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File: 1650724025190.jpg (414.04 KB, 1280x720, 1650331814520.jpg)

No. 1509413

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey fakebois, fujo male larpers and ftm snowflake behavior who may or may not deserve their own threads.

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former).

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Old Threads by order of recency:

No. 1509514

Asked in the last thread but is that HBO pirate series actually all that gay, or is everyone just creaming their pants over the spicy straight relationship the NLOG character has?

No. 1509764

File: 1650752050649.jpeg (727.61 KB, 1170x1889, 4C566467-7F2C-4261-8C0D-CB8932…)

are fakebois gaining traction in asian countries or is it mostly western influence? this is the 3rd japanese ftm i’ve seen with a significant social media following

No. 1509767

>immigrated to Germany
Of course she lives outside of Japan.

No. 1509806

Anon she's an immigrant who's fluent in English. This has nothing to do with Asia lol

No. 1509811

File: 1650755798225.gif (2.84 MB, 500x249, 2D729E3A-E178-4058-83AB-B86197…)

yes it is. taika waititi has an awkward kiss with another dude

No. 1509826

wow they don't want to do it at all…

No. 1509852

it's nuts to me that all the most popular shows nowadays are full of lgbt+. how can the audience for this stuff be so huge? I don't have anything against it I just don't understand how we went from most media targeting straight white people to absolutely nothing made for that demographic.

No. 1509864

spicy straights.
Last lesbian media I consumed was wayhott from wynonna earp but then the fan service became too sexual and stupid in newer seasons. I don't really watch gay male media, but lesbian media is not made for lesbians anymore imo it's just "queer" women feeling sapphic. Most lesbian media still has to have a man involved etc. I think most of the support and money comes from woke straight people wanting to seem inclusive by fetishizing the g and b.

No. 1509887

Just to be OT for a moment but your post reminded me of the Hannibal series-theres 2 seasons of the two main male characters apparently having sexual tention but never so much as even kissing (even though at least one of the actors wanted to) yet 2 female characters who havent so much as known each other get a lesbian sex scene out of the blue (you dont really see anything because of the weird filter) but imo its to draw in/keep male audiences and comes off fetishy to me.

No. 1509893

also the lesbian character has sex with a man. the show runner is a gay man so it’s disappointing but not surprising

No. 1509896

i mean i still think there’s plenty of shows with only straight characters but i think companies have realised that having gay characters and storylines is a sure fire way to get positive press and a dedicated audience, otherwise they wouldn’t keep doing it. as a lesbian i tend to watch anything focuses on gay characters lol. although i haven’t seen ofmd partly because fans of the show annoy me, taika waititi annoys me and i’m not interested in watching a show all about ugly old men. the kiss scene looks piss poor as well

No. 1509921

Idk but they’re mad at this show now bc the historical figure the main character is based on was a slave owner. It’s like Hamilton all over again.

No. 1509947

And almost all of them are badly written and predictable, the characters don’t have anything to them outside of being gay.

No. 1509966

kek saw that coming a mile away. why does anyone even bother pandering to these people, they are literally impossible to please.

No. 1510039

File: 1650772701904.jpg (25.08 KB, 220x323, Marjorie_Kinnan_Rawlings.jpg)

I mean if any historical female literary author would be a fakeboi, it would probably be marjorie rawlings, she was a young adult author author who had a "fascination" with young boys, almost all her protagonists were young boys, she claimed that her stories were written only for young boys and didn't care what adult male and female critics had to say about them and despite being an incredibly accomplished woman she relented that she couldn't have a boy of her own, apparently her fondness for young boys went back to when she was a child, the only times boys would even notice her was she would tell them adventure stories that she had made up
She sounds like a TIF to me, the borderline pedophilic obsession they have with male children and their idealized portrayal of how they behave checks out

No. 1510163

From my minimal understanding easter-asian societies don't take troons seriously and you can still make fun of them on daytime TV. But it's "gaining traction" in basically any country that has educated youth that spend significant time consuming English social and traditional media, as that's the main channel of troonism to the East.

No. 1510177

did she name herself after Kazuma Kiryu lmaoooooooooo as if all the men in the Yakuza games aren't painfully obvious Y chromosomoids… we all know aydens trying to look like uwu soft bois are a meme but those who try to go for manly man are just delusional kek

No. 1510262

File: 1650804155619.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.52 KB, 1080x770, IMG_20220424_153634.jpg)

Warning for a porn site screenshot

But jesus christ, at first I was confused wtf that is but I think it's self harm scars around the vagina. Fucking depressing, man

No. 1510263

File: 1650804219066.webm (997.99 KB, 576x1024, ahcSBCpvMHUpXBnM.webm)

these are the same women who read yaoi as teenagers and think it makes them gay males, lol

No. 1510264

Girl you do not look even remotely like a man, are you blind?? Love mix of fetishization and homophobia too, very woke of her.

No. 1510267

Can someone tell me what those scars are? I thought it was a surgery scars but nope. If that's selfharm that's so dark, I wonder if she was sexually abused.

No. 1510269

That skin doesn’t look like scars to me, it looks like the loose inner thigh skin of someone who has lost a lot of weight

No. 1510273

definitely it's just loose skin. But damn, i never wanted to know what it looks like, i avoided it so well for a decade but now i know.

No. 1510290

Sometimes you can really tell that they're straight up larping a character from a movie like what is with the toothpick.

No. 1510291

I agree that it could be loose skin but it could also be hidradenitis superativa scars

No. 1510296

File: 1650811061203.png (51.17 KB, 885x435, 7545487.png)

Lmao do they think they'd give testosterone to random men who ask for it as if it was candy?
I'm pretty sure you need an actual good reason to get a testosterone prescription, even as a man

No. 1510300

It's generally given to men who are suffering from hormone deficiencies, but those would require critically low levels of testosterone for men and are often linked to pre-existing conditions

No. 1510323

File: 1650813837448.jpg (478.8 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20220424_181825.jpg)

A cosplayer who for years cosplayed and made yaoi content. She's pretty, over 6ft and more athletic than your average cosplay girl so her boy cosplays were better than average. Over the past 2 years she got called out repeatedly for fetishizing mlm by mainly ftms. A few months ago she changed her insta pronouns to he/they/she.

No. 1510325

God I hate the brainwashing TRAs have done to people. It’s called being human. It’s fucking normal to have days you feel differently about yourself. This stuff is so pointless, just people ruminating on things that have no bearing on anything.

No. 1510328



I thought she had changed her pronouns so she could pull the 'but I'm not a girl so how can be fetishizing the anime boys' card. But this tweet made me think otherwise and that she's fallen down the yaoi pipeline too. She's dating a she/they girl so at least she's not claiming to be gay guy.

No. 1510329

I hope she snaps out of it. When I was a handmaiden I fell into the trap a little bit, the fact that practically every woman in fandom spaces is on the gender train makes it easy to do it to want to be included and not seen as a wrongthink candidate. I hate seeing it, makes me sad.

No. 1510419

Nobody else uses the words 'fag' and 'dyke' more than troons for some reason. Do these retards really think that's how gays and lesbians talk like 24/7?

No. 1510466

File: 1650828050375.jpeg (240.56 KB, 1080x1956, 099F35FF-A2F4-40D8-8D84-2339B8…)

No. 1510486

No. 1510492

>There's nothing made for straight white people anymore
I'm begging you to go outside.

No. 1510523

The dysphoria is so gigantic she posts pics of it???? Idk but when I was feeling really bad about my looks I didnt take any pics showing the parts that made me feel bad. I guess they don't really understand what dysphoria is, like any word attached to trannyism, it lost all the meaning.

No. 1510526

The perverse glee with which Aidens constantly say "faggot" is so grating.

I'm in a discord server for zines, and I like to VC. It's mostly normal women, but there are a handful of Aidens in there. Last night I somehow ended up in a situation where everyone except me and the two youngest Aidens left the call, and one of them literally could not go fifteen seconds without saying "faggot." I guess at the end of the day it's just a word, but I feel like an actual gay person, particularly one over the age of 30 would be really incensed by it. I worry that these kids are going to get into the habit of saying it and end up getting in real trouble for it.

Really makes you wonder if these little girls would also start saying "nigger" constantly if they thought they could get away with it.

No. 1510535

As I'd say: "Ayden, you're not a faggot because you are a "gay trans guy". You are a faggot because you are OP."

No. 1510587

Genuinely I don't get it either. Even people who don't have "dysphoria" wouldn't be posting their boobs in a hair reddit because you wouldn't want people to be commenting on them and they're not relevant to the post. Also men are on the internet. They're literally half the image. Like.. just why?

No. 1510591

Why would you post this in a “hair subreddit” when you can barely see her hair. The whole frame is taken up by boobs - oh sorry, I mean totally manly masculine chesticles. Also Reddit is full of teenage incels, OF COURSE they’re gonna comment on cleavage.

No. 1510593

Nayrt but Right? I learned this when I was younger and posted a selfie on reddit in a jewelry subreddit only to get creepy DMs from random men bc my boobs were slightly visible in the pic. I don’t get how someone can post it and expect anything less considering reddits main demographic. Sucks but that’s just how it is, and still don’t understand why one would post their boobs while claiming to have horrible dysphoria about them.

No. 1510664

god what an attention whore

it's part of the fetish. just read fanfic with tif characters, written by tifs, it's all about being called faggot and bitch and demeaned for being "unmanly" or whatever. it's more socially acceptable and less triggering for the mentally ill aidens than just admitting that they are women into maledom and being degraded and humiliated for being a woman.

No. 1510683

who the fuck replies with a comment like that in a subreddit about hair? we act like these women are doing this to themselves for no reason but it's obvious they've been surrounded by men like this throughout their life. how bleak

No. 1510953

File: 1650868738983.png (485.45 KB, 864x800, twitter.comthewarmvoid.png)

No. 1511055

"chest dysphoria" apparently now means wear tight revealing tops and shove your boobs into as many people's faces as possible and then cry about it

she's such a transparent attention-whore lol

No. 1511082

>complaining she is not seem as a boy while looking like that because memorizing dumb ass pronouns are not enough anymore
At least she is t4t so no sane woman has to deal with that.
What is a leatherdyke anyway

No. 1511116


I'm convinced they do this for the pity points. It would not have been hard to put on a loose tee shirt and crop your boobs out if you're feeling gender dysphoria. If you're biologically female and present as such, how the fuck is anyone supposed to know you identify as a male? Most of them don't have bleached to shit pink hair and triple D's.

No. 1511123

File: 1650890220392.jpg (291.03 KB, 1180x826, pR6IbD8.jpg)

No. 1511140

their first mistake was getting involved in gender special nonsense which for all intents and purposes is a very white phenomenon and is probably popular so white ppl can relieve themselves of feelings of white guilt

No. 1511147

i think leatherdyke refers to specific lesbian subcultures and aesthetics surrounding wearing leather and driving motorcycles

No. 1511177

It’s hard for me to imagine her driving a motorcycle lol. I guess she’s just into it for aesthetic purposes.

No. 1511199

i am uncomfortable when we are not about me?

No. 1511210

Ironically white people convinced them that it's actually NOT a white phenomena!

No. 1511215

this is so true. the annoying part is i’ve noticed a backlash especially from normie black people who rightly recognize that a lot of this gender stuff pushed by white people is a way of dodging accountability for racism and a way of derailing useful conversations about bigotry because there’s non binary white men claiming they don’t experience male privilege because they don’t identify as men. honestly it’s insufferable and i can’t blame people for being homophobic against the lgbt community. i just wish trans and gender specials and their supporters could officially split off so that regular gay and bi people don’t get lumped in with them.

No. 1511273

File: 1650902416352.webm (1.65 MB, 576x696, why does she think parappa of…)

He/theys are so obsessed with making every character they like one of them, and I believe this kind of projecting is seriously going too far at this point.
Tiktok was a mistake.

No. 1511285

Ironically applies to female characters and inanimate objects alike. full extent in the transwash thread in /m/

No. 1511302

>My gender isn't 'feral little gremlin who never washes' bc as a black person I am already seen as dirtier than my white counterparts.

Wtf did I just read nonnies and why isn't everyone else just as confused as me?

No. 1511304

isn't that a sports bra? girl put on some clothes lol

No. 1511320

What is it with aidens though and their obsession over being feral little gremlins? What about that experience is even male? Can you not be a feral female? Are gremlins an all male race? I'm of course mostly concerned with feelings being equated to 'genders.' The moment these weird genders popped up that were clearly just vague personality traits or 'vibes' I was still pro-tranny and just saw these people are raiders of their ~lived experience~ Now it's as valid as the transvestites when really none of them are valid. I just don't get how people can just throw away reality so easily. Consumerism?

No. 1511385

I am just as confused as you are. Appearantly calling yourself a stinky swamp man or a thrash goblin is very "gender"

No. 1511401

spicy straights are literally the worst thing to happen to modern day society. This looks so awkward.

No. 1511410

Goblin is the new "I'm so random rawr xD" quirky girl thing to be

No. 1511480

I'm a feral female and no one can stop me

No. 1511573

It feels like an extension of that phase when everyone on tumblr was obsessed with calling themselves “trash.” It’s like they think women can’t be messy (both literally and in personality) so if they’re like that then they aren’t a woman, they’re trash or a rat or a feral goblin. So that becomes their “gender.”

No. 1511651

they can't be 'feral females' because being a woman in 2022 means being a hyperfeminine bimbo instathot who only exists to be attractive to men. gnc women aren't allowed to be women anymore so now they all turn into he/they goblins who are free to be as plain, ugly or weird as they want

No. 1511816

what are spicy straights

No. 1511827

File: 1650943063994.jpg (124.52 KB, 1072x1240, 8fce6b69-15e2-5c34-b5d7-fa3f1f…)

more or less this

No. 1511832

Straight people who wish to be seen as not so for varying reasons (popularity among peers/avoid accountability/seen as special and unique/etc). Someone who wishes to be perceived as not straight, when they are.

No. 1511893

Accountability for being straight?

No. 1511975

Scrolling thru here I keep thinking that Pic is Alex Jones lol

No. 1512019

Yes because Critical Theory means your identity (gay trans white etc) makes you accountable for your identities group history, your privilege or oppression isn't linked to your experience but only your idpol label. Like all white people are to blame for slavery and owe reparitions, all straight people are complicit in homophobia and trans oppression. So no woke people want to be straight because it makes them the bad guy in this fairytale.

No. 1512095

Funny how the "lesbian" ones are still acting like generic fangirls who are obsessed with a woman (or female anime character, e.g. Samus or Utena), it's the same shit with the yaoi ones, just replace the man with a woman. That doesn't make them more masculine/moid-like just because they like women. Even the "lesbian" ones look like chubby tumblrains. Almost like most fakebois who exist are an incarnation or instance of the chubby dangerhair tumblrarian fangirling over fictional characters.

No. 1512096


No. 1512097

my theory is that most lesbian ftms are actually straight yaoi fangirls who are ashamed of coming across as such.

No. 1512098

Incredible. You know you're privileged when you legitimately believe gays and trannies suffer the most. There is not a whiter, more myopic, navel gazing view to have than this.

No. 1512106

I'm talking about genuine lesbians

No. 1512160

I don't believe it, I was explaining to another anon why straights want to label themselves queer in woke circles

No. 1512310

And this is the root of so many kids getting into modern transgender nonsense - parents giving their kids tablet with unrestricted internet access so they can have more free time.
Today's 15 year olds were born in 2007 and by the time they were 3 tablets were common.

This also applies to older generations whose parents bought them their own laptops to use while they were still in middle school.

I know I sound like a boomer, but I think it's true. My niece (who is now 8) has been self-conscious about her appearance since she was 6 because my dumbass brother (her dad) let her browse tiktok for hours.

No. 1512331

sage for off topic but I have a friend who identify as some kind of ftm genderfluid and they are really on the fence about taking T. They always where super insecure with their body. If the talk come up I would like to explain to them that it's a super bad idea health wise and in the long run. I like to study stuff linked to PED so they know I know a bit on the effect on T and transition stuff ( so I don't sound like I googled it out of the blue ). What argument do you think would be the best to use so they know it's a shit idea ?

No. 1512341

My niece is 11 and has a tik tok and IG with over 2k followers. Why does an 11 year old need 2k folowers? She gets her hair and nails done too. Its insane how kids are being groomed by technology and ignorant parents today.

No. 1512360

focus on the social aspect in addition to the health risks. tell her there is no going back from T nor is there any way to microdose it and turn into an androgynous cute boy forever. she will age like a man, smell like a man, get rough acne-scarred skin like a man, and become irreversibly bald and pot-bellied like a man. does she really think that will fix her body image issues?

No. 1512438

File: 1651002945037.jpg (89.14 KB, 500x667, yaya.jpg)

hi, does anyone here have the IG @ of godinthreepersons/stonedapetheory ? i used to follow her back in the day.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1512452

I have a genderfluid friend too but she wants top surgery and not T. She's already convinced that gay guys stare at her on the street. Luckily she doesn't have the money for surgery and she's conscious of the scars.

No. 1512637

This blog gas excellent posts about the effect of testosterone

No. 1512644

Accountability for sexual harassment, like a man who calls himself enby to be seen as a soft non-threatening man even if he is a predator.

No. 1512712

File: 1651026866602.png (Spoiler Image,379 KB, 356x666, Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 10.3…)

Can someone please, for the love of god, explain this to me? NSFL NSFL NSFL

No. 1512716

Mental illness.

No. 1512721

Transitioning to octopus.

No. 1512724

How do they even wear pants? That looks like some weird fetus who is attached to her stomach more than anything.

No. 1512736

release the kraken!

No. 1512755

No. 1512770

File: 1651032218343.jpg (13.5 KB, 320x341, deformed lemon.jpg)

I'm just going to assume this is like step 1 in some new way to form a franken-penis without having to take massive skin grafts from obvious areas like the forearm and thigh? Fucking horrifying whatever it is.

No. 1512841

File: 1651040517627.png (357.45 KB, 640x1136, 1465153589300.png)

does anyone have the IG of stonedapetheory / yaya / sunny ?
also, are you farmhands really so new that you ban me for asking about a fakeboi so fake and annoying she's literally in a banner here ? or would you rather i dig up and necro one of the two threads on her that have been dead for 5 years ?

No. 1512845

What (and I can’t stress this enough) the fuck is going on here?

No. 1512890

Thank you anon, it sure will not help body issues
Thank you too, I didn't know about the effect on genitalia ph. That horrendous.

No. 1513001

Kill me. Please tell me this is a ~work in progress~

No. 1513005


There is nothing freeing about it though. They all end up with the exact same aesthetic, hang with the same narrow (humorless) crowd, and spend their whole lives obsessing about whether certain products and clothes are "masc" enough. How is that a step up from anything.

No. 1513009

and even if you don't give them internet access it's pretty much a given they will learn stuff from their peers. i can't imagine having kids rn.

No. 1513012

It's not, that's why they're so miserable and obsess over stupid shit like complete strangers calling them she

No. 1513013

File: 1651057768474.webm (Spoiler Image,620.89 KB, 256x480, 94d8e36c930eb36e.webm)

Here's a video.

No. 1513014

dysphoria cured! Tentacle rape here we come

No. 1513015

this is sad
tho at least with ftms cutting the tentacle off and stitching up is easier than fixing whatever mtfs do to themselves

No. 1513020

Sucks that they’d all still be left with their mutilated limb that they took the skin from though. That’s one thing that blows my mind too. Even if I had crippling dysphoria, there is nothing that could convince me taking a skin graft from a visible place would be worth it. Just the knowledge of everyone knowing I had a fake dick made from it would be mortifying as hell. Seeking therapy is so much easier.

No. 1513022

ah yes love how her surgeon thought the pingus starts at the abdomen. I didn't know surgeons could have the anatomical knowledge of a yaoi artist.

No. 1513024

This looks like everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Also should she be flopping it around like that when it's still healing? Seems like it's pretty freshly attached, doing that she's just asking for it to get infected and slough off

No. 1513025

i really thought that was just a massive hernia from an uterus removal, but my god!

No. 1513139

Can't it be that they are letting it heal there and remove it later and then attach it at the right place. Also, she should stop touching that thing, an infection might destroy her dream to get a healthy tentacle.

No. 1513165

File: 1651071499117.jpg (545.93 KB, 1144x2144, 1633190768724.jpg)

usually don't feel bad for moids, but saying that jewish males have transmasc energy feels like a racial stereotype

No. 1513167

nothing could've prepared me for that red raw gore on the underside of it christ

No. 1513169

This is so many words to stereotype a man and put him into a gender HC box instead of just being like. Cool! A guy who doesn’t fit every masculine stereotype. It’s creepy when they do this to real people. And I agree with you, it’s really fucked that they do it to Jewish men in particular while going and choosing names for themselves that are typically Jewish. It feels fetishizing.

No. 1513171

Yeah, that’s antisemitic as fuck. But then again most FTMs are screeching commies who hate Jews anyway (when they’re not trying to LARP that is)

No. 1513224

It's derraged and it makes me remember how moids talk about porn. Is ok i get that most aidens are ugly harmless autistic/cluster b women, still i don't want a jewish men to cross paths with them.

No. 1513236

It looks like a tumor, i want to puke

No. 1513261

That's disgusting but at least it's probably easy to take off

No. 1513297

They're so fucking regressive, how did THAT post get as big as it did on tumblr with barely any pushback. The pendulum works in mysterious ways.

No. 1513354

apparently they are lowering it at some stage? No clue how.
if only it had any muscle to rape. how are they planning on having sex?

No. 1513827

some while ago anons speculated in these very threads that maybe so many fakeboys go for jewish names because jewish men are seen as less masculine and then transmen come out and say it out loud

No. 1513943

File: 1651133887054.jpg (65.6 KB, 902x445, 453.JPG)

Pot, meet kettle.

No. 1514023

What the actual fuck… how is that not extremely painful? It looks like plastic-wrapped meat chunks…

No. 1514128

File: 1651157667749.jpg (579.7 KB, 1080x1964, Screenshot_20220428_175033.jpg)

No. 1514129

File: 1651157691366.jpg (277.97 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20220428_175005_com…)

No. 1514132

oh my god. also i haven’t really seen much of this happening? these days it seems like teen girls are scared shitless of being accused of fetishizing mlm

No. 1514138

Is she happy about that?

No. 1514158

That’s so hilarious to me. They’re so hypocritical.

Give it a decade and most of these kids will be adults quietly acting like nothing happened.

No. 1514171

Except unlike the bisexuality trend in 2000s, some of these kids will fuck their bodies up with unnecessary surgery, binding and hormones.

No. 1514206

File: 1651164051889.jpg (199.51 KB, 828x1792, FRYzpTqXMAIuV1p.jpg)

TIMs might be porn sick but theres also alot of ladies out there that are absolutely boys love sick. Your life will never be a shounen ai doujinshi

No. 1514217

How do they actually like gay men irl? The real gay relationship aren't easy to the eye of women unlike yaoi and such.

No. 1514234

Yeah looks like a pedicle flap surgery, they attach the free end and once the blood supply is good they’ll detach the tummy end.

No. 1514237

be careful nonna there are some resident bl defenders here, who are aboustetly insistent on the fact that fujos can't become porn-sick and its feminist and empowering to consume yaoi daily till your mind develops brain rot

No. 1514248

Yeah I guess I was mostly talking about the NB and girls who don’t actually take any medical steps. The girls who have are being completely failed imo. It’s hard not to feel bad for them because it’s easy to relate to the teen body image issues so many of them face.

No. 1514250

I feel like they know nothing about actual gay culture or how gay men act like every other horny scrote when it comes to sex, just a gay variant. They’re still misogynistic as hell and would laugh these TiFs out of the room.

No. 1514319

I say this to any fujo reading, unless you're a perverted woman there's nothing to romanticize about gay male relationships. If your goals in relationships are anything other than cooming… only two men together could be worse and more depraved than the single one you have in a straight relationship. Nothing they have is more special or more pure. Their relationships are based on coom.

No. 1514371

Sad because many fakebois who feel this way are mostly straight girls who are uncomfortable with the fact that men do not love them as equals.

No. 1514374

File: 1651176895384.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1863, C38B8CE5-F9AB-42F4-B072-A18FB2…)

It’s ok we could already tell you were molested as a child

No. 1514454

Maybe your discomfort stems from these sexual comments and how they objectify you, not from you being “born in the wrong body”…

No. 1514517

yeah in my opinion this romanticisation of gay relationships is not going to stop until misogyny stops and men finally view women as humans. so instead of these girls and women doing their best as women to demand more from men and have standards, they decide they don’t want to be women anymore. how annoying

No. 1514535

The weird packer shape is sending me.

No. 1514900

>gay man find another "man" on tinder
>the "man" turns out to be a tif
>they get into a relationship
>tif becomes pregnant, experiences no gender dysphoria, has baby
>"people are so close-minded and ignorant and don't understand us"

GEE I wonder fucking why. A man who calls himself gay has hetero sex with biological woman and she gets pregnant and they keep calling themselves gay. Not only other people are -rightfully- confused but so are you.

No. 1514908

That hover hand in the thumbnail kek

No. 1514946


I can easily make the leap to someone like this wanting a BL relationship. BL is designed to appeal to women after all.

What my brain just cannot fathom, however, is how she can conflate BL relationships with the lives of actual gay males.

No. 1514969

What are the possible developmental problems of babies born to TIFs that are on T?

No. 1514977

baby grows up to be a chad

No. 1514985

It'll probably be autistic like the parents

No. 1515135


Sage for sperging but it was wild watching the transition from fandom in the 90s/early 2000s to now. In the old days everybody was pretty much aware that Yaoi/BL/slashfic was written by women for women and there was a lot of discussion on why that was so - everything from "one boy is hot so two is hotter" to theories about how removing females from the story allows women to approach the romance and sex without bringing our trauma and baggage from living in a sexist society to it. Everybody knew the characters were essentially women in a lot of ways and the focus on feelings and relationships was shameless. It felt like a real academic discussion and in certain ways feminist in that it was women reclaiming romantic and sexual content on our own terms without giving a shit what men found hot or sexy.

I don't get how we've backtracked so far, it went from "this is unrealistic and we know and love it because of that" to "this should be more real to the Gay Male Preferences" to "Yaoi is 100% accurate to men and I identify with the character and so that makes me male". Just a complete decline in critical thinking and reading skills. I blame No Child Left Behind.

No. 1515146

I hope it does! I hope it grows up and walks out and lives the best life.

No. 1515182

Not enough such babies have been born for us to form any correlation between T use and any developmental issues. Give it 10 years and at the current rate of society we'll probably have data on it.

No. 1515190

File: 1651245908952.jpg (396.96 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20220429_182200_com…)

> week 1
> friend asking what gender she is every day
> girl deciding she is in the middle that day so non-binary. Thank you for asking.
> week 7 and repeat question
> girl too emotionally stressed to think about her gender

No. 1515193

I can understand the concept of gender fluid (still think it’s stupid bc you can literally just dress and act however you want), but the thing that really gets me miffed is the expectation to make everyone around you cater to it. They get mad when people will use the pronouns but don’t actually see them as whatever they are identifying as, and then there is also stuff like this where you’re expected to remember whatever pronoun at 3:43 on a Wednesday. It’s so fucking egocentric and idk how people can expect that of others and be fully serious about it.

No. 1515250

"if you're short and jewish you're basically a woman"

No. 1515398

they get mad if you DO call them the right things too.
i've seen retards with she/they in their bio that screech that people only call them she

No. 1515470

gender fluids are highly insecure and/or narcs trying to control people around them for stability and a sense of power and control

"gender fluid" is still the most disgusting term they could have chosen to call themselves, might as well have gone with "cum pussy juice" because that's what it sounds like to all normal non-woke people

No. 1515501


Am I just retarded, or wasn't there some point in the early 00's where "yaoi/BL relationship" referred to certain lesbian fujo couples who got off on LARPing/cosplaying as gay boys from various anime fandoms?

No. 1515629

File: 1651274654758.png (616.52 KB, 1450x1450, 81a.png)

is there a fakeboi version of this? i feel like there has to be

No. 1515671

Why are they obsessed with the Riddler in the new Batman movie? I swear everywhere I look on Twitter theres a TIF with a fixation on the actor or the character

No. 1516066

File: 1651316893708.jpeg (867.39 KB, 1179x1200, 8FC31737-43AF-4C52-AF55-19BA5C…)

There's this lesbian one but no fakeboi one afaik. I think it would be fun to make one though!

Some brainstorming:

Lawful non-binary:
>50 part Twitter thread about the validity of all genders, including helicoptergender and gamergender
>has internally redefined gender to mean personality, has forgotten that biological sex exists and argues accordingly
>studying to become a mental health counselor despite being certifiably insane
>mild anxiety that she uses as an excuse to avoid responsibility
>DISGUSTED by detransitioners WEAPONIZING their experiences to serve as TERF RHETORIC

Neutral nonbinary
>agender because she doesn't "feel" like a woman
>any/all pronouns, perfectly fine with she/her
>never wears skirts, heels, or dresses, but is otherwise completely gender conforming
>massive faghag
>"bisexual" because she once had a crush on a man that later came out as trans
>doesn't usually talk about gender unless asked and is virtually indistinguishable from a straight woman
>reposts hot social justice topics on her Instagram story on occasion, not much other social media presence
>starting to wonder why so many transwomen she interacts with are creepy

Chaotic non-binary:
>it/its, grub/grubs/grubself
>not like other enbies
>tryhards a genderfuck aesthetic
>has plans for a phalloplasty that preserves her vagina
>consumes massive amounts of hentai and erotic fanfiction
>camgirl and sex worker, roleplays as a shota
>has mastectomy and is on T but shaves body hair and wears makeup
>has a rat tail
>makes some of the worst art you've ever seen, is extremely proud of how ugly it is

Lawful fakeboi:
>discovered she was trans after buying a binder for a My Hero Academia cosplay
>LOUD and PROUD of being trans and gay as heck!
>only has "social" dysphoria
>has cracked every single one of her friends' eggs
>writes about her feelings at length on /r/ftm
>frequently worries that she's not really trans, but hopes her upcoming mastectomy will make her come into her own as a man!

Neutral fakeboi:
>hoodies, short hair, no makeup
>sits in room alone playing games like stardew valley and animal crossing
>has never had a real conversation with a male that she wasn't related to
>asexual, actually has 0 sex drive
>spends a lot of time consuming media for a younger demographic but doesn't engage much with fandom
>horribly lonely
>the only fakeboi/enby that doesn't suspect she has autism
>the only fakeboi that probably does have autism

Chaotic fakeboi:
>14 years old
>tiktok power user
>fakes tourettes, DID, and 10 other mental illnesses. has a dreamSMP and a dangan ronpa alter
>horribly ashamed of being mildly overweight
>tried and failed to develop anorexia, then tried and failed to develop bulimia
>plays on Roblox lgbt servers and gets groomed by MtFs on discord
>cuts herself in the bathroom when she gets misgendered by her confused grandparents

Lawful trutrans:
>over 30
>dysphoric ever since the sonographer said, "it's a girl!"
>has a wife and several large dogs
>parents prefer her as a straight man over a lesbian
>productive member of society, earns a meager but sufficient living doing metalworking, glassblowing, or some similar craft
>hasn't been misgendered in 20 years
>completely detached from the online trans community, has never heard of a contrapoints

Neutral trutrans:
>millennial hipster aesthetic
>cringe trans-themed tattoos
>passes but comes across as gay, even though only attracted to females
>has a YouTube channel describing her experiences with growing up trans, knows that half her viewers are 13 years old and thinks it's a good thing
>drinks 6 cups of coffee a day, preventing her from having a linear train of thought
>still feels "imposter syndrome" about being trans 10 years later but copes by saying it "saved her life"
>autoandrophillic, takes way too many selfies while biting her lip

Chaotic trutrans:
>Morbidly obese
>hairy and balding, full scraggly neckbeard
>botched top surgery and boobs regrew partially
>jumps from GF to GF, half of which are low-effort trans and all of which are slobs
>probably has a feeder fetish
>currently disabled due to phalloplasty complications
>one of the 5 actual females that post on /lgbt/

I'm not super attached to these so I'm happy to take suggestions. I'll probably make the chart and draw the people in 12 hours or so, so get your suggestions in before too long.

I wrote way too much stuff for each one, so snappy ways of conveying the same personality traits would be much appreciated.

No. 1516128

The youtube algorithm blessed me with a very comfy and funny youtuber. I was considering dropping her youtub"e in the female creators thread but in one of her videos she was talking about why having a crush on her would suck. She was recalling her childhood crushes and pulled a picture of a random school bus, pointed to a random guy and said "pretend that he's an Asian guy then to a random girl and said "pretend she's an an Asian … person, this wasn't the first time she referred to herself as "Asian person" but in that specific instance it was so weird. I looked at her socials she has "all pronouns" in bio.
LC and kiwifarms really do give you a ton of cursed knowledge.
Nonnie people are getting their legal papers changed, no one will pretend that "it was just an embarrassing phase <3

No. 1516132

Kek these are great. My suggestion is maybe more of them being obsessed with being gay men (either through fandom/yaoi or irl) since that seems to be very common and transitioning for the coom.

No. 1516259

File: 1651340431864.png (47 KB, 500x229, tumblr_f05360bbea9ecc5f8434328…)

it's so funny when fakebois make ~uwu male positivity~ posts and throw fits about "MUH SAND TREE!!!" because they think that the (based) man haters would ever think of them as such kek

No. 1516279

A friend of mine made this. They're a TIF now.

No. 1516338

it's cute when they think most men give a fuck about them or see them as anything other than a (usually ugly) woman

No. 1516368

These kinds of post are never for actual men. I only ever see fakebois reblogging them.

No. 1516411

File: 1651349700299.png (175.95 KB, 1184x386, entitledtheythems.png)

"Give me more money because I made the personal decision to wear an uncomfortable sports bra to work" how are they so shamelessly entitled.

No. 1516422

Is she even a lesbian? IMO the chart reeks of inexperience and unfamiliarity with actual lesbians

No. 1516437

I'm not a lesbian but these sounds stereotypical and made-up/romanticised to me.

No. 1516458

that shit was drawn by a fakeboi.

No. 1516466

File: 1651355691580.png (113.23 KB, 1072x735, islamtif.png)


No. 1516470

File: 1651355894307.gif (3.3 MB, 480x480, 1599947265635.gif)

I 100% suspect these were not at all made by an actual gay person(male or female) these are incredibly reductive caricatures you'll find on twtter and fan-fiction on where else
>A friend of mine made this. They're a TIF now.
okay now it makes sense

No. 1516483

feels like a joke, i don't relate to a single one of these.

No. 1516497

This is just "lesbian stereotypes from Tumblr" and that means it includes straight girls.

No. 1516518

imo the gay one isn't bad. It's not super specific to gay tropes (but many gay men don't read as very gay anyways), and the people it describes seem like real people.

I've definitely known a gay lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, and neutral masc, and I've met straight/bi men that fit all the other categories. There's definite bias in the chart, but I think that's because it's made by a college-age gaymer moid.

On the other hand, I think I know one actual lesbian that kind of matches chaotic neutral. Lawfully femme, chaotic femme, lawfully butch, and chaotic butch don't seem like real people at all. They're closest to how you judge somebody after a quick scroll through their instagram, not what a person is actually like.

It seems to me that the person making the gay chart was actually thinking of examples of dudes from their life, while the person who made the lesbian chart is consumed by tumblr culture and thought of characters to describe, not real people, except for her true neutral self-insert that wants a "liberal revolution" (kek)

No. 1516544

>I've definitely known a gay lawful neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral, and neutral masc, and I've met straight/bi men that fit all the other categories.
What browsing #mlm on tumblr does to a mf

No. 1516572

I'm pretty sure that this originated from
/gaygen/ on /lgbt/, which is overwhelmingly populated by males.

No. 1516604

Allah hates you for being female not trans

drop that shit

No. 1516642

I hate when people say dumb shit like this.

No. 1516761

File: 1651398396120.png (567.38 KB, 2720x2720, tif chart.png)

This is my magnum opus.

No. 1516764

is the neutral enby supposed to be sarah z?

No. 1516766

Absolutely based nonna

No. 1516767

Yeah, it is! She doesn't fit the description 100% (e.g. she's a she/they and not an any/all), but I couldn't think of a visual representation of a 0-effort femme enby that wasn't super boring. So, I spiced it up by referencing breadtube's most uninteresting cow.

No. 1516768

>lawful enby
>lawful fakeboi
>chaotic fakeboi
>neutral trutrans
I have actually met morons exactly like these. Multiple irl examples for each 'type', too.

No. 1516769

File: 1651400899556.jpg (42.82 KB, 860x1200, 1649088491920.jpg)

astounding drawfag nonna

No. 1516770

File: 1651401018961.gif (4.98 MB, 320x240, 1441751476958.gif)

>mfw one of my best friends who is a normal woman looks and acts exactly like the "neutral fakeboi"

No. 1516772

File: 1651401109384.png (546.03 KB, 640x640, Sarah Z.png)

kek is lawful enby Sarah Z

No. 1516776

>lawful trutrans
Does it exists??

No. 1516778

Anonita you are amazing, this is really spot on! I've seen all these people irl. I think the only one I'm missing is one that dresses 200% female at all times yet insists they're a manly he/him

No. 1516786

File: 1651403759106.png (Spoiler Image,2.01 MB, 1440x2014, Screenshot_20220427-201333.png)

Classic he/him behavior

No. 1516790

>posts in this thread
kek, this is so true. they're so easily clockable.

No. 1516800

bravo nonna, its frighteningly accurate

No. 1516824

This is amazing, I love lc drawfags

No. 1516840

The chicks from the Gender Dysphoria Alliance come to mind.

Lmao inclusive but not exhaustive. You missed the "gay trans men" who get dick on Grindr and have a fascination for nazis/militaria Yukio Mishima and right-wing faggots.

No. 1516943

File: 1651421097448.jpg (177.07 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg)

aidens be like makes a character in cyberpunk 2077 that looks like this

No. 1516945


No. 1516986

she's so weird. always out of breath and making ceaseless crazy gestures with her hand and head tilts. i wonder whether she has tics.

No. 1517042

you know what? i love the lawful trutrans. i would respect his pronouns. he seems like a lovely old daddy type.

No. 1517062

fucking kek i'm dead at some of these drawings. i feel like every anon itt has encountered lawful enby, chaotic enby, and lawful and chaotic fakeboi at this point. neutral trutrans reminds me of jammidodger on youtube, was she based on her?

No. 1517324

Amazing nona. I knew tifs like the lawful and neutral trutrans irl, thats spot on.

No. 1517349

Idk, she made me sad. She seems like an ostracized isolated older lesbian type.
Fr I've met at least three lawful fakebois kek. Op this is accurate as fuck, how many years did you spend in the trenches?

No. 1517375

KEK fucking amazing
I think the original poster mentioned how lawful trutrans' parents are more comfortable with an straight son that a lesbian daughter.

No. 1517383

File: 1651451298460.png (950.27 KB, 937x1070, spicystraights.png)

Saw this on my twitter feed right now. I will always be so disgusted and livid of special spicy straights that take actual opportunities from lesbians and gays. They're a fucking straight couple and she's trans they them for just shaving her head.

No. 1517386

they look like t4t tifs kek.

No. 1517406

The Sarah Z claw was unmistakable

No. 1517466

>ostracized isolated older lesbian type.
yeah but they have a wife and dogs and a crafting job as a career, and are also woefully ignorant to all trannyshit online. that sounds like a great life

No. 1517478

Literally looks like a downie

No. 1517506

Buck Angel, Chaz Bono, and others like that

No. 1517513

File: 1651462494711.jpg (1.08 MB, 1795x1735, dave strider cosplays and cros…)

Yeah, neutral trutrans' appearance was largely based on Jamie, but the description is based on a bunch of different millennial transmen and youtubers.

>how many years did you spend in the trenches?
Around 10, now.

Around 2011, I got very into Homestuck and made a Tumblr account because of it. I ended up befriending a bunch of other Tumblr kids at school, many of which ended up coming out as trans.

I had a weird sense of loyalty to my mutuals and people I knew IRL, so I followed a bunch of people that regularly reblogged really stupid shit and ended up very deep in retarded fandom/lgbt discourse.

I was always somewhat skeptical of trans people, since most the FtMs I knew were laughably feminine fujos, and the one MtF I knew was just an autistic nerd. The most trutrans-seeming friend I had ended up detransing around 2017, basically confirming that all my other trans friends were confused larpers, and I became intensely interested in trans stuff and started browsing /r/egg_irl and the trans generals on /lgbt/.

Slight tangent, but the Homestuck fandom doesn't get enough credit for hugely accelerating transshit in female youth culture. People always allude to "Tumblr" as being the breeding ground for it, which isn't wrong, but SJW blogs were their own isolated communities, and Superwholock and other fandoms didn't give a fuck about anything lgbt besides gay ships until well after the first wave of FtM Homestuck cosplayers started leaking into other fandoms.

>image tax:

Many girls were attracted to the character Dave Strider (and his brother with the pointy glasses). I saw so, so, so many girls buy binders to cosplay as Dave, only to troon out shortly after.

No. 1517596

Same. I have no issue with these people. There's a reason why no one actively posts about Buck Angel on here. They tend to agree with normal people more than with twitter trans discourse, don't pretend to be yaoi boys, and usually are pretty removed from the community anyway.

I knew one in real life who actually ditched a friend after she came out as a lawful fakeboi/neutral enby because the lawful trutrans wanted nothing to do with those people.

No. 1517612

I don't either, it's the reasons they exist in the first place that make me sad.
Jesus. Sometimes I see people post about "too far gone" handmaidens, but if you can go for 10 years dealing with that shit and still change your mind, there's hope for anyone. I'm with you there about always being skeptical but knowing some harmless trans people that made it all seem kosher. Thanks for the background anon, you're cool.

No. 1517614

naw i agree with that anon about the gay man one though. also you can tell its made by a moid because of the weird racial undertone.
lmfao that the "lesbian" one is made by a fakeboi. bet shes a gayden now too kek. the only ones that feel vaguely realistic to me are lawful neutral and neutral butch.
this is amazing nonnie. you are the best.

No. 1517617

OT but buck angel is milky af.

No. 1517621

lol I got indoctrinated by trans stuff on tumblr too! I was never into homestuck at all but most of the anime-ish fandoms had the same cosplay-to-male trajectory. I was definitely a handmaiden through reblogs but I never had close trans mutuals so I could still get away with being mildly "transphobic", I was publicly against otherkin and definitely questioned the validity of hyper-feminine fakebois. The fakebois I followed for years would always cry about their abusive transphobic families kicking them out (so please donate money!!!!) yet they never actually got kicked out, and would post about some new expensive thing they bought 2 weeks later

No. 1517628

holy shit man we are the same. it all comes back to fucking homestuck.
it was dirk for me.

No. 1517650

File: 1651483817088.jpg (384.9 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20220502-102500_Chr…)

Some are outraged because the NYT won't use 'ey/em/eir' pronouns for fakeboi author Maia Kobabe. Hilarity ensues

No. 1517652

Why are there so many like this? She's purposely wearing a bra that creates massive amounts of cleavage. I keep getting spammed on TikTok with "transboys" that are wearing obvious push up bras, waist trainers, etc and complaining about how their super and totally natural curvy body is giving them dysphoria. It's this some weird scheme from insecure women to beg for people to point out their femininess by pretending like they don't want to be feminine or something? I also have been seeing the detransition fetishists too of fakebois literally begging to be called feminine and "having feminine things on their body pointed out"

At this point in convinced this is all just insecure women

No. 1517656

Fantastic nonnie. Can we be blessed with one more for the mtf's? agp, hsts and enbies would be the categories i suppose

No. 1517663

How is she milky? I've heard about a few health issues, if you know more can you share nona?

No. 1517665

nta but Buck was married to some dominatrix who dumped her for one of the wachowski brothers and helped him make his sissy fetish public. also Buck was the one who first outed him as a tranny iirc

No. 1517677


The number of laughably female he/theys who actually named themselves Dave in that fandom was insane.

No. 1517682

nonnie, you're like a TIF scholar

No. 1517714

nta but i just found this video that i haven't watched yet.
off the top of my head, she publicly threatened a tif youtuber when said youtuber was underage or like 18. she once threatened to go on a crazy spree on twitter where she would report for transphobia everyone using female pronouns when tweeting about her. also, at the time her pinned tweet was like "idc about pronouns, you can call me he/him or she/her." bitch literally makes money off porn by exploiting tifs (based) too.

No. 1517727

thank god ive only known lawful and neutral fakebois. i hope lawful enby fucks off for good from twitter now that musk owns it, they're so annoying trying to control what every artist draws.

No. 1517742

Isn’t this the woman who wrote and illustrated a book for middle schoolers that showed a blowjob scene and talked about ‘vagina slime’?

No. 1517745

she is legit disgusting, on a podcast she talked how she went to a gay sauna/club as woman, and the men there started gangbanging her despite her not having a penis and she felt so validated. it was sickening how she justified the rape

No. 1517746

A slightly twisted female is an unhinged tradwife. She's one of the ones like karen davis, exulansic, leah tverly etx who don't go out and make wildly unfounded claims. They make GC women look like we spend all day inside looking for things to bitch about to 12 loyal followers and going mad in the process

No. 1517748

Yup. That's her. Ironically her wikipedia page also avoids using her stupid, fake Twitter-clout pronouns as well.

No. 1517766

the fact that people like this want the entire world to bend around their language and play pretend with them is so silly. we don't do this for any other group of people.

what the FUCK

No. 1517771

That’s one thing I’m never going to get. The egotism is so wild. You can’t expect the world to cater to your every little whim concerning identity. These ones that use “neopronouns” or change them seven times a week are the ones that annoy me the most, because you’re demanding so much mental labor for people to have to remember all that shit, and most people aren’t thinking about it all the time like they are. It is such a first world problem.

No. 1517815

No. 1517899

File: 1651516323734.jpg (219.53 KB, 608x698, 85c5fZX.jpg)

No. 1517907

File: 1651516671513.jpg (32.25 KB, 398x594, gettyimages-1392358316-594x594…)

Elsie Fisher is a fakebois now, and she's definitely full of T because her skin looks like shit. She looks fucking awful on Barry

No. 1517914

People are telling her to accept and love the body that God gave her and that there's no such thing as "having the wrong body" all while telling her to go see a psychiatrist and therapist to treat her mental illness. It's beautiful to see such brutal honesty from a subreddit and there aren't a lot of deleted comments.
She apparently is on hormones and got top surgery.

No. 1517942

why do they always dress like 10 year old boys

No. 1517959

This is fantastic anon! Is the lawful fakeboi based on Milo Stewart?

No. 1517986

The chaotic trutrans has an upgrade with a tentapenis thanks to the gore shared ITT

No. 1517988

Because they know men are gross and not as attractive when they're older. They're intindimating, balding and aggressive. So the objects of their obsession are young boys. Because men aren't heckin' wholesome beans. Also it's more achievable.

No. 1517991

This is beautiful, I hope someone hangs this near the Mona Lisa.

No. 1517993

ive seen someone else posted here who had this uh situation and i sperged into finding out what the fuck it was. apparently they do the surgery in stages since they make the tentacle out of stomach skin. they need to drop it with other surgeries until its above her pussy then they put effort into making it look less deformed when its in place. but like damn, imagine walking around with that thing hanging out of your abdomen for months

No. 1517994

File: 1651528050826.png (474.84 KB, 600x777, Screenshot 2022-05-02 144222.p…)

love this thanks for sharing.

idk if this a cannon or not (I've seen other pride MtG cards on my feed today)…. but I thought it was funny and sad the woman wearing a binder is being groomed by the mtf in MtG card form.

No. 1518008

One guy straight up tells her to visit r/detrans.
Disheartening that the only subreddits allowed to be candid about transgender degeneracy are the equally degenerate ones, like r/islam (and r/askgaybros).

No. 1518012

Kek they're mad because the comics speak truth. they hate being confronted with it.

No. 1518026

I’m just going to HC that she’s a cool battle lady who binds her breasts down just for fighting.

No. 1518028

why do they always have that hairstyle, what is up with the popularity of this hair

No. 1518029

File: 1651531455168.jpg (409 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220503_014126_com…)

Generated caption says it all. She's an enby/demi-girl but said the old man at the nail salon calling her a girl made her feel nice.

No. 1518052

>nothing about being a coomer and wanting to become the yaoi

It's a cool comic but really?

No. 1518066

It's "edgy" and easy to maintain.

No. 1518077

Used to be the fuck girl lesbian hairstyle like 5+ years ago. Now queer women and tifs wear it because most of them actually aren't lesbians and just copy old fads.

No. 1518081

totally nothing to do with societal gender pressure, almost no rights to their own bodies and hyper sexualization from a very young age.

No. 1518088

Nta who posted it but I do wonder if that was left out bc a lot of people might not understand (parents and whatnot). It’s easier to just appeal to the most pitiful aspects of this movement and I can’t really fault them for that when making a comic that’s trying to shine light on things that affect young girls. Maybe too it could be somewhat included in the escapism thing. It a parent saw their daughter getting obsessed with manga or something to the point of it becoming a problem.

No. 1518089

I fucking know someone irl exactly as Chaotic Enby. that's spot on
>went to cons to cosplay as boy characters like Rin from Togainu no chi
>ended up not shaving and shaving head.
>i thought that was fine, wasnt too concerned
>drew bad art
>went to drag shows
>became a drag king
>chopped tits off
>started T.
>Now a he/them
fucking hell

No. 1518090

I hate spicy straights more than words can describe.

No. 1518115

MTG has been completely subsumed by trannies, it's twitter community is honestly so milky I can barely keep up.

No. 1518131

>she went to a gay sauna/club as woman, and the men there started gangbanging her despite her not having a penis

Do you have a source on that?
That sounds like typical fagmoid behavior but if they were really gay how could they be interested in a woman without a penis?
Genuinely curious. I know Buck was sexually assulted at some point before she trans so now I'm wondering if that played a part too.

No. 1518143

Buck has said that he was a model (pictures to show for it on his Instagram) and prostitute in the 80s/90s. By selling his body, it's inevitable that he came across some pretty disgusting people and was put into some pretty disgusting situations, thus the sexual assault. I haven't heard the gay orgy story, but I could be mistaken. He has mentioned dancing in a gay club during his transition as a stripper and feeling violated by the men there. I'm not sure if he was gang raped, but he was definitely felt up and humiliated. This could be the story you're thinking of. Not sure. He tells a lot of stories from his past on his Instagram, so it's best to fact check there if you're really curious. I've followed him for many years at this point.

No. 1518147

It's always straight people who have to make sure the world knows how "gay" they are for being straight.

No. 1518156

Also idk if it matters but Buck Angel is also bisexual. I was pretty surprised when I found out since I thought she was a butch icon or whatever before she transitioned.

Hi Buck.

No. 1518158

Not Buck, but somebody who was an active member of the "true trans" movement.

No. 1518204

File: 1651544701150.png (1.45 MB, 859x865, Screenshot (148).png)

Found the most schizophrenic instagram account where all of the posts are just words covering a random image. Featuring different ramblings. I blotted out the name of the account because I don't know if I should share it, but the account seems to post everyday and now that I think about it, I can't help but chuckle at the fact that she is totally misusing Instagram. Why not get a blog? Damn.

No. 1518210

>seeing an attractive male genshit character instantly makes a woman feel that she must be trans
Ohhh my God, that's depressing.

No. 1518238

File: 1651547770944.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96 KB, 827x900, 03D15CFA-4DC1-4960-AEA3-093CC4…)

what the actual fuck is this (nsfl warning)

No. 1518245

reporting this for committing terrorism on my eyes what the fuck

No. 1518290

File: 1651555286154.jpg (670.12 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1651555137998.jpg)

Women are currently extremely concerned online regarding Roe v Wade but are forgetting to be exclusive to all uterus owners.

No. 1518292

>if you can’t be trans inclusive get out of the movement
Wow. I have no words, who do they think has been fighting the abortion fight since the beginning? If all the women who disagreed with them stopped fighting, we really would be in Gilead.

No. 1518312

So curious question, are there more troon women than there are troon men? And by that, I include "enby" as well though in my honest observation, I rarely see men "identifying" as "enby" but I'm sure it exists kek. Still, just curious what others have observed.

No. 1518315

The Canada census posted in this thread shows more ftms than mtfs in total. Ftms dominate in the under 30 demographics but unsurprisingly the older you go the more mtfs begin to outnumber them.

Enbies are almost entirely women. They're largely the 'I'm not like other girls' or 'I'm straight but that's boring' groups. Men have less reason to be enbies but some gay men say they are to get extra points.

No. 1518382

File: 1651570192451.jpg (52.36 KB, 1080x266, 20220503_122902.jpg)

He/it yet a woman?? These genderspecials don't make any sense

No. 1518388

they can't get pregnant from slash fanfiction

No. 1518423

i'm pretty sure it was the bodily harm episode of the Risk! podcast, i need to relisten, it's been a long time

No. 1518424

> if they were really gay how could they be interested in a woman without a penis?
The cumbrain isn't that sophisticated.
I doubt saunafags base their actions on the uwu Obama-era conception of who/what homos are interested in.

No. 1518432

There are far more mislabeled bisexuals among self-identified "gay" men than you would think.

No. 1518468

what's your take on effeminate "gays" dating tifs? e.g. troonette trystan reese and her boyfriend. i've actually encountered a few of them. do tifs get the scraps discarded by gay men?

No. 1518475

I feel like it’s usually either effeminate gay men or men who swear up and down that they’re “so str8” but have a massive porn addiction, drink soy in their milkshakes, and have chain wallets. Based off what I’ve seen it’s either gay guys who know their gay, or tapout wearing guys who swear they aren’t but they’ll fuck a literal man kek

No. 1518482

yeah, and i have yet to see an intelligent conversation about this with a neogender person? i'd genuinely like to hear what their argument is in the face of other examples. for instance, we have small language changes such as capitalizing "Black" when referring to black people, calling "native americans" "indigenous people" instead, etc. small things that are relatively easy to incorporate into our vocab since it's not literally just one single person's pronouns they made up for themselves. what is the justification for forcing people to all respect Just You? like, fuck, i'm even willing to say the nonbinary thing is easier (even though i despise the entire concept of it and know it's all based in self-hatred) but the neopronoun thing is too far.

No. 1518486

in my city (and i’m guessing other major cities/college towns) it’s becoming increasingly popular for straight men to become they/thems while changing nothing about their presentation except maybe wearing nail polish. it’s especially popular in “alternative”/DIY scenes and it’s the new “male feminist”

No. 1518492


> There are far more mislabeled bisexuals among self-identified "gay" men than you would think.

No. 1518516

yeah but they're the fucking carbon copy of pre-troon blaire white. can you be that faggy and into pussy at the same time? they look like traumatized men who are tired of being used as a cum dumpster by other men. much like the women who date tifs after jumping from abusive bf to abusive bf.

No. 1518521

>can you be that faggy and into pussy at the same time?
You'd be surprised. Actually attitudes like this are also a reason why they call themselves gay instead of bisexual.

No. 1518522

Sage for OT but male homosexuality is unnatural and disgusting, no matter how much people pretend its natural 90% of the time its based on trauma and or misogyny

No. 1518531

File: 1651588553134.png (2.07 MB, 1231x1528, paau.PNG)

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising is a font of delusional Aidens

No. 1518543

That's just not factually true nonnie, homosexuality exist in all of nature

No. 1518547

Your religion is smelling, go take a shower

Why do aidens not like abortions? Seems like it would be in their interest to keep it given that half of them are dating male troons and enbys

No. 1518561

Literally every gay guy I knew (I don’t associate with LGBT anymore) had some kind of past with SA/CSA so this is accurate

No. 1518562

Probably want to be preggo for the mpreg yaoi fetish.

No. 1518569

half-joking but this might actually explain why there are so many more gays than lesbians. i can't remember the ratio rn but the difference is crazy.

No. 1518571

None of the gay people I've met has had any past SA so actually this can't be accurate

No. 1518601

saged for blogposting but the amount of grown women I have seen today complaining about “folx”, “uterus havers”, and “birthing people” being oppressed has my head about to explode. our reproductive rights are being federally threatened in the us and people - women - are still concerned with church of gender cultist bullshit

No. 1518618

>Anti-abortion aiden
Ok now I’ve seen it all

No. 1518633

>can you be that faggy and into pussy at the same time?
Obviously. People aren't stereotypes, and a lot of straight men exaggerate their masculinity because they don't wanna be seen as faggy

No. 1518643

File: 1651599388305.jpg (51.31 KB, 500x524, tumblr_p6gxr2QFNS1r1raoio1_500…)

neutral trutrans can only be this specimen

No. 1518649

If you made one for the MtF thread aswell you might be crowned queen of lolcow

No. 1518652


No. 1518661

I'm unbelievably confused. is this a liberal anti-choice TiF? there's a liberal anti-choice movement now? that's trans inclusive? why? how did this happen?

No. 1518683

Ok now compare that with straight men and women who are sexually abused and remain straight

Stfu weirdo

No. 1518706

File: 1651607412037.jpg (190.47 KB, 563x767, 532534654646.jpg)

someone made a kikomi version of the tim card

No. 1518714

spill the beans what was the movement like and what made you come back to your senses

No. 1518733

I think she should share the role with kikomi anon.

No. 1518806

Holy fuck we don’t deserve ur genius nonny. Sage for blogposting but I’m an ancientfag and the only GNC woman I knew prior 2015 was literally Lawful Trutrans, she changed her name to a boy name but was totally chill with female pronouns (in fact nobody talked abt pronouns at all then), was overweight and exclusively wore plaid shirts and logging boots, and was in a secret lesbian relationship with this super skinny hot chick in our friend group who I think she actually turned gay lol. Last I heard she hitchhiked to Alaska to work at a fish cannery. This was like 2002 and none of us even used the word trans it was literally just “she’s a boy now” lol, then suddenly in 2015 all the she/theys came out. I think abt her sometimes and hope she’s happy.

No. 1518808

It's like she's never heard of being butch before. I hope she does before she does anything drastic.

No. 1518811


No. 1518815

Alesha was, assuming they retcon'd this for Pride Month and according to the wikis they really did, a canon Male human creature that carried on his Grandmother's name as is own in her honor. Apparently he can't have his grandmother's name without being a troon. It's fucking annoying. At least we got lesbian cards that don't pander to these fucks. There's already basically a troon Planeswalker I really hope they stop here and don't introduce more.

No. 1518817

This is beautiful. I hope someone uses this in a game as a proxy one day.

No. 1518894

This makes me think of how in recent years the trantards are loudly I AM TRANS rather than just saying “yeah im male/female”. They now call attention to being trans rather than just conforming to a gender and doing their best to live life that way. It’s all TRANS TRANS TRANS TRANS and def makes it feel more fetishy or attn seeky

No. 1518900

File: 1651621169380.jpeg (Spoiler Image,170 KB, 1100x2048, 932EE520-6DD4-4706-98A0-3E137C…)

you see it’s obviously not a girl because she has a a buzzcut you see

No. 1518904

I think the recent phenomenon of being LOUD AND PROUD TWANS (as opposed to quietly trying to blend in as the opposite sex) is related to why so many of them are also loudly and aggressively GAY GAY GAY HOMO KWEER FAGS etc. It's because this newer crop of ""gay"" fakebois are basically straight girls (mostly gender-conforming ones too) who have never faced any sort of discrimination for their sexuality or presentation (beyond the usual crap all women get for expressing themselves).

Back in the day most trans people were GNC lesbians/gays who just wanted to blend in as straights, for the most part. Modern fakebois are already het and thus have no instinct for being subtle/stealth about any of this.

No. 1518911

The difference between the amount of TiFs and TiMs are staggering in western high schools recently. I knew around 20 TiFs but not one MtF. There were a good handful of Bisexual/Gay TiMs with He/They on their Instagrams who didn't interact with girls much.
GSA was run by a Lesbian teacher but the members were either Bisexual girls dating boys or largely Asexual FtNBs who obsessed over Webcomics. To everyone, it was a girly-girl's club. The Gay/Lesbian scene was active, just off-campus entirely and on private social medias instead, and this is where all the Males were and a small handful of Females.

No. 1518915

no bra too because (no bra = I'm not a woman) of course

No. 1518919

File: 1651622540496.jpeg (220.66 KB, 1170x480, F8911F2C-41A3-4DB7-AE23-C19A9C…)

Don’t worry sister we do include you

No. 1518977

Nah, looking through her instagram she's trying to become a big body builder and she frequently posts about wanting to suck the blood of men to get their boy juices and overdose on testosterone with steroids or something.

No. 1518986

Is this how they think gay men dress

No. 1518992

is that zuzofait, or whatever her username is on twitter?

No. 1518995

>trying to have intelligent conversations with otherkin

No. 1518997

No. 1519006

File: 1651629558987.jpeg (268.09 KB, 1600x1067, 6BC5211C-42A6-451F-9E88-8A66E0…)

First look at S3 of Umbrella Academy

No. 1519015

What’s with the autistic 2nd grade boy haircut? Does her stylist hate her?

No. 1519041

Looking like a tiny girl. This bloke beside her doesn't help either kek

No. 1519057

freud considered male homosexuality an expression of extreme neuroticism that occurs when the male first sees that a female lacks a penis (is castrated) and is revolted and disturbed. for him its like they are incorrectly oedipalised because they dont get over this revulsion and instead start projecting sexuality onto other men in order to retain the idea of non-castrated women. literally i do think this is true in many cases (not all, imo biogay exists), explains why some gay men are so misogynistic.
freud's fetishism essay is actually an extremely funny and poignant look at moid sexuality, if you can excuse the bit at the end where he explicitly describes the "female penis" (clitoris) as "inferior" (COPE). some stuff in there that is extremely applicable to trannies/AGPs/GAMPs kek

No. 1519061

She sounds awesome. Hope her dysphoria has eased over the years.
God this is going to tank.

No. 1519108


Taking Number 5's place as the little boy, I see.

No. 1519118

I feel so embarrassed for her. She has to realize how ridiculous she looks. On some level she has to fucking know she looks so stupid. Just be a lesbian it’s okay.

No. 1519119

Freud told sexual abuse survivors that their molestation never happened and it was actually just them wanting to have sex with their family members. Fuck off retard

No. 1519124

>unironically taking freud seriously

No. 1519129

Is this finished art? WTF is that background and face on that FTM? This is extremely poor for MTG, WTF

No. 1519144

these threads have been infested with retarded tradpickmes lately

No. 1519149

No. 1519161

File: 1651648306670.jpg (121.18 KB, 1381x813, 1651612538619.jpg)

>this isn't just a women's rights issues it's a human rights issues
mask off i guess lol wow

No. 1519202

I almost laughed out loud at how tragically funny this is. She looks so undeniably female. She just almost could pass for a young boy, but her face is too adult so she just looks like a woman.
She's so mentally ill that she thinks this is going to make her LESS dysphoric. As we've seen time and time again transitioning makes people become more focused on their dysphoric traits and since they refuse to accept reality they just sink further into their illness until being a miserable trans person is their entire life and personality. Because she rushed into it by getting extreme surgeries right away she will either have a painful detransition or kill herself. If it's the latter people will blame it on transphobia, and not on trans indoctrination which it really was. I really think she's doomed.

No. 1519219

You're stupid as fuck

No. 1519261

lol, all men are misogynist… wake up nonnie

No. 1519281

File: 1651668349777.jpg (237.62 KB, 1000x1312, image0.jpg)

lol there's another one that's supposed to be gay male rep but spot the tranny.
>tit scars but tits grew back from fat anyway

No. 1519306

Why the ugly haircut? This is disturbing because the haircut is something you'd see on a 7 year old nerdy boy. Just uncanny to look at. Why couldn't she just keep on being a lesbian?

No. 1519322

she looks like a short, skinny, flat-chested butch lesbian even with all the surgeries. she's embarrassing herself.

No. 1519368

They just love drawing fatties. It's not woke if there's "straight sized folx"

No. 1519390

Last night in LA some ftm stormed the stage to attack Chapelle. 'he/she/they' turned 'has/been/had' and got stomped by Chappelle's crew pretty hard.

Apparently they had a knife/fake gun (not a Frankenstick joke).

Sorry no caps.

No. 1519394

Lol, how does she look even more like a twelve-year-old boy than she did in Hard Candy?

No. 1519396

File: 1651678943459.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x1333, isaiah-lee-dave-chappelle-95.j…)

ftm where? Looks like a massive moid to me

No. 1519402

File: 1651679550577.png (Spoiler Image,9.34 MB, 2641x4096, 20220505_014446.png)

Another satisfied patient of troon healthcare. Sufferring from some sort of NSFL severe skin infection (?!) from obsessively and irrationally wrapping her chest in bandages and misc lotions post mastectomy to "reduce scars". Predictably immediately abandoned by TIM husband (either due to a small clitoris or her non-consensually transitioning into a fungus). Manages to sneak in some blame to her hecking TERF mom for literal emotional abuse by trying to expose her rotten body to air and they/theming. And is posting on Reddit while likely fucking dying

No. 1519403

Jesus what the fuck is that. Also her mother IS abusive, let's not pretend that telling your kid they should've died is normal, especially when this girl was suicidal before transitioning and her transition could be related to family trauma

No. 1519409

This is a hell. Imagine being abused by your narc mum your whole life, being so mentally ill that you think you can fix it by being a man, and then turning into a clicker from The Last of Us

No. 1519414

Fuck idk maybe the mom didn't say it directly to her kid but to someone else and she overheard… cuz I could see saying something like that out of a sense of mercy.
This woman is obviously suffering, and her BDD delusions are causing her to physically harm herself. Her mom might be ignorant to the fact that this has been a lifelong illness, and think "if only she had died in that car crash instead of going on to live like this."
It's obvious that transition is not helping her either.

No. 1519423

I have 2 kids of my own, even if god forbid she ever trooned out, I would never in a million years tell her she should have died, especially after her brother's passing, her mom does sound abusive

No. 1519426

Who the fuck says someone should've died out of a sense of mercy, especially when all the person did was troon out. What a weird reach to excuse emotional abuse

No. 1519431

I will never understand why they needed to genderspecial the word "folk/folks" when it's already a neutral word and has no "gendering" letters

No. 1519434

Nothing is ever woke enough.

No. 1519472

sadly there are mothers that tell their children they wish they were never born/would die and they mean it not in a way of mercy for the fucked up life their children had to go through, it's rather a wish so they don't have to see their children ever again and can be the mother who lost their children and suffers and mourns so much. I know that from my own experience, so her mother seems abusive if all she wrote did really happen. Her transition somehow appears to be a form of self harm to survive the abuse she got from her mother, a good therapist and getting away from her home could have helped her before trooning out.

No. 1519474

Can someone tell her to get her disgusting fat whoppers out the frame? Why do all fat FtMs have the ugliest effin boobs I've ever seen?

No. 1519487

Really? It's literally like, half of my Tiktok fyp.

No. 1519502

i don’t often comment on these threads, but THIS really had me “punching the air”, so to speak. i hate it when muslims DONT do their fucking research and instead go for “what feels right” despite it being haram. “queer muslims” too. for some reason these fuckers don’t grasp the idea that in islam, shit like this is so frowned down upon that the very existence of them is a form of blasphemy. do they not educate themselves? ask their fathers or mothers for advice? sorry for the slightly unrelated sperg, im just so done with these trannies that still try to claim they’re muslim when they are, quite literally, doing shit that warrants them the “kaffer” title.

No. 1519518

what's degenerate about r/askgaybros?

No. 1519526



No. 1519532

cuz they're fags

No. 1519584

sage cause blog i started lifting because of Guts from Berzerk and I’m not transing my gender. I actually miss the mid 2000s where we were getting rid of boxes and labels and women could be masc without mutilating their chests.

No. 1519608

You sound cool nona I like you.

No. 1519610

This is something I particularly dislike about these people and one I think has been mentioned on here before, but their lack of sufficient identity beyond labels is strange. They give themselves the titles of X, such as being a muslim without actually acting like it, the same way they'll call themselves men without acting like one. I don't get what compels people to do this other than to have a community you can rely back on but I think this has something to do with just humans wanting to be good to each other? I don't believe a lot of them care about being religious or being men in any case but it must be comforting for them to know that somebody will be there to 'protect' your identity. Like we've seen with the 'gay trans' white girls they're probably just worried that if they didn't do this people will turn on them.

No. 1519621

Continuing but what I mean by good is just people wanting to help whoever they think is disadvantaged and also maintaining the 'peace' that comes from it. Since I'm asian and used to be on twitter I've come across the joking '14 year old white girl speaking for minority' thing and I felt upset at first but I guess it's just them trying to be good but not realising that there's nothing wrong with them standing out or not being part of the PoC clique, it's just sad that young girls are forced into changing themselves for what they think would not only be safer but what would get them to be a part of a more accepted group. Anons if you have young daughters (especially white) please let them know that there's nothing wrong with them being the plain white 'coloniser', it's such a pity seeing these self mutilations.

No. 1519679

i believe it’s a mix of trying to appeal to what is “morally good”. most of the time, these girls tend to flip flop when it comes to those core beliefs, and i think it’s because it’s the lack of that. this is my personal theory, but i think since americans always preach about individualism, they ignore developing the morals of these kids in favor of spreading the american dream and all of that shit and completely ignoring that having a set of principles (i.e, personal moral code, religion, etc) helps someone become “whole”, if that makes sense. and also, the lack of community in white americans lives due to the fact that they always preach that being “independent” can’t coexist with being bound by family that leads to this shit—you rarely see people with good family lives that decide to transition. you rarely see rabid poc transitioners because of this too. sorry for the philosophical sperging, i just feel as though people ignore the importance of a strong family in developing non-mentally i’ll kids

No. 1519690

same poster, but to quickly add to my point anon, this is the reason why it’s predominantly only white christians that tend to be the only whites that are actually healthy, it’s because at a young age, since they’re exposed to vague but firm rules that lead them to make reasonable decisions and also not fall for these societal pitfalls. these archaic religions are more important than people realize, IF they actually care to learn about it rather than turning the messages within the religions into something wildly misogynistic and gross.

No. 1519867

>IF they actually care to learn about it rather than turning the messages within the religions into something wildly misogynistic and gross.
Anon religion is inherently misogynistic. The base of it is that a moid created the world and women are inferior versions of men. There's no defending it

No. 1519876

Who tf cares? Muslims practicing "reeeel Islam" is not gonna make the world better, on the contrary it will make things worse so I'd rather have more queerio enby gendie retards running around than burqa wearing Fatimas. Hell, the South Asian equivilent of a MtF (Hijra/Khwaja Sera) already exists even in Muslim-Majority countries like Pakistan so who tf cares about it being "Ishlamically" legitimate.

No. 1519936

Ah, yes, the only healthy way to live is to base your decisions on what an imaginary creature says in a book written by men.

No. 1519988

not quite what i meant, i was trying to convey my point that their lack of inherent built morals/or morals that were built through proper education of the religion their families favor often sparks this degeneracy—or lack of identity in general, for that matter.

No. 1519989

christian retards, or religious retards for that matter preach this type of message when that is not true. throughout time, the game of telephone had formed a message of “although women and men aren’t equal in some aspects, (physical strength that men possess more than women, or womens capability of maturing faster than men) they are still equal and should treat each other as such. somehow men, in all their shitty glory, misconstrued the message and made it “women weak and therefore just vessels for sex and children” smh

No. 1520003

File: 1651716495576.png (271.53 KB, 1681x404, hmmm2.PNG)

i kind of argued about this on leftypol but i'm curious and asking lc too – how do ftms justify having kids? i get that you can "divorce the concept of birth from womanhood" but that seems weird to me, you're still using your body for the pinnacle of female acts – how is that not making you dysphoric?

also how exactly is me saying "giving birth is a very female thing to do" enforcing gender roles?

No. 1520012

File: 1651716945549.png (Spoiler Image,459.58 KB, 588x561, 678g.png)

What sort of replies did you get on leftypol? I think they just have their own "logic" and don't need it to make sense. They already think penis in vagina sex is gay male sex so is male pregnancy really that much of a leap? A lot of them have pregnancy kinks too, see picrel (this one isn't graphic kek but trust me)

No. 1520023

they can all (more or less) be summed up as me saying "giving birth is natural for female bodies/what they were made for (i meant that things like the uterus aren't for show/aesthetic appeal, not that female bodies Have to give birth)" is enforcing gender roles on female bodies. and that if i just removed the concept of "giving birth" from the "woman gender" then it would make sense

No. 1520027

also, from a social standpoint: giving birth is largely seen as a "womanly" thing. genuinely cannot fathom why a trans guy suffering from dysphoria would want to give birth, ever.

No. 1520031

Plenty of straight women get baby fever

No. 1520089

spoiler this shit

No. 1520090

File: 1651722067676.jpeg (51.91 KB, 828x463, 7F3A626E-8F79-417D-84CB-565F8D…)

i have only seen women sharing this

No. 1520097

>howl casper
I have nothing to add

No. 1520115

File: 1651724223451.jpg (136.69 KB, 1125x873, 1.jpg)

spicy straights will never not be funny

No. 1520116

File: 1651724255309.jpg (327.64 KB, 1536x2048, 2.jpg)

here's a pic of the totes queer couple

No. 1520119

Hell world I tell you

No. 1520124

>No, don't call the oppressed class having their rights pushed back women, please call them breeders.
I hate twitter 'progressive' wokies. They're as sexist as the retard conservatives who believe women belong in the kitchen.

No. 1520127

>when all the person did was troon out
i guess i'm missing some context? why do we believe everything this incredibly delusional person says?

No. 1520143

OT but I was actually was on my way to post on the lesbian thread about some tiktok actor that is now tagging lesbian and queer in her posts while talking about the time she almost married her Austrian lover to get him a green card. Shes talking about lesbian issues and comphet. When will these straight women stop skinwalking gay people and speaking for them.

No. 1520144

Something about this feels so deranged. Calling the surgeon mommy and creaky t voices. How long will the delusions last? Like will they wake up one day and realize 'i fucked myself over forever'?

No. 1520174

god, this is honestly more disgusting than the SRS photos

No. 1520195

Not quite. If a enby retard cares enough about Islam to go to fucking reddit of all places to seek validation, then she most likely has grown up in a religious environment and is grappling with other issues. I'm not going to develop an oppressed narrative for rando Muslim gendie on reddit, but given what we know about Islam and how it views gender, alongside the cultures of Muslim-majority countries and how they treat women it is not difficult to make the leap that this chick saw an "escape" (no matter how misguided and retarded) from being seen as the "inferior sex" and went for it while still struggling with religiosity. It's the opposite of what you're claiming–too much religion-induced misogyny is what can leads to this "degeneracy and lack of identity."

No. 1520248

Mothers who are okay with their daughters cutting off their tits and taking T and even encourage them are disgusting. Just say that you never wanted a daughter because you're an absolute pickme and shut up.
Imagine being a woman, giving birth to a daughter and being ok with her viewing your sex as the "inferior" one and feeling the need to "become a man" to feel like a person instead of a breeder.

No. 1520325

blogposting but unironically my mom being unsupportive of me trooning out was what partly helped me to snap out of it lol thank you mom for telling me i will become a manlet and other transphobique things you said to me (and pissed me off back then)

No. 1520360

Jeezus. I went to r/TranssexualSurgeries a few times last year and this person was posting DAILY photo updates about these weird coffee scrubs and other aggressive skin treatments they were doing for their surgery scars. If they're still at it, no wonder their skin is freaking the fuck out. This is some kind of OCD at work.

No. 1520456

it’s usually the culture, never the religion itself (in most cases). not to blogpost, but im speaking from experience when i say that it’s always, ALWAYS been the culture. almost all the misogynistic shit ALWAYS came from the culture than the religion itself. it’s a problem, especially with peoples interpretations of islam, when they mix up the shitty west asian culture with the religion when the religion itself preaches equality, orrrr, im biased. i could go into more detail about the nuances, but like… this is a ftm thread. sorry nonnies for derailing the thread!!

No. 1520472

The pfp looks like Jill in 6 months.

No. 1520501

File: 1651759826984.jpg (11.62 KB, 500x162, viy8.jpg)

Amazing. I knew when this news came out they'd all be picrel about it. Congrats to the Peter Griffin looking fuck for taking it to a whole new level

No. 1520543

your mother telling you that you should have died is only a sign that such a woman should never have had children in the first place and maybe the child trooning out is a direct consequence of the abusive behaviour of the mother. There are different types of mothers and some of them are cruel and horrible. Still I agree, wanting to another gender isn't speaking for a good mental health.

No. 1520562

Yeah mothers should instill in their daughters from the get go that they are just as capable as anyone else in the world and can do anything they want while still being a woman. I don’t like putting moms down so much (although there are some really fucking awful ones out there), but it really is a failure on the mother and society in general if you haven’t made it clear that your daughter is no less of a person than a son would be. I think girls need to be knocked up a peg wrt their self confidence and boys need to be taken down one instead of thinking they own everything they touch. Of course, boy moms will argue because their darling son can do no wrong and all, and by the time they become men they’re nightmares of men who can’t wipe their own asses.

No. 1520632

>I don’t like putting moms down so much
Women shouldn't be afraid to call out women that do fucked up shit. I stopped being a radfem because they all act like mothers are angels and if they do something wrong it's men's fault. Plenty of mothers choose to treat their daughters like shit while babying their sons, men can't be blamed forever

No. 1520639

No, you are right, I know. The people who cause harm to their kids should be held accountable regardless of if they’re a mother or father. I think I just get annoyed at how much harsher mothers are treated than fathers in general. It’s like if a dad ties his kid’s shoelaces once he’s a hero but I always hear people shit on single moms for instance when the dad walked out bc he was already a PoS. Not saying women can’t and don’t fuck up their children, I mainly just get annoyed at how moms are treated as a whole. Relating it back to the trans stuff it does seem like mothers are more responsible for transing their kids out than fathers, though I’ve seen it from both. I don’t know if it’s just some sort of virtue signaling or wanting to be one of the “cool moms” or living vicariously through their kids or what.

No. 1520702

Why do I suspect it's because of howl's moving castle, where the character howl is an animu pretty boy

No. 1520716

that so much, in my country mother's day is coming up the next few days and everyone is acting like a mother can't do anything wrong and you are the bad and ungrateful child if you decided to save yourself and cut contact with your mother. That's one of the reason I mostly don't talk about my parents, I just have nothing good to say and I don't want to hear bullshit like "but she birthed you" or "it's your mother, you just have to forgive her".

I'm sure that I would have trooned out if I would have been born 20 years later. My mother always made me understand how "worthless" women are and that it's way better to be a man. I never had female friends for years because my mother made me hate women so much. And I agree with you, single mothers shouldn't get so much bullshit and fathers should be called out for faulty behaviour as much as mothers.

No. 1520775

On the subject of abusive moms, I've personally suspected for a while that lots of fakebois have narcissistic and other types of abusive moms. Not all obviously, but I think some do and that's where a lot of their issues with women and femininity come from.

No. 1520853

Definitely. I also wanted to troon out at some point (and I'm still uncomfortable with some feminine aspects) because my mother, a boy mom, treated me as less than my brother and was even annoyed when my father gave me attention. The other thing that makes a lot of girls troon out is daddy issues.

No. 1520949

I have a narcisstic mom and like I said before, would I've been born 20 years later, I might have trooned out. The only reason I'm standing today is that i despise my mother more than myself and I actually don't believe that being a man is any better. Sure, fathers are also a problem, but I think for women trooing out it's more about the mother, she should be a strong, healthy female example and a trustworthy person and if she only cares for male features and there is no other person getting you into the right direction, well, you might consider being a man will solve all your issues. For me, cutting of your tits is just another form of self harm and we have seen many self harm scars on these girls, so why not do something that harms you and is at the moment socially acceptable, after all the scars that are left are bigger and the aftercare takes way longer, another reason for it, because self harm is a lot about the aftercare, maybe because no one else ever cared about you.
I think these girls need a good therapist that won't see trooning out as the valid option for their problems.

No. 1520958

This made me start thinking about EDs too and I’m curious to know if any studies are emerging about the rate of EDs vs something like ROGD. I’m not really in the most common age range for either of these things anymore after recovering/growing out of it and I wonder if EDs have dropped lower or stagnated while girls going on T or having mastectomies or even just IDing as male or NB has become more common. The both seem so similar especially when you look at family dynamics and the pressure women face to meet certain standards and expectations. Not trying to make this a blog post but like you and other anons mentioned, my own narc mom had an impact on me developing an ED when I was younger, and when I hear nonas say if they had been born later they would have gone on HRT I have to say I feel similarly. Somehow though, this trans thing seems to persist longer from what I’ve seen, with women in their 30s and older still IDing as FTM or NB. Do you think it’s just because of the positive feedback they get from it? Self-hatred? Family traumas? Maybe a combo of all of it. It will be interesting and sad to look back on all this in twenty years.

No. 1520995

(sry for that very long post, don't read if you don't care, kek)
that's an interesting take and I agree with you that EDs and all this has something in common. After all it's about your body and you feeling not right in it. I'm also not in that age range anymore (luckily), but it would be very interesting to find studies about something like that. One example would be Ellen Page, ED and then changing the gender and clearly still very unwell. I have a history of self harm and if someone would have given me a go for such behaviour under the disguise of treating my mental health issues, well, I would have taken it, imagine not getting any hate for the way you hurt yourself, rather getting praise and understanding for what you are doing, what you are going through and after all getting "help". I really think it has something to do with the mother/father never paying any attention, never belonging somewhere and finally you say your gender is wrong, everyone is so damn (superficially) nice and understanding. I really wonder how many of these people will take their lives because they can't undo what they have done while they where young and stupid.
Also, we should make a thread to share our narc mom stories, it's amazing how many have experienced mothers like that, still a mother is the holy cow and never to be blamed.

No. 1521041

I know for sure I've read somewhere that EDs and fakeboi-ism are comorbid. Can personally confirm from my own experiences as well. A quick google search for 'ftm thinspo' turns up a ton of hits.

Some women with EDs are trying to meet society's unrealistic beauty standards for women, but many other women are rejecting those standards and trying to undo 'unwanted' changes from puberty (like boobs and hips), which is totally a common motivation among fakebois as well. I've heard ana-chans talk about not wanting to be seen as an adult woman. Also there's a similar anxiety over how others perceive you, daydreaming about how life will be perfect once you've met your goals, and emphasis on how much you're ~suffering~ in the process.

No. 1521080

Is anyone else extremely annoyed by when Aidens try to appear tough and violent and “scary” in a male way in public? you look like bloated cookie dough you’re not intimidating especially compared to 6 foot moids

No. 1521092

Yeah I swear there are the two types of FTMs that exist: the kind who want to be smol softbois and the kind who subscribe to toxic masculinity and put down women/act violent every chance they get.

No. 1521109

File: 1651794775424.png (433.73 KB, 415x741, tiktok.png)

mom looks like a dyke and yet daughter decides to troon out cuz she doesn't want to be a lesbian

No. 1521115

just realized her name is literally aiden

No. 1521126

They both seemed so cute prior to trooning out

No. 1521132

Based nonnie. I love women who lift for themselves.

No. 1521137

I'm a lesbian mom and this is the shit i am drilling into my kid to go against. terrifying

No. 1521236

>>1521137 as long you let your child be GNC in peace, and don't let them go online unsupervised you're safe. Most troons come from places where GNC is simply impossible or were groomed at very young ages.

No. 1521243


some black moid DJ tried to pin the situation on a ftm on Instagram

No. 1521343

oh the religion whos prophet had a harem that included a 9 yr old girl preaches equality? come on man

No. 1521371

Let me guess, MOMA PS5?

No. 1521433

yawn, are you guys not tired of saying the same shit every time Islam is brought up here. might as well drop a aloha snackbar for peak humor. stupid cunt.

No. 1521443

I've seen ex-ftms with EDs discuss how everyone was always on their backs about their eating disorder telling them to stop, but as soon as they transitioned people stopped as if the ED was gone, so they were then free to continue their ED behaviours unbothered. Testosterone is also known to lower your fat percentage, suddenly they have a legal way to take a drug that allows them to lose even more weight, AND people stop bothering them about the ED. Win-win situation when you're a sick anorexic.

No. 1521475

Blogpost but never forger the aiden who made me have a mental breakdown on a school trip because they decided to act like a horendous chav even tho they look like a litteral toddler. Like the boys in our class were extremely chill, but they could not take them as exemple. Gotta be the alpha I guess

No. 1521487

This makes sense
>You know if you starve yourself you'll lose your curves
>But I'm Aiden!
>Alright that's fine
I also notice fakebois could show off their boobs, butts, hips, whatever and not be nitpicked as much, where as if a normal woman were to press her tits against the camera she would be nitpicked over things like too small, too big, too saggy etc. Fakebois who don't get surgery are low-key smart since they can show off without being nitpicked and continue having an ED

No. 1521495


You're forgetting the males who decide they're embies as a #metoo shield (one that does not involve actually transitioning). Much harder for liberal women to perceive and warn each other about an abuser if those women are busy trying not to be transphobic and can't even use normal pronouns.

No. 1521629

Not this timeline…. Who is it supposed to be?

No. 1521633

Islam was born from a misogynistic culture, as were all religions that currently exist. It wasn't created in the void and delivered to Earth.

No. 1521643

File: 1651854360667.jpeg (939.95 KB, 1170x1715, 30B3E9DC-1802-4EDE-9FB9-50A11F…)

No. 1521655

The fact that I could clock them all on their faces alone is both harrowing and hilarious…
And of course it's Them, THE TRA site.

No. 1521661

I checked the full instagram post
>Out of more than 300 young trans-identifying people aged 3-12, only 2.5% identified as cisgender at the end of the 5 year period, with 94% identifying as trans girls and boys and 3.5% identifying as nonbinary.

From age 3-12 I identified as a cat, a mermaid, a vampire, and as nonbinary. Come on now. Kids aren't even taught the proper words for their anatomy at that age. And from age 3?!? Kids are still babbling at that age. They don't even pick out their own clothes or use the bathroom by themselves. How could they communicate that they're trans? (It's because their parents told them they are.)

No. 1521693

not only is this study disingenuous as hell for polling 3-12 year olds about their gender "identification," i would take this a step further and say it's outright misleading BECAUSE it only polls children. any child that's being followed by a clinical study is doing so because their parents are going along and probably outright encouraging their children. if a children is being supported by their parents to transition, they're not going to detransition; their home environment is CENTERED on their trans identity and making them feel "comfortable" in their new gender. if you look at detransitioners' stories, almost all of them detransition when they log off tumblr, leave home and go into the "real world," and subsequently release their transness was artificially imposed by their environment. track these kids into college and real jobs and i'd LOVE to see how they identify when they figure out life isn't mommy buying them hormones and sending them to queer camp.

No. 1521714

Exactly. Poll these same kids in 10+ years when they’re over 18 and not being brainwashed by mom and dad anymore.

No. 1521794

File: 1651863690769.jpg (154.24 KB, 1024x1280, ezgif-2-d767ebcd92.jpg)

Sage for tinfoil, but does anyone else get major tif vibes off Noah Galvin (from the good doctor/dating Ben Platt)? Picrel is older but looks pretty female to me.

No. 1521886

No, and unless there's real proof of him (Or any other person) being a TiF, there's no point to tinfoil since it comes across as a vendetta or selfposting.

No. 1521929

Does someone have pics of stories of FTM getting rejected by gay guys ? I found one somewhere and the desilusion is delicious.

No. 1521955

reminder them praised a literal right wing cia agent

No. 1521984

that's just the thing I said about self harm. If you cut into your skin and leave scars with not obvious reason for the outside world, you need help, you are sick and everyone wants to have a look at your body to see if you got better. As soon as you say that you are the wrong gender and you need to change that, people get supportive and try to understand and if you cut of your breasts it's totally fine and not another act of self harm. What most people don't know about self harm is that it is sometimes about self care and if you have a huge wound from cutting your tits off, you have a lot to care for.

No. 1521987

at the age from 3 to 10 I didn't think about my gender, I just were there, I just were me, I didn't like pink, I didn't like skirts and I didn't care for female hobbies, should I have become a guy back then, no, definitely not. The first time I really cared about my gender was when I started having my period (at 11, way to early) and that was because I had cramps and bled for days.(no1curr)

No. 1521994

Do you mean Manning

No. 1521999

Yes I most certainly do. His boyfriend is not much better either. It's major tinfoil but I do believe there is some truth to those conspiracy theories

No. 1522038

When I read "Dead brother" I believed those were post-mortem pictures… jfc. THAT PERSON IS ALIVE! And to think we made fun of Jenke for a simple toe fungus, this is some next level shit. Closest thinkg to a zombie besides Krokodil in Russia.

No. 1522040

I was unable to read the text cuz the photos are so gross. RIP

No. 1522041

Timestamp 6:05ish so much cringe…(learn2embed)

No. 1522086

File: 1651892737817.jpeg (217.49 KB, 828x1156, 52B624EE-B1F4-4A1A-A3C3-F5832C…)

this girl has over a million followers, fucking bleak.

No. 1522094

File: 1651893496947.png (381.42 KB, 527x694, Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 11.1…)

No. 1522100

File: 1651894416809.jpg (50.87 KB, 720x1080, BBRCP-BLACK-1-2X_1248_720x.jpg)

Checked out the brand's website. The item is a "compression top" which they advertise as a "safer" alternative to binders. It's a glorified sports bra; picrel is a woman wearing it.

Honestly, I'm totally fine with Aidens wearing this, because it's unlikely to damage their breasts the way a normal binder would. (Although the better alternative would be to get rid of the systemic misogyny that funnels mentally ill women into a cult.)

Edited for clarity.

No. 1522101

Tomboy (the fucking label) makes me so sad. I know literal children who think they have to transition into becoming boys because they have quirky casual style and interests. How has this become such an accepted thing? Most lesbians I knew in school transitioned because of the same reasons, textbook social contagion.

No. 1522105

Thanks for doing the research my heart broke seeing that post. Still sad but not as dangerous as a binder so better I guess. Still fucking horrible. This might be the tipping point to really limit my shopping at target even though it's the only real store in my area.

No. 1522145

Honestly, there's no such thing as an ethical choice of grocer these days. Seems like all of those corporations are screwing someone over– employees, women, local businesses, etc. My local grocer got bought out by Kroger. The government seriously needs to come in and break up these oligopolies.

No. 1522164

Yeah I agree I wonder if we the people have the power to do that or anything nowadays. Like that one post saying we have less liberties then the serfs or whatever. The only way to do any real change is be going off the grid but who has the time and money to try and accomplish that. Sorry for going off topic but I remember watching Cooked on Netflix and the host said as cavemen we were working all day to make sure we had food to eat and today we are working all day to purchase food to eat lol. Just crazy how we're now fully reliant on businesses for our every need.

No. 1522168

Answer the question, lol!

No. 1522182

>leather jacket over hoodie
This is going to be a borderline unwatchable comedy.

No. 1522211

Now that you mention it isn't the double jacket hoodie thing an anime/manga fashion thing. I think I remember reading manga with that fashion style in there. I wonder if Ellen reads manga lol

No. 1522232

File: 1651910174943.png (911.14 KB, 800x530, 1623766531081.png)

was this made as some sort of ftm humiliation fetish, look at "him" so small and puny next to a real man, the man next to her could crush little elliot without any effort, what's even the point of pretending she can be a man next to a tall masculine man, even regular men(like picrel) make TIFs sees like children

No. 1522271

File: 1651921220565.png (4.74 MB, 904x3272, ee5.png)

I find it fucking hilarious that these are supposed to be wholesome transman positivity comics but they come across as a huge self drag or even borderline parody.

No. 1522274

File: 1651921470896.png (412.81 KB, 311x523, ee6.PNG)

L'autrice in question.

No. 1522276

Even in their comics they just act like girls.

No. 1522278

Wow rude. They have short hair and pants. Girls don't act like that. Girls act like long hair and dress. Duh

No. 1522297

This is the girliest shit I've ver seen. They talk like they're in a barbie movie or something.

Nona you can't hide your pasta blood.

No. 1522332

The thing that gets to me the most is how extremely self-obsessed they all are. They act like everyone around them is thinking about them just as much as they think about themselves, which is true for no one. People are too wrapped up in their own lives to give a shit what you are doing or thinking at any given second. I think that’s what annoys me about their pronoun stuff too, particularly the ones who change their pronouns all the time. They act like everyone has the mental capacity to just think about them them them all the time! When most people don’t care. I would suggest they try hobbies or working or volunteering and think about other people and things for a while.

No. 1522341

Why do they always pick names that are trendy for kids born right now instead of ones that were common back when they were born? If they gave a shit about passing, they'd choose names like Zach, Brandon, or Jason.

No. 1522370

>those dead eyes
Like fucking clockwork, fakebois are either pulling a Billie Eilish and want to appear dark and mysterious or they are this close to the 41%, they are not fooling anyone with their fake positivity.

No. 1522371

File: 1651937034557.jpg (686.64 KB, 1280x1267, tumblr_80bc3978d401a772995a4a4…)

as a socialist I can't stand these fucking LARPers, they fuckers need to be sent to a labor camp

No. 1522375

She draws herself basically like a black dude, isn’t that prowoblematique or something like that?

No. 1522376

File: 1651937712160.jpg (235.83 KB, 1284x1000, 3000045450.jpg)

based, comrade nona. We need a fakeboi version of this.

No. 1522423

The whole discussion about EDs and chopping the tits off being a way of self harm reminded me of this video I watched about a "non-binary" girl who does clown makeup(that's what she calls it kek) on her face. I'm posting her since she goes by he and talked about transitioning but not having the money to do so. While she was doing her make up, I saw LOTS of scars on her arm and I even found a gofund me where she literally says "Please consider donating to Elliana's medical transition to help him cut off his boobie and live a less stressful, sane life." All while she acts in the most stereotypically girly way possible giggling and shit when her bf complements her. I wonder how "cutting off her boobie" will make her less stressed and sane.

No. 1522433

Is this what the sexualisation of breasts has gotten us into? Girls willing to mutilate their bodies that bad to escape male harassment. What else could drive this large amount of women to do this?

No. 1522514

Why do pooners think they fool so many people?

No. 1522518


i remember her from tumblr actually, back when she was ebegging constatly

No. 1522519

Why is it so often that troons of any genital configuration are working at dollar tree, Postmates, the electronics department at Walmart etc? You'd think the manly man pooners would jump right into the trades given the worker shortage

No. 1522537

>What else could drive this large amount of women to do this?
exactly this. Boobs are extremely nitpicked and sexualized, you'll get called too small, too big, too saggy, etc but you're often expected to meet extremely high standards for your breasts but getting implants is for fake bitches but cutting them all together and just claiming you're trans is an easy way to set yourself free as well as an easy way to get the money for surgery to do that

this was my thought when I was going through this anyway, boobs are a prison for never ending sexual harassment and never ending nitpicks from men and women

No. 1522543

I read a post about how damaging it is that women learn about breasts as just baby feeders and male pleasers. Same with your genitals. Women are taught they're for babies or men to fuck and nothing else. No wonder so many women grow to hate their bodies when they're taught that the bodies are not theirs to begin with so they try to make it their own by these horrendeous surgeries.

No. 1522545

File: 1651952281560.jpeg (89.66 KB, 828x947, m1csv3ah7q581.jpeg)

No. 1522548

File: 1651952416703.jpeg (71.43 KB, 828x672, gcp4z4ah7q581.jpeg)

No. 1522550

well this seems like an overreaction and some mad invasion of privacy from who I am assuming is the parent..

No. 1522551

File: 1651952561836.jpeg (68.88 KB, 828x621, 2cg744ah7q581.jpeg)

This is shared as some insane horror story. I won't say the mother isn't overbearing, but honestly keeping a kid off social media and friend that feed her this bullshit might just be the least painful method. It's not like she forced her to wear frilly skirts and play with barbies, but calling her by her birth name is literal violence.

No. 1522553

that is a man nonny

No. 1522554

Yeah that will certainly improve her mental health, no way this could backfire horribly lol

No. 1522558

it actually did, retard >>1522551

No. 1522561

>took every anime book from her room
based mom kek

No. 1522562

>I took every anime book from her room. I threw away all of her costumes.
This got me kek, I don't think this extreme mesure will change her for the better (probably worsen it) but still based.

No. 1522564

Just because her mother says her daughter isn't being on her troon shit in front of her anymore doesn't mean anything really. The blatant invasion of privacy and isolation is just some fuckass move, why are you defending this

No. 1522567

sorry you don't think a mother stepping in and protecting her child from predators and groomers isn't based. i read the whole article and the teenager got put into therapy, which would obviously help more than anything.

No. 1522569

No. 1522586

Nta but if this is true she will most likely relapse and since her privacy got invaded so much, she will be even more careful not to get caught.

No. 1522589

So true. Reminds me of how so many women aren’t in tune with their own sexual pleasure either. Every sexual experience I had with a man was always just about getting him off with no reciprocation so it took years until I learned what I actually like. It’s depressing how little we are helped to understand our bodies at all, for us.

No. 1522591

I really do not think the mom acted in a way that will not make her daughter absolutely despise her, and double down even harder as soon as she can.

No. 1522592

No anon, she was (as far as i undestrand, i may be wrong because ESL) sexually assaulted by an enby in that convention. That is exactly why i never buy the narrative of these threads that "aydens are poor autistic woman!!!!" If anything the more i read, the more it seems that most "permanent aidens" (those who don't desist in a few months/years) are some flavor of pedos. Either by making themselves look as young-prepubescent as possible or by grooming and abusing minors. That is not "normal behavior for a confused and tried young woman" most of these aidens are deeply messed up from the start and the aidenism is the top of the iceberg

No. 1522596

exactly that, my mother invaded my privacy most times in my life and I became an amazing liar and never had the chance to trust anyone. If the daughter wants to troon out, she will be so carefully to hide any evidence and will leave home as soon as possible, if the therapist was a good one, she might have a chance, but I guess the relationship with her mother will be broken for many many years (or forever).

No. 1522628

privacy is less important than safety. their relationship is damaged for now but the daughter is going to be 30 one day and look back and be glad her mom saved her from degeneracy. that or she'll just become a troon which was going to happen anyways. at least there's a chance she'll turn out normal

No. 1522634

I guess it will have something to do how exactly her mother acted, I know that my relationship with my mother is forever over and I'm in my 30s, looking back and not seeing that my safety was important for her, it was more the outward appearance she cared about and controlling every move I made. The information we got so far won't leave any clues to how her mother really acted, how her daughter felt and if the intervention was something that the daughter one day will happily understand, I hope for both of them that they will understand and grow out of it and become a happy, strong family.

No. 1522650

I'm probably on the more pessimistic side since "strict parents create good liars" is a thing. Teenagers are sneaky and if her daughter is adamant about being trans then she'll basically hide it and pretend that she is Totally Cured and Normal again. My friends that were outed to their homophobic parents more or less do the that.

I wouldn't be surprised if the girl doesn't trust her mum at all anymore.

No. 1522660

>daily signal
i hate troons too but can we please stop using /pol/tard sources?

No. 1522665

i know that many troons work at starbucks because they read too much bts coffee shop au and because sb is insane and pays for troon surgeries. but i also read a few posts on r/detrans or ovarit (can't remember which one) that many people in these deadend jobs where the pay really sucks turn to troonacy as a way of having control over at least one thing in life. i know that very often troonacy is a luxury first world problem that only privileged people turn to, but i also see a lot of people from disadvantaged families who troon out because they can control at least one aspect of their existence, while other aspects (like financial problems in the family) are completely out of their control. which could also explain why so many of them are so obsessed with policing other people's thoughts and perceptions. they feel powerless in their entire existence so they try to control the one thing that they assume they can control.

No. 1522679

I'm happy the mom tries to save her kid and I totally agree with restricting social media and getting therapy, but taking away the kid's hobbies and property, and not giving her peace to study is imo taking it way too far. Teenagers need boundaries but I'm not wondering why the poor girl wanted to troon out if her mom is like that. I hope the mom has learned her lesson and is not lying or wrong about her daughter being better.

No. 1522694

File: 1651968667432.jpeg (476.87 KB, 828x1416, A4123E10-CEE4-4893-993A-817534…)

Someone put this retard on my timeline. I think it's so funny that there are so many threads like this INSISTING on the cope that it's Totally Normal to be a straight girl with a gay porn addiction so severe that you eventually want to lop your tits off and grow a beard. The efforts they go to to normalize this as some kind of woke queer liberation and not a fucking mental illness is wild.

No. 1522695

File: 1651968705582.jpeg (482.25 KB, 828x1264, 7A7AB80B-E2FD-4177-9569-621E70…)

No. 1522703

File: 1651969227536.jpg (48.66 KB, 604x453, tumblr_826661610b0951269b647ae…)

I keep shit on insta like 'pwease use inclusive language when talking about abortion some men have uterus'
So fucking funny. Guess you can't identify out of needing abortion rights after all huh aiden?

No. 1522707

the mom was supportive of her hobbies and interests up until she realized they were detrimental. she even took her daughter to an anime convention and supported her cosplaying. my mom just called it jap crap and said it was ugly.

No. 1522748

Things would be much more interesting if people were able to discuss this kind of escapist social contagion without being labelled evil terfs. I don't care if women are yaoi coomers but it's really naive to act like there's not some kind of trend aspect to the fakeboi thing

No. 1522779

kek i thought MLM was multilevel marketing at first and i was trying to figure out how these gaydens went from selling cutco knives and skinny teas to being fakebois

No. 1522943

File: 1652014649157.webm (632.36 KB, 576x1024, @wtfrcgrrd.webm)

She popped up on my fyp.

No. 1522948

File: 1652014854771.jpeg (54.22 KB, 828x321, 232150A1-319A-46E0-A04F-D49773…)

(Forgot the pic)
She posted the same video on her IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdO_mNcDLWg/

No. 1522952

this one actually passes, at least there's self-awareness too

No. 1522968

Reece Gerard is such a retarded name.

No. 1522973

File: 1652018995066.jpg (407.92 KB, 1538x2048, FFv8gFTXsAAAM37.jpg)

does anyone know the circumstances of known hideous eatbeast fakeboi hugo/furbypuff@twitter's death? i saw she hadn't been posting since dec '21 and when i did a cursory twitter search i saw a few memorial posts but no context as to her death. she was talking about skin infections in her last few posts so i kind of wonder if that's what took her out lol

No. 1522987

That makes a lot of sense. It's exactly why some people develop other self harming behaviors like eating disorders. If this really is one of the causes of trooning, we're gonna see a lot more troons, cuz things are still getting worse and worse for most people economically.

No. 1522992

ah fuck no i always felt so bad for her

No. 1523004

File: 1652024257426.jpg (Spoiler Image,336.38 KB, 1800x1215, yikes.jpg)

i notice a lot of troonery in the dead by daylight fandom. i don't know much about the game because it seems insufferable based on the fandom but some of my friends rt shit like this and it feels extra fucked up. reminds me of the ftmpunished sub.

No. 1523020

Well she's in a better place now. Just from that photo alone I assume her life was full of suffering.

No. 1523022

I don’t know. Being into horror anything these days is suffering because for some reason FTMs latch onto so much of it.

No. 1523023

It's because there are lot more female players than with other popular multiplayer games. Firstly because there's no voice chat so women feel more comfortable. Secondly, there's no fps gameplay mechanics difficulty to overcome so it's more accessible to women.

More women in a non-traditional hobby equals more ftms too.

No. 1523025

girls love horror, dbd is just particularly weak and accessible horror that's also very popular so it's easy to socialize on twitter.

No. 1523101

File: 1652030972226.png (115.49 KB, 974x786, obituary.png)

replying to my own post but i found her obituary and it looks like she died back in january after a 'short illness.' (which im sure the skin infection she complained about in december didn't help). confirmed by checking the mom's facebook too, there's a couple memorial posts + photos of the funeral. her mom seems normal so im not gonna post her FB page but it's extremely easy to find if you look.

No. 1523206

Jesus, I remember laughing at her appearance just a few months back. I kinda feel like a dick for it now as surely her weight must've factored into this "short illness" - either causing it or exacerbating it. I know she was deranged and would probably celebrate my death because le evil terves, but 29… man, that's no age; and worst of all she seemed to have spent most - if not all - of those years as a terminally online NEET. RIP.

No. 1523237

File: 1652042804020.jpg (727.26 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20220508_234506.jpg)

Woman chooses celebrity men only and gives the rationale that she's a gay man.

No. 1523256

File: 1652043993697.png (540.66 KB, 720x1378, Screenshot_20220508-235454~2.p…)

Fakboi complaining that her assistance dog wasn't allowed inside a restaurant because she didn't show the dog's ID.

Moment disabled teenager with assistance dog refused entry to pub https://mol.im/a/10794555 via https://dailym.ai/android

No. 1523282

>retrained as assistance dog
That's not how it work

No. 1523313

Damn. I checked out her mom’s page out of curiosity and she seemed misguided with some of the trans stuff but she also really seemed to love and care for her child. Sad. Feel really bad for mothers who have to grieve their kids, especially when their child is not even 30 yet.

No. 1523318

Is the dog autistic?

No. 1523333

>private business has a right to refuse service to someone who's trying to bring in their filthy animal that doesn't even assist with anything
>gets put on blast for that

No. 1523352

File: 1652053347038.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.45 KB, 1036x1200, wtf.jpg)

more weird gross creepy porn that makes me think it's all self-harm

No. 1523375

File: 1652056559585.jpeg (39.62 KB, 369x591, 620CE9F2-3FAD-4E0C-941B-86493D…)

This is just sad. The state of it all.

No. 1523409

Insane narcmom probably doesn't help and probably also fueled the daughter trooning

No. 1523417

Can't say I can't see why someone wouldn't want to ID as a woman after experiencing something like that.

No. 1523423

reminds me, i recently got "called out" by a they/them (female) after responding to a suggestion to draw a male character with a pussy by stating the truth in that i'm not into cuntboys. i checked her account and her art featured:
>cboys being raped
>cboys having knives and guns shoved in their pussies
>magic being used on men to give them vaginas
>force-femming cboys
>a teacher/student ship in which the trans teacher grooms the student and "helps them transition"

No. 1523534

and the worst part is that if you ever confront them about this fucked up art, 9 times out of ten they'll bring up real porn or even human trafficking and claim that your a misogynist and or homophobic cause they aren't hurting real people, I swear I'm not the anti-fujo sperg but there are a lot of fucked up fetishes among majority of the BL scene these days, I swear to god they need some help

No. 1523583

ayrt i checked their account and she is a tif hence the fujo sex work and “affirming surgeries”, moids rarely get operations

No. 1523596

The only way to get away with not drawing pussy boy art without getting harassed is to claim you're also an ftm and drawing said characters makes you too dysphoric.

No. 1523637

File: 1652075384158.jpeg (202.1 KB, 827x780, F75CED4D-D3CD-4906-A6ED-5F849C…)

sage for autism but this is every woke community on Twitter it seems

No. 1523641

>Felt absolutely humiliated
>Goes to the press about it

No. 1523688

Bump for tranny hate and against porn

No. 1523757


No. 1523770

excuse the powerleveling but that story really shook me because its so similar to my own (down to enby sexual harrassment at the anime con and older aiden groomers). my mothers response was extremely similar. i have nothing but respect and admiration for how she handled it now, though i did hate her for some time, our relationship is way stronger now. its very important to note that shes extremely supportive of me being gay.
i agree about the strict parents create good liars- but on an unrelated to trannies note, i actually think being a truly good liar is an insanely socially advantageous skill, so that probably just makes parental strictness better in my eyes kek

No. 1523773

>straight womens involvement hasnt done any active damage to the queer community

even if you do buy straight fujos are really secretly transqueer eggs!!! this is totally ignoring how straight women are notorious for pushing their way into gay scenes in a faghaggy capacity and then trating lesbians like such utter shit that lesbians no longer feel welcome.
oh wait just realised that describes the whole fujotranny/handmaiden condition lol

No. 1523932

In a way, they're right. Straight women haven't done any active damage to the "queer community" because actual homosexual females have already been pushed out. There's not any lesbians around to hate anymore in those circles, only the bi women who are TOTES queer and SUPER butch because they own a single mens t-shirt and "boyfriend" jeans but remarkably have never had a single romantic or sexual thought about a fellow female ever. It's an ouroboros situation, they're just cannibalizing each other at this point and to watch it go down over BL of all things is fucking hilarious.

No. 1523948

This made me kek. I swear to god journalists cannot write anymore.

No. 1524062

File: 1652108324123.jpeg (509.01 KB, 1242x2091, 24DE996F-47F9-451F-8E6D-5099D3…)

Saw on other farms, they always project their thoughts onto us, saying we are the ones putting people in little boxes, but then they outright admit they are the ones stereotyping the sexes. The internalized misogyny is strong with this one.

No. 1524087

>immediately associates the word "woman" with "woman's place"
>usernames starts with "StayAtHome"
You can't make this shit up lmao.

No. 1524131

Something about her saying “little woman” gets under my skin a lot. Not to blog too much, but my cousin married an extremely misogynistic pig of a man when she was very young, and he’s always called her that as a “pet name” to the extent that one time I couldn’t take it anymore and called him out for it (which he obviously hated). The fact that this TiF has that as one of the first thing she thinks of with relation to the word “woman” just infuriates me to no end since it’s exactly what the most vile kind of male says to belittle woman. I don’t understand how she can’t see the connection and how demeaning it is. So insulting.

No. 1524154

Yeah it's really fucked up that those are her instant associations. I'm honestly surprised she hit send on that one, like did she not stop for a single second to think "wow, this makes me sound like a textbook case of internalised misogyny, which in turn proves those darned TERFs right". Absolutely incredible. I'd love to find her twitter profile, it must be a goldmine.

No. 1524285

this is why they work at starbucks.

>The coffee chain has offered gender reassignment surgery in their healthcare plans since 2012, but this new plan has vastly expanded what is being offered.

Under the new plan, Starbucks will pay for breast reduction or augmentation surgery, hair transplants, face feminisation surgery and more.

No. 1524299

What about for women who need breast reductions because of pain or those who have body dysmorphia? I hope some people take advantage of this by saying they are trans just to get the surgeries.

No. 1524309

wow good job. tomboy. I was a tomboy growing up and had i been born 10 years earlier, i would have probably given into this tomfoolery. Horrible for young girls.

This level of cope. Most lesbians and tomboys are called fag too because they are GNC, but that's too real for these aidens. (or olivers apparently)

No. 1524326

Another reason not to buy from starbucks. fuck their pro-tranny politics.

No. 1524348

that's one thing I will never understand and accept. I'm from Germany, our health insurance system is, according to other people, good, but to be honest, it is bullshit. They won't pay my glasses, which weren't even my decision that I need them, I didn't wake up one morning and was like "uwu, I need glasses, I just feel like a not well seeing person and identify as that". While they pay for therapy for transshit (it's hell to get a place for other stuff), so you can get your surgeries paid, because you are suffering so bad and if you decide, well, I don't want that anymore, they even pay another surgery. What if the state of my breasts make me hate myself so much that I'm oh so suicidal, well, they won't pay for that, except I would love to change my gender.

No. 1524520

If that’s possible then I might get a job at Starbucks lmao

No. 1524547

What the fuck am I reading

No. 1524614

File: 1652142855973.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1289, 23DD4413-EDCB-4E6E-8555-09CFC8…)

What copium level is this

No. 1524617

The wrinkled rumpled clothes are giving me anxiety, use an iron ffs

No. 1524637

Tinfoilers are 100% accurate that this is because troons can become big pharmas pay pigs and need big tech to project a false identity which is visibly false in the real world. It is allowed because they will generate more money if they are pandered to, while people with curable illness or like you who wear glasses don't generate revenue forever as a lifelong patient after messing up your hormones, sterilising yourself, taking unnecessary drugs which will cause lifelong problems which will require more drugs to be managed, and getting an unnecessary surgery which will need lifelong maintenance.

No. 1524644

Or a dryer or a shower or some wrinkle release spray, so many options and they use none. I get the fuck an iron thing, although I still own one & use it, there’s so many other things that aren’t as “expensive” or time consuming

No. 1524661

Wear what? Pants and a shirt? Revolutionary.

No. 1524666

kek at the rolled up pants.

No. 1524676

isn't this the most regular attire for plus size people? i kinda get the idea behind fat women wearing crop tops and shorts to feel empowered but no one insults plus sized women for wearing jeans(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1524707

The K-pop poster in the back with men who weigh the size of one boob

No. 1524711

File: 1652154713383.jpeg (397.18 KB, 750x1062, 8A719265-F5FE-4515-8B01-3AFFCA…)

looks like a man to me

No. 1524743

It’s the poses for me. Why do ugly people always do that like it makes them look quirky?

No. 1524746

File: 1652159603656.jpg (368.09 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20220509_192418_com…)

I'm curious how the public would react to PDA from these two. They're both in their 20s. She passes at a glance, but as a 12 year old boy.

No. 1524769

She passes as a 12 years old boy with severe Down’s syndrome.

No. 1524778

Transitioned into Peter Griffin

No. 1524811

To Catch a Predator vibes

No. 1524841

This man is definitely a pedophile, this is an uncomfortable pairing

No. 1524862

File: 1652177793637.jpg (276.12 KB, 1080x1174, IMG_20220510_154235.jpg)

What's going on with my lesbian sisters in this time and age… Denial is one hell of a hell.

No. 1524891

File: 1652183430938.jpg (619.3 KB, 972x3198, Screenshot_20220510-123318_Red…)

Been reading these threads for a while and thought to post this reddit thread here. Screenshot is related to ftm but the thread does feature mtfs.

I found it interesting how ftm who detrans are often victims of abuse or homophobia/being gnc. Meanwhile mtfs who detrans either realise it's a fetish or had it forced on by them a la conversion therapy like ftms. Very informative read nonas

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/swweab/extrans_people_who_have_detransitioned_or_in_the/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

(Posted in mtf thread too)

No. 1524901

you know why nonna, over consumption of BL porn and developing porn addiction

No. 1524909

especially combined with internalized lesbophobia, they've internalized so hard the idea that f/f relationships are inherently porn for male consumption and m/m relationships are uwu female gaze they can't even stand to be associated with lesbians and prefer to be seen as gay men instead. and no, i'm not against BL itself, i like it too sometimes, as long as it's consumed wisely and in moderation.

No. 1524913

Interesting that the thread is allowed to be up, hopefully it'll peak some normies. Really sad that the woman in pic had to troon out for her entire teenage years in order to find out she's a butch lesbian. I wonder if taking hormones from such a young age did real damage to her, since nobody's really physically that developed at 13, some of the changes might be even more irreversible than in the case of adult transitioning.

No. 1524918

After seeing lesbians get sidelined by men in programmer socks, it's kind of funny to see the same thing happening to gay men with extreme fujoshi/NLOGs. Like, both are obviously wrong, but it'd be extra fucked if it was only happening to lesbians

No. 1524926

File: 1652188975800.png (717.02 KB, 750x1334, C2FDD1D2-527D-4F68-91F7-1B96E5…)


No. 1524927

Based, now do the same with yuri and MtFs

No. 1524947

File: 1652191493229.jpeg (255.48 KB, 1270x824, EB6BBAE4-F6B1-477D-8E7C-BCA9B1…)

This is the most controversial comment as of now. Please. I’ll post pic from the link too.

No. 1524948

File: 1652191577521.jpeg (781.6 KB, 1152x1629, 9999B298-9702-4E8F-B4AE-AF0967…)

No. 1524950

File: 1652191654913.jpeg (93.13 KB, 1284x343, 217C2BDA-AA9C-4CE8-9A23-C69307…)

lmao these people are insane

No. 1524952

Isn't this study from troons who gave up on degendering themselves? Social autists shouldn't be able to do social studies because then we end up with retarded shit like this like asking what a born again Christians reasons for straying won't predictably be 90% 'I was led astray by da evil nonbeliever bullies'

No. 1524965

File: 1652193788823.jpeg (870.21 KB, 1284x1787, 0987FA14-BA6E-4355-8DAB-B6CC21…)

I didn’t know which thread to put this in, but here is a new word for everyone. I’ve never heard this one before.

No. 1524970

What is this, the fear of aidens? Yeah they can be pretty scary. Especially the obese ones.

No. 1524971

Lmao, tht aiden
i have something to show u


No. 1524977

I sure wouldn't click on that

No. 1524978

Yeah wasn’t planning on it.

No. 1525022

>dating a soy wojak/nonce hybrid

Wow I sure am jealous of these radical gay men

No. 1525029

I went into the articles some other tranny started posting (even though she posted articles about the same study 3 times in that, muh research), and the biggest sample study gets its data from a transgender&gender diverse survey. Why would anyone who detransitioned into vanilla "cis" even take a survey pushed through such channels.

No. 1525036

File: 1652200956823.jpg (670.58 KB, 1816x1080, transandrophobia.jpg)

"Transandrophobia" is TiF's way of trying to talk about about how TiM's are being misogynistic towards them. You'll see them sometimes talk under that tag about how TiM's were socialized as male and are obviously still using that against "afabs". It was created after TiM's constantly used "transmisogyny" and "transmisogyny-exempt" as a way to silence TiF's. I think people don't give TiF's enough credit and just assume they're completely delulu, when they do talk about female and male socialization. "Transmasc" is btw not exactly the same as "transman" or necessarily just used for someone who actually identifies as trans.

No. 1525042

It’s still so stupid and roundabout though, because what they experience is just outright misogyny. It doesn’t need a new label, because it’s still males being sexist to females just as it always has been. Not mad at you, anon, it’s just this shit drives me crazy because they convolute things for no reason. “Transmisogyny” is usually rooted in homophobia since so many normies see MtFs as gay but more. “Transandrophobia” is just…why? They obviously know it’s misogyny based on those posts, why make this more difficult on themselves that is has to be?

No. 1525043

TiMs must be extra jealous of TiFs especially because hrt does cause some TiFs to “pass” whereas TiMs are hopeless and very obviously male once they reach the age of twink death

No. 1525076

That's another thing I'm wondering. A lot of them don't go on hormones or get surgery, so what exactly does detransitioning mean to them anyway? I think that should be made clear on these surveys too, the exact level of intensity they went through before deciding "nah".
I feel bad for them because they're clearly recognizing misogynistic patterns but are unable to name it for what it is, plus mtf's fucking hate this shit and mald over it on tumblr all the time. I think the end of the trans movement will come from the inside with the way they cannibalize each other.

No. 1525107

I’ve heard the term “desisting” for those who socially ID as trans but don’t take any further steps. Maybe those people got mixed in?

No. 1525136

File: 1652208854828.png (125.98 KB, 720x1065, Screenshot_20220510-135006_Tum…)

No. 1525137

Dont click on this shit, its an ip tracker.

No. 1525146

They act so immature. It’s an object you’re never going to see but the few times you take it out to wash it each month. I think even if companies made more “gender neutral” menstrual cups, they’d probably just add additional colors rather than making products themed after video games.

No. 1525186

File: 1652212670612.jpeg (154.97 KB, 828x961, B2F54CCD-5C03-4A26-8C8A-DA48C0…)

can these people just fucking stop

No. 1525195

and why would you even want fandom themed period products? I don't want a picture of Spongebob on my box of tampons and Thor's hammer attached to the string of it or the face of a cat on a menstrual cup. Just give me functional, reasonable priced products that aren't dangerous and I'm okay.

No. 1525211

File: 1652215309278.jpeg (198.6 KB, 828x739, BB05441E-DC8E-4B21-9157-C7D942…)

the “b” in lgbt

No. 1525248

I don’t know. It reminds me of the prints they have on diapers to appeal to tiny children. Why this is something an adult would care about I’m not sure, but there are a million other items you can buy for fandom purposes, and even reusable pads if they’re that desperate for a period product that appeals to them. I’ve seen animal crossing prints and the like on etsy. Mario Kart probably exists too.

No. 1525249

It's missing out "never actually been attracted to a person of the same sex" and "homophobic, but like, in a progressive way" but yeah, pretty much.

No. 1525262

File: 1652220966185.png (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1284x1262, 7E131C8D-CB97-4FEF-ADA0-025F3C…)

Spoilered for text and mastectomy scars.


No. 1525264

I wanted to point out too that the article says she is 4’10” and 97 lbs. Is there a reason so many of them are so tiny? Do they just really want to be the opposite of what they are or something?

No. 1525265

>touch it all the time
It can't even get erect. What can you even feel there except botchered skin?

No. 1525276

I don’t know. Even if I was in the mindset where this seemed like a logical option, the knowing that it would never function or look like the real thing would be enough to freak me out and turn me away from it. It seems like it would just be annoying thing dangling there that would get in the way, and I would imagine few people would want to actually interact with it. I can’t imagine being with someone and having to wait for them to pump their penis up so we could do something, especially if it’s attached to a woman smaller than I am. What is the appeal?

No. 1525281

I’m beginning to understand genocide more and more

No. 1525361

I have this theory that there are two physical "types" women who are rather likely to troon out: A) those who are already big and muscular, who probably get tired of hearing that they look like dudes and figure they'd fit in better as one. And B) those who are TINY, like five foot and under, and feel like society would stop treating them like middle-schoolers if they were male. (Ellen Page is 5'1", for example, so I think she fits into the latter category.)

No. 1525417

File: 1652237671956.png (456.06 KB, 595x716, stupid.PNG)

some tranny is trying to say that all plastic surgery is 'gendering affirming surgery'.

No. 1525439


Getting a sharper jawline is nowhere near comparable to skinning your forearm and attaching it to your crotch

No. 1525445

correct me if im wrong and not to derail too much, but doesnt jawline surgery like this also technically help your dental health? like its classed as cosmetic but im pretty sure that in order to do something as drastic as picrel they have to reshape the teeth as well? absolutely not comparable to mutilating yourself and opening your body up to horrendous infections, permanent nerve damage etc

No. 1525471

File: 1652243098240.jpeg (349.16 KB, 1536x2048, 1EED8402-9550-4074-AC62-8D0D76…)


No. 1525472

Yes, the jawline surgery is actually important, not just a cosmetic procedure, without a proper jawline, teeth can break and breathing is more difficult, which can cause sleep apnea, which is dangerous as fuck.

No. 1525492

It can also correct breathing

No. 1525498

Well, life is pretty fucked right now. My little sister just "came out" to me as trans and expects me to help her pick a name because "we're both gay!" (I am openly bisexual, but she makes it a much bigger deal than it has to be). Her short list is Oliver, Vincent, Sebastian, and Keith (our brother is named Aiden, so thank god I don't have to deal with that).

Just when I was starting to come to terms with the hurt genderspecials have caused me (a TIM harrassing me on tumblr when I was 13 because I wanted more merch for a certain tv show character and an enby bi woman sexually harrassing me during a field trip when she knew we had to share a bed in the hotel room), of course this shit happens. I can't tell her how I really feel about this shit because she doesn't listen and cries at the drop of a hat.

I should have expected it though, she is addicted to anime (black butler, yuri on ice, voltron, ect), pretends to have tourette syndrome depite never ticking, and wears furry animal ears to school every day. The autism is strong here, how do I deal with it?

No. 1525508

Im so sorry anon, any chance you could pretend to be a normie and feign being interested to keep her open to listen to you, while also introducing her to potential concerns, such as SRS pictures, detransitioner stories, damages from puberty blockers, etc? Maybe bring up stats like “oh since you know about trans stuff, I saw studies about trans women retaining male pattern violence, have you heard about that? What do you think? I hadn’t heard of that before! I’m just so clueless!” Maybe there’s something that might plant a seed. I wish you the best.

No. 1525509

From the few succesfull intervention stories I've read, the common motive seems to be stepping away from the internet and getting involved in a real-life/outdoorsy hobby or job, and interacting with people outside of gender bubbles. Of course it might be extremely hard with a very online teen that wants to name herself after anime characters.

No. 1525510

Firstly, my condolences anon. Best way to deal with it is to understand why she wishes to identify as a man. Is she gay/bisexual? Is she an outcast of somekind? Is she considered traditionally unfeminine/unnatractive? Does she have friends/live in an area with a high rate of self ID and is suffering social contagion? Does she spend a lot of time online? My best guess would be getter her doing things together with you in the outside world where she does not need to focus on how others see her, such as enjoying nature, etc.
>Oliver, Vincent, Sebastian, and Keith
Kek. How typical.

No. 1525511

As in, which ignited her autism to focus on genderspecialing. My guess would be online anime communities which has a huge autism crossover, and since people with autism are more likely to adopt self ID… Get her offline if you can.

No. 1525514

File: 1652249610140.jpeg (248.25 KB, 828x1416, 68E98120-E39C-4693-9637-DEE0BF…)

imagine getting your tits cut off just because you think girls can’t have leg hair

No. 1525529

I agree. Bring up news articles and tweets under the guise of being concerned for all trans people.

> "this trans woman was caught masturbating in the women's bathroom. She is a bad representation of trans women."

> "a trans woman tweeted about assaulting cis women, feminism only works when we are all united together!"
> show srs surgery results "this sad, I hope he's able to get his penis fixed but I hear this isn't an uncommon risk."

I find repeated soft peaking works because you're still supportings trans people so you can't be called transphobic.

No. 1525540

File: 1652255634727.jpg (151.34 KB, 631x805, transandrophobia2.jpg)

Yeah it's obviously misogyny, some even call it misogyny like the callie-flower profile, but I do agree that it's more than just regular misogyny. It's a specific hatred of gnc women, TiMs (and many others in society) specifically have a hateboner for gnc women, but in their case it's a whole lot of envy. I think many TiF's aren't as delulu as many think, but they just speak in progressive TRA terms to not get shit. They feel like a conversation with TiM's is still possible or they want to quietly separate from TiM's, without incurring their wrath.
>I think the end of the trans movement will come from the inside with the way they cannibalize each other.
I somewhat agree. I think the true end of it will come when gnc women from both sides unite and don't let themselves get divided by the borderwars and don't let themselves get used by either tradtards, polilez or TRA's. There's a subset of fencesitting butch authors who are being ignored and seen as verboten by both sides, who have been spelling out the solution since the 90's. The trans movement cannot survive when it's all about AGP's and their fetishes and they can't hide behind women who just want to be gnc and embrace female masculinity.
if you truly have dysphoria, why would you want to put anything up there? Period underwear feels a lot more "masc" than a Mario Kart themed menstrual cup could ever be.
Sometimes I wonder how many would actually go through with double mastectomies, if it was easier for women to get a reduction and it was actually covered by insurance and you didn't have to fight so hard for it. Also if you weren't constantly pitied and given shit for just wanting to relieve your backpain, because the bigger the better in society, no matter how much it harms the woman.

No. 1525545


Is she a high schooler nona ? I was a enby who dressed like a clown in HS too and made it out fine. But the fact that she's faking an illness and seems like an overall dramatic brat (sorry for insulting her but the not listening and crying at everything part got to me.) gives me not so much hope regarding her recovery.

Touching literal grass is a good option and what did it for me. School is long and exhausting hours of being watched by others, but when you are alone in nature, social shit "fades" and there is nothing more to yourself than a female human. Basically it replaces the "escape" that is the internet, with another that doesn't brainwash you. And it's full of interesting stuff that autistic kids can obsess over. Sports and hobbies that eat up her internet time are also a good idea (maybe ice skating ? use her YoI obsession) but can add on to the exhaustion if it's too many hours a week since they're group activities. I'm really assuming she's like this because of the Internet but if it comes from her IRL friend group there's probably not much to do until school's over.

Her being manipulative and dramatic is going to be a pain in the ass so it would be better to fix that first. Does she go to therapy ?

No. 1525572

She should definitely delete all her social media accounts if she has any. She may be interacting with the wrong people (her faking illnesses makes me think of tiktok…) and even getting groomed, who knows. How old is she? If she's a teenager then it might just me her embarassing weeb phase, although I would be careful not to play into her fantasy too much (that is, don't take it too seriously, I wouldn't bring up research, studies and pictures, and make sure to treat her as you always have).

No. 1525599

Disguting. I've come across FtM's on the street and some of them look like early teen boys, gives me the creeps because I know that's a fully developed woman.

No. 1525607

2 comments directly next to each other that sound exactly the same. I'm always convinced these gender cultists buy bot accounts to interact with their profiles.

No. 1525609

Wtf? Those statistics don't even make any sense. Surely if they surveyed a bunch of detrans people, shouldn't the stats all amount to 100?

No. 1525632

How do you know they're FtM?

No. 1525640

nayrt one of the first things we subconsciously recognize about other people upon first looking at them is biological sex. TiFs generally have smaller hands and necks, softer facial features, and different bone structure than males even if they’ve had surgery.

No. 1525646

maybe multiple options were selectable for the participants?

No. 1525647

TiFs can’t stop looking feminine no matter how much baggy clothes and fake beards they put on. The real world never lets anyone live their delusions for long, also, I swear most of them tend to be the shortest girls, just like how most TiMs tend to be the tallest hulking ogres.

No. 1525649

Okay I didn't even mean it like that, but how do you know it's a TiF and not just a normal butch or gnc woman? For all you know you're just judging a random gnc woman?

No. 1525666

File: 1652274619132.webm (516.93 KB, 576x1024, i can see clearly by Lil Darki…)

No. 1525668

File: 1652274675947.webm (1.82 MB, 576x1024, Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny.webm)

Same girl.

No. 1525669

File: 1652274730768.webm (765.41 KB, 576x1024, trauma.webm)

No. 1525671

File: 1652274784247.webm (1.35 MB, 576x1024, Literally My Life by MyLifeAsE…)

Back when she was a she/they. Was kind of sad going through her account.

No. 1525672

Thank you everyone for your responses. It was great to wake up to this support. I think her issue comes from my parents always treating our brother as the favorite. She always got to do stuff outside of the house (clubs, going to the gym, martial arts classes, ect) which are all things my older sister and I never got to do, so I would say she is, comparatively, well socialized.

She is 13, and I just can't help like somehow her being this way is my fault. My mom, despite being a stay at home mom, would sit and watch tv all day and leave me to watch her and my brother (I was homeschooled at the time). Because I was just a middle schooler myself I would just let them do whatever would keep them quiet so I could focus on my school work.

The faking tourette syndrome, if I remember correctly, is because a kid on the playground said she had it because she would bark and growl at people that annoyed her. She also has a friend who, according to her, has torrettes. That would explain the illness faking, but we live in a rural, heavily religious, southern town, so there isn't a lot of trans stuff around here.

Thank you guys for the suggestions!

No. 1525695

File: 1652278540851.png (1.31 MB, 690x860, jessesulli.png)

I'm not sure if this TIF uses her kid as an accessory and extension of her own persona or is just grooming her own daughter. Posts from three months ago still used female pronouns for the kid and now it's all "they/them". Many comments feature people being attracted to the daughter, why would you expose your kid so much?

No. 1525698

Poor kid.

No. 1525748

This is honestly part of the problem. People have made it so sometimes you can’t even tell. I’ve heard a lot of GNC women get annoyed when people ask them their pronouns because it should be obvious that they’re butch women, yet the TRAs have made it so only their IDs and viewpoints are respected to the detriment of others. It’s much harder to tell the difference between a GNC woman and a TiF imo than a GNC man and a TiM (because the latter usually makes it obvious how fetishy they are), and I hate it for butch women. You never know if you accidentally call a TiF a woman bc she’s GNC if she’s going to start getting upset because OBVIOUSLY she’s a they/he how could you not TELL? They’ve fucked things up so badly for regular old LGBs and even GNC straight people.

No. 1525791

I’ve been mistaken for a boy/man since puberty and before TRA was really mainstream and I always find it hilarious. I am very androgynous and lanky and that’s okay. Usually TiFs make it obvious through their pronoun badges or using some pre-k teacher demeanor to correct anyone who dares misgender them. Whereas TiMs are notorious for hulking out after being misgendered (GameStop macho ma’am is a fine example)

No. 1525803

File: 1652286884470.png (1.38 MB, 828x1792, A42227DD-8633-4E76-9D92-3EB6D2…)

so close

No. 1525823

Sith Lord Ali has entered the chat

No. 1525855

This misogynistic homophobic crap always sounds like it came from 1950s conservative America except the people saying it have pronoun pins so it’s progressive now kek

No. 1525877

File: 1652289493589.png (674.48 KB, 957x963, tif.png)

4chan and its consequences

No. 1525882

File: 1652290263035.png (347.17 KB, 819x696, wtf.png)

Jesus christ WTF, this is literally what pure internet brain rot looks like, also from the same account

No. 1525892

ew why use the coomer bait wojack to represent your mother…

No. 1525895

File: 1652291067701.jpg (21.08 KB, 607x136, DSLs.jpg)

I hate how 4chan TiFs call all slightly full lips "dick sucking lips"

No. 1525899

I thought this was a sprouse twin at first glance

No. 1525902

She looks like she smeared shit on her face. Hair too.

No. 1525912

God these are both so embarrassing and reek of teenage NLOG insecurity. They will see one day.

No. 1525916

Non-binary transition.

No. 1525919

aka coombrain caused by excessive futa hentai consumption

No. 1525923

File: 1652292358817.png (365.48 KB, 1988x1304, 9876a257k7.png)

So fucking sad.

No. 1525930

holy fuck this is so sad. who keeps brainwashing these chicks

No. 1525932

The title is from a copypasta afaik

No. 1525940

Most of these surgeons seem to have never seen a male chest. It's so weird

No. 1525965

play stupid games, win stupid prizes kek.
is the surgeon male or female? i know women are over-represented in the troon medical industry (teetus deletus, therapists etc.), but i think janice raymond was on to something when she wrote surgeons were ok with operating on tims because they were male themselves and didn't give a shit if their patients were moids parodying women. on the contrary, said surgeons wouldn't have liked it as much if they had to operate on women to make men out of them. basically male surgeons don't like to give out manhood to tifs, even if it's just a pathetic semblance of manhood.

No. 1526002

File: 1652298106004.png (260.16 KB, 454x447, 1652298084563.png)

could they be any more girlier

No. 1526011

>At 4-foot-10 and 97 pounds, he felt he had certain disadvantages.

every time

No. 1526013

File: 1652298494668.png (138.75 KB, 1228x974, twansboys.png)

the comment section, such pwecious little twansboys uwu

No. 1526019

I can't believe there are girls unironically calling themselves twinks.

No. 1526045

It's always the most tiny petite girls who want to transition into big hairy chads, just like it's always the burliest cavemen who want to transition into anime bimbo princesses. It's all overcompensation for self-hatred, and they just end up hating themselves worse after they transition and still look like tiny girls/burly cavemen in drag.

No. 1526084

>i was too young to deal with something like that

yes. yes you were.

No. 1526104

File: 1652304796701.jpg (49.29 KB, 500x391, c4e011cda10ec887ab1a51470c4fa1…)

I know it's fake but still

No. 1526115

File: 1652305917009.jpeg (109.41 KB, 806x1024, 658F60A9-8E15-4909-A6CF-76CB1A…)

looks like that poner 4chan meme irl

No. 1526169

Yes. Sometimes I wish that anime characters could be seen as agents in stories instead of objects that trigger one’s AGP/AAP.

No. 1526189

>i'll forever be a tiny tiny twink

How can someone be this obsessed with gay male stereotypes and not know that twink death is age 26

No. 1526202

Nooo u forgot the ear piercings, the true pooner staple

No. 1526205

Sparing Dr Martin Fox, the troon Butcher even troons fear of.

No. 1526208

I don’t get why women who probably looked average transition into 1/10 males. Like just find a face wash that works, wear whatever you want and you’re already better looking than any moid in a button up and khaki pants

No. 1526210

But if it's a man who is brainwashed by 4chan no1currs and it's "normal" for them because they"belong in 4chan" and women don't? We need more women to infiltrate 4chan, starting with us. Lets wreck the moids.

No. 1526237

She's right about being a failure.

No. 1526260

File: 1652315059113.jpeg (204.6 KB, 1268x367, F0E902EB-4596-43BC-B90E-77820A…)

No. 1526566

This is the biggest lie I've ever read in this thread, and that's saying a LOT. Just one glimpse of a frankenpenis is enough to scar the average normie for life. The journalist is either lying to avoid any troonsphobia claims or is a fetishist. Also, surely most moids would feel uncomfortable exposing themselves in that context? But she just couldn't wait to whip that crime against God out, huh. Disgusting.

No. 1526709

the journalist is a nonbinary theyfab so shes delulu as well

No. 1526773

Every TIF I've ever had the displeasure of knowing has been a hilariously lilliputian lil' miss who I've absolutely towered over, and I'm below average height.

No. 1526979

>dick sucking lips
>pic in question has average lips

I know the bar is on the floor for the average 4chan regular, but still…

No. 1526996

she transitioned into some nikocado avocado Easter bunny hybrid

No. 1527014

File: 1652390980767.jpg (37.99 KB, 512x512, party on garth!.jpg)

Makes sense. The power of shared psychosis. I looked her up and she looks pretty much exactly how you would imagine a pretentious tranny journno to look.

No. 1527061

File: 1652393797554.jpg (246.65 KB, 1284x1763, FSkNgeaXwAATQzw.jpg)

-Insert curb your enthusiasm intro music here-

No. 1527066

we were too late

No. 1527075

>claims epidemic of ROGD isn’t real
>her mum knows 5 other mums suffering through the same thing

Even in the memes they tell on themselves

No. 1527084

>keep your agenda off my body
>TiF mastectomy scars

No. 1527130

File: 1652400245520.png (7.25 MB, 3265x2377, fakeboijesus-1.png)

Sorry if she's been posted before but here's Abel Jonah James/Abel Winchester/King Spadille. Debated putting her in the personal cows or art salt threads, but since being a fakeboi is her entire personality, I figured she'd belong here. Also sorry for the shitty collage.
She's a terminally online fakeboi fujoshi artist I've been following for a few years.
>Has a Supernatural fanfiction turned "original story" called Dark Rapture about her self-insert fakeboi oc being the second coming of Christ for some reason.
>Goes out of her way to say she doesn't want to offend the Native American religion she doesn't even write about, while simultaneously offending Christian religions with her entire plot. Fails to see the irony.
>DID faker because of course and claims her characters literally are her DID alters
>Furry currently dating another sad fakeboi
>Black and brown characters kinda feel like lowkey racist caricatures.
(But maybe I'm overthinking it)
>Genuinely believes her self-insert fanfiction will become a Netflix show and that Alex Hirsch will be on board.

No. 1527136

>King of Beasts
>Is black
Anyone called her racist yet?

No. 1527146

File: 1652401764909.jpeg (706.13 KB, 1141x1121, 35FC1237-4E59-4351-8F83-DCAAE6…)

I know this is a little OT for this thread but good gods this art style is unappealing. The selfie of her is kind of hilarious because she still looks as female as ever even with the facial hair and breast removal.

No. 1527155

File: 1652402293994.webm (14.82 MB, 2016x3840, YouCut_20220512_202413027.webm)

I hope this uploads correctly but here she is using DID as an excuse to not get commissions done on time

No. 1527289

i really just….. cant imagine forcing myself to think this way. even if my self-esteem was in the toilet, even during times where i was so insecure about some parts of my body i wanted to die over them, i CANNOT imagine telling myself "yeah, that mutilated strip of flesh made from forearm skin is so sexy and handsome and normal and i want it in my vagina". how in the world do these people lie to themselves so hard??

No. 1527323

sage for not a whole lot of milk but i’ve been friends with her “boyfriend” for several years now. She’s always been annoying with the trans thing and has been trying so hard to “embrace her femininity” while still claiming to be trans. Before she met this Abel person, she was dating a couple of other fake bois that were super into the attack on titan fandom to the fact the other two girls literally changed their names to Eren and Levi. Ironically the Eren girl is no longer trans lmao. She used to go by Kai but now she goes by Cress.

No. 1527406

File: 1652429839534.gif (1.15 MB, 498x274, phrasing-archer.gif)

>Despite this she's not as quick witted as she wants to be! She's a Muslim

No. 1527513

What is up with her chest? Did her breasts regrow or something?

All this excuses to say "I started this commission long ago, completely forgot about it and now I don't remember what I was doing with it".

No. 1527672

File: 1652460500447.jpg (252.41 KB, 1080x712, Screenshot_20220513-183551_Twi…)

"The more I pass the scarier other men get"
It's because as a woman you're different from men at the very core of your being. Your brain is female coded, and socialised female on top of that. Being a mentally ill female who thinks you should have been born male doesn't make you any less female. The further you get to superficially looking like a man the more you realize you're actually not at all like real men, you don't think like them, you don't understand them, their actions are foreign to you. They even scare you. You were never a man, and not even all of the testosterone in the world could change that.

No. 1527715

plus she knows if men find out at the wrong time/place, they'll rape her and then maybe beat her to death after

No. 1527807

That'll be what she fears the most, I think. I have a FTM friend (now detrans) who passed surprisingly well and she was constantly rattled and on edge from living "stealth". She said it was much more preferable to be called a dyke or tranny or w/e when not passing then to live in constant fear of discovery and violence when stealth. This also alienated her from other women, naturally. So many Aiden's strive to be stealth but from what I've seen it's a horrible way to live.

No. 1527812

Didn’t these people learn anything from Boys Don’t Cry.

No. 1527854

Large feminine eyes and froggy T voice kek

No. 1527949

File: 1652477903871.png (468.67 KB, 640x938, FD27DA55-DD48-4989-952C-0CD213…)

The way they draw mustaches looks like Kazuam Kaneko lips, I didn’t even register that as facial hair

No. 1527951

*kazuma kaneko

No. 1527958

File: 1652478501273.jpg (181.65 KB, 1284x1289, FSkNnGNXoAYsf0k.jpg)

This is just sad, notice the arm

No. 1527966

Absolutely disgusting, whoever made that just went full groomer, huh. Also the trannies who have genital surgeries are literally the least trustworthy of the bunch. Any kids they raise have a 100% chance of needing therapy when they're older.

No. 1527979

No. 1527999

File: 1652481202698.jpeg (41.17 KB, 341x450, 36DD2476-0051-4F9B-B8BA-CDF7F3…)

I think it’s more like Kim possible, you’re giving the fakeboi too much credit by assuming she recognizes and differentiates art styles from other media than Disney.

No. 1528019

Based old Gaiafag.

No. 1528029

What makes them good parents though? Aside from pushing their shitty trans propaganda onto their kids?

No. 1528073

I had the biggest crush on SLA lmao kill me

No. 1528161

KEK what a blast from the past wow

No. 1528168

I also thought it was lipstick.

No. 1528254

File: 1652495278198.webm (1.51 MB, 576x1024, supdvachyna.webm)

Goes from telling that person to kill themselves

No. 1528258

File: 1652495342366.webm (1.16 MB, 576x1024, supdvachyna (2).webm)

To You know I'm suicidal, right?? kek

No. 1528311

she looks like her breath is really sour

No. 1528399

Caenis Syndrome

No. 1528441

Troons are some of the biggest consoomers so they drop more loot when they 41% which can help to pay for the childrens therapy.

No. 1528612

tbh i'd be suicidal too if i had such a weird frog voice and pedostache on such a feminine little face.

No. 1528677

File: 1652550371467.png (35.88 KB, 281x483, about the author.png)

Please post this to personal cows, I'm begging you. That website is an absolute goldmine. Picrel is from the "about the author" section lmao

She also makes spotify playlists for each of her many (and I do mean many) characters who, despite being "totally real alters!", all seem to listen to the same blend of shitty indie rock/pop and 2014 era tumblrcore.

No. 1528679

File: 1652550419949.jpg (266.63 KB, 1280x1283, darap__ancitif_concept_by_burn…)

Here's where the spotify playlists are linked on her website, for anyone curious. You'll also find absolutely breathtaking designs like this… uh, thing.
>Robin/Ancitif’s original origin is unknown, he started as a low level demon who was tormented and tortured while he lived in hell. At some point he found a way to escape, though as a demon he was considered a female he wanted to become a male. Taking over the body of at transgender man, Robin started his reformation.

>Getting hooked on all sorts of drugs in an attempt to erase the memories of his tormenting and trying to dull the ache he always felt in his heart he couldn’t describe. Always feeling empty he did everything he could to try and cover that hole.

No. 1528686

You'd think a demon could just shift into any form they'd like, and even if not if it's dysphoria was that bad, wouldn't it choose to possess a cis dude instead of another fakeboi?

This girl is fascinating(sage your shit)

No. 1528779

>Getting hooked on all sorts of drugs in an attempt to erase the memories of his tormenting and trying to dull the ache he always felt in his heart he couldn’t describe. Always feeling empty he did everything he could to try and cover that hole.

Oh wow thats a painfully ironic description of tifs…

No. 1528863

File: 1652564746140.jpeg (656.17 KB, 828x1391, DEA2BE1F-2672-43E2-B279-160B2D…)

It’s true, men never get cold and that’s why they sell summer clothes in the men’s section all year round

No. 1528868

This hollywood nepotism self hating butch baby has always given me the creeps in how she pushes her daughters attractiveness. If you look back on Jesse Sulli’s ig she’s been posting glamor shots of her daughter since she was a baby. It’s creepy and grooming, especially now with the added trans elememt

No. 1528885

It’s just bantz bro, don’t be such a pussy!
If only they would realize how much worse their mental health is going to get if they hang around with real men 24/7

No. 1528887

Considering how cowardly TiFs are, I don't think they even hang around males most of the time, but other TiFs that halfassedly try to be male stereotypes instead.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1528896

This exudes such girl energy

No. 1528910

ALWAYS the suicide bait, theyre so fucking manipulative, the slightlest criticism and they throw out the suicide card

No. 1528913

This is so retarded, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually has moid friends that constantly make fun of her for trying to pretend to be a moid.

No. 1528930

Men do actually have a lower comfortable temperature than women do. It's why you'll see your female colleagues bundled up in sweaters and blankets in the office when the aircon is on and your male colleagues are completely fine. Also the funny stereotype of women boiling themselves in the shower. Though granted these are not things any normal person cares about. Normal women don't feel like their gender is under attack if they're comfortable wearing a t-shirt when the weather is cold.

No. 1528944

Supernatural has got to be up there with Homestuck on the list of early 2010s fandoms that cracked 1000 fujo TIF's eggs

No. 1528947

File: 1652572319900.png (97.79 KB, 786x816, F07C946D-9594-4024-84A5-8BF2CD…)

I feel like this the equivalent of TIMs claiming that going on estrogen makes them experience periods

No. 1528967

Such massive denial. As if real women dont grow hair naturally and deal with it in their own way. And the sexual thing was gross. She just admitted a stereotype that women are more emotional attached to sex than men.

No. 1528974

SuperWhoLock was a stain to humankind

No. 1529127

File: 1652584051674.png (353.51 KB, 1587x715, itsallamistake.png)

Apparently, that character design and the artwork are included in her line up for the pitch pilot she wants to take to Netflix kek
I might just post her to the personal cows thread, she's so cringe and bizarre. She just posted a "meet the alter" video to her tiktok and this one has her doing a horrible british accent in her froggy voice. I can post it if anyone wants a good kek

In all the time I have been following her, I had never seen anyone say anything negatively about her black and brown characters, but she just so happened to post this today (picrel). Someone on Tumblr called her out finally. Nonna is that you? lmao

No. 1529158

I like when TRAs get called out for stupid bullshit, it's fun to watch them sweat. They won't care if you call them racists, misogynists, or homophobes for their gender rhetoric, but if you say their werewolf character is perpetuating stereotypes about black masculinity or whatever, just watch them scramble.

No. 1529206

KEK, no. I just thought it was a very strange choice for a tumblrfag.

No. 1529210

>They see black and equate it with beasts!
Bet they ree about JK Rowling being an anti-semite because of the goblins. Hypocrites.

No. 1529242

always amazed when people flat out proclaim their vulnerability to cult tactics lol
>deadnamed and misgendered as a form of torture
do i even need to comment on that lol

No. 1529248

This is making me laugh so hard with the last panel. Jesus christ, I cant imagine responding to this comment in a more feminine way.

No. 1529336

Yet if its a mtf who wants to 41 the suicide is real, taken seriously and even encouraged(sage non-milk)

No. 1529340

How is she a fujo? As if mtfs are just simply degenerate instead of being a yuritard because yuritards usually don't troon. Also is her "girlfriend"(or the other person in the pic) a mtf or real woman?

No. 1529344

She looks like a mtf, right nona
Noo… the vagina is sewn closed, the penis is slightly above the position where the vagina was/should be. Also they want their penis to be "feminine uwu dick girldicks" (not the mtf way) so that a real man would enjoy it but in reality no. Though I don't understand why females who troon still include a man/boyfriend in their lives for most cases while moid troons center themselves almost all the time and if there is a partner the gender of the partner wouldnt matter. The asymmetry is so amazing that opposite sex counterparts of troons would act so differently than the troons themselves.

No. 1529360

File: 1652610632729.jpg (517.49 KB, 1080x1080, PCIMG_2022-05-15_06-22-43.JPG)

Damnit nonnie I was avoiding saving her cringe """gay""' art. Pretty much all of her characters are "gay men" in relationships with each other, basically just taking the place of her Supernatural ships with herself inserted into it.
And her current "boyfriend" is indeed another tif named Cress, as this anon >>1527323 states. Pic rel is another pic of her. Here's her Instagram.

(Deleted and reposted for wrong tag)

No. 1529396

nah, they just want to make it seem like they beleive it's an "ACTUAL MLM RELASHIONSHIP!" to gaslight themselves and everyone else who has doubts.

No. 1529428

File: 1652622164647.png (322.29 KB, 527x563, identity.png)

I went to this person's twitter page after spending too much time thinking about that last panel yesterday. I genuinely cannot imagine living the way these people do. All that stress and mental energy poured into labelling oneself, and for what? Just live your life ffs.
Oh, I'd LOVE to see that video.

No. 1529432

>It's this some weird scheme from insecure women to beg for people to point out their femininess by pretending like they don't want to be feminine or something?
Yes. They're like those NLOG gamer girl types from the early 2000s who complained about "fake gamer girls", but with more tits

No. 1529438

File: 1652623890901.jpg (378.27 KB, 1080x2084, Screenshot_20220515_161114.jpg)

based tifs get to criticize gay men with no consequences

No. 1529448

retarded faggot posting an IP tracker. kill yourself for attempting to jeopardize the safety of women because you got mad

No. 1529456

>I can't speak for POC, but I'm going to.

No. 1529462

If the genders were switched, the deer would be called a TERF and cancelled lol

No. 1529489

For real. The more they focus on these things the more miserable they make themselves. It’s just a downward spiral. If they accept being female and present however and do whatever they want they will be so much happier. But then they’d just be a boring GNC girl I guess and that isn’t special enough.

No. 1529491

They always use “you guize I’m literally x!!” as a get out of jail free card. It’s so obnoxious and immature.

No. 1529532

TiFs are usually
>Traumatized lesbian
>Traumatized straight woman
>Traumatized Bi woman
>Ultimate NLOG
>Ultimate NLOG who is an anti-NLOG and is NLOG NLOG

No. 1529574

It's not based. It's retarded because she needs to grow the fuck up and take the criticisms like the "man" that she is rather than pussy out and cry "But I'm MLM!!!"

No. 1529591

I'm really sorry I don't know how to upload tiktok videos here but it's very rich of her to criticise gay moids for consooming when she literally collects MLP shit kek.


No. 1529693

>What's up with their obsession with the word "Choke"?
Most Aiden's are too politically correct to tell someone to go kill themselves so "choke" is the edgiest these types can get while still being able to write it off as humour if anyone objects to it. That's my take on it anyway.

No. 1529694

File: 1652647101506.png (335.38 KB, 599x525, choke.png)

Here's another one for you guys. What is it with these people and their obsession with the word "choke"?
Also, you just know she's a stammering mess irl and not the confident badass she's portraying herself as. TIFs aren't exactly known for their high self esteem, lol.

No. 1529740

File: 1652649558213.jpeg (241.39 KB, 1242x1089, 8006C914-7810-4EC6-8264-938B9D…)

More accurate representation of what actually happens.

No. 1529753


No. 1529772

Fucking brilliant! You're the best!

No. 1529811

File: 1652654274982.jpg (284.67 KB, 1080x1106, Screenshot.jpg)

Oh of course

No. 1529832

You forgot the below, maybe they overlap though


>Entire life revolves around fandom and M/M shipping

No. 1530327

File: 1652671800434.webm (1.79 MB, 576x1024, gendercrisis.webm)

No. 1530360

For context, I am the anon who asked for advice dealing with my TIF sister.

My sister refuses to help do any of the household chores because it is "treating her like a woman." Guess who ends up doing her chores? My brother and I. All while she sits on her ass watching anime, and our mother brings her tea. She also spent a good portion of the night yelling at my brother because he gets to go and work with our dad over the summer, despite her never asking if she could go or displaying any interest in electrical work.

Idk. I know she an anime obsessed, but she also seems to want to skinwalk our brother in a weird way.

No. 1530385

>Chores are women's work
>Brother does chores
Will people start trooning out ot avoid basic house work/responsibilities? Anyway, that sounds awful anon, I'm sorry you and your family have to deal with it. Hopefully she will snap out of it or something. Maybe try leading her to autistically focus on a new obsession?

No. 1530387

She definitely wants to wear your brother’s skin and has this weird view of life in which to be able to be herself, she has to be a man, or more precisely, be your brother, because she probably sees him as someone privileged.

No. 1530410

I guarantee you if he did ask her, she would probably throw a tantrum about it anyway. Something about "that's stereotypical man work, I'm a soft boy" or just straight up "I'm mentally ill and cannot handle that kind of work!"

No. 1530411

she better get used to it, men are fucking terrible to each other whenever they socialize and it's considered normal.

No. 1530412

>self-dx autistic
ticks every box

No. 1530444

How old is ur sis? Looks like some of us have TIF sisters or TIM brothers tho. I can't stand an irl tranny thank god

No. 1530451

For the "fetish" part how are you so sure about them being insecure and use that as a layer to hide that? They aren't precisely feminine to start with.

NTA but I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers, younger sister is a TIF who acts like a lolicon (posted in #16 and #17). Though about chores she does it along with one other sister and the brothers. My TIF sister is naturally wide-shouldered and doesn't really compare herself to her brothers, it's just one of the brothers questioning why did she want to transition because she seemingly isn't gnc enough.

How bad was the situation in your home nona? Did your tranny sister yell at you too for getting more "masculine" roles than she does sometimes?

No. 1530461

Holy crap that's an insult to actual mentally ill but functioning people of society, but point is, looks like TIMs have a tendency to skinwalk women fully no matter how offensive it is, yet for TIFs they want to be "softbois" or "girly bois" and not real men and remain childish/effeminate (for a man since thats what they want to be kek) as if they don't want to be included with real men but want to be excluded from real women.

Why do they want to be special, like being "trans" isn't enough for them because girls usually don't trans into ftm, most stay "enby" and despite that they falsely add more illnesses to on top of what they really have

Moids are so ugly that the only way for content about hot men is yaoi and slash shipping kek. TIFs can't stand a single man therefore have to make him gay to feminize him to become more "attractive" because modern leftist beauty standards.

No. 1530465

Looks like they want to be gay/drag queens/autistic more than they want to be men? I lowkey admire TIMs in comparison for being straightforward to admitting that they want to be women. TIFs are too romanticising about every disorder like it's easily pitied and weak therefore made more effeminate like they naturally are.

>TIMs have feminine aesthetics
>TIFs still have feminine aesthetics
What a danger for moid trannies to imagine their female opposite gender version to look like exactly what they are. Like Chris(tine) and Crystal Chandler.
>Moids are so ugly
Extremely based

No. 1530473

Is your brother treated "better" in your household? The fact that he normally wouldn't have to do house chores and gets to go to the
summer thing with his dad may lead your sister to skinwalk him, because she wants to be treated the same/wants the same things. Plus your brother is the closest thing to her "man" self, if that makes sense. I speak from experience, at some point I too wanted to become a man "like my brother" because he was the golden child who got to do cool things without ever doing chores (and being loved unconditionally by our "boy mom"). Tackling these issues, if there are any, may help her feel like herself even as a woman, and this is important in all situations for all women, not just the ones who want to transition.
If you're all treated the same (roughly), then she's just using it as an excuse. Don't you bring up to her that your brother also does "women things" by doing chores?

No. 1530524

What does "dating guys feels gay" really mean? He has no vagina. TiFs equate being gay with personality, expression, and the changing cultural norms around courtship in the Internet age… When being gay only means same-sex attraction. Being gay is universal and cannot be a feeling. What was once taboo for het couples is becoming the norm now and that should be embraced.

No. 1530535

Try using her politics against her. Ask her how she feels about feminism, if she says she supports it tell her that it doesn't look like it. That she's already became a stereotypical male pig and she'll never have any ~queer~ friends when they find out how she acts and how she upholds outdated gender roles that support the nuclear family ideal. Maybe try bullshitting her and telling her that testosterone will make her even worse and she'll be a fat hairy neckbeard like every other man who thinks housework is womans work. Just go for anime boy ideal and destroy it, basically. Call her out on being disgusting. Yeah, T usually doesn't make women indistinguishable from moids but her echo chamber will have told her that it does.

No. 1530577

I heard about TIFs/TIMs still skinwalking women/men/another person of their natal gender and still want to transition. This is weird.

No. 1530578

>men have no vagina
I think video meant it as if the person in question can magically "transform" into the same gender as her partners and that makes it kweer.

No. 1530582

>Did your tranny sister yell at you too for getting more "masculine" roles than she does sometimes?
ntayrt but all i heard of was tims getting jealous of femboys/male beauty gurus for being more wholesome and less disgusting

No. 1530646

NTA, but my ex-friend TiF would get upset at me for being more naturally gnc/masculine than her, while she would do retarded shit like avoiding cooking because she thought that's a woman's thing kek. Me existing as a masculine female, and doing lots of traditionally masculine things, but not wanting to transition nor avoiding things like cooking and baking, made her feel dysphoric apparently. We ended up fighting over this, hence why we're not friends anymore.

No. 1530653

KEK, the FTM at my work pulls exactly the same shit because I'm butch. I tend not to correct anyone who thinks I'm male because I don't see the point when it's people I'll never see again and I know from past experiences that telling people you're not a tranny is a sure way to look like one. This really boils her piss though because she is constantly she/her'd and even other employees frequently slip up with pronouns because she's naturally feminine and barely puts in any effort to hide it. She actually tried to lodge a complaint about me though because I was "not acting gender appropriate and invalidating her transness". Thankfully she got laughed out of the room for that and work are on my side in this shit show.

No. 1530669

does the red arrow mean she upvoted her own post/comment?

No. 1530672

She didn’t, Reddit automatically upvotes your own post.

No. 1530676

kek, fucking based.

Sorry about autistic blogpost, but I dress pretty masculine and used to have a buzz cut in upper secondary, which is why many of the teachers and students would at first think I was a guy or a fakeboi. I could see they were surprised when I stated my obviously female name and just owned my gncness. I tried to act cool about it but secretly I kinda enjoyed seeing the troon students seethe.

No. 1530696

the fucking DELUSION the troonies live in thinking she could report you?? for not acting the right gender???? This has to be a fucking joke I can't, I'm dying.

No. 1530709

She is 13, but given last year she was writing "Keith" instead of her real name on her homework (which caused the teacher not to grade it. She almost failed all of her classes until I, after being asked to by our parents, did all of her makeup/overdue work in the two weeks I had to study for exams before graduation) I think she trooned out at 12. It is so weird. My older sister loves anime and turned out normal, I watched anime and, despite getting a bit weeby in elementary/early middle school was back to normal by the time I was her age and grew out of it. She, however, has let it consume her very being, despite having a ton of non-anime activities (school clubs, friends, martial arts classes, ect).

Our brother is supposed to do the litter once a week, and she is supposed to do the litter once a week. He also takes out the garage and horse feed, while she doesn't have to do that. The summer thing is because my dad works in the same trade my brother plans on going in, so he is getting training. She hasn't said anything other than the fact that she hates all of the CTE options for high school next year. She gets to go and spend full weekends at her friend's houses every week, which he doesn't get to do, so I would say it evens out. Idk. When I was growing up I got to go to school and come back home to babysit them and help them with homework. Both of them are treated way better than i was growing up, so it is hard to pinpoint what is favoritism because it all looks like they are both favored from my perspective.

Oh trust me she is in no way a feminist. She will jump on any other bit of social justice, but if I bring up how sexist it is for her to constantly mock and make sexist caricatures of the girls at her school I am subjected to a full blown tantrum about how I am "invalidating her experience" because I dared to say that I doubt a girl "bases her whole personality around the fact that her names is heaven spelled backwards," and "keeps wearing ridiculously short shorts for gym."

Thanks nonnies for giving me a place to vent. It's just nice to know that I am not going crazy.

No. 1530712

File: 1652710396644.png (1.26 MB, 898x1692, 1652710399553.png)

I swear TIFs are so clickable just by their posts alone, its almost unreal, no LARPing scrote or a TIM could come up with this and I also there's feel that they have this very noticeable female energy that they have even on anonymous spaces

No. 1530736

I feel kinda bad for her since this reminded me of how the boys I was friends with suddenly abandoned me in elementary school because it wasn't "cool" to be friends with a girl anymore. But then again she's apparently 18 so it's fucking pathetic that she's still such a "one of the bros" NLOG.

No. 1530738

File: 1652712754850.jpeg (63 KB, 680x598, FSQ1pF_XIAA3hFf.jpeg)

Do they really think their shit is popular? It very much is not.

No. 1530739

File: 1652712921434.png (210.84 KB, 612x514, legal bottom.png)

From the same artist. Fucking embarassing.

No. 1530743

Derailing but why are so many TIFs into WoW? Same with TIMs and FFXIV.

No. 1530750

If you ever plan to do end game stuff it's a hostile environment for girls/women. NLOG behavior runs super rampant because women who can play at a higher level get accosted or bombarded by fat lonely nerds that want a wow waifu.

No. 1530753

>NLOG externalizes her misogyny massively
>turns fakeboi
>makes misogynist jokes with another moid on shitty male-dominated online RPG
>all in hopes to be accepted and seen as a "real boy"
>NLOG meets moid IRL
>moid sees her dainty and fragile frame, registers her as female
>says "sorry" since he now sees she's a girl/woman
>and, for the cherry on top, tells her her fakeboi act is just lying
>friendship at this point is ruined
I think if you look up the definition of "backfiring" in the dictionary, this appears as an example. Pottery.

No. 1530768

hollywood nepotism? I though they were just Youtube/Tiktok famous, which one of this mess of a family has Hollywood relatives?

No. 1530770

Then she's just spoiled anon. She's also 13 so it COULD be a phase (I know I was a fucking idiot at 13 and yeah, I would have temporarily trooned out if I was 13 now) but it also sounds like she doesn't meet the consequences of her behaviour. If she actually failed her classes she would've understood that her shitty behaviour isn't acceptable in real life and her peers will surely bully her hard (even out of troonery possibly) in the coming years because of her autistic NLOG behaviour (I'm not trying to be mean, it's just what happens). What you can do is not play along to her delusions/roleplay and keep pointing out her sexist ideology despite the tantrums.

Now I wish I had troon classmates because I was regularly mistaken for a man all the time by other students and teachers because of uglyness/gnc look and masculine name kek

No. 1530804

So, they really are trooning her gnc lesbian character on the show. What a great fucking message. This shit is gonna be absolutely insufferable.

No. 1530839

File: 1652722359775.png (182.94 KB, 486x452, 420.png)

She's also a stoner kek. It's like these people are grown in a lab or something.

No. 1530846

for real, holy fuck. its like they're all carbon copies of each other with zero originality.

No. 1530894

I'm actually friends with the woman in HR the TIF talked to about me, we exchange recipes and borrow each others cookbooks which struck me as ironically feminine given the TIF's complaint about me kek. Based HR lady told her flat out that she was being a misogynist and that in the year 2022 no one should be telling anyone to act "gender appropriate" and that the phrase alone is a terrible and outdated thing to say. TIF tried backtracking and saying it's not misogyny because it's different when you're trans and getting mogged because muh dysphoria but HR lady was having none of it and gave her a verbal warning for misogyny and trying to dictate my behaviour. I confronted her afterwards and told her to either grow a pair and tell me with her whole chest to get back in the kitchen or stop nitpicking social interactions because she can't handle the reality of being trans. Haven't heard a peep from her since lmao and I'm loving the peace and quiet at work.

No. 1530900

Jesus Christ. I know TIFs have less choice in the dating pool due to being annoying, mutilated freaks but c'monnnn. Sis, even you can do better than that.

No. 1530903

how stereotypically feminine

No. 1530942

This guy looks like he does street magic at open mic nights and calls it his 'performance career'. This is the best she could do as a moustachegirl? Grim

No. 1530985

this pathetic aiden doesnt deserve to have lain on her wall

No. 1531018

File: 1652734690422.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, capture.webm)

I can almost guarantee that this wasn't the epic own she thought it would be. Most people without twitter brainrot would just find the experience of being misgendered kind of weird, not LITERALLY TRAUMATISING lol

No. 1531035

people who dont have eyebrows need to figure their shit out so they stop being so creepy to the rest of us

No. 1531036

cut to not a single soul being bothered because their sense of self isn't based on delusion.

No. 1531043

Based and accurate.

No. 1531049

You'd think by now troons would realise that they're the only ones who care about pronouns. If "cis" people cared about this shit the word "misgendering" would not be a recent invention. Honestly though I never believe troons who say they're gonna do things like this; they can barely order takeout without having a nervous breakdown. I'd like to see them try this shit with the people who twaumatise them so badly.

No. 1531052

File: 1652736629710.jpg (147.28 KB, 625x890, 1d1577135b73a9ca855eb34478d343…)

Based terf Graham Linehan predicted this years ago

No. 1531056

>The IT Crowd
fuck, i love that show

No. 1531061

I want to have big pussy energy like you when i grow up anon

No. 1531064

Actual based Butch Queen. Trans idiots always reenforcing gender stereotypes more than anyone. I wish more troons were hit with this reality.

No. 1531068

File: 1652737940657.webm (6.77 MB, 576x1024, update.webm)

So apparently she posted an update to this. Sounds like everyone was either slightly annoyed or just flat out confused, what a shocker. Although of course she's trying to pass it off as some sort of huge moment.

I find it absolutely bizarre how she calls her family transphobic immediately after she says that they were okay with it when she came out, what's up with that? They literally sound like completely normal, nice people. I can't imagine how much they have to walk on eggshells around this girl.

No. 1531134


Why tf did she want to meet a stranger friend online. Dumbass

No. 1531137

WoW is a TIm staple, so as many video games like Zelda and FFXIV too. Basically MMORPGs are packed with moids and tims and normal women, tifs are a rare occurence

No. 1531141

What's the differnce between misogyny from fakebois and moid misogyny?

No. 1531160

Ty kek I love this scene.

No. 1531165

Is your ftm sister using 4chan or in moid fandoms? What kind of anime is she in, is it the fakeboi typical behvaior?

No. 1531207

She likes voltron, black butler, demonslayer, naruto, attack on titan, death note, and yuri on ice.

I don't think she browses 4chan, but I don't have any of her passwords so I can't log onto her laptop and check.

No. 1531215

File: 1652749591013.jpeg (312.65 KB, 1170x1015, A57016D6-A129-452E-89E5-92BAEA…)

kek imagine being triggered by shitty mpreg fanfiction

No. 1531222

Imagine thinking people look at male LARPing women carrying babies like freaks of nature because MPREG fanfiction, and not because theyre, you know, freaks of nature LARPing as males.

No. 1531223

Doesn’t HRT cause birth defects?

No. 1531251

It's funny since a lot of the zoomer girls into mpreg are saying they're trans now and that mpreg is their 'amazing queer expression' kek. Same with A/B/O

No. 1531259

File: 1652753858993.jpeg (696.8 KB, 828x1442, F853B390-B85E-4DF2-A571-4715D7…)

No. 1531266

moid must be really suffering enough to vent it on reddit and not immediately leave his delusional wife

No. 1531274

man i hate these women so much. my pity and sympathy are now exclusively reserved for hsts tifs however. the straight/bihet ones can eat shit

No. 1531288

ngl as fucked up as this situation is, I have to respect this guy for being a good husband, I think if a man's not willing to stay with you over your delusional LARP then he's not the one

No. 1531323

sage for blog but i was a tif from ages 12-16 and she’s almost definitely not looking at 4chan, girls her age don’t even usually know what that is they’re all into Instagram and tiktok. I honestly think there’s not much you can do but I would try not to be too aggro on her because that will just lead her to have a victim complex and claim she has an ‘abusive’/‘transphobic’ environment and double down on her larp (i know it’s easier said then done because the slightest thing will get you labeled as a bigot by that crowd). She seems to want to be a feminine boy and probably has no desire to take testosterone and get fat and hairy and also has 5 years before that’s a possibility so I can bet she’ll be fine and grow out of it. Long post but I was the youngest in my family and did a lot of similar things so I feel for you in this situation

No. 1531339

A good husband would have never let her get mentally ill enough to go into this delusional larp. A good one wouldn't encourage and "support" it either. He's probably a bit of a wishy washy bendover who would let her spiral into anything

No. 1531454

File: 1652778097651.png (1.15 MB, 640x893, breeding pool.png)

What did they mean by this

No. 1531491

Do u have other sisters who could guide u through? Moids dont seem to understand us and what we go through

No. 1531498

Seriously the primal desire of having a boyfriend even after transing, what fujos. And still retain their breeding "mpreg"/"detrans kink".

No. 1531503

They reinforce it but can't fit into the box they want it for themselves.

Holy shit there actually are moids who were staying through thick and thin? God bless but I don't feel any sympathy for moids, yet in this post I didn't see the typical kweer obnoxiousness though.

>inkling made her trans

I don't know whate he meant but ine video game would break a steady couple by causing one of them to troon out? That's crazy, given the propaganda pushed in the new '20s

No. 1531542

>my grandma thought I was sick
That's because you are sick.

>tries shoehorning politics into it

Red team or blue team, everyone knows you're female. Seethe.

No. 1531596

>I felt evil and chaotic
Yeah, you sure did stick it to the man.

No. 1531615

Sage for blog. My fakeboi sister said about being a lesbian without trooning could land her a chance of discrimination and pressure to scold her partner (if she has one) for being a "dyke" or "too masculine" and dump her, like kek wtf? She thinks being a "lesbian" would decrease her masculinity plus increase her femininity and the opposite for her partner, and that jealousy will start to manifest and she would feel super awkward. I asked her if she dates a girl in the future and the girl wants to troon, she replies that it would invalidate her and she would force herself to return to "AGP loli mode" in an attempt to balance her partner's troonery. Posting it here because after observing many lesbian psychology and fakebois, there seems to be a reason why a lot of them want to troon and not just stay lesbian but the topic is not readily available. There seem to be a number of ftms seething about how their girlfriends become more masculine and accusing of trying to mimic them/drag their masculinity down, as if homosexuality is half relationship half competition for gender roles/top-bottom roles.

No. 1531661

File: 1652801428947.jpeg (101.89 KB, 553x680, FJa46dxVIAAV0Y1.jpeg)

What an embarrassing person.

No. 1531687

They do live like everyone else to some extent, it's just an extra layer of social media ranting about strange things.

Kek incoming douchebag whom she can't cope the encounter with.

No. 1531694

File: 1652803657760.jpeg (436.89 KB, 828x991, BBC4964B-A80F-4ADB-BFDA-320D33…)

Not a single encouraging hashtag on this screen

No. 1531707

I have a TIF friend who complains about mpreg fics and that if you're going to write mpreg, you might as well write a trans male character lmao. You can't win with these fucks. Anyway trans male shit should stay the fuck out of fanfiction.

No. 1531710

>troons out to avoid misogyny
>still experiences misogyny plus you now have a mutilated body

No. 1531715

File: 1652804766937.jpg (92.21 KB, 1080x844, FSWCmW8aAAA2cEp.jpg)

No. 1531721


No. 1531733

Idk what the fuck that text is, the original is Bear Springs or some shit, but I don’t doubt this is a ftm fetish.

No. 1531735

>TIF friend
sorry for your loss

No. 1531753

Why can’t they just see how stupid this is? It’s so many steps for no reason! You can be you and dress however you want, being unsure of yourself and not meeting every gender role is just being human.

No. 1531758

This one actually made me laugh out loud. It’s just so stupid and has no barometer on reality at all. Oh no, some random woman on the web is writing omegaverse yaoi with your favs. God who cares, they really need to grow up. I’m getting tired and bored with these aidens who try to control narratives around pregnancy.

No. 1531761

This mentality comes from the fact that men are celebrated for expressing themselves by showing feminine aspects (see Harry Styles) whereas femininity in women is expected and never rewarded. A girl in a dress gets zero attention for being unique. And on the flip side, women get very little celebration for being masculine.

So they want to become boys who are feminine so they can also be rewarded for being unique and expressive in their style.

No. 1531764

kek, yeah, it honestly is a shame. I think she's actually quite smart and despite being a TIF, she also realizes some of the trans ideology shit doesn't make sense because she sometimes complains about it with me, so I've been slowly trying to peak her, especially because I don't want her to get any surgery done. Her family is homophobic and treats her brother way better than her so I don't doubt that played a role in her transing. It's tough though because I genuinely don't want to ruin our friendship. She hardly ever talks about being trans and doesn't make it her whole personality so that's the only reason why I've been able to tolerate her.

No. 1531766

It is so hard when good female friends become TiFs, because usually you have a lot in common with them and it’s hard to see someone you care about become misguided that way. You can’t really say anything about it or it will risk the friendship (and possibly your reputation if they’re very far into the ideology and decide to tell others that you’re a TERF or whatever). Had to walk away from a really good friendship once because I just couldn’t take it anymore. It became all she would talk about and insufferable to deal with. I hope someday maybe she wakes up from it, I’d welcome her back.

No. 1531767

File: 1652808831725.webm (4.4 MB, 576x1024, cisgays.webm)

Gotta love Aidens trooning out and letting that be their excuse to be unironically and unabashedly homophobic against the dreaded "cisgays", lmao. Buttsex=poop is basically a twitter tradcath tier take on gay men.
(Not that I don't think anal sex is gross, I do, but if men want to do it with each other I really don't give a shit. At least their prostates make them actually capable of enjoying it.)

No. 1531773

but harry styles is a major celebrity that wears somewhat feminine outfits for fashion magazine shoots every once in a while. if people see a regular dadbod type guy on the street wearing a dress or makeup, they're just going to assume he's a weirdo/sexpest/tranny lmao.

in the average ftm's mind, being a man appears to be equivalent to being an eternally androgynous 21 year old k-pop star / emo band lead singer. its as delusional as the hot anime girl mtf fantasies in that it has absolutely zero to do with the actual lived realities of the opposite sex.

No. 1531790

File: 1652810106764.webm (11.9 MB, 576x1024, upset with haircut.webm)

The haircut is too "feminine" for her.

No. 1531791

File: 1652810163838.webm (2.3 MB, 576x1024, "fixed" it.webm)

But she "fixed" it and made it more ~boyish~. It looks the same to me..

No. 1531795

File: 1652810190009.webm (638.08 KB, 576x1024, finn.unhinged.webm)

No. 1531796

kek, I didn't know the scene girl look was trans now

No. 1531805


such masculine speech patterns and body language kek

No. 1531810

oh lord i gave myself that haircut once, and i was thinking of doing it again, i think it's cute and extreme feminine kek

No. 1531846

Recall the 'boys in maid dresses' or 'boys in tennis skirts' trend on tiktok. Any skinny white boy who put on a skirt got hundreds of thousands of views during that time. Shortly after, the 'I want to be feminine in the way boys are' trend started on tiktok. Unsurprising when girls who wear skirts and dresses on the daily suddenly realized boys get 10x the attention and praise that they do for the exact same thing.

No. 1531848

Lol, were there anyone in the comments calling her out?

No. 1531866

nta but the approval Bl porn addicted teenage girls doesn't translate to IRL, if those boys wore those clothing IRL they'd get made fun of by both boys and girls, like there is clearly an element of TIFs wanting male privilege but shit on twitter and tiktok doesn't translate much to real life, they will get made fun off

No. 1531913

File: 1652818823427.png (263.06 KB, 950x1081, tiktok comments.png)

I'm glad you asked, I forgot to check when I first watched the video. Pretty entertaining stuff lol.

(Side note, this ratpissboy person is insanely annoying. And OF COURSE her username is ratpissboy because all TIFs are apparently carbon copies of each other. Why are they all so into the "I'm a gross little goblin" shtick??)

No. 1531940

File: 1652821253809.jpg (62.56 KB, 1144x740, E2Pqm2JWEA8Rs10.jpg)

Off topic but I'm fucking wheezing at "am i allowed to have a gentile preference? /srs"

No. 1531955

>He's probably a bit of a wishy washy bendover who would let her spiral into anything
I think you’re right and that most of them are likely desperate pushovers. The only man I can think of that notably stayed with their FTM spouse was Zac Bertschy, he married >>1528947
…And subsequently killed himself after Chapman filed for divorce and took all his money.

No. 1532166

File: 1652837664779.jpeg (760.25 KB, 1170x1556, 9C05389B-767D-4433-900C-74CEC8…)

found this on twitter

No. 1532167

File: 1652837688350.jpeg (261.77 KB, 705x1525, 3F405ED9-219F-447A-B002-5041F5…)

No. 1532189

The partner in this post sounds like she's in her mid 30s at least. I wonder what it was that made her transition?

No. 1532267

the comments are so kind to him, I KNOW they would not say this to a women stuck in a relationship with an MTF

No. 1532450

what the fuck is that? kangaroo with a lizard's tail?

No. 1532467

File: 1652880127861.jpg (25.8 KB, 288x608, Screenshot_2022-05-18-15-58-18…)

tif is married to tim and they decide to have a baby. tif is like "just because im pregnant it doesnt mean im a woman" yea sure jan.

it's weird to me that having a pregnant woman with her tits out is ok since she cut them off and calls herself a man and i saw some "non-binary" dude have his tiny hormone boobs censored. I also checked her channel where she made a review for "packers" or whatever and they were realistic looking penises and the video wasn't restricted. i know youtube is weird about this stuff but still

No. 1532520

The TIF looks awfully scrawny for a pregnant woman; her arm looks like a fucking stick. And that baby is gonna get grow up all kinds of fucked up, poor thing.

No. 1532526

File: 1652885477868.png (838.63 KB, 800x1001, 356EF113-4896-4CED-92A2-2B63B2…)

Why is carrot top her transition goals?

No. 1532637

File: 1652894803063.webm (1.95 MB, 576x1024, t4t.webm)

That's called being straight homie

No. 1532645

File: 1652896011072.jpeg (95.47 KB, 1170x627, B6A4A078-FCCD-43C2-BE2A-7DFB7A…)

Do they ever get tired of making shit up

No. 1532646

I don't get straight couples like this larping as the opposite sex. Is it just because literally no one else wants them besides another trans person? Or did they troon out together because they're both attention whores?

No. 1532647

Every radfem I’ve heard talk about this is very aware that TiFs still experience misogyny, even from other trans. They are so weird with this bullshit.

No. 1532649

You know what, samefag but no. I’ve ONLY heard trans people use this rhetoric that TiFs experience male privilege. I’ve never even heard a normie say this.

No. 1532650

This is just what their masters, the TiMs tell them to say.

No. 1532655

File: 1652896617227.jpg (218.56 KB, 720x960, 20220518_205624.jpg)

a BL genshin artist still keeps lying to her followers about being her kids' "dad", on top of lying being part Japanese. She birthed both of her kids, so… I just don't get mothers who decide to troon

No. 1532656

They really are just going full homophobe on main now, huh.

This is what happens when troons call anyone who disagrees with them a TERF. The words lose all meaning.

No. 1532660

File: 1652896768239.jpg (100.37 KB, 613x798, IMG_20220518_205859.jpg)

Very manly

No. 1532662

If this were my mother I would run away from home.

No. 1532673

Do girls who larp as mtf count as fakeboi too?

No. 1532678

File: 1652898297870.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024, huh.webm)

Why is that a problem??? Why do they expect everyone to understand the constantly changing rules around what counts as transphobic? Just chill out jfc

No. 1532700

What a fucking non-issue.
You cry about people not willing to fuck or date you and the moment someone is willing, you take issue.

No. 1532720

kek exactly by this logic "radfems" are just TiMs because they're the only ones saying this shit to TiFs. We might as well just start calling them TERFs too because it seems to be the ultimate gotcha for these people.

No. 1532799

i actually like it, she took the princess diana and car crashed it. but like did she really name herself finn? why is every other gender special girl named finn? i must be missing a reference

No. 1532810

I think it's from Adventure Time

No. 1532813

Exactly! There's enough cotton ceiling/boxer ceiling posts online to fill a fucking library but the moment they meet someone who will fuck them, they start policing their speech. These people do not want happiness, they hate it. They are professional victims who barely have a personality beyond getting assmad at things. In the west - even here in TERF Island - they have the same civil rights as us yet they spit in our face and deny it.
>"ackshully we have no civil rights because there's a waitlist for muh gender affirming surgery and people are mean to me in the streets sometimes"
Ungrateful, miserable bastards. Every last one of them.

No. 1532879

File: 1652911913335.png (286.29 KB, 1020x485, reddit_ftm.png)

Again with the "life saving surgery" line. Sorry, your voluntary cosmetic procedures will never be on the same level as those that are actually medically necessary.
Most people think massive fake boobs and BBLs look bizarre too, even if the people getting them also suffer from body dysphoria. I mean, you shouldn't be a dick to someone's face about that sort of thing, but you can't blame people for noticing.

No. 1532889

File: 1652912928004.png (252.06 KB, 1028x410, bluetooth.png)

More milk from r/ ftm lol. This is by far the most embarrassing thing I've seen in ages.

No. 1532915

My response to her is just um…okay? They always come up with the most teenage girl passive-aggressive tactics to get back at their parents kek.

No. 1532990

> you’re my daughter and nothing is going to change that Susan
> lol here’s some BDSM vids mom take that I’m a real dudebro!!!1!
Yep totally normal justified actions there. Just fucking disgusting. From tifs sending their fleshtube pics to their moms to this shit these girls are showing really creepy behaviors towards their parents especially mothers, borderline incestutal ones. Anyone wonders why? I mean there’s one thing being upset with a parent and then there’s… this

No. 1533036

That’s Kikomi

No. 1533057

Adding to >>1531207's response, the fandoms she seems to be in make me highly doubt she browses 4chan. If anything, anime series that are mostly or only really popular amongst the /a/ crowd (CGDCT Kirara shows come to mind) tend to have mostly male fanbases and hardly any TiFs.
The series anon's sister seems to be into are the kind of that /a/nons generally consider to be "shonenshit" that Redditors like or "fujoshi garbage", nevermind that the fact that her being into Yuri on Ice and Black Butler has probably already drastically reduced the chances she actually uses that site.

No. 1533094

she looks EXACTLY like her url and i don't know how to explain it

No. 1533095

oh god i slid from she/her to she/they once…i can't even remember why i did it(no one cares)

No. 1533128

Mommy issues. BPD from BPD mom. Doubt the parents are normal at all if the kid is that fucked up. Not that it justifies anything.

No. 1533135

I noticed TiFs and fat positivity people talk the same about their bodies. They think their bodies as a vessel that they "live on" instead of it being literally their whole selves. They have the same view that radical christians have about the body being a prison for the soul and thus it shouldn't be cared for. It make me happy thinking when they life styles lead them to an early grave they would feel the dread of knowing that's the end of the road and they could have prevented.(learn2sage)

No. 1533137

The realization they are aging and that society despise older women but let men act like children at any age.

No. 1533171

Because they are older women and society in media and jokes portrays older woman as uncool Karens the fun police, so daughter has to prove how different she is from the boring/nasty older women, plus the dad has a better chance of physical/financial punishment so there's less risk of retaliation. A women will be upset and try to negotiate, a man will get angry, maybe even violent.

No. 1533201

File: 1652935844086.jpg (50.68 KB, 519x677, Untitled.jpg)

ugly fat girls have really latched onto the "i'm such a gross gremlin!!" aesthetic in the past years

No. 1533222

This retard fails to realize normal people don't give a fuck about misgendering. At most you'll get strange or confused looks.

No. 1533223

I absolutely adore when troons think like this because there are very fee things funnier than when someone thinks they're making a grand statement just to be looked at by normies and the non mentally ill as if they're a retard. Misgendering is like shooting a cannonball at a troon but it means absolutely nothing to anyone else

No. 1533241

How did this girl get to this old without ever meeting or interacting with a single male to understand they dont behave or think like this.

No. 1533284

dang my ex is almost a carbon copy of neutral fakeboi
feel so bad for her, hope she doesn't kill herself

No. 1533291

How long will it take for tranners to realize that no matter what someone calls you or how you may be perceived by others, it's never going to change your biology. Being trans is some serious mental illness for real, like it must be so exhausting to have your entire identity and sense of self be so dependent on everyone constantly verifying your delusions and needing to be perceived a certain way to feel validated.

No. 1533299

Why are the sterotype of tifs always girls? Are they like, childish or too young or something? I know adult women who do it
Might as well they be orphans kek

No. 1533341

The cultural shock, i feel so bad for people from third world/emerging countries trying to understand this.

No. 1533353

Imagine /pol/s reaction(moid)

No. 1533376

File: 1652963657331.gif (1.15 KB, 29x50, 1647363704511.gif)

no one gives a fuck about /pol/, moid. We are aware you guys like to come here and look at what the LC girlies are posting about to see what we're thinking but I promise you, it's not and never will be the same way around. You guys can only dream that any of us would be interested in your stinky scrote opinions, let alone be retarded enough to actually say the words, unsaged, "imagine /pol/'s reaction". We hate /polfags/ here, why would we ever give a fuck about what exists on that single shared braincell?

Neck yourself.

No. 1533379

This. Remember when they stole/reposted Kikomi comics? They're pathetic and can't meme for shit lol

No. 1533388

semi-related i notice a startling amount of east asian artists i follow on twitter are proclaiming to be trans and using the pronouns now

sage your shit dumbass

No. 1533401

shes giving jan skylar

No. 1533428

She’s doing that sort of ugly face a lot of girls do to appear more quirky and it’s just funny. Like other nonas already said, they need to grow up. There are tons of people who get misgendered all the time for being GNC and people just not knowing if they’re male or female, from having a more feminine or masculine voice over the phone, etc. Know what they do? Wave it off and laugh because it has no bearing on reality and a mistake was made. If someone kept doing it, maybe they’d step in further and correct them, but it’s not going to put them on the route to 41%.

No. 1533463

they're literally just bored girls with nothing to do irl other than navel-gaze and doom scroll tiktok

No. 1533470

File: 1652973727540.png (155.21 KB, 1358x291, detrans.png)

I can't believe how many upvotes this got. What a hateful attitude.

No. 1533480

This is the kind of stuff that made me seriously start to see it as a cult. The way they ostracize people who leave, and disparage all the experience the detrans have.

No. 1533481

Kind of transphobic to say they were never really trans

No. 1533493

Kind of ableist to use the term "insane"! Cancel her!!

No. 1533500

i do think calling it a cult is a bit far tbh, especially because GCs also get upset at/ disbelieve troons who were once GC, for example. definitely weird though.

No. 1533502

Are there any? Not to sound like the stereotype kek

No. 1533508

yep (at least they claim to have been GC – more likely they just scrolled through terf blogs as teens, but still). ive also met an unbelievable number of transitioning GCs (most of them ftm, but there were a couple moids too). GC transguys are often like "oh, i know i'm a woman. i'm just transitioning anyways" which is based half the time and super annoying the other half.

No. 1533568

But we don’t even have subreddits or places to talk about it anymore. If anything, hearing a trans person say they were once GC just makes it seem more like a cult because it can brainwash so easily.

No. 1533585

>life saving surgery

sage for blog but my brother actually needed life saving surgery and his appt kept getting knocked back by cancer patients because they were priority.

their entitlement is sickening.

No. 1533587

File: 1652981983990.png (128.19 KB, 988x496, reddit user fauxphallus.png)

This is just sad. Poor mother.
Same person as >>1532889 btw, now we know what her parents did to "deserve" that. What a fucking nightmare of a human being.

No. 1533598

i honestly want to know how old this girl is if she’s still so dependent on her parents and went to get mum when worried she’d done something wrong.

i can’t help but wonder if she got that T legally.

No. 1533626

File: 1652985935007.png (1.71 MB, 1632x1210, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 9.44…)

Dove Cameron has been posting stuff like this lately. Trans arc incoming?

No. 1533627

File: 1652985994912.jpg (15.57 KB, 226x300, 23b779b9b32fadbf8a7a00472eb274…)

>that sun damage

No. 1533658

Don’t you nona? Skincare is just for women, not enbys or fakebois.

No. 1533688

>deep seeded
Money can’t buy intelligence. What an idiot.

No. 1533707

File: 1652992801288.webm (2.26 MB, 576x1024, mars.wright.webm)


No. 1533709

NTA but moids will literally cause physical harm

No. 1533719

Yikes, they all look like weirdos and butch women.

No. 1533730

Tinfoil but I'm predicting a they/them era for her. Even if she is a relashionship with a straight guy, she says she is bi and she has been trying really hard to get closer to the lgbt community. I think it's because one of her song about loving a women is getting super popular, she has realized that she can build an audience based on that. I also saw a live where she was doing a lil naz x cover because he is one of her favourite artist. I think she is in the classic "bi women with straight boyfriend who is obsessed with gay men so she feels like she has to become a they/them to be more special" pipeline. I might be wrong though kek

No. 1533762

Somehow they come across even more feminine than regular women when they do stuff like this

No. 1533786

File: 1653002722952.jpeg (120.11 KB, 751x900, CFAE7BD8-703E-4334-B97B-9BE849…)

No. 1533798

came to post this, saw it on discord. it was posted by this 4'11" fatty wannarexic who complains that no man will want to date her. when people say she should just t4t, she says she wants to date a real man bc uwu internalized transphobia LOL she has the he/they/scone pronouns, not even joking. if someone dosn't call her scone or sconeself once a day she cries/vague posts in the vent chat.

this is in a pro ana discord, so interacting with them is what i deserve

No. 1533831

File: 1653005384512.jpeg (149.81 KB, 1242x965, 41754365-9885-48F7-9375-E532BC…)

Is this a TIF? I’m good at clocking TIMs, but with TIFs it’s hard to tell if they don’t have that typical creaky voice.

No. 1533976

The dangerhair speaks for itself, nonnie.

No. 1534107

Feminine mannerisms, small hands, oldest video and insta post are only a year or 2 old and the voice sounded higher only a year ago, the insta feed is 99% selfies which is very typical of women… and their youtube is about the sims kek

No. 1534121

interesting, the way they move looks like how actual women move and not how gay men imitating women move. idk if you know what i mean.

No. 1534127

>when people say she should just t4t
we didn't need proof that "t4t" is a coping mechanism for the undateable, but there it is. lol

No. 1534188

File: 1653058267986.png (66.01 KB, 989x276, based doctor.png)

No. 1534190

I was about to subscribe to the channel, but I don’t follow troons. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

No. 1534192

kek did she want him to write that she was a man transitioning into a man? that makes a whole lot of fucking sense

No. 1534251

File: 1653065252597.jpg (101.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'm noticing more and more non-disclosing TiF streamers/influencers. Picrel is Seanie Dew, a Stardew valley streamer with an uwu little adventure boy aesthetic - just look at the carefully arranged Dipper Pines hair and hat ensemble


No. 1534254

this person looks like they touch kids

No. 1534262

There's also movementbydavid, who I'm like 99.9% sure is a tif larping as a flexible twink

No. 1534277

whatever this individual is, their voice is earrape.

No. 1534278

She looks like the pedophile and the young boy he molested at the same time.

No. 1534283

jesus how can someone be this insecure? showing off your mangled body to convince yourself you haven't made the worst mistake you could've ever made. i can feel my skin stretching just looking at it. looks very uncomfortable.

No. 1534296

The pose is so female.