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File: 1625070623351.jpg (662.35 KB, 2380x1440, 1624941045604.jpg)

No. 1268266

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Recent Milk:
>spent fathers’ day at her dad's house, where she posted father/daughter incest porn for “all her daddies” >>1261050 , >>1261055
>biological dad expresses concern about her mental health >>1261318
>(this is totally caring and sweet of him, not like when mom does it) >>>/snow/1204635
>posts unironically groundbreaking photo evidence that she ventured outdoors in full daylight >>1261534 , >>1261547
>gets mad when coomers don’t 'like' the pics, since she’s not naked >>1261519
>moment of self-awareness >>1261661
>shat on another dildo (CW: ass boils) >>1261873 , >>1261881 , >>1261883
>begs for money to buy cardboard boxes >>1263382
>still crying over Kyle Nathan Perkins (from Tulsa, Oklahoma) >>1264235
>ghosted her mom while she was in NH instead of visiting. Unblocks/reblocks her bc she wanted to collect her birthday gibs >>1264524
>claims she went on a date with a ‘sugar daddy’ >>1262952
>spent the whole time taking nudes in the bathroom >>1264419 , >>1264467 , >>1264488 , >>1264490
>while people were peeing behind her >>1264494
>it’s just the bathroom at her regular watering hole >>1264524
>she doubles down on the /r/thathappened stories from her “date” >>1264762
>tried many new & exciting things on the day of her birthday - like getting drunk alone, smoking, and overeating. >>1265107
>went to her regular bar again, the same one as from her “date” >>1264933 , >>1264982
>went to the club with Fupa >>1265107 , >>1265943
>complains about tooth pain >>1267805 when she knew at least 2 years ago that she’d need her wisdom teeth out and just ignored it >>1267901 , >>1267978


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No. 1268270

Why dont she just swallow a 17,2 inch black dildo, choke on it and die?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1268273

Maybe she tries to hang herself but shes too fat LMAO(samefagging a-logging tard)

No. 1268276

The fuck is wrong with you two.

No. 1268279

Looks like a samefag to me

No. 1268280

The thread has been up for 10 minutes and it’s already half retards

No. 1268281

Toppest of keks to the thread picture. Fucking hilarious.

No. 1268282

Kys(ban evasion)

No. 1268285

File: 1625071357819.jpeg (172.44 KB, 1242x537, 2E0A91DF-5BE9-419C-84ED-7A7DF3…)


She supposedly signed her notice. I’ll believe it when she leaves.

No. 1268289

Aw, that's nice that someone decided to spoil her with cardboard boxes

No. 1268295

Shayna's life is so bleak.

No. 1268300

Didn't she 'officially' sign a notice before like a few months back?

No. 1268304

File: 1625072570582.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 3464x3464, FB59E94C-E382-4716-B1B8-5F5DAF…)

She looks like a chubby dad who tries on his wife’s clothes when the wife is at work and the kids are in school

No. 1268305

File: 1625072609064.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1242x1342, 28BA9D25-12E0-4A5A-A1B5-840B6C…)

Not even going to vagsperg or anything….. but ew

No. 1268308

Ayo what the fuck

No. 1268311

Why did I open this, man these make me realize I'm a

No. 1268316

The demogorgon inside shays vagina got to her…

No. 1268323

File: 1625073902666.jpg (138.64 KB, 1080x1086, 1615934254962.jpg)

she basically said she did back in march

No. 1268326

For the anon that looks at others reaction before opening the spoiler, please do NOT open that

No. 1268328

Does her gyno even need a spectrum at this point?

No. 1268332


We all know Shay ignores basic health care; she ain't going to no gynecologist.

No. 1268337

At least keep to a consistent lie, Shayna. You already "found" a place and apparently were "approved" for it. This cow is like being stuck in purgatory, literally the same cycles repeatedly.

No. 1268338

it's an old tweet

No. 1268339

…a speculum?
I highly doubt she actually goes to a gyno regularly tbh

No. 1268364

I didn't even notice the time stamp. I just figured it was another new scam kek wouldn't surprise me if she does post something similar to this soon though

No. 1268367

File: 1625076125820.jpeg (316.78 KB, 1242x804, 281EF374-4002-4033-BF29-68FB50…)

Ah yes
>Shayna Clifford/ Dolly Mattel #58- Overdosing On Anxiety Meds All Day Edition

No. 1268368

Oops same fag it was actually thread #56

No. 1268376

File: 1625076541291.jpeg (129.04 KB, 1024x321, F6D1F238-852A-4D21-9B7E-8AE5B4…)


No. 1268378


I thought I knew female anatomy but apparently not because I'm both seeing and not seeing things.(vagsperging)

No. 1268384

Only the best from her sugar dad uwu who totally exists
I thought the other pic was bad. This is so fucked. Don’t open it.

No. 1268387

Those look like fungal warts(vagsperging)

No. 1268388

lowkey starting to assume that "Shayna" may have been a "Shayne" at some point.
Girl… go see a doctor for this..

No. 1268389

I’ve never seen a vagina like this, ever. It’s giving FTMTF

No. 1268392

bitch it took you a whole YEAR and you still ain't moving, i don't see it yet. there ain't a thing in your life to be proud of

No. 1268394


i am honestly confused what i am looking at here, and i have a vagina myself. is that entire gaping abyss her labia? is that thing at the top left the vagina (hole) or is that whole gape the vagina with a view inside? where is the clit? this honestly looks like a poorly done neo vagina, i'm so confused(vagsperging)

No. 1268395

Can someone who practices lesbianics tell me what the fuck am I looking at, because it looks like part of her pussy prolapsed(vagsperging)

No. 1268396

moving doesn’t fix your problems, you’ll still be a sad fat alcoholic druggie in seattle

No. 1268399

vaginal prolapse is rare and only happens due to surgical complications or rare pregnancy complications. the actual wall of your vagina and inner labia cannot prolapse. a vagina is different to an anus, which is much easier to prolapse. she just has very unfortunate inner labia that look disgusting, along with not knowing how to light herself making her vagina look like a dark bloody cavern. not using lube doesn’t help the state of the skin down there either. there’s nothing medically wrong with her besides sheer retardation. she just has a very very unfortunate looking pussy and doesn’t know how to take pics if her life depended on it.(vagsperging)

No. 1268403

samefag but medfagging about her unfortunate looking body only leads to serving her delusions more. she thinks her vein titty is so special because autists in here go off about it being a medical anomaly when it’s really normal. y’all make her feel important and smart and special when you medfag cos you give an excuse as to why she looks like that besides she’s just fucking butt ugly.

No. 1268405

File: 1625078916520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 331.53 KB, 877x1618, 76493F9C-DB83-4C01-8A2D-B47A8E…)

Yeah. I don’t know it looks off… I’m not retarded I know Shayna isn’t a MTF but damn what’s wrong with it? It’s not even what scrotes call a “roastie” it’s like her lips are inside her vagina hole for some reason. Her clit is under the clitoral hood but it looks like she buzzed it off with that lawnmower she calls a vibrator kek(vagsperging)

No. 1268407

I think her outer lips are just stuck together hiding her clit?? wouldn’t surprise me since she’s always dry as hell. it’s a bizarre image no matter what

No. 1268409

Don’t unspoiler this it’s not worth it

No. 1268412

That’s just a cope, Shayna knows she’s ugly and has an ugly body, hence why she has mental breakdowns twice a month. She likes to say her boobs are uwu cute and veiny because scrotes give her a little self esteem boost. But once she’s off her phone and looks into the mirror of her dimly lit bathroom she can see her giant beer belly, cockeyed boobs drooping lower than the other, and she knows she is one ugly heifer

No. 1268416

>moving away & growing from toxic situations
Posted a few days after spending her birthday with the same ex that she's been subtweeting for years, every time crying that she's totally moving on this time for real.

No. 1268424

The fact that she’s thanking a bunch of coomers (that only follow her for free jerk off material) for being there on her journey to self-betterment is bleak as hell

No. 1268428

lmfao anon. underrated

No. 1268439

File: 1625082108959.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, 1D3F4E1F-044A-4F4A-8F39-E2AF59…)

I got bored sage for autism

No. 1268444

The border also functions as a starter pack lol

I got a lil chuckle out of this, but I feel like there's almost too many things that she does on Groundhog Day for a bingo card. She needs a drinking game, except one where you only drink water.

No. 1268445

Nonny I was literally about to make one but for when she cams but I figured not because she never actually gets on cam but now I’m inspired. Are we all telepathically connected? kek

No. 1268452


This is the part that gets me. She 100% thinks moving is going to solve all her problems. She’s still going to be a lazy sexworker degrading herself for $3 a customer. She is still going to be an alcoholic who abuses weed. She still will hate her mom for no reason. She’s still going to be overweight and out and shape.

I guess it will be harder to let Fupa fuck her when he gets bored but I doubt she’s going to drop him all together. I suspect that was one of the main reasons she got the xbox, because she wants to still game with him etc. (and at the time to lure him over)

No. 1268463

I telepathized with someone in the last thread too about how girl Fupa looked like he worked at a school ( >>1267249 , >>1267252 )
If you're the same anon then I'm a believer now.

I feel like it's going to be harder for her if anything. She's already lonely af in Oklahoma. Fupa is the only person she ever hangs out with. Besides that it's just drinking alone & getting doordash. She's going to have to go out of her way to make new friends (& during a pandemi lovato too).

No. 1268468

File: 1625085095612.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3464x3464, 97BC0712-ACCE-4A55-B124-241296…)

Sage for autism & ot, but yes that was also me as well Anon. Topkek. I hope you’re having a good day. Ily
I tried making one but I doubt she will be on cam any time soon. Fixed my typo.

No. 1268469

File: 1625085220516.jpeg (795.6 KB, 1242x1375, DAD39747-A022-486E-822A-7D8B71…)

Aw it looks like Fupa proposed, congrats Shaynus

No. 1268470

File: 1625085364465.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3109x2807, F65EF036-3D1B-4C6B-B822-BBD26A…)

keep packing on the pounds Fatty

No. 1268476

I'm actually a little spooked…
This is a very autistic drinking game, but that suits me perfectly. And ily too my tethered anon. I will pull this out next time she cams & drink one for you (water ofc).
Ok I'll stop scissoring with my twin now. Sorry others for going OT, but that was too crazy of a coincidence.

No. 1268477

that high-pitched sound you hear is this hog’s pancreas screaming
sure, stuff yourself with sugar and carbs, why not
every day is treat day

No. 1268479

Her poor body. Those two things do NOT go together. She definitely out with Fupa again…. wonder how long it’ll be before she announces to her two coomers that she’s not moving and what the excuse to will be this time.

No. 1268492

File: 1625087373922.jpeg (359.4 KB, 1242x1861, 73CC4607-2A7A-4DAB-86EA-ACC8EE…)

>deathfat saga when?

No. 1268496


And the grossest part is she probably will try to do anal after eating like this

No. 1268504

She’s been manic spending on food and clothes for a while now, I wonder what’s gonna happen when reality hits and she has to pay all her moving bills. She’s going to be so broke

No. 1268505

>I wonder what’s gonna happen when reality hits and she has to pay all her moving bills.
she just won't move

No. 1268508

My stomach hurts looking at this. Those fries don’t even look crispy. Probably a wet soggy mess with a thousand calories of ranch and buffalo sauce alone.

No. 1268512

Perfect, now all the nonnies will be able to laugh and stay healthy.

No. 1268514

File: 1625089359952.jpg (128.28 KB, 638x479, water-intoxication-3-638.jpg)

You trying to kill us with those last ones?

No. 1268558

As if she's ever going to get an engagement ring kek. She's been wearing it since her birthday dinner, so I'm guessing she grabbed it off a jewelry rack at whatever store she got her sausage casing dress from.

No. 1268573

That stone looks like a baby tooth

No. 1268583

Ugh this looks so gross. Why would you show off that nasty pile of fries?

No. 1268584

shay really has zero concept of nutrition or portion control. like what the fuck kind of diet is this. RIP her gut microbiome

No. 1268603

This seems like it would feel like a huge, gross brick in your stomach. The fries alone look like a whole day's worth of calories. In just greasy mayo potato… but hey, you are what you eat.
Then she's washing it down with 3x the recommended daily allowance of sugar because the first greasebomb wasn't enough, and she wants to mainline some sweetened lard.
Oh, and a large sugar water on top.

It's no wonder she's grown herself a gunt shelf. Her stomach is distended af. Bet she'll crush a 6-pack right after too.
No one wants a sugarbaby with diabetes, Shayna.

No. 1268612

File: 1625099650709.jpg (191.25 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20210630-151110_Twi…)

No. 1268636

omg, i love you. rofl

No. 1268642

epic thread pic

"who's reimbursing?"

No. 1268646

This is just her saying she’s not moving to Seattle because fupapa put his chode in her snatch.

No. 1268661

The thread summary has me wheezing.
>claims she went on a date with a ‘sugar daddy’
>spent the whole time taking nudes in the bathroom
>while people were peeing behind her
>it’s just the bathroom at her regular watering hole
Excellent work, anon.

No. 1268685

what the fuck does this mean? i don’t think Washington, one of the rainiest states, is going to be much hotter than Bumfuck, Oklahoma. Also wouldn’t almost every apartment have its own heating and cooling system?

No. 1268688

Washington is having an intense heatwave this year and not every residential home has AC.

No. 1268690

samefag but my bad anon, i assumed she was setting up another grift thanks for the clarification

No. 1268693

File: 1625108276002.jpg (Spoiler Image, 449.07 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_20210630-215743_Twi…)

No. 1268717

More like peek-a-gut

No. 1268730

Does she ever get tired of just arbitrarily lifting/opening her shirt every time she sees a mirror? It's like she has a compulsion or something, because it's never even a particularly sexy photo. Literally just her flopping out her udders.

No. 1268732

Been said before, but her content is much better without her mug in it. Shayna, you have no excuse for the wisdom teeth, you can still do everything other than choke on 1 inch of your shit stained dildos & record your awkward as hell monologues.

No. 1268734

She only has 30 days until her lease is up and still has not found and secured a place. She is crazy thinking she can find an apartment that fast not to mention relocating to another state. This girl has absolutely zero understanding as to how renting works. It is a huge pain in the ass to look at apartments, apply, and actually get approved. Not to mention she has 2 (3?) Pets? With zero credit, work history, or a consistent income. She could potentially be homeless in 30 days.

No. 1268740

She supposedly has an apartment lined up already. She didn’t make it super clear but it was heavily implied. She’s an idiot so it’s hard to really know. She said her application was accepted and celebrated , bought her ticket and is supposedly preparing to move into said apartment.

I still won’t believe shit until she’s on an airplane. She could just lie and get a new apartment in Tulsa. She never takes photos outside anyways except for her food.

No. 1268743

Her tits are the only part of her body worth posting. Cropping out her face doesn't excuse her beer gut, thunder thighs and that yawning chasm I've seen some people here call a vagina.

No. 1268752

File: 1625116334308.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 941x1853, 62D2B0E8-EEFA-4C53-8CD7-72B378…)

No. 1268753

File: 1625116388734.jpeg (104.22 KB, 1211x360, 1FB0730E-5623-46CE-BC1F-855FA8…)

kek like clockwork

No. 1268791

I don't know why she's so stuck on Seattle. She loves drugs, so why doesnt she move to Oregon? They essentially legalised doing speedballs in front of children there.

No. 1268798

Because her ex is there and she's rekindling things with ppl she was with before fupa. It's not her "bestie". It's her ex she's trying to pawn off as a friend. That's who she said went and saw the place she's renting.

No. 1268801


She did go to two different locations that night though. She didnt lie and only go her old shitty bar, she went to the bar after the steakhouse. I feel like 50% anons dont understand this. Her lie was that she was with a mysterious sugar at location #1.

No. 1268804


sorry samefag. meant mysterious sugar daddy. but yeah, OP summary is a bit misleading in that regard.


Bestie or ex, I predict a falling out between her and this girl as soon as they connect in person. She hasn’t had any real life contact with females in how long now? Since she moved to Tulsa? With how defensive and pick-me she gets with girls online, I can only imagine the shit show that is going to go down in Washington.

No. 1268832

File: 1625133069494.png (9.51 MB, 3464x3464, 0B4CC140-590E-4824-B0BB-B3997B…)

This fit from pacsun, just like her “clubbing” shorts. I can’t help but feel like during her mall outing, she just bought up every item in the store with the playboy branding. She spent $150 alone on these mismatched sweats and those tacky shorts. None of it is even cute but it’s playboy so ig that makes it ~so bimbo~

No. 1268833

Samefag to add that I’ve never understood what kind of person buys lazily branded products like this. Like those colourpop collections ft the same old makeup packaged in branded cardboard. Shayna is that kind of person judging by this pacsun haul and the Barbie/Lizzie McGuire makeup that’s sitting in a box untouched.

No. 1268841

Haven't seen anyone wear Playboy merch since the early 2000s so it's classic Shayna to hop on on a decades old trend. Bitch was a literal baby when Playboy was popular.

No. 1268851

Anon, Y2K is trendy right now… Let's not comment on these things too much. She looks trashy irrespective of the trend

No. 1268869

Lolol I don't know why it got cut off, but yeah RIP me and my innocence. Was about to say reading these threads makes me feel like a dumbass

No. 1268877

She’s managed to make bright blue sweatpants look dingy not even a week after purchasing them. She’s so disgusting, can’t even imagine what her dwelling smells like.

No. 1268882

ugly cashgrab from a grandpa coomer brand
figures shayna would jump on that gross bandwagon

No. 1268892

File: 1625144973218.png (1.24 MB, 1578x2048, Screenshot_20210701-080722.png)

She started following someone named bluefrodo1. This person is from Seattle. That got my autism going into overdrive and I stalked his Twitter. And found something very interesting. He's connected to shays ex.

No. 1268942

Interesting find, indeed. I truly do hope she moves and fresh milk flows

No. 1268957

Why does this stuff look like it belongs on Shein kek. As usual, she buy the ugliest and tackiest shit a brand has to offer with no idea how to style or begin to have taste in fashion. It's really tragic. Forget her getting "rich enough to afford a chef," she needs a stylist and personal trainer first and foremost.

No. 1268972

File: 1625153642318.jpeg (256.61 KB, 1242x606, E8BBCEF1-D0A6-41F9-8E23-0A3A37…)

No. 1268973

File: 1625153745688.jpeg (493.97 KB, 1242x1278, 86FB8595-9127-4328-991F-B121E5…)

Did anyone catch what she said ?

No. 1268976

File: 1625154092824.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 1242x1616, 6E622787-9C7D-462F-94C1-45E7FC…)

Shaynus sent this old ass pic when she was skinny in the onlyfans dms

No. 1268978

god beware some poor person who just wants to post cutesy childrens stuff in peace doesn't want to be asscociated with degen e-whores who have their gaped hemorrhoid ridden asshole pinned on top of their profile. she is so incredibly dense and unlikeable

No. 1268980

Yeah. Auto-correct. Sorry, anon. I should move on anyways.

Not only that, but the money situation is going to be a bitch. She's used to spending more money on junk rather than rent and cost of living. I'm going to be interested in how broke she becomes.

No. 1268983

throwback to when she lit fireworks from her asshole. Blessings to the farmers who watched the video, I think theres only screenshots of that gold now.

No. 1268984

Maybe she’ll lose weight not being able to afford door dash by the truck load.

No. 1268996

She got a toe for thumbs. Put those Walmart acrylics back on.

No. 1268998

Shay loves to call people bitches right after retweeting something about feminism lol.

No. 1269000

Ok libshit. Shayna hates on female sexworkers the most sooooo.

No. 1269017

Kek she's really incapable of being alone. This is milky af

No. 1269025

File: 1625158625152.jpeg (595.49 KB, 1097x1773, C9FA6E2C-4933-4478-A0EE-422426…)

she probably wrote something to this account

No. 1269031

She’s had what, 2, 3? places herself. I think she gets it by now. It’s probably not difficult for her because her dad will be co-signing(sage)

No. 1269032


Total copout reason for deleting, "I didn't want to engage with them because they're ~hateful~ and I'm above that!" when really she doesn't want to get told to shut the fuck up and dogpiled with how much of an idiot she is, like when she pissed off those feminists or whatever recently loool.

No. 1269037

the dingy brown sweat stain on her crack omfg. besides getting fat she really hasn’t changed

No. 1269042

File: 1625160094299.png (103.73 KB, 386x244, 42297F05-58B2-4573-B140-DFF577…)

omg anon i didn’t even notice that literal sweat/shit stain

No. 1269048

she fails to realize most sanrio/pink aesthetic accounts don't want porn accounts following them

No. 1269051

I love how she acts like her crusty dusty ass unfollowing means anything. Girl, they don't care.
She's just scared of conflict and someone coming at her. Unfollow and move on, no one cares.

No. 1269094

This. And really she shouldn't clutter her gross "work" account with that stupid shit anyway. The scrotes dont want to see hello kitty and pink icecream and hand bags. They're following for porn. It's not Tumblr where aesthetics and reblogging photos are a big thing.
Other SWers retweet other girls and their content, but I guess Shay would never unless shes getting something from it and even then it's rare. She only thinks about herself and thinks everyone actually cares about her bullshit.

No. 1269108

File: 1625166498693.jpg (Spoiler Image, 760.97 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20210701-140748_Twi…)

The dumbest shit she has ever done

No. 1269115

Does this mean she’s posting it again?

No. 1269120

probably since this Jackass-tier stunt is likely the closest she'll ever come to going "viral"

No. 1269134

Even though it didn't go viral the first time

No. 1269135

It would be fun to see the portentous contrast if she made the same video but with her new extra pounds.

No. 1269136

yeah because she never actually will…

No. 1269137

It didn’t but it got her a lot of attention. More than anything else she ever posted. And then iirc her Twitter got nuked shortly after and she was so pissed cause she lost it all kek

No. 1269147

Most people were pissed about the video and calling her a dumb ass

No. 1269150

I miss the days of her twitters getting taken down

No. 1269153

why? it was monotonous

No. 1269170

I find it funny for her to be posting about her awful republic parents and the reposting this ’murica shit.

No. 1269198

Her life is even more monotonous now. All she ever does is make up and break up with Fupaul, get drunk and eat all day just steady getting uglier, take some horror tier pics,c and then occasionally go out with her totally real frens and flash her lopsided tits in some dingy bar bathroom. That's it. That's the thread.

No. 1269215

i was just talking about her account being deleted, the consequent lack of content/milk in the days afterward and her complaining about it, etc.
her life was exactly as monotonous back then as it is now.

No. 1269220

Genuine question. Does Shayna do -anything- at all that betters her life? Like… anything? I cannot think of a single thing.

No. 1269226

why would she when she has a steady stream of enablers?

No. 1269231

No, she doesn’t have hobbies, job or friends and just keeps drinking and smoking. I’d be pretty depressed too.
Also, has she still posted anything about Noodle or the cats? Could it be she actually got rid of them?

No. 1269247

Or worse…. she’s doing it again

No. 1269259

I know this is old content but the rate at which this heifer wants to completely destroy her holes is pathetic.

No. 1269262

she posted the orange cat a week ago. aspca anons need to relax.

No. 1269303

Ah sorry i must’ve missed that.

No. 1269369

herpes is also viral though

No. 1269380

is there any low where these thots would go to, like I get shoving an unlit or unused fire work up there, but that shit has to be lmao illegal, especially in fucking seattle, where firework laws are more strict than where I'm from and what if lmao other thots try that?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269383

This was last year in Oklahoma

No. 1269392

Sage you fucking retard. And don’t post in the thread if you don’t even know what’s going on or what’s happening. That didn’t happen in Seattle, newfag

No. 1269426

2 years ago but yeah. Covid makes it seem like everything was last year

No. 1269427

Must resist the urge to a-log. It didn't go viral when you first posted it, Shayna, and it won't this year either. When you're so lazy you can't even come up with new bad concepts for your holiday themed porn

No. 1269428

You are so right anon! Crazy

No. 1269435

File: 1625190525832.gif (2.22 MB, 346x215, 8fab5c9bf4e852dff15d93add692cb…)

Finally realized who thread pic Shayna was reminding me of. Just replace the lighter with a dildo or cheemsburger. Your so beautiful, love you Dolly

No. 1269459

Yeah a ton of boomers were going off on her for sitting her whore ass on the flag and stuff kek

No. 1269461

File: 1625194521758.jpg (299.48 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20210701-215518_Twi…)

For God's sake Shay

No. 1269462

Wow no one gave a shit the first time! Let’s redo the thing that didn’t work! Maybe try buying a bigger one next time!

No. 1269463

Ahh maybe this time she is fully intending to blow off her snatch.

If it happens again in a random ass field we all know fupa is the one filming it.

No. 1269470

I smell another scam….
>it’s too cloudy out uwu I can’t film I’m just going to stay inside and dab
She said she was going to go in a field dressed as a cow (ironic) and pour milk or something?? Am I remembering that correctly?

No. 1269474

Yup she did say that

No. 1269476

If she does it, it's going to be hilarious seeing her try to do it. She can barely put a butt plug in without struggling

No. 1269478

>without struggling
I don’t know what thread you think you’re in, but Shay’s ass is so wrecked that those butt plugs go in like it’s nothing. It’s horrifying.

No. 1269479

I had a feeling this was coming. Like fashion trends, Shayna's porn is constantly being recycled. To be fair the only other fourth of July option would be full Uncle Sam drag buttfucking a flag pole, but I have a feeling Fupaul would like that too much

No. 1269485

it also depends on rather her and fupa are on that day. I don't think she's dumb enough to attempt this alone. Imagine doing this (again) for attention. She is retarded.

No. 1269487

Sorry I should've specified. I meant struggling as in trying to reach

No. 1269494


No. 1269506

File: 1625198408323.jpeg (260.45 KB, 1170x1983, 900DE5EB-3886-4F32-AC9D-7080D5…)

found something as ugly as her(integrate)

No. 1269508

This is such a terrible idea. She could really fuckin hurt herself. Just because she got away with it once doesn’t mean she should do it again. Christ she is dumb as a brick.

No. 1269510

I knew what you mean anon kek. She starts heavy breathing just from taking her clothes off.
I almost can't believe she would try that again. But she is retarded and can't ever come up with new ideas. She's really putting herself at risk for a serious injury and for nothing. Also it just makes her look even worse when she reposts content from when she was skinny and not as hideous and then creates content with the same concept and often squeezing into the same outfit even. I just don't understand why she would do that. It's just embarrassing and lazy.

No. 1269511

Sage your dumb shit and don't give her any ideas

No. 1269557

underrated comment

No. 1269584

Might seem harsh but I hope she blows her bum out. What a stupid idea.

No. 1269602

a lot of people only seem to learn things the hard way, but let's be real; she'd just find some other dumbass thing to do in a desperate bid for attention.

No. 1269627

The perfect excuse to stay in Tulsa tbh

No. 1269630

If Shat does actually blow up her genital area with a firework, would she her threads get moved to /pt/?

No. 1269751

No. 1269763

they never will be because a large chunk of anons loathe her threads (often for good reason tbf)

No. 1269775

As >>1268730 stated, WHY does she feel the need to expose herself unsexily in every mirror she comes across? It doesn't come across as sexy as she probably thinks it does. It makes it look like it's her job. "God, I have to flop out my tits at the Old Country Buffet again".
Restaurant, changing room, public toilet… I don't wanna see ANYBODY'S tits, pussy and ass out in a dingy Olive Garden restroom. And again with the free content on twitter. Doesn't matter anyhow, since her shit content is 3 fucking dollars, which is basically free. What a hopeless, clueless idiot.

No. 1269784

I feel like her ass wasn't as broken last time she did this, I'm afraid for her innards

No. 1269803


Thats why I laugh when she tries to fight about Sex Work being a real Job. No Shaynus - you’re just a disgusting, degenerate, pick-me.

No. 1269806

File: 1625238471450.jpg (179.79 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20210702-100733_Twi…)

No. 1269832

File: 1625240639651.jpeg (358.64 KB, 1242x810, 5D7374E6-39D2-47BD-B59B-1A7EE2…)

Didn’t she say this last time wtf it really is Groundhog Day

No. 1269834

No because of retards like this >>1269506
Shays threads are chaotic and autistic but I love them because anons make me ugly cackle

No. 1269837

File: 1625241116061.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 860.85 KB, 2204x3464, 929AC88B-1669-4F13-92F9-AF0F69…)

>turd braids, yellow feet, lopsided boobs
Do you think Shayna will actually buy fireworks and do it?

No. 1269839

what is even the point of doing something like this for onlyfans? I find it difficult to believe anyone would get off to that.

No. 1269853


Well I guess you can't wreck what is already wrecked.

No. 1269857

She thinks she can get viral or something as delusional.

No. 1269858

File: 1625242674493.jpeg (768.58 KB, 1242x1204, 41F3FCA2-D0FC-4C61-81B0-B02C25…)

Diabetes saga when?

No. 1269883

Shayna Clifford / Dolly Mattel #102 Mobilitea Scooter Coochie Burn Edition

No. 1269889

God bless you, that's beautiful

No. 1269895

That's great when you're overweight and have dental issues. Just drink super sugary drinks daily!

No. 1269897

No. 1269903

If it does happen do you think shay will live tweet the situation and post the gory pictures? or will she just disappear for a few days.

No. 1269922

jesus she really had to get a fucking large. i can only imagine how much sugar is loaded in that shit.

No. 1269928

even if she manages to blow up her rancid asshole for the sake of going viral, there’s no way she wouldn’t take the chance to try and get pity points/attention from her dumbass followers.

No. 1269941

So THIS is the quality content you get being subscribed to her OF? An old photo of her in shit stained underwear??? And Jesus fuck did she not realize it either? Or is there actually a market for skid mark porn? (Don't answer if that's legit) kek

No. 1269943

Definitely. She would live tweet like crazy about it.

No. 1269944

The thought of this dumb broad literally blowing out her asshole and STILL being in /snow/ is hilarious.
>can't move, I'm having reconstructive asshole surgery uwu

No. 1269952

Sage for somewhat off topic but I love so much that every time Fupa's name is brought up, anons use his full name and location (shy of actual street address) so that these threads come up when you google is name lol I don't think I've ever seen anybody associated to a cow get dragged so hard. I wonder if it's ever come up in his real life.

No. 1269969

I feel sure Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma who works for AT&T doesn't care, his facebook is public. I think one of the reasons he lost interest in Shaynus is that her tumblr fame is long gone and she has absolutely no sort of social clout anymore. Fupaul used to love the little attention being "Daddy Mattel" brought.

No. 1269972

tbf i think shayna would be pretty impossible to try to maintain a relationship with just in general

No. 1270046

File: 1625253708487.jpeg (540.75 KB, 1242x1675, B26033FE-7A53-417F-A088-F1D7D6…)

Even grayhair knows she’s full of shit

No. 1270050

Hmmm…"have my period won't be filming" but "send money for me to buy fireworks to shoot out of my already destroyed asshole again" doesn't add up considering she never seems to do the route of using a tampon and tucking the string or using a cup like other SW do when it's that time of the month.

She's definitely too large to try and pass off the old videos and photos as new content/hair is different. I'm betting she will definitely do it again because of all the crumbs of attention it got her last time.

No. 1270053

yeah she is literally retarded. it's already back to normal temps in the pacific nw.

No. 1270058

File: 1625254216540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 261 KB, 1242x1478, 5E4F1BA2-EFF8-4D3C-935A-D4BF7A…)

Forgot to spoiler
She’s so ugly

No. 1270059

File: 1625254241516.jpeg (410.91 KB, 2000x1999, 1F64E125-EB0A-4F5A-92EE-CB890C…)


No. 1270063

File: 1625254340065.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.19 KB, 2000x1999, 2358BB55-E495-4516-9B9B-D7755C…)


No. 1270064


No. 1270068

File: 1625254520005.png (9.52 MB, 1242x2208, A731FEFD-33FB-48F7-B2BD-F16DC9…)

Keep packing on the pounds Shaynus! Blow all your “moving” money

No. 1270070

is she allergic to vegetables?

No. 1270077

File: 1625254979043.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, A61F9BA7-7BEC-4587-9776-526B8A…)

I love how Shayna (who is totally thriving and making money) can’t even afford a $45 tube top and had to buy a cheap polyester Chinese aliexpress knock off. Embarrassing. Flower pink doesn’t even make any sense kek

No. 1270078

her trying to discreetly hold up the one titty is sending me
trailer park barbie serving cameltoe and unwashed hair

No. 1270080

She has a small side corn but it’s covered in mayo (ofc) eat a salad ffs

No. 1270084

elote definitely does not count as a vegetable

No. 1270086

her diet is fucking nauseating. not even just because she's getting so fat but it's a constant cycle of shoveling utter garbage into her mouth. you'd think she would feel so disgusting afterward she would want to take a cleanse day or weekend and eat something healthy but i guess the weed and booze keeps those considerations at bay.

No. 1270089

True but at least it’s something

No. 1270094

Same anon same. Absolutely kills me. Although realistically how often are we ourselves googling either colleagues or even friends. To do that implies some level of interest in a person, maybe on a sexual level. And let’s face it, this guy is probably as dull and undesirable as it gets.

No. 1270095

I wonder how her posture is when she sits, she must be hunched over on her phone
must not be a good sight

No. 1270098

Or even just filming content to put by for these times. As if coomers want to be reading about her bleeding snatch every month. It’s just excuses to be lazy

No. 1270116

I can't take it anymore. These clothes are the worst she's ever worn, period. It looks horrible. She has zero waist - looks fine on some women, but to add insult to injury, she has zero ass also. It gives her the physique of a chubby prepubescent boy. Is this the fantastic barbie bimbo hooker content her "fans" get?
Crunchy-looking poop bun, trailer trash hooker outfit with a knockoff AliExpress tube top that would look dumb as fuck on literally the sexiest woman alive, rancid shorts that make her look like she's about to burst, the $3 glitter phone case… worst thing is, she went OUTSIDE like that, just to eat BBQ ribs. Yeah, that fits.

No. 1270117

The shape and lumpiness of the shorts looks like she’s wearing a diaper under it

No. 1270127

File: 1625257379003.png (585.81 KB, 480x601, 46DC958F-5D9A-4B93-89A1-BA6527…)

>Fupaul- applies for a new job
>HR comes across his resume, credentials seem good.
>Opens google: “Kyle Nathan Perkins, Tulsa Oklahoma”
>See several results for Lolcow.farm /Shayna Clifford, Dolly Mattel + Fupa/Kyle Perkins
>Confusion and terror ensues when seeing picrel
>Close tab
>Erase browser history for the last hour
>Delete Kyle Perkins’ resume from computer
>Spend the rest of the day wondering tf did you just see

I don’t know about you but the thought of a coworker or potential employer looking up Fupa and seeing this shit completely sends me.

No. 1270135

she goes OUT looking like this? i refuse to believe it nonnies… even trailer park mommas have a better sense of style at this point

No. 1270136

this edit makes me want to die thanks

No. 1270141

What in all the fuck? Her belly looks like what you would see on a woman that gave birth a few months ago. I have never seen a navel like that on woman who's never had children.

No. 1270142

It’s hilarious. Also I like mentioning our favorite sped coomer, Jason R Womack, from Hinton, Oklahoma

No. 1270143

it's an old thread pic

No. 1270189

the heatwave in pnw ended on tuesday, shatna. also, are tenants generally allowed to install ac in their units, or is she talking about some magic standalone giant fan that will cool the whole apartment?

No. 1270197

most places don't care if you put in a window unit but it probably depends

No. 1270211

File: 1625261349511.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 169.79 KB, 884x1489, 13B66CE8-81E0-4676-BC6C-CA56F8…)

This image still gives me nightmares to this day. Spoiler because gross but not nudity

No. 1270213


Its still summer though, so she’ll need an a/c unit unless she wants her apartment to be a muggy mess. This is one of the few actually smart purchases for moving considering how much weight she gained. She already gets sweaty as hell during her camshows so I’m personally excited to see her rage and make up excuses to not work because she’s too hot. Can Shanya appear even more greasy than she looks now? Find out next month on Fupaless in Seattle!

No. 1270215

Nonnie, window units are super common. Landlords don't care. Anyway, this must mean she's been living in an apartment with central air, right? She really isn't going to have any of the luxuries for cheap she gets in Tulsa. And she's gonna really bitch if she has to pay electricity because window a/cs use a lot. Bet she won't buy an energy efficient one, too.

No. 1270225

The power of DELUSION lmaooo she singlehandedly raises the self-esteem of everyone in proximity when she goes outside.

No. 1270228

Kek, repping his namesake well. That fat ass fupa.

No. 1270235

there's a reason there was an a/c shortage when it was 110F+ there
just google the weather forecast, it gets down to the 50s at night

No. 1270241


He and Shay literally have matching fupas, down to the patchy-ass hair. vom

No. 1270244

It always looks like she's holding her ass cheeks/hips in but in all reality it's just how she's shaped.

No. 1270294

The camel toe… just size up you fat fuck

No. 1270305

File: 1625267437857.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1598, 96F4084A-D546-4702-9A41-4F4293…)

Lol at that ugly $5 shein tube top

No. 1270312

We're probably maybe a week before her thigh's start chaffing.

No. 1270317

someone already posted it >>1270077

No. 1270327

Sage but why do all the none pink tops have the same “flower pink” logo… when they aren’t pink? Cheap garbage truly out does itself tbh

No. 1270337

File: 1625270956132.jpeg (48.96 KB, 480x638, 066C0C28-F76A-4F29-9C6C-81A1F9…)

It’s a cheap knockoff of a top from o-mighty. It is a parody of “totally spies” it’s suppose to say totally sluts or totally stoned. But they don’t want to get in trouble for copying ? I guess?? so it says something completely different that doesn’t even make sense lmao kind of like the California dream Barbie sweater Shayna got that was misspelled because it was from aliexpress.

No. 1270339

File: 1625271093697.jpeg (294.33 KB, 1242x674, 91E8B028-ED10-4847-BC93-2EBF65…)


No. 1270343

she ain’t moving

No. 1270346

File: 1625271553005.jpeg (67.03 KB, 1080x1183, 69AAE128-E335-417B-8C07-3A6DC2…)

No. 1270349

What a clown, who tells their public sex work account about their desperation with an ex? Embarrassing.

No. 1270358

Isn't her plan to move by the end of this month? Why is she acting like she's moving tommorrow or some shit, Fupaul still has time!

No. 1270360

File: 1625272644164.jpeg (451.64 KB, 1242x1300, B003830C-5E44-42D1-A533-F65E0F…)

>something horrible happened to you
Kek what is Fupa going to do? Strangle her with his dainty lady hands?? Shayna could probably beat him up or at least sit on him

No. 1270362

agree, it’s so weird anons are choosing this to nitpick of all things. the heatwave last week isn’t going to be the last and it’s not like shayna isnt already wasting money on dumb shit.
buy an AC and some chapstick, and some salicylic acid body wash for the move.

No. 1270363

she's talking to fupa again, not sure that move is happening

No. 1270366

File: 1625273438992.jpeg (362.42 KB, 1170x1116, 4860896C-E17E-4A90-9185-1F4C82…)

No. 1270367

he just wants 2 stick his chode in2 your disgusting pimpled ass

No. 1270368

Oh please Shay

No. 1270369

how romantic

No. 1270371

I won't believe she's moving until we see her in Seattle

No. 1270380

She's so fucking dumb lol. Either he's a manipulative pos just stringing her along or he's just happy to finally be rid of her. Not that she cares, because attention is attention. Tragic all around. All this? For like three inches and a beer gut?

No. 1270381

Same. And I don’t know how many more times she can pull this stunt before her coomers get sick of it. A lot of them are catching on. She’s going to burn herself for that fat manbaby and honestly? She deserves it.

No. 1270382

like a fucking clockwork KEK

No. 1270384

I don't think Jason R Womack will ever get sick of her

No. 1270393

>made sure I put in my notice
He want you GONE kek

No. 1270394

seriously. does she really not get that’s how it comes off?

No. 1270395

I love how she makes it seem like Fupaul is SOOO selfless, nah, he wants you to get the fuck on and leave already.
She acts like moving will instantly make her happy, how? What changes is she going to make? What is she going to do differently?

No. 1270397

Guess the fake date worked. Fupa finally answered the phone. These idiots are mfeo

No. 1270398

I imagine the “checking in and making sure” she’s talking about was along the lines of
>”u moving”
>(Message Liked by Kyle)
Why does she pretend he’s some amicable one-that-got-away? She’s constantly screaming and sobbing about the Big Evil Abuse he puts her through to all 0 of the people who read her Twitter. Does she want to seem like less of a loser to her “fans” (grey hair and womack) and pretend her relationship fell to shit simply because she’s moving, and not because she lacks a personality, self awareness, and looks?

No. 1270400

File: 1625275940820.jpg (381 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20210702-203155_Twi…)

Who pissed her off now?

No. 1270401

I get why she won't make a personal account, she won't get ass pats like she would on her main, but Jesus Christ does she ever need to make a personal account. Coomers don't care shaynus

No. 1270404

I think this proves that her "sugar daddy date" was a night out with Fupa

No. 1270406

famous celebrity alert

No. 1270414

It was probably Kim Kardashian asking for advice, but shay is so busy getting high, eating takeout and drinking her weight in alcohol, that she’s unable to answer.

No. 1270428

She really wants people to worship her huh. They are treating you like a real person when they try to talk to you. Bitch has no idea how to make friends. I feel like this was a fellow sex worker just asking her how her day was or something

No. 1270429

File: 1625278946772.jpeg (144.25 KB, 750x615, CD2143E4-4E4A-4EEE-A1FD-3985D2…)

i know a place she could find a few

No. 1270431


Jesus Christ Shay get an actual fucking friend you can spew this self-absorbed garbage to. She hasn’t a lick of business sense in her body. And what is hilarious is whoever annoyed her enough to post this was probably reaching out to her from pity after her latest fupa confessional.

No. 1270433


I’ve never seen a bigger cope in my life. Who is she trying to convince? Herself?

No. 1270443

dear god, people would google her obituary and find us…

No. 1270457

Sex workers always bitch about this, saying “omg don’t bother me sweetie my time and advice is worth a price” so shes probably trying to seem uppity and important unlike those naive plebs who don’t understand the ingenious business skill of 3 dollar onlyfans

No. 1270460

Is this an HerbaLife storefront? Pyramid scheme saga when???

No. 1270469

kek that would be hilarious but sadly it looks like it's just a tea place

No. 1270475

That would be funny but it’s iced tea full of sugar and she had it with sugar candy I doubt it’s a diet place

No. 1270494

Fupapa probably relieved his ex wife will let him see the kids without inquiring about Shayna skittering about like the roach she is. kek

No. 1270510

File: 1625289553831.png (6.83 MB, 1242x2208, E0E46BF9-1059-4173-B049-77B9DC…)

Does this bitch constantly live in the dark in her disgusting hovel she calls an apartment?

No. 1270511

File: 1625289619137.png (Spoiler Image, 7.1 MB, 1242x2208, 892503F3-7B0D-4592-8788-DFF7EE…)

butthole eyes

No. 1270528

I hope once she leaves that fupa will come here and spill everything.

No. 1270531

Whew she is looking rough…

No. 1270537

Aw did she brush her tongue for her dates with Fupa? Looking a little less thrushy Shayna good job!

No. 1270546

Lol this 35yo man was pretending for years that you were not dating because it was an embarrassment for his family and he’s telling you to LEAVE. Truly retarded

No. 1270562

She makes me sadder than Luna sometimes

No. 1270564

Fupa just wanting to get his chode wet one last time but also making sure she actually LEAVES this time lmao

No. 1270570

She spent years of her life competing in Fupaul's Drag Race and the only thing she gained was weight.
Her last "Gifts" from Fupaul was a birthday dinner (I guess that was the birthday present), Food and a reminder to get the fuck out.

No. 1270574

File: 1625304243729.jpeg (198.68 KB, 828x516, 77D152DC-DFD4-4802-A22A-9A4652…)


No. 1270589

Why did she decide to start sticking her disgusting, unbrushed tongue out in every photo, and who told her it was cute. It looks like she's about to get a throat swab.

No. 1270612

This is the most humiliating thing about the whole situation. The fact that Shayna had to HIDE her relationship for years, sneaking around and not having the normal experience of integrating with your partners’ social sphere is so dysfunctional and has probably fucked up her already cripplingly low self esteem…and she just keeps fucking playing it out over and over again. No sympathy but Jesus Christ Shayna, develop a back bone and some self worth.

No. 1270626

Anon ily. What a turn of phrase.

No. 1270665

"He made sure I put in my 30 days notice so I could be far, far away from him"

She does not realize how that sounds…

No. 1270682

How the FUCK do you look at this and think it’s ok to post publicly. Jesus Christ. Like, my expectations are low and I know she does the minimum, but she has been flooring it toward horrorcow status. I almost miss her old Michael Jackson foundation look, at least she had to wash her face (maybe) to spackle it on.

Side note: do we think she’s going to really go through with the fireworks again? I’m somewhere between terrified for her safety and eagerly awaiting the trainwreck.

No. 1270696

File: 1625325298124.jpeg (313.28 KB, 1242x643, 1D313B62-7BF3-4A26-8040-D862E2…)

She’s so fucking weird and disgusting
Even if this is a joke it’s like…. uh okay?

No. 1270698

The doors is totally Bimbo music

No. 1270702

File: 1625325717613.jpeg (729.11 KB, 1242x1278, B2EEC57F-8A6F-4BD6-A655-E1B705…)

Stfu Shayna Pickme Clifford
She never goes a day without complaining and bitching about something. For someone who smokes tons of weed she’s never “chill” like a stoner but then again she doesn’t inhale kek

No. 1270736

File: 1625328805490.png (7.49 MB, 1242x2208, B9969C0E-49F5-4B59-975D-14621C…)

No. 1270737

File: 1625328973772.jpeg (264.71 KB, 1580x1242, 17310385-F13B-4EAB-85B7-98895C…)

Downs Mattel

No. 1270741

File: 1625329257549.jpeg (995.9 KB, 1242x1411, 378485F1-657A-485F-BF40-2F3310…)

To all the peta nonnies, her retarded dog is okay

No. 1270745

File: 1625329536282.jpeg (190.5 KB, 1242x627, 47957C55-01F6-4069-A964-0FF43E…)

kek get a fucking notebook and write down the people who “ordered” these videos. If I was a coomer I would want my money back a pay a better looking e-whore to make a better video that won’t put it off till the last minute. Also this nasty bitch rubs her gross snatch when she’s in bed with Noodle

No. 1270750

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if this is how she "cleans" her sheets. She just buys a new set and throws out the other despite having a washer and dryer at her immediate disposals. God rip to her new "roommate" because they'll never be prepared for her meat sweat-soaked bedspread

Honestly, the only people that willing commision here are desperate inbreds like womack or the coomers w shitfetishes.

No. 1270751

File: 1625330544514.jpeg (293.23 KB, 1242x938, 2CFE6E4C-2AB1-4FAE-AFF3-70A0EE…)

Make sure it’s an XXL raincoat fatass

I really hope she moves I’m tired of the Fupaul saga

No. 1270752

>retarded dog
this will never not make me kek

No. 1270757

I will never understand why she rubs her vagina so harshly. it’s like she’s scratching a ballsack every time.

No. 1270758

File: 1625331324679.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, B6168FC9-AAA1-4264-880A-3E601B…)

when she flips to the front camera kek damn she spends all her income on carts that she doesn’t even smoke fully https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ax4l0qil6829z/Video%20Jul%2003%2C%209%2047%2013%20AM.mov?dl=0

No. 1270759

File: 1625331491857.jpeg (851.36 KB, 3083x2743, B0060803-51B3-4DB3-A11A-89E97F…)

She looks ill and malnourished
One of my fav Shayna ongoing jokes along with monsters inc gif and fupaul

No. 1270762

Rib still looking crusty and in desperate need of a brushing

No. 1270766

def not malnourished nonny

No. 1270767

I meant like she’s not getting proper vitamins and protein her body needs since she orders doughnuts, sugar beverages, etc. not saying she starves herself she clearly doesn’t by the look of that fupa

No. 1270768

the fact that she actually presents herself like this for paying subscribers….you must really have to hate yourself

No. 1270770

it’s baffling that a stoner doesn’t seem to understand that sativa strains don’t energize you or motivate you. it’s still weed, it’s still thc, it’s still a downer. the only difference is you don’t get a body high like with indica which can lead to couch lock and sleepiness. what a dumbass, just drink an energy drink and get your shit together.

No. 1270773

File: 1625334113593.jpeg (70.97 KB, 307x324, EA392890-CA04-42A2-B680-CCEC18…)

The neck rolls and dead butthole eyes…

No. 1270775

I hate when ugly, retarded nobodies get such delusions of grandeur that they really think that just because they've been on social media for a while or had minor tumblr "fame" that they're some iNtErNeT pErSoNaLiTy and people should worship them and every tweet they post. Get over yourself, Shat. If it's a scrote, flirt and tease them into buying content. If it's another whore trying to be friendly, get your head out of your huge flat ass. Anything else, ignore it and move on. Jfc

No. 1270777

"Hes proven to me he cares! He made sure I followed through with getting the fuck out Oklahoma and away from him!"
Fucking pathetic. He just wants to move on from you and not be embarrassed around his troonies and not have his ex wife pestering him about hanging out with a gross whore. He'll either find a new bitch or transition into whatever kinda queer he is kek.

No. 1270799

>retarded dog

I missed this, did she actually confirm a roommate? I had thought her friend/ex just did a walk through for her. If she has a roommate it’ll be milky for sure. Remembering what dog-fucker Dawn had said about shay and her disgusting habits of being a pig and letting dirty dishes pile up, etc. I don’t think she will stay in Seattle long if she moves at all.

No. 1270803

I haven't seen anything about her being a roommate but she has def reconnected with her ex from Tumblr that much we know

No. 1270809


I wonder how often she pesters him with calls/text that she doesnt talk about? Considering she blasts him on social media when she’s mad at him, it definitely seems like he’s just playing nice/getting his dick wet until he’s out of his hair to avoid drama. And to make sure she actually leaves this time.

No. 1270810


samefag but forgot to add she probably suicide-baits every time they fight so he’s making sure its impossible for him to “intervene and save her” before he drops her for good

No. 1270817

her hairline makes me nauseous
sativas are suited for people 'on the go'. ofc it's still weed but sativas specifically tend to induce a sort of alertness and a little boost to help 'motivate' or 'energize' or whatever, unlike its counterpart. effects depend on the person i guess
sage for weed sperg

No. 1270821

File: 1625339821331.jpeg (454.75 KB, 1242x1570, E5BC6643-38ED-4049-83F4-639E28…)

Bitch is so lonely kek

No. 1270825

It's pretty obvious shay ain't getting no motivation for anything kek

No. 1270827

File: 1625340959660.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

Imagine being a sex worker for 5 years only to get one like and one reply on twitter.

No. 1270829

File: 1625341446449.jpeg (194.32 KB, 1242x480, 29719522-BE85-4948-BB85-323786…)

A bath during “shark week” is she too fat to stand up ?

No. 1270840

File: 1625343726685.jpeg (350.31 KB, 1242x1241, 48BF4B0D-7E2D-4F02-B714-236768…)

No. 1270842

File: 1625343806121.jpeg (373.47 KB, 1198x1264, 5CF3EEC1-4DA1-43C7-801B-3A1B62…)

get a calculator?? tf

No. 1270844

File: 1625343881885.jpeg (814.58 KB, 1242x1610, 57399C77-E813-4431-9129-DA12CA…)

how many god damn sales has she had?!? jfc

No. 1270852

Doesn’t it piss her coomers off to see her blowing cash left, right and centre on junk food, alcohol, weed and plastic crap??? I don’t understand how they aren’t enraged to see their money going on this shite rather than actually toward moving lmao

No. 1270855

Why did she just buy all new bed and patio furnishings when she's moving??

No. 1270857

Ok, Bargain Barbie

No. 1270860

Probably all three of her coomers are into how she gets piss drunk and high all the time, it’s apparently a fetish as well.

No. 1270862

I honestly don't think the constant sales bother them- The only people I can think of who might even notice are grayhair (who might be catching on) and womack, who probably donated to help her move. All her other coomers probably couldn't give less of a fuck about what she does with her life, so long as they can keep getting bargain bin discounted videos and sales. Plus i suspect at least some of her regulars might get off on how desperate and borderline retarded she is.

No. 1270866

Op here, it's not confirmed. I only say roommate because
A)she genuinely can't afford an apartment on her own
B) I can never see a "friend" going out of their way to look at an apartment for her out of the kindness of their heart (unless they're a coomer)
C) The best she can get is probably renting just a room eve w her dad co-signing

No. 1270870

Thanks for clearing it up because it was confusing. It's not a friend. It's cuddlemenow aka itsactionsub aka her ex she was with in Seattle b4 fupa.

No. 1270875

Barge Barbie

No. 1270894

File: 1625349847192.jpeg (309.73 KB, 1242x1697, B51282B5-466F-4A4A-B52F-F70F38…)

It’s your reflection retard. Turn on a fucking light for once.

No. 1270895

File: 1625349948729.jpeg (691.28 KB, 1242x1101, 94BCAF19-06DC-41BE-8026-6C8C48…)

Fupa clearly doesn’t want her but she’s still letting him fuck? Pathetic pick me

No. 1270896

File: 1625350007555.jpeg (672.91 KB, 1242x1619, 61C24414-B123-4059-A0B1-7ACC05…)

Is she trying to find another Fupa? Kek

No. 1270897

File: 1625350026554.jpeg (407.92 KB, 1235x1697, B16F1F2F-A4DC-4E77-BCA3-22400A…)

This fake positivity is nauseating

No. 1270898

Gray hair’s reply omfg he is so sick of her kek

No. 1270903

The dryness of his reply topkek

No. 1270905

File: 1625351025546.jpeg (914.96 KB, 2098x3203, A9D24147-83AB-4750-8DA1-E8A56A…)

Of course Shayna would retweet a dumb tweet from a degen scrote

No. 1270907

Nawh she's trying to stay with Fupa because that's what he used to call her

No. 1270914

It's fine that she wants an ac for the new apartment, but she shouldnt be buying one BEFORE she actually gets there. Because it's a big unit to pack and haul and the apartment might have rules about them. They let you have them during certain months, but some places are more strict about how you have to set them up and stuff, especially window units. And can she even set it up herself, really?

God she really does look like Oklahoma white trash. She really embraced that. Always choosing the ugliest shit to wear poorly. In Seattle she's just going to look like an actual crack whore. Except usually druggies are skinny kek.

No. 1270916

I imagine a lot of their interactions are just like >>1270398 and Shay tries to act like they're deeper and more than they are kek idk it just feels very Shay

No. 1270917

File: 1625352387506.jpeg (454.77 KB, 1242x1414, F17C9950-83ED-40FE-8461-7306E6…)

No. 1270921

Kek anon. But honestly though.

This exactly. And I love how shes suddenly being so upfront about how much shes been hanging out with Fupaul lately not realizing that it's actually just making her look like a big ass clown. Like at least refer to him as a friend if y'all are on "good" terms. Because talking about him as the ex she also constantly posts about being heartbroken and damaged over and needs to leave the state to get over is extra pathetic. God she really doesnt know how to feel embarrassed apparently, but I guess being drunk and high 24/7 helps with that.

No. 1270922

Crazy that porn bots and abandoned accounts didnt unfollow her!

No. 1270923

Kek at her longing for a following and not being able to replicate it after years of being on Twitter despite trying to go viral constantly.

No. 1270924

Jesus Shay, let it go. In every thread there's a cap of a tweet she's made about Tumblr. It's not Tumblr dying that ruined your chances for e-fame, you're just a fat, unfunny, rude cunt

No. 1270933

File: 1625354827859.jpg (216.61 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20210703-182649_Twi…)

She's disgusting

No. 1270934

Orthodontist don't remove wisdom teeth Shay. They do braces

No. 1270935

Tumblr is still a very active website, idk what crack pipe shes smoking

No. 1270937

File: 1625355145001.jpeg (134.48 KB, 1242x369, 8FD6FF62-0F50-4EEB-A6A2-F43D27…)

No. 1270940

File: 1625355197023.jpeg (404.82 KB, 1232x1047, 2914A8DC-8C97-4C29-8BD1-3178AE…)

No one cares that she only talks to Uber drivers and Fupa

No. 1270947

But what about not exposing non consenting parties to kink Shay?

No. 1270972

File: 1625358697996.jpg (397.33 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20210703-193131_Twi…)

No. 1270974

she literally takes nudes in the dark while being a fatass wtf her nudes are the same quality as the type of nudes she's complaining about

No. 1270975

idk how she can look at her photos from back then vs now and wonder why she can't get popular again

No. 1270983

Shayna Clifford is so bold 2 think her nudes taken in her dark apartment and public restrooms with shitty toilet paper visible that showcase her hemorrhoid sacs, pussy boils, ass pimples, and skid marks that she posts for free are better than a random dick pic.

No. 1270985

File: 1625360012852.jpeg (429.52 KB, 1242x1286, 90309103-93F3-48C0-A221-66CFDB…)

She’s so fucking boring and uninteresting. Literally no one cares. Why are you making retard tweets when you are trying to sell SEX?!

No. 1270986

File: 1625360067691.png (132.08 KB, 593x395, Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 5.54…)

Let it go retard

No. 1270988

Okay but she takes terrible quality nudes in public, dingy restrooms with disembodied flip flop feet and toliet paper remnants on the floor lurking behind her like that's any better?

No. 1270989

Samefag but Shayna keeps posting Hello Kitty, innocent imagery/cartoons, and even a child’s first communion’s cake as well as socks that looks like a little kid’s wearing them. She’s so disgusting. I am sick of the pedopandering bullshit

No. 1270990

Imagine trying to sexualize a kids movie from 2003 on your public sex work account in 2021

No. 1270992

Okay. She's officially retarded… her pic on her birthday may not have been ON the toilet, but there was a woman in the stall with toilet paper on the floor!? Like… pot calling the kettle black much?

No. 1270993

File: 1625360299946.jpeg (790.92 KB, 1242x1548, 88D92179-84C2-45AE-A0A6-70D31F…)

She retweeted from this pedophile account who calls herself the “cutest kindergarten kiddie” pretty sure she was in the e-girl degenerate thread

No. 1270994

All of it posted by a troon, too. These people are gross.

No. 1270998

I remember someone posted her because of squidwardthigh kek.

No. 1270999

Shayna follows the gross troon and the pedo “kindergarten” degenerate… I’m revolted

No. 1271000

Why does she keep saying 'sneattle?' Is that a reference to something?

No. 1271001

File: 1625360706842.png (238.17 KB, 586x465, Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 6.04…)

Fucking idiot doesn't know the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist.

No. 1271003

She’s just a drunk retard who can’t spell and made a typo and just left it there because she’s a ~uwu petite bimbo~

No. 1271004

File: 1625360819972.jpeg (163.2 KB, 1242x453, 755E5070-BD32-4BDC-9121-A3E5ED…)

No. 1271006

File: 1625360918805.jpeg (181.41 KB, 1014x676, 8FEAC889-0D87-4152-B4A8-5BE519…)

Scamna is charging $20 more for OF subscribers kek

No. 1271007

$1000 more to move and you have a month to do it? Go ask Fupa I'm sure he'd fork up the cash and drive to the airport with a one-way ticket.

No. 1271009

File: 1625361078808.jpeg (367.41 KB, 1242x1219, C2A70DD5-5997-41DD-B3A8-402336…)

Fupa when he realizes Shayna isn’t going to leave him tf alone

No. 1271012

His face should be spoilered. He’s so gross to look at.

No. 1271018

File: 1625363040683.jpg (161.98 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20210703-204322_Twi…)

Obviously Jason R Womack

No. 1271022

They sent you $100 for your 194 full length serial killer basement porn videos that you just advertised.

No. 1271023

Prob because OF takes 20%

No. 1271027

After the online pimp takes it’s 20% she is left with ¢.49 a video. She has some of the most degrading self-made videos out there and she’s choosing to not even get two quarters a piece for them. Absolutely mental.

No. 1271039

File: 1625366075664.jpeg (131.82 KB, 1242x333, 908C3F67-603F-4EA7-A340-7CD527…)

kek no shaynus you’d be a cheeseburger, you fat fuck

No. 1271050

Let's not kid ourselves, she'd be some nasty ass beef stroganoff left in the sun to get dry and crusty.

No. 1271056

File: 1625367921188.png (482.77 KB, 1200x630, lardy-fattel.png)

More like a tub of lard.

No. 1271064

File: 1625368570444.jpeg (570.17 KB, 1242x1084, A07150E6-AE72-48A1-BC45-C587F3…)

No. 1271065

Goddamnit anon I can’t handle this today kek

No. 1271070

File: 1625369115609.png (1.08 MB, 1193x2048, Screenshot_20210703-232419.png)

No. 1271074

>for roasting
Fucking kek. Well, can't say that ain't true. Good job anon.

No. 1271075

I'm sure shes 1k short because she's been eating out, buying garbo at the mall, and taking Fupaul on dates kek

No. 1271077

This almost seems like a recycled header shes made before. But who knows. She's so unoriginal and repetitive. I doubt shes ranked that high, but maybe since shes been begging and scamming to get an increase in subs since hitting an all time low of like 450 recently.

No. 1271100

Thread pic material

No. 1271116

That’s not a child but a fat bitch. She reminds me of that black weeb bitch we have a thread on too. Her knees also always touch weird like this, it’s like they’re deformed.

No. 1271124

Can confirm this brand is great for roasting KEK

No. 1271138

Why do her eyes look blue there?

No. 1271188

Snapchat filter

No. 1271269

For how autistic it is half the time, we sure do have talented writers in this thread

No. 1271271

File: 1625409067377.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.41 KB, 748x935, 6F245F37-8DCC-4CD2-8AFE-BE5048…)

Big oof ……

No. 1271275

god, it looks like she's tucking, and bad at it

No. 1271281

is this NEW? what an absolute mess of an outfit kek

complete with trump hat, why even

No. 1271285

This is from last year.

No. 1271289

this is an old pic anons

No. 1271294

Somehow she looks even worse now. The Shaynus of today wouldn't even cover her dark circles before posing for this

No. 1271306

im still stuck on her saying Jim Morrison might've come out of hiding kek

No. 1271309

if she was actually a big fan she would've known that he was trending because it's the 50th anniversary of his death kek

No. 1271346

as if shay would ever date a black man

No. 1271348

File: 1625419022157.png (4.86 MB, 828x1792, CC9B04D1-9EE8-4065-AEFC-12F7AD…)

No. 1271349

File: 1625419045941.png (5.7 MB, 828x1792, BAEA5A02-E1A5-4448-9C64-7E207B…)


No. 1271351

mid-life crisis ahoy, kek

No. 1271354

File: 1625419257943.jpeg (149.65 KB, 924x900, 0849A40B-8F1F-478A-A2DA-8CB393…)

Kyle Nathan Perkins is definitely ….

No. 1271358

File: 1625419416899.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 874.13 KB, 1242x1080, 7FAAF718-11C0-4FC2-84F6-EB5EAA…)

Shayna is too lazy to take new pics on the 4th kek

No. 1271360

I still wish he'd spill all the dirt on Shay. Maybe if she burns her last bridge before leaving Tulsa he might.

No. 1271365

Imagine wasting 3 years and thousands of dollars + ruining your life and potential on this ugly Creature. The saddest part of Shay’s threads is how she simps for this mediocre fatty

No. 1271366

he's so much the same kind of grimy that shayna is, it's unsettling

No. 1271374

idk if its the same anon that keeps saying this, but this literally gets repeated so many times each thread. just stfu, please.

No. 1271378

Has his forehead always been that fucking massive or is a Fupaul bald saga coming soon

No. 1271379

File: 1625421418748.jpeg (600.12 KB, 1284x802, B1D3711B-ED53-4578-AB59-DEAF0E…)

looks like him and shay both have the same habit of buying clothes that are too small.

No. 1271384

He's always looked like cro-magnon man.

No. 1271387

So true, Shay would honestly rather fuck around with ugly white men like fupa

No. 1271394

the fucking pursed lips repulse me in a way i cannot describe. he definitely wants to be pegged

No. 1271402

File: 1625424889835.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1902x3464, 03F51E48-F228-4094-900B-C6A639…)

She straightened the pile of turds that have been on her head for a week

No. 1271407

KEK. Stop.

His new love interest must be a genderspecial.
>that abomination of a gender symbol on the bathroom door
Just throw the whole planet away jfc.

No. 1271417

File: 1625426389948.jpeg (521.37 KB, 1242x1807, 91AFCB3D-9B0B-4A39-B25F-1BB728…)

Topkek I can’t wait

No. 1271419

File: 1625426872348.jpeg (788.89 KB, 1242x1683, E6B48DFE-F46D-4611-A683-BF7719…)

kek is this sarcasm

No. 1271424

File: 1625427246600.jpeg (300.34 KB, 797x1235, CD33A610-74C0-46E8-9794-85028D…)

>so my sex work can thrive

No. 1271427

I think this is like the 3rd tiktok she’s made

No. 1271431

what is she gonna do? she can’t smoke or show her asshole off on tiktok, best she can do is show her dirty apartment and fat jiggles

No. 1271432

People always assume this guy is being sarcastic or passive aggressive when he is literally an old dirty boomer who gives her money. He types how all boomers do.

No. 1271436

She looks like the cow from her lipstick banner here, kek. Shayna, you corn fed, cud chewing cow.

No. 1271442

The Grand Canyon of nasolabial folds. That tongue out pose is hideous on her but she thinks she’s a cute quirky insta model who can make stupid faces like that and still be attractive

No. 1271444

Went from down syndrome to 40 year old mom of 3 in these pics

No. 1271460

from fat ass dom, to Fupaul aka Fupaula.

No. 1271465

File: 1625431348715.jpg (259.2 KB, 1079x1810, Herewegoagain.jpg)

She's gonna make another TikTok that nobody cares about where she looks ugly, bloated etc (insert your preferred) as usual with the same cornyass Material Girl song.

No. 1271475

File: 1625432649645.jpg (43.12 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_20210704-170226_Tik…)

Jesus, our main man Womack follows so many people on tiktok, and it's like 90% women

No. 1271476

Of course Jason R Womack would make a TikTok fucking pedophile

No. 1271483

18+? On a kids app? She better not start posting about porn on there. She’s a gross groomer

No. 1271485

Unfortunately a lot of people do. But Tiktok has been better about getting those videos taken down

No. 1271493

Thank fuck. I didn’t want to be the one to mention it, but does she really think he’s still alive somewhere? Kek.

No. 1271501

anyone have a link to her 4th of July pussy fireworks?

No. 1271508

i hope she becomes obsessed like pnp. would be hilarious, i mean she's desperate enough for attention it seems

No. 1271510

Did she make a new one?

No. 1271512

The gender neutral bathroom door in the background. This man is screaming "I'm a homo" and Shay won't listen

No. 1271519

If he is gay or bi I hope he's a gossipy bitch and comes straight here with that sweet milk. How can he walk in those shorts though?

No. 1271521

Is this a shay thread or fupa thread? Istg some of you are gonna be so sad when she moves because he'll go back to being irrelevant and you won't have anything to talk about lol

No. 1271522

Omg stop with this

No. 1271523

It's the club they're always seen at. I'm pretty sure all the bathrooms are like that there

No. 1271527


No. 1271533

No, we know what's gonna happen: nothing. This account will sit until a year goes by and she forgets the login and makes another. She can't smoke or flash her tits or talk about her gross life on there and she shouldn't since the app has tons of minors. Theres no point. She's not funny or interesting or attractive enough to get a following.

No. 1271539

at least tiktok is way more active than tumblr and people do go viral all the time for the stupidest things. I know this is probably just wishful thinking lol

No. 1271542

Shut up fupa baby mama. I like to see what this degenerate is up to now n again especially with this troon arc. He hardly gets posted unless it’s relevant.

No. 1271555

Not op But I def see how it's not really relevant and it's just taking up space in the thread. Going his Facebook and screenshotting random pictures to post here that have nothing to do with Shay is pointless and It's basically just derailing. I understand wanting to stalk his stuff but it's just not milk and this thread is about Shayna. The whole fupa is a tranny or fupa is gay thing would make sense if this thread were about him. It's the same whenever people start posting about Luna in this thread.

No. 1271563

I mean people love to follow cows on tiktok that spill every detail of their shitty life, she could for sure get fans. She could use tiktok as her journal and have people give a shit.

No. 1271564

hes never going to come into this thread. this thread is the reason his ex wife cut off time with his kids and he 99.999% likely hates us. also? we don’t want him here. he’s a creep pedophile and i know i can’t speak for everyone but i’m not interested in any milk he has.

No. 1271566

I mean Shayna admitted it on her Twitter that she was hanging out with her ex, Kyle Nathan Perkins. It’s not that relevant but it’s funny to see him acting fem because before he was larping as a ~edgy uwu masculine daddy dom~ back on tumblr. They’re hanging out all the time before Shatna “moves”. Fupa tinfoilers have always been right.
The only milk I’d be interested in is if he posted the video he took exposing the “real” Fatty Lardel
Next thread pic please

No. 1271570

We do the same with Shoeuwu though. Preggory is still frequently mentioned on her thread.

No. 1271580

He posts with his kids pretty frequently so I don't think she cut off anything at all I don't know why people think she comes here or knows about this place

No. 1271595

She literally posted in Shaynus's thread in the past, newfag.

No. 1271599


Not new at all. I've been here since the beginning and she didn't post here. If some anon posted claiming to be him that's great but his kids never got taken away and I just don't take anyone's word unless there's proof and there never was any. Don't believe everything you read.

No. 1271604

Nta but reread the threads then bc she has

No. 1271605

i dont think she posted here but i think screenshots of her talking shit on shay were posted. cba to look back for them but id for sure remember if she herself posted here.

No. 1271608

I've looked and never saw any proof of her actually posting here. Autists are weird. They make weird shit up all the time. She didn't post here and his kids didn't get taken away. anons just wanted to make things milkier than they were

No. 1271628

She posted here and it was confirmed via her Facebook, some anon cowtipped and spoke to her iirc. Though I believe she said something along the lines of that she didn't read here much and didn't intend to come back or something along those lines.

And no his kids never got taken away, people are referencing that she could refuse his visitation if she deems him an unfit parent for exposing their kids to kink shit or what-have-you around shatnus. I'm not going to go dig it up for you anons but it absolutely happened, so stop acting like you're some authority on it just because you didn't read it.

No. 1271643

So no fireworks in the ass for Shayna this year, I take it? Too bad. She's really gotten so stupidly lazy it's incredible. Using old pics each holiday instead of making new content, not doing anything she says she will. Like what happened to the cow idea? Those gross dildos she ordered? There were other concepts she kept saying she was gonna do too. She doesnt even do make up most of the time anymore. She got implant lashes because she cant be bothered to glue on falsies anymore. I mean. The only thing that motivates her is Fupa attention and food stg.

No. 1271645

File: 1625458764989.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 255.14 KB, 1573x2048, FF344403-4558-4D3C-A378-C06FA3…)

sigh.. the toilet paper

No. 1271651

She is so lazy for posting old pics

No. 1271653

She's at a BBQ on snapchat. Obviously it's with Fupa

No. 1271655

File: 1625459763847.png (6.94 MB, 1242x2208, 9910087C-1E07-4E02-9C50-37B999…)

Kek you’re right, pathetic

No. 1271658


I would not be able to tell that is a woman's hand from that screen cap - within one year, her nails and wrist go missing

No. 1271659

Is all that food for them? Or is Fupa allowing her around his friends?

No. 1271666

And then we found their divorce documents and they have joint custody so she had no leverage there. He doesn't have visitation because she doesn't have sole custody of their kids. That's probably why nothing ever happened. He's got a stable job and his own place. Her being a SW means nothing if they're not being actively exposed to it. And she can't control who he dates by using their kids. That's asinine.

No. 1271671

File: 1625462691309.gif (1.18 MB, 480x360, 8AE36525-C706-4BE8-812E-FF67DE…)

Shayna has more manly hands than Fupaul, though that’s not saying much considering he has dainty little lady hands

No. 1271672

Yeah the tp bits are so nasty what the fuck. Imagine showing your snatch for a living, daily, and not even cleaning it. Just use a wash cloth or something if you're not gonna shower jfc.

No. 1271676

Is it tp or smegma? It happens to nasty ass chicks too that don't bathe, and we all know shatnus doesn't really believe in good hygiene.

No. 1271677

Fupa refusing to be seen with Shaynus has nothing to do with the kids and never did. That's the way she's chosen to spin it to rationalize his treatment of her to herself and her followers. He's embarrassed of her but that doesn't stop him from using her as a fleshlight in private. Typical scrote behavior but Shayna has convinced herself they're star-crossed lovers

No. 1271679

I agree 100%

No. 1271728

The ex wife read the threads:

Fupa lied and said Shayna was a graphic designer. The wife was pissed and didn't want the kids around her. Sage for old milk.

No. 1271741

It's funny because I bet Shayna still feels that people think it's hot and interesting that she "prefers" older men. Meanwhile, normal people are like, "Wait, this young woman moved and has spent years chasing a 30+ baby daddy?"
It's not like he's funding her lifestyle or helping with anything. She pays all her bills, buys her clothes and everything else. To normal people she's wasted years of her life and now she's possibly moving on with NOTHING to show for it.
Shayna made Fupa think he's the prize, thats probably why he's acting like a sad boi insta-thot now.

No. 1271749


Lol I love how sure the thread noobs are of themselves (first anon)

Jesus is that her hand? Fucking Shrek.

It must be depressing seeing such a clear comparison of how much she’s gained from these fourth of july pics to now. And tomorrow her coomers just get back to jarring obese pics.

No. 1271778

r.i.p. that dog the bounty hunter idea lol. she claimed to have gotten a bunch of stuff for it and then just dropped talking about it. like those dildos she bought or her ~month of bimbofication~ which resulted in her not even trying to put makeup on anymore.

if she somehow actually moves, she will be go from the usual ~decorating my workspace to make the best content for my customers~ to ~guys i miss my ex/every other excuse, send me monies~ which she uses to expand herself with food and booze since that's something she is good at.

No. 1271823

Shame. I was looking forward to Shay, the fupa hunter.

No. 1271855

Really anon. You think that his ex wife has any legal grounds to deny him visitation?

No. 1271861

Stop derailing about Fupa and his baby mama. It's irrelevant.

No. 1271879

You're insistence on not talking about Fupa's situation is ever so slightly suspicious.

No. 1271882

Not even the same anon it's just annoying rehash

No. 1271888

Not if he has joint custody. It's been discussed for 3 years now and that's why it never happened

No. 1271891

The fact that you can't actually deny visitation to someone who fantasizes about diddling kids is fucking bleak tho.

No. 1271909

NTA but his divorce was years ago and his visitation rights clearly haven’t changed either. What exactly are you wanting to talk about?? It’s old milk. No one cares.

No. 1271913


His ex actually can serve fupa to go to court if she feels the joint custody order needs to be changed. If she feels like the child’s care is endangered/not the agreed upon quality and had a “good lawyer” like she said, she can force him into having to prove before a court he is capable. Now this doesn’t mean the judge will agree, but she has certainly scared Fupa enough that he was too afraid to even admit he hung around with and was dating Shaynus. Him living with Shaynus while she did sex work would definitely be enough to bring forth a case, as I wouldn’t want my kids walking into shayna’s disgusting “work room” with dildos and whips on the wall.

No. 1271924

Exactly. The point is that whether or not it ends up working, she can still cause a lot of trouble for fupa and has clearly indicated a willingness to do so and Fupa's fear of it. Even if he's embarrassed of shatnus for other reasons, the concept baby momma reasonably doesn't want her kids around weird kink shit and will cause issues if she feels they are being exposed to it is not out there. I don't know why that's so hard for some anons to wrap their heads around or why they're out here jumping down people's throats for referencing it as if it's some made up "autistic story"… Even after someone was kind enough to go find and spoon-feed the direct screenshots. Jesus.

No. 1271963

The most logical thing is that maybe she tried to take it to court and failed or they went to mediation. If something was gonna happen it would have. He apparently pays his child support and is active in their lives so it's highly doubtful they could have really done much. It's over when she leaves so it's really irrelevant and has been discussed ad nauseam

No. 1271995

File: 1625512849410.jpg (925.1 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20210705-142044_Twi…)

Keep packing on the pounds Shay

No. 1271998

File: 1625513077856.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 698.5 KB, 3464x3464, 57F4AF0A-9E3B-4E38-B93A-C5C794…)

obese grimace looking ass bitch

No. 1272000

File: 1625513243469.png (4.03 MB, 1242x2208, 09C5EE12-1497-4D0C-8587-829CF7…)

She shaped like a troon

No. 1272001

Wow, She really has given up.
This filter makes her face look so scary

No. 1272002

File: 1625513505516.jpeg (624.69 KB, 2672x2605, 871C0BB0-417C-43C1-808D-ABB685…)

Shaytard looks like a toothless trailer park mom

No. 1272004

File: 1625513627412.jpg (444.15 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20210705-143305_Tum…)


No. 1272006

File: 1625513666536.jpg (218.74 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20210705-143335_Tum…)

What happened to not pushing kinks on people Shay?

No. 1272010

So her advice is to push it on them. What a sicko. Imagine someone saying shit like that to you when you already told them you’re not comfortable with it.

No. 1272015

All if takes is a person (adult or child) walking in and she’s on the sex offender list for life.

No. 1272018

so sexy calling people old man lmao this is fucking predatory grooming behaviour, she really is like a troon inside and out

No. 1272021

It's insane to me that this is what her life has become. Addicted to online validation and getting it in the laziest possible way. These flashing-tits-in-restaurant-bathroom pics are so unappealing and trashy.

No. 1272030

Sage for autism/speculation, but I was checking Shaynus' tik tok to see if she posted, saw she had a few more followers, and looks like Old Gray is on there and this is what he looks like (one of his pseudonyms is "Zapman", that's how he signs off on Amazon gift notes to Shay and has a few accounts under that name).

No. 1272032

File: 1625515165514.jpg (66.63 KB, 720x1455, Screenshot_20210705-155515_Tik…)

Samefag, dropped pic

No. 1272033

File: 1625515201769.jpg (715.22 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20210705-145952_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1272041

A gross old trucker. Shocking. Looks like the typical meth user and likely buys truck-stop pussy.

No. 1272043

Yes, we all get that, if you actually read the posts upthread you'll see this all stemmed from some anons sperging that it wasn't a thing or made up, which it wasn't. No one said she took him to court, but that she was willing and felt he was scared of her knowing about shat for that reason still exists. It's still absolutely within reason to think he wouldn't come here to spill milk on shay because it could get back to his ex and cause issues.

There was literally a whole drawn out saga of these two dumbasses pretending they weren't together and saying things to try to throw anons off their relationshit. If fupa was just embarrassed of her around his friends he wouldn't have any need to do that or make her, lmao. Whether anyone here thinks it'll realistically happen or not, the fact remains that he still seems to be fearful of the possibility. Admin herself said in meta they're trying a new moderation approach where you can hide saged posts if you only want milk and no speculation/discussion, so anons talking down to others for doing so can unknot their panties.

No. 1272053

jfc he looks even worse than i had imagined. and this is the face connected to his camming daughter and sad ex wife confessions. makes me want to vomit
shatna, THIS is the type of "dad" that you really attract

No. 1272071

So Shayna's a lot lizard sort attracting guys like this? She needs to flutter her lashes and start trying to pick up daddy truckers at the nearest stop if she wants rides to her favorite fancy gas station for drinks.

No. 1272081

It's not a wild concept, but a lot of us are sick of the Fupa saga as it is and it's autistic when people continuously derail about him and his custody situation and his ex wife just because Shayna (whos thread this is) milk is dry. No one fucking cares about his retarded kids and ex. It's been stated hes a gross degenerate and probably shouldn't be around his daughter but really there's nothing more to say or do.
Fupa himself is only relevant because Shay won't get over him and keeps sneaking around with him and crying about him on twitter.

No. 1272085

What the fuck is this filter? She looks like a particularly ugly baby. Or a grandma who edited out every wrinkle. Weird and gross.

Kek anon

No. 1272088

Until she moves out of Tulsa and proves she’s “dropped” him for good you will hear about Fupa. He’s her only friend irl. The baby mama and kid spergs need to gtfo bit Fupa is here to stay until she moves across the country. She was just at a bbq with him.

No. 1272103

If no one cares about it then ignore it and no one will talk about it because no one will be discussing it. Just because you don't want to talk about something doesn't mean it's off limits to those who do, thread queen. That's life.

No. 1272106

Hilarious find nonnie. Not shocked at all that this is who Shanya attracts. Him being a trucker is probably why he has the time to humour all her dumb twitter posts, he has nothing better to do. And whats sad is even he seems to be getting tired of her shit. Kek.



No. 1272116

If this was cropped just to her face, I wouldn’t even know it was her? She looks SO different here, wtf…

I don’t know why I’m surprised when she looks worse and worse. Somehow I think she can’t look any more haggard and yet here we are.

No. 1272117

File: 1625522488076.gif (360.7 KB, 250x290, 4A460C91-0DA9-42D9-B682-DE23B3…)

Shaynus must constantly smell like shit since there are always fly sightings every time she fucks herself kek

No. 1272118

File: 1625522704646.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 952x1864, 292FD7D6-277F-40FB-999F-DE4E86…)

No. 1272120

File: 1625522769642.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 3299x2884, AD0E4CF4-C5FB-4A4E-9E91-63F702…)

she didn’t post the fireworks video on her onlyfans just the one where she fucks herself on the American flag….

No. 1272127

File: 1625522991917.png (8.98 MB, 1242x2208, AC29CFD7-DC30-496D-B09F-216214…)

What does this bitch have against whitening strips?

No. 1272131

my god, they're the same color as her skin. and they're probably even worse by now.

No. 1272134

Why does she insist on doing this sloppy combover hair part??

No. 1272139

I dont actually care because I'm not a Murica fag, but that is actually really offensive that she not only put the flag on the ground but also masturbated on it. Lol No wonder she got those boomers so mad at her when she actually did it.

No. 1272140

I'm begging for the cheap falsies and bad huge eyeliner to come back at this point. Idk why she stopped doing make up other than sheer laziness but she's not cute or naturally pretty in the least.

No. 1272144

Does she even have eyelashes at this point??? Does she rip them out?

No. 1272145

For someone who is always bitching and moaning about being “cancelled” by sex work e-whore Twitter, she sure does a lot of distasteful shit: the trump porn she did, calling someone baby hitler, shoving a rosary up her discharged filled snatch, telling radfems to take a dick in the ass, harassing a sex trafficking victim, and masturbating on the American flag… doing that to flag of any country is disgusting and cringe.

No. 1272147

So Fupa made sure she put in her notice, but she's still out, hasn't packed anything (besides make up she doesn't use), hasn't talked about buying new furniture or anything like that.
She's totally moving.

No. 1272148

I didn't expect it to be this bad. He looks like ZZ Top's great grandfather. Full on 80+ years old lmao

No. 1272155

She also said she "needs to find a place to live" so she didnt even get that apt she apparently 'secured'

No. 1272158

She posted she signed her lease a few days ago. >>1270840

No. 1272164

That was an old tweet, anon

No. 1272179

Does Fupa roll his eyes when she gets up to go to the bathroom because he just knows she's gonna be gone for 20 minutes in there flashing and posting it on twitter? Imagine. But really he's probably fine with it because it gives him a break to message people he actually likes kek. Still weird how she has to do this EVERY time she's out. Hope she gets caught one day. It's like she thinks it suffices as content instead of actually working and filming.

No. 1272187

Does this mean that one retarded anon will stop insisting he's NOT OLD whenever anyone calls him old man?

No. 1272188

Kek I was about to post this.

No. 1272191

File: 1625537748576.jpg (697.19 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20210705-211544_Twi…)

No. 1272193

yeah thats a joke

No. 1272205

Even with the gross, retarded tongue hanging out expression, once again her content looks better with her face cropped lol. Better by the incredibly low standard she's set, of course.

No. 1272222

its super sad that she gained that much weight and none of it went to her hips.

No. 1272238

Not a very funny one.

No. 1272244

Agreed yet very indicative of this thread. Old and recycled.

No. 1272255

File: 1625550051640.jpeg (238.34 KB, 1088x2208, B8BA7B31-B917-4516-A058-6E1E66…)

Shaynus posted this gross video on her onlyfans. You can see how fat her face is kek, the double chin.

No. 1272256

File: 1625550143171.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 752.89 KB, 2516x2934, 06FAC21B-B615-4EB5-8119-C4F92F…)

She’s really ugly even with the filter working overtime jfc

No. 1272262

She looks so emotionless and dead inside it almost creeps me out. Her content has been extremely low effort recently even for shaynus standards. I wonder if this is the beginning of the downfall of her "career" kek

No. 1272264

File: 1625551485456.png (1.24 MB, 912x1658, Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 23.0…)

Lol. Her bellybutton is horizontal now.
Love how she flips around right after releasing her gunt to try & hide the worst of it.

No. 1272276

As soon as the straightener touched her hair all you could hear is hot grease splattering the walls… kek

No. 1272277

God she is so unsexy, is fupa giving her lessons on how to be sexy? It’s giving fupa vibes

No. 1272301

File: 1625563434170.jpeg (124.76 KB, 875x1155, EAE5FB32-8582-45BB-9811-83A050…)

The first few seconds she genuinely looks like a man. Basic Snapchat filters feminize faces on top of everything else so one could only imagine how ogre like she really presents in person.

Sex appeal is hard to fake; you either have it or you don’t. Shayna does not have it at all yet chose to be an online whore. The way she shakes her breasts, spreads her ass, and paws at her vagina is so…. off and it’s the only routine she does. The faces she pulls are odd. Biting your lip consciously isn’t sexy. The blank void stare is unnerving.

She clearly has no idea what she’s doing, is uncomfortable with sexuality, and is getting zero pleasure. It’s all so bizarre nonitas.

No. 1272302

File: 1625564190546.png (5.12 MB, 1242x2208, 5DF962AC-A5AD-4BBA-9816-00FC4A…)

She’s the missing link

No. 1272307

No. 1272329

looks like a deepfake..wtf(sage)

No. 1272365

File: 1625580540430.jpeg (932.57 KB, 3072x3072, 37CEB044-FFC1-4479-A78E-3850BD…)

I wanted to make a collage with Shayna in the middle of all of her coomers but I literally couldn’t think of anyone other than these three who are still barely hanging around, so…. Tragic. She fits right in.

No. 1272373

Today I learned everyone in Oklahoma is cursed with butthole eyes.

No. 1272379

Wow such hot, rich, cool older men she's got!! Truly living the bimbo sugar baby dream there! They all just exude such daddy energy!!!

Jfc how depressing. Her lesser fans include toilet obesity dude, a surely ugly cringy sub guy, and that WhoKnows or whatever guy that pops up time to time. Oh and a couple troons and fellow nobody whores. Really built up an amazing fanbase over 5 years.

No. 1272387

Kayla Perkins aka Fu Paul is the closest thing to a bimbo this thread has ever seen

No. 1272388

Lmao facts. He definitely showers and grooms himself more than Shay. Looks more put together than her at any given time. And he's not all that attractive or anything, just personal hygiene goes a long way. Embarrassing.

No. 1272391


Looks like a TCAP feature.

No. 1272402

File: 1625585435737.jpg (285.3 KB, 1079x831, Screenshot_20210706-103003_Twi…)

Just keep spending all your moving money Shay

No. 1272403

File: 1625585613494.jpg (884.89 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20210706-103306_Chr…)

No. 1272406

wow bucket hat, so bimbo, definitely not only worn by 90s stoners and toddlers at the beach.

No. 1272420

this is beyond sad.

No. 1272421

File: 1625587374254.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 909.94 KB, 1284x1447, 6D5BA689-41A7-4A9F-9F53-0FD66E…)

sped girl touches her cunt

No. 1272471

>paying to wear a wank magazine logo
I just don't know any more

No. 1272484

File: 1625595781357.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 890x1872, A58C1390-D89F-4EAE-9038-1DBB91…)

Belly rolls and neck rolls for days

No. 1272485

sooo many bitches even have it TATOOED i just can't get behind that concept but ewhores be ewhoring i guess

No. 1272486

File: 1625595850178.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 954x1857, E7F1F319-3567-4F7C-BA5F-81930C…)

nasty crusty feet just because you have a snap filter doesn’t mean they’re clean, shaynasty

No. 1272489

honestly whatever this is, it should be forbidden by law.

No. 1272494

The logo is “y2k uwu aesthetic” which is trendy rn, but I don’t know why you would tattoo something so stupid. But hey, it’s better than the brazzers logo. I saw this one ugly bitch wearing a brazzers hoodie and I felt extremely uncomfortable.

No. 1272495

What's up with her trying to pander to foot fetish freaks recently?

No. 1272498

File: 1625596285399.jpeg (516.69 KB, 1242x1273, E381251D-2522-4B77-99EC-B519CB…)

she’s so fucking annoying, no one cares dipshit

No. 1272499

all her pics lately are so heavily filtered it looks like she's using a phone from 2012, no makeup, and her just looking dead inside like a street hooker strung out on heroin. talk about depressing. Says a lot about the creeps who are into it pedo, incest, and bestiality pandering aside just this sort of shit gives exploited sex slave vibes. Scrotes really dgaf it's so fucked up

No. 1272501

File: 1625596417886.jpeg (953.13 KB, 1242x1670, C8C1518F-6FCD-4DF3-A4CB-E41BDE…)

No. 1272502

sorry to samefag this wasn't yet posted when I was typing but yikes watch her get hooked on the pain killers and really turn into that heroin street hooker look 100%. I hope not but she's already completely addicted to booze and weed already. I do wonder also how she's going to avoid withdrawals from alc during this. I guess drink later? or just a bit before?

I swear to god this old man needs to stop with this post lmao. It's 10x creepier now that I've seen his gross face

No. 1272509

The tp cloud around her nethers. The rats nest of dingy pink blankets. The dead eyes. There's nothing to point out that hasn't been pointed out already but these most recent photos are truly something else. The only work ethic Shayna has is making each photo more horrifying than the last.

No. 1272518

File: 1625597790753.png (5.27 MB, 1242x2208, FD34CE48-A7EB-487A-A6E9-7BA0E9…)

Bitch finally wore makeup but still looks haggard

No. 1272521

>not being able to work…is nerve wracking as hell
lmao she's done like what, 2 videos in the past month? Not to mention the work schedules she regularly posts and doesn't follow through with. I don't think anyone buys that she's worried about not being able to work.

No. 1272528

Anti-weed PSA?

No. 1272529

So does this mean Fupa is gonna be taking her there and taking care of her?

No. 1272533

You don’t even need pain meds besides over the counter unless you have some super crazy complications. Watch her get dry socket from not following the care instructions.

No. 1272534

At this point it’d look 10000 times less horrific if she just stopped shaving and let the hair grow out because it would hide the horrific tp bits, razor burn, stubble, and ingrown hairs

No. 1272543

I am 100% expecting dry sockets. I don't think she can go long enough on just edibles granted it would be the best thing she could do for her asthma

She is so bad at keeping a schedule I don't think anyone will notice. I'm sure she'll still post her gross morning nudes probably with her chipmunk face and try to make it sound cute. I mean ewhores get plastic surgery all the time and they're fine taking that little bit of time off!

No. 1272546

File: 1625602618726.jpeg (441.27 KB, 2048x1595, DA23FA32-DB73-4FFF-9D24-C22AD7…)

I have a job interview in a few hours….. plz wish me luck so I don’t have time to make bullshit like this anymore

No. 1272552

She posted a really stupid tiktok. I'm trying to pull it up but my app keeps crashing

No. 1272554

lmao. good luck, anon!

No. 1272556

Kek, good luck, anon. On top of everything else I'm sure you do better than Shaynus, you'll be able to say you have an actual job, too.

No. 1272558

No. 1272559

oh look, its the new belt skirt!
idk what it is but i am fully convinced her getting lash extensions just murdered her lashes and now she just doesn't have any? she got them filled/redone recently right? even in (somewhat) filterless candid they are just gone

No. 1272560

File: 1625603736306.jpg (288.1 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20210706-153454_Twi…)

No. 1272571

File: 1625605235653.jpeg (756.08 KB, 3194x4096, B20C345A-B189-4B9C-B15B-46DD72…)

No. 1272578

Already posted

No. 1272579

File: 1625606742258.jpeg (92.54 KB, 676x1313, D2BFB1A2-6D68-40A4-99E3-964977…)

This face wasn’t cute when you were 110 pounds and especially not so now that you’re around 180 and your nose has spread even bigger

No. 1272580

File: 1625606785816.jpg (328.58 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20210706-162623_Twi…)

No. 1272583

She looks like she’s crying kek

No. 1272586

…look closer, anon

No. 1272587

Fake, he’s not old and has hair

No. 1272590

File: 1625607698145.png (7.25 MB, 1242x2208, 8816B426-162A-4A7C-BDD8-188135…)

No. 1272592

File: 1625607874087.jpeg (89.12 KB, 1024x1024, 049857E3-D569-44D1-98EE-8D3D9D…)

No. 1272594

Wtf does this mean I’m not a tik tok fag but it’s just a slideshow with a countdown?? Can’t even put effort into making an actual creative video

No. 1272595

Ok? Why post this? That's not exciting or funny? It just reads weird to me.

No. 1272596

She's trying sooo hard to hide her barrel bod kek

No. 1272599

I feel like I can smell this and I do not like it one bit.

No. 1272601

Okay? Who cares? Thats a normal fucking video/stream for her. She's acting like she did something crazy or different.

No. 1272604

File: 1625609569030.png (521.27 KB, 1170x2532, DE076925-3287-43B3-911D-4CE730…)

kek did she get banned already? all other profiles open just fine for me

No. 1272606

File: 1625609577621.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.69 KB, 960x1280, 1B348B72-34D0-475F-9AB8-6D1CAB…)

No. 1272608

>>1272604 works fine for me, must be error on your end

No. 1272609

i hope to god she doesn’t drink or smoke before the appointment, they straight up ask you before they put you under luckily but if she lies she could absolutely die and then there’s no milk.

No. 1272613

Shayna drinks before she does anything now a days. Everytime she leaves the house she seems to make sure she leaves a little early to drink and eat.

No. 1272617

There are like 10 year olds making cooler tik toks than this. That was so boring and dumb. Like something that would have been just ok back in 2006. Despite looking like a goblin, she really is obsessed with taking pics of herself. That's all that was. But then again the "production" quality of her content has always been the bare minimum despite having all this time to learn and get better.

No. 1272618

Probably because she has semi-frequent passing realizations about how her audience has been declining for years as she ages & gains. She knows that she needs to find a new market if she wants to stay in sex work now that she's a fat old mare in comparison to every other OF thot.
Too bad the foot market is already oversaturated with normal & attractive college girls who recognize that it's an easy & anonymous side-hustle to get them through their degree until they can get a real job that pays real money and has real value.

This 100%. Shayna is a burnout. She's literally incapable of existing in her own life for a week without weed to numb her feelings when she starts to get one of those pesky moments of realization (which she calls 'anxiety').

No. 1272619

God her actual vag hole looks like a worn out asshole. Dry fucking yourself with dirty dildos for 5 years does that I guess.

No. 1272625

>she really is obsessed with taking pics of herself
It's funny to compare Shyanus' pictures to the things that normal girls her age post. It's only high schoolers that have their insta/whatever social media profiles composed of entirely selfies. Even high schoolers often realize how cringey that is. By the time you're 25, people grow out of their teenaged narcissism and only post photos when they actually DO something.
She's a perfect example of how living your life on the internet stunts your growth. She thinks she's totally normal when she's a decade behind her peers in all respects.

Can't wait for 30 kek.

No. 1272628

Classic Shay. She doesn't work in motion without filters so it's a series of still photos. I think my hopes of a Shay tiktok saga have been dashed. She'll abandon this acc.

No. 1272636

File: 1625611344361.jpg (Spoiler Image, 443.32 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20210706-174147_Twi…)

This just proves that she does everything in one take

Isn't this the video for her "sugar daddy"? So he paid for a half assed video that's getting posted for free?

No. 1272641

File: 1625612324135.jpg (146.44 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20210706-175830_Twi…)

So either

1. She read here and felt called out


2. The person who bought the video bitched about it

No. 1272651

It’s almost as if this is your job

No. 1272652

File: 1625613910374.jpg (132.47 KB, 1079x881, Screenshot_20210706-182521_Twi…)

No. 1272653

Most people, no matter how lazy they are about it, get better at something they’ve done for five years. How does she fail this hard? (rhetorical question)

No. 1272658

Not even an hour later… why flip flop publicly like that? Just decide whether to refilm or not before you post all this bullshit going back on your word. I doubt there were more than 2 people online that were checking out your shit to even realize you did that, but that's still 2 coomers you can't afford to lose, dear.

No. 1272673

this is probably the least awful picture she's taken in a while, that's sad.

No. 1272677

File: 1625616552965.jpeg (270.45 KB, 1242x1218, A25937AD-2F0C-46F4-9301-1D161F…)

Her description:
Naughty Slut Gets Plugged & Spanked!

I'm such a naughty girl! The slutty clothes I wear. The fact I'm never wearing panties. Naughty sluts like me need a reminder of their submission, so you have me put a plug in my ass because that's all the penetration that I deserve. Girls like me just need to be put in their place! I bend over with the pink jewel in my ass, pull my skirt up and tell you I think I deserve to be spanked. With your hand, with the paddle, with the crop, with whatever you think I deserve. As each swat lands on my plump cheeks, a little whimper is let out from my lips. Naughty sluts like me make too much noise, so you then instruct me to put in a heart shaped gag. It doesn't do much for the sound, but it does remind me of what a pathetic whore I am for you. The hits keep coming to my squishy butt, and as far as you can tell I love it, which is a problem. So I turn over and begin to spank my pussy for you, and that seems to be less enjoyable and more of a punishment. After a sufficient amount of pussy slaps, I start to masturbate with the buttplug. I don't deserve vaginal penetration but I will happily settle for anal! I keep fucking my ass, and put my vibrator to my clit. Before you know it, I'm loudly moaning through my gag as I climax. I put my vibrator down, take off my gag and focus on the plug still in my ass. I almost don't even want to take it out! I slowly pull it out, push it back in and begin to pull it out again. Once all the way out, I prop my leg up and show you the beautiful gape left behind! I love being your naughty little girl, and I love being shown my place beneath you!

No. 1272679

wtf is this rape-y ass fuckin description. What a degenerate.

No. 1272683

oh great, more Chris Chan level writing describing everything that happens in the porn. She puts more effort in writing this shit, then her look and the actual porn.

No. 1272698

File: 1625619164844.jpg (39.57 KB, 500x392, tumblr_meqo2b1hEb1raff6yo1_500…)

Lol why does she look like Dewey from Malcolm in the middle?

No. 1272700

dewey is a fucking king don’t do him like that

No. 1272701

And she think she did something lol.Can you imagine admitting being so lazy and always making only one take. And she calls that a production. Truly some of the laziest content out there.

No. 1272702

No. 1272710

File: 1625621979229.jpeg (569.37 KB, 1284x1184, 8495F72D-CA4B-4539-8D09-D69119…)

this is the screenshot that comes up and just….wow. real attention to detail huh shayna?

No. 1272711

File: 1625622080514.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 612.67 KB, 1284x699, 4C8B3FF2-E680-415A-8833-CF0A4F…)

full on retard porn

No. 1272712

Stop fucking biting your lip you sped. It’s not sexy.

No. 1272713

Ok this face has to be included in the next thread pic somehow kek. She’s never looked this retarded

No. 1272715

Christ, I thought based on >>1272606 that she may have finally realized that 'bush' & 'ungroomed' are not synonyms.
Nope. She's just blurring the shit out of her inner thigh pubes now to try & hide the fact that she's too lazy to do the most basic of grooming. Bitch, I thought this was your JOB.

Also lol at the greasy combover.

No. 1272716

She's straight up starting to look like she's had a stroke. She can't hold her mouth evenly to save her life.

No. 1272720

File: 1625623031406.jpeg (19.15 KB, 279x276, EDC69012-314E-4F7D-883E-66941D…)

“mmmm Fupa daddy did you say cheemsburgers?!”

No. 1272721

Anons talking shit about her $5 knockoff tube top must've gotten to her because she's either turned it backwards or inside out, kek

No. 1272727

Yo anon I love your edit and I hope your interview went well!!

No. 1272732

Shes gonna get banned or at least her vids taken down anyway because she just can't help herself not to be a fucking attention seeking moron. She cant do full porn and smoking, but shes gonna get as close as she can and for what? To have some farmers and her same 3 scrotes follow her?
Tiktok is for trends, funny stuff, or cool things and Shay is far from any of that.

No. 1272733

Please Shay… just shave the area outside your pussy where it's going into your ass crack and onto your legs it's not bimbo or attractive.

No. 1272734

This picture physically made my stomach turn. The state of her asshole is abysmal.

No. 1272736

Just throw that ugly ass headband away. It's probably so nasty and oil soaked. wtf is that hair style?

No. 1272738

File: 1625625563493.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 382.22 KB, 832x678, EDC4CE47-AE5E-4E91-ACFA-92BCE5…)

No. 1272740

File: 1625625649746.jpeg (12.8 KB, 178x196, C4AF3326-278F-4533-A46D-41420F…)

No. 1272742

If grey old bitch find out his face has been posted here, he’ll probably ditch her too tbh

No. 1272743

File: 1625625757597.jpeg (25.28 KB, 290x174, 79565F39-C664-4969-97DA-805258…)

It’s almost too easy

No. 1272744

Doubt it. He clearly wants attention given that he has a failed OF profile.

No. 1272748

File: 1625626094556.jpeg (521.72 KB, 1242x1211, A4079D37-76CF-44F1-92A1-77FDEC…)

I wonder if she will tell him, she already told Jason R Womack because he made womackglass private on Instagram

No. 1272749

File: 1625626247938.jpeg (186.08 KB, 1094x1400, 350EF51F-ED60-4AAC-8EF3-3399BD…)

Shayna’s face placement reminds me of Rob Dedeck or whatever but without colored eyes, biggger ear lobes and nose and obviously less successful than him.
Sage for autism

No. 1272751

This ugly, creepy father time ass mother fucker makes me never wanna look at the thread ever again. He's too revolting even for a shayna thread.

No. 1272755

Fuck Marry Kill:
>Kyle Nathan Perkins
>Jason R Womack
>GrayHairNotold Mike

No. 1272757

i love how her bottom lip syncs up perfectly to her two double chins. beautiful symmetry

No. 1272758

drop all 3 out of a helicopter

No. 1272760

No. Stop being retarded.

No. 1272779

i would marry womack for those sweet construction benefits and then kill him kek.

No. 1272780

ot but what happened to shayna’s stretched ears? obviously she took them out/sizes down but they were way bigger than the maximum to go back to normal, have we seen her lobes lately lol i bet they look identical to her hemorrhoid-y asshole

No. 1272788

I'm really quite amazed at the trash Shayna manages to collect. Not one of her scrotes is attractive or normal. Flies to shit, really

I can hear her grunting as she rolls over and lifts up her leg. I have seen too much Shayna porn please lobotomize me

No. 1272791

File: 1625630339963.jpeg (641.45 KB, 1242x1698, 804DA45A-138C-4273-B0B2-D6F9C7…)

Why does she like to show off her retarded dog so much? Noodle isn’t even cute. She’s just a plain big dog. I would think a “bimbo” would have a cute Pomeranian or a chihuahua

No. 1272793

because she's so boring the dog is the only thing interesting in her life
she thinks owning pets is a personality trait and "hey! everyone loves animals right! i'll get more attention that way!"

No. 1272795

File: 1625630655003.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1242x1604, 53D0844F-7FB4-4FF3-8032-100DF0…)

No. 1272796

File: 1625630869046.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 698.22 KB, 1019x1015, 90F78C51-17D7-4C72-98EC-6C15B0…)

Umm… is that shit leaking from her asshole or is it lube? Or am I imagining that?

No. 1272797

i noticed it in a pic above too, it looks like watery shit

No. 1272800

Saged for autism, but why does a word suddenly become funny when it's misspelled?

No. 1272803

File: 1625632537762.jpeg (844.51 KB, 828x1512, F8C86D67-951F-416A-88C5-10BD43…)

It’d be a shame if Mike Slack aka zapman_68 aka @usnretarded (appropriate name) were to face repercussions for sucking up to Shayna’s nasty ass.

No. 1272806

Of course he has the same gas station sunglasses Womack has

No. 1272807

Ignore the self poster. Old fuck doesn’t like us teasing him kek

No. 1272818

File: 1625634728878.jpeg (839.25 KB, 1242x1182, E8746D93-15DA-4985-9AE0-A12ADE…)

No. 1272822

Both, I think. Or just ass grease from never prepping and eating like a pig.

No. 1272827

File: 1625635644031.jpeg (918.56 KB, 3072x3072, 00804A73-F43E-4DD2-BBA6-7A3E97…)

Old fuck AKA Mike Slack doesn’t how to post anything other than the monsters inc gif, anon. He definitely doesn’t know how to post on lolcow.
Sexy, Shayna. Here are my favorite coom faces.

No. 1272828

Shayna attracts the most retarded men, truly. Retards of a feather…

No. 1272830

Wow 30 seconds of actual penetration and wand and she totally orgasmed! Then abruptly end the vid. The buttplug as a dildo is always awful.
Also I thought she said her pink wand died and she got that white one? Was she retarded and it wasn't actually, lying to scam a new one, or just bought it again?

No. 1272831

Love that her bottom lip just looks like another chin creating this cascade of 3 chins kek

No. 1272834

Sexy bimbo tingz

No. 1272836

Her pets are the only good thing about for her. Anyways stop sperging about Noodle, christ.

Well she is a scammer so… take your pick kek

Jesus Christ

No. 1272841

Its already been taken down. Only video on her tiktok now is the 'pass the brush' one that she didn't even do right.

No. 1272842

File: 1625638585091.jpg (1.45 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-07-02.12.19.jpg)

No. 1272843

KEK shaynus' face in this is hilarious

No. 1272845

File: 1625639341220.jpg (312.87 KB, 2000x2000, Untitled collage.jpg)

please shay…I'm begging you…learn your angles

No. 1272848

Kek so autistic yet so perfect kek bless you Anon
You should be that Fupaul made me cackle more than once
Good luck Anon. Hope you get the job, hope you’re not too busy and visit this thread during your breaks kek

No. 1272849

Job interview went well, Shayanons. I promise I’ll still faithfully post retarded edits despite having an actual purpose in life, unlike Shay and her coomers

No. 1272850

Get a diary or friends. This isn't the place.

No. 1272851

Do you really think I’d frequent the Shay threads if I had friends, anon?

No. 1272855

>Noodle isn’t even cute
too far nonnie. noodle is very cute.

No. 1272856

why are you trying to trick me into looking closer?

No. 1272868

Fuck off, wet blanket. Nothing is happening in this thread
Kek we are all better and more likable than Shayna even if that’s true for some of us
Nonnie, Noodle is just a large retarded mutt she’s nothing special. She’s not ugly but she’s not a looker. She’s not one of those cute dogs you see at the park and have to do a double take

No. 1272869

Sage retard

No. 1272870

Then stfu & wait if nothing is happening you retard, that's the point. We don't need your 14th autistic post pontificating on why her dog is a 6/10.
>we are all better and more likable than Shayna
except you

No. 1272874

It hasn’t even been 14 posts I just said it’s retarded and not cute and you anons keep white knighting and saying noodle is cute we dgaf

No. 1272893

this is why people hate the shayna thread and won’t let it go to /pt/

please consider shutting the fuck up

No. 1272897

If you have to point out you're better than a cow, you aren't. You seem legitimately autistic.

No. 1272898

She looks so much like Jonathan Yaniv here wtf

No. 1272923

You absolutely slay me Rob Dyrdek-Chan, this is like the 3rd time you've mentioned him

No. 1272933

kill myself

No. 1272934

File: 1625662919420.jpg (302.55 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20210707-080151_Twi…)

No. 1272970

>Noodle is just a large retarded mutt she’s nothing special. She’s not ugly but she’s not a looker. She’s not one of those cute dogs you see at the park and have to do a double take


No. 1272972

Lol when you read it again, it is a weird personification of a dogs "attractiveness" and it is weird. That anon is not ok.
Yes, noodle is a very average dog, but some people like dogs regardless. Though I agree people need to curb their autism on her pets just because Shay is a bare minimum pet owner.

No. 1272974

>white knighting Noodle
It's… a dog. Of course people aren't going to go after it like they do Shayna. Either your tard wrangler needs to take your phone away again or you can take it to the autistic dog hate thread in /ot/

No. 1272975

I'm sure it's been done before. She's not popular enough for anything she does to be "iconic" please.
But totally keep it because it's great advertising! It let's people know exactly what you're about the moment they click on your page: full busted holes out for FREE with little to no scrolling necessary and the added bonus of exposing any unsupecting minors to a massively explicit image immeadiatly too! since she likes to interact with kid content pages like the spongebob page, kawaii and sanrio twitters, barbie, etc.

No. 1272982

File: 1625671447974.jpeg (280.1 KB, 1125x662, 390FB89B-E6A0-4F93-BAA7-E592FF…)

What’s with the sudden descent in to madness in this thread? I know it’s always been a mess but literally no one cares about her dog or orbiters enough to read post after post of your opinions on them.
I get the irony of me posting about it and adding to the problem…

No. 1272986

Yeah the mods kinda come and go with the Shay threads. One was here at the beginning of this one and hasn't returned since kek. Sometimes they do good, but sometimes they just throw bans out like autists. It's a toss up really. But yeah, the derailing has been bad lately because Shay has been boring. Not putting out hardly any content and just "sneaking" around with Fupa lately. I guess we're just waiting for that big Seattle move to give some fresh milk finally. We can only comment on the rough state of her face, her butthole eyes, her likeness to Jason Womack, fat gunt, and nasty neither regions so many times lol until the vid yesterday she has just been posting public restroom flashing which is stale.

No. 1272987

Can't wait for Fups to drop her again so we can get some fresh milk

No. 1272989

I mean how many times can you recycle that curdled milk? Feels like a purgatory cycle. The Fupa saga needs to end. Really just want her to move. Hopefully we're getting close.

No. 1273010

File: 1625676197770.jpeg (758.54 KB, 1242x1132, 93B26CC0-CC94-44B1-BF04-A66544…)

Shayna paid for another promo

She must be desperate for that “moving” money

No. 1273011

File: 1625676317982.jpeg (170.36 KB, 1242x421, E07DBD19-B778-4118-84DB-5F95BA…)

No. 1273012

And she's going to spend it all

No. 1273013

File: 1625676470140.jpg (484.95 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20210707-114742_Twi…)

No. 1273014

when you’re american and see a comma in your bank account. top kekkkkk

No. 1273015

cue celebratory trip to the dispensary

No. 1273017

File: 1625676515998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 522.25 KB, 1242x1039, FFFE1F8B-BCB9-44A2-BFEC-DF0B05…)

She told her of subscribers that she loves them in her good morning dm. Probs to make Womack send more. Her hair looks so greasy

No. 1273018

And now we know why Fupa is back.

No. 1273041

Shayna always picks the worst pictures to promote

No. 1273051


This is such a depressing brag considering she already told everyone exactly how much she needs for moving costs. Like, cool, you managed to sell enough content at a discount to move away from your ex. Congrats shay. Kind of the same energy as someone bragging about their credit limit or someone trying to show off a “fat stack” of cash when its actually just all the money to their name.

No. 1273066

>Can't handle OMG A DOGGO being called retarded
>She's the autistic one, not you

Dogfag moment(infighting)

No. 1273083

This. Like it's just her moving money she might have actually been saving. And shes been working on it for months. It's not an actual savings or big money that she got from working hard or having a good month. It's from begging and doing sales and people gave her money to go towards moving. And she said she needed like 5 or 6k so we know the amount shes talking about kek. But again, that 6k is gonna be wiped out immediately when she moves so like…
I guess any money that lasts longer than half a week in her account is an accomplishment for her though.

No. 1273084

Everytime I see a picture of Shayna I smell baloney or raw hotdog.

No. 1273085

You've got a few thousand FOR MOVING, congrats. Come back when you've got 5+ digits or a real savings idiot.

No. 1273089

File: 1625685373029.png (6.3 MB, 3464x3464, E002A143-BB4D-4354-8966-C494E6…)

Shayna’s pictures smell like feet and hot dog water

No. 1273117

You sound like an inbred moron.
Noodle is cute and hating someone's pet is retarded as fuck.

No. 1273121

Can we all shut up with the dog posting, just because Shay isn't being milky doesn't mean we should clog the thread with nonsense

No. 1273125

The skinny Shayna looks like a bewildered giraffe.

No. 1273131

File: 1625690638073.jpg (174.05 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20210707-154346_Tum…)

Even though you beg for 99% of it

No. 1273139

everyone who says she looked so much better when she was thin—she also looked like crap then, just thinner crap

No. 1273140

Yeah that post was dumb but it’s more autistic that you are still screeching about it. Anon thinks Noodle isn’t cute who cares about that retarded dog??

No. 1273147

She doesn’t like to say it outright because she makes bread crumbs kek. She can’t even afford food or clothes she’s always begging for it on Twitter. She’s always begging for doordash gift cards it’s embarrassing
Shayna is just really ugly and unfortunate looking. The beady rat eyes, the long autistic neck covered in moles, the wide nose, the ugly earlobes, and her toe thumbs.

No. 1273149

It's pretty sad to compare Shayna's thriving income to the girls in the misc camgirls thread. Obviously they have their own reasons for being milky, but these random nobody thots are making 5 figures a month on Onlyfans alone. They're buying actual expensive cars & bimbo things that Shayna just daydreams & drunk tweets about. Meanwhile she's 5 years into this depressing lifestyle and she's barely scraping by with minimum wage, acting like she's a boss babe for being able to cover her light bill. Even now, when she says she has the most money she's ever had >>1273011 I doubt it hits 5 figures.

If you're going to sell your dignity then I'd at least hope you're making good money from it.

No. 1273152

You know the thread is completely out of milk and a piece of shit when the same fucking retards keep insulting a dog. Please go outside. You're one of many becoming a cow yourself.

Really hoping she actually moves. I would not be surprised if she doesn't but damn does her saga need a revamp. I can't wait for her to actually struggle with the cost of living there and her parents maybe finally cutting her off.

No. 1273153

had the same reaction kek. weird ass anon sounds like a zoophile

No. 1273154

Just shut up already retard we get it

No. 1273155

Just because Anon thought noodle was ugly doesn’t make them a zoophile tf
Dogs are ugly in general just shut up dogfag

No. 1273157

File: 1625693693021.png (Spoiler Image, 11.76 MB, 1242x2208, 47977314-37FE-4D39-A04C-800847…)

Shaynus finally showered

No. 1273160

File: 1625693925108.png (Spoiler Image, 9.73 MB, 1242x2208, 55372699-4830-4204-969E-84DCC6…)

Bitch can’t afford the electricity bill

No. 1273161

Nah much like her various other staged shower photos and depression showers, no soap in sight. Gross

No. 1273162

File: 1625694193230.png (Spoiler Image, 607.24 KB, 720x1216, Screenshot_20210708-004143~2.p…)

Shayna's porn got an award and 15 upvotes in the r/uglyporn subreddit.(no1curr)

No. 1273163

Why are all the pics she takes so low quality recently? It's like she's using a camera phone from 2005.

No. 1273164

Maybe she has just about enough self awareness not to capture herself in HD. Surprising thought for Shayna I know.

No. 1273165

Had a hard time parsing what this image was at first and thought it was a raw chicken breast.

No. 1273166

Semi-cowtipping and lame, we know you posted it

No. 1273172

File: 1625695081456.jpeg (79.46 KB, 411x414, D350F9E4-BD88-4685-BBA8-514BF9…)

It doesn’t always. I am certified not autistic and I have never found it funny. It’s harmless but I only think of the old classic can I haz a cheezeburger website and that kind of boomer Facebook meme humor.

No. 1273180

>I am certified not autistic
proud of u babe

No. 1273186

File: 1625696586525.png (196.65 KB, 368x198, d.PNG)

Something about this picture is so retarded and funny. It doesn't even look like it's supposed to be porn or sexy, it looks like someone asked a mentally delayed person to tell them where their foot is, and they go, "See here my foot"
It just reminds me of this

No. 1273187

Sperg about pets somewhere else, retard.

No. 1273190

what were you doing in r/uglyporn kek? also that's not milk.

No. 1273192


This is what I’ve always wondered. Spends large chunks of change on a gaming PC she never fully utilizes, and an ipad/apple pen that she didnt need, new tv etc yet can’t buy a DSLR camera? You can set everything to automatic so you don’t need technical skills to use one. Like fuck, if she’s that insecure about her looks in HD she can still photoshop herself without having to giving out blurry phone quality content considering it’s uh… her only source of income/job. But the quality of her coomers and minimum wage earnings reflect this.

No. 1273193

They were posting these, when they first posted it on here, another post was made about Shayna seconds later.

No. 1273205

At one point she would use a Logitech web cam to film on

No. 1273207

I'm honestly so done, does she really think this is going to make her trend on tiktok?


No. 1273208

File: 1625698870931.jpg (92.44 KB, 676x1313, 20210707_180130.jpg)

No. 1273212

File: 1625699302236.png (5.22 MB, 1242x2208, 41EE6336-A873-4F77-9314-3C9459…)

No. 1273214

Shayna, you are too old and fat for this

No. 1273217

I can understand hating Shayna but you need to go outside. Her dog has nothing to do with her bullshit.

No. 1273219

File: 1625699855429.jpg (161.68 KB, 1079x779, Screenshot_20210707-181713_Twi…)

It'll either be:

1. Pedo
2. Incest
3. Pet play

No. 1273221

File: 1625699882767.jpg (97.31 KB, 676x1313, 20210707_181719.jpg)

No. 1273222

We get it anon

No. 1273223

That was the cringiest thing I’ve seen in a while, she acted and sounded like someone with mental retardation who needed to go to the bathroom. Was it supposed to be cute or what was she thinking?

No. 1273225

¿Por qué no los tres?

No. 1273226

we all know she thinks mental retardation is sexy

No. 1273228

This is what happens to girls who convince themselves that it's cute to be dumb. It starts out as normal ditziness then they lose all self-awareness and go full on downsie special ed.

No. 1273233

The face she makes is so corny, but at least Tik Tok is something old and something new for her I guess. Also, notice how she actually does her make up and attempts to look decent from Tik Tok bullshit, but walks around looking like whatever normally.

No. 1273234

The amount of editing used to make herself look presentable… and then you look to the right and see the edge of her wig lol.

No. 1273235

She can never think of something original

https://twitter.com/theIRLbarbie/status/1412920157677174786?s=19(Imageboard, post screencap)

No. 1273237

File: 1625703217491.jpg (160.54 KB, 1080x671, Screenshot_20210707-191337_Twi…)

Wow, much creativity Shay

No. 1273238

File: 1625703251180.jpg (86.79 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nx79a7MTRR1rmiw96o1_500…)

Ironically, Shay's old photos were relatively high quality because she had a decent DSLR camera. Pretty sure she was actually trying to be a graphic designer or photographer at one point.

No. 1273239

Can she stop being so cringe? It's insulting to actual retards to call her retarded at this point.
Shes not attractive or funny… at all.

No. 1273243

I need to take a fucking shower after reading that.

No. 1273245

She doesn't look half bad here. I mean she's not a beauty, she's still an average looking girl but the colors and aesthetic suit her better than cheap pastel polyester and sexualized toddler clothing.

She would make a lot more money promoting herself as a stoner white trash, awkward girl nextdoor. There are men who actually like that and she fits that theme and aesthetic much better than bimbo.

No. 1273246

Every time I see an old pic of her in grunge style, it makes whatever this baby pink vomit toddler style so much more jarring. You'd think she lean into the 90s grunge more because it actually suits her and her greasy unwashed hair and body

No. 1273247


incest anal video #28485067, so ground-breaking shay. such fetish.

No. 1273250

>most fetishy idea ever
>same rehashed incest pedo crap
>gross animal dildos continue to accumulate dust

No. 1273253

looks like a cap from a snuff film but lower quality

No. 1273255

That eyeliner pains me

No. 1273257

Looks like she's back to using fake eyelashes

No. 1273261

Chick really saw Bella Poarch get uber famous from making stupid faces on TikTok and thought she should try it out, huh?
Step 1: Be Attractive.

No. 1273262

Why does she look like Pandora Boxx

No. 1273264

well she is shaped like a box

No. 1273265

Skinny shayna looks like a cryptid troon, she's so gross looking.

No. 1273267

I love how she thinks if she goes viral that it will be her ticket out of sex work and she'll be able to sit on her lazy ass for the rest of her life with all the bills taken care of lmao

No. 1273270

She really had to do the uwu finger touch with the just-shidded-my-pants face. She's just….so unattractive and definitely doesn't have personality enough for shit like TikTok.

No. 1273273

File: 1625707220095.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 731.27 KB, 1284x1030, 3A41B8FA-C4F2-4D15-872E-D7AAAF…)

I really cannot handle the special needs face

No. 1273274

File: 1625707276966.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1284x1379, EE8D3606-3209-42FC-A8ED-09DEDB…)

not understanding the sex appeal

No. 1273275

The 'little sister' fantasy doesn't work when you look like a whole-ass step mom with a necrotic implant

No. 1273277

Getting really sick of this wig that matches her dusty ass pussy. She looks like a bologna sandwich

No. 1273278

that wig is almost touching her brow lmfaooo

No. 1273280

She really is incapable of making a decent face.
Also that axe wound is fucking gnarly. The fact she's hiding predator's whole ass face with a stubble under all this ~*pink princess*~ aesthetic is throwing the whole vibe off. Fucking shave the thing goddamn

No. 1273281

There is none. Never has been, never will be.

No. 1273287

File: 1625709197617.jpeg (52.04 KB, 630x904, stevie-janowski-picture.jpeg)

Her fucking retarded smirks remind me of Stevie from East Bound and Down.

No. 1273289

Wow the "step bro" meme that's been a thing for over a year already. Such a creative, super fetishy idea. Not like that's one of the top fetishes in porn or anything. eye roll

No. 1273302

File: 1625711833680.jpg (238.2 KB, 1080x1218, Screenshot_20210707-213705_Twi…)

Jason R Womack at it again

No. 1273311

File: 1625712376789.jpeg (670.51 KB, 828x1181, D23555B8-01D0-4420-91FB-F7322A…)

Christ, this fugly bitch looks like Jonathan Yaniv and a rat combined

No. 1273312


pain killers? are you new to planet earth? they tell you to take fucking ibuprofin. i just had all 4 of mine out with IV sedation, it wasn't a big deal at all. she's a retard. i can't believe she thinks she's getting narcotics for having some teeth pulled. they don't even give that shit anymore for outpatient surgeries, they basically tell everyone to take Tylenol or Motrin

No. 1273313

File: 1625712482379.jpeg (87.72 KB, 1120x698, 36E14A7E-D335-4664-8208-DB5E08…)

The description:
My mom and your dad went out for their weekly date night, which means we get the house to ourselves! You come into my room to let me know our parents just left and I proceed to ask what you wanna do about dinner. As we've made our decision, I stop you as you leave the room letting you know I want to tell you something. I confess that I don't think your girlfriend is right for you, I think you deserve someone who makes you even happier! I didn't have anyone specific in mind, but you suggest that I can make you happy. Of course I want to see my step bro happy! So I ask what I can do, how I can help. Next thing I know, you're slapping your cock on my cheek. Confused, I ask "what are you doing step bro?", and you tell me this is how I'll make you happy. I pause and say "are you really gonna cheat on your girlfriend with your step sister?", then quizzically and happily sucking your dick. I take as much of you in my mouth as I can, drooling, going cross eyed, gagging, and asking how much you like it. Gasping for air, a smile appears on my face as I tell you I can think of something you might like even more. I confess that I'd been eavesdropping on you and your girlfriend the last time she was over. I heard you ask if she would do anal, and she said no! Just another reason you deserve better. But with that said, I turn over and present my asshole to you. I think it's time you cheat on your girlfriend with your stepsisters asshole, and you'll see how much better you deserve. I lift up my skirt, and you slowly enter my tight little butt. Moaning, smiling, I enjoy every inch of you, step brother. I roll onto my back, so you can look at my cute face while you fuck my ass. I pull my shirt up and my juicy tits fall out, and I can tell how much it excites you by the way your dick twitched in my butt. I grab my vibrator and tell you I want to cum together. The harder you fuck my ass, the harder you cheat on your girlfriend!!! I count down from 10, and as I reach 1, my eyes roll back in my head while I moan and push through the orgasm. I roll back onto all fours, while you get your last pumps into my ass and pull out, revealing a wide, beautiful gape. I laugh, then tell you to go break up with your girlfriend and order us a pizza!

No. 1273314

you’re right anon. they don’t just hand out painkillers in america like some people think. unless you’re specifically shopping for a pill pushing doctor, you’re not getting shit

No. 1273315

Bet these are payments for her customs shes been shooting though. So like, congrats Shay, you did your embarrassing job and got paid for it. Oh but that $10 tip!

No. 1273316

The way she is always pushing the narrative that you should always expect anal from women is so degrading and demeaning. I can't stand Shay

No. 1273317

>juicy tits
>she no do anal! You deserve better!
So stupid

No. 1273318

>Rolls onto her back and grabs her vibrator wand
Yup that's a Shay porn. Every single time.
Spends most of the video with fake voice doing cringy one take dialogue, heavy breathing to paw at her hairy muff, probably choke on 1 inch of dildo or brush her teeth with it. Drool on herself like a retard, wiggle her ass boils, then onto her back like a beached whale! Put the wand on her gash and fake orgasm in 30 seconds, say one last stupid line, then end vid.

No. 1273319

they still hand out painkillers for wisdom tooth removal. just had to take care of my bf for a few days while he was resting. they gave him like 10 hydrocodone. she’s prob going to a place that takes advantage of the uninsured and people who need emergency stuff like Aspen Dental franchises. those places will absolutely feed you pills if they can help it.

No. 1273320

File: 1625713387957.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 431.21 KB, 1242x1634, 083A6B62-3EE5-48FC-9F9F-50BF63…)

The wig kek

No. 1273322

File: 1625713569415.jpg (235.12 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20210707-220556_Twi…)

She always makes it obvious that she reads here

No. 1273325

Anal is all she has to offer so she loves to demean other women who have respect for their bodies.

No. 1273326

File: 1625713682951.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 742.12 KB, 1242x1170, AD003364-A9DD-4590-9CD0-5EDC0F…)

vom-inducing tooth-job

No. 1273327

Let her have that one thing anon. Her degrading fetishes are all that she has now that she can still use to attract men kek.

No. 1273352

Why would she ask this on Twitter where the majority of her followers are bots rather than her onlyfans which is the audience she's trying to ask? She's so retarded

No. 1273372

File: 1625722310220.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 3464x3464, A8A3DE63-FE98-4502-8C06-F6D2AD…)

No. 1273378

lmao at how her wig is coming off at the sides. The harsh hairline isn't doing her any favour when it comes to looking less like a tranny.
The way she bites her lip and looks pleased with her decimated asshole just gives off such sp.ed vibes. Like I can hear her voice in the bottom left pic saying "oopsie poopsie dada, i bwew out my asshowe again".
She's past even pretending to be a little & now she's just LARPing as Rosie O'donnell in Riding the Bus With My Sister.

No. 1273383

when will this disgusting creature finally realise she's not giving dolly Mattel, she's giving dumpy fattel gone full retard? one of the most painful things about the way shayna documents herself on the internet is the way she really puts whatever this is out there and puts a name like 'dolly mattel' on it. not to mention it's just a shitty name either way kek

No. 1273395

The fucking toilet paper covered asshole again.

No. 1273443

File: 1625746343999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.02 KB, 500x384, unnamed.jpg)

she looks like a fucking rotisserie chicken in this lighting

No. 1273459

Nitpick but how does her makeup always look so fucking cakey and slimy. Her skin tone has to be one of the most unfortunate I've seen. Looking perpetually jaundiced and in need of nutrients

No. 1273463

sometimes I wish lc was forum so I can have this as my pfp.

No. 1273465

I don’t think that’s just her makeup necessarily. she’s terrible at lighting and editing vids. i’m sure that adds to the horrorshow.

No. 1273477

File: 1625754118783.jpeg (895.29 KB, 1242x1136, A0AFEFC3-3B19-4884-9105-A67BBF…)

No. 1273483

File: 1625755515050.gif (2.38 MB, 478x362, 364B5380-B103-4158-9C26-7E6D66…)

for some reason this moment is absolutely sending me. it’s like she tried to be sexy with the lip bite thing, failed twice, and then gave up and never reshot it.

No. 1273485

serving Chris-chan vibes here

No. 1273508

File: 1625760694577.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 64.65 KB, 676x763, FCB853F3-1BD4-4CED-B81F-F69EB4…)

Diabetes Mattel

No. 1273509

File: 1625760737754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.13 KB, 676x778, 2A0BEB04-E41B-436C-93B7-651C4A…)

Irritated axe wound

No. 1273512

this is it nonnies, the feeder saga starts now.

No. 1273513

it's been started

No. 1273521

try water, shatna.

No. 1273525

has she made porn with food this blatantly yet? i remember her failing to cook penis pasta but this is certainly a new low

No. 1273529

she's totally sponsored by them

No. 1273532

She did it with sushi when that was her food obsession

No. 1273533

File: 1625763302543.jpg (1.03 MB, 768x768, okalldads.jpg)

woke up sweaty and all I could think of is this, soz for the autism it had to be done

No. 1273535

She made a cake stuffing video when she lived in Seattle

No. 1273536

A national tea chain would not sponsor a failing porn "star" jfc this thread is retarded

No. 1273537

this is a masterpiece kek even her toe thumb is pictured

No. 1273540

Top kek anon. Grayhair as sully is a lovely touch.

No. 1273546

Next thread pic for sure

No. 1273547

Pretty sure anon was being sarcastic

No. 1273548

Bad skin with thick cheap foundation, then she gets the meat sweats. Dirty, oily, sweaty skin basically over poorly applied makeup.

No. 1273563

You tried anon but this is barely recognizable as a drag race parody

No. 1273566

Jfc shes really getting one of these massively sugary drinks every day now. And a fuckin large too. She just has no intention of being conscious of her health and weight I guess. Can't really blame meds anymore, Shay.

No. 1273567

She pissed on a cake once, so…

No. 1273570

File: 1625768627056.jpg (237.44 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20210708-132352_Twi…)

Get a diary Shay

No. 1273572

Just a different background or logo that's more like Drag Race, I think would make it really good. The art is hilarious though.

No. 1273575

When does she ever shoot content for later? Lol
She gonna just ride this out until she moves?
You can do content without your ugly face, Shay. In fact, it's preferable.

No. 1273576

I’ll never get over how she thinks she’s subtly covering her gut rolls and fupa with her hammy arm in that awkward ass position. She’s so insecure…for good reason, I suppose, but her whole job is about showing off her body. Gives off the vibes of one of those girls that wears a crop top and spends her whole day violently yanking at the edge to cover her beer belly. Why not either accept the weight or work change it if you’re going to have to suck in or cover your stomach in every picture?

No. 1273584

I’ve been laughing for the past 10 minutes. If this isn’t the next thread image then it’s a hate crime.

No. 1273586

I'm glad that my autism was inspiring to your own autism anon, great drawing.

No. 1273594

I just now realized that old guy is dressed as Sully. Simply amazing

No. 1273597

File: 1625770600929.jpg (678.09 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20210708-135653_Twi…)

No. 1273599

File: 1625770657525.jpg (218.86 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20210708-135722_Twi…)

Coming from the bitch who is always bragging about "muh tumblr followers"

No. 1273600


>pls no ban for emoji
(don't use emojis)

No. 1273601

it's uncanny kek

No. 1273606

Anon I love you
Next thread pic PLEASE

No. 1273615

File: 1625772485853.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 2733x2361, 056A6396-1860-4DC8-9219-CF5367…)

No. 1273616

File: 1625772531612.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1213x1570, 4FFEE6BD-4A08-464B-A1A4-0DF6A7…)

No. 1273617

I don't even read Shay's threads, but she looks more like Yaniv each time I see her pics while scrolling /snow/.

No. 1273618

this bitch always looks like she ripped a stinky fart and is smelling it

No. 1273648

Eugh the fucking thigh pubes & ass pubes again.
How can someone be a SEX WORKER, and for 5 years no less, without learning how to properly groom & clean up their own pubes? Even people who are into bush don't want to see the disgusting patchy mess growing way past the mound, crawling down her thighs. That is not part of the 'bush', Shayna.
No one is going to make their gross coomer comments about sitting on their face when it looks like they'd be flossing their teeth if you do.

No. 1273649

I never thought Yaniv resembled anything close to a woman but he looks just like Shay so..

No. 1273652

It's because she doesn't do it for her coomers, it just grows because she's a lazy disgusting mess who can't be assed to do even basic hygiene and she uses bush fetish as a cope to enable herself

No. 1273669

not that fucking ImmobiliTea

No. 1273671

having pubes is nothing to do with basic hygiene

No. 1273676

Context, you autist, in shatnas case being shaven is part of her hygiene routine; the only reason she doesn't do it is because she doesn't have basic hygiene.

Literally no one gives a fuck if you have pubes and or are hygenic, this thread is about shatnus.

No. 1273688

the fucking gloves and finger kek. that gif always makes me physically unwell. well done anon

No. 1273731

File: 1625787860405.jpeg (602.06 KB, 1242x1694, 7674926B-F7A0-4040-A7F2-19654F…)

Imagine being in your mid 20s and you want to brag about smoking weed to a bunch of children and underaged teens

No. 1273732

File: 1625788020594.jpeg (892.69 KB, 1242x1418, 96AB7A51-7564-47BA-A087-71BB5A…)

Fucking fat-ass

No. 1273746

Pretty funny how she has nothing to post anymore when you take away the "unpalatable" things like sex, alcohol & weed.
She can't even do those stupid tiktok dances because she's too fat to move fast enough kek.

Ummm does she mean recovery from her wisdom teeth?? I hope those are edibles & not buds because you can't smoke after that.
Honestly though, I would bet like 24 moving boxes (so $50) that she will anyway.
>>1272533 totally called it, she's going to give herself dry sockets. She can't deal with life sober for even a short amount of time.

No. 1273750

smoking through the nose saga

No. 1273751

File: 1625789095889.jpeg (548.83 KB, 1242x1329, D615607E-B34B-4DFD-A146-ADC7FD…)

Yeah it’s edibles

No. 1273753

File: 1625789307278.jpeg (558.47 KB, 1242x1357, 64BD1AA0-A23F-41D3-8484-44E413…)

>business savvy
The sheer cope, kek. Anyone can sell nudes men will fuck a chicken sandwich I cannot….

No. 1273758

File: 1625789421656.jpeg (434.75 KB, 1210x1138, D259BFB7-7DEB-416B-A836-E31847…)


I hate Shayna and her hot takes

No. 1273761

And if you have none of those things but still try to sell your puss anyway, well… you end up on the sex work equivalent of EBT like Shayna here.
I also love how she just ignored the fact that this girl pretty much said "I get views bc I have a vagina, I'm actually not that hot".

No. 1273767

If he was a sugar daddy that was worth 2 shits he would’ve paid for ALL of it

No. 1273768

File: 1625790547250.png (8.05 MB, 1242x2208, 59A0FBC0-D1C3-4F82-894D-F31D8B…)

How many times is she going to wear this ugly ass aliexpress-esque outfit????

No. 1273770

Ok but 6 grams of oil means smoking
Either in the dab rig or vape.

No. 1273771

Isn’t she selling all her content for $100 for her “moving sale?” We all know she’s not a sugar baby, but it is kind of hilarious how hard she’s trying to push that narrative even as she’s advertising a sale for that exact amount. She clearly thinks everyone is as stupid as she is.

No. 1273772

Yeah I know, but it could be for after her teeth heal??? I don’t think she’s smart enough to wait. She’ll probably smoke anyways

No. 1273776

Ok but you have zero of those things, Shay. So explain that. Oh yeah, porn sick incels have no standards and get off on these ugly whores degrading themselves for less than a big mac.

No. 1273780

It's better than the infamous boils

No. 1273788

She still has those on her ass tho and occasionally on her pussy

No. 1273796

No one on there wants to see you improperly dab to Material Girl anyway

No. 1273798

File: 1625795620070.jpeg (242.26 KB, 1242x1226, 9CCA4637-1B93-448A-B498-12BD76…)

When shaynus moves, (if she ever does) Jason R Womack will most likely stop being her “Splenda Daddy”. So RIP macdaddyglass being the meme of Shayna threads. Jason and gray hair are her main sources of income which is bleak

No. 1273820

the calories on the pint alone are ~1300…

No. 1273823

how could anyone possibly eat a pint of ice cream with 250mg of THC at one sitting, though?

No. 1273827

She's starting to follow more ppl on social media that live in Seattle. I think she's really moving. Some girl named Samina is popping up in her ig stuff a lot and she started following her. She lives in Seattle too along with the ex and sub dude she's following.

No. 1273828

I’m so sorry for ot but damn that tweet
>hella photogenic don’t choose sex work they choose vanilla work
>basic bitches sell what themselves for any scrote at any price because they’re lazy and that’s all they feel like doing
Quit telling on yourselves ladies

No. 1273871

File: 1625812235448.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 593.53 KB, 2431x2844, F6906433-2B4B-4DBA-B979-C4F1AB…)

Blur tool working overtime to cover up Porky Lardel’s porksweat covered cellulite thighs

No. 1273872

File: 1625812395016.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 211.46 KB, 805x1652, 8F08DC76-1ED6-4688-9678-713404…)

Such an ugly woman

No. 1273874

You know what would be super bimbo of you Shay? Rhinoplasty.
Time to fix up that beak, ya squidward-nosed prediabetic fuck.

No. 1273878

File: 1625813881743.jpeg (593.22 KB, 1034x1243, 782B9D10-7F6A-4941-BDFE-57805A…)

She called this video “anal prep” on onlyfans. Horrorshow

No. 1273890

File: 1625816508687.png (Spoiler Image, 7.04 MB, 1242x2208, 2C98AC97-B46C-4FEF-98FE-C7F5B2…)

Jesus Fucking Christ stop fucking yourself with a butt plug. No wonder she is as dry as the Sahara and fakes every orgasm; she has absolutely zero clue how to pleasure herself. This has all been said before but fuck is she a lost cause.

No. 1273892

Pretty sad to think that these throwaway coom comments from rock bottom scrotes that would jerk it to a hot pocket are probably the only things that keep her self esteem afloat.

No. 1273896

File: 1625817749490.png (Spoiler Image, 6.18 MB, 1242x2208, 61F3E9EB-2AEC-41DA-9634-0F2848…)

The only decent thing about this video is that she doesn’t have the bologna wig on. But she still looks like garbage. That greasy headband looks stupid on her fatass head

No. 1273897

File: 1625817930639.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.55 MB, 404x720, 79FCFB27-28F3-4E98-8672-206E87…)

my sides kek what the fuck is this

No. 1273900

File: 1625818952571.gif (1.47 MB, 159x179, 5A135CE5-7292-4529-A67A-14E665…)

>POV: you are trying to avoid eye contact with the retarded girl at the bar you see day drinking, because she won’t stop giving you “sexy eyes” after you brought her a free drink out of pity

No. 1273901

File: 1625819056886.gif (2.11 MB, 140x141, 218B54E5-1644-4EA2-BC32-2CDEFE…)

Even with eyeliner and lashes she looks as equally retarded as the thread pic, just 1% better

No. 1273902

File: 1625819305141.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 876.5 KB, 3189x1897, 6C795752-EB7C-4C8C-B116-551AAB…)

No. 1273903

Does she watch her videos back before posting and think she looks good or sexy? This gif is so special needs

No. 1273906

the only thing shaking is her upper leg fat she really went full lunchlady kek

No. 1273918

File: 1625822956300.png (408.23 KB, 1079x249, 1598404794737.png)

Shay, I know you have no lips, but please try to learn how to make a sexy face. You don't suck your entire lip into your mouth like a literal child.
>mfw she takes that as a compliment

No. 1273944

She literally has no muscles in her legs, only wobbly fat and saggy skin….

No. 1273946

her snatch is clapping for joy that it’s not the one being abused this time

No. 1273950


It's like two pigs fighting over a ring pop

No. 1273960

How long do you think it will take her to realize that turning on the hydraulics in your elbows and shaking the bed, knowing the seismic force of your body fat swaying will make your thigh cellulite tremble at some point =/= shaking your ass???? She always assumes the position of a cat about to puke and gets to work flopping her thighs together. I’ve never once seen her sway her hips or arch her back, it’s like she doesn’t know what sex is.

No. 1273982

File: 1625840508390.jpg (225.04 KB, 1079x696, Screenshot_20210709-092130_Twi…)

No. 1273985

shay you can have water. can you handle water or is there not enough sugar?

No. 1273986

No anon she NEEDS that extra large extra sweet Mobilitea

Which is great for her teeth and ever expanding gut.

No. 1273989

File: 1625842490173.jpg (246.88 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20210709-095502_Twi…)

No. 1273992

Pretty sure that's the same tip. Of just sent her an email or message about it an hour later. And it's most likely from Womack lol

No. 1273997

They're different. The first one is a cash app tip

No. 1274000

File: 1625845328836.jpg (180.91 KB, 1080x961, Screenshot_20210709-104220_Twi…)

No. 1274006

Shout out to all the anons dropping underrated references and jokes in shay threads. I appreciate your contributions.

No. 1274025

File: 1625848013071.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1009.59 KB, 1984x3464, C5C5C43B-445C-4630-AEB1-8318B8…)

She’s such a ~uwu quirky gamer girl~
I hate her fake positivity tweets and messages more than I hate that bologna wig

No. 1274026

What reference was that? I thought Anon was just speaking Spanish sage for ot

No. 1274029

File: 1625848534263.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 464.55 KB, 1242x677, 71DA44AD-F028-4E08-9B30-98009B…)

The ugliest angle Shatna has ever filmed from

No. 1274031

File: 1625848674132.jpeg (109.02 KB, 809x652, ACF5F4E2-E2C9-4A8C-8309-C97468…)

This big fat bitch called herself “little girl” I cannot

No. 1274032

Shes probably not gonna stay off of doing porn long enough for her face to heal, I'm so excited to see the Jonathan yaniv expressions but with super swollen face

No. 1274044

Why does she INSIST on shoving her porky face in EVERY shot? Like it's just THERE. Staring into your soul. My dude, your face does not need to be in every fucking shot just sitting there mouth breathing and slack jawed. She's legit contorting herself in this shot just so her stupid face can be staring at you smiling like a literal retard. How did fupa have legit sex with the most unappealing, unsexy woman in sex work. Luna got more sex appeal than this.

No. 1274051

Her face when she's craning to get it into the frame reminds me of those memes about how you accidentally turn on your front camera & get a fright.

No. 1274052

File: 1625849841206.gif (139.42 KB, 275x221, 1531708718292.gif)

Holy fucking shit anon I am cackling like a hyena, can't unsee

No. 1274058

File: 1625850553778.jpg (42.74 KB, 634x481, 30288888-8481111-_Yes_I_m_the_…)

No. 1274070

You can’t have any food or water prior to surgery if you’re being put all the way under with IV

No. 1274072

File: 1625852146856.jpeg (924.1 KB, 2513x2796, F483DBB5-E671-4E3B-8A17-6397F5…)

No. 1274073

kek how will Fatty Mattel survive if she cannot shove doughnuts into her double chins

No. 1274097

the way she smashes that gigantic vibrator into her clit disturbs me every time what the fuck is she doing

No. 1274109

>How did fupa have legit sex with the most unappealing, unsexy woman in sex work
He literally abused her during and outside of sex, and tried to hide it from everyone in his real life and didn’t want to be included in her sex work because he was embarrassed of her. Most of their sexual encounters were likely drunk anal with Shay’s face shoved into a pillow while Fupa fantasizes about fucking someone else. He slapped the shit out of her with his lady hands whenever she was annoying him and she saw it as him being ~uwu dominant~

No. 1274111

File: 1625856445244.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.38 MB, 960x539, C7EE9CE2-E859-4D59-B7C2-3C285B…)

She is shaped like an uncooked chicken breast

No. 1274114

Nooo, did Kyle Nathan Perkins really do that? You mean the one from Tulsa, Oklahoma right? Crazy to think that he was publicly physically abusing a woman for years under the guise of "kink", even going so far as to slap her on camera in a Walmart.
Darn, he seemed like such a working professional with that lanyard of his.

No. 1274118

File: 1625856901475.png (Spoiler Image, 135.93 KB, 373x314, yt.png)

Reminds me of this thumbnail that keeps appearing on youtube.

No. 1274123

And from Shay said, she was a mean drunk to him

No. 1274129

Guys will have sex with anyone given an opportunity. All things considered shayna isn’t even the worst he could have and I’m not sure why some people are shocked that a cringe fake dom guy would bang a fat cringe girl who’s obsessed with him. Dudes that are like him don’t care and I’m sure he didn’t have a problem with it at all lol

No. 1274130

You act like fupa is some sort of prize. Men, especially men like him, are pigs and will stick their dick in anything they can

No. 1274131

File: 1625858042945.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1600, B43EF914-1754-4BAB-B0F4-315C02…)

>How did fupa have legit sex with the most unappealing, unsexy woman in sex work
How could this loser, Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma (to be clear) stick his dick in an unsuccessful ugly wannabe sex worker half his age while he was in his mid-thirties? One of life’s tru mysteries

No. 1274135

Yeah I really hate fake positivity Shay too. Tbh this pic is almost ok if she would've fixed her Zombie tit and just shaved her hairy muff. The scraggly mess down there really clashes with the uwu pink bby girl thing.

No. 1274137


Yeah he bailed pretty quick as soon as she got fat. Then somehow got even more covert about using her sex when he felt like getting his dick wet. Of course Shaynus always saw it as a genuine connection this entire time.

No. 1274140

Omg this pic I can't

No. 1274141


Ban me for pussy sperge but what the fuck is going on her with her taint in this gif. I’ve bever seen a lumpy taint before.

No. 1274142

Don't forget how he conveniently seems to come around when she's gotten money

No. 1274148

Didn't she gain weight after they broke up? Cause isn't that when her "muh medication" saga started?

No. 1274151

the fabled unclit is real, someone tell chris-chan

she's always saying her clit is in her ass anyway

No. 1274152

File: 1625860372740.jpeg (150.1 KB, 854x347, 3AB089EF-2A8F-4500-8EAD-AC7604…)

>Men, especially men like him, are pigs

No. 1274156

File: 1625860768513.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.54 MB, 960x539, 39D49FAF-68CB-4E34-9CDC-4A1CD5…)

No. 1274158

File: 1625861055538.gif (5.04 MB, 960x540, 31A2697C-5392-4746-A6AA-B76F91…)

I hate how she laughs like a retard in every video she does. It’s not cute

No. 1274174

I'm surprised greyhair didn't make a good luck post for her wisdom teeth

No. 1274185

File: 1625864523998.jpeg (555.45 KB, 828x1243, 33DF5835-E01D-4B0D-81BD-272422…)

How could you miss this, anon?

No. 1274194

It's probably swelling from a injury that she gained while fucking her asshole with a butt plug.

No. 1274197

She looks like she's peeing in a public restroom and they don't have toilet paper so she's shaking the piss off.

No. 1274203

"por que no los dos" means "why can't we have the two?" it's a meme that came from a taco commercial. "por que no los tres" means "why can't we have the three?"

No. 1274205

I know the commercial just unaware how it relates to the shaynus thread I’ve only been here since thread 53 kek it’s fine don’t explain it

No. 1274208

Dude, same. She thinks every damn thing she says is hilarious and deserving a horking doofy laugh. She does ALL the time. Probably just another one of her numerous insecurity tics like pulling on her tit and spastically looking away from the camera.

Wait. Is this a meme or for real cause I can't with this dude lmaooo I don't even know what's real anymore and I don't have the stomach to frequent her twitter.

No. 1274209

This legit looks like a cryptid crawling away. Like just slap a night filter on it and it belongs to a horror movie. She just moves so awkwardly kek

No. 1274210

Fupa is the most unappealing, unsexy fem sad boy baby daddy. TFor some reason, Fupaul has a ego and think he's a bad bitch. Shayna could attempt to fix her life by going offline and rejoining society. Fupaul is a baby daddy of ambiguous sexuality who looks like shit. He doesn't have a big dick or money.

No. 1274222

>Is this a meme or for real

Its real. The Monsters Inc is one of the top results in GIFs for “hug” and Shayna is just one of the many e-whore this coomer gives attention to, so he doesn’t put much effort in despite her thinking he’s such an uwu bestest splenda daddy.

No. 1274228

File: 1625869126954.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 435.33 KB, 828x1108, 60AB4EEA-A471-475C-881E-287CC2…)

I thought they didn’t let people keep teeth because it’s medical waste but whatever. Spoiler for nasty bloody teeth.

No. 1274231

Ok Shay, didn't know you were a soft gore aesthetic hoe. Most people don't wanna see that.

No. 1274232

Depends on the dentist

No. 1274238

Why did she take the teeth out of the bag of bleach they give you with your teeth in it? And why would she put them on her blanket we know damn well will never touch water or soap. Vile….

No. 1274240


How many of Noodle's hairs are on those teeth now? ew.

No. 1274244

How long till she tries to sell these to a coomer?

No. 1274248

Don't give her any ideas. Plus I'm pretty sure that's illegal

No. 1274251

>into my gums
Yes, your teeth are just chilling in the flesh of your gums, not attached to bone or anything. What a moron.

No. 1274252

File: 1625871233220.jpeg (14.2 KB, 207x184, D6A24A24-F6A1-4754-8664-EDEE64…)

No. 1274259

That’s so nasty, no one wants to see your rotting teeth, fat bitch

Kek add a headband and we’re golden

No. 1274260

Holy hell she really does post every single moment of her life. Get a diary, Shayna, no one wants to see your bloody teeth.

No. 1274261

I'm surprised we didn't get her usual topless bathroom pic

No. 1274262

File: 1625872222291.jpg (560.35 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20210709-181020_Twi…)

No. 1274264

Is that what they feed you at the retirement home, Mike Link?? Kek ugly old fuck

No. 1274272

Depends on the dentist. I had one pulled out whole and the dentist gave it to me(I was a teenager thought it was cool). The others were cut into 1/4ths by another dentist. Different dentists do different things.

Maybe she will loose a few lbs being able to only eat mashed foods and liquids.

No. 1274278

We all know Shay won't follow the recovery rules and will be eating and smoking before we know it

No. 1274281

this makes me deeply uncomfortable. I seriously feel like i’m watching a exploited woman with severe mental retardation who doesn’t understand what she’s doing and is being bribed with candy and cheeseburgers.

No. 1274282

im not 100% sure on this, but i believe that in the US your doctors/surgeons have to give you your body parts if you request them. It's a religious liberty thing, people of some faiths believe in being buried with all your body parts together.

No. 1274284

this has to be the worst attempt at domination and pov i’ve seen in forever. she sounds like she’s narrating for a children’s show (“okay so today we’re gonna do….”) and then proceeds to call the viewer daddy when they’re supposed to be a sub? I stg she just improvs everything. maybe she finds it too cringe to watch back so she just cuts it and doesn’t even pay attention to what she says and hopes people find it sexy. yikes. such attention to detail.

No. 1274287

File: 1625874656554.jpeg (194.32 KB, 1357x1284, F507D108-C50D-4B27-8150-D168E2…)

I humbly ask any art anon to do something with this. it feels like gold.

No. 1274293

>it’s like she doesn’t know what sex is

She doesn’t. She thinks sex is whatever she’s seen in porn, done in her porn, and whatever the hell Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma and her did. Definitely has never had a real orgasm on camera so one could only imagine how few, if any, she’s had in real life. The girl fucks herself with a butt plug… she doesn’t know what sexual pleasure is.

No. 1274297

sex isn't about her own pleasure, it's about scrotes pleasure and attention from men. Her relationship with sex will probably always be this way, if she keeps dating coomers like Kyle "Fupaul" Perkins.

No. 1274298

File: 1625876320074.jpg (99.73 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20210709-191648_Tik…)

Typical Jason R Womack

No. 1274299

File: 1625876451999.jpg (111.22 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20210709-191658_Tik…)


No. 1274305

Jason R Womack take care of your fucking kids you degenerate piece of crap.

No. 1274311

the fact he’s recommending generic equate brand made me lose it, not sure if that’s better or worse than recommending old people protein shakes like ensure
only the best for shayna!!!!

No. 1274312

She literally jams a vibrator against her clit in every hospital lighting porn she makes but still hasn't had an orgasm. She's a medical mystery

No. 1274317

File: 1625881808428.jpeg (134.04 KB, 1242x325, 88EE81AF-6277-4D83-872A-54E50A…)

>When Fupa isn’t giving you attention so you have to sexualize your dentist trip

No. 1274318

File: 1625882096828.jpeg (495.98 KB, 1242x1399, 967018B9-EA36-47C3-9832-A489F1…)

She is still seeing Fupa kek

No. 1274319

File: 1625882124189.jpeg (177.19 KB, 1242x498, E9D7A444-1C44-46DE-8B4D-6C9BBE…)

No. 1274320

This is actually tame for her. I fully expected her to gush over daddy dentist, pretend he tried to pay for her extractions, and then make some Z-tier comedy porn where she roleplays a little girl who has to buttplug-fuck herself to earn her post-checkup lolly.

No. 1274321

Oh my fucking god the way she talks about him is so pathetic. Just stay in OK and get dicked in the ass by sissy Fupaul forever then Shay, no one cares. Moving to seattle wont fix any of your actual problems.

No. 1274322

Bet he loved that. But this is why he probably offered to help her. She has no one else so like her other option was to get in an uber all fucked up and try to get home on her own and she has nothing at her place. I'm sure it's not selfless, but he was just trying to be "nice" since hes the closest thing to a friend she has and even then it's a weird relationship.

No. 1274323

>my ex
>I love him

God how is she so dick whipped by the ugly mother fucker and why does she post this shiy on her sex twitter. God she's such a dumb bitch and not in the kind of way she wants to be

No. 1274325

File: 1625882501336.jpg (53.22 KB, 1014x593, h5fgcgehbcn51.jpg)

Constantly saying that you still love your ex while also saying that you "just didn't work out" is telling on yourself that he dumped your ass & doesn't want you back.

No. 1274326

Mike Slack*
Does anyone know where he lives anyway?

No. 1274327

Oh so you're not moving. If she goes back on her (what are we on now? third? fourth? I've genuinely lost count) moving sale and pockets the money her scrotes are gonna turn on her. Especially Wocrack when he finds out he's been scammed just to be cucked by four inch Fupa.

No. 1274328

Mild tinfoil but they're going to end up in Seattle together to some capacity. I don't know or care if he's going to leave his kids in OK. But even Fupa's pathetic enough to "stay w her". Not because she's worthwhile but she's the cheapest and easiest meal to find at any time. And she'll probably let him and his friends squat no questions asked

No. 1274330

oops my bad I’m retarded you’re right it’s Mike Slack

No. 1274331

Just a matter of time for the "Hi frens, I'm not moving, please don't be mad"

No. 1274332

It's still weird to me she keeps referring to him as "my ex" when they're clearly on good terms. Why doesnt she just say "my friend" or give him a nickname. Usually people only refer to a person as "my ex" when they dont talk or are on bad terms. I know she doesnt want to use his name, but still.

Also if it was anyone else, I wouldnt think much of it. Friends record friends after dentists and being stupid. But with him doing it, it feels gross. Like hes either making fun of her and will possibly show his friends and laugh with them later. Or it's a degrading thing and he gets off on that shit. Icky.

No. 1274334

Kyle Nathan Perkins is definitely making fun of her. He is embarrassed to be seen with her. I don’t know why he has the audacity when he is the male version of Shaynus: same inbred face, rotten yellow teeth. Now they both have matching fupas

No. 1274335

Anyone else think it’s super weird he was filming her coming out of a drugged haze and crying ? Assuming this even happened.

I would be so pissed off if anyone, especially who claimed to care about me, did this.

No. 1274336

"he brought me to my apartment at 6am"
soooo she spent the night at his place? or am i reading it wrong?

No. 1274337

I honestly think they spend the night together all the time if his kids are with their mom

No. 1274338

yeah kinda figured that.
just wild that she's trying to act like they're "just hanging out" or whatever when it's obvious they're still fucking and she still has feelings for him lol.
can't wait to see her excuse for not moving

No. 1274339

She really is that much of a simpleton that he just has to pretend to give a shit about her to shut her up? Who knew that’s all it took? Normally if someone treats you like shit when they dump you, it makes it easier to be done with them because you see they’re not worth it, but guess it’s the opposite for Shaynus.

All the fits she threw over them breaking up time and time again, and now she’s just accepted it…? I don’t know that I buy it. If she doesn’t end up moving, I call that she calls him as her “ex” so she can freely refer to him on Twitter while pretending they’re not fucking. He wins, he doesn’t have to claim her as his girlfriend, she wins, she doesn’t have to lie about being out with anybody else except Fupaul anymore lol.

No. 1274343

Fucking this. Thank you for putting it into words, anon. The fact he's going above and beyond to help her out and seem like "a good guy, u guise" is so gross. They're so fucking transparent. Just waiting for that inevitable tweet of "omg I don't wanna move cause I just love my ex so much and I wanna be by him and wanna make things work out cuz I love him so" then they'll break up 2 weeks later and she'll sperg about how she should have moved when she had the chance yadda yadda.
Y'all. We gonna be stuck in this Groundhog Day shit forever. The same, the same, the same, the same, the same, the same….

No. 1274344

When fupa has ptsd from that elusive vid of drunk shay abusing him over not letting her hit the weed pen kek

No. 1274349

I sometimes get the feeling the ex wife doesn't even care anymore and just told him, "Don't have her around my childern", and Fupa COULD mention shayna on his socials. Even just by saying, "My girlfriend/my ex" like shayna does but he's so embrassed of shayna and the part he played in it he doesn't even want too.
His name is probably going to be forever linked to Shayna's bullshit, there's really no reason to hide. It's funny/sorry to see Shayna constantly talk about Fupa, meanwhile he's not saying shit about her and being sassy. Regardless of the circumstance, he's still embrassed even though his fat ass played a part in this.

No. 1274350

apt as in appointment, not apartment

No. 1274351

File: 1625885863450.jpeg (818.28 KB, 1200x1411, 9AC7F208-E489-4252-AB30-BB19AC…)

No. 1274353

I fucking HATE when she does these run on sentences and types “and” as “n”
it fills me with pure rage reading that tweet

No. 1274354

File: 1625886320201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.14 KB, 1280x1280, 20210709_220517.jpg)

No. 1274355

All I see is a upside down tarantula.

No. 1274358

File: 1625887394725.jpeg (169.45 KB, 1110x819, 2BC11792-001E-44E5-8317-CE6366…)