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File: 1690594912176.png (264.04 KB, 473x682, 1690153333553326.png)

No. 1872396

Peak material:

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No. 1872399

File: 1690594982501.jpg (145.85 KB, 828x1429, F2G960LWMAEO9j5.jpg)

No. 1872408

>beauty advisor

No. 1872415

File: 1690596292879.png (664.65 KB, 748x800, India Willoughby.png)

who wants to tell him

No. 1872422

File: 1690597670587.jpg (94.12 KB, 540x465, 20230728_210805.jpg)

Someone asked what the defense is against the genome argument and while there is an obvious defense theres no way you can argue with these tards in the first place.
I was watching some vid that had Tims brought up in it, and the comments were full of trans discourse. There was this stupid commenter using the whole sex spectrum bullshit bringing up intersex conditions. Recently when I see these arguments they compare intersex to hair color, as if having red hair is in anyway comparable to having a jacked up reproductive system. It would be more comparable to albinism, which actually affects the way you function. When someone pointed out that intersex conditions are abnormal and not supposed to happen the tras only defense was that its mean to call someone abnormal so therefore the science language needs to change to fix that. Literally bending science to fit their feelings. This is why its worthless to argue with these morons, feelings quite literally are their facts.

No. 1872432

File: 1690599245274.png (421.21 KB, 748x731, ew_ X.png)

there's so many of these now that we need to collect them all and add them to a collection

No. 1872447

File: 1690600729629.webm (2.22 MB, 358x270, zza4jiDePBpS8xwA.webm)

When are we allowed to make fun of men like this?

No. 1872464

Bad eyeliner and chest hair, such a talented beauty advisor

No. 1872470

File: 1690605797554.png (16.98 KB, 832x72, retardation.png)

You heard it: having sexual trauma is transmisogyny. Shut up and take the girldick.
I also love it how by "certain body parts" they only mean male genitals. They know how they come across and they're not hiding it.
>AFAB can often be a transmisogynist dog whistle meaning “no trans women allowed.”
So cis men don't exist anymore? Male "AMAB" thembies?

No. 1872481

I think men cape for tims because they get joy out of women “reaping what they sow” when bad things happen. I don’t think it’s about solidarity with other men because any man I’ve talked to or dated has zero sense of brotherhood, and will never comprehend sisterhood, but they all have this idea that women need to act like men right after saying why male relationships are so fucked up. It feels like they’re jealous and they want to see us hurt- it’s really bizarre to me that they push so hard to be supportive of tims, and then turn around and say they’d never fuck a tim OR they’d never fuck one unless it was guaranteed no one would find out because they view them as men. It’s like their ultimate “you asked for it”.

No. 1872500

oh it's 100% spite-driven, either their lives are shit and it's everyone else's fault and when bad things happen to others they deserve it, or their lives are incredibly good but they still want more and it's everyone else's fault that they aren't as wealthy/powerful/influential/etc., and when an opportunity to get even further ahead presents itself they'll use anything at their disposal to gain from it, just so they can once again be more wealthy/powerful than all the men who aren't as successful.

No. 1872503

File: 1690612842879.png (733.04 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230729-023916.png)

Trans is when dress and wig obviously

No. 1872524

sis, Men understand male-male solidarity better than any of us could. your exes aren't representative of all moids.

No. 1872529

I understand “not all moids” but I think men largely lack social outlets because they rely on women to build it for them and emote for them. They are growing increasingly antisocial and resentful of each other, and they think women are immune to their failures in socializing and resent them for it. Tims are maladjusted so not a great example, but they usually acknowledge this is a huge part of why they want to escape being a man.

No. 1872534

Does anyone have any legit sources to shut the "transwoman milk is just like cis women's" crowd? Academia is so littered I cannot ever find shit that doesn't conform

No. 1872535

File: 1690621009415.webm (8.96 MB, 576x1024, rhirose87.webm)

lol calm down sir

No. 1872536

Looks like he's got an iron surplus

No. 1872547

>I think men cape for tims
I really want to know what type of men you nonnas are hanging around because the men in my area are at best apathetic to trannys and prefer not to be anywhere near them. The only men who cap for TiMs are the woke far-left beardy bros like Vaush who are probably chasers. Stop hanging around wokebros.

No. 1872548


Wtf SIP SOME WATER I can't even hear wtf it's saying because all I can hear is dry tongue dehydration. Damn I feel bad for that Uber driver.

No. 1872549

File: 1690626377953.jpg (193.39 KB, 1639x1870, F2KbvQ2bcAAItvu.jpg)

A beergut is not a curve sir

No. 1872551

Not just wokebros. Any scrotes in general who hate women or on some level are incels (a lot on both the left and right) support trannies for varying reasons. Just look at non woke scrotes caught masturbating to tranny porn and reeing that they're basically women because women = feminine like Tate and America First fags. Men support trannies hugely because they identify with the male trannies more than they do with women, scrotes support scrotes.

No. 1872557

why do people think posting videos like this is going to help them? like as if anyone he's referencing (the evil terves I guess) watches this and says, "wow I didn't know I was VIOLATING a BOUNDARY, let me change my views".. it's just a temper tantrum

No. 1872567

File: 1690628685964.png (62.77 KB, 644x305, Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 12.06…)

I wonder if this same person threatened suicide until the Canadian medical services gave them a vagina on demand.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


No. 1872568

File: 1690628821876.png (68.66 KB, 642x318, Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 12.08…)

And some common sense news:


"Ann Coombes" is a British Swim official who decided it was appropriate to walk through the changing rooms while teenage girl competitors were changing, and then come back in again to use the toilet. British Swimming have changed the rules so that the changing rooms can't be used as a cut through to different areas of the venue by staff.

No. 1872599

>raped by 2 women
doubt, betting my life on him being the rapist of two women instead, and thats why they now are terfs

No. 1872605

This is the same scrote bitching on the last thread about a hotel giving him a key to the unisex restroom instead of the women’s restroom. He sure is obsessed with hanging out in women’s restrooms, huh?

No. 1872623

i don't believe it either. it's like how male abusers frequently accuse their own victims of abuse for defending themselves.

No. 1872631

File: 1690639602796.png (482.33 KB, 1920x895, Screenshot (10).png)

There's been a mass peaking of black women in the past week. Here's how it started.
>Black TiM tiktok influencer goes on a rant on how "cis" women don't own periods.
>Jess Hilarious, a comedian, puts out a response on her IG criticizing TiM."Who the fuck is gonna stand up for us. And us, I mean real women, biological women. When does the delusion stop? What is the difference between you(trannys) and someone who has been diagnosed to be mentally insane?"
>Ts Madison,a TiM and former porn model turned TV/radio personality, responds with pic related.
>Tasha K a TV personality who has had beef with Jess takes Jess side. Calls TiMs female impersonators and makes a rude comment about Ts Madison's mom
>Ts Madison responds to Tasha on his YT channel. Curses her out and insults Tasha's kids.

Shit's been going on since last Saturday. Just search the names of those involve on IG, twitter, or YouTube. A lot of black women content creators/influencers are taking Jess and Tasha's side, criticizing the trans community. Black women in the comment section of these vids are peaking.

Jess Hilarious IG post

Tasha K's response to Madison's IG post

No. 1872633

Here's Ts Madison long unhinged rant at Tasha K. Some real tranny rage here.

No. 1872639

File: 1690640449675.png (154.08 KB, 1838x1342, tmilk.png)

>while there is an obvious defense
Which is…? (sorry for asking to be spoon fed)

All I have is pic rel(don't have the hyper links, sorry)

No. 1872640

The hrt they are taking gets passed down to the child who didn't consent even if the milk is "similar" (I don't believe this but whatever) look at the list of meds woman can't take and im pretty sure it says that the research is still being done on estrogen type birth control. But if it is effecting the frogs/wildlife there is no way it is perfectly safe

No. 1872641

Literally named cooms lmao

No. 1872643

My friends ex husband trooned out a couple years ago. I've never interacted with this man and always thought he was a tacky mall punk. Last night someone came up to me and said they heard I "had beef" with him. I hung out with his wife before he transitioned and never even spoke to him. So after he "turns into a woman" I'm supposed to turn into his best friend? I just explained how I don't even know the guy so I'd love to hear what this beef is but I'm sure it's just "I saw that you hate men but now I'm a woman so why haven't we had a sleepover yet". I've seen his wife a few times since the divorce and never once spoke about him because he doesn't even exist to me. He was always an introverted nerd type and now he runs around wearing Frankenstein boots, rubber skirts, and cybergoth dreads. I never gave him the time of day before and now I'm expected to think its cool he fucked his wife over? Last time I tried to support an acquaintance that transitioned, he kept trying to talk about diapers and fetish shit. I don't want to be a part of your sexual kink shit.

No. 1872655

Dude is shaped like a fridge.

No. 1872657

Literally who, the idea that men secretly jack off to tranny porn is a narc tranny wish-fulfillment cope

No. 1872674

I think it's projection because all the troons jerked off to tranny porn before trooning out themselves.

No. 1872676

No. 1872677

File: 1690650018872.jpg (175.29 KB, 1452x1639, F2N8d3XaAAAeFhe.jpg)

He doesnt know youre trans, suuuuuuure

No. 1872679

File: 1690650110971.jpg (59.96 KB, 750x599, F2KRu_gaYAAqD3i.jpg)

No. 1872680

File: 1690650244480.png (426.33 KB, 759x826, Virginia Trioli on Twitter.png)

Oh boy another tard caping for breastfeeding troons

No. 1872681

This makes me want to n-log so bad

No. 1872682

That is a gay man who doesn't even have pronouns so he is off topic here. There is a dragcow thread in /m/ though.

No. 1872687

They probably live in America

No. 1872688

God this is sooo sad, I am disgusted on a primal level. So wrong, this poor child…

No. 1872693

kek i was waiting for this. i'm not black, but i've lived in a majority black and hispanic area my whole life, and it's been very clear what the general view on troons is for years. as far as normies go, far fewer black women especially are prone to being handmaidens. they truly do hold the line and i'm interested to see how the supposedly "leftist" troids deal with the fact that it's not privileged groups that dislike them in the highest proportions.

No. 1872694

Lol I think you mean a-log

No. 1872709

I mean besides transphobia bullshit the black community has been the most historically anti LGBT community in America. They still tow the line for most anti-gay sentimentality today. Like being run of the mill gay or lesbian is still considered a cardinal sin for them.

It’s like saying water is wet, I don’t know why y’all are surprised.

No. 1872718

this can be applied to all moids. They rape a woman, get sad about social consequences (if there were any), and go on to be a mens mental health advocate. Unless it happened when they were under 10, the scrote is at fault

No. 1872728

there have been republican figures who were caught with tranny porn in their browser's tabs before, not sure why you DON'T think that there are closeted men who enjoy this type of shit. also sage next time you fucking retard

No. 1872739

Transphobia bullshit, kek. Go back to Twitter. It’s not bullshit to hate these freaks of nature.

No. 1872746

I went on his twitter and I think that assisted suicide for people with gender dysphoria should be legal in every country. He is a disgusting moid and writes like he is 16, while being 38…

No. 1872765

File: 1690659485674.jpg (270.58 KB, 1543x952, horny men.jpg)

The Autogynephilia's have really taken over this entire PRO-Trans movement. Shameless men taking hormones because they have became a "slave to their c0ck" having to masturbate 5-6 times a day.
When Chris from MrBeast said he felt such a relief from the HRT: it was a relief from this constant need of masturbation. When the HRT lowers the testosterone these urges decrease. As Chris said "its what my body needed" "i had to listen to my body". (masturbation & hrt) But, yea females are transphobes for not wanting this male in compression undies in the changing room with her.

No. 1872766

File: 1690659551576.jpg (288.78 KB, 1538x2047, F2ON6KcbgAAFyyf.jpg)

No. 1872769

File: 1690659717677.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1909, IMG_9177.jpeg)

> woman created first type of code compiler
> programming was a female dominated field around when it was first created
> the basis for wifi was created by a woman
> first computer was created with the help of a woman
> women in a gender blind study got approved more for their code at a higher rate
> tech and programming companies with more women tend to be more profitable

did he just admit he’s fucking stupid?
tims believing women are stupid proves they all have some sort of autogynephillia where they see themselves as a “ditzy bimbo”

No. 1872771

File: 1690659780629.jpg (315.93 KB, 1606x780, one more agp.jpg)

Textbook Sex Fetish:
"I hit the point of needing to climax three times a day."… "The dopamine rush of climaxing would just help put it away for a while. I am now seven weeks into HRT. I feel free from being a slave to my “penis.”

No. 1872774

File: 1690660204593.png (985.51 KB, 1148x932, Stephanie bri.png)

Stephanie Bri has become one of my own personal cows tbh. Thanks to the nona who posted him originally threads back
Stephanie, one of the hosts and the person in picrel, believes that men started mansplaining things to him because they see him as a woman after his transition. He and the cohost talk about "the female realization" in this podcast. There's so much to unpack, troons are 2 retarded 2 live.

One of them says the word "jerkbait" at some point and how he fears he has become jerkbait because he's a girl now. My fucking sides

No. 1872778

File: 1690660525296.png (411.26 KB, 594x568, Buddy the cat.PNG)

Here's a picture of Stephanie's cat to ring a bell if anyone recognizes him from previous threads. Buddy the kitty lives in filth, we need to rescue him

No. 1872780

kek, that cat has an expression like he will murder him in his sleep

No. 1872788

I think he's saying he catfished the dude

No. 1872791

>It is a harder transition than the mtf transition.
what the fuck? i'm so confused, is this not a TiM then?

No. 1872793

talking about "transitioning" his marriage from an ordinary marriage to a marriage that exists only out of obligation to care for the kids and is filled with resentment and disgust

No. 1872795

ah i see, i guess even concepts are able to be trans now, thanks nona

No. 1872799

I actually teared up looking at this. Poor kitty.

No. 1872809

I wish it wasn't a throwaway account cause now I'm curious to see what he looks like if he claims to be fully passing

No. 1872822

JL Curtis' tranny son makes a brief pretransition appearance at 57:30

No. 1872825

there really needs to be a study done on the link between autism and trooning out

No. 1872836

File: 1690667434241.jpeg (587.93 KB, 828x1216, IMG_1451.jpeg)


No. 1872847

programming is mindless work for retarded autists who have no real skills and cant talk to people thaht happens to pay well. notice that you never see posts saying "I used to be a doctor, engineer, or scientist and then estrogen made me a brainless tranny". all these trannies who become too dumb for programming are just evolving from retards who are patient enough to stare at a screen for eight hours in a row to retards who are too addicted to cooming to focus on anything for eight hours in a row.

No. 1872858

>programming is mindless work
Way to devalue a field pioneered by women, ty anon.

Studying medicine which involves mindlessly memorizing things is so much more intellectually challenging of course.

No. 1872864

You're both retarded because both programming and medicine are much more than just autistically staring at screen or mindlessly memorising things.

No. 1872874

Obviously medicine is much more. But you don't need to be a genius to be a doctor, the barriers of entry (need good grades and possibly lot's of money or a scholarship to even be able to enter med school), lots of stamina is needed to get through the copius amounts of memorizing etc. prevent dumb people to become doctors of course, but anons opinion that to be a doctor one has to be intelligent and every retard is able to code was incredibly stupid.

The reason lots of troons are programmers is because it's a field made for incels and unlike other stem fields they work 100% of the time with the medium that sets them on the path of the troon pipeline. It's not like troons are rare in other STEM fields though. Most troons coding abilities rapidly decline with their porn addiction and they just attribute it to estrogen, when in reality the decline started a lot earlier (if they were anything more than a button designing js developer in the first place).

No. 1872877

Most of them end up transitioning so they should be included here, especially the this one. yuck

No. 1872883

Oh I remember this tranny. He was the one who did throw a mantrum and harrassed a random woman she commited the crime of announcing her pregnancy on Twitter and post a photo of her ultrasound

No. 1872887

So now the AGPs are memeing themselves out of coding since it's not teehee girly enough?? Male sexuality is a joke, they're complete slaves to the coom.

No. 1872899

File: 1690674247060.jpg (Spoiler Image,298.87 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20230728_024740_Chr…)

No. 1872914

Some of his defenders were saying he posted the video against a woman who was "attacking" tifs as if he was doing it in defense of someone else. As if he didnt always hold those viewpoints on women and found an opportune moment to let his hatred fly while being protected for it.

No. 1872922

Well, unfortunately Twitch chat. Kek. The guys there have no problems with constantly spewing misogynistic slurs like cunt, bitch, whore, slut, but the second someone says tranny it’s guns-a-blazing white knighting.

No. 1872933

>it's a field made for incels
How many times do we have to remind you programming is a field pioneered by women? Retard.

No. 1872949

>Is consent really justified here?
>How do I change how he thinks?
Troons, not even once.

No. 1872979

File: 1690685667148.png (500.87 KB, 748x843, _ X.png)

No. 1872980

File: 1690685707079.jpg (100.24 KB, 1080x1009, F2P1C9QbcAE8EUG.jpg)

No. 1872982

File: 1690685764257.webm (1.12 MB, 576x1030, 1678619595479191.webm)

This thread pic goes great with this video

No. 1872983

File: 1690685806626.png (222.82 KB, 413x479, F2C2UEfWEAARTE_.png)

No. 1872994

File: 1690688197169.png (2.37 MB, 1729x1633, 4tranny2.png)

They just can't help themselves with the raging misogyny:

No. 1872998

this is just fucking stupid lmao.

No. 1873002

File: 1690690729176.jpg (96.98 KB, 774x776, 5cf21208.jpg)

>lots and lots of hair
Lord help me I'm gonna a-log. WE have to 'get used to' body hair?? After decades of men shaming us for having any body hair at all, with zero expectations upon them to shave a single fucking thing?? Not only do we have to let men into our spaces, pretend they are women, pretend the female body can have dick and balls, we ALSO have to give them leniency with body hair that they will never give us, despite that being one of the very few fucking things they can do to try and pass.

No. 1873005

take this back to facebook anon

No. 1873008

File: 1690691212798.jpg (436.89 KB, 810x1816, Screenshot_20230726-063659_Chr…)

No. 1873020

so they're basically admitting transwomen are ugly and don't pass kekkk

No. 1873022

File: 1690695337526.jpeg (4.29 MB, 2736x16178, 1666130675418.jpeg)

>30 year old AGP saying a 5'2 black woman looks like a tranny

No. 1873023

the moid in question looks like grandpa cosplaying as velma, dude didn't even try

most women in dressing rooms quickly get dressed facing their own locker, when I'm in a dressing room I barely even notice others, if someone was "harmlessly passing through" I wouldn't have noticed at all. If there was multiple reports of girls feeling uncomfortable he must of been ogling them or flirting with them

No. 1873026

File: 1690695524751.png (278.32 KB, 405x833, xjc67ju039781.png)

This is the same "quool_dwookie" guy btw. If "Jess Hilarious" is a brick, he must be…

No. 1873028

The projection is off the charts
>physical masculinity correlates with psychological masculinity
So any troon who hasn't started using hormones yet for whatever reason is "psychologically masculine"? Don't these idiots say how they've always been women trapped in male bodies or some bullshit like that?
And lmao at
>we're [edit: all] hot and they aren't
Yes, ALL of these freaks are sooo hot, sure. The only way to not look like frankensteins is if they get 1000 surgeries and even then they're still males kek

No. 1873029

I take spironolactone (common anti-androgen troons use - many women take for hormonal issues,acne or potassium stabilizing though)

My ObGyn told me it is extremely dangerous to take while pregnant..if male babies get it while mom is taking it while breastfeeding it can lead to genital deformities, but I'm sure it doesn't matter to them since they were probably going to force the child to transition early anyway

No. 1873038

Sure and they can't get used to women having one single hair on their body. In my country those troons will even get their beard hair removal paid by health insurance while women with facial hair will get nothing.

No. 1873045

I've started swiping right on the grossest, manliest TIMs on Her and then when they thirst message me saying "sorry accidental swipe". Kill some of that male confidence ladies. Works especially well if you're feminine and conventionally attractive. I had some bearded retard open by asking if he could send me song lyrics kek

No. 1873048

these pepple feel comfortable saying shit like that because transphobia trumps racism, misogyny, homophobia in terms of "seriousness". black women are attacked for being too masculine or mannish by racist moids yet its seen as progressive if the moids doing it are TIMs? the funny thing is they can say black women are masculine all they want, but put a black woman next to a TIM of any race and the contrast makes the TIM even more obviously male lmao
>> also off topic but who is the woman in the third pic? shes so cute

No. 1873060

File: 1690712588559.jpg (77.95 KB, 850x656, F2PtKA8bMAAVr4z.jpg)

Imagine the smell in these pictures

No. 1873062

File: 1690712737652.jpg (47.09 KB, 852x466, F2PtKA-bgAAzHoq.jpg)

No. 1873064

Kek pick a struggle.

No. 1873066

the fuck is wrong with his legs? consequences of morbid obesity?

No. 1873067

Yeah most likely from uncontrolled diabetes, they get tons of issues with their feet and legs

No. 1873068

you are a Stacy.

No. 1873070

File: 1690713567630.png (Spoiler Image,482.14 KB, 634x836, F2PrcwzXIAACrX0.png)

Nonas I am back with another absolutely gut wrenchingly disgusting tranny pic, this time of the result of dilating a pus infected neo-wound
Youd think there wouldnt be any more disgusting tranny pics out there but they just keep coming. These surgeries should be illegal


No. 1873072

Love this so much. Please don't get murdered though

No. 1873074

If you told me that’s Kevin Gibes on the right, i’d believe you

No. 1873076

File: 1690715197862.jpeg (440.34 KB, 828x875, IMG_9975.jpeg)

someone give him a tweezer

No. 1873080

i can’t fucking stand how they always call themselves “girls” despite being 20+ years old.

No. 1873095

>hairiest and most unkempt eyebrows ever
>eyeliner looks like he suffers from parkinson's
>unevenly overlined lips
I wish they would at least have standards for themselfes. A woman doing her makeup this shitty would have been bullied by other women and moids

No. 1873097

File: 1690719643984.png (38.37 KB, 499x362, professionaltroon.png)

Tranny spotted on LinkedIn bringing sex into a conversation about discrimination

No. 1873118

Literally that meme drawing of a troon room

No. 1873140

This is why I think it's good to let twans women speak uwu. The more they talk, the more women realize what they actually are: entitled men doing the same misogynistic dance men have always done, just in a dress. Show normie women these freaks whining about breastfeeding babies, pretending they own periods and trying to one-up their gfs, talking about womb transplants, and watch them peak in real time. And black women especially are easy to peak because of how trannies constantly call them mannish as a gotcha and invoke slavery in obviously offensive ways. TIMs are their own worst enemy kek

No. 1873152

I literally cannot believe he asked if consent was justified. What the fuck is wrong with these men? No one has to do anything they don’t want to when it comes to sex.

No. 1873154

Why do they still think we feel competition with them based on appearance? They are not a blip on my radar with that shit.

No. 1873158

Extremely true. I think most nonnas peaked that way too. I supported tims when I was younger because I didn’t know how depraved they actually were, but seeing the things they boldly post online made me feel like they’re even more misogynistic than the average normie man, or I guess they say the things most men are actually thinking. Either way it fully woke me up.

No. 1873184

File: 1690735404829.jpg (2.55 MB, 3230x3464, Picsart_23-07-30_21-41-59-264.…)

These moids peak so many normie women just by speaking
>tranny in question looks at his "outie" wound with disgust expecting an innie

No. 1873189

File: 1690735947870.png (65.23 KB, 583x361, Screenshot 2023-07-30 11.54.31…)

No. 1873192

I hope he looses all sensation with his “revision”

No. 1873195


This has to be a troll account.

No. 1873204

File: 1690737506048.jpg (20.81 KB, 250x200, frubrothers.jpg)

These two troons look like the two incel brothers who run the biggest Dethklok fansite in Metalocalypse, lmao. Reality imitates art, I guess.

No. 1873211

Oh my god you’re right kek

No. 1873219

The idea of an innie or outie pussy is just fully insane. The vast majority of adult women have "outies" - its crazy to even try to categorize it as other when it's basically the standard

No. 1873224

This and men make it so weird. I’m a lesbian and could not care less about what someone’s labia look like. Using the terms “innie” and “outie” viscerally disgusts me too, it sounds so pedophilic somehow.

No. 1873231

We need serial misgendering of trannies who behave badly ASAP so misgendering them becomes more normalized. They say and do the most vile shit and handmaidens keep calling them “queens” condescendingly or not

No. 1873235

Also an lesbian and I’ve always felt that way too. It infantilizes vaginas in a way that is reminiscent of how pedophiles use infantile terms for genitalia etc to aide in grooming children. Like it’s what we say about bellybuttons when we’re kids, innies and outies. Scrotes are such a genetic mistake.

No. 1873236

It is pedophilic straight up, because what they think of as "innies" are literally what children's vulvas look like

No. 1873237

I always get whiplash when I see them casually calling their rot pocket vaginas…

No. 1873242

Ntayrt but I'm also a lesbian and I've never come across one who gives a fuck, it's such a pornsick male thing. We just like pussy, we don't fret over how to taxonomize them and give women complexes. Also it is pedophilic imo, men are obsessed with bald "innies", gee I wonder why. It's a childish term for wanting a grown woman's genitals to look like a child's, it's so creepy.

No. 1873246

File: 1690740432637.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2434, Screenshot_20230730-190857-997…)

No. 1873247

File: 1690740522963.jpeg (676.13 KB, 1200x800, IMG_5192.jpeg)

Nooo not BBC Merlin kek

No. 1873248

That’s not true. Are you sure you’re a woman? Labia that are “outie” look like that even as infants.

No. 1873249

File: 1690740571406.jpg (318.64 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20230730.jpg)

Lmfao, of course he's whining about regretting his crotch crater and of course it's the evil lesbians' fault for "phallophobia" and "microaggressions." They cannot take responsibility for anything to save their lives.

No. 1873250

File: 1690740800018.png (198.24 KB, 763x722, nominal.naomi on Twitter.png)

The breastfeeding goblin is back with more "proof"

No. 1873252

I went and looked at the comments and thankfully every single one is pointing out how misogynistic and male this post is and the troon is just doubling down in the replies lol

No. 1873253

This is prob the results of some actual woman’s breast milk labs, I hate this man and want him dead ban me if you must. Mothers against trannies being allowed near children.

No. 1873261

Probably the actual mother of the babies

No. 1873263

>im in a women's sports team
>they all accepted me with my penis in their change room
Fuck I hate men

No. 1873268

No. 1873270

Right, notice how he censored the name in the greeting, probably because it’s NOT HIS. This is insane lying propaganda they spread.

No. 1873279

great! now test it for residual hormones and chemical byproducts from the medical cocktail you are taking.

No. 1873283

File: 1690743628272.jpeg (151.86 KB, 673x955, 854C8EDF-4EF0-44A0-B3CF-3C8635…)

Fuck trannies like this. Fucking disgusting ass man

No. 1873285

Yeah I truly don’t buy it for a second that that’s his moobmilk results. Even if it is, just feed formula at that point because just because it’s nutritionally equivalent, so is formula, and no men are molesting children in the process. The reason breastmilk is better than formula is due to the additional things unique to breast milk like colostrum and immunity increasing factors which I’m sure weren’t tested for.

No. 1873286

i feel the same nonna, troons envoke horrible things in me but this one is on a whole another level. He is lucky he lives so far away from me.

No. 1873288


But, but, but, that's not how they look like in my hentai mangaaaa!!!11111one

No. 1873293

He did say he mixes his "milk" with formula..wonder if the test accounts for that

No. 1873296

It's funny how they can't even respond to any arguments without violence or petty insults a 13 year old would make.

No. 1873299

This is so dumb because a woman's breastmilk is not the same ever. The breastmilk evolves with the babies needs and is hyper-tuned to the individual baby. Saliva from the baby is actually analyzed by the womans body during breastfeeding and milk is adjusted depending on what the baby needs more or less of. Men of course just think "white fluid comes from woman nipple, white fluid comes from my nipple, therefore we are the same".

Also this tranny has admitted that he can not even produce enough milk for a single feed for a newborn, he still has to substitute with formula because trannies will never be able to produce the amount of milk that a baby needs.

And of course the drugs and hormones that are possibly harmful to the baby are never considered.

No. 1873304

>Crotch crater
Kek I love it

No. 1873307

i can't find it but there was a paywalled study where the researchers concluded that we need to "rethink success" in terms of breastfeeding because it was "successful in that trans women found the experience fulfilling". food for thought next time some freak on twitter lobbing sources at you expecting no one to (pay to) read them.

No. 1873329

When women test positive for drugs in their breast milk their children get yanked by the state…how THE FLYING FUCK is this any different!?
I want off this ride.

No. 1873331

no, it is definitely true, nona…the labia minora grow during and after puberty, and often grow longer than the labia majora, which is what this troon is calling an "outie". the "innie" where the majora completely obscure the minora is far FAR more common in prepubescent girls.

No. 1873337

now test it for toxins and other stuff a baby shouldn't be exposed to. You can have food that has the best nutrition balance and it still can be poisonous because of other things no one tested it for. And I don't know much about breastfeeding, but I know so much that there are things a woman shouldn't consume while breastfeeding, like nicotine, alcohol, drugs, medication, hormonal contraception and so on, because it's not healthy for the child. I don't think with all the stuff that troon has to swallow, his "milk" is good for that child.

No. 1873339

This is the first time in my life I've heard the terms innie/outie referring to vulvas; I hate men.

No. 1873348

Of course they considered 'success' to be a man's fulfillment, not a baby's critical development. A man's wants trump a baby's needs to these people. And many people consider a baby's or even a fetus's needs to be more important than a woman's needs. Tims will never be women, not even in a purely social aspect.

No. 1873350

what annoys me the most about this discussion (besides the words used) is that there are already women out there thinking that a woman with an "innie" is either a troon or had surgery at some point and that a woman with an "outie" needs surgery to look good. We reached a point were we discuss the most useless things and people will take the risk of a surgery just because of something most people will never see. Honestly, I had to look that shit up to even know what they talk about, because I never even thought about what my vulva looks or should look like, only to find out that there are women out there calling my anatomy those of a troon or childlike, because there is no way that women are build differently.

No. 1873353

The studies he provided us earlier showed that at best he couldn't provide enough milk for a baby's daily needs and regardless none of this includes a toxicology report which anyone with half a brain can figure out would show this to be bad for the child.
It could be nutritional super milk for all it matters but the child still can't be exposed to any hormones or drugs for healthy development so it's toxic for consumption anyways. It's a pointless exercise in seeing if science can on the backs of freaks willing to try, as >>1873307 said the studies had to "reframe success" away from it being actual milk and towards the happiness of the troon thinking it's a good enough facsimile. This troon is pretending otherwise however and people are blindly eating it up.
I highly recommend nonnas go find the previous thread the studies were linked in and give them a read or read the summaries by anons there. This freak has read them and is lying through his teeth while harming a child for sexual gratification and scientists are jumping at the chance to study this shit.

No. 1873355

he means losing his wife in bed is harder than the actual transition to male to "Woman"

No. 1873358

I don't know if this is a new or a post from last month, since that's when most of the drama happened with this moid. I posted some images of him projecting onto others to save his ass from the groomer allegations. He even used the fact that he has autism as a shield because people were calling him a fetishist. He would try and defend himself on twitter and then post shit like "guess transphobes want mommies milk". What about the long term studies on how shit like this affects the child sir??

No. 1873359

I wish everyone in his comments a happy peaking

No. 1873367

He is staring at his future self if he continues on this path

No. 1873375

Bro you don’t have any lips at all, that’s your shredded ballsack dangling down there

No. 1873389

File: 1690752715911.jpg (365.51 KB, 1640x1855, F2TtJ9Oa8AA8agK.jpg)

Autistic men really cannot see how greasy they are, ever. People like this need a caretaker to make sure they actually shower, take care of themselves, eat proper food and dont spend 18 hours a day online

No. 1873392

File: 1690752881899.png (369.27 KB, 542x606, 5648576869758647536.png)

No. 1873410

File: 1690754856617.png (456.37 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20230730-180816~2.p…)

I can't believe this image they painted of themselves is supposed to be quirky and funny in this tweet.

No. 1873418

It's crazy that now people especially politicians and women are parroting this. Remind me where is the tranny genocide again?

No. 1873419

File: 1690756166923.png (22.54 KB, 416x197, nominal.naomi on Twitter (2).p…)

No it's new and he even changed his about me to "Breastfeeding advocate" "Mother of 3"

No. 1873420

File: 1690756268149.jpg (515.29 KB, 1833x1437, F2GNtGkXgAADyAv.jpg)

all troons are just a bunch of dumb stereotypes

No. 1873424

Why are Albanians like this?

No. 1873451

I can’t understand how they don’t understand female socialization. Maybe these women didn’t say shit to his face but they 100% talked about him being a creep behind his back.

No. 1873462

thank you for making this point
you're both clowns for saying vulvas without protruding inner majora are childlike and not a "standard" body configuration. I promise you there are plenty of us with vulvas that look like what you're describing because it's just as normal and healthy. you're no better than the women who attack small-chested women by calling them flat or little boys. you know you can do body positivity for your body type without being toxic to everyone else, right?

so can we please just focus on the misogyny coming from this troon? this moid has a whole lot of nerve for thinking his rot pocket looks bad due to the size of certain anatomy and not because it's a nightmarish body-horror wound salvaged from a butchered, wrinkly ballsack. it will always pale in comparison to a natural woman's. calling the final results of these experimental surgeries "neo-vaginas" is such an insult to all of us.

No. 1873469

I’m glad he’s getting called out, Australian troons are next level unhinged. So many women experience violence, misogyny and self esteem issues because of their anatomy but a Troon is allowed to make fun of it because it’s their body, how is that fair.

No. 1873477

>ugly aliexpress striped knee high socks
every damn time

No. 1873478

I've seen vulva like this with girls I was with and thought they were cute but didn't associate them with child bits. A pornbroken maid, choosing his own dollar menu inverted dick, however, is going to intentionally seek it.

It's like women with very small boobs being great and super cute, but we all know why moids like this, doing diaper cosplay garbage, wants them.

No. 1873484

thank you. you could literally grab donald trump, a random homeless bum, a broccoli head zoomer, and a college professor and all of them would be able to relate to the experience of having a dick, objectifying women, and needing sex to live. it really is that simple.

No. 1873487

found the projecting moid

No. 1873508

I get what you mean, but it's naive to think moids don't have whole communities dedicated to obsessing over "innies" (always clean shaven ofc) because they associate them with children. Like they literally admit this, saying they look "fresh" and "young," especially hentai coomer trannies who love "loli cunnies" and shit. It is similar to women with small breasts in that pornsick men cannot appreciate natural variation in women's bodies without making it depraved because their brains and dicks are broken.

No. 1873514

Stop arguing about the aesthetics of vulvas/labia minora. You shouldn't even give a shit, it's just something porn-addicted moids have psyop'd women into caring about because a bunch of retards like fifty years ago decided that in order for porn magazines to be considered "softcore," the labia minora had to be edited out. Every time you even bring it up, the moids win, because it's just another way they use out bodily insecurities to play us against each other. Sorry for OT.

No. 1873531

If anything, men have associated women with small labia as being virginal, not necessarily child-like (but probably in their minds). I've seen and heard so many moids spout off the myth that larger labia means a woman is "loose" and slept with a bunch of men. They have no understanding of female anatomy point blank. They rely on hearsay coming from their bros, probably online ones who are incels anyways. That might be why trannies are obsessed with "innies". Reminds me of when pedos online call underage girls' parts "cunnies" or whatever the fuck. They are pornsick and gross.

No. 1873533

File: 1690774798890.png (4.9 MB, 2466x1848, nominalcel.png)

He's such a ghoulish incel

No. 1873535

Nta but that would be so foul if true. If human tissue behaved like that then old people would have anal labia minoras hanging out of their assholes kek

No. 1873546

i hate this fucking moid so much, we must restrict the use of frog and amphibian imagery to real women only (and yes that includes tifs)
and of course he's complaining about "muh poor men don't get enough attention!" like all of the misogynistic incel crowd

No. 1873551

sage because sperg but does anyone find it so easy to clock trannies online, even without the trans flag or a face? The things they post down to the way they type feels so obvious, their interests and the way in which they engage with them is so obvious and no matter what they do they fail to change this. I can tell wether someone is trans based on what they reblog on tumblr, I can tell by the way they type on twitter. It became a “fun” game for me where when I see a post from someone who seems suspicious, I try to guess wether or not they are TIMs or not and I seem to never guess wrong

No. 1873555

I remember there were news stories about nursing home staff who thought disabled girls with long labias were being sexually abused

No. 1873562

I assumed he was going on a date with a gay dude who thinks he's another gay dude (well, he is, but you know what I mean)

No. 1873564

I’ll admit to being one of those women with longer labia, mine grew during puberty and just stayed that way. I wish men knew that labia size/length has nothing to do how “”loose”” a woman is. I’ve felt self conscious about it since my early teens

No. 1873565

ive had a fatty meat sandwhich since as far back as i remember. its purely genetic and i dont even think the most retarded of men believe it has anything to do with sexual history, they just love nitpicking women for regular things

No. 1873567

File: 1690783859159.jpg (2.07 MB, 1440x6747, Screenshot_20230731-010247_Chr…)

Troons and diapers. Name a more iconic duo:

No. 1873569

Pictures you can smell holy shit I'm gagging. Is that a fucking thong hiked up to his ribcage?

No. 1873597

It has emerged into public speak only recently I think. Must’ve been some porn that went viral. I’ll keep on thinking about belly buttons and scold porn addicts who will talk about it.

No. 1873617

It is very easy, in some subs you can notice they talk in an extremely childish manner and you can clock them easier in subs like witchesvspatriarchy, actuallesbians, girlgamers and so on. They love anime, hentai and games so they hang a lot in those communities.
It is inspired by a hentai fetish, it is called whale tail, but I think he is also using to give an illusion of wide hips.
We get nona you are so special for having a small inner majora, thank you for enlightening us on a gossip site.

No. 1873619

wingspan of an albatross

No. 1873621

Unfortunately these terms were already used at least 10-15 years ago on the internet…mostly with the association large labia = a lot of sexual partners. My shitty ex even sent me unfunny memes about it back then.
But usually only pornsick incels who don't know how a vulva looks like talk about that shit. So I'm not surprised a tranny would bring this up

No. 1873633

>desire to experience a girly childhood
do these coombrains not realize diaper-wearing/baby bottle-using/etc - ages are so young no adult actually remembers it? But sure, keep trying to explain away how it's totally normal to get a boner when thinking about baby stuff. Disgusting.

No. 1873647

100%. They’re always on about “uwu good girl headpats” and unnecessarily sexualizing everything in that unmistakeably male way.

No. 1873649

>”helps with the wand”
It’s always the coom. How do they hear themselves think “makes me feel like qt bb girl” and “it helps using sex toys” and not back the fuck up. Blatant agp pedo shit and still handmaidens insist they’re the same as us. I’m so ready for libfem women to mass-peak, but considering how many rape and harassment cases there are by troids, it’s hard to keep faith in humanity.

No. 1873651

Also wait do they actually piss and shit in their diapers in public? It’s not just a clothing article to them?

No. 1873654

My sweet summer nonna…

No. 1873656

I’ve noticed most of my friends even the ~woke ones are crypto terfs. They just need to talk 1:1 and feel safe, they recognize they can’t say it out loud without risking their jobs and social life. Tbh think that tims know this and that’s why they get so upset about women having spaces, they feel like they need to monitor.

No. 1873662

How do so many here know of troon IRL?

No. 1873668

lots of women take spiro, and i have never heard of an adult woman having to wear diapers as a result. it's totally voluntary on their part, since if it were actual involuntary incontinence they would be a lot more ashamed of it

No. 1873670

File: 1690809040065.png (1.49 MB, 1641x1230, RDT_20230731_15452014382662426…)

a tim actually recreated that popular transition art.

No. 1873671

File: 1690809168928.jpg (219.12 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20230731-205519_Red…)

No. 1873673

It's hilarious they like those specific over the knee socks so much, they just make their legs look like soccer player ones

No. 1873679

Those godawful ones in particular are like most of their wardrobes, shit that goes for a few dollars on Aliexpress. They can't even be bothered to spend money on clothing that suits them, tragic.
Going to women's autism groups and nerd hobby groups. Lot of women have been pushed out of the former due to the ever increasing amount of delicate snowflake quarterbacker troons that have mental breakdowns when no actual woman wants to talk to their mental asses. Group coordinator threatened to boot me from it too for expressing the concerns of a way more shy friend from the group, one troon in particular wouldn't get the message and leave her alone.

No. 1873681

It’s kind of funny how this makes the whole transition stuff itself look so different, from a woman’s perspective (the original drawing) it’s about freeing yourself from people’s judgements and being able to finally look feminine without being told you’re pickme or a nlog. But from the moid’s perspective it’s all about coom and acting like a caricature of what he thinks it’s a woman supposed to look and act like.

No. 1873682

It sucks because those socks actually look cute on women, why must troons ruin everything. now women can’t wear those socks without being accused of being troons.

No. 1873685

For anyone curious about this, it's accepted wisdom among old-school MtF troons that when men go on hrt they end up one cup size smaller than their female relatives.

No. 1873690

File: 1690811490728.png (1.08 MB, 960x2433, kris.png)

pot calls kettle black

No. 1873691

I had to work with one. Most aggressive male behaviour I've ever seen, but if you would call him by the male version of his name, he would get very upset and felt insulted. He was the start of me peaking, so in the end, he did one thing right.

No. 1873694

File: 1690812677408.png (397.13 KB, 643x573, capture.png)

>Woman is when cartoon boy crossdressing.

No. 1873700

File: 1690813900065.jpg (115.78 KB, 480x720, perving on anime school girls.…)

They like them because they are all creepy perverts

No. 1873702

I thought the original drawing was bimbo fetish shit. Not empowering lmao

No. 1873707

I genuinely don't understand what happened to the nerds over the last 10-15 years.

No. 1873710

im blessed because i've never ever known/saw a mtf in the wild.

No. 1873711

this kek

No. 1873712

look at his finger

No. 1873713

>the only lips that need revision are the ones on your face saying this crap
KEK best response

No. 1873714

A close friend of mine is married to one, but in the process of leaving him. His narcissism and mentally abusive behavior towards her and their child intensified tenfold when he went down the troon rabbit hole. That stood out to me, considering it seems to be a pretty common occurrence amongst troons.

No. 1873715

The only mtf I’d ever seen in public pre-covid was a literal street walking hooker that me and my friends cracked up as soon as we spotted him, and it was in the area of town where streetwalkers are known to hook. Post covid? I see an mtf in some random place at least a 1/3 times I go out I’d say. There are now 7 troons at the office. It’s fucking nuts.

No. 1873716

File: 1690815243602.jpg (57.36 KB, 862x1000, 51BVoTyUP1L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

them eyebrows lookin' like this

No. 1873718

i cannot believe that he trooned out while having a kid. vile. fuck him

No. 1873720

I don't remember where I read it, some place like JBox, but back in the early days of my weebdom before I knew better places to learn about Japan I read some gross ass blog article about the supposed symbolism of those socks in anime/manga and how they were supposed represent a young girl's budding sexuality.

I have a suspicion a lot of these troons read the same shit I did and actually took it seriously.

No. 1873722

I live in LA so unfortunately I know several. I keep them at arm's length and don't interact too much but yeah

No. 1873724

They are more than welcome to get bullied for being a fat fuck, at least that was how girly childhood went.

No. 1873735

File: 1690817613735.jpg (244.79 KB, 1080x1707, freak.jpg)

Stumbled across a tranny blog dedicated to fantasies about correctively raping TERFs (they call it "tbreaking," a play on "dykebreaking" which is a fetish about raping lesbians straight) and Tumblr suggested so many blogs just like it. Some are even worse, with detailed fantasies about letting dogs rape lesbians and "correction academies" for TERFs where they're systemically raped, but looking at the caps for too long makes me wanna a-log so for now I leave you with this poor genocide victim who is so oppressed and just wants to pee. One in particular has posted selfies I also grabbed and he really is just a disgusting looking man.

No. 1873737

I don’t think anyone was trying to insult women with smaller labia. It was more just about men’s views surrounding them, like women feeling coerced into getting labiaplasty for their male partners or feeling inadequate because of things like this >>1873508, >>1873531

No. 1873739

Yes this - women are obviously aware that vaginas come in all shapes but for men to be categorizing it as "outie" and "innie" is bad because they're trying to use thatbas a way to shame women for having the natural parts they're so fucking jealous of. That's the part that isn't okay

No. 1873747

I work with a TIM (we’re alone in a room together for 15 hours a week) and a family member’s son trooned out. I also participate in nerdy female-oriented hobbies so I’ve had to deal with a few TIMs and dozens of she/they and he/they/it females over the years.

No. 1873748

i don't understand why this happens in nerdy female oriented hobbies

No. 1873749

Why is it so hard for trannies to keep their living spaces clean? This man doesn’t love his cat. If you loved your animal you’d want them to live in a clean place so they don’t get sick.

No. 1873754

File: 1690820113806.png (7.55 KB, 546x147, pic.PNG)

>I genuinely don't understand what happened to the nerds over the last 10-15 years.
reminds me of picrel. the person who wrote the tweet followed it up telling people to google jennifer pritzker which led to this interesting but horrifying article: https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/billionaire-family-pushing-synthetic-sex-identities-ssi-pritzkers

No. 1873766

they aren't even that ugly

No. 1873767

File: 1690821878057.jpg (247.77 KB, 1360x2048, F2XzzE_WUAEsq2J.jpg)

Yes im sure everyone wants to bang you dude and theyre not mocking you because you look ridiculous

No. 1873769

File: 1690822163054.jpg (25.75 KB, 240x320, 240px-A_Log.jpg)

I wanna

No. 1873770

is there a discord server where we can discuss these freaks? i love telling these scrotes they'll never be a woman and watching them cry about it. I've gotten like 20 reddit accounts banned kek

No. 1873772

I unfortunately know several. There are four TiFs and one TiM just at my job alone. Then I know two TiFs through cosplay, two more though school, and then there's a TiM my brother is friends with. It's overwhelming, it feels like they're fucking everywhere, and they're all some shade of nerd, like >>1873754 references.

No. 1873775

I hate to give trannies the benefit of the doubt, seems like maybe this is a troll who just stole some random guy's selfies. The "dykebreaking" and "orientation play" stuff implies that a woman who fucks troons isn't a ~true and honest~ lesbian, which breaks with the TRA party line.

No. 1873776

Social contagion. Remember it could be even worse: burning witches or sacrificing children were too forms of mass hysteria.

No. 1873777

I meean, I can agree on the fact that everyone stopped to look at him….

No. 1873778

File: 1690822882236.png (211.48 KB, 375x277, terfisland.png)

come to terf island
also twitter is based since monkeyboy bought it.

No. 1873779

can confirm, I’ve mastered the art of making a safe space for my female friends to start getting terf-y, and almost all of them have been dying to talk to someone about this.

Exceptions have been the terminally online friends, but that’s what internet brain rot will do to ya

No. 1873782

Nona, fetishes are allowed to be breaking TRA party lines. He mentions detrans kinks in the same breath. They fetishize forcible detransition and 'misgendering' as well. There's a lot of those blogs on Tumblr, especially with FTMs. "Daddy, take away my binder and fuck me back into a normal girl" kinda shit.

No. 1873783

Men get complimented all the time. You just don't get any because you're a creepy prick who looks like dollar store Michael Cera.

No. 1873785

I bet the litterbox is a travesty that gets scooped maybe like twice a week. The way so many cat parents neglect their cats by not maintaining a clean litterbox is honestly heartbreaking. That cat is too beautiful and sweet to live in filth with some troon. The anon who said the cat looks like he hates him, that’s actually an expression of love and affection. Poor kitty is loving even though he’s being abused, baby.

No. 1873786

Fake, he clearly just edited these screenshots; they contradict what he said before. He admitted himself that the majority of what he used was formula because he supposedly only produced a tiny amount inadequate to feet a kid with.

Also "mother of three" my foot. They're his girlfriend-of-four-months' kids. He's not their parent whatsoever.

No. 1873787

>My teammates never had a problem sharing a shower with me
God men are so fucking retarded. They think if a woman doesn't actively verbalize her discomfort, she must be a-ok with everything. Newsflash retard, women have been socialized to bottle up their discomfort. Of course your teammates aren't going to actually mention it and risk all the fallout associated. Guarantee you they're uncomfortable, though.

No. 1873788

File: 1690823890908.png (47.33 KB, 442x711, kink.PNG)

This post reads like a normal detrans post until you see the tags.

First he transitioned for a fetish, now he's detransitioning for a fetish.

No. 1873795

I'd agree with you if it wasn't so ridiculously common. For context, on Tumblr there has been drama lately because a few lesbians TIFs pointed out their TIM mutuals have disgusting blogs like this and all the TIMs are crying transmisogyny callout culture blah blah and waxing poetic about how they coom to their oppression to cope, and all the detrans kink TIFs have been defending them because they are also degenerates. I saw dozens of blogs like this, and some of them are meant to be secret and only get pieced together because of recognition from hair and bedrooms and stuff. They're trying to be sneaky because they know most TIFs will see them for what they are if they knew.

No. 1873798

I hope he's rendered infertile after all of this

No. 1873802

It’s not empowering, it’s depressing, I know it’s a bimbo fetish comic, but to Ftms being a male means you can wear whatever you want, that’s what I meant to say, not that being a retarded caricature of a woman is empowering.

No. 1873813

Definitely, and you can tell TiMs view it as an extension of mens dick measuring contests. In reality, women don’t naturally care about this shit. It’s just male baggage that they want to try and put onto us with porn and their own insecurities surrounding their genitalia. I’ve see TiMs brag about how many inches long their stink ditches are. I thought it was weird because I’ve never thought about the length of my vagina in my life, nor have I ever heard another woman talk about something like that, and it’s weird anyway because the vagina is meant to stretch during things like penetration and childbirth. Moid insecurity is not worth any woman taking on the burden of or beating herself up over.

No. 1873821

You can blatantly tell these pics were all taken in one day.

No. 1873826

I've always thought that comparing pussies was stupid. No one is going to see it except for you, your sexual partners, and your doctor. It's not like a dick where guys are constantly making reference to it and pop culture is saturated with penis imagery. Wanting to show off their gentials is a key sign that the person you're dealing with is a tranny

No. 1873827

Starting to see this at my workplace as well. We have about 70 employees and about 4-5 men right now are 'nonbinary' and growing out their greasy hair. Pre-COVID, not one.
About how many employees are at your office?

No. 1873830

searched up "peak trans stories" on Youtube and this was in one of the results, honestly very fitting.

No. 1873833

Nerdy female hobbies tend to attract girls with autism (autists are bad at socialization and have a tough time grasping the difference between biological sex and gender roles/sex stereotypes), or girls who are otherwise misfits or outcasts (which is how you get the “not like other girls” TIFs). Also a lot of these outcast girls have trauma from sexual abuse, which causes them to hate their (female) bodies and want to troon out. And lots of girls who watch anime or nerd shows get turned on by yaoi/slash fanfics and assume that must mean they’re true and honest gay men. Trooning out is the 2020s equivalent of punk, goth, and emo subcultures to outcast young women, with a dash of the self destructiveness of pro-ana/ED communities.

No. 1873835

Black women have been peaking and I’m here for it. You see it all over lipstick alley as a black girl I’ve seen other black girls getting tired of having to be (often white) TiM’s “mammy”! They’ve exhausted their use of using black women as a way to uplift theirselves

No. 1873839

This is so fucking fetishy and gross. Imagine thinking this is a successful roast when you can't make a joke without sounding like a coomer

No. 1873841

Sage for blog but I am in a pretty urban area so I see troons out and about Atleast once or twice a day unfortunately

In highschool a troon classmate of mine strong armed me into becoming “friends” with him (I was a pushover dont laugh) and it eventually led to him threatening to kill himself if I didn’t reciprocate his feelings (he confessed his love for me after 3 days of talking) and when I ghosted him he started stalking me (showing up to my work and stalking the places I frequent, attempted to follow me home)

So yeah moral of the story is do not befriend a troon

No. 1873842

File: 1690830437370.jpg (782.18 KB, 2928x2312, lezhunteragain.jpg)

Samefag back with a collage to elaborate on the drama, hopefully it isn't too confusing. There are a ton of horny tranny blogs like this, in fact many are even worse and involve zoophilia and incest (they're his mutuals of course). But basically, this tranny has a semi-popular main blog and his posts get circulated on Tumblr a lot. An anon took it upon herself to alert his TIF & lesbian mutuals about his secret sideblog where he obsesses over kidnapping, raping, and impregnating lesbians, especially TERFs. They called his nasty ass out, but because we live in a retarded clown world, much of the site has been relaying the drama as "evil puritan transmisogynist crypto TERFs harassing and bullying a poor hapless trans woman for innocent fantasies." I cut off some of his rambling because ew, but these posts are endless and he has an entire tag just for TERF rape and also has mentioned "enjoying when they struggle" in tags (so maybe he already is a rapist.) He also clearly doesn't want anyone leaking his sideblog and changes his url often, but this cowardly evasion has only made me want to document it more in lieu of a-logging (which I know will only encourage these failmales.) I was going to include other blogs, but some of the text posts are so graphic I don't want to subject nonas to them, it's so creepy. The funniest part is how Tumblr is constantly tinfoiling about a TERF staff suppressing the noble trans women. Like God I fucking wish.

No. 1873843

Besides the tons of online troon from hobby communities… One guy i went to middle school with trooned out in his 20's. He joined my country's trans activist group and did "trans news". These videos were hilariously awkward, shame they aren't in english. Then he tried to get my TIF friend drunk and fuck her on a hiking trip. We both went to school together it's pretty disgusting to me he would think it's okay to do that. Nowadays i don't hear much from him but i think i remember him wanting to get the chop. I belive he said it in an interview with another troon where he also said he was bullied in school..when he hardly was. No mention of my tif friend who went through the worst bullying ever of course. Can't wait to hear some news about the chop.

No. 1873845

Knowing these people, it's probably a large and you have no idea who is behind that blog. Could be a 50 yo man trying to creep on teen transes.

No. 1873848

There's literally nothing men won't fetishize.

No. 1873852

TRAs love to tell people that troops are a minority, and although they are a minority the fact that so many effeminate gay men from drag race and tv/socmedia is very strange. I think it's all product of living in a world where people are essentially commodified and where sexualized women especially are viewed as a commodity.if you're an agp or sexually attracted to men, being a hot woman is the dream, right? Even gays get a kick out of wearing women's clothes and think their bodies are hot (i know men who unironically say shit like "my pussy"). Sheila Jeffreys is right when she says that creating a dichotomy between agps and androphiles may be pointless.

No. 1873854

File: 1690832390649.webm (5.09 MB, 576x1008, Snaptik.App 723661607894257178…)


No. 1873859

went to college in the late 2010s for a mostly-male engineering major that intersects with a lot of nerd hobbies and had tim classmates, work in the field now and have tim coworkers. some people from my autistic nerd friend group in high school are now tifs and i've also had tif coworkers at entry-level jobs. not in an extraordinarily liberal city. agree with other posters pointing out that if you have deep nerdy interests it seems like every other person around you is a tim.

No. 1873868

I’m with you, nona. He’s now become open about his contempt towards being a father. He’s always hated being a parent (and I use that term very loosely, he’s got adult kid from a previous relationship as well) but he’s become a lot more vocal about it. Basically he’s started showing his true colors as soon as he trooned out. My friend tried to be understanding and make it work, but she’s got no choice but to leave now. Their kid is gonna need some serious counseling though.
Sage for blogpost, but it was relevant to the topic.

No. 1873870

How is this not technically illegal?

No. 1873872

File: 1690834576132.jpg (117.97 KB, 828x754, F2X0wePWIAEt0JE.jpg)

After all that you STILL want the rot pocket???

No. 1873874

holy shit anon, can you post more? I hate these fuckers so much it's unreal

No. 1873884

what the fuck

No. 1873888

File: 1690837761975.gif (3.32 MB, 640x350, AF5CFB6D-1875-4860-A2EA-E4C63D…)

>the voices

No. 1873908

File: 1690839453004.jpg (832.41 KB, 1818x2040, hellworld.jpg)

Tumblr, not even once.

No. 1873909

toybox killer vibes

No. 1873914

I hate men holy shit.

No. 1873916

You got any of those forget-me-now pills to go with that? If this doesn’t peak people, idk what will.

No. 1873918

Read just 4 of these and I already have cancer

No. 1873921

Oh holy shit, so it's not a troll. I don't understand why people (primarily scrotes) insist on sperging about their fetishes and violent thoughts online. This shit is super incriminating and someone could (ironically in this case) use it to blackmail him. Why not just write it in a fucking journal or something instead? I suppose the answer is attention and validation, but these blogs all follow each other and each post only gets a few dozen notes. Are those tiny crumbs of support really worth it? Christ.

The funny thing to me is that these men are complete chickenshit in real life. These are the same guys who run home and cry on Twitter when a cashier misgenders them. This shit is why I carry a taser and don't have male friends, though. Never trust males.

No. 1873929

Talking about it and shocking people is a big part of the fetish itself. Sadly he'd enjoy our reactions.

No. 1873935

can you report them? I know that Tumblr is very fast in deleting pro ana and self-harm content, mostly the whole Tumblr will get deleted without warning, so this must fall under abusive and harmful content and therefore shouldn't be allowed on Tumblr. Guess we should try it, if they notice that they aren't welcome there, we might get rid of them on one social media platform at least.

No. 1873936

File: 1690841835653.png (82.18 KB, 759x673, msedge_TDlWWhdWLX.png)

This one is trying so hard to pretend they're not a troon. And it's so clear its a paraphilia for them. Freak.

No. 1873941

File: 1690842260649.jpg (105.32 KB, 640x620, ptsilenthill.jpg)

The fact the first one changes his main URL constantly ever since his degenerate side blog got leaked is proof enough they're chickenshit and know damn well they're sick freaks and no one would support their pornrotted asses if they knew what they get off to. I feel bad for their mutuals who trusted them though, I saw a few TIFs who seemed genuinely sad that their mutuals turned out to be degenerates, and one TIF (ptsilenthillremaster) got ran off the site for alluding to TIMs on Tumblr being depraved incels. They killed her for picrel kek and because one time she tagged a post about animalgirlpenis URL TIMs being pedos.

Good idea, I reported one but Tumblr never got back to me and one time a few months ago they told me it didn't violate rules even though the post was literally directly targeting lesbians. But whatever, I'll keep trying, I need these freaks to gtfo my digital birdwatching sanctuary.

No. 1873950

In my experience Tumblr mostly won't get back to you. I reported some really extrem pro ana sites and they got deleted pretty fast, still I didn't hear anything from Tumblr. So, I will start reporting everything I see posted here that appears to be harmful and abusive and maybe some others will join us.

No. 1873951

Any nona do have them? I was curious to know what they are made of, which denier do they have. >>1873682
I wear them and so far no one have called me a troon, but the secret is to coordinate well and be young looking then people won't bat an eye.

No. 1873969

>making fun of his divorce when chris got divorced because his wife didn't want her husband pretending he was a woman

No. 1873972

File: 1690846600051.png (178.14 KB, 743x607, tranny.png)

No. 1873978

File: 1690847739060.jpg (59.23 KB, 1170x769, F1-Cl_eX0AgnGnt.jpg)

Guy should have shoved his shoe up the trannies axe wound.

No. 1874000

IVG is one of the biggest threats to the future of humanity, jesus christ.

No. 1874018

Lmao I bet getting harassed by trannies peaked her. Inshallah.

No. 1874025

>Insults a guy he dislikes by calling him womanly
Literal frat dude rhetoric. That's why Chris gets off on LARPing as a woman; he views any kind of femininity as degrading and is titillated by the humiliation. I couldn't think of a more chauvinist mindset if I tried. Like most trannies, he purports to be a woman because it shields him from accountability for being a misogynist.

No. 1874027

why are they all video game programmers or comedians

No. 1874028

Those are the professions nerdy males resort to when they have no personalities and no marketable skills aside from being addicted to the internet. Addicted to vidya? Become a coder. Addicted to making pop culture references on Twitter? Become a shitty comedian.

No. 1874030

File: 1690855564552.jpeg (513.48 KB, 1352x937, 6879FF44-65E5-411C-969C-9337A9…)

Being a woman is crying while watching the Barbie movie apparently.

No. 1874033

>I cried so hard.
No he didn't.

No. 1874039

No. 1874041

Sage for mini blog but I accidentally ended up hanging at riis beach this weekend. Was advertised as a fun more exclusive extension of rockaway but ended up surrounded by guys in thongs with their assholes and balls out and troons. Tldr don’t hit this beach. Id post pics but it would be doxxing just please NY people be wary, I have no idea how this escaped my attention. I feel traumatized.

Shoutout the girl w tits cut off who brought a super hairy/furry dog to the beach for hours and never put out water for it or even brought an umbrella for coverage. These ppl are sry subhuman.(blogpost)

No. 1874043

No. 1874049

Wonder how he felt when she went to the gynecologist because being a real woman is about being female, not being a caricature of femininity. Kind of the opposite of troon ideology really.

No. 1874053

I know one made a remark on his sister's boob size as if he were an expert on the subject. He likes art on Twitter that is obviously intended for coomers. Likes programmer socks, just like any other TIM. It’s funny because the artwork he likes is of women with coomer proportions

He once liked a comic by some troon artist named SamLizzy that showed an intimate moment between a TIM and a girl.
I was creeped out when I realized that the artist had created these two characters meet at 16 (the TIM) and 19. The 19 yr old going "I’ve saw you change over the years," referring to the character’s transition and quite literally watching a teen grow up. They aren’t real ofc but it’s gross how it was played off as a joyful romance

Also was a poorly drawn imitation of manga

No. 1874056

File: 1690860556002.jpeg (149.11 KB, 1280x962, IMG_6074.jpeg)

No. 1874058

This is insane lmfao

No. 1874059

Goodbye to your career!

No. 1874077

The way he's just prancing about like a hulking ogre. And then flashing his stinkditch at someone in such a manly man fashion. The only joke here is him.

No. 1874078

what did the heckler even say?

No. 1874079

hulking ogre waddling around talking about trying to "pick up chicks" flashes rotting wound to crowd. Just girly things.

No. 1874080

i stg, unless they type out "i will kill a t3rf" it's like whatever algorithm is in place a set up to protect male abusers on that site.

men in general behave like ass hats do get their posts removed if they can be determined to be guilty of "hate speech", though. i report the moids who rant about hoping that TiFs 41% everyday and Tumblr removes those posts.

No. 1874084

You just know he practiced those same "moves" in the mirror dozens of times. He was dying to use them IRL. Fuckin weirdo

No. 1874092

Likely in a jurisdiction where trans have special rights

No. 1874099

Ew I don’t even know what to say. Please tell me someone is archiving his accounts.

No. 1874124

How are we supposed to identify who this is without a watermark or link to the video?

No. 1874136

@im.leanne_lawson on tiktok

No. 1874140

File: 1690882306624.png (Spoiler Image,3.24 MB, 828x1792, F039397A-D129-4DCF-8B4E-487A0C…)

Megan Fox deep fakes are more convincing lmao.

No. 1874141

Literally planning my wedding.
Brother in law has decided to troon out. Can't uninvite him but I do not want this freakshow going on at my wedding!! Why do they do this

No. 1874150

File: 1690883960350.jpg (343.18 KB, 1600x2048, F2bZwHabUAAFT-x.jpg)

Just like the real thing guys!

No. 1874155

Your sister can’t divorce him?

No. 1874167

Future husband's brother unfortunately.
He hasnt announced any of this to the rest of the family and I am not having my wedding become his coming out party I would rather just make an excuse and not have a party at all

No. 1874180

It's literally to take all the attention your and your fiance would get. It happens all the time on AITA and weddingshaming. He'll try to wear a really inappropriate dress, both in color and style. I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

No. 1874208

set boundaries.. It's your day. Make sure you vet their outfit beforehand. And definitely make sure you say point plank: it's my wedding day, not your coming out day, so either do that before the wedding or after. If you don't say this bluntly he will try to make it all about him.

No. 1874212

Why can’t you uninvite his ass? Just uninvite him, that’s it, it’s your wedding, not his “coming out” ceremony. I thought being an adult meant being able to do whatever the fuck you want with the shit you’re paying for and that other adults were supposed to understand whenever they’re not wanted somewhere.
Is your fiancé even okay with this shit? Does he support his brother trooning out?

No. 1874215

Make sure you heavily vet whatever outfit he decides to wear, and don't let him give a best man's speech because he will make it all about his transition.

No. 1874221

What other nonnas said above, make sure he knows in no uncertain terms it’s YOUR day and if he tries to direct attention to himself and his transition there will be consequences kek. I would tell him he’s on thin ice but I’m also v blunt and not that nice. I’m sure you can find a more polite way to say all this than “watch your back fucker” kek

No. 1874226

File: 1690896144183.jpg (213.03 KB, 1627x1847, F2a3UsEbAAA3_iI.jpg)

Lol did he think HRT would shrink his bones

No. 1874235

File: 1690896666711.jpg (131.28 KB, 1080x1542, 20230801_132922.jpg)

Meanwhile you take a look at #transmasc supremacy and find crickets. How strange!

No. 1874238

If you are in a western country or LGB yourself you are far more likely to encounter and know transgender people.

No. 1874245

I'm sorry to hear that nonnie. Hopefully he'll go full on creeptard and by the time it's your wedding your husband won't want him there.

No. 1874247

talk to them, like the other nonnas wrote, make it clear that it's your wedding, your party and you will and should be the centre of attention, not the troon. When he wants a coming out party he should throw one himself. Monitor what he will wear, make very strikt rules if he wants to present as female, or tell him, he has to come in a suit, because no, you don't want to see his badly tucked away dick at your wedding. And if they won't listen, uninvite them, it's your wedding and you don't want the memories ruined by drama on that day. That's just what it's like being an adult, you can't be nice to everyone and if you know that someone will ruin something for you, make them leave or stay as far in the back as possible. Hope you can handle the situation without too much drama and have an amazing wedding.

No. 1874248

5-10% of men have paraphilia. Now with the whole queer theory cult they are letting their freak flag fly so it's normal most of us know at least one degenerate.

No. 1874252

I first met one as a child before this trend hit big. He managed to get the women's bathroom changed into a unisex bathroom (men's was untouched) and I remember overhearing women mocking him. After 2013 popularized it, you can't be into any nerdy hobby without coming across TIFs (and if you like male nerdy hobbies like DND, it's crawling with TIMs). But living in the US/liberal states probably increases the risk a lot. There are tons of trannies at weed disepansaries and Starbucks too.

No. 1874258

> Monitor what he will wear, make very strikt rules if he wants to present as female, or tell him, he has to come in a suit, because no, you don't want to see his badly tucked away dick at your wedding.

No, make sure he knows it's a no. Men have no business wearing women's clothing, it's always a fetish. ""Gender non-conformity"" in men is just a paraphilia and shouldn't be tolerated.

No. 1874261

File: 1690899629579.jpeg (465.72 KB, 1326x1535, B3807F24-5A2C-466C-860D-966643…)

Every time I think TIMs can’t possibly be more homophobic, they somehow manage to prove me wrong.

No. 1874262

Someone should suggest him shaving down the bones of his shoulders so he can be smaller but also so he can be disabled.

No. 1874267

A lot of troons think that for some reason. They think oestrogen will rearrange their entire body into an anime school girl. They'll argue they will lose height when becoming a woman and that it's not osteoporosis.

No. 1874281

I'm new to this site so sorry if this is out of place, I just dont know where else I can have this conversation with people.

I've recently moved from a small country town to a major city in Australia. I've always been in the loop of tranny stuff just from the internet, but being in my hometown I think I only saw some skinny abo guy dressed like a chick but I think maybe he was just gay.
Having moved into the city I've been extremely uncomfortable walking amongst these people, I rounded the corner to a bathroom that as open in the CBD late at night and let out a scared yelp because a 6'3 ITSMAM was there.
I was genuinely scared and uncomfortable, I walked/ran back out in a hurry as they took a step towards me and started to say something.
It makes me feel a bit physically sick to know a man was in there, I'm sure he wasnt going to do anything but I just wasnt expecting it and it made my whole body go cold.
This whole trans thing just feels like another way men are trying to get a leg up on women, if that makes sense?
Why do they always dress in meme fetish clothing? Its never just something feminine but nice, its always skin tight and lacy with a corset or fishnets and badly done makeup with thin greasy straight hair.

What can actually be done about this sort of thing?
Are we really just meant to accept these men in our spaces?
What about when I have children?
Do I just have to be super vigilant and pull them from school if a tranny is a teacher?
I dont want my kids going to a trannies house to play with their kids (if that would ever happen).
Is there actually anything we could do socially to take some sort of power back from these men skinwalking as us?
Isnt it hate speech in aus to do so now?
Am I overreacting??

Also my partners sister moved to the same city, got on tiktok and fell into that sort of crowd and now shes cutting her tits off and changed her name. I know statistically she will probably kill herself afterwards, shes already in a bad way mentally and I can see if she hinges her happiness on having no tits when she comes out the other side she will realize she spent all the money and pain for something that wont make her happy. Its so sad to see and we cant do anything or say anything or she will cut him off again. The parents cant do or say anything because shes cut them off once and went through some awful shit alone out of pride. They said to me they're just waiting on a phonecall to say shes finally succeeded. They hope by biting their tongue she will at least come to them in her time of need.
Its just so tragic, I really believe if she never moved she would have probably lived a much more peaceful life.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1874297

Sounds like a typical night out in Melbourne's cbd

No. 1874298

Because he’d cry about troonphobia and it’d make things 10x worse? Imo she should try and carefully goad him into acting out in a way that won’t get her noticed by anyone else, but serve as good cover for why he can’t come, troons are so volatile it won’t be difficult. Nona your husband should be dealing with this though, it’s really his problem

No. 1874326

I am a Yank and CBD stands for something a bit different here, can you explain what you mean?

No. 1874335

Central Business District, it’s often where all the nightlife and fun amenities are, the heart of a city typically… it’d be equivalent to “downtown” in the US I think. Got nothing to do with the drug though kek

No. 1874375

It's a comedy?

No. 1874387

Literally just say that to your fiance point blank. Your wedding is your day, and you will not allow his brother to hijack it and make it into his coming out party. His choices are to present as a man or stay the hell home, and if your fiance doesn't respect that, you shouldn't be marrying him.

No. 1874399

Anglophone countries and nerd communities are completely pozzed with troonshit. It's unavoidable.

No. 1874404

He is doing this on purpose. Your husband should have your back. Tell him to dress appropriately or stay at home, your Nigel to be should back you up or that is a huge issue that will come up later. Do you have siblings or bffs attending? Any worth their salt will ensure he isn’t a factor in your day, tell them to be on guard to make sure you enjoy your day.

No. 1874418

old classmate who was always a creep and into stereotypically male nerd hobbies decided to troon out.
also i like j-fashion and our local comm had a few guys who used to orbit our meet-ups and be weird who also trooned out one by one.

No. 1874439

File: 1690919059799.jpg (196.35 KB, 1079x1719, F2cIqY6XgAAx8py.jpg)

No. 1874452

a bit ironic since lacryboy never intended for it to be a transition timeline, it was a feminization fetish thing but alas TiMs latched onto it

No. 1874453

File: 1690921189252.jpeg (620.74 KB, 750x3362, IMG_0984.jpeg)

Holy shit the hugbox is real in this sub

No. 1874456

File: 1690921517688.jpeg (454.32 KB, 1170x2089, IMG_9296.jpeg)

This “Barbie” will be the first to die in the male kenocide

No. 1874460

The way they will even bully other trannies to get them in line and not deviate is so cult-like, idk how they don't see it. This is why you can't give them an inch, they want to take it even more than a mile.

No. 1874462

idk what exactly it is but i always find troons' stomachs to be clockable (i mean this separately from wide/narrow hips as well) even when they're on hrt for a long time. if they're fat it's always a male looking beer belly but i wonder what makes their stomach area still look male when they're thin. more muscular abs than average women?

No. 1874466

File: 1690922586893.jpg (33.53 KB, 680x383, rorUC7OS.jpg)

No. 1874468

One of my closest friends from high school was a gay male who later became one. I saw him go from nerdy shy closet case in school to coming out to his parents and being open, to eventually taking interest in drag and deciding he wanted to transition. Since that's happened, we've basically lost contact, i think he wants to ditch his "old life" entirely. When my mom and I did meet up with him years later, he was an asshole. Naturally, since men think being a bitch is a womans default.
Oh, and hanging out in nerd/fandom spaces. This shit infests everything, especially online. Being a nerd TERF/rad fem is suffering.

No. 1874499

>Why does it miss the gusset
Because a man's penis isn't in the same location as the vaginal opening is on a woman. When you invert a man's penis, the hole is going to be further forward than the actual vagina, so women's underwear isn't designed to catch the nasty shit that oozes out of it.

No. 1874502

>Female characteristics are part of our DNA
It that were the case, you wouldn't need drugs and surgery to acquire them.

No. 1874518

This misogynistic trannys name is literally cisexclusionaryradtrans… and he thinks real women are artificial

No. 1874571

Tell your BiL that you're a terf so you'll never speak to him again once he starts dressing as a perverted troon.

No. 1874572

God I hate this particular tranny so much, no matter what I do I keep getting recommended his videos. Kind of like Dylan Mulvaney, he's a great example of homosexual AGP. I hate seeing his nasty skank outfits stretched out over his fat moid body. His smile gives me 100% duper's delight vibes – he LOVES the idea that people see him as a poor oppressed trans poc uwu, when in reality he's just a coomer living the coomer dream of acting out one's fetish 24/7. He always looks thrilled that he's getting away with it.

No. 1874575

File: 1690931958357.png (225.5 KB, 748x843, Gender Receipts on Twitter.png)

No. 1874579

File: 1690932065556.png (252.22 KB, 921x698, I’m proud to be a TERF and joi…)

No. 1874582

Who is this guy? He looks like a Tory. Is he Tory? I am American. I have no idea who he is.

No. 1874587

No. 1874589

>Am I overreacting??
No. Troons are a menace.
FYI, there is a youtube channel called Terf Talk Down Under and the LGB Alliance has a branch in Australia. Both should give you info on what terfs are up to in Australia and help you find private discords or whatever to talk with other Australians.

No. 1874590

Men's stomachs are flat or even fold inwards a bit round the belly button. Women's have like a round cushion around the belly button. It's subtle but it's why you can tell.

No. 1874594

that seems right, like with thinking maybe it's bulkier abs in men i was thinking about how the navel seems to sit more flush with the surface of the abdomen which is more uniform overall in thin men than thin women. browbones and shoulders are too easy, it's more fun to find these microclockable things.

No. 1874614

File: 1690937317859.png (2.55 MB, 1238x1238, Ari Drennen (@aridrennen) • In…)

>after her husband troons out, she starts dressing more boyish
name this phenomenon

No. 1874616

File: 1690937498803.png (2.18 MB, 1554x1031, Ari Drennen (@aridrennen) • In…)

>he doesn't edit his photos

No. 1874618

File: 1690937605963.png (444.84 KB, 741x758, Ari Drennen on Twitter.png)

Is there a tranny that exists that understands biology

No. 1874619

Women have a bit of a cushion to their abdomen owing to having a uterus and male belly buttons are typically above their waist line while a womens is typically at her waist line. Another fun micro clockable feature of males is that their index fingers are typically shorter than their ring fingers, the opposite is true for women and it may have something to do with hormone exposure in the womb. Male from conception, they’ll never be women.

No. 1874621

manifesting that the first tranny to get a uterus transplant dies of infection

No. 1874622

To me, if your husband loves you, he will have no issue with you two uninviting the freakshow. Especially if you're paying for it yourself, it's your rules. I wouldn't have tranny horseshit at my wedding either, family or not.

No. 1874623

Husband doubles up on the misogyny and when wife complains he says she’s a man bc she doesn’t like misogyny. Pushes hormones and surgery alongside love bombing her. Social contagions are a hell of a drug

No. 1874635

This keeps happening to people I know! Conventionally straight and feminine asian girls whose very tall, very masculine white husbands troon out first and then they follow by getting into a soft butch, nonbinary trans masc identity when they've never been that type before. My theory is that their giant linebacker husbands look so disgusting in makeup and dresses that they completely ruin the idea of femininity for them, while being an edgy girl with a cute short haircut and a button down shirt is still clean and untainted.

No. 1874637

doing something he can't do to have some sense of a separate identity remain intact?

No. 1874638

File: 1690939681006.jpeg (2.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4747CBDF-5CD8-4FC3-A79A-0D32C6…)

Spotted this on the back of a toilet stall at a venue in Brisbane. Truly every day we stray further from god.

No. 1874639

Hasn't it already happened with that german troon from ww2 era?

No. 1874651

I'm so faceblind I legitimately can't tell troons from women unless it's really egregious or they speak first

how do other autists clock troons aside from the face by a glance

No. 1874654

what on earth could be coming out of them thats strong enough to bleach their underwear?? the fuck. any science anons know?? male parts are usually counter pH to vaginas i thought??

No. 1874656

I feel like their gait and usually their shoulders are wider than hips. Of course women can be built like this too, but with men their structure is a bit different. Or it’s the way they dress, like being an older man but wearing teenager/preteen clothes, or clothes that isn’t flattering, same as makeup. Their eyes are mostly “dead” looking too. There is that autistic thing said about TIFs where even if they pass extremely well by building muscle and growing tons of body hair, you can tell by their eyes they are female.

No. 1874657

File: 1690941698228.jpg (225.24 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20230801-220029.jpg)

Like another anon mentioned, this already happened in the 1930s. Lili Elbe (real name Einar Wegener) died from a uterine transplant. His first surgeon became a Nazi doctor that performed human experimentation in concentration camps and the one who actually did the transplant also became a Nazi and forcibly sterilized women. Go figure.

No. 1874659

Big fan of the irl redtext kek

No. 1874668

Have you met any trannies in real life? You can tell just by their face alone.

No. 1874669

I would say a combination of Stockholm syndrome and Munchausen by proxy.

No. 1874692

He's been a Tory in the past, they might not be right wing enough for him at the moment. He's a journalist, currently editing the Spectator. Was Political Editor at the BBC, famously made Ben Shapiro storm off, by asking him to explain and justify his positions.
Ben was no match for him, and called Andrew Neil, a Thatcherite, who had urged Maggie to be more brutal toward the striking miners in the 80's, a liberal leftist. Neil, who when he edited the Sunday Times, denied the existence of Aids for a long time, and eventually landed on the editorial position of "it's only killing gays, lol, it's really a gift", found this hilarious. Shapiro looked like the lightweight idiot he is.
Anyway, Andrew Neil is now proclaiming himself a TERF, due to being moved by watching Chloe Cole speaking. I don't believe it.
Must be an angle in it somewhere, he's an old bastard who only seeks to enrich himself. Maybe he wants to be Terf Islands Matt Walsh or something.

No. 1874699

He's going where the wind blows

No. 1874704

ugh imagine sitting anywhere near this troon at the theater and he starts wailing and sobbing in a male voice

No. 1874714

They think it'll give them "birthing hips" puke, so yes let's let them castrate themselves if they're dumb enough to beleive it.

No. 1874720

File: 1690955637112.jpg (676.96 KB, 1076x1556, 235507y.jpg)

Starting to believe the "Margot Robbie is a crypto terf" theories. Just saw an interview clip where she says she's a huge Harry Potter fan and listens to the audio books narrated by Stephen Fry (who has defended Rowling in the past). Either that or just dgaf about tranny whining which is still a win in my book.

No. 1874723

If she does that and she's forced to have him at her wedding, he'll stop at nothing to ruin everything about it and steal as much attention as he possibly can.

No. 1874730

The trannies are already boycotting her on twitter.

No. 1874732

I think that’s just wishful thinking kek

No. 1874741

call me dumb nonnies but looks-wise I can't clock this troon. He seems very young so his face doesn't look really masculine. I can clock him by his shitty AGP behaviour though. How old is he even? He definetely started early and he seems to be barely legal if even. I hope twink death hits him like a truck, he is obnoxious

No. 1874748

How does he have such a large cupsize if he’s that young? They give boob jobs to teens?

No. 1874757

I'm also bad at telling it just by their physical appearance as where I live there a women with big hands, large feet, big heads, wide shoulders and overall a larger bone structure than for example women in Southern Europe or Asia have. For me, it's mostly the way they walk, there is some very special way about it. They walk like gay men trying to be feminine but with a force that it looks like they want to stomp something into the ground. I'm sry, I'm bad at explaining it, but if you have seen it once, you can't unsee it. They walk like this troon is stomping around at his "comedy" act >>1873854 And it's the way how they hold their head and how their face looks when they speak. I mostly watch videos without sound because many voices are revolting for me and I dislike most American accents, so I somehow learned to spot them just by the way they move their mouth, it just looks wrong and fake.

No. 1874758

File: 1690966160861.png (2.54 MB, 828x1792, E568E1CD-E98F-4D0E-BD02-216401…)


Mom’s page. Such a totally kosher mother/son relationship right? Barf.

No. 1874759

File: 1690966527515.jpg (279.75 KB, 1493x1600, F2fylIMboAAeIMB.jpg)

So rapey as always

No. 1874768

File: 1690968177005.webm (906.45 KB, 717x404, 1689372453932203.webm)

they are so retarded

No. 1874771

it's all cope. let them be delusional until they rope.

No. 1874784

File: 1690971200506.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1829, IMG_0885.jpeg)

Here’s another mom and troon son duo.
It will hit him like a truck. Look at Tim Petras he’s already looking more male every day.

No. 1874786

FYI it’s actually totally normal/healthy with real women and I highly doubt this loser has experienced it, yknow cuz he’s a guy… probably read about it online after a Google search about vaginas on his mom’s WiFi and decided it’d be clever to add to his act. You know they’ll grasp at literally any straw they can, especially if it’s a shitty part of womanhood to larp, cuz extra credit for struggle points. I think a huge part of the AGP fuckery is playing the part of the insecure, dehumanized female they fantasize about degrading. It’s like it validates their misogynistic inceldom to imagine being on the receiving end of what they dish out and how they wish to make us feel, when in reality, any woman worth her salt couldn’t care less.
~Cope your lives away, losers.~

No. 1874792

please tell me she isn't saying this while having a real daughter somewhere

No. 1874795

It’s crazy how people portray doctors who perform their “life saving surgeries” as paragons of morality who do what they do because they actually care about trannoid feelings. Thinking of doctor sidhbhbhbhbh and her “yeet the teet” shit, they’re enjoying the freakshow butchering and it’s horrifying how we have to pretend this should be a human right.
irl redtext, beautiful.

No. 1874796

I think she just has sons. I assume she’s a boymom I who always wanted a girl.

No. 1874805

>What can actually be done about this sort of thing?
If this is Melbourne, absolutely nothing. Not only can men freely use women's toilets, the future of Melbourne has already been designed to dismantle single sex spaces. Many new public toilets (as well as those in offices rented by the state government) are unisex, putting women at 8 times the risk of sexual assault. This is known as the bathroom leash. It takes our safety, privacy, and dignity hostage to limit our use of public spaces and participation in society. Even if Sall Grover manages to demonstrate in court that we need single sex spaces and services, we are not getting them back.
>Isn't it hate speech in aus to do so now?
Hate speech, harassment, discrimination, any charge they want. You can be assaulted in the street by a tranny and he'll still be freer than you.
>Am I overreacting?
>she's already in a bad way mentally
Mental health services will affirm her. As to you and her family biting tongues, "passive" approaches like using her new name and pronouns can push TIFs closer to hormones and surgery. At the same time, her glitter family is waiting for you to cross a line so she'll go no-contact forever. TIFs and Thembies never want to admit they're wrong both out of pride and fear. It's like leaving a cult. The best you and her mum can do in the long run for her is be openly pro-woman, not explicitly anti-trans. If she finally sees she needs feminism and not transgenderism, she'll know she has someone to talk to honestly because she can't with a therapist. It's understandable if you need to distance yourself from her problems instead for your own mental health. It's exhausting. I'm sorry, country town nona.

No. 1874809

File: 1690977888994.jpeg (379.58 KB, 1376x1851, B656928D-7A0B-4F5B-AEA0-E97529…)

Ah yes, a meme about your abattoir alley is totally relevant to r/girlgamers because it happens to feature video game characters and you’re totez a girl. Only men would bring jerking off as a topic to a community about banding together against sexism/stereotypes

#medic deserves better than this#

No. 1874812

On the countrary: this moid wants to make it very clear that he is a gross moid, he is appropriating that female space, and women can't do anything about it.

No. 1874813

…..Then again, this is reddit…. 80% of the users are pornsick agps. What is a real woman even doing there?

No. 1874830

You’re right, I shouldn’t invade their space. I’ll stick to doing things only evil cis women do like live past 30 and have a cup of coffee before work in the morning instead of dilating/not showering.

No. 1874832

I am in Melbourne :(
This is awful(:()

No. 1874846

he admits he can't be an actual woman, just vaguely resembles one through cosmetics and synthetic hrt but they gaslight him into thinking he's 100% a bio woman. it truly is a cult

No. 1874847

there has been I think two attempts of a uterus transplant on a male body and both were failures. it's never gonna happen the way they want it to.

No. 1874851

Say no more. You are correct, it’s just a way for men to sexually harass women because it started getting harder to do without punishment. Men just really hate women because they can’t own us legally anymore. The men who transitioned are just outing themselves as sexual predators that should’ve died out in a just world where men didn’t right the rules enabling predation.

No. 1874860

the copium is strong. this elise guy can fully admit thanks to modern science trannies can scar themselves for life, but the other trannies don't want to face the truth.

No. 1874861

File: 1690988307791.jpg (165.17 KB, 828x1142, F2eG8CfakAAr-yI.jpg)

hot biker girl lol

No. 1874866

Thank you Ausnonna, hope it warms up for you soon!

No. 1874884

This guy and the scary pedo from Bothell, WA went to the same high school. Wonder if it was at the same time.

No. 1874885

File: 1690991473420.png (70.29 KB, 681x541, attentiondenied.png)

barf, so much to unpack here. the worst of it:
>I expected my sisters (1 yr older, twins) to really start planning and asking lots of wildly personal questions
Based older sisters, clearly he realyl wanted them to ask him sexual questions and they didn't bite

No. 1874888

Is this the tradeoff for Australia getting to have a bunch of sexy actors? Like for every sexyman, you must have at least one retarded public policy?

No. 1874890

This is the best way to treat these degenerates imo, just that's nice and ignore them. Watch them tear themselves apart after you don't give them the attention they're seeking but they don't have anything to complain about without sounding narcissistic.

No. 1874892

So far up his own ass he thinks anyone would care kekekek

No. 1874893

I would trade every attractive australian celeb if it meant I could feel safe when going for a pee in public
Shocking! Noone cares about your fetish. God bless the older sisters, you just know he was itching to delve deep into this bullshit.
I bet there is a family chat where this joker isnt added to, and theyre all laughing behind his back.

No. 1874895

Idk who our attractive celebs are but I know our average moids are nothing to write home about

No. 1874910

No. 1874914

barf, disgusting… ive been seeing so many terf stickers near my workplace in cbd lately though, heartwarming
this, never trust a moid who positions himself as your ally
>i am in melbourne
sorry nonny. not that any other city is really any better. pretty sure all hate speech/discrimination laws are federal and the cultural rot spreads easily through this already festering excuse for a country
the ratio is probably more like 1:100 sexymen to retarded policies. this place is a bureacratic anglo hellscape

No. 1874919

This is the best way to deal with a narcissist. Cut off their supply.

No. 1874922

lol this one looks like a specimen I met a few months ago, he isn't german by chance, is he?

No. 1874924

File: 1690996229829.jpg (194.31 KB, 740x778, totallynotafetish.jpg)

Same dude, an hour apart.

No. 1874926

>index fingers are typically shorter than their ring fingers
Even weirder is that if a woman does have a longer index finger, she's almost certainly either a lesbian or autistic.

No. 1874931

I've scrolled through their whole post history, its all fetish bodyswap shit and begging for fetish bodyswap stories to be written about them. Started 2 years ago, theyve been "transitioning" for 1y8m. Hmmmm

No. 1874934

This is the most malebrained thing I've ever read. Male = dick, woman = absence of dick. God i hate men

No. 1874937

is that true? I heard it has to do with the testosterone in the womb, do you have any studies or anything nonnie? My index fingers are shorter so I'm kinda interested

No. 1874942

Prime peaking material

No. 1874951

why is it always HOT biker GIRL
why not just biker
or biker woman
why do they frame themselves always as hot girls when they're not hot and too old to be a "girl"

No. 1874953

What sensation is he even trying to feel? Bitch you don't have a clit and they cut your dick off, pleasure from sex is pretty much over for the ones that do bottom surgery, right?

No. 1874956

In the male coomer mind, women ("girls") don't actually have hobbies or interests. We exist to be consumed, and any hobbies we associate with are just an aesthetic that adds to the overall image. Thus, a nerd girl isn't a girl who likes nerdy things - she's a hot girl surrounded by nerdy accoutrements and wearing sexy clothes vaguely associated with a "nerdy" activity. A biker isn't a woman who enjoys the freedom of the road, she's a hot girl wearing leather and straddling a bike. A mother isn't a woman who has a child, she's a pair of big tits. We are nothing more than pornographic images to them. The tranny isn't trying to be a woman who likes bikes, he's trying to be the pornographic image of a woman on a motorcycle that he probably saw in some trashy calendar in his dad's garage when he was a teenager.

No. 1874959

well said based nona

No. 1874960

If you're in a minimum wage shitty job where it's mainly people in their early twenties then an FtM or two will probably show up just because it's such a contagion. They tend to be of a certain type-short, red and black clothes and very clearly autistic.

No. 1874962

>not suitable for other methods
so he has a microdick from puberty blockers. bleak.

No. 1874964

> transition timeline
> feminization fetish

What's the difference?

No. 1874968

With the kind of MtF surgery where they use the colon to make the 'vaginal canal' rather than the inverted penis a small amount of colon goop constantly leaks out. It's recommended that they wear panty-liners

No. 1874972

Trannies hate admitting it's a fetish.

No. 1874985

File: 1691000776000.jpg (123.67 KB, 947x610, mulvaney.RM.F6-30-2023.jpg)

Where do you live? I'm in America and it's not even close… they are very clockable where I'm at. Even if the women have bigger hands and shoulders are you telling me this looks like a woman to you?

No. 1874992

This is really accurate
Explains why whenever you can always tell what stereotype theyre going for and it always looks a little off, like they're just throwing on clothes that saw a woman wear and expecting it to do the same thing. They dont actually have a genuine interest or draw towards the fashon, it's a draw towards the woman represented by it, so they can't get it quite right

No. 1875044

I'm from Northern Europe. Dylan is the worst example for a troon not passing because he did nothing to even look close to a woman, still, if I would only see his face, the way he moves his mouth or him walking it would make him clockable instantly for me. While if I would only see hands or shoulders, without any other context, I could have a hard time telling the gender and that's what I meant and I might have phrased it wrong. Not the whole appearance, just single parts that won't give it away for me as I'm so used to "large frames" in women.

No. 1875062

He probably thought his sisters would jump at the opportunity to become his personal stylists and life coaches because he thinks all the fake gushing libfems do on social media is representative of what women think of troons. He deserves to be grey rocked like this, the way he thinks everyone else's lives should revolve around him, and it makes it extremely obvious that transitioning is often a ploy for female attention.

No. 1875089

I have a question for those of you who potentially lost most if all friends because you don't believe that transwomen are women and refusing to use preferred pronouns. I peak transed around the covid lockdowns after the JK Rowling twitter fiasco which led me down to discovering Magdalen Berns and her content.

I got to a point where I just could not pretend anymore and this went with refusing to use preferred pronouns anymore. Pretty much all my friends left me because of my "transphobia" and I've been pretty much on my own ever since.

I have to admit that I am very lonely. I don't regret coming out against this bullshit but it's been 2 years now and I feel so alone. My days just consist of going to work and coming home to cook, walk my dog, and watch things but besides my dog, I live a pretty isolated life now completely, not really talking to anyone except my mom from time to time.

I'm just wondering if any of you have gone or are going through a similar thing.

No. 1875098

File: 1691012884763.jpg (205.01 KB, 1363x1106, F2i-oZ_bIAAPG7p.jpg)

I love how many of them think they pass well enough for nobody to be able to tell, or at least figure it out after alittle while

No. 1875102

if someone would call me doll I would probably kill him. And get it off my tits, no woman writes like that. (Sry, this had to leave my brain.) I'm living with a moid and it takes him like 20 seconds to clock a troon, why do they all think they pass? If they want a future relationship, they will only be able to have that if the guy is happy with a franken-vagina and being unable to procreate.

No. 1875104

it's become popular lately for tims to call each other "dolls", i find it interesting since it's obviously like a gay male/drag/hsts thing but lots of agps say it now too. i wonder if they realize they're not talking about dollification bondage fetish stuff.

No. 1875108

kek, in the comments he says "Don’t think it was my voice either. You can hear it on my YT channel, and I get a lot of compliments on it actually." so i went to check it out and seriously? it doesn't sound like he's even attempting to sound female.

No. 1875111

as a real woman I find the words "doll, babe, honey" very irritating and I always feel like the person talking to me isn't taking me serious and thinks I'm stupid. So those troons using that language just tell me they don't want to be taken serious at all and it's just a stupid roleplay for them. It all sounds like a show, like you wrote, drag, gay men joking in their own company and so on. So every time I hear/read someone call other women "doll" I just assume they are men.

No. 1875117

Yes, I like to think that it's happening because they know in their hearts they will be women regardless of what they wear, unlike their husband. He can't take that away

No. 1875123

kek, welcome to Melbourne.
I once went on a date with a middle aged guy with a beard only for him to tell me he was a trans woman half way through. I stopped dating men from this city after too many experiences like this.

No. 1875126

If I hear someone referring to themselves or others as “dolls” I just assume they’re a troon, and I’ve always been right. I’ve rarely or never heard an actual woman say that. In general troons love using belittling sexist phrases that normies haven’t used in decades, because they all have a misogyny kink.

No. 1875131

Mine are different lengths on both hands. One has a longer index and one has a longer ring. Does that mean anything?

No. 1875134

ish similar:
i have had some internet friends ive known for around 7 years now. I stupidly went on a rant about how i dont feel comfortable around transwomen since all (i did phbrase it as "too many" tho) of them transittion because its a fetish.
One person in the friend group is a TIF (clinically diagnosed hardscore autistic girl with sexual trauma, who even herself has critical views on transwomen) so ofc i was kicked out of our groupchat becaue she doesnt feel "safe" anymore because of me.

It really hurt alot, to lose the friendgroup. They were some of the only friends i had. It is what it is, i guess.

Just stay strong nona. There are others like you, that have also lost friends and felt so isolated because of this.

No. 1875138

Why is it always like this? They're so convinced they pass and have unclockable voices, but it's like they've never seen or heard a woman before in their lives. I bet the people who sir'd him weren't even doing it to upset him and just thought he was a normal man with long hair. But of course they think it's malicious when they're convinced they look and sound like women. Also this video is so embarrassing kek, he's soo excited to get DMs on fucking Reddit.

No. 1875140

Same here, but I am a certified autist lesbian. My left hand has a longer index finger and my right has a longer ring finger.

No. 1875149

Nonna…I’m also a certified autist lesbian and same re the finger lengths…I’m kekkin

No. 1875152

File: 1691017988812.png (541.65 KB, 768x512, a special message for troons.p…)

Only an intense gold digger/ literal victim/ zero skill trophy would hang on to man after he cheats or troons out. Which.. When you think about it, seems to be the women who get trapped by troons. There's not enough love in this world to forgive a man who spends his days pretending to be a little girl.

No. 1875156

I almost got a little miffed at this post since my fingers look like that, but this made me laugh. The gay autist hands.

No. 1875169

i think other nonna typoed, long ring fingers are the sign of higher t in utero in both sexes. but yeah the usefulness of it as a way to identify troons isn't very high since it's not at all absolute that men have longer ring fingers and women have shorter ring fingers (especially since the opposite is often true in gay people).

No. 1875170

Lmao this retard clearly doesn't ride, bikers are the least likely to give fuckall and will call a spade a spade. And if he actually does ride, I guarantee you nobody mistakes him for female. Lol. Lmao even.

No. 1875172

If this was in reply to me, yes I misread something so deleted, but agree with your agreement that measuring fingers is not a great way to try and clock people, especially since there are endless other more visible ways. Just looking at a tranny like Dylan Mulvaney and seeing which parts are most jarring is a good way to train the eye.

No. 1875173

I don’t think that’s really fair. A lot of trans widows have kids and are financially dependent on these sick moids. They didn’t anticipate their families being destroyed, and some of them may be in denial hoping it’s just a “phase” and things will go back to normal. Not to mention men who troon out are unhinged and probably abusive in other ways too. I hope these women leave too, but I’m not going to attack their characters for being blindsided and mistreated by coomers.

No. 1875174

Yep, for some reason plenty of troons are idiots like that and think HRT literally changes their bone structure. TiMs think they'll lose height, get wider hips etc. and I've also seen TiFs think T will make them taller, broaden their shoulders (in terms of their bone structure, not by them working out and gaining muscle mass) and so forth. I love it how they believe in the most retarded shit like this and then say TERFs are deniers of science or whatever kek

Troons are insane for thinking uterus transplants are nothing but a pipe dream. Even IF a moid's body actually had space for a uterus and it could be transplanted successfully, it would still be a really stupid gamble to take. They'd have to be on immunosuppressants and live at a higher risk of infections, even serious ones (not to mention other side effects of those drugs, especially when we are talking about someone who is already on HRT as well). But then again these are mentally ill fetishists who live for the coom and some of whom are even willing to chop their dicks off for their fetish, so. It's not something a normal person would understand, I guess.

No. 1875188

Check on twitter or facebook with other TERFs if there are some in your area. I've met a ton of amazing women this way

No. 1875189

immunosuppressants are not compatible with pregnancy anyway. they cause countless defects, miscarriage, low birth weight, etc. every step of the process is inconsistent with nature.

No. 1875193

It's because they only surround themselves with other troons and TRA and they all tell them they pass, look pretty and their voices pass. It's the real live version of that emperor story. They are the naked emperors having a parade and we are that kid that's going "hey why is that dude naked?"

No. 1875194

File: 1691023082141.jpg (203.26 KB, 570x886, male.jpg)

Awful for them, but there is a reason why they dont let penises into female safe houses.
A commenter says "If they deny service to trans women, they can have their federal funding pulled. You could alert the Department of Justice if you want to."

So even less help for women in need.

No. 1875196

File: 1691023396279.jpg (58.08 KB, 728x246, again.jpg)

Hes baaaaack

No. 1875197

Has to be fake. No way in hell was this man not immediately clocked and shown the door

No. 1875198

As horrible as this is going to make me sound, IF this tranny’s story of woe is true at all, then good. He can enjoy having a tiny little taste of the hopelessness so many women feel when we are failed by the justice system or the mental/healthcare system etc etc. Pardon me if I don’t weep for a troon. That whole part about men going into his home to smell his clothes was bizarre and made the whole thing seem fake. Another trans wahhhman crying about how a mean cissy wouldn’t bend over completely backwards to help them.

No. 1875199

Been saying this myself. Spot fucking on.

No. 1875200

File: 1691023861927.jpg (100.72 KB, 750x850, man.jpg)

Looked em up, I guess if you squint he just looks like a crackwhore

No. 1875203

File: 1691023985323.jpeg (620.75 KB, 1125x1640, IMG_5203.jpeg)

??????? He looks like he’s skinwalking CC era Alice Glass and this in the bg gave me the ick

No. 1875206


My friends group sucks troon dick - some of the members of the group are troon-adjacent (“genderqueer”) and poly. They’re raising kids in that. I think some of them suspect I’m a terf but I’ve never admitted it because I know I would be kicked out of the group. However, I’m not getting along with them well lately so I’m not sure how much of a loss that would be.

I went out and got a part-time job, and the normies there do not care at all about trannies. It’s such a relief to talk about normie stuff like Harry Potter, reality television shows, Marvel, pets, and food. The few times trannies have come up, I get the sense that my normie girlfriends find them disgusting, too.

Nonna, finding a non-nerd hobby or something to do that would not involve trannies is the way to go if you’re lonely. Sports, crafts, volunteering, or even working for a little extra spending money and human interaction. I didn’t need the part-time gig, but I was lonely and wanted to pay down my credit cards. I ended up with some decent acquaintances out of the deal who actually like to do things like go out to eat and go to a movie.

No. 1875210

File: 1691024258263.jpg (128.42 KB, 728x1146, writesitself.jpg)

I have no words lmao, it literally writes itself.
Let me know I'm I'm posting too much

No. 1875214

Love how the very first comment blames it on TERFs. He has anorexia and a host of disorders. Any doctor that put him on oestrogen should be in jail. At least the psychiatric doc stopped him from getting surgeries. I hope he finds a place that gives him help with all his issues. He's not going to find it though when he keeps looking for trans or women places.

No. 1875215

I don’t think it was a matter of her not knowing. It sounds like they would potentially take tims if they had the surgery, which is still not ideal and they should have their own places for this kind of thing. It also sounds like she was more than accommodating in the ways she could be with trying to find him other places to stay. And it’s completely unsurprising that the other men on that sub would want to get the place shut down. They don’t give a fuck about women.

No. 1875216

Same old shitty fake song. I wonder who the first tranny to come up with the “muh female youth I missed out on!” excuse to try and hide their blatant pedo tendencies making them want to dress like the girls they want to groom. I want to a-log on my rooftop with a megaphone sometimes.

No. 1875219

I really don't think this is true, or at least not the full story. Why are people making copies of his key and sniffing his clothes, like what the fuck? That tipped this story into "greatly exaggerated at best" territory. I've stayed in some really dodgy places, like "a guy tried to traffic me and waited outside my room every day" dodgy, and that still seems a bit hard to believe. I also don't buy that he was so unclockable that he had to accidentally disclose being trans. If even half of this is true, that sucks for him, and there should probably be some trans specific housing for situations like this since prostitution and mental health problems are so common amongst them. But this honestly just reads like a ragebait creative writing exercise to circlejerk over how evil TERFs are.

No. 1875220

File: 1691024878462.jpg (106.73 KB, 1079x653, Screenshot_20230802_211008_Tum…)

Men are retarded

No. 1875221

File: 1691024959967.jpeg (385.04 KB, 1242x883, B191E840-11CD-4D83-B2EF-879C60…)

Had this guy show up on my for you page, a "trans" furry vtuber with boobs larger than the model itself. It's so jarring and uncomfortable seeing these accounts have such a cutesy feminine layout and she/her in bio yet when they talk on stream they have a generic moid voice. So fucking gross. Who watches this shit unironically?

No. 1875222

File: 1691025001205.jpeg (234.01 KB, 1242x1106, 5A093CE2-4EF4-4555-BD01-4C5FB0…)

No. 1875224

He really thinks this is some kind of 'gotcha' moment? Girl is lucky.

No. 1875227

File: 1691025864552.png (32.42 KB, 540x210, Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 21-23…)

This is super common on Tumblr. They're obsessed with epically dunking on the women they made up.

No. 1875228

File: 1691025987417.png (303.07 KB, 540x750, Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 21-20…)

Also sorry for the double reply but I just found the rest of that post and lol. Lmao even.

No. 1875230

Lol he’s basically dunking on himself. Yeah no shit lesbians aren’t comfortable touching male bodies, they’re lesbians…like what did these dudes really expect? They don’t even have a clit to find.

No. 1875234

File: 1691026931965.jpg (129.41 KB, 730x900, lmaooo.jpg)


No. 1875240

File: 1691027702544.jpg (98.43 KB, 1080x1620, D__MdZEW4AEUrV-.jpg)

I would be your friends nonnies.

No. 1875242

Could that 4chan post be a low-key troll? A "cisles" girlfriend who wants to mommy them is the holy grail for a lot of weeb/gamer/failmale TIMs, I'm imagining the poster cackling knowing that post is going to live rent free in their minds as "omg my dream waifu is really out there somewhere"

No. 1875247

Based woman

No. 1875248

File: 1691028384716.jpg (96.83 KB, 960x720, F2hFW9xXAAA91MV.jpg)

Next women's speak gathering someone should make this a poster kek

No. 1875252

File: 1691028944681.jpg (82.4 KB, 886x922, F2i4eDIXcAg4TI8.jpg)

No. 1875255

File: 1691029138670.png (359.29 KB, 748x812, Libs of TikTok on Twitter.png)

No. 1875267

File: 1691030411077.png (48.25 KB, 734x374, gross.png)

No. 1875268

File: 1691030577833.png (729.3 KB, 1422x820, femboy.png)

Same guy, should have stayed at femboy

No. 1875276

File: 1691031613924.gif (11.37 KB, 112x112, POG.gif)

omg is this real???

No. 1875277

Someone pick up your grandpa

No. 1875281

File: 1691032327209.jpg (212.58 KB, 1027x1051, merge_from_ofoct.jpg)

found on steam, how embarrassing

No. 1875282

File: 1691032529974.jpg (2.6 MB, 3024x4032, F0isTuZXwAcHOdc.jpg)

No. 1875283

File: 1691032561272.jpg (340.84 KB, 1536x2048, F0ip6KhX0AESAn4.jpg)

No. 1875284

File: 1691032675851.gif (8.31 MB, 820x461, femdemic_tg_censored_small.gif)

Took this gif from his Patreon announcement and well…the jokes write themselves.

No. 1875285

File: 1691032880710.png (77.79 KB, 748x558, Ari Drennen on Twitter.png)

There is a cure..you need to stop being a coomer

No. 1875290

File: 1691033279706.png (375.68 KB, 748x715, Zoë Knox (@thatzoek) _ X.png)

speaking of…

No. 1875297

Husband/boyfriend troons out, wife/girlfriend continues being effortlessly female, troon screeches to woman that she is triggering his dysphoria, and she begins to present more masc to escape it?
Either that or the troon convinces the woman any not explicitly feminine inclinations are signs of being a troon and thus encourage identifying as a man/as an enby. This might also fall into a degradation fetish from the troon as his partner becomes less and less feminine presenting.
I've seen the same happen in a couple I know irl, though.
Man trooned out, woman followed after about a year, both on hormones etc. This happened before they got married but they separated because the moid was physically abusive and a malignant narcissist surprise surprise and after that the woman detransitioned (though was left with the frog voice and who knows what other permanent effects).
I found later that the woman was sexually abused as a child by a male relative so I wonder if her troon partner convinced her that her trauma symptoms were dysphoria or something.

No. 1875298

Note how "stopped looking at porn" is not among the methods they tried, kek.

No. 1875304

File: 1691035712656.jpg (106.23 KB, 1080x1080, zoe-transgender-10.jpg)

>touring for a book about my trauma
is this narcissism? who writes an entire book about traumatic experiences and goes on tour to promote it? normally those experiences are extremely shameful and hard to share
i'm pretty open about that stuff with ppl i know, but i can't imagine writing an entire book about it and sharing it so publicly like that. >look up author
>they are a tif
>husband is a tim
>son is a tim since age 11
>book is about being a "transgender family"
terrifying to think about what that poor kid was exposed to that made him like that at such a young age

No. 1875306

File: 1691035938797.jpg (55.79 KB, 768x526, 6798071324.JPG)

You're one of those people who asks women in DV situations why the won't "just leave" aren't you? While retards who opt to be with troons certainly exist, you shouldn't assume that literally every woman stuck with a troon wants to be in that situation. Remember that narcissist males are experts are gaslighting, manipulation, isolation, etc. Even women who may seem happy with their troonigels on the surface may be fucking miserable and just putting up a front to appease him and/or avoid being socially ostracized.

Sex Changes by Christina Benvenuto is a really good account on this phenomenon at play. The dirtbag troon husband not only turned all of the wife's friends against her, he also used the members of their synagogue as flying monkeys. Benvenuto basically had to start her social life from scratch after leaving her husband. Even now, his awful memoir that sweeps his abuse under the rug gets effusive praise while Sex Changes gets memoryholed outside of GC communities.

No. 1875309

This dudes exposure to cross sex hormones his body was never meant to experience is melting his connective tissue so his bones are sliding around and he's in chronic pain and all he can think is "is this me becoming a real girl? uwu"
They deserve what they get.

No. 1875312

Her whole family trooned out and one of the kids became non binary after taking estrogen because he claimed to be a woman.

No. 1875318

>first surgeon became a Nazi doctor that performed human experimentation in concentration camps and the one who actually did the transplant also became a Nazi and forcibly sterilized women

Who was it? I can't find anything on that.

No. 1875319

it could be a chest plate looks kinda shady around the armpit/side area

No. 1875320

I saw this post make the rounds and I was astonished at how many handmaidens were just outright lying. Does anyone seriously believe an adult middle aged man wearing middle schooler girl clothes is anything but pedophilic and creepy?

No. 1875324

Kinda old news. The world governing body for water sports, FINA, essentially banned all TiMs from the women's category last year. The new policy is TiMs can complete only if they transitioned before age 12.

I'm guessing this means puberty blockers and hrt before 12. The earliest the WPATH standards allow hrt is 14. Other governing bodies have adopted a similar policy such as Union Cycliste Internationale that TiMs can compete in the women's only if they didn't go through male puberty.

It's a smart move, really. Allow TiMs to compete in the the women's category but give them a impossible requirement to meet. It makes it harder to take them to court.

No. 1875358

AYRT, I'm sorry that you went through that, none of my friends were TIFs but I did have one who was "genderqueer" but like your friend, she's really autistic and got bullied in high school. But still, I understand how you feel but it's sorta comforting to now I'm not the only one who's gone through this. I knew that there were others but it's nice to actually hear it.

This fucking shit right here, it's definitely not the first I've seen such related nonsense but it's always a good reminder to see just what lies beneath troonery and how I can't pretend this doesn't happen. And I'd be your friend too.

>some of the members of the group are troon-adjacent (“genderqueer”) and poly. They’re raising kids in that.
Oh my god anon, I'm so sorry you had to be up in that mess, I can only imagine the shit you had to hear when interacting with them. I would understand if you want to hold onto your friends because it can be lonely when you have no one to turned to but it's also just gonna depend on how much BS you can handle when putting up with them, I just couldn't do it anymore personally.

>I went out and got a part-time job, and the normies there do not care at all about trannies. It’s such a relief to talk about normie stuff like Harry Potter, reality television shows, Marvel, pets, and food. The few times trannies have come up, I get the sense that my normie girlfriends find them disgusting, too.

That's actually nice. I had an old coworker who I would talk about all kinda stuff. I don't know if she was a TRA but trans never came up and it just felt nice to chat about movies and music but sadly she moved to a different city and I haven't been able to jive with my other coworkers.

>Nonna, finding a non-nerd hobby or something to do that would not involve trannies is the way to go if you’re lonely.

That's some good advice, I was thinking about joining a hiking group and maybe that is what I need. Thanks for the suggestion.

No. 1875365

I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to libs of tictoc but this is big if true. It's also not the only story of that calibre. Did clinics ever refused to treat nazis or rapists? I don't remember reading about something like that. But ofc the moment a woman has an opinion deemed problematic witch hunt is suddenly ok again.

No. 1875366

If the sexy men spoke out about our retarded policies, maybe more people would pay attention. But scrote solidarity and all that.
Ausnonnies are being honest about the situation in Melbourne, but you also need to know in your small country hometown sits a middle-aged man wearing his wife's underwear and destroying her life and he won't be the only one. When TRAs say trans people have always existed, they mean autogynephiles have always lurked around women. Like >>1874914
said, it's everywhere. Our politicians just happen to let them be open about it here. Sage for Melbsperging but Germaine Greer encapsulates our #BeKind population perfectly: "Women have very little idea of how much men hate them".
She finally got sick of people thinking she's the other Amanda Knox.
"Kids should be exposed to paedophiles' genitalia to prepare them for the possibility of seeing naked paedophiles in locker rooms."

No. 1875371

Sage for blog but I've peaked 90% of my normie friends. Incredibly easy to do just by scrolling through the mtf subreddit with them. At least 50% of those I've peaked have gone on to peak other girls too. Most people I know (aside from a few gendies, they're much slower to peak) now find TIMs disgusting. Notably, I went to peak one friend who immediately burst out with how she was a crypto terf the whole time I've known her. Honestly, I think being secretly terfy is the baseline for normies. They're too well adjusted to fall for usual TIM manipulations lol.

No. 1875374

Late reply, but what does being a “lesbian in the bedroom” even mean? That he just got to lie there passively while his wife did all the work and called him a good girl or some shit? No wonder she got tired of it and wanted him to have sex “as a man” (translation: put in some actual effort for her).

No. 1875375

Other degenerates, degen-curious retarded moids and handmaidens. I once looked through a suspected VTuber troon’s Twitch and socials, and it was full of links to services grifting money for uwu life saving transition or fetish gear, he had listed all the stereotype troon gear, chokers, programmer socks, skirt go spinny, cheap ”lolita” shit etc. All the while having very expensive looking stream setup. Anyway, I saw a normie mutual subscribing to him and lost all respect.

No. 1875380

I've found this to be pretty common where I work. It helped even more when a moid in the conversation is making an "It's ma'am!" joke regarding the concept of ladies nights at the local gun range. We quickly looked at each other with a big smile on our face and laughed it off. It's really a big weight lifted off your shoulders once you know you're in good company that quick too.

No. 1875392

File: 1691061321917.png (97.38 KB, 1066x354, Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 12.15…)

lol ofc hes a fat fuck too.

No. 1875394

File: 1691061683247.png (692.77 KB, 1066x860, Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 12.21…)

theres no way hes real

No. 1875397

hahahahahahahaha how the fuck is ana coaches real hahahaha just stop eating like close your mouth haha

No. 1875398

woah i didnt know the croods went woke

No. 1875403

“Hot Girl” was the exact superhero name that Barbie tranny came up with in the video posted last thread. It was the most TiM answer he could have come up with. Even with his stupid explanation that she had flame powers or whatever, you could still tell it made the other cast members uncomfortable. Trannies are so lobotomized, all that goes on in their heads is “hot girl”.

No. 1875406

Same here. I heard it’s common in presidents so it’s associated with leadership? I have no idea if that’s true.

No. 1875409

File: 1691064496245.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1853, Quicknbed.png)

Remind me how they aren't incredibly privileged again:

No. 1875410

File: 1691064563256.png (351.63 KB, 1386x1328, Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 13.09…)

holy shit. this one should kill himself asap.

No. 1875416

you could find an identical post on incels.me kek

No. 1875419

I just got my hospital bill back for an actual life threatening event and it was in the thousands with insurance. Lord forgive me I'm about to a-log

No. 1875424

Good another TERF lawsuit I can donate to. Hope she sues and wins big. Let's do it!

No. 1875426

I hope he puts this shit on his resume when he's looking for a job in the gaming industry. lmao

No. 1875427

File: 1691066158067.jpeg (237.06 KB, 1170x1675, IMG_5076.jpeg)

“””for no apparent reason”””

No. 1875428

samefag but i thought stunning and brave trans women were always women even if they realize it as 50yo moid blobs

so i wonder how it’s relevant that “she” transitioned after the murders

No. 1875431

Fucking hell. Like abusive scrotes aren't bad enough but now they've added manipulating into troonification to their arsenal. That woman will never feel normal again.

No. 1875446

so he doesn’t deny that it happened, he just wants everyone to forget about it.

No. 1875454

Some women are just fucked in the head. I know one women who used to call her son's gf "the daughter she never had"
In front of her real daughter.
Takes all sorts.

No. 1875455

Erwin Gohrbandt is the one who performed experiments at the Dachau concentration camp and Kurt Warnekros is the one who forcibly sterilized Jewish & Romani women (although people are constantly trying to present him as a victim/obfuscate his crimes.) The first removed Elbe's testicles and the second removed his dick and did the ovary + uterus transplant. The sexologist who got Elbe started was gay and Jewish and was exiled to France by the Nazis however.

No. 1875456

>is this narcissism? who writes an entire book about traumatic experiences and goes on tour to promote it? normally those experiences are extremely shameful and hard to share
>i'm pretty open about that stuff with ppl i know, but i can't imagine writing an entire book about it and sharing it so publicly like that.
I mean… A lot of people have written stories about their traumatic experiences. I don't think Elie Wiesel, David Reimer, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, Dave Pelzer, Sylvia Plath, etc were narcissists or attention seekers.
I'm also wary of anyone who makes their damage a prominent part of their persona, but don't paint with such a broad brush lol

thank you for this i almost forgot women with shitty husbands are beneath contempt

Christina Benvenuto's situation is horrific. The general public never misses an opportunity to re-victimize women who stand up to their abusers. A chilling reminder for "trans widows" and battered women to stay in line if ever there was one.

No. 1875459

Lili Elbe was first treated by Magnus Hirschfeld and the first surgery did Erwin Gohrbandt, the other surgeries were performed by Kurt Warnekros. I'm always amazed by how easy people like Erwin Gohrbandt could go on with their save and good life even after all they did during the war.
Here the wikipedia links to all three of them, hope it helps

No. 1875461

Wtf blepharoplasty is $4-5000, entire facelifts are like $10,000…how much useless FREE plastic surgery can a man get? For that price wouldn’t they just replace his entire face with a dead woman’s like I’m sure he wishes? Not that itd make him pass with the moid brown ridge on his skull and all

No. 1875473

This is so unfair and is one thing that makes me want to a-log the most, it pisses me off. In my canadian province they can get free breast implants while women whom had masectomies have to pay.

No. 1875474

we have universal healthcare in my country, still I have to pay for the most important things like abortions, cancer screenings, glasses or teeth myself. To get a paid place at a therapist I would have to wait around 9 months or I could pay 100 € per hour myself. I've noticed that troons will be seen way faster. The troons get their hormones paid by health insurance while as a woman I would have to pay for birth control myself. I would love to remove my moles, did look it up, would have to pay between 50 to 150 € per mole, so it would probably cost me a minimum of 5.000 €. Yes, it would be mostly for aesthetic reasons, but maybe I get dysphoria from them, maybe they remind me of the traumatic experience to have my first sunburn with 5, maybe it would be a live saving surgery? If I had excessive facial hair growth, health insurance wouldn't pay a cent, troons get their beards removed for free. Sry, I'm just done with what they get paid, they will need medical care until the end of their lives and get so much of it paid and then they have surgeries you don't even see a difference afterwards…

No. 1875480

So much money and he is still ugly as hell.

No. 1875482

This is the kind of stuff that should be posted in public bathrooms so women peak.

No. 1875492


All this and they still bleat on about not having privileges in society. Fucking freaks.

No. 1875500

IF it happened then really what happened was that only the places that take in men discriminated against him for dressing too feminine and claiming to be a woman. It wasn't the female workers fault that a man tried to get into a female only shelter, and she did her best to find him another shelter even though that's not her job.
While I don't think men who've had the surgery should be allowed in either at least over 90% haven't had it so it narrows it down a bit.

No. 1875503

Troon coming out as a gay man who's into into other feminized gay men isn't the dunk he thinks it is kek

No. 1875505

Men shouldn't be allowed to compete with women based on what drugs they took as children, but it's a start

No. 1875507

so what about all the women who feel less feminine due to a big nose or small boobs? do they get their free gender affirming surgery? as someone who is BARRED from cosmetic surgery (nevermind given it basically for free) due to my body image issues, this makes me seethe.

No. 1875521

Of course they blame the women shelter for not taking him in and suggest shutting it down while ignoring the several men's shelters turned him away too.

The transformation fetish undertones… yuck

I feel like women get the brunt of the "agree or face the consequences" stuff. I doubt they'd turn down a transphobic or racist man.

Never understood how people want to make troon "life saving care" free because they'll literally die tomorrow, while diabetics drown under the cost of insulin. Politicians nixed the cap on the cost too, and not a peep

No. 1875529

She drinks the gender kool-aid and believes he is a woman. She hears him talking about the euphoria he gets from performing femininity and how he "feels like a woman". She figures "I don't get happy like he does when performing femininity, I don't 'feel like a woman' I just feel like myself." She concludes that she isn't a woman.

No. 1875530

I don't understand you and all the nonnas replying with comments about the eyebrows, I hate trannies but acting as if thick eyebrows are particularly masculine or not supposed to be present on a woman is just rude. It's just another feature, not exclusive to any gender.(what is rude is you not saging your shit)

No. 1875534

File: 1691081715671.jpg (184.68 KB, 1528x2048, F2ntcvbacAAZpVn.jpg)

What do you think dude lol

No. 1875544

Body shape feels FTM to me. Especially the torso/shoulders.

No. 1875546

No, you moron. Your body isn't soft and round because you are a woman. Your body is soft and round because you don't even know what "working out" means.

No. 1875547

thick eyebrows can be beautiful on women, just like a lot of tall women are beautiful or women with prominent jawlines. his brows are not well kept however and in troons these features just reinforce how manly they are. "masculine" features in women work the same way a little bit of salt makes the cake sweeter.
at the end of the day a pretty troon is still a man though and an ugly woman still a woman. it's just funny how MtFs are often conviced they are absolute beauty/makeup queens while looking like this

No. 1875548

But it has that weird gut that men have because their ribcage is massive.

No. 1875550

That's a dude

No. 1875551

Look how high the elbows are on the torso, and the size of the hands. I rest my case.

No. 1875554

>in the way a little salt makes a cake sweeter
Idk who you are, nonushka, but I love you for this. A beautiful and apt way to explain the phenomenon. I hope you have a lovely day~

No. 1875559

whay does he think about detransitioners who still have gender dysphoria and cross sex hormones and surgeries didn't solve their issues?

No. 1875561

Ew why would you date a middle aged man

No. 1875566

Interesting how in these straight with extra steps couples, the "husband" always seems to take the "wife's" last name

No. 1875567

>female goes smaller and has more rounder face
So you admit they're are physical differences between female and male anatomy? Kek the irony also hate the fucking gross sexwork is real work shirt only a troon will glorify that

No. 1875578

There were a picture of him from the front and his penis was showing, its defo a dude

No. 1875580

Tbh this is one of the most annoying things about trannies to me. They insist their ideology is soo simple and self-evident it doesn't even need to be explained, but they just shift goalposts constantly so you can't criticize them without them running in the other direction. Being trans has nothing to do with not liking gender roles–but if you're a man who played with dolls as a child, you're trans. There's no way to clock trannies because biological differences between the sexes are arbitrary–but they obsess over estrogen giving them soft supple skin uwu. No one would ever let kids transition irresponsibly–but when it does happen, you're just a bigot who wants children to die.

No. 1875582

thank you nonnie <3 I hope you have a nice day aswell!

No. 1875584

Very apt way of saying it. I was always of the mind that it spoke volumes to a tranny's delusion that they felt entitled to being an attractive woman like attractiveness isn't subjective. It really speaks volumes to their black and white mindset that anything feminine is attractive and anything masculine is not.

No. 1875587

File: 1691088552045.png (663.38 KB, 1180x826, yeah right.png)

i just wanted to check his account to make sure it wasn't a troll and i'm 100% sure this grown ass man is serious

No. 1875588

prosthetic, post history confirms this is an ftm

No. 1875589

I'd be willing to bet that this is him projecting his rancid moid fantasy. He wishes lesbians were going around raping trannies.

No. 1875592

Not the fucking anime girl gif, I can't with these freaks. They're so obsessed with the idea of lesbian chasers that simply do not exist.

No. 1875594

I can see it being true if every supposed lesbian he knows is also a trans woman kek

No. 1875597

He's mixing up his porn fantasies with reality, if cis lesbians were so keen to rape the precious men in dresses why would we be excluding them from our spaces and leaving locations irl and online where they are, as they flood and infiltrate female spaces in their droves
>cis males do 99% of the rapes in the world
>but actually the lesbians are the rapists because I said so!!!

No. 1875601

he wishes this was true because he's a degenerate coomer

No. 1875602

Is he a blackfisher? He looks white and Jewish in this.

No. 1875605

Bisexual with aspergers

No. 1875608

>Ausnonnies are being honest about the situation in Melbourne, but you also need to know in your small country hometown sits a middle-aged man wearing his wife's underwear and destroying her life and he won't be the only one. When TRAs say trans people have always existed, they mean autogynephiles have always lurked around women.
I was early to social media and I remember flickr being full of AGPs in like 2005, like every other account, they have definitely always been lurking

No. 1875627

trannies stop making shit up challenge [impossible]

No. 1875628

You must have pretty severe faceblindness bc im also from northern europe and trannies are clockable a mile away. Women here are more stocky, but they are def not man looking. Impossible to mix the two up.

No. 1875645

File: 1691095317288.jpeg (158.33 KB, 828x426, BED8233A-7BD9-451C-A5A0-ACEC78…)

melbnonna here, i see troons literally fucking everywhere. the whole scene here honestly just encourages everyone to be nonbinary because its different. so many conversations i have with people, they trip up while trying to sprinkle words like ‘afab’ or ‘cis’ into the conversation. i cant even have a conversation with one of my best girl mates about female topics anymore bcs now that shes nonbinary she feels as though feminine issues no longer effect her????

No. 1875651

lol. the countdown begins to a very funny divorce

No. 1875661

wtf the rule in the fantasy is just that everyone male just becomes female EXCEPT for his siblings, who for some reason have to merge into one single person?

No. 1875673


No. 1875695

I'm sorry you lost your friends to the cult, nona. It's trendy to be a troon these days just like it was trendy to be a deathfat a few years ago, it'll pass. Give it another five or ten years for this current generation of very special gendies to come to terms with reality, everyone already hates them anyway, when detransitioning becomes acceptable the crowd of gendies will vanish overnight.

No. 1875699

>i've noticed i seem happier when i think about those dreams
This weird phrasing totally means he gets a boner while fantasizing about his genderbend dream bro-turned-sis turning him into a woman. Always comes back to fucked up fetish.

No. 1875704

File: 1691101594674.png (120.32 KB, 640x493, 640px-Gray1227.png)

what does "loving holistically" even mean here? sorry your dick experiences 1/200th the sensation a vulva does ig?
picrel if hes talking about shit like muffing (sticking fingers in the inguinal canals) im gonna be sick.

No. 1875716

File: 1691103244884.png (Spoiler Image,394.35 KB, 1393x762, Cassie Pritchard (again) on Tw…)

I feel your pain fellow leaf nonnie.
Pic related is getting a hank hill ass all free.
And then trannies have the nerve to say they are all getting discriminated against.

No. 1875721

File: 1691103671758.png (34.21 KB, 748x369, mothpiss bongwater ๑ï on Twitt…)

The nerve of these trannies
the only surgery they should be getting is the one where they cut off their penis, because that's fucking hilarious.

No. 1875723

File: 1691103855979.png (298.15 KB, 748x599, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…)

No. 1875726

I'm for assisted suicide paid by the healthcare system and I happily take a ban for this comment.
As if any woman would get any surgeries paid in no matter what country to look "more female". Even if you need a breast reduction you have to fight for years and will hear that you should "get used to it" and that "they are big and natural" or they just tell the women to lose some weight and train their muscles.

No. 1875728

File: 1691104935638.png (114.46 KB, 385x200, hari-nef-in-trailer-385x200.pn…)

I'm way behind on this, but I just saw Barbie and holy shit the troon was clockable. The physiognomy, the mannerisms, that fucking falsetto voice. I knew there was gonna be one, but it didn't seem that obvious in the promos. Weirdly, he has the same vibe as other popular white troons.
I see Contra's attempt at masking his failure with 'ironic' drag and overdone pageantry; I see Oliver Thorn's disgusting FFS that made his facial features look ogrish (enormous chin, tiny mouth) and I also see Dylan Mulvaney's creepy agp chomo smile.

What is it about this dude that makes him so much like the unholy trifecta?

No. 1875731

I hope youre doing better nonna, can't imagine what that is like. I must know, though, how did you put up with trans friends?

No. 1875739

his face before surgery was actually pretty attractive. they tried to transplant traditionally attractive female features on a traditionally handsome man head. it just doesn't work, especially in motion, on top of female mannerisms being an awkward, off imitation when tims do them.

No. 1875742

Me and my friend gave each other a silly look every time he was on screen. A nice touch to the comedy.

No. 1875744

he destroyed himself on the taxpayers dime. he looks like kanye pear jaw

No. 1875745

File: 1691106838861.jpeg (539.65 KB, 750x1108, 32B35C13-1795-45DC-AF9C-31022D…)

Kek that hairline

No. 1875748

Just found out one of my exes trooned out. He chose his new name because of a cartoon character that's part of the "goth gf" meme. Why are they so predictable? Lmfao

No. 1875750

nta but I had a number of trans and queerio friends before I peaked. It involves a LOT of cognitive dissonance. Any time I brought up reduxx type news my trans friends would assure me “not all trans” and I told myself they were the Good Ones. Peaking involved realizing that no, there’s no good trans. It ALL involves lying to yourself, lying to others, it’s sick on every level.

No. 1875754

Time to get a bottle of champagne to celebrate dodging that cannonball nonnie.

No. 1875755

The face surgeries just don't work. Maybe some look more feminine, but everyone still has that same uncanny valley feeling we all have with androids or AI. You don't know what, but you know it's just not right.

No. 1875766

File: 1691110564342.png (391.67 KB, 748x686, tranny (2).png)

He inspires me to hate more trannies like him.

No. 1875773

File: 1691110791071.png (1.1 MB, 1428x708, 56.png)

No. 1875784

Holy autism face we really need to keep these men off the fucking internet.

No. 1875790

Which province?

No. 1875802

sam pritchard is such a lolcow

No. 1875807

Why the fuck would you hand Russia such an easy W with this?

No. 1875809

File: 1691114885846.png (2.27 MB, 810x2925, TransbianMoonWitch.png)

I hate it when they compare their broken shriveled swamp dick to a clit:

No. 1875812

File: 1691115087842.jpg (59.82 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

Just tranny things

No. 1875813

File: 1691115144830.png (43.76 KB, 748x449, tranny 41.png)

Trannies fuming

No. 1875815

File: 1691115509249.png (30.7 KB, 835x189, What exactly causes a woman to…)

No. 1875821

>I think men cape for tims because they get joy out of feminists “reaping what they sow”

No. 1875834

Men really do never take responsibility for their actions. They’ed rather be unhinged porn addicts and force everyone to comply with their delusions through violence and their stranglehold on power rather than just not be degenerates and see women as people rather than porn tropes to mimic. Truly a broken class.

No. 1875836

File: 1691118289085.jpeg (196.51 KB, 480x1183, 5816D0E8-3AD9-4FB6-BBA0-3C7B66…)

Oh.. he really was actually handsome before. How unfortunate.

No. 1875839

But anon, men identify as based tranny haters so we must pretend it’s true! No wonder these retards spawned the current tranny problem. They identify as le based tranny haters while not being so just like their coomer brothers they enable.

No. 1875850

File: 1691121515751.jpg (151.12 KB, 1066x1402, troonskinwalkerstaterpack.jpg)

Which one did he choose?

No. 1875859

NTAYRT but I’m guessing Gwen or Raven

No. 1875872

File: 1691125424433.jpg (161.96 KB, 1283x1399, F2GDGmfaUAEsAeH.jpg)

Is this end stage for libfems
>posting the full article as its behind a paywall

>What is a woman?” The formulation has the merit of suggesting that to be a woman, far from being obvious, is a question, and one susceptible to more than a single reply. This is encouraging at a time when the fight over the definition of what a woman is has taken on such virulence. Being a woman is at risk of becoming a protected category, as the binary man/woman hardens into place. This is happening even though it has always been a central goal of feminism to repudiate the very idea of womanhood, as a form of coercive control that means the end of freedom.

>Ironically, this appeal to the category of woman as pre-given, unquestionable, is being made in the name of women’s safety, another core objective for feminism over the centuries. Except that now it seems any question about what a woman is, or might be, must be dropped the moment the threat of sexual violence rears its head (which suggests it is the category of woman, as much as the safety of women, that needs protection). In the most prevalent version of this argument, trans women, who were once men, must be excluded from women-only spaces – which they threaten by dint of being, deep down, still a man – regardless of the lengths to which they have gone to leave that identity behind. They are frauds whom women should fear. But the case only holds if we are confident that we know what a man or a woman is in the first place.
>It was Simone de Beauvoir who famously wrote, “One is not born a woman, but becomes one.” Whatever biology may dictate, becoming a woman is something that society, not nature, enjoins on all humans biologically classified as female, as it casts its oppressive diktats over them, mind, body and soul, layer upon layer. But the still-radical edge of de Beauvoir’s statement conceals its more conservative premise – “they become one” – which implies that “becoming a woman” is something that biological females, one way or another, manage to do, however restrictive their lives then become (de Beauvoir’s crushing account of those lives remains unsurpassed). Meanwhile, the idea that “female” is some kind of primordial condition remains, as if it were the bedrock of all the limitations to follow.
>In fact, the term “female”, as distinct from women, has its own tale. As the New York Magazine critic Andrea Long Chu has written in her book Females (2019), the biological category “female”, as it is understood today, was developed in the 19th century as a way of referring to black slaves. A female black slave was someone refused “the status of social and legal personhood”. To that extent, Chu observes, “a female has always been less than a person”. To assume that “female” is a neutral biological category is, therefore, historically naive and racially blind. It not only drastically limits the options, but trails ugly histories behind it. The point is not to deny biological difference, but to refuse to wrench the term from the historical forces through which it takes on its myriad lived shapes.
>There are other paths we might follow. For example, if we start by acknowledging that some humans are born with ovaries and others with spermatozoa, the journey from that incontrovertible biological fact to seeing oneself as a woman, or a man, is rarely a straightforward affair (sometimes it isn’t clear at birth). Sigmund Freud described the forced march from what he believed to be universal infantile bisexuality to what passes for normality as “unjust”, because it clamps down on the far more playful and experimental, sensuous life of the child. From the day we lose that early riotousness of our sexual being, untold facets of the lives we might have lived are swept at great cost under the carpet of the so-called civilised mind, only to reappear in our psychological symptoms and dreams.

>To this way of thinking, we are all comfortable and uncomfortable in our own skins. Women come off worse: they are meant to swap libidinal activity for passivity, clitoral pleasure for vaginal receptivity, passion towards the body of their mothers for socially sanctioned love of men. Freud himself describes these transformations as ruinous for the little girl (as feminists have also stressed, not one of these changes ever definitively takes place).

>Far from being inevitable or always welcome, rigid sexual differentiation is one of the most insidious features of our social/sexual arrangements, grafting itself on to the biological body like a parasite. Challenging the binary by transitioning becomes one of the most imaginative leaps in modern society. Research published this June found that roughly 7 per cent of people changed sexual identity and/or orientation in the course of a six-year period in the UK. And that proportion is rising. According to the same study, the impulse to change sex does not show any sign of declining with age. People over 65, especially women, are almost as gender-fluid as the young. This suggests that the neat division of humans into women and men for most of a life is deferred by youth for as long as possible. Change then becomes permissible in old age when the individual has fulfilled the task of sexual conformity, which can then be left behind.
>Perhaps there is no bedrock, anatomical or psychic, on which sexual differentiation can securely ground itself. I have lost count of the number of times, in recent debates about sexual transitioning, I have heard the assertion, “A woman is someone with a uterus,” in order to dispatch the category of “trans women” as a contradiction. The uterus is the gatekeeper. No one born biologically male can ever enter here.
>Where does that leave the women who, for reasons of illness, have their uterus surgically removed, or the trans man who retains his at the same time as presenting, to all other intents and purposes, as a man? Who can decide these quandaries on behalf of anyone else? Who can finally say whether anybody, trans or not, fully and exclusively acquires the sexual identities conferred upon them? “One is not born a woman but becomes one (or not),” might be a better recasting of de Beauvoir’s words for the contemporary world.

>If I call myself a woman, I may be referring to anything from my biological make-up to the utterance “tu me fais femme” (“you make me woman”), which is what one particularly attentive and passionate lover made me feel myself to be. Regardless of sexual orientation, the felt experience of being a woman can be revelation and pleasure. But it is also for many – most – women the mark of oppression, prejudice, low pay, the burden of domestic labour, violence in the home and on the street. For many trans women, it is a claim that arises out of the feeling that biology and a core, lived, sexual identity have been woefully misaligned. These women surely deserve respect as women, not least for discarding the straitjacket of masculinity.

>This is why the suggestion that trans women are all potential abusers invading women-only spaces is so misguided and cruel. There are, it is true, trans women who assault other women in prisons – though, in one of the most notorious UK cases, contrary to the press reports, the most violent acts of abuse occurred outside prison before transition took place and included an assault against a man.
>Most troubling, as the legal scholar Sarah Lamble has argued, is how such cases are being used to assign all trans women to the category of predator in a way reminiscent of the “mugger” in Seventies Britain, as identified by Stuart Hall and others at the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. The “mugger” created an indelible link in the popular imagination between crime and young men of colour. Likewise the economic migrant, another figure of hatred and dread who serves to cover up a multitude of government sins.
>Instead, we should be questioning the social mindset, characteristic of some of the most reactionary politics of our times, that viciously excludes whole groups of people. As with the “mugger”, we might ask: what does the whipped-up frenzy about trans identities allow us not to see? The yawning gulf between rich and poor, the escalating brutality of racial and gender inequality, the advancing climate catastrophe, the accelerating rates of prison violence across all genders in our increasingly incarcerated world, would each be a good place to begin.
>In my readings of trans narratives, I have come across many trans women who are happy to concede that their experience of life cannot be the same as that of women who were biologically defined as female from birth. There are others for whom being a woman, and all they will do in order to secure that outcome, is destiny. There are also trans men and women who will feel, retrospectively, that their transitions were a mistake. (Risk, it might be said, is at the core of any fully lived life.)
>But to claim that sexual differentiation is “reality” surely ignores that “reality” for feminism is something to be negotiated, struggled over, fought against. To claim the right to dictate on this matter is oppressive and omnipotent, and uncomfortably like the patriarchal order that feminism seeks to dismantle.
>“What is a woman?” Speak for yourself. Who on Earth can presume to answer the question on behalf of anyone else? In the end, it is a matter of generosity and freedom.

No. 1875879

I'm convinced none of them actually believe any of this stuff, they're just trying to conform to in-group norms that have been become ungrounded from reality.

No. 1875890

once most trans people pass the age of 35-40 or so it will become inevitable because then most of the kids will see it as "uncool" or "cringe".

No. 1875892

Unironically quoting Andrea Long Chu. Fucking embarrassing.

No. 1875899

File: 1691133574410.png (122.1 KB, 1026x720, capture.png)

The worst part is the author of this article actually has a good track with feminism, she's an academic feminist and was one of the first people who started essentially a "revival" of Sylvia Path by looking into the details of her life.

No. 1875908

File: 1691135348178.png (1.36 MB, 810x3299, StealthInPlainSight.png)

Imagine being this fucking stupid:

No. 1875910

File: 1691137051424.jpg (151.49 KB, 875x875, in_a_nutshell.jpg)

All that writing, and she invalidated her entire argument in one sentence by accidentally admitting that deep down, she knows exactly what a woman is:

>women come off worse: they are meant to swap libidinal activity for passivity, clitoral pleasure for vaginal receptivity

…so she admits that women are the people with a certain type of biology… the ones that have clitorises and vaginas. And she states her view that these vagina-having people are treated badly by society, and subject to certain expectations, because of their biology. Specifically because of the gametes their body produces. radical feminists would call this 'gender' and seek to get rid of it.

You can stop reading my post here, the rest is tl;dr:

In the rest of the article, she goes on about how "female didn't always mean what it does today! And it's rooted in racism! And woman means something different to everyone! And excluding people is bad! And separating 2 groups can lead to 1 of those groups oppressing the other! And some female people don't have uteruses!" as if she has a fucking point, but she doesn't. None of the things she brought up change the fact that her 'definition' of woman is the usual circular one: "A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman." She is doing what genderists nearly always do: Obfuscating. Bringing up irrelevant things, to distract from the fact that she cannot explain what a woman is. Each genderist will have their own voice and way of phrasing things, but the often have the same talking points (I'm surprised she didn't bring up clown fish). And fundamentally they all make one or more of several common logical errors, just with different words.

'Transwomen are women' is the beating heart of her ideology and her essay, radiating lifeblood to all her other arguments and conclusions, and sometimes coloring them with its faultiness. This is demonstrated by how she starts with the same logic that was used to invent feminism: female people are oppressed due to their biology. But something in her broken fucking brain leads her to use this to try and argue that gender identity is valid! She implies that because a rigid distinction between male and female people has been used to oppress women, saying a woman is an adult human female is tainted by this. Guilt by association. But she acknowledges an association between women and female when it's convenient for her- when she needs a term to describe vagina-havers. Her essay was released along with one by Richard Dawkins arguing that sex is a binary, with The New Statesman decribing her essay as one on "why [the sex] binary should be challenged", but it isn't clear to me that she's arguing that, based on the fact that she can't even maintain a consistent definition of the word 'woman'. Even if she was told that's what her essay was to be on, it wouldn't surprise me if she intentionally didn't address it given that she has no logical argument that it isn't a binary, so when you're arguing something that fundamentally isn't true, your best option is to not really address the issue. If you can't baffle them with brilliance, blind them will bullshit.

I question if she truly believes what she's saying, but I believe she does. What I wonder is if she would demonstrate logical consistency agreeing that if it isn't fair to say "a woman is someone with a uterus", just because some women were born without one, or had it surgically removed, then it also isn't fair to say "human beings have 2 legs". Because some people do have 0, 1, 3, or 4 legs. But something tells me that when it comes to any topic other than transgender ideology / gender identity ideology, she sees how fucking stupid it is to have to account for every little pathological variant when trying to describe the physical characteristics of a sex or species. Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter. Like with just about any genderist, her own argument refutes itself. It's like pic related. She casts an illusion, but when you look a little closet you realize it's really just garbage.

No. 1875919

To even entertain this drivel is to lose. We all know what a woman is; if we didn't then the concept of transgenderism would not exist nor would there be any observable/obvious concept of womanhood to REdefine and subvert. They're just crazies playing word games.

No. 1875934

Oh no, did he just assume his cat’s gender? What a fucking bigot.

No. 1875950


Looks like 15 years older now

No. 1875951


They do

No. 1875960

>Men declaring women = long hair/dress/slut/dumb and that men pretending to be women are the most oppressed class is fighting the patriarchy
Scrotes ladies and gents.

No. 1876004

Why does he still look like he has a bulge

No. 1876007

Exactly. You can't simultaneously believe that "a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman" and also "transwomen are women". Because if woman has no concrete definition…how do transwomen know that they identify as one?

The real answer is always that gross pornsick men with a crossdressing fetish will say and do whatever it takes to keep cooming, and actual women have been socialized into "being kind" and putting up with this BS for fear of otherwise being targeted for male violence like JK Rowling.

No. 1876010

nayrt but the identifier "woman" wouldn't even exist if being biologically female wasn't a thing. if we were sexless creatures who reproduced asexually, the very concept of womanhood would not exist. to claim that you can separate being a woman from being biologically female is absurd.

No. 1876011

I watched Barbie with Turkish dub. They chose a gay-sounding man as VA for that one troon character. It was hilarious.

No. 1876014

A lotta words to say "I suck tranny cock" really they could have saved a lot of time. Biological sex is something babies can figure out (mommy and daddy) and dogs can figure out (both in sexing other dogs by scent, or only barking at men) so maybe it's only the tranny cocksuckers pretending it's deep

No. 1876022

>on top of female mannerisms being an awkward, off imitation when tims do them.
I noticed with Kaya's tranny in the altcows thread, the facial expressions when he tries to smile like a gentle woman but it seems off, ill-timed, jarring, like a skinwalker or an alien making an impression of a human. They make expressions intentionally rather than naturally, a stilted performance by one unsuited for the role. An observer of females trying to infiltrate their ranks, thinking they are convincing only because female socialisation (and fear of male violence) prevents many women from pointing out offensive truths to ogres.

No. 1876029

This is so fucking retarded. Women have negative stereotypes, so therefore it's inappropriate to define the word "woman"? Maybe don't base the definition on stereotypes then!

I also fucking hate the "but what about women who had histerectomies?" argument. It's like saying we can't define a human as having two arms and two legs because what about muh amputees.

No. 1876032

>Challenging the binary by transitioning becomes one of the most imaginative leaps in modern society.
Apparently reducing womanhood to a dress, makeup and heels is mindblowingly imaginative now.

No. 1876043

After reading all this drivel they are 1) a pedophile
>because it clamps down on the far more playful and experimental, sensuous life of the child. From the day we lose that early riotousness of our sexual being, untold facets of the lives we might have lived are swept at great cost under the carpet of the so-called civilised mind, only to reappear in our psychological symptoms and dreams.
2) seem sheltered from the reality of transwomen and could probably be peaked. This opinion is more in line with like 2016 opinion of trannies where people who weren't exposed to the vicious rape and death threats, bullying etc thought they were just oppressed, confused men. But OP mentioning biological sex differences, mentioning that they "identify" as women, these are threads to be pulled since trannies generally get offended at both, but she included it in her "supportive" essay which suggests to me she simply hasn't been exposed to enough tranny degeneracy to know better.
But the pedo bit eugh what is wrong with these women who think it's some form of higher thinking to view children as "sexual" and "sensuous" get rekd

No. 1876049

I'm going with pedo. Most of these people who are all in on the gender and trans thing have a strong disregard for boundaries and safe guarding and there must be a good reason for it.

No. 1876053

Maybe I am retarded but wasn't she just quoting Freud, especially since she added this bit after?
> (as feminists have also stressed, not one of these changes ever definitively takes place).
Idk, writing like this annoys me because it's so flowery it's difficult to parse wtf they're even saying. But also, academics have a long history of sneaking in pedo shit and incest apologism. Even Dworkin did. In fact it was so common that French academics rallied against age of consent laws altogether (including de Beauvoir.)

No. 1876071

File: 1691164768549.jpeg (1.14 MB, 915x6390, tranny1.jpeg)

40 year old man goes to lesbian event, feels unwelcome.

No. 1876072

this guy literally posted a dead body on Twitter, a victim of the war

No. 1876079

I like how women were literally babying his retarded ass and hugging him and he still had the audacity to whine about feeling unwelcome at a place he obviously does not belong.

No. 1876082

he kinda looks like justpearlythings.

No. 1876085

Hell yeah, that’s pretty funny nona

No. 1876086

Are you Turkish nonna? I never thought I’d come across one in here lmao

No. 1876090

>"am i safe?!?!?!?"

Lol that's what every woman in the club was thinking when this troon walked in

No. 1876097

File: 1691167505663.jpg (30.4 KB, 640x360, 360_F_404891356_Z5E59wOQjAjWn3…)

No. 1876099

File: 1691167743327.jpg (53.07 KB, 648x1000, 71R5L8xuOIL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

see >>1875899 Jacqueline Rose actually has a good track record with her feminism it's just that she drank too much academic kool aid, you have to understand that these people really aren't connected to regular people at all.

No. 1876106

That's the impression I got, she sounds like someone who gets all their opinions from reading literature/essays/other authors, and not interacting or even observing people in the real world.

No. 1876113

It’s such a relief to know women who go out let troons know they aren’t welcomed without saying anything. It’s depressing to see all the hand-maidening online and in conversation among friends and family, but at least most of us are doing our best to slyly tell them to fuck off with our body language. It’s insane that it’s unsafe to tell these men verbally to get lost and they wear this costume of fear when they say they feel “unsafe” around women. What are they referring to? How often have they seen women get violent with men? It’s like living in upside land

No. 1876120

>least nationalistic Kurdish woman.

No. 1876134

File: 1691170543609.jpg (106.4 KB, 802x568, 6769-444.jpg)

She's literally picrel.

No. 1876155

File: 1691172570908.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_2023_Instagram.jpg)

Don't know how to post videos sorry. In this reel, a comment mistakes this sportswoman for a timmy picrel and the woman clarifies she is a natal female, but then says "this is proof being anti trans hurts all women". Tims barging into women's sports is what hurts women, you handmaiden. I'm sure being caught in the crossfire and mistaken as a tim hurts, bur you wouldn't be caught in it in the first place if tims were just kept out.

No. 1876158

ntayrt but I am turkish too nonacım <3

No. 1876161

From izmir

No. 1876165

I’ve read this before and it was kinda weird premise wise. Why would a random bar have sapphic Saturday? Why would there be so many lesbians? Why are there balloons? Then I realized he probably crashed some random woman’s birthday party.

No. 1876205

>muscular woman with bald head playing sports in a time when men are allowed in women's sports
>why am I being misgendered

She's either trolling or stupid, she absolutely looks like a low effort TIM. Fully bald heads are very rare for women and very common for men due to male pattern baldness, if she just grew out an inch or two I bet she wouldn't be misgendered. Reminds me of TIFs who dress in head to toe kawaii pink and Hello Kitty and complain about being misgendered. Like you are doing this on purpose at this point, irl clickbait.

No. 1876218

she shouldn't need to put in any particular effort to be recognized as a woman, come on. saying a woman looks like a tim because her hair is short is just the inverse of the logic of faceblind tims who think long hair makes them look like women.

No. 1876224

>"Am I that clockable?"

No. 1876234

>if she just grew out an inch or two I bet she wouldn't be misgendered.
There's a difference between bald like a newborn and short, as soon as we could see her female hairline I really doubt anyone would misgender her. But bald bald is pretty much never seen on women and in the current times of bearded men demanding to be called "she" and playing women's sports, it's better to err on the side of caution. If it was 1995 nobody would notice or care, it's just our current clownworld which makes it a potential problem.

No. 1876241

This chick was 100% mistaken for a man before troonery became mainstream, but 'it's all terfs fault.' lol, nope.

No. 1876242

well she does look like a man - what she doesn't seem to get is that it's the people she's defending that would say that qualifies her as one

No. 1876247

this has nothing to do with trannies. women are blind and can't see obvious misogyny even when it's directed at them

No. 1876254

File: 1691185659703.jpeg (131.82 KB, 576x1024, IMG_5374.jpeg)

sorry if this has already been posted but MatildaHogberg on youtube getting absolutely dragged in his own comment section over his visit to the gynaecologist is so funny to me. there are so many more screenshots i could have posted but there isn’t a single comment that isn’t against him. it’s fucking beautiful nonnies, the tides are finally turning. i have hope again

No. 1876255

File: 1691185661537.jpg (539.52 KB, 1080x1788, 20230805_0Instagram.jpg)

Yup men have definitely been calling her any number of names for as long as she's been presenting this way, yet the eebil terves are the bad guys here. It's tiring.

No. 1876265


Oh Wow, twink death isn't very kind to Tilley here

No. 1876282

His first pic looks exactly like a guy I met in the psych ward, he told me he was a daughter of Jesus and a girl. He was super schizo and was so violent that he wasn't allowed to go to groups not have his shoes. All the nurses referred to him as a man

No. 1876286

I thought this was Dylan Mulvaney

No. 1876290

It could be him

No. 1876292

File: 1691190777314.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2077, IMG_0895.jpeg)

Dude wants an “innie”

No. 1876295

File: 1691190904011.jpeg (646.11 KB, 1170x1959, IMG_0896.jpeg)

An unexpected response from a 90 day fiancé girl calling him a misogynist

No. 1876299

Lurk moar, someone already posted this.

No. 1876301

This is literally all TRAs lmao, calling themselves punk rock while they cape for a movement designed to enrich pharmaceutical companies.

No. 1876303

People wouldn't accuse you of being a troon if women's sports barred natal males in the first place. Defending males who invade women's sports only makes the thing she's bitching about worse.

No. 1876304

File: 1691191807545.jpg (1.72 MB, 3024x4032, abdl.jpg)

freaky abdl troon
. he used to play nazi rp on gmod

No. 1876315

File: 1691192805418.png (1.86 MB, 1272x1989, I have always been a woman.png)

>I haVe AlwayS BeEn A WoMan
If conversing with someone requires you to literally deny reality and simply agree with whatever nonsense that person says, that person is a sociopath
Also peep them getting surgery to fix their male hairline, apparently their fifth cosmetic surgery

sexworker? who is paying for this?

No. 1876316

>To assume that "female" is a neutral biological category is racially blind
White people invented the concept of a person being female and imposed it upon the noble savages. This is why any woman darker than Snooki apparently has more in common with male perverts in dresses than with other female human beings. Why yes, I am liberal and enlightened.

>which suggests it is the category of woman, as much as the safety of women, that needs protection

Yes, you dumb cow. The vast majority of sex crimes are committed by men, against women.

>Opens and closes the article with "what is a woman?"

>Still fails to answer the goddamn question
Yet people always seem to conveniently remember what a woman is when it's time to strip our rights away. Or is there some alternative explanation as to why insurance pays for Viagra but not birth control?

No. 1876326

File: 1691195449886.jpeg (740.5 KB, 828x1093, 8FC7F663-FA6A-4917-AA75-604149…)

He posted this in a community where you’re meant to roast bad battle jackets but of course he gets special treatments and no one is allowed to laugh at this spectacle

No. 1876327

bottom right he brought his nyah cat headphones

No. 1876328

If being a woman wasn't about breasts or vagina troons wouldn't be so obsessed with getting them. Idk how you can argue gender is some kind of a vague feeling on one hand and then describe a neo-vag as "general affirming" on the other
We know what a damn woman is, if you want to argue we should just let trannies be classified as women too then argue that but don't pull out some roundabout broken logic to try and justify it

No. 1876333

File: 1691196913770.jpeg (217.92 KB, 846x2048, EDKYytpWsAECiS3.jpeg)

why do they always force their fetish onto people and then make up stories about other people playing along with it

No. 1876344

Jesus, cool story bro. It's gotten to the point where I flinch when I see dorky faggots like this one, I just fear whatever sick fetishes they'll sperg out about.

No. 1876350

I feel like someone probably did say the first bit about baby Gap as an insult, then later he imagined the rest as he masturbated furiously to furry porn or whatever.

No. 1876354

File: 1691200177010.jpg (25.22 KB, 526x526, 56504150_10156334367369423_827…)

God, plastic surgeons are such shitty artists. Nobody's hairline is a weird semicircle like that. It's supposed to dip a little bit in the middle and then zig-zag at the temple, even on women. These surgeons are running around giving troons hairlines that look like dollar-store Barbie dolls.

No. 1876356

>dollar-store Barbie dolls
But that's what the average tim is going for after all, because that's what a woman is in the first place, didn't you know?

No. 1876368

Where are the women like you in Melbourne? Every friend I try make here is a handmaiden, kek.

No. 1876384

man even in QLD they're handmaideny and tifs
I've lost so many mates to troon-worship ngl it's very lonely

No. 1876385

Gawd it's so creepy the way they talk about Women's anatomy.

No. 1876401

File: 1691205011262.jpeg (626.25 KB, 828x1402, ED45A391-A2D2-4E83-9252-5A181A…)

yucky, apprenty he spent upwards of 500 dollars on nazi roleplay for higher roles etc. the self hatred is crazy

No. 1876402

File: 1691205123818.png (2.77 MB, 1080x3337, the_cutest_commie.png)

>Transwomen getting banned from women's sports is victim blaming to the max:

No. 1876421

AYRT and to answer your question, in the friend group I was in there was, I only had 2 trans-identified friends within the 5 of us. One was a guy who originally called himself "genderqueer" and then "came out as a woman" a few months after. He had the usual signs of being heavily into anime and video games, I remember he was really into that Lady Dimetrescu character from Resident Evil 8 and it was so obvious why but I tried to keep my thoughts to myself.

My other friend was a girl who also called herself "genderqueer". She never went TIF as far I as know but one thing I remember was the she was heavily into anime shipping yaoi. She was obsessed with the Voltron pairing of Shiro x Lance and other other yaoi shippings. It was a little easier to igoore compared to the guy friend with the Lady Dimitrescu obsession.

The main thing that finally snapped me was all the pro-trans crap they would be tweeting all the time and saying that gays and lesbians owe their safety to "transwomen" and just so much so much other tranny nonsense. I just couldn't keep up the facade anymore.

No. 1876422

That's freaking bad ass anon I wasn't able to peak any of the friends but it's mainly because as soon as I came out as a "terf", I got let go almost instantly so I didn't even have a chance to explain in much more detail why I felt the way I do. But stories like yours give me hope that not all is lost and that there is potentially more people out there who know the truth than we realize.

No. 1876425

it's genuinely so creepy that a hairy, fat and bald autogynephile directed this short film. dude's extremely beautiful wife left him when he "came out" (lol) as a full-time fetishist and I'm very happy for her. not so happy for the women who have to have him as their boss and kiss his ass. he used to go by Pitr but I'm pretty sure he renamed himself Kara after Supergirl kek

the synopsis is……. lol
>An isolated young woman uses her vibrator compulsively - until it starts deforming her body in disturbing ways. To regain control and change the way she masturbates, she goes on a journey through a lurid underground of corporate neurologists and orgasm gurus, none of whom seem to have her best interests in mind. Ultimately, there's little she can do to withstand her vibrator's eerie influence.

No. 1876431

Oh wow, it's Erika. She and her ex were the first lesbian couple on the franchise. Although I think her ex, Stephanie, wasn't really attracted to women, was just on the show for clout. Erika is from Australia or New Zealand where gender ideology runs rampant. She's probably peaked.

No. 1876433

I thought he was wearing rubber novelty teeth at first, jfc. I thought my overbite was bad, but this is actually tragic. The guy should stop wasting money on HRT and invest in some Invisalign instead.

No. 1876435

File: 1691208496120.jpg (814.05 KB, 1079x1364, Screenshot_20230805_000549_Ins…)

it's extremely entertaining to see women on his attempt-at-thirst-trapping posts trying to avoid giving him actual compliments other than like "that top is so cute hon!"

No. 1876438

File: 1691208664676.jpg (622.95 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20230804_233030_Ins…)

last one

No. 1876443

Sorry to hear about your bestie. Even small talk with thembies devolves into narcissism or self-flagellation. Depressing.
Young GC women in Melbourne aren't just unpopular with our peers, we're losing our right to assembly after Let Women Speak.
>>1874589 recommended LGB Alliance's Australian chapter which has networks. Just be wary that there are undercover trannies who will try to find your dox.
The most peak-able thing you can say in under 10 seconds is that 90-99% of TW keep their penises. Handmaidens can't unlearn that.

No. 1876474

File: 1691213649990.jpg (383.6 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20230805-012053_Red…)

All the cutesy uwu babytalk in this post. I'm going to be sick. They really believe women interact with one another like this?:

No. 1876482

Why do these freaks use the meme femboys associate the most? Dont femboys hate being mistaken for full on troonery?

No. 1876483

>or even cis men
At this point they're openly handing rations to the "evil cis white male" which is secretly the brotherhood they in. I bet discord moids are trying to dress them up and send them to twitter.

No. 1876485

Tims are literal enemies, men are openly calling them degenerates. Its when tims shit on women men find it funny. Go to incels.is for some proof

No. 1876486

nona seninle arkadaş olmak isterdim. You can’t escape these freaks, even in a middle eastern country

No. 1876490

File: 1691218392501.jpg (1.58 MB, 810x3237, Screenshot_20230805-025135_Red…)

His user profile is something else:

No. 1876491

File: 1691218879493.png (173.32 KB, 710x1123, screenshot.png)

From the /ot/ thread, this is a film from 2010 and its literally just a troon feminization plot disguised as a movie, its so fucking bizarre how blatant they are with their fetishes.

No. 1876496

>looking at the mirror AFTER he did his makeup
Ah… Explains how their makeup ends up being shit.

No. 1876506

Of course he's "paranoid" about using the women's restroom alone because he can't get off to that. Nothing pisses tims off more than women simply refusing to use the bathroom along with them. It's interesting how open they are about it. They don't just want to pee, they specifically want to use the restroom at the exact same time with women. They get offended when women leave the restroom in discomfort without confronting them, which should be obvious predator behavior. If they were really just the 'uwu just want to pee girlies' they would be fine with not sharing the restroom with women. They wouldn't be malding on twitter over being given access to a safe gender neutral changing room, because they don't want safety or even nonconfrontation. They just want to live out their fetish. This is, in my opinion, the best peaking material out there. I've even been berated by an 'waifish weak little nonbinary transfem' for saying I wouldn't bother a transwomen if I saw "her" in the restroom even if "she" looked like a fucking ogre, and I would simply leave without confronting. I had already semi-peaked, but I was curious about how he would react. I gave what felt like the most inoffensive answer possible without lying. I was called a bigot, of course. I'm not sure how you'd best demonstrate this to friends and family when you have to explain this all to them. I'm not a very well-spoken person, but if I were to ever be confronted, I would explain to my friends by saying
>"Of course I believe transwomen deserve to be safe, but I also care about my own comfort and in my experience, unfortunately many tranfems have not respected my boundaries, so I'm just not comfortable sharing my own spaces with them. I respect them, but I just want to avoid them for my own wellbeing, since they can also be a bit hostile, especially towards minorities."
Not exactly the most genuine response, but it feels the most water tight. I hate troons, but I don't feel the need to saddle that emotional baggage onto others. All I need is to explain why I avoid troons like the fucking plague. I really really hope this will work if I ever have to come out and say it. Would this work?

No. 1876520

These feminization plots are always so fkn offensive.

No. 1876521

File: 1691227659711.jpg (593.22 KB, 810x1778, Screenshot_20230805-051956_Boo…)

Multiple troons suggest DIY HRT for a 14 y/o boy:

No. 1876522

Sounds like a rip-off of Mygale, an older book where there's a similar situation, however it's much more disturbing and less (overtly) fetishy. I'm sure some troons would think it's "hot" though, even if someone's being tortured, ick.
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/918645.Mygale(this is an imageboard)

No. 1876525

ot but do you have any inside info on what happened with dr holly (i forgot her surname)? prominent unimelb phil dept professor who went pretty scorched earth no nonsense when she peaked, there were a ton of shitty protests on campus that used to annoy the shit out of me when i was trying to study kek. been taking time off so i havent stayed up to date on whether they ended up firing her
also the thing about trannies keeping their dicks is my go to peak material for ignorant normies too. people are always so baffled and want sources, and i always provide kek.

No. 1876532

File: 1691232632463.jpeg (273.12 KB, 1170x1585, IMG_5115.jpeg)

troons comparing their western “oppression” to gay ppl in china and saying they’ll have it worse bc they may not be able to rape anyone they want without consequences in the distant future

No. 1876536

File: 1691233071347.png (207.59 KB, 1151x607, capture.png)

Okay this also sounds like weird fetish material, the writer seems like a massive degen and probably got it from a fetish magazine, these men get off to their misognystic fantasies.

No. 1876547

Funny how if you write women are female you get banned from reddit, but encouraging breaking federal law to give unregulated meds to a minor is fine and dandy

No. 1876554

Not inside info but as far as I've kept up, the uni dropped the investigation into Prof Lawford-Smith and she's filed a complaint with WorkSafe. The articles about her ordeal in The Age got attention because it's been presented as about free speech rather than what's happened to women's rights. Unfortunately the campus will be just how you left it.

No. 1876558

File: 1691238388929.jpg (477.75 KB, 732x1450, Screenshot_20230805-082232_Chr…)

No. 1876561

Super long but very interesting reddit post of someone dissecting one of the more recently popular studies that cites that hormone therapy leads to positive outcomes for children, with the OP essentially pointing out how the stated conclusion is different from what the data actually says. It's very long and hard to tl;dr, but one major point is that an usual placebo effect for these kind of studies is %10, whereas the noted positive changes are only a few percent at most, which leads to the argument that there is a net negative effect.


Interesting to note is the comment section where some will try to discredit OP for a multitude of random reasons, because as we all know, there must be no dissent regarding the topic of childhood transition.(sage your shit)

No. 1876563

It was adapted into a movie, The Skin I Live In. I watched it a while ago and thought it was actually pretty good as an artsy body horror movie. Also kind of put into perspective how creepy it is to fetishize this stuff. sage for ot

No. 1876566

>imagine if I had kidnapped a woman
I'm sure his "cis colleagues" think he already did

No. 1876585

File: 1691244376197.jpg (690.6 KB, 810x2073, Screenshot_20230805-100508_Red…)

Autistic male sexuality is so fucked up

No. 1876587

I doubt it's hard to find a degenerate incel tranny moid to play pretend uwu anime lesbian, so go on and find it?

No. 1876590

the photo paired with the text is so fucking funny like they really think they look like that when we all know they’re disgusting, greasy freaks with sheets that haven’t been washed since they were purchased.

> our weak estrogenized bodies

makes me want to a-log. i hate that i visualize the things i read because in no world do i want to imagine any of this. how the fuck are they so horny when they live in filth? i can’t even watch tv without getting distracted if my living room is dirty

No. 1876591

I hate how they co-opt the language of sexual assault ("something happening to bodies without their consent") to manipulate people into viewing puberty as malicious and violating. No human on earth "consented" to growing up and undergoing puberty, most kids famously hate it, it's just part of being a human. But of course they use language that makes it sound extreme and scary, insisting it's so dire a literal child should just take unregulated, dangerous hormones instead of working on body acceptance like every other angsty teen. But sure, puberty as a natural biological process is the groomer.

No. 1876594

i just know they're both 6'2 and 250 pounds

No. 1876601

I like how he unintentionally admits that he and his prison gay boyfriend struggle to have sex. Like they can't even suck each other off without getting distracted by Yugioh. They aren't particularly attracted to each other, but they get off on the same delusions and that's good enough kek.

No. 1876630

File: 1691251896038.png (707.05 KB, 748x871, X.png)

No. 1876634

File: 1691252056808.jpg (191.71 KB, 1467x1743, F2tUvvlaEAEzdBy.jpg)


No. 1876636

Oh my fucking god what the fuck is going on?

No. 1876637

File: 1691252496988.png (299.64 KB, 748x636, _ X.png)

>obviously looking moid asks if he can use the women's bathroom looking like a moid

No. 1876640

I want to die

No. 1876641

File: 1691252783978.png (363.94 KB, 748x686, ss.png)

Maybe they should stop putting males in women's prisons. Just a thought.

No. 1876642

File: 1691252828378.png (510.75 KB, 740x1034, Genevieve Gluck on Twitter.png)

I hate this world

No. 1876649

File: 1691254454164.png (643.48 KB, 746x1057, on Twitter.png)

Monty with his takes again.
How could he have almost 10k likes but only under 200 retweets?

No. 1876652

That's gross even for him. Although not surprising that a man like him fails to understand how uncomfortable it is for girls and women specifically

No. 1876653

>imagine if I had kidnapped a woman
If a troon at my work talked like that I would report him for talking about kidnapping and drugging women and that it made me as a real woman uncomfortable. Never let a troon take over your workplace nonas, talk about them behind their back every chance you get because all other women are bound to be uncomfortable with him too

No. 1876660

how do they not realize this isn't a good comparison

No. 1876672

Makes me think t4t is prison gay/prison straight. Troons cannibalize on non-troons first, and basically they are two "transbians" (straight men) at their core.

No. 1876684

he doesn't have under 200, he has over 400. quotes and retweets are combined (and even just looking at retweets he still has more than 200…). that ratio is pretty typical for big tweets from what i've seen

No. 1876685

that was an incredibly interesting read, thank you nonna

No. 1876710

File: 1691262944849.jpg (463.3 KB, 810x1725, Screenshot_20230805-150847_Chr…)

And Colin takes the L

No. 1876716

File: 1691263392892.jpg (712.96 KB, 810x2306, Screenshot_20230805-152240_Chr…)

I'm confused Colin. I thought you were a feminist. Your Twitter bio used to say so, lol

No. 1876717

straight t4t is prison straight but ugly trannies genuinely have a fetish for other ugly trannies. check out r/mypartneristrans and you'll see these ogres cheating on real women with other hunchbacked ogres all the time so they can wear striped socks together.

No. 1876750

I guess my approach will be to use the male toilets in the future. Not alone, as I'm not completely stupid, but I know that men will get annoyed by that as I've used their toilets before because ours were a pile of mess (wouldn't flush, no toilet paper, etc) and the look on their faces was amazing.

No. 1876762

File: 1691269534567.jpg (273.22 KB, 1435x1936, F2yxcO7aYAA2Blg.jpg)

I would think step 1 of being a tranny would to get rid of the beard

No. 1876768

I know they say this shit with no irony but god does it make me laugh loudly. Tbf your assumption would be correct, however, the goal posts have been moved and the concern is no longer to "pass". Step 1 is come out as trans "woman" and get immediate validation along with victim points.

No. 1876769

Yeah I've had men get pissy as fuck at me for accidentally entering their toilets yet they expect us to welcome hulking troons in ours

No. 1876774

Aren’t you guys just mountain Turks anyway?(global rule #7)

No. 1876775

AHAHA yeah that was hilarious. James Charles ass sounding nigga loool

No. 1876791

I'm going to be honest. All trannies should be encouraged to go t4t. Let them fuck each other because no one else will. It's really hard on their (most likely) female partners but hopefully they realize that they dodged a major bullet.

No. 1876800

I’ll take things that never happened for 400 Alex

No. 1876805

File: 1691275658285.png (429.75 KB, 831x891, Abigail Thorn in Django (2023)…)

No. 1876807

From tweets + reddit, they also talk about erect tissue in the wrong spots so they can feel parts of the neovagina stiffen, i think they use it to make up the 'clit'? so there is erogenous issue, and they use vibrators on it.(sage your shit)

No. 1876809

exactly that, they want our toilets, why not take theirs? I've really only gone to their toilets because ours were horrible or not functioning, but the way they look at you is amazing, like you stepped into a sacred place where they are not able to throw you out or attack you, they have do deal with you being there, but still, they are afraid that a woman is present in their world. Maybe that should be a thing we do, get one or two other women and go to their toilets, see how they will like it.

No. 1876816

File: 1691276334575.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.57 KB, 1640x2043, F2u-QIubAAAFybZ.jpg)


No. 1876824

Programming is a pursuit that tends to interest autists. It's that simple.

No. 1876825

Those dead looking post-divorce alcoholic dad eyes are killing me. I thought this was supposed to be exciting to him. Its a shame he wasn't run over by a car… mutualizing his gross penis in the process….

No. 1876827

Man made horrors beyond my comprehension, I am going to have nightmares tonight nonnies

No. 1876832

Legit hope he gets run over by a bus

No. 1876841

File: 1691279353565.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, chris.png)

chris in the latest mr beast video..

No. 1876842

File: 1691279456299.png (527.37 KB, 748x675, Home _ X.png)

No. 1876847

Every scene he's in he sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1876848

Chris chan?!

No. 1876856

Right notice how they always involve rape. How does rape make someone female

No. 1876857

File: 1691281361619.jpg (558.34 KB, 2320x1244, FMsLqjBXoAksIfF.jpg)

Spending any amount of time in nerd communities these days really makes me wish people hadn't been so hard on "neckbeards". It's still the go-to pejorative for anyone who takes this stuff too seriously, but I can't remember the last time I met anyone who was earnestly like that. So often I ruin into someone who completely fits that phenotype, but is a "hot girl" "bimbo" now. It's painful to witness, I almost feel bad for them, but they still dominate their communities in the same way.

No. 1876860

God thank you. It’s so annoying. I don’t think anyone didn’t go through puberty without at least a tiny bit of trauma. And them speaking on consent is so ironic because girls going through puberty aren’t consenting to being ogled or leered at or sexualized to the extreme. They can shut the fuck up about puberty and consent.

No. 1876864

This is straight up MRA shit.

No. 1876883

File: 1691284111034.jpg (780.49 KB, 2226x1520, F2wRXJWbIAI8Kut.jpg)

No. 1876899

I want to deck this tranny so bad

No. 1876931

It is weird. All those sad autistic weeby dudes who held up "free hugs" signs at anime cons and emotionally abused their girlfriends by threatening suicide never went away, they just started taking estrogen and insisting they are the anime girl.

No. 1876946

File: 1691295192886.jpg (541.32 KB, 810x2221, Screenshot_20230806-001004_Chr…)

I don't get it. I'm terrible at discerning colors and the dark shitty photo isn't helping any, but is the water bottle pink or something? And he wants to be outed for using a pink water bottle?:

No. 1876948

It's pink and blue, troon flag colors

No. 1876949

File: 1691295611677.png (350 B, 290x174, IMG_9348.png)

The water bottle is pink and blue which trannies have co-opted because their flag is pink blue and white. See picrel

No. 1876950

it's pastel pink and blue, which are (also) the colors of the tranny flag and they think everyone is supposed to be aware of that/ only associate those colors with that

No. 1876959

Literally what the fuck is wrong with men there is no female equivalent to this…

No. 1876960

his skull is so fucking big, its disturbing
i dont watch mr beast (self respect) but, correct me if im wrong, i feel like if there was a female regular on the channel that she would not be able to dress like this

No. 1876967

good for her but so fucking frustrating how we have to frame this all under muh free speech for anyone to give a shit
male sexuality is so twisted and disturbing

No. 1876968

File: 1691298480929.png (669.35 KB, 846x650, autism.png)

just kidding nonas, i was laying in bed and watched the video. he brought the ikea shark, you know that he's become completely intolerable.

No. 1876997

File: 1691303859000.jpg (30.68 KB, 460x690, th-861261694.jpg)

That's also the premise of The Skin I live in, but that came out in 2011 so maybe Almodovar ripped off the previous works kek. I always hated this movie and all Almodovar shit in general, idgi how he's considered some creative genious when all his films have a disgusting coomery feel to them, especially the ones that have trannies.

No. 1877000

The movie is a direct adaptation of the book.

No. 1877008

File: 1691305342425.jpg (426.34 KB, 810x2053, Screenshot_20230806-025806_Chr…)

Accidentally AGP kek

No. 1877010

File: 1691305519402.jpeg (210.98 KB, 828x843, IMG_6236.jpeg)

Literally nowhere is safe.

No. 1877011

they all love women so much that they force themselves into women's spaces and turns any woman that tells them to leave into a pariah

No. 1877018

Please. The don't love women, they love the idea of women. They "love" the aspects of women that can be commodified for male enjoyment. Appropriately, that's what their play-acting at womanhood ends up being; a collection of stereotypes and fetishes.

No. 1877019

>More comments than upvotes
People being sensible? On Reddit???

No. 1877020

They 'love' women in the way they love an object that they use, not as people.

No. 1877022

This is what happens when you let males have free time and internet access. Back to the mines.

No. 1877024

it's probably people quietly downvoting while a handful of handmaidens fall over themselves to "validate" the troon in the comments section

No. 1877025

She had nightmares because she was sexually assaulted in a bathroom as a kid and seeing/hearing an obvious man lumbering around in the changing rooms while she was undressing caused that trauma to resurface. She didn't just start having nightmares after seeing William's ugly face and dick bulge (although I would kek).

No. 1877028

There are three types of T4T: 1) straight where the TiM is an abuser of some kind to the TiF, 2) gay where two TiMs or two TiFs settle for each other not out of love but because they validate each other's fetishes/delusions, and 3) lesbians who were together before they both trooned out from internalized bigotry. The last one is the least common.

No. 1877030

They say they love women but they're always incels or NEETs who have zero female friends, and were probably little misogynists in school to their female peers. Their definition of 'woman' is either other moids larping or anime girls written by and for men.

No. 1877035

>wish people hadn't been so hard on "neckbeards"
If anything, they weren't hard enough on neckbeards/"nice guys"/fedoras. Clearly these chauvinist nerds didn't meaningfully change their misogynistic worldviews, they just changed their appearance. Really, the main issue with "neckbeard" is that neckbeards took the term too literally and thought it referred exclusively to personal hygiene and not a whole subset of men. I'd say that I prefer neckbeards to troons, but that's not really true; I dislike this breed of male loser no matter how they identify because of how they mistreat women and show no desire to behave differently.

No. 1877036


No. 1877042

>can't remember the last time I met anyone who was earnestly like that.
There are a lot of them in academia, especially in certain fields. I'm not talking about autistic types or awkward types or fumbling entitled men. I'm talking about straight-out-of-the-dictionary neckbeards. Most professors (regardless of gender) will not step in and correct this behavior from these kinds of men. Action is taken on a glacial pace. I've seen three get asked to leave the university in two years (not all in my field but adjacent fields) for serious threats (self and others) and stalking women, including threatening female professors "out of love." They still exist.

No. 1877044

File: 1691311183735.jpg (592.76 KB, 1080x1992, Screenshot_20230806_113934_Red…)

His boobs made him useless in every normal activity, women are now jealous of him and lesbians stare at him hungrily.

No. 1877045

>Slut checked
The fuck is he even talking about? I tried looking this up on Urban Dictionary with no results, so it must just be some misogynistic shit he made up.

No. 1877047

Oh lord

No. 1877048

Good for the family for not falling for his obvious attention-baiting.

No. 1877054

this sounds like it was written by that Canadian teacher troon with the prosthetic breastplate. just some coom fantasy for these freaks

No. 1877058

File: 1691315594267.jpg (741.46 KB, 1536x2048, z.jpg)

That's sort of what I'm getting at but having trouble putting into words. We bullied autistic neckbeards for being neckbeards, and like autists they took the criticism to heart as an attack on their presentation. So they changed their presentation, but act in exactly the same ways. Except now instead of how good are you at videogames or how much do you know about anime they're looking down on you for not having the right political opinions or ironically, for actually being passionate about those things. They're "witchy" "sapphics" now who "don't care" about "nerd shit," when that's still all they do besides masturbate. If you hear the word "gatekeeping" in 2023, there's a good chance it's coming from a guy that looks like this, they're all about inclusion now, as long as that inclusion doesn't include women. They're exactly the same, but so much worse since they've become immune to criticism.
I thought this was some boring teenage /r/traaaa poster, but if you check his history he's 31. The image of a grown man carrying his pink water bottle from room to room waiting for a comment from his sad overworked parents who've long given up on him, all so he can quietly mumble something about being a girl on the inside before slinking back to his room kills me.

No. 1877059

This is fake nasty fetish material. Just from the lack of mention of back pain already seals the deal for me. AGPs never cease to disgust me. You can tell he wrote this with one hand on his cock.
Having large breasts doesn’t render you as useless as he’s describing this is clearly written by someone with no breasts to reference from.

No. 1877061

That poor baby is giving the “if only you know how bad things truly are” look

No. 1877076

Ahahah, this moid is describing the humungous boobs as seen in hentai anime. I wonder if they also have the jiggle physics.

No. 1877077

Are they a couple? Because ew.

No. 1877089

I wish, nonitchka, I am member of that sub and it's full of handmaidens

No. 1877104

please tell me that's not his baby

No. 1877107

I hate how troons don't understand how bra sizes work. He's probably a B at best, but his ribcage is so fucking huge the only bras at walmart that fit him are the ones with large band sizes (which are usually D or higher).

No. 1877113

Haven’t heard about him at all recently, wonder what he’s up to.

No. 1877114

Spoiler this shit you absolute degenerate

No. 1877115


No. 1877116

File: 1691328593261.jpg (63.7 KB, 644x644, image.jpg)


No. 1877117

To be fair they almost don't have a choice, if they went against these obvious fetish posts they'd get posted on AHS and harassed or deleted off the platform.

No. 1877118

Men will never ever understand bra sizing. Their obsession with and misuse of cup size makes them instantly clockable. Men have basically invented their own agreed-upon sizing where A = flat, B and C = meh, D = big, DD = huge, and any letter above that = hentai huge.

No. 1877119

Yeah, I always notice how they always act like having D or DD breasts is some uber specially huge size that they use to win at the breast measurement competition (it doesn’t exist) when in reality it makes literally no difference in their wide ass ribcages because moids in dresses would need huge ass prosthetics like the ones that the pedophilic moid Canadian teacher wears in order to actually have noticeable big breasts like the ones all of these ugly ass moids wish for.
I wonder though, why aren’t butchers trying to give them the humongous breasts these men are wishing for? If they’re giving them rot pockets, they sure as hell can stretch the skin on their ribcages.

No. 1877121

Monty must be extra salty because the young woman is stunningly beautiful. He can't stop the misogyny from seeping out.

No. 1877123

File: 1691330831916.png (119 KB, 948x719, Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 16-04…)

I took a look at that sub and it's just depressing. Why are these handmaidens brainwashing themselves into stupid?

No. 1877125

File: 1691331021144.png (579.96 KB, 710x823, fat.png)

Judging from this pic, they are obese

No. 1877128

The good news bro is that judging by that male pattern baldness spot it won't be for long. lol

No. 1877130

File: 1691331922214.jpg (178.47 KB, 1080x1548, F2yI7uGWkAAe_AC.jpg)

Truly degenerates

No. 1877138

So this drawing can be impregnated with 6 babies before giving birth? Whatever, why even try to apply any kind of logic to it.

No. 1877146

>half of "her" wardrobe used to be mine
so the troon just decided to use her as a way to get free clothes and validation lol
she apparently decided to starting dating the guy knowing he was trans, and still wants to have kids with him. hopefully she can realize the danger of her situation before she has to learn from experience

No. 1877148

Perhaps I am very vindictive and rancorous type of person, but in that scenario if my boyfriend trooned out and asked to wear my clothes, I would burn it all in front of him.
Irl that would never happen because I would break up with him like any sane person

No. 1877159

racially blind?

No. 1877165

File: 1691337986854.jpg (56.15 KB, 860x108, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1877172

I’m willing to bet even with obese moobs, his gut still sticks out way past them.

No. 1877173

File: 1691338796563.png (4.52 MB, 1079x1906, peeedo.png)

we finally got more dirt on Chris (Mr Beast's pet troonie)

His friend was confirmed for being a pedophile that gets off on showing children pornography. Of course he sends CP too. The friend is the blonde one in the middle.

No. 1877175

File: 1691339028852.png (497.99 KB, 1140x652, damning.png)

Here's his porn twitter account and some DMs

No. 1877180

is the one in the front the guy who makes money from streaming himself wearing outfits his subscribers send him?

No. 1877184

They are all so ugly in candid photos jesus christ. And you can really tell they just all bonded over their porn addictions. Because what else would Chris have in common with a crossdressing cammer and a literal porn actor?

No. 1877191

Also, his friend has taken the new name “Jean (pronounced Jeanne)”. He thinks he’s fucking sneaky thinking no one outside his goon community would recognize that he’s naming himself after a popular shota doujin charcter. That’s about as obvious as taking the name Pico.

No. 1877194

>friends with an annoying crossie e-thot and detrans gooner.
can't say im not all that surprised.
>>1877191 a popular shota doujin character? how do you know about that?

No. 1877199

kek and his fans say his lolicon addiction was years ago to defend him. 2016/2017 wasn't even that long ago. In ten years, one of the kids in Mr. Beast's videos will come out and say they were molested. I'm calling it now.

No. 1877200

F1nn5ter is a pedo or Chris? I am retard and am confused kek

No. 1877203

>popular shota character, Jean
Literally who

No. 1877205

Shonen Jeanne

No. 1877206

File: 1691342308761.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.46 KB, 800x600, FIGURE-611056_11_ace47976-8ea7…)

No. 1877208

Idk if it’s this clip you posted but I want to point out there’s one instance where she also said she plays Hogwarts Legacy.

No. 1877211

I’m worried about his son too, if these are the people he hangs out with.

No. 1877214

neither. its the blond one in the middle.

No. 1877230

Hes a cute guy, would date/fuck if he wasnt a coomer nutcase

No. 1877243

would've never guessed he picked his name off from that. I don't exactly think "shota hentai" when I hear jean depsite knowing his coomer status. doubt it's as known as BnP like you're saying

No. 1877289

Yeah, the average shotafag, even, won’t know that character, I promise.

No. 1877306

The company trannies keep.

No. 1877319

File: 1691356178219.png (503.02 KB, 588x661, Mkay.png)

Why do they make shit up?

No. 1877324

don't you see, her head is even bigger than Mark Hamill's head… if they don't post a source, that never happend and as it never happend, they can't post a source. Speaking of sources, where is the source for the HR Giger interview, where he should have said that sucking a troons dick influenced all his art? Anyone heard any news about it?

No. 1877326

But anon, a faceblind scrote who was probably a tranny itself wanting to pretend men can pass so well they look like Margot Robbie must be a feminist and one of those feminazi terfs! Men just label men women and try to shill mens ideas as womens like usual with their whole 'men think their enemy thinks this, so they act like it's true, fighting a strawman they created' kek.

No. 1877327

I think he mixed up /pol/ and twitter.

No. 1877329

File: 1691357164928.jpeg (183.34 KB, 1152x2048, F2zdn_3WEAAD6ek.jpeg)


No. 1877333

Because if they didn't they would have no arguments left. They are literally "the making shit up" group, so I'm never surprised by the new insanity they've cooked up. I really hope the tinfoil that Margot Robbie is a TERF is true, it'd be so perfect.

No. 1877334

File: 1691357297512.jpg (72.08 KB, 778x996, Screenshot_20230806_173012_Chr…)

Mf has sleep apnea and thinks he's waking up out of breath because he got "smothered by his boobs".

I'm a 32 d. They literally look proportionally normal and wouldn't be classified as "big" at all. The fact that he completely left out the band size shows he has zero idea how bra size works, the cup size is only half the measurement and a 38 d is a huge difference from a 32 d. Also all those problems he stated sound more like things cause by obesity than big breasts.

No. 1877337

there was no source. just a tweet where they followed it up claiming they can't access the records anymore and encouraged trans people to post their gofundmes. seems legit

No. 1877348

File: 1691358842904.png (36.91 KB, 612x340, Lmao.png)

That's cool buddy, no one asked

No. 1877351

Despite the breasts he bought, he still looks so undeniably male. It's like woman = boobs to these perverts, and they can't see the fact that their entire body is still masculine and very clockable. Pathetic.

No. 1877356

File: 1691359742467.png (1.11 MB, 1154x1206, 1691358099651.png)

More details of the case that got released.
This Goonclown guy is the logical end of all cumbrains.

No. 1877357

No. 1877373

kek can you imagine being with your married friends and someone’s husband is looking at a fat tim’s moobs trying to understand them, somehow thinking that they want you, then the wife making a joke about it? What? That isn’t how people act unless the rest of the group is degenerate too.

No. 1877377


Holy moly forehead Batman!

No. 1877383

Eh, actually, there are schizos on Twitter posting about how about literally every celebrity is secretly trans. Including Margot Robbie. Including Mark Hamill too, probably. The lie is that those people are not terfs, they're NWO conspiracy theorists who believe it's all part of the satanic globohomo plot to depopulate Earth or something.

No. 1877388

File: 1691363008193.jpeg (504.43 KB, 750x1119, E16F3D1A-7ACE-4693-9924-DEF2AF…)

Rocky Dennis X Woody Allen

No. 1877389

File: 1691363023582.jpg (412.93 KB, 1614x2049, lizardgirlfrills.jpg)

Spotted in the comment section of a post making fun of porn addicted men who call women "mid" and immediately knew what to expect. It's like clockwork. In addition to pedophilia and incest, he also supports transracialism and transpeciesism. Apparently he tans himself to live out his lizard dreams or something. I'd laugh but it's just not even funny anymore.

No. 1877392

*Woody Harrelson

No. 1877404

Nonnie, would you be so kind as to link to/name the study this is from if you have it to hand?

No. 1877408

I know it's a bit off topic, but do you have any examples to hand? that sounds hilarious

No. 1877409

oh god why does his proportions look so off?

No. 1877412

File: 1691366774440.jpg (163.69 KB, 946x1324, F2w99yiW8AApnmj.jpg)

kek men are so dumb

No. 1877413

his face aged so fast…

No. 1877414

he looks like a chicken

No. 1877416

Even zooming in and not looking at the face or shoulders, his torso has such manly proportions and fat distribution

No. 1877418

>woman opening up about being objectified and getting blamed for it
>man starts talking about his sexual fantasies that involve his giant breast implants in the comment section, making this woman’s rant about himself while involving his degen fetish

No. 1877419

File: 1691367438581.png (429.5 KB, 748x520, _ X.png)

Find the difference

No. 1877420

File: 1691367572495.png (411 KB, 748x839, _ X.png)

look at this dumb asshole tranny

No. 1877427

File: 1691368582887.png (1.61 MB, 1913x1168, (@louise_sterland) _ X.png)

No. 1877430

File: 1691369058579.jpg (135.77 KB, 720x709, Screenshot_20230806-204156_Chr…)

So I'm reading up on that situation with the pedo clown on kiwifarms, I very vaguely know who Finnester is, but I thought he was straight? I don't know why I did but my thought was, "some scrote who thinks he looks like a woman, but he's not trans! he's straight and a man! ". I learned that he is dating this Troon (who edits the fuck out of his pictures, one mintue he's shaped like a ethot, the next he posts pictures of what he really looks like kek).
Also allegedly one of the pedos outted in that clown situation is Ella Hollywood, a trans pornstar I only know because there was some kiwifarm scrote giving constant updates about him in the Troon sideshow thread, it was always the tone of "one of the good ones".
Anyway, had no Idea finnister was a bi/gay Troon chaser.

No. 1877431

Why does he look familiar? He looks like that Der Coomer guy or something

No. 1877437

Sorry for ot, but is KF still only accessible through the tor site right now?

No. 1877442

A typical interaction on Reddit

No. 1877446

https://kiwifarms.pl/ it's on the clearnet on here and I believe it's on tor too

No. 1877449


No. 1877467

Same in Brazilian Portuguese, I saw someone on Twitter saying that this is a form of transphobia and how they use trans women as male-voiced comic relief, which made the movie a lot funnier.

No. 1877469

File: 1691375991159.png (511.5 KB, 826x832, so close.png)

troonchansky approaching the asymptote of self-awareness once again. i can't believe this fucking guy, he ALMOST gets it but stops just short of giving up his coom

No. 1877485

File: 1691380000445.png (Spoiler Image,2.46 MB, 828x1792, CCF722CD-1B46-49B7-B1FD-54225E…)

Genuinely feel sorry for this one, for the first time ever. Clearly special af and whoever is in charge of caring for him is completely inept at best, and probably abusive at worst, and then some. I’m legit nauseated. Im not able to upload videos rn but if you’re feeling especially masochistic, watch the videos he posts. Truly sad af.

No. 1877489

File: 1691380479760.png (5.89 MB, 828x1792, 1C044F16-3CBE-4516-8C47-3D8A04…)

Same but seriously where tf are this clearly sick retard’s parents? Sad times.

No. 1877492

File: 1691381776819.png (362.51 KB, 1456x546, Screen Shot 2023-08-06 at 10.1…)

I saw the Ikea shark on amazon and of course these are the items frequently bought alongside it. sage no milk.

No. 1877501

ikea is on amazon? or are they buying off-brand ikea plushies?

No. 1877512

idk about all of that but a number of threads back a tranny tweeted that Margot Robbie looked "clocky" aka like a troon (which all the radfem nonas here denounced) so if there's schizos saying that there's a solid chance that the majority of those schizos are trannies themselves kek

No. 1877514

File: 1691387836029.png (1.13 MB, 2160x1841, amandahailey85.png)

Peak narcissism

No. 1877515

Looks like that synthol shit kek

No. 1877516

>thanks for the threat
??? how is she warning him against going to a certain country for his own good a "threat"?

No. 1877518

>I don't choose to be transfem!
>Chooses to present male when he thinks he can take advantage of his reality of being a man.

No. 1877525

File: 1691390577309.jpg (3.56 MB, 810x9162, Screenshot_20230807-024212_Red…)

Autogynephilia is one helluva drug

No. 1877527

File: 1691391778982.jpg (175.77 KB, 713x543, Screenshot_20230802-193543_Tel…)

No. 1877531

Why are men allowed to have jobs.

No. 1877563

legit just looks like normal gynecomastia in men, but he somehow aged 10 years in just 1 and a half year wow

No. 1877564

>wife went to ER but I was ecstatic because someone pretended to see me as female
they're just not the kind of people who you can ever be in a healthy relationship with

No. 1877567

gec kaldim ama sizleri gormek iyi geldi bana #♥##

No. 1877568

File: 1691405375328.jpeg (736.17 KB, 2048x1299, 52A2F9D4-71A7-410C-AD9A-C4E2E7…)

That’s a whole lot of words to say “I’m a true and honest trans and those creeps are not” cope

“Almost always passes” yeah ok

Check those examples for “Non-Classical Transsexual No Intervention”

No. 1877576

I want to see the woman version for the trans men one. They all either look like buck Angel and go full into it or just like short haired women

No. 1877578

wtf get kurt out of there

No. 1877581

Lol at Finnster being a "non-fetishistic" crossdresser. And Kim Petras passing. Also why is Non-Classical Transsexual No Intervention even on here? This was made by a history revisionist tranny considering the 2 spirit block.

No. 1877583

this chart sucks. that canadian teacher wasn't a rightoid trying to make a point, someone said that on 4chan and it took off with no proof. everything else about him showed he was a legitimate tranny.

No. 1877592

File: 1691414500762.jpg (189.08 KB, 1462x1462, 1486560126075.jpg)