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File: 1457383632220.png (952.79 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 245724

Ashley Isaacs / ghostxperfume thread

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Edgy Tumblr: http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

Went to the old thread and it was dead…

But those fucking kneecaps man! How do they even support her? And I didn't know bones could be that small…

No. 245729

Can someone make a summary of what's lulzy about this cow?

Feels wrong to call her a cow when she's almost a literal skeleton too…

No. 245734

Idk anything about her but i can't help but feel bad for her. She looks like my dieing grandma and thats frightening

No. 245735

File: 1457385294862.jpeg (58.06 KB, 450x441, 660635.JPEG)

No. 245741

Well, I cant give the best summary bc I only passively follow the drama, but, In general shes a huge bitch, to her mom and to everyone, she goes through friends like a hot knife through butter. she cant seem to hang on to them, and there is usually a big dramatic falling out. She loves looking this way and calling other people fat, including telling a 13 year old girl who is struggling with anorexia "you eat to much", and has no plans on getting help. her and her "friends" have posted here before to argue with everyone blah blah blah and none of us can believe shes still alive. thats all I know.

No. 245743


How long has she been this emaciated?

No. 245746

Im sure someone else knows better. but If I had to guess, shes like 25 now…Shes been on the internet since before she was 18..but disappeared before returning as the skeleton we see now. so im going with 5 years more or less.

No. 245748

That bag Ashley has is fifty bucks. She cries about needing money for food but buys that? priorities, man.

No. 245752

She started looking slightly spoopy when she got released from the hospital after she tried to commit suicide over her mom finding out she was camming on 4chan. And that was seven years ago. Five sounds about right.

No. 245754

She befriends people only to use them as a personal driver and/or atm machine. She lies about everything and always makes herself out to be a victim. She begs for gifts and will openly talk about binging and purging food and then whines that she doesn't have money. She is also a weeb and will waste money on cutsey crap like the fifty dollar bag in the OP's picture.

No. 245755

Why do so many people like this ?

No. 245756

Where is that bag from?

No. 245757

loungefly. it says on the website it's discounted to fifty from ninety bucks.

No. 245759

why? bc shes living the dream. shes skinny and isnt dead.

No. 245760

Nevermind, that was another bag. It's not on loungefly anymore but it is by them and the disney store has it for almost eighty bucks.


No. 245763

File: 1457387583917.jpeg (73.23 KB, 750x420, image.jpeg)

pls link old thread next time OP


No. 245766

she gets to gorge on all the expensive fatty delicious food without getting fat while bragging about it to everyone.

No. 245769

Ashley would make a fantastic specimen in research on human body under duress or something. I mean wow, I wonder what science would learn if they used her in a scientific study.

Also where is her wheelchair in the photo? Does she purposely park it out of the way in the picture to give the impression she can walk?

No. 245770

Yes, she moves it out of the way for selfies. But she does admit to using a wheelchair so it's not like she's lying.

No. 245773

Like this thread said.. What the fuck shes still alive..?? A part of me thinks shes gotten even skinnier?

No. 245777

Alive but not really. She is a rotten person and can't enjoy any normal aspect of life. IDK why she tortures herself and keeps on living when she could end it and be at peace.

No. 245794

File: 1457389909151.jpg (34.41 KB, 599x338, totty.jpg)

i had a dream the other night that ashley disappeared off the internet for a while, and when she returned she had gained weight and was on the track to recovery. everyone on /pt/ was very proud of her. but even though she gained weight her skin was still gross and wrinkled. she looked like this tbh

No. 245817

File: 1457390482967.jpg (32.04 KB, 634x498, eb3.jpg)

Omfg wtf is that thing

No. 245846

Does she actually eat the donuts? Does she throw them up afterwards?

No. 245867

Yeah, she showed it off knowing it's a b/p session. She did that with really expensive Japanese food. She is also vegan except for when she binges and purges, so that gives you a clue.

No. 245869

Thats so sad
I hope she recovers, but I don't know how she can do it

No. 245892

recovers?? she has no plans for recovery. she doesn't want to. she LOVES being this way..absolutely loves it. do not feel sad for her.

No. 245895

Seriously, don't feel bad for her, she's a horrible person. Feel bad for the all the people she's used and abused.

No. 245900

Is it just me or do her legs look thinner? Maybe the image is stretched, but I didn't think it was possible for her to look thinner. It's like clothes on two twigs :( If she is losing weight, which idk how that's even possible, she's gonna kick the bucket soon man.

No. 245908

She doesn't want to, don't lose sleep anon.

No. 245909

thought so too

No. 245923

I've been "any day now" for the past two years. How the fuck is she not dead?

No. 245939

She sold her soul a long time ago. She's powered by angry African centipedes that live inside her carcass.

No. 245941

It fucking pisses me off how she purges such nice looking and expensive ass food. Not gonna lie, I raged when I saw she purged $75 dollars worth of Japanese takeout.

No. 245945

Yeah exactly. And then she tries to get followers to buy crap for her. Maybe if so much food didn't go down the toilet, she'd have more money.

No. 245962

Sounds like she's lying about that one.

No. 245964

Don't worry guys, won't last long. She won't make it to 30.

No. 245985

How the FUCK can she still stand up. She should donate her body to science when she inevitably dies in a few years. They could use her genes to breed supersoldiers for the skeleton war.

No. 245987

No, she eats vegan except for binging and purging. Hence, those donuts went down the toilet.

No. 245988

>vegan except for when she binges and purges

No. 245991

she can't. she has a walking frame and uses the store's wheelchairs.

No. 245994

I thought she was admitted to the hospital for her actual eating disorder when she was still a minor? Her old youtube videos hint at this. The first video she made after getting released shows her pretty thin. I'd post a link, but I can't remember wtf her old youtube name was.

No. 245996

Xxwitherwings was her yt name

No. 245997

She was hospitalized a few times as a minor. She once said during a hospital stay she was in a coma, I think.

No. 246004

that is… absolutely horrific, holy fucking christ.

No. 246007

At this point her pics should be spoilered or something :(

No. 246008

Honestly, how is she alive? I've seen concentration camp victims with more meat on their bones than her. Like I'm legitimately curious how she is still living.

No. 246013

Jfc all I did was look at the OP picture and my legs felt like they were going to collapse

No. 246016

She looks like she's even struggling to hold her phone.

No. 246019

I'm still a bit shocked as to how there hasn't been any sort of braked news story regarding Ashley. How hasn't the media stumbled across her yet? She's a fucking anomaly.

No. 246024

Holy shit. As a male, I have to say that this girl is fucked up. I didn't know it was possible to be that skinny and still be alive.(MALE HERE XD)

No. 246026

It's my first time seeing her, and wow does she have a condition like Lizzie Velasquez where she can't gain any weight?? If she doesn't, has anyone ever told her that it's not healthy?? Oh my seeing her picture in OP post is pretty disturbing, that's not normal.

No. 246027

> does she have a condition like Lizzie Velasquez where she can't gain any weight??
No, she just has an extreme eating disorder

> If she doesn't, has anyone ever told her that it's not healthy?

that's a dumb question

No. 246030

Someone please help her

No. 246035

People tried calling adult protective services and nothing came of it. Numerous people have tried to help her but she sabotages friendships. I pity her from afar.

No. 246038

wow why are there so many newfags in here? Sum it up: This girl has an really serious eating disorder, she b/ps as well as starves herself, she's been like this for most of her twenties, she cannot be forcibly hospitalized, she actively refuses treatment, she is mostly fueled by a raging borderline/histrionic personality disorder that makes her completely oblivious to the selfish things she does to other people and is the real reason for her extreme ED. She lives with her mom. They are both poor. Her mom is a waitress and probably can only afford their apartment through Ash's disability checks. Ash doesn't want to be on TV, she once turned down a Dr Phil special. She says its because she doesn't want to be an example or a sideshow for people but the real reason is she doesn't want to get treatment. Adult protective services has been called on her many times, she cannot be forcibly sent to the hospital until she is unconscious or in acute distress. Did I miss anything?

No. 246043

File: 1457408805272.png (4.72 KB, 428x146, capture-20160308-054352.png)


No. 246047

I posted before about wanting to do her autopsy (it's my job, I'm not creepy). Finally did one on someone who was even thinner last week. Their spinal column stuck out through their stomach while lying on their back. This person had been like that for 7 years and all organs were black and green and the skull was yellow and extremely thin. The organs were tiny and rested on either side of the spine with nothing on the spinal column. Thyroid bone was 100% visible through the neck skin. The muscles that sit over the skull were basically non-existant. Asshole was a hole sitting over the tailbone. The brain was literal mush as were the lungs. Their liver was half the size of a normal liver. The intestines were mostly dead and just fell apart to the touch.

This is what Ash would look like inside.. Completely and utterly diseased and rotten. The smell was awful as this person had been slowly dying from starvation for 7 years. Stomach acid was found in places where stomach acid should never be.

The sad thing is eating would reverse a lot of the damage and would of prevented death. This is your future in 2-3 years Ashley.

No. 246048

File: 1457409017727.gif (961.89 KB, 245x245, tumblr_mgr6idZvIw1qb9pa3o1_250…)

What's with all the newfags?

No. 246058

Her poor fucking legs. Holy shit.

No. 246059

Fascinating and horrifying. Thank you for that, anon.

Pretty sure Ash's brain has been mush for a long time, though.

No. 246060

That is fascinating. How long had they been dead before the autopsy? Were they fresh?

No. 246062

She's 25. I think she'll make it to 26 or maybe 27.

No. 246065

That's scary…

No. 246066

Sorry for not adding the link to the previous thread. Kind of a newfag and just followed the format of the previous one, not realizing that an old link would be helpful.

Also, sorry if the first image for the thread was too disturbing..

No. 246069


No. 246071

No1curr that you're male. GTFO off girl r9k, dickfag.

No. 246080

I wonder what sort of workout she does.

No. 246088

i guess newfags are coming because they never see ashley's pic. in older threads, OP pics are always a screenshot of her post or other pic related to her, but not her appearance.

sage for no contribution

No. 246089

A few weeks ago she made the rounds on the Chinese media

No. 246096

Only dead 2 days. Died in hospital so they were refrigerated immediately and right up until autopsy. There were no significant post mortems changes.

No. 246101

Can you give us more details? What was the ultimate cause of death? Was it due to anorexia or another underlying issue or non-ED related? Was there any food in their stomach? What did their heart look like? Had they had any prior surgerys or procedures done?

No. 246102

Taking selfies is her workout, requires her to get out of her wheelchair, hold a heavy object and move rarely used facial muscles

No. 246106

I love how you've written this up as a report. it's terrible but it's also pertinent…

No. 246126

Are there any 'before' photos of her?

No. 246129

If Ash gets spoilered, ginger better get it too.

>As a male
Stopped reading there. GTFO

No. 246133

File: 1457419356451.jpg (12.91 KB, 320x240, TrAsh.jpg)

Loads. She was an underage camgirl when she first surfaced so be careful what you search for.

No. 246137

Mantits or GTFO

No. 246145

I've been following her for awhile, does anyone look at her and think "you fucking bitch, how dare you post yourself this way"
I don't know how's she's alive, and I do not think she's casually taking selfies. She is throwing in people's faces that she escaped death, and no one is likely to survive at her state.
She is enjoying her escape from death once again. I fucking hate her.
I think she's a bastard, well she is basically.
You're a bastard Ashley, thanks for flaunting your fucking disease as a trophy. You peice of shit.

No. 246147

Can lazy newfags please lurk?
Jfc every thread someone needs to be spoon fed the story and provided pictures of ash before she was full spoop. Her name is in the OP post, google it you lazy pricks.

No. 246148

I wanna read ur blog. This is excellent and interesting.
How'd her stomach acid get out and where did it go?

No. 246149

God. This thread is all just rehashing of old shit. The last thread practically died because she wasn't doing anything, and then it was at post limit. We should have just left it like that until there was actual milk.

No. 246155

Or they could go to the catalog since there is 9+ ashley threads. But they won't because they're being spoonfed anyways.

No. 246170

fuck, the least this bitch could do is wear full length clothes, but no, she pushes this horror into everyone's face. and what is she doing talking about "workout" when she has literally no goddamn muscles left?

No. 246171


Yea as if people would have time and patience to through full threads from past years especially when they have 20% of milk, 50% people spamming skeleton pictures and comparing her looks to them and 30% of trolling and her self-posting.

If you've been through them before you got here, well GG but you really don't have to force anyone else to do the same.

No. 246190

If this is true, it's incredibly fascinating. I'm echoing all the other anons' questions. Dying to know more info!

dying. heh. 'dying'. funny.

No. 246194

Oh my God, fuck right off.

Why are so many people on imageboards so fucking picky about little things like this …? chill. It's not like YOU have to put any effort in. Unless it bothers you that you have to scroll past newfag questions? In which case hypocritical AF, because you're essentially asking to be spoonfed perfection yourself.


No. 246198

Cause of death was liver failure with aetilogy for aspiration pneumonia. This person also had a small brain. The brain sits pretty packed into the skull with the dura tightly encasing it. This brain was not sitting flush with the dura and had clear gyri that kind of looked like gelatin. Fresh brains are typically pinkish and are very soft like a firm creme brulé… This brain just slopped out like what is typical in rather decomposed brains or people who were found days later in water.

Stomach acid was found all throughout the small intestine, lungs and ascending bowel. There was so much poop inside this person considering the starvation however it was bright yellow within the small bowel (literal bright yellow) which I have never seen before in my life. All of the organs were just sized weirdly such as the spleen being the same size as the kidneys (the spleen is pretty small) and the lungs just sat at the bottom of the chest cavity.. The lungs will sit flush with the rib plate, but when I removed the rib plate in this person the lungs were situated literally half way down so there was a space of about 12cm of nothingness.

Fat people are more disgusting inside (as in 200+ kgs.. They have litres and litres of liquid grease just in the cavities) however this person was just a shriveled sack with barely functioning organs. They were smaller than Ash which shocked me as I didn't think that was possible. They were about 172cm and 21kgs.

I could see the femoral artery without cutting them open. It was just there on the thigh against the bone. The skin around the crouch was like a pair of saggy skin underpants and it felt like it would tear every time I rubbed the leg (you push your fist up against the femoral vein on the thigh to get the blood to move upwards for sampling).

No. 246199

>t's not like YOU have to put any effort in. Unless it bothers you that you have to scroll past newfag questions?
Lurk moar is one of the oldest rules of imageboards. I wish you faggots would fuck off back to tumblr, GOMI. or whatever autistic hugbox you came from.

The last Ashley threads are complete garbage and I don't even read them but the earlier threads are actually worth completely reading.

No. 246200

I only stick to imageboards lol

It was the spinal column visible through the stomach that got me. I opened the bag and the stomach was concave on both sides with the spine sitting in the middle raised about 5cm from the rest of the stomach. I wish I had a picture similar to it. I'll try and find something because it was insane.

No. 246203

I can't find anything, even in literature. However look at this image and picture a person laying on their back and there stomach is just the lumbar spine in the center and concave on both sides with the ribs and hip bones being the only "shape" to this person.

No. 246204

File: 1457430153978.jpeg (7.18 KB, 225x293, images-4.jpeg)

Dropped my pic. Sorry farmers.

No. 246211

Stop being lazy. It takes twenty fucking minutes to scroll you dick.
Can you plz take your cancer elsewhere? Its fucking obnoxious to have 1000 rehashes of Ashley's boring story and 100000 faggots asking or before pics as if
Google was never invented. Are you really so slow that you can't scroll through a few threads or make a google search?

No. 246213

Incredible. Disgusting, a little scary, but just really incredible overall. The human body is insane.

No. 246216

Just to add: Autopsies call for a specific cause of death. So anorexia isn't cause of death it's what the anorexia did to the body to cause death. This is why I want an autopsy on Ash to find out what killed her whether it will be perforated bowel, heart attack or whatever have you.

For example suicide by hanging is in layman's terms the cause of death but medically it is neck compression due to hanging, so this person I cut open died from liver failure. The reason anorexic deaths have so little info is apparently most countries only do autopsies on murder victims etc. Here everyone with an unknown cause (such as starvation that caused ____) gets put under the knife. However the primary cause of death ie liver failure is put down but not "liver failure due to severe anorexia nervosa" which is dumb IMO because anorexia is rarely put on a Death Cert.

No. 246220

Ty anon.
This sorta medical stuff is my bread and butter.
I'm a little sad I can't find images of a body in a similar state. Obviously not going to request your work pics though.

I imagine her bones were horribly weakened. I know you said the skull was really thin and yellowed.

Did the blood vessels of the scalp stand out?

No. 246224

>How the fuck is she even alive??

I can't wrap my mind around this, she looks worse than Buchenwald inmates and that for quite some time now, I can't even understand how she's still able to walk at all, her muscles must be shrunken to millimeters by now, cray how much abuse a human body can take.

No. 246225

Just saying. If ash died now, there would be an autopsy and a police report.

No. 246226

Sage for same person as above… This is because at Ashley's age it would be considered unexpected and unnatural… Who knows if it would be classified as a suicide though.

No. 246228

Man, I can't be actively keeping up with every single lolcow on /pt/. Is it really that harmful to inform people what's up instead of having them lurk through 503459043560+659 threads?

No. 246229

Yes and it was awful. Very patch hair too. When I reflected the scalp there was no fat just hair follicles barely holding onto the skin.

The external carotid artery was visible on the neck. If they fell down wrong it could be easily severed just like the visible femoral artery. In normal people you have inches of fat and muscle protecting that shit.

The temporal is muscle on the skull was just nothing… It was like a thin bit of paper which was annoying as the screws used to put the skull back in place when you reconstruct the body are hidden under the temporalis muscle which is usually pretty thick. Let's just say the screws were very visible afterwards and the funeral director would of had to put a wig on this person if the family wanted to view them.

No. 246230

Sorry I worded that terribly. I was using hanging as an example for the terminology used for cause of death. This person didn't hang themselves or commit suicide. An anorexic would only be considered a suicide case if they stopped eating 100% with the sole purpose of dying and had made that clear to family or medical professionals. But that is never "true" anorexia as we know it which is a mental disorder. Typically old ladies in nursing homes do the no food to die thing and they only last a few weeks as the cease food completely.

No. 246234

If you can't keep up via a tldr in the OP post you need to lurk. Piss off. You act like its hard to scan a thread.

No. 246238

just saw this and i was thinking the same thing. i mean ive been lurking lolcow for about 6 months. i hardly post for fear of being branded a "newfag". people should lurk the the threads more before making new ones.

No. 246240

All these newfags are really rustling my jimmies. If you're new, why the fuck did you start a thread? Why can't you go back a few threads and skim them instead of asking the same questions people have been asking on here for a year and a half now?

Lrn to imageboard or go back to tumblr/instagram/whatever hell hole you crawled out of.

No. 246241

Thank you, pathologist anon. Your report was most illuminating.

Kind of want to start an Ash death betting pool, but I feel like that may be a bit too cruel, even for our standards.

No. 246242

File: 1457434765354.png (233.82 KB, 293x547, 1427347588633.png)

No. 246243

File: 1457435406508.jpg (32.34 KB, 332x443, image.jpg)

Thanks ms skeltal. Many doots.

No. 246244

Autopsy anon you are my favourite.
I'd happy read these reports all day about anyone.

No. 246263

Were they jaundiced then, due to liver failure? were they also young? this is really interesting and fascinating.

I know starvation eats up muscles and I guess getting little to no fats/carbs/protein also eats at the brain when the body is trying to survive. That's really sad.

No. 246265

Well, hanging causes a hyoid break, right?

No. 246267

Not the autopsy anon, but since the stool was yellow, you can safely assume they were jaundiced. 'Pale stool' and jaundice kind of go hand in hand.

No. 246269

Thank you autopsy anon,
I've learned some cool things!

Is there any reason why I shouldn't make an encyclopedia dramatica page for ash? It would be a good resource to redirect newfags to but the fact that there isn't one makes me wonder if that's intentional.

No. 246276

Yeah, I know that. My boyfriend started having high liver enzymes, night sweats, hepatomegaly. I was really worried he had some sort of liver disease. Turned out to be mono.

No. 246278

but vegan isn't something you go on and off from
she eats plant-based when not b/p then, since veganism isn't a diet
and how can she "qualify" for any diet if she stops eating that way whenever she pleases?
this is like saying I'm a fruitarian because I eat fruit sometimes, that's not how it works

No. 246282

it's disordered eating from a disordered mind. it doesn't have to make sense.
also, take the vegan semantics elsewhere, this most certainly isn't the thread for it.

No. 246283

I agree with you anon, but Ash is crazy and that's how she wants to do it.

No. 246289

Holy fuck the amount of newfags in this thread

I agree she somehow looks thinner, how disgusting

Can you imagine her pedo audience from hamtaro days seeing her now? Gag (no b/p pun intended lel)

No. 246303

I know you said death fatties are grosser inside but they way you've described this anorexics body is horrifying. I't's like the organs started decomposing long before the actual death! You've painted quite the mental image…

No. 246304

I don't think this counts as a pedo because they're around the same age. One of my close friends talked to her during the hamtaro era and made plans to meet her but she ditched him at the last minute. Supposedly she did this to a lot of dudes. Even so, when he found out about her current state it really got him down. I'm fairly sure she was the first girl he really liked/loved.

In spite of all that I kind of remember him telling me some things she said that were fucking crazy, but I cannot remember for the life of me what. Some of the hamtaro-era fans/predators would probably know the same shit though? I'm fairly sure it included details about her home life and also fetish things. Could be wrong though.

No. 246314

Amazing. Do you happen to know if this person was bulimic or anorexic? How long have you been in the profession? Are anorexia deaths relatively common, or is this a once-in-a-lifetime autopsy?

No. 246316

Dannng, I'd love some hamtaro deets. Too bad you don't remember.

No. 246319

this made me cry. sounds like a sad and scary way too go. everything having to disintegrate before the soul/spirit/consciousness finally just gives up and gtfo. amazing how long whatever animates us will persist despite an insistence of self destruction

really interesting read, thank you for sharing

No. 246323


Yeah deets from old fans would be interesting but I don't think horribly shocking. She was an angsty preteen starved for attention and surrounded by old /b/, I doubt anything she did or said was that strange with that in mind/in that context

No. 246324

Get the fuck out. You underage faggots who flock here and don't know jack shit about image board culture need to learn to assimilate or preferably die

Fucking hell this is exactly what went wrong with forchon

No. 246328

This. Please stop answering newfag's redundant questions. Let them read the other threads. This new one is being clogged up by what we already know.

No. 246331

File: 1457452673675.png (374.64 KB, 574x460, N8gze5v.png)

Seriously this is her? Jesus…

So she cammed at this age, tried to kill herself, is that when eating disorder started? I need a timeline!

No. 246365

Jfc, these. Are. So. Old.

>>246331 to answer your question though, no. Please note that the only reason I'm answering your question is because most people seem to get it wrong. She was bulimic back in the camgirl days.
But no, you don't need a timeline. You need to go back to the first Ashley threads, here: >>21279

No. 246373

(inb4 yeah no shit anon) yeah this pic of her is old and damn i remember being so shocked because she's just so different, before and after…

No. 246375

Since I'm feeling generous, here's a link to all the threads (special thanks to the anon who made #11 for starting the list):

thread #16: >>224122
thread #15: >>208348
thread #14: >>197629
thread #13: >>155743
thread #12: >>145748
thread #11: >>106778
thread #10: >>99602
thread #9: >>94146
thread #8: >>89979
thread #7 >>81899
thread #6: >>76718
thread #5: >>66250
thread #4: >>40939
thread #3: >>34685
thread #2: >>32362
thread #1: >>21279

No more stupid questions now, please.

No. 246380

Why has a new thread been made? Even the last one was stagnant and this one doesn't provide any new material either, she hasn't done anything lolcow-worthy since last year.

She doesn't even warrant a thread in PT anymore, can we move her to /snow?

No. 246383


She had in ED in the first picture of her when she was younger, it just wasn't as pronounced at the time.

No. 246415

No. 246419

Meh it was worth it for autopsy anon's comments.

No. 246421

Nothing has ever made me want to recover before this. Jesus fucking christ

No. 246442

Not that anon, but good point. Wish we could delete all the garbage posts that are just rehashings though.

No. 246444

dude, seriously, thanks for this. wake up call of my fucking life.

No. 246447

Full length clothes don't really exist in her size. The shorts she wears are actually toddler pants.

No. 246448

Children's clothes, I get. Toddler clothes? no way.

No. 246450

Yeah dude..
Its fucked up.

She's about the weight of a four year old. My niece is five and is significantly more muscled than Ash. I think her thighs are probably a whole 7 inches around.

No. 246451

Different anon, but anorexia kills about one in ten of people who develop it. I guess most people in autopsy-anons line of work would get a few.
Probably more if they live near clinics or IP psychiatric facilities.

No. 246453

I wasn't talking about width, I am talking about height wise. I had a toddler and the average 2 year old is 34 inches in height. Females won't hit 5'1" until 12 or 13 for the most part. She can fit in preteen and older kids clothes, but def. not toddler.

No. 246454

To be fair, most people with anorexia actually die of suicide, only about five to ten percent die from the disorder within ten years.

No. 246455

have, not had.

No. 246457

File: 1457470566647.jpg (63.86 KB, 453x604, 1419564942097.jpg)

>I think her thighs are probably a whole 7 inches around.

No. 246458

That's why her pants sit above her knees.
Toddler leggings.

No. 246460

Kekeke I remember this photo.
You guys are digging up some ancient stuff.

No. 246461

Yeah, loads of them suicide but they still get autopsied and are anorexic on the slab.
It would probably be similar to autopsying an old lady.

No. 246469

I would think an anorexic person would be worse than an old lady because of the rotten/starving organs.

No. 246473

Probably a little worse, but the bones and skin would be quite similar IIRC.
I think the biggest difference would be how severe anorexics reek of ammonia.

No. 246474

I think the only good deets would be from the pedos that talked to her privately.

I was on /b during the time she posted threads and all I can remember is the drama of her being underaged after but I didn't really care enough to pay much attention at all. I also might have said she had a fat weird face in one of her threads but I'm hoping I just thought it in retrospect kek.

No. 246475

What kind of stuff would she post there in general? I wasn't around during the 4chan era, I started following the dramu at stamrose.

No. 246485

I don't remember what she posted at all. I just know "she" was replying to people but it could have been somebody reposting. I can't remember if she did a sign. If she posted anything edgy it definitely wasn't enough for me to remember. And probably the only reason I remember at all is people posting her pics a lot after it was found out she was underaged.

No. 246506

I was a /b/yard during Ashley's prime and all I can remember is a lot of anons screaming for tits and/or vagoo and underage b& and v&

No. 246515

Admin has already stated that Ash belongs in /pt/.

No. 246562

File: 1457483379989.jpg (46.98 KB, 537x403, Hamtaro Chan (41).jpg)

No. 246563

File: 1457483415428.jpg (40.23 KB, 537x403, Hamtaro Chan (63).jpg)

No. 246564

File: 1457483551900.jpg (46.11 KB, 652x504, snap (50).jpg)

No. 246566

Damn, she's had the same wig foreeeeever.

No. 246568


Anon I think it's smarter to just admit at this point that it is obviously her real hair.

No. 246571

File: 1457484038993.jpg (25.32 KB, 350x263, Hamtaro Chan (89).jpg)

At least 9 years.

No. 246583

A skelly like her is not gonna have hair anywhere near thick enough. She doesn't have eyebrows now, but still a head full of hair? Maybe it was her real hair in the past but definitely not anymore.

No. 246587

She pretends its her real hair though, she ain't fooling anyone.

No. 246593

Hi ash!

Its pretty obvious she'd have fuck all left of her real hair. Plus we've all seen the proof its a wig.
I think she just got one similar to her real hair and tries to pass it off. Maybe it was her own hair in the hamtaro pics but its been that nasty vomit-rag on her head for at least five years.

No. 246602

What pisses me off about this is that she's been emaciated like this for say, a solid three years if not more? It makes me mad because there have been much "healthier" looking (relatively speaking) anorexics who have died in a shorter span due to acute complications.

It's just not fair…

No. 246605

Obviously Ash is an outlier.

No. 246607

Karen Carpenter abused ipecac. The Ramos sisters were waaaaay underweight, they didn't just all of a sudden die after a month or two of starving.

Some of the other anorexics in the last also abused laxatives. I'm sure their deaths were sped up greatly with all the dehydration and screwed up electrolyte leves.

No. 246608


And yes, I am aware that Ash b/p's and am still in awe she has done so for a long time and is still alive.

No. 246609

She looks just like OrangeCitrus here.

No. 246610

Ashley has trichotillomania. She commented it on insta once. That's why you can notice the lack of eyebrows on the old camwhore pics.

No. 246614

File: 1457489351073.png (156.9 KB, 1387x649, tmp_17235-Screenshot_2016-03-0…)

How does she earn it, I wonder…?

No. 246615

Nope! Very common misconception. I do CT on deceased persons alongside autopsy and we always do a special image of the hyoid for hangings but it is very rare that it breaks. We do it just in case. I see about 3 hangings a day and I've never seen it.

No. 246617

You are correct 100%. They were yellow with yellow bones and literally no muscle mass. The only muscle that was obvious really was in between each rib with nothing on top except skin and about 0.5mm of fat.

No. 246619

Thanks. I was afraid of posting this crap but I'm glad y'all are interested. I'm kinda proud and a little bit scared to be autopsychan but I am fascinated by the anorexic body ante and post mortem.

No. 246621

I work in the largest forensics mortuary where I live and we get one maybe once a year I have heard. I haven't been here too long (1 year) but I've been in anatomical path for years. I'm not a pathologist but a mortuary assistant (I'm a scientist). The assistant does the entire evisceration and reconstruction.. The path just cuts up the organs for histology. I also do CT scans on the bodies pre-autopsy and this person had awful bones and organs on the scan.

No. 246622

You are correct, hence why many aren't seen on the table plus cause of death rarely mentions anorexia (same as obesity is rarely mentioned) in the name of medical accuracy. However this limits the body of research on anorexic cases so I think it's silly, but hey I'm not a pathologist.

No. 246623

One last one for now but yes, this person reeked of ammonia and urine. Old people have more delicate skin and are prone to the skin sloughing off during the autopsy.. This person had weirdly leather-like skin despite it being so thin and semitranslucent.

For details this person was not a bulimic and was older (30's). Strictly limited their food intake. The poop was bright yellow liquid with rock hard nuggets throughout. The anus was all torn up due to being shriveled and basically external to the body.. Also from passing this sharp poop shards I guess. They would of shit themselves constantly (well, had the fluid leaking out) as the anus just didn't really function anymore.

No. 246624

File: 1457490726192.jpg (12.07 KB, 225x225, wtf.jpg)

I knew there'd be some Ash talk because of her latest ig post, but half a dozen posts into this new thread I'm thinking exactly this.


There are a billion threads of juicy gossip about her here. Read them. We are not York Notes.

No. 246627

This answer is so fucking vague lmao. It's like asking someone what their favorite recipe is, or how often they cook, and them just responding "I eat food :)". Actually answer the question next time, bitch.

No. 246629

She probably gets disability benefits

No. 246696

Dw autopsychan, so am I. I got really happy talking about it with ya, so thanks!
Its pretty fascinating and its pretty related to why most of us follow ash and her drama; morbid curiosity.

No. 246698

Plz be camming.

No. 246699

File: 1457499202133.jpg (25.82 KB, 301x489, image.jpg)

Valeria levitina lived for years like pic related IIRC.
They can survive a surprisingly long time, even really fucked up.

No. 246705


She's on the dole trying to play it off like she does anything other than barf, act like a bitch online and haunt her mom's apartment

No. 246707

Maybe its hard work for her to be such an asshole.

No. 246729

Doesn't she get government assistance? It must be embarrassing to not be able to answer that kind of question forwardly. What with people knowing she's too sick to work and has no talent to make any kind of craft to sell on the side. I don't even think she'd have the mental capacity to do computer work or commission through a place like fiverr.

No. 246730


No. 246735

what was the actual cause of death? Heart attack brought on by anorexia? Actually, what did the heart even look like? I've heard that changes qutie a bit in appearance with severe cases of eating disorders.

also on a side note, I wanted to be an autopsy doctor, but I got pretty badly ridiculed for that career dream when I was in middle school, so I gave it up. Congrats on having a cool job!

No. 246752

It amazes me that protective services can't actually help her. If someone's suicidal, they get taken in even if they refuse on the grounds that they aren't mentally sound enough to make their own calls right now. This girl's slowly and deliberately killing herself.

No. 246755

Died of liver failure. The brain and heart were both undersized. The pericardium was large with a small heart inside. The heart didn't look too off, I guess the body started metabolising the heart muscle in its starvation, plus if you are that thin you don't require much vascular activity.

No. 246760

But she's not suicidal lol.

And she's obv doing something right, or else she'd be dead. In b4 'she's past ded, bonelord 5evr' etc etc

All I'm saying is that just leave her alone, and she'll milk herself. Like usual. People need to stop trying to play God's Little Helper to try to fill their own pathetic void or smth.

No. 246761

Everyone always is and its because nobody understands how social services actually work.

Unless someone is threatening or causing immediate harm to someone else or themseles (not just being skinny, I mean holding knives to people/slicing veins/on the rooftop/choking someone etc etc) nobody can do anything.
She refuses therapy and any other services available to her and emergency services can't do shit until she's bleeding out from a Mallory Weiss tear or having a heart attack.

No. 246765

yep and if she had filthy rich parents, they'd probably hide her away in some permanent inpatient where she could torment her keepers.

Ash isn't going anywhere.

No. 246890

that's not just being skinny

No. 246892

surviving =\= living

No. 246905

I don't know anon. No one is disagreeing with you, either you are or aren't vegan. But this is what Ash has stated and she's obiously irrational, so just leave it at that.

No. 246909

File: 1457545540692.jpg (31.05 KB, 293x175, battle.jpg)

A distinction without much of a difference in this case, anon. At least, not to Ash.

Related, but she finally clarified what she means by "battling" her mental illnesses: waking up. That's it. That's the extent of her "battle."
News flash, Ash: that's not what battling is. That's not an opinion; that's a fact. What you're doing is surviving with your mental illnesses. Battling, by definition, is fighting, and that means actually trying to recover.

No. 246914

Waking up is an accomplishment? I guess when you're death. Too bad she refuses to get help so she can have many more days, instead of putting a expiry date on herself.

No. 246915

near death, meant to say

No. 246918

Loving every laugh, you did this to yourself, spoopy skeleton.

No. 246941

Healthcare worker who looks after a lot of old people: usually when they're heading onto end of life care, they get the ammonia smell. It's definitely more pronounced if they're emaciated too, but I've never seen an old person nearing death who didn't reek of ammonia.

No. 246942

Is that due to the body breaking down?

No. 246945

In a broad sense. It's a sign of kidney and liver deterioration, but when someone's on death's door they do just start to get a "death smell" for lack of a better term.

It doesn't help that they're often incontinent and produce very concentrated urine, which smells really strong. I imagine Ash probably smells like a 90 year old's incontinence pad tbh.

No. 246946

>I wanted to be an autopsy doctor, but I got pretty badly ridiculed for that career dream when I was in middle school

This is something that grinds my gears. I was interested in working in the funeral industry but because death's this massive taboo for some people, they think you're being "weird" or "edgy", so I was made to feel like a twat and that was that.

Decades later, I still wish I could do it. Autopsy anon's contributions are fascinating because the human body's interesting. It's strange to me how watching autopsy videos because you want to learn something is seen as morbid or w/e.

Sage for vent and slightly OT.

No. 246947

And vomit. She can't bathe herself and I don't think her mom is giving Ash sponge baths.

No. 246953

Found the vegan

No. 246957


torment her keepers lmao

No. 246961

Do you think Ashley's at the point where she shits herself?

No. 246964

Doubt it. She's probably super backed up and has to rely on laxatives. Usually you crap yourself when you're dying. Like, hours or a day away from it.

No. 246965

If you're in the US and have cable, Doctor G, Medical Examiner has a show where she does autopsies and they do a good job of blurring faces and such for privacy.

No. 246973

She's more likely incontinent due to low muscle mass in her pelvic floor and not able to get to the bathroom in time cuz of her 90 year old physique

No. 246974

IIRC, the human species is supposed to be incredibly resilient, it's a pretty important asset in our survival. The body adapts itself pretty well to adverse circumstances.

Of course, Ash's survival is still absurd.

No. 246977

I'm in the UK, but she's on here too! My mum's addicted to her show as well. Programmes like that taught me more about anatomy etc than school ever did.

No. 246978

It's funny because I normally hate guts and surgeries and stuff, but the show is well done and it doesn't bother me.

I also took an AP anatomy class in high school. It is amazing how much anatomy doctors have to memorize. We also had human skeletons we took home in trunks to study for exams.

No. 246979

>taught me more about anatomy etc than school ever did

It's great that you found a show to fuel your interests and stuff, but there is a reason human anatomy really isn't much of a priority on the curriculum unless you're actually in medical school (i.e. you don't need to know it at age 16).

No. 246980

Wow really?
I went to school in Victoria and western aus and we did anatomy in year 8 science and again in detail in human bio in year 11/12.

I think just knowing what's what is pretty beneficial.

No. 246982

In the UK you have to take a whole separate course in human biology if you want to focus on anatomy, otherwise general biology is mostly plant-based lmao. You only get a few lessons about sex ed and the heart/lungs really.

No. 246984

Lol, ten years ago this might have meant something. She was a depressed kid.
She's let herself go for so long and deliberately refused to improve herself in any way. She's not battling she's sucking the cock of the opposition and loving herself for it.
I've never seen someone so emotionally underdeveloped but she's practically retarded in terms of social and emotional skills.

Ash, choosing to make yourself so weak its hard to get out of chairgrave doesn't make it a victory when you finally rattle your way up into the wheelgrave.

No. 246985

> otherwise general biology is mostly plant-based lmao. You only get a few lessons about sex ed and the heart/lungs really.

Actually it depends on which exam board and whether you're sitting the higher paper/lower paper.

No. 246988

By year 11 human bio was an elective, but in year 8 we did skeletal, muscular, vascular, reproductive, respiratory systems and some basics on the brain. It seems weird not to teach kids at least the basics about their bodies.

No. 246991

In A-level 60% of the course was ecology, the human biology stuff was really limited. Which sucks when you're bored to tears by plants.

No. 246996

This the stuff I come here to learn.

No. 246998

It's sad because she did used to have friends and seemed happier in her old vids.

No. 247006

I just don't have it in me to feel sympathy or empathy towards her. I've known too many people who just wallow in their mental illness, complaining about how hard it is all the while.
It just seems pathetic imo. Its not an easy thing to do, but she's deliberately picked disease over anything else approximately 3650 days in a row, knowing all that time that she has the option to pick something better.

Any friends she might have had left her behind for a damn good reason. She's a deadweight.

No. 247008

This is true. Apart from human sex ed, we had a set of cow lungs, its eyeballs flopped on the table and given a scalpel with no real instruction wtf we were supposed to be looking for.

No. 247009

Eh, I agree anon. It's just sad that Ash is a rotten, manipulative, screechy lil skelleton who is literally rotting in her chairgrave. She only ever goes to Target, it seems.

No. 247010


In my AP anatomy class, we dissected cats and stuff. I could never stand it, even in middle school when we opened worms and starfish. IDK how vets and humans do it.

No. 247023

I've always imagined Ash smelling a bit like infection or sebum.

No. 247026

Too bad Jackie or Erika have never told us how she smells. I bet Ash covers her stench up with perfume.

No. 247039

File: 1457566870190.png (618.77 KB, 925x596, Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 4.39…)

I wonder if they're serious… Just why

No. 247047

Probably not since perfume has "calories"

No. 247049

They got our cow parts from the abbattoir. Nah, we didn't even have frogs or mice thank fuck. I didn't have to do the cow parts because I'm a vegetable. Cats. I'm going to have bad dreams.

On topic, I can imagine ash has a him of preparation h cream. Possible piles from constipation.

No. 247056

I'm gonna guess that he smells like bile, pee, and that cheap hello kitty body spray people buy for seven year old girls.

Idk how she would bathe. Hot water would probably knock her out. Her blood pressure must be appalling.

No. 247060

I would think getting wiped down with a washcloth and baby soap would be the best route, but it still may be painful due to all the bones and lack of fat.

No. 247061

Ugh. You'd think showering would be reason enough to get better. She must be filthy.

No. 247062

Probably. I remember once a long time ago (a few blogs ago) she posted about her butt eating laxatives for breakfast or something, and commented about buying them or giving recommendations or some shit. I've known about her for quite some time, and she has absolutely mentioned laxatives in the past.

No. 247172

Nah, you're thinking of her opinion on lotions. She's said that lotions make you fat because they have oils in them that your skin absorbs. Not an uncommon fear in severe anorectics.
I am not sure about perfume, but I remember her saying on her old ghostxperfume tumblr that she uses that body spray from Bath and Body Works.
That's got me thinking… starvation shrinks and ruins so many different parts of the body… does she even have a sense of smell? Would her olfactory bulb have shriveled up,and/or would her olfactory cilia have fallen out? Or would some survival instinct cause her sense of smell to be heightened? In any case, she's almost certainly nose blind to her own stink by now.

No. 247373

Yeah, you become immune to your own stink pretty quickly (and others as well). When I was on a long backpacking trip, it didn't take much longer than a week before we all couldn't even smell ourselves and felt like we smelt fine.

No. 247374

It's possible that even her mom has adapted to her smell and doesn't notice it.

No. 247376

I dunno. My mom hardly bathes and she always smells and I lived with her for a long time and never got used to the smell. It's gross.

No. 247428

Did you spend a lot of time away from your mom's nasty stench aura? You've got to have constant exposure to a scent to stop noticing it, and being away from it for even just a few hours can cause you to be able to smell it again.

No. 247457

No, I didn't spend much time away from her when I lived with her due to being disabled and also not having a car. What I did do was spend most of my time away from her in the house, like in my bedroom or the basement. But every time we got in the car together or she would come up to be close, I could smell her.

I think it's made worse since she doesn't brush her teeth either and she smokes.

No. 247463

What would someone like Ash physically feel on a daily basis?

No. 247464

I wish Ashley would recover and write a book.

No. 247468


Probably a lot of pain from not having fat to cushion her bones, as well as fatigue and weakness.

No. 247552

I have a theory as to how she's alive.
For background/context: I was diagnosed anorexia nervosa binge/purge subtype, which is definitely what Ash has. This was years ago; I gained weight but kept up the bulimic behaviors so my diagnosis shifted to bulimia. I'm working on that now, I've gone from 50-60 binge/purge episodes per month (seriously, I have done the math) to maybe four or five per month. It's not easy, it has taken a lot of fighting that Ashley will probably never even try, and of course I still have a long way to go. Anyway, throughout my AN/BP period and at the lower weights the of my bulimic period (the only difference between AN/BP and bulimia w/ restrictive behaviors is weight TBH) there have been times where I never ate unless I was binging and purging.
When you binge/purge, you can never truly get EVERYTHING up. You could call me skilled at making myself sick, for lack of better phrasing. I throw up until I'm vomiting only clear water and stomach acid. But somehow I lived despite eating nothing but what I would throw up, and throwing up everything that could possibly be purged, sometimes for months.
How? Something must've stayed down, that's how. Some food must make it to the duodenum for digestion before it can be purged, or else I would have died. Granted, I never have been and never will be as thin as Ashley, thank goodness. But the important part is that I lived off what just couldn't be purged.
That must be Ashley's case. She's living on the remnants of her binges. That's why she's lasted so long. And I'm sure sometimes she's just too exhausted to purge it all and must keep down even more; that's happened to me, too. Then there are the inevitable ER visits. With a severe ED, going to the hospital for a fluids or glucose drip isn't rare. Sometimes a potassium drip or something, depending. IV Potassium sux tho, it BURNS like a bitch. But I digress. Those would keep her alive longer, is what I'm saying. She must monitor her blood pressure and heart rate pretty closely.

No. 247593

File: 1457667480153.jpg (8.32 KB, 330x153, image.jpg)

What the fuck
That was like 500+ words and all it said was 'ME ME ME ME LOOK AT ME ME ME ME ME ME IM IMPORTANT ME ME'
Why would you post your life story here for Christs sake?

No. 247612

cus its a possibility that Ash does tht to herself. I'm also curious how the fuck shes still alive so it gives maybe some understanding to people that dont know about EDs

No. 247614

The last sentence was relevant and it still explained nothing.
Not shit she has to monitor her blood pressure, great story you knob.

No. 247615

>TL;DR Ashley is getting some nutrition from the food she doesn't binge up

Which is kinda obvious anon, people can't straight up starve and expect to live for very long.

No. 247616

second. Sorry anon that story was boring as fuck and irrevelant. Everybody knows bulimics still absorb at least some of the food. The wall of text and the personal story was very unnecessary and obvious you just want attention.

No. 247644


"She must keep something down."

FTFY. Without all the unnecessary attention seeking bullshit. Or do you just love to talk about yourself? This thread's about Ash, nobody asked for your life story.

No. 247645

Nobody asked for your boring diary entries, and you aren't educating anyone on anything you dumbass.

Did you think someone here would be impressed by your story?

No. 247650

Ugh no you'd just get a much worse version of Wasted.

No. 247666

I'm not the same story anon sorry. I've never had an ED or know anyone with one, so it was interesting to read for me.

No. 247669

I know Ash has been in treatment before, but seriously, why aren't people like her forced into a treatment? How can a doctor look at a body like hers and say she isn't a danger to herself?

No. 247672

she doesn't want it. she'll sabotage it, and sabotage everyone, fuck with everyone, waste the money it costs, and take a place someone who wants to live could take.

No. 247677

I do it because it is fascinating. Often you can get hired at a funeral home with no experience if the whole death thing doesn't squick you out.

I'm just a normal mid twenties woman. I do warn you that most people in the industry are a bit nutty.. In a good way. It's mostly women too.

No. 247696

no shit sherlock she keeps something down. chances are she's living on more than just remnants of binges. Anorexics don't just live off air and if you've been one you should know that. chick wouldn't have survived THIS LONG on such a minimal amount. shit theory.

No. 247719

I wonder if Ash's mom does her pericare since theres no way she has the energy to wipe her own ass.

No. 247722

Theres nothing to poop out so Id say no

No. 247730

You've had an ed for so long but you don't even know how nutrients work? Food doesn't have to make it to the duodenum for you to take in nutrients. If it did you wouldn't see so many overweight bulimics. This coming from someone who was an overweight bulimic.

No. 247735

Yeah, she has to be absorbing something or she'd be dead a loooooong time ago.

No. 247764

>3 hangings a day

No. 247766

Oh wow, interesting! I always though the hyoid breaks during hangings. Thanks for the info.

No. 247783

Lol; bunch of bulimics on MPA are discussing the autopsy desperste to see photos.

Bitches are fucked up.

No. 247785

We should have an MPA thread in /snow, tbh.

No. 247786

It'd just turn into a bunch of >>247552 types sperging out about how *~*~sOoOoOoo ILL and SICK~*~*they are, you know what this site is like.

No. 247787

We do, it's just titled proana Instagram attention whores or something….and its floooooooded with them.

No. 247791

No, I meant an actual MPA thread, not IG pro-anas.

No. 247797

>implying the insta thread isn't exactly like that

No. 247798

That would only be good as a place to send unsolicited ana-chan comments, not an actual discussion topic.

No. 247826

I know, friend.

>haha look at all these FAKE ANAS

>not like me
>let's talk about our BMIs :)))

No. 247834

How is it possible to stand with zero muscle mass, I don't understand

No. 247836

Kek, so accurate it hurts. Hangry hangry Ana chans.

No. 247837

Doesn't she use a wheel chair most of the time? Iirc, she only stands briefly for pictures. Still a marvel though.

No. 247842

Correct. She stands but not for very long. She's brought up the wheelchair multiple times, why cant she just take selfies of her IN it? makes no sense.

No. 247844

>>247842 probably stands up to show off her legs better

No. 247848

Suicides really really common. Hanging is a popular method.

No. 247851

Ash gets triggered by the word chunky monkey. Do you think her mom used to playfully tease her with that word?

No. 247862

2 of the suicides I've known were hanging. The others being rail track, jumping and drowning. Hanging is popular in prisons.

No. 247863

Adding, on such wards hanging by bed sheets was a popular attempting suicide method, so I see why anon gets so many hangings.

No. 247864

Psych* not such

No. 247885

Ash is probably still screaming at her for calling her that once when she was 9.

No. 247893

Someone should make a Hungry Hungry Hippo with Ashley, and instead of having a hole to catch the marbles with it's just a flat bottom. You'd never be able to eat, they just keep bouncing away.

No. 247989

Fuck off back to MPA and go gabble about your life struggles there.

No one here gives a fuck.

No. 247991


I would buy it.

No. 247994

you are just as fucked up since you couldn't possible know this unless you also hang on MPA. cant stand anons who try to make fun of proanas while being one

No. 248065

Do you think Ashley hit the 100 pound mark when she was 16-17… At least she was cute back then, and I saw a few videos of her on her old YouTube channel. She actually seem to be nice… Now she is a spooky looking skeleton, who has one foot in the grave and ready to kick the bucket with the other.. She is rotten to the core. She is so mean and hateful, and wants to make everyone one miserable around her.. I don't blame her mom wanting to spend Christmas in Vegas.. She probably wantsed to enjoy Christmas, and not let her vomit breath daughter ruin it for her.. I am sure she makes her moms life a living hell, so of course she is going to want to take vacations and have boyfriends. We are now Ashley will never have one, and less he is brain is so fried from drugs, he doesn't know better. Would make an interesting couple thou, one who has a fried brain and the other a malnourished, but whatever Ashley is living her teenage dream of being the skinniest anorexic.. Basically that is all she has going for her.. She doesn't have a life other wise. I bet some 90 years olds have better qualities of life, but Ashley choose her calling.. People need to quit feeling bad for her bony ass and suck in face that makes her look like a freak of nature.. She should have been casted on American Horror Story season 4 The Freak show series, at least she would have made some money being a freak

No. 248066

The thing is though, she can't even say she's winning at being "the skinniest anorexic". Although you don't see them every day, there are so many AN sufferers who are just as sick, or even sicker, than Ash is walking around. She's never going to win mommy's love by "being the best at having an ED".

No. 248071

File: 1457791043086.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.96 MB, 400x226, 1450829800527.gif)

Is this how bulimics have sex?

No. 248073


No. 248082

Take your tumblr typing back to tumbler. That shit is retarded.

No. 248088

I'm sorry, but in this case, this is the appropriate response. You might like vomit porn, but most people don't, remember? They actually find it repulsive, you know, the natural healthy response to vomit.

No. 248094

>implying that typing like a tumblr fag is the only way to express revulsion.


No. 248096

I didn't imply that at all, this is just one of the few cases that it can be considered an appropriate response.
Also I'd rather see a tumblrfag than someone with a vomit fetish around here. You're just salty that people don't celebrate your vomit fetish.

No. 248128

Actually it's not hard to find threads without being a member. Everything is open to the public eye on that site through Google.

No. 248130

>a member
Of lolcow? Hehe

No. 248137

Pretty sure they are talking about MPA, myproana.

No. 248138

This is true but why would you cross-reference lolcow threads with MPA threads if you weren't already a MPA user? It's not something I assume the non-anachan userbase of the website does.

No. 248146

surely you aren't that surprised that there's anachans posting and lurking in a thread dedicated to a spooky skelly

No. 248148

I guess some would for the luls and others would be anachans. Fuck knows.

No. 248152

Not even slightly, just wondering exactly how much of an anachan you have to be to post casually about visiting MPA.

No. 248164

This is what Ash and Erika did when they hung out.

No. 248166

Put it in /manure/ since it would be absolute shit.

No. 248169

No. 248171

File: 1457818085547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.16 KB, 600x400, 70baaac66db156e6992001c1abb185…)

It's a cachexic corpse. This is what an ana would look like on the slab.

No. 248172

>Are they allowed to say "asshole" in an autopsy report?

No. 248173

Is that a male or female??

No. 248174

I joined mpa after getting into skelecows and flakes. I've never posted and only go there to look for people who might fit in here.

Tbh, I'm one of those who wish they'd nuke that site. It's hideous.

No. 248175

File: 1457818750358.png (68.27 KB, 374x479, chunky-monkey-detail[1].png)

>the cow
it's all falling into place

No. 248176

File: 1457819443725.jpg (19.79 KB, 474x297, Capture.JPG)

Can't believe the anas over there find it incredulous that starvation for a long period of time does the things to the body mentioned by autopsy anon.

It's like expecting an 80 a day smoker who died of cancer to have fleshy pink lungs or something.

Oh, duh me! That's not a glamorous way to go though, is it.

No. 248178

this is the stupid shit that comes out of your mouth when your brain's been malnourished. wannabe skellies, take note

you forget that ED-chans are deluded maniacs. let them keep thinking that they're ~pale, feather-weight princesses with self-destructive tendencies because they're oh so dark, damaged and intellectual~ when their stomach ruptures and bile spills into the rest of their body. let 'em keep saying "fuck recovery" when they're sitting in a web of IVs and feeding tubes. instead of waiting for a heart attack brought on by your malnutrition, why not just speed up the process and just kill yourself now? no sympathy for those who refuse to see logic and recover.

No. 248179

one bitch is in such denial she can't even understand it was an unofficial recount of the event.

No. 248180

File: 1457819958960.png (182.02 KB, 3260x480, Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.01…)

forgot pic

No. 248181

Yeah, I'm at the part where one's saying NO THIS IS WHAT AN ANOREXIC'S AUTOPSY READS LIKE [inserts link to Karen Carpenter's], as if every case is the same.

It's making me lol how they presume anon is a "guy".

No. 248184

This about Ash:
>if you search this person, she is alive, well and very narcissistic. if you look at her photos those are also fake. she uses photoshop with clone tools and burning to get unnatural effects. she is doing this for attn.

No. 248190

well, those are KS lesions, so I'm guessing male

No. 248196

I read the entire thread. Clearly, these individuals are very mentally challenged to be glorifying starvation, so I can't imagine that any of them would seek recovery even after reading anon's recount of the horrifying autopsy they performe

No. 248197


No. 248203

Everyday there are about 3 cases of deceased persons who hung themselves that we examine. What wasn't clear?

No. 248204

Autopsy anon here and that is basically what this person looked like but with the spinal column more pronounced in the abdominal cavity.

No. 248207

This is not an official report you dumb cunts. That would be illegal. I'm just giving a recount of what was observed as the person who physically did the autopsy, with the Docs findings in the mix. Holy cow.

Your body is dying from the inside and it is disgusting.

No. 248210

To add to myself: autopsy reports are rather long and go into great detail about the clothing and external examination plus the circumstances in which they were found and a huge chunk of medical history. Also every organ is examined and a weight is taken with a description of how it was examined (brain sliced in the coronial plane etc etc). If you think that was a proper report, god save your bones.

No. 248233

I'm praying this one is sarcastic, considering that's an overused phrase and not possible. But then… >>248180 seems serious. Christ.

No. 248308

This is a despicable level of delusion.

No. 248311

What bothers me most is that people think MPA is full of anas. No. It's not. It's a fucking cesspool and 99.96% of them are just young girls who think trying to diet = anorexia.

No. 248313

Why does it bother you? I don't think anyone takes them seriously. Anyone with a legit ED can spot a wanorexic.

No. 248339

>implying the ones on MPA have EDs at all to begin with

No. 248340

Chill, 'ana' is usually meant to refer to the type of teen who makes tumblrs dedicated to the ABC diet and writes poetry about how their evil mom made them have dinner that night, not people who actually suffer from anorexia.

No. 248358

I'm pissing at most of them saying "this doesnt make me want to recover" or even "i want this to happen to me" like it wins them ~sick points~ over thread OP

No. 248370

I highly doubt they would even do an autopsy on Ashley when she dies. It would be clear that her heart give in due to being so malnourished.. I know they do it on younger ppl when they die , they did one on my uncle who died in his sleep, but doctors would clearly see what cause her death

No. 248372

In the US, you get autopsied if you die of unknown causes, or if it is willed by the family. Sometimes they're not done if religion prevents it or the family doesn't want one. Either way, it's up to the family to say yes or no.

No. 248376

It would be great to get an autopsy to study her.

No. 248572

one said that Ash photoshops hahaha
She also claims she has reached a BMI of 10 so her credibility is a bit shot

No. 248671

>>245769 maybe instead of begging for shit on amazon she could make some money by being a case study. that's what i did when i was in college, along with donating plasma.

No. 248717

i usually love medical/postmortem shit, but this absolutely horrified me. I feel so sad that anyone could live like this, threads like this make me feel a little more okay with not being hella skinny.

No. 248742

We can do a kickstarter for it. Ash'll be like 'b b b but I'm not dead yet'.

No. 248753

Her BMI is clearly less than 10, anon.

No. 248786

I think anon is talking about the MPA user

No. 248791

File: 1457971179667.jpg (119.58 KB, 1024x717, image.jpg)

noooo worlds are colliding

No. 248793

Ash threads have dried and become barren MPA threads, abandon ship until the milk flows once more

No. 248813

File: 1457975887406.jpg (48.75 KB, 399x476, horrifying.jpg)

Caption: ghost.in.my.pocket I have the worst relationships with Monday's ???? Don't mind the bats & ghosts; because every damn day I wish it were Halloween. HOW MUCH LONGER AGAIN??

No. 248814

Best post I've seen in any of these threads. Thank you for your insight, anon.

No. 248823

You named the file 'horrifying'.
If it's so 'horrid', why go intentionally look her up? Why intentionally post here, looking at her? Hmm..

No. 248824

Do you know where you are
Are you lost

No. 248829

>why go intentionally look her up?
Because you are a hideous, shriveled thing and everyone likes to point and laugh at how awful you are, that's why Ashley.

No. 248834

Hey, Ashley. If you bothered to try to recover every day could be like Halloween. You could go on ghost investigations and stay in haunted locations. Of course that'd take effort which you're not prepared to to, so good luck sticking around til the next Oct 31st.

No. 248839

No. 248841


No. 248844

Ash, you are horrifying inside and out. I wasn't referring to your looks but rather your entire existance.

No. 248858

File: 1457981830212.jpg (25.72 KB, 283x375, hi ash.jpg)

No. 248948

hey Ashley, quick question: have you planned out your perfect kawaii funeral yet?

No. 248965

>>248839 Your ""insults"" are first-grader tier. Go digest something and go back to your chair grave.

No. 248981

I can see it now, Pokemon themed and a all you can eat Mac n cheese buffet.

No. 248991

File: 1457997163200.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1421555262752.png)

No. 249004

God I can see it now.
A child's pikachu casket, stuffed animals overflowing, ash laid out inside with a big shit eating grin on her spooped-to-dead face.
The music is some magical girl soundtrack, there are tables and tables of sushi, cake, candy, cereal, meatloaf, cheese, laxatives, and a chocolate fondue fountain. All the plates have "too much food" printed on them.

Only her mum and the funeral director are there. Because gets up, looks at the director and says 'yep. She was.' And then leaves for a boob job.

A cage full of rabbits is released after the eulogy, as per the bonelords request. They get into the buffet, make a mess. The funeral director is disgusted and confused, he leaves.

Ash haunts the funeral home, forever waitin for the funeral she thinks she deserves. She calls all the other ghosts fat.

No. 249009

I wonder if Ash has survived for so long is because she has activated the SRT-1 gene. Everyone has the gene, not everyone activates it.

No. 249037

I tried to read up on it but honestly, I'm too stupid to understand. Any anons decent with chemistry and shit?

No. 249040

I have a BS in Chem, but this is probably more biochem-related stuff than pure chemistry.

No. 249043

Was on a site and was reminded of ashley. She needs to stop binging

>Death due to neurogenic shock following gastric rupture in an anorexia nervosa patient*

"Take notice of her position, the discoloring of her limbs and her stomach.

She was 19 and had anorexia and bulimia for 5 years.

Died at 5' 1" (155cm) and 94 lbs (43kg) after her stomach ripped after eating 5.6 liters (pic of stomach contents) of food.

Case notes:

She was in full rigor mortis - which is present from 12-72 hours. The bruises set the time frame at around 8+ hours.

Her eyes had clouded, which happens at progressively from about 2 -4 hours on.

If you look really closely at her stomach, you can see a greenish tint, which is a typical sign of her internal organs decaying - called livor mortis. I think this process may have been accelerated as her insides were digested since it normally takes a few days to set in.

The bruises called for the autopsy. Because of her position when her stomach exploded, it spilled all its contents into her body cavity. The blood and food settled around her anus and vagina and caused what looked like "fresh bruises." So to rule out sexual [assault, etc.], they had to autopsy.

When they did the autopsy, they found that her stomach had been extended from where your ribs meet each other all the way to her pubic bone, right behind that pad of fat above the genitals (mons pubis). And her stomach had a large rip in it…

She also had some other abnormalities going on. Her heart was small and displayed typical characteristics of a starving heart - destroyed muscles and dead immune cells (lipofuscin bodies).

Her brain had swelled, my guess due to the massive increase in blood flow after her stomach ruptured - it had started to squeeze out her skull before she died.

She also had evidence of focal pneumonia in her lungs - not really surprising as starvation hurts the immune response to viruses.

Like a typical binger, her stomach was dying before it ripped. What I mean is that every time we binge our stomachs expand, if they expand far enough, the vessels supplying them blood are crushed - cutting off the blood supply to that area, killing the tissue. That area is weakened and the next binge of that caliber becomes more dangerous. Purging just adds fuel to the fire by increasing stomach pressure above and beyond the natural level.

No. 249045


But basically, it seems like SIRT-1 activates under stress and increases the ability for cells to repair themselves and slows down the cell death rate and keeps the organism alive.
(that's what I got out of this article about it, but biochem was not my best subject, so take my summary with a grain of salt: http://www.theiflife.com/the-longevity-gene-sirt1-part-i-cr-fasting-and-aging-diseases/)

No. 249046

I am the shittiest linker ever.

No. 249047

was it by chance candyandrazorblades

that particular picture and description has haunted me for a long time

saying anything more would be embarrassing but i know what you are talking about and it's sad

No. 249049

Lmfao… You totally forgot the macaroni and cheese

No. 249054

Her funeral isn't going to be shit. Funerals are expensive. Even the most minimal treatment of cremation and a nice urn at a mortuary is a couple thousand dollars.

Every single thing beyond picking up the body and burning it costs more than that.

If she's lucky her mother will think to scatter her ashes at Target.

If she's unlucky, she'll sit in a container in that god-forsaken apartment until her own mother dies.

No. 249055

That was waiting at the wake, but nobody went. Pity. It was served in a hello kitty hot tub at a cat cafe.
She probably shouldn't have demanded the wake take place in Japan.

No. 249057

Because will sell all Ashley's toys and assorted crap to pay for a burial. No need to embalm. Even the bacteria don't want to eat her.

No. 249058

Becca, not because.
Fuck I hate mobiles.

No. 249059

I read meatballs instead of mobiles

No. 249065

Yeah, not a fan of those either.

No. 249074


Actually, her sense of smell would probably get stronger. Your body is seeking out food… heightens your senses. When I was anorexic, my sense of smell was very heightened as well.

No. 249078

Is this the pic dead with her head in the toilet? Can't remember the text at medusa.

No. 249081

I don't think the twat she owns would fetch more than $20.

I'm never going to try binge n puke. The food in the vagina is too much.

No. 249084

Tat not twat* lol
My phone autocorrect has a filthy mouth.

No. 249089

I have no idea what you're saying but it's fucking funny.

No. 249090

I think so. The one where her stomach looks sort of green and distended. A sad case.

No. 249093

the brain seeping out due to high pressure while you're alive is what did it for me

I'm sure that was just a really unlucky extreme case, but still.

Ashley, I hope you're reading this thread and that you stop. We don't want your stomach to burst.

No. 249102


Here's the link for anyone curious: http://www.2medusa.com/2008/09/bulimia-killswarning-graphic-pictures.html
(Please heed the "warning: graphic pictures" in the link though.)

No. 249119

the problem is, there are a lot of SRT-1 genes, most not in humans

the NIH database has ones found in Saccharomyces, Arabidopsis, C. elegans, but no human gene

No. 249123

okay, so I searched srt-1 starvation, and it's actually called SIRT1



> SIRT1 controls both glucose and lipid metabolism in the liver, promotes fat mobilization and stimulates brown remodeling of the white fat in white adipose tissue, controls insulin secretion in the pancreas, senses nutrient availability in the hypothalamus, influences obesity-induced inflammation in macrophages, and modulates the activity of circadian clock in metabolic tissues.

so, technical explanation follows:

in eukaryotes, DNA is wound around proteins called histones so it's compact enough to fit inside the nucleus. in order for the DNA to be transcribed to make a protein, the histones have to be moved. there are certain chemical modifications that can happen to the histones that either encourage or discourage them from freeing up the DNA wrapped around them. if the histones don't move, the DNA can't be transcribed, and the protein that gene encodes won't be produced.

so, what SIRT1 does is remove acetyl groups from histones. when histones are acetylated, they are less positively charged, hence the negatively charged DNA doesn't bind as strongly. SIRT1 reverses that, making the DNA bind tighter to the histone, making it less likely that the DNA that is wrapped around the histone will be transcribed.

it's allostertically regulated, which means it's turned on or off by the concentration of a chemical called NAD+ which is involved in glucose metabolism, among other biochemical processes.

NAD+ gets turned into NADH as a result of the metabolism of glucose. if you have a lot of NAD+ floating around because you have no food energy, it binds to SIRT1, SIRT1 becomes active and removes acetyl groups from histones, down regulating transcription.

so it's actually very active all the time in healthy people, as a means of regulating metabolism. that said, it's probably very, very, very active in Ashley.

No. 249126

found that shit: http://lexusine.candyandrazorblades.net/eating/case.html

god damn, that's a lot of chyme

No. 249159

Tend to avoid these threads in case the skeleton sets me off, but the explanation of biology lures me in from the front page all the time, thank you.

>Every time we binge our stomachs expand, if they expand far enough, the vessels supplying them blood are crushed
Holy shit this is what they should tell bulimics, not the weak ass 'binging ruins your teeth and gives you a bloaty face'. I had been using my birth control as a reason not to do it but chyme in the vagina is so much more of a problem.

No. 249191

File: 1458051223675.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.99 KB, 712x465, gastriccontents.jpg)

This is insane.

No. 249236

Having recently gone through the death of a loved one, I can say all the stuff you own? No one's going to give a shit when you die. Even perfectly good stuff doesn't sell for squat. Much less a bunch of cheaply-produced plastic and plushie toys and stickers.

Everything Ash owns will probably bring in about $20 total and that's assuming her DVDs are in good condition.

No. 249241

Jesus, dude. Spoiler next time, I can almost smell that shit through the screen.

No. 249242

Imagine what it looked like solid though. That's a serious amount of food.

No. 249332

scatter her ashes at Target omfg

No. 249344

Her mom will donate it to goodwill, provided she's not a hoarder herself.

No. 249362

Ingope she just takes it to the dump. Nobody deserves soft toys that feel of piss and vomit, and there's no way in hell Ashley doesn't piss herself daily.

No. 249372

From what I can see of that apartment in Ash's photos, mom might be a hoarder. I don't think it's a coincidence that Ashley never takes photos with a more broad view of the place. It's always that one wall, or a tiny corner - and even those are crowded with bullshit.

No. 249417

File: 1458105812094.jpg (152.63 KB, 904x637, gum gap.jpg)

I just realized that you can literally the gap between her top and bottom gums. Holy fuck. And then she wonders why we call her horrifying. I bet if her clone was walking around, she'd be terrified too.
(Enlarged picture for detail.)

No. 249421

Also, there's that purple glare again. Not that I want to start up that argument again, but this just confirms that the purple wig was indeed a separate wig.

After doing a small bit of research, the purple glare is due to her anti-reflective coating. Case closed.

No. 249422

As a person who wears glasses that have anti-glare glass, I second this.

No. 249443

The file name made me lol.
Sage because I feel stupid for laughing at 'gum gap' at 6am

No. 249510

that isn't anti glare glass, that's the reflection of a necromancer/her caretaker casting spells

No. 249513

omg anon!!

No. 249516

Does ppl think Ash has a care taker? She probably would qualify for hospice care.. I know she is probably considered terminal, but I am not sure they would do hospice on someone like Ashley, since she chose her life style. I know they use it and patients with cancer

No. 249517

Nah, you wouldn't get an anorectic in a hospice due to their ED. It's really inpatient if they're trying or the ICU whilst their organs fail if they aren't.

No. 249544

oh god I can see her rotting teeth through her cheeks D:

No. 249582

Congratulations Ashley you literally killed yourself and in the shittiest way possible too. There is no way you'll ever be healthy again. You threw your life away, all for nothing.

No. 249604

Look, a new TV show for Ash and Aly and Ging and all of the special special tumblerinas to screenshot and post:


No. 249633


This sounds horrifying, but I'm intrigued.

No. 249636

Its gonna be a train wreck and I want every episode.

No. 249637

If it stops wannas posting gifs of that girl from Skins, I'm all for it. Shitstorm inevitable yo.

No. 249653


No. 249731

It won't. It'll just be something they post in addition to the Skins girl.

No. 249761

Sounds like the Starved, which aired in 2005 and wasn't very good. It was a dark comedy based on eating disorders. I remember an anorexic woman who weighed all her food and a bulimic cop who purged by hitting himself in the stomach, and some overweight guy. It wasn't very good.
If Marti is involved it could be decent though, especially if handled well. I mean there's tons of eating disordered characters who don't get idolized by pro-anas. Cassie as a character, along with Effie were just begging for it by the writers.

No. 250276

it's kind of scary to think that if she ever overcame her anorexia it would be too late. people who aren't as bad as her die after getting better from the damage.

No. 250281

That's my take away from reading what autopsy anon wrote. Even if that woman wanted help towards the end of her life she was way too far gone and would have needed organ transplants to survive and was in too bad of a condition to live through surgery. Ash is healthier than her but not drastically so. Damn autopsy anon what you wrote will be trapped in my head forever!

No. 250715

I think a lot of it also has to do with the luck of the draw. Some people just have stronger bodies, even when they put them through such horrible stress.

If she were a normal person leading a normal life, she would probably live to be quite old.

No. 250801


No. 250833

This part haunts me the most, anon, especially when I see proana wannarexics:
>The anus was all torn up due to being shriveled and basically external to the body.. Also from passing this sharp poop shards I guess. They would of shit themselves constantly (well, had the fluid leaking out) as the anus just didn't really function anymore.
Such delicate ana butterfly, so glamorously tragic and tragically glamorous … with your abraded exposed asshole which alternately leaks shards of poop and watery diarrhoea.

No. 250849

>Some people just have stronger bodies

I agree. Theres a theory that attempts to explain why some anorexics continue to menstruate even at extremely low BMIs, like 14 or lower. Back when we were hunters and gatherers, there were times of famine. If everyone lost their period during those times, none of us would be here milking cows today. some women had to be able to reproduce at low weights and with very little intake, but they were the minority. If every woman had been able to reproduce during times of famine, there wouldn't have been enough food to feed those babies and they would've died anyway. I feel like Ash would've been one of those in the small minority, I'm sure she's lost her period at this point, but i bet it didn't happen at a bmi of 16 like it does for many anorexics. Just a theory, theres an article I'm too tired/lazy to find, but i think it makes sense and also why i agreed with removing amenorrhea from the diagnostic criteria, bc some women "just have stronger bodies".

No. 250855

Amenorrhea is more to do with lipid availability than it is to do with body weight, which is why top athletes often lose their periods; their bf% is too low to sustain regular periods despite their overall health being excellent.

This is just speculation but I reckon bulimic people manage to hang onto more of their body fat/get more from food than anorexic people.

No. 250894

right, of course its mostly about body fat %. my point was some people can sustain human functions, like reproduction (and life in general), at weights/starvation levels that aren't usually possible. and obv i think Ash is in this category, too bad she wasted it. she probably would've lived into her 90s if she hadn't starved/purged.

No. 250895

>I reckon bulimic people manage to hang onto more of their body fat

well yea, the majority of bulimics are normal/on the higher end of normal weight, of course they have more body fat than an anorexic.

No. 250899


This is a weird question, but when you did the autopsy, did this person have actual hair? On their head or in any other place? Does it ALL fall out? Thanks for sharing your experience. This is horrifying, but really interesting.

No. 250908


t-thanks mrs. skeletal

No. 250913

Thanks mrs. skeltal.
Much doots.

No. 250915

Tbh, I've wondered if pubic hair falls out too. Do trich people ever pull out their pubic hair? Bizarre question, but it's something never spoken about.

(Thanks Mrs Skeletal)

No. 250918

>Every time we binge our stomachs expand, if they expand far enough, the vessels supplying them blood are crushed
In be4 anachans but most normal people will binge on occasion and competitive eating is a thing (even penus ate 100 nuggets on camera which would painfully stretch my stomach).

I tried to find statistics for how often it happens among bulimics and can't find anything besides scare tactics and admitting it's rare.

This is only an actual risk to people that have pradar Willi syndrome and can't feel the pain in their stomach.

No. 250924

I did for about 6 months. It was actually what made me seek help for it. Tmi ahead but the discomfort and subsequent infections caused by it was the most horrifying I've been through and I say that as someone who pulled her head hair out at the root for 4.5 years.
I can't speak for all trich sufferers but I certainly wasn't the only one at my therapy sessions.

Sage for OT/personal entry.

No. 250925

I do, usually when I'm out of good pulling spots on my arms/legs.

>sage for TMI

No. 250926

I do, not sure why it started, I only pulled hair from my scalp before.
Sometimes I end up getting an ingrown hair. Shit fucking hurts.

No. 250930


Thanks for replying. I only ever thought of trich as being hair and eyebrows. I can kind of understand how pulling hair can become a habit/comfort. I suppose having to move to other places on your body is similar to having to do the same if you cut.

No. 250950

File: 1458427296465.png (32.6 KB, 320x194, Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.32…)

>when I look at your photos bp rises
I nearly snorted ice cream through my nose laughing at this.

(from Ash's latest Instagram post)

No. 250952

>normal people binge too!!
>and what about competitive eating?!
>my eating disorder isn't dangerous! it's all just scare tactics!
whatever helps justify your actions, huh bulimia-chan?

No. 251029

No. 251030

File: 1458464793944.png (208.65 KB, 540x300, tumblr_m0vmbhzHiE1rrw41do1_540…)

fuckin' dropped my pic. Just scrolled past it on Tumblr and realised THIS is what Ashley's Twitter bio quote is from. can't believe I didn't know this sooner, haha

No. 251036

They had hair on their head but it was balding and patchy. Due to no fat on the scalp the hair that was left kept coming out pretty easily.

No. 251037

The person who I did the autopsy on had a huge amount of pubic hair.

No. 251066

File: 1458479875864.jpeg (10.3 KB, 275x182, image.jpeg)

I-is there a medical reason for that? Or was that just like, their natural thing?

No. 251091

Not autopsy-chan, but if I had to guess, I would say maybe it has to do with the usefulness. Head hair is merely meant for warmth and cooling, whereas pubic hair prevents bacteria and dirt from getting into the vagina. Looking it up, pubic hair also protects us from friction. (It's also meant to trap odor to attract mates but let's just not go there.)

No. 251137

I read on a bodybuilder site that if a persons body fat drops below like 4-5 percent, they can only stay there for a few hours .. I highly doubt she has 2 percent body fat.. I don't know how Ashley is staying alive for as long as she is..

No. 251138

A man can get his body fat below 5% for a while without getting totally fucked up. For a woman anything below about 10-12% is considered unsustainable for life.

No. 251141

Can't be only 2% body fat, she's gotta have some fat on the inside that's invisible on the outside.

No. 251143


>I don't know how Ashley is staying alive for as long as she is..

in her case. hatred and bitterness substitutes fat.

No, seriously, I'm curious about it too.

No. 251144

I'm thinking she has killer survivor genes. She's been able to stay in that state with minimal care (no IP that we know of).
Honestly, if it wasn't her own sick mind she was battling, I would really admire her physical resilience.

No. 251147

Thought the same thing. If she was healthy and never went down to ED path, she might have been able to develop a great, muscular physique, who knows? This shit is just sad and bizarre.

No. 251148

*down the

No. 251194

Ir's so insane to me she binges and purges w/o her body giving up i know people say it all the type but literally how the fck can she not have died by now??

No. 251198

Some people just have a heap of hair. Shaving and waxing would be very painful when your croutch is just tendons and bones.

No. 251241

I am sure that regurgitation comes naturally and takes very little effort from her body.
As soon as food hits her stomach it's already coming back up I bet.
She also doesn't work, and spends all of her time in a wheelchair.
She can live for a long time the way that she is because of this.
If she actually had to be a active responsible adult she'd be fucking dead.

No. 251242

Also anon, I suggest you skim through old posts.
This question has been asked a lot and we all have theories.
It's really not that incredible that she's alive, in fact it's kind of disgusting.

No. 251247


I always sigh when I see this thread floating near the most recent. I loved the days when Kiki was at the top with her A+ chimpouts. With Ashley I'm just waiting patiently for her to either do a 180 and recover or die. But she doesn't do anything. sage for whine

No. 251281

Is Ashley on disability or does she get money in any way? Is all her money coming in from her mother? Does her mother work?

No. 251290

Jesus fucking Christ. Read the other threads before commenting. At least read the current one first. Fucking shit.

No. 251296

That's not how safe works retard

No. 251299


"safe", retard?

No. 251319

No. 251430

Ash is not a medical miracle. There are plenty of ancient anorexics around who are as thin as she is. They're just not active on social media to the degree she is (there are some exceptions). She's also in worse shape than some of those anorexics. The fact that she is barely ambulatory is not A good sign. I hope she wakes up and chooses recovery because she's not immortal. A bad cold could be fatal to her.

No. 251446

I want ashley to post a video of her eating stuff. I just want to see her physically eat something, it would be so satisfying.

No. 251461

God I'm sick of all the marvel over ash still breathing. She's not special for being so physically fucked up. Loads of people drag on whilst they're cachexic, and there's thousands of famine-stricken people in the world who have carried on just as thin as this bitch.

The only amazing thing is that she's sickeningly proud of it and so she documents it in great detail for the maximum possible audience.
Her whole thing is visibility. She's not particularly amazing even amongst other purging anoretics.

No. 251463

So much this. She isn't the most sick person with an ED or the most functional person at a low BMI. She's just the shittiest, most vocal of the skellingtons.

No. 251466

I feel like"how is and still alive?!" Comments just serve to confirm her delusions about her health/boost her ego.

No. 251467

Exactly. She loves it I'm sure.

No. 251468

I also have a baseless theory that she'd trade nudes for expensive gifts.
She gets her 'ur so special n amazing' fix and a new DS.

No. 251469

I doubt that. She'd have more stuff and could afford expensive Japanese binge food on the daily.

No. 251555

Sounds like Ash helped you discover a personal fetish?
Joking, but if you really think about it, seeing her eat must be disgusting. You can already see her rotting teeth through her cheeks, so you could probably see every detail of her food.

No. 251573

I think she WOULD, not that anyone was doing it.

No. 251693

I personally think it would be interesting watching Ashley eating something even thou everyone knows she will puke it up.. Has anyone actually seen Ash eat?

No. 251735


She doesn't hide her pride in still being alive when she comments on almost every thread on here that "clearly she is doing something right, or else she'd be dead."

Obviously she feeds off every dumb anon posting the same repetitive "how the fuck is she still alive" question.

No. 251752

All the 'how is she not kil?!' Is her bread and butter. Its why she stalks her threads so hard.
She needs those comments to feel important and special. God knows she can't be getting a sense of validation from a anything else she does.

No. 252874

This is what i dont understand either - in the uk drs deem ppl physically unable to make a rationally informed choice about their wellbeing if they are under a certain bmi because there is mountains of evidence to prove that when the body is so malnourished the brain CANT function properly therefore impairing the persons ability to make a decision "in sound mind" or in other words they lack capacity (just like someone with a brain injury or organic illness might). So its usually inevitable that once a person gets to a bmi of less than 12, (as long as they are on a healthcare professionals radar), they are usually sectioned and force fed back to a medically stable point where they can then have the capacity to make informed choices about their wellbeing etc.

No. 252876

1. She's not in the UK. Everything there is irrelevant to her.
2. The system in Florida is such that she's left alone. Its a overburdened system, full of voluntary clients as well as a bunch of sectioned people. Case managers barely have room for existing clients, let alone a petulant, combative, unresponsive, unwilling child-woman with a prognosis of 'nah dude.'

Some people slip through the cracks. Ash has burrowed in and set up camp there. She's been through hospitals and mental health professionals, but there's only so much that can be done with someone so determined to remain sick.

No. 252888

Florida has the "baker act". You are correct the the system is overburdened, Florida is a shit state.

No. 252909

I'm a recovering/ed EDNOS and what's fucking freaking me out about this is that 5.6L of stomach contents doesn't even seem that extreme to me. That's a bit more than two big Coke bottles. I've definitely had purges that big before. TBH so had this girl, probably, until the one time it just suddenly fucking killed her in one of the most horrifying ways possible.

No. 252914

okay sure but refrain from slipping in details about your own purges. they are not welcome here.

No. 252916

UK, like Aus, has free health care for those who need it. That's why they can lock these girls up indefinitely the way they do in the UK. The priority is the care, not the cost.

If you watch that US doco (Thin ? is that the name) you will see that insurance coverage is what determines these girls staying or going (some of them have to leave before they are ready). So the priority is different - it's not 'care at any cost'.

It's not worth the money to treat Ash, although I'm sure it's within the scope of their insurance to send her away for a few weeks a year and get her force fed. Her mum's a bit shit for not forcing that on Ash. But then Ash would derail the treatments of others, for sure.

No. 252920

Um. Don't blame ash's mum for anything.

No. 252924

I don't though. It would be a hellish effort to make Ash go and I appreciate why she doesn't bother. In an ideal world she would at least try. I know the world is not ideal and the world will be better off when Ash leaves it.

No. 252974

Ash's situation is so severe that only one or two hospitals in the US could even take her, and they're very expensive - that's why Rachel Farrokh set up a godfundme for treatment (and she was really determined to recover). For someone on a waitress' salary to try to send someone for specialist treatment who doesn't even want to recover? Not possible.

No. 252976

Fair enough. Explained that way it seems reasonable for her mother to do nothing at all. I live in a land of free health care and lack perspective about what it's like in the US.

BTW I don't actually think Ash wants to, or will recover. I'm not that deluded.

No. 253405

File: 1459224096938.jpeg (42.95 KB, 640x517, image.jpeg)

imagine fitting her for a bracelet. I wonder what the charms~*~ will be!

No. 253406

bump for sage

No. 253410

I came here to see if Ash had died because I expected an ig post of binge chocolate eggs.

I want to reply to this comment though. It's true the NHS do a good, free job of fixing up ED people if they're very ill, but funding's shit for mental health care in general and they get sent off to relapse (like Crying Emily) and after care is crap if you don't put the effort in to recover (see Emily).

I'm positive Ash would be sections. No doubt about it. She'd spend as long as possible for free in a clinic and she'd HAVE to stay there. It'd all be a waste because she'd get out and go back to whatever it is she does because that's what she wants.

People need to realise she's never going to look for help, so it's pointless talking about it. Shame because it'd be the biggest fuck you to us lot and her h8rz.

So…is she still breathing?

No. 253411

Lol, I wad writing while you were. It's aliiiive!

No. 253412

Her charms will be a skull, a Swarovski dinner plate with the words "too much food" engraved in, and a KKK logo.

No. 253413

Shit. It'll be about 3 inches long. Not going to fit much on that.

No. 253418

The charms will be too heavy. I'm imagining the bracelet weighing her down or bruising her.

No. 253619

File: 1459275111004.png (354.8 KB, 386x451, boo.png)


ghost.in.my.pocket Oh hey look, a white girl & her Starbucks lol ☕️? (if you look closely, the cup says 'Pokemon Master' lmao ?) I was too afraid to drink it (it was the new Caramel Honey Frapp from @starbucks ?) but my neighbor said it was seriously the best frapp that she's had from there- SO GO TRY IT. Also! Wearing my new Tsum-Tsum shirt BECAUSE I AM SECRETLY FIVE YEARS OLD OK ?? [and I'll remind you to PLEASE NOT COMMENT NEGATIVITY ON MY POSTS- THIS IS A POSITIVE ACCOUNT & I AM BATTLING MENTAL ILLNESSES]

Ok…so honey = not vegan, therefore we can assume she purged it since Ash only bps on non-vegan stuff.

No. 253620

She said "I was too afraid to drink it", so she didn't purge it because she did not drink it.

No. 253623

She said "I was too afraid to drink it but my neighbor said it was seriously the bess frapp she's had from there…."

Implying that Ash tried it because her neighbor said it was really good.

No. 253626

I think it implies that she didn't drink it because she gave it to her neighbor.

No. 253627

Then that's really dumb because Ash whines about how poor she is, why the hell waste money on a drink from Starbucks, which isn't exactly cheap to begin with? plus she can't go anywhere alone so she'd be wasting a neighbors time taking her some place. Also why bother with the pokemon master name, too?

No. 253630

>why bother with the pokemon master name

Because she's a dick.

No. 253631

She better not be cryin' about money anytime soon.

No. 253633

File: 1459278415746.jpg (16.48 KB, 288x106, Capture.JPG)

I know. Pandora bracelets and charms aren't cheap.

Why are people telling her well done? She didn't drink the fucking thing.

No. 253635

Because that's just another symptom of disorded eating. Buying or making other people food, hoarding junk food etc etc etc

No. 253636

>Oh hey look, a white girl & her Starbucks

No. 253638

Like the first thing you notice about Ashley is that she's white. Her eyes have aged. They've caught up with the rest of her ol' ladies body. I honestly don't think she'll make it to 2017, guize. This time, I feel the end is definitely near.

(AND why didn't she order a small size? If she really wanted to try it they would've felt sorry for the state of her and made her a tiny one).

No. 253642

Yeah but back to my original statement: Ash is poor. Poorer than poor. Her and her mom live in a tiny apartment. She also complains about lack of money but has no problem buying Pandora bracelets/charms and Starbucks? ridiculous.

No. 253678

> I was too afraid to drink it

The fuck is the point of this? Is she bragging? "Look at this super tasty thing I spent money on and then didn't consume because I'm the numbah 1 skellyqueen!" Is she fishing for pity? "Look at this super tasty thing I spent money on and then didn't consume because it's scary uwu!"

> my neighbor said it was seriously the best frapp that she's had from there

Can you imagine being that poor neighbor? You're minding your own business, when suddenly you notice the scent of bile and ammonia in the air, drifting in through the screen door. You'd left the actual door open, and now you're regretting it. You know what's coming.

You sprint toward the doorway, but it's too late. The corpse has seen you. It's in its wheelchair, being pushed toward you by its mother. With every bump, the corpse's bones rattle. You contort your face into closed-lipped smile, holding your breath.

The unholy pair have reached the thresh hold. The stench of the unwashed, feces-leaking, vomit-covered, rotten-toothed abomination in front of you is making your eyes water, yet you remain where you are.

The corpse rolls its dead eyes up at you. Air exhales from its lungs, forming something that almost sounds like words.

You want to run. You want to scream. Instead, you ask, "Say again?"

"Would… you like… this drink? I… can't… drink it… It… is… too scary. Woe is.. me."

As if in a trance, you open the screen door and snatch the drink out of the corpse's claws. You don't want it, but you want this encounter to end as soon as possible. You mumble a quick, "Thank you," slam the screen door, and nearly get the wooden door shut as well, when the corpse asks, "Is… it good?"

You wave the straw in the general direction of your mouth, nod exuberantly, and then slam the door. Holding the drink gingerly, you hurry across your house and throw it through a window. You gasp for air and thank the gods that you just bought a pallet of air freshener from Costco.

>Ash only bps on non-vegan stuff

Is she still pretending to be vegan?

No. 253680

Yeah, I think so. There hasn't been any proof to the contrary. I wish she would just straight up admit she doesn't eat vegan. I mean, vegans don't flip flop between eating animal products and not eating animal products, but this is Ash and nothing about her is rational.

No. 253684


I thought that wasn't a secret

No. 253687

/pt/ I know you are not my diary but I need to share this with you. I am currently in recovery for an eating disorder that has stolen seven years of my life from me and lately I've been in a rut with losing weight. then a few days ago I started having vivid nightmares about ashley

in my first dream I was hosting her for a week at my house and had to care for her in a hospice-y manner– I kept having to touch her spine and help her around, vomit was involved in one point, etc etc. super stressful, woke up extremely squicked out and actually ate breakfast

I thought it was over but I've had two more since then, both about interacting with ashley in public, leading her around the city. something about the sun shining through those spooky skeleton legs, teetering around and constantly on the brink of collapse. it's made me very curious about what it's like to see her in action– the way she walks, holds herself up, etc. it's horrifying that she's still alive and moving around

powerful stuff, my guy. ashley is truly a nightmare vision. even through the lens of a dream it was spooky as fuck, seeing her in person would fuck me up so bad. never in my life have I felt more inspired to become healthier

No. 253696

I would genuinely shit the bed if ashley turned up in my nightmares ugh. wishing you the best for recovery, anon.

No. 253699

I laughed. Not about the ED part but the Ashley nightmare thing. I once had a dream about Ash but it was so long ago that I don't remember any of it.

No. 253704

yeah, the videos of ashley talking are disturbing enough. i wonder what she looks like dragging her corpse out of the wheelchair to take selfies

No. 253708

Holy shit I too have had a nightmare involving Ash - I'm a nursing student so I was dreaming I was looking after clients and one of them was Ashley. It was terrifying and she projectile vomited at me like something out of the exorcist. She truley is the thing of nightmares.

No. 253709

I've had too many Ashley dreams. She's.. Nice. And she always seems to be my friend in them. Though one time I could've sworn i smelled her decaying body through my dream and I was too afraid to touch her.

No. 253710


Sorry for personal, but anon, about 8 months ago this was me. I found lolcow and was instantly drawn to Ashley because she also had an ED. I had nightmares about her skullish, withered face and horrendous legs. Something in me snapped - why on earth did I want that for myself? I sincerely hope these nightmares are the catalyst for recovery for you anon, I really do.

If Ashley is horrible at everything else, at least I can be grateful she made me want to eat every morning.

No. 253711

I've actually had nightmares about her as well… Is that her real voice? It's hard to believe an adult could sound like that.

No. 253715

Right? I thought I had it bad because I have a high voice and sound very young (I look it too, does me no justice) and i have to consciously lower my voice if I want people to take me seriously at my job (can't sound 12 if I'm providing customer service). But Ashley has a dry chipmunk voice..

No. 253717

Ash sounds like an old lady because b/ping has screwed up her throat and voice.

No. 253728


yes!! this is the case for me as well! in the dreams I seem to be hosting her as a friend of some kind for some reason and she's staying in my apartment and I'm trying to come up with an excuse to get rid of her, but I can't. I have to let her stay even though she terrifies me. at one point I walked into the dark bedroom she was sleeping in and saw her skelly back cast dimly in the shadows with the faint smell of cold vomit and it spooked me for a few days


I'm pleased to hear that I'm not the only one who's had unpleasant dreams about her because my first instinct was to be grossed out with myself, but it really stuck with me for how strikingly disquieting it was. ash confirmed for actual living breathing nightmare fuel

No. 253741

i had a nightmare that i WAS ashley and not only that but onision knew he could overpower 'me' so he forced 'me' to suck his uncircumcised dick…
too much lolcow 4 me

No. 253764

You probably do need a break, holy crap.

No. 253767

" I wouldn't trade my friends for anything.
Not even for a bowl of mac n cheese."
Ah, so glad your friends take precedence to cheesy noodles and bile. That's really cute and sentimental Ash, you're a peach.

No. 253780

Lol i'm sure Ash is drooling over being in so many of your dreams.

No. 253808

This was fucking hilarious, anon. Nicely written. (Thankfully my laughing didn't wake anyone up.)

No. 253823

My sides, anon!

No. 253831

Oh fuck, anon, I'm so sorry. Too much internet. For sure.

No. 253970

If I was her mom I would tie her down and force food down her throat for at least a month

No. 254009

10/10 anon beautifully written

No. 254036

It's too late for that anon. Scan up the thread for the autopsy info to learn why. Also Ash would just purge it all up, even tied to a bed.

No. 254179

Her upper lip here, wtf? She basically has no upper lip at all so why is her mustache area pink like that in this picture? Lip gloss? Illness?

Her nose also has a sore.

No. 254182

Is that part of a wig cap poking out from under her wig on her forehead? (Where the parting on the wig starts)

No. 254225

File: 1459433445805.jpg (22.26 KB, 301x194, f.JPG)

I detect some wig slippage going on.

Oi, though. I'm well pissed off at all the followers who're thinking Ash is in recovery. Why doesn't she correct them and tell them she's so special she is unable to recover and is into ~pro ana lifestyle~

Need to link these poor bishes to lolcow.

No. 254232

That's actually really fucking sad. Also stupid—she just said she was too afraid to down it (or keep it down).

No. 254258

No one would fucking like her if she recovered,She would be forgotten, she would not be apart of a community anymore.
There's no ass pats for healthy people, no toys in the mail. She has made nothing of herself, and her idiotic mother just let it happen.
Her followers should take heed.
Don't be Ashley, she should only inspire you to not be a lazy piece of shit and eat healthy.

No. 254259

Her physiology has to be in utter triage mode, trying to protect vital organs. Ain't got time to heal no scratches!

Her mouth looks weird in part because she's hiding her upper teeth.

No. 254312


Her mom took her to treatment when she was able. Ash is a grown woman.

No. 254335

Her mother allowed her to stay at the age of 18 and has continued to enable her to live the way that she does. Ash has not progressed into an actual adult, a functioning adult.
You're partially right anon, technically biologically she is a "grown adult", because she has never had to be responsible for herself she is mentally and eternally 14.

No. 254341

Really though, what else could becca do?
Imagine the histrionics if she even suggested ash moved out at 18. We'd still be getting passive aggressive blog posts about it.

No. 254452

I dont get how you can make the conclusion her mom is at fault. Ashley started doing this shit to herself. You cant make someone better and clearly her mom tries to make life as normal as possible. Do you really think that kicking out someone who barely can function is something a parent should do? Thats neglect, especially since by 18 ashley was already pretty fucked from purging.

Ash is mentally 14 because she chose to never do anything to get better. Her mother is pretty much a 24/7 nurse at this point.

No. 254458

I can see your point of view, really I can. Of course Ashley is responsible for her own actions and life, her mother should acknowledge this as well.
I suppose my upbringing plays a part in my reasoning, i just don't think it's that crazy of an idea to tell your kid to either actively recover or be somewhere else.
What would ash do at the age of 25 if she were to recover? Her ED should not have lasted this long, she should not be in her mothers apartment buying fucking toys and barfing up Krispy kreme.
They should both be ashamed of themselves.

No. 254530

>don't think it's that crazy of an idea to tell your kid to either actively recover or be somewhere else.

yes. because if you allow that controlling person to stay in your home, by default you are caught up in it too.

No. 254536

In theory yes tough love would be good parenting.
Not in Ash's case though. If she is given an ultimatum like that she'll kill herself, passively or actively. There is nothing she can do. How the fuck can you blame her poor mom for this?

No. 254538

>she'll kill herself, passively or actively
She's already doing that though. I'd argue she's both passively and actively killing herself too. (Passively obviously through the ED, but actively by continuing to b/p and drinking caffeine.)

No. 254539

She's not going to suddenly recover no matter what you throw at her though so it's pointless. Maybe she could have done something earlier, but it's too late now and we don't know what went on before.

No. 254542

imo ash is pretty much dead.

No. 254544

What's everyone gonna do when she dies

No. 254551

File: 1459492269812.jpg (99.31 KB, 600x400, rip ash.jpg)

Dunno about everyone else but after your mom donates your remains and internet history to the Orlando Science Center, I'm going to Panera in your memory.

No. 254558

File: 1459492996525.jpg (42.7 KB, 600x480, Sweat desu.jpg)

Oh God you think I'm Ash
I felt that one in my bones

Is it the capitalized S in sage?
I remember that from another thread but it's just automatic from mobile

I…I crave sushi…
G-guys what's happening to me?

No. 254570

fuck off spoony.

No. 254651


Keep eating, hun.

No. 254689

lol you twofaced nasty samefag

No. 254712

lolling @ those torpedo tits

No. 254726

i can't stand her. self poster-ass saggy-titted lolcow.

No. 254730

kill yourself. girl.

No. 254738

kill yourself, you massive fucking jealous fucking sjw

No. 254760

Kill yourself, hideous skinnyfat insufferable fatass

No. 254773

You jewish bucktoothed obese fucking delusional fucking racist-chan

No. 254809

Laughing at the torpedo tits

No. 254812

wtf look at her sausage fingers

No. 254825

omg what a weeby lolcow potato nose

No. 254870

>implying my BMI is over 16

No. 254908


you newfag. slutty racist chan

No. 255001

wow ok you flabby tumblrtard

No. 255002


You should have been aborted.

No. 255008


you fucking dyke

No. 255009

you fucking wrinkled snaggle toothed two faced massive fucking ass whore ass bint ass quasimoto cuck ass jealous ass pitiful sandy ass pleb.

No. 255010


>implying my BMI is over 16, you flabby fucking bitch 8^)

No. 255039

You should have been aborted, u shitposting cunt

meth head.

No. 255047


Your cunt yeast could bake 700 baguettes.

No. 255093


I could bake a baguette in your yeasty vagina, u bitch.

dragon skinned pulltard

No. 255116

i really love you all ^.^

No. 255174

It's possible the only reason she's honest about her eyebrows is that she knows she can't convincingly claim they're real.

No. 255208

File: 1459682406377.jpg (64.62 KB, 479x371, asklolcow.jpg)

Doesn't look like this had been posted… how much forward could she possibly have left in her?!

No. 255210

Where the FUCK do these twats get the idea that we're obsessed with them? I mean I know they're rephrasing it like it's almost a good thing, meaning they're just that important to us that all we LIVE AND BREATHE is them, but still, capitalizing the word OBSESSED here is just fucking ridiculous.

No. 255255

It's because by ascribing our interest in them to obsession/jealousy, that implies that there actually is something good/enviable/desirable about their lives. They don't have to look inward or acknowledge their fuckery and nastiness because "OMG, these bitchez are just JEALOUS of my awesomeness, guize!! " It puts all the blame squarely on us and resolves them of any wrong doing.

No. 258103

File: 1460332538356.png (1.77 MB, 1152x1452, bracelet.png)

Holy shit that Pandora bracelet. I looked up the charms and that's $250 plus whatever the bracelet itself cost (45-65?).

>criticizes mother for spending her share of inheritance on a boob job

>spends her own on a fucking bracelet

No. 258104

She's moving forward? I don't foloow her story, but is she trying to gain weight? Is she bigger than in the OP picture now? Poor girl.

No. 258107

she has no right to complain about money if she's dropping big bucks on stupid shit like bracelets

No. 258123

LOL no. Ash would never actually try to get better.

No. 258125

Forward towards the toilet, not in a recovery sense.

No. 258132

She wants this anon. It's too late.

No. 258179

she's barely posting at this point. judging by her last pictures, she's in due for renal failure. her skin is as yellow as ever.

the end won't be pretty, ash.

No. 258183

> her skin is as yellow as ever.

that's liver failure. the yellow is caused by the buildup of bilirubin

No. 258185

Do you guys think she's still losing weight or maintaining?

This dehydrated coconut monkey has me so confused

No. 258215

her elder cat? When did she own a cat?

And when did this mysterious grandmother come in the picture?

No. 258216

Unless she means her mother's cat (which she hates), maybe she used to have a cat way back?

And her grandfather passed away a few months ago and she posted about how she was devastated on her tumblr. I guess she got inheritance?

No. 258257

Why does she want to be skinny? Doesn't she realise she will die? Why is her family allowing her to go through a slow suicide? If this was my sister I'd strap her down and forcefeed her.

No. 258259

holy fuck anon google 'anorexia'.

and maybe lurk a bi t or read some past threads, get a sense of who Ash is and why we talk about her here.

No. 258266

File: 1460366425498.jpeg (59.08 KB, 750x526, image.jpeg)

rattle rattle

No. 258281

File: 1460371423317.jpg (29 KB, 600x600, lichqueen.jpg)


No. 258284

No. 258286

File: 1460373813468.gif (1.16 MB, 360x198, image.gif)

I'm dying anons

No. 258294

cowards don't commit suicide.

>self starvation to this extent is just her taking the passive way out, you don't have to worry about a career etc. when you're as far gone as her.

>just kids who spent their edgy teen years tossing their bangs off their face and romanticizing selfharm and suicide, but when it came down to it didn't have the guts.

People like this they stay alive and make life unbearable for everyone else.
trust me, I'm one of them kek.

No. 258320

rattle, rattle

No. 258355

Tbh I think you're right to an extent. Even if it's about image issues at the core, she's also absolutely at rock bottom in her life so the anorexic lifestyle is easier to perpetuate.
Imagine even if she somehow recovered and got healthy she would have to get a job, try to get skills or an education, and eventually move out of mom's house. It's wayyyy easier to be a lazy bitch under the guise of a disorder than to work her way up from nothing.

No. 258361

She def wants to live as long as possible and thinks because she's miserable, everyone else deserves to be miserable too. I feel so bad for her mom, I can't imagine having to deal with Ash for a day, let alone a lifetime.

No. 258366

Don't feel too bad, as a parent she also enabled this for far too long.

No. 258367

I don't think so. She made Ash go inpatient a handful of times. You can't really do much when someone is an adult.

No. 258375

>You can't really do much when someone is an adult.
She's also an adult living under another adult's roof rent-free. She's lucky to have such an enabling mom, I've known a number of girls caught in bad situations who got kicked out for less.

No. 258377

Ok, but those girls are not Ash. Ash cannot do anything for herself, she does need someplace to live given her skelly state. I wouldn't call it enabling, you must not be a parent yourself.

Also it's been speculated that Rebecca needs Ash's SSI money to help make rent as Rebecca is a Chilli's waitress.

No. 258378

You're right, I guess if I were a parent I'd completely tolerate the womanchild who's mentally competent enough to post on social media and go shopping but can't stick a fork in her mouth and take online classes.

They're just fucked people who aren't deserving of sympathy. Also welfare and social security leeches are the worst kinds of people, and with that I do have firsthand experience with that kind of white trash.

No. 258380

Again, it's more likely Rebecca uses Ash's SSI money to help pay for rent. They live in a one bedroom apartment in Florida.

Even if that's not the case, Rebecca is still Ash's mom and probably would feel guilty kicking Ash out knowing that Ash cannot fend for herself whatsoever.

No. 258383

Ash made herself like this, it's not like she's suffering an actual illness she doesn't have control over it. She fucking enjoys being miserable and making others suffer. Their "poverty" isn't a excuse either. She have plenty oportunities to recover but just doesn't want to. If I were her mom I'd fucking drag her to the hospital and give away her trinkets no matter how much she kicks and cries. I'm not letting my daughter's life go down the toilet.

No. 258387

Ash has borderline personality disorder, you must be new here. Also APS has been called on her and other anons have reported Ash to social services in Florida but nothing ever comes of it.

No. 258391


I don't care what armchair diagnosed syndromes Ash claims to have, she's just an spoiled womanchild to me.

No. 258400

Actually, Ash claims to be fine but ok.

No. 258472

I don't recall a cat in her hamtaro days so maybe its that one. Wonder if she got hungry one day

No. 258474

Total amount for her bracelet USD
Bracelet: $65
Bunny: $30
Opal 1: $40
Opal 2: $40
Flower 1: $35
Flower 2: $35
Wings: $40
Cat: $30

Total: $315

Wonder why she didn't get any of their disney charms

No. 258480


oh well honestly I expected something better, looks like aliexpress silver plated garbage. Shit doesn't even shine.

>this piece of jewelry that's worth more than my life

explains a lot

No. 258485


this though… How sad man. Plus the fact that her grandpa's inheritance could only get her a $300 bracelet this shit is just sad on top of sad why is ash so fucking just debased pitiful

No. 258561

>poor girl
Nah, poor nothing. She loves this. She's not a girl anymore, she's anorexia itself. She's on a one-way trip to hell and loving every minute of it.

No. 258680

Here's an idea: she could have kicked Ash out before she got to this point.
Ash still had bulimia when she was 17, so she was probably still a healthy weight at 18. Ash's mother should have given her an ultimatum right then and there. Get a job and contribute or get out. The fact that she did not, and let her get to the point she has, is enabling.

I think people arguing against enabling are just confused about what enabling is. Enabling doesn't mean that Ash's mom is responsible for Ash's actions; it means that she gave her the ability to follow through in them, which she did. End of story.

No. 258725

Even if Ashley was still anorexic after an ultimatum it wouldn't be as bad, because even if she was Aly-tier thin she'd still be able to contribute, whereas she wouldn't if she was full spoopy like she is now. She'd still need help, but it's an effective way of preventing her from turning into the walking skelly that she is today.

No. 258743

Most anorectics do not end up destroying their bodies this horribly so Ash's mom probably never saw this coming even knowing that Ash had bulimia. I'd also assume the average caring family member of someone with an ED thinks that they really need a support system, even though that's often the very thing that keeps the disordered person going (basing this off of studies of alcoholics and drug addicts, getting more attention and coddling for their "illness" just motivates them to continue it).

No. 258771

I believe Ash started getting spoopy at 15-16 and her mom DID have her inpatient a bunch of times.

But who cares, whether you think the mom enabled Ash or not doesn't matter.

No. 258785

>rolling skelly


No. 258836

Aww, you haven't seen the camming pictures. Okay then.
Also, where are you getting this information that she was put in inpatient a bunch of times? The previous rumor was that she was there once, and that's not even confirmed. Suddenly it's a bunch of times?

Again, her mother allowed her the conditions that let Ash get to where she is. That's not me thinking that she's enabling; that's literally the definition of enabling.

No. 258883

>I believe Ash started getting spoopy at 15-16

She claims she had an ED even earlier than that, but it's clear from photos that she was still relatively healthy. Even after a few years when she actually started to look like she had an ED, she was a LOT stronger/healthier than she is now.

It's not like she reached age 14 and BAM, she was suddenly converted into the disabled skeleton we see today.

There were years and years where her mother should have seen something was wrong and put her foot down. Although I sympathize with her mother in many ways, make no mistake - she enabled this.

Sometimes it's too easy to let someone have a safety cushion when they need a boot.

No. 258884

Yeah I did. She wasn't as spoopy but she had a video of her out of the hospital and looked a little spoopier, and she threatened suicide after her mom found out about the camming which is why she went inpatient. Then she had a video up on her witherwings channel where she said "I've been gone for a while…anorexia lol" and looked even spoopier, that was the beginning of skelly Ash.

No. 258941

Unless you're doing some Guantanamo bay shit on Ashley (I.e. Force feeding her) you can't rag on her mom for Ashley being in the state she's in. ashley has admitted to being in the hospital, even if she's lying, it doesn't matter because her grave state had only been witnessed in adulthood, meaning, there's nothing her mother can do to force her into treatment. People have tried to alert authorities in her state to no avail. Stop blaming her mom for Ashley's continued carelessness.

No. 258957

I wonder what she wanted to be when she grew up. Did she plan to go to college? Did she ever finish high school? Did she ever have a job in high school?

Has she really just been sitting around trying to get spoopy and nothing else since she was 16?

No. 258958

Prob abused by a relative

No. 258972

She claims her dad touched her inappropriately when she was little but who knows what's the truth and what isn't.

No. 259099

Thank you anon, that was the point I was trying to make.

No. 259106

>Force feeding her
What's wrong with that? It's not torture if it actually isn't torture and it saves her life.
Some parents send their obese children to fat camps where they live in dorms, aren't allowed certain foods, and must maintain exercise regimens. Is that torture to you, or are those parents putting their children in last resort programs because they give a shit?

The problem with parents these days is that they're too afraid to let their kids hate them for awhile. They want to be the kid's "friend."
I hated my mom's guts. At 18 she gave me an ultimatum: I was either going to continue to go to college and get a part time job or she was gonna kick me out. And like hell if she was gonna continue to pay for my cell phone bill and my car.
I didn't like her, but it taught me REAL WORLD RESPONSIBILITY! No strangers are going to give you unconditional free board and shit, why should a parent instill that in their kid?
Ashley is a shit because her mom is a leeching welfare shit. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

No. 259131

Careful now. You might as well advocate for "straight" camps too. Those sort of places, whether for fat teens or homosexual or just deemed "rebellious" teens are fucking rampant with violence, sexual abuse and etc.
At adolescence there is only so much you can do. Kicking them out isn't helpful, not for people like Ash. It's like kicking out your drug addicted teen, most likely theyll end up dead and what sort of person is willing to take that risk?!

No. 259133

>You might as well advocate for "straight" camps too
No I'm not.
Extreme obesity and extreme anorexia are life-threatening diseases. Fundamental religious freaks who think their child's sexual preferences are bad is an entirely different subject–not to mention flatly wrong.
Drug-addiction is also a life-threatening disease and also ILLEGAL. I'd sooner see my teen in a juvenile detention center than being the "cool mom" letting them shoot up in a motel room.

No. 259141

I don't disagree anon other than obesity being far less life threatening than anorexia.
Drug addiction doesn't necessarily mean illegal activity either, let alone jail time.
But no you can't necessarily control your teenaged kid. You can do your best and all. Or kick them out or send them to camp. Doing that will mostly instill deep resentment and more issues to deal with though so their addiction just gets worse.

No. 259148

>Drug addiction doesn't necessarily mean illegal activity


No. 259152

Alcohol, prescription, hell even otc drugs. Do you live in a fucking cave or am I missing some sarcasm here

No. 259304

Usinf otc and prescription drugs for anything but their prescribed/intended use is illegal.

No. 259327

Yes but they are of a legal substance.

No. 259330

File: 1460552482262.png (1.62 MB, 1440x1994, tmp_25621-Screenshot_2016-04-1…)

In my country being a junkie lands you in jail but whatever. I noticed something. Rebecca's Facebook pic changed to a Miitomo pic after many months of not posting anything… And lo and behold, Ashley is the only one commenting. Is it just me, or does her mom's Facebook page look suspicious? No comments from other people, barely any friends or pictures, just stuff related to ash and random shit. Could this be a sock-puppet ash created to pretend to be her own mom? I mean, if Ash's mom is as bad as she claims she is, why would she go out of her way to play some shitty mobile game ash is suddenly obsessed with? The account seems hella fake to me.

No. 259332

Didn't Ash get mad at her mom once and removed her on FB? So strange.

No. 259357

Thank you spooky skeleton

No. 259437

I've already said this. Ashley's mom is not responsible for Ashley's actions, but she enabled them, which is a whole different matter. You don't have to do Guantanamo bay shit to stop enabling someone. You just stop giving them an environment that allows them to continue.

No. 259440

Yeah but she's dying so it doesn't matter now. Shitty parenting and a shitty kid.

No. 259441

Why do you keep bringing this up, are you autistic? As >>259437 said, doesn't matter now.

No. 259444

Sorry. I'm annoyed because Ash's and her mom's situation is the definition of enabling someone, and anon is just claiming "Nah that's just your opinion man."
I'll stop now.

No. 259450

In the end, it doesn't matter. Ash is who she is, Rebecca is who she is. Eventually Ash will die from her eating disorder and that'll be it.

No. 259457

I'm morbidly interested in what Ash's final days will be like.

No. 259460

Well I don't know about Ash but when someone I knew was dying of Cystic Fibrosis, they weren't very concious the last few days of their life and they would continually pee and poop themselves. Dying ain't pretty.

No. 259475

Dying is nasty. I've seen it over and over, Ashley's death will be slow and difficult. Nothing fucking kawaii about it.

No. 259477

Yeah, I agree. I would hope if she were dying that she'd at least be unconcious and not suffer much. Or in a hospital on a morphine drip so she doesn't feel pain.

No. 259478

Organ failure you think? I heard that shit is slow as fuck.

No. 259480

No. 259482

My CF friend died from chronic rejection, she went through a single lung transplant twice. Rejected both lungs within a year. With lung rejection it can be slow, you can last for years and years with chronic rejection but I would think rejecting a lung in a one year period is actually quite quick.

No. 259484

Screenshot please. Can't see the page without an account.

No. 259488

It's her picture and her last name. Could be her.
Also, you might wanna block out your own info from the top.

No. 259489

File: 1460574920241.png (477.81 KB, 590x608, erika.png)

Ugh, I didn't see that, thanks. My profile isn't searchable on FB anyway and is private, but I edited the screeshot just in case.

No. 259513

might be her but could also be someone use her picture/name

No. 259523

I don't know if it's fake, but whoever it is is also friends with Ash's ex-bff, Jackie.

No. 259614

She looks happier, and if not weight restored she does look better.
Or maybe this is and old pic and I'm just seeing what I want to see.

In regards to Ash, I have always wondered how come the people she fucked over didn't spill any serious beans on her and her supposed ~truth? Because they are better people perhaps, but one would think they'd want others to know, if only to prevent it from happening to someone else.

No. 259621

Probably because they're not pieces of shit like Ashley. Only Ashley acts like the world is out to get her. Erika, Gina, Jackie and the ED lady who wanted a service dog don't act nearly as horrible as Ash. I think the best thing to come out of it was that lady saying Ash weighs 41 lbs. That seems likely.

No. 259668

File: 1460598264137.png (322.19 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160413-214401.png)


No. 259725

Give it a day. She does this all the time.

No. 259729

preparations for embalming perhaps?

No. 259809

Erika really had strong feelings for Ashley. I know Erika was starting to test recovering around the time I found out about her but it wasn't until she saw herself in Ashley that she could make recovery happen. Tbh I don't think Erika has hate in her I know she still has motherly care for Ash. I know her very well in a close relationship irl and she is doing amazing and still seeking treatment, right now she is in Denver where her parents moved with both of her daughters.
Sage for OT

No. 260274

hey thanks anon. I was wondering about her, and hoping she has been ok. As attention seeking as she was, she at least put forth effort in BATTLING her illness.
I hope she stays away from Ash forever.
Ash can't have healthy friends, misery loves company.

No. 260310

Ash chooses her friends very carefully. It's always someone else with a mental illnesses because she knows she can manipulate them.

No. 260311

>>She claims her dad touched her inappropriately when she was little.

Oh my god, no she didn't - she claims it was her mother.

What is wrong with anons on this board as of recent? They're always spreading misinformation because they simply cant use the ctrl+f function to search for specific info from previous threads.

Fucking quit it with the assumptions, unless you have proof and a direct source that she said that - shut the fuck up.

No. 260319

Oh dude what? I saw that comment and thought, "nah, it was her stepdad but whatever"

Her mom? Now I'm all confused.

No. 260320

I'm almost positive it was a dad, because I think she posted the pic of the two of them once on tumblr and explained that he wasn't in the picture, and that she was a toddler and went to the dr's office to get examined because he supposedly touched her.

No. 260329


Well I'm afraid your almost positive assumption is wrong.

The photo she posted of her dad was a completely unrelated post on her blog, she mentioned he once beat the shit out her mom and shortly after he left.

The comment about being examined by a doctor when she was younger was made in another entirely different post on her blog. Apparently the doctor found some kind of trauma to her butthole and she suspected her mother did it.

I'm seriously not going to go through those previous threads to find it for you, it's really up to you since you're bringing that topic up. It possibly might be in the first or second made thread, you'll probably find it by ctrl+f'ing in there. It's also been bought up again in the last few threads, it's not like this is too much hard work.

No. 260332

K well this is the only thing I could find from the previous threads:

he dr. Told her mom that her butthole was unusually irritated or something. So she was alluding to sexual abuse, but who knows by whom.

Now, pediatricians are mandated reporters, he/she would have to report any suspected sexual abuse. And Ash lies about everything and even admitted she couldn't remember anything about the incident, but that she was 4 when it happened.

No. 260333


No. 260335

She honestly does make up shit for pity-points towards her wishlist; I really wouldn't be surprised if she made it up.

No. 260336

Not only that, but when anons reported Ashley to APS after the first thread, Ash deleted all references to being abused by the mom.

Ash just loves to play the victim and you can't take anything she says honestly because all she does is lie.

If her mother is such a horrible, terrible person, she wouldn't have made Ash go inpatient a handful of times, and Rebecca used to take Ash fairly regularly to Disney and so on.

No. 260340

I think it's impossible to find out how their relationship really is and what's a lie or true. IMO they both have some kind of unhealthy relationship and they're both disordered. I remember her mentioning some kind of "competitive" behaviour regaring dieting and fatshaming, they both lost tons of weight, give eachother hate but miss eachother when they're apart for a while. Ash mentioned that subtile and her mum would have kicked her out if there wouldn't be some kind of need (money wise or affection/obsession). I bet both would be better off living alone. excuse my rant on that

No. 260342

It's the only way she get get random strangers to buy her shit.

Nothing interesting has ever happened to her in her life, so she has to put up a facade that she has a terrible homelife, has no friends, has no money, abused and mistreated by everyone she crosses paths with and of course '~^*MeNtAl IlLnESsEs*^~'

If it wasn't for the threads about her here, she would definitely have a much, much larger fanbase by now.

No. 260343

It's possible they're both dysfunctional, but as you said, we'll never really know the extent of their relationship.

However, Rebecca must care about her child somewhat because going inpatient isn't cheap, and Ash mentioned once having a 5 week stint in the hospital and that some of her pictures post-4chan where she looks a little bigger were taken after that hospital stay. She also said that's how she went from pure restriction to binging/purging.

Then there was the hospital stay after the mom found out about the camming and forced Ash inpatient due to suicide threats.

No. 260347

I remember that two anon. Actually saw it myself.

No. 260348

Thank you! I don't know what is with these anons spreading misinformation either.

No. 260349

No you didn't because it never happened. As >>260329 said, they were two separate posts.

No. 260350

Doesn't negate the fact that the supposed abuse is most likely fasle.

No. 260351


No. 260354

Did you mean to reply to me? If so, of course it doesn't. My entire point was simply that those were two separate posts.

No. 260359

disinfo agents!!

No. 260360

Meant to reply to you and the other person, whoops.

Are you that other person that kept on insisting Rebecca is an enabler? if so, you really need to stop with these stupid over the top corrections and speculations. It's quite annoying.

No. 260366

Siiiiigh. Then get your information correct. I'm out.

No. 260434

It wasn't the Instagram post, she posted it on her blog

No. 260435

She's never said anything of the sorts about her father in that sense, the only thing she's ever bought up about him was that he hit her mother and he left when she was around 6 years old and hasn't heard from him since.

She's never bought up anything else about him otherwise.

I dislike Ashley as much as a lot of anons here; but making up shit just to justify hating her more is stupid.

The post about her butthole and her father were in no way related, they were posted months apart from each other.

>>I saw that comment and thought, "nah, it was her stepdad but whatever"

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about, she doesn't even have a stepdad.

No. 260436

I'm the samefag as above, sorry! That post was meant to be directed at >>260347 not you.

No. 260483

>I remember her mentioning some kind of "competitive" behaviour regaring dieting and fatshaming

Because as we all know, Ash never lies about anything. /s

> they both lost tons of weight

Ash's mom isn't underweight. She was fat before. It's entirely possible that she lost weight in a healthy fashion. There is no evidence that she has an ED.

>give eachother hate

More of Ash's unsubstantiated hearsay.

Frankly I'd be super bitchy to my daughter if she was as much of a cunt as Ash.

>sh mentioned that subtile and her mum would have kicked her out if there wouldn't be some kind of need (money wise or affection/obsession)

More hearsay.

Also, if Becky kicks Ash out, Ash will die. Period. She has nowhere to go, can't support herself, and has shown no desire to recover. Ash got in trouble for the Hamtaro-chan stuff she did, tried to kill herself, and got put in in-patient. Clearly Becky wasn't burying her head in the sand. But Ash got worse. I'm sure Becky could have done more, but it's not easy intentionally hurting someone you love, even if it might make things better for them in the long run.

And now it's too late.

And we don't know whether or not Ash is getting any government $. That's all speculation.

>The post about her butthole and her father were in no way related

Did she even mention her mom in that post? I remember her insinuating it might have been the result of abuse, but I don't remember her specifying who the abuser might have been. The whole thing was stupid anyway. She stated she had no memory whatsoever of being abused, and it's not like butthole trauma solely result from molestation. Large, hard turds can rip your anus open, and little kids are really likely to hold it in when it hurts, compounding the problem when they finally can't hold it in any longer.

No. 260486

Like I said, it was on her blog. She double posted that pic.
>I dislike Ashley as much as a lot of anons here; but making up shit just to justify hating her more is stupid.
literally what? I'm not "making shit up" to justify hating her. How does one equate the other? I don't hate Ashley, never did. I feel cringe towards her pathetic life.

No. 260489

no one should feel sorry for either of them.
Rebecca should have thrown ash to the wolves with how badly ash has portrayed her. Her mom is a retard and so is Ash.
We will never fucking know, so there's no point in having the back and forth about it.

No. 260594

Then go find it if you're so sure about it, i've been here since the first thread and have only come across her talking about one instance of her dad being abusive and that was towards her mother.

Anons here watch her like a hawk, if you're saying that she "double posted" and mentioned there was even more abusive examples about him - then it will have been posted as a screenshot if it was truly relevant or gossip-worthy.

We're not gonna take your word or your vague memory of it as gospel without a source… so far, even other anons here are puzzled with what you're talking about.

No. 260595

The post started out as a general shitty rant about her mom, and she tacked on the "traumatized butthole" at the end of it, as if it was in relation to the snarking.

There was no mention of her father in the post though.

She's also implied many times since then that her current state wasn't caused by abuse, but she changes her story so fucking often that you don't know what to believe.

No. 260670

Not sure if you're the same anon, but I never asserted that her dad was the cause/abuser.

No. 260708

Huh? I'm just replying to >>260483 because they wondered who her "butthole trauma" post was directed at.

No. 260712

>And we don't know whether or not Ash is getting any government $. That's all speculation.

She gets medical assistance, therapy if she can be believed and occasional dental work. Mouth surgery as she calls it. She's getting government $.

No. 260731

If I will say anything about Ashley, it is the fact that she is still alive that has exceeded all my expectations.

Anybody that understands even a modicum of exactly the kind of damage that anorexia/bulimia wreaks upon the body will share my sentiment.
The fact she hasn't suffered a heart attack yet due to severe electrolyte imbalance is incredible. Simply incredible.

Still though, it's not a case of "if" now is it? Only when.

No. 260739

She's said she pays out of pocket for a therapist and doesn't get Medicaid, but I don't believe that. I think Ash gets SSI

No. 260764

File: 1460845717300.jpg (450.27 KB, 1280x1707, 31c0bdef-4bc0-489e-9c34-5f0393…)

No. 260770

Her hand looks like my dead anorexic Grandma's arm.
>>Ash 20 something going on 90.

No. 260771


So weird how she still has arm hair but her actual hair is thinning so much.

No. 260772

Because her body is so cold it grows extra hair to try and warm itself

No. 260773

That's very different types of hair.
Hairs on the head are very vulnerable due to weaker blood stream in the scalp.

No. 260774

do you guys know any news about erika?

No. 260777

She might be pretend Ukrainian now instead of instaGerman. >>259489

No. 260779

File: 1460848093931.jpg (69.15 KB, 685x300, 654646546546512.jpg)

nevermind, I just caught the from and lives in section. Still German as a Hasselhoff.

No. 260785

Do you think her b/p'ing has anything to do with it? Clearly she's not running on empty.

No. 260786

she's running on b/p fumes, it's been discussed many times throughout these threads

No. 260798

No, dumbass. That's called lanugo and it looks nothing like regular hair.

No. 260813

i wanna palpate them veins

No. 260816

…grandma, is that you?

No. 260829

Autopsy Anon right?

No. 260830

nope. just an anon.

No. 260839

File: 1460867837497.jpg (25.43 KB, 322x479, 52152209-b845-4c69-a066-ec8927…)

Oh god. Not to sound overly sensitive, but maybe these should have spoiler warnings. It's a pretty graphic picture. Her skin is clinging to her bones and veins so much

No. 260877


Music for you.

No. 260885

She's losing her terminal hair and growing lanugo/vellus hair in order for her body to retain heat since she can't homeostasis.
I'm surprised her veins aren't more collapsed.

No. 260940

I know you fucktard. I didn't use the word because the anon obliviously had no idea what it was. So STFU and stop being a bitch

No. 260948

sage for OT but if this place ever required usernames I'd want "traumatized butthole" as mine.

No. 260969


either she has two facebook profiles, or someone is using her pic. I'm friends with her on Facebook, and I've never seen that profile before.
(so jackie, you strange wannarecix, you're probably following a fake profile)

No. 261019

As mean as Ashley can be, it makes me sad knowing that she's almost certainly going to die soon, and she'll die only knowing mental anguish and pain. I really want her to recover and realize what she's doing to herself, but I know she won't.

No. 261044

I used to feel bad for Ash before I knew how crazy she really was. I followed her ghostxperfume account and thought that maybe people were mean to her because of her anorexia.

Then I saw a pattern of use and abuse. First it was Tiffany, the girl as Starbucks. Then it was Gia, Erika, Jackie, and most recently, secret_livez.

After Gia I kind of realized that Ash is a really big liar and that everything she's ever said about her family [esp her mom] was probably made up.

I was also kind of disgusted about her bragging about her binging and purging, like that Japanese food.

No. 261051

Not if I got it first! ;)

No. 261258

Not to mention, commenting on girls' photos shit like, "I'll take the tights but she can keep her chubby thighs." She could have just kept that shit to herself.
Sage for old milk.

No. 261335

How will we find out if Ash dies, though? If we has no friends and family left to post about her, and if her mom fucks off and her accounts are gone, we'll never know.

Do we just…assume the worst if she stops posting?

No. 261337

If she doesn't update then she'll obviously have passed away. She uses tumblr daily, I think.

No. 261339

Ugh yeah. Or sabotoging other people's recovery on IG. She's so gross.

No. 261347

She could just be in forced hospitalization, though. If something vital starts to shut down she'll be taken there straight away, and if she's unconscious she really won't have the capability to refuse life-saving treatment.

Question: does she refuse treatment so she can passively kill herself, or is she just stubborn and wants to maintain her spoopy stature? I know she's probably way too far gone to recover (not that she wants to anyway) but it sure would be interesting to see a full turnaround and have her gain weight in hospital.

No. 261349


Maybe she just has stuff queued…

No. 261351

If her mom has power of attorney then the mom can do whatever she wants, I guess. Unless there are specific health care proxies in place, like no DNR and saying no to life saving intervention. But Ash isn't that smart and there probably is no living will. [Living will = document that states what the person wishes, health care wise]

No. 261353

She thinks there's nothing wrong with her, that's why.

No. 261416

Let's say she's gone for a fortnight=dead.

No. 261525

When Ash passes away I kind of wish her mom could come forward and make a blog or do an interview about her side of the story. I'm sure her story will be very different from what ash paints for us.

No. 261552


I agree, I think it would be fascinating for her to do a book or a primetime tv special or something. It's not often you hear from the side of those who have to live with people who have severe EDs, the vast majority of news stories/books only focus on those with the EDs themselves.

No. 261555

$50 watch. Burnin through that inheritance in no time.

No. 261557

File: 1461042058045.png (528.27 KB, 486x572, 1445364060227.png)

needs to be posted again

No. 261561


This… This is what I always imagine.

No. 261568


those would look on her like sad cholo baggy pants anyways kek

No. 261569

I'd love to her beccas side of the story.

No. 261570

If account activity is low then Google "Severely Anorexic woman dies in Florida home at Xlbs after years of battling" and see what pops up.

No. 261574

Damn it you thieving anons, I said I wanted it first! I guess another variant will have to do just this once.

No. 261579

File: 1461050426893.png (355.38 KB, 725x1075, Untitled.png)

So I reverse searched the image and found this. The review's since been deleted. It was in the cached version of the page.

No. 261585

File: 1461051866330.png (1.08 MB, 1159x1211, Untitled.png)

More research.

One of her friends (mutual with Jackie) is called Bill Bockman. I'm positive he's Henry Roth! https://vk.com/henryroth

No. 261618

I'm torn between wanting to feel really fucking bad for her and wanting to roll my eyes at her childish dramticisms.

No. 261623


Sounds like Erika is keeping another FB for reasons, possibly for her more easily manipulated fans and followers.

No. 261624

Erika was always dramatic, but I can't see what the fuss was about. Sounds like a normal visit to a dentist except I never get offered painkillers.

She sure spends a lot on that medical insurance.

I wish her well, but I still think the whole scenario was OTT. Yes I've known the agony of dental pain, broken tooth w/nerve exposed, abscesses, but jeez. Let them deal with it and stfu whether you're ~fragile~ or not.

No. 261642

I agree. I don't know why she couldn't just deal with it and let it go.

No. 261643

I wonder if the mom would put out an obituary.

No. 261651

A funeral home usually would, even if it's a one line thing followed by a huge ad for the funeral home. That's included in the fees. Everything else aside, I doubt Ash's mom would leave her unclaimed at the hospital.

No. 261675

lmao what a fucking melodramatic drama queen.

No. 261679

Sadly, I can't find the post, but Ash herself has said that if she hasn't posted anything for a week, we should assume she's dead.
She came close recently–4 days without anything on her Tumblr. I think a fortnight is a better suggestion though.

No. 261683

>it felt as if they had forgotten I was there while the continued small talking with their hands in my mouth.

This is Ash-levels of self-centered, nonsensical whining.

No. 261750


The dentist is not your therapist.

No. 261783

She's slowing down.

No. 261784

I know it's kind of morbid but I always wonder what Ashley's thoughts will be when she dies. Not what she thinks about dying now but when it actually happens. I mean, will she be scared? Accept it? I don't imagine she would ever think much about all the weird shit she's done like the chubby legs comment or the dragging other people down.

No. 261785

I kinda want her to die already because she live in such a shitty way anyway, her soul is nothing by negativity and meanness, but at the same time I would be so blown away and amazed by a recovery.

No. 261787

I saw an IRL life spoopy person today and it was surreal. I was waiting for my dad to come out of 7-11. While waiting for him, I saw a spoopy woman walk into it.

She was wearing a sweatshirt [It was 70 F today and sunny] and very baggy sweatpants. I could tell she was spoopy under the clothing because she had incredibly thin arms and a wrinkly face like Aly.

I was actually surprised she could get up and walked, and I even tried to see where she was going after she left the store to see if she was driving or walking. Sure enough, she was walking to wherever she came from.

No. 261788

She won't think anything. Already she's incapable of rational thought. As she gets worse, her thought process, such as it is, will deteriorate. When death finally comes, she will be unconscious.

There will not be a point where she lucidly realizes "this is it" because in all likelihood, that point has already passed. It's like the frog in a warm pot of water thing - gradual change that is dragging her brain down with it? She won't know.

No. 261794

I think she's either going to go into a coma and pass away or she's get sick and it'll finish her off.

I think she did mention being in a coma once. I could be wrong, though.

No. 261796

When she makes comments like "chubby legs" she has to know she's inflicting her bullshit on other people. I think it gives her a moment of joy to knock someone down.

No. 261800

The coma was after the overdose, I think.

I often wonder what it would've been like when I was 25 and was like her. I can't imagine not having the motivation to want to do things a 20 something year old does, and even looking at at a 20 something year old body. It's a strange thing to see how your body ages over time, but hers skipped decades and went from teen to 80.

There's no way I'd not try to recover. If I was her, I would've killed myself rather than live the way she does. I can't see ANY quality at all.

No. 261805

File: 1461106668375.png (144 B, 225x224, all instagram like.png)

same anon but i can't stop thinking

She's never been to see bands and jump around and buzz off the music. She's never done stupid shit like drink until she pukes. She's never had relationships of substance. She's never taken classes to learn something new. She's never been able to make plans so one day she could travel. She's never had the excitement of following a career ambition. Fucking hell, it's making me want to die.

Y'know, like a lot of anons I've got the mentals. Day to day is how it comes, but we fight, yeah? Imagine waking up and knowing that you're not going to bother to try recovery and your life is sitting in a recliner.

No. 261815

Probably something along the lines of 'haha fuck you mom! I win!'

No. 261862


Difference between her and Ash is she's probably not a cunt.

No. 262101

She hasn't posted since 12th of April. You guys think she's dead or what

No. 262102

well, it's more than a week…

No. 262114

File: 1461190796895.png (436.59 KB, 975x437, Clipboard016.png)

She's still reblogging stuff on her tumblr.

No. 262120

Could just be queued.

No. 262121

Are her tumblr posts coming in at regular intervals?

No. 262129

No, but feels like they're slowing - last one was on the 18th. Two day gaps with zero posts are common though.

No pattern to the timing, quantity, or type.

No. 262133

is there a dead pool on ash?

No. 262135

Yeah, earlier ITT I said she's slowing down and I think its holding true.

We've been betting on timing her death for ages but I genuinely think this is it.

Coma or just a heart attack?
Maybe a gastric rupture if she's purging enough to die interestingly.

No. 262136

when's her next birthday? if it's in the fall or later i bet she won't see it

No. 262138

November. The 22nd I think?

No. 262140

If shes purging she could have a fatal episode of ventricular fibrillation that you can get if you're low on potassium.

There's a number of ways she could die given her state. Organ failure, heart attack, etc.

I say she has maybe two more years left. Maybe 3, but not more than 5.

No. 262141

unless she's already dead

No. 262157

File: 1461199706410.jpeg (47.67 KB, 640x582, image.jpeg)

Which translates to "I have completely fucked up my ability to walk so I cannot do that".

No. 262164

ash will go through a few death scares before she actually croaks.
She's a fucking metapod vs metapod battle IRL.

No. 262168

What if she starts gaining weight now? Will she survive longer?

And does she realise how much she is flirting with death by eating so little?

No. 262169

Lol… Harden to the end

No. 262176

I don't know how anons feel, but I personally think it's too late. Even if she tried eating more, the damage she's done is most likely permanent. You can't replace wasted heart muscle.

No. 262177

I should say, short of a heart transplant. Which they won't do on someone who is so negligent with their self care to begin with.

No. 262186

I'd say she has a death scare once a month.

No. 262187

I wonder how Rebecca would feel. I'm sure Ash is difficult and terrible to deal with, but she is Rebecca's only child.

No. 262191

Round and round we go…

She knows. On the one hand, I'm sure she thinks she has some super power because she's outlived everyone's expectations.

On the other hand, she doesn't care if she dies as long as she "wins" where winning is defined by her stubborn refusal to gain weight.

No. 262214

Deja vu so often. Shame we cant do a FAQ sticky.

When Ash dies, we'll know. Her WKs will be here telling us we killed her. She's in her twilight months. The only positive thing I can say about her is she didn't do a big crowd funding scam. She couldve hit hundreds of thousands. Still, shafting kind hearted naive followers out of their cash for wish list items is still massively shitty.

No. 262219

I think she mourned her child years ago.
Anything Ash was aside from the eating disorder and toddler-taste in entertainment/clothing died years ago. Rebecca's probably accepted it and dealt with a large part of the grief and is waiting as much as Ash is.

No. 262226

So, we know Ash has been slowing down lately. She hasn't posted on twitter, tumblr, or instagram in couple of days. She usually posts on one at least.

Do you guys think she is finally RIP?

No. 262232

Who knows anon.
Has ash ever been the type to selfie while in the hospital? The classic IV and tube up the nose shot?

No. 262240

Long time lurker and Ash follower here. I don't recall ever seeing selfies of herself in a hospital with a tube down her nose. Of course smartphones with a front-facing camera weren't a thing back when she was in IP (it's been that long..) and I doubt she'd post them on MySpace or such. Also Instagram was not around so anas didn't get special points for posting selfies in IP on Insta.

Watch her old YouTube videos. She has a few "catching up" videos where she mentions "lol anorexia has taken over me" or something along those lines.

No. 262244

What's her youtube channel? I didn't know she has one.

No. 262245

Bloo bloo bloo.

No. 262251

Crap, I know it's witheredwings or witheredxwings or something along those lines (I'm sorry, someone posted it on a previous thread) but she doesn't really talk in the videos, it's mostly music and text. And they were made with windows movie maker. I know it's not much help, but you should still watch the videos. They're really sad because you can see that she used to be a lot more alive (I can't say fully alive since she was suffering from her EDs). Now she's just surviving.

I've never linked a video, I'm sorry guys :(

No. 262254

File: 1461216985123.jpg (44.79 KB, 640x480, 1420245518084.jpg)

Oh that's actually really interesting, I've been wondering what she looked like between when she looked like this pic and what she looks like now

No. 262255


She used to look so cute, it's hard to believe it's the same person

No. 262257

Has she ever posted pictures of herself in Disney itself? As that sign is outside of Disney like you can just drive by it w/o paying, while the pictures are from a PO: riverside room, those epcot fireworks can be seen from outside of the park

No. 262258

She usually replies to asks pretty often so I feel like the only way we'll know that she's dead is if there's no ask replies for quite a while

No. 262261

RE: Ash's ability to stay alive or if recovery is possible.

No, I don't think she will ever recover and have a 'normal' life. Her body is simply too fucked up. All of her major organs are probably in various states of dissaray. There is no way her body could even handle a transplant even if she would gain weight.

At a certain level, I imagine she knows this and it fuels her immature behaviour. Since nothing matters, she doesn't ever need to improve.

My estimate is that she will manage to cling unto life for about 3 years in her current state, then a string of organ failures will happen which she would recover from at first but then, with time, she'll just about keel over dead.

No. 262263

File: 1461219778131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.6 KB, 920x1305, longdream.jpg)

agree– it's seriously spooky to watch these somewhat intimate videos knowing how/what she is now. she used to be a troubled girl with a childish face and now she is the physical embodiment of anorexia. she can never go back. reminds me of a sequence from a Junji Ito comic, kind of. it's actually very haunting

No. 262264

this seems plausible to me. at this point Ash clearly must have some kind of intimate relationship with death, she knows it's coming for her at any time and therefore her life has no longterm stakes. she can be as toxic and skelly as she wants because she knows she's on her way out.

it's that or her brain is so starved for any kind of sustenance that she actually believes she isn't headed for an imminent grave, and even for Ash that seems unlikely. skeleton world is scary

No. 262265

File: 1461221136328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.51 KB, 2208x1242, image.jpg)

I found the in between Ashley. It's like watching her age under a headlamp. Notice the teeth?

No. 262283

ash has been this way for about five years right? I was looking up severely anorexic women and found this article of a woman who lasted 16 years in this condition


No. 262284

same anon

it says this woman developed her eating disorder at the age of 12 and she died at 31. so just going off of this, she definitely can't have many more years left… but ash has outlived our expectations so far.

No. 262288

File: 1461229066611.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.64 KB, 531x554, caro.jpg)

In France we had Isabelle Caro, who too developed an eating disorder at age 12 and died at 30 yrs old.

No. 262289

her mother killed herself two month after Isabelle's death.

No. 262319

She looks fatter than ash

No. 262320

She really does look at least twice Ash's size - when you compare the knees and thighs in particular. Another reason why Ash thinks she's the screechiest spoopiest Ana qween: "She's dead and I'm aliiiiiive, huehuehuehue."

No. 262323

She was bigger, she was 70 lbs and 5'3.

No. 262336

It's a shame Ash won't reproduce. Outside of the clear mental illness, she clearly have killer genes to be able to survive like this for that long.

No. 262337


No. 262357


>calling an anorexic fatter than Skelly mcSpoopy


No. 262360

Ash is about 30 lbs less than Isabelle was so that sounds about right.

No. 262363

I tried not to look but what's wrong with her tailbone/butthole area? Looks beat as hell.

No. 262365

I think it's a combo of lanugo and pressure sores from sitting and laying down.

No. 262366

What's with the butt pic? That's not a thing she usually reblogs, is it? Also doesn't it look fat af to her?

No. 262379

Yeah, it seems out of place. I do know Ash is into girls but I wonder if she even has a sex drive. I'd assume not.

No. 262385

File: 1461253965481.jpg (85.51 KB, 509x674, jackie.jpg)

Turns out Jackie is still friends with Ashley. She hasn't said anything about Ash being dead, so I think she's just laying low. (Probably saw that we said if she didn't reblog for a fortnight, we'd assume she was dead, and is now faking dead to get us to leave her alone.)

She also posted this on Tumblr: http://flowergirlchick.tumblr.com/post/143127664684/a-very-special-friend-made-my-day-a-lot-brighter

And that $50 watch? Jackie probably bought it. http://flowergirlchick.tumblr.com/post/142912710044/shred-my-anxiety-new-spring-limited-edition-hello

No. 262388

Sage for stupid note, but I'm in CST, so she actually posted this at 7:39am her time.

No. 262392

Ugh, why Jackie? Didn't you and Ash have a falling out?

No. 262393

Notice how Ash says nothing about friends, or friendship. I wonder if she either doesn't want us to know, or doesn't care enough to thank Jackie if Jackie did buy the watch.

No. 262411

It's fucked up how entitled she is to other people's money. You can tell she's never lifted a finger or worked in her life. She should be ashamed of herself.

As for Jackie, she's basically like a beaten wife going back to her abusive husband. Still clinging on to that false idea that ash cares a shred about her and that she rather have her than be completely alone. Jackie's slow and too naive to understand that people like ash are nothing but pure manipulative scumbags and will NEVER care about any other human being.

No. 262430

File: 1461261839711.jpeg (70.58 KB, 640x718, image.jpeg)

Saw these on her wish list, what do you think she would use them for?

No. 262432

maybe for… food?

No. 262436

Ashley was being stealth about spying on Jackie. Remember that fake ig where she said she was called Annabelle or sthing? It's probably weird mind games.

Jackie and her sister knew Ash was a bitch who called Jackie a retard, so I'm really pissed off that she's back on friendly terms with her.

No. 262438

File: 1461263093159.jpeg (98.89 KB, 640x1068, image.jpeg)

She's alive

No. 262440

File: 1461263238327.jpg (44.11 KB, 464x261, cockroach.jpg)

Of course she is.

No. 262443

No, Jackie! Run! Ash is a predator.

No. 262452

>>262432 Ah yes! For all that food she eats!

No. 262455

why does she even have an ask box if she's never going to give a straight answer

No. 262486

So she can send self asks and claim it's bullying.

No. 262489

To store her vomit when the toilet is backed up.

No. 262525

File: 1461277913932.png (2.14 MB, 1440x1866, Screenshot_2016-04-21-18-26-17…)

>tagging a famous Fight Club scene with # ocean's eleven


No. 262528

And she had the nerve to call Jackie a retard?

No. 262530

File: 1461278722735.png (463.04 KB, 1440x2057, Screenshot_2016-04-21-17-28-47…)

out of all the comments and questions she's getting ash replied to a comment under this pic yesterday only to say this shit. guess she's only alive enough to defend herself against people mentioning her mother. still think she's bout to bite the dust tho

No. 262531

To store her Mac and cheese vomit and donut puke.

No. 262561

I don't know why, but this makes me madder than almost any other bullshit from her.

Her brain is literally mush at this point. Mush with an expensive bracelet and a cheap watch.

No. 262572

That person thought secret_livez was her mom kek.

No. 262576


No. 262577

Why did I click that

No. 262578

All the shit that Ash reblogs on tumblr has always been telling of what a shitty person she is. Reminds me of someone I knew who has thrown away every single friendship she's ever had. Their lives are very similar now that I think about it.

Sage for rambling

No. 262579

Is this supposed to be some sort of anti-anorexia PSA? It just looks like it's trying to make anorexia sexy. I'm so confused.

No. 262584

Fuck you anon. Dammit.

No. 262585

Is this CP…?

No. 262592

Looks more like jailbait. Seriously though, mcnamefag - why?

No. 262627

Yeah, It was supposed to be shocking for the general public, by putting her in a similar setting of a gorgeous supermodel. It's by Oliviero Toscani, he is quite infamous for this kind of work.

No. 262674

Apparently she was recovering when she died.

>55 pounds in 2006

>60 pounds when that picture was taken in 2007
>93 pounds in March of 2010
>died in December of 2010

Absolutely tragic.

>And that $50 watch? Jackie probably bought it

Ash is such a wretched cunt. She couldn't even be bothered to say 'thank you' to Jackie.

No. 262714

The fuck was that?

No. 262743

Her blown out butt and shriveltits are really not sexy. That's the point anon, they're putting forth the notion that super thin may be sexy on the runway but this is the reality of mental illness.

No. 262763

But they put her in a "sexy" pose. I get that a normal, non-anorexic person would think her body looks disgusting but I feel like anyone who's already anorexic would look at this photo and say "wow, such great thinspo."

No. 262777


I remember watching a short documentary sort of thing on her and why she made this campaign (which was on a billboard? If memory serves me correctly…) She definitely was trying to recover at the time.

Also, it's unlikely that her eating disorder was at its peak severity at 12. She might have switched between anorexia and bulimia, been in and out of recovery/hospitals…point is there's no was she survived in a state like Ashley's for that long.

No. 262787

I remember watching that. It was an episode of Taboo that spoke of beauty standards and how far people are willing to go to pursue it (I think). I remember thinking "wtf is wrong with her face?" Because I'd never seen a skelly face before. Her mom didn't want her to grow up so Caro developed anorexia to remain looking like a little girl. She even wrote a book about it and the episode showed when she was launching it. And the billboard was to "shock" people and hopefully prevent anorexia, although I can see how anas can take it in as thinspo (the episode even talks about thinspo if I remember correctly). A modeling agency told her she needed to lose weight to model when she was pretty deep in her ED. I remember th narrator also said that she only bought the bare minimum to eat because she couldn't carry any more groceries because they were too heavy and she'd just throw them all out. She died before the episode even aired.

No. 262788

Actually let me just post the vid. Sorry for summarizing :(

No. 262796

God I remwmber watching that, poor woman. I don't see how people like her and Ashley could ever be considered "thinspo" though, they look ill rather than the waifish chic Kate Moss look etc.

If someone wishes to die, anorexia/bulimia is a horrible prolonged way to go then when the sufferer decides to get better and live it's too late the body just gives up.

No. 262797

Thanks for the summary though, because I want to watch the video now - usually when people post videos I cba because they don't include any info about why it's relevant.

No. 262860

I got some information wrong but I hadn't watched the video in a while so I posted what I remember. Still very interesting, though.

No. 262907

Don't model agencies want skinny models so they're more or less coat hangers? It's kind of how you see the clothes in a store?


Catwalk models always look sexless. I can see how some women who want to remain childlike would aim for that look (esp if child abuse is the cause), but I can't see how women (or men) think skinny is "sexy".

No. 262921

she legit looks more like a skeleton than Ash does, at least in the face. I'm guessy it's just lousy bone structure.

I feel bad for her though, her mom was the whole cause of her anorexia. I can never understand why a parent would treat their child cruelly.

No. 262922

That wasn't the only campaign image, there are more normal posed ones if you look for it.

No. 262927

Pretty fucking much.

No. 262928


No. 262933

I think ash knows those legs aren't even remotely chubby, she just wants to flaunt the fact that she's so deadly skinny

No. 262935

I agree.

Ash always has to be the thinnest, the skinniest, etc. And she loves to sabotage other people's recovery and crap.

No. 262956

This is some weird shit tho because I'm ana-chan but have a pretty normal sense of what's normal weight, what's thin, and what's fat. The billboard photos (of Caro, I think?) aren't thinspo to me at all, they're scary as hell and I hope I never reach that point.

I think Ash has that same notion and just wants to be obnoxious, usually it's the wannarexics that say absurd shit and call thin people fat.

No. 262962

I legitimately wonder if Ash understands the finality of death.

No. 262965

if she ever could, she definitely can't now

No. 263045

Just proves what an evil nasty bitch she is.

She doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself. All she wants is attention. All she wants is free food, money, toys. She thinks she is some perfect lovely princess, when she is nothing but an evil, selfish, self-absorbed witch.

No. 263053

This is what I've heard as well. You get a bunch of scrawny, coat hanger-looking models to showcase the clothing. If the models were more voluptuous, consumers would ogle the models' bodies instead of the clothing. There's also the theory that because many fashion designers are gay men, they choose tall, skinny female models because they look more male. Both theories are flawed, of course, and I've got to stop posting here when I'm drunk, sorry if irrelevant.

No. 263071

Was Caro even a successful model before her ED fully kicked in, or was she really just known for being the spokesperson against ED in the fashion industry? If the latter, I wonder if she found more "success" as an ED spokesperson and if that made it harder for her to recover, since that makes her ED even more entwined with her identity. Like what was the timeline between her "bottom" and starting willful recovery and her death? Was she making significant progress on it and happened to be cut short by a complication, or was she playing the slow game like Aly and finally just kicked it?

No. 263073


She wasn't successful before, iirc … she was too short, they wanted her to lose weight, then she lost too much, and then she was wrapped up with the illness.

No. 263074

Same poster, just looked it up and saw that Caro was at her low weight and subsequent coma in 2006 at 55 lbs and she died in 2010…earlier in the year she self-reported she was up to 90 lbs, but an examiner article says she weight 68 lbs when she died. And it seems like her death was a complication from a lung infection, which sounds like something that might not have happened if she'd kept up the weight gain. So there's a VERY long period of "recovery" and a relapse shortly before death.

Seems like being "the model with the ED" might have been holding her back. Shame she wasn't able to completely discard that industry and move on.

No. 263077

That's what Caro was trying to portray. There are rumors that she was unpleasant to be around but at least she knew that anorexia is not a glamorous disease and she wanted the world to see that. And the fact that the billboard was launched during a fashion week is even better. Helps portray "behind the scenes" of the majority of the catwalk models (majority of them have EDs).

Also I hope you get the help you need, ana-chan.

No. 263078

Because it's supposed to be making fun of the whole being super skinny = sexy thing

No. 263137

Nope. She was only really famous for the no anorexia campaign.

No. 263147

Honestly, I don't think she would have made it as a model. Even if she were four inches taller, she doesn't have a good bone structure.

No. 263167


i wish ash would read your comment.

No. 263192


The problem is that if she has a personality disorder/underlying issues (which she pretty obviously does), she wouldn't have those experiences anyway. The ED is probably the only thing in her life that she can focus on and that shields her from the world, because if she recovered and still had severe issues then she would have nothing to cling onto and also no if-only excuse.

No. 263194

Well her old yt videos show her with a girl and she actually seemed like a normal kid in them. Wonder what happened to her friend.

No. 263213

File: 1461454516105.png (582.38 KB, 858x435, the.png)

[old milk]
what is it about ash that makes her "goalssssss as fuck" for you personally, /pt/?

No. 263222

Did she die yet

No. 263224

What is dead may never die

No. 263226

i'm wondering the same thing, the only reason i still check this thread is because I wanna see the shitstorm firsthand when she finally croaks

No. 263229

all the severe anorexics who've died have been ill for years which kind of proves that you know what? her genes are pretty fucking standard and she is not special for being alive at what like 25? isabelle caro was 30ish and had been ill for longer so all this praise is just stupid

all anorexics want to think they're not like all the other anorexics but however long you stagger on for your body can't run on nothing forever and sooner or later it will give up

No. 263233

ilu, anon <3

No. 263238

personally i would love for people i don't know to buy me things i don't need

No. 263281

I bet she'd easily get casted as a zombie in The Walking Dead. No make-up needed.

No. 263283

Yeah but she'd have to be a crawler. Or just stuck in her wheelgrave.

No. 263326

>all the severe anorexics who've died have been ill for years

Most anorexics never reach her level of emaciation in the first place; they recover, sustain a higher weight, or die. Those that do reach her skelly-status are extremely unlikely to successfully sustain it for as long as she has. Either it kills them, or they gain weight.

>isabelle caro was 30ish and had been ill for longer

Isabelle Caro weighed 55 pounds at her lowest, which is definitely more than Ash weighs currently. Isabelle not only died 4 years after hitting her lowest weight, she'd also gained 35 pounds by early 2010 (she died in December '10).

>your body can't run on nothing forever and sooner or later it will give up

Oh, she's definitely going to die from this. That doesn't change the fact that her body is unusually capable of surviving despite being starved. I really hope her corpse is donated to science.

No. 263328

I'm gonna have a pizza when she dies. Then do some lifting.

No. 263330

>her body is unusually capable of surviving despite being starved
It's definitely amazing. She must have incredibly strong genetics to be able to hold up this long.
Shame it's wasted on someone like her, I guess.

No. 263331

Wasn't there some anon in this thread or the last one who was talking about this strange gene? Something about everyone having it, but that it only activates (or whatever) in very few, mostly in women? Something about women, from a historical standpoint needing to be able to survive & breed, despite long periods of starvation
I mean maybe that's the case with Ash

I'll google and see what I can find

No. 263335

Yeah, sirtuin-1.

No. 263336

Edgy. But if I was you I wouldn't eat that pizza fattychan, have a proteinshake instead!

No. 263369

Her ability to manipulate others is goalsssssssssssssss for me.

No. 263393

At this point, even though Ash has survived this long being a reanimated corpse (suggesting something about her body i gighly resillient), even if she did recover, I can't imagine she'd survive for long. I don't even think she'd survive the weight gaining process on its own.

I almost wonder what her resting heart rate is. Imagine the heartbeat of someone with a bmi that low. As much as it gets repeated, I'm still amazed Ash hasn't died in her sleep.

No. 263401

One has to imagine that you could see/feel the heartbeat travel around her circulatory system; maybe once every ten, twenty minutes?

No. 263407

It would be good goals to be able to buy tax free clothing seeing how kids clothing is tax free here.

Everything else…EVERYTHING…about her existence is so, so depressing. Even that carpet and the store layout in that Target has got me on a downer.

No. 263414

I'm doing an informative PowerPoint on eating disorders and I've been contemplating whether or not to use a picture of Ash as my anorexia visual aid for the anorexia slide. It's for my psych class.

No. 263415

It would definitely get the point across about how anorexia affects your body, I would put it in there

No. 263416

Expect lots of gasps!

No. 263417

I would say go ahead. It'll make your presentation unforgettable.

No. 263419

I'm not sure how I'd react if the people listening to the talk would express pity and love towards her. I'd be all SHE'S A MANIPULATIVE BITCH WHO USES PEOPLE THEN FUCKS THEM OFF!!!

No. 263420

Do you have to block her eyes out?

No. 263423

PowerPoint anon here.
I'll do it but maybe block her eyes although I doubt it would matter. If anything, I think some of my classmates would think she's photoshopped.

No. 263425


At this point I doubt blocking her eyes out will make her unrecognizable.

No. 263426

Make sure you put one of her skele hands in there, they look too detailed for people to claim photoshop

No. 263427

And expect loads of HOW IS SHE EVEN STILL ALIVE!!!1

No. 263447

Isn't the risk of dying in her sleep along with the pain of lying down why she sleeps in her chairgrave?

No. 263448

She has to sleep sitting up or she will die? How the fuck can somebody live like that, that's so depressing

No. 263451

Let us know later how your presentation went and how your classmates reacted to her

No. 263452

Sleeping sitting up doesn't do anything. She sleeps in a chair because she and her mom live in a one-bedroom apartment.

No. 263455

Well anorexia makes people unpleasant to be around. It's part of the disease.

No. 263465

File: 1461541940372.jpg (6.05 KB, 225x225, jo bones.jpg)

John Merrick had to. Ash though, it's >>263452 although it's a recliner, so she probably is able to get horizontal.

No. 263469

I'd assume Ash's hr and bp would be better slightly reclined than completely flat.

No. 263499

I wonder if ashley ever modelled for skinnyfans. I never had the patience to trawl through their archives, but she would fit right in with those skellies.

No. 263502


Here's a link in case anyone wants to look for her

It's a long shot but hey

No. 263503

The women on this website look like creatures out of the pits of hell that would sprint at you on all fours screeching

No. 263505

when was it Ash started looking the way she does? there's some older posts on there (2008ish) that could be her with the face cropped, but they all start to look the same after awhile.

No. 263509

I doubt it. The shit hit the fan when Rebecca found she was camming and then Ash sperged out and attempted Sudoku.

I cant see Rebecca driving her to shoots even if she wasn't horrified het underage kid was a camwhore.

No. 263511

I know this has probably been mentioned before given how long Ash threads have been around but i am so curious to know how, if at all, her toileting functions work. As in she obviously has severe muscle wastage everywhere, so thats going to affect her sphincters = no control at all. Altho i guess as she doesnt ingest anything, nothing is there to come out. I had a friend who was severaly anorexic when we were 13 & she was more of Aly's lw size but i remember she used to STINK of cabbage and vile farts ALL the time. When she stood up from sitting it was so overwhelming i used to gag. I think it was down to having no anal sphincter so all the gasses just leaked out!!

No. 263533

If I do recall correctly, someone mentioned that her muscles don't even work anymore and that she just poops herself. And that her stool is basically just liquid at this point. We don't know for sure, of course.

No. 263536

File: 1461560745264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.88 KB, 485x730, 052115-cc-Rachel10.jpg)

I think this one other severely anorexic woman wears diapers. I'm not sure if it's because she's too weak to walk to the toilet or if her sphincter doesn't work anymore, but I imagine it must be similar with Ashley.

No. 263559

Is this site still active? There's something about pimping out the mentally ill that is just uniquely disgusting.

No. 263566

Yep, there's a reason most horror vidyas start their creature designs with … well, things that look like Ash.

Fucking hell. Still shocking every time. She got weight restored really quickly, didn't she?

No. 263567

Yep. There was some talk of how suspicious it was how fast she gained the weight, actually — And then there were issues of where certain donation money went. Some people thought the whole thing was a scam, but idk.

No. 263569

Here's a fantastic article about Rachel Farrokh and the possible donation scamming, as well as a great summary of how shitty the media is:


Also, it's a little funny how, after getting the 200k, Rachel essentially stopped posting on her FaceBook altogether.

No. 263571

>Altho i guess as she doesnt ingest anything, nothing is there to come out.

Everybody poops, even if they're starving. Poop doesn't even primarily consists of undigested food or food waste material. It's mostly water, bacteria (living and dead), dead white blood cells, intestinal cell debris, and mucous.

Anorexics don't stop pooping, they just give themselves leaky buttholes.

No. 263579

File: 1461582565714.jpg (17.46 KB, 260x339, 41BnyLL9T2L._SX258_BO1,204,203…)


No. 263614

Curious OP anon here - thank you i feel enlightened with this knowledge!!

No. 263615

There's also the fact that a lot of them abuse laxatives and diuretics, and then end up with bowel issues from laxative abuse.

No. 263616


But, when I was anorexic and went on an 11 day water fast I stopped pooping after the 3rd day….

No. 263619

File: 1461598356851.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2222, Screenshot_2016-04-25-10-26-04…)

Guess she's not dead. after 3 days of 0 activity I thought for sure this was it. However the gold card matches her jaundice quite well

No. 263622

if she drank a caffeinated coffee her heart would explode

No. 263623

This is so sad…She really needs to stop doing whatever she is doing. Why isnt she being forced to submit for some ED program or something?

No. 263626

You must be new here

No. 263627

i don't WANT ash to die but i feel like she needs to. looking at her makes me feel so uncomfortable, she's literally a living corpse.

No. 263628

That's a big mystery. Ashley has been reported to APS and they did squat. Florida also has a Baker Act.

I suppose the reason is there's nothing the hospital can really do. She'd just lose weight as soon as she got out, and a normal hospital might not be able to help her because her body may go into refeeding syndrome.

No. 263629

Actually, I have to wonder if that's how she keeps her heart rate up and at a functioning level.

No. 263637

Her eyelids are now lumpy, and what's with the band aid on her face?

She's slipping away fast.

No. 263640

Yes, I remember thinking it was weird myself (being a naturally suspicious and cynical bastard), and I read a couple of things about it being a scam. As the article says, instinctively, things just don't click. While dropping to 40 fucking pounds seems like a ridiculous extreme to go to to scam what isn't really that much money when you consider the risks, I don't know … it all seems a bit fishy. Or a bit ammonia-y.

Yeah, what an odd place for a plaster. And can you even imagine what would require it? Like, if Ash even accidentally scratched herself, surely she'd literally tear a hole through her skin to the bone? shivers

No. 263641

She uses cold black coffee to purge

No. 263646

File: 1461602358763.jpg (979.6 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1461602164860.jpg)

I see friendship trips on Jackie coming up lol

No. 263648

Why is Jackie constantly changing IG names?

No. 263650


Here's a thought, instead of a Pandora bracelet, BUY A NEW GODDAMN WIG.

No. 263651

Agreed, it's looks so raggedy at the ends especially.

No. 263656

Or she could just shave off what's left of her hair and buy some nice beanies. Can't understand why you'd be attached to your hair when you let the rest of your body waste away like that.

No. 263660

Or wear a chemo scarf or something. There's options.

No. 263662

True. Anything would be better than that awful barf carpet.

No. 263677

File: 1461614165957.jpeg (401.87 KB, 625x818, latest.jpeg)

I named one of my dark souls characters after ash.

No. 263684

File: 1461616639514.jpg (247.39 KB, 488x640, selfieeee.jpg)

No. 263685


#same #fat #toomuchfood #death #truth #oceans eleven

No. 263686

Ash makes your character look a real beauty!


No. 263687

A gold card for drinks that she doesn't even consume. LOL. Who is she trying to fool? I wish I had money to burn and literally flush down the toilet like ash does.

No. 263689

LOL, all you need for a gold card is to buy one drink. It's nothing special.

No. 263690

Explain the gold card thing to me. I've never even had one drink at Starbucks so I'm completely clueless.

No. 263691


No. 263693

"you used to be my thinspo but now you're my inspo ? stay strong"

I'm sure it's been said but I can't @ some of these (w)anas on Ash's instagram account. Bios that are all goal weights like 50kg, 55kg. What's it like being disgusting and retarded.

No. 263706

>>Goal weights like 50kg
Hahaha that is teetering on the edge of healthy/underweight for the height of the average girl - these fucking idiots get me every time wanting to qualify as underweight by just a pound under healthy, just to be part of the 'skeleton crew'.

No. 263709

It's a stupid card that gives you rewards. The gold cars gives you a free drink for every 125 stars and once a month there's a day where drinks are double the stars.

You get two stars for every dollar spent, a free drink on your birthday and unlimited coffee refills.

No. 263727

that was a temp promo
You used to need 30 stars to get to gold, now I think its 300

No. 263732

No, it ends May 2nd. Starbucks even has it on their site.

No. 263759

I don't follow Ash much, but what do severe anas like her even order at Starbucks anyway? It doesn't seem like anything beyond black coffee and maybe a soy drink would be very "safe."

No. 263768

I've seen "blendicanos" which is a blended americano/espresso with pumps of sugar free syrup lol
sounds disgusting but w/e

No. 263770

We'll I've heard she purges with black coffee. I assume the sheer amount of black coffee she consumes daily earned her the gold card pretty quick.

No. 263802

Dumb question, but what exactly does purge/binge imply? That she eats a lot then throws it back up asap?

No. 263803

We all ask one at some point anon.
Binge/purge refers to eating a lot and self induced vomiting in a short space of time.

No. 263804

Wow I mean puking sucks but that must be particularly unpleasant.

No. 263805

If you watch the docu called 'Thin' you'll get some understanding of what they do (it's about girls in treatment).

No. 263806

I think Ash's version of a binge would have to be more like a normal persons snack.

No. 263823

File: 1461658319943.jpg (310.09 KB, 1200x900, image.jpg)

>normal person's snack
>$250 a day binges that last 15hrs+
I could almost laugh at this statement. Her binges are high class brunch buffet style.

No. 263836

I think she just goes wild and consumes then pukes anything and everything.
I can imagine her wheeling into dunkin donuts and wherever else, ordering a big meal and desserts and then taking it all back to her piss-reeking puke dungeon for her precious ritual.
It would be amazing to see, in the same way body farm would be.

No. 263847

I don't know much about how someone her size actually lives but if she ate a lot wouldn't she have more tummy or bulimia face? She's tight lipped about her methods and what she actually consumes so we're just guessing. I agree it would be fascinating to see her actually eat a lot.

No. 263849

Considering her size I'd say she mostly restricts and the binge/purge doesn't happen more than once a week.

No. 263864

If she's eating vegan food, she's not b/ping.

If she isn't, she b/p's. So it's easy to tell because of the kind of food she posts.

No. 263866

File: 1461670625182.png (736.77 KB, 889x541, lmfao.png)

Ash is thinspo for an "anorexic bulimic" pro ana who weighs >55kg top kek

No. 263867

Just look at her tumblr tags and things that she reblogs. She loves to puke macaroni and cheese and dunkin donuts. She stopped posting her food puke hauls after she changed accounts and tried to "better herself", but she still posts the occasional donut vomit haul on her instagram.

No. 263871

This is one reason I'm glad she doesn't go into detail about her methods some hopeless fools out there would try to emulate her.

No. 263885

Easy. Over time, bulimics and people who binge/purge develop a hernia as a result of the purging over time, so the stomach slips out of place upwards into the chest.

That causes food to come out easily without much effort, so that's probably what's happened in Ash's case. She may or may not also abuse laxatives, who knows.

No. 263896

I truly cannot understand how anyone could aspire to this; Ash is physically revolting. My grandmother had osteopororis and was so fragile, I was always afraid of accidentally hurting her when I hugged her. She was also 100 years old when she died and appeared to be in much better physical condition than Ash.

So congrats, Ash, on going straight from adolescence to old age and skipping all the in-between stuff. Who needs a real life anyway?

No. 263898

With how extremely dehydrated she is im sure if she took more than 1 lax all the water in her body would go to her intestines and she'd die from dehydration

No. 263909

Nobody who tries to emulate Ash gets any sympathy from me.

No. 263913

It honestly baffles me that anyone would want to be like the rattling bag of bones.

No. 263916

Source for this info?

No. 263920

It's called a sliding hiatal hernia, as there are two types. This one is the most common.

Risk factors for a hiatal hernia:
-being overweight

To explain it further: in some people, muscle tissue may be weakened by injury or other damage. This makes it possible for your stomach to push through your diaphragm. Another cause is putting too much pressure on the muscles around your stomach.

That's exactly what purging does. Throwing up puts pressure on the stomach muscles which weaken over time, and voila.

No. 263955

My friend had one of those, but didn't know what caused it. She had surgery in the late 90s because she had acid reflux all the time. She rarely threw up though. Sage for slight OT, but a question - do bulimics suffer with acid reflux a lot?

No. 263958

No. 263975

yes, bulimic tend to suffer acid reflux. it usually leads to the ability to purge "hand-free"

No. 263982

Purging also doesn't have to specifically refer to vomiting, either. It can encompass defecating (laxative abuse, enema abuse) or working out excessively. And some people purge without having binged, i.e., eating a normal amount or restricting but also vomiting/pooping/exercising.

No. 263985

Imagine never getting to enjoy being a woman. Kinda sad :/

No. 263993

she never really got to enjoy being a human, let alone a woman

No. 264025

I feel like at this point it'd be physically impossible for her to purge…
I think it's much more likely that she does that "chew n spit" thing. i dont know why no one has brought that up yet since it's a common thing people with eating disorders do and it seems much more realistic for ash. I could be wrong though.

No. 264079

does anyone happen to have the source to the original pic?

No. 264181

Can't exactly do much since Ashley's original tumblr was deleted but I managed to get the url of the image.


No. 264246

File: 1461769501801.png (691.17 KB, 670x955, tumblr_nwb84heLBq1upnhfjo1_128…)

Here's another one

No. 264269

Okay, Ash. I'm pretty sure most people would rather have her legs than your literal skeleton legs. At least she looks human.

No. 264273

Putting "healthy" in scarequotes lol. Strapped into a chair grave she must be pretty mad at anyone who is happily living their lives as a healthy normal person with unlimited capabilities, who everyone thinks of as slender and not just some disgusting self-immobilized freak.

No. 264280

Huh, for once I actually like the stickers she's using.
Anyone know which app they're from?

No. 264281

this is the most blatant and shameless attention-seeking I have ever seen

No. 264285

Her legs are cute imo
Mine are too wobbly

No. 264287

It's the Line iPhone app. I use it often for my own personal entertainment lol.

No. 264387

Oh fuck off Ash you stupid cow. Anorexic people do for the most part have a normal person's perspective, for sure as it relates to other people's bodies vs their thoughts about their own. Ash sounds jealous, I'm guessing she hasn't commented anything like this in a while though considering it's from her old tumblr.

No. 264395

She seems to just be using anorexia as an excuse to be a complete bitch about other women's bodies.

People with anorexia still understand social norms and it isn't normal to project your own toxic self loathing on others.

No. 264401

She's just not anorexic though. She also has a personality disorder.

No. 264438

Lmao. This is why I won't feel sorry when Ash drops dead.

No. 264502

She must rage so hard about skinny pretty girls who can like, walk and be loved and wanted around.
I'd be mad about happy, wanted people if I was a skeletal bitch who only ever made other people miserable too I suppose.

No. 264503

She can't choose to have an eating disorder but she can choose to get legit help. And she does not want to. It's her fault, really.

No. 264511

I think Ashley's jealous of healthy bodies. She probably wishes she had that model's legs. It's not only that hers now look like chicken bones, the texture of her skin, the colour of her skin etc is all fucked up and in no way attractive. Even if she thinks what she is is the dream body size wise, the skin, hair and everything else including her mind is ugly as fuck.

No. 264513

This too. She must feel bitter that as a woman she's never been able to have a relationship with a man or woman. You know, the kind that doesn't involve obsessing over a woman and wanting them just to drive her for mutual binge party food.

Even if she didn't want a relationship, even friendships. She can never have a real friendship.

AND SHE'S DONE IT TO HERSELF. Pretty damn sure this isn't what she wanted.

No. 264537


"I'm not normal so I get to call ppl fat."

No. 264539

I think the reason Ash doesn't have chipmunk cheeks or a belly or anything is that she purges everything. In my old experience, having any sort of intake while purging would make my face puff up like crazy.

Or maybe she does get these things and just doesn't post the pics. Who knows

No. 264596

The reason ppl who purge get chipmunk cheeks is thru swollen salivary glands: right now its probable that Ash has so little bodily functions left that work correctly, that even if she is purging, her body just isnt producing the copious amounts of saliva that it would in someone with a semi-healthily functioning body. Also from my former-bulimic years, the 'easier' the purge, the less saliva is released. In Ash's case, her stomach wuld probably automatically reject any significant amount of food or fluid ingested other than a few mouthfuls due to muscle wastage & shrinkage & generally not being used to food…therefore making it extremely effortless to vomit any intake, requiring minimal triggering of salivary glands.

No. 264659

thanks! I really like the bulky shoes + thin legs combo

No. 264666

Off topic, but does anyone know what happened to her fetishist?

No. 264708

My aunt became severely underweight due to non-ED illness (60 lbs at one point) and had a feeding tube: even too much water being administered by the nurses was ejected back out almost instantly either through vomiting or urinating.
I can't imagine Ash, who looks worse than my aunt did in the hours before she passed away, being able to ingest any substance without it being forcefully ejected by her body soon after as the organs physically cannot cope with it anymore

No. 264784

Bulimia cheeks appear when you purge excessively like 3+ times a day. I thought Ash is more the restrictive type who has a huge binge every other day. I don't follow her threads so sory if that's completely wrong.

No. 264787

Do you mean Neckbeard or the old guy Hank? (or someone else)

No. 264899

No. 264910

File: 1461884636635.jpg (18.47 KB, 400x265, IMG_20160418_204933.jpg)

No. 264922

No. 264925

File: 1461886795960.jpg (332.82 KB, 600x600, 1461365211493.jpg)

Holy shit that's her real fucking hair

No. 264926

no, it's just a 10-year old vomit mop

No. 264930

What are you talking about? that's her wig.

No. 264931

The stuff on her face, yes. The stuff on her head, no.

No. 264952

I'm actually disgusted by the fact she would claim 12 free donuts just to binge and purge. Vile human being.

No. 264953

A moment of silence for the poor cashier who saw this thing shambling towards the register with a crumpled coupon for free donuts.

No. 264957

Sorry about your aunt, anon. interesting insight, I knew that bulimics and even anorexics deep in their illness would yack up anything they ate/drank, didn't realise they'd piss it out straight away too. I thought it was more of a psychological thing/really touchy gag reflex from repeated vomiting, as opposed to the stomach and other organs being completely intolerant.

No. 264966


Imagine what was going though the customer's minds…

No. 264993

Holy inch-long lanugo…

No. 265037

Yes eating disorders in women liken the development of urinary and bowel incontinence greatly, as well as other digestive issues. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in as poor shape as Ash has no control over her toileting.

I read this thread and feel sad for her, as much as she tries to be rude to others it must just be a projection of how scared and miserable she must be within herself.

No. 265202

The person in the background laughing and saying "thats so mean!"

No. 265212

Imo it shows how mentally far gone Ash is.
If I looked like her, or some 300 pound beast, I'd be too embarrassed to leave my home until I was relatively normal again.

No. 265215

And the poor people who were standing next to her

No. 265228

I think the deal was if you bought a dozen donuts you got a dozen free, so she had 24 in total.

How embarrassing that people were actually queuing for free donuts. I'd be ashamed.

No. 265236

File: 1461964399407.png (29.71 KB, 302x284, capture-20160430-001117.png)

No. 265253


I have a feeling that anytime she says she "didn't eat" or was "too scared" to eat something, she really just purged it.

No. 265255

isn't it a little late for her to pretend she's not eating any of it? it's pretty common knowledge she's b/p subtype

No. 265257

Seriously. And she'll purge non vegan foods, those donuts are def. not vegan so there's no doubt she b/p'd the lot.

No. 265381

Holy shit. The radio announcer said it was superhero day, but I was like, "There's no way The Great Donut Purge was a year ago…" Guess I was wrong lol

No. 265401

She got too gross even for Hank

No. 265458

I thought Ash was gay?

No. 265461

She's either gay and used Hank, or she's bi and prefers females.

No. 265510

She didn't purge them. She threw them at cars from an overpass, remember?

No. 265537

I doubt she has the strength to throw anything, tbh.

No. 265545

She obsesses over anyone who shows her some attention (and dollar). Maybe there's a tumblresque sexuality term for that. From what she's written, the only one who pleasures her is herself. Sorry to put that imagine in your mind again.

No. 265546

I'm pretty sure she's entirely sexless and just uses flirty bs as a way of squeezing more shit out of "friends" or to feel more
Grown up than the perpetual toddler she is.

There's no way her shriveled corpse could get aroused by anyone or anything.

No. 265549

I can't see how she'd have a libido. Idek how she can think she'd be attractive to anyone who doesn't have a fetish, yet she was convinced she was in with a chance of some action with Tiffany (?) the Starbucks woman. Tiffany was hot, but she WAS giving Ash discounts, so I think it's obvious what Ash was really after.

No. 265571

She deludes herself occasionally and thinks her crushes are reciprocated but I mean, c'mon. Nobody but the freaks who can't get off to anything else could look at ash without total revulsion.

No. 265604


Isn't throwing things at cars a felony?

No. 265611

i hope she dies. stupid cunt

No. 265620

File: 1462069364480.jpg (24.94 KB, 286x508, current mood.jpg)

to think all of this started cuz she got dumped by her 3-year bf

No. 265632


the guy probably is sharing a tasty burger and a beer with his current gf while Ash is all bitter and alone rotting in a wheelchair kek

Holding grudges destroy lives, kids

No. 265647

What? When did she say that?

No. 265650

>What's with all the newfags?

This site isn't even that old. Pretty much everyone is a newfag here.

No. 265680

Yeah but theres always newer fags

No. 265696

If you are from 4chan or cgl or use 4chan imo you are not a newfag. The rest however seem to never blend in no matter how long they have been on this site.

No. 265736

Yeah I thought I was up to speed on Ash's descent in to the crypt. Haven't heard of this before. Deets/link to relevant old threads?

No. 265875

I could be wrong, but I feel like this was meant to be posted in the Kadee thread..? (Or whatever her name is, the obese anorexic). I vaguely remember reading this detail about her in that thread.

No. 266051

File: 1462197226300.png (376.46 KB, 404x451, spoop.png)


ghost.in.my.pocket ??I am NOT ASHAMED to say I need a wheelchair sometimes. I am human, I have flaws. Some people have it worse, some people are blessed with having it better. I take each day as it comes, and enjoy the most of it. You cannot keep living in darkness- life is not promised tomorrow.

No. 266053

You could have it better, you just refuse to do anything to make your life better.

No. 266056

>it's hard to tell myself that when society is so judge mental

Yup, it's much easier to blame society than yourself for your shitty life Ash

No. 266095

People who have it better than Ash aren't "blessed" because even the laziest, least-motivated slug has a better life than her.

It's her fault she turned her plane into the ground.

No. 266097

What is it with these anorexics and the "positivity" and "enjoy life" crap? Dying brain? No idea what their state of mind is like most of the time but they've got to be completely out of it. Anyone able to enlighten me? Is it like being baked or sth? Or sleep deprived?

No. 266099

being a "precious innocent ED warrior" garners more sympathy

No. 266116

my favourite part is the obese man in the background. Like chalk and cheese

No. 266117

He should share some of that blessed fat with Ashley.

No. 266123

Yeah Ash, no shame in fucking up what was once a perfectly normal body so you can have the body of an 80 year old dying from organ failure. At least you're not fat, even though obesechans live a better quality of life than you.

No. 266127

Imagine Ash trying to flirt with you

No. 266134

>wheelchair sometimes

Good joke. There's no way Trashley isn't constantly rolling around the mall, her apartment, et cetera…… This was probably discussed previously but can a human body even walk without any muscle support?

No. 266144

Found this video, imagine Ash shambling towards you like this.

No. 266145

I don't know wheelchairs but where does she put her feet when she's sitting in it? Just dangle?

No. 266152

Wow, Dark Souls III looks way better than I anticipated.

No. 266156

She may use foot pedals on her chair. Safer for her that way if mommy is pushing her around. Or she could use her feet to "walk" while sitting in her chair to move forward. This is a popular method used by the 95 year olds at the nursing home I work at lol.

No. 266159

Her wheelchair looks like a transport chair only. It doesn't look like a standard wheelchair that one can roll themselves, this one is designed to have someone push for you.

No. 266161

Makes sense - It's not like she could propel herself with those arms.

Kinda shocked she can hold her head up.

No. 266168

I'm surprised her heart is still beating. The heart is a muscle.

No. 266173

She's probably half-asleep all the time. Her heart can hardly pump enough blood around for her to move much less to fuel proper brain function.

No. 266205

File: 1462235541199.jpg (20.55 KB, 314x131, Capture.JPG)

>there is no 'chart' for who is 'sickest'.

I imagine her writing that cackling to herself and thinking, "I beat you all, fuckers".

No. 266234

A shiver runs down your spine as the all-too-familiar rush of hot ammonia drifts your way.
You snap your head around, desperate to catch the eye of a coworker, another customer, a spill. Any excuse to slip away and have someone else face the oncoming horror, at least for today.

The gods have no power here in Dunkin Donuts, nothing can save you. Sighing, arranging your face into a brave smile, you turn to face the unholy task ahead.

The smell is stronger facing it, hot and ripe like an open grave in summer. The shriveled thing creeps forward, dragging itself towards the counter you cower behind.

-clickclickclick. Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaape-
A withered blue foot in a child's shoe scrabbled for purchase against the linoleum and sticky rubber wheels inch a graying, grinning corpse closer towards you in sickening slow motion.

It jerks its head back and focuses its sunken eyes on yours. Trembling and entranced by the creatures hungry gaze, you begin the ritual.

"Hi, how may I help you today?"

A trembling hand, lumpy with veins, reaches up and pushes a greasy wig upwards revealing papery yellow skin stretched taut across her skull. A few limp strands of hair clung to the spotted scalp beneath.

She parted her withered, blue lips and sucked desperately for air that rasped past four tawny yellow fangs jutting from a narrow jaw and whined

" I want two dozen hot glazed donuts…I bet they're as sweet as you"

The words rush out in a gust of dusty air that smells sickly sweet, the reek of decaying meat envelops you. Its thick, and hard to breathe.

The grinning skeleton draped in vomit-spotted toddler clothing begins to twitch and jerk, gasping desperately.

Its jaw unhinges and drops open, the odor of decay is choking you, and you feel your strength failing you. Blindly, you grope the trays in front of you, knocking pastries to the floor and getting powdered sugar fucking everywhere. Finally, you drop to your knees then sprawl writhing on the ground. Your hands tear wildly at your straining neck, leaving gouges you never feel.

A final whistling gasp erupts from the seizing corpse in the wheelchair. Its eyes roll slowly back into focus and slides its deadly maw back into a satisfied smirk.

Clickclickclcikclick scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape

Half an hour later it has turned its wheelchair around and Ashley drags herself back to the taxi rank.

No. 266235

How sad.
So not only can she barely walk, she has to rely on her poor mother to wheel her corpse around as well.

No. 266236

And she treats her mum like shit.

No. 266253

She's very, uh, noticeable so she for sure gets a lot of attention just being outside and doing normal crap. And not only that but she also feels confident enough to take fucking random selfies in stores? With a normal weight person it'd already be cringy but with her it's 100x

No. 266257

2 spoopy

I love you anon.

No. 266278

And of COURSE she had the kinda wheelchair that another human being has to operate FOR her. lmfao… She couldn't get an electric wheelchair or one of those 'rascal' things? Or even a regular wheelchair that you can wheel around yourself? (IT WOULD BURN MORE CALORIEEEES!!!)

noooo, of course not.