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File: 1469644732707.jpg (1008.74 KB, 1438x1441, Screenshot_20160727-133557.jpg)

No. 160803

I thought there might be interest in a new Ash thread, although the milk isn't flowing much these days.

Previous thread >>144651

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/

No. 160805

File: 1469644814122.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160727-133005.png)

Also, she got a new tattoo. Spooky. I'm surprised someone agreed to poke such paper thin/delicate skin with needles.

No. 160821

Jfc that's her shoulder! Ash's body will never cease to shock me, I guess.

No. 160823

I wouldn't say "flowing", since she makes powder milk.

No. 160827

What person in their right mind would tattoo on this girl

No. 160832

this is one seriously ugly tattoo even if it was on a normal person's shoulder.

No. 160833

I personally think that they do it out of pity, probably because they think she has a non ED medical condition like that Lizzie Velasquez girl who's really spoopy too but can't help it.

No. 160839

Dem lines

No. 160853

She's so close to death yet getting shitty tattoos never change Ash

No. 160889

She looks like she's about to die, why's it matter? I'd ink her for half price just for the story

No. 160979

File: 1469662628892.png (656.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160727-183315.png)

The caption. She apparently plans to have an entire sleeve, but I honestly don't think she'll live long enough to finish it. (I know we've been saying this forever, but really, how much longer can she possibly have?)

No. 160983

She wants a sleeve? she constantly cries about how poor she is.

I don't know if she's going to a scratcher but no honest tattooist would go near Ash.

No. 160985

I'm really excited for her to die soon. I figure her immune system won't be able to handle the tattoos and they'll get infected and she'll finally croak. (Hopefully.)


She might just know someone with the tattooing equipment, since it's legal to buy.

No. 160988

That's so edgy of you, anon.

No. 160992

I don't want anyone to suffer. So, if I'm hoping she dies, it's because of ending the suffering.

No. 160993

I doubt that, anon. While she looks closer to death than ever, the stubborn ones seem to hang on for a long time.

No. 160994

File: 1469666646527.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

I see she has a bandaid on her face. I'm guessing that gross wound hasn't healed over yet. Her body is literally rotting.

No. 161008

fuck that had to hurt really bad too with no fat on her

No. 161010

It's definitely a gaping pressure ulcer that needs to be packed before it would even start to heal. But even then it probably wouldn't due to her low body weight.

No. 161031

look at her skin though; she is drawing near the end. may as well go out with a crappy tattoo.

No. 161032

it's pretty calcified all right. but it's good to have a thread here as a venue for her to rattle in when she feels the need.

No. 161053

She has the crappiest tattoos ever. All of them are poorly done and ugly.

No. 161066

I imagine she shakes like a chihuahua 24/7 that can't be easy to tattoo

No. 161072

I still maintain that band aid is there now purely because it's pretty much a dead cert people will talk about her again and it's yet another way for her to pull her 'I'm so mysterious' bullshit.

That or she wants to be Nelly circa 2004.

No. 161153

File: 1469706652588.png (2.19 MB, 1438x1441, Dillema.png)

No. 161226

ANON, this is absolutely hilarious. Thank you.

Did she show up towards the end of the last thread or was that just a terrible troll?

No. 161229

okay so how is she still alive? i'm not even kidding with this question

No. 161230

I'm guessing you're new to this thread. We've been wondering that for quite some time.

No. 161232

Nobody knows, anon. Maybe she's sold her soul to the devil in return for being a spoopy brat.

No. 161239

File: 1469722285964.jpg (28.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Do skellies like Ash love Jack Skellington so much because they look like him or just because their deprived brains have them mentally trapped in the 6th grade?

No. 161245

God, she's revolting.

Doesn't she actually have a real medical condition that makes it hard for her to gain weight, as opposed to being anorexic? I could've sworn someone told me that.

No. 161250

Hm I'm guessing the tattoo is just outlines and rather small because that's all her body could handle in one sitting.
Also i noticed the first time how hairy her arms are. That's her body basically growing fur (lanugo) everywhere to compensate for the lack of fat to keep her warm.

No. 161269

my fucking sides anon 10/10

No. 161271

I don't think anyone knows, but it's interesting that Eugenia is super thin but not boney, unlike people like Ash, Erika, Anna [fitveganginger].

No. 161273

Remember when Ash said she doesn't have any lanugo, lmao…

No. 161332

File: 1469740092869.png (434.25 KB, 512x512, avatar_4b35de1c0e4a_512.png)

a rare shot of the mythical chairgrave.

No. 161333

wtf does fragile as a cat even mean??

No. 161342

She's tried to explain it before that she thinks cats are fragile or something like that. when in reality cats are the opposite, I mean 9 lives and all that jazz.

No. 161354

Yeah, they have flexible spines and can survive some crazy falls. I dunno why'd she choose a cat over something like a bird or rabbit.

No. 161361


Maybe that's why she likes it. Because she's stubborn and staring death down til the last gasp.

No. 161460

File: 1469774230381.png (179.71 KB, 260x263, 0000.png)

Saw this and thought of Ash.

No. 161462

What an insult to that cat. Much cuter than Ash will ever be.

No. 161477

the wig quality is too good. plus the cat probably doesn't smell like vomit

No. 161480

Why hasn't anyone kidnapped her to forcefeed her? If I was her mother I'd lock her in the basement and forcefeed her butter. Can't be that hard to overpower a skellington.

No. 161483

Why do you newfags constantly ask this question?

No. 161487

she wants this anon. it's to get back at the family members who suggested she was chubby, and it's a "revenge" she'll take all the way to the grave. she's a grown adult who can't be forced into treatment and simply wouldn't accept it happening. even if forcefed she'd return to her ways immediately after.

No. 161495

I'm just going to safely assume you've never heard of refeeding syndrome…

No. 161554

Gold star material indeed! Awesome banner, too.

No. 161740

holy fucking shit, A*

No. 161808

Yeah, she refuses to talk about it, even though nearly every comment on every video of her's is something about her weight. I'm not sure if I admire that or not. I've always thought she was anorexic, but you're right. She's curiously not boney looking.

That would probably kill her for sure, as another anon mentioned (refeeding syndrome.)

No. 161810


She could just have a very small frame.

small frame = less spoopy at low weights

No. 161816

File: 1469891298880.jpg (106.99 KB, 612x612, X0LHYdj.jpg)

samefag she looks spoopier here but nowhere near ashley's bonelord status

No. 161823

She's visibly ill and someone was okay with tattooing her? My dad has been an artist for 20+ years now and a tattoo that basic and in that size is maybe $50? $70 max. That money isn't worth it… Guy (or woman) should take a look at their own ethics.

No. 161825

Her recent upload shows how thin she is. It's really freaking me out. She has no muscle mass in her arms.

No. 161833

does this girl have her own thread? she seems kind of nuts. like the whole 'i hear people in my house' kinda thing…and her wardrobe is ridiculous. i think i remember seeing one of the shoe videos she made and some of her heels were actually ridiculously expensive, like who buys their kid this stuff?

No. 161834

File: 1469895642068.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, bonelord'sselfiestick.jpg)


what skellies have any muscle mass. Muscle = thicker body

No. 161844

You could have just searched the catalog for her name. >>150944

No. 161847



No. 161875

File: 1469911094614.png (103.65 KB, 520x295, tumblr_inline_nuwtejjqWk1rgjag…)

No. 161882

There should be a thread for her. she has almost 1 mil subs. She is really grossing me out and all that lack of nutrition to the brain makes her space out. She is like Suzy is how she speaks.

>"I really like… yeah. It's cool, cuz I think it's cool."

No. 161884

My bad. But her thread is locked.

No. 161885

There have been threads about her before, but they died because she doesn't have any milk other than being spoopy

No. 161886

Ok. No problem. Disappointed she doesn't have an Encyclopedia dramatica. Her mom is Margo territory creepy.

No. 161906

Yeah, and that one "accidental" pussy slip.

No. 161916

That's all what her videos are from what I've seen. They're her wearing barely any clothes showing off how skinny she is and just going "ummmm yeah like….like yeah….ummmm."

No. 162664

Anyone know why she goes by Atticus on instagram?

No. 162667


I think it has something to do with Atticus Finch. There was also a previous thread where the title was Ashley Finch instead of Isaacs. But that's all I know.

No. 162669

It's a combo of Blink 182 and To Kill A Mockingbird as far as I know.

No. 162974

This is a total shitpost but the resemblance is uncanny

No. 162980

File: 1470282502967.png (422.15 KB, 493x780, giftorpretendgifttobaitgifts.p…)

Holy shit I didn't even realise this had been posted already, I'm not the only one who saw a connection.

Pic unrelated, just a recent spoopy Ash post

No. 163008

Ash can only wish she looked as good as those cats.

No. 163018

They might even outlive her.

No. 163087

File: 1470332329540.png (12.96 KB, 486x340, capture-20160804-203735.png)

And three hours later it's already deleted. Did someone see it?

No. 163136

God damn who keeps spending their money on her?

No. 163151

File: 1470348948594.jpg (686.8 KB, 1080x2638, Screenshot_20160804-180919.jpg)

It's still there. Just took this a couple minutes ago. I don't get it though, why's she acting like she's new to Instagram?

No. 163152


Not the post itself, but the video it's referring to. I guess she posted a video only to take it down quickly after, sort of like how a snapchat video only lasts until you view it.

No. 163194

I got shat all over for making that thread. There is milk, it just has to be found. Maybe the mom!

Would ash add me if I randomly added her on instagram I wonder?

No. 163204

That has to be a wig..

No. 163207

It's too bad she's such a spoop because at a normal weight she'd be pretty cute.

No. 163233

Did you make it about the time people were rejoicing that the ana threads had been locked? That was about a month ago, right? Maybe people thought you were trying to get around the banning of ana stuff. There were a few people who were quite salty about Ash still being on here too, I think - although OG admin said that she was unique in her weirdness so he was letting her thread stay.

No. 163282

yeah it's definitely a shameless plug because she's neither new to instagram nor video posting.
she knows her… "infamy" is dwindling.

No. 163286

She did a hair tutorial and it looks to be her real hair + extensions.

No. 163305

Sage for OT but I 100% feel like there's something there. Her mom seems to treat her like a young girl in her videos (helping to dress her, putting on her wigs for her etc), she's the only real life person Eugenia seems to hang out with… Idk if it's exactly going to be 'milk' though.

No. 163328

Remember to stay on topic. This thread is only for Ash.

No. 163656

File: 1470515300110.jpeg (176.44 KB, 750x1007, image.jpeg)

HEY PARTY PEOPLEEEEE. Some have asked to see my clavicle tattoo, (which I don't normally show) so here's a little part of it. It reads: 'fragile as a cat' and has a kitty next to it ? It was my second tattoo, AND HURT THE MOST, OH MY GOD. Seriously. I could add up the pain of all my other tattoos, and it wouldn't even compare ? but anyways. Totally worth wishing for death as I got it done, lmao. AND I WANT MOREEEE, MUAHAHAHAH. ? (also, I've been posting the snapchat type videos on here. Be sure to watch them before they disappear! ?)

No. 163680

I don't think she has snap chat. I type in her name and it asked me if I wanted to invite her to snap chat, must be another video sharing site

No. 163681

The bandage is still there, figures. I can't imagine her getting more tattoos. I can't even imagine her body working good enough so that a tattoo heals properly, especially with her mystery gash or whatever is on her face.

No. 163687

That bandage looks like there's a tumor beneath.

No. 163698

She doesn't. She said snapchat type videos, because IG has a new feature called Instagram Stories that's supposed to be similar to Snapchat.

No. 163744

guys, legally if theyre harming themselves a local mental ward or clinic has to get them and treat them, someone should contact their local clinic and give them information

No. 163755

Shhh, you sweet summer child.

No. 163756

You're so fucking new it hurts

No. 163764

no, it literally happened to me when I was ana in 8th grade. It doesnt hurt to try

No. 163768

People already tried, it's not going to happen. She's an adult. Read the old threads newfag.

No. 163771

>8th grade

It's different with minors vs adults, anon.

No. 163773

You can see ash struggling to breathe in her insta-snapchat vid. even talking is a chore to her now.

No. 163780

Her being consious alone is a hardwork.

No. 163788

Link to the vid …?

No. 163802

And even if she wanted care the system for adults is so hit & mess all the dicking about would probably stress her out and kill her anyway

No. 163803

No. 163810

>Fragile as a cat
Yikes yikes yikes

No. 163866

Any one have a link to the video she posted?

No. 164041


u have to follow her on insta and then u see it there

No. 164050

No, it's not there. I think maybe she posts them then deletes them.

No. 164055

Instagram deletes them, it's a new thing. They're called "Instagram stories" or something and they're only up for a day or two.

No. 164076

Yeah, and I check my IG feed every day and I've yet to see one.

No. 164084

So you can only see them if you're following her?

No. 164117


Yup. And your IG has to be updated so you can see the "Stories". They get deleted automatically after a while so whatever she posted is gone already.

No. 164538

File: 1470815457209.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160810-034759.png)

Skelly hand from her most recent Instagram story. It was literally just her reading the warning on the mirror, you didn't miss out if you didn't get to see it.

No. 164545

oh look at the kawaii skeleton.

No. 164892

File: 1470940494286.webm (2.98 MB, 940x602, ice_video_20160811-143205.webm)

New video on insta. How can she heal ears and tattoos but not that mystery face wound?

No. 164897

it's like she's trying to suscept herself to infection in any way possible

No. 164906

No. 164923

File: 1470949019407.jpeg (189.85 KB, 1042x1042, image.jpeg)


Sorry for the shitty cropping

No. 164925

Is she possibly trying to stop binging and purging by eliminating her triggers?

Also I love how she's throwing shade at other people who can't just look at sweets and feel satisfied. Got to love how she finds the saddest things to feel like she's better than other people about.

No. 164929

That'd be bad news for her longevity since despite the immediate danger of purging, the few nutrients she absorbs from her binges before she flushes out the food is probably the only reason she has stayed alive this long

No. 164936

Lol, you can tell it's killing her inside despite the smiley face and condescending attitude. She loves food.

No. 164938

Ew I hate her more and more every day.

No. 164939

File: 1470953419365.png (18.51 KB, 487x327, capture-20160812-010829.png)

'bettering myself' seriously…

No. 164941

Can you anons that think she lives off ~binge remnants~ educate yourselves already? Obviously she's not living off a mouthful of unpuked empty carb.

Ash pretending she's a restrictive anorexic to seem superior always makes me kek though

No. 164949

>keep a diary

No. 164966

File: 1470961010276.jpg (15.48 KB, 443x68, 1470960934799.jpg)

And her followers keep kissing her (non-existing) ass.

No. 164995

Pretty sure she's gonna stop binging/puking on donuts because she physically can't anymore. It must be exhausting vomiting all that dough and sugar on a weekly basis.

No. 164997

File: 1470971275711.jpg (8.62 KB, 159x199, 1470963345119.jpg)

>did they have cake 1,000 years ago? No.
Yes, they did you FUCKING IDIOT.


Not eating turns your brain into mush, ash.

No. 165015

No. 165036

>> Looking at a cake is enough for me.

This is next level blatant proana shit. I wonder if it's just a game to her.

No. 165061

And she has to have like zero ability to recover from any kind of physical trauma judging by the band-aid that seems to be a permanent thing now.

No. 165065

All proanas are obsessed with food, it's not like they have much else to make them interesting. MPA has this hundred page long "yum or yuck game" thread where all anyone does is give the name of a food and the person below will say whether they like it or not. The fact that Ashley would post this in the first place shows well enough that she is obsessed. She's also obsessed with food related novelties like playing Pokemon Go in the supermarket and her fry shaped pen. Nothing will ever be enough for her because she is in a state of chronic starvation. Certainly not looking at pictures of cake kek.

No. 165076

No more horror movies for me :-) Looking at Ash's pictures is enough for me lol.

No. 165118

File: 1471018939570.jpg (83.75 KB, 533x478, aww she still reads the thread…)

And now she's edited the answer.

I honestly think this "eliminating food" thing is a more direct attempt to finally die. I know she's not completely surviving on the unpurged binge food, but it sounds like an excuse to stop eating what little she must eat too.

No. 165126

I guess that's what she means by "bettering herself". Dying.

No. 165170

How does that edit even remotely make sense? The fact that brands such as Pillsbury weren't available 1000 fucking years ago doesn't justify your eating disorder driven choices and the publication thereof to a vulnerable audience.

No. 165176

she just wants people to pay attention to her eating habits. deciding not to eat cake is such a mundane diet decision no matter who it belongs to but she has to screech "IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GET OVER IT" because she's the skelly queen and everyone should worry that she's no longer binging and purging on betty crocker.

No. 165197

2016, if you have to take anyone else into the Void, take this miserable skeleton.

No. 165199

It doesn't make sense at all, her brain is the consistency of custard. As horrible as it sounds, I'd love to see her autopsy. It'd be fascinating from a scientific standpoint to see all the damage she's done post-mortem.

No. 165201

>I'm bettering myself

Hope she eliminates macaroni and cheese from her vomit diet too if she wants to live.

No. 165208

Holy fuck.

No. 165247

Did you read Autopsy-anon's post? It can't be that different, I imagine.

No. 165255

holy shit, check out the random skelly woman in the background by the building. Is Ash in the parking lot of her ED therapy place? Why is there another skelly person in this photo?

No. 165260

in previous Ash threads we've had a couple medchans come in and let us know about similar situations and the details of their autopsies. Quite sickening stuff. Not sure where it is but you can find it.

No. 165270

The skel is her mom.

No. 165271

No. 165311

I don't think it's her mom, just some random person standing there.

No. 165539

JESUS FUCK, Anon! After vomiting and shuddering for 20 minutes, I had to come back and say thanks a lot for that nightmare of a link. The article is forever seared into my mind's eye and I am nothing short of devastated about that. So yeah, thanks for that. Autopsy Anon's report was tame compared to this shit IMHO! * shudder * retch **

No. 165548

Care to link the autopsy comments, I can't find them. Honestly though I'm not shocked by that blog post, people can end up in a poor state because of laziness, inability or being forced to be cared for by well meaning relatives rather than be admitted to a care home. Sad reality that so many people end up in a state, from simple bedsores to the ills described in their detailed(!) post.

No. 165566

File: 1471182581120.jpg (277.94 KB, 1177x2000, autopsy-anons-description.jpg)


>>>/pt/246047 and
>>>/pt/246198 and

pic is a cap of the comments.

No. 165576

I rememeber when autopsy anon was originally here but reading it all again makes me feel sad.

The only thing I disagree with is that the person could be saved if they simply ate more. When you're Ashley's size, you can't just start eating normally. You can put your body into one hell of a shock [refeeding syndrome]. Now with medical attetion, refeeding becomes less of a risk, and I know Denver Acute takes cases like Ash, but obviously she doesn't want help.

No. 165593

Thanks it was an interesting read, but also very sad. To think existing in a body like that, what sort of quality life would that person have had .

No. 165610

What does 'pt' stand for in the context of that post? Is it just 'patient'?

No. 165612

Anon did say that the body described here was 'thinner' than Ash - but I think they were implying that controlled, inpatient recovery like you describe would have saved them, although anon wrote 'eating'.

No. 165614

It's possible. I guess it's just a context thing. Still super fascinating, though!

That patient had a bmi of 7.6. Ash's bmi is 8.2 the last time we knew any numbers so she isn't far behind…

No. 165618

How new are you? /pt/ is the main board for cows on here. It stands for pixyteri, a very famous cow.

No. 165619

How stupid are you? They're referring to a linked blog post where the acronym PT is used to denote patient.

No. 165626

So. Fill me in please. Why do we care about this dying skeleton exactly? Every time im on the front page this things face is on it. Pretty gross.

No. 165628

Are you unable to read back through the threads for some particular reason?

No. 165636

Do we know her weight and height at this point?

No. 165637

I doubt her weight has changed drastically in a while

No. 165656

No, We found out her weight when secret_livez spilled the beans and said she was in the 40s weight wise. It Ash has lost weight then it's harder to see since she only ever takes face selfies now.

My guess is the same as an anon above, that she's cutting out more foods because it's an attempt to die quicker.

No. 165664

Man there are so many easier ways to end up dead. Is it the "don't want it be a suicide" thing? Even though I still count starving yourself to death a suicide.

No. 165667

Ash wants to live as long as possible because she wants to throw everything in her mom's face, no doubt. I don't know if you've been here since the beginning but basically Ash is mad af that Rebecca made her go inpatient after Ash was caught camming on 4chan.

No. 165669

before she dies someone tell me what photo editing app she uses

No. 165692

at seven years along, what I reckon she meant was consuming food in some form but earlier, before the body was destroyed that way. i.e. that this was the result of long-term starvation.

No. 165694

also she's mad af that family called her "chubby". Skele's Revenge.

No. 165700

Pretty much. Too bad Ash is unwilling to talk about anything real. She screams about wanting everyone to know the "truth" but nothing ever comes of it.

No. 165710

It's the Line Camera app.

No. 165719

side note:

Rachael Farrokh was around Ashley's weight when she finally got help, and actually was able to rebound and get better. Although, I am sure her internal organs have taken a severe beating and she is probably more likely to suffer from heart problems even after putting weight back on. But still, her life has got to be sooo much better now.

No. 165782

I doubt she's actually changed her diet. Either she already hasn't been eating KK donuts or she is still eating/puking them. I think she's just trying to get a renewal of attention, from both us scorning her for giving up food/encouraging her ED followers to give up unhealthy food, and from her 'concerned' or 'you're so beautiful' followers on IG.

No. 165783

How long was Rachel like that for? That seems to be the key issue. The autopsy subject was in a bad state for seven years. Ash has been for several years. Rachel might have gone down faster and got helped sooner.

No. 165824

Ash started going downhill after the camming. She is 24 now and what, 15/16 then? But she didn't become really emaciated until a year or two later.

No. 165832

has she been this skeletal the whole time? I was under the impression she was only super bad the last 2-3 years. I follow the threads but don't know my Ash history well enough. she's been using wheelchairs more and more frequently to the point of being in one all the time is what I've seen.

No. 165871


She's older than 24 anon.

No. 165879

She's 25, turns 26 in November.

No. 165880

More like 5 years, at least.

No. 165882

Yeah sorry, I was off by two years.

No. 165883

She looked mostly normal during the hamtaro chan days, after that she started going downhill. She started looking super skelly, probably around 2009/2010.

No. 165885

This is sad. Ash and her friend seem like they were really having fun.


No. 165942

it seems her teeth have always been a butter shade of yellow

No. 165946

She's been pretty much this skeletal for the four years I've known about her. She's definitely continued getting worse, but she was already skelly at that time.

No. 166019

Fuck me, if you put "alien fungus" instead of "yeast," you got some Stephen King level shit right there. Thank you for posting that, I'm so glad I've found this blog as I'm fascinated by this stuff.

I'm going to read through Elise's blog and try to find anything about spoopy skellies.

No. 166058

The point of no return began back in 2007, after her suicide attempt/coma. She was already becoming skeltal during that year, and by around 2009 she was bonelord. So it's been almost 10 years of progressive skeleton war. But 10 years is too much and it shows. No wonder she's starting to attempt to stop puking, she's rotting from the outside now.

No. 166084

well then she's heading the way autopsy anon described.

No. 166501


That Rachael person looked so a lot healthier though, her skin wasn't yellow and she didn't have unhealed wounds like Ash does. Ash been this size for so long that I think her situation is much worse.

No. 166510

Is that Ash's mother we see driving on the way to disneyland? She's pretty chunky, I had the impression she was sick and competing with Ash.

No. 166512

That's what Ash wants you to think. Ash is incapable of telling the truth.

And yeah, that's Rebecca. Although I think she did lose a bit of weight. But when Ash is your child, who wouldn't be stressing out all the time?

No. 166647

Becky is a skel now. That video was made over eight years ago.

No. 166650

She's not… We have seen her in Ash's pics quite recently, and she looks pretty normal.

No. 166678

Days since last Tumblr post: 2

Of course now that I say this, I'll have triggered an avalanche of posts as proof of life.

No. 166699

Actually three. But wait for a week without any posts, then you can start to wonder if she's finally dead.

No. 166704

Ash has said if she hasn't posted in 2 weeks, we'll know she's passed away. I don't think Ash wants an obit or anything.

No. 166705

I'm pretty sure obits are mandatory

No. 166711

No, they're not.

No. 166712

I've heard that too, but she never goes more than a few days without posting. If it even gets to a week, something's up.

No. 166713

even if one's not formally put out by the family they still list it in the local newspaper, like with wedding or name change announcements

No. 166724

She posted a comment on her last ig pic a day ago, so she's still breathing.

No. 166726

Sorry, that's not true. You might be confusing an obit with a death notice, which is done for legal reasons.

No. 166727

you're right, that's what I was thinking of. either way, the public's gonna know when ash dies regardless of what she wants.

No. 166728

Yeah, you're talking about death notices/notices to creditors, which is put out in the newspaper for Medicaid recovery and estate reasons.

No. 166883

"3 Days Ago" is what I see when I look at it.

No. 166893

Ash can die at any moment.

No. 166896

she will outlive us all out of pure spite

No. 166930

I hope not.

No. 166951

I feel like Narcissists are pretty well known for doing this.

No. 167355

So…Is she still alive?

No. 167357

File: 1471787498102.png (433.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160821-085039.png)


Her latest tumblr update was yesterday, so I assume that she is.

No. 167360

Of course. I think every time someone questions or predicts her death her life is extended for six months

No. 167371

So…vegan except for b/p sessions.

No. 168029

File: 1472038773006.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-08-22-22-01-21…)

She looks fine in Ash's instasnap tho

No. 168079


No. 168091

I don't believe this 'attempting to stop puking' bs. Ash is in too deep to start stopping behaviours. An ED isn't that easy to control in the first place, but Ash wants to burn out so it's not like her to start taking safety precautions now. She's just saying shit to make people worry about her, and because she hates not being a restrictive anorexic.

No. 168095

File: 1472065076687.jpg (204.3 KB, 902x615, she could poke your eye out wi…)

Her knees are more terrifying than ever in her latest photo. I think it's because the white background makes them stand out more. But holy shit either way

Also, Ashley, you're not tired because of the summer heat. You know this and everyone that follows you knows this.

No. 168127

File: 1472068484838.jpg (11.04 KB, 223x226, images (1).jpg)

She could do undertale cosplay

No. 168162

Can you really look like that without being restrictive?

No. 168181

Like Ash? I suppose if you have a muscle wasting or fat absorption disease like lizzie valesquez, but those are extrodinarily rare.

No. 168219

YES because by this point & this long in starvation mode human bodies do not function normally; her normal digestive reflexes will he non existant, her stomach will not process food fast enough if at all, same as the rest of her system (small intestines, large intestines, colon etc). So if she does binge it is even more difficult (even without purging on purpose) for the food to be processed properly by her body, but her body is also more likely to reject any amount of food she ingests because her stomach will not physically be able to cope with the expansion. It is actually MORE common for ''extreme" anorexics like ash to become b/p anorexics because by that stage in the ed, the body is so malnourished and starved that binging and cravings are ALL it can focus the mind on.

No. 168233

That'd be a bonechilling sight to see.

No. 168329

Isn't she 38 pounds? Her height has been given anywhere between 4'8" and 5'1", so her BMI is between 7.2 and 8.5.

No. 168332

5'1 and 41 lbs, I believe. It is possible she's under 40 now.

No. 168336

Oh, you.

No. 168359

File: 1472146298492.png (662.17 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-07-29-23-40-58…)

If she falls off her wheelchair, would she die?

No. 168366

It's possible. Severe malnutrition can fuck with the clotting system and potentially cause life-threatening blood loss from a minor injury. Also, a fall is likely to result in a fracture, which won't be able to heal without surgical intervention. It would be extremely risky for her to undergo surgery in her condition - anesthetic drugs could disrupt her fragile respiratory and circulatory system, and if she survives the procedure she would still be at a high risk for hospital acquired infections.

No. 168410

File: 1472159159513.png (22.4 KB, 242x242, image.png)

No. 168416

You would just love to push that ugly chair so hard and see what happens, wouldn't you?

No. 169283

File: 1472414931247.png (7.53 KB, 414x203, capture-20160828-230709.png)

Yeah she sure does work from home… 4 days a week…. maybe in her dreams…

No. 169294

All she'd need to do is wear some white body paint and take off the wig tbh.

No. 169310

lmao, you mean you answer online surveys in return for $0.10 a few times a week.

No. 169333

Was it Ash that was making the Swag Dollars or was that another cow?

No. 169339

must be someone else.
Ash came to us once sucking up and asking for advice on whether she should decorate phone cases or something and sell them, but naturally she never went through with it.

No. 169356

Fetishists maybe? I bet she makes good money from any skeleton women niche, or she could.

No. 169361

omg, what if she cams still for anorexic fetishists? that would be hilarious.

No. 169452

I think the only reason why she doesn't (believe me, everyone would know if she did) is because it hasn't occured to her yet – or maybe it conjures up too many memories of her past, but that's likely secondary at best. She could make a lot of money from that niche if she tried. She's possibly the absolute thinnest functioning (…you know what I mean) person alive today. That's a lot of desperate fetishists with nowhere else to go.

No. 169475

wasn't that when she made those cases using ~profeshunul glitter glue~ for her shitty instagram shop?

No. 169484

No. 169527


This has made me curious about what must lie beneath that rats nest wig…the horror…

No. 169531

Yeah…people do make and sell stuff all the time, but then I saw her iPhone case she was all proud of "making" and it was just stickers. Not even good stickers.

No. No one's buying that.

No. 169537

File: 1472491401116.jpg (572.94 KB, 1330x748, The-Witches-1990-1.jpg)

Probably looks like this.

No. 169539

in that case I wouldn't say it was TOTALLY Ash being Ash and 'not going through with it'. We all pelted shit at her pretty quick for that and like >>169531 said no one would buy them anyway.

don't mean to WK though, still pathetic that at her age that was the best thing she could've come up with/make to sell

No. 169542

That's true, but she could try other craft ideas. There's tons of easy things she could make and sell if she wanted, I'm guessing she may not be physcially capable. I mean, she complains her mom won't take her to the post office. She obviously needs a ride to and from one. And she probably doesn't have the energy for it either.

No. 169550

nah, most farmers were actually pretty supportive and offered genuine encouragement iirc.

No. 169561

That's incredibly sad to me she thinks that starving herself to death is a good way to get "revenge" on her family. Doesn't she see the person she's hurting the most is herself?

No. 169562

Hi, you must be new here.

No. 169573

No. Ash literally does not care about anyone but herself. There is a reason she never has stable relationships. She mad af that her mom stopped her camming when Ash was posting to 4chan. She tried to kill herself because she got caught and is determined to make her mom's life as miserable as possible.

When I first stumbled upon Ash back when StamRose/Maxfag was a thing, I pitied Ash. But after more info came out about her in prior threads here, the more disgusted I became. She is racist. She is manipulative. She sabotages other people's recovery [Erika, Gia].

No. 169577

Read this thread. >>>/pt/89979

One of Ash's acquaintances spills the beans on what she's like IRL.

No. 169672

So has anyone phoned up Guinness World Records to ask for her weight to be verified so she can briefly hold the title of world's thinnest woman until she kicks the bucket?

No. 169694

…You know, someone should probably do this.
Her BMI is in the 7s. The confirmed record is 7.5. She might actually break it.

No. 169702

Rachael Farrokh's BMI was said to be 6.3. But well, of course it's not anymore.

No. 169728

IMDb says she's 5'7", though entertainers regularly inflate their heights. Her low weight has been quoted at 44 pounds, which gave her a BMI of 6.9. She'd have broken the record if she submitted to it too, assuming that height is accurate.
Ashley gives her own height at 5'1" (but also might have inflated it, other sources go as low as 4'8"). An old inside source gives her weight as 41 pounds, but I'm pretty sure it's in the 30s now. Assuming 38 pounds (which I've seen given before) at 5'1", her BMI is 7.2.

No. 169730

Some sources said Rachael was down to 40 lbs though.

No. 169751

She wouldn't do it. As much attention as she craves from the internet, she's always seemed to be trying to stay off the radar IRL.

No. 169827

guinness doesn't accept thinnest bmis, only fattest. i guess to avoid ash. lol

No. 169837

But anon, Rachael actually got help. She wanted to get better. Ash does not, that's the difference.

No. 169858

I don't see why it's helpful to compare the BMI of two women who are and were anorexic. The point for Ash should be that treatment is available, people can recover mentally and physically. And yes long time maintenance at such a low weight can lead to permanent damage but this can be treated and managed.

No. 169869

What about she does not want to get better do you not understand? Ash refuses help. She does not want it. She could care less about getting better, this is a throw in the face to her mom.

No. 169892

I think people spend a lot of time forgetting Ashley's had an ED since age 11. Hamtaro-chan wasn't before her disorder, it was when she was weight-restored but purging. This goes far deeper than being upset she wasn't allowed to be a camwhore.

She doesn't want to recover, but 15 years in she might not even be able to. The treatments available are for acute EDs, not chronic.

No. 169894

15 years…she's lucky if she has 5. I know she's exceeded all expectations but there's no way she has much time left.

No. 169895

As in she's had an eating disorder for 15 years (almost, she'll be 26 in October), not that she'll still be alive in 15 years. Though she could probably survive a nuclear apocalypse.

No. 169900

Oh sorry, I mis-read.

No. 169923

November ;)

No. 169986

Has anyone else noticed that both Ashley and her mom 'like' and comment back and forth to each other on facebook? And I'm not either of their friends so I'm only seeing what's public. Ashley acts like she hates her mom and vice-versa on tumblr, instagram, etc. but they seem pretty cool and even chummy with each other according to FB. Odd.

No. 170003

Hi ash

No. 170024

Yes! Someone mentioned about this in one of the earlier threads, and it's really weird indeed…

No. 170027

Shit yeah thanks Ash-chan, I was mixing up your voter registration with another shitty Ashley from Florida

Gotta say, I myself don't see the weirdness. Ashley is obviously bullshitting when she claims to have the worst mother ever, but I also doubt her home life is exactly enviable, and people can be very cordial on Facebook who dislike each other outside that context.

No. 170039

Where was it mentioned that she had an ED since she was 11? Was it on Ashley's Tumblr at some point or from another source?

(Just to be clear, I believe you, because I know she's mentioned before that Hamtaro-chan was while she was weight-restored and bulimic. I just don't remember the starting age thing.)

No. 170044

Not that anon but believe it was on her tumblr, probably her venting one. Possibly even the same post where she said Hamtaro-chan wasn't pre-ED

No. 170046

Am that anon, can confirm. It was also sourcable back when her anorexia tag was full of posts – she would regularly discuss having had an ED for X number of years that working back from her age at the time meant she was ~11 at onset. The sheer number of things she's deleted since makes sourcing impossible now, but it was there.

No. 170356

>she'll be 26
What age did she have her children in? I thought they were like 15-17 years old

No. 170358

Ash doesn't have any kids, what are you talking about?

No. 170362

Wait, I mistook her with Erika, sorry

No. 170376

Erika's kids are really young, where are you getting the 16-17 year old thing from? One was four and the other one was like 6 when Erika used to post here.

No. 170466

I..wonder myself now. Guess I wrongly remembered facts from other threads

No. 170471

Awesome, thanks anons. I think I do remember posts about "X number of years with an ED," thinking of it now.

No. 170511

File: 1472731563419.jpg (46.15 KB, 537x403, Hamtaro Chan (62).jpg)

You're very welcome!

This is esoteric as fuck and I know it, but does anyone think she might be congenitally neuroatypical in some way? Using pictures from the Hamtaro-chan era (so adorable, 10/10 would weight-restore) to prove my point because more recent ones would get 'no, she looks like that because she's a skelly' – her features are pretty normal to the untrained eye, but from a dysmorphologist perspective the width of the gap between her eyes combined with the length of her face and that kind of weird chin/jaw structure (even more obvious in skelly pics so it wasn't just her bulimia cheeks throwing her face out whack) is suspicious. Specifically, she looks a lot like women I've seen with trisomy X, which is associated with lower IQ and greater psychological vulnerability. Trisomy X has a really variable phenotype and women with it tend to be taller than average rather than shorter like Ashley, but some are markedly short, and if her neurology was more vulnerable to trauma and mental illness than usual that could explain a lot.

No. 170514

The only way to know that for sure is to have genetic testing done.

No. 170517

I know, I'm just a chromosomal anomaly autist.
It's definitely a viable plan to get Ash-chan karyotyped, right? /s

No. 170521

I don't know. I am not an expert. Like with some disorders, it's so blindingly obvious. You know, the ones that have symptoms such as a flat nasal bridge, down turned or upturned eyes, short stature, etc.

The thing is, malnutrition stunts growth so it's possible aside from genetics, Ash is short because she's had an ED since she was 11 or something.

I would actually be more interested in Ash for genetic reasons relating to her eating disorder. There has got to be some reason she's last as long as she has in an emaciated state.

No. 170531

She's not unique. Go to any inpatient ED unit and you will see tons of people like her. Denver Acute regularly takes people with single digit BMIs.

The only thing unique about her is her social media presence

No. 170534

I disagree. You will see people like her at Denver Acute, but Ash has been emaciated for years. Most anorexics die before they get to Ash's level. And I am willing to bet the ones that go to Denver Acute are emaciated but not for as long as Ash.

Not only that but Ash purges on top of restricting which is a double disaster because of the risk of low electrolytes.

No. 170538

It's not like Ashley's existence is unprecedented, but the 'lol people like her are everywhere' meme is even worse.

Her BMI is in the 7s or 8s. She's relatively independent and mobile – yes, her vision is impaired, she uses a wheelchair, and she requires a carer, but people with even that basic level of functioning who are as emaciated as her are one in a billion. She eats nothing but processed sugar and has regular binge/purge cycles, which is the diametric opposite of what most people capable of surviving at extremely low weights do. She's the Keith Richards of the ana world, and she will probably outlive everyone posting here.

No. 170540

Sorry for samefagging, but the 'everyone who's at ACUTE is an Ashley clone' meme is wrong too. The average BMI on admission is 12.5.

No. 170542

Thank you! You explained it better than I could, anon.

No. 170549

File: 1472746794941.png (17.2 KB, 500x371, what.png)

No. 170550

lol, nothing ever makes sense. I think she's so brain damaged from starvation that she just spews word vomit and thinks it's coherent.

No. 170551

Her style is either Hot Topic or Children's clothes lmao, bless her.

No. 170573

Whether Target or Disney store, it's the toddler's section and it's definitely not goth or lolita.

No. 170575

Since she's a spooky skeleton and all, I imagine goth would suit her in some ways.
She'd look like someone's grandma in Lolita.

No. 170578

No burando would fit her, and shes too poor for lolita.

No. 170640

She looks like someone's grandma anyway, no matter what she's wearing.

No. 170641

She could share a wardrobe with the Hartley hooligans

No. 171013

There was a mom who died that had a few kids in their 20s. There was also a 15-year-old kid on Insta/MPA who was obsessed with Erika and called her "mom" a few times.

No. 171025

I wonder…or rather hope that she's trolling

No. 172300

Could be autism.

No. 172434

I'm going down to Orlando in a couple weeks to visit my family and if I see her in person I'm going to be hella spooped.

No. 172456

Will you be going to target or Disney?

No. 173146

Why are anorexics so childlike? Not just Ashley, it seems to be a trend, being interested in things for children + being anorexic. Do people starve themselves because they are scared to grow up or something, is that common?

No. 173152

die soon pls

No. 173159

For some with anorexia part of it can be fear of growing up. The 'prepubescent' aesthetic i.e. no tits, small hips, boyish figure (for girls), or lanky (boys) is "omg goalz" to them. They don't want the 'ideal' adult body in relation to their gender, they want a small, fragile, cute, youthful body.

Can't generalised for all ana's, but it is common. I always figured Ashley's ED might have had a little to do with that. I'm not her imaginary therapist so fuck if I know for fact, but she's always been obsessed with being ~cute~ stemming back to her days being a pedo's dream whore.

No. 173222

lmao this got me

No. 174488

(((Ashley Issacs)))

No. 174495

I had a thought: is it possible Ash thinks binging is the only thing keeping her alive, and so she's attempted to give up b/ping? I know it's a real addiction and have a hard time believing Ash could just give it up cold turkey after like, a decade of b/ping.

No. 174670

I think Ash just wants her fans to think she restricts more than she actually does. She's pretty proana imo.

No. 174696

Don't be fucking stupid, b/p'ing is hardly elongating her life, it fucks with your electrolytes and any purge could rupture the oesophagus. She just wants to pretend to be the Ultimate Anorexic.

No. 174764

Your reading comprehension is garbage. They asked if it was possible she knew BINGING was the only thing keeping her alive and is therefore trying to stop binge/PURGING so that she's less likely to die.

No. 174778


How is Erika doing? Is she anywhere on social media?

No. 174799

File: 1474151833781.png (419.23 KB, 512x512, 512.png)

Mystery bandaid update: It's still there, plus a brand new sore on her chin. We meth face now.

No. 174803

She is. I don't know what her other facebook account is but she's on FB as Lilja Ovsyuk.


No. 174806

I didn't say that b/ping is prolonging her life. >>174764 has it right.

But I think >>174670 is correct, it's most likely that Ash wants to pretend she's the ultimate ana butterfly kween.

No. 174821

It would be very painful.
She's a small girl.

No. 174822

If someone's grandma and a horse had a child, this is probably what it would look like.

No. 174885

is she asian?

No. 174886

No. 174888

Lol what

No. 174890

>She's a small girl.
For you.

No. 174931


No. 174932

i want newfags to leave

No. 174943

Something about this picture makes her look like she's at peace. She almost looks kinda cute. I'm on 5 hours of sleep though.

No. 174945

I know I shouldn't feel bad for her since she did this to herself and just wants people to pity her, but it just makes me sad to think she could have become a beautiful woman but instead she's in a wheelchair looking (and probably feeling) like somebody's dying grandmother. It's just a shame, even if she is a terrible person. Nobody deserves to go through what she's done to herself, no matter the type of person they may be.

No. 174950

Unrelated but sort of related, Eugenia Cooney has moved out from her mother's house and is now thinner each day. Even Onision has made an updated video about her telling her to get help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174958

Damn those ice cream emojis make me sad.

No. 174981

Whatever she's going through, ED or not should be private, no?

No. 174990

Slight derailment here but has anyone heard of Journeytoemma on IG? She has an ED but ignoring that there's plenty of milk there. Constantly talking about her latest medical crisis. Manages to turn any family event into being all about her. In and out of various psych units etc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174991

thats on a whole other set of tracks anon

No. 175155

Is that the girl with all the piercings? The profile's private.

No. 175164

Nah. The Emma you're thinking of is my_soul_to_reap

No. 175190

Don't get off topic. That's how you attract ana-chans. This thread is about Ashley.

No. 175340

File: 1474369203534.jpg (26.34 KB, 717x234, it.jpg)

This is from her edgy tumblr. She's not giving up and never has!

No. 175341

that's obviously a self ask.

No. 175355


It's sad to think that her inane answers and attempts to paint herself as a martyr must sound like poetry to her in her head.

No. 175361


Ashley of course you've given up. Otherwise you would be in recovery, been in hospital, feeling much better already… But no you refuse it because you have given up, IT controls you so much.

Staying alive =/= not giving up.

No. 175395


This is not a thread for discussing other people who have/may have anorexia. Please keep the thread on topic, and about Ash.

No. 175542

Who did she go to Disney with? I thought her bff Jackie wasn't visiting until next year?

No. 175934


her mom?

No. 176649

File: 1474748771565.jpg (118.85 KB, 750x750, 14374289_517727538428054_81080…)

I think the countdown has finally begun. This may be probably one of her final updates. I can't help but feel sad for her, ngl.

No. 176651

File: 1474748865963.png (39.32 KB, 296x450, bucketlist.png)

Some context. I think she's aware that she's going to leave soon. It's a bit sad, but at least she had fun?

No. 176654

I wonder how she would be able to tell, like what would be that moment of awareness of ~the countdown?

No. 176662

maybe she's seen a doctor who told her she only has months left or something?

No. 176664

Why would she say the high-lighted part as a hint at her being close to death, and the say she wants to go to the other parks around the world?

No. 176666

Sorry for the blogpost, but back when my grandma was dying of kidney failure, she told us that she physically felt death approaching. She described it as a dreadful feeling mixed with an instinctive "it's time" feeling.

She's probably going through that plus she might have gotten some grim news on her recent health. That would explain why her mom allowed Ash to bring her closest friend and why she's planning a bucket list.

No. 176667

Doctors could have found a whole myriad of problems that will cut her life down to a few weeks at this point. The true miracle is that she even managed to be in this state for this long.

No. 176669

If you know you're going to die soon, wouldn't you want to spend time seeing new things and doing what you've always wanted to? It makes sense.
I honestly feel bad for her, even though I know what an awful person she is.

No. 176670

Hmmm I was doubting you anon, but she mentions that she
>>got to bring a close friend

Sounds like you may be on to something. Perhaps her mom knows she is dying soon so decided to take her daughter to her favorite place + invited a friend for her final days?

She brought it on herself, but it is still sad. It's not like she was a murderer or child molester.

No. 176692

She's never going to get to California. She doesn't have enough money and she can't even fly.

No. 176694

She's IS an "all lives matter" garden variety racist, though. And has a pretty toxic personality. I think most people she knows will be better off without her.

No. 176698

She's terrible but I at least want her to make it to Halloween because that's the holiday she loves the most. Imagine her existing this long just to kick it a few days prior to what she's probably spent the last year waiting for.

>inb4 some bitter bitch says 'that'd be better'

No. 176699

She looks worse than usual

No. 176701

She tattooed last year's Halloween date on her arm… I'm pretty sure that's her last.

No. 176702


Apparently every time we say Assley is ready to kick the bucket, another year is added to her lifespan

No. 176711

except that she lives in Orlando and has gone there religiously every year. There is literally no other reason for her never going back unless she was dying or got banned for being too spoopy and scaring the children.

No. 176717

what if she doesn't want to go there again because she's saving money to visit other destinations? i mean i wouldn't be surprised if she dies soon but people have been saying that for years

No. 176727

You could simultaneously know it's the end, but still have a fantasy of all the other things you might do. I imagine the contrast between the two could become quite strong for her now. Or maybe she's making plans for her actual ashes to travel to those places (I'm not kidding).

No. 176728

she won't be there to know it though anon.

No. 176735

As much as she wasn't a super good person, I still really feel for her. Despite her racism and rudeness, it's still sad because I've followed her on social media since 2013 and read through all the drama.

No. 176748

I really think interpreting this as 'I'm dying soon' is reaching.

No. 176834

It may not be SOON, but she definitely knows she's dying. She has to know.

No. 176864

I think she'll last maybe another year. With every picture, whatever's on her face seems to be growing and she has more and more sores. And the fact that she said she'll never be going back to WDW again is pretty telling. She LOVES Disney.

No. 176879

It's interesting how everytime this thread starts to slow down or die, something happens to get people talking again. Last time it was the bandaid, now it's her saying she's never going back to Disney World again. I might be overly suspicious here but considering her history of presenting herself as this 'mysterious' character, it seems to fit.

She used to have the mystery of her weight which people talked about up until her weight was revealed on here. In the Disney post somebody asked her why she was wearing the band-aid and she responded with a typical stupid answer. She has other sores on her face so if there was something under that bandaid why cover that and not the others? Pretty sure there's fuck all under that bandaid.

Tldr I think the 'last time' comment is just another way of ensuring people talk about her again

No. 176881

I agree, it just reads like attention whoring to me. She could die any day now, but you could have said that 5 years ago and it would still be true. I don't think the post is a sign of her contemplating her mortality, she just wants asspats

No. 176887


Yeah, honestly this is so fucking dumb lol jfc

>i'll never be going back

"i didn't like it as much as i thought", "i had a bad experience", "i don't/probably never will have the funds to go back", etc, there are a million ways to interpret this

>…next on the bucket list

everyone dies. lots of people have bucket lists. oh my god lol.

No. 176902

Does her friend live in California? Maybe they're going together.

No. 176905

I know she's an immortal skellington who continues to defy medical science but she's got to go some time, and it'll probably be relatively soon. What's lolcow going to do then? Will there be a tinychat wake? Or would it be just better to have a permanent wake thread? Or nothing? Death on the internet is weird

No. 177020

I'm pretty excited of her upcoming death. Though in reality I'd like to see her to recover but since we know there's no way she'd ever do it, there's nothing more left than wait for her death. Dying is probably the most interesting thing she can do for now.

No. 177056

Honestly I think if she recovered she could easily get away with just ditching her online persona all together and getting away from this phase of her life (at least publicly anyway). She would look like an entirely different person if she wasn't skelly.

No. 177103


>"i didn't like it as much as i thought", "i had a bad experience", "i don't/probably never will have the funds to go back", etc, there are a million ways to interpret this

No there isn't. She has been going there every year, so it's not like it was an "once in a lifetime" thing that she suddenly can't experience ever again just because of money.
Also since she's been there so many times, she knows how it is like, so the "i didn't like it as much as i thought" doesn't work either. It's her tradition! And she said she had magical experience so she didn't have bad experience. Pls read the whole post, not just one sentence.

Honestly there are only 3 options why she said that:
a) She thinks she's dying.
b) She's attention whoring.
c) She wants to visit other parks from now on.

No. 177104

I don't think she's able to recover at this point. There wouldn't be much of a point to doing so anyway because she's done irreversible damage to her organs.

No. 177109

She'd probably die if she ate at this point

No. 177127

This is what I'm thinking too. She can't really go to other parks, though. Maybe local ones but not ones that require flying to get to, to Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, etc.

No. 177292

Best ending: recovery
True ending: death

No. 177298

She could be planning her suicide.

No. 177306

I doubt it very much.

No. 177464

Bad end: she continues to live

No. 177466

Do you actually want her to die? That's messed up.

No. 177494

I don't want her to die but I don't want her to live either. Unless she decides to recover, or at least try.

No. 177657

what she is doing is suicide, just a slower one

No. 178004

She keeps posting Instagram "stories" of her being at resorts n shit. All in a close time period. This could be it.

No. 178022

Whether or not Ash dies soon, Rebecca's gonna be in debt from burying or creamating the cretin.

No. 178115


No. 178147

File: 1475224505288.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Basically her talking but she was at an arcade and then at the bar . May as well follow her.

No. 178150

does cremation go by weight? It's not going to be much. "child size, please".

No. 178151

Maybe mama Isaacs will be on a convenient holiday and the neighbours just report a fouler smell than usual?

If Rebecca can't get back within a day or so would the state take care of the corpse?

No. 178184

Pretty sure you're responsible for paying to creamate or burying a realtives body. Especially since most of the time, you have to positively ID the deceased before anything can be done with it.

I know that was the case when my grandma died as she lived with my aunt in Florida.

No. 178197

I know I read that someone in a family claimed their grandfather's ashes some 15 years later because the children never paid the funeral home for the cremation so they kept the ashes in storage.
I did a quick google and that seems to be a common thing for people to do. Funeral home takes them and then the family just fucks off and leaves the funeral home with the remains and the unpaid bill for services.

No. 178198

Yeah, funerals can be expensive and public insurance like Medicaid pay very little toward the cost of one. This is why whole life insurance is very, very important.

No. 178200

> you have to positively ID the deceased before anything can be done with it.

I don't think there's going to be much confusion or doubt though tbh.

No. 178202

Yeah but it has to be done, regardless. It's a CYA [cover-your-ass] thing so the county doesn't get sued in case of a mixup.

No. 178599

Imagine Ash dying the day before Halloween, and her realizing what's happening…

No. 178646

She said something to the effect of "getting drunk tonight guys! :D" in one. The monotonous, nasal "he he he" that followed was just creepy. Not sure if bad acting or genuinely not able to laugh

No. 178676

Imagine how easy it must be for her to get just completely fall-down-stupid drunk. Like one shot then BOOM catatonia.

No. 178693

Doubtful she even had a drink. Her yellowish skin already indicates her liver may not be working properly.

No. 178708

Yeah idk. She's been doing a lot of things lately.

No. 178818

'A lot'? Not really.

No. 178828

It's more like she's documenting her outings a bit more. Though I have no idea how someone as poor as Ashley manages to get rides everywhere. She must be taking trips that are close to her.

I would say her mom is giving her a ride, but doesn't Rebecca work a lot at Chilli's?

No. 178878

I thought Rebecca had a sugar daddy?

No. 178886

She just smells someone else's shot glass, then gets so wasted she pukes all over the wheel-grave. Party hard ash.

No. 178936

Sincerely doubt that. You can't really take what Ash says as fact. Wouldn't someone with a sugar daddy have a nicer apartment?

No. 179184


Her old man neighbor downstairs drives her all over the place

No. 179278

File: 1475635580475.png (679.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-10-04-19-41-35…)

More instagram stories. From what I can remember, the first one she says "waterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwater". The second one shes saying "more bars, more bars, hot bartender woOoOo"

(sorry for the red tint, i have a red tint thing on my phone)

No. 179279

File: 1475635615499.png (891.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-10-04-19-41-45…)

No. 179440

Who is her new super close friend? That's about the only interesting thing that's been said that's new

No. 180029

I am curious too.. She never posted pix of her new close friend, unless I missed it on an IG story of hers.. wasn't there a pic of her mom on one of them? I know people said she look average, and not anorexic skinny as Ash says she always is.. anyone have that picture of her mother? I am curious to see what she looks like

No. 180056

It's like Ashley has a flavor of the month club with friends, sheesh.

No. 180159

Sorry to bump, but does anybody know if Ash lives in an area where Hurricane Matthew will strike?

No. 180178

Getting hopeful, anon?

No. 180240

Yes, she does.

No. 180243

Matthew is pretty much going to hit almost all of Florida.

No. 180260

Scrolling past this thread always puts me off my food

No. 180263

Whenever I go to Target, I have to pass the little girl's section to get to the grocery area and it makes me ill to think Ashley wears toddler clothing.

No. 180269

File: 1475778596620.png (5.81 KB, 534x182, ss (2016-10-06 at 02.20.24).pn…)

No. 180272

She'd probably know she's about to die hours or minutes before, and it'd probably cross her mind.

No. 180273

She's full of shit if she still lives in Orlando we are not under evacuation. It's all of South FL and the East Coast of FL.

But maybe she'll decide to go outside and the wind will blow her ass away.

No. 180283

I thought she meant it as death, not referring to the storm.

No. 180310



Even people in the affected areas aren't leaving forever.

No. 180324

gdi its mandatory evacuation and the only people who have to do so in Orlando are those with extreme medical issues who absolutely need power and water etc etc other than that one people out east or in mobile homes are under mandatory evacuation

No. 180553


>I thought she meant it as death, not referring to the storm.

Pretty sure it was referencing death.

No. 180562

Is she even well enough to make a long trip like that?

No. 180644

Would Matthew give her a more dignified passing rather than her body finally giving up on her?

No. 180693

That is so fucking sad if it's about death. I was hoping that she will stay alive for a few more years.

No. 180695

How do we know it's really the end? maybe she will live a year longer.

No. 180696

Sorry to butt in but I'm a newfag, does anyone have pics of Ashley pre-anorexia? I'd really like to see how she looked like before she entered the skelly stage.

No. 180699

Google "ashley isaacs hamtaro chan"

No. 180702

she says all of those are not pre-ed, but pre-hospital. when she got caught camming, she threatened suicide and was forced inpatient and then became bulimic according to her.

No. 180703

File: 1475872410264.jpg (39.47 KB, 900x900, 1454428700092.jpg)

Also a newfag and I just got fucked up finding out this person has only ED and not some illness that prevents your body from gaining fat

No. 180751

File: 1475884317115.png (255.52 KB, 326x385, mary clarence.PNG)

I know it's too late and nothing I or anyone else says will change her. But man, how did a little girl get so fucking lost? It has to be mental illness or something. How can one be that determined to look scary… Like why would you WANT to look and live that way? Mind boggling.

I just wanted to share my favorite memory of her:
I posted on here once, I think with either a strawpoll guessing how long she has to live, or like just basically asking if she was going to make it for a certain time period. And she was so personally triggered that she quoted it on her tumblr and called me a piece of shit or something for trying to guess how long she had. That made me laugh, thanks Ash <3 Hope that it isn't too late for you.

No. 180756

She has BPD, borderline personality disorder. She might not say it, but it's glaringly obvious.

No. 180767

Little newfag, did you read through all of her threads? I guarantee there's even more to be enraged about this speshul little skelly. Trashely's always had a shitty personality and ends up using and throwing away people who try to befriend her. She knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 180770

I'm feeling a bit morbid and was thinking about Ash today. I wonder how deep in denial she is that she is going to die soon. Does she know she's past the point of no return? Once that realization hits her full force do you think she will cry and beg for her life? Will she ask her mom to help her or make things better?

She'll probably just go to sleep and not wake up but still :/

No. 180809

I think she did announce it sometime?

No. 180813

I'm going to be pissed if that's how she dies. All the waiting, the speculation of when her body will crap out, and then she goes and dies from a hurricane.
To answer you, yes, it'd be more dignified, but jfc, I will be soo pissed.

No. 180835

She's still updating her tumblr though

No. 180838

Well, she saw it coming, it's like telling someone to not eat cyanide because it's deadly, then the person eats it and it can't be helped.

No. 180884

There's Jackie, Gia, Erika, and secret_livez. Who knows how many more people Ash has used and abused.

Ash also wanted to meet up with shmegeh during shmegeh's peak, but Michelle's friends told Ash to back off, lol.

No. 180948

File: 1475945408121.png (7.88 KB, 486x200, capture-20161008-194752.png)

And here we go again…

Ash, you're not fighting. You're not even living. You just somehow still happen to exist.

No. 180954

Yeah, fighting means going to therapy, taking medication, gaining weight. Basically doing everything you can to help your body. She is doing none of that.

No. 180968

fighting what, Ash? Your body's desire to retain nutrients? I hate it when she does this shit. Fighting would be rolling her skeletor ass all the way to the hospital right the fuck now. Admit it Ash, you think you're the best at being spoopy so you love the thought that someone gives a shit.

No. 181055

File: 1475970718740.jpg (89.14 KB, 718x255, moving.jpg)

Guys, Ashley is moving out of state, it looks like. So THAT'S why she wont see Disney in Orlando ever again. IDK why she just couldn't say that.

No. 181059

File: 1475971511198.jpg (36.25 KB, 163x225, oQ1e85Q.jpg)

she gotta tickle her flesh raisin with some sort of attention and exaggerations. How else will she get her lulz? She's a compulsive exaggerator because it gets her more attention.

No. 181066

Flesh raisin, I'm fucking gagging

No. 181075

True, but it's a stupid game of hers. Won't say the reason for why she won't see Disney again but ends up indirectly saying why anyway.

It's like that stupid secret blog of her's where she was like "oh, you'll never know my real identity!" while being glaringly obvious that it's still her.

It's not even like her confession blog is still anonymous, and we all know about it. [Guts-spilled-over, for reference]

No. 181081

wow she's still alive, checking this thread after almost a year

No. 181094

File: 1475978492890.gif (780.28 KB, 500x440, obviously.gif)

No. 181095

I mean guts-spilling-over.

No. 181096

She's somehow managed to change her metabolism into something resembling photosynthesis only with attention of any kind being the source of energy.

She absorbs it via osmosis and converts it into a life-force through a complex process of selfies, pop-punk lyrics, petulant screeching and pissing in toddlers clothing.

Biologists and the military are fighting over the rights to study her.

No. 181098

File: 1475979028043.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 4756567.jpg)

>flesh raisin

No. 181110

Are the people posting right now the same people who have been posting since 2014?

No. 181135

I am, I don't know about other anons though.

No. 181167

go to bed chijo

No. 181172

Found her on tumblr maybe 3 or 4 years ago, went through the whole feeling sorry for her phase, followed her for a while. About 2 years ago i started getting suspicious, did some "research" and ended up here.

No. 181173

>tfw breatharianism is real and Ashley is proof

No. 181186

Does anyone know for how long she has ED?

No. 181187

I am. I don't really post, just lurk every now and then to see if she's passed

No. 181194

I've only been around a little over a year. Just check in when the thread bumps.

No. 181196

No, learned about her years and years ago.

She says since she was 11 or so.

No. 181243

Anyone know which state Ashley is moving to?

No. 181248

A state of self awareness, fingers crossed.

No. 181249

No, but we can exclude the following states:

-the Carolinas

Unfortunately, that leaves many other states.

No. 181256

Given that Ash is a spoop, flying is probably not a option. Wherever they are going, they're probably getting there by car so I don't think it's extremely far, like the pacific northwest or anything.

No. 181258

I think her mom's parents live in VA? So maybe there.

The alternative (and most far fetched imo) theory is that they are moving somewhere where Ash can be at a comprehensive residential facility that has accepted her.

No. 181267

that would be amazing but nearly impossible. Ash has stated so many times that she does not want to get better.

No. 181291

Wrong. If you were fighting, you would be in hospital NOW, Ash.

No. 181292


So her "permanent evacuation." post was about moving. Jesus christ I'm so pissed at her for being such a shithead. Though she probably doesn't even produce shit anymore.

No. 181293

Welp isn't that a cheeky way to say "I'm moving"

No. 181296

Yeah, looks like it. I wonder why they're moving, they've lived at their current apartment for quite some time. Maybe Ash needs more care than Rebecca can give? IDK.

No. 181297

By more care, I mean someone to babysit Ash while Rebecca works.

No. 181308

Always appropriate

No. 181312

File: 1476046524881.jpg (90.07 KB, 761x273, moved.jpg)

Here you guys go. She said she now lives in Mississippi. Wonder what part and if there's anything around in terms of stores and such.

No. 181316

Considering what a racist little shit she can be I'm not all that surprised.

No. 181318

Care to explain?

No. 181369

Anon is implying that everyone in Mississippi is a racist.

No. 181375

Ooooooooh, thanks.

No. 181455

Maybe she meant they were being evicted.

Though then the question is whether she was being melodramatic with "evacuation" or had amusingly forgot the world "eviction."

No. 181459

Mississippi has one of the largest populations of black people. If the state is racist, then they are also racist and they contribute to the stereotype.
I wonder which part she's moving to?

No. 181477

Anyone know how long she has been living in Mississippi for? I wonder how long the drive was for Becky and Ashley to get there….

No. 181483

Not long, maybe a week or so. I don't know what part of MS she lives in but just to get to the border from Orlando is 8.5 hours.

No. 181514

Ash has made a lot of racist statements in the past and Mississippi is actually the most racist state in the country (or ranked dangerously high). Ash likes Mississippi because she can be openly racist now.

No. 181628

Yeah, that's not how racism works.

No. 181658

Please, enlighten us on how it "works". Do you have a degree from Tumblr University?

No. 181836

Being purposefully obtuse isn't kawaii, anon-chan.

No. 181872

Ashley isn't racist. She was bullied by black chicks and she pulled the equivalent of 4chan shouting "bix nood motherfucker". She's not any more racist than any other white kid from the south.

No. 181873

Saying that "I didn't know they allowed iPhones in jail" is racist.

No. 181878

What about one of Ash's former friends? they said they were white passing. Ash thought said friend was white. When Ash found out that the friend was not white, Ash did not like her anymore. That's not bigotry to you?

No. 181879


- The "black Twitter" post that I've seen here isn't the only time she's been racist. She was markedly more rude to me when I disclosed that I'm not white (I'm white-passing). A few conversations involved her bitching about illegal immigrants being "welfare queens."

[This is from Twatwaffle, a former friend of Ashley, you can look up her posts in old Ash threads here.]

No. 181884

I'm a white kid from the south and I never used racial slurs or made racist remarks. None of my friends did either. You don't have to wear a white hood to be racist, you know. Ash has said tons of blatantly racist shit in the past.

No. 181941

You don't have to yell blatantly racist bullshit regularly in order to be racist, one sentence is enough, and hell, a lot of us have said racist things in our past.
The difference is that most of us realize what we said was wrong, own up to it, apologize, educate ourselves, etc, which is something that Ash has NEVER done, ever.

When someone literally comes up to her saying what she said was hurtful to them she acts like the victim and an ass.

She thinks she has a right to say those things because ~muh hurt white psyche~
which is obviously more important than those of any POC offended by what she says.

No. 181946

The idea that anyone at an airport would even let Ash get on a plane is ludicrous. If you're in any way underweight, let's say >16 BMI down, when flying your blood pressure can absolutely tank to the point where your heart can just stop beating, or at the very least, you'll faint and be lucky if you wake up at some point before the plane lands. Such a huge liability it's not even funny.

No. 181952

It's called common decency.

No. 181954


~everyone~ in Mississippi isn't racist. Missisipi is right next to Alabama and Lousiana. It's well known in the US that most of the southern states have a bad rep for racism. There is a big "the south will rise again" mentally in the rural areas.

No. 181977

>self-destructing skeleton who is literally a burden to everyone in its community thinks it has the right to complain about others being "welfare queenes"

No. 181978


No. 181979

Nopeee I live in MS and I am most definitely not racist. South Mississippi down by New Orleans is like a completely different world from northern MS though.

No. 182011

The gulf coast is very different from the northern parts, for sure.
If the south is so incredibly racist, then why do so many black folk live in these areas? New Orleans has a large black population, and used to be murder capital of the United States. Chicago beat it out a couple years ago- which also has a large black population. Maybe southerners are tired of the extremely high crime rates? Coming from people who complain about Americans going to other countries on visas and not killing anyone, you all sure do like to nitpick.

No. 182025

It's so weird to me that Ash's voice is kinda normal. I always expect her to sound like the clown from IT or a fork in a garbage disposal or something, but what comes out is just a regular (albeit annoying) voice.

No. 182026

Wonder what the mental health system is like there. Sectioning, for example. Any hope that she'll get tubed or w/e?


No. 182037

Not really. (Coming from an Alabamian) In those areas, it's more like "I hate minorities because they're poor and smelly even though both me and my wife are obese and live in a trailer with 8 dogs and a retard child."

Wouldn't be surprised if Ash's parents were something along those lines honestly. Attention whores like her (and 99% of camwhores) are almost always white trash.

No. 182041

The mental health system basically doesn't exist in the south. Not even liberal areas. Neither does sex ed. STDs and teen pregnancy run rampant.

No. 182049

And blacks say they hate the whites because they're poor smelly trashy and live in a trailer. It goes both ways.

No. 182212

..what? Lol

No. 182240

Looks like Ash won't live to be a spoopy scary skeleton this Halloween… rip

No. 182244

Can you read?

No. 182248

Go to sleep, Trashley.

No. 182252

I never sleep, bitches. (:

No. 182266

sleep deprivation shortens your life span

oh wait

No. 182544

ITT: Ash saying blatantly racist things to prove she's not racist? Or that she is racist but she's proud of it? Not really sure what she's going for there…

Anyway, moving on…

No. 182561

Her voice is not normal at all. If you compare it to her healthy voice in her old videos, it's raspy as fuck because of her ruined vocal chords. You can also hear her 'cheek flaps' when she talks. I can only imagine the rotten smell coming out of her mouth.

No. 182615

No it isn't.

No. 182641

When did tumblr migrate here? Whether trashley is 'PROBLEMATIC' isn't even relevant.

No. 182659

I mean, you can try to dismiss people who are conscious of race and racism as "from Tumblr", but the truth is they're right and Trashley has said enough shitty things collectively, and defended those shitty things, to conclude that she is racist, in addition to her other glowing attributes. I'm sure Mississippi will suit her just fine.

No. 182661

Here's a fun exercise. Make a list of everything that happens to a black person when they face racism (denied housing, jobs, cab rides, police brutality, etc etc). Now make a list of everything that happens to white people when they face racism.

Quit it with your "reverse racism" BS. This is just one more example of how Ash ALWAYS has to be a victim. Even black people as a whole oppress her. Is there anyone who DOESN'T hold Ashley down?

No. 182663

It is when the comment was directed at someone who she has no evidence is a criminal with the clear implication that because of their race they must be a criminal and imprisoned.

No. 182665

Racism isn't exclusive to black people, fucking tard.

No. 182667

So americentric

No. 182670


> reverse racism

So, You mean racism?

No. 182671

You're both retarded. At least anon is on topic. It's about ash being racist towards blacks. Anon doesn't have to bring in the whole melting pot.
>how americentric
No shit. We're talking about an American in America, that has been racist towards the most historically, racially oppressed race in, you guessed it, AMERICA.

No. 182684

Damn, you triggered.

No. 182687


No. 182688

Can people fuck off with their politics. This thread is about Ash, not racial inequality or w/e. You know this site's truly gone to shit when the SJW tumblrtards infect the Ashley thread. Jesus.

No. 182694

By your autism, naturally.

No. 182703

The discussion of racism has gone too far off topic. Anyone who further derails the thread with racism-related comments will be banned.

No. 182798

We can still talk about how Ash is racist tho, right?

No. 182810

No need to. She is racist. Case closed.

No. 182842

File: 1476421193578.png (2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-10-13-22-33-30…)

Shut the fuck up with the racism. In other news, seems Ash has found her Mecca in Mississippi! I was wondering how long she was going to survive without her glorious Target chain store.

No. 182906

Her old place seemed to be located close to a couple of different stores. Publix, Target, etc. Wonder how she feels about having a place where things are more spaced out.

No. 183023

Great. Wonder if underground Target sells coffins.

No. 183042

Imagine this:

> Go to Target at 9pm to pick up some last minute items

> Park in the spooky dark garage
> Not too many cars here since Target closes at 10
> You lock your car and start making your way to the entrance
> You hear the sound of squeaking wheels echoing
> You turn around but you don't see anything
> You start to walk a little bit faster
> Smells like puke. You wonder "Who the hell threw up in here??"
> Pinch your nose and pick up the pace
> The squeaking is there again
> You turn around because you're about to give whoever is following you a piece of your mind
> Silhoutte of a wheelchair rolling towards you in limited lighting
> "Oh it's just an old lady or a homeless person" you think
> Wrong
> The wheelchair creeps into more lighting
> Ash
> Oh my god
> And that smell
> Nope the hell out of here

It's totally my first greentext, please forgive me.

No. 183114

My sides, anon. That was beautiful.

No. 183124

File: 1476486632840.jpg (44.64 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)

No. 183136

Wonder who is going to be in charge of driving her around now that she's moved…

No. 183138

I'm scared.

No. 183167

You see a white, skeletal hand reach into a bulky side pouch on the wheelchair. A large grin spreads slowly across her sunken face, revealing a few brown teeth sparsely situated in her rotted, blackening gums. Her eyes gleam at you in the dark from the depths of her sunken sockets. You hear rattling as she feels around in her pouch, and you wonder if the sound is that of her finger bones clattering against each other in the loose sack of skin that is her hand, or if it's because of the cheap plastic Chinese toys that occasionally tumble out of the pouch. You feel a shudder run up your spine as her eyes suddenly widen and her hand pauses, clearly grasping what it has sought. Despite your quickening heart rate, you feel rooted to the spot. She pull out the object, slowly.

It's a phone. Pink case. Grimy Hello Kitty stickers half-clinging to it.

You frown, confused. You thrust your shaking hands into the pockets of your red sweater. You suddenly feel cold despite the temperate Mississippi fall.

Ashs extends a single, long, bony finger to the phones fave. She presses the screen once, twice, three times. She pauses, looks straight into your eyes, and jabs it a final time. She raises it to her ear. You are mesmerized with terror.

"Hello," she rasps into the phone, and you swear your see a feint puff of dust emerge from her mouth with this utterance.

"I'd like to report a suspicious individual. Target underground garage. About 6 foot. Blue jeans, red hoodie. Black."

Your eyes widen with horror. She's describing you! You try to take a step back but your feet feel like lead.

She pauses. Looks directly into your eyes. You are filled with overwhelming terror and dread. She licks her dry, cracked, flaking lips, and opens her creaking jaws one last time;

"I think he has a gun."

No. 183168

Lmfao I love this!

No. 183180

File: 1476503475834.jpg (48 KB, 540x459, 1470552419373.jpg)

Top fucking kek anon.

No. 183188

You are bullies :-)

No. 183189


hi ashley

No. 183210

You laughed

No. 183218

I guess she's gonna make it to Halloween

Those poor Mississippi kids. They'll be out innocently trick or treating, and in the distance they'll see just another spoopy decoration. But this one is different. This one is real.

No. 183253

You forgot:
>Pick her up
>Take her home
>Prop her up outside as a haloween decoration

No. 183285

File: 1476558146816.png (2.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161015-140020.png)

She tagged this one #eatingdisorder wtf

No. 183286

File: 1476558194359.png (538.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161015-140238.png)

No. 183287

mirin dat vascularity.

No. 183289

How would you react to seeing someone carting around a literal skeleton in a supermarket?

No. 183307

I was just thinking that. Almost as if someone was moving around a cage with a strange animal inside of it.

No. 183324


Like a Siamese cat

No. 183328

At first glance I'd be startled and wonder if it's a sick elderly lady but then I'd be confused about the hello kitty shirt and think "Benjamina Button?"

No. 183388

No. 183390

File: 1476584470806.jpg (169.38 KB, 640x480, Skeleton-Grocery-Shopping.flic…)

No. 183391

Seriously though, how sad and humiliating can it be to be carted around a store like this? They brought a towel to pad the bottom like you'd do for a pet dog in a stroller. Did she leave her wheelchair in Florida or something?

No. 183409

How does she get in and out. Does her mother put her in there?

No. 183418

File: 1476590828139.jpg (34.75 KB, 600x450, full (2).jpg)

>that awkward moment when your mom is wheeling you around in a shopping cart like a five year old when you look like a 70 year old geriatric patient about to pass on and the only thing you can think to do is make a joke about a box being bigger than your head when that applies to literally all people

No. 183432

Would you want to sit against the wires?

No. 183433

nah, would simply prefer walking like any real person would.

No. 183437

On point, it's even a Target

No. 183440

If you have fat and muscle on your body the cart isn't going to hurt you, so yeah, if for some reason I wanted to act like a small child again.

No. 183444

As a cerebral palsy fag, I find this offensive.

No. 183445


I wonder if assley's mom gets asked "It's that old lady your mother?" a lot

No. 183446

I need a dramatic reading of this

No. 183452

i kek'd

No. 183455

One of the saddest things about Ash is how obsessed she is with food imo.

No. 183458

Oh god I'm scared
This is great

No. 183459

At least they're not racist skeletons :-)

No. 183468

Not only that, but you know she bought them just to b/p on.

No. 183488

I'm assuming the towel is there to prevent the shopping cart from cutting into her flesh

No. 183495

She probably has her wheelchair but she has one that must be pushed by someone else. So if her and her mom are going food shopping at the same time, how are you going to push someone in a wheelchair and a cart at the same time? it's impossible. Sticking Ash in the cart is probably the easiest solution.

No. 183498

even with a towel it seems like it'd be incredibly painful having your bones stabbing through the metal wires especially if she has pressure sores from laying around all the time
why the hell would you rather endure that then use your wheelchair or the stores motorized scooter

No. 183519

This is pretty much the case for a lot of people with eating disorders. Hardly surprising I guess, since they're thinking about what they do or don't eat most of the time.

No. 183526

Isn't that pretty standard for people with eating disorders? It's not like they just forget to eat or something, it's that they have an unhealthy obsession with their body image or weight and what they eat to get there.

No. 183561

I doubt Ash could even muster up the energy to control a motorised scooter for a shopping trip.

No. 183564

Where did you get that pic, it's not from her instagram or tumblr??

No. 183831

Think she ate the whole box of them?

No. 183917

she sat on the overpass and threw them at cars

No. 183925

Yeah, she probably b/p'd the whole box.

No. 184007

she say in the comments she doesn't

No. 184040

Maybe they drove

No. 184061

Of course they did.

No. 184458

What's on her arm? A heart monitor?

No. 184486

Looks like it's probably just a rubber bracelet.

No. 184682


No. 184706

Jesus fuck. I don't know who she is, but every time I scroll /snow and see her I wanna puke.

No. 184726

File: 1476750767104.png (5.11 KB, 488x142, 032639.png)


she doesn't even do anything yet she expects her anorexia just to 'leave'

No. 184737

google Hamtaro-chan. She was briefly popular on 4chan and used to go on stickam a lot. She was underage at the time and took nudes, which she then posted to 4chan and she eventually got caught by her mom, forced inpatient after a suicide attempt as a result of Rebecca [mom] finding out, then became a spoop over the years.

No. 184848

File: 1476769868233.png (274.84 KB, 1242x1362, IMG_1696.PNG)

Saw this on facebook and just about died

No. 184858

Who would have thought she'd find work as a model?

No. 184960


The box is bigger than its head!

No. 184975


it could leave if you had started recovery process BY GOING TO A DAMN HOSPITAL, ash.

No. 185018

No. 185119

Ash isn't anorexic shes bulimic w/ anorexic tendencies there is a difference.

No. 185132

Please do not start with this stupid argument. We don't need one in every thread. We've had plenty of professional fags clear it up.

No. 185147

It's not an argument. Ash is literally bulimic.

No. 185212

The point is that no-one cares, we're not trying to diagnose or treat her.

This is like the argument pedophiles make to defend themselves by going "It's hebephilia!". We get that it is, but it doesn't matter in the context.

No. 185220

I think the point anon is trying to make is that Ash, like every spoopy snowflake, wants to be seen as anorexic. Because that is the "glamorous" disorder (no joke, have a look on mpa at the rampant superior fagging going on about anorexia being better than bulimia).
As seen from her recent Tumblr update "the anorexia never really leaves"

No. 185233

Yeah, Ash has to one up everyone. It's like that Kriten Wiig sketch where she plays Penelope.

No. 185429

Do you think Ash uses MPA

No. 185438

As much as I stand by my original statement that it really doesn't matter what disorder she has, can't anorexia have a subtype that includes periods of purging and binging?

And yeah, I've heard about the elitism on MPA

No. 185454

MPA is generally perceived as bullshit due to the rampant population of wannas, but either way, based on the dsm, she's classified one way, and subtyped another.
Anything else anons spew is subjective. There are criterias for a reason people, and they're not there for you to distort in order to fit your subjective perception.

No. 185463

I'm assuming she's AN b/p subtype. Of course we don't have her diagnostic papers but either way given her weight she's definitely anorexic. Eating disorders are diagnosed based on the treatment necessary moreso than behaviours. She had bulimia but her diagnosis would have changed to AN b/p once she passed bmi ~17.

Saged because this argument is boring

No. 185681

File: 1476911160419.jpg (164.85 KB, 1024x768, Cu1WeiAVMAA7f2I.jpg)

she's EDNOS. She's stated it multiple times and it's been discussed to death in older threads. Fuck off newfags.

No. 185707

She has said she does not.

No. 185716

IDGAF what Ash is or isnt diagnosed as, she's a cow not because of her ED but her other behaviors, like manipulating people and burning through friends.

No. 185745

Yeah yeah but that doesn't mean it's true.

No. 185749

I wouldn't be surprised. She's been posted there a ton and, of course, on vk.

No. 185844

If she was there, she would have made herself obvious in the posts discussing her.

No. 185849

Dude, I distinctly remember threads back that someone posted an old entry from her online journal where she stated she was making it her mission to be smaller than any girl on MPA or some related site….

No. 185865

Screenshot? MPA has only been around for 4 years, so I doubt that.

No. 185880

Wait, what was she posting on the fucking russian facebook for? I'm kinda new to Ash's threads

No. 185901

Not sure if anon meant Ash had been posted there or had been posting there herself, but either way, VK loves skellies. Shmegeh had a big fan base there too.

No. 185902

Ohhh, okay

No. 185953

It wasn't on mpa. It was a blog she had called something like witheringwings or withered wings. There were only something like 3 entries. She referred to a live journal group of anas and said she'd "beat them all". The screencap is somewhere in the 100 Ash threads but I cba to look.

Henry Roth posts a lot of pics of her. I don't think she posts herself, but she ends up on some accounts. I think that for the groups there she's too emaciated to be delicately beautiful.

No. 185955

No. 185973

File: 1476969697124.jpg (236 KB, 1440x1995, Screenshot_20161020-091904~2.j…)


No. 185976

File: 1476970115404.jpg (188.25 KB, 1440x2128, Screenshot_20161020-091837~2.j…)


So she thinks 300 kcal is a binge (subjective vs objective binging aside, 300 kcal is not a binge; it's just not) but her meal plan includes a Poptart packet, which is 400 kcal, and that's to get her "back on track" after her "binge"? Now, don't get me wrong; that meal plan is a starvation diet…but the logic behind it just baffles me.

Also, writing in the blog was the "only thing keeping her sane" but literally all of the posts were made over the course of like 24 hours. Idgi, unless there's a good bit of content that she deleted before abandoning.

Or maybe it just wasn't garnering the attention she needed so she moved on to a different platform.

Sage for rambling bullshit. Assuming I did it right.

No. 185979

She must have been pretty young when she posted this. She probably didn't know the proper terms for binging and how to restrict "properly".

Either that or she wanted people to tell her that it wasn't a binge and to show they cared by commenting. It's pretty sad when you think about it.

If someone would've reached out to her at these moments or brought her to a therapist she may have ended up okay.

No. 186003

She was 15.

No. 186004

Legit surprised Ash doesn't talk more about being in treatment to garner more sympathy, tbh.

No. 186039

I think, while she's generally shameless in her attention whoring, she may be ashamed of her treatment history. Things she's said over the years hint that she sees seeking outside help as some sort of flaw or weakness and it clashes with her 2 edgy 4 u lone sufferer mysterious personal. Honestly the absence of info on her treatment history is probably more of a ploy for attention and sympathy than transparency would be. Think of how often she's asked about it or about why she doesn't get help.

No. 186047

Seriously, it's 2016. So many shit happened, so many people died… If she is not dead by the new year's eve she's immortal.

No. 186090

Anyone have more journal blogs of Ashley in 2006… I find this pretty interesting, and would like to learn more about her early stages of her eating disorder ….

No. 186100

Nope, I believe those are all it.

No. 186326

File: 1477013870257.png (416.9 KB, 467x571, creepasshenry.png)

Looks like Henry is still obsessed with poor Ashley.

No. 186336


"how can she even stand" ignoring the wheelchair behind her, i see

No. 186346

File: 1477017013267.png (119.63 KB, 240x320, 97c.png)

you can just imagine him fapping while writing that shit

No. 186534

omg i just read that whole thread i know so much now but it's like a year old
how is ericka???

No. 186537

in florida you have a right to a decent disposition aka burial/cremation. Every county has a designated funeral home or crematory that take care of 'indigent' bodies, or bodies that don't belong to anyone. family can actually waive their rights to the disposition of a body of a family member which is insane. Most places have them cremated and they keep the ashes in closets or get around to niche them in a cemetery.
Although it is a technically legal to dispose of cremated remains after 120 days of being unclaimed, i've never heard of any funeral home or crematory actually doing that (in florida).

-licensed mortician in florida

No. 186550

this is just a peak into what it's like inside ashley's malnourished soupy brain

No. 186557

what is this

No. 186563

As manipulaive and attention-seeking as ever.

No. 186567

If you somehow get her body, can you post details here? We already have that BBC special about a dead obeast, and she'd be the perfect illustration of the opposite end of weight.

No. 186570

Is this Kaila from Intervention?

No. 186572

It's an episode of Intervention. Kaila is an anorexic who b/ps. I THINK she's the one who has a pro ana friend she met online or whatever, and the two of the b/p in the basement. Kaila's parents can't deal with the way she is, so they allowed her to move in downstairs so she can be free to b/p whenever she wants.

No. 186574

That's illegal, anon. Patients are entitled to medical privacy regardless if they are alive or dead.

No. 186575

Ash doesn't live in Florida anymore….

No. 186580

Kill yourself, moralfag.

No. 186582

LOL what? I'm not a moral fag. It's called HIPAA and a mortician would lose their license. Besides, Ash lives in Mississippi now.

No. 186586

It says so in the video, did you even watch it??

No. 186587

I've seen that episode before, so no need to re-watch it. Just wanted to know if it was Kaila in the thumbnail.

No. 186648

File: 1477103332036.png (352.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161021-222054.png)

Don't worry my friends, at only 43 pounds and being 5'6 in height, this man died in his 40's! (That puts him at a possibly lower BMI than Ash if her guesstimated weight is in that range. Sorry, you haven't won at being the spoopiest yet). She can perform at the circus with how much food she can consume then puke out! There is hope!

No. 186649

this is true and i'm kind of a "moral fag" when it comes to dead people and like.. my livelihood ? lmao, i can tell yall about emaciated bodies tho idk if you have questions. at the end it's all goo inside.

and word, i didn't know she moved until i read through this one. true. I don't know they're specific state laws although I imagine they are similar. Its how they keep unclaimed corpses off the street/out of in hospitals etc. Funeral home/crematory gets a nice tax fund for it. Makes them look good etc.

No. 186650

i did a cremation for an anorexic woman in her thirties? like 35. She had made all arrangements for her own direct cremation ahead of time. her mom, who i guess she "took care of" but also depended on had died and her friends she wrote in her pre-arrangement came to pick them up. they brought they're own box for the ashes. and cremations take about 1.5-2.5 hours each to cremate. it's mostly the fat, the heat cant be high enough for instant incineration and we're taught not to burn people like that even babies, even tiny shriveled old ladies can take longer than 250 lb men. weird science.

sorry i'm gettin gross yall.

No. 186651

not 'cremations'

No. 186654

can you spill the deets on this?
anyone know if she remade her instagram or something?

No. 186703

I bet this man wasn't THAT spoopy when he was in his 20s, and I refuse to believe Ash could ever make it to her forties.

No. 186713

If her weight doesn't kill her, her bingeing/purging will. She's survived for so long being spoopy, she'll probably die of an injury related to b/ping like a stomach rupture.

No. 186724

No, that's Cassandra

No. 186750

Ooooooh, thanks! Sorry for getting them mixed up.

No. 186751

I would love to hear any stories you have regarding emaciated people who has passed.

No. 186816

okay i'll give an idea into what i've seen. Note: I've only CREMATED an actual anorexic person, not embalmed (haven't seen their insides.
Also TW gross stuff
most emaciated people I've seen are old people who look like they've died 7 times before they actually were declared dead. I had a guy who had a bed sore (huge ulcer) on the SIDE OF HIS FACE. like he'd been laying there dying, atrophied af (you can tell actual atrophy from rigor, rigor passes and can also be broken via massage during embalming)

super gross:
an emaciated old woman (dead) shit on me once and she wouldn't stop leaking shit and was actually purging from both her vagina and rectum it was so vile, the image is a picture of what we use to stop that (a/v plug, not a sex toy!) although this person was so emaciated it was hard to get it to stay (it had nothing to hold on to) and we had to bandage up her gentile area and put a diaper on her to keep her from leaking.

as far as organs and what not - i'm not a medical examiner/doctor - but i've seen some shit and literally you could not tell the organs apart, they're all a dark shade of death..

All the emaciated people I have seen look like they have died a million times it's so gross, she probably smells VERY similar to a corpse. So creepy. (yes, ash, you have grossed out a MORTICIAN) i can't imagine, I bet she smells like hospice. I don't know why she doesn't need a respirator or other medical devices to help her exist right now. she is currently 'dying a million times' and I have an exact vision of what her dead body would look like. I know in my mind the mixture of chemicals I would use to embalm her. She's a classic case.

Its truly a medical wonder she has lived so long like this

No. 186818

File: 1477164621940.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.25 KB, 189x267, av.jpg)

oops forgot to post the image

No. 186819

Do you put plugs in all the bodies? I know it's common for people to poop after they die, and I think if you're in hospice they give you drugs to do all that stuff for you.

No. 186821

truly interesting. What do you mean by "dying a million times"? Organs failing and all that? systems shutting down?

No. 186825

nope not all bodies, they're expensive and funeral homes are cheap! hah only if we need it. You should NOT want leakage in a casket, omg.

yeah like they seem like they were literally rotting while living due to their bodies inability to work any of it's systems.
Also in america they really try to keep people alive long past their expiration date so it is common to see older deceased people who have actually died and been resuscitated many times. If you don't have a DNR they must try to resuscitate you, of course. it just sounds like torture and it's usually brought on by a family's inability to let go.

No. 186873

I had a dream that I was hanging out with Ash and she was calling underweight people fat and everyone was like, classic Ashley!

No. 186878

so interesting omg tell us more

No. 187049

Anyone know where Ashley went on vacation to? Because she posted being in a hotel room on her IG story, I know she mentioned something about going to the mountains on a previous story.,,

No. 187061

Go away Jackie

No. 187080

File: 1477235793113.png (3.47 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-10-23-11-12-59…)

Ash and her mom are probably hotel hopping using her late grandpa inheritance. Here's Ash's latest binge/purge, it's been a while since she's shown her puke food.

No. 187081

File: 1477235891200.png (1.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-10-22-09-35-48…)

She also made a video being excited about the room having 2 private bathrooms. I think we all know why…

No. 187082

wonder if Rebecca is doing more with Ash because Ash is going to die soon, but who knows.

No. 187173

File: 1477257743236.png (737.81 KB, 659x657, 1418782544582.png)

she dead yet?

No. 187499

i can't even imagine her little corpse body could handing b/p right now??? like especially if she consumes a lot of pizza I just see her blood pressure rising really fast and that she could die from making herself puke to hard. That would be a shame, heart attack with her head in a toilet of puke.

No. 188893

Ha anyone heard anything from/about ash, or has she finally died?

No. 188895

Every time this thread dies, I wonder if she has.

No. 189038

Same here! Ugh. The suspense…

No. 189220

File: 1477585335448.png (194.88 KB, 1084x1190, Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 9.20…)

She just posted about her awesome new gym and cutting shit out of her diet.

Two things that will probably kill her.

No. 189228

>implying she's even capable of using workout machines

No. 189231

Her delusions never fail to make me lol.

No. 189260

Hope she dies soon. Would be better not only for herself but her mother, too.

No. 189275

i get what you probably mean by this, but it's a really horrible thing to say.

No. 189293

I hate the way she types

No. 189330

Why is she even allowed at the gym?

No. 189338

Needs wheelchair whenever she leaves the house… goes to gym.

No. 189340

She doesn't go to the gym, do you actually believe everything she says?

No. 189343

Yeah, seriously. She has like, no mobility so she obviously isn't using a treadmill, a stair-stepper or any other gym equipment. In fact, I bet one look at her and the gym salespeople would decline her memebership.

No. 189395

More like she sits around in her wheelgrave squinting at healthy women work out and telling herself they're all fat and only she is ~Le super duper strong, will powered, bestest littlest ana fairy in the world wow~ Between microsleeps and puking sessions.

No. 189426

She could be lifting 2lb weights.

No. 189431

I can't imagine any gym would allow her membership- that would have to be a huge liability.

No. 189440

Every gym I've joined includes a free session with a nutritionist/trainer, where they discuss your goals and briefly help you with a plan. There is absolutely NO way she would be allowed to become a member at any gym I've been a member of. And you are absolutely correct about her being a liability for the gym; they'd face a litany of questions on why they allowed someone in her obviously horrid condition to workout there.

She can't even walk; she doesn't need a gym, she needs a medical intervention.

No. 189450


"cutting out nasty shit in my diet" she actually eats shit? like really? lol

She's in Mississippi, right?
"More Altitude" Yeah… No, Skellie. This isn't Colorado. The level should be relatively the same as when you were in Florida.
"Drier Air" Yeah… No, Skellie. Mississippi is humid as fuck, arguably even more so than FL.
I think she's just experiencing her slow, slow death, as she has for the past how many years now?

"the gym here" … I assume she lives in an apartment complex? If she can't even stand up for long intervals and has no fat to cushion her and atrophied muscles, then who does she really think she's fooling? she wheeled herself to stare into the window at all the "fatties" with a fat percentage of over .1% working out and that was that.

"i'm getting out more" .. where? the woods, where a wild cat or boar will come maul you, or vultures/buzzards will smell death and instantly come circling to await your last twitching movements? or, perhaps to the local coffee shop to get purging food. (again, I'm skeptical on whether she even eats at all)

No. 189520

Maybe she isn't in Mississippi anymore? That's the only thing I can think of, because that description definitely isn't very Mississippi-like.

No. 189551


Fuck. Of course. She probably crept on here and made a life update to shit on our dreams.


I think you're right.
That probably is just the feeling of slow death.

No. 189676

I think they're hotel-hopping with the inheritance money.

No. 189686

That's too much for her.

No. 189701

Why would she go to the woods?

No. 189737

inheritance from?

No. 189749

from when Ash's grandpa [Becca's dad, I think] died.

No. 189762

That was like a year ago. The money is gone. Becky got a boob job and a Five Finger Death Punch tattoo with that money. #hardrockmom

No. 189783

How do you know the money's gone?

No. 189796

Grandpa Isaacs couldn't have had that much money.

No. 189804

Okay Ash

No. 189818

Why not? Some people save from the time they started working. Plus a lot of old folk have pensions. They're not common anymore, but were when most of our grandparents were working.

No. 189841

Pretty sure that wasn't Ash…

No. 189876

it's a stupid meme mostly

No. 190373

File: 1477777336397.png (332.59 KB, 497x381, bats.png)

Bats??? Is she blind or what?

No. 190381

probably by now…

No. 190499

Altitude? Maybe they DID move to Denver so she could get treated at ACUTE?

No. 190503

>cutting nasty shit from diet
>getting out more
The thing is these things don't gel with being in treatment.

No. 190504

I reckon it's just a few hundred feet, and due to her being so frail, near death basically, she really feels a difference which is probably more climate than altitude. She doesn't have much brain left to figure that out with.

No. 190663

"it's so dry that my skin cracks!!"
i'd tell her to use lotion but she thinks lotion makes you fat :^(

No. 190701

Halloween is tomorrow.

No. 190706

I bet Ash is going to be a skeleton.

No. 190719

File: 1477866715066.jpg (135.54 KB, 736x595, 8bc3f8a2835773b4f489cf2df987ae…)

No. 190728

I will never not laugh at this picture in relation to Ash

No. 190886

Hey Ash, how does it feel when Eugenia Cooney is taking your place as a new skeleton queen? It almost seems like the world is ready for your death.

No. 190910

I bet Ash thinks Eugenia is a fatass but is secretly jealous of all the attention she's been getting.

No. 190928

File: 1477915077858.png (169.18 KB, 465x587, download.png)

ashley should wear this for halloween & take it off in the middle of the night and see if anyone notices a difference
she'd probably be scarier

No. 190929

File: 1477915293195.jpg (9.51 KB, 236x354, tw.jpg)

or even better she could dress up as a food she loves so dearly, a twinkie

No. 190943

File: 1477920757566.jpg (229.08 KB, 997x1500, ovGzeZh.jpg)

she could just dab on some glow in the dark body paint

No. 191010

Ash sees herself as a fatass, so she probably thinks EVERYONE is a fatass.

No. 191011

That costume would make her look 'fat'.

No. 191022

That girl needs help and I feel terrible for her

No. 191625

What was her costume?

No. 191627

File: 1478029380848.png (2.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161101-144215.png)

No. 191629

Is it her mother who takes these pictures? I just can't understand how a mother could be so enabling towards her dying daughters drug of choice, be it the bingefood or the social media fodder for attention.

No. 191636

I dunno if it's Rebecca enabling her or if she throws tantrums until she gets her way.

No. 191650

i always feel bad thinking about the people who have had to check her groceries out or help her at target or whatever

No. 191710

she's got the looks of an 80-year-old and a mind of an 8-year-old… such a horrible combination.

No. 191715

File: 1478039790374.gif (872.98 KB, 400x226, 1376015679631.gif)


That is indeed a very spooky skeleton

No. 191717

it's been established that Ash is like Aimee Moore from Dr. Phil. emotional blackmail, outbursts, manipulation, etc.
"oh well, if you don't go buy binge food with me I'll just starve instead, is that what you want? Do you want me to die?".

as a family member you can only do so much when your child is off age.

No. 191758

>2 entire tubs of ice cream down the toilet

Man, I wish I had money to burn like Ashley does.

No. 191776

Aimee Moore is not like Ash. Ash has a raging personality disorder [BPD]. And Aimee actually got better.

No. 191793

If she died, would admin delete these threads? I'd feel bad if her mother found all this when she's grieving.

No. 191804

her mother is slowly watching her die, and has for years now. ash is very mentally disturbed and self destructive. there has been speculation about what her mother really goes through, but she's no doubt already grieving and has already accepted that she's going to die before she does. this thread wouldn't change shit about it if she found it. if she hasn't found all the things on the internet about it yet then she probably never will, and if she does, so what? wouldn't have saved or condemned her daughter.

No. 191958

Aimee has BPD.

No. 191961

Why is this a thing? I hate coming on here and seeing this nasty bitch.
It's obvious Shes fucked in the head. So can this piss off please?

No. 191962

hide the thread you whiny bitch

No. 191965

Newfag here, why does she like target so much? For real tho how miserable dose her mom (who ever is takkng care of her) feel dealing with a grown person act like a fucking child with internet access. I've have friends who never grew out of their 'edgy freshmen'persona who do nothing with their lives and it's like damn mcr broke up, it's not 2007 anymore get some help

No. 191979

Wait, is she actually standing up and taking things out of the cart and putting them on the conveyor belt without crumbling into a pile of dust?

No. 191982

she's leaning with her hip on the cart, it looks like.

No. 191987

Probably for 2 reasons:
1. it was located close to her apartment in Florida

2. They have a lot of kid stuff.

No. 192005

at some point you have to decide between staying in the cart like a toddler or making space to buy more binge food.

No. 192008

>you know you love my shirt
bitch its a shitty kids shirt, toddlers clothes are the only thing that'll fit you

No. 192180

She looks really sweet here

No. 192225

yeah, it's actually nice to see her doing normal, every day things. Wish she would show more of her every day life but I guess her life revolves around sleeping and b/ping.

No. 192919

Not that anon, but how do you hide a thread?

No. 192930

File: 1478158664244.jpg (22.82 KB, 527x177, hide.JPG)

Click the minus sign.

No. 192986

Her life revolves around food and trips to the store, are you serious? Doesn't seem remotely normal to me. It doesn't matter whether her followers want to enable her or not, there's always going to be that elephant in the room.

No. 193003

Chill, anon. I know what you mean and learn 2 read - I already said all she does is sleep and b/p.

No. 193048

Her fans will always enable her because they see her as perfect.

No. 193356

File: 1478227620453.png (148.86 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 193369

yikes at her insistence that you can NEVER RECOVER

like yeah, recovering from an ED is hard as fuck and you'll probably have to work through a lot of dysmorphia issues, but she's making it seem like it's impossible. and knowing how evil she's been to other girls with eating disorders in the past, it just reads really badly to me and doesn't seem like it comes from a very constructive place at all

that anon's right, how does she expect to 'never die' in her beyond fucked up state? it's already amazing that she's been a skeletor with a pulse for as long as she has and that phenomenon will NOT last for much longer. i'm surprised her internal organs are as strong as they are to keep all ten pounds of her alive for this long

No. 193377

File: 1478231180663.jpg (140.75 KB, 750x556, 1470334958162.jpg)

I think what Ash does is a certain "formula" she devised after years of trial and error of a very specific amount and specific type of food; she weights them, writes them down and eats said safety food like a lab experiment. She gains no pleasure in eating said food, but she MUST force it down in order to survive. In her mind, this plan is perfect and cannot be tampered with, hence why she's so resistant to change. Not enjoying her subsistence also gives her a twisted sense of superiority and perfection that only acts as fuel to continue the way she is.

She may have figured out exactly how much she needs to be able to wake up alive in the morning, but not enough for her mental, physical and brain atrophies to heal. This is why she's not going to recover with her "formula". Her OCD with recovery not being an option coupled with her BPD's constant attention-seeking is a deadly mix that will not give her the clarity she needs to get better. She has drilled into her head that "FAT=ABSOLUTE FAILURE", even if it means not having palms, hair and teeth. Getting her out of that vicious cycle is going to require outside help, something that we all know won't happen.

No. 193379


Except that there is no perfect "formula" and it will catch up to her eventually

No. 193407

she's never recovered so how would she know? as you say >>193369 her motives here are dubious. keep being the very best skeleton you can be, Ash.

No. 193446

God. I just remembered her for the first time in two years. Recalled what her Instagram was out of nowhere. I am gobsmacked that she is still alive. Her lifespan has been extraordinary for someone so terrifyingly emaciated. It literally makes my head spin and stomach churn to think about what her daily existence must be like and what being a slave to the endless void of hunger must feel like to her.

No. 193449

at that point, do people even feel hunger?

No. 193450

But it starts with gaining weight, at least in cases as severe as yours, bitch.

No. 193456

Honestly I don't think so?

When I was severely underweight I almost never felt hungry and only had a small meal per day. But that was because of depression and stress, not an ED.

I guess she only gets cravings?
Sometimes I wish she'd share what it's really like to be a walking skeleton, instead of us having to guess.

Sage for blogpost

No. 193458

Being vague and 'mysterious' is all she really has left. Think about it. She has no job, no hobbies, doesn't go to school, doesn't have any real long-term friends she can hang out with.

All she has left is her social media following who, let's face it, are mostly comprised of people sticking around for the 'freakshow' of her being so emaciated. She's fully aware of this thread and how as soon as she alludes to something, it'll get dissected and talked about on here. That's why she never outwardly talks about something. She wouldn't simply say 'hey guys I'm moving'. It has to be little hints and IG stories that don't give much away. You're never going to get the truth out of her about anything because this is pretty much all she has, her 'oh-so-mysterious heehee you'll never guess' persona.

No. 193480

File: 1478264308856.jpg (7.58 KB, 221x228, download.jpg)

Looking at Ash has the same effect on me as looking at someone super morbidly obese - repulsion. They're both mental illnesses so can't help how gross they look, but I don't understand how Ash thinks that demonstrating how she can put her hand around her thigh and flaunting her chicken carcass is something to aspire to.

When one of those half ton people have their dignity taken away by having to have doors removed to get them onto bariatric ambulances is as pitiful as being wheeled around in a shopping cart.

Her followers are watching for ghoulish reasons, not because they admire her.

Image related. My reaction to this woman is the same as my reaction to your weight condition. Being the world's thinnest person isn't clever, isn't cute and no one's impressed. Why do you think othrwise?

No. 193514


Yes there is more to recovery than gaining weight, but gaining weight is still absolutely necessary. You can't get your mental state any better when your body is not feeling good, Ash.

No. 193518

lmao, I am not a fan of Ash. All I said was that it was a nice change to see her doing something most people find mundane, instead of her stupid Target selfies.

No. 193521

She sees actual recovery as failure because it involves gaining weight. So those people who have recovered from EDs are just gross horrible fatties, not people who have managed to overcome illness.

No. 193544

she's dumb because she could easily milk her recovery for asspats and attention like aly.

No. 193595

Aly looks like she is recovering well on IG… I truly believe Aly wants to recover now.. some of her postings she writes on IG are pretty inspirational, and she is becoming very pretty …..

No. 193676

Sadly, I do think she has quite a few followers that do admire her.

No. 193724

she sees that the internet doesn't care about skellies once they weight restore. She knows there's no attention for her once she's weight restored…internet attention will wane, she won't have the pitying attention from people she meets, she won't be able to hold her mom hostage to her whims. She's literally never known any way to draw attention to herself beyond that.

No. 193730

I still think that if she really wants attention she should post a new set of nudes on 4chan. The hamtaro-chan hype could live again and this time nobody can get her in trouble because she's not distributing kiddy porn this time around.

No. 193737

You really want to see her naked, don't you.

No. 193764

I mean, I do.

No. 193779

Imagine a rotten, shriveled potato.

No. 193809

Yeah kinda. I like medical ephemera and oddities. I can't see Ash as much more than a living specimen. I'm hardly desperate to see her nude but I'm curious about how far the dead capillaries have discoloured her skin, how much lanugo she has, how the skin gathers and hangs off of her frame. All that gross shit. She's a fascinating corpse that just so happens to speak and type nonsense.

No. 193823

Who else is super impressed Ash is alive still?
I remember first reading about this girl two years ago thinking that she'd be a goner within a few months, but here we are.

No. 193831

Nah. She's never done anything impressive. If being alive required any effort on her behalf it would be impressive but we all know ash is just gonna keep doing the same childish shit until she finally drops dead and let's becca free

No. 193889

File: 1478335760470.png (387.36 KB, 512x512, 512.png)

No. 193890

She's had a bandage on her face for half a year now btw.

No. 193894

Maybe she's keeping it there while her friend is in prison, You know, early 2000s Nelly-style

No. 193899


Honestly I want to see her naked and without a wig and makeup, she must look like malnourished Gollum

No. 193940

I still don't understand how does this thing still live. Can you imagine being in her body for one day?

No. 193953

and whatever is on her face seems to be getting progressively bigger.

No. 193955

Her quality of life must be awful. It's like living with a terminal illness, but almost worse because it's self-inflicted and reversible, but she'll never try. I know she enjoys the attention, but she would probably also enjoy not being an invalid

No. 193970

Only peripherally related but I was reading this article the other day and it made me think of Ashley. It's about another girl who tried to famewhore and be known as a "chan" on /b/ in the mid 2000s, just like Ashley, albeit more successful. The article has some interesting history on the "chans" and some analysis about what it was like to be a camgirl before selfie culture.


I read a lot of longform journalism. I think it would be fascinating to see a long piece on Ashley's life - an objective view of what got her to the horrible place she is. It could be her one legacy. She could tell her story and when she passes on (which I want to say will likely be soon but I've thought that every year for years, she's fucking immortal I guess) she can feel like she got the final word. It would be educational, could save some girls from giving into their eating disorders, and would maybe be the only worthwhile thing she could ever do with her wretched, sad life.

Too bad she's selfish and loves being a mystery. I honestly think the malnourishment has severely affected her brain, thought processes, and decision making skills. I know she was always kind of a bitch, but her brain's been rotting away just like the rest of her.

No. 193975

when you're as emaciated as Ash, your brain def. does not work right. But also, the brain does shrink as a result of prolonged starvation. The damage is reversible but that's only if you get help and put on weight. Ash is way past that point.

No. 194006

Normally when people say she looks like a grandma, I can't really see it, but this picture changes all of that. She straight up looks like she's 80 years old here.

She's even got the bitchy-old-woman everything-smells-bad face shrivel

No. 194027

You must blind if you can't normally see it…

No. 194033

Wow, this is the most dead I've ever seen her look.
She straight up looks like a corpse that died and rigamortis set in while holding her phone.
She looks paler and more skeletal than ever. Can't be long now. Then again, we've been saying that for years.

No. 194049

She really does. None of her pictures affected me until this one. Her hands looked like my grandmothers when she was in her 70s. I would play with her hands often because the skin was fascinating to me since it looked weird. It's upsetting that Ash thinks recovery is failure. It shows how toxic her state of mind is. If she had a supportive group I feel like she would have been able to break the cycle of self abuse.

No. 194218

Do you guys think Ash wears a diaper? I've seen other anorexics around her size who wear them because too weak to get to the bathroom/incontinence. What about Ash?

No. 194270


OK, Ashley.

No. 194309

At this point, it is not reversable anymore, she has been like this too long. Her insides will never recover.

No. 194310

Wouldn't that require her to have a friend?

Not just a creepy sycophant pen-pal

No. 194320

Has there ever been a case of somebody who's recovered from anorexia this severe?

No. 194345

will she just die already lmao

No. 194353

No. 194382

lol i don't mean to sound like a piece of shit but she and her mom would truly be better off if she were to just finally pass
there's zero chance of recovery for her, even if she tried she'll likely die within the next few years afterward just because the damage is extreme & mostly irreversible at this point
she's not even living at this point, she's slowly (very…slowly…) rotting
this may sound absolutely heartless assisted euthanasia should be legal everywhere (that's not the heartless part), and in this case, ashley's mom or the state should be allowed to decided when it's right for her to pass on. i have a feeling that when she finally does start to /truly/ die, it'll be a long, incredibly painful, miserable process for her – moreso than the ED itself.
the whole situation is really fucking sad & an extreme example of the power & perseverance of the human body.

No. 194383


No. 194394

but she will live a little bit longer

No. 194413

I don't know if there's been anyone this long term. Thin, certainly, but this many years?

No. 194414

heart failure would be quick, if it happens

No. 194435

rachel farrokh

No. 194447

How long was she in the skeletal stage for? A long time like Ash?

No. 194460

I don't think she does, judging by the pictures where she stands.

No. 194462

File: 1478443422985.png (25.32 KB, 466x659, capture-20161106-164043.png)

ash, you look exactly the same as always and i bet no one even noticed you didn't have any make up on…

No. 194479

Rachel is 5'7". Ash is 5'1". Rachel was 40 lbs so def way smaller than Ash. She had anorexia for over a decade. The thing is, even though Rachel got help she still has a lot of permanent problems. She needs help with standing and walking and all that jazz.

No. 194480

File: 1478446279386.jpg (584.24 KB, 1920x1500, fBJNddDm.jpg)

i don't understand how she's alive. i used to know a girl who was anorexic, and in the space of 6 months she went from worryingly thin to skeletal, and then died within another 6 months.

and although she was HORRIBLY thin and sick, she still wasn't as skeletal and corpse like as ashley… i don't know how or why she's alive. she really shouldn't be.

No. 194481

same reason Holocaust victims were able to survive. Of course most people died from illness and starvation, but some made it out of the camps alive. It's just how it is.

No. 194482

File: 1478447714869.png (269.29 KB, 374x334, 1400991508359.png)

>She's even got the bitchy-old-woman everything-smells-bad face shrivel

No. 194489

She looks like my 83 yo great grandma in a brown wig lmao.

No. 194509

throwback: 15?-year-old ash gets philosophical

No. 194576

I wish I could save her…

No. 194619

do you think she WANTS to die?

No. 194628


But yeah, she was almost cute back then.

No. 194630

Why do you share pictures of your ex friend?? Or maybe that's you, and there wasn't any girl you used to know and who was anorexic.

No. 194634

hasn't she stated that's the end game for her?

No. 194646

I'm the anon who reports your asses every time someone tries to use this thread as a cover for talking about other ana-chans. Don't even bother.

No. 194663

Does anyone else find it sort of heartbreaking to see her back when she was healthy(ish)? If I didn't know that was her in the video, I would've thought they were two completely different people. She still has kept that immaturity over the years though.

Also, has she done anything recently that includes her voice? I'm curious to hear how it's changed (if at all) due to her condition and growing up.

No. 194670

she posts videos all the time in her instagram story. her voice is really shakey and sickly sounding

No. 194675

anyone willing to take a shot at photoshopping her bald so we can see what she looks like?

No. 194676

File: 1478476431177.jpeg (19.34 KB, 320x180, image.jpeg)

No. 194681

File: 1478476808197.jpg (12.48 KB, 500x332, BQQqcnB.jpg)

No. 194684

Ash would be insulted at you portraying her this fat

No. 194686

No. 194713

ashley is a medical anomaly/ necromancer's dream

No. 194722

You can also find some videos from her Tumblr, if she hasn't deleted them.

No. 194728

No. 194739

Thanks for the links anon. I had no idea she had videos recorded by her therapist at the time.

No. 194802

This video makes me want to cry. I know she's not a nice person but look at that sweet little girl. I wish someone had helped her. All of this could be avoided. She's so sick. It is very difficult to reconcile the thin but innocent and human looking girl in this video with the ragged, dying wraith she now is. Someone failed her when she needed them. Ash continued to perpetuate the disorder, but those seeds didn't bud on their own. I hope Rebecca feels deep shame every day that she let her daughter become this way, when she had lots of clear warnings even from Ash's preteens that something was wrong. She could have prevented this and didn't and now she's just grimly waiting out her daughter's death.

I know she's a cow, but, fuck. Of anyone I come here to post about and mock, only Ashley makes me feel so heartbroken. Her life is a complete nightmare so I can't hate her for anything she really does. I just feel so fucking bad for her.

I can't help it. I want her to get better. I want to believe in a miracle.

No. 194819

Vintage Ash being real like this is so sad. THIS is when action should've been taken. I'd like to know more about her past but that's never gonna happen given her ~mysteriousness~.

No. 194827

File: 1478504139972.gif (972.28 KB, 500x341, tumblr_m9lfn0tXYc1r5918v.gif)

I want to kiss her cheeks and hug her. I've still been praying.

No. 194833

That statement and image together makes the most confusing post I've seen here in weeks

No. 194844

Her last video on YT mentions anorexia and shows how thin she's getting.. it was uploaded in September 2008. That's like 7 years, and has never got help.

No. 194846

Everytime I see her when she was younger, it breaks my heart. She was so cute back then and she could have grown up to be really beautiful. She could have had a normal life. Like, fuck, man, I wish I could have helped her before it got to this point.

No. 194878

"That's like 7 years" What year you're living in anon, 2015?

No. 194895

in her newer videos, her voice sounds so … muffled? it feels borderline heartbreaking to see those 2007 vids where she is seemingly just like any of your typical teenagers. especially when we know that hell will freeze before she admits she needs to, like, double her weight in order for her body to function.
(also, her front teeth have eroded SO MUCH. i feel uncomfortable.)

No. 194949

She would never have had a normal life, she is exactly how she is on her on accord.
I feel no pity for that irresponsible, sack of skin.

No. 194987

Same here. used to feel bad because Ash would cry on Tumblr about how people would bully her because of the way she looks, but it was all a farce.

No. 194994

People keep forgetting that Rebecca tried to get Ash help, but Ash refused it. You cant save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

No. 195050

She was also just a little kid. I still feel like something could have been done for her.

No. 195051

Not exactly. Ash was forced inpatient a couple of times by Rebecca. But once Ash turned 18, that was the end of it.

No. 195116

What does it take to get someone sectioned in Massachusetts?

No. 195117


No. 195304

No. 195309

No. 195406

Give me some resources, anons. I work in a field closely tied to law enforcement. I know the laws where I live, but I am willing to call her local police there and find out what their standards are for a section. Anyone know what city she's in? Any IRL info that would help them locate her (birthdate, full legal name etc)?
I honestly don't see how she DOESN'T fit the criteria for a section. She is clearly an active danger to herself. She is literally always on the verge of death and extremely mentally ill. You don't even need to talk to her to know that- you can tell how mentally ill she is by the fact that she is THAT fucking emaciated.

No. 195408

Oh fuck off with the saviour thing.
It's been done over and over and never comes to anything. shes not going to get better even if you magically made an intervention happen. Focus help on the people who'll actually make use of it. Leave ash to die.

No. 195412

When? Doesn't seem like she's had any involvement with the system for a few years now.

No. 195413

But why not stick her in the hospital before she dies, so that maybe they can learn from her medical mysteries?

No. 195418

Every few threads there's some hero who thinks that if they call ~the authoritieeeees~ somehow ash will end up in hospital being fixed.
Except that's now how anything works when she's an adult. She doesn't want help, so why bother? There's hundreds, if not thousands of people with eating and personality disorders that will try to help themselves. Why give their bed to someone as belligerent and non compliant as Ashley?
Do you really think that just because ~you~ make a phone all or two Ashley is gonna get sectioned and recover? After having already been sectioned and tubed and whatever else, you're gonna be the catalyst for change? It's not about ash it's about indulging your own altruistic fantasy.
There's nothing to do for her, nothing to learn from her.

No. 195421

She has been sectioned and tubed before?

No. 195425

Can you read the goddamn threads?
Her mother forced her into treatment numerous times. Ash never bothered to stick it out.
My god why do newfags have to be spoonfed this info.

No. 195434

she'd bring every other patient down with her, as well.

No. 195435

Telling all the other patients they're eating too much food and calling the children fat just so she can feel like the most anorexic one on the ward. Goddamn she's got no other personality besides sickness. Why do snobs think they can be her speshul hero?

No. 195436

She doesn't really know what she wants… Her brain doesn't work like normal, healthy human being's.

No. 195437

yes of course, but she's got BPD as well. she's toxic. her body's just about given up now anyway.

No. 195439

To be honest, I've been lurking Ash drama for ages and never seen a single bit of evidence that she's spent any time undergoing real medical healing in a hospital setting. It's all just according to Ash. You seriously gonna take her word for it?

No. 195442

So fucking what? Nobody is gonna save her. Especially not the dumbass anon from earlier begging for her details as if nobody has ever thought of medical intervention for ash before.
She's chronic, she's ridiculously far gone, and she's showed no interest in anything even sort of related to recovery. Her brain being so withered and her shitty cognitive abilities don't really garner much sympathy considering she's chosen to end up this way.

Would it really matter if she lied? She's still not gonna get and respond to treatment just because some nosy faggot on lolcow called the cops jfc.

No. 195456

She could get treatment for her BPD as well, js. But obviously she doesn't want to.

No. 195469

in her old youtube videos she talks about missing due to being inpatient. She also mentioned at once point she was in a coma.

No. 195482

The real question is if she went on a coma because of the ED or was it her suicide attempt by overdosing on pills?

No. 195485

Now that is a good question. She never really explained what caused it.

No. 195684

Farmers called adult protective services ages ago and she got a visit from a worker that resulted in exactly nothing. That was in FL. MS will be exactly the same. This isn't the kind of country where you can sweep people into treatment til they're better. Inpatient places will only take ppl who are immediate dangers to themselves or others (actively suicidal or homicidal), hold them until they "stabilize" and then release them to seek and continue further treatment. Ash can't be sectioned and tube fed unless she is unconscious. Even then, at some point if she were to wake up and stabilize, she could walk out AMA.

Plus even if her mom wasted the time and money to go to court to get conservatorship (or whatever it would be called) to force her into treatment involuntarily, her mom would still have to pay for it. And that ish is expensive. So it's not worth it to waste a spot that should go to someone who wants to recover.

No. 196347

you sound like a sociopath

No. 196350

I'm not a sociopath. I just know the system, and that the continuous attempts at anon intervention do nothing but funnel a social worker away from a client who is actively seeking a way to improve their circumstances at worst and absolutely nothing at best. It's ridiculous to think that any kind of intervention can be forced on ash through an anonymous phone call or email from someone saying 'I saw this rly skinny girl on the internet here's her info plz go feed her she's dying'

Recovery from any mental illness or addiction has to be chosen. It's ignorant to assume you can force someone to get well.

If I was a sociopath, I'd be one of the people telling her to kill herself and stream it So it can be watched.

No. 196358

Her hands look like dead trees.

No. 196363

They aren't wrong.

No. 196364

No. 196374

nah man, it's sociopathic the way you write off Ash's value as a human being just because she is incapable of getting herself help. of course she's fucking incapable, the bitch is killing herself. I agree that help should go to those who seek it, that's not the part that sounds sociopathic. it's just pretty fucking cold to just dismiss her like that.

No. 196392

Sociopaths are people who are detached from their emotions, incapable of empathy or remorse. They are not people who egg you on to kys on webcam. Jesus fucking christ.
You are writing in a way that makes it seem like you are incapable of empathy and are just generally cold hearted. THAT makes you seem sociopathic

No. 196405

Diff anon but does it count if Ashley personally killed any bit of empathy you had for her? Because I was totally empathetic for her until she proved that it just wasn't worth it. She doesn't want empathy; she wants spectators.

Just asking because I want to know if I can claim Ash made me a sociopath. Thanks! <3

No. 196425

if thats the way classifying sociopaths go, then a lot of compassionate realists are really just horrible emotionless husks i guess

No. 196452

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz3Zlyn6YUg saw this and it reminded me of ash

No. 196690

Why are there slot machines in the back? Is she in vegas? (I live in vegas and have only seen them here)

No. 196839

Gambling is legal in Mississippi, but idk if that means they'd have them lined up in a grocery store.

No. 196886

Yes there are slot machines in Mississippi grocery stores.


No. 196953

Does anyone else here read Ash threads for the macabre factor? I feel like she taps into the same part of me that browses /x/

No. 196991

File: 1478907867281.png (30.01 KB, 522x494, wat.png)

She's not going to get any treatment. Her brain is terminally ill.

No. 197014

Please tell me she's not serious.

Energy drinks are usually carbonated and will cause more deterioration to what teeth she has left.

What does she think is the problem with coffee? Maybe it's the caffeine that's also in energy drinks? This is like saying: I stopped eating refined sugar! I only eat raw sugar now! It's the same shit with a different label.

No. 197027

Energy drinks are apparently so much worse for your guts and heart as well.
Such recovery ash. What a battle.

No. 197028

coffee adds weight over time? yeah, if you put tons of cream and sugar in.

No. 197030

usually people don't just drink plain black coffee. she must think coffee = calories because people put milk, sugar, cream, etc in it.

No. 197031

She replaced caffeine with caffeine and taurine.

No. 197033

usually people don't just drink plain black coffee. she must think coffee = calories because people put milk, sugar, cream, etc in it.

No. 197116

Coffee isn't what has ruined her teeth. I'm pretty sure she's aware of that.

No. 197121

the taurine is probably strategic, for her heart. but her failure to see why energy drinks would be worse than coffee speaks to how damaged her brain is.

No. 197122

I'm still not a sociopath.
I'm realistic, and I don't get emotionally attached or involved with cows, so no I don't particularly feel much empathy for her but being clinical is more of a job skill considering I work in social services and have no time for time-wasters.

No. 197151

Coffee makes you gain weight… Yeah sure, how about energy drinks, Ash??

No. 197209

Shhhh, don't say anything. She needs the calories.

No. 197253

There are no calories in the sugar free ones.

No. 197365

"saved me $$$$"
energy drinks are more expensive than coffee though……

No. 197375

why the hell are you even drinking energy drinks assley

taurine will fuck up your already fucked up heart

No. 197377

but she won't get fat!

No. 197402

why does she drink caffeine at all? if i was in that body i would try to feel the least possible omg

No. 197447

She probably needs the assistance of caffeine to stay awake, and probably for the possibility of her shriveled up bowels ever making any type of movement

No. 197617

She's actually worried about staining her teeth? Bit late for that

No. 197619

maybe energy drinks will be the thing that finishes her off…

No. 197641

Probably tbh. Energy drinks are horrible for your heart.

No. 197642

She's still a 2/10 so better looking than most of you ugly roasties.

No. 197643

The incel board is below- stay with your kind

No. 198053

I genuinely hope she outlives everyone trying to lead a moral crusade against her because of 'muh racism' ITT

It's cool to laugh at lolcows, but stop acting like you have any sort of moral high ground or use this website to wax poetic about problematic behavior; it takes such backwards logic to laugh at stuff like this while also acting like you have the moral high ground. Only the narcissism of a tumblrina could accomplish such a feat of mental acrobatics.

No. 198058

Nah. She's the ugliest bitch I've ever seen in my life. Truly horrifying.

No. 198063

r9k, pls go

No. 198064

Wow, her brain really has started deteriorating into mushy grey slop.

No. 198072

Fuck off whiteknight, we're all on this board for the same reason and that's to anonymously bitch about random internet personalities and laugh at petty shit

Gb2 tumblr or quit trying to pretend you're not as ~problematic~ as everyone else

No. 198100


Fun hater. That's what you are.

No. 198163

Re-read it,
They're talking about the tumblrinas who try to justify waiting for Bony Skeletony to die as revenge for her "racism," and not just a morbid fascination like we all know it is.

No. 198168


Yeah, but who cares? The whole idea behind these threads is petty, so who are you to judge?

No. 198201

Which is stupid logic because everyone dies. You dont see anorexics living to a rip old age, the same way you dont see morbidly obese people reaching an old age.

No. 198348

File: 1479159811704.png (143.22 KB, 614x749, IMG_1630.PNG)

mystery band aid has disappeared!

No. 198357


No. 198367

I can't tell if there's a sore there on her cheek or if it's just a deep ass wrinkle.

No. 198393

def a sore

No. 198404

Wow! Only took 38 years for it to kind of sort of heal a little!

No. 198409

She really looks older and more tired than ever.

No. 198413

I hope someone buys her a new wig for her birthday.

No. 198431

i'm such a sad fuck i actually got excited that her bandaid had disappeared, only cos i wanted to see the sore. surprised it healed at all tbh. she looks like shit tho. her eyebrows are appalling too, have they fell out or she gone all britney on them???

No. 198443

I think she has trich so she pulls her eyebrow hairs and the hair on her head.

No. 198465

Ngl this scared me when I opened the thread. Someone should make an Ash jumpscare video.

No. 198514

Damn that took forever and it still looks like it'll take another month to fully go away.

No. 198632

How much longer until she finally kicks the bucket?

No. 198697

Give it a few dozen Monster energies or so.

No. 198706

Imagine if she ends up getting hit by a car or something. After all this she actually died of something unrelated.

No. 198809

people have been saying 'any day now' for over two years.

also i'm the mortician who answered some questions earlier in the blog but I definitely did the cremation for a 36 year old anorexic. She was prettier than ash, but almost anyone is, like her skin didn't look so old, she didn't look like a grandma but she was very much skeletor and weighed about 60 lbs if i remember?

but she lived til she was 36.. anorexic since her teens like Ash and she was an exercise addict.

No. 198813

I'd be kinda disappointed.

No. 198833

File: 1479223893978.jpg (107.66 KB, 736x709, b63ddfec9287b8471d944a1a0b978e…)

She probably looks like this without the wig.

No. 198870

Yeah and with her wig she looks like that monkey. Look at that face, just like Ash's.

No. 198873

lmaooooo. Now I'll always think of Ash when I look at the musical monkey box from PoTO :P

No. 199126

na she won't cos she never leaves the house without mommy to push her in chairgrave. she's legit intending to die drinking energy drinks with anorexia. i reckon the only reason she hasn't died is her binge/purging will be increasing her blood sugar. from what i know a lot of anorexics die from low blood sugar in their sleep

No. 199129

I finally realised what she reminds me of. Draugrs from Skyrim.

No. 199373

I'm new to this girl.
Probably a stupid question, but why is no one trying to help her?
if she was my daughter I would be doing everything I could to help.
I went on her instagram and it's full of people saying how beautiful she is. I think that's so stupid and dangerous. she's not beautiful, she looks like an alien and we shouldn't encourage how she looks. I think she needs some tough love.
She looks like she gets whatever she wants and gets away with anything she wants.
She's going to die very soon if she doesn't wake up and realize what she's doing

No. 199394

Here we go again. It was answered few posts above.

Go read the previous 5-6 threads and lurk more.

No. 199395


tl;dr she doesn't care, and neither should you. this isn't a helping prayer circle for her, hoping she'll turn it around. just something to observe.

No. 199423

numerous people HAVE tried to help her but nothing can be done since she is an adult and doesn't want to receive help. it's her own decision

No. 199451

>implying humans inherently have value
>implying value isn't earned

No. 200099

Humans are worthless until proven otherwise.

Just set her up in a dusty old crypt.

No. 200876

What will we all do once Ash finally kicks it? Like, i know we've all been anticipating her death for ages, but for some reason i can't envision what it'll be like once she's gone. Will anyone actually be sad? Will we mostly be sad because there won't be any more milk? Will these threads quietly go into the night?

No. 200890

There hasn't been any milk other than powdered for months and months. In fact, these threads have occasionally gone quietly into the night, but then Ash either posts something inflammatory or comes here and posts in the thread, reviving it.

No. 200893

I for one would be sad. IMO she's one who did never deserve to be mocked here. Boo-ho she made a racist joke on twitter and happen to be slightly sarcastic and/or bitchy. Other than that, she's just extremely sick and lots of you just feed your ghoulish "sense of humor" with bashing her.

No. 201021

She has said and did plenty of stuff to people.. She said and did a lot of hurtful stuff to people, such as making up lies about people triggering people who are trying to recover, such as telling a 13 year old in recovery, she is eating to much food, calling multiple people fat… she is not innocent, and people should realize it..

No. 201034

yeah, so? There's nothing unique about that. Welcome to the internet. You get bullied, laughed at, triggered and whatnot. If you're a 13 year old girl who can't handle this shit, you should just get off the internet alltogether. Besides, you're on a board which is basically a place to bash, mock, bully people online and you justify her being a lolcow bc she's mean to people online?

No. 201037

then why are you here bitch

No. 201050


No. 201051

Aren't you like mid 20s?

No. 201052

Yeah I know. but there won't be anything new to laugh at ever again :(

Do you have no awareness of the hypocrisy in these comments or what

No. 201124

>she's one who did never deserve to be mocked here. Boo-ho she made a racist joke on twitter and happen to be slightly sarcastic and/or bitchy. Other than that, she's just extremely sick and lots of you just feed your ghoulish "sense of humor" with bashing her.

>yeah, so? There's nothing unique about that. Welcome to the internet. You get bullied, laughed at, triggered and whatnot.

Which is it?

No. 201210

Shut the fuck up Jackie

No. 201211

Bashing an anorexic person for triggering vulnerable people with eating disorders into starving themselves is not even comparable to actually triggering people into hurting themselves like that.

I know there were a lot of big words there, but I think if you put the time and effort in I think you'll thank me for helping you understand how monumentally stupid you are.

No. 201216

If anyone hasn't bought it up before (I haven't really been paying attention to the bonelord thread this year, so I'll sage just in case) I think the bandaid on her cheek was probably there because her glasses kept grinding against her exposed cheekbone and causing friction-sores.

No. 201221

Good point. I mean she's missing that protective layer of facial fat non skellingtons have, so her skin is probably more fragile.

No. 201223

Yeah, it's probably been infected or hasn't been healing for the longest time as well due to a weakened immune system, so it makes sense to have a bandaid over it to stop further irritation and to act as a barrier/buffer between the frames and her face.

No. 201783

Tomorrow is Ashley's birthday. Hopefully she can enjoy it as much as she can

No. 201787

How old is she now? Like 25?
I'm super impressed she is still alive.

No. 201815

Ashley was 13 once too tho

No. 201846

Yeah 25, turning 26.

No. 201903

No. 202727

No. 202729

File: 1479859748324.jpg (37.57 KB, 540x438, 1453519507552.jpg)

wow, beat me to it. Could Ash be considered to have Terminal Anorexia as well given how she violently refuses recovery?

No. 202740

I'd say so

No. 202816

do you guys think Ash is internet famous enough to make it to the news when she die? I don't want to miss it but I'm too lazy to keep up with when was her blog last updated and shit. Mass media are supposed not to broadcast suicide for the privacy of the victims, and uh technically she's starving herself? but we've seen cases like the death of Isabelle Caro be published on press and ISabelle Caro wasn't like super famous, except for her anorexia. Just like Ash

No. 202829

Lmao no way. Isabelle was a model and did those billboard ads (no-Lita, no-anorexia)
Ash is literally nobody, not even some backwoods radio station would report the death of a sad scrawny no one who never did an interesting or valuable thing in her life.

No. 202930

I am not sure, but she has not been on Tumblr in close to a week, and she did not post a pic on IG on her birthday, like she has in the past . Her last pic posted on IG was on November 14th….

No. 202950

File: 1479906190410.gif (2.87 MB, 300x226, ytryhreyrt.gif)

Ash might have moved from her chair grave to a dirt grave? Damn. I guess someone finally destroyed her phylactery.

No. 202966

Id give it a month, tbh. One week isnt enough time to determine if shes passed.

No. 202969

What a pathetic waste of life this woman is. Can't imagine how much government money was wasted in the courts and medical system dealing with this pointless case. She and Ash should be friends.

No. 202970

Do you feel the same about Jeremy Gillitzer? He also asked for doctors to stop treatment and was granted it

No. 202971

No, because at one point Jeremy did genuinely really want to get help and made an honest effort to seek it. Neither Ash nor this AG woman have done the same.

No. 202973

Yeah she also occasionally goes AWOL for short periods of time like this. She's probably just hibernating to conserve energy.

No. 203012

She commented on her latest instagram post yesterday though.

No. 203158

I don't consider her "Internet famous".
She's known in certain circles for obvious reasons, but that's like, a really fucked up subculture. The rest of the internet doesn't give two shits.

She has never appeared in the media whatsoever, so no, why would they report a random person's death?

No. 203168

She has been in Japanese media, maybe they'd report her death, too.

No. 203175

It wasn't as glamorous as the Japanese media. She was mentioned on some Chinese blogging site.

No. 203190

Ash probably wishes it was the Japanese media.

No. 203536

I reckon they've moved on by now.

No. 203538

It was Chinese, not Japanese.

No. 203627

Yeah, you're right. I only know about her because I remember her pictures way back when on 4chan. I lost my shit when I saw the condition she's in now and couldn't believe it. She seems especially known in the propane community though.

No. 203639

Pro-ana, or is there a new subculture of hardcore gas fans who for some reason look up to Ash?

No. 203662

File: 1480035306611.png (155.57 KB, 750x803, IMG_5469.PNG)

at least the bandaid is finally gone. Guess there was something under there after all.

No. 203664

wow she actually is looking more emaciated now than a year ago. I thought that was like the end game(? physically speaking. But she looks worst :/

No. 203670

the media try not to publicise suicides as it leads to a rise in suicide in the general population - allegedly

No. 203671

every time someone posts a pic of her i think this though tbh

No. 203675

You're late.

No. 203694


I sell anorexia and anorexia accessories.

No. 203695

it would be so kawaii to have one's grisly death reported in the japanese media

No. 203744

I agree. I can't believe she is still managing to look worse after all this time. Not sure if it's the filter she's using or what.

After seeing what's under those bandaids, it looks like to me maybe she is a skin picker

No. 203757

File: 1480064002913.jpg (59.25 KB, 176x389, IMG_2062.JPG)

Am I thin enough yet, uguu?

No. 204181

did she die

No. 204219

Not yet.

No. 204335

Someone said on her tumblr that she literally said goodbye to every kind of food, because she's cutting out junk or whatever, and she replied "And bitch you’ve said hello to literally type of food."(copied and pasted) That doesn't even make grammatical sense but I'll allow that, give that her brain is probably the consistency of yogurt by now. What's shitty is that she's still trying to claim some kind of superiority because she eats less and is thinner than other people. She is voluntarily rotting away at the age of 25, constantly uncomfortable and ill because she's a sack of bones, can't do anything but buy dollar store crap and instagram it… and she still thinks she's superior to everyone who chooses to sustain themselves by eating and have normal lives. Spoopy scary deluded skeleton.

No. 204341

She is such a cunt. Everyone is fat and glutinous and gross in Ash's eyes. She disgusts me.

No. 204434

I hope she dies. Soon. Very soon. The sooner the better.

No. 204437

File: 1480215964819.png (372.07 KB, 512x512, 512.png)

did she change her answer because now it says "And bitch you’ve said hello to literally every type of food." lmao

but look at this ugly face. it's more wrinkly than a 100-year-old grandpa's ass for sure.

No. 204468

don't say her brain is yogurt, anon! she's reading this thread and you'll trigger her :( :( :(

No. 204552

Do you guys think Ashley is such a cunt because she's going to die a dried up virgin?

No. 204566

Sorry, I'm not super caught up on these threads but, is that definitely Ashley's hair? Or is it a wig?

No. 204577

Nah m8 she was raised by a single mom. Probably lost her virginity at 8.

No. 204603

It's a wig. There's a picture where it wasn't put on correctly and you could see a big bald patch on the side of her head, but I'm way too lazy to dig through the old Ash threads to try to find it. I might later.

No. 204605

idk if anyone else has already thought of this, and also sorry to tinfoil hat, but what if ash actually HAS died, and someone is just using up a surplus of emaciated selfies she left behind and is posting them for an indeterminate amount of time?

i know that's weird that someone would access all her social media like that but at the same time it's even weirder that this human california raisin faced sack of skin is living and breathing.

sage because irrelevant

No. 204624

Who the hell would be doing that? Ash has no actual close friends.

Sometimes I wonder what her funeral's going to be like. Would anyone even attend aside from her mother? It seems like they're estranged from the rest of the family and Ash has no friends that would come.

No. 204632


i'm so sure she'd be cremated with no service, easily. Cheapest way to go.

No. 204640

There's always Jolty.

No. 204647

Oh my god, she looks like 90 years old. Jesus.

No. 204662

Was it ever confirmed Ash attempted to befriend Shmegeh before she seemingly got better? I want some ~receipts

No. 204664

holy fuck please do

No. 204667

She definitely changed it, I copied and pasted what she originally said. I'd say it's weird that she seems embarrassed of her typos but not embarrassed of trying to shame someone for eating, but that's just Ash all over.
I'm not exaggerating when I say my 80 year old nana looks younger at this point, and looks like she has a lot more vitality.

No. 204693

I dont think so. According to shmegeh's friends, yes. but there aren't any caps or anything proving it as far as I know.

No. 204695

She looks like if you pushed her she's take -9999 fall damage and instantly burst into dust.

No. 204697

When people call her Bone Lord I can't help but imagine her as a video game enemy. Like some morbid cutesy kawaii Suda51 shit, she seems like the kind of crazy boss he would design. Some undead kawaii girl who wasted away and hasn't realized she's dead yet.

No. 204993


Ah. I guess I was fucked at 8 too then.

No. 204997

File: 1480299780508.png (297.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3171.PNG)


Mobile screenshot of said post.

No. 205000

File: 1480300007156.png (99.8 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

" 'eating' does not equal 'treating your body well' "

this bitch gonna die

No. 205392


Definitely sounds like it.

No. 205395

File: 1480300708227.png (198.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3170.PNG)

Oops. Forgot to attach image.

No. 205400

she's so fucking transparent, everyone with a brain knows this
is just an ED move, shes not trying to cut processed shit out for her "health." and jesus christ GMOs are 99% not bad

No. 205414

If she's given up GMO's say goodbye to anything with soy in it, seedless watermelon, banana, corn and every animal and animal by-product.

People who only buy organic and are scared of GMO's are idiots. Organic is basically just a label companies pay for and really has absolutely no benefit at all.

Ashley as usual is being "healthy" by cutting out almost every thing she can eat until she b/p's on all the forbidden foods and has to restart the whole process again. If it doesn't kill her.

I honestly think she's just trying to speed up the process of her death by limiting her nutrition even more.

No. 205419


Ugh. Just die already, Ash.

No. 205424

Be honest, how high were you when you wrote this?

No. 205592

i had actually had some wine before posting that, but like, close enough, u got me there

No. 206125


I want her to die soon. Such a shitty thing to say and I'm not one to wish bad for people, but tbh at this point everyone wins when she dies. She would stop spreading this pro-ana crap, her mother would have one less worry, and she would be freed from her existence which looks miserable.

Of course it would be amazing if she made magic recovery, realized the fault in her behaviour and became an inspiring story, but I don't see that happening, ever.

No. 206296

When she dies, she'll become a martyr.

No. 206314

She wishes. She won't be anything dead she isn't now, so still just a petulant skin sack full of bones and cunt attitude. Martyrs aren't allowed to be entirely selfish anon.

No. 206321


A martyr for what, exactly?

No. 206325

The mentality of a 15 year old anorexic girl who truly thinks death before ana dishonor?

No. 206404

Cyberbullying/anorexia/teenage victims of adult men (Hamtaro-Chan saga)

No. 206422

File: 1480472750590.jpg (2.88 MB, 3240x4320, 1478540328946.jpg)


saged for unrelated, but could you imagine Ash appearing on this show? If Eugenia could do it, so could Ash.

No. 206514

No. 206526

She's not a victim omfg lol.
She got naked online and then threw a twelve year fit over getting in trouble for making CP. bullying isn't a real problem, especially when it's online. She asked men to look at her tits for attention and presents. She's not a victim of them, she wanted them to look at her and see her as a sexual thing. Ash has never been a victim in her mucky, selfish life. Looking pitiful and pathetic doesn't mean she genuinely deserves a goddamn thing.

No. 206637


Eugenia is a (albeit boring/annoying) Youtube/Younow-Entertainer, and while she obviously has a large following of ~anas~, she is also known in other circles.

All Ash does is "blog" about her "life" aka repost anime with the occasional target selfie, so nothing noteworthy.

Secondly, Eugenia is only in the spotlight because tons of people hopped onto the bandwagon of making ~concerned~ videos about her for clicks, similar to that #SaveMarinaJoyce thing.

No. 206657

File: 1480518647909.png (32.59 KB, 483x569, capture-20161130-170723.png)

Yeah Ashley, because everyone needs to be a doctor to see and realize how malnourished you and your brain are…

No. 206661

There's no way she goes outside every day. If she did, she'd document it.

No. 206663

Maybe she goes and sits in her wheelchair outside of their house for a while.

No. 206668

I have so much secondhand embarrassment for how convinced she is that she sounds all witty and idgaf.
It always reminds me of very young teenagers who first discover the Internet.

And again she's using "fatty foods" as an insult while showing her alleged superiority.

And no, Ash, you are literally surviving on an energy deficit, you do not have energy.

No. 206669

Maybe. But I'd consider that going outside for fresh air like a normal human being, not going out, out.

I assume she mostly b/p's and sleeps.

No. 206699

>what, are you made that you're still addicted to cheeseburgers? Lololol.
I don't get how Ash still has some Tumblrinas fawning over her 'fight against mental illness!!' when she also constantly 'fat shames', as those people would call it.

No. 206705

Not gonna lie, anon kinda sperged on that ask. They could have worded it a lot better. Ash is someone who you have to get around with without being threatening so she opens up and drops some milk. Anyways, she does seem a bit more active, so I'm guessing the move might be partially for her sake.

No. 206706

I would imagine that the oppressive Florida heat would make her pass out more or something, although Mississippi gets quite hot too, no?

No. 206721

for real i'm not a skeletor and I still feel like i'm gonna pass out from the heat just walking out my front door or GETTING IN THE CAR omg she would burn..

No. 206733

Shame she never had a "normal life". One where eating and keeping a burger down is normal and every minute isn't dedicated to losing every pound of normal fat.

As much of a scammer she's been, and as much as a cow to people she's been it's a fucking shame she chose to stay the way she is.

It doesn't even matter if she did go out every day, every second will be pain and stuck in a wheelchair. Wanting to eat and drink nice things and she can't.

I don't even know if she thinks this is going to make her "famous" because her friend Henry Roth seems quite taken by Cooney these days.

It's not even admirable that she's lasted so long. It's cruel that death hasn't taken her before now because, Jesus, I'd rather be dead than live like that at 25.

Honestly don't understand what she's trying to prove by boasting how she beats death.

No. 206760

She's being rude to even those who try to be nice to her. She's to rude to everyone, unless they're literally kissing her ass.

No. 206762

At this point, I think she has the most advanced case of Hank Hill ass on the planet.

No. 206766

She thinks she's the most super speshul ana slowflake ever, because she's managed to go this long. But there are others who have lived longer and in a worse state. It's a competition for Trashley McSkellington

No. 206777

people on the internet like to think that they're going to 'save her' or something. They don't want to help her, they just have a hero complex. If anyone wanted to help her for real, they could try just being nice to her without trying to ''cure'' her. Of course, most people have an agenda when they approach her. Lose the agenda and just get to know the person. Ash is not her eating disorder and she doesn't want to be ''saved'' by some internet random.

No. 206784

Being nice to her doesn't help either. Nothing or no one can help Ash, except maybe herself.

No. 206959

do we know if ashley has ever had sex. im so curious because sometimes she makes those posts on her tumblr about how "boys are the worst" etc and like…who the fuck wants to bang that. she's not fooling anyone we all know no one is into her. but since shes been skelly since basically 2010 is she just gonna die a virgin…sorry if this has been gone over before, there are Quite a Few ash threads

No. 206964

doubt it, when she was non skelly she was a total shutin

No. 206969

File: 1480564356792.png (13.21 KB, 289x121, ashtrash.png)

Can't wait to see what kind of oh-so-witty answers she's going to give these persons.

No. 206973

I doubt it, but you never know. Could she even self-lubricate at this point? Her genital health in general must be abysmal.

No. 206977

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, thanks.

No. 206984

File: 1480566495890.jpg (217.69 KB, 630x645, Reddit.jpg)

I'm sorry, anon! It's hard not to be squicked and discuss the bone lord at the same time. Hopefully this image can help cheer you up.
Gross as it is though, I am curious.

No. 206992

>drinks energy drink
>wheels outside
>wheels back inside
nice routine

No. 207005

Reproductive hormones are nil for her at this point, and that means her breasts and vagina are severely atrophied. If she were to attempt intercourse it would be very painful and likely cause serious injury, even with lube. The tissue elasticity goes away.

No. 207099

Because of the lack of vulva fatty tissue, her flesh raisin must hang a bit. The lack of natural lubrication must make her vagina very itchy inside.

No. 207103

>I actually go outside now on a daily basis- something I NEVER used to do.
Are all those pictures of her in walmart, target, the mall, and the dollar tree suddenly obsolete? Did we shift into a different dimension?

No. 207112

Christ all fucking mighty.

No. 207123

Hi, Ash

No. 207131

File: 1480615873547.jpg (38.49 KB, 385x385, youthful.JPG)

This woman was 117 on Tuesday. 117 and she looks healthier than Ash. I bet she actually ate some of that cake to.

No. 207134

No. 207143


I'm guessing she does not like hot foods because of poor circulation? It would likely burn the shit out of her.

You guys know how like old people don't distribute/regulate body temperature well? She is so unhealthy I'm sure she must suffer similarly. It's like that old lady back in 2000-whatever who sued McDonalds for having coffee over an acceptable temperature. That combined with her being old as heck gave her serious burns around her legs and groin.

I was taught in first aid to not put hypothermic or very old people directly by fire because it would just burn one spot rather than distributing heat.

It's boggling that she is in such poor health she needs to take the same considerations as super old people in her day to day life.

No. 207146

File: 1480618667156.png (82.27 KB, 640x791, IMG_6743.PNG)

"What's your point?"

No. 207148

How does having cancer tie into being any of those things she listed lol? I wouldn't put cancer on the same level as being a drug addict or an abusive pos but whatever

No. 207149


I think she's saying that playing with plastic toys all day makes her better than the homeless (which she'll be herself if she outlives Rebecca by some miracle).

No. 207172

>well at least I'm better than those cancer-having fatties

No. 207181

I dunno, being a financial and emotional parasite is pretty awful, Ash

No. 207185

Because only bad people ever get cancer huh Ash? What a little bitch.
Also I'm pretty sure she might as well categorize herself as an 'addict' since she's addicted to purging, and because of her habit is unable to take care of herself and so has to sponge like an adult dependent from her mom and government. She'd be homeless without either. And she abuses herself.

She really does think so highly of her lifestyle when really she's no better in a literal sense.

No. 207211

She was sending nudes to 4chan neckbeards when she was 15 or 16, so it's definitely plausible she was sexually active around that time.

>25 years old
>100% NEET
>thanklessly leaching off of her mother
>thinks she's superior to homeless people


No. 207212

Isn't she 26?

No. 207315

Yeah, I think she turned 26 last week.

No. 207335

have you guys seen eugenia's poon? She's skelly but that shit phat o.o(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207346

Make a Eugenia thread in /b/ if you need to talk about her. She has absolutely nothing to do with Ash.

No. 207360

actually it was a video in her youtube channel, like a year ago. i don't know how she didn't notice that before uploading it but she then deleted the video and reuploaded an edited version.

but yeah, no more about eugenia.

No. 207481

I just realized today that I've never seen any photos of Ash at the stages between her chubby cheeked teen self and her current skellington self. Like I can't picture what she would have looked like at the beginning or middle stages of her weight loss. Are there any photos from that time? Has anyone ever arranged an Ash anorexia photo timeline?

No. 207485

Can you not read?
There's like 25 fucking threads about this ugly nobody skelly, and yet some cockhead has to come in and ask these exact same questions every single time as if everything that can be pieced together about ger isn't already there, a couple of clicks away. Spend thirty goddamn seconds assimilating to a thread before asking the most basic, obvious damn questions for the trillionth time.

Just so you know, she's also had a bunch of faggots try to save her pweshuss widdle life so please don't ask "why hasn't someone gotten her help" next. If ash had a calorie for every time someone asked this shit she'd be as fat as a HAES pig.

No. 207493

>If ash had a calorie for every time someone asked this shit she'd be as fat as a HAES pig.

LMAO! I love you anon!

No. 207496

Maybe we can crowdfund for her tombstone. If we're paying we can choose this inscription. How about


No. 207499

Do you think she can actually sleep or is she just in some kind of stupor? For some reason, I have a hard time believing she can dream at all.

No. 207510

You can sleep and not dream, anon.

No. 207589

No. 207592

If she didn't sleep, she'd die. She's still a human being.

No. 207815

File: 1480737255858.png (10.23 KB, 535x278, edgy.png)

No. 207833

crawling in my skin
these wounds they will not heal

No. 207836

She probably ate a sandwich and couldn't puke it up.

No. 207958

Has anyone ever done the math to try to figure out how many calories Ash does have to acquire in a day to stay alive as long as she has? I feel like she probably takes in less than 100 cal a day looking like she does. But then how is she not dead??

No. 207968

Even in a coma, the human body (depending on age/sex/weight) needs at least 1200-1600 calories to maintain its weight - and that's already a low number. Ash is extremely underweight, but her body can't require much less than that amount in order to function.

No. 207988

At this point I'm sure she could eat 2000+ calories and maintain.

No. 207990

She'd die if she ate 2000 calories

No. 208007

No way. She's short, weighs 42 lbs and has very little muscle. Her TDEE would be very low.

No. 208018

File: 1480795941159.png (2.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161202-190607.png)

This is from her IG stories. The mystery bandaid didn't get thrown away! It just moved.

No. 208027

Does she eat the chocolate at least?

No. 208033

I plugged Ash's stats in a calculator.

Basal Metabolic Rate
868 calories per day

1,041 calories per day

Light Exercise
1,193 calories per day

Moderate Exercise
1,345 calories per day

Heavy Exercise
1,497 calories per day

1,649 calories per day

No. 208041

I think she'd go into refeeding syndrome if she was even given her BMR every day

No. 208047

Probably, but she pukes afterwards.

No. 208052

But she has been maintaining her current weight - or losing weight very very slowly - for a while now. She'd have to be eating close to her BMR, however meager, to achieve this.

No. 208065

I agree, I've only seen before and afters, no timelines

No. 208067

Ash B&Ps right?

No. 208069

Ash eats vean except for b/ps. So if she posts a picture of her eating something with dairy in it, it's going to be purged.

No. 208112

>Ash eats

No. 208127

that was meant to say vegan

No. 208129

She has to be absorbing something or else she would have been dead a loooooooooong time ago.

No. 208136

Yeah, I meant if she were given her BMR every day regularly. I don't know though

No. 208235

Starvation physiology is a different ballgame. In response to inadequate food intake, alternate metabolic pathways activate and initiate catabolism of fat, muscle and eventually organs for fuel. In short, the absence of adequate caloric intake, the body begins eating itself. Any functions which are non-essential for immediate survival are downregulated in order to conserve energy. The brain and heart shrink as the body desperately attempts to prolong life. If they stay hydrated, people can starve for a long time…but the damage is progressively catastrophic.

No. 208260

b/ping doesn't get rid of everything, and you start to absorb nutrients & calories as soon as you start chewing, basically. she still absorbs some calories from b/ping.

No. 208305

maybe that's why she's cutting out various food types now.

No. 208319

you absorb calories through your digestive system. Simply chewing food doesnt do that.

No. 208332

your mouth is part of the digestive system, and the digestion of complex carbs begins in your mouth, with enzymes from saliva breaking them down into simpler carbs. you begin absorbing /some/ calories immediately, unless you absolutely do not swallow your saliva while eating.

No. 208333

File: 1480862314130.jpg (58.53 KB, 500x500, pTRU1-23932397dt.jpg)

I don't think there's chocolate in that calendar.

No. 208364

You're both right and wrong, which is confusing. Yes, we do start to digest in the mouth, but we do not absorb calories through the mouth. There's a difference between digestion and absorption.

As long as you do not swallow, the food cannot travel to your small intestine to be absorbed. Which… you kind of said when you pointed out "unless you absolutely do no swallow your saliva while eating."

No. 208379

ty for the correction

No. 208744

I hope she can live a normal life one day

No. 208750


Are you fucking joking? She is beyond repair.

No. 208839

File: 1480926155961.jpg (19.14 KB, 519x238, actual honesty.jpg)

This is the most honest answer we've ever gotten from Ashley about anything. She has no idea why she continues this bullshit, and she probably hasn't for a long time.

Which is rather sad, but at the same time, she was given chances to end the slow suicide and refused them. She made her bed/chairgrave.

No. 208856

Ash is a profoundly depressing person.

No. 208902

This girl/women whatever needs to go..there is no hope for her..damn.she's fucking rudeI just want to reach over my screen and strangle her..lol.I'm sorry!

No. 208906

Don't be sorry, I'm sure that's what most of us would like to do.

No. 208908

Ahh, good.sorry. I just didn't want to sound like too much of a psycho…but oh well

No. 209743

She's way too proud of being the skinny queen. She thinks she's somehow in control because she hasn't died yet, but it's pure luck, genetics, she's probably from genetic stock that suffered long periods of famine and also lucked out on genetics in terms of having disease resistant heart. A significant number of anorexics do reach very low weights, especially those with very traumatic childhoods, but ultimately they all die - how soon is just luck. Ash will be dead soon, and everyone will be relieved. If she thinks that makes her special then shes deluded.

No. 209746

You are one hundred percent accurate. And it's not just that but she also refuses help, which is her right but she has a personality disorder and legit needs help for that instead of making stupid pokemon impression videos during her so called "therapy".

No. 209750


This is where my sympathy ends, when she won't get help. She keeps saying she's battling mental illness but it's the complete opposite, she's battling getting help and not engaging with the services offered to her. All of that is because she thinks she's above it all and has a secret formula for staying alive, when she doesn't. Part of this is the illness of course, her brain is breaking down.

No. 209753