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No. 1727907

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro aka Snake aka Fake, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine aka Skat, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid. Traces her tattoo designs, vocab includes "shots!", "drinks", and giggling
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner.
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Updates from last thread:
>>>/snow/1671530 Jake opens a NSFW account for anyone who wants to see their last meal again.
>>>/snow/1673680 >>>/snow/1673691 More colouring book tattoos from Kat.
>>>/snow/1675419 Jude has lost another "daddy".
>>>/snow/1681536 >>>/snow/1681537 >>>/snow/1681539 >>>/snow/1681541 Jake chimps out at a viewer, claims Kaya scams her viewers for money and praises himself for not airing out their dirty laundry so soon after the breakup.
>>>/snow/1682072 Chimp out number 2, Jakes life is great and yours is not.
>>>/snow/1686821 VR content from Jake is yet to be seen at time of this post.
>>>/snow/1687844 Chimp out number 3, Jake claims Kaya has stolen equipment from him, criticises her tattoos.
>>>/snow/1688957 Chimp out number 4, he's still obsessed with Kaya.
>>>/snow/1690867 Jake puts out a shitty mix of a cover song and admits to all that he didn't even try. Months in the works, btw.
>>>/snow/1699517 IBF gets denied boarding a flight to New Zealand, e-begs to fund a new ticket.
>>>/snow/1708769 >>>/snow/1709314 Jake drops a 2 hour video detailing his and Kayas relationship.
>>>/snow/1709312 Kaya drops a 3 hour response.

The abundance of milk caused people to split off and take the discussions into a new Kaya/Jake/Kat thread. These threads contain excellent summaries of the videos and archives of various things, however nothing major has happened since. Anons are split on keeping the threads separate or returning to Altcows, and I know for sure any updates about the two will likely be posted in both threads, so do whatever you feel like I guess.
The summary of this thread largely focuses on Kaya/Jake, because not much else has been happening. Please feel free to update us on forgotten cows or introduce new ones.
>>>/snow/1705825 Kaya/Jake thread #1
>>>/snow/1715677 Kaya/Jake thread #2

Previous thread:

No. 1727909

I keep fucking up the links… Sorry anons can't remember how to do it properly, I don't wanna keep deleting and flooding the boards. Happy goffmas to all, anyways

No. 1727968

You need to add "," after a link like this

>>>/snow/1673680 , >>>/snow/1673691

Since we are in /snow/, you can link the posts like this:

>>1673680, >>1673691

(kekk I fucked it up myself too)

No. 1727972

Fixed OP

Updates from last thread:
>>1671530 Jake opens a NSFW account for anyone who wants to see their last meal again.
>>1673680, >>1673691 More colouring book tattoos from Kat.
>>1675419 Jude has lost another "daddy".
>>1681536, >>1681537, >>1681539, >>1681541 Jake chimps out at a viewer, claims Kaya scams her viewers for money and praises himself for not airing out their dirty laundry so soon after the breakup.
>>1682072 Chimp out number 2, Jakes life is great and yours is not.
>>1686821 VR content from Jake is yet to be seen at time of this post.
>>1687844 Chimp out number 3, Jake claims Kaya has stolen equipment from him, criticises her tattoos.
>>1688957 Chimp out number 4, he's still obsessed with Kaya.
>>1690867 Jake puts out a shitty mix of a cover song and admits to all that he didn't even try. Months in the works, btw.
>>1699517 IBF gets denied boarding a flight to New Zealand, e-begs to fund a new ticket.
>>1708769, >>1709314 Jake drops a 2 hour video detailing his and Kayas relationship.
>>1709312 Kaya drops a 3 hour response.

The abundance of milk caused people to split off and take the discussions into a new Kaya/Jake/Kat thread. These threads contain excellent summaries of the videos and archives of various things, however nothing major has happened since. Anons are split on keeping the threads separate or returning to Altcows, and I know for sure any updates about the two will likely be posted in both threads, so do whatever you feel like I guess.
The summary of this thread largely focuses on Kaya/Jake, because not much else has been happening. Please feel free to update us on forgotten cows or introduce new ones.
>>1705825 Kaya/Jake thread #1
>>1715677 Kaya/Jake thread #2

No. 1727976

Last time I tried that they were all green, must've found some new way to mess up. Thank you for teaching me anon!
Thank you both (or same anon), very much appreciated

No. 1727979

File: 1671116072340.jpg (128.5 KB, 707x622, 944448.jpg)

These stories are from yesterday, but IBF is/was in hospital, hopefully she and her baby are okay.

No. 1727982

Any date earlier than 38 weeks can be problematic, but if she goes into labor the baby has a 95% chance of survival.

No. 1727983

that's scary, hope it will be okay

No. 1728136

File: 1671136599039.jpg (409.22 KB, 719x1224, Screenshot_2022-12-15-21-28-07…)

Herbs is about to drop a video on her spicy straightness and nlogism. I don't know if I'll watch it at some point. I suppose it will be 70 % muh autism, 29% fangirling over Oscar Wilde and 1% British politeness.

No. 1728146

Maybe Im wrong but I thought she dropped the whole genderspecial thing now shes tryna milk it again? She comes across as a huge grifter.

No. 1728150

File: 1671138219866.jpeg (1016.22 KB, 1170x1695, 637E7B19-E0A2-4D57-8CD9-6FD7ED…)

A musical collab between racist alt celebricows that no one wanted or asked for is coming to assault our ears much like Marilyn Manson assaults his girlfriends kek

No. 1728152

File: 1671138309743.jpeg (505.26 KB, 1046x1093, D7F3C0B0-2C16-4C20-B88A-949F9F…)

From the comments

No. 1728156

File: 1671138495544.jpg (133.57 KB, 720x990, IMG_20221215_220302.jpg)

I thought that too but it turns out she just quits it sometimes. She's too quirky to be a woman unless doing X as a woman sounds cool and it could give her more views.

No. 1728270

He's starting to look like late stage Elvis

No. 1728529

File: 1671175648572.jpg (120.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1520159_98d57ae9ec14c74.jpg)

I dunno nonny, as much as I hate elvis I think MM is uglier. I'm assuming Kat is using an older photo of them together unless he got a facelift recently or something.

Seems unlikely since he just bought a new house priced higher than the last one he just sold though.


No. 1728581

Mother of goff, "goff zhanrass", here we come again. Yes, goth and industrial are two separate things. Also "other stuff" and goth are separate. But when Americans enter the topic of "genres of goth" the gates of madness open.

Why murricans are so obsessed with teh zhanraz? OK, mostly oldest part of US millenials and some pars of "mid millenials" are. The USA gen X pretty much called everything "deathrock". Yes, even Siouxie and the Banshees been called that back in the days. Just fucking ask any US gen X who actually been around as the part of the scene back then. For hug sake.

Millenial burgers don't even understand that post punk and new wave were synonymous and almost no one was using term "goth" outside the UK back in the 80s. Most Europe called gothic rock "coldwave" or "darkwave". Yet every murrican tuber must at some point produce a video about 666 zhanrass of goff - where they with straight face differentiate between "post punk", "new wave", deathrock, coldwave, darkwave while to the most people who actually remember the '80s post punk and new wave were just two terms for the same stuff just used in different regions and also deathrock was the US term for what UK called gothic rock and what most of continental Europe (Soviet Union included) called "cold wave" or "dark wave" (that term is older than actual synthesizer lead goth bands). And that gothic rock/dirge/deathrock/darkwave/coldwave/zimna fala/Todeskunst was a subgenre of New Wave a.k.a. Post Punk a.k.a. Neue Welle.

And try to explain that to these genre obsessed murricans. Good luck, they claim how genres are so freaking important yet they are resisting to facts that they are getting terminology totally wrong. Heck they are not even able to come with consistent classification for which band played which of their imaginary subgenres. Which for anyone with above room temperature IQ should be a dead giveaway that there is something fundamentally wrong with such claims. Heck even originally UK bands who burgers agree that played gothic rock had in many cases very different sound and only common mood and themes plus descending from punk scene wee only common factor they shared. The most ridiculous attempt I seen was classification of a band as "[their vision of]deathrock genre" by the fact that at least one member was sporting a mohawk/deathhawk hairstyle. If you want to imagine my reaction to that - picture a person hysterically laughing and rhythmically hitting table top with their head.

But no, burgers are resistant to such arguments. They just repeat that bullshit over and over everywhere they can and get butthurt every time you counter their narratives. If someone don't believe me - try interacting with them on reddit's r/goth. You can measure time between start of conversation and getting banned in hours at max. They managed to transfer their genres retardation to non USA based online dwellers who mostly never been around any actual scene members who remember pre millenials scene. As these people constantly ridicule and mock nonsense these millenials fanatically preach.

No. 1728604

Who cares? Where’s the milk?

No. 1728631

There isn't any, there's just an anon that pops up in Altcows from time to time sperging about what's real goth and what isn't with no actual milk, just report the derail and ignore.

No. 1728834

I think Angela should take it easy with the Chinese AI filters.

No. 1728882

I know she and her husband have fucked up views on children being able to "consent" to rape skewing her view on these relationships, but anyone with two braincells can see the accusations and Mason's history targeting girls who are then clearly isolated and then pushed into skin walking Dita and realize he's probably a creep at the very least. Kat actually knowing him probably gives her more possible experience seeing him control his partners. But no, Kat just needs to act like every other idiot who asks people to "read for themselves" while possessing no critical thinking skills to actually read into the whole story then combine facts to a better picture. "read for yourself" usually just means "read whatever the mainstream isn't accepting and totally accept that as fact instead". Kat never grew out of her contrarian high school persona and it shows

No. 1728883

I really don't have the patience to sit through a 40+ minute video of Dorian waffling on about but with how stupid gender ideology is, I find a video like this to be really telling of where some of Dorian's issues come from.

If anyone here is willing to take a hit for the team and watch and summarize, it would be much appreciated for those of us who don't want to listen to her talk for a prolonged amount of time.

No. 1728910

>Why murricans are so obsessed with teh zhanraz? OK, mostly oldest part of US millenials and some pars of "mid millenials" are. The USA gen X pretty much called everything "deathrock". Yes, even Siouxie and the Banshees been called that back in the days. Just fucking ask any US gen X who actually been around as the part of the scene back then. For hug sake.

Okay I'll bite as a murrican who does care about sub-genre breakdowns and it's as simple as just wanting to make it easier for people to understand as well as having interest in learning about music in general. I like helping newbies get into the music and when I was a teenager, there was practically not much information on what actual goth music was. I would see bands like Evanescence, Rammstein, Coal Chamber, HIM, Manson, and even Slipknot and MCR referred to as "goth music" back in the early 2000s And as a dumb teenager, I just didn't know where to go to find proper information about goth music. So I take what I observed an listened to in order to help better under the music when I finally got around to finding actual goth music. I personally break it down because I like studying music as well as helping newbies dipping their toes into the genre, giving the information that I wish I had growing up.

And I'm sorry but there is a difference between Deathrock and Goth Rock. Sisters of Mercy and Catherine's Cathedral don't sound like Christian Death or Dystopian Society for example. And people who call Siouxsie and the Banshees "Deathrock" nowadays may not now what Deathrock actually sounds like.

No. 1728912

I don't understand why she uses them, she looks fine imo. That's part of why I miss her old videos when she didn't film with them because it's kind of distracting.

No. 1728961

talks about how vampires making her write male characters made her realise she was a 99% gay male but how in 2010 she could not go on low dose testosterone to achieve an androgynous look and phalloplasty is not at a stage that would fulfil her aries big dick energy

No. 1728985


Lemme guess, you are from the USA or Australia?

>And I'm sorry but there is a difference between Deathrock and Goth Rock.

Yes, one term originated in the US other in the UK. That's about that about difference between them. Neither presented any coherent sound and only common thing was hat they sounded like darker/sadder/gloomier "punky stuff".

>Sisters of Mercy and Catherine's Cathedral don't sound like Christian Death or Dystopian Society for example.

Neither The Chameleons sound like The Dance Society or Sad Lovers and Giants or The Specimen or Alien Sex Fiend. And these bands come from same country and originated around the same time - 1980/1981 few years after Siouxie and The Banshees and Bauhaus. I never seen anyone even attempting to not call them gothic rock, tho I do not remember '80s so keep that in mind.

> And people who call Siouxsie and the Banshees "Deathrock" nowadays may not now what Deathrock actually sounds like.

It does not sound like anything in particular. It's just a term that originated in the US for darker gloomier punk, many of these bands sounded nothing alike when that term was born (Christian Death and Morticia are two separate sounds).

I don't even remember anyone using that term here in Europe anymore for quite few years. It was "trendy" term back in the '00s, but it's popularity faded since. And I hang around quite a few goth rock festivals in Europe. Yes, a lot of people do call Christian Death just "goth band"/"gothic rock band" here.

Please do not try to prove to me that the US been somewhat very separated from the UK (as I have seen that trick pulled out several times already as an "argument" that "Deathrock" was "unique unblemished snowflake"). It was not. In 1981 there already been a mixed band Lords of The New Church. Also both scenes shared '70s influences, yes they also had local ones that were unique but does it constitute different subgenres? If yes then every country in Europe should represent different "goff zhanra" which would be insane. Yes, Polish People's Republic and Soviet Ukraine (Soviet Union Republic back then) had bands that were called back then "cold wave" (tho Poland had few times more than Ukraine) tho they presented rather different sounds. Also Soviet Lithuania sounded different than Soviet Ukraine. There was also Yugoslavia that ha own sound - also called coldwave back then. If I would ever had to "average" sound of all these "Iron Curtain" bands excluding eastern Germany I would say they sounded somewhat close to Virgin Prunes (which on it's own was a very diverse sounding band) which was the UK band of pretty early genealogy among goth bands. That that would mean I ignore a lot of unique features like influences of local folk music and local "iron curtain" "big beat" ("commie bloc" term used for rock'and'roll) on them.

The only reason that someone even been using term Deatrock outside of the US back in the '00s was because it was trendy. Just like back in the '90s it was trendy to call yourself coldwave in Europe and deny having anything in common with "gothic rock". Of course when asked musicians were enumerating various bands from the UK that even you would call gothic rock. The whole "'00s Deathrock Revival" was rather "older millenials fantasy about how the US scene sounded and looked back in the '80s" with very narrow selection of sound and looks than it was actually played and worn back in the "original deathrock days" and also introducing quite a lot of new elements while totally ignoring many elements.

And don't even make me start on Germans and their obsession of creating zilions of special snowflake dark and gloomy genres created especially to label music of a one or two bands. 99 percent of terms they came up with no one remembers anymore. German goths to this day also use the term "grufti" for members of subculture. Does it magically make them "not goths"? I don't think so.(learn2integrate)

No. 1728987

no1curr, take your chimp out and redditspacing elsewhere

No. 1729009

Shit, nona, really? I see your post is unsaged and I can't believe what I'm reading. Did vampires really make her realise she's just not like other girls? Did she explain at any point why she keeps calling her evil imaginary friends vampires when, according to what she narrated one year ago, those entities had nothing in common with actual vampires? Is there any mention to Poppy Z. Britte? Because someone mentioned her in the Fakebois thread today and I couln't help but think of our favourite excrackhead. Damn, to think that Herbs fits perfectly in ProAna Scumbags, TiF/Fakebois and the Alt thread all at once…

No. 1729023

This is an image board not fucking reddit.

No. 1729059

NTA, but I just listened myself and it's about accurate.
> Is there any mention to Poppy Z. Britte?
She states that she took her middle name some character from her books, but doesn't actually talk about Poppy.

Other fun details.

>wrote fanfiction about her vampire characters, including full lyrics to their vampire songs (and maybe recordings, too?).

>claims the vampires wrote these songs, not her. they simply control her as if they are muses.
>created a character whose singing voice changed when she became immortal. dorian's singing voice inexplicably began changing on its own to be deep and raspy as well
>is convinced her sex dreams with a penis were accurate to having a real penis
>'the mostly gay boy i always should've been'
>non-binary people don't owe you androgyny blah blah
>says she pretends her name isn't Dorian when people are shit-talking about her online
>says she has two secret names that she'll never tell anybody that she considers to be her true names. bitch, what's in a name?

but also
>alludes to the constant UTIs that FTMs get after phalloplasty
>says if you don't want to be misgendered, you should try harder to make people assume your pronouns or just stop caring
>warns that transition regrets can be massive and that you should be very careful when considering transitioning

No. 1729411

People like this are what’s wrong with the subculture with your weird Reddit sperg gatekeeping? Please never come back

No. 1729450

Someone should explain to her what internalized misogyny is so she could finally make one plus one with her depression, her self harm, her ED… Long ago she posted a video about asperger or autism symptoms where she acknowledged she was female (didn't she? I never saw it because it's not the kind of her content I watch) . It'w weird that she's comfortable describing herself as such and then continues larping as a gay man. It also amuses me that she claims to have sensory issues with clothes, accessories and makeup when she's always seen wearing multiple pieces of cheap crap while sporting the heaviest makeup looks (now she even wears stickers around her eyes). Sorry for the rant.

No. 1729534

I've seen a lot of alt TiFs claim to be "vampire gender" for some reason, which is weird because vampires tend to be pretty gender conforming.

No. 1729575

Yeah, maybe it's because male vampires are sometimes portrayed in mainstream media without facial hair or even without body hair, and their appeareance is heavily manicured. I'm having Anne Rice vampires in mind. But I don't think vampires are really androgynous either, people get fooled by period fashion and apply XXI century gender bias.

No. 1729649

File: 1671310250689.jpeg (439.87 KB, 1124x1998, 575AFAFD-F599-4B30-80CD-50ADA7…)

No. 1729650

File: 1671310297242.jpeg (491.56 KB, 1124x2033, 0DA5AE55-0A75-47EA-84E1-555CF5…)

Proserpina doesn’t like to be called out for her negativeness

No. 1729732

This absolute grifter. I don’t have the caps but I remember she begged people to pay her vet bills and buy shit from her eshop and whatnot. Then one day she gets expensive human hair extensions, high end hair products, skincare. All while living at home? And she claims she gets everything for free because she’s an influencer? Look at her failed Instagram. Fuck outta’ here and her cunty ass attitude.

No. 1730273

File: 1671401074261.jpeg (578.05 KB, 1124x2003, 3B78E0F5-64D1-4C5D-99A9-4DD7CD…)

Wait, previously she was claiming it’s all gifted and now says it’s a waist of money. That’s not adding up

No. 1730277

Kat von d should keep her mouth shut because she has nothing of intelligence to say. From being anti vaxx to pro supporting rapists. wtf

No. 1730311

All the greentext at the end sounds somewhat sensible from her, but this same woman also believes she has imaginary friends who are real and have control over her. Get it together girl.

No. 1730494

The timing was suspicious as fuck. She got human hair extensions, hair installed in the salon which included colour and bleach, high end haircare, a bunch of skincare her followers recommend her and fillers. She's probably on disability because she doesn't work and lives at home but it'd be around $600 AUD a fortnight. Hardly enough to be splurging like that unless she saved previously and her parents don't charge her anything. But if that's the case it makes her asking for money for vet bills look even worse.
She's always been a massive grifter, she can't ever keep her story straight. The only time I've ever believed one of her stories was her dog who did in fact need surgery and unfortunately passed away. She didn't deserve to lose her dog but her irresponsible spending and previous history ensured she had to post a bunch of angry/crying stories defending herself from accusations. (Ofc she would just blame her bpd if anyone brought this up). What doesn't make sense in my mind is the fact she said she was too late, so her dog passed away, which I assume means she wasn't able to spend the entirety of the 8k on the surgery or was partially reimbursed and claims to have spent the rest on cremation. I may be wrong but I suspect some of that money didn't go to where she says it did, but it's not like I'd expect her to give it back at that point either.

No. 1730496

File: 1671425895501.jpg (4.16 MB, 4096x3072, _pt2022_12_19_15_51_39.jpg)

Samefag. Here's her crying about one of her new skincare items her followers recommend actually having temporary side effects in order to see results (why she didn't research vitamin A beforehand is beyond me) and complaining she can't get multiple plastic surgeries because the surgeon refused her. How she can afford expensive surgeries for herself and not her dog I don't understand? Maybe she was going down the tranny route by trying to get it done through Medicare for ~muh mental wellbeing~ but was refused, idk.

No. 1730580

I don't understand it either, especially since she seems to present herself as knowledgeable in skincare and was on TikTok basically bragging about looking young for her age. Does anyone remember back in the day, on her Patreon she said she was going to use money for injections/fillers and do vlogs about it. I never gave her my money so I have no idea if she got filler or not.

No. 1730728

>how dare you not give me the unnecessary surgeries that I see people on Instagram advertise for insecure bitches like me???

But there are surgeons willing to do troon surgeries, and whatever the hell they did to ollie London, she'll find one eventually.

No. 1730767

File: 1671464996157.jpeg (620.77 KB, 2048x2048, 0400F39F-DAC5-405A-9C37-013508…)

Her chin isn’t really a problem, having Jeffrey Dahmer and co on her arm is. she would look fine without her hideous makeup and body mods.

No. 1730806

No WK but something can be a waste of money even if it wasn't money belonging to the person who got gypped.

No. 1730820

I remember this miserable pig, wow she's still terminally online and sporting those terrible serial killer tattoos!??? Holy shit lol. And dying at the post above where she's crying "you guys just have to accept me for who I am" not really? She's been getting shit on online for YEARS over her tattoos, scams and terrible, horrible attitude towards everyone and everything. Get fucked, Victoria.

No. 1730882

I think Angela seems to be one of those women who look good for their age and love to subtly brag about how young they still look. Sometimes these kind of women end up obsessing so much about maintaining a youthful appearance that they eventually go too far with this and end up botching themselves or overusing filters/photoshop to the point they'll look worse than women their same age who don't take care of themselves so meticulously. It's sad that youthful = pretty to so much women.

No. 1730933

File: 1671479694456.jpg (106.18 KB, 750x835, j4voqcdoqsc61.jpg)

As much as I like excessive bodymods sometimes I agree she'd look so much better without hers. Her overdone lips are what makes her chin look too small. And her tattoos are an absolute mess, she needs to laser them off or have them blacked out. There is still plenty of negative space she could use for something nice like picrel. Don't know what she could do for that ugly thing on her forehead though besides maybe hiding it under a fringe.

No. 1731166

File: 1671495320132.jpg (799.95 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221220_001453_Ins…)

Speaking of overdone lips

No. 1731204

Oh my god help-
It looks horrid.

I’m actually usually a fan of Jazmin’s looks but this is just not cute whatsoever.

No. 1731614

File: 1671888030184.jpeg (113.04 KB, 556x182, A2F0EE3E-C1B1-4127-B219-193DCB…)


Weird that Kai Decadence is gc (his latest Reddit comments are arguing about Buck Angel) but uses reference pics of herbsandalters. He posts more screen caps of Dorian in the comments. First time I’ve seen a gay man try to look like someone who id’s as a gay trans man instead of the reverse.

Kai’s pretty hypocritical imo, he claims to be a radfem ally and against men and womens spaces but used to (and probably still does) post on lolcow knowing it’s female only (spelling Goth with a capital G and promoting his channel and cadaverkellys in the same sentence are some of his giveaways), iirc there was a ‘female’ user on kiwi farms who was suspected to be Kai who would comment about goth in between the Blair White threads. He also used to post his selfies on the sissy subreddits.

No. 1732359

File: 1672089899907.jpg (714.75 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20221226_212357_Ins…)

Her lips make her look like a tiny chin toad fr

No. 1734266

But why? That's like the ugliest haircut Dorian has ever pulled out of her sleeve. It's like a failed Final Fantasy haircut gone full karencore (nothing against women who righteously complain about poor services).

No. 1734721

Are Jake and K still friends? Haven't seen him mention her in a while

No. 1734818

He stop talking about k after he went to see them in Germany and they said they were to tired to do anything and jake was alone eating sad nugget. I think the video called my wallet was stolen

No. 1734884

K is a woman

No. 1734966

Crooked grammar anon, is that you again?

No. 1737219

File: 1672855011736.jpeg (439.41 KB, 1284x2104, 7E5F67C8-3278-4384-89D9-9F73B4…)

Avelina De Moray has been quiet other than still slinging her “goth” influencer bags and working on her music… and it is TERRIBLE. She posted this cover and her voice doesn’t seem to suit any song. She needs to be stopped.

No. 1737425

File: 1672879640038.jpg (483.28 KB, 1080x2019, Instagram.jpg)

Jazmin talking like she's gonna sell jewelry that looks as melted as her lips will become

No. 1738378

File: 1672976046738.png (1.02 MB, 1170x2532, B5334E39-7D6C-45FD-BF7E-3B7D07…)

Mamie at it again with something that looks like a 10 year old worded it, and the “something bad happened to me, I need you to know, don’t ask what, but it was traumatic and you needed to know”

No. 1738391

>each costs £90+
Lol delusional much?

No. 1738394

File: 1672977377312.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1770, 18496A81-E2B9-48AF-9CAC-CDE5CA…)

Still laughing at ugliness of this picture.
Name my band, lolcor.

No. 1738421

Filth Pigs

No. 1738449

why does she repeat the same thing like 4 times, jesus fuck she could have stopped after the first paragraph.

No. 1738458

Kek. If that's true a large chunk of her audience, edgy 14 year olds, can't afford that.

It's giving British

No. 1738550

is that hoso terra toma in the front?

No. 1738575

This is so embarrassing

No. 1738758

File: 1673028313019.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.93 KB, 720x771, FB_IMG_1673028151517.jpg)

Seems like Manson celebrated his birthday yesterday at Kat Von D house

No. 1738771

He’s so bloated and fat. It’s genuinely hilarious that Kat Von D is his only friend now.

Given her propensity for starfucking, her delusional aspirations of being a musician, and taste for men who are ugly as shit… I am keeping my fingers crossed for cheating scandal milk. Can you imagine the prayers guy going full cholo and trying to gangbang on Manson kek

No. 1738786

File: 1673032708376.jpeg (250.42 KB, 1169x2077, 50BA5E49-5B93-4F38-8286-748711…)

No. 1738787

File: 1673032729674.jpeg (377.71 KB, 1169x2073, EC09A504-820B-4AE8-9218-B17CC8…)

Haha wtf

No. 1738816

Joe Mangianello and David Lynch behind him? Kek I hope I'm wrong

No. 1738840

Unfamiliar with the first person, but definitely not David Lynch.

No. 1738841

File: 1673040517313.jpeg (265.33 KB, 1125x1985, E206DA54-EA41-4086-82B5-90210E…)

KVD is cringe as fuck. Of all the assholes to simp for, she goes for MM?!?

No. 1738862

Jesus. Her ability to judge people’s character is hilariously bad. How many times has she been friends with or dated a total piece of shit and it caused her career completely avoidable damage? I know she’s irrelevant now compared to the heyday of her makeup line, but she still has at least one halfway successful shoe business to think about.

Can’t wait to see how this implodes.

No. 1738872

File: 1673044143460.jpeg (156.16 KB, 1086x1510, 48E86098-2529-4435-8969-D62C9B…)

It’s all fun and games until Manson beats your kid with a bat. Seriously side eyeing this parenting choice of having Leafar stand so close to the piñata and MM. or just Leafar being there at all.

No. 1738887

>> 1738841
She’s like this because she’s stupid and will believe any sob story a moid tells her. She’s a narcissist who gets off on thinking she can see “misunderstood” people for who they really are when actually she’s just retarded and projecting.

While yes, she’s also a piece of shit herself, I think the main reason she both befriends and publicly simps for him (and other losers like her husband) is because they have her totally fooled. Bitch legit thinks Marilyn Manson is an unproblematic cinnamon roll who needs her protection. He does not give a shit about her, and it’ll be funny to see how she reacts when she finally realizes it.

No. 1738888

Since when is Manson’s idea of a party been a wholesome family get together with piñatas and little kids? He looks like he’s cringing internally in all these pictures kek

No. 1738911

As someone who actually liked Dorian's hairstyle that you linked during that uh, era(?) of her hair phase even though I would never personally do it because I prefer having longer hair, I can kinda see the appeal? But then again, I also unironically like the "Karen" haircut kek.

No. 1738913

File: 1673049566236.jpeg (48.27 KB, 970x510, download.jpeg)

unfortunately, it does look like joe mangianello and manson have a preexisting friendship. sofia vergara deserves so much better. >>1738816

No. 1738915

She sure ends up with some awful men. Chris Paciello, the guy who tried to steal her eggs, a Manson bff etc.

No. 1738919

>Kai’s pretty hypocritical imo, he claims to be a radfem ally and against men and womens spaces but used to (and probably still does) post on lolcow knowing it’s female only
You really are a fucking idiot for posting this anon.

No. 1738965

I saw a picture of MM recently and it looked like he stole Yoshikis honey brown color weave

No. 1739063

their relationship is giving Dom Mommy Little Boy vibes. she threw him a bday party like a child! and he’s so fcked up with mommy issues… like other anon said they’re probably screwing.
There was some chola chick wannabe Dita Von Teese looking burlesque “model” and aspiring actress who was his assistant. I wonder if her instagram is still public. she posted every b day party she attended. Paulababy is the name. she was his big defender on some derange pick me youtuber when the allegations became public

No. 1740641

File: 1673307922135.jpg (141.6 KB, 1080x426, Screenshot_20230109_234128_Twi…)

Your mental health is gonna come with you girl, it's not a bag you can sell on depop

No. 1741118

File: 1673343620533.jpg (42.73 KB, 484x748, 049735.JPG)

IBF has had her second baby, named Montrose Cyril

No. 1741128

When he’s 25 he’s gonna change his name to billy bob and become a conservative christian trucker

No. 1741129

File: 1673345506505.jpg (15.98 KB, 338x137, 8343.JPG)

Montrose seems to be a surname as well

No. 1741236


Montrose is a place up the coast in Scotland, a small very hicky fishing village lmao.

No. 1741244

Cyril Montrose would sound really cool imo I'm not sure why she did it like that

No. 1741474

Nice to hear the labor went will and the baby is okay. But I'm curious if she's gonna pop out anymore kids or if this one will be her last.

No. 1741727

She's not misjudging people's characters, don't be naive. This is not a mistake, she knows who and what they are and chooses to be friends with them exactly because of their shittiness, the same shit she herself thinks. No one is fooling her into anything. Assholes are friends with assholes.

100% KVD is doing this for him to see her as not-like-the-other-girls, the ultimate alt pick-me Manson's mummy/last woman on earth still pampering him. It's super clear that if they're no fucking she is heavily laying the groung for it… I bet she's already planning on moving to the next husband…

Sounds like a name for a drink.
I gotta be honest and say that even considering the whole goth factor, to me her babies names just sound like she's insane. Not even in a tacky or dramatic goth way, fucking weird name combinations. Who in their right mind names a child Montrose? Is he a gay tennist in the 40's? wtf

No. 1742389

Late but the Mickey Mouse piñata in the background sent my sides into orbit
I don't know who this party looks worse for. KVD for the optics of a Manson party just for the sake of him being "cancelled" as well, or Manson reduced to a child-friendly birthday party with a Mickey Mouse piñata and grocery store cake

No. 1745740

File: 1673831844471.jpg (518.08 KB, 2880x2880, 20230116_011552.jpg)

She claims people have been asking to get tattoos of her mediocre art so she made a flash sheet. Each is £70. Kekk

No. 1745990

File: 1673863658722.png (794.76 KB, 675x787, vanessaalexander.png)

I don't know if anyone here is familiar with Vanessa Alexander. She is an ex suicide girl who has had some drama in various circles in the past. She was an extra in Manson's heart shaped glasses video and came out in support of him suddenly which resulted in her being invited out of the blue to this birthday party despite not speaking to him previously for years. She immediately went around social media telling everyone about it too.

No. 1745991

File: 1673863734597.png (439.22 KB, 426x697, vondpool.png)

No. 1745993

Here's the interview she did that apparently got her back in his good graces. It's kind of funny because she doesn't actually debunk a whole lot of anything and admits to everyone being drunk or on drugs at the time of filming.

No. 1746001

File: 1673864721815.png (194.53 KB, 1330x554, oldmilk.png)

Here's something from an old OT thread that summarizes some of her old milk fairly well for those interested on some of her backstory.

No. 1746185

Wow he really was scraping the bottom of the barrel for people to invite. I'm glad to see him lonely and friendliness aside from the pickmes and users ready to pounce on his desperate for friends ass. I have a feeling if we see any more of him it will be almost exclusively with a rotation of people using him for clout then dropping him when they realise he's not valuable anymore. Of course he probably has a couple dedicated scrote friends who've probably raped women and girls too
Sorry for spoonfeeding but what is this miscarriage photoshoot? I tried searching for it but just got depressing news articles of girls commuting suicide from miscarriages

No. 1746211

Any celebrity can pay some sellout idiot to lie on their behalf anyway

No. 1746285

File: 1673903321962.png (Spoiler Image, 882.25 KB, 631x830, vanessaalexandria.png)

It's probably been wiped from the internet at this point since it's so old, but I remember seeing the photos ages back when she was still a suicide girl and groupie of the band. Basically it was a sexualized photoshoot themed around a prom miscarriage? Like in a stall, blood on the walls, holding a doll or something. She took it down pretty quickly after a backlash.

This is one of the only old suicide girls photos I could find of her, thankfully due to the farms. Also, I spelled her name wrong in my initial post, it's "Vanessa Alexandria" not Alexander, lmao.

No. 1746524

File: 1674066797681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.79 KB, 399x599, DDBA55F6-FC5C-4F43-9AFD-3CAEC9…)

Oh this shit?

No. 1747879

File: 1674088801940.png (Spoiler Image, 315.2 KB, 606x672, vanessaolddrama.png)

that's the one. There were other photos from the same set, but this is definitely from the set mentioned. Thanks anon!

I know the farms are up and down a lot lately so it's hard to keep up on the threads, but here's some other related screenshots in relation to this old cow for anyone interested.

No. 1747883

File: 1674088971689.png (581.28 KB, 733x914, vanessathrowback2006.png)

She posts her old photos all the time and retells this story a ton too (popcorn and slimfast). Feels like at least once a year? The claim that girls were eating cotton balls covered in Vaseline is pretty wild though.

No. 1747888

File: 1674089178262.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 673x1200, vanessayesimmorbid.png)

Used to post a lot of weird shit like this and weird close up photos of herself crying all of the time. Especially around her birthday begging for gifts because "no one loved her". She deleted a lot of those posts but she left a handful of the crying photos up.

Reminder that she's like 40 years old now. So she was like 32 in this specific post. kek

No. 1747892

File: 1674089388445.png (637.89 KB, 756x749, vanessa_accidentalhitlerphotos…)

Okay last one for now. She deleted the text that went along with this photo for whatever reason, but the gist of it was that she did a photoshoot with a photographer dressed up as what was supposed to be Edger Allen Poe. The photographer gave her the photos, but said he wasn't comfortable sharing them online because she looked like Hitler in them. This made her go into full blown meltdown mode and post on FB trying to drag the guy and get ass pats per the usual. The comments are all still there. lmao

No. 1748132

If it's actually dir en grey does anyone have a link to the thread?poor die

No. 1748143

Who is this die? what band are we talking about?

No. 1748155

I think it's dir en grey,japanese visual KEI/metal band.he is a guitarist

No. 1748453

File: 1674168640716.jpg (38.16 KB, 407x612, gettyimages-103193262-612x612.…)

There might be an old thread on lolcow somewhere, but this was livejournal era milk so it might be difficult to find. She was a groupie and fucking Die from the japanese band Dir en grey when they first started coming to america to tour. She became obsessed and started trying to tell people she was his girlfriend and Harry from Jrock House eventually turned her away at some point during the tour. She proceeded to have a meltdown about it online for a few years after, but hasn't said much about it in a while now.

No. 1748486

>livejournal era milk
OT but I miss this era in music and online gossip. It was the golden age of drama.

No. 1748499

Holy shit wtf? I get that few things were off limits for Myspace and Suicide Girls shoots but what kind of an adult would think of teen miscarriage as an edgy tantalizing shoot? Sounds like an idiot coming up with as crazy nonsense as she can for attention
>yes that's real blood
Kek, Hammer film colour, no smears and clean drips, minimal blood after two hours and nothing dried and brown. Sure Jan

No. 1748575

So was she a groupie of 30 Seconds To Mars too?? She says in the post they "were family" to her at a point in time. Or she’s just saying that for attention?
I mean, considering what you’ve Nonnas already shared here + knowing Jared Leto’s nature, wouldn’t be particularly outrageous…

No. 1748593

File: 1674187267634.png (360.37 KB, 394x646, manson2004.png)

>yes that's real blood
>yes I'm morbid
I just think it's hilarious some 32 year old woman thought taking bloody nose photos was edgy and cool.

Me too nonny. The jrock fandom was full of deranged obsessive cows too.

Having followed her since her early drama, she was notorious for being a groupie and exaggerating her connections with artists.

No. 1748597

File: 1674187453282.png (443.7 KB, 579x663, mansonnudes.png)

He took nudes of her around this time too.

No. 1748602

File: 1674187759729.png (466.08 KB, 897x445, openvagshots.png)

Here's another time she shared this exact photo and a fun comment about how Manson took many "open vag shots" of her.

No. 1748620

KEK the way absolutely none of this shit is brag worthy but she’s still bragging is cracking me up, I love a mad cow

No. 1748666

yikes is it like a requirement for every woman to copy Dita von teese in order to stand beside him? I’m surprised KVD isn’t doing her hair like it’s the 1930s now that they’re buddies. even his assistant had the DVT look and was a burlesque dancer.

No. 1748760

File: 1674206544460.png (1.08 MB, 592x889, definitelynothitler.png)

Found a photo from her "poe" photoshoot. lmao

No. 1748762

File: 1674206763909.png (229.61 KB, 376x503, edgarapoe.png)

Poe had a full mustache and curly hair. Like???

No. 1748763

The way she brags and rambles in the captions heavily reminds me of Amanda Bret.

No. 1748774

This is just Hitler in the alternate reality where he became a painter

No. 1748788

File: 1674213235238.png (62.31 KB, 666x703, deadsy.png)

She's definitely like a less cracked out Amanda in some ways. Vanessa still lives at home with her 70yo mother and works part-time jobs at Spirit Halloweens or random events. Still calls herself a model even though she all her shoots are for fun and never published anywhere. Has a really difficult time holding any kind of real job. Her drama peaked during her suicide girls groupie days and into her alcoholic years. She's a little boring now that she's sober, but she still goes around claiming to be besties with random band dudes constantly even though she's like 40 years old now. lmao

No. 1748789

File: 1674213664781.png (909.89 KB, 672x775, static-x.png)

No. 1748794

File: 1674214475679.png (165.95 KB, 901x927, vanessafarms.png)

Found more info on the Die situation on another old jrock post in the farms for those interested in a few more details.

No. 1748818

File: 1674216548113.png (52.85 KB, 667x589, diepregnancy.png)

Did some digging and couldn't find the video mentioned, but did find this post she made in 2016 talking about the whole thing.

No. 1748868

Idk what it is but something about this bitch is so grotesque and off-putting and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like you can see the mental illness radiating from her aura. That and the huge greasy fivehead.

No. 1750200

File: 1674401425498.jpg (498.96 KB, 1080x2306, Screenshot_20230122_010205_Twi…)

19 year old jazmin is now dating a 25-ish year old.

No. 1750202

Samefag, name is Brooks Ginnan

No. 1750478

File: 1674445574588.jpeg (583.36 KB, 1125x1990, 7682A1D2-0ACC-4B49-AD32-66C703…)

Kat is definitely the new MM cult princess. Rafael must be sweating that his meal ticket might get tired of his irrelevant untalented ass.

No. 1750624

Can't MM change the tire lol

No. 1751363

File: 1674561598743.jpg (765.39 KB, 1079x1868, Screenshot_20230124-115436.jpg)

Cow on Instagram, pedo pandering and generally just retarded looking. Has a free onlyfans. Sends orbiters after haters.

No. 1751364

File: 1674561632204.jpg (119.29 KB, 1048x590, Screenshot_20230124-115350.jpg)


No. 1751366

File: 1674562336893.jpg (134.98 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20230124-121052.jpg)

double samefag for more pictures
so alternative…..

No. 1751385

>when he buys you cheap shit off aliexpress just to have sex with you

No. 1751391

tayrt, her orbiters say that she is "building her life", well, alright…

No. 1751792

She isn't really alt/goth, this nobody belongs in the OF or e-girl thread if anything.

No. 1751853

tayrt i wasn't too sure, I assumed she fit into the category of ali-express alternative

No. 1751931

File: 1674648169798.jpg (581.81 KB, 1079x1409, Screenshot_20230125-120248.jpg)

Bestgirlkatt is retarded, ugly and a cheap whore!

No. 1752220

File: 1674677649782.jpg (112.08 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20230125-201342.jpg)

No. 1752223

Aliexpress is honestly good for cheap cute clothing though lol

No. 1752245

File: 1674679460533.png (951.39 KB, 1000x1000, Untitled19_20230125204116.png)

No1curr nona, its always cheap factory smelling garbage in the end that you never keep for too long, mostly just impulsive buying. I bought a shirt from there once and it smelled like chemicals. Didn't feel like cute clothes to me when I'm being knocked out by the smell..collagechanning

No. 1752571


The hell is milky about buying fast fashion? She seems like a fuckwit bore.

No. 1752572

This is dumb and I’m glad you’re outing yourself as an idiot for buying garbage.

No. 1752585

This isn't the e-girl thread, stop posting this shit here.

No. 1752818

File: 1674753203454.jpg (446.92 KB, 1078x1915, Screenshot_20230126-190201_Ins…)

If ya want more cows here maybe we can post Astrid here. She used to be posted in instagrammers you hate, But there wasn't a new tread made after the second one. Astrid is going back to her black metal roots again if anyone here knows the milk about her.
Also someone should check on Adam the nationalist. How is he doing after the break up?

No. 1753411

File: 1674783327772.jpg (884.06 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230121_022519_Twi…)

Pls she's overfilled her lips so much that it's migrating to a ring around her mouth

No. 1754588

File: 1674896012769.jpg (264.29 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20230128-195233__01…)

She's been baiting deactivation since well before the new year but this genuinely made me die of secondhand embarassment.

No. 1754591

File: 1674896107278.jpg (270.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230128-194931.jpg)

No. 1755849

File: 1675011102655.png (2.42 MB, 1170x2532, DD5418AA-F692-43F4-9E6B-7E3275…)

No. 1755852

File: 1675011223819.jpeg (122.44 KB, 811x1080, 7786583E-C2F3-41CD-BAD1-13BD43…)

Mamie’s OF content has leaked, and besides besides her boobs and stupid lingerie poses there is this gem.

No. 1755865

i like some of her songs but her lip fillers are sooo jarring to look at. shes got a permanent monkey like pout now.

No. 1755937

File: 1675020550487.jpg (219.26 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_YouTube.jpg)

Same, among her mostly mediocre stuff she has some good ones and I like her aesthetic, but this ain't it. This was what she started with

No. 1755998

File: 1675024187534.jpeg (173.55 KB, 689x695, A53E528B-EDED-4876-BC8E-ABAC70…)

Just type in “mamiehades onlyfans leak” into google image search.
Amusing to think someone who begs for money every month is going to be able to hire a lawyer with the competency to track whoever leaks her shit and successfully sue them.

No. 1756000

How tf is she disabled?

No. 1756019

wow, never knew she was actually kind of cute under the stupid looking makeup, she really ruined her face.

I don't know what it is about this particular cow, but it always smells like a selfpost to me when she pops up even though I know it likely isn't always the case. She just gives me the biggest "anything for attention" vibes.

No. 1756109

>Employer followed Alt-Right accounts

I have to ask how she'd know that but then again, I thought it was common practice to not follow your coworkers and/or employer on social media but that's just me i guess.

No. 1756193

She has some chronic pain disorder. She typically uses it for pity points, since it’s the only time she brings it up.

She is the queen of needing attention. She posts about how bad 90% of her life supposedly is and throws a tantrum at every corner.

No. 1756201

'i contacted the site i had photos leaked to' is it just me, or does that make it sound like she had photos intentionally leaked? either that or miss girl is bad at grammar kek it wouldn't surprise me if she had pics leaked for attention. especially unsurprising with how crusty and ugly she looks. from the leaked pics i've seen, it's all very low-effort, much like jude bishop. not sure why she's making a big deal of them being leaked. cry about it? kek

ah yes, much inspired, not low-effort at all. she thinks this is… worth money? kek she has an average/pudgy body, is either bare-faced which needs a jumpscare warning or has her shaky-handed sharpie elvira wanna-be makeup on.

as a fellow bisexual disabled person… we don't claim her kek this is not the way to go about it if you want to make money. she needs to quit complaining on the internet, get off her lazy ass, and get a full-time job like the rest of us. sage for blogposting but god damn, she's such an annoying cow

No. 1756235

Yo that is not a five head, that is like a fourteen head

No. 1756271

Don’t forget Mamie also has said that a person can only wear a nose ring with a chain if they claim Romani descent, otherwise it’s racist. I guess fuck all other cultures that do that…

No. 1756387

File: 1675066976994.jpg (227.8 KB, 1419x1080, 20230101_161008.jpg)

Raven apparently has a TikTok these days & it's her most active platform. But I don't use that app & the link on her YouTube is broken. Still with Josh, living in a garage with 10 (TEN!!) cats. She's a registered foster cat mom in the state of Michigan, bc of course she is. Both unemployed, Josh is selling plasma for money. So it's safe to assume the 25 Christmas gifts did not happen this year. Most of her YouTube is contacts, makeup & wig reviews now, but she still rambles about personal shit through most of them. No idea how she affords so much shit when she claims she's never been this broke (she has codes for the contacts, so she seems like she's sponsored? But she has hardly any viewers anymore). She's started taking Zoloft for depression (started self harming again), & wishes she'd taken it sooner, claims it might've helped her have a better relationship with her parents. She keeps falling & injuring herself, in the most recent YouTube video (Dec 30) she seems like she might be on something. Very sluggish & out of it.

Was debating posting some videos to back up these claims, but most of the more interesting/related ones are already around a year old. Have a picture from her most recent video instead!

No. 1756395

Whoops, still forgot to mention that the only reason she's not trying to kill herself is the cat that's more than a cat. So seems like her & Josh are doing well.

No. 1756626

What her tiktok handle

No. 1756661

It used to be arachne.araneae but that's defunct now. I've been searching but it's hard without an account.
Public Instagram is a.dream.undone & she uses it frequently
Facebook is facebook.com/Icon.of.pale.bone

No. 1759060


No. 1762810

File: 1675757357410.jpeg (453.2 KB, 1123x2077, 6C23BEA0-4005-43A0-8C0B-91E626…)

Stumbled upon IBF commenting under Llewelyn’s post about his painting for Manson as his birthday gift. I thought maybe she just likes the artistry but…..

No. 1762816

File: 1675757539947.jpeg (80.52 KB, 1125x894, A39591C7-75D9-486C-B5B8-1F5BDA…)

……it seems that Freya is still a fan of MM, the alleged rapist and nonce.

No. 1762860

Omg thank you!! Her gross recipes tagged as healthy, annoying Josh & the cats, showing off crusty makeup, gross out resin crafts, cheap goth tat, cashapp in the description. Raven truly keeps on cowing through it all

No. 1763052

Jazmin did an acoustic of some songs and she actually sounds better than the tryhard edgy way she originally did the songs. She looks like a mouldy cat lady while doing so though lol

No. 1763391

File: 1675816410688.jpg (817.87 KB, 1274x1920, 23-02-05-19-32-55-972_deco.jpg)

Well,this comment did not stay up for long.
(picture from Gwens Instagram last week)
Coalcandy's girlfriend Gwen Refurin (not sure about her name) is definitely a mini-me of Adora Batbrat now.
It's a bit creepy if he used to have a thing with A.B.

Not sure if this is gossip, but it is news worthy. If not, I'm sorry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1763392

for future reference, don't put things in the subject line.

No. 1763395

Thank you for helping out.

No. 1763410

She needs to learn breath control. Her only getting a record deal because of her musician mom really shows in not just her MySpace tier songs but her beginner singing

No. 1763435

Don't cowtip anon, cowtipping is when you post or tag a cow to provoke them and screenshot it.
You'll get a ban for the above but you're right that her makeup looks like adora's, particularly the inner eye lines.

No. 1763724

cowtipping involves announcing that you're the one commenting. even if you assume anon did, it's not cowtipping.

No. 1763728

OPs icon matches the commenters. Nothing to assume.

No. 1764819

Any new Jake and Kaya and skat thread? Thanks

No. 1764834

File: 1675999402646.png (2.07 MB, 1170x2532, E074F1D0-383A-4307-8D97-F00039…)

Can’t be assed to do her job of making content, will make questionable spending decisions.

No. 1764845

>mouldy cat lady
The frizzy grey dyed hair and ratty boa really sell the aesthetic and not in a cute way

No. 1765968

File: 1676148883290.jpg (182.42 KB, 1080x498, Screenshot_20230211_215016_Twi…)

She's too broke now to have proper food? Is she trying to get pitty from people?

No. 1766001

Eh she's a parent of two young children, that sounds like all you can cram in sometimes while chasing after them

No. 1766032

>I'm mostly living on toast and cereal
Well, that explains a lot

No. 1766044

Yeah, especially one having special needs

No. 1766073

wait one of her kids is special needs?

No. 1766075

File: 1676160680783.jpg (798.08 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20230211_184927_Ins…)

Jazmin's friend is detransitioning after being on hormones as a teen. Better late than never I guess but the amount of lasting damage.

No. 1766313

Yeah, her first kid Severine has a genetic microdeletion. Completely random chance, it's really sad. She said at one point she's hitting all her milestones but it does sound like she needs a ton of extra attention. No wonder all IBF has time for is cereal and toast.

No. 1766416

Sage for slight derail but this is just sad. Hope he can have some type of surgeries to remove what the hormones did (physically at least). Can't help but feel like he was peer pressured into it, if you're artsy you must be some type of member of the lgbt alphabet or else it doesn't count.

No. 1766465

I totally had a brainfart and didn’t look close enough so I thought this tweed was from Jake and anons trying to say Kat has two kids and the one with disability is Jake

No. 1766585

Maybe. The people he hangs out with, jazmin and parmaham, are genderspecial too and when I first came across him he wasn't identifying as a troon. Or maybe he did but wasn't open about it. Either way yeah it's sad and I hope he can recover.

No. 1766663

I cant feel bad for a misogynist genderspecial male that types shit like ''femenine cunt''. You play stupid games, you win stupid prices. Next time don't pretend that you grasp even the tiniest bit of what womanhood is. Hope his little mantits remind him of that every single day. I have no sympathy for any detransitioner that doesn't go publicly GC, specially the male ones. He can bleach his hair in hell.

No. 1766997

Completely agree, anon. Maybe I'm just sick & jaded from troon nonsense, but I really have no sympathy for the tims unless they were robbed of any choice of their own & transed as children. But even then, once they start going crazy trying to push & promote it to other/younger kids, that quickly vanishes (Jazz Jennings is a good example of that)

No. 1767028

Tinfoil but I don't think they're friends anymore. Most of their photos together on their IGs have been deleted and I haven't seen parma ham or Jazmin in his IG stories for ages

No. 1767273

File: 1676302769938.jpg (371.88 KB, 1080x1285, Instag.jpg)

Serving cunt is just an expression. But I agree, while I guess it's sad he might've been pressured as a child, he'd better not be supportive of troons after this.
>litle man tits


Oh? I know Salvia's original account got deleted so his pics are missing. Didn't know jazmin deleted hers. I checked and their latest picture in her feed right now was in 2021. Wonder what happened, the detransition or just grew apart. With parma I think salvia broke up with him.

No. 1767447

Jazmin still seems to follow Salvia though

No. 1767807

Since we'be been talking about IBF's choice of baby names lately, I was just watching the movie Belle de Jour and the main character is a woman called Séverine who loves her husband but doesn't want to have sex with him, I found it very interesting because we know IBF said a lot of times that she loves mr owl (and has loved other bfs) but doesn't like sex, she'd do it for reproducting but it's not very fond of it. That's a bit more credible name origin than the previous theory that it was because Severus Snape.

No. 1767898

I mean she did a cringe video where she screamed in a field when Alan Rickman died iirc, she could've been inspired by either.

No. 1767915

I wrote a long as fuck paragraph with my sperging about this but I think it can be boiled down to: of course she doesn't like sex, she's insecure about her appearance and married those two guys. I support the Snape narrative.

No. 1768435

File: 1676441729314.jpeg (210.56 KB, 856x1496, 73B472C3-CEA6-4D62-870C-E75FB9…)

Corny ass mf’ers. I guess KVD and Rafael are committed to the MM cult. Even after this new suit was filed against him:


No. 1768438

File: 1676441981405.jpeg (333.88 KB, 1125x1990, DD308068-BBC1-49A8-91C6-856374…)

I guess Raf is wearing platforms tonight?

No. 1768464

File: 1676445970129.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3465x3465, 1EF90EE0-E264-4ED4-92AD-066087…)

Found very recent unphotoshopped photo of Victoria. I don’t understand why she’s photoshopping so much, she’s not ugly at all

No. 1768471

All I can hear is her breathing in and out

No. 1768484

I get what you mean, but this is an actual issue she talked at lenght about and for years, it's important to her, it wouldn't be a reach if she watched the movie because she liked the theme and chose the name from there. As it could be harry potter too, I guess. whatever

I see this lindsay yu is part of the KVDMM clique, she's always there, always commenting on stuff from them, has posted pics on her profile supporting MM… Who is she? any milk on her?

wtf? she's actually pretty. I guess that she is obssessed with the extreme plastic surgery/fillers look but doesn't have the money to actually get shit done. Clearly she wanted to be half her size and weight so she must see herself as if she was Luna Slater

No. 1768527

Victoria used to be skinnier, she's put weight on and she's on a bunch of different diets now. A couple of weeks ago she was doing some water fast.

No. 1768589

Lindsay Usich is Manson's most recent wife. From what I can remember from the Manson threads, she's a photographer and was an on and off girlfriend for ages now. Her behavior is very much so like Skid of the Jonny Craig thread, sort of a psychotic semi secret girlfriend who would lash out at fans and groupies orbiting Manson. He finally married her in more recent years I guess. You can probably still find a lot of the information in the old MM threads here on the farms.

No. 1768652

Ayrt and yeah, I mean, one thing doesn't exclude the other, the movie could have had some subconscious (or not that subconscious) influence on her.

Is it the curse of the B-C-D…Z list alt woman to be a pickme and date/marry hideous men? I know that for many girls it's almost inevitable to suffer at some point some sort of nlogism because any alternative scene that isn't female-only is sexist as hell and mixed friend groups have the worst dynamics when it comes to women interacting with other women. Not that pickme and nlog are the same but you know what I mean, these women date trash and are proud of it.

No. 1769309

Same with Kim Petras. He was trooned as a child and in his interviews, it was so obvious his parents pushed him into it when he exhibited interest in "girls" things. But my sympathy only runs so far for him because he's a grown man in his 30s now pushing the ideology and the music… It comes off a bit misogynistic, the themes and the expectation that he should be seen as some "woman" sex symbol.

No. 1769405

It's all incredibly misogynistic. Kim quite literally just won a grammy for a song about misogyny.

No. 1769437

OT but that song makes me vomit, two ugly troons gloating about misogyny and male degeneracy. Not to mention musically it’s a god awful droning mess. I’m annoyed with myself for liking Sam Smith when he was just a gay R&B crooner.

No. 1769683

File: 1676575796674.jpg (Spoiler Image, 557.94 KB, 2880x2880, 20230216_192712.jpg)

And now he's a they/them, and recently been wearing ugly bdsm inspired outfits for media attention. Such outfits can look really cool but these really don't, and they look chafing kek. All the people yass kweening posts about it act like they're so cutting edge for liking him now and everyone else is a karen, but an eyesore is an eyesore.

No. 1770004

Wtf did I just see

No. 1770469

File: 1676663966441.jpeg (291.96 KB, 1122x2004, AC9FB34A-BF41-4DBD-8233-35DB0F…)

MM isn’t the only nonce that Kat von D has been supporting. She can’t say that: oh, don’t fall into the trap of cancel culture when you don’t know the situation.
Bitch, Mr. Kitty admitted to the accusation.


No. 1770651

Obviously, she agrees with their ideas and positions. That MM's exes are just exaggerating bdsm and that there's nothing wrong in an adult dating a "young woman". Remember she's an alt-right conservative now, and these people are heavily biased towards men in any situation of sexual abuse. Go to any "trad" anything thread and it's pretty clear that it's part of their culture.

No. 1770655

Ok,so it was a teenage boy, not a teenage girl, my bad. But conservatives also tend to believe teenagers can consent

No. 1773916

File: 1677045239303.jpeg (300.71 KB, 1124x1566, 4DF2F071-B18C-44BA-9F23-EC61D8…)

Reeree is back on IG after a 3 year hiatus.

No. 1774013

>>1767807 Oh dear! I assumed the name came from the song Severina by The Mission.

No. 1774032

Oh dann i missed her. I predict she will delete it again in a month though.

No. 1774054

File: 1677056491179.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3829x2872, 69095922-73EF-41D3-B1F3-0FE972…)

cp bump don’t scroll

No. 1774098

File: 1677063309470.jpg (235.06 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20230222-125330_Fac…)

She also lurks here for years now.

No. 1774125

I wonder what happened to her, I remember she had a twitter at one point and talking about a new job(?)

No. 1774177

Yes, I believe she became a nurse or something similar. I could be wrong but I swear that’s what I remember seeing.

No. 1774211

File: 1677077919003.jpeg (226.71 KB, 828x1364, 966ACDC2-A37D-4079-9FE9-631D2C…)

She’s doing a q&a right now

No. 1774212

How is this screenshot supposed to proof her lurking? Am I missing something?

No. 1774305

I meant she's on facebook, Not lurking here.

No. 1774340

Not the anon you’re responding to, but that’s what you said and implied. You also didn’t sage which would give the impression that it’s milk but you didn’t elaborate. Maybe you don’t know what “lurk” means?

Anyway, I’m happy for her. It’s nice to see one of these “cows” make something of themselves in the real world…especially when they have children to take care of. I personally never considered her a cow at all. Just seemed like anons were mostly angry that she kind of clung on to the goth tag for content when she was really just a metalhead. I don’t recall anything actually milky happening with her.

No. 1774510

Ive been following her on her private account @igotamultipass for a few months now, she mentioned going to court for an abusive relationship, so I wonder if this was @alterd_mind, the father of her child and her ex who used to take all her pictures, or someone else she dated in between breaking up with him and now.

No. 1774522

File: 1677104543677.jpeg (226.78 KB, 750x1305, 21234625-3A75-40CB-A9EA-870E07…)

100% someone else. She also responded to a question about making an OF which seemed to imply this rancid ex. I highly doubt she would talk about Mr. Phillips in such a positive light if it were him she was talking about.

No. 1774524

File: 1677104657078.jpeg (275.75 KB, 750x1294, 398E71D2-5BF1-4F53-8FA2-DF3781…)

No. 1775223

File: 1677176204286.jpeg (403.04 KB, 1124x2003, 66DD7339-A49F-4112-A996-0E8C09…)

This is weird af, doesn’t adora have the same or similar tattoos?

No. 1775227

Yeah, Adora also has crosses (just more basic design)… synthia slowly turning into her mum

No. 1775751

The OP has been posting this on Reddit.
Thought it would be good to be known here.

No. 1775855

Yess give us nothing hunty!

You need to attach an image or something, OP of what? Posting what?

No. 1776445

File: 1677328812998.png (682.6 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230225-113153.png)

No. 1776605

File: 1677349070550.jpeg (292.78 KB, 1170x1214, 1BF2C559-EE76-4877-93F9-D1081E…)

No. 1776640

File: 1677352470023.gif (3.36 MB, 498x331, not-waynes-world.gif)

Oh, we'll listen..

No. 1777760

File: 1677429933799.jpg (504.67 KB, 1080x1761, Instagram_022023.jpg)

There was discussion itt of jazmin and salvia not being friends anymore, I guess they still are and just not as close as before. They both look awful kek, and because of jazmin's overfilling she looks like she's eating a lemon

No. 1777779

if you see pics of jazmin bbefore the fillers and/or surgeies, she looked exactly like her dad (ginger wildheart), like a white uk person, she's looking more and more asian, which I think it's to resemble her asian mother, they look alike now, but it used not to be the case, so I think it's intentional.

No. 1777839

Why is this girl a cow tho? The ugly surgeries and the nepobaby-ism?

No. 1779401

File: 1677615380362.jpg (64.11 KB, 480x270, hqdefault.jpg)

Does Jade the Libra have any milk on her.
I've started watching her content for cleaning and enjoy seeing someone who is alt/goth in that niche on youtube.

No. 1779406

I've never heard anything milky about her, she's super popular for decor hunting during Halloween and was in some advertising at Spirit Halloween. I think she keeps her nose clean, I've only ever seen some minor speculation that she's anachan but nothing major.

No. 1779608

>>keeps her nose clean

what a weird thing to say out of nowhere! don't even know who this is, but now I'm almost sure she does coke

No. 1779858

Are you ESL, anon? No judgement if so, but to "keep your nose clean" is a common idiom in English which essentially means to stay out of trouble.

No. 1780074

Good to know, rather not waste my time giving views to a pos. (the alt community or the one on youtube seems to be filled with them)

No. 1780674

Nothing milky really but her whole face is full of injectables and she is an anachan. Her old tumble was full of her transformation to what she is now. I am wondering if she still an anachan now that she’s pregnant and due to pop soon

No. 1781324

yes! thank you for teaching me, I didn't know that

No. 1781338

File: 1677813670676.jpg (600.38 KB, 1080x2019, Wut.jpg)

>she looks like she's eating a lemon
Looking more like she's about to throw up

No. 1781498

When doesn't she look like that?

No. 1782908

File: 1677997963572.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 464.4 KB, 828x981, 5D4FB540-7B9E-4C44-A8DB-90F65B…)

Has anyone ever talked about this cow? I only know her because she models for forest inks clothing and I happened upon her in my Twitter recommended. Anyways seems her boyfriend and her have just broken up and she’s been all over Twitter and the gram thirst trapping and subtweeting about needing a boyfriend and being depressed. She has a bunch of kids. Her body is hilarious. Picrel. Just curious if anybody else has observed her milk. Unsaged for possible milk. Her @ is vampxgore.

Also about jade i do not have milk but after watching a few of her videos randomly after classes she seems like she’s a hoarder or has serious depression issues, even in the depths of my own emotions I’ve never let my home get to the quality of hers. Disgusting.

No. 1783094

No. 1784099

I used to be mutuals with her on instagram and she used to just post somewhat 'cute' outfits and just general goth stuff, but then she did a 180 and just started posting shit like that so she lost some followers and is probably upset

No. 1784103

She has kids by multiple men so she seems to be fairly good at relationships
Her latest saga she keeps posting things like “someone take me out” or like a scrote will ask her anonymously if she would like be interested in going out with them and she’s like “my dms are open” it really reads as desperate, to be fair I think women can be fat and still attractive but she’s got a real hatchet face kek

No. 1784693

File: 1678237770760.png (5.86 MB, 1170x2532, 77D445C2-F8AC-46DA-89A6-06BFF0…)

I would not let Mamie touch hair if she thinks this one tone dried out mess is a success.

No. 1784972

File: 1678284757634.jpeg (120.34 KB, 367x640, 5DCDB1FB-1F94-469E-BECC-E58406…)

Dorian proves yet again to be a lurker. Posted this comment in r/ofherbsandaltars and later posted a rant about the same thing on instagram. People on Reddit found old blogs of Dorian and people he has romanticized the fuck out of in his story times (Ash/James).

No. 1784979

File: 1678285844834.jpeg (710.23 KB, 1170x1882, 3D87A97A-127C-49E2-90B6-6C3651…)

No. 1784981

File: 1678285892006.jpeg (494.14 KB, 1170x2416, 9F4B9E7F-E42A-4856-B576-75F47C…)

No. 1785177

The first paragraph is pretty good, then the second paragraph is self indulgent teenage whining. Much like all of Dorian's writing, ig.

No. 1785269

Did anyone catch the URL to the blogs before the reddit user deleted everything? I am intrigued

No. 1785397

This sounds so retarded. She’s a grown arse woman, and far not the most intellectually challenged one, and here she is acting all immature with the whole morally superior edgelord spiel
> how would you fucking feel if someone read and discussed your baby sister’s diary online?
Well, if you don’t want people to go through your "underwear" or "your baby sister’s diary" then don’t publish it online ffs. Especially on platforms that are intended for people’s interaction and forum-like discussions. If you want to keep something private, then just keep it to yourself, like how hard can it get??

You can’t have cake and eat it too, Dorian, since you’re lurking here. You chose to be in the public eye as your job instead of having a regular, more private one. This is just part of the gig, take it or leave it.

You had no issue hardcore capitalising off of Ash’s "underwear", both in video and written format, and still are gaining a regular income from it now, day in and day out. Even though, by your own word, he "never put himself out there" and "values privacy the most".
And somehow now, the nasty mean people on the internet – your own followers – are the ones at fault because they google his 'name', and all this shit that you have exposed comes up, and they are able to lurk? The people are the ones invading his and your other friends’ privacy by reading something that is already out there, not the one who plasters their shit all over the web and capitalises off of it? REALLY? Kek, check your own morals.

No. 1785410

No. 1785422

Dorian sure is crazy and romanticizes stuff but I agree with her in this one, it's true.
BUT! Right after he sounds like a legit lunatic in this one! >>1784979
This is fucking bonkers! just delete the posts if you don't want people to read them, for fucks sake!!! "If I delete my diaries, huge projects will be canceled!" BITCH POUH-LEASE! "Consensual reading"!!! For real, this is pure delusional madness.

100% this, thank you for speaking what I could barely put into words because of how shocked I was at this

No. 1785562

I can't imagine how embarrassing it would be for my high school posts to become publicly attached to my name, but that's when you immediately private the account or archive and delete it to prevent anyone else from seeing it (unless they want to dig deep which you just can't stop but don't bring attention to it or everyone will know about it). Then just start a new personal account under a username people don't know (ideally some generic Goth shit that'll pass under the radar).
Also sorry if this was mentioned before but what kind of TIF is Dorian? She's clearly willing to lurk here and doesn't even look fakeboi lite. I figure some form of anorexia related issues but I don't know her history nor her gendie claims well enough to know if it's anorexia plus misogyny or a fear of sex

No. 1786488

File: 1678514854834.jpg (721.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230311-170421.jpg)

Wow, so fascinating a moid who raped and murdered his little sister. When is she going to drop the edgy obsession with the literal scum of this planet?

No. 1786626

I remember this story, the mother seems like a massive cow herself and still defends her deranged little moidlet. Boymoms stay losing.

No. 1786695

File: 1678552617452.jpg (54.33 KB, 720x963, FB_IMG_1678552511253.jpg)

Kat Von D Birthday party

No. 1786697

File: 1678552987512.jpg (8.59 KB, 300x300, 31h5l5GAUKL._SY300_.jpg)

Who wore it better

No. 1786821

So… are they..??

No. 1787115

Did he lose weight?

No. 1787160

kek at Kat trying to be the goth kim kardashian

No. 1787188

Engaging in intimate intercourse with eachother? Yeah, possibly

No. 1787190

Just thinking about this slug-like guy's hand on my side makes me sick

No. 1787336

I can’t believe i used to have such a crush on him. I always thought his appearance and branding was for show but he’s actually perverted and insane.

No. 1787687

File: 1678671162628.jpeg (51.46 KB, 640x628, DA5F8EB2-6717-4C84-801F-5C5835…)

As embarrassing as it is I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one. I always had a thing for guys with horse faces

No. 1787959

Same here nonna don't feel bad.at first I really thought this was another amber vs Jhonny since one of the lawsuits dropped but too much conflicting

No. 1787972

My crush was Twiggy Ramirez, not much fucking better.

No. 1788215

Vanessa just did an interview about the Manson case.

No. 1788229

File: 1678769409340.png (671.93 KB, 690x1071, 23894759.png)

are you the yoshiki posting anon by any chance?

she was bragging about her other groupie behavior all over fb recently again too.

No. 1788281

File: 1678776526725.jpg (52.3 KB, 736x920, f2559a166d2b65369ef31a9a1e1b3e…)

cp on the mtf thread don't scroll

No. 1788457

I'm honestly still not sure what to think about this tbh anon. After the latest turn of events with Ashley Smithline recanting against her previous accusation, it's really making me start to wonder.

No. 1788827

Do you not realize that when mentally ill women get their egos bruised by anyone they go on full blown years long disingenuous smear campaigns to ruin their lives?
Evan has BPD. Amber has BPD. Same with every other ego driven batshit insane girl in the goth scene. Figure it out(sage your shit)

No. 1788828

Do you not realize that when mentally ill women get their egos bruised by anyone they go on full blown years long disingenuous smear campaigns to ruin their lives?
Evan has BPD. Amber has BPD. Same with every other ego driven batshit insane girl in the goth scene. Figure it out(sage your shit)

No. 1788830

Do you not realize that when mentally ill women get their egos bruised by anyone they go on full blown years long disingenuous smear campaigns to ruin their lives?
Evan has BPD. Amber has BPD. Same with every other ego driven batshit insane girl in the goth scene. Figure it out

No. 1788841

They probably saw that text evidence about wanting to set you on fire, drown you and rape you is still not enough "proof" for the people who live in rich men's assholes

No. 1788896

At the end of the day Manson still was late 30s married man when he met barely legal 18yo Evan. He also likened their relationship to the pedo novel "lolita" with heart-shaped glasses? I don't understand how anyone still guns for this guy when he's obviously a predator of some kind, proof of physical abuse or not. Normal 36 year old people don't date barely legal teens.

No. 1788899

also obvious scrote

No. 1788905

Stop diagnosing every woman that does something you deem crazy with BPD, tiktard.

No. 1788912

oops this was directed at the spamscrote

No. 1789116

You're not alone. At the time i was into the "breaking standards" thing. He was unusual, he did unsusual music (or so i thought at least), wasn't afraid to tap into controversial topics like drugs, men wearing makeup, etc. I didn't see how much of a shithead he really was.

No. 1789151

AYRT, she was actually 19 but I do get and understand the discomfort, it was a huge age gap and I don't approve of it but she was not a minor, that's just the reality.
He's scuzzy for dating women half his age and that will always be unsettling to me but by the law, it's not a crime.

That aside, I'm still taking my time looking into this so I'm not on anyone's side at this time and want to continue looking more into the case.

No. 1789306

She was 18 when they met and 19 when they went public with the relationship. It doesn't matter that it wasn't illegal, he's obviously preying upon a literal teenage girl. It's straight up onision logic tbh. His use of lolita imagery for their relationship also strongly shows how he viewed her, a "legal" child.

No. 1789332


No. 1789435

Yeah a 36 year old man roleplaying a pedophilic relationship (the main character in lolita was only 12 year old) with his 19 year old girlfriend is definitely a totally not creepy or predatory thing to do. Scrote logic.

No. 1789461


No. 1789534

I bet you defend shit like ddlg too don't you

No. 1789542

Scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1789668

File: 1678983693186.jpeg (33.87 KB, 476x436, 72D177BA-686A-464A-B466-EC12EF…)

I bet you’re even okay with women calling their boyfriends daddy in bed lol that’s literally incest sweaty(sage your shit)

No. 1789830

Youtube was trying to make me watch this video for like fucking weeks. I was really confused as to why there was a following for this band at all because the frontwoman had like zero charisma, but I was like 'maybe the live shows are better'. Now I know.

My theory is that it was consensual, if creepy, at the time. 19-year-old girls are impressionable and BDSM is edgy. Manson at 30 was - what, 1999? so was also at his peak celebrity (looks as well imo). Most of the 'abuse' she describes sounded like lifestyle BDSM activities that she might've committed to and then had regrets about later. And sure, Manson's a creep for dating a teenager, but it also kind of feels like ERW is doing this for clout because she no longer has a career. Her accusations are never going to result in a court case or legal consequences for Manson, but they do keep people discussing her.

No. 1789945

Being sexually assaulted on the set of a music video where there is no intimacy coordinator present is not what a BDSM lifestyle is about.

No. 1790081

She probably had to sign a contract to be in that video half-naked how could she possibly raped on camera
Also regardless of whether he is a rapist or not he's still a degen for being into BDSM in the first place. The "BDSM lifestyle" shouldn't be thing, even if it's consensual anyone who gets off on seeing their partner in pain should be locked up

No. 1790083

NTA, and I feel like it's hard to say if she was or wasn't. Even Vanessa, who is on Manson's side, said she wasn't there for the actual sex scene and that everyone was drunk or on drugs.

No. 1790238

No longer has a career? Are you delusional? Why do MM supporters keep saying that?

No. 1790323

That’s some weird fucking logic, dog.

No. 1792552

Can't believe we're still in the Christmas edition thread

No. 1793245

Does anyone know what's the real tea between these Louisemarie666 and Eleshaalicethorn? Who copied who and what's the thing?

https://www.instagram.com/louisemarie_speaks_the_truth_/?hl=fi(this is an imageboard)

No. 1793590

Finally something interesting and not the Kaya Jake old crap.

No. 1802486

File: 1680663181510.jpg (296.72 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230405_125239_Ins…)

She's been posting about this for like two weeks now

No. 1802569

Not to alog but if it's that bad why wait for 'assisted' kek

No. 1802572

File: 1680678876032.jpeg (141.92 KB, 828x1449, 8AC1F7F0-E8D0-43DD-9B7B-450312…)

Please someone make a new Kaya thread. She just admitted that the patreon money is there to pay her bills kek

No. 1802597

File: 1680682672313.jpg (138.89 KB, 809x1080, sO3U73v.jpg)

BUMP, Don't scroll nonnies CP!!

No. 1802617

I think its fair to make a patreon to pay bills, but then you have to you know, ACTUALLY make content for said patreon. Patreons are people paying for content, nobody cares if the money is mainly bill money or whatever you use it for, but you still gotta provide what people are paying you for

No. 1802625

File: 1680690211756.jpg (68.93 KB, 720x1354, IMG_20230405_121934.jpg)

This is from her patreon. Did she state somewhere else what the patreon was now for? This information could be unupdated, in that case she should be more explicit about the actual purpose of the patreon. I wonder if we should expect new fluctuations of patreons.

No. 1802626

And then she shamelessly plugged her patreon for ppl to subscribe kek Nobody gives a shit what she does with the money if she’d post content there and make it worth for the subscribers. I’m gonna confess, I subbed to it when shit with Fake went down out of spite but cancelled a while ago when I saw her sitting at home on her lazy ass crying about mundane stuff.

No. 1802632

File: 1680691360221.png (82.79 KB, 860x856, Bills Not Content.png)

Her biggest selling point for her Patreon is links to her streams, which isn't even listed on the description for her tiers. The discord is something she literally said she wants to delete because it frustrates her, so completely ignore that description.

But you don't need to be a Patron to watch the streams, you just need the link because it's unlisted. Also, she never streams. But yeah, support Kaya's Patreon because she wants to party and doesn't want to work to pay bills.


No. 1802634

That shameless Patreon plug fell flat, nobody has signed up since she posted. I guess the prospect of no content and also paying someone else's bills isn't appealing to her followers, go figure

No. 1802636

File: 1680692203474.png (173.79 KB, 864x1519, Shameless Sugar Baby Kaya.png)

No. 1802638

Jake got donated €400+ on yesterday's stream and started talking about using to money to buy clothes for his weird little anime avatar and renting a monster truck for a music video. KEK, no joke. At least house rent is an actual use of money.

No. 1802639

Donations being used towards content is the whole point of Patreon, this isn't the win you think it is, kek.

No. 1802645

It's for whatever the fuck the creator decides to put it towards, retard. There's no golden rule of patreon, or ANY content creation site, that says you have to put the money you make towards only your content and nothing else. If you think that's what all creators on patreon do with earnings, you are genuinely stupid and inexperienced.
Also, Jake was donated the money on a STREAM, not Patreon. Or must all youtube stream donations legally go towards content creation as well? These Jake wk's are incapable of critical thinking.

No. 1802646

Kaya and jake are both cows, stop simping. Its so boring

No. 1802649

Simping for who? I was just making a comparison between using money on rent & monster trucks KEK.
Meanwhile this retard >>1802639 thinks virtual clothing and big trucks that go vroom is a good use of donations.

No. 1802651


Kaya, they are both cows, I come here to slag off both of them, its not a competition who is worse, just sick of seeing people defend her all the time, they both suck why cant we just gossip about both of them

No. 1802653

I'm not trying to be a Kaya WK, just waiting for her to do something milkier than travel, party, and pay rent.

No. 1802654

Ntayrt but if she says here >>1802636 that her patreon is for showing support for her channel but almost nothing she spends that money on reaches her channel in any form (no Vlogs, no GRWM, no nothing) then she's simply lying. If she wants to spend all that money on bills and trips that's fine but she better not pretend that her patreons are helping her making more and better YT content. And the gain eternal love is just laughable when there's no interaction between her and her patreons. Stumpy is in a whole different level.

No. 1802655


If nonnies wanna complain about her getting drunk and fat off money for rent donations because of her sob stories then let them and stop defending her.

No. 1802656


Calm down, you can still be Mommy Kaya's special little Patron sugar daddy, no obligations required to put out.


Is there a new Kaya thread? This is exactly why they were separated, all of the Kaya WK's junking up the Altcows thread, frothing at the mouth.

No. 1802658


The Kaya/Jake thread has maxxed out and we're waiting for a new one to be made

No. 1802659

I just thought rent sounded like a reasonable excuse, damn. I honestly don't know much about her content, have never donated to either of them, and am no "sugar daddy." Anyway, "Mommy Kaya" anon, your parental issues are showing.

No. 1802660

I nominate this for thread pic, since this is the milkiest thing that's happened in ages. How retarded is she? She hasn't posted content on there in months, of course people are upset. Doesn't even say thank you for the support

No. 1802661

For the nonas complaining about no milk. Scamming people for money is milk and having the audacity to even admit it so blatantly is cow behavior.
Do you have better milk to post? No? Thought so.

No. 1802663

Nta, but she doesn't like being called mommy because of how big she is and how she's mentally 18, so that's supposed to be an insult, nonny, but it went over your head.

No. 1802668

Well like I said, I don't know much about her, so of course it went over my head. Guess I shouldn't have said "at least rent is an actual use of money". Which, I mean you gotta have the brain of a 5 year old to think "monster truck" sounds more reasonable than "rent." But of course, making comparisons is off limits to some nonnies and it starts a shit show. And the fact that none of you have anything to say about Fake's brilliant investment ideas, makes all of you also look like Jake WK's who want to fill the dead air with Kaya hate because a lot of the Jake haters have been moving on lately.

No. 1802678

Promising to spend his donations on content isn't that milky, if anything it's showing off how he's getting more support than Kaya nowadays. She barely got donations in her last stream, and her YouTube view count has tanked from inactivity. Patreon is her only significant income, and she just shamelessly promoted it when she's posted nothing on it in months. Fake might not get a lot of views nowadays, but he's still putting out more regular content than her, bar the sickness he was whinging about last week.

But this is how these cows both have always operated. Kaya has never released regular content in her life, not even now when she isn't spending all of Fake's money for him. Now she's spending her Patron's money instead, kek.

No. 1802681

Promising to put the donations towards "clothes for the avatar" is milky since the avatar was supposed to be used for videos since January. It's April. Knowing Jake he will make 2-3 vids with it eventually, if at all, and drop it when no one gives a fuck.

No. 1802683

The original post was saged, so it wasn't meant to be "that milky." But honestly it is milky, considering he's a king of big claims, broken promises, and wasting money. He was just excited to be getting donations for once so he was pulling random ideas out his ass.

No. 1802719

File: 1680706494536.png (268.19 KB, 864x1539, Mother & Daughter Banner.png)

Kaya hasn't updated her Patreon description in years, even when she's promised to do so after the breakup. She still has this tweet from 2015 pinned, which makes it look like that's the last notable thing that's happened. And she still uses images from her teens and early twenties to advertise, the Twitter banner and Patreon banner are both dated too. It's amazing how much low effort content she can put out and still pretend that YouTube work is so hard. She's freshly back in Belfast and already crying on Instagram that she doesn't yet have travel plans in April.

No. 1802775

File: 1680718978263.jpg (211.76 KB, 1179x2096, 339125537_1936941196640900_549…)

Well getting pets seems a better option, I didn't even know assisted murder (c'mon, the goverment knocking you off is nothing else) was legal in Australia

No. 1802777

It’s been legal in vic for the last 4ish years and as of January this year it’s legal in sa. Still need 3 doc sign off and need to be terminal

No. 1802793

File: 1680721982915.jpeg (289.49 KB, 1289x2309, 7AD686FD-B480-4C71-9F83-9DB1EE…)

fake hasn’t changed his much either, hasn’t vlogged in idk how long and barely posts any content outside. his last patreon post was feb 25; he’s using old photos on all his banners and ppl are still subscribed to his onlyfans even though he doesn’t regularly update that either.

what exactly is he giving ppl that are donating to his streams/patreon? last youtube vid was him seething over ppl making “vain writhing” tiktoks and bitching about his hair yet again. oh and claiming he got scammed for that avatar and how much he spent etc.

No. 1802842

>renting a monster truck for a music video
kek. I'm sorry, but what? This is such a weird white trash American thing to do

>it's showing off how he's getting more support than Kaya nowadays.
While I think Kaya is still kind of a cow, this just isn't true. Just take a peek at any of their social media pages or income through those canals. Jake is still bleeding subs, Kaya's semi-inactivity mostly just has her at a standstill as far as growing her channel. She also updates her social media far more often than Jake does his, but he does do more youtube uploads though he likely does a similar amount of actual filming for them considering he splits up one video into three separate ones to upload. They're both kind of lazy in different ways if anything.

No. 1802930

you keep saying this after posting something critical about Kaya then comparing her negatively to Jake, when Jake does the same damn shit AND is an actual bad person. this makes YOU sound like a Jake simp, as being lazy is never going to be worse than having delusions of grandeur and being actually nasty and abusive to others.
you can't gas light other farmers into thinking theyre white-knighting kaya whenever you end a sentence with "at least Jake and Skat do xyz."
if you want to see less pushback, try saying "kaya did… " without bringing up jake. as long as you keep bringing up Jake in a positive light, you're going to get comments that read as "defensive" over kaya. because who on this green earth would defend Jake except Jake or skat or some moid or pickme who identifies with him or the dumb as rocks side chick? get it?

No. 1802934

I think it's stumpy with his derision for "Mommy" and that he describes the love of his life as his "little girl" despite her being older than him lmao.

No. 1802942

nope, Kat dressed as a cow in her OnlyFails was promised as the mascot.

No. 1802961

File: 1680743644968.jpg (250.07 KB, 1170x1571, Cow Skat.jpg)

I was feeling artistic.

No. 1802994

lmao this is a beautiful mix of art and agricultural medicine that is farming. thread pic for the new one, please!

No. 1803015

File: 1680749863107.png (99.55 KB, 324x235, qualitycontent.png)

New Jake video out now. How anyone stans this retarded scrote the world may never know.

No. 1803035

remember the funny comments left by his ex snacc on HIS onlyfans porn page? "daddy!" "meow" "I'm so wet for daddy" the fact that it was a man with a crush was too funny. he should be laughing hard at himself, but if I recall correctly he ended up blocking and refunding men, ha

No. 1803107

File: 1680763949677.png (92.11 KB, 506x922, kayatravel.png)

Kaya did another Q&A while traveling back home from London. She addresses the traveling expenses again and claims that she hasn't been spending as much as it might seem? Impossible to say if true or not though for any skeptic anons.

No. 1803110

File: 1680764204472.png (72.42 KB, 499x909, kayaupdate.png)

She also gave a rough update in regards to when to expect a new YT video, Sunday or Monday. So in a few more days if she follows through. She still seems to be planning on sorting out the vlogs, but I guess we will see? She also said she doesn't have anymore travel plans for the rest of this month, just preparing for the events in May.

No. 1803143

File: 1680770072022.png (435.4 KB, 776x729, munrouploads.png)

I don't know about you all but I think he's been killing it with his recent uploads tbh. kek

No. 1803144

kek nice work anon, fucking "horp" gets me every time

No. 1803149

KEK this is even better than my half assed Cow Skat artwork. Next thread pic.

No. 1803164

Grinds my gears that she’s too dumb to spell check her shit ahhhh

No. 1803183

File: 1680780847345.jpg (793.88 KB, 3464x3464, Disgusting.jpg)

This week, on Jake's Bad Takes: a fundamental misunderstanding of how the human body works! Misogyny, and advocating for sexual harassment! He thinks men should be able to walk around showing their boners, and equates it to women having hard nipples, as if they are comparable in the slightest. A very interesting take, considering he claims not to view breasts sexually. Just when I thought my ick for this guy couldn't get any ickier.

No. 1803185

But men also have nipples…he should know that hard nipples isn't the same as a boner.

No. 1803189

Maybe his peepee is the same size as a nipple

No. 1803192

Men really out there thinking that women get nipple boners or something when turned on.

No. 1803215

Very nice!
Any bets on what kind of video it will be?

No. 1803221

Spooky box unboxing and the GRWM for the spooky box video. I further bet that she's gonna completely fail to sort through the vlog footage and instead do literally anything else.

No. 1803239

I had to look for myself after seeing that, kek. Nonny took it out of context, it's clearly a joke. What a letdown, it's just him reading the scrote comment and making fun of it. Sounds more like he's insinuating there are other, more important double standards a person could complain about.

No. 1803245

It will never not be funny that Jake made sure his scam vtuber avatar had a gratuitously long neck. I wonder if he got charged extra for that as well

No. 1803252


Ooooh I hope it's a quadruple spooky box club unboxing!!!! I love her looking at overpriced aliexpress tat saying "thats so cute" and adding it to her hoard!

No. 1803263

File: 1680790413539.png (98.27 KB, 864x1133, AliExpress Gurl.png)

This is talking about her basic bitch alt getup she wore to Slimelight, of all events. Coincidentally, the nipple reveal she did at Monster Queen was kudos to a cheap AliExpress top completely falling apart on the first wear. Can't wait to see what this goth fashion icon wears to the next event she hosts, kek.

No. 1803273

>>1803221 I get the impression she tries to do 'easy' videos first, thinking she will then get on to the 'harder' ones (like vlogs.) If so, it clearly doesn't work and putting hard stuff off just means it doesn't get done. Also, it must make it so much harder for anyone to put a vlog together after you have left it for ages, much better to do it when it is fresh in your mind.

No. 1803287

Exactly, not to mention she's bumming vlog footage off of friends because she probably doesn't actually have enough good shots to make a half assed phone recorded voiceover vlog with her own footage. Watch her blame them for the vlogs taking forever, "I'm having a hard time getting the files from everyone!"

No. 1803288

I agree with you. Alongside that, even the "easy" videos rarely come out without her usual incidents - my camera died, my laptop's broke, the export failed, I forgot to edit, I lost the footage, etc etc. I'm suprised she still gets spooky boxes, she's never on time with the review. It's nearly always a double/triple/whatever-ple unboxing.

No. 1803290

I wouldn't be surprised if they just forgot that they send her free shit and just stop one day whenever they notice she's on the mailing list and constantly late to advertise their shitty hoard in a box products.

No. 1803304

Top right, lol anon

No. 1803306

lmao this is hilarious. I like how all their updates are in there showing what the crew is up to, Jake got scammed and he is uploading YouTube content, Kat is being illiterate and dressed up like a cow on onlyfans, and kaya has been doing nothing but travel and hanging out with a guy so hot and young it would make Jake cry. I still think we should incorporate the Kat sexy cow costume somewhere in this masterpiece.

No. 1804106

Jesus christ. Lets react to the scrotes commenting on women getting abused and exploited… Every time he does something my disgust for Fake grows.

No. 1804132

>cheap thighs and lingerie

No. 1804135

Watch it again then. He straight up agrees and calls the comparison double standards. There's literally no other way to spin it. Actually can't believe you're making excuses for that scrote, unless you are one. Disappointed in you, nonny.

No. 1804143

the other anon is right, he's being sarcastic…

No. 1804153

Hard disagree. What about agreeing and calling it double standards, reads sarcasm to you? There was no sarcastic inflection to his voice, no eye roll, absolutely nothing to indicate sarcasm. The original comment he read may have been worded in a joking manner, but it's actually a point that a lot of scrotes actually believe.

No. 1804157

>it's clearly a joke
And so was his comment about physically punishing kids. Good one!

No. 1804180

I agree tbh, she clearly has an issue with procrastinating. Though it definitely would have been near impossible for her to do all the recent vlogs since she was traveling so close together this time around. She could have gotten started on Vegas though at the very least.

When was the last time she actually used these excuses? I swear it's been at least a year or more now. I feel like ever since she moved into the house we haven't been hearing them. Funny how things always mysteriously "broke" when Jake was around though.

>kaya needs to stop wasting patreon money
>kaya needs to spend money on more clothes
The outfit was bad (mostly due to the ugly high wasted panties and awful eyeshadow) but it's kind of understandable she's trying to keep costs low right now. Most the clothes in her closet already aren't really club wear either.

No. 1804195

File: 1680812233078.jpg (179.73 KB, 864x1536, Barcelona Excuses.jpg)


No. 1804197

File: 1680812312758.png (236.9 KB, 864x1513, Literally Today.png)

No. 1804202

Her showing herself editing and complaining about her nails making it harder (and that she is going to cut them) and a random screencap of her being bored isn't the same as her old claims of files that are going missing, things are mysteriously broken, things never charging correctly, etc. My point was we haven't heard those in a long while now. Like I said also though, she still procrastinates too much.

No. 1804312

>When was the last time she actually used these excuses?
I guess I can't prove it because she always puts said excuses into stories and I don't screenshot her 20 odd daily posts, but she definitely has done things like this recently. Didn't she forget her part 2 of opening subscriber gifts video? There were months between them. The london blog was never made, was it? I'll try to save these in the future, anyways.
This is somewhat relevant because she posts a story about being too lazy to work about once a week.

No. 1804329

Wasn't there supposed to be a part three? What is she waiting for, the move in anniversary? Kek.

No. 1804401

sorry nonnie. I try to click through her stories as often as I can be bothered to remember to and I don't remember seeing any of those excuses in particular, but I could have missed them too.

She posted part 1 & 2, but I also vaguely recalled there being a part three too? She originally didn't want to post the part 2 because she hated how she looked with her makeup running in the harsh lighting, but she went on to post it anyway much later. I just clicked through it and she doesn't seem to mention a part three so maybe there wasn't and we're just thinking of how long it took for the part two? Correct me if I'm wrong though of course.

No. 1804426

File: 1680832579909.png (220.19 KB, 863x1102, Screenshot_20230406-192938.png)

Found it, it was her pinned comment that made me think there was more

No. 1804557

>need to figure out where the files are
>4 months ago
classic, thanks for finding it anon.

No. 1804637

Her makeup videos are so boring why can't she do like loads clips and put them into one video

No. 1804661

It's low quality content that gives her an excuse to complain about loads of shit and push Patreon. The editing is subpar, her audio is distractingly bad, and she uses it as a way to keep her followers invested in her life, literally, by pushing soap opera levels of drama and misfortune every GRWM. You could mute the video and put it on 2x speed and have a better viewing experience, kek. At least then you could pick up some of the basic makeup techniques she uses, but there are honestly much better channels out there for that.

No. 1804896

File: 1680899218692.png (239.89 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230407-212634.png)

Out again.

No. 1804901

She's been out all fucking day, and yesterday she was out most of the day. What happened to how excited she was to do content when she got back to Belfast? She's just partying in her home city now.

No. 1804902

kek wasnt kaya lazy and a bit of a shut in? I like this arc for her

No. 1804909

File: 1680901073598.png (395.14 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230407-215737.png)

No. 1804917

I blame the gullible people she has sucked into thinking they pay her bills .but she using there money to be out she be out all weekend for sure .. when numbers drops she do video crying to get them back …

No. 1804921

Just seeing those platforms on that slippery moss and kelp is making me nervous af. Isn't she worried she'll break an ankle?

No. 1804922

I wouldn't mind if she used patreon cash for hiring a personal stylist and a personal trainer kek

No. 1804927

File: 1680902575542.png (786.36 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230407-220830.png)

Agee I don't understand she gets so much free stuff from killstar every month.i not yet seen her in anything only hoodie she has Sinch she was 12 years old. Those fishnets shorts are bad. I don't know what she going do when she turns 30

No. 1804932

Yeah, when she was spending Jake's dime to afford the luxury of not posting content, but she still went out often with friends. She's the one responsible for paying the bills now, and Patron money isn't going to last forever at this rate.

No. 1804938

I'm confused to why as of lately her tits or ass are always hanging out. It would be one thing if the outfits were stylish or appropriate for the occasion but this is ridiculous.

No. 1804946

Right, because as soon as you hit 30 you're ancient and saggy and cannot dress the way you like anymore.

No. 1804954

I thought we were shitting on Jake for the stuff he does now that he's over thirty? Kaya's partying and dressing like she's 16 and has a work ethic to match, it's embarrassing. It's not like she has a work hard, party hard mentality like other thirty year olds. She's acting like someone gave her a credit card and no curfew.

No. 1804962

>She's acting like someone gave her a credit card and no curfew.
Basically that's the life of an influencer. We kinda saw influencers tone it down during the pandemic, a few went silent, a few had babies, some are recovering from illness or mental health issues. but Kaya didn't really get to enjoy herself until now so she's makimg up for lost time. Pre pandemic most influencer content was just them having fun and honestly I prefer that.

No. 1804989

Probably because Jake used to publicly make fun of her breasts. Lurk harder, see MAG. He obviously has weird boob issues to this day, considering some of the weird comments he has made. He probably made her feel like she has to hide them. He obviously stifled her heavily. Probably said things like "if you get you have your tits out, why can't I pull my dick out?!"

No. 1804992

Kek are you writing "Jake is a bad guy" fanfiction or something? Post proof, not all these assumptions. He gives plenty of milk. MAG is gone except for one out of context clip about child discipline, not exactly a lot to lurk on there.
Maybe Kaya just like having her ass and tits out right now because she's hyperfixating on lingerie as an aesthetic. She has style seasons she flips through depending on what grabs her dodo bird attention span, something she's stated numerous times before.

No. 1805003

Idk about other nonnies, but I'm mostly judging mid-thirties Kat for using things like gaming, kawaii, and e-girl subcultures, for porn. When she actually has never had any interest in those things at all before. She doesn't dress that way or partake in those subcultures outside the bedroom. It's incredibly laughable in the gaming community for girls to pretend to be into videogames for male attention. (see gamer girl stereotypes). And it's offensive in the kawaii community to conflate it with porn, which she does. It is different if that person lives the kawaii lifestyle, but to be a normie who fetishizes the fashion is a huge red flag. This mid-thirties woman with a child is openly into DDLG, which is a kink rooted in pedophilia. For her to be into this things all of a sudden, is truly pathetic and creepy. Kaya on the other hand had always had this fashion style, and had never used video games to attract male attention. For example, when she streams games she usually dresses down. We all know how many girl gamer streamers are, so for her to do that is actually commendable. She doesn't have a partner or a child, so she can travel and drink and even sleep around if she wants.

No. 1805011

Lol ok newfag. Tell me you've never seen any MAG content or been in these threads before the breakup without telling me.
>are you writing "Jake is a bad guy" fanfiction or something
Where did all these scrotey Jake WKs come from? Go back to cucking for your Daddy's adopted family. The proof is all in the pudding, retard.

No. 1805020

You need to go outside or take a pill or something. Adults don't suddenly do the opposite like a rebelling teenager unless they are fully retarded. This is just tinfoiling like the other nonnie said

No. 1805021

You could be right that its a focus to lingerie as an aesthetic. It looks tacky and cheap as fuck though the way she's doing it. It's not a good look for someone with her "job"

No. 1805025

I didn't say it wasn't tinfoil, kek. Which is why I started my sentence with "probably". The only part about what I said that isn't tinfoil is that Jake used to make fun of her boobs, and obviously has weird opinions on breasts. Stop trying to cover for your "daddy" and go spend some time with your real father for once instead.

No. 1805039

MAG viewer here, i don't remember Jake insulting her breasts. He was very vocal that he doesn't find breasts sexual at all, and especially doesn't like large ones. If Kaya found that offensive, it's more likely because she likes her own breasts more than he would have liked her ass. It's not like she posts any photos of her ass, i doubt she finds it to be her best angle. Because it isn't, looking at her from the rear is like checking out a linebacker, kek. They are two deeply incompatible people who made each other miserable, but that doesn't mean not finding boobs sexual is inherently weird. Jake is so easy to criticize, why is this the hill you're dying on, nonnie.

No. 1805055

It was while they were talking about r/tittydrop, and Jake said her boobs wouldn't "drop well" because they're stiff and shit like that. If you don't remember that, that's not my problem. I'm sure others do, especially Kaya and John. And I never said not being sexually attracted to boobs is weird, it's the multiple comments he has made about boobs that are weird. I've already given examples, I'm not reiterating them. You've got to be either a handmaiden or a scrote not to realize how misogynistic he is. I see there are some Jake WKs here trying desperately to take the threads over and rewrite the narrative.

No. 1805074

>MAG is gone except for one out of context clip about child discipline
KEK yes its gone BC of that clip. If he had nothing to hide, he wouldnt have wiped the WHOLE channel as soon as that clip was posted. Thats guilty behavior

No. 1805081

File: 1680925339470.png (93.29 KB, 864x1061, cheese.png)

I actually remember reading this ages ago, figured i would add it to this charcuterie board nonnies are building.

No. 1805082

she's literally at the beach. are you amish?

No. 1805083

She dressed like that all day, are you retarded

No. 1805087

poor Jake was bashed why cant we bash kaya more wahhhhh!
AT LEAST JAKE DID THIS AND JAKE DID THAT! lay off my cheating piece of shit hero.
kaya went partying with friends again, she's such a horrible person. and that's that!

No. 1805091

and went to the beach. where else did she go where it was inappropriate to wear fishnet shorts? a club? also appropriate. a store? usually people don't change between going to the beach/the store/a club. you really get up in arms over seeing a glimpse of ass cheek? you would spazz out in a beach town.

No. 1805128

>writing "jake is a bad guy" fanfiction
The Jake WKs itt are wild. Like this isn't old news. kek

>Kaya is a dumb lazy whore if she stays home. >Kaya is a dumb lazy whore if she goes out. >Kaya is a dumb lazy whore if she makes content.
>Kaya is a dumb lazy whore if she doesn't make content.
I don't think it really matters to them what she does and doesn't do at this point. The "on Jake's dime!" anon is clearly a WK whose hung up on her doing literally anything at this point. Tbh, I think Kaya still has a lot of growing to do as a person and that she is still a big procrastinator. However, considering this is her first time free of the miserable scrote always bringing her down, it's unsurprising she's enjoying her new found freedom for a bit. If she's still pulling this same exact shit within another year I might change my tune though.

No. 1805139

File: 1680939493352.png (72.34 KB, 555x508, hondarebel.png)

New mini vlog from Jake's trip to the tattoo event where Kat tattooed him. Tbh, the vlog itself is incredibly boring and not really worth a watch as you mostly just see footage of random people getting tattooed at the event with some basic music put over the footage. The later half of the video is just him riding around the countryside on his bike, but he does provide a few minor updates. He's selling his other bike, the Honda Rebel, to pay for the next music video because, in his words, he lives in a creative and cultural wasteland where he cannot find videographers who are willing to work for cheap or for exposure. He will be traveling to film the next video because of this and he is selling his bike to fund this, but he does not say where. Also, any extra money leftover is going to tattoos I guess? Otherwise the only other interesting information he provided is that his vtuber "persona" is literally "Munro", the "solo artist" whatever that means and that he won't be doing vlogs anymore in the future, even when he's away on holiday, because he doesn't like doing them.

No. 1805175

Supermarket it was not that's warm in north of Ireland.the sun was not but still cold .she didn't go home was out all day .

No. 1805176

Supermarket it was not that's warm in north of Ireland.the sun was not but still cold .she didn't go home was out all day .

No. 1805186

File: 1680949475306.png (595.55 KB, 1007x908, whocares.png)

half the people in the crowd at the show she went to are wearing shorts or short skirts too, who cares. This isn't milk.

No. 1805196

…. she didn't go home, ohhh, shamey shamey jk. she didn't go home once, which is even more understandable that she chose to wear those shorts for the club, after her "cold" visit to the beach.
you would be freaking out over all the ass cheeks and bare torsos, and bikini tops you'd see in a beach town or even the gym with workout bras and body suits and see-through tight leggings.
amish anon, just move on. kaya wearing shorts and showing some side titty at a club isn't milk. it's barely colostrum or even artificial creamer to put in 'tea'.

No. 1805200

File: 1680951894675.png (606.77 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230408-120045.png)

Sure why not she gets money from begging from people who feel sorry for her out with her friend doing her hair she have pay for that .but sure that's ok as she special not a cow .soon enough people see true this I'm victim.no I don't support Jake or Kate as they are all as bad .in it for free money.but she milking been victim using it .I give it year she still be acting like child

No. 1805206

KEK wut. Sorry you don't have friends to help you with things, illiterate anon.

No. 1805207

I have but I don't need fools to pay my way I work and pay for my lifestyle.i don't need to come on internet begging people to pay my rent .or fix my car .but she playing good actress for now been victim.not cow anymore

No. 1805208

The audacity of a woman getting her hair done by her friend, what a bitch

No. 1805209

File: 1680954534012.jpg (218.08 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20230408-044906_Ins…)

>still cold
She hopped in the ocean in October. Cold doesn't seem to phase her. She's a bamf.

No. 1805211

Nitpick from a burgerfag but hearing Kat speak more clearly in the new vlog was like nails on a chalkboard. Sorry not sorry to those of you with that accent KEK.

No. 1805216

Oh dear god this place gone you all will get your eyes open with her soon .
When she goes into her ADHD mood can't do anything that she turn 30 can't handle not been in her 20s her life is so bad .she will never change.will always be victim.

No. 1805235

I've decided i’m no longer involving myself with the jake munro situation. Or Kaya’s as they are both toxic as each other .time will tell if she ever wise up or people stop giving her money.i sooner spend my time enjoying myself.fact I don't pay for her lifestyle.(no1curr)

No. 1805261

Have a nice life, samefagging anon who needs to turn autocorrect on. Being angry because Kaya MIGHT return to her old ways but is currently being active, social and healthy doesn't seem like a good use of your time

No. 1805263

Bitch stfu. This is a gossip board nonnies are allowed to state that her running around in stores and arcades with her ass hanging out is inappropriate even if she ended up in a club. Wear a long fucking coat.

No. 1805270

Might? Get your eyes checked, she's taking her Patrons for a joyride. She's promising the absolute bare minimum of work she's established herself to be possible of, and ever since that promise a few days ago to get a video up tomorrow, she's been avoiding her house like it's hot lava, rotating through the full list of people who can currently stand to be around her and otherwise making a public nuisance of herself.

No. 1805314

File: 1680971529340.png (314 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230408-173159.png)

No. 1805341

File: 1680973501071.png (143.43 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230408-180507.png)

No. 1805362

I'll believe it when I see it lmao

No. 1805388

The creative ways anon(s) try to phrase "normal girl going out and having a social life with their friends" as if it's a bad thing is astounding, just know you sound pathetic and jealous kek
Nothing she's doing is harmful or unusual
>b-but her asscheeks!
Get over it chump

No. 1805391

>screenshotting your internet upload speeds like it's interesting content
Most boring man alive, and I follow a bunch of programmers (who are incidentally very interesting and creative, unlike this tosser)
Has he shown his avatar yet? Surely that is of more interest to your followers than your upload speeds.

No. 1805395

And people say kat has no ass

No. 1805396

Kek she’s boxy as fuck. Reminds me of when she tried to be sexy for jakes 7 rings music video and just looked the a fridge from behind

No. 1805412

File: 1680983388047.jpg (31.17 KB, 498x496, 20230408_124901.jpg)

Maybe she should ask flat Skat on how to bend yourself to pretend to have curves.

No. 1805413

Yeah, she's been tits and ass out long before the breakup, idk why that one nonny is trying to blame Jake for Kaya going full slut. But her dancing in video was the opposite of sexy

No. 1805414

is she the one in the middle with the fishnet shorts?

No. 1805419

I remember her being way more prude before the breakup.

No. 1805425

File: 1680984863012.png (72.18 KB, 324x551, sandycheeks.png)

she clearly has cheeks whereas kat you can see an entire thong laying flat on her. These nitpicks are getting ridiculous. She's tall and a bit boxy, but c'mon.

She was wearing a mid-thigh sweater/hoodie under her jacket. It was pretty obviously caught up under her jacket in the beach clip, but pulled back down in other clips. I don't think she actually had her cheeks out walking around, but >>1805314 is definitely attention seeking behavior.

Tbh, she looked to be around her heaviest in that music video. She looked absolutely miserable the whole time from what I can remember of it.

No. 1805433

File: 1680986092074.png (16.1 KB, 873x445, jakekayastats.png)

I'm sorry if this gets the "patreon money" anon sperging out again, kek, but her Youtube isn't pulling much lower numbers than Jake's despite the less consistent uploads. He's lost another couple thousand subs on his channel bringing him to 430k this month. Jake's current fanbase is a handful of deeply dedicated hardcore "snaccs" as seen in his discord channel or in his streams. His vtube attempt and selling the motorcycle for the next video seems like his career is in it's early death throes and he's trying to make that "switch in content" he promised forever ago in order to try to turn things back around. It's definitely not a great sign for him that he's openly resorting to selling off his toys already and makes the tinfoiling about him wanting the laptop and camera back to sell it more plausible too.

He hasn't. In the video >>1805139 is from, he mentions it's finished already, but didn't go into any detail about it. Said he has a world made that no one is going to be invited to (kek) and that the persona is "the solo artist Munro", which I guess is him, but isn't him? I don't entirely get it tbh. He's going to be debuting it "soon" but I don't think he gave any real date or time.

No. 1805441

Yeah the middle one

No. 1805462

File: 1680989954661.png (431.71 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230408-223601.png)

Out again guess patreon payment are in this month.

No. 1805464

File: 1680990314256.png (168.31 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230408-224456.png)

No. 1805641

File: 1681009936812.jpg (45.86 KB, 509x913, Screenshot_20230112_134298.jpg)

No. 1805665

Nah, she's having a fun time in that clip and it's still awful dancing. She cosplays as a sex icon but she is the least sexual person I've ever seen.

No. 1805681

File: 1681019417469.png (34.65 KB, 486x744, ungabunga.png)

Does he only work out his shoulders and biceps? I'm genuinely confused by his proportions rn.

No. 1805695

LMAO!! spot on, nonna. I love how baphomet looks like it's rolling its eyes!
I am always shocked by how stumpy and short he looks without a top on. he has to be even shorter than he says… I'm a short woman but my arms aren't that stubby. maybe because he's built them up too much?

No. 1805699

File: 1681022479426.png (101.44 KB, 773x658, thetide.png)

It's like how he only tattooed his arms and neck at first. Now he only works those areas out I guess? It makes absolutely zero sense that his pecs are so small and sad in comparison to how gargantuan his traps and biceps are. Does he think it makes his waist look smaller? He looks uncomfortable, like he can't put his arms down, and his neck looks even more nonexistent these days. I can't comprehend it.

No. 1805732

The selling of his bike also gives me the idea money is thight with Jake.

No. 1805733

In one of her videos she tells how miserable she was during the shooting of that video. Believe it's the response to Jake's shittalking video.

No. 1805756

File: 1681039429844.png (1.13 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230409-120906.png)

No. 1805786

Why is there a urinal. What are these idiots doing in the men's bathroom

No. 1805797

File: 1681047787356.png (394.67 KB, 863x1519, kek.png)

Out till 4am, and the bed they're sharing doesn't belong to any one them, from the audio in her stories. The friend's names are Fifi and Lisa, although nonnies can correct me on the spelling of Fifi if I've assumed that wrong.

No. 1805805

File: 1681049257722.png (1.96 MB, 864x1534, Meet the Asses.png)

For the nonnies who don't see her stories, Lisa is the one who looks like a drug addict and Fifi is the truck stop hooker. A cosmetologist and a chef, respectively.

No. 1805816

File: 1681050999256.png (1.11 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230409-153606.png)

No. 1805820

>>1805805 Lisa is German she a hairdresser in belfast.god wish she sort her teeth out as one missing when she smiles you can see it .I just get bad feeling about her .

No. 1805824

Kek, stick your face up higher in the air Kaya, i can't quite see your barely discernable jawline. she looks so grossly smug, it's not a pose that fits the vibe at all.

No. 1805826

>>1805824 she smug because she doesn't have worry about real life other fools pay for her lifestyle.she back to UK twice next Month then her big 30 birthday then watch for her depression coming on after. I wish she put that outfit in bin she in it Sinch Spain

No. 1805863

Hey illiterate anon what happened to "I've decided I’m no longer involving myself with the jake munro situation"?

No. 1805919

File: 1681063655348.png (181.27 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230409-183621.png)

No. 1805981

Are you new? It's the same two she always hangs out with. Ari went with her to London too recently.

I guess they went to go see Kristian Nairn DJ?

Ngl it's funny that there's anons upset that Kaya is accepting $1-$10 monthly donations via her patreon from her hundreds of followers, but somehow Jake accepting entire paychecks from his broke southern USA snaccs like Lady Allura isn't questionable in the least? His handful of hardcore snaccs seem to be the only thing paying his bills right now. It's no wonder he's leaning so heavily into sub-only streaming.

No. 1805990

>accepting entire paychecks from his broke southern USA snaccs like Lady Allura
Honestly every time she donates I can't help but feel sort of bad. She has talked about not having enough money for things at times. She's also mods for free and is there every stream, so basically she's paying him for her efforts when he's already financially better off than her. Her dumb ass decision in the end though, I guess.

No. 1805993

File: 1681073102195.png (169.86 KB, 559x349, mods.png)

She seems pretty young too and still lives at home, but is completely obsessive over Jake. It's interesting because he follows these two, but not her?

No. 1805998

came across this on reddit. apparently jake has been accused of sexual abuse. haven't watched the video fully myself. but what do you think nonnies?

No. 1806001

I wouldn't objectively compare their e-begging, Kaya doesn't come out on top and her WK's will get butthurt. The difference being Jake doesn't ask for superchats and Kaya begs for Patrons, nonny, so don't be deliberately dim. Not to mention Kaya gets superchats too and, unlike Jake, doesn't let anything under $10 be read out loud automatically. The only time he promotes his channel paywall is reactively, so whenever people become a member so they can watch his stupid playlist. Kaya plugs her Patreon at the end of every sob story, so i guess you could say she has a similar reactive habit. They both hide their streams behind paywalls, but Kaya's is laughably easy to break.

No. 1806011

File: 1681076084300.jpg (39.32 KB, 1080x558, Screenshot_20230409-143147_Ins…)

JESUS Amy jump scares me every time. IT looking old ass hag. He also follows Aiden, another mod. So Lady Allura is the only mod he isn't following kek. Anyone know much about Aiden? Apparently they've been around since MAG and are convinced that "Kaya is the abusive one." No pictures of themselves or anything they do anywhere so I'm assuming they're boring and ugly as sin.

No. 1806050

This video is now set to private, Jake must have spammed/sent copyright strikes/threatened the OP (delete as appropriate)

No. 1806071

That drama ended pretty quick, nonnies have already covered it front to back. Seemed more like the guy who started it got his wrist slapped by the pussy he was trying to get good with. It came out of nowhere and the takedown notice read like he got bitched out by her and was trying to save face.

No. 1806080

>wrist slapped by the pussy he was trying to get good with
Are you seriously reducing the woman Jake sexually harassed to just "pussy"? Scrote behavior

No. 1806104

There are definitely some knuckle-dragging scrotes and Jake white knights itt now.

No. 1806111

Just for future reference, do NOT post anything in this thread that you don't want Jake to immediately see and possibly take action against.

No. 1806211

maybe lady allura is trans or something. wasn't that a tinfoil? Jake had a few disgruntled gay men and trans ex-fans, so I wouldn't be surprised he doesnt follow them back due to this.

No. 1806213

>why is there a urinal.
They were at a gay bar with unisex bathrooms.

>the bed they're sharing doesn't belong to any one them
You know this how exactly? Do you really think all three of them went home with someone from the gay bar? kek

It's been getting kind of out of hand lately. The particularly tinfoily clueless one rehashing her friends names must be completely new since they've been around for over a year now. The salty one is a thread staple unfortunately, and the clearly illiterate one is new too. Makes me wonder if Jake has been namedropping the farms again in his streams or something.

No. 1806218

File: 1681109326768.png (852.54 KB, 536x3560, thirsty.png)

She's not trans, that was some other snacc that eventually turned on him and posted in thread a while back. Lady Allura abuses filters, but seems fairly young (especially in comparison to his other hardcore snaccs like these two >>1805993 ), but also appears to live at home still which allows her to spend all her money on Jake throughout the month. She seems pretty obsessive so I wonder if maybe she's overstepped a line at some point? The "thirst trap" channel in his discord is mostly just her posting his ugly selfies.

No. 1806220

File: 1681109905947.png (1.8 MB, 1528x1740, ladyallura.png)

No. 1806283

How do you know it was a gay bar? Also, that nonny said the info came from story audio, read again.

Also this anon was right to clarify, i haven't read these two mentioned here very much by name despite how often she goes out with them. It helps keep things straight if they lose the "friends" generalization. Not to mention the potential future cow material these two might be.

No. 1806293

File: 1681129666340.png (362.82 KB, 864x1487, E-begging.png)

No. 1806308

File: 1681132835365.png (151.69 KB, 864x1527, forever procrastinating.png)

Any bets she doesn't do any of this? Also, how messy is her house if it's prioritized above working out, which doesn't even make sense anyway.

No. 1806309

>How do you know it was a gay bar?
It's the libertine bar, Kaya posted the name with this photo >>1805816

Also the friends have been brought up a bunch before and haven't proven to be milky in the years time they have been present already, but okay. I guess if we're spelling things out for all the newfags pouring in. kek

No. 1806313

File: 1681135167513.png (739.04 KB, 864x743, Screenshot_20230410-095611.png)

Found it, kek. You're not wrong

No. 1806323

File: 1681137406601.jpg (394.16 KB, 3071x2034, Sid.jpg)

Oh god, Lisa's smile reminds of this clown, kek

No. 1806337

Her friends have been brought up by nonnies going "yaaaas queen" whenever Kaya has a spa day, it doesn't seem like anyone has actually bothered to look. Fifi likes to tag her posts with hashtag bimbocore and Lisa is a proud pansexual who has been photographed and videoed multiple times now kissing Kaya.

No. 1806362

File: 1681143790225.png (45.57 KB, 862x473, Twitter Likes.png)

I found this in her Twitter likes, and it's exactly how Kaya approaches content, kek.

No. 1806363

File: 1681143915088.jpg (124.14 KB, 1080x904, 20230410_092525.jpg)

The video about his sexual harassment was taken down because he threatened to sue.

No. 1806370

File: 1681144353296.jpg (216.32 KB, 1080x1413, 20230410_093303.jpg)

No. 1806372

File: 1681144547119.jpg (232.66 KB, 971x1838, Screenshot_20230410-092905_Twi…)

No. 1806374

File: 1681144596496.jpg (153.44 KB, 972x1547, Screenshot_20230410-092950_Twi…)

No. 1806378

File: 1681144741018.jpg (207.89 KB, 1500x737, 20230410_093610.jpg)

Publicly naming his victim of sexual harassment: Nicole from Eyes of Nocturne.

No. 1806380

I swear they all complain far more than Kaya does

No. 1806381

File: 1681145142174.jpg (252.05 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20230410-094214_Ins…)

Whatever he said to this woman was bad enough to bother her for more than a year straight. And he was able to convince her that his sexual harassment was a case of "cultural misunderstandings". That is extremely sketchy. Abusers will go through any length to silence their victims.

No. 1806385

File: 1681146141082.jpg (357.32 KB, 1080x2019, Industryplant.jpg)

Jazmin claims she isn't an industry plant and got her start from friends willing to work for free, and interscope records just magically contacted her. How likely is this?

No. 1806386

File: 1681146290228.jpg (247.41 KB, 1080x2019, 030345_Instagram.jpg)

Also, tragic.

No. 1806391

A blackmail case against Jake Murno. lmao lets go!

No. 1806418

Jake is an actual fucking idiot kek
He went out and got fast DOWNLOAD speed, but streaming involves UPLOAD speed which looks to be pretty bad for what appears to be an expensive fiber plan (he fell for a common trick these companies do which is sell a package based on the download speeds but they'll shaft the upload slowing the whole internet experience). If you're getting fiber (or any internet) you're so much better off going for upload/download balance over getting swayed just by speed. Most people don't need gig internet, their internet is just crap because their upload speed is capped at 10-20 which hinders internet usage. Jake at 100mb might be fine while streaming, but he probably didn't get many benefits if at all from this upgrade unless the idiot Youtuber actually went for slower upload before now

No. 1806426

What you said about upload speed is correct but also… 100mbps isn't even that fast. Most people can spring for 250 or more, it's not expensive especially in Europe. He must be broke as shit if he's only on the 100 plan.

No. 1806448

It depends on where you are located in NI. A lot of the rural internet has shite upload speeds, and you don't have to go that far from the center of the city to be out of range for internet suitable for streaming.

No. 1806457

File: 1681154250733.jpeg (226.61 KB, 1125x1916, BF6B894B-17BA-49B5-97DD-8CCB4A…)

Leaf boy rocking the double PX insignia. These two seem to be going for the Most Christian Goth title. I know Kat has always flirted with religious iconography, but has he? Never followed him so have no idea if this is part of his new alt right persona or was always there.

No. 1806466

File: 1681155347988.png (1.33 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230410-203539.png)

No. 1806479

File: 1681156994070.jpg (43.8 KB, 720x1263, IMG_20230410_215056.jpg)

Apparently Herbs went to a festival, Resistanz or something like that. This is from her IG. I find quite ironic that, as someone who claims to be non-binary and prefers he/they pronouns, she posts this picture which you can bet a hundred pounds it was taken at the women's restroom. Intimidatory bullshit like this is only aimed at women, and, despite the fact that she prefers to support actual males occupying female spaces, at the end of the day she is yet another Aiden-woman that still chooses the safest restroom for herself, not the one intended for the gender she claims to be. Maybe I'm assuming too much but I just can't stand fully grown up women doing this shit anymore.

No. 1806493

he's walking around in his own merch, that is the logo for his band Prayers.

It's his version of the Chi Rho cross. I was trying to find more meaning behind it, but got distracted by what he said in some old 2015 interview…
"Seyer’s previous two trips to NYC resulted in an arrest and a court appearance—evidence disappeared, charges dismissed—but the city was good to him this time. “We fucking destroyed it,” he says. “It was like 9/11 all over again. We were tearing buildings down with our music, our presence.”
and other such lines as -
"I would ask people for fucking beats and they would laugh at me and say, “Oh, I can’t put my name on that.” Now they wanna be my fuckin’ roadies. They wanna suck my dick. But it’s too late. You gotta pay me to suck my dick now. You can’t suck my dick for free. My dick is like a magic wand that could give you power! My staff gives live. And now I’m gonna be like just spilling my seed on the unworthy, on those who didn’t believe in me?"

No. 1806503

File: 1681159527701.png (188.65 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230410-213516.png)

No. 1806512

I can see 100 being the best he could get, but I'm going to assume he could get 100mb upload (or similar) from a cbeaper/simpler plan if that's what his mega plan is capping off at since it's all in on advertising that download speed instead of going for a good balance. Also it's pretty clear he thinks the 900mb download is what's gonna be killer for him to bother waiting on streaming for. Honestly unless he's constantly torrenting shit I don't know why he of all people needs that download speed. He doesn't actually seem to do anything that would require it at all. Does he even play games that take up over 20gigs on his computer? Unless it's for
porn but most scrotes don't download it nowadays unless they're into something fucked

No. 1806518

Companies don't advertise high upload speeds unless the city is known for a culture that uses it. That doesn't describe Belfast, who's citizens are far more likely to download than upload. It's not like they have a huge streaming or WFH culture in NI. This is a weird nitpick tbh, a quick google search of Belfast internet shows a rather dismal selection for download speeds, not even looking at upload speeds.

No. 1806526

Context? Trying to see what's milky about a shitty candid (inb4 I get called a Kaya 'clit licker')

No. 1806528

It's brought up because the idiot is actually waiting on vtubing until he gets this speed and is bragging about how his speeds are gonna be great as if he doesn't know upload was what he needed. He likely didn't actually help his situation much at all for what I'm assuming is a huge increase in price and was seemingly an idiot just going for the advertising of speed instead of buying based on research

No. 1806533

Nonny I'm all for calling Jake an idiot, but that VR studio hasn't been used for live content yet so it probably doesn't have decent internet installed. He isn't doing VR from his home studio he successfully streams from, it's a separate building he stores his bikes and shit in.

No. 1806559

The IG story this screenshot is from is Kaya attempting and completely failing a strip tease to entertain her sidekicks

No. 1806564

Some retard here is obsessed with trying to find Kaya's bad angles so they shit up the thread with random boring candid screenshots. Meanwhile there is actual tea brewing regarding Jake's sexual assault and him trying to sue everyone with something negative to say about him.

No. 1806572

>I was super shocked to see claims about me
>somehow IMMEDIATELY knows who to message and "apologize" to regarding the sexual assault, which shows he knew he fucked up at the time and hasn't forgotten it

No. 1806575

The promoter who made the post made it obvious who it was, so that takes five seconds of half decent detective work, nonny. All he had to do was message the band, it's not exactly a huge leap of logic.

No. 1806577

Looks like that retard beat you here by 4 minutes, definitely trying to deflect hardcore from actual milk

No. 1806578

How so? They didn't name any names, or insinuate whether the victim was even a fan or band member. The only person it could have been obvious would be Jake. Stop downplaying the situation.

No. 1806586

I'm looking for a screenshot of the original callout post by Tim Rather. Can someone link or post it?

No. 1806592

Wth with the hate boners, forgive me for my skepticism because some dude working for a business known to manipulate women out of the blue puts her business on his page. The promoter literally says the bands name at the end of his post, do your research newfag. There are two scrotes in this story, nonnies. Maybe they both suck.

No. 1806593

Starts right here anon >>1775684

No. 1806613

All I did was ask for clarification kek, chill. The post still doesn't insinuate who the victim was at all, only that the band blew the whistle.
>There are two scrotes in this story, nonnies. Maybe they both suck.
ALL scrotes suck, newfag.
Thanks! The wording in this is very important and proves that Jake must have known exactly who the post was talking about. He probably tried to get with Nicole and ended up creeping her out because he doesn't know how to flirt without objectifying.

No. 1806653

This has strong "I did an investigation into myself and found no wrong doing" like you're so innocent yet knew exactly who the claim referred to and every detail about it. Also shitty move to name her as well.

No. 1806666

Ikr he made this woman feel harassed and was basically like "didn't mean to" and thinks that's some sort of excuse.
>misunderstood in a cultural context
Wtf does that even mean? They aren't from different cultures KEK.

No. 1806682

I think you are right, >>1806577 . This all looks like the same anon trying to bury any mention of Jake with lazy mobile screenshots.

This isn't even the first time he's had women saying he acted like a creep or made weird comments towards them. Judging by his "I made a vagina out of playdough at a child's bday party" tier of "humor" it's unsurprising he makes attractive women uncomfortable. I wonder if that's how his and Kat's relationship begun, with him making a creepy comment and her taking it as flattery instead? Seems like he had been trying to cheat all along, but most didn't want his stumpy self, just Jude and Kat.

No. 1806689

Those all seem to be from the same phone too (file names all formatted the same, same screen dimensions). What gets to me is their replies like this >>1806559 - how the fuck were we supposed to know that? Not all of us use IG or even have it to begin with; add context, post actual milk, or don't post it at all. I thought that was common sense but apparently saying that makes me a Kaya whiteknight. Kek the absolute state of this thread..

No. 1806700

They've brought up old "milk" if you could even call it that like her two belfast friends and how one is missing a tooth like it wasn't discussed and brought up by "belfast trash" anon a bunch like a year ago. Tbh, screenshot anon definitely seems like a snacc if that superchat screencap tells us anything. Makes sense they would be trying to derail any Jake discussion.

Also having seen the clip that this screencap is from, I'd hardly call it a striptease. She's wearing baggy sweatpants over her clubbing outfit and she jokingly takes the pants off? I'm not opposed to discussing Kaya either, especially if she does anything actually milky.

No. 1806702

I was looking for some of the videos with Kelly Eden and they have been removed! does anyone have milk on that? I distinctly remember him saying something about boba = "balls in your mouth" to her when they met up in the UK and when they went to Los Angeles, CA to stay with her he made a disgusting joke to her about a child's toy being a vibrator and in the same video was calling her cute and saying "she digs my camera set up." I wonder when he deleted them because I saw them up for the longest time.

No. 1806713

A few with Kelly seem to remain but not the ones with the weird comments. He must have deleted them. I remember the vibrator comment too. It was during the vlog where they were shopping he was like "let's go look at barbies" to Kelly in that same infantilizing voice we've heard him talk to Kat in.

No. 1806739

ewww yes I remember his voice all soft and creepy, "let's go see bahhh-bie"

No. 1806743

File: 1681187899744.png (129.98 KB, 526x1070, kellyjake.png)

Him rushing to delete a bunch of videos around the drama definitely isn't something an innocent person does. It's a shame that there's no backup anywhere, but I remember the vibrator thing too. It caught me off guard with how out of place the comment was. This is an old tweet, but relevant in regards to how he acts around Kelly.

No. 1806751

File: 1681188744922.png (14.83 KB, 1199x685, kellyeden_jakemunro.png)

Also found this in the first Jake & co thread. The video was still available just four months ago, but was conveniently deleted after being mentioned.

No. 1806762

File: 1681190323911.png (441.43 KB, 1067x662, kellyeden_jakemunro1.png)

And yet he kept these other videos with her up from around the same time. Funny how he only deleted the one that people were using as evidence of his creepy behavior, nothing to hide at all, clearly.

No. 1806784

Even though Kelly Eden is a cow herself, could you imagine if she made some sexual harassment claims about it now? Could bring some clout her way and drum up some drama. Not to give anyone any ideas, kek.

No. 1806794

late reply but wanted to add that he is going to be replacing his irl youtube content with vr videos, and claimed he doesn’t feel the need to vlog all the stuff he does. hilarious that he said he will keep a regular upload schedule but won’t even start until next month.

anyway, kat is going to be doing more tattoo work on his leg, he’s getting the other side of his face done & is traveling to get others. cannot wait to see how bad it all is.

No. 1806799

So wait, let me get this right. He's planning to phase out his actual face and just do a weird vtuber version of himself to make the same old content he's been making? I can't imagine there's actually a market for this. Is slathering himself with clown paint a couple times a month to film for a couple hours really too much for the dude?

Tattooing the other side of his face is also a fascinating choice given how poorly received his head wound seems to have been.

No. 1806850

Couple of times a month? It's just once. He does it once and makes 2-3 videos out of it. On occasion he slightly changes his make-up and clothes on the same day and makes 2-3 more. You can sometimes tell with a smudge here or there that's in the same location if you pay close attention. Or he just changes lipstick and an x

No. 1806855

That's not right though? He's very open about recording sessions, how he films 2-3 in a sitting to edit for the week's release. This doesn't need tinfoiling, it's well established fact. Plus the make-up differences between the weeks would require him to completely remove and reapply parts of his makeup. he has zero shame for doing filming sessions, this is mild compared to the sessions he would do for MAG. It's just how he gets content out. I'm all for criticizing Jake, but there's no need to make shit up, he gives plenty of milk.

No. 1806871

Oh go no more face tattoos jake you already ruined the side your face and neck

No. 1806879

File: 1681217915230.png (463.2 KB, 1311x257, Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 14-54…)

He starts with a more "basic" one and then goes ham on the second look. He does not do this all the time, but often enough. Moving an X on completely white base does not require you to do your face again especially with the filters he uses

No. 1806887

File: 1681218496102.png (259.05 KB, 864x1543, shit for brains.png)

Kek, who bet that Kaya wouldn't do anything she promised before the weekend started/when she was in London? Someone fire her from the internet. She's been on vacation since mid-March, and had a fun filled weekend since then. Now she's giving up editing a video seven hours before she would schedule it to be released, what a fucking failure.

No. 1806892

This tinfoil is ridiculous but keep going nonny, maybe one day you'll find actual proof

No. 1806928

At least she didn't leave it at that like she would in the past and is offering a stream instead. Though, you'd think that after all these years being a youtuber she would've found a rhythm with editing and uploading by now.

No. 1806934

I dread to think what would happen if she needed an everyday job. She'd never cope

No. 1806941

This is what I meant earlier upthread by saying that she can't put content out without some incident. She used to typically blame hardware problems but now it's just "I can't work today". I'm sure she can get away with <15h of work per month, but somehow it's always interrupted by trips or "brain not working". Brain is always on full power for travel plans though, isn't it?

No. 1806946

When I saw that today I had to roll my eyes so hard. I predict she will do an only fans this year because she’s tired of doing YouTube. I know she said she won’t but I think that’s her only solution at this point since she’s unable to do shit.

No. 1806947

I'm legit worried for Kaya. I keep wondering what she's going to do at fifty, with no savings and less viewer appeal. She needs to get her shit together.

No. 1806959

ayt - that seemed to be what he was saying, being particularly cocky about having his own world that no one else has access to. how much do you have to hate your life to pay ppl to make one for you lol.

also, after claiming that his video for that dull ‘the tide’ song would be “phenomenal”, he admitted that he doesn’t like it and once again says he’ll do better next time.

No. 1806977

For nonnies who don't follow vtubers- it's actually a flex for a vtuber to have their own specially designed apartment. You can make a private version of any world if you wanted to stay away from the public, but having your own VRC space to stream from is basically the Vtuber version of a stream overlay, but potentially way more expensive. Only professional vtubers bother, from what I've seen. The reason people wouldn't be invited openly is because that's equivalent to publicly posting the address to his VR studio, it's basically digital doxxing. You can kick people out of your private world, of course, but it's the nuisance of it all. So, it's normal to say people aren't allowed and actually is an expected restriction, and also him getting a private world made is a sign of commitment, from the POV of a vtuber audience.

No. 1806997


I totally agree with you, she will start off with prude stuff to start though and leech off people's curiousity, just putting her fishnet covering a fridge pics behind a paywall for her simps.

No. 1807039

I know it's old video but dam kaya fashion in these vlogs was awful

No. 1807072

You spend time worrying what a Youtuber is gonna be doing 20 years from now? She has always had fans and friends, she will be fine

No. 1807073

The fact he looks so much younger in these thumbnails holy shit

The booze (and drugs, possibly) have hit him hard. I remember how tasteless these titles seemed too considering he was with his long term partner, imagine your LTR posting videos called I'VE MADE A DECISION and IT'S ALL OVER, seems even worse now we know he has a history of being a lech

No. 1807083

Kaya hasn't always had fans and friends, she rotates through them when they get sick of her, newfag. Not hard, she's whiny as hell.

No. 1807091

File: 1681242313090.jpeg (97.65 KB, 750x1098, E1C404D1-94EF-42C3-8BC5-30E268…)

Someone please take Amy‘s internet access away, this is super weird

No. 1807099

Amy did always like Kaya better, kek.

No. 1807146

Kaya admitted to walking around Barcelona sick with covid. Claimed she wasn't positive when she went to London, got tattooed maskless, and shared drinks with people at Slimelight, but even if that's true, which i doubt, Barcelona was bad enough. She went into restaurants and bars, so even though she tries to downplay it she has still exposed people.

And she spent the first part of the stream basically responding to her lolcow criticism, kek. She actually tried to say being in London is cheaper than being in Belfast, kek.


No. 1807185

Did she admit to having covid on stream or where are you getting this from?
(Still irresponsible as fuck to spread your germs even if it wasn’t covid, but I’d like to know if it was confirmed)

No. 1807186

She confirmed it on stream, see the link

No. 1807189

She mentions it at about an hour and thirty-two minutes in, but she also says it at other points in the stream

No. 1807284

Did anyone catch the part where she said her flights were "covered"?? By who? There's no way every flight she has been on this year was paid for by someone else. None of them make sense to be paid for by someone else, actually. Even if she actually gets paid to host the events, i seriously doubt that extends to the travel cost as well. She is either lying or she has a new sugar daddy.

No. 1807310

lol I bet she's subscribed to Kat's OF and Jake's. this lady sounds truly horny.

No. 1807347

The cute elf boy was buying her jewelry, but I don't think there's any one man buying all her plane tickets anon. It's possible her father paid for her Barcelona trip, and the event organizers paid for a cheap flight to London, not sure the Vegas situation, but that would have been the only actually expensive flight out of the few. It also seemed like a large group of influencers staying in airbnbs and doing things as a group though, maybe they had some sort of sponsor situation and Kaya was a tagalong?

No. 1807356

She said that they were/are going to be covered for the events she's hosting. So Monster Queen and the upcoming Monster Queen and Slimelight. She's also being paid to be there.

No. 1807377


100% they were likely paid but those were the cheap ones, but who else would pay for her Vegas trip? Maybe her dad? Those flights are 500+ return minimum so I doubt one of her on the dole friends could pay

No. 1807378

Wow, kaya is so selfish, walking around Barcelona sick as a dog with the fucking virus. That's actually disgusting. And she was so defensive trying to justify everything we've been critical about, kek. I don't believe it, there's no way someone paid for all of her plane tickets. She thinks we're fucking stupid if we are going to believe that. And she doubled down on her worthless Patreon as a bill money debit card, trying to make it sound like her complete lack of content provided was totally fine and expected, pay the poor wee lamb so she doesn't need to work, kek.

No. 1807382

Oh if that's true i bet her dad loves the prospect of having an adult dependent child now that she isn't being taken care of by another man. Maybe Kaya ran to Barcelona to beg for money from daddy because bills are haaard

No. 1807387

I seriously doubt they are paying for her flight and even if they actually pay her to be there, the amount of money she's going to need to sink into her outfits to make them not generic garbage this time is going to at least cancel that out, if not actually put her in the red. She's said she still needs to figure out her outfits for the events, meaning her basic bitch goth wardrobe isn't sufficient for real alt partying and she needs to go shopping.

No. 1807393

Kek, she tried to make her stupid donation graphic interesting by pretending it isn't programmed for the teeth to sometimes land on the edge of the glass and being "bothered" by it as a premise to talk about it and get people to donate to knock the teeth off. Literally the whole stream she was obsessing over it, basically begging for donations because of her own stream design. How pathetic.

No. 1807394

It feels awfully samefaggy up in here rn.

No. 1807399

There was almost no time for her to be negative for COVID by the time she got to London the second time. I think she lied there, flew on a plane maskless, got tattooed also maskless while she was legit sick AND contagious, and not to mention pushing her germs onto people in the crowd at Slimelight. Plus she actually said she was trying to share a lollipop with a friend and they turned her down because they didn't want her COVID, fucking vile behavior. AND she was intentionally sharing drinks at Slimelight! It's one thing nowadays to accept the risk of transmission when going out, but it's always going to be deplorable, selfish behavior to knowingly spread the virus.(lolcow.farm/info #4)

No. 1807422


Someone should tell slimelight, this is disgusting and unsafe. dont think its cowtiping if she does it intentionally and people can get sick from it(Still cowtipping)

No. 1807445

Did she mention that fucking studio she's using as a storage unit? Did she clean it out yet and cancel the lease?

No. 1807446

Surely she's got mountains of clothes that are still in storage? If bills are rising maybe it's time to lay off the shopping and plastic frog hoarding.

No. 1807458

She did not, but she did gloat about cleaning her bathroom as the one activity she achieved yesterday instead of editing, since the stress of editing was too much and she couldn't do it, so she cleaned something at least, kek. And her shower is still broken, so it's been broken a whole month now.

No. 1807461

Cowtipping is dumb. However, doesn't Kaya realise that someone who works at slimelight/monster queen could hear about the covid stuff? Or her tatooist? I don't know why you would be so open about something like that, and then be defensive when called out. Why tell anyone in the first place!?

No. 1807476

File: 1681303748578.jpg (100.39 KB, 1080x912, Fake.jpg)

The only person FORCING these "challenges" on yourself is you, dumbass. He sets the challenge and has full control over it.

No. 1807508

File: 1681310395463.png (732.92 KB, 864x1592, Screenshot_20230412-103055.png)

I saw that too. Sitting on this for a while, nonny? Slacking, kek. Here's the current thread on that comment. I was interested when i heard "forced" so i went and watched the video that "forced" him to do it. He was definitely asking for an excuse to make the songs, since that was the second video where that challenge was used. And he reacted to something retarded that he is historically guaranteed to laugh at. With context, it sounds more like he is forcing himself to make time for it now that it is assigned via lost challenge, not that he doesn't want to do it. Not really milky, so i didn't share originally.

No. 1807534

File: 1681312971007.png (385.39 KB, 864x1548, Kaya working hard.png)

She just started doing actual work and complaining immediately. Nobody is forcing her to do YouTube ffs

No. 1807559

It’s 2023 no one cares about Covid anymore but you

No. 1807560

She could make tons money selling her old crap it’s all name brand free stuff she probably never used like spooky box crap and you know fans would snatch it up straight away

No. 1807562

Anyone know if kaya claims benefits money

No. 1807568

She's complaining about organizing digital files, you really think she's going to actually pony up and tackle her crap hoard?

No. 1807576

File: 1681320866291.jpg (116.37 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20230412-183318_Ins…)

Get a job

No. 1807600

There are people that still care about covid? No one cares anymore, not even governments of countries since drug administrations are like “we fucked up with covid big time”.
Please do complain about it online, at least we will see the cowtipper

No. 1807630

Probably, and no way she pays tax either.

No. 1807642

>>1807576 - I mean, essential that's all she's really doing already when she can't bring herself to produce any content.

No. 1807740

LOL can't wait for the tax fraude story arc because she's too dumb and lazy to sort that out

No. 1807748

Someone please explain to me why anon(s) are so obsessed with kaya's bank account to the point of inventing future clothing purchases which will "put her in the red" when we already know she throws together some shein and fishnets. It's giving Jake or a snacc.

No. 1807750

at this point I think we need a kaya containment thread because retards in here keep distracting from actual fresh Jake milk. they complain more than she does and what the hell is with this tax evasion speculation? she's literally never said anything about it. I agree nona, it smells fishy.

No. 1807854

It's pretty obvious there's at least a couple of them in here samefagging endlessly and talking back and forth amongst themselves. It's funny they just casually ignored >>1807394 and kept at it. At least the farmhand banned one of them temporarily. Jake most have namedropped lolcow again.

This is also the same anon as seen in >>1806682

No. 1807864

seriously, this hate boner anon is acting like kaya is spreading HIV intentionally kek. covid is treated like the common cold now.

No. 1807891

File: 1681365724076.png (27.42 KB, 915x770, guilty.png)

Jake went on a deleting spree after this was posted. Guilty as fuck and the snaccs itt are just trying to distract from it.

No. 1807927

They're far fetched tinfoils but anons are speculating because Kaya seems to be shady about her finances lately. You can post about Jake, no-one is stopping you. You don't get accused of being Kaya or a Kaya fan every time you mention him.

No. 1807943

I'm probably the only one, but I think it's quite a matter of antisocial behavior to go out while having covid. Even though governments don't see Covid as a threat no more. But I'm sick for 2 years now with post-Covid syndrom, which unfortunatly is still a thing and people are still getting it and it fucks up your life big time.
Sage for covid sperg.

No. 1807955

I agree anon. Running around with covid and especially being so nonchalant about it is still a big fuck you to everyone else. I though Kaya was s bit more sensible. She had a good few month were I think she was thriving but now something turned around I feel like. She’s falling back into old negative patterns.

No. 1807994

>>1807943 you are not the only one. If you have covid, it is best to not go and work / use a business service face to face if at all possible. If you don't care about that and go ahead anyway, keep your mouth shut or leave yourself open to judgement.

No. 1807998

Kaya was absolutely irresponsible, but are we seriously going to keep rehashing that for days and casually ignore the fact that Jake was caught red-handed? >>1807891

No. 1808002

Post something about it if you want to talk about it, but nonnies are right to call out her irresponsibility with the virus too, especially since a bunch of virus sharing retards splurged and made it sound ok to walk around in public for fun, knowingly sick. It's the altcows thread, if you've got milk, share it. Right now, all this supposed Jake burying is being complained about by nonnies who haven't said anything furthering the topic they are complaining about.

It's obviously deleted videos, but because it's deleted videos, it's hard to say exactly what he deleted to splurge about unless you've got proof of what it looked like before. Seeing as that is apparently nobody, yeah, kinda hard to talk about it.

No. 1808004

Yeah, nothing unusual with him deleting videos the same day that it's brought up in thread. Much better to keep talking about Kaya being sick almost a month ago for three days in a row. Clearly it's the fresher milk, right? lmao

No. 1808008

Thanks for proving my point, salty anon. Looks like you've got nothing to add to it either. At least i gave a framework for other nonnies to build on, because I can't find anything more milky than "omg Jake deleted videos!?!" to share with the thread.

No. 1808028

He deleted vids. Which ones we're not sure. Why exactly we're not sure. Are we shocked, no because he's done this before. What else is there to fucking say about this???

No. 1808159

I think Jake removed some videos with Kaya in them, like the “girlfriend edition” video. I don’t see them, anyway. Kind of surprising, considering those were some of his most popular vids. Then again, maybe he’s just sick of seeing her face in his vids. He’s full of himself enough that he probably scrolls through his old ones to re-live the golden days.

No. 1808372

kaya posted a new video, it's nice seeing her actually having fun and not being miserable

No. 1808425

Looks like he deleted a bunch of his old 'numbered' vlogs, most of the videos with Kelly in them (LA vlogs specifically), and all the main videos featuring Kaya that weren't vlogs.

No. 1808428

more like now nobody can claim that his most popular videos feature Kaya. Nobody can “prove it” because if you sort by most popular it’s just him making the ugliest faces with an obnoxious yellow border. It’s just like with Munro, he thinks his success is entirely because of his sheer talent and not because of the other people helping him.

No. 1808431

File: 1681454471870.png (249.18 KB, 534x647, deletedvid.png)

Unsurprised that some of the videos he deleted were vlogs featuring Kelly. I wonder if he cleared out the old Kaya ones to look less suspicious or just a "might as well" while he was at it. kek at the anon acting like it's not milky that he went on a huge deleting spree the very same day videos were mentioned here as evidence though.

I found this old screencap an anon shared in a previous thread. One of the videos he deleted was his third most viewed video, featuring Kaya. The now missing vlogs had much less views so not as noticeable. He seemed to have deleted a bunch though in order be down over two and a half million views.

No. 1808433

File: 1681455855672.jpg (74.96 KB, 544x671, lookingunhinged.jpg)

>him making the ugliest faces with an obnoxious yellow border
This reminded me, but have any of you noticed the weird trend with his most recent (top row) photos lately? He seems to have shifted from his usual handsome squidward face to whatever that creepy sanpaku eyed expression is in the top row.

No. 1808468

God he’s so ugly. It’s really not his angle. Topkek at the lower right and the attempt at a fuckboy face.

No. 1808591

>most of the videos with Kelly in them (LA vlogs specifically)
After it was discussed here. Is hi cow allowed when lurking is confirmed multiple times kek

No. 1808600

Kek, we could "hi cow" both of them. Kaya couldn't make it more obvious that she lurks here, with how much she splurged about her finances and pardoned her shitty work ethic via boohooing. Get the fuck over it and grow up, people shouldn't have to pay your fucking bills for you. Back when it was an emergency, sure, but it's been a YEAR AND A HALF and she has been moping for most of it, jfc.

No. 1808630

she did say in the vlog that she felt like she had to catch up on all the fun she missed, whether this is another excuse or not, I don't know

No. 1808634

Tbh she did answer a lot of the hateboner anons tinfoils and rants in that vlog. It seems someone might have cowtipped via her anonymous Q&As too though and sent her questions about her patreon and finances? I don't doubt she's read here, but she's never addressed the farms directly like Jake has.

No. 1808637

They were poor, then COVID hit when they had money. Neither of them had much fun. Watch either of their early influencer content and you can tell that life was hard trying to make it without a 9-5. That doesn't excuse using her followers to kick back and party hard. Hell, that's why she was in this financial mess to begin with, she quit working for a year because Jake was paying the bills. She just doesn't like being called out for it.

No. 1808652

she even admitted she was being paid to promote clubs iirc, so we now know how she's traveling, since she also admitted to getting the cheapest shit as well

No. 1808734

Taking coke

No. 1808830

kek, why does this read like a boomer saying something like "did a marijuana"?

No. 1808831

KEK nonny it does

No. 1808854

lmao maybe one of Jake's middle aged fans

No. 1808896

Kaya smokes too, why she stayed in a non residential building so long so her parents wouldn't cop on she's not mentally ill, she's just lazy and would rather not do anything for money. She has to let her parents know her recording schedule now kek

No. 1808901

She smokes cigarettes? Or weed? The more I hear about her the more I realise her and jake are the same with smoking and drinking habits and I was going to say they are both lazy but jake puts more ‘effort’ into his content even if it the same video every week least he uploads

Wouldn’t put it past her to have tried it now she’s in her party era

He needs eyebrows

No. 1808953

There is a new Jake and Kaya thread >>1808521

No. 1809236

No. 1809477

Imagine sperging out over someone smoking weed in 2023. lmao

No. 1809512

KEK right? They sound either old and ignorant or like a fucking square. Maybe it's one of Jake's old boomer snaccs, he has been openly hating on weed and talking shit about people who smoke it lately. Which is ironic and funny because he loves to get wasted and has a weird hard on for steroids and coke. His opinions are just arbitrary.

No. 1809595

Nah see I reckon I smoke more weed than kaya but I fund it myself and still manage to work 40+ hours a week. There's a difference.

No. 1809682

Where does the knowledge that Kaya smokes weed come from? I don't think I've ever even seen her hint at it.

No. 1809687

>>1809682 I haven't seen evidence at all. I really can't see her smoking weed much if ever to be honest, she seems very straight to me.

No. 1809748

>trying to pass tinfoiling as hard fact
>blogposting about smoking weed?
Please tell me you aren't also the "taking coke" anon too. kek

No. 1812801

IBF posts new vid where she publicly shit talks the place that her stepmother found for her family at a reduced rent. Also, Mister Owl works as a cleaner?!?! I thought he had a masters degree?

No. 1812840


I'm confused. She didn't even manage to ship all her things from Germany to Scotland, and fought really hard to move to the UK. Now she's living in New Zealand with her belongings still in the UK? I can't keep up with her, what the hell is going on?

No. 1812965

Yeah I watched and I had to roll my eyes. I understand not being in ideal living situations but with a drifter like her, she should just be happy that she was able to find a home within her family's price range and not having to worry about being homeless in a shelter.

I will say that I was surprised to hear all this though because I forgot that she was living on a VISA passport when staying in Scotland. I read her journal explaining the situation and it does seem like she really did have bad luck there when they didn't alert her that she would need a specific Visa when crossing the USA. So I do feel for her that, I couldn't imagine how scary that must've been.

With all that in mind, I really think she needs to stop with trying to move to the UK, it's clear that they're not financially stable to do that, especially with cost of living and travel on the increase.

Here's the website entry for anyone curious

No. 1813052

I hope she gets sued

No. 1813728

>Also, Mister Owl works as a cleaner?!?! I thought he had a masters degree?
What degree was it, that's bleak especially with two young kids

Sounds like her belongings are in Wellington NZ, where she used to live before any of the country hopping, but she's now on the opposite side of the country. She did used to have stuff left in her Scotland flat, and it got burgled during covid, but I'm guessing she's moved that all to Wellington too now?

No. 1815046

>What degree was it, that's bleak especially with two young kids

If I'm not mistaken, he was going to school in the medical field? Like he was studying to become a doctor of some sort, I think it was for surgery but I could be wrong. All I know is that it as something in the medical field.

No. 1815133

Ntayrt but several threads ago someone said with plenty of confidence that he was a doctor. I remember thinking to myself something along the lines of "Did Freya really break an engagement to a doctor/future doctor to flee to Germany where she didn't know anyone?". Does anyone actually know what does Mr.Owl for a living? With actual proof, please. Cause of he was a doctor or a surgeon I don't think they would be in that financial situation neither they would have been rejected by so many landlords.

No. 1815260

File: 1682468332158.jpg (198.75 KB, 1080x2019, Tragic.jpg)

Idk if it's considered necro to post in the jude thread or not now so I'm posting this here. She just styles herself worse and worse, but what else can you do when your only pastimes are OF and gaming with no job or aspirations. She'd be perfect for jake.

No. 1815289

File: 1682472230931.jpg (425.41 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230425_175654_Ins…)

Funny jude just got mentioned, cause… I've been seeing this chick on my feed who looks quite like her…(newfag)

No. 1815342

In my country, cleaners are paid a lot and have a super strong union. It's a job nobody wants to do, so it's well compensated. I would guess that it's similar in NZ, since they're a pretty progressive country.
She's so ugly, yet she looks like the cat that ate the canary. The smug expression is unreal.
Wow, she even has the gross slug tongue mastered. Impressive skinwalk.

No. 1815471

girl never heard the saying "beggars can't be choosers"

also her hands look very splotchy when she waves the around in the vid. looks almost like liver spots. is she genuinely old enough to get those? damn, time is flying.

No. 1815601

They're freckles, anon. She's naturally ginger and very freckly.

No. 1815604

Her mouth is doing the weird duck lips thing that happens in people with fillers but her lips are thin?

No. 1815666

Sure, cleaning is a decent job but not if you’ve spent so many years earning a masters degree.

No. 1815676

File: 1682533471576.jpeg (262.09 KB, 1125x2014, E501B592-0029-45A0-A000-25CA0F…)

Surgery? As in plastic surgery? To “achieve the skin I feel comfortable in”? Reeree is so objectively attractive so I can’t believe she’s that insecure about herself to resort to going under the knife. Body dysmorphia really is a bitch.

No. 1815769

>couldn't get the cosmetic surgery she wanted fast enough, so she's crying and is now fishing for compliments
Wow, how tone deaf and entitled. I never felt any negative way towards Reeree before but what the fuck? Guess I liked her better before seeing her speak her mind.

No. 1815843

she got lip fillers a while back and botched them

No. 1815942

i assume she's getting a tummy tuck? if she is who i'm thinking of, then she's shown her loose abdominal skin that she is insecure about. that's not dysmorphia (a delusion about your body), that's a bodily feature that has changed in a way you don't like.

No. 1815953

On her private Instagram she posted having lip injections and fillers done. I believe the surgery would be for her breasts as she complained about them in the past.

No. 1816004

She might be deluded to its severity. It can’t be that bad to want to risk life and go under the knife unnecessarily.

No. 1816050

File: 1682571124846.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 150.08 KB, 1289x2163, C3D0A0DE-95BE-43C5-A5FF-D8CCD0…)

She’s not getting a tummy tuck. She posted bikini photos many times and as you can see, there is no loose skin whatsoever. She has mentioned wanting to get a breast reduction/ implants though.

No. 1816069

You know what that fringe is a improvement to her shaving a random square out the middle to see her tattoo

No. 1816070

She’s ginger they get liver spots and patchy skin early on

No. 1816208

File: 1682602015935.jpg (463.79 KB, 1080x1875, Jazminbean.jpg)

Permanently looking like she's smelled a fart.

No. 1816370

She looks like a midget

No. 1817573

Yeah, this video really rubbed me the wrong way. Someone helped her and found her a cheap place to stay and instead of being grateful, she's just nitpicking everything around her. And sperging about how she's going to paint everything black. She was really insufferable in this video.

No. 1817574

I also wonder what used to be Mr. Owl's occupation - I only heard about him being a doctor too. But that doesn't seem right with him now working as a cleaner, eh. I was really surprised to hear that. Does anyone have more info on what's going on here?

No. 1817593

Speaking of IBF, her strange entitlement ride continues in the most recent video, where she leaves like half of their chocolate eggs packed in plastic bags scattered around the cemetery for some plebeian to clean up, I guess. She can't do a normal egg hunt, you know, it has to be done at night, because… goth reasons. Not that I understand doing these egg hunts when you're both adults in the first place… Her recent content really has some weird vibes - also with how she keeps subtly scolding Mister Owl.

No. 1817827

I've been wanting to bring up ReeRee since she returned to social media. She not very much of a cow, but her posts have been super unhinged since she returned. I guess she just doesn't gaf anymore now that she isn't doing her youtube and she feels more free now that she's out of shitty relationships.

No. 1818280

Yeah they are quite unhinged. I’ve been following her private account and she spills quite a lot in her stories and live hangouts. Most of it revolves around family drama; her parents have serious health issues (one of them has terminal cancer) and so one of her many siblings lives with her. She is 19 years old and Reeree often posts stories about her not going to school & not working. On top of that she doesn’t clean up after herself, leaves huge messes and is very conflict prone. Meanwhile Reeree is pulling 12h shifts as a nurse and then has to come home to a mess.

Other than that she has said that she wants to get impregnated by her new boyfriend soon and wants it to be a son this time.

No. 1818346

File: 1682922510131.jpg (29.57 KB, 480x360, 1e201b068d3696b9ef6bbbc1161821…)

The unsuitable fringe, the botched fillers, the clown makeup, the random fashion choices that pretend to resemble an alt style… Does she purposely want to look like shit? I almost feel sorry because she clearly seems to have low self-esteem. She could have worked with her natural features in an actually original way, not against them. She looks so cheap.

No. 1818387

Why do people shave of their eyebrows and don’t draw them back on it just looks awful bald, looks awful re growth and unkept. It doesn’t suit a single person I get if she wore makeup like she used to and do random eyebrows like dots but what’s the point

No. 1818499

Even back when she hadn't been botched, she identified as nonbinary and got addicted to ket even while living with her mother, she's always had low self esteem. But she's like 20 so gopefully she has time to turn it around. Someone like jude is a lost cause though kek.

No. 1818500

Hopefully* lol

No. 1818559

I wish she didn't think that she needs to paint everything glossy black to have a goff interior. You can achieve nice victorian gothic looks without making vintage furniture look like it's from killstar.

No. 1818704

Indeed. She’s no better than the shabby chic farmhouse girls who ruin antiques with white paint. It ends up looking so cheap

No. 1819160

God, everything about this video is so… Trashy? Retired?
I still don't understand the entire timeline of her moving from Europe to NZ and back and forth for like 6 years but the place is pure agony to look at.
The fact she has to paint everything black and include skulls and other random GOTH objects as decor is horrendous. Haunted house vibes. She could do so much better. It's definitely a far cry from her place in Germany during her heyday + she got burgled + some of her stuff is still in storage + she has two kids + they are FLAT. FUCKING. BROKE! Freyja is virtually unemployed and her boyfriend is a cleaner. Who told them that having two kids amidst this chaos was a good idea? God, I feel terrible watching this. It's so fucking bleak.

No. 1819191

Agreed. Honestly I never understood the desire to have everything painted black in your home. Black walls, black furniture, etc. I like black as much as the next person but I don't think I could live in a house that was black everything, some color is nice every once in awhile.

I feel like she only wants to paint everything black to have her uber GOFF street cred (or whatever).

No. 1819197

A lot of us were hoping that she was in a stable situation to have kids. I mean we've all hear stories of how some parents may not have been in the best financial situation when having kids and how in the end it did work out despite the obstacles. Hopefully it will be the same for Freya's children but on the outside looking in at this time, they really weren't prepared. One kids? Sure. But two? That's just excessive considering their unstable living situation.

Does Freya make money doing her livestreams? Because if not, yeah it really does look bleak that she really is unemployed and in this day and age when raising a family, unless you are well off, you can't support a full family unit on one working income unless you're living super frugally and knowing Freya and her taste, I don't feel that will be the case.

No. 1819215

Agreed. Honestly I never understood the desire to have everything painted black in your home. Black walls, black furniture, etc. I like black as much as the next person but I don't think I could live in a house that was black everything, some color is nice every once in awhile.

I feel like she only wants to paint everything black to have her uber GOFF street cred (or whatever).

No. 1819586

File: 1683097782231.png (1.26 MB, 1005x669, 238823.png)

she's just unimaginative and defaulting to painting generic throwaway furniture black to be "goth" and slapping a few bats on the white walls while she's at it. The carpeting is pretty ugly, but it would be a fun challenge to try to style around it with using some of the oranges and browns or greens to put a little whimsy and color into her decor. Also, she could just get area rugs to toss over some areas to tone it down a bit or to liven up the brown carpeting?

No. 1819734

AYRT and OMG that is a gorgeous room! It has a dark but lively feel to it and I would sooner decorate my space like that over an all black with bats n the white walls aesthetic that Freya does.

I agree that she could totally try something more experimental for the home she is in right nw, decorate around the carpet and all that like you suggested.

The other thing too on why I wouldn't want a pitch black room is because imagine what that looks like at night? lol I don't think I could handle intense blackness like that kek.

No. 1820444

For a second I thought this was a drag kid kek

No. 1820456

File: 1683213655735.jpg (48.77 KB, 640x512, goth-scene-80s-44.jpg)

The only practical reason for doing "everything black" is "I suck at matching things and colors". The whole all black furniture and everything trend came like from early to mid 00s and back then it was mostly a meme.


>I feel like she only wants to paint everything black to have her uber GOFF street cred (or whatever).

There are various interviews with ubergoffs dating back to the 90s and early 00s. No one of them had all furniture painted black back then. Dark wood, wrought iron (the most likely items that were actually black elements), even a truckload of brass (what was the last time you have seen modern goff anywhere near brass items?) was norm. You can see also quite a lot of 80s rooms photos with barely any black stuff other than clothing and posters.

tl;dr; "all blek goff" was a meme that became reality. The more back we look the more color we see.

No. 1820473

Not to whiteknight but people for the 80s/90s are not the measure anon who cares if she feels the need to have it all black she never had great taste, not in makeup or fashion or I guess interior.

No. 1820557

Remember her appartment tour from 3 years ago? Everything was painted black and you could see the thick layers of dust, even her mirrors and glass dors were dirty. She couldn't be bothered to clean for a fucking video when she had no children.

No. 1820580

Referee is an absolute mess. Her posts are something some edgy 18yro egirl would post. Feel sorry for her daughter

No. 1822274

File: 1683440810178.png (7.89 KB, 671x199, bday.png)

Small update on this cow that I almost forgot to post. She's turning 40 and having a meltdown that her family isn't throwing her a special birthday party. Mind you she still lives at home with her mom.

No. 1822284

File: 1683442398121.jpg (416.29 KB, 473x421, xWUk1B5.jpg)

bump don't scroll cp

No. 1823724

New(ish) video from Freezer. Brief recap:
>unboxing a subscription box from "Gothic Beauty"
>yes, this is sponsored
>most other subscription boxes aren't worth her time, but this one is special
>not-so-subtly fishing for compliments ('I'm not beautiful enough to be featured in their magazine…')
>the package includes the magazine, soap, stickers, make up and make up brushes, black candles and super cheap jewelry
>'other boxes have stupid cheap AliExpress things but not this one'
>big ad near the end of the video for the magazine
Typical Freezer stuff, I guess. Boring and not worth the watch. The products range from super shit to "ah, okay" like the candles and the soap. If you look at the website where you can buy the boxes, they're horribly overpriced imo and totally gimmicky and cheap. Fits Freezer though.

No. 1823841

Her enthusiasm is so painfully fake, she's no fooling anyone.

No. 1823933

>>not-so-subtly fishing for compliments ('I'm not beautiful enough to be featured in their magazine…')

So obnoxious lol Like girl not even you can say that with a straight face and as annoying as she can be, there's no doubt that she would make for a good model for the magazine. I've gotta admit that I love her makeup here, I can't lie kek.

I tried watching the video but only got about 3 minutes in and clicked off, it just had this boring energy to it but at least it was something?

No. 1824002

File: 1683664414057.png (Spoiler Image, 122.57 KB, 1290x2796, C433C764-C465-4527-B904-B3EA5E…)

Looks like Reeree’s ex threatened to leak her nudes so she made an onlyfans.

No. 1824003

File: 1683664461652.png (Spoiler Image, 365.89 KB, 1290x2796, 80232312-0621-4592-9ADC-797744…)

No. 1824097


Strangely, her ex (alterd_mind) still follows her on Instagram. Why is she allowing that if she's so traumatised and afraid of him (she said she used to be in a relationship that made her fear for her life in a story only a few days ago) ? It doesn't make sense. Sometimes it feels like she's talking about someone else because her giving her "abuser" access to her every update is a really unusual way to react for a victim

No. 1824105

It is someone else, it is not alterd_mind, dont know who though. I also believe she is getting her breasts done.

No. 1824159

I know she dated a tattoo artist for a while after splitting from Mr. Phillips. Might be him but then again who knows just how much ReeRee got around

No. 1824300

Throw her a surprise moving out party.

No. 1824526

I wonder if any of the alt cow goes to WGT this year. Probably not Freezer since she’s broke but Kaya could go.

No. 1824594

Has Kaya gone before? But yeah IBF doesn't seem likely. Maybe Emily Boo? Or Vessel of Blood?

No. 1825005

I hate then people fangirl about Voltaire. Isn't he a proven creep to his fans?

No. 1825060

File: 1683807741383.jpeg (471.58 KB, 1094x2065, 225FBAD5-4CF4-4A67-90B3-F1F0F2…)


But she sure is drumming up some sympathy so someone pays her way.

No. 1825074

girl. you should be raising money for your kids, not travelling to a different country for a goth fest.
but she always had fucked-up priorities.

No. 1825386

Seriously her silly little paintings!? Gil if you can’t go one year you’ll survive

No. 1825655

File: 1683880023661.png (319.36 KB, 921x730, BFebay.png)

She has a couple bids on two of the paintings, but it's not nearly enough to cover the very pricy plane ticket out to Germany and back. Absolutely absurd she's hoping to fly halfway across the globe to WGT when her living situation is already so unstable and she has two very young children.

No. 1825658

WHO is bidding on this trash

No. 1825665

Who knows, but I'm pretty sure a round trip from NZ to Germany is going to cost more than $300.

No. 1825828

The ticket alone is 170€ plus where will she sleep. The most stuff is booked out since ages. She’s so messy. Keep that money girl and make your home nice for your children,

No. 1825958

It's so fucking bleak how she and her partner are grown adults, broke as fuck with two kids, living essentially like run of the mill bogans/white trash, and all she can think about is begging for change to go to WGT. I know she is selling paintings, but the way she phrased this post makes it sound like "there's NOOOOO way I can ever go to WGT this year, I'm so broke, haha…. Right guys?" in hopes someone will help her again. Much like with her plane ticket situation. Mind boggling to me

No. 1826269

File: 1683953112164.jpg (182 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230329_172633_Ins…)

Did anyone else catch Victoria "accidentally" posting a nude to her Instagram the other day? It was followed by a bunch of thirst posts and censored nudes kek. Regardless here's her sympathising with a troon murderer because child murderers should be exalted and studied in her mind. It almost reads like her validating the killing spree because it was a Christian school. You'd think she would've changed after all these years.

No. 1826301

using the wrong word is a bigger offense than murdering several children. how dare?

No. 1826345

Use that money to get a better place to live for your family, wasn't she complaining about her current place like 2 weeks ago? I feel like she wanted children just to dress them like goth dolls and she's not realizing how much it actually is.

No. 1826865

She also had to pull a lot of favors to even get the "ugly" place she's staying in right now, but does nothing but complain about the place. Her priorities are all kinds of fucked.

No. 1827368

File: 1684120283295.jpeg (678.39 KB, 1920x1080, F4D692E4-BC47-4E7B-A00E-82125D…)

Why do niggers make up 13% of the population but commit 60% of homicides?
Why does the endless mud flood of Mexicans displace the white population but you can’t comment on it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1827379

>black people commit x crime
Black women aren't doing anything, the answer you're looking for is men kek. If it was about race, white mens rates would be the same as women, but they aren't. It's the retard chimp sex.

No. 1827383

Don’t take the bait anon. Is it your first day on an imageboard?

No. 1827384

Don’t engage anon, moids don’t understand logic

No. 1828235

Kinda curious, on Sunday evening Angela Benedict posted a vid, and it was removed under 2 hours.

No. 1828857

File: 1684320040424.jpeg (195.84 KB, 1125x2063, FE2C504F-CCDA-4E33-9F14-8AAB99…)

Kat Von D recently started following Christian and right wing pages on IG and Roseanne Barr?!?!?!?

No. 1829479

What was the video about?

No. 1829647

She did a similar vid a year ago, about fast fashion, how sometimes that is all you can afford when things are tight, and she did a Shein haul, judged the items, and did a try on. It was also supposed to be or she was going to do a kindergoth look book?

No. 1829661

NTAYRT but if that's the case, that's strange then. Why would she delete a video like that if she was just essentially giving an updated opinion on an old video?

No. 1830081

File: 1684461637003.jpeg (261.31 KB, 1125x1971, 2C4667C6-21DB-479D-BEAB-2B3826…)

??? Did anyone actually leave negative comments or is she just fishing for compliments?

No. 1830242

Oh, yeah, she has been posting DIY and lingerie outfits on instagram for a while, some look good some look like unfitted crap, mainly because of her implants. But a Shein haul? Really? Not very Über Goth Queen of her.

No. 1830247

File: 1684492177205.jpg (183.21 KB, 720x1292, IMG_20230519_121914.jpg)

Samefag but Frodo has apparently sold all her ugly paintings and is now auctioning another item. Check the hashtags lol, I can't believe she has the guts to sell this crap at that price and then attempt to look humble. It's been said already but this mother of two needs to set her family's priorities straight. If I were the relative that lent her the house I would seriously consider kicking her out. I bet that if she doesn't raise enough money to travel she will spend it on black paint/furniture/tacky decor.

No. 1830382

The hashtags giving boomer

No. 1830482

Her baiting isn't even subtle
>wgt is getting closer oh no I can't raise enough, right guys
>this painting isn't very good, right guys

No. 1830485

God I didn't recognise who that was at first

No. 1831217

File: 1684620807270.jpg (143.64 KB, 906x534, Untitled.jpg)

>>1830242 >>1829661 >>1829479
Here's her winded explanation. Basically she didn't like how it came out and there were errors.

No. 1831324

File: 1684640884866.jpg (192.86 KB, 1080x1855, 20230520_204433.jpg)

Since when is Reeree so genuinely fucking retarded?
>How dare you leave comments regarding my body when it's the majority of what I post and talk about! My DAUGHTER is on here!
>Literally sexualizes herself and advertises her OnlyFans account.
Bitch, why are you exposing your daughter to your body issues and porn to begin with and then blaming other people for the way it might affect her? I'm sure that you saying shit about how you "won't be comfortable in your own skin" without your copious cosmetic surgery is great for her self esteem!

No. 1831404

The daughter will learn about real life and social media then. Better educate your child it’s not a happy cushy place. You just can’t correct every idiot or troll.

No. 1831660

>won't you think of the children
Womm't you?, Instead of teaching your daughter that the Internet is like this and how best to navigate that, let's teach her to cry at every less than positive comment kek

>I'm happy

Then why do you, apparently, want cosmetic surgeries

No. 1831661

Samefag yes my awful typos I'm not bothered to repost

No. 1831860

File: 1684712477113.jpg (214.6 KB, 1080x1870, Wtf.jpg)

"My daughter is on here"

No. 1831929

Has she admitted to having work done?
It has been awhile since I've watched her videos and I don't follow her socials. Not sure if it's filters or fillers or what but she's looking a little, uh, different these days

For as much as she wants to be the internet's eldergoth queen, one would think she would try to be a positive example for people in her age group that the don't have to look forever 21 to be goth.(emoji)

No. 1831930

She looks like every other wannabe alt girl model now. Never would have guessed this was reeree.

No. 1832039

She’s literally just standing there, no poste whatsoever kek I used to admire her but her comeback made me lose all my respect for her. Can’t believe she’s an online whore now.

No. 1832074

Black Friday asking for donations during a cost of living crisis to go to a festival citing the issue is to do with childcare arrangements as if that wasn't an active choice she chose to make. It's one thing to ask for donations during an emergency, it's another to ask for people to fund a luxury expense like this, the sense of entitlement is through the actual roof.

No. 1832075

Yes Reeree has had lip injections and filler in her cheeks among other minor procedures (she posted on her private Instagram) and has talked about wanting a boob job.

No. 1832076

File: 1684742008877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 331.03 KB, 1289x2247, FB690D99-56D0-4A81-BBE7-FFDEEE…)

She even posted a picture with her daughter for pity points. It amazes me how shameless some people act. Imagine e- begging to go to a festival when you can barely provide for your kids.

No. 1832088


This really pissed me off this morning. I’m assuming if she needs ‘care for her babies’ then that means Mr Owl is going as well, who is she leaving her two very small children with? Family? Babysitters? Surely if money is as tight as she’s constantly making out then the money she’s made off her paintings would be better spent at home not on fucking off to the other side of the world to go to a festival.

I really hate to be one of those ‘won’t someone think of the children’ people but for fucks sake Freyja!

No. 1832150

File: 1684756321534.jpg (262.51 KB, 1080x1920, angelablurredhairline.jpg)

I don't think she has, she doesn't even show her bare face so I doubt she would acknowledge such thing either. She's been really going hard with smooth/whitening filters lately so maybe it's just that what's really making her look odd. My tinfoil tho is that she had some minor work done, fillers basically. Maybe I'm biased because she's italian but she's starting to give me some botched Madonna-alien vibes.
>For as much as she wants to be the internet's eldergoth queen, one would think she would try to be a positive example for people in her age group that the don't have to look forever 21 to be goth.
Couldn't agree more with that.
We were talking about Angela not Reeree, anon!

No. 1832152

How about save up for it like everyone else in advance. Or idk get a job

No. 1832209

File: 1684768275106.jpg (232.86 KB, 2078x996, backtracking.jpg)

She has backtracked. It's just a joke folks! There are some not so happy critical fans calling her out, as well as a swarm of sympathizers lashing back in the IG comments on the now edited* post. Her latest post after that is some soap for world goth day, which might also be a little cover up to get the heat off her. She's a mess.

I walked into one of her live streams over a year ago and she was going on for a while about wanting a breast reduction. It was odd. So the anon who says she has falsies, idk.

No. 1832230

>I really hate to be one of those ‘won’t someone think of the children’ people but for fucks sake Freyja!

No anon, your annoyance and concern are totally valid here and I feel the same way. Looking at that post pissed me off as well. Freya really is a piece of work. She's now learning the reality of what being a parent is like and realistically YOUR wants do not override that of what's best for your child, let alone two children that she now has.

I'm not saying that people with children can't have nice things or go out and do things but you have to plan for them and make sure that you have the budget for them which Freya and her husband are (clearly) not in this position at all. If they're worrying about making ends meet since they're only operating on one stable source of income which is her husband holding an actual job while she's living off of donations (in other words handouts) then yeah, you're not in a financially stable position.

Just watch, let's say that she does end up going to the festival; how much you wanna bet that when it's over and she returns home she's gonna be whining about how she doesn't have enough money to afford an actual thing that her or her children actually need?

I'm sorry, I try ot to judge but she's really being ridiculous here. Freya, you've got two children now and are in a shaky financial situation, you chose this life and it's no longer about you anymore. Do what's best for your children and your own current situation and if it means you'll have to miss out on parties and events because you don't have the budget for it, oh well you'll just just have to miss them for the time being.

No. 1832231

>I really hate to be one of those ‘won’t someone think of the children’ people but for fucks sake Freyja!

No anon, your annoyance and concern are totally valid here and I feel the same way. Looking at that post pissed me off as well. Freya really is a piece of work. She's now learning the reality of what being a parent is like and realistically YOUR wants do not override that of what's best for your child, let alone two children that she now has.

I'm not saying that people with children can't have nice things or go out and do things but you have to plan for them and make sure that you have the budget for them which Freya and her husband are (clearly) not in this position at all. If they're worrying about making ends meet since they're only operating on one stable source of income which is her husband holding an actual job while she's living off of donations (in other words handouts) then yeah, you're not in a financially stable position.

Just watch, let's say that she does end up going to the festival; how much you wanna bet that when it's over and she returns home she's gonna be whining about how she doesn't have enough money to afford an actual thing that her or her children actually need?

I'm sorry, I try ot to judge but she's really being ridiculous here. Freya, you've got two children now and are in a shaky financial situation, you chose this life and it's no longer about you anymore. Do what's best for your children and your own current situation and if it means you'll have to miss out on parties and events because you don't have the budget for it, oh well you'll just just have to miss them for the time being.

No. 1832237

>I really hate to be one of those ‘won’t someone think of the children’ people but for fucks sake Freyja!

No anon, your annoyance and concern are totally valid here and I feel the same way. Looking at that post pissed me off as well. Freya really is a piece of work. She's now learning the reality of what being a parent is like and realistically YOUR wants do not override that of what's best for your child, let alone two children that she now has.

I'm not saying that people with children can't have nice things or go out and do things but you have to plan for them and make sure that you have the budget for them which Freya and her husband are (clearly) not in this position at all. If they're worrying about making ends meet since they're only operating on one stable source of income which is her husband holding an actual job while she's living off of donations (in other words handouts) then yeah, you're not in a financially stable position.

Just watch, let's say that she does end up going to the festival; how much you wanna bet that when it's over and she returns home she's gonna be whining about how she doesn't have enough money to afford an actual thing that her or her children actually need?

I'm sorry, I try ot to judge but she's really being ridiculous here. Freya, you've got two children now and are in a shaky financial situation, you chose this life and it's no longer about you anymore. Do what's best for your children and your own current situation and if it means you'll have to miss out on parties and events because you don't have the budget for it, oh well you'll just just have to miss them for the time being.

No. 1832243

Is she freaking serious? She's using her child as a sympathy prop? Wow, I have no words except she really is shameless isn't she?

She's acting like not attending WGT is gonna kill her, newsflash Freya, you'll survive, it's not the end all be all kek

See this is what I was afraid might happen whens she confirmed her first pregnancy. I wanted to hope that motherhood would mature her but a part of me felt like she wouldn't change and would use her kid as some sort of prop to get more money out of her devoted fanbase. It's still early and who knows? Maybe she will change and finally be parent but it's shit like this that doesn't give a good impression.

No. 1832244

File: 1684772791730.jpeg (115.88 KB, 1125x1070, 0EDD1A0F-56A5-4600-86A9-538498…)

Karen to the rescue. Seems like people aren’t letting IBF slide this time with her ebegging attempt.

No. 1832247

>It was just a joke

Oh fuck off Freya, not even you believe that. She's been complaining about it since the month began and was obviously trying to sell her paintings to raise money to go the trip and since they haven't been able to ear enough for the trip, she's ow resorting to pity e-begging.

>What is your problem and why the needless sarcastic comment

Your daughter is being an irresponsible and she's not above criticism. She showed her ass and now she's dealing with the fallback.

No. 1832317

File: 1684780106634.png (323.45 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230522-192354.png)

Someone had very good weekend in London….other love bite

No. 1832360

File: 1684782881286.jpg (154.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230521-001558_Ins…)

Kaya has been getting it, lol. Tbh imo she has more sex appeal than both Kat and Jake combined these days. If she started an OF and just posted sexy boudoir type shots I bet it would leave Kat & Jake's pathetic attempt at OF in the dust.

No. 1832370

Speaking of it, is anyone going to make a new Jake/Kat/Kaya thread? Also I don't hate Kaya or anything but she's acting like a 20 year old with the constant parties, hickeys, getting drunk. Nice that she's having a good time but it's kind of embarrassing to broadcast if you ask me.

No. 1832386

I hope Kaya and Jake are not in the same thread anymore. Kaya stuff is so boring.

No. 1832403

I’m sorry but the baby looks absolutely retarded

No. 1832410

I thought so too but I remember that the last decade she was staying home and wasn’t really a part of the local scene. I’m happy to see her blossom even though it’s a bit cringy.

No. 1832418

Yeah any "milk" about her these days is usually either infighting or tinfoiling. Jake's a genuine grade A cow and only keeps falling further, he's the one to keep an eye on.

No. 1832462

Agreed. I don't like Kaya and though I am glad she got out of her toxic relationship with Jake, she is still showing the lazy traits that made her ridiculous in the first place but she really doesn't do much of anything these days that can be seen as cowish. Until she start e-begging like Freya seems to be doing, there's not much to really say about Kaya.

No. 1832502


I made one for just Jake and Kat, since Kaya's barely interesting these days and can just stay in this thread. The last J/K/K thread was 80% infighting and speculation anyway.


No. 1832512

i feel bad for thinking this but it looks like fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 1832623

Positive influence to who? She looks her age and if she wishes to change or inject crap that's for her. Someone else's quality of life shouldn't have this much impact or be considered in terms of positive or negative value. People need to learn to set and appreciate their own values.

No. 1832693

Has one for kaya been made yet?

No. 1832698

Isn't Karen her mother?

No. 1832712

>>1832502 thank you nonna!

No. 1832719

Yes she is. She usually will come out of the woodwork whenever Freya gets into drama. She did the same thing back with the Germany fiasco with her ex-husband Matthias.

No. 1832724

Thanks anon, though it took less than 10 posts until talk about Kaya begun in that thread anyways. I hope it doesn't go back to how it was in the previous threads.

No. 1832740

It's going to be impossible to separate the talking about the two. I don't think mere mention of Kaya shouldn't be allowed in the new thread, that just doesn't make sense at all. But if people want to post milk and tinfoil regarding her they can attempt their own thread and see how it goes.

No. 1832743


You can’t talk about Fake without Kaya coming up from time to time. It’s inevitable.

No. 1832765


She's turned off comments now lol

No. 1832771

I can imagine she wanted maybe a business to invite her. The selling art and begging in her story was maybe just fishing but lots of companies follow her. Nobody gives a shirt Freezer.

No. 1832774

It's just there's a difference between mentioning Kaya because they're exes, and shitting the thread with retarded tinfoil and exposing your(general your) hateboner. The latter is just annoying and exhausting after some time

No. 1832778

Yikes, this shit should be spoilered, please

No. 1832780

I'm not saying that mentions of Kaya shouldn't be allowed or anything, but constantly saying "Jake is doing X while Kaya is doing Y" every few posts contributes nothing and isn't some unheard of observation. It's just hard to separate them, that's all.

No. 1832782

File: 1684838453688.png (840.21 KB, 2039x988, Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 11.39…)

Don't know if anyone keeps up with fashy Lauren now she's gone quiet, but Adam her ex is having a baby so guess they both moved on pretty quick.

No. 1832785

Kek the womb™️ cult is so ridiculous

No. 1832794

Yup she got married to a Scottish larper last year, wedding photos on her fb

No. 1832799

Damn I forgot about her, all the 'witchy' ones as well. Glad this thread is getting some traction again.

No. 1832819

You’re not wrong kek and she definitely likes to drink. I believe the baby has a genetic disorder

No. 1833075

I've missed these cows, they're so entertaining. So kvlt and trad to immediately get married/have a baby after leaving your so-called "soulmate".
Could you please post the pics if you have them nonnie? Was she doing her typical inbred bucktoothed expression?

No. 1833167

File: 1684887249567.png (1.13 MB, 1357x904, Screenshot_20230523-175637~3.p…)

Speaking of Italian, looks like she's going the Madonna route.

No. 1833510

I really hope she doesn't because she has a nice look as is and it's not worth looking like an alien to preserve youth when you can simply just age gracefully. She seems to take good care of her skin as is.

No. 1833546

nta but here you go

No. 1833547

File: 1684941240397.jpg (389.1 KB, 1981x2048, lauren sassenach.jpg)

forgot to add the photo

No. 1833549

File: 1684941341702.jpg (279.25 KB, 1883x2048, lauren buck.jpg)

No. 1833628

God I’m glad I don’t have to see her dumbass mouse teeth anymore

No. 1833924

Thank you anon! mwah Aside from her unfortunate molerat face, she actually looks pretty here. Does anyone know if she's still a raging white supremacist? I'm assuming so, since that kind of leopard rarely changes its spots.

No. 1834425

File: 1685047942023.png (320.27 KB, 711x832, ebay.PNG)

Did she really think she would get enough money to take her whole family to WGT? How delusional is she?

No. 1834436

I never even knew she was into painting. If people really buy them it’s not because of the art, it’s because of her name. Also as someone who’s not even as good as a painter she shouldn’t overprice her art this much. They all look like 30-$40 at least. Also if she were this desperate she’d sell prints.

No. 1834443

Who is sucking on her teat? I looked up die_herzogin but there are not results

No. 1834564

There's 2 underscores.
So they(he) were also with Kaya at the Shard having drinks.

No. 1834667

here's Dorian's new video

No. 1834696

I haven’t kept up with Dorian are all of her vids stylized like the dramatic readings of a 12 year old’s self-insert fanfic now? The dead cat bit is cheeky.

No. 1834750

File: 1685077805622.jpg (79.72 KB, 1080x1897, 8SHnNpK.jpg)

She went to Slimelight with a bunch of gays she hasn't met before. That's why she didn't post many pics or stories while she was in London. Apart from drinks at The Shard it didn't look like she did much - a boring trip.
There's still no video of her implied collab with Roly 3 weeks on from when she visited him. I wonder if that'll ever get posted.

No. 1834764

Dorian is the perfect mix of narcissist and munchie. I sort of love her.

No. 1834767

Did she mention a collab? I think they just all worked together on editing their own videos.

No. 1834810

Btw there is a new Kaya n Jake thread

No. 1834905

File: 1685103967107.jpg (80.18 KB, 1080x1860, 0xCTzH6.jpg)

That thread got rebooted and now it's only for milk on Jake and Kat - the drink spiking infighting was the final nail in the coffin. Most of us seemed to agree that Kaya doesn't need her own thread.
She's been so boring lately, the only thing that caught my interest was someone admitting they liked her on her stories and giving hints of their identity.

No. 1834917

Just so you know your attempt at minimodding is very obvious kek, you singularly decided Kaya is "too boring" to be mentioned meanwhile she is mentioned regularly in the replies to the new Jake and Kat thread, in this thread, and in the Jake and Kat op, you can't really separate it especially when much of the milk lies in how amusing it is to see Kaya (finally) enjoying her life in contrast with Jake's downfall

No. 1834920

Chill. There's a difference between posting 'milk' on someone and mentioning someone. Kaya will be mentioned on the Jake and Skat Show but no longer plays a lead role - she has little to do with the OnlyFail/VR arc. She's still an altcow so if anything juicy happens it will be posted here rather than there. I like the new changes and keeping things seperate.

No. 1834940

I was against the split at first but so far it’s kept belfast trash anon away, so they can stay separate

No. 1834948

Ok but it's still blatantly just the one anon (you) who suddenly decided to separate Kaya from the thread.
People minimodded the jvlogger thread into a trashheap.
imo it's preferable anons just let things flow organically rather than letting singular anons decide what's best. There's absolutely no reason to separate Kaya from the milk, it wasn't long ago Jaketard made that shitty video about Kaya which forced her to make a 3 hour response video, it's not like this has all been over for years.
All that's happened as a result of the attempt to separate the cows is people continue posting about her in both threads regardless. Like one anon can't just decide "no milk" and magically a cow stops being a cow, people do this constantly in /w in an attempt to shut down discussion. I would say hide the thread but it seems you do want to keep reading about altcows/kaya/jake/kat and are just minimodding for no reason.

No. 1834979

Maybe we’re not looking at the same thread but more than one nonna agreed that separating them was the best idea. There was nothing notably milky going on with Kaya short of her partying and usual whining. The most activity she’s even had in the last couple of weeks was retarded infighting (not unlike this) between snaccs and lovelies and baseless tinfoiling from belfast anon. When she starts being milky again or fake starts stalking her again, fine but for now there’s no point.

No. 1835008

File: 1685119911064.jpg (131.02 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20230526_160637_Ins…)

Is jude a cow anymore? Sometimes I remember her but the milk seems stale, she doesn't post content anymore except the odd ddlg shit or her latest ugly look picrel

No. 1835120

For the first time in a year??

No. 1835215

Is it bad that I want to like Dorian because I feel like she could be an interesting person to talk to but yet at the end of the day she is clearly ridiculous to where you just change your mind? lol

No. 1835216

Is it bad that I want to like Dorian because I feel like she could be an interesting person to talk to but yet at the end of the day she is clearly ridiculous to where you just change your mind? lol

No. 1835282

Aw look, the shit starter is back and pissed that they can't infiltrate Jake's thread with bait anymore so they're gonna shit up the alt thread now.
It's actually not just "blatantly one person" who wants to split the threads. There are a lot of us. Have you even checked the Jake thread? It's popping off with opinions. You gotta be delusional to think it's just some samefag running that whole thread.
Kaya has been mentioned in Jake's thread, but mentioning her name isn't off limits retard, she isn't fucking Voldemort KEK. If you're so desperate to seethe about her, you can post milk about her here. The idea was to separate the infighting, not protect her. Or you could attempt your own thread, nothing is stopping you. But go ahead and see how long a thread full of drink-spiking apologists lasts here, dare you.
Honestly, the new thread has been pretty nice without the scrotey shit starters. It has been for the best so far imo.

No. 1835443

Agreed. The threads being separate has been great so far. I don't care if anons make a separate kaya thread or not tbh, but Jake's thread is already over 100 replies in just days compared to kaya being mentioned here a couple times at most? She can easily just stay itt.

No. 1835498

I liked her old videos, she seemed interesting and funny in the ones up until 2020. She's adapted to her new tiktok anachan Aiden audience now, she used to be my favorite but after the lolita drama I find her unwatchable. Vidrel is still funny to me, she used to have less self pity. sage for autism, I watched her in high school a lot and I'm still kind of sad most of her old videos are gone

No. 1835580

It’s so sad when youtuber videos get deleted. I miss the old videos of Sebastian Columbine or even Harmony Nice.

No. 1835596

I miss Harmony's lookbooks, they were so cute. She seems happier now though so good for her, but why delete half your channel? Sucks. Sorry for derail lol.

No. 1835670

how fucking retarded is she? doesn't she realize she can just… you know, delete the negative comments and move on? truly braindead behavior here.

i couldn't place my finger on why ibf e-begging pissed me off so much, but i think this is exactly it. she wants money? she can go get an actual fucking job. she chose to have children, she has an obligation to care for these humans that she CHOSE to bring into this world. she's up there with kaya and fake for e-begging, imo.

wow, this is actually disgusting. fuck off freyja, you'll survive if you don't get to go to your stupid festival one time. your priority should be caring your children, not using them as fucking props to e-beg for an overrated, expensive festival. she chose to have crotch goblins, she can't just up and travel halfway across the world on a whim anymore. she needs to plan and budget for these things, and take her children into account as well.

remember anon, she spent most of her adult life thus far in a relationship with jake. she wasn't allowed to have friends or go out and party or do most of the fundamental (and slightly stupid) things you normally get to do in your 20s. she finally gets to do that now and just happens to be sharing it on the internet. i don't get the weird hateboner for kaya, but i say let her live her life and get it out of her system. she'll calm down eventually, she's just having fun for the time being.

exactly, i miss harmony's old videos. i used to watch her back in like 2016? 2017? and i guess i didn't realize she deleted half of her channel. that sucks :(

No. 1835679

>Sebastian Columbine's old videos

You know as annoying as she was, I feel this way too. I used to watch her videos a lot back in the day. I know that she was an attention whore who ripped off her look from that Patsy girl but I still actually lowkey liked her vlogs and her OOTDs.

No. 1835680

>>1834948 not true, there were a number of people who wanted the split. I think you really need to get over this.

No. 1835684

If you search for her ex name there is a channel uploading a few of her old vids but just a fraction. I just muss them for nostalgia.

No. 1835770

This is the one time that the e-begging got to me. It is incredibly expensive to fly anywhere from NZ these days, they'd be looking at the best part of 10 grand for two adults, and the childcare thing is odd. I can't imagine they wouldn't take the kids so maybe she's thinking of hiring some childcare service in Germany for those nights out without them? It's fucking insane. The oldest has special health needs, I visualize all manner of terrible things happening and I'm not even a parent.

If anything they should save that money for some potential move away from NZ which seems to be what she wants ultimately. Then festivals would be affordable.(Sage)

No. 1835809

I find it bizarre for her to ask now - this is an annual event, 26th-29th May this year, she literally had a year to save and plan for it so why ask a few days before? Everyone knows that flight and accomodation is cheaper and available in advance, no chance you would be able to do this event on a few days notice unless you lived nearby.
I understand her need to go to the event since it's a big one on the goth calender so…plan for it like everyone else who goes to it?

No. 1835815


"a lot" there are 3 of you as far as I can tell. Plenty of us didn't react to your bullshit because you were cluttering up the thread with your fucking autism arguing and getting pissy while it was about to be locked.

No. 1835816

yes! This is such an unnecessary expensive trip, like Kardashian level rich short trip, I don't get why she thinks she is entitled to it?
Most people probably will never be able to go to WGT not once because they are broke as fuck, and she thinks she has some right to go every single year while being unemployed and living in a very remote place to travel to and from.

No. 1835821

Right? Nobody suggested separating it until one anon right before the thread was full so there wasn't really time to discuss it.

And I like how they assume anons who wanted to keep related cows in their relevant threads must have a hateboner. I'm on Kayas side, it's just illogical to take a cow out of her thread when she's gonna be constantly posted in it regardless, since the only reason anyone is even looking at Jake is because of his ten year long public association with her.

No. 1835828

It's living in that dingy, untidy house and her priority is a festival… a festival?!

No. 1835833

Oh god, it's you the every-reply-I-don't-like-is- the-samefag moron. It's you that keeps instigating infighting by throwing a hissyfit every time someone says something you don't like.

No. 1835839

Nobody was making a thread for days so someone took it upon themselves to make one. If people want a Jake/Kat/Kaya thread, just make one and start posting there. We can see which one ends up taking off.

No. 1835860

I mean for the flight tickets, and the WGT Bracelets, definitely agree with you there.
For the accomodation however she could even have chanced it either through the WGT forum (there's always someone posting accomodation offers), or a buncha town folk put their bedroom or apartment on eBay Kleinanzeigen offer board this year for the pentecostal weekend.

There were so many events happening together with WGT this year (last year were two Rammstein concert, this year Depeche Mode, football and a classical music festival) that subletting definitely is an interesting investment if you trust strangers enough, it can be a win-win.

No. 1835965

File: 1685260037192.jpg (74.44 KB, 502x310, IXIuXrp.jpg)

I first found her through a pretty face click years ago and I still miss her content - she had an easy-going personality and a self-awareness beyond her years. I appreciated that she treated Youtube like a full time job and made an effort to diversify her content in order to draw more people in, she was good at keeping up with the trends and staying relevant (lookbooks, react content, minimalist lifestyle etc). She was always evolving but in the last couple of years she was on an introspective journey dedicated to healing herself: by the end she had transformed into an introverted and principled young woman, much more at peace. I don't blame her for leaving Youtube to seek her joy - she had long hinted she was losing her passion for it and I'm sure therapy and lockdowns made her reassess a lot of shit. Whenever I see 'Wicca' at a bookstore I always think of her - it seems like she's living in Brighton these days and I hope she's flourishing there.
For the nostalgic nonnies earlier…she has a hidden playlist with lots more videos in the community tab, I think she only keeps the videos she's proud of on the main page. There's a lot of vintage content on there but I personally really loved the later stuff (I've watched her smartphone and sobriety videos multiple times).

No. 1836015

Thank you for the hint non!!!! I know I’m gonna get cozy and go through the playlist kek I loved her energy back then she was so calm and not trying to go viral and be controversial or anything.

No. 1836030

No worries, enjoy yourself! Her videos will always feel cozy to me so I'm glad most of them are available.

No. 1836055

File: 1685274358544.jpg (155.82 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230528_214612_Ins…)

I genuinely felt sorry for her until she posted this vapid shit after the other 100 stories about it. I am a fool

No. 1836062

Thanks nonna!

No. 1836063

So she found a new foundation and decided not to commit?

No. 1836085

New video from Freezer. Black Friday & Avelina de Moray jewelry collection. Boring. Brief recap:
>"I know this is another unboxing video, but this is a "special box""
>it's a ring, necklace and earrings in coffin shape with bat wings and a big stone
>stones are cubic zirconia and come in different colors, band is stainless steel or sterling silver
>"Avelina is super nitpicky with materials and stuff"
>the box contains more boxes, velvet pouches and a written note from Avelina
>you can hear Montrose in the background, Freezer apologizes for it
>you can PRE-ORDER this collection now, demand is super high, order now plz
>also, the Black Friday bags/wallets are back
>the jewelry looks like epic shit, looks shein level and not high quality at all, price point is insanity
>big ad at the end for Avelina de Moray
The jewelry looks like stuff you get on Shein or Temu for a buck each. I don't know the quality of Avelina's bags or the other shit but most of the stuff you find on her site look trashy and gimmicky. I'm no expert, but the jewelry seems overpriced. In my country you can get stainless steel rings with cubic zirconia for ~10 bucks. No clue if the quality makes it worth it though, so if you ever purchased anything from Avelina and can attest to the quality, let me know.

No. 1836272

nah, there have been too many times where she ~can’t take this guys~ and either alleged it made her want to unalive or otherwise hurt herself, no one cares anyway, etc. then would go on promoting her makeup or jewelry or whatever like nothing happened.

No. 1836280

Funny enough, I actually knew this because I remember seeing someone re-post her Bats Dog Vlog and I found that the channel uploaded a few of her other old videos. I'm hoping that whoever is running that channel has more of them and will re-post them.

No. 1836289

>demand is super high, order now plz

Who are you trying to convince Freya?

No. 1836340

omg, thank you nonnie! i miss her content a lot, i'm glad it wasn't all deleted. time to go get comfy and sit down and watch through straight up nostalgia lol

still a fucking cow, through and through. imagine vagueposting about trying to off yourself a week ago… that's just gross. if you need help and support, go to therapy or talk to your friends. don't vaguepost about it in a 'pity me' kind of way to your online following. that's just icky

No. 1836352

Maybe she means post-worthy makeup, since she's stopped posting about it completely and run away from her lame attempt at makeup influencer.

No. 1836353

KazLovesBats too, she deleted a lot of her old stuff. She's not into goth anymore so I get why she'd want to distance herself but sad that she scrubbed them entirely

No. 1836397

just took a look at her tiktok and it seems she's pretty much still into goth, still plays with that mediocre band of hers and they still sound gothy synth-pop. I think she doesn't want to be a goth influencer anymore, and who can blame her? fuck this shit

No. 1836421

100℅. And she didn't just do that, she went into multiple in depth posts detailing her suicide attempt with paracetamol last week. And before that posted multiple stories from the hospital after it happened. I clicked her stories yesterday and was dumbfounded reading that vapid shit.

No. 1836465

Suicide attempt with paracetamol??! KEKK.
Is she 15? Is she serious? If you’re gonna make a whole arse performance, at least make it somewhat believable / resembling real life.

No. 1836518

When it came to the old "Goth" Youtubers, KazlovesBats was my most favorite. She actually listened to goth music and just had this positive energy about her. She tended to stay out of drama as well if I'm remembering correctly and she never shamelessly e-begged. She was pretty good and I was sad when she became less active and dropped YouTube entirely.

I know she's active on TikTok but I refuse to join that app because of how toxic it can be and how it kills attention span.

No. 1836538

I thought the new blackfriday video really weird. She kept repeating how “I can trust her” “she can be trusted”
Like wtf is that about? What are we missing?(Sage)

No. 1836557

Just wanted to let you know it's a thing. Suicide via paracetamol kills you very slowly over the course of 2 weeks, you get to say goodbye to all your loved ones while your liver shuts down. Spoilered for derail

No. 1836647

This shit just looks so tacky and dumb I don’t know how anyone over 15 can wear it

No. 1836755

I think there was an old controversy about how some of Avelina's bags were poorly made but I'm not sure,

No. 1836779

AYRT here, I agree, which is why I said if someone ever bought anything from her and can attest to the quality, please correct me. I've heard similar tales that the wallets and bags are bad quality and not worth the price. To be honest, they look the part. They look like run of the mill Killstar-level "Goff" bags with bat wings, ankh symbols and the like, it's just not a good look throughout for Freyja to associate herself with her like this but money's money and she desperately needs it.
It seems to me this is why she stressed "it's difficult to put your name into someone else's hands" or something like that in this video multiple times.

No. 1836790

File: 1685388809457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.47 KB, 828x1276, 245A51A9-45CE-4D55-85B3-E84730…)

I’m a little bit unsure if this really fit here in this thread but I can’t get over it. Some person brought a fetus skeleton to WGT to basically hash for attention. What’s your guy’s opinion on this? I’m sad it doesn’t even have a nane apparently.

No. 1837286

Uhm, how do you even acquire one, may I ask? Provided that it is real. Like this shit can’t be legal. As much as bringing the remains of an actual human being to a festival, let alone a child’s. Like how didn’t they get at least questioned by the police / security?

No. 1837324

> it's difficult to put your name into someone else's hands
It is. But you don’t have to, if you don’t want to, or your gut feeling’s telling you it’s sketch. There are plenty of ways to earn money, even within the "influencer" realm. Kek, you can make more paintings and sell them on e-bay. Evidently, there is a demand for that. Among other things.

Freyja is so annoying with constantly acting and self-pitying as if she’s this perpetual victim of circumstance, when 99% of the time it’s down to purely her own choices and shitty decision-making.

No. 1837360

I have purchased the blackfriday wallet when it first came out. It still looks perfect. I never heard of the quality being bad cuz the wallet is amazing.
Wonder what the trust things about? It can’t be about the quality

No. 1837915

Seeing some parallels with Kaya's recent spiking incident with the recent Rammstein news, look up shelby69666 on Twitter. It's a Northern Irish goth girl who was naive enough to get herself invited to rammstein's groupie parties, she alleges she was spiked and it does sound like she was based on her testimony, lots of other girls have posted their experiences. It seems like a handler woman who incidentally is longtime buddies with marilyn manson organises Till (lead singer) groupie parties along with a guy called Joe (not a rammstein fan so idk more) and Joe selects a girl for Till to bang (without clearly informing said girl of this plan) and Shelby was shaken by the experience, and has now gone on a tell all on Twitter, bless her, it has hit the news and the band deny everything of course. Getting all the shit you'd expect to see about uwu you were just drunk you are lying despite rock n roll groupies being such a well established trope that none of this defies belief. There's like 160 Tweets or so on her account so too much to post here, but definitely of interest imo.

No. 1837969

Imagine listening to a bunch of edgy grotesque German boomer scrotes with rapey lyrics and expecting them to NOT be complete pieces of shit lmaoooo

No. 1837979

In her story she literally says she witnessed that one of the girls who was invited to the pre-party had been clearly drugged and had given Till blowjobs, and that Till was being violent and some of the girls were obviously terrified. And she still went to the afterparty? Jfc.

She also says she has girlfriends in other cities who confirmed before all this happened to her that Till arranges orgies with tons of drugs and that several girls almost died during these events. And she still wanted to attend one of these orgies? Ew. Pickmes never thrive.

No. 1838008

I don't think she's a pickme, it seems to me more like she naively thought it would be more of an organic party fun vibe and less trafficked prostitutes vibes, based on the stories she reposted it seems like girls go from shy to hooker in 30 mins due to consuming the spiked drinks he passes around. Like none of these girls truly consented to sex if they don't remember any of it and are doing it under heavy influence. Super rapey and not fun at all despite the pickmes bursting our of the woodwork to let us know how 'fun' these parties are.
She basically didn't anticipate the level of rapey evil involved imo, seems quite emotional and childish. I can't access her Instagram since she's on private and I don't wanna send a request, but she made a pinned stories called 'rammstein evil' and truly just seems too innocent to be involved in all of this. she seems neurodivergent imo
The stories about what marilyn manson and trent reznor used to do are horrifying, like insane levels of abuse and they are all buddies.
girl needs to do her research next time.
I'm glad she's posting about it since it seems many girls are surprised by the nature of these parties.

No. 1838012

One thing is "rock n roll" groupies and backstage shenanigans x getting drugged – it always existed, both at these bigger festivals and also in niche smaller clubs, and, unfortunately, always will, because of enabling scrotes, band / label connections, and simply brushing stuff under the rug so that the shows at the venue can go on. Some bands are known and notorious for this shit ( >>1837979 kek, ikr) some may be more of a shocker. Sometimes the lines are blurred, sometimes it’s outright assault. Nothing excuses what those pieces of shit do, but at the same time, it’s mad naive to be living in 2023, with all this info plastered right in front of you (unlike it was back in the day when it was just word of mouth, sometimes with no solid proof) and go backstage to see Till Lindemann or Manson and expect to be okay. Why would you want to arrange a meetup with those haggard pervert scumbags at all??
> Pickmes never thrive
You’re absolutely right, Anon. What about dignity, self-preservation instinct, and looking one after another as part of the bloody gig culture? Pickmeism is probably the only explanation.

But what’s more of a question – what the heck does this story have to do with Kaya? Kaya didn’t go to a festival, didn’t go backstage to meet some perv band, she was just out and about clubbing with her friends like on a regular Tuesday.
The fact that this Shelby girl had a horrible experience adds nothing to Kaya’s case. And I’m convinced some anons questioned Kaya not because they’re not inclined to believe a young woman can get drugged at a club and potentially assaulted. It’s just when she elaborated, there seemed to be grey areas / inconsistencies to the story. To me, personally, a lot of the story sounded ridiculous, but later on, quite a bit of local nonnies confirmed that this is how your healthcare system and club culture works, so that made me, personally, change my mind for the most part, even though some bits of it do still sound strange. You can’t blame, you know, foreign fags for disbelief with this one, because the healthcare part alone sounds like Stone Age to some of us. It’s not how it works in other parts of the world, of Europe, at all. Has nothing to do with everyone’s favourite "hate boner", just the story, for a non-NI resident, does sound ludicrous, honest to god. That’s all. People are allowed to be sceptical. And Shelby’s news story has nothing to do with anything.
Sage for essay.

No. 1838019

I'm the anon who made the Kaya comparison, it's more a fellow NI goth girl + spiked + bunch of doubters claiming she was "just drunk" or spiked herself on purpose that seemed similar to me. Seems like Shelby did a drug test and came up negative, probably because it was too many hours later, and had a difficult time with the police too.
Imo Kaya is a much more sensible girl than Shelby and I can't see something like this happening to her, but the reactions from h8ers you see in her Twitter replies definitely reminded me of the ones I saw here.

Also glad to read the part where you changed your opinion after hearing about the shitheap NHS and club culture kek.

No. 1838031

People attacking and doubting a woman put in a dangerous situation by scrotes is misogyny and victim blaming at it's finest. I cannot understand how anyone is shocked Till is a whole rapey scrote given his obvious behavior. Even the idea of him organizing a bunch of barely legal girls to come backstage to get absolutely wasted with him is obviously suspicious behavior for a 60+ year old man.

No. 1838076

Why the fuck would you go backstage to the Till parties after witnessing and hearing all about other girls being drugged and raped? Bear in mind these were not girls who turned up for some random event thrown by random scrotes that went horribly wrong. These are hardcore long term Rammstein fans who know all the lyrics, are obsessed with all the members, know all the lore, seen all the extremely explicit creepy videos, have read all the backstage and horror stories. Till has always been known as a misogynistic sex addicted creep since the 90s. These girls describe personally witnessing other girls being drugged and raped, knew stories of girls almost choking to death on their vomit after being facefucked by Till at preparty and still decide to go to the afterparty? Those scrotes deserve to die, but some personal responsibility from the girls who knew all this has to be taken here. And probably dragged their friends to come too. That’s fucked up. Stop enabling these scrotes. Anyway, I’ll try not to derail.

No. 1838078

Getting spiked is becoming much more commonplace nowadays. It’s no longer about leaving your drink out. Scrotes are literally straight up stabbing and injecting women on the dance floor with syringes full of date rape drugs, I’ve seen multiple cases on the news in my small city alone. Never underestimate how evil scrotes can be, especially the porn addicted rapeapes we currently have to coexist with.

No. 1838092

Dumb young girls are going to be dumb young girls unfortunately. I'm mostly just glad they are (semi) okay and can speak out about it now to hopefully prevent him from getting his hands on any more of them. A lot of these "shock rocker" types depend on people thinking it's all an act, just look at scumbag MM and the people still defending him.

No. 1838094

Well yeah better late than never I guess. But just one Google search can lead you to numerous stories on reddit and twitter about such Till parties and grooming dating from months and years back.

No. 1838099

Grufties back in the day were also stealing stuff from cemeteries.

Doesn't dead fetus count as "medical waste" in most of Europe? Also maybe it was sold from some liquidated medical education institution if it is authentic to begin with.It doesn't look too typical. Lacks of any separation between bones.

No. 1838101

>least mentally ill German

No. 1838104

It looks partially mummified judging by the visible tissue on the exposed parts of the body. Looks less a fetus and more of a very young baby judging by the lack of teeth. Anywhere from newborn to a few months old would be my best guess.

No. 1838165

The thing is, its not fans all of the time.
The girl for row 0 gets approached as if it was a ”modeling” gig, and some of them know of the band but don’t listen to the music. Shelly was a fan, but I have seen story times from the gig from others who were not and was just there for the experience.
How ever, people are always in denial of bad things said about people they idolise so wouldn’t surprise me if hardcore fans just think it is lies for attention.
And further more, as I understand it, they get escorted everywhere they go when they are inside the consent hall, would they be able to leave just as they wish? Do they dare to try?

I know 10-15 years ago someone I new got to one of these after party’s. She was just about 18, was at the gig as a fan, front row and time one came and out a wristband on here and other girls for this party. Back then it was the whole band and not just till. I don’t know if anything happend, I just know that this has been going on forever.

No. 1838168

God I just watched a few of Kayas get ready with me videos because I do quite like her makeup, but is there ANY of these where she isnt complaining the entire time? Every single "chatty" GRWM video of hers shes in a bad mood, super stressed, things are bad right now, I cant talk about it but something bad happened recently. EVERY single time! Is she ever happy/content and nothing awful is stressing her out? I mean some of it HAS to be exaggeration because Its the same in videos years ago as in videos recently
Im not saying she has to be happy go lucky or lie about feeling well but I dont think its normal to be in a CONSTANT state of feeling bad all the time

No. 1838180

This is why Kaya sucks, anon, you new here?

No. 1838193

She's about to turn 30. She's had more free time and disproportionate amount of money for someone who does fuck all in their 20s than most and has really done fuck all with it. She could have degree(s). She could have became competent at a number or creative endeavours or fuck. Even got better at making youtube videos but nah. She knows that for reasons I can't wrap my head around, idiots will send her regular monthly earnings that the biggest ordeal of her day is deciding if she wants to do her make up or not.

No. 1838200

File: 1685532265159.png (230.75 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20230531-122231.png)

The first time I heard about this was Sunday one of Kayas mates from monster Queen post about it.i think this is same girl that gave Kaya the love bite .

No. 1838293

No. 1838326

Saged because off topic, but what are the stories about Trent Reznor? Never heard them

No. 1838335

Some hystrionic bitches will literally stop at nothing to get some instagram clout. I hope that chick gets sued for defamation and the settlement goes towards a charity for actual victims of assault

No. 1838380

Not even surprised by this I seen a video of him fucking multiple women who were flopping all over the place they looked extremely drunk he was slapping them and choking them and they would just like melt into the floor like they were limp and out of it it was a horrible video it used to be on Reddit years ago I have no idea if it was real or staged.
Tbh he looks like the type pervy old man with a high status who think they can just get away with this. I hope he gets black listed and I hope all the girls were ok . This is why you always bring a plus on to concerts and don’t drink what people give you

No. 1838390

Not to have internalised misogyny but how is anyone naive enough to not know those are sex fests? Gropies has been a thing since what? the 50's? They thought they were just going to a regular party? Like come on.

No. 1838392

File: 1685555281037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.06 KB, 1080x1920, BishopOF.jpg)

Apparently jude is doing OF again. I didn't even know she stopped, but it was full of weird ddlg shit and bruises and scratches on her body (there's leaks in her own old threads if any nonas wanna subject themselves to that), I wonder if her starting again means she's pounced on yet another "daddy" who's ashamed to be seen with her but is still with her bc she's an easy lay

No. 1838416

I wonder if IBF will say anything about the Rammstein situation since it's her favorite band, but iirc she had no problems looking up to other perverted moids like Manson or Voltaire.

No. 1838423

File: 1685558546308.png (Spoiler Image, 106.74 KB, 1290x2796, 3CAF5F7C-2075-470F-A9FD-6CA334…)

Confirming that Reeree wants a boob job

No. 1838476

Till won’t fuck you

No. 1838500

It's not misogyny. The main problem is the drugging someone without contest tho. Group orgies before, during and after gigs are far less problematic if participants take both part in orgy and their drugs willingly. In such cases it's the problem mainly for them and their therapists. When someone adds stuff to someone's drinks/food without their consent that's an assault. An assault that is unjustified is a criminal activity.

No. 1838520

While I don't agree with groupie culture whatsoever, there is a bit of a difference between groupies hooking up with rockstars because they want to and a 60yo man drugging and raping hand-picked fangirls. He isn't just having casual hook ups with these girls.

No. 1838573

Reznor has always been known to be an asshole, especially when he was on drugs in the 90s. When Manson was on tour with NIN him and his members kept doing really fucked up things to female groupies, some girls claim Trent was directly involved in these assaults, Courtney Love called him an abuser of girls as young as 12. For sure at the very least NIN just tolerated it and turned a blind eye to it all. Trent Reznor always seemed like an incel to me, he’s an angsty edgy bpd manlet with an Asian fetish.

No. 1838587

From what I can find the only two people who have accused Trent of anything were Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson themselves. I'm not saying that Trent hasn't possibly done some shady things as any moid is obviously capable, but it's strange that there seem to be no other accounts, just these two bitter old washed up junkies who were once in his orbit decades ago. Do you have any other sources that I might have missed?

No. 1838599

File: 1685573449102.png (338.13 KB, 1271x1000, trentcourtney.png)

It also seems she came out with the allegation in reaction to the "star fucker" song he released which alludes to both her and MM? Also, what is with Trent's Asian fetish? I don't follow him very closely by any means and I can't seem to easily (or safely) google this. kek

No. 1838677

Derail, and people can have different opinions on Courtney, but I’m SO glad she speaks out about these scrotes even if sporadically. And she’s so based about this pos Dave. Him acting like he’s this rock’n’roll legend, when he’s just a massive scumbag leech with a shitty band no one would’ve even cared to know of if it weren’t for his association with Kurt. He’d be nobody without Kurt, yet he just keeps on leeching and leeching, while acting as if his own music were somewhat impactful.

No. 1838784

I don't like Dave either, his music isn't even any good, but Courtney is a huge cow. She's been a massive pick-me junkie psycho attacking many other female artists out of jealousy, literally physically assaulted other women and fans, lost custody of her daughter, dropped the n word and tried to get fans to chant it, etc. She's a fucking mess.

No. 1838814

Wouldn't trust courtney all that much. she's been loopy for a long time.
I've been in the NIN-adjacent corners for years, and I've never had heard any talk of it besides from her and MM who are obviously bitter about their own fucked-up shit.
Like, you'd think there would be ANY proof besides the words of two people who are abusers themselves, but not a single victim came out since.

Sorry for being a Trent whiteknight on main, but like. I loved his music and been around in his "bandom" or whatever for more than a decade, and he seems like a genuinely okay guy? After he stopped doing drugs ofc. He just seems like a depressed older dad these days, while Till and MM still try to fuck everything that moves at their age.

No. 1838833

Yeah honestly, starting to think that anon was spouting nonsense. From all the googling I did, it seems like there aren't any other allegations? He has publicly only dated one Asian woman, his Filipina wife of 14 years who he has multiple children with and makes music with. He doesn't seem to have any other sketchy behavior or anything that I could dig up. Dude might be a bit of an edgelord, but he seems like a settled down dad these days. Definitely nowhere on the same level as rapist scumbags like Till or Manson.

No. 1838904

Sage, but I honestly believe that something about Reznor will come up eventually. Like come on, I like his music, but I'm not going to believe that he shaked hands with all of these gross rapey moids and turned out ot be a Nigel.

No. 1839004

File: 1685632706761.jpeg (304.16 KB, 1170x2177, IMG_3207.jpeg)

From a 2010 interview with Ogre from Skinny Puppy. It’s not rape orgies, but it shows an indifference towards their female fans

No. 1839010

Suicide by paracetamol is actually a horrible slow way to die. Most people just get medical attention and have their stomachs pumped before it's too late.

No. 1839141

Thank you anon! I love Ogre, is he clear? Feels like it's almost impossible to clear any moid with any ounce of power these days. It's like they just can't help but abuse it when it comes to women. Trent might not be as bad as MM or Till, but it would make more sense as to why he was okay with hanging around Manson at one point, even if he did eventually grow up and left him behind.

No. 1839204

I've never heard anything about him, I'm bracing myself for the day we might find out he's just like the rest(Sage)

No. 1839375

I agree with you, I’m not a fan of Courtney either. Her daughter is a huge mess too btw. But, idk, the obvious cow behaviour on those particular instances still doesn’t overwrite her experiences with these scrotes, and the behind the scenes knowledge, like she knows these fuckers for who they truly are.
Her cowism and the fact that she’s been witch-hunted for most her life sure washes out some credibility to these stories in the eyes of the general public, but, in a micromanaged world of yes-men, I’m still glad she’s vocal about it. She does carry "a reputation", but she’s definitely not a nobody in the rock scene, and she’s one of the few names who do have something to say, and can be trusted on said truths as first-hand witnesses. And thankfully, at times, they do come crashing these echo-chambers of undeserved praise and "recognition" of the self-proclaimed talents, achievements and characteristics of these literal pieces of shit.

No. 1839385

Well, if you think about it this way, theoretically one can suffer a horrible death from nearly anything. But that’s just theory. Realistically, the probability of you succeeding dying by paracetamol suicide is super slim for the exact cases you’ve stated yourself. It’s a long arse process, and you have to consume a whole bunch, and you will start vomiting and getting admitted to have your stomach pumped etc to top off with the stuff that comes after they realise you did it on purpose… It’s pointless, and people who claim attempting this are usually just edge-lords seeking attention (not really meaning to die).

Think about this too, paracetamol is one of the most accessible (in the Western world) otc medications you can think of. If "paracetamol suicide" was really a thing, then why all these terminal patients suffering through horrific pains and endless torture every living second of their life, begging to legalise euthanasia, are forced to just stick through it until their time comes on hardcore prescription drugs (that barely work) and street drugs, when they can just down some paracetamol for 2 weeks and call it a day? Because there’s little practical application. Apologies for slight derail.(Derail)

No. 1839422

This is way offtopic anon, take it to OT. In the uk you can only buy small packs of paracetemol, in the us you can buy bottles of hundreds. It is legally limited for safety reasons even if you don't take it seriously. Even long term daily use of just one or two tablets causes stomach damage. No idea why you're discounting the seriousness just because it's not "extreme" enough for you.
The altcow that prompted this discussion has already asked her doctor to euthanise her(!) so I think she is pretty damn serious actually

No. 1839538

I just wish she'd back up some of her claims with hard evidence or even just her bandmates (or others) backing her up. She's an unreliable narrator and has been known to lash out in retaliation or straight up make shit up about people which makes it so difficult to take what she says as the actual 100% truth. Like if her and her bandmates did witness the abuse of actual 12yos and they just brushed it off for all these years, up until she felt slighted by Trent for his Star Fucker song? What exactly does that say about her and her bandmates? Why wait until you feel you need to get back at the dude for writing a song about you? It's kind of bizarre to me tbh.

No. 1839752

Maybe ubers fans of Jake and Kaya would buy them? kek

No. 1839753

This is the sad truth. We can document and archive all the shit that problematic and abusive bands/musicians/etc. do but young girls will never listen. They think they'll be the exception and unfortunately learn the hard way. We can't force them to not go to these events so the best we can do is keep archiving and hoping some girls will be smart not to get involved in this and pray for the best.