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File: 1689025320054.jpeg (392.55 KB, 1818x1818, C4350190-123E-4EF7-ABDA-B4136A…)

No. 1861724

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No. 1861735

Thanks for new thread and quality thread pic! I heard terf island banned trans women from cycling in the women’s category and now has an open category to compete. Irony is that they’re complaining it’s unfair because they have to compete with males.

No. 1861746

Thread #113: >>>/snow/1851929

No. 1861765

File: 1689028166587.jpg (73.92 KB, 562x814, miss san francisco 2023.JPG)

it's unbelievable how many pageants are giving the crown to the ugliest contestant just because he's male. if it destroys pageant culture it would be a nice silver lining on a dark cloud. as much as i hate beauty pageants, i feel really sad for the girls and women losing to these shitheads.

No. 1861776

This trend is gonna peak a tonne of men. They may excuse women's safety and privacy being violated and the erasure of women as a class, but they draw the line at women getting the impression that it's ever okay to be less than extremely hot in any circumstances.

No. 1861794

Idk, men don’t give a shit about beauty pageants. Now if they replaced every woman in Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or Playboy, then they might get upset.

No. 1861803

It most likely will peak women. They stopped doing the swimsuit portion so the average hetro moid wouldn't care. Like >>1861794 said. Replace their smut and porn hot women with brave and fierce 'womyn', then they'll kick up a fuss.

No. 1861805

Even the most transphobic scrotes would 100% fuck a tranny as long as the tranny is mostly female passing and in the top percentile of tranny attractiveness.
Men do not have principles, they simply follow their dicks.

Female transphobia comes from trannies posing a genuine threat to our well-being and usually being awful people. Male transphobia stems from most trannies are not fuckable enough. All men drop the transphobia thing when confronted with a ‘hot chick with a dick’.

Conservative western men regularly watch tranny porn or go to Thailand to fuck trannies who have had tons of plastic surgery and who actually pass, and act transphobic as fuck back home.

This is why these posts that simply laugh at troons appearance alone are kind of dumb, because it’s just reinforcing the scrote viewpoint that trannies are bad and worthless because they are ugly. Men simp the shit out of attractive passing trannies. This is why men will never be our allies. We are not the same.

No. 1861829

I agree, but.
>to Thailand to fuck trannies who have had tons of plastic surgery and who actually pass
>who actually pass
>actually pass
If you mean by passing something like “pass away” yeah, they totally pass. Stop using that retarded term made by trannies to cope with the truth of never looking or even resembling a woman.

No. 1861833

File: 1689033098725.jpg (65.63 KB, 549x557, esfse.JPG)

they put a man on the cover of the swimsuit edition and men didn't notice afaik

No. 1861851

I need someone else to see this

No. 1861869

how did you even find this, anon? hate this planet

No. 1861886

Kek pure comedy thank you anon. I needed this laugh today.

No. 1861897

god I always cringe at how they talk like a parody of women

No. 1861900

File: 1689038180737.png (57.47 KB, 763x469, FyhU9VTWAAAtLfE (1) (1).png)

tranny injects toxic hrt for 3 months, gets permanent kidney and liver damage kek

No. 1861925

We laugh at how trannies look because most of these scrotes think they're hot shit once they out on a wig and bad makeup lol. It's their delusions we're laughing about.

No. 1861929

File: 1689040105374.jpg (391.44 KB, 1080x2160, 1689004004322921.jpg)

No. 1861936

>retarded moid with a fetish injecting mystery liquid made in the bathtub of some third worlder looking for easy cash
>"the transphobes poisoned me!!!1!1"

No. 1861967

They don’t pass. None of them ever do. Maybe in pictures because of photoshop and angles but in person they never pass. Moids are desperate to fuck anything in a wig however. I’ve seen stories from gay moid drag queens being hit up on grinder and told to just wear a wig to give an alleged straight moid a blow job. Moids have are pretty much face blind and will not see a problem with fucking a man in a wig and a dress just as long as no one knows about it. All tranny deaths that aren’t 41% are all done by moids that either found out last minute they were gonna fuck a tranny or their peers found out they were fucking a tranny and got embarrassed and ashamed.
I’m tired of the notion that Thai lady boys pass. They don’t. Moids are just degenerates

No. 1861981

I personally knew a MTF who died in his 20s from a blood clot caused by taking estrogen without a prescription (he apparently had shitty veins from having previously been a heroin user) and after his death my other troon friend tried to claim his lack of a prescription meant “transphobia killed her.” Because ofc troons deserve free hormone handouts on demand from doctors with no questions asked. Never mind that this was a mentally ill man who needed his fix now now NOW so badly that he was ready to take hormones with no medical oversight. From my perspective, he was just a junkie who’d swapped one type of high (heroin) for another (estrogen and yasslighting from handmaidens).

No. 1862011

men will stick their dicks in any hole, that’s why prison gay is a thing.

No. 1862022

Holy shit, that's a great way to describe all the disingenuous compliments trannies get from people. I'm gonna start using this.

No. 1862023

I wouldn't put much stock in the passing thing, anyway. It reinforces the idea that women are supposed to look a certain way, and it causes a lot of BDD-chans to worry about whether their features are "mannish," when no one in their right mind would mistake an ordinary tall woman for a troon. Suppose troons worked the way they do in anime or whatever, and they actually looked identical to women. That still doesn't change their socialization, particularly when it comes to their treatment of women and children. AGP is categorically a male expression of sexuality.

No. 1862037

Exactly. While I find them all imminently clockable, the point is not that they look like men. The point is they are men, and because they are men, they are inherently not women. And all the negative male traits that are likely present, such as sexual aggression and a predilection for violence, will be apparent. Even if they have dainty hands and soft features, they’re still part of the sex that commits what, 98% of sex crimes globally? Whatever could their motivation be to get close to us in our most vulnerable situations…

No. 1862109

they’re clockable even in the way they think. you can easily clock trannies on AL before viewing their profiles because the things they post are so male.

No. 1862110

>"modern women dont know the difference between like, dresses and nightgowns"
even in their ddlg roleplay they have to shit on women somehow, just because the right one didn't get asspats for his ugly ass amazon gown
I'm actually shocked to hear he showed it to other people, no shame at all

No. 1862115

ntayrt but right?? holy shit anon, did you come up with that gem?

No. 1862149

I am gonna blogpost a little but honestly after I peaked and visiting lolcow my insecurities ramped up x100, I always had a horsey face thats sorta masculine and even though I am short, I keep wondering if people think I am a manlet troon

No. 1862159

Are you a woman? If yes, congratulations you are a woman. No one believes that a woman can look like a man. Calling a woman masculine or a man is a "polite" way to call her ugly. Now go outside and touch some grass.

No. 1862164

File: 1689079100838.jpeg (195.01 KB, 698x2048, IMG_6767.jpeg)

>tim makes shit up
>is asked for proof
>”researching gives me dysphoria”

No. 1862166

Most men, don't look at or even buy Sports Illustrated or Playboy anymore.The Usual suspects made a stink about it but everyone else didn't care.

No. 1862180

Many ladyboys do pass tho.

No. 1862181

>username: Amy_oneechan
>sister/little sister

No. 1862183

>let’s laugh at ugly people
Hurts conventionally unattractive or masculine featured women too. Women with large jaws, hands and feet or who are tall or have deep voices or whatever now get accused of being men in drag and it’s sad. Amouranth has repeatedly confirmed she is not trans but she constantly gets accused of being a man to the point it upsets her.

No. 1862189

No, I’d seen someone on r/MTF using it. At least some trannies are aware that the women complimenting them are being disingenuous. It is a hilarious term.

No. 1862192

Post pictures of some of these oh so very “passing” ladyboys then, no filters, no weird angles, no photoshop, just regular pictures showing their faces and bodies, with women.
I just think it’s retarded to even say that they look like women because in the end, if he can’t look like a woman with frumpy denim pants, a hoodie and short hair, also known by men as the uber scary non-feminine outfit, then he doesn’t “pass”, he wears a costume, manages to make some very polite people tell him “sorry ma’am” in fear of being attacked by a moid in a wig and a dress or skirt, and cries in his sleep because he got his balls cut off and can’t even get an erection anymore.
The whole idea of “passing” is just utterly retarded and a cope, I don’t care if Thailand’s ladyboys are dwarves shorter than a teenage girl and that they get a bunch of surgeries the moment their parents think they have a gay son, they only pass away.

No. 1862197

File: 1689083174502.png (1.03 MB, 720x720, AD32EEA2-442D-4DF7-9535-27864B…)

>ladyboys pass
Lmaooooooo no they fucking don’t. Maybe to racist faceblind scrote coomers and legally blind boomers.
Even with surgery and makeup and photoshop they all look awful and clockably male.

No. 1862206

sage for weeb but doesn't oneechan mean big sister? Honestly makes it even creepier and more groomerish.

No. 1862208

'Big sister' is "anesan".(sage)

No. 1862210

File: 1689085910235.png (137.39 KB, 1402x846, Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 15.33…)

No. 1862224

Because you’ve fallen for the trick these scrotes want you to. They want women to feel insecure about being ugly because they don’t want people to realize the truth, you’re still a woman. You could be the ugliest most repugnant looking woman but you are still a woman. Use this as a good reminder to let go of “pretty” and “feminine” you will always be woman enough, ugly or not.
Also don’t forget men will fuck sandwiches and you shouldn’t want to fuck yourself so if those are the two things you base your attractiveness on then it’s time to reassess, not to mention you don’t exist to be a pretty aesthetic bauble in the background of random peoples lives.

No. 1862227

idk what dumpster you found this in but keep them coming

No. 1862231

Random dude appears an tries to chat about how he used to hang out with them. Where the fuck are these two filming?

No. 1862233

File: 1689089579729.jpg (77.34 KB, 642x734, YpiFADudDANO.jpg)

Sorry if its already been posted, but this annoys the shit out of me and makes me clench my stomach. They want their own holocaust so fucking badly. They want to be victims so. fucking. badly. like this is insulting.

No. 1862236

>Eli Erlick
This is the person who raped/sexually assaulted multiple FtMs. It's fucking grim that they're allowed a platfom.

No. 1862237

File: 1689089946472.png (46.58 KB, 1273x423, lord forgive me for weebery.pn…)

Sage for weebsperg as well, ane/onee are both words for big sister; imouto is the word for little sister.

No. 1862238

File: 1689090056336.jpg (147.29 KB, 1012x1280, F6lmM3aWpoWk.jpg)

Damn anon, I only knew about this freak giving hormones or something illegally to minors and what you said made it ten times worse. Pic unrelated.

No. 1862248

had a very quick google search about this subject and there seems no pattern that people were only prosecuted for being homosexual men.

One passage from this article https://www.gedenkstaettenforum.de/aktivitaeten/gedenkstaettenrundbrief/detail/homosexuelle-als-staatsfeinde has some interesting research on this part:
"Already Jürgen Müller, who had investigated the concentration camp incarcerations by the Cologne police, had come to the conclusion that "the 'ordinary homosexual' was generally not threatened with incarceration in a concentration camp." Rather, it was "certain types of homosexuals" who had to expect imprisonment in concentration camps, namely "Jugendverführer", prostitutes and men convicted of child abuse."

Most of the guys that went into a KZ as homosexuals had a criminal history, there seem to be no or few cases were this wasn't the reason behind all this. It annoys the hell out of me that, like you wrote, nonna, they want to be victims so badly that they ignore the people that had to suffer far more than they ever have suffered or ever will have to suffer.

No. 1862252

File: 1689092950286.jpg (582.13 KB, 2268x2928, 20230710_203129-min.jpg)

saged because it isn't milk but fucking kek at the thumbnail pitchfork has for this article on 100 gecs

No. 1862256

Anon said they were passing to men. And as we all know, men see long hair and boob and think female, they are all faceblind a shit.

No. 1862257

he's balding and his neck is so thick. and those TEETH !

No. 1862260

File: 1689093795057.jpg (53.33 KB, 793x910, RDT_20230706_19495035930012591…)

ayrt and its amazing what a simple web search yields, but these morons stay lying and prey on the general ignorance of the public and/or their laziness and refusal to look up information for themselves. Truly predatory in every sense and I wish nothing good for them in this life or the next.

No. 1862275

Gotta love when mtfs complain about transphobia whilst being bold faced racist. How can they not see the hypocrisy?

No. 1862278

Aren't they the "be kind" crowd? Do what you preach kek

No. 1862295

File: 1689097050608.jpeg (213.21 KB, 762x1365, 86063F4A-DA13-4153-B9A5-937EFD…)

>Lesbian posts TERF vest
>trannies take it personally

Cross posting from the Twitter thread because this woman is an actual lesbian who participates in women speak events.


No. 1862300

Could someone post screenshots so those of us who don't have twitter can see the comments?

No. 1862302

File: 1689097647301.jpeg (270.27 KB, 828x1325, 8E4981C4-FDAB-4B5D-A331-EB7CDA…)

I’ll post some. I hate the Haruka is achtuahhly is a tranny meme

No. 1862307

Based but I hope no one tries to hurt her. It’s so fucked that men can wear “I punch terf” or “kill terf” shirts (we know they mean women in general) and it gets applauded but this is too far for them.

No. 1862311

File: 1689098225963.jpeg (247.35 KB, 828x1096, 24D46F4C-AE55-40C2-A68C-2AC8F3…)

No. 1862315

Same. Zoomer idiots are obsessed with calling her an enby all over tumblr, pinterest, basically any online space. I can already tell with the Stars arc coming out for Crystal that they'll be all over screeching that the Sailor Starlights are trannies.

>S-Sailor Moon ain't terf friendly!1!1

Which is why when the anniversary party was held, no men were allowed to attend unless they were dating a girl who was going, right? These fucking idiots. Naoko isn't your ally.

No. 1862322

>the punk scene is openly against terfs!
I’m sure glad they fixed their womxn wanting autonomy problem and not their Nazi problem!

No. 1862337

>Siouxie and the Banshees
>Gorgeous color coords across a gazillion patches and pins
I love how effortlessly feminine this lady's vest is. Trannies legit could never.

No. 1862347

>Naoko isn't your ally
Even on Wiki re: Uranus, when she was asked about Uranus's gender she said she was a woman because men can't be sailor guardians. Kek.

No. 1862353

Yes and she was very upset about the 90s anime portrayal of the Starlights transforming from men to women because they were women disguised as men in the manga. I love the 90s anime more than Crystal, but let's not be stupid here. I really hate these fuckers trying to co-opt and insert themselves into our shit.

No. 1862363

based siouxsie fan

No. 1862369

>"This celebrity/band/influencer you like is trans inclusive so take that!!!1"

Okay and? You think I only have to like people I 100% agree with? Just because gendies attack people for being even SLIGHTLY pro woman doesn't mean the opposite is true lol

No. 1862374

For real, I could give a shit if Trent Reznor would fuck a tranny, or if Siouxsie only thinks of the one arty HSTS tranny she knew in the 80s and assumes they’re all like that. Who cares?

No. 1862377

I can see what you're saying, but it doesn't help when these artists support the troons and either turn a blind eye to their crimes or be like that Fall Out Boy post from a few threads back where he happily signed a tranny's vest or jacket or some shit that condoned violence against terfs. I'm not saying that you have to drop artists, but it certainly has ruined the ability for me to listen to certain people after knowing they openly support my rape and murder.

No. 1862379

File: 1689101968080.jpeg (104.05 KB, 1020x1280, photo_2023-07-11 21.56.36.jpeg)

that was from GYBE silly tranny. one more reason to hate post-rock and everyone who listens to that pretentious shit.

No. 1862381

>Who cares?
people who don't want to give money to pretentious celebrities flying their woke flags in support of men with boners coming into women's restrooms and having access to children

No. 1862384

good to see toppdyke is still puttering around florida lol

No. 1862391

And you know that after the culture shift becomes even more apparent, these same artists are going to quietly walk it back like they never supported this shit and expect people to forget and continue to support them.

No. 1862400

the way punk has treated gender in its history has always been more "gender critical" than "trans accepting". normalizing trans identities completely defeats the point. Punks challenged society imposed dogmas, which is exactly what the rainbow circus has become lately, dogmatic. Literal capitalist agenda, multinational companies and the mainstream are pushing it everywhere etc.
The way old school punk treated and embraced diversity was completely different from what these idiots think today. Transvestitism and androginy were "celebrated" precisely because they were freakish, shocking, and challenged common decency. tims where considered males, if they weren't then there would be nothing punk about them.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1862401

Ugh, incredibly disappointing. Yes, I admit that I listen to pretentious post-rock and I was a huge fan of GYBE and others. These people really are old enough to know better. What do they even care about trannies, do they need to cater to some AGP crowd? Are hipsters troons now?
But I honestly assume that 95% of other artists I enjoy/ed (this was a long time ago, but I was also quite annoyed with Tegan&Sara tweeting "Fuck TERFs", gotta be handmaidens I guess) are similar virtue signalling clowns who just repeat whatever is the correct opinion right now. I will try to stay blissfully ignorant.

No. 1862402

>punk scene is openly against terfs
Go to any underground show and I’m sure they’ll openly call troons “faggots” and won’t be afraid to get violent if a troon starts getting vocal about oppreshun.
Along with that, just because a musician takes a picture with you doesn’t necessarily make them an ally, it just means they’re being nice.
Especially nowadays when being mean to a tranny is essentially a death sentence.

No. 1862406

Imo a pro tranny stance by any public figure may just mean they don't want the negative publicity that 1000 troons retweeting and hateposting about them will cause, the trannies definitely know how to work social media to their advantage (since half of them are programmers or nerds of other varieties) but I do draw the line at this kind of virtue signaling >>1862379
Just makes me think it's an old fuck who jacks it to tranny porn since it's absolutely irrelevant to old rockers

No. 1862422

File: 1689104654048.png (401.88 KB, 1080x1700, markup_1000002207.png)

Tranny in the replies doesn't know what a suffragette is

No. 1862428

They conveniently always "never know" about these types of things. I had to cut off a long time mutual who unironically capes hard for trannies. When I tried to point out that trooning people is gay and lesbian erasure, he oh so conveniently had never heard of that. Always smug, unironic communist, autistically obsessed with rome and talked about using his citizenship to move over to italy someday even though he doesn't speak the language and basically operates like a stereotype. TRA and their malding pet troons can die in a hole.

No. 1862436

as if famous people wouldn't say they are trans inclusive so they won't get cancelled by an angry mob of men in dresses.

No. 1862437

that was my only issue with the vest. best to leave musical artists out of it so you don't have to listen to trannies talk about how said groups kiss their ass. Otherwise big fan of this vest.

No. 1862440

As if immediate capitulation without question to the men in dresses is ever going to help usher in change.

No. 1862443

Sure, but not every celebrity is as strong and based as JK Rowling and many people see to their own well being before anything else. Change is dangerous, complicated and it can go wrong, so most people avoid change at any cost.

No. 1862457

Blind troon can't see that the white stripe on the suffragette flag is smaller.

No. 1862471

File: 1689108969149.png (141.4 KB, 380x366, snek.png)

>Europoops invite a bunch of middle eastern muslim refugees into their country
>these people are extremely religious and conservative and hate faggotry and trannies

No. 1862479

tbf at least most of them are well-intentioned idiots who don't know what they're supporting and think it's mostly HSTSs and haven't thought hard enough about what causes dysphoria and the like. But I agree with the cosigning calls to violence and shit, that's unacceptable to sign and is the same as supporting it proper even if the intent isn't there. Artists can very easily say "I'm cool with you just can't co-sign violence as a public figure" or any such corporate language and they should because idiots treat public figures like harbingers of knowledge. It's just good sense to create lines on what you will and won't sign in case you inspire a psycho. the FOB thing actually pissed me off enough to delete them off spotify and stick with my torrents, calls to violence while playing sweet boy is disgusting

No. 1862490

idk anon i wouldn't say invited when so many were staunchly against it and it's not really up to the people to decide. but the reality is places like belgium enjoy the good life they have today off the backs of african and middle eastern countries their country colonized and exploited and destabilized. and war torn impoverished countries stripped of resources will inevitably take on hyper religious movements and regressive social conservatism. same reason atrocities like child brides and execution by torture and hyper religious dogma were the norm in the worst periods of european history as well like after the fall of rome and during the plagues and constant war and shit. europe tried the get rich quick scheme of destroying various countries for their resources and are reaping ALL of the rewards, including the deeply fucked up medieval ass people who managed to survive what europe put them through just to bring more luxury and prestige to the highest classes of europe for a few generations. so i couldn't be happier that they're having to pick up the pieces of what they caused and having a terrible time with it.

No. 1862502

Interesting take anon I hadn’t thought of it that way before. People like to act like the two groups are totally disconnected but you’re right, one has inadvertently shaped the other into something they hate and then try to pretend they have nothing to do with them.

No. 1862503

Men are face blind, a pair of tits and some lipstick is enough to fool them.

No. 1862504

File: 1689113502514.jpg (12.22 KB, 200x296, 2agvl6.jpg)

me looking at all the Arab and middle-estearn countries Belgium colonized

No. 1862506

me when I intentionally ignore the word “Africa” because it doesn’t go along with my point

No. 1862512

Save the grand narratives for your sociology courses.

No. 1862524

They always claim to be soooo informed about history, especially history that affected minorities. But somehow they don’t know what a suffragette was? I call bullshit. It’s funny though, people who say they’re women but don’t know basic as fuck women’s history.

No. 1862526

even when transphobes make this joke it makes no fucking sense. "was/were" is the past tense of "is/are". are is a(n auxiliary) verb, not a fucking pronoun. i hope this person wastes money on this stupid sticker design bc it's laughable how poor they understand language, then claim they should be able to reinvent it.

No. 1862531

This. I don't give a shit what people I'm not even related to did before myself or my immediate family were even born, let alone not on the same continent. As if any of us owe bending over backwards to be raped and harassed and killed by these scrotes just because someone in Belgium liked the taste of turmeric.

>P-people a long time ago did bad stuff s-so YOU gotta pay for it!

Fuck that noise.

No. 1862540

File: 1689117333004.jpeg (500.68 KB, 1170x622, 346B41F7-4C37-4691-B0B0-E54506…)

Found this thing on the Transformers wiki.

No. 1862551

Tbf the tranny in question was talking about arabs being mean to him, not africans

No. 1862559

when did that nona say literally any of this kek. nobody is asking you to bend over backwards, we're just making fun of a retarded racist troon.

No. 1862568

File: 1689120048279.png (26.14 KB, 598x319, p'mee misser on Twitter.png)

>Women using gay porn to identify as men is not the same as men using lesbian porn to identify as women!

Someone should link her all the testimonies of men thinking they were women due porn.

No. 1862571

Lol thank you, I knew I wasn't the only person irritated at the bad grammar and the fact that's NOT EVEN a pronoun grrr

No. 1862588

And let's not forget why in America dub both Uranus and Neptune were called "cousins": To hide their same sex relationship.

Kids these days.

No. 1862598

This is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read on here, lmao.

No. 1862609

So when liberal colleges teach you about "bonus holes" and how men can be women you think that's wrong, but you believe this total crap, lmao. As if Africans were doing anything at all with the resources they had before whuites came to show them how. Kinda how all colonized countries in Africa are by far the nicest ones and have gone to total shit since the evil colonizers left cause the Africans don't actually know how to maintain anything at all.(racebait)

No. 1862627

Please don't be obtuse. Everything nona feels is in their 'well ackshually' post and they neatly wrap it up by saying that they're happy that randos who had no part in shit that took place before they were born are suffering because of genocidal moids. Women (especially lesbians) and children are the most impacted by the importing of these people who are mostly single dudes that dress and behave like fuckboys. The troon in question is a fucking idiot to think that an Islamic society would accept his deranged ass, but I'm also not going to go up for two sides of the same coin. Now watch us cop a ban for raycism even though you all know damn well the LGB don't exactly thrive in the Middle East.

No. 1862628

I'm not fluent enough in twitterspeak to even begin to decipher this.

No. 1862638

Nah Ngl I agree with this. Men are always disgusting pervs when watching lesbian porn and almost never support lesbians irl. At least most fujos are pro lgb in real life (not a fujo btw)(sage your shit)

No. 1862647

Most TIFs show their homophobia as soon as a "cis gay man" turn them down because "he dislike their boypussy".

No. 1862654

Are you retarded on purpose or were you just born with half your brain or something? Also stop going off topic, this is the TIM thread not the sperging about your dumbass political views thread kek

No. 1862660

I don't know why you're quoting the other person when we're not the same. And since when are we not allowed to respond to other anons? When it doesn't align with your opinions? Fuck off with this dEraIliNg shit the moment people called >>1862490 out for her thoughtless post. I don't understand why you guys kneejerk so hard the moment somebody points out the reality of a situation. Especially when they're the one who swooped in to cape for assholes who don't value our lives in the first place, but I didn't see your ass going in on them. Of course not. This is my last post on the subject because you know what you're doing.

No. 1862675

File: 1689127652324.jpg (421.98 KB, 810x1801, Screenshot_20230711-220604_Chr…)

"Period cramp simulator":

No. 1862685

Ew, wtf?? How is that not for sexual gratification. What closure could he possibly need to experience fucking cramps of all things. It just makes me think of girls who aren’t taken seriously from how painful and how ill they get from their cramps and this fucking agp is like m-muh closure. Fucking ew

No. 1862692

Depends on the fujo tbh. The old school ones are just kind ambivalent towards irl men or they're libfems. TiF fujos are almost always homophobic, like >>1862647 said.

No. 1862693

File: 1689131112918.jpg (601.22 KB, 810x2338, Screenshot_20230711-230143_Chr…)

These men take insanity to a whole new level:

No. 1862694

File: 1689131139815.gif (3.3 MB, 644x250, good for her.gif)

No. 1862701

File: 1689131804247.jpg (654.73 KB, 1600x900, 1515516846336.jpg)

Men wouldn't even handle the most painful option in that simulator and these moids think they could handle it as a roleplay? Right. They throw that machine as soon as it starts to hurt.

No. 1862710

Now mimicking the cramps isn't enough. They're bleeding from their bent dicks and thinking it's a period. The "blood" in a period is not real blood and is mostly uterine lining. Men do not have uteri, and so it is impossible for a man to bleed due to a period. Did these idiots skip sex ed? Before it was insulting, but now I just want to see how far the delusion goes. Also if TiMs start telling each other not to go to the doctor if their dicks are bleeding I will kek

No. 1862733

I wish I was that cool

No. 1862736

File: 1689139128081.png (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 2160x1601, Adept-Ant-6542.png)

Nothing AGP about wanting to fuck your fem self and all!

No. 1862740

File: 1689139361566.png (2.45 MB, 810x3916, PrincessNakeyDance.png)

Male sexuality is a fucking meme:

No. 1862754

Men don't understand female anatomy and the menstrual cycle at all.

No. 1862759

File: 1689145437482.png (92.2 KB, 527x601, Screenshot.png)

All the comments are insane but this bit was really special

No. 1862766

In Japan there’s actually a lot of cafes and salons where it’s for female customers only and men aren’t allowed to enter, including trannies, and they will ask you to leave and the police will not help you even if you are some gross gaijin tranny either. I wish we had that in the west.

No. 1862772

Ah yea Korea too for lesbian bars, I dunno if they still exist but way back in the day before trannies became a thing, you'd have to show an ID with your sex on it to enter the bar (usually in hongdae). There was a newish women only lounge/bar in Itaewon but I think it closed recently, just couldn't make it. Also, rather than trannies, it's actually the super loud anti-feminist moid community who make everything difficult for female only spaces.
There's a few female only sites like Megalia/Womad where you have to show your ID though

No. 1862777

File: 1689148763861.png (960.67 KB, 1072x1200, KKdrngI.png)

hey nonas, does anyone have the full image of the trans groomer compilation? It had this freak and a few others.

No. 1862783

porn addicted men are completely deranged, how the fuck can he feel feminine while watching porn aka women being exploited for male enjoyment.

No. 1862802

File: 1689155618737.png (4.22 MB, 2048x1548, 3D6F9555-4F92-4AC1-8A82-AA2750…)

This one?

No. 1862831

cringey but I respect it tbh

No. 1862837

All the fujos i know irl are lesbians or TIFs but also lesbian.

No. 1862846

They're based for being homophobic against faggots kek. Though they shouldn't see themselves as men ever, they should know how ugly and gross real men are.

No. 1862856

Silence of the lambs was a goddamn documentary kek

No. 1862858

>could it be because i haven't masturbated for more than a month?
how can anyone take trannies seriously jfc

No. 1862867

>'dokumentet with fotos and wideo'

No. 1862874

They wanna larp as women and pretending to have cramp but don't know that the menstrual cycle is every 28 days? I wanna a-log

No. 1862882

Not every woman has a 28 day cycle nonna…

No. 1862889

Yes! Thank you.

No. 1862924

It kind of annoys me when people think a TENS machine is just a period cramp simulator. It has many general uses but YouTubers jumped on a train of that being it’s only purpose, for goofs and now for sexual arousal I guess.

No. 1862933

>lactation is a feminine kink
no, it's a feminine activity but getting off to that screams "pornsick moid"
you have to show your real ID to register on a website that can be easily regarded as "extremist" and/or have its data leaked by moids wishing death to feminism? honeypot

No. 1862963

Mentioning also the huge raise in radfem in Korea for moids being moids, there's no way a foreign TIM would even want to step into a lesbian bar without being lynchen.

No. 1862999

I’ve never met a single woman who actually gets aroused at lactating. The only ones I see mention this kink are OF girls or women in porn who are clearly doing it for male money or because they have to. I’ve never had a child or lactated, but the only thing I’ve heard is that it can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful. And what woman would sexualize something that relates to infants? Men are disgusting.

No. 1863006

it's extremely painful and not at all sexy. you leak all the time, your breasts can get hard lumps from clogged ducts, your nipples become swollen and bloody. breastfeeding fucking sucks and it's so stupid that these men think it's something to jack off to.

No. 1863029

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman with a porn addiction. I know some women do look at porn but it doesn’t consume them the same way it does with men.

No. 1863055

File: 1689190133222.webm (8.37 MB, 720x1280, Done with the nonsense shorts.…)

Archiving from the previous thread
Was nice to see all the comments agreeing with the OP. It's kinda bleak that it's mostly men though.

No. 1863075

right, i was reading those comments when it was posted in the last thread and a lot were men saying that women have to "stand up" against troon nonsense like this, which is insane to me. we HAVE stood up, and are standing up, and we're being attacked and threatened for it, pushed from our jobs, etc. the fact that they think we haven't already is just proof that nobody has been listening to women.

No. 1863145

File: 1689198539717.jpeg (399.28 KB, 750x946, IMG_9895.jpeg)

this is peak moid brain.

No. 1863155

Most women support trannies, especially lesbians do. They are the most non-trans pro-trans group.

No. 1863163

>Most women support trannies.
Nope. Mostly everyone doesn't support trannies but they get to push their retard laws because men hold most the power in society.

No. 1863165

some people have yeah but 'handmaiden' wouldn't be a thing if that were the case. you won't find any normie men supporting troons, they don't follow or support trends so are barely aware. their supporters are largely normal women. this is confirmed by looking at any comment section on any platform. and half the people who post in this thread used to support troons and still have the same mentality of political conformity and 'activism' that lead to that in the first place.

No. 1863171

This was studied and these are facts. I remember a pretty good graph of such a study in the UK. They asked all sorts of demographics if they supported trans people in specific problems. In every case, women were more supportive than men. I don't know how you could possibly think men are more supportive of trans people. You must never go outside.

No. 1863173

well said

No. 1863176

File: 1689200058942.png (515.2 KB, 2841x2824, uk trans acceptance.png)

Here's the graph.

No. 1863183

>Transgender women should be allowed to use women's restrooms
>men disagree, women agree
Why do men want to control what happens in women's restrooms?

No. 1863186

>men troon out the most
>men allow/make the laws that enable trannies
>male jannies punish those who hate trannies on their websites
>men hate women who hate trannies because they see them as gay men
>women not hating gay people and gnc people because they don't sexually threaten them means women created trannies because men do not accept responsiblity for their actions
>websites like 4fag has tranny threads while actual women only and run websites have tranny hate threads
>men who vote conservatively and hate women mention online they support trannies because they fuck up womens rights
>trannies get more rights in a society run by men while women have theirs taken away in the first world
I see the psyop continues. I guess men just identify as based tranny haters the same way they do women. Even the women who do support trannies are the same ones who ree about the poor men and equality. You also realise these men call themselves women and are counted in the womens category too right? And even then, what are the actual numbers, if 5 women support them and 4 men support them, it doesn't mean most women support them. Not to mention that this is only counting people who answered this survey, not just every women in the uk. Guess mens actual real world actions in pushing tranny rights, including those at the top like the rich ones like Rothenblatt and Pritzker (however you spell it) doesn't count? Sure, mens actions are womens responsibility, right.

No. 1863189

>the psyop continues
okay crazy
>>men troon out the most
I'm pretty sure this is also outdated information nowadays.

No. 1863191

>Guess mens actual real world actions in pushing tranny rights, including those at the top like the rich ones like Rothenblatt and Pritzker
Together with your "psyop" comment, this is kinda giving me antisemitic vibes.(sage your shit)

No. 1863197

>Stop pointing out that men could stop it at any time because they're the ones doing it but choose not to!
>it's outdated information
Not really? Men still compose the majority of trannies, there has just been an increase in women doing it.

>recognising men are responsible for their actions but try to pretend it is everyone else is antisimentic

No. 1863200

massive reach and irrelevant assertions. fact is women at large support trannies while men do not. i don't know why you deny this. whenever you speak against trannies it is mostly women who attack you.(sage your shit)

No. 1863205

>proving my point wrong is irrelevant!
Kek, of course. Mens support of trannies is irrelevant to disagreeing with the idea that women are the main support of trannies. I especially like that you have no rebuttal.
>It's mostly women who attack you!
It's men with female avatars. Women will at best be upset, men will actually physically threaten and try to hurt you irl if you don't support them or their coomer bretheren.

No. 1863224

>both fetishes
I will start replying with this to every tranny and their defenders if the should "men be breastfeeding argument" comes up again.

No. 1863241

this is all true, but it isn't my point. there are women who are against it, but they're being harassed, and most of these moids commenting on how we should "stand up" to troons are nowhere to be found when that happens. you're right though, most troon handmaidens are women, and as a group we need to change that. but hearing moids claim we all need to stand up as if they aren't the ones trooning out and hurting women irks me, that's all.

No. 1863244

That's because women are socialized to be supportive and kind to people, while men are not. Normie women still believe that troons "just want to pee" and they see them as some poor unfortunate souls that just need to be mothered and helped and protected. Whenever a woman has an experience with a real tranny they get peaked really fucking fast. Men just don't give a shit about anyone other than themselves and getting their dick wet. Of course they don't stand up for anyone or support other people when it doesn't benefit themselves.

No. 1863255

File: 1689205973702.jpg (Spoiler Image,309.41 KB, 1384x1939, F02Rs5jacAAV6Tl.jpg)


No. 1863267

Funny thing is men hate women who aren't supportive because a non-mothering women also doesn't mother lowly scrotes kek. Women who hate trannies are the same ones who hate insane degen men, men just want them to support their kind of degen men, not this other kind. In the end, they point with one hand and wank with the other.

No. 1863273

"Legal gender"? What the fuck.

No. 1863277

Mods ban the tranny

No. 1863289

true lol most of us only hate the misogynistic, narky and creepy ghouls often featured on this board for being objectively terrible people. but when we interact with trans women in real life and not exclusively the maniacs on twitter or by only observing image board horror cows we quickly know how normal trans women are and how supportive they are of us. most trans girls i know are also really self aware who don't try to obfuscate privileges she has often over cis women they're just supportive and trying to live life

No. 1863292

go back to reddit, retard.

No. 1863293

File: 1689207799919.gif (397.53 KB, 400x300, 587E0C93-27CC-469C-B119-5ABB7D…)

Kek this is a terminally online take. Plenty of non conservative normie women don’t like trannies, especially after the Lia Thompson thing. There’s also all the lesbians that are tired of this garbage. I’m sure more women would openly say it if they weren’t bullied to hell and back about it.

>normal trans women


No. 1863296

Spoken like a true handmaiden

No. 1863301

File: 1689208244020.jpg (17.04 KB, 320x311, 1553713393496.jpg)

>"You cannot judge us for some few rotten apples".

You won't do nothing to shut these rotten apples down. Each time one of them do something wrong, the most you do is comment shit like "she does not represent us!", rather than "she reserves the right punishment". IE: Chris Chan. Many of you were soooooo busy saying do not misgender him than seeing he has mental problems.

Return to /MTF.


[citation needed]

No. 1863302

Literally go back

No. 1863303

>inb4 this is Blaine or some other schizo tranny

No. 1863304

It's funny that troons are clockable even on an anonymous message board.

No. 1863309

Men must cope that women support them to try and cope and pretend they haven't ruined their life and sexual prospects by transitioning. They want us to pretend most mtfs don't end up dateless or dating each other as a last resort.

No. 1863310

wtf do you expect when you defend men?

No. 1863313

kek takes like this on here are like poetry europe fucked around and found out, that's a reality you can't whine your way out of. go burn a book about it fraulein

No. 1863315

this chart literally shows that the majority of women rescind their tranny support when they are explicitly told it's one that still has a penis, now imagine if it was widely known that the majority of troons have no desire to chop their dicks off. Most "support" comes from a lack of information

No. 1863320

This is just opinion shit, not physical, monetary, political support. It's gauging the reaction of 1,688 randoms.
>*runs as part of a separate survey for Pink News
>internet based market research and data analytics firm
Kek you're retarded

No. 1863327

File: 1689209444963.png (138.89 KB, 386x256, 1650492236981.png)

>just under two thousand people
>polled over the internet
>pink news
>'PinkNews is a UK-based online newspaper marketed to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community'

No. 1863329

lol sure, maybe very few women openly and truly hate trannies, but a lot more than you'd think don't support their insanity. almost any woman i talk to about radfem or gender crit topics in real life are supportive of the ideas. we basically all think you're ugly freaks, it's just that most women are too nice to tell you that to your face. and either way, even if all women did love troons, that wouldn't make them women, because they're male. now go 41% already

No. 1863330

Lesbians would yeet trannies if they have the chance to without the fear of homophobia/being called terf, you might be talking about bi handmaidens.

No. 1863331

They literally cannot blend in for a second kek.

No. 1863333

File: 1689209807829.webm (1.14 MB, 1280x532, Keanu_hates_trannies.webm)

>mentally ill
>out of touch with reality
KEK the projection

No. 1863336

>attempted appeal to science
… that was you with the survey

No. 1863339

His posts are male projection at their most obvious kek.

No. 1863345

File: 1689211333312.png (18.67 KB, 712x625, 1686229187294.png)

Join the 41% troon

No. 1863366

I saw a little girl clock a tranny she saw on TV recently. It was hilarious. It fills me with schadenfreude every time because it wasn't the first time I've seen kids clock them.

>"Is that a boy or girl?"

>"Mommy why is that man wearing a dress?"

It's even better when I see the reddit posts where they seethe about it. They will never be women and they can't even pass. Best they can hope for is polite toleration and that's even more than they deserve.

No. 1863376

>mentally ill freaks like you
still not mentally ill enough to mutilate my body and inject synthetic hormones though

No. 1863390

Not to give you more attention but I've met a lottt of trannies due to my industry and they all suck. I'm not going to ignore the millions of years of the brain's evolution allowing for basic pattern recognition. A tranny that acts normally may exist somewhere but it's a statistical improbability

No. 1863395

FR If moids were "normal and kind" like that troll said, women wouldn't have to deal with all the misogynist shit they do, like "cis women are not the ones that can have periods" and more entitled shit.

No. 1863412

File: 1689217820635.jpeg (14.32 KB, 433x450, peter.jpeg)

It also brings in the ~tru trans argument~. Like does that anon really believe that kind of thinking about muh actual trannies vs. tranny perverts would fly with current TRA culture? lmao Look at how much they shit on Buck Angel for acknowledging that she's not an actual man and still a woman.

No. 1863420

File: 1689218914131.jpeg (Spoiler Image,739.89 KB, 750x1110, IMG_9906.jpeg)

congrats on your rot pocket, tranny.

No. 1863421

File: 1689219194692.jpg (152.28 KB, 700x1023, 5e0088e3d2987__700.jpg)

>calling that crap "clitoris"

No. 1863425

y'all are never beating the terfs are nazis allegations lmfao almost like it's too ingrained(taking obvious bait)

No. 1863426

shut up you obese yakubian ape(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1863430

>tranny male spams racist shit
>seee whamen, I'm proving that women who don't obey mens demands or delusions are nazis!!!
He really thinks that shit works kek.

No. 1863433

The only women who actually 100% support trannies and believe they're real women are terminally online liberal feminists. In real life, most women only don't hate trannies because they still think troons are just mentally ill homosexuals who want to play dress up, so they're just uninformed. Deep down, no matter how nice they are, most if not all women think TIMs are ugly and off-putting as fuck. They treat TIMs like a combination of a retarded kid and a gay man. As soon as a normal woman begins to interact more and more with TIMs, she starts to realize most of them are straight males with a fetish. And many women who are mothers to TIFs don't hate trannies but gender ideology, because they realize through observing their daughters how harmful and full of bullshit it is.
Radical feminists hate trannies because they're more informed than the average woman of how transgenderism is against women's rights and its relation to porn, prostitution, the commodification of sex and the female body, misogyny, etc. Lesbians hate trannies because they've realized troons are just straight males looking to coerce them into sex.
And finally some women just hate troons because they're fucking everywhere and keep invading spaces that are meant for us, not for delusional men with porn addictions.

No. 1863469

In my experience many normie libfem women see TIMs as drag queens or HSTS gay besties, who at least make an effort to act like women. They’re totally unprepared for the hulking rapey “dude in a dress” AGP types, and tend to peak quickly after a few encounters.

No. 1863492

oh no is the tranny mad(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1863509

>Wiermar queer culture
Child brothels and nightclubs run by paedophiles is "queer culture" apparently.

No. 1863514

Lesbians, radfems and mothers are also more informed on pedophile grooming tactics, which you’ll recognize is exactly what troon shit often boils down to.

No. 1863521

File: 1689222430455.jpeg (100.9 KB, 828x824, IMG_8453.jpeg)

some tranny posted this on their Twitter and Libs of TikTok shared it, they have since probated their profile but holy fuck nonnies y’all have got to see his profile picture

No. 1863524

File: 1689222492475.jpeg (34.94 KB, 400x400, IMG_8454.jpeg)

this is the pfp.. like you literally get to pick your own profile picture why would you chose one that BRINGS ATTENTION TO YOUR MAN JAW LMAOOOO

No. 1863529

Because it’s a fetish
> would you fuck me?
> I’d fuck me.
So now it’s everyone else’s problem

No. 1863532

and even if every woman in the entire world validated trannies, licked the floor clean for them and gave each one a WORLD’S BEST WOMAN mug, so what? that won’t make them women. nothing will make trannies women. the end.

No. 1863547

File: 1689226713446.jpg (232.01 KB, 1280x960, F04yLdDaEAAltqz.jpg)

No. 1863550

File: 1689227334943.png (271.42 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20230713-074753.png)

Unfunny and hypersexual as always.

No. 1863553

>"baseless insults"
>they literally cannot blend in for a second
i think that insult is extremely based actually. and true—you're even clockable through text, troon. ywnbaw

No. 1863556

There's something ironic about radfems being bigger in South Korea than any country in the middle east despite the latter being much worse for women.

No. 1863557

kek the """clitoris""" looks like it'll rot off within a week. hoping and praying this happens

No. 1863559

Guarantee would be caught jacking off in a library.

No. 1863584

What the fuck is with them using the plural "women" when contextually it should be "woman"? I see this everywhere lately.

No. 1863593

Probably just a typo/autocorrect. Anons here make the same error.

No. 1863594

What do nipples have to do with anything? Is this some kind of weird tranny in-joke, or are they just being disgusting as usual?

No. 1863599

>enema domming
I have no idea what that is and I have absolutely zero desire to find out. What is wrong with men, jfc.

No. 1863607

They would be killed in the middle east if they tried, or have acid thrown on them.

No. 1863612

some troon celebrity called ryuchell killed themselves here in Japan and everyone is crying about his ass when this fucker ghosted his wife and kid after transition. oh and he also offed himself on his son’s bday. i hate it there.

No. 1863618

why are they all wearing dresses with extremely kitschy patterns?

No. 1863621

British police doing their job for once. Sara Jane Barker, a violent male criminal who served 30 years in prison just to threaten violence against terves when he got out, has now been arrested.
Background info: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/07/09/trans-pride-defends-activist-who-told-crowd-to-punch-terfs/
Just gotta love how this troon sounds more of a brutal british bloke than the timid policeman arresting him.

No. 1863622

Kek his last name is Baker btw, but the typo fits.

No. 1863632

Literal paedophilic grooming.

No. 1863638

they're pornsick men anon, what do you think

No. 1863640

didn't recognize the name so looked him up and holy shit! I followed his ex wife yeaaars ago. I never knew they were married and assumed he was gay. sounds like a hugely repressed homosexual which is sad but my empathy is gone after reading that he killed himself on his child's birthday. fuck that faggot.

No. 1863642

That child has no idea what he's being persuaded to partake in.

No. 1863647

I live in place where trans are so rampant that it's considered a "safe haven" from other states with harsher laws. I have a lot of experience around TIMs in real life, they aren't normal and they are more often ghastly than not. I can't walk outside without seeing an overweight AGP in fishnets, miniskirt, and stilettos sitting on a bus bench staring at his own legs. Going to ride PUBLIC TRANSIT alone in that. I can't walk into a game shop without some lumbering nerdy tranny with their braless moobs underneath an ill-fitting and see through top trying to flirt with people who are just shopping for videogames, saying things like "yeah I stream!" in the most caricature version of a childish girl's voice. My ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago who used to look at lolicon, insult my appearance, and threatened to rape me, now legally identifies as a woman. I can't utter a single WORD of concern about it, without being literally ostracized as a TERF and my job opportunities and social relationships will suffer. So, can anyone guess what state I live in?

No. 1863669

North Carolina. We must be neighbors, you're describing the triangle.

No. 1863677

File: 1689257089481.jpg (225.19 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20230713_152943_Chr…)

>translation I'm not like the other trannies so I deserve the right to live out my fetish and scared my relatives because I said so

No. 1863684


I went to a comedy night at a game shop in the Triangle and had to use the mixed gender bathroom. Had to walk past a guy at the urinal and got so tense I couldnt change my tampon. They ruin it for everyone.

No. 1863686

>my stupid baka life
disgusting weeb tranny

No. 1863703

Lmao at that gorilla in the tradwife meme dress

No. 1863706


No. 1863708

I wonder if the "arm trans people" retards realize how likely these guys are to turn the guns on themselves.

No. 1863713

Not to mention it is redundant, since baka and stupid means the same thing kek

No. 1863724

oh man, this one was my personal cow since at least 2017 or before. Massive Touhou autist who's always looked painfully male and used to have meltdowns about it. His about page for a while had a "I'm a CISGENDER girl" line as a cope. I can't believe he's still coping years later.

No. 1863740

nonna i cannot believe we’ve had the same personal cow for about the same amount of time. wild
but yeah this dude is a massive weeb who fixates on the big booby mommy characters from every weeb series imaginable but then weirdly enough used to rage about how fans commonly transwashing miko was actually wrong (in 2017 at least, interested to see what he thinks nowadays when just suggesting that miko isnt trans to touhou fans gets you immediately jumped by 10 rabid troon twitter addicts)
dude had me fooled back then with the “im a ciswoman!!!!!11!1!” shit on all his profiles and i thought he was just an unfortunate looking french chick until one time he mentioned putting his phone on his lap so the notifications would buzz his dick.
dude is extremely terminally online posting nonstop on like three different platforms at once to the point where i have no idea if he sleeps or works. very strange case

No. 1863755

OP here and I had no idea he was this infamous, I used to vaguely follow him because I thought he was one of those "reasonable" troons but he has gotten worse with time, and he's not even on hormones yet, if he ever does he'll go full coomer.

No. 1863761

File: 1689272315534.jpeg (239.1 KB, 1024x683, IMG_2109.jpeg)

Yes, it is.

No. 1863762

File: 1689272437793.jpg (255.2 KB, 1467x781, et tu andy.jpg)

Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this but I didnt see a handmaiden OOF! general. This is trending all over twitter and it made me chuckle!

No. 1863770

It hurt itself in the confusion!

No. 1863776

that guy is totally unhinged. he spent years bizarrely stalking Ricky Gervais.

No. 1863784

Huh??? TERFs advocate for letting your kids play with and wear whatever they want. We just think that you don't need to cut your little son's dick off for liking the color purple unlike TRA do.

No. 1863785

Are you siding with the Westboro Baptist Church here?

No. 1863801

What is a joke

No. 1863810

transgenderism is voluntary eugenics for ugly and retarded people

No. 1863816

File: 1689279216008.jpg (492.17 KB, 1658x2048, 20230713_150514.jpg)

not to get off topic but ryuchell never publicly stated to be trans as far as I know. I mostly know of him because I'm into j-fashion and he's a figure for popularizing genderless kei/andro male fashion and was widely regarded as a gnc male to everyone around him. most Japanese news sites are saying he did it because he was bullied for no longer identifying with male gender roles or masculinity. nowhere is it stated he claimed to be a woman. He even still referred to himself as a father. It doesn't really sound like a TiM to me. I also do vaguely remember there being some troubles between him and his wife and son

No. 1863817

File: 1689279366590.jpeg (422.22 KB, 750x903, 52CB1A7F-03AD-4B2A-8CA0-071FD3…)

>there are 1 million trannies

No. 1863818

kek 1 million tranny burgers

No. 1863822

AYRT, the image was posted as a joke but they are right about the US going full retard on LGBTQ issues. Broken clock and all that.

No. 1863823

According to whom?

No. 1863840

Are troons really a big thing outside the west? The only outspoken troons I’ve seen in Japan are white expat moids trying to get into lesbian clubs. I feel like non western cultures somewhat accept effeminate men but they don’t see them as troons, and certainly not women.

No. 1863847

File: 1689282095858.png (555.33 KB, 1080x1721, markup_1000002214.png)

Not wanting your coomer bf to call your vagina a 'boy pussy' makes you a terf now

No. 1863848

They’re big in India, although the government there isn’t as accommodating. A troon was on the cover of Brides India recently with very little local backlash.

No. 1863856

I'm pretty sure the original reddit post is a troll.

No. 1863871

File: 1689285735379.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.9 KB, 400x400, 1494477792290.jpg)

Wow been ages since I last heard of him, was also aware of him from j-fashion years ago. Some local news published articles about his death and they are all calling him a she, but south american news are notorious for calling any fem-presenting moid a she, so that doesn't tell me much about his troon status or lack thereof. Ngl I'm happy to hear he's dead, not because of trooning but because he had the most punchable face I've ever seen in my fucking life, picrel caused me untold psychic damage, you could not go anywhere j-fashion related without seeing this fucker.

No. 1863879

there are popular TV personalities that are TiMs or self proclaimed x-gender which is their equivalent to nonbinary I guess. they seem to be tolerated and treated fine in public but I don't think they're seen as genuine women. more like highly effeminate gay men

No. 1863891

File: 1689287695586.jpeg (52.05 KB, 512x598, IMG_2727.jpeg)

that’s an old pic, he got a shit ton of surgery recently (not like he passed outside of his filtered pics) he was still 100% a gay moid tho. i wonder if peco knew or if she is also gay.

No. 1863899

>new "study"
Yeah I'm thinking propaganda.

No. 1863904

I believe it. I live in a red state in a very conservative area and I see a troon AT LEAST on a weekly basis. I don't even want to imagine what it's like in a bigger city or college town.

No. 1863905

File: 1689290147642.png (233.23 KB, 700x420, 9kwJlRi.png)

>Sorry, girls. You cannot have a positive model role in HP world with Hermione since that's the evil Terf queen's favorite character.

No. 1863906

File: 1689290308563.png (54.2 KB, 617x438, um.png)

checking to see whats going on in the local anime con and yeah it keeps getting more full of troons each year. shout out to the terfs going to aikon. i miss weebs just being gross but largely harmless, this is largely branded an all ages convention but im sure these panels will be troon agenda infested. they made all the bathrooms in the convention unisex a couple years ago, regular men and troons filling up the womens bathroom again im sure. I mostly go to see all my long time friends who are in their 30's now, but after this year, idk. they get more bold every year.

No. 1863925

ntayrt but wow. talk about skinwalking…

No. 1863948

I live in a college town and this year alone I’ve seen a huge uptick in trannies. it is actually so jarring seeing how clockable and odd they are irl. just this week I saw a tranny being walked on a leash at the grocery store (wearing skimpy clothes - leggings that showed his entire dickprint). idek if the dude holding the leash was a normal moid or a low effort tranny but jfc moids are so degenerate.

I’m genuinely so sorry that your health and hygiene was disrupted by this bs. when I was out with coworkers at a bar that only had a mixed sex bathroom I couldn’t believe they were such major handmaidens that they praised it. it was so disturbing and anxiety-inducing to have men from other companies I have meetings with in adjacent stalls and washing their hands in the sinks behind mine.

ironically, one of these same women was recently complaining to me about having to delete that lesbian dating app because of all the men overtaking it.

No. 1863953

File: 1689295744133.jpg (116.66 KB, 709x945, F08WvXdXsAAChMi.jpg)


No. 1863972

oh damn, even the bolt ons? I knew he was dressing more femininely but I wasn't aware of all the surgery done. seems strange to assume he was gay since he willingly had a child with Peco and considered her his life partner. I thought they divorced?

No. 1863975

lots of hsts here but im starting to see agps online though, albeit the population is still very, very small but im scared for them to be a common sight soon. i can tolerate hsts to an extent, but agps are another breed of moids that i dont want to deal with nor acknowledge.

No. 1863992

Yes I’ve noticed the same thing. HSTS seem somewhat tolerated in many conservative non-western cultures, if only as an alternative to open homosexuality. AGPs are rarer but they exist, and mainly harass lesbians and other vulnerable/unprotected women. But insisting all of them are “real women” and canceling you if you disagree is some uniquely western insanity.

No. 1863993

who is this person? Just curious

No. 1863999

File: 1689299809860.png (253.02 KB, 658x1778, sarahjanebaker1.png)

a mentally deranged tranny that cut off his own testicles in prison while serving time for kidnapping and torturing a member of his family

No. 1864000

File: 1689299873574.png (98.25 KB, 734x457, babyprincessplayground4250.png)


No. 1864004

Tinfoil time, but do you think aside from being a social contagion coupled with porn sickness, that all the hormones they put into livestock partially explains why there's so many troons now? I also wonder what the ratio is of troons with micropeens. Men have always been rape apes but why is larping as a woman now considered a valid an viable option for them?

No. 1864006

File: 1689300373321.png (1.09 MB, 1335x737, sarahjanebaker.png)

No. 1864047

File: 1689311556462.webm (10.58 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cikvm2rc77u8to5i83…)

So Ayesha erotica, a troon who makes sexual music is having a comeback. And this tranny on TikTok uses every single woke buzzword to describe ayesha’s fanbase. despite Ayesha making racist remarks in his music and being a white twink. And if it’s a bunch of white “twinks” listening to his music how are they homophobic?

Lmao fags and troons managed to prove them right

No. 1864049

File: 1689311752765.jpeg (339.75 KB, 467x1322, IMG_1528.jpeg)

Same fag. “Ayesha” looks like Robbie kek. Can’t believe retards are calling this uggo pretty.

No. 1864065

File: 1689314086698.webm (1.51 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-07-09T222258.4…)

No. 1864081

Everything I've read about Ryuchell says that he was just some gnc guy who started dressing as a woman. Very few places are calling him a woman, just an LGBT advocate. Not meaning to be all bleeding heart here but I feel for the kid and his ex wife. They must be going through it. Especially the kid. He'll probably never be able to celebrate his birthday with the shadow of his father's death looming over it.

No. 1864092

You can listen to his lovely feminine voice here

No. 1864095

File: 1689323325437.jpeg (584.55 KB, 1284x1654, IMG_6795.jpeg)

The way troons use mental gymnastics to “affirm” is so fucking weird? Maybe the reason your family doesn’t want to let you talk is cause you say stupid shit like this?
>>Ugh I can’t believe women have to go through misogyny!!! But hahahaha guys aren’t I such a woman cause now I’m experiencing transmisogyny !!

No. 1864097

saging for a late reply, but the troon on the right is holding a toy that’s popular with baby girls within the last couple years, which is blackpilling to me personally because my baby has that same toy. god i hate trannies

No. 1864102

Has anyone seen the zoomer uprise in "tirf"ism on TikTok? It's exactly what it sounds like it stands for and either it's just libfems and/or peaked girls who don't want to lose their following or get sent cp and rape threats, which is understandable.

No. 1864103

from what I understand, livestock hormones - especially those used on cattle and chickens - impact female humans more than males (e.g., precocious puberty) because they are basically IVF and other growth hormones to be metabolized by female animals. HRT proves that exposure to female hormones definitely doesn't do jack shit in feminizing men mentally, emotionally, or physically so there's not a substantial link to mtfs imo. even if you look at how certain pollutants have drastically decreased male fertility in the past couple decades, it's pretty much just shitty sperm and I don't think low testosterone men are anything special psychologically (although the low T levels -> depression -> trannyism argument has merit). plus, trannies are arguably hyper masculine just in a non-chad way. trannyism being a culture-bound syndrome is proved to me by how we even have classic archetypes, traits, and behaviors of moids who are at highest risk for trooning out within certain societies.

yes, these threads have also indicated that the micropeen ratio is very high among this type of incels. they have literally admitted on reddit that they see trooning out as an escape from their own insecurities of being fail males. I also have seen that moids with micropensises tend to develop humiliation fetishes as a cope. I have a hunch that such kinks are a pipeline to sissification porn/hypnosis.

No. 1864115

>I’ll remove my own testicles.

Please do. Promise you’ll encourage your friends to do the same?

No. 1864128

File: 1689334097315.jpg (226.4 KB, 1392x1086, F0-iEIDaYAAWHpA.jpg)

These moids still thinking HRT does anything for them beside give them sad moobs is hilarious

No. 1864129

File: 1689334400003.jpg (343.14 KB, 1382x1985, F09tfFUaUAALWC8.jpg)

did you now……..

No. 1864130

I saw this on the frontpage and thought it was a metalband guy who had taken two sefies in a row. I'm disappointed.

No. 1864170

Legit slightly more feminine on the left

No. 1864177

File: 1689342132790.png (39.08 KB, 699x225, Screenshot 2023-07-14 153136.p…)

This absolute waste of oxygen named his male dog Artemis. Artemis, the famously anti-male chaste goddess of the wilderness. (Yes, it's the same moron who got fired from a tenure-track position for not doing work and inventing harassment against him. He spouts pseudoscience now to justify including trans athletes regardless of T level. Competes in women's races as a giant hulking man and wins.)

I know it's an innocent dog, but naming your male dog Artemis is a new level of insulting somehow. No, I don't practice ancient religion, but it's our shared cultural heritage and Artemis, despite her role within a patriarchal religious structure, was seen as the ultimate protector of women against men within that structure. She meted out vengeance to men who saw her undressing, tried to rape her, or merely violated her precincts. Artemis would have been an Admin on lolcow and permabanned every man. ffs. it's not a name for a male dog. I hope she smites this troon (the dog will be ok, she loves dogs).

No. 1864184

Another scrotebrained assumption that traditionally female jobs require no experience or training. My sister is getting her masters in library science right now (minimum requirement to be a librarian) and she has to learn like 3 different programming languages and have all this background on information theory. It's not just "organizing things into categories" like an autist at an occupational therapy session. 100% this moid just wants to become the pornified librarian coomer stereotype. Sage for blogging but the most "male" job I worked that dudes act like is so tough and such exhausting work (warehouse crew) was literally so comfy sitting on a forklift all day. Men are disgustingly weak and their assumptions about "women's work" is pure projection of their own inadequacy.

No. 1864200

I had a male cat that we named Artemis after the male cat named Artemis in Sailor Moon. Maybe that’s where he got the name from?

No. 1864202

I don’t get the thinking they have where they believe other people instantly flip a switch and go from seeing them as men to true and honest women. Like, no dumbass. Every experience other people have had with you, every part of your history they have seen, all of it culminates into how they see you currently, which is as a male desperately trying to convince yourself and everyone else you’re a full-blown female. It’s unsettling to the majority of people, even if they don’t outright say it. And agreed nona, his family is probably sick of hearing about this shit all the time so they just ignore him now.

No. 1864209

oh my bad, I forgot about that cat.

No. 1864211

No worries nonny, we all make mistakes sometimes

No. 1864216

I was planning on going next year but I never knew things were this bad. I hope you have fun despite them nonnie

No. 1864225

>how to be an ethical degenerate

No. 1864232

Yep, wider jaw and more defined brow ridge

No. 1864249

I fucking hate middle class London types so much.

No. 1864268

what's crazy is a few years ago, i would have considered HSTS troons like him to be ugly as fuck, but now with all the AGPs running around he looks like a greek statue by comparison kek. still obviously male, and all trannies are delusional regardless of how they "pass" (which is a myth anyway) but at least he's not threadpic level.

No. 1864286

File: 1689358666507.jpg (546.71 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20230714_182531.jpg)

Transracial transgender I found from the race fakers thread.

No. 1864287

File: 1689358704158.jpg (83.65 KB, 450x579, Corey_Dale_Ehmke_Coraline_Ada_…)

I fucking hate how troons and handmaidens always huff and puff about how stupid terfs are whenever they're called out for some new, retarded term they've invented and how women can totally use vagina and say they're pregnant instead of birthing bodies, etc etc, without anyone getting mad. Except they do get mad and they do police women's language to no end. It's straight up gaslighting. They also retcon so many things, one funny example is how they started calling SJW bangs terf bangs when they realized the stereotype of the screeching, special snowflake was them and not actually women simply concerned for their rights.

No. 1864288

File: 1689358970366.jpg (429.59 KB, 2048x1926, 1687217673719582.jpg)

Cool, so when are the Muslim nations who got wealthy off of plundering and enslaving my ancestors going to start offering reparations and opening their borders? I want a cut of that Saudi oil money. Or does this only apply to white folx?

No. 1864292

File: 1689359341522.jpg (288.56 KB, 828x1331, F1BC5XpaIAAaboB.jpg)

No. 1864320

He's literally chemically castrated himself. If he got his horsepiss from a legit doctor I'm surprised he wasn't informed of this.

No. 1864435

They are still doing it with Africans so don't hold your breathe. Not that your comment implied that you give a shit about anyone but white people anyways.

No. 1864439

But how many of them are just enbies who put no effort?

No. 1864505

>troons for the coom
>hormone side affect says will reduce coom
>is sad when looses ability to coom
why are TiMs like this?

No. 1864518

They’re retarded coomers. Like his username says he is a terminal weeb, they can never have their dream 2d waifus so they’ll meme themselves into them, and because their brains are fried they think they’ve achieved it.

No. 1864532

Surprising no one.

No. 1864562

Artemis was the name of a male character from a popular series of books, Artemis Fowl. Maybe it's because of that?

No. 1864579

File: 1689379776756.jpg (78.3 KB, 588x956, 1.jpg)

Tipster, the scrote who was defending the breastfeeding TIM very hard and a youtube drama fattie, was liking tweets from a gross very unpassing troon thrist posting. Another idiot tra commentary youtuber called it out, because Tipster is married kek. I found this on kiwifarms but I found it funny because the troon he was thristing after is literally a man in a wig. So his wife married a dude who spends hours online talking about people half his age/size, caping for grown men to breast feed babies. Only for him to be thristing after men with long hair on his public twitter.

No. 1864580

File: 1689379806728.jpg (88.33 KB, 615x1066, F088zyVacAETJ-x.jpg)

Here the beautiful "lady"

No. 1864582

File: 1689380044710.jpg (160.1 KB, 864x1383, 2.jpg)

Then the troon played victim claiming the scrote (who is a huge TRA/Chaser) was harassing him for pointing out Tipster's lust. I found this on kiwifarms, I just find it funny and more proof that these men only go hard for TIMS because their dicks get hard for them. These men don't even support gay men or women, it's a different kind of "System". I also notice that the less passing the troon is the more harder some chasers go. It seems like the chasers who just like anything claiming they are a woman, are more louder then the,
>Blaire White passes! I'd 100% fuck Blaire white dood! I don't care about her dick!
I've seen some conserative scrotes compliment dudes who look like Jeffree Star in a wig and go, "Well this one looks like a woman-"

No. 1864586

1.6M in a country of 332M, that's 0.5%. Same proportion usually found. How media reports these things is important to perceptions. They're very much overrepresented in media and nonnas noticing heaps nearby are probably just taking more note of the ones they see because of the awareness around laws and controversies and such

No. 1864593

tangential to this but just since he's close to this community, the #1 example in my mind of someone who seems to sincerely believe twaw because he's bisexual and tims and women are both nothing more than holes to him is vaush. truly the foulest personality of that whole bunch

No. 1864614

Because they view trans as fucking fetishes, you'd think men who were so open about their love for "Women" who are born male, to the point where Vaush was saying he hates looking at his gf's body and he hates women, would just openly date troons and not waste time with Women. They know a man/troon will never be what a woman is for them in their lives. Rather it's someone to clean up, baby them, deal with their bullshit and actually care, cook, whatever misogynstic role they look for in women. They just view troons as a fetish or at best a Poly partner. Not someone they can love and grow old with. They also know that these TIMS are not going to treat these losers how a woman would. They are just as selfish as these scrotes and/or they are just focused on sex nothing else.
I think all men into troons view them as fetishes or "Copes' but it seems the wokest bro just so happens to verbally suck troon dick but never date one openly. Either they are in it for the grief or are into transgenders sexually and nothing more. Why not defend a "Woman" with a dick? They still deserve more respect then women because they are "Actually in danger" or some retarded shit. It's just dick havers defending their own.

No. 1864632

File: 1689384261934.png (303.25 KB, 654x503, image.PNG)

No. 1864637

Can someone post the original image in full size, for research purposes

No. 1864649

Bloblax and this troon… corporate wants me to tell the difference between these two, but…

No. 1864656

That's the joke. It's a reference to another Tumblr post.

No. 1864662

I don't think this is a TiM. Im pretty sure this is an emo singer from the 2000's

No. 1864665

That's Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance.

No. 1864681

File: 1689391193076.jpeg (279.09 KB, 1284x1927, IMG_8982.jpeg)

trannies are too desperate for attention

No. 1864682

Am i trippin', or did he really blurr his finger tips despite his WHOLE ass face being his profile pic?

No. 1864692

He should've censored his chin instead(learn to sage)

No. 1864694

fucking Hapsburg ass jaw fr

No. 1864697

it’s so bad, so many troons. there was a drag show, it was a 14A event but from what i’ve been seeing on ig it was very not 14A. this convention needs do no longer say it’s family friendly. i saw a male latex female face masker dressed as tifa, i wish i grabbed a picture because it was horrific.

No. 1864698

Lmfao oh god not an it/its tranny who does meth

No. 1864706

and his handle is HRT frog omg how original definitely has a personality of his own /s

No. 1864707

It really irks me how he goes deep into comparison between trannies and aborted girls, along with potential eugenics surrounding homosexuality and autism. Other than that, it's hard to sum up the whole video because he doesn't even manage to say anything coherent. Thirty minutes of babbling wrapped in aesthetic editing and the only thing you can draw from it is that being trans is a ~vibe~. Of course.

No. 1864709

File: 1689394882960.jpg (235.5 KB, 828x1010, F1CcrInaYAAtGvj.jpg)

Trannies can't ever get rid of that gay voice they have

No. 1864723

File: 1689397337417.jpg (469.26 KB, 1079x1828, oktechbro.jpg)

where do i even start with this one kek

No. 1864730

>being cis is actively enforced on all of us from birth, in a process known as forced cissification. Google it!

No. 1864736

File: 1689399766039.jpeg (Spoiler Image,44.52 KB, 416x663, F0i90vNX0AEnt6b.jpeg)

Least disgusting tranny

No. 1864739

This might be one of the top 10 scariest troons ever posted in these threads

No. 1864743

I think this isnt a tranny in the sense the common tranny is, this is legit more of a boomer newfag in their circle

No. 1864809

File: 1689423119660.jpg (101.81 KB, 1080x1062, F03G_EkXsAE2yfX.jpg)

Almost like going the troon way wont magically fix your mental issues

No. 1864843

>succubus lullaby
what the fuck
aren't lullabys sang to babies/children

No. 1864877

File: 1689433225325.jpg (277.71 KB, 1431x2048, F1Fg1aEaYAI7Haj.jpg)

No. 1864878

File: 1689433320963.jpg (195.34 KB, 1428x2048, F1Fg1aEaIAYPE31.jpg)

Echo chamber realness

No. 1864885

>i see no boy
Me neither, that’s a grown ass man.

No. 1864889

File: 1689434766299.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.03 KB, 828x1066, F1FZ3jRaAAE7Hw4.jpg)

We need to bring bullying trannies back because lately they have had ZERO shame in public

No. 1864892

More like we need to bring back kink shaming.

No. 1864899

why not both

does a post ever just really hit you ladies with how delusional trannies are? like reeeally hit you? this is a great example. imagine doing this. like imagine going outside in just a diaper at the age of 30+ and not thinking it’s the absolute most embarrassing thing in the world. in fact, you’re turned on by it.

one of the top 3 most degenerate fucking fetishes ever, and these men are willing to share it to their public profiles, forever cementing themselves as disgusting pedophiles. i guess it’s good that they’re outing themselves like this for the rest of us to avoid them

No. 1864900

File: 1689435669314.gif (805.29 KB, 338x209, Why not both.gif)

No. 1864915

This. But they’d just get off on it. I’m really fucking tired of moids and their deranged fetishes.

No. 1864932

Aren't the French known to burn things they dislike? Not saying that you should burn anything, just getting my facts straight about the French people.
But to be a little bit more serious, I've started to make audible comments about stuff that annoys me in public spaces and those troons would get a very angry loud comment and I'm sure other people would follow and stop standing around looking at them like they are some kind of attraction.

No. 1864935

these middle aged men need to stop calling themselves girls

No. 1864938

French TRAs are extremely violent towards women/lesbians.

No. 1864948

Does anyone have that image of one autistic troon telling that his neighbor said "I am gonna call the police" after he asked her "do you like chocolate milk"
That reminds me of one video where the french troons put fire on the signs radfem lesbians were holding during pride and the police did nothing. They hate women.

No. 1864978

I always admired the French protest culture as someone growing up in a country where everyone just follows the leader, but I came to understand that it's mostly aggressive moids doing damage all around them.

The police reaction you >>1864948 describe is what I've seen in many European countries by now, women get attacked by troons (or men), police won't react. But honestly, there are parts in my city I can't even go in broad daylight because I will be harassed by (mostly muslim) moids and the police in my city knows it, but they just don't care. The motto for the pride week this year in my city is "Self-determination now! Allied against trans*phobia"… as if the troons won't have any self-determination about their body and life and won't get paid every single shit through health insurance. It just feels like the people in higher places want them to "succeed" so they can get more money out of them.

No. 1864982

File: 1689443884491.jpg (14.14 KB, 261x260, aphex twin.jpg)

Come To Daddy

No. 1864990

how much do you wanna bet he was the one talking over women before

No. 1865026

File: 1689450229679.png (39.41 KB, 1149x191, image.png)

Found on an /r/unitedkingdom thread about police enforcing catcalling. Very womanly opinion!

No. 1865032

File: 1689451520647.jpg (472.7 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20230715_160558_Chr…)

wow kek I know I shouldn't be but I'm almost surprised at how virulently, openly misogynistic this guy is. from his "dni":
>Whines or reblogs whining about the specter of lesbians (read: cis lesbians) “being wrongly accused of TERFism :(”

love to see an XY in a constant state of seethe

No. 1865043

File: 1689452788105.jpg (128.18 KB, 1440x1440, S0VX2CI.jpg)

straight they/them woman (she is married to a man) with she/they (probably straight) man at Outfest to celebrate queer screenwriters

No. 1865057

John cena as a Barbie mermaid looks more feminine than this dude

No. 1865073

why do troon het couples always look like an educational poster for sexual dimorphism

No. 1865106

I have a new neighbor that I only see when he comes out to collect the groceries his mom brought/bought him, IN HIS UNDERWEAR. Literally tighty whities and nothing else. And is a complete cunt to his mother as she coddles him. Who wants to make a bet how long it’s gonna be til he troons out?

No. 1865140

Did they already shit themselves in the pic or is it just how a rape wand looks like in diapers? Male ballerinas have this issue too, they just look like they have a massive log of shit in their pants at all times.

No. 1865202

File: 1689467794828.jpg (640.32 KB, 810x2524, Screenshot_20230715-201537_Red…)

Bunch of troonatics claiming to experience periods in this post:

No. 1865208

File: 1689468365142.jpg (128.19 KB, 828x1140, F1FXDpKaMAE_U5x.jpg)

No. 1865209

File: 1689468391901.jpg (156.37 KB, 828x1332, F1HZoRmaIAABjzb.jpg)

No. 1865211

Remember when pride was about showing everyone that being gay or a lesbian was just a normal thing and that anyone under the rainbow flag was just like you and me?

No. 1865215

I don't think anyone born after 1990 does.

No. 1865220

oh, you stupid troons, many women learn to hate their bodies as soon as they get into puberty. Some have body dysmorphia, some self-harm, some have eating disorders, everything because they feel something is wrong with their body. Just let's say that many women have body dysphoria, still, they don't change their gender, they get help, because they know that what they are feeling is a mental illness and not reality. .

And I wish that they will get the periods I (and other women) got for many years. Feeling suicidal to the point I wouldn't get close to a subway or bridge, having back pain so bad I couldn't sit still for 5 minutes, bleeding through my trousers even though I just changed my tampon and not being able to fucking sleep for two days because of everything. And no one is out there helping you as a woman to understand what's happening with your body or what you need to do. I was so tired many times that I couldn't even think straight, only thing I had to do was take some iron supplements, but no one told me. It's still shamed to have your period as a women, but we shall celebrate moids having some cramps because they ate one taco too many. And last thing, I never heard a woman having her period saying that she craves pickles, what do they have with fucking pickles?

Sry, rant over, hope they get real periods and join the 41%.

No. 1865221

>It 100% is a period. I just don't menstruate.

No. 1865222

imagine going to the cinema, paying money to see a movie you always wanted to see and then those creatures sit next to you, smelling like piss and probably fumbling with their phones all the time. Way to ruin everything for other people.

No. 1865251

File: 1689473005192.jpg (401.56 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20230715_215013_Ins…)

>Findings of the San Francisco transgender community health project, from issue #45 FTM international, 1999
>5% MTF lesbians
the zoomer coomer troons in the comment section suggested the stat was false, as if transbians would be the plague they are without reddit/twitter/imageboards

No. 1865262

it’s so ridiculous how trannies never fail to look absolutely ridiculous in photos they don’t/can’t photoshop. I don’t know how they wake up in the morning and trick themselves into thinking they can pull off a dress

No. 1865318

is there no public indecency laws in france? why are these pants shitting retards allowed to walk around in public like this? unsanitary and unsightly

No. 1865338

File: 1689483719523.jpg (126 KB, 763x960, 358467616_600529238863183_6636…)

Disney princesses reimagined as troons.

No. 1865347

5 of these face swaps are with female villains.

No. 1865369

NTA, but I imagine we're all well aware anon. Also tbf, ursula was modeled after a man.

No. 1865376

dumb considering there are female villains on this list

No. 1865391

whatever, tranny

No. 1865403

It's so ironic they claim to identify as women but it's obvious they have no idea about anything actual women go through and zero empathy towards women in general.

No. 1865415

File: 1689493162694.jpg (488.27 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20230716_093637_Chr…)

Do you nonas also randomly clock troons just from their writing style?
It's crazy how much they stick out with their weird fetish shit. Randomly searched up something about one anime on reddit. Thought no sane person would write lime this unless it's a troon, and of course, it's a trabsbian active in actuallesbians.

No. 1865426

kek wtf anon, calling women trannies bc they called your boomer picture dumb is the weirdest reason

No. 1865440

the title…"cisgender" people DO experience dysphoria, including many detransitioners and gnc people. many of them are still anti-trans regardless kek. also, it's been said before, but how the fuck do they expect anyone to believe they're having a cycle when their hormones aren't cycling? is everyone just so genuinely uneducated in the female body? rhetorical question, i know the answer is yes.

No. 1865454

File: 1689497389926.png (1.5 MB, 652x2288, Screenshot 62.png)

The absolute delusion.

No. 1865467

it should be illegal to be in public in fetish attire

No. 1865469

File: 1689499301657.png (3.04 MB, 1620x2143, exeterdragon.png)

TIM's uncomfortable female coworkers being forced to comply with him using their changing room:

No. 1865479

i don’t think younger people understand that feeling uncomfortable with your body for a variety of reasons is the norm. most people wish they looked different, or straight up hate their bodies, especially women. body positivity is a pipe dream, the best we can aspire to is body neutrality.

No. 1865490

Why doesn't she get a legit job if it's so much work anyway?(bait)

No. 1865508


Notice how none of the after photos feature a genuine, relaxed smile

No. 1865512

whatever, tranny

No. 1865516

File: 1689507074186.png (1.23 MB, 810x2642, NSFWSituation.png)

Troons be out there single-handedly setting women's lib back decades

No. 1865519

I like to site trannies as one of the many justifiable reasons women hate men and don’t date them anymore. Scrotes can suffer the consequences of their own actions.

No. 1865522

File: 1689508648925.png (Spoiler Image,588.74 KB, 742x815, 45774457547754.png)

WARNING!!! One of the worst rot pockets ever! Do not open while eating or in public

It legit looks like the whole thing is falling off

No. 1865535

File: 1689511306317.jpeg (137.24 KB, 828x886, IMG_1304.jpeg)

I audibly gasped. Imagine the smell, imagine the pain he is in. The troon actually deleted the post but it was reposted to r/eyebleach here:
Some of the replies to the original post are simply unbelievable (pic related)

No. 1865540

>that agb smirk

No. 1865542

What in the god fuck? What is that flowing out? Pus? Innards?

No. 1865543

Even caked in makeup at their most flattering angle you can tell they are men.

No. 1865544

Rotten flesh.

No. 1865553

I consider the operation was a success…he’s removed himself from the gene pool.

I can’t believe experimental surgery on level with Dr.Mengele is now literally is a thing paid for by Medicaid.
Yet be a woman and need insurance to cover reconstructive surgery after cancer and we are basically told to go fuck ourselves.

No. 1865563

File: 1689514872698.jpg (452.65 KB, 900x789, thedelusiontorotpipeline.jpg)

i actually gagged.
>If there is an infection present
KEK if??
christ, this moron is literally rotting from the crotch up and will be lucky to make it out of this situation alive.

No. 1865565

Men are this archetype of person, and then they either tran or OD, useless

No. 1865566

yes, all the time. their writing style has an uncanny style to it. If their username has a female name with "kitty" or some other cutesy/feminine term, it's a tranny 99% of the time.

No. 1865567

I've been called sexist by trannies after telling them they have a male typing style and don't even pass in text lol.

No. 1865569

What the fuck is that on the top of it? Several pustules? Did the surgeon decide on giving him multiple "clits"?

No. 1865571

File: 1689515918339.png (420.06 KB, 630x809, kek.png)

Was blocked after telling this 36 year old man he will never be a woman.

No. 1865574

I keep banging my head into a wall every time I hear a troon say they "pass", when more often than not they are passing inasmuch that other people are literally just being polite and not telling them they still look/act/sound like a dude. It's genuinely so embarrassing.

No. 1865577

And like every narcissist ever they know what everyone’s intention is, and if you disagree with the intention they assign you you’re wrong because only they get to decide how you intended things

No. 1865580

As someone who briefly studied library science, only long enough to become aware of everything I didn’t yet know, designing and administering a well-run catelogueing system is fucking complex. But of course, being an autistic tranny take priority over actually getting a university degree in the field and they should just hire you on the basis of your puffy nipples and male enititlement

No. 1865610

There are different types of jobs you can get with a library degree. It’s not all just public libraries. There are special libraries like medical or law, working in archives or museums, plus having some coding knowledge from school can be helpful. OT but I know several people who did it and all have different types of jobs that aren’t related to people’s traditional idea of working at a public library.

No. 1865627

Bro, this is fucked up. So many young women, and CHILDREN go through hell, are abused, have their minds/relationships with their body altered forever (such as eating disorders and body dysmorphia and just all around lower self esteem) just to win a stupid fucking 'beauty' pageant that enforces strict misogynistic and western beauty standards. I can't even imagine how these poor women would feel seeing all their hard life-long work just get flushed down the drain, just because some mentally ill moid wants to feel 'validated' or he'll kill myself.

No. 1865638

Oh 100% I saw some game designer that had a suspiciously troon name so I checked their twitter and it was all about advertising the game, some cool sight seeing things and other random non-political tweets. Definitely a woman. The anime that this troon is particularly writing about is a cute slice of life without porn sick gags or themes. It's about a boy and a girl finding love and support despite them being completely different people. The girl's arc is about how she's stuck raising her brother like a mother because her parents are always working and the boy's arc is about opening his heart after being bullied, depression and using piercings and tattoos as a form of self harm. It's one of the most non-degenerate animes out there. Of course a troon is going to misread that, misunderstand and turn it into something sexual. The gay jokes are gags, but of course this autist can't understand that it has nothing to do with any of their character growth. It's making fun of gayness, not being progressive.

No. 1865651

File: 1689523042591.png (578.04 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20230713-213817~2.p…)

Not sure if this has been posted yet but found this on TikTok. Not sure if this person is an actual radfem or gender critical woman or if they're just saying they're radfem and posting this as some sorta troll attempt or whatever

No. 1865659

I really hate when these fuckwads just make shit up like this bc since when the fuck are terfs doing that? And if someone is excluding a person of color from the community its probably bc they are racist

No. 1865669

These fuckwits can't go 5 fucking seconds without comparing a black woman to a troon, a literal male manly man, even when trying to somehow claim the other side are the ones doing it. How do they not see the irony of saying evil terfs are the ones doing it, only to associate black women with masculine features and then lump them in with troons and butches? You're literally doing it yourself in your own post!!! Jesus

No. 1865671

Samefagging just to clarify that men are masculine by default because they're male, butches are trying to look aesthetically masculine on purpose by choice, and the TRA then just assume black womens features are masculine by default as well because…? They're racist.

No. 1865704

File: 1689527243341.jpeg (430.24 KB, 733x841, 736AA71C-13AA-4B22-8F14-C44170…)

Made sense with the coomer “non-binary” art he makes. A shame as his art is pretty decent

No. 1865709

I think you are right about it, at least it's one of the reasons for me as most of the troons here started trooning around the age I'm right now and have the many of their interests (video games, anime, sci-fi), so I'm very cautious about those men. I wouldn't want to date someone only to find him wearing my underwear and telling me his name is Lilith.

No. 1865712

Except the most masculine of black women and butchiest of women are still women. Why do they think everyone’s like them, determining who a women is by how much she appeals to their sexuality and preferences? Failure to meet advertising standards of beauty doesn’t make someone not a woman, just like buying those beauty standards doesn’t make a man a woman… it just makes them a consumerist.

No. 1865717

It’s such projection bc I usually only see white MtFs doing this and using WoC as pawns when they haven’t experienced the same oppression on any level (as a woman, with dark skin, etc).

No. 1865762

how can you have black flesh falling from your body and not feel that something is wrong? How disconnected do you have to your body and mind to not understand that this is not the right reaction after any form of surgery. But well, no gynaecologist can tell the difference and this looks better than any normal vagina…

No. 1865770


This comic pretty much sums up troonery. Except it DOESN'T really help anymore than a placebo can help an axe wound.

No. 1865773

Love how they think their hairline magically grows back.

No. 1865774

Well at least he passes as female (a tumblr edgy TIF) in his username.
It's a TIRF (trans inclusive "radical feminist"), aka not radical at all. Just call yourself an ordinary libfem then.

No. 1865779

File: 1689532879962.png (94.63 KB, 678x473, karma.png)

I have no sympathy for this pervert

No. 1865786

his neovagina is karma

No. 1865791

what rot pocket, it's elephant's foot at this point kek

No. 1865837

Hate how woke men use "middle class white woman" as a safe cover for when they're about to drop something misogynistic. Black women get catcalled too, poor women get catcalled, he means women as a whole but he wants a safe way to be a misogynist. Also using cunt as an insult, at that point its obvious.

No. 1865841

File: 1689537762214.webm (1.94 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 709171026239426077…)

No. 1865846

black women, especially those who are darker skinned getting called men is due to colorism + misogyny. unironically from other black men. it's colorism that decided darker = more masculine, lighter = feminine. tf to terfs gotta do with it? don't know if the poster is a TiM but if they are, they're the ones who so heavily relay on femininity to even get mistaken as women from the get go. women getting called men because of racist isn't the same as calling men larping as women men.

No. 1865861

It’s so fascinatingly grotesque. A truly mangled manhole. You could just peel those rotting bits off.

No. 1865877

Is it wrong to say the 3rd guy was kinda cute before he trooned?

No. 1865879

Lol, fuck me.

No. 1865935

File: 1689544269557.webm (8.84 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 722266518591013201…)

how could taking a fixed dose of exogenous steroids cause a hormonal cycle? in a man anyway

No. 1865940

i believe some tims do have some kind of scheduled fluctuating hormone regimen but most don't spare the effort (i think all the ones that do are diyers as well, trained endocrinologists don't endorse it)
if they do that then i think claims of fluctuating mood at least make sense but again of course many who make pms claims are not doing that. fantastic understanding of the female endocrine system to summarize the menstrual cycle as "body has estrogen = prepare for baby".
something that i never see pointed out to counter the "my ibs cramps are period cramps" thing too is that the prostaglandins that cause uterine contractions and also intestinal contractions in women on their periods come from uterine tissue. if you don't have a uterus you are also not having the intestinal portion of period cramps. the origin being the uterus is why only neighboring organs are also affected; it doesn't make it far in the bloodstream before it gets taken up by the intestines.

No. 1865983

File: 1689548268534.png (778.29 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20230716-185244~2.p…)

No. 1866008

Why don't women who take hormones after menopause claim they get periods

No. 1866023

The whole “I worked harder than women to be a woman” is the most male thing I’ve ever fucking heard of. No actual woman on earth thinks like this, especially regarding sex. It’s bizarre as hell.

No. 1866025

He looked normal at least. This is why you can’t trust any men now. Even your average frat boy looking dude bro is at risk.

No. 1866030

sage for medical sperging, but since you asked, nona:

yeah, no. this hasn't been researched nearly enough to actually make any big claims from a scientific standpoint, but anyone who has any familiarity with the menstrual cycle and female hormones in general knows it's unlikely to be true at best.

i say this because even in menopausal women with fully present reproductive systems (ovaries, uterus, etc) who take HRT—the largest group of woman who are medicated comprably to males on feminizing hormones—specific and varying dosages need to be given in order to continue having periods.

it's called cyclical HRT, and involves taking estrogen continuously and progesterone for only half the month, which doesn't EXACTLY mimic natural hormone cycles but comes closer than continuous HRT, which as far as i'm aware is what the op of this video is doing.

what's more, surgical removal of the ovaries is sometimes referred to as "surgical menopause" in the sense that, without ovaries, the menstrual cycle does not continue. in cases where the uterus is left intact, HRT can still cause periods in some, but again, this typically requires cyclical HRT and also a uterus, neither of which are present in the group in question.

estrogen and progesterone themselves both are known to cause various effects around the body, including things such as reduced bowel mobility and mood changes, which could potentially be responsible for the "periods" reported here. there's also a nonzero chance it's largely psychosomatic in nature, which is frankly what i suspect, but these hormones are incredibly complex (moreso than the hormones at play during male puberty, anyway) and i think it's good scientific practice to not speak in absolutes.

anyway, i love how his "sources" in this video are an article that outright says there's no research and it's anecdotal, and what appears to be a personal testimony from someome, neither of which are reputable proof of these claims kek.

No. 1866062

File: 1689554229729.webm (6.27 MB, 720x1280, yaas kwung.webm)

a perfectly normal average all ages drag show, not my video. muted bc it was just the op screaming. but yeah man in big tiddy nipple breast plate with a thong and and hip pads, totally normal thing for people to bring their families too on a sunday afternoon. there was another 14A drag show at this anime convention that was very uh not 14A. I was going to go just to further peak myself, but there was a queue a mile long and I didnt care that much.

No. 1866085

File: 1689555265203.jpg (463.06 KB, 1080x1994, underattack.jpg)

why are they all so melodramatic?? "under attack" like they're the only people who sometimes get a shitty deal out of social media…literally every group has that. it's a natural consequence of moderation; sometimes it's unfair. the donation post is funny as fuck too kek, he also claims to be disabled so it basically checks all the ebegger boxes

No. 1866109

my man looking like Eric Idle in Aella cosplay

No. 1866123

How much you wanna bet this retard joined Tumblr like a year ago when Muskrat bought Twitter? You chose to join Tumblr, you dumb scrote. If you don't like it when women have opinions you disagree with, then don't colonize a predominantly female website. Go back to sperging about gorlcock on Leddit if it bothers you so much.

No. 1866139

>will feel amazing
Well, he’s gonna have a rude awakening…

No. 1866141

File: 1689557956762.jpg (22.04 KB, 474x316, OIP.jpg)

Does anyone watch 90 day Fiance? There is a tranny on this season who is autistic and dating a faggot in denial who tells his friends he is straight lol. And he clearly doesn't want to fuck the tranny, is always chatting up women in the trannies presence.. it's really embarrassing.

No. 1866192

that's 1000% it. even funnier considering how radfems get termed all the time, as do plenty of normal ass women. and being flagged mature…kek. did this dumb scrote forget about female presenting nipples? they seriously want to he the center of the world everywhere they go. i really wish they'd all go back to wherever they came from.

No. 1866217

I had the same thought then realized he's probably hsts like Blaire. He gives off heavy grindr user vibes

No. 1866238

TLC and 90 Day Fiance are basically just LC for normies lbr. They put these buttbuddies on the show because they knew the drama would be funny.

No. 1866264

what happened to drag queens not being under the trans umbrella?

No. 1866284

File: 1689566322654.jpg (350.06 KB, 2016x1992, 1664922469568.jpg)

No. 1866326

File: 1689568370367.png (315.38 KB, 652x625, Screenshot 35.png)

not really, he looked good in the third pic but sometimes you can tell, just like the TIM in picrel, he was some nerd who was insecure about his masculinity, got buff but still didn't feel like a "man" on the inside, and that influenced his decisions to troon out.

No. 1866341

File: 1689570369995.gif (1.98 MB, 400x250, crazy eyes cat.gif)

Probably creative writing, but fucking hilarious if true. Imagine you're trying to wash your car and some obese dude in pigtails asks you if you like chocolate milk in a weird falsetto voice. I'd fucken call the cops too tf

No. 1866344

File: 1689570573359.jpeg (43.29 KB, 500x375, 1675322161172.jpeg)

No. 1866345

File: 1689570593951.jpeg (567.38 KB, 1170x1989, IMG_4703.jpeg)

y’all are truly going to get a kek out of this one. tik tok decided to show me this hell of a video today. i’m on mobile so forgive me for not posting the video itself but i’ll give you the run down quick. view at your own discretion - it’s easy to find him if you just search his username

> makes absolutely no attempt to sound feminine in any way

> tries extremely hard to cover his receding hairline with shitty bangs as if we don’t see exactly what he’s doing
> establishes a metaphor where cake pops = testicles, the cake pop stick = penis, the bag the cake pops came in = testicle skin, donut = vagina, and donut glaze = vaginal secretions
> proceeds to explain how when he had his balls - sorry, his cake pops - removed, he requested that the doctor leave the skin intact to be used at a later date
> gives a long-winded explanation of getting the type of rot pocket where they flip your dick inside out using the metaphor above
> says that one drawback of this type of surgery is how you will have to “manually glaze your donut every time you want to serve it,” implying that other methods are able to recreate a self-lubricating organ
> concludes by saying he doesn’t know if he will actually get the surgery ever

this shit has thousands of comments from handmaidens that it gave me a headache reading them. they’re giving him asspats for everything, including how his way around the tik tok censorship is just so freaking clever omg! he’s trying to normalize this disgusting surgery through this weird ass donut metaphor. it’s his way of coping with the thought of turning his penis inside out and permanently destroying his body i suppose. do you ladies think he came up with this skit at home and went to starbucks specifically to make this video, or did he come up with it on the spot?

No. 1866346

I didn't think it was possible to make cake pops and donuts unappetizing but here we are. I guess this is good for any nonas on a diet kek.

No. 1866350

>Sitting on public transit in a soiled diaper
I bitch a lot about how car-centric Burgerland is, but after looking at this, I've never felt so thankful for my piece of shit hooptie. My stereo doesn't work and the hood is covered in hail damage, but at least no one's pissed on my carseats.

No. 1866383

Not just any Obese dude in pig tails, it's this dude kek

No. 1866432

File: 1689579623011.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.31 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20230717_004152_Chr…)

No. 1866455

Why didn't I respect the spoiler and push my luck.

No. 1866464

Don't unspoil unless you want your day ruined

No. 1866471


"The devious sexually violent thoughts I was experiencing have abated now that I'm castrated" lmao good?

No. 1866472

File: 1689589679094.jpeg (203.13 KB, 828x1118, IMG_9089.jpeg)

>tranny doesn’t know the difference between sex and gender

No. 1866473

File: 1689589777454.jpg (932.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230717-062739_Red…)

Apologies if this has already been shared kek:

No. 1866474

> his way around the tik tok censorship is just so freaking clever omg!
OT but I hate this shit. I have every explicit tranny/queer adjacent tag blocked because I don’t want to see it but they just come up with new phrases to get around it and then cry when people in the comments say they don’t want to be recommended videos about their last T4T lesbian hookup

No. 1866476

built like a portable refrigerator

No. 1866477

File: 1689590770317.jpg (2.49 MB, 1440x4120, Screenshot_20230717-063906_Chr…)

Tranny regrets getting the chop:

No. 1866483

What’s with Belgium and trannies? I used to have a friend from Belgium and he was a troon

No. 1866487

File: 1689592195826.jpeg (131.51 KB, 737x511, IMG_1313.jpeg)

is this the trans joy we’ve heard so much about? or are they finally admitting to what we’ve all known along? and of course he doesn’t look anything like his drawing lmao

No. 1866489

Jesus fucking christ lol

No. 1866490

The ”other” mental insanity is just because of the boolying and constant trans genocide, don’t you know?

No. 1866494

File: 1689593197128.png (43.17 KB, 636x811, 83164860246.png)

No. 1866496

File: 1689594168225.jpg (211.19 KB, 1080x1432, F1MZOCKX0AAZGwZ.jpg)

>doctors did this to me by messing up my hormones
>if i had transitioned as a teen I would be beautiful now
>if I cant be a hot woman and men want me I want to kill myself

God the suicide rate for trannies is hilarious when you know alot of them become suicidal for not looking like hot porn women
Also how did the hormones make you more masculine? I think its just regular aging my guy, youre just ugly

No. 1866501


And we are supposed to believe that it's not a sex thing when this guy writes 15 paragraphs about only sex

No. 1866509

I actually laughed out IRL reading this, cause its hilarious seeing troons realize how much they've ruined themselves once they aren't able to coom anymire.

No. 1866518

It reads like he wrote it with one hand while trying to coom with the other

No. 1866549

Why does this person look like Chris chan lmao. Imagine just minding your own business and a weirdly dress guy in a high pitched voice asks you if you like chocolate milk

No. 1866630

File: 1689604361477.jpg (46.92 KB, 689x441, F1IqTI2aEAAxPGB.jpg)

Yes because being a woman is being such a bitch am I right ladies! Being a bitch and being a slut is all a woman is good for hahahaha

No. 1866646

Why does this always happen with guys that are built like ogres

No. 1866658

Testosterone makes you clinically retarded.

No. 1866662

He's possibly even more autistic than Chris, like so autistic he's straight up retarded. I'm pretty sure he has live-in handlers. Genuinely don't know how someone like him has the agency to decide on something like horsepiss.

No. 1866665

men are so funny, I have come to understand that everything they need in life to be happy is to have sex and cum, literally all the self-fulfillment there is to them, so it's hilarious to me that some men are even daring to risk their ability to fuck and cum like this. Truly miserable creatures

No. 1866667

Lol. Side note, but I hate how they always call their useless chunk of remaining dick head a clit. Not a clit, never going to be a clit. I doubt most of them even know that the clitoris isn’t just a little nub, but an organ that has a large internal structure that wraps around the vulva.

No. 1866669

Thanks nona!

No. 1866683

File: 1689608462734.png (1.05 MB, 960x1080, Troonface_After.PNG)


I first found this troon about five months ago, and only just rediscovered him after almost instantly forgetting about him. I had bookmarked a tweet of heIt was when he was engaged in a Twitter spat that I noticed something was off when he was getting over hundreds of likes for his tweets, which I could only assume was him botting or calling on those he follows to support him:

https://twitter.com/AUselessSapphic/status/1626680168013258752 (https://archive.li/hDPQe)
https://twitter.com/AUselessSapphic/status/1626687412931039232 (https://archive.li/6i2we)

Apparently he is some film critic, who did reviews of sci-fi films and tv shows, but now all he does is rail about the usual enemies of Troonery such as Graham Linehan, J. K. Rowling, and other (transphobic, or otherwise) bigots that drive him up the wall for not seeing him as the pretty mulatta girl that he sometimes portrays himself as, because he looks like (((Howard Stern))) in even more excessive makeup (pic related), though he sometimes substituted this image of himself with that of some other woman, or it could be a VERY HEAVILY EDITED picture of himself (though, I'm inclined to believe the former). He is also an animator, though what animated shit he's made, I can't find it. He was also a voice actor (or actress, as he calls himself in his LinkedIn) However, whatever voice demo he made is now gone.

In his IMDb profile, he is credited as having appeared on some cheap (and now defunct) podcast about comics and pop culture called Titular Characters by Eva Webb, where it lists his DEADNAME(!):


(also, @ 11:13 - "the Internet is definitely [a] Human Right")




Granted, he called himself Josh as late as December 27, so he didn't fully troon out until 2+ years later (I think he did Identify himself as non-binary)


Article he appeared in concerning an adaptation of The War of the Worlds (best if you use the archive to read it):

https://business.decaturdailydemocrat.com/decaturdailydemocrat/news/read/40390429/three_war_of_the_worlds_adaptations_better_than_the_jeff_wayne_musical (https://archive.ph/dFqrS)



https://www.dailymotion.com/nevermore-raven (Redirects From http://www.dailymotion.com/notjust4kids)









https://www.linkedin.com/in/jocelyn-macphearson-876a8192 (https://archive.ph/4weIt)

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jocelyn-macphearson-161a87209 (https://archive.ph/RoQrr)






https://twitter.com/AUselessSapphic, @AUselessSapphic (Semi-Active Since July 8th of 2023)

https://archive.li/https://twitter.com/NJ4K1* (Suspended)




https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBRwxE9hCt_acUBjNvQ_XmQ, https://www.youtube.com/@NJ4KTV


https://www.youtube.com/@tearoomanimationstudios611(racebaiting wall of vendetta)

No. 1866685

File: 1689608813269.jpg (724.92 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20230717_113844_Red…)

How did this tranny get famous while looking like this?? Are they a nepo baby or what? Definitely some sort of industry plant but whyyyy

No. 1866691

Wtf is that pose in the selfie. Holding up the gigantic meaty paw to daintily brush a jaw made like a ship’s prow, just like all human females do, lmao

No. 1866719

No. 1866732

he was one of the first and youngest troons we had in Germany, his whole transition was shown on television and I think he was the youngest person to get bottom surgery at that point. He got many things handed to him because some TV stations had shows where they would "support" people with their dreams, so people could watch it and laugh about them. He tells he didn't have any support, but there were people behind him and his parents aren't in any way poor or have a bad background. It's sad that I can't find anything about his early appearances on television anymore, would have shared them with you long ago.

No. 1866754

Wanting to alog bcuz of the usually comments proving men know nothing about women's bodies. A comment stated that "women don't usually orgasm during sex but sex itself will still feel really good!" Bruhhhh
And then some copes about how lots of women can't feel pleasure either during sex so it's okay!
But wow I don't feel bad for op but it did strike me as something someone with severe trauma would write, which duh, you have undergone severe mutilation to your body and you can't even release the emotions as anger towards someone so its a very emotional read imagining if I was in his place

No. 1866759

An interesting thing about this is that teen/kid transition is pushed BECAUSE adult transition didn't work, so not because it worked. So the Dutch were thinking like "maybe if we had done it earlier before puberty it would have worked better? Let's try that". That's what child transition is based on: the fact that if failed for adults. Fucking scary.

No. 1866790

I didn’t check the comments but the fact that they are like that isn’t surprising in the least. Men still too stupid to understand that women can feel pleasure during sex, most of them just have no idea how to properly stimulate the female body so of course they’re like hurr durr women don’t orgasm during sex and don’t even feel pleasure! Seriously don’t think they could sound more male. They want to wear us but don’t understand anything about us. It makes me happy to be a lesbian so I don’t have to deal with male sexual stupidity and entitlement.

No. 1866826

You love to see it

No. 1866858

File: 1689620286019.png (449.78 KB, 579x326, Troonface_Before.PNG)

And here is what the troon looked like before he transitioned, back when he wore the Tom Baker's Doctor Who Scarf. Pic related was taken from a stream he did seven years ago, where he played Five Nights at Candy's:


Here are articles that mention him praising some crappy sci-fi miniseries:

https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4760429 (https://archive.ph/trEiZ)
https://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/as-fans-wait-for-wonder-woman-1984-amazon-hit-female-superhero-series-chrome-continues-to-delights-viewers-and-critics_499812.html (https://archive.ph/S4YIl)

I also forgot to mention that he's British, but he moved to the U.S. in 2008, as he mentioned in a video below that when Obama codified gay marriage at a federal level, it had been seven years he had been living in the U.S. While watching this video, I learned that he created a self-published comic series called "Ariel High School Devil Girl" in the early 90s, a time "when representation was still facing a difficult time" and covered issues like bullying, racism, and LGBTQ issues, but all I can see of this comic is anime fetish shit (the catalyst for transgender insanity), such as the protagonist being dressed in a sailor uniform with a very short skirt:


Some trailers for Ariel:



On the Ariel the School Devil Facebook Page, his name is listed as Josh Clark:










No. 1866868

File: 1689620941185.jpg (83.23 KB, 745x944, F1QH_fLaYAAqB0t.jpg)

Obsessed with fashion lol, troons either dress like a colorblind 87year old grandma or a 6 year old kid, they have ZERO sense of fashion

No. 1866882

What's it with perverts and comparing sex to food? "Food porn" (why would you compare nicely looking food to premediated severe sexual abuse on video?), suggestively looking dishes, etc. You see it with coomers proclaiming sex is on the same level of a basic human need as food. You will certainly die without food. You will certainly not die without cooming.

No. 1866884

They have to wear cardis because it rounds their hulking tranny shoulders.

No. 1866905

File: 1689623607150.png (720.86 KB, 1169x1767, IMG_0539.png)

who the fuck has ever said that ever. god i want to alog

No. 1866909

File: 1689623741873.png (678.17 KB, 1169x1588, IMG_0541.png)

i hate twitter troons with a fucking passion

No. 1866910

File: 1689623757858.jpg (490.44 KB, 1280x1868, e-seal.jpg)

Oh, I wondered where my personal cow went to! He has an outrageously obese cat and lives in squalor. Attached is the chin down of our beautiful lady and his poor cat (sadly, I didn't achieve any selfies before the other account was deleted). He was on tumblr for a while as e-seal, cmder, rickybabyboy, and wizpolys among many other identities.

No. 1866912

No one says that. An individual woman might remark how she doesn’t have much arm hair or that it’s fine, but whatever. They just love making shit up.

No. 1866971

AGP? More like Autistic Grotesque Pedophile.

No. 1866976

holy shit. i'm the one who posted the sc you're replying to and i'm SO glad someone else vaguely remembers this guy. i knew i recognized the username from somewhere. that poor cat…i assume if he can't even put himself on a diet he won't be doing anything about his pet. i hate troons.

No. 1866981

i saw one of his selfies posted at age 17 and was immediately terfpilled and never looked back kekkkk he is truly hideous

No. 1866988

so people saw your man boobs, not something people have to encounter regularly in the summer while men go into stores without a shirt because it's hot outside. Believe it or not, especially women are used to men with boobs showing them to the world because no one is forcing them to hide their ugly body.

No. 1867003

KEK next thread name please

No. 1867014

I don't believe he is a closeted homosexual, he is straight and believed the lie that TWAW and now he sees how manly he looks irl and is not attracted to him (he also looks very manly on photos but men are dumb).

No. 1867025

talk about skin walking. you know he wants to wear her body so bad. they booth look horrific but you can still tell immediately who is the man and who isn't no matter how grotesque they look.

No. 1867030

oh wow he seems very delayed, is he autistic?

No. 1867034

don't forget the tranny weebs in their polyester amazon skirts and fishnets kek

No. 1867041

Go back to kiwifarms faggot

No. 1867065

File: 1689639563456.png (591.49 KB, 730x834, reality.png)

Low effort edit courtesy of Ms. Paint

No. 1867098

File: 1689642062102.jpg (1.48 MB, 810x5555, Screenshot_20230717-203735_Chr…)

Tranny doesn't understand the concept of a roast:

No. 1867099

File: 1689642100111.jpg (357.98 KB, 810x1771, Screenshot_20230717-204749_Chr…)

And this is how he dresses

No. 1867101

>post your pic on /roatsme
>what can go wrong?

No. 1867106

lmao wtf did he think they were gonna say? also too much of a pussy to not post a picture that wasn't airbrushed.

No. 1867108

I'm so glad to see goodwill honoring their commitment to hire retards but I doubt he can bag better than a true and honest downie

No. 1867111

I know we're making fun of the tranny and not Leddit, but the "roasts" on r/roastme are so lame. Just… uncreative. Nonas here come up with way better insults lmao.

No. 1867112

Poor kitty. Obesity can have a lot of negative impacts on a cat's health, and it's so easy to just feed them reasonable portions.

No. 1867116

>I posted my picture the Grindr and so many men called me beautiful and wanted me.
Yes. Because Grindr is an app for men who are attracted to other men. Go figure.

>The only way someone will want to be my boyfriend or husband is if I pass

Or if you just… continue to look for homosexual and bisexual men. Like you were doing before. It's interesting to me how troons will call people transphobic for not being attracted to them, yet they reject those who are actually into them on the pretext that the only date straight men and lesbians. By the own logic, isn't that homophobic?

No. 1867119

Because wearing clothes not tailored to their male bodies makes even the soyest scrote look ape-like.

No. 1867120

African Arabs exist lol Moroccans Egyptians Algerians etc(Sage goes in the email field, get back on topic)

No. 1867147

they're amazighs and copts you moron

No. 1867151

fucking kek

No. 1867159

File: 1689651114223.jpg (563.66 KB, 3060x4080, F1MB5ofWwAIJmJj.jpg)

No. 1867161

i still don’t understand why anyone would even post on there. it’s like going to one of those boardwalk caricature artists except the artist is an incel who calls you a whore for having breasts.

No. 1867165

File: 1689651616862.png (217.64 KB, 1074x1349, more convenient.png)

Looks like this guy read the thread linked in >>1866477 (or a similar one) and got scared about getting the surgery. It didn't take long for his troon brethren to talk him back into it though. His reason for wanting it is he loves putting things in his butt but has irritable bowel syndrome and "cuts down there" so "another hole would be more convenient."

No. 1867181

Is this Nikki tutorials? I don’t recognize this troon and am face blind kek

No. 1867195

…cuts? wtf is he doing down there?

No. 1867205

>roast me
>someone subtly calls them a sissy and to put on their big boy panties
>followed his rules since it's not technically a slur or phobic and is something you might say to a sibling
>outsmarted the tranny so he throws a fit in the comments

Feel like tranny just hoped someone would insult him in a transphobic way so he could screenshot it, omit the context of it being a roastme sub and claim he's being genocided by the cissies

No. 1867206

as a former goodwill employee, he's probably kept in the back to sort clothes as to not disturb the female customers. Most of the tards we hired weren't allowed in the front.

No. 1867207

I like how he still has such a circular moonface despite covering 50% of it with hair

I actually don't hate the outfit but he looks like a character from a 2001 cartoon/some tiktok outfit nobody would wear irl, but there definitely have been worse offenders in this thread

No. 1867209

If he's only 20 and already looks "too masculine" it's the gene pool, attractive guys usually look cute and feminine until 25 or slightly longer, if you're busted at 20 I'm afraid you were always busted

No. 1867210

He keeps asking why
The reason why is every person including detransitioners gets shot down, threatened, harassed, loses jobs etc etc for trying to tell you guys the truth before it's too late, so you end up with an affirming hugbox of lies populated by sadistic men who don't care if you mutilate yourself or ruin your life. But fuck the terfs, eh?

No. 1867211

No, it's that Kim Petras faggot

No. 1867224

No women say this. I have dark hair and very fair skin, and the only person who has ever made a negative comment about it was a man. Women are the ones who remind me that it's normal.

No. 1867230

reads a post written by someone with extremely similar motivations to have srs as him about how badly they regret it and exactly why it's a bad idea, realizes it should be a deterrent for him, runs straight back to the hugbox to be told why it actually means he needs srs more than he ever even knew. there is no helping these people.

No. 1867231

men think they have to transition to go to starbucks

No. 1867238



No. 1867241

>my feminine sexuality lead me into the world of anal masturbation

No. 1867246

>something that i never see pointed out to counter the "my ibs cramps are period cramps" thing too is that the prostaglandins that cause uterine contractions and also intestinal contractions in women on their periods come from uterine tissue
thanks for the knowledge nona, I had no idea this was the case. I'll definitely be pointing it out more often in the case I see troons malingering about menstruation

No. 1867248

kek is this the pizza hut parking lot pedo from the last(?) thread?

No. 1867257

Nona, it'd only be somewhat okay-looking if troons skinwalking e-girl trends from four years ago wasn't a regular occurrence. As it is, it just feels creepy.

No. 1867259

I'm going to assume it's because mostly men post on that sub and men just aren't funny

No. 1867263

>having another hole would be fantastic and convenient
a truly wild read, even alongside some of the more deranged troid scrawlings we see so often in these threads. I can only hope he goes thru with it! if only all misogynists considered the chop

No. 1867277

Yes. It's even the same image already posted of him

No. 1867356

beautiful nonna.

No. 1867370

ESPECIALLY if you have only one cat there is no excuse. The poor cat is probably in a lot of pain

No. 1867371

Sometimes I genuinely can’t believe men put so much stock into sexual fantasies that they’re willing to ruin their entire sex life and destroy themselves for it. I have no idea how it is that they are supposed to be the more rational sex.

No. 1867372

If you ever interact with a tranny, make sure you tell him to get the chop and to get into hormones, I really doubt any moid that thinks he can be a woman, could be of any use in society at all. Whenever a grown ass moid asks retarded shit I tell him to go for it, that it’s totally okay and that nothing bad could possibly happen.
If they want to play stupid games, they have to get their stupid prizes.

No. 1867376

Met my second real life tranny at a party not long ago. All the women at the party swooned around him and tried so hard to make him feel like one of the girls, it was such an obvious performance of handmaiden pity-play. Its amazing to me these moids cant tell that women dont ACTUALLY love them because theyre trans and want them to be their friend so bad, its all out of pity and to virtue signal that theyre so woke and amazing. But most trannies are also hopeless autistic idiots so they have no idea people are actually being super patronizing for their own selffish woke game. Instead the moids just get an inflated ego thinking women love them and think theyre girls. Hand maidens need to fucking stop
Sorry for my personal blogpost

No. 1867397

This is why I hate most women around me these days because they are such handmaidens. You need to ditch these friends and stop going to parties

No. 1867402

kekk they are so out of touch with reality

this, and it's the ultimate proof that even handmaidens don't see them as women since they give trannies the retard/victim treatment but trannies are too autistic to understand

No. 1867404

>goodwill vest
When you're so egotistical you use your job at a second hand shop/charity as the time to show off your troondom. Goodwill isn't some super special charity but the last thing some poor family looking for furniture needs is a Troon focused more on their looks than helping out. Also since he's totally covered up I wonder if the issue is his vest isn't being displayed properly since it probably needs to be more apparent than the shirt underneath. People need to be able to see attendants, especially the seniors typically shopping there

No. 1867433

don't worry too much, goodwill probably pays him 40¢ an hour

No. 1867435

I just hope they peak at some point. I was a handmaiden at one point and the more I was around TIMs the more I saw how they weren’t like women and how predatory they could be. Maybe it will be the same for some of them eventually.

No. 1867470

File: 1689704532263.jpg (96.51 KB, 1080x528, F1RwVqgaUAATk4R.jpg)

I know its disgusting theyre trying to show dominance in the womens bathroom but that 7 mile long foot is taking me out

No. 1867484

File: 1689705624846.jpg (16.49 KB, 300x225, 036.jpg)

Sideshow Bob looking ass

No. 1867487

third's outfit is nice, shame about the face and being a man part
first one just looks like a twink
second looks like a compsci grad student wearing his 13 year old sister's cardigan and choker lmao

No. 1867498

Is the middle one Kevin's bf who eats shit?

No. 1867530

>it’s too painful/too much prep work to shove stuff up my ass to coom, I bet it’ll be easier/more pleasurable to shove stuff up my dick once it’s been cut open and stuffed inside my abdominal cavity

Moid logic. This man is probably too retarded to be allowed to own a gun, let alone ethically consent to having his dick chopped up.

No. 1867541

File: 1689712727103.png (177.82 KB, 1314x686, boohoo.png)

There was a thread on r/trans about this post earlier and it's funny how they act like they're the only ones who get treated this way and it's sooo unfair.
If you click on any post on that shitty sub made by an actual woman you'll see dozens of seething incel moids jumping at the opportunity to say the most vile misogynistic shit, but no one cares about that.

No. 1867553

Holy fuck this is NSFL. I want to hurl. I fucking hate troons.

No. 1867572

they are making themselves known, no other group fights this hard to free and defend criminals. They are making people peak entirely by their own actions at this point kek

No. 1867573

"The existence of a woman is to look hot and find a husband, otherwise what's the point in living at all."
Men are so broken.

No. 1867586

why do troons pose like this while in the women's bathroom? also:

1. ive never taken a selfie in a public toilet ever, i think ive only ever taken a selfie in a private toilet once, and only because it was cool looking on the inside. i cannot for the life of me understand why they continue to do this

2. why put your dirty as foot on the sink that people use to clean up and wash their hands. rude

3. i thought they "just wanted to pee!!!1". why the fuck are men taking pictures in a public female toilet where a woman or girl could walk in at any second? why are they flashing their crotch at the mirror??

No. 1867587

It's like a trophy hunter posing with their kill. A very male trait.

No. 1867598

Seriously, how is it "convenient" in any way to dilate for hours every day after getting the surgery? Or having to go back for revision surgeries when something inevitably goes wrong. How is it possible for these guys to be so fucking delusional?

No. 1867600

Kek I feel called out. I took an outfit selfie in a public bathroom recently because it had a giant mirror and was extremely well lit. It was totally empty though, nobody was coming in and out in the background. I also didn't manspread by putting my foot up on the counter like Captain fucking Morgan or anything.

No. 1867602

File: 1689721643813.jpg (49.12 KB, 983x260, Tumblr_l_683540563907477.jpg)

why are they so stupid my god

No. 1867611

The fake smoldering expressions are so cringe. Why can't their womensonas smile?

No. 1867612

They likely think dilating is same as masturbating and surgery is no biggie.

No. 1867621

>cis people don’t get this level of abuse when doing the exact same thing
Uhhhh yeah. They do. Especially any woman who feels the need to post there.

No. 1867645

Take this with a grain of salt because I don't spend a ton of time looking at other peoples' selfies, but I've never seen a normie woman pose this way for a selfie; only TiFs and TiMs. I don't understand why a tranny would go out of his way to use a pose that emphasizes his clown shoe feet and nasty crotch.

No. 1867693

saging for somewhat unrelated sperging and blogposting, but troons claiming to have “periods” is starting to really drive me up a fucking wall. in my teenage years, i would vomit from the pain being so bad. i remember a time when my grandmother drove me to the hospital, because i was doubled over and sweating buckets from being in pain. all throughout middle school i would accidentally bleed on desk seats from wearing pads that weren’t thick enough. in my later teen years, there was a point where i would bleed constantly, and i had to be put on birth control to make my periods normal again. trannies thinking that periods are all “ooh ahh my tummy hurts, ahh i’m having mood swings uwu i need chocolate and ice cream” is complete bullshit compared to what actual women and young girls go through during their actual periods. it feels like trannies are mocking real women with shit like this

No. 1867699

They're mocking real women in everything they do and claim to do, not just the period larp

No. 1867733

> why did i take my functional body for granted and just assume it was gonna work out. fuck i was so cocky
and now you’re cockless forever KEK i love male hubris.

No. 1867741

I think they psyop'ed themselves into believing this is a lesbian pose/thing, while only other trannies do it. Like skirt go spinny stuff and other shit.

No. 1867758

File: 1689762490389.jpg (99.18 KB, 815x1134, F1YPOBRacAAYFSy.jpg)

FFS contiues to be a money grabbing scam that does nothing to these moids. We love to see it

No. 1867759

File: 1689762584165.jpg (95.91 KB, 951x883, F1YPVrfaYAAtNci.jpg)

Legit the same exact look, just no beard and longer hair

No. 1867760


Not only he looks the same, but he looks WORSE. He went from average unattractive man to really ugly man, somehow.

No. 1867761


See, that's because they're men, so they pose as men: all about showing their dicks and stomping feet. So ladylike.

No. 1867774

They say it's some famous lesbian meme pose but like? I can't remember ever seeing a woman pose like that.

No. 1867775

oh lord, dude really desperately needed that beard to hide the lemon sucking, chinless, philtrum for days situation that is his lower face.

No. 1867776


How isn't he able to recognize that he looks markedly less repulsive when some of the facial real estate is covered with hair. Wtf. Get bangs, get glasses. Looking like a nightmare hag from Portlandia.

No. 1867794

File: 1689769127477.jpg (108.63 KB, 699x1135, F1W6UcHagAwisZi.jpg)

Honestly with the way you treat your family maybe you should

No. 1867803

Omfg, this is genuinely so disgusting. I know they’re all perverts and sex pests, but seeing them justify this shit in the comments with “I also want to wear teenage girl clothes, but we’re too old” literally makes me wanna puke. I wish troonism and fetish gear would become a part of “public indecency” law, so no one has to see those pedos ever again

No. 1867804

Is he missing all his lower teeth? I've never seen such a weak jaw except on people who lost all their teeth

No. 1867814

File: 1689773907937.jpeg (148.94 KB, 827x1299, 004E6C42-0C7A-482A-9D17-2DD1AD…)

This thing is so fucking gross. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch someone this much.

Please leave my guy out of this, he’s been thru enough.

No. 1867817


What always gets me is how they believe "becoming a woman" will solve the obvious mental issues they show in these comments.

No. 1867831

Did he bring back WWI era surgeons from the dead to do his face? It looks like early facial reconstructions. That or his face is made out of wax.

No. 1867834

he reminds me of Jigsaw in a way

No. 1867837

I've seen this pose a lot, mostly on tumblr among girls with an eating disorder or with a goth/alternative background. I always assumed it was either to show of your shoes or to show how skinny your legs are. Never saw a lesbian do it and it probably went out of fashion years ago, but those guys haven't seen anything outside of social media for years, so how should they know.

No. 1867839

Wow, they really think just shaving down the Neanderthal brow ridge makes a man a woman. It just makes the man look flatter. Also, I can't quite tell through the beard but it seems like they took a chunk out of the right side of the jaw but not the left unless he was deformed to begin with.
>Red hair
Guess the one thing his hormones did was turn his hair from red to blondish brown kek

No. 1867851

He looks like a cgi reconstruction of a medieval baby

No. 1867867

Looks like a burn victim

No. 1867877

>>1867794 TiMs problems and insecurities are always someone else’s fault. “Why wahs i eber borwn” shit is just scrapping the bottom of the barrel. it’s why tims love to pretend to be commies too. it’s completely the governments fault that they choose to be weeb scrotes who can’t socially function outside of their “twansphobic” parents house.

No. 1867891

File: 1689786985136.png (241.4 KB, 640x2130, delete.png)

This guy's such a pill

No. 1867895

What is with tims and hating their parents for basically nothing. Even Dylan Mullaney whose supportive parents set him up for success he retroactively accuses of being transphobic for not transitioning him when he was 4 and said "I want to be a girl" what was that, 1995? They were supposed get their kid on hormones back then? I knew a Tim irl who also accused his parents of being horrible for what sounded like the most mundane things (not letting him spend his allowance in irresponsible ways etc.) And complained before he even trooned. It always seems mostly directed at their mothers too… there's seriously some Freud shit going on

No. 1867901

Accusing parents of mistreatment over mundane things is often a sign of the persecutory delusions that come with bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder of schizophrenia.

No. 1867925

File: 1689789748556.jpg (51.22 KB, 524x606, F1Z6dKwWIAIgrZ7.jpg)

Im too retarded to post videos on here, but this guy had a meltdown that was posted on twitter for being "sir'ed" at the mcdonalds drivethrough. His voice is even more male than his looks

No. 1867940

Unless they invent ribcage reduction and shoulder reduction and manhand-gorilla-arms reduction there is no way troons like this will ever pass, kek.

No. 1867942

Post a link to the twitter meltdown pls, I will upload the video.

No. 1867952

Ugh, this deviant. iI hope this meltdown is the one that finally causes him to rope.

No. 1867953

I feel sorry for that poor Sailor Moon tat having to smell his stinkers

No. 1867956

nonna if it makes you feel better, taking pictures of yourself in bathrooms are somewhat common place where I am (my sisters loves taking fit pics with her friends during bathroom breaks) but usually only done at public bathrooms with a full length mirror away from the stalls and sinks and when there's no one around.

I've only seen men do this but in their own homes to show off their shoes

No. 1868022

File: 1689802875046.jpg (508.74 KB, 1080x1089, Screenshot_20230719-172006_Chr…)

No. 1868030

So are they calling being male a "genetic advantage" now?

No. 1868036

I hate this argument so much. If the world was 50% people with Michael Phelps wingspan, maybe they would have their own category. If the world was half super tall and half super short, maybe basketball would have 'height classes'. Rare individuals with unique bodies are not equivalent to the population being clearly divided into two obvious groups with massive, universal disparities in certain abilities.

Their total disregard for sportsmanship is disgusting. Sports are meant to be fun at least and impressive displays of human achievement at most. We have divisions by age, weight, level and ofc sex because fairness is essential to everything we like about sport. Letting people cheat ruins it on every level, for everyone except the cheater.

No. 1868051

Imagine having birthed this insufferable faggot

No. 1868054

Nice skullet, dude

No. 1868061

File: 1689805907551.jpeg (809.56 KB, 1012x830, IMG_5279.jpeg)

They were found guilty of fraud. Which is so bigoted because, I mean, haven’t they heard of Michael Phelps? That’s exactly the same as invading a category created in first place to highlight the abilities of oppressed groups!

No. 1868087

I think they might just be assholes.

No. 1868143

Beards really are wigs for men. That philtrum to lip is a half marathon

No. 1868177

I was just labled transphobic because a co worker asked me to rate his new fuck buddy
" Sorry I can't rate him I have no opinions on anyone"
Got screamed at because they're mtf. Pre hormone and surgery. They just identify as female. Like bruh just correct me wtf is this. It's only the men giving me shit to. Bruh it's literally just a middle aged man in a dress

No. 1868181

File: 1689819976925.jpeg (387.83 KB, 1242x819, IMG_2796.jpeg)

>boobs (tits)

No. 1868190

why would a co worker ask you to rate his fuck buddy? Are you friends or in any way connected/close to each other? If not, it's a very strange question and your answer was the only way to handle it and how should you know that he is trans if he looks like a man? Wouldn't talk to that co worker anymore, getting screamed at is one of the things I can never tolerate.

No. 1868203

that's the creepy thing I barely know him. We don't even work in the same department. Who the hell asks that? It just came off as unhinged. I literally just thought it was another gay guy in a dress. If he continues I can just report him to HR because he really shouldn't be going around the store showing people weird pictures and asking shit like this

No. 1868211

continues? he already crossed the line and you should tell HR.

No. 1868216

if you barely know him, he crossed the line, you don't tell strangers about your "fuck buddy", real life isn't twitter and he raised his voice, another thing that's not okay. He made you feel uncomfortable and to me, it seems like he exactly knew what he was doing and was probably hoping for someone he can label as transphobic.

No. 1868217

I feel so bad for the mom. She doesn't even get to keep the memories of her kid before he turned into a monster.

It seems to be part of the attraction to the whole image that they think is so cool and so special, to have this narrative about cruel and oppressive families for the crime of failing to groom them for tranny life from age 4 and daring to assume they'd turn out somewhat normal. Also helps scare parents into watching for any signs of gender non-conformance so they can pounce on it right away.

No. 1868240

File: 1689832136518.jpg (152.47 KB, 1284x1148, F1cgB1uaIAAVQZc.jpg)

Another "way better than gross cis vaginas" surgeries

No. 1868243

File: 1689832459826.jpg (466.45 KB, 1790x2048, F1bbIjcaYAEeyHx.jpg)

Starbucks troon posts about stomping on terfs and WEARS AN ACTUAL DIAPER TO WORK

No. 1868247

Ah, yes, the designer “vaginas” they love talking about, with their brown pus and stench.

No. 1868249

>If he continues I can just report him to HR because he really shouldn't be going around the store showing people weird pictures and asking shit like this
Yeah imo bringing up sexual topics with coworkers you aren't VERY close to constitutes sexual harassment, you definitely can take this to HR.

No. 1868250

Imagine pushing a whole human out of your hooha, tirelessly raising them and storing childhood keepsakes, only for them to grow into a reddit coomer tranny who tells you he shouldn't have been born and destroys your keepsakes. If time travel was real you'd be in that time machine and booking that abortion in ten minutes, alright get out of my womb you little fucker. What a disappointment he must be to his mum.

No. 1868251

I bet the "she" with the paddle is another troon. Thank God I live somewhere where they are rare. I'd hate to be handed a drink from one of these unhygienic, perverted slobs.

No. 1868252

Also that reply is so sane and reasonable and then he threatens sudoku? Fucking do it you waste of oxygen (angry on his mum's behalf here)

No. 1868254

File: 1689835144522.png (281.07 KB, 646x1293, Screenshot.png)

Communist twitter troons get mad when a non-retard tells them communism and socialism has always opposed "sex-work" and considers it exploitation.

No. 1868265

As I see it, larping as a commie is the best they can do for that type of oppression points. Converting to Jew is too much work.

No. 1868266

if I would walk into a store that serves food and this would be behind the counter, I would turn around and never come back. I've seen too many of them with their disgusting behaviour, I don't want them to touch anything I put in my mouth.

wouldn't it be nice to be able to trade parents? My mother threw most of our childhood keepsakes and diaries away, without asking, without any reason behind it, I would gladly change my mother for one that wants to remember me and my childhood and not trying to erase me. The mother of that troon probably asks herself every day what she did wrong to have such a son. Hope she gets rid of him and lives a happy future life.

No. 1868273

was his transition inspo Dorothy Kilgallen? jfc

No. 1868274

the before pic looks familiar. is this the same Twitter guy that was posting nudes in his work bathroom with his employers name on his clothing? I think he also preyed on TIFs as well

No. 1868275

File: 1689845493572.jpg (63.14 KB, 720x1024, F1d26mbaUAIvdz7.jpg)

Youre right youre giving very smelly incel aesthetic

No. 1868281

That monstrous forehead zit is going to give me nightmares. Definitely nailed the "haven't showered in a month" aesthetic.

No. 1868290

Yes. Dude is a depraved predator to his core.

No. 1868298

I am confused nonnies, isn't that like a sanitation hazard for food places? That would be grounds for firing someone in my country

No. 1868299

CWC’s long lost brother.

No. 1868307

File: 1689855927943.png (188.4 KB, 715x436, hellscape.png)

This legit made me barf in my mouth a little.

No. 1868308

File: 1689856156401.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.8 KB, 947x2048, F01DtzrX0AUNtPF.jpeg)

He looks like that "Saturn Devouring His Son" painting.

No. 1868310

thats the most aggressive middle tooth ive ever seen

No. 1868312

Kidney bean looking ass mf

No. 1868316

Lookin' like a harlequin baby

No. 1868317

Wow what womanhood! Making yourself look like a sexdoll! Totally not a agp freak!

No. 1868323

Gagging at the fact that a bediapered moid who probably doesn't wash his hands or ass makes drinks for the public…

No. 1868326

I hope corporate sees these pictures and fires him lmao

No. 1868330

Isn't that "paddle" what they use to take food in and out of the toasters with?(learn to sage)

No. 1868336

I never can believe that they post this (literal) shit on their public accounts WHILE representing their jobs. It’s totally unhinged.

No. 1868337

The diaper is disgusting and he's breaking several rules in these photos; if anyone knows what region he's in, I'll totally report him. Sbux sucks but no one deserves to have that thing near their frap.

It's for displaying pastries in the case, still disgusting

No. 1868351

couldn’t even get hired at a real Starbucks kek. this is one inside a Target. a Tarbucks, if you will. does Target pay for troon surgeries the way (real) Starbucks does? … now I’m wondering if he would just claim some type of disability and that’s why he needs diapers, and if that would slide. god I hate men

No. 1868353

his tweets are private (now), but there are people on twitter linking his pictures and account to Starbucks. Hope he will be found and fired.

No. 1868380

Oblivion Nord to Oblivion Altmer. Wow!(sage your shit)

No. 1868387

File: 1689874167016.jpg (110.05 KB, 1178x747, example.JPG)

kek, while he is too small for a Nord, you got it right with Altmer

and you remembered me of Elder Scrolls and that troon >>1861574 that got fired because he had to many days of or whatever (didn't listen to his 4 hour rant). There is a whole thread, mostly in favour for him, on the official ESO forum https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/discussion/638703/so-does-zenimax-studios-have-an-explanation-for-this-situation-involving-a-trans-employee I didn't read it all because my brain shut down after they called that Youtuber and the former employee "she" the 5th time. If anyone wants to read up on the drama, have fun, I'm too tired of troons in video games.

No. 1868392

File: 1689874510918.jpg (13.23 KB, 300x450, baf43dd7b7-3888796637.jpg)

No. 1868396

File: 1689875418028.jpg (96.42 KB, 994x756, DtEhSi9VsAAmS_7.jpg)

No. 1868401

>she, her
Instantly clocked as porn addicted tim from the avatar art style kek. Imagine being a tim and taking your trans name from a girl who died of torture, rape and abuse.

No. 1868404

Omfg this person is legitimately unwell. His plastic surgeon should be sued for malpractice, there's a point where these people need to be cut off

No. 1868407

KEK this is sickeningly accurate.

No. 1868410

Just using work equipment to act out my sexual fetish, nbd, if you don't want fast food workers sexualizing their job stop being a bigot.

No. 1868427

File: 1689881320098.jpg (342.28 KB, 1080x1236, itwasworthit.jpg)

kek, didn't this game do really well? plenty of games get really popular only for a short time now, but it doesn't mean they weren't successful. and if it really wasn't popular enough to justify people ~renouncing their liberal values~ why did all of these troons act like its existence was tantamount to genocide? i'd say pick a side, but i don't even think they have the mental capacity to understand how they're being hypocritical.

No. 1868439

This mfer has a kiwifarms thread. He was being degen in his Discord server with a load of minors in it

No. 1868443

The game sold over one billion dollars in revenue. $850 Million of which was in the first two weeks. Who the fuck cares about how a game is doing after that. This is par for the course for AAA games.

No. 1868454

File: 1689885211682.jpg (52.6 KB, 850x535, F1gZ348aMAAC3bi.jpg)

Yeaaaah riiiiiight

No. 1868455

File: 1689885518917.jpg (498.83 KB, 200x150, iHwHd9F.jpg)

God, always with the borderline incestual stories; fucking disgusting.

No. 1868457

Gross, and also the male socialization jumps out again. It sounds like his mom supports him and was trying to make him feel better about himself. Oh yes sweetie your boobs are so much more bigger and you’re so much more gorgeous than me or any woman in the world!

No. 1868466

and then his tube moobs clapped

No. 1868469

Didn't he sample CP or like had a dead girl on one of his album?

No. 1868476

File: 1689890341217.png (53.27 KB, 652x202, kanceyl kultureh.png)

Don't know about the CSAM samples but he also dropped a couple of racial slurs in his early hip-hop albums. He had drawn CP (lolicon) of Lain on one of his covers.
(picrel from a thread on his subreddit defending his actions)

No. 1868505

I am gonna sage because it is honestly irrelevant to the thread but damn, that troon in the thread pic looks like more like Michael Myers than Spiderus kek

No. 1868519

Ah yes, the next stage in trans genocide- not buying enough products from troons. I'm literally a murderer for not buying his shitty pedo music.

No. 1868523

Fakest story I ever read lmaoo

And…If he knew what it actually looked like when your mom is jealous of you he would not be calling it validation. I would not wished that shit on my worst enemy.

No. 1868531

File: 1689901341081.jpg (157.92 KB, 459x2048, F1dznAmWAAAyzsa.jpg)

No. 1868532

File: 1689901612371.jpg (327.01 KB, 1928x1335, F1dOJkHWwAAyh7q.jpg)

No. 1868533

File: 1689901679910.png (4.31 KB, 166x79, Untitled.png)

i can only assume moids did something as autistic as coordinated planning to stake claim on a bunch of pixels on a retarded reddit canvas. not a single other sexuality has a flag or symbol on this canvas. but /r/transplace wants you to know they're there.

No. 1868534

File: 1689901689393.jpg (186.1 KB, 828x989, F1BVCsRWwAwDnUA.jpg)

No. 1868535

>Biologically female
This is what really triggers me. Ever since women started reluctantly saying "you're female, just not biologically. Gender is a social construct and that's cool." all these men were given an inch and took a mile. They just say biologically, knowing what it means, and saying differently because being male means you can make it true if you want it to be.

No. 1868536

File: 1689901718195.jpg (249.5 KB, 1080x1416, F1AiYptaQAANSGI.jpg)

No. 1868542

Oops, he spelled "autistic" wrong

No. 1868577

>this is one inside a Target. a Tarbucks, if you will.
How can you tell?

No. 1868580

Nobody who wears a diaper should be permitted to work in food service. Even if it's medically necessary. That's fucking vile and they should get a job somewhere else.

No. 1868582

The difference between Phelps and other Olympic male swimmers was 1/10th of the difference between male and female Olympians. Phelps himself even opposes MtFs in women's sports iirc.

No. 1868592

I don't get the gender ≠ sex arguments yet still claim to be female. if going bu that logic wouldn't they be saying that you can be male and a woman as well as female and a woman? of course none of that is true but I'm just going by their logic. they can't ever be female just "male women". if they're using female to mean woman then it ultimately contradicts that statement because it pretty much confirms woman = female.

No. 1868603

If this like previous years, there will be a lot more attempts to dump the traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans flag all over the dumb thing. French and German moids will generally color over them though if they intrude on 'their' spaces, r/place is always such a fascinating microcosm of autism.

No. 1868605

File: 1689914332783.jpeg (466.63 KB, 828x768, IMG_9376.jpeg)

>”on accident of course”

No. 1868611

I thought this was Chris Chan

No. 1868682

File: 1689929791078.jpg (158.65 KB, 827x1357, F0pl50CX0AIFxXF.jpg)

Why are so many trannies also into babyplay/diapers/transage creepy bullshit?? I dont understand how you fall this deep into your fetishes it becomes your entire life

No. 1868683

File: 1689929883536.jpg (256.05 KB, 1342x2048, F1gTmiWakAALnx2.jpg)

I think the therapy should have started 40 years ago buddy it might be too late

No. 1868685

File: 1689930024366.jpg (541.99 KB, 1417x765, why.jpg)

Remembered an old band i used to listen to, checked them out… realized i stopped caring about them because one of them trooned out. Dude looks worse than ever before.

No. 1868686

Fetishes tend to occur in clusters. If you have one, you're likely to have several, especially if you're addicted to porn. So if a guy has a fetish for pretending to be a woman, he'll probably have other fetishes on top of that.

No. 1868688

Jesus Christ, what a dramatic downgrade. Idk who this is, but he looks kind of cute in the first picture. Now he's an obese, chinless troon. Bleak.

No. 1868692

File: 1689930879357.jpg (47.34 KB, 640x512, 5c9de907dde2d2314514e82295e8f0…)

It's Bunny/Rabbit from Steam powered giraffe. He was cute but looking at it now, i can see the troon eye even then.

No. 1868693

I fell off them when he trooned out too nonna. I used to think he was so cute too, kek. He looks absolutely shit now. It's kind of wild he morphed into this ugly blob in a bad wig considering how slim he was before.

No. 1868697

why is male sexuality like this? what's the evolutionary benefit of men getting off on turning themselves into whatever the fuck this is?

No. 1868698

File: 1689931675324.jpg (660.66 KB, 810x2171, Screenshot_20230721-034001_Red…)

We need to bring back the asylums:

No. 1868704

File: 1689932624301.png (2.05 MB, 1651x1495, audrey-snowbunny.png)

Young transvestite Garth here inevitably trooned out after years of incessant wavering

No. 1868705

it's a brain defect, no benefit i think

No. 1868709

These men trying to skinwalk their wives/gfs so hard they pretend to synch up (which is a very wildly questioned phenomenon with poor evidence anyway, but when did that stop trannies from making any claims). Pretty sure it's a convenient excuse as to why they can't step up and do more around the house or care for their gfs in the time of need either. I've heard a lot of stories about men mysteriously suddenly claiming to be twice as severe symptoms than their wives whenever she needs to recover from an illness.

No. 1868710

File: 1689933805465.webm (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 576x1024, jp7j7z2y.webm)


No. 1868711

I should not have unspoilered that I'm reconsidering my ability to see.

No. 1868714

He's wearing a Target name tag

No. 1868715

Mangled. That BBL abdomen will haunt my nightmares.

No. 1868725

He looks like he got BBL, prossibly lipo and breast augmentation.. proof no matter how many surgeries your body will not look female. He still looks like a huge box

No. 1868736

the pain and strain in his eyes

No. 1868745

File: 1689942276760.png (405.78 KB, 645x562, kekdandwreckd.png)

No. 1868749

Holy shit that's Rabbit now?

No. 1868761

Synching periods is probably from women eating the same diet, getting the same amount of sleep and activity. That's why it's so common in women living together.

No. 1868762

>That's why it's so common in women living together.
It really isn't a thing omg can y'all stop falling for this dumb shit please

There are only roughly 4 weeks in a month, the odds of your period being the same week as any other woman is high at 1/4, and since periods aren't perfectly following a calendar it's going to shift by a few days for every person and month. It's extremely likely your period will on occasion happen at the same time of any other womans unless you both magically have the exact same length of cycle every month, it never changes ever, and you just happen to be far enough apart to not be on it at the same time. Periods are not in any way affected by other women's periods.

No. 1868764

Late reply but holy shit I thought I wrote this kek it's nice to see someone else who has this guy as a personal cow.

No. 1868766

File: 1689947550768.png (Spoiler Image,2.41 MB, 1080x3168, GothyTrannyBethany.png)

We don't call them rapehons for nothing

No. 1868767

Someone please tell them that "syncing up" is a myth, jfc. They believe literally every stereotype and myth about periods.

No. 1868782

I feel you. Sometimes I still listen to their old stuff, but anything after this has been shitty to me anyway. It feels like this completely took over the band’s lore.

No. 1868783

So very true. No mom would ever be jealous of her failmale son. Dude will never experience the true vitriolic jealousy of a dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship.

No. 1868784

He has an agp smirk even here kek
Granted agp smirking is typical unwarranted male smugness but still
My roommate started to predict my period was coming cause he started getting red meat cravings like me around that time due to me regularly cooking high iron foods around then and infecting his brain with the routine too. Does that make him a "biological woman" as well? No, just a guy who adjusted to the routine of another human in their area. Humans adjust to each other, especially when there's a psychological incentive to create similarities. Like younger siblings not realising they're copying the older one's mannerisms even when pointed out. Or skinwalkers trying to become their girlfriends and wives (or middle school crush)
These fucking faggy moids with their "woman is when slutty bottom" ideology make me wanna alog. They take their "failmale" insecurities and misogyny to a whole other level than even the "fish are stinky" kind

No. 1868791

They like to push that it’s all subjective experience. That’s why they move the goalposts so often or why they say it’s fine if someone wants to go on HRT and someone else doesn’t, that everyone is valid no matter what. Nevermind that this nebulous shit fucks up laws that protect women, who actually need them in place because of the oppression and subjugation we’ve experienced since the dawn of time. I think they know what they’re doing. These men are same as the evangelical conservative men who want to control women and our anatomy, they are just painted with a different coat of paint.

No. 1868816

I think it's more like those wave pendulums things. If you have several women living in close quarters, at some point they will probably experience their periods around the same time but it means absolutely fuck all, it's just a coincidence

No. 1868839

could it be because a lot of them were molested as children?

No. 1868844

No, it's because they're pedos. Simple as.

No. 1868853

while csa can lead to trooning out later, from what i've seen the ones who were abused are not typically the ones who get into pedo fetishes

No. 1868863

>I look 10
>It's visibly a man in his 30s(?)
Yeah it's a pedo, sound the alarms. This is literally exactly what people handwring about, muh child brain I'm a child inside child sex should be legalised I am actually ten so it is consenting uwu some people just need [violence redacted] and done with them

No. 1868871

If any 10 year old looked like him then I would say that kid had a really rough childhood and by that I mean working in mines 26 hours a day.

No. 1868878

it's autopedophilia. he gets off on the idea of being a 10 year old girl because he's sexually attracted to 10 year old girls.

No. 1868895

>brought it to my attention
probably typing while wearing a diaper

No. 1868941

File: 1689973354028.jpg (382.54 KB, 1080x1003, 18371819372.jpg)

Chris comes out as trans for the 100th time this year.

No. 1868946

>comes out as a woman
making it sound like he was a woman pretending to be male and not the other way around. guess that's exactly their goal considering the "female brain" misogynist theories.

No. 1868949

what is the point of changing the spelling but keeping the same name? or right, just for attention

No. 1868952

god i wish they could all be arrested and locked up. they're an active danger to society.

No. 1868953

File: 1689974515512.jpg (472.7 KB, 1080x1747, IMG_20230721_152213.jpg)

Why the fuck does this have so many likes? I still can't believe people are this delusional. His anorexic male torso makes me feel so icky.

No. 1868955

>that hairline

No. 1868956

He looks the same
Right? Looks like a bad wig

No. 1868957

he's the ice spice of trannies: came out of nowhere, completely untalented yet shilled by everyone. they must both know some very powerful people

No. 1868963

At least he’s learned to restrain his psycho eyes and gaping maw.

No. 1868965

the hairline. the massive feet. the VERY obvious filter on his profile picture that isn't on the left image. he looks so offputting. once a creepy man, still a creepy man kek

No. 1868969

I thought he was hiding in South America for fear of his life

No. 1868970

Ice Spice makes music and had to do something to become popular. Also Ice Spice is a beautiful woman which is something dyldo will never be.

No. 1868987

^nona falls for every industry plant

No. 1868989

File: 1689978406711.jpeg (665.34 KB, 750x3241, IMG_0075.jpeg)

even if this tranny is einstein’s second coming, i don’t buy that even half of the supposed accomplishments he’s bragging about are earned. everyone loves pandering to them and encouraging their mediocrity. look at jazz jennings, dumb as a rock but graduated as valedictorian and got into harvard. all this clown has to do to get whatever he wants is whine some more on social media. if he’s being discriminated against, it’s because he’s asian, not because he’s a tranny.

No. 1868994

That totally is their goal. They are trying to shift the conversation so that they were always true and honest women that were wearing "boy suits"/pretending to be men. Because even the idea that a man can become a woman isn't enough anymore, it has to be that they were never men at all. It is no longer "coming out as transgender" it's "coming out as a woman uwu." They're 100% trying to eliminate the MT in MTF. They won't be satisfied until everyone agrees biological sex is irrelevant and fake and there are zero differences between us (so never).

No. 1868995

the evolutionary benefit is that men who are too deranged and dumb to live remove themselves from the gene pool.

No. 1868998

he’s still fugly and weird, but he doesn’t look like lord farquad anymore, so there’s that.

No. 1869001

>making the right nervous
aka conservative men are getting secret boners over a male in a dress. tell me what else is new.

No. 1869023

File: 1689980620599.jpeg (118.04 KB, 1280x720, 16DFB5B8-E5FF-4E5D-B935-8EF101…)

posts like this are so funny cuz you can clearly see his actual body and face look mannish and aged, but he uses the wig/top to resemble the same basic shapes of a beachy blonde but because most men are a bit simple and really capable of perceiving vague shapes and understanding “this shape = hot” they think it’s the same thing as looking good, stick a pair of false eyelashes and some playdoh on it in the basic shape of an ass, it’ll give eden the doll a run for his money

No. 1869036

File: 1689981518840.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.73 KB, 1123x889, 1897abddc1f74-screenshotUrl.jp…)

I'm a "gamer girl" and play alot of COD, ran into a clan with the clan tag "Trans" and of course, all of their names are sexual. pornsick fucking scooter

No. 1869041

>science needs to catch up to how cycles work
If men actually experienced cramps like women do there would be a medication out there already to help with the pain.

No. 1869060

>tranny "female" voice
imagine having a conversation with this tranny and he's trying to speak to you like this

No. 1869081

Ayrt my point was that despite being an industry plant, Ice Spice still has to do something, like perform at festivals and concert. Yeah she got her spot handed to her but there is actual, tangible work involved that comes with it. Should’ve worded it better tbh

No. 1869082

I hate when troons claim periods because muh diarrhea cramps when bleeding is the worst most intrusive and uncomfortable part of a period anyway. I'd take my cramps amplified tenfold if I never had to bleed again.
>Those clown sized moid flippers trying to be feminine
Always gives me a laugh

No. 1869097

this doesn't surprise me. at first he was being ambiguous saying he's gnc, but even then he was taking horsepiss so now he's fully trooned out with the coming out as a "woman" part. many such cases.

also changing the name ever so slightly even though it's pronounced the same makes literally no sense

No. 1869102

his ex wife's name is Kate, i.e. K. Tyson
now he is K. Tyson. he's skinwalking lol

No. 1869106

Oh look at that another Troon that looks like Contrapoints.

Transitioning is as much of a fashion statement to him as the Smosh dude next to him views his dumb trendy perm.

No. 1869115

If I went into a job Interview with a shirt that said "I HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS" I probably wouldn't get hired either.

No. 1869117

he says he wants to be a judge, but then calls something a death verdict instead of a death sentence. maybe he should've paid more attention in law school

No. 1869119

alright nonnies, bets on which e-celeb is next? my monies on f1nn5ter.

No. 1869124

File: 1689991678700.png (490.51 KB, 875x701, F1c9zdkWcAE1Ygu.png)

At 12:03, he admitted to stealing his sisters' clothes when they went to summer camp. Every single troon is an incestuous weirdo.
He was mentioned in the previous thread, but D'Angelo Wallace. Picrel is from his most recent video. I'm betting on Dan Howell and Ranboo to troon out next too.

No. 1869125

>I dont what this is but I need to hide it

sounds like he got a boner wearing his sisters clothing

No. 1869131

Ranboo is already a themlet and dresses in cheap Amazon cosplays, he's half way there. I haven't watched Dan and Phil in ages so I'm curious onto why him. D'Angelo already feels like a themlet to me but majority of male they/thems don't stay that way for long compared to the female ones

No. 1869159

Just because a dude is dressing feminine that doesn't mean he is going to Troon out or is a Troon you fucking retard.

Man these threads lately really are filled with conservative tards.

No. 1869165

d’angelo wallace constantly praises and defends troons in his youtube videos. i give it a month before he changes his pronouns.

No. 1869168

There is no benefit. It is brain damage in the womb. They are born faulty and can't be saved: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1079063214525645
Autism plays a strong part in sexual behaviour. 16.1% of autistic males masturbate multiple times a day. The porn that they are viewing every fucking day influences the direction of their inevitable fetishes. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5789215/
Blanchard asserts AGPs retcon their childhoods to appear more "valid" as transwomen. If a MtF lies about knowing he was a girl since he was a toddler, you should take everything he says about that time with a bag of salt. 81% of trannies have personality disorders, with an average of 3 disorders per individual. Narcissistic Personality Disorder appears in 64.1% of MtFs. They make themselves sound like victims to gain attention and sympathy.
There should be a presumption of innocence for forced transitions in young boys. Most of them are victims one way or another. According to Time to Think by Hannah Barnes, children referred to the Tavistock Clinic (Bongland's top trans-the-gay-away clinic for kids) were 10 times more likely than the national average to have a parent who is a convicted sex offender.

No. 1869173

it isn't but it's so rare to find a man who dresses feminine and doesn't end up trooning eventually. the chances seem even more likely if they constantly praise other TiMs or regularly befriends and hangs out with them in their circles.

this was briefly mentioned in the last thread but men who wear feminine or women's clothing tend to be fetishist or future TiMs and only a tiny percent of them are normal men who mind their own business wearing what they want. I can't really blame people for coming up with that conclusion with how often it plays out.

No. 1869177

men who become increasingly stereotypically "feminine" are usually either trooning out or have a fetish, especially if they defend troons. and most men who wear clothing considered exclusive to women do so for sexual gratification. that's okay if you can't face it, but kek @ the "you conservatives!!" as if we weren't already used to being called nazis for not worshipping trannies and enbies.

No. 1869179

another nona said it, but he does genuinely look like contra kek. kinda sounds like him too, except even more mannish and retarded. it's funny how next to padilla, you can tell he's clearly a man—they're just built similarly, in a way no woman is, despite chris being far uglier and scrawnier than padilla. but sure, he totally looks happier now…

No. 1869180

i used to think d'angelo wasn't gonna troon but this pic seals the deal nonnas, its a matter of time now.

No. 1869181

Men should never dress feminine. Period. End of story. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an agp apologist.

No. 1869188

I’m predicting that there will be at least one tranny caught masturbating in a full theater watching Barbie. There’s no way they’re going to pass up this opportunity of a theater full of women and girls going to see a girl power movie.

Chris and the ugly one of Smosh both look like shit in this. I can’t believe there isn’t even at least one handmaiden involved with these videos to tell him that his makeup is fucked.

No. 1869191

Are you a tranny false-flagging? Troonism is predicated on the idea that any guy who isn't G.I. Joe has ladybrain. Feminine men isn't the problem, it's the fact that gender roles are so rigid that men get off on the taboo of violating them. Retard.

No. 1869192

Fuck right off with your gendie bullshit. Gender and sex are the same fucking thing.

No. 1869193

What? Source???

No. 1869195

No. 1869196

I never implied that they weren't, illiterate-chan. My point was that crossdressing/sissy/troonshit wouldn't be a thing in the first place if there weren't stereotypes. That would mean no gendershit, and that physiological sex is the only distinction. Moids get off on womanface because it's taboo and humiliating, therefore arousing.

No. 1869198

NTA but learn to read, she said gender roles. If you think gender roles = gender you think like a tranny.

No. 1869200

Take your own advice. Gender roles and gender are also the same fucking thing.

No. 1869202

So if gender roles mean gender and gender means sex then is a woman who doesn’t wear makeup, doesn’t shave, and enjoys sports a male?

No. 1869203

Lmao what? He's not unsafe, what a load of shit. He's just saying that to avoid getting rich-shamed for jetting all over the world and farting a bunch more carbon into the atmosphere.

No. 1869205

Whoops, let me fix that. It makes her a gendie.

No. 1869206

Thank you, jfc. There isn't an alternative to describe those stereotypes without using the word "gender," but it's obvious I didn't mean gender identity or any of that nonsense. I should've said sex stereotypes, I guess. Literally all I was referring to is the (bad) cultural belief that dress=woman. I think >>1869192 is ESL or something and assumed that even using the word "gender" means you agree with troon ideology.

No. 1869207

NTA. She's still a woman, you fucking tradfag. A woman is a person born with a vagina. What she wears is irrelevant.

No. 1869208

Yes, I'm well aware you both took that one psych class in college last year, but most of the world doesn't agree with your try-hard gnc retardation. That's just the dumb shit they teach you gen z faggots now as part of the woke curriculum.(lost retard)

No. 1869215

And you think that if enough women act like it's totally cool for men to perform femininity/womanface as long as they don't claim to be women, it won't be a fetish for them anymore? It doesn't work like that. There will always be differences between men and women's clothing especially underwear because they have different bodies. And the tranny epidemic happened at a time when gender stereotypes were less strictly enforced than ever in the West.

No. 1869216

Okay, at this point you're just baiting. If you don't think a woman is simply a person born with a vagina, this isn't the imageboard for you.

No. 1869219

That's not at all what I said, jfc. It's bad in the West because males here have too much free time and too much porn. The trans trend has been caused by several things; the fetishization of stereotypes, porn addiction, pharmaceutical companies trying to cash in, idpol being fashionable, and crucially, the idea of "woman" being anything other than human female.

No. 1869222

You said
>My point was that crossdressing/sissy/troonshit wouldn't be a thing in the first place if there weren't stereotypes.
It sounds like if we manage to reduce gender stereotypes, gendershit/fetishes will also decrease, but until now it hasn't proven true and again, besides stereotypes, there are a lot of real differences between men and women, so coombrained men will always manage to get off of pretending to be women. Of course gender stereotypes are shit but I highly doubt that men performing womanface will ever be an innocent thing.

No. 1869223

Please shut the fuck up and laugh at trannied

No. 1869225

>feeling safer in a foreign country while traveling alone
damn must be nice

No. 1869276

Ok but if you look at his past, artist turned insecure commentary drama youtuber (literally giving up his passion for clicks), and the fact being a troon makes you untouchable in current internet, and the fact he went silent from a previously neutral but gnc expression to re emerge in barbie pink and talking about stealing his sister's clothes (massive tranny dogwhistle) like…all the signs are there. Terminally online people like him are absolutely targets for tranny grooming, easy to believe their nonsense when you never see real humans or touch grass. Plus as a commentary youtuber he would enjoy the online immunity being a troon grants you.

No. 1869278

we predicted this would happen. next up he's going to get ffs and/or the chop and then he's going to become suicidal once he realizes that he's not getting his old life back.

No. 1869313

Literally looks like a lacefront someone forgot to pluck before slapping it on his head.

No. 1869325

File: 1690040216499.jpg (72.7 KB, 720x1024, F1nEz4tX0AIZJkT.jpg)

No. 1869326

File: 1690040259496.jpg (94.84 KB, 638x688, F1UkTv5WIAILT2S.jpg)

No. 1869327

Watch them make a miracle drug now that men claim to experience period symptoms.

No. 1869328

this has got to be a troll

No. 1869332

No. 1869337

Idk moids say the same thing with the same energy all the time, you got raped but men are not bad and you chose wrong and you're evil for protecting yourself against men after they hurt you

No. 1869339

Kek. The male privilege to feel save when traveling alone in a foreign country.

No. 1869346

Not anymore, not with the current zeitgeist.

No. 1869349

>troon behelit

No. 1869367

I just came back from seeing Barbie. Very minor spoilers for the movie but- why was there a random trans symbol on the wall in the CEO's room? There was nothing else on the walls except for that slapped on. Barbie says she has to go to the bathroom and the CEO tells her they have gender neutral bathrooms- but then he says they are down the hall and to the right. So it isn't even a sign for the bathroom. Why the hell was it there?

No. 1869370

This is so deranged but even his ARMPITS look male; it jumped out at me, I can't explain it …

Why the hell is there a trans woman Barbie? Because men demand attention and validation.

No. 1869385

i haven't seen the movie but usually when there's an irl social political symbol in a movie, but it's only in-movie and in-canon use and meaning is only decorative (like if it's framed on a wall to look like abstract art or corporate art, a style which often is random shapes not unlike the trans symbol, and is supposed to blend into the background as if it's some abstract graphic art or brand logo), then that's essentially just an easter egg. probably intended to show support for trans people by the creator. though this depends a bit on if the ceo is a good guy. if that's a villain the trans symbol easter egg appearing in his office expresses disdain for trans people as real life villains.

No. 1869429

To be fair they were portrayed as "villains" at a greedy corporation that they pointed out only had men, so to me it kind of came off as a slight to how companies do ridiculous empty pandering to look good

No. 1869431

File: 1690061785025.jpeg (126.91 KB, 1920x1920, 8FFF782D-6D24-48DD-9EF9-D77FF5…)

It's just this symbol hung on the wall. Not framed or anything, just a small one of these but in pink. The walls are a rainbow color but believe me when there is literally nothing else hanging on the wall. It isn't like the trans flag hidden in the background in Nimona, it just looks pasted on an empty wall. If it's meant to show solidarity for trans people it's a very weird place to slap it in. I figured they'd hide it in Barbieland or something, but maybe they did and I didn't notice. And yes, the CEO is the pseudo-villain of the film.

No. 1869433

nonna same, I love videogames but trying not to come across trannies in them or in communities surrounding them is impossible. Especially if you’re into FPS or older games

No. 1869474

File: 1690065691939.jpeg (508.9 KB, 2080x996, IMG_1960.jpeg)

Enablers man…

No. 1869478

kekkk nona i thought the same thing. i really do think any troon would sacrifice their loved ones in a heartbeat if it meant they could be a ~real woman~, how terrifying

No. 1869530

File: 1690077697937.jpg (343.21 KB, 678x1654, scott_pilghun.jpg)

of course they'd see themselves in scott, he's a whiny creep who dated a high schooler. tumblr troons are so funny in their delusions and imagining michael cera as one of them has truly brightened my night, thought i'd share the love with you nonas

No. 1869541

>ruins his marriage to her
>ruins family dynamic
>still sticks up for the loser
what a dumb handmaiden

No. 1869544

It's interesting how MtFs often project their paraphilia onto put-upon, geeky male protagonists (Shinji Ikari, Scott Pilgrim, John Egbert, etc.) I guess they like the idea of characters who were ~omg just like us~ before trooning out as trooning out themselves. Because apparently you can't relate to a character without completely projecting yourself onto them like a narcissist.

No. 1869563

Is this the Mr beast guy?

No. 1869568

Literally Not All Men but for troons.

No. 1869572

This is uncanny, I can tell what he is trying to look like but doesnʼt. Youʼd have to suspend your disbelief to see him as a woman. Or squint maybe.

No. 1869584

File: 1690086602732.png (110.94 KB, 811x523, Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 05.29…)

No. 1869585

File: 1690086649355.png (596.71 KB, 721x773, Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 05.33…)


No. 1869601

File: 1690091920009.webm (575.18 KB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1690091985816.w…)

And this is why I'm not watching the Barbie movie.

No. 1869603

Honestly, I hope the writers are secret TERFs, because all the lines given to the troon were all self owns. Of course a troon would be the one to say "I love being an accessory to men!" and has no lines after that lmfao
Either it's the writers or the troon himself giving into his humiliation kink and begging for those lines

No. 1869605

>I hope the writers are secret TERFs
kek, everyone involved seems like the most basic sheltered libfem from the clips I've seen, its why I don't give a crap when the writers stike fails.

No. 1869611

who would hire a troon to work at a daycare???

No. 1869615

>true and honest woman but also needs to learn to "be a woman"
>examples of "being a woman" is wearing leggings at home, wearing makeup and having a skincare routine
i'm gonna a-log I hate men so much

No. 1869616

File: 1690094236157.jpeg (25.11 KB, 306x384, IMG_0010.jpeg)

the “girlfriend”

No. 1869620

It's sadly very likely that the partner is actually a female; reduxx did an article on this case and I trust terf journalists who looked into this and still gendered the girlfriend as she.

No. 1869635

First the suitcase guy and now this. There are so few in the white house and yet they still manage to keep peaking normies. You love to see it!

No. 1869645

File: 1690105490709.jpeg (260 KB, 896x1590, IMG_1542.jpeg)

No. 1869646

when doing job interviews the employer is also testing to see if your personality fits the workplace's environment. You can be the smartest person on earth but no one wants to work with you if you are unpleasant to be around
I get being disappointed but Mattel do not care about feminism at all. They are a corporation all they care about is money. If pandering to TRA gives them more money they will do that, if critiquing TRA gives them more money they will do that. Mattel and the Barbie brand has never and will never be a feminist ally they only use feminism for profit

No. 1869654

>I hope the writers are secret TERFs, because all the lines given to the troon were all self owns. Of course a troon would be the one to say "I love being an accessory to men!" and has no lines after that lmfao
Honestly for all its flaws (like having a troon in the movie) there were things it did right. The movie said things like "girls grow up to be women" and the only time they mentioned anything "non-binary" was for the gender neutral bathrooms. And that line was said by the evil CEO out to capture Barbie, and was intended to sound like a joke.
Including ANY troon stuff proves that they are very much aware of it. Yet they didn't do the expected minimal of troon-pandering at all like saying "kids" instead of girls, or slip in lines like "some barbies aren't male or female these days". After having spent years watching all sorts of media and corporations simp for troons their performative actions are usually easy to spot, but this time it really felt like it was carefully left out on purpose - which was interesting to see.

No. 1869656

File: 1690108495019.jpg (623.18 KB, 810x2000, Screenshot_20230722-215944_Chr…)

Beware of the pipeline!

No. 1869657

File: 1690108540969.jpg (82.35 KB, 750x633, BewareTranscelPipeline.jpg)

Low effort meme I made to go along with it kek

No. 1869658

File: 1690108665833.jpeg (23.17 KB, 165x440, IMG_9557.jpeg)

trannies love that ugly knee sock

No. 1869659

what is it with TiMs and femboys or whatever and those ugly striped knee socks? every single one of them wear it alongside the Amazon basics skirts. I've never seen real women dress like they do outside of sex work. also troons once again proving their idea of "being a woman" is nothing more than copying sex stereotypes

No. 1869663

That's how they get you, it started out with small, then they'll be a troon side character and then a main troon, its inescapable.

No. 1869664

Because sexist and homophobic bigoted people think long hair and makeup = women kek. It's incel to trans pipeline for a reason.

No. 1869665

It's autism of now knowing to dress like a person and not a fetish + their fetish for anime school girls who often wear long socks and short skirts as part of their uniform. It's why popular fetish clothing pieces for certain fetishised aesthetics like chockers etc. are often also considered integral parts of trans fashion.

No. 1869666

*not, not now
Too lazy to delete ke.

No. 1869667

I'm so fucjing tired of it. His friend was named TransClappyCheeks and I'm like, I just want to be able to fucking escape troons jfc.

No. 1869676

I don't think she was talking about D'Angelo stealing his sister's clothes

No. 1869678

Knee socks are a big thing in Japanese young women's street fashion- you can see a lot of it in styles like ryousangata or jirai-kei. This bleeds over into animu, which is decidedly less stylish, because it's written by otaku who don't talk to women. However, a lot of MtFs also watch too much anime and don't talk to women, so they see an article of clothing primarily worn by young, feminine women and thinks it'll magically give them the same effect. In reality, this is obviously not the case.

Another contributing factor is e-girl fashion, which is based heavily off certain darker styles of Japanese fast fashion. It is from these trends that the exact black socks with white bands thing comes about. A lot of MtFs (say, Jamie Lee Curtis' son >>1869658 ) fall for the goth gf meme and skinwalk e-girls, who themselves are copying Japanese trends.

Either way, it's one long game of telephone with Japanese women as the originator. All of the tech nerds who wanted to bang Asian women before now want to be them instead.

No. 1869683

I always thought it was supposed to at least reach the thighs. I like wearing thigh highs (I swear I am not a troon), but I use them to hide imperfections on my legs or when I am too lazy to shave. The point is that is very common in Japanese fashion and media so it goes into anime too, but they are too autistic to understand that you are supposed to dress accordingly to different occasions, and not wear thigh highs and mini skirts to your grandma's barbecue. It is trendy street fashion for young people. Also those striped thigh high socks are so fucking ugly and don't coordinate well with the majority of skirts, shorts and dresses, it reeks of troonism and bad fashion for a reason. Just burn it.

No. 1869690

That’s because it’s a not a fashion thing for them nonna, it’s a porn thing. They don’t care about wearing socially appropriate clothing, they care about cooming and getting attention. They’re dressing like their favorite anime titty streamers with no realization these women are working and don’t dress like that 24/7 off the clock.

No. 1869695

File: 1690116638606.jpeg (315 KB, 828x1093, 53681FBB-E540-41DC-AC23-6955C4…)

No. 1869701

It is a bit funny to see troons obsessed with a fashion style which is linked to mental illness/mental instability

No. 1869703

Correct. There isn't a single possible way to not make those striped socks look fugly and cheap, because from the beginning they were 500 yen-odd cheap shit you buy to fill out your wardrobe a little. With proper coordination, they just barely eke by, but with troon fashion? As in, entirely made up of cheap, mismatching garbage that is made worse by the fact that it's not a teenage girl wearing it but a 20/30-odd year old male with an unwashed ass? Dead before it hits the ground.

Also true.

It's a bit of a misnomer to say that given that they don't actually know the style, they're just blindly copying a funhouse mirror version of it that happens to be vaguely similar.

No. 1869706

if you're referring to menhera, doesn't seem like it. more like generic western view of Harajuku fashion.

No. 1869709

They're talking about jirai kei

No. 1869723


Part of the AGP uniform

No. 1869730

Sounds like he is someone who is just easily captured by extreme ideology, doesn’t matter on which side.

No. 1869742

File: 1690128425143.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.29 KB, 600x1200, F1qfz_5WcAEH9nj.jpg)

this was a photo on some german politicians twitter that she cropped out

No. 1869745

File: 1690129327369.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1591142012645.jpg)

Why is that thing allowed outside with his shriveled baby carrot on full display? I am floored how many left leaning people will ignore this degeneracy despite being against it from how she knew to crop it. If i saw that irl i would call the police so fucking fast.

No. 1869746

File: 1690129349311.jpg (927.01 KB, 2469x1120, F1rmJodaIAAOyMK.jpg)

>not a fetish

No. 1869749

File: 1690130481439.jpg (164.51 KB, 1674x934, F1rpcoeaIAABWtc.jpg)

Always the profile pic

No. 1869750

who was the politician, if you know?

it's not allowed, you can't go outside with your dick hanging around in public in Germany, it's not legal and it's disgusting and it doesn't matter if it's pride shit at the moment. I'm so annoyed by all of this right now and CSD hasn't been in my city yet, but I guess I will stay at home those days because I don't want to see dicks and assholes.

No. 1869753

ayrt, ah got it. ironic since it looks nothing close to it but I have seen men pull it off. then again those were self identified otokonoko and they don't dress like typical TiMs and seem to actually know what they're doing in terms of coordinating a fit

No. 1869758

File: 1690132611224.jpg (105.87 KB, 1169x772, F1to59bWIAAXVB2.jpg)

clown world

No. 1869762

actual caveman

No. 1869766

File: 1690133721266.png (803.6 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20230723-093226~2.p…)

I just felt like everyone here would appreciate seeing this…person lmao

No. 1869767

the pedobear meeting

No. 1869768

File: 1690133890290.jpg (162.03 KB, 1179x1124, F0plloqWwAEackE.jpg)

Shit like this is peaking so many libfems.

No. 1869769

File: 1690134218306.jpg (295.66 KB, 753x2048, F0weKzDXoAEzvEy.jpg)

>Troon stop fetishizing motherhood challenge(immposible)

No. 1869770

fake probably?
the word "vagina" is scientific and shouldn't offend anyone if they so insist that men have vaginas too and that women have penises too.
and "hole" is much more offensive, it implies only sexual use

No. 1869772

completely forgetting XXX women. Just moid things, the only ones that matter are stupid Y chromosome failures

No. 1869773

File: 1690134418311.jpg (142.9 KB, 1243x1264, F1rAL5lWwAAb60A.jpg)

he put the skirt on the wrong way the first time lol

No. 1869776

gawd I hope no one gives these troons a baby to care for.

No. 1869779

we must deface hooters and other breastaurants as they are a plague, not only they completely dehumanise women, they also give in to the trannies' depravities.
"i can be a cute hooters girl so moids will ogle me and those cis b(r/l)eeding holes will be jealous of me the trans gal!" my ass.

No. 1869781

File: 1690135273793.jpg (928.29 KB, 1080x2240, AndreasIsATRA.jpg)

>who was the politician, if you know?
Andreas Kappler. His tweet with the cropped photo:
I don't have twitter so I can't see the responses but archive today has two of them, https://archive.ph/yjqha.

This woman posted the original photo, apparently seeing no problem with it:

No. 1869783

It is not fully fake, it is part of a glossary by a UK non-profit organisation regarding cervical cancer screening and they are pandering hard to the gender special crowd who are incapable of even hearing the word "vagina" without breaking down crying. https://www.jostrust.org.uk/professionals/health-professionals/nurse-gp/trans-non-binary/language

No. 1869784

File: 1690135848558.png (9.59 KB, 1253x130, eugh.png)

forgot the screenshot

No. 1869792

but what if its offending women? oh wait i forgot, nobody gives a shit about women

No. 1869807

Thanks nonna! Most comments ask if he is transphobic and therefore cut the transwoman out of the picture. I especially liked the word "Pimmeldame", guess that will my go to German word for troons in the future.

And kek, thought the woman who posted the original photo is the daughter of Franz Müntefering, well, it's his wife, 40 years age gap…
I'm so done paying for these people and them earning a shitload of money for doing nothing that improves anyone's life.

No. 1869809

Should replace the last one with
"I hate women" / "Tries to become woman (fails)"
"I hate myself" / 41%

No. 1869810

Why the hell isn’t this considered a mental illness?

No. 1869812

Why are Germans so weird

No. 1869818

More retards fucking up science. Why do colleges pass these yards? Oh yeah, because the institutions is a toxic mimicry of itself and is actually a business

No. 1869822

File: 1690140973681.jpg (423.81 KB, 1050x1537, terfglossary.jpg)

recently found rationalwiki's "terf glossary" and it's extremely funny, i love how even these writeups were clearly written by a retarded moid kek, also repost because i forgot to include my favorite screenshot from the first handful of entries https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/TERF_glossary#Be_kind_.2F_be_nice

No. 1869835

two masters, two bachelors, and a PhD. Is this a normal amount of schooling??? and to be this "educated" without being able to differentiate sex chromosomal disorders with the actual standard of biological sex. 1000% sure this is a TIF

No. 1869838

the fact that he lists all his degrees after his twitter name in addition to having the dr. prefix is really strange to me, never seen anyone do that before. something seems strange about this "biologist" to me.

No. 1869843

File: 1690143919919.jpeg (331.75 KB, 1170x1989, IMG_9245.jpeg)

You’re correct on the tif part. I found her linked in and it seems unorganized. I don’t know if you can fake qualifications on linked in but if anyone knows more about her, LinkedIn, or the degrees please tell us

No. 1869850

It's all about their fetish isn't it. It's not "I want to become a parent to nurture another human being into a good person" but "I want a child to fulfill my breastfeeding fetish"
They disgust me so much.

No. 1869854

probably from an unaccredited degree mill

No. 1869855

all info on linkedin is user reported so you could say you went anywhere and had whatever degree you wanted with no fact checking. can't check her account because im on mobile but i'll look later and see if i can find anything off.

No. 1869869

This bullshit is rampant in accredited universities too.

No. 1869877

Their obsession with breastfeeding is weird as fuck to me. Never in my life have I fantasized about breastfeeding. I’ve never had a child, but I’ve always seen it as a natural process I may or may not be able to do if it happens. I’ve thought about this maybe three times over the course of my life, usually when someone I knew brought it up and was actively breastfeeding. The fact that something so normal and that revolves around an infant is so fetishized horrifies me every time I see another man fantasizing about it. Never heard of a woman doing this outside of porn (which I don’t believe reflects the desires of the women who are acting in it).

No. 1869885

It's another fucking anime thing. Big boob hucow fetish, furry pregnancy and breeding fetish. They're all like this, like a hivemind.

No. 1869886

It’s 100% an offshoot of some hentai shit, Jap porn fetishizes the fuck out of tits and breastmilk and there are endless hentai and doujins about breastfeeding fetish, womens tits exploding with milk like a fountain,
Mommy shit etc all these fags are pathetic tranime addict coomers and weebs

No. 1869889

File: 1690152153205.jpeg (245.41 KB, 1170x536, IMG_4182.jpeg)

KEK anyone know what this is about? this is so funny to me

No. 1869893

Not entirely sure but i think tumblr is auto-flagging tranny selfies/posts as nsfw kek

No. 1869930

Well when a shaved gorilla decides to post himself in fetish gear with a hard on yeah, they're going to flag that shit

No. 1869959

AGPs are so obvious.
Notice they care so much about dumb shit like the skirts and socks and lingerie but their face and hair is a complete afterthought, sometimes the shoes too. Real women care about their hair and eyebrows and makeup unlike men.
So it figures men's interpretation of women consists of what they often reduce them to: breasts and nice legs. The rest of us be damned.
I'm not fond of drag queens but damn if they at least TRY.

No. 1869963

I never thought I’d see this person here. He’s a personal cow of mine, he’s in a gaming group that’s supposed to be female only but they allow troons anyway all he posts are his stupid ugly outfits in the same poses and then says he is allowed to post because he mentioned his switch or a game in the lengthy caption. All the handmaidens give him assoats in the comments and it infuriates me.

No. 1869964

Lmao case in point that I just noticed.
Peep the row of dusty ass moid shoes in the back. So now he's a "woman" and his idea of women's shoes are some male looking boots. Notice moids don't opt for things like ballet flats or wedges or something. Nope, it's usually stripper heels or fugly sneakers.

No. 1869972

File: 1690170518274.jpeg (106.3 KB, 1061x613, IMG_2765.jpeg)

Had to look up who these people were and I kek'd at the most recent comment on the ex-wife's page. Yes, the divorce is completely her fault for failing to transition her sexuality to "lesbian." https://mrbeast.fandom.com/wiki/Katie_Tyson

No. 1869973

File: 1690170906105.jpeg (7.54 KB, 168x300, download (3).jpeg)

Anyone keeping an eye on the TikTok hate thread? This dude is pretty milky and is known for doxxing/pedophilia

No. 1869975

Also from what I've seen
>Internet fights 24/7 (not even exaggerating)
>Claimed a girl was harassing and insulting him when he was actually insulting her, then when she pointed it out he deleted the comments and blocked her
>Got discharged for having meltdowns
>Exposes his audiences who are teenagers to him pretending to be a Dom
>Doxxed and harassed multiple women for disagreeing with him over things like children not getting breast implants
>Sexually harasses minors

No. 1869976

File: 1690171357756.png (378.33 KB, 1217x614, Screenshot.png)

The more shit like this they pull, the more of us they create.

No. 1869979

"I just want to bond with the baby" is so transparent. You can bond fine with the baby via bottle too, plenty of women use formula or pump because breastfeeding can be difficult ansd painful. I hope they are as enthusiastic about cuddling and playing to bond with the baby other ways.
Lactation fetish happens in women tho I was into that for a while. The thought of breastfeeding is different tho… kind of creepy to involve a baby in it. Even if the baby is unaware there's just something wrong about it. I think that kind of one sided eroticism tends to bother men less in general tho.

No. 1869985

File: 1690175455723.jpeg (260.63 KB, 1242x571, A49CFAA1-D014-4B6F-B547-20C1D7…)

That's a very good slogan, but geez, I wonder why a poor little transgal would have been called a rapist! How sickening and transphobic!

No. 1869986

File: 1690175515516.jpeg (347.08 KB, 1242x782, 3A25DE14-37B9-4FA6-9146-3DD906…)

Replies full of "call the popo". Guess hello kitty doesn't say ACAB anymore?

No. 1869987

>choker: refers to trans women wearing chokers
thank god we have this glossary. how informative.

No. 1869989

File: 1690176473309.jpeg (73.74 KB, 828x245, IMG_3401.jpeg)

No. 1869994

File: 1690177751420.gif (1.47 MB, 498x278, princess-bride-you-keep-using-…)


No. 1869998

Adoption is already a very selective process, and babies are the most "sought after". I can't imagine the agency rep's face when they meet a childless troon who starts gushing about how he wants to put his nipple in the baby's mouth. I know trannies are retarded and do no research, but he really thinks all he needs to do is put down some money and say "one baby (girl), please"

No. 1869999

File: 1690179691199.jpg (574.62 KB, 810x3080, Screenshot_20230724-021145_Chr…)

Preddit moment! OP is 15:

No. 1870002

File: 1690181552541.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3072x4096, 7668256B-3C22-4058-BD9A-751B2E…)

Y’all I am so fucking confused sorry if he’s been posted but
This account posts content that would be deemed extremely transphobic, but is a troon himself???
>not a safe place for troons
>is a troon

It’s not a troll account either, 100% legit. I’m so confused.

No. 1870004

File: 1690182226612.jpeg (357.41 KB, 2048x2048, AEA228CC-CA44-4C18-A0BF-42E6F5…)

Dude is living in delusion

No. 1870005

File: 1690182378563.jpeg (Spoiler Image,394.34 KB, 1242x444, 293D5525-63E8-4AFC-8481-C719F3…)

Literally right next to eachother on his profile, my guy the meme is describing you

No. 1870006

File: 1690182628430.png (5.59 MB, 1242x2208, 8DC257FC-0708-44E0-A5CA-83A8DA…)

The comment section looks like you tho

No. 1870007

File: 1690182758901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,171.9 KB, 1090x1080, 60F34ABF-359E-4396-92EC-828406…)

Like dude… literally look in the mirror

No. 1870008

File: 1690183467375.jpeg (391.17 KB, 750x2217, IMG_0116.jpeg)

am i tripping or are there two troons in the second season of “is it cake?”

No. 1870018

are trannies still using the bird app or are they moving to threads?

No. 1870038

top image/right is definitely a troon, something about the way men smile is unmistakable

No. 1870046

I’m in that group too, nona, though it’s becoming a huge dumpster fire.

No. 1870057

File: 1690193544635.png (1.51 MB, 1082x3002, chrome_screenshot_169019362107…)

No. 1870068

What's wrong with the unisex changing room?

No. 1870093

It doesn't get his pp hard

No. 1870104

Based assistant. Why would you even be angry if you weren't trying to look at naked women?

No. 1870105

File: 1690205632639.png (39.33 KB, 810x415, 5.png)

What is wrong with libfems? even conservative mustlim women aren't this bad.

No. 1870111

Yes honey, FEMALE dogs have periods. Glad you’re finally starting to catch on.

No. 1870115

She gave him the key where he wouldn't disturb other patrons, but only his feelings matter of course

No. 1870120

It’s almost as if all mammals that happen to be of the female sex get to experience periods. I wonder why could that be?

No. 1870127

Also dogs dont even have periods?

No. 1870133

How do people say this unironically? Most straight women probably aren’t attracted to their husband in drag because it so off-putting and fetishy.

No. 1870134

I think they're talking about estrus cycles but who knows. It's just a hilarious self-own to agree mammals of the same sex share things in common.

No. 1870136

This scares them yet they’re allowed to say death threats to any woman who criticizes them.

No. 1870137

Male dogs don't menstruate

No. 1870140

curious about when he trooned out, imagine reaping all the benefits of being a man in law school and suddenly claim oppression after graduating

No. 1870146

File: 1690212268515.png (95.75 KB, 650x1029, Difference-Between-Estrous-and…)

To be fair, female dogs don't menstruate either. They are not primates and do not have a menstrual period. They have estrous cycles, not menstrual cycles. Humans are one of a very small handful of animals, relatively speaking, that have a menstrual cycle. They do have some similarities, like how they only occur in the female sex of a species due to their relation to the endometrium.

No. 1870149

But my dog had to wear panties when she wasn't spayed, she was bleeding, i am confusion.

No. 1870150

i think it's because they become swollen and vascular down there. it's not from their uterus.

No. 1870151

Yea not to be a nerd but the og tweet isn't even accurate, dogs don't get periods lol. Menstruation is quite unique among mammals, only a few mammals such as primates and bats do it and it evolved spontaneously in each subset. It's actually a really beneficial reproductive strategy despite the obvious pain involved with bleeding and shedding lining. Saves lots of lives from unviable pregnancies and reduced risk of cancer when it goes uninterrupted. People are so scientifically illiterate it's no wonder troons think placebo tummy aches = periods.

No. 1870158

I am confusion is such an unfunny phrase. I've only heard incel weebs use it.

No. 1870186

File: 1690218425339.jpg (620.52 KB, 1978x2674, d7x617xbza1b1.jpg)

Built like a fucking linebacker

No. 1870189

nona that’s not a troon… he made a tiktok saying he’s very happy being a man, just likes dressing feminine

No. 1870191

kind of crazy how for every country where the men are crazy, the women are usually completely fine. german men have a reputation for being freaks yet every german woman i've met has been a total sweetie. same goes for literally every country, regardless of religion or continent. makes you wonder what went so wrong with men, that they're consistently so terrible

No. 1870192

shit, sorry, dropped my sage

No. 1870204

Dogs bleed doing estrus because of the effect of estrogen which increases the permeability of blood vessel walls. It's got nothing to do with a period, the blood comes from the vagina, not the uterus.

No. 1870206

Also samefag but I hate few things more than