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File: 1676438398073.png (2.51 MB, 2016x1512, PhotoRoom-20230215_043520.png)

No. 1768412

Coloursofthedark_bpd_aspd_npd is NOT to be posted about (or to post) in this thread.
I made her very own one that you can find here:


Rules: https://lolcow.farm/rules

If you don't like the new thread pic / Recap, too bad how sad. Make it yourself next time.


Laura has been reminding us about how sick she used to be with several throwback nose hose pics. She's also gaslit her mum into getting her into a rehab centre.

Ham is the biggest she's ever been, and she LOVES it ! So much that she has to remind us every other day how much she fancies herself. She nearly died during the 3 weeks of 400 kcal, one of the worst cases of anorexia her mums ever heard of.

Hxn has apparently graduated from her liquid diet in favour of purging solids (tinfoiled from the very obvious Russell's knuckles)

Zara COULD be a BMI of 25 for all we know! She hasn't posted a picture of herself since "before Christmas"(she has). There was an anon in the last thread who openly admitted to cowtipping, which sparked a debate on the site rules. Please read the rules and practice your comprehension skills.

Abby celebrated her birthday inpatient and made sure we knew about it, showing off her presents and chicken legs in most pictures. She also has scarred her forehead from the banging, and it looks like she's glued an insect to her face. Looks like she was moved to a general medical ward for a drip, too.

Niamh is NOT body checking because OTHER PEOPLE ON PINTREST POSTS THE SAME! She's also cosplaying as my Nan for her prom, sexy.

Hayden got all spiritual or some shit, "Connecting to the land, the water and the ancestors through ceremony and being on sacred land." Could we maybe spoiler pictures of haybail as most nonnas are disturbed by the pube arts and crafts…

EC is just EC'ing, full bra and panties on show in most streams. There's nothing new there. Continuing to dress like she's fallen into the bargain bin at Claires accessories.

Fi has been #strugglung to doctor shop for an Autism diagnosis and created an entire YouTube account to discuss this new discovery, leading nonnas to dig up some old blog posts about BPD and psychosis. Yes, these symptoms often overlap. However, it's very conventional that she's always got the trendiest label to flaunt. How long will it be until she's got something else?… she's #strugglung

Becca (who had an NG) has made a recurring appearance after a vendettachan was accepted as a follower though in all fairness, Becca has reminded us exactly how many days she had her tube in for anorexia, so she's definitely a cow. did i mention? she was tubed for AGES!. Just one with a very disturbing smile and repetitive milk. She had a tube for 16 months straight for her anorexia, and has reminded us every other day since having it removed. Did I mention that she had a t0ob? For 445 days !

Nikol has converted to Islam in hopes of Allah saving her from the devil (herself). I wonder how long it'll be before she reads “Eat and drink but do not be excessive.” (7:31) and swiftly changes her mind…

Jaydie has earned a spot in the Recap for her statement "how tf does someone manage 12 tubes in 3 admissions" answer? by being a cow

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No. 1768462

File: 1676445772993.png (518.08 KB, 469x778, Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 1.22…)

Time for Laura to have another brief excursion out of the hospital so she can do something to get herself readmitted.

Any bets on how long she lasts this time?

No. 1768463

File: 1676445896701.png (538 KB, 470x585, Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 1.24…)

Holy fucking chin acne

No. 1768502

48 hours

No. 1768526

I'll be generous and say between 3-4 days

No. 1768558

I can forgive acne but that foundation is just ridiculously dark. It's completely the wrong colour and looks terrible

No. 1768615

It's the moustache for me

No. 1768693

Is she tryna look like a troon?

No. 1768791

File: 1676484193822.jpg (82.09 KB, 701x1080, minnimaus.jpg)

Nonnies, EC's valentines day outfit is sending me.

No. 1768795

She has no sense of style. She can't even match colors on a simple costume like this. Red skirt, red bowtie but pink head box and fucking yellow shoes. A disaster.

No. 1768798

File: 1676484439466.jpeg (866.32 KB, 828x1490, AE51926D-EA58-4E26-9F15-BB606A…)

Does anyone know anything about her? Her account is in Spanish. Is she trying to get better? All her comments are from skelly fetishists about how beautiful she is.

No. 1768805

File: 1676484784197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.32 KB, 410x587, thepoormariposa.jpg)

It's laughable at best. Also check out her butterfly pasties, she's totally not flashing her audience anymore.

No. 1768808

Jfc she is terrifying and looks incredibly vain.

No. 1768812

She reminds me of Ganer. Same smug facial expression.

No. 1768813

>> trying to get better
>> comments are from skelly fetishists about how beautiful she is

You just can't have both.

No. 1768816

hate to be that autist, but I think the outfit is supposed to be mickey mouse themed, so the ears, red dress, and yellow shoes. Not sure why the ears are pink though.

No. 1768820

Minnie needs to stop it with the ronald mcdonald color combo too.

No. 1768832

I bumped into Zara today and she looked possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. I struggled to recognise her.

No. 1768856

What bit of read the rules and play by them don't you get?

No. 1768930

I don’t think they went out of their way to bump into Zara. As mentioned before a few farmers know some of the cows personally, I don’t see anything wrong with them sharing about how Zara actually looks (since she could be a bmi 25 for all we know)

No. 1768971

i smell bullshit. anons have previously claimed to have “bumped into” zara and quite frankly i don’t believe a word of it. i think this is angling for her to get tipped off that someone’s making these claims again and provoke her into posting.

No. 1769058

File: 1676501608701.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2182, 1C6DF4C1-8C6A-44B3-B219-351D16…)

does she genuinely think her makeup looks good???

No. 1769117

File: 1676509329104.png (4.83 MB, 1170x2532, CB04D2B2-35E4-4BE5-8FC7-08EA62…)

Cant upload the video file but Nikols story she’s basically saying that she’d been thinking about how shitty it would be if she were to get raped after she binged, how she (an emetophobic) would likely just keep “vomiting and vomiting because I can barely walk”. She also disclaims she is not trying to manifest this it is just simply another rube goldberg scenario on her mind.

No. 1769119

Samefag I forgot to add that she said she would likely keep vomiting everywhere because getting raped is “basically exercise” and I’m sorry this sounds really scrotish of me but I laughed out loud kek

No. 1769127

she is utterly unhinged.

No. 1769130

File: 1676510614515.jpeg (196.68 KB, 828x489, 45BA5D8C-533D-4112-95B1-02C324…)

Throwback Thursday to Claire, who was bullied here and killed herself. It’s sad reading her old tweets.

No. 1769155

File: 1676513851101.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1170x2085, 56CC0704-D9FF-4000-A7B5-D930BB…)

Another bodycheck woo. Apparently she joined a seed program

No. 1769166

File: 1676514798294.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 228.63 KB, 1170x1083, 9192ED87-01C0-42DA-87C1-355F3A…)

Spoilered because brutal as fuck but I can’t imagine what must be wrong with her guts for this to be occurring

No. 1769173

I can’t even imagine living like that. What is the end goal here? Remember when she said “oh I binge but I lose all the weight immediately teehee” What do her friends and family think?

No. 1769193

File: 1676517767698.jpg (557.79 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230215_191851_Chr…)

If you read about her story then you will learn about the horrible conditions she endured in the hospital before she died. So as much as lolcow didnt help, i dont think its what drove her decision.
Link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47774872.amp

No. 1769207

File: 1676519188422.jpeg (231.32 KB, 1536x2048, 672D00DD-967B-488B-AD20-F584DA…)

I don’t think we helped though.

No. 1769209

you say "we" like you're not clearly the person who just started white knighting everyone at the end of the last thread. If you think people are more impacted by mean words on the internet than being locked in a room with nothing for weeks and not being allowed to shower regularly, then log off and shut down your computer.

No. 1769222

I don't get how she's been accepted into paramedicine.

No. 1769223

That wasn’t really the point I was making. I just wanted to throwback to remember Claire and to open up a discussion about any other past cows. Shout out to Ella Chaston and Liv Martinez.

No. 1769236

I want to know how old she is, she looks so decrepit

No. 1769257

fuck. Actually worried and rather sad for her. That's awful.

No. 1769259

I know this is mostly about Instagram users but I was taking a look through some of Nikol’s Twitter followers and they’re fucking nuts over there. Definitely some potential cows.

No. 1769260

I don't think there's an end goal, it's just her eating disorder shifting to bingeing instead of restricting.

No. 1769271

Leave Emily alone, she's recovered. This is pro ana scumbags, not bad makeup scumbags.

No. 1769281

Was that a hospital in America? How were the conditions that bad without any government interference?

No. 1769283

I think that's the least of her issues right now…

No. 1769286

Definitely not trying to get better. I scrolled down to 2018 and she seems to have lost a little bit of weight since then but she's looked like this forever as it seems. She also has a weird obsession with butterflies. No idea if it's ED-related or just a coincidence but I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1769289

She looks she's about to give birth to twins any second

No. 1769292

this is serious competition for italian Aly

No. 1769293

File: 1676535006679.png (361.11 KB, 612x517, boooones.png)

holy crap, just look at that mighty facehugger!

No. 1769294

File: 1676535724381.jpeg (571.94 KB, 828x1220, 8C6CB33E-01E4-400F-95F3-0AC781…)

This is a post from one of Nikol’s followers. Beneath this post is a Twitter thread of extremely gruesome wounds, rotting flesh, food with maggots, etc.
“Appetite suppressant thread”
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

No. 1769299

I found this article so she must be 40 now.

No. 1769307

does she actually do anything milky or do you just think her makeup is ugly?

No. 1769308

File: 1676537304319.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1549, 96E523CA-F1F8-4311-AC6A-6C7BEB…)

I’m actually pretty impressed with how active she is. She seems to attend many events, gives speeches, and travels the world.
Unlike Eugenia who doesn’t leave her bedroom.

No. 1769325

dude, did you even look at the url in the post you replied to (I know you didn't click to see the news article)? it was in the UK

No. 1769332

Oops my bad, I didn't want to read the article and I didn't look at the URL. Still strange that a UK hospital would be that negligent with their patients though, I hope her death shed some light on the situation.

No. 1769333

I've seen other lawsuits about similar staffing issues in psych inpatient units in private hospitals that the nhs contracts out to, so it seems like kinda a thing over there? a britfag might be able to fill us in more

No. 1769338

edtwitter tards are so pathetic. why do they as anorexics even need appetite suppressants? smells like larp and desperation

No. 1769339


Even anorexics get cravings. Kek at you thinking they just don’t feel hunger

No. 1769340

remember this is edtwt you're talking about.

No. 1769342

And looking at gross images will get rid of the cravings? That's so pathetic. Just don't eat it's that simple kek

No. 1769344


probably accidents again right before moving to supported living

No. 1769346

Can you please integrate and stop hitting your spacebar like a total retard. Cheers.

No. 1769347

>>1769346 sowwie idiot :3(:3)

No. 1769350

yeah I live near that hospital (Nevill Hall, Abergavenny) and it’s reputation is pretty bad. It’s NHS but understaffed, long wait times, I’m unsurprised.

No. 1769363

Oh shit what a throwback! The name didn't click until I saw the photo but I remember all that and her death. She went through some crazy shit

No. 1769366

No milk
She basically a fashion designer or artist or something. Superskelly but not milky

No. 1769367

Twitter is such a vagrant dumpster pile in not surprised. The appetite suppressant pics are old school ana tips didn't realise it's still a thing (don't know why thought pros would have evolved but nope)

No. 1769369

yeah it’s a problem. not to blog but the hospital was in there were 3 deaths, 2 on the ward and 1 girl who took leave to commit. it was a private hospital funded by the nhs. understaffing and very neglectful but nothing has been done to stop those situations happening

No. 1769372

Nta but fuck that's horrible, why is colors so desperate to get in there it sounds like a detention center.

No. 1769377

I see that God was her means of motivation for recovery…. there's your first problem. It seems God has been slacking off for the past 5-10yrs

No. 1769379

sorry to blogpost again but i’m in the same area as colours, like we are under the same mental health services so if she went inpatient she would most likely go into where i was due to the type of hospital. why she WANTS to i’ll never know. it’s so scummy

No. 1769383

Does she think the 'sickest' one go there? And if she's there she can LARP hard cause they won't do shit? She would start manipulating staff and patients in a second. Maybe it's for anaclout?

No. 1769396

Holy shit lol, she probably thinks it would be some fun little vacay where she could let her BPD antics run wild. Her last IP was in Vancouver and it seems pretty relaxed and comfy from her description, she's in for a rude awakening if she does manage to make it into IP in the area you're talking about.

No. 1769426

Colours seems to think she can come and go as she pleases, essentially a free hostel she can go train every day, race, have her own room and save money as everything is given to her, sad she feels her life only has clout being inpatient despite being told otherwise

No. 1769440

All the anachan cows are like this. Poor little rich girls too lazy and useless for adulthood, who want a cozy hospitalized existence where staff wait on them hand & foot and all they have to do is post pity-mongering selfies all day. That’s why they all have “incidents” when it’s time to be released and face the real world which doesn’t give a flying fuck about them or their eating habits. Colours is just jealous other cows are pulling the grift off better than her.

No. 1769444

File: 1676559029362.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2276, Screenshot_20230215_113029_Tik…)

No. 1769448

genuinely doesn't surprise me that it was a Cygnet hospital. I have known cygnet to refuse to allow patients to shower more than once a week/be allowed clean clothes etc, seems pretty standard practice.

No. 1769450

This one’s 17 are we shit talking minors or nah? I guess Niamh is posted constantly so it’s okay.

No. 1769477

Niamh was banned until she turned 16 because we don't post kids.

No. 1769488

is 16 still not a child?

No. 1769499

No because if you have eyes it's quite clear on the site rules that subjects over 16 are allowed to be posted on the site.
It's not doxxing, or harassing, or threatening etc. It's reposting their own public content to a different public platform…you know, you don't have you be here if you're offended or upset by it.


>Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.

No. 1769560

File: 1676567715705.jpeg (894.67 KB, 1170x1749, F02BCD12-3F3C-4388-A86F-AA2615…)

Someone’s a newfag kek

Spaniardfags trying to make Nikol think she deserves to have her stomach explode all because she knows men are men

No. 1769578

Well your little agenda is weird and morbid, fuck off

No. 1769593

File: 1676569428429.jpg (402.99 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230216_174234_Gal…)

Not a newfag, and I'm not going to spoon-fed either so here's just one example of posters of Niamh getting banned for posting her before she was 16+
Thread number 59 I think? 69 maybe.

No. 1769602

why do you have an old screenshot of lolcow saved?

No. 1769605

Nta but maybe she cant figure out how to reply to an old thread

No. 1769614

damn, i don’t think laura made it 48 hours before “an incident”

No. 1769616

Did she have an incident?

No. 1769626

>I’m not going to spoonfeed
Proceeds to spoonfeed poorly cropped screenshot of her own self-poast, red-texted by some farmhand who’d inhaled too many whippits, over a year ago

Yknow what yeah you definitely aren’t a newfag you’ve made that much clear

No. 1769654

Actually i don't think that red text was actually accurate, at the time i believe niamh was 16 but anons kept complaining/reporting and she looks like a minor physically so it probably stuck on that one (to be fair it felt disgusting that people kept trying to post a 15 year old then when she turned 16 still got to do it).

No. 1769660

File: 1676574016591.jpg (135.39 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20230216-105800_Twi…)

Where does she get the money to spend $100 a day on food? I noticed she specifically doesn't answer those questions on twitter

No. 1769711

she said she works two jobs.

No. 1769745

File: 1676580064210.jpeg (378.95 KB, 1125x1177, 01FF5773-A622-458E-A56A-1BA9B0…)

She sorta answers stuff like that on her question thingy

No. 1769766

File: 1676581127294.jpeg (455.77 KB, 2048x2048, A5751580-661D-44D5-B083-811282…)

Replying to myself to point out that she seemingly contradicts herself half the time so I take most things with a grain of salt. Picrel is her saying she tells dudes she’s trans to troll them and then asking people to stop asking such a personal question while claiming to be trans in response to being called transphobic.

No. 1769802

nikol is too based and mentally ill to care about being called transphobic on the internet so she's probably just counter-trolling and shutting down criticism by calling herself trans, i've done the same thing before and it works

No. 1769818

yeah, but the weird thing is that anon posted a screenshot of a discussion about claire from a long time ago (years, given that claire died in 2019) with time stamps on the posts that say "15 days ago". So has anon been holding onto this screenshot since 2019 or what?

No. 1769833

I got it from her Twitter. It was a few posts down.

No. 1769850

That’s Portuguese nonna kek

No. 1769865

Longtime lurker but I’m pretty sure I recognise Claire Greaves she was in CYGNET PICU at the same time as myself. I was very unwell myself but from what I remember there was this dark haired girl spoke very softly almost in a whisper ( never knew she was anorexic ) had an obsession with Alice in wonderland . Would have staff in her room every night as she’d scream and shout. Was like something out of a horror movie.

Never followed her instagram so not 100% sure if same girl as she wasn’t that skinny on PICU but the dates I was on that ward match up

No. 1769881

Do library jobs pay that much? She's saying she pays ~3k a month on food alone, that seems way above the disposable income you'd have with a library job

No. 1769904

>I was very unwell myself

No. 1770110

you do realize that anorexics think about food 24/7 right?

No. 1770113

i highly doubt she can walk properly in her current state let alone work TWO jobs

No. 1770114

But surely their mental illness/disease/trauma makes them restrict, they wouldn't need inspiration or appetite suppressant to avoid eating. Always thought that was a tell tale sign of wannarexia.

No. 1770117

a lot of them do, they might have fucked up hunger cues but most of them still need to force themselves to not eat especially when they feel weak, tired, etc. also, every anorexic started out as a normal person who needed some sort of motivation or whatever the fuck they're calling it to not eat. physical needs are usually way stronger than the desire to restrict, at least in the beginning. all that said, 2/3 of the people on edtwt are definitely wannarexics who managed to skip and couple snacks and now call themselves sick and fragile

No. 1770123

You do realize most edtwtards are just larpers and wannarexics right?

No. 1770205

File: 1676636736345.jpg (613.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230217_122529_Gal…)


No. 1770211


No. 1770295

This doesn't negate what I said

No. 1770297

Believe it or not, mental illness/disease/trauma are no match for the body’s survival instincts. That’s exactly why anorexia tips into binge eating so easily. You can’t mentally willpower yourself out of having an appetite any more than you can remove the urge to pee, poop, sleep or breathe. Claiming they have no interest in food is just a LARP; in reality starvation is a constant, obsessive struggle against their basic drives. The only people who experience zero food cravings are dead.

No. 1770298

How is she always in hospital and always in the same terrible state? It's actually sad looking at a child having such a miserable and pointless existence when her parents undoubtedly worked hard to give her everything. Such a waste of resources

No. 1770299

Exactly this

No. 1770364

File: 1676654554236.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2174, CC6BDFC2-0BB9-4F69-A87F-2FD83D…)


No. 1770449

Not true. Many have a complete loss or absence of hunger cues. When the body is in starvation it does not have the energy to spare to produce those feelings. They may experience a lot of nausea and no appetite. Some feel ‘extreme hunger’ in recovery but it’s not something everyone experiences and delayed gastric emptying can actually make eating very difficult due to always feeling full. Binging is by no means something everyone struggles with.

No. 1770503

File: 1676667967806.jpg (533.03 KB, 1290x2048, IMG_3579.jpg)

must be so proud she transferred to Denver Acute. Where are her parents getting the money for this? Or is it free because she's been mandated by the courts to remain in treatment?

No. 1770526

File: 1676670121286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.19 KB, 313x266, 08389dff609a2a1a3073.jpg)

Why in the FUCK is her nose always so crusty??

No. 1770529

This girl's stomach will rupture any second if she keeps this going

No. 1770534

Having an artificial object shoved up your nose actually damages delicate tissues, who would have thought?

No. 1770549


It’s a pretty strict unit, I don’t know why she doesn’t seem to gain weight there. If anything she looks like she’s lost and she’s been there two month.

No. 1770660

oh PLEASE she purges like crazy all over nurses and the floor and in front of people, she’s disgusting to be honest and she’s gained considerable weight being there, just chooses to share carefully edited pics. her photoshop is better than is used to be but still obvious

No. 1770661

god every time you post yourself here no one cares @.! go away dulcie ffs

No. 1770725

using diet pills, caffeine/stimulants, or other methods of suppressing appetite with the goal of influencing shape/weight is literally a symptom of anorexia

No. 1770788

imo that should be immediate 'expulsion' .. that is disgusting and no one (nurses or other patients) should have to put up with that.

No. 1770856

being IP with her is the worst. she’s just a massive attention whore, even the staff can’t stand her

No. 1770899

I bet. Does she honestly believe that her behavior makes her some sort of an admirable rebel? She's literally a useless little spoiled child at this point. People don't even feel sorry for her, they all probably just want to get rid of her and let her wallow in her own misery, away from them. I would honestly hate to be one of her nurses, she doesn't deserve to be there with that behavior

No. 1770907

File: 1676720232589.png (349.07 KB, 463x590, Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 5.36…)

how many pictures of herself posing in her underwear do you think Ham has on her phone at this point?

No. 1770930

Fuuuuuuck. That is truly terrible. I feel sick from looking at it. She IS going to die.

No. 1770932

I don't know why but she reminds me of winnie the pooh for some reason

No. 1770934

She's just dying to be an influencer. Her belly reminds me of a dog's belly due to it's elongated shape.

No. 1770935

As morbid as this sounds but maybe she wants that to happen. What a way to go.

No. 1770940

I don't know how she's managing to breathe

No. 1770946

I’ve been to ACUTE sadly more than once. There’s always someone smaller. And if you are the smallest, you’re probably code red/bed ridden & pitied or coding. The weight gain rate is non-negotiatable. So you won’t remain underweight for long. There’s always a couple who came in at regular weights or close. You don’t have to be dying to get in. People get in for all sorts of reasons. The worst is the laps you do around the hall 3x a day with staff & have to pass other patients.(not your personal blog)

No. 1770948

Nta and sorry but can you anachans shut the fuck up already? This thread is crawling with personal anecdotes like this, enough already.

No. 1770967

Imagine trying to get a job and your employer/coworkers see this

No. 1770982

Behaviors that are considered “wannarexic” stop being wannarexia when they’ve become compulsive enough to the point where the individual actually is underweight. If it’s some landwhale looking for “appetite suppressants” just so she doesn’t scarf down a whole pint of ice cream, that’s wannarexia. Just to make it simple for you.

No. 1770983

She’s from the UK British people love disgusting shit. She’s human beans on toast.

No. 1770991

this thread is mostly anachans I thought. Personally I find these retarded anecdotes interesting

No. 1770992

beans on toast is lush I bet you've never tried it

No. 1770995

File: 1676733187598.jpg (528.64 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230218_151235_Gal…)

The least interesting thing but the only thing she can post about

No. 1770996

That’s actually horrifying. I find this cow so interesting because this secret behaviour really shatters her “woe me is - sad blonde girl” persona she puts on

No. 1770997

Is it me or is Ham making these look worse? It's like someone put this post through a sharpness/contrast filter and now you can see every single imperfection on her skin? The shadows look weird too. Her camera fucking sucks, she's in a cold room and her legs look fucked up because of it? Just turn on heating Ham, nobody wants to see your mottled legs.

No. 1771001

It's not really supposed to be filled with anachans, it's a thread making fun of anachans. There's always contention between the ED users and the "normies" or whatever. The anecdotes are fine if in relation to a cow in some way but when the thread is mostly "when I was in acute" "when my weight was that low" "when I was tubed" etc it gets annoying. But you know what, fair enough, I'd rather the anachans stay in here than go contaminate every other thread.

No. 1771013

File: 1676735593577.jpg (828.29 KB, 1079x1772, Screenshot_20230218_155303_Ins…)

Wow, who saw that coming?

No. 1771017

what’s eye sight

No. 1771018

I'm assuming she's not allowed to be out of eyesight at any time/unsupervised.

No. 1771021

Jfc get a new song and dance, woman.

No. 1771024

I bet the nurses talk about her in the break room. They must be fed up with her.

No. 1771034

Within eye-sight, padded mattress and pillow and anti-ligature bedding… days after potential discharge was mentioned, again. Who would’ve seen that coming, kek. What a drain on resources.

No. 1771036

I was just wondering how much money they spend on just Laura. She's taking up at least 1 nurse at all times. I doubt the nurse can do anything else while having to keep an eye on this disaster.

No. 1771053

File: 1676740174281.jpg (34.13 KB, 600x338, notsurprisedkirk.jpg)

No. 1771054

File: 1676740317412.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.85 KB, 547x839, gotthepurps_404609085510391.jp…)

EC is having some significant circulatory problems. She also doesn't believe in evolution, apparently. She's been streaming Hogwarts Legacy lately so there is that kek.

No. 1771057

I'll die laughing if she gets canceled for transphobia instead of all the other horrid shit she's done.

No. 1771065

File: 1676741659337.png (149.26 KB, 322x370, PhotoRoom-20230218_173344.png)

We were all wrong. She didn't even make it out!

No. 1771066

Looks like it’s about time for her to take some time off and re-up her face fillers, her face is looking almost as skeletal as the rest of her. She very obviously takes time off every 6-8 months and comes back with a freshened up face full of juvederm.

No. 1771100

Her stomach must be stretched to hell and back. Is it possible for the body to recover back to normal from this?

No. 1771113

>>1768526 was bang on for timing

No. 1771129

That would be absolutely legendary and actually milky. Her poor mouse will suffer.
I wonder if they'll even do them on her anymore. I think she's relishing in her skelly face these days any how as she aggressively eyefucks herself any opportunity she gets. Fucking mental.

No. 1771157

Nah she loves how skeletal her face has gotten and has been showing it off, the other day someone said "nice buccal fat removal" in her chat and she looked elated that someone thought she'd had that procedure done. I think her round face really bothered her and contributed to her ED

No. 1771174

Honestly a shame, as her face shape was very striking and had she maintained a better weight she would have done great modeling lolita or doll fashion. May have even sent Venus packing kek. The scene shit died and she should have moved on to stay relevant instead of whatever she's become now. A brain rotten fetish idol who nip slips to kids and gross old men. Pathetic.

No. 1771180

Also having it curl up to your ear makes the damage worse

No. 1771184

Tin foil but this pic looks old. I thought Laura was chonkier than how she appears in this pic?

No. 1771235

How hard is it for them to NOT have a shit-eating grin on at all times? At least try to act like you're miserable about it

No. 1771259

Yeah it sucks, she looked a million times better before and she was really lucky to have such a unique facial structure. It's a shame high fashion seems to look down on models that have more rounded facial features, preferring the jagged "my cheekbones could cut a bitch" look

No. 1771264

my interpretation is that they're trying to be funny/quirky like haha im in this HORRIBLE situation being LOCKED AWAY but teehee im smiling about it ~ironically~, when in reality they're just having the time of their lives

No. 1771322

File: 1676766467813.jpeg (360.39 KB, 828x717, 767DAC7B-371A-4924-A6C8-17D7C2…)


No. 1771331

How is photo editing Laura Ingles doing? Not seem much of her lately.

No. 1771359

i want it to happen so badly but i don't think it will because her audience consists almost entirely of sociopathic anorexia fetishists and underage girls who have no idea whats going on

No. 1771391

She's on 2:1

No. 1771429

File: 1676777052803.png (293.94 KB, 469x786, Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 9.23…)

When, exactly, was Hayden supposedly deathly ill?

No. 1771435

also, samefag but the phrase "on country" irrationally annoys me.

No. 1771441

File: 1676777796366.jpeg (82.2 KB, 649x279, 51897C16-9A0A-4F90-957E-53393B…)

No way nikol’s actually 57kg..?

No. 1771442

i gotta agree
especially since this is all a larp for her
but fuck, now i regret not talking to my ancestral spirits when i took my white american ass to the UK

No. 1771446

If anyone dies laughing, it'll be her.

No. 1771447

good one

No. 1771450

so she nearly doubled her body weight in just 3-4 months? that's horrific, and i don't mean that in an anachan sense, it's good that she has gained, but the sheer volume of food that must have required is insane

No. 1771454

A lot of inpatient programs now try for 2-3kg/week of weight gain, although obviously they slow that down as people get closer to a healthy weight. It's like she just did her own insane very long rapid refeeding protocol.

No. 1771455

Was this bitch eating Lunar New Year moon cakes whole?

No. 1771468

Don’t know if I believe she’s gained that much bc she’s normal weight now but still looks smaller than people who weigh much less, I’m confused

No. 1771484

I agree that she looks smaller than other people at that weight but she’s also probably holding an insane amount of food and fluid in her stomach so it’s believable

No. 1771541

I think it was a burst pancreas??? Not a medfag though so don’t know how dangerous that is

No. 1771545

It was appendicitis, which is pretty common. Hayden was in the hospital, but I'm too American to know how long people are usually in the hospital for surgical intervention in Australia. In the US, it's typical to be in the hospital for 1-2 days after having your appendix removed and doesn't mean you were ultra death sick or whatever.

No. 1771599

They don't have to be underweight to be diagnosed with anorexia, they just have to be actually fucked in the head and unable to control their impulse to starve, be consumed with body dysmorphia, etc. There are lots of anorexics who start overweight and get diagnosed way before they become underweight (if ever) because they already have all the symptoms including rapid weight loss

No. 1771600

She has significant problems with all of her bodily functions, it's inevitable

No. 1771602

At least 6-7 of that is all of the food trapped in her stomach for god knows how long now

No. 1771604

can a medfag confirm how safe this is? i know most anachans gain pretty rapidly due their bust metabolism (unless they get hypermetabolism) but isn't that super dangerous even for healthy people?

No. 1771606

this is for hospitalized patients, who are being closely monitored for electrolyte abnormalities, edema, etc and definitely not meant for outpatients. Nobody would say that what she's doing is safe.

No. 1771610

Anybody look into pinksugarfairies? (The one that brings up their/her DID ever other video/tik tok) Seems they/she recently relapsed. Also follows a bunch of ana chans including EC and that peter boneskine model. Pretty obvious she's body checking on insta.

No. 1771613

Image board newfag

No. 1771619

Fuck that, went on her tiktok, watched a video and i can feel my brain developing cancer as we speak. Who watches that shit? Already brainrotted Tiktok using anons are welcome to bite the bullet though.

No. 1771626

She's taking up 2 whole nurses all for herself. Imagine having to work extra shifts because that blob wanted even more attention. A padded cell would do her some good. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If she didn't get all that attention from nurses she'd straighten up real fast.

No. 1771638


>Binging is by no means something everyone struggles with.

Okay we get it you’re the skelliest skelly there is, but in real life, even people with eating disorders have hunger cues. Learn to integrate and stop spouting your borderline pro bs all over the thread.

No. 1771643

nta and i'm certainly not proana but people experiencing prolonged starvation absolutely do see a reduction and sometimes total absence of hunger cues, it's because of the metabolism slowing down to preserve energy.

No. 1771663

Sorry for blog, and nta, but I've been recovered for 5+ years now and my hunger cues are still totally fucked. I don't know I'm hungry until I'm shaking, nauseous, sweating and almost passing out. So I eat at regular times, because I can't trust my body to tell me. I was only ill for around 4 years, so barely a fraction of EC. I can imagine she doesn't even feel the horrible symptoms of proper hunger anymore at all.(not your personal blog)

No. 1771669

> Sorry for blog
Obviously not, or you wouldn't

No. 1771674

What makes the different between someone who’s spooky thin/struggling with ED existing on the internet and being a proan cow? I see a lot of thin girls getting unsolicited comments on their body like “let me be you” “you make me feel fat” do you guys think this is ok?

No. 1771678

Nobody should be posting on social media and especially not anyone with mental illness but ESPECIALLY not ones with mental illnesses that are eating disorders

No. 1771698

Sounds ableist

No. 1771700


NO1CURR about your fIvE yEaRs oF rEcOvErY, snowflake.

No. 1771720

It’s not fucking ableist, it’s common sense, social media is so toxic let alone having a disorder that is triggered so easily by it… if all of these anachans had the internet taken away from them they’d probably recover at a much faster rate

No. 1771744

if this isn't meme, i said that because i am a mentally ill retard myself and learned firsthand how unhealthy it was for me. plus you can look to pretty much any psychological study regarding social media and see that it has negative effects even on people without mental illness

No. 1771754

Wtf is all this bullshit
Unless you have milk or a picture gtfo you're clogging up the feed with all your woke scote self blogging jfc

And before anyone comes at me, i have and continue to farm so don't bring the 'well you bring milk then' I fucking do Barbara why do you think of pisses farmers off

Are the UKfags or USfags on holiday or something

No. 1771757

how is this not milk though?

No. 1771767

File: 1676816928650.jpeg (411.34 KB, 828x927, 8B849A9A-396C-4A63-8E3F-5D5168…)

In other news, that hannah girl, from many threads back, seems to be moving on. I’m really happy for her

No. 1771776

Body checks. That's the most obvious difference and why nonas point out body checks constantly. Simply existing while being skinny is not proana, vain revelling over your skele appearance is what makes someone proana. A normal skinny person doesn't make themselves look smaller or sicker than they are, a competitive ana-chan does.

No. 1771796

Okay angsty redditspacer, go eat a fucking sandwich.

No. 1771806

If you’re so hungry order some doordash instead of shitting up the thread with your venting

No. 1771808

Yeah this thread has turned into an anachan general discussion thread pretty damn quick for some reason lol

No. 1771810

Nta but she's right, the people she was replying too are the ones this thread isn't for

No. 1771857

makes sense theoretically that her body would look out of proportion. when someone's underweight and starts gaining, the body tends to initially store it around the stomach to protect vital organs, and it redistributes over time, so disproportionate weight gain is pretty standard, at the start of recovery people often have noticably skinny arms and legs etc in comparison to their body size.

in Nikkol's case though, loads of the "weight" she claims to have gained will be due to fluid retention and the weight of the huge amount of food sitting in her stomach, so whatever BMI she claims to have reached won't be accurate.

No. 1771863

Oof you got me there with that sick syntax burn

No. 1771887

> 1.1 Do not blogpost. Blogposting means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.
When the discussion is on whether or not long-term starvation can affect the hunger cues, blog posts talking about personal experiences are relevant to the thread discussion.

Also I'm this & the last thread OP, and post the jankily cropped screenshots (sorry btw kek) so don't try using the "you supply the milk then" argument on me either

No. 1771892

i saw that too, this is a perfect example of how anachans look so much better when healthy/recovered. glad she recovered and hope she stays that way

No. 1771935

File: 1676833870501.jpeg (903.2 KB, 1072x1703, FEA89339-2CAD-4718-BF12-7D2F52…)

jasmin seems to be doing really well

No. 1771939

File: 1676833994136.jpeg (795.42 KB, 1033x1568, BABC98E4-9D96-416B-8433-3C03DA…)


No. 1771940

That dress is so unflattering on her but she does look much much better

No. 1771959

that’s jas??! oh my god she looks like an entirely different human

No. 1771999

Oh wow, good for her. She looks great.

No. 1772070

it is very easy to make the point without linking it directly to your own experiences
>long term starvation can fuck up hunger cues
rather than
>zomg i starved myself for sooo long my hunger cues are bad so i can see this happening
not a difficult point to understand

No. 1772078


Lol totally agree, in my experience it's the people who have the most restrictive diets that struggle with bingeing. People who have a more regular food intake don't struggle with it as much, usually the skelliest people will struggle with bingeing but no one likes to admit to it so you just wouldn't know. My old therapist told me out of ppl with an anorexia diagnosis 50% are bp sub-type but it's definitely a lot more than that because most people don't talk about it!

No. 1772088

Sorry but that’s just not true. What made you come to that conclusion?! Everyone is very individual, you can’t generalise. And bitch at me for blogging but yes, I am case in point. Have been very ill for 25 yrs (and no, that’s NOT something I’m proud of, very VERY much the opposite) and never binged. Just not something that even crossed my mind. Of course it happens but you can’t put people in boxes. I’ll say no more and don’t come for me because I don’t care enough to respond.(not your personal blog)

No. 1772149

Becoming a landwhale doesn't solve the problem, either.

No. 1772155

Oh fuck off she looks good

No. 1772157

It’s a common term get over yourself. That’s not the milk

No. 1772158

Ausfag and depends if it ruptured or not. If it didn’t rupture then yeah a couple of nights and they are home. But if it ruptured it can be like 2 weeks cause they need mega strong antibiotics

No. 1772169

File: 1676853413591.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1160x1658, 21A0FC08-F1AA-4C25-9DD9-2DB4F4…)

Speaking of landwhales…. Something about this had me cackling to the same extent as Laura’s recent leg lift against the wall pics.

No. 1772171

File: 1676853600892.jpg (754.03 KB, 1440x1800, Collage Maker-19-Feb-2023-07.3…)

I feel like Nikol is the kind of person that would make her roommate/family submit her to Intervention so she could act surprised and dramatic.

No. 1772172

File: 1676853782583.png (511.33 KB, 700x721, Screen Shot 2023-02-19 at 6.42…)

I hadn't seen her Instagram before, just her TikTok. Damn.

No. 1772193

File: 1676855727836.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1101x1906, 4BBF3CEC-C460-4DD5-9E02-0C2751…)

Asscheeks and blog post out, Dolls! (1/2)

No. 1772197

File: 1676856023683.png (340.84 KB, 1125x2436, A11BD8C4-F4AA-439C-98A5-D9ADC2…)

I attempted to read it cause I thought it might be lowkey about Aiden but it’s about her being the skinniest in treatment/triggering others. (2/2)

No. 1772209

Self post

No. 1772231

Kek I love imagining Hayden being around an actual skelly.

No. 1772265

Still laughing at Hayden begging to go inpatient only to bitch about being triggered by patients who actually need to be there

No. 1772267

does anyone know what's up with laura…ingram i think was her name? skelly with very long dark hair and possibly fetishist bf, is she still alive and whatnot? wondering if she's made any steps towards treatment

No. 1772295

Did she ask a member of staff to take this pic for her? Kek. Surprised they agreed if so.

No. 1772310

Ayrt I’m not her

No. 1772319

you already posted to ask this today

No. 1772328

It’s a picture of braids so not really that weird

No. 1772345

Why do anons beat the dead horse (or skeleton kek). If someone had milk, it would get posted.

No. 1772347

She looks genuinely pretty I doubt it's a self-post I don't think this one ever got tipped

No. 1772360

She has been posting but on a smaller private account now, like 350 max. Probably to avoid being posted here.

No. 1772362

File: 1676872485655.png (Spoiler Image, 225.54 KB, 306x493, 7235C5DC-5787-489A-9E44-AEEAD7…)

What the ever loving fuck am I looking at nonnies. It looks like a parasite. I feel like dumping holy water onto her knees. How the fuck is she proud of this

No. 1772366

We all know the purpose of that picture isn't to show people her braids, it's to show off the room she's in because she self-sabotaged by having an "incident". That's what I was getting at.

No. 1772410

Looks like a thin ligature mark from a charging cable or hoodie string at the nape of her neck too

No. 1772420

it's just a neck roll anon

No. 1772424

>Also I'm this & the last thread OP
We know. You literally won't shut up about it.

No. 1772425

Sage your fucking shit you dumbass anachans ffs, shut the fuck up already

No. 1772444

Oh my god, is this really her? I'll be damned, she looked so good!

No. 1772448

You can be glad that you've won the proana lottery of being the sickest of them all but the other anon is correct. Statistically it is true and it makes sense scientifically. People who eat balanced, sufficient diets without restricting themselves do not generally feel the urge to binge, unless it's something like emotional eating (though that's usually different). The more you restrict, the more your body craves food and most anorexics/bulimics can only fight it for so long before their NATURAL instincts kick in. You're one of the few whose body didn't try to knock some sense into your mind. No go back to MPA

No. 1772450

Be for real now, she can't be THAT dull

No. 1772452

Probably not a self-post, I was thinking of posting her the other day as well

No. 1772482


No. 1772486


You care enough to come for me and tell me I'm wrong though lol. It's facts, the more you restrict your body the more your body screams and bingeing happens. I've had several inpatient admissions and I know from getting close to other patients that the most unwell people have struggled with bingeing. I don't know why you feel you need to prove how 'ill' you are but it ain't working

Thank youuu! It's simply true(sage your shit)

No. 1772489

Are you samefagging, sageless anon? …

No. 1772505

Yeah because everyone’s eating disorder is identical(sage your shit)

No. 1772510

Sage your shit and shut the fuck up, are you retarded or just anachan brainfried?

No. 1772518

she uses her anorexia for attention. pretends like she will recover but loves the attention it gets her. You always see her wearing super revealing clothing(learn to sage)

No. 1772529

never say never

No. 1772532

No. 1772549

File: 1676904689033.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.45 KB, 864x761, LLL.jpg)

milking for followers by tagging 1 mil followers account and repeatedly posting skinnier days(emoji)

No. 1772584

It's the same as when we lost access to Cece. Anons need to get over it.

No. 1772587

I had forgotten about Cece completely but now I'm dying to know how she's doing

No. 1772588

She's still skeletal and with her fetishist bf last I saw updates. I think she's been in just a medical hospital on and off. She'll probably croak soon enough. Nothing really to report.

No. 1772590

Ayrt, same, I just think nonnies should give up with the "how's Cece" every five posts on these threads. The well is dry. Miss old horse teeth though.

No. 1772594

How does this one manage to collect all of the oppression points like scout badges it's so grating.

No. 1772652

Her post count goes up (Cece) but I don't think anyone has access.

No. 1772801

the way she’s written this and the context of her very recent prior posts suggest that her being “on eyesight” is actually a downgrade from whatever level obs she was on before (probably 1:1 arms reach or 2:1 arms reach). Seems like the PICU she’s in are doing as much justified positive risk taking as they can in order to get her ‘accepted’ into ANY other facility to stop her from staying another 2-3 years!! In UK MH system, for patients as chronically manipulative and addicted to any care-illiciting behaviours that technically class her as a constant high risk of self harm and or suicide, the better (more experienced) units tend to start & continue with discharge planning as soon as they realise that no matter how many potent psych meds they give her or how much supervision, she will only give up her antics when SHE decides it no longer serves her… this usually means that they will continue to permit community leave and participation in activities etc. despite the fact she has been having ‘high risk’ incidents, because they can justify their risk-taking as by now, it will be well documented that none of the ACTUALLY dangerous or immediately life-threatening incidents ever happen when she is on leave or doing something she wants to do etc. (i.e the times when she runs the risk of NOT being “rescued” by her 1:1 staff member), & therefore they can confidently conclude that the nature of her self-injurious behaviours are primarily attention-seeking, rather than life-ending (regardless of how much im sure she tries to communicate to staff otherwise!!). Dont be fooled: she can self-sabotage her discharge all she wants but they will make sure she is discharged swiftly to an appropriate placement such as a supported living arrangement or low/medium secure rehab ((whether she’s on 2:1 or 15min checks wont matter!) & there will come a point where they stop giving her the final say in the discharge destination too! She apparently hasn’t learned from her previous years of pushing the boundaries of her appropriating mental illnesses and whatever behaviours she feels get her the most attention and sympathy at the time…(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1772804

Nah, Laura has always been obsessive with editing her pics and this is no exception. Probably a combo of forced tensed up and contorted posing and a weight loss filter. Plus or minus the fact she will probably have resorted to her fav tactic of refusing all food and fluids until they are forced to take her to a&e for electrolytes or ng feeding… all because she knows they will have to reassess her current discharge pathways and plan if she pulls this trick cos they would look negligent discharging her anywhere else no matter how well equipped the next placement is, if someone isn’t consuming anything orally… she’s done it at least 2 times before and it was also her she managed to get her very first admission back when she was admitted to a CAMHS unit - they aren’t allowed to fuck around if someone under 18 refuses nutrition for more than a certain number of days & she has used and abused that technique ever since it first got her what she wanted!!

No. 1772807

Laura isn't under 18 though?

No. 1772809

apologies for being unclear: meant when she WAS under 18 (i think 16) before she properly started her social media follower-buying phase, years ago, she first got admitted by telling her school teachers she wasnt eating or some shit like that and of course enjoyed the dopamine hit enough from the concern that caused, that she carried on long enough to ensure they had to get her sent to the ER and then she continued playing mentally ill, super-depressed and vulnerable youth whilst there that they had to admit her to a CAMHS unit.. A Huntercombe-run unit. That was the public beginnings of her addiction to care-seeking behaviours.

No. 1772811

This doesn't even make me mad anymore. Imagine your life being so miserable that your favourite memory is not the day you graduated,not a really cool vacation with friends, but you sitting in a hospital. Of course she did it to herself by sabotaging every little step back into life, but it's uncomfortable to see a woman her age having no future. What a waste.

No. 1772825

Wish I had an answer, I'm not a medfag.

No. 1772827

God what a miserable existence. Are those asspats really worth it?

No. 1772847

laura was on 2:1 arms reach?? what does a person have to do to be on arms reach wow I swear even violent criminals in prison don’t have that

No. 1772853

it's blood pooling in her knees from lack of circulation because of her weakened, muscle wasted heart

No. 1772904

File: 1676940737996.png (1.84 MB, 851x1455, Capture.PNG)

spoiler: its not just when you train Ganer…

No. 1772911

I really want to know too. I can't imagine the need for so much nurse-power it's driving me insane. Laura, what oh what do you do in there??

No. 1772953

I’m guessing she’s a lumbering violent schizo who is dangerous to herself and others, and it’s no more mysterious or interesting than that

No. 1772957

most "lumbering violent schizo"s aren't on 2-1 so frequently, though

No. 1772991

Why spoiler this? She's infinitely more disturbing with her goofy 15-or-50 present day look.

No. 1773046

I think she likes it because she has 1 or 2 nurses to talk to and braid her hair etc
She's using PICU and it's policies to have company/forge 'friendships/relations' with medical staff as a surrogate for rl family and friends. She gets cared for, fawned over, butt pats. Then when Drs want to d/c she sabotages it. She so institutionalised. And she loves it. It's crazy to me an Ausfag that the Britfags can stay in an institution/ hospital that long! How? And where do new patients needing treatment go? Is there a waiting list? Seems a lot of the headbangers stay for extended periods of time. She has no idea who she is without her disorders and treatment. If/when she leaves and can't really LARP anymore (assuming she stays out) she going to have a big identity crisis (oh fuck that's just another reason to go back…not sure she's that smart though)
Also, is she still with her gf?

No. 1773105

With the nurses being her only "friends", it's all about her! I suspect she's very narcissistic. And I think she and her gf broke up some time ago. Who'd want to be in a relationship with someone who's just locked away most of the time.

No. 1773106

File: 1676960733700.jpeg (174.19 KB, 1080x1901, dainty.jpeg)

Laura hinting on her story that she's refusing food.

No. 1773135

I'm the same age as her and I was thinking about all the stuff I did last year compared to her. She sat in a hospital, watched some daytime tv, went to Costa a few times and that's it. In a year. What a waste of a life.

No. 1773138

File: 1676964519938.jpeg (977.47 KB, 828x1597, B4BD4575-2590-4B27-B163-061C4E…)

Can’t remember if she’s been posted in the past, but I’ve followed her for a few years.
Kyiah is looking rough.

No. 1773164

File: 1676970180955.jpeg (325.31 KB, 1170x2532, AEAEC364-07E2-4464-8AEA-CB0B26…)

Lol that’s not what she actually looks like. She poses and edits her photos to make herself look skelly. Here’s a photo someone else took with her and it shows more of how her face really looks

No. 1773167

File: 1676970727863.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 5CE4B52F-2BBE-4889-AA97-48F3E8…)

Has this girl been posted before?? Started TikTok to “share” her recovery… I genuinely can’t believe how much weight she’s piled on in the space of just over a month you can see it in her face

No. 1773170

no idea if laura and her gf are still together but they lasted several years some of which were during laura’s ip stay I don’t know why anyone would agree to that tbh

No. 1773177

Britfag here, honestly it baffles me too it’s always the attention larpers that get the help it seems…. it’s a well known fact MH services in general aren’t great in the UK, and there’s often dire funding & bed crises’ all over the country. You’re correct, there’s often a waiting list for resources such as beds, therapies etc. Unfortunately, due to bed blockers such as the wonderful Laura for example (kek), those that actually need the input/help/bed are often overlooked and unfortunately just left to slip through the net and it doesn’t always end great. It’s frustrating to see these cows flaunting their inpatient admissions like hotel stays and getting as long as possible an admission, whilst people in actual need are let down.

No. 1773181

Go away, colours. Or at least make it less obvious that it's you ffs.

No. 1773182

>>1773177 Too polite for Colours, must be a Laura thing to want to be institutionalised.

No. 1773185

File: 1676974811550.png (489.22 KB, 451x838, Bild_2023-02-21_111846792.png)

she mostly talks about DID but it looks like she's clearly bodychecking in a lot her tiktoks

No. 1773188

Tf are you going on about?? I’m not Colours I was literally answering earlier anon with simply what I have heard regarding their points about waiting lists, etc. Fucking hell.

No. 1773192

File: 1676975391121.png (401.73 KB, 460x777, Bild_2023-02-21_112850490.png)

she's definitely milky, but not for her ED but all the cringy DID shit in her videos
not sure if there's interest for her in this thread

No. 1773205

Ikr. A pal of mine had something like 9 known hanging attempts last month with no imput at all as she wasnt deemed to be a risk to herself, and taken off the waiting list for therapy for being too "unstable" when I know of 3 other girls who get bed spaces cleared for them in their preferred wards when they request it or make an empty threat. Getting to trial any medications and accessing specialist therapies. She's a mum as well so not like it would be an insignificant loss whereas these lowlives like legliftlaura get to sit gormless and drugged up
It's enough to make anyone angry and yet seemingly no changes will ever be made to the broken NHS. I don't think I believed how shitty it truly was, until I saw my mate bruised to fuck getting out a taxi from the infirmary after being taken up in an ambulance and discharged without the mental health team even coming to do an assessment

No. 1773212

Look at that dainty thumb! Rivalling Porgie’s pig trotters here

No. 1773215

must not be too serious about those attempts, if they failed 9 times just in the last month

No. 1773284

She doesn't live alone so fortunately hasn't been left alone along enough to be successful though she lost consciousness several times. It's actually pretty difficult to hang yourself. Looks fuck all like the movies, and though I've never seen her with the ligature actually around her neck, the whites of her eyes were red and she had black eyes and an obvious mark on her neck. Even if they weren't serious attempts, it's still a lot, and could still be fatal. I think it's sick though that the reason they gave her for not providing any more supports other than a bi-yearly psychiatrist appointment because she "has a partner at home who can stop her" but that's not his job, and if that (living with someone else) did work, legliftlaura has a supportive mum at home that could be doing something similar.
There has to be a balance but instead, the revolving door patients get priority and everyone else is just supposed to slip through the cracks

No. 1773287

File: 1676993505659.jpg (630.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230221_153025_Gal…)

Anyways, time for milk. Zara's teeth, before and after having them fixed. She later says she doesn't look so >haggard now… 1/2

No. 1773290

File: 1676993547214.jpg (405.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230221_153223_Gal…)


No. 1773292

Her face does actually look better. So that's why she's not showing her face anymore?

No. 1773308

Oh wow. What have we got here? Some kind of nygga Lucinda?

No. 1773332

File: 1676998185125.jpg (691.52 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230221_163511_Gal…)

Is reverse body dysmorphia a thing? 1/3

No. 1773334

File: 1676998234956.jpg (576.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230221_163515_Gal…)

Babygirl, thats a healthy/average looking weight. Certainly not 'skinny' unless i just misunderstood the definition 2/3

No. 1773336

File: 1676998611019.jpg (661.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230221_163520_Gal…)


No. 1773338

lmao, maybe it's because there's a lot more representation of plus size/obese people in the media that average people think they are skinny? idk tho

No. 1773344

File: 1676999447730.png (780.85 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20230221-170939.png)

edtwt mad at nikol kek

No. 1773345

File: 1676999513106.jpg (40.74 KB, 474x619, 20230221_170948.jpg)

samefag but here is the full picture of the one on the right, i think it deserved it's own post

No. 1773346

I hope they cancel their Queen Eugenia for transphobia too. What did Nikol even do though?

No. 1773352

Can a medfag explain why she’s ballooned up in her stomach are, but doesn’t look that much bigger on other parts of her body?

My non-medfag tinfoil is that she’s constipated as fuck and has a 10 lb poo baby a la this poor Chinese man:


Serious spoiler warning for that article

No. 1773354

God that looks so uncomfortable, surely that must be painful!?

No. 1773356

thought this was a pic of some girl who recovered and is now pregnant

No. 1773360

That looks like it would be SO painful… painful enough to earn a crumb of sympathy for her. She's clearly very very sick in the head

No. 1773369

Why isn’t she in a hospital. That is an extreme cause for alarm not just for her but any human around her. She looks pregnant.

No. 1773377

When you're underweight and start gaining, fat first accumulates around your stomach to protect your organs. It redistributes after a while. Bloating from bingeing and constipation make it look extreme in Nikol's case.

No. 1773384

These are all clearly jokes, nona.
That's binging stomach bulge, not fat coming in. If you poked Nikol's stomach, it wouldn't bounce back the same way fat would; it's not 'soft.'

No. 1773418

File: 1677011111907.png (454.39 KB, 452x744, flourishing.PNG)

Ham valiantly fighting ed to give her body what it craves.

No. 1773421

Does this bitch eat anything besides fucking cake? Her body is screaming for a fresh vegetable.

No. 1773449

Is there such a thing as reverse body dysmorphia because??! You’d think she’d been days from death when her little fiction started. If ever there was a case of wannarexia it was Ham circa 2019/20(?)

No. 1773460

Don't be racist, the girl has a great sense of style.

No. 1773483

I don't think we've ever seen her eat something purely vegetable or fruit based. She only uses fresh food as a garnish for her high carb high sugar diet

No. 1773485

File: 1677017683923.jpeg (197.2 KB, 750x1054, 9A5B96D0-F31E-47F6-BFD2-D6BBB5…)

Why would you include “home leave” on this list - no U.K. unit would let you have home leave if any of what she’s claiming is true?

Only just on 1:1 and allowed loo roll Tuesday, but sure knock yourself out this weekend love


No. 1773493

Probably because Laura’s incidents occur when she’s on the unit, surrounded by people who will give her attention. “Incidents” don’t seem to happen at home.

No. 1773501

Being sarcastic anon? because it's not stylish to look so retarded. Suits tiktok users though to a tee.

No. 1773504

Lol really? She said something about trannies that pissed them off so she deserves to die by stomach rupture? Why can't tranny sympathizers at least be normal and non sociopathic.

No. 1773509

How can she have home leave if she’s on 1:1? If anything happened to her the unit would be responsible, no?

No. 1773514

But legally, if hypothetically something did happen, she should have been on 1:1 with a hospital staff member I would have thought?

No. 1773600

Oh to have an eating disorder and be wealthy

No. 1773601

Dw nonnie. Thanks for answering my britfag question

No. 1773609

File: 1677028290023.jpeg (189.97 KB, 750x977, 6931EBB0-C3C3-4293-88CA-9EC8DB…)

I know marie hasn’t been posted here in ages and idk if this was posted before but I just rediscovered her account and went down a rabbithole damn she really announced to everyone that she self posted here

No. 1773610

Your friend isn't suicidal, she's an attention starved zoomer, stop blogposting no one cares.

No. 1773612

Oh man, I had forgotten about Marie. She's such a creepy little attention-seeker but she doesn't post nearly enough (or interesting enough stuff) to really be that milky.

No. 1773634

>nourish your body
With cake? There's no nutrients in cake. Why doesn't she just say she wanted cake so she's going to eat it, why does it have to be about ~nourishing~ with desserts lol

No. 1773635

She’s definitely a wannabe “farmer” the lady doth protest

No. 1773636

kek omg marie seems like the kind of person to be terrified if she found out she was posted here why would she selfpost ..

No. 1773639

she's desperate for attention and a sense of belonging in general, I think. The sense I get from most of her posts is that nobody in her life is that interested in her anymore because all she does is try to look doll-like and flutter around all creepy-ass making videos of herself spinning in circles next to her dog or whatever. Her twin, who went to college at the normal time and seems to be normal, wants nothing to do with her.

So even negative attention is something?

No. 1773748

Can she be sectioned or whatever this is horrifying she's going to burst something

No. 1773754

Marie is so attention seeking, it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen her posted on multiple peoples story’s before for fat shaming kek.

No. 1773761

kek, is that why she keeps making new accounts?

No. 1773928

File: 1677046226523.jpg (550.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230222_061006_Gal…)

Jaydie seems to be enjoying her new accessory

No. 1773973

What do they use to wipe their butts with if they are not allowed toilet paper?

No. 1774002

She doesn't seem to be gaining weight despite being ip/just moved from back from the PICU of all things and now she has wheels?? God

No. 1774047

That smug facial expression is ugly as fuck.

No. 1774068

I think they get given a set amount when they use the toilet

No. 1774077

Imagine being almost 30 and having toilet paper rations, not because you're actually suicidal, but because you chose to be there. Tragic

No. 1774079

No wk but she got this done for free on the NHS due to the fact she's a student and in Scotland

No. 1774084

I'm actually surprised at how much better her face looks from the small amount that can be seen. Maybe she is actually gaining some weight finally and won't soon be shuffling off this mortal coil.

No. 1774101

No. 1774103

Ok? You posted misinformation and someone corrected you on it. You're very salty, anon. Have a snickers or something.

No. 1774117

No. 1774138

What's she had done exactly? Veneers?

No. 1774149

NTA but that’s definitely not Zara, you’re just salty because you were wrong. Sit down and scroll like the rest of us.

No. 1774156

She barely posts on Instagram though, are you talking about her tiktok that got mentioned but never followed up on?(learn to sage)

No. 1774164

Kek I wasn't even the anon you were correcting
It doesn't really matter if she paid out of pocket or milked the NHS, the fact is, she claimed to not look haggard anymore. And whilst we can all agree she looks better, she's still very clearly underweight lol. That's the milk, not healthcare systems tf

No. 1774179

the fuck, you get free veneers in scotland because your teeth are kinda ugly from bulimia or whatever? I should have immigrated there while they were in the EU, damn

No. 1774185

Only free if you're under 26 or pregnant and only in Scotland. Also not generally free for things that are purely cosmetic and not actually needed. They aren't veneers she's got. They've been built back up using composite bonding. Much cheaper but much less sturdy and long-lasting.

No. 1774191

I'm NTA either. I just think that was Zara replying to them. She's totally a lurker. It's not inconceivable she'd reply to posts about herself.

No. 1774192

You seem to know a lot about what Zara has had done for someone who supposedly isn't her… unless you're a dental student or something who can tell the difference between veneers and composite bonding?

No. 1774195

She said it on a story a while before she got them done. Someone asked what she was getting and if it was veneers. That's how I know ffs. Some anons are so fucking paranoid about cows self-posting. It's getting annoying

No. 1774220

Christ, imagine paying for Zara's composite bondings, they last 3-5 years normally before they have to be done again. And if she's purging it'll shorten that drastically. Mydentist says it costs around £1990 based on a set of 4.

No. 1774249

I really don't believe Zara purges. Malnutrition and teeth grinding absolutely can cause your teeth to curve up like they do in the "before" picture. She's full of shite but I do believe she's got emetophobia. Huge tinfoil, but she was on the YPU with Abby (who we know purges on command like a fucking pokemon attack on staff etc) so I wouldn't be surprised if that has something to do with why psych wards are so triggering for her/ why she has emetophobia. I wish she'd just snap and correct all the assumptions etc instead of trying to be so edgy and mysterious

No. 1774278

I thought it was said that she chews and spits? Still purging and buggers the teeth.

No. 1774290

She said herself sometime last year that she chews and spits. Or maybe it was that she used to. Either way, definitely has been/is an issue for her. Explains why her glands often looked swollen.

No. 1774384

introverted but wearing the most attention-grabbing outfit possible, suuuuuure…

No. 1774387

yeah she was the best dressed person in all of special ed

No. 1774391

She has a smaller Instagram she’s been posting on

No. 1774392

>purges on command like a fucking pokemon attack on staff
this is simultaneously the funniest but foulest mental imagery i've had in awhile

No. 1774419

Thought I'd reference the thread pic for a kek in the middle of all this blog and hicow drama

No. 1774420

Sorry for double post but I missed this one, I didn't realise chewing and spitting counted as purging, I thought that it was only laxatives or vomiting like it had to go to your stomach and back out another way but that makes sense I guess with the enzymes in the excess saliva etc

No. 1774446

That anon is stupid, chewing/spitting is a different fucked up eating disorder behavior and is not considered purging. Purging usually refers to vomiting, laxative use, or excessive exercise.

No. 1774491

Beat me to this reply anon, gold star op

No. 1774494

Actually I think moving to “eyesight” is less restrictive than her previous 2:1 or 1:1. So this would mean she didn’t have an incident.

No. 1774500

File: 1677101304064.jpg (784.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230222_212351_Gal…)

Abby used Puke as a special attack, it was ineffective. Abby has now hurt herself in confusion!

No. 1774504

>Malnutrition and teeth grinding absolutely can cause your teeth to curve up like they do in the "before" picture.
Yeah that was my first thought. Although bulimia could worsen tooth decay the shape she had before is definitely caused by teeth grinding. But it's strange seeing bruxism that bad in someone only in their early twenties, I guess she wasn't even taking vitamins or anything like that because even Eugenia's teeth aren't that far gone.

No. 1774505

I think Eugenia's teeth are fake.

No. 1774508

Oh then that would explain why her teeth seem decent, minus the intense gum recession

No. 1774528

what are the predictions on whether findingfi relapses or not
i feel like her persona has become recovery so much that she gets the attention her bpd craves and will stick with it

No. 1774538

Not stupid at all. Back in the day we used to call it purging, even remember seeing a show with a woman who used to have cups of "purge" as she's say, think it was Intervention? Annie, dancer i believe. No idea why i retained any of that stupid information. It enters your body, even if not in your stomach, and you eject it. Same with if you actually swallowed and pulled it out via tube. Even diabulimia is considered purging and compulsive exercise. Laxatives and vomiting is not the only form of purging. Sorry if it triggers some snowflakes that do it and think they're above being labelled a purger, kek.

No. 1774546

File: 1677106336292.jpg (66.33 KB, 609x334, gettingfuckingold.JPG)

Sorry to double post, fuck I'm getting old then I guess. They changed it under the newest DSM. Still a purging to me though, so sod it.

No. 1774578

>Back in the day
>Annie, dancer i believe
>triggers some snowflakes
>fuck I'm getting old then I guess
Nana anachan… it's time you drink your milk of magnesia and go to bed.

No. 1774584

File: 1677109507850.jpg (103.04 KB, 1678x923, dan.JPG)

Not an anachan but whatever floats your boat, and not THAT old. Christ, DSM V didn't come out until like 2014?

And random anon, why did you delete your post about "danifernandez.go".

No. 1774594

Sure cause non anachans totally bother to remember some random puker from the show intervention, and you seem too invested in the diagnostics of bulimia to not be eating disordered. Also not sure what anon your referring too but no one except for mods and jannies can delete posts after the 30 minute mark. You don't blend well here, and you post like an anachan boomer.

No. 1774608

Not using your head tonight anon? my tabs have been open all day, the images were broken on mouseover. I screenshotted it out of morbid curiosity. Due to the way the board scripting works, time carries on so it'll say "2 hours ago" regardless of when it was deleted. I was just wondering why the anon deleted the post, it sounded interesting. Caught some amusing posts in the past due to it also, normally self-posters or regretful vendetta chans. Not sorry if you think I don't integrate enough, but I've never been mentioned before for it. Welcome to skip over anything I post, it's not worth shitting up the thread over.

No. 1774616

>Not sorry if you think I don't integrate enough
You don't. Stop typing like a 60 year old newfag or go back to lurking.

No. 1774624

colours has her own thread >>1759128

No. 1774625

She has her own thread dumbass, also if your trying to say you're not going to post milk because people don't like your posting style most of what you've posted in these past comments are not milk at all in the slightest.

No. 1774650

I have to admit, the bigger part of me was hoping for a relapse because imagine the milk!! But no. She's gotten herself through the very wobbly stage and seems to be moving forward. Don't see her going backwards anytime soon

No. 1774691

fucking kek

No. 1774767

File: 1677122391598.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3464x3464, 8097CD55-2508-4251-A5E6-9BA93D…)

Why have people stopped talking about Enara?? She’s the milkiest out there.
Calls Ambulance and then proceeds to “overdosing” on medication when she very well knows they’re on their way. Obviously knowing it ain’t going to kill her, clearly an attempt to just be kept in Hospital longer. And then she says she wishes she was the poor patient brought in by the chopper??? How fucked up can she get?

No. 1774772

my favorite enara fact is that she "never eats" and has always "lost so much weight" yet has been obese for years

and writes papers about bpd and suicide while having raging bpd and claiming the two things are definitely not connected

No. 1774823

Wishing it was her is pretty fucking low. And seriously?? She 'overdosed' for shits and giggles knowing they were boutta to come through the door ugh

No. 1774824

File: 1677126356402.jpeg (452.14 KB, 1170x1960, 81451FFF-8CAF-484E-B00D-6A8256…)

I know Kayah was spoken about the other day but thought I’d add that she has been diagnosed with munchousens lol of corse she won’t post that and the reason I know is because I am currently in the same hospital as her and the same ward and I heard during handover that they believe she has munchousens because of everything she does to make herself sick to require further medical attention. She claims she hates it but it’s all for show. I don’t have her Instagram anymore but her Tik tok is still full of milky bullshit. I’m actually planning on showing the nurse unit manager her profile so they can see how much she bullshits everyone

No. 1774846

File: 1677128352090.jpeg (948.49 KB, 828x1505, 8EE2FF48-503C-4D3C-8D4A-C06E7F…)

It’s always the runners that give off Ed vibes

No. 1774957

Not to mention she took a photo of the poor person being wheeled past.

No. 1774964

File: 1677146077883.jpg (533.75 KB, 1920x1920, Blowup.jpg)

Glow up?
(They were obviously 2 slides so I put them side by side in the order she had them)
If she tensed anymore in the second photo her tendons or ligaments would snap
She wants to make sure everyone knows how ana she was

No. 1774965

Shit sorry nonnas I forgot to spoiler pardon my tism

No. 1774971

File: 1677147090966.jpg (946.47 KB, 1079x1720, Screenshot_20230223_181029.jpg)

God even while in treatment she's boring af but still gotta get a body check in

No. 1774997

File: 1677154104761.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x3200, Screenshot_20230223_063340_Ins…)

Newfag here. This is who I was talking about 4days ago. Pinksugarfairies. Clearly bodychecking.

No. 1775001

These niggas will be posting fastpo and pictures of fat people meant to cause repulsion but the moment you say anything negative about pronouns this is what happens kekkk

No. 1775003

Dont tell me she's an age regressor too

No. 1775005

Laura close your damn mouth

No. 1775006

enjoy your heart attack, gorl

No. 1775009

Looks like the same aesthetic Lucinda used to do, kidcore or webcore or whatever

No. 1775014

Has she croaked yet?

No. 1775021

Fortunately no. I hope she recovers and goes on to live a happy fulfilling life though, she really does seem sweet. Most of the "kidcore" crowd are really nice, just terminally online and troubled.

No. 1775042

She's got level 9000 BPD. She has desires all relating to hospitalisation such as coma, being airlifted, requiring extensive surgery like organ donation for an attempt, she fantasises about it & feels jealous about others' medical procedures.

No. 1775043

Sounds more HPD than BPD

No. 1775048

File: 1677160945511.jpg (686.83 KB, 1079x1423, Screenshot_20230223_215750.jpg)

1 whole week guyzzzz
If you're in a sterile room… how do you 'self harm' and I end know why they took her dunny roll away aswell. Did she try and make a noose? Ligature? A paper mache blade? She has a fringe but don't think it's headbanging because she's shown that off before
A constant circle 'do bad-get pity and attention, do well-get praise and butt pats. She just swings between the two when one stops working or staff get fed up

No. 1775054

Has she had a nose job it looks completely different

No. 1775058

Filters most likely

No. 1775076

Whatever they’re paying the professional tard wranglers who deal with these cows 24/7, it’s not enough.

No. 1775079

It’s not “karma”, it’s an eating disorder, i.e. what you weird edtwt bitches are all hoping and praying for. Binging & extreme hunger are symptoms just as much as restriction & starvation. “Transphobia” is a convenient excuse; they were all seething at her for being sicker than them, and they still are.

No. 1775086

kek ikr they act like they’re not horrible people who literally guilt trip other anachans into starving and call it “meanspo”

No. 1775094

No. 1775105

File: 1677167565048.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 766.35 KB, 828x1446, EEAEF617-ECE5-4611-B0B3-A0EE86…)

Is she being serious(namefag)

No. 1775108

Are you being a retard?

No. 1775113

Are you?

No. 1775121

File: 1677168108660.jpeg (329.26 KB, 537x934, 39D69164-3B6E-4BC1-A4FF-692192…)

No. 1775187

File: 1677174047142.png (128.8 KB, 387x371, retard activated.png)

No. 1775197

so tired of this self posting bitch tbh lmao

No. 1775236

She’s got a pretty obvious filter in the pic on the left, and those filters tend to make your nose look smaller.

No. 1775250

why not?

No. 1775251

File: 1677179102574.jpg (799.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230223_190047_Gal…)

Saged because it's a one off cow from literally 3 years ago.
I was reading through old threads and came across this cow. I know them IRL and have some pretty milky updates, not anorexia related anymore but completely unhinged. She made herself homeless on purpose after heinous accusations against family members, and sellotaping her shitty drawings of explicit sexual/physical abuse on the fence of her young nieces school. Last anyone heard from her, she was due to appear in court for police assault (where she claimed she was the asultee but nobody believes that) in August and went radio silent afterwards.
Here's a link to her Facebook page where several videos and posts were made during this unhinged episode.

No. 1775291

File: 1677183427053.jpg (447.68 KB, 1079x1434, Screenshot_20230223_200327_Chr…)

Here's one of my favourite videos of her public meltdown, and a photo of a letter she wrote to her brother and stapled to his daughters school gate. I repeat, unhinged

No. 1775301

File: 1677184262542.webm (4.21 MB, 908x2018, Screen_Recording_20230223_2014…)

Thought it might break up the infighting a bit to see some unusual milk

No. 1775337

New documentary came out
It’s about these twins and they eat exactly the same things. One twin wants to leave but she’s afraid her twin will kill herself.

No. 1775349

Well it's not exactly new, clips of those twins from this documentary have been around for ages.

No. 1775449

For real. I thought it was new because the account just uploaded it. Oops,

No. 1775479

File: 1677201339834.jpeg (362.64 KB, 1170x2221, D8E6873C-21C1-403C-A69A-3C0B9D…)

Why is she still pretending to be a recovery account ? I just don’t get why these cows put SO much energy into pretending they want to recover when it’s blindingly obvious they’re not? Is it for the asspats, pity, views?

No. 1775481

depending on the individual’s risk & why they aren’t allowed toilet paper: reusable strong fabric (rip proof) wash cloths, or they may be allocated a certain number of pieces of toilet paper per visit. Additionally, the individual may or may not (again, depending on risk) have a care plan for enhanced observation levels when given these items to use the toiley to ensure they are used appropriately & then discarded/collected for washing appropriately.

Not gonna give the cows any additional ideas that they haven’t already managed to learn from fellow patients or the social media cows, but when a person’s usual item/method of SH is no longer an option to them (cos they have been prevented access to it when in hospital), its amazing how inventive a determined person can become! Although my suspicions for Laura are that she has picked up a very specific type of behaviour warranting the this toilet paper restriction, probably as a result of witnessing or hearing about another patient do it…and i highly doubt it is the behaviour that is the one that is usually the most fatal because she wouldn’t still be around to tell the tale on her public social media platforms if she did it! t

No. 1775482

Damn wtf, I was wondering where this bitch ended up. Post more milk if you have it I'm so curious of her bpd antics.

No. 1775494

wtf is wrong with her neck & why does it start below her shoulder blades? hunchback or bad photoshop?

No. 1775498

do any of you nonnas remember happihealingjac? i think was her handle. she disappeared a while ago and sometimes i wonder what happened.

No. 1775544

File: 1677211426627.jpg (18.79 KB, 627x255, topkek_138166795665261.jpg)

EC is coming back around with more questionable wardrobe choices (she wears butterfly pasties on stream now… what a change) and it seems the wardrobe crisis is all but forgotten. She kinda got boring, her grandpa died which is honestly sad, then she posted this tweet a couple days ago. I seriously want to see this horror show.

No. 1775546

File: 1677211579541.jpg (147 KB, 602x734, forgrampa_138231224528674.jpg)

Then decides to post this picture not long after grandpa's passing. Oh, the irony.

No. 1775573

File: 1677216051316.png (454.57 KB, 428x677, Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 11.2…)

such a bad overdose that they… discharged her the next day

No. 1775600

So she's eating it basically

No. 1775626

I've never seen it full though so good find nonna.

No. 1775631

File: 1677226987472.webm (5.58 MB, 1080x1780, Screen_Recording_20230224_0812…)

Oh I have so much milk. I might need to break anonymity for some context but I'll try writing out a masterpost keeping it anonymous when I get time later today.
PS. I was there when she pissed herself, we were waiting in line from 11am to see Yungblud and took turns walking out the queue to toilets/refreshments and kept offering to make a "cubicle" for her as she decided she needed to piss 15 minutes before doors opened so not enough time to get to a public toilet and back to our space in the queue, and the bouncers weren't opening the doors for her to piss for obvious reasons. So she stood in front of the bouncer. And pissed. "Well I'll just piss myself then"
He said she was drunk and sent her to the back of the line, soaked in piss, to sober up.
I got to the barrier and she started phoning/texting me to come back out to wait with her or to meet her at the door to buy her merchandise to change into (there was no trousers, her plan was to get an XL top and go commando, at a yungblud concert.) So I didn't lmao I stayed at barrier. I don't know what she ended up doing the rest of the night because her selfish antics were almost my last straw with her.
She is 4ft 9, so definitely weighed 113lbs here for sure lol.

No. 1775641

File: 1677228364645.jpeg (316.1 KB, 750x928, D798A014-584D-4454-9D25-441A8A…)

Nikol retweeted this kek edtwt are the scum of the earth

No. 1775649

>kpop profile pic
These are probably teen girls. It's like tumblr never died, I saw this exact sentiment on there a trillion times verbatim.

No. 1775683

Kek with the breathing thing at the end. She'd not get on well with Fi, who just keeps breathing

No. 1775712

>The uploader has not made this video available in your country

No. 1775726

File: 1677244713035.jpeg (535.3 KB, 828x1509, 256DA801-E28B-4D56-984B-D897D9…)

NTA who knows her irl but Jesus Christ, her Facebook is unhinged. She is legitimately delusional, and it’s sad because she’s got friends who are reaching out to her telling her she’s wrong and she’s doubling down

No. 1775727

File: 1677244759957.jpeg (463.68 KB, 828x1389, F615E214-ED8A-4B11-9E2A-078534…)

No. 1775743

Damn she got big, ty for the milk nona. It's funny to hear what that pee story was about in proper context, can't believe that was a bragging point for her and not something she'd keep hidden in embarrassment lol

No. 1775746

No for real, this is where I break anonymity a bit. Loads of those comments on her FB are me, embarrassingly defending her to begin with. I tried so hard to get her the help she needed and she threw it back in my face. She agreed on a welfare check so I called the police to go round. She was filming the whole thing in anticipation of their arrival and spat at them, shouted slurs at them and refused to go for an assessment. When she first went missing I made a missing person's appeal. A lot of the shared posts that now can't be seen, were her sharing my missing persons appeal after she had been found for days at that point. Like, you're not missing Cheryl. Missing people don't share their own missing posts you absolute looney twat.
She had a cat that she stole off the streets, called it "blackie", told me I was a snowflake when I said she should maybe pick a nicer name, and then left it to fend for itself when she went on this bizarre rampage and claimed homelessness. I've been homeless and pregnant, so that was my last straw. She had a HOUSE (front&back door, garden, upstairs downstairs) paid for by the government and kept saying she was homeless whilst still living there because she "didn't feel safe in that house."
I said that's not homelessness and offered to help her apply for a transfer but that's when she snapped on me saying I "don't get what it's like". No, I don't know what it's like to say that the worst abuse I've ever been through was my brother sticking a lighter under my door when I was holding it shut to stop him from coming in. THAT is what she used lyrics about rape to share her story on Snapchat with. So either she's been AWOL since August because she was arrested like I think, or actual karma has got her ass and she's on the streets.
This whole time she still claimed anorexia by the way, just got buried under the bpd meltdown content.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1775749

You could've just not told us it's you. Fucking retard.

No. 1775752

I mean that's milky as shit and please share more but you're kind of making yourself sound a bit cowish too lol

>called it "blackie", told me I was a snowflake when I said she should maybe pick a nicer name

You do know that's a common name for black cats right? It has nothing to do with Black people as a race, it's a color that exists outside of racial terms lol

No. 1775788

can someone please explain to me how you self-harm with toilet paper? it's literally doing my head in that i can't figure it out. does she eat it?

No. 1775832

I, too, am terribly perplexed by this. How does one self harm with fucking toilet paper?

No. 1775835

I'm sure the harm is done by eating the paper. I

No. 1775851

You all made me curious, too. My first thought was water + toilet paper + sharpening = knife. But that would take skills and an amount of time most patient with a suicide/self harm risk won't have. So I asked google and found thishttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16738440/ and https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-13883012 so it might be that there is a risk for suicide by choking on toilet paper.

No. 1775873

I suppose if you got a lot of it and made it thick, you could tie it really tight around your wrists or your neck or something? But even that feels like a stretch

No. 1775874

Nona we all really appreciate the milk, but if it’s possible, you should remove anything that could personally identify you. You don’t want this cow coming after you do you?

No. 1775885

File: 1677259685903.jpeg (1.4 MB, 828x1400, 991B0ECD-EE76-4475-B982-65E3BB…)

Photos of the “art” she taped to the fence

No. 1775886

File: 1677259766047.jpeg (660.26 KB, 828x1513, 4D07ADD8-64DA-4B6C-817F-70C545…)

She is absolutely unhinged. If you go to her FB you can see that she just screenshots comments, personal messages, etc and posts them around for everyone to see. I really genuinely hope she’s locked up, she seems like the type to burn down someone she doesn’t like’s house and then play victim because they supposedly abused her

No. 1775902

If you're going to nick a cat off the streets at least give it a more unique / special name, not something boring like "blackie"/"black" though, was my point at the time. More than the racism aspect which I wasnt thinking about at the time anyway. But in Scotland, or at least where my family is from, blackie was used in place of the N word in the 50's-60's. Source: my grandparents you'll just have to take my word for it kek
I couldn't work out a better way to phrase it, and by "a lot of the comments were me" isn't exactly a massive identifier, no more than me saying I was at the concert / queue with her. You're more likely to work out who I am that way than with what you're replying to, like I said the only thing of mine that she shared has been deleted so other than knowing I've commented a few times, it's still anonymous, but with the context that I know the cow/where/how I was involved without saying "I am [x]" because I'm defo a bit retarded but I'm not Niamh when she self posts
The one you're replying to wasnt put up by me but I really don't think I've posted anything too identifiable. The only person who'd really know from what I've said, is Cheryl. But what's she gonna do, she's a less than 5ft wee gremlin and it's not illegal to reshare her very public antics with a bit of context behind it. I'd be more worried of other anons "outing" me as a farmer but again with the info I've shared there's no way of being certain who I am

No. 1775906

Maybe by blocking airways by swallowing loads at once?

No. 1775961

File: 1677265369063.jpg (1.1 MB, 1079x1775, Screenshot_20230224_185209_Ins…)

Of fucking course. Do any of her followers genuinely believe she'll ever leave hospital?

No. 1775963

This is leg lifter Laura by the way, cropped her name out accidentally.

No. 1775965

She claims to have come sooo far in recovery yet she keeps having these incidents very often. Still locked up in a hospital, not allowed to be alone. Toilet paper rations. The only thing that has gone far (up) is her weight and that's it.

No. 1775999

has anyone noticed the radiosilence of Hanx?

No. 1776001

use a VPN

No. 1776003

File: 1677270246139.jpeg (888.46 KB, 1125x2336, 40CAD8FE-1E2D-47D3-8A92-7A4E77…)

I think Nikol thinks she summoned a demon with her blood, but according to her voice Twit, she’ll explain it to someone who messages her since she can’t talk about it but needs to vent. I know no one is gonna take one for the team but I’m curious lol.

No. 1776012

Literally just listened to this….she's batshit!! I would take one for the team as I'm damn curious, but there's no option to message her

No. 1776063

The way I ran here after seeing that. Somebody euthanize her!!!

No. 1776075

‘Thankfully not 2:1’. Kek, who are you kidding Laura?! We all know you’re low-key seething about that. What a fucking joke, she needs just discharging and made to take some sort of accountability, “positive risk taking”. Never going to learn otherwise. Imagine that being the entirety of your adult life…

No. 1776103

Yep. If she really wanted to be dead, she would be by now…

No. 1776112

File: 1677286020031.jpeg (648.72 KB, 2048x2048, 4BF1AB1D-5C2A-4019-85CA-517029…)

Dharma has had an Instagram acct again but it’s pretty boring. She looks good tho tbh. Still annoying/vapid. I’d like to see a boxing match between her and ganer tho I think they’d both manage to lose somehow.

No. 1776118

File: 1677286254119.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1125x2436, D41B9D0A-C066-4E51-824D-C3CEF0…)

EC has been shambling around town again, terrorizing the empty streets of CT or whatever.

No. 1776144

at least she looks humanoid now

No. 1776154

so she got a blood test and the nurse doing her blood drawn like… Became attached to her?

No. 1776196

Woah! I've been living in the past threads, it's a jarring difference to a year ago. Good for her I guess (question mark??)

No. 1776227

pretty sure it’s kinda common for some patients to try to strangle themselves with it
i doubt toilet paper can be sharpened idk or maybe i’m misinterpreting

No. 1776251

I couldn't even strangle a fucking mosquito with toilet paper.. you've gotta be kidding??!!

No. 1776256

it works with water, pressing and time, so it becomes a sturdy mass that would be able to be sharpened. People in prisons craft stuff like that, don't want to derail the thread further, so just a link https://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/17-wtf-prison-weapons-that-were-made-from-everyday-objects-captions-coming/84947734/ number 9 and 15 are interesting for this conversation. And sorry, I watched too many prison documentaries to help me fall asleep.

No. 1776410

File: 1677322576069.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1209x1313, 5866B09B-BF33-4CF5-86BC-05A2D5…)

I will never understand this headbanging trend

No. 1776412

File: 1677322616899.jpeg (126.83 KB, 462x389, 61E6AE46-E995-435C-9BBF-8EA045…)

No. 1776420

Imagine being 26 years old and looking 14 in the worst way possible. Why do people choose to waste their lives like this is beyond me

No. 1776422

Yeah I was wondering what’s going on there. Her tellonym is also silent. Let’s hope she’s trying to distance herself from the toxicity of her social media, I know she’s mentioned a few times that’s it’s not helpful for her (which most cows would never admit)

No. 1776437

welcome to the farms, enjoy your ride!

No. 1776455

Don't even have to do that, just let the baby bird jump from the nest. She'll either an hero and put herself out of misery, or she'll just learn to magically deal without the constant looping feedback of attention. It's just that services need to have the insight (surely they must be now?) and to take the step.

No. 1776472

same, I don't understand it, but it must have something to do with social media and how it's way easier to broadcast your suffering with a wound on your head than cuts on your legs. But I don't know, I'm too old for new trends in the self harm community.

No. 1776485

File: 1677336439583.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, 69c5c74ed23c7a1c4bace764edb950…)

And…this is what you think is beautiful? Looking like an elephant from aliexpress? Choices were made, dear. Wrong ones.

No. 1776568

the only one who makes looking 14 at 26 work is lucinda

No. 1776607

14 illnesses at 26 pounds, you mean?

No. 1776741

File: 1677362252410.jpeg (772.19 KB, 1284x1574, 5847C5D3-729B-4DA9-9329-79E284…)

Potential new milk. Has this girl been posted? She’s in adults, EUPD. But always talks about how ‘bad’ her anorexia is when she’s borderline overweight, definitely not under. Very similar to lifting leg Laura’s behaviour, incidents, and will stop eating randomly to get the tube every now and again. At the moment she’s in general hospital boasting about needing restraints for her feeds

No. 1776742

File: 1677362341131.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2372, 0C7EEAF5-0165-48E5-80A0-638BC1…)

Same fag, wanted to show her most recent post, I can’t actually find her tik tok, the name seems to frequently change on the ones she posts to Instagram. But yeah some good milk here

No. 1776743

File: 1677362482298.png (750.87 KB, 1170x2532, 3335B29A-80D7-4D94-8E5D-BBE21D…)

Did you know Laura is sooooo ana

No. 1776787

File: 1677367584154.jpeg (130.25 KB, 750x904, CBCF38DC-F37C-476A-87D7-32FB16…)

Kek same i came here to say this, it’s funny that people call her photos bodychecks, her photos now look so bad they make others feel better. hardly triggering tbh

No. 1776880

She/they have did and follows people like EC and lucinda (oswaldslunch) on insta. The funny part is one of her alters sound similar and talks in a similar way that EC does…they go by Cassie…

No. 1777207

She definitely sent that to herself.

No. 1777270

None of you people even know what body checking is

No. 1777508

So she has one meal AND a snack. She's either lying about this or desperately trying to lose weight. Or that one meal is humongous.

No. 1777542

Please super anachan rattle them bones and tell us

No. 1777546

'Cassie' from skins kek
Fuck I hope that's not where they got the name idea from

No. 1777588

File: 1677406530561.jpeg (184.54 KB, 567x981, C8C90872-8D84-49A2-8CE9-3F08E9…)

No. 1777591

Her account is private. Seems too pathetic to be a self post though.

No. 1777596

Nta and this is old but shit girl do you really think toilet paper could be made into a knife sharp enough to cut with? And if she had an instrument sharp enough to carve paper mache toilet paper don't you think she would just use that to self harm? Lol I stg some of you make me laugh

No. 1777598

Who is this? I don't think she's ever been posted before. And if she truly wants to be beautiful (she already is tbh) then she'd eat properly. How dumb are these zoomers to think starving their body of nutrients and protein is going to make them ~beautiful.~ Enjoy your hair loss lol.

No. 1777599

File: 1677410194002.jpeg (406.04 KB, 828x864, EF6126DC-A7B8-4818-B4B3-C196D9…)


No. 1777600

Read before you comment dumb shit, Nona.

No. 1777608

so Laura is eating a totally adequate amount every day, yet convincing herself that is soooo sooooper ana by telling herself that ensure does not count as a "meal" because she doesn't "eat" it. kek.

No. 1777610

ffs, Laura is on at least 1:1 obs at all times, if not arms length/2:1 - she isn't making prison-grade weapons from toilet roll. she will have had it confiscated and given to her in limited amounts because she's shoving it in her mouth and attempting to swallow it, not because she is secretly putting loads of time and effort into constructing shanks.

No. 1777619

Yeah and she'd be able to make that how and hide it where exactly? And that's the only pic of the so called toilet paper knife probably because it's the only one and it's unused, so there's no saying it would actually work lol. You guys are out here thinking Laura has the alone time and opportunities to make a prison shiv out of of toilet paper and my comment is dumb? hahahaha okay nonnies

No. 1777620

Look at the size of her, unless her “one meal” (doubt) she must chugging down like 10 of them lol

No. 1777623

File: 1677415225588.jpg (267.16 KB, 1079x1874, Screenshot_20230226_124024_Ins…)

It is true and you know it Laura. The things she's saying in response to people calling her out are so funny, is she actually that deluded or is she straight up lying?

No. 1777634

Not accusing anyone but this is def a cowtip haha. Her followers aren't smart enough to be catching on considering the amount of asspats she gets everyday

No. 1777649

did you even read the comment you got so angry about? It's mostly the choking risk why they don't have toilet paper, but still, a skilled person could make a weapon out of it, no one said that she is a skilled person.

No. 1777664

File: 1677422211541.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2141, 5E44FF2E-8E46-4CEF-81D3-9CE7F2…)

bizarre but nice seeing mary looking humanoid

No. 1777665

I'm not angry at all? i just think it's hilarious that people are genuinely speculating about the confiscation of loo roll as a hazard, with photos of a prison shank which would have taken time, patience and secrecy to construct, when Laura is obviously doing nothing mroe than trying to shove handfuls of paper down her throat in the seconds in takes before the staff a few metres away grab it off her. if people weren't questioning the potential Laura is making of weapons from toilet roll, why even share the photo? such a bizarre speculation. kek.

No. 1777682

Why'd you reply like you're me? lol

Ayrt, literally no one is angry over lc posts, especially cow thread posts. Seems an awful lot like projection if you thought that was angry. Don't be so sensitive, eat some chips or something.

No. 1777689

File: 1677424102075.png (6.34 MB, 1170x2532, 1465B014-0E90-4F41-8C2A-03390E…)

We get it you’re inpatient and underweight

No. 1777728

God it’s so dry here now, is it because some people can’t access it now? I heard there’s been some issues with the url.

No. 1777737

Wow, abby. What a vivacious life. Riveting content.

No. 1777768

People were asking why toilet paper has to be asked for on certain wards. Some anons provided information. No one ever claimed Laura herself made a knife. They were just stating that it is possible to self harm with TP, so staff at Laura’s ward might make people have to ask for TP as to not self harm.

I’m sick of this non-milk TP talk, as I’m sure everyone else is. So stop clogging (Kek) up the thread with it.

No. 1777794

File: 1677433937618.jpeg (431.1 KB, 1170x1139, 78D2784C-9F27-43DD-9D84-F38000…)

This might be one of the reasons kek

No. 1777797

File: 1677434273074.png (4.84 MB, 750x1334, A56F3ACB-8D45-4176-A244-C76422…)

Holy shit.
Ganer ate something different.

No. 1777805

She always post high cal drinks from costa and shit. I think she’s saying she has on solid meal a day and the rest of her intake is liquid.

No. 1777813

Has all of ERC Denver restricted social media?

No. 1777832

Oh right, I don’t usually keep up with her but even so whatever she’s guzzling is obviously pretty substantial (inb4 she claims it all consists of low cal almond milk and artificial sweetener kek). Time to finally let your fake “anorexia” go Laura and embrace the beetus

No. 1777857

File: 1677439036591.jpeg (341.16 KB, 1170x2168, 5D26F435-1616-457E-A9E3-8A4BB3…)

Some new milk:
Dulcie is in hospital now and posting like 7 tiktoks a day kek. This is after she’s said that she finds it triggering when people post in hospital.
Also some of her followers are finally realizing she isn’t a true recovery account, so the comments on this vid are pretty great

No. 1777975

That added a whopping 30 calories to her meal. GAINZ

No. 1778020

oh my god stop posting this bitch, every time you do it reeks of self-posting and no one cares.

No. 1778024

Stop trying to make “dulcie” happen it’s not going to happen

No. 1778028

I genuinely find her milky but to each their own

No. 1778039

File: 1677456448021.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2768x2320, 3DD4CD79-8686-4B37-BF3E-921518…)

Small n2f update. Despite what the text says, she’s following at least one plastic surgeon here and on her other instagram so it seems like our girl is considering implants. I hope she does remain “natural” but only cause she’s nourish and likely to get her balloon tits done in a back alley or some dude’s “home clinic”

No. 1778195

nooo n2f don't do it you're perfect the way you are

No. 1778201

i think its sad that she thinks she needs surgery. but honestly, she is the only proana cow that actually tries and doesn't seem to want to trigger others or to be part of proana culture. she clearly still has shit to figure out, but does not seem to be toxic on purpose. its nice to hear that shes doing good and that she is so honest about this shit when really 5 people read her shit. doesn't have that craving of validation you usually see from this shit.

No. 1778209

This cow is boring, and I don't know why she filters her face to absolute oblivion, she's actually really pretty and looks much better without the filters.

No. 1778266

Did anyone message Nikoll when she posted about manifesting a demon with her blood and she couldn’t talk about it on Twitter? Curious to know what that was about.

No. 1778270

I seriously don't understand what some of you are thinking recently. The milk is dry, most of the cows are either recovered or MIA, and EVERY time someone tries to introduce a new cow, people jump and either call it selfpost or complain for some other reason. This bitch is clearly milky, especially with the recent developments. Granted she's no Cece or Hayden (for example) but it's what's available now, so either take it or scroll. How is it better when someone posts Ham or EC, who are both always doing the exact same thing, especially Ham?

No. 1778271

Second that, she seems like someone who actually learns from her mistakes and actively tries not to repeat them unlike most of the "recovery" community

No. 1778278

You find her milky, so farm her then. Far less likely to be called out as self posts if more than one anon/typing style submits her to the thread. Don't be lazy, pull your wellies up and provide the milk you think you can see on her account.

No. 1778283

>and EVERY time someone tries to introduce a new cow, people jump and either call it selfpost or complain for some other reason.

No. 1778285

>Far less likely to be called out as self posts if more than one anon/typing style submits her to the thread.
Nta but that's kind of a dumb argument when the majority of us have the same typing style because of the heavy emphasis on integration.

No. 1778320


No. 1778362

In what world is she pretty

No. 1778407

File: 1677513441213.jpeg (108.43 KB, 1080x1889, received_727320982394924.jpeg)

No real milk, but an update on Sydney for those interested. She's moved to PHP and hasn't posted because she can't afford to have any triggering comments thrown at her (also being banned from uploading might have contributed kek but she left that part out)

No. 1778454

If this is the same spoop I think it is, she's looking great

No. 1778513

Don’t get your hopes up, if she’s allowed to post on the Internet she will spoop out again immediately I guarantee it. Good for her therapist for locking down on the Internet attention seeking.

No. 1778515

It looks like ascites, which is usually connected to liver damage.

Ascites usually has to be drained in a hospital

No. 1778530

File: 1677523386229.png (1.61 MB, 1170x2532, BA8D6344-FF5D-422C-925F-E7BB9C…)


No. 1778556

Can you show the post where she says it's inconsiderate as well nonna?

No. 1778610

What’s smorven been up to? Still In the edu?

No. 1778640

It won't last long. We'll be getting a fresh flow of milk soon enough

No. 1778642

She looks good.

No. 1778650

File: 1677534432206.png (4.63 MB, 1170x2532, 90BD1C6A-1A60-4FDC-809C-F165E5…)

I’m crying at Paris’ new story, think it might rival EC kek

No. 1778696

she always looks good when she's fresh out of treatment. The real test will be if she keeps eating once she goes home and isn't getting 24/7 attention anymore.

No. 1778712

Piss off. I'm proud of this girl for listening to TX recommendations and taking control of herself/health(sage your shit)

No. 1778735

File: 1677545136487.png (595.4 KB, 522x700, kjhgfdedrtfyguhjik.png)

I mean I should've said imo but she's definitely not ugly, and she would look a lot better if she slept more and ate properly. But the filter makes her look so ghoulish I was surprised to see her real face, she kind of looks like Emma Chamberlain.

No. 1778741

File: 1677545584261.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1170x2338, B0DF019C-5AA1-4306-B5DA-695F23…)

Genuinely think she restricted a bit extra to send herself to the hospital, so she could have that dramatic recovery arc. She’s to posting a “fear food” video now with a fork with writing on it. Fiona time?

No. 1778773

Sage because it's not working to post the screenshots. Alice Nevin seems to be doing well and is almost at a normal weight

No. 1778796

File: 1677551008168.png (5.65 MB, 828x1792, 4A31874F-751C-44C0-9FD7-C37E17…)

No. 1778997

You couldn't even call that a bikini top it's like she's got a headband around her chest lol, but good for her she looks awesome

No. 1779027

Still looks underweight no?

No. 1779032

She's definitely very thin, but she could just be naturally lanky and slim. If she's still undereating I hope she recovers fully, but she looks a lot better than she did at her lowest weight so it's nice to see her improving.

No. 1779040

She isn't naturally thin. If you look at her photos and videos pre-anorexia (so pre mid-late 2020), she's actually quite curvy. She definitely must still be undereating

No. 1779064

in what world is she milky? Anachans like this are a dime a dozen

No. 1779068

Aw that's too bad, I just looked through her instagram and it seems she's doing modeling now? I can't imagine it's going to be easy to recover when she's in an industry that essentially pays her to be underweight. It's sad, she's got so much going for her and so many opportunities, hope she's able to recover fully soon.

No. 1779095

I agree. Right now she looks to be around bmi 15-16? Whereas her photos pre ED look more of a 20-21. How old is she?

No. 1779153

It looks like she tries to color in her eye sockets with brown eye shadow

No. 1779173

I think she is 22 iirc

No. 1779220

She has an interesting body type, idk what it’s called. She seems to store a lot more of her body weight in her legs than anywhere else

No. 1779247

It's called a pear

No. 1779347

anyone noticed how Hanx and Zara stopped posting on tellonym on the same day?

No. 1779418

What does paris spend her days doing? Apart from making silly TikTok’s and weighing lettuce and strawberries

No. 1779428

File: 1677617133021.png (4.41 MB, 1125x2436, 9FF6CAF7-B84D-4355-9EE8-AA0CD2…)

She also cries! Her days are dreadfully busy (this is from the other day but it’s the same shit with her).

No. 1779458

She was at the hospital only for a few days which is good on one side but also kind of hilarious considering how much she was striving to film every second of it and make such a huge deal about it

No. 1779460

Still relatively far from normal weight but she definitely seems to be gaining finally, I thought I’d never see the day! If she gained 5-ish more kilos she could pass for a naturally skinny teen (although she’s a naturally curvier 20 something year old). I remember her very spoopy days when she claimed she was “very close to a healthy weight for her height” even though her BMI was at most 14 at the time and had been that way for over a year

No. 1779465

She signed with a modeling agency a while back (maybe like a year ago?) but apparently they dropped her not too long after because she wouldn’t gain weight. I don’t know this for a fact because I read it somewhere a while back but given that she removed the agency’s username from her bio and stopped posting about them kind of suddenly, there’s a good chance it’s true

No. 1779470

does anyone have any updates on hxn? i wonder if the radio silence has something to do with her going ip or something like that?

No. 1779592

File: 1677633337914.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, FCBC41B1-5BAB-4773-8709-6BBD67…)

At her lowest weight, she was definitely lower than bmi 14. I'd say 11-12. Bmi 14 doesn't look this bony at all (see photo)

No. 1779593

completely off-topic but kudos to you posting an ebaumsworld link in 2023. the last time this happened to me was some time in the aughts lol

No. 1779610

Not the same anon but off topic - how come anything under bmi 15 is considered extreme anorexia but most cases of people dying from this disease are under a bmi of 12?

No. 1779613

> most cases of people dying from this disease are under a bmi of 12?
Citation needed? I genuinely have no idea where you got this data from.

No. 1779627

I read a few studies. Ppl who had a bmi above that died because of suicide. I've also seen it happen in real life w a few girls. Think Lilli Johnston, Stephanie Veloso Rodas, etc. All had extremely low bmis

No. 1779640

Sage if you're not sharing milk

No. 1779641

Oh and the only ppl I've read died above that were 2 models but they were having lettuce and coke zero for 3 months and fasted for like a week before which obviously wouldn't end well. I'm just wondering how that cunt Eugenia is still alive wtf. Ashley's case is worse but she didn't gain and lose again like Eugenia, who also seemed to lose the "recovery" weight in a very short period of time as well. Also, in the documentary she did mention purging - I'm shocked ppl didn't mention that she has anorexia b/p type

No. 1779644

look, could you please stop being fucking stupid? "I only know about two people who've died, so why do all people with EDs die like that?"

No. 1779646

File: 1677637969426.png (4.44 MB, 828x1792, B15CCE03-2DEB-40DD-88D0-718573…)

Denies anorexia… hmm… seems sketchy

No. 1779649

Sage your shit, are you retarded?

No. 1779650

My bad. I'll start saging. Apologies for that.
How's that stupid? I'm genuinely curious

No. 1779655

Two people is a vanishingly small fraction of all people who've died from eating disorders. It's like buying two apples that both had a bruise and asking "why are all apples bruised?" Your sample size isn't large enough to make any type of conclusion.

Obviously mega skellies are at a higher risk of death, but people can and do die at higher weights. It varies a lot based on an individual's body's tolerance for being underweight, their particular behaviors (which can increase risk of cardiac symptoms / arrhythmias), and some dumb luck.

No. 1779656

Saging :). Dora as well. She's never been spoopy and her mom once posted that she struggles w bulimia more than anorexia. Lost a few kgs, and made her persona "anorexia", didn't even mention b/p and said she "never" binged. Holier than thou mentality, wanted to claim anorexia and for what?

No. 1779658

Sorry, who is this?

No. 1779659

That makes sense. Thank you for explaining! By behaviors do you mean purging increases the risk? Or what?

No. 1779661

File: 1677638474568.jpeg (266.87 KB, 828x820, 39FB85FB-9199-4D20-8287-ABCCA3…)

I forgot what her username is but I do have a photos saved. I'll post them now. I'll try to remember her username

No. 1779662

File: 1677638539136.jpeg (206 KB, 828x809, 06BD499D-760B-44A9-BD6C-00117C…)

Looks at least bmi 14 to me, and I've seen a few photos of her from a few years back and the weight loss is noticeable. If only I can remember what her username is! My friend sent them to me so I'll ask her

No. 1779665

She's not a cow though? And this isn't milk? Are you just posting photos of some eating disordered model? That's not what this thread is for, girls like her are a dime a dozen online. It's not milky.

No. 1779666

File: 1677638678283.png (5.54 MB, 1170x2532, B1C571F4-6729-405A-AAEC-E7F7DF…)

Honestly seeing her before pictures makes me sad. Some people’s faces get really fucked looking the lower they get

No. 1779667

Purging, laxatives, and diuretics can all fuck up electrolytes. Drinking excessive amounts of water can fuck your kidneys and electrolytes. Some people take various drugs to try to suppress appetite and/or reduce absorption and those can fuck with your liver, GI system, etc. Excessive exercise can also really fuck up your heart. Depending on exactly what you eat, you can damage other organs. You can fuck your pancreas, gallbladder, GI system, etc.

There's a huge variety of eating disorder behaviors and they all impact your health in different ways.

No. 1779668

I wouldn't know if she's a model, I'm not the one who found those photos

No. 1779671

Good points, someone who lost weight over the period of a couple of years would def cause less damage than someone who lost in less than a year. Or someone living off of black coffee, lettuce, coke zero and cigarettes vs someone eating eggs, fruits & veg, etc would have a better chance

No. 1779673

Adding - yoga, walking, etc vs someone doing excessive cardio and weight lifting as well

No. 1779674

Then why are you posting her? Ffs leave this thread and never come back.

No. 1779675

Apologies for that. I thought if I remember her username she might be milky especially w not admitting to an ED. Lesson learned though

No. 1779692

File: 1677640587261.jpeg (876.61 KB, 828x1672, 9A5382A0-072D-4FE3-9B19-4DD84D…)

Does she just drink it all at once?

No. 1779718

She probably drinks it over the course of the day. I think if she chugged it all at once she’d have to face her fear of vomiting

No. 1779724

How does she not vomit when she eats 10k calories a day? Is she still drinking several cans of sweetened condensed milk a day?

No. 1779726

Where does her face look fucked though…she doesn’t even look particularly skelly, she looks like she just lost a little bit of baby fat on her cheeks. Not only that, but, who is this even supposed to be? This poast kind of smells a bit like Oh no Oh fuck she’s seww weak types of self poasting random anachans who want attention for getting closer to their goal weights

Another obvious self poast.

For the last time, nobody cares about instagram women looking skinny. it doesn’t necessarily make all of them anorexic and even if they are there’s still nothing milky about either of these random girls just because they’re like bmi 17 instead of average. Everyone’s trying to be a model these days and it’s been widely known for months that the twiggy look is coming back, so no, not every single girl you come across who looks skinny or anorexic is cow material. Being mentally ill isn’t inherent milk. It’s the inflammatory, egregious, and attention seeking behavior outside of their diagnoses that makes them milky. Glad we had this talk because clearly a lot of you retards need it.

Stop posting yourself on here. Be careful what you wish for. You crave attention from your parents, so go break your backs trying to get it from them instead of random autistic women online who have the time and energy to critique you.

No. 1779735

This girl is def not bmi 17. I agree with the anon who said 14. That's also a model, Lea Julian. Looks like she has anorexia considering how she looked in previous fashion seasons, but we'll leave this discussion for Skinny Gossip

No. 1779740

I doubt some well known model has the time to post herself on here. You never know though

No. 1779742

At least a while back she used to do stuff - even if it was silly dances in cafes.
What happened to her dog?
Do she still do insta?

No. 1779769

Oh sorry I guess I’m out of the loop in the model realm. But the first one definitely feels like a self post cause that’s literally just a random one and done post of a random girl who doesn’t even look like she had a dramatic weight loss.

No. 1779790

The one of her in the black pants is EXTREMELY skinny. What are you on about? I really doubt it's a self post. I don't think she even knows this website exists

No. 1779810

Why do spell post like "poast?" It makes you stand out, I cringe whenever I stumble across your illiteracy.

No. 1779821

File: 1677651423540.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.09 KB, 393x1806, AFA140ED-74F5-419E-BAE5-89788D…)

I'm gonna try to put an end to this whole Lea discussion. In this photo, the girl's bmi is between 11-12 (if I recall correctly) 1/2

No. 1779823

File: 1677651517197.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.89 KB, 156x870, 4000DEEE-F8EA-4DAC-AF02-2D202E…)

Lea is almost as skinny, but a bit higher, so I'm estimating a bmi of 14. Which is still skinny. She never mentioned anorexia though and isn't an attention seeker or anything. Again, I doubt it was a self post. She's one of the top models. Now, I will say this once again, take this discussion to Skinny Gossip 2/2

No. 1779826

Thank you. Stop posting non-milky shit

No. 1779832

Hasn't she been posted before? Is she disordered or does she have a physical illness that causes low weight?

No. 1779833

Sage. All you newfag retards need to learn to sage.

No. 1779834

I didn't understand from the rules, when am I supposed to sage? Please explain. It will also help other newfags understand. Saging this just in case lol

No. 1779836

Why does this retarded thread even exist tbh. You're all more mentally ill shitting on those who are mentally ill. Get a fucking life tbh. You're all probably fatties in their 30s-40s, don't even have a social or love life, a job that doesn't pay well, so you find "joy" in this shit. Ban me forever. I couldn't care less. Please ban me for life. Kos omkom ya sharamee6(as you wish)

No. 1779839

To add, I wish I never found this site

No. 1779847


No. 1779849

Type "sage" in the field that says "email," you're supposed to sage when you're posting something that isn't milk. And learn the rules to a website before you start frequenting it.

Then leave. None of us give a fuck if you think what we're doing here is bad or pathetic or whatever it is you were sperging about. If a bunch of randoms talking about stuff that other randoms put on their public social medias is so appalling to you then you must be very sheltered and naive. There are forums where men discuss their fantasies about raping and killing infants, forums dedicated to jerking off to photos of dead children and animals, there are whole ass imageboards filled with fathers discussing there desire to fuck their biological daughters. I feel no shame in what we do here, clutch your pearls elsewhere faggot.(and why are you responding to them)

No. 1779852

No one cares about your high and mighty sperging, leave.

No. 1779854


No. 1779855


No. 1779856

Stop trying to get banned and have some fucking self control and leave, fucking pathetic. Kill yourself, spineless faggot.(embarrassing)

No. 1779857

File: 1677655399244.jpg (54.62 KB, 485x524, ganer's bullshit.jpg)

Surprised no-one's mentioned Ganer's bullshit recently. Claims to have torn her medialis/quad, an injury with a six week min healing time and possible surgery required. Goes back to the gym after six days. Then posts this little gem. Seriously, get her off the fucking internet. And it's no wonder she tore her quad when all she posts are those cringe gurning leg extension vids. She deserves that and much worse.

No. 1779868

I'm surprised it took this long to get an injury. She's insane to not listen to others when they tell her to rest. She's clearly addicted and deep in her ed still. She needs help. Her mother must be devastated.

No. 1779870

It’s called exercise addiction, Ganer. Who does she think she’s fooling? Shit, who IS she fooling?

No. 1779888

feel free to turn off your computer any time

No. 1779890

File: 1677661350304.jpg (987.3 KB, 1079x1782, Screenshot_20230301_080529.jpg)

So predictable Laura

No. 1779891

File: 1677661456030.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x1784, Screenshot_20230301_080731.jpg)


But then she'll post this?
Make it make sense

No. 1779893

File: 1677661783668.jpg (Spoiler Image, 637.74 KB, 1080x2004, Kek.jpg)

Spoilered cause Fucking kek
I'm not a dancer and even I know her dancing is shit. She has flexibility and that's it. These dance videos and pics are a throwback so She can nostalgically LARP and make sure everyone knows she wasn't always the chunk she is now
Spoilered cause…

No. 1779896

Oh fuck right off Ganer. So all the people in such intense mental anguish that they killed themselves just needed to go for a bit of a jog, right? Never seen someone peddle so much toxic shit in my life.

No. 1779905

File: 1677665948158.png (563.66 KB, 447x797, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 4.18…)

Looks like Mi might be gearing up to spend another year or so inpatient with an ng tube

No. 1779906

File: 1677665971061.png (597.37 KB, 450x791, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 4.18…)

part 2

No. 1779909

File: 1677666087078.png (484.86 KB, 448x722, Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 4.20…)

Bonus whining about her totally restrictive ED that magically never makes her less obese

No. 1779913

6 fucking days?! She can't rest for 1 week without feeling lost and confused? Does she think that's relatable? Ganer has severe untreated OCD or something, even among diehard fitness spergs this is not a normal mentality.
And this was inevitable considering how hard she pushes herself. Everyone warned her and she didn't listen, why even hire a personal trainer if you're going to ignore him? One of the most basic aspects of bodybuilding is rest and recovery, it's glaringly obvious she's in pain and not resting enough. This >>1772904 is a grimace of pain as she pushes her quads past the brink. Nobody who takes fitness seriously would continue to weight train on sore muscles, because you will cause further injury and you will not gain any further muscle mass. Which is exactly what happened lol, how can she act surprised? Now she's torn an overworked and undernourished muscle that will probably never heal properly.

No. 1779930

Yes I think she switched coaches back to the irresponsible cunt who took her on when she was the spoopiest of them all because the other guy was not having her refusal to eat more and rest post-show. I mean no-one is saying exercise can't help depression but cure it? Hell no. And she doesn't just say this is what works for me, she pushes her agenda onto everyone else, tells other anorexics to 'recover' by switching one disorder for another and tells severely depressed people to just lift some weights and they'll be magically all better.

No. 1779931

File: 1677672838584.jpg (64.9 KB, 490x874, Screenshot 2023-03-01 121257.j…)

Come on then Ganer explain this. She went to the gym as much as you do. How come she isn't shitting fucking rainbows?

No. 1779943

because know two people who have died and, based on that, you're assuming that everyone who dies from an eating disorder is at a really low BMI. in reality, people die at all weights, as only a tiny % of ED sufferers are ever underweight. binging and purging puts a huge strain on the body/heart,electrolyte imbalances etc can be deadly and people die as a result, without being at a low weight, same with eating disorders generally, as starvation and other behaviours place strain on the body and some can't cope well before they reach a low weight. and yeah, suicide is also a potential cause of death, but many people die as a more direct result of an ED at higher BMIs.

No. 1779969

Yeah Genie, the game is going to kill you. Sure.

No. 1779986

She literally had a 40 second run of palpitations. Between the weakened heart muscle and electrolyte imbalance, her heart is totally fucked.

No. 1779988

These "episodes" or whatever are happening more and more often, I don't know how she's not more concerned about it.

No. 1779990

Denial is a an incredible thing. Truthfully I think at this point she must be suicidal. She's ready to go and would rather die now at her skelliest than put on an ounce of weight. She's just accepted this as her new normal.

No. 1779999

Eating disorders ARE a slow and painful suicide. No one who is normal and not depressed/traumatized or fucked in some other way would waste years of their life on starving themselves.

No. 1780006

On the video she was smiling and saying omg I'm gonna dieee. I feel like she wants to croak on stream. She wants to be infamous and live on even after her death no matter how she is remembered. She loves the attention.

No. 1780012

Nonnie, just no. This is absolute bullshit re: only people under BMI 12 die. Stop the anachan nonsense

No. 1780077

This is isn't her lowest weight either, I think this was filmed about a year after she was discharged from IP. Right before she went IP she was way slimmer than she is in this video

No. 1780080

So you're basically implying that for it to be considered extreme to have to die or…? If you've gotten yourself to a bmi of 15 then there's obviously something extremely wrong with you. Also, there are people who started at a high weight and died at a bmi much higher than 12. It doesn't mean their cases weren't extreme, it's still tragic

No. 1780081

You casually have some random anorexic chic's photos saved and you don't even know her name?

No. 1780083

You idiot, you do realize that most people with an eating disorder won't admit they have one until it's inevitable, right? It's also not really anyone's business whether she has one or not, regardless of what the "recovery queens" portray. She's obviously not preaching recovery, so who the fuck cares what's going on behind the scenes?

No. 1780085

100% agreed. On one hand very sad to watch, on the other… you reap what you sow. I give it another week or two before she starts flashing again for her fetishist following.

No. 1780087

Oh, yes, sounds very healthy to me

No. 1780092

Fucking kek, the logic of getting a hot chocolate caloric bomb to celebrate "managing" to drink an ensure is killing me

No. 1780193

File: 1677703203900.jpeg (299.29 KB, 828x1394, 28AA3EF5-F8F2-49D6-9380-702065…)

Some cow crossover happening: I believe this is targeted at Emily (because she was on live when Zara posted this and a couple other things). Not sure what Emily said to get like 3 stories from Mrs.High-and-Mighty

No. 1780197

Can you post the other stories too, nonna? Not saging to boost your post since it's milky af

No. 1780215

Publicly shaming someone is bad, she says, publicly shaming someone else on her story.

No. 1780226

File: 1677707192663.jpeg (298.56 KB, 828x1339, 47BD9066-2CE8-4306-81A4-8F388C…)

No. 1780229

File: 1677707302946.jpeg (343.49 KB, 828x1407, 546D4E9C-C2CD-4AEA-81C4-77F6D2…)

No. 1780231

File: 1677707401157.jpeg (210.25 KB, 828x1350, 4C8FC979-3710-4121-A075-28D3F2…)

No. 1780234

File: 1677707540183.jpeg (117.33 KB, 828x1300, BB7F6CB6-9D64-47D7-9CE0-A5AE2E…)

No. 1780248

Who was Emily talking about?

No. 1780260

File: 1677711333895.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2026, 38D8F05B-BD21-48F7-BE56-A64C38…)

the “trans” wanna be one?

No. 1780263

she’s not naming or shaming to her credit. it’s not the same

No. 1780268

File: 1677712421531.png (6.87 MB, 1170x2532, 000B2E98-A444-4875-90C3-27C7CF…)

yep, tranny-looking wannabe makeup artist who used to post unhinged photos of herself in the priory.

No. 1780287

File: 1677713685482.jpeg (884.7 KB, 1170x2412, C8CA20B8-D6AF-4CA6-BDF3-838FFE…)

Not saging because Abby but none of us realised you had anorexia Abby

No. 1780293

And posted #AnorexiaAwarenessWeek on her story…. yikes

No. 1780301

File: 1677714169416.jpeg (37.51 KB, 462x448, EF61999E-B660-4534-A6EB-44BD05…)

Hi Ally.

No. 1780329

kek, what's Ally's IG handle?

No. 1780330

File: 1677715751945.png (1.93 MB, 1080x2225, Screenshot_20230302-000704~2.p…)

So one second Laura will post about how fat she feels and how she's going to "stop eating tomorrow" but then in the same breath will post something claiming to be pro recovery? Make it make sense, the math ain't mathing.

No. 1780338


"Deadly" more like mildly underweight

No. 1780340

File: 1677716320502.jpeg (56.17 KB, 750x474, 6A2C50E4-D3E4-4E17-8791-252686…)

Here ya go nonnie!

No. 1780373

She got her ass handed to her in the comments to the point that she just turned them off. The nurses and HCAs must not be paying any attention to her tonight.

No. 1780380

File: 1677720174210.jpg (75.37 KB, 700x700, grill-bacon-17-2.jpg)

No. 1780386

No. 1780412


No. 1780428

who’s ally

No. 1780433

This dipshit >>1780340 who didn't think to crop out her profile pic while snarking about other ana-chans

No. 1780439

and ofc she has now turned off the comments on that post, because she couldn't handle the understandable criticism - yet hasn't deleted the post, because she obvs isn't going to miss the opportunity of eating disorder Awareness week to share old photos of her underweight and with a toob and self harm wounds. just an excuse to share to photos to "prove" how sooper sick and spoopy you were under the guise of "raising awareness", desperate for validation after sharing that you treated yourself to a huge hot chocolate as a reward for….drinking an ensure. hardly surprising her post wasn't met with the supportive comments she was expecting.

No. 1780454

Fucking kekkk, I love it when farmers accidentally out themselves. Tbh though I'm relieved to see a normie looking mid twenties woman with a cringey description and not some 16 year old anachan who came here from tiktok, or worst of all, a moid. Remember a few threads ago that old crusty moid accidentally included his facebook pfp in his posts about han and her mom? That was the grossest so far, and he's probably still lurking and posting among us.

No. 1780459

oh kek i thought she was a cow or something how did the anon know her name and handle from just the profile picture though

No. 1780510

Does nobody find this weird kek

No. 1780511

her description reads like she's probably also in the "ed recovery" community, so she probably was posting someone she finds ~triggering~ and/or is jealous of to be catty. Whoever outed her is probably also from ed recovery instagram. It's all a bunch of infighting

No. 1780550

Not cool nonna although funny you went out of your way to out me

No. 1780551

kek, are you new? it is a long and proud tradition to point out when people accidentally identify themselves

No. 1780566

My god she's an insufferable stuck up twat, how does she read over a post like this and not think "gee I sound like a massive cunt, maybe I should reword this."

No. 1780577

>how did the anon know her name and handle from just the profile picture though
I always wonder how they manage to find the profiles so quick just using the pfp too. Maybe through the cow's followers? Or ED recovery pages like that other anon suggested? Maybe someone else here happens to know them personally? It's strange but impressive how fast they find them

No. 1780579

maybe a reverse image search? does that pull up IG profiles?

No. 1780583

Maybe, there seems to be a site for everything nowadays so even if google reverse image search doesn't work there could be another site that does

No. 1780585

even if it's just extreme autism that helps them do it, I find it extremely funny (especially when people get indignant about being identified).

No. 1780598

File: 1677736821334.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2090, 4B4F6614-A405-4146-B6FB-E76ADC…)

Aidels saying goodbye to acute and going to everyone’s long standing fave, ERC Denver

No. 1780600

I feel like this makes it very clear that her "inability to tolerate feeds" was behavioral, since ACUTE got her eating some food in addition to feeds and out in two weeks.

No. 1780601

Samefag but who ends up paying for her stay at acute if she’s an out of country self-paying pt? Does being formed change the payment plan since she can’t leave? I feel bad if it all falls on her parents, that bills going to be astronomical

No. 1780604

learn to sage

ACUTE doesn't take patients who can't pay. She must have paid cash or gotten an American health insurance policy. They don't even take patients with Medicare/Medicaid and will refer very seriously ill patients elsewhere if their insurance won't cover it. It's very expensive and they always have demand. If she couldn't pay, she would have been transferred to a normal medical hospital instead.

No. 1780605

samefag, but by "pay cash" I don't mean all upfront. They'll do a payment plan, but you're still on the hook.

No. 1780616

you outed yourself dumbass

No. 1780631

>Not saging because Abby

No. 1780633

That aimz girl.

No. 1780637

File: 1677747685880.jpg (966.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230302_035419_Ins…)

>>1774997 well, glad to see this girl made it to anachans finally. These are definitely young girls clothing, though that's stating the obvious

No. 1780646

File: 1677748886181.jpeg (213.47 KB, 717x1280, E2D7B79B-8686-4F2F-9CF0-EC260C…)

a fraction of the comments from laura’s post today before she turned them off. cropped out colours sperging above

No. 1780648

File: 1677749157798.jpeg (94.83 KB, 828x1453, 0E8B3389-D0E7-4FA5-96FF-02EE19…)

samefag but i thought this was funny kek

No. 1780661

why are you redacting usernames?

No. 1780672

Out of consideration. They're not cows.

No. 1780679

NTA, but also, because the comments are no longer public anyway. If it was still up and visible it might be different

No. 1780682

They wrote both "post" and "poast" in that comment because one is a part post, part boast. It's not illiteracy.

No. 1780685

Is it possible she has a rape fetish?

No. 1780690

Genuine question: would she be talking about Emily when they are both on the same page given what she's written in this post?

No. 1780691

This isn't mild. I wouldn't call it deadly either but she said that anorexia itself is deadly, which is true. One doesn't have to actually die from it or be close to death to know that it's deadly

No. 1780720

Roughly translated to ‘I stayed incident free and gave the poor, underpaid nurses a break from babysitting my adult arse so that I could get what I wanted for being ‘good’!!’
Guarantee by next weeks ward round when it isn’t going to benefit her she’ll be right back to incidents left, right and centre kek.

No. 1780722

I think she just genuinely feels that way

No. 1780731

Eh, no. I'd avoid using the word poast like that tbh, it's a pedophile/zoophile filled website. Kek.

No. 1780734

Well then it's dumbassery and she needs to integrate.

No. 1780750

emily went on a live and started having hysterics about how some other girl posted a photo of herself when she looked unwell, naming the other girl and trying to get her followers to basically gang up on her. guessing this other girl is friends with zara?
zara seems to be saying she disagrees with the public bullying part, not the criticism part? and emily is such a hypocrite for it to be honest, she has some pure lunacy posted on her instagram, both her ~recovery~ one and her personal.

No. 1780774

>even if it's just extreme autism that helps them do it, I find it extremely funny (especially when people get indignant about being identified).

Same. It really tickles me.

No. 1780778

i know we’re not meant to discuss colours here but i’m curious now did she actually comment with her account or

No. 1780780

File: 1677772742791.jpeg (255.18 KB, 750x772, DE953E8A-AC8E-439F-BF16-A690E1…)

nikol straight up says 0kg like does she want the human body to just evaporate

No. 1780806

Zara is such a fucking twat lol pot calling the kettle black sweetie. She post all this sanctimonious shit but it all really boils down to her own feelings and what she decides is right/wrong that particular day

No. 1780820

File: 1677776784200.jpeg (834.62 KB, 828x1682, BFEE63F9-7C87-43CC-AE93-AFAC47…)

Not sure if this girl has been mentioned before but she’s always popping up on my TikTok, blatantly posts pro ana content and body checks, and snaps at anyone finding it triggering or insisting she gets help

No. 1780828

File: 1677777663967.png (2.52 MB, 828x1792, CC1C7C7B-9F96-4B96-A2C2-0EB25F…)

Not sure if she’s on insta still, but she’s active on TikTok (if I'm thinking of the right person) - notjackiestiktok_
She seems to be doing a lot better, and honestly isn’t milky anymore which is nice to see.

No. 1780835

I find it quite ironic how while zara was so sick, she was more than happy to post her body all over the internet, but now that she's "so much healthier," she stops posting pics of herself completely. Like, if you're feeling and looking "so much better", why choose now to go into hiding??? Wouldn't a "recovery advocate" want people to see them healthy, and not only when they're at deaths door. Seems sus

No. 1780849

File: 1677778976670.jpeg (267.73 KB, 750x1049, 7F592D43-750F-4920-979F-71C334…)

Re the Emily/Zara issue, it was about another girl Emily was in treatment with - @Aimzee24. 1/2

No. 1780850

File: 1677779004054.jpeg (194.83 KB, 750x913, 403C96F1-B538-431E-8E31-4ADDC3…)

No. 1780888

File: 1677781432014.jpg (10.61 KB, 298x184, sothirstyforattentionz_1125974…)

KEK schizo ana brainrot arc incoming?

No. 1780970

File: 1677785315742.png (4.84 MB, 828x1792, E34DB819-117F-4706-AF00-40D84C…)

Biggest cow ever. Always bashes about Zara but posts their bs excuse of sick pics and countless other bpd antics 1/2

No. 1780971

File: 1677785351250.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, E628B04A-D786-4A25-A2F6-460DFA…)

I don’t get the crying photos

No. 1781087

yeah nonna, i was confused too. maybe laura actually never blocked her? it’d make sense. can post the cap in thread but it’s just her usual what about me shit

No. 1781099

UK peeps, there's a new documentary on channel 5 'anorexic' poor Laura has competition now…her documentary will be old news now Kek!

No. 1781133

File: 1677796802476.png (1.39 MB, 1079x1761, Screenshot_20230302-223952.png)

the tensing lmao

No. 1781268

I'm having wayy too much with this cow drama. Thanks nonnie

No. 1781284

First pic isn’t even milky this feels like a vendetta. She looks great in recovery, and isn’t really milk anymore

No. 1781286

Like I swear y’all only go back to a few cows that are in your inventory. They’re boring and stale, get over it. Find new milk

No. 1781310

Not sure if she’s ever directly bashed her tbh

No. 1781331

The grimace?? Good lord

No. 1781345

File: 1677814276438.jpg (583.68 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230302_200614031.jpg)

New Ausfag? @ Harmonyhuttonx
She's a 'fitspo' influencer
Using orthorexia and excessive exercise as 'healthy' and clothing/sponsor deals to body checking

No. 1781346

File: 1677814348650.jpg (625.46 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230302_192649488.jpg)

Same fag
I dunno what's going on with her knees?

No. 1781347

File: 1677814428040.jpg (510.82 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230302_193358584.jpg)

And her elbows?

No. 1781361

File: 1677815321746.jpg (474.56 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230302_192956099.jpg)

Clothing haul or body check?

No. 1781370

File: 1677815715922.jpg (858.34 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20230303_115441291.jpg)

Last one

No. 1781446

>~untreatable depression~
Lol okay girl, and tomorrow you'll be back to your usual life. She's so dramatic and over the top.

No. 1781557

>Feed me my milky wilkies! But only the kind I like! I don't wanna look for it myself! Wahhhhh!
Bitch you bring some milk if you don't like what's offered here. So tired of seeing nothing but complaints from you anons.

No. 1781568

boosting thread cause of sperg in /snow/

No. 1781580

does she just like, throw them away? I'm confused.

No. 1781584

The food? No if you look 2 pics up you'll see the type of 'meals' she has

No. 1781589

What happened to this kid’s eyebrows?

No. 1781611

Saging for rant but the "recovery community" is so retarded at the moment, they're all on their high horses about others posting photos at a low weight yet they all have those exact same low weight photos on their public social medias themselves. And then they're all crying their eyes out because someone mentioned that their skelly pics are maybe not the best thing to share or someone implied they're not as ill anymore because God forbid they're not viewed as super duper sicky wicky anymore. And they're all grown adults in their twenties. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 1781716

File: 1677855580074.png (3.08 MB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20230303-155748.png)

Came here after seeing this from Hayden, expected to see some funny comments, but guess I'm first

No. 1781731

Aww man this photo makes me sad tbh, her eyes look so spaced out and vacant like she's got brain damage or something. Fuck

No. 1781745

She looks like she could be ganers retarded sister

No. 1781746

My day is now fucked.

No. 1781752

The level of mental illness in this photo is making me queasy

No. 1781753

Bc she’s lying about being healthy and recovered

No. 1781770

File: 1677859939904.png (45.06 KB, 320x464, original.png)

Did she happen to mention why in the holy fuck she did this?

No. 1781781

So her friends hate her clearly, cause they just let her go out in public like that for humans to see.

No. 1781852

File: 1677867392385.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230303_181539_Gal…)

How is she at home, overweight WITH a toob?? Sorry but clearly there's not a need for the accessory hose then

No. 1781878

what’s the @

No. 1781906

Some people have light brows anon not everyone looks the same

No. 1781931

Tbh I think it’s just the glasses that are fucking weird. Minus the glasses it just a looks like a dude with long hair or a chick with a beard.
It was Mardi Gras and world pride in Sydney where it’s from so I think that’s why the look.
Also anon you defs should’ve spoilered

No. 1781973

Why do so many cows have lazy eyes

No. 1782224

Does anyone remember Aimee Corner ? Girl from Leeds - made yt videos a few year back.

No. 1782225

This is an image board, post an image

No. 1782321

File: 1677913122330.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2340, 7B228FDD-BECB-4E1D-9ABE-565139…)

does this girl rub anyone off the wrong way. she seems so disingenuous and attention-seeking…

No. 1782338

File: 1677916353469.jpeg (641.3 KB, 828x1540, 99B4FE1C-6231-423C-B773-F49EC9…)

Here’s a woman I haven’t seen posted before. Her whole page is pretty cringe.

No. 1782339

File: 1677916396158.jpeg (863.13 KB, 828x1570, 42DD1CA4-4BA6-44F5-952A-71E59F…)

Kek “mummabear”
That sounds familiar

No. 1782340

I follow her on Instagram. Definitely attention seeking. She loves her erc vacations. I think she actually left treatment to go on a Disney cruise and then was back immediately after.

No. 1782341

I've been following her for a while and she seems to basically just live at ERC with an ng tube for long periods of time.

No. 1782348

Lurk more
This has been posted and the reference of Mumma Bear

No. 1782351

Please direct me to the last time she was mentioned because I didn’t see it

No. 1782354

Kek when was this? I saw a spoop on one of my disney cruises and it totally could have been her. The spoop I saw was with some old man who told her she had eaten enough after she ate some salad appetizer at dinner.

No. 1782361

File: 1677920516609.png (475.61 KB, 497x619, Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 3.00…)

she doesn't really get that spoopy. This was her last summer, right around when she left for her last stint at ERC (June - February)

No. 1782362

samefag - she claims to have arfid and as far as I can tell mostly eats pizza, pancakes, pasta, waffles, hot dogs, stuff like that. So I doubt she would eat a salad kek

No. 1782365

File: 1677920800134.png (435.98 KB, 513x632, Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 3.06…)

So spoopy she had to use a wheelchair just like Fi

No. 1782367

File: 1677920898424.png (483.5 KB, 552x601, Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 3.07…)

Because you can't see her body very well in that picture while she's seated, here she is five days after posting that

No. 1782398

In not doing your farming for you but it was legit 1 or 2 threads so that picture and another was posted then references to jonzie and mumma bear was discussed. It's not that fucking hard

No. 1782402

File: 1677930752029.jpg (317.36 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20230304_195003.jpg)

The previous fucking thread…how hard was that. Lurk more newfag cause you obviously didn't. Where tf are these n00bs coming from

No. 1782404

You could have just linked it instead of screenshotting kek.
I just went to find it too

No. 1782406

You could have just read the previous thread 'kek'

No. 1782408

The wheelchair photo op is the knighthood of pro-ana chans. Remember that, y'all.

No. 1782412

File: 1677932847305.jpg (1017.53 KB, 1079x1983, Ok.jpg)

Pretty contradictory considering her post that she deleted about edaw

No. 1782477

File: 1677945254824.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x2237, 9B82397A-7638-4093-952B-BE359A…)

(the „me“ was on the next frame)

Do you think this is finally it?

No. 1782484

I hope not

No. 1782485

"Kek"? I don't know which anon you thought you were replying to but I went to go spoonfeed/find the >> number, and came back to this thread to find some retard posting a screenshot.

No. 1782510

Her bangs are so wonky wtf

No. 1782518

Cannot fucking stand her, total attention whore who loves the tube and associated sick pics. She’s also deceiving old, pretty sure she’s 27 acting exactly like a teenage attention seeker

No. 1782607

File: 1677963797113.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1740, E3F6049E-6AED-470E-A491-DD26E3…)

sage for non milk but kek which one of you was this?

No. 1782612

Don’t have any - she deleted all her IG / yt stuff - vanished.

No. 1782613

I don't get that. How serious is she if she can scoff all that down?? How could she possibly need intensive treatment

No. 1782659

A retard who managed to go back one thread and show how fucking easy it is to find and the screen shot cause this is a fucking image board and that way if any other newfags go to post shit that has already been milked to stop clogging up the damn feed with sour milk…kek

No. 1782798

File: 1677981715246.jpeg (270.66 KB, 821x1490, 21DB8137-6963-4F40-B860-9BD09A…)

newfag, but long time lurker. @littlestlee2.0 is raging about being 'fucked over royally' by the new farm clinic staff this admission (what she means is she didn't get to pick the room she wanted on the unit she wanted & when they tried to move her she had to make sure everyone knew how speshul she was by forcing the staff to move her back to her previous unit) she also didn't get to see her dr when she demanded to because of course nobody is more important than our delicate little lady being spoonfed her daily validation. (1/2)

No. 1782802

File: 1677981889265.jpeg (419.26 KB, 828x1465, 0CD5B280-F589-45FC-9ABC-D09266…)

samefag as previous post (2/2)
it's the 'anonymity' poll for me kek
(both posts saged, idk whether this is good enough milk)

No. 1782803

i shudder to imagine inhabiting a mind that feels compelled to do this, even for a moment…what the FUCK LMAO

No. 1782810

I enjoyed her complaint last night about getting fruit and custard for dessert instead of fruit crumble and custard. Big anorexic energy there, Leah

No. 1782814

It sucks when you make a hotel reservation for a specific room and they put you somewhere else instead. Kek.

No. 1782834

i saw that too kek. soooo sooper ana!!!!! as far as i am aware the admission is for TMS & not her ED, which makes all of this fuckery even more feral

No. 1782839

the fact that NFC opened the unit she was moved to for Young Adults - all existing YA patients were moved down there. when i tell you i had the pleasure of witnessing this cow throw a freaky fit when she got the news. i know this might break my anonymity a bit - but she really really really did not want to move. apparently she had some sort of 'trauma' with the ward that was opened for YA's . she wasnt the only person who had to be moved which is the feral part. she just felt like she deserved speshul attention for being such a cow & forcing the staff to move her back up after a week. this is the 'royal fuck around' she refers to. entitled as hell.

No. 1782842

Her vagueness about everything drives me fucking nuts. Do you know what her "trauma" supposedly is?

No. 1782845

I've been following her for years now and I don't think I've ever seen her say something nice about her boyfriend.

No. 1782849

i really really wish i knew but all i heard was her absolutely ranting to another patient and a nurse. she was ANGRY like i was genuinely worried she was going to have an actual incident at one of the staff. she complained/caused arguments about the move for a whole week until staff finally moved her back up to her original unit. she says they wasted a whole week of her stay just by moving her down there & i distinctly remember her posting a story with a photo of her belongings being moved captioned with 'i feel like such a nuisance for making the staff deal with all of this, but i really just couldn't handle it'.
in my opinion there's no trauma. the YA unit is one of the original ones at the clinic, its very old & while they did their best to refurbish it its no where near as 'luxurious' as the newer units. i have a good feeling she is just incredibly spoiled and entitled & just didn't want to move to a 'dingier' room. it genuinely angry lmao, like she is literally wasting space here. a bed could go to someone who actually needs it rather than this cow.

No. 1782860

Learn to sage

No. 1782867

What unit is the one she likes?

No. 1782872

saged for non milk
unit 4 i think, theres like 5 of them & unit 1 is YA, unit 2 adolescent & unit 3 for eating disorders (Porgie, Shay etc are some auscows who have been on this ward)
units 1-3 are from the original building and units 4-5 are the brand new ones. unit 5 is the drug & alcohol ward - which is why she probably wants the only other 'new' ward so she can have her speshul big bedroom. although i imagine her favourite unit would be 3 - thats where all the spoops and ana larpers go bc its 'specialised'.

No. 1782879

one dope thing i've learned reading these threads is that ED patients tend to be more deranged and violent than almost all of the schizos i've seen in psych wards lmao

No. 1782887

Tends to happen when your body starts to 'eat away' at your brain (which is mostly fat) because there's not much left in the body

No. 1782900

File: 1677995366201.gif (2.73 MB, 640x336, spaceballs-bearded.gif)

immediate thought.

No. 1782937

Especially when you combine that with them just generally being horrible people. I couldn't imagine working in a unit, no wonder some of the nurses lash out at times when some of the people they're supposed to care for are evil, spoiled, malnourished brats

No. 1782942

File: 1678009141234.jpg (38.72 KB, 415x593, aimeejade.JPG)

Is this the lady? (old photo from 2013). It looks the same to me going by the articles, but i just want anon to clarify because i'm shit with facial regonition. If it is, i will be happy to say she is well, works for the NHS now and probably deleted things to move on with her life. She's on facebook and seems to possibly be married as her last name has changed.

No. 1783066

i try to have empathy with anachans but at the end up the day they're always in it because they want to feel somehow different, special, or above regular humans and i just don't have much to spare on someone who thinks they're better than me

No. 1783098

Going by this thread at least, most of them seem to do it precisely because they know they have nothing else going for them. No talent, no purpose, all they have is being skinny or seeming sick

No. 1783124

File: 1678043670182.jpeg (462.51 KB, 1358x2868, 88D9119C-F7C3-47E1-A5A5-672C3F…)

Edtwt rots the brain truly. I couldn’t respond that casually finding out I’m being stalked/posted by my gf’s ex publicly online.

No. 1783142

Knowing anachans she’s absolutely gonna take this as a compliment

No. 1783148

File: 1678045515051.jpeg (205.32 KB, 1125x1888, B229A1F0-BA6B-4FA9-A6BB-77BB2F…)

All this feels grim. Apparently she went live last night for 5 mins and spent it mostly blaring music and then trying to cover her mouth when she did speak. (i read her caption as “I wish I could have done a longer life” and I think it’s cause of your post lol, which is why this is a reply to you)

No. 1783153

File: 1678045704215.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x2132, 022EF1CA-74FB-4285-AD59-C241BF…)

That’s just a well rounded plate of normal food. Stop self poasting, I guarantee you do not actually desire attention from lolcow.farm

Anyways Nikol looks like all of the fluid she consumes daily is trapped inside of her face so

No. 1783198

That’s her - nice to know she’s making a good life (without having to broadcast it on social media like Fi!).
I remember people from IG/ yt who vanish….

No. 1783242

Here’s an actually new ed documentary about an Australian girl named Sara.

No. 1783251

Can you please fucking learn how to spell "post"? It's a four letter word it's not that hard

No. 1783259

File: 1678058452129.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.6 KB, 377x303, rach_rubysoho.JPG)

I've been like that too recently, looking up people from years ago. Weirdly a lot of ex anorexics seem to jump the fence to full-blown onlyfan thottery post-weight restoration. I'm surprised and relieved Nourish hasn't.

No. 1783280

Shes constantly contradicting herself because she never actually means anything she writes, she just says whatever is relevent as an excuse to post something

No. 1783286

File: 1678062202884.jpg (9.8 MB, 4096x7285, 132249012.jpg)

Tell me you're mentally ill without telling me you're mentally ill.

Sage for no ed milk but this is so sad. She's ruined her face with all the make up. Her skin was perfect before.

No. 1783350

File: 1678073609259.jpeg (221.05 KB, 750x647, B709A16B-1714-4884-B480-D00F99…)

nikol redemption arc?

No. 1783371

What about people like journeytoemma? Or that McKee girl?

There was a great Australian called Courtney I used to like - not a cow- just a lot of problems- but she vanished too.

No. 1783375

File: 1678076184983.png (477.52 KB, 432x674, Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 10.1…)

Enara apparently has every certificate she's ever earned for anything (including a 3rd place ribbon from "pony club") hanging on her walls. There's something deeply pathetic about how she tries to act like such a serious academic when she's not allowed to work and only writes papers about suicide and bpd aka herself.

No. 1783376

File: 1678076206936.png (492.63 KB, 428x661, Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 10.1…)

No. 1783377

damn that's sad, it just seems like they crave validation

No. 1783378

File: 1678076351640.png (340.65 KB, 468x645, Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 10.1…)

Here's a throwback that you didn't ask about. Anorexia LARPer moonchild.etc just posted a video of herself going to some cheese fondue restaurant

No. 1783379

File: 1678076393897.png (318.83 KB, 477x641, Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 10.1…)

she complained that they "didn't give her very much cheese"

No. 1783380

File: 1678076455604.png (879.56 KB, 677x700, Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 10.2…)

Still wasting away from a lack of cheese

No. 1783390

You're essentially namefagging by being the only retard to spell post like "poast." This is an anonymous imageboard, integrate already.

No. 1783396

I'm just now noticing she got lip injections, wonder when she did that

No. 1783397

Aw that's actually really nice to hear, good for her that's awesome.

No. 1783421

I follow McKee. She got married and she’s still dangerously underweight but she doesn’t mention her Ed anymore, except for her edaw post a few days ago. I love her wacky fashion sense. Not even joking. She has a lot of confidence.

No. 1783428

File: 1678081653874.png (522.68 KB, 477x851, Screenshot (202).png)

Sounds like Darcy's not planning on gaining weight despite 'recovering'? This sounds so iffy

No. 1783431

it seems very clear that she's saying she doesn't want to recover and wants to just maintain whatever she's doing now so she can stay out of the hospital?

No. 1783448

Sage for non-milk
But for anyone who was in Tumblr days, this seems to be Felice now under her real name

No. 1783449

Encyclopaedia dramatica for anyone who isn't aware of her


No. 1783455

Someone on Nikol's cc asked if they can die by a heart attack if they have sex at bmi 14 and some people are saying it's possible tf…

No. 1783463

Sage your bullshit newfag

No. 1783469

Maybe if you’re like really unhealthy and somehow have clogged arteries at bmi 14. I partook at bmi 13.2 and I’m still here

No. 1783481

Yeah LMAO thought it's weird. She's waiting till marriage. Rlly taking this Islam seriously?

No. 1783482

File: 1678088789772.jpeg (75.8 KB, 1280x720, 222726F4-130B-4720-AE15-59E895…)

bump don’t scroll

No. 1783486

It doesn't even have to be clogged arteries, the heart is a muscle after all and if you've been damaging it through behaviours and starving yourself you're at high risk of things like heart attacks. Certainly if you throw off electrolytes. Karen Carpenter died at a bmi of 18.5 for example. But i thought anorexics lose their sex drive as they reach lower weights as the hormones get thrown off for both women and men? scott murray said about how at low weights you can't even get it up for chaps, rest his soul.

No. 1783512

nobody fucking cares about your bmi or that you had sex, you can make fun of cows without talking about yourself

No. 1783564

i HaD sEx at A LoW bMi. weird flex.

No. 1783572

you anachans can’t help yourselves, can you? go back to MPA

No. 1783603

I'm actually friends with Hannah (that McKee girl). She isn't a cow and never has been really. Just a severe anorexic who will never recover because she frankly doesn't want to. She doesn't mention her ED online now and has plenty of other things in her life including a husband, her own home, a job she enjoys, lots of hobbies and plenty of friends.

JourneyToEmma is still a cow. Still milking the NHS for all its worth and posting about it.

No. 1783640

No. 1783701


Would you have rather I been honest and said that I was raped when I was at a lower bmi kek? I swear to god y’all look for anything to cry about. All I was saying was that yeah you can do high heart rate activities at low BMI’s and still be just fine, which is true. If it bothers you that much you could’ve reported it and had me banned for a few days instead of whining and crying over a spoilered post.

No. 1783706

My apologies for samefagging and this is my last comment on this, but I’m not presently low bmi’d or anorexic anymore, I was just stating the fact that no: your heart isn’t going to give out and you won’t suddenly drop dead if you go on a run, drink too much caffeine, or have sex at a bmi as low as 13. Sorry if that upsets you.

No. 1783711

We'd rather not hear about your pathetic blog full stop

No. 1783717

I love how when someone makes a single one off post that has actually relevant experience to the topic at hand, all of the butthurt responses to it that shit up the thread aren’t considered a-logging or blogposting but the response telling them to shut the fuck up and stop whining always is kek. This really is the new zoomer lolcow

No. 1783722

File: 1678124864647.jpeg (476.53 KB, 1170x1295, ED6640BE-2BE4-4402-B993-FE9A1C…)

2012 ass post from Nikol

No. 1783733

>I was just stating the fact that no: your heart isn’t going to give out and you won’t suddenly drop dead if you go on a run, drink too much caffeine, or have sex at a bmi as low as 13.
We already knew that because we're not retarded teenagers, stop blogposting and sperging.

No. 1783742

She's so pretty in the first photo, I don't understand her urge to make herself look so ugly. It's like she can't shock people with her deathly-looking body anymore, so she's moved on to ruining her face

No. 1783743

I'll be damned

No. 1783746

She's so deluded and out of it, a true recovery queen. I'd like to see how she's gonna explain that at another one of those recovery meetings or whatever it was she went to

No. 1783748

I mean, it is but it wouldn't be solely due to the BMI

No. 1783765

You can tell it’s pure water retention. Her body is screaming out loud literally

No. 1783774

It’s a shame no one has told her to tone the make up down and that it actually looks REALLY bad..

No. 1783778

The post wasn't even useful - just because one person, one time, had sex at a low BMI and didn't die doesn't mean it's literally impossible for that to happen, kek. People with eating disorders can unpredictably experience sudden cardiac events during exertion. Just like you see all these mega-spoops exercising and they're not all immediately dropping dead but it is more than possible for their heart to give out while running or whatever.

No. 1783780

yea, we really want to hear all about your special life, please blog more. Maybe you can post some body checks or something to prove how spoopy you were.

No. 1783789

There should be an automatic ban when nonnas feel the need to share their current or past BMI

No. 1783790

you obviously just wanted to brag about being a sooper spoop like why the fuck would YOU bring up your rape as a defence for blogposting about your rape?? seems deeply unwell and braggadocios of you

blog posting about how you were a sooper speshul spoop literally has nothing to do with the conversation because it’s a personal anecdote that says nothing about the topic except that YOU were a low bmi and had sex. Nobody fucking cares though! Sorry if that upsets you.

No. 1783793

File: 1678131955253.jpeg (153.07 KB, 828x564, E5A81937-B17F-42AC-8521-56F57C…)


No. 1783827

Cordial cat?

No. 1783897

File: 1678142627908.jpeg (168.03 KB, 1170x716, D463B4BB-8E3C-4B75-8C99-1C41C8…)

Found this person during Covid, all she ever posts is stuff about her ED, how she used he so sickly and then constantly posts about her su!cide attempts and even one time posted about her slicing the sides of her mouth like the joker. She just annoys tf out of me

No. 1783899

Post milk, son.

No. 1783928

Attention nonnies, we have a self poast.

No. 1783960

Even if you hadn't put your name in like a tard the 'su!cide' would have still given you away. Gtfo

No. 1783974


No. 1783975

um no? no one wants to hear about either one of the two, it’s not that complex. but I’m sure the fetishists who no doubt lurk here liked that

No. 1783977

at this point it's just retards making fun of retards

No. 1784037

This does reek of self post but I just lurked through her tiktok and she is milky, but maybe not pro ana milky. I wish we had a bpd cow thread or something.
>posted about her slicing the sides of her mouth like the joker
There's a lot of zoomers on tiktok giving themselves facial scars, it's like the new wristcutting but worse and harder to hide.

No. 1784111

do you think it’s like the bpd suicide girl wannabe version of the anachan head banging? like it’s just in such an obvious spot but also not a common self harm spot so people will obviously comment on it

I had a bpd housemate who gave herself “scarification” on her face but she’s a 27 year old self harmer and attention seeker so I thought she was maybe a crazy outlier

No. 1784126

File: 1678174738577.jpg (624.94 KB, 1920x1920, El.jpg)

Just wanted to post this
Elzani looks great and I'm glad she's living life and genuinely smiling

No. 1784140

File: 1678176663592.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.02 KB, 750x1091, 310833DF-39F3-467E-8B9C-354C74…)

Sorry if repeat topic, but god damn, I don't know this cow, just saw while browsing, and I can't stop fucking laughing at the photoshop

Why do spoops shoop themselves to look…not anatomically correct? Oh my fucking kek

No. 1784193

Yeah I think it's like the new version of headbanging, just permanent. There's so many zoomers and bpd chans on tiktok admitting to giving themselves face scars, joker smiles are especially popular. And some who deny doing it on purpose but post non stop with their scar while clearly loving the attention they get from it, and the scars are almost always very neatly done and the excuse as to how they got them don't make sense. It's weird how trends like this happen in waves.

No. 1784207

I haven’t seen anyone with the joker scars on tiktok but that sounds deranged and sad and funny all at the same time. Where are you going to work after doing that to your face?

No. 1784218

Yeah I fell down a rabbithole of them once by looking through tiktoks that were using an audio of the joker from batman saying "do you wanna know how I got these scars?" Most of them were pretty shallow and hard to notice though. There's one girl who has a scar from between her eyebrows going diagonal down her face all the way to the side of her mouth. She claims she got it falling on a table, but it wasn't even a cut to begin with it was like a perfect straight line, no rough edges or anything, it literally looks like she scratched herself in a neat line down the middle of her face. And it's still peeling 2 years later which wouldn't happen unless she's continuously irritating the skin. And the second she got it she was making thirst traps with it so I mean it's fairly obvious she just did it for the ~aesthetic~ lol

No. 1784223

Headbanging can be very permanent. It causes (or can cause; if they're actually banging it, and not hitting their forehead just to get a mark) brain damage.

No. 1784227

File: 1678193222954.webm (2.03 MB, 576x1024, 3b0baca810be6de243322d453f467a…)

Jesus christ. Here's me thinking she'd spam film without it in so she has content to post without her hand on her face but NO! Why would she want people to think she's not constantly got a plastic tube down her throat. She's lost the wheelchair, no way she'd lose the toob too. Then how will people know she's a spoop?

No. 1784230

Sorry I should've phrased it better, but yeah I agree with you. I was more so talking about the physical marks it leaves as most headbangers just have a slight mark remaining but the facial scar people have large, dimpled scars across their face for the rest of their lives.

No. 1784286

She's levitating kek

No. 1784317

Being skinny doesn’t make you an anachan

No. 1784335

Sage no milk
Where are they now ED recipe blogger? vegannie_ hasn’t posted since 2020(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1784340

does anyone actually follow these threads anymore, this person has been posted many times and DUH she has anorexia. You must be a kid or something because no one looks that way naturally.

No. 1784341

>sage no milk
doesn't sage

No. 1784359

You think someone looks like that without starving? You must be young and/or retarded.

No. 1784374

Nta but anachan =/= a person with anorexia. An anachan is a cow who flaunts, milks or otherwise embellishes their anorexia to seem soopersick

No. 1784380

File: 1678211601324.jpeg (498.53 KB, 828x1030, 2DDF22FF-22BD-46D2-8A86-FD0DBA…)

Edtwt is wild

No. 1784381

File: 1678211622605.jpeg (376.57 KB, 828x1157, 3D98DA07-B619-4AB3-9204-82970D…)

No. 1784418

Kek at least she's being honest

No. 1784437

And look at the picture in question. A female with an extremely thin body, shopping her pictures to emphasise her spoopiness… flaunting it on her social media, and this girl lacks cow behavior to you?

Idk who they are or whats on their instagram but i bet you its filled with milk.

No. 1784445

Kek its funny because the "prettier" picture of that girl only shows that she isnt losing the weight healthy. Her hair looks dead and her hairline looks thin right where her part is in the front. She has acne and not even the snow filter can hide that. And i know acne doesnt make her ugly but modern beauty standards would beg to differ on that. Plus its a sign she has a nutrient defficiency considering she didnt have any acne when she was chubby. The cherry on the top being those ugly fucking racoon tail dye job she did on her hair thats so outdated it was popular before she was even born. A sign that she starved herself into brain dead retardation.

While the chubbier picture shows a completely normal, and although slightly overweight, a healthy and social girl out having a good time. And the skinnier one just scream "beware of crazy girl".

But of course pretty is a skin deep thing to an anachan.

No. 1784469

It's filters and a flattering angle. If you look at comparative head-on pics she isn't even prettier, just thinner. I get that those things are identical to anachans, but the cope here is insane.

No. 1784480

the coontails were the most jarring part to me, in fact the whole photo looks like it could have been taken in 2006-2008 if not for the camera quality being too good. when i first lived through it i never dreamed the styles from that era would have any lasting impact because even at the time they seemed utterly hideous.

No. 1784498

Are you blind or just dumb, I really can't tell

No. 1784499

And also the sheer existence of this kind of (poorly edited) photo on her profile (not to mention the abundance of other photos just like it) suggests that maybe she isn't just your average innocent girls who "struggles with an eating disorder" but more of an inconsiderate attention-seeking brat who happens to have anorexia

No. 1784523

Luka is all over these threads for being a milky cow

No. 1784572

She shooped the bones out of her elbows and turned her legs into jelly all to look more spoopy. Also posing in front of a pure white background to make the shooping easier.

It's doesn't get any more cow like than that.

No. 1784579

Luka is a well known shooper who used to get posted semi-regularly. weird hill to choose to die on.

No. 1784637

File: 1678231100792.jpeg (995.05 KB, 1284x1545, 695744DD-15FB-4753-ACD6-E2A496…)

So Hxn seemed to rise from the dead for an outfit check after being MIA for a while. She seemed to be showing some potential head banging marks at the top of her head though? Did spend the Instagram story waiting for her to lift up the jumper to show off her potential weight loss as normal, but didn’t happen. Shows progress maybe? Maybe she’s gaining weight again doesn’t want to show as much.

No. 1784641

File: 1678231430110.png (5.82 MB, 1284x2778, ACD9688D-01C7-41F6-A7FA-B1FEA9…)

Also samefag different cow, confused as to why Abbey is boasting about being ‘officially’ off chair rest for the first time in 4.5 months as if she hasn’t constantly been posting photos and videos of her standing all the time? Also cows always wear the skimpiest outfits to show off their body when they’re underweight. Especially UK cows, it’s freezing cold here, and they’re posting in like next to nothing for their outfit checks. Please can someone just put all the cows in a house and it be like celebrity big brother and watch them all trigger each other and get angry at each other for doing so, and it all just implode

No. 1784692

File: 1678237754313.jpeg (74.75 KB, 656x410, BB2FDF5D-1E41-4978-8913-93212D…)

I scrolled to that post and here’s her reply to someone calling her out on it kek

No. 1784703

File: 1678239211273.png (151.32 KB, 724x777, Screenshot_113.png)

sage for a bit off-topic but i was trying to research why anorexics gravitate towards childish shit and came across this bizarre NYT article. Was it just this normal in the 70s to be this weirdly pedophilic or wtf

No. 1784704

File: 1678239246972.png (23.4 KB, 610x157, Screenshot_112.png)


No. 1784707

>>1783286 younique mua looking

No. 1784709

jfc. mainstream media still doesn't report on eds in a great way but at least we're past this

No. 1784714

It's a trip to read and see how far psychiatry has come, here's the link if anyone's interested, it's laden with Freudian thought: https://www.nytimes.com/1974/11/10/archives/children-who-starve-themselves-anorexics-look-like-gorgeous-waifs.html

No. 1784716

File: 1678240399733.png (168.63 KB, 469x579, Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 7.51…)

Stef did some "react to this food" trend so she could show off how much she definitely has arfid instead of anorexia. I got a big kick out of her pretending that she can't recognize mushrooms.

No. 1784737

I’ve noticed that people in the uk always wear dresses and skirts and tights in the hospital. They always do their makeup and their hair.
In the US, everyone is in sweatpants, pajamas, leggings and tee shirts. Most don’t bother with full face makeup. We’re not allowed straighteners. Maybe because in the US, they actually make you gain weight?

No. 1784739

Her biggest fear food is bell peppers

No. 1784741

could be legit for someone with arfid, but I just really struggle to believe Stef's bullshit a lot of the time

Did you catch that she said pizza and mac & cheese were chill? yet she goes on these six month ng tube vacations. If she's okay eating such calorie dense foods, why can't she just eat enough of them to not need a tube and work slowly on variety? make it make sense

oh, and she claims to like grapes when most peopke with arfid struggle with fruits/vegetables because of their texture

No. 1784785

But what is she doing with her life? Or just living off mummy and daddy. Where did she meet her boyfriend?

No. 1784789


I don't really see her getting past first year paramedicine as a SEED. She's not going to be able to do the physical work required.

No. 1784792


She might have been on chair rest to minimise calorie burning if she’s just puking everything up and therefore not gaining. And if it’s because of that rather than physical health, they may be more lenient. Dunno.

No. 1784810

Late to the topic, but nikol is a pathological liar. She's said multiple times that she'll never work and has never worked. Has lied about being in university. She said she spends her entire day managing her OCD and doing routines, but then will say she's a full time student.

She is 100% just living off her parents' or other family members' money.

No. 1784813

Kek anon we've already had a big brother themed thread, forget which one but it's a very entertaining idea

No. 1784834

How is it that she looks the same after all those months "in a wheelchair"?

No. 1784835

Sure, your legs just naturally move in cursive like that

No. 1784836

I'd definitely be concerned if my doctor is an anorexic who doesn't even want to recover but hopefully the system will do its job and she won't pass the tests she's meant to complete

No. 1784842

I’m literally just in the first 20 seconds of reading it and there’s this gold
No difference now in the tube love affairs than in the 70s, except now all anorexics expect the tube as standard validation

No. 1784843

KEK! My bad. This was meant to be a reply to >>1784317
Sorry lol

No. 1784846

Nah she just living at home, she doesn't have a job or anything else, no responsibilies nothin

No. 1784847

They DEFINITELY don't. The average patient isn't getting dressed up, it's only the cows who do this to make their hospital photos more ~ aesthetically pleasing

No. 1784848

NTA but the point is she's been up and dancing on insta stories for the past 4.5 months so even though she was meant to be on chair rest, she wasn't. But now that it's "official", strain yourselves in because the milk is about to be in oversupply

No. 1784853


She also went into hospital in December I think. That’s not 4.5 months.

No. 1784858

File: 1678265016686.jpeg (224.86 KB, 750x1052, AB0182A0-5D81-4C92-9823-CD1D9D…)

Oh I’m retarded

No. 1784897

File: 1678271975067.jpg (313.25 KB, 878x1736, AnnieM.jpg)

Annie Markowitz tried to kill her father apparently, someone said it might be a psychotic break. None of her socials have been updated, so safe to say she's either locked up or getting help, who knows.

No. 1784899

Wasn't this last year? If there's still no update maybe she's in jail.

No. 1784904

It's saying it was back in 2021, and I haven't bumped into any information on the actual sentencing, but i think so.

No. 1784912

Nonsense. She still lives at home but does have a job. What is the fucking obsession on here with people still living with their parents in their 20s? It's actually a pretty prudent choice financially given the current state of the UK.

No. 1784927

File: 1678276952280.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230308_120219_Tik…)


No. 1784943

I honestly feel bad for her, she even looks psychotic in the mugshot. I feel bad for her dad too but knowing scrotes he probably did abuse her in some way. If he is innocent I feel bad but at the same time I'm not going to hold my breath, I'm tired of giving scrotes the benefit of the doubt just to find out they've done horrible things.

No. 1784950

Yeah that smile doesn't seem to be one of someone who's mentally sound after trying to stab your Dad to death. First degree attempted murder, oof. Wonder if she will/has been psychology assessed and is in prison or the closed psych ward

No. 1784960

yeah, the girls who post all over tiktok and social media dress in cute outfits and skirts and wear make up because they are using their admissions for content. it's not the case for everyone in the UK, the majority of whom wear joggers and sweatshirts and comfortable clothes cos they feel bloated and insecure - you are only seeing the patients who share photos at every opportunity, which is a based perspective and not representative of IP. as for straightners etc, it's usually a situation based on risk, not everyone has access to them and different units have different rules.

No. 1785052

File: 1678294918986.jpg (746.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230308_170155_Gal…)

"Please don't forget that I'm sooper sick and had a tube for months and months and this is exactly how long ago it was removed!!"

No. 1785187

Christ the time stamp and everything? Freak

No. 1785188

File: 1678310190092.jpeg (171.59 KB, 828x1437, 0325A56C-45D5-439D-B4B9-DDA70B…)

I noticed laura had a tiktok so i had a scroll through. she posted this as a “before”. what the fuck is going on with her face? cant lie, it shocked me a bit kek

No. 1785203

Holy shit, she looks like she had a stroke while being attacked by wild boars. She will never get well. At this point I'm convinced that she's been in hospital so long that she's afraid she won't be able to function in the real world, similar to convicts who keep going back to prison because at least there they know where their food is coming from and always have a "home". And she's not wrong.

No. 1785240

She’s a career headbanging face scratcher. If she had a bingo card, that would be the free space, if it wasn’t taken by lifting that one leg. Im surprised her TikTok isn’t just clips from that doc she reminds everyone she was featured in.

No. 1785272

i also don’t understand what’s happening with her face. I know other nonnas have speculated and I think it’s just a mixture of trying to look fucked up and all the medication making her so vacant she’s forgotten how to use the muscles in her face?

No. 1785280

Heavy doses of antipsychotics like she's on can turn people into living statues essentially. I had a bad psychiatrist who put me on a massive dose of one as a teenager and my mom described it as having to deal with someone mentally challenged, you just have no drive to even move (these drugs are dopamine antagonists, lowering the amount in the brain), every last bit of motivation is sapped and at worst you go long periods of time without even blinking. It's a horrible state to be forced into, and I feel badly that she will likely be dependent on these drugs for the rest of her life.

No. 1785282

samefag but not only that they can cause permanent Parkinsonian symptoms in some people that result in movement disorders that can affect the control of facial muscles, sometimes causing tics or strange movements of the muscles, or just lack of ability to initiate movement in them. Antipsychotics are just a repackaged lobotomy.

No. 1785302

fuck nonna i had no idea, sorry that happened to you. yeah a while ago she listed all the meds she’s on (including pre diabetic medication). the list was so long it was shocking, and recently updated saying her supported accomodation said she’s too much of a risk - even doped up on all of that shit she manages to malinger. blows my mind every time.

No. 1785305

Oh no worries, but thank you I'm doing much better now. Yeah another shitty thing is that antipsychotics can mess with your blood sugar and over time some people develop diabetes from taking them, along with the weight gain they cause. I hate that so many people on them have to take secondary medication, like often they will be on Parkinson's meds as well. It's completely absurd, and obviously such a racket on behalf of big pharma.

No. 1785315

>>1785305 every single side effect or symptom laura exhibits is an achievement for her. a nonna earlier in the thread pointed out half her incidents or flashbacks are an excuse for her to have something to post on instagram. it’s that bleak. sorry for spearing about laura but she’s one of the biggest cows to me, she’s nuked every cell in her brain and body purposefully so she can live in a padded room.

No. 1785318

Yeah I find her profoundly disturbing on a level that most of the cows in this thread don't even approach. It's so hard to wrap my head around desiring such a bleak and limited existence, it's like going through a fucked up thought experiment trying to work out her internal logic. At this point she just seems like a dog that never stops barking at you for attention, she never mentions doing anything that doesn't elicit attention from staff. It's so fucked how singular her focus is. I just wonder wtf happened to her to result in her going down this path.

No. 1785323

Fucking hell spoiler that shit

No. 1785328

laura’s image of herself in her mind as this permanently adolescent ana ballerina went too far i guess. maybe the attention her shtick got her (from other depressed and lonely girls who projected onto her retarded narrative) became addictive. she’s 100% aware of what she’s done to herself but she’s also good at telling stories and self denial. so laura knows she looks like obese retard with a melting face, she knows her hair is fried and that her stare is empty because she’s addicted to pity even more than attention. anyway, we all know this. i assume she sits in her hospital room watching dance moms in an asos leotard all while picturing herself inside the screen. almost 30 years old. sorry for armchair nonnas.

No. 1785364

zombie apocalypse movie directors want to know laura’s location

No. 1785401

She looks gormless as fuck

Can confirm. Face and neck tics and overactive insulin from a medium dose of an atypical for 2 years.

No. 1785423

File: 1678349418744.jpeg (2.2 MB, 1160x2150, A78B301A-6562-4086-8D32-5510A8…)

Does Darcy seriously think she can withstand the physical demands of being a paramedic whilst being a very active (sorry treatment resistant) anorexic??? Each kit weighs 15+kg and you have to pick fatties up off the floor and carry them down stairs, good fucking luck

No. 1785430

File: 1678351736170.jpeg (195.09 KB, 828x1547, 793E9AFD-560D-42CD-9677-54307B…)

She posted then quickly deleted this

No. 1785431

File: 1678351771118.jpeg (188.15 KB, 828x1547, 64687ABF-B84A-4EFE-A2AF-03D94E…)

This was the second slide

No. 1785437

something about your posts about Darcy is starting to feel weird and vendetta-chan

No. 1785454


This feels a lot like a self post

Hi elzani ! How does the not doing anything and being a perpetual feel going ???

No. 1785457

Elzani is way too much of a normie to know about lolcow, let alone self post kek.

No. 1785458

Ugh, she looks like my 65 year old schizophrenic aunt.

No. 1785461


Literally the first time I’ve ever posted Darcy. I post the new farm cows and that’s it

No. 1785462


Wouldn’t say vendetta - Darcy’s been rightly posted a few times as a legit cow. She’s right there with showing off bones and citing recovery while looking for asspats with treatment detail oversharing.

No. 1785470

>>1785328 She reminds me of kelly ronahan's self-destruction, except Kelly seemed genuinely unhinged from the start whereas Laura just realised she was utterly unremarkable and the only way she could get attention was by learning tricks from other patients. Horrible either way and they should take their phones away, Laura will only improve if she can't get validation for grotesque behaviour.

No. 1785472

I was going to say this too, the staff need to take her phone off of her because she's constantly on social media asking for validation and attention and I know she looks at this too. I imagine that every time she posts, she looks on here to see people's reactions. I don't know why they weren't taking her phone off her, I honestly believe if she didn't have access to social media that her behaviours would improve

No. 1785506

Didn't Elzani come and post on lolcow before?

No. 1785508

File: 1678371344925.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.9 KB, 452x853, elzani ganer spoop.jpg)

She's trying to reinvent herself as a Ganer fitspo type now. Also it's pretty dishonest to her followers because I'm sure she never posted about going to the gym as a spoop at the time because she knew she'd be judged for it, yet now we find out she was there despite being seriously underweight. I'm sure at the time she lied and said she was completely sedentary and doing no formal exercise other than walking with the dogs.

No. 1785509

File: 1678371372581.jpg (105.36 KB, 464x840, Elzani ganer2.jpg)

And now she's all about the ass shots.

No. 1785554

Nta but there's no way she doesn't know about being posted here, just googling her name would make lc show up and her followers would have told her about it aswell. That being said I don't think it's a self post, I think a lot of us are just happy to see her start to move on with her life.

Damn she looks awesome, good for her

No. 1785606

A perpetual what now?

No. 1785618

She looks great! It makes me glad to see she actually looks healthy and is taking advantage of the more athletic frame she clearly has. Like she always seemed to me the type who could get v fit if she wanted to do it right. Good for her!

No. 1785698

fat ass

No. 1785700

not whiteknighting but sincerely what do you get out of doing this?

No. 1785718

How is Scarlet getting on in Australia? She made 1 vlog but that’s it.

No. 1785724

File: 1678396530355.jpeg (132.6 KB, 808x1154, E2564DAB-9C0F-4520-A34F-3A090F…)

yeah s