvious amphetamine ramble.

ur not fooling anyone taylor

No. 882511

Its the small things I noticed tay’s codependent tendency, for example her half shaved/drawn eyebrows now copying her new druggie best friend..

No. 882512


> When I use I become a recluse

> Hasn’t posted anything in months with the exception of the last few days

Girl we are not fucking stupid. You know this website exists, you know we talk about you, and you know we are going to call you on your shit.
Your fans are getting older Taylor. They’re not all bright eyed little 14 y/o who adore you because of your animal kingdom.
They’re dropping off like flies from your channel & your socials because you’re a complete wreck.
Nobody believes you.

Stop before it’s too late.

I also can’t believe Mama Dean has just taken a backseat to this all.
Maybe she is going to let Taylor hit rock bottom.
Who knows.

No. 882517

I don't know why she even still bothers with this munchie larp, someone with heart issues so bad they 'need a wheelchair' wouldn't go out unmasked drinking at bars constantly, same with her autoimmune claims. I think Mama Dean has just given up at this point, I'm not sure what she would even be able to do if Taylor refuses to acknowledge her own issues.

No. 882520

I dont believe mama dean had taken a backseat or is enabling her. The fact that she is not posting on twitter makes me think that tay is relapsing hard and mama dean has learn from therapy and support group to not publicly shame her to push her away further. But again taylor is grown ass woman, her addiction now is her own responsibility and no one elses.

No. 882522

File: 1657264379614.jpeg (392.77 KB, 828x1408, 87BDBE2F-7986-4079-A38C-3CCFA2…)

I was lurking and even betsy was reaching out via comments in her last post on instagram..

No. 882525

Same here, except I don’t take it anymore. I know an upper sperg when I see one.

No. 882527

Good catch. I think this signifies something large. Taylor must really be out of it.

I really hope this is the case, but Mama Dean is also a piece of work. That woman doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut for the life of her. My theory is that Taylor has threatened her in some way, and is holding her emotionally hostage.

I know with addicts you eventually have to let “go” but fuck me, Taylor is throwing her life away so quick.
She used to be gorgeous, she used to have a future, and she threw it all away for Goiter.

With fentanyl being in everything/anything, I would not be surprised if she dropped dead soon.

No. 882530

Oh man you just know those comments are feeding in to her munchie main character syndrome. The internet is being too mean to you? Mysteriously disappear for a bit, get high and fuck up your life some more, who cares, they'll magically love and miss you again! What a sad little life.

No. 882531

She’s straight up lying. Her friend was riddled with fresh tracks a few weeks ago. Is by sober longer than her meaning by a few hours because their connect isn’t answering the phone?

No. 882532

I feel like at this point we cant even blame goiter for her continue relapse and bad choices anymore. She is problematic pre-goiter and she continue to be problematic post-goiter. I know she is battling H addiction and all but the people she choose to hangout with and the choices she continues to make is sad to watch. Like she could check herself in for a longer in rehab, takes it seriously, even start doing tik tok to get back on track to make content. But NOPE, she decided to digress into her split hair period, hang out with an alleged recovering addict and reach out to goiter boy again.

No. 882539

Functionable. KEK English is this bitches first language

No. 882543

File: 1657282926380.jpeg (203.22 KB, 750x1060, 0B240955-590A-4389-A30C-AAD610…)

Possibly bs, but…?

No. 882550

She woke up feeling so bad she had to go to the dr and take heart medication, then after a nap (who tf wakes up then subsequently takes a nap ?) proceeded to get ready, get dressed and go out to hang with her drug buddy. Definitely super serious sickgorl behaviour. Everyone pray for tay, she’s got terminal munchausen, she might even end up in a wHeElChAiR.

No. 882552

File: 1657288686812.png (614.58 KB, 828x1792, B3A6C98E-F516-4F27-BACA-9B6285…)

No. 882553

File: 1657288956668.webm (573.04 KB, 828x1792, FullSizeRender.webm)

just methin around

No. 882554

File: 1657289076322.png (622.62 KB, 828x1792, 34EF5FF4-361E-49A9-8177-D95ABC…)

No. 882557

So she's still lurking here.

I don't care about whether she thinks she's worse off than others. What I do care about is how weird it is for her to post these kinds of things online. Most of what she posts should be between friends, not to her huge (dwindling but still huge) fanbase of teenagers. I don't understand why anyone would want to make public a lot of the stuff she discusses before she has more info, thus scaring the people who do care about her, like this heart stuff lately.

No. 882574

yup same i don't take mine nearly as much as i am supposed to. started having severe chest pain and at a point thought i was having a literal heart attack. so when taylor larps as a POTS patient, i am in disbelief. like girl…. it's the meth… you know and we know it…!

No. 882575

i agree with nonni. at this point, jonny craig has nothing to do with her downfall anymore. as stated time and time again, she chose the route of continuing to spiral. she went to a fancy rehab, everyone had her back, and she had the world in her hands. it's been roughly over 4 years. within that time period, JC managed to move to another state, hold down an apartment, get change thrown at him on twitch, knock up some girl, get convicted of child endangerment, have friends, travel, fly out new girlfriend etc….. what has taylor done, really? besides rot away in her childhood bedroom getting high off of whatever high she feels like being that day, fry her hair and stick her tongue out in selfies in her backyard and the cherry on top: attempt to reunite with her "abuser".

No. 882595

File: 1657307563221.jpeg (91.12 KB, 828x527, 841879DA-9C35-48A1-9A93-AD5523…)

This is how you know she’s not actually in therapy, this is a question she would’ve brought up with her therapist not her stans? This whole post seems like a classic munchie fishing for ideas.
>She's been sober longer than I have
Even if we ignore the fact she’s covered in track marks and somebody confirmed her boyfriend is currently using meth, she was tweeting pictures of actual smack in march, so at the most she’s been clean for 4months, I thought Taylor was “clean” for 10+ months? This bitch really needs to do research before she types her lies, it’s so embarrassing.

No. 882617

Late reply but 100% agree. I see this with people IRL I know that are a decade younger than me. I swear every 25ish year old out there is a gender special with BPD and ADHD, which of course we're both self diagnosed too.

No. 882620

I wonder how long it’s gonna take for her to disappear, go to rehab, return with a bunch of sperging “nobody knew I relapsed, even tho this was the worst relapse of my life” even tho we’re all watching it in real time. She says that every time she admits to a relapse. That know one knew. LMFAO

Maybe her animals are getting the best care they’ve gotten in awhile since she’s all skitzed out on meth instead of passing out on heroin (I’m joking nonnies)

No. 882624

HOLY SHIT THAT SPOON PIC IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. And a trigger for some!! Like I want to throw up right now. She posted that likes she proud of it??? Jesus fucking christ, I can’t believe what I’m even seeing. Kassi is obviously a proud junkie. Taylor has been caught in another lie. Maybe by saying “she’s been sober longer than me” means she’s been sober for a week and Tay’s been sober for three days LOL

(Even tho they are both absolutely getting high every day. Heroin is more of a body addiction but meth has an insane mental/psychological addiction) I know lots of people who quit heroin to get on meth. Literally the two worst drugs to be doing and she’s speedballing which is also extremely dangerous for your heart. I thought she had no veins left and was muscling? You cannot muscle meth. - (im a former addict sober 5 years later this month, 99% of it was H but I did sadly end up trying meth) she must be snorting, smoking it or boofing it (breaking the tip of the needle off and sticking it up your ass) unless her bestie kassi is helping her find new veins, like in her neck.

No. 882631

lol right? i'm a millennial but was always raised to keep my mental health issues under wraps. sure, it's great we live in a time where stigma is being minimized but a lot of real life adult jobs are still run by older, traditional generations. the general consensus remains to stay hush hush about it all as real professionals can't afford to have that baggage. like this chick literally posted a youtube video to over a million people sitting in her underwear in her parents house bragging about doing drugs…. that shit follows you for life. your name is all you have, reputation is everything and she completely annihilated hers all for internet attention. it's going to be hard to come back from, i understand why she's given up on herself and chases the street life rather than a straight one. she probably couldn't get hired anywhere respectable.

No. 882633

former junkie here and yes that picture was super triggering. it was never something i'd brag about and suffered in silence because once people know you do heroin, immediately stamped with a "LIAR" tag across your forehead. i get that H is a body-dependency and good for her if she isn't doing THAT. but the proof is in the pudding that she's on meth. out of all the drugs i've tried, meth was seriously the most maniacal, dirtiest, stinkiest, trashiest high i've ever felt. i'm worried for her disabled brother, mother and father. who's to say her and her new friends get desperate for money and steal from them or worse, harm them. i hope Mama Dean is seeking guidance and not burying her head in the sand, especially when it comes to her reaching this whole new level of meth.

No. 882637

File: 1657319294746.png (1.62 MB, 828x1792, 5B6C42C6-0F55-4F3D-8DA7-3DFD40…)

Don’t do drugs, kids.

No. 882638

File: 1657319320093.png (649.62 KB, 828x1792, 0A0A6142-6D23-435C-9755-DA03BD…)

No. 882639

I’m 25 and 100% agree with you. So hard making friends, because everyone is a psycho OC.

No. 882640

File: 1657319359688.png (612.69 KB, 828x1792, D8A6D8DC-083E-494B-93B6-DA58B5…)

Early morning ~~thoughts~~ hit

No. 882641

are you going to repost everything that's already been posted in this thread or…?

No. 882657

FoRmEr JuNkIe hErE and y’all need thicker skin if that spoon pic really outraged or triggered you. We’re in a thread about a literal IV junkie. Grow up.

No. 882666

lmao knew she was going for a POTS diagnosis

No. 882678

Learn how to lurk. These were already posted.
Go back to twitter. Nobody cares about what triggers you or that you’re a former junkie.
This belongs on tumblr. Shut up.

Do you newfags not read the rules?
We don’t want your special twitter spelling. Type correctly, or gtfo.
We don’t care about your soft feelings. We don’t care about your personal backstory.
Don’t blog.
We don’t care about your triggers.
Fuck off.

Farmhands you can put me in timeout but these people need to clean their act up.

No. 882689

How did she go from waking up in pain, needing a doctor, saying “life isn’t functional like this” to saying “this is actually the best I’ve ever felt!!” Which is it??

No. 882711

Wow, amazing company she’s keeping. What a piece of shit.

No. 882716


Just a random half naked man in the background there

No. 882722

Ah, we are deep in the "everything's fine" (irl fried off her tits) phase. Isn't [lots of new content to upload guiz!!] Up next?

No. 882727

File: 1657371561194.webm (1.64 MB, 296x640, METHAYLOR.webm)

Don’t mind me, it’s your local autistic archivefag with the local archive.

No. 882728

This is the first Taylor thread in months and this is the worst she's ever been, I really doubt any one still keeping up with her is a newfag. You're right about needing a timeout though, you sound like a baby throwing a tantrum

No. 882730

what’s with the autistic meltdown nonna

No. 882739

She already said she had new content in her original come back post here >>882137 and she posted these at the beginning of may when she came back online briefly to post selfies
I think her next step is more ranting then she’s gunna post selfies on Insta and disappear again. Last year I would’ve expected a video before she disappeared but according to her she can’t even “sit down to film a video” because of her heart (that doesn’t even make sense, but okay) so definitely no video.

No. 882748

No one showed her anything, she’s already found her thread. Good job Tay

No. 882749

You need to take your meds it’s not that serious

No. 882759

>quickly become a recluse
You stupid bitch, this just means your drug at that time is a downer, now whenever you post these autistic rants and go out with other drug addicts you're on an upper and we know this literally just because of how many times this cycle has gone on for.

No. 882761

Your posts are extremely recognizable. I hope you realize that you need to touch grass even more than the cows you comment on.

Ikr, she should just be out and proud with her drug abuse, she’s basically at that point thanks to her ineptitude at lying. I’m howling at the fact that she called herself out with the whole recluse = relapse thing, like she hasn’t repeatedly disappeared and insisted she’s fine. Girl everyone sussed that out ages ago.

No. 882769

Reinventing herself as some hot garbage, heroin chic emo girl is her only route now. Her young fans have burnt out their attention span and found someone else to wish they looked like. She’s too lazy to reinvent herself too, so she’ll just keep going on like this until her next ‘medical emergency’. I’m not a scrote but I really want her to do OF, for the lulz. I hope that’s where her ‘I’m too weak to hold a camera….’ thing is going. I want to see her make even more of an absolute fool of herself. With her existing online presence she’s already unemployable in a typical job. Before the drugs ruin her body she should cash in on it

No. 882772

Don’t worry we will have our saga. She’s gonna need new audience once she realizes her old one has been long gone.

No. 882783

would video anons mind posting streamable links for applefags?

No. 882784

File: 1657427068016.jpeg (70.25 KB, 737x691, D5D936E5-99B1-4B29-9FC8-F2609B…)

tinylungs made her profile private.

No. 882798

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. She lucked into getting an audience in the first place by being blonde and pretty, now that she looks like a drugged up hooker, there’s no way she can ever get a new audience. Sure a bunch of addicts are commenting on her posts and videos, but addicts are exactly the most reliable base for economic support

No. 882828

I’m still following her so I got yall

No. 882829

I can’t stop cracking up at this. Every sentence is so hostile. Imagine this getting bothered over a lolcow forum. I can picture this nonnie foaming at the mouth and seizing in anger while typing this.

No. 882832

File: 1657474550855.jpeg (454.28 KB, 1800x1800, AA40D94E-017C-4FBB-BD58-817809…)

Wow! You hit the nail on the head for sure. Taylor is hanging out with Kassi so they can help each other find a vein.
Taylor has been shooting in her neck for a while, a little bit with Jonny toward the end of the atrium house saga… but especially immediately after Jonny and ever since.
If you look at her photos for the last about 2 years she has a choker on, or hair covering her neck very well.
Clearly it slips occasionally.

No. 882833

File: 1657474616147.jpeg (259.96 KB, 828x1792, 98412B79-FC56-4971-A4D2-B4AF5E…)

Betsy was also clearly using IV in her neck.

No. 882834

File: 1657474703160.jpeg (374.65 KB, 1800x1800, 51E1739B-6B86-405F-A896-43ACC7…)

No. 882836

Damn I had no idea she tried in her neck cuz she never mentioned it in her video, she did mention he would pinch her arms and legs, I think she did mention they tried her neck but she got too scared. Either way, someone’s helping her shaky hands shoot up

No. 882837

I don’t see anything on betsy’s neck

No. 882839

File: 1657478176442.jpeg (252.91 KB, 828x1792, 40902832-09FC-4856-9275-760269…)

No. 882840

Bless you anon

No. 882841

Ayrt and yep meth is the bottom of the barrel for sure. It’s harder to OD on so the faith of users mainly end up in jail and honestly that might help her.

No. 882842

I don’t know if I notice anything suspicious about her neck but holy shit, she was already deep in addiction at this time and her looks had massively deteriorated from her YouTube debut, but it’s still a huge improvement from current day Tay. She obviously never stopped getting her fix because she’s even worse now. She’ll never look like that again. I’d feel sad if there weren’t dozens of animals languishing away with her.

No. 882843

I’m past the point of caring about what happens to these waste of oxygen people, but there’s no way that they themselves don’t know how obvious their drug use is in photos. That was a cry for help, and her meth sore videos now are a cry for help.

Jail or mandatory rehab from a court is pretty much all that can save her now.

No. 882854

File: 1657483080667.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.66 KB, 640x663, 1033B186-00D9-48D4-BBC2-DB2ACC…)

Not wking, I genuinely don’t see anything but shadows. There are tons of pics in between these where she shows her neck (she had a bob cut around this time) and it looks bruise free. tracks are long/big bruises around veins, sometimes with a small scab on the injection site. Picrel are actual tracks.

No. 882861


Actually the next phase is the "omg I am SO into this thing right now but I have actually always loved it/wanted it for 7 years!" Furby, goth/kawaii decor, tattoos… Remember the time she got a bunch of electronic equipment (I think for Christmas) because she was gonna stream on Twitch?

I wonder what the newest obsession of hers will be?

No. 882876

Yeah but she tries to hide them with makeup. So what we’re seeing is her attempt at hiding them and failing. I mean come on of course they aren’t going to look like the pic you posted because she’s trying so hard to convince everyone that she isn’t using. Also good to note that she is probably doing meth and not shooting that up

No. 882880


This is such a reach. This isn’t tracks at all. It’s either a tendon or the external jugular vein both of which do tend to stick out if you’re slimmer.

No. 882889

>of course they aren’t going to look like the pic you posted because she’s trying so hard to convince everyone that she isn’t using
So when you tell people you’re clean you just magically don’t get bruised tracks, lol wtf are talking about? multiple anons have told you this is her neck shape + weird lighting, you obviously are not experienced in iv addiction so shut up and stop making a fool of yourself.

No. 882913

Dunno if I linked it right, but i found a tiktok doctor that I'd bet money is where Ms. Heartrate is getting her POTS info

No. 882916

You obviously didn’t read my whole comment, I said they aren’t going to look like the picture that was posted because she probably tries to use make up to cover them (or filters which I didn’t think to add before). I also said she probably isn’t shooting up right now because she’s using meth. I haven’t been any of the anons posting about supposed track marks, I was only playing devils advocate because it’s dumb to think she would post pics that include bruising and obvious track marks like the picture I replied to…. But go off

No. 882927

Not every addict who uses intravenous drugs gets tracks. Taylor just seems to get some injection site bruising. Tracks usually come from reusing dull rigs because even just a few years ago you couldn’t get syringes without a script in most states or finding a harm reduction/needle exchange program so people used them a few times instead of once. I know addicts that never had bruises, tracks. Maybe a scab that looked like a very small bug bite but nothing serious. Using a new needle, hitting a veins the first try and at the correct angle and not reusing the same one every time will prevent this. It’s just that most junkies and tweakers are sloppy and impatient, reuse syringes multiple times, can’t hit to save their lives, miss because they’re too lazy to register (and then get abscesses) and instead of pulling out just move the needle around inside their arm because again, sloppy.

I’ve seen tayler with very very faint tracks but usually only on her hand because the hand is where most cowards go first because the veins are so close to the skin but they roll and because of the thin skin they show way more and you’ll blow your vein pretty much immediately. That’s why they are always on forearms, hands, lower legs and feet.

We all know Taylor has no idea how to shoot up correctly and neither does her junkie bff because that bitch is covered in tracks, bruises, scabs, and scars. I’m actually shocked Taylor doesn’t have abscess pits all over herself.

No. 882928

And I highly highly doubt she’s hitting her neck. First, it’s hard, it hurts, and if she was it would look a lot worse than that because after years she’s still clueless on how to shoot yo correctly. She just has a very prominent carotid that shows and looks like a shadow. Hitting your neck is a last resort because it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth and Taylor still has useable veins, especially because she has had pockets of sobriety.

No. 882936


Yeah you’d go for your legs before your neck. And it really doesn’t look like anything going on with her neck except shadows.
But as far as usable veins in her arms, even with brief time off from shooting up, they could still be pretty bad. Yell at me for blogging, but I haven’t used in YEARS and I don’t think I’d be able to hit any veins in my arms still today.

No. 882976

File: 1657575696946.png (1.04 MB, 828x1792, ECC5D94D-9F7A-477B-ADD0-13CBF9…)

No. 882977

Taylor… the answer is that you abused methamphetamine

No. 882978

Maybe she’s born that way, maybe it’s meth.

No. 882979

This was a joke btw it’s meth

No. 882980

File: 1657576208880.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, E2EDBF66-5325-452B-8568-0865C7…)

No. 882983

ah yes using meth to munch your way into a heart monitor what a great accomplishment! she clearly gets off on trying to worry her former audience. That won't win them back lmao

> work is about to pass me by so I have to stay clean
girl that ship has sailed! We all know you're not clean also love how Jonny is totally exposing her I love it. I wonder if that scam company zen habitats is upset she never made an official video. She's had every opportunity handed to her and lucked her way into this audience I don't think there is any saving it as another nona has mentioned. She is too enthralled by drugs and the addict lifestyle and romanticizing it all. I believe she'd sooner do full on prostitution than give up using. Waiting for the inevitable meth psychosis, jail, prostitution and/or sex trafficking saga now that's about all that's left, Oh and homelessness. She really does seem to think that someone is going to rescue her and that just isn't reality
>its been 3and a half years of just hurting myself i have to stop
glad you finally admit you never stopped using. I didn't think so I mean she left rehab #1 and started up again immediately. Can't wait for the inevitable meth sperging to come when she finds out he posted this. I'm sure she already knows and is losing her shit. She deserves to have been exposed and I can't believe something Jonny did is actually based

No. 882990

>Hope ur doing well
Well this is infuriating, my god she's so unhinged

No. 882998

Imagine still being in contact with your abuser who helped you get addicted to hard drugs. Wake up Taylor you knobhead.

No. 882999

File: 1657587483407.png (3.18 MB, 828x1792, 382A2990-C6C8-4A61-A93B-A75B8B…)

No. 883000

I honestly think meth may turn her totally unhinged. She’s gonna speed run becoming homeless.

No. 883001

File: 1657588698006.webm (2.29 MB, 888x1920, Bizarrehairobsession.webm)

Documeting awkward eyefucking vid

No. 883004

ntayrt but we prob should've just let the thread die. like we get it she's still on drugs and going nowhere fast. idk how y'all aren't bored of the attention whoring and the walls of text posted under the influence.
That eyebrow raise ugh her face is so punchable. Also the thong hanging out trend makes me irrationally angry.

No. 883010

She wants short bangs now? Back to skin walking jonny’s girlfriends?

No. 883012

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jesus christ…. jc is SOOOO BASED for this im dead

No. 883013

i said before we shoulda cause i felt sorry for her…. now, between her constant outright lying and her bitchy friend, im glad the threads are continuing. i want people to google for her seeing what happened to her and finding this golden archive of receipts exposing what a liar and animal abuser she is

No. 883014

No matter how many times Taylor goes dark and comes back online talking about how much better she's doing and how changed she is, she only ever uses her socials to stare blank faced at herself and ramble on about her victimhood and whatever ugly body mod she's thinking about next. Narcissism is truly the only thing she can commit to.

No. 883015

i went to go check his stories, did he already delete this?! omfg hahaha

No. 883016

she's def high as a kite on methamphetamine messaging him. such an upper thing to do too

No. 883017

imagine living in your parents house taking thot selfies with your thong hanging out. do u think she walks around like that or quickly fixes her pants before getting out of the bathroom? kek

No. 883018

It’s still there

No. 883019

i absolutely get it nona but no, the thread must go on. at this point TND is my comfort cow. even if there’s only lukewarm milk once a year, that’ll be enough for me

No. 883021

File: 1657596973070.jpeg (461.39 KB, 1540x1525, 07167366-7717-4E46-9A7C-6215B7…)

No. 883023

It’s the toothpaste stain on the wall for me. And is she just walking around her house with her whole family there with her thong purposely stretched high enough to show? I’m so confused. This is something I’d post if I’m very high

No. 883028

>hope ur doing well

Kek. What a garbage can. Good collage Nona.

No. 883030

prob puts it back to normal once she's done posing with it for social media clout but god knows how long her narc photoshoots last since she has nothing better to do. it's clearly not high rise undies she just stretched it up so it's def giving her a wedgie kek.

No. 883031

I wanna know if that text means she's still using, like I know she is but I wish she wasn't been an addict myself, sober now 3 years but you can't hang out with other addicts or even really go to a club all triggers you have to actually change your life. She just makes all the wrong decisions. I hope her animals are ok. You can't use and even water a plant never mind have cats and reptiles(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883036

She might have abscess scars all over. She said that in one of her more recent short video “my health after escaping heroin addiction” that her skin started exploding all over riddled with infection and she had abscesses all over her body. I’m sure the scabs are gone but those are gonna leave some gnarly bruises. I’m so worried about her. What is going to be her wake up call?

No. 883037

Kassi is apparently a prostitution im sure she’s helping show taylor the ways. Clients will fuck anything. Taylor could easily be a high paid escort and become rich from it like a lot of women in this world actually do, but all her money will go to drugs.

No. 883038

She claims she almost went septic due to how disgusting her body became while using. She's been shown how bad it can get and still chooses to use. She's beyond a wake-up call.

No. 883048

File: 1657612221207.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 42762710-5730-4AF2-9235-7654A3…)

She’s out with Betsy rn, she posted like 20 pics and I can’t screen record. She said Betsy moved back to SA

No. 883061

She told her to read a page about joining a support group? What the hell is she talking about?

No. 883070

File: 1657636269749.webm (8.73 MB, 888x1704, Taylorstory.webm)

No. 883071

File: 1657636411613.webm (2.38 MB, 864x1710, Betsystory.webm)

No. 883085

This answers the question of why Jen is an enabler. She thinks (knows?) she caused Taylor to be this way. Disciplining Taylor probably makes Jen feel guilty and Taylor takes advantage of that. Imagine sending this to your junkie kid, instead of doing anything substantial. There are plenty of self pitying Mommy of Dead Addict articles for Jen, so she can still feel like she actually tried to help after the inevitable occurs. I wonder if she always sends these weird articles when she knows Taylor is on a drug run

No. 883086

File: 1657644535284.jpeg (113.71 KB, 308x588, CCE98B0C-F4CB-49D3-8F9F-114205…)

lol and the homeless methhead is zooming behind her

No. 883087

File: 1657644611709.jpeg (379.21 KB, 1125x699, 8325A889-13CB-467D-A702-F4DDF5…)

went to sit on a couch and drink water? i believe it… because you're doing crystal method, taylor and are an idiot enough to expose yourself….. this isn't normal dilation of pupils, mine look like that too when i take adderall

No. 883088

jen 100000% has given up on her daughter. it'd probably be less stress to deal with if she was dead. all she would have to do would be tend to Tanner and get asspats for "trying to save her"

No. 883091

File: 1657646246555.png (1.26 MB, 1031x1338, Screenshot_20220712-125026~2.p…)

Yeah those 2 cups definitely look like they are full of water, not shots. Dumbass.

No. 883092

It’s like half way though she remembers she’s supposed to be playing the uber sick gurl so she made up the couch story even though you can see her standing in all the videos kek. It’s so fascinating seeing Taylor’s posting habits in contrast to a ‘normal’ person like Betsy, she posted once and Taylor spammed her feed with essentially the same videos/pics over and over. It must be so annoying going out with her, “wait, stop let me record this, wait I need a pic, omg come here let’s take more selfies”.

No. 883093


She lies about EVERYTHING. That is clearly a photo from someone's photo roll on the phone (probably her phone) that shows she downloaded the pic yesterday. She obviously thought it was so hilarious but had to make up some back story as usual.

No. 883094

File: 1657646567354.png (1.08 MB, 864x1574, Screenshots_2022-07-12-13-21-5…)

She made a new friend last night, dude was at the bar, posts exclusively about heavy metal, alcohol and masturbating. A real catch.

No. 883099

She's giving off Lillee Jean vibes here.

No. 883100


What is the point of the dagger tattoo now? I thought it was so she could move on from jonny.

Petty. But she got fat…

Honestly Taylor is a massive bitch and it looks like she finally got what was coming to her. Her heart is def fucked cause of the drugs. I don't know how she doesn't see it.


She'll continue to be irrelevant to the fuck boys. They'll have sex with her but they'll
eventually leave her. Just like forest. Aggy and all the others…

No. 883105

Honestly I don't blame her for giving up, Taylor clearly does not give a fuck enough to actually begin recovery

No. 883109

She's really gotta make sure that new heart monitor is on full display for extra attention. I cannot take her seriously at all. I'm guessing she saw a new doctor since she's wearing one again, because they didn't find anything the first time.

The simple fact of the matter is, if she was telling the truth about her heartrate being extremely high all the time, she would not be able to go out partying constantly. I don't doubt she has periods of fast heart (drug abuse & anxiety) but I highly doubt the severity and I'm almost certain it would improve if she actually took care of her health.

No. 883118

Why are they hanging out in an empty restaurant is my question.

No. 883124


same anon. if you're going to go out you why go to a completely dead bar?

No. 883129

She just likes flaunting it because it no doubt gets her attention when she’s out drinking ‘water’. That and her kween Halsey wears one b/c Halsey has POTS

No. 883161

ok when did Halsey come out with the POTS diagnosis? bc that sure is oddly suspicious for known-Halsey-skinwalker TND to get the same diagnosis…

low key I think Halsey is an attention whoring munchie too but I digress

No. 883162

so cringe to be her big age and posting on your social media
>uwu poor me I had a relatively privileged childhood but I pretend to have an emotionally neglectful mother feel sorry for me give me attention and pity

No. 883166

File: 1657681840775.jpeg (526.07 KB, 828x1036, 0F4088F6-CADA-4D3A-88F2-461697…)

No. 883167

File: 1657681947970.jpeg (237.93 KB, 828x1226, B295562A-33A0-4C67-91BE-48E1EE…)

No. 883169

No. 883171

when the stars align

this all makes sense now, how can we not see it before? anon praise be

No. 883176

tay doesn't have an original bone in her body

No. 883180

Wow thanks for pointing this out nonnie, I had no idea about Halsey having this because I absolutely hate her music and don’t follow her lol. This is a whole nother level of pathetic, Taylor….

No. 883184

halsey is so cringe and her music sucks. this is so fucking weird… taylor skin walking is so creepy and stalkerish i don't get why she thinks it's cute…

No. 883191

I know anons go back and forth on the heart damage as a result from meth. Just a few questions from me for any medfags who might be around?
I know there’s a large variety of folk who take adderall (kids, adults, etc) with no issue. Typically when you take it, you’re monitored with your BP and your kidney/liver are tested for function.

I think it’s likely Taylor is abusing meth to a significant amount, but how much would she need to be abusing to cause heart problems?

Blog but I take adderall and I am absolutely fine. I’m on a pretty low dose, but I have no problem.
So I guess I’m wondering if we think she’s abusing adderall or actual meth?

No. 883193

with her life blasted on the internet and for being a plain retard, she more than likely didn't secure an adderall script. if anything she's buying it off the street but it's highly unlikely especially being in san antonio where there's major colleges around, if it's being sold on the street, it's being picked up instantaneously by college kids. she's more than likely doing meth because for one, her friends do it, two, it lasts longer and three, it's cheaper and/or she gets it for free. i am prescribed adderall as well, i can tell you rn with my size, taking just 20 mg and i developed heart palpitations and at times thought i was going to have a heart attack. meth is dirty in how they make it and what it's cut with. it's the additives that are probably messing with her heart and the fact that she is extremely unhealthy when it comes to eating nutritiously, drinking water, basic hygiene. all those factor play a part as to her "heart goes boom". she's not a responsible addict, she's asking to die at this point with her recklessness.

No. 883194

it’s actual meth. it’s not adderall lmao. Taylor Nicole Dean is a meth head, full stop.

halsey is so shitty, like her music and her persona are both so lame and bad. it’s so funny that this is who she’s skinwalking kek

No. 883196

plus if she was speedballing like she previously bragged about, that affects your heart, that's not good for circulation and whatnot. going from a downer (heroin/fentanyl) to upper (methamphetamine) IF and only IF she actually developed any heart damage it's probably due to inadequate cardiac output/stress. i mean our bodies can only take so much and she's treated hers like shit. in my personal opinion, i don't think she has any real diagnosable problems besides psych ones. she probably has weird heart rhythms, tachycardia maybe because she's on meth and not telling whatever idiot doctor she's seeing. they should drug test her before they waste any time on her. she's inconsiderate of other people who actually need their time.

No. 883197

i think IF ANYTHING, she's developed high blood pressure. that doesn't even necessarily have to be from meth or drug use, it could be because she eats like shit. her arteries could be clogged with fatty plaque which in turn causes the "fainting" when standing up and high heart rate. she's a dumbass. she lives off whataburger and gummy worms and probably drinks massive amounts of sodas. she's so gross

No. 883213

File: 1657727512329.png (808.95 KB, 828x1792, F6609F79-4ED7-43E9-8087-D86D98…)


PharmD first year student who has been prescribed Adderall more than 10 years ago. No chance in hell she’s on Adderall, it’s just meth. If taken at a therapeutic dose amphetamine rarely has heart effects or is a safety problem for the pt. If Taytay got her ADHD diagnosis she would undoubtedly abuse it at an unhealthy dose. But she would have a clearer conscience doing so. She needs professional help or court-mandated help.

No. 883215

right! im the anon from above and to clarify when i DID take 20 mg, i was def taking more than i was supposed to. lesson learned. she's on meth for sure

No. 883216

In my state they drug test prospective Adderall patients and randomly collect urine samples from us every few months. Dunno about TX but maybe going through that process, they’d find all of her illegal drugs in her system and at least she’d be on the radar of her provider. Drs are supposed to refer addicts out and help them realize they have a problem, but in reality Drs are so overloaded with pts someone like her could slip through the cracks.

I just want her to have a drug meltdown on social media and spill all the damning details again. If/when she does, she’s definitely going to sperg on and on about how she’s not just another drug addict, look how high functioning she is etc. etc. when in reality all she does is lay in bed, do drugs and go to bars with strippers and OF thots. She’ll be in the ‘denial’ mindset even though she has no education, no work history or skills and is just a mildly entertaining waste of oxygen. Sorry if it’s against the rules to call out cows, but if you’re reading this Tater, do something funny. The only attention you get is hate- watching so give us something trashy to hate watch.

No. 883217

File: 1657728850914.png (2.29 MB, 828x1792, 680C70B9-FDF2-4E0E-A6A8-AE62C0…)


The cat she stole is overweight. Classic Taylor is still abusing her animals.

No. 883226

File: 1657733738924.jpeg (112.1 KB, 828x831, DA32855F-79D1-46B4-8C85-2CFE65…)

I didn’t realize how recent this was, halsey just announced her diagnosis in May, this is no doubt what inspired Taylor to seek a POTS diagnosis. Its so weird that she said she was already tested for it and it came back negative, like way to tell on yourself. I bet her google history is currently “how to mess with your heart rate?” or “how do you intentionally fail a tilt test?”

No. 883230

File: 1657735223891.png (2.38 MB, 1170x2532, D0E3BF51-FA23-4D60-9772-88688A…)

I could have sworn that she had mentioned POTS before in a video but when I looked up said video, I was wrong. Including a screenshot in case anyone was curious about the “ailments” she’s claimed in the past. I remember watching this (this is from 2017) and getting munchie vibes from her. So I’m not surprised she’s now trying to claim an ailment just because her auto tuned tone deaf off-key Queen has it

No. 883234

Ah yeah the video where she says she “might” have complex regional pain syndrome (aka what is know as the most painful condition you can have) bc they “couldn’t figure out what it was”. Yet pain really wasn’t even her main issue and she never complains about pain well rarely but only EDS related. Munching seems to have spared her highschool and gotten some attention from mama dean. Her lies are so transparent and easily disproven no wonder she has to get high, I’d be SO ashamed
>>883216 same thats why I’m glad people are still making her threads

No. 883240


TX anon here. They will not prescribe Adderall (or any stim) to anyone with any drug history. I moved from a weed legal state and because I admitted that I have smoked weed in the past, it is not legal to prescribe a "dangerous substance" to someone who could be predisposed to addiction. She could have lied though, they don't do drug tests to verify.

No. 883245

Sorry for no contribution but this is NOT sober behavior. Or even drunk behavior. So erratic it is 100% drugs even though saying TND is on drugs is beating a dead horse at this point. It’s disturbingly erratic behavior and she sounds a lot like that video where she’s shilling that app and slurring her words, or that Jonny Snapchat story where she yells at her cat. The pitch of her voice is the same.

No. 883247

What is even going, dang.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883251

I know JC is with a new girl but how likely do you think it is he and Tay will get back together? The texts really made it seem like she’s reaching out to him and we all know she’s “the one that got away” for Jonny boy.

No. 883252

File: 1657747737131.png (Spoiler Image, 3.42 MB, 828x1792, 4C04D395-6543-4CAF-A764-493978…)

Being an unemployed layabout must be nice (not)

No. 883256

If she can sit and take selfies there’s absolutely no reason she can’t be filming. All this munchie shit is just her trying to save face so instead of being a lazy privileged addict who threw away all her opportunities, she’s chronically ill and needed to take it easy for her fwagile hwealth. It blows my mind how somebody can even live like this, I would loose my mind if I sat around 24/7 for years doing fuck all with my life.

No. 883259

The way she gets methed out and he is one of the ppl she messages says alot imo. She thinks of him often, possibly even wants him back. But she also clearly wants the stability of a place to come home to while doing drugs. Pretty sure she knows if they got back together and he was the one supporting them financially things would get shitty extremely fast. He wouldn't be nearly as nice to her about money the way she was with him

No. 883260

all i know nonnies is that im bored of this loser. any other interesting cows? i miss pnp, she was my favorite idiot(no1curr)

No. 883266

File: 1657758551829.png (3.64 MB, 828x1792, 41AC3412-54EC-42BD-A073-C96F6B…)

My pwoor heart

No. 883275

So fucking annoying and boring.

No. 883279

If it was so embarrassing you wouldn’t be posting about it to your 300k followers. Meth raises the rate of sudden death by heart disease by like 25%, it causes weakening of the heart muscles, high blood pressure, strokes, acute heart attacks, cardiac arrest, coronary artery disease, heart failure, coma, and the list goes on and on. Taylor needs to look into what meth actually does to the heart, like you don’t have a mystery illness hun, you’re just irreversibly destroying your organs to catch a buzz and it’s catching up with you.

No. 883283

Taylor, your heart sure is fine when you're constantly going to bars and clubs, kek.

No. 883284

>very obviously methed-up and receiving the consequences of consistent poor choices and behavior
>mai heart is twying to unalive itself teehee!!!

i can't imagine how junkies that are actually in recovery are feeling seeing this dumb bitch act an entire circus and then claim sobriety.

No. 883294

File: 1657773794313.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, F9DB5208-D84C-4A2A-8DAE-863B4E…)

….and she’s out again, ‘drinking water’

No. 883298

Emma Sam, emzotic and Tyler Rugge are all creators invited to attend and participating in some retarded Florida animal convention. Our sober kween wasn’t invited, she must not be happy about that

No. 883299

This is genuinely so awkward the longer the story goes on, like does she think this is what people do when they hang out? Just take endless selfies and videos of you staring at yourself on the phone screen? I feel like a boomer for saying this but girl put down the phone and act like a human. Enjoy your water! Show off that new cute heart accessory! Enjoy socializing during a pandemic with your seventeen mystery medical ailments!

No. 883300

I mean in the jonny era she claimed they went to the bar for every meal 3x a day (no that story doesnt add up either) bc alcoholism (my bad a love of tap water from a soda gun) so she’s just in your dumbass addict pattern it so obvious why is she still acting like her fans are so stupid? Its honestly offensive to them. Clearly she is always with her friend who is always there with her homeless ass methhead bf. They must have some decent meth connects

No. 883302

She’s so out of touch that she doesn’t realise how unbelievable her flagrant lies are, not to mention actual evidence that she is indeed lying as per the cups posted upthread. She’s not even trying to conceal shit. It’s almost like she learned nothing from the whole Breez/Colin megamilk exposé

No. 883315

File: 1657798761469.png (3.26 MB, 828x1792, 7EFFB184-B3DE-4AE2-AFA6-F06267…)

Taylor: Guys idk why my heart is so fucked up????
Also Taylor:

No. 883316

File: 1657798809691.png (3.89 MB, 828x1792, BBDF2079-5E08-4434-8E04-D8804C…)

Very convincing water you got there, tater.

No. 883317

opaque water, yum.

No. 883318

Taylor being the most boring vapid bitch and thinking it’s cute totally addicted to eyefucking herself all day but “cant is post a video too unwell”. She’s lying by omission and all but admitted to her meth/heroin use last night. Buckle up the cringe is 10/10 https://streamable.com/pssqbn

No. 883321

She really is so naturally pretty, or at least she was before drugs and this cringeworthy emo LARP. That Kassi whore is a hideous little goblin, she’s a repugnant piece of shit inside and out. This is not going to end well. If she took her health as seriously as she professes to she’d be in inpatient care, not running amuck with fellow meth heads showing off her uwu heart go boom monitor. Fucking retard.

No. 883322

File: 1657800258909.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, 20344D27-0817-4458-A141-651F56…)

No. 883324

File: 1657802229099.webm (8.84 MB, 872x1716, July14tnd.webm)

I converted the vid to webm so it’ll be on site it’s the exact same vid as >>883294 Sorry to double post it, didn't have it ready yet earlier

No. 883325

Whoever it was that noted how ohmytinylungs photo quality is absolute shit was onto something cuz suddenly Taylor’s is now too. Must be a meth thing.

No. 883327

Taylor and her friend are still awake

No. 883328

ohmytinylungs is so fucking ugly lmao, literal crackhead

No. 883329

Does she think this is a thing that sober people say and do? You’re showing your ass, Tay. That’s some methy business.

No. 883330

And repeatedly going on and on about she is totez only drinking water u guise, like come on, tayter

No. 883331

Probably because that’s where your methy connect lives/works. His insta says he is leaving Texas. Where will Taylor get her fix??

No. 883334

File: 1657805456313.png (1.07 MB, 828x1792, 1F76BFFF-379F-4F18-A52D-662EEA…)

still awake and popping off

No. 883335

How could sticking a heart monitor in everyone's faces make it seem like I'm looking for attention?!!?!?

No. 883341

File: 1657810361245.png (186.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220712-104252.png)


No. 883342

Ugh not this bitch again. Nobody gives a fuck about Athena.

No. 883343

Ssshh, report selfposts and move on.

No. 883349

I would guess she couldn’t care less. She hasn’t cared about maintaining her image, career, or even safe keeping of her animals.
That ship sailed long ago for Taylor

No. 883351

File: 1657816977042.jpeg (922.77 KB, 3464x2444, 881103A8-50E8-4B6D-8A89-6A7652…)

Smoking outside the bar while yelling about being a dragon, how sober of her. u can tell she’s on a bender because she’s thinks she’s doing an amazing job at being ‘sober’ when all she’s doing is telling everyone she’s sober 25 times a day while simultaneously acting like a huge meth head. She’s currently hemorrhaging followers because she can’t get it thru her head how disrespectful it is to try and convince ur fans ur healthy enough to party at the bar every night with friends but not to hit upload on the video u said has been done for months now.

No. 883352

File: 1657817001923.png (3.1 MB, 1170x2532, DF7B23D7-484D-4FBF-9E97-49C6C6…)

It’s obvious she’s not only high on uppers, but also high on the most attention she’s received in years. The last time she was this jazzed up was when she felt like the junkie belle of the ball at rehab with brodick, lmao. Imagine that, or bar flies talking to you about your heart monitor, being the most exciting shit in your life. >>883334 seems like a cow tipping farmer, but they’re not wrong.

No. 883360

jfc she's so rude.

Even if there's someone telling you their life story unsolicited there's no reason to film it then post it to (a still large) fan base, just make your excuse to leave then laugh about it with your friends. Shouting into other peoples conversations and screeching random shit isn't cool or quirky; it's annoying and spoils other peoples nights- people who are actually engaging with their friends and aren't glued to their phones eye fucking themselves.

For someone who's pretends to be so "uwu anxious and kind to all" she's a real bitch.

No. 883361

File: 1657824250649.jpeg (797.83 KB, 1170x2073, F98383F3-CEEB-4521-9994-040C32…)

No. 883362

File: 1657824397544.jpeg (436.46 KB, 1170x2119, 31442CC6-4FA3-40F0-85A3-A056F7…)

No. 883364

File: 1657824584944.jpeg (83.4 KB, 827x827, BE4D09E9-70B0-4246-B9A2-B78998…)

How to fuck do you know she is prostitution ?
Spill the tea

She seems like an enabled spoiled rich girl 'tortured trash artist 3deep4u smudge eyeliner on purpose, tease hair into rat nest'

No. 883365

File: 1657824626737.jpeg (870.26 KB, 1170x2093, 1458F888-57EB-40D7-909C-75438B…)

No. 883366

File: 1657824753720.jpeg (584 KB, 1170x2066, F0C9CB44-4751-41BA-B06E-B21A94…)

No. 883367

File: 1657824951352.jpeg (293.72 KB, 1170x2086, 15CE4DEF-6861-4243-AF56-451F4C…)

Love this one.
She is sooooper unbothered but posting these.

No. 883369

Apart of me thinks she dm’s herself this shit, and is directly replying to lolcow.

No. 883370

File: 1657826217900.png (372.61 KB, 828x1792, 897F1D6B-E361-4497-AECA-9D19A0…)

No. 883371

No one’s putting a gun to her head. She chooses to post this stuff. She chooses to post making it look like she parties. She can just do this all on the DL. Why even make you fans have any doubts on being sober? What’s the damn point?

No. 883372

As a healthcare worker, I don’t believe half the shit this girl pulls from her ass. She should go to community college and see how retarded she sounds when she talks about her “heart issues”. She is so out of touch of what heart issues look like.

No. 883374

Because nobody and I mean nobody goes to a fucking bar with a heart monitor. It’s bizarre, smoking on top of that?

No. 883375

100% is dming herself, this is all a reply to this website. If anything these stories just expose doubt to any fans she has left. It was better for her career when she had a few month break than all the damage she did in two days.

No. 883377

She needs to show us how cool she is. She's gonna feel like an idiot if she lives long enough to look back at this. Dying young is so super cool tho so idk feel cute might OD later

No. 883379

I hope she doesn’t OD just because of how much of a martyr itll make her. She has enough of a victim complex as it is.

No. 883380

She will be dead and never be able to reap the attention

No. 883382

At this point she’ll OD on purpose because she doesn’t have a future and it’ll make her seem more interesting.

No. 883385

What’s most annoying are the obvious lies, like saying Kassi has been sober longer than she has. It’s very clear watching her she is always fucked up, not even sober for a second, being in recovery myself. It’s very cringe to watch cuz I’ve been to that state of psychosis where you think the things you’re posting are just fine and nobody knows but they’re actually not when you look back sober.

No. 883386

I used to be a fan and I genuinely hope that she doesn’t die but it sure does seem like where this is headed.

No. 883390

Quite the 2 days. Be interesting to see what form the backtracking takes when/if she wakes up. That kind of meth-posting is not easily lived down. I’m thinking a return to strategic stonewalling as before this event, assuming she doesn't continue having a meth attack.

No. 883395

both of these screenshots say that the accounts sending her these messages don't follow her (though she obv tried to scribble it out on the first one). she's def sending these to herself

No. 883404

I still think there’s a massive tell that she was triggered about her split hair and then changed it again and had obviously gone off the rails. She might not be owning up to being high but she is living that pattern for sure

No. 883405

File: 1657846388275.png (10.63 MB, 1242x2688, E6AD0260-D34E-45B9-B325-96386C…)

Haven’t seen anyone post this yet either? Tiny lungs posted a few hrs ago n deleted it quite fast but not sure what it’s suggesting, that TND is posting a video? Or just some trolling shit?

No. 883406

>it’s been 3 1/2 years of just hurting myself, I have to stop
>my heart problems are not caused by drug use, we checked drugs off the list a long time ago
>brb gonna stay up partying and writing long walls of text for 2 days straight

No. 883407

Obviously Taylor is a grown adult who is responsible for her own shit choices but Kassi is a disgusting piece of shit for enabling her. Regardless of whether they’re self inflicted (ie a result of drug use) or not, Taylor has health problems that put her in mortal danger when combined with drugs.

No. 883410

Oh I'm sure she's told all the doctors ALL about her special addict status with her 15 percent and her whole body abscesses that almost killed her and her meth heart going boom and all her other dramatic drug stories. Definitely not addicted to attention though. Definitely very sober and level headed.

No. 883420

I would pay money to just have even a 5 minute look into her chart/medical file. Her family MD probably has her diagnosed as a munchie at this point

No. 883422

No, she doesn't. Name one health problem she has that puts her in mOrTaL dAnGeR when combined with drugs.

She did this all to herself, how can people like yourself still believe her lies?

No. 883424

same, it's amazing how obvious it really is when you're looking at it from a different perspective. She 100% believes that because she's not slurring her words and spelling everything correctly no one can tell when she may as well be screaming that she's deeppp into addiction from the rooftops

No. 883428

What website is this? It doesn't look like Youtube.

No. 883429

File: 1657862152990.jpeg (27.23 KB, 630x252, 246028D3-4431-45FF-A29B-48B5F5…)

This is what happens when you spend a week straight at the bar ignoring your job then tell your dedicated fans their concerned messages are just so goofy and you laugh at them. 300 followers gone in 2 days, taytaykins isn’t going to have YouTube fans to come back to. pS tHeSe CoMmEnTs DoNt BoThEr Me At aLl!

No. 883440


God she had like the easiest job in the world. I wish I could make a living posting about my pets all the day, it would be fucking awesome. It’s work taking care of exotic pets, but if you’re making money off your hobby, that’s the sweet spot. I think she just doesn’t care about animals anymore and has been trying to fake it. Her new identity is drugs and illness. For someone with heart issues, she is out running around a bar A LOT and smoking cigarettes I’m sure is not advised.

No. 883458

File: 1657898158096.png (185.68 KB, 828x1792, E1EE4332-848D-4701-A90C-CF1044…)

Maybe I’m just getting too big for my own britches/tinfoiling but I was the anon that directly asked her to ‘do something funny’. Then she posts this. She’s definitely reading lolcow. What a sad, pathetic life. Maybe she’ll start cutting herself again.

No. 883464

File: 1657901375054.png (436.23 KB, 828x1792, 8AA980B1-8156-45AB-9662-0602CD…)

No. 883465

File: 1657901400804.png (754.47 KB, 828x1792, 360BD7DA-29CC-431A-8FCD-6E33BF…)

No. 883466

File: 1657901433775.png (880.09 KB, 828x1792, 741B4EB5-BE0A-4115-80BD-CBD51A…)

No. 883467

File: 1657901467685.png (782.66 KB, 828x1792, 3BA65947-9C76-4505-9B37-D5C9C7…)

No. 883468

Tweaker says what? Jfc what an embarrassment

No. 883469

It means they were live on younow. I watched the second half of the first pne they did but sadly my screen recorder’s audio didnt work but i do have a write up of what happened i just need to finish & screenshots. She completely exposed herself It was a disaster. I think they’re honestly just trying to sus out fatmers tbh bc obviously posting on her insta wont bring attention to it for her actual “audience”. There were never double digit viewers when i was in there like it was 3 ppl in there total and like now you guys have to take my word for it instead of hearing it straight from the horses mouth

No. 883471

File: 1657904208515.png (809.61 KB, 828x1792, D3463052-EFEC-421C-B840-0EDDB7…)

Kek notice how she only has 1 paid subscriber. People know not to rely on her to give them their money’s worth or make content lol

No. 883474

File: 1657905441238.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x2037, 6518B5EA-77FC-4B91-A5A2-06FE2D…)

notice the last text to betsy "i need a pick me up"….

No. 883475

KEK she’s losing her shit. This last week has been non stop justifying and excusing herself while obviously in the same cycle she’s been stuck in for years. She’s been manically ‘subtweeting’ lolcow haters more than doing her fucking job, like is she having an episode?

No. 883476

1000% replying to here, her fans must be so confused.

No. 883477

Yes, yes she is having an episode anon.

No. 883478

Every single person I know who is over 10 years sober would be repulsed if you called them a drug addict. She needs to chill with thinking that’s some cool term. That term is earned off your record by redemption to the people you know and to yourself. This girl is disgusting.

No. 883479

“Zomg for some reason I can’t sleep.”
Erratic behavior, insomnia, manic typing sprees and spending all night out at the bar totally isn’t methhead behavior. Not. At. All.

No. 883481

File: 1657906069309.png (2.69 MB, 828x1792, 95BBACDB-DFBC-4E45-933E-2EB6CE…)

Maybe I just notice this because I’m also a woman but Taylor has started to copy Kassi’s makeup, that thick, aggressive/trashy eyeliner. If she’s trying to fit in that hard, imagine what else she’s doing to copy suit. Hmm…

Sorry to blogpost.

No. 883483

Next thread pic plz holy cow

No. 883484

I like the stars zooming around in the sky. Meth handed.

No. 883490

Why is she constantly pretending she was this massive emo when she was the preppiest piece of shit we’ve ever seen

No. 883492


Wait, she has a job? At least she won’t have to worry about her online footprint because someone like her will never be able to hold down a real job. At least I live in another state an am not paying her inevitable disability claim with my taxes

No. 883498

I almost feel bad for her because I know from experience that she truly believes in her mind that she is coming off completely normal and being so sneaky, hiding it so well. When really she is making herself look even more like a drug addict. So high and out of her mind that she isn’t catching or noticing all these things that are implicating her further. She would be better off if she just didn’t say or post anything at all. Taylor, please stop digging yourself deeper into this hole, it’s so fucking embarrassing

No. 883499

I think the nonnie you were replying to was referring to doing YouTube as her job

No. 883502

File: 1657918647412.jpeg (179.64 KB, 828x1378, 709EBB7B-F596-4AF6-897B-BCDFC8…)

This is absolutely terrifying what the fuck. Did you edit her green? Why in the world does she look like shrek?

No. 883503

10 days ago she had a resting heart rate so consistently high that she was going to need a wheelchair and was so "weak" after setting everything up for videos she stopped making videos all together. She's basically consistently been out every night since then. On top of that now she wants to go to a show? It's not even the fact that she's a liar that's so annoying imo, it's the fact that she's so BAD at lying but continuously has a shitty attitude and mocks ppl anytime they call her out. I wish someone would slap her ass, honestly

No. 883504

So wait… did she do her hair and makeup for this show, which is at 7pm, at the crack of dawn the morning of???

No. 883505

All methed up and nowhere to go.

No. 883507

File: 1657920244163.jpeg (93.16 KB, 828x1096, 2080EA26-6ED7-4D8C-9660-66EC67…)

She did her hair and makeup at like midnight, then met up with kassie and they walked around town until sunrise, blasting music and waving around weird green lights. (I guess she already forget she “can’t walk” bc of her heart)

No. 883509

Are they just walking around the neighbourhood at sunrise blasting music and waving lights around? Fuck everyone around them that’s trying to sleep I guess.

No. 883513

File: 1657922109750.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2402x3600, 7FAD98F4-D0FE-45E4-AE9B-F579E5…)

Okay so sorry but my screen recorder failed me for some reason there was no sound so i will summarize the second half of this two hr live. Sorry if some of this is repetitive i can clarify if needed. I get if ppl dont believe what was said as there were only 3 witnesses sorry about that im super bummed they totally exposed themselves. Mostly Kassi rambling about love and that her and the tweaker guy are broken up b t she really wants to go back to him bu taylor helped her stay away last night. Some interesting points
>taylor sitting in the background scrolling on her phone 99% of the time saying i know i got ya etc everything relating back to her, she admits that that is her go to way of relating to others
What’s funny is that even here she trlls kassi for those “9months” of isolation she didnt use her phone lmao bullshit as she literally can barely look away from it and from her vids hanging out she is literally addicted to the internet & validation she recieves from it
> admits she was so depressed and isolated for “9 months”
Earlier when talking about jonny was saying he was the only person she had left while isolating also i would bet it was longer, i’m guessing that’s just her when she doesn’t have another person to obsess over including the next few points
>Peed in cups in her room and lined them up in the room
> didn’t shower for MONTHS or brush her teeth
>says she’s been talking to jonny but he didn’t get back to her
Made it clear they actually NEVER stopped talking rsp when idolated
> digging through her bag says she needs to find a cigarette
I’ve thought she smokes regularly for a long time now. She’s admitted to smoking when her friends who smoke do which is every friend even jonny does plus pics outside in the backyard with her lipstick clearly smudged in the middle exactly like when ppl smoke so not surprising
> constant double speak accidentally says “well we were drinking” when kassi says she’s nauseous may have to puke
This part was hard to keep up with exactly because they kept tripping over their words like the terrible liars they are.
>Basically admit they WERE drinking
> Kassie talks about “i can’t do X and drink” then catches herself
> From their chat they are bad on a meth binge and crashing
> take about how just took a sub and that maybe it is making her nauseous
Taylor talks about that bs font take it when you frink take it in the morning and youll be too drunk to notice you havent taken it (she left out the get wasted part of the instructions)
> yet also claimed she just started taking them again which
Damn they think we’re stupid, It’s pretty clearl they were referring to H as I think it’s very clear she is no on subs the pupils are just to small and their voices sound like opiate use
> kassi goes to puke
Idk if that was for real claims puke got up her nose and it could be true she keeps sniffling but doesn't blow nose so it could just be drugs you know how it is when 2 addicts are together lmao use more when they get time away from eavh other even a bathroom trick
>kassi asks If she has to cover her boobs, Taylor says no she used to go on there all the time with everything hanging out intentionally
> 1 actual fan pops in says hi she cant be bothered to get out of bed and come back to cam until they go smoke
> dads room door is open “be quiet” proceeds to make a loud racket with her dirty dishes in the metal sink clanging including ubiquitous giant wataburger cup
>finally gets out of bed after awkwardly sitting there waiting for kassi to comeback from bathroom
>says they’red going to stream tomorrow (today 15/july) to “get used to filming”
They keep repeatring each other and it just comes off like to liars reassuring each other/reminding each other the details of the lie
>There was 3 ppl in there i
> lots of effort to hide hands and elbow ditches when she did finally stand up
>also kassie talked about how long she takes to “make her face not look like her face” and taylor agree but not necessarily to totally her face but wanting to look better
Yikes honestly kassi would look so much better and prettier and less cracked out without the crazy makeup, it could still be goth just not the weird half finished shit she does now. Also kassi has posted vids all but blatantly saying she reads here. I will post those. Just like shayna their only audience is lolcow, bleak

Ok that’s all i can remember for now. Sorry it didn’t work idk why it’s never failed me think it’s a younow thing I do wonder if she knew that I guess she will now hence why i hesitated to post. It was the native iphone recorder so if anyone else has a diff one to recommend i could just use my other phone. If she does it again hopefully more nonnas bc as I said I think that’s what she’s trying figure out. She claimed they were doing a serious one there but i have doubts given she is still up day 4 going out again. She is so obviously proving that she IS a munchie bc the two times she has a heart monitor are the two times she’s doing the absolute most. Drs arent dumb her use is obivous she looked very unwell and greasy like hair soaked in grease and skin too on cam but it’s clearfly from her use. Sorry this is kinda half assed and rushed i suck at summaries ok so this is an observation

>>883475 meth psychosis is a real and horrific thing. She is on day 4 awake and has been using it regularly solidly the last 2 yrs same meth cycle, shee has probably experienced it by now. Especially being that sleep deprived she is literally not in reality right now.She is really going to regret all this if she ever comes back around to getting sob er
Also it’s a track fest her feet are purple because her circulation is so bad in her feet from shooting up. One of them riskiest spots (after the neck/groin). I bet her hands and feet hurt all the time from going in all those tiny finger veins you’re NOT supposed to use. Also yes she is totally skinwalking kassi and it’s creepy.
>Also kassie is staying at her house and has been for this whole time since bf issues didn’t elaborate on her living situation further Okay screenshots storyboard incoming pics go top left across like reading bottom right is end enjoy the clownfish bites and grease i guess

No. 883516

File: 1657923165640.webm (5.43 MB, 862x1714, From kassitololcow.webm)

Kassi’s stories in which she talks about being blurry - nod to us surely and then sings us an aa heroin song idk if it’s an original song. they’re working together to kill the rest of her audience so then she wont have to worry about making vids i guess


No. 883517


No. 883519

Wow, thank for the big summary anon. Shame that the screenrecording didn't work out but I believe you.
>Peed in cups in her room and lined them up in the room
> didn’t shower for MONTHS or brush her teeth
She's so fucking disgusting. She already didn't shower for weeks when she was still on and off going to rehab but not showering for entire months? Pissing in cups? Actually vile kek what the fuck. How can her parents let her live like this in their own home?
>says they’red going to stream tomorrow (today 15/july) to “get used to filming”
This is such a classic junkie promise that never works out because they're just tweaking like crazy and planning to do random bullshit.

No. 883520

Yikes she said she’s been in constant contact with jonny but he doesn’t get back to her? Come on girl that’s just sad.

No. 883521

I can't believe Taylor is trying to make us believe that this girl has been sober for ages. She's so obviously high as balls in this, no normal person acts like that.

No. 883524


Thank you nonnie. This is the good, full-fat milk that I follow TnD for. I’m a follower on YouNow so in the off chance they stream I’ll record it.

No. 883525

File: 1657924243103.png (995.46 KB, 828x1792, 24F72F61-37FE-4724-AA0A-B585E7…)

San Antonio sunrise time is 6.45. Getting all dolled up like a streetwalker and stumbling around town before 6,45 am is totally not methhead behavior. Totally not.

No. 883526

That level of light is more like an hour before sunrise, so 5-something AM.

No. 883528

Ugly crackhead bitch, what a scumbag

No. 883536

File: 1657926621629.jpg (132.78 KB, 1080x1920, Frankentay.jpg)

Girl legit looking like Frankenstein's monster…

No. 883538

If her heart rate was constantly high all the time she would be monitoring it via an app or pulseox, and she would be photographing said high heart rates to show off. We all know she can't resist munchie attention.

No. 883539

I love how she went from MIA to cannot physically shut the fuck up on the internet

No. 883541

Got home from forced rehab I assume.

No. 883548

File: 1657929302812.webm (4.3 MB, 864x1710, Tndmethwalk.webm)

Here are the most recent vids

No. 883550

No one who has any health problems behaves like this. You cannot tell me that the heart monitor isn’t 100% for the ~aesthetic~, a person with genuine heart problems doesn’t stay up for four days straight running around all over town going to bars with literal crackheads, who actually fucking believes her bullshit?!

No. 883554

Found the song she was singing. Cool that makes it easy thanks for letting us know in the most cowardly way

No. 883556

Jennifer Dean is allowing a second drug addict to live in her stressful home with her disabled child? Don't cry when her meth head ex drops in, Jen. You choose this.

No. 883559

Taylor has completely lost the plot this time. Not that there was any chance before, but there’s no way she’s coming back from this.

No. 883560

Of fucking course that fat, fugly troll is leeching off Taylor (who is leeching off her parents in the absence of any income or life skills), my god she is the worst judge of character, she consistently surrounds herself with absolute bottom feeders

No. 883564

Tweaker Nicole Dean. I'm sorry. I just had to.

No. 883570

I think it was a slumber party..

No. 883571

Imagine getting ready for work in the morning, looking out your window and seeing/hearing this parading around the block. "Look honey, the local sobriety icon and hardworking youtuber, well known healthy pet-haver Taylor Nicole Dean is on a mental health walk and clearly thriving!"

No. 883572

she is still mentally 12 if she thinks this is cool and not cringe af. bro imagine eyefucking yourself like that and posting it yikes.

No. 883577

I think this is overestimating Mama Dean, but maybe she took Taylor’s phone away to keep her from getting drugs

No. 883580

She was gone for a little over 30 days, I doubt she would let her mom take her phone away

No. 883581

Yeah, I mean she is an adult (albeit a stunted one) and her mother obviously has no concept of boundaries, I can’t even see her giving Taylor an ultimatum along the lines of “no drugs or you’re out”, she just continues to enable her

No. 883588

So let me get this straight…

Contradiction 1:
>Has a heart monitor for mystery issue that makes her unable to set up lighting and camera for filming because it makes her "too tired"
>Is not "too tired" to go to shows, bars, etc. several nights in a row

Contradiction 2:
>New BFF lives with her and is sO hElPfUl to her
>New BFF is unable to set up her equipment for her

Contradiction 3:
>Feels too awkward to film and isn't used to being in front of a camera
>Seems confident enough to take TONS of eye-fucking vids (with a smug, confident, check me out expression) + other self-videos

Contradiction 4:
>Up for 2+ days straight, despite her norm being sleeping for hours and hours
>This extreme change in behavior has nothing to do with drugs, since she's still tOtAlLy SoBeR, and is just a curious anomaly

I miss anything?

No. 883600

>Has moved on from JC.
>still msging him.

No. 883602

>made blaming him and his cuddle aboose for her addiction and everything else under the sun her entire personality

No. 883608

There's also the classic
>Stresses how sober she is and how she'd own up to not being sober if she was doing drugs again, but
>Constantly rewrites history by casually mentioning how she was relapsed/at her worst/almost dead so and so months ago (when she was, at the time, also loudly proclaiming sobriety.)

No. 883609

File: 1657980627173.png (1.7 MB, 828x1792, 42B4D9C3-08EB-4F79-8F64-8D64AD…)

It’s the whole sober crew

No. 883613

yikes, I can smell that picture from here

No. 883618

this would be cringe if they were 16 but they're closer to twice that. dusty prostitutes

No. 883625

One day some psycho Taylor hater is going to report her mom to social services for allowing drugs in a house with a special needs child and she’s going to get a huge wake up call.

No. 883626

I do not intend to condone cowtipping but that is actually a real concern. Two junkies and a cognitively impaired/disabled minor that has an insatiable appetite could lead to trouble. Jen needs to force her into rehab, kick her out or call the cops on her own daughter. It is actually a dangerous situation.

No. 883629

I am sure everyone in that house has at least traces of meth in their system.
Tay is such a spoilt c*nt she will never stop the drugs. She never had real consequences for her behaviour. She will end up like Christy from Intervention, who was also spoilt rotten by her parents.
There are people that use drugs because of (real) trauma and just wanna numb it, those have more chances in getting sober, because they just wanna be better.
Taylor is a lost cause. If her parents won't enable her, her "friends" do it.

No. 883633

File: 1657997572539.jpeg (128.28 KB, 828x1082, CFDB2F46-47D7-4F26-A1E8-30A2FA…)

She posted pictures admitting to a relapse where her side table had a used needle on it so she does do drugs in the same house as her family. I just hope to god she keeps her bedroom door locked so nobody can get into her stash, meth can get absorbed into your system by just holding it in your hands. (Pic from late 2021)

No. 883639

Pretty sad that she didn’t even start drugs because of a troubled childhood, she started because she wanted to feel closer to her junkie boyfriend.

No. 883686

File: 1658027130367.jpeg (611.46 KB, 2402x3600, FEFEC960-B0C9-4ECA-A93E-7BE8BF…)

Reminded me of this comment thread. She’s turning 26 next April so no more parent’s insurance soon aka no more cushy treatment centers where she likely meets more using friends. Where did she meet kassi? Day treatment?

No. 883690

I was also thinking about this. What’s miss heart monitor going to do when she can’t sit on her parents insurance bill anymore?

No. 883694

what happens if the junkies nod out and drop there Whataburger fries on the floor, and the prater-willi kid wanders in to chomp on those, and thinks that needle is some kind of candy? what if he finds a baggie of meth and thinks it's sugar?

No. 883695

Next march

No. 883697

kek she started drugs because she wanted to larp as someone with a troubled childhood and a tortured soul she is truly insufferable

No. 883699

File: 1658040823720.png (1 MB, 828x1792, E66D6301-20F3-44C2-B76E-43B1D9…)

Wow. Shocking news /s

Taylor is reading lolcow and…get this….promising to do a video. Can’t teach a junkie new tricks, I suppose.

No. 883703

File: 1658044824008.jpeg (27.9 KB, 828x265, 328FE665-4306-401F-AD60-0DA4F2…)

Also in Typical Traylor Trash: those pupils don’t lie like she does.

No. 883707

File: 1658046236708.png (2.37 MB, 828x1792, C238EC01-003B-470F-823D-60B07E…)

Stale milk but this CPTSD/troubled childhood larping really bothers me. CPTSD is what prisoners of war, genocide survivors, former sex slaves/trafficking victims have and people that were severely sexually abused during their childhood. Not some cushy, attractive girl that didn’t get enough attention because her brother had special needs. Which is probably why she does a lot of this. Still, bothers me.

No. 883709

She’s probably a narcissist and has bipolar disorder

No. 883710

My guess is histrionic personality disorder

No. 883711

This post makes no sense (Taylor’s, not yours)

First; no doctor puts you on a very serious medication like the medication for bipolar disorder unless you’re already diagnosed. It wouldn’t make any sense.

Second; they would never go “oh, we assumed it was adhd but it’s probably bipolar disorder” because, especially in woman, bipolar and adhd are very often co-occurring. The doctors first instinct would be to treat the adhd, and screen for signs of bipolar that isn’t part of adhd like mania.

And I’m dying at her “I’m soooooo damaged and traumatized from growing up an upper middle class spoiled brat with married parents, decent enough looks, no physical disabilities, and having never had to grow up and support myself”

Her damage isn’t from being traumatized. Her damage was being spoiled to the point her development arrested and she never matured past the mindset and intelligence of a sixteen year old. She just can’t stand her brother is the center of attention. She’s totally got only child syndrome.

No. 883712

Why made a video no one but the people who don’t like you will watch? She has almost no fans left. Everyone’s done being manipulated by this cro magnum skull having moron. Even her biggest fans stopped defending her. She’s bleeding followers and her interaction is down to nothing but bots and people calling her out.

Also, I’m not sure her friend does drugs considering you…can’t do crack off someone’s ass. You can’t even do crack. You can only smoke crack, and which Taylor knows, we’ve seen the blistered burns on her lip from the pipe.

No. 883713

>Lounging on the background of my parents' house in fast fashion, taking selfies instead of getting an education or working a job of any kind.
Anyway, about my trauma…

No. 883717

File: 1658050576712.jpg (77.75 KB, 863x615, trash.jpg)

Someone said earlier that Kassi is so much uglier than Taylor.
At this rate Taylor will look as bad as her or even worse. It's terrifying how her looks have deteriorated in, let's say, 2 years. I can't believe she's only 25.
Maybe it's really naive but I would have assumed Taylor would tried to preserve what's let of her remaining beauty. Or maybe preserve her feets/legs.
Wouldn't be surprised if she needs amputation anytime soon.

No. 883722

I think Taylor’s looks could go back to what they were if she stopped taking drugs and ditched the heinous dolls kill shein sweatshop mall goth look, Kassi is just straight up gargoyle levels of fug, there’s no hope for her

No. 883725

File: 1658060568470.jpeg (648.18 KB, 750x909, 1D19D613-4C91-495D-A001-7C129B…)

Now these two are friends lmaooo

No. 883727

Pictures you can smell

No. 883731

Remember when she had a close friend who bought her a gun

No. 883736

The Summer of Brodick Saga. That was the freshest cream, ahh the good ole days of Farmers finding her rehab, her fuck hotel, catching her in crazy lies, and watching TND try to turn her entire following against a teenage fan, who took in one of her abused snakes.
She hasn't quit the meth since.

No. 883737

Ive been so careful to only choose close friends who would never bring me into any mess, like sobriety

No. 883768

File: 1658076814811.jpeg (32.37 KB, 414x274, 82EF6792-05F2-412D-A4D3-C28F40…)

Taylor already has a bit of it to varying degrees but she’s definitely going to go full Faces of Meth if she doesn’t go clean.

No. 883769

File: 1658077129742.jpeg (819.71 KB, 3397x1871, F8E6774F-3071-4C66-8957-F7C6B5…)

Lol she confirmed her relapse in this rant. On Feb 15th she was almost 10 months sober yet now the number is down to an ambiguous “several months”.

No. 883774

>several months
so she was sober for the 30 days she was allegedly in rehab

No. 883778

Lighters out in the bathroom. Definitely smoking something if not using them to crush lines.

No. 883779

That's what I can't understand.
Everyone I've met, including myself, who have quit something addictive, from caffeine to hard drugs, have a date. They know the exact date or atleast within a week of the time they've stopped. Taylor is so vague with her dates it's obvious she's lying.

No. 883780

Hmm I wonder if she is pushing getting a heart problem diagnosis/POTS this hard so she can get on disability once she is kicked off her parents insurance next year. You would think she would qualify already with all her other supposed health issues and mental illnesses. Makes me really question how many of her problems are self diagnosed without any medical proof.

No. 883783

That was a fuck boy, and she claimed to be a close friend bc she was getting shit on

No. 883785

Most, if not all, of them. Any medical problems she's ever experienced have been because of her own stupid decisions. Her brother is the one in the family with legit, diagnosable issues and that makes her so upset.

No. 883786

File: 1658084441200.jpeg (770.51 KB, 1170x1425, 1B34454B-11AE-41BB-9EDA-47D59D…)

Yeah her feet and legs are in horrific condition posting this because all the people still debating her sobriety didn't zoom in enough on the collage. Kassi and Taylor’s extensive hand and leg tracks were on full display. There’s one of lassi’s ditch too if thats not enough for people to believe. So she’s not only risking finger amputation from her stupid finger shooting (small needle doesn't make it safe taytay) but also full on leg amputation now. She let her leg rot before and while she may not have encountered it irl& thinks she’s invincible still it happens all the time. Nothing she says can dispute that footage. She will never go back to looking how she used to she showed us her faces of meth pics before & its probably under all that foundation she never washes off

No. 883789

Kass looks like she’s melting she really is funky looking

No. 883802

wow her leg looks awful! she doesn't have any tattoos there… right?
lil baggy on top of the phone in the bottom left?

No. 883803

That’s a really good point. She would wear her disability status like a badge of honour. It’s hard to get for good reason, and probabaly even moreso in a conservative state. Most people need a lawyer, at least a pro bono one, to navigate that system. Since she reads here, I hope she starts posting about that or people start asking that question. I love how no one gives a fuck about her animals anymore and only care about her drug drama. Maybe she’s doing all this social media bullshit because of the animal convention in FL. All her old collaborators are invited, not her though!

No. 883805

She doesn’t upload so why would they invite her! To them shes probably retired.

No. 883807

File: 1658095896257.jpeg (717.1 KB, 1170x1464, D0A58318-5B01-43F2-A696-5025C1…)

She has a praying mantis on her ankle its the darkest spot. Nothing on her foot and that line of tracks is indeed where a large vein is
As far as betsey I've never believed she’s sober because sometimes addicts do tell each other to go to rehab but its often to calm shit down, take a tolerance break, or disappear for a bit if they have $ trouble with their dealer. Its easy to send your friend to rehab as lo g as you dont have to yourself lmao. Betsey has had pinpoint pupils the entire time she’s known her and taylor admitted she “was” an iv meth user. Even in the dark strip club her eyes are pinpoints. I think that’s why they're clicking so well clearly Betsey is also a sex worker methead junkie. I mean really what “assistant” would feel comfortable working for someone who had to have hazmat cleanup at their last apartment because there were so many capless hep c infected needles laying around that maintenance was scared to go in? And taylor seemed proud to mention that. And what assistant would feel comfortable bringing their infant to said client’s house? Oh yeah another junkie. There were pics with toys in the background and taylor admitted they were her assistant’s kids’ aka betsey’s then infant sons’. This all happened pre rehab in the shithole atrium house. Betsey may not be an iv user anymore but tbh i doubt it. She always wears boots at work so I think she just uses her legs and feet as well, not very smart if you like having functional painless legs. They're all the same they think they're so smart and clever but they're just coming off like desperate compulsive liars caught in their lies. Anyways just look at this pic from 5 days ago outside in the dark

No. 883810

File: 1658096544342.png (1.98 MB, 1170x2532, 55DF9B7E-126C-4486-B8A0-947860…)

And here is a pic of the ankle tattoo it’s a praying mantis. Lol looks like she was using her ankles back then too

No. 883813

What an unfortunate picture

No. 883817


Taylor never had the abscesses in her legs that she claimed. Those leave horrific scars and you know she’d be showing them off if they really existed.

No. 883818


She is just a socially stunted munchie that was the victim of being homeschooled. That’s it. That’s all. CPTSD is the result of prolonged exposure to deep trauma (from what exactly, tay?) she’s not bipolar, she’s never had psychosis and literally everyone and their mother claims to have experienced “mania” when they have an elevated mood (which she would have, again, because drugs). Histrionic personality disorder is extreme, a la amber heard. Sorry to autistic armchair but this shit gets under my skin. The only psychiatrically wrong with her is that she’s fucking immature.

No. 883819

File: 1658100019553.png (980.55 KB, 828x1792, 03DBBE79-2349-441D-AA31-842751…)

The hos are out tonight again. I assume Taylor is also there, they’re just not posting her?

No. 883828

Not to defend trailer but I could see a possibility of cptsd considering her mom seems nuts and growing up with a disabled sibling can be mentally distressing. PW can make people prone to massive tantrums, that combined with her moms sparkling personality im sure one could feel like they’re walking on eggshells constantly in there own home. Growing up with a disabled sibling and parents with no healthy coping mechanisms is something a lot of people seek therapy for.

No. 883830

1. cptsd isn’t a real diagnosis in North America so she would’ve been diagnosed with ptsd and 2. Nobody is getting straight up ptsd from not getting enough attention as child (it’s not like she was physically neglected). kids get ptsd in really extreme cases, mostly abuse, comparing that to mommy and daddy not asking how your day was, or missing your dance recital is straight up insulting. Don’t get me wrong she might’ve grown up feeling invalidated because she didn’t get enough attention but it’s not like she’s having debilitating nightmares or flashbacks of abuse.

No. 883832

So basically the same thing she will say when this chicks meth head ex shows up at the door

No. 883835

Please stfu I have helicopter parents who are crazy af, lots of people do. It’s not something that gives you cptsd, and that’s not even a thing here. It’s PTSD. That’s it.

She’s not a victim.

No. 883841


More and more psychotherapist are using the term CPTSD when talking to their clients about living in a situation of long term stress opposed to one event that causes trauma in ptsd. Living in a household with a sibling or parents prone to explosive tendencies unfortunately causes that as does frequent health emergencies with a disabled sibling. The stability of her raising was most likely shakey and that can cause long term safety and stress issues. Sorry about your helicopter parent making you feel not good enough but that doesn’t count.

No. 883844

Taylor is not abused anon. Wake up.

No. 883847

They didn't even say she was abused, they were just saying why she has issues

No. 883848

You are making up lies, how do youknow that Taylor is fucked up because of her retarded brother? I guess you think that everyone who has a PW sibling is destined to become a worthless drug addict?

I'm sure it has nothing to do with her own choices, keep absolving her of any blame and instead blame her disabled brother.

what a fucking stupid take.

No. 883850

You're really angry about this, it's her own choice to do drugs yes, but no one who is 100% mentally okay does hard drugs. She's not just born a total piece of shit

No. 883854

Again, you are assuming trauma is required for drug use. Some drug addicts just make bad choices. You don't have to be physically or mentally abused to want an escape.

Addiction is hereditary, so yeah, there's a good chance she was simply born like this.

No. 883855

This. Possibilities of her developing issues and why she’d turn to using and attention highs doesn’t equal excuses for her behaviors.

No. 883856

Uppers don’t constrict your pupils, they dilate them

No. 883857

There’s dozens of support groups for people with disabled family members. If cal Hartley didn’t have his basketball and friends he would’ve been worse off too and his siblings were potatoes. Tater was homeschooled. It’s not easy raising or being raised with the disabled. And PW is notorious for extreme rages and breakdowns. When she got money and fame she went wilder then the Amish on rumspringa and ran into JC and other lowlifes.

No. 883859

Imagine being so fucking stupid that you feel the need to defend TND by blaming her disabled brother.

No. 883860

Who is Cal Hartley?? ok im done arguing with someone that has PW

No. 883861

She wasn’t homeschooled. She dropped out in high school and got her diploma through an online program.

No. 883862

I do see the point you’re getting at, but CPTSD happens to, say, people that survived concentration camps during the Holocaust or Yazidi sex slaves in the Middle East, or people that are living in Ukrainian war zones. Not a family situation where the mom still takes her kids to Disney world like Jen.

I’ve seen some chatter about Taylor in Jonny’s (dead) discord. Nothing milky though.

No. 883863

How dare you try to make her look like less of a victim. home school is hard on anyone, most home schoolers end up as drug addicts

No. 883864

Coddled rich white people 100% are traumatized by not having perfect Hallmark card lives and turn to drugs. It's not a contest.

No. 883867

Is she skinwalking Kassi's shaved brows kek

No. 883869

Cptsd can be as simple as emotional neglect and an unstable home. It doesn’t take much to mess up a child’s feeling of safety and self worth. It’s not a competition. It’s ridiculous anons will tell her to go to rehab and ignore that this is the type of shit they’ll talk about in rehab to figure out why she numbs with drugs or fights to gets emotional highs with shitty men that will never give it to her. But enough armchairing.

No. 883872

File: 1658122276385.png (375.84 KB, 828x1792, C1DF4DCC-4E65-47FF-A57A-6B72A2…)

Wow. More upload dates. I wonder how this is going to go.

No. 883874

File: 1658122355232.png (384.84 KB, 828x1792, 76786FC0-35A1-46B3-B82F-3DC2CB…)

No. 883875

File: 1658122389408.png (520.63 KB, 828x1792, 2B8406F8-7EEE-4FEF-91F4-18FA57…)

Our poor fragile flower.

No. 883877

File: 1658124919847.png (660.72 KB, 828x1792, A474302D-1613-435F-BBE0-25911C…)

She has lost all chill. That’s right, Taylor, we don’t buy it for a fucking second you sad waste of space.

No. 883878

File: 1658125045508.png (707.28 KB, 828x1792, 4CB99998-CC66-43CF-9B98-AE3E05…)

We know you’re on drugs, stupid bitch. Why are you awake at 2am ranting on the internet? Also, my apologies anons, I don’t know how to make new posts without replying to something

No. 883879

She wasn’t even fucking homeschooled. Get your facts right.

No. 883880

Okay Taylor, since you read here, here is how you can disprove ‘teh haterz’: post a well-researched video in which you are clean, your animal enclosures are clean, you are not covered in meth scabs or track marks. You are energetic and engaged in the video (no slurring). You don’t have a few pounds of shit caked on your face and there are no needles in the background. Your bedroom/background is orderly and clean. But you can’t, Be cause you’re a broken record and too fucking lazy. I forget, do we think she has Hep C?

No. 883881

shut up you stinky bitch. hotshot yourself already. you are annoying and nobody cares about you

No. 883883

Is she saying she's switching to sublocade to explain tracks?

No. 883885

I hate to even say this, but it’s sad when Jonny Craig is more reliable to his work (making music) than TND.
I hope that he tells her that she needs to get it the fuck together and that she’s a total embarrassment.

It’s actually so hilarious and sad that she’s been promising endless videos for years, and she never follows through. She’s so pathetic.

No. 883886

File: 1658128050062.png (783.89 KB, 828x1792, 5153E654-0CE9-4F74-8068-0393C0…)

Taylor has a response for you, anon.

No. 883887

Sorry for samefag but she actually claimed that she was homeschooled.
She said her (insert random health problem here) was too hard, and she was homeschooled. IIRC she claimed bullying as well?

No. 883890

But she really wasn’t homeschooled even her strange story reply to me isn’t homeschooling. She is still a public school student enrolled in public school.

No. 883891

I’m well aware nona i was hoping you would figure out the insinuation was that betsey is also using opiates of some sort. Honestly idgaf what exactly they are using, that’s not what's important. What’s important is her drug use is causing her to be an abusive manipulator and neglect innocent animals. She literally is what she claims she hates. The obvious addict behaviour is a lot more telling which is why she has nothing direct to say in defense of that and only endless vague nonstatements.

No. 883892

Also why the fuck is she even reading here wtf

No. 883893

I fucking knew she did connections. It’s a online school and it’s horrible. You just have to sign in and you basically get your high school diploma for doing nothing.

No. 883895

She’s claimed homeschooling before and other anons have mentioned it. So god know what’s actually true.

No. 883896

While she’s here I hope she reads about continuing therapy or hopefully she’s in some (doubt)

No. 883897

This doesn't sound like someone who is so ill from heart issues that she might need a wheelchair. Her entire narrative changes to suit her needs and it's infuriating.

No. 883898

File: 1658131022701.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x2044, 6905D14E-C91C-4AE3-8241-198EFD…)

remember when this scrote said that you were a dropout and you liked it? Yet again she fed into a rumour herself

No. 883907

She never did homeschooling. Online and publicly enrolled are both not homeschooling. I don’t know why anons wanna fight bout something very straight forward. If anything her online school wouldn’t even require her to do more than 1 hour of “school work” a day, no more. I’m very familiar with the online school company. Anyways IF she did do homeschooling it would be even more attention from her parents because the parents are the teachers in that situation. Which she was never in. Okay? Ok. This poor abused white girl. Let’s pray for her. Anyone with such a traumatic childhood of course would have to follow the path of drugs. She had no choice in the matter.

No. 883908

She also claims to be sober, her pets are healthy, she’s happy, videos are pumping out, she has very illness.

No. 883909

I would pay good money to watch this entire livestream, damn

No. 883913

She already deleted this lmfaooo all the others are still up tho

No. 883920


Uhmm this is from three days ago at the end kassi sings “heroin is bad” yes they are totally sober

No. 883921

Anon said that They had a soundless video! I hope you did not delete it.
PLEASE post it. So much can be discerned by body language.
Even if it's just a clip.

No. 883922

File: 1658151949752.jpeg (424.1 KB, 1936x1936, 565F6B49-B8BC-493E-9D6A-23A1D4…)

Yes please I know we all want to see it. I love watching crackheads be crackheads in real time

Also unrelated but what fucking sewer did this thing come out of? Genuinely terrified. And Taylor is morphing into her

No. 883925

Imagine being in your mid twenties and feeling that you have to go on Instagram at 3 in the morning and talking about your grades from high school. The insecurity is astounding.

No. 883936

>don’t get me wrong, I’m also a victim when it comes to spending time with friends

No. 883938

She’s not even trying to hide her lurking at this point, she posted this directly after these.
I don’t even believe her, she’s never told the same story twice, the details are always changing. She lies so much we’ll probably never know the real story of anything in her life unless it comes from someone else.

No. 883939

File: 1658164262276.png (243.57 KB, 641x439, 1_6nqVYCuUimFYVOBo5-KFCA.png)

We are literally her only actual fans. It's the longest running digital homeschool episode of intervention. We are all waiting to see if it's jail or death before the credits roll

No. 883944

File: 1658167029214.jpeg (509.06 KB, 1125x1718, 56AD56A5-8405-45D2-8575-323EC3…)

im surprised no one posted this. but are these fkn stinky sluts in their tour bus? jesus christ. the hole she keeps digging gets deeper and deeper. groupie is the worst kinda look

No. 883946

File: 1658167069716.jpeg (490.44 KB, 1125x1599, 121EDFCE-D982-4407-94EB-FE0983…)

how embarrassing… she tries to be cute and take a video with this band member and he quickly turns away… kek

No. 883947

Were they there to supply drugs? Iirc people speculated in previous threads that Betsy was some kind of dealer

No. 883948

Yes i still have the video bc i do agree the body language was telling. Im not sure where i can load it, it’s 44min long https://streamable.com/7i8haj

No. 883951

Can’t believe i forgot this one

No. 883953

OMG anon please.
Maybe drop box would work.

Or split it up if it's hella long upload

You're doing the lords work

No. 883954

> working on planning an upload date
Whoah don’t get too committal there tay

No. 883965

Streamable allows that kind of length doesn’t it? I could swear I streamed a ~2 hr concert on there…
Otherwise if you have a burner Google account you could do an unlisted YouTube video.. dailymotion, vimeo allows you to password protect the video, not just make it unlisted

No. 883969

it was 106 degrees in texas yesterday….. this video smells like B.O. and cottage cheese

No. 883974

I think after this
and once anon inevitably figures out how to upload it, I'm just shocked how much she's still doubling down on all of these lies. Like, to what end? And what is even the purpose anymore? What is the point of lying and saying you are drinking water? Claiming that you were up for 4 days with your friends at bars completely sober like anyone would believe that? The fans from her animal days are long gone and she's replying directly to lolcow. Literally what is the point in keeping up with all of those lies still? It has to be exhausting.

No. 883975

if she had POTS there is no way she could handle 106f heat especially with a high heart rate.

No. 883976

File: 1658177436195.jpeg (197.99 KB, 1033x455, 760F8633-BB7A-422B-BA6B-F66460…)

Hey Tay! I know you’re probably reading this. But girl. Lmao. At least become a better liar if you’re going to spew bullshit. You literally claimed sobriety when getting your furby tattoo and your hair done and going out with Aggy. Then admitted months later that you actually did relapse, like everyone had guessed despite you denying everything. So for you to say that you aren’t high since you’re not staying home is pretty fucking hilarious.

Also aren’t you still not showering? Or filming or editing? So you can’t use that argument, you nasty crusty ass bitch. Get help. Lol. 25 yrs old, living with your parents while mooching off from them for the occasional fast food money, with no career to your name or reliable income. Only thing exciting in your sad life is literally getting that small high, because you threw everything you had away for a temporary fix.

No. 883978

At first I thought they were on a train or a public bus, but you might be right. There was a dude sitting next to Taylor and one next to Betsy

No. 883980

File: 1658178475325.jpeg (114.84 KB, 649x974, 3A57AA52-9E87-40AB-BFBC-F949D6…)

This is where she gets her inspo from. Nina Hagen, A famous singer from Germany in the ‘80’s, who also - guess what, was an addict. Idk if this is a coincidence but maybe this is who she is skinwalking

No. 883981

The video is working for me, I’m on chrome mobile

No. 883982

Bless you anon, can’t wait to watch this after work. I love Intervention

No. 883983

File: 1658179518195.jpeg (446.42 KB, 1800x1800, 87EA0726-CB32-4033-9F9A-A60361…)

I do have a burner yt account i could use dropbox is asking for money which sorry everyone i wont do. Ill try streamable again. I’m worried she’d try to claim the vid on yt?

>>883909 if youre serious i did also notice you can get replays if you subscribe to her younow. Not sure if itll be there but that may be a way to get sound which would be damming tbh It would likely be outing yourself though. And this goes out to anyone who might be willing to spend the $5

No. 883985

This waiting for the credits

No. 883989

not to be dramatic but i live in texas and there is no way she stayed up for 4 days walking the streets and going to bars and shows in this heat without drugs. its 110 here and it just as hot at night when she out.

No. 883992

I’ll pay right now, I don’t think it will out me if I don’t make the you now account under my name? I’d love to get the audio from the video even though I completely believe everything you said, it would just add more entertainment for us lol

No. 883993

Oh wait, I see now. I need to be verified and be her friend on there or something?

No. 883994

I would make a burner YouTube and post it there if I were you

No. 883995

File: 1658185627140.jpeg (204.29 KB, 1242x1202, 5189FF87-EF68-4EDC-834B-FEC579…)

Looking back it’s so sad they’re speaking again and she insists it’s good for her recovery.

No. 884016

Nona you would have to go to her younow page. Her username is taylorndean. I have the app downloaded and it would work with an appleid. I do think the audio would horrify her audience tbh but no pressure. Im slowly splitting up the vids and posting them to streamable and so far only have 3/5 done it is very slow to load (feeling very much TNDish rn lol). Sorry nonas for the delay nothing else was working
Part 1 https://streamable.com/2zgeow
Part 2 https://streamable.com/d1k86y
Part 3 https://streamable.com/mokh99

No. 884024

Talking to him is not bad for her recovery. Her entire social circle consists of drug addicts, what's one more? Taylor would have gone down the same path she did even if JC was never in the picture.

No. 884027

THANK YOU!! Amazing work girl
Both of their eyes are so red (Taylor's in all of her videos, as well as pinpoint in the almost complete darkness of the club) and Kassi's eyes look wide wide open, like tweaked open.
Her hand is a mess too, tracks on the back of it and the wrist.
I'm grateful Taylor has a friend but I wish it wasn't under these circumstances, friends can be a catalyst for insanity if they are enabling. I've had a few ride or die's and we just triggered the shit out of each other.
Does anyone know how they met?

No. 884031

you must be joking, that bridge troll is hardly a friend, she is junkie scum who is freeloading off trailer and her family, enabling an addict under her own parents roof, being a cunt to her few remaining fans and fuck knows what else, and I dare say they met through their drug use to begin with

No. 884035

Yeah you would have to subscribe. Please post if you do it or anyone else for that matter. Side note i wasn’t OG younow announcement anon someone else posted it but they haven’t said anything which makes me wonder if it was a self post. Ill see if i have a screenshot. I cant find that og post anymore, it must have been deleted but there was a second stream too the next day or later that day >>883405 I did miss the first hour of the first one and the second one so so who knows what was said then. Maybe nothing because people weren’t taking the bait - anyways end of the vid
Part 4 https://streamable.com/az8k6n
Part 5 https://streamable.com/ikx3qo
Part 5.3 https://streamable.com/dzb1f3

No. 884052

File: 1658200721059.jpeg (167.79 KB, 400x769, 239D0F17-500A-4B5F-ABF7-7DDF87…)

holy shit it's always amazing seeing video footage of taylor when she didn't take it herself. similar to the Vice video, you never can tell how much of a massive MTF looking creature she is. she was wearing a big tshirt, but you can still tell she's a thumb thumb. i gasped when you could see her legs, they're so swollen and she has borderline cankles. remember when she tried convincing us she was sooo underweight uwu

No. 884054

she also has terrible posture she looks like a hunchback. probably from lurking on her phone all day and night

No. 884059

Bless you anon. Now it’s time for a game of ‘spot the track marks’. @taylor: see, look how many people want to watch your streams! Funny how she only had three watchers but as of a few hours the Recording had 50+ views. Show us the trashy druggy antics. That’s your brand now.

No. 884060

File: 1658201136019.jpeg (541.14 KB, 1125x752, 8EFF753F-5DF9-4A82-99A9-0DFBE2…)

i kept waiting for her to make her bed, but it seems all she was doing was wiping the whataburger crumbs off it and just threw her cover on top. she's literally just pacing around the room, thought she was cleaning but she's just pacing

No. 884062

File: 1658201524220.jpeg (252.26 KB, 1540x1525, 82A85D85-2B92-45C9-8D83-82DD2E…)

No. 884063

First time poster, sorry if I messed this up or bumped the thread. I typed sage in the subject. In the second vid the freeloader passed a bag to Taylor and then was wiping her nose with her eyes bugging out of her head. Yeah, Taylor, you’re totally sober. That EDEMA. Fuck.

No. 884064

Lmao at little miss fraggle rock being so lethargic in the first videos, getting up and disappearing to the bathroom (to "throw up" or whatever) and coming back with so! much! energy! The outfit change? The two of them just nervously moving things around Taylor's hovel? It's giving sobriety for sure. Sponsored by Whataburger.
Thank you for uploading Nona! Even without audio it's a good watch.

No. 884065

it's funny cause i was the anon before who said i'd 100% watch if taylor started broadcasting her drug antics…. and im not saying she's doing it cause i said it. but im just saying KEK. also getting a kick out of the fact no one is giving her streams but we're viewing it here. hilarious.

No. 884066

Sage goes in the email field, new friend.

No. 884072

Wait, was this filmed in Taylor's room??? Wouldnt that mean the desk is in the closet, where the bigger reptiles were before? What happened to the wall of enclosures? All I see is one grey rectangle opposite the bed. Im also legally blind so I'm nobody, but where are all the enclosures?

No. 884073

My tinfoil is that she isnt even trying to convince us. Shes trying to convince her mom, who used to read here. Junkies will make up the craziest lies to convince their source of basic needs that they are totes sober. I dont think her mom still visits here, but i think taylor's trying to keep the lies up on socials just in case her mom wakes up from the hopeless apathy fog and looks at what's really going on.

No. 884075

THIS. i second this. it makes so much sense she'd keep the long posts and explanations for her mom to read. her moms a retard

No. 884081

File: 1658207269264.jpeg (277.09 KB, 828x1792, F293F7A8-4F81-42BF-A270-EDD52C…)

No. 884086

remember when she said she lost like 20 pounds in February and started going to the gym LMAO? girl where, you look like a swollen sac of potatoes. I guess she’s working on her Luna slater physique.
this. she admitted a while ago to going on a coke and alcohol binge before she met Jonny. her story of him forcing her into drugs always pissed me off, she’s the only one he ever “got hooked on drugs”. don’t get me wrong he’s scum of the earth but that’s not his MO. she just had to be the biggest victim of them all.

No. 884092

File: 1658211722327.png (803.04 KB, 828x1792, 898E7A81-07F6-426B-9C8D-0ED38D…)

Wow it’s almost like she’s following this thread

No. 884093

There are a lot of things to bash Tayter for but she’s not fat. Drug bloat yes, but she’s nowhere near “big”

No. 884095

File: 1658212422572.png (Spoiler Image, 736.58 KB, 828x1792, DD2B9D91-9BFC-40EA-840A-9D9EC5…)


Apparently people are reaching out….?

No. 884103

Um are we just not going to talk about the rolled up dollar bill in Betsy’s hand as she’s hunched over that singer with his arm around her waist?

No. 884104

File: 1658215597166.jpeg (107.28 KB, 1242x683, 4C64137E-A698-4D9D-8304-26E99C…)

No. 884105

so ~unbothered~

stfu taylor. if you really gave a shit about your friends or family you'd disappear off the internet and quit being a munchie attention whore. there's a difference between us and the cow tippers on twitter who don't know how to stfu either. just go crawl back into your den you gargoyle

No. 884106

you must be new here. taylor is a bloated fattie. go cry somewhere else

No. 884107

that's actually really sad that mama dean chose to delete her accounts rather than get taylor help. worlds best enabler

No. 884108

I mean she had a line cut ready on her phone screen in the mirror pic with the swamp monster above so it’s not shocking.

No. 884109

File: 1658216273675.jpeg (26.39 KB, 484x465, CCC87A5D-FEC8-45C2-A8C2-AB8B41…)

I’m not positive because the video looks like it was filmed with a toaster but I think it’s a vape. Whatever it is it’s light blue.

No. 884111

why do i get the feeling that no such "dm's" exist, but it's her way of addressing lolcow?

No. 884112

Because they don’t and it is

No. 884113

Every one is getting DM’s but she has been losing followers and fans. How does that add up when she is the least popular she has been in her whole career?

No. 884114

i think it's safe to say Taylor has reached the final phase of lolcow, where her entire existence is based around proving a bunch a anons wrong and/or impressing us. pity

No. 884117

I dont get how she thinks it's so important to address the DMs thing but is conveniently not addressing how she is friendly w her ~evil aBuSiVe rApIsT ex~

No. 884118

Oh no! How dare people share their concern for Mama Deans very obviously not sober daughter!

God Taylor get a fucking grip.

No. 884126

File: 1658231776642.png (857.08 KB, 828x1792, DF3F7937-C295-4058-B5E0-53A708…)

Tee hee she is Toats editing guys

No. 884129

This old song and dance again. So much for "I won't announce video uploads guiz, Im too [insert munchie lie] to keep a schedule."

Since you lurk, Trailor, you have no tits and a face size that rivals an easter island statue. Xoxo

No. 884130

Hey tay, since you’re so hellbent on disproving you’re using by going off on these tangents just kill 2 birds with one stone and D o a drug test video.

No. 884133

File: 1658234728690.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2155, 01FBFF6B-A411-4F4F-860F-14DCED…)

Funny she is claiming this when mama dean literally just came back from about a month long twitter hiatus. Definitely not deleted >>884130
She already tried that while in sober living and it was laughable seeing her act like it wasn’t incredibly easy to fake

No. 884134

Is she fucking serious? How is this any different from the previous “totally have several videos ready to upload u guiz but I’m not giving you any dates until they’re up uwu” fuckery? Who the fuck believes this methed out mania? Who even cares besides us? Trailor, your YouTube days are long gone. Give it up. By all means keep making crackhead sewer goblin videos with Kassi the Krustyass Klown and Betsy who is ~totez sober!!1!!1!!~ but for the love of god, just give it up.

No. 884140

In fairness I do think there is a cow tipping farmer out there consistently being a troll and was doing the same thing with jonny and his new gf/victim through twitter as well. So I m not surprise if its only 1 troll out there making sock accounts to dm’s mama dean and co

No. 884146

She should get on Luna's level, you know she wishes she had even half the authenticity. But she would never trade dolls kill and whataburger for shien and EBT. She's even more deluded and entitled than TunaShoes.

No. 884152

Really though. I’m not a scrote, but her trajectory seems towards a few OF videos and some half-assed photos. All of which are all sad and not erotic. No one cares. She loses more followers every time she posts a photo on any social media and her videos over the past YEARS are just about how she doesn’t know what to film anymore. What she should do is go to a long term, serious rehab and cut contact with all of her trashy friends. Move into a sober living facility long term in another state. Delete social media and get certified to be a vet tech, a low level and low paying job that doesn’t require much education or responsibility but it’s something, and she could even do it part time and with all of those jobstopper tats on her fingers. I used to be friends with a former oxy addict and she said she is tempted to relapse every day, but now she has a great job, a gorgeous house, boyfriend and a dog. Taylor most likely isn’t going to make it, though.

No. 884153

taylor reminds me of Sara Goldfarb from Requiem for a Dream. the lady who gets addicted to uppers and is always saying she's gonna be famous and be on tv. she ends up committed into a psychward for the rest of her life

No. 884156

ECT saga when? Seriously though, it’s obvious to anyone with more than two brain cells that she is methed off her gourd, the fact that she thinks she’s doing a great job of convincing everyone she’s a sober kween just reinforces the extent of her drug-induced delusion

No. 884159

Presently, all that Taylor contributes to society is generating revenue for Whataburger and supporting the local drug market

No. 884183

File: 1658252620115.png (790.22 KB, 828x1792, 545E42B2-1AF7-499E-8FA2-2AA55C…)

I don’t care enough about her excuses to TLDR this, sorry.

No. 884184

File: 1658252646950.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, 6CC04F29-1AB4-4087-85E0-92B38F…)

No. 884189

In all honesty, do any farmers actually read her long rants? It’s been years and I think I read 3 words before checking out.

No. 884191

the part where she says "i'm trying new things" to me translates "hey everyone i decided to smoke a bolo of meth before i made these videos so let's see how it goes"

No. 884192

she's literally such a loser. it's actually sad jonny is "thriving" more than her…

No. 884194

He’s co-parenting with Skid and recently performed with a band I like (and am going to stop listening to because they associate with the likes of him).

Taylor needs to get a face or neck tattoo.

No. 884196

I love how there literally is a little drug baggie beside her bed in the livestream. She’s gonna slip up, have fucked up pupils, something. I really want to catch one of the livestreams sometime. Meth users supposedly give off a specific odor so I want to see her stinky meth den.

No. 884201

>these videos will be different than the other videos I've tried to just jump back into making- but hopefully they'll be a more honest representation of my journey and therefore more enjoyable, compared to giving y'all random animal topics with no context after so many months+ without posting.
So she’s just gunna be ranting like she does on Instagram but instead it’s in front of a camera? Wow sounds riveting. Random personal video sounds way worse than random animal video but maybe it’s just because I’m sober.

No. 884202

Idk what she’s talking about, it’s at least another four months before she’s scheduled for her annual return-to-YouTube video.

No. 884204

I tried y’all. I paid the $5. I’ll unsubscribe before the next 30 days, but she had no replays available. It was worth a shot I guess. Maybe she read here and deleted it? I honestly don’t know how to replay thing works.

No. 884205

Ummm am I the only one getting random bans for posts I’ve never seen in my life? Posts that were in other threads I’ve heard of? Wtf

No. 884206

File: 1658258226003.png (3.06 MB, 828x1792, 13744973-6B5C-4411-A838-EA058E…)

TFW your Pupils are huge at night, on a dark street.

No. 884207

Nonnie I’m not doubting she’s high in this video but large pupils are only unusual in bright lighting. It’s when she has pinpoint pupils at night time that’s really telling she’s high. But in the dark, everyone’s pupils can be bigger. But I’m on y’all’s side I’m not wking or anything

No. 884209

More evidence that the anons itt and the ones that hover around TND are absolutely retarded. Way more so than other threads on this website.

No. 884210

File: 1658259874432.png (336.25 KB, 750x1334, C2D2BCFB-85C1-45F6-897F-D1203B…)

Jesus Christ

No. 884212

File: 1658260529058.png (950.69 KB, 828x1792, 3D0B519E-5C23-4EF7-A85F-1E288D…)

“I’ve only ever done meth once in my life.”

No. 884213

File: 1658260786769.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2162, FFF5894D-D015-410B-A63C-BBBEBA…)

“I only did meth once” vs on twitter.. so fucking stupid.

No. 884215

is that meth talking, or bipolar disorder?

Btw I don't think Betsy or that other skank is any good news for Tay. Seems like they just want to whip up drama around her for their own little junkie drama needs. Betsy could so easily just not post vids where Tay is drinking, but she always does, and Tay ends up explaining herself in long rants after. And that other one also seems to want to get Tay to expose herself. It seems like she is reading on lolcow and reporting it to Taylor - "apparently everyone think you're doing crack off my ass, wanna make a video about it?"

I mean the tea is delicious but maybe get some better friends Taylor.

No. 884218

Nah she’s on meth, so her pupils wouldn’t be pinned. Heroin def does that but meth makes them bigger I think?

Idk about pupils but she certainly has that thousand yard dead in the eyes look. It’s so sad how much of a nasty meth head she looks like compared to how she looked a few years back.

Don’t worry nonnie, I think it’s just a glitch. I got the same thing a few times, bans on posts from before I even discovered lolcow. but when I refresh and try to post again it doesn’t show up so just ignore it

No. 884220

she always uses technicalities in her long rants. “at that point in my life i had only done meth once”.

No. 884221

File: 1658261176878.jpeg (333.69 KB, 1170x677, C3684C44-EF2D-47C6-A689-F8A196…)

No. 884223

File: 1658261468921.png (1.79 MB, 1125x2436, F742080A-D660-4079-B356-775206…)

No. 884229

lol the whole last paragraph is crazy, she sounds so bitter and annoyed.
>if u think ur going to get my friends to not want to be around me or something- they're not going to drop me
>I guess if u don't wanna stop them with time I'll teach them how to learn to avoid your comments, and then you'll be talking into the void again.
some people are genuinely not built to be in the spotlight and Taylor is absolutely one of them, you can tell the idea of people hating her keeps her up at night.

No. 884230

>Anyway that’s all thanks
Lmfao my sides, we all know it’s not, Taylor. You’ve been sperging for days to the point no one even cares to skim this shit for a drop of meth contaminated milk. Go post another wall of text about how sober and unbothered you are, kek.

No. 884233

I wish y’all didn’t cowtip so much because now she said she won’t be posting her druggie adventures anymore (I mean hangouts with friends). You guys seriously ruin everything.

No. 884234

I haven’t seen a single post in this thread that’s cow tipping. If u mean all the “dms” her friend/family are getting I guarantee they got less than 10 messages combined and like always she’s blowing it out of proportion to make herself look like a poor victim. Also don’t even worry she won’t stop posting she needs attention like a flower need the sun.

No. 884235

“yOu GuYs rUiN EvErYtHiNg”

Shut the fuck up, we ruined nothing. This bitch has 70 threads on her, from the last five years. She’s known about lolcow this whole time. She reads here constantly. You think this narc queen will stop posting pictures? Please

The fact that you are believing anything Taylor says makes you stupid by default.

No. 884236

if by “cowtip” you mean “post on a website she chooses to frequently lurk” my bad.

No. 884237

File: 1658264141765.png (2.71 MB, 828x1792, F299D8EA-42B3-4DF3-80D9-85DA80…)

>>884209 smoking weed and shitposting on pt does a retard make. Guilty as charged.

She tries to treat viewers like they’re 12 but all of the 12 year olds got scared away from the drugs and goth shit.

No. 884238

Tay, your "friends" did not have to expose themselves to your fans and exfans. They are doing all this for a little clout and drama, and if they drop you? GOOD there are better friends out there.

No. 884239

I highly doubt anyone contacted her friends or her mom. Everyone with the common sense to know she's still using also knows she's a lost cause.

She just read shit on here and came up with a story to play the poor victim like always.

No. 884243

File: 1658265440561.jpeg (315.26 KB, 1169x2164, D1E3EDAE-1574-49B1-AE1D-B0EAA2…)

I like how she is literally admitting to gaslighting and manipulating her mom. We already knew she was doing that but glad she is finally admitting it. I really do think she is responding to us. I cant find the post but last night a nona said why doesnt she just post a vid like actual influencers do instead of posting endless rants and she is literally responding to that here. Like girl you live in your bed its pretty obvious. Also i fucking hope she disnt get the 20gal out to get another poor frog to inevitably neglect and torture to death

No. 884246

File: 1658266549196.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3464x3320, 70A0C6B2-94E6-4D60-B784-ECD24B…)

She spammed picture of frogs with weird messages. Kinda seemed like a poor attempt to connect to her remaining animal stans and negate the negative rants she’s been going on for over a week now.

No. 884247

You retards forget she fell off the face of the internet for like 2 months VERY recently? And we didn’t get a new thread for like 10 days when the last one maxed out? We are in for another boring few weeks is all I’m going to say

No. 884250

Exactly. It's really not hard to hide that you're using from the internet but it's clear that she fails every time because she is too fucked up to really care or notice, and now she has two friends who are too fucked up to care or notice. Absolutely fantastic.
Also she is not going to stop posting. She has no job and has no other options for money. Also here to see what happens once she gets dropped from her parent's insurance. I was thinking about that before and then anons brought it up. I love this thread right now

No. 884251

this is just her normal ebb and flow, like she always does. Goes on speeded out rants, goes drinking with friends, admit some relapses but she is all sober now of course, promises videos endlessly, strange spam about frogs/clothes/furbies/hair… Then she crashes and she's gone again.

No. 884252

> Small group of people who are ebooool haters
> I swear I’m not using
> You’re all liars
> I have been sober for, uh, idk but I’m def sober but next week I will tell you that I wasn’t
> I promise I’m sober and these are just marks from uhhhhhh my animals yeah just animals
> My pupils are just like haha so weird
> My heart is just this crazy mystery
> It’s my (insert random disease illness here)
> I am just like so random and not sleeping for hours at a time but that’s normal
> I’m just drinking water at the bar haha totally not drinking alcohol even though I have these beer cans and this cup of something that is not clear
> Haha I am just like sober all of the time and even though I tell you that my sobriety means I am active and posting videos
> I’ve only used meth like 1 or 6 times but it wasn’t really anything except the time my heart issues were admittedly meth use
> Leave my friends alone they’re also sober even though they post paintings of meth pipes on insta
> Btw I’m uploading a video (repeat 100 times)
> Animals? Yeah they’re fine but my heart might explode if I take care of them

The full summary of her rants on Instagram. Rinse and repeat.

Totally sober.

No. 884255

She always does this though and always comes back, it’s part of her cycle. If she’s not lying and actually does disappear, surely you’ll survive not seeing one of her meth rants or bar selfies for a month or so.

No. 884262

Sometimes I’ll read one, or two. it’s like the same exact rants for the past two years over and over again.

No. 884263

Happens sometimes anon, whenever it happens to me I get a good laugh. Maybe it’s your vpn IP address is the same as someone else’s ?

No. 884264

File: 1658269256121.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1972, 7B8F5566-C10E-4564-8F9D-C4B8A7…)

Good eye, this thread is moving so fast thanks to Taylor’s amphetamine antics it’s hard to keep up! Inb4 she writes another novel to explain this away.

No. 884266

File: 1658269763543.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, C47255D2-C353-43B6-BC0F-BCFC20…)

What a pussy. Betsey deleted the photo of her and Taylor that was there.

Awwwww can't handle wittle criticism.
If she didn't have something to hide then she would delete it???

If Taylor is "such a good" friend for "5evar" ago why would she be embarrassed of them together???

Put it back Betsey, and then I'll believe you're sober

No. 884267

>I accidentally did meth when my dealer mixed it in with my other drugs
This is so fucking retarded, almost on par with Tofu Jesus, I don’t know how a single person believes this implausible fuckery

No. 884268

Whats interesting is that her friends clearly get off exposing her either baiting farmers or omgz lets make a totes sober vid and she either actively encourages it or is still a total doormat and allows it to happen and is still friends with them despite it. I like how she still hasn’t responded to specific behavior related drug accusations (and I don't mean her nitpicking when someone misspoke or was misinformed about pUpIlS) I mean the legit behavioral evidence of her use and the very obvious trackmarks, her friend’s VERY obvious trackmarks etc. Oh and most importantly to her fans she hasn’t responded to Jonny exposing her and the fact she has been talking to him this whole time and likely wants him back, which leads me to believe those things are true and she just doesn’t have any bullshit to gaslight her fans with beyond: everyone is lying about me except when they arent, trust me I’m honest abe! And her dumbass mother and father believe all her bullshit or know and straight up don’t care. Poor animals and poor tanner must be hell in that house. Oh to be a fly on the wall. I bet tay throws her own tantrums too. Never seen a druggie esp an entitled one that lives at home that didn't. I wonder if she’s still suicide baiting these days? I doubt she’s changed at all since the Jonny days where she was also abusive

No. 884281

wow she’s losing it.

No. 884287

File: 1658281689617.jpeg (43.58 KB, 605x264, E1E0BC79-F158-411B-8E6B-B24110…)

No. 884288

anons, heroin makes your pupils constrict (pinpoint) meth makes your pupil dilate (big)

nobody is personally dming her to the extent she's making it out to be. all she's doing is attempting to cover up her friends and her lurking lolcow. she 100% confirmed that her mom does worry, but she's got it under control my lying her long back off (cause she has no ass)

as far as betsy and kassi go. they're not fucking stupid. they damn well thought to themselves "lemme hang out with taylor for a drip of cLoUt". that's what prostitutes do, they are leeches. by associating with taylor, they probably hoped it'd bring traffic to their pages/onlyfans. they can't stand the heat though because turns out, most people aren't into stinky, crusty dirty prostitutes.

taylor "addressing" and "defending" her friends is obviously a response to lolcow AND she knows her mom will read so she's master manipulating her as well

No. 884293

>posts 400 amphetamine-fueled word vomit insta stories that no one's gonna read or give a wet fuck about
>but i'm TOTALLY not on heroin anymore guiz!!!

she has no clue how fucking embarrassingly obvious she is and how everyone with eyes can tell.

No. 884297


Oh my god shut up, it’s obviously fucking drugs.

No. 884304

It's so funny how she attracts people exactly like herself to this website. As far as health conditions, she has proven she is flexible and called it EDS kek. Every other of the 20+ conditions she supposedly has should be treated as a lie, because it is. Zero proof. I'm confused by the people here calling her out for her drug use, but still believing every other word she says

No. 884310

If you were really sober you woudnt need to justify it, and your using buddies are not your friends. Pay attention next time in rehab

No. 884319

I’m no addiction expert but wouldn’t she have been told by the therapists or whoever that she should explicitly cut off all her drug buddies? She loves to bang on about how Betsy has been her friend foreverrrrr but it seems like drugs were/are their bond, and there’s no way she’d be associating with swamp hag Kassi if there weren’t drugs involved, I mean how else would she meet such nasty ass crackheads? It’s not like they go to book club or crotchet class. As another nona pointed out, both Betsy and the Gargoyle are probably hoping that by associating with Taylor they’ll drive more traffic to their ewhoring. The fact that Betsy has a kid makes it all the more disgusting. They’re all garbage people.

No. 884321

yup 1000% first thing they advise in rehab is to cut off everyone and remove yourself from that environment. i did it and anyone i know who successfully got off dope completely changed their life around whether that's dropping everyone, disappearing from the internet or moving away. sage for blog

No. 884335

I don't believe she sees a therapist. She talks about every part of her life online to a disturbing extent but she's never mentioned therapy appointments.

No. 884340


Not defending Taylor here, but what’s your point with the pupils? That’s the typical autonomic response of your pupils in a dark environment. Shining a light on the eyes with no or minimal constricting of the pupils is what would be revealing. That or wide pupils is a very bright environment or daylight.

No. 884345


I was stoned off of my nut when I posted that. She thinks she looks good but it’s the filters doing the heavy lifting and the filters hiding her meth sores. Kek when they do slip through, though.

No. 884348

Total non contribution but I am so happy Taylor is back. She is my FAVORITE cow. So messy. I hope she sticks around longer before she pulls her next disappearing act. It’s amazing how predictable she is.

No. 884349

File: 1658336597130.jpeg (684.99 KB, 3459x3017, F3495246-9652-4C77-9556-A4FC9C…)

More videos of her eye fucking herself.

No. 884350

File: 1658336917847.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1837, A273F8FE-C901-4095-BA1F-9871F3…)

Someone pointed out that since taylor’s “my friendz are sober guyzzz!!!!” post, the troll deleted her tweets regarding the black tar.

No. 884357

Cue a 14 paragraph long story post from Taylor that basically amounts to “I know you guys are messaging my mom about that picture on Kassi’s twitter in March but that was just some dark chocolate pudding on that spoon! You guize are so silly! Here’s a frog!”

No. 884361

even if that were true, the only thing dumber than doing heroin on social media is pretending to do heroin on social media
retards either way

No. 884362

File: 1658342752323.png (2.42 MB, 828x1792, 7FDDFB23-0F86-4E2E-9AAF-20A12A…)

Sorry for possible autism/off topic, but here is one of the girls Taylor has been bar-hopping with. Totally a good, sober inlfuence.

No. 884363

Sorry for continued autism/off topic, but I think only a drug dealer would have that much weed. Could this girl be Taylor’s connection to where she’s getting her drugs?

No. 884365

A picture you can smell.

No. 884384

Am I the only one that really hate her nose chain?? It really doesnt compliment her and its even worse than the time where she was in her fake tattoo near her eyes phase or the fake freckles face. Like taylor please stop..

No. 884386

Didnt Taylor just claim her friends have been sober longer than she has? Another slip up in admitting she was very recently using drugs if she wasn’t sober a few months ago (although we all know she currently is)

No. 884388

Yeah, I think this is the post that anon was referring to >>882595 that math doesn’t make sense, she also switched almost ten months sober to “a couple months sober recently >>883769

No. 884390

So she’s a drug dealer. Know from experience, no one has that much product for themselves.

No. 884396

anon, you misspelled methy KEK

No. 884399

instead of silly, she'll use the word "goofy" which is new for her, never have i ever heard that until she started hanging around the gargoyles. that, and when she said "and y'all say it with your chest!" had me rofling

No. 884400

File: 1658356634039.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2444, StitchIt_20222007063344_538.pn…)

She really strikes me as a Danielle Bregoli wannabe kek. All it takes is a quick scroll through her IG.
Also, go figure she's BFFs with the local shed-dwelling methhead. Small world.
Great company for Trailor to be keeping!!!

No. 884401

cute alt girls can pool off the nose chain effortlessly…. not the "haven't showered or brushed my teeth in months" meth-sore ridden thumb thumb

No. 884402

that dude looks like he smells like booger breath mixed with armpit hair stank

No. 884403

Well he literally lives in a shed behind a bar so you’re probably being too generous. He’s kassie’s boyfriend (or he was ? apparently they’re fighting or something and that’s why kassie is staying at Taylor’s parents house with her)

No. 884413

File: 1658364666530.jpeg (203.94 KB, 828x1792, 8B1A55DA-2EA7-4A8E-9C8A-D8D74D…)

From his insta: he's moving out of state in a few days. Good for him tho. maybe he will put the glass dick down and gain some pounds. Seems like a cool guy, into metal and industrial. Drugs will fuck you up tho.

Makes sense kassi is having "trouble" with the relationship and has to "stay at Taylor's" for now. Maybe she was living in his shed…

Although…. y'all seen her insta before she went private?? She (her fan) has hella money and has a swimming pool and basically a McMansion. Fam has been supporting her artistic endeavors (of which she is actually good at, in an aware/trashy way) for years now.
Too bad on drugs and meth'd out. Could be alt-cute.

No. 884450

Even with 5x layers of filers there’s no way that’s Kassi the troll. Absolutely no way

No. 884462

"my friends are sober" friends constantly exposing themselves doing drugs lmao

No. 884463

if that is her it has to be an old pic bc kassi is fat as fuck and her face looks like it got stung by a bee this persons face is way too thin to be kassi now

No. 884472

Drugs and degeneracy can have that effect on one’s looks. Though I’ve never seen a meth head as fat as kassi before. When they’re not high they’re probably barricaded in Taylor’s room gorging on whataburger. Imagine the stench in that room, between two bloated, unwashed, greasy junkies and three disgusting cats and their litter. Absolutely rancid.

No. 884473

Yeah I checked and that picture was posted over 3 years ago

Sorry to burst anons’ bubble when it comes to the insurance thing but it’s really easy to stay on your parents’ insurance past the age limit. All she has to do is get one of her doctors to fill out a form from her dad’s insurance company and sign it saying she still needs coverage to treat her illness(es) that prevent her from working, and they’ll give her a disability extension for a year. She can then repeat this process when the extension runs out. She doesn’t even need to go through the process of applying for formal disability to do this. And we all know her parents are enablers.

No. 884474

File: 1658383283796.jpg (127.59 KB, 720x1448, Screenshot_20220721-020052_Fac…)


No. 884476

I know it’s been said many times already but Kassidy is so fucking ugly. Even though Trailer is destroying herself she still looks like a model next to that swamp monster.

No. 884490

Idk they both look like barely passing trannies

No. 884496

Kek he’s hitting on her in the comments and she is reciprocating

Why anyone would want that man near them is beyond way.

Anyway can’t wait till Kassi sees this and gets bitter by it

No. 884497

Beyond me*

No. 884623

>Living in his shed

Girl is dating the crackhead version of bubbles from TPB.

No. 884633

File: 1658453917224.png (2.82 MB, 828x1792, B38CAA05-1424-4690-B4AE-E438B1…)

She posted this for us. So here you go, ya cheap hooker. Since she’s using the same words we do she’s just baiting rn

No. 884636

I wonder how her baby who she abandoned to do drugs and show her breasts to nasty moids is doing.
Is it worth it, Betsey?

No. 884638

now do it without the silly filter

No. 884641

lmao these unwashed, stinky, white trash prostitutes are just ~sooooo unbovveredddd~ by is haydurz, put down the pipe/needle and look after your kid, you ugly, crusty whore

No. 884647

File: 1658460881326.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 239.68 KB, 922x426, 58536BA6-5177-420A-9FAD-5ADE04…)

i feel like she's been tryna be like EC lately with the whole getting tons of attention… idk i feel like she's doing meth to get skinny too

No. 884648

her and taylor are both manly looking and not tryna wk kassi, but even as a chubby girl i think she's got more potential to be cute cause she's not as tall or masculine-looking

No. 884649

wow she's actually pretty here. so far i like her more than betsy and taylor. i mean sure she's a hot messs but before she went private i actually listened to her songs and they were good!!! i think she's doing herself a disservice hanging around taylor and if she was smart, she'd cut her off. if she ever did go into music i could see her doing her thing, but she won't with taylor's stank baggage following behind. taylor leeches onto her too cause kassi actually had a talent/passion. unlike taylor…. what is her talent??? playing chubby bunny with what's burger fries and breaking the guinness world record of longest without a shower or brushed teeth streak? seems kassi actually has her own identity/style whereas taylor morphs to be like her. as for betsy, her prostitute style is just regurgitated mall goth bullshit. i just learned she's a MOM? ew, whata a deadbeat.

No. 884650

Yeah I feel in the minority here obviously but imo kassi is very cute and if all of them were at their best I bet she’d be cutest(ignoring the possibility of going back in time before taylor butchered her face). Taylor looks like a man full stop. The lashes help A LOT. But even so.

No. 884651

I’d be willing to put money on the fact that out of everyone, kassi actually had the extremely rough childhood, thus the drug use and the dating a homeless man. As far as I’m concerned TAYLOR is larping as kassi.

No. 884652

Wow, a bunch of white knights show up at the same time, that’s not suspicious at all. Kassi is fucking hideous, regardless of whether she’s a hambeast or not. Cope.

No. 884655

stg i'm not wking kassi, i just am speaking my opinion. they're all trash, im just tryna shed some light on the reality of they're little group

No. 884656

Wait did she actually lose custody? I thought she just stopped posting him because she didn’t want pics of her son next to her thirst traps and ass pics.

No. 884657

Diff anon here, I think kassie is somewhat cute too. why does it matter? it’s pretty off topic. I don’t know why you’re a white knight in your eyes for having a different view anon.

No. 884659

for the life of me I don’t understand either like… >>884060 >>883922 ?
but I guess beauty is subjective lol?

No. 884660

look grumpy, im saying before the drugs and she has more of a personality than taylor or betsy will ever have. jesus are u on ur period or something?

No. 884661

She looks ugly there obviously but you could do the same with the unlimited fugly pics of Taylor we’ve collected through the threads. And imo hers are much worse.

No. 884673

File: 1658490492093.png (Spoiler Image, 408.89 KB, 722x538, nastyass.png)

She moved to Illinois to be a stripper. Of course she abandoned her son.
I'd be so ashamed if I were her. If I were her son, I'd also be ashamed and embarrassed that I was less important to her than the men who objecitfy her. Her Insta gets more and more lewd and trashy as time goes on.

No. 884674

wow, are there no strip clubs in TX that she had to move several states away from her kid to strip? jfc

No. 884681

File: 1658498980954.png (648.41 KB, 828x1792, 0DB2FA0E-7D29-4F88-AB50-22C9ED…)

daily word vomit

No. 884682

File: 1658499009953.png (384.24 KB, 828x1792, 66BFCB61-7728-4F18-841A-B939CA…)

No. 884683

Cartilage piercings can take up to a year to fully heal and will close up quickly with no jewelry. I’ve had my nose pierced for years. I’ve had to get it tapered back open after losing jewelry and not having anything in it for a week. It’s not the piercer or the piercings fault, it’s Taylor’s.

No. 884685

She really posted a stupid piercing update instead of an animals update like everyone’s been asking for. She must be broke if she’s choosing shoving a dull piercing into her closed holes over just going to a piercer. I hope she get hematoma auris lmao.

No. 884687

File: 1658502002605.png (1.6 MB, 828x1792, F6ED6B62-B53A-4A0D-9319-7FC8D8…)

re-piercing yourself at 4am on a Friday morning #justmeththings

No. 884688

File: 1658502105185.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, 3ACD68E5-F7CD-48A0-89C8-E4ABBE…)

No. 884689

File: 1658502139869.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, F04DF01D-97FD-4888-8556-D66D11…)

No. 884690

i smell and infection brewing. how embarrassing her piercings never last because she doesn't have basic hygiene

No. 884691

File: 1658502534710.jpeg (136.96 KB, 1080x1920, 23182165-B71C-43DF-8975-898E09…)

she's responding to you nonnie, i swear she has lolcow pulled up on as a tab on her phone

No. 884698

I have the same coffin. It’s solid gold & onyx piece from BVLA (handmade, which is why it’s so pricey). I think it was $150 cost, so probably $300 retail in most high end shops(I work in the industry so I don’t pay a markup). Good jewelry is expensive. Unlike the rest of the plastic shit in her ears, which is going to cause recently traumatized puncture wounds to become inflamed, not heal properly and possibly infected. Just go to a fucking professional piercer, Taylor.

No. 884701

From someone who has had obnoxious ear piercings that I didn’t take care of and thus they ended up looking bad, getting them done is a responsibility. The ear lobe ones you could probably get away with re-piercing if you used a lot of disinfectant, but the other ones…. Not good. Especially not all at once. They only close up from neglect and gee, why would taylor be neglecting her body/hygiene. Also, saying ‘uwu I bled a lot’ (when she probably didn’t) doesn’t make you look tough, it just makes you look sloppy/careless for letting things get that far and neglecting your body.

No. 884702

she's stupid because she most likely has a ton of built of scar tissue from changing out the jewelry too soon…. she prob has/will get keloids

No. 884703

If her EDS is so bad and keeping her piercings from healing, then how did they close up so quickly?

No. 884705


Who the fuck makes this many posts and writes this much nonsense about their fucking earrings at 4am?! And she tries to convince people she's sober and isn't high off her gourd on meth. This isn't sober person behavior and it's hilarious that she doesn't realize that.

No. 884708

>>884689 that's her most pointless purchase? what about goiters teeth?

No. 884709

her life is so devoid of actual accomplishments and meaning that piercing her ears is a monumental deal for her, so of course she’s gunna post about it a ton. It’s embarrassing, idk how she doesn’t see staying up all night and manically ranting about and then mutilating her ears makes her looks so unhinged.

No. 884710

Most people at 4am are still sleeping, or at most exercising or getting ready for work or taking care of their baby, not writing essays about their earrings and how much they paid for them. Her constant need to overshare about every insignificant little thing gives me so much second hand embarrassment.

No. 884711

Same way her track marks that were “never going to fade” because of her EDS magically went away, or how her face picking scars just magically disappeared. The cool thing about Tay is her EDS is only real when it’s convenient for her. She doesn’t even go to physical therapy (the only real remedy for EDS). inb4 she posts a totally made up story that just so happens to mention her definitely real physical therapy because all she does anymore is respond to this thread.

No. 884717

Goes on and on about how the peircings wouldn't heal properly but then says this one healed perfectly and the other one was 'so sealed'… meaning it healed fine… just didn't have a piercings in to maintain the hole… and all the other piercings closed with no issues and quickly comepared to the average person…. that's healing tay tay. Your piercings don't "heal" when you have a piercings in them because you don't take care of them. Get off the drugs. Get off your bed and go to an actual professional. So embarrassing.

No. 884719

So embarrassing that I’m going to tell a few thousand people, I’m totally not tryin to flex on the dl

shocker, this is why her piercings get infected constantly. She just re pierced her ears at 4am a by shoving a earring in. That’s why there is blood Taylor. THIS is why they get infected. For god sake she should have just went to her nearest tattoo parlor. I highly doubt she took the right precautions, when she isn’t even cable of doing that for her pets.

No. 884720

Yeah I highly doubt she had ED, her ears heal normally and get infected like anyone else would under her care.

No. 884721

How did all her 20-200000 abscess that destroyed and cover her thighs and legs heal up so fast too. Crazy it’s almost like when Taylor says stuff it doesn’t add up. It’s almost like she might be… lying?

No. 884722

This screams ricegum

$500 gucci hoodie, $700 pants, $300 watch, $400 hat.

like ok we get it, you don’t know how to spend your money. Chill.

No. 884723

I bet that her adhd diagnosis in the last thread was after some drug buddy told her about desoxyn, so her buzzfeed quiz diagnosis makes her feel less bad about tooting street crystal all the live long day, since you know, they’re basically the same exact thing

No. 884724

This is fucking disgusting. Not even to mention the blood borne illnesses she just potentially exposed herself to by shoving dirty blunt earrings into herself, if she went to a professional to re-pierce they would have mentioned to her dumb ass that you shouldn’t wear dangle earrings after any fresh pierce. They can be too heavy and if it gets caught on something you can really fuck up the healing process. She is going to end up at the hospital again when those all get infected.

No. 884732

File: 1658522652463.jpeg (97.43 KB, 525x777, C2B77626-848F-471D-A429-A8039C…)

y does she lie so much? a piercer wouldn’t put a 800$ stud in a client without making sure they actually had the funds to pay for it. but sure, pretend you’re not a superficial person who likes to waste money and flex. It’s not like five months ago you were posting about expensive tooth gems or anything.

No. 884734

I forgot about those tooth gems!
Bless you.
Anyone remember if she ever showed them?

No. 884735

I think ending up with an infection is the plan, she thinks the whole world is just brain dead. “Oh look I’m so sick”, like bro you did this on purpose. Dirty fucking habits and stabbing your healed ear with a dirty ass earring.

No. 884740

This was probably during her piercing and tattoo binge when she relapsed with Aggy. Which means the piercer probably did tell her the price she just didn’t care until she came down from the drug bender.

No. 884778

File: 1658561544791.png (3.11 MB, 828x1792, 74F76134-FCB3-4081-93B3-B42887…)

I honestly read ‘grow so fast’ as ‘grow so fat’

Are snakes able to survive if neglected by their owner/are they hardy?

No. 884781

Taylor since you read here please show us some fishtanks kek. How are the other animals? How FAT is Star now/still? Is the green tree snake still in milky tub in the closet?

No. 884792

File: 1658579445141.jpeg (408.97 KB, 2048x2048, 4C0F1711-DFCC-4274-B54F-EB14AF…)

looks like the gruesome twosome might have hit the town together last night

No. 884798

See Kassi looks pretty here and not like a tranny like the other 2.

No. 884803

How can you even tell what any of them look like? Potato quality photos with myspace filters

No. 884804

Yup, snakes can go months without eating esp in the colder months, I’ve had a snake refuse food for 6 months and he didn’t even lose mass. I think mama dean keeps water in there for them so he’s probably surviving that way

No. 884807


No. 884808

show us the dead hedgehogs who have been dead for so long.

No. 884809

remember when she said she was goin to upgrade them and their cages were terrifyingly small for hogs. Yeah we never saw those “upgrades” for a reason. Those hogs died in those tiny enclosures.

No. 884810

File: 1658602571904.png (5.39 MB, 828x1792, CBAE5E96-6369-48A8-8E73-EDA5EC…)

Hate to be like this and WK but Kassi is a talented artist (check her tumblr hashtags all of them she tagged are her art)
Maybe she is fairly sober, or mostly sober.
I've posted constantly in this thread for years and am very very critical of Taylor but Kassi is talented. Maybe she did get somewhat sober recently and gained weight.
She seems like a lush that she loves booze. That can cause weight gain
Her makeup is harsh af and probably some defense mechanism from trauma to make her not look like herself or appealing. Probably spends hours trying hard to smudge it.

Wish we knew more about her or what her occupation is/or if she's a perma-neet like Taylor or an SW like betsey.

No. 884811

is this Kassi doing a little bit of self promoting? The art looks like someone had a meth dream.

No. 884813

Wow, this art is so cool

No. 884814

It happens when you use a (free) vpn and someone trolled on the same ip as the one you are on now. I had once one from The Netherlands and that had a 5 year ban for lc.

No. 884816

File: 1658604453016.png (874.34 KB, 1073x1955, Screenshot_20220723-212447~2.p…)

Make your mind up look at the comment from her mom

No. 884817

Looks like shit, wHaT tAlEnT. and she looks like a dirty whore who hasn’t showered in weeks. She’s too fat to be pretty

No. 884818

I wouldn’t go as far as super talented but I’ll admit some of her pieces are visually interesting. having a hobby that you stick to is a good thing, if she keeps at it she’ll just keep getting better. maybe she can influence tay to pick up a hobby other than taking selfies and doing drugs.
that’s not actually her mom, twitter tea accounts are retarded and think role playing as tays mom is funny and normal behaviour.

No. 884820

Alright incel keep it moving.

No. 884825

Have to agree, can’t wait to be shit on. She is also decently attractive. Taylor with or without makeup is fucked. Kassie just doesn’t do a preferred style of makeup and it’s very different, but if she had the avg makeup look or no makeup she is very attractive imo. Also anons fight this claim with very internationally ugly faced photos, any attractive person can make ugly faces for the camera. Shes confident enough to do so, and I generally think she doesn’t give a shit what people think. Taylor wants to be kassie, she has been larping her for yrs without even knowing her. Clearly kassie knows trauma, the real trauma. you can just tell. Taylor is a wanna be, and pretends her mom and dad are so abusive and neglectful. Pisses me off when anons are like Taylor’s moms crazy oh poor Taylor. Those anons clearly never seen crazy in their lives. Fucking white privileged kids wanna be victims so bad, oh wait Taylor turned 25 this last March, girls 5 yrs from 30.so not a kid.

No. 884839

i hope Kassi reads all the luv here and gets some common sense and drops Taylor. maybe even spill some tea, i am hopeful. kassi is way cuter and stylish and talented. taylor could never

No. 884840

taylor must be seething with jealous reading all the compliments for kassi here. kassi needs to be careful, taylor is gonna look for a scapegoat when she finally exposes her self fr that she's on drugs and blame it on kassi in attempt to make the internet hate her

No. 884847

What the fuck is up with these gremlin stans? She looks like a goblin, and she’s a disgusting junkie. Go simp for her somewhere else.

No. 884851

Honestly she’s a pretty girl who seems like she had a rough upbringing. She’s overweight but you can tell she’d be a stunner if she was slim. Can’t say that about Tay. Nothing cow-like about her really. Unless you count being a drug addict and if that’s the case then you just seem to have a poor view on addicts in general.

No. 884852

This entire thread is just retarded twitterfags now. Some dipshit even shared the exact same Nina Hagen photo they used on their anti Taylor account.

No. 884853

Her face looks like it’s melting in most photos idk what people are seeing, maybe anons are trying to ruffle Taylor’s feathers? Or it’s kassi herself

No. 884854

She’s been around not even a month nobody knows what she’s really like. How bout you search Kassi in this thread and see what she’s actually done and said. She also dated that complete pos and there’s definitely no getting past that. She hasn’t shown any redeeming qualities get off her fucking dick.
wk harder
This is a Taylor thread no one cares how great you think her shitty art is or how pretty she’s be if she wasn’t fat.. “from getting sober” kek gtfoh she hanging with Taylor she’s not sober and she’s probably a dumb pos bitch like everyone she befriends: Betsy, Johnny, Aggy, Rehabbro, etc.
Take your lovingness to the “how I really feel about cows” thread in ot

No. 884855

File: 1658623364566.png (2.48 MB, 828x1792, CA34F130-40A2-44AD-A9A6-26DEE8…)

Farmers asked her to show us the hedgehogs. Taylor responded. Hey Taylor, how’s the video going? Struggling to film it without showing your track marks?

No. 884857

It's just the same person posting post after post praising that drug addict piece of trash. like she's a solid 4 out of 10, but being an unwashed drug addict that's literally a whore brings her down to a 2 at best

No. 884862

I posted one of the alleged posts so no.

No. 884864

File: 1658637582615.jpeg (535.1 KB, 828x1050, 8418007A-BC8C-4077-90A2-D0ED1E…)

No. 884866

yup same diff anon here

No. 884868

'Rehoming the number I had to'
Meaning I want to keep the number of rehomed animals vague so I can add any of the ones I actually killed to the list.

No. 884869

Lmao Taylor is balding in this picture. They’re both doing smack or meth though. She looks even more cracked out than usual. Some friend to post this picture. Bless you anon for sharing

No. 884870

People also think that people do drugs as an escape, and that's not always the case. Some people just want to get fucked up or want to "look cool/fit in/have an experience." My bet is that Taylor is the latter.

If she did a video like that I would eat my own shoes.

Maybe? Would be stupid tho, sublocade is a monthly injection.

Good fucking catch nona. It amazes me how easily these druggies tell on themselves.

No. 884872

Jfc after 3 years and she is still keeping the same lies than she rehomed her animals and not because some of them died. I am sure if she actually rehomed them, it would be very easy to ask the new owners for some pics update and post it on SM to shut all of us up. Also didnt she promise she was going to visit the alleged rehomed animals?? She dont even remember that since she is too strung out for the last 4 years

No. 884878

Same different anon here, kassi is really pretty even though you seem to have something against het

No. 884879


The way some of y’all ride for these degenerates makes me think you’ve never actually seen a pretty person in your life at all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 884880

No. 884881

This is glorious, so if Kassi really is self-posting here it shows that she really is the true cow we all suspected, trash talking Taylor to make herself look like the perfect little angel. You likely won't get famous by adopting Taylors ex-fans Kassi. But by all means keep the tea coming!

No. 884882

If it’s not her it’s her mates, I hope the posts get tagged either way

No. 884889

File: 1658671897571.jpg (14.35 KB, 250x141, mmmmgood.jpg)

Actual image of the gorgeous and stunning Kassi finally receiving the clout she ordered from the TND Shitshow.

No. 884891

Posted one too, idk why someone who has used drugs can’t be considered pretty, most people Taylor hangs around are dumpster fires. This is the only girl I think is somewhat pretty. Why do anons have such a stick up their ass that a few think she is somewhat attractive

No. 884892

> This is the only girl I think is somewhat pretty

Because she is you…? The anons here bullied JC's new girlfriend because she was too ugly, I doubt they would suddenly lower their standards to this level.

No. 884893

Because this is not her thread and it’s not at all relevant what you think of her, especially in a positive light. This is a thread on /pt to gossip about a junkie bitch n her junkie friends doing junkie shit. Take your uwu she’s cute shit to /ot

No. 884894

Most definitely. Her art looks like shit, her makeup looks like shit, she looks like shit.
This photo is literally luna slater levels.
Then feeling the need to announce which posts are theirs? Integrate or go back to your drug den.

No. 884897

the way y'all are literally retarded and can't pick on the fact we're tryna piss taylor off. cope harder

No. 884904

She's a fat ugly horror cow. Stop with the 'she's pretty' psycho fuckin wk posts. She will never ever be cute by normal standards

No. 884909

I think she’s pretty cute by normal standards tbh

No. 884910

why is everyone so aggressive this morning

No. 884911

She looks like Raven Sparks' long lost sister

No. 884913

You gotta be as high and out of your mind as TND to think kassi is remotely cute, I’m literally so disgusted and confused by this thread. Like anon above said, you obviously have never seen an attractive person.
Kassi does not look human and is the worst looking out of all of them point blank period that’s just facts. Can we move on now.

No. 884916

Spot on, I knew she was pinging cow memories but I didn't make the connection on my own. Thanks anon, and also for renewing my hope it isn't all summer twitter fags left itt.

No. 884917

Is this what methed out Taylor does when she’s not eye fucking herself on video at the bar, sit 6” from the bathroom mirror and pick at her own face and hair? Sounds like a blast and a half. How positively meth trope of her.

No. 884922

tinfoil, but it feels like since anons were making fun of her appearance she started posting more filtered selfies and started doing her makeup less crack whorey. Looks like she lurked and got her feelings hurt lol. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the “kassie is so pretty and talented” posts are just her self posting, I refuse to believe any anon would wk this walking dumpster fire of a human.

No. 884940

we can move on. the reason why i was irked is because y'all be acting like die-hard taylor fans when it comes to talking about her other associations. i get it's ~HER~ thread, but let's face it, her social antics only keep the thread milkier, why can't we speculate on the baby cows as well?

No. 884941

omg you're right. i def didn't even consider she was picking at her meth sores but i can see it now

No. 884960

File: 1658711643823.jpeg (346.53 KB, 2048x2048, 234643A0-EC5E-4AF5-8723-91D6EF…)

No. 884962

I don’t usually feel sad about Taylor, but this one did it for me.
She used to be a pretty girl who had a future ahead of her. She could’ve course corrected so easily in both her addiction and animal care, but nope. It really feels like she dedicated her life to living in this shell that she made with JC.
She decided shooting H and playing Hot Topic goth girl while letting her animals rot in Walmart tubs was the best path.
The worst part is the aesthetic doesn’t even match her in the slightest, and feels so forced.

No. 884964

Got Taylor's big ol bobble head right.

No. 884966

Because some moronic nonnies thought it would be a good idea to invent a new reality, where Kass is a beauty ideal, just to rile up Tayter. While other nonnies prefer the truth.
Imo she looked cute in that old pic but the drugs really fucked her looks up, maybe a change from Nina Hagen aesthetic would be beneficial?
From all of them, Betsy is the only one who looks at least kind of normal. Idk how she does it, tho. But then, she is also the only one of them, having a job and earn her own money.

No. 884972

No one said she’s even close to the beauty ideal lol. Some of us just think she has a cute face. Cry about it.

No. 884973

on your side nonnie. they hate for us to acknowledge someone else besides taylor, almost as if they're obsessed with taylor

No. 884974

>almost as if they're obsessed with taylor
Kek, nonna. This is the #70 thread about the adventures of TND.

No. 884975

adventures? i think you mean downfall. im just here for the shits and gigs and the overdose announcement

No. 884984

File: 1658735069995.jpeg (311.79 KB, 828x516, EDE2C026-D604-4F5E-84E4-BA5323…)

It’s sad that she went from this, her parents throwing so much money at her recovery, only for her to be the methy, sleazy trash bag she is right now. Since she’s a lost cause we might as well enjoy the death spiral.

No. 884986

You’re damn right nonnie.. all of that work her parents done for her, send her to therapy, support groups, countless rehabs. Not to mention tolerating her having her hoard of animals and tacky tattoos/piercing + shopping sprees. Well done taylor!

No. 884987


Notice how she doesn’t sperg on Instagram anymore because she was reading the feedback here. Too bad she’s just some uneducated methhead bitch who knows nothing but trying to appeal to 13 year olds on social media while also being a hard drug addict. Noticeably all the other Pettube freaks have turned their channels into business, but Taylor..
What ever happened to her gun?

Do something funny, Taylor!

No. 884997

All "recovery" did for her was introduce her to more new drugs and new addicts to do them with.

No. 885000

she genuinely looks terrifying without makeup wtf… she looks like JEN. what video is this from btw?

No. 885003

Scrote logic. She looks youthful and healthy here and not caked in layers of two day old makeup hiding her weeping facial sores

No. 885008

She’s gorgeous. She definitely is using soft lighting/intentionally flattering settings but still. It’s too bad she the raggedy horror show she is now. This is from her Taylor Dean vlogs channel about how it was everyone’s but her own fault for getting kicked out of rehab

No. 885011

This ain’t it. she looks good and more importantly clean here, it was before the drugs starting changing her face. I hate the cow but even with her bobble head she used to be pretty. Unfortunately since she’s been using for (at least) 5 years she’s going to start to see the drugs effect her appearance more and more.

No. 885020

My memory might be wrong, but I thought she was high off her ass when she had this haircut. Isn't it the same time period as when she took that extra dead-eyed car selfie that she later admitted she was high in? IIRC she also showed the before/after filters and how they were hiding her meth-ravaged skin at the time. I think the only sober selfies you'll find are pre-Jonny, nonna.

No. 885034

You are wrong indeed, it was when she was fresh out of first rehab and was still “high” on her new sobriety. She was on subs tho. But she did admitted that she didnt take rehab very seriously that time and was just basically live through day by day

No. 885039

she wasn't clean here. if you recall she was kicked out of that rehab, why would you assume being kicked out of rehab means she was sober? This was also during her "sober from heroin" phase, its clear she was on meth in this photo

No. 885041

She also admitted to abusing her subs, I personally don't believe she ever used them as prescribed or only did so for very short periods of time to placate her mom between benders. In pre-Jonny vids and photos she looked much much more alive than this IMO.

No. 885045

Tuna is that you?

No. 885046

shes ugly and always has been. her peak was in 2015 she's been giving MTF ever since

No. 885047

she's probably engorging herself with whataburger, letting crumbs fall underneath her unwashed 3 month old shorts she's had on scrolling jonny's thread

No. 885049

unpopular opinion: i think even sydney is a better person than taylor. why? because even though she's being an idiot tryna make it on onlyfans with her eggplant tiddies - she at least gave up/rehomed her living creature/son.

taylor on the other hand, still continues to spiral leaving dirty needles around while have LIVE ANIMALS under her care. AND her disabled brother lives there. she's fucking trash i hope she rots

No. 885050

Sorry my post was confusing, I meant she looked ‘clean’ as in she looked like she had actually taken a shower, because she always looks so dirty and greasy these days. I have no idea if she was clean from drugs or not during this period.

No. 885054

“She at least gave up/rehomed her living creature/son”. Lololololol I’m dying. Good one, nonnie.

No. 885055

It was a forced CPS relinquishing of the child after the domestic abuse issue between Jonny and syd. They tested the kid and it was positive for fent

If animal control worked like that (as she's had them called on her a dozen + times) she would have had her animals taken a few weeks into Jonny saga, or earlier tbh

No. 885056

File: 1658785249744.jpeg (123.4 KB, 750x1334, 3D8B2C71-FACA-4EB4-A435-F9E670…)

don't forget taylor was hoping/letting JC die… yeah what makes you think she gives a fuck about her animals

No. 885084

the worst axolotl or hissing cockroach deserves more compassion than BBP

No. 885090

She probably wanted him to die because of all the attention it would give her. Poor Taylor, her ‘famous’ boyfriend tragically dead. She wouldn’t have Jonny, people in his music scene would reach out to her and she’d glom on to someone else more famous than Jonny.

No. 885095

Yep, I'd save a cockroach (and I fucking hate cockroaches) from a burning building before I even considered saving that rotten, bloated corpse.

No. 885103

Don’t bring axolotls into this. They’re too pure (and smiling cutely).

Does Taylor still have mushu? I’m an axie mom and I remember she could buy shitty tattoos, a fuckton of drugs but couldn’t spare a few hundo for a tank chiller. So much for loving her animals. I really hope she doesn’t have it anymore

No. 885109

so edgy

No. 885144

File: 1658854051010.jpeg (414.53 KB, 750x1096, 13D1BE99-9228-4687-9FDE-23644B…)

Lmao I found this lurking twitter hashtags.. how does it feel to be completely ignored by Taylor? I thought y’all were besties and ~moving in together~

No. 885149

I wonder what she’s going to do when she turns 26 and is forced to enroll and pay for her own medical insurance. Mama dean might not be willing to pay all of these munchie enabling bills anymore

No. 885155

Athena quit self posting. No one cares.

No. 885168

Me too nona, poor mushu’s condition makes me so much more sad than the condition of her other animals.
Christ this is depressing

No. 885189

This is mentally ill behavior at this point smh.

Good news for us farmers though, I follow chasebats on Instagram and he’s moving away from Texas. That means Kassi is staying with Taylor longer and thus they are both doing more drugs together and giving us more milk. Speaking of milk, I hope it hasn’t run dry for much longer. I want that video (but I also want world peace). It’s hilarious when her hands are shaking and those are just ‘clownfish bites’ on her hands… hmm…

No. 885207

Yeah she’s doing it in the Jonny/syd thread too. Made sure to drop her new username. It’s obvious and incredibly pathetic.

No. 885233

It almost makes me wish she was doing this on the other Farms. Those scrotes would certainly give her the attention she is seeking.

No. 885250

File: 1658946817186.png (951.07 KB, 1198x864, taylor gross.png)

It's a sad day for a farmer when Taylor isn't giving any milk, she's my top cow.

Sorry to give her ad revenue and regurgitate milk but I've 1 yr into following Taylor. She never got out of the habit of doing goiter's retarded photo habit. Taking rehab soooo seriously. must have been why she was so successful…

No. 885253

File: 1658948631150.png (1.67 MB, 1080x2150, Screenshot_20220727-145939~2.p…)

Taylor's roommate hanging with the dude they met at the bar last week…getting drunk. I like how half her jewelry and the rat purse is Taylor's stuff lol what a leech

No. 885254

Love to see it. Not a fan of hers but I kinda I hope she milks Taylor for everything she’s worth. Nobody wants to be your friend tay, they just want your clout and anything else they can squeeze out of you. Aggy was the exact same way, her giving him her back up insta and it getting immediately deleted was hilarious.

No. 885255

Kassi’s bangs looks like someone dogs chew her hair off. Or a lawn mower lost control all over her face and ended up with the monstrosity of a hair cut.

Agree anon, I love how our taytay pick the worst type of people to be friends with.. I supposed sane and well-put-together person would find her insufferable now

No. 885256

See this unfiltered photo you can see Kassi actually has amazing bone structure and is actually very pretty.

No. 885259

is there a new jonny thread?

No. 885260

Clam down anon, before the other flip there lids. Anyone with eyes can see she is pretty, she just dresses like trash.

No. 885261

It’s creepy how she is looking directly at herself. She’s like checking herself out while taking the photo. My god.

No. 885265

No. 885273

ackshually she’s hideous and a disgusting junkie… but sure, whatever you’re into, anon

No. 885274

she said on IG she cut them with a pair of nail clippers kek

No. 885303

The classic Taylor disappearing act after promising videos. Where’s the zen habit video that was supposed to be up in oct 2021 tay? See y’all in a month or so when she inevitably slithers back to social media for some validation, to post unruly selfies, and remind us she’s totes sobes.

No. 885333

Yes, she looks cute here, but what makes you think it's not filtered? Just because the bro posted it?

No. 885390

Where in the world is that piece of info?

No. 885394

she's so predictable. even jonny's thread is more interesting than her these days

No. 885435

File: 1659052390630.jpeg (990.94 KB, 1125x1966, 37D08DB1-2FBD-4C7A-A7E2-6DC383…)

No. 885436

File: 1659052632249.jpeg (947.67 KB, 1125x1081, AFFC0EC3-5D34-4F10-964D-0EDFA2…)

Hard to believe this is the same person. I really hope she can get her shit together someday.

No. 885437

Posting a video of you eye fucking yourself while looking like a street walker > updating your fans about the videos you said you finished editing last week.

No. 885458

Wow I don’t even recognize her she was so beautiful and I’m not anti alternative look she just looks like the faces of meth now

No. 885469

Gross, drugged out and alien looking. She needs serious help.

No. 885484

Is her heart monitor gone or is it under her hair?

No. 885486

Jesus… her poor hair looks like its struggling to grow. Stop messing with your hair tay

No. 885491

Kassi NEVER looked this good pre drugs. It’s amazing some nonnies think she is prettier than Taylor. i know Taylor doesn’t look like this anymore but even in comparison…. Like y’all need to get your eyes checked

No. 885492

Is she sucking in her cheeks or is her face really that gaunt? Either way, there’s no way anyone can look at this and think “yes, this person is totally sober”.

No. 885493

It’s either her friends or the goblin herself posting, the mods are MIA as usual, just ignore it

No. 885534

It’s gone. I’m interested to see if she continues to doctor shop her way into a POTS diagnosis or let’s it go. I guess another possibility is she says she got the diagnosis even if she didn’t, that’s what she’s been doing with mental health disorders for years now.
Anon posted a sc where she’s sucking in her cheeks, they don’t actually look this bad in the whole video. Although any recent pics compared to >>885436 show her facial fat is disappearing and it’s not doing her any favours.

No. 885553

Am I the only one that doesn’t think she looks that great here. Her head is still 3x too big for her body, she has jowls and looks like someone’s aunt.

No. 885554

Everyone said Taylor ruined her body. The comparison is now, no one gives a shit what you looked like years ago.

If they both take off there makeup this second and you compare them. It’s kassi, she wins the prettiest trashy girl prize. Woah crazy.

No. 885556

File: 1659119285855.jpeg (25.33 KB, 275x186, 29DE0942-C284-4B44-91B6-ED1A17…)

this was posted in the jc thread from her live last week. she either has scars all over her face or she’s been picking again.

No. 885557

This. Kassi is the crackhead beauty queen. Sorry.

No. 885560

I forgot she’s so young, that’s wild to me. I’m in my mid-30s and I kept assuming she was my age or older. Drugs are bad, kids

No. 885606

It's probably just the low rez but her nose piercing makes her nose look like a dick(don't use emojis )

No. 885630

File: 1659144008861.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1989, 913EF645-B61B-40B0-8B63-E6466C…)

Let the speculation about pupil size begin

No. 885632

Huh, ain’t nothing abnormal about still being in the dark and taking greenish tinted selfies a full 24+ hours later! I’m so proud she was able to overcome ADHD

No. 885644

the pupil thing… okay it's obvious she's doing it on purpose at this point. she wants people to know she's on drugs and to feel sorry for her. newsflash taylor: no one gives a shit what drug your on because no one gives a shit about you. this is pure entertainment and once you croak, we'll move on to the next cow. how pathetic of a life you've "lived" thus far, you did this to yourself. no jonny, not your mom, no one, but you. now either live with it and grow the hell up or just disappear already.

No. 885650

Can someone link the Jonny thread when they are done with it?

No. 885668

Heart monitor is definitely MIA. She didn’t give us an update, so I’m wondering if the doctor figured out it was meth.

Fingers crossed they aren’t actually entertaining her bullshit anymore.

No. 885696

File: 1659201489246.jpeg (156.26 KB, 828x1447, DE05F9A1-2C66-4104-8DAC-10D887…)

she’s teasing the video without actually saying she’s uploading so she can’t be held accountable when she doesn’t post.

No. 885698

If all three of her videos that she filmed are edited, like she said they were like 10 days ago, why is she posting selfies and not just uploading the videos? She has to be lying about having videos done in an attempt to keep her fans from rightfully criticizing her for ignoring them and her yt career. Taylor is hands down one of the worst cows on this website, she’s such a manipulative narc.

No. 885729

File: 1659217290873.png (3.52 MB, 828x1792, 201C5E76-D64E-4AFD-92FE-38149A…)

No. 885730

File: 1659217584842.jpeg (152.84 KB, 828x1792, 69F1349B-A745-4835-AD5A-606662…)

fixed it nonnie

No. 885731

File: 1659218015694.jpeg (1008 KB, 1170x2077, F4FF197E-0A5F-425A-906B-516F17…)

These stories are just so odd.

No. 885732

File: 1659218053792.jpeg (1005.76 KB, 1170x2066, 006C389E-63E7-427E-9639-E6B378…)

No. 885733

early vote for next threadpic kek

No. 885743

why thank you (: bows*

No. 885755

These stories were just so methy. Her movements and twitches and shit are not normal and look like people I’ve seen who are tweaking. She’s not even trying to hide it, or she’s just so high she thinks she looks normal.

No. 885756

File: 1659227439519.png (2.4 MB, 828x1792, 51C33F1D-849F-476F-A323-5C210D…)

No. 885757

File: 1659227476326.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, 4BF4A09F-C706-4357-A1E2-4F32D4…)

more methy eyefucking

No. 885760

Nice lip sores. Let's take a vote- crack pipe burns, meth pipe burns, herpes, or a combination of the three?

No. 885766

File: 1659230860955.jpeg (21.16 KB, 700x467, A3262122-A82B-4D77-B864-56564F…)

this is a bolo, it's what you smoke crystal meth out of and yes it burns your lips like that

No. 885767

she's high as a kite. she doesn't realize how tweaky her movements are because she's so fucked up out of her mind. she disappears after looking back and being embarrassed for what she posted

No. 885770

File: 1659231395778.jpeg (297.92 KB, 1988x1125, F6DF7203-6932-4584-85AE-9A06B9…)

watched her story… holy fuck. she thinks she's giving like supermodel documentary hour when all she's doing is giving Faces of Meth: Tic Edition… home girl literally looks like she has developed a tic

No. 885771

Just came here to post this. Why the fuck does it matter to repost this Taylor? 1) nobody gives a fuck 2) you literally post the same eyefucking video multiple times a day.

She’s literally so obsessed with herself, idk who is more self absorbed between her and Syd at this point but it’s disgusting. You’ve been promising videos for months and all you do is post the same looking selfies that look the exact fucking same every. Single. Day. This is all her life consists of. Selfies and getting high. We’re tired of seeing your drugged out face. You’re literally just digging your hole deeper and deeper with damning evidence that you are not sober.

No. 885772

File: 1659231957263.jpeg (39.44 KB, 182x220, 963709E9-F8B0-44A8-A989-5A8F87…)

all i could think of was that SNL skit about meth kek

No. 885774

New Jonny thread for those interested.

No. 885775

so every Jonny thread is just going to be thread 14 forever now huh

No. 885776

dude why doesnt she just fucking post a video and then say "haayyyyy guyz a new video is up! link in bio!" like every normal fucking youtuber?!?!?!

she said she wasnt gonna promise dates but this is just as bad if not worse. just fucking POST, stop leading people on, stop leading the small amount of stans you have left on. like if you want to actually not be a total fucking let down.. do what normal fucking youtubers do and just POST A VIDEO and THEN you can talk about it on socials.

but its just bc she has to pretend for herself and what little image she has left i think. it's sad

No. 885777

also this is a scary photo, looks like it could be in a horror movie or something, maybe a junkie horror high school reunion yearbook lol

No. 885778

File: 1659233063894.jpeg (173.47 KB, 1125x723, E211C092-ACA9-4976-8BC0-D95A0A…)

is it sad that im almost excited she's a full blown methhead now? if she kept doing heroin, she'd eventually OD then we lost our cow. now we get to watch her crash and burn. she's gonna end up in prison or a street prostitute or doing some insane

No. 885780

I might be nitpicking but it’s kind of annoying. Must be newfags making the threads. There’s also a lot of retards in there. I’ll try to make the next.

No. 885786

she can still just as easily overdose. it’s not like she’s getting her meth from walter white

No. 885792

imagine your only talent is being more pathetic and less productive than Luna Slater. Taylor gets high and takes selfies, Luna gets high and takes selfies and still manages to paint, write, play video games, do SW & skincare. Luna does her own alt hairstyles while Taylor goes to a Becky mall salon. Luna manages all this and even has a fiance despite being nodded out 16 hours a day. get it together Tay

No. 885794

Holy shit she looks like a fucking dude’

No. 885795

Idk what it is but she seriously is looking so manly.

No. 885796

File: 1659243943962.jpeg (111.92 KB, 630x928, 580e63f0170000862aacddef.jpeg)

No. 885799

New thread pic pls

No. 885806

It’s all the fillers

No. 885815

fucking kek

No. 885820

I wish she would shave her head. That abandoned bird's nest she calls "bed hair" (meth) shows her scalp anyway.

No. 885822

Tbh, Luna gets more done than I.

No. 885826

Lol I immediately thought of Pete burns when she did the night photo a few days back, good looking

No. 885844

The ticks and jolts must be meth, when I watched this I thought class a’s straight away. I’ve done coke before and smoke weed but this is next level, im guessing when she does meth she posts this crazy shit and when heroin goes in her little hole.

No. 885845

Nothing makes me cringe more than Taytay meth eye fucking herself

No. 885847

File: 1659296988965.jpeg (121.64 KB, 1125x367, F93023F7-5EA7-443C-B988-87A320…)

No. 885849

Ew. What a fucking clout goblin.

No. 885850

I guess as long as it’s not your drug of choice it’s not relapsing. Open season on drinking and uppers but *~ tOtEs SoBeR fRoM HeRoIn ~*. These bitches are delusional.

No. 885860

okay kassi, i was one of the anons actually having your back on you being cute and having alright music…

never fucking mind

looks like you've been taking notes from Tay on how to look ~so unbothered~ online and chose to be a smartass, revealing your actual bothered-ness. well next time you decide to sass lolcow, how bout you take some miralax while you're at it (because god knows a vegetable has never touched your lips, just crusty homeless b.o. man dick and whatabuger) it'll help with heroin constipation and maybe your chunky ass can develop more sound judgement.

No. 885867

File: 1659304912557.webm (1.12 MB, 1280x720, Faces of Meth Tic Edition ft T…)

Here it is for the archives.

No. 885868

She’s probably touching herself over this many people talking about her. I’m still 90% sure the “anons” trying to start arguments over her appearance we’re just her trying to keep the attention on her because it’s the most popular she’s ever been in her life. Imagine being an “artist” yet all you’re known for is being TND’s fat busted meth friend kek. Bask in the attention while you can kassi, this is going to be the peak of your whole entire life.

No. 885899

File: 1659316214395.jpeg (504.05 KB, 1125x1208, 94B0C0FC-6870-45C3-9EDE-8B8404…)

this is hurting taylor? but what happened to her meth-ridden novels via IG stories ranting about "yOu GuIs AcTuaLlY SaiD iT wItH yOuR cHeSt?! YaLl r soooOoOOOO anNoYiNg! iMm sOo uNboTherED" que gingivitis smile, excessive blinking, hair flip, neck twitch, face tic, repeat

No. 885906

She's sooo twitchy and manic looking here, but I'm sure it's just her CPTSD, ADHD, EDS, PCOS or whatever else she definitely has.

No. 885907

Genuine concern is hurting Taylor. Riiiiiiight.

No. 885926

this gremlin bitch is so dense. no cassie, people showing concern over your friend is not hurting her. most people worry when recovering addicts (especially those who are claiming sobriety) are hanging around people who are covered in track marks, posting pictures of heroin, dating active meth users, painting dime bags and meth pipes, and singing about doing hard drugs.

No. 885938

If this shit is “hurting taylor” then I dare our fragile tay tay get off bloody social media then. Oh no she cant cause she is still a narc and get fuel by internet strangers giving her pity points and drama.

No. 885942

Now comes the no upload/radio silence followed by "I relapsed because of the pressure of uploading" poorly worded in a 5 paragraph methed up rant.
No bitch, you only relapse when you stop. Passing out for 3 days is not sobering up.

No. 885962

I know I am not the only one here that was a former fan of Taylor and started using her threads to keep up with what she is up to because you can’t trust what she actually says. A lot of people are actually concerned and scared for her. It’s scary that she is hanging out with Kassi who by the looks of that tweet would prefer Taylor succumb to her addiction without anyone questioning or being concerned.

I really do hope that Taylor can get out of this, get into treatment and rehome her poor animals. I don’t want her to die. I really want to see her thrive.

And above all shame on mama dean for enabling this. What a terrible mother for allowing her to do all this in the family home with her brother there. I wish someone would help that entire family get help. They all need serious therapeutic intervention.

No. 885975

This is on Taylor and Taylor alone

No. 885989

I disagree. If TND dies the blood is on her mother’s hands too. This is not just a Taylor problem, this is a family problem. If her mother threw her out of the house, then yes, it’s all on Taylor. But right now she is offering Taylor and her friend no incentive to get better because they have food, shelter and some form of family support.

No. 886016

She used the "I have to edit 3 entire videos before I even post 1 " excuse to just…. not …upload.
What's left of her fans just want 1 small short video, shit she could be creating "YouTube shorts"
Or fucjing TIKTOCKS!!! Anything, something, doesn't have to be perfect.
She doesn't have to "come back" to YouTube with perfect funny fully edited videos.
The only way with her lack of motivation to come back proper (well not proper…. a "lindsay Lohan" washed up drugged out type comeback.) will be creating tiny insta videos, or YouTube shorts, or TikTok's.
The fact she is doing none of those really points to her actually using drugs.
I don't care how Kassi wants to frame it, Taylor is doing NOTHING all day, can't even post a 15 second tik tok

No. 886022

umm nice assumption? never been a fan of taylor, only started keeping up with the drama when someone i know public ally tweeted about her being an animal abuser and frying her frogs. i don't give a fuck if she continues or croaks. sorry if that's harsh. i care more about the conditions of her animals and want her to rehome them. now that i've gotten a better understanding of behind the scenes, i also am concerned about her special needs brother that she chooses to do drugs around. taylor is a piece of a shit

No. 886023

I genuinely think Taylor is just unmotivated and lazy. The second she figured out she could upload a few time a year then lie to her fans and get them to watch her old videos in anticipation of her “new” videos and in turn make money sitting in bed watching nextflix, she was done with being a real yter. She might be making pennies compared to her 200k a year but she seems to still have enough financial stability that she can drink, do drugs and buy fast fashion and I think that’s all she really cares about, so why would she try harder?

No. 886024

the only thing taylor has been successful at is this grand social manipulation. people of all ages have now felt the sting of an empty-promised, false hoped drug addict. not many ever are doomed to feel that actually, just read or watch tv about it. but everyone has felt what it feels like to be continuously gaslighted by a narcissist without ever even leaving their homes.

No. 886025

there's too much competition now. she wouldn't make it on tik tok. there's fresh faced, younger, cooler girls on there, especially ones who don't look like thumb thumbs

No. 886146

File: 1659410583496.png (1.69 MB, 828x1792, D684A681-4D90-429C-B970-14F897…)

Sorry if OT but this is what that random boy she met at the bar posted on IG. Yes taylor, your friends are totally a positive influence on your sobriety

No. 886147

she had a tiktok before idk what happened to it. i think she clings on to the subs she has on YT

No. 886173

Taylor is a garbage person but it takes a special breed of reprobate to actively enable an addict the way hambeast gremlin Kassi is enabling Taylor. No real friend would behave the way she is behaving, she is pure scum. And as if enabling her wasn’t enough she’s mooching off her family as well, in a house with a special needs kid. Fuck that fat, ugly piece of shit

No. 886216

It's been nearly 5 years since she made decent content on YT… and it's been 10 MONTHS since her "return"… She isn't coming back y'all

She just loves the "idea" of coming back.

Taylor knows she's finished on YT and that's why she's never gonna get sober. She's using drugs to cope with her failures.

She doesn't have a boyfriend. Friends. A career. A loving family. A clean place to live. A car. Even her good looks are gone…

Taylor doesn't have anything.

No. 886242

Yeah I feel like Taylor’s probably going to OD or worse soon, living with another addict is a recipe for disaster, not to mention she looks like a corpse lately. Her parents seem like they’ve given up on her, I can’t blame them. she’s been in every treatment program/rehab and on every sober drug and nothing works because she clearly doesn’t want to get sober. You can’t help people that don’t want help.

No. 886284

I’m legitimately horrified that they’re allowing another junkie to live under their roof. It’s one thing to tolerate their own daughter’s fuckery but why the fuck are they indulging the bridge troll as well?

No. 886286

prime example of failed parenting. Jen has #addiction in her fucking twitter bio. we can see where taylor get her attention whoreism from.

No. 886287

a corpse? a corpse, where? maybe a bloated one but I was just thinking how strange it is that taylor has been doing crystal meth yet is still fat. isn't meth supposed to make you skeletal?

No. 886299


Typically but from what I’ve seen, some users binge on terrible food and sleep a lot coming out of a bender because they haven’t eaten or slept. So their weight stays the same. But if someone is 100% meth all the time, then yeah they will start looking terrible. We all know Taylor probably tears into trash food when she’s not high. Or might be mixing drugs.

No. 886300

Wait a minute…. this girl actually is living at the Dean household? I thought it was a joke.

No. 886312

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but how old is her brother with PW syndrome? Is he 18+ now?

No. 886330

I’ve known a lot of meth users that are fat lol

No. 886358

Seriously though, who would be proud of or want to advertise that their child is a heroine addict/methhead? Taylor needs to be kicked out already. She’s too lazy for OF but I see her maybe resorting to prostitution because she has a taste for expensive things

No. 886372

Didn’t an anon from the area say kassi was a prostitute? Maybe she can mentor tay, I mean for all we know that’s why they’re out walking the streets every night recently kek. (Joking)

No. 886373

Honestly her best friend is a stripper, aggy is a pimp for OF girls and almost all her close circle girl friends are on OF, I surprise that she hasn't started yet tbh. Easy money and she already has a fan base, would be a no brainer

No. 886470

3 years and what like 20 threads and you think it's a joke? keep up

No. 886473

pretty sure anon meant kassi

No. 886477

She is too lazy to do actual work. The only thing she is doing is sperging on insta but only when she is high on meth.
How did you think she only could mean Tay?

No. 886478

I think? It doesn't matter, anyway. He will be lifelong under care and not be able to make own decisions.
Did you ask because of child endangerment? Idk, how the rules are for people that are dependent like him but over 18yo.

No. 886492

Wait even I thought Taylor was being sarcastic, I doubt kassi is living in the Dean household.

No. 886498

No I’m like 90% sure she was serious. Somebody who know her irl said she got kicked out of her parents house and she seems to never post pics from her own house anymore it’s always Taylor’s parents house.

No. 886505


I wait for the day she does this and blows syds out of the water with subs.

No. 886542

Tinfoil but she has to get into sex work eventually, her yt career is dead enough that she can’t live off the income. The only options she has are getting a normal job (she probably thinks she’s too good for that), applying for disability for her “EDS”(super unlikely she’d even get it), or sex work. She loves eye fucking herself and taking selfies, that’s most of the job, I mean look at the thread pic she’s already half way there.

No. 886580

File: 1659666756777.jpeg (35.37 KB, 275x272, EB2747F3-2AEF-4F1C-B7B1-849067…)

yeah… okay nonnie… i mean… if you wanna see a thumb thumb getting off then sure if that your thing

No. 886597

Is that a moo moo she’s wearing? Pun intended kek.

No. 886598

How does one manage to get this fat while having such a gaunt face?

No. 886599

File: 1659677076458.jpeg (188.51 KB, 954x618, 5A839A6A-3D07-492C-90BD-57591F…)

Every time I see that pic this is where my brain goes, she looks like a cryptid.

No. 886601

Hahhaha same, can this pls be the new thread pic?

No. 886608

Shitty tinfoil but maybe she won't do videos because she has meth mouth now?

No. 886626

Taylor. Make YOuTube shorts . Goddamn it. You don’t have edit videos!. Show a few animals. That will start the ball rolling on views and on audience feeling comfortable enough with you. Why am I posting this you ask . I want more milk, but mostly because taylor has a timeline with being too old to appeal to children and that’s almost up.
Seriously kids aren’t going to watch an old looking 30 year old exhausted NEET no matter how cool the editing is on her videos that apparently takes 1.5 years to edit per video

No. 886631

I wouldn't say she's actually fat. Definitely packed on some chub recently, add that with bloating/swollenness, lack of any exercises & just becoming saggy, and her shit diet. She absolutely looks the worst she ever has, but definitely not fat. I would consider her new bestfriend, Kass, fat. That thing is horrifying truly.

No. 886642

KEK vote next thread pic

No. 886659

currently working on next thread collage nonnies

No. 886672

File: 1659719637907.jpeg (5.37 MB, 2304x4096, 98E758A6-6D20-4B02-A291-A00725…)

Taylor Nicole Dean #71 - Faces of Meth: Tic Edition

No. 886675

belongs in a museum

No. 886737

Holy shit nonny this is amazing LOL

Tay should really be a retired cow tho.. Pretty much just a struggling druggie at this point.

No. 886754

Chefs kiss

No. 886872

Eh as much as I like seeing her shitty life get torn apart by farmers I would agree except she is still promising videos, which is more cow like than the average methhead and it’s only a matter of time before she gets into sex work, which will be hilarious.

No. 886879

You guys think mama dean would kick her out if she was doing sw?

No. 886880

File: 1659810023689.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, 7E29757E-3FDD-4399-9A05-07B04F…)


No. 886881

She has been reading all of the thumb thumb comparison posts and is now showing us her drug-emaciated body. Show us everything, Taylor. I personally would pay good money for that

No. 886883

I wonder if she posts here. I bet she shit talks Tuna.

No. 886885

she posted this just so people would speculate on where she is. like why post this randomly after going radio silent?

No. 886891

To remind her fans that she’s still capable of facetuning herself smaller despite it being obvious shes sucking in for dear life (we saw the stream tay tay those opioids are clearly making that wataburger taste gourmet lmfao) and that she’s always capable when it comes to meeting the plugs & hanging out with other addicts

No. 886897

File: 1659817459771.jpeg (200.11 KB, 954x618, ADF1EF30-6EA4-4D10-901F-F85095…)

even in a big tshirt which usually makes people look tiny, we can tell your a thumb thumb. probably from all that hunched over lurking you got a humpback and of course from all the whataburger and not exercising. you don't look good taylor

No. 886913

When people suck in for fear life their shoulder raise and look oddly high. So yep.

No. 886935

Kek. Glad to know the fat comments are getting to her so hard she feels the need to post selfies sucking in for dear life. What a joke.

No. 886937

File: 1659855496499.png (1.87 MB, 828x1792, 424DC0AD-A287-4F84-A72F-8F0A1D…)

Gruesome twosome were out together again. I can’t capture video on my phone but Taylor is acting erratically as Kassi laughs

No. 886938

File: 1659855547056.png (2.58 MB, 828x1792, 9EEC1A39-173E-4B32-A25C-A6E2E5…)

No. 886939

File: 1659855831053.png (512.72 KB, 828x1792, DECF78C5-5928-46BC-B3E3-A462B0…)

No. 886970

Sorry to be that arsehole but does anyone have the link for Jonny’s new thread?

No. 886972

No. 886977

So where's her new video she's been editing and uploading for the last 475 weeks? She certainly has more than enough time to take and post these retarded snippets of her eye fucking herself everywhere she goes

No. 886985

lol there are no videos anon. Remember the totally real zen habitat video that she just needed to add finishing touches to 10 months ago? Every time she says a video is filmed and she just needs to edit it that’s code for “I took some super eye fucky pics that I NEED to post online for validation so here’s a fake update so you guys can’t try and hold me accountable for being a useless pos”.

No. 886987

File: 1659892823909.webm (2 MB, 720x1280, 1.webm)

Here you go, Nona. Incoming all she posted in the last 23-ish hours.

No. 886988

File: 1659892861883.webm (917.86 KB, 720x1280, 2.webm)

No. 886989

File: 1659892994680.webm (387.98 KB, 720x1280, 3.webm)

No. 886990

File: 1659893098458.webm (113.3 KB, 720x1280, 4.webm)

No. 886992

This >>886939 is (5/7), don’t want to clutter the thread with duplicates.

No. 886993

File: 1659893718118.webm (1.45 MB, 720x1280, 6.webm)

Here’s the .webm of >>886938

No. 886994

File: 1659893926895.webm (1.67 MB, 720x1280, 7.webm)

.webm of >>886880
The chronological order of this “dump” is reversed, sorry if this causes any confusion.

No. 887021

The only lather, rinse and repeat taytay knows is how to eye fuck herself in videos. How can you have motivation for 100 of these but can't find any for a cool animal video in 10 months….

No. 887040

File: 1659928781971.png (625.68 KB, 828x1792, 9E3AAC92-53FA-49F6-A65D-627AC0…)

Kassi talking about tweaking

No. 887072

File: 1659952354670.jpeg (542.26 KB, 828x1401, B906D11E-E49A-4E60-8A65-96F79F…)

She was playing that using siri and I heard some parts of the “novel” note she wrote on this story, sounded like its a fan fict about taylor lol.

Also looks like she is back at her home from her latest post? I think one anon said that kassi is from a pretty decent upper middle class family. Her home looks huge ? Any TX anon please correct me.

No. 887073

Yeah I'm sorry nonnies but Kassi is very very pretty.

No. 887074

No hate on alt-girl but its a no for me…

No. 887076

No one cares

No. 887078

She looks like a cracked out Marla Singer in this but go off