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File: 1514479258681.jpg (13.77 KB, 320x320, 25017541_553946138285389_45123…)

No. 455122

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions
>Dumped new girlfriend after several-months-long lesbianism obsession.
> Jill told her girlfriend of two months "I'm not attracted to you. I don't want to lead you on". Used her for clickbait and continued to talk about exes all the time in front of her gf and her family. Now posts depression memes
>Entered a Kawaii Contest to win another trip to Japan, is a finalist
>Got a magical girl tattoo on her thigh and knowingly used copyrighted music in her video.


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 455129

Old thread: >>>/snow/455125

No. 455136

newest video

No. 455155

The first shirt looks nice compared to her always buying oversized Lazy Oaf but I know she'll kill it and coord it terrible.

Kek at the Japanese book. Wasn't she claiming to already know a lot of Japanese? That's like a basic book everyone buys when they start.

If her parents know she wants to be a fashion desginer, why didn't they buy her anything for it? My parents might not know much about art but they still try to buy me sketchbooks or other art things for Christmas. Do Jill's parents know she doesn't take it seriously? What type of parent would rather fuel their child's materialistic hoard instead of helping them be more creative? That's sad.

No. 455161

but anon, it's way more important for a fashion designer to get a sewing machine clock instead of doing any actual sewing uwu

No. 455163

she's really obsessed with what gets said here. complained about the shaky camera when she filmed on her bed, she moved to the corner. commented on her gross roots, she's always hiding them now.

No. 455172

Continuing the Christmas haul discussion. For those who don't want to sit through this for 20 minutes, she got:

Lazy Oaf x Estherlovesyou shirt
Lazy Oaf heart socks
Pink sparkly boots
Ragged Priest rainbow shirt
Current Mood yellow raincoat-material skirt (ugly as shit)
Rainbow leather skirt (also ugly as shit)
Irregular Choice gold unicorn tote
Irregular Choice coin purse with little cakes on it. Inside it was:
- Lip smacker gloss
- Two pairs of ice cream earrings
Betsy Johnson necklace with cheap looking crystals on the bottom
25th anniversary totally hair Barbie
Genki 1 Japanese textbook
Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda (she used the blushes as eyeshadow for the video)
Lush gift box (with bath bomb and bubble bar I think)
Precure stocking with snacks and keychain
Precure Bag (also with snacks)
Piano Christmas ornament
Green sewing machine clock
Schoenhut pink toy piano

Personally, I think she got a lot of stuff. What do you guys think?

No. 455174

I also think she got a lot of stuff.
Maybe it's just because my family isn't that into Christmas but even as a kid I never got that many gifts.
Also her mom is ridiculously generous and dedicated, I hope Jill shows her how much she appreciates her.

No. 455175

i think the number of gifts she got is typical for a middle-class family with just two kids. BUT, the monetary value is way above average imo.

No. 455180

File: 1514482716717.jpeg (140.13 KB, 1230x689, AD4FF8E6-255A-47A3-B478-649EF4…)

Sage for irrelevance but I feel like I can park my car in those nostrils

No. 455183

ily for summing the haul up, that's a lot of tacky shit right there
>Genki 1 Japanese textbook
seriously, beginners stuff right there

No. 455190

I can't wait to see those skirts on her
Every day her style becomes more ~wacky 50 year old with a midlife crisis~ like

No. 455196

I said it in the last thread before it died but I think for Jill this is pretty tame. She goes on crazy shopping sprees for no reason all year long but this is a pretty average amount of presents compared to people I know, some of them are expensive but it's not crazy.

No. 455197


Forgive me for gift sperging as well, but I'm not bothered by the amount of gifts, but the nature of them considering her age. There's a lack of really practical stuff there that's typical for someone about to move out on their own. I know people give fun stuff for gifts but I think it's almost symbolic of how her parents aren't encouraging her independence, especially for someone who isn't going to experience the more gentle transition of dorm to apartment.

No. 455202

Thanks for tabulating this. I thought people were ripping hard on Jill for getting a lot of stuff but this is really absurd, even for an upper middle class family. She easily got $500 in gifts, maybe closer to $1000.

Was this all from her mom and dad, or did other family members or friends give her stuff too?

I think this is a good point

No. 455206

I was just about to say this. The only gift that could be considered remotely useful was maybe the planner, but everything else was typical plastic kiddy garbage and decorations. I get it, it's Christmas and sometimes it's fun to get a couple of cute little trinkets, but this is not the kind of shit a 19 year old girl about to go to college should be getting. Especially since she already has enough cheap Claire's shit and neon clothing to last a lifetime.
Sage for being a total sperg.

No. 455211

did anyone else find it super annoying that the sewing machine clock was slightly un-level on the wall in her christmas haul video??

No. 455216

No i found it annoying how she thinks she’s a fashion designer. I don’t think Betsy Johnson collects shit just because there’s a sewing machine on it.

No. 455221


you're so damn right! :P Honestly we've never seen anything legitimate from her that proves that she knows ANYTHING about designing clothing of any type. She wants everyone to think that she knows shit but when it comes down to it she spends all of her time shopping and taking baths and knows probably next to nothing about it

No. 455222

File: 1514484964449.jpeg (159.34 KB, 640x857, AA48DF92-DFBA-4DC8-ACA9-500130…)

Some more gorgeous fan art that she will never acknowledge exists because it shines light on what she actually looks like instead of a rainbow baby anime character uwu

No. 455226

Same anon who wrote >>455172. It's slow at work and I'm curious so I tabulated the prices of everything. Not counting precure stuff since it was a PO box thing.

>Lazy Oaf Shirt ($40)

>Ragged Priest shirt ($65)
>Yellow skirt ($30)
>Rainbow skirt ($40)
>IC tote($3)
>IC coin purse ($35)
>Earrings ($15 total)
>BJ necklace (guessing $25)
>Scrunchies (Guessing $3)
>Barbie ($25)
>Genki($50, since it's brand new)
>Too Faced ($44)
>Lush ($20)
>Ornament (guessing $10)
>Clock ($54)

Total: $646 (USD)
The stuff I guessed on is more conservative so realistically this might be worth around $700.

No. 455227

Absolutely ridiculous amount of gifts for a young adult from their parents. It's the price plus the amount that tips it for me; If she'd gotten one expensive designer item and the rest of the cheap tat that would be way more reasonable, but the got seven or eight really expensive things.

It's clear louise loves the fuck out of Jill which is really sweet, but she should really evaluate her parenting choices. She's making her into a womanchild who's never going to be able to take care of herself. And not to mention the less you get the more appreciative you are for the things you have.

Also this, only practical things are Genki and the planner. She wont even use genki though.

> :P
Don't emoji in text it's a banable offence. If you want to react use a reaction image. Clue is in the name imageboard.

No. 455230

here, assumed the lazy oaf/IC shit was way more expensive. Thanks for figuring this out anon. Doesn't look nearly as bad as I assumed - thought it was gonna be way closer to 800-1000 dollary doos.

No. 455234

I assumed it would be too. But I didn't include taxes or shipping so it might very well be around $800.

No. 455238

Doesn't really drastically change the total, but the ornament retails for $17 and the betsey johnson necklace for like $42

No. 455243

I think it’s the sheer quantity of completely impractical things she got that just makes it so stupid. So for example: a washer/dryer set is $1300, but that would be a perfectly reasonable and generous Christmas gift for an adult who is supposedly moving out soon. The fact that they put $700 of useless shit together just for the extravagance of all of it is ridiculous. Most affluent parents are sending their children to college and helping to ensure that when they’re dead and gone, their children will have something besides Barbie dolls to take care of themselves with.

No. 455255

Hey, thanks for taking the time to watch and type out this list; it saves me a view.

For some perspective: my parents make about $240,000 a year (before tax) and we live in a metropolitan area. My sibling and I typically receive ~$800 in gifts for Christmas. I'm not sure if Jill receiving $700 worth of stuff is really that much of a stretch or absurd for an upper middle class family. I'm more annoyed at the actual nature of the gifts themselves; it really seems like her parents don't care that she's going to inevitably be a 40-year-old-womanchild living in their basement.

No. 455258

the piano is super ridiculous because it's not even a real piano

No. 455268

Not musician anon who brought this up in the last thread, but apparently it does actually count as a usable instrument. I am not disagreeing with you that it's ridiculous, though.

No. 455274

in as much as a child's xylophone does, but that's what that 'piano' is, a xylophone.

No. 455277

Shipping and taxes are both very high in Canada. And 645 USD is 800 CAD. If we include taxes alone it's 920 CAD, shipping on top of that would have pushed it over 1000 CAD.

That's no small amount of money. Just because the Canadian dollar is currently worth less than USD doesn't mean the expense is any less real. A few years ago when the dollar was stronger, the Vesseys would have paid roughly the equivalent to US dollars. Now a few years later, they're dishing out a few extra hundred just to shop online with poor conversion.

If you remember the 3000$ shopping spree Jill had in Japan for her birthday this year (no less than 3 months after their previous Christmas expenses), it's not hard to see the Vesseys have no problem splurging thousands for whatever occasions they please. Nor do they care about bragging openly to the public, as Louise does in this article showing off their 8000$ catio built this past summer: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-catio-cats-build-woman-louise-vessey-1.4270576

No. 455278

File: 1514489236823.png (556.24 KB, 540x533, Screenshot_2017-12-28-14-23-26…)

I mean I thought the piano was a lot smaller than it actually is. She also did list somega ways she could use it (making transition music for YT, the cats stool, and a little shelf). Honestly, using it as a shelf is a waste but theh gift itself was.

No. 455283


I know people say this a lot, but this really does look like some special ed shit

No. 455284

File: 1514489614896.png (12.4 KB, 648x244, ss (2017-12-28 at 11.33.14).pn…)

No. 455294

File: 1514490815454.jpg (125.72 KB, 846x476, _75903533_75903532.jpg)

No. 455305


I thought that she was talking about using it to put things on top of to use as transitions for youtube. Like flat lay photos not music

No. 455309

It seems like everything was from her mom? Maybe her Dad and brother pitched in, but she didn't mention it. Also nothing from her friends?

I don't really care about the amount because her mom can obviously afford it but some of the stuff seems pretty random, like the ragged priest shirt (cut doesn't suit her style at all, so it's just pricey PJs), or the textbook. I also thought it was a bit tacky that she let her mom buy that for her, since she would know that her mom goes overboard with gifts.

The toy piano is cute though, ngl. Seems fun.

No. 455322

File: 1514493433740.jpg (133.56 KB, 1024x684, PixieDowns.jpg)


No. 455324


Even the downs child is more likeable and endearing than Jill

No. 455326

Way better hair

No. 455330


What of these other than the piano is really expensive to you?

No. 455333


Has anyone ever thought that Jill is actually grateful for what she receives? She seems spoiled and all but maybe she's so excited to get things and also so used to it that she has become desensitized or her excitement causes her to forget to say thank you, etc.?

Last year or the year before she was much more humble about it and warned she wasn't trying to brag, etc. And this year she just dives right into the gifts and all which makes sense but I can't help but marvel at how much she's changed for the worst.


learn to sage

No. 455334

drives me mad that she mentioned she SLEEPS in the ragged priest shirt…jfc

No. 455335

I'm actually really glad she fixed the shaky camera, she should take our advice oftener

No. 455336

Anon I don't doubt she has read here before but this is a bit of the stretch to think that lolcow could be the only reason she fixed her camera shaking.

No. 455339

nayrt but while I don't think lolcow is the only reason, she definitely used to lurk here and would even comment on things we were talking about here in her videos that no one brought up in her comments section or social media.

Either way, at least she tries to improve her shit.

No. 455379

do you wanna learn how to read the entire thread before replying with dumb shit? 'cause I already corrected myself in this post, just one post down from the one you replied to.

No. 455469

I dont get why her parents didnt get practical stuff. Sage for blog posting but my parents got me a printer/scanner because of the work i do in college. Its not difficult to get an art based student practical presents.

No. 455475

maybe her parents know that she won't actually leave for college lol

No. 455509

Wait is this normal? how old are you? you have to be 18+ to post here. I stopped receiving Christmas present when I started high school (and I grew up in a very nice suburbs). I just can't imagine someone college age receiving more than a few things. Don't try and make Jill's situation look average.

No. 455546

the top of her head is an absolute disaster

No. 455607

Damn anon stop being so bitter!kek please go complain about how "spoiled Jillybean" is, to someone who really cares. Some many anons keep harping on how spoiled this woman is. Its just sad. Get over it. Shes a spoiled, immature woman with a mental disorder (so she claims) and a shit diet. Nothing special. Just good for entertainment.

No. 455609

Practically everyone I know college age and above receive presents and some get as much as Jill or more. It's not uncommon at all, I think your situation might be the abnormal one. No presents at high school age is just brutal.

No. 455612

Anon why repost shit twice?

No. 455613

ntaytt but uh.. everyone I know receives christmas gifts. both my side of the family and my boyfriend's. even my half siblings trashy friends do christmas for their parents, grandparents, and vice versa.

No. 455617

If you're over 18 you would probably notice that different families make different amounts of money and choose to spend that money in different ways, as well as having different values and traditions. How shocking.(derail)

No. 455621

Can we please not bring the infighting and sperging over from the old thread?
It only lasted 12 days.

No. 455638

Why is there always so much financial drama in these threads? omg

No. 455642

Sage your shit.

No. 455684


I think there are a lot of poorfags on this board. Saged.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455689

It's almost like people of any income class are allowed to use this website, weird.

No. 455694

It's a mix of bitter poorfags and richfags who get offended at the implication they're spoiled because they get a similar amount of things as Jill, basically. Everyone trying their hardest to frame their own life and experience as normal and anything outside of that is weird.

We could start prefacing things with
>In my experience/opinion
>From my perspective

but where's the fun in being reasonable and clear?

No. 455696

Why get practical christmas presents when her parents will agree to take her on a kawaii school supply shopping spree?

No. 455707

File: 1514514769605.png (978.02 KB, 635x717, 83537fdb28d17238eafa1796933c83…)

im surprised she didnt break the chair

No. 455709

I used to think that Jill was just a depressed kid who needed to take her time. But between getting $600 of worthless Christmas gifts and the Sephora VIB Rouge, I'm not sure.

No. 455730

Maybe you can convince me she isn't into dd/lg, but you can't convince me she isn't into ageplay.

No. 455744

Serious question: What is the fucking fascination with this kiddie/dolly/trying to be an adult child thing that I keep seeing with 20-30 something year olds?

No. 455751

It sucks to be a millennial in a lot of places. Many are disillusioned with adulthood because it's nothing like they were told it'd be like, and so they latch onto childhood nostalgia as an escapist coping mechanism.

It doesn't make much sense with Jill, though. It makes more sense when it's poor/lower middle class kids that are stuck in their parents' homes against their wishes and against their parents wishes. Jill hasn't been deprived and it seems like her mom is super supportive and sweet so her focus on the childlike stuff is extra odd. I honestly wonder if Jill was molested as a child, or if her dad is a huge mean asshole off camera.(??????)

No. 455752

"Presents speak louder than words" is very Jill

No. 455790

You think everyone who likes kiddy stuff has a problem in their life? Are you one of the people who thinks every person into lolita and j-fashion has a mental disorder?

No. 455791

It's absurd. Look at everyone obsessed with my little pony, care bears, super hero movies, star wars. It's like people have forgotten to grow up.

No. 455809

No, I don't. I think it's fine to have a few childish interests as an adult. But Jill seems stuck/stunted. It's weird that she's nearly 20 and keeps talking about how she's sooo not ready to have her own apartment away from mommy. That's weird as all hell, especially because her family is well off and is basically willing to fund her and she has the ultimate safety net.

No. 455842

I guess every man over 20 who lives with their parents and plays video games must have their bedroom in their basement and everyone who likes brutal porn is a potential sex offender. Get out with your weird speculation. This whole thread is overflowing with off the wall input and rich/poor infighting. Can’t we stick with the pus infested milk ffs?

No. 455844

wow this thread is off to a bad start, mods please come thru

No. 455883

sage this shit but also
tons of older men (as in, currently 50+)proudly display their love of comics, etc

older women maybe don't display it the same way but they definitely enjoy buying girly toys, etc for their young daughters

a lot of older women i know get excited to buy children presents because they get to look at all the barbies, etc

No. 455910

File: 1514523035066.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x2045, 43847BA1-9DAC-40A0-A892-05CB83…)

Jill’s New Years outfit actually looks decent. And by decent, I mean decent compared to her other outfits. And I’m glad she’s finally matching those pewter fluffy earrings with the correct shade of gray.

Idk why the fuck she just doesn’t pick up a purple shampoo. It’s so simple and easy to use. Jill, if you’re reading this, please just wash your blonde hair with purple shampoo next time. Let it sit there for a few minutes. Please save us the agony of seeing your roots.

No. 455919

i agree this outfit is pretty cute and well put together for her

No. 455935

I get the feeling that for someone as spoiled as Jill is (which she confirms that she is very spoiled in the Christmas haul), I wonder if part of Louise's (and her dad's, idk his name) treatment of Jill comes from her previous self-harm issues. I don't recall if it's been mentioned that Jill has ever been suicidal (I know the self-harm scars have come up but I mean actual intent of suicide), but it wouldn't surprise me that Louise dotes on Jill to try and make sure that she's happy and feels loved and doesn't need to consider something like self-harm or suicide every again. Sage because it's probably reaching very far, but it's just a thought.

As much as I like glittery things, I feel like those boots are super impractical for Jill, and that she's gonna treat them like the Irregular Choice shoes she has (if not utterly shit them up like the other pink boots she has). The outfit looks good, not too sure about that fanny pack, but I worry about those boots.

No. 455940

Honestly, that is probably why she is spoiled. After my mother found out I cut when I was a teen she tried to do more for me but I had put it to a stop before because she already spoils my special needs brothers too much. I didn't need to be spoiled too. Back to the subject, Louise definitely loves Jillian a lot and is afraid that she will self-harm/revert back to her eating disorder which is pretty obvious. The whole spoiling her adult child is just a part of it most likely.

No. 455968

"poorfags" lol way to sound like a cunt(lurk moar)

No. 455969

It makes me think of the 80s.

No. 455971

NTA but you know that's imageboard lingo, right? People do call themselves poorfags. Its just a word.

No. 455973

They did sage though?

No. 455975

iirc a shopgirl in japan gave her purple shampoo for her brassy ass hair and she didn't have a clue what it was for. At this point I really don't think her hair can be salvaged though, she just needs to shave it all off and start anew.

I think it's probably the combination of Jill's self harm/ED and Louise having had cancer in the past. Louise is probably just glad she's gotten to see Jill grow up so she spoils her. It sounds okay in theory to spoil her for that reason, but Jill's own shopping addiction and dependency on material items is what isn't healthy.

Honestly I wouldn't be so bothered by the amount she buys if she didn't have an obvious problem and was seeking professional help for her issues as opposed to acting as if peeps tea and uwu pink bath bombs are the cure for her depression when she obviously still has issues.

No. 455977

Like this anon said
It's just chanboard slang. Whatever you are, you append -fag to the end of it. Poorfags, richfags, britfag, newfag. Don't out yourself as a newfag by getting offended by normal imageboard terms.

No. 455980

She doesn't even have to shave. Just cut off all the fried ends and wear wigs. It's not like she has a job or leaves her home, so she can only wear bright colored bs wigs when filming her youtube videos.

No. 455983

Way to be a newfag.(this isn't funny)

No. 455984

i'm aware of of imageboard lingo, and i'm not offended, i just think that person sounded like a cunt in the way they used it.

why get offended because i called someone a cunt while simultaneously telling me to stop being a "offended" that's backwards anons get your head out of your asses!

No. 455986

you still sound like a cunt (my opinion not yours)

No. 455990

Those poor shoes have no idea what they're in for

No. 455992

>pewter fluffy earrings

Those earrings were originally baby blue. Just saying.

No. 455993

No. 455997

Fuck off if you insist on infighting. This thread is pertinent to Jill, not your easily bruised egos. No one cares if you are wealthy or impoverished. If it's not Jill related, get out here with your incessant bullshit.
Sage for venting.

No. 455998

oh god thats horrifying

No. 456003

That outfit is tackier than Jill's personality.

No. 456082

File: 1514533932771.png (378.5 KB, 540x398, Screenshot_2017-12-29-02-42-31…)

I was lurking through her spam instagram and I found this pic with Colin. I know this is a stretch but I feel like she was taking better care of herself when they were together and once that ended she has really been spiraling downward.

No. 456083

I really do think she loved Colin very much. She just didn't treat him right. She really has gone down hill since.

No. 456085

Sage for reaching.

I think part of the reason she spiralled so hard after Colin dumped her is because the loss of control of that relationship reminded her of reasons why she ended up with an ED. It's also why I think she jumped ship hard with Alyssa. She can't take not being in control.

No. 456123

I would feel bad for Jill if she had actually learned her lesson and tried to change when Collin dumped her and tried to treat people better. But it's clear she really does think she does no wrong so it serves her right especially after the whole Alyssa fiasco happening not long after. I'm glad he dumped her, I think all her exes are much better off without her.

No. 456172

Yeah, I think she actually loved him and I'd feel sympathy if she actually showed any kind of self-reflection
But no, obviously the only reason anyone would ever leave her is because she's just SO ambitious, who wouldn't be intimidated by such a strong and independent woman uwu
At least Colin was going to college while also having a job, Jill was the one spending all her time in her basement doing jackshit

No. 456176

I think she was pretty devastated when Colin broke up with her, but instead of trying to be better she got with MG as a rebound, and it turned into a huge dumpster fire.

Tinfoil - maybe Colin called her out on her saying that she'd be "gay if she wasn't dating someone with a dick", the "Coco", and generally referring to their relationship as though it was a lesbian one. Whether Colin was nb or not, that seems pretty irritating/hurtful, and maybe she tried to prove something by dating a girl.

No. 456186

You guys need to loosen up, you can like pink miniature shit, toys and super hero movies (which aren't even primarily for kids), and not be mentally regressed or a victim of abuse. What are adults supposed to like, art cinema, knitting and classic literature?

I do think Jill partially uses her aesthetic and fun fun rainbie time uwu to distract herself from adult responsibilities, but her being babied and enabled by her mom and now her ~Confetti Club~ is the more pressing issue. If she wasn't living at home making YouTube videos in her basement bedroom and afraid to actually get out there and start a career, her buying plushie backpacks and bunny dungarees would hardly be an issue.

No. 456269

Yeah, I'm curious who else is supposed to be the target audience of the stuff Jill likes. Are bunny dunagarees and other kiddie stuff Jill buys supposed to be for kids or are all the adults who buy them deranged?

No. 456283

I asked a fucking question because her specific style and attitude is shit I see everywhere now. Nowhere did my post mention mental illness. You need to take your own advice and stop getting defensive just because you probably also like the same shit.

It was a question. Go plug your ketchup hole with one of your teddies.

No. 456288


Haha I've never heard this phrase and must know- which hole is the ketchup hole?!

Obvious sage

No. 456301

This is the most fucked up thing I've read in a Jill thread. I know anons tend to speculate for no good reason but what the actual fuck?

Jill's dad is a really sweet person, supportive of his family, wants the best for his kids and wife etc.

Nothing extremely ~dark~ happened in Jill's life. She simply had a hard time in middle school and we know all the factors that caused her depression based on what she shared online during those years and what she's revealed more recently.

No. 456348

You cant assume someone was abused because of their style, some what extreme shopping habits, or their history of self harm.

No. 456364

i love how this acts as if millennials aren't the ones ignoring reality bawwing at everyone who tells them their useless degree will only land them a retail job.

No. 456369

I do like this hopefully she sticks with it and wont add any accessories or kiddie shit would probably ditch the boots and fanny pack though…eugh

No. 456373


nayrt but I think I get what you mean anon, the so kawaii delicate smol princess uwu kinda shit?
I think it's the female equivalent of Chris Chan-esque manchildren living in a basement and playing with legos every day. Being an adult can be hard and some womanchildren don't want to exert the effort.
Not to generalise but it's also quite common among women who suffer/suffered from eating disorders like Jill.

No. 456399

Honestly, what got me the most about that post is the farmhand's note on it. Lost my shit.

And yeah, that is exactly what I mean. That one friggin' anon acted as if I was the person saying that anybody who likes something from their childhood still is damaged goods. That wasn't the case. I've just noticed with people such as Jill, Kelly Eden to an extent, etc that there is this weird disconnect from reality. They're on the same level as all of those SoCal internet celebrities who are famous for literally doing nothing besides going to Disneyland everyday and trying to upstage the cast members with their tacky Disneybounds a la Traci Hines, Amber Arden, and others. Its just odd to me because not only are these people so deeply entrenched in the lifestyle and defensive of it, but they try to push this idea that they're very different from others when they aren't. They're just adults defining themselves by clothing and hobbies which is something you'd expect from like, a teenager.

I do agree with an anon from earlier itt that Jill is musically inclined and focusing on that would likely do wonders for her.

No. 456424

File: 1514575253516.png (560.53 KB, 640x1136, CA2A0EA0-3DA7-4A07-BB28-2151BD…)

Wish have copied her designs again so she’s throwing a shit fit on Facebook

No. 456439

>Momma Pixie
This is the most backwards nickname seeing as Jill is a child in an adults body

No. 456442

Momma Pixie? Gross, what the hell.
It reminds me of how Adella's fantards used to speak of her.

No. 456457

Isn't this something worth throwing a shit fit over?

No. 456466

File: 1514578372101.png (138.67 KB, 366x344, Screenshot 2017-12-25 at 4.36.…)

No. 456470

>ketchup hole
I quoted multiple people, and the third anon mentioned mental illness. Didn't attack you, no need to get upset.

>Momma Pixie
Her fanbase is something else. Being ripped off is shitty though, even if it's a wonky design.

No. 456475

File: 1514578787272.jpeg (321.34 KB, 634x977, 2B686A01-1429-4D47-8EA5-32CBC8…)

Remember the go fund me that Jillian shared a while back for her friend? Well said friend is now doing a new cosplay. So much for needing money. She took those donations and ran.

No. 456511

lol it seems like she'll flat out ignore all comments asking her where mystery girl's gifts are.. yet she promotes her clickbait "what i got my gf" video at the beginning, she hasn't changed the title or clarified their breakup.

She's shady as fuck profiting off the fact that her audience still assumes she's in a lesbian relationship.

No. 456524

File: 1514583418780.png (244 KB, 741x531, pin.png)

she still hasn't worked on that video where she was gonna give advice/respond to people's worries or whatever
I mean I wouldn't want advice from a fucking 19 year old basement dweller either, but she constantly acts like she's some ~sweet momma uwu~ and then can't even be bothered to help out her kiddie fans

also she posted a link to the page for her pins now, the description is pretty cringey

No. 456532

Farmers, we’ve seen a lot from Jill this year. So much that it’s spawned 16 threads and counting, I’m proud of all of you, everyone from the people who make silly edits, to the people who summarise her unwatchable streams for us, to the farmers who start new threads. So let’s all share our favourite Jill moments of this year before the year ends

No. 456537

Her entire Japan trip tbh.
Pretty much every part of it was hilarious and I love that even some of her fans complained about her just shopping and eating American fast food for 2 weeks straight.
Also I'm really glad Colin got out of that relationship.

No. 456554


Just the constant influx of every single thing that makes Jill boring and mediocre from her fake love of jfashion to her oversugary sweets to her clearly lying about her level of Japanese to the tendies and fries for every meal to her constantly relying on her mom for everything

The Japan trip was beautiful

I'll raise a glass for the MG breakup as a runner up

No. 456555

This was the year Jill finally decided to give up and the Japan vlog was a true testament to that. I’m so proud of how utterly shit it was, and I hope for more failures in 2018.

No. 456602

Larping as a lesbian for about a month before realising she wasn't attracted to MG and dropping her ass

No. 456603

that video is so not happening. i remember trying to find the post about it on her ig to read the comments but she had deleted it.

No. 456623

I'm really glad that she finally decided to tell her audience about her mental health history without just briefly joking about it-it explained a lot of her behavior and made her seem more like a actual person (no matter how hard being a person is)

I'm also really glad that she decided to sew some pieces this year (even though she didn't document through video) and that she shared her musical talent with us (she would really benefit from YouTube if she made more advice/issues, piano, and sewing vlogs-that would be very refreshing).

No. 456675


Ha, I bet it's the last that she ever sews. In her Christmas video she talks about how excited she is to start collecting sewing machine and sewing themed items. That is totally going to eclipse any actual sewing.

I don't think Jill actually wants to be a fashion designer. She wants to be a shopper trend-following consumer. She should go into retail buying and merchandising, and do it professionally.

No. 456748

File: 1514594518848.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1575, 20171229_203938.png)

Are we still doubting her being drunkielocks?

No. 456750

The MG scandal is the best thing I've seen since finding this place earlier this year and honestly it makes me so glad that I found y'all early on after finding her on Youtube.

Here's to 2018 and the new shit she'll bring up. And also here's to her continuing to hold the record for most threads made in a year: if I counted right, she's had 13 since December 16 last year which is… I don't wanna say it's amazing but damn.

No. 456756


Drunkielocks is still a stretch, Alyssa's sister confirmed Jill is a lightweight and the post says 'Weeb Team' which likely means her and John or Tracey/multiple other people/friends. And they may not even consume all of it.

No. 456869

This is a pretty normal amount of alcohol to consume for someone her age. Do people seriously consider everyone who binge drinks occasionally to be an alcoholic?

I don't think it's a good idea to put this up given the number of her fans who are children.

No. 456889

ain't like jill gives a damn, shes posted openly about drinking and being on her meds so it's not like she's anymore responsible now than she has been before.

and before anyone starts up again with the "it's not that bad!!!111" argument about mixing meds with alcohol, the main problem is that her fanbase is filled with impressionable kids that can get the wrong idea if they're so inclined to use jill as a "role model" and copy her fashion and behavior. for someone who tries to be kid-friendly, jill's far from being a good role model if she can't even be smart enough to just refrain from advertising when she does drink

No. 456890

Having one or two drinks is normal, but you don't need that much alcohol-we all know Jill doesn't have that many friends.
I bet Jill will say something like "It's going to be my last time will all my friends in a while!!! It's a super special occasion!!!"

No. 456914

the best part of this image is the sad react

No. 456944

This is tame for a NYE party tho? And she is an adult and can post whatever she wants on her social media BUT that doesn't excuse the fact that
>she's mixing with her meds
>has a lot of underage fans
>Is competing to be a Kawaii ambassador
>has a foul taste in alcohol

but I hope she doesn't stop. The more she fucks up, the more milk we have

No. 456949

Tracey's only 16 or 17 she shouldn't be drinking. If she plans on letting Tracey drink she's got a whole other storm coming. Giving underage children alcohol. Jesus jill. Tracey did mention seeing Jill soon on instagram though so I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 456950

tracey is at least 17 or 18 because she's starting university next fall

they're all going to a party at a guy named lucas's house. it will be hush hush for the most part since there will be underage drinking

No. 456953

with all this talk in the thread about alcohol i wonder if there should be a thread in ot for alcoholic drinks?

No. 456976

This is pretty tame if it's for a couple of people. As for the medication, she can just not take it the day she drinks, as bad as it is, sometimes people with mental illnesses can have fun too.

No. 457001

Oh, come on. This is a bit ridiculous, isn't it? How uptight were you anons that you never did some underage drinking? The age gap between her and Jill isn't even that vast.

I dislike Jill but it's ridiculous how uppity and "oh cows need to be saints!" we get sometime. In most places in the world 16 or 17 is the legal drinking age, even. It's not some giant outlier happening.

Jill has lots of reasons to hate her, this is just beyond ridiculous now…

No. 457038

Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I don't think it's that much for few people. There's like one bottle of vodka, champagne and rest are some sort of drinks, which I have no idea how strong they are. Besides that, we had it confirmed that Jill is done after couple of drinks, so it's not likely she's drinking much of that (I wouldn't too - half of that looks sickly sweet, bleh).

While it's definitely unresposible to mix meds with alcohol, is 17yo drinking really such a big deal? I can't imagine being invited to a party where everyone are having something alcoholic and you're stuck with juice, because you're year or two younger. Most of people at that age drink anyway.

No. 457077

File: 1514644564709.png (302.14 KB, 477x476, New Canvas.png)

everything about her appearance is a complete mess

also she's just talking about booze/drinking age on her livestream now lol

No. 457102

>Having one or two drinks is normal, but you don't need that much alcohol
No one needs alcohol. It's better to never drink it. But are people on this board so sheltered they've never had a hard night of partying? Wtf.

I don't get the Drunkielocks meme. I have a really tame boring life, and it seems like Jill's is even more boring than mine. Not anything worth batting an eyelash over. It's normal for people Jill's age to experiment with alcohol and other substances. I would only be worried if she showed actual signs of alcoholism.

I think it's only bad because she has so many young fans. If her fanbase was older then I wouldn't give a shit. Is this posted on a public account or her private one? Still not really a classy thing to put on a private one.

I agree. I think one reason Jill gets so many threads is because of really uppity people who feel the need to nitpick everything she does.

No. 457104

Tracey is 17, Lucas is 18. Those two have been friends for years. Afaik Wendy is also going (and Jill, obviously).

No. 457110

Sorry anons tried watching part of her stream but she's annoying me too much LOL this is all I got;
>> likes nico and yohanne
>> says aqua instead of aquors
>> constant random little Japanese words thrown into sentences

No. 457113

Of course she would like the two obnoxious ones.

No. 457116

bitch is crazy for that asking price on shitty little enamel pins

No. 457118

it's supposed to be aqua anon…

>アクア (akua=aqua)

No. 457122

Hmm $10 is standard for indie brands or someones solo project that make pins. Some are like $15-20.

No. 457128

I agree with >>457122, a lot of enamel pins go for so much. I don't understand why. I don't collect enamel pins, and if I did, I'd rather just go to aliexpress for some, but a lot of people are willing to pay that price.

No. 457178

I know this is OT I'm sorry.

But with indie enamel pins, you're paying an artist for the design. Aliexpress ones are ugly as sin, and you don't know what kind of mistakes will be on them. Also, I think people charge that much because they have to buy a huge batch of them and then sell them to make their money back. I think $10 in reasonable for that. Some people charge $15-$20 which is ludicrous.

All that said, I think Jill's look like aliexpress quality and style and I wouldn't pay $5 for it. I doubt she has high standards for quality control either.

No. 457180

I don't see much difference between the aliexpress pins and the non ones.

What does Jill have to do with quality control? I'm assuming she outsources the pin making to another company.

No. 457193

The entire Japan trip was by far the best part of these Jill threads I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would come next

No. 457204

same, it was laugh after laugh with that trip, and her vlogs were… sad
im hoping she goes again. and we all know shes not touching her genki book she got for christmas, kek

No. 457205

I'm going to go with her placing it behind her so you can see it her videos.

No. 457206

But Jill, your antidepressants.

No. 457213

you can't just skip taking ssris for 24 hours lol you'll start to go through withdrawal and it can majorly fuck up your day

yeah the only person who probably won't be there that jill's close with is kenzie because she hates drunk people

the ones on aliexpress and the ones in cons are the same quality lol they're both using companies in china. aliexpress just orders much larger quantities and doesn't need the same profit on each item to sustain themselves

No. 457224

I suppose you guys don’t party often but that isn’t a lot. Half are coolers, they likely will have the sparkling for the countdown. The only issue is how many shots they want to do but likely they don’t plan on finishing those bottles.

Jill is also not responsible for the actions of her younger friends if they drink. If they are underage drinking it is something they been doing without Jill who lives hours away anyways.

I much rather comment on the poor selection of drinks.

No. 457240

File: 1514658268126.png (524.27 KB, 746x575, image.png)

Throwback to Japan Jill

No. 457243

Apologies anon not super into love live. She was sayin aquors one second then aqua the next second just assumed she was being dumb lol. Then again it's jilly bean she has to show how much she "loves Japan and is a giant weeb"

No. 457248

The fucking fanny pack

No. 457250


I'm not one to defend this bitch but I agree, that isn't a lot, especially when split among friends. Seems reasonable. Then again, I don't drink.

Wtf is that bright red shit though?

No. 457253

Same. I miss that. Looking forward to another year of observing Jill's antics with anons.

No. 457268

File: 1514659733848.jpg (75.54 KB, 478x598, trujfashion.JPG)


Also, let's do not forget all the iconic j-fashion looks. Here my personal fave.


ngl, I'm really, really curious how the entire fashion college thing will turn out. No matter if she actually moves out or not, it will be lulzy af.

No. 457273

File: 1514659916549.jpg (101.91 KB, 1600x1600, 5bce6a0848b07ad6249044761f9783…)

All I see is this.

No. 457283

I've drunk on antidepressants before and so do other people. I don't think it's great but it's not the end of the world.

They are teens, what do you expect?

I do like the swankiss skirt a lot.

No. 457289

watermelon liqueur

No. 457301

File: 1514661662557.jpeg (61.35 KB, 500x522, 808DB7E3-F59F-4E10-95E5-4FE35F…)

Are we again on the subject of drinking with meds? The answer is don’t fucking do it cmon guys. Alcohol on its own is whatever, but mixing the two can end up really fucked for someone who doesn’t actually know what the hell they are doing. It says on the bottle of meds do not consume with alcohol! Maybe I’m an old bag that’s seen too many friends and acquaintances get fucked over health wise because they were so non chalant about this subject, but it really disturbs me Jill promotes this lifestyle BECAUSE people/kids look up to her and want to emulate her. Enjoy your shitty liver Jillian.

No. 457304

I don't remember if this has been speculated before, so sage just in case

But what if Jill told her fan base that she will not talk about MG or her relationships or other personal info anymore BECAUSE she knew she was gonna break up with MG, and when her fans would start asking about her again, she would have a reason not to talk about it to keep up the illusion that she still has a girlfriend?

No. 457347

I'll take notes on the important stuff Jill says in her stream after I watch it.

No. 457371

I feel like next year should be pretty lulzy.
Either she'll go to Japan again or go to London, either should be great.
And then for the college thing her going would be amazing, but I'd also love for her to find more excuses on why she can't/try to justify being a basement dweller more.
Then at some point she'll probably have to explain to her fanbase that she broke up with her girlfriend and maybe there will even be a new partner? I can't imagine her seriously being able to not share that on social media.

No. 457399

File: 1514668580314.png (108.83 KB, 750x944, IMG_0735.PNG)

Here's some funny screencaps.

No. 457411

I'm 23, but thanks for being a condescending dick because you're butthurt about your lack of presents. My parents choose to spend that much in gifts for both my sibling (21) and I because they have the money to do so. While it is probably not "normal" to receive that much money's worth of presents, it certainly is the norm to receive gifts at all ages; I don't know a single person– poor or rich– who doesn't receive presents from their family. Jill's situation is not average in the sense that she receives a lot of presents, and most people cannot afford to drop $700 on a stack of gifts under the tree. However, your situation is the one that sounds abnormal, just like >>455609 stated.

These earrings are just…. wow. Her hair… wow. I truly do try to ignore her appearance, but it's getting incredibly hard when part of her appeal (uh, appeal to her followers, I guess) is how she looks and dresses. It's kind of tragic because she has the financial means to look quirky in an aesthetically pleasing way, but she chooses not to. Some of the Lazy Oaf shit she got for Christmas is really cute imo, but paired with that makeup and hair?

I think her threads are filled with some strange nitpicking. I understand that there anons come from all different backgrounds, but damn. Who actually care about underage drinking? Even if you didn't do it, does it really bother you that much…?

No. 457433

File: 1514671710233.jpeg (86.99 KB, 551x499, 6C4A8220-8EC1-4641-8708-570C36…)

No. 457434

File: 1514671711260.png (1020.67 KB, 1117x581, image.png)

Kek I had to make a comparison of her before and after.
Left is her Japan haul, right is her latest video.

No. 457437

This is amazing anon, this needs to be the next thread's image.

No. 457438

lmao this really cracked me up anon
please draw the one where her cat is slapping her too

No. 457439

File: 1514672047737.png (114.16 KB, 745x983, IMG_0746.PNG)

I'm sorry that this took me so long, but she took forever to open the three packages she got because she opened them at the beginning of the stream.

>Has to drive four hours to go to Halifax.

>Can almost take baths with her new tattoo.
>Going to get her old one touched up when she gets to Halifax.
>Her dad stopped by with a cat.
>Might start a playlist on her yt of the streams bc mail.
>Has a video to upload on "more serious things" (year in review??) but doesn't want to upload it because she won't be home and will get different feedback. Will be up by Tuesday or Wednesday.
>Jill's mom also stopped by with her granny to tell her to say goodbye and Louise told Jill to have a good trip and to drive safe.
>Bought $108 worth of alcohol yesterday because she's in charge of getting all of it for her friends.
>Some concerned person told her "Be careful with alcohol", and she said "I'm not dumb," then laughed.
>Mentioned one person in her last vlog commented "You know your audience is young. Think of the children." and she got so mad "…I can see my analytics. I have very few fans percentage wise that are under 18. Even if so, I'm not like gettin' down in the club. It's just me-in the drive though talking about memes being extra silly with my friend…Like, I'm not like we-I'm not like doing anything- I'm not like stealing a…street sign. Which I may have done five years ago with my friends, it was traumatic. I'm not like, in the club. I'm not like literally fricking. It's me talking about memes. That made me so mad. I hate people who like..alcohol shame. Oh my GOD, I'm a real person. Surprise! I'm a real person.""I'm not problematic, I just enjoy a sip or two sometimes-I'm of age." "I took a picture of my alcohol haul and put it on my private Facebook. I thought about putting it on my instagram but I didn't because I know that people would would be like "THINK OF THE CHILDREN."
> She went on about "alcohol shaming" for a about 10 minutes. "You have to be 13 to be on YouTube, and if you're 13 you should know that alcohol is a thing. I just want to have a good time with my friends. I'm such a introvert..and I never get out and I never see my friends. But when I do, I have to drive four hours to see my friend group and I'm doing it today because I love them and wE'RE GOING TO GET A LITTLE BIT FUCKING SMASHED (?????)" "(speaking about drinking ages-18/19 in most places but 21 in America.) 21 is dumb. Why can you vote but you can't drink alcohol? I get that people can be reckless. Be safe. Get a designated driver. Life is hard, go have fun. You guys know I'm responsible.""A have a lot of straight edge friends too, as long as you don't go shaming all your friends for having a fun night."
>I've never been to a gay bar. I hope there's gay bars in Fredericton.

No. 457447

man she got pretty triggered about that alcohol stuff lol
>I've never been to a gay bar.
I was really sure that she went to one before?
and I can't wait to see the more serious video, wonder if she'll talk about relationship stuff

thank you anon for taking notes! bless

No. 457454

I hope she accidentally goes to a bear biker gay bar, thinking it will be kawaii uguu rainby gays

No. 457473

the only "gay bar" in fredericton is also one of the few dance bars in fredericton so it's full of university kids always and most people don't think twice of going to it especially because they're known for hosting a few specific events that are always packed

No. 457475

I can't stop laughing at this and I have to agree with >>457437

No. 457489

>Is only going to go to amaritime to compete, wants to cosplay that pastel pripara girl and do the “make it” dance “Hopefully the masquerade doesn’t make me cry again.”
>Doing a hour vlog about her cosplay for her tutorial.
>If she goes to Japan for the kawaii I contest she won’t go to Japan but if she doesn’t win she can go to Hyper Japan and do a meetup. Feels like anzu’s going to win.
>Showed herself playing her toy piano. Played some songs on it, but it’s hard to play because she can only use one hand and the keys are tiny. Didn’t think people would care about her plaything the piano. And her fans wanted her to play the real piano, so she did! (Jill please at least stream you playing the piano, it’s nice for everyone to see.)
>Had a feeling that her piano vid would do less well than her other videos, and it didn't.
>Learns mostly by ear then puts down the chords.
>Played CCS’s second ending, Pripara’s reversible ring and zero weeks old.
>Thinks racism is gross, blocked some commenters on youtube.
>Probably going to get another tattoo with her mom before she moves out.
>All the alcohol is for 5 people including her.
>First dyed her hair when she was 12.
>All the giveaway contestants expect one person answered about the contest.

No. 457506

I get that she's being defensive about drinking, but why is she trying to act like she doesn't have a lot of younger fans? I'd assume YouTube analytics aren't going to say much about children viewing because many of them either don't have accounts and would be watching on their parent's, or they'd just lie about their age when creating an account.

It's just ridiculous that she's making it seem like kids don't watch YouTube when there are entire channels dedicated to children's programming and people watch youtube with small children all the time.

And she's seriously trying to say that kids don't make up a large portion of her fanbase when her entire channel is a Care Bear wrapped in a Lisa Frank poster? WTF

No. 457518

Not Lisa Frank, she hates it, remember?

No. 457521

Yeah, she even made a huge deal about being family friendly before because she said she knew that there were a lot of parents watching with their kids

No. 457546


you guys are saying its ok but imo its excessive when Jill literally has like two/three friends and that's it. most of it is going to go to waste tbh. i've thrown small parties in NYE with a fraction of that idk.

No. 457547

>Jill attempting an actual idol dance

Grab the popcorn farmers.

No. 457559

Forgot to include the dance, seeing her attempt dance choreography that isn't Precure and up to idol standards will be a treat.

No. 457568

I totally agree with you. I think as bizarre as Jill and her life is, some anons have even more odd lives and assume their is the only normal life.

I agree that Jill isn't responsible for talking about her alcohol because she has younger fans but she's not drunkielocks like some anons (anon?) think she is. If another cow with a different audience posted it then I wouldn't give a shit.

No. 457584

3-4 people could easily share 1-2 bottles of champagne and maybe a couple small bottles of liquor/liqueur for shots and/or mixed drinks. That'd be a very acceptable amount of booze and honestly I wouldn't even think twice if she posted that.

But she posted ALL of that as though it will all be consumed in one night by a small handful of young people. It's just weird and irresponsible and immature. And as others have said she has shit taste in booze.

Am I the only one who is surprised that Jill doesn't consume moderately expensive champagne on the reg? I feel like if she ever discovers Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial and/or Tattinger Prestige Brut Rose (cause it's pink like her aesthetic) she will quickly become and alchy with an expensive habit.

No. 457610


>>I've never been to a gay bar. I hope there's gay bars in Fredericton.

um didn't her ex gf's sister literally told us about Jill going to a gay bar with her ex gf? why lie about that? is she trying to subtly make it seem like what the sis told us was a lie?

or worse…. she's trying to milk it to make a video later called "VLOG: FIRST TIME AT A GAY BAR! WITH ALLIES! LGBT+ PRIDE!" when its all bs. wouldn't put it past her

No. 457620

So basically she bought $100 worth of drinks for her and some minors? Real nice one jill.

No. 457623

The make it dance will be in a group with Wendy and Wendy's friend.

No. 457656

I mean she did theater in the past so the dancing may not be that hard for her.

No. 457662

Y’all are missing the best part about all this alcohol she bought.

The calories.

It might not seem like a lot of calories but combined with all the other junk she consumes, she’ll start to get heavier. And then she’ll act confused about why she’s gaining weight. Though, she actually might not consume enough to get to that point since she’s a lightweight because of her medicine.

No. 457665

>>implying jill is that cute

No. 457682

I've scrolled past these threads many times and thought the beef with this girl was that she was in her 30's still dressing like this
I really can't believe she's 19, she seems young in videos and nice enough I guess…
Who knew dressing like a child could age someone so drastically
Sage for no contribution lol(sage goes in the email field)

No. 457752

Think it might be that Americans take underage drinking really seriously because it can actually get you into legal trouble, where as a lot of other countries views it as a rite of passage and harmless teenage naughtyness. Can't count how many times I had alcohol taken off me as an underage teenager by police with no consequences other than not having that alcohol anymore.

The smirnoff ice stuff in the picture is an alcopop, routinely called children's alcohol over here and it's widely accepted that no one of age drinks them, if you order it in a bar you'll get laughed at and jokingly id'd If you look of age, if not they will seriously ID you. They basically only exist for parents to sneakily order/buy for their kids.

Agree, post got lost because of the down time yesterday but I actually looked up all the alcohol in the pic and imo it's not even enough to get two people decently drunk over the course of an entire evening. You couldn't finish the sour puss stuff because it's a liqueur, the champagne isn't even a full size bottle, and the shoulder bottles only have ~10 shots each in them. Everything else is ~5% or less and tiny.

I was originally gonna say that she budgeted poorly and should have got more bang for her buck. Smirnoff ice is a pointless, overpriced purchase for an adult.

No. 457753

>imo it's not even enough to get two people decently drunk
>the shoulder bottles only have ~10 shots each in them

two people drinking ten shots each isn't enough for them to get "decently drunk"????????

No. 457758

Over the course of an entire evening or house party? No, in my opinion it's absolutely not. It's only five double drinks, I'd personally easily drink that and a couple of pints of beer or cider on a normal night out. That's not even counting the fact it's NYE and they want to get fucking smashed as Jill put it.

It's fine if you do think that's enough anon, I'm not gonna try and argue it any further, as I said that's just my opinion and I come from a country with a heavy binge drinking culture.

No. 457770

Idk, the only pins I've seen on aliexpress are super generic, ugly looking pins. They look really poorly made in their own stock photos. Whereas you can get really unique, well designed pins from indie artists.

As for quality control, usually if there is mistake in manufacturing, the pins won't be sold at full price by the artist selling them. They'll be sold as "seconds" pins for a discount. I can't imagine Jill actually checking for that kind of thing.

No. 457773

>I come from a country with a heavy binge drinking culture.

yeah that's obvious

No. 457790

Yeah, I'm looking at that pic and it's like what my group of friends would get when we were 16 and someone's parent's were away. Two mickeys, some coolers, a six pack, a small bottle of prosecco, and the only full sized bottle is the sour puss. Which lbr, people take a couple shots of that and don't touch it again lol.

While I think Jill is playing with fire by drinking while on meds, this is really not that much for a party. Especially for NYE. I will say though, if this is just for pregaming and they end up going out too, I could see them getting wasted and messy. Which I hope she films or posts about because that would be hilarious imo.

No. 457801

File: 1514702097186.jpg (313.29 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0753.JPG)

No. 457821

>entire butthurt rant about alcohol
>brings up voting and drinking age USvsCA like she's a know-it-all
im sorry so many states and countries are trying to be more responsible that you, jill. it must be great to call yourself "responsible" when you vlog while driving and drink alcohol while on meds. because, yknow, you're "responsible"

No. 457828

File: 1514704845098.jpeg (533.39 KB, 905x906, B1A6E3B7-3578-40A5-8D2D-D5F38C…)

S/O to art anon who is helping disperse the infighting. Also, that looks like the cat from “Sagwa the Simese Cat.”

I stole pic related from Jill’s twitter and her fans are weird af, this looks like something somebody would have made here lol. Except with peeps instead of loops.

No. 457882

Funny how Jill hates drag, but refers to her cats are one as the most infamously salty queens from season 9

No. 457897

thank you anon! that crayola is a nice touch too lol

and yeah I have to agree about these weird edits, some of them use really gross faces that Jill pulled before, it seems more like parody stuff then fan stuff? I guess that's just the weird humor of her fanbase

No. 457921

when did she say she hates drag?

No. 457969

I think anon might be referring to her saying she’s doesn’t like “drag culture and spilling the tea” as in gossip and stuff

No. 457970

she also said drag is transphobic iirc

No. 457973

File: 1514737500114.jpeg (315.11 KB, 1242x1881, 4D994BF0-B2F0-4CE0-8AF5-202D73…)

“The choo choo”

No. 457980

Why is she calling people younger than her "mom"? I get that it's an internet culture thing, but it's usually done with people who are older than you and you're a fan of.

No. 458019

Convinced Jill is a retard.

No. 458027

File: 1514745040836.jpg (447.15 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_20171231-182922.jpg)

I cant wait for the end result kek

No. 458052

No one cares alcoholic-chan

No. 458054

File: 1514747273204.jpg (90.13 KB, 932x595, amazing.jpg)

No. 458061

That must be a fucking joke right

No. 458089

You aren't supposed to drink alcohol for 24 hours after getting tattooed. What an idiot.

No. 458090

Thanks for clarification on Jill's beverage choices. Btw, in my region this kind of alcohol is called "lady's drink" - something you'd drink with your bestie to get a bit tipsy, but it's impossible to get drunk on it, mostly due to overly sweet taste.

I still can't get over the fact how much of it has more sugar than alcohol yet anons here are reacting as if they have few full bottles of vodka per person. Jill's overreaction on her stream is much more interesting, why getting so defensive on her drinking habits? I wonder if it's reaction to 'drunkielocks' thing resurfacing here from time to time.

No. 458092

>>458090 this is reaching, but if Jill is a lightweight it's possible her friends get annoyed with looking after her drunk arse and she feels defensive over it??

No. 458122

What the everloving fuck

No. 458133

you do realise she’s just calling her nina beana because it rhymes and also uwu smol bean uwu
she’s not calling her nina bonina

No. 458175

File: 1514759378872.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171231-172723.png)

It looks better than the original, I'll say that. Was the artist who did the Doremi tattoo the same one that did the cat one the first time around?

No. 458178


Yes, it's def an improvement. The pic itself isn't a great one, but the black lines make a huge difference so it look less like a patchy disaster.

>Was the artist who did the Doremi tattoo the same one that did the cat one the first time around?

No, the cat tattoo was done by a dude.

No. 458179

Pretty sure the cat was originally done by an artist in PEI.

No. 458180

File: 1514759960966.jpg (53.63 KB, 611x444, Screenshot_2.jpg)

They changed the color of the cat completely? It definitely looks better.

No. 458184

>lil angle
I would not let this lady tattoo words onto me lol.

Weird, maybe Jill changed her mind about which cat she liked. I thought Neko was the black and white cat anyway.

No. 458194

didn't realize how bad the blue blowout had gotten around the border as well… the new lines, while still improving the overall tat, really emphasizes it now. Eesh. at least the star at the bottom reasonably covers the big blue bleed.

No. 458202

it's really cute. i dont like jill but that's actually adorable, ngl. no idea how something like this will age tho?

No. 458204

>>458184 I don't think she had much choice if she wanted to save that tattoo, pastels age like shit

No. 458214

As someone who is into jfashion and went to fashion school, I can tell you that reputable schools and instructors don't take jfashion/lolita/alternative fashion of any kind seriously whatsoever. Maybe it will be different at her "craft" college and everyone will just get gold stars for being able to sew a straight line (that's what it's sounds like tbh), but at my school the focus was on mainstream and high-end fashion and trends. They were preparing students to actually work in the fashion world, not be special snowflake etsy shop owners.

No. 458217

poorly which is why she already got it touched up, anon

No. 458220

Imagine that she could have actually saved time and money by listening to what people said and got black lines to begin with instead of being snarky and condescending about it only to end up with a blown out mess because ~kawaii aesthetic~.
Fucking stupid cunt.

No. 458229

File: 1514764204952.png (470.49 KB, 690x484, Screenshot 2017-12-31 at 12.34…)

She literally looks like a character from the movie Trolls

No. 458230

It's a community college that holds little relevance I guess, so I don't think they'll care?

If they do it'll be funny though

No. 458244

they probably won't even understand it past "it's from japan"

No. 458267

5,000% better. I’m also glad she got it fixed pretty quickly because I know so many people who got a shitty tattoo early and never fixed it like they swore they would.

No. 458324

File: 1514772544220.png (183.26 KB, 937x750, IMG_0789.PNG)

Side by side comparison.

No. 458354

It really does look a lot better now that it’s touched up with the black outlines. The new artist also added a third line of whiskers and a star at the collar after making the ribbon more even? Those are nice touches. I think she did an okay job with it.

No. 458388

No one cares about your humble brag, anon. Jill can barely tell the difference between a knit and a woven textile. None the less sew.

No. 458397

No. 458412

oooooomg the bleeding of the blue is crazy!! the new artist made it look adorable - i cant believe how sloppy the first one is, i mean…. i knew it was bad but that side by side really brings out its flaws

No. 458422

It's not about the stuff she likes, it's about how materialistic and enabling her mother is. Jill has virtually no lifeskills and depends on others to get by. Even her dreams of moving out involved having someone else make an income for her and dote on her.

No. 458623

It looks good right now, but knowing how filthy Jill is and how badly she takes care of her tattoos, it's gonna end up looking like crap anyways.

No. 458629

Same, it makes me sad. Not even Jill deserves a tattoo that shitty tbh

No. 458759


Has she shown her wand tattoo yet now that it has healed? How much ink did she lose from allowing it to scab?

No. 458786

I think the star was added to cover the blue blowing out at the bottom of the heart.

No. 458845

File: 1514823234402.png (40.38 KB, 750x207, IMG_0828.PNG)

No. 458866

i have no words other than we all anticipated she would do stupid shit like this when drunk

No. 458873

does this mean alyssa or collin though??

No. 458874

You can get custom made items such as pins bulk ordered by alibaba (variant of aliexpress for companies to bulk order), and they offer samples to get the quality control and design integrity. I just think that Jill is too lazy to do the research and check it over.

No. 458877

I don't think she was saying she did all of those things anon I think she was just telling everyone to be safe, I see a lot of things like that on new years eve and other hollidays associated with drinking.

No. 458883

In Fredericton, we have this shitty dirty gay club which is VERY tacky called Boom! (with the exclamation), they do not kick anyone out for being so drunk they are in a stupor, and the regulars are all the same late-twenties free spirit nonbinary uwu transbians and some very feminine gay men. A few have actually committed suicide because the bar knew they had alcoholism, but still let them drink themselves to death. They then had a ''tragic touching memorial'' for the guy and charged a fucking cover fee. Sounds like Jill's shit indeed.

No. 458907

File: 1514828407924.png (955.91 KB, 640x1136, 84D52376-A4EB-4FD8-AE60-078394…)

Very off topic but holy shit her fan base is a mess. The party kei Facebook community is one big fucking laugh. These are the people jilly bean spawns.

No. 458922

I hate when people on this site don't understand jokes and make us all look like retards.

No. 458926

Fuck off, this is clearly a joke.

Cannot wait to see the drama this potentially spawns. Will we see the return of Emily here?

No. 458936

Checked their page and they wear makeup just as horrible on a regular basis so no it’s not a joke this girl genuinely thinks this looks good. The whole pk Facebook group is full of weebs wearing shitty rainbow outfits and calling it j fashion.

No. 458945

I can‘t help but think she gave her former tattooartist wrong directions as to how to do her first tattoo. Like his work can only be as good as she lets him to do it. I imagine her forcing him to do the blue outlines eventhough he might has recommended her not to.
The new tattoo lookks cute but i think if she had listened to other people and maybe her former artist she could have had a nice one from the beginning

No. 458947

File: 1514831246694.jpg (72.67 KB, 426x640, 16_2_25_146_1.jpg)

This is quite OT but whenever I see AP's Drained Cherry on the lolita secondhand market now I have to think of Jill.
It still annoys me that she bought a $170 dress she barely wears because supposedly it was both cheaper and more wearable than a lolita dress, yet she's only worn it a handful of times and you can get DC for cheaper.
Also annoyed that she claims Candy Stripper is one of her favorite brands when in her Japan haul video she was essentially like "Yikes they are just too expensive, I don't like clothing THAT much!".

Sorry I guess I'm just still bitter that she has no problem dropping hundreds of dollars on frumpy clothing she barely wears when she looked so much cuter in the past.
She keeps calling herself ~super femme~ or whatever but honestly she looks so dirty and grimey all the time now that it looks like she's going back to a "punk" style rather than some cute/feminine Japanese style.

/rant over

No. 458948

She thinks she's super femme and girly and cute, but she is just childish and covered in pink. Those are the same thing to her though.

No. 458956


The entire tattoo was redone which means it will age poorly, ie. "blob-out" faster. And where the blue outline is still visible it will continue to spread.

No. 458964

I'm pretty sure this specific girl is joking anon… it's obvious it looks like she was washing off makeup and took a pic. With that amount of glitter though, it was probably really shitty beforehand.
This was a probably an improvement tbh.

No. 458983


Ugh so cute compared to the tacky nightgown. I don't get why she thinks Lolita wouldn't work for partykei. It's just like little girls party dress sorta aesthetic.

No. 459001

Honestly any decent tattoo artist would flat out refuse to do something they know would end up being a trainwreck. And while tattoos do age worse without black lines, there are many skilled tattoo artists who do tattoos that look beautiful without them. Jill just combined piss-poor art and demands with a bad tattoo artist on top of it

No. 459021

I also don't get it, she just seems to hate lolita for whatever reason and is looking for something Japansese to leap on instead. Has she even bought anything from Candy Stripper since her Japan trip?

My personal theory is that she looked cuter in past only because her brand obsession saved her from looking like trainwreck in lolita. It's rather strict fashion and she was owning mostly Japanese brand pieces - one may like the fashion or not, but it doesn't change te fact that those pieces are generaly rather well-made. Also she limited herself to hime-sweet, which makes fucking up an outfit rather hard (still, her coords weren't anything special as far as I remember). Her current style, which is basicaly whatever she likes at the moment, only highlights how clueless she is when it comes to dressing yourself with somewhat aesthetic result in mind.

No. 459037

File: 1514838845910.jpg (735.8 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20180101-203305.jpg)


No. 459040

And then Jill died from hypothermia

No. 459043

I love how the others are wearing the same outfit, but Jill has to be speshul uwu

No. 459060

ofc anon she has to be front and center because her naive friends have accepted her as their leader mom uwu

No. 459065

This. A good tattoo artist knows their limitations as well as how the tattooing process (from getting it to it aging in the future) works. If they're worth anything, they'll be straight-up with you and many of them will just refuse if you keep insisting. They're not trying to be assholes, just trying to make sure you get a piece you're happy with that won't end up like shit in a few years.

No. 459068

she's actually wearing something she bought and didn't completely forget about it in her black hole of a closet?

i'm stunned

No. 459069

Urgh these are her friends? Looks like a special needs day out.

No. 459071

Imagine being a person wanting to use the drive thru and you see this.

No. 459074

this looks like a weird bridal shower

No. 459076

File: 1514841523665.png (1 MB, 1600x1141, party kei girls3.png)

Somewhat OT, but I was searching for an older Jill photo when I found this. It was one of the first sketches she posted to illustrate her idea of what party kei should look like.
Something to reflect on, now that 2017 is over?

No. 459085

we've talked about how party kei was never what jill envisioned. she basically stole things from fairy kei and cult party kei as a fashion, made a big deal about it, and then just threw it out the window lol

No. 459086

File: 1514842389704.jpg (18.39 KB, 183x411, 1440207587502.jpg)


The closest she ever got to dressing 'party kei' according to her blogspot sketches was during her fairy kei or "larme" (lmao) phases. What she's wearing now is like some kind of weeb's attempt at basic bitch instagram baddie fashion, but calling it that isn't special and kawaii enough so she continues to slap that label on it.

No. 459087

File: 1514842407494.jpg (82.55 KB, 500x474, tumblr_msn2oeecXM1rdzz4io2_500…)

There have been several times now where Jill described her current style as "aomoji kei", but I don't think she really knows what that means.
She doesn't read any of the Japanese magazines that aomoji stems from, nor does she ever buy from Japanese brands anymore.
Just because something is loud and bright doesn't mean it's ~totally harajuku uwu~.
I agree that the only reason she looked decent in lolita was because it's a fashion with rather strict guidelines on how to put together an outfit, as soon as she left it became apparent that she knows jack shit.
Pic related is "aomoji kei", even if you don't like the fashion there's still a visible difference between someone who knows what they're doing and Jill's clusterfuck fashion.
She should really pursue some other kind of career, there's no hope for her as a fashion designer.

No. 459091

This looks better than the entire party kei group. Someone should redraw this with forever 21, shitty rainbow hair, and Claire's garbage because that's all it actually it.

No. 459097

>shes the only one not in the retarded flamingo get up

nice to see jill using her friends as usual. make them look bad so she looks better. complete repeat of the hal-con masqurade.

No. 459163

Inclusion of one WOC because Jill has no black friends kek

No. 459170

>>459163 not to whiteknight Jill, but isn't her hometown overwhelmingly white?

No. 459235


It is.

No. 459312

Anon on those coordinates are fucking hideous.

No. 459545

At least they're properly fitting and clean

No. 459577

Nayrt and it's not my cup of tea either, but you can see there's something formulaic about her choices which at least gives everything some kind of cohesiveness. A lot of times in J-fashion people just seem to pile everything in their closet on, and I feel like she at least made a kind of plan for her coords so they don't looked slapped together. Jill almost always looked like she just walked into her closet and came out with whatever ended up sticking.

No. 459581

Good thing Hyper Japan is in Olympia this year and not Tobacco dock, I have a feeling TD would be too “ghetto” for baby bean Jill.

No. 459645


jill’s alcohol tolerance is much lower than average because she’s an idiot who mixes seroquel and alcohol though.

she’s a completely lightweight and drinking 10 shots could potentially land her in the hospital.

No. 459646

I don't know anon, the friends dressing up as flamingos as a joke looks better and feels more sane than Jill dressing like Jill and being serious about it kek

No. 459707

man you're right anon, anyone who saw her with her friends would instantly just assume that Jill's wearing a shitty costume too lol

No. 459719

in case any of you have wondered what hell is like

No. 459720


Jill spends every day in what could also be described as a "retarded flamingo get up", so it seems pretty fitting imo.

No. 459732


Watching this in one sitting is just mentally exhausting.

No. 459741

I reached the point where I thought I couldn't possibly take anymore and I checked to see how far into the video I was. Less than half way in! The had motions she was making made me feel dizzy.

No. 459744


The fact that the intros are all so formulaic, repetitive, and identical at least shows that she put a little bit of effort into her 'brand'.

People mention that she should work on her brand a lot and even though she dresses hideously most of the time and is kind of a douche and spoiled and annoying, she at least got that part right.

No. 459763

Just cemented how much better she looks with longer hair if I'm honest and how ragged she looked in Japan.

No. 460081

I never noticed how often she looks at herself in the viewfinder instead of the camera. I know most youtubers do it but it’s driving me crazy here.

No. 460089

none of these are words to me any more. all i hear is 'halokan fettyglub, ittus pixie'

No. 460226


all her friends are uglier than her, Jill is so lucky.

No. 460228


those are cute as fuck, poor Jill thinks she looks like that omg? The model is cute and coordinates everything so pretty, Jill just throws pastel shit into the wall and hopes her ugly mug looks decent >>457268 its so strange seeir her style done right wow.

No. 460558

No. 460562

Oh jeez, what lies and victim complexes has she gotten herself into this year?

I'll make a summary.

No. 460573

lol so she still doesn't even clarify that she broke up with Alyssa? Good job Jill

also she looks like an ageplay tranny in this video

No. 460577


I couldn't agree more. That dress is possibly the worst garment I have ever had the misfortune to lay my eyes upon.

No. 460586

her hair looks even worse than usual ffs

No. 460592

i don't remember her mentioning sexual harassment before this video?? Did I miss something??

No. 460596

>Went to Japan, bc she saved for it and left the day after her birthday and went with her mom. She stayed for two weeks, her fav day was seeing the precure liveshow. It was the "one of the happiest days of her life".
>Keeps a list of the happiest and saddest days of her life.
>Collab with Sharla and PeachMilky, took puricura??
>Turned 19.
>Guest livestreamed with Drew Monson, her fav youtuber ever.
>Hit 100k subs and ytplaybutton, 50k on Insta and spaminsta.
>On yt trending page twice for her "Ytplaybutton (#37)" and "What I got my gf for Christmas(#18)" vids. Didn't help the views.
>Got into college, she can't wait. Wendy's also going. Some of her fans are there. Scared to move out but also really excited.
>Joined younow, has diagnosed anxiety disorders. Livestreaming is terrifying and cries after talking about moving out, break ups, and sad things. Loves streaming and really proud of herself for doing it. (This vid went up today instead of Saturday because Jill had to drive to Halifax "to see my friends INCLUDING Wendy.") Wants to start opening her mail in livestreams and start a unlisted playlist.
>Got her first and second tattoo. Was really scared to get her first tattoo. Her second tattoo was the most pain she had ever felt in her life. Made her vid about her personal life, mental health, struggles with anorexia, bulimia, self harm, and sexual harassment. It was terrifying, almost didn't do it it's hard to stop where you need to be public with private things. There was a bunch of positive comments. Needed a explanation so she can talk about eds, recovering, and body positivity. (End of the positives)
>Trump became president and the world crumbled.
>Went through a incredibly hard/messy breakup. Didn't want to make a whole vid on it because as he was "super suffering" and won't talk about her relationships at all and will set a boundary bc it's hard to have broken up and have people asking/talking about the ex. Makes it hard to heal and move on, if you're in a new relationship it's hard to explain. Unless Jill is in a really serious relationship (which she was in her ex), she's not going to talk about it bc she needs to protect her love life. Only decided to recently make it private, so if someone's asking about an ex in the comments she'll sick her fans on people.
>Quit 2/3 jobs. Quit Claire's and Freaklunchbox, working as a full time youtube now.
(End of list)

Good job on still using your exes as clickbait and exploiting them for views Jill.

No. 460602

When she was 13 she was in a "very unhealthy power divided relationship" with her 16 year old girlfriend.
On her twitter Jill retreated something about how silence doesn't equal consent, so something happened.

No. 460603

Sage your blogposts. No one cares.

No. 460604

Once again, why doesn’t she have the goddamn bangs if she’s going to pin them up?

No. 460605

No. 460607

>>460604 because she's incapable of washing her hair regularly and needs to cover up the rainbow grease

No. 460609

Ok calm down, plenty of people commented about it above.

No. 460613

This is quite cute!

Yeah it's what bothers me about her being in that Kawaii comp, she says she loves jfashion and Japan but doesn't really support the brands anymore. Like very little of what she wears is from Japan. Just mostly Lazy Oaf.

No. 460616

I feel like her past year in reviews were way more thoughtful. She's just listing stuff that happened where the others felt more analytical of herself.

It's not a very interesting video. The way she lists everything makes her year sound so mundane, even her trip to Japan sounded so boring. Side note-Two weeks without leaving one location? That's crazy! Her Japan trip was just a sad sad shopping trip.

No. 460622

I love how she went on about how staying in Japan for longer would have been too expensive, if she had just spent a $1000 less on shopping she could've easily stayed for longer and actually seen more of the country
yeah I know that she doesn't give a shit about Japan as a country, but it's crazy when you rewatch her Japan hauls and you realize how much clothing she bought that she hasn't worn since, what a waste of money

No. 460625

"Why I don't think all about the breakup"
Alright Jilly good job using A for more click bait

No. 460630

She’s literally never going to tell her followers that her and Alyssa broke up, huh? She’s really milking her relationship with her for as many ~kawaii kweer~ points as possible…I really can’t understand how her followers don’t find it suspicious that she just happens to make all her relationship stuff private as soon as she came out as a lesbian. It makes it feel so much like a ruse that she just couldn’t figure out how to keep up.

No. 460633

she just favorited a comment about the break up and responded with thank you. she told them indirectly in the comments just now

No. 460637

Also kek at how there are some "confetti club" memeber at the college she's going too & wants to hang out and be friends with them
How long will that last

No. 460651

But then there’s another comment right below that one with someone upset that they don’t get to hear more about MG in the future. Clearly not all her fans get it.

No. 460658

It still feels really dishonest that she didn't just openly say it.
In the video she said that it's fine to talk about past relationships. She doesn't have a problem talking about ~how much pain she went through uwu~ when Colin broke up with her.
Jill knows herself that it looks quite shitty that she broke up with her lesbian girlfriend so quickly. I'm sure if Alyssa broke up with Jill, Jill would've milked it for pity points.

No. 460694

File: 1515002981701.jpeg (49.98 KB, 750x216, F778C420-9CF9-45C4-9BD3-A4D766…)

Fave comment

No. 460695

perfectly showcases the mentality of her fanbase

I really hope Jill will go through with going to college, the idea of ~confetti club members~ being there is hilarious

No. 460717

so the break-up in the title is about colin (who she spilled a BUNCH of personal info about when that break-up happened. she DID talk about it and gave lots of details.) and she's just going to sweep alyssa under the carpet again? jill doesn't want to admit she's in the wrong. gross.

No. 460730

File: 1515005876265.jpg (43.21 KB, 571x571, W7YeAXvh.jpg)

seriously, she could've just cleared it up now once and for all, she wouldn't even have had to give a reason
she has no right to get so pissed at people asking about an ex when she's so shady about it
hope people continue bugging her about MG

No. 460762

Why, why didn't she just say that she and MG were broken up too? This is bullshit lmao, she doesn't even have to go into detail, just say that you're not together and won't talk about future relationships.

Most people won't see that, although at least she doesn't deny it.

No. 460766

File: 1515008643653.gif (399.84 KB, 500x500, imageproxy.gif)

this video just cemented that she never saw MG as a real relationship
she played up the ~gay rainby bby uwu~ shit so much even though she probably had no romantic or sexual attraction towards Alyssa
her just glossing over the 'girlfriend' so quickly makes it even more suspect

it's hilarious how she keeps retweeting this shit about "evil straight girls pretending to be lesbians for attention" or whatever, but she did the exact same thing
(not saying that Jill isn't bi, but the MG thing was obviously just a sham)

No. 460886


Anyone else think its weird quitting jobs was in the negative section when 1.) She made a video about being glad Youtube was her full time job and she gets to be her own boss 2.) She didn't have to quit if she didn't want to. It's not like she got fired or wasn't allowed colored hair 2.0, it was her own decision that she made because she wanted to Youtube full time.

Also it's not like she was working to death. She did, what, like eight hours a week at claire's and she gets to set her own schedule for Youtube. It's not like she was also balancing schoolwork with her part time jobs. Maybe if she didn't sleep 15+ hours a day she'd have more time to actually do stuff.

Like, she quit to do full time Youtube and she's still only churning out two videos a week that aren't any better in quality than in the past. She might as well have kept her jobs. Her real jobs.

No. 461025

every new insta pic, video, tweet, and livestream jill makes, she comes out as an even bigger gross big bitch than before. when will she peak at it?

No. 461098

most of the comments i've seen regarding MG have been people assuming the break-up in the video title is about MG and saying "thats okay! we understand it's hard!". i mean obviously now that the whole emily thing happened, there's no need for jill to really talk about it because one google session can reveal everything to the fans, so making a vague reference to the break-up between them (especially in a way that it can vaguely reference the older break-ups) is just enough to quell most of the fanbase. anyone that's super curious will surely look elsewhere for an answer if they cant get it from jill.

but still, it is shitty to not outright say it, because as we've seen she's tried to be "secretive" about it, but still did cheeky photos, the christmas haul video, and referenced her plenty enough that everybody knew about MG's existence. it doesn't make much sense to just cut off the flow of info with a vague hint and leave everyone wondering like "oh well, that's that i guess", and yet still go around hinting at it being a pretty major thing but acting like "nay guys im totally ok!". but now if she does slip back into posting cheeky photos, people can call her out for once again being hypocritical as she usually is

No. 461375

She’s making the first big steps before becoming independent and actually making real money: killing her image and “brand”. On the right path for delicious and nutritious milk!

No. 461652

File: 1515083580860.jpg (693.8 KB, 1080x1564, Screenshot_20180104-162944.jpg)

I know people are free to do what they want, but it really triggers me that her mostly under aged fans spend money sending her stuff. Most of the comments on this is shit like 'you deserve it all!!'

No. 461660

File: 1515084208589.jpeg (106.97 KB, 749x741, 13825092-2F55-45D4-AF73-32E4CE…)

I can’t wait for her to finally upload that NYE vlog.

No. 461738

I was just about to post the same thing. I'm betting she doesn't send back any sort of gifts, just hoards them all and maybe sends them a prewritten thank you message online. It's genuinely disgusting how she takes advantage of her fans, like she full well knows they're 1) kids who look up to her, 2) she can afford this stuff on her own, 3) she doesn't discourage it on purpose to get more free stuff and feed her own ego.

No. 461768

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I think it'd be even shittier to send back packages, I'd feel very unappreciated if someone sent me back a gift. I think people get encouraged to send her bigger packages when they see her get excited about shit like the precure bag or the crayola fabric, but it's not like she has an amazon wishlist up either.

What a bunch of average-looking people.

No. 461775

File: 1515091962919.jpg (87.57 KB, 720x732, _20180104_185156.JPG)

"peepers peeled" ew

What brand is WC? Cause she's been ass licking JP brands more than usual lately, she posted about Bubbles and responded to someone about BtSSB.
The Baby thing isn't exactly milky but I feel like responding to someone about it, which she usually wouldn't do, shows she's suddenly trying to look interested in brands again.
(I reposted because I didn't crop the image)

No. 461777

File: 1515092076437.jpg (71.71 KB, 720x630, _20180104_185419.JPG)

No. 461778

I think it's a part of Wego

No. 461784

did she even own any baby stuff aside from like a beret? I only remember AP stuff

No. 461825

I didn't mean send back the gifts she received, but like get a small gift to send back in return, even if it's just stickers or something. Knowing Jill she must believe her 'autograph' is a gift enough, otherwise I think she'd be posting proofs of what she's getting for her penpals.

No. 461853

>>461825 She's not even putting gifts into her vlogs now (according to her latest livestream), only live streams which I think is pathetic. People are spending money on her and she can't even be arsed to properly fil it??

No. 461874

Pretty sure she only had the beret and a cardigan that shrunk. She might have had blouses or cutsews too but definitely no main pieces from baby. She was obsessed with AP.

No. 461879

Yeah she had a cutsew, cardigan, parasol etc.

Little accent bits that she needed to complete her brand whore image basically. All her main pieces were AP though.

No. 461913

Aah, my bad. Yeah, she should at least send people a letter or a card back. It's not like she gets an unmanagable amount of mail.

WC is with WEGO. It's the brand that did the Esther Loves You collab where she got the plush bunny backpack.

Their style is really casual and more sporty, I don't know if that's even her thing? Her look is all over the place.

No. 461922

File: 1515099310643.png (187.54 KB, 346x342, cat.png)

Sage for old but it's supposed to be her cat Neko, who is a dark brownish greyish color. I have no idea what the fuck she was thinking with that initial color.

No. 462254

File: 1515119047335.jpg (174.12 KB, 631x1023, Collage 2018-01-04 21_22_31.jp…)

watching her fans be so uninformed and being passive aggressive to each other is interesting considering she is all uwu positivity

No. 462368

i dunno if id consider these passive aggressive, if anything the person talking about drawing them seems bummed but it mostly just seems like a reasonable exchange of observations. seemingly more level-headed than some other fans thatd be cryin and upset about the breakup after 3 months of courtship heh

No. 462376

One thing that honestly pisses me off so much about Jillian is how up her own ass she is when it comes to being a "totally unique precure fan who made precure popular!!!",

Not to blog but my friend told a story in passing (they said they don't hate Jill for it but were clearly rubbed the wrong way) about how Jillian was a mutual of theirs back then and she'd like their posts about precure, but now when they'd try to talk precure with her she would be really condescending and act like they MUST have watched precure because of her or would give recommendations even when they'd said they watched every series…
To be fair they weren't mad that Jillian didn't bow down to them (at least I don't think so) but they really were put off by being talked down to like she often seems to talk to her fans or even normal people who follow her.
And in seeing her be super competitive about her BS "superfan" status over a kids anime, this makes all the more sense.

No. 462418

I'll be honest, I don't know a thing about the YouNow live stream but the way she's presenting it makes me think they're two completely different people with clashing content… so it would be weird (especially for each of their fanbase) for this live stream to be spontaneous. So it had to have been planned, right? In which case, why the fuck was Jill taking a bath when she knew she had to meet her "favorite youtuber EVAR ouo".
Or maybe it was spontaneous and really poorly thought out? Either way, getting really weird vibes from it

And did she really collab with two different Youtubers then say
>I'll link them if I remember
wtf Jill. Sage for nitpicking but does that not come off as super bitchy to anyone else?

No. 462454

this honestly would not surprise me. jill comes off as the type of girl that once she feels as though she has any type of large presence to her name or image in any fandom, shed immediately just assume that someone got into the fandom through her exposure. claiming superfan status really just makes her even tackier than she already is, and Precure isn't even a blockbuster series that really garners Western fans of that level, its just standard magical girl vomit made to bring in more sales for Toei and Bandai just like Super Sentai.

No. 462461

Sage for OT but i kinda wish there was a thread for Jill's fans. Some of them are real fuckin rude but all of them are cringey

No. 462487

>Jill also talking about Sharla and how she's moving to Korea so they might not hang out again
>As if even Sharla would want to hang out with Jill's tacky tendies crumb covered ass again

No. 462489

I think the reason they don't have their own thread is a) most are underage and b) don't really do or say anything worthy of any real milk.

No. 462572

Confettiiclub has to lurk here because here is the only place it has been confirmed, otherwise you can only speculate from one comment reply and some vague tweets because she hasn't admitted it. Must be bad when even your fanclub lurks here.

No. 462575


I’m not sure if they lurk here or if they just obsessively googled Jillian around the time that the breakup was happening, but I agree that shit like Jill liking a random youtube comment then replying just with “thanks hun” can’t be enough for the average person to draw serious conclusions. Though maybe they’re a crazy person who reads every single one of her comments/replies on her youtube videos, which I also wouldn’t put past them.

No. 462597

The fact that this thread was way more quiet than normal when Jill was with her friends for the weekend also makes me think that some of the infighting here is caused by them lmao

No. 462605

File: 1515162143809.jpg (35.22 KB, 862x588, FB_IMG_1515161975740.jpg)

Sage for non contribution but this made me think of Jill

No. 462621

Lurking in the group theres one who comes o mind as the rudest of all. The mods are supportive of ddlg and they all argue for it which was featured in a previous thread when it was brought up a kink group was being advertised.

No. 462626

The part where she spazzes about Drew is cringy. I almost forgot she creams herself thinking about him. It's so creepy.

No. 462628

It's funny because she mentions the 'what i got my girlfriend for xmas was trending!! wow' and then no mention of anything else regarding Alyssa. Erm, i mean… mystery girl.

No. 462633

Maybe she wants to screw Drew? Kek

No. 462657

ill be honest and say I was a pretty big fan of Jill when I first checked out this thread. I honestly wanted to get another view of her as a person and after reading through all of this I still want to like her but man it's so hard LOL
sage for blogpost

No. 462658

fuck I put sage in subject meant to do email sorry

No. 462663

I mean, I honestly think a lot of us were fans in the beginning, or at least had some interest in her when she was in lolita. I always saw her as kind of spoiled and pretentious during that time, but I still appreciated her lolita content. After that, I just kept staying kind of invested in her because she became more and more of a trainwreck over time with her fashion and behavior. I think it's fine to still like her if that's what you want since she's not nearly as bad as a lot of other snowflakes or cows who do things like scam people or cause more drama than necessary (I mean, she does cause drama, but mostly for herself and people she dates - not the general public or her fans). Honestly, I stay here because her childish decisions entertain me. Sometimes I do feel kind of sorry for her when it comes to her mental illness stuff, but I can't like that seeing her stupid choices make me laugh sometimes.

No. 462675

I don't remember exactly but I think she saw the stream and tweeted about it or something, and her fans were clamoring for Drew to guest her until he gave in. I don't think he had any idea who she was.

No. 462679

Also samefag but for those who don't know, if you stream on YouNow you can basically apply to be a guest on a livestream by adding a snapshot and waiting for the host to accept you, or you can invite someone to be a guest on your stream. I guess she did the former.

No. 462694

Pixie sold out of her pins in 20 minutes. Does anyone know how many she made?

No. 462698


She made a hundred

No. 462702

File: 1515172549656.jpeg (140.35 KB, 750x326, C864843D-0B18-424D-98BB-E31566…)

No. 462703

Custom pins are a great market right now. They're selling all over social media like wildfire. Not a bad move for her to start making them especially since she seems determined to avoid actually sewing at all costs.

No. 462708

Yeah, I mean she was too lazy to actually draw 12 pictures for a calendar, so simplistic stuff like pins seems more fitting for her
She said that she would open up her clothing store this year, I really wonder how that will go

No. 462753

File: 1515178213579.png (22.2 KB, 640x161, IMG_7563.PNG)

God dammit, even my friends are on board with her bullshit. That's one thing that sucks about having friends in J fashion, they either worship pixie or despise her. Too many of them worship her.

No. 462775

You need better friends anon

No. 462825

OC and an old post but you can most definitely drink alcohol after a tattoo session–you could have a sleeve done and down a fifth of vodka if you want, it doesn't matter. I understand that y'all really don't like Jill, I'm not a fan either, but some of you farmers will really go out of their way to nitpick.

No. 462826

Im an AA artist and have made pins before. Just wanted to do a rough breakdown of her profits for the pins if anyones interested.

If she went direct to a factory in China she probably paid somewhere about $190 - $240 USD for the 100 pins. This includes shipping, mold fee, everything.
I'm not sure what the cost is like to use a middleman service, so it could have potentially been more if she used somewhere like MadeByCooper or Zap but I dont know how much extra it is to use them.

Then she would have the cost of the backing cards but they dont really look like stellar quality, she probably got cheap staples ones made up. Idk maybe like 20-30 bucks for the 100 cards.

So on the higher estimate lets say,
$240 + $30 = $270 / 100 = $2.7 per pin

She sold the pins at $10 right? I cant quite recall but thats usually standard.

$10 x 100 = $1000 - $270
= $730 USD profit

$730 USD = $905 CAD

As a side note. If she has the same pins recreated, the cost is decreased. Part of the initial cost is a mold fee you pay your factory. But once the mold is created you dont have to pay that anymore.

No. 462836

artfag here too, if she doesn't use direct factory from china she'd be charged 2-3x their prices with additional shipping. friends have spent 5-6$ per pin for using smaller, local companies that outsource anyways (meaning big profit cuts)

No. 462838

Any more sources on this? I believe you I'm just curious bc once after a tattoo I got pretty shitfaced and was paranoid about it for a while. The tat is fine now, but I still want to know more about why it's okay after.

No. 462854

Another artfag here, does anyone know if she ever experienced sales like this with the ugly headbands/other crap she used to sell?

I’m assuming she’s doing fulfillment for all these pieces herself (I still couldn’t believe she sold them on storenvy rather than getting something professional like shopify or making a nice squarespace store even) but I feel like she’s going to have a hard time. People already apparently got charged for pins she didn’t have in stock, according to her twitter.

No. 462856

File: 1515186559629.jpeg (582.22 KB, 750x857, E46D9365-63C9-4403-8CDF-0A5D1B…)

We don’t be need another update on one of your collections Jill.

No. 462858

she showed pretty much all of these in hauls or unboxings anyway, why bother?
her taste in shoes is awful and them being all nasty makes it even worse

No. 462864


Alcohol thins your blood. That's why it's not recommended to have before getting a tattoo. Thin blood means more bleeding means the ink won't hold as well.

No. 462867


Drinking before or during a tattoo is never recommended, but drinking afterwards is never really a problem. With this being said, I'm no medical doctor or tattoo artist, so it's up to the person's own volition. (I personally got hammered after my largest piece and the colors still look gorgeous!)

No. 462872

File: 1515187735305.png (87.31 KB, 750x758, IMG_4900.PNG)

No. 462915

As bad as this look still is, it shows how much better she looks without crayon bright lipstick on. It's bold eye OR bold lip not and.

No. 462927


Jillian's glasses must have a strong prescription because she always looks like Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys with her glasses on.

No. 462931

Most people with bad eyes have their thick lenses flattened down to be thinner and magnify their eyes less. It costs extra though so she probably didn’t get it.

No. 462949

Pins are just really popular right now, and the design doesn't look like "merch", so I kinda get why people want them. Like those generic "<whatever> Club" designs everybody does.

She said she is in around +9/+10 dpt or something, her eyesight seems to be absolutely awful though.

No. 462956

They were really cheap ones from china, she got them because they were cute

No. 462962

Has she even worn those ugly overpriced too small rainbow shoes she got in Japan?

No. 462969

This probably the reason Jill doesn't show as much interest in more popular magical girl series, like Sailor Moon(agreeably a more mature magical girl series than percure) and Cardcaptor. Other people in j-fashion have more sailor moon wands and figures than her, so she chooses a less popular show because less "competition" for superfan status. Also didn't she find out about precure from Princess Peachie?

No. 462981

Google it. Almost every single source will tell you not to drink. You just gave yourself a large open wound. Alcohol thins your blood and will cause it to have a harder time clotting, so you'll bleed more. It also will affect your general healing since your body is going to dedicate resources to your liver while you're drinking and then dealing with your hangover in the morning.

So yeah, it absolutely matters.

No. 462983

No, I know that. I meant afterwards.

No. 462984

>those green eyebrows

No. 462986

Not just peachie, there were a lot of pastel kawaii fairy kei Tumblrs she followed that talked about it, Kyandi was another.

No. 463011

File: 1515197302741.jpeg (56.07 KB, 640x640, C3410C66-C016-46DC-B632-A2797A…)

I don't follow her or her thread, but I can't get over how much she looks like a rainbow ForeverKailyn in the thread pic. How unfortunate.

No. 463019

They're morphing into one being in so many ways.

No. 463071

File: 1515200864172.png (137.07 KB, 585x379, Screen shot 2018-01-05 at 8.25…)

Is she gonna cosplay a trap?

No. 463076

File: 1515200970016.png (24.4 KB, 596x83, Screen shot 2018-01-05 at 8.28…)

Samefag, she also reordered pins already

No. 463078

that character… doesn't fit her at all

No. 463107

My 5 year old niece has pretty much the same show collection!

No. 463126

File: 1515203848094.jpeg (84.98 KB, 225x242, 2F2B13D4-1626-4F35-9A4E-B6128A…)

Jill you’ve had so many opportunities and months to clean these. Please just clean them already holy shit. How can you put yourself out to do a shoe haul video and still not clean the damn things?

No. 463130

This should give everyone an idea of how much money she really has. Assuming she went with a Chinese manufacturer, she just threw down 2-3 thousand USD on reordering pins, and if she went with a middleman like Acornpress or Cooper or whatever, probably 4-5 thousand USD. These costs have to be paid upfront, so she has that money lying around.

No wonder she goes on so many useless shopping sprees.

No. 463168

She wouldn’t have made that much. The Canadian dollar is lower than the US.

No. 463181


She likely chose to sell her items in USD so that the exchange rate benefits her and gives her more CAD (plus it's a pretty common currency among her fans, stronger than CAD, her YouTube checks come in USD so she's already used to benefiting from those currency differences a bit).

She technically might not be making more money in value if she paid the costs in CAD and whatnot depending on how all the currency stuff works, but it's very possible for her to have made that much. Jill spends a lot but could have cash saved up since she first mentioned pins a long time ago and was concerned with pricing and production of them; she was probably limiting the first release to get an idea of demand and then ordered more accordingly to suit the people who got charged after the sold out plus fans who wanted more.

No. 463200

File: 1515208692040.png (944.61 KB, 1366x768, ok.png)

I swear these fucking boots are going to be the death of me. PLEASE for the love of god just…………….throw the damn things out.

No. 463225

All of that math is fine lol. They convert it to CAD.

No. 463244

This is so risky. The pins might have sold fast the first time but what is she going to do if the majority of people who wanted them did get them? I can't imagine her selling 1,000 more.

No. 463248

File: 1515213960257.jpg (45.53 KB, 343x429, unnamed.jpg)

I started following Jill because of lolita. I quitted Lolita myself so I followed her again because I thought she was kind of trendy with the rainbows and whatnot. I really love rainbows and I like street fashion, but recently Jill started to seem a little… Off. She looks so dirty, specially with that badly damaged green hair. She talks like she's into DDLG, and even if it's okay to have some childish hobbies, her obsession with being the number one fan of a a children's anime is a little uneasy, like she hasn't accepted that it's time to grow up. Her face used to look cuter without those weird eyebrows. I never bought the whole "party kei" thing and saw it as just a silly thing, but her style is less and less cohesive with every new picture she uploads even if she has enough clothes to post so many amazing outfits, yet she doesn't coordinate colors well and she ends looking like a tacky mentally ill person… I'm so sad. She makes me feel sad to see a person spiral down like this. The Alyssa thing is so disgusting too, even more because she never posted pics with her like she was a joke.
I want the old Jill back. Or I want to see her go so down until there's no return.
Sage because blogpost

No. 463292

File: 1515219545712.jpeg (319.91 KB, 1242x1524, 820DFB76-F04C-483C-81DD-88C488…)

Jesus does she even talk to anyone that’s not a try-hard kawaii ~speshul~ person. The April chick really needs a thread of her own too

No. 463316

They all know she's terrible and probably gave her last pick.
Probably didn't want her Jill'ing them and try to make them ugly to make her look better.

No. 463357

I'm really interested to see how many more pins she will sell. I was looking through comments on her instagram and there were quite a few of her fans disappointed they didn't get one. I definitely don't think ordering 1,000 right off the bat was a good idea, but it's Jill so common sense doesn't really exist.

Don't forget her dirty ass go-go boot things she always used to wear but the white bottoms were literally stained shit colored because she never cleaned them. I get that it's winter there and boots get gross but at least don't fucking wear them on camera for everyone to see. Jill is so fucking gross.

No. 463364


I thought it was confirmed the bottoms of those boots were actually pink? Or was that the clown shoes? (still super fucking filthy either way but I vaguely remember people discussing that).

No. 463402

I remember her actually saying she felt weird watching love live/liking it because it's already popular/a big thing. Which also really contributes to her attitude about liking popular thing she can't establish herself as a top superfan of or whatever

No. 463404

Girl…maybe get like another 100 or 250 kek. She also seems to forget that she has to package and ship them all.

No. 463416

this also probably explains why she has shit on madoka magica before, tho that can also be because its not kawaii enough for jill's standards.

honestly im sure part of her buying all the precure merch (and everything else, let's be honest) is also so she can show them all off while wearing the ~super kawaii special handmade~ cosplays she can't be arsed to make properly.

No. 463428

i thought her buying 100 to began, was dumb given the size of her following. but, this to me shows off how conceited she. look at me with my pins selling out in 10 mins. like her humble brag in that email she sent. everybody wants mah hot pinz.

No. 463431

She found something that made her a little profit quickly and she got greedy.

No. 463438

She uploaded it

No. 463440

only part 1?? This video is 26 minutes long already lmao

No. 463452

I think my favourite sentence from what i've seen when skipping through thus far is:
'I like confusing people on the street even more on whether or not i'm a 6 year old or a 25 year old'

No. 463455

Those mouth noises and sound effects are so irritating

No. 463462

"i'm trying to downsize believe it or not"

jill you're keeping shoes that do not fit because they are your "prized possession"

No. 463465

the kissing noises are infuriating omfg

No. 463470

File: 1515254980960.png (1.74 MB, 1305x899, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 9.50…)

No. 463476

Why would you buy a pair of shoes that you know for sure they don't fit? Not to mention taking up luggage space to drag them over the ocean. Just accept you can't have everything and leave them, I think this is a big thing that pisses me off. Accept that some things are unflattering or don't fit properly and move on, don't just force them anyway.

No. 463479

Because Jill is one of the step sisters in Cinderella and her consumerism, greed and desperation know no bounds.

No. 463481

It's funny that just now is the first time she considers "stretching them out" (I highly doubt that would work on shoes like that) even though she bought them almost a year ago.
Would she even notice if half of her shoes suddenly went missing? She doesn't wear most of them.
It's so weird for a 19 year old girl to be hoarding all these tacky expensive shoes she never wears.

No. 463483

I love how she's so proud of herself for not using plastic bags like it's some great earth-saving gesture that's SO HARD to do and yet keeps drowning herself in unnecessary plastic crap and clothes she wears once. Such a hero.

No. 463485

No don't you know anon, Jill doesn't buy from fast fashion stores anymore! Uh meaning that she solely won't buy from H&M or Forever21. Or umm if she buys something there she at least won't say where she got the item from! A true activist.

No. 463486

She shows off the pink loafers that were from Primark in the video. Gift or not, still fast fashion.

No. 463491

she said in the video that she's the ONLY person to wear jfashion where she lives??Her constantly pushing this speshul unique uwu look is so annoying

No. 463492

I usually like Jill but her livestream today was a bunch of high pitched noises and some random japanese words sprinkled in. I couldnt watch anymore D:

No. 463494

I think Jill buys into brands just to say she has something from that brand, rather than generally liking the item she owns. It's just a staus for her.

No. 463495

Read the threads above newfag, you’ll find more reasons to dislike Jill.

No. 463496

It’s hilarious because 10-15 years ago the entire population around her would have bullied her due to not understanding and she’d be crying every day on the internet about muhhh artistic expression uwu but that’s the way it was and still is in parts of eastern Canada.

No. 463499

Don't worry you didn't miss anything, she just opened mail and had to leave 45 minis because the stream was acting weird.

The things worth mentioning:
>"I'm sure that I'm bi, I like both men and women."
>Not going to make the vid about New Year's resolutions because it's "too personal".
>Tried to censor herself on stream because of underage fanbase.
>Mentioned watching the Your Name movie with "someone".
>NYE vlog will be up tomorrow if she edits it.

No. 463500

jill is far from special and unique, yes. but, this is true of the region. even in halifax you don't see a lot of any kind of alt fashion.

No. 463501

Her last wardrobe video was pretty much useless and you couldn't see anything, so I guess at least this is better.

But like…

>"I don't wear it out a lot"

>"I don't actually use this anymore"
>"I'm too scared to put this anywhere"
>"I don't use this for a lot"
>"I wish I wore this more"

Granted I'm kinda leaning towards minimalism and I know a lot of average people are like Jill with a closet full of shit they never wear, but I've only ever seen her use a fraction of these things at all, and most of them only once or twice, even as a fashion blogger, just resell it or or donate it if you're done with it instead of hoarding it. The amount of ill-fitting, uncomfortable shoes she has is also kinda depressing considering she has a super common women's shoe size.

No. 463502

Maybe clean your items regularly to keep them in good shape instead of letting them rot away in dirt. Wierd how lolitas and literally anyone who loves their items can keep them in decent shape but Jill isn't humble and doesn't appreciate the things she buys.

No. 463503

Brands like Wego and WC, while exclusive to Japan, are fast fashion too which she doesn't seem to realize :x

No. 463509

But aanon, everyone knows that Japan is a magical wonderland completely separate from global issues, and sweatshops or fast fashion only exist in filthy gaijin countries!

No. 463512

Jill? Donate?! Hahahaha

No. 463513

I was pretty infuriated with that, ngl. It's good that she brought it up, because there are people who have never thought to use tote bags instead of getting plastic bags, but she acts so high and mighty about it, like she invented the whole concept. She's such an environmentally conscious little uwu witch bean going into H&M and refusing a plastic bag and saving the whole world by cramming all their crap in her kawaii j-fash tote ~

No. 463588

How does she not have a single pair of practical shoes? I can't imagine living anywhere in Canada and not having a decent pair of snow boots. Hell, even cheap rubber rain boots would be fine.
But I guess it doesn't matter when you sit in your basement kindergarten-cave all day and never go outside.

No. 463601

I still have such a good Kek at Jill's perpetual need to state how "quirky and unique "she is. She's so unimaginative and a true plebeian.

No. 463622

She has other shows I think, she talked about working at the candy store in sneakers so I’m guessing she has snowboots that aren’t kawaii.
She insists on these wretched shoes though, I get having shoes for different seasons/best but? Where are they being used?

No. 463628

didn't she say somewhere that she has practical shoes on while driving and then changes? >>463588

No. 463633

File: 1515272073958.png (829.79 KB, 865x471, lolsmilejillian.png)

No. 463637

File: 1515272196843.png (3.34 MB, 1125x2436, 6F75AB1B-9583-48DB-9B58-9CFC23…)

Okay I’m gonna sound extremely snotty, but stay with me.

Irregular Choice is not a real high-end brand. They are on the same tier as Coach and Michael Kors, designer for middle-class people. You can get Irregular Choice on Zulilly for the same price as shoes from Payless. Had she bought from a real quirky designer brand, like Moschino, then maybe she’d come off as having a little more class through the stuff she buys.
So Jill, just because you buy the most expensive shit a brand has, it doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else.

For those of you who are triggered by my rant, just keep in mind that this is meant for people like Jill who think they’re so uppity and cute for buying the most expensive thing that a brand has when said brand isn’t that great

No. 463639

why did you sage in every section?
Jill produces so much grease each day, if she wasn't on birth control(?) or didn't have good skin genetics she would be so pimply. Please Jill wash your face everyday and get a skincare routine, your future fast aging self will thank you.

No. 463665

Jill dear, if you want to downsize, just sell/donate/toss away things you're not using for whatever reason and don't buy crap you know won't fit. Also, if you want to keep shoes and bags clean, clear the dirt once you got home, not let it stain the shoe for a year and then be suprised even professional can't make them look good. It just irks me so much, she claims to love her collection, yet she can't bother with keeping it in decent condition, everything she actually uses is dirty. I'm terrified to think how her makeup products must look.

No. 463669

File: 1515274492024.png (341.6 KB, 2048x1119, IMG_3659.PNG)

No. 463673

I truly wanted to watch and enjoy her video but I barely got through it bc of her smacking lips, and her kissing noises. Its so gross! It makes me cringe so much. Not to mention her touching the dirty soles of her shoes and a minute later she touches her FACE. vomit(namefagging)

No. 463676

>preaches about plastic bags
>knowingly hoards bags that can't even hold a phone and shoes that don't fit

She does realise that the clothing industry is one of the biggest sources of pollution and carbon emissions in the world, right? If she really gave a fuck about the environment she wouldn't buy half this stuff she doesn't use period. She obviously doesn't take care of anything she owns especially for someone that apparently takes a lot of pride in having expensive stuff (even if 90% of it is overpriced for what it is and isn't actually high quality) and apparently now cares about the planet. Has she ever heard the phrase "Buy less, choose well and make it last?" All she cares about is brand names.

At least it looks like she at least got rid of those filthy 80s boots that she got so dirty the white platforms turned shit brown. Those were really disgusting.

No. 463681

why does she own five pairs of jelly shoes, one of which are broken and two pairs still have the tags on, girl why are you keeping broken shoes, that is real hoarding

No. 463698

She did drop off a bunch of donations in one of her vlogs so it's not inconceivable, she just needs to…not buy twice the amount immediately.

I don't think she actually thinks they're high-end, the shoes weren't more expensive than any of their other stuff, she just paid a ton of shipping and customs fees to get them to 400 CAD total. And they don't even fit her lmao.

No. 463712

nobody cares. Jill doesn't even care about them being high end. She just likes quirky tacky shit.

No. 463726

Why would Moschino give Jill more class than IR? You are delusional.

No. 463858

Dolce and Gabana are way better for quirky factor than Moschino.

No. 463859

What? D&G is way more normie than Moschino.

No. 463860

yeah i agree D&G are extremely normie, if anything moschino, prada, and marc jacobs are pretty quirky high fashion

No. 463862

File: 1515289723275.png (830.15 KB, 921x563, pins.png)

>how much work this is for one person

>im getting retail flashbacks

you're putting fucking pins into card stock. you can watch tv while doing it, you can lay in bed while doing it. it's a simple, repetitive task.

how is she going to ever do fashion design if even this is making her complain on social media? how does jill expect to draft, pattern, do a mockup, cut, pin, sew, USE HER SERGER when even this is too much "for one person" to her?

no wonder she quit her job. sticking a pin into a piece of paper is too hard for her.

No. 463867

her nails in the newest vid….oh boy

No. 463869

Milking any attention she can. One of the comments she liked made me laugh, how she should remember to rest and take breaks!! Such haaaard work! How would she have gotten to the point of selling pins without Louise paving the way? Also this bitch should have put them into the cards before listing them but she’s so intelligent and smart she’s above that.

No. 463870

Now that Pink Diamond has been revealed as a brat I hope Jill cosplays her unironically.

No. 463877

Another example of what a lazy privileged asshole she is. Easiest job in the world but it's still too hard for her. Top fucking kek. She's gonna be loser-locks if she keeps up this lazy, spoiled, adult baby living in mommy's basement lifestyle.

No. 463893

Jill’s basement already resembles an adult baby nursery with all the babyish shit she has in there and how she speaks in a baby voice

No. 463916

>This bag came out at the same time as the cherry margarita print
>cherry margarita

Jill, its marguerite

No. 463917

File: 1515297745733.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1125x1773, 5F8A0C66-BB65-45B2-82A3-71BA4C…)

I just picked Moschino specifically because I know they did a MLP collab recently, they’ve done a PPG collab, and those shows come to mind when I think of “kawaii 80’s baby” or whatever Jill is trying to be.

My whole point though, is that for someone who’s obsessed with brands, there are better, higher tier brands to pick from than the ones Jill picks. Jill constantly drops the prices of shit and it’s like, do you really think you’re that special? That you’re better than everyone else because you overpaid for something I could have gotten from Zulilly or some other discount store for much cheaper? Step up Jill. Learn to shop savvy if you’re gonna buy from those brands, your fan base might actually appreciate it.

Jill has tagged more brands since then, how interesting.

No. 463926

>Learn to shop savvy if you’re gonna buy from those brands, your fan base might actually appreciate it.
Do you even know whose Jill's fanbase actually is? It's mostly preteens and teens. Why the fuck would they care if Jill is buying high-end fashion?

If I had Jill's disposable income, I would buy Irregular Choice over designer shoes

Don't quite a bit of people buy toys for their rooms? Google "fairy kei" rooms. Are all of those people adult babies? (Not saying that Jill's room is as well-executed)

No. 463929

>hfw she gets to real fashion school and does this shit unpaid at internships for hours on end

No. 463977

her fans in the comments trying to comfort her like she's doing a truly difficult task is weird. i hate that she has people encouraging this lazy mindset of hers

No. 463991

uh, yeah. i'd say anyone that's into fairy kei is probably an adult baby

No. 464021

Why are there so many normies here?

No. 464051

Why are you such a ~*speshul*~ attention starved idiot?

No. 464066

File: 1515317082840.jpg (138.78 KB, 1080x770, IMG_20180107_222423.jpg)

This video is from only a year ago. She doesn't look great, but compared to now she looks amazing in the thumbnail lmao.

No. 464081

As a former everyday fairy kei wearer who does still appreciate the fashion, I'm gonna say that it's pretty reasonable for normies or even others jfashion wearers to see fairy kei as kind of adult babyish, especially since there are plenty of brands that have used pacifiers and other baby shower-y motifs in the past. And truth be told it's kind of what turns me off from the fashion at times.

That being said I don't agree with this bullshit that you need to not wear pastel it bright colors as an adult, even in excess. And the thing that comes across as fucking adult baby about Jill is her manner of speaking and attitude (the fact that she looks like a toddler got into mummy's makeup kit doesn't help either)

Sage for slight blog post

No. 464092

I just watched someone open up the WC lucky packs that Jillian ordered and wowie will she regret it. half of the stuff in the bag was black and she complains about not wanting black in her wardrobe.

No. 464093

not trying to whiteknight but she did say it's NOT so hard
she was for once reasonable with that one

No. 464097

The colours of the stuff she will get is random, but WC does use make a lot of stuff in black colourways.

No. 464108


It will never stop to amaze me how Jill manages to make her past looks look decent in comparison to her current fashion choices.

I remember people disliking this look >>463248
back then, but now I have to say that it looks actually somehow cute, compared to this >>463470 current mess.

Makes me wonder what kind of disaster we will expect in 6 months down the road.

No. 464113

What? Jill isn't actually into high end items, and her fans are on average 12-15 years old with no cash. She just likes tacky rainbow shit.

Yeah, shit Jill, who would have thought that it takes some time to package up over 100 orders? Just put on a movie and get it done.

Ngl I thought that pic of her with the glasses was cute when she posted it too, her pink hair with rainbow bangs phase was not that bad. Those silly string looking extensions and toxic green roots she's sporting now are next level.

No. 464132

Jill looks a 100 times cuter when she has bangs and long hair that she wears down, but she never has her hair like that
I seriously don't get why she always has to do that stupid top bun and pinning her bangs away, it's like she's trying to sabotage herself
I'm not sure if the color can even get any worse than the faded rainbow + snot green combination she has right now

No. 464159

I was gonna say, wtf jill? When the hell did brands ever release an alcoholic drink theme dress besides wine? Goes to show how VASTLY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND SUPERIOR Jill was in lolita fashion when she can’t even pronounce a short print name right.

No. 464163

She has a large fanbase so she could probably resell the items to them. I thought about getting a WC lucky bag but it doesn't seem like there is a huge secondhand market for WC items in North America.

Whatever, normie. This board was originally for cgl drama, but ok.

No. 464177

also Marguerite is a French name… didn't she claim she was "fluent" in French a few months back lol?

No. 464194

Honestly I think she just tosses her hair up to avoid having to style it. If she's depressed it's quite easy to slip up on basic self-maintenance, but you can't really let yourself do that when your hair is five different unnatural colors.

No. 464197

the polyester clothes she wears also are MADE OF PLASTIC. synthetic fabrics are all made of plastic. those fabrics account for so much petroleum use, and contribute to the same kind of waste that plastic bags do. textile waste is a massive problem for the environment that is talked about way less than plastic bags/food containers. So Jill is a walking plastic marshmallow in that gross neon faux fur coat.

No. 464210

Reminds me of MooMoo being lazy about signing her photos, yet having to show her huge piles and how much effort it takes.

No. 464212

That bothered me a lot too, lol

No. 464213


Also, synthetic fabric microfibers are too small to be filtered and are being found in all manner of ocean organisms from plankton to bivalves to large fish.

No. 464299

I bet you only wear jeans and t shirts lmao. Probably a blouse on a nice day. So boring, I couldn't live like that. I feel so sad for you.(infighting)

No. 464363

Anon, Grow up. You sound majorly ignorant and immature arguing over the internet with complete strangers over nothing and making assumptions about their style of dress. Get off the internet and go back to school.


No. 464400

i just watched a couple of WC lucky bag openings, they were nothing super special, most of the things were items you could probably find on aliexpress or taobao, the only thing interesting was the esther loves you bag everthing came in.

No. 464414

I looked at two on youtube and you're right. It makes me glad I didn't get one, even though it can be fun having items picked out for you. I still don't think it's a bad idea for Pixie to get one because she can always pawn the items off to her fanbase.

No. 464455

Holy shit, no one cares.

No. 464487

File: 1515365782329.png (75.66 KB, 750x631, IMG_5199.PNG)

her fans seem so pleasant

No. 464494

Really though what do you expect?

No. 464515

Her fans are all like this or just so overweight and ugly tbh

No. 464523

>my white ass
No one cares about your race, Amy.

Also why would you comment "STFU" with no context and then freak out when people think you're being hateful, jfc.

No. 464525

apparently this is on a pic of her kermit plush…this happened a while back but apparently she went back to the store and bought a second one for herself too after she'd bought one for her mom as an xmas present. how childish and materialistic can she get???

No. 464581

jesus…not even her own mother can have something of her own to enjoy

No. 464942

This may just be me, but buying the exact same gift for yourself your giving someone devalues the original gift in my opinion.

No. 464975

I guess Jill is Miss Piggy, but Miss Piggy is too dignified for this shit

No. 465016

Didn't Jill mention either on twitter or in a livestream that she's wanted to grow her hair out or stop coloring it for college?
Apologies if I'm wrong.

No. 465046

If she did, it'll be a blessing.

No. 465070

File: 1515430832190.jpeg (219.7 KB, 738x1017, 442645DE-F78A-4B22-9645-5C06E6…)

Why do people think this is ok to post? Almost threw up

No. 465073

This is the mother of all fupas. Party Kei is such a hugbox you know none of the members will say anything even if it would be helpful for her to get some constructive criticism on what would suit her better. It's almost cruel to not give advice.

No. 465090

I hope for her sake that she does, but I kinda doubt it.

No. 465119

There's more people in the group who are even worse

No. 465124


If that's true, they might need their own thread

No. 465127

At first glance she kind of looks like a fatter, natural haired Jillian.

No. 465130

Oh it’s true. I’ve seen some monstrositys in that Facebook group. May god have mercy on us all

No. 465131

File: 1515436822979.png (465.5 KB, 640x1136, B74682BB-80AB-457E-ACFB-8D68EC…)

Oh for fucks sake

No. 465198

has she still not edited the NYE vlog?
maybe packaging those pins was just too much unexpected work

No. 465239

Looks like the local fat, slutty, bar fly from some neighboring trailer park.kek

No. 465245

File: 1515445717293.png (643.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180108-130816.png)

No. 465248

File: 1515445827292.png (346.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180108-130940.png)

These comments make me want to die

No. 465254


>"I don't wear it out a lot because A) its a giant fluffy bunny, and where I live, I', the only one who wears J-Fashion. And so, its extra weird."

Jillian. I am pretty sure that Charlottetown has a J-Fashion/Lolita community. Don't go tooting your own horn, practically saying your just "UBER SPECIAL!"

No. 465266

holy shit, how lazy and spoiled can you be??
my 70 year old grandma gets more shit done in a day than Jill does in a week, this is depressing

No. 465277

File: 1515447490270.jpg (53.24 KB, 596x332, ss (2018-01-08 at 01.37.30).jp…)

No. 465279

File: 1515447569270.png (50.5 KB, 588x486, ss (2018-01-08 at 01.39.19).pn…)

No. 465280

Not to whiteknight her self-importance, but no there isn't. The closest jfashion/lolita/cosplay/weeb community is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is a four hour drive one way from PEI.

There's also that tiny con in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where Jill plans to move this year. But even then I think the entire "jfashion comm" there are already Jill's "friends".

No. 465282

Jill, you literally said you couldn't finish card captor Sakura because it was boring or something. And now you're parading your sudden love for CCS because of the new anime and to be relevant. Shut the fuck up.

No. 465285

She hasn’t.

No. 465289

editing a video AND packaging pins?? :(
how would anyone be able to handle that much stress?
seriously though how the fuck does she imagine the work of a fashion designer to be?
if you watch a documentary about any renown designer it becomes clear that they dedicate their entire life to their work
it's even worse because she immediately wants to have her own brand and shit, good luck with that

No. 465327

if she cant put forth the effort to put her nose to the grindstone and get them all done without complaining, how the fuck does she think she'll be able to make it in fashion school?

that sounds incredibly unsafe, but milk incoming maybe??

No. 465339

would not be opposed to party kei thread for these people

No. 465363

File: 1515453678831.png (2.44 MB, 1419x1972, 20180108_231646.png)

Looks like she didn't collapse from all of that "hard work"… it is such a small pile, especially to us retail workers who have to do up little packages like this for online orders daily, and in much bigger quantities.

No. 465369

File: 1515453967748.jpg (153.5 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20180108-232411.jpg)

A boxing day haul is probs coming up

No. 465372

What does she think college will be like??

No. 465397

Defiantly sure that Jill doesn't even enjoy the things she buys. She just gets some psychological high off pushing the buy button.

No. 465443

Jill in design school is going to be a kekfest she's ridiculous and lazy asf.

No. 465463

The dumbass has crusty rainbow hair and green stained eyebrows but the cute bunny backpack is too OTT to wear out? Ok Jill, Ok.

No. 465468

she's going to a rinky dink community college where it's pretty much impossible to fail lol

No. 465469

yeah but knowing how muchs he complained about doing these damn pins, all she's gonna complain about is how hard the work is

No. 465480

She's deluded if she thinks the next 1000 are going to sell out in an instant like the first 100. Chances are almost everyone who wanted one got it and at least 800 will sit untouched in her store for months even if she put them all up at once.

No. 465484

As if Crunchyroll cares about your badly drawn tattoo

No. 465642

would not be surprising if she fails there. watch her quit during finals

No. 465672

I always wondered, if she ever got into an actual art college (like OCAD here in Toronto.) How hard would the reality slap to her face, make her realize, she aint that great?? If she was going to OCAD, then that is something to be boasting about. Not some rinky dink college in New Brunswick.

No. 465676


>that sounds incredibly unsafe, but milk incoming maybe??

r…right?? Don't most mental health medications have you slowly ween off ? I wonder if she even talked to her doctor about it

No. 465677

I know we all know her address from before, I cant even remember why. But leaving her address so blatantly in the image… Jill you are going to get stalkers one day or "confetti club ™" showing up at your door

No. 465703

File: 1515473350246.png (371.31 KB, 580x482, 25436.png)

There's one donation on this gofundme, and it's not from jill! what a surprise. much love and support for her fans amirite??

No. 465710


isnt that just her po box address

No. 465745

how much do we want to bet that she didnt talk to a doctor about this and was basically like "nah, im a big girl, i know what im doing"

i think someone found their house address from something relating to her mom way back in one of the earlier threads

No. 465762

It sounds like you throw really sad parties.

No. 465767

Oh my god fuck off with this shit or at least sage it

No. 465774

File: 1515483310837.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5238.PNG)

No. 465775

File: 1515483326557.png (608.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5239.PNG)

No. 465780

so nice of andy milonakis to go out of his way to represent the special needs community like this

No. 465899

We know her address because Louise's business studio is in their basement, right next to Jill's bedroom. Her studio address is on her social media.

If anyone remotely close to PEI was going to stalk Jill it would have happened by now. These threads have existed for almost 3 years and even Jill was aware her address was posted here when it first happened.

I guess that's one advantage of living on an island in butt-fuck-nowhere. They're so isolated, it really doesn't matter if we know what their house and yard looks like, since it's an 18 hour drive from central canada.

That being said, if she lived more central, in Ontario or Quebec, I would guarantee the Vesseys would have severe privacy issues given how much they reveal online about their wealth. They're basically asking for a crazy obsessed fan to show up in Jill's driveway or just straight up get robbed.

No. 465909

would mods allow a group for the people in the party kei group? itd be milky af but id like to post about her fans on insta too. most of the fans are young but not under 16 or anything
saged cause not milk

No. 465927

File: 1515503905239.png (69.84 KB, 600x633, 7ab.png)

>"Not really pk but here's my black pajamas"

No. 466048

she's party-kei at heart uwu

No. 466092

Maybe one in /ot/ would be okay? To post pics of party kei and other embarrassing fashions, and maybe blur the persons name out if it isn't an ig account or something?

No. 466126

File: 1515522653504.png (34.57 KB, 587x245, New Canvas.png)

No. 466132

File: 1515523005609.jpg (524.3 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20180109-183501.jpg)

New thread pic kek I dont understand why she uploads such awful photos of herself

No. 466135

>>466132 my bad, it's a video. It just didn't load for me at first

No. 466138

The sad thing is that this is the best I've seen her hair look in a long time and it still looks fucking terrible. I honestly don't understand how she thinks that it looks good.

No. 466139

wth when did her bangs get so wide, it looks horrible, like a bowl cut wig on top of her actual hair. jill ffs

No. 466140

her makeup/brows look like that meme where you mirror someone's face bilaterally.


No. 466143


I really hope she gets sick of that weird doughnut dress soon

No. 466146

ok i'll make one for general embarrassing fashion. any suggestions for a thread pic? id rather not use anyones face whos not a cow
saged for ot

No. 466148

IIRC one of the medications she's on is citalopram, which is basically babies first prozac. It's usually used as a first test into SSRI's by GPs. It's perfectly safe to quit cold turkey and there's a lot of debate in the medical community as to whether it even does anything anyway. Sorry for blog, but my housemate came off of it by forgetting to take it, realised he hadn't taken any for two weeks and just stopped getting the prescription refilled.

No. 466149

you guys are going about this all wrong. plenty of shit like the badmakeup thread or weeb thread on /ot/ is just randoms that look like shit. just make a 'bad outfits' thread and we can do stuff like shit excuses for lolita, fairy kei etc. all in one go.

No. 466152

oh good idea. i'll make an ugly outfits thread instead of a bad styles one. gimme a bit to find a good thread pic

No. 466158

oops i forgot to sage.

i'd make one but i'm on my phone. jill's partee kay group is a fucking goldmine for this stuff tho.

No. 466176

You did sage…

No. 466184

File: 1515527002893.png (103.87 KB, 640x843, IMG_2177.PNG)

Jill posted about her moms cat-instagram
This photo is so unflattering

No. 466187

>>466184 It's so frustrating that Jill knows how to style her hair, but chooses not to

No. 466189

She must of been maybe 15 here? I think this is when they first got Neko.

I secretly love her mom's cat instagram lol but I love cat IGs and YT channels in general.

No. 466192

Charlottetown barely has a j-fashion community let alone a Lolita one at all.

No. 466195

Tbh she looks so much better in that photo then she does currently. The turquoise/blue looks a lot better than the moldy spaghetti she has on her greasy head now.
She may have even bathed in that photo hah

No. 466198

You are absolutely wrong. These are not actual facts that apply to everyone. I take citalopram and I've been on a handful of others before being prescribed this and this one has helped me better than the others had and when I do forget to take it enough times that it's out of my system (which I stupidly have done) my anxiety and depression became worse again.
I'm sure that is the case for some but not in all cases. I know a few people who are on the same drug and it has made a world of difference for them.

No. 466204

Prozac is overall as effective as any other antidepressant. The effects of antidepressants will vary from person to person.

No. 466210

Really? I don't think she looks bad here at all. In fact, I think one hair color makes a world of difference even if it's still poorly dyed. Her eyebrows also look heaps better. I don't think this is a bad photo of Jill at all.

No. 466214

Love nikki?

No. 466229

Did I say anywhere that it actually does nothing? No. I said that there's a lot of debate about it within the medical community at the moment. and although it's nice that you found a medication that works for you I don't really care about your medical history, neither does anyone else unless you have an actual point to make other than how your medication effects you. If it works differently for everyone why do we need a rundown of your personal history specifically?

All I was trying to say in my original post was that it isn't the massive potentially deadly deal people are making it out to be and is perfectly safe - in terms of dangerous withdrawal effects, not in recurrence of previous symptoms the medication treats - for her to stop taking some of the medication we know she is prescribed cold turkey.

Citalopram is not prozac though, so your comment has nothing to do with anything I said.

No. 466240


I would make one, but am a newfag. Anyone?

No. 466244


Oops nvm, didn't see the embarrassing outfits thread thing


No. 466270

made the thread

No. 466287

I usually think the people saying she looks old are full of shit, but god damn. She looks like a mom having an identity crisis.

How is it unflattering?

No. 466292

File: 1515533976423.jpg (261.38 KB, 1016x1481, 1515523005609.jpg)

I got you, anon

No. 466293

thanks fam.

is it bad that i think she almost looks the same?

No. 466294

File: 1515534067068.jpg (229.24 KB, 1024x1484, 1515523005609 (1).jpg)

No. 466296

It's not and I was laughing histerically at how similar she looked while doing it.

No. 466298

nyart but why are you so salty? Your withdrawal experience will vary depending on how well they worked for you in the first place.

No. 466300


the sad thing is, in a few months we will look back and think: This wasn't that bad compared to what she wears now.

No. 466310

I honestly don't know how she would manage to look worse than she does right now
I suppose my worst case scenario would be if she suddenly went full DDLG but I don't think that will happen

No. 466326

Not much of a difference tbh

No. 466332

She could keep damaging her hair to the point it starts breaking off.

Or would that be an improvement?

No. 466342

File: 1515536485269.jpg (52.59 KB, 336x241, sanitary-napkins-ultra-maxi-pa…)


i thought she was shipping out maxi pads to her fans

No. 466383

File: 1515538045865.png (91.81 KB, 782x661, no.png)


No. 466407

This would be less creepy(but still creepy) if they had never talked on that livestream, but because they have this is super creepy. Control yourself, Jill.

No. 466409

I knew Jill had a massive boner on Drew, I think it's borderline sexual attraction Kek

No. 466411

she's like one of those Indian dudes that always leave weird comments and marriage proposals on pictures of cute girls kek

No. 466412

He's obviously gay. That's the saddest part about it lol

No. 466510

Someone: trying to desperately keep the conversation going
Jill: Mmmm yeah

No. 466522

Not salty anon, dw about me.

Just wanted anons to stop acting like she's doing something deadly and awful and is gonna make a bunch of kids think it's okay to suddenly quit their medications and die.

No. 466524

Even at 14 this would be pretty bad, but at almost 20…girl, you should know better.

No. 466528

When did that happen though? Quitting your medication without consulting a dr can be very dangerous purely based on the psychological effects, but no one claimed she was going to drop dead or influence her kid followers to go off their meds.

No. 466534

Why does Jill talk like a bad role player?

No. 466542

Bc she's her own OC and all the world's her stage.

No. 466544

Well, for one we don't know whether she is in contact with her doctor or not, her post on it was pretty vague and short. She could well be doing everything properly as she's supposed to.

Yeah fair I guess I was jumping the gun with the last part but that's what the alcohol discussion in the last thread turned into; lots of ~think of her impressionable young followers~ The discussion hadn't gone in that direction yet but was probably headed that way. Just wanted to interject and say it's not actually that big a deal if it's that medication she's coming off. A phonecall with your doc would be sufficient to get proper instructions on how to quit citalopram, it's considered a pretty safe drug.

Anyway gonna drop this now because it's probably annoying other anons and it feels like I'm wking a bit.

No. 466545

fug forgot sage sorry not on purpose.

No. 466592

File: 1515599233966.jpeg (175.28 KB, 750x743, CF752958-5793-4462-8ECB-1E2508…)

No. 466597

> muh bangs are part of my identity

No. 466602

this outfit would look a lot better without her weird green hair

No. 466605


I was going to say that if her hair was just a solid color or some non offensive combination of two natural tones, this could be cute.

Except then I saw those fucking shoes. We know from her shoe collection she has some variant of plain red, clear, or white shoes. They could have even been clear pink jellies to match the clear pink plastic earrings. But she picks the ice cream shoes.

Sage for raging but ffs how do you fuck up coording a matching set with only two colors to choose from?

No. 466615

Her roots make it look like she has a weird pointed lemon headband

No. 466616

No. 466623

Is she taking the piss with that warped floor. That can't be unintentional from editing herself

No. 466626

I'm pretty sure it's the photography background thing in her mum's studio and then didn't edit where it bends properly?

No. 466630

Because Jill just tries to cram on all the quirky shit she can on in one outfit and calls it fashion. A lot of the pieces she has are not bad individually, but she has no idea how to put items together. A lot of what she owns are statement pieces and she just throws them all on together. But combine that with her gross hair, terrible makeup, and the hodgepodge shit she’s wearing, everything just turns out tacky and an eyesore.

No. 466631

she looks like a bloated crackwhore

No. 466644


Aside from the brows, I don't think her make up is to bad in this…

No. 466656

File: 1515603186835.png (1.81 MB, 1125x2436, 312D86F1-D1E9-437D-AD76-C1CD15…)

I’ve been holding my tongue because I don’t want to contribute to the derailing but you’re starting to piss me off.
>there is no controversy surrounding whether citalopram works
>citalopram is an SSRI
>SSRI’s are dangerous to suddenly quit cold turkey because of the horrible psychological side effects.
>SSRI’s are still painful and unenjoyable to come off of when you’ve been taking them for years like Jill.
>you can’t actually die suddenly like quitting alcohol cold turkey, but the side effects are still very real and very severe.
>you have to be really stupid if you actually think the side effects aren’t serious.
>side effects from just tapering include brain zaps, increased depression, increased anxiety, headaches, increased suicidal thoughts, and more.
>You can’t fucking blogpost about your housemate obviously not needing citalopram and then bitch at another anon for saying “Hey this actually works for me!”
>we’re allowed to say “think of the children!” Because her fan base is clearly very fucking stupid and will probably do all the stupid shit she does.
>the only “”””controversy”””” surrounding citalopram Lexapro is more effective than Celexa at the same dose.

Pls actually do a quick google search and use a little common sense before derailing our thread so the rest of us don’t feel so compelled to call you out.

No. 466658

She’s wearing a fit bit in the pic of her in the red jumpsuit. Maybe she’s trying to loose weight in the new year? Yall go too hard on her for being a lil soft around the edges

No. 466661

no one even really commented one her weight aside from one anon calling her bloated, which isn't really weight related in the first place

Jill did say before that she wants to lose weight again though

No. 466669


She's posing so awkwardly and you can tell it's because she's angling herself to show the tattoos. Like the way she's holding her arm bothers me so bad.

No. 466691

these tacky tattoos make her look even more like trailer trash than her hair and outfits usually do

No. 466692

I wouldn't mind this without her disgusting-looking hair. This is the worst hair color she's ever had, and that's saying something considering he was both piss yellow and lime green.

No. 466701

Seconding the anons who said she looks like a bloated Floridian crackwhore from a trailer park. That jumpsuit does not suit her body type and pigtails add to the creepy factor.

No. 466728

rompers are not at all suited to pear shapes or people with chubby thighs (no shade - i don't wear them for the same reason). sage for blog, but every guy i've ever explained rompers to ends up calling them baby or children's clothes. it's just funny to me because of all the age playing accusations jill gets.

obviously her hair looks awful, like it has for the last year. i don't understand her taste level at all. i'm getting like molly soda vibes from how gross and unclean she always looks.

no one cares. we don't know if jill is doing this alone or under doctor supervision anyways.

No. 466734

File: 1515607829540.jpg (115.04 KB, 634x1046, 2DD8ABF200000578-0-image-m-54_…)

well I mean there are enough ways to make rompers look mature and stylish, but I agree they can quickly look wrongif you don't style them well
the combination of pigtails and those heels & tattoos really just makes her look like a washed-up age player, it's depressing to think that she's only 19

No. 466735

File: 1515607879083.jpeg (345.43 KB, 1125x583, 4820FC1B-92CF-47E9-99E1-AEC943…)

Reddit is for normies, where’s our credit for giving her a lolcow thread?

No. 466740

oh i definitely think a lot of women pull off rompers without looking like awkward children, just that the all-in-one trend reminds people who don't care about fashion of toddlers' clothing.

i always forget that jill is only 19. she's looks so rough, i always assume she's in her mid or late 20s. at 18-22 most people can look at least decent without putting a whole lot of effort into it. jill especially has no excuse because it's not like she has a lot of stress or responsibilities.

lmao i can't wait for the cringe communities to come across their sub.

No. 466798

saged but why exactly do farmers think Jill looks old/haggard for her age? like what is a 19 year old expected to look like?

only asking because i've seen jill irl, we're in the same age group and she looks no different than all other late teens/early 20s? I don't see what sets her apart.

same for when farmers call her fat, I know her height and size compared to mine or others our age, so I know she's actually relatively small, unless she's grown a few inches and put on the pounds recently but I see no evidence of that, considering that anons have been calling Jill a fat eyesore since she was 16/17 while she was apparently underweight lol.

like I hate many characteristics of her personality but if jill is fat and old looking than.. I guess that's just the standard for most young adults from our area? i'm really curious as to how you guys perceive her as a degenerate looking whale through the internet.. meanwhile do all of your classmates and coworkers drink the blood of virgins to look youthful? where are these utopias of beauty that anons seem to be from?

No. 466802

i second this - i think jill is innately kind of unattractive and her make-up/fashion/hair choices just worsen that. but she doesn't look super old except for when she wears hideous glasses/her weight is just slightly above average.

No. 466804

>>466798 Jill only look haggard and chunky because of the way she styles herself. It's her crusty makeup, which makes her skin look aged. Her greasy unstyled hair doesn't look youthful. She also has no idea how to dress for her body type, which makes her look bigger than she is. She's not obese or anything, just chubby.

No. 466808

it's totally possible that it might be an area thing. i grew up in toronto and generally younger people look sort of fresher, and a lot of them are in pretty good shape or at least thin. but maybe that's just the crowd i always hung around (sorostitute types and mean korean girls)? i notice a difference in how people look even just going north an hour so maybe it's a city thing. the fact that jill always looks dirty and has shitty makeup doesn't help.

otoh, maybe she's just not a photogenic person either. you're saying irl she looks normal, but does she look the same in her pics/vids?

jill obviously wasn't fat back when she was doing lolita. i think she's prob at the high end of healthy right now, which is what i consider chubby. she's certainly not fit, and her all sugar diet doesn't help. that's probably adding to the perception that she looks older than she is - she just doesn't come across as a healthy young woman.

No. 466809

File: 1515613876929.png (621.02 KB, 863x560, 20180110_194848.png)

Jill has potential to look youthful and actually her size, but choses not to

No. 466816

File: 1515614107881.jpg (251.04 KB, 534x856, Screenshot_20180110-195258.jpg)

>>466804 this proves my point imo

No. 466818

>>466808 I'm pretty sure the only reason her weight was brought up because of the 20 inch waist drama and how much she shopped her images. She used to make her thighs A LOT smaller than they actually were

No. 466821

File: 1515614374551.png (788.34 KB, 658x574, jill.png)

No. 466825


It makes sense that she's insecure and edits photos, she used to have an ED and she has serious identity issues.

The problem is that she wants to jump on the SJW 'everyone's body is perfect uwu' bandwagon yet will constantly talk about being a small, a small medium, the waist thing, etc. recently. People likely find her weird humblebrags about her size or forced overly positive comments on her body annoying and wish she'd either just lose weight and get healthy or shut up about it.

It's this weird false sense of confidence or clinging to things like her clothing size to feel comfortable because she knows she isn't happy with her body and has only very recently been able to admit it, and only shamefully in streams that a huge part of her fanbase doesn't even watch.

No. 466856

File: 1515623072190.png (899.46 KB, 640x1136, 65A1EB6C-E3D4-4370-BE55-32135F…)

Jesus Christ! The party kei community is a fucking mess. Someone could post a picture all in black with a single fucking bow on their head and these fuckers would eat it up.

No. 466858

I feel like party kei has potential? If you took its original guidelines (party themed shit) I feel it could be a cute fairy kei sub-style? But any old fool can wear mismatched rainbow shit and call it fucking party kei.

No. 466913

File: 1515626638841.jpeg (706.74 KB, 629x957, E534CD82-5D73-4E6B-92A8-086441…)

Jill looks old because she uses too many bright/clashing colors with her (harsh) makeup, hair, and clothes. She also looks old because she does things that old people would do (too much blush+ugly fake glasses. Lack of bangs doesn’t help.) or she wears things that look too costume-like (That Peter Pan collar dress isn’t ugly because it’s a Peter Pan collar dress. It’s ugly because of the colors, oversized print and the oversized collar/sleeves. A simple pastel Peter Pan collar dress is fine. That Pom Pom shirt is just atrocious, it looks like a 5 year old’s arts and crafts project.)

I also think the chub in her face makes her look a bit older, if Jill just did natural hair color (like light/mid brown), simple makeup with one focal point, and simple yet “femenine”/cute clothing, she would look her age. She’s like the rainbow version of harsh/dramatic insta makeup (which makes everyone look older). She has so much potential to look ok.

No. 466921

maybe like other anon said its an area thing. i grew up in socal and encountered every type of girl, from the prevalent now considered instahoe looking type, to the no makeup sweatshirt ugg boots hair tied up type, and they all looked their age or younger. the only ones who sometimes didnt look their age were the extra makeup girls because of the super mature look they were going for. sadly nothing about jills look is mature in any way but she still looks significantly older than her contemporaries. i blame it on her poor makeup application, terrible styling, lack of good hygiene, and unfortunate genetics. it looks like any sort of weight gain shows right away on her face and puts emphasis her jowls, a common old person trait. add in shit makeup, stupid clothes, and shes looking like the tail end of a quarter life crisis about to reach her 30s. i honestly think she really does have potential to be cute again but shes too stubborn to listen to anyones opinion but her own…

No. 466957

Jill doesn't have youthful features to begin with, her makeup, hair, and weight gain don't help either.

>The party kei community is a fucking mess.

When wasn't it a mess? kek

No. 466964

Samefag, I think we're constantly talking about how haggard she looks because she's constantly talking about her "baby face uwu"

No. 466975

Does anybody has a backup for the LACE drama video? The link is dead since a while ago

No. 467037

god i wish she’d get her bangs cut shorter the outward curl thing looks awful on anyone.

No. 467067

She looks old and haggard because she doesn't take care of herself. She uses makeup produces, but no skincare products. She already has serious wrinkles at the age of 19. Her makeup ages her too because its too heavy, busy, and doesn't suit her.

She is definitely fat. While she's not obese, she is overweight, and it shows heavily in her face. She has jowls, which add to the aging factor.

The short answer is that she takes no care of herself, and has been aging like left out milk for years. It's years of poor maintenance that's been showing up recently.

No. 467096

even with that leg elongating pose that makes them look thinner her thighs still look huge!! imo she isn't chubby but actually fat

No. 467116

What if someone from here (or not) tried to actually put together a cohesive “Party Kei” look and put it in her group though? I wonder how she’d react if she had people in her group up staging her both in fashion and sewing? I have tons of extra fabric sitting around and I’m considering it personally. Easy way to get followers & rustle her feathers. Part of me feels it’s a bit of an autsy thing to do though.

No. 467127

Loads of people post decent sewing things in the group tbh. She never seems to like the posts though from what I can gather. I would say go for it though, it would be an interesting experiment.

No. 467132

honestly ive been hoping this would happen

No. 467148


No. 467151


sorry for this, I was just checking if commenting got back again, it wasn't working yesterday - saged and feel free to cancel both yo

No. 467154

anon, how did you do it? you completely read my mind, let's do it!

No. 467191

She hiked up her shorts to show off that tattoo and it looks even worse. that entire outfit is bad, even on something who isn't flabby and untoned.

No. 467256

Autsy thing or not, it'd be fun to see someone do the style properly and see how she and her fandom reacts. Shit, I'd make an outfit too if I had the ability to.

If she would just not color her eyebrows with hyper-pigmented eyeshadow, she would look 10x better. Arguably her beauty guru looks better than anything she's done makeup-wise before.

Tbf the goth look does not suit her. She'd be better off taking up a normie look.

Oh god, her reach is spreading.

No. 467268


Huh? People have posted good coords/sewing or are better looking than her… she ignores them…

I don't know if she still 'features' people from her group, but I remember there being some laughs at how she only features uggo/bad people and completely ignored the actually decent or good looking ones.

She cries at the idea of not being 'the best' waiting in line to submit her shitty cosplay to a beginners contest, you think she would let people better than her be recognized? Fuck no. There's a reason she leeches onto really uggo friends, too. Though maybe a large part of that is that the people in her area/range that are interested in alt-fashion are abnormal uggos, who tf knows.

No. 467285

The whole cosplay thing still drives me up a wall. Sage because probably nitpicky wordvomit, but I remembered watching her second vlog where she tried to explain that when you win an placing award three times as a beginner you advance to the next level (journeyman). She had two beginner wins (among others general awards that I'm sure fed her ego to this point), but felt like her work was good enough to warrant being allowed in journeyman with just those two wins alone since the others didn't count. That cosplay she cried about got her 2nd place in performance and 3rd place as a group, so when she did the next one, she "made sure" she got judged individually since it was with a group, and that got her second win. She's so up her own ass about her skills that she fails to see her skills are very clearly lacking in practice. (She mentioned using LEDs in her next cosplay. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.)

No. 467302

File: 1515661189044.png (738.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5274.PNG)

Like this, for example

No. 467410

Her eyebrows really age her as well imo. Thick flat brows have been the trend for ages, especially in j-fashion so idk why she goes for such arched, thin brows. I'd love to see her take the arch out just a bit.

No. 467485

Imo she looks her age, albeit sometimes tired, in the no makeup pictures. Her makeup and especially the harsh brows really age her, she has very arched brows that generally look more mature, and always draws them in really dark. She does her makeup like a 40-something year old high school teacher trying to look stylish. I think she looks best blonde, preferrably bangs, neutral eye shadow and a natural lip.

No. 467489

File: 1515690348097.jpeg (379.58 KB, 1200x1800, 569915A6-B252-4750-82B0-328EF6…)

“If Party Kei followed the guidelines” moodboard.

No. 467494

this is just larme, anon. party kei is supposed to SMACK you with color, but not like decora or fairy kei or pop kei.

No. 467496

even if Party-kei looked decent, and even if Jill actually wore any Japanese brands putting "kei" in the name ruins it tbh
I as an European wouldn't say that I suddenly created a new American street style, even if I wore exclusively American brands
(your collage actually looks pretty cute anon, I'm just still salty about Jill thinking she created ~her own original Japanese style uwu~)

No. 467502

the idea that she, a Canadian can create a street style is dumb enough, but thinking you can create a street style at all is stupid. street styles emerge from being reported on, in magazines. especially in japan, most of the styles are fabricated names that magazines coin, most people don't call themselves mahou kei one day and fairy kei without magical girl items, it's all fairy kei, and some people wouldn't even call themselves that.

she always talks about how her street fashion has no rigid guidelines, but she doesn't realize that creating a "street fashion" is what imparts the guidelines.

No. 467503

*can create a Japanese street style


No. 467506

Yeah, I totally agree
I think Jill saw styles like Peco-kei and thought "I want that too! uwu" but even in that case magazines were the ones that coined the name, Peco just wore a style she liked and other people were inspired by it
Imo it's self-absorbed enough to say that you 'created' a style, but it's even more stupid to say that it's a foreign one when a) you aren't from that country and b) you don't even wear any of the fashion brands from that country

No. 467507

This just looks like Larme. Since she claims she wants it to be like a 90s slumber party kind of vibe it would probably be brights, plastic hair accessories and scrunchies, PJ fabrics like satin, slip dresses, glitter, the whole lot.

Like the other anons have said though, you can't create a street fashion, usually people choose to pick something up and then you coin a name for it eventually, and especially JP street styles are often centered around certain brands.

I think it's even stupid to try and put rules/guidelines on your own personal aesthetic, especially since she said she felt restricted by lolita. Like, just do what you want then?

No. 467513

File: 1515692099675.jpg (47.63 KB, 592x593, brows.jpg)

yeah agreed
pic related isn't the most amazing picture ever but I think she looked quite cute there and a huge part of it is that her brows actually look rather straight and relaxed
the natural hair color and light make up help a lot too, the clashing colors she always uses are just so obnoxious

No. 467516

(sorry I know her brows aren't straight here, just a lot straighter compared to how she usually arches them up)

No. 467522

When you google peco-kei Jill ois one of the t hings to come up

No. 467524

It's hard to even believe this is the same person lmao

Really shows how haggard she's made herself these days

No. 467534

The amount of wasted potential is sad.

No. 467738

File: 1515706080942.jpg (95.21 KB, 807x593, Capture.JPG)

Inadvertently found this when I was looking for something else, but looks like she wants to wear Jill's skin. Her username, even.

No. 467749

Wasted potential? Yeah she looks a lot better but it's not like she would grow up to be some gorgeous model or anything. Still pretty average. But thinking that she had so much potential from this pic just shows how bad she looks now lmao

No. 467755

Reminds me of a serial killer.

No. 467793

If you didn't say anything I would have assumed it was Jill. She looks like Rainbow Brite on meth.

No. 467844

Oldfag here, I've been to plenty of 90s slumber parties and I would have never been invited back had I showed up like that. In fact, anyone that showed up like that would have been the target of sleep over pranks.

No. 467912

Why do you think we don't know that?

No. 467917

File: 1515722454378.jpeg (8.42 KB, 266x190, download.jpeg)

You anons are missing the fact that pic related is what Jill said party kei was when she "created" the style. So going off of that, >>467489's collage is accurate.

The in your face, neon colored hobo mess she wears now is nothing like what she herself said party kei was supposed to be.

No. 467919

the picture you posted looks nothing like anon's collage you twat. there are colors in between pastels and neons, you know.

No. 467930

What are you talking about? Several of the things in anon's collage are directly in jill's drawing. The sleep masks, the ribbons in the hair, the puffy shoes, the top with ribbons.

Jill's "original party kei style" was only ever a shitty ripoff of cult party/fairy kei with some larme touches tossed in.

No. 467944

It's the color you asshat. larme uses the same shit as tons of other fashions that aren't the same color, also cult party is not a think and anyone who thinks so should be shot.

No. 467947

smaefag but there are literally tons of different japanese street fashions that are only different due to the colors, so you can't just use the same shit with a different color scheme. spank/decora/party kei shit and fairy kei would literally be the same thing otherwise.

No. 467978

Saged for jfashion sperging but no. It's the styling and accessories that set these styles apart, not the colors. Pic related shows decora, fairy kei, and spank!, all in the same color scheme. Decora is all about piling on the accessories in crazy amounts, fairy kei is soft and floaty and feminine, and spank is more sporty/fun/funky. The color scheme is not what sets these styles apart.

Jill's style, the way she originally described it, is a mishmash of elements from larme and fairy kei, but not different enough from either one to be a style on its own. Having slightly more yellow in it does not make it unique.

No. 467979

File: 1515725013180.jpg (736.04 KB, 939x1234, jfashion.jpg)

Dropped pic.

No. 467988

>Mostly western examples
>Eva Pinklands Chinese aomoii style being considered "spank"
This is bad and you should feel bad for posting it.

No. 467992

can we stop sperging about ~~~~~real~~~~ jfash, most of it is fabricated anyways. the point was that jill is 1. stupid enough to create a ~fashion~ that would usually come about due to someone dressing one way and people copying her. and 2. doing so and being so assblasted over rules in other fashions, she literally voids her own.

No. 468003

The argument is pointless anyways since Jill herself said that drawing was a mock up but not ultimately what she considers party kei style now. Party kei is a joke fashion anyways, end of story

No. 468028


fuck she's 19? i thought she was like 34

No. 468089

At least she doesn't look grimey like our dear Jill, I guess.

I will never not laugh at these age exaggerations. I wonder if Jill gets pissed when she reads them.

No. 468102

File: 1515733370483.png (783.5 KB, 531x709, jill.png)

No. 468122

Yo Jill, you’re just another POS white asshole that is trying to appropriate Japanese fashion and put your own name on it. You look and sound like a racist bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 468156


I'm sure she'd look 10 years younger if she just stopped pulling this Mr Bean face in photos.

No. 468206

I just want to believe that she just does a shitty job at her makeup and it excessively creases, instead of believing that she has horrible wrinkles at the age of 19. If you ignore the deep wrinkles, she actually looks cute, but once you look at her cheeks, chin, and forehead, she morphs like a 40 year old woman. Like, the only thing she has going for her is that she doesn’t have crow’s feet.

The whole “no crow’s feet” thing is why I kinda believe it’s just shitty makeup. The skin is super sensitive around the eyes, so if those were real wrinkles wouldn’t she have crow’s feet too?

No. 468213

She does have naturally deep nasolabial folds, but they'd be less noticeable if she didn't pull her lips so far back for photos.

The forehead ones are just from her constantly raising her eyebrows, I think. Again, if she didn't pull her eyebrows halfway up her forehead, I think they'd be much less intense.

She really just needs to work on a slight smile with a relaxed face to do for photos. She'd look 5 years younger instantly.

No. 468392

File: 1515778591986.png (186.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2213.PNG)

SAId no one ever

No. 468404

File: 1515779696116.jpg (20.38 KB, 597x131, screenshot.jpg)

in response to this

they did her a favor tbh, I can't imagine the 2 lucky packs would've been that different

No. 468407

Never said she could be a model, but she could have been a regular cute girl instead of…this >>468102

No. 468412

LMAO. she's an idiot, they probably said somewhere they will only order one. why doesn't that bitch use a bigger ss with all the crap she buys.

No. 468440

File: 1515782965070.jpg (588.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180112-184708.jpg)

Is the gay agenda starting to fade

No. 468452

so apparently shane dawson was called out for sexualizing children/underage girls/calling pedofilia okay, and jill spent all of yesterday defending him???

No. 468457

She's actually super cute with light brown or blonder hair. She can even use some color highlights of pink or blue on the ends or a streak of color instead of rainbow vomit. This is insane how much hair color can age a person.

No. 468459

Stop believing everything you see on the internet and actually do some research on him, there's a lot attack Jill on, so don't cause fake drama

No. 468469

Fake news. He made edgy jokes years ago that were edited to make him look bad. The video was taken down because that is defamation.

Most youtubers are defending him unless you are Onision who hate watches.

No. 468537

what's the context of this?

No. 468538

There isn't any. These are tweets from/directed at Drew Monson.

No. 468600

Anon was suggesting Jill's "gay agenda" is fading because she liked these tweets after Drew tweeted that he regretted saying he was bicurious/thought boys were cute.

Jill is obviously down with that since she just proposed to him a few days ago..

No. 468650

theory: Jill stopped 2 of her meds in the hope she'd lose weight. Any thoughts, farmers?

No. 468696

There are tons of reasons she could be quitting including other side effects or just not wanting to depend on so many medications, but I wouldn't totally rule out the weight thing given that she has expressed weight concerns, she definitely lurks here, and I think some anons have said her medication cocktail could contribute to her laziness and junk food cravings

No. 468771

Didn’t she mention visiting her doctor to discuss her oversleeping/hypersomnia habits? Those were likely side effects of her meds and therefore the doc made her cut down accordingly.

No. 468810

File: 1515808220061.jpg (261.01 KB, 1072x868, Screenshot_20180112-203408.jpg)

Whoever she picks for her little "promoting small kawaii people" videos will probably already be popular or have shit taste too. I'd also be super embarrassed if Jill tried to make money off talking about me in a video since about half the people in jfashion know she's a joke.

Also, why hasn't she made a designer dairies video in months? We know why but she looks shitty to her fans who keep asking for sewing videos and she just seemed to abandon the whole series.

No. 468834

I thought her whole 'designer diaries' series just one video of her shopping in ikea? Did I miss more with her actual sewing?

No. 468839

What happened to her NYE vlog? Or is she just pretending it doesn’t exist now?

No. 468841

>468834 you're right. It was only one ikea haul.

No. 468847

She was supposed to edit it last week, but she didn’t and we’ll be almost in the middle of January if she does upload it this Sunday, so she probably won’t upload it. That and she probably doesn’t want to hear people complaining about her being irresponsible with drinking alcohol in front of her underage fanbase.

No. 468960


I think my only hangup and nitpick about the situation was- on a stream Jill was talking about the Melanie Martinez incident and Jill said she wouldn't know how to react if someone she was a big fan of, and she used Shane as a direct example, did something extremely problematic. And she said that she would go offline for awhile and not mention it until she could emotionally process what had happened. Which I guess is a pretty mature, mature for Jill, way to handle the situation. And she didn't do that. She immediately ran to twitter.

No. 468969

She uploaded the WC Lucky Pack video.

No. 468972

she didn't even like most of the products she got… why the hell did she want two of them

No. 468974

jill was lolita, she must know what to expect (poor selling crap)

No. 468978

Her talking gets more irrating every time even if it isn't all baby talk. Most of it she won't wear and she already had dozens of bags she doesn't use. Waste of money as predicted but now she gets to show off her bunny items for aesehtic.

>"All the rage right now on the streets"

Sure, Jill. Keep trying hard to be included in latest jfashion just because you're in a Japanese contest.

No. 468981

oh my god her hair

I don't know if the roots are just giving it such an illusion, or the smallness of my current screen, but it looks drenched in grease

I usually have a pretty good stomach for such things but fuck, I gagged. How hard would it have been to even just rub a little dry shampoo into that? Or wash the bits outside of the bun in the fucking sink prior to filming/applying make up/whatever. The worst part is knowing that her hair is so fucking fried from over processing, that it must take something fucking extra for it to even produce/hold that much grease

sorry in advance if she just, by some grace of god, put some disgusting amount of product in it or something, and the greasiness is an illusion, but fuck

No. 468983

She looks so bad in her current live stream that it's laughable she ended things with mystery girl cos 'she wasn't attracted to her'

Also she has mentioned alcohol and being drunk at least a couple of times so far, a recurring theme in her live streams

No. 468988

her over the top reaction to the "why did you kiss me" shirt is so annoying lmao…

No. 468989

>She looks so bad in her current live stream that it's laughable she ended things with mystery girl cos 'she wasn't attracted to her'

This is something Jill handled horribly, but ultimately I can't rip on her for. Ending things for a lack of attraction was the best thing to do. And her lack of attraction may not have been physical, some people just don't end up jiving the way they hoped. Personally, I still believe she's only pseudo-attracted to girls (in her mind - if at all) and is, fully, completely, 100% straight. So of course she's gonna end up 'not attracted' to one. Even if in some hypothetical scenario she was sincerely into chicks, there was no way she was gonna end up with the rebound girl with her break up/feelings from a long term relationship still so fresh.

What I do agree to rip on her for is for leading MG on so heavily, breaking things off with little consideration for her/trying to make things seem like nothing was wrong, and not making it clear in her responses to fans that they did break up. (There's a difference between simplified clarification and maintaining privacy). Etc.

And, of course, she still looks like fucking cowcrap regardless of that relationshit. Kek

No. 468990

>>468969 I found her response to the 'why did you kiss me' tee so bizarre like is that a dig at her exes or what

No. 468992

>idk what to coord with this though
The dungarees you're wearing right now, or literally any pink bottom or jean, just because a shirt is black doesn't make it awkward to work with. She triggered me far too much with her attitude in this video jc

No. 468993

I found it ironic considering what she did to mg

No. 468995

>>468990 also wtf 'one night stand bag'??

No. 469045

This brand is not pronounced "double you see" and the fact that she hasn't figured it out just proves she can't read ANY katakana at all.

No. 469051

“Baccy paccy”
“Liddle blankie”

No. 469053

I was hoping she'd get same items black from another lucky bag too when buying two lol

No. 469055

ダブル シー ジャパン

incase anyone was wondering. i guess she doesn't like puns.

No. 469062

is everyone just going to ignore the fact that she says she's giving the blanket to her cats and gonna cut/use those shirts for workout… what? just buy this shit at walmart and not pay 100 dollars (plus shipping) on it just because it's a brand lmao what a dumbass

No. 469072

"Backy Packy". Gag. And she makes her own sound effects, god I'd forgotten how cringy she is.

Right, I got to the why did you kiss me top. Why is she such a drama queen? She says she doesn't want to talk about private things but is constantly hinting at crap and then gets pissed when her viewers ask her about it.

Did she just say "one night stand bag"

No. 469083

it's her one nighty standy-wandy backy-packy

No. 469097

Yeah that stuff made her sound pretty autistic, I mean she used to wear black and pastel stuff together all the time in the past, so why is she doing this stupid "teheh I only know how to wear pink and rainbys uwu" shit?
Also how does she ever expect to be a fashion designer with this attitude? Does she not ever plan on producing black/neutral garments or something? Will be a great and wearable brand for sure.

No. 469100

that was weird af, especially since she said it's her 2018 mood
has she already been seeing someone else now or what?

No. 469103

I'm starting to think the drinking obsession is a bit weird as other anons were mentioning.

A fan asked what she was drinking on stream, she was like "vodka….jk it's nestea" and then went on about how she was drinking with her friends via group chat recently and planning to attend some party today as well? And she looks hung over as fuck right now but I don't know if she mentioned drinking the night before or not..

I think it's just really tryhard more than anything. Anyone who latches onto alcohol immediately once they're legal like it's some kind of hobby is just sad. If it's to the point that you feel the need to brag to an audience about your frequent drinking, it's time to revisit your priorities.

>inb4 ~anon dont be straight edge~

I wouldn't even care if Jill tried hard drugs, just don't start obsessively mentioning it on social media at every opportunity.

No. 469114

She seemed slightly upset during the entire video, I mean probably because that was after she realized she got one instead of two. Sorry you didn't get your materialistic fix, Jill ~<3

No. 469118

yeah especially since it sounded like she wanted to get 2 just to ensure she would get that hoodie in pink? I wish she would've gotten it in black twice lmao

No. 469127

holds up wide fishnet tights "I found that these have recently been seeping into western style as well" like do you live under a rock? They've been popular in western style for like 2-3 years. Does she know anything about trends?

No. 469129

She doesn't even know the Japanese word for milk (ichigo miruku is what she said), so trust her not to be able to read

No. 469132


and have been in western sub-cultures for even longer than that! ~but why would she ever look into anything that doesn't come from Nihon~

No. 469134

>mainstream/western fashion is sooo boring!! :(
>keeps buying and wearing Forever21 & H&M shit all the time, almost never wears any of her ~quirky~ clothes

Jill is ridiculous

No. 469135

File: 1515873650202.jpeg (91.33 KB, 225x400, 1B721592-CE56-4FFC-9C4B-84B2B6…)

“This is really cute, but it’s blaacck.”

No. 469144

I love how she buys so much useless plastic junk and yet she thinks she's saving the earth by using reusable tote bags. She gave herself such a big pat on the back in the previous video for thinking to use totes.

And she continues to buy mystery bags when she usually dislikes most of the items in them, which is just more waste and clutter for her to collect.

No. 469165


based on what we can see her knowledge of fashion history in general is pretty depressing. It seems like she doesn't truly care for learning (as also seen in the Japan Vlogs…) and is oviously much more focused on spending $$$ on stuff she will never use… It'll be interesting to see how college goes for her, maybe merchandising/buying would be more suitable for her than designing.

this was so irritating! She knew the possibilities and still spent over $100 on gamble items

No. 469169


tbh she doesn't even need to be able to read katakana because on WC's website they actually have the pronunciation in the web browser tab LOL…too busy impulsive shopping to notice?

No. 469196

Idgi, I've seen a lot of people mix black with bright colorful items and its usually fine.

No. 469202

File: 1515878085516.png (1.09 MB, 956x939, okjill.png)

yeah especially since… Jillian used to do this?
I mean granted they're not the most amazing outfits but they're a lot nicer than what she wears now, so like what the hell happened?

No. 469208

File: 1515879085184.jpg (29.94 KB, 267x400, s-l400.jpg)

Why can't she wear black? I see no problem with being colorful and still throw some black in. She just wants to live in her baby sugary rainbow fantasy. What a joke

No. 469217

>I'm starting to think the drinking obsession is a bit weird as other anons were mentioning.
She's 19, what do you expect? Do you not know any people or what?

No. 469244

Whats up with her voice at 0:44? sounds like shes gargling her own spit

No. 469245

again with spit noises @ 1:38… how can she not think to edit this stuff out?
sage for same fagging

No. 469246

She wouldn't even get black outlines on her first tattoo and we all know how that turned out. When people told her she'd need an outline on the upside down wand she wanted a while ago she threw a shitfit about that too. She wants to be a fashion designer so surely she should know not everything can be kawaii uwu pastel.

She'd seriously look a lot better if she started to mix in black and other neutrals with the rainbow vomit she wears now. These outfits aren't mindblowingly great but she at least seems to understand colour coordination and balance, did she just forget it all when she left lolita?

I could maybe believe that the 13/14 year old girl in those photos that painted her jacket to say fashion monster was really inspired by harajuku/jfashion and wanted to design clothes for a living. But the 19 year old baby talking slob with fried hair that hoards tacky american fast fashion, and settles for a shitty craft college instead of applying to a single proper fashion school in order to be close to mommy, no way. What happened to her?

No. 469258

File: 1515881721935.png (1.66 MB, 1366x768, helpme.png)

tbh I can understand why she doesn't wear black (at least in her videos)

No. 469260

Maybe I'm just becoming Jill-resistant, but this was the most grating video of hers I've ever watched. Just the way she reacted to the black items, pouting and "buuh, I can't wear this cuz it's not pink!!".

Fucking get over yourself, you can't wear a black sweater? Black goes with everything. It's not like she explicitly didn't like it, like that strawberry milk jumper. Why did you buy a lucky pack if you only want items in one color, she could have just ordered them from the WC store and paid about the same, why spend 100 bucks + shipping + customs fee just to get a tote and a small "blankie".

No. 469265

that blanket is going to be covered in cat fur in no time, I'm sure her cats already have enough shit to lay around on?
but yeah I guess she totally needed that tote for all her one night stands :^)

No. 469271

She probably doesn’t want to be mistaken for pastel goth, which is what she was going for then.

No. 469277

Im so triggered by her brows they get worse and worse everyr video

No. 469298

Or she could, and ask her mom to apply the proper aperture, ISO, etc.
But that's not super uwu kawaii desu ~

No. 469359

She was so irritating in this because she was so judgemental:
>Rates her items.
>Refuges to wear any black items.
>"It is my colors, though."
>"This embrodiery is patchy."
>"This is something that you could get from forever 21"
>(Buys forever21 and h and m items, doesn't realize that not all j-fashion is out there and can be casual)
>Still not over Colin because she over reacts to the "Why did you kiss me" shirt. A relationship isn't just for you, Jill.
>Loves her pink sports stripe hoodie with red heart, even though it's casual j-fashion (something that you could get from f21).
>Calling the bag that the lucky pack came in a one night stand bag, wtf.

No. 469365

>tfw you've been making video for years but still have you camera on auto exposure
It's not that hard. But she's usually too lazy to film cut-aways too and just zooms in on the lens so I guess manual exposure is too much work.

To be fair, the embroidery was pretty patchy.

No. 469381

She DID drink the night before. She mentioned in her livestream that she was drunk and on the floor.

No. 469386

That sports hoodie is so generic yet that is the main thing she wanted, also ofc its like forever 21, its still fast fashion dumbass, she is one of those idiot weebs who believe things from glorious nipon are different and better

No. 469388

Am I crazy or in a semi recent video (within the last few months) she mentioned she needed more black in her wardrobe to balance it out? I'd search again myself but I'm not in the mood to dig through and listen to uwu babbu talk

No. 469395

I think it was the Christmas haul where she was sperging out about the navy stripes on that one dress or shirt or something
she said that she might actually start integrating more dark colors
I mean just listen to the fishnet thing in this video, she says it's good they're black and that they're versatile but then she goes back to "but it's not pink : (" anyway

No. 469398

found her mentioning in her shoe and bag collection that she might get more black accents to wear when referencing her betsy johnson striped phone bag but like you said she bawwed about it "not being pastely ugh"

No. 469619

File: 1515907323819.jpg (119.35 KB, 857x481, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Holy shit get your nails done.

No. 469670

She is totally straight. Kek

No. 469680

This comment was obviously made by a straight person because hookup culture is rampant in the queer community lmao

No. 469693

It irks me when people refuse to wear a colour because it 'doesn't fit their aesthetic'. Anyone can wear any colour as long as they adapt the rest of the outfit accordingly.

No. 469705

SSRI’s are well known to make you fat and lazy. Look what happened to Charms.

Jill still has a chance to lose 60lbs, cut off all her nasty fried hair and regrow it, dump this shit style and get those tattoos removed.

I’m honestly hoping for the timeline shift that she gets hot af and Colin comes begging back. Otherwise she’s full speed to disgusting tumblr sjw people make memes out of.

No. 469709

>Colin comes begging back

Never gonna happen, no matter how hot she gets (as if). Colin broke up with her not because she became a disgusting slob (I mean, possibly partially), but obviously because of basic personality differences/respect issues. We may not have been privy to enough details to know the full truth, but you don't end a long term relationship like that over some less drastic appearances changes (beyond extreme maybe, like morbid obesity or full blown anorexia). The fact that they don't even talk now, even a basic good bye/good terms ending, really says a lot imo. I think he grew disgusted/distanced of her /as a person/ and there's no rekindling the spark, no matter what she changes. Once you see someone's base self in that negative light, it sticks. At best they could become friends again if they were both willing, but that's almost never worth it, and that deffo wouldn't come just from her becoming decent looking.

I'm not rooting for her, at all. She isn't someone who became how they are from a series of unfortunate events. She works against herself and everyone who offers advice the whole way. Her mother enabling her doesn't help, but at the end of the day they're her own choices. Sure, I won't be bitter towards her or anything if she fixes her shit, but she has A LOT of growing to do before anything like that is even remotely possible. With the path she's taking, unless she has some kind of life-changing-epiphany and forces structure into her day to day life, she's still going to be a cow well into her 30s. Her basic life skills are completely shot, and she has no basis to recognize/fix it, being so self absorbed and taking the 'easy' route for everything. She also has a very classicly 'small town' narrow view of the world, I really can't imagine her ever leaving her bubble. I think your
>Otherwise she’s full speed to disgusting tumblr sjw people make memes out of.

Is the most likely outcome, lmao. Not even SJW, just full speed disgusting tumblr-tier joke to the rest of the world.

She's gonna go through some mid twenties life crisis when she realizes she can't leach off her family forever and has accomplished absolutely nothing note worthy towards a career. Reality gonna hit her hard, I'm grabbing popcorn years in advance

No. 469721

>lose 60lbs

I sincerely doubt she weighs more than 130 now.

No. 469724

Anon, get real! Jill is a bedraggled rainbow vomit mess on two stubby legs. No point in expecting her to accomplish anything beyond being a voyeuristic consumer. She lacks scholastic aptitude and I doubt her sewing skills are above that of a home economics tier shit.

No. 469740

Don't worry, anon. The only thing I expect Jill to accomplish is getting worse

No. 469765

File: 1515927511275.jpg (250.46 KB, 927x938, sure.jpg)

She mentioned in her self harm vid or around that time that her lowest weight during ED was ~90 and her current weight after recovery is ~120. I completely believe it given her height and having seen her irl a few times throughout the years.

So if she lost 60 lbs, then she would weigh 60 lbs, which is beyond unreasonable lol.

>pic related: this must be close to her lowest

No. 469769

90lbs if she's 5 foot exactly as she claims isn't too bad though. it's underweight, sure, but it's not deathbed weight

No. 469770

I don't think she was ever in direct danger of dying from her ED. She just had developed one and was hospitalized for it, probably done so it wouldn't get to a stage where she could die.

No. 469773

She's 19 years old, it's pretty normal to do that sort of thing when you're still new to drinking. I don't think she does it at a volume where it's actually remarkable. I don't know if none of the anons complaining about this just have ever met any college students or just conveniently forget because it's Jill.

No. 469774

No one on here thinks the amount she's drinking is ridiculous. We think that the amount she drinks WHILE ON MEDICATION THAT YOU SHOULDN'T DRINK ON is ridiculous.

No. 469776

Unless you wash down your antidepressants with a fifth of vodka, occassional drinking won't harm you. It's not recommended but it's not like she's getting hammered twice a week either.

No. 469783

If you re-read the post, you might realize the issue isn't drinking. It's the constant bragging and the fact she publicly takes pride in it.

Sure I know tons of college students who spend years looking like unsocialized retards because their entire identity becomes about partying/drugs/alcohol. It's still pathetic. If you engage in drugs and alcohol occasionally, fine who cares. When it becomes something you cling to as a main topic of discussion on your streams with underage fans, that's whole other ordeal.

No. 469786

She takes benzos, sleeping pills, and SSRIs, all of which shouldn't be mixed with alcohol, but ok.

No. 469877

Wanted a generic pink hoodie when she already owns a hoodie >>466816 just like it

No. 469890

>Jill still has a chance to lose 60lbs
Anon you are an ana-chan

Even with lesbians?

I agree

No. 469903

I don't think I've been this frustrated with Jill before. She bought it knowing most likely that she'd get something black, but feeling like she'd totally get everything pink because she's so special.
Also with what the other anons said, she gets so upset when people bring up Colin yet made a big deal out of that "why did you kiss me" top? It literally doesn't mean anything, it's just Japanese designers putting random English to have a Western appeal. Get over it, Jill.

No. 469927

No, she bought two feeling she'd at least get pink between the two. Even though she did not need any doubles of any of the items.

No. 469928

>Even with lesbians?
Yes, it's not just the straights and gay men who have one night stands.

No. 469932

Mixing them and drinking alcohol later in the day are not the same thing.

No. 469942

My partner overheard Jill's latest video and really didn't like her - especially when she mentioned the "one night stand" bag. Like what??? Is that a thing?? That's just disgusting.

Obviously saged.

No. 469954

It's so annoying to hear her speak about her 'style' and how black doesn't fit her 'style' because her only sense of direction is to throw together bright/pastel colors at random. She has no eye for silhouettes, most her items don't even fit her.

No. 469976

>She is totally straight. Kek

I wouldn't say she's straight for having one night stands, BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE NASTY ASS CLAWS? This girl hasn't touched a pussy in her life.

No. 470019

There is no possible way she is just 120. I would guesstimate around 135-140 tbh. I'm 5'2" and have friends my height and shorter, so I have a point of reference for it. Just look at her legs and even bust and you can tell she's not 120.

No. 470029

What I don't get is that if it's a one night stand why would you even bring a bag like that? Like you're not gonna take that to the club, and if it's a tinder hookup you'd look like an absolute weirdo bringing so much stuff with you lol why does she always have to make everything sexual in like the weirdest ways? Didn't she say her channel is super duper family friendly? Why even make comments like that??

Omg those are gonna break her entire nail off ugh nasty.

Did anyone else cringe when she got the eye booger off her cat and jammed her entire nail into the cat's eye ball? You could tell the cat was so uncomfortable afterwards, poor thing.

No. 470036

She seems like someone who swears and makes awkward sexual jokes to try and look cool/cover her discomfort in social settings, and it just seeps into her videos. Same with the tear-away pants "for easy access".

No. 470286

Dont you remember her meme she reblogged shes a bottom no need to touch any puss

No. 470288

her sex jokes really piss me off.. especially in her lesbian phase when she kept corelating vaginas with being female despite parading her uwu wuv and suppowt for precious baby trans and nb bbies uwu make up your mind where do you stand.

No. 470349


really feel this! It's genuinely disturbing that she parades around supporting trans people but doesn't understand simple things like genitals =/= gender….geez

No. 470365

genitals do equal gender. get your tumblr shit out of here

No. 470366

No, they don't. Get your /pol/ shit out of here.

No. 470370


it's not tumblr shit, it's real life shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 470372

gender is a social construct, sex is a real biological thing.

No. 470390

Kek you really think that's /pol/ tier?

No. 470437


Humans are sexually dimorphic. It's basic biology. Deal with it.

No. 470440

which isn't related to gender, it's 2018
anyway, i'm not gonna try to sway how you feel, but can we not derail w/ gender discourse, thanks.

No. 470497

late but how can a person not have and wear black clothing? does jill not get that she can pair black with all her bright clothes to make decent looking outfits?
lots of people have little emergency bags they take out/bring with them when they stay the night at someone's place. it's not really gross. (definitely not family friendly though).
she addressed this on twitter once saying she's a bottom. honestly MG escaped just in time.
lesbians like pussy. go back to tumblr. let's not all derail this thread arguing with idiots. (i know i'm being a hypocrite here)

No. 470543

late but, where exactly in this does she say 'one night stand bag'?

No. 470574

Alright first off she needs to fix the damn lighting in her room or fix her camera settings, it's looking too bright at times and makes that yellow shelf and her pale skin painful to look at.

>says hat has a stain, but thats her being picky

>refused to use a black tulle skirt because it's black
>likes shirts with things over the nipples, but feels uncomfortable wearing them
>likes the ichigo milk shirt but doesnt like that it's black
>rates the lovely girl LG shirt a 2 because it's black
>the whole "why did you kiss me" shirt thing was unnecessary. jill, your bitter bitch self is showing
>there it is, the "one-night stand" comment… and it's made about the bunny bag all this came from. only you, jill. good luck actually having a one-night stand while carrying that bag

Between this and her shitty swear-censoring, I'm not surprised that she keeps getting demonitized

But those are little bags, though. This is a massive bag with a cartoon bunny on it.

13:22 in the video

No. 470631

>Kek you really think that's /pol/ tier?

I think YOU are.

No. 470736

File: 1516019143965.gif (1.05 MB, 480x270, 83BEB419-3FBB-4FB6-A108-E08774…)

Forgot to post this

No. 470761

File: 1516022486276.png (18.35 KB, 534x168, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.19…)

i decided to look into the SS she used because i hadn't heard much about them and their fee for picking up an item in real life is 5550 yen. jill paid over 60 bucks canadian for them to pick up this shit for her and she didn't even like half of it

what a waste of money

No. 470774

File: 1516024949450.jpeg (296.58 KB, 750x534, B6F20E96-0A14-491F-9085-423B32…)

Can she’s stop pretending like she loves CCS when it’s just for aesthetic purposes.

No. 470775

File: 1516024970477.jpeg (201.74 KB, 750x733, 82CEA320-0CD2-4792-A660-3B1615…)

No. 470785

c&d order from bandai when?

No. 470794

why is she so shocked it huge? the dream wand is more staff than a wand.

No. 470805

This makes me so irrationally angry. get the fuck off of CCS you greasy poser ho. You don't even like it. The fact she STILL hasn't swapped the cards to their correct wands bugs the fuck out of me. Can someone call her out on it, please? How can you profess to love something sooooo much that you get it tattooed onto you forever, but you get one the most important, simple things about the series wrong.

No. 470874

File: 1516033845253.png (589.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180115-162952.png)

Taken from her Twitter, I can't believe this is happening.

No. 470881


it will be such a cringefest if she going to win this thing omg. Doesn't it mean that she will be on this TV show? I can already see her being all dramatic and a crybaby about how stressful everything is lmao

No. 470882

>>470881 I think the best part will be the fact that she will have to admit she can't speak Japanese like she constantly boasts kek

No. 470884

oh for sure, they're like little pouches you can throw in your purse, but the concept of a ons bag isn't gross.
i hope she wins so we can get more milk out of this. she should collab with kelly eden.

No. 470885

I'm so conflicted, I don't her to win, but it be such good milk

No. 470894

she assumes she's in first place because of this but it doesn't necessarily mean that

we can pray

No. 470899

It does though? They said "Top 5" and have them ranked.

Kawaii Leader is bs anyway, it would be hilarious if she won and had to be on TV.

No. 470903

> muh anxiety
> spends the entire interview going "Mmmmm yeah"

No. 470906

Don't forget the shipping fee. It's probably at least $30 for a bag that size.

No. 470910

she might get out voted though when it ends.

No. 470930

No. 470938

It's by Galaxxxy.

No. 470942

eh was to be expected, I mean most of her fans are 12 years old so of course they have the time and are actually invested enough in this shit to support their idol ~mama pixie uwu~

hope she wins, I mean this is the same girl who's too fucking sleepy to record and publish 2 youtube videos a week even though it's her full time job and who spent her entire trip to Japan eating American fast food
her suddenly acting like she's still sooo interested in J-fashion and dropping Japanese words every video has been cringey enough, can't wait to see her complain about all of this 'hard' work of being a Kawaii Leader

No. 470952

Me too anon, me too. I feel like a sperg admitting it but CCS is very near and dear to my heart and shes such a poser liking it. Considering she had troubles finishing it, took forever to do so, and didnt really like it at first anyways…?

No. 470961

File: 1516040625409.png (369.59 KB, 502x277, 1512321228186.png)

No. 470964

File: 1516040674766.jpg (121.88 KB, 710x474, S80115-202045(1).jpg)


No. 470968

lol does Jill ever work out?
I mean if she honestly wants to lose weight she should just cut out the sugar tea, starbucks and mcdonalds and she'd already be off a lot better

No. 471016

God the way she fucking howled and made sounds with her mouth just because some shirt had a stupid quote pissed me off so damn much. That gif looks like it could turn into a banner.

I hope she wins and changes her ways. Maybe it will finally give her motivation to lose weight, clean herself better, dye her hair a better color, learn to style herself a little better, be a better person and not the garbage human she's turning out to be. I doubt that will happen, but hey at least there will be milk.

No. 471094

File: 1516047050405.jpg (785.84 KB, 1054x1056, Screenshot_20180115-200824.jpg)

I found this in the party kei tag kek I love how Jill's fans are copying her fried hair aswell as her clothing

No. 471095

File: 1516047147265.jpg (972.5 KB, 1062x1471, Screenshot_20180115-201128.jpg)

So kawaii kek

No. 471110

Her hair makes my skin crawl. No protein treatment can fix this shit.

No. 471129

I’m going to vote for her everyday because this will be way better than going to Hyper Japan. She’s probably first because most of her fans are young and half of the other girls are mostly instagramers and just post outfit pics, but Jill has a different number of platforms. Having a yt has probably made her more impressionable than just being a girl in “alternative” fashion because you get to see her personality more. I can’t wait to see her reaction. She’ll be right with Kelly Eden.

No. 471148

This is honestly so cringey, oh my fucking god. It's so scary to me that there are people out there who actually like the way Jill looks and want to replicate her look. Yikes.

saged for ot

No. 471149

FUCKING THIS. Ugh, it'll be such a sad day for the jfashion community.

She said in her latest video that she's working out for the next month and a half? Don't know if she was just joking but she plans on wearing the tees from the lucky pack for her work outs.

I think it's pathetic that she doesn't plan to keep on track when there's permanently a home gym right next to her bedroom lmao.

No. 471152

I think she was joking, it's a common thing that people make "getting fit" their new year's resolution and then go to the gym twice. I hope she does work out though, it's great for your mental health and your body.

No. 471253

Just go back to tumblr or reddit or facebook or whatever and stay there.

No. 471280

and having kelly eden be a kawaii ambassador wasn't just as retarded? the kawaii i thing is a fucking joke, people who take this shit seriously obviously dont follow actual jfashion

No. 471379

>when this fat faced clone doesn't have a double chin, but jill does

how the fuck does this shit even work
what awful fucking genetics jill must have

No. 471585

>>471094 >>471095
dear god….pls just get a wig or something why do you hate yourselves so much you have to fry your hair along with uwu pixie mama?
i hope they can find their own identity cause copying jill is not a good route

No. 471652

That ain't happening, no matter how much we pray for it. Winning would feed her ego to the point of no return, and she's already narcissistic to the point that she never faults herself for anything even when we all know she's a walking shit-stick. Milky or not, she doesn't need an ego boost, she needs it kicked down several notches.

Implying she'd even try to keep up with it. I can see her abusing the "it's a rest day!" excuse a lot.

No. 471745

can anyone send me the link where pixie says shed be a lesbian if she wasnt dating someone woth a dick

No. 471749

it was on a live stream, which should all be saved to her tumblr

No. 471766


are you sure she's 5'0? not 5'3 or something like that? i swear i heard someone say she was taller than that in a thread.

i'm 5'0 and its not uncommon for girls where i live to be 5'0 or 5'2. in the pic you posted she does look underweight but not by much (not saying its okay, but i know girls my height &its not that rare for them to be that size). when i was 140 i looked pretty much just like Jill does currently, and jill is probably messing with angles and shit. not trying to be a dick here, but i don't think you know what healthyvsunhealthy looks like in someone that short tbh. not gonna post pics ofc but heres a gallery of 5'0 woman who are 130 and 140 just so anons gets the picture https://height-weight-chart.com/500-130.html https://height-weight-chart.com/500-140.html or check mybodygallery too if you like. she's 130 or 140 for sure. she's not obese but she's def not fit, that's all

No. 471773

She is also known to photoshop her photos so those can't be trusted to judge her weight on either. Jill actually looks larger than the first few girls in that gallery lol (I didn't bother scrolling more tho)

No. 471820

Ive not seen a single photo of a party kei facebook group member so far who knows how to iron their clothing. The master of slobbery herself, Jill, sure attracts a lot of her equals.

We all know she will win the online popularity contest, but Im surprised some anons dont want her going to Japan. For me her threads peaked during last years trip, the milk was endless. Im pretty sure the kawaii contest site is bugged because I was able to cast multiple votes a day for nominees when I tried a couple of weeks ago, too.

No. 472076

She’s got a slightly overweight BMI for sure. Doesn’t care though because she lives in the Appalachia of Canada and uses tumblr so she’s “normal”.

No. 472102

jesus I can already tell she is being sponsored by some shitty "brand" like zaful or romwe…

No. 472155

lmao that isn't Jill, just a wanna-be. thats how insane her fans are…

No. 472156


No. 472170


she’s on seroquel which is completely different to citalopram & you can waffle on about citalopram all you want (even though majority of your statements are just plain wrong) but she’s not even on citalopram, she’s on seroquel.

No. 472256

She said she's taking both. Can we move on now? You're replying to a 7 day old retard discussion

No. 472282

lol why is she posting a vlog on tuesday ?

No. 472291

holy shit this is putting me to sleep
I'm surprised it's only 17 minutes, it feels like this is an hour long video

No. 472303

She looks like the Grinch.

No. 472319

She always looks awful with her bangs tied or clipped back. She does it all the time, too, despite claiming that rainbow bangs are a part of her identity or something. She should really just make her bangs the same color as the rest of her hair since she's clearly way too lazy to keep up with maintaining rainbow bangs and always just has them for like 1 week a month and then has a bangless snot-colored scalp the rest of the time.

No. 472322

I just wish she'd wash her hair, props to her for having the confidence for posting herself looking like that

No. 472330

Incredibly boring, all stuff she's tweeted about, so it's nothing new.

Also, she saved a pin for Jon ;)…but not for any of her other friends??

No. 472336

What other friends? None of the girls she's friends with live anywhere near her.

No. 472367

I don‘t understand why she didn‘t send the 3 pins she wanted to keep for herself to the customers. I understand its 6 more but minus her 3 it would have at least been damage control

No. 472396

If you pause the video at the right moment you can see the address of one of the pin buyers. Sloppy work there Jill!

No. 472398

There's something about the way she pronounces her S sounds that makes me want to punch something.

No. 472405


God she's so slow at editing. And three hours! She was complaining about easy work that only took three hours?

No. 472426

I don't understand why she listed the exact amount anyway. Why not list it at 5ish lower than what you have in case one of the pins breaks or something?

No. 472429


>Should I workout, take a bath, or nap?

Workout then bathe because your gross and sweaty maybe? You can do multiple things a day believe it or not?

No. 472447

still, she could ship them that

No. 472451

if she actually has a friend that has sold large batches of pins before she should've just asked her for advice beforehand, seems like this could have easily been avoided

No. 472454

Imo it's kinda weird that she only saved a pin for John and not Kenzie (her other "best friend" according to her) at least? Idk, when I have a zine or any kind of make I usually keep a whole bunch and will give them to any good friend who would like one.

I thought it was very decent that she offered free pins to the people whose orders were cancelled, but she shouldn't have listed all of them in the first place, what if one gets lost or damaged?

No. 472477

File: 1516130766238.png (198.64 KB, 450x384, jejoijijij.png)

this kind of blue/mint actually suits her skintone. now if she could only stop with the rainbow bangs, she'd look 100% cuter. also unpopular opinion but i like this hairstyle a lot. she looks way better without bangs in her face

No. 472543


If all of her hair was that color it would look actually cute. She needs to do something about that pile of neon puke on top of her head.

No. 472619

really don't think that's 'confidence', anon…

No. 472623

I think she'd look 1000x better with blunt across bangs (and as agreed by everyone, solid color)

Ugh, the way her mouth looks in that photo bugs me so much. I see that while she's talking all the time. Does she have a bit of an overbite?

also holy fuck, jill, step away from the highlighter, you look greasy af
get some fucking powder make up or something ew

No. 472732

Im still watching the video but did she not go through her pins and look for defects? If she ordered 100 and was selling 100, I highly doubt 100 of them were completely perfect

No. 472753

Yeah she could have easily and cheaply shipped them to her friends. It only costs the price of a stamp to ship something that small and thin within Canada. Which is like $1.80 or something

>source: I'm a pin seller living in Canada.

No. 472845

File: 1516153753972.jpg (184.82 KB, 1079x583, Screenshot_20180117-014758.jpg)

I assume the reason we aren't getting a nye video is because of drunkielocks

No. 472864

i mean getting an nye video at this point would just be sad.

No. 472867

File: 1516154739959.jpg (391.35 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20180117-020316.jpg)

No. 472868

So Jill is happy to spend thousands on tacky clothing,but not on birth control??

Also brit fag here who can't believe it isn't free???

No. 472889

If you have benefits it can be mostly covered, but you don't get that through Youtube of course. It can actually be really surprising what you have to pay for here, considering we have "free health care"

No. 472898

>that first tweet
Holy fuck that makes me want to vom. Knowing that Jill fucks around enough to warrant birth control in the first place.

No. 472902

>>472898 that's why she needs a one night stand bag, duh

No. 472944

Doesn’t she realize even ~lesbians~ can use birth control???? Like it does so much more for you than antibabypillen…
Also her saying she doesn’t need her antidepressants because she’s happy now….. …. I’m at a loss for words at that entire tweet

No. 472971

Watch her acne bloom when she gets off birth control. Considering how little she washes her face, bc probably keeps her acne away. Maybe it will get her to clean herself more.

No. 472973

>>472971 or make her more body posi uwu acne doesnt make u ugly uwu

No. 472990

That makes me so angry that as a girl, Jill doesn't know the many benefits of birth control, but if she don't need it personally then that's fine. Also, isn't it dangerous to come off of certain meds if you've been on them for a while? Don't you need to take them for the rest of your life? Getting out of certain situations (which only happens to half of the people who need antidepressants) doesn't mean that you should just stop taking your meds?

No. 472995

>>472990 a lot of the time it's a bad idea to come off meds because you "feel happy" because that usually means the medication has stabilised your mood and coming off it is a bad idea since it means you could crash back down again if you aren't in a very good stage of your treatment/recovery.

No. 472997

Right! Anti depressants that’s work with your body/brain chemistry are supposed to make you feel better! You’re not supposed to feel like an emotionless zombie. I have bad experience with people going off their meds because they’re “feeling better” and then plopping right back off the deep end.

No. 472998

Anon birth control is toxic as hell for the body. Do your research.

No. 473021

This kind of shit makes me glad my first time drinking was a good time and something I can actually remember.

Can't say I'm surprised, given she's just irresponsible enough to lead on MG well into the most relationship-stressing holidays of the year and still use her as clickbait like she's a high and mighty internet star. But she'd be better off staying on it if she's gonna be sexually active and, if someone's previous stream summary was correct >>463499 , she's really bi which means she's well within reasonable bounds to get pregnant through her own stupidity. (yes I know condoms exist, but lets be real anyone who has sex with Jill has to be lacking smarts themselves)

No. 473029

She's a dumbass and falling right into a trap if she thinks she can quit her seroquil just because she's 'happy'. Jill spiral imminent.

No. 473034

wtf no it's not. there are different kinds and many are actually beneficial

-endo anon who needs birth control or she will be bedridden for 2 days straight.

No. 473035

for someone who is so 'happy', she sure talks about being depressed a lot

No. 473055

File: 1516163632577.gif (7.09 MB, 240x240, convice urself.gif)


i could be wrong, but didn't anons here say that she couldn't drink a lot while being on meds bc it could fuck her up? could it be that she's giving up her meds so she can keep drinking and partying or is that unlikely? because her quitting meds because "i'm happy now!!!" seems more unlikely. she seriously relapses about how much she misses collin every moth.

>"i'm queer [i'm bi at most but it doesn't sound tumblr enough for me] i don't need it like 50% of the time!"

>bragging about not being on birth control when you're bi so it doesn't even work and you know it.
she wants to be gay/lesbian so bad. even when she was with collin she wanted those GAY UWU points. its not gonna happen jill. stay single and move on. you like hanging at gay bars and you think girls are cute, that's all. fucking bragging about being so gay that you don't even need to be on birth control anymore AS IF you're not gonna end up with some dickhead in less than 6 months smh.

No. 473060

>>473055 but isn't she on an anxiety med too? why not quit both?

No. 473066

It increases chances of getting certain kind of cancer idiot.

No. 473071

lol that's not 'toxic as hell' eating most foods does the same thing. gtfo.

No. 473113

Most foods cause cancer now? Wow ok. Also there's the risk of blood clots and other things on birth control. I wouldn't call it "toxic as hell" but it is not the same thing as eating food you dingus.

Anyway, how long does everyone think it'll take before Jill's imminent breakdown? How long does it take to feel the effects of quitting these meds?

No. 473118

>>473113 it depends if she's going to taper off or not, but it doesn't take long at all. I'm surprised she hasn't noticed a difference already tbh

No. 473139

It only slightly increases the risk of breast cancer, but decreases the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers, which is important if you have PCOS since otherwise your uterine lining would build up. Your risk of getting a blood clot is increased if you smoke. These risks are really minimal at a young age. Why would Jill need birth control, anyway? Saged for bc tangent.

No. 473155


When I ran out of my scrip for Citalopram and Methotrimeprazine, it took me about 3 days before I felt like a complete train wreck. Physically and mentally.

Years back when I went off of Seroquel, it took roughly the same amount of time. It ended up with me being Section 1'd to the hospital's psych ward) (in New Brunswick, though it doesn't matter, so…

Hopefully she won't be a stupid twit about it, and do it properly.

No. 473194

Wait, who are these boys she's fucking for her to bring up birth control? She's mentioned using it before but it was when she was with Colin I think. Seems like she only has one male friend left (Jon or whoever) but they all seem like virgins. Or does birth control just do something for her mood?

No. 473197

>>473194 I think maybe part of it is to let everyone know she's not some loser who got dumped. she may be single, but she's got so many people into her kinda thing??? or maybe it's to do with the fact that Jill can't stand being alone

No. 473226

File: 1516174227978.png (400.53 KB, 841x426, printer.png)


No. 473228

>>473226 note to whitekight, but her mum is a pro photographer so she probably has good facilities

No. 473232


eh maybe true but shes also creating so much unnecessary work for herself. I hope she doesnt make them at home for the 1000 she has coming lmao

No. 473247

A lot of artists do this. If you have a decent printer and buy good card stock there's really no problem with it.

No. 473264

Birth control can regulate/stop your periods (depending on the type), lessen the effect of cramps, and control or lessen acne among other things. This may actually be why Jill doesn't seem to have acne like her lack of skincare routine would lead to, but I do wonder about how long she may have been on BC in the first place. It's not uncommon for high school girls to be on BC if they're having major problems with their periods, but I'm sure if she does go off the BC, then her face would definitely feel the consequences of her not fully cleaning her face soon enough.

No. 473271

>[i'm bi at most but it doesn't sound tumblr enough for me]

shit like this makes me laugh so much because you clearly haven't witnessed the tumblr "queer" community at all or you'd know that a huge amount of them think queer is a slur and don't like that word at all lmao

No. 473286

imo it's generally split between actual lgbt people who see it as a slur and 14 year olds who found another girl cute and think that being a tomboy makes them non binary thinking it's reclaimed

No. 473313

>has been with guys for most of her life
>"well technically I don't need it 50% of the time!! uwu"

uh so either she's desperate for those queer acceptance points to a pathetic degree or she thinks quitting birth control will help her lose weight or some shit
she constantly goes on about how well she's off and then she doesn't have money for something actually important?
I mean yeah sure like other anons said it's fine if she wants to go quit birth control but her reasoning for it is just incredibly stupid

No. 473327

She got her old tattoo reworked by another artist, I bet she didn't ask the original artist if that was okay

No. 473328


I wouldn't have too. Last thing you know and he wants to rework it himself. The horror.
Seriously the original thing was a mess.

No. 473355

Seroquel isn't an antidepressant, its sleeping medication/anti psychotic (in high doses)
She must be on a tiny dose because cold turkey of any decent amount of that would leave you unable to sleep

No. 473366

all this child does is sleep, why is she on it? maybe when she quits she will actually stay up for more than 5 hours in a row.

No. 473390

It also doubles as a mood stabilizer so some people may get the same effect from it that they would an antidepressant

No. 473394

Jill has mentioned being on a sleeping med though so I assume that's what her seroquel is for. But yes, she may also be getting some other effects from it.

No. 473526

Is BC expensive in Canada or something? I'm in the US and get it free with my insurance.

No. 473527

Do kids in Canada stay on parents insurance for a while?

No. 473537


Considering Jillian's dad is a university professor, I would assume he has good insurance. I'm not entirely sure but from my experience with insurance, parents can claim you as a dependent up until 21 OR older than that if you are still a student or completely financially dependent upon them.

So, since Jillian has a job and isn't in school, I'm assuming she wouldn't qualify for her dad's insurance coverage anymore.

I could be wrong, but in my experience this has been the case.

As well, in terms of cost it depends on the type of BC and whether or not you opt for the brand name or generic version.

However, PEI does have a generic drug program available if you don't have private insurance. From their website, "The Prince Edward Island Generic Drug Program is for Islanders under the age of 65 who do not have insurance. The program limits out-of-pocket costs for eligible generic prescription drugs to a maximum cost of $19.95."

So, if Jillian took advantage of this, her BC would never cost more than $19.95 a month.

Sage for blog post.

No. 473570

File: 1516215478306.png (28.81 KB, 575x154, tweet.png)

lol so the literal translation of this is "having Jon sleep over makes me forget all about Colin~ uwu" right?

No. 473629

Its a mood stabiliser in the sense that it helps people with bipolar, not like an antidepressant
Its not prescribed for depression ever, could she be bipolar?? Would make sense of the crazy spending and stuff

No. 473631

>>473629 If she was bi polar, she would deffo milk it for internet points

No. 473633

wonder if shes taken her new one night stand bag lmao

No. 473634

her backy packy?

No. 473635

I wonder if its undiagnosed
Tbh in my experience physiatrists put all sad kids on seroquel for some reason

No. 473641

she did mention bi polar on her DA, but it was only suspected because of her age. I can't be arsed to find the entry, but here's the link.


No. 473653

Is she ramming Jon too? Kek Damn this chick is desperate for attention.

No. 473654

File: 1516221449816.jpeg (244.33 KB, 750x818, FB605B75-2D6D-4E99-86EA-39E6B5…)

I wonder if YouTube’s new policies will effect her

No. 473658

File: 1516221646285.jpg (276.46 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20180117-203803.jpg)

I found this interesting kek

No. 473666

I wonder what she'd change?

No. 473668

File: 1516222124567.jpg (652.46 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20180117-204719.jpg)

I fail to see how constantly napping and consuming is out of her comfort zone but okay

No. 473681

Considering she has 150k subs, sadly no.

No. 473737

kek everyone on da thinks they have bipolar

No. 473738

time to unsubscribe farmers lmao

No. 473752

wasn't she supposed to upload a video today? does anyone know what her schedule is anymore? I thought it was videos on Wednesday and Friday, then streams on Saturdays and vlogs on Sundays

No. 473755

>I don't need it like 50% of the time
Jill, that's not how bisexuality works.

No. 473772

4000 hours?! Jesus thats a lot

No. 473797

no of course that's how it works dear anon, a true bisexual times exactly how long they spend banging a person to make sure it's 50/50.

No. 473806

No. 473809

sage for off topic, but did anyone else notice shes wearing a heila klein shirt? She doesnt seem like the type to like h3h3.

No. 473816

>Promoting pastel cutie
Haha gross. Way to promote someone who told someone else to kill themselves.

No. 473818

Is it just me or are the people she mentions on this love list nothing but basic bitches with the same hideous, plagiarized, unoriginal ~*kawaii *~ back wash style as Jill?

No. 473823

yeah agreed, none of them have anything special about them
also lol at how she isn't even subscribed to the Heather chick herself

No. 473831

File: 1516230173112.gif (197.33 KB, 220x165, yousuredidthat.gif)

First off, you're not queer Jill, so fucking STOP.

Second, many women (and lesbians, what a shocker) use birth control for other reasons, including controlling acne and stopping the massive pains and cramps from having a period. I hate this ignorant bitch.

No. 473834

She puts minimum effort into her youtube yet she wants to talk about people who hussle and work hard?

Wouldn't expect it any other way. She also picked at least 2 people who follow her too.

And I hate that Heather Sparkles girl. She tries too hard to be fairy kei and still isn't because she thinks pink hair and spending $100+ on a sweater worth 10 makes her relevent to Jfashion. But she does seem to sit at home all day and add every irrelevant thing she does to her social media so I can see why Jill would support her.

No. 473836

That's so fucking embarrassing

No. 473837

Fairy kei fans who are obsessed with pastel sweaters are insane

No. 473845

I feel like she only made this video so she could show everyone how ~involved with the community she is uwu~, especially with her trying to become a kawaii leader

No. 473868

She's talked about them quite a few times, and commented on their podcasts.

No. 473869

It's less than it sounds, if you make 5 minute videos that's 4000 views a month who watch the whole thing. If your channel is somewhat active that should be achievable.

No. 473872


No. 473884

The greasy roots are getting worse with every video she makes

No. 473942

maybe she'd get her jowls removed, that would make her look more her age

No. 473976

File: 1516239525270.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1818, 20180117_203721.png)

Gay bricks ok

No. 473980

those roots are disgusting

No. 473987

ikr they make me want to gag. Jill please get a white or blonde lace front and dye it pastel or rainbow or whatever, and finally cut your hair and let it grow out.

No. 474004

ignoring the awful roots, cheap bag and those damn shoes… i weirdly like this outfit. it's not just a horrible mash of clashing colours and she's actually wearing pants? new year new jill i suppose

No. 474005

Why on earth is she wearing her nice boots in the snow… oh my god Jill. Even wearing your filthy pink shoes would’ve been better than wearing new, clean boots.

No. 474015

impressive cameltoe

No. 474023


i agree, it seems just like the pink colorful version of whats in style rn. its still not my taste, but its definitely palatable and a good style for jill.

the backpack does bother me tho, it looks so deflated? at least throw some stuff in it before taking the pic so it looks like its actually being used

No. 474043

she's not weeby enough for jill, and she only put her in, because someone commented it. lol that she didn't show her instagram, because she posts A LOT. she also likes all of jill's pics, so she must be thrilled.

No. 474076

File: 1516244279876.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1528, IMG_20180117_205511.png)

One of the girls she recommended can't change photo expressions due to her stereotypical bad British teeth filling her mouth lol.

No. 474081

something i will never understand about farmers is that they always seem to belittle and demean people who are not even the topic of discussion

i swear i hate this thread sometimes