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File: 1626153174395.gif (1.34 MB, 1280x688, shayna.GIF)

No. 1275849

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

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No. 1275850

I messed up a little on the thread my apologizes anons. I hope it's decent enough to use

No. 1275851

You did good anon, the last thread wasn't particularly milky so you did well with the commentary

No. 1275913

Thanks for the new thread, anon.

No. 1275923

Hilarious that admitting to sucking up to/ fucking and still fighting with fupa while trying to move to Seattle isn’t even considered milky for her anymore. Her last shred of relevancy, sustained exclusively by people making fun of her, is fading fast.

No. 1275947

File: 1626187370204.jpg (269.51 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20210713-094223_Twi…)

No. 1275956

I really wanted Crying in the Uber edition, but it didn't even get in the summary. Bummer. The coochie burn thing was funny, but she didnt do anything but Fupa on the 4th. Oh well. Thanks for thread anon

Gotta get those sweet crumbs of online validation sent directly to her I guess. She's so ridiculous and pathetic.

No. 1275961


No. 1275962

File: 1626189803264.png (949.14 KB, 1014x978, Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 08.1…)

The lack of self-awareness that it takes to retweet these things directly after one another…
The entire point of Legally Blonde is to dismantle & shit all over the dumb bimbo stereotype that you try so hard to project, ya butterslut. You will never be Elle Woods. You're more of a Rosie in RtBWMS.

No. 1275963

the coochie burn thing is stupid but that one anon was desperate to get their joke in there

No. 1275971

File: 1626190268026.jpeg (1.13 MB, 4096x3992, 418EC6D9-9431-4403-AEC3-2A28D0…)

Stopped reading shays threads like 20 threads ago but pop in every time a new one is made to read the highlights. Sage for blog. But I had to do this. enhance

No. 1275973

File: 1626190342288.jpeg (633.64 KB, 2672x2605, EE78ADE4-374D-472B-993F-F322FF…)

Old one for ref

No. 1275978

File: 1626190821131.jpg (239.78 KB, 1080x762, Screenshot_20210713-104008_Twi…)

This is obviously about Fupa

No. 1275987

Your BPD is showing. Go get some treatment, retard.

No. 1275990

So she’s asking Fupa to start a relationship with her again? I honestly can’t believe this. The same shit over and over again. She’s never going to get out of Olkaholma is she?

No. 1275991

File: 1626193964790.jpeg (529.83 KB, 1096x1336, 86BA2579-E508-4ECD-BAE6-23479C…)

This was on the 4th

No. 1275992

File: 1626194011020.jpeg (861.64 KB, 1046x1585, 3F81D7C8-D058-4572-938F-A77B7F…)

No. 1275994

File: 1626194131426.jpeg (Spoiler Image,280.17 KB, 1145x1206, 4FCE855A-50E2-469A-9583-E9CEDD…)

Thousand-yard stare

No. 1275995

God this girl is a MESS. Just block his number! He has to be so sick of her ass, he doesn’t want you Shayna. He was taking care of you after your wisdom teeth out of pity and the chance for convenient sex. Now scrape what little is left of your dignity and recognize when you aren’t wanted. Jeez. She’s dumber than a 2x4.

No. 1275999

>dat thin-lipped troon smirk
>worn-down, mother-of-4 eyebags
>unable to open her eyelids bc permafried
>eyelashes now non-existent after failed lash extensions

I always think she can't get worse but here we are.

No. 1276002

File: 1626194719721.jpeg (Spoiler Image,856.83 KB, 2043x3464, 8817D4D6-26EE-4D90-9467-5B86D8…)

She looks like Cinderella’s ugly step sisters with that huge honker of a nose kek. Shayna wants someone to buy her food. She is e-begging in the dms

No. 1276003

She’s got a face only a mother could love

No. 1276005

That piercing really accentuates her penis-nose

No. 1276008

I don’t understand this photo in the slightest

No. 1276009

Wonder how much of her “moving fund” she spent on fupa this time?

No. 1276013

File: 1626197465113.jpg (222.49 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20210713-123119_Twi…)

No. 1276016

Do y’all think she left the Xbox at his house kek. It’s hilarious to me that shatna spent all that money building a pc yet hasn’t used it except for two cam shows. She should just sell it to a scalper for parts at this point but it probably has fisher price specs.

No. 1276017

maybe it varies state to state, but who tf pays 150 a month for renters insurance lol

No. 1276018

maybe it was $150 for the whole term like 6-12 months?

No. 1276019

evidently not

No. 1276020

her mother loves her she just doesn't love her mother

No. 1276023

We know she hates you, shays mom kek

No. 1276025

She tells on herself when everytime her and Fupa fall out suddenly she's making steps towards moving again. That just means she was in Lala land. She's constantly letting Fupa know how much time she has and how much progress she's made so he can come running back.

No. 1276026

this is so transparent. she probably rages like a fucking toddler when she doesn’t get her way.

No. 1276027

File: 1626199224829.jpg (95.31 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20210713-130041_Tum…)

No. 1276030

why are you "hi cow"ing the most basic observation?

No. 1276033

her makeup in this is absolutely hilarious

No. 1276036

Why is she getting electric setup 2 weeks in advance?

No. 1276040

Probably because none of this is actually true and is another pathetic attempt to get Fupaul to come to his senses, the countdown is on, and all, despite being completely fabricated

No. 1276041

no way she only paid $150 for a 6-month term for renters if she actually has valuable belongings… unless she doesn't own shit to insure kek

No. 1276042

well if you read these threads you would know that she doesn't

No. 1276045


Can't hide (or suck in) alcohol belly bloat.
Soooo bimbo.

No. 1276052

renters’ insurance is $150/year for a cheap plan in Seattle

No. 1276055

I said she didn't do anything but Fupa on the 4th.
She didn't light fireworks out of her holes or anything like she said she would. Therefore no coochie burn. Only thing that went in her coochie was a chode. So anyway.

No. 1276058

The fight was probably her being like "you know, I could just stay and we could be happy together. It's not too late!" and he was like "oh hunny… no" kek

No. 1276061

That’s the cost of a basic yearly plan

No. 1276062

It's really not that deep you guys. A lot of places require it and it's super cheap when you've got nothing of value/lie. She did the year rate, instead of like 13 bucks a month because it's easier for her retarded ass and easier to beg for the full sum from her 3 scrotes.

No. 1276073

Who cares Anon? Crying in the Uber was a flop thread name her over it

No. 1276085

Anons be acting like crying in the Uber is not a regular thing for MiShayhell Prolapsarse when she’s involved with Fupaul. I’m sure she’s mentioned it for ass pats many a time

No. 1276096

File: 1626208352036.jpg (293.56 KB, 1079x1221, Screenshot_20210713-153240_Twi…)

Cause you're a lazy slob

No. 1276097

File: 1626208357602.jpeg (326.17 KB, 1125x1230, 6CBAB3A2-CCA2-4207-9059-B04BD5…)

you have nothing packed because you were messing around with fupa to get back with him for the whole month

No. 1276106

Fucking kek she's counting down every day. 18 DAYS KYLE.

No. 1276111

I cannot wait for what her excuse is gonna be, IN 18 DAYS KYLE NATHAN PERKINS OF TULSA OKLAHOMA, when she doesn't end up moving… All of her tweets and posts lately, aside from trying to get back together with him, have been repeated countdowns as a manipulation tactic to get him to talk to her… I can't wait for this mess. Someone should make a bingo card of the potential excuses for yet another postponed move

No. 1276112

I mean honestly it’s not like she has much to pack. A hoard of clothing and sex toys. She could easily pack her things up in a couple days if she spent a few hours a day doing it.


No. 1276114

>MiShayhell Prolapsarse
what is this supposed to say

No. 1276121

Maybe nitpick but.. 18 days to pack the very few things she has is still an insane amount of time. It would take a normal person 2 days to pack a one bedroom apartment. Just focus Shay.

No. 1276125

Reads like some dumb ass reach to say “Michelle Visage” , hope for anons sake I’m wrong cos it’s dogshite if it is

No. 1276127

I think it's not just about packing, but trying to clean her filth hovel and probably a lot of throwing things out. It's a lot for Porky Fattel to do just physically and Fupa might not help her this time lol

Maybe her dumbass shouldnt have spent these last few months buying more shit like TVs and shit tons of cheap clothes, makeup, etc. And instead of bouncing on Fupas busted chode, she should've been cleaning.

No. 1276132

I thought she posted a while ago that she packed a bunch of stuff after she bought boxes from Amazon like that shitty trendy color pop makeup collection she never used. 18 days is long enough to pack up a mansion why is she acting as if she’s busy with anything else

No. 1276152

File: 1626213098927.jpeg (417.03 KB, 1651x2003, B43814B7-10E7-46FB-80A1-B6FF35…)

I hope this Christian mother doesn’t click on Shayna’s profile kek. Fatty stop retweeting random people and clean your hovel, you lazy bitch

No. 1276167

Can't wait for that mess either, anon. Fupa's crazy ass always comes back to reel her back in cause she's easy to manipulate with untreated mental health issues and then just drops her in a week every time kek That sweet inevitable tweet of "I can't believe I let him back in my life!!!1! I stayed in OK for him! I was all ready to move n he aboosed me to stay and hurted my fee fees n my heart is just broken n wanna kill myself!!"

No. 1276175

Like what >>1276127 anon said, fupa probably isn't gonna help her so since this loser has literally no one else in her life to give her a hand, she's all on her own to pack up all her cheap Amazon shit and tacky Shein clothes. And that's A LOT of physical activity for Shay kek Then on top of that, she also has to CLEAN (super spooky time for our anal seepage bimbo queen). Not only clean, but get it clean enough to get her deposit back (not happening kek) And she has no cleaning supplies. This dumb bitch didn't even know how a dish washing machine worked. She has no basic hygiene and intelligence to even clean herself let alone a whole apartment that's frequented by a pig, an unwashed, untrained dog, a cat, a long haired cat, and a fat manlet.

No. 1276176

I think she probably is moving, but she is going to find out really quick how much more expensive Washington is. I think she is back down in Oklahoma in one year.

No. 1276178

I'm calling it now, if she actually moves, she's throwing out that bed cause it'll be too much of a hassle and going back to sleeping on the floor lmaoooo

No. 1276184

She already lived there for like 2yrs. I bet she has a moving team do everything for her and she hires house cleaners. She's so lazy

No. 1276191

With what money, anon? She probably barely has enough to actually move. And she has to keep drinking booze and buying weed and daily extra large Mobilitea drinks and doordash and a few last Fupaul dates. Is she gonna let that weird Chris scrote and Womack over to help? Kek

No. 1276194

ohhhh to fit with FuPaul.

No. 1276196

It says "this anon needs to go outside & detox from both lolcow & gay shit for at least a month"

No. 1276197

If she was a real bimbo as she claims to be she would have done that. But she waste her money on door dash and pot like the tard she is.

No. 1276204

File: 1626220341053.jpg (52.66 KB, 500x562, a86d080ed12a3883a45df993c2a648…)

She should take a lesson from the bimbo movie characters she reblogs. None of them would be caught dead drinking & smoking alone.

No. 1276212

She posted a video on tiktok of all her "Bimbo shoes." Trying to screen record it

No. 1276214

No. 1276215

File: 1626221578889.png (7.09 MB, 1242x2208, D578AC0E-49AF-48B7-8F4E-5047ED…)

Shayna’s TikTok
Kek these shoes are all brown and discolored….the ghetto https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3lrphex3h0pcfl/Video%20Jul%2013%2C%205%2009%2010%20PM.mp4?dl=0

No. 1276216

Oh wow so many shoes she never wears, she should show off all the make up she doesn't wear as well. She's literally packing shit she doesn't use in the first place.
First Make up, now shoes she hasn't worn in what feels like a year or more.

No. 1276218

File: 1626222052517.jpeg (925.16 KB, 2904x2462, A7D539A0-6942-4799-8682-3A4964…)

Her engagement on social media is so embarrassing. She had to repost her lame video on Twitter because she got 0 likes on tiktok. Now she has like 9 likes on the tweet.

No. 1276219

File: 1626222080201.jpeg (72.45 KB, 1242x304, 4C8392FE-0AD0-4D42-9422-28C85D…)

No. 1276220

File: 1626222147209.jpeg (140.92 KB, 1242x326, B432B896-1AE2-4E4A-BBAC-677273…)

Wow a $30 doordash gift card from Jason R Womack…..much thriving!1!1!1

No. 1276223

File: 1626222352410.jpeg (546.96 KB, 1242x1655, 8767B2D5-2C53-49B3-9F56-AF8392…)

Kek she already wants a break. Her cankles can’t handle all the fat she’s carrying around.

No. 1276227

lmao her grimy fat preteen boy hands and this same fucking song

No. 1276230

Two boxes?!? Wow Shay!! Take a whole day off before you exert yourself even more!!

Jesus Christ it’s scary having to share the world with people like this.

No. 1276232

She didn’t even mute the video so you hear her hog breathing and the shoes clanking behind the music audio which she also fucked up by not timing anything right kek

No. 1276233

Lol at the Black Mirror vibes of her still using that one Madonna song on repeat.
Madonna is a perfect example of what happens to women who make sexiness their entire persona & livelihood with no plan B. She was huge in her prime, but nowadays the youth know her as "that desperate 60 yr old grandma who still tries to squeeze into her old leotards & hump things because she can't cope with the fact that she aged out of mainstream sex appeal decades ago"
So pretty much how the tik tok tweens view Shayna already kek.

I would say that this is a future Shayna can look forward to for herself, but Madonna was actually successful at being sexy, and can coast on her money/name now that it's evaporated. Meanwhile Shayna's nearly all used-up when it comes to sex work, but she has nothing to show for it. Literally nothing.

I REALLY wish we could get a peek into her life at 30 & 40. I doubt she's planned even 2 years out …

No. 1276234

Hilarious she has so many platforms but just goes to the club in slides or hand me down UGGs in the winter.

I ain't gonna lie tho. The ones on the right with the studs (that I've NEVER seen Shay wear and I've been following since the beginning) are pretty cute. But not in pink. Maybe black.

No. 1276242

Peak autism is comparing Shaytard to Madonna just because she listens to Material Girl

No. 1276243

Seriously. She wears the same shit or buys new garbo while the other stuff collects pot stank and grime. She should just get rid of that stuff at good will or offer up and ditch the extra shit she keeps hauling from place to place. Theres zero reason for that stuff. She doesn't go anywhere most of the time, and wears the same outfits in her porn with no shoes anyway. It's not even playing into a bimbo shoe obsession because they're filthy, probably shoved in the closet, and she only lives in apartments and has no friends or anything anyway to show them too. Nothing luxurious or fashionista about anything she owns.

No. 1276244

the fact that she just showed them all sloppily in a box on top of each other….such luxury. very bimbo. much aesthetic.

No. 1276246

God that fucking song.
Shes literally only worn the bright pink wedges outside. And only a couple other pairs have been seen in her pics or vids. Like what the actual fuck. Lot of heels for someone with big, ugly feet who definitely can't walk in them anyway. She thinks she's a stripper type of whore apparently with all those. I'm baffled. It's not even a good collection for a shoe collector and it's way too much for someone who wears nothing but bad Shein outfits in public.

No. 1276251

Doubt this lumbering heifer can walk in those heels. What's the point in keeping stripper shoes around when you make dumb barefoot girl next door porn? I'd love to see a future where Shay tries her hand at stripping because we all know her only move is the chicken dance

No. 1276254

She could never ever be a stripper. It's dumb when people bring that up even hypothetically. She couldn't 2 years ago. She definitely can't now. She's nearly literally retarded, awkward and unsexy, can't dance or move in any fluid way, is fat in all the most unfortunate places, no ass, her tits are in a sad state now, and she absolutely lacks the strength and cardio and endurance to work a pole. Like… no I can't even picture it. She's the furthest thing from a stripper. Even a dive one with fat and less attractive girls. Not even getting into showing up for an actual scheduled job and working around other, hotter girls, or any of the other dozen reasons it would never work.

Sorry to sperg and I swear I'm not even a stripper chan. It just always gets me when people bring up Shay stripping like they haven't seen her cam shows lol

No. 1276256

It’s like they’ve never seen that cursed gif of her dancing naked when she looked like a twink. Or any of her cam shows.

Girl moves like a cat throwing up a hair ball.

No. 1276258

Shay is also socially retarded. She'll run off potential customers by being a cunt when they say something too sexual. And then her coworkers would probably tear her to shreds cause they can sniff out a misogynistic, pick me ass rat that Shay is. Shay would be in the locker room crying the entire shift lmaooo

No. 1276259

That is so accurate. Or like a dog trying to hump someones leg or scoot on the carpet when it has worms kek

No. 1276260

File: 1626229354631.jpeg (74.17 KB, 827x528, F7AEDF3A-7115-44C8-946B-BE8F78…)

The irony

No. 1276264

This cope from a woman who's never had an original idea in her life

No. 1276266

File: 1626230614792.jpg (261.36 KB, 1079x1486, Screenshot_20210713-214128_Twi…)

And do you want a cookie? Gonna bet that some of them are minors

No. 1276271

Lol how though? Are there bots on there too? I know some are her handful of scrotes and troonies and probably a good amount of farmers. But still

No. 1276275

Same as with tumblr, it's just people who will follow anyone with a ~pink~ or ~bbgrl~ aesthetic.
It's actually easy as fuck to amass followers on tiktok. Look at someone like Glitterandlazers for proof. Getting followers to actually LIKE you is a different story. Lots of silent trainwreck-watchers & Chinese teens looking for fatspo.

Half of the point of tiktok anyway is to mine American data for surveillance, so the Chinese owners have a vested interest in making sure that even the most homely of nobodies will still receive their ego boost via algorithms upon joining. People call it addictive for a reason.

No. 1276277

File: 1626232201896.jpeg (Spoiler Image,795.91 KB, 773x1416, A5E17F4E-66E8-4359-BDC7-B3E502…)

what the fuck…..

No. 1276278

Honestly 100 followers isn’t even a lot that’s about how many people follow her on Twitter, once you take away all the bots and boughten followers.

No. 1276279


you anons who do this are annoying. "Gurl get rid of his number, block him!" as if he's chasing her and she keeps giving in

Get it through your heads, and no this is not in defense of the degenerate scrote (wah but he he he slapped her! the age difference!) - REGARDLESS, the man has clearly tried to get the pig to help herself, get her life better, get rid of her, focus on transitioning or whatever he's doing with his gay friends. shayna stalks and will not leave him alone, more than half her tweets on her work twitter are vague callouts to HIM for HIS attention, she's clearly the one breaking down his door until he gives in. i bet he can't wait until this pig and her cheeto fingers are weighing down the plane to seattle or wherever she's pretending she's going

No. 1276280

Lol this literally looks like a drag queen's face.
And she really made the decision to snap a pic of those lunchlady arm batwings from below… that was a choice

No. 1276283

Please never do this angle again. Looks like a scrote trying to show off his chode or like is a POV piss on you vid. Gross. Her tits look like deflated balloons like when you forget to pop and throw them away for a week.

No. 1276284

Her junk looks like a bussy too so it's fitting. Maybe shes trying to appeal to Fupaul kek

No. 1276285

Sage for weeds sperg but sativa is actually awesome for getting shit done and doesn't cause hunger. I doubt shaynus smokes anything but indica though just considering how lazy she is and how much food she eats. Indica = in da couch, usually with snacks, kek

No. 1276287

Please go outside nonnie. I'm assuming that you're the same anon that posted that cringey attempt at a Michelle Visage pun. >>1276085

I get that we're trying to shoehorn in Rupaul jokes now because of Shayna obsession with the show, but some of you clearly fawn over gay culture in the same way & you don't seem to realize how gd cringey it is to use gay vernacular outside of rpdr forums.

No. 1276289

I know the distinction, anon. We all do. Weed is not taboo and you are not special for smoking it. This is like trying to counter "don't drink alone" with "oh, but you realize that not all alcohol is vodka, right?".
It's not normal to use drugs alone on the daily because you can't get through your day without them. Idgaf if she/you are only doing the "productive" kind of drugs.

No. 1276293

It always looks so angry. Like it's about to gain sentience and crawl away from her like the alien from The Thing.

No. 1276294

It's "NoT nOrMaL"… sounds like you could use a puff right now anon

No. 1276296

Sounds more like you need to put down the bong for a day or two. You think you've been pulling one over on your coworkers but they only "can't tell" you're baked because you're permafried babes.(infighting)

No. 1276297

File: 1626235485388.jpeg (544.11 KB, 1242x1633, 9684685A-F644-4B2B-8F59-C4D47F…)

Shut the fuck up Shayna kek this is embarrassing

No. 1276298

> focus on transitioning or whatever he's doing with his gay friends
Kek anon

>POV you’re Fupa questioning your sexual orientation at 36 years old

No. 1276299

Girl what are you even saying? You've been riding him for weeks instead of packing your dumb shit up

No. 1276305

you're very agrro, maybe you should eat something

No. 1276306


half-truth: I wanted 2 be his ride or die
but he didn't want all my mass & girth putting that extra strain on his engine and destroying his gas mileage

nothing more pathetic than a sweaty fat girl with no personality pretending she's the one who ended things with a guy who was never even into her

No. 1276332

this is some shit a 14 year old would post on facebook

No. 1276343

Why do her pubes always looks so sticky and greasy? It looks like she glued them to her skin with some DEP.

No. 1276362

The comparison was accurate though, if you'd read what anon wrote and had any knowledge of Madonna's public image

These threads were always rarted but now that the userbase seems to be getting more stupid…

No. 1276364

File: 1626256275059.jpeg (330.27 KB, 886x1242, D0291B26-7C66-457F-B965-63A026…)

(saaave me)

No. 1276371

Is that smeared makeup under her eyes, or a shadow from her lashes? Fat kek if it's the former.

No. 1276378


Isnt this the same girl who thought she created using her hemmy Gape as the O in “Onlyfans”? Kek

No. 1276380


She also thinks showing off her entire pussy and ass with her tits out for free is the best way to market herself to coomer, so I doubt she’d ever even consider foot fetish coomers like to see feet in shoes.

No. 1276401

Quit infighting, stoners are losers, moving on

No. 1276415

File: 1626272090268.jpeg (137.76 KB, 750x996, FA82BC96-E6E8-4A05-9A66-E4624E…)

Whining about fupa on Twitter 1/2

No. 1276416

She’s such a loser probably won’t move away because of him

No. 1276417

File: 1626272220669.jpeg (418.09 KB, 750x1038, 81EA281F-6295-49A4-8B33-AE41EF…)

Whining about fupa on Twitter 2/2

No. 1276418

I still can’t get over the fact she posts these whiny rants on her sex work account. What coomer wants to listen to a camgirl bitching about her boyfriend? She’ll die broke over this dumb shit.

No. 1276421

Shayna’s larping again. She’s not pretty or pleasing and her lazy ass could never get into law school, so what do either of these tweets have to do with her?

No. 1276426

How many fucking " I finally got to a point where so and so and now it hurts all over again" posts is this hog going to make. Wow, talking to my toxic ex as friends is gonna do nothing for my mental health! Who could've possibly known, goodness. No precedent for that whatsoever!

No. 1276428

Because you are going through your retarded break up with him again. More like for the 60th time because you really can't get a clue.
Though I'm guess it's become more and more one sided. Fupa knows what he wants from her and it ain't a relationship. It's easy pussy, her money, and maybe a little bit of pity and wanting her to stop being a trainwreck.But it seems like Shay is always getting it twisted and too attached when he shows her even a crumb of attention. Then she acts out like a psycho when her retarded feefees get hurt and she sees he doesn't want to be with her or hes not doing everything she wants or expected.

No. 1276429

imagine deciding to follow this one twitterthot for the perk or her paid content being uploaded for free and then seeing the said thot rant about her on-and-off boyfriend instead.
autism but the word downer reminds me of shayna so shayner it is

No. 1276430

She's the epitome of play stupid games, win stupid prizes lol.

No. 1276432

At least she puts her completely free porn pinned to the top! And if you wait and come back later, she'll delete her sperg tweets, then you just have to scroll through food posts and hello kitty!

No. 1276437

Shayna you retarded fuck, why did you LET him back into your life? You can just fucking keep him out.

No. 1276452

>until he came back into my life
You mean, until you allowed him to come back into your life. Learn what boundaries are you dumb bitch.

No. 1276455

File: 1626277816912.jpg (277.24 KB, 1079x1101, Screenshot_20210714-104859_Twi…)

It has nothing to do with your fucking Zodiac sign

No. 1276456

Kek is this a real tweet?

No. 1276459

File: 1626278258551.jpg (333.5 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20210714-104911_Twi…)

Get a diary

No. 1276460

shes made this tweet before about wanting to khs because of “seeing so much hate in the world”

I stg she must have a whole folder of saved tweets she thinks are pure art.

No. 1276461

File: 1626278331525.jpg (562.6 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20210714-105844_Twi…)

1/2 wtf is she talking about

No. 1276462

shes BPD when it suits her, but bipolar when she needs it to be. you’re not both shatna.

No. 1276464

File: 1626278362563.jpg (175.36 KB, 1080x489, Screenshot_20210714-105854_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1276465

shes talking about people who use twitter solely to instigate or argue with others over petty drama. she’s trying to act like she’s sooooo much better and above it.

No. 1276467

no shay. you’re trang pak making out with coach carr and getting stds.

No. 1276468

he didn’t just waltz back into your life, retard. you allowed it. you actively hit him up and wanted him to take care of you. you allowed this, and wanted this. don’t act like you didn’t now that you fucked it up again.

No. 1276469

I think Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma, from the very beginning wanted a hashtag cool gf. Porn ~star~, makes her own money, "unapproachable" but talked to him so he's special. She was so far from that. Now, she lures him in by saying "look, I can be cool" and then she's…herself and he says no thank you every time. You can't trick him Shayna, he's truly not there for the massive emotional load.

No. 1276471


Except other women…right, you bloated pickme?

It is sadly hilarious how shayna thinks a POS stringing her along to keep his dick wet is a true relationship.

No. 1276478

File: 1626279874572.jpeg (49.86 KB, 750x1188, C7C05A9D-47DD-463A-964F-7C7C77…)

is she really STILL in shambles over a guy who’s entire relationship with her was as plain, stilted and boring as picrel? I swear to god, whenever she hopped on Twitter to fawn over some dumb bland shit along the lines of “oh my gosh fupa just said my boob was cute and that I was his little toddler!! day MADE!!!!!!”, I had to wonder if she thought a relationship was just saying things to each other to quote on Twitter later to seem happy.

No. 1276482

this needs to be framed next to the screenshot of her telling people to take a dick up their ass

No. 1276484

Bruh imagine being this much of a simp over catching a ride to the dentist from your ex. Right before moving away. She 100% tried to stay and he said nope.
While it’s annoying to other anons, my god it brings me pure joy every time to see pickme’s not getting picked.

No. 1276485

File: 1626280374120.jpeg (120.55 KB, 1241x584, 6916BD41-FDFC-4F34-A774-D3793C…)

This fat pick me is so annoying, I hate when she tries to act like a friend on Twitter.

No. 1276487

File: 1626280676354.jpeg (221 KB, 1284x713, CF334612-789D-4D76-BC6A-6431B5…)

>porn legend

keep that delusion strong Shayna

No. 1276490

File: 1626280843283.jpeg (386.32 KB, 1242x1037, 3800F156-ABDF-4CA8-A169-2670F1…)

Shayna is shaped like a fat 12 year old boy that frequently visits his local public swimming pool

No. 1276494

File: 1626281031421.jpeg (533.5 KB, 753x1201, 19080816-2B2C-48D5-A199-A776A1…)

No. 1276495

if she was indeed manic, she'd actually be packing up a storm right now instead of bitching about it

No. 1276497

File: 1626281152029.jpeg (Spoiler Image,781.93 KB, 723x1715, EB535820-488C-4A3F-9194-3F66B3…)

Jason R Womack commenting on Shayna’s onlyfans post. Gross

No. 1276503

Honestly she seems much more likely to have BPD than bipolar but she doesn’t treat her mental health in any ways regardless so it doesn’t matter. Shut up, Shayna.

No. 1276506

It legitimately looks like her bottom eyelid is melting off. Wtf

No. 1276517

Looks like she’s about to do the truffle shuffle

No. 1276521

She is dead inside. Her eyes are empty.

No. 1276525

Her face doesn’t look any less bloated/swollen than it normally does.

No. 1276542

File: 1626286587568.jpeg (313.72 KB, 1242x787, 651A40D5-4BFD-41BB-AB51-C4748B…)

Anonymous Will Shayna move to Seattle? poll: https://linkto.run/p/482LFO56

No. 1276545

kek even her coomers are tired of how long it's taking

No. 1276546

as much as i hope it happens (since being stuck in this everlasting cycle of spoiled milk is boring as fuck) i'm afraid fupaul pulls some last minute stunt and her bpd ass cancels everything over him giving her another crumb of perceived validation. on the other hand, he probably doesn't even want her to stay anymore either. we will see, either way, she's gonna have a meltdown kek

No. 1276547


She claims he’s the one that made sure she put in her 30 days notice at her apartment so pretty sure he’s dunzo with her and just wanted some free food and sex before she was gone. Shanyus took this as them getting back together and her recent sperging seems to point to him giving her a big fat NO on that idea. So pretty sure fupa gave her an IRL monster’s inc hug gif and is done with her shit.

No. 1276548

>17 days, Kyle Nathan Perkins, 17

No. 1276577

I mean, who’s to say she wouldn’t just find an apartment in Tulsa somewhere else? It’s not like she HAS to move to Seattle. Although she would be out a ton of money if she actually did secure an apartment along with electricity like she claimed. And a POD.

Has she even mentioned what she’s doing about her animals? I don’t remember her saying she got transportation for them. Unless they’re flying cargo and she didn’t mention it because of the backlash it would bring.

I’ll believe it when she’s actually on an airplane.

No. 1276578

Most people can't relate to using twitter every day in the first place… that should tell you something about how much of your life you've wasted online.
You are literally describing what you do every morning, Shayna. You bring nothing but negativity & emotional whining to "the bird app". You get into petty twitter fights constantly, but you are forever painting yourself as a victim in your own head so that you don't have to take responsibility. The only reason you dirty delete your constant arguments is because you get upset that people decide to actually respond to your retarded hot-takes instead of leaving you in peace to call them "bitches that should take a dick up their ass" without their pesky responses bringing you down.

Anyone who calls themselves an empath is the farthest thing from it. Before Shayna became remarkable for being fat, she gained her thread here for being such a huge, raging cunt. Other sex workers literally boycotted her (& still do) because of how she would log onto tumblr every day just to start shit & argue with other women for no reason. You don't get to retcon yourself into an ~uwu empath~. You are poisonous.

No. 1276579

She better hope she didn't give herself dry socket. That is super painful and she'll have to go get the wounds packed until they heal.

No. 1276591

I kinda think she will leave this time. I'm sure she'll go through another "throwing all my stuff in the dumpster panic mode" phase right beforehand bc she isn't preparing adeqautely but this life is totally untenable at this point. I think even Shaynus recognizes she can't do this lonely existence anymore. Could anyone?

No. 1276597

maybe she could go to spokane washington and hook up with lucas werner he seems like her type idk if he would want her tho

No. 1276605

Literally every weekend for the past 2 months she’s been with fupa and as soon as the week start she tweets stuff like “I thought we were better than this and that I would leave on good terms” . Nothing ever change.

No. 1276608

who even

No. 1276610

File: 1626294494337.jpg (372.82 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20210714-152822_Twi…)

Being a trophy wife for Fupa sure worked out

No. 1276611

same, like what is this?

No. 1276612

I’m more interested in Shay moving to Gig Harbor & joining Onion’s OF endeavors.

No. 1276613

top fucking kek she looks like she's been married with four kids to a neglectful husband for 25 years already judging by her beer gut and eyebag size

No. 1276615

is that your ex, anon?

No. 1276617

Why is she trying to suck in as if it’ll do anything, she has no muscle tone at all it’s so blubbery. Oh I forgot her personal trainer was a trump supporter so that means exercising at all is fascist.

No. 1276622

File: 1626295421853.png (385.72 KB, 500x655, 76D6C44E-81D9-444A-A1BA-6CFA7F…)

lmao no, i thought everyone knew about him my bad. he's a creepy fuck that hits on teenagers and he's basically a hobo and he's obsessed with dating younger girls. just google him

No. 1276635

kek, she’s too old for him
his stated age preference is now 18-21 but clearly that’s not even true

No. 1276640

Even Greg wouldn't take her in even if she paid him rent for it.

Almost forgot about Werner. I thought he was locked up or something.

No. 1276641

The only plot twist I want at this point

No. 1276645

File: 1626297742611.jpeg (435.08 KB, 1242x1043, B3ACDA67-87B6-42DA-82A2-23F34F…)

No. 1276649

How do you not know how to clean? She’s just telling on herself at this point. We can tell you don’t clean you fat lazy fuck. Your shoes are all covered in black footprints from your dirty ass feet, your couch has stains all over it, your carpet is filthy, and your couch has retarded dog hair all over it

No. 1276650

Funny how she believes being a sexy bimbo is no different from being a complete braindead tard.

No. 1276651

Not the Sears portrait studio married couple profile picture porn consumer replying to comfort her about her mood swings. What a hellscape.

No. 1276660

She's not wrong there, though.

No. 1276662

File: 1626299716481.jpeg (153.67 KB, 1242x372, 5954B608-136D-42CE-8696-C31DD1…)

Shayna, you’re too ugly to demand this

No. 1276664

okay so leave fupa alone then

No. 1276668

Sounds like her reaction if Fupa doesn't answer one single text message. Girl needs a hobby.

No. 1276673

I guess you’re right actually but it’s so dumb how she just pretends not to know things and thinks that shows she’s high maintenance and ditzy. I just don’t see why it’s sexually appealing just to say haha idk what that is uwu as if that makes up for a disgusting lifestyle and appearance. It’s so baffling how many girls on Twitter willingly make themselves seem stupid as hell just because it’s trendy and they think it makes them sexy.

No. 1276679

Then date Jason R Womack

No. 1276683

its just her trying to shoehorn the "bimbo" stereotype in whatever lazy ways she can

No. 1276712

File: 1626304916643.jpg (269.32 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20210714-182200_Twi…)

No. 1276720

Why not buy some furniture that isn’t such garbage quality, that you have to throw it away every time you move. Makes no sense.

Bitch needs an Ashley’s-Furniture Daddy.

No. 1276726

can anyone explain why she buys new furniture every time she moves? does she just buy super cheap junk furniture and never cleans it or something?

No. 1276728

Have you not seen the state of her couches? They’re beyond rank. It’s a combo of her being filthy and buying ultra cheap Amazon furniture. Decent couches aren’t even that much more than what she buys off Amazon. But better quality.

She could even find gently used furniture on the Marketplace local to where she lives. She’s a moron.

No. 1276730

I guess it’s better than she gets cheap furniture due to the fact that she never cleans it.

No. 1276737

>in exchange 4 content

That’s not what a sugar daddy is, Shaynus

No. 1276739

Calling every guy who buys shit from her a sugar daddy when the only sugar she gets is aspartame from Womack after his unemployment gets processed

No. 1276741

Uwu what's a washing machine?? Does it cook food?? Heehee

No. 1276744

Right? And trying to act like she's got so many sugar daddies. Like no, sweaty. You've got Jason Womack, that's it. The old trucker creep throws her some cash now and then and a couple other scrotes even less often. And yeah, most of the time it's for content. Not just because or to spoil her. She's so retarded and public about being a loser clown.

When she moves, I think Womack will slowly stop giving her "so much" money and attention. He's a gross incel coomer, so he'll probably stick around like old trucker fucker, but I'd bet he stops sending her all his money once the chance to meet her is totally gone.

No. 1276751

>pack my bathroom
over 2 weeks before you're moving out???
what's there to even pack, the shower curtain?

No. 1276752

I've been re-reading old threads and I realized that Shay and Fupa officially broke up in January 2019.

It's been TWO AND A HALF YEARS of this same pathetic whiny bullshit over the same ugly chode. It's seriously beyond embarrassing at this point.

No. 1276755

she's packing shit she doesn't use, which for a normal person is smart, but for Shayna she's only doing it so she can show Fupa she's serious and remind him over and over, she's moving and it's because of HIM.

No. 1276757

File: 1626309878366.jpg (829.22 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20210714-193943_Twi…)

No. 1276758

kek she consistently outs herself for being a filthy hamplanet who never showers. Why tf would you pack your bathroom???! That is the last room a normal person would pack up before moving

No. 1276759

i don't think i've ever audibly laughed at something in any of shay's threads until i saw this, oh my god lol

No. 1276760

But there's products (that she doesn't use) above the toliet paper. Why didn't she pack those?

No. 1276761

I still see scuffs on the wall, Shaytard.

No. 1276762

hoping, praying and manifesting the retard doesn't suddenly cancel seattle because fat phone operator fupa sent a lazy text saying "hey wanna go eat greasy 2000 calorie food with me?" for the billionth time. we need a new seattle saga

No. 1276763

File: 1626310014495.jpeg (278.97 KB, 1055x2048, EFA85BDB-7BCB-4370-9145-81449E…)

I’m laughing what the fuck

No. 1276765

I want to know how dirty was it before and what did she actually pack? This is shameless Fupa Bait.

No. 1276770

umm okay so what are we looking at here?

No. 1276773

I don't even know, she could've taken a before, because it doesn't look like she packed anything or even cleaned.
Maybe she took down lotions, all that skincare, soap, bathbombs, you know shit that she doesn't use and packed it.

No. 1276779

Is that why her snatch is consistently covered in toilet paper bits? Because the tp she uses is wet from the once a month showers she takes.

No. 1276780

How has no one commented on the fact that she has 2 separate toilet paper holders right next to each other, both of which look used??? Is the one on the right just too far away for her sometimes? lmao.

No. 1276781

she really does have that one basically in the shower

No. 1276782

There's such a weird film of dust on that cabinet, right? Am I tripping? I feel like it's the tv stand photo all over again.

No. 1276783

i guess you go through a lot of toilet paper when you’re already prone to shitting on dildos

No. 1276785

She needs to put a duster on her Amazon wishlist kek her home is filthy and cheap looking. Those curtains are hideous as well.

No. 1276786

lmao she needs a Swiffer Duster Daddy UwU

No. 1276787

put the poor bath mat out of it’s misery

No. 1276788

That bath mat is caked with grime. Absolutely everything her feet touched has turned a nauseating shade of grey and brown. Can you imagine being next to this bitch? I can practically smell the mingling of feet stink and cheap Bath and Body Works body spray

No. 1276796

Why is there a stain on the shower curtain right next to the toilet? Did she wipe her ass on it or something? Also there's no toilet cleaner.

No. 1276805


Still paper or something on the floor behind the toilet too

No. 1276806

More than 2 weeks until she has to leave and she’s decided she’s taken her last drunken shower in the darkness. I feel bad for the next person who has to live there or clean the place after she leaves because lord knows she’s too stupid to clean properly after herself.

No. 1276807

This looks like the most dive, crack whore dwelling motel bathroom kek

No. 1276811

any sugar baby that tells you they do absolutely nothing and get spoiled by their sugar daddy is lying. all sugar babies do something in exchange for payment. it’s sex work. they’re still whores.

No. 1276812

I find it odd that anons say Womack is unemployed because he’s literally taken pics at his job working on some kind of oil rig.

No. 1276813

I could be misremembering, but isn’t her place a 2 bed, 2 bath? She probably “cleaned” the one she used less.

No. 1276814

Nonnie, Shayna isn’t a sugar baby and Womack isn’t a sugar daddy is the point. We know they are all whores.

No. 1276816

Read the threads, Jason R Womack’s girlfriend. He basically admitted it to his zero followers on Twitter, that he was unemployed and wanted to commit suicide. Those pics of him at the oil thing were older and before he made those tweets. It’s not that deep, nonny. He might have a job now because he said on MFC that he had to get back to it. Either way he’s a deadbeat piece of white trash and he isn’t worth defending. Don’t know why Shayna is always bragging about having his chump change and that’s why us “haters” are “jealous”. This human embodiment of a tub of lard thinks she’s better than other women and it’s annoying

No. 1276818

File: 1626313523012.jpeg (323.65 KB, 1201x761, 7A779345-52BD-4684-8F7F-6A9503…)


No. 1276819

File: 1626313553897.jpeg (246.25 KB, 1193x833, 71325F99-DCA2-43B2-85F0-6509C0…)

No you’re right I think the second one is the Hello Kitty bathroom?

No. 1276822

I can't wait for her to try to be friends with fupa again and get "closure" again, so she can stop saying over and over how many days he has. This feels like the 3rd time she's mentioned "17 days"

No. 1276826

File: 1626313910613.gif (360.52 KB, 500x239, giphy.gif)

Oh god anons, I think we're in for a countdown every single day up until she moves. 17 DAYS FUPAUL

No. 1276828

File: 1626314132170.jpeg (81.33 KB, 750x612, 8A319541-3063-48C9-950E-52C29F…)

Shayna Clifford posted her toilet to her sex work Twitter and then again to her sex work Snapchat.

No. 1276831

Considering the state of her coomers, some of them probably did get off to seeing where she shits.

No. 1276833

File: 1626314216065.jpg (249.52 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20210714-205647_Twi…)

I just wanna know who this "bestie" is

No. 1276834

yeah fr it reminds me of the ring kek

No. 1276835

Your animals are not the problem on their own. You don’t bathe yourself, let alone them so what do you expect? The two inches of grime you have accumulated on top of everything is your fault.

No. 1276836

naughtynathan has entered the chat

No. 1276837

File: 1626314371083.jpeg (160.3 KB, 1242x387, 2E87870D-1C59-4AFC-A427-375754…)

No. 1276839

Oh yeah, no doubt about that. Didn’t expect more from her it’s just such a wtf to see. Such a uwu baby bimbo thing to do! /s

No. 1276840

whenever she's off with fupa she has a Beastie. Just like her Sugar Daddy her "Bestie" is whoever she hits up when she's lonely

No. 1276841

I hope you pay your friend hazard pay also. Could you imagine the horrors on her phone?

No. 1276842

you’ll just lurk the old threads for them anyway

No. 1276843

Because once wasn’t good enough, right? The atrocities that toilet has seen.

No. 1276844

File: 1626314629359.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, E538ACDB-CE10-4A61-80F5-8056B2…)

No. 1276845

I love that the only text you see on his shirt is “Trans”. What a premonition.

No. 1276847

Pathetic. They’ve been officially over like other anon said, for 2 fucking years and she still has pics and continued to take pics with the pig. Shatna used to be my favorite cow for her antics, but now I wouldn’t care if she would ever post again. This stupid cunt really let a fat male ruin her life kek. I do wonder what made her go and hire a trainer and try a “diet”. I wonder if fupa made a remark about her fupa.

No. 1276850

He really does have dainty lady hands.

No. 1276851

>i'm gonna bribe my friend to make me get over my ex
a real friend would tell her how pathetic this is and make her do it herself.
now i'm wondering if shayna would demand some compensation if a friend asked a favor of her.

No. 1276852

Y’all. Who wants to bet we’re about to get another sitting on the floor saga.

No. 1276854

She doesn't WANT to get over Fruitpa and so she won't. There is no "bestie". We're doomed to a lifetime of subtweets

No. 1276856

Yes all the cheap plastic pink couches off of Amazon probably aren’t very functional or comfortable

No. 1276861

The bestie is her ex, itsactionsub.

No. 1276863

Just wipe your phone Shaynus, lord knows you've never taken a half way decent photo of anything but your poorly posed body that you pick the "best" from and post for free on twitter

No. 1276864

chill the fuck out with your autistic screeching. not everyone frequents this thread as much as you clearly do, anon. we’re not all obsessed with womack and his life story.

No. 1276868

File: 1626317484068.jpg (457.02 KB, 1080x1621, Screenshot_20210714-215108_Twi…)

Well if you were actually sober and got mental help, you would be somewhat better

No. 1276870

Yeah, going to say this again: she needs to be institutionalized with no access to social media, men, sex work, etc. for at least a year. Most of her problems would magically disappear if she just fucked off from sex work and Fupa but we all know she’ll never do that on her own so she needs to be locked away.

No. 1276871

Great business day for her between posting about her ex, her toilet, and her mental retardation.

No. 1276873

I love that it's not even the hug gif lmao just a shrug emoji

The most minimal effort reaction from a single deadbeat pedo coomer on Twitter, and the most half baked comments from a near legal retard coomer on OF is all shatnus can manage… All while chasing a fat, gay chode

No. 1276875

File: 1626319009976.jpeg (1004.94 KB, 1242x1652, A46B650C-3AB8-4CEC-9611-5D6651…)

Kek. Pretty sure he pity fucked her this whole time cause she’s alone in Tulsa.

Sage for fupa vague-posting

No. 1276877

Fupa stop posting shit like this you're going to make her think she has a chance if she ~ uwu gets better ~

No. 1276884

Underrated kek
Then stop whiteknighting Jason R Womack’s ugly inbred ass.
Tf it’s like Fupa and Shayna are stuck in that 2015 tumblr era. Grow up…

No. 1276885

File: 1626320878917.jpeg (248.09 KB, 1210x661, AFD1277B-4227-4B77-AA92-4D8DA7…)

Log off dumbass literally no one in the real world thinks like this.

No. 1276886

how is accidentally thinking he wasn’t unemployed because of a pic posted in the threads, whiteknighting? I think the shay threads are causing severe brain damage to many anons.

No. 1276887

File: 1626320940139.jpeg (561.93 KB, 1242x1464, 47B07D34-4A57-48F9-A815-3B54E7…)

Shayna, u need 2 shut the fuck up and log out of Twitter. Go touch some grass no one care you unfollowed someone.

No. 1276888

No bag in the trashcan ew ew ew

No. 1276893

It’s cause one Anon likes to say Jason R Womack is rich because he works in the oil industry when he’s clearly not rich at all kek.
I just said he was unemployed, I’m not sperging. Shayna is going to think Womack is a prize and sperg on Twitter how the haters are jealous of her ~very very rich sugar daddy uwu~

No. 1276894

She hasn’t made a single photo-worthy memory in her adult life, she should just wipe the whole thing. It’s guaranteed nothing but stomach roll pics, weed and food. Maybe a few pics of her dog and memes. But no friends, aversion to going outside, has no taste, doesn’t produce anything but double chinned Snapchat filtered nudes…there’s nothing worth keeping in there, ma’am. That’s actually really sad to think about.

No. 1276896

why is she going so hard for this when
a) she's not in a relationship and
b) she's never busy or travels

No. 1276897

I love how she takes her anger out on randoms when she's mad at Fupa. Suddenly her mental illness goes out of control when Fupaul isn't fuping her anymore

No. 1276898

Didn't she try to be Poly at one point?

No. 1276899

It was just today she was pretending to be an uwu empath who couldn’t handle any conflict and then she has this huge rant over someone’s dumb remark. It’s Twitter, full of retards trying to seem more unique than they really are but she’s one of those people so she can’t understand.

No. 1276900

Lol wtf. Just reply to the person, Shayna.

No. 1276901

She talks shit but she's a coward.

No. 1276902

The only item worth packing is her bed. Along with some clothes, her bong, coffee machine, and the two TVs she impulsively bought. That’s like it. She has nothing of value. That couch has seen better days, the entertainment system is grimy and disgusting. If she really needs moving money she could sell her Switch, iPad, MacBook, gaming computer that she doesn’t use, etc. All her sex toys should be thrown away as she has only washed them once. Her apartment is just filled with garbage.

No. 1276904


Yep. When she lived with her ex bf and the tall mean girl came in and started fucking him and she got mad and moved and tried to be poly with her "bestie" and the old man with the dungeon right before fupa

No. 1276907

>fuping her
Kek anon you're golden

No. 1276925

Oh as soon as I read empath my mind went straight to Shane Dawson.they're not so disimilar..
toxic paedo beastiality racist fatty.

No. 1276926

Finally, Shatna has a good (albeit, unoriginal) thought

No. 1276927

Shayna Dawson.

Sorry im replying to my own comment. I'm drunk & take the ban if necessary.

No. 1276928

Although it isn't because she thinks polyshit is cringe and dysfunctional. It's because she's too insecure and jealous around other women.

No. 1276931

But why do her shower curtains have creases in them like they are literally fresh from the packet? Would love to think it's an old photo from when she first moved in.. but me thinks she never showered and got them wet.

No. 1276935

Ah I see "friend" is poly ex Shayna trying to get in good graces of again, why do these people REFUSE to move on?

No. 1276940

how is she getting in good graces of her poly ex by shitting on polygamists that hate monogamists

No. 1276941

She's already in good graces with her. The post she made today about polyamory has nothing to do with it though. She was getting defensive about being monogamous

No. 1276943

She's reconnected with her because it's who she was with pre fupa and she thinks she's going back to some happiness that was never there when she was living on a floor getting drunk every day.

She also refuses to live outside of an echo chamber full of people who are kissing her ass and wanting to fuck her all the time. Anytime anything negative goes on she can run to the same people who will enable her terrible behavior because she narrates half the story

No. 1276945

did i miss the proof of her being bff with her ex or is this just a big assumption?

No. 1276966

i think anons posted proof of them interacting on tumblr i guess? just look back a few threads

No. 1277012

Is this the same retard that told women they need to take a dick up their ass? And who for years has gone on and on about how her kinks make her special and she’s not like the other vanilla girls? Yeah I thought so. Shut the fuck up Shaynus you absolute smelly buffoon

No. 1277018

File: 1626348414500.jpeg (883.81 KB, 3072x3072, 9AC44526-5EEB-4063-94AD-8BD871…)

Fupa barely counts as a man. He acts like a teenage girl.

No. 1277023

This is beyond cringe kek

No. 1277024

maybe i’m too empathetic but fruitpa does seem genuinely hurt
kek at them constantly sending signs to eachother instead of letting this saga end tho. 2015’s tumblr circa for sure

No. 1277043

Fuploop is in his mid thirties and sad posting Lil Peep songs and dumb relationship quotes on Facebook like a 13 year old. He doesn’t need your empathy. He needs to get a grip and grow the fuck up.

No. 1277046

I was hoping Facebook anon would come through. Just as I suspected, it's always groundhog day in Fuplahoma!

No. 1277062

>>1277018 oh my god, fupa is a grown ass man with kids and has a facebook bio of "1800-DEADBOY if they need to hit my phone" along with posting tumblr aesthetic gothboiclique lil peep sad quotes and anime "don't hmu only real ones know what's wrong" bs on a public facebook account, most likely with his family on it. this is a phase you have at 14, not when you're pushing 40. why won't shayna just cut his ass off

No. 1277073

I love Shatna in précis. The day-to-day Shayslug detail almost obscures how utterly beserk she is. I said almost.

No. 1277079

wtf is this comment

No. 1277084

Uh, you don't need a "Facebook anon" to come in with screen caps that are literally public. That globe symbol means it's a public post.

No. 1277089

She started following and interacting with people from Seattle that are directly tied to her ex (cuddlemenow aka Ellen on Twitter, itsactionsub on Tumblr). It's the only person that she interacted with outside of fupa in Seattle other than the old man with the dungeon (who cuddlemenow is retweeting from actively as well)

No. 1277093

I think he was just posting a song he likes idk. All peep songs are like that and he didn't put any cryptic message in it.

No. 1277115

Yeah Facebook is pretty dead at this point and this super cringe to be doing when you're in your 20s, even worse in your 30s. Time to deactivate your account retard.
Can't tell if he's queerly confused or really has smooth brain problems like Shay. Dude needs to grow up though, he's not a teenage Tumblr girl.
And if this vague posting shit is about Shay, he needs to fuck off and die because their clown show is ridiculous and insufferable and that shows he's fucking with her. And not just like literally with his chode. If it's not, he still needs to fuck off with that shit and maybe be mindful that Shay probably stalks and will take shit like that the wrong way because its pussy ass vague posting.

No. 1277124

Nta but obviously anon is appreciative/referring to the anon(s) who check his Facebook and bring the info back here, not necessarily someone with "secret access" or something. Can you spergs not contain your inability to piece together social context clues ITT for like 5 seconds

No. 1277129

Facebook isn't dying and you sound oddly defensive of Shayna right now. He posted a lil peep song. Relax

No. 1277134

Why are you so heated over a song being posted. At least he’s not airing out. His dirty laundry and drama on Facebook. It’s just songs and cringey memes. It would be pathetic if a 30 year old was whining and crying and telling everyone his business on fb

No. 1277136

They are both so fucking embarrassing. Shayna is in her early 20s and we know sex work and smoking and drinking since she was a teen fucked up her brain. Why this completely grown ass man that reproduced and got married acts like this on facebook and still fucks around with Shay "privately", the world may never know. At this point I dont think we want to. Fupaul is curdled milk.
I think if Shay manages to not actually move next month, I'm done with her thread. I just can't do this Oklahoma Fupa chasing saga anymore lol

No. 1277138

He might be doing that too, but on friends only posts or who knows. It wasn't just the retarded cringe song, it's the tumblr "aesthetic" quote posts he does all the time too.

And side note, yeah Facebook is dying. It's statistically been on the decline for years now. Sorry to tell you. The younger gens have moved on from it. Why do you think Zuck bought insta and shit. Anyway. Sorry to offend if you still use it to stalk Fupa and your exes or talk to your mom or posts retarded memes no one cares about.

No. 1277139

He posted a YouTube song with zero context and anons are losing their minds like he's being hyperdramatic kek

No. 1277144

Sorry I stepped upon your rage. You may go back to being bitter now

No. 1277165

Are you the aggro anon that's being hostile to anons for no damn reason? Depending on your friend group, Facebook is doing just fine. I know younger gen Z and millennials that use it over insta or Twitter. Some people just prefer it, and I don't mind; people are so much more embarrassing on FB than insta, lmao.

No. 1277171

widespread brain damage is starting to occur amongst anons in the shay threads, it seems

No. 1277185

fb is very much dead unless you’re in your 30s or something anon

No. 1277189

>itt: facebook stans

No. 1277190

File: 1626369559789.jpeg (786.37 KB, 1242x1403, 394A1384-07DB-4221-B172-58B90C…)

No. 1277193

File: 1626369779249.jpeg (75.23 KB, 749x598, 53B7170B-8375-4A07-A4F5-FCC793…)

No. 1277197

Absolutely no nutritional value. How does she not feel sick all the time from getting no nutrition?

No. 1277198

she probably does

No. 1277199

File: 1626370032055.jpeg (196.57 KB, 1234x771, 5B34F465-5EC6-4CF7-953A-D612AB…)

kek Shayna would never

No. 1277205

Shat is allergic to any food that isn’t brown or covered in candy.

No. 1277223

it’s like the bitch runs on sugar and online male validation

No. 1277233

How many calories do we reckon she racked up here in her first of many meals of the day? 1000?

No. 1277235

File: 1626373655650.jpeg (235.34 KB, 1284x975, CE2A37B5-FD50-46C8-8024-22867D…)

i’m assuming fatty got 12 donuts and ate 7 of them before taking the pic, considering the 6 pc only gets you one flavor and she has two.

No. 1277241

How is she eating donuts already? Didn't she just get her wisdom teeth taken out? Probably going to start smoking and drinking again as well kek dry socket saga when

No. 1277242

File: 1626374135505.jpeg (39.42 KB, 750x250, image0 (1).jpeg)

But she had "little 2 no food"

No. 1277247

You're suppose to avoid drinking from a straw when you're healing from wisdom tooth removal, i think a dry socket saga would be pretty interesting

No. 1277250

File: 1626374575068.jpeg (243.37 KB, 1242x816, BD3F002D-F0DA-4C92-AF49-FC0428…)

No. 1277261

No. 1277265

She doesn’t brush her teeth nonnie

No. 1277267

Yeah it hasnt even been a full week. And according to her, she re opened the wounds crying over Fupa a couple days ago. Idk how long you're supposed to avoid smoking, drinking with straws, non soft food, etc. But I sure wouldnt be risking all that sugar and shit so soon. Especially because it's obvious she rarely brushes her teeth. Doubt she even owns mouthwash.

No. 1277268

File: 1626375653723.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1242x1488, EE3E9580-ACA8-4966-99AE-C73913…)

No. 1277270

File: 1626375699817.jpeg (129.06 KB, 1199x475, 4FEC1F33-01DE-41BD-A307-8848E6…)

No. 1277271

This gives me horror movie vibes. Looks like a decapitated body being hung from a meat hook. Tf is this angle

No. 1277273

Kek does Shayna need a ~Listerine daddy~ uwu ?

No. 1277274

I mean..donuts are soft. It’s been almost a week so she’s probably fine with a straw as long as she isn’t smoking.

>dry socket saga when

Kek I know you are all frothing for milk but this is getting silly.

No. 1277277

Hairy pussy pics are free, sweaty. Right there on twitter. $3 if you want more. Be real Shay.
It's such a joke when she tries to sell individual nudes like this. Remember the airplane nudes she tried to sell for a ridiculous amount and then ending up posting for free on the fly back kek

No. 1277281

Also who needs 30 pics of the same ugly pussy all taken that moment? I'm not a scrote, but I'd think like 5-10 would be plenty. There's only so many angles and stuff. Idk

No. 1277283

>Kek I know you are all frothing for milk but this is getting silly.
honestly. the milk is so stale that people are hoping for a "dry socket saga"?

No. 1277295

File: 1626377302699.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21.93 KB, 500x500, 98244A46-4686-47CE-B618-D18749…)

Looking like an Ed Gein creation. Was she going for that or Halloween prop like picrel?

No. 1277297

File: 1626377456858.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1498, A002D657-297D-4F02-9B1B-8794DC…)

Why does she have to sexualize literally everything?

No. 1277301

This is insane. I suspect she’s going to gain another 50 pounds within a year

No. 1277305


Her positions to hide her fat are getting more and more ridiculous.

Imagine wrecking your life and body for men like fupa, Womack and pedo old hair.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1277308

wtf are all these paragraph breaks

No. 1277311

What make believe land do you live in where facebook is dead and posting a music video from YouTube is cringe? That is literally all Facebook is, I'm mid 30s and all my friends, both younger and much older than myself, all do this shit on Facebook. All it's for is reposting nonsense. All this speculation and commenting on him link a YouTube video is hilarious. Y'all need to go outside and breathe in real hard.

No. 1277312

File: 1626378350136.jpg (75.73 KB, 698x402, Screenshot_20210715-204428.jpg)

She is smoking….

No. 1277315

Well then it's not dead is it? Just dead to the under 30 crowd, which believe it or not, doesn't makeup the entire population of the world

No. 1277316

File: 1626378558693.jpeg (59.77 KB, 1151x650, 090695D2-2AFF-4A92-8596-BCBE67…)

Anon calm down. Everyone on this forum shits on each other. It’s not that deep. Trust me, I’ve sperged many times because I was triggered, but you gotta learn to breathe and chill out. Facebook is still popular with the older generation and the young generation who wants to check in on family and old friends. Also here’s a drawing of Shayna’s fat honker, too lazy to finish.

No. 1277319

nta but it's not that deep. also if she was going to have dry socket it most likely would have become a thing already, she's almost at the one week mark.

No. 1277322

File: 1626378718550.jpeg (938.42 KB, 1242x1717, D715A376-CAF0-457A-9A85-87577D…)

I can’t do this anymore

No. 1277329

File: 1626379107579.jpeg (276.65 KB, 888x933, 817365D3-2C6B-4686-BA5C-802CB8…)


No. 1277336


Not the first clown she'd fuck kek

No. 1277338

File: 1626379611594.gif (636.6 KB, 220x152, 82BAC032-7D8E-45D9-ABE9-8DCB2D…)

>nonnies withdrawing from lack of milk
>this thread

No. 1277358

File: 1626380640560.jpeg (996.24 KB, 3464x3464, E66D429E-6D87-4E64-9934-171AF1…)

No. 1277361

The most interaction she gets on a tweet that's got nothing to do with her gross hog body

No. 1277366

KEK the fupa wojack is perfect

No. 1277372

File: 1626381226241.gif (930.67 KB, 500x290, okay.gif)

No. 1277374

fucking kek this is why i still come here despite the facebook grandmas and dry socket speculating

No. 1277379

Fupa wojack looks like the monkeys that they carve into ancient Chinese temples.

No. 1277381

Kek amazing ladies
You’re ugly

No. 1277396

my sides kek

No. 1277401

Anons here are worse than Shayna sometimes

No. 1277406

File: 1626384283757.jpeg (65.83 KB, 777x594, 7DCE7F10-1B1E-4D90-8EC7-8AB6E3…)

found him

No. 1277407

why tf is she packing up both of her bathrooms more than 2 weeks before the move and before any other room? jesus, shatna

No. 1277408

Anon ily

No. 1277410

Top fucking kek

No. 1277423

absolute kek anon, so accurate

No. 1277427

Teh only thing she's doing in a bathroom is barfing from the alcohol so it only makes sense kek

No. 1277430

im screaming at old gray hair in the corner just lurking with his geriatric snacks

No. 1277438

Because all she has to do is pick up some toiletries from her bathroom counter as opposed to actually getting off her ass and packing

No. 1277451

She truly has a face only a mother could love

No. 1277467

No. 1277470

oh my god, she's gonna get dry socket and gain 50 pounds

No. 1277480

She's mentioned before that she no longer smokes to get high, she does it to not feel nauseated all the time so yeah, she's definitely making herself feel gross with her shitty diet.

No. 1277490

Goddamnit anons, these are both hilarious.

No. 1277497

She smokes to get into a high stupor (combined with getting really drunk).
To not feel nauseous from her lifestyle choices, smelling and seeing herself and hovel, and from consuming copious amounts of trash food and alcohol. For "anxiety" and sad feefees. Oh and because she thinks shes cool and has been doing it for years.

No. 1277510

Nitpick but a frappe isn’t even coffee kek it barely has caffeine. She had donuts and ice cream for breakfast

No. 1277522

frappe and frappuccino are different things

No. 1277530

File: 1626395182123.jpg (520.68 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20210715-192503_Twi…)

Shay you turn your camera on and film everything in one take and all of your videos are the same

No. 1277532

Yeah but how the hell is she already eating solids after a week after getting her wisdom teeth removed? It took me nearly a month before I could ever eat solids because of the immense pain. I wonder if she is even taking care of the holes and rinsing them out after meal like you’re supposed to. It’s probably so disgusting and full of food bits unless she’s not even chewing and just swallowing whole bites Jesus

No. 1277536

did you have them surgically removed because they were impacted or just had them pulled normally? a week after just a normal removal is a normal amount of time to be eating solid food.

No. 1277538

Oh okay well shit I guess I’m just weak then, cuz yeah they weren’t impacted when I got it done. Disregard my dumb ass

No. 1277542

shes probably eating super processed things that practically dissolve in your mouth. like donuts lmao.

No. 1277553

File: 1626397817714.png (Spoiler Image,472.69 KB, 612x612, donut.png)

No. 1277557

File: 1626398115354.jpeg (378.97 KB, 1680x1129, 6B9DF49D-364C-4C08-93C6-6EA0EA…)

Such a charitable queen wow four whole dollars!!!!

No. 1277560

Bold of her to say when her vids are the same position/angle into the same fake orgasm with the same toys. She always looks like shit and her vids aren't great quality production, tech, or content wise. Take a seat, fatty. If you arent already on your lard ass.

She's not wrong that dudes that contact girls about making content are generally just looking for a fuck and shooting their shot. But she always invalidates her takes because she's a retarded hypocrite.

No. 1277562

oh my fucking god Shayna cannot be this delusional. Literally men do not fucking care about dialogue, props, and costumes it’s not a fucking school project you dense fat fuck. It’s just about turning on a camera and fucking. Then afterwards, coomers finish they shut that shit off, they don’t care about the ~uwu story ending~
Just saw this was posted so I deleted my repost sorry

No. 1277563

Wow Shay bought from one small business and gave them 4 extra bucks! Totally offsets all her sweatshop Shein and capitalist kingdom Amazon purchases for the year!

Was that small business profiting off a dead celeb even a poc or queer?

No. 1277566

It’s the way she bragged about it like she’s a good person for me…

No. 1277567

i believe the 4 is just retarded illiterate shayna speak for "for", not a 4$ tip anons

No. 1277568

Right? They care about the average idiot degrading themself and being a nobody whore plays into the fantasy of them being obtainable. Other than that, just fetish content and it clearly doesn't need to be done good.

No. 1277569

not that it probably wasn’t a small tip amount, but that’s her retard speak for “sent extra FOR a tip”

No. 1277571

the reading comprehension is not well here

No. 1277572

Oop you're right. But let's be honest, the tip ain't much more than 4 bucks anyway.

No. 1277573

Maybe it's because it's 3 AM and I'm sleep deprived but this made me let out the ugliest cackle, thank you for your work anon

No. 1277574

I don’t read Shayna’s tweets with any thought because of how retarded they are
>why does she feel the need 2 talk like this?
I doubt she tipped a lot anyways she’s a greedy stingy whore who only wants to spend money on herself

No. 1277575

Shayna hasn't typed out the words "for", "to" and "and" since high school

No. 1277576

File: 1626399203782.jpeg (247.25 KB, 1242x968, CED6B8B5-EF51-4030-85A6-5F31F0…)

erectile dysfunction is a compliment who would have thought?

No. 1277577

she probably struggles to even get fupa off. i can’t imagine there’s much stamina between the two of them.

No. 1277579

a near guffaw at a sensible hour here; very fine artwork

No. 1277586

File: 1626401461647.jpg (288.86 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20210715-211034_Twi…)

No. 1277588

so close to self-awareness and yet so far

No. 1277590

Only because she reads the threads

No. 1277591

And yet if she doesn't posts nudes, even less people would care on that account. So it's kinda pointless. Almost like she should make real friends and get a diary.
Also that's not what "niche" means, retard. Everyone knows Apex and RPDR and shit. It's just that your followers don't care or have enough interest in you and your boring life.

No. 1277592

yeah your "niche topics" are totally why you need a personal account

No. 1277594

Conventional popular media is soooo niche you guys just wouldn’t understand this highly viewed reality show or video game

No. 1277599

But they definitely care about your 46635th dab of the day, your pathetic attachment to your ex, depression posts and how many days until you'll be in Seattle right?

No. 1277603

>80,000,000 monthly players
>500,000-700,000 viewers per episode

Ah yes, so niche! I bet you play that niche game with Material Girl by obscure artist Madonna playing in the background, huh? You’re so special Shayna Clifford!

No. 1277606

File: 1626405315204.jpg (273.5 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_20210715-221509_Twi…)


No. 1277607

File: 1626405371800.jpg (487.89 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20210715-221634_Twi…)

No. 1277609

>is that a diss???
do you really need to ask

No. 1277614

In the states the only difference between a frappe and a Frappuccino is a trademark. She essentially had a coffee flavored milkshake with donuts holes.

No. 1277617

Well to be fair, I laugh at her all the time.

No. 1277626

Shayna, your content would actually be much better off if you just turned on the camera and had sex when in comparison to the serial killer basement porn you're currently putting out.

No. 1277628

super early in the thread but "niche subjects edition"?

No. 1277630

No. 1277637

File: 1626411018178.jpeg (267.87 KB, 750x950, 1EF1F679-993C-4851-BF86-8245B0…)

why the fuck would this bitch stop taking birth control…?

No. 1277638

She probably thinks that it caused her to gain weight kek

No. 1277639

Fupa baby trap? Probably just lazy and irresponsible I doubt she uses protection when she goes to his house every week so he can “take care of her”

No. 1277641

she was on the shot before which i guess could have contributed a small amount (mostly her shit diet and habits obviously) but she’s nuts to be getting fuped raw

No. 1277642

Still desperately trying to gain Fupa's attention through pissing away money it seems. 16 days Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma! 16 days!!!

No. 1277643

Fupa seems like the type that got a vasectomy.

I hope shay never becomes a mom. Jfc.

No. 1277648

lmao what do you even base that on

No. 1277650

File: 1626413155772.png (Spoiler Image,9.28 MB, 1242x2208, 1A72D9D8-C184-4D48-8452-E42572…)

Mrs Clifford the lunch lady

No. 1277651

he at least has some sense to use a condom with shay, right? he can’t be that fucking dumb. it would be hilarious if that was what the fight was about, him finding out that she didn’t have any form of birth control. what a moron if that was true.

No. 1277653

wtf i didn’t even recognize her body for a second

No. 1277654

I feel like Fruitpa just does anal with Shat because he is fantasizing about fucking a twink’s asshole. Maybe that’s why he found skinny long neck shay attractive, he could just pretend it was a gay man. Dumb tinfoil but idk I’m bored

No. 1277656

Samefag but Fupa’s ugly shrimp dick isn’t long enough to reach Shayna’s shit since he has a chode. Is that why Shayna’s whole schtick is uwu anal bimbo? Because Fruitpa is a closeted gay male who wants to fuck a man’s ass?

No. 1277657

sadly i think the video we were subjected to of them having sex was PiV

No. 1277658

michelin man vibes

No. 1277663

I would bet on this tinfoil bc she wasn’t always all about anal. It was mostly after fupa and she did look like a twink

No. 1277664

Don't be silly… twinks are skinny

No. 1277665

she was when they first got together

No. 1277667

She better be joking. Its gotta be because her skin has looked awful lately. Especially apparent by the lack of makeup. Her skin is greasy and broken out constantly because she's filthy and eats garbage.

Anon he has like 2 or 3 kids and fucks around with Shay. No hes not smart enough to use a condom. He's probably the anti condom stereotypical asshole and Shay is a pick me bitch especially for him.
Idk if this is Fupa bait for a false pregnancy trap or what. But she's retarded to fuck around with no protection even if it's just 1 partner. Fupa could be with other people. She could get pregnant even just from anal (it can drip to the pussy and though it's a slim chance, it's not zero). She's infuriating. Would actually find it to be some sick but hilarious karma for them both if he did knock her up.

No. 1277668

It's a joke hard-ass

No. 1277670

there was nothing hardass about that response but okay

No. 1277682

This made reading the whole anon Facebook crusade shitposting worth it- thank you anon

No. 1277684

File: 1626416806475.png (8.54 MB, 1242x2208, 169D2EF5-127A-443E-A6A8-D98974…)

It doesn’t even look like she showered?? Why does she have a towel? Her hair is greasy and her skin doesn’t look wet.

No. 1277686

File: 1626417100160.png (Spoiler Image,8.77 MB, 1242x2208, 0CC18C94-D8B0-47F3-BF3D-7D7603…)

her cockeyed boobs look so gross along with her life-jacket kangaroo pouch of lard and alcohol

No. 1277687

TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS YOU GREMLIN. She's lit from below like someone purposefully trying to make themselves look scary when telling a campfire story.
Even putting aside how horrible it makes her look & how stupid it is to take pictures in the dark, it's just bizarre. Who showers in the dark?? It's like midnight her time too.

No. 1277688

Lol @ how she can barely twist around anymore with the roll of fat that's under what used to be her shoulderblade

No. 1277690

ummm jesus

No. 1277691

her flopping around the one titty was so awkward

No. 1277695

Her tits are so bad. And no fucking way was she in the shower. Her skin sounded like sandpaper as she rubbed her dry ass hands all over herself.

Imaging pretending to take a shower. Like. ..You’re already naked. And in the bathroom.

No. 1277696

Did she flip the video? I thought that the zombie tit was on her right? And theoretically it's messed up looking because it's the one with the implant underneath, yeah?
Idk, maybe I got it backwards.

No. 1277702

Snapchat is mirrored. I was against implant tinfoil before but it's so convincing now. The zombie one is the stiff one that didn't grow with her weight gain. The floppy one is her natural breast. It's likely one of her breasts didn't develop so they fixed it, clearly not anticipating her catastrophic weight gain.

No. 1277714

I wish Fupaul never told her she had a ass, because I'm getting so tired of the thigh shakes, her arching her back and grabbing her ass flesh, as if that means something.

No. 1277722

She is totally reckless, brain dead and selfish if she’s actually been fucking Fupa without birth control…I’d like to say between them they’re probably so unhealthy that they won’t conceive but we’ve all seen the crackhead with 5 kids.

No. 1277732

Fruitpa has me cackling thank u for this lmao

No. 1277747

Just hours after sperging about coomers wanting “higher quality content” she posts this crap. The cognitive dissonance is strong.

No. 1277760

File: 1626433481012.gif (Spoiler Image,12.68 MB, 480x852, 69E39C9B-18F9-4264-8919-207D6E…)

Girl tf is this? It looks like you’re trying to shake off that last dribble of pee when you have no toilet paper to properly clean yourself up with lmao

No. 1277776

I feel it's a combination of her being drunk/high and just not giving a fuck. In her head, her ass is so fat, and she's moving like Megan Thee Stallion. It also doesn't help that her front is…out of service at the moment because of the weight gain. Again, I blame Fupa, A scrote gives Shayna one compliment, and she clings to it for years.

No. 1277787

Damn girl try giantess porn

No. 1277792

The fat on her arms moves more than her non-existent ass

No. 1277797

Looks like her ass is having a clonic seizure, very sexy.

No. 1277812

I only check this thread occasionally but every time I do, shayna looks ten pounds heavier.she really doesnt give a shit huh

No. 1277843

File: 1626445556015.jpeg (234.66 KB, 750x1042, B704B167-4D77-4852-9735-A60E6F…)

She’s on Twitter talking about a “scawy dream🥺” she had if only a big fat man (fupa) was there to hold her. Barf

No. 1277845

OF COURSE SHE DELETED THAT SHIT SO FAST BECAUSE OF THAT CORNER….. OMG shay its no fucking wonder places keep their security deposits?!

No. 1277847

File: 1626445802217.png (268.38 KB, 578x640, tenor (1).png)

No. 1277849

Holy shit I didn't notice it at first. That's so vile. She lives like a sewer rat.

No. 1277851

>pro tip SWers cleaning your space makes SUCH a difference
I know it’s not her “work space” but holy fucking shit. That’s hoarder levels of filth. It’s BLACK.

No. 1277859

Looks like a clump of noodle hair grossss

No. 1277871

Repulsive. How does a corner get that dirty, I don’t understand??? It looks like it’s covered in coal soot

No. 1277892

Her baseboard looks like part of an abandoned building, no wonder she has so much issue with her asthma there

No. 1277896

God this video is a mess. The sighing the dead eyes. The dry ass hair and towel. She looks so disinterested why is she still doing sex work. I cannot figure it out.

No. 1277900

okay so she definitely doesn’t own a broom. jfc.

No. 1277909

File: 1626452997564.jpeg (330.97 KB, 750x922, 972E4232-BEDA-4217-B0D1-117881…)

i swear food and fupa are her only things driving her right now

No. 1277913

Is she too stupid to comprehend the cost of living between Seattle and Tulsa?

No. 1277918

why the fuck does she shower in the dark? does anyone know the answer to this?

No. 1277921

File: 1626453979583.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x3413, PhotoCollage_20210716_12461332…)

I'm surprised Shaynus hasn't gone nuclear over this yet…

No. 1277924

can’t be an implant. surgeons won’t do surgery like this until the breasts have finished developing since they can’t tell how severe it will be until you’ve grown. the earliest she could have gotten it is around 15-16, and she was already on tumblr at that point. knowing shayna she would have posted everywhere about it.

plus if she really did get it as a child due to a flu vaccine, there would be news stories about it, at least in the local papers. there’s nothing. it’s a shitty old tinfoil that’s been proven wrong multiple times.

No. 1277926

kek whoops

No. 1277928

File: 1626454340922.gif (1.69 MB, 307x179, E8319AFC-CD0C-48E4-A221-7EA8E2…)

She either won’t address it at all or will go nuclear bc she hates women so much. I’m sure Kyle Fupaul Perkins is hearing it, though kek

No. 1277930

Imagine trying to describe these two to someone with then both considering themselves "they/them" my brain hurts already

No. 1277931

How does someone like Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK have not just one person willing to “cuddle” with him but two…?

No. 1277932

Even better is that he's been heart reacting her pics while he was supposed to be taking care of lard ass after her wisdom tooth removal… Uh ohhhhh kek

No. 1277934

I guess in oklahoma it’s hard to find people who aren’t methheads

No. 1277935

This one also looks way younger than him, so she is probably another naive pick me. I mean (they/them) really says it all.

No. 1277941

File: 1626455279450.jpeg (493.95 KB, 1242x1668, 69F65B76-3977-45BE-B8C4-7FF7D1…)

No. 1277942

File: 1626455924473.png (1.32 MB, 1129x917, 2021-07-16 13_17_48-Window.png)

i honestly can't fathom seeing this bitch out and about dressed like this with no bra, clearly no underwear because her pussy is eating her shorts and one boob looking you in the eye and the other looking at the floor

No. 1277944

File: 1626455976323.jpg (116.83 KB, 917x1222, E6btJ1TWEAQlrks.jpg)

No. 1277948


At least she's strategically blocked out her face in these but yeah what a grim sight to behold in person.

No. 1277949

because she's stoned

No. 1277950

please don’t go out in public like this. she’s gonna be in for a rude shock when she gets to seattle and can’t go out looking like pure meth head white trash.

No. 1277951

Imagine going out to eat and you see this porker from behind slouched over a mimosa, huge plate of greasy food, and scrolling through her porn Twitter. I would sit facing the opposite direction. I bet she has a stink radius of like 10 ft

No. 1277953

File: 1626456750935.jpeg (212.63 KB, 933x1812, B94C0F46-51FD-4ECE-B163-7A725E…)

No. 1277954

>spergs about her weight
>goes outside to eat and not walk around or exercise
Does this bitch save leftovers or does she eat 3000 calorie meals in one sitting. With how abysmal the rest of her apartment probably is I can only imagine her smelly fridge

No. 1277955

she needs a rehab facility. fucking yikes.

No. 1277957

wow he was really cuddling and taking care of shayna all weekend while talking to someone else. oof. maybe this was what their big fight was about and he pulled the "you and i arent dating so why are you mad?"

No. 1277958

she really has no idea that she's living up to the oklahoma white trash stereotype…… she thinks she looks cute and trendy…… come on

No. 1277959

Lmao at those little Legolas grease tendrils hanging down. She intentionally pulled out 2 greasy sideburns, I can't

No. 1277961

>grease tendrils
kek that gets me every time she does it. she's so retarded that she doesn't understand you're supposed to pull face framing pieces from your hairline, not the fucking sideburns.

No. 1277966

File: 1626458219624.jpeg (264.37 KB, 1242x636, 71930E02-844C-447E-8CCE-899686…)

she really thinks she’s special, huh? Dumbass pick me, guys will fuck anything and masturbate to anything with a vagina

No. 1277970

The fucking side burns. I am cackling, she looks so fucking stupid. Kek

No. 1277973

guys will literally jack off to a better homes and gardens magazine cover. it's not the compliment you think it is.

No. 1277976

Kek Fupa has his non-binary alt dream girl to watch horror movies with and shay is in a complicated relationship with food and alcohol.

Exactly this. And she still thinks Fupa made sure she put in her 30 days because he cares about her. Lmao.

>grease tendrils
This is why I keep coming back to Shat’s threads.

No. 1277982

maybe fupa was trying to make some kind of “poly” relationship happen with this new girl and shayna and that’s why she was sperging about it the other day kek

No. 1277983

File: 1626459658466.jpeg (709.35 KB, 1284x1027, AC1B8554-DD19-48C8-9EA4-EF08DC…)

her nose gets bigger every month like a pregnant woman

No. 1277986

Meh she's posting about wanting her ears nibbled and wanting a man to prematurely ejaculate in front of her while begging to be worshipped. She doesn't seem to preoccupied with trying to get his attention.

No. 1277987

File: 1626459727244.jpeg (533.2 KB, 1284x1634, 709BE51A-2913-482B-8E91-A685EB…)

coming from the same person who told other women they should just “try a dick up their ass”

No. 1277988

She said she unfollowed the person talking about mono ppl so I don't think that checks out. He's been trying to get her to leave Tulsa

No. 1277990

You're so pressed about that

No. 1277991

it wasn’t a serious suggestion, anon

No. 1277994

so i take it the eyelash extensions are no longer a thing?

No. 1277997

The autists need you to state that

No. 1277998

Yawn. When is soapbox Mattel going to realize that her constant rant-tweeting is just her yelling into the void at her phone screen because she has no power or influence in the world, and never will.

No. 1277999

>clearly not getting enough sex yourself
what a scrote mindset to have about someone criticizing your gross bestiality/pedo-pandering porn

No. 1278000

>u should stfu about other ppls sex lives
>also u probably don't get laid haha #own

No. 1278005

My theory is this is all the stuff she railroaded fupa with and he got annoyed with it or she constantly got mad at him not caring or agreeing with her shitty pov. We hear this stuff a lot more when they're not talking lol

No. 1278012

File: 1626460479547.jpg (105.28 KB, 1024x1001, FILES-FRANCE-JUSTICE-FILM-DEPA…)

may have something to do with l'alcohol kek

No. 1278020

Yes Shay, disgusting degenerates should be shamed for sharing their harmful and violent “kinks” on a public platform. Idk maybe take that shit to an adult site that has age verification… you know instead of subjecting random women in the restroom to you exposing your greasy body? Or is that just happening because fupa won’t stick his dick in you and you need to take your own advice and just have more sex?

She is just the fucking worst. She is everything she claims to hate, no wonder she’s constantly wasted on substances.

No. 1278024

Sis really hasn't put it together yet that getting laid as a woman is like shooting fish in a barrel. And the fish are jumping in front of the bullets, throwing themselves at you.
Sex isn't a flex, Shayna. Only men have trouble finding sex. Come back when you've tricked someone into a loving relationship.

No. 1278025

She actually looks so much like fupa here. Disgusting.

No. 1278037

"well as long as you're not harming animals, children or non consenting parties!"

>exposes minors to her gaped asshole, since they respond to her @spongebob tweets that she makes on her sex work account

>takes nudes in public places, using the thought of nonconsenting parties walking in on her as part of the appeal
>nonconsenting people literally peeing behind her while she takes grimy bathroom nudes
>simulates pedophilia, posting 'daddy-daughter' porn on father's day, where scrotes with female children jerk off to it

Well at least she's not fucking animals

No. 1278038

She looks like she just crawled out under an overpass tf doesn’t she follow people who at least try to look attractive and put effort into their appearances/clothes….it’s not fucking cute to look like you just survived an overdose on some stinky crackhouse mattress

No. 1278041

File: 1626461532570.png (769.31 KB, 674x990, 34B4ACDF-73AA-4E67-B502-00C4B2…)

No. 1278042

Women have standards for one night stands and hook ups men do not. Only very few have standards in a relationship, men fuck anything.

No. 1278045

Wow, Shay looks great here actually. The natural makeup look & the face-slimming sideburns are working for her.

No. 1278046

File: 1626461981595.png (7.85 MB, 1242x2208, F353E383-A288-4E9F-87AE-C52F86…)

No. 1278047

I knew that when I clicked this image from the front page it was going to be the Shay thread.

No. 1278049

This photo is from the perspective of her sitting on the toilet lmao. You can see the same bathmat and shower curtain from the “clean” bathroom pic. Girl ya nasty

No. 1278055

LOL. Good catch anon. Posting her dirty bathroom while she's shitting on the pot… to her coomers no less.
And she wonders why she can only attract scrotes who have a fetish for desperation & who want her to shit on their chillums. kek

No. 1278057

File: 1626462552497.jpeg (277.78 KB, 1125x1477, B8AB179D-1FE5-4BDC-8019-08BDB7…)

No. 1278061

File: 1626462690198.jpeg (118.97 KB, 676x1313, AB7AFA78-00B7-40A5-9007-FA844D…)

No. 1278063


Such Bimbo looking like Little Critter.

No. 1278064

just what you needed!

No. 1278065

File: 1626462765847.jpeg (136.89 KB, 676x1313, 069B672D-0A05-4ED5-80B8-D89967…)

i love when she posts her yellow buck teeth and ugly face!

No. 1278072

that snaggletooth of hers is BEGGING for mercy

No. 1278073

The snaggle tooth, the yellow teeth, the fat ass face, the creases on her neck. Woof. Nitpick, but I hate her earlobes. I know she stretched them out and then let them close but you can tell she had plugs before. They are stretched and huge looks nasty.

No. 1278076

Who the fuck needs a milkshake immediately after having brunch, and a brunch that included alcohol. Her stomach must be rotting on the inside

No. 1278078

she looks like a cracked out single mom who got her kids taken away and has to go out with sunglasses so people don’t see how wrecked she is

No. 1278080

I don’t think anon is pressed, she said it to a minor and got a good bit of backlash on Twitter. It’s also pretty ironic compared to whatever stupid tweet of the hour it’s combined with when anons bring it up

No. 1278084


No. 1278093

She always gets drunk at brunch. I figured that's what brunch is to her: early drinking and sugar food.

Showering in the dark isn't the weirdest thing she does, especially since she showers all but once a week maybe. It's just weird that she chooses to take pictures with the lights off for a bad horror lighting effect and when she's showed that she doesn't turn on the lights in any other room either. Like I get wanting to keep the power bill low but still. It's something that's just more retarded and goblin like when Shay does it lol.

No. 1278098

also not having underwear on in public ever so everyone can see her cockeyed nipples, that one time she was walking around topless, the gross things she would do w fupa (possibly allegedly) in stores.

oh, and how she wanted to dress up like a cow & pour milk on herself, or that time she did the lake ~photoshoot~. she definitely likes to go on & on about non consenting ppl but does stupid shit in public all the time b/c she wants and likes the attention.

No. 1278099

what is that giant bruise on her arm? tinfoil/blog but reminds me of the bruises my ex would leave from grabbing way too hard

No. 1278102

Kek he totally does like thicc alt girls. RIP Shay. She's just fat trailer trash. This is hilarious. I love how Shay always Fupa baits and pretends to have friends and dudes that want her, but ends up posting that shes going out to eat and get drunk alone while Fruitpa actually is seeing other people and can back it. So fucking embarrassing.

No. 1278105

Sorry that happened to you Anon. I think she probably falls while drunk in the shower, she must stumble all the time bc she’s wasted

No. 1278110

>Little Critter
I cackled
I bet fupas new they/them girlfriend lets him choke, degrade, and "dom" her like shayna did. I can just tell by that lipstick and middle finger combo

No. 1278112

She's really reaching to compete with Fupa here kek. "You're watching movies with other girls and cuddling!? Yeah well… random guys online pay me for customs because they like to jerk off to me!! So there!!" It's really so pathetic. An incel paying you to do a gross fetish vid for them to fap to isnt the same as having real friends, partners, relationships, and a actual life in general outside the internet Shay.

No. 1278119

Lol omg. I thought she just had multiple cheap ratty mats throughout her house because I missed the shower curtain. Jfc so that's straight up mold on the wall and baseboards and she really thought that was clean?? Yikes.

No. 1278124


No. 1278125

If Fupa did that she would've alluded to it by now. She always has random bruises because like anon said, she's an alcoholic stoner who lives in a dark, cluttered apartment with animals.

No. 1278143

yeah she literally has a large untrained dog living with her in a tiny apartment

No. 1278154

Does Shayna ever talk about her weight gain? The amount of calories she eats is really incredible. I’d be curious to know how many calories she has in a day with her alcohol, sugar drinks, “snacks”, takeout etc. Alcohol alone is probably more than half the recommends calories for a day. /newfag

No. 1278156

Shay used to be a "tuff" no bs "bad bitch" in her skinny Tumblr days, too. Honestly funny to remember it now. Better get the themlet outta here before Fupa bloats her to hell and dumps her.

No. 1278158

could you really not bother to read at least one thread before you asked this? obviously yes it’s been brought up many times by her.

No. 1278161

I always think it's funny to hear anons say this because he was trying to get her to drink water and eat healthy and go to the gym with him. All she ever did was complain about it. He posted something about liking girls with fat asses and people all the sudden think that he was feeding her. This bitch eats like shit and drinks 2000 calories a day in alcohol. She's obviously the problem here.

No. 1278163

some anons want to scapegoat all of shayna’s problems on other people for some odd reason

No. 1278164

File: 1626467590313.png (6.85 MB, 1242x2208, 2A4003A9-F76C-4DDD-902E-1D0EB4…)

No. 1278168

Read the threads retard. Can’t stand newfags who ask dumb questions. At least read the summaries of the threads

No. 1278170

Fooploops is just as unhealthy as she is. Remember the workout to Whataburger pipeline? Theyre both dumpy as hell with bad habits.

No. 1278172

yeah except he hasn’t doubled in size in the last 2 years kek which is sadly more than shayna can say

No. 1278176

She complained on Snapchat about going to the gym when he was trying to help her. Her shitty diet and alcohol intake caught up with her now that she doesn't have the metabolism of an 18-year-old.

No. 1278186

Hilarious coming from the cunt who literally gate keeps sex work constantly, and acts like you need a PHD to start showing your privates on the internet.

Her fake uwu baby voice makes me want to kms. Also I hate that I watched this

No. 1278187

File: 1626468523378.jpeg (380.76 KB, 1242x983, 1604948946016.jpeg)

This was from around 20 pounds ago.

No. 1278188

ayrt i'm aware

No. 1278192

You'd think if you actually felt that badly about gaining weight and people constantly pointing it out, you'd actually do something about it. I don't remember her constantly posting about garbage food and eating nonstop when she was skinny.

No. 1278194

she definitely did. anons were calling for a significant weight gain saga months before she actually blew up for real.

No. 1278197

Ah my bad, I've only causally read through all her threads recently. It didn't seem like it was a multiple times a day occurence back then. But the point remains that if you can acknowledge it and other people have, and it makes you feel like shit, do something about it. Except she's just doubled down on it, and alcohol.

No. 1278204


Relax, I have been binging through her threads for days. I only saw her briefly reference weight gain and her medication on a few occasion, and expected it to come up more. Ive never seen someone gain that much weight in that period of time, I’m surprised she doesn’t talk about her diet. She has to have connected the dots about her diet.

No. 1278214

you clearly haven't been "binging the threads" if you've missed the personal trainer, her multiple "i'm going to the gym" phases that lasted like 3 days each, showing "healthy" food she bought and talking about changing her diet, and the multiple times she has tried sticking to prepped meals she's gotten. and that is all spread out through at least the last year and a half.

No. 1278220


The way she quickly stops and slaps her pussy when she realizes there a yeast chunk on her inner lip. Barf.

No. 1278231

so the bathroom has light after all lol

No. 1278240

I'm absolutely convinced she has no idea where her clit is. I know this isn't new information for anyone who's seen her porn but it never fails to astound me.

No. 1278276

>classical 2015 tumblrina who likes homestuck, normie games and anime
>homely Oklahoma whitebread attempting to do a zoomer e-girl
Kek so that's the Fupa fantasy Shayna was trying to emulate pathetically

No. 1278296

File: 1626471805917.jpeg (64.28 KB, 476x618, 3B41423E-049A-47D6-B9EE-13CCBB…)

i knew she reminded me of someone, kek

No. 1278303

File: 1626472427717.jpeg (275.69 KB, 750x1057, 41E80167-52E7-4955-A31A-A902B8…)

how/why in the absolute fuck? also what is the point of having 25 pairs of pants that don’t even fit you?

No. 1278308

She's probably holding on to the ones she wore when she was skinny because she thinks she can eventually fit in them again kek

No. 1278309

I call bullshit. This is probably some uwu I’m so quirky and such bimbo

Or maybe it’s true. She doesn’t wear underwear or wash her clothing. So she probably wears a pair a week, let it get crusty and then toss them in the hovel pile.

No. 1278325

>the Fupa fantasy Shayna was trying to emulate

Shayna gonna come out as they/them soon to lure him back kek

No. 1278332

File: 1626477340248.jpg (173.58 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20210716-181517_Twi…)

Imagine all the filth and grime built up on those clothes

No. 1278336

God I hope she at least washed them before donating, given the blackened state of her floor and walls. She’s one of those people that thinks she’s doing charity by just tossing her old ripped up clothes at a goodwill where they’ll be put into landfill because no one will pay a dollar for it anyway.

No. 1278339

It’s shayna, ofc she haven’t washed them. I wonder what place even takes them, since they must be dirty and smelly.

No. 1278341

goodwill will accept the bags then just throw them away if they’re too dirty

No. 1278342

With vibrating her snatch almost every day for the past 5 years im sure all the nerves in her clit have disintegrated

No. 1278375

she’s tried nothing and is completely out of ideas
what is this “diet and exercise” sorcery you speak of?

No. 1278396

>she’s tried nothing and is completely out of ideas
that pretty much describes her entire life kek

No. 1278409

File: 1626482752108.jpeg (229.87 KB, 750x809, 27C6E0B1-8EF1-478A-83CB-D4926E…)

grayhair, she won’t eat a vegetable

No. 1278411

she won't/can't cook in general

No. 1278419

He's definitely going to they/them himself soon if he dates one. It's a cult. Anyway I don't see this deterring Shaynus. She'll still try to be his side hole

No. 1278424

Pretty sure he's been in with that crowd for some time, esp considering the dragqueen and tranny friends.

No. 1278434

Old trucker fucker lowkey trying to suggest a well rounded, healthy dinner for her forgetting she can't even cook rice despite having a rice cooker (which I think he actually bought for her kek). I guess she could doordash Shari's or something to get similar stuff. But that doesnt have enough carbs, grease, and sugar for fatty.

No. 1278439

Imagine honestly believing gross old Okie coomers masturbating to you is a flex and something to be proud of.

No. 1278442

She's going with pasta, since a couple whores said spaghetti. Empty carbs and bread is the winner of course. RIP to old guy suggesting protein and veggies.
This is why you're fat and look like a fucking dude from the back, Shay. You buy meals on doordash every day and can't even order healthy stuff. Not to mention she probably orders enough to feed 3 people. Then she'll wash it down with wine or white claw and pass out. There's zero excuse for her not to eat better, if she's not gonna commit to excercise. Don't wanna hear this bitch complain about being fat ever again lol there's no meds, bc, or anything to blame anymore if there ever even was.

No. 1278475

File: 1626487253201.jpg (220.32 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20210716-210026_Twi…)

No. 1278477

File: 1626487338753.jpeg (807.73 KB, 1242x1418, 405FE0EE-FD3B-4565-AD7E-E75015…)

No. 1278480

is she for real? this nasty ass couch is covered in layers upon layers of pubes and retarded dog hair

No. 1278483

how is that a “giant ass sectional” and why does she think $2k is that much for one in the first place? although she has to be bluffing because we’ve seen that thing up close and personal and the shitty chinese fabric was pilling within like a week.

No. 1278484

File: 1626487718171.png (7.84 MB, 1242x2208, 987987BE-5CA2-4A08-B7A4-C237D3…)

Imagine being held hostage as Shayna Clifford’s pet. She seems so annoying, sure she feeds them but it’s gross to picture obese Shayna sobbing 24/7 and taking naked pictures of herself. I hope Mr PB scratches her face and attacks her kek https://www.dropbox.com/s/dewaw972zphy0bl/mrpbattacks.mov?dl=0

No. 1278490

So ironic considering she never walks her dog.

No. 1278491

No fucking way this retard payed 2k for that cheap ass sofa. That thing is literally $300 Chinese Amazon junk. I'm calling bullshit, kek

No. 1278493

>$2000 couch
Bitch, you could have bought a beater car for that kind of money and gotten your fat ass out of Oklahoma ages ago

No. 1278496

This carpet is so much cleaner than I was expecting.

No. 1278500

File: 1626488676004.jpg (145.48 KB, 720x579, 20210716_202248.jpg)

Zoom in and of course there's a fucking stain either from her gnarly foot sweat or spreading her cheeks for "content". No one would want this even if it was left on a street corner

No. 1278502

File: 1626488712263.jpg (177.01 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20210716-212500_Twi…)

No. 1278503

she spent at least that on a computer that's done nothing but collect dust (which is more egregious imo)

No. 1278504

she probably just vacuumed it for the pic

No. 1278511

File: 1626489420864.jpeg (244.1 KB, 1242x886, E34470DF-B168-4669-8D7C-78C930…)

More like 160 kek
Did someone say a stain from thee Dolly Mattel??

No. 1278512

Absolutely no way she paid 2k for that fucking couch. You can buy a sectional at Macy’s that’s twice this size at 2k. No one will buy that couch for $600. Shes insane.

It looks “ok” because it’s taken from a distance. We’ve all seen the pilled state of that couch (another indication she didn’t pay more than $500 for this) and the layer of animal hair.

No. 1278516

Catching up on the thread after a long day and holy shit that's black mold. Remember last time when her deposit didn't cover the damage and she had to pay extra? She never learns. Sage for no contribution I am just in shock

No. 1278517

it looks like heavy dust buildup

No. 1278521

it's the corner of a dark room

No. 1278525

No. 1278529

she can't resist lurking

No. 1278536

File: 1626491021081.jpeg (83.87 KB, 750x296, 70C87C51-087F-43E2-AF86-8E60C4…)

too bad you have to settle for lolcow infamy

No. 1278550

File: 1626491828942.jpeg (653.52 KB, 1242x1807, 44811693-0E1A-404F-AA37-EDEF69…)


No. 1278551

File: 1626491901163.jpeg (378.28 KB, 1242x1210, 3BEF760F-EDD1-4229-986D-8F28DF…)

No. 1278556

This is apparently $2K?! I've seen the U shape sectionals that are twice the size of this with the chaise lounge, for less than that, plus they aren't covered in her anal leakage and pet hair

No. 1278561

It’s probably from sex with fupa , everytime she’s with him before a big fight she has bruises . They were still having cringe ‘tumblr dom “ sex. (A mix of obvious drunken falls I’m sure too)

No. 1278563

You won’t go viral, retard. You’re not funny nor original.

No. 1278568

I swear, this girl has like… reverse body dysmorphia. How does one simply, go out looking like this and be like, this is great!? If I see her in Seattle, I'm going to lose my shit.

No. 1278583

This. I'm embarrassed to go to Walmart looking like this if I need something while sick (I'd still have a bra and panties on tho). Meanwhile she purposely goes out thinking this is a "look". I wish I had the confidence she does

No. 1278591

give it away on freecycle or craigslist or have the salvation army pick it up
nobody wants to pay money for your ugly smelly couch

No. 1278593

100% agree with this!!

No. 1278600

>got a smaller pod to save money
>gets rid of couch
>has to get a new couch which costs money

>it won’t match my new place

>neutral charcoal colored couch

Make it make sense.

No. 1278618

This bitch makes no sense. She’s moving her other crap so why on earth would it suddenly not match? Your shitty Seattle apartment is going to have dishwater grey walls as well so…???

No. 1278619

what it really sounds like is she couldn’t afford the bigger pod and is cutting her losses but wants to say “it wouldn’t match” so she doesn’t sound like a pathetic broke bitch

No. 1278620

File: 1626495913298.jpeg (208.69 KB, 1242x650, 60811581-1E76-4D7C-881F-4CEBA7…)

How drunk+high is she damn

No. 1278629

its also possible that she's too lazy to move it since it's probably her heaviest piece of furniture

No. 1278631

File: 1626496538270.jpeg (387.64 KB, 1242x817, 6EAF1464-51AB-4AFE-93BC-8975E7…)

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma must have a general bathroom bodily function fetish. Would explain why she’s so caught up on taking pics in public restrooms next to shitty toilet paper and gagging on her pet hair coated dildos.

No. 1278632

Ummmm, but you eat literal platters of meat daily, fatty. You know what they do to the cute little cows at factory farms, right?

No. 1278635

i feel the same way she does except regarding her own porn

No. 1278637

Kek I was literally just thinking this. We literally do all that when we watch her horror porn or cam shows.

No. 1278639

Trying to act cute like “uwu I wuv animals” meanwhile she neglects all her pets and can’t even bother feeding, watering, and changing their litter box each day herself. Yawn.

No. 1278640

Doing bizzare porn for the past five years didn’t even make you a famous porn Star. You have to pay other people to promote your free porn on Twitter. You will never be famous. Ever. Drop that delusion already you’re fucking 24.

No. 1278642

Imagine not being okay with what goes on in actual nature but having no problem with the atrocities that happen just so you can gorge yourself at “brunch” daily.

No. 1278643

BUT SHE HAD OVER 100K ON TUMBLR FOR A HOT MINUTE UNTIL EVERYONE STOPPED GIVING A FUCK ABOUT THAT PLATFORM and now she can’t replicate that success on any other social media after years of effort.

No. 1278645

We are the closest thing to “fans” Shayna will ever get and we fucking despise her existence. Shayna needs to work on her personality first before doing all this cosmetic work she claims she wants. She’s greedy, misogynistic, selfish, and just plain rude. All the money she has blown on weed dispensary trips, doordash meals, cheap furniture, and tacky Chinese sweatshop clothing she could have fixed her teeth or at the very least fix her rotting snaggletooth that keeps getting smaller as she shoves her double chins with sugar and lard.

No. 1278646

Of which only 10k at the absolute maximum were real humans that followed her and even then only 1% of that regularly interacted.

No. 1278647

please art anon, I beg you

No. 1278648

Yeah that’s why her tumblr follower count cops is one of my faves kek the amount of bots on tumblr is/was INSANE. It wasn’t just the annoying porn bots, either. There were so many different ones. Chances are if a blog has/had no profile pic… it’s a fucking bot.

No. 1278649

File: 1626498034410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,479.88 KB, 1978x3464, 7D168A04-A737-422E-97AB-FBBC3E…)

She went
>$20.00 for 12 photos
>$6.00 for 23 photos

No. 1278652

Speaking of tumblr, she posted this there as well. You’re not going to go viral retard, especially when you’re just wrongly regurgitating an old joke.

No. 1278672

File: 1626499986658.png (Spoiler Image,7 MB, 1242x2208, E5EE848C-A85D-49AE-8D54-7B06B3…)

The song she picked kek
> nobody wants you when you’re old and grey

No. 1278674

nice gunt shelf, ma'am

No. 1278675

i unironically thought this was a fat naked man at first. how can she even look at herself now vs a couple years back?

No. 1278679

Major kek at the singular tit flopping around in the beginning

No. 1278680

It always shocks me that her OF content is even worse than what she gives away for free. She seems to try harder, or at least cover her gunt on her free twitter feed, but her poor, sad OF subs get this Mama June tier porn

No. 1278682

LOL. Ok, everybody who normally skips videos - WATCH THIS ONE. I lol'd several times. The music combined with her duck waddle booty quake is just too much.

No. 1278683


No. 1278684

why does it seem like her butt cheeks are stuck together?

No. 1278685

That fucking chicken dance. I can’t.
I’ve never seen anyone involve their elbows when shaking their ass.

That one jiggly tit in the beginning KEK

No. 1278686

At least Mama June is a celebrity with her own tv show. She lost the weight (even though she gained it back). Shayna could never.

No. 1278688

they probably literally are because she doesn’t bathe

No. 1278689

Because they are. Her folds are slimy.

No. 1278696

That song choice makes this whole thing so bleak. It almost looks like an esoteric performance art piece about the sad consequences of onlyfans on society. Just a headless, obese woman performing alone in an unlit room, jiggling her fat & one tit to a muted oldies tune that sings about gaining confidence & changing for the better…

Also this chicken dance move is Shayna's version of the truffle shuffle.

No. 1278702

The music + the dark bathroom + the body horror. I feel like I’m watching a haunted mental asylum found tape.

No. 1278703

I feel like homemade spaghetti is probably a step up for her.

It’s annoying though because a lot of us order takeout at times because we are busy doing things, and don’t have time to cook, or need a break. Meanwhile she sits on her butt or takes vag pics all day long, doesn’t have a job, no kids, no school, no reason to not just learn to make something at home. Even a basic sandwich from home would be 10% of the calories of her boozy brunches

No. 1278705

Why can’t she just edit out when she turns the video off, watching this is like Texas chainsaw massacre where I’m being held captive while some fat dirty white trash flashes her gaping asshole at my face

No. 1278709

She genuinely looks so retarded in this video I felt bad because it really seemed like someone was abusing a mentally ill woman. She looks like and moves like Chris Chan…

No. 1278710

nta but i can guarantee if she ate pasta it wasn’t prepared by her kek

No. 1278711

makes sense since she has only slightly more self-awareness than cwc

No. 1278726

why have a ~work room~ when you can just use your horrific dingy bathroom! the mold from that room alone must be getting to her.

No. 1278738

This. No one is selling couches if they aren't real leather. It's like mattresses. If it's used, you're just hoping someone desperate or on a budget will just haul it away for you. Lucky to get 20 bucks. Cloth couches and/or any with stains, tears, etc go for free. Shes so fucking delusional and out of touch. If she ever hopes to get rid of it and not just end up leaving it there, she better list it for free and hope to hell someone takes it within the next 2 weeks.

No. 1278741

Jesus wept

No. 1278745

File: 1626512228951.gif (857.88 KB, 240x228, D46A5A77-E3B4-407A-A6F5-CE26C3…)

This is one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen. Absolutely cursed.

The dim moldy bathroom… The song choice… The camera angle… The one tit bouncing while the other is dead still… The chicken dancing… The void spread… The heavy breathing ending…

It leaves you with more questions than answers after it ends; mainly ‘why?’ The sissy of fremont street’s videos look normal compared to this. Really makes one’s blood run cold.

No. 1278747

kek. that old timey tophat & cane dancing music combined with her hopping like a chicken.
this is art, sisters.

No. 1278754

You can tell she has no confidence or charisma. The way she waddles and this stiff energy. Fuck, she doesn’t do shit all day the least she can do is practice dancing in the mirror, burn a few calories but no she has to show off. Fucking cringe.

No. 1278761

she definitely turned around so she wouldn't have to keep sucking in, kek

No. 1278774

I keep thinking, "She needs to un-clench her ass cheeks" but she just has negative ass and negative ass crack.

No. 1278801


Fucking hell Shayna I beg you PLEASE exfoliate your buttocks and get some tea tree oil on there, that arse acne is horrifying and the fact that you can see it in such a poor quality low res video means I just know it’s ANGRY irl. Grim.

No. 1278826

Somebodies grandma made an onlyfans!!

1. Her bingo wings flapping when she wobbles her ass
2. That weird fold of fat near her shoulder
3. Lower back cellulite ????

No. 1278828

File: 1626527910789.gif (Spoiler Image,470.72 KB, 190x231, D8AC417C-33B2-4ECA-AB00-D7C615…)

>>1278696 on point nonny

No. 1278843

File: 1626530925599.png (934.15 KB, 1080x2047, Screenshot_20210717-090609.png)

Found her couch on FB marketplace. There's no profile attached though.

No. 1278847

File: 1626531216980.png (780.46 KB, 1631x2048, Screenshot_20210717-091236.png)

Just kidding, it's from Shay's own profile. I just had to login to see it.

No. 1278848

File: 1626531418546.jpeg (696.01 KB, 2048x2048, 1609788976281.jpeg)

>Condition: Used - Good
old picrel

No. 1278852

It's weird to see her type like a normal person and not a retarded kid from 2005.

No. 1278862

i honestly thought this song was a joke and a farmer had edited it over her original post…. what the fuck. what 23yr old uwu baby bimbo would pick this song…..

No. 1278863

File: 1626533535908.jpeg (132.44 KB, 750x407, C7019B5B-2598-43BC-8A50-2BE790…)

This mornings idiotic tweet from shay:

No. 1278864

she says this but considered buying a 550 dollar painting. But what a waste of money indeed

No. 1278865

literally. her brain is so rotted it boggles the mind.

No. 1278866

It looks like cut footage from the movie Session 9 especially
because of the music she chose.

No. 1278871

The way she always pries her superglued asscheeks apart makes it look like she’s gonna blast a fat one at us. There’s gotta be a better way kek

No. 1278881

File: 1626536908074.jpg (477.37 KB, 1199x1117, Screenshot_20210717-164153.jpg)

I knew I'd seen this picture before,it's the one she took when it was brand new. From thread 52

No. 1278883

holy shit kek scammy mattel at it again

No. 1278885

jfc shayna. i had a suspicion it was from when she first got it because it looked so much less run through (and the carpet was clean as another anon mentioned) but brushed it off because of all the moving boxes. should have gone with my intuition smh. what is wrong with this bitch? example number 137467823 of her being just an utter pathological liar for no reason.

No. 1278886

Damn. I was wondering why everything looked so clean. I was even surprised her coffee table wasn’t cluttered in edibles and empty mobilitea cups. What a scammy cunt.

>using that profile picture to sell a $600 couch
Kek I laughed way too hard. It looks like a scam. I mean…it is but come on shay. Jfc she’s so out of touch with reality.

No. 1278887

File: 1626537348157.gif (553.23 KB, 220x150, tenor.gif)

Fucking KEK this thread delivered this morning

No. 1278888

What does she hope to achieve by posting a photo of it when it was brand new? All that will happen is the buyer will turn up and clearly see that they’ve been scammed into buying a shit stained sofa and refuse to pay her, what a time waster

No. 1278890

It literally says on the POD website to talk to your apartment management and see what their policy is. How does one fail so hard at life constantly?

No. 1278893

She probably thinks she can get it back to that condition when someone forks it over. I can tell that fabric is cheap though so it will continue to pill if she tries to clean it and it will end up even more discolored. Shayna lives in a world of make believe

No. 1278895

Can't she carry her 10 boxes on her own?

No. 1278896

she couldn't bear the exercise

No. 1278898

The bit that I find the most baffling is " I will have it cleaned AGAIN". Like bitch as if you've ever cleaned it before kek

No. 1278901

i can't imagine the smell of it between her not bathing, her dirty animals all over it, and whatever other crumbs and spills it's accumulated on top of it

No. 1278902

You're an angel, anon. This must have been when she was still unboxing shit. That sofa must be a million times more disgusting now.

No. 1278904

whatever happened to her initial plan of renting a uhaul and her dad helping her move? wouldn’t that be like….. way easier than what she’s claiming she has to do now?

No. 1278905

i think that was only happening when he was under the impression she was moving back home

No. 1278913

File: 1626539195100.jpeg (247.38 KB, 828x1204, 5031887B-0FEC-4534-9763-510692…)

No. 1278915

Lmao he was with Shay for years and was embarrassed to even admit it, but he's parading the new girl all over his Facebook for everyone to see. That's rough.

No. 1278916

fupaul looking fruity as hell

No. 1278917

Is he gay or does he have a new gf jfc lol

No. 1278919

jesus, if my ex was banging me on the downlow while parading his new relationship on facebook I would crawl under the covers and never come out

No. 1278922

I hope for her sake she googles Kyle Nathan Perkins and sees that his chode was still firmly in Shayna's ass when he was talking to her. What on earth makes this be-moobed scrote so appealing to women

No. 1278923


No. 1278924

Could it be that they're just
friends? His status is set to single and i would think it would be official or there would be some type of post about it. Also, maybe this person is poly and just didn't care that he was with Shay? Just theories

No. 1278925

Anon ily, I felt the same joy reading the same replies. Fucking KEK is right.

Stg the standard of detective inspector is high itt.

No. 1278926

When Shay moves can we stfu about him or get him a thread

No. 1278928

he might fuck a female they/them now but he still looks incredibly gay to me. might be the filter

No. 1278929

Black hearts?

No. 1278931

likely that’s why Shauna was complaining about polyamory a few days ago
I meant that Shauna should be humiliated, not that Dollar Store Strange Aeons should be humiliated

No. 1278932

lord i feel so uncomfortable looking at his smiling face knowing all of the cringey shit he has done and continues to do (WHILE BEING A FATHER TO THREE KIDS) omg

No. 1278933


No. 1278942

autocorrect is ASS HOE

No. 1278944

She already said another sex worker on her timeline was talking shit about monogamous people and she unfollowed them It didn't have anything to do with fupa

No. 1278947

Even if they were just friends, it’s funny how comfortable he is now posting things with this girl and watching movies and her birthday. He never once mentioned Shat on his FB.

No. 1278948

He said they were cuddling and watching movies the other day and combined with all the heart emojis and how Shay has been… idk theres a lot of mixed signals tbh. I think they're more than friends, but not dedicated dating imo. Possibly poly open. Fruitpa gives such gay guy vibes yet only seems to get with chicks. It's anyone's tinfoil honestly lol

No. 1278950

File: 1626541237919.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3072x3072, FDCE07CF-153D-4812-A19D-C406B3…)

Fupa’s lady legs, pink vans, nails and snapchat filters… literally more femme and bimbo than Shayna.
I’m down for a Fupa containment thread tbh. He’s funnier and more entertaining than Shay at this point.

No. 1278951

He just said they were watching a movie together and he didn't say anything about cuddling up or anything. Autists need facts or they believe anything

No. 1278954

>literally more […] bimbo than Shayna.
kek anon you didn't lie

No. 1278955

What would even be the point that would be the driest thread ever. He was nothing before Shay and he's nothing after her

No. 1278958

Damnit was JUST about to post these same shots. So much gay energy coming from these videos and his interactions with his friends. The pink vans, the nail polish…his overly gay laugh just to top it off.

I’m so down for a Fupa containment thread kek. He’s doing down the gender fluid path and I’m here for it.

No. 1278959

So true. He didn't say anything about her birthday. She probably didnt even get a present from him. She spent the night pretending to be out at fancy places with sugar daddy and shit.
She's never been allowed to post him when they do go out. So embarrassing. She has got to see how bad that is. Hes posting about this girl he might not even be dating with such cringy gushing. Shay only gets the passive aggressive vague post memes and shit kek

No. 1278961

Did he shave his legs? kek

No. 1278962

Really anon? The overabundance of heart emojis and nicknames scream Fupa lovebombing

No. 1278964

I'm just saying he never said anything about cuddling up at all He posted that they watched a movie together with a heart emoji. I highly doubt he's moved from fucking Shay in the ass last weekend to being in a relationship with someone very quickly. It's probably just some friends of his that he doesn't hang out with as much when he's around Shay

No. 1278967

>assuming Fupa wouldnt fuck shay and then another girl right after cause he’s got uwu feelings
They’ve been in an on again off again relationship for the last year. And she’s been talking about moving for 6 months. I’m sure he’s over her lmao

No. 1278979

Her cope would be “because she’s a sex worker uwu” not that she’s actually just nasty as fuck

No. 1278989

i think the nickname is just her general nickname (not a pet name he gave her) because she has it in parentheses next to her name on facebook >>1277921

No. 1279000

Yeah he's not dead naming her that makes sense

No. 1279008

File: 1626546945059.jpeg (932.58 KB, 1125x1298, C00E3414-C4C8-41AA-A860-66AF6F…)

Sage for tinfoil but could this be a sign about Shay? Posted about the time the bbq photos were on here, and we know how much she retweets/buys hello Kitty crap

No. 1279014

Maybe he means the fishy smell shatna always had because of her infected vagina.

No. 1279018

Such a SJW that she put freedom as her middle name on facebook. Topkek

No. 1279019

The fupa spergs are getting a bit much lol

No. 1279021

yikes the fact she couldn’t even take a picture of it in its current state should tell you how nasty her place probably is. also big doubt that she’ll clean it before someone picks it up

No. 1279027

How embarrassing to be the "reacher" in the dynamic with a cringy manlet like Fruitpa. At least he looks like he has basic hygiene and even though he uses retarded filters, he's more convincing of the bimbo barbie shit than Shaynus. Even filters can't help her now and she looks homely af compared to him. Like she'd be the "guy" in the relationship. She didn't have much to start with, but she really threw it all away for cheemsburgners and chode.

No. 1279028

The retarded fupanons are at it again. It's a quote from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He probably posted because it's "lol rAndummm" millennial humor

No. 1279032

To be honest I think hairy men are rank. I wish more men would get rid of it.

No. 1279033

I feel like it really ramps up on the weekends but right now it is at an all-time high and I really wish it would get back on track. He's not doing anything milky at allll

No. 1279034

File: 1626550949173.jpg (226.39 KB, 1079x685, Screenshot_20210717-144109_Twi…)

Isn't Fupa in his 30s? And when they were together she was always about "uwu my old man"

No. 1279035

yes lol he's 35

No. 1279039

And he never has. Shayna has been curdled milk for weeks so anons are turning to Fupa out of desperation. Only problem is he's a pathetically average and boring scrote and always has been. He isn't a cow by himself and a Fupa thread would be drier than Shay's vagina on a day ending in y

No. 1279045

holy fuckin dwarfism. she looks like a midget in that profile pic kek no-neck

No. 1279046

>just friends
>calls her cutest bug
>posts about her birthday
>multiple pictures and statuses
>nauseating amount of heart emojis
>doesn’t do that with any other friend he hangs with, female or trannies
>just friends
He never bothered sharing relationship status with shayna the secret basement whore either. It’s classic grease lord behavior. If they’re not fucking, then he’s def trying.

No. 1279048

It's the receding hairline framed by the cap strap for me. His gross ass needs to get off Snapchat. How he can project such queer energy but seems to only get with women is beyond me. Maybe he got imprinted on by his friend group or is desperately trying to seem young and cool for some reason.

No. 1279050

But dudes in their 30s is what she's considered "old" and we've said she's retarded for that. Guess she's going back on that because her and Fupa are on the outs and she's approaching her mid 20s. Has to up the age.

No. 1279051

Again her name is Bug apparently as another anon pointed out. He's posted two statuses with a total of two heart emojis. You are reaching so hard for this.

No. 1279056

File: 1626553044585.jpg (321.79 KB, 1080x1183, Screenshot_20210717-144307_Twi…)

Your "trauma" won't stay there Shay because you'll still talk to him when you leave

No. 1279062

>Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #85: Butterflies in Seattle, Trauma in Oklahoma Edition
>Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #85: The Face Only a Mother Could Love Edition

Kek I bet she made this account to stalk Fagpa’s Facebook page. She’s such a scammer, no one wants your ugly couch scammy mattel, literally keep it you hog. There is no point in getting a new couch when it’s just going to get anal shit stains, dog hair, and meat sweats all over it.

No. 1279079

I love how Shayna talks about random accounters with coomers, while Fupaul is out with his queer gender special friends. She clearly does this to make him jealous.

No. 1279084

So all the "trauma" of chasing Fupaul will just melt off when she leaves?

No. 1279091

File: 1626556502645.jpeg (Spoiler Image,585.44 KB, 2119x3464, F1A58D85-77D5-4A9D-8205-58E708…)

Diabetes Mattel

No. 1279097

File: 1626557481748.jpeg (579.81 KB, 1284x1871, 0F1C23B3-AC79-4266-8DDB-635424…)

B l e a k

No. 1279098

File: 1626557531832.jpeg (969.1 KB, 1161x1846, 8D2E85E7-BB53-47F1-B010-E1D9EB…)

No. 1279099

Why would you put this in your nudes? I feel like this is lolcow bait

No. 1279104

Boomer coomer coming in with the classic gif kek it's funny every time

No. 1279105

Nitpick but why do ~enby~ women always choose the most autistic 10-year-old boy-sounding nicknames for themselves like Buggs or Socks? You're a full-grown adult with a vagina, lady. You're not Pajama Sam.

No. 1279110

I thought the drink was photoshopped in at first because she posts this exact pose like every other day

No. 1279112

File: 1626558889428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,761.59 KB, 1242x1456, B30BD94C-B9E5-4BBA-9A53-CF7996…)

Just realized she posted this on Twitter as well lmaoo she’s just giving her shit out for free

No. 1279113

Shut the fuck up, Shaynus. Trauma is something you get when you watch people die or you get raped. Using it to mean "omg I'm so sad because my on-again-off-again ex is ignoring me" is just pathetic and takes all the meaning out of the word.

If you cry wolf all the time (omg my aboosive republican mom!) then people will never believe you if you ever end up experiencing real trauma for once in your coddled ingrate life.

No. 1279114

Fupa-sperging aside, he should spill the milk about his side of the relationship with Shaynus before she moves away (if she does) and publicly claims he’s aboosive. I’m calling it now it’s coming.

No. 1279115

no shit sherlock. it’s an apartment building. you’re not the only one that lives there.

No. 1279116

File: 1626559488666.jpg (380.49 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20210717-170429_Twi…)

No. 1279122

I'll never forget the anon upthread that said she looked like an "Ed Gein creation". It's frighteningly accurate kek

This body is brought to you by MobiliTea

No. 1279123

File: 1626560013247.jpeg (479.59 KB, 1242x1191, 9E79D26F-6EC9-4DFB-A71F-3823AA…)

I hate her so much

No. 1279126

imo he doesn't give off gay energy just a "trying too hard to act like a cool edgy tumblr teen despite being in his 30s" vibe.

No. 1279127

She is the most wasteful person ever

No. 1279129

If anything just leave them in a box not broken next to the trash so someone could use them. Fuck even donate them but that's too much work with your greasy bumpy ass

No. 1279131

I mean, it's more funny than aggravating though. Maybe when she was still able to make more than minimum wage as a sw it was annoying to see her being wasteful, but at this point she's literally begging for basic living utensils… which she already owns but she's too lazy to pack. She's only screwing herself over by living off of handouts the way she does. And I guess it's also screwing over the 1 or 2 coomers who are inbred enough to buy cutlery from an e-whore's amazon wishlist.

Dw nonnie. Someone will pick up the discarded plates from the dumpster & bring em down to the gravel pit to shoot em up & have a bit of fun. It's Oklahoma.

No. 1279132

idk what’s been happening in these threads the past few weeks. there are some anons that sound just as cracked out as Shay.

No. 1279133

File: 1626560662379.jpeg (598.48 KB, 1242x1750, 924AB269-FB92-48DC-9D9F-629CE9…)

She’s either never washed them, never used them because all she eats is take out, or they’re stained

No. 1279134

Shaynus singlehandedly poking holes in the ozone layer with her endless consumption of cheap Chinese shit. Can't wait until she ages/deathfats herself out of porn with no job prospects and regrets all the functional shit she threw away for no reason other than to post "aesthetic" new apartment pics for 8 likes on Twitter

No. 1279135

tbh I think there are some nasty ladies in this thread who secretly want to fuck Fupa and that’s why it’s brought up so frequently.

No. 1279136

>anal shit stains

as opposed to….non anal shit???

No. 1279137

she’s the kind of person that thinks Nobilitea will notice her and give her some sort of sponsorship. delusional.

No. 1279138

“fupa please come help me pack and maybe fuck me uWu”

No. 1279139

File: 1626560920255.jpeg (72.21 KB, 750x634, F47C9302-FA31-4D13-9878-C9B559…)

please shut up retard

No. 1279140

I would say that she has an island of plastic with her name on it in the middle of the Pacific Garbage Patch because of all the cheap synthetic China fabric she buys.
But those fabrics only shed microplastic when you wash them, so I think we're safe.

No. 1279141

I mean like she probably gets fucked in the ass by fupa’s chode leaving shitty sperm stains

No. 1279143

File: 1626561200011.jpg (89.51 KB, 680x683, fite me nonnies.jpg)

>>1279139(autistic retard)

No. 1279145

sounds like you feel called out, Fupa fucker

No. 1279146

File: 1626561318376.jpeg (197.69 KB, 1242x443, C4736D0E-ADFB-4404-88EE-DFDC29…)

No. 1279148

Ayrt I’m not even the fb anon. The only reason he’s getting brought up is because Shayna is still crying over it and has admitted to being with him even though they “broke up” years ago. A Fupa thread would be stupid he’s not milky at all anymore, he’s just being cringe. But if he ever transitions I think that would be worth posting, but I doubt that will happen.

No. 1279149

You could have burned down your apartment, you fucking failure.

I stg this cunt would throw water on a grease fire.

No. 1279153

> Blatantly declares she’s going to throw her still functional kitchenware in the trash
>Asks for new kitchenware
She’s brain dead. The coomers are brain dead.

No. 1279154

She'd have to wash her clothes for that to happen

No. 1279156

The only people I've ever seen pose with random food, not even like pretty food or unique food, are fucking mukbangers. It's so weird how she shares every bit of her life and it's so boring & repetitive.
Whats next? She's going to start posting pictures of every shit she takes?

No. 1279159

Oh my god I thought this was fan art and a nonny pasted a picture of that tea next to her nudes.

Honestly, I feel like she’s building up to not leave. And I hope she stays in Oklahoma and chases Fupa chode until she dies of diabetes. And so I can finally stop visiting her threads.
She’s the cow that just needs to go at this point.

Why not just throw everything you own away? I mean why not. It’s all literal garbage anyways.

She’s going to pretend to donate them but they will end up in the garbage. Just like everything else in her life.

No. 1279162

There is nothing cute about not knowing how to take care of your own home and other basic life skills. She’s like 25 this is so incredibly sad

No. 1279164

File: 1626562405417.jpeg (566.79 KB, 1242x1495, 85F6A2BA-E7FF-4643-AEE7-6C4AE5…)

So stupid

No. 1279165

Yeah there are some obsessed anons here for sure. Probably nasty Tumblr girls that just hate shay

No. 1279166

File: 1626562471887.jpeg (149.55 KB, 1242x373, ACA2DB50-782B-4E8F-B9F3-7B234B…)

No. 1279168

it seriously seems like she has one of these giant immobiliTea sugar concoctions every day. I tried finding a calorie count but had no luck. I wonder if this is her new morning frappucino or if she's still sucking down starbs coffeeshakes each morning on top of this

No. 1279169

She really thinks it's "cute" to fuck around with potentially starting a fire in her apartment from sheer stupidity.
This isn't even something you should need to be told. It's a giant ball of dried-out lint. The fuck do you think it's going to do when you heat it up?
If she actually had followers she'd be getting roasted.

No. 1279171

I always imagine Shayna hunched over her phone naked, in the dark and coughing, when she makes these, "I'm too stupid to liveee! I'm baby!" posts.

No. 1279172

People said the same thing about Womack, it's just funny tinfoil. Shayna is constantly bringing up Fupaul, if anything it's slightly annoying. The anons clogging up the thread whining are more annoying then the fupa posts tbh. Especially since she JUST started whining about missing him after he hung out with some lady.

No. 1279173

she’s on her way to becoming the trans girl version of Nikocado

No. 1279174

the fact they want to make a thread dedicated to just him proves that they are just as gross as Shatna and want to fuck his greasy chode.

No. 1279177

>0 sec
plot twist: gray hair posts here kek

No. 1279179

>lint is what they use to start campfires
lol does he mean flint?

No. 1279189

File: 1626565114619.jpg (278.32 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20210717-183757_Tum…)

She really can't stfu about him

No. 1279197

No, you actually can use dryer lint as a firestarter.

No. 1279202

You can but it’s not that effective since clothes these days are blended fibers.

No. 1279203

>Fupaul post picture with lady friend/having a life with friends and hasn't mentioned Shayna by name in years.
>Shayna, posting about Fupa for years, doesn't have a life outside of him, posts about random coomers to make him jealous, is always mentioning him. Has no friends and the only time she pretends to have them is when she wants to make Fupa upset.

At this point, even if Fupuss IS love bombing her private and acts just as thristy as Shayna, She looks so dumb doing all this in public. Especially on her sex work profile. Fupa isn't worth any of this shit.

No. 1279205

check this out, i dont even camp but i thought this was neat. saged for OT. https://youtu.be/npkebONpuiI

No. 1279210

Wow, breaking promises? Such trauma. Much aboose.

No. 1279215

File: 1626567431649.png (4.77 MB, 828x1792, C074ECC5-5ECF-4286-915E-988F88…)

Speaking of BBQ, is this the same BBQ as the one Shay went to on the Fourth? Did she hang with the Foop Troop?

No. 1279216

Same anon, this is a screenshot from Kyle Nathan Perkins’ video where he was laughing like a faggot and showing off his painted nails petting some random dog with a group of friends outside BBQing.

No. 1279217

His fupa evolved into a fanny pack

No. 1279218

That's not fupa that's his friend

No. 1279219

I mean, she never washes her clothes so to be fair it probably wasn’t even that much kek

>these days
His lint knowledge is outdated as he is

No. 1279223

Lint fiber speculation and fupa tinfoil. Shay threads get weird

No. 1279229

File: 1626569128548.jpeg (835.96 KB, 4096x3190, F4912E8A-FA79-48E3-A4C7-BA45B3…)

No. 1279240

File: 1626570105889.jpeg (80.85 KB, 750x253, E2ECA1F4-AC41-4DE9-AED4-0BE0D7…)

Maybe if this bitch stuck to therapy and meds she could deal with them better but then she wouldn’t be uwu helpless baby bimbo🥺

No. 1279241

Literally. Like she only really cares to be all sub baby uwu ddlg because it's an excuse for her to never have to grow up and learn how to be a fucking functional human. But even kinky coomers need to learn basic survival skills like how to pay bills, cook rice and clean out the dryer, dumb dumb.

No. 1279242

File: 1626570365130.jpeg (348.74 KB, 1242x1145, 47B36B63-BE1A-4979-9F6E-C87F12…)

No. 1279246

I don't know how anyone could find her likable and why these retarded coomers still buy her things.

She admits and makes it obvious she never cooks or eats meals at home that arent takeout delivered, so she never really used the dishes she has now… and yet she's getting rid of them because she's lazy and wasteful and immeadiatly asks for people to buy her another set. And you know she isn't donating those and probably didn't donate those clothes she bagged up the other day because she's simply not going to pay to uber with that crap over to goodwill. She will toss it, and if it's too big to toss like her couch she's gonna be a greedy idiot and try to sell it. She should just list anything she doesnt want FOR FREE pick up. She's going to end up stuck with that couch because she'd be lucky if someone would even get it for free.

No. 1279249

She should just buy paper plates, plasticware and Solo cups at this point. It would suit her lifestyle. What a fucking waste.

No. 1279251

You're past the point of not knowing how to take care of yourself being cute. Maybe if you were skinny it could be fun n quirky to say shit like this, but it just underlines what a tub of lard you are

No. 1279252

Nonnies, i just realized this image has layers. The packing boxes all around the photo are from when she moved in, but she's trying to pass it off like it's from present day when she's moving out. Almost clever

No. 1279253

I don't think I've ever seen her post a photo of food on a plate. Even the charred coochie boards were just on a cutting board or whatever. What is she getting rid of, one pink hello kitty plate and a pan that's been up her ass?

No. 1279266

Nah, she'll keep those. They're important props someday to be bimbo relics! /s

Iirc she got some tacky faux marble dishes or maybe they were just gray or something like that. I recall them being nothing special but that's the only time they've ever been seen (pic when she got them in the cupboard). She's apparently moving away from that Walmart aesthetic and trying to go back to BaRbIe PiNk EvErYtHiNg it sounds like.

No. 1279269

As if she doesn't order doordash every other day. Speaking of, how much takeout do we think she gets? Like literally every meal/multiple times a day, once a day, or every couple days? Imagine being her fave restaurants and seeing her name come up multiple times a week lol I mean its money to them so they dont care but jfc.

No. 1279271

File: 1626573912098.png (1.53 MB, 1125x2436, 6DBD7ED9-376C-4EBD-8496-F48D5B…)

I’m excited to see her living situation in Seattle. It’s expensive here - people with real jobs struggle to pay rent without a roommate.

I searched for 1 bedroom units with her Oklahoma rent in broader Seattle, and only 15 options came up. Almost each one was a house where you rent a single room, or was advertised as a “micro apartment”, “apodment”, or “micro suite”. A lot don’t have a full kitchen, just a microwave, but there is a shared kitchen in the apodment building. When you add “cats and dogs allowed”, there was a total of 3 places in Seattle.

If she lands anything decent, I’m convinced her dad is paying for it.

No. 1279273

She could be living in Bellevue or somewhere right outside of Seattle. It's surprisingly easy to get an apartment though. As long as she paid her rent on time every month and paid for her furniture and washer and dryer she has some sort of credit. That's basically all you need unless you don't meet the financial requirements of the property

No. 1279274

maybe she’s moving to some shitty suburb of seattle and is just trying to pass it off. like how people that live in random towns in new york state say they’re from the city.

No. 1279280

topkek, i hope this becomes a trend

No. 1279287

File: 1626577111934.jpg (481.47 KB, 1079x1849, Screenshot_20210717-215802_Twi…)

No. 1279288

why the fuck does she even have any of his shit still? can she move on already? she's boring me to tears with this "my ex" routine.

No. 1279290

jesus mf christ. you're telling me he kept more than just mr peanutbutter at her place? simping might be one thing, but she is the definition of "down bad" if i've ever seen it.

No. 1279292

You hear that Fupa? She's using her washing machine for the 3rd time this year and she's not gonna wash your clothes with her greasy stuff!

No. 1279299

she probably bought a trial pack of 5 when she first moved in and is still conserving them

No. 1279311

the only reason why fupa is funny is because it’s hilarious that shayna keeps humiliating herself over and over by thirsting after him on her work twitter
otherwise he’s just a ridiculous loser “dom” with lady hands and a tiny dick

No. 1279316

she just needs to throw his shit away and keep going. knowing her though, she will be bugging him to come pick it up and then get into another fight.

No. 1279321

she'll probably use it as leverage to make him spend time in her hovel

No. 1279323

She's definitely the type to plan some last shebang to be spiteful vindictive and petty towards him. She's too much of a narcissist to go about this any other way. It's the last hurrah

No. 1279326

i wonder if she will make him pick up his cat too, she never seemed to care much about it and she barely cares about her own pets.

No. 1279329

File: 1626582743365.jpg (Spoiler Image,399.09 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20210717-233158_Twi…)

No. 1279331

File: 1626582782247.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.46 KB, 1152x1152, 20210717_233214.jpg)

She really exposed herself by showing she liked her own video

No. 1279332

File: 1626582865995.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.64 KB, 1152x1152, 20210717_233301.jpg)

No. 1279335

“So many” watch out we got the new Mia khalifa over here with a whole 25k views damn move over Sasha grey you can’t compete with this icon of sexiness and her dwindling $3 subscribers

No. 1279339

It's cut off so it looks like it could say Dolly Fattel kek
Anyway pornhub is literally the biggest porn site and it's free, so… Those have been on there a while and it's THE incel fapping grounds and they'll look at anything to jerk it, most skip through the vids, and move on. It's really monke brain shit.
I'd imagine it's really only worth mentioning when you've got 1mil views or more. Only a couple hundred of those views gave it a thumbs up lol including herself.

No. 1279360

File: 1626587474658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.54 KB, 750x632, 2F347101-2CC7-482F-810C-89A9F2…)

1/2 some comments I saw and loled

No. 1279361

File: 1626587499279.jpeg (29.29 KB, 750x286, 203E6395-69C3-4913-B619-569812…)


No. 1279373

lmao girl Bellevue is by no means a downgrade from Seattle kek

No. 1279394

So she can throw away her entire kitchen inventory on a fucking whim but actually goes to the effort of gathering up Fupa’s things and putting them in a bag, she is clearly trying to lure him over to her apartment before she goes, absolutely pathetic.

No. 1279403

Agreed, the cheapest 1 bedroom in all
of Bellevue using multiple apartment apps, was $1,275 (more than Seattle). Cheapest with pets is $1,495. She would need to move to Burien to get a nice looking unit.

My guess is that she will grab a cute tiny studio in actual Seattle. I imagine the aesthetic is more important to her than size, and she doesn’t really need a kitchen so why not. /seattlefag

No. 1279462

WHAT? How has she survived? How is anyone this dirty and ok with admitting it? She had to have been barely using the thing ever to go that long

No. 1279475

thoughts and prayers for the next owner of that one pan she shoved up her ass

No. 1279491

File: 1626618120829.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, F08AAF09-E7D9-4C31-A92A-800520…)

Of course Scammy Mattel supports scammers

No. 1279493

they’re not the same design. weird post nonnie

No. 1279495

File: 1626618634483.jpeg (486.48 KB, 1242x1093, F64B76AF-4A60-4D60-A003-A3059F…)


No. 1279497

Are you blind Anon? Shayna could have retweeted an actual business not a dropshipping shop. But she won’t because she’s a retard.

No. 1279509

yeah she’s a retard and does it because she’s trying to virtue signal that she totally supports black businesses

No. 1279510

he called the fake alt girl cuddle bug, scroll up anon

No. 1279514

Jesus fuck!! How is she in her mid 20’s and not know about the lint trap? We just had a dryer catch fire and burn half my wardrobe truck down after my assistant forgot to clean the trap properly.(no1curr)

No. 1279515

bye kek

No. 1279541

he called her cute not cuddle

No. 1279547

No one cares about you or your assistant

No. 1279549

File: 1626623239509.jpg (76.1 KB, 903x508, Screen_Shot_2019-11-14_at_12.5…)

Since you don't want to take your own advice, anon >>1277921

No. 1279558

File: 1626624180402.jpg (279.67 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20210718-110237_Twi…)

Freckles? Is that what we're calling it now?

No. 1279561

This legitimately just sounds like she sobered up enough to realize she had shit specks and for the first time felt shame and tried to cope out late

Ew though just the thought of looking at Shatnus's "asshole freckles" made me throw up in my throat. Nothing about that sounds sexy or enticing at all. Why talk about it… Why mention it?

No. 1279568

i hate that i know/have seen this but she really does

No. 1279576

File: 1626626288922.jpeg (1022.62 KB, 3770x2121, F8439615-7720-458D-9B04-5789E0…)

didn’t bother capping all 62 messages because most of them were discussing mattresses, but according to shayna she’s only bringing her clothes, tv and pc with her and apparently trashing everything else?

No. 1279580

Didn't her parents just buy her a bed

No. 1279581

Tinfoil but I believe her dad cut her a huge check for moving during her visit, not knowing that she'd already scammed her coomers out of a couple thousand. We've seen her Onlyfans stats and she's not making much more than minimum wage, certainly not enough to justify trashing everything. Either way she's a wasteful pig bitch and I hate her

No. 1279582

Because that person's profile says they go by bug like another anon already said Stop.

No. 1279583

He said she's the cutest bug. Not that they were cuddling. He didn't call her cuddle bug. This girl goes by bug. Basic reading comprehension is very hard for some of you

No. 1279584

>needs the perfect mattress
>slept on a literal rug for years

No. 1279585

File: 1626627480690.jpeg (289.17 KB, 750x888, DE34FFFF-70C4-46F8-BD43-675BFD…)

yeah i thought her mom did like a year ago?

No. 1279589

Maybe she's getting a bigger bed. It would make sense if it was costing that much. She's probably trying to get a fucking king size bed although she doesn't need it

No. 1279590

Her PC LOL remember when she kept posting about her perfect gamer girl desk setup. She really just buys things to take a picture for then ends up tossing it into landfill because she’s too lazy to pack a box and needs to feed more of her materialism with new pink trash from Amazon.

No. 1279594

sounds like she either can’t afford to move any of the big stuff and is just praying a coomer or her dad pays for it or she can’t move it by herself and was expecting fupa to help kek

No. 1279598

I think she's an extremely manipulative person and this is the type of stuff that she posed to get people to send her money for things.

No. 1279600

I 100% think she was expecting him to help and there's a lot of fallout because of all of this

No. 1279601

Wild how this bitch tries to flex with what crumbs of scrote attention she gets. I know she doesn't have literally anything else, but goddamn. She really thinks she's doing something and values herself on this shit. The levels of delusion and cope.
"Wow some guys have skimmed through my porn on the biggest porn site! It's so amazing how incels want me to make them a custom vid to act out being a minor and fucking my family members! So cute I'm thriving!"
Like these loser porn sick retards that she actually hates interacting with sexually throwing her 3 bucks to completely demean and embarrass herself is really empowering. Bleak.

No. 1279604

This hog is going to travel, move in, sweat over carrying the singular suitcase and cardboard box she’ll bring, and not even have towels to shower. Disgusting. Also inb4 she blames the moving company for damaging her PC because she’s not going to pack it securely.

No. 1279608

Not to wk her but shipping her furniture to Seattle would probably cost more than just buying new furniture there

No. 1279610

Yup, classic Shay. Every time she moves she throws out everything but the same cheap ill fitting clothes, crusty sex toys, and the cursed star blanket. I suspect her last move only included the bed (which iirc was a big deal) and other things because she was only moving to another apartment in Tulsa and Fupa most likely helped her. She finally bought normal basic furniture like a tv stand and couch at this place, but it was obvious she wouldnt take them with her if she had to move states away. She's bringing the pc because she sunk so much into it and her followers wouldnt help her get another again and probably plays Apex with Fruitpa and needs it for her tri yearly cam show.

No. 1279611

she's already paid for a pod so what difference would it make

No. 1279613

Imagine being in your 20s and relying on handouts from e whores and coomers to help you move and furnish your apartment. And she has no disabilities, she's not a poc or queer or someone needing to leave an actual dangerous environment, etc. This bitch shit on people doing go fund me to leave abusive situations and yet here she is e begging to move half across the us because Fruitpa doesn't want a relationship with her. Incredible.
Totally thriving though. She really never will get her shit together. Wish these retards would stop enabling her. I have a feeling Jason Womack will stop splenda daddying her when she moves though. He'll just go back to being a regular desperate coomer commenting and sending her a doordash card every now and then.

No. 1279618

She would have to physically move the stuff into the pod anon. And the mean manager wouldnt let her have it put right in front of her door! And aboosive Fupa wont help her! And her coomers aren't paying for movers to come to her nasty hovel! Don't you see she doesnt have a choice? She has to throw everything away so she can move and leave all her tRaUmA in Oklahoma.

But fr, I wonder how big of a pod she bought? I'm assuming the cheapest smallest one. But she's just putting a couple clothes/shoes boxes, a sex toy box, and another couple boxes of small household stuff, oh and the pc. Would that fill it? Is she so lazy she wouldnt pack in more stuff if there was more room? Probably.

No. 1279619

what's actually ridiculous is if all she's bringing is the animals, pc, tv and clothes she could have just bought a shitty car and moved in that instead. too much work and common sense involved in that i suppose.

No. 1279621

Who the fuck does this? This is absolutely not normal. She lives like a homeless person when they get kicked from their encampment and has to move to a new underpass. Whatever she can’t fill into a cart ends up in the landfill. Rinse and repeat.

She’s clearly just trying to pocket as much money as possible while begging for new things. No shock there.

No. 1279622

If she was a poc or gay she… Would need financial help? That makes no sense.

Just did a small container cross-country move myself those pods can fit a LOT of you Tetris it right. All the appliances, dishes, clothes, books, and a lot of furniture if you remove chair legs and such. She's honestly throwing money away on this if she doesn't fill the container. Will she ever learn to manage her money?

No. 1279623

The doordash and weed/alcohol she buys for every meal depletes any extra money she might have for a necessary asset like a car, especially now the prices are so inflated. Bimbos are known for sitting alone in their dingy apartment wasting their life on an ex and getting obese.

No. 1279625

Bed frames come apart very easily and you can put it piece by piece into a pod. I understand not being able to bring a couch because they’re often one whole piece. She’s being a wasteful cunt.

Why would you spend 1500 on a bed frame that will end up in the landfill next year?

No. 1279628

People who are "opressed" have more validation in requesting financial help to move because they are typically in unsafe environments or struggle to get the help they need. Social classing issues, etc. Idk it's just what I've seen.

No. 1279630

She said hers is a sectional actually kek. But that thing is nasty and she should just buy a new one anyway. Crazy she thinks she's gonna sell it. She's going to end up stuck with it, having to pay for someone to haul it away. Dumb bitch.
And because she never looks ahead further than her next meal or text from Fruitpa. She thinks this move back to Seattle will solve everything and she'll be happy so she's not anticipating moving again. Her delusions are very strong. And she's borderline actually retarded. So it really probably doesnt occur to her.

No. 1279654

File: 1626634497019.png (27.78 KB, 594x289, 2021-07-18 14_54_21-Window.png)

she must not be able to fathom it

No. 1279666

Imagine having a girlfriend who does pedo pandering incest sped porn and begs for cheese burger money all while dressing like a trailer trash auntie that showers once a month. And you have to tell all your friends she’s a graphic designer kek

No. 1279675

And she'll never have this as long as she's in sex work. It'd be one thing to date someone who posts lewds, but Shayna's porn isn't about being sexy, it's aimed at the most degenerate males. Her porn is disgusting and shameful and no one wants to be around that, let alone show it off on social media. I'd almost feel bad for her if she wasn't such a cunt

No. 1279688

Sad that she has to imagine this at 24 years old

No. 1279697

File: 1626637448352.jpeg (168.26 KB, 601x691, 7B9C8373-00EB-473C-AE78-8DD9DE…)

No. 1279700

>I want a partner who will show his friends and family pictures of me!
Instead of-
>I want a partner who'd introduce me to his friends and family.

No. 1279709

File: 1626638565646.jpeg (498.33 KB, 1193x1685, 37B14DCD-FD3B-475B-820A-0F8DC6…)

No. 1279711

File: 1626638700317.jpeg (Spoiler Image,593.04 KB, 1325x3464, 93455917-16DF-4EFC-93A5-97CF7B…)

The freckles Shaynus was referring to:

No. 1279715

Not to continue this sperg but to find a cheaper place in Seattle area you have to look much farther north or south into the boonies. And places look like shit there. She’s probably getting somewhere near the city that is insanely small and also overpriced.

No. 1279718

File: 1626639080302.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3359x3464, 0AF06A39-DEBE-4E9E-B6FA-797D7D…)

Shayna gets more ugly each day and more obese each month…. She looks like a legit inbred https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqndildr8r8pg33/Video%20Jul%2018%2C%207%2036%2036%20AM.mp4?dl=0

No. 1279719

> She's probably trying to get a fucking king size bed although she doesn't need it
Those doordash deliveries say otherwise, kek. The bitch is huge

No. 1279720

Are these the candid pictures she wants her partner to take? Because what would they show off? She walks around looking like this 90% of the time and when she "Dresses up" nowadays, she doesn't even do her make up.
Imagine your friend showing candids of his girlfriend and it's just Shayna doing the troon smile, or looking unwashed.

No. 1279722

this looks like someone taking advantage of a mentally disabled person

No. 1279723

>Imagine being in your 20s and relying on handouts from e whores and coomers to help you move and furnish your apartment. And she has no disabilities, she's not a poc or queer or someone needing to
Tf does being a poc or a disabled queer have to do with anything? Kek. Seriously? Get a job. Half of those gofundme pages are scamming and don’t actually live in an abusive household, their parents just don’t want them to whore themselves out in their home. (Not all gofundme pages are scams, I have to state this or the twittfag will sperg)

No. 1279724

That blank mouth breather stare in the middle left photo….she looks like a fat granny

No. 1279730


Typical Shaynus, dreaming about the life and future she wants instead of dealing with the realities of her actual life. Pack up your shit, piggy.

Seriously, she wants to buy all this new shit yet couldn't just afford to pay for movers to do all the work for her?

No. 1279737

I like how she’s on the couch she’s trying to sell making retard porn kek . Anyone could just Google her name looking to see if she’s a reputable seller and would find this

No. 1279741

File: 1626641076225.gif (Spoiler Image,1.92 MB, 375x210, C1091610-21DF-41DD-9880-0912B3…)

her reaching peak retardation oop- I mean her “cumming” is truly a shocking sight to behold

No. 1279745

File: 1626641283254.jpeg (945.88 KB, 2705x2646, 251A6652-DA3B-4C3E-BA6F-2DF7B0…)

No. 1279746

God she looks so fucking grotesque.

Also I thought that wand died? And she had to beg for a new one?

No. 1279749

File: 1626641451271.jpeg (79.98 KB, 720x540, D7C3CD74-4A9D-4D73-805F-569F85…)

She looks like those ugly heads from Spirited Away kek

No. 1279752

so what’s the point of the pod and multiple moving companies then? she’s spending money for no reason if that’s supposedly all she’s bringing.

No. 1279765

she looks like she's going to throw up

No. 1279767

I don’t think she’s hiring a moving company if she’s tossing all her furniture. Like she’s really going to hire someone to move boxes to the POD because it’s not directly in front of her apartment?

No. 1279772

Did she forget that she said she was gonna shave her pubes?

No. 1279774

has she mentioned a company to move her animals or is she just going to have them all shoved into the luggage compartment on the plane?

No. 1279778

She hasn’t mentioned anything regarding her animals so I assume they get to ride cargo.

No. 1279780

I almost wouldn't put it past her putting them in the pod with how retarted she is to try and save money.

No. 1279783

the pod is leaving before she is

No. 1279785

These collages are so terrifying kek

No. 1279788

File: 1626645290825.jpeg (147.57 KB, 1242x320, B69D4D05-7DEF-42A5-9856-ADADD1…)

I hope they see the horrible condition it’s in and refuse to buy it

No. 1279789

i guess i'm a little confused on the timing of her packing if she still has like a week and a half until her actual flight. how many days is that pod going to sit out front and is she just going to be sitting alone in an empty apartment with her animals and no furniture with everything else packed away for days?

No. 1279799

kek I just noticed you've been blacking out the "not" part in not old… the attention to detail is top notch, nonita

No. 1279802

File: 1626647261089.png (3.05 MB, 1125x2436, 2499AF01-5432-458B-BA5D-3240D4…)

I’m not sure if this was posted

No. 1279805

At least that one's probably only covered in dust and pet fur.

No. 1279808

File: 1626648066773.png (186.77 KB, 534x394, z.PNG)

She was on discord talking about what couches she wants.

No. 1279810

SA- I don't think she should get anything pink or white, especially when she has pets and isn't the cleanest person.

No. 1279811

File: 1626648321510.jpg (388.71 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20210718-174445_Twi…)

No. 1279814

File: 1626648796941.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 85335A2D-3DC2-4640-8CF4-88BA63…)

i liked this gem
basically saying she can’t afford anything

No. 1279820

her bluffing like she’s some kind of interior designer that just has to have all her furniture matching just so is such a cope kek

No. 1279825

of course she naturally gravitates towards the mustiest pink color. It'll match her natural habitat

No. 1279827

Does she not clean out the dust/hair out of her vacuum or is that just the color of it? Gross.
That and she has no friends to invite over to show off her ~uwu bimbo high-end pink~ apartment
She picks the worst shades of pink. Too much pink is tacky and obnoxious you have to incorporate some neutrals as well. Shayna looks like bologna especially with that crusty musty pink wig

No. 1279831

All these "don't talk about muh Kyle reeee he's NOT milkyyyy u wanna fuck him??" posts are fucking sus and stink of projection. Why you so worried about him, hm? Anons aren't even talking about his groomer retardation specifically. Just tangents of Shayna daily melt downs.
I bet my crocs at least one of the equally white trash OK hoes, Kyle's irl, is in this thread.

No. 1279840

Does she not know how to clean out a vacuum the same way she didn't know how to clean out her dryer? I'm actually impressed she owns a vacuum, albeit the ugliest fucking vacuum known to man but whatever. Good job idiot.

No. 1279843

File: 1626652638767.jpeg (734.62 KB, 2054x3033, 3EFF93C6-4C04-4922-BFE4-8EF628…)

Jason R Womack will definitely stop spending money on her, he will most likely keep being subscribed but I don’t think he will send her additional money. Kek Shayna is going to lose her biggest source of income. Shayna acts like she’s too good for Jason R Womack when she is just as inbred white trash looking as Jason R Womack. Don’t know why she chases ugly Fupa when she can get attention from another ugly guy.

No. 1279844

At this point taking a uhaul would make more sense if she’s literally just bringing her sex toys, clothes, TVs and animals to Seattle. The fuck would you need a POD for if your entire house fits into 5 boxes?

No. 1279849

Didn't she get a second tv? So is she leaving that too? She's putting her tv back on the floor? Getting rid of her 2 couch's, bed, kitchen appliances she begged her followers for and never used, her dishes (????) that's super easy to pack, the mini fridge, I'm guessing her coffee table as well…. I've never seen someone who wastes so much. She'd rather scam for thousands of dollars to rebuy everything because she's too lazy to move it AND she's such a fucking loser to legit have no one but fupa to help her goddamn lmaoo What a goddamn retard. Imagine starting from scratch cause you're such an unlikable person to have someone help and such a broke ass to afford a bigger pod and movers kek

No. 1279853

Wocrack makes Fup Loop look like a Greek god though, lbr

No. 1279857

womack looks like he’s hiding a body somewhere

No. 1279859

She's gonna be in for a real treat when she orders furniture and it takes 6+ months to come in due to the effects of the pandemic. She's going to have to sleep on a throw blanket with Noodle in the middle of her living room floor

No. 1279862

I think she got the pod because she thought it would make her look like a bougie sugar baby, but instead it was a waste of time and money

No. 1279864

did she ever get whatever was wrong with her traffic violations taken care of? maybe her license isn’t valid and that’s why she isn’t being sensible and driving herself?

No. 1279870

It kills me that she can't even pick out furniture on her own and wants someone else to do it for her. She really is just dull and simple with no sense of personal style at all. Just fumble typing "pink" into Amazon and buying whatever pops up.

No. 1279881

Honestly she probably just didn't want to drive a U-Haul van from Oklahoma to Washington and hiring someone else to drive the pod is a lot cheaper from my experience

No. 1279883

File: 1626656923055.jpeg (806.81 KB, 1242x1344, 2ABB3CC4-1EDC-4B1F-B3CE-6D1260…)

Fupa slapping you with his lady fingers was consensual, obtuse obese retard. Not excusing that, Fupa is a piece of shit, but you can’t just claim he's abusive because he found a new hole to get his chode wet in.

No. 1279888

here we go with the “abusive relationship” routine. surprised it took her this long to try to go there with it.

No. 1279889

Fupaul was probably emotionally abusive and did isolate her by having her move in with him when she was very young, but Shatna. You got away from him, MULTIPLE times, and kept coming back for more! You STILL want him and tomorrow you'll be wishing he was stroking your hair and calling you kiddo. Call him abusive by all means but use that anger to cut him off for good

No. 1279891

We knew it

No. 1279894

shes actually said before she wants to be an interior designer and a set designer so yeah, she truly does believe she has impeccable taste.

No. 1279895

If anyone was abusive in the relationship it was probably her. I would bet money on it. She's an alcoholic with admitted anger issues. There's no way he was beating her up or breaking her stuff and we never heard about it or saw it. We haven't heard anything from him. And I bet she's the culprit of that kind of stuff

No. 1279897

yeah she was in an abusive relationship, with her as the abuser. I truly believe she is a narcissist and treated him like shit and was manipulative. not saying fupa is a good person but I don’t think he’s smart enough to abuse someone. shayna roped him in with lies and delusions and when he saw through the bullshit he tried to get out but kept coming back cos he’s just as toxic and wants her gross puss.

No. 1279899

Here we go, while I believe Fupa was abusive, I believe Shayna was as well. They seem like too shit people who act like fucking babies.
But it's funny the bitch making literal incest, pedo-pandering porn is judging someone for what they post on their page.
You literally don't have to look idiot.

No. 1279900

i doubt fupa would be able to see his kids if he had a history of being physically abusive

No. 1279907

yeah Fupa is definitely creepy for chasing women younger than him. But calling him abusive is stupid, because the minute they are on good terms she says he’s the sweetest and she’s happy they are on good terms when he’s literally just doing the bare minimum. Also Shayna still does “pick-me” shit by tweeting and pretending to want to be in a basement, and all kinds of perverted sadistic shit. Shayna can’t say Fupa is abusive while still defending bdsm, women exploitation, sex trafficking in the porn industry, making incest videos larping as a young girl, and Pornhub. Shayna is full of shit. Fupa should just cut the cringe edgy shtick and focus on his children, maybe go to therapy because he’s clearly sick in the head.

No. 1279909

The minute Fupaul starts ghosting Shayna she pulls out the “he’s abusive” card. She does this all the time to look like a victim. You can’t just call someone abusive just because they have lost interest in you and you’re getting your fee fees hurt. Boo boo Shayna go pack, leave Oklahoma, and shut the fuck up

No. 1279910

Bold to say that when it seems like you were the abusive one kek

No. 1279913

You don't go from saying he's such a great guy and all of the shit she said whenever he was taking care of her and hanging with her on her birthday, to saying he was an abuser all of a sudden. I feel like she's definitely projecting

No. 1279916

Shay herself said that she would get mean when she would drink

No. 1279917

everyone who meets shat who doesn't blindly kiss her ass gets labelled abusive. luckily her sloppy revolting greasy hog appearance wards off decently intelligent people. also think it's funny though how she goes after tweets like this that mention a female "abuser" saying uwu not funny if ur gf gets this mad yet her entire life is worshiping violent misogynistic men. brain damaged chunker.

No. 1279919

>everyone who meets shat who doesn't blindly kiss her ass gets labelled abusive
spot-on. just like her abusive, republican mom that's so evil and abusive for trying to get her to stop selling her pussy for $3 online.

No. 1279923

it’s because she views all her relationships as solely for her and not mutual. it seems like all of her relationships, including friendships, she views as transactional. they must do things she wants otherwise they’re terrible people who don’t care about shayna and just want to hurt her. it’s why she constantly flip flops. when someone is doing the things she wants she’s happy but when she’s told no she flips into suicidal woe is me everyone hates me mode. didnt she mention she would get drunk and go into angry rants at him?

No. 1279925

I've been reading old threads and she really does do this to every single person she has a falling out with. The second someone tells her no or even calls her out on her psycho behaviour they're all of a sudden abusive. Am just baby. Money pleeeease!

No. 1279926

File: 1626659387521.jpeg (507.3 KB, 1242x1399, 89CF9720-84EA-4AA0-A3D4-055D25…)

Look, the effects of abuse can be complex. A victim can acknowledge they are being abused and still love their abuser but it’s really fucking obvious what’s going on here. There’s no doubt both Shayna and Kyle Nathan Perkins were abusive, whether it be emotional or physical or both.

Not even two weeks ago she was going on about what a great guy he is and even said she loved him. They both used each other for sex, she used him for support after dental work, and then they fell out like they always do.

You don’t get to call someone abusive just because you’re on the outs with them, especially when you’re abusive. What awful people they are.

No. 1279927

I genuinely feel like she does use him. For rides and other things. She makes up with him long enough to get what she needs from him whether it be sex or something else that she needs and then she discards him

No. 1279928

yep, i was naturally skeptical just a bit thinking well okay, maybe her mother was a shit parent and yada yada but shayna does this to anybody who gets too close. she is one of the most entitled, blind people on earth.

No. 1279929

Exactly we all saw this coming from a while away and it's all bullshit

No. 1279932

They definitely both show signs of being mutually abusive to each other - normal relationships aren't all love bombing, secret fucking and fighting over everything. And that's not even touching on the skeevy weird sex under the guise of kink.

No. 1279934

File: 1626660131180.jpg (540.38 KB, 1080x1564, Screenshot_20210718-210155_Twi…)

She really can't stfu

No. 1279935

I hope she keeps doing this so Fupa can put her on blast. I want to see these two idiots go back and forth

No. 1279936

All she does is talk about fupa and food

No. 1279937

He just doesn't strike me as the type. She's very petty and immature like that but I don't think he'll stoop to that level. He could have so many times and he didn't.

No. 1279938

>I broke up w/ my ex
i highly doubt you were the one to decide to dissolve that relationship kek

No. 1279940

She's a narcissist so she has to paint all of this in a very specific picture

No. 1279941

"broke up at 23" doesn't count when you've been cuddling up to him and fucking him as early as last week lol. she really wants to pretend they've been fully broken up for that long yet they just had their biggest fight ever and he was in her apt caring for her. it's just so ridiculous how she sees things and bends reality to match up with it.

No. 1279943

"Broke up with my ex" while he hate fucked me in secret for like 2 years after! I'm sure that's also the fault of the planets too though.

No. 1279944

You didn't break up with him. You posted on twitter that you got dumped

No. 1279945

every “dom” is abusive, that shit is abuse
shayna was probably abusive as well, but the fupastanning in this thread is gross
get help for your internalized misogyny, ladies

No. 1279946

acknowledging that an alcoholic narc woman can also be abusive in a relationship =/= fupa stanning but okay

No. 1279947

I also said she was probably abusive as well
I was referring to the “oh, he can’t be abusive if he’s allowed around his kids” and “he’d never put her on blast, he’s not that kind of person” bullshit
we know two things about him, he’s a coomer and a “dom”, we don’t know that he’s a good person in any way

No. 1279948

he was also in a whole ass previous marriage though, just something i'm taking into consideration in the whole judgement. they're both low iq.

No. 1279954

oh this shit got me

No. 1279959

File: 1626663996939.gif (1.32 MB, 300x191, IMG_9399.GIF)

>turned 24 on 6/26
>tweeted about cuddling & kissing fupa, having their biggest fight ever, and him dumping her on 7/12
>"i broke up w/ my ex when i was 23"

She's beyond mental gymnastics at this point. Like the other anon said, she thinks she can bend reality to match up with whatever narrative she wants. She admits to having mental illnesses and complains about them yet does nothing to help herself. Trying to make reality something it isn't and moving to Seattle are not going to make all her problems disappear when all her problems are because of herself.


No. 1279961

Yeah that's the scary thing about Shay and her mental illness. She legitimately can convince herself of anything and there aren't people around who actively see how she acts so she's able to bend any narrative to fit what her narcissist brain wants it to fit. She just escapes any type of actual accountability or consequences for anything she does because she lives in a fantasy world and just moves away from all of her problems. Her support system is absolutely toxic

No. 1279963

>and there aren't people around who actively see how she acts so she's able to bend any narrative to fit what her narcissist brain wants it to fit.
she needs some girl friends so fucking bad for this reason. but we know she's incapable of maintaining any relationships (let alone one with another woman). this weird cycle of going back to fupa and then just being isolated is only going to make her mental state worse. i actually hope for her sake that it really is her ex she's going back to hang out with in seattle, because if not she's just going to be lonelier and more fucked up than ever.

No. 1279972

>she needs some girl friends so fucking bad for this reason

I get where you’re coming from but at this point, all that would do is put a huge emotional toll and burden on them. She needs to get better psychologically first or else she’s just going to pawn her blame and baggage off on whoever like she’s doing now.

No. 1279973

File: 1626666199287.jpg (271.71 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20210718-224308_Twi…)

No. 1279974

I mean your mouth does water before you throw up so they’re not wrong

No. 1279975

I think that's why she likes to keep everything is separated as she does. Her partners are never directly involved with her family or her friends. She's in complete control of her image from all sides.

I also think that she's the kind of person that masks really well and only shows her terrible side to the people that get closest to her. Most narcissists are great at making friends and making people think that they are not abusive or manipulative.

No. 1280004

> get help for your internalized misogyny, ladies
Women don’t have to support misogynistic bitter bitches like Shatna just because she is a woman. The fatty hates women, time and time again she makes that very clear. She only acts all “sweet” and ass kisses to get interactions from other more successful camgirls because if they reply their coomers/ potential subscribers will see their tweets on their feed. Funny coming from someone always bitching about poaching customers. She always paints men as the victim unless it’s Fupa. I have never seen her support women. It’s always “women are mean and evilllll, they doxxed my boyfriend and bully me on the internet uwu”. Literally no one is ”stanning” Fupa, he’s stupid for talking to Shayna after all the shit she has said about him online. It’s disgusting how he larped as an abusive sadistic dom on tumblr (especially since he has a daughter.) But scrotes going to scrote and get their chodes wet.

No. 1280024

This 100%, ty. They're both toxic af. Other anon is projecting hard and needs to go back to Twitter.

No. 1280025

hustlers gunna hustle

No. 1280030

plus some help from mommy and daddy

No. 1280033

This gives context I didn't know I needed. Old hair looks like Jasper Beardsly from The Simpsons and I imagine his responses in that voice.

No. 1280049


literally why would we support a greasy obese cow who gases up pedophiles and rapists just to get weed and burger money? if it's her or fupa yeah we'll pick the scrote. not the one who can't stop publicly saying "i want someone to throw me in a van and rape me, that's my fantasy". i wonder how many crimes against women she's passively participated in via giving these men the wrong idea about what women actually want

fUCK this fat gaping asshole cow