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File: 1662146758916.jpeg (190.87 KB, 1074x1331, ALICE8.jpeg)

No. 1633817

Alice Bender is known on Tik Tok for her controversial takes, identifying as a crunchy and vegan radfem tradwife. She is “terminally online” and desperate for attention at any cost, often soiling her own reputation or exploiting her children in the pursuit of it.

FKA alicellani / crunchyipadbaby / aliceandfern / alicellanispam / aureliasmama / comingupfern / radfemalice / Allison-Loke-Lani Roza

> A lot of attention on teeth and oral hygiene: Initially observing the discrepancy of colour with Alice’s editing, but also TF about “medical neglect” Fern was experiencing that had been dealt with – combination of Alice’s search for a children’s dentist and a supposed leak via reddit from a mole in their circle.
> There is a visit with Caleb’s parents, Father Bender and Mother Bender. Fern and Caleb appeared cleaner and groomed on the trip, it is apparent that Fern also was given a haircut. Anons question Alice’s relationship with her in-laws more than ever.
> Not milk, but a very pregnant Alice rubs her tits like Fat Bastard in a TT about masks/ “muzzles” with a dead-pan expression on her face. Weird moves, Alice.
> Threads run dry and the milk is evaporating faster than icebergs from global warming.
> HERE COMES ZAPRESSA: Zapressa posts a series of stories WKing Alice, claiming she’s blocked Alice from seeing them. She rambles about how Alice isn’t a terrible person and we all need to understand that her online behaviour is intentionally shocking/offensive as a career move. She mentions that Alice relaxes her rules on trips, so gasp her and Fern do not actually live off fruit alone. Zapressa shares screens of their conversations, with Alice admitting she makes “subtle videos” to address things said about her. Strangely, Zapressa acknowledges rumours of Caleb being abusive and cannot confirm anything other than she noticed Fern had a SUS burn (anons already noticed) that Alice was inconsistently shooping.
> Alice responds with an underwhelming “whoa is me” TT about being used for clout. The entire saga seems painfully staged and choreographed.
> PHOTOSHOOTS! Photoshoots everywhere. At the store, at the gym, at construction sites, and basically ~wherever~ Alice can catch a glimpse of her reflection (which is now exclusively wearing clothing made for preteen girls).
> Ramblings about HOA and playgrounds. Another video posted later dances around affordability of the new home that’s being built. Honestly, nothing super interesting on this yet but I feel the milk coming.
> BIRDIE ENTERS THE CHAT: Alice’s last friend, Birdie (@rootedinabundancefarm) posts an expose on Caleb. Birdie claims that Caleb is physically abusive to Fern and “at least” emotionally abusing Alice. Birdie further states that Caleb even threatens to kill Fern and that there is an active CPS case. She offered Alice a place to escape but Birdie says that Alice went back to Caleb and blocked her instead. Shortly after releasing, Birdie makes her account private.
> REDDIT GONE WILD: First, one of the mods claims to be a gaming buddy of Caleb’s and feels confident in saying Caleb's not abusive. Later, redditards set up an AMA with an anonymous source who is supposedly confirmed to be an insider in the lives of Caleb & Alice. An overview of claims: Caleb is unfaithful to Alice and she is aware, Alice might be forced into prenatal care to comply with DFCS, Fern was suffering from some kind of medical neglect and Alice was being forced by DFCS to work with a paediatrician, Alice was censoring his face to conceal dental work, They are actually building a house, Alice reads threads about herself, She was not the recipient of scholarship to Cornell, She plays up crunch on cam, They have never witnessed abuse beyond Caleb yelling at Alice (but then says they are both guilty of abuse?), Alice is a compulsive liar, Caleb truly isn’t involved, Caleb is anti gov and not really crunchy, Alice pretends that Fern can talk but he doesn’t IRL, Alice’s traumatic childhood is an exaggeration (wOwoW).
> Some anons stop WKing Caleb (finally) and a more logical narrative begins to surface, in which Alice and Caleb are both shitty parents, partners, and people. Birds of feather flock together y’all!
> Gets dry again, someone pretends to be Caleb and says dumb shit like “Alice keeps me from my kids, I have to work all day, I’m secretly working with CPS” blah blah. So fake that everyone forgets it even happened.
> Alice successfully self-delivers “fetus” in the bathtub of their piss and shit adorned apartment. Caleb was able to graciously make himself available to take a few pictures of Alice in her smug glory and birth fluids (for the ‘gram).
> Damned and determined to be the crunchiest of them all, Alice sets out to achieve Lotus Birth Baby status. Posts over the next few days show Alice and Caleb seasoning the placenta with Kirkland brand spices to mask the stench.
> Suddenly the placenta is detached with no word or ritual documenting its fate. One can assume it also ended up in the dumpster outside their apartment complex (a la Fern’s).
> Painfully aware that interest in her antics are dwindling (yet again), Alice attempts to catch attention by delaying the announcement of fetus’ name and gender. She further toys with her audience by claiming to have named “they/them” Cashew. Some anons are viscerally repulsed by her pronunciation (cuh-shoo) and begin referring to fetus as “Sneeze.”
> A mukbang of ED/Bodychecks, Gender Disappointment, and Pregnancy Baiting. Alice begins to obsessively pump in liu of breastfeeding, citing breastfeeding as causing “sensory issues” (mUh ‘tIsM). She also develops a short-but-close bond with the scale, posting her weight daily until she suddenly claimed to be at her pre-preg weight (she isn’t) and suspiciously didn’t feel the need to show/prove it.
> Fern’s birthday comes and goes with Alice doing the bare minimum. Already the forgotten child.
> It’s announced that Caleb is going on a solo “leisure” trip, coincidentally Alice’s mania grows and she starts buying plants and planning “adventures” (ie. Sleeping in the car with two children in random parking lots).
> Alice graciously decides to cut the crap and announce both Fetus/Cashew’s name and gender. He is Sage.
> There is still concern over Fern’s mental and physical development.
> They still haven’t moved into their new house.
> You guessed it, everyone is FILTHIER than ever.

>Allison Roza met Caleb Bender when she was 14; he was 18
>says she left him for two years because he didn’t want to get married and start a family
>had an abortion at 16; hasn’t said whether it was Caleb who got her pregnant or someone else
>eloped with Caleb in Las Vegas as soon as she turned 19 (July 2018)
>immediately got pregnant
>Allison was in a car crash at 29 weeks pregnant (February 2019)
>sent to the hospital in an ambulance; delivered the baby via emergency cesarean
>baby Aurelia didn’t survive
>Alice first blamed the C-section, later the vitamin K injection
>announced second pregnancy in February 2020
>refused prenatal care because she thinks ultrasounds have radiation
>chose to “freebirth” instead
>i.e. gave birth alone on her toilet in their apartment; fished out her own placenta from her uterus two hours later
>Fern was born in August 2020
>Allison believes all women should be willing to die alone in childbirth rather than go to the hospital or have C-sections
>Fern is dressed gender neutral, except when Allison makes him wear her dead daughter’s dresses
>vegan except for her expensive leather baby stroller
>claims her parents were abusive because they fed her meat as a child
>anti-vax; bragged about telling people not to wash their hands before holding her newborn, but she’s nervous around people who got the covid vaccine
>lets Fern eat dirt, sticks, rocks, shopping cart handles, etc. because she breastfeeds
>refuses to wear sunscreen or put it on her infant because she thinks vegans can’t get sunburns
>believes she is smarter than doctors despite only having a GED & dropping out of college
>hasn’t worked since she quit Victoria’s Secret during her first pregnancy because #tradwife
>Caleb works at a burger joint
>claims to be pregnant again as of December 2021; due July 2022
>refuses to do a pregnancy test or any kind of prenatal care whatsoever
>leaked TikTok in which Alice leaves early from a visit with Caleb’s family, claiming that he has screamed at Fern when he cries ever since he was a newborn, and that’s why she & Fern are always driving around
>Alice refuses to address this
>still having a baby with Caleb
>still encouraging teen girls to do the same
>still planning to “freebirth” this baby and “unschool” both kids

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alicellani
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alicellani/
https://www.instagram.com/comingupferneats/ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/alicesavestrash/ (inactive)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvTBOZRCShzsEd0guqg2Qw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alicellani
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/allisonroza/
Amazon wishlist: just kidding, but of course she has multiple

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No. 1633843

Good job Alice for getting so many threads. Hope fern and sneeze find them one day

No. 1633858

if they live that long enough

No. 1633861

I read all that and I think, hm what the fuck could she possibly do next. Her life is an absolute circus.

No. 1633868

likely get pregnant again till she finally gets a baby daughter and then expect that daughter to her best friend and venting target, basically a worse version of my own life

No. 1633980

His banana shaped head is so gross looking, the pedo smile makes it even worse

No. 1633984

Alice deludes herself into thinking that a daughter will be her mini-me. If she does manage to have a daughter, the child is more than likely going to be mortified of Alice. The daughter will be able to make the connection between horrified onlookers and Alice’s bizarre behaviour. Alice’s grunting, non-verbal sons will end up being her only allies/minions throughout life.

No. 1633989

File: 1662159451799.jpeg (2.78 MB, 1284x2260, 98C048F6-ECAF-4F23-AEE9-08A58C…)

Is it food stamps day or whatever government assistance you burgers have that Alice qualifies for?

No. 1633990

I get my cash (not snap/EBT food) on the first of the month.

No. 1633996

Ofc you lowlives Americans do. Here in Pakistan everyone does more than that and gets more food than you can imagine we don’t. Do such degeneracy and we are nourish and not malnourished like India.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1634018

Thank you so much for posting your blog

No. 1634019

Sorry I’m broke?

No. 1634021

Lmao learn English before you talk shit

No. 1634031

That’s the only time she really goes to Costco.

No. 1634041

She’s using all her WIC funds from fart and shrew

No. 1634044

So they’re anti-government pro-trump psychos but will take a social government benefit with no issue smfh

No. 1634133

File: 1662171545088.jpeg (22.8 KB, 245x206, F7DD3ED4-A5F0-4127-A27F-A50EA2…)

No. 1634134

They’re probably white supremacists too that is basically the foundation of these “eco warrior” movements

No. 1634136

File: 1662171649958.png (4.59 MB, 828x1792, 1B355886-53F1-4407-9C7E-B88651…)

Oh look it’s alices kids future

No. 1634137

File: 1662171738347.jpeg (166.15 KB, 318x688, 417FE7DB-B6A8-4222-AD2E-4BA450…)

Why does it have bags under its eyes I’ve never seen that before with a naby

No. 1634140

File: 1662171859541.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1455, 779D73A4-9630-41D1-806D-2048E3…)

How is it safe to put a baby in a packed trolley like this? What if something falls or when she’s unloading it wtf

No. 1634141

File: 1662172011506.jpeg (235.76 KB, 491x649, 85692936-459C-44CD-AEE8-7F9871…)

Peep the double chin and face fat .. time to put the preteen outfits in the bin Alice xxx(nitpicking)

No. 1634142

???? why does this look like a fake baby

No. 1634144

She listens to all the Q conspiracy podcasts

No. 1634145

File: 1662172098036.jpeg (234.97 KB, 344x1013, D041774F-A230-4988-9346-A268CB…)

Whoever said her face is grey and sickly and her body is big and swollen was right wtf going on

No. 1634146

A sims baby

No. 1634147

I feel genuinely bad for the baby

No. 1634149

It’s eyes have looked swollen for a while. There’s something wrong with this child too.

No. 1634150

File: 1662172457781.jpeg (895.13 KB, 828x1486, 033FD3B9-D6E7-4A89-A89A-1F37BB…)

How can she let his hair grow like that past his eyes - blatant neglect

No. 1634153

Omg how did she get an ad lol with kozycouch wonder if that means they support all her horrific beliefs too

No. 1634154

She’s pinned the sage reveal vid bc it didn’t obviously get the views she wanted and it’s still got 20k likes lol

No. 1634167

Crooked smile again

No. 1634169

It does look fake wtf. Either way that baby does not look normal.

No. 1634176

yea, sorry not sorry she did not bounce back after this pregnancy at ALL, and she can tell herself or her viewers she’s pack to her pre-pregnancy weight all she wants, but she just looks wrecked in all the wrong places. She’s almost unrecognizable.

No. 1634203


I truly cannot fathom how even one woman willingly slept with him at least 3 times, let alone any others that he’s got on the side.

No. 1634209


Incredible that she referred to this haul as an extreme budget trip and then proceeded to put like 7 bunches of bananas in the cart with no restraint.

No. 1634259

we all do, like I'm sure most of us wouldn't give a shit if alice dropped dead tomorrow, people are concerned about her children and that's it

No. 1634275

She definitely has a shopping addiction and they definitely throw most of this crap away. No way 2 people can go through all the food she regularly buys.

No. 1634352

File: 1662205464692.jpeg (936.81 KB, 1242x2319, FA7C3EBF-3965-4DF7-A32C-3C7F68…)


No. 1634353


Something ain’t right. Or it’s just super ugly bc of the gene pool it came from.

No. 1634354

She’s busting out of a lot of her outfits lately. She sees herself as way skinnier than she is, it’s kind of funny considering she diets so hard. Just accept the mom bod gangly bitch. It’s all downhill from here.

No. 1634355

And instead of getting help for extreme food over spending due to food insecurity as a child, she just proceeds to do this. So much probably goes to waste.

No. 1634356

It feels backhanded to those who are actually looking for tips. Her video is kind of a slap in the face to struggling families. It’s not the take she thinks it is.

No. 1634357

I googled crooked smile toddler genetic (obvi he got it from Caleb) and all of them said braces and night guards are the way to fix it bc it was to do with an uneven bite. Another was a family whose kid had brain cancer. Poor fern, regardless.

No. 1634388

I’ve known women who needed iron supplementation because of menstruation. That being said, imagine going through a pregnancy with a wildly unbalanced diet and no pre/post natal care. A basic physical for Alice would probably pull grave results! She’s only 23 and she looks 40, it won’t be long before her deteriorating health catches up in ways that are not just aesthetic and she can’t ignore.

Okay! I take back what I said in one of the past threads (same nona who dismissed Fern having a crooked smile), I was clearly not looking close enough. Poor jaw growth must run in Caleb’s family, causing the crooked bites. Adding to >>1634357 : The best time to fix it is when the are young because they can still manipulate the jaw with spacers/night guards. Braces will move the teeth (if that’s necessary).

It’s definitely the latter. I think that this child will more closely resemble Caleb, whereas Fern is Alice’s doppelgänger. Every feature of Caleb’s face is misshapen or oddly proportioned. There is going to be little hope for this child to look normal, let alone cute! They lucked out with Fern being relatively adorable, but that’s already changing now that he’s getting older and the standard for hygiene is higher. I’m sure the smell of cat piss on all of them keeps everyone at bay though!

No. 1634404

All these videos of her cat/cats and never a single bag of litter seen in ANY of her hauls. Let that sink in yall. Rank ass animal abuser. She can’t keep plants or her animals alive, who they FUCK blessed her with fertility. I am officially an atheist.

No. 1634495

File: 1662222932230.png (650.38 KB, 487x727, Screenshot 2022-09-03 193612.p…)

No. 1634501

there is no way she only weighs 120, looks like she's 140-150

No. 1634506

lack of protein and nutrients may cause water retention

No. 1634510

She’s trolling her audience for views and comments. She must have had account warnings for her content to be so non-controversial

No. 1634535

I'm a long term "follower" of Alice. Back when she was somewhat "normal" before Tiktok. When she was very early pregnant with fern and only had 800 followers on ig and they were just people following Auriella's story

I really wish I foresaw the shit show she became and took screenshots. She did a baby food haul on her stories when she was barely pregnant and it was all prepackaged Gerber food from food stamps. She literally had so much

No. 1634560

Yeah u could tell by her beach TikToks in the swimsuit that she’s been lying about losing the baby weight. The thing doesn’t even fit her anymore >>1633085

No. 1634591

File: 1662232336021.jpeg (827.84 KB, 2048x2048, 18CF60E2-74BB-4516-B828-5AEEF6…)

Agreed. Picrel is recent in the bathing suit bottoms (left), when she was newly pregnant with Sage (middle), and pre-pregnancy in the same bottoms (right). She definitely is not at her pre-pregnancy weight, but she’s also not crazy far off. The greater issue is that this pregnancy seems to have a greater impact on her, likely irreversible. On top of being heavier than usual, you can tell that she carries her weight differently now. Her stomach doesn’t look like it’s ever going to be flat again. None of this really matters, but because Alice is a grossly narcissistic person then it’s like fuck it y’know what? You’re ugly too.

No. 1634592

Samefag to add that Alice has one of those bodies where weight gain doesn’t really go anywhere and they just get lumpy.

No. 1634596

She has done tt since then saying she didn’t know any better and blamed it on marketing, government, big pharma and her mother teaching her wrong by feeding the kids “bad” food

No. 1634597

File: 1662233176502.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3600x3600, C378F2E4-438B-417B-B2D7-98F6DA…)

You can’t even recognize her from her old Instagram content. It looks like an entirely different person.

No. 1634650

Her boobs are starting to sag too

No. 1634659

“iM bAcK tO mY pRe PrEgNaNt wEiGhT” lying bitch

No. 1634660

She looks more pregnant than she did for 1/2 her pregnancy. If she would’ve ACTUALLY worked out, her body would’ve snapped back better. Instead she wore flip flops and a skirt and bare belly for the pervs

No. 1634661

Cow tits kek

No. 1634668

even when she was skinny she looked terrible, she has no hips

No. 1634713

Agreed. She always had the kind of body where, if she gained weight, it wouldn’t go anywhere - it’d just make her lumpy. Which is what we’ve seen over the years.

No. 1634716

Are you retarded

No. 1634809


I mean they definitely don’t look good at all. It’d help her cause if she wore a decent bra once in a while. Even a nursing bra would be more flattering than her puffy ass nipples and engorged udders flapping in the wind.

No. 1634865

Not as retarded as her, leaving the house looking like an old hag

No. 1635452

They spent $1000 on food the week she gave birth?? How do they go through so much? Especially if calebs always at work it’s just Alice like

No. 1635453

She lets the cat pee in the house freely

No. 1635454

Bc she has no muscle and already a lanky body anyway

No. 1635460

Omd she cried bc she was jealous of a girl who had 4 kids at 19 like you have issues Alice


No. 1635467

File: 1662271006463.jpeg (828.42 KB, 828x1377, 12B240CD-7B70-4B59-B018-4547D2…)

She’s so afraid that turning 30 is an expiry age yet she’s aged 10 years in the space of a year

No. 1635476

Whoever said this baby looks like Caleb was right the dad has the big under eye creases too oop

MAGA trump worshipping white supremacist anti vax family

No. 1635479

File: 1662272002050.jpeg (881.17 KB, 828x1624, 20687758-43EA-416E-A904-600594…)

No. 1635490

The irony that calebs mom is a counsellor Specialising in women’s issues and relationship issues lol

No. 1635618


his family is ultra religious conservative, too. Who wants to bet her “counselling” has something to do with jesus. For all we know, she works at one of those “crisis” pregnancy centers that prey on women

No. 1635663

Alice’s pro-choice views will go against their beliefs. Surprised she hasn’t posted more tt about the overturning of r vs w and the affect it has had on the several public instances.

No. 1635689

Is daddy fern back from his vacation yet? Did we ever find out what that was all about?

No. 1636295

I’m watching this show about prisoners at high security jails getting to raise their babies in there…meth addicts are raising their babies better than you Allison. Wake the fuck up; these ppl have it figured out, figure it the fuck out. You have the advantage of the World Wide Web, And you choose to go blind.

No. 1636303

File: 1662331093983.png (7.15 MB, 1242x2688, 240D2CDA-E962-4988-9DDA-1152AC…)

Is this a sheet being used as a drape

No. 1636400

Yo wtf… bc honestly she is a mandated reporter and Alice is bat shit fucking crazy. She is beyond the qualifications for a 51/50. Mandate a shower with soap and parenting classes before discussion of discharge while you’re at it.

No. 1636402

Their sons a pedo for teenage girls. How godly of him.

No. 1636410

File: 1662341046181.jpeg (280.48 KB, 1168x1632, 0B24C4AC-4AAF-457B-8924-8FA2AF…)

Sorry for the terrible job at white out but they have a point. I wonder how long these comments will last

No. 1636413

She probably isn’t claiming it on her taxes and if she makes as much as she portrays she does then they are probably over the household income limit. Might explain why she suddenly had kid #2, the max household income would be increased. She would now receive more social government benefits too. She will have a rude awakening with the house expenses especially bc she don’t give a crap about conserving energy and stuff.

No. 1636415

Alice is developing knock knees as seen on the right picture. It happens due to lack of strong quad muscles to support the knees. She needs to start consuming more protein and do muscle building exercises in the gym unless she wants to suffer from knee pain at 30 years old

No. 1636420

Learn to sage and read newfag. Right is the oldest pic.

No. 1636778

It completely is from her website! She does the sessions in a church

No. 1636780

File: 1662373964406.jpeg (776.57 KB, 828x1434, E2798E14-0BAE-4BA1-BD4D-4C59C8…)

No. 1636781

File: 1662374004398.jpeg (369.27 KB, 535x906, DCCB99D7-59C0-4634-95FD-8646B4…)

Oh dear

No. 1636782

File: 1662374149927.jpeg (730.68 KB, 828x1093, EEBE7230-7615-4438-8F1B-4FA000…)

Sad that she markets this as being cute and not concerning that a toddler is passed out in the middle of the day and doesn’t have a proper sleep schedule. How does he sleep through the night with a newborn and 2 adults? Tf.

How is he gonna ever cope in the real world it’s msssex up

Also she’s all about informed consent until it’s to do with her children

No. 1636783

File: 1662374301974.jpeg (767.18 KB, 828x1186, AC6385F5-164E-4355-9DAF-7C6DF3…)


No. 1636785

WTF she says the only way sage can sleep is on his stomach - back sleeping is the only safe position for newborns up to 12 months - sleeping on stomach increases risk of SIDS. She’s so neglectful

No. 1636786

File: 1662374516839.jpeg (938.59 KB, 828x1298, 513DD9A6-250A-4F43-AD4D-E03933…)

No. 1636789

File: 1662374563921.jpeg (329.17 KB, 828x608, 2703E4C7-B5BF-4889-9760-506808…)

LITERALLY ALL over the internet about how unsafe sleeping on their stomach is

No. 1636794

Seems she just likes the cute newborn baby stage then neglects them when they get older and pops another one out

No. 1636856

People lost interest, same shit except starting over with a new baby. She needs to give it up. It’s like tiktok has brainwashed her into a zombie never looking up from her device to enjoy any moments on vacation or memories with her kids. She goes so she can film and that’s strictly it. And then speeds home so she can edit and post content. She has more haters than supporters at this point; does she know that? I also think she buys likes/views.(tinfoil)

No. 1636857

File: 1662378970012.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x2124, 5A542C78-00D9-4792-8D4E-FB1587…)

Alice: “All the dads and old men stop and stare at me when I walk in”

Also Alice:

No. 1636860

He looks so sad in every video she posts

No. 1636862

More babies = more biden bucks

No. 1636890

I know right because he can’t communicate or talk it’s so sad. And he’s so sleep deprived

No. 1636928

The kid will still be in diapers at 12 cuz she won’t take the time to help him learn and will keep popping out babies till she gets a girl

No. 1637086

File: 1662391501420.jpeg (436.31 KB, 2048x2048, 65508977-F7FC-480A-8327-FE5D1A…)

Without doing the research, I can say with almost 100% certainty that Mother Bender’s practice is entirely faith-based and consists of her borderline sermoning her clients into Christian beliefs/compliance. If she were a true counsellor, even a shitty one, then she would have already re-potted Caleb with a more submissive and less problematic bride. Instead, she’s probably too busy scaring young unwed teen moms out of abortions and playing matchmaker with “good Christian families” for adoption placements.. one of her “areas of expertise” is Women’s Issues kek, we ALL know what that means in this case. As long as Alice bows her head down for grace and humours them enough, they’ll tolerate her. We already know that Alice is inconsistent with her own ramblings and supposedly more lax on shit when she’s away from home.

It’s hilarious because she cited a woman’s story about her infant dying alone in their crib of SIDS as being her motivation for co-sleeping with Fern. She said something along the lines of babies move into dangerous positions during sleep because they are trying to find their moms. Typical Alice tho, only acknowledging the info/issues that compliment whatever dumb thing she’s doing this week. Like, if you are co-sleeping with Shew then why is he looking for comfort/protection? By Alice’s own analysis, he must not feel very bonded to her of “like they are one.”

Honestly, it’s already been emphasized by a few anons but Alice seems to have minimal connection to this baby. As it grows and likely looks more like Caleb, I’m sure the detachment will intensify. I can see her being so deluded that she’d actually tell us this herself but linking the failure to bond on some outlandish conspiracy. It was easy for her to adore Fern — not only does he look like her, but he skyrocketed her attention/clout from minimal to influencer. Her dead baby story and cat content was only going to do so much for her, Fern was the prop/accessory that she needed for people to pay attention. As soon as she caught on to society’s obsession with bad mothers and policing parenthood, she boomed. This new baby felt like nothing in comparison, as will every other new baby following Fern.. and yes, Alice: EVEN if it’s a girl.

No. 1637244

Sudden infant death syndrome is now linked to lack of or having few of a certain enzyme, it has nothing to do with crib. Doesn’t she know that?

No. 1637271

The crib picrel is from Fern’s infant days.

No. 1637279


Are you the same one that keeps yelling about this every few days? Please find something else to nitpick about.

No. 1637288


No, she wouldn’t because that would mean staying up to date on the latest peer reviewed, scientifically backed information. If it’s commonly agreed upon there’s no way Alice can wrap her head around it.

No. 1637390

No. 1637533

nta but i understand why they are. she keeps fucking posting pics of fern looking miserable and his hair grows farther into his face/eyes every day

No. 1638587

She probably doesn't cut his hair because she knows it bothers people. She doesn't care that it makes her look like the shitty parent she is as long as she feels superior getting a rise out of randoms on the internet. Twisted thinking. Funny how put together he is when the inlaws are in town

No. 1638597

No it’s because she said before she’ll never cut his hair because they’ll wait until he asks for it to be cut

The only reason they cut it last time was bc they were visiting the in-laws aka the only time fern looked normal and clean

No. 1638598

File: 1662449210339.jpeg (216.63 KB, 828x1372, 9A5AAB02-D1A9-4600-9A0A-CA2873…)

Okay the last time she cut ferns hair was in Feburary.

She said I was never going to cut ferns hair but they did because it was sticky from juice

No. 1638600

She’s delete every single possible controversial video from her tt I know this was to stop her account getting deleted but she’s now getting partners and ads ????
Like wtf she does not deserve ads. Wonder if they support her gross views and also think c sections aren’t real births and cancer is the parents fault if a child gets it

No. 1638602

Lol that they use a laundromat must get weird looks with their bottle of vinegar there

No. 1638604

Complaining to beyond meat

She doesn’t deserve it and it sets a disgusting view of the companies supporting such a vile person!!!!(cowtipping)

No. 1638607

File: 1662450233664.jpeg (188.32 KB, 864x648, DE053420-185A-46C5-B31A-B90DB8…)

It’s really weird how she was SO weird and obsessive over ingredients in food and now she promotes this that she wouldn’t even buy herself. She’d just shame the ingredients as unhealthy and throw it down the supermarket isle

No. 1638610

File: 1662450377038.jpeg (930.37 KB, 828x1452, 1C1C85CD-EEA4-448F-A62D-450479…)

The result of alices harmful health messaging - this girl got FIVE cavities bc she was influenced by Alice n did this

No. 1638619

Anyone else notice we haven’t seen the dog in a while

No. 1638626

I think it’s cute she named her baby after our sage function. love u Alice

No. 1638638

Kombucha is so acidic people should drink it with a straw but I'm sure crunchy moms neglect to mention that

No. 1638665

File: 1662463164581.jpg (338.35 KB, 1080x2037, Screenshot_20220906-210635_Tik…)

I cant belive this was Alice only one year ago.

How can one person physically deteriorate and age so much in such a short span of time.

No. 1638690

Or the cat

No. 1638692

The fact that she was excited she potentially could have met one single friend… she truly has nobody in her life that likes her. I bet fern was happy when she got a new toy to play with and he got to be left the fuck alone. He’s never happy or charismatic in any videos. Just sad and docile. My heart goes out to both those kids, they’re gonna need SO much therapy as adults. (Speaking from an extremely mentally unwell person, raised by emotionally unavailable parents)

No. 1638693

How did you do it, in an email?(cowtipping)

No. 1639009

Most likely her dietary choices and lifestyle plus having kids.

No. 1639154

Exactly that (what second anon said). Hormonal spikes and imbalances will wreak havoc on your body. The difference between Alice and most moms is that most mom’s supplement appropriately before/during their pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding. They are also screened for illness or deficiencies so they can be addressed and promote a healthy, happy mama and pregnancy. Alice went into this second pregnancy with an ED and nutritional deficiencies. We also have no idea what kind of underlying health issues Alice might have at this point, like things that we wouldn’t even guess. Alice is literally the poster girl for looking unhealthy and lifeless. No glow, no vibrance, no nothing. Her skin is grey, her eyes have lost their sparkle. It’s a miracle that she survived this second pregnancy but I anticipate grave health issues surfacing over the next little bit. She’ll blame it on her childhood vaccines or some shit.

No. 1639600

I second the tinfoil that Malice will have some serious health issues surface in the next 2-4 months. Whether that’s postpartum psychosis or passing out from malnutrition, something will come up.

No. 1639782

She’s for sure already experiencing symptoms and simply brushes them off. You can visibly see that she is not well by her appearance alone.

No. 1640669

File: 1662554260537.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x2688, D1DCA51E-15FF-4705-93B8-F8EB6A…)

It looks like the filter fell off in this one spot or something.

If it’s not a filter can someone plz explain to me wtf is happening here? Zoom in, it’s not water droplets.

No. 1640673

File: 1662554631548.jpeg (196.92 KB, 1242x462, CA885A45-F350-446E-A47D-9DD1A1…)


Homegirls hair is sprouting tons of greys…bitch must be anemic as fuck. I can’t imagine how tired she feels. She’s been running on low fuel so long, it’s like it’s normal for her now. Eventually her body is gonna say “I’ve had enough” and she’ll be forced to seek medical attention.

No. 1640716

File: 1662557690274.jpeg (33 KB, 238x456, F2ADCBF7-4DB3-4C13-9259-71DB60…)

The kid looks so sad and filthy… feral!

No. 1640725

File: 1662558014677.jpeg (645.89 KB, 653x1017, 96FE1256-1EC3-472A-B222-88DEA7…)

Just saw this tt and the package is still sealed. Bets she hasn’t eaten one of these and never will.

No. 1640734

I’ve heard Beyond Meat is struggling, and sponsoring Alice confirms this for me.

No. 1641222

Anyone remember when Alice made fun of Indy for his health problems and needing a G tube? Indy just came across my fyp and his speech and growth puts fern to absolute shame. Therapies work when a child needs it and awful to see fern wasting away like a blob of emptiness.

No. 1641439

Has anyone seen that video of a girl in chipotle where a kid comes up and just steals her queso right off her table and when she looks at him he just says hi and walks away. I feel like that's just going to be Fern. He's lacking so many nutrients and Alice isn't going to teach him manners and appropriate behavior he's just going to be stealing stuff off peoples tables and scarfing it down. Knowing Alice she will video it thinking it's funny

No. 1641488

Bold of you to assume he’ll be able to talk.

No. 1641558

or even live that long

No. 1641681

Allison and all the anti-vaxxers secretly want late, late abortions.

No. 1641682

Or walk.

No. 1642040

She wouldn’t even eat it anyway bc of the ingredients. She must be hard up for money promoting that to her followers

No. 1642044

She went to the dentist, cried and didn’t have any cavities….. how

No. 1642046

Something has definitely happened to the dog it’s been gone since the birth

No. 1642050

All fern does is sit and watch blippi on tv. No education no interaction just blippi it’s so sad he can’t communicate and doesn’t have any other toddlers his age to play with

No. 1642053

If she didn’t have any concerns she wouldn’t go I don’t believe there was no issues

No. 1642055

She takes better care of her plants than fern at this point

No. 1642080

screenshots, this is an imageboard. kek I cannot imagine this bitch had no cavities if she really went to a dentist.

No. 1642145

Well, she said she didn’t have any cavities. I can actually believe that she doesn’t though. Genetics play a big role in teeth - I know people with great oral hygiene who have dental problems and similarly there’s people who do the bare minimum of dental care, never see a dentist and yet never develop any problems. Luck of the draw sometimes.

No. 1642156

Nahhh she’s lying

No. 1642285

I agree, there is not a fucking chance that she’d go to a dentist if there wasn’t a major concern and that’s why the bitch is crying.

No. 1642368

This meme is from the subreddit, and the photo is very old.

No. 1642404

Why would she need to buy this if she had a perfectly fine placenta out to dry? It even was marinated

No. 1642732

tinfoil but i think the pregnancy fucked up her mouth bad and that's why she gave in and went to a dentist. who knows, she might not have cavities but actual teeth coming lose or gum disease. i wouldn't be surprised at all, her teeth were in an absolute state even before the pregnancy whenever we saw them behind filters

No. 1642778


This is absolutely rancid hahahah omg

No. 1642787

File: 1662678508590.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1443, FD6207FC-5C54-4E8E-A443-66484F…)

On the fyp

No. 1642791

Someone get this simp a lobotomy, it doesn’t take more than one brain cell to make sense of the situation and guess what it doesn’t flatter or victimize Alice.

No. 1642793

File: 1662678852508.jpeg (927.24 KB, 828x1387, 83CD95EE-7E63-43B6-A675-16BFD6…)

No. 1642797

File: 1662679034564.jpeg (874.57 KB, 828x1196, 570B695C-ACFC-48D7-8BEC-081B8C…)

She’s defo gonna keep popping them out like a chicken

No. 1642801

File: 1662679172264.jpeg (702.16 KB, 828x1113, D6E1CA0D-8575-48F3-95A9-96DF57…)

It looks like a loveless marriage, abuse and child neglect

No. 1642811

File: 1662679344837.jpeg (71.35 KB, 455x985, 301FAE22-F4EA-4E49-957D-E19FA2…)

You can tell how out of shape her body is in this vid her stomach is huge n looks still preg

No. 1642818

The way her entire tt revolved around fern before now he’s just a background figure

Heck not even the new baby has taken over bc she doesn’t seem as obsessed with it. She’s already thinking about having another one so it’s a girl

No. 1642823

So what? She body shames n went on about with fern how she bounced back so fast now look at her

Also it’s ironic how she had this idea that women expire at 30 and older moms are bad but now look at her 23 looking frumpy, old, tired and lost all her youth

God knows what she’ll be like by 30 at this rate

No. 1642830

File: 1662679833439.jpeg (802.93 KB, 828x1391, EF2C53FE-96DB-4483-8D26-2BDA0D…)

Like she doesn’t even interact with him or update on him anymore he’s just a lost mute background character who she ignores, sticks in front of the tv all day or in this vid nearly whacking him in the face

Also where’s your dog Alice v sus

No. 1642835

File: 1662680055339.jpeg (219.46 KB, 797x1418, 63B2ADA6-BFF3-4BE1-A8FA-7274B8…)

In this vid she says she was 122 before she gave birth to fern then she was 123 after…

In another weird vid she asks followers to guess her weight like girl

Constantly promoting ED habits under the guise of healthy living.

No. 1642842

File: 1662680310337.jpeg (762.28 KB, 828x1355, 80F97235-3CDD-4A81-8E58-2D74C4…)

lmao the caption

You’re frumpy now Alice maybe stop spreading ridiculous info on the internet

No. 1642849

File: 1662680459095.jpeg (514.9 KB, 646x1399, 82F777B3-11A0-4803-842F-32C9E0…)

Karma baby!

No. 1642878

Perfect example for why not to get married at 19!

No. 1642891

All these girls idolizing/defending her have the same social and mental health issues as Alice. It’s the reason these girls gravitate to her instead of seeing a therapist.

No. 1642915

File: 1662683324445.jpeg (221.31 KB, 828x1345, 619DC915-DA22-4650-94E2-050D9B…)

She posted this 10 days after shrew was born, she was just over 140 pre birth, that’s 40 more than her pre baby weight. If you minus 15lbs from the 40 for fluids, placenta and a baby, that would mean she lost about 20pounds in less than 2 weeks. I genuinely don’t even know if that’s possible. It’s pretty cringe to lie about losing weight after you had a baby lol.

No. 1643088

kek at the newborn laying on its stomach on a raised surface while she's not even looking at him and posing like a retard

No. 1643227

They are honestly MORE retarded than Alice because she’s able to manipulate and troll them yet they’ll defend her with every wasted breath they take. And yeah, Alice is not bouncing back this time. Another lowkey reason to her wanting to be pregnant is probably because that’s the only way her stomach isn’t going to look saggy anymore.

No. 1643318

File: 1662724769999.jpeg (602.07 KB, 806x879, B9C02F6B-EE18-43C9-9656-939671…)

No. 1643384

Wtf??? Their house will be infested with bugs and rodents and the only reason the apartment isn’t is cuz the property is fumigated on a regular basis.

No. 1643537

Potatoes with a side of kitty poop particles. There's NO way they could get through that many without some going bad especially not putting them in a cool dark place. Even if they ate potatoes for every single meal they wouldn't go through that many, their food waste must be massive

No. 1643602

She’ll probably try to freeze them lol. Rotting potatoes is a horrific smell too and the magots if any flies get to them barf

No. 1643782

>>1643602 freeze them whole. Food prep is beyond her

No. 1643818

File: 1662757870156.png (5.53 MB, 828x1792, FCF8FDB6-6D8A-43F0-ABC8-DF1CC1…)

Ok Alice. Tell yourself whatever you need to feel better that you look like this at 23.

No. 1643830

She was mom shaming a different tune a year ago

No. 1643831

Gotta love how narcissists always move the goal posts

No. 1643860


She’s got to be reading this. It’s pretty pathetic and obvious that she makes videos based off the same bullshit people are shitting on her for. Alice, you’re musty, old, and stale. She’d be better off if she’d actually ignore people on here and didn’t make it so obvious she was responding

No. 1643861

didn't she shame older women for looking "old and infertile" lmao. karma doing its job.

No. 1643933

Aging is getting considerably older to notice changes not looking a decade older within a year at age 23, Alice

No. 1643936

File: 1662765329344.jpeg (734.71 KB, 828x1071, 6C87E6E0-FDB0-485B-A858-4B7179…)


No. 1643940

The irony that she still has a smoothing filter on to the max in this vid as well

No. 1643944

File: 1662765550575.jpeg (132.66 KB, 828x926, 508CF20F-E019-4F5D-934D-5E6A47…)

Dead at the top comment who thought she was way older

No. 1643948

File: 1662765711452.jpeg (964.64 KB, 828x1389, 78BDB4EE-BB19-4FE4-9E4A-AF378C…)

HOW on earth are brands working with her given her extremely controversial views

No. 1644028


It’s basically a focus group kek. Imagine trying to convince people you don’t have to work because your waiter husband makes so much money but you’re both sitting home on your couch doing literal hours of online surveys for a $15 gift card

No. 1644053

Cope harder Alice, you would still look like a young 23 year old if you wore sun cream and didn’t starve yourself while popping out 3 kids in 4 years. girls a rough 30 on her best days.
It’s one of those get paid for doing survey deals, they sponsor anyone. They only decent sponsor I’ve seen her have is beyond meat and I have no idea how she even kept it when she shit talks meat imitation products all the time.

No. 1644062

Even if those were stored properly in the coldest dark place, it creates noxious solanine fumes. The abundance she sacked for views, who knows if Fern could just throw one in some random corner of their apartment like a discount Easter egg hunt because that’s vegan forgot about it because she’s so very cleanly and bam, becomes the Chelysheva family incident.

No. 1644074

her self awareness is non existent, isn't it? can a kind anon reply with screenshot proof of her hypocrisy?

No. 1644081

How pathetic being desperate for money to do surveys just for show on tt and then post an “ad” to make it look like she’s getting sponsors

No. 1644101

she’s never said that aging is bad. It’s just hilarious how she shit talks moms in their 30s when she looks older than them, or how she claims her vegan diet is like a life elixir for health and youth when she looks 10 years older the she is at least.

No. 1644151

File: 1662778559257.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2268, A7D94EE2-D59C-458E-80C6-70E3EE…)

Alice hittin’ the makeup and filters to try and resemble the throwbacks circulating in here lately, I’m dying. Hi Alice.

No. 1644156

She looks like a fucking clown

No. 1644167

It looks like the baby is asleep and she did her makeup and shoved her tit in its face for a photo shoot.

No. 1644178

Hey Alice, you mammoth. Put that gym membership to much needed use. You can even throw fart and shrew into the gym daycare and neglect them. Sounds like a win-win for you, you piece of shit. Then you can go home and have an ice cube for dinner and fall asleep pretending you didn’t marry a pedophile.

No. 1644187

This was one of her steps when she spiralled in the past… plants, filthy kids, hoarding rotting food, fake sponsorships and now extreme makeup.

No. 1644227

Notice she never smiles anymore? Her teeth are probably falling out kek

No. 1644372

File: 1662800960999.jpeg (677.35 KB, 828x1260, B42F99B9-5C68-408E-8D6B-546532…)

Currently having a breakdown on tt

No. 1644374

File: 1662801210611.jpeg (120.16 KB, 728x1008, 1D894D1C-A626-4A4D-89BC-E81CB5…)


No. 1644376

File: 1662801425612.jpeg (474.1 KB, 605x1138, 815DF6B0-C7CC-4E71-9A50-80F44B…)

Omg she’s done her classic pre teen clothes and make up and YET it somehow makes her look older

No. 1644395

those EARS jesus christ. Also she’s talking about her kids growing up as if Fart and Sneeze are turning 21 tomorrow.

No. 1644405

her kids are gonna abandon her as soon as they turn 18 and never contact her again LMAO. it would be her fault tho for basically neglecting them in every aspect.

No. 1644528

Product shot of a garlic bulb is wild

No. 1644540

She won’t buy polish remover cuz of the chemicals but will spend money at the nail salon which is filled with much worse and stronger chemicals and expose the kids.
For bloody sakes, CLEAN YOUR NAILS!

It isn’t about the toxicity of the chemicals, it’s 100% pure laziness.

Can’t fix stupid!!

No. 1644547

sage for no milk, but Flashgitz referenced Alice and Fren in their new video making fun of tiktok
at 1:01

No. 1644548

i would pay money to whoever can figure out how to post webms in this thread. not all of us are redditfags who use tiktok, we literally cannot get milk if you do not actually post her content. its fairly easy. save the tiktok. send it to yourself somehow if you need to, get the clip onto your computer/laptop somehow. then just google "mp4 to webm" and upload it. please. i beg you. i want to follow this cows milk but its impossible if you dont have tiktok or follow the subreddit. just post on reddit if youre not gonna post the webms. or at least a streamable link or something god. one day when her tiktok is gone people will look back on these threads and it will be like a lost language.

No. 1644583

Lmfao! She would take it as an honour to have been featured instead of an insult for her psychotic actions. I don’t follow enough but who were they referencing in the only fans skit?

No. 1644597


Lookin absolutely dead inside.

No. 1644599

Wouldn’t doubt if that dentist needed to pull some. An anon earlier described her real teeth slipping out of filters as “an absolute state” or something and that’s exactly it kek. They weren’t even yellow, her teeth were pure orangey-brown. Plus, that was just the front!

Somebody needs to parody this for the next thread photo..

.. and yet, somehow, she looks even more off her rocker here. Belly drooping out of her XS teeny bopper skirt.

No. 1644600


You can literally just type in her tiktok url into your browser

No. 1644603


I just watched this and it’s very telling that she only wants to remember her kids as babies. She’ll just keep popping more out as her current kids get older so she can relive the days of being relied on 100%

No. 1644605

File: 1662826761596.jpeg (459.72 KB, 1284x2234, E7F353E8-9FFE-4ABD-BC83-350561…)

Her deadpan face and clown makeup while slow blinking to the montage clip beside it. Holy fuck.

No. 1644611

but what if she deletes her tiktok anon. you obviously don't understand the farms. you need to save things for posterity.

No. 1644647

Every time someone does that it gives her views which is what we are avoiding

No. 1644648

Great memories your kid sitting at the side of the road eating all alone while his psychotic mother records him. Not to also mention the countless hours strapped into a car seat and eating rotting fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She’s a retarded cunt just trying to run away from her shitty life and dragging her kids along with her.

No. 1644673

She is giving her children the worst of both extreme lifestyles

No. 1644681

File: 1662834390458.png (953.87 KB, 1650x901, Screenshot 2022-09-10 212651.p…)

malice failing to understand basic biology and how genes work despite claiming to be 200 iq lmao.

No. 1644718

All the makeup she been putting on lately. I bet that makeup isnt organic. Kek the same cancer causing chemicals in food she is just gonna rub all over her face, exposing her newborn to the harsh chemicals in makeup. God i cant stand this hypocrite bitch. But hey alice, if your baby gets cancer, just remember that its your fault. And if youre gonna start wearing makeup then you might as well start eating preservatives. Same thing.

No. 1644748

File: 1662840139135.jpeg (362.96 KB, 606x944, D06C9386-7491-4C3F-8979-C5BDA8…)

Bet she’s gonna be preggers Again before we know it

No. 1644751

File: 1662840217359.jpeg (556.06 KB, 755x1062, E6E43987-EB2D-4D23-8B7C-F4AF85…)


No. 1644752

File: 1662840378547.jpeg (851.9 KB, 828x1376, A9D61113-A1B7-43DD-8DE6-F6E87A…)

Barley and sauce gross

No. 1644777

Barley and sauce when she has all those damn potatoes to eat

No. 1644783

Somebody please save those poor babies, they don't deserve this

No. 1644788

File: 1662844956707.jpeg (187.64 KB, 660x994, 4A246453-B763-4766-9DF7-78CA42…)

The kid is so over being exploited and playing her tt shenanigans.

What she wore yesterday was quite the scary costume.

No. 1644799

File: 1662846179707.jpg (44.15 KB, 314x500, 51YttEkrcLL.jpg)

anyone remember Katherine Marion? Alice's relationship with Fern reminds me a lot of her, for newfags unaware, Katherine Marion was a vegan sexworker in her 50's who was inappropriately close her young son, CPS finally took the boy away when he was 16 and he grew to be a somewhat normal person

No. 1644802

File: 1662846232476.jpg (52.28 KB, 448x507, Kaelin_at_17.jpg)

picrel was the boy at 17, finally allowed to be normal

No. 1644815

File: 1662847147826.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1284x2097, 2F4179D6-6D6D-4EBD-8B60-AD5F8E…)

plastic bags aren’t very crunchy, Alice.

No. 1644818

Is this fucking tard for real? Anyone who has an appreciable exposure to babies knows their final eye colour isn’t discernible until they are closer to one. Caucasian babies often have blue or gray eyes as infants/babies before they turn a final brown or hazel shade. Hell, it’s even somewhat regular for mixed babies who have one white parent. You’d think Alice the genius would know that, even just from being “well researched” and educated about bodies and babies. This dumbass is spiralling and here comes the sloppy side of her mania.

No. 1644820

Ewww bananas are exploding out of the bags onto the yummy cat pissed carpet

No. 1644860

Not to WK but premature grey hairs can also be genetic. People can start having grey hairs even as teenagers.

No. 1644903

It’s giving Norman bates

No. 1644965


Ahh yes. Your high school sweetheart looks absolutely thrilled about the 2 children you share.

No. 1644992

These kids don’t have a hope in hell

No. 1645012

File: 1662869685292.jpeg (90 KB, 638x918, 6185DD47-C1F7-4D5A-95A5-B9A597…)

One ugly ring made with glass stones.

No. 1645052

File: 1662872515744.jpeg (220.78 KB, 1242x2141, 34085898-B6AF-43BF-B74E-FD837A…)

This shit is literally from Claire's.

No. 1645071

okay I dislike alice and her style of parenting, but its fucked up to imply she would sexually abuse her child, this is an accusation you can't make lightly

No. 1645093

Something cheap after fern swallowed her gold band

No. 1645107

File: 1662877901632.jpeg (74.42 KB, 640x468, 653398D4-D19F-4FD8-B5C5-B71345…)

She’s following this woman on Instagram, who calls herself a doctor and “birth educator” despite being a chiropractor.

She has quite a bit of following. Some points she makes are valid however I can’t help but think calling oneself a doctor is misleading. Her comment section is full of traumatized women who say they will have another baby with home birth for the sake of proving people wrong

No. 1645121

She has a chiropractic doctorate, is also a certified midwife, and doula. Alice is a LARPing wannabe crunchy sperg but that has nothing to do with this woman’s business. I’ve followed her work for a long time and she really is fighting a good fight in helping women feel more comfortable putting their foot down and setting their own boundaries in how they want to give birth.

No. 1645168


That birds nest on her head I cant

No. 1645224

File: 1662892050550.jpeg (140.13 KB, 266x575, 4C26C244-B952-4C5D-B303-97145F…)


Who else notices fern is too big and sad all the time for her to exploit and use as a tt prop such a neglected child she never interacts with him anymore

No. 1645227

File: 1662892375877.jpeg (603.21 KB, 828x1159, 23B24756-AE57-46A5-820A-7859B0…)


She’s all for promoting having kids as a teenager and now she looks like this

No. 1645228

Been said before but not wearing a maternity bra really doesn’t do her any favours

No. 1645229

Saggy old boobs at 23

No. 1645230

Notice how she never does fun day in the life anymore bc all fern does is sit in front of the tv all day

No. 1645244

Fern’s developmental delays are also probably becoming more glaringly obvious and deteriorating into behavioural issues. Him wandering off to climb shit and pick up sand/rocks alone at 2 years old with no attempt to engage Alice is literally how autistic children will play. They do their own thing while expecting people around them to do their own thing, it’s called parallel play. Some anons in here stay blind tho. Him doing this was fine for her videos before because he was a prop. A neuro typical child would be a nightmare for Alice because she would have to actually talk and play with them, not just record her stupid TT videos or plop them with Blippi.

No. 1645253

Sad she hasn’t gotten him any early intervention and won’t. That would interfere with her tt time and her actually having to effectively interact with the kid. She really is the shittiest of shitty parents.

No. 1645287


I give it less than a week now that you’ve brought this up.

No. 1645304

Queue day in the life of baby fern

No. 1645309

File: 1662906366892.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x2567, 16D20E10-C961-4FC6-9E39-240C61…)

Good chance this one’s going to have her monkey ears. On another note, she literally looks both old and lifeless. Keep on saggin’, Alice. It keeps being said but really, TWENTY THREE!? and she looks like this. She’s going to be grotesque by the time she’s thirty, but that’s assuming her own stupidity doesn’t get her killed by then.

No. 1645315

She did say, now that caleb is back to work, 2 kids is a lot of work by herself.
Can’t handle 2 young kids needing you or is it ferns fucked up sleep schedule? Maybe you should have done something with fern so he wouldn’t be so delayed and nocturnal. Everyone told you so.

No. 1645335


It was so easy for her to talk all her shit about other moms when she only had one little baby blob to “take care of” but now that she has more than one she’s getting a heavy dose of reality, and good. That’s her karma. I hope shews colicky or something and that she gets next to no sleep.

No. 1645463

File: 1662916284340.png (9.99 MB, 1242x2688, 9E2BD6E5-0D2D-429B-B478-FF7E8F…)

It has a red rash or sunburn on its face and she blurred its eye and nose? Am I nitpicking? Something truly looks wrong with it.

Also: Nobody else has mentioned the irony in its name being sage and our need to “sage” the post before entering it here kek she got the idea from us you guys

No. 1645471

Ppl have mentioned the Sage relation on the previous thread and there is definitely something wrong with that child just can’t quite figure it out

No. 1645643

It’s clearly a vid screenshot not a photo that’s blurred.. but yeah this kid looks weird more demon like than cute

No. 1645646

File: 1662928181538.jpeg (597.7 KB, 758x1096, 8FFC1895-37B1-40C8-86FB-455FB9…)

I think she doesn’t help herself with the way she’s aging so bad too like she has potential to be cute and pretty if she actually showered, used soap, gave herself a good scrub, washed brushed and cut her hair properly and wore good fitting flattering clothes kek that’s a lot oop

No. 1645648

Anyone else notice girlies neck is always so grey compared to her face ? Like does she just need a good scrub to get the layers of dirt off or is it lack of vitamins making her lifeless

No. 1645650

File: 1662928306736.jpeg (235.33 KB, 504x692, 80C52385-9058-4EFF-B3BC-EAAA9F…)

No. 1645657

File: 1662928489118.jpeg (584.28 KB, 828x1411, C5600A4C-638E-48DA-A37D-2BBEA8…)

Weird relationship between them there was meme videos of Maia and other mums against Alice a while back n Alice liking comments maias a mean girl they both followed each other recently too on insta

No. 1645659

Pretty sure maias kids are way younger than alices n they can both say more words than fern

No. 1645672

Why can’t she take him to a speech therapist and for his delays what’s not crunchy about that omg.


No. 1645677

File: 1662929854972.jpeg (185.42 KB, 828x1450, AB2500C1-0663-442B-A12D-402283…)

OMG this vid of her talking about how fern won’t drink water all day unless it’s coconut water is so deranged. Look at the comments too kek such a breath of fresh air seeing uncensored critical comments

No. 1645678

File: 1662929908093.jpeg (193.81 KB, 828x1394, A4B180DA-21AF-4851-BCF4-9CD149…)


Someone save these poor kids I swear

No. 1645679

File: 1662929994546.jpeg (848.65 KB, 828x1473, 09EBB9C4-6BEC-48AD-957B-B55801…)


No. 1645684

What’s everyone’s theory on why she’s deleted literally every single possible controversial video? If you search her name and click on the original vid from the stitch it’s always deleted

No. 1645691

My guess Caleb’s parents, the video’s initiating cps reporting and her wanting sponsors. Also may have been part of TT’s deal to getting her accounts unbanned.

No. 1645692

File: 1662930846432.jpeg (904.97 KB, 828x1403, 73D4AFC3-60F5-4E22-BA36-687538…)

Alice blocked this random crunchy mom she blocks everyone omg. The girl seems lovely as well she’s crunchy but gets medical intervention for his kids still

No. 1645696

File: 1662931032332.jpeg (637.87 KB, 828x1251, 51728697-1AB8-4AC6-9332-004487…)

Alice is such a mean girl she ruins every friendship and every potential one

No. 1645700

File: 1662931302363.jpeg (826.15 KB, 828x1404, ED7C08F5-72C3-4F27-8754-339611…)

Alice stans harassed this poor girl and Alice blocked her too n supposedly made mean comments? No wonder she doesn’t have friends

No. 1645704

File: 1662931461562.jpeg (216.85 KB, 828x386, 6C300753-20CC-427A-AA64-DC3661…)

Course Alice denied it ew makes me dislike her even more

No. 1645707

File: 1662931591069.jpeg (116.72 KB, 828x551, BC94B265-8038-4C1F-A16D-25F650…)

Literally being nasty about a literal CHILD who’s clean, happy and taken care of Alice is a bitchhhh

No. 1645708

File: 1662931639715.jpeg (34.8 KB, 828x208, 8D942BDC-AA57-4F72-9A72-340CDB…)

No. 1645711

File: 1662931717037.jpeg (881.47 KB, 828x1370, 52AF4576-29E3-48DC-AF21-7CA3A9…)

This is so awful. The poor kid has medical issues which she takes care of n treats and Alice laughed at this

No. 1645712

File: 1662931775555.jpeg (454.64 KB, 828x761, 628F0A6A-84A6-40B0-9D1F-C2AFAA…)

No. 1645714

File: 1662931969828.jpeg (521.95 KB, 828x1080, 520314DF-22EF-4A37-827D-598606…)

Throwback to when Alice said she would post her birth video on an adult porn site

No. 1645718

File: 1662932106693.jpeg (204.43 KB, 391x848, 983BC173-75D3-4477-8427-C1D5A0…)

No. 1645720

It’s sad Alice blocked the birdie girl too she was friends with because fern was playing with her kids. Because of Alice being a bitch fern will never have consistent friends or a social circle just isolated to his crazy mother

No. 1645722

The kid literally has a medical condition that’s why they say make a wish baby and Alice thought that was funny? Rot in helll

No. 1645727

This girl says Alice was live and she said the reason fern will be homeschooled is because he won’t have student debt and will get scholarships n go free?

No. 1645728

Alice also said in the live she feels lucky she didn’t graduate high school because it meant she could go to college for free and she wouldn’t of if she graduated high school….

No. 1645730

File: 1662932997323.jpeg (252.33 KB, 828x463, BD291F45-19E8-4777-8206-F0683E…)

Like she does everything to finesse the government and take advantage of it getting married and her native status too

No. 1645736

File: 1662933634029.jpeg (923.89 KB, 828x1483, 328BA9CF-4184-402B-845A-02EB8D…)

Dietician made aware of fern and Alice after she posted about a vegan baby dying of malnutrition expressing concern. Also says in the comments to her stans saying fern veg and pasta that she’s worried about anemia, vit D, b12 etc for bone health development etc. Also points out Alice says fern doesn’t eat what she gives him all the time and he’s still mainly raw fruit diet

No. 1645743

File: 1662933917107.jpeg (641.79 KB, 828x1235, 1642C9FF-60C9-45DC-864F-5C90F4…)

omg this is officially the worst thing ever I kid you not Alice literally scrubbed her soap bar on the carpet on animal faeces and uses THE SAME soap bar to brush her and ferns teeth

No. 1645745

File: 1662934105672.jpeg (451.33 KB, 828x1704, 2B4C29F4-E9BD-4D21-BD8F-8119EF…)

Is it just me that finds it creepy that Alice gets literal strangers off the internet to buy her son toys and clothes like buy your own kid stuff Alice

No. 1645750

File: 1662934365168.png (826.08 KB, 828x1792, EC2F9B0A-8A05-44D3-92E1-5E0883…)

Why on earth would you want strangers walking around with your baby on a t shirt I know she did this a while ago but didn’t know she was still selling it ew

No. 1645751

and this is why i keep telling you to post webms

No. 1645842

Nawww this lady is as gross as Alice and exploits Indy

No. 1645848

File: 1662944998531.jpeg (19.32 KB, 277x182, BE09630E-C935-4C0C-8539-B09095…)

It’s giving…

No. 1645854

Most definitely!

No. 1645885

Jesus I see more mental illness in this pic than in most pics on lolcow rn

No. 1646129

File: 1662990100612.png (8.23 MB, 1242x2688, A51E1C25-742A-4264-A252-73EC2D…)

Shoes from a restaurant in the house on the floor right next to where the baby plays. To each their own ig

No. 1646397

Oh my God does the pile of potatoes literally just sit there on the floor what the hell. Why. Just why.

No. 1646527

Some weird “vegan mumu” stan bought one and made a video dancing around in it LOL I don’t watch her videos anymore but I bet she’s still on there. She kept calling her self “ferns grandma” it was weird as fuck

No. 1646782

File: 1663037369807.png (4.47 MB, 828x1792, 40A6A253-D9A7-4322-8B08-4A5BBF…)

Meanwhile all this pudgy bitch eats is straight carbs and sugar.

No. 1646951

she's not even pudgy. she looks much better than when she was always on that "muh 100 pounds while pregnant" thing. i think a lot of you seem guilty of the same judgement on alice that she has on other women. if you really think a woman who just had a baby and looks like this is fat, i just don't know how you deal with your own body and your own process of aging. she also doesn't look that bad for 23, she's just kind of dirty and needs a shower. you all come off very hypocritical, and no one in this thread seems to understand how the farms work, and you dont actually document any of her tiktoks. you just post screenshots, follow her, and give her views and money that way. i will say it one last time, if one person ITT can figure out how to post webms this thread may actually work.

No. 1646985

She’s the one who said old moms aren’t good moms because they don’t have endurance.. now look at her sporting wrinkles, eye bags, and busting out of her tween clothes like some grands pillsbury biscuits. She puts heavy filters and editing on all of her stuff that’s why you don’t see the real her. Go watch her YouTube’s archived here to get a real idea of her premature aging bc she doesn’t know how to edit there. It’s her own fault for promoting and living the lifestyle that she does with no sunscreen and horrible nutrition. She’s a child abusing, neglectful hag, stop standing up for her. I’m skinny and beautiful and I didn’t have kids bc I’d be a shit mother. most of us aren’t retards playing house with groomer husbands placing children's well-being at the bottom of the to do list. She deserves zero sympathy and deserves to be judged as harshly as she judges others. Are you forgetting she told a mom her child had cancer bc she fed them toxins? You’re really going to bat for this vile putrid woman? Has she picked you yet?

No. 1647295

She looks gross and old so what genuine criticism hard not to point out the DRASTIC change in her appearance in a year

Especially as she was just infantilising herself and dressing as a pre teen n saying all the old men look at her. Appealing to pedos like her husband is

No. 1647297

Why are you so fussed about telling people to post webms? You do it if you’re so concerned?

No. 1647298

And she was literally promoting and advocating how amazing and vital it is for women to have babies as a teenager and now look at her expired ass

No. 1647301

It’s hard to overlook the fact she went from her being quite looks focused to completely letting herself go and looking like a tramp and hag at age 23

No. 1647302

She’s been declining for a while looks wise getting worse n worse.

No. 1647305

Also she wears the smoothing filter to the max 24/7 wait till you see her without it

No. 1647306

File: 1663107286485.jpeg (599.58 KB, 828x1203, C1A86A4C-4E20-42C2-A1DF-218B25…)

This tiktokers username wow

No. 1647311

File: 1663107571979.jpeg (386.77 KB, 656x666, 1664E9AB-ED78-450D-B90C-711F48…)

Potatoes still rotting on the floor this girl is filthy zoom in on the carpet at the back too

No. 1647313

File: 1663107805120.jpeg (302.56 KB, 576x606, 85F9C96E-916E-4EF4-A271-4513FC…)

Completely normal sanitary way to store food

No. 1647314

She probably gave her dog away too we haven’t seen it since the birth

No. 1647316

Probably realised she wouldn’t be able to walk it with two kids n gave it away she doesn’t give af about her pets

No. 1647319

File: 1663107968000.jpeg (536.11 KB, 828x717, 0B3DD379-0741-444F-9DD3-2A12D9…)

She really makes up fantasy stories in her head like no one is thinking their man wants her or vice versa

No. 1647323

File: 1663108132310.jpeg (256.11 KB, 733x1468, 7B6D3CCB-0829-4785-A66A-DBA823…)

Your 2 year old will eat whatever you feed him

No. 1647324

File: 1663108309665.jpeg (578.43 KB, 828x1050, 18A2C27E-E6D5-4FDC-A6F7-20F196…)

Has she ever thought of just buying a normal amount of food and not revolving her life around food and shopping Addiction

No. 1647326

Potatoes are dirty and unwashed as well like girl

No. 1647330

File: 1663108524915.jpeg (190.06 KB, 828x352, CCE40D9B-2472-4687-ABB6-CA7691…)


No. 1647344

Alice is really in her flop era

She’s gonna try pull a few desperate things to increase engagement n views but I see her going downhill n becoming irrelevant

No. 1647346

File: 1663109177444.jpeg (174.24 KB, 396x620, CC6BBCB2-7600-4B41-9A9D-82F031…)

Why does the baby not loook real

No. 1647354

So her followers think it's OK if the potato skins get hella carpet cleaner residue rubbed all over them … but it's not OK to put them in a box? Just because Alice says so?
(We all know that carpet hasn't been cleaned in years; and people are special needs)

No. 1647357

Because she filtered the poor kid beyond recognition and now your brain doesn't want to register it as a living human being

No. 1647387


Imagine with me if by some miracle fern does grow up to be a functional, normalize human and tells people his mom just left food all over the floor because she didn’t believe in proper food storage.

No. 1647437

What is she hiding for her to filter the baby so much?

No. 1647481

kek the cat is probably going to use this potato pile as litter, mark my fucking words. their apartment probably stinks so bad of cat piss, considering she literally lets it piss on a fuzzy cat tree.. they won’t be able to tell what has or hasn’t been pissed on. she leaves shew laying around everywhere, i guarantee he’s already fallen victim to a feline golden shower.

No. 1647564

Why does she have her tit out if he’s sleeping. She’s so weird and tacky. Like what was the point. Freud has entered the chat

No. 1647565

Alice should use our thread to do a q and a. Could you imagine?

No. 1647615

And she's on a upload spree on her ig. Fern looks so dirty even though he was the only crotch goblin at that point

No. 1647696

File: 1663143138420.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x2095, 2730A39F-2C0D-4552-B502-037348…)

Awe, widdle Alice can’t handle the job that she was “born” to do so she’s shipping one off to daycare during the day. Cant wait until they call CPS on her when they see the state that Fern is in.

No. 1647698

File: 1663143396089.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1284x2435, F27323C8-90EB-44DB-A5A9-B90C36…)

also, safe to say that Fern isn’t going to be “telling” anyone shit but keep dreaming of making your kid a target Alice.

No. 1647832

This is an old pic from when she started going to the gym and was calling the child babysitting service at the gym daycare and before feral #2 was born. It isn’t a real daycare and usually don’t provide food. Her gym membership was $10/month and she tried taking advantage of the service for basically free “daycare”. Ppl had commented about her leaving the gym with fern still there at the free babysitting service.

For those who keep saying she isn’t smart enough to be manipulative and to come up with these type of ideas, she definitely is!

No. 1648125

These posts are old. Stop stealing content from reddit.

No. 1648185

>Their food used to be alive
Yeah and your food is made in a lab you olive shaped head excuse for a woman

No. 1648243

File: 1663195119403.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2363, E3A643E0-41E9-4D70-A7FF-179E6B…)

unclench retard, it was posted yesterday.

No. 1648279

File: 1663198084201.jpeg (334.91 KB, 1170x1915, BFA5FC8C-6DE6-4B3C-8D0C-464D85…)

naaa, participation trophy for you, my dude. the video is from March. Maybe try posting it on page 4 or something with all the other posts from March.

No. 1648289

Thank you!!!! I knew it was old and and photoshopped onto the ig page. Quite sure the gym kicked fern out of the daycare cuz she abused it

No. 1648346

That poor poor cat. Someone please save em!!

No. 1648560

File: 1663222526562.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1409, 30429ACC-F513-48AB-A411-4FED0C…)

She really just films right in front of her apartment building in blatant view of what it looks like

No. 1648562

File: 1663222671599.jpeg (238.58 KB, 828x1596, 97C4E5BC-0C89-45D8-A937-5D4180…)

Still so yellow

No. 1648565

File: 1663222787032.jpeg (243.25 KB, 396x857, 6CE1461F-4957-460C-A42B-A3FFF7…)

She really got the gremlin doing a tiktok dance they interact so awkwardly no love just her sperm donor

No. 1648568

File: 1663222979990.jpeg (641.62 KB, 761x1263, 82983FA1-3B7B-4C79-8DF8-E0FC39…)

Poor fern sleeping on this filthy couch

No. 1648569

File: 1663223074718.jpeg (362.27 KB, 451x977, 3E6FD57A-3081-4525-A411-C0A50C…)

Someone said the baby looks like a doll

No. 1648620

File: 1663235961487.jpeg (20.63 KB, 535x573, images (5).jpeg)

ewwww imagine becoming a schizoid tradwife for this thing, that poor baby

No. 1648646

I get flashbacks to the conspiracy theories around that 1D guy's baby being fake since shrew looks so unreal kek

No. 1648648

It looks like the grandfather which is completely tragic…

No. 1648679

File: 1663243802489.gif (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 373x280, C6BB9B13-C733-4F0A-AEF0-A75E58…)

sorry but i fucking had to (spoilered for trainspotting baby scene)

No. 1648745

File: 1663249248052.jpg (571.12 KB, 3207x2138, 1611994515.jpg)

sage for OT/blogpost, my mother is a lot like Alice in that she doesn't trust modern medicine and is also anti-vax, when my son was just a couple months old, she was living with us to help around, my son had this awful rush that never went away, I wanted to go to a doctor but my mother insisted that it would heal on own with homemade remedies, finally against her wishes I went anyway and learned my baby had a fungal infection and it could have led to more serious issues if it was left untreated, my mother could at least admit she was wrong in that instance, but I doubt Alice would have the same thing, she would let her child die or suffer horrible pain rather then comprise her retarded fundie worldview

No. 1648821

So many crunchy moms are ignorant, selfish, unrespectful twats who think the world should revolve around them and are teaching their children to be disrespectful and ignorant

No. 1648853

File: 1663257476430.jpeg (320.03 KB, 514x724, 56E6C444-37BE-4805-9537-F2A10E…)

Song choice probably about fern, tbh. She has her new toy, fern is off to the childrens hospital donation bin.

No. 1649053

Could you imagine sitting next to them on an airplane?

No. 1649128

Can’t imagine being in the same plane with them stinking up the entire plane!

No. 1649475

File: 1663302556935.jpeg (608.24 KB, 1169x1836, AF40A292-7060-4973-9125-3E29D0…)

He's going to walk 2 steps and fall in. He's 2 years old they have no idea of safety

No. 1649594

File: 1663320615295.jpg (425.59 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20220916-103508_Tik…)

Oh look,an internal monologue of your ED. Thanks Alice, top quality content.

No. 1650796

File: 1663615950061.png (2.6 MB, 1125x2436, 75711E66-BC6F-428A-A07B-9690CE…)

seems real fucking smart to bring 2 small children out into the desert wilderness at 11pm (when this was posted)

No. 1651031

This video really unsettled me. Those currents are quick, she is not close enough and if he fell in what is she gonna do anyways since she had the baby?

No. 1651035

File: 1663624292094.png (6.24 MB, 828x1792, 0D397EB4-26CE-408D-BBD9-010F18…)


Gdi. File didn’t attach.

No. 1651344

File: 1663639065590.jpeg (618.67 KB, 1169x2072, 19A86868-3FEC-48DA-80D4-852F6C…)

The fuck Alice. Seriously this takes the cake as far as her dangerous parenting goes. He's a none verbal 2 years old. What in the right mind makes you think he's capable of swimming

No. 1651419

File: 1663642699647.jpeg (691.1 KB, 2048x2048, C70E7144-03AC-4B47-A333-1BC5E6…)

I literally just came here to post this and add — GOOD OL’ ALICE, her child’s safety always at the forefront of her mind.

No. 1651430

She's either doing it for shock value or has realized two kids are harder then one and willing something to happen. Notice she posted a video saying her and her husband wanted another right after sneeze popped out but now have decided to "wait"

No. 1651695

That water looks rancid

No. 1651719

You still have got to be pretty sick and twisted with zero maternal impulse to comfortably watch your (presumably) nonverbal two year old sit or tread so dangerously. Kid can barely walk on land, he’s not doing any better in the water. Truly hope the CPS rumours are real — THAT SAID, if they are then I wonder if that a potential reason for them “wanting to wait” like until they feel in the safe zone with a closed file or something.

No. 1651995

Where brain eating amoeba's live. Who would Alice blame then since she is the victim in everything

No. 1652582

Teaching an impressionable baby to be fearless of water and that entering a body of water alone is safe + fun. so many things bad about this. Cri4Fern

No. 1653091

Caleb is flying to Tennessee to visit parents wonder why they all wouldn’t go

No. 1653104

He’s probably trying to leave Alice’s psychotic ass. Bet he gets his parents to help him get F and SZ

No. 1653222

She probably wasn’t invited kek

No. 1653525

She replied to a comment on her "poor man's coconut water" video that they're on a 2 month "save" so they probably can't afford all of them to go or Alice straight up said no and was like I want to travel and waste gas money

No. 1653528

File: 1663790178702.jpeg (211.29 KB, 1160x2348, 3A1A26C8-99DE-4127-ABA7-B708E4…)

No. 1653707

File: 1663801125933.jpeg (377.2 KB, 1066x821, 66685027-3CAD-469A-B1BE-0C38E8…)

I thought she reminded me of someone…

No. 1655337

It has Alice’s ears, that is so unfortunate

No. 1655715

Im sorry what? Limeade is nothing like coconut water. I'm amking poor man's chicken Kiev. Its actually just meatloaf…

No. 1656058

this is how your kid gets polio

No. 1656641

Her behavior is seriously disturbing… also the fact that she took down the videos where she seemed off and possibly under the influence. Tinfoil, but my reasoning is bc I think she took them down bc she regretted putting them up in the first place, like Snapchat story from the night before but you wake up and try and erase the evidence. Maybe she’s finally entering psychosis.

No. 1656646

File: 1664049250790.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1525, B2E0E8DF-237F-4EEA-91AA-188D26…)

Why doesn’t she smile anymore, did her teeth finally fall out?

No. 1656661

What happened to her husband being abusive? Now she’s obviously trying to compensate but posting a spam of videos about their “love”

No. 1656717

File: 1664056324629.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x1267, C8C9BF78-C750-4F13-8E6F-213D51…)

“make sure you eat your dirt, shoo honey — it’s good for your immune system!” - Alice, probably

No. 1656723

File: 1664056627420.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x1772, 0F0E6009-3511-4AE4-8A9D-574E9D…)

This might be a nitpick but, in light of the ongoing “WTF is up with Fern’s legs” saga, his leg looks VERY off in this picture. She must have got anxious about this thread being so quiet and pined for some attention, since she posted an attention-seeking lineup of spam. “Look at my kid’s f’d up legs, look at how I have him dangerously teetering on a rock, here look another body check, look at how my newborn infant’s mouth is on the pavement DISCUSS ME PLEASE”

No. 1656730

She’s not worth discussing anymore. She does the same neglectful shit. We get it, she’s an awful mother. Nothing is going to change and she’ll continue doing the same things.

No. 1656738

File: 1664057936865.png (12.4 MB, 1242x2688, FCE65379-6F22-40A5-9671-B98C7D…)

Look how the sun is shining literally RIGHT in her newborns eyes. What the fuck, I feel so sorry for these kids.

No. 1656742

Robyn / Empathetic_Mamahood tier narc baby selfie

No. 1656987

She only deleted them bc drinking that booze might not have been organic and it's non vegan or some shit…

No. 1656990

This needs to be the next thread pic°°

No. 1657246


No. 1657247

Is that mud on the back of his head

No. 1657251

I mean Shayna's thread have more or less the same formula and there still going strong at 100+

No. 1657318

She’s even worse than Alice, it’s so f’d up what those women consider “normal”. Both use their kid(s) as photo ops. Has everyone seen on Reddit, the video where she lets fern hold an open Amazon bag, takes a quick second of video of him reaching into the bag and then snatched it away from him and said “good job”. Litetally, what the fuck. I also don’t get how she goes to target all the time, and there’s so many cute outfits advertised and she never buys fern or fetus anything new. They’re always in the same clothes and cheap onesies she makes herself. She spends money so freely on herself but won’t get her kids new clothes. Especially fern, she still dresses him like a baby.

No. 1657421

That could be said about any cow to be honest.

No. 1657892

I used to like these threads because Alice is very crazy and it’s interesting to discuss but now you guys are really reachinglike the sun gets in peoples eyes sometimes it’s okay chill.(don’t use emoji)

No. 1657979

If she needs a job someday, she’s gonna be totally fucked. I’m surprised Caleb still has a job, tbh

No. 1658524

With the labour shortage, they probably have low standards for employees. I agree though, his hair alone would make me lose my appetite.. plus the stench of their apartment on him, nevermind the association with Alice.

No. 1658723

File: 1664222273866.jpeg (815.69 KB, 828x1426, 4BE5B52B-1FD5-44C7-9351-C2424C…)

Girlies trying to look preteen again LOL defo been reading on here

No. 1658737

They really gave the dog away

No. 1658740

File: 1664223233642.jpeg (758.04 KB, 828x1421, A634246E-D8C0-4973-847C-E3A1BF…)

Can’t be safe to swim like this surely

No. 1658916

Sage is barely a month old so she’d just be around the 6 week mark give or take. I’d be SO worried about the risk of infection being in that water. Ew.

No. 1659061

This looks like an age advance simulation of Fern. Congratulations, mAlice: In your attempt to appear “young” and “hot,” you’ve accomplished looking like a monkey eared little boy. Daddy Fern must be quivering.

No. 1659206

File: 1664258741970.jpeg (139.56 KB, 1201x1500, 21380ABE-7E89-4219-B298-3F7BF6…)

She looks like Peter Pan…dead ass. I wish that bitch would fly away.

No. 1659316

those tranny hands tho

No. 1660655

They say god doesn’t make mistakes, except here she is with elephant ears, man hands, no motherly instinct and a teen pregnancy fetish.

No. 1660852

this is easily the best comment in this thread

No. 1662290

File: 1664492527275.jpeg (981.55 KB, 828x1427, 1146E9C6-D76C-4B62-A388-57496C…)

She says she doesn’t get nervous w fern around water bc he can swim???? He’s 2 and the current is so fast

No. 1662291

She’s become so irrelevant

No. 1662294

File: 1664492715472.jpeg (650.83 KB, 772x1069, 171072C9-30D2-4C60-9CB8-C67FAA…)

Baby needs a face wash

No. 1662300

that’s pretty bad cradle cap. why hasn’t she brushed it off with some baby oil?

No. 1662329

If you zoom in on his left side, on his face, it looks like caked on dirt.

No. 1662786

Does he have a sore on his right eye?

No. 1663238

File: 1664584713895.png (6.54 MB, 828x1792, 98BF1488-CFF0-4EE0-A111-2221FF…)

It’s like she’s begging for someone to call CPS at this point.

No. 1663521

Looks like a blocked milk duct?

No. 1663568

On a baby boys eye?? Only the mom gets thst

No. 1663573

File: 1664630536682.jpeg (184.02 KB, 1242x402, 29416E38-0383-4035-99EE-ABF404…)

How would she even explain this to CPS without getting charged with negligence and attempted bodily harm on a child or death. The same could be said for the rest of the proof on this Reddit. She’s so fucking stupid, this story is going to turn out traffic, it’s like a watching a train wreck, I can’t look away.

No. 1664189

File: 1664667281845.jpeg (145.72 KB, 315x682, 95A64DFB-D2CB-4682-9776-D455CF…)

Why her face like that

No. 1664320

Loving her “tubby” (aka normal BMI) postpartum body. Thicker arms, a little chunk on her stomach and thighs, lmfao at her trying to gaslight everyone into believing she’s back down to her pre pregnancy weight. We all have eyes, girl.

No. 1664431

…I meant tear duct sorry was super late at night>>1663568

No. 1664541

It looks like normal baby eczema

No. 1664836

>on this Reddit
Good god

No. 1664922

File: 1664737787191.png (5.96 MB, 1242x2688, 443BB3CE-D8C2-4304-9501-B8DFDF…)

What is even going on here? Dreads? Home of spiders nests?

No. 1664926

Wow, who knew she was going to be this boring after Shew. It’s no wonder she played all of the games about his name/gender. Dried tf up.

No. 1666549

I mean she has past reckless behaviour with her car accident …

No. 1667668

Maybe she misses the attention and gofundme money from the time she killed her last kid. If she kills another one off she’ll have room for another, to try again for a girl. Tinfoil but she’s a fucking psycho so don’t tell me this isn’t a legitimate possibility.

No. 1667671

I put her in the same category with Casey Anthony bc I have a feeling Alice is gonna (accidentally or purposely) kill one of her kids.

No. 1667988

Lol she has her resurrected dog on a leash. Didn’t someone say a while ago Irs against Arizona laws where they live or sm to have an unleashed dog wonder if she got in trouble

No. 1667989

Yep Arizona Dog Leash Law

No. 1667992

File: 1665000083688.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1545, E453C190-194C-47FC-BD5A-7B4B0B…)

No. 1667997

Her life is so boring I’m so glad I get to live my twenties n not be a sad sahm

No. 1668000

File: 1665000384710.jpeg (864.01 KB, 828x1320, EEE78D13-74E4-4AD7-B35F-7533A8…)

Not her doing a dumb tiktok dance while she’s left her baby unattended behind her in the middle of a store she’s so irresponsible

No. 1668001

Facts! this ties in w her whole idc if I die during childbirth thing too

No. 1668004

File: 1665000586455.jpeg (340.26 KB, 670x728, CE8BE77A-424A-4C0C-9EA2-F5E34E…)

She’s such a tramp walking around her dirty patio barefoot

No. 1668006

File: 1665000630857.jpeg (297.59 KB, 828x557, FAAF7FD5-E4E9-42FC-9E10-85A45E…)

No. 1668010

File: 1665000782854.jpeg (355.14 KB, 647x702, 00526BD4-B8EA-45E3-B3BA-24A3A8…)

Not the rotting potatoes on the ground

No. 1668014

File: 1665001023260.jpeg (533.49 KB, 828x1020, EC7ACF41-A990-42D3-9537-C7035C…)

Tbt to when Alice posted the email her grandma sent her

Wonder if she has any contact with her siblings

No. 1668015

File: 1665001147373.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1430, 61C12CB8-96A6-4B8D-95E5-5BAD91…)


No. 1668017

File: 1665001325151.jpeg (566.4 KB, 750x1334, BE53BCBF-79CE-47CE-B618-3A4D43…)

Dumb b will promote anything t

Girl you do not learn Spanish on babble

No. 1668360

Hmm, maybe try teaching one language to your 2-yo child first, Alice, before you start trying to learn a second one

No. 1669798

File: 1665177918170.jpg (270.32 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20221007-222315_Tik…)

Wonder if there's anything to this or if she's just fishing for attention

No. 1669812

She deleted (or archived?) almost all her pictures with Caleb on Instagram, I can only see one left on her feed and then there’s a few hidden in photo stacks but all the others are gone. I’m tinfoiling he left her.

No. 1669821

let me guess he cheated on her with a teen?

No. 1669822

Yeah I agree with your tinfoil, he probably went to visit his parents to figure out what he should do next.
Or they put their foot down and said they're not paying for the house if he stays with her

No. 1669834

Omg. My theory is he was abusive to the kids

No. 1669838

Can't believe that asshole threatened to kill fern and this stupid cunt decided to shit out another kid for him.
I'm glad she gets to experience the consequences of what she advocates for(pregnancy and dependency on your partner to teens).

No. 1669839

Weren’t they just moving now tho I swear? Cleaning for the move ?

No. 1669840


No. 1669841

File: 1665181818146.jpeg (855.31 KB, 828x1428, 6D1E5B5E-EB28-4158-8AE6-1E0515…)

Lol she switched up fast from all the recent lovey dovey posts

No. 1669845

File: 1665182089484.jpeg (64.17 KB, 828x1060, 50B29979-6C27-46BD-9C7E-0F88BE…)

Lol she unfollowed Caleb and ALL his family she was following loads of them must be serious then

No. 1669846

File: 1665182382211.jpeg (163.86 KB, 828x297, F3AFA565-1147-40BF-BCB7-3E0087…)

Tbf yes this could be it too. Knowing how boring her content has been she could just be trying to get attention since it’s exposed she tries to do this with what she posts by her ex friend

No. 1669848

she really dug her own grave with her choices
>cut contact with her only family, has no friends, 2 kids by 23, and is financially dependent on her abusive husband lmao. Nuclear family MY ASS.

No. 1670104

File: 1665205994217.jpeg (366.03 KB, 1170x2099, E0A61AB3-F485-442E-AA16-6D6F68…)

she’s delusional if she thinks she is getting that money back

No. 1670145

This is all for clout and they were never buying a house . Her pretending they're breaking up will be back to normal in a few days and she will announce they backed out of the house

No. 1670159


No. 1670162

Lol she posted a similar video after and deleted now but the some said everyone thinks that we’re perfect

Like kek no one thinks you and Caleb are perfect

No. 1670165

File: 1665217858397.jpeg (400.17 KB, 828x1352, 35629577-02C1-40F1-854C-BE6AB6…)

She used the dollhouse song which is about DV she knows what she’s doing

Just hard to believe her when her content has been becoming irrelevant and no views for a while

No. 1670168

She says in the leaked husband abuse vid that she didn’t want to pack up and leave bc Caleb would get 50/50 custody and she would see fern less and it would be unsupervised

Like the teenage pregnancy married young housewife life she advocates for seems to be working out so well!!!

No. 1670246


Agreed they were never buying a house. The way she always talked about wanting A house, not wanting THEIR house that they paid for. She’s just baiting for views imo.

No. 1670260

Agreed. I can’t wait for those kids to be removed from her care. I hope Caleb’s parents are taking the reigns, will make Caleb file for full custody so they can raise them. Caleb doesn’t care about custody or any of that, but his parents certainly do. Fern looked so much happier there when they visited. I’m sure he loves it 100000x more than living and sleeping in a car/car seat.

No. 1670263

All this comment says to me is “she’s a spoiled brat throwing a fit like a toddler because she’s not getting what she wants, when she wants it” as if it’s excusable? They’ve had their move in date pushed a lot, she isn’t lashing out about that. Whatever fit she is having isn’t about that. Her followers are so retarded.

No. 1670266

It’s like she’s trying to make this weird fantasy life online, so all of the people who have done her wrong can look and be jealous of her. When in reality, they are watching and are glad they dodged a bullet. She’s a psychotic, fish coochie bitch.

No. 1670267

The teenage hostess from work kek

No. 1670268

That’s an already established fact, not a theory. He was abusive to her and fern and she still decided to have another kid with him. Go back to Reddit with your retarded comments like that.

No. 1670269

I think most of us are delusional that there ever was a down payment or house to begin with.

No. 1670272

It’s almost like she fucked up her life by doing that, and she doesn’t want to be alone in her suffering so she wants to make sure others are going to suffer her misery too. She’s a sociopath so, don’t tell me this is completely off track.

No. 1670275

I haven’t seen anyone point out the connection between the KKK hoods Alice puts on her children and the fact that she is racist. (coming out when she publicly bashed a creator who is black and said they “grunted” —presumably like some sort of animal)

She’s really just out here wearing her evilness on her sleeve.(retarded racebait)

No. 1670316

File: 1665244250090.jpeg (894.99 KB, 1284x2374, 99C2CAAD-E21C-4ED2-9091-36B02D…)

has anyone ever noticed that, out of the 81 accounts she follows, two are Riley Reid ones kek

No. 1670321

imagine an Alice Bender sex worker arc. the horrors know no bounds

No. 1670331

I know that I mean he was further abusive n she had enough

No. 1670342

no one’s pointed it out because it’s fucking stupid lmao. she probably is racist, but those aren’t KKK hoods on her babies kek

No. 1670348

Wonder what she’ll post next on tt just normal posts or

No. 1670824

File: 1665302329113.jpeg (639.54 KB, 828x1375, 58E0C990-B345-4A43-9475-CB7AC5…)

Am I tripping or is ferns face bruised? Is that why she’s been censoring them lately

No. 1670915

Looks like a shadow to me. I doubt the infant has been abused (at least, would hope not) and I’m guessing the on/off censoring reflects something to do with Alice & Caleb/Bender Fam fighting over child exploitation.

No. 1670934

So she advocated for teenage pregnancies and relying on your husband at a young age, but ended up being abused by her husband? (Fern’s life is in danger too because of his anger issues?) JFC what a mess. I still hope (if this is true and not fake to get more views) she runs to a safe space. At least her teen fans will get a reality check

No. 1670936

Looks like bruises

No. 1671587

So she’s just posting like normal w no explanation she’s such a clout chasing idiot

No. 1672250

File: 1665478055145.jpeg (298 KB, 518x819, BFF57C1F-7552-4221-AEE2-8AA989…)

He did have bruises on his face….

No. 1672251

She’s still at home imagine using DV for clout she is the worst

No. 1672401

File: 1665493971243.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2238, 556A1606-8463-47B7-9B54-30F2FB…)

Perhaps I am wrong, but I still thinking it’s reaching to call that bruising. She would have blocked out his face. She was already over her DV-baiting in these stories. This isn’t me saying that Caleb is a standup person or doesn’t abuse Fern, but this low quality video still does not look like bruises. It looks like shadows, maybe filth. Don’t forget that toddlerhood dirtiness is encouraged by Alice, see pic.

No. 1672407

File: 1665494103733.jpeg (422.48 KB, 1284x2256, AD583316-89EB-4F3A-8CB6-594E27…)

Samefag because I couldn’t leave out Alice eating a watermelon on the floor, in between her dirty feet.

No. 1672509

It’s bruises zoom in

No. 1672692

Still standing on that caleb isnt abusive at all. She knows how to exaggerate. Hes probably done with her shit.(learn2sage)

No. 1672920

Deleted all her ig posts

No. 1672931

Theory is she’s going through divorce n cps so deleting everything showing neglect

No. 1672936

File: 1665527904815.jpeg (65.48 KB, 640x499, F3FF26A5-5D86-4EA6-B70F-D1D9D5…)

No. 1672941

File: 1665528030558.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1464, 766947CD-7AE4-43CD-82E1-E764AD…)

No. 1672996

File: 1665530763296.jpeg (348.01 KB, 1725x2509, DD46AF47-8935-400F-982A-BD3FFF…)

She’s deleted over half her Instagram posts.

No. 1673011


She’s baiting for views. In the video she says they’re packing to be ready for the new house.

No. 1673345


She’s such an idiot. Why did she write looking for a studio tho

I really hope less people support her after realising she fakes DV for clout

No. 1673346

Why’d she post in the comments how do I get a down payment back from the house tho I hate this girl lol

No. 1673359


I mean we all know her engagements been down so she’s making less money. She took all her precious controversial takes down. She’s gotta do something to up the ante and bring views in.
Maybe she meant a studio to work in? Idk, probably not though but I’d be willing to bet that it’s all bait. She’s never going to leave Caleb and give up this “dream” (read:nightmare) life of hers.

No. 1673392

File: 1665572035790.jpg (224.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221012-130828_Ins…)

Baiting for suicide?

No. 1673398

No you retard. Shes way too narcissistic to do something like that. She’s paranoid the government is after her. She had a whole psychosis before about someone being in their apartment bc she “smelled smoke”… how she smelled smoke but not piss in an apartment full of animal piss, I’m still trying to figure out. She literally thinks people are out to get her for not getting vaccinated.

No. 1673409

She had videos recently about having a flat tire. My tinfoil is her little decal stickers about vaccines annoyed someone and they let the air out of one of her tires kek

No. 1673460

I wonder if she’s worried Caleb is going to do something. If she really does try to leave it would be the time he’s most likely to get violent. That or maybe she’s trying to imply it

No. 1673917

File: 1665611656157.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, D92255A6-A31F-4679-9F46-929056…)

didn’t she say she’d thrown out their microwave?

No. 1674023

DV cosplay.. she made him have a second child with her way after crying at the airport about how he hit fern.

No. 1674157

Girl is like three times his size and crazy as almighty fucking hell, she can take Caleb.

No. 1674421

She said sm like this when she thought someone broke into their apartment or something ages ago. Whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists getting murdered etc

Maybe connects w the flat tire? Maybe someone’s out to get her?

No. 1674787

His eyes are very puffy, kid needs to sleep

No. 1674794

It’s all to get ppl to feel sorry for her and send money and gifts

No. 1675090

Fern in her new tt just making newborn like sounds no words

No. 1675148

He babbled more as a baby than he does now.

No. 1675517

File: 1665784042036.jpeg (241.85 KB, 642x1185, 2DCB5F3C-2BD6-4183-8132-C6345F…)

She’s slowly regurgitating her old controversial medical content on her spam account. She knows her platform is dying and she is becoming desperate. How controversial will she be this time?

No. 1675851

File: 1665820040183.jpeg (640.73 KB, 1139x1229, 1F152AB5-3460-48BB-9A34-B9C7D4…)

Going from looking for a studio apartment anywhere in the world for her and her two govt paychecks, to Instagram posts of her new house with the husband she sold out to the internet about hitting fern and verbally abusing the whole family. Fucking whiplash. This bitch is psychotic and incredibly immature. How does she not get cringe over her own behavior?

No. 1675852

I wish she’d stick her wet hand into the light socket hole with the exposed wires right there.

No. 1675974

File: 1665837708114.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, CB058E6E-531E-4DE1-99BF-23AEE9…)

BEC, not cabbage but ok

No. 1675997

Until she actually leaves her husband, any posts of her suggesting leaving are her trolling for views. 3 months living in the house before she starts complaining it’s too small, the neighbours, the HOA and it’s a disgusting oversized litter box.

No. 1676294

File: 1665869271413.jpeg (115.4 KB, 654x890, 80DB5AC0-2305-485B-B138-1803AD…)

There is no yard to the house bc it’s a corner lot. Bet she will try to plant stuff on the street side of the fence which is off limits to her. How often the boys will be running out into the street when she isn’t paying attention and always on her phone. That is not a “prime” lot like she claimed they paid more to purchase.

No. 1676394


I’m not sure how it is with houses but for condos and townhouses you do actually pay more for corner lots.

No. 1676494

Corner lots can be considered a premium lot because there aren’t houses on both sides of the property but tend to have less useable space due to city restrictions and constricting HOA rules.

No. 1676702

Imagine paying all that money to live in a new build, and rolling up next door to the hillbilly benders.

Tinfoil: I bet the grandparents said they’d let them move in but no pets/animals and when/if they move in, she will start deleting and blocking any mention of pancake or lemon.

No. 1676759

I agree that his parents are co-signing the loan or outright owners of the home. Hopefully outright owners to protect their credit and have 100% say what happens in that home, ie no pets. Would be a reason for her to block his fam on sm. Also, if she was to leave she him she can’t access any money from the house if sold other than possibly the down payment if they have one.

No. 1677375

File: 1665993367347.jpeg (295.94 KB, 512x856, 1603154A-E60F-45BA-A699-8EBB34…)

Why she look like dat

No. 1677377

File: 1665993532382.jpeg (428.54 KB, 828x772, 5BDA8A8D-5C6A-48F3-A8F2-AADB59…)

She looks like an escaped mental patient

No. 1677386

File: 1665994171201.jpeg (661.22 KB, 828x1050, F71F4059-37F4-4C85-A6A4-17D1BD…)

Poor fern why can’t he walk

No. 1677388

File: 1665994365647.jpeg (492.05 KB, 828x647, A6297ED2-DA14-4866-8D2B-4C0802…)

How can someone be so ugly

No. 1677425


I am all for attachment and gentle parenting styles but she is the exact reason it has a bad name. She’s denying him opportunities for age appropriate independence and growth/development opportunities (walking and exploring) while also denying Sage age appropriate bonding with his mother by being carried instead of worn. She definitely favours fern and visibly uses Sage as a prop.

No. 1677426


The way I would RUN if I was out and about and saw this at night. What the fuck is wrong with her.

No. 1677548

File: 1666013193615.jpeg (70.83 KB, 598x591, 33338E84-21B8-4F33-9030-3665F2…)

The kid still can’t say any words. He only squeals and she tries to make the sounds he makes into words. So sad he isn’t getting the help he needs bc of her ignorance. I’d be surprised if he ever is able to read.

No. 1677551

Gives off pedo vibes

No. 1677788

Anyone who defends the cow by saying it’s speculation that Fern is developmentally delayed is seriously deluded. If Fern was talking, literally saying ANYTHING, there would be video evidence of it everywhere. Imagine the stupid shit she’d be putting in his ear for him to repeat on camera. Mark my words, as he gets older she will be able to hide this less. He might be manageable as a two year old now, but the contrast will deepen beyond doubt. Also, ofc she loves her doppelgänger more than Shew. Shew is a Bender look-a-like.

No. 1678402

File: 1666091993249.jpeg (502.35 KB, 1242x2059, 3D053550-63DE-49EF-B6B8-2ED47F…)

For those tinfoiling that the in-laws are buying them a whole damn house, why did they not offer more help when literal tragedy struck? Why not when fern was born before they even considered a second kid? Alice goes off the deep end on constant road-trips running away from Caleb and they decide to buy them a house? Nahhhh y’all on some tard shit. Grammy and Grampy are “pull yourself up by your boot straps” trump humpers. They’re not giving a handout to the epitome of a waste to society aka lice bender. They probably see her tiktoks and wonder daily whether or not their grandchildren still have a pulse.

No. 1678454

What does him saying thank you to ppl for donating have to do with him not helping them financially with a house? Wrong connection of your dots regardless if he is helping them or not.

No. 1678740

Remove the gofundme from the equation. What about Alice’s antics screams “let’s buy this bitch a house”? The cat shit all over the carpet or the piss scratching post or the defecation station on the patio? The parents still have the boot strap mentality and they aren’t just going to buy a shit stain in the worlds underwear an entire new house after allowing them to live in poverty for their entire marriage. It doesn’t add up.

No. 1678759

Agreed. She still isn’t following any Benders after her “family cleanse” so I would say it’s not all good in the hood for Lice and the in-laws. No way that they’d put up with the disrespect and still home them in a brand new

No. 1679437

She made a private Instagram where she presumably follows her family and irls. She probably got sick of all the weirdos from Reddit finding them through her main acct and messaging them.

No. 1679762

Oh yeah? What’s the handle?

No. 1679773

File: 1666228251240.jpeg (50.61 KB, 828x422, 4DB29581-0853-4510-B6B7-5F6DFD…)

It’s private so idk why you’d want it but here ya go.

No. 1679802


This makes the most logical sense, that's what she's done

No. 1679933

She can now block them from her main account so she can carry on being "victim" and drop not very subtle hints about scary daddy fern without any backlash from family, because the rest of her content is dry as fuck

No. 1679992

Bc this is a image board you fucking retard. Also, there’s Stan’s in here all the time making making up dumbass excuses for her neglect. How hard was it to legitimize your claim? Go back to Reddit where 90% of the information is speculation and assumptions getting passed around, and 50% Stan’s who compliment her and forget the vile person she is. So excuse the hell out of me.

No. 1680031

Who pissed in your cornflakes lol. I gave you exactly what you wanted and you posted a mini rant shitting on me.
>Go back to Reddit
I don’t have a Reddit account and never have, idk where I said I was from Reddit LMAO but okay thx. Hopefully tomorrows a better day for you nonnie.

No. 1680281

Those who happen across her videos, have you seen the animals lately?

No. 1680455

File: 1666311709461.jpeg (120.19 KB, 630x971, 93B8B05E-58BE-4DEC-9B76-418ED4…)

Yea no. He was groaning like he was constipated. She exaggerated fern’s notices and movements too

No. 1680546


Yeah Alice the 2 month old can talk and the 2 year old can’t.

No. 1680622

File: 1666341851250.jpeg (563.72 KB, 790x1185, 2B346E36-D70E-4FD0-A514-8B6C80…)

It’s called your own trauma Alice go to therapy

No. 1680636

I always find her attempts to be misandrist so jarring, she literally was a barefooted teenage bride

No. 1680683

You’re the only one in that room sexualizing your birth Alice. Shut the fuck up. The doctor is literally doing his job. It’s like an oil change for a car repairmen. They do it so often they don’t think about it. She’s so disgusting.

No. 1680760

Don't get me wrong, I dislike moids but when it comes to ensuring you and your baby are safe suck it the fuck up and don't admonish a Healthcare worker. Ffs.

No. 1680831

File: 1666372873003.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, 0D787DFD-24DD-4E1B-AA84-C0C692…)

It’s a president Biden quote… is she dumping trump for more woman’s rights or for tt views and potentially losing her young followers? Az politics is f’d up! One of many reasons she blocked fam and created privates for them?

No. 1680832

Exactly this! She over sexualizes anything medical.

No. 1681086

File: 1666396932639.jpeg (168.38 KB, 1800x1800, B57ECB6B-654C-444B-94BD-55473D…)

For the stans who keep saying Alice makes big money from tt, this guy posted his stats and payout for 7 days. Proves she isn’t doing it for the money but to fulfill her need to want to be social media significant. Not worth exploiting children.

No. 1681284

She’s so irrelevant now

No. 1682951

What’s wrong with its foot. It’s all deformed. There’s a football field distance between his big toe and other toes.

No. 1682952

File: 1666585886422.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x2688, 3CC95938-123B-468E-AB9D-DC341D…)

Forgot to add pic

No. 1683647

It’s looks like he’s spreading his big toe. The other one is obviously normal and this is the only pic that’s like it. You guys are so weird and seems like y’all want the baby to be fucked up. Post milk or go to Reddit and talk about toes.

No. 1684569

Alice never talks about auriela anymore when she used to bring her up quite often

No. 1684570

Idk bro…I can’t make my toes go like that. You try

No. 1684581

>>1684569 she probably accepted the fact that her smelly vagina only can give birth to boys ig

No. 1684715

File: 1666732305712.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.74 MB, 1920x2560, 280A3A92-50EB-4335-96E2-1F1EF2…)

Nayrt but some people, me included can just spread our toes like that. Some of you people are desperate for this baby to be a cripple or something

No. 1684818


If there’s anything here to nitpick it’s the car seat strap being twisted up like that.

No. 1684951

File: 1666752699452.png (9.45 MB, 1242x2688, 7D71C28E-372F-44EA-AEA9-5670D9…)

Well considering her last child…but fr it’s called sandal gap and looks like it’s a common enough to give it a name. Chill bro, it’s not that serious. Notice how your other toes aren’t next to eachother? Everyone can spread their toes like your picture, try keeping the other side toes together, that’s what I meant. And blur out your fugly blockhead next time, nobody wants to see your foot fetish picture.

No. 1684953

So strange considering her daughter died in a car accident. You’d think she’d be a lot more careful but she really isn’t. Someone posted her speeding ticket from around the time of one of her road trips pregnant with sage. If it gets her attention, she will do it. Even at the expense of her kids livelihood.

No. 1685156

Wonder what Alice would do if she caught an std or hiv or literally any infection where you need antibiotics

No. 1685157

No. 1685167

File: 1666780956286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,180.28 KB, 750x966, 560B50A4-791B-479E-848E-2556C3…)

1 in 13 have ape like feet https://nation.com.pk/02-Jun-2013/ape-like-feet-found-in-one-in-13-humans
> And blur out your fugly blockhead next time, nobody wants to see your foot fetish picture.
You are an absolute retard. Stop hoping that the kids disabled. It’s common and it’s one photo

No. 1685268

I said it was common in my post, Retard.

No. 1686004

HIV is viral and antibiotics wouldn’t help. The reason HIV is so deadly is bc it doesn’t respond to any medications. Since she’s come out fraudulent and hypocritical on many MANY occasions, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s bopped into an urgent care a few times in her life. She looks extra terrible lately. Exhaustion to the point she looks strung out.

No. 1686111

Agreed. Lice’s appearance has absolutely deteriorated since halfway into her pregnancy with Caleb’s mini me. She looks like she’s rotting from the inside, which can very much be the case here. She’s still so young and only a handful of years into this “extreme” lifestyle and it’s already evident that her body, health, and appearance are wasting away. She thinks there is a W because she’s still standing. She’ll be gravely ill or debilitated well before she hits 30. However, it’ll only serve to pave another path for living off the government.

No. 1686459

has anyone seen her post pics/vids with her teeth showing since the pregnancy? i truly believe that she is rotting too and has lost teeth or some shit like that

No. 1686705

File: 1666935949959.jpeg (130.04 KB, 828x1326, 82F7B8F3-C295-4004-92C7-FAF224…)

Because the safest thing to give children for Halloween is plastics that pollute the earth kek

No. 1686838

I said this the other day. Pregnancy can be brutal on people, even the ones that do brush. I wouldn’t be surprised if some fell out.

No. 1686869

File: 1666958770957.jpeg (544.12 KB, 828x891, 32C653C2-B05D-4E61-8C81-ED81E0…)

She couldn’t even find anyone to sleep with her if she tried like girl you’re a frumpy mom

No. 1686906

I can’t find this tt, did she take it down? I’m trying to avoid giving her a view on all her posts.

No. 1687574

File: 1667009659413.jpeg (1006.79 KB, 1242x1486, 18C21771-B0B9-420D-9870-A8862E…)

She looks SO sunken and sickly here in the video you posted. And now swollen af, just look at her compared to her profile pic. Her body is fighting for its life rn. Miss girl needs to a ditl as a patient in a doctors office with her leper children.

No. 1688068

>her body is fighting for it’s life
Nah she’s just ugly kek. She’s tired and worn out from 2 young kids and you can see it’s taking a physical toll even through the filters. She doesn’t look like she’s sick or on deaths door though, her weight is healthier since the baby she just lost a lot of her facial fat so now she’s has that unfortunate hollow face look going on.

No. 1688136

The vids where she’s “swollen” she has a super obvious smoothing filter. Like the smoothing goes past her natural face making her cheeks look big. That being said, I feel like her diet has gotten even more restrictive because she hasn’t “bounced back” like she was able to do after Fern. Unfortunately she currently eats all sugar so it’s not going to go the way she wants it

No. 1688243

File: 1667079668315.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x1952, 902ED7C0-043E-4F2E-855D-26BE05…)

Alice bought a gun !!!

No. 1688247


Not only that but her “exercise” is an absolute joke. She might be able to get thinner but she’s not going to ever look fit.

No. 1688255

“Leash your pet” as pancake is running amuck. ffs. It’s gonna get attacked by another dog someday bc of her dumbass. She’s so inconsiderate. Remember when he almost drowned in the background of her tiktok?

No. 1688260

Wait how do you know she bought a gun? That’s honestly insane. What if fern got a hold of it bc she leaves dangerous shit laying around all the time and let’s him run all over the place. Doesn’t she ever worry he’s gonna get up without her knowing and wander off?

I think she doesn’t actually camp, she goes home after her dumbass TikTok drafts are full.

Back to the gun thing, there have been SO many stories on the news about that stuff happening so it’s not nitpicking

No. 1688262

One or more of them are going to end up dead. Including Caleb. She’s gonna end up in a prison jumper. Tinfoil obvi

No. 1688358

I agree!!

“Bought some new things for our house as well as safety gear to keep us safe around our new house. I don’t think I can show that on tik tok. “
Tragedy waiting to happen

No. 1688441

She’s trolling, she said a long time ago they owned a pew pew

No. 1688515

She likes to say that she’s never worked out, but she totally did before fern. She was actually fit looking before and directly after fern. Now she eats only sugar and doesn’t exercise and it shows… she says just being vegan makes her skinny but uhhhh the way she’s going about it definitely ain’t working

No. 1688619

File: 1667109574935.jpeg (144.27 KB, 527x875, EB4FC4E4-F585-4AEE-ADBE-F47EAC…)

Lotsa jiggle jiggle when she wiggle wiggle
Breastfeeding isn’t bringing her bod back either

No. 1688644


Was she fit or was she a teenager

No. 1688691

File: 1667119294583.jpeg (419.99 KB, 570x804, 341E51A4-395C-4F9B-88A8-CF9373…)

The colour difference

No. 1688696

File: 1667119767173.jpeg (440.32 KB, 828x877, D35C966B-FC20-4525-8EC2-CDD31E…)

She glamourises her and her husbands marriage so much with the lovey dovey posts but he won’t even go camping with her esp for safety

No. 1688859

“Leash your pet” as pancake is running amuck. ffs. It’s gonna get attacked by another dog someday bc of her dumbass. She’s so inconsiderate. Remember when he almost drowned in the background of her tiktok?

No. 1688862

Exactly, she never worked out! Remember she got a membership and never went and had no idea how to use any of the equipment? And the time she tried to do a pull-up at their house? She was skinny bc she eats in a disordered fashion, restricting everything. Having a baby can change your metabolism, welcome to motherhood Alice, the good the bad and the ugly.

No. 1688865

He probably purposely picks fights and pisses her off JUST to get her to leave with the kids so he can be the single stay at home gaming adult he’s always wanted to be. It must suck for him to think about how much money he would have in his savings if he never dipped his Twinkie inside of Alice.

No. 1688932

I swear she had to leave the national park or got told off for having her dog off the leash when she was road tripping Ages ago

No. 1689047

I hope she reincarnates as a “fern” in whatever generation she re enters the karmic cycle. I don’t have her tiktok, but does someone who stumbles across her videos, have you seen fern walking lately? Has he straightened out?

No. 1689386

File: 1667171422236.jpeg (83.67 KB, 828x427, 63CB0784-AD21-42C3-B3A4-CD98D7…)

Alice has followed and unfollowed Maia knight a solid 5 times

No. 1689397

File: 1667172464685.jpeg (263.29 KB, 441x732, 18227C54-442B-4AEC-926E-738992…)

No. 1689398

Her face looks bruised

No. 1689450

File: 1667176444062.jpeg (641.91 KB, 1170x2001, 07860672-A7EF-4727-9205-E582CE…)

The developmentally delayed first born goes flop flop flop

No. 1689574

What's that mark in the middle of her neck? It looks like a bruise or a hickey but it'd be a weird spot for a hickey right in the center like that.

No. 1689602

Or dirt

No. 1689623

looks like crusty neck

No. 1689639


This has to be so bad for ferns poor hips omg

No. 1689909

fern probably wound up and socked her. Tired of the camera in his face and tired of her waking him up from dead sleep for her own selfish field trips and tiktoks.

No. 1689911

Good. Karma. I truly hope someone is causing her the amount of pain that she is putting onto her children. She constantly puts their safety on the line, I hope her personal safety is compromised too. Dumb fucking raggedy ass cunt. Since she roll plays domestic violence victim all the time, perhaps she gave herself some bruises to keep ppl like you talking. Even if they’re not self inflicted I STILL don’t care.

I’m over her stupid games and lying. I hope CPS comes and saves those kids before she has a chance to inflict trauma and great bodily harm.

No. 1689913

Ironic bc the whole reason he can’t just walk himself is bc she fucked his hips/legs up from wearing him incorrectly in the past. She treats them like dolls at the expense of their health and development. It’s fucking sick, she belongs on dr. phil.

No. 1690028

Looks like someone gave her a lobotomy.

No. 1690080

Why does she put a smoothing filter on her newborn

No. 1690143

She’s a narcissist and cares about image no matter what the cost. Even if it’s blatantly obvious that there’s editing.

No. 1690258

>perhaps she gave herself some bruises to keep ppl like you talking.
Girl chill this is the first time I've commented on this thread, what are you mad at me for lol. I'm not trying to paint some narrative my first thought was she wiped out and bruised her neck, probably why she shouldn't be hauling around both kids at the same time.

No. 1690369

I don’t think nonna is mad, I think she’s only emphasizing that she wouldn’t care if they weren’t self-inflicted because Alice is a vile human and shit mom. I agree though, I would put money on it being self inflicted. She wants to keep people talking.

No. 1690416

File: 1667262172268.png (11.65 MB, 1242x2688, 0EF6970A-BEE8-4EB5-A75B-4492D3…)

Am I nitpicking or does his eye look swollen

No. 1690688

I mean I posted pics of ferns bruised face a few weeks ago when she was saying she was leaving her husband… seems to be a pattern

No. 1690689

No. 1690692

File: 1667282279059.jpeg (837.18 KB, 828x1467, 9EB078C6-C6F0-491E-BA8E-C4B4E3…)

The way she says proud of myself is 100% eating disorder behaviour

No. 1690743

Maybe she ended up taking a spill in one of the many river rock climbing videos.

No. 1690745

File: 1667290209060.jpeg (773.15 KB, 557x1582, 5E24CB71-A27B-4378-B3A0-8045F0…)

She looks like that weird Molly doll from big comfy couch.

No. 1691309

File: 1667349146270.png (6.58 MB, 1242x2688, D2AE20AD-E406-47DC-9677-A05607…)

Photoshop fail kek

No. 1691314

File: 1667349410481.png (4.47 MB, 1242x2688, 40A0A4E7-C033-40B1-ABDD-AC83D1…)

Another(don't use emojis)

No. 1691540

File: 1667377650460.jpg (688.82 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221102-101151_Ins…)

Poo poo pee pee gun girl's vegan version

No. 1691550

I do not trust her w a gun… hell no!

And she would prolly think fern playing pew pew w a loaded gun would be cute.

That makes me so freaking queasy right now!

No. 1691581

File: 1667387442385.jpeg (108.83 KB, 242x523, 82594259-08BB-4A46-9BFD-CB1A8D…)

No. 1691582

File: 1667387544741.jpeg (544.42 KB, 828x888, 8AC49627-7243-4F5F-98B9-2820DD…)

This looks so uncomfortable

No. 1691588

It looks like she’s wearing a white tote bag and it’s obscuring her inner elbow a bit.

No. 1691686

File: 1667399434470.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1290, A4EEBE29-74B5-4B8B-88A7-8F1D75…)


No. 1691714

Did the Reddit get taken down!?!

No. 1691732

Or made private for now. Malice is sending out copyright claims.

No. 1691733

File: 1667405616098.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2778, CF372D2B-031C-43F2-AD81-B57745…)

this one? i don’t use reddit often, so idk if there is another that you are referring to.

if i’m correct, it’s still up (as of five seconds ago).

No. 1691748


No that sub is dead. It's r/alicenfern and it's gone even for members

No. 1691784

So now she can neglect her kids in peace. Dumb bitch

No. 1691835

File: 1667412498754.jpeg (102.84 KB, 828x454, 258BCB88-0301-4ACC-BBBC-FDC710…)

theres a temporary sub (r/alicenfern2) while the mods try and get the old one back. she went on a massive dcma takedown spree and
presumably the sub got taken down for the
amount of copyright violations. shes just
throwing a tantrum bc her snarkpage gets
more traffic than her actual social media
platforms kek.

No. 1691887

File: 1667416151519.png (8.52 MB, 1170x2532, E52929EB-C827-4578-964A-12C831…)

Ewww yet somehow stuff will leak

No. 1691896

That means there’s going to be a lot of Redditors coming to join us. Kek

For anyone new put your name as Anonymous and sage your email. Don’t be annoying.

No. 1691906

It’s $5.99 a month to subscribe… he’ll to the fucking NO

No. 1691917

I wonder why she just now decided to do that. Maybe she just figured out how, or maybe she just suffered some irl consequence from the sub?

No. 1691918

File: 1667418628839.jpeg (25.81 KB, 256x256, 2145EA6E-C4AC-41FB-ACE6-4E3708…)

Post trying to stop newfags from newfagging:
>put your name as anonymous

No. 1692048

Look I’ve been using this site for like 6 months at this point and I am still a newfag. Correct me if I was wrong

No. 1692434

Who on earth would buy this

No. 1692435

Newfag isn't a time frame, it's a state of mind.

No. 1692438

File: 1667472631150.jpeg (397.65 KB, 828x1390, 33898A12-4C58-4A56-B328-395B03…)

So weird she hails to her husband like he’s a dictator and wants to be the perfect suburban stay at home housewife with all her rad fem nonsense and then acts like she’s quirky and queer and loves women. Like why shackle yourself to an abusive man for life if you’re such a man hater and pro woman . Makes NO sense!

No. 1692439

So prooooo woman she married a complete loser abusive man and is bound to him financially and legally.

No. 1692440

File: 1667472859983.jpeg (522.5 KB, 828x1305, 7493ACA8-30D5-458F-BCB7-FF2143…)

She’s such an lgbt rights ally she married into a far right family and has this disgusting mindset

No. 1692442

File: 1667473018323.jpeg (492.49 KB, 828x1135, EA15FF87-4DA3-484D-8974-6D062C…)

Tbt when Alice killed her bunny

No. 1692488

Not anyone in their right mind but she is definitely upping her grifting game. New house monthly expenses too much for them to handle. She’ll be popping out another one soon for the monthly government benefits

No. 1692490

Pro women but supports trump and the GOP

No. 1692498

And lives off the govt benefits that she votes against.

No. 1692499

If anyone in the world should be forcefully sterilized it’s her. It would be beyond irresponsible for them to have another. Hopefully Caleb secretly got a vasectomy or is sprinkling birth control into her coconut waters.(alogging)

No. 1692574

File: 1667487723400.jpeg (260.69 KB, 643x1022, CF65D40E-932F-4A09-8ADC-215DAF…)

Wtf. She looks like a homeless crackhead prostitute begging for money.

No. 1692863

Do you think she even votes?

No. 1693254

Scrolling by I was wondering why there was a picture of tuna in snow

No. 1693274

Agreed. Her eyes look so dead.

No. 1693342

Okay I’m sorry, but she got fat compared to her baseline before sage. It’s really weird that she tried to convince her fan base that she was back to being 100lbs when that’s actually the weight of ONE of her thunder thighs alone. The dress is way too short for her body type, I hope it’s a squirt and nobody accidentally has to see her hairy meat curtains

No. 1693344

Nitpicking but more curiosity than snark…she Carrie’s a tote but none of her groceries are in that tote. So wtf is the tote for? It’s dirty and looks well used, does she use that as a purse? I would think someone like her would have a louis or something.

No. 1693348

Your thought intrigued me and I sat with it for a minute…Men in the GOP literally want to control women through forced pregnancy and forced birth. She doesn’t think men should have a say in anything that has to do with a woman while she’s carrying and delivering “her” child. So that’s one. And two, does she realize in the utopia that the GOP wants, Alice could have been put in jail/prison for aborting one and then killed another by recklessly driving. She was out of her mind reckless when it came to both fern and sages pregnancies by not having prenatal. If she fell on the riverbanks flailing around on the rocks and miscarried they’d absolutely “investigate”. If either ended in miscarriage they’d throw her in jail for thinking she did it on purpose and they would have pages of tiktoks proving their point. It didn’t seem like she cared if Sage lived at all, at least by her actions. If she doesn’t believe that should happen to women, she should really realign her voting with that. Apparently consent isn’t as important to her as she leads us to believe.

No. 1693351

Only if it was rotting and rancid. Good tuna smells WAY better than that walking contamination risk. Bet she has yeast cottage cheese growing behind her ears and between toes and peri area that reeks too.

No. 1693358

you’re so cute nonnie. Luna slater(aka tuna) is another cow in /pt/, they didn’t mean actual fish.

No. 1693892

File: 1667598964536.jpeg (617.81 KB, 828x1395, C6E14B69-70BE-4593-A92D-D61F6B…)

No. 1693894

File: 1667599156219.jpeg (845.31 KB, 828x1222, BA227E8B-8243-4169-BAFF-2FE37E…)

No. 1693895

File: 1667599242974.jpeg (817.32 KB, 828x1386, 46F07D7D-4D5B-47C1-A607-57FC36…)

Girlie really posts that she stares at peoples feet

No. 1693898

She got kicked out of Walmart for not wearing shoes

No. 1693899

File: 1667599372128.jpeg (247.44 KB, 497x690, 19442FE5-6FEB-423E-9974-B42448…)

No. 1693901

She should’ve fucked the neighbour instead. Poor baby

No. 1693902

File: 1667599444698.jpeg (294.96 KB, 555x759, 25C3F322-FCB3-441D-A908-5DCB30…)

No. 1693905

File: 1667599579985.jpeg (224.49 KB, 828x732, 9CA13B2D-D80F-44C4-A96B-C26DD1…)

No. 1693907

File: 1667599693387.jpeg (833.61 KB, 828x1276, D382699E-1A99-4222-B0FA-BEF771…)

Putting a smooth filter on your baby is weird

No. 1693908

Censoring fern but posting sage? Has fern got bruises on his face again …..

No. 1694025

Wtf is she on, not a discrimination case. About time she got stopped.

No. 1694306


Why would you think this poverty line toeing bitch would EVER have a Louis lmao. Plus they’re definitely not vegan

No. 1694328

A lot of poor ppl acquire high price items to come off as rich. Veganism is to justify her disordered eating, not morality. She had no problem with uppababy idk why she’d care abt the straps on a tote, just as long as it’s name brand.

But you right, honestly. You got my point, for someone who cares so much abt image, it’s odd she’s using something like that as a purse(?) or piss jar holder in case she needs to urinate in aisle 5. Not snark or milk worthy, more just curiosity abt what wtf is inside it.

No. 1694331

Quick, someone toss fluoride and a breath mint in!

No. 1694338

Imagine looking back and realizing your mom edited the shit out of your baby pictures bc she didn’t think you were “good enough”, even at the ripe age of a few months old. No matter how these kids end up, Alice will be the mom who never lets their kid forget how they ruined her body and how many sacrifices she had to make for them at the cost of her own selfish desires.

These two boys have it made when their older. Hopefully they eventually become vocal and literate, they’d have one hell of a documentary AND book deal that will make them tons $. Alice will feel entitled to it, and I hope they don’t give her a cent or the time of day. She’s an awful parent and chose an awful partner to become a parent with. I hope I never have to know her misery.

No. 1694341

Right? Maybe ferns bite and jaw wouldn’t be all misaligned if the milk man was the father. I hate to snark on a baby, but his parents are retards and won’t take him to get it fixed so now he’s forced to look like Caleb and have every person look at him and wonder what’s wrong with his face, or what happened to him.

No. 1694602

File: 1667662865180.jpeg (366.15 KB, 1800x1582, D9E033C7-056B-4E89-9403-F63479…)

She’s obsessing over a stupid fridge. She wants a huge fridge bigger than what the builder built for the fridge location but shoots down every suggestion. This fridge isn’t white enough inside and has trim on the shelves makes the fridge “too busy”. She has also thought about putting a second fridge in front of the window in the kitchen. She will use their mini fridge when they move in. Lol

Can she say they can’t afford a fridge without saying they can’t afford a fridge? This house is going to look like shit in no time.

No. 1694605

I lmao when she said about putting a film on all windows so ppl can’t look in and can’t see through to the outside in her TikTok’s. Why does feel the need to hide everything especially when there are huge fences around her property close to the house cuz there is no yard

No. 1694638

She defo has an eating disorder bc her life revolves around food

No. 1694640

She’s already revealed her house and blatantly shows her location and whereabouts online and posted her newborn hours after he was born. Since when does she care about privacy lol

No. 1694643

File: 1667666520706.jpeg (342.51 KB, 828x1146, 4838125D-9E23-4D7F-9A72-704646…)

Girl you don’t have a shadow ban your content just sucks

No. 1694762

She really thinks she’s a celebrity lol

No. 1694894

In her own delusion. She has a reputation of the worst kind. A large majority of her following are haters and spectators who despise the misinformation and blatant disrespect she has for others. Tiktok needs to man up and ban her IP address. This bitch sucks.

No. 1695633

File: 1667788082507.jpeg (129.26 KB, 750x527, 264D317D-6C1F-4F8A-A0D8-C8C6A6…)

Alice’s response when someone said it snowed in AZ. She’s the fucking stupidest person! God help those homeschooled boys!!

No. 1695640

she would load the kids into the kayak and use it as a sled

No. 1695796

as someone who doesn't look at her videos anymore can anyone tell me if fern has been recorded speaking?

No. 1695834


Still have never seen any video evidence of him using anything more than one syllable sounds. She’s also featuring him less and less in her content. If he were talking, she’d be exploiting every second of it- and she knows that we know that.

No. 1695841

And also if they’ve seen him walking on his own two feet!? I’m curious how his gait/hips/legs are doing.

No. 1695863

No he’s basically non verbal

No. 1695864

File: 1667820588826.jpeg (262.56 KB, 588x699, 154B049B-8843-4AAB-987C-C535BC…)

Not the flabby belly and the preteen schoolgirl skirt combo

No. 1695865

File: 1667820692580.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, 5EB45241-4167-470F-975F-C72C0E…)

I feel so bad for fern

No. 1695866

Shes all for consent but did ur kids consent to you posting them sleeping online Alice?

No. 1695867

File: 1667820830234.jpeg (652.91 KB, 828x1186, E1F9E211-9161-4273-9160-CEDBEC…)

She doesn’t even have pupils just black eyes

No. 1695868

File: 1667820994456.jpeg (459.47 KB, 828x1033, B7AB3A9F-220F-4DB4-98B5-DB9FDE…)

She acts like she’s the only vegan in the world like veganism is so popular millions of people are inc me lol they just don’t shove it down other people’s throats n respect other people’s choices

No. 1695870

File: 1667821138956.jpeg (485.5 KB, 828x944, 409BFD34-1047-4DF2-978F-DE4049…)

Like it’s 2022,I don’t know what it’s like in the us but in the U.K. veganism is so popular and normalised

She’s acting like she’s some unique person

No. 1695871

File: 1667821316327.jpeg (63.43 KB, 196x424, 283C9851-C78B-4414-9200-22C568…)

His eye is so swollen

It’s only a matter of time before one of the kids needs medical attention and she won’t take them

No. 1695872

File: 1667821450739.jpeg (477.06 KB, 828x1001, 633A2C81-B637-4959-B302-DE3B88…)

Putting filters on a baby is weird

No. 1695873

File: 1667821639670.jpeg (476.33 KB, 828x1505, 48251559-BC98-46B3-89A9-A379C4…)

The irony she won’t use soap or chemicals but false lashes and glue with chemicals is fine

No. 1695875

File: 1667821760753.jpeg (514.98 KB, 828x1370, DF2123B6-3399-429A-829A-99C049…)

Why doesn’t she buy the anger management book for Caleb kek

No. 1695876

File: 1667821819487.jpeg (550.84 KB, 828x1460, C4108DFA-4066-4675-A6F6-3508F3…)

Idiot conspiracist

No. 1695878

File: 1667821879933.jpeg (436.53 KB, 828x1304, 311F49E7-7188-48C1-A84B-FE1D6B…)

InsteAd of taking care of her kids she will only do it to prevent cps taking them away BS

No. 1695879

Like a good parent wouldn’t have to read this book your followers aren’t a train wreck parent like you Alice

No. 1695882

She’s put a gaming keyboard on ferns wish list? Like instead of planking him infront of the computer or tv why not teach him i don’t know to read or talk??????

No. 1695883

File: 1667822248397.jpeg (652.71 KB, 828x1484, 1BA92659-5791-469E-8BF4-B8A8A8…)

Did fern consent to 69 total strangers wearing a t shirt with a picture of his face on it Alice?????

No. 1695884

File: 1667822550147.jpeg (177 KB, 828x1229, 410894DD-228B-4BE1-90EC-634409…)

Alices car…. she is such a freak

No. 1695885

File: 1667822629202.jpeg (133.35 KB, 828x1029, CF7E12E2-94B2-4E8C-B75C-EE7377…)

She’s so fake she pretends she’s pro choice to not get hate on tt


No. 1695886

File: 1667822676061.jpeg (160.38 KB, 828x1289, 5847C50F-6A81-44ED-AB39-57806C…)

There’s so many more too

No. 1695888

File: 1667823059841.jpeg (602.91 KB, 828x1127, D3A087A9-9172-451B-B642-3589B6…)

No. 1695889

File: 1667823264123.jpeg (516.74 KB, 828x1232, B166C672-9883-44E8-A1D4-E9B1BA…)

No. 1695890

Birdies kid was allergic to gluten n Alice brought gluten into the house

She doesn’t give af about her kids or anyone else’s


No. 1695891

She’s not pro choice but she’s had an abortion herself make it make sense

No. 1695904

“Goodbye germ theory” - meanwhile, measles and polio are making a comeback after generations of eradication. Those kids have no chance with her as a mother. Even if they make it out of childhood, they are then faced with only having limited, conspiracy driven, knowledge. What kind of job can one get with a Qtard degree? How are they ever going to get away from her crazy ass if they have less than minimal education and can’t get a job?

Has she said anything more about ferns nature school she said she was going to enroll him in? He deserves to experience life away from her so he knows that life isn’t supposed to be this hard, he just has shitty parents.

No. 1695910

Bc she’s a cold hearted hypocritical bitch who only cares about herself. She was able to get one when she needed one, but doesn’t think others should be awarded the same luxury of choice. That’s a true cunt.

Personally I tinfoil that people with newborns and young kids hate their life and regret their life choice to have children before they’re ready and want all other people to be forced into that same fate. I think a lot of them wish they would’ve made the choice to abort.

And before you come at me about the regret comment, go to FB and look up the group “I regret having kids” it’s not a joke it’s legit ppl talking in a safe place about this. It has 46k members. Meanwhile “I regret my abortion” has only 3k members.

They should really take this shit into account when forming laws banning abortion and forcing parenthood. Ppl who wanted kids regret them, how do you think ppl who don’t want kids are gonna feel when you force it on them?

No. 1695914

They are well past “needing” medical attention

No. 1695915

The keyboard isn’t for fern

No. 1695936

It should say “Caleb’s wishlist” why do they even have “wishlists” in the first place? I thought she was rolling in the dough, sahm with a husband who works in the oil fields? /s

No. 1695937

Shes poor and greedy

No. 1695938

Her husband is a manager at a crappy restaurant can’t remember the name

No. 1696073

Can’t imagine ordering food from that greasy dirty smelly wild hair freak. Just gross

No. 1696210

Hence why I said /s

No. 1696220

"Protecting Your Child From the Child Protection System", the fuck?

No. 1696221

I wonder if his coworkers follow Alice and her neglect and psychopathy. I feel like he’s a quiet little mouse that avoids all customers and coworkers and hides in the little office. Tinfoil af tho…we only know what Alice wants us to know about him, whether it’s true or not. She’s a slithery snake in the grass. There’s a reason she doesn’t have a single mom friend or play date for fern. Or friends in general. Unrelated but She never brings him to the splash pad or swimming anymore. The pool must feel so good on his joints. I wonder why she quit and only goes to the grocery store. He’s gonna hate the grocery store when he grows up. PTSD lol

No. 1696311

Whyd they private the Reddit? Now a bunch of ppl are going to go watch her videos to get the scoop. Fucking retards. The whole point is to get exposure. Why have the sub at all then?

No. 1696333

It was a co-worker who leaked his work details to reddit

No. 1696409

in 2022 reddit has deleted large communities about
>Amberleyn Reid ("hate community")
>Alice Fern shit ("dmca" from malice)
>Trisha Paytas ("dmca" from trisha)

if they keep it public it will get shut down again. reddit is a scrote website and will always shut down women communities at the first report. they literally cant have it public anymore. ive given up on it and you should too honestly

No. 1696645

File: 1668038387308.jpeg (600.27 KB, 828x1214, 3F53ACB3-267B-445A-9435-FF65B9…)

No. 1696648

File: 1668038555666.jpeg (435.59 KB, 828x1109, 6AEB956B-373F-4F6D-B47F-134714…)

Thought she was looking for a studio anywhere in the us kek

No. 1696700


She has the most fucked up looking feet.

No. 1696711

Um because she reaaaaally wanted one duh!

No. 1696792

File: 1668053700232.jpeg (172.89 KB, 1125x1445, 972FB4C5-AB63-4029-89EB-7C0D62…)

No. 1696909

File: 1668073333288.jpeg (633.04 KB, 828x1109, 20F20357-C000-4020-B1F2-7E2BB9…)

Smoothing filter to the max

No. 1696917

File: 1668074832177.jpeg (606.21 KB, 821x1127, CA0FE1BE-0DC7-4F0B-9BCB-EB91CA…)

Baby’s ear is so red

No. 1697125

probably just cradle cap but god forbid Alice would do anything like regular shampooing or mineral oil

No. 1697262

File: 1668113919014.jpg (200.82 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20221110-205652_Tik…)

Bitch, nobody will try to scam you to steal your piss soaked rugs and food caked sofa, you don't have to worry

No. 1697265

File: 1668114194699.png (1.4 MB, 1170x2532, 2C562357-8252-45B8-AAC8-C7D352…)


No. 1697338

Can you imagine how thrilled her apartment neighbors are?

No. 1697396

File: 1668125857294.jpeg (361.52 KB, 1757x1554, F0D867F6-D804-402F-8B81-E04D32…)

Wtf. Ppl are encouraging her to grift off her followers.

No. 1697419

She already has an Amazon wishlist. It's the only way Fern gets any toys

No. 1697633

File: 1668162023866.jpeg (839.22 KB, 828x1207, C1531464-B002-4F91-A89F-59A816…)

What she deserves

No. 1697635

File: 1668162430512.jpeg (352.53 KB, 417x1205, 647EBEAC-153B-4937-8557-E9F72E…)

Looks 40

No. 1697636

File: 1668162487708.jpeg (581.88 KB, 664x1394, B320CE65-BCCA-49DB-8834-5D0737…)

Have you ever seen anything more ugly in your life

No. 1697637

But $500 a day on groceries is fine

No. 1697638

File: 1668162695628.jpeg (182.72 KB, 828x608, FD9E8143-6B53-4DBA-BF5C-F47AB0…)

No. 1697640

It’s so white and clean they’re going to ruin it

No. 1697641

File: 1668162900698.jpeg (348.79 KB, 828x1285, 29720388-366A-438C-9E9D-7954FD…)

She’s so gross can she not buy her own cutlery,?????

No. 1697777

"it's not like we need math in real life anyway"

No. 1697853

Yep but now they are telling her to grift for house stuff… Sage your posts or buzz off

No. 1697856

Unless they moved far away she’s lying. She’s pulling the I’m broke so please buy me stuff.

No. 1697858

Her and fern eat with their hands anyway.

No. 1697911

So the reddit seemingly got taken down because details about the ownership of the new home were leaked… can anyone tell me what the details were?!(can you sage ?!)

No. 1698075

What does the ownership mean

No. 1698077

The whole sub wasn’t taken down, the mods just removed that post. The post was a sc of the deed. The details were her address, that the house was in her and Caleb’s name (not his parents, like some people guessed), and that they paid 400k for it.

No. 1698079

File: 1668206752088.jpeg (827.4 KB, 828x950, FA7E58D4-388F-4096-BD5A-B9A532…)

To therapy Alice

No. 1698683

File: 1668290367351.jpg (295.28 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20221112-215645_Chr…)

A quick Google shows that there's probably no way in hell they bought this on their own.
Might be their names on the deeds but I bet his parents put a nice 50% deposit on it. Or they're paying the monthly mortgage. All speculation, of course…

No. 1698706

It's genuinely depressing that her life revolves around driving the kids around and around aimlessly, to keep them away from gollum-kun because the sounds of children make him chimp out

No. 1698732

Yeah, they locked in within the last few months so their rate is definitely above 5%. With a 400k house that means their mortgage is at least 2.5k a month. They went from living in a low income apartment paying 800$/month in rent to living in a house that costs 2.5k/month BEFORE utilities, that’s tripling their monthly housing expenses. Unless cable got another significantly better paying job or they won the lottery, there’s no tangible way they can afford the house by themselves.

No. 1698821

Someone mentioned before she was getting mortgage/housing assistance from her native status, exactly what assistance would that be?

No. 1698823

Scary thing is she will want to borrow against the equity of the house when mortgage renewal comes up so she can go on a spending spree.

No. 1698943

there are just better mortgage terms and one-time grants for down payments available for native people, not direct monthly mortgage subsidies unless the house is on reservation land
so even if they got the most available aid, they are still going to be paying at least 90% of what non-natives would pay in the area, his parents have to be helping

No. 1699001

DIDNt they get discount cos she’s native and they’re low income

No. 1699025

This. Even with help they’d be paying way above what can afford. Caleb makes 40k a year, even if they somehow found an assistance plan to cut their mortgage in half (they won’t, that’s impossible) it would still be 1.2k before utilities, and they STILL can’t afford that.

No. 1699139

File: 1668366696395.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1125x1863, EACFF1E4-43C0-4B93-BD9E-50C085…)

nothing better than placing your newborn face down in the mud on an incline next to a body of water, wrapped in only a blanket.

No. 1699266

She’s posting controversial shit to get ppl riled up bc she needs money. She used the same tactics with fern

No. 1699280

Alice probably gets A lot of money from tiktok creator fund let’s be real

No. 1699281

It’s not a great look for the brands she works with desperately like beyond meat etc

No. 1699292

All of her accounts have been banned, that automatically removes you from the creator fund (that’s why at the beginning she kept making new accounts when one got banned) and way bigger tiktokers who ARE apart of the fund say they have to rely on sponsors and brand deals because of how poorly the creator fund pays and those people are getting millions of more views than Alice. Not to mention they lived in low income housing for like 2 years while she was making TikTok’s, surly that would’ve brought them above the threshold if she was making good money. But yeah she’s totally rolling in cash, that’s why she bought a tiny 2/bedroom one story house that looks like it’s made of card board and paper mache and is begging for shit on social media to furnish it.

No. 1699501

File: 1668412894022.jpeg (409.68 KB, 828x1133, 8E0FA1BC-B415-480D-81EB-055FA1…)

Why not teach him how to talk Alice?

He’s going to be developmentally delayed compared to his peers she’s messing him up for life

No. 1699736

Am I allowed to post the financial details on the deed if I block out all personal information and addresses?

No. 1699800

No. 1699822

Beyond meat is suffering and almost in bankruptcy

No. 1699824

Not Alice at one time saying it was 5 bedroom house lol

No. 1699970

File: 1668472649741.jpeg (233.43 KB, 894x991, 881E67A3-C757-4C08-AEF0-51BD7E…)

Page 3 of the Deed (I couldn’t get the file to open on my phone so it’s a pic of my computer screen, sorry for the boomer behaviour).

No. 1699973

couldn't you have taken a screenshot if it was on your computer?

No. 1700003

So they put the minimum down payment, sad considering how much money she got from the settlement for Arielle. They will definitely be struggling to keep up with the payments, especially with the increased utility bills, now having property taxes and the HOA fees. She’ll really be laying on the pity for grifting.

No. 1700012

yep, looks like a $2,500/month mortgage payment
also looks like they got a break on the down payment, either because of Alice’s native status or their income or both

No. 1700045

Adding on the reference to her settlement, they put down the minimum down payment AND can’t furnish the house? It might be one thing if you can argue that they put the minimum down because they also budgeted purchasing items for the home. However, these clowns are bringing over all of their piss/shit stained stuff from their apartment and expecting Alice stans to pull through with the rest. Their delusion, entitlement, and irresponsibility is astounding!

This is going to go south, FAST:

Their living expenses have jumped significantly out of their means.. Alice’s spending was a problem when they were in their low-income housing, she is not going to be able to adjust to their new circumstances. She might manage to spend slightly less the first month but you don’t suddenly recover from that level of shopping addiction.

Another note, what is going to happen when crusty ass Caleb goes into another rage and Alice can’t afford to pack the kids up for a road trip? I can’t emphasize enough that these idiots will not have any extra or misc. money. They will be scraping to pay their mortgage and utilities, just making it (IF they do make it).

No. 1700056

Whats even sadder is that he probably won't even have peers to compare himself to when he's older.

No. 1700254

So no Christmas presents for fern this year? :((:()

No. 1700459

Are you kidding, nona — The house is his gift (sarcasm)

No. 1700482

File: 1668530957440.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2247, F635975A-F1CC-4497-ABCE-874F8D…)

She’s so desperate

No. 1700712

Milking the concern for her and her Abusive husband so her stans can worry

So gross trying to create views over domestic abuse

No. 1700714

Yes lol they will struggle no more road trips Alice and big shopping sprees pretending you’re rich

No. 1700717

File: 1668550332810.jpeg (674.88 KB, 828x1367, A9B8BAF1-E5D2-4808-BD2D-82DB3B…)

She is funny saying I didn’t think anyone would buy anything like yes you made videos implying you needed stuff and about how you made another wish list 1 of a million you have already

No. 1700718


Alice you’re such a tramp buy your own stuff

No. 1700742

She probably bought them herself and passing off as gifts

No. 1700751

File: 1668552726304.jpeg (71.15 KB, 578x695, 61FCA776-A92B-467A-9DB4-BA6BA2…)

A new pee tree for the cat

No. 1700782

It’s a 3bedroom/2bathroom. The floor plan is on the builders website.

No. 1701580

who is the builder?

No. 1701598

No. 1701970

Pulte Homes. Model is Manzanita.

No. 1702098

I remember when she made a comment saying it was ‘six rooms’ and people speculated they were buying a mansion with six bedrooms. This dumb bitch really meant six total rooms in the whole house kek.

No. 1702296

File: 1668718048376.jpeg (154.3 KB, 626x1094, 338BE3D1-DDE1-48C7-A186-BD3476…)

nice view from the living room kek

No. 1703042

god i would love to know her iq.

No. 1703676

File: 1668873635988.jpeg (985.11 KB, 828x1455, D1CC8798-F38F-4E4E-BF63-EAEB23…)

Were they Just in the empty apartment Themselves or sm

No. 1703725

well she said they were sleeping on the floor of the new house all this time so she must have left the animals shitting and pissing on the floor of her apartment while they did that. But they also did that every time they slept down the road at great wolf lodge. god I feel absolutely terrible for the unsuspecting tenants who are moving into that place next. Can’t imagine the putrid state it’s been in all this time. Absolute filth.

No. 1703789

Is that two cats? I thought she had to get rid of all animals except the two pet limit, the dog and a cat. She’s been hiding animals this entire time!

No. 1703792

the only fresh litter box they will ever see… the new house

No. 1703799

Is it not the rabbit

No. 1703802

File: 1668882171096.jpeg (433.96 KB, 828x1264, 79D5EFBB-5651-4D82-B75E-2F92A9…)

Wait nvm the rabbit looked like this

No. 1704083

File: 1668899447028.jpeg (676.01 KB, 643x1222, 927FFB15-C986-482D-8CCD-80A0CB…)

The outfit ..

She probably thinks men think she looks hot too

No. 1704108

Load that cart up while she complains having no money… foking grifter

No. 1704346

Why her legs like that?

No. 1704871

File: 1668971336259.jpeg (539.69 KB, 828x1488, C2A8C963-7904-4C1F-9A21-6E6B8B…)

Vegan is her whole personality

No. 1704951

She is seriously so retarded. I know people who have never celebrated a single thanksgiving that could tell you turkey is the traditional meat eaten. She was raised eating meat, she probably had turkey on thanksgiving for at least 15 years but somehow she just forgot that large chunk of her life?? Sure, totally believable. Not to mention all the thanksgiving advertisements/ signs/ decorations all including turkeys around this time of year. She really just made a fake google search so she could screenshot it and boast about being the best vegan ever.

No. 1705428

File: 1669029740947.jpeg (565.87 KB, 828x838, 8458A4FA-756C-41AA-BD7F-370266…)

Never happened

No. 1705444

Her way of shaming people for their food choices.

No. 1705483

She should be shamed for those horrendous bangs. Was she having a sugar withdrawl while cutting them?

No. 1705653

File: 1669053387341.jpeg (253.37 KB, 828x1551, 8FC28DE5-354F-4C79-BB20-DE8184…)

If anyone wants to watch her tiktoks but doesnt want to give her views, use the website urlebird.com. It’s like yewtu.be for tiktoks.

No. 1705859

If someone was actually buying that many turkeys, it was no doubt for a shelter or soup kitchen… virtue signaling against people who are actually helping those in need is not a good look. Odds are this didn’t even happen though

No. 1706438

Did fern cut her hair or something? Wtf?

No. 1706443

He’s giving her the haircut he wishes he had.

No. 1706806

Aside from the absurdity that someone would be buying that many turkeys (although granted there is a small chance that it would be in a scenario like you’ve posted), I have an awfully hard time imagining people being comfortable or willing to approach Alice in public. You can probably get a whiff of the stench of BO, cat piss/excrement, and overall filth from more than a foot away. She also looks completely unhinged with her matted and disheveled hair, nevermind her clothing choices and lack of footwear. Fern is probably making incoherent vocalizations and stimming everywhere, very much so looking feral himself (possibly covered in bruises). People don’t seek interactions with this kind of person. They don’t make small talk in grocery stores or say conveniently flattering things for Alice to post about.. what they do is stay far away, maybe gawk. Alice’s peanut brain spirals into all of these scenarios and she acts like they’ve actually happened.

No. 1708269

File: 1669262373122.jpeg (147.23 KB, 661x901, 1B599012-F8B0-4978-A8E8-68D8C5…)

She has no clue what she’s doing and those plants will not produce worthwhile food to eat

No. 1708400

File: 1669280600584.jpeg (575.51 KB, 828x1468, 4C781884-31FB-42B3-9AF4-BA0355…)

Omg this vid is horrifying w fern on her ig story in this spinning thing she literally pushes him at the end and he is so close to banging off the wall wtf

No. 1708401


She makes a lot of stuff up about people talking to her in public

No. 1708402

File: 1669280955633.jpeg (98.19 KB, 225x487, 74E0D0DD-2AB2-4D3E-9F11-59F8A3…)

Can she not buy him clothes that fit or pull up his trousers so he doesn’t trip

No. 1708638

This aside, “forever home” aka she is planning on being one of those asshole parents who stuff 5 kids in a room. I can already feel the next pregnancy looming.

Regular programming for Alice: What borderline abusive behaviour can I get away with posting for views?

No. 1708792

She already doesn’t give her kids their own rooms, or even beds. I don’t care about bed sharing if it’s done safely but she got rid of ferns bed so he couldn’t sleep alone even if he wanted to. Remember that phase he went through where he didn’t want to sleep with his parents so he was sleeping alone on the couch, he was only like 18 months old at the time.

No. 1708795

Eugh, my SIL does this with her malnourished child too.. Puts them in bigger clothes just so they can say they're in a certain size clothes. (Not yet 2yo and she puts him in 2-3 clothes that fall down/are too long, he really should be in 12-18 months)

No. 1708815

File: 1669330751461.jpeg (215.06 KB, 828x1229, C568C550-0DE9-4738-9CA9-7D97CF…)

ah thanksgiving, the perfect time to push my demented anti medicine agenda! Alice has such a sad life.

No. 1708852

Alice needs to take a day off ffs.

No. 1708993

No. 1709001

File: 1669340818825.jpeg (220.93 KB, 358x776, BA1350C5-9EFF-4F7A-AB42-CBD46B…)


No. 1709049

she said during a model house tour that the boys would share a room and it would be a toy room

No. 1709510

Ah so now it was an EPIDURAL that made the baby’s heart rate drop & forced a c-section now. Not the traumatic car accident. Why is she pretending that she was all set to casually deliver a full term baby lol, the baby was premature and injured hence the emergency c section

No. 1709915

File: 1669417652192.jpg (318.42 KB, 1079x1882, Screenshot_20221125-230324_Tik…)

This whole video is cracked.
What planet is she on, seriously.
Them crying every month she got her period because she was ttc for 3 months.
She is such a clown

No. 1709916

File: 1669417741282.jpg (221.37 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20221125-230258_Tik…)

And this. She is so fucking stupid. Probably didn't ovulate because she was so malnourished

No. 1710052

She’s so desperate for content and friends

No. 1710059


ahahahaha this chick is so desperate to not hold down a regular job. She wanted to be a “sTaY aT hOmE WiFe in their impoverished apartment mooching off his serving tips from that stupid pub. Is she for real? Bet you she’d rather have that settlement money than her daughter because it means she doesn’t have to work to buy herself that low budget house with the sad cabinets and countertops.

No. 1710083

File: 1669431412005.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x2072, BF827015-E034-412A-81D5-041DC4…)

For someone with a foot fetish, her feet look RANCID

No. 1710141

She blames her weird ugly feet on being forced to wearing shoes as a kid. Her feet look more deformed than ballerina feet

No. 1710556

File: 1669488253264.jpg (369.81 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20221126-184221_Tik…)

Is it an office if he just plays games in there?
More like incel hovel.

No. 1710607

Alice just say you don’t want to work but want someone to fund your lifestyle. Sahm’s actually work, all she does is neglects her kids, spends her husbands money and sits on social media in her filth.
So she’s using one of the bedrooms for her goblin ass husbands gaming setup. She keeps calling this her forever home so when she does pop out another baby (because we all know she will) she’s just going to shove all three of them in one small bedroom or make them share her bed? How healthy.

No. 1710610

File: 1669492651177.jpeg (200.62 KB, 828x1214, A8683CA3-CC1C-478B-8E11-CF88D6…)

Samefagging. I just saw this. What a fucking idiot. (ttc = trying to conceive)

No. 1710618

Someone should report her to the FBI for child abuse and neglect

No. 1710667

More kids = more government money for her to spend on herself = more child neglect

No. 1710741

Yeah. Which prompted my comment saying that someone should report her for the current child neglect happening..

No. 1710743

Not the FBI's jurisdiction. But you'd be surprised how low the standards are in some places for child neglect/abuse. At this point it would take a child being thrown at a moving car going 60 MPH for the state to get concerned.

No. 1710917

I wonder if there was any truth to the rumours about CPS involvement. Right-wing men on the internet are wild and Caleb’s family & their circle seem to be full of them.. I could easily see one being exposed to Alice’s social media through association and becoming so bothered that they report her. At very least, there has to have been some kind of interaction because otherwise Alice wouldn’t be so interested in her little book that was discussed in recent posts. The more kids that she has, the more likely it becomes that CPS will be involved. Nevermind, if Fern actually is autistic with severe delays (as we all expect from him not talking at 2yrs old) then that’s going to put some a spotlight on what she’s doing here too.

No. 1710935

File: 1669506246409.jpeg (353.77 KB, 2048x2048, CD341D39-7897-4B0D-AE27-9ABB55…)

Alice will continue to breed for as long as her body allows her to. All of her spewing about being a ripe young age for childbearing and shaming “old” mothers will be yet another hypocritical feature of her highly documented online past.

No. 1710945

File: 1669506666444.jpeg (793.43 KB, 1284x2368, FBE081E4-21B0-419C-B807-EA0909…)

I’m dead, the video frame that she chose to be the still for this reel…

No. 1710978

Right wingers, especially those like Caleb’s family, are less likely to report child abuse and neglect to CPS. The majority of them see entities like CPS and DSS made to infringe on the rights of parents to discipline/treat their children as they please. There’s a reason why Alice was promoting a book that was titled some shit like “Protecting your child from child protective services”- this is even more common in right wingers that exert control over their children for religious reasons.

No. 1710980

Absolute hypocritical cow, lmfao. With the way she moves the goalposts she’s going to end up like Michelle Duggar.

No. 1711077

They believe all issues should be resolved by the church and not government. She will pop out the kids like the duggars and have her older children raising the younger while collecting all the handouts.

If she took care of her kids properly then she wouldn’t have to worry about cps.

No. 1711333

I haven’t seen ferb in awhile, I hope it’s bc he’s with social services and a nice foster family.

No. 1711400

File: 1669545532115.jpeg (249.17 KB, 667x400, B0D8A24A-4DAA-4AD8-87DE-983F42…)

No. 1711402

I see people keep talking about how awful and sickly she looks and that’s through filter(s). I really wonder how hideous her exterior truly is. My guess is just as ugly as her insides.

No. 1711444

its so sad that she doesn't even understand that trying every day doesnt matter when eggs are released while you ovulate… sorry 4 spoonfed but did she go to public school or is she a homeschool freak?
topfuckingramenkek he is fucking disgusting!! even some water would make a difference on hair that nasty, that dude must not shower for weeks. the stench that comes off these people must be nasty, they're like neglected sims.

No. 1711556

She's probably not going to have to worry about CPS regardless. I'm not sure about Arizona but in many states CPS caseworkers are overworked and have too many caseloads and they can't perform the basics of their jobs properly. she definitely neglects/abuses fern and probably will do the same to sage but unless there's video evidence of her beating one of them or something like that I can't see there being any meaningful intervention from CPS.

No. 1711626

She went to public school… in one version of her stories she was made fun of for being vegan and everyone teased her and in another version she says that all the kids at school wanted to have her vegan lunch instead of school lunch.

Still a freak, just not homeschooled kek and whether or not she had a good time while attending, that’s up in the air I guess since she’s a lying shrew.

No. 1711628

There is video evidence of her saying Caleb is physically abusive towards fern and threatened to kill him.

No. 1711632

She’s not religious though…I think she just has a breeding kink

No. 1711633

File: 1669569235078.jpeg (897.09 KB, 3264x3264, 6C50FBD6-074F-434C-B2A0-A0B430…)

No. 1711638

Wasn't that from months ago? It could probably be used as proof of him being abusive if she were to try and separate herself from him fully (probably not going to happen), but in terms of getting CPS involved without anything else backing it up it probably wouldn't be seen as hard evidence. If she recorded him specifically saying these things that'd be different.

No. 1711649

she still looks old for her age even after cutting her bangs.
the sun damage must be severe lmao she looks 30+

No. 1711650

not a single thought behind those eyes…

No. 1711652

she won't divorce him cause he's her only income and she can't afford to buy 100 lbs of raw organic vegan bananas every week on her TikTok income

No. 1711692

It begs the question if she would have more government assistance if she left him though.

No. 1711807

She would but not enough to finance her spending habits unless she lived in her car with the kids but then there would be grounds to have the kids removed from her care.

No. 1711809

She wanted to be homeschooled but her parents said no bc they both had jobs. She thinks her parents saying no to her was abusive.

No. 1712066

And that’s through a bunch of filters

No. 1712630

File: 1669651119539.jpeg (429.63 KB, 733x923, D48C1F59-21AC-464A-B1FA-381BF0…)


No. 1712633

File: 1669651253101.jpeg (178.06 KB, 500x499, 3E65950E-F4B0-4064-80C8-FEDE62…)

Does she even have pupils

No. 1712635

Saw this on the front page and thought it was Holly Conrad with really bad extensions. What is with these toddler-cut bangs

No. 1712638

File: 1669651534443.jpeg (60.19 KB, 577x538, 1E4A3EE3-EB12-4805-AB7D-AE64CB…)

That greasy fringe and deep set eyes and smile lines combo

No. 1712640

The calebs office is so funny like he works in hospitality

No. 1712641

File: 1669651702537.jpeg (338.14 KB, 536x897, C838727E-EA7B-44AA-A813-4D81FA…)

She looks so old and sick

No. 1712642

She is defo anemic

No. 1712644

File: 1669651956450.jpeg (219.19 KB, 828x1565, BF94A5EF-C6A4-4798-89D5-619837…)


No. 1712646

In this video and few others she sounds like she’s on drugs or something talking so weirddd someone else let me know what you think

No. 1712649

File: 1669652141592.jpeg (174.87 KB, 828x592, FFFE63BC-4FCA-4E92-80D9-CF7CA6…)

Every video has such criticising comments now she must have forgotten to delete all them

No. 1712661

Or she turned all the filters off bc her engagement is so low

No. 1712741

File: 1669658923510.jpeg (169.92 KB, 1242x525, 20785575-ED07-4660-8744-94EC13…)

Eat lead Alice! Mwah ha ha ha HAAAA!(autism)

No. 1712742

Yeah, because it would definitely be Alice suffering in that scenario and not her innocent children

No. 1712784

I’m snarking on her “all natural” chill bro

No. 1712793

She sounds like she’s high. Caleb smokes and drinks so it wouldn’t surprise me if Alison is toking behind the scenes.(sage)

No. 1712797

Go back.

No. 1712801

She has said if it was federally legalized she would. Didn’t Biden clear past charges for small amounts of weed, maybe enough for her to smoke. Would help calm her mental issues.

No. 1712845

But she also said she did online school her last years of high school before she dropped out and got her GED. She said she had “trouble with a boy”

No. 1713206

“Boy trouble” - her highschool boyfriend and the abortion she had

No. 1714858

File: 1669845360485.jpg (553.03 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20221130-215432_Tik…)

Two actual morons can't even work a hose.
How have they managed to keep two children alive this long.

No. 1715653

Multiple questions beyond that:

1) why is she sitting like a caveman taking a giant compacted deuce And/Or another financial burden?

2) what’s the sensor box for?

3) not a question but observation…HOLY MARY AND JOSEPH… Caleb is WASTING away!!! Or am I over reacting? Alice has a raging ED and consistently claims she is only 100lbs. If that’s true and her man’s taller than her AND only like, 90lbs? Yikes.

No. 1715655

All the men stare when she enters the room

No. 1715837

Wondering wtf is that bc she always looks homeless

No. 1716117

File: 1669933297359.jpeg (204 KB, 610x1185, 82F4C0F0-8F0D-43C1-B417-764216…)

don’t know why she’s so grossed out about a horse’s hoof when it looks just like her crusty ass nails

No. 1716123

I love watching hoof cleaning videos. I love watching the Hoof GP on YouTube.

No. 1716137

File: 1669934945442.jpeg (539.11 KB, 2048x2048, CE0021F6-34BD-4AC3-9316-D8827B…)

Alright, admittedly, this is bothering me (and perhaps that is what she wants): What is the consensus on why Alice keeps hiding the children’s faces? It seems to be happening consistently for Fern and gradually for Shew.

I cant imagine she’s doing it to protect their privacy because, one, it’s a little late for that and, secondly, she’s left uncovered photos & videos up.

Truly, I do not believe that Fern is walking around with a beat in face this often (or would hope not) and I don’t fathom the infant would have facial bruising either.

The only theory that I have left is that Fern has some sort of dental crisis or equipment/intervention happening that Alice is concealing (because vegans don’t have problems derp) but that doesn’t explain hiding/covering Shew’s face. Unless she thinks it throws us off from Fern? I don’t know. I need answers because that small chance that Fern’s being hurt does trigger concern.

No. 1716141

File: 1669935041224.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2166, 3CB39E2F-2EDB-477E-8B39-EF8A7C…)

samefag because I want to emphasize that I do not even remotely understand how someone so filthy can be allowed to work at a restaurant.

No. 1716787

File: 1670013807010.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2688, DEF53305-31F7-43CA-937D-76AE63…)

His hand and foot look SO swollen. Do you think she still hasn’t taken him to a real doctor? We’re gonna see her mugshot on the news someday. Her and greasy.

No. 1716790

Broooo it’s a joke. She’s said multiple times all men stare at her when she walks into the room.

No. 1716828

While I agree that it could be something dental(maybe a missing/rotted tooth that's hard to hide?), he could have bruising that isn't sinister and she's trying to hide it so she doesn't get reported to cps.
My toddler has a black eye atm from falling, and let me tell you the amount of people that judge is shocking, so I wouldn't blame her for hiding it.

No. 1717427

This would be the most reassuring thought, nona.. but I feel like she’s been hiding his face for a while? I’d have to go back and really look, but it seems longer than an isolated injury would take to heal. It’s so frustrating how careless and negligent she is about these children and all that she can think about is making tik toks and having more.

No. 1717515

Or she’s only showing their faces to her subscribers on ig. Ppl stupid enough to pay!

No. 1717523

So she’s selling access to her children. I guess that has been her thing all along, but wow that’s so blatantly exploiting them.

No. 1717708

File: 1670104469728.jpg (258.29 KB, 1070x2013, Screenshot_20221203-215236_Tik…)

Loving the unfiltered comments

No. 1718462

These people are BANANAS! It’s so scary to think they’re in control of children.

No. 1718844

Wait did I miss that the babies name is sage? Isn’t that a girls name lol

No. 1718943

This is evil

No. 1719086

Not to defend this cow but I know 3 people named sage and they are all men

No. 1719101

OT but same nona. I used to watch the ferrier do my horse and loving it. Then found the hoof gp and am so happy. Alice is a dumb bitch with the personality of a wet napkin and the interests of a sheltered retard.

No. 1719105

I bet you she will try and try and try until she has a girl. Then she will stop having kids. Force all the boys in one room, and give the one girl who very own room, spoil her stupid and just make Alice 2.0 for us to milk when she comes of age. She is putrid.

No. 1719108

She really out here puting 3 inches of soil on top of cement and calling it a day? I guess 1 inch of dirt for each brain cell she has is appropriate.

No. 1719125

File: 1670258786465.jpeg (175.42 KB, 828x1577, 6639972B-BDDD-47B2-A7D9-F500B8…)

back when the deed was leaked an anon posted the floor plan showing her house was 3bed2bath
shes desperately trying to seem more wealthy than she is, it’s so pathetic lol.

No. 1719199

She really means a 5 bed room to squish all the kids into

No. 1719215

File: 1670267703480.jpeg (101.09 KB, 828x527, 9D46F3E3-E993-4296-AE37-807DF3…)

>The kids wing
Absolutely deceased kek, she has to be trolling right? There’s no way shes trying to pass off her tiny shoe box as some huge lavish mansion.

No. 1719313

Does she actually think she’s fooling ppl? Her parents house was bigger than hers and she says they were poor!

No. 1719634

File: 1670301989910.jpeg (804.05 KB, 1284x2261, E99C9716-FB8D-4FB6-BA17-C20214…)

I know that Fern doesn’t talk by this video alone from her story. I’m guessing that most nonas in here are familiar with children and/or parents themselves (emphasis on “most,” ie. I know not all) — Being a parent, or familiar with children, you know that a child at Fern’s age would be trying to engage with Alice regarding what he is doing or simply giving commentary as to what he’s doing. Instead, there is one squeal. There isn’t even laughter on his end. He doesn’t engage with Alice whatsoever. I fucking hope that someone has the heart to intervene and get this child some help. If his developmental delays are obvious to us through Malice’s “carefully curated content” then imagine how loud they must be in real life. There is no way Caleb’s parents would be oblivious to it. Honestly, Alice is such a shitty human and I wouldn’t even humour her with the word “mother.” She’s a filthy cum dumpster that uses and abused children.

No. 1719726

This looks like a wig?

No. 1720145

File: 1670351875358.png (7.62 MB, 1242x2688, 143D9397-169F-4E1E-8837-B22118…)

There’s no way this swelling is normal…

No. 1720189

Agreed. Also the “mr independent doesn’t want my help” sounds so resentful. She’s very codependent on her children and wants to keep them babies forever.

No. 1720648

It’s a bit laughable and late censored her kids faces now as if they aren’t permanently plastered all over the internet and media with years worth of pictures……

No. 1720656

File: 1670379857869.jpeg (88.08 KB, 227x492, 7845785F-098E-4116-9E4B-1E54DD…)

Why is her cat so fat

No. 1720659

File: 1670379924834.jpeg (709.47 KB, 828x1284, 1E940EC8-C2FF-48AA-BB85-89C41A…)

The search bar kek

No. 1720661

File: 1670380028347.jpeg (565.29 KB, 828x1323, 4A7CB507-9CC6-4F98-8079-FB6AF5…)

‘Calebs office’ like kek it’s a chair and table where he can play pathetic video games like the incel he is

No. 1720665

File: 1670380204103.jpeg (323.69 KB, 828x1134, B5BFE2A8-5ACF-4105-BD68-4292C6…)

They probably drank milk in front of her or sm

No. 1720666

Doesn’t she have siblings too she seems she cut them off weird girl

No. 1720667

File: 1670380300038.jpeg (576.14 KB, 828x985, 72EF9173-D6F7-4461-83F1-70FFB0…)

It’s called autism

No. 1720677

File: 1670380885489.jpeg (380.33 KB, 828x1194, F0AFE701-CC65-4375-B122-2F8790…)

She literally posted her newborn as soon as he was out of the womb and ferns face is plastered all over the Internet talk about privacy LOL bit late she’s just attention seeking and trying to hide the bruises and exploit her children for money GROSS

No. 1720678

File: 1670380959106.jpeg (137.48 KB, 828x542, B7B255A2-EF7B-4FE0-A2A2-FEDE59…)

She has no brain cells

No. 1720741

let’s not forget the shirts that she sold to legit strangers with FERN’S FACE on them..

No. 1720958

File: 1670409335650.jpeg (422.77 KB, 828x1704, E0055150-EA6C-49BF-8A91-9B3C84…)

She still does

No. 1721551

File: 1670455553031.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1730, 8FD8F383-A33F-4D9C-9B18-A3A395…)

completely unsure how these two things are related, unless she means that somehow orange and blue aren’t “crunchy” because they’re not boring beige/tan colors. seems like being crunchy is LITERALLY just an aesthetic for this psycho

No. 1722005

She doesn’t play with him, the poor thing never gets any exercise. Also, over feeding. I wonder if the cat still uses the bathroom all over the house? Did her house include a pet area with litter boxes (yes, plural, they recommend one for each cat +1. So she should have 3. If she wants to keep her dirt patch of a backyard play-able for her and the kids she is going to have to pick up after the dog. Probably gonna drop Sage face down on a pile of dogshit and call it immune system therapy.

No. 1722159

Right? I’m unsure if it was regarding the colours themselves or the ingredients in the paint (she had a later reel about that too) but homegirl was already painting murals so it would have to be the colours. Yes, the Canadian anon again.

No. 1722186

I think Alice knows and enjoys the fact that Blippi shit on someone.

No. 1722242

you’re right it was about the chemicals. like jeez what does she think her house was built with? mud? like there is fiberglass in her walls and concrete in her driveway. none of which are “chemical” free. kek.

No. 1722260

If Alice was truly crunchy, she would have been trying to live in some off-grid log cabin near a riverbank.. instead she’s in a new build, in a housing development, trying to shame people for eating meat and wearing sunscreen. Girl, admit you are retarded and call it a day. Her carbon footprint is probably worse than the average persons and her health is definitely worse than any given person who is also her age.

No. 1722739

This this this. Crunchy, but uses her fossil fuel powered vehicle to cosplay homelessness all over the continental US.

No. 1724133

File: 1670698141514.jpeg (849.46 KB, 640x986, 0B569F81-AB3B-4914-8559-7CF722…)

LMFAOOO her garden! Ppl in the comments are telling her why her garden won’t grow and she won’t listen to them. She is literally the stupidest person in the world!

No. 1724136

File: 1670698309692.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1659, CB56B32C-4F61-493E-A105-FEE3DC…)

She’s busting out of this, why doesn’t she just wear clothes that fit

No. 1724139

She’s starting to post old controversial content about birth/medical providers, grandmas letter about her wedding and her self diagnosed autism… her go to’s when she’s desperate for money and her views are down

No. 1724141

She attempted to photoshop her muffin top but still can see it

No. 1724171

She would look like 30% less crusty if she accepted she’s not the tiny women she was before having 3 kids and dressed to flatter herself given that fact. Half the time she’s dressed in clothes 2 sizes to small larping as a high schooler that shops at Aerie and the other half of the time she looks like she robbed a donation bin behind the Salvation Army.

No. 1724323

File: 1670716415826.jpg (277.58 KB, 1070x1655, Screenshot_20221210-235146_Tik…)

(For a month until I realise they bring my views up)
(But you can see them if you pay to subscribe to me)

Girl is brainless

No. 1724420

She took the post down? Curious what set her off this time.

No. 1724618

She thinks she’s a pre teen

No. 1724621

Bit late Alice

No. 1724622

File: 1670745095439.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1487, 331E37B7-28BB-4296-B402-E7E3F8…)

Looks like shit

No. 1724623

File: 1670745184317.jpeg (1022.5 KB, 828x1546, 7EECE62B-64DE-44C4-8E56-CCBA80…)

No. 1724633

File: 1670745979169.jpeg (273.58 KB, 828x1284, 2BA71629-53E0-4FA7-AC00-D0C8E9…)


No. 1724635

File: 1670746194064.jpeg (361.61 KB, 526x878, 5660FAE7-CACF-4FD2-84A5-A03A15…)

She looks so unhealthy

No. 1725081

The chemicals needed to sorta solidify into cheese. Prob taste like shit

No. 1725172

Her eyes look really sunk in

No. 1725525

What does being autistic have anything to do with anything? Just a mention for asshat points?

No. 1725526

Samefag but she does legitimately look retarded here though.

No. 1726571

File: 1670959489625.jpeg (68.63 KB, 828x479, C5A92B4A-BE60-4996-AD07-87C043…)

Love how last week she has a five bedroom house
and today if sage wants his own room he has to take the office? Girly can’t even keep up with her own lies. Imagine larping on TikTok as rich house wife when you lived in section 8 housing not even 2 months ago, pls.

No. 1726588

File: 1670960909111.jpeg (174.43 KB, 663x1423, C8C448BB-69C8-4BFD-BB7B-8E47A5…)

if shes counting the front den as a bedroom it technically is four rooms… only the den is not intended to be a bedroom, its door-less closet-less and connected to the front foyer (most likely intended to be a living room). im assuming their shared office is the den and the two bedrooms in the front hall are the playroom and ferns room, just to clear up her lies.

No. 1726590

The house is a very basic builders grade home. Not appealing or modern looking at all. Same type of countertops and finishes as her section 8 apartment. The house is not worth what she paid.

I’ve been wondering, where are the kids while she’s working on the house? Locked up in a room like she does to her animals??

No. 1726600

File: 1670961854656.jpeg (228.67 KB, 724x473, FB61EEA6-AE8A-4D70-A5A7-9C8AA1…)

She doesn’t have garage storage area and opted for the fourth bedroom instead. You can see the garage is closed off in the pic. She is counting the den as a fifth bedroom and you’re correct, it isn’t intended to be a bedroom nor is it a legal bedroom from a real estate pov. She overpaid for a basic house with wasted space at the front with the den. Only thing I can see a good use of that room for her is as a plant/indoor garden room since the room will get a lot of sun.

No. 1726601

She should have just built the house without windows since she keeps calling them creepy and covering them over so you can’t see through them from the outside and the inside.

No. 1726612

She also did a house walk through video before they moved in and you could see the main hall had 3 bedrooms not just the two so that + the master is 4. She very honestly probably doesn’t know what a den is and thinks it counts as a bedroom, people think she’s some super smart manipulative liar but I think most of the time she’s just really ignorant, uninformed and undereducated.

No. 1726741

She says windows are creepy? Does she not own blinds?

No. 1726804

No blinds and she was putting the window film on with glue cuz brat number one kept peeling the film off the windows. Imagine that, the kid wants to look outside and not feel trapped in the house

No. 1726824

News flash: 10 brothers found locked in a blippi room after neighbors call police from hearing crying and screaming sounds coming from the home while AZ mother and young daughter were out shopping. The boys were malnourished and dirty from months of not being bathed and adequate schooling never provided for the boys. Neighbors didn’t know that many children lived in the small 4 bedroom quiet neighborhood home.

Definitely something that will happen. Kek

No. 1726842

File: 1670984741947.jpeg (62.11 KB, 800x800, C09C8CFB-9942-42E7-B0FE-447449…)

Wait do you mean she glued one these (picrel) privacy films to her window???? Don’t they already have a strong adhesive back? Can’t you see the glue through the window? I have so many questions but mostly just WHY? She’s so stupid.

No. 1726858

Yep she said she glued it on bc fern was pealing it off. She has probably ruined the window. She is very stupid!

No. 1726875

File: 1670987306833.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3031, 25755569-1955-42A2-89E0-1114A9…)

I guess chemicals aren't okay to wear suncream to protect her toddlers skin, chemicals aren't okay for toothpaste to protect her toddlers teeth, chemicals aren't okay to give to her toddler if he ever got sick but she can use hair dye and bleach full of chemicals for her own vanity. I think that sums up Alice pretty well.

No. 1726982

He probably has developmental delays from her allowing him to watch television as much as she does. Pediatricians recommend no screeens until they’re 2 so I don’t know

No. 1727077

BUt her parents never let her have unlimited screen time so she's just hEaLinG HeR iNNer cHilD by allowing him to watch so much he thinks blippi is his real dad

No. 1727284

…. I am flabbergasted by the notion that instead of buying blinds and/or curtains like a human being she opted to put stickers on the windows… like I get blinds are pricey but they should last forever AND you’ll be able to actually see out the windows lol. Can they just not afford blinds and curtains?

No. 1727285

4 years? She’s been to a salon since Fern was born at least. Weird lies

No. 1727453

Bet you it took HOURS and stunk so fucking bad. She she (without a doubt) left them ZERO dollar tip. Sad.

No. 1727460

It’s to hide the abuse…we had a new family rent behind us and they rarely were allowed outside and every window was covered constantly. Maybe a few times a month they were allowed out. There was nothing I could even call CPS about it bc being a hermit isn’t against the law. Something tells me they’ve gotten calls other places they’ve lived and know how to avoid it now. Kinda like Alice. How fucking creepy and what an absolutely disgusting way to raise children (lThe times they’ve been allowed out she’s screaming at them and saw her grab the baby and yank her by her arm. Fucked up dude. Poor ferny and sage

No. 1727462

Yeah that array of color she neglected was from when she was pregnant with fern.

No. 1727464

She looks absolutely deranged in this picture. Is she not eating enough to nourish her brain? Something is wrong, it’s like she is getting dumber and looking worse and worse. Eat some fucking vegetables for Christ sake. For vegan supposedly being healthy, she gives it a terrible name,

No. 1727622

She’s really not this smart
Likely fern plays with blinds and breaks them (it’s also a hazard but be real she doesn’t care) so she used window stickers to prevent him from fucking with them then he did anyways kek

No. 1727659

Alice is extremely manipulative and is capable of thoughts like that. Especially if they had trouble at the apartment.

As for fern ripping the blinds…? Where did that even come from? Their blinds were in tact at the old place.

Normal ppl don’t put the equivalent of boarding up your windows for bad weather. Probably wants to tiktok everywhere and doesn’t want the neighbors looking in lol

No. 1727699

The neighbors can’t look in unless they come right up to the fence. Their solid concrete fence is literally three feet away from their house and 10 ft tall.

No. 1727929

Like all children play with blinds?

No. 1727954


So the solution is to permanently cover all the windows instead? Ok doofy. Wonder why all parents don’t solve the problem that way since it’s a common occurrence.

No. 1727955

That concrete goes all the way around the house!?!? That’s a damn fortress lol. Maybe she thinks the government is trying to get to her or something. She’s irrationally scared of big pharma coming after her, but not internet creeps she gives her name, kids name, and address out to. So out of touch. She needs inpatient care.

No. 1728040

Yep! Not sure how she thinks fruit trees are going to grow squished in a 3 ft path with a house and tall fence closing it in. Already know her garden box is doing great lol

No. 1728061

Why are you so defensive? Alice is obviously a retard. Her gluing coverings over windows to hide abuse makes less sense she’s manipulative sure but she basically lived in a car with a child she doesn’t think about being reported to cps

No. 1729607

Fair enough. Carry on!

No. 1730245

File: 1671397945245.png (4.03 MB, 2400x2400, instasize_221218211102.png)

Caleb was 100% the one who said Pls mommy, seeing as neither of the kids can speak.

No. 1730367

File: 1671410108189.png (1.86 MB, 2400x2400, instasize_221219003448.png)

This conversation happened: never

No. 1730370

She’s desperate and back to making controversial things up again.

No. 1733090

I'm a month late but I'm confused on why you think he response is stupid?
If its because she didn't even know it snowed in Payson then okay, I guess.
But if you think it's stupid because you don't think it snows in Arizona then you're retarded. It doesn't snow in the valley where she is, but the places north of her, including Payson, do get snow.

No. 1733755

Is a cow even a cow if they dont wear ill fitting clothes? Kek!
Any OF whore
Never gets old.

No. 1734004

Her views have tanked

No. 1737298

Pretty sure this thread died but she got her reddit page banned by filing DMCAs again. That’s the third one in under 6 months. This women pays more attention to Reddit than her own kids. At last she can’t remove this thread, the stuff posted here is forever.

No. 1742051

And right on cue, she starts showing fern again.
Desperate for Views

No. 1742120

File: 1673472574659.jpg (194.57 KB, 1031x1738,