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File: 1656771713601.jpg (52.88 KB, 642x495, 1656717727040.jpg)

No. 1578640

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No. 1578642

Much better, nona

No. 1578643

File: 1656772395028.jpeg (97.83 KB, 834x685, 4F17A70A-3A78-41B1-AA31-08B33B…)

The misogyny really just bleeds out of them.

No. 1578647

File: 1656773089707.png (673.39 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20220702-094224~2.p…)

This isn't any different from straight dudes saying the same thing (because that's what it is, though not in her case because she's female). Oh well how is my dick any different from your dildo?? Hmm maybe it's the lack of male body attached to it. Women still feel pleasure from penetrative stimulation even if they're lesbians. Doesn't mean they're attracted to the male body. Doesn't mean they literally get aroused by the sight of a dildo. Many dildos don't even resemble actual dicks.
This themby dipshit literally has a scissoring tattoo…isn't that kinda terfy by her own logic?

No. 1578648

The trend of both mtfs and ftms using dildos as a way to get to manipulate gay people into sleeping with them is so funny to me.

No. 1578649

Oh I didn’t realize it was a TiF at first because I only read the text and didn’t check the account. My bad for using the wrong thread. But yeah you’d think that tat would cause massive gender dysphoria but what do I know anymore. Nothing they say or do makes sense.

No. 1578650

KEK best thread pic, i love that pic

No. 1578652

samefag does anyone have the uncropped version?

No. 1578653

File: 1656773429658.png (212.43 KB, 593x1226, dawktermckinnon.png)

nonnies, we should all know more about dr. veronica ivy

>daily show tries to release an interview segment with 'sports is a human right' trans'woman' activist Veronica Ivy yesterday

> comment section explodes with normally liberal audience complaining that veronica ivy is making fuck-all sense and dodging questions repeatedly
>veronica makes some insane claims on-air about how testosterone actually has no effect on athletic performance ackshually
>gets a shitton of pushback for obvious reasons so goes on twitter afterwards to make his defense
>'look guys i have graphs!!! this means it must be real!'
>pic related
>try going to rachelmckinnon.com
>nothing but redirects to spam sites
>look up where doctorate came from
>"She completed her PhD from University of Waterloo in Philosophy in 2012,[4][5] with a thesis entitled "Reasonable Assertions: On Norms of Assertion and Why You Don't Need to Know What You're Talking About".

really the voice that trans rights needed, right?
i literally thought about transcribing the interview for this thread because it's so fucking botched even the daily show audience realized it

No. 1578657

We already used this one before

No. 1578658

File: 1656773838105.jpg (131.9 KB, 1200x668, uncropped.jpg)

No. 1578659

i also like how 'men should be allowed to compete in women's sports' is ofc coming from someone who already placed first in an international women's competition
yes of course you would argue that you should get to keep your trophy, because you came in over literally every other biological woman in the UCI Women's Masters Track World Championships.

No. 1578661

thanks nona kek

No. 1578665

sad fact is many liberal white women and a few hyperwoke woc themselves, actually give troons the okay signal to use WOC for the troon agenda, Wagatwe Wanjuki is an activist who actually does have a good history of protesting campus rape and rape culture in colleges but most of her time she spends on twitter sperging about about "white feminists", she's also recently started a crusade against TERFs who she claims(without any sources) are all white women and that TIMs and Black women face the same struggles
Khadija Mbowe (probably the most popular black female youtube essayist on youtube) is the same, comparing the struggles faced by dark skinned black women to TIMs, also claims fatphobia is akin to racism(cause bw can't even be thin according to her logic)


No. 1578667

she should debate with Karen

No. 1578669

I sincerely don’t understand how a woman can be an activist who stands against rape and especially college rape and then just turn a blind eye to the things TiMs write online and talk about in both public and private forums. They use the exact same terminology about raping women that any other male does. How much does someone need to hate themselves and their sex to completely ignore something like that? You could show me text written by an incel and a TiM with no other information about them and I would think it had come from the same person (mainly since they usually are the same person kek). But anyway, I am not a black woman but if I were this sort of thing would be so enraging. I can understand getting upset about some aspects of “white feminism” but siding with men because of it just makes me scratch my head.

No. 1578674

I love thread pic. It always makes me laugh

No. 1578677

i need to keep harping on about this because it's killing me
lit. from the 1st paragraph of this dissertation by Veronica Ivy/Rachel McKinnon:

>Theres a widespread conviction in the norms of assertion literature that an agents asserting something false merits criticism.

Translation: 'it's generally believed that people should be criticized for lying'.

>As Williamson puts it, asserting something false is likened to cheating at the game of assertion. Most writers on the topic have consequently proposed factive norms of assertion ones on which truth is a necessary condition for the proper performance of an assertion.

You mean arguments should be based on facts? gee whiz.

>However, I argue that this view is mistaken.

this man went and got an entire-ass doctorate in philosophy so he could argue why lying to people should be acceptable and above criticism.

sounds about right.

No. 1578682

rapey and homophobic too yikes

No. 1578690

To the French anon saying we should start talking about French trannies: please do, I'm insanely curious. They're getting so annoying in my city, the gay pride was apparently a shit show because it separated several categories (by sexual orientations and races) in the parade, I see more and more teenage fakebois and badly dressed troons (as opposed to the usual feminine gay guys) walking downtown and and even a few shitty posters about feminism having to include everyone.

No. 1578691

Seriously, someone should ask Karen to do interviews with libfems. Or at least response videos.
6 minutes into the video
>women at wolf creek were transphobic lesbians
>by using womyn you announce to the world you are a terf
>terf = jkrowling
I just don't have the patience…

No. 1578699

>"She completed her PhD from University of Waterloo in Philosophy in 2012,[4][5] with a thesis entitled "Reasonable Assertions: On Norms of Assertion and Why You Don't Need to Know What You're Talking About".
how can this be real? that is the funniest possible title

No. 1578703

Khadijah now goes by they/them so anything she says is by default horseshit. I can not believe gender and pronoun nonsense managed to live on past 2015 tumblr.

No. 1578705

she must have never been to the south with that take. I'd love for her to spend some time with black women in Texas or Georgia. I wonder what kind of patronizing logic they'd come up with to "excuse" them from their own terf ignorance.

No. 1578709

as far as i can tell the entire dissertation is about why your arguments shouldn't need to be based in facts or reality, so he's obviously well-qualified to be a leading trans activist.

it's even funnier when you realize that when posting these graphs 'from Dr. Rachel Mckinnon' he's assuming nobody will Google his current name and realize a) he is the person whose studies he is referencing and b) his doctorate isn't in anything related to science or medicine, it's a doctorate in philosophy, so where 'Dr. Rachel McKinnon' got the qualifications to analyze and draw conclusions from a study from the 90's analyzing growth hormone misuse among Olympic-tier athletes? your guess is as good as mine.

it's such a weird study to try to cite, even, even at a glance, because clearly if growth hormones were not having some kind of effect on athletic performance, would olympic-tier athletes even be risking getting thrown out of their competitive sport of choice by using them? hm, i wonder.

No. 1578710

Yeah, French trannies are in a league of their own. I feel for you ladies who have to put up with them.

No. 1578713

that's the funny thing, Mbower is candaian and daughter of Ghanaian immigrants who were doctors and was an Opera singer, she lives in a woke bubble, she also appropriates black american slang and its fucking hilarious cause it sound unnatural asf

No. 1578715

File: 1656778435074.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1284x1645, 7B625E53-01D3-4F12-BE39-35BCA4…)

A beauty. The gothic Lolita community is a goldmine (sadly)

No. 1578716

Great thread op! This is only the 100,000,000th time the same thread pic has been used! Really good work!

No. 1578717

This was shared in the past threads but for anyone who's new to this thread this is a good video I found recently on describing why TRAs often hide behind black women and racial justice to push acceptance of trans people. This video is really enlightening on why we've seen such a massive acceleration on the success of trans rights movement in the past 10 years, despite other social justice struggles (such as racial equality and gay rights) taking more than a century to overcome. TRAs are literally riding on the coattails of centuries worth of civil rights movement to push their agenda.

No. 1578719

File: 1656779013232.jpg (277.28 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1234540647-2048x20…)

They have so much control over the media that they don't even have to try to find someone presentable. Blaire looks like the Jeffrey Star type of a weirdo from LA so maybe that's why they go for the boring looking Ivy with his half assed phd serving as some sort of proof he is educated.

No. 1578727

Yeah, it’s a funny picture but I’m always a little disappointed when it’s a repeat. I guess there are so many threads now, it’s bound to happen more often

No. 1578729

This video was pretty funny. Even despite the audience applause, Trevor Noah did not seem amused or even wanting to consider anything Rhys was saying. I’m glad they left the comments up because a lot of people are calling out the most basic bullshit in the arguments. I find it particularly hilarious when a man the size of Rhys wants to argue about women coming in a variety of shapes and sizes and going on to say testosterone has basically no significant effect on performance. Also MtFs little argument about being “biologically female” because they are beings made of organic matter is getting so tiresome. Everyone knows you’re male. Get over it. They sound like reddit scrotes from 2012 trying to win with what they think is a really good gotcha moment.

No. 1578730

Yeah I'm annoyed too. OP should have used the collage. >>1578241

No. 1578739

At some point my big sister had a trany coworker at her old callcenter job, she was going to quit regardless but I'm sure it was one of the final push. She told me he was going to the women's bathroom and was making fun of him for his adam apple and big ass feet kek, I'm glad the worst coworkers I've had in that aspect were just flaming gays trying to tell us that twaw. One of them at my previous job was arguing about it with one of his close friend and coworker who's a muslim straight guy and believe me, he lost all his fervor when his friend asked him if he'd hook ever up with a "gay transman" in less than a second. But even then that guy was 100% thinking about old school HTSH guys when he was arguing, I wonder how these gay men feel about what' going on now. I told a gay classmate about Jonathan Yaniv once on twitter because he retweeted something about him and was like "slay queen, yas" because he legit thought Jonathan Yaniv was a honest, nice HSTS with bottom surgery at the time, and he also shut his mouth real quick when I told him he was a racist straight guy harassing immigrant women managing small business to make them touch his genitals. But that former classmate now still won't stop spamming TWAW on social media and genuinely believes it because he only knows and cares about the gay and lesbian trans people he knows.

No. 1578740

File: 1656780722234.png (3.49 MB, 946x3224, CC01676A-62A6-4914-8267-142FF5…)

What is with this one always wearing tights up to his moobs with crop tops?

No. 1578741

Khadijah and its various spellings has to be one of the most feminine first names I know, if she identifies as a themby she better get a name change real quick. Or she could also stop acting like a fool, but that's too much expected from these people.

No. 1578742

File: 1656780990627.jpeg (888.07 KB, 2001x1372, 85FFFA19-17DA-43FC-ADB4-558668…)

No. 1578744

>being “biologically female” because they are beings made of organic matter
It reminds me of the scrotes I knew in uni who’d argue that “anything humans do or make is natural because humans are part of nature” and thought they were being so clever. Is there a word for this particular breed of argumentative smarmy douche? I bet all the ones who didn’t go the Jordan Peterson route have trooned out.

Anyway didn’t Trevor Noah say that little girls have to accept seeing penises in their changing rooms because of some bullshit about how we all have to do things we don’t like sometimes? I hope his people make him interview all the disgusting TIMs.

No. 1578746

last photo is sending me kek

No. 1578750

looks like harry styles

No. 1578754

It was from a women’s protest though I can’t remember what it was specifically called. I’m pretty sure Kellie Jay was involved. If anyone can help, please tell the name. I just remember watching a video of the speakers and that scrote in the picture was in the background filming them. There was one speaker who recited a poem about TiMs that was pretty amazing. I wish I could recall her name.

No. 1578756

Looked into it, yes


Real noble of these grown men to sacrifice privacy for little girls

No. 1578760

Imagine being a dark-skinned black woman and believing that porn-addicted white moid incels have the same oppression as you. These same moids admit to going through nazi and racist phases–although I doubt she knows that. And they have more struggle than white women? KEK just see how the news covers up their sexual assault/harassment for the sake of the transgender victim narrative. These moids are PROTECTED not only by other braindead gender freaks but by the news and lobbying money.

I feel bad for these women honestly, they'll face a major risk of ending up like Sasha Johnson (the BLM female activist who was shot by black men and permanently brain-damaged) because they always ally themselves with violent men before recognizing the purposefully divisive narratives between groups of women to admit that there is such thing as sex-based oppression. I get that there may be some bitterness towards women who have it better than others but at the end of the day, women who are rich are still capable of being catcalled on the streets and raped by the likes of young Brett Kavanaugh, etc. Ofc some of them can be insufferable but a lot of women (unlike men) are capable of understanding that poorer women have it even worse than them.

No. 1578763

File: 1656782202789.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.54 KB, 367x550, B82EAFDA-92E4-4293-B9BC-5B8FF3…)

Tbh, your sister sounds based af.

I have a tranny coworker story too (sage for mild blogpost). So, I worked at a grocery store and they hired a trans. All of the girls there tried to make friends with this tranny, but he was soooo stuck up and rude that he ended up never making any friends. He would come into work wearing lacy dresses and garter belts (pic related). At a grocery store. Girls started to “talk” when management began sending women home during the summer for wearing shorts (not even booty shorts), but tranny continued to wear lingerie to work and nobody sent HIM home. It was nice because a lot of women peaked in my area that summer.

No. 1578765

File: 1656782249622.jpg (423.74 KB, 2048x2048, media_FWQEFTyXgAAQUv2.jpg)


No. 1578766

Those are the beefy mitts of a man

No. 1578772

That shitty paint job makes me ill, what the fuck. So ugly.

No. 1578773

File: 1656782920709.png (669.99 KB, 1440x900, 1632407224489.png)

I remember one video where she claimed she used to date a normie dude but broke up with him where he said that he "tries not see race and treat everyone the same"(she had an argument with him over that and they broke up) I know she used to date this fucking guy but disappointed that she seems to have sunk ever lower

No. 1578774

File: 1656782954463.jpg (1.29 MB, 1908x4032, media_FTYNxuBXoAAptQu.jpg)

>What is with this one always wearing tights up to his moobs with crop tops?
It's sooooooo weird, nonna. He obviously has a transvestic fetish for tights which isn't the least bit unusual. But how he wears them. Maybe seeing a pregnant woman with tights over her belly imprinted itself on his developing moid brain or something kek.

No. 1578778

My sister isn't based, she's more of a normie who isn't white and who grew up in a somewhat old fashioned muslim family. She'd a bit homophobic on top of that and I always tell her she really shouldn't be, but when she told me about her previous coworker we shit talked him together for hours, and I told her that I don't hate trannies because they should "go to hell" but because of all the things we talk about here like how they invade female only safe spaces like her coworker did, how in some countries they don't even get bottom surgery and yet they still barge into women restrooms and changing rooms (they need to get surgery to change their ID here), how a shit ton of them are actually straight and harassing all women, but especially lesbians, etc. and she was shocked, she had no idea. Another time my little sister and I were talking about the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner this week because the topic of males competing against women in sports came up on tv (in "touche pas à mon poste", a trashy tv show if you ask me) and when I told her that Bruce didn't even get bottom surgery because it's super dangerous and doesn't look like the real deal she was also really shocked. And of course, in the tv show, when asked whether trannies should only compete against each other in their own categories, only women agreed based on facts and logical arguments and only males disagreed because "what about Lia Thomas' feelings!!1!??" because yes, this shit is being exported thanks to the USA soft power.

>nobody sent HIM home.

I'm 100% this is because nobody wanted issues with the HR department or even to deal with a lawsuit. That's bullshit, shit like this shouldn't even be worn anywhere to begin with except maybe at home.

No. 1578791

God that really is bizarre. One of the stranger fashion choices I’ve seen one latch onto.

No. 1578795

Unhinged. What a disgusting, vomitrocious sight

No. 1578797

legit serial killer vibes

No. 1578800

File: 1656784242242.jpeg (549.33 KB, 1284x1027, CD0B992C-698E-4F23-A8AB-A55FF0…)

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a poem or a vent post or what, but did you guys know that only males have pain and suffering?

No. 1578803

File: 1656784351138.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2138, 70FCED53-AFBB-40EC-BDDA-F4D060…)

They always boil this down to “women are just catty, jealous bitches” instead of “women are rightfully threatened by a man attempting to skinwalk them and mimic them the way a predator would do to enter their spaces”.

No. 1578804

File: 1656784417326.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, 1620824005731.png)

we discussed in the breadtube thread, a lot of POC libfems tend to believe that white people were the one's who brought homophobia and transphobia to their nations, that the homophobia, racism and sexism of their of their communities and even from their parents can be solely blamed on european colonizers, this allows them to who 'exotify' their parent's culture, stripping it away of its flaws, I don't think Khadijah has talked about her Ghanaian heritage(too busy trying to ape black american culture) but she likely does believe that african cultures were free from patriarchy and homophobia, the best example of this is another libfem breadtuber Xiran Jay Zhao, she literally believes that homophobia and "transphobia" did not exist in ancient China before white people came and ruined her imagined utopia

No. 1578805

I notice she doesn't say anything about how lesbians were treated during ancient China. As long as moids can fuck prepubescent boys who cares?

No. 1578808

File: 1656784697104.jpeg (661.43 KB, 1284x1294, E0CE7355-B908-4C38-9625-80D57A…)

What the fuck?

No. 1578811

When i was into egl in the 2010s, all the brolitas were made fun of for being itas with an obvious sissy fetish. Im assuming that's not the case anymore. Its sad because im assuming female itas still get hella made fun of, while im sure these moids are untouchable.

No. 1578814

Why dont Blaire invest in some hip padding, or get some hip-fat surgery? Hes had like 50000 surgeries already so I doubt it would be too much for him, and he would look less like a triangle

No. 1578818

Peak moidery. Literally all boxes checked:
-Cries while watching porn excessively
-Hears a woman talk about being with creepy adult pedophiles in her youth and feels jealous/sees this as a privilege
-"No woman wants me"
Bonus: the pseudo-bisexuality

This is the kind of post where I'd hope the other trannys would be beating his ass in the comments for making such a shockingly ghoulish post but knowing the clientele of this subreddit theyre probably all yessss girlie I cry during porn too mfw youll never be a 14yo getting taken advantage of by adult males

No. 1578819

Yeah all this supposed 'gay acceptance' in these societies is literally just upperclass men indulging in young boys to the distaste of the rest of the society or upperclass pederasty (which is a little more complicated).

No. 1578823

It’s incredible. If someone was going to cry watching that, I would imagine it being a woman who has gone through the trauma of trafficking and sees herself in these victims, not an aging moid who is sad because he didn’t get to be those girls (or rape them himself).

No. 1578824

Even though we all hate trans scrotes, even these big platforms are pushing the agenda and erasing real women.


No. 1578826

this is so jarring and weird wtf

also anon embed the video it's an imageboard

No. 1578828


Yes international troons would be neat. I've wondered if they're as ugly and unwashed and serialkiller-esque as the ones we have here. Some translation would be much appreciated, too, as I am but a lowly overworked uneducated burgerchan.

No. 1578830

scream. Why the massive trans flag shirt

No. 1578831

To be absolutely sure that no one misses that it's a "trans character", kek. No point in pandering hard only to go unacknowledged

No. 1578837

I thought this was just going to be a clip a random person posted because of the title so I’m shocked to see an actual Disney channel posted it. I agree with >>1578831 on that this is beyond pandery and just weird. Were they afraid if the TiF didn’t have a trans flag shirt she would just come off as a GNC woman and that would somehow be worse?

No. 1578840

I’m annoyed he’s back too but in a way he is perfect peaking material for normies to see how unhinged these people are and how much weird power they have.

No. 1578843

I've blocked so many people on twitter because they're trans or just plan annoying I don't think I would be able to provide milk as much as I'd like to, but I'll try to post things I'll find and translate everything. Last time I saw any discourse for France was a few years ago when troons were complaining about how self-ID isn't a thing here and how backward France is because troons have to "prove" they're really trans to doctors that are part of a specific organisation, so they're not allowed to choose the psychiatrist that will assess whether they'll "need" treatment and will be able to change their sex on their ID cards and documents after two years of being out and getting HRT. Germany recently passed a law that made self ID possible just this week iirc, I'm not surprised, this is the country that gave us Kim Petras after all.

No. 1578844

I don't think it's their actual channel, just a channel pretending to be official. Official channels usually have that checkmark

No. 1578847

Oh okay. Sorry, I’m just a little stupid.

No. 1578850

File: 1656787050178.jpg (131.59 KB, 750x1125, IMG_9668.jpg)

I think hes trying to look like alt girls who wear low/mid rise pants with fishnets, but since he doesn't have a female waist line, he cant pull it off. Anyway it looks fucking stupid kek

No. 1578851


fixed it

No. 1578852

I’m so fucking stupid. I got halfway through reading and genuinely thought he was about to show empathy for sexually exploited teenagers being taken advantage of by older men.

No. 1578853

>"Get them scented and bleach-free, if you can"

No. 1578857

That makes me think - Is there a single tranny who's anti-porn, or who stands against sex trafficking in general? Very suspicious how they almost seem in lockstep when it comes to pornography

No. 1578858

They say this but it’s probably their older relatives lamenting that white people/Westerners are all faggots and whores.

No. 1578861

Not sure where this fits in, but it's similar to mtf. Drag queen's have been flashing their asses to minors and toddlers and over the last few years it's gotten worse. I think Pedo-drag queens need their own thread Nonnies. This vid was at a Public Library, parents brought their kids to have them watch this scrote flash their ass. There are so many more of these videos on YT.

No. 1578865

I really don’t think so. They’re incapable of empathizing with any female porn or trafficking victim because their entire sense of self is based on taking every aspect of life that negatively affects girls and women and fetishizing it. Without those victims, how would they get their fill?

No. 1578868


Drag queen flashing a grandmother and a literal baby with fake boobs.

No. 1578869

This is equivalent to someone in a black face playing ape with a banana to mock black people. Why is it glorified as a form of art ?

No. 1578871

the new kikomi would have been great

No. 1578873

Got curious, looked up the song. It's "Like A Girl" by Lizzo, and has the line
>Only exes that I care about are in my fucking chromosomes
cryptoterf banger?? kek

No. 1578875

File: 1656788580223.png (787.29 KB, 938x602, 1656752327407.png)

speaking of which, I brought this up in the last thread, but Desmond is amazing(that 8 year old who did sexulized drag and perfumed in gay night clubs due to the grooming by his faghag mom) well he identifies as a they/them now, also seems like his mom is further pushing him into troondom by being a trans ally, poor kid never stood a chance


No. 1578876

File: 1656788650232.png (1.19 MB, 1648x620, 1656757217706.png)

he does not look happy at all

No. 1578877

Goddamn groomers. I hope when this kid gets to be an adult, he realizes all the psychological manipulation and abuse he's gone through and cuts her out of his life.

No. 1578880

he seems autistic

No. 1578888

if i was a victim of csa i wouldnt look happy either. and on top of that his abuse is being cheered on by enabling handmaidens and pedos everywhere

No. 1578892

I just hope he doesn't fall into the troon path, that his parents are clearly pushing towards
his mom has had him perform in raunchy gay night clubs since he was 8(an underage child in sexualized clothing dancing for adult gay men) and he did an interview with a drug addict rapist who also was a convicted murder, I don't understand how can a mother can be this fucking neglectful to her child, to let your child near that monster simply cause he's a "gay icon"


No. 1578895

The trans flag shirt awkwardly included made me wheeze really hard kek

No. 1578905

Is it really neglect if she actively put him in these situation on purpose? The result is the same either way, but the way the mother seems to act reminds me of parents projecting their interests and insecurities on their kids and forcing them to have the same career they have or to study at the same schools just for the sake of it, but way worse.

>a drug addict rapist who also was a convicted murder

I'm not even sure how to start with this.

No. 1578911

Does the graph even have anything to do with what he's saying or am I just reading it wrong? Nothing on that graph says the endogenous testosterone has nothing to do with performance.

No. 1578912

He is. That's why it's extra tragic.

His mother was obsessed with the Club Kids when she was younger and Michael Alig was her idol. She pushed for Alig to befriend Desmond. Kind of living the life she wish she'd had.

No. 1578915

It’s so funny when troons go outside of their echo chambers making outlandish claims, fully expecting anyone who isn’t an AGP pornsick basement dweller to agree with their coom fueled insanity.

No. 1578923

File: 1656792186700.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x1986, 370DEFF5-AB92-4F5A-BC8F-3F0F02…)

No. 1578925

wow I wasn't aware he died

No. 1578932

Holy shit, I'm watching this and I get second-hand frustration for the interview host
>So if there are effectively no differences in performance because abilities and height, etc. are so varied, why can't transwomen just continue to play in men's divisions?
>Because the world needs to tell us we're women.
This dude is not only an embarassment of a "champion", he's a shitty philosopher too. That wasn't even the question.

No. 1578940

File: 1656793158845.jpeg (680.6 KB, 1170x1142, 78819110-7101-402A-8C01-C25C53…)

They always live in dumps jfc

No. 1578961

Can someone tell me why Zoe is such a popular tranny name? Other favorites include Lily, Skye and Lilith

No. 1578964

File: 1656794534488.jpeg (606.83 KB, 1170x1685, 59468448-2334-4931-8EC6-15DDFC…)

Yes yes eat your own, moids.

No. 1578969

They're "edgy" and unique names like you'd see on some goth girl from a TV show

No. 1578970

They like to embrace every heavily sexist stereotype and social expectation of women, like being dumb, too weak to lift a grocery bag and dressing like 18 year-old girl announcing how submissive they are, but not ones like women being very into cleaning, proper meal prep, charitywork or caring about elderly relatives. Where are their twitter posts about how they #feelsogirly because they had to bathe grandpa and mop the floor while their brother got to sit around and play Fortnite all day?

No. 1578994

File: 1656796837665.jpg (77.88 KB, 500x586, christ how horrifying_031457.j…)

is that underwear on dirty carpet….

No. 1578997

File: 1656797308183.jpeg (256.14 KB, 750x664, 019527B9-A1EF-4DEC-83F1-48FFE9…)

They get triggered just by seeing women in public, what do they want us to do? Wear burkas?

No. 1578999

File: 1656797342665.jpg (44.93 KB, 500x517, tumblr_667d87a6b9d1aeef60f7e43…)

No. 1579006

he overdosed on christmas, I think? The man he did those shows with made a video about it. he was basically homeless and doing anything he could to keep himself off of the streets for a while, including going on grinder so he could find someone to let him crash at their place for the night.

No. 1579009

File: 1656798500017.png (29.69 KB, 746x228, 3487348763847.png)

>yesterday: self id
>today: "a biologist speaking at a university?! no way!"
and that just because ~5 troons protested…

No. 1579014

Posts like these make me feel so powerful. You can trigger trannies just by being happy in public!

No. 1579019

There's so much nasty shit indicated in that one little post. He's crying about being impacted by the results of other men being pedo creeps just like he is. And you know he wouldn't want to date his looks match or age match. They're all trying to prey on children who are out of their league.
Porn addicts are hooked on only seeing the women they want to fuck, as they want to fuck them, little spoiled rich girls paid for by some other man's pocketbook. Everyone else is invisible, or they project their "daddy's vapid princess" fantasy into you, get jealous of you, and then take out their jealousy on you. Been there, done that. No truth of reality can break through their brain damaged skulls.

No. 1579023

I had that thought too but honestly at this point Im afraid that one of these days some tranny is gonna snap and attack a girl or woman on the street due to uncontrolled jealousy

No. 1579028

File: 1656800755019.jpeg (243.64 KB, 828x683, 57B1FE6D-DB7B-4239-B792-469980…)

They're so committed to traditional gender roles it's insane.

No. 1579029

File: 1656801227890.jpeg (727.94 KB, 1170x1843, DDED4D18-C0EB-484E-8B18-A202CA…)

Tranny actors are so delusional it’s almost sad. No one is going to think you’re a woman with that waist-to-hip ratio.

No. 1579031

I remember reading a post on here about a troon who sabotaged his troon roommate’s HRT because he was jealous that the roommate passed better than him. If that’s an indication of how troons deal with jealousy, I’m terrified of what they would do to a woman.

No. 1579034

Wtf is that crop top ?? It’s looks like he ripping it kek

No. 1579036

the argument he was making is that because there is an overlap in unaltered testosterone values in both cis male and females that it somehow proves that there's no athletic advantage to having higher testosterone levels. Because that tiny portion of purple overlap between the blue (men) and the women (pink) actually means that low-test men are statistically over-represented in sports, you see!! so it must mean that testosterone is totally irrelevant to performance or physical development during puberty.

needless to say there is a reason why this is the dude who wrote a 274-page paper on why you shouldn't have to rely on facts or the truth for people to believe you.

No. 1579040

File: 1656802045395.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1856, 3CE90AC4-E1CD-4676-99B1-C2ED2F…)

With that philtrum?

No. 1579041

Are those lice I see in his hair?

No. 1579042

Some of you people nitpick things that aren’t even there and forget to sage while at it. His hair looks like shit but the pic is too blurry to see anything.

No. 1579043

…lol. he's obviously following dumb zoomer trends. any kind of obvious tinted lipgloss would look the same.

No. 1579044

File: 1656802755220.jpg (571.03 KB, 2000x1417, 9k=(2).jpg)

some women have the same whr. granted, he has the musculature of a man which gives him away.

wish you would stop pretending that women who look masc don't exist. this is why the transes think that we're all conservatives.

No. 1579050

Wow men really believe the only difference between men and women is testosterone levels. Couldn’t have anything to do with how men are only built differently to do one fucking function and some of them can’t even do that without forcing their way into competing with women.

Straight males feel this way too and that’s the root of misogyny and sexualized violence. It’s literally all porn is and I wish I didn’t have to know that by growing up in the time period I did with the internet.

Very weird how women get blamed for being abused, raped, and murdered of they’re not the male idea of a two dimensional inhuman “perfect victim”, yet think they themselves are all perfect rapists and get off on convincing the public they are perfect women. Such strange ideology, wonder if the route is their self hatred that they project.

No. 1579054

the only type of tim these shows will ever cast are hsts

No. 1579055

File: 1656803623562.jpg (119.6 KB, 1080x1080, FWks0LqXgAUyuE6.jpg)

we discussed that in the German thread. Some troons wanted to protest against her speech, the picture says: "No stage for queer and trans hostile ideologies at the HU" and the university was somehow too afraid to stand up against their bullshit. People told the university on their twitter page that they are stupid and she held her speech on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Umqo5yoiHsY). Guess those troons didn't expect women to be very angry and upset about their hateful and aggressive behaviour towards a female scientist.
It also seems that some women were attacked at the dyke march in cologne today, by troons, of course, who else.
I know that it won't happen, but I still hope that this "Selbstbestimmungs"law won't pass.

No. 1579059

That's retarded even by TRA standards. Most troons try to argue the opposite, that testosterone levels are the only advantage men have and therefore they should be able to compete against women when it's low enough. But if testosterone is irrelevant they still have a performance gap to explain and they'd have to concede regarding lung capacity, bone structure, musculature, etc etc.

Not that they care either way, they intend to cheat no matter what argument is given.

No. 1579060

stop self-posting, we already told you to fuck off in the last thread.

No. 1579063

Good tbh. It honestly brings me peace of mind knowing the average TV viewing normie will never be able to comprehend AGPs.

No. 1579068

I wish girls and women were more aware of heterosexual male seething jealousy. One of my exes loved to passive aggressively hurt me in ways where he could maintain plausible deniability. I couldn't understand what was going on, because there was no reason I could see why he would hurt me. Now I look back at the reasons he told me I was "so lucky", which are just verbatim from the troon screenshots earlier today. This is how the majority of men are.

No. 1579072

NTA blogging from ftm observing experience that troon jealousy over roommate’s/partner’s HRT is really a thing, so I’m not surprised at all to hear that mtf troon goes even as far as sabotaging

No. 1579077

such scrote logic.

We already have to worry about sex offenders in our toilets Trevor. It's the point that letting anyone self ID into invading woman's spaces where they are vulnerable gives them legal and plausible denial and protects offenders. Getting the legal system to convict offenders is hard enough without them having MORE loopholes to exploit. Your removing the rights to safety and basic dignities of the many for the validation of a very small male minority. But of course a mentally ill moid's 'fee fee's are more important than literally the other half of the human population right to privacy.

Reeks of the scrotes knee jerk reaction to emphasise with the rapist over their victims. Not all men Waa waaa stop treating us like bogeymen waaa waaa.

No. 1579084

that bitch is so arrogant, she has no original thoughts

No. 1579086

trannies/enbies/young trendies make up a fairly vocal and visible demographic of narc people who are easy to pander to, making them a very easy to secure marketing or voting block for products or ideologies.

No. 1579087

File: 1656807520701.jpeg (750.4 KB, 1500x1500, 44E526E3-CCAF-4FA6-990D-61B3C5…)

Because “normal” troons just want to blend in and are usually gay so arent as obsessed about raping women and girls

No. 1579089

Ofcourse, it feeds their pedo fetish along with their AGP

No. 1579093

File: 1656808096434.jpg (147.75 KB, 878x1024, Slatzism-1543045382141317120-i…)

how much do you want to bet that all of these are men?

No. 1579098

those aren’t even burqas wtf lol

No. 1579099

I thought you were wrong then I saw the flags, where even is this?

No. 1579100

This is the most retarded shit i have ever seen. Wearing garments intended to oppress women while championing for human righst, the fucking irony.

No. 1579101

Green definitely is. Even in low res you can see his beady little sunken in eyes peeking out from under a caveman brow. And purple has dead pig eyes like Ethan Ralph.

No. 1579102

Woke GenZ are all the same. They take stereotypes as facts and try to shove them down our throats.

I can't believe people were more progressive in the past

No. 1579103


No. 1579104

I know men are incapable of having periods biologically but can they not have them grammatically either? kek

No. 1579105

File: 1656809843643.webm (1.21 MB, 720x576, 1642307975256.webm)

how spot on is this cartoon kek

No. 1579109

File: 1656810142836.jpg (340.15 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_2022.jpg)

No. 1579115

In the show, this TiM's character is in a relationship with a TiF but ends with his male best friend. The TiF gives birth to twins and he can't seem to even help with the babies, being just worried about the coom (yes, it's a plot that he cannot have an orgasm since the wife birthed the babies) and literally anything else but family responsibilities. There's also a Harry Potter joke and he says "I'm reclaiming it", among other shitshows.

No. 1579118

The comments on that one are insane, literally every single one of them confesses to seething jealousy toward cis women and teenage girls. They hate us just for existing, Who the FUCK would want these people in our bathrooms and locker rooms?

No. 1579120

I don’t see it as a source of power to trigger the jealousy of violent moids, quite the opposite. That’s how women get assaulted and killed all over the world. I don’t care how they feel about me, I just want them to leave me alone.

No. 1579127

File: 1656812354771.jpeg (605.2 KB, 750x3400, F1F78FA0-5424-4ED0-8D32-FB5791…)

checking the profiles of the troons that pop up on my feed is such a gamble. sometimes it’s garden variety misogyny, sometimes it’s diapers.

No. 1579137

File: 1656813229548.jpg (426.52 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20.jpg)

colin is the dumbest troon I've ever had the misfortune to come across

No. 1579139

File: 1656813365824.png (546.02 KB, 2788x1876, incel_rage.png)

Here's the comments for anyone who didn't see them

No. 1579141

File: 1656813470835.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1765, dirty fingernails.jpeg)

and we let these people into our washrooms

No. 1579142

File: 1656813537632.png (552.02 KB, 640x730, dj4bgd8so8991.png)

No. 1579143

File: 1656813754228.png (133.96 KB, 944x1552, cis_women.png)

I hate 4tran so much

No. 1579150

It’s so hard not to a-log, I fucking hate trannies and moids in general so fucking much
>messy bitch
Imagine the libfem pearl clutching if they referred to an actual woman as a “messy bitch”, of fucking course the troons and their capers get a pass for misogynistic language

No. 1579151

File: 1656814825301.jpg (499.97 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_2022-07-02-20-10-14…)


No. 1579152

>press x to doubt
You cannot tell me this scrote isn’t a serial killer or at the very least a pedophile/rapist

No. 1579153

I know troons age like shit, but this guy has to be lying.

No. 1579159

this freak was on an episode of my strange addiction as an “adult baby” …..

No. 1579160

File: 1656816842254.jpeg (139.51 KB, 750x664, B185ACF6-6948-4C80-9D50-F99751…)

Anybody else feel kind of ‘hurt’ when they see anyone other than a white male doing something better than them?

No. 1579166

Isn't this dude that one that had posts on tumblr about stuffing his ass with frozen tomato juice or something, I think he even had a tutorial full with images step by step and talked in detail how it felt to kinda force his body to expel that weird stuff he inserted into his ass

No. 1579169

this reeks of jordan peterson type bullshit. just because you can talk smart doesn't mean you're saying anything worthwhile.

No. 1579174

It reminds me of reading the translated works of Kim Jong Il, no brevity, just unnecessary piles of words.

No. 1579180

Fucking hell the index fingers things looks retarded enough on normies

No. 1579182

wtf anon sometimes i think i've witnessed the extent of human male depravity but no, moids always find a way to be even more depraved

No. 1579188

>omg if I was pretty I wouldn't have any problems

No. 1579194

File: 1656822723941.jpg (518.44 KB, 2992x623, 20220703_003152.jpg)

Saw this comment on the Trevor Noah interview. Apparently men and women are more similar then women and women? Also posted from mobile so I hope the picture is okay

No. 1579197

The gymnastics of this comment kek

No. 1579203

File: 1656825459498.jpg (3.95 KB, 153x141, kek.jpg)

lmaooooo sure except you can see his masculine bone structure from outer space

No. 1579204

What the fuck is he even trying to say? You know I’m convinced he is a child groomer because all he does is talk about grooming children. Psychological projection. I hope they check his hard drive.

No. 1579205

He's lying. Moids on apps are notorious for lying about their age to match with younger users.

No. 1579210

Ot and saged. I'm 25 now but around 18-19 I realized moids are extremely jealous of women if we take care of ourselves and focus on our success. I briefly dated a guy before i met my current nigel and he was so jealous and would try to control what i wore and who i hanged out with. Id just finished uni and got a well-paying job and he was a compete loser addicted to videogames. Idk why i was with him and i knew then it's better to cut him off which i did and he had a tantrum (sui baiting, harassing me with different accounts and numbers). I feel bad for women who stay with abusive moids. I think the root of it is jealousy. They enjoy watching women stop taking care of themselves and be controlled, abused etc. He was not caring at all and reminds me of the troons who don't care about their wives and gfs when they troon out. The guy who said he thought he was gay because he had no romantic feelings for women but wanted them around anyway says it all.

No. 1579216

It's funny because all of his "facts based arguments" work better if he was advocating for removing gender divisions completely. But he does not want that, since he wouldn't stand a chance against biker guys that treat their sports seriously.

No. 1579222

File: 1656828500378.png (8.67 KB, 700x80, Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 02-05…)

Translation: I hate women who let their appearance go.

No. 1579231

I wonder how he can reconcile his belief about there being more differences between women than there are between women and men with the fact that 99% of men and women in their daily lives will never misgender each other while trans people get clocked daily

No. 1579236

I’ve posted it before but literal animals like dogs always can tell sex, humans are animals too and demanding women to go against protective instinct is insane.

No. 1579252

File: 1656835138663.jpeg (89.74 KB, 750x764, 0E020D21-85F0-4803-B3D2-59CA3E…)

kek it’s what he deserves

No. 1579257

This is the same moid that faked the J.K. Rowling tweet about abortions and made her sound like fucking Oliver Twist, right?

"Cor blimey, you American birds should stop being such slags, innit?"

That guy.

No. 1579262

File: 1656836560237.jpeg (304.48 KB, 1367x883, 192CD292-1343-4494-9136-1F4A71…)

That’s him!

No. 1579263

Look at the size of his fucking skull.

No. 1579265

Too many trannies are into lolita now, it’s awful. Can’t even make fun of them on the gull board because the retarded zoomers on there insist on defending them. I want sissies and trannies out

No. 1579281

File: 1656838669314.png (297.39 KB, 744x839, 1647803924742.png)

I hate when libfems bring up genetic freaks like Michael Phelps as a gotcha to TIMs in women sports, likes yes Michael Phelps has basically the ideal swimmer’s body. but here's the thing every pro-sport has optimized proportions, the big flaw about this "argument" is that professional sports is filled with athletes with optimized body types competing against each other, the difference between the winner and runner-ups of the same sex are within a fraction of a percentage while the difference between sexes are at least 10% (running), going up to 40-50% in some disciplines.

This twitter thread goes into way more detail dismantling this claim

No. 1579290

File: 1656840401300.jpg (104.73 KB, 720x2270, Rio2016.jpg)

I swear keffals and all of his 20k twitterians have to be braindead. Picrel Rio2016 200m butterfly men / women results.

No. 1579292

Yeah Michael Phelps has a biological advantage but he's not swimming the crippled league it's the open no restrictions one, where is the logic

No. 1579294

He could at least fix that cycling tan, it looks as if he covered his face, arms and thighs with an orange foundation.

No. 1579296

You know how in some species after females evolve to avoid males to not get raped or abused, the males learn to mimic food or females to lure them? This is what they're doing.

No. 1579299

If half the population had his body type maybe there would be a category just for them. Sports are often divided up when categories can be clearly defined, like sex, age groups, weight class, types of disability etc. The point is good sportsmanship and fair competition, but we all know trannies don't give a fuck about that and will obsfucate the issue any way they can.

No. 1579302

File: 1656842393758.jpg (230.95 KB, 1065x936, FUrt683WUAIaalF.jpg)

You don't understand, so many libfems who have never done sports a day in their lives believe that physical differences between men and women only exist due to forms of societal power, this is what queer theory does to a mfer

No. 1579315

Rothblatt as in that dude who wants to build an ai robot of his wife and who was crowned as the best paid female ceo? Imagine having a black wife and undermining racial segregation by comparing it to sex segregation. Those people are insane.

No. 1579316

Wait, is Rothblath(1995) they are referencing "Martine" Rothblatt, the self proclaimed most paid "female" CEO?
Apparently that tranny moid wrote a non-academic book called Apartheid of gender in 1995, so those libfem are worshipping him as some intellectual gamechanger in this article. Seriously, why libfems are so politically dumb those days? Is it social media? Is it that they live their lives 100% online? Is it that the current social justice spaces climate attracts only the most dysfunctional and retarded women?

No. 1579322

File: 1656846903267.jpg (1010.84 KB, 1800x1801, 1647515123488.jpg)

a lot of this can be blamed on Foucault, due to him the western left became diseased as its today, for those unaware this is Michael Foucault the father of queer theory, forerunner of critical race theory and post-modernism, he also used to rape children in Tunisia
fun fact he's also the most cited scholar in Academia tying with Judith Butler

No. 1579325

I know we had this discussion before but can we stop blaming everything on libfems? They are loud online and can't think for themselves but the actual vile people policing this shit are men. Libfems are brainwashed into being on the be nice team while men are the ones trying to control and push themselves into women's spaces.

No. 1579329

File: 1656848326045.jpg (717.02 KB, 724x1024, my clit hurts.jpg)

I badly translated a Finnish AGP comic

No. 1579332

This is him irl kekkkk (facecam and bad singing at 4:30)

No. 1579333

I try not judge the more normie libfems, I don't blame them cause they mean well, but academics like Judith butler did pave the way for troonism, they deserve to be hated

No. 1579334

Another video where you see his neanderthal face better

No. 1579335

File: 1656848696242.png (195.81 KB, 809x1120, Screenshots_2022-07-03-19-42-1…)

On a post about being lucky not to have been born in a third world country.

Troons really like to make it all about themselves do they? Trust me, if you were born in the third world, troonery will be the least of your problems.

No. 1579344

of course he draws himself like a biological woman to make 'misgendering' him seem ridiculous while in reality he looks like a generic neckbeard.

the misogynistic caricature/sexual fantasy of the woman wailing with her huge boobs out is a nice inclusion too, i bet he jacked off while drawing this

No. 1579349

Well damn, they don’t even want to know how much they’ve abused being a scrote.

No. 1579352

This is just a comic of cope lol

No. 1579353

File: 1656850384372.png (Spoiler Image, 74.73 KB, 1200x386, 609777AA-9EE6-4CA2-8578-29611D…)

Oh no, his own drawing style is way worse. This comic is drawn by handmaiden man. Picrel is the troon’s own comic I quickly snatched from the finnish thread

No. 1579354

Yes, men are the ones pushing bad policies and creeping on women, but I wouldn't expect most men doing otherwise at any time in history, frankly, because they are men. But it's also why feminist women must be the resistance movement and the intellectual and political counterpoint to them, and there is a world between women thoughtlessly posting "uwu we should just be nice to each other" on twitter and libfems dedicating their whole academic careers to shilling the idea that there is no strength difference between the sexes and that thinking that there is is what creates patriarchy (instead of men and their ape violence). I wouldn't mind libfem as much if they were just politically apathetic and unaffiliated, but them claiming the feminist title is their worst sin because by doing this, they are claiming that pro-everything-the-trannies-want is somehow a feminist position helping women when it's anything but.

No. 1579356

File: 1656850678330.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.79 KB, 1200x386, 264.jpg)


No. 1579359

I like how he admits to taking so many L from straight men, the most sex blind of creatures when horny, knowing his sex at first glance and thinking him dressing as a women is some elaborate form of trolling to him being stared at in female changing rooms or being chased from female bathrooms lol
Plus adult women don't try on underwear because we know our sizes as we're not fetishists who started wearing them late on for the kink and because we don't have men barrel trunk upper body so the bras actually fit.

No. 1579362

File: 1656851086571.jpg (93.33 KB, 1000x321, pussy bag.jpg)

Another one, how could I forget this one kekkk

No. 1579364

>Plus adult women don't try on underwear because we know our sizes
On that I have to disagree nonna, sizes vary so much between stores it's impossible to know what fits, especially if you have bigger breasts

No. 1579366

File: 1656852167739.jpeg (184.1 KB, 1284x524, 11A46C3E-1B55-4D8E-A64F-B4B9F7…)

teehee ye olde pickle jar meme

No. 1579367

They have such a boner for constantly pretending they are persecuted. Some of them go as far as to make cringeworthy holocaust allegories and claim they're all about to be thrown into concentration camps. You're a straight white male and your very existence is making big pharma billions. In no universe would there ever be serious measures taken against transbians as long as they keep getting every politician who capes for them thick pharma checks

No. 1579370

File: 1656852247649.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2140, 9971CA1F-658F-424D-9B65-0EEF33…)

Never forget that no matter how much shit they talk, this is how they all feel. We hold power over their minds just by virtue of having what they never will.

No. 1579372

File: 1656852403516.jpeg (639.19 KB, 1284x1344, 798A3247-B165-4670-98F5-EE626D…)

How exactly is this a gotcha? Did he skip over the part about bearing larger gametes and go straight to the gender cope?

No. 1579377

this type of shit is so male. oh you're a woman??? ha, i bet you don't even know what the dictionary definition is.

No. 1579378

notice the women OR female gender aka troons kek. Juxtaposed with the plant and machinery definition being as literal as it gets its so hilarious.

No. 1579379

>when I SHOULD have been born as a girl
THE ENTITLEMENTT… Babe you "shouldn't" have been born as anything. You just have mental illness. I should have been born in a developed country instead I was born a woman in a shithole country, so what?

No. 1579380

File: 1656853154049.jpg (350.04 KB, 1000x1506, muh misgendering.jpg)

Another one translated from the Finnish agp transbian. This one is so funny, one bad word and their whole life is in shambles kekk. Also notice the "I would have never guessed you were trans!!" when the dude looks like >>1579334 lmaoo

Holy shit I am tired of this, I open jars all the time, lift heavy things at work etc and still very much am a female.

No. 1579381

i dont even like madonna but no, no she does not. thats a street punk outfit created for a screwball comedy film. a troon would never wear that type of sweater, they'd wear fishnets underneath the jacket to reveal their 'budding boi boobs for femboy fishing' or some shit. there are so many cues even with silly outfits troons just miss
i note the troon did not choose to compare himself to her in the music video (the song did a lot better than the movie) - where she is actually androgynous
modern madonna is more troon-like than anything with the grotesque surgeries and ass implants

No. 1579385

if anything it's slightly quirky femme lesbians who dress line Madonna in that photo, a tranny could never

No. 1579390

File: 1656854987481.jpg (190.96 KB, 1024x1536, 2380b4856859c0089f6e39b8c76bfb…)

>i would never have guessed you were trans

No. 1579393

kek at him not sure about bottom surgery because he's afraid he won't get the pink porn pussy of his dreams

No. 1579396

What are you talking about nonna, the surgeries only produce perfect "designer pussies", the Ferraris of vagina you might say!

No. 1579401

They’re so fucking weird about that and for actual women it is such an abnormal thing to be concerned with (how your vulva looks I mean). If it weren’t for porn and men who are obsessed with porn, I don’t think women would be self-conscious about how they look down there. It was never even a thing that came to my mind until I started seeing men use terms like “roastie” or shaming women for it. Of course the men who are the most pornified (troons) would be the most obsessed with how a vulva looks rather than how a vagina functions and stays healthy, which they seem to have no knowledge of anyway judging by how they think all a vagina is is a hole that can be easily replicated with magical surgery. It’s literally ALL about what makes them cum. It’s just pathetic and I’m sorry to any nonas here who have ever been made to feel bad about how they look because men are so weird about it. They should take a glance at the hairy, wrinkly mess between their own legs. Idk what it is about men that makes them act like that. Most women who are into other women could care less about how it looks as long as it’s clean. The Y chromosome is defective.

No. 1579416

The average American doesn’t travel much and has no clue what life is like for people in other parts of the world. I’d imagine that issue is even worse with troons.

No. 1579421

woman is when weak

No. 1579425


I’m assuming that this is an instance of him stealthing/assaulting a woman.

No. 1579441

kek if a tranny ever said this shit to me i would say 'not you'

No. 1579446

File: 1656862253408.jpg (568.01 KB, 810x2121, Screenshot_20220703-112717_Chr…)

Eazy would have slit this troon's throat for dissing him like this kek.

No. 1579469

Ah yes the classic moid manipulation

No. 1579486

Sage for sperging but I hate how you can't even watch a social commentary video on feminism and the female experience without the creator virtue signaling about twans rights and how men who wear womanface are totally the same as us.

No. 1579488

Definitely. Women didn't even think about labiaplasty or anal bleaching 15-20 years ago. It was going above and beyond to get a Brazilian or completely shave down there. The hyperfocus on cosmetic genital procedures is spillover from men and their internet porn addictions.

No. 1579490

Oh my god yeah. The creator might be so nice and intelligent and then throw that in there and ruin it. I want to believe some do it just out of necessity of the fear of being cancelled, since saying one wrong word brands you a terf these days

No. 1579491

Should otherwise able bodied people with body integrity disorder be allowed to compete in the the special Olympics against amputees? I just want to ask trannies this.

No. 1579499

On a similar note, I was thinking about video titles and content while watching YT today. I know people brought up the Trevor Noah/Rhys McKinnon thing, but as I was scrolling my feed, I saw another Trevor Noah vid about period apps tracking how we’re using them. The title was something like “women advised to delete period apps” and the video never mentioned trans shit a single time. I have to wonder if this is confusing to some people, especially girls who are being told “woman” is a dirty word in some instances while it’s being used correctly in others, because when it actually matters, it seems like a lot of media (even left-wing) knows precisely what a woman is and isn’t afraid of just using that term until there is pushback. I don’t understand why in some cases it’s fine but in others they have to cater to TRAs. I feel like if I were a teen right now I would be confused about what’s going on, it’s no wonder so many of them are.

No. 1579500

no mitä vittua saatana, whose finnish dad is this

No. 1579501

File: 1656865750581.png (822.06 KB, 668x876, FWnmdRDUcAA11Nl.png)


No. 1579503

Eazy and his homies would literally beat him to death lol

No. 1579508

I was talking to one of my female uni classmates who asked me out to coffee. We ended up talking about abortion bans in the states and birth control and what not. I started saying that I stopped birth control just to see what my body was like with out it since I took it for acne since i was a teen, I added that I'm a lesbian so I don't really have any births that need to be controlled. And I kid you not, this handmaiden bitch puts her iced coffee down and looks me straight in the eye and says, "thats a little transphobic, don't you think? You know post op, post e trans women exist." and I just blinked and stopped talking because i was so shocked lmao she ended up changing the topic because she couldn't deal with the atmosphere she created but like holy fuck?? ? like bitch, are you get money from Big Tranny to get me on bc???

No. 1579511


No. 1579515

It took me two readings to figure out what she even found offensive, guess my gender levels aren't high enough. But what is even a "post e trans woman"?

No. 1579516

Sometimes it’s wild to me that people react like that in normal conversation. I know quite a few handmaidens I talk to regularly because they’re everywhere, and sometimes one will make a statement about womanhood that would be considered “terfy” in a lot of spaces but usually no one actually calls it out and the conversation continues as it was. Recently with the abortion ban, one of my friends began to bring up “woman’s rights” the other day and not a single handmaiden made a stir about it, whether they considered doing so or not. I’m sorry you had to deal with her, hope you have no more coffee dates planned. Your statement was so fucking innocuous too. It’s really telling that she had a bigger issue with you saying lesbians can’t get pregnant from lesbian sex instead of acknowledging your point on how birth control affects our female bodies. Always catering to what men demand instead of recognizing what we actually experience.

No. 1579517

I still don't get it, explain?

No. 1579518

A man

Love when the PC crowd tries to pat themselves on the back so hard they end up telling a lesbian woman that it's transphobic of her not to take birth control because some man might want to have sex with her

No. 1579520

Ofc he’s not going to mention whatever he did/said to make this woman throw him out and block him after sex, just those “cis girls” acting crazy and irrational as usual! Moids never change.

No. 1579521

Lol wtf, you would not even need bc in the case of "post op, post e trans women"

I bet she thinks trannies have to stop taking the hormones. So many people have no idea what the treatmnents actually entail.

No. 1579522

How would a “post op, post e trans woman” get anyone pregnant anyway? Your friend sounds stupid.

No. 1579525

This is especially baffling because a “post op post e trans woman” would be dickless and can’t impregnate anyone anyways, so if anything she outed herself as still thinking of neo-holed troons as male ejaculators. Sounds terfy!

No. 1579526

Handmaidens are so idiotic istg. Post op trans wimmin are identical to real women in every way, but will still get you pregnant and it's transphobic not to take bc

No. 1579529

I think they can still ejaculate semen… I have seen a horrible gif once of a tranny jerking off his neogina and cum came out of his urethra.

No. 1579531

Is she just parroting what trannies say without understanding any of the words? I can't believe some people are that retarded

No. 1579532

File: 1656867942709.jpg (16.86 KB, 480x272, AT-cm 1166598097-preview-480x2…)

I'm surprised this disgusting pedo of a man who's at least 28 and roleplaying as a literal child vtuber hasn't been mentioned, or maybe he has and I'm not up to date but it's some incredibly gross stuff.

Lilyhops/Lily Hopkins, has been discussed on Kiwifarms for this, hearing his yelp and attempts to make it into a toddler's cry makes me sick:


What is the creepiest is how many scrotes support him and this whole big brother shtick.

No. 1579536

Anon they would still need balls for that lol

No. 1579538

Anon… do you know where semen comes from?

No. 1579544

Most of the fluid in ejaculate is produced by the prostate, not by the balls. Men who get vasectomies (tubes to the balls snipped) still ejaculate.

No. 1579545

Lol yet they have no problem mocking, harassing and even downright threatening "white cis women" and "white cis gays". The ~intersectional lens~ is always off the table when it comes to the sacred trans caste.

No. 1579546

Struggling to understand what type of moid watches and enjoy this. Especially since the one behind this low effort shota pandering is a tranny. Something doesn't add up here. In any case, everyone enjoying this is one sick fuck and has an irreversibly broken sexuality

No. 1579547

really they should've been aborted kek

No. 1579567


There's forever a big amount of simps who comment creepy things on her streams and she panders completely. Guy behind her is all kinds of fucked up.

No. 1579568

File: 1656871747693.png (3.44 MB, 852x3406, E144C544-6853-4C30-839F-3627FA…)

No. 1579571



The put on toddler voice and the fact that he even tries to imitate toddler mannerisms, somebody burn this man

No. 1579576

these teen boys are fuck ugly but its always hilarious to watch whites get dumped on

No. 1579578

Anon, I know exactly what gif you're talking about. It's been deleted and I can't find it archived anywhere.

No. 1579584

big shock cops are nice to other white men. News at 10.

No. 1579590

File: 1656874077328.jpg (3.19 MB, 1690x6780, 1625931008549.jpg)

No. 1579596

File: 1656874835757.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1977, misogynist.png)


the male who 'designed' that shirt is an obsessive misogynist

No. 1579603

File: 1656875453174.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.37 MB, 320x180, 999525-750efa594520c53aa38fd4b…)

Found that squirting neovag vid/gif on the other farms. Nothing can prepare you if you haven't seen it yet.

No. 1579607

File: 1656875697583.gif (119.15 KB, 200x150, 2304E572-FB0F-4B57-A088-4C0D35…)

Yo why the FUCK did I click on that my whole life is ruined…I have finally learned my lesson about spoilers on this cursed fucking thread (and Shaynus’ recently).

No. 1579608

Honestly this makes me upset, cause this obviously making fun of TIFs instead of TIMs, rats and goblin-shit is associated with TIFs in Troon spaces

No. 1579610

File: 1656875784079.jpeg (100.28 KB, 976x1091, 1618013590164.jpeg)

What a terrible day to have eyes

No. 1579611

Holy shit that is beyond vile

No. 1579612

Vomitrocious. That was so disgusting I wish I didn’t click.

No. 1579618


You know what nonna? I was trying really hard to resist going against my gym progress and calorie deficit by going to the store to get a cookie or equally sugary consumable. You may have successfully managed to put me off enough to not hate myself for it later….cheers…

No. 1579620

Unspoilering in this thread is self harm.

No. 1579627

No way, her versus Candace Owens. I'd give my left arm to see that.

No. 1579628

Feel bad for the daughter of lainfairlight tranny. Your dad troons out and brings a pedo troon home to play video games to feel like a little girl gaming…may she stay safe hopefully.

No. 1579630

File: 1656876803170.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1765, D72E40EF-7EE5-4D49-AC88-6EABDA…)

I’m so done with troons taking over peaceful/cute women-oriented spaces on the internet. I’m part of the cottagecore subreddit (I know, I know, being on Reddit is just asking for trouble anyway) and the first post I saw on my feed was picrel. Alarm bells went off in my head, that’s a fucking man’s leg. Featured prominently in the photo. Specifically to show off. It’s a fucking fetish.
So many of the comments were complimenting OP for being brave and showing their ‘natural leg hair’. Just as I suspected, the OP chimed in about being “female presenting”. For fucks sake, if this person wanted to anonymously show off the dress they made, they could have done so in ANY other way.

No. 1579635

no, what the fuck is that???? I am NOT rewatching that because I wish to keep my eyesight but what in the hell was that foamy stuff??? that can't be cum? Someone please explain it looked like frothy pus from an infected wound

No. 1579637

>separated by races
I feel like there's a word for that…

No. 1579640

that face he pulls makes him look like he has the droopy jowls of an inbred basset hound

No. 1579642

i also don't want to rewatch it but i assumed it was…sperm? like the fact that it came out of a hole WAY too high to be the 'neo-vagina' makes me assume it has to be the remainder of this guy's dick, just cut off at the base. i had no idea they were still able to do that after getting their bits chopped, but then again, if you told me they weren't supposed to be able to do that and this was a severely botched surgery, i would believe you.

No. 1579643

File: 1656877719061.jpg (28.43 KB, 480x360, 1647725543317.jpg)

you know when you run out of shampoo but you unscrew the top and just squeeze and smack it against your palm?

No. 1579647

dude literally carried a full length mirror outside and placed it just by the door just to take a picture for twitter. his room must be gross like the other troons.

No. 1579650

Nona, there's no visible adam's apple, the legs seem to be just hairy?

No. 1579651

I never leave my house so the only (certain) encounter I've had with a tranny was at a public library's bathroom about 3-4 years ago. I was waiting for my mom to finish, and a disgusting moid with long hair and a jean skirt came out of the other stall. He left without washing his hands, obviously kek

No. 1579652

Are you sure this isn’t a TiF? Doesn’t look male to me.

No. 1579654

because angels aren't real and an angel without wings is just a normal, existing human?

No. 1579655

lol I was gonna mention how deranged he was he became slightly infamous on tumblr going by bufallojill (he's msogyny now)

No. 1579656

With the way some people react, you would think the idea of a small population of women who are sexually unavailable to men is on par with a war crime.

No. 1579658

If it's just a hairy girl not shaving it's based

No. 1579659

Haha jokes on you! My brain refuses to process this so it's like watching TV static.

No. 1579661

File: 1656878815817.jpeg (46.29 KB, 600x600, 83DA80D9-F589-4BD7-AF49-06E2B7…)

Genuinely hoping thats not pus

No. 1579662

File: 1656878911843.jpeg (45.68 KB, 600x451, 874B6876-AB27-4804-9F11-ED9246…)

>13 year old trans brother

No. 1579665

This. It’s really fucking sad that not shaving is so uncommon for women that some people can’t even recognize how womens body hair actually looks.

No. 1579669

Uh… Looks like a woman to me and "female presenting" usually means mostly feminine woman that identifies as nonbinary. I'm gonna need more proof of this being a man that isn't just having hairy legs. Can't believe this needs to be said in this thread

No. 1579673

iirc this isn't a TIM but a "regular" gay male who had a fetish for being castrated. i forget if he cut his penis off at home or if he cried gender dysphoria to get it off. he has issues

No. 1579674

No. 1579676

File: 1656879627588.jpg (174.05 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20220703-221504_rif…)

Literally just went to look for her post. Anon I beg you to look at someone's profile for a second before claiming some hairy girl (she's 16) is a man with a fetish. Retarded

No. 1579678

Are you a tranny trying to make us shit on a woman with hairy legs?

No. 1579681

Sameanon, boy do I have egg on my face. Ugh. Sorry everyone.

No. 1579682

why do i ALWAYS let my morbid curiosity get the best of me? this is absolutely revoltingly vile and does not look like 'squirting' at all. it does look like the last bits of shampoo when you rinse it with water

No. 1579690

are you fucking retarded. my legs look like this

No. 1579698

File: 1656881516600.jpeg (80.99 KB, 700x406, S03E04-MtS3BZFw-subtitled.jpeg)

Me too, Nona

No. 1579702

Seriously, that was an honest mistake but maybe take a look at yourself and wonder why hairy legs made you post a woman here, a girl actually. There was nothing to suggest she's a troon, for shame anon.

No. 1579710

btw, a TiM wrote this post as a “gotcha!” to all the people he thought he was gonna fool with this image of a hairy teenage girl. kys scrote, leave teenage girls alone

No. 1579729

TIMs are constantly posting GNC “cis” women here to prove they don’t pass. They just end up embarrassing themselves every time kek

No. 1579731

Probably the autopedophilia troons like clawshrimpy.

No. 1579738

I know women with hairier legs than this. Get out more kek.

No. 1579741

I generally dislike Family Guy, but this is also spot on

No. 1579756

>no adams apple
>decent skin
>femenine body structure

Yeah you're fucking retarded…. This is clearly a young woman, I bet you're some tranny trying to post this as a "gotcha terfs! this is actually a woman" go join the 41% already

No. 1579764

File: 1656887712508.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2011, 2FCF67E3-479D-4D44-9F20-41DA96…)

Leddit eating up this autistic trannys transformation. I wonder what’s behind those bangs kek

No. 1579766

very easy to tell, his bangs start beyond the horizon. if he lifted them up there'd just be acres of oily real estate

No. 1579768

OP here, im fucking retarded and put post instead of PRE, which was what she said. I would like too add too that like this chick knows im in a committed relationship too, my partner and I have been together for nearly 7 years and she still felt the need to tell me im transphobic for not letting men have sex with me.

We talked on IG and she blocked me since we last met up, love it when the trash takes itself out.

No. 1579773

Just look at their hands, they're all scrotes in dress up.

No. 1579774

File: 1656888664543.jpeg (407.87 KB, 750x1791, 056830BC-8A65-4A4F-8F35-BA3F4A…)

a life saving procedure, clearly.

No. 1579775

File: 1656888665207.jpeg (868.91 KB, 1001x1929, D2F0B1AC-B3D5-45E2-AB5B-C7C0EF…)

suck the girl dick bigot!

No. 1579778

This handmaiden needs to stop even trying to play along for her own sanity.

No. 1579779

File: 1656889056476.jpg (108.56 KB, 720x1419, Screenshot_20220703-082326.jpg)

he looks exactly like one of my chem professors

No. 1579786

goddamn why do i do this to myself. imagine the smell. that is so repulsive i honestly think it’s going to haunt my nightmares. i almost feel sorry for it kek, it’s trying to function as normal but it’s so horribly deformed and mutated that it’s now just a disgusting spluttering wound. i can’t even image the vile human being that thing is attached to. god help this world

No. 1579793

>i do not like amab people
very close to being based

No. 1579806

I'm so tired of that, I'm bi and I'm attracted to not mentally ill people that won't mutilate healthy parts of their body. So, no damn girl dick for me, they can put that one in their own ass. As if I would own anyone sexual intercourse just because they feel entitled to it.

No. 1579813

>bi but only attracted to afab people

I know words mean nothing right now, but isn't that what you would call a lesbian

No. 1579834

that is literally how you have to describe it in order to avoid getting ousted from the LGB community entirely.

also probably have to claim PTSD from getting raped by an 'amab' bc to troons & their audience, being a victim justifies nigh any behavior. You just have to be a bigger victim than whatever troon is trying to convince you their dick needs sucking.

No. 1579841

I unironically threw up. What the fuck??? Do they all do this?????

No. 1579845

File: 1656896090283.jpeg (202.11 KB, 750x1011, 60C7DF86-EAB7-40D9-8560-8AAC3C…)

when the cure is worse than the disease.

No. 1579847


i don't think i will ever get over the fact they managed to make the way sexual attraction works for 99% of people some kind of moral failing. like he's literally saying her being gay and straight are both wrong. she's supposed to want to fuck delusions

No. 1579849

File: 1656896387678.jpeg (477.48 KB, 750x1099, 24C717BF-15BD-4914-8398-CF0166…)

play stupid games…

No. 1579852

kek. It’s what he deserves!

No. 1579863

LOL I love a happy ending! I hope they continue to do this to themselves, they basically castrate themselves for the coom, but the sad reality is that their "vagina" will never be the real thing and it will just be a pus filled hole that smells like rotten shit. Yes I do hope the trannies that stumble upon this thread read this

No. 1579867

His bangs start at the very top of his scalp

No. 1579870

There's no way a tranny didn't post this to meme the evilterfs only see women as stepford wife broodmares and are men if we don't partcipate in beauty duty.Either that or you're a complete fucking tard.

No. 1579874

what's really getting me is the way he's violently doing… whatever that is. do they think this is something women do? he's violently assaulting his own genitals that are already barely hanging on by a thread

No. 1579885

File: 1656899393814.png (331.19 KB, 752x622, UrLifeSuxxx.png)

>didn't do my wash out
>it's draining having to clean it out after
God I love having a self cleaning vagina. It didn't even occur to me troons have to clean their rot pocket along with the dilators after. And they have to do it for 2.5 hours every day for two years kek kek kek kek. As long as my tax dollars aren't paying for it, I strongly support penile inversion surgery for these degenerates.

No. 1579886

Same, I’m bi too but my orientation is toward healthy intact bodies, not self mutilated ones. It’s funny how they only harass LGB people with this shit and mostly leave hets alone. They don’t have the balls to lecture straight men about their “genital preferences,” they’d get laughed out of town or maybe beaten up.

No. 1579893

According to my calculations, that's 1825 hours of dialation. That's a lot of dialation. That's a lot of seething and coping.

No. 1579894

samefag That's approximately 48 weeks (basically a year) full time pure uninterrupted dialation.

No. 1579897

Forehead so oily the UAE wants to buy it

No. 1579906

so, we should say "dilate, seethe, dilate, cope, dilate again…"

No. 1579912

Whoa, I didn’t know they had to do it three times a day. How could that ever seem worth it?

No. 1579918

how to "counter" it, because it's all just a video game to them that requires the right sequence of responses.

No. 1579921

File: 1656904606173.jpeg (257.91 KB, 900x1728, 4854F67E-FE60-4556-A22A-B69524…)

da fuck

No. 1579922

they weren't kidding that it's just the "stump" of the dick with no "tree." literally looks like he's jacking a ghost peen. he should feel blessed he can even orgasm. love when pornsick scrotes do this to themselves, it makes me laugh really hard

No. 1579923

File: 1656904608908.jpeg (255.26 KB, 1208x2048, 2773525E-A467-4806-A3E0-59CCE6…)

knowing sex is real and matters = fascism apparently! but of course forcing everyone to play along with your delusions and ideology, or you lose your job, friends, life, is absolutely fine and reasonable. christ, these morons couldn’t spot a fascist if their lives depended on it. evident in how they are unable to see one when they look in the mirror

No. 1579925

File: 1656904818119.jpeg (471.13 KB, 1536x2048, 6CA57860-EA5C-465E-A206-62AF2A…)

Nice fivehead bro

No. 1579926

File: 1656904846736.jpeg (130.45 KB, 750x429, 69E9A870-71EC-483B-BD05-C36D61…)

no more jizzinginunderwear for you, bud.

No. 1579928

File: 1656905053485.jpeg (412.25 KB, 729x1794, D5EABA5C-6410-4712-BC7D-29566E…)

same user. this mf is dying.

No. 1579929

That was my very first thought too, the fuck kind of lesbian erasure is this? Just when I think it’s not possible for me to hate trannies any more

No. 1579931

File: 1656905271493.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 5.11 MB, 3456x15108, 088CE4CA-9FF7-4164-A67F-05EF98…)

spoiler for moobs and diaper. what’s with tims and autopedophilia?

No. 1579935

File: 1656905815678.png (207.09 KB, 372x388, A59DE278-3B98-4F82-9B31-B6F64F…)

this retard is so obsessed with any form of attention he’d rather post on reddit as he is literally dying than get up and go see a doctor. unreal, he deserves everything that comes to him.
i think i can smell these pictures. they always have the worst looking moobs, it’s so embarrassing no one wants to see that shit >>1579501
found another troon with this shirt kek

No. 1579937

I was thinking the same thing. It’s like how men try and do that to their gfs because it’s all they’ve seen in porn and they can’t distinguish a fake squeal from a sound of actual pleasure when it’s coming from a woman. Scrotes really need to fucking learn what foreplay and taking things slow are. This is not how you interact with female genitalia.

No. 1579940

That’s the one with the dickgirl tattoo. I can’t remember his name but he’s a well-known and insufferable one.

No. 1579941

Kek, imagine being this dumb

No. 1579942

Was it worth it for the fetish? Sure hope so. I can’t feel sympathy for these men anymore. They want to wear us so badly while ridiculing us, threatening to rape us, masturbating in our spaces, getting off to any and every pain that women are forced to go through, etc., I feel like they really do deserve this.

No. 1579945

The only time a man will ever commit to something so fully… and now he can't even do that, KEK

No. 1579947

File: 1656906695304.png (516.23 KB, 1024x1216, 8E2DF3F3-1B27-4DCA-8797-FDE6A7…)

This washed up moid needs to sit down and shut the fuck up. The majority of people in the world thinks men like him are fucked in the head and would be correct. I would love to see him get mocked by women in third world countries who don’t have time for this navel gazing bullshit.

No. 1579950

File: 1656907342706.jpg (857.02 KB, 900x2007, tictactwo.jpg)


No. 1579953

File: 1656907992456.jpg (1.14 MB, 1536x2048, fixedit.jpg)

Fixed it.

No. 1579954

I love you nonna. This is exactly what I hope for when I come to this thread.

No. 1579956

I'd like to make a shirt that says "A world without troons is like a day with sunshine."

No. 1579958

Awww, shucks. Weren't nothin'.

No. 1579959

kek is this the only way they can remotely pass?

No. 1579960

File: 1656909171671.png (185.94 KB, 372x388, Ftfy.png)

No. 1579961

File: 1656909973158.jpeg (491.49 KB, 750x737, C3B2803C-EEEF-40C1-AE31-CC0220…)

No. 1579962

File: 1656909978620.jpeg (101.72 KB, 827x1058, FWyhgktWAAEjdqY.jpeg)

Rolls eyes

No. 1579963

File: 1656910206392.jpg (191.05 KB, 1072x1462, Poor children.jpg)

No. 1579964

>labrys flag
why? thought that was the "terf" flag.
also why do troons always hang flags all over their bedroom? it's so tacky.
this is so disgusting

No. 1579968

Why do they bring children into it? I know men are mostly attracted to children and have a cut off age for both men and women they’re attracted to where they begin to look more like adults, so I’m confused why they would ever be allowed access to children like this. What do they think this does to little girls’ self images, or are they so obsessed with sabotaging females that they don’t care how young they are?

No. 1579969

>Women can't have class consciousness! You can't favour centring women's issues in favour of centering mens feelings in almost every issue! Don't you silly women understand being a woman is a costume?
Lmao, someone pointed out he's an incel who refers to women as bitches. Truly, it's just so great that it's become popular to mansplain what a woman is to women. No entitlement at all.

No. 1579971

Because troons love to claim things that aren’t theirs also just noticed what I believe is the Mexican flag but with rainbow on it and that’s funny af seeing he’s a white man

No. 1579973

File: 1656911107054.jpg (257.74 KB, 1080x1559, Ss3.jpg)

>mutes the thread after getting dunked on
A tale as old as time

No. 1579977

File: 1656911406781.jpg (245.47 KB, 1068x1268, Imverysmart.jpg)

No. 1579980


No. 1579981

men who don't experience homosexual attraction and are not major fucking porn addicts are NOT a threat to trans women, meanwhile ""cisgender"" women are subjected to abuse from men regardless of how much porn the man in question. it's historically always been like this, before the invention of porn. meanwhile "trans chasers" are just bi men with porn addictions attracted to UwU traps, generally harmless anyway cause' they're faggots

No. 1579983

File: 1656912067097.jpeg (329.77 KB, 601x755, C12D858D-DAC7-4ACD-9D9B-FBBEFA…)

this sofie troon's face pisses me off so much. looks like a filipino man with FAS

No. 1579984

File: 1656912416662.jpeg (233.85 KB, 828x926, 512D7433-B4B8-4A7A-A691-C0046E…)

Troon thinks his clearly gay boyfriend is “cishet”

No. 1579985

So does that mean gay men, male children and animals are also women?

No. 1579990

>generally harmless anyway cause' they're faggots
Why do so many women think that? Gay men are absolutely as dangerous as cis men. Trannies are exclusively murdered by gay male sex partners who are afraid of being exposed for fucking a tranny. Look at all the serial killers that were gay men like Dahmer and Gacy. Homosexual men are not cute cuddly little toys to keep around. They are men and they are mentally ill and the ones who are in the closet are especially dangerous.

The only thing that isn't a threat to trannies are ironically women, which they have deemed the enemy. Other men are actually dangerous to them.

No. 1579994

I think that is kek. Funny since Mexican culture is very machismo and generally hates fags like him.
Also, this moid is wearing a Star of David necklace too, probably trying to imply he's Jewish like many other bored troons. So yeah it's just some white guy trying to be speshul.

No. 1580005

He didn't need the star to tell us that

No. 1580009

File: 1656916671719.jpg (117.72 KB, 1242x1214, 9xvnaynh5o491.jpg)

This shit is fucking insane. How could any tranny, no matter how retarded and cumbrained, be willing to do this? How tf can you live a normal life when you need to dedicate over 2 fucking hours a day to forcing a wound open, for 2 years?? They would legit be unable to work most regular jobs, so they'll either become a hermit or 41%. Silver linings!

God, I'm so grateful for my healthy functioning vag. Nothing like trannies to make you embrace your body, the shit they go through to get a poor fascimile of something we naturally have… they are nature's clowns.

No. 1580015

Or sometimes even "white transmascs/AFABs/TMEs" but never ever ever say anything about white trans women. In fact I see so many TRAs talk about how bringing up white TIMs' whiteness "derails from the issue of transmisogyny" because "trans women can't even have actual privilege and white trans women don't oppress anyone other than TWOC"

No. 1580020

File: 1656918193333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1920x2560, 22-07-04-07-59-27-205_deco.jpg)

Woman receives lots of lovely and heartwarming messages from troons after tweeting support of JK Rowling
(Spoilered for naked tranny although censored)

No. 1580034

troons just can't help being misogynistic and violent towards women, they're too dumb to realize they're peaking people by themselves

No. 1580036

Eazy had like 7 kids

No. 1580041

It's not just for 2 years, it's for life. Surgeons have no idea what will happen so they literally make it up as they go. Detrans men who had the surgery more than 5+ years ago still ended up with only an inch in depth. I think Jazz is in that camp too at this point.

No. 1580044

so saying any "meaningful definition" of women is "people who get sexually harassed and abused by men" is woke now i guess

No. 1580051

So men in prison are women? Children? Men like to punch walls, is the wall a woman, Moira?

No. 1580052

That's… literally what religions/cults do. They shame people into suppressing their natural sexuality or they're sinners (transphobes) who will get ostracised and thrown out of the community. The trans movement fully IS a religion at this point. It's like buddhism in that it doesn't have a god of worship and the transformation to nirvana is the end goal and purpose of life. I know people say it's a cult all the time, but it's still insane to really reflect over the fact that it fully seriously is a full on religion like any other.

No. 1580054

gay men are not a threat to WOMEN anon, WOMEN

No. 1580060

Who could forget this episode

No. 1580067

troons like him make me embarrassed to be an autist, as if it wasn't embarrassing enough on its own to be retarded. let me retard in peace

No. 1580069

he was also on Anthony Padilla's episode about adult babies. (they also went to school together)

No. 1580070

That's not what the post was about tho. Anon was specifically talking about how gay men are not a threat to trannies, which is wrong. Men are always a threat to each other since most violence is committed by men on other men.

No. 1580071

I agree that hsts are a danger to gay men and are very likely to rape and kill other men but the kind of male that murders hsts are straight men believe it or not. Its mostly straight male sex buyers who think theyve bought a real woman but are then shocked to discover that they were actually about to fuck a man

No. 1580075

tbf there have been some radfems(including Dworkin) who have argued that vulnerable men, such as homosexuals and male children are closer to women then men, cause they lack the physical and societal power then other men

No. 1580076

this was argued in the 70s. Gay white men are now very protected and catered to. A lot of gay men feel entitled to trest women like absolute shit and clearly feel superior to us. Drag has become extremely popular and drag at its core is making fun of and degrading women. being a white gay man in a western country is heaps different than how it was decades ago when those points about gay masculinity were made

No. 1580078

I never brought up gay white men, it was about vulnerable men in society, anyone who can be beaten and taken advantage of by the dominant society, an able bodied man doesn't have to be worried about another man alone in a room with him but a young child and women have that fear, cause they are physically weaker

No. 1580083

Who cares? That was a stupid take then and it’s a stupid one now. They might be vulnerable but it doesn’t make them women.

No. 1580100

File: 1656930082806.jpg (562.06 KB, 810x2142, Screenshot_20220704-060926_Chr…)

He deleted that tweet fast.
Remember how he said he never deletes anything kek.
Washington Post recently featured a puff piece on him:
So that makes two TRAs with checkered backgrounds that a simple Google search would reveal being featured positively by two major media outlets. Fine example of trans privilege.

No. 1580101

File: 1656930122044.jpeg (296.21 KB, 750x1281, D4E5981E-D578-4301-8853-F42A66…)

it's amazing how troons NEVER realize that women are simply coddling them/trying to be polite. women literally grow up doing this - complimenting other girls way too enthusiastically and exaggerated to be real. usually putting themselves down in the process because female socialization teaches us to be humble so we don't seem like stuck-up bitches. it's almost painful watching these moids misread every social interaction they have so badly. the lack of female socialization + inability to read between the lines baffles me every time. are all moids like this or just the ones autistic enough to troon out?

No. 1580103

Women telling other women that they envy their bodies is just a standard female bonding ritual that everyone does. Most women dont even mean it when they say it. The woman who mustve told him that just wanted to make him feel good by blowing smoke up his ass and ofc hes too malebrained to understand that women do this all the time and never mean it

No. 1580114

File: 1656933518811.jpg (480.1 KB, 810x1738, Screenshot_20220704-071704_Boo…)

Pot kettle black

No. 1580117

>(they also went to school together)
This is a lot to process right now.

No. 1580121

File: 1656935278781.jpg (344.01 KB, 1080x1712, 96ggr65r8f7f774x.jpg)

Having sex with someone and having to actively avoid their genitalia just doesnt sound like a good consensual time

No. 1580122

why do they want to fuck people who genuinely dont want them so bad. if i knew that someone was definitely not attracted to me, convinving them to grin and bear it would be the last thing on my mind

No. 1580128

TiMs are aware that normal people of both sexes refuse to fuck them. So, while in denial, they resort to guilt-tripping, shaming, and begging people to touch their rotting Barbie holes and fairy wands. It really is funny seeing them seclude themselves further and further from society while calling everyone else their oppressors. You do know you did this to yourself, right?

No. 1580129

it's either pathetic or funny how he's trying to pass this off as a humblebrag, like 'ooh it's so weird how women keep mentioning how thin i am! they must be jealous!' no dude, you probably are getting comments because you look like fucking slenderman.

the reason why most women complain about pencil skirts isn't because they're 'too long' on us, it's because nearly all of us have that pouch of protective fat over our reproductive organs that makes getting a perfectly flat stomach next to impossible, and pencil skirts showcase that in natural female bodies. This dude thinks he's getting 'compliments' but in reality all that's being pointed out by real women is how his body looks nothing like ours.

No. 1580133

As a bonus to this you know that the narcissism and coom is clouding their brains, because I bet you anything when they were gender conforming men they would see through their grandmothers talking about how "handsome" they were

No. 1580135

File: 1656938907245.jpeg (518.24 KB, 750x739, 0F08618C-0C43-4416-8DE2-91EF52…)

That’s an old tumblr user, bitter-blooms he really tried to convince people he was an Ashkenazi Jew and Mexican just because of his huge nose but got pissy when his dna test revealed he was neither. The claiming Mexican thing was because he was trying to skin walk his stepmom

No. 1580136

lmao what is this picture? He’s ugly anyway but this angle is so unflattering

No. 1580139

Side note, but I hate how coomer artists have started drawing that kind of thing so much (the little fat pouch in tight skirts). Why does every fucking thing have to be sexualized.

No. 1580143

If they were really all about “we just want to live our life” and “we just want to fit in with the rest of society” like LGB have been (for the most part), I doubt this would have become the contentious issue that it is. I still wouldn’t want them in my bathrooms and shit because they still aren’t women, but I’d be fine calling them by whatever name and pronouns and just treating them like any other person. The issue is that they constantly walk over everyone else’s boundaries and then tantrum when they don’t get their way, sometimes violently and at risk to others. This isn’t the normal behavior of a regular citizen who just wants to live their life. It’s abusive and they’re abusing people on a huge scale. At first, people were willing to play along because the requests weren’t that bad, but now that their demands are for things that people can’t even control, it’s gone off the rails. These men really are the worst of the worst too. Incels who can’t understand or empathize with anyone else, be it someone who is female or black or gay or all of the above. The movement has become a complete MRA movement (mostly filled with white middle to upper class men), and you know this because they’re punching down on the people they historically always have. It’s blatant as anything and I hope the handmaidens who support them wake the fuck up. My only fear is for the younger generation who has been exposed to this so early that they won’t understand how horrific it actually is. The TRAs talk about genocide and death camps, but they would have nothing else for the rest of us. They would love if they could have women in a camp to rape and torture. Meanwhile, we literally just want to be able to be safe and not at risk for the same things we always have, being assaulted in every way by males.

No. 1580157

File: 1656941820991.jpg (129.82 KB, 1372x1372, tranny.jpg)

This is the ugliest outfit I've ever seen. He's wearing it to a second date. Even if he was a super attractive woman I'd be embarrassed to be seen in public with them. This looks screams desperate lowrate hooker.

No. 1580160

What in the fuck? It’s like they take every article of clothing they’ve ever fetishized and throw it on and call it a day. I can’t imagine going on a date with someone who’s ass is hanging out like that, even if they were the hottest person in the world. I’d feel like they had no respect for me or themselves, but then I guess men don’t have any of that anyway.

No. 1580161

File: 1656942115619.jpeg (915.58 KB, 1284x1686, FCE65EE8-FF0C-4D20-B099-E604E4…)


No. 1580164

File: 1656942297303.png (1.42 MB, 1284x2511, 9E28544C-8055-43F5-84F6-4A4DC8…)

Why does this one act like he’s the main character in a pixar movie? Like other people are just NPCs to come high five him or whatever, very strange.

No. 1580165

Does he have some issue? His head looks so big and his arms almost too short…

No. 1580166

File: 1656942620885.jpeg (869.24 KB, 1284x1908, E9D501FB-F635-4D6E-884D-6D23BE…)

I hope the girls there bully him out.

No. 1580168

Most moids think like this because they're raised and socialized to never consider anyone else but themselves

No. 1580169

you already know they will KEK this faggot will see himself as a monster

No. 1580170

The other day I was complaining about a guy sending me an unsolicited dick pic and some random TIM chimed in with "ugh I'm not looking forward to that happening to me!" Like come the fuck on, you're never going to experience as much sexual harrassment as most women have since childhood.

No. 1580172

He will likely get some dick pics from chasers and be like “yay, I’m just like a real woman!!” then go on to complain online about how “objectified” he feels while simultaneously mentioning his euphoria boner. Same story every time.

No. 1580173

dick pics are gay men's language. I you like 'em u a gay man. Some even collect them and print them.

No. 1580177

Sage for less relevant but what parent leaves preschool aged kids (3-5) outside alone while they “go get food” lmao that sounds preposterous. If that dad really did do that and this isn’t all a fanfic I’m disgusted as a parent.

No. 1580178

File: 1656943991330.png (67.23 KB, 1062x316, wtf.png)

the OP was talking about how they are very athletic and limit their caloric intake yet keep gaining weiht and if HRT was causing this and this was the top comment. i want to alog

No. 1580186

File: 1656944930453.jpg (769.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220704-101740_Red…)

This ones profile is nothing but him flashing his dick if I recall correctly:

No. 1580190

Honestly I feel like this one probably happened. Some parents just don’t give a shit, and in this case it sounds like it was a neighbor or someone who felt ok just leaving their kids for a second to grab something since it wasn’t a more public setting.

No. 1580193

Like yeah, it’s true women generally have a harder time losing weight and gaining muscle, but this moid is truly idiotic if he thinks weight loss programs aren’t catered towards women because body shaming us is such a big thing.

No. 1580196

ayrt but silly anon, dont you know we have it easy and only tims feel the weight of unfair body standards

No. 1580198

File: 1656945853811.jpeg (719.04 KB, 2208x1149, 2BE217B9-D261-4A07-A7C2-A30D8F…)

found this troon that is quite literally every TiM stereotype. these are all his posts kek he really looks like that and really thinks he’s going to magically transform into a cute lesbian anime girl in 6 months. he’s only 19 and it’s already so over for him.

No. 1580199

it's a liberal arts college, the handmaidens and the they/thems won't do anything

No. 1580201

File: 1656946150892.jpeg (125.79 KB, 1242x516, 88B47FEF-C4D0-4A70-90E9-6AFACB…)

just another normal day on reddit

No. 1580202

Oh, stupid me. How dare I not consider the scrotes and how horrible it must be to not have everyone falling at their feet at any given moment.

No. 1580203

A lot of times I know they say these things just for people like us who are screenshotting it (although we know they absolutely think like this too), but my question is just. Why? What are they getting out of this other than some women making fun of them? They’re just coming off to the general public at absolute creeps and not gaining any love that way. Maybe they just really get off on the humiliation that much. I’ve gotten to the point where these blatant posts about torturing terfs don’t even do anything to me now because they all sound like such cope. You just know he’s seething because he will never have a real period or whatever.

No. 1580210

File: 1656946703325.png (1.89 MB, 1002x1332, makeitstop.png)

Just saw this on Facebook. Isn't this the unhinged troon with the sewer rat teeth? "Mercury Stardust"? Fucking really? And he says "I think about the impact we have had on the world every single day" like there's something revolutionary about a male receiving a partnership in a male dominated field. I can't fucking take this clownery anymore.

No. 1580211


No. 1580212

So that Kikomi cosplayer woman gets fired from her job but Lowe's decides to hire a troon to skinwalk a woman in a "long-term contract". I hope Kikomi cosplayer suese.

No. 1580213

I completely agree nonna, I know it’s a reference to buffalo bill and most likely a joke, but it’s still like you said, just why? Why post it? Why do their minds even go to that? It doesn’t help their cause, makes them look deranged, doesn’t matter if they resort with a “I was only trolling!!!1!1!!” It’s still weird as fuck. I hope the men who posts things such as that know that women are only laughing at them because they’re gross freaks and will never, ever come close to being a woman.

No. 1580214

you could easily turn this into an AGP bingo

No. 1580216

It's the Washington Post, it's owned by Jeff Bezos. Of course they want to show troons in a positive light, you have any idea how much money Jeff makes off them by chokings and programmer socks from Amazon?

No. 1580217

*buying chokers, lol damn it's early

No. 1580218

>Handy Ma’am
At first glance, I thought this was an edited funny photo made by a farmer, but it’s actually real.
Also, wouldn’t some TiF have been a better fit? It’s always TiMs getting these sponsored deals with companies. Just goes to show they know who the real male and females are, and want to keep upholding the male privilege.

No. 1580219

at least in Germany you can report it to the police if someone sends you pics of their dicks and stuff like that. It counts as "unsolicited distribution of pornographic writings". Maybe other countries have those laws, too and maybe women that get harassed by such things can report it aswell, just an idea.

No. 1580220

Hope Home Depot appreciates my money more. Or maybe I'll just go to those little mom-n-pop hardware stores from now on, they at least have actual women working there…

No. 1580222

The muscular legs in the panty hose made me kek. He literally looks like the “man dressed as a woman” joke you would’ve seen in an old movie. Also, I can’t tell if that’s a long shirt he tried to make into a “dress”, or a woman’s dress that is so short on him it looks like a shirt.

No. 1580226

>the OP was talking about how they are very athletic and limit their caloric intake yet keep gaining weiht
That's literally impossible, he's just retarded and doesn't know how to count calories. Or does he think every woman is naturally obese? Fucks sake, I barely exercise and I'm skinny eating whatever I want in moderation

No. 1580231

this suck to see, i really like her takes.

No. 1580233

File: 1656950855126.jpeg (4.17 MB, 4032x3024, 568BB0C7-B272-452D-A379-7C7402…)

I was at the bookstore yesterday and saw this abomination. I looked it up online and it’s a Yaoi manga that Seven Seas publishing transwashed. I’m sorry Fujos you don’t deserve this.

No. 1580238

tbf a manga where one friend forces his other friend to crossdress and then(presumably) rapes him, is not a huge loss for anyone

No. 1580239

File: 1656951313170.jpeg (739.82 KB, 960x1365, C70BA876-85B6-4A5C-A40E-592D5E…)

No. 1580254

File: 1656952728513.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1631, 3EEE0217-E630-4F3E-9083-318C9B…)

No. 1580258

my day is ruined

No. 1580259

Totally notafetish

No. 1580262

I used to go to a lot of drag shows and had a few drag queen and drag king friends. It boggles my mind how they think drag shows are okay for kids. It's fucking adult entertainment. Why are they fighting so hard to let children watch adult men flash their fake boobs?

Also these same people are saying pageants are worse? Do they think gay men cant be pedophiles too?

No. 1580264

the cope of real women being "amazons" again

No. 1580265

Children aren't closer to men or women they are children, kind of weird to compare women to children imo but maybe that's just me. Also homosexual men can look after themselves, they've never gave a fuck about us even when it was mostly women looking after them when they were dying due to their degenerate behaviour, you know for a fact they wouldn't do the same for us.

No. 1580267


it is so transparent. i wish more people were aware that it's something like less than 1% of 1% of people will ever actually have gender dysphoria. there are actually more schizophrenic people than people with gender dysphoria by a huge amount.

so none of this has much of a future unless there is someway to indoctrinate kids into it.

No. 1580272

File: 1656954414514.jpg (355.32 KB, 800x1200, 120.jpg)

I hate men

No. 1580273

File: 1656954488665.jpg (292.14 KB, 1440x2263, 20220704_190623.jpg)

Emma Hilton is a biologist but ofcourse the troon is misogynistic and degrading

No. 1580277

they'd need to go into hiding if they tried that shit in terf island. council estate-dwellers would burn the place to the ground.

No. 1580279

File: 1656954992676.png (38.23 KB, 596x348, based midler.png)

Bette Midler TERF queen??

No. 1580281

This made me start audibly retching. That’s disgusting

No. 1580282

File: 1656955422383.jpg (107.49 KB, 603x834, basey gray.jpg)

No. 1580283

Based af. I stg I'll go apeshit if someone ever call me a “menstruator” irl. Fucking dehumanizing. Moids couldn't be more unbearable if they tried.

No. 1580285

Based fellow women

No. 1580288

Love love love this. Absolute Queens.

No. 1580291

So many kids are going to have their whole lives ruined by mental illness they can't heal, all because their mothers are straight pigs obsessed with the gay party scene, Ru Paul, yaoi, j-rock, Rocky Horror, or whatever else "cool" edgy shit they fixated on as teenagers. I remember thinking like this with my BFF when we were actual teenagers, then we became adults and realized that kids deserve kid things, not to be dragged along to things made for adults. And discovering that you want sexy things at 14, but your parents repress you, doesn't mean that a 4 year old is the same way, which isn't as obvious when you're 14 for some reason.

No. 1580292

An enby friend of mine keeps recommending mangas about trannies. I don't have the guts to tell him I give absolutely no shit to trans-related stuff so I just smile and pretend it's the most interesting shite I've ever heard. God help me.

No. 1580293

that's one step away from being a handmaiden. tell them to stop and you're not interested in it.

No. 1580294

I'm sure some braindead low Iq breadtuber like Khadijah is gonna make a 4+ hour video essay about how "old women are being radicalized" and this is literal fascism, when these are just women pointing out basic facts, I think normies are finally realizing how truly venomous these subhumans are

No. 1580295

where's this from and what's it about

No. 1580303

Yeah you know they’re just going to say shit about how these women are old and grasping for relevancy and have no clue what they’re saying despite having lived their entire lives as females and knowing what our experiences are like. Meanwhile, ancient senile men run everything in the fucking world and are treated like gods.

No. 1580305

Samefag but this is one reason I hate TiMs so much. They act like they can do everything to imitate us and that we should accept them with open arms when they don’t understand the sort of generational trauma that comes from being born female. They don’t think about how women have been flattened into the ground by scrotes for millenia, how we’ve never had a say on a grand scale because there are no matriarchies in the world, how we’ve had to see our female relatives suffer at the hands of men. They don’t get it, don’t want to get it because they are scrotes, and will never get it. That’s one of the primary reasons I don’t trust them and never will. Other women just understand the trauma because men have made our lives nightmares since we were old enough to realize how we were being treated differently. I will always side with women.

No. 1580309

Sukeban Deka, aka "Delinquent Girl Detective". It's about a delinquent high school girl who gets offered the job of undercover detective in exchange for being let out of prison. Amazingly it was written by a guy.

No. 1580310

>doesn't even answer her question

No. 1580311

Ugh the comments are all coddling this freak saying "she" has gone through so much trauma from being robbed of his childhood unable to be a little girl. Then you go to his channel and it's all fetish shit. Woke youtube commenters are some of my least favorite people on the internet. Virtue signaling their inclusivity to the point they defend literal pedophiles.

No. 1580319

DA but it's always so jarring, I used to have friends who said shaving was transphobic, and that you can show off your cleavage and wear makeup and still be a trans man. bitch was more femme than ME. it's delusions all the way down. who would have figured they made some phony callout post calling my black friend a rapist the second she got upset with their abuse, its so fucking predictable. twans rights trump everything, why bother improving as a person when you can just claim people want to kill you if they have boundaries or speak about material reality lel

No. 1580320

OP pic is the same exact expressionmy sister gave me when my dad came out of the closet kekekek

No. 1580328

>Vaginal dilation is lifetime

Just girl things

No. 1580329

These retards can't even keep up with their own gender rules. What does pansexual means anymore? I thought saying you're bi meant you excluded kweer identities, but now that's transphobic too

No. 1580330


I would honestly be surprised if she wasn't. One of the weird things about politics right now is if you listen to something like DL Hughley's radio show in the car they openly mock all of this shit and don't support it.

The show has guest from all over the music industry. Nobody says a peep. It never makes the news despite him going way further than someone like Chappelle does. It's kind of crazy how compartmentalized everything is.

No. 1580331

How the fuck do they do this at work? Don't tell me they go into the women's restroom and do this… or worse, if there's a room for breastfeeding… oh god, now I'm just imagining a tranny who works at Blizzard using the (now-disgraced) breastfeeding room to dilate.

No. 1580332

She changed sides pretty quickly.

No. 1580337

I hope someone looks up his social media accounts and gets him fired for the gross misogynistic fetishist pedo shit he's definitely posting, because somehow they always are

No. 1580338

They're just playing themselves, having these screenshots has peaked many handmaidens and normies who thought they were all "uwu innocent beans". It's so blatantly undeniably male and you can feel the cope and seethe behind his words.

No. 1580339

File: 1656960740482.png (1.71 MB, 1928x1378, keffals_as _skye_the_porn_tgir…)

hate this guy, he has proudly hurt and groomed so many kids. Not sure if it's been posted but there's a site with his tgirl porn both pre srs and after in case anyone feels like vomiting today

No. 1580343

File: 1656961350270.jpg (328.88 KB, 853x932, bangs.jpg)

One quick scroll through r/lgbt and it's all troonery. Why can't they use their other 2363636 subreddits for their fetish

No. 1580351

I get it. One of my best friends is an enby. She sends me all kinds of twaw bullshit and anti-terf memes. I just ignore it and hope she grows out of this gender shit. But she lives on a commune in the west coast, so probably not anytime soon.

No. 1580357

I just realised something about his comics, in finland it's almost impossible to get misgendered like this on a daily basis? Absolutely no one would call you a miss or a sir, unless you were elderly and someone was trying to be turbo polite but that just never happens to a person his age wtf, fucking clown.

No. 1580361

>I just ignore it and hope she grows out of this gender shit
You know she won't, dude.

No. 1580364

God I hope lauryn hill is a terf.
Unrelated but today my friend was saying that ‘trans people have more in common with women then not’ and then she had to correct herself that ofc twaw. It’s like she is continuously convincing herself of it. Luckily we were able to have a normal discussion and I semi came out as a terf but I think she took it well? I hope she peaks soon because she’s a GNC lesbian and I guess hasn’t seen yet how harmful AGPs are to lesbians.

No. 1580366

File: 1656964295266.png (927 KB, 1196x1534, terveswouldshitthebed.png)

Saged for old milk, but I've seen them boast about using the lactation room for dilation.

No. 1580372

File: 1656964632912.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1921, 8BAF891C-8F3C-4BED-8923-1A735E…)

average troon rapist feeling threatened by women defending themselves

No. 1580373

File: 1656964698843.jpeg (288.47 KB, 1125x876, 5A0599AA-9505-4351-A8AE-FB9478…)

now he’s crying on twitter about the “evil terfs” attacking him

No. 1580375

god these threads are getting so exhausting. i love my nonnas but i'm starting to burn out on the tranny takeover. they just don't stop raping, pedoing, and talk talk talking ugh i'm so close to giving up and walking into the ocean.

No. 1580376

why isn't he shaming the man that would try to rape a woman that felt the need to use it, wait I know why

No. 1580377

take a break nonna, step away from social media it can feel overwhelming online

No. 1580380

File: 1656965151619.jpeg (44.12 KB, 400x400, DB806EAA-B7E2-4828-995A-40DEED…)

lipstick on a pig… literally

No. 1580382

Here's a girly passing tip: don't be a rapist!

No. 1580385

Peak her with that one story of the moid who had a female friend who came out as a lesbian, then he forced her to date him by saying he was a tranny too, and also a lesbian.

No. 1580387

Arm like a LIDL-brand sausage

No. 1580388

File: 1656965910308.jpeg (505.29 KB, 750x1272, 4C3E4C8D-41F4-405E-8F04-DBECBF…)

leave the makeup subs alone! troons suck at makeup and their selfies are all ugly.

No. 1580393

kek noona, new conspiracy theory right here
i'll add my own tinfoil: there are some high-ranking troons in the company itself

No. 1580395

this man couldn't put on a wig to save his life

No. 1580396

Does he not even remember where his hairline was?

No. 1580403

At least he calls himself a crossdresser and not a woman

No. 1580405

This one actually makes me so viscerally angry. There is a fucking reason women had to start using these devices. If a moid can’t keep his penis to himself, he should be sentenced to life in prison, or better yet, death! I wish every woman on the planet could have one.

No. 1580406

I feel the same way. Sometimes idk why I read them, but I like being aware of the reality of what is happening. At the same time, it feels like a sort of self harm to read thread upon thread of how men want to rape and kill us, it’s no different from staring at incel forums.

No. 1580408

He should show us the replies women made about WHY women use the rapex. I want to see him answer to those comments instead of the ones that make fun of him. Please, tell the women in South Africa who use them to protect themselves why they shouldn’t be. Tell women who have been raped why they shouldn’t have a way to defend themselves against sexual predators.

No. 1580411

Are there actually legit rapexes on the market?

No. 1580413

I read the beginning of the manga out of sheer curiosity because of the controversy (the fan translation specifically) and what you just said never happens. You must be thinking about a completely unrelated manga because the most nsfw thing that ever happens in that one is that the main characters won't stop blushing and stuttering in front of each other.

No. 1580414

Oh, apparently not. I didn’t know. There really should be though.

No. 1580416

I saw on twitter that the translator is an autistic transbian who's obsessed with vtubers, and a fellow translator, a woman, justified his shit by saying he did a lot of research to make a accurate translation… by interviewing American trannies. I wish I were joking. I also wish I had enough common sense to take screenshots when I saw that. But at least it's a manga, fantranslations are easy to find, they're not like butchered or censored video games because gay or lesbian implied couples are "weird", "creepy", or whatever like with a bunch of Japanese games in the 90s and some games """translated""" by Treehouse like FE Fates.

No. 1580421

>26" waist
x doubt

No. 1580431

I've never seen a man with these proportions lol…

No. 1580439

I doubt even anorexic Mr. Barbie Pouch has a 26 inch waist.

No. 1580448

wish every country would give women that shit for free, if men don't learn not to rape women, at least they have to be injured while doing so

No. 1580459

Of course not. A man's penis could get hurt.

No. 1580469

I can't begin to imagine the brain damage on this one. The reason that device exists at all is there is enough women getting assaulted. How the fuck is it "evil" for somebody to protect their own body, but rape isn't?

There's no possible context to that tweet that doesn't come of as rape apologetic. No man would need to worry about this shit unless he wanted to assault. And a lot of trannies do, it seems.

No. 1580474

Of course it's Taylor Lorenz writing this crap.
He's annoying as shit, but I suppose it's nothing compared to what he has to live with.

No. 1580477

They’re all for bodily autonomy unless it is a woman’s. Then she’s “evil” or a “cunt” or a “terf” or whatever word they feel like using that day. We have to fuck them, we have to carry their children and then watch as they troon out after pregnancy trapping, we have to just accept being raped. Apparently that’s what it means to be a woman these days, but only if you’re one of those gross cis ones.

No. 1580480

File: 1656972682329.png (747.06 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20220704-175702_(1)…)

Handmaiden tries to speak for all women.
Here's the article that she's whining about:

Honestly, this whole ~inclusive language~ shit is so stupid. Trannies only represent 1% of the population while cis people make up the other 99%. Why the fuck do we have to trip over ourselves to appease such a miniscule part of a population? There are some humans who can't walk on two legs since birth, doesn't mean we have to redefine what a homo sapien is.
Does anyone have proof that you'll also see this kind of ~inclusive language~ when it's the topic of men's health? Because I've only seen this kind of uproar when it's on the topic of women.

No. 1580484

Look at that nice bathroom. Probably still live in his upper middle class parents' house so it's not surprising he has no idea what oppression feels like.

No. 1580485

exactly, i really do not understand why he is saying it's "evil". definitely brain damage. i want to a-log this piece of shit.
women aren't tricking people into sex with them with this on, like he somehow thinks. this is used as protection and a way to fight back against rapists. his first thought being "terfs will use this against men/trannies!" is so ridiculous and gross.

No. 1580486

Damn. I really like her feminist art too.

No. 1580490

That’s how we know he is a male, because his reaction is exactly what any other average joe on the street would have, just concern about the sanctity and well-being of his dick, as well as concern about women using it “just because”, like there isn’t an obvious reason it was thought up. If they consider it a savage torture device, maybe they should stop giving into the base, savage power play that is rape. They never think about what women face and how common this issue is, how it actually feels to be raped. Even when the topic of men being raped comes up, they don’t care about the victims in actuality and just use it as a gotcha to own women. They don’t try to problem solve on how to prevent it from happening or make rape centers for men or whatever. It’s just “seeeeeee men get raped too” and expect women to fix it. I feel like it’s pointless ever trying to reason with them because their brains can’t handle it and are only capable of getting self-fulfillment by harming others.

No. 1580493

theyre all programmers who work from home.

No. 1580495

File: 1656973735698.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x400, 20220705_002410.jpg)

No. 1580496

yeah she's long since been a handmaiden when lesbians tried to talk to her about the cotton ceiling years ago she just blocked them

No. 1580497

Not this one >>1580366

No. 1580498

File: 1656974471852.png (336.66 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220705-004010.png)

Bette Milder supports Amber kek these tras really thought she was a handmaiden

No. 1580501

File: 1656974925007.jpg (89.09 KB, 694x955, Screenshot_20220705-004622.jpg)

Lmfao they're denying archeologists can't tell a male corpse from a female. The Y chromosome is in your DNA, scrotes.

No. 1580502

No. 1580504

I love when they imply that their bones magically change on HRT

No. 1580505

File: 1656975130817.png (37.35 KB, 595x157, uglytran.png)

Kek this is such a cope

No. 1580507

File: 1656975294020.jpg (78.2 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_20220705-005411.jpg)

No. 1580508

lol ofc the scrote thinks being excited about finding a fitting bra is sexual

No. 1580509

How's that AGP? Is he assuming bras are sexual? Ew. I love when trannies out themselves

No. 1580515

My first thought was of the woman finding a bra that actually fits well and is comfy. Of course a scrote would project and make it about his own fetishes. Colin is so annoying.

No. 1580523

Is he going on random women's tweets and harassing them now? Gross.

No. 1580524

>even IF some shitty archaeologist in the future misgenders you
it's not like that archaeologist is being purposefully "transphobic" though. they're literally just doing their job and identifying the bones as they see them. archeologists can't look at a male skeleton and think "huh i think this one was a mtf! better use she/her and write that on the paper!"

No. 1580525

He's now doing damage control and replying with "n-no u" to anyone who's calling him out in the thread. Embarrassing.

No. 1580526

File: 1656977534948.jpg (67.28 KB, 750x827, FW2ijK8WYAMqL3w.jpg)

Macy Gray is reaching dangerous levels of based.

No. 1580536

To the anon in the last thread who said a bullet to the head is not how you deal with troons, I'd like her to look at >>1580372 and still tell me I'm wrong.

No. 1580537

File: 1656979155428.jpg (282.26 KB, 540x632, laughingviolinist.jpg)


No. 1580538

File: 1656979321955.jpeg (1.37 MB, 960x1341, 83B41475-6109-4251-B2B4-317BA0…)

Here’s one from a few days ago. Gross he wears a dog collar with his name on the tag in public.

No. 1580539

Kek. Troons and handmaidens on pure copium as none of their usual bully tactics work on women infinitely more successful than they could ever be.

No. 1580542

I literally never thought I would ever read someone have real jealousy and want to transition into Classically Abby. This is so funny.

No. 1580544

All the TRA replies are like "lol cis people don't get the joke" but there's nothing to get. There literally is no joke?

No. 1580553

its about being comfortable stupid tranny, inb4 hurr joke

No. 1580556

Wtf why is he laying nude in front of literal children? Why the fuck is this allowed???

No. 1580557

File: 1656981499333.jpg (82.25 KB, 610x619, kflarpk-1544028234945204224-im…)

No. 1580559

File: 1656981646966.jpeg (150.05 KB, 750x464, 9B9063CA-F836-404A-9241-404883…)

they’re so obsessed with growing moobs.

No. 1580563

File: 1656982279435.png (437.17 KB, 831x905, macy gray.png)

whenever there's a tweet making numbers you'll see Colin's dumb takes under there. IE bette and macy gray's tweets

No. 1580564

File: 1656982310707.png (46.63 KB, 881x383, colin.png)

No. 1580565

File: 1656982345379.jpg (330.75 KB, 1234x2048, Eanae-1413318991083409410-img1…)

No. 1580567

File: 1656982444513.png (54.3 KB, 1361x338, based sis.png)

No. 1580570

File: 1656982841421.jpg (126.18 KB, 843x1322, 20220704_205936.jpg)

la creatura

No. 1580571

File: 1656982867384.jpg (95.01 KB, 843x1091, 20220704_205940.jpg)

el goblino

No. 1580572

Ben Stein looking ass

No. 1580573

This faggot is so terminally online. Does he have a fucking job? How can he tweet literally 24/7???

No. 1580576

you'll never be her sister. She doesn't want to invite her unhinged, deranged brother. Big difference!

No. 1580580

Lmfao not Cletus

No. 1580581

he works for a magazine

No. 1580582

>enemy number one of the patriarchy
Abortion just got struck down, and this faggot has the gall to post this. I want to a-log this fucker so bad sometimes.

No. 1580584

fighting the patriarchy by pretending to be women and living up to the stereotypes wow

No. 1580586

File: 1656984313526.jpeg (722.01 KB, 828x1428, 24A4D698-1C2A-453E-9047-508AEB…)

Look at the stains on his shirt. Unhinged and disgusting creature

No. 1580599


> colin.png

this made me cackle

every tweet of his is such a colin.png tbh

No. 1580604


This stupid troid again, now he's whining about being remembered as a rape enthusiast

No. 1580608

File: 1656986609804.jpg (320.46 KB, 806x776, maddyupdate.jpg)

Was reading through the old threads, saw someone mention Maddy Thorson, the guy who made Celeste. Then another anon said he'll probably identify as a woman someday. Well, guess what?

No. 1580610

File: 1656986744559.jpg (379.15 KB, 1536x2048, 292412448_10166671297290107_14…)

No. 1580611

File: 1656986878437.jpg (149.57 KB, 750x1062, troonmadlol.jpg)


No. 1580613

File: 1656986930875.png (570.28 KB, 750x1114, Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 20-08…)

No. 1580614

oh my god

No. 1580615

I can’t stop laughing

No. 1580617

literal word vomit

No. 1580618

this is ancient news nonny

No. 1580622

This is something /pol/ would make as a parody.

No. 1580625

The power rangers have it rough after the budget cuts.

No. 1580626

Even if the mental health field is not above critics, anyone who calls themselves "anti psychiatry" is a imminent menace to society. Only god knows what an antisocial perverse he was, the flowerly language and how pointless is the text is is already a red flag.

No. 1580627

kek is so refreshing to see a Tim get ratio'd this hard.

No. 1580633

What's with the happy merchant schnoz? Kek. Vewy feminine.

No. 1580635

So happy he got called out on this from both sides it looks like.

No. 1580636

File: 1656990723324.jpeg (987.05 KB, 1284x2054, B7A5D763-0C0B-4BB8-B5CB-8DF8AE…)

I saw this that someone capped in one of the twitter threads.

No. 1580638

File: 1656991414532.jpeg (194.8 KB, 828x578, 87EBEDF6-8CAD-4220-93E2-D59FF3…)

No. 1580639

Good to know Dennis Nedry survived that dinosaur attack and found his glasses.

No. 1580640

I was thinking the exact same thing.

No. 1580642

i want to fucking alog

No. 1580652

looks like we got another peter griffin, this time fishnet version
>post-op obv
Let’s hope this shitstain does get that post-op rot pocket he wants, so that he will suffer from hairballs, infection, necrosis, and whatever horrific painful shit that comes with it.

No. 1580654

File: 1656996303647.jpg (41.01 KB, 586x244, crypto terf Mark.jpg)

Mark Hamill liked Bette Midlers Tweet. This isn't the first time he liked a TERFy Tweet, lets see if he walks it back this time.
I do have to admit, its a weird sense of relief seeing even the most brainwashed neolib Democrats starting to speak up about this shit. If those fools can wake up, anyone can.

No. 1580660

File: 1656997694992.jpeg (161.36 KB, 1170x1483, 8A298DB3-5D01-4799-97CF-3369A5…)

He is an unapologetic rapist sympathizing MRA.

No. 1580664


This retard was posting to reddit in real time. These people are fucking crazy.

No. 1580670

Peter Griffin?!

No. 1580672

Honestly the tweet seems lukewarm if you have no idea what's been going on. I would imagine a lot of boomer celebs liking it without a clue but we'll see if he suddenly walks it back

No. 1580674

him and his fanboy followers are such retards. they think they’ve “owned” GCs because they’re happy about bras. difference is, women are “euphoric” because they’re simply happy they found one that fits- they aren’t popping a boner because they’re horny looking at their own moobs kek.

No. 1580677

File: 1657000301133.png (172.81 KB, 760x819, Screenshot_20220704-225056.png)

These people need to calm down lmfao. He liked a tweet get a grip

No. 1580678

File: 1657000458589.png (296.81 KB, 760x1194, Screenshot_20220704-225337.png)

For much longer than roe ??? Lmfao men are so stupid

No. 1580682

trans people aren't real, it's a fetish for some and internalized homophobia for others.

No. 1580691

>Implying TIMs have suffered longer than actual women have
Moids really can't let women have any one thing, can they?

No. 1580696

I hope he lives in Chicago.

No. 1580698

You know they're just doing this shit for clout. Mark Hamill especially. He danced along to Disney's tune for the shitty Star Wars sequels. All actors nowadays are whores for the biggest spender.

No. 1580700

God every time I see this dude I just stare in amazement that anyone could be so fucking ugly. He looks identical to one of those antisemitic Jewish caricatures

No. 1580704

File: 1657002922972.jpg (324.86 KB, 720x2255, image (1).jpg)

They are malding. What is it with troons and obsession with people's ages? He is Mark Hamill and will peak more people just like J.K. Cope and seethe.

No. 1580706

File: 1657003133294.png (132.43 KB, 718x521, 1616351354555.png)

His ugliness is next level, but the really astounding thing is that he's actually posting photos online. Nothing could be more obvious proof of his maleness, a woman with a face like that would be so full of self loathing she'd retreat into an isolated hermitage just to spare others from her terrible visage. He doesn't even look somewhat retarded like a lot of terminally ugly trannies (eg the sneaker fetishist with the goiter).

Moid overconfidence is a hell of a drug.

No. 1580708

File: 1657003426756.png (1.03 MB, 1124x1790, 1656994775249.png)

Troon golems

No. 1580713

File: 1657003620031.jpeg (215.61 KB, 996x2047, 68260727-BEB6-4BB7-97FC-EB9115…)

No. 1580717

File: 1657003810629.png (169.55 KB, 882x1399, trasareracist.png)

More tranny racism.

No. 1580720

I don't know why they think weirdos on 4chan and alttubes are "TERFs". It's like everyone forgot ehat the RF stands for.

No. 1580721

File: 1657004137622.jpeg (25.73 KB, 172x341, E4DC2F13-1556-45A3-828A-AC3529…)

He got a dodgy rot pocket job done abroad and has to sit and dilate 24/7

No. 1580722

honestly, I hope Hamill won't apologise for liking that tweet and all these people attacking him now will make him a terf. Another fandom those troons can try to destroy then, I'm here for that shitshow.

No. 1580723

Did she actually say trannies??

No. 1580724

Obvious edit us obvious.

No. 1580728

Why are they instantly ready to attack after somehow stumbling across a celebrity's likes on twitter??

No. 1580729

You know, I'm not the one to post /pol/ jew memes but this wrote itself good lord lol

God give me the confidence of a tranny

No. 1580732

Real j*wish girls would get a nosejob

No. 1580737

they're always projecting so hard, it's literally only troons who say black women aren't feminine and look like men. I've only seen "terfs" be mad about troons sexism and racism, especially since a lot of the so called terfs are poc

No. 1580738

Lol no. Some tim must have edited it to show what an evil bigot she is

No. 1580741

i want him to 41% asap. he's not the most revolting troon, but he is by far the most insufferable
at least imo

No. 1580743

my dude you ARE the patriarchy

No. 1580744

didn't keffals get the dick inversion surgery at 18? was he a minor when he did pre op porn? is that why he thought grooming teen boys for nudes was normal?

based tweet

No. 1580745

File: 1657007286933.jpg (1.1 MB, 810x4513, Screenshot_20220705-034508_Chr…)

>The women who hate 50 shades of grey are pick me's

No. 1580746

His "female brain" somehow indistinguishable from that of a porn-fried male

No. 1580748

this guy is a case study on how to turbowank your way into a female gender identity

No. 1580750

good, hopefully he doesn't backtrack like he did when he liked one of Rowling's tweets. seems like most people who supported her ended up "apologizing" because of all the harassment they received. except for the actor who played Hagrid, he doesn't give a fuck. very based
kek the absolute insanity and retardation of this scrote. yes colin I'm so grateful our wonderful…."sisters" such as >>1580638 >>1580660 >>1580745 are at the fronts of feminist activism. truly smashing the patriarchy

No. 1580751

Was 50 shades really the best he could've done as an example of an edgy female fantasy? Really? There absolutely weren't any better examples than this piece of awkwardly written nonsensical dogshit?

No. 1580755

Colin phoning in to Kathleen Stock's interview on LBC was hilarious, he sounded just like the incoherently angry little man that he is on Twitter

No. 1580757

the way he writes hurts my brain and very nice from him to explain how women think and feel, I didn't knew it before, now I know a lot more about myself.

No. 1580760

File: 1657009326853.png (3.72 MB, 997x2048, lyznee.png)

I'm just now realizing how filled to the brim with troons Anime News Network is. They all have stomach-churningly "kawaii" names like Lynzee and Crystalyn and other gay shit. Picrel is their editorial executive editor. No wonder that site likes to talk about lolis and show off half-naked women all the time. There's no REAL woman to stop it.

No. 1580761

He can go and get submissively fucked in the ass, but why the hell should anyone care about it

No. 1580765

File: 1657010584446.webm (5.77 MB, 1280x720, rosemuletrapefetish.webm)

Someone dug up a video of him discussing his rape fetish.

No. 1580772

>I pretended to fall asleep while watching a movie with 3 other guys
>and they didn't even rape me
>he says disappointed

No. 1580773

File: 1657011607193.jpg (1.69 MB, 1440x4699, Screenshot_20220705-045700_Chr…)

Time to touch some grass Colin kek:

No. 1580775

File: 1657011834549.png (425.02 KB, 614x977, 1656995474400.png)

Sorry, here's the real one

No. 1580776

That pouch in the lower abdomen is not protective fat, it is regular fat which is difficult for females to get rid of due to estrogenic fat distribution. HAES meme, begone.

No. 1580777

I love how that comment of him backfired, most of them see him now as what he is, just another random man.

No. 1580779

What point is he even trying to make here? Yes, all those women in the replies are 100% correct. He is a male, he thinks like a male, he speaks like a male. What's his point?

No. 1580780

It's nice to see sexual harassment get some resistance on Twitter for fucking once.

No. 1580782

You do know that this psychopath is a biological woman, right? She’s milky as fuck and I’m legit surprised she hasn’t got her own thread here, but yeah. Not a troon, just completely unhinged (exhibit a: claiming to be a tranny).

No. 1580785

File: 1657014141302.png (359.61 KB, 1204x976, JK and Macy Gray.png)

Love this so freaking much.

No. 1580788

Same. Could you please post it on /ot/ as well? Also what book is that?

No. 1580792

go terf, get werk

No. 1580793

I fucking love her, the other day I went on amazon and bought all the hp books, this queen deserves everything. She really gives me hope that we women aren't alone in a world full of troons and the handmaidens that accompany said troons.

No. 1580794


i really hate them doing this shit. she has a raspy feminine voice like a lot of classic singers do. nobody would ever mistake it for a male voice.

No. 1580796

Wait what? Why's she pretending to be a tranny

No. 1580797

Luke Skywalker isn't a terf because he's a fictional character, the state of these people's brains.
Loving the new additions to the terven, kinda perfect for Bette Midler to join JKR considering the Hocus Pocus/witch connection. Also props to Macy Gray. I like that such obviously harmless and nice people like Mark, JKR, Bette, Macy are on board because it makes all the TRA lies look even weaker.

No. 1580804

Attention. She’s a failed “musician” who was obsessed with being a “skinny legend”, she’s been banned from twitter a bunch of times for saying she wants to be raped, threatening people and just being deranged in general. She’s out on heaps of weight and seems to have abandoned the idea of being a dedicated anachan and is LARPing as a tranny instead (presumably so she can use it as a shield from any valid criticism of her complete insanity)

No. 1580806

"I'm not owned! I'm not owned!" I shriek as I slowly shrink and transform into the guitarist for a really shit metal band.

No. 1580808

the meltdown is glorious. they want to check his thinking for liking a wrongthink tweet as if they're the bongland police

No. 1580810

oh my, a real life kikomi kek

No. 1580811

Off topic, perhaps, but I honestly wasn't looking forward to Hocus Pocus 2 - I thought, and to be honest, still do, that it will be a soulless cashgrab sequel to a nostalgic property about a million years too late that will have none of the charm of the original.

Now that Bette Midler has come out as a TERF? Immah be there opening night.

No. 1580813

We should do that same corporate cucked thing trannys do where they throw their money at everything that pays lipservice to them

No. 1580818

"GC people saying that calling someone AGP is creepy"
No your dumb ass just doesn't understand that the situation is entirely different. Why is he publicly owning himself like this? It's obviously creepy to call a woman (or even a small male toddler) an AGP pervert for going into women's dressing rooms, but it's fully appropriate to call a male adult going into women's dressing rooms an AGP pervert. Him being an idiot who can't see that that's the take everyone gets from this is at least peaking people lmao

No. 1580820

No wonder I clocked her as female, thought I was out of touch for a moment

No. 1580823

Notice how it's nearly always older women who speak out about this stuff and who undeniably get the most insane amount of hatred for it.
It's not a coincidence. We all know how men (and a lot of other women) treat older women who aren't handmaidens - They're their favorite punching bags. Specifically because a lot of them see right through men's BS and hold them accountable. All this century old sexism disguised as "progress" makes me want to throw up.

No. 1580824

Post it then

No. 1580825

>Notice how it's nearly always older women who speak out about this stuff
That's because they grew up during the women's movement. I talk to my mom about this a lot, she grew up in the 60s/70s and she was out there protesting and fighting for women's rights. I have turned her into a TERF now and she gets so sad about the fact that these MEN are trying to destroy everything that women like her have worked so hard for and it looks like they are succeeding and destroying things women have worked for for YEARS in only a short time. Honestly made me tear up a bit when she said "We fought for a better world for our daughters to grow up in and now you have to fight the same fight again, men will never leave us alone."

No. 1580827

It could also be that they are more secure in their beliefs and themselves and have secure social groups so they don't fear the backlash of men that much anymore. They have achieved so much in their lives already that if they get cancelled it won't be as bad as for younger women whose lives could be ruined. How I wish to be a 50+ yo woman who doesn't give a fuck, as a 30-yo I kind of have to so I don't lose my job opportunities. Older women also don't care about male opinions that much anymore because they know that if a woman gives her pinkie, a man will take the whole hand and then some. Older women who speak out are B A S E D

No. 1580828

This is a huge part of it but also being an older woman can soften the damage being blackballed causes. younger people have to pay rent

No. 1580831

You just can't leave us hanging like this, anon. Give us something, anything.

No. 1580833

Oh lord, I don’t even know where to begin. I wish I had screen caps of old tweets from her nuked accounts. She’s been posting about wanting to be raped for years, no hyperbole. I’m not a twitter user myself, I only know about her because she became obsessed with a friend of mine who used to have a modest following. She would tweet at him relentlessly saying that she wanted him to rape her, and then she did a complete 180 and started tweeting death threats at him, which is what got her banned. So of course she proceeded to make more accounts to harass him until he left twitter and we all forgot about her. I don’t know when this tranny LARP started, this is the first I’ve seen or heard of it, I’ll have a dig around and see what I can find

No. 1580834

File: 1657022119880.jpg (40.57 KB, 720x740, 20220705_135437.jpg)

No. 1580835

The jokes write themselves

No. 1580836

File: 1657022446072.jpeg (498.41 KB, 828x1440, D38208C9-77DB-4AE6-B93E-77B6C0…)

I dunno about you ladies but if I saw this grown ass man wearing a babydoll t shirt with “days of girlhood” emblazoned on it I’d be calling the police to report a predator

No. 1580837

File: 1657022725516.jpeg (779.83 KB, 828x1436, B8E7B992-1B4B-42F4-A021-4B65D3…)

>adult male calling himself “a bubbly girl”
>paid partnership with Sodastream
We really do live in a society

No. 1580841

https://youtube.com/watch?v=nix3ZB5ZBd8 starts around 28:50

His voice gets lower and lower as he gets more enraged lol

No. 1580842

lmao met a handmaiden in the wild today.
asked them to defend the logic on veronica ivy's daily show/twitter meltdown rant
look at this fucking word salad i have received free of charge, chef's compliments:

>By me drawing a boundary by highlighting your insults towards me and offering well-intentioned advice leads you to say I’m complaining and do not care about the potentially negative effect you may have on an other human, only reflects poorly on your character. Regardless at the end of the day, I know my conociese is clear that I do not need proximity to someone to respect, validate, and honor another person’s innate human dignity and I am secure in myself that your insults have no bearing on me. I’m used to fighting an uphill battle given my multiple marginalized identities due to the systematic inequalities in society, especially within my own field.

> 'w-w-well you were MEAN to me because you said 'CHESS WITH PIGEONS' off-handedly therefore implying i didn't have a real argument, so you are clearly MORALLY BAD and therefore i SHOULDN'T HAVE TO MAKE AN ARGUMENT because you made me FEEL BAD about myself but I DON'T EVEN CARE because i'm so unique and oppressed thAT NOTHING U CAN DO HURTS ME'

imagine being non-binary and still able to do such a realistic impression of a whiny manbaby. the level of talent on this one.

No. 1580844

wtf why are all these mad troons getting corporate sponsorships

at least it's not as bad as the one advertising sanitary pads

No. 1580846


No. 1580847

and another brand on my list that I will never ever buy from again. Well, last Sodastream was bought nearly 20 years ago and it's in the trash by now, so, nothing lost for me.

No. 1580848

File: 1657023503224.png (77.51 KB, 858x440, Screenshot_20220705-131810_Chr…)

reminds me of

No. 1580850

>we cannot let this be a thing
Troons and TRAs are truly all about coercion

No. 1580853

This is the same tranny who got the Tampax sponsorship, nona.

No. 1580855

lol what, even biotrans is no longer a parody these days

No. 1580857

File: 1657024134631.png (97.56 KB, 802x541, undefined - Imgur (5).png)

No. 1580858

File: 1657024224540.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, 29A27397-9515-4A80-897F-407926…)

No. 1580862

>I’m used to fighting an uphill battle given my multiple marginalized identities due to the systematic inequalities in society, especially within my own field.
why do they talk like aliens

No. 1580864

These people are so fucking unhinged. The man liked a tweet. This is why people can’t fucking stand them. Instead of just accepting that people have opinions about things, they see this simple action as an act of legitimate genocide. I’m still laughing about the one saying “Luke Skywalker isn’t a terf!” They really don’t live in the real world.

No. 1580868

to be completely fair, i did say that 'if we can't agree on basic facts there is no point in arguing' which, y'know, it's totally understandable how they would see that as an attack on their human dignity.

more salad in response to pigeon comment:
> I do not take kindly to thinly veiled ad hominem comments. If you want to have a productive discussion/debate, first define your key terms before presenting your argument and don’t stoop so low to invalidate a person’s humanity with dog-whistle comments or insult other participants’ intelligence with (implied) ad hominem attacks. Failure to adhere to these simple and respectful guidelines, would mean there’s no point in arguing and shows your position was formed from an eisegesis rather than exegesis (to borrow terms used more in theology) understanding of literature, not limited to research papers or first/second sources, and desire to prove you’re right rather than understand or teach other participation/audience.

my sisters in christ i am losing it.
i literally just asked them afterwards to just present their defense instead of making this into an ad hominem issue and they could not even do that.

the biblical terminology tho
'oo look i know big words, be distracted by the # of syllables instead of what they mean'

No. 1580869

he's a pink nightmare allright

No. 1580871

went to rt this and the account is already suspended kek

No. 1580873

Dylan (the fucker with the Tampax and Sodastream sponsorships) has 6.2 MILLION followers on TikTok. The girl from last thread’s OP pic (he is the troon she’s parodying) not only got massively brigaded and booted off the platform but apparently got fired from her job and kicked out of her college for said parody as well. Another YouTuber who made a politely critical video on him has been sent death threats too. I hate all trannies but I have extra reserves of contempt for the ones who infantilise themselves because you cannot tell me they’re not sex pests

No. 1580876

My fucking sides, how is this not satire? Where the fuck did you find this specimen? I’m ugly-snort-cackling

No. 1580877

Dylan is such a fascinating case study of sexual brokenness and complete irrversable degeneracy because hes clearly a gay man but since he trooned out he has exhibited all the trappings of a pedophilic agp. He is both a hsts and an agp at the same time. He clearly gets off on imitating infant girls without actually being attracted to females. and this can only mean his main motive for trooning out was imagining himself as a female toddler being pursued by adult males. He is a dark look into the future and a preview at what freakish hsts/agp hybrids will start to begin to crop up soon

No. 1580878

>kicked out of her college
Wait, really? I heard about her being fired but not being expelled. Do you know on what grounds? The only reason I can think of is “harassment,” but that wouldn’t even qualify

No. 1580879

bringing them into disrepute. easiest to throw her under the bus than take any heat for not doing so

No. 1580880

scrotes can form entire organized packs to rape freshmen girls without consequences but a woman is defending herself against being publically humiliated and everyone looses their mind

No. 1580883

it's worse than that. they used to expel the raped girls. probably still do where they can get away with it.

No. 1580885

AGPs clearly have a higher status than HSTS in the T community so I predict that HSTS will increasingly start imitating their behaviour and quote-unquote aesthetics. Which is lulzy because until recently it was AGPs that tried to convince people they were HSTS.

No. 1580888

tbf this IS actually an insult but i did end up finding her instagram account and

i hate making fun of other women (i THINK she's cis?) but i also hate how perfectly she fulfills the trope of the purple-haired goblin who supports troons because she feels insecure/unattractive in her own femininity and the 'all women are women even when they're built like linebackers' seems to appeal to that demographic because they themselves don't feel like they fit into acceptable 'feminine' standards.

like she's a good foot shorter than her other female friends, shaped like a fridge, has this tiny dog that looks like he's being abused in every photo, and she had to make a declarative monologue about how my previous 'insults' didn't hurt her.
people can be really, really obvious about their insecurities at times.

No. 1580891

File: 1657027841621.png (830.08 KB, 622x597, dwi.jennifer.png)

pretty sure this is a cis woman though, just unfortunate genetics
She's also an aspiring theologian which explains why she's quoting bible terminology as if it's at all relevant to the situation, she just wants to use the newest vocabulary she learned in bible studies.

No. 1580893

You don’t have to use that word nona. She’s either female or she isn’t.

No. 1580896

turner syndrome maybe

No. 1580897

Feel like this person just like inhaled a bunch of online Tumblr discourse and then is spurting it back out without understanding what any of the words mean, I'm sure it's an effective technique among fellow internet brainrot havers since most people will just skim and reply 'k' or 'fair point' because they are literally saying nothing to even reply to.

No. 1580898

tbf based on the rhetoric, i was assuming she was trans in some way because questioning veronica ivy's authority seemed to really be the clincher for what set off the 'you are being OFFENSIVE and i don't need to tALK TO YOU' reflexive defense.

No. 1580900

why the fuck are people even giving this guy the time of day

he's as creepy and weird as they get

no-one can seriously be looking at this freak and thinking, yep, that's a woman alright

it's completely fucking stupid, the whole thing

No. 1580904

File: 1657029619073.jpeg (82.91 KB, 965x828, 2BF3D778-BEF7-40B5-B652-BF4C69…)

bruh why does he look like the creepy troon from the mr bungle vid LOL

No. 1580905

File: 1657029680720.png (777.63 KB, 1075x1392, 20220705_130909.png)

the delusion is real

No. 1580909

if this is actually a woman, as some nonas have pointed out, then this specimen has some of the craziest mental illness ive ever seen. like that has to be a necrotic brain inside of that skull. theres no coming back from this

No. 1580911

literally just a fat woman, medfag

No. 1580912

I honestly thought this guy was doing a parody of trannies when I first saw one of his videos

No. 1580913

I find it weird though. Apparently this one has had a spat with keffles before. If this is a woman, did she really just kikomi people that hard? I feel like people would have already revealed this or the troons would have been posting on that rapex thread to own the people saying it’s a TiM. Like, I’m not fully against the possibility that the statement could be true because the voice sounds female and looks-wise could go either way to me just from pictures, but I need more proof.

No. 1580914

This person isn't scary because they are transgender. They're scary because they're so hideously jealous of girls and women that they defend rapists/sex traffickers. That's actual hatred and bigotry, literal deranged serial killer shit

No. 1580918

File: 1657031164170.jpg (178.54 KB, 1241x1210, 20220705_162517.jpg)

This moron really saying that saying transwomen are men is comparable to fascism and stalin?? What??

No. 1580921

She's saying Emni (ISIS recruiting group) and Mossad are responsible for TERF propaganda. Genuine schizo shit.

No. 1580922

She’s a woman, she’s claiming she’s trans for attention, as I said up thread. Again, I wish I had caps of her old tweets because all her old accounts got hit with the banhammer on account of her sperging about wanting to raped and sending death threats to random people, but I don’t the proof so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or don’t, whatever floats yer boat. I’m trawling through the archives to see what I can surface. Regardless, she’s still scary and absolutely jealous of women because she’s a hambeast with a face like a smashed crab and a hefty side serve of legitimate psychopathy
This made me audibly chuckle

No. 1580924

How the fuck does anyone take these lunatics seriously? We truly are living in clown world, Jesus me fecking beads

No. 1580925

What on earth is he blathering on about now(sage)

No. 1580930

sage for retardposting but why are troons so obsessed with "girl childhood" and teen experiences? Like going to prom or having sleepovers? I am from random poor third world country and me and my friends have had none of those things (except for one who got a quinceanera party) and we are still women. It shows they are privileged narcissists who think only America exists.

No. 1580931

because they're pedophiles.

No. 1580932

many of the are pedophiles hiding behind a 'female gender identity'

this is also why we see so many with a shitting-in-a-diaper-and-masturbating fetish

most of them are perverts

No. 1580933

I mean just look at Aimee Challenor

No. 1580935

Did we forget how to sage?

No. 1580936

File: 1657033680236.png (658.46 KB, 1642x674, hand.png)

looks like anatomy is kinda terfy everyone

No. 1580940

no retard. that's a tranny. he's from skinny legend stan twitter because that's where gay men fester
https://youtu.be/_Wp29QXkBOs listen to this obviously male voice

No. 1580942

Weren’t they just mad at JLo like last week because she used the venus symbol in a performance?

No. 1580947

Samefagging, but do they know that Twitter isn’t indicative of the entire world? Most women the world over are terfs without even knowing and would laugh them out of their spaces.

No. 1580948

Thank god I though ny tranny radar had broken

No. 1580951

terfs healing the israeli palestine conflict… slay

No. 1580952

definitely looks like a man who transitioned early

No. 1580953

Literally looking like a middle aged developmentally disabled man on a disney trip, kek.

No. 1580960

Its not the same though because supporting troons rights its whats hip right now and probably 70% of those celebrities that say twans rightzz probably dont give a shit and are only saying it so they don't get cancelled. But I bet you the majority is probably tired of this shit. So these ladies that are standing up to these freaks are being seen as horrible people, so yeah I will support them in any way I can, they modern day witches. I hope more and more people realize that these tims are nothing but pedos and rapist coomers.

No. 1580961

The fact that they're always insisting that we can't tell nonwhite women from men is just so insane. It's based on literally nothing but their own racism. Everyone can tell a real woman is a woman regardless of race. This is not a thing.

No. 1580962

They do seem trannyish and we all have seen how child transitioners become obese adults. Idk what proof anon would have that it's a female unless she saw her naked

No. 1580963

File: 1657036095715.jpg (816.92 KB, 971x2210, Screenshot_20220705-092019_Fir…)

stupid handmaiden is afraid to leave her TIM boyfriend who got her addicted to drugs. only 19 years old.

No. 1580965

>Macy Gray is in a secret cabal with the Nazi party, the USSR, Maoists, Israel, ISIS and Saudi Arabia to promote fascism by treating women as people
Terry Davis level shizo shit

No. 1580974

speaking from personal experience, I've only ever been misgendered by blue hairs and white supremacists and the latter were doing it on purpose to harass me.

No. 1580975

>be no-name Broadway actor rapidly aging out of twinkdom
>do the bare minimum to "troon out"; don't even bother shaving your beard
>blow up on TikTok
>amass army of handmaidens to doxx anyone who questions your grift
>every. single. post. is corporate sponcon

I gotta give it to this guy, he's a pure fucking hustler.

No. 1580981

It's funny that this troon thinks fucking ISIS, Russia and China are spreading TERF ideology, while 4chan types think those same people spread the gender ideology to "weaken society". They must have some really conflicting orders to fulfill.

No. 1580984

>TERFs are always claiming black women are trans!

I've interacted with plenty of TERFs and I've never, ever seen one do that. I've seen tons of TIMs do it though (case in point.) It's almost like face-blind autistic white men are the ones who think black women look "masculine", not women.

And for the last time: women don't care about being misgendered! If a TERF ever accidentally called me trans, I'd just laugh because I'm not. They're just jealous Macy doesn't have to "pass" or do anything to be a woman except…just be one.

No. 1580987

File: 1657038202534.jpeg (546.62 KB, 1284x1159, F4938FA8-A103-4E6F-A952-A26A4B…)

I love that she doubled down. Queen.

No. 1580988

I feel bad for her because I bet she's getting absolutely eviscerated in the comments by middle aged groomers saying she's disgusting and sick for not being attracted to this guy. I wouldn't call her a handmaiden as much as a confused and self hating teenage lesbian who has had 0 experience actually dating and sleeping with women so she got with this troon. I hope she leaves him and heals

No. 1580990

You should. It's only a matter of time until he grooms a 7-year old boy.

No. 1580992

He's dressed like actual child, this is pedophilia. And he's a PhD candidate. Can you imagine this freak being your professor or academic colleague?

Truth, and they're rolling back Title IX protections in the US too. College campuses are very dangerous places for young women.

No. 1580993

remember when troons screeched at Beyonce for having a baby photoshoot back in 2018?

No. 1580995

that is the perverted troon that called a womens vagina a barbie pouch

No. 1580997

File: 1657038897075.jpg (364.75 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20220705-123121_Chr…)

Check out his Twitter. He's absolutely seething with narc rage over this kek:

No. 1580998

Literal schizo word salad. Interesting how quickly their illogical arguments fall apart with the slightest pushback.

No. 1580999

Wonder what'll happen when the west wakes up and realizes all our stupid pro-tranny anti-vaxxer flat earther shit is fully our own creation and we have no one to blame but our own shit tier culture

No. 1581000

God I hope she sues them to hell and back. I know there are probably a ton of lawyers waiting in the wings, drooling over the chance to defend her. I hope she knows that.

No. 1581001

> Can you imagine this freak being your professor or academic colleague?
Only men could get away with wearing child clothes and trying to do a girl larp while working in academics. A woman would be laughed out of the room if she wore the same outfit. Women have to try hard to dress themselves a certain way in order to be taken seriously or looked at as professional, and often still don’t get looked at as intelligent. Meanwhile, you see tranny moids like this all the time working in higher positions being obvious creeps.

No. 1581002

i'm hyena-laughing at the idea of the troon army fumbling desperately to come up with a 'gotcha' response to this when they've used the same very argument one billion times before to invalidate the experience of women who didn't agree with them.

No. 1581003

4chan moids love ruskies and isis though

No. 1581004

I think a documentary about all of the botched SRS surgeries and the story of detransitioners is more likely to happen.

No. 1581005

I've got 10 minutes 'til work and I am NOT reading this word salad avalanche

No. 1581007

The same Jane Fonda who sympathized with the Vietcong? The same Jane who denied what kind of horrific conditions American POWs were forced into? That same Hanoi Jane?

No. 1581010

Are you posting from the 70s right now

No. 1581011

I'm sorry, is history suddenly shunned in this thread?

No. 1581012

Is it sad that one of my first thoughts for the rapex thing would be for women at college? There are too many moids who spike alcohol, and if these things existed I would encourage every girl going to a party in college to have one. My only fear is that the scrotes would murder the women who did this.

No. 1581014

Oh no not the poor childraping american vietnam soldiers. How is this relevant to jane fonda supporting troons

No. 1581015

Lol okay I see you don't like having people's other shitty things they've done in the past brought up. Man fuck off.

No. 1581019

go queen!

No. 1581022

Kek god forbid someone sympathize with people defending their homes instead of napalm bombing invaders who had no business being there, go back to Twitter boomerfag

No. 1581023

Jesus go back to summer school, it's obvious you failed history.

No. 1581024

Huh. She sounds based

No. 1581025

No. 1581028

Lol why would anyone defend the us military jfc

No. 1581030

You mean the fake "history" burgerfags learn in your shitty low-ranking schools to glorify your military atrocities? Kek

You're right nonna I'm sorry, that comment was just too funny not to dunk on. We'll go back to discussing troons.

No. 1581034

It's the official biotrans doll!
I'm so tired of these dumb people who think typing in NPR speak makes them smart or correct.
>Honestly made me tear up a bit when she said "We fought for a better world for our daughters to grow up in and now you have to fight the same fight again, men will never leave us alone."
I hope more older women preach this. Millennial women grew up thinking that their males had been reformed, but 20 years out it's just SSDD. Honestly, manipulative "liberal" millennial men are worse than their fathers. They created this scorched earth "I'm not responsible for your feelings!" culture of using and mistreating women while giving back absolutely nothing.

No. 1581035

File: 1657041221975.jpeg (76.12 KB, 659x666, kikomi.jpeg)

Son of a bitch ate my pic!

No. 1581036

relevant because of how many trannies have a military background, i'm convinced it's the depleted uranium or something out there screwing up their brains

they're often the worst types to, very aggressive, most likely to troid rage

No. 1581038

File: 1657041872715.png (26.98 KB, 588x314, B06443B1-24E3-4BB8-B3CE-5F18A3…)

Can they fucking stop with this? The racist beliefs of the past were wrong, yes, but women have every right to say NO to males who have always used their power against us. How is it that they can always use an example of oppressor vs oppressed but not apply it to men oppressing women since the dawn of time? What is not connecting for them?

No. 1581040

racism but woke

No. 1581042

very normal reaction to one of the mildest takes ("please dont erase the word woman") imaginable. at least fencesitters will see this and get peaked hopefully

No. 1581045

Who the hell is this guy and how does he explain black terfs

No. 1581048

Probably that they’re brainwashed race traitors

No. 1581052

already seen this today about Macy Gray. identity politics is everything to these people until someone doesn't toe the line, then they're a dang dirty traitor

No. 1581056

And notice whose doing it. A lot of black people are ignoring it or in some places (LSA, Shaderoom, black blogs) they are agreeing. People tend to think all black women/people are with the trans and its only very few who aren't. It's not true.

No. 1581058

I’m tired of men trying to explain anything about womanhood to women.

No. 1581059

Definitely has, there are all those tags trending on Twitter in relation to her.

No. 1581064

File: 1657044117104.jpeg (455 KB, 1284x2020, 08E4EB2A-E155-436F-B9F3-D53E01…)

Don’t even need to go to forums for it. There are plenty of public spaces where black people are calling out the bullshit. I saw this one for instance.

No. 1581073

He reminds me of a yassified Dr. Dray

No. 1581083

Bette Midler is jewish… lol. You can't use the "white woman" card against her.

No. 1581087

File: 1657046152908.png (1.91 MB, 1400x1096, Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1.24…)

I definitely think this is a cultural turning point, now that household name celebrities (besides JK) are starting to speak up and refusing to be bullied into silence. Also picrel. I think a lot of normies were comfortable letting troons live in peace, but they pushed it WAY too far with the sports thing, claiming their biology was identical to women's, and demanding everyone erase the word "woman" from our vocabularies right while real women were losing our rights. They should've been prepared for pushback even from the libfem "trust science" crowd, since none of their claims are remotely scientific.

No. 1581088

Ah, another "white wimmin bad" take on Twitter, the most NPC of all Twitter takes. Made all the more hilarious by the fact that many TERFs are not white at all.

No. 1581091

>white woman stands up for women
"well you're a racist Karen!"

>black woman stands up for women

"well you're practically a man anyway!"

Their comebacks are so tired & predictable at this point.

No. 1581092

You clearly haven't been keeping up with the times, nonna. White women, Jewish women and WoC have all been bumped down the oppression list by misogynistic white men in programmer socks.

No. 1581095

Every day proves North Carolina was right.

No. 1581098

File: 1657046781131.jpg (431.91 KB, 828x858, man likes woman.jpg)

bunch of trannies and handmaidens are call this old personal ad "cute"

No. 1581100

It’s been said before here but I’ll say it again. A lot of us were previously on board with some trans stuff, or at least didn’t have a huge issue with it. Back when it was just about using pronouns and names and they said things like “gender is what’s in your head, sex is what’s in your pants”, etc. The turning point was when they started claiming to literally be biological women and saying we’re exactly the same and making their fetishes more known in public spaces and on public forums. I never fully realized the danger these men posed until they started saying the quiet parts out loud, and used to really believe they just wanted to fit in. It’s obvious this is no longer the case, and when they started walking over womens rights and threatening us with rape and death, they fully lost my support. I’ve heard that kind of shit enough from “normal” men, I’m not taking it from men who claim to be women, too. I know many other women feel the same way. We tend to be kind to a fault because of socialization, but there is definitely a point where it goes too far and no means no.

No. 1581102

>I am 38, a Cancer
Yes you are, sir, yes you are.

No. 1581103

Pretty sure Jews of all gender are still pretty high up on the oppressed minority ladder. For some reason a lot of black people don't recognize the difference between "white" and "Jewish".

No. 1581104

"Deeply divided". NPR needs to stop being funded.

No. 1581105

exactly nonita, it's how i feel too. thanks for putting it into words more eloquently than i could

No. 1581106

File: 1657047454594.png (15.92 KB, 582x158, 564645456456564654.png)

Noooo Macy dont let them bully you into apologizing!!

No. 1581108

I feel like she’s trying to play both sides now by saying that she is fine with people IDing as trans but doesn’t believe they are real women/men, which is basically the middle ground belief and is going to keep her cancelled imo.

No. 1581111

Way to roll over.

No. 1581112

File: 1657047786779.jpg (19.44 KB, 428x368, tiredpepe.jpg)

No. 1581113

if it helps anyone feel better this story has an almost 100% chance of being fake af

No. 1581116

This was most likely a gay man talking to lesbians. They fawn over this and call it cute however it never happens irl. Tims treat Tifs like shit.

No. 1581120

Right on the money, my mom scoffs as the whole birthing bodies bullshit because women her age know what the fuck has been and is up. We owe these women.

No. 1581122


wtf, the trannies are now cancelling research biologists from giving lectures

this is insane

No. 1581124

Ayrt and same. I was on board with troons when they were pointing out the distinction between sex & gender, and found it understandable that some people's gender identity might not align with their birth sex. I was never a big advocate of SRS, but saw it as an acceptable (if flawed) alternative to suicide or living in misery. Like many other women, I've always had SJW tendencies and feel instinctively protective of marginalized people. So I'm in the perfect demographic to be a troon ally. But I'm also not stupid enough to support people who don't support me. The precise moment troons lost me was when they erased the sex/gender distinction entirely and demanded we pretend "woman" as a sex class didn't exist (while conveniently leaving "man" intact.) As a woman I will NEVER get on board with any movement that erases us, our oppression & our struggles for liberation from the discourse. Troons are the ones peaking us and pushing us into TERFdom as they encroach further & further into our spaces while claiming we don't exist. They have only themselves to blame for this backlash.

No. 1581129

sage your posts, anon but I actually have a theory about the veteran troons. Say they have seen and done awful shit in the military, traumatised to shit, add in the macho fail thing that has been talked about here before, wouldn't trooning out be the perfect getaway? They get a new name, surgeries and shitty wigs, it wasn't Lily Moon Alice who did all the war crimes, that was Jake.

No. 1581137

Same here (except I was always skeptical of enbies and neo-genders or whatever). I used to be supportive and had a few tranny friends too, before this all escalated and I peaked. But even if troons backpedaled and tried to pull the old shit again (differentiating between sex and gender, only caring about pronouns and names), I don’t think I could ever support them again. There’s too much ugliness that has been pulled into the light. There’s still AGPs out there who stereotype women, and any time I see a TiF now, I think they must have internalized misogyny or internalized homophobia. It’s not just “these people feel different on the inside” anymore. There’s a lot wrong with them. I can’t differentiate between the “trutrans” or not (like they used to say), because they’re all misogynistic in one way or the other.

No. 1581138

>"“Biologically speaking,” Ms Vollbrecht told 4W, “there are only two sexes. But that’s not to say that gender doesn’t have its place.""
Lol she can't even stick to her guns.

No. 1581139

similar here, i was on board with the "be kind" for a while and then it just starting clicking how the whole thing is bullshit, gender identity is just a cover for cross dressing fetishism, and so on. now i can't unsee it. and wouldn't want to now i know the harm all this is doing.

No. 1581140

She'll peak after this for sure

No. 1581141

>But I'm also not stupid enough to support people who don't support me.

This seems to be where many lefties fall down, stanning for people who are actively harmful to them in some cases (looking at the part of Twitter that stans for convicted murderers) looking at Rowling's twitter she talks about "luxury beliefs" and I think believing in something that could get you harmed or killed (like inviting strange men into women's spaces because it's ""kind""") is most definitely a luxury belief.

No. 1581142

It's not even particularly conservative black circles that say this. It's just seen as common sense and LA forums are the best example.
Troons and their lefty affiliiates have a very fetishistic view of black women. There's all that condescension going on there, but somehow they don't see what's problematic when trannies say black women are essentially the same as men in dresses. How do they not see their blatantly racist comparisons?

No. 1581143

She's German, she'll apologize for being white next.

No. 1581144

File: 1657050292676.jpg (115.14 KB, 750x969, 47206872-c58b-5a91-a21d-0a2428…)

No. 1581145

Kek he can't be this stupid. You're not "boring", men are just disgusted by your pus filled axe wound

No. 1581146

Why would it change anything unless he’s actively going around telling everyone he meets he got a rot pocket? I thought the genitals didn’t matter.

No. 1581152

That's just his rot hole smelling like shit, which makes people either run away or treat him like the handicapped retard he turned himself into, the "18" years olds just see him as part of their degeneracy bucket list to cross out.

No. 1581156


I think where it really broke down for me is that even if gender and sex are separate I don't think these are actually the same gender identity. Women have a separate politics, separate life experience, separate socialization, etc that clearly results in a distinct gender identity if you bother to conceptualize it.

Trans is really its own thing, down to having its own flag (notably separate from any women's flag) and all its own rigamarole. I think that's really where this is falling apart. The more they revel in being special and unique the less they are able to integrate into society as actual women.

No. 1581160

>Trans people have already won
So you're not the most oppressed group on Earth after all?

No. 1581161

File: 1657051577267.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1765, 1DCAE3BD-46AC-4B7E-A94B-683035…)

oh no, one handmaiden less in our community. what will we ever do.

No. 1581164

Men always accuse women of doing the exact rotten things men do. I made a short blog post here about getting manipulated by a DARVO whiner scrote, that triggered a scrote post about how I must have been the abuser who laughed in his face. I said nothing about laughing in anybody's face, but that's exactly what happened to me for years if I mentioned anything bad in my life. It's uncanny. Men know exactly what kind of evil shit they would do, and they will project it on you. But it's complete doublethink, because they know exactly how a naive woman would behave, and get super butthurt if you don't do that.

No. 1581166

Yeah they don’t share or care about any of our goals for female liberation or anything like that. Even with the abortion thing, they made it about themselves and focused on THEIR bodily autonomy and what this could mean for THEM instead of giving a single shit of any woman it affected.

No. 1581167

Exactly, and the concept of trannies “passing”, especially in the case of MtF, is so damn strange to me, gender identity aside. They try so hard to wear makeup, have long hair, wear feminine clothing. It really is just a woman costume. Meanwhile, real women can look however they want to, makeup or no makeup, any clothing, and still look like and are women. These men always say they “feel female”, and the reason is always because they like stereotypically feminine things, or for not wanting to live up to male societal expectations/stereotypes. The trans community can’t pull the wool over our eyes anymore. And through what I have mentioned previously, they’re causing a lot of harm because now, they’re trying to redefine the definition of “woman”, and telling any woman that doesn’t follow this set of rules that “you’re not female”.

No. 1581170

mark hamill already unliked the tweet but twitter tras are still reeing about it kek

No. 1581171

They make this shit all about competition. I feel like the trans thing annoys me because it’s such an unnecessary distraction from women focusing on other shit we could be doing to improve our place in society. Like this shouldn’t even be a thing that’s happening but we can’t ignore it because it’s become such an ordeal. We could be focusing on more important shit but instead we have to push these men out like we’re getting rats out of the house with a broom.

No. 1581173

Ikr that post sounds fake as fuck but if it’s true, sis is based for using a man for sex and then kicking him out. Let them see how it feels to be used and abused.

No. 1581178

How are they "deeply divided" when nearly two thirds of the people who took the poll voted against allowing trans women/girls to compete in women's sports? Where is the "stark partisan split" in this particular instance?

No. 1581180

You people are embarrassing

No. 1581182

File: 1657053013912.gif (689.08 KB, 244x190, what-do-you-mean-you-people.gi…)

No. 1581185

This is a transgender woman. You are full of shit, dunno what your motivation here is though.

No. 1581186

this guy scares the shit out of me. he owns an AR-15, he made a detransition video where he basically said he wanted to look like that anime girl he has as his pfp. He made a video where he wants to kill (((them))) basically the guy is an ex troon turned right wing obsessed with "defending himself" and he complains about inflation, non-white people and jews, in his last video he's suicide baiting and makes 30+ min videos where he wallows in self-pity.
He lives in Wyoming. I just have a feeling he'll do a mass shooting before he offs himself. idk feels like i should tip him off to the FBI

No. 1581187

i absolutely hate that Lauren McCauley collabs with this misogynist and wants to attach her designs to "bimbofeminism."

No. 1581189

File: 1657053375546.gif (729.42 KB, 245x180, U2ux.gif)

>I feel like the trans thing annoys me because it’s such an unnecessary distraction from women focusing on other shit we could be doing to improve our place in society.
Exactly. Societies are destabilized and crumbling, and every woman is now burdened, whether she accepts it or not, with coddling the penises of strangers and their inability to be adults. Men are an absolute black hole of need.

No. 1581192

Then he isn’t transgender. He’s just a schizo with a gun obsession that probably flits from phase to phase constantly.

No. 1581193

File: 1657053663922.jpg (107.07 KB, 1019x1280, FW5Ug_1WAAAWH-m.jpg)

No. 1581195

It's another "Black people are the same as white men in dresses" episode kek

No. 1581196

it's because he gets attention from (old, dusty) straight men by doing the podophilic girl routine. all people do it online for popularity, attention, simp bucks, even young boy streamers play up their "young" age.

No. 1581200

Finally, we're starting to see some common sense amongst all these insanity.

Agree so much with these posts. I'm a firm believer in civil rights of marginalised groups and letting others live the way they live as long as it's not harmful, which is where the line is drawn here. The movement is hurting women in all sorts of ways, regressing back to gender stereotypes, and pretending sex isn't a binary which invalidates the need for women to have their own space. I sympathised with people who were "born in the wrong body" and thus need to medically transition into the other sex because at least that acknowledges sex is real but all this "infinite gender shit" and the narrative that ~you don't have to transition to be trans~ is insane no matter how you look at it. It's all so contradictory. Being trans/enby is now some kind of fashion fad even though the LGBT community has spent decades fighting against the idea that being gay is not a choice. If the trutrans/transmed rhetoric had actually won, I think we wouldn't see so much of this insanity.

No. 1581203

Black women are also many years into the "divestment" movement, where they realized supporting black moids at their own expense was harming & killing them. So a lot of them are already peaked on male manipulation tactics, and never felt the need to cape for racist white moids in programmer socks in the first place. White libfems, otoh, have been brainwashed from birth to support white males at the expense of other women. Their feminism is paper thin and based on vague feelings of "empowerment" rather than a strategic approach to dismantling patriarchy and freeing women as a sex class. Basically troons are their Nigels with an extra layer of uwu oppressed pet minority to sweeten the deal, which is why they tend to be the most aggressive handmaidens.

No. 1581210

ftms and mfts getting hand surgery would have an incredibly positive impact on the world of fanart

No. 1581211

did she delete this? I cant find it on her page

No. 1581213

File: 1657054799876.png (70.26 KB, 735x487, kmjn.png)

>No, you don't get it, it's the FtMs who want you to call yourselves bleeders! All those posts where MtFs seethe about biological women talking about their periods? Fake news
Even if this were true, is it supposed to make any of this better?

No. 1581214

Looks like it. It was there when I checked earlier after nona posted it in the thread.

No. 1581216

The contradictions get me really badly, especially when they say they believe in science, but in the end it all sounds like some sort of religious belief system. It isn’t rooted in any sort of reality.

No. 1581217

I hope she reconsidered her stance on the tweet after the backlash she got, you can bend over backwards for them and they will still threat you with rape and want you dead

No. 1581218

they really love male psycho movies

No. 1581219

i wish more people would talk about how people use "having fun with drugs" as a way to break people down, especially women, drag them down to their level, and destroy others potential. psychedelics are brain damaging, they do not "heal" mental illness and have no therapeutic value.

No. 1581220

>Women have a separate politics, separate life experience, separate socialization, etc that clearly results in a distinct gender identity if you bother to conceptualize it
Exactly this. MtFs didn't grow up to be a girl, didn't have female socialization, and most importantly don't experience the same oppression as us due to the fact of having different bodies. Even if trans people had wanted all those things by wishing they had been born cis, their life experiences and the way they see the world are so much different than ours. And yet they claim to literally be the same as us. I wouldn't even have a problem if they want to call themselves women but claiming they are exactly like cis women is erasing the actual experience of what women go through. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said it so well in an interview when she said that "trans women are trans women", simply acknowledging that trans and cis women have different experiences. But of course the troon brigade tried to cancel her. There's nothing wrong with being different from the rest, and yet trannies can't even accept this.

No. 1581222

oh no you are ordinary! the horror!

No. 1581223

ftms should be stoic about not being directly included like they manly men they are

No. 1581226

File: 1657056320140.png (987.58 KB, 946x1057, robertacrimoiii.png)

the highland park shooter got away by dressing up as a woman


No. 1581231

Dinosaurs become extinct, and the EVOLUTIONARY WINNERS survive. Tell me how a tranny is superior to a woman, in terms of evolution.

No. 1581232

There's Nazi gold buried in those nostrils

No. 1581234

No. 1581240

I just don't understand how they can claim to be winners while simultaneously claiming they're about to be eradicated by fascists any day now

No. 1581243

This is concerning. Do it, nonna

No. 1581245

Based, the world needs more hand gender reaffirming surgeries.

No. 1581253

nonnas got any good resources to send to someone just peaking? i don't wanna scare her off since she's still in a bunch of gendie shit

No. 1581261

File: 1657058846274.jpg (157.07 KB, 828x842, 1633091310749.jpg)

Here you go.

No. 1581263

Being mean means deserving the Holocaust

No. 1581270

File: 1657059200734.jpeg (339.41 KB, 828x694, E23965D0-BF2E-410E-BFBF-AAAE19…)

tranny i know irl coming in to tell women they’re doing feminism wrong. why does hrt make them retarded?

No. 1581273

I would hesitate to send the terfisaslur website because the name might turn her away, but if you can screencap the tweets there and show her what these men say in their own words that might be a place to start.

No. 1581279

“Femme liberation” isn’t a thing. The thing that matters is female liberation. We are oppressed on the basis of biology, which is why female infanticide is an issue in so many places. Every negative way a girl is treated from birth to death is dependent on her biology.

No. 1581287

i know. but i cant say shit w/o being labelled an evil twansmisogynist so i came here.

No. 1581288

psychedelics can be awesome w other women. its men that make it corrupting and cringe.

No. 1581291

I was talking about his text, not yours. Sorry for making it confusing.

No. 1581293

I suspect if you pressed this guy on the issue you'd find out he thinks women should be forced to give birth, as so many men do, seems convenient that he's OutRaged about his strawman rather than outraged about the issue at hand

No. 1581302

File: 1657061387591.png (561.93 KB, 741x770, planet trans.png)

Sorry I can't find a YT video version, has anyone seen this yet?


No. 1581304

Chasers like the penises, they all immediately go away or just aren't interested anymore once they finally get the snip.

No. 1581309

saw this on a terf whatsapp group, brilliantly done, though i'd forgotten how much this ma'an rages, it's crazy

No. 1581312

what a scruffy bloke lol

needs a hairbrush and a rope

No. 1581315

Imagine being this dudes neighbour

No. 1581322

no thanks

No. 1581323

File: 1657062322329.jpeg (678.79 KB, 2703x1534, A68F4F82-FB0B-41FE-8273-D5557B…)

there’s a tra larping as a terf on twitter and retards are actually falling for it

No. 1581325

twitter GCs are kinda dumb to begin with

No. 1581328

I agree kek but it’s either a tra or she’s actually a schizo (i’m hoping it’s the former)

No. 1581330


i don't know how the hell he would get "boring lady"

men are repulsed by anyone who actually cuts it off because it's one of the most grotesque acts of self mutilation they can imagine. the fact that trans porn blew up, yet there is ZERO market for post ops should say something. even for the biggest TRAs it is too much, they want to live out the anime dickgirl fantasy, not to deal with the full force of male psychosis.

No. 1581331

colin in motion is even uglier

No. 1581335

>The other parents are inverted, the kids are inverted, the staff are inverted. I hate this fucked up world.
This is literally just some guy's fantasy about the whole world being trans and normal people who aren't fucking up their hormones being in the minority lol

No. 1581337

>women standing up for themselves and other women
>gets linked to isis
holy fuck the logic

No. 1581338

You never know. Have you seen those schizos that think every single celebrity ever is a tranny?

No. 1581339

NTA, but you just made me realize all the "transvestigation" people I've seen are male

No. 1581340

File: 1657063627848.jpeg (477.34 KB, 828x681, 5A4F6D3C-B3A8-4765-88E8-A62EE4…)

No. 1581348

File: 1657063950883.jpeg (840.88 KB, 1170x1808, D41FB95A-7DB6-4E36-AF79-521960…)


No. 1581352

Why don’t I hear folks talking about this “egg”?

No. 1581353

that's photoshop'd, there's another photo he took that shows off his manly figure

No. 1581354

File: 1657064473148.png (445.23 KB, 790x941, mad.png)

No. 1581355


No. 1581356

Scroll up a bit for context nona

No. 1581357

I'm sure the camp will love having all the lawsuits fly at them for some creep making their little kids question their sexuality.

No. 1581358

nta but sage and maybe read the damn thread?

No. 1581359

Macy, Macy, stop, please

No. 1581360

kek, thank you for posting this, I can't stop laughing

No. 1581361

god he sounds like such an obsessive weirdo

No. 1581363

kek there ought to be a series like this, if there isn't one already

No. 1581364

An angel without wings is just a normal person, so… a girl without a dick is a normal person. Nice self own lmao.

No. 1581368

This one is always bragging about his waist-to-hip ratio and that kind of thing. Just sad. Imagine having to post selfie after selfie with this same pose just to prove…idk anything?

No. 1581369

File: 1657065179345.png (10.09 KB, 720x133, LOL.png)

No. 1581371

How is this “real world wins”? The entire thing took place on Twitter. Also he sounds like he’s happy to be making kneel down and suck the girlcock, just like the rest of them. Scrotes gonna scrote, this is all about power for them.

No. 1581378

You’re talking about Macy’s tweet right? Do you not know who that is?

No. 1581379

zoomers need to go away

No. 1581382

I'm sorry Anons, I'm ESL and I genuinely didn't know who it was.

No. 1581384

That’s fine or whatever but she’s been talked about ITT since like yesterday lol

No. 1581386

File: 1657065916127.png (851.9 KB, 1710x882, tranny lies.png)

No. 1581387

You're missing out if you aren't already listening to her music.

No. 1581389

Guess males can always claim to be on the right side of history when they are the ones writing it.

No. 1581391

No. 1581411

I find it funny picking this song over something like “I Try”, but I’m old enough I grew up with this one. Fair choice nonita lol.

No. 1581414

File: 1657067894531.png (68.93 KB, 737x617, colin (2).png)

>far right conspiracy theory

No. 1581418


i do wonder if at some point there will be a reckoning with the fact this stuff is not really compatible with any kind of positive left wing politics.

like despite the identity vomit aesthetic and the socialist imagery the underlying logic is most women, black, latino, working class, etc people are fascist because transphobia and all measures are permissible in stopping fascism.

No. 1581426

AYRT, aw c'mon, the lyrics are perfect for this thread. "Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side".

No. 1581436

tbh i think even terfs have to start acknowledging more that some trans people, at least in carefully posed/edited/chosen pictures DO 'pass'. the majority of the time they majorly don't and you can clock them from the obvious sexual characteristics that are hard to disguise but that doesn't mean there's absolutely never certain pictures where they pass. we need to put more emphasis on saying that it's not just the appearance that matters. you can get whatever surgeries, makeovers, style changes, whatever that help you mimic the opposite sex but you simply cannot actually change your sex. it's definitely an easy own to point out how miserably most troons fail at feminizing or masculinizing themselves but appearance is only skin deep after all. mistaking a troon or normal person as the opposite sex shouldn't be the end all to whether or not they actually are. just wanted to say this because there are the sparse cases where i genuinely can't tell if someone is trans or not, but that doesn't make them more 'valid' than the hulking hairy linebackers i can easily clock

No. 1581440

Haha you do have a point!

No. 1581442

I’m one of the people you replied to and I do agree with you. You can look like anything you want online with angles and filters. That’s why I don’t put any stock into the ones who claim to pass so well in photos, because irl there is always a tell, be it their voice, their body shape, mannerisms, etc. I’ve never met one that fully 100% passes irl, no matter how good a job they do at curating their photos online. There is always an uncanny aspect about them in person.

No. 1581446

File: 1657072063632.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2000x6099, 8373AEED-4F2C-4DDF-BF46-308489…)

Those damn conservative comedians, making dating life so hard for five-headed penis people.

No. 1581449

When AGP and autopedophilia intersect

No. 1581450

Being ftm apparently means you should be okay with being ignored, infantilized, and patronized because that’s what a man is supposed to do I guess

No. 1581453

I'm partial to this one. I wish I could find a version of the video that hasn't been messed with though. I'm guessing the person who posted it did that to get by Youtubes shit.

No. 1581454

File: 1657073486175.png (184.62 KB, 377x669, image0 (1).png)

Mystery solved as far as I'm concerned.

No. 1581463

File: 1657074341135.jpg (130.51 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-05-21-25-09…)

It's gone now

No. 1581464

Or could it be your gigantic neck and skull? Or perhaps the fact you're a man? Hmm..

No. 1581466

File: 1657074520321.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1310x1731, A5939281-7862-4F2A-AB34-C07CE3…)

women engineers know what's up

No. 1581467

File: 1657074617165.jpeg (107.89 KB, 768x1024, 69D867B2-F8E4-45C3-A15D-124890…)

No. 1581471

File: 1657074671272.jpg (170.13 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

No. 1581472

Isn't what she said kind of based though?
>Woman is a title you earn and become
>Plenty of females aren't women yet
>Every girl will get to become a woman
Am I interpreting this incorrectly?

No. 1581473

If she means you earn womanhood by being a female child and growing into an adult woman, that's fine.. kind of a weird point imo womanhood is just a material fact and you don't have to do anything to earn it except exist and age. But womanhood being 'something you earn' is a TRA thing and they absolutely believe it means that if a man puts enough effort into makeup and spinny skirts he has earned his status as a woman and, in fact, deserves it more than women who don't care about beautifying themselves.

No. 1581476

Screencap is 2 years old from Onision's KF thread. I don't want to derail but I am leaning towards this being a deranged woman based on what I've seen.

No. 1581480

what a pathetic way to backtrack, and it’s not like TRAs won’t eat her alive regardless of what she says now.

No. 1581491

Do you know where to get these stickers?

No. 1581494

this faggot glows

No. 1581495

Can someone post the collages of troon tweets about rape and other horrendous shit?

No. 1581508

They're narcissists who can only care for themselves.
If they didn't spend all their time thinking about themselves, they wouldn't make up problems like "gender dysphoria."

No. 1581509

File: 1657083097790.png (49.94 KB, 1360x749, 7F2EA9C0-5A49-408E-BA68-5FB1F3…)

God I hate AGPs and the nerd culture that caters to them.

No. 1581510

Ehhh, the drag queen showed some self-awareness at the situation and acknowledged a kid really shouldn't be there.
The cringe in this vid is on the child's caretakers.
This is like taking your kids to a strip club and the only people recognizing how fucked up it is are the strippers.

No. 1581512

It’s literally only because drag queens are gay

No. 1581519

File: 1657083833917.jpg (42.44 KB, 540x680, e60pyhzgfoe81.jpg)

A lot of this recent femboy shit in pop culture is related to autopedophilia too.
The amount of "straight" men who have essentially openly stated that they're attracted to young boys in dresses is disturbing.

No. 1581521

File: 1657084103217.jpg (88.56 KB, 944x1024, DWgyYHNVMAATzM6.jpg)

No. 1581524

yes, more people are aware of trannies because of all their bad behavior in the news, encroaching on sports, screeching that laws and celebs aren't catering to them

No. 1581525

these stickers rule

No. 1581530

Don't slander miss Piggy like this

No. 1581532

I don't understand

No. 1581535

Suck in that gut, soldier!

No. 1581540

Don’t fucking compare her to trannies.

No. 1581551

File: 1657088303162.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 480.53 KB, 750x2797, 64CCF553-5282-4570-B89F-DA5012…)

hey lesbians, remind me again why you don’t you want some frankenussy.

No. 1581552

Audible gasp

No. 1581554

it's half dead

No. 1581555

it’s so funny that, after an entire lifetime of