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File: 1468395293681.jpeg (62.96 KB, 399x500, image.jpeg)

No. 154765


>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler

>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which prevents her from saving for her japan trip, expects fans to donate to her patreon to fund the trip
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei

the rest is history anons

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Link to original thread:

No. 154770

File: 1468396088063.jpeg (521.13 KB, 1258x1258, image.jpeg)

No. 154773

File: 1468396271575.jpeg (73.85 KB, 839x427, image.jpeg)

will she ever stop torturing her hair? I am surprised she even has some left…

No. 154780

fucking hell I never want to dye my hair, as soon as you do it just fucks it forever, let alone if you dye it numerous time like this crusty example

No. 154781

but also funny because I've lost two campaign offers for refusing to dye my har(don't blog)

No. 154784

She looks nice in this pic, then I realized it's because she's not doused in pastels.

No. 154822

blonde hair and dark clothes suit her so much. she should go back to het dark/gothy phase. she looks really nice like this!!

No. 154880


I just really want to talk about the fact of how she mistreats her boyfriend. In her Animartime (is that even right spelling) she kept blaming Colin for forgetting her Artist Alley things because she couldn't be arsed to blame herself.

Also, did anyone else notice how displeased she was with third place in the novice category? It's a shame that mommy couldn't pay for her win this year.

No. 154881

File: 1468420615949.jpeg (73.05 KB, 736x612, image.jpeg)


To be fair, her old look book pictures looked really good in my opinion… Such a shame she ditched it. It is not my style at all but she managed to out colors together so they would match and i love the mix of fabrics…
I can't understand how she went backwarda from this.
Also, looking through her old lookbook acc…. Where a r e all those clothes??? What did she do to them??

No. 154882

She probably sold them, like she does with any fashion she gets bored of. Remember lolita?

No. 154885

She looks awful with blonde hair especially since she wears it yellow most of the time. Her roots look disgusting and her complexion is much too dark that it looks tacky. If anything, she needs to go back to her natural colour and let her fried ass hair heal. She looks like she's wearing a party city wig.

No. 154900

She looked SO much better skinny

No. 154901

Woah chubby

No. 154902

can we just talk for a second about the MATCHING SHINY PINK VEST AAAAAAAA how tf does she talk her manwhores into wearing this shit with her

No. 154934

How could she even make him wear this. Meaning how could she DARE to. Like… Imagine… It is this guy's prom too, right? One day he'll look back and have so many regrets…
Just because his sucky fashuuun designaaaa gf had a phase he had to wear this tragic piece of garment.

I honestly feel sorry for him…

No. 154939

and the sequined bow tie holy shit
he looks like a toddler about to perform at his first rodeo, outfit

handmade with mama's love and all.

No. 154943


I'm glad her last boyfriend got out while she still had a grasp on what fabrics look good on a person.

No. 155024

Holy shit, this is the same girl? She used to be really cute and the outfit isn't awful either. What the hell happened…?

No. 155059

>too dark
Girl if Beyonce can look good with blonde hair it can't be too dark. I don't think you know how undertones work, there's no such thing as a single shade of blonde that suits everyone so she could look good in it if she actually tries to match it to her complexion.

No. 155283

File: 1468449877654.png (609.17 KB, 850x433, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.43…)


No. 155284

WHY does she wear that tacky unflattering jacket every day

No. 155286

Beyonce looks bad with blonde hair too. people with dark or light complexions are born with what they have for a reason.

No. 155288

I know it's been said before but that glitter just on the parting looks like nasty dandruff and not at all kawaiipasteldollyuguu
It's totally fine to dress counter culturally and against the status quo but when she does shit like that which doesn't even gel with the image she's trying to sell it just becomes too obvious that she isn't making a statement, and she's oblivious to the fact she looks shit

No. 155333

(runs back open armed) I've missed this thread

No. 155340

Oh my god, do we get our Pixie thread back? Yes!! Thank you new admin, I'm so happy to get back to bitching about this spoiled brat.
I'm also very intrigued about her new bf, not much discussion about him yet. Anyone else get really gay vibes? He seems to be all over her/overly complimenting her in every video.
Also her mom must be super chill, I know my folks would have NEVER let me room alone with my bf at 17 like shes been doing at cons… though maybe mama vessey thinks he's gay as well…

No. 155342

I think she's admitted to having an eating disorder during this time (thinly veiled references in videos too) so she probably doesn't even fit into those clothes anymore even if she did have them. See >>154770 she's gotten a bit hammy

No. 155425

I find it so funny bc I've been dying my hair for years and currently constantly bleaching/dying it blonde, and yet it's still sooo healthy. I guess she just has shit hair or something.

No. 155437

idk I feel like she's trying to copy lovelylor who has been rocking the green for a while (albeit a different green)

No. 155455


Honestly i wouldn't be surprised if her mum came visiting her at the con. Literally her mum is all over the place. She is obsessed with her daughter.

No. 155526

Her boyfriend looks like he wants to cry because he's forced to wear that holographic nightmare vest.

No. 155529

Wow, she's gained so much weight since these photos.

No. 155551

i bet it looks like shit

No. 155552

wasn't her thread shut or something?

No. 155553

she looked better bc she was skinny but also bc photoshop!

No. 155578

her old pictures are also photoshopped to shit, her face is getting into uncanny valley territory.

No. 155671

Anyone friends with her on FB? I'd love to see if she's posted anymore lulzy "japan trip updates" where she whines about not having money/pretends she's not going with her mom. Or just caps in general, since I feel like her videos are getting even more annoying.
>that fucking lip smacking thing she does

No. 155803


Ugh that lip smack. Remember her metallic lip stick haul? Where she was smacking all the time? I nearly puked.

Unfortunately i am not, i kmow there was somebody in the old thread but i guess when she was a banned cow the person left for kiwifarm …
Come back anon!!!

I still highly doubt she will go to japan in the next 2-3 years…
And to be honest i don't believe her for a second when she says "a friend of her mum" picked up the too face palettefor her
Lol if my mums friends were generous i'd be spoilt as fuck… I bet she's afraid of people thinking like this about her.

No. 156097

File: 1468687035310.jpg (302.11 KB, 2048x1462, 13603561_1136303549753772_5182…)

Those shoes
The styrofoam peaking out of the wig.
Can we please talk about how bad her attitude was during her new con video.

No. 156106

what a shame, she'd be decently pretty if she went back to her natural hair colour (brown? black?) and wore normal clothes and make-up in neutral colours. at 18, you should be outgrowing this sort of thing instead of dressing like a 13-year old anime girl.

No. 156107

>at 18, you should be outgrowing this sort of thing
Nah. Jillian's a fucking mess but the main problem with her is how she acts like she's hot shit and doesn't take criticism. The 'growing old gracefully' thing is a shit meme, and to try to imply that anyone is too old for bright colours at 18 is just laughable.

No. 156115

I kinda agree with both of you, it's just that Jillian not only doesn't suit the super-cutesy and especially neon-color looks, but also that Jillian's sense of style is just a fucking mess so she would be a lot better off wearing normal mature clothing rather than trying to go for "alternative" flashy things which are much more difficult to coordinate and pull off.

No. 156120

this haircolor looks way better on her though.
I actually think she did a good job with this cosplay though, better than I thought. The skirt is off and the shoes need work but its better than that prom thing.

No. 156131


this makes my blood boil.
girl, you are NOT Doremi. Nothing like her.

No. 156134


samefag rant incoming but where's her tap? She has the wand where's the tap?

Huge doremi fan since 2004

And some criticism on the outfit in general the skirt needs some help. If she added more petals around the entire skirt it'd be passable. The boots should be a deeper pink but hey, what can you do.

Still dont think she knows shit about doremi. just does it for "magical girl" points when doremi isnt just focused on the magic. each kid in their class has their own respective stories and problems, and while some of the problems can be fixed or lightened with the girls involvement, its usually the kids themselves that act upon their own actions after learning a lesson.

Dokkan is more about the 'magic' but thats after the huge fuckup with Hana. Either way fuck.

No. 156138

Theis is me when it comes to her discussing Precure. Holy shit she had a rant about it and I was groaning throughout.

No. 156168

She looks so much better here, she has a less-punchable face and her outfit actually suits her and works moderately well. Her whole garb and aesthetic now just looks like she grabbed whatever she could from a trashcan, sewed it together, and dubbed it that dumb ass party kei name.

No. 156185

You sound like a boring person who thinks everyone should give up their personal style and wear nothing but suits and ties at 25.

No. 156349


The problem is hat we all know she can do better. During her lolita days and back in her pastel goth and decora days she actually did a good job putting coords together. I wonder when and why everything just went so darm downhill? Imho wear whateffs you like but st least be mature about it. What i mean by that is: know what suits you, don't force clothes on yourself just because you think they're cute and let your style grow with you.

Her whole aesthetics feel so fucking forced…

No. 156549

I can't fucking stand it when she calls things "cheeky". She does it so often and i cringe every time.

No. 156892

>"I don't think it's meant for 8 year olds"

No fucking DUH. Why would Too Faced make a $36 eyeshadow palette for children when their target audience is young women?

No. 157101

File: 1468924288707.png (23.4 KB, 98x76, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.59…)

she has such an old lady face!!! and then she gives that middle aged mom smirk and it just makes it worse!!!!! like that face moms make when they're trying to say 'ha my son got better grades than urs'

No. 157102

why do you all think shes so spoilt? she isnt even that rich? too faced isn't even that expensive..
I think it's sweet that her mom tries to give her what she can
The fact that she makes a video about every little makeup item she bought is what annoys me like what is she even showing off about..

No. 157110


Well there's some pretty spoilt child like shit she's done in the past

Like getting money for a trip to japan(i think there was a gofundme involved but dont quote me on that) only to never go to japan and buy crazy expensive shit instead.
I am sorry but you are right, it is very sweet of her mother but to be quite honest, isn't that exactly what spoilt children are? Those who literally get everything they want?

Also she bought expensive brand lolita items only to never wear them or sell them later on because they suddenly were not her style anymore. Also Tristan spoiled her too back when they were a couple.

No. 157111


Pretty much. She's the Angelica Pickles of the Loli community.

No. 157326

File: 1468965939327.jpg (117.42 KB, 852x475, 7l42hSV.jpg)

From her new thrift haul video

>custom jacket for pokemon catching

>wants to do a pokemon go grwm

Why do I even watch this nightmare anymore

No. 157330

File: 1468966471351.png (298.42 KB, 472x358, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 23.1…)


all i see

No. 157332

How the fuck does someone keep spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and not bother to learn how to actually apply it?!

No. 157342

Pretty much what >>157110 said. I agree that it's sweet of her mother to be supportive of her daughter's hobbies and interests, but I think the fact that she seems to be constantly getting pretty much everything she wants without a second thought has desensitized her to the value of things. Thus, her need to have new trendy and expensive items is constantly being reinforced. She's stated quite a few times that she 'has no control' or that she's bought things she doesn't actually want/need just for the sake of having them.

tl;dr I don't think she's spoiled because she gets a lot of stuff, I think she's spoiled because she's never had a reason to truly appreciate the things she already has.

No. 157362

Latest video.

No. 157390

this makeup would look totally fine if she had winged linger (that pointed upwards) and the stuff under her eye was smaller

No. 157454

>"I love buying on impulse and not worrying about how much money you spend!"

We know, Jillian. We know.

No. 157464

I can't wait until she's out on her own and has to pay bills, and can't buy her way into whatever the fuck trend is popular at the moment. Enjoy it while it lasts ya silly twat

No. 157468

Probably going to be waiting a long time anon. Even after she finally goes to college (you know, after making YouTube her career first bc she's so popular and it ALMOST makes money u gaiz!!) her mom will keep bankrolling her. It'll be even worse because she'll actually be in a major city. On her podunk island she can basically only online shop, can you imagine how difficult it would be for her to walk down a Main Street of a big city and not go in every single F21/urban outfitters/Sephora/etc?

No. 157664

Honestly I think if she lived in a big city the novelty would probably wear off pretty soon. She'd probably stop caring about her ~aesthetic~ and buying things from fast fashion stores, and instead she'd start buying expensive brand name shit (which either her mum or idk, a boyfriend would pay for) I can imagine her wanting to be like the trisha paytas of 'alternative fashion' even though her fashion isn't even alternative anymore, just trendy tumblr shit.

No. 157713

Remember when she went to Montreal and bought like 102837283 things plus half of a Sephora store? That video is 25 minutes long….also wtf is her hair

No. 158230

if you are referring to her hair in this vid, i liked it tbh. i think the longer wavy style without bangs looks more mature and the cool colors look good on her

No. 158231

her makeup looks cute in this! it's sweet but not overly glittery and ridiculous, i really like it

No. 158240

She looks a lot less sallow in this vid. That bun is…something, though.

No. 158260

I was talking about the weird bun situation. But i agree, the longer hair suits her better!

No. 158285

and of course this dumb bitch is still supporting and defending Jeffree Star

No. 158291


Is she? How do you know?

No. 158521

File: 1469275558595.png (60.71 KB, 547x501, jillianwhyareyoufuckinggross.P…)

No. 158524

Everyone's kissing nigger ass nowadays. Kinda sad.(There are threads to discuss that. bye)

No. 158542

lol she's justifying his behaviour with the business equivalent of "I'm not racist! I have black friends!" I guess she doesn't want to get shit for promoting his stuff but she isn't the kind of person who would stop buying stuff from terrible people because she think's it's cute. She's said several times that she doesn't really care about the bad stuff brands do and that "her hundred dollars isn't going to make or break their company." which is fair enough, but the way she skirts around the Jeffree issue shows she still will continue to support him.

No. 158555

take the race baiting to /b/

No. 158687

that "have a nice night" at the end killed me too. Like girl, why voice an opinion if you're just going to pussy out as soon as people challenge you? But tbh she's always done this, same as her LACE video - she claimed she knew what she was saying was unpopular and that people would talk about her, but a soon as people (read:Carly) called her out on it she shuts it down, deletes the evidence, and pretends it never happened.
Also on her list of problematic faves:
>urban outfitters
>american apparel
>her papercakes pretty store run by that nutjob
she just half asses everything, from her make up to her beliefs lol

No. 158705

You can put the facts out there for these people and they will throw money at him, which pretty much tells Jeffree Star his behavior is fine and people will still buy his products. Deplorable. There are tons of better makeup brands out there with better business ethics and morals.

No. 158834

>I have no arguments anymore so I'll just stop responding instead of considering your point haha have a nice night
Come on Jillian.

No. 159008

File: 1469416711302.jpeg (111.74 KB, 891x663, image.jpeg)

I know this was a while ago, but I took screencaps of Jillian making funny faces in her con video and you can definitely see how disappointed, and upset she is when talking about winning 3rd place. She looks like she's faking a smile and nearly about to cry/ irritated.

No. 159009

File: 1469416819840.jpeg (79.55 KB, 439x667, image.jpeg)

No. 159012

Or make a valid argument and only have them reply with "shut the fuck up?" because they can't argue else wise. Those kind of people are hella dumb. See: Jeffree's Instagram

No. 159747

I havent been on loldcow in a few months, i cant believe you guys are still talking about her. I have her on personal account. Shes not too smart about what she posts.. i remember a while ago a bunch of 4chan trolls where calling her out of her shit and she called the police…

No. 160538


Do you have evidence for this? (Screencaps) what did they call her out on?

No. 160679

File: 1469629708189.jpg (1.12 MB, 1398x2485, 16-07-27-11-21-32-746_deco.jpg)

Thats the only thing i can find wih out looking back a million posts.
i think Someone ps'd their face on jillians photo for a meme and jillian acted like a drama queen.

No. 160681

Btw someone sent me that screencap. I dont completely remember the drama

No. 160688

File: 1469630718564.png (307.55 KB, 504x361, Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 15.4…)

Thought it said "Guess whose lame?"

No. 160692

Her hair is just so disgustingly unhealthy. She needs to put it back to a normal hair color so it can heal up. And I thought baking soda killed my hair, I clearly haven't seen anything yet.

also glitter roots girl wyd

No. 160709

Even the fan art of her is ugly

No. 160734

File: 1469640188038.png (952 KB, 905x676, img.png)

what's happening on her eyebrows? she has this fold… it's weird.

No. 160737

Her face is just so goddamn smug

No. 160745

Somebody explain to me how she can make a fucking kids make up video 17 minutes long.
And how people bother to watch it til the end

No. 160782

Remember when she was pretty?

No. 160855

Damn, she's obnoxious. She unblocked someone just to start drama. She deserves the hate she gets.



I hate this girl.

No. 160943

When she gonna finally blow those chunks?

No. 161378

No. 161491

Actually, there is a reason for the length. Youtube a while back changed how they "monetize" videos, changing it from views to how many minutes watched. They can then insert more adds in between the video and put up longer ads. It's a really shit method tbh and alot of youtubers who do comedy/animation have spoken against it. Its a system absolutely aimed at vloggers/lets-players(wont lie alot of lets-players hate the change too). So if they hit the 10 minute mark, better adds.

This is the most likely reason Jill's videos have been so needlessly long recently. Videos that could easily be chopped down to 6 minutes and less are now 15+, also for not cutting out the uhms, ahs and weird flappy shit she does with her arms and mouth.

tdlr-youtube vloggers are the future for money hur dur

No. 161492

i spazzed with ad turning add sorry. Pewdiepie recently did a video on the bulshit ways people lengthen their videos.

No. 161784

File: 1469882049579.jpg (160.79 KB, 1688x1126, 9f28d930-b2f9-0133-a087-0e7c92…)

I feel like she was trying to make her own version of Andy's dress from pretty in pink

No. 161787

Why does it seem like he's trying to act like papa Franku now? Like, he even said something about it. Or was he just trying to do that?

No. 161981

I tried to watch it but it takes Forver for her to even get to the part where she starts applying the makeup. Horrible.

No. 162080

File: 1469985826240.jpeg (219.26 KB, 939x1450, image.jpeg)

Woah dude that is one ling ass arm.

Looks more like an 70s or 80s american girl cartoon character than anything.

No. 162095

Wtf r those feet

No. 162097

Never seen ANYTHING like this before

No. 162106

Everything about this is so wrong… disgusting anatomy.

No. 162171

I remember this like it was yesterday haha

Jillian messaged that girl being like 'um your shitty take that pic down' thinking she would get away with being a bitch and immediately got harassed to shit by that 4chan egdelord's followers hence her desperate fb posts for help in that screencap lmao trying to build her own army

No. 162180

File: 1470024800785.jpg (101.63 KB, 640x480, 3166155840_90e87f9e86_z.jpg)

i beg to differ

No. 162198

Thing is it's not like she's even improved her anatomy after drawing so long. Even her old deviant art stuff looks like the same wonky anatomy and some of the stuff is from 2012 when she must've been around 14. If I hadn't improved in 4 years I'd be pissed. I know she doesn't take constructive criticism at all, but surely she took art at school and her teachers said something. Idk what high school art class is like in Canada, if it's really easy and you just get to draw what you want or something but if she tried to put anything like that on a portfolio she'd probably barely scrape through just because she doesn't think critically to improve her work at all and it shows. If she ever does go to fashion school and produces the same cheap looking shit that was her prom dress… I have no words.

No. 162257

Her going to fashion school is the biggest joke i ever heard

No. 162347

Who does she think is watching these long ass videos?

No. 162386

i tried to watch this but i cringed too hard and had to stop 5 minutes in

No. 162390

Her boyfriend just seems like her gay best friend.

No. 162410

>Game Grumps did it
>it's among their most popular videos

she's hopping aboard the trend

No. 162411

"dress for your body type"

No. 162430

that surprised me too, but rewatching it i think she was making fun of that statement rather than actually supporting it

No. 162522

Okay i din't get it. Why can't she just make cuts in her video??? Like… Who gives a shit on what books they are painting on???? Why nit cut this from the video? There's tons of scenes where i'm like "this contributes nothing to the video".
She doesn't understand basic video making.

The fact that she leaves so many weird af scenes in gives me the imprssion that she thinks those emphasize her quirkymess and cuteness whereas the viewers are actually blred to death.

No. 162579

when did this thread become a thing again? I was missing it.

No. 162601

It was taken from us back when the old adminchan went loco, but now its back again in all it's glory!!

Btw, does anybody know what she is actually doing besides her part time jobs and yt?

No. 162609

In another thread (or maybe this one, reading comprehension fail derp) it was said youtube now gives their partners better revenue by the length of the video instead of the views. Its supposed to combat all the clickbait shit that has ravaged youtube for so long but now people are just adding bullshit filler into their videos to pull in those sweet sweet youtubebux. If your video is at least 10 minutes long, you get better ads and you can put an ad in the middle of the video if you want, fuck the viewers!
I'm guessing this is why pixie hasn't really bothered to edit her videos recently, why edit them if it means pushing past the 10 minute mark and raking in youtubedough?

No. 162668

How did her 'kids make up' video from 6 days ago get 75k+ views?? That must be her most viewed video of all time now (i've never seen more than 50k on her channel and those vids are from yrs ago). Is this super trendy or something???

No. 162670

A lot of the bigger youtube personalities are doing this challenge so if you've watched a few of those hers might come up in the reccomended videos.

No. 162707

so i guess shes never going to upload that birthday party vlog. i bet no one showed up

No. 162790

They did but they all looked uncomfortable

No. 162896

fuck it's at 110k+ now

how did she get another 35k views over night holy shit i'm pressed

No. 162904

If she's so worried about her image, why didn't she do a quick Google search to research on a product and company, instead of just throwing away money on overpriced celeb makeup and promoting it like it's perfectly normal? Is it because the containers for things like Jeffree Star and Lime Crime's stuff is all pink, sparkly and literally has stars or unicorns on it for these people? I honestly think that's why she tried it to begin with. It fits her ~aesthetic~.
Can't these spoiled, uninformed children just get some MAC if they want to feel super special? Why is she defending him even after the fact she knows he's a racist? I just have so many questions.

No. 163010

She's not even consistent she brags about buying Jeffree Star's shit but actively hates on Lime Crime. It's gotta be brand recognition because Sugarpill and a few other smaller brands have sparkly packaging and superior quality but she doesn't buy them she only buys trending shit.

No. 163016

Good, then she can stay the fuck away from Sugarpill. Shrinkle doesn't need a tryhard fanbase full of Jillians and Jeffree stans.

No. 163838

No. 163843

hahaha even from that thumbnail you can tell he doesnt want to be there so good

No. 163863

Can't wait for him to stop appearing in things

No. 163874

why are they dressing like cringy failed scene kids

No. 163875


Because that is what they are, anon, that is what they are.

No. 163877

Also someone please shave her head, her hair makes me want to puke it's so ratchet.

No. 163878

It hurts me to look at her because she's so badly dressed and her hair is so ugly. She's trying so hard to be funny/quirky i can't even watch the whole video.
They make me think of modern days scene kids. Cringe.

No. 163879

these clothes are so trashy especially the plastic skirt
AA is so expensive and it's not even worth it lol

No. 163884

She looks like a mom trying to be "hip and cool" with her extremely embarrassed son.

No. 163888

those purple pants had me DECEASED

No. 163900

he looks so embarrassed rofl

on a sidenote I actually like her makeup here, she should do the understated look like this more often it suits her way better

No. 163905

Why the hell does his face always look like it's covered in yellow bruises?

No. 163907

her boyfriend is such a faggot holy shit

No. 163910

At least she's stopped putting that weird ass confetti by her eyes, what was she thinking with that?

I think someone's said this on here before but her 'genderfluid' boyfriend really gives me GBF vibes.

No. 163919

I noticed that too, åt first i thought it was some kind of Jeffrey star colour highlighter but its not shiny

No. 164105

they're truly the worst

pixie has fallen so far

No. 164116

They say it's lonely at the top and a long way down. I hope she savoured her dignity when she had it

No. 164138

This boy is pussy whipped to hell, holy shit.
Poor fool doesn't even realize he's just an accessory.

No. 164194


I really feel like Jillian just continues to make fun of him and he just takes it because he genuinely likes her. Like other anon said, he doesn't acknowledge he's just an accessory. She makes these videos with him not because she likes him, but because she can just make videos with him constantly fulfilling her dreams of couple clothing and whatever the fuck. Also, pastel? Girl that is HOT PINK you're making the boy wear.

No. 164208

I always wondered if she dumped Tristan because he didn't fit her aesthetics anymore…i know it's p far fetched but you never know with this girl…

No. 164209

He was Lolita and she's "not about that life" now

No. 164210

File: 1470690506750.jpeg (754.78 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


No. 164212

You'd think with all that money she throws on gaudy clothing she'd at least have the sense to invest in a pair of pants. God help her if a breeze comes by.

No. 164218

Wow, I actually think that dress(?) in the first pic is really cute. Dem lips, tho.

No. 164241

anyone else find her outro "I'll see you guys in my next video which is not this one because this one is over" really stupid?

No. 164301


See this is what i don't get…check out her old lookbook acc. She did have some sense of fashion back then. It wasn't my cup of tea but imho she was able to out together some pretty decent outfits. But now im her weird Party Key phase, her sense of fashion seems completely erased.

Also it feels like she is always buying new shit with every new hair color. Meaning she can't wear the same stuff with the lime hair than with the pastell blue hair. Why doesn't she stick to a color for a bit? It feels like such a waste for all the clothes…

No. 164317

Does anyone else think she's already drifting away from "party kei"? Compare her weird drawings from her first party kei blogpost with what she shows now in her hauls. It's all boring neon coloured tumblr shit. I thought party kei was meant to look like some weird mix of gaudy swankiss stuff and tacky holographic pvc stuff but now she just wears regular clothes and dyes her hair that awful shade of green. I think she looks best with the pastel blue hair, I agree with >>164301 in that she seems to always buy new outfits for each new hair colour. This time the bright green involves all these random ~normie~ clothes that are straight up ugly. Like wtf were the shirts in the thrift haul, I remember when she was a ~lifestyle lolita~ she probably would've thrown up at those shirts. Idk what it is about the green hair but it just makes her look like a really tacky grandma and not in the cute "kitschy" way she thinks she looks.

No. 164318

samefagging but with all the weird new style changes why does she still insist on wearing that cheap looking grease costume jacket ffs.

No. 164344

She literally only looks good in a blond wig, contact lenses, white + pink frills, elegant heels and general sweet hime-sama type she used to go for. She literally would have never become popular had she started out with the neon gaudy crap. Her first 10k subs were all lolitas that already watched Lor/Peachie etc because none of her videos discussed anything else, seeing as she was a "hardcore lifestyler". Only later on did she diversify with terrible anime and makeup tutorials which I guess attracted all the slightly quirkier edgier normies.

Remember she only made her 'fashion identity' video last summer, literally a year ago announcing she was quitting lolita. But two months before that she was swearing on her life nothing could ever make her leave the fashion? And then like 4-5 months after quitting she invented the party kei community. And now 6 months later, you really think she's going to stick with the party kei bullshit lmao clearly not.

No. 164346

File: 1470751699144.png (1.06 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4964.PNG)


See I can agree with this because her current purchases would not fit her "partee kayyy" aesthetic. Also, since when does vomit green hair fit any kind of cutesy party aesthetic? Japan already has that shit down pat.

Get out while you can Colin, best of luck to you.

No. 164347

lol I definitely don't trust her to dress like what she originally called party kei but I do wonder if she'll try and change the style of party kei according to what she likes at the moment.
Clearly she still isn't over the dumbass confetti by the eyes so I guess as long as she keeps doing that she'll keep calling it party kei and the few people who originally liked her party kei aesthetic and joined the 'community' etc. are gonna be pissed af lmao. I wonder if she'll ever make a 'leaving party kei' video or if she's smart enough to not make the same mistake twice.
Ever since she did that kids makeup video she attracted a bunch of normies and little kids who hate her swearing so I wonder if they'll even go back and watch her lolita videos when she seemed less tacky and weird. Probably not. Yes I remember, it was when she went through her short lived larme phase which was just weird as hell and didn't seem larme at all.
Maybe she's trying to look like the 6%dokidoki girls with that hair colour. I don't really keep up with that stuff much but from what I remember they looked just as bright but at least it was somewhat cohesive most of the time. I can't understand for the life of me why she bought that god awful plastic skirt thing. I don't think that fits any aesthetic, I'm surprised she's not forcing Colin to wear it. I remember everyone was saying Tristan was whipped as hell for having to be her 'lolita lifestyle' ouji boyfriend but at least that was cohesive, the shit she's making Colin wear. Apparently he's nb so I wouldn't be surprised if she had them wear her skirts and stuff.

No. 164353

She'll wear that plastic skirt in one or two ig pics and then we will never ever see it again. Just like she will never wear those tacky shoes she bought for her prom ("da dreaaam shoooeeezz").

Tristan was just as tacky with his ouji style BUT at least it felt to me as it was his decision and ge generally like lolita/ouji fashion. Colin just seems to be her queer accessory.

No. 164389

I don't understand who her fans are. I admit to loving tacky tumblr shit and she doesn't even do that right ?

No. 164473

when you get a new set of sheets or some curtains they might come in one of those plastic holder thingys. tbh you could just cut the top and bottom off one of them and get the same effect as that skirt for less money, and have a new set of sheets too.
i agree with you so much anon.

No. 165155

No. 165161

>"that 90s Clueless/Mean Girls vibe"
Maybe it's my oldfag showing but IIRC Clueless is very early 90s and Mean Girls definitely came out sometime in the early to mid-2000s?

No. 165164

Yeah, Clueless is 1995 and Mean Girls is 2004.

No. 165166

File: 1471032031742.jpeg (126.36 KB, 750x375, Peco.jpeg)

I like how little research went into making her style. Even people under a fashion subculture follow certain motifs or colors. This is literally a pinterest. She basically admits all the time she just slapped a label on her own style and set rules (that she doesn't even follow.) Secondly, the silhouette and the colours aren't even close to the two movies she mentioned. I don't see any of the cast in that movie putting sequins under their eyes or wearing neon vomit clothing. She wants everything to fit her aesthetic so bad, and because nothing does her style gets worse and worse.

>Peco-kei uses darker colours.

Ok, Pixie.

No. 165250

Wow how much photoshop on that last photo lol. Tbh I'm not that fond of peco kei, it looks almost as tacky but at least it's less gimmicky then whatever party kei is meant to be. I agree with >>165166 saying that her fashion style is basically a pinterest, she just took all the shit she thought looked cool and gave it a name without even thinking about if it even works together (it doesn't) She says in the interview that she doesn't want to pick a style so why on earth did she try to create her own? It's not like she'll ever be motivated enough to work hard and produce her own brand so what's the point of trying to create some kind of subculture/jfashion if she's not going to follow it herself? Originally her post lolita style seemed like oversaturated swankiss style, then it became some sort of wannabe 80's Jem thing but now it's evolved to pretty much every tacky neon vomit thing she can get her hands on. She doesn't even really shop at japanese stores anymore, the only 2 she still talks about are spinns and wego which aren't particularly unique or special, just trendy fast fashion that she'll wear once or twice and we'll never see again. Only thing she's stuck to is the glitter under the eyes but I feel like her trying to be unique japanese party kei thing is pretty much over. Just the regular basic bitch fawning over Jeffree star and american apparel with the occasional tacky harajuku thing thrown in so she still feels unique. She'd look a million times better if she dyed her hair back to a natural colour and went back to wearing lolita or even larme.

No. 165276

she talks like Sarah Palin and it scares me

No. 165372

How can you have all that money and dress so colourful and be BORING AS HELL.

No. 165374

She's proof that money can't buy you taste. Although, one may speculate that she's compensating her boring nature by essentially peacocking for the entire internet to see.

No. 165635

File: 1471202170669.jpg (92.86 KB, 750x750, tumblr_obwvbunGCg1qfdplwo1_128…)

Does anyone else feel like she's overcompensating her boring personality and un-kawaii hobbies by saying she's "a big ol weeb xD" all the fucking time? And she doesn't even do that many weeby things either besides watch magical girl anime and playing her 3DS (which according to her is apparently a weeb thing to do)

No. 165641

so uhh whatever happened to that band she threw together?

No. 165707

She doesn't actually play her DS or any video games? I think she owns like one or two versions of Animal Crossing that she admits to never touching.

Her 'weeby' interests are magical girls/harajuku fashion/wanting to live/study/work in japan/idolizing their culture. Apparently she also likes some trendy jpop and idols.

No. 165758

Honestly all I see is that she got rid of that awful vomit green finally

No. 165764

Let's be real here, the green probably just sank into her wardrobe. it'll be like three months before it's completely wiped from her system.

No. 165844

I remember watching in one of her videos that she said that she's
going to get into witchcraft/Wicca lately because she has a lot of friends who do it. I don't know what worse, her picking up Buddhism just because 'Positive vibes and good aura guys :^)' despite her being white and raised atheist, or her hopping on this fake tumblr bandwagon with it's 'spells, crystals, and herbs' bullshit that doesn't make any sense at all. She just did Buddhism because she probably wanted to say "Look at how different and special I am." and this is what she's going to use that bandwagon for too.

No. 165867

I'm not wicca myself and tbh how people celebrate it can be different but tbh Wicca isn't honestly that bad? It's a bit hard to describe but, for the most part, Wicca is basically paganism brought into the modern age. It's hard to call 'Wicca' a religion though since it's (at it's core) about being more in touch with the world around you. I dont see the issue with people thinking spells, crystals and herbs work since arent spells basically the same thing as praying anyway?

I totally admit that Jillian's lying though because she is way too materialistic to actually be wicca and since she attempts to hop on any idea that will get her more popular.

No. 165922


A fundamental part of wicca is the belief in the god and goddess, accessing the divine feminine and divine masculine, and revering the spirits of the elements. So it is certainly a religion. (Note: I'm not wiccan either, but I am pagan). But it would be inaccurate to say it's paganism brought into the modern age since there are a lot of thriving pagan religions that still exist today (e.g. asatru, celtic reconstructionism, hellenism, druidry, etc), wicca not being the sole one.

That said, if Jillian ever went the wicca route, she couldn't be buddhist as well since there are obvious conflicts between the two. Not that she's actually buddhist to begin with but y'know. I think she just likes this stuff because she can then feel like an irl magical girl, casting spells and shit.

No. 165928

Praying and casting spells aren't the same. I see casting spells as "I'm going to put all this crap together because it's guaranteed that I- a mere person can change events just because I put some crystals and herbs together." Praying is "I HOPE that this works and it turns out well, but I have no say in if it actually happens/works." Praying is just good will that's not up to you, casting spells is "I can MAKE this happen because I'm powerful enough". I can't believe that people think things like "Christianity is about hating gay people, believing in praying away sickness, and it's full of misogyny and hate." and "Being Muslim is about being a terrorist." yet the main element in both of them is "You're supposed to love others." and think that their a bunch of bullshit that isn't real- yet believe in pagan religions especially Wicca. Like, I still don't understand.

No. 165936

People practising wicca are either 1) middle aged women, usually of hippie persuasion (think really long hair, frumpy clothes, crunchy, has a chicken farm), 2) former 90s/early 00s teenage goths, 3) tumblrinas.

The former 2 are harmless and usually really fun to be around and don't take it too seriously. They usually stick around for the subculture.

The newer generation of Wiccans is fucking mental though, and they're trying their darndest to bring feminism and identity politics into it. They also take this shit super seriously along with the Zodiac, Tarot and other voodoo. I'm 100% certain Jillian and her pals belong in this category, which is hilarious.

No. 165954

new vid ugh

No. 165959

I'll bet you anything she created the video with the intention of getting millions of views and asspats from the tumblr and facebook "OMG EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH ThIS LOVE URSELF!!! plz share so everyone can see" types.

On a side note, am I the only one who felt strangely uncomfortable watching it?

No. 165987

>I was really underweight. I don't want to give you a number coz its sad

Isnt this the same chick who screeched about her 20" waist in her LACE/bullies video?

No. 165994

Yes same girl, but her 'underweight' phase was way before LACE. By the time she was a "lifestyle lolita" she had already overcome her anorexia. Her lookbook pics are the best example of her ED days.

No. 166029

Why do these people even care what people think of their bodies? Other peoples' thoughts on their own appearances really shouldn't be any of their concern. It's pretty creepy how much these HAES/body acceptance people care about other peoples' private thoughts.

No. 166030

I'd wish that she'd talk about personal stuff more, like her backstory. Like her history of anorexia, depression and anxiety and being able to get out of that but I know that those can be very personal topics to talk about and would make her and other people uncomfortable/upset. She doesn't need to even talk about that- she could do vlogs can talk about how her day went,

No. 166063

…..you want a sheltered, spoiled, middle-class, rural Canadian white girl to give you her backstory? like literally that is all you need to know about her? do you expect her to have fairy godmothers or?

No. 166118

I feel like she's gotten way more cringey over the past few months. I used to be able to get through her old videos but she's just so painful to watch nowadays. She tries to act funny and quirky but she just comes off as annoying.

Different anon, but having her talk about serious stuff like that might make her seem a tad more relatable. She's always been pretty entitled and shallow, so it would be interesting to hear her talk about something serious rather than *~uwu body positivity*~ all the time.

No. 166122

She had to remind us that she's ~genderblind~ lol and she still has an 'aggressive hourglass waist' wtf
You're definitely not, I felt the same way. I personally hate these kinds of videos, they just feel super creepy assuming that everyone absolutely hates themselves and trying so hard to relate but it just feels so fake. Like I know Jillian doesn't give a shit if I like my body or not. Usually they're just fishing for views and likes rather than actually wanting to spread a message, and seeing as it's Jillian, it just feels so fake and unlike her to make a video like this. Even her 'stop comparing yourself to others' video was decent since it seemed like she actually had something to say rather than just making the token "body positive" video for likes and subs. If this is the road she's gonna go down trying to do the whole inspirational tumblr thing, i'll probably unsubscribe. I understand when people like Demi Lovato or whatever do campaigns and stuff about body positivity because everyone knows that it's coming from experience. Even though Jillian has apparently came from a self harm/ED background she didn't say much besides that she used to be underweight and she's happier now, so the whole video sorta seems shallow? Obviously some things are personal but if she's not willing to share those kinds of things, why even make a whole video about it?She just makes it out that she was skinny and then she gained weight.
All in all it was just boring, I had to watch it on 2x speed to get through it. It didn't feel inspirational or motivational at all. I'm assuming that she just thought up the phrase/had some epiphany about "your body is not a problem that needs to be fixed" and then she rushed to make a video from there and there's not much else behind it, no thought really went into it at all and it shows. She could've just tweeted the sentence and had the same effect/gratification.
I agree with >>166118 that she has gotten somewhat more cringe recently, Idk if it's ever since she got that bloody jeffree star palette but ever since that video she's been insufferable. I still go back and watch her older videos and enjoy them but lately they've been just like skim through once and never watch again because they're just embarrassing. I also do agree that since she does come off as sheltered and unrelatable, it would probably be nicer for her to talk more about serious stuff that she actually cares about rather than pretending that she cares about body image, she probably only made the video because she saw someone point out she gained weight or something and saw it as a way to pretend to be motivational, not because she cares soo much about anyone's body image.

No. 166126

>aggressive hourglass waist

If Jillian has an hourglass waist, then I'm a flying tomato. This is almost "lines from working out" tier delusion.

No. 166129

Idk, people who usually talk about their ED/depression/MENTUL ILLNESS almost always make it out to be some tragic Batman-esque backstory for asspats. Jillian sounds like the type of person to milk it for all it's worth so I'm actually impressed that she doesn't mention it almost at all.

No. 166144

Another thing I've done research on is the exact amount of people she's dated over the years (research makes it sound creepy lol, we live in the same parts of canada and have irl mutuals so its not that weird).

In this video she claims she's dated an ~equal~ number of genders to come across as experienced but tbh she's dated three dudes and the girl doesn't count in my book.

Jill's dating history:

>(12-13 years old): dated a girl for 2-3 months, unknown name, friends with Walter

>(13-15 years old): dated Walter for a little over 2 years
>(16-17 years old): dated Tristan for two years exactly
>(18 years old): currently dating Colin for 7 months

No. 166147

Yes, anon because it's not like I really care who it is or what their race is, not everyone needs to struggle with the same issues. And she's interesting when she talks about her life because we never get to hear what happened. Remember her "My Year In Review" and "Sleepover Chat Session" videos that a lot of us and her subscribers actually wanted to hear about because it was interesting to see how Jillian acts outside of YouTube?

No. 166154

(same anon as above) Maybe it's because she's from around the same area as me or because I've met her and know her friend network but hardly anyone around here has "real life issues hurr durr". It's rural Canada. It's really boring. There's enough green grass and fresh water for the entire planet. The most exciting thing you'll see is soccer moms airing out homemade pies on the side of their windows.

And the Vesseys are a traditional friendly, supportive, hassle-free type of Canadian family. They provide for their kids even after they're adults, pay for their education, and they're liberals (pro mental health, lqbtq+, marijuana legalization) so their parents have always been patient/loving with Jill and her brother Giles (who's also a little eccentric).

I found her 'year in review' 'sleepoverwhatever' videos very, very boring. I used to feel the same way about her 'self confidence in lolita' or 'how to buy lolita when youre poor' videos. She just doesn't have any life experience that makes her interesting.

If you can happily relate to that than I hope you are seriously not over the age of 13.

No. 166167

Listen, Jillian. Everyone needs a little self improvement and we're in a crazy day and age where fat and even morbidly obese people are told they're beautiful and don't have to change a thing, which is not only false, but dangerous. If you're flabby, fat, overweight– lose weight. Gain muscle and eat right. She's mad because she's gaining weight and people are noticing and her clothing isn't fitting her.

Everyone needs a little fixing up. This is why health and fitness exists. Is Jillian on the HAES train?

No. 166296

Honestly I bet it was just brought on because someone pointed out that she gained weight. I'm about Jillian's age but I just don't get this mentality that you should never be criticised about anything and that everyone should kiss your ass or else they're a bad person. It's not even that she's spoilt and sheltered as some people say, she's just so oversensitive. I had a friend like her in high school who was similar, oversensitive as hell and so overly PC that no one could really stand her,she used to fight with all the teachers that didn't want to kiss her ass, then she dropped out for god knows what reason and it was great since we didn't have to walk on eggshells anymore. I wonder if that's how Jillian's friends and coworkers feel about her. When you go out and talk to people irl and they all know that fat acceptance people are full of shit. They'll openly share their opinions of how they think it's dumb as hell and that it's not healthy or beautiful and it's just gross and dangerous. It's only people online that try to spread that kind of bullshit and then they go out in public and get their little feelings hurt because no one is an overly PC tumblrina like them. Some cultures it's normal to comment on someone's weight, my family always points out when I've lost or gained weight, I'm pretty thin so usually I decide if I want to lose/gain weight again and then do something about it, not go on the internet all ~uwu body positivity i'm so great~ because if I did I'd probably be obese by now. Unless you have an ED or body dysmorphia or smth, it's really not that hard.

No. 166556

You honestly are without a clue

No. 166673

Explain it to me.

No. 166679

Did she call AA "wonderfully weird" in that interview? Most of their clothes are just basics that sometimes come in less common materials or colors.

No. 166680

Different anon, but things like actually talking about her ED in the "bodyposi" video instead of just going "I really was thin and now I'm not, lol" would have made it a lot more sincere. Her videos and persona come off as very disingenious, sharing something personal makes people more relatable.

No. 166860

those weird kisses she blew…..EW

No. 166867

I actually kinda like this compared to her other videos, even though it's overly long she's more open and personal in this without getting into a huge sob story about her past eating habits. Plus she doesn't fall into the usual "body positivity" trap of "do whatever the hell you want." In this video she actually emphasizes eating moderate portions, mostly healthy, and at least doing moderate exercise every couple days. Without the huge sticker on her face this would be a pretty cute look on her too. I would much rather see her do these sorts of things than just constant haul videos of clothes she's going to forget about in 2 weeks anyway.

No. 167687

New decor haul video

No. 167692

Her make up is TERRIBLE. Jesus.

>$90 at a store

>5 different days

Must be nice to just piss away money on whatever trend your surfing on at the moment.

No. 167697

She looks like a 35 year old mum trying to be trendy and hip

No. 167711

File: 1471907730386.png (461.46 KB, 493x567, Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 00.1…)

That mismatched pink.

No. 167713



No. 167719

I really hate to be that person but holy cow she's ballooned up. I remember when she was cute looking but now with her awful style and how hefty she's gotten, yikes. Girl needs a make-under.

No. 167727

$450 on teenage girl bedroom at mom's house too…how much is a month's rent where she's at…

No. 167730

>I'm thinking of investing in a P.O. Box but they are like $200 a year
>Just dropped $450 in a week on trendy shit for her teenager room that she'll move out of eventually and trends she'll abandon far sooner than that
the collages are cute tho i guess lol.

No. 167733

Everything she does is just so tacky, her hair, her clothes, the weird makeup, how can she possibly think any of it looks good? I really liked her in her lolita days and when she tried to be larme, I still liked her when she first started doing 'party kei' Idk if it's because I've started reading here or because she's just regressed that much but now everything she does just looks bad. Her style has always been going downhill but ever since she graduated high school she's just become a mess. She must literally only ever talk to her boyfriend and her parents who aren't gonna tell her if she looks like a fucking trainwreck. Even though the lolita phase was a little embarrassing to look back on, this takes the cake for cringe. She'll look back in a few years and think 'what the fuck was i doing? How did I like that? Why did no one tell me I looked like such a mess?' Even her prom dress looked tacky as hell, she's gonna look back like 'wow what a mess'.

Give it a few years, she'll realise she looked like a trainwreck, her hair will be (even more) fried. She'll be out thousands of dollars worth of tacky crap that she can't sell back like lolita shit and her embarrassment will be on the internet forever. Surely she can't want to be like this forever? Living on this tiny island in her parent's basement embarrassing herself on youtube and working minimum wage in a candy store? Surely she wants more for herself? It'd be great if something did give her the push to go to fashion school, if she went in with a decent attitude (not thinking she's above everything, actually listening to criticism) she'd probably actually learn a few things instead of just looking like pinterest vomit. It's so unlikely though, she's more likely to end up like Trisha Paytas. Forever gaining weight and dropping thousands of dollars on shit she doesn't need.

No. 167734

I know it's a meme to say cows look old but she honestly looks mid 30s here. Her extra weight ages her so badly.

No. 167735

In what universe is $17 for a pillow cheap?
Also who needs that many pillows? I can understand having like 2 if you have a bad back and need extra support, but more than that seems like overkill to me.

No. 167753

I agree, somehow betwen age 15/16 (when she first started yt) to age 18 she looks like she's aged 15 years. The bright hair/makeup doesn't help either. Maybe if she had long, natural coloured hair she'd look younger and less like a middle aged soccer mum trying to look young and trendy.

No. 167807


Did she literally just spend 60$ for a green irredescent crystal??

No. 167808


Buys 450$ worth of home decor shit.

"I can't afford a PO box becuz muh japan savings guyz"

Oh right…the infamous japan savings…

No. 167814

File: 1471941785891.png (300.48 KB, 476x488, Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 00.1…)

Goddamn, how the fuck will she even move out of her parent's place with all that crap she bought?
I kind of just want to see her be a NEET and buy useless things forever, but a part of me wants to at least see her move out to a bigger city and see if she has a life beyond being materialistic

No. 167821

She's pagan now? Did I miss something? Thought she was buddhist lol

No. 167833

I can't really see her moving out anytime soon, unless she ends up mooching on people.

No. 167836

I'm eagerly awaiting the day that all falls out

No. 167860

No. 167869

Nope she mentioned it a few times in her videos.

No. 167877

This is her worst video IMO… It showcases her tackiness and regression. Fried hair, plastic xmas ornaments hanging off her ears, more expensive children's room decor mixed with literal garbage. Who cares if it's mismatched as long as it's pink?

The neon hair/clothing/makeup is very 2009 scene kid era.

No. 167880

Same anon from before, here's a few screen caps of her saying that, with text of what she said. She dropped Buddhism, maybe it's because she was raised a atheist and maybe that's another reason why she's trying these religions. Of course they aren't mainstream, and whenever she goes on to a new fashion/religion/boyfriend her reasoning is "I like it" and not actually explaining to us why she's changing so rapidly or what the thing is about.

No. 167881

I mean… Maybe she does just like it? Sometimes it's as simple as that.

No. 167882

This. I stopped wearing lolita and moved to punk just 'because I liked it'. Not everything needs to have a long-winded deep reason.

No. 167883

Not scene at all, I'm getting more Cyndi Lauper.

No. 167890

File: 1471972037815.jpeg (125.26 KB, 710x816, image.jpeg)

Here's those caps I completely forgot to post.
I mean, we all know that she's not going to do well and just move on to the next trendy different thing because she's losing progress in everything right now.

No. 167897

i hate how she's picked up the tumblr trend of calling inanimate objects boys……

No. 167944

Not same anon but fashion is one thing, spirituality and religion are things that you can't just change to because "you like it" If she goes in with that attitude it's no wonder she doesn't last. She finds somthing quirkier/trendier/more tumblr that she can pretend is her religion. This is the same girl that said Muse was her religion.

No. 168015

There's also been screencaps posted in the last few threads where she discusses being buddhist. Her pagan thing really only started now-ish or the last few months. For the last two years though, she's identified and presented herself as a buddhist many times.

No. 168021

what kind of buddhist?
or just “basic girl who thinks it sounds cool” buddhism?

No. 168038

She briefly mentioned in one of her videos that her dad introduced her to mindfulness which led her to discovering Buddhism, something about worrying being about just wasting your time unproductively or something like that. I think she said she was a lay Buddhist, but other than that one time, she never really explained to us what that is.

No. 168049


Like that Simplykenna girl oh god…

Why does Jill always just randomly drop this information between two sentences and then never speaks of it again? she's buddhist? Wicca? pagan? Why don't we ever see her actually practice on of those things? I don't think buying crystals because spirituality is what defines a pagan?
It really bugs me… I am neither of those things but if i was i'd be dead offended.

No. 168072

>I'd be dead offended
Because you're a SJW. They're all made up fad religions

No. 168075

>Implying there are non-made-up religions

If it were anyone else then yeah maybe I'd buy it. But we know what Jillian is like with trends. She's 100% in it for the aesthetic.

No. 168081

This is just so priceless to me. (No pun intended.) She isn't willing put aside 200$ for an entire year to have a PO box when a couple minutes earlier she was going on about how she couldn't go into Homesense without buying several pillows. PILLOWS. Girl, you have a serious problem. Like, she's so spoilt that she only cares about things that bring her instant gratification.

>Teehee, Colin and I love going to Homesense just for fun but don't worry, we always buy things! We're not just loitering.

Honey, that is what worries me. There's this thing called browsing, I don't know if you've heard of it before. You can have fun looking around a store without actually making purchases! Amazing, right?

I mean, does she seriously not realize that? Or is she just making lame excuses for herself?

No. 168093


I am not even close to being an SJW. I just said IF i believed in one of these things THEN i would be offended.

No. 168238

File: 1472090060016.png (621.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

The new kitten she's buying.

No. 168252

I dub thee "Prop"

No. 168258

Please don't insult Cyndi like that.

No. 168280


Because she's being almost as bad.

No. 168300


Puke (Green)

No. 168316

Ill be bored soon w you

No. 168318

Too true, all this kitschy shit shes buying will have NO value, normie clothes,however bright they are and "harajuku style fitting" they are will not have any value. The Spinns skirt will be so ripped and stretched no one will want it, that iridescent pleather skirt might have some value but its probably marked as fuck. Vintage clothing can go on etsy but theres 1000s of those on there and vintage shops buy shit in bulk.
The shit for her bedroom is fodder, yard sale worthy.
Only items I can claim will have "some" value are those magical girl toys and even then the Doremi stick has the most value. Sailor Moon toys only sell well if they are from the later era, not when they were pumping them out at the speed of sound.

No. 168722

She's been dressing like a tacky eyesore long before Melanie Martinez, you guys! I actually find it funny how strangely serious she gets all of a sudden- as if comparing her someone else automatically constitutes an attack on her super original snowflake style.

No. 168729

Fucking hell. When I spend $60 at Wal-mart i feel guilty. How do you spend almost half 1k in less than a week??

No. 168742

She did seem really defensive over it, it's kinda cringe. Like if people say you look like (insert celebrity name here) usually they mean it as a compliment (unless the celebrity is really ugly idk) but she had to get super defensive about how she was doing it before melanie as if she's some kind of pioneer. I don't even like Melanie, I've never liked her music or her fashion but let's be honest, Melanie would never care about the style of "Pixielocks". Also the overall highlighter technique looked okay on camera maybe it'd look nice as some fancy editorial eyeshadow look but in real life it must look awful. Like the drag contouring/highlighting thing. Just looks like a right mess off camera and must be a bitch to get off.

No. 168751

Pretty sure Melanie has been around a couple of years, Pixie only invented "party-kei" within the last year.

No. 168761

I don't understand the people saying she looks Melanie? Melanie is a latina with olive skin and usually dark hair and a hug gap in her teeth. Pixie is the exact opposite. They don't even have the same fashion style.

No. 168775

>glowy cheekbones

What cheekbones? Her face is round.

No. 168784

I think it mostly stems from when Jillian was lolita since some people automatically assume lolita= melanie because at some point Melanie wore lolita ish stuff? I haven't seen comments about Jillian looking like Melanie for ages so it's definitely not the "party kei" neon shit she's going for now that reminds people of Melanie. Tbh I think they're both equally tacky and off putting, but in different ways.

No. 168801

File: 1472262579856.jpg (34.88 KB, 480x320, 6120259.jpg)

underrated post, really

No. 168853

HONESTLY that pissed me off so much lmao like ???? bish ????? Melanie has had her style forever and Jill literally acted like Melanie copied her like……. ok

No. 168899

WHY IS THIS VIDEO SUCH A MESS?? it sucks so bad

she has not gotten any better at filming/editing/time management at all, in facts it seems like her videos are getting lazier and regressing in quality. I swear they used to be more watch-able than this.

No. 169345

I know that if people compared all J-fashion to Melanie I'd be a little insulted too. Most people have that 'hipster complex' of wanting people to know that they liked something before it was cool or mainstream, and I guess this is one of them.

Except she hasn't. Google 'melanie martinez' followed by any year before 2014 and you'll see how different her style is. Also your tumblr typing style is irritating as shit.

No. 169346

Jill only invented Pixie-kei or whatever shes calling it now this year or late last year when she had her "fashion identity crisis" so … what Melanie wore in 2014 is literally irrelevant here because it still predates Jillian's style which she claims is "soooo originuuuu".

That said, even if Melanie is copying Jillian … who the fuck even cares anymore and why is Jillian so butthurt about it? She's the one who made a Party-kei manifesto/guide and is all about people joining her Pixie-fam and shit so it seems counter-intuitive to get all defensive when other people wear a style like hers.

No. 169357

Oh, no, I don't care at all. I'm not butthurt about it, Jill was definitely overreacting. The person I replied to just was 'Melanie has had her style forever' when she hasn't.

No. 169360

File: 1472432490487.jpg (50.16 KB, 637x960, 14079794_1445126765501314_3311…)

No. 169383

She's so yellow. Looks like she's about to die of liver failure

No. 169389


No. 169392

Wauwwwww so body posi desu

No. 169409

How much photoshop i wonder

No. 169417

Maybe she has Gilbert's syndrome. A permanently high bilirubin count, which can cause a yellowish look of the skin now and then.

No. 169419

I have never seen high waisted shorts used for any purpose other than attempting to hide a fupa. She's really letting herself go.

No. 169465

Where the fuck do you live then? Every girl wears high-waisted shorts here and I live in a city of 7+ million people? lmao you're just an asshole

No. 169466

Not that anon, but I take it you wear high waisted shorts? Sorry about your fupa.

No. 169519

Yeah because that's exactly what a lolita wears on a daily basis? Try again.

No. 169529

Or maybe she just has that skin colour? Plenty of olive toned people go yellow instead of white when pasty
She does have a fupa but maybe you live somewhere very hot and and/or unfashionable because high waisted is a big thing right now

Grabbing at straws here guys. This cow generates enough cringe, you don't need to add to it yourselves

No. 169574

This is not a good look…

No. 169595

How dare you say that when she stands before you with a NON-FLUCTUATING 20 INCH WAIST.

No. 169617

Doubt that. It's just bad makeup and photography.

No. 169619

she looks yellow in her videos and this picture, which leads me to believe all the pink throws off the white balance because it her other pics she looks fine

No. 169622

This, definitely. I've worked with cameras, this is what happens when you don't set the white balance to the right mode and wear unflattering colours.

No. 169646

So I just watched her "♡ MAGICAL GIRL ANIME CON HAUL ♡" video and I am pretty sure the first item, a CCS pink Clow card book, that she paid $100 for is a bootleg. Can any other CCS fans confirm?

No. 169655

I found it on ebay for under 50 dollars and shipping from Hong Kong, so perhaps. It could be an old official release for replica cards. She just overspent on it(surprise surprise)

No. 169661

Sorry anon, I meant can anyone confirm if there was ever an official pink set? I only know of 2-3 official sets that came in red, never pink. Pretty sure any coming from hong kong are bootlegs too. Thanks for checking though! And damn yeah she overspent regardless, wow.

No. 169678

not a CCS fan but there was some debate in the short lived 8chan thread (from back when the admin went insane and banned Jillian's thread here) when the video first came out about whether the stuff she got was real or not and we established there weren't any pink clow card books that were official, so yes she did spend $100 on a bootleg, and all the other little figures she got were bootlegs too. Girl needs to do her research.

No. 169735

File: 1472547946701.png (20.97 KB, 96x97, Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.0…)

"I knew that"

No. 169879

looks like we're getting a shoe collection vid any minute now

No. 169899

This just makes me wish even more that she would get some rich brown hair and natural toned makeup like one anon previously posted an edit of, and wear some more neutral clothing, because honestly she wouldn't look bad if not for how tacky this stuff is and how it clashes really hard with her facial features

No. 169930

did she even bother to clean her nails before doing the video? yuck.

No. 170032


Oh yes, can't wait to check how messy the heels of her pink platforms got.

No. 170034

Haven't we seen most of her shoes in hauls and stuff? Why would anyone want an in depth video of her dirty worn out shoes? If she wants to make it like her wardrobe video it'll be really short, and if she wants to go in depth about every shoe and what she wears them with, how they fit etc. it'll probably be long and boring. How about hitting us with that room tour Jillian?

No. 170388

Shoe collection video is up!

No. 170426

You're a fortune teller anon, you got the description of the video almost exactly right LOL.
Though you did miss the fur carpet she stood on which obscured a bunch of the shoe unless she lifted up her leg really awkwardly. Didn't see that bit of poor planning coming but you sure did it Jill.

No. 170427

All of those shoes look like they've been through hell and back at least they look semi clean

No. 170482

She's stomping around like one of those weird fetish videos or something. I bet someone is going to jack it to this, no matter how gross some of those shoes look.

No. 170496

How the fuck does she trash these shoes so much? Does she not think to clean them?
You're right about that. Fucking foot fetishists are the worst.

No. 170600

File: 1472757491811.png (446.18 KB, 720x448, DISGUSTING.png)

she's such a hoarder why would you keep these after looking like this

No. 170622

To be honest I thought it was just some weird ASMR thing but now you say that, it just makes me more uncomfortable.

The video also made me find out that her fans are called the "Confetti Club". Would she have to drop this since we're assuming she doesn't do Party kei anymore. Other than it being slightly unoriginal.

No. 170632

i kinda thought she was copying the stomping from those old grav3yardgirl shoe unboxing videos. but the hideous carpet mixed with her heavy breathing makes it so creepy and foot fetishy

No. 170749

I felt like its copy of beckii's video

No. 170840

File: 1472852420191.png (181.03 KB, 460x388, gross.png)

These heels are so disgusting… she even jokes about how people ask her if it's blood. "No, it's just dirt!"

No. 170844

File: 1472853417988.png (9.22 KB, 255x255, concentrated-regular-bleach-ym…)

No. 170846

Not related to Jill but wow this video is from 2013? Literally all of Beckii's videos nowadays are just showing off the stuff she has but I didn't realise she'd been doing it for this long.

Just ew. I have shoes with white heels similar to this and I literally never wear them outside, if I did they'd look like that. Gross. Has she never heard of bleach or even white shoe polish? Or don't buy shoes with white heels just to wear in the dirt?

No. 170850

File: 1472855667576.png (1.18 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20160902-233016.png)

What's up with her damn toes?

No. 170928

I'm not active in this thread bUT those shoes are so aggravating

Pixielocks if you are reading this, it would be so cute if you got some industrial-strength glue (not modge podge, it'll crack on shoes all those pinterest tutorials are bullshit) and completely covered the stained platform part in glitter?? It would totally go with your wardrobe

Idk if she's never tried washing them or if their just an unfortunate material that forever stains (otterbox cases do that) but CHRIST they look so terrible

No. 171155

Is her patreon still around?

No. 171278

Jesus… How is she not embarrassed by this? What >>170928 said would be a good solution.

No. 171281

File: 1473030948642.jpg (689.9 KB, 1224x792, Neuropathy-3.jpg)

No. 171292

Don't be a retard

No. 171441

Summer favorites video… just in time for fall.

No. 171445

What is her fashion nowadays? She can't throw all of this under "party kei" because most of it looks completely different to how it used to.

No. 171448

She's not even alternative. This shits popular

No. 171455

"I'm paying my mom back for the car"
"I'm saving for Japan"

Lmao OK

No. 171467

File: 1473106042152.gif (923.97 KB, 499x333, Done.gif)

just in time for fail

No. 171469

Yeah just look at the "white" trim and the gate thing in the background. It has a slight yellow cast. Jillian is it that hard to set the white balance against a piece of paper before you film?

No. 171533

I love how she says something to the effect of "this is a badge from my band, Rainbow Valley…which have since broken up but y'know, how long did you expect it to last?" when showing her denim jacket.

Now I wanna know what shitty thing went down with that shitty thing. We know you lurk here, Jill, so spill.

No. 171538

Selling her last lolita stuff for her "japan trip" sure jill

No. 171657

File: 1473135921260.png (220.53 KB, 337x404, 1390690115872.png)

I love how she tried to call out people for saying how she spends all her moms money on shit by saying "well I work and stuff but I'll admit mom helped me buy this car!" Gurl you fucking still live with your parents despite working full time, I doubt any of the money you're spending is on saving up for your own place or buying your own groceries, hell even pitching in to lessen the burden on your parents. Instead we get shit like "teehee jaypun trip!" and 30 thousand haul videos. Nice try pixiecocks.

No. 171662

Yeah that was weird, I think she was more trying to convince herself rather than anyone else since she's always had a part time job, not to mention her youtube income (wouldn't be much to live on but surely she'd be able to at least pay her phone bill or something) I think now that she's 18 and working full time, she realises it looks bad to be fresh out of high school, working (not pursuing any further education) and not contributing to any family finances and just blowing her entire pay check on clothes and other stupid shit.
It was different when she was 16 and had a part time job to afford lolita and here and there her mum bought her some pieces. It'd be okay if she was saving up for college because her family is broke (obviously not the case) but to just be working full time just to buy clothes and shit? It looks bad and deep down she knows it, she's trying to convince herself that she's somewhat more mature than she was at 16/17 but she's just regressed and trying to convince herself that she's independent.
Back when she was 16/17 and still in school she always said she'd move away for college but I guess as graduation got closer and she started making money off youtube the thought of actually doing it got more and more real so she just decided to get a job in a local store and sponge off her parents a bit longer. I bet her parents would've paid for her whole tuition in a heartbeat no matter what she chose to do but she's not pursuing anything so she can 'focus on her youtube career' and work for minimum wage in retail. She'll probably keep sponging off her parents until she gets married and never have the chance to be independent which is totally fine for some people if they accept that but we all know Jillian will desperately try and convince us (and herself) that she's super independent, like how she's saving for this japan trip that's totally going to happen.

No. 171781

Where I live you'd get ripped to pieces with hair and make up like that…

No. 171891

That's probably because she just looks like a mess tbh

No. 171988

File: 1473269526361.png (640.92 KB, 500x843, 0b51fb9ab589bbec71ee1c2358075d…)

She recently posted this and says she needs it all gone "soon" – Maybe her Japan trip is finally approaching?

No. 171994

What do you wanna bet this will be followed by another 100$+ haul video?

She would have more than enough money by now if she was actually able to grasp the concept of being economical.

No. 172003


Her ideas about money and worth confuse me. She says she won't be able to sell her car because it's a 2008 model, as if that's ancient and untouchable. I bought an 11 year old car in high school and it lasted me another 7 years. I see 2006-2010 used cars in car lots all the time. It comes off a little pretentious to me to think a car less than 10 years old is worthless.

But uhh yeah, keep looking for pink seat covers and talk about painting your "worthless" car pink while saving for Japan on a slightly-above-minimum-wage job.

Honestly I'm just a jealous bitch who wishes my parents would buy me worthless shit like her parents do :[ Must be nice.

No. 172020


That poor dress is so stretched out in the bodice. Maybe she's selling them because she's finally gotten too fat to comfortably wear them.

No. 172071

She's aiming to make around $900 from these pieces but I distinctly recall her admitting to spending half of that in homesense over the course of a week? That's not even including the amount she spends on makeup and clothes. Her lolita pieces are probably the only thing she ever bought that is worth the high pricetag.

Clearly if her and her mum have money to buy a car, they have money to go to Japan for a week or so.
I looked up the minimum wage on PEI which she's now being paid more than, it's not much especially compared to where I live but if she's working full time even on minimum wage she'd probably have been able to go to Japan ages ago.

What I don't understand is if she even still wants to go to Japan. She never wears Japanese clothes, just american apparel tier shit. Does she expect to go to Japan and for everyone to be on board with 'party-kei' there? She'd probably only buy ugly basics from spinns/wego or maybe some accessories from 6% dokidoki. Her current fashion sense isn't jfashion esque at all, and we all know she's not going there for cultural experience. It would've made sense when she was in her lolita/larme phases but now if she ever gets there she'll probably just be one of those pathetic white girls desperately trying to get street snapped haha.

No. 172145

fucking hell, $200 for that bag? i've never seen it sell for even close to that much.

No. 172265

Jill doesnt really understand how money works, shhhh dont confuse her

No. 172554

File: 1473435999509.jpeg (21.65 KB, 286x286, image.jpeg)

No. 172753

According to tumblr her japan trip is now been moved to March and she has a solid savings plan lol

No. 172774

She probably just got her mom to agree to pay most of the traveling costs, and hopes that momma will buy her everything once they're in Japan so that she only has to save up the minimum amount of money.

>Jillian dear, have you saved up for your trip yet?

>MOM, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, I needed to spend several hundred dollars on home decor and make up for my glorious YouTube career! Now buy me some plane tickets so that I can finally take that overdue trip to get more e-fame!

No. 172781

No. 172825

She keeps saying shit like "This tacky pillow was only 15 dollars, that's like nothing!", and it just screams "I'm a sheltered middle class child who doesn't know the value of money!"

No. 172830

> $200 for that bag
lmao fuck off Jillian, that's worth maybe half that.

No. 172833

Thing is though, she has 40,000 subs. Her sub growth is fucking minuscule. Making longer videos wont cut it its just gonna turn people off. Edit down your vlogs/videos and make them snappier and shorter. She's aiming herself and what appears to be teens and young adults but that seems to change each time.The reason her kids make up got so big is because KIDS watched it. Kids/Tweens are a big audience on youtube nowadays and always will be and alot of youtubers aim directly at them in some videos and then aim others at an audience they want too. Youtube wants that nowadays and SprinkleofGlitter recently has come out saying I hate this safe shit I have to do.

I have a friend who does youtube with her boyfriend. They gained 100,000 subs in the first year they started doing youtube. A good chunk are kids and tweens oogling at them.

tldr: sort out who your aiming at now Jillian.

No. 172888

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who thought that! I thought maybe I was just being overly cheap, but yeah. 15 dollars for that pillow is hardly a bargain. Especially since it was from the kids section iirc.

No. 172890

File: 1473538234465.png (35.42 KB, 678x278, car.png)

I was glad to see someone (I'm assuming one of her viewers?) actually called her out in the comments, since when I usually look it's just full of asspats.

Does YouTube not go into negative comment ratings anymore? What a shame.

No. 172959

Now that you bring this up I wonder how the new youtube monetisation thing would effect Jill. She swears quite a bit but aside from that I don't think she's that vulgar (at least by youtube standards) but some people might think otherwise? I wonder what she thinks of all these new rules about what you can and and can't make money from, especially since she's now self proclaimed independent and hardworking. I think she really does need to start aiming herself to a younger crowd solely based on the fact that anyone over 15 can probably see through her shit and would get fed up with her tacky style and how she talks about money.

I get she wants older teens and young adults to like her but honestly as someone in that demographic, nothing she does really appeals to me and I only really hate watch her. Surely no sane person over 15 would ever look up to her or take her style seriously? I can only really see kids and young teens actually being into what she does and not just watching her to make fun of her.

No. 172966

New video: Jill starts a series of anime reviews. I haven't watch Utena, so somebody tear this review apart for me.

No. 172982

Ima just say this now
> no one in he lolita comm wanted her
> No one in the Larme Kei comm wanted her
> no one in whatever goddamn fashion she is into now wants her
> for the love of god leave anime alone because the damn otakus do not want or need you we are already having to deal with enough weebs as it is
plus dont ruin RGU for me Fuck i acutally love that series.

No. 172985

Utena is one of my favorite anime ever, just putting that out there- but she sounds like a fucking idiot. Not that she doesn't normally, but that spergness really shines through here. This isn't even a review, this is just Jill spewing on and on about the entire fucking plot of the thing for 20 minutes (with SPOILERS, I might add) and then just ending it saying it "creeped her out."

At least now we know why Jill is such a fucking child. She can't handle "upsetting things" or mature things of any nature, even a fairly tame shoujo anime that has slightly mature themes. What a fucking baby.

No. 173106

what pisses me off more is she's balancing a $100+ proplica behind her WHEN IT COMES WITH A STAND

No. 173111


B..bu..but anon the stand doesn't fit her aesthetic

No. 173128

Lmao all these poorfags crying because some bitch has more money than them
Go sell your pussy to old men if it bothers you this much

No. 173134

Just noticed she's got the new precure weapon too which is $60 lmao what the hell

No. 173161

Wait, so her Disney Channel Look-alike band broke-up all ready? Did they actually do anything other than stand around and pose for pictures?

No. 173168

Hello Jill

No. 173176

Has the band breaking up been confirmed by her?
Anyone ask her on Tumblr or something?

No. 173178

She mentioned it in a video. She was like "this is a pin from my band which broke up but like, come on it was bound to happen"

No. 173182

See no, this is why she should leave anime alone if she cant deal with mature theme she shouldn't watch animes that deals with a mature topic.Not all shows are Sunshine and fucking rainbow JILL

No. 173186

lol this actually made me laugh irl

No. 173226

Well God bless you for sitting through all TWENTY FIVE minutes of that. I haven't been able to get past the 1:30 mark in any of her videos for at least a year now.

No. 173310

all of her videos are insufferably long. 25 minutes? are you fucking kidding??

No. 173352

Her mom confirmed literally over a year ago that she would travel to Japan with her and pay for accommodations + food. And she would treat her to extra shopping. All Jill needs to save up for is …all the rest of the shopping she wants to do. And her own plane ticket.

Her mom is being way more reasonable than most parents basically by saying 'If you can afford your ticket, I'll come and pay for the rest of the trip'

There was facebook caps of this back when she was a weekly feature on BTB. Her mom was always posting on her personal account.

Even funnier is the fact that jill was too embarrassed to admit this to other lolitas so she kept saying her 'partner' was coming to Japan to help with expenses on rufflechat but she was literally talking about her mom (she was dating tristan at the time and he was clearly not going to provide those things).

No. 173395


I found the breeder's page out of curiosity.

tbh, if I were her I would be hesitant to add another cat to the mix, especially another female. Everything could be fine, but she is running the risk of upsetting the balance with the three cats she already has.

No. 173397

File: 1473702598572.png (13.13 KB, 84x74, Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 18.4…)

No. 173398

This photos really pretty but maybe its cause she doesnt look putrid yellow

No. 173399


k lolcow wont let me send it

No. 173441

this "review" makes her sound 12. like, she can't seem to understand anything that isnt completely spelled out. also stupid pet peeve, her going on about how the gayest thing is the opening, completely ignoring juri and all that shit. also the fucking banksy comment holy shit.

No. 173538

I'm not watching this thing, I'm waiting for a Precure video to rip her to shreds over but where is this Banksy comment?

No. 173561

right around the 24 minute mark, she calls it the "banksy edgelord of animes"

No. 173625


>Her mom confirmed literally over a year ago that she would travel to Japan with her and pay for accommodations + food. And she would treat her to extra shopping. All Jill needs to save up for is …all the rest of the shopping she wants to do. And her own plane ticket.

Wow. This wouldn't leave much to save up for. She could have easily done this when she was working only part time.

>Her mom is being way more reasonable than most parents basically by saying 'If you can afford your ticket, I'll come and pay for the rest of the trip'

It is a nice and generous offer that not many parents would make. Especially considering how much other stuff/money Jillian gets thrown at her.

No. 173635

She should really stick to anime that's aimed at children, like Hamtaro or that Animal Crossing anime. She clearly isn't mature enough to "get" Utena. Although, I'd like to see her review Evangelion just to see what she thinks of that last episode.

No. 173639

I'm surprised nobody said "Harambe"

No. 173663

Your entire board is dedicated to hating women. I'm surprised you don't feel at home.

No. 173799

Christ she's stupid. She really doesn't understand the symbolism of anything, and failed to watch the movie that delivers on more yuri. I doubt she could handle it though, naked girls turning into cars are scaaaaryyy.

No. 173838

File: 1473852827854.jpeg (41.38 KB, 505x343, image.jpeg)

>using 'otaku' unironically
>pretending that isn't weeb-tier shit

No. 173927

Does Jill still support Jeffree Star? In the comments she mentions wearing 714, which came back out this summer so she probably just bought. In all her previous videos she kinda of gives an "ehh" reply whenever someone asks her if she still supports him.

No. 173959

Yes, she does. She says that the racist things he said were "in the past" and that he's changed. She also says she separates politics/beliefs from her shopping, which is why she supports American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, etc.

No. 173974

I wonder how long it'll take before all her fans go blind by using lime crimes eye glitter

No. 173977

Hop on board the bandwagon

No. 173986

I like that she used none of the candy that's in that thumbnail.

No. 174003

This video is just gross, anyone who does this is just asking for an aye infection and massive skin breakouts.

And she wants to go on project runway so she can hug Tim Gunn? After this video anyone picking contestants for project runway would probably throw her application in the trash after seeing this shit.

Am I the only one who hates these "full face of" or "100 layers of" makeup challenges? They're not entertaining at all and they almost always look like shit. It's just loads of eye infections waiting to happen.

No. 174004

I like her style somewhat, but her personality is so fucking annoying

She calls her fingers her "fingies"? Bitch seriously?

No. 174009

The candy store she works at is pretty cool (there's locations all over canada) so I was actually looking forward to a cute and interesting candy haul but.. i'm so disgusted and weirded out by whatever shit she's trying to pull here? I'm not even going to watch the video.

No. 174018

good way to get views. I've been watching so many of these from youtubers I don't normally bother with just because they come up in related videos. Love this shit tbh

No. 174042

off topic ngl I hate how much Urban Outfitters has made me their bitch but they get in some weird shit thats right up my alley.
American Apparel is just odd though.

You'd think Jillian would just cake her face in candy, get really into it. Instead she used like 3 things for her face, boring af. People just binge these videos though, its a rabbit hole of no return.

No. 174051


She seems to put absolutely no effort at all into her full face challenges. I mean, she has a access to a TON of different types of candy at her store and she only slapped like four things on her face (and she still somehow managed to make it a 13 minute video damn)

No. 174129

It's probably because she has no politics/beliefs. With all her random trendy religions she picks up purely for ~aesthetic~ reasons, isn't it obvious that she just doesn't care? It's not like she's a terrible person who doesn't know right from wrong but she's made it very clear that she doesn't give a shit if she's buying stuff from terrible people like Jeffree. She doesn't want to outright say that she doesn't give a shit but she skirts around the issue if it doesn't target her personally. She's all about lgbt rights and representation because apparently she's lgbt, but she'd never stand for something that doesn't directly affect her.

No. 174133

In one of her haul videos she recognized that American Apparel is not a very good company to support, but she buys their merchandise anyway because "one person won't affect their company."

No. 174135

Pixie is has a pretty tacky style and no notion of subtlety but I honestly don't mind her personality and the way she speaks, I find it charming in a way. She'd probably be a bit much irl though.

No. 174136

I've met her a few times. She's way more subdued in real life. She just exaggerates her personality for YouTube because she's pretty shy, honestly.

No. 174150

Her video quality is just in free fall.

No you're not. Not to mention some people do really dumb shit like "full face using nail polish". Just don't.

No. 174152

That attitude pisses me off more than anything, just admit that you don't give a shit about the workers or company ethics as long as you get cute clothes. She's so half-baked about everything, maybe that's her anxiety but she seems incabable of expressing beliefs or opinion without backpedaling or getting defensive when she gets challenged or even asked about it politely.

No. 174162

Nail polish? They deserve to go blind.
I don't understand why she tries so hard to avoid the issue. She just doesn't care and everyone can see it, so why doesn't she just admit it? No ethics or morality could possibly be more important than her shitty aesthetic. For someone who wants to be a fashion designer you'd think she'd give a shit about what brands she's supporting or where she's putting her money. But no, she literally only cares about what tacky shit is trendy and needs to grow a backbone instead of backing out every time someone questions her opinions.

No. 174164

File: 1473924639241.png (1.89 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

>"it's like Art Deco"
K, good luck getting into any kind of art school, Jill.

No. 174189

Clearly it depends on the situation. She was slightly calmer during her lolita days during meet ups because she was self-aware and tried to be somewhat ladylike. You can still see she's pretty reasonable and nowhere near as annoying in her oldest videos. I think Tristan socially tamed her a bit too.

The local lolita comm hasn't seen her in two years. She's coming back to our biggest con next month after skipping out last year. I expect her personality/behavior to be very different. It'll be interesting to see if she hangs out with us at all.

That being said, I just had a flashback to a magical girl feminism panel we attended together and she was actually really obnoxious during that time too and freely interrupted the panel with little excited shrieks and hand motions (lots of fucking hand motions) whenever the panelists would bring up an anime or character she liked. Jumping up and down in her chair quite a lot. You get the gist. The usual tell-tale signs that someone is self-absorbed or socially retarded in a group of 30+ people.

No. 174203

>Nail polish? They deserve to go blind.

It's a real thing


No. 174222

File: 1473951631292.png (707.25 KB, 678x752, Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 15.5…)


No. 174232

I don't necessarily think she was more self-aware. I think she presented herself with a different personality partially because she was catering to a different audience and partially because she felt that was the face she needed to present while in lolita. I would guess that would also be part of the reason she left the community.

I don't really see why you'd expect her to hang out with you if you're part of the lolita community here. Unless you've personally kept in contact, she obviously left that group behind. Also, lolita isn't even a huge part of Hal-Con. I've gone for years and don't even remember any official lolita panels or meet-ups (though I know a lot of the local comm works at the maid café, which is an awesome event).

No. 174233

That was fucking horrifying! Some of the full face challenges like kids makeup were interesting and fun to watch at first. When you start putting shit like nail polish on your face it's been run completely into the ground.

No. 174268

How dumb do you have to be to put nail polish on your fucking face and eye area. How can someone be that stupid and desperate for views.

Keep in mind when she was lolita she was like 15/16, she probably felt like she had to adhere to the general efamous lolita thing of being polished and ladylike and got sick of it, now she just doesn't give a shit. In her leaving lolita video she said she forced herself to be full on lolita lifestyler, now that she's 18 and since left lolita and 'coined her own style' she can be as vulgar and obnoxious as she wants. Not to mention the kind of youtubers she watches now are people like Graveyardgirl and jeffree star, so she probably tries to emulate them in being as vulgar and obnoxious as she possibly can. Is it a lolita convention or just an anime/ all round japanese pop culture convention? Most likely she's just going to be a weeb, not to hang out with old friends unless like >>174232 said, you personally have a friendship outside of lolita.

No. 174317

It's neither. It's a sci-fi convention.

No. 174331

Oh so just general pop culture? I doubt she'd hang out with her old lolita friends then, probably will just walk around with Colin and be a massive weeb.

No. 174333

Yep. There are usually two or three booths in the vendors' room that have anime merch, so I'm sure she will pick up some stuff there. Otherwise, I know she plans on entering the costume contest, so she will probably spend a lot of time around that. It's also in the closest "big" city to where she's from, so I'm guessing we'll get a Sephora/Lush/clothing haul.

No. 174397

I hate this girl's voice tbh. Her tone and inflections makes her always sound like she's about to snap and go on an axe murdering spree.
Also everything about this video grosses me out. And she cheated by using regular mascara instead of finding a candy alternative, but using candy on yr face like that is just gross and I hope she washed up after.

No you're not. These makeup challenges are dumb.

No. 174558

Well that explains the sudden urge to desperately sell her lolita clothes, not for Japan but to spend on a bunch of shitty replicas lol

No. 174664

Oh god, if her fans buy her shit then she'll try to pass of replica clothing and bootleg figures as authentic.

No. 174710

I hate these makeup 'challenges' as well. They aren't even challenges, so much as lazy and uncreative people who need to do stupid shit in hopes of more views.

No. 174823

probably, and she'll try and sell them for 100s of dollars

No. 174897

New video, babbling about her wands

No. 174905

Nice she still has an AP doll despite leaving lolita, do it proper or dont do it at all ffs

No. 174907

Very sweet when she said she'll never stop collecting magical girl crap. As she didn't quit Lolita. Or Larme. Or "Party-Kei" (…)

No. 174908

And yet she doesn't even know the proper names of her stuff

No. 174910

And she wasn't even bad at lolita, a bit cringe but she was waaaaay more likeable

No. 174924

Still laughing at how she is flaunting her bootleg clow book she spent $100 on in this video too.

No. 174935

What's this "ladylike" tag she's suddenly been slapped with? You mean back when she was dropping f-bombs in her videos like some nerdy kid trying too hard to be cool? Wasn't she doing that back in her Lolita days? I don't remember for sure because most of her Lolita videos have been taken off, but I do remember thinking when I watched them originally, "boy she really takes the veneer off the image of Lolitas being sweet."

Or is it just that she's gotten worse, so she seemed more ladylike then, by comparison?

No. 174966

Yeah she's just gotten a lot worst. She also admitted that she used to somewhat script her videos and refrain from being her 'true self' aka obnoxious. She doesn't plan out her videos anymore which explains the 25 min average play time on her channel and she boosts about not having to 'think about what she does/says anymore'. Tristan was also a lot more conservative than Colin so that probably rubbed off on her.

No. 174970

Not particularly ladylike, I don't think someone like her would know ladylike if it hit her in the face, but she made more of an effort to seem more sweet and innocent and like >>174966 says she used to script her videos and edit them down, probably just because she had a strike against her account and couldn't upload over 15 minute videos for a while. Now she just doesn't care anymore and swears way more often, for a while when she first signed with maker she tried to be a bit less in your face but now she really doesn't care and in the comments of her kids makeup video she got super defensive in the comments about all the kids saying she swears too much. And I do agree that Tristan did probably rub off on her to be more civil, but now that she has tumblrqueer Colin she really doesn't give a shit and he just encourages her to act like this on the internet.

How could anyone possibly sit through this? A half hour video talking about plastic kids toys? I collect anime figures but I don't think I could sit there talking about them for THAT long. Does she not know how to edit? She needs to cut out all her rambling and just show what the thing does. Someone in the comments called her out for comparing magical girls to religion and she got defensive because she's pagan since last month.

No. 174973

Apparently she knows it's fake but still likes it, she's probably trying to convince herself that it's good since she was stupid and got scammed.

No. 174997

she actually has the doll up for sale on her depop along with all the other overpriced shit shes trying to sell

No. 175078

File: 1474276918795.png (52.44 KB, 411x304, IMG_0811.PNG)


>i know i'm spoilt

>random gift
>i love my mum
>i think i broke it

No. 175083

File: 1474281845767.jpg (45.72 KB, 640x480, 13310473_10201613877466463_849…)

holy shit here's a pic of fetus jill and colin

she was literally 14 or 15 here, not sure about him

No. 175099


I reaaaally liked her punk/alternative/new goth whatever style back then. Her decline in taste in fashion amuses me to the max. I have never seen somebody regressing so much while growing older.
I look back at old picutre snd think JESUS FUCK WHAT WERE YOU THINKING. With her its exactly the other way round!

No. 175100

Since she's coming back to Western fashion it would be great if she could sort of come full circle, start wearing more black and neutral tones again, etc. with the cutesy elements she likes, as she did in her old Lookbook photos. Black goes well with her features.

No. 175101

>with her it's exactly the other way around
..are you sure?
That photo and modern faux punk style makes my head explode with cringe, just the idea of a 14 year old's superficial entry level understanding is super turd gross

No. 175261

It wasn't great but compared to the tacky mess she is now, also she was thin then so everything generally looked better on her.

No. 175502

why does she call everything boys or baby
makes me cringe

No. 175507

File: 1474416680736.png (725.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's made a new blog post, i didn't even know she had a blog


No. 175522

>Also we're getting an H&M and I am more excited than I have been in a long time. Our mall has been so sad and empty and lame for literally forever and FINALLY we're getting some stores that might bring it back to life. We had Target as our big box store in the mall, but that lasted 2 years until all the Target Canadas got chopped. I am going to be one of those people and wait in line 2 hours before they open on opening day. I might vlog it. I might be too ashamed. Who knows.

Why is this bitch so excited over H&M???

No. 175549

File: 1474423462980.png (31.22 KB, 926x184, ryerson.png)

Saw that coming…

No. 175562

File: 1474429022991.jpeg (119.5 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

>"don't really like Toronto teehee"
>bitch didn't you say how excited you were to live in a big city

No. 175564

Because the island she lives on has a pretty small population so they're probably aren't many hip/young fashion places for her to shop in person without having to travel to Quebec. tbh I don't blame her

No. 175594

>Freak has been less busy lately since the summer's ended, so I'm working a teeny bit less but it's still enough for me to save for Tokyo and keep afloat :^)
>Keep afloat

Keep afloat meaning what, spending money on more bootleg frivolous crap?

No. 175600

File: 1474444067943.jpg (109.33 KB, 852x1136, IMG_0812.JPG)

I love how she just goes on an on about how she bought a "work" desk and how she feels so proud about it and then in the pic it is revieled that she just spend 110$ for this tiny piece of shit of a desk oh god….

Idk man but i wouldn't have enough space there to work. But then again…. what work could she even be taking about…

No. 175601

Because she's so unique and alternative fashion H&M is so HARAJOOKOO you know?
Lets be honest we all knew she was never going to even apply. How can it come as a surprise to any of her fans that she wants to keep living in her parents basement on a tiny island for as long as she possibly can.
Making collages of her cats? More drawings with awful anatomy? She has to work to keep afloat you guys she totally doesn't just spend her mums money.

No. 175605

She probably doesn't spend her mom's money in the sense that she isn't give much actual cash by her parents, but they definitely pay for her phone, food, and don't charge her rent. So if she's making $12/hr at the candy store for 20-30 hours a week, it's pretty easy to see how she has plenty to spend at any given time.

No. 175620

that is a literal piece of ikea shit. wtf is wrong with people, you can make a desk that lasts forever from actuall timber, not churned up wood chip dust covered in paint that will break the moment someone leans on it

No. 175631

You almost make it sound as if Jillian actually cares about buying things that are high quality and taking care of them.

No. 175817

she bought a party decoration….for "only" $25??

No. 175878

This desk is from the children's section. How does she plan to sit on that stool and use that as a desk at the same time

No. 176044

Instead of buying all that tacky crap she should've put the money towards a carpet that doesnt look like shit next to all that pink.

No. 176160

Is she a Senior in high school now, or has she already graduated so she can work full-time during her "gap year" on being a successful YouTuber?

(I realize these answers may be in her videos but I just. can't. sit through them. The rambling, slow-paced, all-over-the-map 25 minute messes she posts have become pure fingernail-on-blackboard to me. I appreciate the sacrifices you all make enduring them to give us this information.)

No. 176165

she graduated

No. 176222

Oh Jesus, I was assuming she was still in school. So, this is what she does? Works at a candy store (full time?) and makes these unwatchable videos? That's it?

No. 176240

In all honesty, what else do you expect her to do? She's taking time off before post-secondary. She has a job and some hobbies. She's being a pretty average 18 year old in that aspect.

No. 176241

True. It's not like she's 30 doing this. That's when I'd start raising some eyebrows. She'll have to grow out of being a snooty spoilt brat and learn the value of money sooner or later.

No. 176252

one can only hope. What she's currently doing with her life doesn't bother me much, I had friends who dropped out of high school at 16 to do this kind of thing so at least she has her diploma. I worry for those friends since they literally have nothing going for them, but Jillian is only 18 and still seems to have some sort of hope to go to university eventually, whether she'll actually do it or not is debatable but she does still have her whole life ahead of her. If she's in her mid twenties-thirties and still doing this shit then it'd be concerning and a little sad. As for learning the value of money, that sort of realisation won't come until she moves out of her parents house.

No. 176397

No. 176401

Just from the thumbnail this looks like the most tacky unflattering shit. Going back to her lolita days ( which weren't that great either) she's regressed so much. How can someone's taste go so downhill so fast.

No. 176407

Ok so I've gone and watched it but it's literally 90 percent "normie" clothes with a bunch of tacky party decorations as accessories. Besides the swankiss dress and the gross clear skirt, nothing was even unique? Also why the hel is she doing that thing with her gross ass boots does she not care they look so ratchet?

No. 176415

File: 1474679367673.jpeg (87.32 KB, 736x807, image.jpeg)

All those tacky party decorations and yet, she never bought the Betsey Johnson gift box purse winter?? She either didn't know who she was at the time or completely missed out when it was released. It would have worked with her aesthetic and it's not tacky shit.

No. 176416

This thread has got to the point of trying to help her with her style, it's that sad to watch her fuck up her style. She knows she run herself to the back of the wall, just say you didn't know what you were doing with this style and Peco does it better. Have a Kitschy cute style and be done with it.

No. 176421

Even now Betsey Johnson still has some party decoration esque bags on her website. They're still somewhat kitschy and party themed that would likely be made nicely instead of being straight up cheap decorations. Now that I look at the rest of the stuff in that colour way, literally any of it would fit her aesthetic.
Why in her right mind would she wear that tacky ass plastic clutch with confetti that looks awful. I get that someone made it for her but honestly it seems like they were probably taking the piss out of her, that thing is tragic.
In her lookbook she decided to label herself as 'party kei' officially now so I doubt she'd admit anything like that. She has her head way too far up her own ass to realise how awful it looks.

No. 176439

Yeah, really. There's a lot of things she could have used instead that would actually look good with her aesthetic. Why did she wear those nasty dirty pink boots? If she used her ice cream shoes, that shit would've looked a lot better. JESUS… for someone who wants to be a fashion designer, she sure as fuck can't put an outfit together.

No. 176449

Yeah you'd think that for someone who thinks they're all that with fashion design and sewing, she'd at least be able to coordinate a decent outfit or even make some of her pieces. Her style is literally just normal bright coloured american clothes with literal party decorations as accessories. Nothing about it is unique or interesting. Even us on lolcow can find more trendy, unique pieces that go with her overall style but she doesn't even try.

Sidenote- why the fuck is it party "kei"? I know it was a thing people were mad about when she first came up with the style but it didn't bother me that she called it that because she wore japanese brand clothing. Now she literally has one swankiss dress and the rest is american clothes that aren't unique or cool. Japanese people don't really even call their new fashions 'kei' anymore. She's such a try hard. Is she trying to establish a brand or get attention from Japanese people or something for whatever clothes she plans on selling? Because she just looks like a hot mess.

No. 176475

Not sure if this has been posted yet but holy shit all her outfits are mega unflattering

No. 176480

Exactly what I was thinking: her "triple scoop" outfit is basically a set-up to incorporate those shoes. Also, where are those YRU shoes?

Idk but she talked up her Irregular Choice shoes so much and how much she paid, yet she wore her old dinky-ass shoes with many of her outfits. I'm just so irritated by her shoe choice, especially considering the fact that she has so many nice, new shoes that were not only expensive but barely worn!

No. 176483

Those dirty ass shoes

No. 176484

Her last lookbook was so much better than this, she actually went out and did interesting shots of her outfits but this is her prancing around awkwardly. wtf is that aspect ratio

No. 176485

She mentioned right in the original video that she doesn't wear black, and I think she just accepted the YRU deal for free shoes and/or money.

No. 176486

The aspect ratio was the only good part of this. It reminds me of recent SM videos.

No. 176488

Ah, makes sense. I don't get that about a lot of "fashion" vloggers that go "oh these shoes/clothes/accessories aren't my style, but I'll take it anyway because free stuff!" I just think it's a waste

No. 176493

It's kind of similar to building a resume. You can point at brand deals you've already made when making deals with companies that approach you later. Being able to say "I've worked with X amount of companies and had very successful promotions" with them always sounds better when X is a bigger number.

No. 176540

File: 1474717031146.jpg (47.11 KB, 557x470, ugh.jpg)

Omg, she even gave them a close up! Why would you draw attention that?

No. 176577

This is weird that these even still exist, let alone that she's giving them their own glamor shot. Maybe she has some mild wet-and-mess or shoe destruction fetish. Otherwise…wtf?

No. 176665

Such far reaching. She obviously just doesn't care about the dirt. PEI is completely covered in red dirt and it will stain everything. I agree that she shouldn't give them a close-up in a fashion video or anything but to attempt to say it's because she's secretly into sploshing is ridiculous.

No. 176691

Whether or not she does have a fetish (unlikely) she'll definitely be attracting people who do with those kinds of gross closeups

No. 176773

File: 1474793006620.jpeg (30.45 KB, 236x234, image.jpeg)

Stumbled across this old photo of her and I can't believe how skinny she used to be OvO

No. 176931

New vid!

No. 176941

She looks so dumpy in this, but tbh some of her poses are cute. I feel as if thats what Suzy from GG wishes she looked like when she did her ~kawaii~ poses

No. 176970

Her boyfriend seems like such a fag. She looks so with that awful makeup and cheap looking clothes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 176973

why are you namefagging? Also you shouldn't put your email

No. 177004

i don't think anybody who reps a cannibal corpse sweater in their old facebook profile pic is one to talk


the amount of half-compliment/half-insults in this thread reeks of samefagging or self-posts. what's going on in here?

No. 177006

Oh lordy, he uses "they/them" pronouns. I swear Jillian introduced him as her boyfriend in the first vid, though? Or I could just be remembering incorrectly.

No. 177010

That was boring, couldn't sit through the past minute or two.
No, you're right, she did always say boyfriend, only recently she's said significant other/partner.
She did recently post on tumblr that she's 'really not at all attracted to cis men' even though Colin literally looks like any annoying edgelord cis guy, not the least bit feminine so I'm not sure what her point is, doesn't seem like Colin is transitioning or anything or even androgynous looking, but I guess she has to keep up with it now by calling him gender neutral names, he's always used they/them pronouns, but she's suddenly gotten weirder about it.

No. 177097

Yes, not attracted to cis-men. That must be why she spent 4 1/2 years dating straight cis men compared to the 10 months she's been with colin (whom, even if he is genuinely queer, has only been out of the closet since he began dating jillian, he was a normie this time last year) and the 2 weeks she dated a girl when she was 13.

I also have some sort of milk on her queer/artsy community in PEI possibly dropping her. Jill's bff John is on pretty good terms with the popular kids in that crowd and that's how Jill got introduced to them. She basically idolized this lesbian feminist called Alyssa (was low-key posting about her on insta and tumblr too) because she's sort of a rebel and caused an uproar in PEI over her reputation.

Jill tried really hard to be best friends with that chick but she must have saw through jill's attention seeking ways or something else happened because Jill hasn't been seen hanging out with or talking about any of these people since the end of spring. Back in February-May, this group was her entire life. I wonder if this is also related to her band breaking up because they were apart of the same art community I believe.

Funny enough Colin's ex-girlfriend seems to be on better terms with the inner circle of the tumblrite crowd.

No. 177133

File: 1474900990298.jpg (90.62 KB, 500x501, tumblr_mrwazxknHV1srnypeo1_500…)

Man. I wish she would get rid of the gross colours or something. Her hair looks like snot.

No. 177147

File: 1474904543708.png (1.86 MB, 1182x1182, Untitledd.png)

Alyssa is kinda gross though her insta is onlinepixie if anyone is curious

No. 177168

Why would that desk be $110?? She could have bought a table from a second hand shop and painted it herself for less than $50.

No. 177180

tbh i think she seems pretty sweet, and sorta has the typical instagram emo look with the fishnets and checkered vans

No. 177182

^^ (same anon as above)
i dont really have any opinions on that look, i think its pretty cute but overdone

No. 177201

just to add somethin petty…….. Alyssa isn't following jill on insta anymore

No. 177210

How is all of this under one style? It's all so different she can't seriously consider it one set thing other than Trashy Kei.

No. 177220

She is just wearing whatever she wants and just calling it Party-kei. It is impressive that she can make her expensive clothes look cheap and tacky. And some of her accessories were literally cheap party decorations. I want to burn her Happy "necklace" it looks like shit

No. 177232

lol apparently both Alyssa and her 'partner'/girlfriend idk both use they/them pronouns, how long until Jill starts using them herself?

No. 177744

New video was a bit cringe. She also defends Jeffree Star and using his products

No. 177749

This vid makes me really agree with the anon who said she should just go for the kid/tween audience. This stuff just has no value to older adolescents or young adults but because she makes everything so bright and "goofy" a lot of her videos would be great for kids, as long as she can stay away from profanity.

No. 177761

a bit OT but I feel like the smart thing is to just wear the jeffree star stuff and shut up about it? Why should I give a fuck if the creator is scum if the product is good.

She's trying WAY too hard and it's gross 'you gotta appeal to what people want to buy trust me I'm a youtuber I know'. I'm like gurl ur only pushing approx 10k views per video what are you talking about? You're obviously terrible at 'appealing to what people want to buy'

Also she can toss money at everything but cant afford a good mic? She is peaking all over the place and it's ACTUALLY hard to listen to.

No. 177766


No. 177775

She doesn't think he did anything wrong that he hasn't apologised for? Like >>177761 said she's terrible at appealing to what people want to buy because right now pretty much anyone with any morals doesn't want to support Jeffree. I also don't understand for the life of me why she doesn't just buy mac makeup? They have literally every colour she could dream of in the best quality and it's even cheaper than Jeffree star shit. And how she had just heard of hard candy? I'm pretty sure it's just Urban decay's drugstore brand. Even though she was talking about the hard candy lipsticks, I still feel like I was watching a commercial for Jeffree star.

No. 177784

MAC still tests on animals I think so that's why a lot of youtube makeup people dont use it. Also I'm black and I still use Jeffree's stuff? tbh I love the quality of his lip colors and I dont give a shit about the person behind it.

No. 177788

But Jill doesn't give a shit about ethics, she buys clothes from sweatshop brands, what makes you think she cares about animal testing?

No. 177790

Her habit of calling everything "him" makes me want to break something.

No. 177796


No. 177803

HOOOOOOOLY SHIT so I listened to the whole vid for lols and at


"It comes off easy if you are drinking/eating, kissing anyone, or SUCKING ANYONE…"

Sucking… anyone??? UM.

No. 177806

I swear to god she's watching too much Jeffrey Star, every time she tilts her head weird or says GIIIRL or calls shit she/him… 100% JS. She's just so inauthentic, everything about her is copped from a more popular youtuber. Her post-lolita videos especially seem like she's trying to be a shitty chinatown knockoff of Graveyardgirl.

No. 177809

Sage for old news but every time I open this thread and see this pic it kills me. Her boyfriend looks like he's about to cry and his chin is eating his neck, I feel bad for him

No. 177811

wtf? this girl has no class whatsoever, how did she manage to cope being 'lifestyle lolita' for so long when she's so vulgar. Usually I'm against the whole "women shouldn't swear or talk about sex" thing but she is just so off putting like if I was a pr company wanting to sponsor youtubers I wouldn't go near her with a 10 foot pole because of the way she talks/presents herself. People like her are the reason that the whole youtube monetisation fiasco is happening, brands don't want to work with people who say talk about their product in oral sex… honestly.
Even when she was lolita she desperately tried to copy the mannerisms of other efamous lolitas, it's nothing new, she has no personality besides being tacky and materialistic so she copies what other youtubers do. It's not that exclusive to her though, she could be emma blackery levels or copying.

No. 177910

I cringed into another dimension when she said that, who is she trying to appeal to? Her audience is mostly young teenage girls, I assume.

No. 177928

I think she's trying to appea to the tumblrina crowd since they love fast "quirky" fashion, bright colored hair and makeup. Her problem is her video length. Most millennials (I hate that term) are drawn to small bite size media like snapchat, Instagram, and vines so she'll never get the viewership she wants. A brightly colored 10 minute video with jump cuts will be watched and passed around easier than her 30 minute vlog posts. She even managed to ruin her lookbook by adding an unnecessary monologue in the end instead of keeping it short and sweet. She needs more friends irl so she can talk to them instead of boring her potential viewers.

No. 177932

Why is there pink lipstick in the thumbnail? She didn't get a pink lipstick. Jill why you lying?

No. 177945

Tumblr and millennials are two separate crowds. Tumblr is the 14-20 age range. Millenials are 19-35. There is barely any overlap at all.

Longer format YouTube videos are extremely popular with younger people. Yes, Snapchat/Vine/Instagram are popular, too, but people go to YouTube specifically for longer content. Most people I'm subscribed to post 10+ minute videos regularly, and I totally expect it, especially after YouTube changed its algorithms, and YouTubers get paid per minute watched.

No. 177959


The fuck is a millennial??

Anyway. I didn't get the point of the video… it wasn't even a proper review. Also, THANK GOD SHE DIDN'T DO THE HIDEOUS LIP SMACKING LIKE SHE DID IN THE PAST

No. 177985

Actually no. She has 10+ minute videos because they're the best length to make the most money. That's why a lot of LP channels keep videos around 10 minutes.

You have to be 18 to post here because I dont think anyone of age wouldn't know what a millennial is

No. 177989

Millennials are generally defined as being born from 1980-2000. The range fluctuates a bit but mostly between 1975-1980 as 2000 seems to be the cutoff. So the oldest Gen Z/Tumblrs would be 16.

No. 177990

Wow I messed up my sage and didn't @ >>177959 either, fuck me.

No. 177991

Millennial is literally the catch-all phrase for "Young people who I don't understand that like social media", regardless if they were born in the "millennium" or not. Commonly used by old people or the media to complain about younger generations. I think it'd be more accurate to say they're just pastel loving female tumblr teens that watch her videos.

No. 177994

"Im a millennial blame it on me" - American kids by That Poppy

No. 177995

>>177803 iirc she was pointing at her neck when she said that so I assume she meant a hickey and not oral sex.

No. 177997

File: 1475184059466.png (736.1 KB, 843x661, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

Actually she was pointing to her face.

No. 178017

File: 1475189425143.png (1.46 MB, 1347x1389, 20160929_174730.png)

Everything about her "look" is so gross.

No. 178037

She always looks just slightly sweaty.

No. 178071

yes omg I agreee. She just always looks like she's hot and uncomfortable?!

No. 178074

does she actually have a double chin, or is that just an unfortunate pose?

No. 178098

no matter how much expensive shit she buys she is literally white trash

No. 178103

File: 1475207051476.jpeg (329.6 KB, 1264x1328, image.jpeg)

Pausing & screencapping her stupid faces while she's talking has become my new favorite source of entertainment. I can't stop laughing, does she not realize how awful she looks?

No. 178105

What the fuck is this lipstick?
How can anyone think it looks good in any situation?

No. 178114

>>178105 she's ~~not afraid to stand out~~

No. 178117

She looks like a mom

No. 178124

The way she fills? her eyebrows in makes her face really jarring to look at, compared to her older lolita vids where they were lighter, I think. They look awful with the style she has

No. 178130

>that middle pic tho
Literal clown.

No. 178167

Everyone uses a middle part for odango/space buns.

No. 178172

Okay? Doesn't make her look less retarded.

No. 178173

You're mocking a super popular hairstyle for literally no reason other than it having a middle part. It's just stupid. It's like mocking someone for having their hair in a ponytail by being like ">that hair pulled back tho" and it makes no sense at all.

No. 178174

That anon said middle pic not middle part.

No. 178175

Well fuck me. My bad.

Apologies to other anon.

No. 178238

I am >>178130 and I am mocking her ugly blue lips, you retard.

No. 178248

I misread your comment. Keep throwing around that word, though. Real edgy.

No. 178250

You are retarded tho

No. 178257

So edgy! Keep going!

No. 178267

>"maybe if i say 'edgy' enough times it will make me feel less embarrassed about my lack of reading comprehension skills!!"

No. 178268

>"maybe if i say 'retard' enough times it will make me feel less embarrassed about my lack of vocabulary!!"

No. 178277

why would someone make fun of a middle part
how do you misread something so bad enough to make two posts about it. that is kinda retarded, anon.

No. 178278

>why would someone make fun of a middle part
Which was why I was confused.
>how do you misread something so bad enough to make two posts about it. that is kinda retarded, anon.
Because their reply didn't clarify anything about what I misread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178285

>you're a retard

No. 178294

File: 1475274608625.jpg (2.43 KB, 88x88, mydaddy.jpg)

cool. glad we're all in agreement now

No. 178374

Why must she brag about what she blows on all her tacky, ugly garbage? Seriously, she is a lame ass unimaginative moron who is materialistic and cannot sew. Lol

No. 178386

didn't you know she's totally a fashion designurrr

No. 178438

I can't wait until she actually goes to fashion school and realizes how tacky her look is.It still blows my mind that she managers to sell her accesories for so much since they look like she put in zero effort

No. 178442

She's not going because japon and youtube

No. 178486

I'm >>178130 and >>178238.

But you are. You wrote an entire essay in your reply holy shit.
>so edgy!!!
Fuck off tumblrina, this is clearly not a place for you.

So when you are confused, you don't re-read the content first? You just go on an angry tirade? And if you made a mistake, it's someone else's job to clarify? Your blogpost makes you look just retarded as your reading comprehension did. Or are you gonna defend that too?(derailing)

No. 178505

No. 178652

Can you guys just shut the fuck up and stop derailing the thread please? This is a thread about Jillian, not about who is a retard and who is edgy ffs. God damn.

Ok MOVING ON, I think this color fits terribly on Jillian, what was she thinking?

No. 178669

tbf light blue lipstick is hard to pull off and she is simply not skillful enough. Besides she thinks about her "aesthetic" more than if it actually looks decent

No. 178671


No. 178675

She looks tragic. She should really go back to straighter lighter (light brown) eyebrows like she did when she was into lolita

No. 178934

She isn't even that yellow, she just uses shit lighting

No. 179064

She has a double chin. You can see it whenever she turns to the side, not really from the front.

No. 180028

another unboxing. What a surprise

No. 180030

Besides the crap glitter she stuck on her face she looks kinda good actually. I almost did not recognize her from the thumbnail. I thought she was one of the other hundred pastel tumblr youtubers

No. 180041

The dress is ugly imo but this is way better from the shit she usually wears, if her eyebrows weren't black and she didn't have that eye confetti shit her makeup would look pretty nice. She just needs to stop frying her hair, she's 18 now, either go to a salon or stop dying your hair these tacky ass colours.

No. 180048

File: 1475700710807.png (53.53 KB, 962x336, Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 21.4…)

Just saw this comment on her 'Summer Favorites' video. Looks like she created another account to ask herself this question, as no one would ever question her gender (she's obviously a girl).

No. 180052

ikr that was super weird. I don't think she has ever mentioned being gender fluid or anything other than cis

No. 180058

Or it might just be some troll. Although I wouldn't be surprised if she followed Colin and started using they/them pronouns eventually for extra tumblr points.

No. 180060

If she had better makeup she'd look really cute in this, the dress is nice.
I also cringed every time she said "da booty", just don't.

No. 180062

tbh it looks like pretty much everyone from the queer/tumblr scene on PEI that Jillian was so obsessed with uses they/them pronouns, it's only a matter of time before she stats using them too. Right now it's unfashionable to be cis so it won't be long.

Ugh yeah the way she talks is super cringe, at least there was no "look at this BOIIII" so that's an improvement I guess. "da booty" is her new version of "non fluctuating 20 inch waist" lol

No. 180072

Her makeup and hair looks a lot better in this video and I'm glad she's finally not wearing that cheap ass pink satin jacket. HOWEVER… that dress is ugly as hell.

No. 180079

She's actually outright stated a number of times that she is "cis" or a "cis girl" but hey, Jillian loves reshaping her identity based on shallow trends every 6 months.

No. 180097

I looked that dress up and it was 66 dollars, like she buys new shit every week, she mentioned in the video that she brought that rainbow shirt the day before. I wouldn't be surprised if her mom just gave in and payed for the whole damn trip to japan

No. 180100

File: 1475717088656.png (324.43 KB, 438x572, ew.png)

No. 180109

Thing is she's said before her mum will pay for everything if she can afford the ticket, she has no problems dropping money every minute, if she had any sense she'd just book a flight and if she has no money to buy shit there then it's her fault for being irresponsible and spending her money on stupid tacky shit.

She knows her mum will pay for everything else so she's just delaying it more, I wonder if she even wants to go to Japan or if she just doesn't care anymore. She doesn't even wear Japanese clothes so what's the point, she's going to buy magical girl toys? We all know she isn't going there for "cultural experience" I wouldn't put it past her if she gets there and spends all her money in forever 21 or H&M.

No. 180123

I actually like her hair here. She looks better blonde but needs to lighten her eyebrows desperately

No. 180125

Something about this strikes me as "School House Rock"-kei or just extremely 1970s cartoon.

No. 180126

>"School House Rock"-kei
ngl, I would totally be into that. I love the 70s cartoon style. I see what you mean, though.

imo, the dress is actually pretty cute but super unflattering on her body. Like >>178669 mentioned, she would do well to think about how things will actually look when she's wearing them, rather than just snatching them up because 'muh aesthetic'. It would literally save her 1000s of dollars.

No. 180248

File: 1475772657099.png (34.82 KB, 838x173, Screenshot (78).png)

Noticed this comment on her new video. I actually skimmed all the comments (there weren't a lot) and there were no negative comments. What are they talking about? Does Jill delete all the negative comments?

No. 180309

Ugh, youtubers who act like brats and then delete comments are the worst. Jillian is the definition of "can't dish what you take out." She's so sensitive about everything but it wasn't too long ago that she was a bratty lolita talking shit about everyone, or when she didn't get the lead role in her school play, she gave the girl a hard time apparently. Everyone with eyes can see she's a massive brat, but she herself can't handle negative comments that every youtuber gets. She always says that she doesn't care about the haters because they keep to their own sites (here I guess) but whenever she's confronted with anything but ass kissing she'll try and pretend it never happened (eg. the Carly thing on tumble or when people said she shouldn't support Jeffree star)

No. 180467

That dress so normal and inoffesive. Not her style at all. imo UNIF seems a bit too normal to be her thing.She seems to be moving to a more typical tumblr style

No. 180625

File: 1475853176903.jpeg (295.21 KB, 1440x1080, image.jpeg)

I really wish she wuld learn how to color correct her photos and videos. It's so easy! I did this on my phone and I have no photography skills. Just why.

Also tried to remove her face glitter to see what she would look like without it.

No. 180642

She's at least 40% more attractive without that retarded ass glitter. Good job, anon.

No. 180653

This girl knows jackshit about fashion. I went to design school got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Apparel Design and work as an independent professional tailor and pattern maker. Let me say this just because you love Japanese fashion, which is amazing when done well, doesn't mean you are a fashion designer/fashion maven! Jillian is a cute little girl but that's about it. Without a single doubt in my mind and has no concept on how to assemble an ensemble! I still don't get her ridiculous obsession with dying her hair with all these cheap tacky colors. I recommend she focus on studying silhouette aesthetics and fashion industry jargon. Maybe even a portfolio of her work. That rainbow dress is deeply unattractive on her as well. lol Everytime I watch this materialistic kid's videos, I can't help but feel like I am watching a train wreck in reverse. Such a tragic mess.

No. 180687

You can sell just about anything if you have enough clones following you. lol

No. 180771

You sound just like every asshole in the industry. Just because someone doesn't meet your interpretation of "fashionable" doesn't mean they are fashion victims. She can do whatever she wants and pursue whatever she feels like.

No. 180773

What did you use to edit that? It looks so much better, the glitter and colors.

No. 180774

I get what you're saying but you can't deny that her taste is horrendous and doesn't flatter her at all

No. 180785

It's fuckimg gross. But that doesn't mean she can't pursue fashion. Have you seen half the shit on Instagram lately?

No. 180789

You're not wrong in that she can do what she wants but lets be honest, you have to be blind to think she's the least bit fashionable. >>180653 had pretty valid points and criticisms, she looks like a tacky ass mess and everything she wears is unflattering. You don't have to be in the industry or have some special qualification to see that.

She can pursue fashion all she wants but what she does right now won't be perceived well by anyone that isn't one of her youtube fans and Jillian is one of those people who only surrounds herself with yes men - which is her biggest problem besides her glaring lack of taste. She has no concept of design or what looks good on a person, most people don't when they first go to study it, they think their weird shit looks amazing and anyone who gives them critique is unfair, that's why they drop out. She reminds me of those people who buy a ton of nice decor and furniture but it just makes their house look cluttered and messy, not put together at all, someone said a while ago her whole look is like a pinterest, everything is just thrown on in a mess and isn't coordinated, she doesn't know how to refine and edit things out, that's her biggest downfall in fashion. You don't need a fancy degree to see that.

No. 180793

I used meitu's acne remover tool on the eye glitter (how appropriate hah) and ps express's tint tool to balance the photo to a more red coloring. Fairly basic stuff, really.

She could do the same in a free program like gimp on the computer too. And she should be able to find something to correct the color in her videos too.

No. 180959

File: 1475947872575.png (374.1 KB, 501x593, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 1.30…)

No. 180961


So from what I could gather from this thread is that she's trying to become the hot shit in the alt fashion scene? If so, why did she went with spreadshirt for her merch? All spreadshirt lets you do is slapping a fixed format graphic onto the center of the printable face of a very basic product. There would have been plenty of better websites that work basically like spreadshirt (meaning she doesn't have to do shit to earn money except uploading her graphics) and offer a much wider palette of design option (print wise) and products. What about all-over prints? Printed dresses? Glitter prints? Jesus, everything she makes is so half-assed and she didn't put a second thought into it.

No. 180963

>fashion channel
>spreadshirt's basic-ass tote bag and unflattering unisex tees
Jillian, what are you doing?? At least go the extra mile to get some decent stuff made ffs.

No. 180965

You'll never be Peco.

She got a carpet made of her logo beat that.

No. 180983

Why did she use her thin thighs pic?

No. 180991

Honestly, I feel like this is a great example of the issues she has with fashion/design in general. It's all very rushed. She talks about taking her time and making sure that things are "perfect" quite often, but what she usually really means by that is "I haven't amassed enough yet." She could have chosen a site that would be better for printing items, but instead, she probably just went for the one where she could make the most items.

I think her base style is very cute. I think the idea of a party-inspired fashion is adorable. But to her, the idea of "party" seems to be sprinkles (which she interprets solely as face glitter), bright colours (which is not necessarily true for parties), and cake/ice cream. But I think this gets her fashion stuck in a place where it's not quite subtle enough to be cheeky, but it's also not obnoxiously in-your-face enough to be an extreme fashion like decora.

If she wants to go for a more subtle fashion (which doesn't seem the case, but oh well), she needs to tone down the makeup (e.g. not bright blue lips and under eye glitter at the same time), stop slapping all of her wardrobe together, and build an outfit around one "party" based piece. If she wants to go big, she says she wants her fashion to be inspired by classic slumber parties. Where are the hairstyles featuring rollers? Where are the late-night motifs in her wardrobe? Where are the friendship bracelets and hair beads and nail stickers?

I know there's no point to make this post because it will just fall on deaf ears, but I just needed a rant.

No. 180992


Everything Jillian wants, she wants NOW. She didn't do one bit of research to find a better site for this. Heck even Venusangelic has a better merch shop than her lol.
Jill doesn't ever "work hard" on anything…

No. 181045

Oh my fucking God, it's called the Moon Kaleidoscope, not the "Kaleido Moon Scope," you fucking twat.

No. 181049

Bitch can't dress. End of story. She has no idea what aesthetics are! Looks like a zoo monkey picked her look for her. She is the last person
who should be giving fashion advice to anyone.Total lack of thematic color cohesion and I can't help but be reminded of a box of Crayola crayons no rhyme or reason their color organization. Lol Her merch looks like cheap crap you would find at a crafts fair.No wonder she is such a wannabe Betsey Johnston.

No. 181053

Lmao love ur comment

No. 181054

Hey, at least Betsey Johnson has a method to her madness.

No. 181058

Bitch acting sniffy as fuck towards proplicas "hmmm these are just cooler" no you want appear better towards moonies online. No one gives a shit which toys are which.

How much we bettin her mom got her this and she's made up some story. I know Sailor Moon was popular in Canada but like…?

No. 181061

I agree! Lol i was like really? Shes such a materialistic twat

No. 181063

Magical moon dildos!

No. 181064


No. 181069

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised like especially on PEI who the hell has this shit except for her? It's pretty far fetched like I wouldn't at all be surprised if she did pay $400 for it and didn't want to tell her viewers because she's sick of them calling her out for spending money like water when she's meant to be saving for japan, either that or she doesn't want to accidentally brag about buying fake shit again.

No. 181100

Except is IS called the Kaleido Moon Scope in the anime. It's called the Moon Kaleidoscope in the manga.

No. 181102

>Bitch acting sniffy as fuck towards proplicas
Meanwhile she spends $100+ on a bootleg CCS item… lol

No. 181116

She will never be able to live that one down. Lmao

No. 181158

Does she know it's a replica? I felt tempted to tell her once, so she might shut up about her "kawaii desuu collection"

No. 181207

Yeah, she knows apparently but I think she's still trying to justify it to herself, she buys fake lizlisa and rilakkuma so I doubt she gives a shit past the initial feeling like an idiot.

No. 181209

>>181045 there she goes, calling it baby boy

No. 181287

File: 1476042696224.jpg (10.56 KB, 540x83, 2016-10-09_122753.jpg)

Someone hinted at it in the comments. I'm sure she knows by now and doesn't care.

No. 181289

Honestly don't think it's that far-fetched, Sailor Moon was popular all over the world in the 90s and a lot of people who owned these toys as kids might not know what they're worth at all, or it might have been donated by accident. She wouldn't be the first to score an amazing thrift find.

No. 181295

She definitely does, someone commented to her a while back and I commented in the same thread so I got the notification. She doesn't give a shit.
It's still really unlikely, and to make a whole video about the story is weird. It's possible and I'm not saying she's lying, but the likelihood of people at the store texting her to get it versus the likelyhood of her mum buying it for her on ebay, I know which one I'd believe more, especially since she always talks about how shit her thrift stores are (which I do believe)

No. 181349

i dont understand why she keeps doing that its annoying as fuck

No. 181353

Its a Japanese toy. In Canada.

No. 181387

It's still not very likely. The Moon Kaleidoscope was never released outside of Japan and the only people who tended to get those were hardcore Sailor Moon fans that could afford to import that stuff over or pay a huge premium at a 90s comic book shop. That being said, donating such a thing to a thrift shop is highly unlikely. It'd be like dumping an Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival navy OP at a thrift shop. Extremely unlikely.

No. 181394

File: 1476067178554.jpg (35.34 KB, 400x369, 1438735944814.jpg)

>Bright pink lipstick with dark confetti, pastel green hair, and a burgundy scrunchie.

No. 181396

especially since she initially said her friend was going to send it to her unless she just misspoke. And idk how long it took her to do her so-called research before she made it over to the store especially when she said she told her friend she just made it home. Something isn't quite right.

No. 181403

Yeah like why would the thrift shop employee specifically be one of Jillian's friends that texted her to come and buy the wand, apparently they couldn't hold it for her past that one day but who else on PEI would care enough to buy it? Did she learn from the clow card mistake and finally sign up to myfigurecollection? She just happens to have a friend that texted her but they couldn't hold it past that one day? It really doesn't add up.

No. 181404

I also just want to point out that value village stickers on plastic items are extremely hard to get off without some sort of gunk staying on the item. Also why didn't she bother to show the price tag if she's so proud idk it doesn't add up to me

No. 181410

This is accurate. I have a sticker on a colander I bought there four years ago that still hasn't come off.

No. 181425

The one she found is the shitty western "Moon Scepter" version, not the rare Japanese one. For reference, there has been one sitting on ebay for 140 boxed forever. And unboxed one goes for about $30-$50 if in good condition.

No. 181427

Lol once again Jill has no clue what she bought and bought a crappy version, I'm not surprised at all.

No. 181429

Can I ask how you know that? As far as I know, it's the same item with the exception of IRS functionality, and I don't know how you'd know whether or not hers has IRS without trying it.

No. 181430

Samefagging but on second look it really does look like the bandai one from 1995, am I missing something? I still wouldn't be surprised if she embellished the story somewhat or just made it up though, it does all sound too good to be true especially for someone like her who doesn't do her research and willingly buys knockoff rilakkumas.

No. 181435

No. 181468

Reconsidering my initial post now (>>181289), it doesn't really add up. Especially if her friend supposedly found it, why didn't she just buy it for her if it was only 4 USD and have Jillian pay her back if she really wanted it? No need to hold it.

No. 181579

Pixielocks video starter pack
"Look at this baby boi"
Something something mom something somethibg Colin
Awkwardly saying "motherfucker"
And when you ____, AS U DO
Here she is Bois
Talking to her cats

No. 181605

I think it was released in Canada though. I was really into sm as a child and I remember seeing it in toys r us.

I'm not saying she's telling the truth but its a possibility someone was donating old toys and didn't know it was worth anything.

No. 181608

Has she ever had any of her FRIENDS show up on videos? Does she have any? Its always cats or boytoy who looks dead inside.

No. 181630

Her old instagrams feature her friends, but not videos.

No. 181641

I've known types like Jillian and they're incredibly strange and all friendless or lose friends very fast like her. They're sort of like glorified children that get what they want, so it's hard for them to keep any degree of mature friendships. Having friends requires a degree of level-headedness and not being a total narcissist. They're so into themselves with instagram and youtube, hey forget to actually have friends or connections. I don't know why, but this has always been the case with anyone mildly e-famous I've ever known. They actually see their followers as their "friends" and are so hung up on it, it cripples their social life.

No. 181670

She had her best friend Jonathan from her band or something, since the band broke up I don't know if they're still friends but she did talk about him. He was the guy who she was in mary poppins with. She also had Colin's ex girlfriend Gillian, back when she was with Tristan they were best friends, I doubt they still talk much now. For a while Jillian idolised that weird Alyssa girl and the PEI queer/tumblrgender scene that she tried so hard to be apart of but failed. I can't recall her showing any other friends besides people at anime conventions? It's always just Colin or her Mum she talks about/is seen with.
It's definitely something to do with efame. Lots of beauty gurus/youtubers in general do the thing where they suck up to one person to be their friend and leech off their fame,they alter their whole personality/lifestyle to fit them more and once it's over they rinse and repeat with someone else. The friendships never last and they have literally no sense of self.

No. 181771

What bothers me a bit (besides the suspicious story) is that despite her claims I doubt the wand she got is worth $400. It is obviously used, not in the best condition and may or may not be authentic. Besides there are very similar looking wands on ebay for like $40.

No. 181786

There are listings for it on ebay around us $300 but they're all in box, clearly used but working and they look like they're in much better condition than hers. Assuming her story is BS, she should've just waited for the proplica one, it looks way nicer. If she really did get the bandai one for $4 she should sell it and make a profit, I know I would. Japan trip isn't going to pay for itself lol.

No. 181790

It's maybe worth $150-200 at best, plus did any of these $300 listings actually sell? You can list anything at whatever price you want, doesn't mean it's the going price.

No. 181796

Nah they're all still ongoing sales, probably been relisted a few times, who is even stupid enough to pay that much when there's a nicer version coming out is beyond me (besides Jillian of course) She's the one who said it was worth $400 lol

No. 181830

Also eBay is not the place to be buying Japanese items anyway, and that wand (in box, even) sells regularly on Yahoo Auctions Japan for ¥5000.

No. 182744

File: 1476393711287.png (536.58 KB, 415x668, Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.21…)

just dumping this photo here

No. 182745

File: 1476393882532.gif (565.05 KB, 245x203, tumblr_n9tmonwqXx1r713xdo1_250…)

No. 182746

Those don't remotely work

No. 182747

This one isn't so bad, for the look she's going for. The shoes are horrendous though.

No. 182750

is this canada's first creepy clown sighting?

No. 182751

Those shoes are too tumblr hipster and the dress is too retro. I think this could've benefited from some tights and definitely not chunky shoes.

No. 182752

That skirt length really doesn't flatter her thighs. She'd look a lot better if she wore things that were around knee length IMO

No. 182765

That's why lolita worked for her I think, she's really short so weight gain is super noticeable on her, so clothes that have a straight silhouette don't flatter her at all. Also those shoes don't match whatsoever, they're dirty and gross, even if she were to wear brighter pink or red shoes it would've matched better, and the boots just cut her off and make the legs look stumpy. Even with black tights and shoes it would've looked loads better

She finally uploaded a video about her spreadshirt store, she covered all the designs in the first 2 minutes, god knows how she can ramble up to 10. I don't think she even tried them all on?

No. 182768

samefagging but she mentioned her patreon and how Tristan was her only donor. Apparently she made the spreadshirt bc her money and work is so hard, and she needs to go to Japan to decide what she's doing for the rest of her life lol

No. 182769

This wouldn't look so bad if it weren't for those chunky pink boots. If she used red shoes to go with the rest of those warm, bright colors, this outfit would look passable.

No. 182777

I normally think she looks like a tacky mess but I think she looks really cute here and I can't figure out what's different

No. 182781

I think it's time to see the eye doctor again, anon. In your defense, she is at least wearing a normal lipstick color this time.

No. 182784

I thought the mug in the thumbnail said "real life puke" for a sec

No. 182785

File: 1476409395147.png (121.99 KB, 278x313, kdSmrQL.png)

She just had to make this quick 1-minute announcement into 10 minutes of rambling to rake in that youtube $$$. I have to say, I find it really annoying when she says repetitive shit like "I'll see you in the next video, which is not this one, cause this one's over!"

>I feel like I'm all over the place

What is planning?

Also, it was funny how she spent those 10 minutes talking about how she is poor/desperate to fund her Japan trip/everyone please help me, then shows off her new Rilakkuma pillow. Plus her last 3 videos have been hauls. Urgh.

No. 182796

>No ugly face confetti
>Hair is a vaguely normalish color

Those two things are helping her immensely

No. 182803

File: 1476414114347.png (907.26 KB, 1024x720, bgghvktd.png)

i was on one of those awful deviantart art threads and look who showed up lmao

No. 182806

She's not as yellow as usual. I would say "yay she finally figured out color correcting" but it's probably just the white balance on her camera locking on to her shirt. She'll be back to her pasty yellow complexion in no time.

No. 182811

lol implying Jillian looks like a man in drag? deviant art never fails to make me laugh (and cringe)

No. 182813

File: 1476416075492.png (1.72 MB, 1334x750, image.png)

wait. Why does she have swatches on her hand?

No. 182820

Wtf am I reading?

No. 182833

Probably an upcoming makeup haul like she doesn't waste enough money, at least they look like reasonably normal colours unlike the jeffree star clown colours she usually buys.

No. 182876

lol her merch looks so bad. Only her fan-girls would pay $18 for that. Curious what her profit margin is

No. 182889

Nah they will use any image of a girl as long as she's wearing enough make up. It's usually Lolita images stolen from tumblr.

No. 182891

Jill isn't even manly pretty.

No. 183396

tbh i think the design of banner letters saying something is cute, but i dont want pixielocks merch

No. 183405

literally why would anyone want pixielocks merch

No. 183429

for real…. im shocked she had a sale before she even posted the video

No. 183601

a lot of people in the comments of her videos claim they either have already bought something or plan to.

No. 183882

File: 1476659351587.jpg (274.92 KB, 901x613, yikes.jpg)


No. 183897

that color made me think. Is she trying to be a banana instead?

No. 183902

How sad is it that I immediately thought that this hair was an improvement over her last few colors?

No. 183912

…from my experience, yellow dye was a pain in the ass to get out. I hope she's committed. It's not a good look, Imo. Her hair looks like a wig here.

No. 183927

it looks better because now that her hair is yellow her skin doesnt look yellow and she actually kinda looks like a human. BUT I'm assuming it's highlighting powder she has on but she put it too far down and it just makes her look oily af

No. 183937

im usually not against her hair colors, like some of them wash her out but the color itself is still nice. however, this color is just……. not flattering or even a good color to begin with

No. 183942

I'm just glad we seem to have moved on from the green/blue highlighter phase… I didn't get that one

No. 183952

Looks like a cheap halloween wig tbh. Eveything about this look just screams tumblr to me (bright, curled hair, big eyeliner,ugly sweater etc.) At least her eyebrows aren't black though, they are still pretty shit.

Yeah at least that's over, I liked her pastel blue 80's phase but after that she just went way downhill.

No. 184054

"i am a witch"
was she being serious or ??

No. 184072

File: 1476684168363.gif (1.77 MB, 500x250, Detox-eyebrows.gif)

Her hair made me think of this.

Yes. She's pagan.

No. 184074

When is the room tour coming out so we can all see exactly how tacky it is \:

No. 184116

Am I the only one that likes it? It's garish and tacky which seems to be what she's going for anyway, and makes her skintone looks less yellow for…obvious reasons.

No. 184122

Yes, even though it's what she's going for, what she's going for is always a tacky mess. Maybe if her hair was in decent condition it would look ok but it's so fried it looks like a dollar store wig.

No. 184402

lets be real she'll probably go to disgustingly bright green after this since I cant imagine her going orange.

No. 184450

Looks like she's picked the "omg who is she" thing now, which is at least better than "here he is boy, look at this boy, boy boy boy"

No. 184571

she looks like he-man now

No. 184575

i NEW she reminded me of something lmao it was this

No. 184620

Wtf has anyone actually noticed that she advertises 'Subscribe for more sparkly shafts ;^)' in her moon scepter vid

when did she pick up the most puke-worthy sexual humor?

No. 184623

File: 1476744622374.png (17.19 KB, 536x149, lolsurejill.png)

It's funny because not all witches are Pagan and not all Wiccans can be witches. I'd love to see her do a video on her craft too since she obviously doesn't know anything outside of the Tumblr version of the practice. That'd be pretty funny.

No. 184658

Yellow hair…ewww! :-[ Why just why? Her so called merch is crap. I bet every person on this bored could make better merch than the tacky crap this ass clown is selling. She's such a wanna be. Harijuku and party kei have failed her miserably. She will make a lousy ass designer if she even gets that far. Lol Love how she poor mouths about how broke she is, then the bitch goes and does a shitload of expensive haul videos…smh what turd.

No. 184675


my fuckin sides

No. 184957

Someone even commented it on the video, very accurate.

No. 184963

You have to be at least 18 to post here

No. 184972

Uh excuse you anon didn't you see this >>174897
Who but a 110% legit magical girl/witch would own so much sparkling plastic crap? Like maybe she waves them around once in a while or whatever. That counts.

No. 185071

Retard yes that you are

No. 185239

'viewership is down, i gotta mention jeffree star again to stay relevant'

No. 185245

here she goes again hoarding more makeup she doesn't need while simultaneously begging for japan trip donations

No. 185250

"If I thought JS was a bad person I would not support him" vs that time she said American Apparel isn't a good company, but she buys their merchandise anyway because "the $100 she spends there doesn't affect their business"?

No. 185276

how honest can someone who can't take a stance on something be

No. 185291

So she spent another $80 dollars on Jefree Star?is she serious?
Even though she clearly doesn't give a shit about the awful racist comments he's made, I wonder what she thinks about the art theft thing with Kat Von D's friend, like she went on and on in her last video that she hates when people repost her art and don't give her credit, yet Jeffree has done that to someone else, not paying him for years until he got publicly called out and paid the guy a lot of hush money. Surely she knows that someone apologising for something doesn't always mean they're genuine? For example take the amount of shitty things Donald Trump has said and apologised for over the years, just because he's apologised for them doesn't make me want to vote for him and think he's a good person! She wants to make out that she's so forgiving and she's such a good person but it just makes her sound like she blindly believes anyone's apologies like they're not only after her money. I also don't think she's bothered by it at all purely because racism isn't something that affects her, obviously Jeffree is gay but if he were to say something anti LGBT or even anything that goes against her genderqueer tumblr boyfriend/partner, she'd never let it go. She's said many times she's not forgiving etc. so why is she trying to take the high road when it comes to Jeffree?Oh yeah, because she has no stance or morals when it comes to material things. Basically what >>185250 says regarding her buying american apparel, she just doesn't give a shit. She is the personification of "those who stand for nothing fall for anything"

No. 185308

I'm not surprised she's still buying gaudy JS products or by how she doesn't give a shit about his awful character. Lol Even if he didn't say and do all the horrible things he's done, I still wouldn't wanna buy from him since he's a huge braggart. High end designer hauls that keep popping up in my recommendations every week? A video bragging about how much D&G he bought that they had to give him the largest bag possible? No thanks. He obviously doesn't need my money.

No. 185341

Love how thia bitch says shes sooo poor yet keeps dumping fuck loads of cash on garbage, she can't "afford" supposedly. Lmao pathetic materialistic clone.

No. 185352

This is starting to remind me of the Queen's "Japan savings" at this point…

No. 185405

christ that camera shes using in the video is such high quality you can see every single dried pube like texture in her hair

No. 185413


Those noises/sound effects she makes D: she has to stop!!!!

No. 185527

Agreed. I honestly think her capricious attitude about these things is really a testament to her true values and personality. I mean, what kind of lazy and entitled person denounces an business, then proceeds to consistently spend large amounts of money on their products all while advertising it to her 1000s of followers? Yeah, definitely not affecting their business at all.

The thing that really grinds my gears is her mentality that she's free to do and buy whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and make no effort to change because other people will always pick up the slack for her. What a toxic little wretch.

No. 185971

Jeffree hasn't changed at all since being an edgy cunt on myspace calling people names, he just has more money now. I don't even care if his liquid lipsticks are good, he's rotten and buying his products means supporting him. You can't detach the company from the product, Jillian doesn't seem to get that.

No. 185985

Honestly this is exactly what I was thinking, with celebrity makeup brands (not that jeffree is a celebrity but when someone is the face of their brand) their shitty actions reflect badly on their image AND their products, so when Jillian goes around singing his praises she is saying with her dollar that she condones what he stands for, whether she likes it or not, it's less about detaching the company and more about detaching the personality from the product. I still buy makeup from big companies like MAC etc. even though they test on animals in some countries, and no one I know really gives a shit, only activists really will care, especially because the company stands for so many other things, but with someone like Jeffree when his products solely represent him and his values, rather than a big corporation, when he does something shitty and people hear about it, people are gonna lose respect for those who keep buying his products, because you're directly supporting him and his brand, and he isn't exactly subtle about all the shit he buys with his millions. Same goes for Kylie Jenner, if she went about saying the kind of things Jeffree does, anyone who still buys her stuff would get crucified.

What bothers me about the jeffree thing is that she says "oh I don't agree with what he said but he's a good person" and all sorts of shit trying to justify it to herself and her followers, she obviously knows he's shitty but still wants to justify buying his products, but like >>185527 says, she'll always do what she wants because she expects people to pick up the slack for her. In hindsight it is really awful and selfish, but when we think about the big picture, I doubt Jillian would care less about Jeffree's racist comments because they don't directly affect her, even if he didn't apologise as she says, there's no doubt in my mind she'd still buy his products and talk about how great he is. Think about it, she lives on a tiny island where abortion isn't even legal, what makes you think she'd go out of her tacky little suburban materialistic bubble of privilege to stand up against racism when literally all she cares about is her tacky ass aesthetic - especially when that person is selling makeup that she 'just has to have' that's more important than any morals to her.

No. 186101

Has Jillian ever shown her camera setup? I'm curious what she uses.

No. 186404

>she lives on a tiny island where abortion isn't even legal

This isn't accurate. Abortion is legal on PEI, but there are not any doctors there who currently provide the service.

No. 186513

Yeah, that's it. I personally don't buy from companies that do animal testing or were founded by trash celebs, but I respect when people say "I don't care, the product is still good." Jillian tries to make all these excuses "oh, he's not that bad" or "that was like 10 years ago", just so he can have it both ways. You rally can't.

No. 186515

she, really, damn I'm tired.

No. 186576

File: 1477078673298.jpg (39.26 KB, 575x388, pixie.JPG)

Well looks who's selling stuff

No. 186579

she's been begging people to buy her old lolita crap for a while so she can "save up for her trip to Japan" aka so she can buy more crap.

No. 186641

exactly, like if she just admitted she didn't care which she obviously doesn't, she'd get some flack for it, but not as much as any other person that still buys his stuff. The only reason people are pissed at her for still buying it is because she's acting like he's such a good person and what he said wasn't that bad and his money grubbing apologies are so sincere. Obviously she knows what he's said and done and she just doesn't care. And why would she? Nothing he's ever said would directly offend her? It's not like she's ever given a shit about racism or misogyny, and she only suddenly cares about LGBT issues since she tried to join that weird indie tumblr clique and now has a ~genderfluid~ boyfriend. Jillian's never been someone to care or speak out about issues outside of what affects her, even back in her lolita days that was obvious. She should just admit that she still wants to buy the products because she likes them and what Jeffree's done doesn't bother her, instead of pretending she's so forgiving and accepting and think he's a good person at heart. It just makes her look like she has her head too far up his ass and it's embarrassing.

Like with animal testing, everyone knows it's obviously not great but some people never grew up around pets etc. so they just don't care and they'll admit it, instead of trying to come up with a bunch of bullshit arguments why animal testing is good (I'm talking about makeup,not medicine) they'll just say they still like the products and it doesn't bother them which is absolutely fine. I don't understand for the life of me why Jillian doesn't just do the same thing with Jeffree. Tons of people still buy Jeffree's products despite the fact he's an asshole, but Jillian is the only person I've seen who's actually trying to make out that he's a good person to save her own ass and honestly it just makes her look really dumb and naive, it'd be less embarrassing for her to just admit she doesn't really care lol. Sure a few sjws would get upset, but no one would write her off for it.

No. 186733

lol no ones going to buy them for that price.

No. 186734

At least she lowered the price for the JSK and bag, still overpriced but less outrageous.

No. 186736

I wonder when we're gonna see her try and get rid of her kitschy quirky stuff… I remember how sickeningly excited she was over getting brand stuff back when she was into lolita (posts about that JSK in my facebook feed for days)and now it means nothing. Seems like we're almost due for a fresh new style

No. 186871

Her hair looks so tragic, but I'm glad she fixed the white balance in her videos. Maybe her mom showed her how.

No. 186874


Any brit fags here? If so doesnt jill look like the fat one from gavin and stacey

No. 186894

Her natural hair colour is black? No wonder why it looks absolutely fried. She will be bald by 20 if she keeps this up.

No. 186898

i think shes still using her mother's camera (unless her videos before were 720p60 already) so i think its the camera doing her some awb favors.

No. 186956

Her blush application really confuses me. Is she just putting it on the very edges of her face?

No. 187004

>favorite mascara
>Too Faced Better Than Sex

That is the shittiest most overpriced mascara on the market lmao

No. 187036


i love it actually. works well. bit pricey tho.

No. 187040

Nessa looked well better than her

No. 187058

tbh it's doesn't do anything and it hurts my eyes

No. 187060

Not the same anon but did this change recently? Because PEI is well-known to be the last remaining province in Canada where abortion is illegal. Even Jillian bitched about it less than a year ago.

No. 187068

Abortion has been legal in PEI for as long as it's been legal everywhere in Canada. It's a federal law, not a provincial one. There are just no doctors who perform it there.

No. 187072

why is her voice like that

No. 187077

>I don't use a brush cause i dont care
>What is this callllled?

So fucking lazy

No. 187090

Their provincial government officially opposed abortion until March of this year it seems http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/pei-to-allow-abortions/article29474278/

"The Supreme Court struck down the criminal law on abortion in 1988, … But the court did not require provinces to provide abortions. That same year, PEI passed a resolution opposing the procedure."

No. 187093

File: 1477239759680.jpg (22.93 KB, 672x120, IMG_0482.JPG)

No. 187133

No, but I don't think a professional photog would have her camera on awb.

Not giving a shit or making an earnest effort is what the kids find trendy and ~relatable~ these days.

No. 187328

>applies foundation with fingers
>doesnt put foundation on her forehead or anything above her eyes
>doesnt set it with powder
>highlights her chin
>uses blush where contour should go
>shitty eyeliner not all the way filled in
>nothing in the brows
>no eyeshadow
>disgusting chapped lips before and after lip scrub
>doesnt curl her lashes
why did she think the internet needed this tutorial

No. 187348

The result is like when it was a thing for beauty gurus to have their boyfriends/brothers/young children/generally those clueless about makeup do their makeup for fun, and they know it's going to look like a mess, but Jillian actually thinks this looks good and professional and put it out for the world to see and for people to follow her example? It's almost Venus level bad.

No. 187469

This is the first video I've actually watched and she sounds like she has something stuck in her throat and it is pissing me off

No. 187475


She didn't even use the lip scrub properly, she put it on for 3 seconds then licked it all off, she's fucking eating it.

No. 187525


Yeah especially becauße that look isn't even creative like… any glitter j fashion tumblrina could come up with this… its not like she broke a milestone with teaching us how to do this.

No. 187887

Is that… safe?

No. 187896

most lip scrubs are sugar and some oils/food essences (though basically anything that you put on your lips SHOULD be safe to eat)

No. 188730

Can't wait to see this train wreck in person next week, this is the bigger convention around so she's not a guest or a vendor but she's still trying to win the masquerade. Albinwonderland is a guest though so it'll be funny to see if she tries to kiss up to her.

She's attending the Lolita meet ups so that'll be interesting. I'm guessing she'll be wearing "party kei".

No. 188754

Blusher can be applied literally anywhere including under your cheekbones and people with certain face shapes benefit from it.
Not everybody needs or wants their brows filled in. Not everyone curls their lashes either. Not everyone wants to wear eyeshadow, and foundation can be applied with fingers if it's thin enough.

Some of those are valid criticisms and I agree she shouldn't be teaching anyone how to apply makeup but you're just nitpicking tbh. There's not only one 'correct' way to wear makeup.

No. 188785

Doesn't mean it looks good though? She looks like a mess, all this "ahh makeup is art she can wear it how she likes blah blah" only makes sense if she looks decent. Like if I was that bad at makeup and putting myself out online for almost 50 thousand subscribers I'd like to know if my makeup looks bad or unprofessional? Jillian has enough yes men in her life,she doesn't need them in lolcow of all places.

No. 188804

>I agree she shouldn't be teaching anyone how to apply makeup
what is reading comprehension.

I idn't say she looks good and I don't think makeup is art, but at least post some valid points as to why she looks shitty. It's not because she didn't fill her brows in and it's not because she use her fingers, it's because she's smearing cheap glitter on her face, doesn't know how to blend properly and uses colours that don't flatter her skintone, especially lipstick.

Also foundation isn't a mask and it's totally okay to apply it on only one part of the face as long as it matches.

No. 188855

Her eyebrows do look shitty though? The glitter thing is obviously something she's never going to give up on until she finds a new fashion altogether, everyone with eyes knows it looks terrible, but she'll just brush it off as part of her 'party kei' aesthetic, so what's the point in commenting on it? Her makeup would look nicer if she put effort into her foundation and filled in her brows nicely with a colour that matches? It'd at least help her look somewhat more put together. Styles like decora or fairy kei are tacky as shit but the girls who do it put effort into their look as a whole, so they look somewhat polished. Jillian just slaps a bunch of ugly glitter and brand name makeup on and calls it fashion.

She doesn't care if the lipstick flatters or not, all she cares about is that it's Jeffree star or toofaced. Your points make sense but we're talking about Jillian, who literally doesn't give a shit how bad her quirky crap looks. Telling her the glitter looks bad and the lipstick doesn't suit her skin will just fall on deaf ears. She wears all sorts of outrageous colours and had that jaundice looking camera setting for how long? Why would she care about what flatters her? Have you seen her clothes? Making small criticisms on things like foundation and eyebrows are things she'd probably listen to more and they'd at least improve her look the slightest bit, it'd make her look a tiny bit more polished and less like a hot mess. She does really need to learn how to blend though, her prom eyeshadow is something else entirely.

No. 188884

File: 1477524567850.jpeg (731.56 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Lets be honest jill isnt ugly, but she is painfully average. Its the eyebrows that ruin her face imo, they are way too arched and long, they make her look like she is constantly scowling/ a cartoon witch. She fills them in to dark and in videos she seems to be raising them half the time which does her zero favours. I quickly softened them up on line camera to see what it would look like, its so much better, the natural look is better for her as many itt have mentioned. Also played around with cooler lighting which calms her reddish tones. Sorry for sloppiness and if this has been done before

No. 188887

Honestly I think the thing that throws her face off is her hair colour, if she went darker she'd probably look way nicer, and her eyebrows are way too harsh for the kinds of pastel and neon colours she goes for. She doesn't even need to go full on black or deeo brown, even sailor mercury esque green would suit her better than what she currently has. Not to mention her fried as hell so she looks like a mess and going darker would do her the world of good. Her dark eyebrows contrasting with the light hair just makes her face look so jarring and weird, and the jaundice lighting doesn't help. Her eyebrows are angular but most of the time she has bangs that cover them, and her face still looks off. She's definitely not FAS Mira level ugly, but she'd be a hell of a lot cuter if she actually bothered to see what suits her. Even when she was 15/16 she never had acne or anything, so she has pretty decent skin to work with, just needs to learn how to do makeup that flatters her and stop destroying her hair tbh.

No. 188892

I think small, rounded eyebrows would just exaggerate her round face.
What I'd do if I were her:
>grow out the bob to about shoulder-length and dye it my natural colour with very very subtle babylights
>lay off the dipdip and use a soft ash brown brow pencil + gel
>stop using glitter, shitty foundation, shitty eyeshadow and lipstick and loud colours and instead switch to subtle lip tint/tinted balm, natural eyeshadow and brown liner
>lose weight
>find out which colours suit me and ditch the pastels

Nothing's terribly wrong with her face, she could look cute if she tried. She would suit the Carey Mulligan look.

No. 188925

File: 1477531786843.jpeg (660.97 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

When will she that all these neon sparkly makeup trends dont suit her? I made her makeup more natural and less shiney tweaked the brows again, its miles better!

No. 188946

Honestly I don't think those trends suit anyone, surprised she hasn't jumped on the bandwagon and bought Jeffree's black "highlighter" lol.
Back in her lolita days she actually had pretty decent makeup, and she'd probably look better with longer hair overall.
Definite improvement on the eyebrows, if she did that and used some soft blush and subtle contour she'd probably look miles better. If you go back on her instagram, during her lolita days (about a year and a half ago) she had somewhat natural hair colours and natural makeup and she looked really nice. How can someone regress this much in such a short amount of time?

No. 188970

I remember someone in the Meitu thread (too lazy to find it, sorry) photoshopped her hair a sort of auburn color, and it looked really pretty with her skin tone.

No. 189247

I find it hilariously ironic how we're discussing her lack of understanding for color tones when years ago she actually spent a few minutes explaining color balance/contrast in relation to lolita coords. She doesn't do that with fashion or makeup anymore. Her makeup used to be rather decent.

No. 189251

File: 1477588379174.jpg (55.01 KB, 564x752, f95cc83b7d5b0f4c7d6b7bef039705…)

No. 189274

File: 1477591945071.png (135.21 KB, 500x279, IMG_2862.PNG)

This is a flawless look guys.. idk what you're talking about

No. 189276

File: 1477592042280.png (234.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2863.PNG)

Is she aware that pixie locks is the name of a lice removal place?

No. 189283

File: 1477593069184.png (2.45 MB, 1200x1600, havingfunisn'thardwhenyouhavea…)

so sad

No. 189287

She should've never left lolita.

No. 189304

File: 1477597642917.png (779.02 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (2481).png)

her nails make me so incredibly uncomfortable.

No. 189305

OMG wtf? Why aren't they painted? Isn't that aesthetic?

No. 189310

She needs to watch her own videos tbh.
She was maybe 16 here? How can someone so young go so downhill in 2 years? She was actually quite pretty when she knew what looked good for her. Lolita was the peak of her fashion ability tbh.

No. 189312

Looks like she scraped the polish off instead of using nail polish remover.
such makeup artist wow

No. 189322

File: 1477600597484.png (75.7 KB, 835x552, Capture.PNG)

I find it hilarious how she tries to be so *~*tumblr and PC uwu*~* but then gets so defensive about the smallest shit.

No. 189327

urban dictionary is research??
She just uploaded a video about gluing confetti and pompoms to pumpkins? Wow, such high quality content totally worth not going to college for Jillian.

No. 189333

No. 189336

lol people saying she looks like He-man irl

No. 189351

Hello guys, today I will teach you how to waste a decent amount of money in order to paint a fake pumpkin and barf glitter over it.

No. 189386

>spray paint and seal pumpkin
>hot glue pom poms to side/sprinkle layer of confetti over before sealant dries

saved you 7 minutes

No. 189557

File: 1477628380332.png (287.02 KB, 654x380, ew.png)

No. 189597

Take out the pumpkin and that's Jillian's channel in a nutshell.

No. 189641

ughhh why won't she just do her brows it takes like 2 minutes
bangs or naturally dark brows are not an excuse especially if you have eyebrows like her

No. 189807

File: 1477682901641.png (281.61 KB, 566x303, Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 20.2…)

>Oh let me just lay down this brand bag to ruin, lol aren't i just so relatable

No. 189883

lol it's just that much more complete with her 'party kei' fashion sketches and ugly fabric swatches hanging in the background. Also when did she ever buy anything from alice and the pirates? Isn't that a gothic lolita brand?

No. 190016

File: 1477696271749.png (625.41 KB, 800x510, untitledd.png)

I think it's from when she made Tristan (ex boyfriend) order a matching beret for his coord

No. 190059

Lol at least back then she made her boyfriend wear some nice stuff, the shit she makes colin wear is awful and looks cheap af.

No. 190191

Tristan actually selected and purchased his aatp coord himself. I remember how proud he was at the time. Jill was bragging about how she had the perfect ouji bf who loved her enough to engage in her hobbies. Ironically, this was in April 2015 at the same time she started to quit lolita, so when she was weening off the fashion, it seemed like Tristan was actually into it at that point. He stopped appearing in videos after she denounced lolita and when she did the full switch to bubblegum blue hair and began with the party kei aesthetics, they broke up.

I legitimately think the lolita lifestyle was an obsession of hers to the point he thought she was someone else. She spent years teaching him the ins and outs of lolita communities as it was the only thing that mattered in her life. When she turned her back on the comm, he clearly saw her for the disingenuous and spoiled brat that she is. I really don't think it's a coincidence that they broke up at the same time the rest of the community was bashing Jill. He obviously saw through the e-fame crap when he realized there was no underlying passion.

No. 190378

I actually agree with all of this, back when she was lolita it was her whole world. She was so obsessed with being 'lolita lifestyle' and she even admitted it herself, on facebook she went on about how she doesn't even own pants because she was such a perfect lifestyle lolita. Lolita was literally her whole identity, then when she did the whole lace thing and it blew up in her face and she realised it wasn't giving her the popularity she expected, she cut all ties completely and it must've really shocked Tristan, since he seemed to genuinely be interested in lolita/ouji and all she wanted was e-fame.

I doubt he broke up with her because she changed her style, but he realised just how much of a flake she was. The way she showed their relationship was always that he was tagging along with her hobbies because he loved her so much and would help her get her dream dresses and buy her magical girl items etc. he was always doing things to please her and letting her parade him around as an accessory, somewhere along the way he developed a genuine interest in lolita/ouji, but when Jillian realised it wasn't making her famous, she probably threw it back in his face and he probably realised that she was fickle and had no real interest in lolita, or anything apart from getting attention.

Sidenote: I wonder how her mum feels about Jillian totally denouncing lolita, especially since the bulk of her lolita collection was paid for by her mother and now she's trying to desperately get rid of them. I get that she's trying to save up for the japan trip (read: more jeffree star crap) but it seems really ungrateful to be trying so hard to get rid of something that was a gift from her mother. It really rubs me the wrong way, I'd understand if she bought the pieces herself or if they were from an ex, but why would she sell her birthday presents from her mum?

No. 190386

I feel you with what your saying about her mom paying for most of her lolita wardrobe back in her what I got for Christmas 2014 video her mom bought her a jsk, skirt and multiple pairs of socks which was kinda cool? I don't know I would feel hurt if my friend/daughter whatever sold off something I bought for her.

No. 190398

It's the way she goes about it, like I get if people buy you a gift that you're not that into anymore and you don't use it, but being so desperate to sell it? She literally keeps saying "I want it all gone" which just seems really bratty, it's not like the majority of her lolita stuff is stuff she's worked hard for, she was 15 working minimum wage, her mum bought her almost everything to satisfy her lolita lifestyle, she went on all the little niche lolita sales groups and websites and bought her super expensive brand stuff that she knew Jillian wanted, it was really thoughtful and Jillian just denounces lolita a few months later because the comm didn't kiss her ass? It's not even just the huge amount of money her mum mustve spent, but the gesture, and Jillian is pretty rude to try and sell all the stuff after her mum went through so much to get it. I'd be pretty upset if I were Louise.

No. 190447

Not to whiteknight, but in the southern United States, I've heard it all my life. It's usually said joking amongst friends. A friend will ask about a pair of shorts and you'd call her a hoochie mama, etc. I've never once heard of it being used as a racial slur. That commenter was just fishing for oppression points imo

No. 190586

Same. The dresses I have that were gifts from others are special treasures to me that they were thoughtful enough to put money and time into getting, even if they don't understand. I could never just sell them because well, one, I love them, and two, just seems like such an asshole move. I mean yeah it's her stuff to do with what she wants but it also just seems like she didn't give a shit about those gestures.

No. 190591

This. I don't think she's wrong to be defensive there.

No. 190730

It just comes off as really ungrateful. Her mum probably bought the dresses thinking it would be something she appreciated for longer than she actually did. Even in the christmas video linked above she talked about how cool her mum was for going on lace market etc. but it didn't sound like she appreciated the gesture, it was more like "look at me guys i'm total lifestyle lolita even my mum buys me brand!" in the same way she bragged about Tristan being into ouji.

She was so desperate for efame she had to brag about how every part of her life was lolita, and that's why I think she left so soon after realising it wasn't working and people saw through her bragging and actually ended up disliking her.

When she first started youtube lolita seemed to be her whole world, but I never got the impression that she really had a love of the fashion? It always seemed that she was more interested in showing off and getting instant validation. When I watch her old videos I have to keep in mind that she was just 16, because all she ever did was brag and brag and it came off as really bratty. I never saw the lace video back when I was actually a fan of Jillian, but watching it now, I understand why the lolita community hated her so much. Like >>190191 says, she had no underlying passion for lolita, she just wanted efame, when it backfired and she left it showed how bratty she really was.

No. 193105

How did this go? Did you see her?

No. 194418

File: 1478435733676.jpg (68.35 KB, 720x720, 14976476_626815400855182_64719…)

Still a day left to the con. Looks like she paid alb for a photo? and asked her to collab? so cringe

No. 194436

…did alb get a nose job? I thought she had a big bump on the bridge.

No. 194456

I think she really just has a slight dorsal hump and depending on the angle it looks more or less pronounced.

No. 194461

Remember when she did a lolita video about coordinating colours in outfits? She should take her own advice, nowadays she's looking more clown kei than anything else.

No. 194477

File: 1478446016274.jpg (43.9 KB, 180x240, 5000624944_84e306c055_m.jpg)

She looks legitimately adorable here. She still has a couple lolita items, right? It'd be nice if she got back into that type of thing. The sense of more imposed rules in lolita was really helpful for her and would help her with her aspirations of fashion design too because it gives you a good working basis for materials, cut, quality, color, composition, etc. to compare your work to.
Also, since Jillian loves "party" themed stuff with confetti and glitter and stickers on her face, just look at how Mintymix made it work and tons of people really liked her coords. Jillian needs to look at that and see how a party theme can be integrated into an outfit through careful color coordination and focus on more quality clothing items that prevent making the outfit seem tacky overall.

No. 194562

She's been desperately trying to get rid of all her lolita stuff, especially over the past few months. I just can't believe her style has gone so far downhill that even lolcow is giving her fashion advice. She definitely needs a style with more defined rules/structure, it doesn't even have to be as strict as lolita, if she even looked at the 6% dokidoki girls style themselves, it's not restrictive at all, but there are clear silhouettes and it is a definitive look with party motifs, it's OTT but it looks put together, even the hair and makeup is creative and well applied albeit clownish. If she took some inspiration from that, and what she learnt from lolita along with buying decent quality clothing pieces/accessories the whole party kei thing could actually look good. But she literally just fries her hair,wears normal mall clothes from american apparel and legit party decorations as seen in >>176475 and calls it a day. At least with lolita she made an effort.

No. 194732

Photos with ALB were free.

No. 194781

she looks older than alb in this picture

No. 194869


Bugs me so much that she actually KNOWS how to style an outfit and how to make coords but still can't manage to do this in party key. I mean yeah the stuff is tacky but, if combined correctly, they'd look at least somewhat better and not so messed up. Its so werird that she doesn't give a shit anymore but behaves like she does give loads of shit

No. 195105

She didn't win any award in the costume contest but she entered as rose quartz.

No. 195311

not the same anon but, I saw her. she went with her mother, and her mum wouldn't stop giving me the stink eye….

No. 195317

Colin has no relationship listed on their facebook. Did they break up, or has it always been blank?

No. 195327

Old news, anon.

No. 195350

Poor girl needs to go back to lolita. Her current style is a hot mess!She is a cute girl, but she ruins herself with her clownish attire.

No. 195387

How is it old news if it's literally never been mentioned here?

No. 195443

It still says that Jillian is dating Colin. He probably doesn't want to show that on his Facebook.

No. 195461

omg anon, me too. I didn't want to mention that part in case it outed me but literally twice I was stuck in line next to Louise Vess and she stared me down to the point my younger brother also mentioned it. I'm curious what you were wearing, was she only doing this to jfash girls? I know for myself at least, she kept looking at my coord and then back up straight into my eyes. I'm 100% sure I would of noticed this weird woman even if it wasn't jill's mom.

No. 195467

Well, I guess that goes to show where Jillian got her bad attitude from. Mama sounds like a cunt. I bet $20 she was smugly thinking to herself, "My daughter looks so much cuter!"

No. 195491

So I guess she's started working at Claire's.

No. 195692

File: 1478636602522.png (510.33 KB, 720x1280, 1447712365977.png)

I was looking back the previous thread and found a familiar pair of shoes…

No. 195949


No. 195952

Wow. I have watched pixie for a while now and I never really picked up on this shit. I never looked that deep into it I guess. Just figured she was like every other ~kawaiiii desuu~ uwu person. This is fucking wild, glad you all are calling her out, she seemed like a sweet person but this thread really changed that for me.

Tbh I like party kei in theory, but in practice as far as pixie goes, its basically a disaster of a style. I don't think she even knows what it is. I imagined looking like a walking traditional birthday party but I guess not?

No. 195953

File: 1478672317218.png (162.01 KB, 2159x3114, CiężarnaRose.png)

what the fuck is this even? it looks nothing like rose quartz. she couldnt even get the damn wig right

No. 196032

She didn't even try. She probably thought she could get away with it because it's a popular character.

No. 196045

It's not like Rose Quartz a difficult character to cosplay either. She doesn't have any small little details in her design. Looks like Jillian just wanted to do a ~chubby pinku magical girl~
Honestly it looks like she took a thrifted wedding dress and dipped it in a cool pink (even though it should be more a of a warm pink) dye, and plastered on the gem. It's lazy, I've seen better.

No. 196067

Jesus, she really is piling on the pounds, isn't she?

No. 196103

I swear at this point she's trying to, i don't know anyone get that big naturally

No. 196159

It might just be that she doesn't care. She has done so much bodyposi stuff that she doubt she cares about having a healthy weight anymore. "I may be 200 lbs but I am STILL BEAUTIFUL AND YOU MUST ACCEPT ME uwu" Not saying shes 200 lbs (seems more like 180 but then again she isn't as tall as me so the weight is probably distributed differently) but she is definitely starting to get into that mindset, if not in it already.

No. 196166

Funny how she choose such a loving giving character, doesn't fit her at all

No. 196224

i was just watching her in that halcon vid and then she posted this. weird.

No. 196230

Wtf happened to her saying how she does cardio and tries to eat a decent amount of healthy food

No. 196231

the hal con vlog is so cringey i couldnt finish it

No. 196239

Her just talking is making her out of breath in the beginning, lose some damn weight Jillian. That or she keeps breathing into the mic, its really annoying

No. 196250

I see the Japan trip savings have been put off again to buy more useless plastic shit

No. 196288

That swankiss dress does not fit her at all, any more weight gain and she'll literally be exposing herself if she isn't already. No wonder why she's so desperate to sell her lolita, she's too fat for it now.

No. 196332

Holy moly i thought the same! Incredible… she literally
pressed herself inside.

No. 196379

Swankiss is tiny no wonder she's bursting thrcseans. But she isn't some obese cow, she's just chubby,

No. 196382

lol no???? it doesn't run that tiny just s and sometimes maybe upto a m
stop over compensating about her chub to make urself feel about urs

No. 196385

Thx bitch but I'm underweight so no. Swankiss is petite even for Japanese standards. That's a well known fact in the jfash community.

No. 196386

You are right that she isn't obese, and that swankiss is small, but she should stop wearing it at a certain point, and I think she has reached that point. It is way to small for her now, if not just barely fitting.

No. 196401

I really hate it when people don't even try to match their makeup to the character they're cosplaying as.

I also really hate Jill's nose for some reason but I guess thats not a thing she can change.

No. 196464

i used to watch her videos when she was lolita and i liled her better but then she became boring and annoying and i just can't stand how she makes all the "silly" faces and noises ugh it's disgusting and she feels so kirky and fun
and people commenting "fashion goals, aesthetic goals" wtf

No. 196486

legit the one thing I can't get past when watching her videos is the mouth noises and sound effects she tries to imitate

No. 196541

>'i hate her nose but i guess that's not a thing she can change'
>implying she couldn't scrounge off mommy's money for cosmetic procedures if she wanted to

No. 196548

She's definitely more than just chubby, it literally looked like an adult woman trying to squeeze herself into kids clothes, swankiss is small but not that tiny. She's not obese but she's definitely overweight and has reached the point where she can no longer fit into one size Japanese clothes. She's gone past 'ex anachan is healthy weight now' straight into over her ideal weight and unable to dress for it, also she's short so it shows.

This, I've never seen steven universe but from every picture I've seen of rose she doesn't have that stupid eye glitter, I hope she didn't wear it like that in the contest and honestly expect to win something.

No. 196556

Her body proportions look so weird next to Alb in this. Seeing them separately I would've assumed Jillian was a midget by comparison because every part of Alb's body looks nice and long and Jillian looks like a composite of ham stumps.

No. 196937

What does her mom even do that she can afford all of this?

No. 196974

"PSA: I, like most of you, work very hard for my money and can spend it however I want to."

Okay, Jill.

No. 196984

>This is so bomb!

Girl, nothing about shopping addiction is "bomb".

No. 196992

File: 1478907887070.png (2.79 MB, 1286x986, garbage.png)

why does she keep trying to be grav3yardgirl so badly? all those stupid facial expressions and forced mouth noises make her videos so hard to watch.

No. 197002

It is so so sad to watch this. Throughout the entire video she just tries to justify her spending habits and the fact that she bought useless shit. She needs to get it together.

No. 197005

So before I dissect her newer video, let me talk about some shit regarding her halcon video:
1. It's really sad that the only person who could go with you to this convention is your mom. Maybe I'm wweird that that's pretty abnormal if you're going with a paremt above the age of 18? Unless her mom has geeky interest too. It's just sad never seeing her with friends that she mentions, only her mom and Colin
2. Making a big fuss about the cosplay contest again. Okay.
3. Her dropping tons of money on shit and as someone mentioned, trying to jusrify it in the haul video. Repeatedly. How's the Japan savings coming along Jill?

No. 197022

Her hair is the exact same color as that forever 21 bag

No. 197046

>I, like most of you, work very hard for my money and can spend it on whatever I want

None of the YT comments on recent videos say anything about her spending too much money or imply it's not her paying for things. Jillian still lurking here confirmed

No. 197066

Professional photographer. She doesn't even need to make that much, I'm guessing the costs of living are pretty low over there (especially if they already own their house).
100% accurate. She's never really had a personality of her own, she always just gloms on to whatever scene she's in - she acted quiet and sweet as a lolita, was an edgy queer girl that swore every 2 seconds when she was trying to get into the cool LGBT kids club in PEI, and now she's decided that she's a youtuber 4 lyf!! and so she's copying bigger people like Bunny and Jeffree (and she's raved about both in multiple videos)

No. 197071

She only went on Saturday and Sunday, and on Saturday, she left the con at 2:00PM to do her photoshoot after going to the vendors room and buying stuff at the maid café, and then never returned, and on Sunday, only went to the costume contest as far as I know. Her mom doesn't need to have a geeky interest because Jill never even went to any of the geeky things at the convention.

No. 197082

That's still really sad. I gave the benefit of the doubt but she went to this con literally to spend money and inflate her ego, mentions other friends kind of off handedly but never features things with them. For all we know they're made up.

No. 197109

I know she's really close with one girl in the maid café, Kenzie (sp?), and that Kenzie spent a lot of time at her table at Animaritime. However, from what I can tell, the only time she spent with her was prior to the maid café when she bought a bunch of stuff from them. Otherwise, she was with her mom Friday evening at the hotel, at the con with her mom Sunday morning, alone Saturday afternoon while her mom napped, shopping with her mom Saturday evening, at the con Sunday with her mom, and then shopping with her mom again Sunday evening before driving home.

No. 197137

She has a legitimate shopping problem, its all well and good to brag about working 2/3 jobs for spending money, but when she actually has to make ends meet she's gonna be screwed.

No. 197148

kenzie isn't a real friend of hers, more like a long-time con-goer of the same age. Jill isn't legitimately good friends with anyone from the community (anymore at least).

No. 197180

Whenever i want to reaaaally annoy my biyfriend i just watch a Jill haul or make up video. He literally freaks out when he hears her rambling and her stupid sound effects hahaha.

God seriously though… she says she has two jobs, 3 including youtube… wouldn't it be the right time to…like… apply for university or something? I mean - she would find friends there, could live her dream of becoming a fashion designer (ACTUALLY learn sth abt fashion) and it would do her very well to get away from her mother and out of that small ass town/island. I mean she wouln't have to stop making youtube videos. But at least she would go forward and educate herself instead of living off of her mums money…

No. 197195

i think their relationship is basically just internet/facebook friends.
but like i said before the whole time at the con, she was just with her mother….

No. 197239

>would have to stop making YouTube videos
>and living off her mom's money

That's exactly why she doesn't go to uni or anything, anon. She even said before she put off school to focus on YouTube. because her ~confetti club~ means more than her future, and her mom's money and living at home is a nice safe cushion.

No. 197278

>14 bucks for that tacky rainbow ornament

No. 197288

>"I know some people hate that brand, but some people hate every brand" (about UO
No Jillian, people just told you not to buy overpriced crap from a brand that has pulled some shady shit and you didn't like it.

No. 197290

I don't understand why she wastes her time working minimum wage instead of, I don't know, working on her fashion design skills which seems to be her career interest for now.

No. 197307

b0is has been replaced by squeaks.

No. 197349

I think Jill has the potential the make really awesome clothes if she just stopped acting the way she does. The idea of "Fashion doesn't have rules! I can do what I please!" sounds good on paper but at a certain point you have to realize you look tacky and mismatched as fuck, which is precisely where Jill is at. Personally, party-kei probably could fucking get somewhere if she actually defined it as something, or split it into two parts to fit the "floofy" and "sharp" kind of clothes into it, and actually made look books that are cohesive! It's not even that hard, I could do it myself its so easy, but I don't even have any interest in being a fashion designer of any sort.

No. 197421

She's definitely got an eye for fashion…lmao. I graduated from design school back in 2009, let me say this you can't call yourself a fashion designer without understanding,apparel construction, color cohesion and silhouette. I have been sewing since I was 4 and while mostly self taught as a sewer until I studied design in college did I realize my knowledge and skill was no where near professional until I was trained as a tailor and pattern maker. Jill could be a good designer if she got off her lazy anime geek ass and committed to Bunka or even a local design school with a great fashion program instead of slinging shit made in china.

No. 197761

File: 1479077079103.png (832.03 KB, 919x600, bUGgmT4.png)

this hot mess

No. 197822

File: 1479080607467.jpg (17.31 KB, 236x305, gotmilk.jpg)

No. 197824

>your looks are so iconic


No. 198075

the fuck is this fetish nonsense

No. 198445

Legit feel bad for her because she's aged 10 years and isn't even trying to like those teenagers on instagram. Girl please do something about those dark brows, dark eyeliner, and bright grandma lipstick.

No. 198463

It's funny how Jill prides herself in having 'youtube as a job,' when her 'content' consists of nothing but copying other trends (e.g. makeup challenges) and sharing what she's adding to her tacky hoard. For someone who's supposedly passionate about fashion/design, it's pretty sad that she only has, what, 2-3 outfit videos?

No. 198468

No. 198493

Oh thank god. I have had my eyes on a pair from Y.R.U. and I am so glad she did not get them. I did not want to see her ruin them.

No. 198494

Oh thank god. I have had my eyes on a pair from Y.R.U. and I am so glad she did not get them. I did not want to see her ruin them.

No. 198495

Oh thank god. I have had my eyes on a pair from Y.R.U. and I am so glad she did not get them. I did not want to see her ruin them.

No. 198496

Oh thank god. I have had my eyes on a pair from Y.R.U. and I am so glad she did not get them. I did not want to see her ruin them.

No. 198497

Oh thank god. I have had my eyes on a pair from Y.R.U. and I am so glad she did not get them. I did not want to see her ruin them.

No. 198500

When your internet connection is literally shit so you spam like crazy

No. 198503

>tfw i DO own one of the pairs of shoes she got
time to burn them

No. 198522

Those sneakers are so tacky, looking like cottoncandy clown shoes.

No. 198570

Such ugly cheap looking tacky shoes! :-\ omg this girl is a tragic mess. Good luck in Japan! Poor delusional moron won't last one week at Bunka, she's just a mall minded clown who makes cheap crappy Holly Hobby looking shit from crap textiles and thinks she's a fashion designer because she watched how many episodes of Project Runway. Lmao

No. 198699

How does this rainbow-colored mess of a person keep getting job after job after job? Are there no other applicants? I'm seriously confused.

No. 198736

I guess most people her age on PEI actually go and pursue things once they finish high school? She's essentially working dead end retail after dead end retail. Back when she worked her first job at pricemart or whatever, she was fairly young and had natural coloured hair to suit the chocolate/sweet lolita (minus the occasional pink and split colour browns, she looked pretty normal outside of lolita.) It's only when she left lolita she started dressing like a clown and I guess eventually got fired for the blue hair which was too much.
Then she worked at papercakes, which was run by that crazy woman, so her ott tacky style probably helped her get the job, as well as her online presence.
Freak likely had just opened when she applied so there probably weren't many applicants, and once again, her online following probably had a hand in it, even though she's a mess and I most definitely wouldn't want her representing my brand, she gets the word out, and it's a local/canada store so I guess that's what they were looking for?
As for claires, god knows, what do claires shopgirls even wear? I know it's an accessory store so you likely have to wear some of their stuff, but surely they don't need her promotion or her outrageously tacky style, if anything, she'd probably make their products look bad. Bottom line is she has an online following which local stores (pcp, freak) can exploit, and most people her age in that area likely go to university so don't apply to as many dead end retail jobs as she does, also she's been working retail since she was 15/16 so I guess she has more on a CV? What are the requirements for the kinds of jobs she works on PEI? Surely they'll take who they can get?

No. 198759

Those pompom vans look like clown shoes.

No. 198780

Claires seems like a place that would be forgiving of tacky styles. tbf though She seems pleasant and bubbly so I'm sure she's good at what she does. Which is why they'll hire her.

No. 198810

Can't say pleasant and bubbly are the first words I'd ever use to describe Jillian tbh, maybe bratty and passive aggressive, but thats just how she comes across in her videos to me.I've never met her so idk how approachable/ customer friendly she is irl but honestly no matter how hard I try I just can't imagine her being professional or good with customers? She just seems almost too snowflakey, especially after the pricemart blue hair drama I just think of all her possible future employers looking her up and seeing that and thinking she seems difficult to work with.

If she lived in a city where more than 5 people applied for jobs things would likely be way different, she probably just has the most experience out of those 5 people applying since she's worked since she was 15/16, doesn't mean she's good at it. Think about it rationally, seeing how she acts online, would you hire her out of 50 equally qualified people?

No. 199035

So I've been watching Pixielocks since she was a lolita (I have no interest in alternative fashion myself, I just like seeing other people wear it, I think the culture/community is interesting) and I continued watching her as her style changed and I wasen't a fan of the style myself, I just thought "well she seems to like it and it makes her happy so thats whats most important I guess"

But then I read this page and as I've watched her videos from recent months she seems so materialistic….and it worries me to see her spend so much in every single video…like isn't she saving up for Japan?? And the reasons she gives for buying certain things are so ridiculous, like in her last haul lots of people told her the too faced eyeliner sucked and that the kat von d one was better (including me, I told her on tumblr but she just deleted my message, probably bcs I was speaking negatively about a too faced product and positively about a kat von d one) and her excuse in the video was literally "you all said this sucked but I love too faced so I bought it" like not everything a single brand puts out is gonna be good…she seems to care more about brand names and how cute the packaging is. I don't hate this girl, I'm just worried for her honestly.

No. 199050

She doesn't even need to save a lot to go to Japan becsuse her mom is of course covering her flight and everything else except spending money.

No. 199052

her mom is paying for her flight now? I thought she said somewhere that she was paying for her own flight and her mom is paying for the hotel.

No. 199061

Oh MAN i can't wait to see those soles look dirty and gross as heck anytime soon :D its the same material as those tacky boogie boots she owns!

The new pairs look so weird on her feet

No. 199072

File: 1479247773029.jpg (54.9 KB, 480x720, 1459218617303.jpg)

>"Promise I don't always drop this much money on stuff!"
>a couple days later…

Really now? It's one thing if she wants to throw her money away on tacky crap she doesn't need, but does she honestly take her beloved 'Confetti Club' for a bunch of idiots? Anyone with half a brain could look at the majority of her social media posts and past videos and see that dropping hundreds of dollars at a time is a consistent theme with her.

I mean, yeah, I guess it's her money (or her mom's) and she can choose how she wants to spend it, but the fact that she feels the need to lie in an attempt to justify it is probably a good indication that there's a problem.

No. 199085

Claire's is gaudy and tacky, so she fits right in.

No. 199131

Yeah if she can afford her own ticket and shopping money (the entire reason she's going), then her mom promised to pay the accommodations and food. She doesn't want her daughter travelling to another country alone and isn't going to let her starve. She even admitted she was going to spoil her a little extra because it would be quite the occasion.

But this has been going on for like 2 years now and it seems jill isn't any closer to travelling to japan or anywhere. Heck, you know her parents will pay for education expenses in the city of her choice, but again jill isn't prepared mentally to travel away from home, even if there's a great Fashion/Textiles program at an arts university 5 hours away. She drives out to that city constantly as featured in >>196224 and many other vlogs. But no explanation as to why she hasn't bothered applying. She could even work at Freaks again (which she shows in the vid) and be reunited with the rest of the jfash/cosplay community since the campus is literally next to the convention center.

No. 199159

Her attitude in this video is so horrendous. She always has to copy someone else's online persona she first copied milkyfawn with the spoiled brand whore attitude now she's onto the "fuck tha h8rs" Jeffree star persona god she has no originality at all.

No. 199224

This, she literally has only ever cared about brand names, I'm similar in that I mostly buy really high end makeup just because drugstore makeup is overpriced where I live, but I try not to be snobby and show-offy about it? I'm actually kind of embarrassed to admit I buy 60 dollar lipsticks, and I don't buy makeup nearly as much as she does, but she literally just buys all these expensive brands so she can haul them and brag about them, regardless of whether the products are good or not. Even on the toofaced and sephora website it doesn't have great reviews. Like she doesn't even listen to other toofaced fans who bought it and said it wasn't good? She literally just wants the name? Even if her eyeliner is better she wouldn't dare promote kat von d now, she talked about her lipsticks once, but now Jillian has such a hard on for Jeffree it's not surprising that she ignored your comment.
She hasn't moved on from her lolita brandwhore state of mind one bit, only her taste has declined.

I wonder if she'll ever grow out of this, like >>199072 says, she's definitely got a problem, I'd say she's in denial and trying to justify her spending problems to herself more than anyone else. The only comments I've ever seen pointing out her excessive spending are on here, so unless she reads here or has her yt comments on approval, she's seriously trying to convince herself more than anyone else. I think she really needs help tbh, she's like a drug addict telling everyone she's just a casual user when she's really trying to convince herself. What if she's still like this in 2 years, working dead end jobs, living in her parents basement, not going to college or anything, just making tacky videos and spending money she doesn't have. She can't possibly be happy living like that right?

No. 199237

In 2 years she'll still be talking about the Japan trip like it's ever going to happen.

No. 200362

Makes me sad that she is solely working to purchase tacky shit. She has absolutely no ambition. I mean yeah usually you work to buy stuff but i wish she'd use the money for a student loan, paying her mum back or idk renting an apartment. Her whole life revolves around having everything shoved up her ass amd loving a comfortable life

No. 200472

So each of those is 12,50 and she bought eight? That's another 100 bucks down the drain, how much employee discount do they give you at Claire's?

No. 200477

125 bucks on tacky christmas shit is absolutely absurd
if i was her i'd be putting my money towards either the japan funds or to my own savings
but since you're from a high income family I guess you can get away scott free w/o working hard for anything in ur life

No. 200485

I don't think her family high income, more like upper middle class. She lives at home and probably works close to full-time with her two Jobs and YouTube, so no bills and disposable income to piss away on useless stuff.

No. 200547

>I mean yeah usually you work to buy stuff but i wish she'd use the money for a student loan, paying her mum back or idk renting an apartment.

She won't need a student loan. Her parents will pay for university. What does she have to pay her mom back for? Any money her mom has given her has essentially been a gift or allowance. And why would she rent an apartment when she can live at home for free? Spending money on an apartment when she can just live at home seems like a far bigger waste of money.

50% discount as an employee, so she spent $6.25 on each one.

No. 200549

his greasy hair
his pencil mustache

No. 200570

File: 1479417550875.png (776.5 KB, 841x543, hH5aXJM.png)

9 out of the 12 videos she's uploaded this past month have been hauls, and then 1 video begging people to buy her tacky shirts so she can keep buying expensive garbage under the guise of a Japan trip.
How long will this go on for I wonder

No. 200573

I couldn't make it passed the two minute mark, fam. Her voice and mannerisms are way too annoying.

No. 200575

>they trademarked the name
Why have none of you tipped this company off about Pixie Locks making money from YT using their brand name? Make some real milk besides just insulting her facial expressions, come on guys.

No. 200578

That's a pretty good discount.

How is she not aware of this? You should google your username if you want to turn it into a "brand".

No. 200618

Pretty sure she has to pay off her car? That's pretty much all she has to pay for which wouldn't really warrant 2 jobs, it mostly goes towards buying the shit she hauls, is she making enough from yt to get tax write offs for those items? She's only making slightly above minimum wage in each job, which isn't really much on PEI and I guess she's getting a few extra hundred a month from yt? It would be smart to invest some of this right, because she does spend her entire YouTube earnings on total crap. If she actually is paying her mum back for her car, she only really has to pay for that and for gas, maybe her phone bill? Everything else she spends on shit. If she didn't buy so much crap she'd be rolling in it ( at least to the extent that any upper middle class 18 year old would be) she really should do something productive with all the money she earns or at least go to college, or maybe even go to japan like that's ever going to happen.

No. 200644

These bad BOIIIIS

No. 200645

It's petty af but I keep getting pissed every time they call pusbeen a he

No. 200647

It's petty af but I keep getting pissed every time they call pusheen a he

No. 200662

his face omg he gets uglier in each video.. looks like his face is melting and he is so gay! damn gillian is wasting her time and life trying to be so "original"

No. 200684

Had some free time and I wanted to figure out about how much she probably is making right now. A lot of these are guesses, but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark. I went for the middle of her estimated payment from youtube off socialblade, and used Canada’s average pay for Key holders (Tho the minimum wage on PEI is $10.50 and supposed to be rising so idk)
>Claire’s key holder:~$11 per hour, 20hr week, $220 w/o tax
>Freak Lunchbox Key holder: ~$11 per hour, 20hr week, $220 w/o tax
>Total per-month From Work: ~$1760
>Youtube: ~$450 a month
>Pixie & Cherie: probably nothing
>TShirt store: ~$5 a shirt, sold at least 20, so $100
>Estimated total for a month: $2,310, not including Tax
With this money she could probably pretty comfortably move out, and would have enough for a round trip flight to Japan and for her own hotels and spending money in probably only two months. The idea of her having all this money and not having to spend any on housing/food/phone almost scares me. No wonder all she does is make videos about her buying stuff that’s probably all she does now

No. 200690

She's probably making this much and more tbh, back when she was lolita she worked minimum wage and her mum funded most of her brand, but now she's doing pretty well for herself and she seriously chooses to spend her money on the junk she does? She probably only pays for petrol, if her parents don't pay it for her.

I remember when she was talking about her joyrich bag she got for christmas, and she said she was looking at brands like Chanel, and I thought to myself 'she can't possibly have that much money lying around can she?' but if she actually wanted it that badly and cut down her spending she could totally afford it, not to mention she could probably have got to Japan ages ago, it makes me wonder if she even still wants to go to Japan, or if she's just saying that now. No wonder why she has no ambition or desire to go to college. Even though her parents would definitely fund it, her life is so cushy and comfortable, and she's definitely not smart enough to put it towards a house or something actually substantial, she literally just buys shit to occupy her time since she has nothing she's really working towards in life.

No. 200697

She is not making anywhere near $450 a month from YouTube.

She probably makes $200/month from YouTube, but only because the USD to CAD exchange rate is so high at the moment. After taxes, she will probably clear ~$1600 from working in one month, assuming she is working a total of 40 hours at each place. The t-shirt money sounds about right, too, so in CAD, that's ~$140CAD.

That would give her a total of $1940CAD (~$1430USD) for a month where she works 40hrs/week (which she hasn't started doing up until this week, if she's even working that much yet).

No. 200710

Her socialblade states between $58 and $933 from youtube, I'm not sure what that is in Canadian dollars but $450 is a pretty modest estimate since she's been uploading quite a bit lately and socialblade stats are usually more accurate to the higher estimate. Factor in tax but she's definitely making a comfortable amount, way over $200/month. Some of her youtube adsense would surely go to Maker though?

No. 200769

Considering how many people use adblock, I highly, highly doubt that she's making 450. 200 sounds about right. You don't get paid that much per 1000 views and her viewcount is modest.

No. 200770

Her mom paid for her car, and she said in another video she'd pay her back.

No. 200775

ew his facial hair makes me wanna vom
they both look like they smell horrible

No. 200790

I usually dont really mind her videos too much but It took them 3 minutes of talking pure shit to actually start opening. ANd I don't mind swearing at all but her squels of FUCK ITS SO FLUFFY. just made me cringe and close it.

No. 200831


Yes you are right… but i thought she could maybe feel the need to pay her back. I mean… after all she's done for her

No. 200835


God there is something about the way she talks that makes me want to kill myself. I totally have nothing against swearing as wel but the way SHE does it… oh god and the way she says 'boy' ugh

Also her boyfriend looks like molten wax.. he reminds me of that candle shrek made from his cerumen.

No. 200871

I assume she only works like two shifts at freaks and two shifts at claire's per week. That's already 4 days a week, and she uploads constantly so I assume she films pretty much the rest of the time.

Keyholder shifts aren't always 8 hours, they could just be 4-6 hr shifts. And you're right that it's usually just 50 cents above minimum wage if that.

So I would assume 12-14 hours per job/per week would be more accurate. The only exception would be the holidays when there's actual business. Shops in small towns just don't have hours because they don't make money compared to bigger cities.

source: I work as a keyholder in a province nearby and turned down a job at freaks because they wanted to pay me minimum wage and less than 15 hours a week.

No. 200945

If she considers YouTube to be one of her jobs, she should probably get better at running her own channel. I mean really she's almost never active on any of the social media she uses, and is terrible at linking to them in her descriptions and even on her main channel. Like why have a merch store if it's almost impossible to find? And these would be really easy fixes, she could just put them as a preset for her video descriptions.

No. 201134

>I mean really she's almost never active on any of the social media she uses

This is a huge thing she needs to work on if she wants her YouTube to be more successful. But it's hard to post to instagram when you can't take pictures at work and then you spend the rest of your time sitting in bed with your partner watching anime.

No. 201138

She hardly ever even tweets/instagrams when she's uploaded a new video, it's pretty much a given for youtubers to do that, she has twitter but barely uses it and she posts her videos to facebook, but that's about it. She doesn't even blog much anymore and her tumblr is filled with anime junk and sjw stuff, if she's really serious about Youtube she needs to learn to cross promote her stuff between platforms, and to put some godforsaken links in the description.

No. 202016

File: 1479703031868.jpg (69.29 KB, 1080x990, nailzzz.jpg)

new pic on her insta. did….did she glue the thumbnail upside down

No. 202022

yes she 100% did

No. 202032

They look so uneven

No. 202037

She used fake/press on nails? Why?? I don't get why people don't just get those weird nail polish strips, and if its like "But I don't like my real nails!!!!" then just get gel or acrylic! It's not that fucking hard, and this bitch can afford it too, so its not a money problem. Press on nails always look like what they are, fucking fake. But get you a decent nail tech and your nails will look like they actually fucking came from you, and you can paint them to your hearts content. I'm sorry, but those kinds of nails seriously trigger me

No. 202181

She just started working at claire's and either got gratis or used her employee discount on 5 dollar nails anyways, chill anon she was probably just wearing them for a shift

No. 202244

anything other than your real nails doesnt look real sorry to say. You cant tell me you see those thick long acrylics and think real nails. I ws under the impression everyone knows theyre fake but they are just to look nice like and accessory.

No. 202252

This, even 'natural-looking' acrylics look visibly bulkier than real nails.

No. 202423

Not my style but these are honestly kinda cute because at least they have a cohesive style and color scheme
Unlike her outfit in her newest video which is like: lavender feather headband + bright yellow hair + huge gold earrings + mint green sweater + hot pink lipstick and god knows what the bottom half of her outfit was

No. 202428

lol and she wonders why people were saying she looks bad, she is a mess, must look terrible irl. Also how can she make a video about 5 bath bombs 10 minutes long? The closeups of the items with just her wrist moving were just annoying tbh.

No. 202434

At least it might be some motivation for her to work on her style which I'd love because we've seen how much better she can look

No. 202437

if anything it should be motivation to fix her shitty hair, it must be in such terrible condition since she's been dying it since she was like 12. Also she doesn't seem to give a shit about her awful roots, with the yellow it literally looks like a rotten banana.

I don't think she's really aware of how much of a mess she looks, like she genuinely thinks she looks polished and put together so it probably comes as a shock when people in real life who she hasn't written off as "internet trolls and haterzz" comment on how shitty her overall look comes across. Even girls that wear fairy kei and lolita look polished, even the 6% dokidoki girls have outrageous hair and clothes but they look put together and their hair doesn't look like straw because they at least bother to get their roots done. It's all about how much effort you put in, it doesn't seem that she puts in any effort at all. She was a decent lolita, and she was great at fairy kei. Back then she actually knew shit about colour coordination and what looked good on her.

No. 202440

haul #∞

No. 202475

I can't believe she did another haul??? all of her videos seem to be hauls now, or at least have her buying something in the video. And she keeps talking about how she wants to be a serious youtuber and all but she doesn't seem to put much effort? Like she could have shown clips of what they look like in the bath, I don't think she even said what most of them smell like (I could be wrong I could have missed it idk) but for someone so serious about youtube that shes willing to put off college for 2-3 years (?) for making videos you would think she would do something more creative than hauls every week.

P.S. for how much she loves lush you would think she would buy hair care products for her fried hair, you know something actually useful, she could definitely afford them. But all she buys from there is pink bath bombs

No. 202478

She just said what was on the wrapper I think. I definitely think she should be doing more than just hauls/unboxing though. I get that she's working so she doesn't have time for things for lookbooks or real diy videos (wtf was the pumpkin thing, she put off college for that?) but like she could do legit fashion videos if she wanted to, when she first started she used to make sit-down videos about self confidence and outfit coordination etc. now she just does hauls. She doesn't even experiment with makeup besides her gross eye glitter. She sews and makes her own costumes, why not do videos about that? Why doesn't she do vlogs that aren't conventions? There are so many ideas she could come up with but she literally just does hauls and unboxings, the sole purpose of her channel is to show off all the stuff she owns. Totally not worth putting off college for.

No. 202490

I agree, sitdown videos where she discusses certain topics would be easy to film/edit and she wouldn't even have to buy anything to make them, what a shocker. Vlogs would be fun too, people enjoy learning about youtubers personal lives. However, all of these videos would require actual planning and we all know Jill doesn't know how to do that.

No. 202518

She can't vlog because all she does is go to work or watch anime (sometimes with Colin).

No. 202528

I don't know why she put Snow Fairy on the thumbnail image, considering she didn't buy it.

I also have no idea why she said she got all the "Christmas exclusives", when she only got two things they they only sell at Christmas, and there are loads more. I mean, maybe she's trying not to spend as much? But then again she said she gave herself a budget of up to 100 dollars to go in with, so I am totally confused.

tl;dr - idgi

No. 202565

By god this literally was the 4637292857th haul on her channel…

Isn't her dream to become a fashion designer? And isn't she selling artwork/ home made shit? Not saying its pretty but fuck why doesn't she shoot more crafting videos? I bet she would improve over the time! It would be fun (for her viewers) to see how she makes her cosplay, how she paints or what not.
I absolutely can't stand it when somebody claims to be a hobby designer or creative person when all they do is buy shit or sit around. She is not working on herself and that makes me absolutely furious.

Look at her videos - don't you come up with 100 more video ideas than her?

No. 202566

You know what I would like to see? This goddamn party kei explained. The way she did with lolita back it the day. Not that I think she can do this, but maybe if she tried she could shape her style more and create something that is not defined as "birthday party aesthetics".

No. 202578

See? There ks legitimately more interessting topics than her hauls… why is she so afraid of being more creative

No. 202626

Imagine how gross her vagina is if she uses those things as often as she buys them. Ughhhh….

No. 202632

I finally unsubbed after this, so sick of her hauls.

No. 202633

File: 1479831747112.png (3.57 MB, 1920x1080, ughhhhhhhhhh.png)

bargain bin grav3yardgirl
im glad people are making fun of her in person. maybe she'll finally get her head of her ass and out of the self imposed hugbox she created for herself and get her shit together

No. 202642

"I’ve been getting better at letting myself relax lately and trying not to work my life away at age 18 lol I just uploaded a LUSH HAUL to my Youtube channel which is now properly linked in my insta bio!! Youtube has been screwing with their system a bit lately so it would mean the world to me if you would head over and give it a watch if you’re interested #partykei #pixielocks #confetticlub #lush #lushbathbomb #lushchristmas"

working her life away…..yeah ok..

No. 202681

I love how the more she says shes gonna save money for japan, the more hauls she does

also doesn't she just wanna go to japan to buy more stuff?

No. 202730

Exactly this, she goes on about how creative and hardworking she is but we literally never see it? I don't think her stuff is particularly great but like you said she'd improve over time especially if she took advice from her viewers instead of just ignoring every bit of concrit and brushing off legitimate advice as hate. She's just so uncreative and boring, even on lolcow everyone is giving her outfit ideas and video ideas nowadays, she is just that dull.

Also this, she did the drawings when she first made it up but it doesn't have much information besides her describing the overall vibe that her fashion is based on. She could actually make some good explanatory videos about party kei and what it entails, silhouettes, colours,motifs, diy ideas etc. If she really wanted to she could totally make a go of the whole 'party kei' thing, it could have a decent following too and it'd really help her if she wanted to get into the industry if she actually put effort into establishing her style and her brand. But she just doesn't care, all she does is show off the shit she bought and acts like she's slaving away working full time, when she doesn't even have any bills to pay. Even failed idol Beckii Cruel has her own fashion line where she designs and makes everything by herself and it seems to be doing pretty well. Jillian on the other hand has literally nothing to show for herself besides what, 7 sales on her etsy shop and her spreadshirt? She should've gone to college, seriously.

No. 202732

Tbh she is probably just doing a lot of shitty boring work at her dead-end jobs so I can see why she might feel that way. She needs to make the preparations to get into a school for fashion or something so she can move on with her life. I might take solace in an overabundance of material goods too if all I had to show for my pointless work every day was a bunch of disposable income with no rent etc. to pay. She's stagnating during a time in her adolescence when she should be getting out in the world and working on her creativity and skills in real constructive ways.

No. 202735

Honestly that's her fault, she's come from a pretty rich upbringing,her parents would definitely pay for her tuition if she wanted to go, it isn't like she has to save up for college or to help her parents make ends meet, she's doing this because she chose it.

She could've moved out, gone to school, worked on her youtube and really gotten better at her sewing/art etc. but she chose to stay at home in her cushy life of not having to pay any rent/bills/food etc. She's been working retail since she was 15/16 so it's what she's used to and it doesn't seem like she wants to move past it. It's not like she dropped out of high school, or she can't afford to go to college, and she's not travelling etc. so I don't understand why she doesn't do anything? She fritters away all her money so it's not like she's saving for the future either? She just doesn't want to break out of her comfort zone of her parent's house and working crappy retail jobs so I don't really have any sympathy for her, she needs to stop buying things to validate herself and start working on herself as a person, deep down she probably knows it too but she just can't be bothered.

No. 202736

File: 1479861766559.png (299.07 KB, 411x549, yb1WRqc.png)

What is she even working towards, aside from accumulating more unnecessary things with her paychecks? If her mom is willing and able to support her financially for Japan trips, college, etc, why doesn't she take these opportunities instead of wasting her time working retail for no reason?

I don't think she has any ambition for anything. She'll probably continue stagnating now that she's out of high school and chooses to work dead-end jobs over anything beneficial to her future.

No. 202748

Only reason they are going. Not for the cafes, the shrines/temples, sites or landmarks. Shopping.
I won't lie and say I wouldn't do the same but to go just for shopping? Their is literally so much to see in Japan and to explore. No, she's gonna go Harajuku Main Street, buy shit clothes that the kids don't even buy, freak out over 6%doki, smell up the place and possibly chase down tokyofashion and force them to take her picture. That is it.
If she were to go to one anime store, it'd be the precure store. Perhaps Nakano Broadway to buy "cooler vers aka points with moonies" sailor moon toys.She doesn't play Pokemon, no interest in ghibli, Doremi isn't a thing in Japan anymore and any other "I'm such a weaboo" site she wouldn't know.
She clearly doesn't want to go with her mother either and take Colin, her mums smart enough not to pay for him to go though. Honestly she'll probably pull a hissy fit, make shit vlogs and take stupid pose pics in harajuku. I hope people give her dirty looks like the wannabe cuck she is.

No. 202752

Apparently she wants to go to Bunka fashion school lmao

No. 202753

Even then it's not like she's working full time (40/hrs), she works a few shifts at each little shop and it's not like she breaks a sweat. She stocks candy or plastic jewelry and operates a cash register. It's not a challenging or particularly stressful environment, she needs to take a seat if she thinks that's "overworking", especially when she has no concerns for her financial independence.

No. 202754

With her weeb Japanese? Sure

No. 202775

I went to and graduated from a fashion design school that was work laugh my ass off she won't hang around long enough to complete such a thing, cuz it costs tons of work and dedication to master the actual art sewing and all of its modalities.This chick is a joke and dud sewer.

No. 202781

Yep. Even my friend doing a 2 year community college clothing design program is going through so much stress because of the amount of work you have to put in. So far all we've seen from her are shitty drawings slapped on blank white shirts

No. 202788

As well as her prom dress from her get ready with me prom video, she made that too didn't she? I only know the basics of sewing and I didn't get a good luck at it when I watched it so idk if it was well made

No. 202790

Amen anon! I agree. Design school is rigorous and very very brutal specially when you're training to be a designer and pattern maker. Your friend sounds like the norm of design students who had tons of projects and very small time frames to complete them. It really does take real dedication to learn and study design and sewing concepts done in the fashion industry, it is not for the weak of heart. I hope your friend has a great success with their design program! :-D Jillian is too much of a limp wristed, lack luster wannabe who can't even commit to a fashion aesthetic, none the less a fashion design school. Lol

No. 202791

Also in one of her videos I remember her saying she wants to go on project runway when she turns 21 and that Tim Gunn is her "fashion dad" but as a huge fan of the show myself I can't even begin to imagine how much he would cringe at her style….

No. 203021

I am laughing my balls off at the fact she was traumatized about people making comments in public. She needs to get a grip. I can't believe she admitted she never experienced that in real life before.

I work at that mall and I enjoy it because it's very low-key and easygoing compared to my other retail jobs in bigger cities. It's pretty much expected that any F21 will have groups of teenagers or preteens. How was she so bothered? She was still in the maritimes, where people are non-confrontational and have a slow pace of life.

I can't wait until she moves to Toronto or Montreal like she said she would. She'll have a mental breakdown trying to navigate the outside world, let alone keeping a job. I can just imagine the vlogs about how she fails to cope with daily life.

No. 203079

File: 1479925774673.jpg (30.85 KB, 292x257, 1417655700607.jpg)


No. 203086

A 12 minute video where she shows 5 pictures. This should be an instagram/twitter/facebook post, not a video. It can be mentioned at the end of another video, but we don't need 12 minutes to tell us about 5 pictures.

Also, she mentions that the women's shirt is baggy on her, but it's gathering up above her chest because it's too tight in that area.

No. 203092

File: 1479928780150.jpg (117.84 KB, 1008x587, IMG_0161.JPG)

At this point she just looks like a pudgy version of those 90s barbie doll heads you could style and put make on….as a kid.

No. 203100

Not nearly cute enough to be barbie

No. 203103

she buys so many eyeshdow palettes yet she hardly ever wears eyeshadow and when she does its either the same blue or green (like especially the chocolate bonbon palette, thats like 98% neutrals that she has probably never even touched and bought it for the brand name and packaging)

No. 203137

Her new video is such bullshit.
"I am an 18-year old starving artist."?? Bitch, you live at your parents' house. You're not gonna starve any time soon.

No. 203145

new video in which she tries to peddle her ms paint tier designs on her audience

No. 203147

THIS. She seriously believes she's hard up for cash, but all she does is make haul videos usually over $100. She's working 2 dead end jobs because she choses not to go to college or do anything to better herself. She's living at her parents house, hardly starving, and hardly an artist for making mediocre drawings that she slaps onto shirts and gluing pompoms to headbands.

I honestly find it hard to believe she's never experienced it before, hasn't she been dressing 'alternative' and dying her hair badly since she was like 12? I bet the person was just pointing out her nasty roots. How can she honestly expect to go to fashion school if she can't handle any negative reactions? People get legitimately bullied all the time for how they look and they don't let it affect them, how can she get so upset about one comment from some snotty teenager working at forever 21? What's she going to do when (if) she goes to fashion school and her professors tell her her stuff needs work, she doesn't even accept concrit on her drawings, which is why they haven't improved in how many years. She's the most fragile, over sensitive thin skinned youtuber I've ever seen, and now she's claiming to be a 'starving artist' kek

No. 203154

she tries so hard to victimize herself in her in new video its insane. she tries to dress up the whole tshirt bullshit as some kind of self aggrandizing crusade to spread kindness. its just bullshit to get her greasy mitts on money to spend on more useless shit

No. 203159

Yes! The whole "my channel is all about spreading positivity" gave me serious throwbacks to her lace video "I've changed people's lives!!!1!" Like could she be any more self serving? She said in her last video that she wanted to clock the woman who said she looked bad. But she's totally about kindness! bullshit, her channel is about showing off all the crap she has.

No. 203163

I was surprised at how shocked and genuinely offended she seemed at someone making fun of her outfit. If you wear any kind of alt fashion this happens all the time, even if you're not as hot of a mess as she is. She's so sheltered and restrained, I can't see her survive going to college somewhere like Toronto, much less overseas.

No. 203193

The reason it's believable is because she lives on an island with a population of like 50k people. If you watch her "self confidence in lolita" video she literally tells her audience that people only ever compliment her outfits and that's why she's confident, she literally says something like 'if lolita is a problem or if it bothers you (because of how others treat you in real life), you might want to re-consider wearing the fashion' and I fucking died because anyone from a decent sized city, especially lolitas, would have experience scrutiny in public. That's not enough to deter most lolitas.

No. 203303

Reading the comments on the lush haul made me kek, what a bunch of sensitive sallies. That's what you get for dressing for attention and kudos instead of yourself, your self esteem tanks and you have to seek validation from other thin skinned rotting bananas.

No. 203314

This dumb chick is such a joke. Starving artist my ass! She looks like an overstuffed Meyers lemon wearing a trash bag. She just loves to poor mouth it and be a total victim, when all she does on her stupid YouTube channel is hauls and showing how truly materialistic she is. She blows way too much money on nonsense and garbage. All of the bullshit about going to Japan and college are a joke. She's a weak person and will never make it in the real world. She's basically a post adolescent troll who mooches off her parents and lives in a basement and a podunk little crappy island in Canada, who blows every penny earned from her dead end jobs on crap.

No. 203411


I don't think she will get homeless or poor or whatever when her parents are dead. I am pretty sure she'll find a nice husband that 'fits her aesthetic' whos hella rich and equally dull.

No. 203756

idk most rich guys want pretty wives and girlfriends

No. 203796


No. 204203

I wonder what her feet look like

No. 204311

How is she only 18? She looks twice her age

No. 204332

given the state of her shoes, I don't think we'd want to know

No. 204476

Fuck off.

No. 204715

File: 1480262192437.jpg (102.76 KB, 640x960, IMG_9757.JPG)

Never forget RIP

No. 204806

Where is the lace video?

No. 204846

Find the super Carly 64 parody and it's in the description

No. 204858

No. 204874

"People saying 'go back to gyaru' is like saying 'go back to your own country" white privilege at its finest lmao

No. 204882

My heart bleeds for her and her very serious problems :(

No. 204884

File: 1480283565915.jpg (11.43 KB, 236x263, 2bc9db29493a9cbeb6e8617f976d7a…)

>white privilege

No. 204888


go back to tumblr

No. 204900

I know the whole white privilege thing is dumb, I'm just making a joke. I always say it sarcastically but it doesn't really come off that way on the internet lol. But I really can't believe how she can compare racist remarks to people hating on your lolita coord..

No. 204914

File: 1480288100528.jpg (219.9 KB, 945x959, 3422154_artpop_lookbook.jpg)

i kinda like this look on her

No. 204917

That looks terrible..

No. 204964

i forgot how much i hate her saying lawita

No. 204968

no its not its supa kawaii desu ne

No. 204973


is something wrong with her spine? why the fuck is bending like that?

No. 204976

Honestly not bad compared to what she's doing now
The skirt and tights are pretty cute

No. 204990

She was actually pretty cute when she was thin and knew sorta how to dress herself.

No. 204994

File: 1480299418509.png (307.19 KB, 517x399, clairessponsored .png)

Woah guys look at all the awesome tacky claires products you could win except most of her audience won't see because she didn't upload a video about it and doesn't have her facebook actually linked on any videos OR HER CHANNEL INFO
(but you have to be subscribed to enter guys)

No. 204995

jk I was wrong

No. 205001

another 12 minute video… why would anyone want this crap. I can't imagine how terribly made the bag is.

No. 205003

If you look now she has gone and added links to her videos. Wonder how often she comes on here

No. 205393

"The value of this giveaway is over 200$! Holy hecka!"
$200 on tacky mall accessories, a shirt that she sells and makes a profit from, some cheap plastic jewellery/pins and a badly made bag and some cheap candy? Yeah right, she gets most of the stuff free or discounted from her workplaces, everything else is homemade crap that will probably never get used (who does she honestly think would use that bag?)

No. 205402

File: 1480301971824.png (570.42 KB, 452x670, mee6d01.png)

Instantly reminded me of Serduchka. Her style gets worse with every video.

No. 205407

File: 1480302560448.jpg (53.35 KB, 426x639, rhea-perlman-matilda__glamour_…)

she also reminds me of Rhea Perlman when she was in Matilda.

No. 205418

this is garage sale slash room clean up tier shit. it looks like she wanted to make room for more crap in her bedroom or something

No. 205421

Some of this stuff is literally stuff that she bought herself and then decided she didn't want. Weird.

No. 205430

probably all forgotten, unwanted things she found in her hoard

No. 205597


I am pretty sure 90% of the stuff is trash she bought during her con trips but needs wants to get rid of because she has too much stuff.

That make up bag wasn't it in ine of her hauls?

No. 205598

She looks like she's wearing a dead dog.

Somebody explain to me how this coat fits her party key aesthetics

No. 205606

Yes, it was. And all of the stuff besides that or things she made herself are from her jobs, either Claire's or Freak Lunchbox.

Pastel, duh. Apparently "party kei" is just pastel, neon, and glitter. Nothing else. No silhouettes, no fabrics, no patterns, no rules, etc. Just throw glitter on your face and wear pastels and neon.

No. 205653

She's dressed as a washed-up 42-year-old hooker who shows up at trashy parties with caked-on makeup, horrible dark roots showing, a ratty old coat, and crack.

No. 205690

Looks like she skinned the Grinch.

No. 205797

How dare you compare Serduchka to that pastel mess

No. 205803

>"smarties are a canadian thing! nobody knows what they are! haha funny canadian thing!"

bitch only america doesn't have them due to trademark rights. literally everyone knows what smarties are

No. 205810

She seems especially nervous and awkward in this.

No. 205916

was gonna say. Gawd a funny Canadian snack would've been something to do with maple.

No. 205986

she got absolutely all of these things either for herself or for discounted prices at the candy store, freaks, and claires where she works. smfh.

No. 206709

File: 1480526886208.png (20.43 KB, 864x398, 4b4cfed83eab7afebb8a219fbba0e7…)

I guess she meant they were made in Canada? But she did make it sound like they were only sold in Canada.

No. 206745

I think Nestle is a Switzerland-based company, so it'd still be a reach.

No. 206750

Yeah, idk if anyone else feels this way, but as a Canadian it's always been a little bit of a pet peeve of mine when other Canadians act like canadian products and brands are something super special and unique.

For example, when people feel the need to explain what Shoppers Drug Mart is. I mean it's a normal thing- obviously it's a drug store, there's no need to point out that it's something unique to Canada. Like, you don't hear British youtubers saying shit like 'I went to Tesco to buy groceries today.' and then follow it up with 'teehee, that's a supermarket here in the UK!'

No. 206754

Alright because it's so obvious Jill goes on here, I just wanted to write out some advice
>first, stop coming on here, it's not helping your self esteem and you know it. Use your time more productively
>make videos about things you're passionate about, not things you buy
>make videos about your sewing and design, the videos will take longer to make sure, but I assure you they would be more interesting for you to make and for your viewers to watch
>make videos about party kei. Your how to Lolita video is one of your better ones, make one about your own style. Figure out exactly what it is exactly, then make how to and diys around it.
>create "how I made this cosplay" videos. People love that shit and it can be informative and helpful
>save the "stuff I bought" shit for monthly favorites or lookbooks. Hauls are fun and all but get old quick if you aren't editing them well or creatively.
>you are a creative person and if you started making more videos that focus more on your hobbies or fashion design your viewers would no doubt enjoy it more
>(also you can justify a 10+ min sewing/crafting/showing your artistic process much more then a super long rambling haul)
Overall I don't think your a bad person, and your likely doing what you can for now, but really girl, you can do better. Sure a lot of people have got a lot of shit to say but it sure as hell looks better for you to just keep progressing then respond to us in videos. We're all just salty here anyways

No. 207045

Send her this over social media if I'm honest, anonymity yeah but this is actual advice. The recent bitchy comments before hauls "yeah I knooow you guys, my money" are the most obvious comments to know you've been dwelling here Jill. Stop lol.

No. 207126

File: 1480615039290.png (105.53 KB, 640x747, IMG_8963.PNG)

No. 207128

tbh i think this is pretty cute

No. 207133

She seems to have done this the correct way. Still not giving her hair a break but hey.

No. 207151

I agree
I wouldn't do it but eh

No. 207182

I feel like she did a better job this time with her hair, but is her style even "party kei" anymore? Like when she first made the post on her blog about it and drew those pictures it looked more like swankiss type stuff but now it seems like dollskill tumblr rainbow shit? idk

No. 207183

YES. No more piss yellow hair, hurrah. We'll see how long the colors hold haha.

No. 207196

true, it went from being dreamy and sleepover themed and pastel to bright colors and plastic stuff. I get that styles evolve but she cant just call anything party kei because she is wearing it

No. 207230

Maybe I'm in the minority here but this looks like some cheap mcdonalds my little pony doll, unless that's what she was going for? It's better than the yellow though I'll give her that, and once it fades it'll probably look soft and pretty unless it bleeds? I wonder how it looks in real life though, the yellow was bad enough that people made fun of it in person.

Yeah this is what I've always wondered, is she just gonna call everything she wears party kei? Compare what she currently wears to the sketches on her blog, like >>207182 said it was like gaudy swankiss with some birthday motifs, but now it's like normie mall stuff mixed with tumblr/dollskill style with straight up cheap party decorations as accessories. In her blog post she writes:

>Party kei is the style for a girl who