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No. 1417931

Read the rules or get banned. Learn 2 imageboard.

Previous Threads:
#2:>>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)

Containment thread for all “alt” e-girls on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. If you do not see your cow(s) here, check the following threads. This is e-girl specific. Generals may have what you are looking for:

>Pro-ana cows: >>>/snow/1375940

>Photoshoppers: >>>/snow/1191646
>Pedopandering Twitter: >>>/snow/1316004
>Instagrammers you hate: >>>/snow/783701
>Tiktokker general: >>>/snow/1202180

Don’t know why these people are milky? Lurk more. Don’t like the thread? Hide it. Anyone posted about must be over the age of 16.

What is an E-girl? An E-girl is defined by her immense online presence and vapid existence. If she cannot broadcast everything she does and every thing she owns, Does she even exist? They come in a limited variety of flavors; all of them bitter. ITT we have your standard OnlyFans thots, “teen” bimbos, neo-scene kids and fat wapanese fake nerds. Despite their distracting, colorful exteriors the interior is always the same. Empty, unless being filled by an endless stream of online validation, material things, admiration and of course, drama.
Racism, pedophilia, harassment, stalking, scamming, grooming, they do it all and more. Nothing is off limits. They’ll befriend you just to get your paypal and then post your whole life ITT. They’ll make your whole friend group turn on you. They might even try to make you kill yourself over reposting a room pic. They may just be rats in Aliexpress garbage… Regardless, they are the it girls to the newest generation of broken and maladjusted children on social media. Get your burner account ready and remember to crop, you dumb backstabbing bitches. Thread #8 begins.

Last Thread:
>Arisa and her hubby split after one year >>>/snow/1287899
>she’s seen barhopping and acting like a drunken, desperate mess >>>/snow/1287948
>Olivia and Aislin are still going >>>/snow/1288233
>fridge9irl posts a screencap making fun of the alleged lolcow admin (same one Elaine spergs about) surprise, it's not even true >>>/snow/1289718
>Arisa clears the air and states she left the cuck >>>/snow/1298189 not the other way around
>fridge9irl and ang3ltroon continue their gooner teen LARPs, snooze
>babifat is mad she’s being left out of the shit talking >>>/snow/1299743 nobody cares
>fridge suicide baits cause lolcow is meaniez >>>/snow/1306177
>troon spotted, smelliest picture to date >>>/snow/1311667
>fridge moves to ed twitter for that sweet meanspo >>>/snow/1329318 and immediately cries about bullying after joining for meanspo comments >>>/snow/1330124
>Olivia cares more about Aislin than her own hobbies and free time at this point >>>/snow/1332719
>Vampjunk is back and still trying super hard to be meccha kawaii racist loli bait >>>/snow/1335048 she’s basically just wearing Belle Delphine’s face over her own
>various derailments about cows that belonged in tiktok threads, don’t post them here retards
>Aislin posts this about Olivia’s mom dying ….? >>>/snow/1338603
>Omg Olivia just found out she might be azn!!!! >>>/snow/1351712
>Nyabeat gets clocked IRL at a con and looked like a totally different person >>>/snow/1354071
>IG spergs flooded the thread with an exposed account chronicling nyabeat’s racist bullshit and poser past >>>/snow/1364432
>kaliacc is still a thing >>>/snow/1361853
>miya is fucking SCUFFED >>>/snow/1363428
>m4d0t5uki, vo1dchan & gutteralsnug’s continued bullshit and bullying of kids catches up with them, some mcdonaldscore fag posts this >>>/snow/1383049
>months later they’re still attacking no name IG’s and random “animecore” tumblrs >>>/snow/1383168
>”neo nazi lolicon” group chat on instagram containing m4d0t5uki, guuteralsnug and other friends of vo1dchan is posted; showing how they belittled kids on instagram for liking sanrio and metal >>>/snow/1383588
>these people are 19+ years old, oldest is literally a fat 25 year old mouth breather and they attack kids as young as 13 for reposting photos
>there they are shit talking a 15 year old for how she dresses >>>/snow/1383590 grown women saying this btw, over the ages of 18-20
>gutteralsnug being racist as fuck >>>/snow/1383594 and potentially grooming a 14 year old student overseas under the guise of being tutored by them >>>/snow/1383686
>saying JK is justice after talking about the kid overseas >>>/snow/1383691
>gutteralsnug accusing randoms of being vo1dchan skinwalkers while skinwalking and hiding on anon >>>/snow/1383745
>Arisa got a new dildo >>>/snow/1383988
>more proof of vo1dchan’s friends being creepy >>>/snow/1384069
>gutteralsnug finds the thread and scurries off into hiding >>>/snow/1384900 >>>/snow/1387509
>Abbey (supposedly vo1d and m4d0’s stalker) is still actively using accounts where she LARPs as vo1dchan >>>/snow/1387650
>Aislinn and Olivia come to a public “mutual understanding” >>>/snow/1388084
>if you have a problem with gutteralsnug being a lolicon then just meet her at the Culver’s in Duluth, MN and beat her ass >>>/snow/1388109
>gutteralsnug’s old mutuals come storming in with their vendettas kek
>namely Freya spergs about gutteralsnug claiming she doesn’t associate with lolicons despite all her interests being lolibait eroge, visual novels and spin offs of eroge games full of little kids >>>/snow/1389307
>in short everyone ITT projects their pedophilia onto their neighbor, you’re all lolicons get over it and get therapy for your unaddressed childhood sexual trauma KEK
>gutteralsnug is outed for submitting her “friends” info and group chat to an exposed account, stoking the kaliacc fires to cover her ass >>>/snow/1389301 blowing a hole in her entire “defending my friends from stalkers and drama” shtick
>Freya starts changing her profiles and deleting all lolicon from her MAL to save face after anons found it all >>>/snow/1389317
>fucking Effina, the catfish LARPing tradwife of Charls Carrol from Millon Dollar Extreme, was in the kaliacc group chat, top keks all around, wonderful crossover >>>/snow/1389329
>all kaliacc screencaps shared by the exposed account on IG https://imgur.com/a/Yc8jyE9
>creepyhoarder/nekosnailz is outed for being pro-ana following her being caught in the kaliacc group chat + ed twitter >>>/snow/1389693
>Freya in a desperate attempt to be left alone after starting shit on the thread, claims she is now in middle school >>>/snow/1389795 after just saying she was in high school >>>/snow/1389389
>wikidere takes the saya no uta sperg to instagram, loli eroge isn’t porn it’s art!!!1!! >>>/snow/1394033 totally not the anon upthread who defended the same game
>just blur out the little girl getting raped bro its art okay ://// im literally neurodivergent and retarded :///// leave me alone
>Mado is gatekeeping autism now while all the fake retards are her yes men >>>/snow/1403800
>Wikidere rebrands after being blasted ITT
>hurtpaw era vo1dchan pics drop, cringe and she's fat as fuck >>>/snow/1410444
>wikidere the lolicon is now lovecraftianeko, and wants you to know that it's NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE >>>/snow/1413439
>fridge9irl is back after getting her ass beat on ED Twitter, now she's bodychecking and weight checking on main, can't stop tRiGgErInG tHe JeAlUs fAtTiEs >>>/snow/1415333 totally not made up!
>Pedolivia and her ever shrinking chins return >>>/snow/1415338


1.0v e-girl cows (dried up and ready to be put out to pasture):

>looks like a tranny, is fat
>boring aside from reselling filthy Sanrio items and being secretly fat
>don't know why she's constantly posted by vendetta chans (sorry she's fat and you got a moldy Hello Kitty blanket?)

>made her own thread here on /pt/ before jumping into the one babifat made in /snow/
>wants to be the next Liz Vicious so badly
>does degenerate porn in her mom's house then complains about how evil her parents are
>future Shayna just make it hot topic emo

Arisa Vurr/ R4cistfairy:
https://twitter.com/sugarf4iry/ (suspended)
>selfposts all over /r9k/, /soc/ and other 4ch boards for attention
>haggard drunk mess irl, nothing like her shoops
>narc obsessed with her edited reflection, still clinging to her glory days as Pinterest anachan goals

Dolores/Luna Sobieski/livingvampyra/babispitfire/babivampire:
>changes usernames every other month to hide, selfposts here for reach, started an e-girl thread to post Arisa and Angie
>deadbeat teen mom who puts all her time into being a twitch egirl like Arisa
>will come back every month of so to selfpost

“animecore”/”otaku”/”hikineet” wapanese Pinterest lolicons (most active cows):

>actually average irl nobody, kicked off the whole kaliacc drama by saying she was groomed, famous for her shoops and generic style
>people are still bringing her up cause she was the starter for the kaliacc call-out, she has 0 milk aside from that, very boring and ugly pinterestbait

>was a uwu agere DDLG egirl like Erin Painter right before being "true hikineet otaku basemnt dwellr~"
>went by 'hurtpaw' and posted her fat ass in XXXXL soft girl shit and collars until she was being "skinwalked"
>disappeared after being laughed at and "copied" on Pinterest
>became ultra nippon McDonald's FC2 blogger otaku in an attempt to get away from her DDLG shtick
>”famous”, as she thinks, for her room photos and selfies on tumblr and instagram
>copied Japanese models and Sanrio itabeyas from old Japanese blogs, claimed it’s original and verbatim “her lifestyle isn’t your aesthetic”, lacks self awareness
>deleted/private when criticized for being a LARPing cracker bully in mommy’s basement, much like she did when she was a DDLG faggot
>still indirectly harasses kids/tweens who post her pictures with the help of her friends posted ITT despite being in her early 20’s
>likely lurking ITT between binging mcdoubles and crying

>totally unique real channer otaku gamer girl who hates pOsErS
>bug eyed lackey to vo1d, basically does what Catherine did which is snap at children for liking the same media and reposting photos
>thinks everyone who dislikes her is obsessed with her and skinwalking her much like vo1d
>her blog and instagram is her personality, projects that on to anyone she doesn't like
>probably keeps this thread open in a perma tab and refreshes, posts indirect responses to comments made ITT

Catherine/gutteralsnug/futabachannel/neetvomit/Rina/Katarina: (she’s deleted most everything to hide):
https://virginwithrage.com/ (archived)
https://myfigurecollection.net/profile/gutteralsnug/ (deleted kek)
>supposedly has an fc2 but no link yet
>actually insane little person with severe narcissistic personality disorder or something similar
>stalks literal tweens and obsessed with lolicon
>asked a 14 year old Chinese kid (girl?) to teach her Chinese then posted “JK is justice” with a screenshot of the exchange in her group chat, the phrase is a known lolicon phrase
>obsessively defends vo1dchan and their mutual interests
>submitted all info she had about her "friends" to the 'japancoreaboo' exposed account on instagram
>ran away after she was caught hypocritically posting here about her friends and kaliacc
>definitely still lurking if not contributing actively, very bitter and psychotic, don't interact

(of interest/lurking itt):
>one of Catherine’s older targets
>decided to come and shit up the board like nothing would come of it out of spite for Catherine, just as unhinged as her
>lies about being a middle schooler, previously stated she was in 9th grade, sus about age in general
>lolicon that hates lolicons

Ellie/creepyhoarder/nekosnailz/pro ana lolicon skinwalker
(of interest/potentially lurking itt):
>pro ana fake nice girl, Uses “ummm im literally a minor” as an excuse despite being almost 18
>runs ed twt and posts body checks on her instagram accounts
>likes disgusting lolicon shit
>obvious poser who constantly posts about people shit talking and copying her
>friends with most e-girls from kaliacc, was in the chat as reaffirmed by Catherine’s screencaps of the members

https://myfigurecollection.net/profile/fogcrawl3r (privated kek)
>lolicon-hating lolicon faggot who cried about being dragged for playing loli eroge, came here to defend itself then cried all over instagram in a last ditch effort to save face and say I’m Not Like Other Lolicons I Hate Lolis
>constantly self posts
>Saya no Uta sperg last thread

All of these tards will say they hate this place, fake neets and whatever else despite obsessively checking and posting here and doing the exact shit they stalk, cancel and harass others over. If they feel threatened by another black/danger haired wapanese trust fund kid (which they all are) they will attack like rabies infected mutts for months on end because they have no real friends or lives outside of “being a real hikineet” for clout.

Moldy whatever the fuck bug bitches that stalk each other:

>mom obsessed with being in with the hikineet anime crowd, tried to barge her way into vo1d's friend group to no avail
>”famous” for shooped selfies
>friends with an actual child groomer and pedophile troon 'awfultune'
>serial shooper, lies about it constantly

>obsessed with Olivia, copies literally every movement
>low-key celebrated Olivia's mom dying through a text post
>generally unhinged and disgusting like Olivia

Their milk is so dry now but for some reason they always re-appear. Tinfoil bonus: Olivia is larping as her own stalker cause she hates the fact she has kids and her life is over KEK

And that’s our full house for now.
**Footnote: Kaliacc is an online cult run by two degenerate child grooming scrotes. Known for their antics and creepy behavior towards underage girls on 4chan and elsewhere. They “recruited” many underage girls and other women and “encouraged” them to take charge of their health before joining. The women were required to read the two’s psychobabble as well as dropping to a dangerous bmi range. The two have scrubbed many of the sites and articles chronicling the whole scheme in an attempt to likely cover up CP and other degenerate activities. Some members say they were groomed while others detest and say it’s just a “edgy channer group where people go to have freedom of speech, talk philosophy and socialize”. Make of that what you will.
I added new cows due to how public they’ve made everything. Last thread some characters popped in and refused to leave so I figured if they were THAT starved for attention and interaction and they had THAT much milk to spill then they must be people of interest. Right? If not, then time will phase them out. Until then, please welcome the newest wapanese fags to our roster. Any other butthurt self-posters and WKs will be outed and added to the list.

Also left out fridge9irl since she thrives off her pics being posted. Fuck that bitch, she’s still fat cause I hate her.

No. 1417936

Previous Threads:
#1 >>>/snow/866800
#2 >>>/snow/1005403
#3 >>>/snow/1047741
#4 >>>/snow/1079162
#5 >>>/snow/1131138
#6 >>>/snow/1219460
#7 >>>/snow/1287899

Sorry, all my other links are working.

No. 1417938

somehow you managed to make this OP even more retarded than the previous one and the collage less funny

No. 1417940

At least it's formatted in a way that is legible and neat, rather be able to read than get a few funny one liners in a shitty op

No. 1417944

Is Freya changing her age lower and lower every time? It has to be a meme at this point right?

No. 1417949

Yes. At first we were told she's 18, then she cried on IG saying she's actually 16. THEN it was "I'm UNDER 16 you guys are bullies i'm literally in middle school." The "I'm in middle school" screencap in thread pic was pulled from her MFC profile at the peak of her sperging. Her age is gone from her profiles now but since you mentioned it, she might bring it back and accuse you of bullying an 11 year old girl.

No. 1417960

File: 1642262241716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-01-15_07-50-54-419.…)

I think void was copying the style of a female Japanese lolicon this whole time, nenoyonen's work next to hers feels too similar. All that's different is void has less of an understanding of movement and adds eyebrows/ removes eye sparkles. They do the same loli poses and clothes too, just that void never made them naked (at least publicly.) But she drew characters identical to Izumi Sagiri from Eromanga and all her other OC looked like they could be drawn by nenoyonen. She's been on Twitter drawing like this for years and years now. Not surprised that her art looks identical to some lolicon porn artist. Always thought she was tracing or at very least being "heavily inspired" by an artist from Japan.

No. 1417963

File: 1642262563160.jpg (3.9 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-01-15_08-01-53-056.…)

No. 1417966

Olivia posted about this artist a few days ago. Hmmmm

No. 1417976

Fuck the one on the right is vile. Not surprised in the slightest that Void copies mentally unwell japanese girls. The hikkineet crowd tries so hard to be one of those girls they all look the same.

No. 1417977

File: 1642264248711.png (Spoiler Image, 700.33 KB, 951x419, dsfghsfgsdfghsdgfd.png)

i just went on that artists twitter (nenoyonen) and i seriously don't get it. how is she pedo pandering at the same time as she seems to call these men out for being gross (it comes off that way since the style she represents the men in is vomit inducing at the very least like picrel). is this a thing? like literally making art of and for gross pedo coomers? do they like the representetion of themselves?

spoiler for blogpost i had a lolicore mix recommended to me on youtube, and on the cover are like two young anime girls ie lolis with their eyes censored and some text over them - one of which was ''This site can't be reached'' and comments under the vid are all either positive or acknowledging that its messed up but being all hee hee about it. Very disturbing and reminded me of ''Pedobear'' from my growing up, just the way that it's all so normalized and trying to appeal to younger teens - prime targets for pedo groomers. I left a comment calling it out but it got removed ofc (i can see it from my account but if i go incognito it's gone) so now there are only positive comments on it. i guess maybe i'm retarded or i wilfully ignored this part of the internet until recently. pedos always seemed like gross old men who are obvious to spot and are out of my communities. now apparently they're everywhere and look ''normal''. sorry for shitting up the thread i had to get this shit off my chest

No. 1417981

I’m pretty sure the artist is a tranny, for one. Look at the selfies they post. But he’s not calling pedos/lolicons out, he draws them that way because it’s a fetish in itself. I can’t recall the name of the fetish because I’m not a degenerate but it’s in a good amount of Japanese degen media. It’s a fetish for gross, disgusting (often fat, old, balding) men having graphic/violent sex with young girls. Usually it’s the men raping them. Truly disgusting.

No. 1417985

File: 1642265230145.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.18 MB, 2718x3464, Picsart_22-01-15_08-46-05-260.…)

She posts legit pedo stuff. It looks so much like void's style and it's not surprising Olivia likes this sick garbage. I censored it but still, Jesus Christ.

No. 1417991

Where can we see Void’s art? Is there an account she posts it on? Her IG is gone and tumblr is inactive.

No. 1418013

correction for op, olivia’s tumblr is syringeheart.tumblr.com now not kewpiemold

No. 1418064

File: 1642272243803.jpg (194.36 KB, 2048x2048, 20220115_194323.jpg)

definitely a troon

No. 1418105

File: 1642274211339.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.79 MB, 4096x4096, 02215_217113.jpg)

yeah. i went through his media and am convinced it's a troon. what a sick fuck

No. 1418207

Good thread OP, you missed wikideres new mfc and pinterest though.

Seems like shes dropped the otaku act

No. 1418269

Where/what did she post?

No. 1418275

Her story a few days ago she posted that artist’s old artwork and said “Ew they draw loli porn now”. Inb4 “post caps” didn’t get any bc why would that seem relevent at the time

No. 1418295

She's full of shit she has been drawing it for years, since 2017. It's always been little girls with grown otaku men if it's not naked / near naked little girls together. On the artists site she even says she started 2017

No. 1418346

File: 1642291015095.jpeg (67.3 KB, 442x608, 4093C9EB-7E45-4C9C-8044-77A423…)

This is unfortunately definitely a cis asian woman, you can’t claim every unattractive woman is a troon

No. 1418360

File: 1642292458825.jpeg (857.95 KB, 1125x1121, 0CB9F56F-53C9-44F7-8205-92009B…)

Snow filters exist, nonny. His face looks different in the other photos he has posted. You can tell its a tranny / crossdresser scrote from his body in picrel. He also tries to sell polaroids of himself on the same twitter account that he primarily draws art for ugly otaku scrotes on, which seems kinda fetishy to me. In the description for one of the listings of said polaroids, he also seems to refer to himself as a he. This is according to google translate though, so if any Japanese speaking anons could confirm this, that'd help. https://nenoyonen.base.shop/items/56676128

No. 1418379

The original Japanese basically means "the subject/person", nothing gendered. Google Translate just defaults to male.

No. 1418396

She posted about her first crushes on her blog, seems like a straight girl with an autopedophilic issue. Probably got molested then became enamored with staying the cute, small loli victim who's defiled by gross men. Basically just JP version of pedopandering that thots like void, Erin and Trixie did or still do. Uwu smol need a greasy daddy to rape my cwute body!!1!!

No. 1418416

Found her deviantart, it doesn't have much posted on it though.

No. 1418422

What's the obsession of hikkineets with Mac Donald's? Genuine question

No. 1418434

Selling polaroids is a common thing among Japanese public figures (like bandmans, idols, maid cafe workers, influencers etc.)

No. 1418482

This is true, but I can't say I've seen any Japanese artists with an anime artstyle do this before, at least not the ones I follow anyway. From what I've heard, they're pretty notorious for not allowing people to take photos of them at conventions and such. Might be a bit of a tinfoil, but I assumed that this fag was doing it because he got off to the fact that scrotes like the ones in his ugly bastard lolicon fetish art owned photos of him dressed up like a girl. A lot of male lolicons in general seem to end up developing AGP and trooning out / crossdressing as they eventually decide that they actually want to be the loli in the porn they look at, instead of the male self-insert character.

No. 1418549

void started that mess iirc and all the mentally ill weeb teens that started following her decided to make it into "mcdonaldscore"

No. 1418623

not to wk but you can't steal an artstyle.

the ruby person in the last thread who selfposted commissioned this artist recently, it was on their mfc profile with credit attached, archive of that should be available somewhere

No. 1418625

File: 1642325072521.jpg (165.17 KB, 1000x1000, loliconcommission.jpg)

samefag, dropped pic

No. 1418806

File: 1642348519048.jpg (668.83 KB, 959x1074, MYXJ_20220116075328539_save.jp…)

The tags on this post are mostly what makes it funny 1/2

No. 1418808

File: 1642348682271.jpg (283.94 KB, 960x788, MYXJ_20220116075347318_save.jp…)

Being a spoiled Texan weeb teenager raised by the internet with their mom buying a new over the top prom dress for them is soooo menhera usedcore voidcore sickcute altfashion!!

No. 1418865

KEK all the core tags, She's so annoying. Painfully white and suburban. Surprised she didn't opt for something to flex how skelly she is supposedly. Mommy and Daddy must make a lot of money! Such hikineet basemnt dwellr uwu~

No. 1418871

>most recognized fast food restaraunt logo
>void posted about huffing her mcdonalds bags (check thread pic, top left)
>void started keeping fry containers in her room
>mcdonalds has weird japanese ads
>sanrio x mcdonalds watches from 2011 became huge
Just a few reasons.

No. 1418911

File: 1642357256726.jpeg (643.48 KB, 1134x1275, 5DB27371-3976-4196-B05F-342C9B…)

>obsessed with lolicon guro
someone just read the soren threads kek. maybe she’s already starting up her childhood rape snuff fanfic

No. 1419073

it's always mymelo and saya with those bitches isn't it?

No. 1419354

File: 1642391842184.jpeg (837.11 KB, 1133x1517, F12D3734-FA36-4EAC-88AC-475E23…)

lurking hard. already privated her collection since her last thread failed, and added the fact that shes such an uwu small baby who’s still in school! (senior year lmfao)
less active on mfc but definitely not on lolcow

No. 1419369

Who's that? I am retarded and cannot tell the hikki-neet larp bitches apart anymore

No. 1419377

Freya, the one itt with all the weird file names (tinfoil) and got caught last time for spamming the thread with her vendetta

No. 1420147

Pretty solid OP, the picrel is funny too. Good job anon.

a bunch of them privated or bawwwwleet since last time it seems like. Funny how the hikkineets shit talk all day but as soon as they are the target they pussy out immediatly

No. 1420557

File: 1642526627124.png (800.96 KB, 1079x1643, Screenshot_20220117-113111.png)

Chloe did a 180 from being a gatekeeper until people called her out for being a lying poser, now she hates elitists. Just leave all these sites and the comm lmao literally nobody likes you and you like the most basic bitch shit like you found anime after high school. Nobody online in the Tumblr/IG/MFC comm likes her. They all just watch her cause they know she's that crazy bitch that idolized Void and attacked people for months over using voids pics as Twitter headers. Oh also now she just walks around telling people at her work she's the joker and thinks she's a schizopilled based gatekeeping online Nico Nico #1 funny man. Imagine working with a zoomer like her that can't stop cackling to herself and announcing "i sell crack haha im the joker I'm gonna take nBOMe I'm psychotic"

No. 1420586

Wat a complete psycho. How funny to see her flounce like that after everything she did kek, "no elitists!!!" but she went to tell teenage girls to starve and kill themselves because they "kinned" madotsuki when she barely ever played the game herself.
I bet she was projecting so hard, whiteknighting void with her whole life because she desperately wanted to be her herself.

No. 1420604

>Oh also now she just walks around telling people at her work she's the joker and thinks she's a schizopilled based gatekeeping online Nico Nico #1 funny man. Imagine working with a zoomer like her that can't stop cackling to herself and announcing "i sell crack haha im the joker I'm gonna take nBOMe I'm psychotic"

caps? she looks way way too old to do any of this, i'd say close to 30. how old is she anyhow?

No. 1420644

File: 1642533567510.jpg (345.95 KB, 1920x1080, chloe_being_unlovable.jpg)

She does look beat to shit but she's only 21. She's just an ugly stralian mutt. Anyway here's her being insane. She's way too old to be this way but she's a neglected homestuck normie turned ultra leet based 4chan girl so, stands to reason. If i had to work with her i would kill myself.
Yep, threw that in there too. She still talks about those kids and makes remarks about how they should neck themselves. She even bragged about telling her coworkers about it. She's a cunt and more of a cow than void now. She tweeted something about how she's living tiktok bitches dreams and they're jealous cause she's able to live in a house with her bf and cat… like that's not a common living situation for working women? Her entire esteem is propped up on punching down at kids because she was a bullied, invisible tryhard as a kid. It's pretty obvious by how she goes nuclear and projects when someone doesn't suck her pussy or her mutuals. Look before she spergs out and hides or tries to delete. She is reading her as often as any of us are because this is her sad life. One upping anons and children on social media despite having apparently everything a woman could need to be happy on her own accord. Clearly very happy with herself KEK.

No. 1420650

Btw bottom left pic is art from the pedophile above >>1417985 she follows her account and likes her art despite it being lolicon.

No. 1420660

it was so embarassing to read all of it that i felt shivers. I can't believe she's 21 she looks haggard af so much for the loli shtick

No. 1420665

she's laughing about the things she did not even a month ago, talk about backpedalling. Chloe is such an omegapussy

No. 1420681

File: 1642536480799.jpeg (276.14 KB, 1170x812, 667CB8D9-8647-47CE-804E-FC02D8…)

While searching Chloe’s username on twitter I came across an account with her handle in their bio. Is this another of Void’s calves?

No. 1420697

Likely one of her few friends. She seems boring and doesn't look like she's trying to look like void. Selfpost to divert attention?

No. 1420720

Good catch nona. How suspicious to ask if a weeb kinnie who is good friends with Chloe, Void’s biggest wk sperg, has connections to Void too. Must be self post.

No. 1420756

Throwing one of your rare friend under the bus so a gossip website you claim not to care about stops talking about you. Classic Chloe

No. 1420859

>can't wait to start me new it position next year
Bet that "IT position" is resetting the router at a family member's business fucking kek

No. 1421009

File: 1642557359306.jpeg (744.23 KB, 1170x1694, A599D90B-C232-4712-AA57-171641…)

We all know she’s lurking, nona. The thread is getting to her.

No. 1421053

File: 1642561873287.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2050, D75C348B-EDA0-4137-B841-1FE61E…)

Perhaps I’m pearl-clutching and it’s nothing but this guy in vo1d’s circle weirds me the fuck out. He’s obviously old as fuck and is “friends” with many of these hikkineet girls and comments on their posts/vice versa.
Can’t see any nice reason why a grown moid would want to be friends with a bunch of larping underage girls

No. 1421059

File: 1642562122294.jpeg (225.18 KB, 1170x913, 59859B8F-F7EA-4E74-A9A2-3AB26F…)


No. 1421061

File: 1642562240287.jpeg (533.35 KB, 1170x2058, 514910CA-912E-436B-B71A-EB8265…)

Repost because shit crop

No. 1421070

why do you think. its a man. are you retarded or something

No. 1421071

This guy is one of those redpilled retards kek if I can remember his Facebook name I’ll find caps

No. 1421073

Because he is a man. What do you mean?

No. 1421083

If you go through who he is following most are young girls and a lot of them are minors as young as 14. He needs to be castrated.

No. 1421341

good job outting yourself out kek she really isn't the brightest.
>actual mental illness
pot calling kettle something something

No. 1421353

i really hate moids

sounds like we hit a nerve given she had to change her playtime immediatly after and is still not over it two weeks later to the point she has to post about it. She claims not to care yet obsessively checks the thread

No. 1421518

File: 1642614828273.jpg (21.99 KB, 537x190, captura021455.jpg)

went to check that bozo's twitter for a minute and had a good chuckle lol no one is trying to be you, you maladapted hag. She keeps sperging about "fake" neets too, i thought you left that shit behind and were totally focused on your new IT job Chloe?

No. 1421525

That tweet and the alley one in >>1420644 are so funny. She thinks she influences the entire coast because she has 7k on tumblr and knew void and her ilk. Now that "hikineets" aren't cool (cause void dropped it) she's riding on the epunk / incelcore coattails with negativexp and raven/louisvuittoncrouton. Watch her talk about how she got everyone in her city into incelcore and how everyone is desperately trying to be her. She's beyond predictable.

No. 1421535

Samefag but i gotta add that for someone who supposedly doesn't care she sure won't stop talking about the hikkineets, "larpers",… she's terminally online no matter how she tries to pretend she's not. I almost feel pity but she's such an unlikable person it's hard to feel anything.

She seems headed toward some advanced NLOG-ism for sure it's scary how it goes. That's what being terminally online and unable to think for yourself does to a hoe

No. 1421611

Beyond unlikeable. Everything is a performance for people (namely other women) online she skinwalks. She needs other people's affirmation constantly. Her entire being is just media consumption and aesthetics. Once a desperate normie, always a desperate normie. If she really was such a cool unbothered nerd queen she would probably just shut the fuck up, go ghost and enjoy her perfect IT love live waifu laifu with her bf and cat. But if she didn't tweet every thought that her two braincells shat out she would probably go suicide mode due to lack of attention. Kek.

No. 1422079

File: 1642646592697.jpeg (94.61 KB, 1170x279, E493CB6B-5C24-4F3A-8B23-330390…)

What made her drop kinning lmfao? These used to be her “top kins doubles kys” now they’re just her “best girls”?

No. 1422352

File: 1642685095129.jpeg (179.62 KB, 827x914, 18CFFCB2-A27C-4B1D-8B4B-FE707C…)

Anyone remember her? She used to be kinda popular on Instagram back in 2018/2019. This is saged because she isn’t milky.
>Used to go by @jetblackteeth on Instagram
>Spoke in an obvious fake high pitched baby voice like Babighoul.
>Used to identify as a they/them nb, now she’s a pooner
>Used to be your basic wannabe e-girl with shaved eyebrow tails, slipknot hoodies, faux mink lashes and over lined lips taking selfies during golden hour. Now she’s a dirty hilly billy neo Nazi skinhead homeless looking post apocalyptic crust punk gg allin larping try hard.

No. 1422483

File: 1642698321502.png (917.68 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20220120-090427.png)

Yes lol. She was boring as hell. Now she looks annoying.

No. 1422525

File: 1642701818492.png (58.2 KB, 275x190, 955392CE-C98A-4ABE-93B3-152E4F…)

Idk how much Mira milk I should be posting but she recently got fired and was begging for money selling lewd cosplay pics to be able to pay for dental work. Instead she spent all of it on wall scrolls and figures of anime girls with giant tits.

Mira's absolute degenerate coomer boyfriend just flew out to her. They posted nonstop about all the sex they were having. I can't believe this woman is in her mid 30s and posting like a high school girl having sex for the first time. In her mid 30s, still living with her parents and posting about having sex with her gremlin eboyfriend for strangers to jerk off to on twitter. Its so sad

No. 1422526

File: 1642701881410.jpeg (55.66 KB, 275x274, 89CBA4ED-89E3-4941-AD5E-9909A9…)

Mira retweets so much seriously disturbing content. Drawings of tiny little girls getting assaulted, all ages of school uniforms, some girls looking like 7 years old. The most degenerate content you could imagine, but for some reason has a problem with this type of shit? And on top of that, her pinned tweet is literally her in a fucking collar. She can't even keep up with her own larp

No. 1422532

How old is she exactly? Shes clearly addicted to hentai, kek. Fucking disgusting. What a waste of a woman.

No. 1422534

Weird ass weeb girl who looks like she smells like tunamelt chan. I hate how she raises the pitch of her voice to sound like a fictional character it's pathetic and this behavior shouldn't be rewarded.

No. 1422558

She’s 33 or 34. She’s mid 30s anyway

No. 1422559

Her baby voice is vile. I think she has an annoying voice anyway though. What really gets me is her claiming to be black while filtering every pic to have paper white skin and white features

No. 1422602

Went to this degenerate's twitter and she is a farmer, she post images that are used here such as "most embarrassing behaviour". Does she self post here? If you do, please know that you're disgusting and super boring, only sad lonely preteens would get interested in your coomer room. Pathetic loser, grow up
Saged for no milk

No. 1422738

Nah I’m not her. I posted about her in the last thread too, I’m not sure she’d even self post stuff like that. I didn’t think she came on here but if she does: Mira you’re a whole fucking pedophile and your relationship with your brother is not normal. Porn has warped your fucking mind. For the love of god log off Twitter and touch grass. You are vile

No. 1422761

What’s up with her brother? Sorry i’m a retard and don’t think i’ve seen her on this thread b4

No. 1422785

She’s done it way less since she got with her current scrote but she used to tweet really weirdly incesty shit about her brother. She’d tweet about buying her brother sex toys for him, discussing hentai tastes with him, how he calls her “oneechan” (a huge fetish of hers btw) and how her brother said he was really excited to see a hentai artist has retweeted her cow lingerie pics

No. 1422800

Ew what a fucking creep thanks for the info

No. 1423282

File: 1642790633414.png (428.64 KB, 637x740, Screenshot (1116).png)

Can someone explain how a heterosexual woman who exclusively dates men, exclusively has sex with men, can post this shit without any shame? How can you be in your mid 30s and be gaybaiting anime girls purely for the enjoyment of the incels who follow you? And doing this for multiple years, making it your entire identity? I jsut don't fucking understand it. Her boyfriend doesn't question it because it gets him so horny that her entire being lives to perform for him. This shit is so depressing to watch in real time

No. 1423294

It’s just coomer brain pickmeism

No. 1423345

She debases herself and baits men into thinking she's a coomer lesbian but then also flaunts the ugly nerd bf to fuel simps desires, makes them think they have a chance. It's all calculated for money and attention. She never had a personality or a lick of joy in her life so now she's a porn slave for men. So it goes. Some women would rather die than not have a scrote and devoted 'fanbase' to fund their consoomerism. Actually worthless as a woman but still more valuable than any scrote. Lol.

No. 1423412

File: 1642802799842.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1598, B8978010-9D6F-4169-8C45-5183B9…)

Haven’t seen anyone post her since thread #6 but tinypout/tokyotrashbby’s shooping has become more and more uncanny… she’s always been a serial shooper but this is deeply disturbing. Her tits look like grey flab. “Jugalette for life” but was a soft uwu girl last year? Okay Caroline.

No. 1423423

File: 1642803708648.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1692, C885E57E-7260-44B8-9F70-124530…)

Wasn’t this bitch really popular “soft uwu girl” on Pinterest? I wonder what happened to her. She looks like a haggard troon.

No. 1423500

File: 1642809008330.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20220121-154529.png)

bodychecking again blatantly

No. 1423501

File: 1642809063738.png (937.48 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20220121-154700.png)

more vo1d skinwalkers

No. 1423502

File: 1642809167883.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20220121-154719.png)

Don't have a cap but that @software__chan girl (used to be vo1dere) is now posting about 'cleptotwt' bragging about stealing stuff lmao. Imagine posting about committing a crime

No. 1423686

every zoomer brags about stealing (check out “borrowing” on tiktok) it’s fucking annoying but not milk, hi chloe.(hi cow)

No. 1423712

While I'd argue this is milk it sure seems like the more it goes the more it seems like Chloe is in here trying to (badly) cover her ass

No. 1424227

I'm not Chloe. I just found these accts through stalking edtwt cows. Hi cowing isn't gonna bring you milk on her kek. I think the void calves are funny cause they larp being racially ambiguous (trying to pass as Japanese) tweens while clearly being at least 17+.

No. 1424367

>at least 17+
Wow what hags! You sound like a scrote nonny.

No. 1424372

Yeah it’s cringe for 26 year olds to larp as teens but how is 17 old kek they don’t try to look like they’re 11

No. 1424441

Did wikidere delete her instagram?

No. 1424444

File: 1642909710769.jpeg (516.26 KB, 1066x1797, 9F60B6BD-2475-48E9-9C2D-12F34D…)

why the FUCK do all of these girls pretend like they’re better than the others? just because you cope snd pretend you’re original and “dont claim mcdonaldscore” doesnt mean you are kek.
picrel is @virusdere (really ironic lmfao) at this point im on the proud #mcdonaldscore girls side because at least they’re self aware.

No. 1424446

File: 1642909844921.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1144x2198, B904E8AA-CCC9-45EC-AC22-9EE4F2…)

her profile, where does this bitch get the idea that she’s better than any of them? im pretty sure shes in chloe’s circle as well, shes been sperging out nonstop on her story about how much she hates those “fake hikkineets”

No. 1424450

File: 1642910333748.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1794, 9DCC379D-9B36-4E93-A76C-E2F3A7…)

her other account is malwarebun, she has a highlight called “youre a loser” where she spergs about people “copying nashi” so confirmed shes either in their circle or just an orbiter
pic not related i just found the levels of cope funny

No. 1424451

File: 1642910454054.jpeg (722.67 KB, 1170x2028, 0F03836C-8C3F-4D6B-9142-CC6C20…)

No. 1424523

Isn’t Olivia a mom? Wtffff disgusting bitch someone call CPS

No. 1424625

now that nobody cares about nyabeat and the dust has settled whats her real name ? i swear she goes by a different one each time she makes an appearance nya kero ame lolly calico/coco proxy im probably missing more but does anybody know ? not her full name no doxxing im just wondering because there is no way her friends are calling her by those ridiculous names in real life… right ?!

No. 1424647


Read the rest of the thread nonnie. Allegedly she posted about not liking it (>>1418275) but who knows.

No. 1424659

they are all fucking insane and don't even realize it. Either by skinwalking vo1d or going to great lenghts to sperg about the fake hikkineets copying them or whatever

No. 1424682

Imagine your whole life revolving around Instagram LOL

No. 1424758

No. 1424803

kek she has the western release of The Ring, vo1dchan would never, level up your weebism, tubby.

No. 1424806

Your eating disorder legs are disgusting. The only people that think you don't look like a freak are other women as mentally ill as you are. Skinny girls don't have to force themselves to be skinny. You will never have a skinny girl's metabolism. You will never be a skinny girl, you're a fat girl with an eating disorder.

No. 1424831

This is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen posted here. Should have deleted it when you had the chance. You sound fucking deranged.

No. 1424854

File: 1642968794235.jpg (496.7 KB, 1080x2030, IMG_20220123_211208.jpg)

I thought these girls were just autisticly screeching about voidchan skin walkers until i found out about this one named voidere who goes to extreme lengths to do everything like her. Scary i can understand why she left the internet

No. 1424866

Not milk. Honestly shut the fuck up about teenage girls who copy your room and interests being “scary”. The legitimate stalking that many women face (and die from) is nothing like little internet losers pretending to like the same anime as you. You sound like Olivia when she said she was terrified because a teenage girl who lives states away got the same haircut as her. Nobody cares, grow up.

No. 1424925

No. 1424941

So you’re saying someone’s soul is fat? You’re a crazy and weird bitch.

No. 1424946

So copying a bio makes you a stalker? Her room doesn't even look like void's. If anything wikidere and w1reddere are the worst copies they actually 1 for 1 copy her room furniture and organization. Stalking shouldn't be used lightly. These people all came from Pinterest and they're like 16 so of course they're going to emulate older people they think look cool. Let the poor South American and Mexican girls have their Lucky Star guro voidcore larps. Lol. It's probably all they have to look forward to

No. 1424947

Hi virusdere. Sorry you got posted.
(This was the exact girl she was sperging about in her stories that got posted here kek)

No. 1424949

>hi cow
Not one of these hikkineet spergs

No. 1424953

Yet you follow hikineets who follow her. Hmm. Yep totally not one of them!!

No. 1424959

File: 1642976784558.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x1902, 8D4B6479-AEC8-4757-BBD1-619BC4…)

Jesus she’s hideous. She looks like a midwestern special needs boy who kills small animals.

No. 1424973

this is a completly normal looking girl, stop seething

No. 1424987

that person following them isn't a hikkineet either, stop being autistic. i'm a working adult i don't have time to pretend i'm a japanese shut in online

No. 1424991

File: 1642978168244.jpeg (199.53 KB, 827x1044, 0D46EDA2-C572-49E5-817A-9F2C33…)

Another one of these hikineet freaks, only milk on this one is that he’s a fuckings ugly unsightly tranny faggot

No. 1425005

But you have time to seethe about highschool girls “copying vo1dchan”

No. 1425025

that isn't what seething means anon. i simply pointed something out and you're getting all bent out of shape over it

No. 1425030

vo1dere is a fat fuck eating nasty McDonald’s junk everyday, skin getting so fucked she looks like she abused meth, nasty bitch collecting trash in her room decorating it with stickers thinking it’s cute

No. 1425031

samefag but lel, fair enough you're right.
just strikes me as weird they all like this ugly ass 'aesthetic' so much. they're all so samey.

No. 1425036

Slightly based because I hate skellies and men with skelly fetish but its better to be fat than skelly

No. 1425041


I understand you're too stupid to understand. Skinny girls don't need to diet or develop an eating disorder to be skinny, they're just skinny. Eating disorder mentally ill online freaks like all the chicks in here will never be skinny, even if they starve themselves to death. They're the same as a man desperately trying to be "become a woman" with drugs and surgeries. These girls will never be skinny, they were not meant to be skinny, born to be skinny. They will develop eating disorders in a pathetic attempt to attain something that comes naturally to actual skinny women. They will never have a real skinny girl's metabolism.

No. 1425042

Damn, maybe she is skinwalking vo1d

No. 1425044

The thread is so weird right now. Looks like a lot of samefagging is going on

No. 1425052

literal whos being posted in here

No. 1425054

Exactly. Anyone who enables girls thag try to lose weight like this are disgusting, that's why all the girls in these communities are so disgusting, the men attracted to them too, they're like demons encouraging each other to harm themselves and glamorize harmful behavior. Someone people naturally have thigh gaps, some do not. Some are naturally very thing, some are not. There is beauty in many different types of bodies. All these girls with eating disorder's legs look the same, unnatural, uncanny, disgusting. They need to learn to love themselves as they are.

No. 1425055

Agreed. Another thread ruined.

No. 1425066

Sage for tinfoil but I honestly feel like a lot of these girls WANT to be posted. It gets them closer to vo1dchan and her group as this thread is basically dedicated to her friend group now, and gives them internet points to be able to say they were gossiped about on an e-forum.
It’d explain all of them starting to do call-out posts for girls they used to be friends with. They want the milk to be posted

No. 1425067

Why'd you delete this? Was your pfp showing or something?

No. 1425069

*e-drama forum

No. 1425070

File: 1642982566882.jpeg (262.81 KB, 1170x1601, E9B5F71A-3587-4467-B2F6-0B0304…)

i can repost it, just kinda felt like the milk wasnt that good lmao

No. 1425085

Kek voiddweller is the name of a noise musician who's been around before vo1dchan and all that. Funny that they're clapping back but don't realize how retarded they look dragging an unrelated person into the mix. Pretty sure he's a bald metal dude too LMAO

No. 1425103

Yeah no, young girls succumbing to societal pressure to lose weight by not eating are nowhere near being the level of rapist moids trying to invade women’s spaces to assault them kek you sound like you’re trying way too hard to be female Patrick Bateman

No. 1425108

Remember to take your meds nonita please

No. 1425118

Skelly chaser scrotes don't even really care about how it looks either. What they enjoy is the fact a woman is harming herself for the pleasure of male. Skelly chasers get off on the fact this woman is so frail she's failing apart, they get off to the fact she'll be in and out of hospital. Fat is always better imo.

No. 1425124

Don't talk about female Bateman you'll summon Chloe

No. 1425145

Deranged edtwt user wrote this kek. Sorry you can’t get out of the healthy bmi range like all the former fatty anachans.

No. 1425166

My sides anon kek

No. 1425200

you sound unhinged. seek help

No. 1425213

File: 1643004287020.png (1.5 MB, 1307x770, 163444857804937374.png)

omg no shes not kekkkk she used posted about thinking about transitioning to male as well as having he/they in her pronoun section before she deleted her previous account. i honestly didnt believe it either until she posted pictures of herself when she was younger and as a baby and before she bawwwwleeted for being caught having an edtwt as per usual she had an art account from when she was a younger teenager and you can def tell she was a bio female
picrel is her when she was younger
i think she just has one of those faces kekk

No. 1425214

samefag i meant is* a bio female
to be honest she could be a troon and i am just retarded enough to fall for her charade

No. 1425265

„ kekkkk“ sorry nonita but you gotta be at least 18 to post here. though that applies to the whole thread at this point. most itt are definitely the hikkineet types tearing chunks out of each other because someone copied their soooper special mentally ill self harming japanese loli girl larp. or seething about chloe and voidchan because they openly disliked you freaks. stay in your lane kek, this is fucking edtwt thread 2.0

No. 1425432

File: 1643042396977.png (966.39 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20220124-083854.png)

Is this void's art? Also lol she's already tweeting about copying someone else's room talking about killing herself

No. 1425535

File: 1643049017472.jpeg (55.79 KB, 1242x864, screenshot.jpg.jpeg)

after the voidchan situation, i think most were wiped of the face of the earth, i did find one though, these girl's personality are getting old. she kind of acts like a 'pure tradwife' sorta gal and always remembers to type in that 'cwutsey uwu quorky derp' way. idk she just annoys me. the only differance than these other ones is that she hangs out with her radfem mutuals,, i guess she's a bit different in that sense. her tumblr is @supersonic-chan

No. 1425557

Self post or you're from hikineet tumblr. Fuck off back whence you came.

No. 1425592

Kill yourself

No. 1425648

>Normal looking
> an ugly nose that takes up half her face

No. 1425754

so what? she should go get botched?

No. 1425765

Small pig noses are also ugly, you really can't win kek

No. 1425877

File: 1643069077381.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1175x1117, 9134C525-3694-4C29-AFF9-F51A2E…)


No. 1425879

File: 1643069105311.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1186, 63AA0654-70E7-459E-A536-4B3DCC…)

No. 1425883

This photo is so ugly why would she post this? It looks like an accidental photo. I can't get over that tattoo being real. I really can't think of anything worse besides, like, a cartoon penis or something.

No. 1425884

KEK she edited out her back rolls here I can’t take it

No. 1425926

You’re fucking weird.

No. 1425931

I’m tired of seeing this fatass’s shitty shoops. Didn’t anons tell you to post this shit in bad photoshoppers a while ago?

No. 1425961

She looks like a bobs burgers character kek

No. 1425967

File: 1643076266383.jpeg (340.09 KB, 1170x1302, F78CBAE8-997C-484A-9979-BB5F77…)

Kek. None of these hikkineet girls can take any shit, the OG girls ITT would sperg and call us all evil bullies on their story

No. 1425971

wikidere now shouting chloe’s posts out, do vo1d calves really have no shame? anyone with a backbone would stay the fuck away from someone who shit talked them in a private gc, not kiss ass to be able to join said gc

No. 1425974

File: 1643076952849.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1020x1767, 5ABFD12E-7287-4163-AE48-CABE7D…)

Sage for nonmilk but these “interests” are so fucking funny. Pinterest ruined an entire generation of zoomers, imagine doing an icebreaker and someone lists these as their interests

No. 1425983

I don't see what's weird about these besides gore. These are all basic interests.

No. 1425986

except theyre all from tiktok. aesthetics arent interests. its just shit you like to look at because the 40k followers egirl did it

No. 1425996

Aesthetics and bunny characters, sure but how are barbie, disney, the ocean, and zombies from tiktok? Those are all extremely normalfag interests.

No. 1426019

Isn't that malwarebun? The one who was up in arms over some actual who posting Pinterest reuploads and void's old Twitter username? Kek it's always the reactive retards who cower the second their time is up.

No. 1426175

aw did i hit a nerve voiddwellerchan?

No. 1426181

im the "kekkkk" anon you originally replied to this
>>1425926 wasnt me
why'd you use weird quotation marks instead of just greentexting? well sorry for saying kek. on an imageboard.

No. 1426190

No, because you sound fucking weird like I said. You don’t belong here

No. 1426254

i’ve been using lc for a few years, you found the site because ur fav hikkineet idol wannabes posted about it. we are not the same kek, you’ve probably been posted here.

>>1426181 you sound like you’re straight from instagram, learn to integrate, that’s the only reason i responded.

No. 1426387

A lot of projection here just for getting called weird.

No. 1426410

No bitch, you sound like you came from Instagram.

No. 1426473


i implore you both, read the rules, learn to integrate, and stop sperging and calling people weird because they hit a nerve. sorry nonitas, i know you’re both like 16 and new to chans/imageboards and think it makes you cool or some shit, but whining and telling people they „don’t belong here“ because they made a post about the thread topic IN the thread is very, very telling kek

No. 1426483

File: 1643132492583.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20220125-093008.png)

Olivia says this but is probably still friends with awfultroon and other pedos. Thanks for posting this for us since you know nobody else cares LOL

No. 1426549

Anyone know Pedotroon’s private account? Interested to see if Olivia still follows him

No. 1426559

She probably wont follow him on her main but I wouldn’t be surprised she follows him on her private. Anyone with access to her private confirm?

No. 1426564

She's so desperate to get posted again, go feed your children, pedo.

No. 1426907

I know someone in the last thread had access because they posted a screen from her tiredmoogle account. Hope they come through again

No. 1427093

No one cares please stfu now
Dumb fat bitch is projecting so hard. She’s an enabler herself

No. 1427374

File: 1643212410155.jpeg (237.54 KB, 413x728, 0F2C4CC5-0783-49B4-9444-8F3E47…)

this is nekosnailz before vo1dification kek

No. 1427416

Sad seeing her starve herself and fry her hair with dye to look like something she's not, she looks way happier here. Don't let your kids use social media lmao

No. 1427417

Samefag but what do her irl friends think of this? She looks like your average southern normie girl, wonder what they thought when she all the sudden started wearing japanese school uniforms and talking about her new animecore aesthetic or whatever KEK

No. 1427483

She looks like Kaitlin Bennett.

No. 1427493

Holy shit you're right, its uncanny

No. 1428374

File: 1643307143726.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1764, BDBFA483-8AEE-437C-9411-DEB1E6…)

Sage for no milk but I bet mother of the year is lurking again kek

No. 1428415

Do it, though. What kind of mother lets the internet dictate her entire life? I barely have time to juggle social media and school and I only have two accounts. She has 7+ accounts and kids. She spends every moment online.

No. 1428531

File: 1643315535195.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1498, D890A073-20E5-4D07-B369-819C6F…)

The “hobbies” you are referring to are editing your selfies, spending every waking moment online, and fighting with 16 year olds on Instagram. You are 27. You will be 30 in the blink of an eye. People telling you to get an actual life aren’t oppressing you.

No. 1428638

Instagram, Tumblr and everything else do not qualify as hobbies kek. Those are entertainment time sinks. Escapism just like diving into anime or video games. She acts like people are telling her to kill herself cause she draws mushroom girls. So dramatic and for what? Nobody even cares cause she's literally almost 30 years old. Is she gonna be 35 whining about haters and stalkers on Tumblr? Her kids are going to cringe and resent her for this bullshit especially when they become cognizant of her narc behavior like this TikTok. Constantly validating her wasting her own time that she should spend with her kids. And yeah, not to mention her shit talking teens while skinwalking the younger groups she tried to befriend. Is she autistic? How can she not see how shitty and guilty she makes herself look with all this unnecessary whinging and PSAs nobody asks for.

No. 1428645

it's good advice for her lol pretending to be a soft mushroom menhera egirl and following/befriending/trying to appeal to girls up to 10 years younger than her isn't healthy, like if you have time to make such a cringe tiktok it sounds like it hit a sore spot because it's actually true kek
bet you anything pedolivia is a ipad kid mom

No. 1428652

She’s LARPing autism now actually kek but no she is just a 30 year old woman with a personality disorder who was raised by a narcissist. So ofc she’s one too. It’s sad because even her “art” she only makes so she can post them online. It’s her wanting to be called an artist as part of her identity without any actual interest in learning and creating for the sake of it. There isn’t an original cell in her entire body. No clue how she can talk about being her authentic self when everything she does, every choice she makes is for the sake of projecting an “aesthetic” that she ripped off of more successful and talented tumblr/insta users.

No. 1428786

File: 1643329762440.jpeg (932.05 KB, 750x1187, A7814EE3-5C16-46A4-8807-D937D8…)

What the hell is going on with her boobs? She’s a B cup at most in her older less edited pics when she was still going for the cute flat chest thing, this is bizarre

No. 1428795

File: 1643329993766.jpeg (56.1 KB, 567x679, 87FA5656-397F-462A-8921-1C46CF…)

Imagine your 35 year old daughter living at home having never moved out, unemployed, unable to pay for her own dentistry work, spending her days posting this shit on the internet with her absolutely hideous looking gremlin online “boyfriend” who visits her to get sex once every few months

No. 1428799

Even the size she edited her boobs to be they’re still small kek and no waist. Not sure what she was going for here.

No. 1428802

File: 1643330320311.jpeg (192.27 KB, 749x1234, AE985855-699D-4B19-9CFF-093ADC…)

I can’t make sense of the shape she’s edited in at all. Her boyfriends only love and passion in life is giant tits to the extent he tweets literally “I love huge tits” like every day. Does this girl have a humiliation fetish or something? Instead of being happy she’s dating a literal goblin who clearly makes her hate herself more than she already does

No. 1428818

File: 1643330850374.jpeg (265.7 KB, 750x575, F1C19BC3-ED18-416D-9724-ADB79C…)

While her boyfriend’s (who sees her once every few months, if that, for a few days to have nonstop sex then leaves) entire Twitter feed is women who look like this. It’s so pathetic

No. 1428852

This is actually making me sad

No. 1429028

She’s so desperate for online attention and validation it’s pathetic. She needs some self awareness because no one her age (who is normal) would look at her and think “wow what a contributive member of society and a role model for the younger generation”

Anon you absolutely nailed it. It doesn’t take very long for people to realize she’s a talentless blob.

No. 1429029

Yeah but remember this woman is a lolicon degen

No. 1429039

She’s actually pretty and clean here. Too bad it’s ruined with a copy and paste personality from retard town Instagram and tumblr

No. 1429110

I’d feel sad for her if the reason she was doing this is because of shit that she’s struggled with while trying to survive in the real world but this woman barely leaves her bedroom and is constantly trying to one up every single woman. She tweets about how she has the perkiest titties, the fattest ass, without even trying. She is so obsessed with being perceived as the ultimate woman to every man. I feel no pity for her. She’s experiencing the consequences of her own actions

No. 1429125

>Gender : Male
Did she have a troon phase or something?

No. 1429140

who even is this and why are you trying to imagine what it looks like under her shirt so bad that you are drawing over her pictures what u think she looks like naked.

No. 1429185

Are you Mira or just retarded? Nta but the shape she edited her cheat is hilarious who cares

No. 1429482

File: 1643402363247.jpeg (926.51 KB, 1170x1149, A086D61E-849D-4002-A050-BABF9E…)

His walls…

No. 1429487

forget the walls what in gods name is going on with the proportions. the head is so large… is it just me ?

No. 1429528

File: 1643407320673.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1759, 1943BB9C-6DC3-43F8-840A-F8D1AA…)

the pedo pandering

No. 1429549

Obvious editing anon, plus look how clear the door above the head is, lmao compared to the unedited areas it's blurry and spotless

No. 1429680

you can tell that none of these egirls have ever seen actual hourglass shaped women in person before. the fact that she's still editing so cartoonishly after 5 years and her underage followers are still falling for it is a little bit ridiculous

No. 1429824

Nah that name is the name of a little loli girl from an anime or game or something so I assume a bunch of people have that username. Mira would definitely have female as her gender since her whole identity is “lolicon woman”

Are you fucking retarded? Even if I was trying to work out what she looks like topless that photo is so edited it would give me no clues to that whatsoever. I highlight the shape of the fake edit she did to show how nonsensical it is as it makes no sense

No. 1429825

>I’ve had this top since I was 15
Did it cover your stomach at the time?

No. 1429849

File: 1643441807571.jpeg (387.43 KB, 961x707, 8887E22F-5FD6-4765-BC4B-917914…)

It's definitely Mira. Look at the friend list. Her e-bf is there.

No. 1429913

Holy shit hahah is Mira actually a fucking tranny? There’s no way she is though, her bf isn’t into trannies but that’s so weird

No. 1429914

File: 1643450601562.jpeg (134.93 KB, 750x718, F53BC059-1C1A-4E19-B3D6-BF421D…)

Birthday matches up too. Definitely her. Really weird

No. 1429924

File: 1643452264243.jpeg (444.83 KB, 1125x1299, BF370299-5920-4462-878E-E62858…)

You sure about that?

No. 1429966

Probably ftm who wasn't on hrt, i.e. a woman

No. 1430070

A quick search through his CuriousCat and Twitter shows that he's said plenty of gay shit. He's clearly into traps & futa at the very least. Pretty much all terminally online porn addicted scrotes are bi, with very few exceptions. I definitely wouldn't put it past him to fuck a mtf tranny.

No. 1430180

File: 1643483588027.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x1659, D71C6778-D77C-4A76-910F-0273B9…)

>posted in the pedopandering degens thread
>crusty 18 year old
> dresses in frumpy old children’s clothing that looks like it’s been sitting in a Goodwill
>pedo pandering e girl
>flashy mismatched outfits that look like they were picked out by a blind 7 year old
>Photos of her are being posted around the pedotwt community.
>May or may not be @kiddieluvs on Twitter

No. 1430216

Why is this being posted here if she's already in the pedo pandering thread? Honestly sick of seeing actual pedo sickos ITT when there's already a thread for just that.

No. 1430330

I hope the kids find this out and tear her to shreds. Kek. Fucking weirdo.

No. 1430461

ntayrt but I think they meant that she was posting in that thread?

No. 1430539

I’ve seen this bitch before.. her makeup it’s so gross and creepy it makes her look like a crackwhore. Sage for nitpick

No. 1430611

the person using her pictures was brazilian. it isn’t her who’s on pedo twitter, she’s just had her pic used by a degen

No. 1431134

Well then I retract that, she seemed like the type of weird white girl to do it.

No. 1431158

File: 1643597447053.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3156x1810, A67BA034-FB42-4AB6-9075-2413A2…)

No. 1431165

File: 1643598223931.jpeg (143.03 KB, 1170x1439, 6F1C5233-6058-41CC-92E3-79AA85…)

Look’s like Livi deleted all her accounts again. Both twitters, Tiktok, and instagram besides her art account, all gone. Wonder what happened, I give it 3 days before she’s back.

No. 1431172

Gooey Tumblr is still up. Kewpiemold is gone.

No. 1431190

I wonder what personality she’s gonna come back with this time kek

No. 1431298

her tumblr was changed from kewpiemold to syringeheart, it’s still up and active. i’m sure she’s just taking a break to copy someone else and re-emerge. that’s all she ever does.

No. 1431420

She made a long post on instagram about the night her mom died or something like 5 minutes before she deleted.

No. 1431507

Anyone have ss of this?

No. 1431508

File: 1643645708837.jpeg (892.01 KB, 1170x1238, 065DA9E4-5520-4D94-A98D-4FDEA4…)

She’s already back kek she’s obsessed with the attention so i’m not surprised

No. 1431646

It's gone again

No. 1431677

I guess you saged but can we not ruin another thread with this shit? This isn’t milk.

No. 1431936

If that’s the case then half of the shit in this thread isn’t milk (true) at least Olivia was actually posted before. The entirety of this thread is just updates on literally who japancore girls no one gives a fuck about besides other japancore girls.

No. 1431952

File: 1643686771494.jpeg (761.5 KB, 1170x1652, C06D6603-710B-4E25-9529-3B9593…)

Suuuuuure, Chloe.

No. 1431962

File: 1643687998859.jpeg (908.9 KB, 1170x1509, 342F90A9-C1BE-4F29-BC13-64D73E…)

Livi's stalker getting obese isn’t milk but it sure is funny

No. 1431991

Does she think 0 growth in taste is a flex?

No. 1432016

File: 1643694609931.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1101x1143, 291EE5E1-BD2E-4E56-AE1B-8B7A0F…)


No. 1432038

Ew the sunken eyes wtf. Why does she have followers? All her photos are ugly

No. 1432053

I wish I can find it, but this is based off an old tumblr art pic of a blonde pigtailed girl with a noose around her neck with play blocks that say “Jesus Loves Me”, which is pretty fucking gross to dress up as.

No. 1432183

wasn't she always a fattie though? olivia is prob this close to getting this big now too kek

No. 1432234

Chloe was always a kanken wearing art hoe. This whole "number one real otaku!" shit is such a larp.
>7 hours on yume nikki btw

No. 1432323

Yeah I don't believe for a second that kanken, block brows, joy division shirt Lookbook hipster Chloe was ever into any of this until she befriended void then she dove head first. She went out of her way to change all her accts and aesthetics. She thinks she's slick cause she chose to be a purple lovelive ukagaka/animecore figure collector, unlike the inferior and overrated pink my melody ukagaka/animecore figure collectors. She calls those people skinwalking, unoriginal losers then does exactly the same shit.

No. 1432545

She never even posted about lovelive until hikiwiz did, she always has to one up her friends. And no Chloe, posting “nico nico nii” memes doesn’t count, every egirl did that.

No. 1432550

File: 1643765611787.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1147x1526, BB60D2C7-38B7-4F7F-B576-F24836…)

What the fuck is going on with the editing + her jaw in this

No. 1432572

File: 1643767329122.png (13.83 KB, 585x82, kiriekagarino_mal_-_Twitter_Se…)

I really don't think she is. Honestly, I could see it being an oversight, I'm pretty sure that site makes your gender male by default. Her only mention of the site on her account makes it seem like she doesn't even really like it.

No. 1432580


it's on purpose if her MFC also says male

No. 1432606

Huh. Interesting. I still don't think it means she's a tranny, because then she'd have more reason to change it? Maybe it's so she doesn't get hit on, even though that's something she seeks on her twitter account.

No. 1432608

How many filters does one need? Her face looks deformed and dirty because of it.

No. 1432660

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know what happened to Violet Verdandi?

No. 1432671

>all that hentai
Is she a closeted lesbian or just a pickme

No. 1432698

Just a pickme. Everything she does is to appeal to pornsick scrotes. Tbh I don't know any lesbians at all who are obsessed with hentai, even weebs.

No. 1432745

Having autism isn’t a flex

No. 1432846

Kek she deleted. Making it obvious she’s one of the nonnies posting about Livi. Probably the one with all the non-milk autism about her deactivating her twitter.

No. 1432940

I'm wondering too anon I totally forgot about her

No. 1432952

She doesn't have autism, nonny. Just a bpdchan jumping from identity to identity

No. 1432956

She always talks about having autism but so does every other e-girl who has no real life friends idk

No. 1432959

I’m the op of that pic nonnie, and no i’m not either one of them, I’ve just been keeping up with their shit for awhile. But I understand the tinfoil I guess

No. 1432994

To her credit, she does have a lot of irls. chynna was one before she sperged on her and started stalking and harassing chynna because she "copied her"

No. 1433003

How do you know who her irls are?

No. 1433032

>"she does have a lot of irls"
>gives one example of a girl she isn't friends with anymore because she's retarded and unlikable

Talking about irl friends though not just people she knows irl. And meeting up with online friends in person doesn't count. She does not have friends that she's met outside of cringe edgelord weeb communities online.

No. 1433039

I know, but being obsessed with one thing forever is typical for autists

No. 1433040

Samfag. Like that tranny with the long drawn on eyebrows she always posts with

No. 1433052

So she has had two irl friends. Wow, so many. I bet the tranny is just as deranged as her.

No. 1433372

Look at her tagged posts

No. 1433385

File: 1643852934376.jpeg (941.38 KB, 1170x1559, 5A719E34-454F-4F6F-8649-023BDC…)

everytime i check up on the token hikkivoidanimecore girls, chances are they have a new flavor of the month that they all collectively post, now it’s sonic plushies and old barbie movies, wonder what it will be next month kek.

No. 1433387

File: 1643853025222.jpeg (922.28 KB, 1170x1829, EBC84C27-6C4B-4887-B3D3-FD9340…)

old adult man sharing story posts on his story from his 16 year old simp. any noncreep would block a highschool girl obsessing over him to this extent

No. 1433394

If you think four irl friends (one of whom she is no longer friends with) is a lot you might be an unlikable retard too. Anyone who isn't a freak who spends every moment online would say having a grand total of three friends is having no friends.

No. 1433397

holy lurking, she already privated

No. 1433400

She used to have a lot more with large groups of people too calm down nonny. I think she deleted them because a lot were absolutely terrible photos of her

No. 1433793

It's very clear that girl has a thing for him and he's just posting her memes about him. That's so creepy. If she privated too that's even worse. I don't want to begin to think about what their DMs may look like.

No. 1433802

HOLY SHIT this bitch is ugly… is she down syndrome?

No. 1433804

kek are you down syndrome nonnie?

No. 1433885

>is she down syndrome
kek. maybe FAS

No. 1433978

She wasn't super milky (sadly) but she straight up just disappeared.

No. 1433980

Looks like every other hiki cow posted. Average or chubby weight pretending to be ana, hides 3/4 of face at all times and looks like a little boy in a hime cut wig. Plain as vanilla and white as snow. So it goes.

No. 1434072

File: 1643937565127.jpg (468.21 KB, 1080x1806, 20220203_185150.jpg)

Ugly moid and his annoying pickme gf
I have the displeasure of occasionally seeing these two pop up on twitter

No. 1434116

Bump, careful scrolling

No. 1434147

sage your autism retard

No. 1434225

It's milk though? Sorry for talking about people with thousands of twitter followers maybe I need to talk about some 100 follower no name for it to be interesting to you. If you want an actual autistic post here u go <3

No. 1434226

Glad to see her here. Those two are the absolute worst. Sam is a chubby pickme anachan who bullies highschool girls for their weight constantly talks about how petite she is, (despite admitting to having a bmi well over underweight) also claiming to be a bisexual who looovesss tits and cooming women! Everything about her is for male attention.
James is your usual “trad misogynist” manlet, he posted a woman who got raped to his “woman posting L’s” account
Also when they met up, he posted a photo of her from the neck down at dinner and everyone called her a man because of her broad shoulders and instead of defending her he just kept retweeting the insults LMFAO
Ive been waiting for the milk when they breakup. Theyve been posted here before in a few other threads

No. 1434228

File: 1643949299922.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1856, 2F701166-A4C8-4C29-B76A-58A29A…)

Found the photo, she really does have the body of a chubby low-t scrote, also literally tweeted 8 hours ago about how her boobs are “small and perky”
Keep coping lunchlady arms.

No. 1434230

File: 1643949380926.jpeg (87.33 KB, 1170x262, CCEF3D52-7D2E-4839-898D-73D327…)

Tweet in question

No. 1434239

File: 1643950247420.jpg (200.21 KB, 1080x931, 20220203_224812.jpg)

She's extremely insecure. Which isn't bad in itself but insulting other women just so you can try to cope with your own issues?

No. 1434246

File: 1643950853216.jpeg (59.3 KB, 750x799, FDD3DC49-AFED-4892-9C2D-EBC767…)

the catch of a boyfriend she has, btw

No. 1434247

File: 1643950891437.jpeg (179.49 KB, 1069x1200, 1C29285F-2CCD-42E9-B36F-8BB347…)

I do wonder how many times sam has seethed over this photo kek

No. 1434249

Kek what an unfortunate shape

No. 1434255

Oops samefag, I meant >>1434228 but can't delete

No. 1434261

absolutely insane. she's actually quite pretty and this is who she is embarrassing herself over? she should be honestly ashamed to claim this guy, let alone publiclize her jealousy over him, jesus.

No. 1434263

Don’t have any sympathy for pick me’s who end up with uglies, misery loves company kek

No. 1434267

is that justin wang?

No. 1434288

Just because it’s an Asian dude with long hair doesn’t mean it’s Justin Whang, nona

No. 1434293

not the anon that posted but yes, that's him (he's tagged in the original photo)

No. 1434446

File: 1643984764029.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2066, 6798DCEC-1341-452F-A74A-11BFA5…)

She deleted the fat pic but posted this which was… startling, kek.

No. 1434452

File: 1643985962052.jpeg (35.21 KB, 363x394, EF9E63F3-5070-44BA-8F27-4A1BD2…)

Looks like this guy from tiktok

No. 1434456

the fucking women posting their L's retard? she must really hate herself holy shit. lolcows attract lolcows.

No. 1434479

her arms are average, calm down.
That said what an annoying bitch she sounds incredibly insecure and in her final stage of NLOG

No. 1434481

Your art isn’t disturbing fatty it’s just bad, and also not milk. And yes i’m hi-cowing because you’re irrelevant with barely 100 followers

No. 1434503

Brittany hanging out with the woman posting Ls scrote is exactly why I don’t believe her current misandrist radfem grift

No. 1434522

Does anyone have the photos of the "right wing twitter egirl meetup"? Sam went I'm pretty sure but wasn't in the photo. I remember one of them was obese (actually very overweight, not bonerattling) and was hiding behind a skinny girl half her size in every pic KEK

No. 1434789

I didnt know about that but it sounds hilarious. Do you know who else was there/when it happened?(sage)

No. 1434805

File: 1644013061790.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1614, D97C6B54-7CCA-4C88-8496-6AAB67…)

Cant believe this bitch is 21. She looks so haggard and weird for her age

No. 1434828

she looked better as a goth. i hate this pedo-pandering trend with a passion and can't believe it's a thing. there's a difference between liking pink/sanrio/kawaii stuff as an adult but then there's this. gag-inducing

No. 1434856

Tweens and teens now try to sell CP and look younger thanks to this trend too, what else do 20 something trend hopping pick-me's have left to do but try to compete with literal children for pedo male attention, money and clout? Instead of trying to help these kids they got jealous of the attention and demanded THEY be the 'liddol' Sanrio girls with ~baby cunnies~. Not surprised because America rewards this behavior and half the media available nowadays actively grooms children into fetishes and being okay with sexual acts and innuendo.

No. 1434858

File: 1644018670674.png (2.18 MB, 1079x1681, Screenshot_20220204-154950.png)

The jokes write themselves with these types. Imagine this thing sucking on a pacifier while this absolute fucking ogre plays "daddy". I'm going to vomit.

No. 1434943

File: 1644026306739.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1496, FA0DE8E9-5241-462C-BAFB-893C2D…)

sage for tinfoil but kek i really do believe she’s over 21. her aging face is smoothed to shit.

No. 1434946

I KNOW that room smells musty

No. 1434948

File: 1644026450830.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1424, 54B4BDB7-89DD-4930-90B3-6A71A2…)

True, the pedo pandering is super obvious like in picrel. It’s amazing that even with all the snow filters she still just looks like ran through DDLG crack whore.

No. 1434957

I was JUST about to say this, nonny. Almost puts Luna's room to shame

No. 1434958

File: 1644026916777.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1510, FFA4854D-E9E6-49E4-9C7A-ACAA62…)

It’s always ‘pedo pandering haggard gf wearing mismatched pinks’ with a ‘neck beard obese cheeto stained hands beta bf’

No. 1434967

File: 1644028041132.png (10.69 MB, 1242x2208, 0D3A5201-AE5E-45AD-91C8-4AA390…)

I mean she does own a lot of used things children probably barfed on and shit on before it ended up at the thrift

No. 1434984

File: 1644029591332.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1441, E1870A4A-18FF-45B4-A362-DE4C4E…)

I can only imagine that she gets him to take these pedo-esque child-larp photos of her. Her socks look like she stepped in a litter box

No. 1434990

File: 1644029996277.jpeg (739.77 KB, 1170x1090, 28EBDA26-CD1F-4612-A13B-219B00…)

Does anyone else find it seriously disturbing that her onlyfans profile picture is a photo of her posing like a child? and no makeup (compared to her other pictures) makes me believe she’s trying to look like an actual child. vomit inducing.

No. 1434991

File: 1644030043015.jpeg (918.39 KB, 1170x960, 97A80E42-5894-4EE3-9DAF-455DA5…)

No. 1435000

iirc, the strawbabydoll chick had a petplay kink pinterest board. Not sure if its still up or not. It was fucking disgusting and full of images of dog cages

No. 1435035

The fat girl was bunnylover88, the skinny one was cowrespecter or something? another girl named uptownbimbo was there, they’re all dating big rightwing twitter meme pages with 20k+ followers as well. All adult women btw, not naive late teens early twenties girls.
Forgot who the other one was though. Im sure if i looked hard enough id find it, ill update with it if i do

No. 1435039

File: 1644035087059.jpeg (843.76 KB, 1170x1511, 21469FD3-382D-481D-A049-112918…)

They all deleted the original pic, but I found a photo of a scrote making fun of her self harm scars in it , kek.

No. 1435046

Those look like runs in her tights tbh?

No. 1435047

Im torn (lol) on whether they are or not tbh, any other girl id say its her tights but shes in her late twenties dating a 19 year old scrote with a twitter meme page. Id be cutting myself too.

No. 1435110

File: 1644046328846.jpg (37.08 KB, 500x375, c3a067b82c8369abc883cfbbbcb5f1…)

weird russian dating website vibes

No. 1435115

There is something really viscerally sinister about this pic, even though there’s not technically anything wrong happening. It has the same vibes as severe gore or CP. once you get over that, you admire the cute woman lounging beside the hideous fish.

No. 1435116

You would never in a million years complain about a scrote in his late 20s dating a 19 year old.

No. 1435127

What exactly is wrong with her? I followed her a while back because she dresses like how I dreamed I would dress when I was older at 11 (hope this makes sense). It makes me feel nostalgic. Has she done anything wrong?

No. 1435166

Nta but that's gross too. Not sure why you said this.

No. 1435178

It’s so hypocritical. A late 20s woman does not have the same power over a 19 year old man, yet you act like they’re somehow equal. It is not equal. Pathetic to act like it is. A 19 year old is a legal adult.

No. 1435243

Nothing besides the fact she dresses like a child and looks frumpy. You have bad fashion taste if you think she looks good, anon. She was posted by a pedo on Twitter but it wasn’t her account

No. 1435245

19 is a legal adult with a still underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. There will always be an inherent advantage when one party is fully developed and the other is not. It's worse imo when it's an older guy with a younger girl as that's usually predatory while older women who seek young partners are often just pathetic. Sounds like something struck a nerve there, nonny.

No. 1435474

Jfl struck a nerve didnt I? I’d obviously make fun of a scrote dating a 19 year old as well. Sorry I hurt your teen bfs feelings

No. 1435520

>Implying men and women are equal developmentally so whoever is oldest inherently holds all power
Cope for scrotes harder, 19 is a man and that woman is still weird. Both can be true.

No. 1435557

Do you not understand how the brain works? Men are by and large more predatory and abusive but neurological development is still a thing. Could you explain what you are basing these statements are? I am intrigued. All OP said was that a 29 year old was a loser for dating guys ten years younger, which you're agreeing with now. U ok?

No. 1435639

Not arguing with an illiterate projecting Twitterfag. You can try to spin what I said as defending her if you want to debate yourself. A better use of your time would be learning to integrate.

No. 1435644


No. 1435917

I’m so sick of the anachans in here please fuck off

No. 1435938

nayrt but frumpy just means unkempt and unstylish, it's not the same thing as dumpy or fat

No. 1436047

File: 1644152733175.jpg (216.09 KB, 720x1480, strawbabydolly1.jpg)

she looks that was cause she smoked ciggs and did drugs a lot when she was growing up she still drinks very often and she has an ED but she rarely posts about it(namefagging)

No. 1436051

File: 1644153015382.jpg (131.88 KB, 720x1480, stawbabydoll2.jpg)

also, idk if any1 remembers this situation but here is what happen with strawbabydolly's "stalker/skinwalker" named Megan aka N3koprincess on ig. pretty fuckin laughable tbh

No. 1436055

can you at least try to sage your non milk and integrate while you vendetta? All she needs to do is narrow down her close friends list to who talks like a twitter retard and find you

No. 1436101

Sage your shit Vanessa. No one cares about you doing drugs.(hi cow )

No. 1436254

Lmao. By the way, I herd heroin makes you like, super uwu frail.

No. 1436324

How is this not milk are you retarded? Yeah its a vendetta but so is this entire fucking thread. So many retards ITT who sperg over THEIR vendetta cow not being posted. Get over it nonny, sorry your favorite egirl’s milk has dried up

No. 1436332

Aww, she got a reality check KEK. If I was the "stalker" I'd be laughing my ass off right now. Like she invented strawberry Sanrio aesthetic and having pink hair, every other DDLG freak has had that phase, like binkie princess. If you post your entire life online every day for attention, people will be drawn to you and replicate what they like about your style. If anything they should take it as a compliment but women like this make their ENTIRE personalities their social media feeds and selfies. Devoid of any real life and satisfaction with your true self means there's nothing really original to copy in the first place. Skinwalker always cry stalker like void and mado. Funny as fuck if you ask me.

No. 1437009

it's always hilarious seeing danish cows

No. 1437342

File: 1644276231626.png (298.45 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20220207-124331.png)

This account is so weird. All she posts about is being greasy, living in squalor and being a hikikomori. Nobody knows if she's actually Japanese or not but that's what she seems to be? Wouldn't be shocked if it was a white girl though. She's followed by all the hikineet types. It almost feels like an ARG.

No. 1437343

File: 1644276267957.png (653.94 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20220207-124255.png)

In motion it's so bad, she's so greasy.

No. 1437399

File: 1644280567828.jpeg (248.47 KB, 1418x1063, E06A787C-9BFD-4FAA-8936-1BAE30…)

Her switch language is English with 12 hour time (24 hour is more common in Japan although 12 hour is used as well). I've seen egirls speak in broken English online to try to seem foreign/exotic. Could go either way though. She has photos of a cardboard box with Chinese text. Idc about this girl she seems harmless I'm just bored.

No. 1437411

It just feels fake, I agree she probably isn't a psycho like the other ones but it threw me for a loop just seeing her post about struggling to find a towel lol.

No. 1437458

Probably just a westerner larper. She seems like she can’t decide whether being chinese or being japanese is more aesthetic kek. All she’s following are void calves.

No. 1437673

she’s filipino kek they all larp as japanese

No. 1437828

File: 1644328459923.png (7.86 MB, 1242x2208, B73CA0A0-2EA6-4025-8B7E-B82723…)

No. 1437830

Creepy af pic

No. 1437832

File: 1644329003948.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1189x1640, 038E4170-E716-4487-B7EB-33256B…)

You can see how fat she is in this pic

No. 1437833

File: 1644329062838.png (11.4 MB, 1242x2208, A642FB68-200A-466E-8862-B327FF…)

Sure squidward

No. 1437836

being around 120lb would only make sense if she was 3ft, girl no one is buying that you're so "smoll uwu"

No. 1437845

File: 1644330356788.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3234x2022, B244CBB8-C707-4C5E-91FD-8EFEDC…)

Made her look somewhat normal. The shooping is ridiculous she’s too old for this shit. “Teen angel” my ass she’s been 19 for like two years tf. Why is she going to keep lying when we can see how chunky she is with her bad shoops? Her head was way smaller than her thighs? She looks like an alien.(fanart)

No. 1437847

File: 1644330740995.jpeg (431.81 KB, 1189x1640, 542EB494-3E1D-4A21-AD3A-3CD163…)

Why does this look more realistic than the one she posted? Kek

No. 1437918

Why does every background look like a abandoned creepy hunted house set? Everything's that Shayna pink color but visably dirty and dusty. Is the mirror dirty with a drip of mystery drip dripping down, or is the wall bleeding dirt juice? Is that a crack? Where the fuck does she live? She's clearly a bigger girl.I don't know why she lies.

No. 1437929

That's probably exactly what she looks like. She can't cope with being fat kek. 120 my ass she's at LEAST 160 if not 200. She's overweight and that's undebatable.

No. 1438027

What I don't get is that with all the editing she does she should very easily edit the grime and dirt streaks out. They have eraser brushes for that in most editing apps.

No. 1438136

She thinks her musty house adds to her softcore nymphette teen aesthetic but it just shows she's a fat uggo living with her parents in a dilapidated house that's probably full of mold. But it's so vintage and aesthetic

No. 1438244

was gonna say the same thing kek

No. 1438400

File: 1644373378802.jpeg (739.5 KB, 1170x1749, 193664B0-FC87-44C9-9DFF-9F343B…)

Sage for no milk but I searched her old username on Ig to see what would pop up and this is so funny. She made someone real mad kek

No. 1438598

Out of curiosity, do you know which region she's in? Are you a fellow yeehawfag?

No. 1438613

There is absolutely no way in hell she's 120 pounds unless she's shorter than 5 feet and she's definitely not.

No. 1438619

File: 1644395055488.jpeg (364.12 KB, 1241x1342, 120 lol.jpeg)

How tall is she? When I was like 160 at 5'3 I looked like this with smaller boobs I feel like there is no way she weighs less than that. If she is taller definitely more. there is no way you can tell me she is 120 esp seeing her unedited body in picrel.

No. 1438730

She looks around 5'7" or taller to me.

No. 1438774

Spoiler pics with scrote stalkers please ew also yeah she's 5'7

No. 1438791

If shes over 5'5 she's probably at least 180

No. 1438796

File: 1644427013033.jpeg (693.27 KB, 1170x1399, 0FE30F07-96EA-46FC-838B-E917A6…)

I am five seven and actually 120, she is definitely lying. She is no less than just under 200 if that's her height. Image from mybodygallery.

No. 1438816

File: 1644429488213.jpeg (808.16 KB, 1170x1433, F9FA2E80-6A0E-4A43-A808-7A619E…)

def over 200 imo

No. 1438834

File: 1644430492637.png (231.02 KB, 1080x788, Screenshot_20220209-101206.png)

She's absolutely 200-250 easily. My exact guess is 225. Could be over that though.
She is definitely not average lol, cope harder fattythigh. Fluctuating in the 200's means you're well on your way to obesity that will no longer "fluctuate normally".

No. 1438838

Ugh, god. The fatty with no chin, turtle like neck + the hunch is so fucking ugly. Looking like a CPAP mouthbreather in training

No. 1438852

Tea more like fattea
why does she keep lying about ~muh snatched waist uwu~ we know she ain’t built like that

No. 1438871

The lack of chin,pink dirty haunted house, really makes me believe this is a Troon like some anons were saying. They look and are shaped like a awkward male. However Shayna looks similar and slightly smaller when she wears those ugly shirts, so it could just be a woman with a awkward shape

No. 1438934

It's really hard to tell unless she posts her vag/dick online or something. Shay recently posted a picture where I thought she was a man for a split sec. Some women just have unfortunate faces and bodies. Her stuff is really grimy but she could just be really disgusting. I knew a personal cow irl and she was so disgusting. Her walls were dirty, all her clothes were dingy looking when they were any sort of light color.

No. 1439127

Did she change her @ to match his when they started dating or was it like that before… I can't decide which is worse…

do girls like this not get embarrassed in the thrift store when they're walking out with bags of kids toys/ clothes right past the children those things are actually meant for

like imagine being a low-income kid watching an adult woman dressed as a six year old snatch the last strawberry shortcake blanket off the rack before you can get to it lol

No. 1439856

Prevented a child from getting a cute blanket they may have fallen in love with just so she can starfish on it while sexy dada >>1434858 pretends he's fucking an anime loli irl. God, they look like they smell like fungal infections and cigarettes. I hope she gets laughed at in public wearing literal lingerie with children's clothes like a autopedophilic freak.

No. 1440141

File: 1644536733176.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1418, 4DBBC310-E784-40D4-96A2-053196…)

Vile. Absolutely vile

No. 1440213

Looks like a cheap smelly home that smells like cat piss and BO. Also she’s ugly under all those filters and editing

No. 1440257

under? shes ugly even with all the filters

No. 1440435

well most likely it smells kek she moved into her grandma's house now since Oct when her and her ogre bf broke up for a month and he kicked her out of their apartment and she acted like it never happened kek so she must live in her room with all her cats ick

No. 1440773

shes ugly on top of them too

No. 1440847

Nobody needed to hear that she's ugly, it's obvious even from the thumbnails of her heavily edited photos. there's a reason she's with that neckbeard. She's got a very limited pool given her looks + the whole pretending to be a widdol anime loli cope. She's terrified of getting older and uglier all these women cope the same and think being a little or dressing in kids clothes will stop them from facing reality and their aging skin KEK. No wonder she spergs about her "stalker" she has NOTHING going for her aside from the ogre and her Instagram and Tumblr. Fucking bleak get a life and new hair strawbaby (gag) you look like a crack addicted hooker.

No. 1441121

File: 1644628796237.png (7.62 MB, 1242x2208, C3E368D0-CA25-4B77-A612-F84C72…)

Yeah she’s definitely a cow in my opinion she bullied an underaged girl just for copying her pink hair and basic ass style.

No. 1441123

File: 1644628831844.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1231x1979, 64D1D376-0214-4336-B27E-C6FBE9…)


No. 1441142

Spoiler the tweaker ho body please I don't want to see that when I'm eating.

No. 1441184

You should never lurk lolcow and eat nonny I leaned that the hard way

No. 1441214

Why are you lying? The girl isn’t a minor. She even has her age on her account. She’s 21.

No. 1441228

Not her dipshit I meant her “stalker” she spergs about. Learn how to read, retard

No. 1441239

You’re the actual retard because her stalker is who I’m talking about. She’s not a minor, she’s 21. They’re the same age.Next time check before making yourself look more like a retard.

No. 1441244


No. 1441250

File: 1644647215081.jpeg (803.56 KB, 828x1509, D81A087B-1667-4195-8E9A-4CF5D1…)


she has everything her “skinwalker” has done
on this instagram account

No. 1441266

My fucking bad I thought she was bullying a minor I didn’t realize they were the same age they are both retards

No. 1441267

File: 1644648945211.png (6.59 MB, 1242x2208, 95C1E49F-7469-4B7B-856D-1374D7…)

No. 1441347

It's hilarious how upset she is about someone copying her retarded posts. Hope the "stalker" (kek) keeps doing it.

No. 1441357

her life is her ig account its fucking pathetic lol i cant believe she tried to go to court over this.

No. 1441791

Calling someone a stalker when you have an entire instagran account documenting the similarities between eachother and posting her posts hours after theyve been uploaded.

No. 1441839

File: 1644708735412.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x2073, 1646BF6F-D6C0-4632-8FF9-C32B01…)

Couldn’t help but belly laugh over this sperg. “the majority of my content is adult content”
Tries to look like a child, constantly posts her hoard of secondhand children's toys, takes her crusty photos inside a child’s play tent… maybe the reason why people (i.e all of her teeny bopper uwu followers) question why you’re posting “kink” is because your whole online persona is dedicated to looking like a CHILD? Kek.

No. 1441840

File: 1644708908656.jpeg (788.5 KB, 1170x1827, 9F9EDA22-E9CE-4189-9DC5-9C4283…)

No. 1441841

File: 1644709011347.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2076, B23FCD76-DAC8-40E4-9334-F993C2…)

No. 1441842

“ddlgbabygirl” GAG
this is seriously so fucking gross so glad I never followed her

No. 1441846

you can’t cross-tag shit meant for actual children with kink and expect actual children to not come across your account lol

No. 1441930

This shit has me rolling. It’s just like Olivia and Aislin. Two boring bitches skinwalking each other and then sending her heard of DDLG degens after her “stalker”. Even funnier that strawbabydoll has irl friends in common with Aislin (such as honey.buzz). All of the cows crying stalker and skinwalker is getting old. I cant imagine being the employee at the courthouse and having to listen to crackbabydoll sperg about how another girl on the internet has pink hair and squishmallows, fucking kek

No. 1441934

Imagine trying to scroll through the kitten tag and seeing this pedophilic freak. They weren’t wrong about it being traumatizing.

No. 1441958

File: 1644721022966.jpeg (369.89 KB, 1170x1190, 93766716-41EF-40E2-9714-5BEB3B…)

I have never seen someone who lacks so much self awareness.
Also LOL at the technology comment, you had gutturalsnug walk you through downloading widgets because you couldnt figure out how to do it yourself, Chloe.

No. 1442037

she needs to let it go tbh. nothing about any of these mismatched shades of pink unwashed sanriocore girls is original, there have been women with pink hair and hello kitty collections since the start of the internet and before that too

No. 1442080

I absolutely hate when people cross Tag nsfw kink shit online with perfectly safe tags that minors likely use. Then they have the audacity to cry about minors following them and people giving them shit for their content. Jfc just move onto an 18+ website Holy fuck.

No. 1442153

File: 1644755950640.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2072, 2CD7B0AB-D4E1-418A-8978-F73615…)

Kek, Olivia has been posting about making jewelry and Aislin ran to the store as soon as she saw it. Not sure if this classified as milk but it’s pretty damn funny to see how dedicated they are to copying each other

No. 1442251

kek i look forward to Olivia’s nuclear meltdown when Aislin posts shitty copies of her jewelry (even though she’s totes moved on and Aislin ~doesn’t even exist~ to her!!!1)

and you know Olivia’s gonna make a massive stink about her “art” being copied even though her jewelry looks exactly like every other instagram jewelry maker’s right now. i wonder if she ever gets tired of being such a hypocrite.

No. 1442265

KEK I can't wait for this. You're right, Olivia has been sharing posts from jewelry accounts like swamparsenal and heggyworld for months and this "creative project" is her copying their necklaces to a T. Dying to see her try making something that's not traced or an exact copy of someone else's work. Seeing her rage at Aislin for doing a shitty job copying her when she's doing a shitty job copying others is too good. They're both nutcases.

No. 1442313

I’m confused cause I saw Aislinn post about making jewelry like a month ago, not sure if Livi posted about it before that but I thought Livi was copying her stalker kek

No. 1442351


No. 1442402

Olivia started in the end of January I think idk

No. 1442679

i dont even want to imagine what kind of taste that thumb has

No. 1442729

kek the more it goes the more it sounds like she's trying really hard to seem like she's not any of these things. Insecure til the end.

No. 1442846

Chloe he's literally making fun of normie retards like you. Oh my god just rope already KEK

No. 1442865

I’m not going to post ss because they’re videos but Aislin is already going on about Olivia on her story kek they’re both unhinged

No. 1442891

Saw that. I don’t want to come off as an Olivia wk but I don’t actually believe that she somehow copied a post Aislin made on a private account with 13 followers. Seems like Aislin is just trying to rekindle the drama with fake screenshots, I can’t wait to watch Olivia sperg about it kek

No. 1442898

@moldrealm isn't coming up anymore. Did she change her username or deactivate?

No. 1442907

Didn't see this specific story but she accused Olivia before of copying a drawing she posted on a private account that had 0 likes. Olivia does copy people but it's impossible for her to copy a drawing that no one saw. Aislin's art isn't good either.

No. 1442911

it’s still there for me, she probably blocked you kek. she was sperging about “olivia’s friends” stalking her stories.

as for who is copying who, i don’t put anything past either of them. aislin is unhinged and olivia is just as obsessed with her despite her protests that she’s the bigger person. i’ve noticed olivia copying shit aislin does and it seems very intentional. i think she likes to antagonize her and then turn around and act confused/play the victim. they both seem like bpd nightmares.

No. 1442917

Kek turns out she did block my burner which is interesting because it's entirely empty. Wondering if any of Olivia's friends really are watching her story or if she's just being paranoid about empty accounts.

No. 1442926

Lol you're blocked

No. 1443017

File: 1644864778092.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20220214-104649.png)

c4vechan is annoying and one of the most egregious face shoopers. Kota level shoop and people believe this crap. I saw her in my explore and almost choked on my water. Pseudo intellectual to boot, even better. Always posting obscure and dense books on her stories trying to feign being super well-read and interesting. Can't believe she gets tens of thousands of likes when she looks like a baby doll head someone stepped on lolol

No. 1443031

Idk it might be a stretch in this case but I def have seen Olivia copy Aislin multiple times, idk if it’s to make her mad or if she’s really just that weird to copy her said stalker, either way they’re both fucking wierdos who need to get a life off the internet

No. 1443058

She does copy Aislin back. Copy and pasting her bio or using the same profile picture to piss her off. Aislin has used fake screenshots to make Olivia look like she's copying something she physically could not have because nobody had ever seen it before. She made a drawing similar to one Olivia posted and then changed the date of the photo to be weeks prior and sperged about how Olivia copied her even though the sketch was never posted anywhere and Olivia couldn't have had access to her camera roll. Anyway Olivia's just as bad for being 30 and egging her on. Could go either way here.

No. 1443065

Was the fake ss posted here? If so can U link the post cause I don’t feel like scrolling through this whole thread

No. 1443148

Ah this girl. She’s a hypocrite typical moid bootlicker that panders to the nastiest men online. Not that that isn’t unusual, especially with the shooping but damn I hate that type of person. Also don’t insult Kota like that, at least she had some semblence of individuality.

No. 1443188

The essay long pseudo intellectual story posts are insufferable, the i have no mouth and i must scream captions/updates about what she's been reading is mega cringe. It's every edgy basic bitch's type of books, not that there's some amazing not cringe type of reading, just the pseudo intellectual posting about it is so embarrassing. She also is in the racist/edgy pandering sphere of online ppl, not going to get into it though, it's easy to figure out. I can't believe how many mentally ill eating disorder edgy pandering egirls there are, same way there's all those sanrio trauamcore etc girls. Must be a cloning factory somewhere. c4vechan's posts, aesthetic, writing style, everything, was so generic, embarrassing, and cringe, I thought it must have been someone pretending to be someone else, there's no way someone can be this psuedo intellectual and annoying.

No. 1443261

It's funny cause incel freaks comment about hating her and it seems likely she's in discords being an edgy thot lol. She seems like a basic bitch who found Tumblr last year and decided she was a bookworm femcel. She honestly reminds me of Fotouh/Effina. Self hating Photoshop abomination who panders to 4chan schizos.

No. 1443324

How does she have less than 10k followers, but some of her posts have like 10k-80k likes? Is she buying likes?

No. 1443434

I'm laughing that she's getting posted here because I clicked her "recommended books link" the other day and it was animal farm by george orwell kek, such intellectual

No. 1443532

File: 1644909505794.jpg (126.62 KB, 828x1091, k.JPG)

Well read but doesn’t know the difference between loose and lose

No. 1443645

>nothing to loose
>behaviors with catch up to you
>each and everyday
Full-blown retard. This is the most surface level message too. She comes across as an average looking midwit from a third world country. Many such cases. And nonas, don't bother pandering to scrotes. It will never end well for you.

No. 1443822

They weren’t posted here and she deleted them so I can’t go back, but to summarize, it was Aislin posting a screenshot of Olivia’s twitter about making a moth necklace, Aislin posted a fake screenshot of her private account where she edited it to look like she posted the moth thing first (even though, you know, it’s a private account with 13 followers kek) and made videos screaming into her phone about how Olivia can somehow magically see her private account and how Olivia’s friends are stalking her. IMO it’s not a secret Aislin posts here and when she saw the posts about her copying Olivia’s jewelry she had a meltdown and tried to do some really psycho damage control. When Olivia didn’t respond and everyone in the thread agreed that it was fake she deleted it all. Trying to make it look like Olivia was hacking instagram to stalk Aislin didn’t work out too well for her kek

No. 1443843

File: 1644939546868.jpeg (697.13 KB, 1242x1298, BB9884CC-B95F-4296-BD32-BDC54F…)

She really editing tf out of those love handles

No. 1443844

120 lbs btw kek

No. 1443845

File: 1644939647252.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1548, AD0D45CA-C15F-460D-B67A-43A987…)

The chest area……looks like fattea hasn’t showered in months, wtf.

No. 1443847

File: 1644939807538.jpeg (687.97 KB, 1215x1164, 7A9CC2EC-FEE1-43EB-91AF-E807C0…)

No. 1443866

She really is just so hideous. Is she retarded? Is that why she goes out like this cause she can't tell how awful it is? Is she proud? Who takes the photos, her mom? So embarrassing to look at.

No. 1443878

Is this Livi herself or a wk? Kek Livi has posted before that Aislin’s “best friend” was sending her ss of her private account in the past so it’s not a stretch that she would still have access to her account. I didn’t see the ss so idk if she did shop it in her favor but either way they’re clearly both obsessed with eachother and would do anything to get under the others skin, that much is clear so don’t sound so biased. both these bitches need to get off the internet and go touch grass and I’m tired of them and the dried up milk being posted here

No. 1443903

I’m not her and DEFINITELY not a wk kek just wanted to fill nonny in because the posts had been removed. I despise pedolivia but in this instance it definitely comes across as Aislin being delusional or just desperately wanting Olivia’s attention.

No. 1444077

File: 1644958897559.jpeg (148.04 KB, 1170x603, 1278F38E-83E9-43D3-A3AF-8A50DA…)

Noticed Aislin changed her profile picture to her jewelry when I checked this morning to see if the stories had been removed and now Olivia has done the same. They're made for each other. If they keep it up I'll keep it to myself but I feel like we're headed for another outburst from Olivia.

No. 1444080

File: 1644959208228.jpeg (501.32 KB, 2942x1848, DA70574E-B4AC-4774-98E4-3ACCE9…)

It’s so funny I didn’t realize she was this chunky irl

No. 1444083

We get it, she's fat and her shoops are bad. Every time something is posted about Olivia and Aislin you post these same pics, over and over. Which one of them are you wking?

No. 1444194

Any ss of this? Who was the friend?

No. 1444222

It was awhile ago, there’s probably ss on older threads but I personally do not have any. She also never named the person just “Aislin’s bff”

No. 1444239

I honestly don’t get the drama of Olive and Aspirin like okay they copy each other one was friends with a pedo and lied about it and they make shitty art? It’s confusing could someone explain why we are still talking about them

No. 1444281

That’s basically all that there is kek. They’re boring. The milk dried up ages ago.

No. 1444313

Nobody really cares that much, it's just funny. They keep coming up because at least a third of the posts about them are Aislin self posting. Half this thread is always just that anon posting angelthigh pics anyway. You could post stuff from cows you'd rather see instead.

No. 1444315

File: 1644979056962.jpg (1.08 MB, 1383x1222, .jpg)

i saved the pics but didn't post them bc i didn't think it was that milky, so here were aislin's story posts for anyone who cares. it does seem weird to me that olivia tweeted about making a moth necklace out of nowhere when she barely even uses twitter so i wouldn't be surprised if she has someone on aislin's private screenshotting stuff and showing her. equally as likely that aislins unhinged ass is making it all up kek. they're both insane and both of their jewelry is ugly so who really cares.

No. 1444790

File: 1645031088678.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1902, 8262525D-3A2A-49BC-ACCC-D2F101…)

Saged for autism but I think I finally figured it out. Livi posted this picture this morning, and she posted the moth necklace tweet at 5:52 in my time zone, which would have made it 8:52 if she lives in Philadelphia. Meaning she would’ve bought the moth 6 hours prior, making Aislins screenshots fake kek. I’m a little disappointed, it would have been milky if Livi DID have access to Aislins private account, but it seems like Aislin got caught in a lie. Still waiting for Olivia to screech about it on her story

No. 1444808

I don't think that makes Aislin's screenshots fake, it just makes her claim wrong. It's clear Olivia posted this receipt so it would be posted here to prove that she didn't steal the idea from Aislin. I believe her but it's still funny and petty that she tweeted a literal receipt instead of ignoring Aislin who she claims doesn't exist to her kek.

No. 1444819

What I find funny is her specifically saying “moth necklace” instead of just “bug necklace” kek and I agree with the other nonny, she posted the receipt because she knew it would make aspirin look bad. I don’t think aspirin's ss is fake which does make me wonder if she really does have access to her account kek but all in all they’re both boring bitches who’s claiming the other is copying a trendy jewelry style. They’re honestly made for eachother.

No. 1444884

Because MOTH BUG SOFT GIRL MOLD UWU hasn’t been the shit they’ve been ripping from each other for months? Maybe the ss aren’t fake, but Aislin is still a delusional fat BPDchan and if she wasn’t irrelevant she’d probably make a better cow than Pedolivia kek.

No. 1444908

oh my god can they just kiss already? they're so in love with each other

No. 1444929

thats the best part imo kek they're constantly sperging over who is copying who when neither of them have an original bone in their body regardless. their 'moldy bug softgirl' personas are just shallow imitations of other people/trends anyway.

like can you even think of an original personality trait either of them possesses outside of that aesthetic? i never see them express interest in anything that doesn't fit into that trend. its always just mushrooms, animal crossing, cottagecore, mold (whatever the fuck that as a trend concept even means), bugs, being an uwu artist, etc. they're so far removed from what actual interesting people with personalities are like they forgot that normal human beings have varied interests and aren't just a sentient pinterest moodboard.

No. 1444993

File: 1645050290799.jpeg (977.55 KB, 1170x2073, 238F20FB-E349-457B-A288-CB571D…)

Copying what Livi wrote in her post almost verbatim kek. I really can’t wait to see what she’s going to do, only because i KNOW it’ll set Livi off.

No. 1444997

Right lol they might as well just be friends at this point

No. 1445001

wtf these bitches even have moles in the same spot on their chests

No. 1445048

Lowkey hilarious that Olivia is retarded enough to let this fat literal who with 0 following or art prowess get under her skin so much kek

No. 1445065

Literally kek imagine letting someone with barely 100 followers bother you so much that you make it a personality trait

No. 1445068

I don't think she really is that bothered by it. She likes playing victim and thinks that being copied means she's famous and enviable even if it's some fat retard with 100 followers. Her posts about Aislin read to me like she wants people to think she is interesting because somebody is obsessed with her and wants to be her.

No. 1445124

How do u not know Joann has more than that and youre ~cRaFtY~

No. 1445495

File: 1645124802723.jpeg (911.89 KB, 1170x1915, 2639FB02-DA9B-4A36-91AB-BB44BB…)

The saga continues kek. This bitch really has no shame.

No. 1445505

I mean I guess you saged but still, no1curr

No. 1445510

no1curr which is why the last 50 posts in the thread have been about them? Cope harder aislin

No. 1445573

I am definitely not that fatty lol but literally what was that screen shot even for? To show her mediocre at best jewelry? But since you wanna hi-cow, hey pedolivia, guess people were right about it bothering you so much

No. 1445619

Sorry to burst your bubble nonny but I’m not Livi either.

No. 1445728

File: 1645140094428.jpeg (815.59 KB, 828x1415, F4F9040E-BE12-4607-B6B0-60C5E2…)

oh man…

No. 1445740

It physically hurts me to see her boobs pushed up that high

No. 1445767

Look at that gut holy shit how can she tell people she's 120 lbs

No. 1445788

i went to the vid and shes had that same bruise on her tit for like 2 months lol is she intentionally bruising herself for ~aesthetics~ ?

No. 1445791

samefag nvm i realized its a birth mark or something

No. 1445986

File: 1645161907902.png (6.56 MB, 1242x2208, 26E833F8-E832-4998-93D8-F1398B…)

The delusion

No. 1445987

File: 1645161971233.png (5 MB, 1242x2208, 8DD3C3E3-2E68-42CF-89FA-C4D366…)

She’s big

No. 1446037

every bitch on ig is making jewelry that looks like that who gives a shit they all look the same

No. 1446131

These black sharpie lines aren't fooling anybody, none of these idiots have ultra wide uwu cat eyes kek.

No. 1446200

Retarded nitpick. Women wearing makeup are trying to fool us!!!1! You sound like a scrote.

No. 1446275

out of everything you’re going to nitpick fucking eyeliner? kek go get laid scrote

No. 1446703

File: 1645241946916.jpeg (967.73 KB, 1170x1285, CFA54A62-84DB-4E6E-9341-30A82D…)

Virusdere (now mukyamuni bc shes totes a real otaku now!!) has been nonstop sperging about animecore and how shes “changed” now despite her profile still looking like every other mcdonaldscore zoomer

Kek at her making fun of people for lewding “noumi” and not realizing they do that because she’s from a porn game.

No. 1446713

When you edit the waist but forget to edit your chonky arm leading to the camera
Still so amusing that she thinks generic ddlg thot style could even be emulated, the pics are similar but isn't the point of this style to be indistinguishable from other ddlg ethots? Like a collective coattail riding exercise.

No. 1446714

there's a whole group of them that pretend to care about lewding minorcharacters when they don't. they also hate follow while vague posting others and are generally very two faced. complain about anime core posters when they're all just as bad and would lick voids ass the moment they came back kek

No. 1446718

>be genuine with people
Does she not realise the irony

No. 1446720

>would lick voids ass the moment they came back kek
the girl in that pic had an entire story highlight calling out people for “copying nashi” lmfao.

No. 1446722

File: 1645243449180.jpeg (131.48 KB, 1049x1480, 96E33076-675F-4549-99D1-12D8D6…)

No. 1446755

File: 1645248139287.png (201.55 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20220218-210728.png)

No. 1446758

File: 1645248349655.jpg (3.63 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-02-18_21-21-44-730.…)

No. 1446804

File: 1645255102032.jpg (3.15 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-02-18_23-15-19-215.…)

Milkbunnydoll is a delusional pedo freak that copies girls 10 years younger for her age regression while attacking kids for wanting her out of their spaces (justifiably so.) Posts about sucking off her cuck manlet bf for fries and being a loli. She'll take kids pics and use them on her twitter where she boasts being a smoll loli and posts about being shaved and bathed. She's a psycho and thinks every one copies her.

No. 1446832

File: 1645258984374.jpeg (413 KB, 1538x2048, 69FE8A57-99A5-4CB1-B742-81A50C…)

crazy how ugly she is

No. 1446954

How much do you bet she doesn’t even listen to those bands

No. 1446963

File: 1645278609109.jpeg (58.81 KB, 1125x463, 3AFF8F42-A3DE-4A91-9AD1-FAE4E9…)

Wow I know this one. A few years ago I used to follow her but she got super annoying and started posting loli ddlg degenerate shit, so I unfollowed her. Not long after she DMed me because she’s the type that is obsessed with her likes and activity, to the point where she monitors who unfollows her. She has always been that way, crying about her photos flopping and poor engagement while also complaining about people copying her. Even when she had virtually no followers she was insufferable. Can’t imagine how annoying she must be now that she has a few thousand

No. 1446982

There’s only one band. The rest are games

No. 1446983

There’s only one band. The rest are games, which they probably don’t play.

No. 1446986

Delusional to think that person copied her. That is the most basic pose that I have seen hundreds of lolita fashion girls do. The other girl's photo is much better too because she doesn't look like she stinks.

Haggard. Pedo pandering is disgusting anyway but this woman looks at least early 30s. I noticed her age isn't in any of her bios but she has "DNI if you're into ddlg" on her instagram in one of the highlights.

No. 1447016

kek vo1d used to have the @mukyamuni literally years ago, it was straight up ripped from her. she also copied one of vo1dchans bios word for word kek, calling herself a „basement dweller“ . this virusdere girl used to be into loli ddlg shit as well. she follows those japanese and chinese girls who look like kids and uses them as „inspo“.

No. 1447085

obviously you dont lol

No. 1447099

File: 1645294409737.jpg (24.51 KB, 229x275, 1633114146942.jpg)

Was just going to say she took void's old username when she was a kid

No. 1447107

She thinks since she's a doll "irl" that any Lolita is simply appropriating her look and "dressing up" where as she's just a real doll and everyone is jelly. That's legit her mentality she gaslit herself into being retarded and claiming she is the blueprint for Sugarbunnies and doll fashion

No. 1447117

Now she's complaining ppl won't leave her alone on her story even though she harassed kids and others for copying "nashi" and even has a story highlight dedicated to it. She probably posted her friends or self here just to complain so she has something interesting in her life besides obsessing over void pics and copying her pics exactly. She stopped using virusdere cause she got called out for just that and people on Pinterest dragged her. We know you're reading so hi you creeper, get a hobby and stop skinwalking. <3

No. 1447178

Eggfather is one of virusdere’s friends kek. When cows collide.

No. 1447390

File: 1645318960416.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20220219-165717.png)

Who does this? Keeping food containers in your room like that is so disgusting I bet she has bugs.

No. 1447452

File: 1645324122360.png (370.17 KB, 1079x1213, Screenshot_20220219-182656.png)

Someone tipped or she lurks

No. 1447478

Post caps, she’s private because all she does is lurk this thread all day.

No. 1447726

File: 1645347620155.png (1.19 MB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20220220-005640.png)

No. 1447733

It’s not clean, it’s dirty and disgusting you filthy swine. Keeping stuffed animals stored in trash like you live in a depression room nasty bitch. Stocking up empty dirty noodle cups like decorations, you mentally I’ll sick freak. Image the musty disgusting smell in there.

No. 1447805

Mmm imagine waking up to the intoxicating scent of old french fry grease and cup ramen dust. Truly a queen amongst the plebs.

No. 1447809

>leave me alone!!!
>I'm allowed to make fun of people publicly though
Pick one.
Also this is so hilarious because her and her circle jerk of naasuko, boywife and ladivangelica love to go after people they already know they don't like instead of leaving them alone, are obsessed with drama and defending voidchan's honor (you will never be part of that group of cool kid hikineets, no matter how hard you try/take their old usernames kek) but want to act surprised people might laugh at them too? Good joke.

No. 1447814

woof her face + the ratty hair isn't a cute look at all. She deluded herself into thinking she's way way prettier than she actually is. No one wants to copy this spastic little goblina much less be her. Her boyfriend looks like Shrek he's repulsive so fitting for her i guess.

What's with this MC Donalds retarded obsession they all have?? Aren't they obsessed with being as skinny as possible? We all saw how Vo1d ballooned up due to it kek. Imagine the smell of her room

No. 1447815

File: 1645367084536.jpg (71.38 KB, 660x455, captura202102.jpg)

Kek imagine this Trollz lookin ass womanchild calling you out because you're wearing pink pants. Actually deranged.

No. 1447818

kek the fact that she even confronted her over wearing pink pants too, what I'd give to be a fly on the wall of her workplace she sounds unhinged and I would bet anything her coworkers hate her just as much if not more. like damn bitch maybe she thought wearing pink pants would be nice?

No. 1447828

File: 1645368016475.jpg (168.05 KB, 923x613, FLCTHcvUcAMXMPt.jpg)

saged for autism but i see no difference lul. down to the body shape she squeezes into sanrio clothes meant for children

No. 1447842

I literally had to Google “demon jeans” because I had no idea what this idiot was talking about. Denim jeans. Denim.

No. 1447859

this girl is a freak kek, she tried following me once and at the time i had posted something about lolicon and ddlg being disgusting and she blocked me lmfao, fucking pedo

No. 1447875

Another irl dolly that bulges out her eyes cause she thinks it makes her look cute not insane and hasn’t discovered shampoo

No. 1447879

She looks actually retarded

No. 1447901

she looks gross and her body is just skinny fat but her behavior makes her flatout punchable

No. 1447996

You just know this Bunny bitch has been or will be jumped for acting like she does lol. She looks like she smells like shit. I'd love to watch her sperg out irl over people "cOpYiNg" her.
Exactly kek. How is it clean if you use old soda cups and fry cups for containers? Nasty. She's obsessed with being skinny and faking being klepto but has her parents buy everything and she's getting fat as fuck from the McDonald's everyday. All these hikineets must smell like rotting food, b.o and grease the way they all live.
Well, now we're making fun of you so why do you need to be left alone? You're a clown and you skinwalk a fat nobody who left the internet because of you and Abbey and others, we can talk about it if we want. If you don't want to be involved maybe just leave the comm and shut the fuck up about other people! Amazing. Who would have thought shutting your mouth was the answer

No. 1448003

Why is it always these ddlg pedo bitches that try to get into Lolita and Harajuku fashion but have the shittiest taste in clothing and cannot coordinate to save their lives. It's always these ddlg freaks that have terrible outfits I swear. Must be because they use these fashions as an accessory for their loli larping rather than actually enjoying the fashion

No. 1448022

Yep. They think loli is included in the Lolita. Her dresses are ita trash too from DevilInspired and AliExpress. She can't figure out silhouette basics or what style she wants to do so she threw on costume shoes (tinfoil but probably from her Melanie Martinez stan days because she absolutely fits the bill of a Melanie stan) a party city petticoat then called it a coord. Trash. I bet she's up her own ass about it being "officially licensed Sanrio merchandise" despite it being clearly cheap and ugly.

No. 1448025

File: 1645389830977.png (857.47 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220220-124208.png)

She likes Pixielocks' cringe tweets so she could be posting the kids that dragged her ITT as a farmer or she's just a delusional ex-kei fag. Hard to tell but cows keep colliding KEK

No. 1448331

No idea what you were trying to express here

No. 1448559

File: 1645450270206.jpg (636.02 KB, 840x1367, MYXJ_20220221082541929_save.jp…)

kek i like how within minutes of this getting posted, every one mentioned cried about it on their insta stories. the point isnt that you all want to suck void's shit out of her ass it's that you guys are twofaced as fuck and consistently get into drama with people you already know you dont like while crying about drama and how u just want to be above it all and how no one else has lives, look in the mirror ffs. maybe one of u worships void and not all but you all participate in some shady shit. and all act like "animecore dni!!!" while acting just like the crowd u dont like & posting ur crusty pink+horror rooms (which also isn't the point before yall decide to focus on that too)

picrel is naasuko's story, its so funny how cocky these girls get about vagueing on their stories 20 times and calling other ppl out but then shake in their boots the moment their name even gets mentioned here kek

No. 1448607

>"I'm dealing with my addiction! just got out of the hospital! wish I OD'd instead of dealing with this!"
this is so pathetic/dramatic, if youre dealing with so much irl then…go deal with it instead of whining about being posted to LC or making a thousand posts about people who like saya no uta
this group lurks obsessively

No. 1448611

File: 1645459895679.jpg (491.21 KB, 778x1255, MYXJ_20220221110745445_save.jp…)

Such a grown woman, refreshing lolcow while trying to recover from an OD, clearly not at all interested in drama, again while refreshing LC waiting to see what people say about her. An inspiration, truly

No. 1448698

oh my god lmao this is so embarasssingggg

No. 1448704

File: 1645469435254.jpeg (220.14 KB, 1170x713, DB4F5426-944B-4408-AADC-E438A5…)

retard moment

No. 1448746

She wants ass pats so bad, aw! Innocent people would just ignore this so her being so up in arms is extremely telling.

No. 1448818

no self awareness with her reply to the room comment even thought it wasn't even specific to her, if she wants to feel so targeted that's more telling than anything else like….ur in a lil friend circle with teenagers who still live at home and u make fun of people with, like go focus on urself especially if it's so bad you're ODing

No. 1448824

>Pls stop making fun of me bc I’m a suicidal pill popping junkie!!!!!!

No. 1448878

the last room part is so specific kek honey thats probably just you. nice projection though. cope harder and go hydrate.

No. 1448934

kkkkk seethe and cope and cut your wrists harder

No. 1449085

File: 1645497676175.jpeg (956.75 KB, 1170x1601, EFF3A8F9-B22D-40EE-89C6-7DA84C…)

What the fuck is going on with eegulspit’s shooping

No. 1449239

File: 1645519634217.jpeg (818.78 KB, 1344x4030, 130E5C28-2EB7-4EAE-B5E5-A29A7C…)

oh but nona she doesn’t actually self harm in any way. just aestheticises it for asspats from her 14 year old audience

No. 1449414

she wants to talk about how much she hates void but posts shit like this?! kek

No. 1449424

eegulspit, happysundayrastas, or whatever new personality she’s again swapped to again is so annoying. for awhile she even larped as a Rastafarian until she chose to pretend to be something else
a year ago she was pretending to be an “uwu forest nymph” and now she’s using filters to make her skin paler and now she’s tanning? kek

No. 1449494

wait is this the girl who pretends to be a ex soviet jew or am i mixing her up with someone else kek

No. 1449510

Lmfao she literally edited self harm wounds on herself

No. 1449533

>I hate void!
>I don't care about the aesthetic I'm myself!
Kek. Carbon copies, each and every one. You hate void but you want to be the next version of her and scoop up all her friends? All these types scream about hating her then literally force themselves into the pool of void calves. Which is it? Do you hate her or hate that you can't be her? Mega keks at the fake self harm. Imagine being a grown adult pulling this shit for likes from children. It's so pathetic.

No. 1449565

Not trying to sound retarded but who is voidchan and why does everyone want to skinwalk her?

No. 1449635

she's in the op anon, and talked about in plenty of previous threads, but she basically started the trend of black-pink-mymelody-keion-horror game-hikineet-mcdonalds aesthetic stuff that a lot of the girls talked about in here either used to or still do emulate. as for why they want to be like her, not really sure, she had more of a cult following rather than being a huge account surprisingly enough.

No. 1449644

“Im a grown ass woman”
So why do you wear japanese school girl uniforms and befriend 15 year olds? Kek. It’s funny how she changes to a blaccent whenever shes in an argument as if she isn’t known for using filters to make herself look pale.

No. 1449646

They all do this, then complain about racism and white people. boywiife, one of naasuko's little group chat bully buddies, looks super white and even says they use a whitening filter, then gets mad at being called white. dont complain if people think you're white when you try hard to be white??

No. 1449655

What I don't understand is why people think Void is original in the first place. All this reeing about skinwalkers when rooms like hers have been posted online for over a decade. Why are we giving her credit? Naasuko's posts and editing are incredibly dull and unoriginal but they aren't even that similar to Void's. They're just both western weebs who grew up on Tumblr.
inb4 "hi cow" I don't even know who naasuko or the other accounts mentioned are, I only know Void and her og friends. And since we know all of her group posts on here, a lot of these posts about skinwalking seem like them.

No. 1449656

in the case of virusdere I think some argument could be made, I don't disagree with you but the thing is a lot of these accounts will literally hoard trash from McDonald's and claim specific characters and horror games and sugarbunnies are all their favorite when it's obvious where THAT comes from, liking black and pink and being a weeb and having a weeb bedroom isn't really skinwalking on its own. What I just find funny about it those girls will claim they hate void then replicate her room almost beat for beat.

No. 1449664

virusdere is unhinged, she's using void's old username from when she was 14/15. She also steals other peoples usernames and pics on her other accounts like youtube, pinterest, etc. but reeeeeees about people copying her and void. she wants to take her place legitimately and it shows. shes the only one beside vo1dere that i think does it to the point of legit skinwalking

No. 1449689

Oh, yeah, using somebody's old username and doing all of that is skinwalking for sure. I only meant when weeb egirl accounts are accused of skinwalking Void when their pictures and her's aren't similar beyond being of a cluttered Sanrio room. Frankly a lot of the stuff you guys attribute to Void are things that Japanese girls have been posting online since the late 2000s, which is where she got it from. It is possible that other people think she started trends too and copied them from her, though.

No. 1449727

I agree idk why people are saying void started it all cuz that's just not true

No. 1449742

yes but at the same time look at #mcdonaldscore and tell me that shit ain't obviously an attempt kek, like stated before it's one thing to be into cute weeb shit but these girls happen to have all these same favorite characters and interests and collect literal garbage to attain this aesthetic kek

No. 1449788

File: 1645577972968.jpg (42.55 KB, 513x521, 437832757024.jpg)

She even took the email. Account was made a little before she changed handles. Is this the Abbey they all talk about or is that w1reddere?

No. 1449805

She’s not the most original but she definitely kickstarted the McDonald’score shit. I cant think of mcdonalds, horror movies, metal bands and kawaii stuff all being combined before she did it. The creepycute shit definitely isn’t original though obviously

No. 1449809

File: 1645579663364.jpeg (185.35 KB, 1170x420, E9502E79-2C86-4520-98A9-E8E062…)

No. 1449812

File: 1645579762499.jpeg (765.53 KB, 1170x1566, 5D831183-34F4-4C80-9710-6381B6…)

this was a few tweets away from that kek

No. 1449827

No. McDonald's has been big in Japan for over two decades, people have posted McDonald's with kawaii/Sanrio characters since at least the late 00s. Horror, metal, and kawaii things together existed long before she did it too. As someone who was in online Sanrio communities since the mid 00s it's crazy to see teenagers claim that a literal who invented posting McDonald's photos. You can't think of people combining those things before her because she's the only westerner who made hoarding rotting food containers her entire personality.

No. 1449835

Exactly. She started the mcdonaldscore trend, there were no westerners doing that shit before her nonny, I don’t like it either but stop trying to rationalize your collecting of mcdonalds trash by saying “w-well void didn't start it japanese girls did!!”
None of those girls found it from japanese communities

No. 1449850

Yes, a stranger who just spoke negatively about Void collecting garbage is someone who also collects garbage. Makes sense. My sincerest apologies for questioning your overlord.

No. 1449872

you're just being dense on purpose at this point, no one is kissing void's ass by pointing this out but its very obvious they got it all from her, but sure lol the people with wired/hiki/void in their username and claim mcdonalds and azusa and mymelody are their favs are definitely NOT trying to emulate her, just inspired by japanese girls!! kek

No. 1449874

Haha bullshit. I’ve seen cute McDonald’s shit online since dialup. She didn’t invent shit, especially not something as mundane as trash.

No. 1449875

then stop being friends with naasuko?

No. 1449880

These are all her friends and 16 year old calves talking about her like she's a trendsetter kek. It didn't exist before her because they didn't see it before then.

No. 1449891

File: 1645584656836.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20220222-184938-180…)

Zoomers will literally never invent anything new. Sad!

No. 1449902

or maybe people have two eyes and can put two and two together but no sure the whole mcdonaldscore tag is clearly not mentally ill teens trying to be the next void kek
go back to crying about LC posts about you and your other two faced little cronies on your private IG account

No. 1449928

Did that girl also wear metal band tshirts, call herself a hikkineet, put void in username, put my melody plushies in fry cups, post silent hill screencaps, and love k-on? Lmfao get over yourself

No. 1449935

Were you born in 2005? She very possiblity did

No. 1449938

not to "hi cow" but the infighting in the thread right now feels like it's virusdere naasuko and their little group trying to deflect and push anything said about them up so it isn't seen, they've already been making story posts about it so they obviously lurk here

No. 1449952

she's said before that she is 5'7 but then she changed it up to 5'3

No. 1449964

No. 1449965

samefag, didn't mean to hit reply
but what i was going to say is >>1448704 being retarded on purpose. wowe very cute and quirky

No. 1449966

Holy fuck that nose is huge

No. 1449967

I know she's trying to be edgy but that just looks like really bad cystic acne

No. 1450018

File: 1645600642432.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20220222-225643.png)

KEK You can't just harass people for "copying" the same person you skinwalk then backtrack when you get caught stealing their username and nickname online. Seethe. Isn't it draining to be so fake and obsessing over a non-defunct persona and her pics every day? Stable person behavior
Do we need to unpack her old story posts about her aesthetic? She pulls direct inspo from J-fashion bloggers and idols, She's posted as much. Looking them up shows you that even the angles/poses in her selfies were copied directly. Her room is a direct rip of every My Melody itabeya posted online. She didn't invent shit. As for her style, she just tried to be low maintenance pretty and stole a lot of looks from Nicole Dollenganger. She's a carbon copy of all her favorite it girls. "McDonaldscore" is just the retarded label slapped onto kids pining for Japanese McDonald's toy Y2K nostalgia + traumacore editing. She didn't create shit you're so annoying capping for her. We get it, you were born after 2004.

No. 1450036

Sorry to disappoint but I didn't know these people existed until they were posted here. Just an outsider who thinks the constant skinwalking claims over generic posts are retarded. Reeeeeee you can't like my melody and silent hill! Stop skinwalking someone I hate!!

No. 1450084

>Looking them up shows you that even the angles/poses in her selfies were copied directly.
who ? post caps. inb4
nobody knows what you are talking about. im not saying i dont believe you, knowing she has an fc2 blog and seesaa for le realism it sounds perfectly plausible. i just want to see direct comparisons, and im sure i am not the only one.

No. 1450093

t. midlife crisis millennial

No. 1450094

>she (void) has a seesaa
Nobody's posted that here or mentioned it. How would you know?

No. 1450114

at one point she was larping as a communist and attacking anyone who said anything negative about her in true ussr fashion. she’s done praising tyrannical murderers like mao now she’s trying to be a normie chav

No. 1450116

File: 1645621039641.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1170x1873, 87F736A8-7DFC-4A0E-B3A9-4AE695…)

sage for nitpick but i would’ve thought this to be ironic if someone else posted it lmao

No. 1450121

why cant any of these girls form a personality outside some kind of "core" and switch it every 4 months but hey normie is better than mcdonalds void girl at least kek

No. 1450273

this is eegulspit right, didnt she have a completely different face and persona like not even 5 months ago?

No. 1450324

File: 1645644126482.jpeg (624.23 KB, 968x1000, 9EEFF464-8142-4CA8-AED9-A71A4B…)

Yes, kek

No. 1450326

File: 1645644149399.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1952, 0936F2D7-79CF-448E-9774-CFEC26…)

Vs now

No. 1450335

File: 1645644612915.jpeg (302.83 KB, 1170x499, 6F795DAD-3C5F-4C1D-B820-23E511…)

Don’t forget this one

No. 1450430

kek why is she trying to be a chav

No. 1450488

File: 1645655006247.jpeg (58.58 KB, 640x640, DACADB0C-357B-43B5-86A7-674290…)

No. 1450508

dear lord what an unfortunate face

No. 1450638

Kek who is this

No. 1450642

File: 1645667473701.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1170x1781, ED113C77-C5C2-4A4E-8391-785254…)

wikidere/tabby/liveleeks is now doubling down after her entire ig career of ”cancelling” retarded 14 year olds for owning figures from loli anime

gutturalsnug’s new account is also now liking and commenting on her posts so thats prob why she’s saying this now lel

No. 1450644

File: 1645667651969.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1082x1846, 86AA477B-6A97-4873-B0DC-8AA304…)

Think that’s a troon though

No. 1450680

kek how is this doubling down it's more like her going from being a spergy cancel culture retard to not being that? meanwhile the group who hates her is still definitely that
I don't like tabby but at least she stays out of it now

No. 1450720

she’s only doing this because she managed to get into vo1d’s friendgroup kek, no doubt she’s in the Neo Nazi Lolicons groupchat

No. 1450725

I sincerely doubt it, I don't think she's in their friend group and if you want to claim guttoralanug is following/liking her posts on a new account then prove it?

No. 1450728

gutteralsnug's new @?

No. 1450748


No. 1450769

i stg all of these bitches usernames are like the same 10 different annoying words in different combinations

No. 1450771

>>1450748 >>1450725
She’s liked nearly every single post, wk

No. 1450781

ain't following tabby nor does tabby follow her, not a wk any more than you might be somehow virusdere/naasuko/dracusora/boywiife but keep trying

No. 1450789

liveleeks unfollowed her but rina still follows, retard

No. 1450981

still doesn't make them friends or buddies kek, I'd even bet Rina is hate following

No. 1451033

>at least she stays out of it now
It's been less than a day kek

No. 1451093

File: 1645722006720.jpg (339.06 KB, 949x786, MYXJ_20220224084559447_save.jp…)

Tabby hasn't posted any stories about the drama or LC, if you're talking about the one posted up thread that wasn't recent
Shame that the same can't be said about the people who hate her though kek. These were posted by dracusora less than an hour after her name was brought up, they all lurk and probably post but Virusdere and her group makes it painfully obvious when they do and just can't help themselves while talking about anyone else being "terminally online".

No. 1451180

Now that rina's back we're due to have another meltdown and spammed screencaps after she gets dragged again and lashes out at kids for instagram usernames. I give it 2 weeks or until her newer moots find the last two threads and see what an unhinged spastic she is. Now this time will it be her attacking "skinwalkers" or other lolicons like herself?

No. 1451282

all these animecore neet bitches do is call each other fat and be pro-ana kek this girl has a highlight for the shit she eats like it isn't some kind of ED check, maybe if you guys are veggies instead of starving yourselves between McDonald's runs you would feel better

No. 1451332

>chronically online mtf's
this is a pretty explicitly transphobic female only imageboard. your fav instagram hikineet egirl is probably ITT dragging you. cope.

No. 1451336

I don't really know who these people are but I think that's her saying that this person >>1450644 is posting about her on here? Could be wrong and I don't know who that guy is, I get them all mixed up since they're basically the exact same with slightly different usernames.

No. 1451355

pretty sure mtfs is just shortening motherfuckers, don't think it's in reference to anyone specific but I could be wrong knowing the track record all these hikineets wannabes have

No. 1451358

They’re literally friends you spastic retard, wtf is up with the liveleeks wk

No. 1451360

can some of her two-faced mutuals post milk from this acc please lmfao?

No. 1451362

creepyhoarder and livi are following it from what i can see, i dont feel like following more cows just to see kek

No. 1451383

bout to catch this 4'9 ass bitch in a Culver's kek she's so entertaining when she spergs

No. 1451387

her height and location was an obvious larp she has said shes 5’ and lives in aus

No. 1451928

kek livi unfollowed (i assume in an attempt to hide rinas account from the thread)

No. 1452038

Wait are creepyhoarder and Rina not the same person?

No. 1452052

No creepyhoarder is Ellie she's the proana twig obsessed with Saya and Kanna, she pretends to be an irl loli and says pink drinks are her "special interest". Rina is the lolicon sperg and two faced vo1d lackey. She went by gutteralsnug. They look very different. Rina doesn't post herself much cause she's ugly as hell.

No. 1452199

why does this spastic put everything into romaji it’s fucking annoying, you aren’t jap catherine lel

No. 1452202

Thank you for spoon feeding. I've been keeping up with the past few threads, not sure how I got them mixed up. Well other than because they're all kinda the same.

No. 1452727

File: 1645914981737.jpg (1.18 MB, 937x1360, MYXJ_20220226173113442_save.jp…)

you guys just dont get it, Ellie is smol uwu because she has a disorder! it's definitely not because she starves herself to appeal to kaliacc pedophiles and definitely doesn't body check/try to appear as an irl loli!

major tinfoil but part of me wonders if her parents condone or encourage it, or even if her mother had an ED as things like this can happen if the mother doesn't eat (if what she's even saying is true and isn't from spending her teenage years being an anachan)

No. 1452729

File: 1645915003560.jpg (605.16 KB, 960x1397, MYXJ_20220226173131546_save.jp…)

No. 1452754

File: 1645916969964.jpeg (17.8 KB, 691x566, 1641839214611.jpeg)

>bragging about your ""uwu special"" height when its not impressive cause you had no control over it
crazy how so many snowflakes brag and even lie about this type of shit. imagine being so untalented you have to brag about being short, in this case, not even super short. from the first story i thought she meant 4' something or 5'0 not 5'2. she can find normal clothes and shoes without going to the kids section exclusively, what a dumbass LARP.

also why would the doctor tell her that? what would that accomplish? what doctor would say "you were supposed to be 5'8 tall"? how the fuck would that help her in anyway and why would they be so specific?
what a dumb thing to lie about for attention. girl get a job.

No. 1452757

>gets asked where shoes are from
>proceeds to tell medical history
i swear the victim complex never ends. endless justifications and provoking pity. 5'2 isn't even that short, it's average height in some countries

No. 1452778

Who asked though? Nobody cares about her bones she just wants to avoid admitting she's clinging to lolibaiting. She buys clothes from DDLG shops and follows a bunch of loli LARPers on her twitter.
Obsessed with being short and addicted to sugar and small. Totally not a weird thing to just project this stuff when people ask you benign questions. Her entire personality is be short, drink Starbucks pink drink, eat sprinkles, wear kids clothes and be skinny from ED. Like, okay. Why does anyone give a shit about her again? Besides the pedos ofc.

No. 1452779

I mean she is in kaliacc still isn't she? probably says stuff like this cause all the pedophiles who get off to sickly skellies encourage it. in that one picture of her from before the hikineets pink drink phase she looks perfectly normal both body wise and everything else. maybe the anachan lifestyle and filters is why she looks like a complete sped now (and acts like it too)

No. 1452967

Speaking of kaliacc, I remember she made a tiktok (before she discovered whatever the fuck she is now and was just an “alt kid”) talking about how disappointed she was that nyabeat was racist and proana kek. Would post caps but it’s been deleted now, hope other anons remember this though.

No. 1452969

File: 1645935484832.jpeg (252.28 KB, 1007x2048, F8BA9D8A-0550-45DC-8198-F7AB65…)

Vampjunk now, she’s gained a ton of weight from what she was before lol. This is from her twitter

No. 1452970

File: 1645935522273.jpeg (73.85 KB, 675x1200, 7A976BB6-35E0-4474-9F55-A05AC3…)

How far she’s fallen.

No. 1453023

anyone knows where grimykittyy went? did she make another account?

No. 1453177

File: 1645977516219.jpeg (69.81 KB, 828x828, 879D7204-D93D-4944-A924-E3641D…)

what’s up with mado’s face on the left cheek. filter glitch?

No. 1453261

File: 1645986579546.jpeg (274.61 KB, 827x1133, 3AF40251-5E8E-4D1C-8216-B9BF22…)

Mados troon friend

No. 1453503

animecore Mr. Bean

No. 1453506

Why are trannies so bad at doing makeup? I get what he's going for but the application is trash. Don't get why he'd even bother larping as a woman with that honker and thick neck.

No. 1453512

Looks like a dimple or something? Why was this worth posting
Kek the "OMG she is totally me!" stickers. Delusion.

No. 1453653

Kek the piss poor attempt at scribbling over her fat ass hoping no one noticed. Come on, it's so easy not to be fat: just put the fork down! you said so yourself

No. 1453706

The fact she posted this even means she thinks its a flattering photo so I can’t imagine what other photos look like

No. 1454375

File: 1646095770319.jpeg (538.54 KB, 1170x1204, 91B01C26-196C-463D-B154-903E84…)

ntayrt but I see what they mean kek. same craters in her chin too

No. 1454376

File: 1646095999611.jpeg (1015.96 KB, 1170x1370, 54DA439B-B520-4A25-AF45-4F24B8…)

I think it’s incredible that no one has sperged about cancelling eegulspit for editing her skin darker

No. 1454401

she's just getting a tan like every other chav bitch lol, but it is weird cuz she used to try to be as pale as possible

No. 1454598

File: 1646122832296.jpg (482.3 KB, 1080x2400, nessabullshit1.jpg)

No. 1454599

File: 1646122876050.jpg (244.39 KB, 1080x2400, nessabs2.jpg)

No. 1454600

File: 1646122928052.jpg (695.75 KB, 1080x2400, nessabs3.jpg)

smh. this bitch needs to grow up.

No. 1454705

That is not what gaslighting means.
>it's been like what 3 years?
And you haven't stopped "stalking" her back after 3 years either. Checking her profile 4 times a day because she has pink hair and likes the same generic things as you is crazy. Who cares if someone copies your poses?

No. 1454756

This is what hardcore drug use at a young age does to you, it's sad. She doesn't realize she's literally being a stalker herself and looks like an absolute psycho. Taking a person to court over Amazon knee highs, strawberry backpacks and pink hair is insane bitch shit. She keeps embarrassing herself too, eventually her friends will move on and she will still be messaging them with updates like "look what she just posted" "oh my god she wants to be me so bad" etc., and they will grow tired of her narcissism and petty complaints. These retards and their extremely loose usage of the word "stalker" tells you all you need to know about girls like her and "void", spoiled privileged brats with nothing to do and no real hobbies so they just hyperfixate on being a popular ~individual~ online and cry about their lives being ruined by people copying their hair and clothes. Clearly neither have dealt with real stalkers like, male stalkers. Kinda hope they do so they stop calling everything under the sun harassment and stalking. I'm so happy the judge literally laughed her and her crackhead friend out. I'd pay anything to see the CCTV footage of that.

No. 1454831

>Clearly neither have dealt with real stalkers like, male stalkers
They'd probably like that though, kek

No. 1454836

No, they'd be like Shayna and other edgy egirls who talk about wanting to be kidnapped and raped but the second their daddy Dom bf slaps them the wrong way they're traumatized for life. Those types would beg for it literally then try to take the dudes who did it to court and prison KEK. It's all for attention none of their edgy tweets and trauma vent posts mean shit they want to appease pedo scrotes with porn addictions cause they have nothing to look forward to in their life besides getting fucked and doing drugs

No. 1455001

File: 1646173996148.jpeg (96.46 KB, 1170x354, C75E76BE-FC25-4615-B654-6442F0…)

when has she ever written an essay on anything other than 14 year olds who like the same extremely popular shit that she does and how they should slit their wrists? lel rina you are devoid of any interests and just mirror whoever your current fp is

No. 1455074

File: 1646177198926.jpeg (571.03 KB, 1170x882, D3D32282-DEF2-45E0-8DE6-1380E7…)

I’m surprised no one has caught onto this, maybe because strawbabydoll has a much larger following and a hoard of egirls and scrotes who are willing to back her up on anything, but it took me about 5 minutes to figure out that Nessa copies Megan just as much. Picrel is an example. Even better that she sperged about how Megan is copying her career after doing the same shit she keeps crying about. I would only assume that it’s an Aislin and Olivia kind of situation where she’s doing it out of spite, but how she’s managed to keep people thinking she’s just a poor victim is beyond me. Sick of these vapid bitches crying stalker while displaying the same behavior behind the scenes. They’re all freaks.

No. 1455259

shes just like dead9irl

No. 1455300

Anon what are you even talking about. Those aren’t the nails that the Neko person copied. The actual nails that were copied was posted Jan 4th. So the “strawbaby “person actually did it first.

No. 1455372

These nails are extremely basic and not similar enough for this to be considered copying imo. I have seen dozens and dozens of nails exactly like this on decora pages.

No. 1455396

Strawbabydolly actually lost her old bff Rose/divinecryptid over it I believe because I guess that Megan girl started bothering her because strawbaby wouldn't stop posting about megan and she was over her always bitching about stalker this, stalker that and didn't want to be evolved anymore but she did it to herself honestly good for rose though she seems happier now nshe's left alone with her scrote ogre bf

No. 1455400

what about her twin sister

No. 1455412

rose is actually still friends with nessa sister mercy idk y also her sister i guess is he/him now and looks like a drug addict mixed with MGK(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1455423

File: 1646204991598.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x2016, B4B72E86-CB99-46F6-8FB2-767FE5…)

Anon it’s very obvious the neko girl did the nails and took the pic with the similar drink to troll that straw girl. All I’m saying is the date is before the others. it’s a very obvious troll.

No. 1455797

File: 1646240042984.png (400.05 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20220302-085251.png)

She's lurking kek

No. 1455896

oof. Looks like a completely different person without that eye makeup. Are these people ever anxious to show themselves without it?

No. 1455916

Yeah they would probably spiral out of control if they had to be seen without it or had candids posted. Their popularity is based solely around their shoops. Without it they're just mediocre, attention hungry white girls with severe dysmorphia and no personality.

No. 1456217

all she does all day is lurk lolcow and attention whore from incels
remember when she posted her yt and it was a bunch of reups from an incel kek

No. 1456872

ok so is her sister not talking to her anymore? someone said shes all alone i asked what about her sister

No. 1457397

I think they live together in their grandma house idk though

No. 1457615

File: 1646409903902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.26 KB, 2048x1628, EwLGXsGUcAQaLtX.jpg)

she's always been at a normal weight (overweight in sanriocore community ig). i don't know if she just isn't self aware about how she looks or just uses the "fatphobia" (lol) as another way to get the edge points. pic is her drawing

No. 1457683

Why do all these thots suck at drawing, I wish they'd just stop flooding the arts with their shart tier 5 minute vent doodles. Since I know they read here: Sanriocore hikineet faggots; Get a diary and stop subjecting people to your awful doodles. Quit art for good. That shit belongs in your secret diary, deserves to be sheepishly hidden and never see the light of day.

No. 1457807

File: 1646420628195.png (7.38 MB, 1242x2208, 02EA673C-8E04-4F21-A866-53C5A9…)

No. 1458387

lol this girl. she constantly would come up on my explore. i doubt she’s buying likes. i saw on her story she was reposting pictures of a 12 year old russian kid saying he was sexualising himself, and when the child got upset she acted like sending your followers to witch-hunt a kid is normal behaviour.

No. 1458778

the phone case looks like its caked with dirt… barf

No. 1460362

File: 1646674003292.png (504.76 KB, 909x646, newborn shoes never worn.png)

her shoe size keeps getting smaller and smaller next she'll be saying she wears newborn size shoes

No. 1460498

She's so obsessed with how ~smol she is I wouldn't be surprised a lot of these questions are ones she asks herself. It's bizarre. She also acts like it's from kind of birth thing but she's in kaliacc and posts body checking and posting it as "look at my socks!!"/was a normal weight in her old pic. But I guess you can't just tell people you've been an anachan since you were 13
Wish I capped it but she's also admitted to having an ED in her close friends story so again I doubt it's just "I'm just born smol hehe"

No. 1460569

File: 1646685042211.png (1.13 MB, 932x721, nobody sits like this.png)

picrelated the blatant bodycheck btw.
not anon im replying to but she does this so often kek
there's also this one time i unfortunately didnt cap because i thought she was even less of a nobody than she is now where somebody asked her what her favorite snacks were or something like that and she posted a screenshot from her notes app titled "safe foods". so easily croppable yet she didnt so obviously she wanted people to see

No. 1460653

how old is she even? it's so sad how she went from complete normie to pretending she's a smol widdol loli who's always been into weaboo shit and totally not another sad carbon copy. Void this void that you're void of an actual personnality

No. 1460655

Why are so many of those egirls in kaliacc?

No. 1460675

Idk if anyone remembers her but this gives me Aubrey vibes

No. 1460691

Because the pedo freaks preyed on a couple egirls and got them to lure in more young mentally disturbed egirls

No. 1460723

You mean usedpet Aubrey?

No. 1460749

Yeah usedpet, not in the anime girl way but in the glorified ed way

No. 1460779

Her current account is laceveins but it’s private

No. 1461560

She must be really sick if her height and shoe size keep decreasing. Insane how she's the size of a normal 17 year old but also a literal baby. Must be hard cramming your feet into toddler shoes before changing back into your normal shoes.

No. 1461666

Wasn't gonna say anything but yeah does anyone else notice that none of her "toddler shoe" pics show the full foot? Just the toes of the shoe. Like she shoved her feet in as much as she could and then cut off the rest from the pic lmao. Really pathetic and creepy to be honest.

No. 1461683

File: 1646792410168.jpeg (490.98 KB, 1170x2067, 8510F5EA-E887-4C00-9D6E-DA8F2A…)


No. 1462146

You can tell in that first pic she used to be fat/chubby. "Born smol" bullshit. She gave herself anorexia through Twitter and now she's milking her newfound health issues pretending it's what made her so smol and waify. Just admit you starve yourself, obsess over your Starbucks kcals and fitting in children size thigh highs off AliExpress. That's why she keeps showing off the stupid socks. All the anachan animecore girls buy the socks and do the same knock-kneed, thigh gap pose that exaggerates their ~skelly~ness. Also rolling cause she thinks this is fooling anyone who saw her pre-hikineet-ification. We know you were an average/chubby normie with DDLG tendencies, you will never convince anyone you're cool or authentic in any way, Ellie.

No. 1462148

All her pics obscure the rest of her feet you literally never see the whole foot EVER. Only the front view where you can easily make it look like they're fully on when they aren't. She covers her ankles and sides of her feet with stickers (on pics) or leg warmers. It's so obvious she just bought the same exact shoes and uwabaki Void had (and also didn't fit in) just to pretend she's baby size. Fucking nasty

No. 1462252

kek how old is she? all these girls are in their twenty-something pretending to be waif shutins as an aesthetic, sad.

No. 1462254

File: 1646854888033.png (1.09 MB, 878x543, toddler shoes.png)

i hate to defend her but she does actually wear them fully

No. 1462277

File: 1646857012606.png (8.57 MB, 1170x2532, 7EA55278-F590-4705-84E3-1D83D4…)

the way she edits her feet to look small but she has this in her highlights lol. her size looks to be about 6.5 or a 7

No. 1462458

She's 17. She one of the few that I actually feel bad for because she's a kid doing stupid ridiculous shit online.

No. 1462517

Idk… It looks like the shoe is hanging off her foot in the first pic to me. None of those pics look right. In >>1462277 you can see that the shoes fit properly (and they look bigger, too) but the toddler shoe pics always have weird ambiguous angles and wonky editing.

No. 1462625

seconding this. She used the legwarmers to hide part of her foot hanging off of it. Actually desperate. At least she is 17 and has time to turn around before she ends up still doing that at 25

No. 1462629

Those legwarmers are musty she needs to wash them you're not even supposed onto wear them under your shoes but since that's the only way for her to hide her feet and make people believe she has baby sized feet

No. 1462812

File: 1646897387097.png (7.03 MB, 1242x2208, 06B9123B-4D5C-4F07-9D57-807660…)

You can see the love handles spilling from her tight ass shirt

No. 1462844

>Void this void that you're void of an actual personnality
kek good one anon

No. 1463015

File: 1646922757076.jpg (572.34 KB, 960x1621, MYXJ_20220310093220728_save.jp…)

Anyone got any more milk on this

No. 1463026


I wish the girls that are into the pink pastel aesthetic would also get into some oxiclean or something because they all look grimey

No. 1463032

File: 1646925561811.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1411, A65175E6-C1EF-4DE0-A857-E4DAFC…)

There’s a lot going on with this one kek

No. 1463033

File: 1646925587144.jpeg (723.05 KB, 1081x1113, 7E817349-3010-40C6-9513-2DF580…)

Her double chin is insane

No. 1463083

the size of those hands jesus christ

No. 1463099

File: 1646931524695.jpeg (652.29 KB, 1170x1169, C51D1D8A-C672-4B1C-BC16-5C10DA…)

i think this guy was previously mentioned on the thread, what the fuck

No. 1463217

File: 1646942387504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-03-10_11-48-38-624.…)

Try hard fake 4chan girl that was pretending she was hafu and got called out. She used to be creepytomoko. She deleted after being harassed but now she's back. She posts loli shit despite previously claiming to be 18. The "important" highlight has posts where she says "yeah I sexualize anime minors but I'm 14 so you're basically sexualizing me and you're a creep" whatever that means. She's just pulling a futabachannel and pretending she's a kid so she can post loli porn and pretend to be a hikineet imageboard pedo but it's ~ok cuz she's a minor and literally neurodivergent~. People hate her and the cosplay + anime comms keep shit talking her publicly. Her comments are full of her being dragged but she just can't stop coming back for attention. She's really fun to laugh at though, give her that. Her shoops are shiftymine level bad and she's so fake it's palpable. Only a matter of time before she disappears again and remakes.
Serving BMI 29.5 and mildew chic.

No. 1463268

Kek I went through this bitches account she's definitely a hag, loads of incels wanting to rape & groom her if she was genuinely 14 I think that'd scare her enough to leave

No. 1463305

Exactly, an actual 14 year old would be freaked out and overwhelmed. She's clearly at LEAST 17+ and craves the negative attention.

No. 1463441

Shes not asian right? Just asianfishing? Also jesus christ, i cant really get mad at her as while shes old enough to know better, shes still a child and hopefully will grow out of it. Its a side effect of a hypersexualized porn brain society with adults like belle delphine and other asianfishing anime loli larpers making this shit more popular and the scrotes that fetishize underaged "uwuwuwuw loli" type of girls.

No. 1463460

Not Asian plus she's from Argentina

No. 1463577

I believe her, but I think she's definitely 5-6 (not toddler shoes). My sister can fit into a size 5 shoe sometimes if it runs large, she is 5'3. It's weird she is claiming her feet are smaller than a size 5 tho and she's pretending her bone thing made her feet smaller than they're supposed to be. This bitch is really annoying who tf brags about their "uwu smol feet" like that? That shit reminds me of Erin.

No. 1463687

Kek, she's like 10 years late on Mogeko/Funamusea thing

No. 1463759

She brags about it cause she wants to be a forever loli. Same with Erin. They're terrified of aging and they know the men they are attracted to want to fuck tweens and teens that look like anime lolis. The closer they can get to being a uwu 4' baby cunny the better in their eyes. Doesn't matter what lies they have to make or how much time they have to devote to editing or whatever. anything and everything for attention and male validation, even if they have boyfriends.

No. 1464319

File: 1647036860173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.96 KB, 1080x1361, CAPTION_230651.jpg)

Posting your post lax poop is so kawaii and guro

No. 1464404

Who the hell is this and where was it posted

No. 1464452

what the fuck posesses someone to post this shit publicly? good god

No. 1464663

Please tell me whoever this is just microwaved some chocolate as a joke

No. 1464890

File: 1647077804816.jpg (2.63 MB, 3464x3464, sc031994544-31-06-713.jpg)


No. 1465022

File: 1647095707478.jpg (884.27 KB, 960x1416, MYXJ_20220312093319303_save.jp…)

guys it's so hard and depressing, lurking lolcow and having people call you out about your anachan uwu irl loli tendencies when you're about to take a vacation to Hawaii amidst a pandemic/war breaking out :((:()

No. 1465026

File: 1647095972932.jpg (645.85 KB, 960x1616, MYXJ_20220312093217221_save.jp…)

has to prove to the haters she doesn't cram her feet into the toddler shoes but can't prove she's not in kaliacc/pro-ana

No. 1465075

Kek did Mommy and Daddy cough up Hawaii money cause Ellie is depressed about being a rich kid? So sad, must be really hard being so mentally ill and sick! She better watch out not to break her bird bones that are the size of an 11 year olds.

No. 1465080

Not surprising at all. Strawbaby seems like a psychopath with no life outside of the internet

No. 1465604

File: 1647127001663.jpeg (172.22 KB, 828x1282, 77EA0DD9-52AA-47F5-B752-4EFF81…)

Found the ugly ass shoes on Nordstrom’s and she obviously lied about them only coming in “toddler size”

No. 1465646

No. 1465705

Makes sense. She owns Demonia boots, and iirc, Demonia doesnt make shoes under size 5. Anything for her to seem "suuu smole uwu", i guess.

No. 1465709

What brand is it? I wanna see something. Either way 21 cm isn't toddler sizes lmao

No. 1465746

Kek if someone commented on it she would block them for sure

No. 1465747

File: 1647135117053.jpeg (358.45 KB, 674x1654, C3B6B241-FD79-4FE9-92E8-61A838…)

I zoomed in and saw the logo looks like it’s from puma It comes in regular kids size not toddler. Anyone that’s a size 5-7 womans can fit into kids sizes, it’s an easy way to save money on brand name shoes like Nike and ugg

No. 1466340

So she's a normal woman's size pretending she's special and smol cause she buys kids shoes? Kek. What a fucking freak

No. 1467704

File: 1647293251900.png (4.41 MB, 2014x1736, a.png)


No. 1467743

she's literally posted about having an ED on her story before, also which is it Ellie? you lost weight or you've always been a smol babby uwu bone structure? she can't even keep her lies straight, bet you anything she asked herself this because if it were someone she'd be roasting them and making their @ public. it's 100% directed here.
it's so weird to be perfectly normal and just skinny but talk about having an ED and being in kaliacc and posting any time you get questions about how you're just so naturally tiny (but you quit taking medication that made you a normal weight? lollll)

No. 1467941

Like your life isn't skinwalking and body checking in between faking being a depressed hoarder hikineet autist disabled artist? How is that not absolutely crippling her with embarrassment yet? Does she know half the people in her following and the aesthetic she claims literally hate her? So many people shit talk her and poke fun at her body checks, "special interests" and lies. They come here to post about it too, it's so obvious. She should just embrace being a rich white girl and get a fucking personality kek. Kaitlin Bennett look a like trying to dress like a toddler head ass.

Also, she's on vacation which makes this funnier like why do you care, why open asks and post ones that piss you off on a family vacation? Unless you're butthurt you got caught in multiple lies and want to cry into the void and convince yourself of your own crap? That would be crazy. Totally not possible right

No. 1468103

the fact she thinks shes skinny

No. 1468105

embarrassing bone rattling. go starve in silence

No. 1468121

File: 1647306902088.jpg (931.57 KB, 949x1390, MYXJ_20220314211431189_save.jp…)

Nah it's cool anon she's just there to do the same exact shit she does at home but in an exotic location many wish they were able to enjoy! Definitely not spoiled at all though!

No. 1468123

File: 1647306965178.jpg (428.65 KB, 960x1341, MYXJ_20220314211611063_save.jp…)

Uh, didn't these come out in happy meals before she was even born? lol

No. 1468306

They're from 2010, also this is a retarded nitpick. we already knows she collects mcdonalds sanrio shit

No. 1468309

she’s skinny, but definitely not the lucinda bone rattle skinny she thinks she is

No. 1469009

File: 1647375821069.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2126, Screenshot_20220315-131909.png)

sugarrwheels the Ellie skinwalker spergs a lot about hikineet types and people saying she copies Ellie kek. She got on her soapbox to drag Tabby for troon bullshit like anyone looks at sugarr as anything but an autistic unmedicated freak who does nothing but shit talk people on her story and post every single thing that she does in a day. Moved into a musty, leak prone basement to claim being a basement dweller and rages when people point out how cringe she is. Can't tell if she's milkier than Tabby or just an actual sped that needs her socials taken away and a handler

No. 1469041

It's fun guessing which cows are posting what here but this one is a little too obvious kek

No. 1469048

Hate to break it to you but I'm not Tabby or Ellie. Curb your "hi cow" and enjoy your potential ban.

No. 1469053

why should we care about this literal who? and why do we keep calling these bitches skinwalkers of other e thots when they all look the fking same? it does make u look sus posting here about some random who has 500 followers

No. 1469054

Tabby posted about her and I just gave background and what people say about her. You're aggro and for what? Scrape the sand out of your pussy. A lot of cows have under 500 followers, follower count doesn't mean anything in terms of potential for milk. It's not like I'm trying to spam about her it's a single story posted by an established cow ITT.

No. 1469072

Seethe harder kek. Wow some genderspecial retard is accusing another genderspecial retard of being transphobic. Soooooo milky. What's Tabby's username right now though? I can't keep up.
Right? How can you skinwalk someone who is exactly like someone else who is exactly someone else who is… Being a basic pink my melody room animecore weeb is hardly skinwalking when there's dozens of them and they're all the same kek. The only similarity I see between her and Ellie is pink hair, pink room, and an eating disorder. So half the girls ITT?

No. 1469104

wikidere is now liveleeks but who knows since tabby changes users to hide from drama despite making it kek

No. 1469117

lel tubby cant keep her fatass out of drama despite having an entire highlight on how shes changed, sad!

No. 1469232

tabby needs to just stay out of this shit and not go for such low effort bait like sugarrwheels posting that kek, she won't though because she lives for it like sugarrwheels and the rest of them do
she is definitely milky, they both are, and you seem extremely bothered by them being posted here. interesting!

No. 1469277

More than one person is saying it's not milk lol

No. 1469281

>kept misgendering people
wtf i love wikidere now

No. 1469371

and multiple people are also saying they are, retard

No. 1469392

u must be bigger than her if that is skinny to you

No. 1469423

She is objectively thin. Very sorry you have to starve yourself to be skinny nonnie.

No. 1469424

It's milk that a literal who accused Tabby of being transphobic and she replied "no i'm not"? Kek

No. 1469438

u can call them a literal who all u want, they're just as embarrassing as tabby & it's funny because these dumb hikineet bitches will do this all the time (and then either post here or post deflecting and claiming them being posted isnt milk kek)
u seem really bothered about it, better post angeltroob's crusty room and bad shoops some more!

No. 1469457


No. 1469468

saying "them" because she looks like a tranny so it could go either way, not to validate gender special BS

No. 1469487

File: 1647401266781.jpeg (307.25 KB, 1076x1667, 8580C664-F1C5-4355-B26E-98F499…)

Kek. Tabby has got to be fucking delusional if she thinks any scrote acts like this

No. 1469587

File: 1647408259389.jpg (7.59 KB, 240x157, f.jpg)

they tried to pretend they were asian, got called out for it, and then deleted all of their posts. they use kanji in their post captions so they can avoid getting called out for using google translate, and deleted half of their posts. then tried to claim that they were "part mongolian but don't consider themself asian" in order to avoid backlash.

No. 1469676

Who? The post is deleted. What even is this pic? What's next asianfishing discourse?

No. 1469916

NTA and didn't see the post they replied to but that's a pic of Sugarrwheels

No. 1470152

File: 1647451421554.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1170x1981, DF2576A1-AF80-4B34-A50A-96D4F0…)

This bitch is not Mongolian.

No. 1470478

Did she just self post here about the "asian" claims just to post this story and talk about herself? Kek who cares she's probably going to pretend she's hafu in the future anyway. All these types that post themselves and clothes to Instagram either pretend to be Japanese/Chinese/Korean/etc. or blatantly bodycheck and deny contributing to thinspo and ED communities. It's really predictable at this point. Everyone is 1/6th Serbian so technically Asian on their Dad's side they just look white cause Mommy is from Idaho or whatever. We've all heard it.

No. 1470631

Sorry I'm not her, I just found out she existed yesterday so I looked at her highlights and laughed irl at her claiming to be mongolian. Used to these white girls pretending to be Japanese, Chinese, or even Vietnamese but Mongolian? Hilarious choice. The post I replied to might be her though but likely it's someone from her group that doesn't like her since they all do that to each other kek

No. 1470809

Google translate uses kanji too retard.

No. 1471094

Mongolian enough to "look asian!!1!!" But not Mongolian enough to have brown eyes kek

No. 1471170

Lmfao you can have epicanthic folds without being Asian, we all know you have fatal alcohol syndrome crazy bitch

No. 1473865

At least they aren’t photoshopping fake Asian heritage on their 23 and me results and trying to pass it off as real like himeahri >>>/w/201081

No. 1474008

Makes me think of when Olivia was foaming at the mouth to do 23 and me because she was hoping a half Asian guy her mom fucked was her bio dad. She got her results back and never posted them, since they confirmed that she's only white KEK. The delusion.

No. 1474205

File: 1647719087635.jpeg (382.57 KB, 1170x1097, F8BD1A59-FDB6-4051-8B15-88D6C9…)

No. 1474314

Not to wk but you do know people have mixed ethnicities, right, nonny?

No. 1474316

More than likely it’s because she knew it would get posted here kek

No. 1474318

No shit nonnie, but both her parents (its not hard to find pictures of them) are both fully white, but was claiming a few months ago that her bio dad is actually an asian guy.

No. 1474320

She looks exactly like her dad kek why are all these white girls begging to be something they aren’t?

No. 1474348

Are you blind? The bitch is visibly white. Her whole family is white. She does not look anything but white. Cope.

No. 1474381

File: 1647729584681.jpeg (289.48 KB, 1170x923, 7A8DF1F2-B07F-4298-B66F-5262C9…)

Sage for no milk but remember last thread when people were saying Livi wasn’t a hambeast? The thickness of her arms in this pic really shows it. Arm is bigger than her head

No. 1474407

It’s the poorly shooped double chin for me

No. 1474578

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but I cannot find the screenshot of this in the last thread. Does anyone have it?

No. 1474606

File: 1647743033501.png (9.22 KB, 266x129, 736E1DB3-4C03-4D12-9782-C59F42…)

No. 1474613

File: 1647743454081.jpeg (62.61 KB, 453x406, 71A55BF8-669A-4B5C-B6EE-183017…)

This is her dad, they look exactly alike (compared to her less shopped pics idk if the internet has ever truly seen her unshopped) same eye shape, face shape, nose, and hairline

No. 1474639

Im confused. Isn’t this NOT her bio dad?

No. 1474649

Could be wrong but I don’t think she’s ever talked about a different dad? I know her mom was a drug addict or something but she always said she had a decent relationship with her dad

No. 1474714

File: 1647748875605.png (705.1 KB, 776x1436, storydownload.png)

kek what a coincidence that she posts this just a bit ago on her ig story. olivia, do you ever get tired of furiously refreshing this thread to see if your stale fat ass is being discussed?

No. 1474716

File: 1647749060562.png (1.92 MB, 772x1434, storydownload2.png)

also bonus because wtf kind of seethingly bitter answer even is this? your motivation for life is to spite people you dislike? she always lets the mask slip. not to mention that spite is apparently her driving force to "keep going" when she has two kids and a husband lmfao

No. 1474769

“My best friend is a pedo and I lie about my whole identity and personality online while harassing kids 10 years younger than me” her therapy sessions must be so entertaining

No. 1475379

File: 1647813872649.jpg (275.99 KB, 1440x1036, 22-03-20-22-00-29-740_deco.jpg)

How much of a bratty spoilt attention whore can you be? This is so harrowing when the thot in question has a large following and does get a lot of engagement but I guess those numbers aren't enough

Inb4 she deletes but source


No. 1475456

Self post? The way shes shaped like a cheese brick and her gf looks like a troon KEK I don't see milk besides unfortunate genetics and attention seeking for her less than average body

No. 1475507

I don't know why, but that tweet sent my sides into the orbit.
Banner material right there.

Sage for non contribution

No. 1475576

>built like a cheese brick
that post was already funny in a sad way but you gave me a hearty kek

seconding, pls make it a banner

No. 1475583

Anon my sides KEK

No. 1475891

nonas i think she was joking kek

No. 1476315

She was clearly being sarcastic did you even look at her tweets anon?

No. 1476873

really shows you how retarded people on here are

No. 1477460

Late but the stretched out Rilakkuma tat was the real tell tale sign for me

No. 1479553

File: 1648094749107.png (796.05 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20220323-194623.png)

mukyamuni is picking fights with a 15 year old. Funny cause now she's latching onto new IG hikineets to copy with her "diaburo-jp" Tumblr. She's psycho she made gmails using vo1d's old users last month. Copying pics exactly like wikidere did. She thinks she's nepu cause her fat ass can't stand being a pasty toad so now she's snapping over a girl "not" playing a game. Not posting the girls @ cause underage. This pig is low-key milky with her weird creeping and swooping in on people's old usernames and matching their old layouts.

No. 1479839

These bitches are actually psychopathic

No. 1480064

File: 1648150138155.jpg (1.57 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-03-24_12-16-32-322.…)

The rest of the stories she posted and her Tumblr. Basically now she's saying she's going to double down on attacking a 15 year old until she gets an "apology". The "attack" the kid made on her fat ass was saying "why do you care I keep McDonald's trash in my room it isn't your room" and that was it. She's so insane and pitifully insecure she cannot emotionally regulate once people she's jealous of tell her off. She hates that skinnier people with more followers post pics that get more attention, she hates that she gets the most hate for being a skinwalker but never realized she was the worst offender. I found her emails and discovered she even made a catfish myspace (called friend project) of Void and her other two usernames. Like unironically LARPing as her. She thought she was slick not adding the fake accounts but they were made within the same timeframe. I had to unfollow after I found that because she's so unhinged she might actually be like psychotic and a danger. Taking a username is one thing but taking every one from someone who left because you're obsessive and a stalker is beyond drama and now scary. Her guilt about it is so unbearable she lashes out like this at tweens and others younger than her because she hates seeing her behavior in others. Will post the accounts I found after this, hopefully she didn't wipe them out of shame. I think someone posted the mukyamuni one already and that was the one I found the myspaces through. I feel bad for that girl she's attacking now cause she really is just punching down cause she hates herself and her extremely unstable identity. Idk how old she is but I know she is over 16, probably going to pull the same crap the others did and say she's actually 12 and we can't post her kek.

No. 1480084

File: 1648151399926.jpg (1.62 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-03-24_12-46-04-789.…)

This is the bio it's soooo creepy she copied the self portrait info off vo1d and everything. Even if you hate vo1d I think we can agree this is weird as hell. nobody uses this site so it's perfect for doing this cause who would find it. Shame she didn't think to not use her skinwalker emails with them. if ur gonna be creepy and do this at least try to hide it tf
Also found her YouTube but it's not milky she just comments on vo1d subliminals and makes emo music playlists

No. 1480087

No. 1480186

It boggles my mind that she continues to sperg about mcdonaldscore girls being vo1d skinwalkers while being the biggest vo1d skinwalker around. There's no way she doesn't realize doing shit like this while getting mad at randos for copying vo1d is the real reason everyone "attacks" her.

No. 1480195

the first two have been deleted, kek. someones lurking

No. 1480233

File: 1648160455528.jpg (163.58 KB, 1884x885, archive.jpg)

The first was archived thankfully, lost it at "the girl u pretend 2 b online". Good on whoever caught this and saved it.
Absolute insanity.

No. 1480235

File: 1648160582817.jpg (66.6 KB, 736x486, 5309ef981ed0ba198086d93caef020…)

Verbatim almost. Threw in random interests to make it seem like it wasn't exactly copied.

No. 1480268

This is actually fucking creepy, jesus she needs help. Buying the same shit she has is one thing but making entire websites to larp as her? Sad!
Also kek at the "chubby face and xxl-xxxl clothes always" fucking petty

No. 1480276

Used photos of her and her boyfriend even. She wants to be her so bad. The digs at her weight are kek worthy considering virusdere herself isn't any smaller. I really wonder what her excuse is going to be. There's no way in hell she would admit to doing this. She would get no peace online, that community has nothing better to do than beef with each other all day and take it across all social media. Inb4 the usual suspects check the thread and have a field day.

No. 1480282

this is funny because wasn't gutturalsnug into neptunia right before she deactivated?

No. 1480293

File: 1648163355819.jpg (44.63 KB, 381x636, virusdere.JPG)

Virusdere also obviously copied voidfriend/melonchans old MFC bio. (the one who posted all of the original voidchan/gutturalsnug sperg in the thread)

No. 1480294

File: 1648163387282.jpg (105.62 KB, 808x732, freya.JPG)

voidfriend's bio
sorry couldnt make a collage of the two

No. 1480297

yeah, she was a nepu kinnie i think. all virus' interests are just absorbed from all the people she follows. she latches onto someone then tries to emulate them before it gets too weird then she picks a new person and acts like she's always been hardcore about everything she says she likes

No. 1480385

>i'm out of the community but i keep being dragged back into it
Like she hasn't been fighting tooth and nail to get these idiots to accept her and boost her reach but blew it by being psychotic?
>you're allowed to be open about things
>implying it shouldn't make people mad
Yet goes on to make a slide reeing about lolcow which is…. an imageboard where people do exactly what she just said isn't a problem. It's only a problem when she gets talked about cause of xyz, she's different, she stopped, she isn't even in the community, she totally doesn't care, etc. As if. She's pissed she can't just say what she wants without consequence or reaction. Maybe she would have some ground to stand on had she not done >>1480084 and >>1480293 after calling out that voidere girl and a bunch of others indirectly for skinwalking and being posers. Goes to show the ones that scream and complain the loudest are usually just projecting. She's probably been in here posting people she doesn't like out of the blue to stir up drama. Seems like people only interact with her when she's being called out and laughed at.

No. 1480539

This is all making me think, where is Vo1d nowadays? Did she change her style and stopped being a hikkineet? Got a job? She disappeared as soon as people debunked her shit about pretending to be japanese and her skinwalkers were running rampant. Maybe she changed her handle and went private everywhere

No. 1480563

she was in the neo-nazi lolicon (their words not mine kek) groupchat, so i'd say she hasn't changed.
gutturalsnug also posted a photo of vo1d's new room awhile back, octoberish, if anyone has caps. it was pretty much the same with just more anime posters

No. 1480573

People said she always had a job, it was tinfoil she worked at McDonald's for a bit. We don't really know. I've heard that she's back but on private with a very small select following. I haven't seen photos or any proof though. I can't imagine she's going to stay long cause nobody likes her anymore and the skinwalkers are out of hand since she's been gone so long. They've been left unchecked and it's worse than ever it seems.

No. 1480584

File: 1648180574397.jpg (138.19 KB, 910x1335, bigchungus.jpg)

she hasn't been posted about in a while but i stumbled upon new pics documenting her obesity last night and god… my sides

No. 1480585

File: 1648180618615.jpg (54.22 KB, 750x728, bigchungus2.jpg)

No. 1480612

I think these are a few months old no? She's always going from normal to obese every few months like lana del rey rofl

No. 1480717

File: 1648191277303.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 980.25 KB, 1242x1228, DEAC2A96-3C6F-4426-8E98-AFB954…)

It’s from eating all that baked macaroni and cheese

No. 1480874

Wtf is that vampjunk

No. 1481160

File: 1648230376660.png (445.53 KB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20220325-104358.png)


No. 1481161

File: 1648230449161.png (626.54 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20220325-104408.png)

also didn't sc but she said that vo1dchan and mukyamuni on friendproject are not her and something else she said was like "you want me to be a skinwalker soooo bad"

No. 1481164

File: 1648230835385.png (925.32 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20220325-104952.png)

found more from her vo1dere sperg. nobody supported her they just were asking why she fucking cared KEK

No. 1481166

File: 1648230932564.png (845.95 KB, 1079x1141, Screenshot_20220325-104907.png)

So this fat pig wants an apology for nothing kek makes me wonder how many people she posted here since she lurks so damn hard

No. 1481248

File: 1648235242536.jpg (21.99 KB, 600x143, screenshot_233.JPG)

nitpick but it's so funny when they say stuff like picrel. if you actually liked sugarbunnies before the vo1d aesthetic became a thing, youd have some already, the price increase is because of you as well.

rofl, the accounts used her email, it was her. Wouldn't expect less from someone who stole vo1d's username from when she was a teen. she's worse than abby.

No. 1481249

I was so confused about which egirl that account was until this kek. Even with the editing and half covered she looks actually retarded. No wonder she's so hateful. I might be too if I saw that when I looked in the mirror.

No. 1481287

Of course she would carry that mindset. Also, yeah. AFAIK Abby dropped the shtick and just faded into obscurity after wiping her accounts. I think virusdere is from Australia too.

>describes self to a T, smug with herself thinking its a sick burn
>directly posted after that picture
Ma'am you have to be skinny and pretty with a clean rep to say that with your whole chest and have it not apply to you.

She wants to be famous for her room and seethes that she never will cause her persona online is unoriginal and forgettable. She tries to be hard and snarky like mad0 but they both just look like overly sensitive posers vying for acceptance with the cool kids. It's always "I was exactly the same four years ago before mcdonalds animecore posers" with nothing to show for it but complaints about people they want to be. Pure jealousy and cope. Otherwise why would she do all this unhinged shit? I wonder if vo1d has seen this and what she thinks. I'd freak out and snap tbh. Way too insane.

No. 1481375

File: 1648245655100.jpg (32.96 KB, 951x434, tellonym.jpg)

found this too when looking up that myspace clone profile, she took this account too and just copy pasted answers void wrote on tumblr. obsessed.

No. 1481394

She can't even emulate her properly "to b skinny n happi" wasn't vo1d super anti-proana? The older answers are the tumblr ones I think, as she directly contradicts herself with the weight loss answer

No. 1481395

yeah, only some of the answers are copy pasted. vo1d isn't twenty one she's mid twenties

No. 1481476

File: 1648255144738.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1426, 744C12BD-8E70-4E60-B982-A0C47A…)

Strawbabypedo’s tongue piercing warped into her shoulder kek

No. 1481579

The fact she is even using vo1d old pics and never hers adds to the creep factor. She is unbelievably obsessed. Calling herself nashi too and using the same typing quirk idk it's borderline psychopathic

No. 1481596

File: 1648265146821.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20220325-202501.png)

>thinspo in her likes
Yeah virusdere is mad she's fatter than all the people she beefs with including void KEKKKKK

No. 1481600

Now it makes sense why she covered the Twitter users current weight cause she's mad that girl was likely half her size

No. 1481725

File: 1648276573772.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3024x4027, 5DAC99B8-F01D-4CD6-9813-86E99A…)

virusdere called herself a basement dweller too kek. blacked out the text in the pic because it’s irrelevant but the bio screenshot was from january 2021, the message she sent regarding it was from september 2021. she’s been crazy and copying vo1dchans online presence for over a year

No. 1481734

File: 1648277305689.jpg (1.81 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-03-25_23-46-22-146.…)

Oh my god. This is so embarrassing to watch. She needs to just stop talking kek even if she didn't do it now she just looks suspect as hell. A whole year of LARPing that's so sad.

No. 1481800

File: 1648282987117.jpg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, ig1651651541.jpg)

some more details on Strawbabypedo and bff breakup oof

No. 1481834

Surprise, surprise. The rapeogre daddy is a cretin and she enabled.

No. 1482054

Top kek at her pretending that's not a body check and that girl doesn't have a severe eating disorder.

No. 1482151

Exactly. Half the accounts she follows on there are ed Twitter users or tangential. Funny she called that one user out for being on that side of the site, like she isn't a bitter fat girl looking at disordered body checks. Most of the hikineets have/glorify eating disorders anyway. Don't know why she thought lying would work. I do love this complete denial despite clear evidence though. She's anxious and clearly bothered. I don't think she anticipated being caught.

No. 1482157

Did she delete her twitter or change the @?

No. 1482162

File: 1648315033617.png (254.89 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20220326-101130.png)

She's changing things around and deleting her accounts, nothing says innocent like deleting accounts and changing your name from nashi immediately after being called out for something you "didn't" do.

No. 1482163

File: 1648315066990.png (858.6 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20220326-101700.png)

You're just blocked.

No. 1482180

Never interacted with her on any platform so that is interesting. I barely even know who she is.

No. 1482191

File: 1648317378791.jpeg (171.08 KB, 1170x1603, 3007A4FB-AE97-4BF4-87F7-719150…)

No. 1482206

Now it's deleted. Kek.

No. 1482270

"i-it wasnt me guys ive been playing ponytown!"
Yeah, and panicking to change your profiles and deleting the friendproject the second it was posted. Nice trick you got from m4do to just keep games running to increase your playtime though kek

No. 1482381

kek i can hear the rattling from this picture.
Vo1d was an actual fatty tho, she must be obese if she's fatter than her, yipes

No. 1482412

File: 1648329990440.png (880.64 KB, 735x756, panties.png)

creative ways to show your followers your underwear without admitting you want attention and neckbeard bucks

No. 1482603

that's a reach anon

No. 1482653


Looking at her other tweets she seems known for viral oh my god I own insert meme or trend name here tweets and seems to not be able to shut up for a day, it's not a reach

No. 1482715

Yeah, I think virusdere/mukyamuni/whatever other username she's used thats stolen from another egirl/u_80080 is just extremely ugly but only slightly fat, maybe like 10-15 lbs overweight.

No. 1482718

File: 1648344570468.jpg (39.56 KB, 422x451, wtfincestbaby.JPG)

No idea who this is but she's so terribly hideous jfl.

No. 1482722

File: 1648344648169.jpg (54.42 KB, 463x845, wtf.JPG)

wait now I feel bad, is she downs or something?

No. 1482772

Cope harder, she's fat. Just as big as vo1d. She looks about 180-190.

No. 1482841

Has she posted her body? Im just going by her face and hands so

No. 1483671

File: 1648398354852.jpg (137.04 KB, 1021x1805, FKyqgjHUYAAYADu (1).jpg)


Don't think she's downs but looking at her twitter she seems insufferable and very delusional ntm uggo
Picrel she just looks like a giant baby but then she also tries to talk like a Rugrat and thinks it's cute, it's also gross how she can't shut up about her supposed muscles or big ass when she's just a hambeast abusing camera angles. The state of her ass looks unwashed and depressing


here's some other delusional posts, I had to stop eventually because I felt sick but it seems like she tries very hard for attention and thinks she's some massive famous egirl even though 11k is nothing and she really tries to pander as the ultimate quirky neckbeard waifu degen of your dreams but is probably really creepy irl
major pick me energy in her tweets too where she just posts things for attention when nobody is ever criticizing her or attacking her


No. 1483673

i think she's kinda cute but tbf i have a thing for soft looking girls.

No. 1483674

nvm looked at her posts she's a stupid bitch.
when will those ewhores understand that playing with neckbeards never ends well?

No. 1483722

Kek why does she have the body of an overfed 5 year old boy

No. 1483725

File: 1648402866519.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1467, 2E4BB0A9-B0BC-4676-BE74-755EB8…)

Double post because I just clicked your links and holy shit she looks fucking disgusting. She actually looks like she has birth defects. And that honker. Scrotes will jerk off to anything.

No. 1483770

File: 1648404982119.jpg (189.31 KB, 1080x1920, Eb9jZBUUEAAmbiI.jpg)


Scrotes really will jerk off to anything and this girl is so delusional, I had a stalk of her account and she really thinks she's an 11/10 all while secretly hating other women kek

No. 1483786

File: 1648405706745.jpg (303.93 KB, 1440x1557, FGM5Fg_UUAMJHEi.jpg)



It's that bitch that thinks she started the jacko trend, thinks she's a famous cosplayer, and took credit for a bunch of other trends and memes she didn't start, fucking hate her vibe and I bet she's annoying in real life and looks like she smells of hotdog water

No. 1483789

Spoiler this downie and stop giving her free advertisement. Her looking mentally retarded isn't milk either.

No. 1483795


True nonny, she's already high enough on the false clout. She seems like the type to be secretly milky because she can never shut up about herself and she's one of the convention whores. Tweets seem slightly less narc in the last year or so though.

No. 1483800

File: 1648406328238.png (117.75 KB, 170x404, 57AB3E8B-08E8-4A3E-BEED-D59CBC…)

>thinks she's 11/10
Girl reached another level of delusional, just look at her face in picrel. She believes she is at her peak now, kek.

No. 1483805

i remember this chick, didn't she used to be obsessed with mikasa and was skinwalking another, actually fit mikasa cosplayer who was heaps better than her??

No. 1483866

File: 1648408789114.png (1.2 MB, 863x733, buffprotain.png)


Do you mean this Mikasa? She is everything this girl is not

Is that why she keeps copying her fits and is trying so hard to be the "buff anime waifu" this Mikasa is known to be? picrel


No. 1483882

File: 1648409738843.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1286, 78A8C774-266A-467D-9957-210EB0…)

Damn what an ugly unfortunate face. Makes me feel better about myself. She looks like a pervert moid trying to be a uwu anime girl

No. 1483891

File: 1648410117121.jpg (239.47 KB, 1536x2048, E3VSi8YVcAAHdrM.jpg)

i think so! is the buffbunnymika pic the one from a video where she pets a bunny or something? i remember seeing this when someone first linked her and her skinwalker on lc. i don't have any milk on her, but i find it hilarious how she thinks she's so fit when she just looks chubby.

picrel: https://twitter.com/proteinkiss/status/1402117645319565313

No. 1483899

File: 1648410520127.png (640.61 KB, 465x748, 1624549822163.png)


She can't go a week without bragging about how fit she is but she just looks flabby and chubby

Picrel really be thinking she's popular online because a bunch of neckbeards hit the bottom of the barrel with her because she will take any attention

No. 1483906

File: 1648410698021.jpg (285.27 KB, 1336x2048, FJQ_6DXXwAY8Sf6.jpg)

No. 1483918

File: 1648410984629.jpg (66.46 KB, 530x553, aa.jpg)

Delusional. You can barely even see them.

No. 1483920

File: 1648411083355.jpg (288.71 KB, 1478x957, copium.jpg)


does she ever stop tweeting appreciate my insert body feature I do not have or what?

Mikasa out here getting nice fanarts while this bitch commissions someone to draw her delusion for her I can't breathe


No. 1483926

File: 1648411247344.jpg (328.73 KB, 1536x2048, FOvlW3BVkAEZz53.jpg)

yes that's the video i meant!

also kek https://twitter.com/proteinkiss/status/1507550685402783749
>feeling cute

No. 1483927

File: 1648411262124.png (474.78 KB, 451x739, 69.png)


Fixed it

No. 1483932

File: 1648411557434.jpg (308.97 KB, 1536x2048, FMKN8vZUcAU8Rs4.jpg)

Oh there's more kek. I guess I need glasses because I can see neither hamststrings nor whatever she is trying to flex in picrel.

Her pet bird is pretty cute though

No. 1483933


She really wishes she was like Buff Bunny and whoever else


her bird is the cutest ngl

No. 1483945

File: 1648412220425.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1404, 46646.png)

never thought I'd see any discussion of her outside of old threads and vendetta accusations besides a few nonnas knowing her but I wanted to drop picrel as a sample of how desperate she comes across

No. 1483954

"I've been doing this for 3 years" No way. Either she's lying or she doesn't know jack about exercise and nutrition if she still looks like this after all this time.

No. 1483955

you're telling me she's been working out for over 3 years and she still looks this flabby?

No. 1483963

File: 1648412647997.jpg (56.37 KB, 530x433, h.jpg)

Kek my sides

No. 1483969

File: 1648413004974.png (38.41 KB, 722x278, KEKW.png)


the irony that she spergs about how she's such a role model for fitness and lectures anyone about gym and 'gains'

No. 1483972

File: 1648413199137.png (826.03 KB, 738x723, youikes.png)

sure girl, you're just like this athletic, 14-year old girl from an idol anime, you're absolutely not delusional or creepy in saying that at 26 at all

No. 1483973

she should take her own advice and put down the boba because clearly her supposed calorie deficit isn't enough.

No. 1483976

You is 16 but yes

No. 1483982

Good thing no one with an ounce of knowledge will take her seriously when she can't even apply this to herself (also kek at her entry-level "advice"). I've seen people getting fitter on a 90 day shred than her in her supposed "3 years".

No. 1483983

I think I’ve seen babies more muscly than her

No. 1483987

File: 1648413703281.png (508.14 KB, 739x732, suurejan.png)



I'm enjoying seeing her gatekeep about fitness so much, just admit you got fat and posting photos of yourself from ~2years ago or so isn't the reality now sis, maybe if she put more time into getting fit than she did trying to be degenerate waifu and squeezing into tacky aliexpress cosplays for asspats all while making fake narrative tweets for shock neckbeard value she'd be doing better

No. 1483994


I sense that her tweets that start with any implication that everyone has said something or that people keep hounding her for advice, pussy or whatever else isn't actually true and she just needs a gateway excuse to post about herself and cannot shut up

why is it always snowflakes that feel the need to make the most noise about their nothingburgers?

No. 1483995

I usually don't care to criticize women's bodies but shit like this makes me angry. "Fit" and "Body positive" have lost their actual meaning over time because of women like this.

No. 1484040

Her face is a combination of all the worst facial features a woman could have. And then her body somehow is chubby, flabby, and has zero curves. It's not surprising she's debasing herself online for pornsick men. Probably cries herself to sleep after spending all day overcompensating online.

No. 1484055

File: 1648417411091.jpg (847.45 KB, 1536x2048, FO0FSXCVsAA0bgi.jpg)

She reminds me of those "14 or 40?" memes.

No. 1484063


I'd rather perish than smell the ammonia and hotdog water(imageboard)

No. 1484076

File: 1648418358839.png (27.18 KB, 739x324, 3020.png)


b-but anon!! "someone" apparently said her face is so cute and baby

but of course nobody did and it's just her trying to pander to this same weird uwu moe thing she should really delete her twitter and touch some grass


No. 1484149

File: 1648424532520.jpg (29.92 KB, 593x335, skinwalker2.JPG)

Searching vo1dchan on twitter brings up so many delusional retards.

No. 1484152

File: 1648424634320.jpg (17.62 KB, 600x132, skinwalker.JPG)

her literally a day before saying that the aesthetic relies on copying, kek.

No. 1484154

File: 1648424740919.jpg (57 KB, 596x609, 2.JPG)

and of course, consoomerism at it's finest. Buying japanese childrens clothes you'll have to desperately squeeze your fatass into.

No. 1484191

Meanwhile she's literally using voidchan pics and buying the exact same clothes. Do these people think they really will lose enough weight to fit toddler clothes? KEK

No. 1484214

Sage this isn’t milk

No. 1484223

It's probably virusdere/malware bun spamming the girls she doesn't like to bury her posts lmao

No. 1484266

The singular anon sperging over proteinkiss and posting links instead of caps didn't use sage either kek.
People itt get so pissy when someone other than their vendetta gets posted.

No. 1485360


Living the dream degenerate life with a weird ugly face it seems(sage)

No. 1485361

File: 1648510696829.jpeg (446.6 KB, 1536x2048, FO-S1eKVcAIRCbU.jpeg)

Samefag it timed out and didn't attach the file

No. 1485403

Beady Shayna rat eyes, crusty small lips, chubby man body, and big ass nose

No. 1485416

sorry im a long time lurker and idk how to post properly

this girl is in a little fake-boi transtrender friend group on twitter.
they're all from california so no surprise they're annoying as shit. one of the girls from her group is a fake-boi named Stephanie who used to be tumblr famous back in 2012~ but has since left tumblr. i wouldn't be surprised if they all got their start from there too.

No. 1485423

Fucking sage, being ugly isn't milk

No. 1485791

do the last few people posted even qualify as egirls? this just looks like a fugly weeb and so do all the weird voidchan/basement dweller bitches

No. 1486094


They do when besides being ugly they have the same follower numbers and act like egirls. That and they do seem milky if you look a little deeper and dig.

No. 1486613

I think shes talking about the folklore creatures called skinwalkers, anon.

No. 1488166


Do you have any milk on any of them? Her and her friends give me so many bad vibes and I feel like the tweets she is quick to delete are because she must notice they are milky or potentially show her true colors

She seems so up herself and likes controversy but also expects to be able to get through her twenties without being called out for it because she thinks her body parts give her a free pass, at least around desperate neckbeards because no actual people find this bitch attractive

No. 1488351

File: 1648759269121.jpg (126.15 KB, 1378x419, DAz89mPV0AApxu1.jpg)

yes I do. tbh the milk I have on her friend Stephanie (the fakeboi) is enough to make it's own thread kek.
they all got started on tumblr and since migrated to twitter since around 2012.

Stephanie used to be famous on tumblr and her url was chitanda. gained fame because single name urls were so coveted then and she had pokemon urls too. also made tumblr themes but most of the code was stolen from other creators. she had a couple of pics floating around in chitanda eru cosplay but i can't find them since it's been so long.
Stephanie ran away from her parents in 2013 because they were "abusive" and she was a neet for almost 4 years. Mooching off her friends and her ex boyfriends and had backups for when she would break up with her current boyfriend so she wouldn't go homeless lol
Eventually moved back in with her parents in California and got her shit back together and started getting deep into twitter and is now a fake-boy named "Tay"

her twitter: https://twitter.com/emoprotagonist
wayback machine bc it's the only place i could find SOME remnants of her tumblr: http://web.archive.org/web/20120801000000*/chitanda.tumblr.com

sorry for crap format but pic rel it's the only one i could find after doing some digging

No. 1488409

@soniconiconii is mukyamuni/virusdere's new twitter, nothing milky yet unless if you count being ugly milk, just give her a few days to start sperging about "ppl copying nashi!!" as the account's pretty new kek

No. 1488548


She sounds like a drama queen, it's a shame there isn't more documented caps of her shenanigans but I'm guessing you're in a circle that overlaps and means you know the dramas

It doesn't surprise me that they're all bitches

No. 1490466


She's just some streamer with a vtuber model despite already showing her face but genuine question, is she pitching her voice up???

No. 1490866

I think she's just speaking in a fake voice, not altering it