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No. 469461

Last thread: >>>/snow/402768

Anisa-only thread, please. Non-pear related Youtuber discussion can go in the following threads:
Youtubers General Thread: >>260800

previously on:
>Someone leaked discord conversations she had with her subs, much milk (view here >>460537)
>Anon-made "content cop" on Anisa finally dropped, vid related
>video seems to be doing well as of this post, over 85K views, 3k likes!
>not much commentary from Anisa or other youtubers yet, though the video seems to be being recommended to idubbbz followers, or people who view his videos kek
>pear apparently is in the US under some kind of "employee sponsorship" visa thanks to her promotion pon- um, boyfriend
Maureen is confirmed to obsessively check her lolcow threads, so let's give the crazy cunt a warm welcome to thread #12!


No. 469480


Someone posted the video on /r/samandtolki the comments are pretty funny. It's getting extra traffic because the sub is geared towards internet/speedrunning drama and AGDQ is ending.

No. 469514

Someone else already pointed it out in the previous thread, but it really does seem like he's just ignoring her and trying to create distance so he doesn't have to break up with her.

That's honestly the vibe I've been getting for awhile now. He seems like he can't handle confrontation with women that well, and based on the fact that Anisa already said he sucks at communicating, ignoring her until she ends it is probably the only way he feels comfortable doing it.

Just my two cents based on my own experience dating a manchild who pulled the same thing for like 2 years.

No. 469520

You know that the discord screenshots are several months old and that they're living together now, right?

No. 469523

the screenshots were taken months ago but they were released recently

No. 469526

Yeah, but I've been feeling this vibe for awhile now. Plus, I honestly don't think the fact that they're living together means much. He seems to be pretty skittish about relationship shit/boundaries. Who knows? I'm just saying.

No. 469681

File: 1515913879767.jpg (83.03 KB, 1280x720, big_1481315874_image.jpg)

idubbbz is a fucking autist who reminds a lot of girls of emotionally abusive exes. no idea why anyone is attracted to his greasy, edgelord weasel ass.

No. 469735

she's so desperate for attention it's fucking sick.. and people who compliment her in the comments are even worse jesusss

No. 469739

File: 1515924242343.png (517.98 KB, 1080x1257, IMG_20180114_110219.png)

damn someone rosted her so hard

No. 469741

it would be the most perfect thing if ian posted a new video in the next few days cuz our cc video would show up in recommended field for much bigger audience

No. 469760

The only thing I can think of is that he is hoping with enough space she'll break up with him. She is a leech and is a cheater. She mentioned that he tries to change and control her. It seems like he doesn't like her for who she is. The relationship is probably filled with trust issues. Once you start a relationship with someone who cheated on their last SO it's all downhill from there.

Also, why is everyone nitpicking their appearances? I don't think she is fat in anyway looks fine to me. You don't have to look ugly to have an ugly personality.

No. 469823

CC close to 100k views now.

No. 469907

Wow, how many months did it take for us to have a start a new thread? I have a feeling this thread might fill up a bit faster ;)
Anywho, we know pear has seen CC. I doubt Ian has, though. I think pear is going to have to play cat and mouse for awhile to keep him from seeing it. Fingers crossed it makes it into his recommended

No. 469910

Anyone seen her most recent tweets? The CC is mentioned in the replies.(learn to screenshot)

No. 469933

The pyro clip seems to be making rounds…she addressed it at 4am

No. 469950

File: 1515954778305.jpeg (101.96 KB, 1242x432, D0692E5D-92C2-4152-AC38-A874E0…)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this screams “my relationship is falling apart “

Also, don’t forget to sage y’all, it takes two seconds.

No. 469961

her and Ian couldn't be more different lmao. this is some cringy ~normie~ shit

No. 469968

File: 1515955965410.png (83.86 KB, 425x386, 0000download.png)

this is an imageboard, friend (i.e., post an image)

No. 469971

is she going to speak up next about the unfortunate leaks of her discord messages? :)

No. 469991

I don't believe she will until she absolutely HAS to. That won't be until when/if a bigger channel talks about the video. I'm still slightly holding out hope that Keem brings it up.

No. 470002

she wont mention cc video because if she does it will attract more attention and it's obvious that she's trying to keep it from blowing up
however I don't think she'll be able to ignore it when it hits 500k
it's only a matter of time before someone "important" talks about it and it's all downhill from that point

No. 470013

Hilarious. She's trying so hard to cover up how much of a big-mouthed idiot she really is. Can't wait to see how much of a mess she'll be when she and Ian (inevitably) break up.

No. 470016

this is almost Onision's level of lovebombing, kek. My guess is, Ian have seen the vid but they didn't really talk about it and Anisa is super insecure with what he thinks, hence the uwu love tweets. I bet more is coming

No. 470032

You think it'll hit 500k? I keep getting worried it'll stagnate.

No. 470038

Okay the amount of drama channels etc I have messaged and have got no reply after they've opened the snap is ridiculous.
Without turning this into a blog post, i have messaged a few of these 'exposing' channels a few times over the last year with random bits here and there (not to do with Anisa) and I always got a reply.
I think they are shit scared of getting into beef with idubbbz. They don't understand that he wouldn't do anything, if they read the screenshots Anisa even says he wouldn't publicly stick up for her even if you 'poured acid over his skinned alive body'…
I think we'll have to rely on the video to circulate on its own, we're currently at 97k views so should be over 100k by tomorrow. Fingers crossed it continues to pop up in recommendations!

No. 470039

it will hit 100k soon and it will basically become low hanging fruit for youtubers who had beef with anisa or simply want drama it would be dumb for them to miss the chance to get views and revenge on her
I just don't know who it will be but someone at some point is going to have to talk about it

No. 470040

who are these drama channels that you talk about?

No. 470047

Maybe you should be more specific and first send some sort of explanation or simply "don't be scared of idubbbz he won't defend her" That will definitely hurt their ego calling them scared and shit lol someone might take the bait and mention it to prove that they ain't scared of the mighty idubbbz

No. 470057

i've messaged keemstar but he hasn't seen, then tea spill, basic, here for the tea, rich lux, peter monn and other channels that aren't drama related but would be interested like pyro and i'mallex. Rich and Tea Spill wont get into drama with idubbbz. The rest didn't respond at all lol.
yeah i think you're right but i'm not sure who else to message now haha. Has anyone dropped the vid in the idubbbz discord?

No. 470063

What is idubbbz going to do, really? Get mad that his shit gf was exposed for being shit? He cares so much about what other people think. He definitely has that high-school-loser-turned-famous mentality. (Btw idubbbz high school didn’t matter, neither does your internet fame.)

No. 470064

on what social media did you send all of that
myb if we all bombard them with the vid they will do something abt it ?

No. 470074

Snapchat, twitter and insta dms lol.
He would do nothing, he doesn't give a shit about what people are saying about his girlfriend. He clearly dislikes her himself lol they're both as gross as each other tbh

No. 470084

I don't know. It seems Anisa cares WAY more about what other people think than Ian does. That's why she's so attention whore-y and incapable of shutting up whenever she's online. Ian doesn't seem to run his mouth as much (outside of CC videos) because he knows he'll come off a a bigger tool than his CC targets. The two of them are honestly so incompatible.

No. 470086

Ian cares just as much, he's just less retarded in how he goes about maintaining his image. Anisa cares what people think but she's also too dumb to control any of her actions, so she has a lot of public shit on her anyway.

No. 470090

I think the video is doing reasonably well considering Pear Fax is only a small channel. I've seen channels that have a 100k+ subs who's videos have less views than ours put out around the same time, so it's gaining viewers faster than the average video which is good, probs cause of the idubbbz title haha

No. 470101

Has anyone tried to send the video to that idiot Ricegum? He's not scared of Ian and would probably milk this.

No. 470117

Why did you even bother to message ImAllexx? He looks up to Ian and is friendly with Anisa.

No. 470119

I wish Sky would stop being a pussy and make the damn video. especially now

No. 470121

what's the harm in trying?

No. 470123

the more people pester him about it, the more confidence he'll get to do it. I don't think he's a pussy, because he adressed it publicly, the thing is he's a lazy ass I think

No. 470175

damn this would have been perfect to send to ricegum after he got cc'd. then again no one took him seriously anyway

No. 470200

Ricegum is a fucking dickhead, I'm glad he made an ass of himself. Plus, shitting on someone as irrelevant as Anisa to his millions of subscribers would be a shitty, immature thing to do, especially when she's not the one he had beef with.

No. 470227

Nah, it's best that this information comes up on its own rather than through someone unlikable like ricecum. He's too brain damaged to even watch a 30 minute video anyway. Someone who friends with everyone in the community needs to do this shit, like how h3 opened the can of worms on leafy.

No. 470308

It’s already doing better than any of Raihnbowtitz videos kek

No. 470309

*most of

No. 470489

File: 1515989346599.png (266.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180113-191020.png)

One of the comments on anisas instagram of her recent pic. Tons of whiteknights came to rescue pear including her little kid fan base.

No. 470496

Good job doxxing urself

No. 470498

wow you sure showed her, great work

No. 470507

No. 470509

is this the average lolcow user

No. 470510

I've obviously triggered her to have her respond to my comment. Have you guys gotten a response from her? No? Then shut up. It lit up my face when I saw that she responded to my comment. Because she's a narcissistic autist.(no1curr )

No. 470512

lol so it was you

No. 470515

And your a newfag who doesn't sage. Quit ruining the thread and move on.

No. 470517

File: 1515990924772.png (1.18 MB, 948x858, narcissisticautist.png)

Thanks for your insights on this thread
I'm glad we have someone with quality content like yours helping us to improve

No. 470519

>CC only increased by 2000-3000 views today

No. 470520

This is embarrassing

No. 470522

do you spend all day a-logging lolcows?

No. 470528

File: 1515991469592.jpg (32.1 KB, 620x400, cSP98.jpg)

>It lit up my face when I saw that she responded to my comment.

That's tragic.

No. 470532

>It lit up my face when I saw that she responded to my comment

Stop. Get help.

No. 470534

You had already posted that in the thread you made which got deleted cause you're a retard. You got laughed at for posting the screencap with your IG the first time, why do it again? Did you really think your comments were THAT clever?

No. 470536

ladies lets stop fighting and move on from this ignore the attention hungry new f..friend over here and lets keep ourselves on topic because we autosaged, there's no need to make a storm over petty shit.

No. 470540

she also left many comments under momokun's insta photos, she seems really obsessed. I consider this quality milk tbqh

No. 470609

I don't get the point of commenting under some lolcows social media who you despise. You're just contributing to their comments/engagement value and making them more popular.

I don't predict any drama channel discussing this. For whatever reason, they all love idubbbz. Maybe idubbbz is the og drama channel they aspire to be, because he truly has no personality to come up with content on his own.

And to the pearfax video, it's a good video. Job well done. When you've made such a thorough video that the only criticism you get is "lol y u so obsessed with her" you know it's a gem! People definitely like it and want to see more.

The laci part seriously freaks me out. Ffs Anisa.

No. 470616


No. 470626

is the discord chat still active? can someone send the link

No. 470644

the next countdown should be surpassing the most viewed Pearfax vid (Anisa @Pyro with 300k if I remember well?). I can't into reddit so I spread the vid among my friends who are idubbbz fans, acting all innocent like it's the first time I'm seeing this/hearing about Anisa being sketchy lol. Works, because they are usually so shooketh they pass it around

No. 470647

File: 1516006125540.png (493.57 KB, 1080x1364, IMG_20180115_094711.png)

No. 470648

File: 1516006152642.png (233.75 KB, 1080x1291, IMG_20180115_094728.png)

No. 470650

I tweeted sky from a fake acc cause I don't have my personal twitter acc
he responded. now imagine if actual real people spammed him with the link
you have to publicly call them out for being pussies to force them to answer
let's just hope that sky doesn't forget about this

No. 470652

Just a heads up guys

Make sure to label your images with "Anisa jomha idubbbz" so that if you google either names, that image is more likely to show up on the top of the page vs nicer pictures that she'd like to reflect herself

No. 470656

>I'm going to deliver justice in 2018
so in December
Sky is our only yt ally and I want to trust him but eh, I'm afraid by the time he does the vid the drama will be dead again.

No. 470659

Yeah. Anisa and Ian might (hopefully) be broken up by then.

No. 470662

tbh I still want them to be together because of what a mess she is, I bet once she breaks up with Ian she might open her eyes and try to better herself. I would rather watch her destroy her life and whatever is left of her so called "career" aka leeching off her internet famous edgelord youtube bf. honestly this shit is soo good they trully deserve eachother two of the worst people in the platform besides footface and greaselord

No. 470677

File: 1516009691493.png (163.89 KB, 1208x812, Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 1.47…)

its habbening boyz!

No. 470680

ohhhh damn…did she…lead him on? Do a Grossgore on him? He cried?! Sounds like he was a bit personally invested in her, which makes me think he may have been one of the many boiz that Anisa thought she could 'suckle on their e-peen for fame' - almost her exact wording. I'm actually looking forward to his videos now lol

No. 470682

video* i meant

No. 470683

nope even worse, he actually trusted her as a friend. He once cried to her because of all the shit talking she was doing towards him. He countless of times defended her against other people and she pretty much backstabbed him

No. 470685

Oh wowwww god damn she's such a bitch

No. 470695

Sky's gay so no.

Sky's been vocal about discrimination in the gaming community towards LGBTQ and POC. I think one of the reason she keeps backstabbing him is because what he says is often disagreed with by people that she desperately wants to be cool with (June, Chris, and probably Ian).

She did this with Zoie and Celestia too. She begged Celestia to let her tag along, but after Ian intervened, she made a terribly unfunny video for the sole purpose of mocking them.

No. 470715

Yup, I can't find a screenshot but I remember Ian outright mocking Sky on twitter about how much of his personality revolves around his sexuality. Anisa probably got insecure about being at all friendly with him and backed down. She did the same shit about leafy, she was an unabashed fan of his and then said "oh I just have a soft spot for him" after she started dating Ian.

No. 470721

I have a new idea for a short pear fax video
Does anyone remember that one time when she said on stream "I would let idubbbz penetrate me and then never call me again" ?
If you have a clip of that post it here
and then pear fax can merge that video with the one where she talks about how they met to show how desperate she was for that idubbbz dick and then acted like it was just an innocent meet up that she organised because she was bored

No. 470722

File: 1516017092470.jpg (96.57 KB, 840x1024, Anisa jomha is a rat.jpg)

she manipulated sky a lot

when he cried to her she calmed him down by saying she 'cares about her friends a lot' but she clarified later she never saw him as a friend

right after this she changed her bio to 'the sneaky snake of youtube', she is PROUD she made him cry and showed it off to her nonexistent friends

No. 470728

I care a lot about the people i decide to care about WTF IS THAT
she tries so hard to sound deep and eloquent but ends up lookin like a god damn fool

No. 470747

Please everyone here that has any kind of twitter account, tweet the video to as many yts, drama channel whatever and whoever you think of and possibly get into conversation with them

No. 470752

It's pretty hard right now because
1) January is the lowest ad rev month for youtubers, they aren't looking to make content right now
2) scarce is fucking missing again
3) Logan Paul shit is low hanging fruit click bait for months to come

The only way to spread news right now is via Reddit and (lol)forums like Pull/GG

No. 470753

so we should just give up ? is that what you're trying to say?

No. 470757

No I'm saying we hold up until the current storm passes. If we rail on constantly we look obsessed(which we are) but it gives anisa another victim point and lessens our point. Do you understand what I mean?

Also the people tweeting to sky - please be careful, we want him to be an ally, not scare him away.

No. 470759

It will always be hard, because
1) she is unimportant
2) nobody cares about what a nobody like her does

Yes. See above. Anisa "drama" will never be talked about on drama channels or disseminated among the general YT viewer population because nobody's interested in hearing about her.

She's simply not a popular enough YT/twitch personality for anything she does to have any impact.

No. 470790

I disagree. A lot of fans are curious and/or offput by "idubbbz girlfriend". As long as she's his gf there is a point in talking about her, because it brings idubbbz into the mix and splashes a bit of mud on him too. The only problem is how everyone is terrified of the all powerful idubbbz.

I don't even really hate idubbbz but I would like it if the whole "idubbbz is invicible/there's nothing to criticize about him" mindset was destroyed.

No. 470928

"I care a lot about the people I decide to care about." The most fuckin sociopathic sentence I've ever heard lmaooo

No. 470954

Yeah that's pretty stone cold.

No. 470997

Pear Fax if you're here please read this.
Consider doing a short video putting together first those clips where Anisa talks about how she met Ian (AMA and stream clip). Then show the clip where she talks about wanting idubbbz to penetrate her (long before they even met in person). Then show the leaked discord messages where she reveals that she was actually still dating akaadian when she went out with idubbbz, The clip wouldn't be longer than 5 minutes and it would probably attract a lot of attention and draw more people to watch the longer (cc) one. Please consider making this and all of you who have any editing skills/programs

No. 471027

as much as i'd like to join it myself i don't think it'd be wise to post the link here for everyone to join lol would rather not have anisa and her fans in that discord

No. 471044


But even tho Anisa knew about it, it was still being posted back then.

Besides, everyone already knows what Anisa does so it won't prevent the downfall of Pearnisa, and even if her wk fans managed to get in there, you can always have another discord to go to.

No. 471047

yeah but it was dead here back then and anons had the time to weed out possible anisa fans. i imagine adding new people would be an issue

No. 471113

I get what you're saying, but Idubbbz fans are your typical teen boys, they care about one and one only thing about her: is she bangable.

They are not at all interested in her personality. They give zero shits for whether she's a saint, or a "sneaky snake".

They are not interested in hearing about her, and nobody else knows about her. I still think there is simply no audience for Anisa drama.

No. 471120


This reeks 'damage control'

No. 471121

I agree
place your bets boyz its either maureen (crazy psycho mom) or k4iley (ass kissing leech) I am betting 100 on momma Jomha

No. 471134


No. 471140

Are you kidding? Edgy teenage boys love shitting on slutty/bitchy girls. Them thinking Anisa is "bangable" or not has nothing to do with how much they like her.

No. 471151

There is a very very good reason this thread was on autosage until now.

And now that it's revived, you're trying to coax us into being your personal army to "overthrow" Ian and expose Anisa.

No, you fuck off.

No. 471157

face it, nissers looks are quickly headed down the tubes with aging/poor diet and soon she'll be replaced by idubbbz newer, more bangable (and probably tolerable) gf. poor mo doesn't understand that nisser isnt interesting because of the handful of teenage boys who would bang her, but because she's a dramatic cow.

No. 471173

she shared her discord on twitter

No. 471197

Who is "us"? No one is trying to force you into a personal army, calm down.

No. 471222

>Please everyone here that has any kind of twitter account, tweet the video to as many yts, drama channel whatever and whoever you think of and possibly get into conversation with them

No. 471240

That's just what one anon wants. You're not forced to comply.

No. 471264

No. 471269

If you read some of the comments on the cc, many self-proclaimed ian stans are seemingly upset their betalord godking is dating a thot. whether or not they'll actually do something is a different story

No. 471328

>no one
>ok, just one
There's either more than one, or that one keeps shitposting. Of course nobody will listen to them and do what they ask. First, they're breaking chan rules. Second, nobody cares. I hope mods put this on autosage again soon.

No. 471355


You're not contributing anything new either. You have a point about the spamming though. Can we move on now?

No. 471919

ladies please lets just focus on the milk there is an old saying that goes "do not feed the trolls" so whoever is shit positing or spamming just ignore and report is that simple lolcow has a team of mods that will deliberate whether something is shitposting or not so let them do their job and lets focus on the fun.

No. 472355

doing another video on pear would be useless the views have dropped no one cares about her anymore

No. 472379

Damage control-chan makes me wanna take up editing.

No. 472431

I still think we need to put the latest leaks out that confirm the Akaadian thing cause she constantly denied they were together when her and Ian met and all her whiteknights get so triggered over it and say there's no actual evidence….well now there is.

No. 472445

No. 472468

Except on two other occasions she's said something different, one of which being during one of her AMA videos on Youtube which is a lot more public. It shows how much she lied and changed her story.

No. 472514

If someone here is willing to just put those clips together + the one where she talks about wanting to bang idubbbz that would be awesome

No. 473092

No. 473132

I reckon they've split up. I just have this feeling…

It's completely not feasible for them to still be together.

They're biding their time.

No. 473166

File: 1516169823512.png (257.49 KB, 566x674, 8MEJlDa.png)

Do you guys think this is a jab at the leaked discord screenshots?

No. 473196

That’s funny, she freaked out when Ian peed on her. I guess she’ll assimilate to any man she’s with, if can help boost her “career” .

No. 473297

File: 1516185328340.png (907.72 KB, 1226x1230, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.34…)


No. 473308

swear that blinko was from the anisa discord…maybe that's our blessed leak anon haha

No. 473314

Holy shit, that's ruthless, but so hilarious. I almost feel bad for her.

No. 473362

I looked at the Anisa discord that was linked the other day, and she was talking about doing stuff with Ian that day. She could be making shit up but it seems like they're still together for now.

No. 473436

>when Ian peed on her
…Wait, what? I must've missed this one

No. 473489

She said, in discord, she tried to take a shower with him and he peed on her

No. 473551

Wow what a catch! No wonder all these 'tumblr lolcowards' are envious!

No. 473740

no, its clearly damage control

when people make fun of her she tries to embrace it(haircut coconuthead farquaad thing) if anything this shows she hates these 'memes' and is insecure

No. 474729

dude needs to drink way more water

No. 474787

File: 1516310636391.png (352.39 KB, 1228x834, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 1.22…)

this guy just keeps going at this point I feel embarrassed for him

No. 474789

No. 474796


Yikes. What a creep. I almost feel bad for Anisa.

No. 474990

this is really creepy and pathetic, wow

i don't, and she's able to block people if she cares

No. 475008

are you guys dense or what? She's ~joking~ about her pee fetish and this person is playing along. This isn't supposed to be mean

No. 475019

duh no shit shirlock, the fact that this dude is trying wayy too hard to run with the joke this is the second image he sends about it and its kinda cringy id be creeped out if I were anisa.

No. 475093


Exactly. Her fans* are embarrassing.

*Ian's fans

No. 475100

It's funny because she doesn't actually have fans of her own.

No. 475103

she could have had some fans of her own but she decided to be a slut and ride the dick to fame instead forever to be stuck as "idubbbz girlfriend"

No. 475161

File: 1516334832354.png (276.13 KB, 467x391, Untitled.png)

she parted her hair and damn, those extensions really fucked up her roots

No. 475192

anisa is having a smol breakdown in stream because she can barely keep her viewer count above 100 when she plays league.

No. 475233

no one actually gives her real ass criticism and just praising her youtube videos in her stream. real fans give honest feedback and not butter you up to fail.

No. 475254


"I've been feeling mentally unwell since a year and a half ago" ever since you cheated on Matt and went out with Ian? LOL

No. 475258

Why does it literally look like she took a clipper to her part. Gaddamn traction alopecia is no joke.

No. 475366

She seriously said that? That's hilarious.

No. 475385

No. 475485

Shes tweeting about Ian again. It hurts to see the milk run dry.

No. 475649

Drama Alert have replied to my message..they said they've watched the video. Didn't say what they thought or anything tho

No. 475678

Hmmm maybe they didn’t find it milky enough

No. 475797

if they are so "friendly" towards one another why doesnt he make a statement about the cheating acusations? why doesnt he come out and calls them "false" because he cant thats why despite of everything he probably still think anisa is a cheating whore

No. 475808

What a cucko if he still tolerates her tho

No. 476105

File: 1516455284432.png (158.22 KB, 750x1043, IMG_9914.PNG)

She's got to be lying, he still hasn't followed her back on twitter or insta

It's more likely she texted him for advice hoping he can boost her and, being the nice guy he is, replied instead of ignoring

Anyways he's happy with a new girl, good for him

No. 476111

damn that girl is pretty af
it must drive anisa crazy

No. 476113

yea she's so much better suited to Akaadian who imo is genuinely good looking, at least compared to Anisa.

No. 476490

cute, can apply makeup well and has amazing teeth

anisa must be pissed

No. 476505

Wow, she is so much prettier. It’s not even a contest. That blond gal is in a whole other level.

Anisa has been known to be salty about women being prettier than her.

The other day she said she was envious in Jessica Nigri

No. 476764

>It's more likely she texted him for advice hoping he can boost her and, being the nice guy he is, replied instead of ignoring

Bingo. Considering how he reacted when that all went down I doubt they are 'on very good terms. Since he is dating that chick he probably just doesn't give a fuck anymore and knows she probably cries whenever she is reminded of Ian.

No. 476770

No. 476852

Pearfax did an amazing jib in awareness

No. 476904

I am surprised drama alert hasn’t run the pearfax video

No. 476970

Yeah.. very different places. He was in a hotel room while you were on Ians dick.

No. 476976

vid got to 100k a week ago, now it's at 106k. Clearly slowed down. The milk is pretty much gone, too. We had fun while it lasted, though!

No. 476983

Drama alert might run the story

No. 477010

we can always hope, as we know for sure they've seen the video and the leaks…But they didn't reply when I asked what they thought so who knows

No. 477048

it's strange that keem didn't take the opportunity to get views

No. 477068

And he posted that photo of him watching her streams, with a look on his face like he was getting ready for the milk lol.. Idk, he might not want to get heat from idubbbz or his stans, even though we all know that Ian wouldn't do fuck all he might not want to risk it

No. 477072

It’s weird. Keem has been asking for a way to get back on idubbbz for a long time . Seems odd he is being a pussy now.

No. 477076

there's still hope.. maybe he'll say something about the leaks on tonight's drama alert

No. 477082

Keem doesn’t like Anisa and viceversa.

It’s no secret Anoda talks shit on Keemstar. I find odd Keem is letting her go that easily.

No. 477093

>Keem doesn’t like Anisa

That's not my impression…

No. 477094

Please elaborate

No. 477095

He's always friendly with her in her chat.

No. 477097

is she or are you do guys just really hate anisa? I think they're about equal, tha girl looks kinda like an american version of lauren southern. sad, sad lips.

>inb4 "hi anisa," fuck off

No. 477098


Hi Anisa

No. 477102

Odd Anisa is always talking shit about keem.

No. 477106

lol are you serious? Pear is fugly, that girl is actually attractive

No. 477107

Scarce might be too much of a pushy ti run the story

No. 477108

that girl does have a much better grasp on makeup than our resident pear, and also has a pretty smile and pretty feminine features. Anisa, on the other hand, looks pretty trollish and also has a horrible personality to boot.

No. 477109

well i'm sorry that you're standards of beauty are plastic IG models
this girl is obviously pretty without even trying

No. 477111

Nice try pear. A akadian’s girfriend is hotter than you.

No. 477115

Have you guys noticed how Anisa is always envious of girls prettier than hey.

Jessica Nigri, Laci, etc

No. 477127

unpopular opinion: i think anisa could be pretty if she had good makeup skills, knew how to find a suitable haircut for her face shape and had an overall nice style
unfortunately i think she'll never be able to do any of that

No. 477133

god, the butthurt. sorry i don't think basic, lipless white girls are automatic qt3.14s and anisa is the ugliest girl in the world, guys. i'll stop invading your hugbox now.

No. 477149

you're salty cause you probably have an orangutan ass lips(infighting)

No. 477183

I love it when anons delete their comment after getting called out by farmhands for infighting. I'm so happy I took a screenshot before they deleted their post, thank you for the laugh, anons. I have no idea why there's been so much infighting lately

No. 477207

ikr how embarassing of me, btw i think there's been a lot of infighting because these threads are full of spergs who chimp when someone doesn't shit on anisa.

No. 477211


I really hate when these threads get reduced to nitpicking appearances. It's so high school. Anisa isn't ugly, she just has an ugly personality.

No. 477214

beauty standards are down to the person judging them, but from general appearances, the woman looks far better than pear usually does

No. 477223

Anisa fucking loves keem, she tried to become a member of his baited podcast and he actually gave her a chance but she doxxed him on stream, and then he proceeded to laugh at her

No. 477228

You guys please don't forget to sage if you aren't contributing new content. Making a comment on something isn't contributing.

I swear I feel like kailey or maurheen is in here trying to get us on autosage again. Mods please just punish the people abusing the thread

No. 477322

File: 1516585661973.png (11.14 KB, 649x106, anisa jomha racist.png)

Britt venti commented on the anisa content cop video. She and Anisa really fucking hate eachother so she can probably bring more attention to Anisa's scumminess.

I know some of you guys don't like britt but she has a more larger and dedicated neckbeard army than anisa, she could be useful

No. 477340

Yes it slowed, pearfax did well. My guess would be Idubbbz rides this out, and doesn't help her with her visa/ sponsorship coming up soon

No. 477486

File: 1516603021188.png (1.12 MB, 1259x710, anisa jomha fat liar.png)

Anisa talks about her first/only break up where the guy initiated(the guy before idubbbz, aka Akaadian/Matt)

there were two break ups

the first break up: she took it poorly, couldn't get up. lived in downtown edmonton at the time.

the second break up she got side tracked and didn't talk about it. but she made it seem Matt broke up with her(vs the mutual agreement thing said earlier)

No. 477599

please sage i don't wanna be that anon but it's been asked a few times times now.
If you have nothing milky to contribute type 'sage' in the email field, that way the thread doesn't get bumped for nothing and it keeps farmhand happy and keeps the thread from going back on autosage! Sorry to moan, don't wanna be the hall monitor lol but also don't want admin to chuck us back on autosage.

No. 477606

Also first break up:
Her friend drags her to a market where there is a “psychic” who picks Anisa from a crowd and says she looks “sad.” Girl, don’t give him a fucking medal, you got that shit all over your face. Doesn’t take some mythological fortune teller to get that shit. Gives her a free reading. His “advice” is literally shit I’ve read on Facebook. He tells her Aakaadian was not “the one”.

Later admits she’s over emotional. No shit bitch.

No. 477707

I was wondering when she'd speak about this. Brittany I love youuuuu.

No. 478395

Got a reply from keem, he said he's not interested lol

No. 478399

He's scurred.

No. 478422

Lame. Did he at least say why?

No. 478445

'if it hasn't been on the show yet, i doesn't want it'

No. 478673

but she's been mentioned on the show before (as idubbbz's gf lol), and this is bullshit because he features things out of the blue all the time. big bad keemstar is still scared of ian lmfao

No. 478699

File: 1516706781226.gif (1.91 MB, 307x173, 8878.gif)

No. 478719

>he said he's not interested lol
aka he is too pussy to actually do it too skurred to face the big bad content cop. I guess sky is our last hope before this shit dies out.

No. 478720

From here on out I will only ever be able to think of him as Cowardly Keem.

Not that i didn't think he was a massive twat anyway, but I thought he at least had some balls

No. 478740

well duh, obviously he won't pick up a fight with someone who almost destroyed him. He got back on track but I think a second blow from idubbbz would be deadly. Predictable little Keem is scared of Da King Of Yutubbbz. Ew.

Sky, if you're reading here, please do the vid. Don't postpone it to December or something, dude. Release it as soon as you can, when the Anisa's CC is still somewhat fresh, or it won't have any power.

No. 478822

you and the other tards here do realize that if you sage every single post you're creating your own autosage, right?

No. 478897

that's the point. general discussion that's not new doesn't deserve to have the thread pushed up. when we do actually get some more milk, we can get the thread to page 1.

No. 478904

Do you have a cap? it could be used in another video.

No. 479100

you do realise that you're supposed to sage every post that isn't milk? At the top of the thread, there's a link to the rules and useage info. Read them, particularly 3.6.
Hate mini-modding but don't go around calling anons 'tards' for politely requesting you to adhere to the board rules.
not the anon you're replying to, Cowardly Keem didn't explicitly tell me he wasn't interested but he did say 'we've seen the video too' so I can post that if its any use?

No. 479430

Multiple people run Keem's personal and dramalert twitter account so there are may be mixed messages. Either way we can't rely on Keem until something more drama-tier comes out I guess

No. 480073

you should post it maybe keem is watching and it might bait him in to actually giving a cover story or something I mean its worth the shot right?

No. 480075

I was just testing something and yep the thread is back to autosage once again.

No. 480108

I wonder why, though? The milk got dry but there are far more drier threads. I don't buy into the "mods hate us" conspiracy, but people are complaining about this thread even on /vent. It's just making me sad, there are such vile threads on lolcow but everyone and their grandma sperg about this one. but oh well. People interested in Anisa will still frequent here, autosage or not.

No. 480174

I'm close with one of keem's close friend's, how I can bring the anisa cc up without seeming bitter and slightly crazy?

No. 480226

I think it's better not to pretend being casual about it. If I were a random bystender I would probably be like yoooo have you seen that vid about idubbbz' gf? What is this all about??? How come it's not on Drama Alert, that seems huge!
OR be critical, like there's a vid circulating, it's super long and barely watchable but does have amazing tea, have y'all seen that?


No. 480236

If you bring up the cc video, i'd say go in for the biggest 'drama' aspect of the cc video - the leaks. Anyone with common sense would think that sharing personal relationship biz (especially when partner is very private) via a public discord server is a big no-no..Surely he would agree. Then onto what Anisa said, how Ian wouldn't do shit even if you poured acid over him etc etc so if Ian wouldn't do anything, how come no drama channels are talking about it? You could even be like, people are talking about it all over reddit etc which i mean is technically true

No. 480257

ask Keem if he's seen the part of the video where Anisa calls him a cunt for referring to her as 'idubbbz girlfriend' lol hypocritical bitch

No. 480423

Keeem is complaining about slow news and he has this huge scoop…

No. 480478

Got it. Thanks.

No. 480503

File: 1516836414091.png (Spoiler Image, 19.88 KB, 574x144, regina, former lolcow admin.pn…)

the mods still suck on regina's teat. afaik she's the only one with a hateboner for anisa threads for some reason

No. 480672

damn that's fucked, this was like a month ago too.

anyone want to move to another place? I know PULL is not attractive but that's all I can think of now

No. 480991

PULL is actually cancer but having to make an account might help with the constant autistic infighting

No. 481778

come to kiwifarms y'all.

No. 481794

So the mod-hates-this-thread conspiracy turned out to not be so much of a conspiracy.
Well, if it's gonna be like that, if they're gonna keep us on autosage, don't bother saging anymore guys. Nitpick and shitpost all you want. STICK IT TO THE MAN

lol just kidding kind of but i'm pissed that i've been barking at anons etc for saging and what not when it's no use anyway. This thread shall live and die on autosage and there's nothing we can do about it.

No. 481796

they did put us back on normal though (for the milky time alone). Regina is just a little girl who likes to think she still matters (spoiler: she doesn't). Don't take her seriously.

No. 481807

No. 481817

No. 482158

File: 1517002639794.jpg (30.81 KB, 563x421, 1516508785894.jpg)

Admin has counter measures against pear-knights and Maureen

Here's an invite link for any anons that actually still give a shit: https://discord.gg/wEtaf

Yeah, fuck Regina and the shitty mods/admin that let us get spammed by pear knights then kept us on autosage during other milky times bc "not enough milk"

No. 482178

File: 1517004234713.jpg (101.94 KB, 800x722, IMG_20180126_170145.jpg)

Pear tweets a typical fake attention whore story.

No. 482244

The link exspired :( halp

No. 482350

For real, what ass tho???

No. 483159

File: 1517093655504.jpeg (37.32 KB, 600x909, E6C13A28-C6FC-400B-B868-D9586F…)

No. 483543

File: 1517109233748.png (698.02 KB, 929x600, c7d241840d8d44c2875f40abe1a58a…)

No. 483572

File: 1517110774278.jpg (65.07 KB, 640x545, 26870287_852698821579053_23994…)


No. 483885

Pear's so hip, young, and kawaii desu nee~

No. 484912

File: 1517205572775.jpeg (471.25 KB, 1142x1443, 8238DF81-6C01-4FBC-91ED-B9D507…)

Self sabotage at its finest. Girl you look stupid, take that shit off the internet.

Also, so much for “muh ocd”. Per usual, her house is a mess.

No. 484915

File: 1517205778550.jpeg (776.05 KB, 1242x705, 7079E067-54F4-4B4D-A84F-6FBAFB…)

P.S. pear’s new friend is super cute. Looks like she found a new celery

No. 485091

lol that's Pokimane

she ain't cute

No. 485783

she looks like a porn star or that cam girl ice poseidon did the chatturbate with. fix your nose girl have papa idubbbz pay you a nose job

lol those arms tho honestly pokemane looks like a goddess compared to anisa, sure she may not be the prettiest girl but any girl looks like a model next to pear slut.

No. 486565

looks like a fuckboy smirk


No. 489111

Hahaha would love to see what you guys look like. Probably rugby-player-trap-Witchypoo hybrids. Get something original to say, other than 'dur hur she ugly'. Zero milk.

No. 489112

dur hur she cheats, lies, and is a pretty shitty person

No. 489113

Yes, anon. I read that already. I commend the person who leaked the Discord. But not tards who wax lyrical about how apparently minging she is. Not her weakest point.

No. 489156

File: 1517480829794.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180201_112411.png)

fishing for compliments

No. 489191

nobody cares what you think or have to say
go kys newfag

No. 489213

A remorseful photo of shelf butt. Why is she doing this? I feel second hand embarrassment.

No. 489577

if you love them, doesn't that justify the purchase? Invest in good fashion staples that flatter your body, Anisa.

No. 489626

She's so boring lately, her twitter is basically gym gym gym

she just wants to show of her butt.

from what I recall about farmers' suggestions, they want shit like this, which is coming to a thread just to say how stupid and unmilky it is, a bannable offense. Just a heads-up, anon. Hope to see you redtexted one day.

btw she's live. Talking about… dududum… gym. She does seem leaner in the waist area (she just stood up) but her butt is just sad.

I hope Sky delivers because wooh shit got stale.

No. 489826

File: 1517526038124.jpg (44.53 KB, 960x908, 22688721_1479248918855515_8153…)

Are her fucking neckbeard fans even buying this shit anymore?

No. 489981

File: 1517535589575.png (833.71 KB, 876x485, anisa jomha nudes.png)

anisa hung out with pokimane once and poki taught her about filters. Now anisa's abusing the fuck out of beautycam and emulating poki.

No. 489987

File: 1517536114234.jpg (137.1 KB, 1200x675, C4_jlmvWEAAvjnB.jpg)


No. 490190

File: 1517547098303.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180201-204504.png)

She's streaming herself cooking rn, this gumbo looks tasty!

No. 490251

she copied poki's eyelash style and eyebrows too, fucking creepy

No. 490297

>her boyfriend says nigger all the time
>someone says nigger on her chat
>gets triggered and bans them

No. 490392

Saying nigger in a text-to-speech donation message could get her Twitch account suspended. A streamer is responsible for everything in their stream.

No. 490557

is this meant to be sarcasm? you sound like maureen

No. 490636

File: 1517593177559.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180202-093107.png)

Samefag, surprisingly not Maureen.

Also, for the anons that still want milk, I know pear's boring as shit but it might help this thread if anons are a lot more proactive in gathering milk! Any stream shit, Twitter caps, etc. just post em'!

Pic is from gumbo stream

No. 490638

File: 1517593274668.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180202-093130.png)

>puts this shit in gumbo

No. 490744

I eat gumbo every year for Thanksgiving and honestly this stream triggered the fuck out of me.

No. 491088

i know that but nick her vs the actual n word isnt bannable

No. 492947

Petty off-topic rant, but as someone that occasionally shops at Aritzia, it makes me super uncomfortable whenever I see her wearing something that I own or wanted to buy. She makes everything look so damn unflattering. Also, those jeans retail for over $300 CAD, so it would seem that she must be getting a pretty substantial allowance from the bank of Idubzzz.

No. 493018

I always hear that more expensive clothing tends to be more forgiving but obviously that isn’t true kek

No. 497548

File: 1518099081275.jpeg (517.47 KB, 1242x1525, 30741BA8-8BB3-4585-9B4A-AC07E9…)

More of Anisa trying to be Japanese

No. 497550

File: 1518099132540.jpeg (394.34 KB, 1242x1550, C2EE9218-6616-45DC-9F12-F0FC7E…)

And these pants look too small. I guess she really loves her yeast infection. It makes her #different

No. 497723

File: 1518113507450.png (573.71 KB, 578x581, anisa.png)

She really is trying SO HARD to look like a ~kawaii~ japanese girl.

Btw, look at this fucking tweet. How cringily try-hard can she be

No. 497781

She's using this Chinese app which changes the fuck out of your face, makes your eyes bigger, face slimmer etc. Also it's weird seeing her reference a Chinese meme

No. 497833

Yeah her face shape was oddly more normal than I’ve ever seen it

No. 498007

she had a another berakdown on stream today because of "real life stuff", nothing triggering her from the stream she just abruptly stopped

here's the vod, her mood drops around 1:50:00

No. 498215

Hey I don't normally post here I just look sometimes but I asked sky if he was doing a video on anisa still and he said yes (about 2 weeks ago) it's on twitter somewhere

No. 498218

Sorry that idk how this works, but sky confirmed a video on anisa coming soon

No. 498271

sky promises a lot of shit and rarely delivers

No. 501126

I noticed that iDubbbz’s channel isn’t on Anisa’s featured channels list.

No. 501323

File: 1518428612058.png (62.01 KB, 644x526, pear-problems.png)

I read this as Pear saying she was suffering from Alzheimer's.. had to re-read it to comprehend it. On another note, did Ian ever have her in his Twitter bio or just in his Instagram? Pear has been quiet about being "IDUBBBZ GIRLLLLFRIEND XDXDXD." Think they're holding out or have they finally called it quits?

No. 501462

I’m sure, if they did break it off, she’d either come out with a ton of “aBuSiVe YoUtUbEr BoYfRiEnD” or try and keep quiet until people find out so they can keep watching her stream.

No. 501465

she's not that smart lol. she will probably post something about relationships the second they break up

No. 501757

i think it might have always been like that tbh cause she tries to act like she's not leeching off of Ian even tho she name drops him every chance she can

No. 501913

File: 1518482225867.jpeg (121.21 KB, 1242x794, 1657034E-A02B-404D-96F8-BA571D…)

Based on her social blade
Her YouTube has been suffering. I’m sure the same goes for her streams. Call me crazy, but I’m sure watching her make some shit food and rage quit on camera gets old. She’s probably going to give a not so subtle reminder of who her bf is soon.

No. 502151


No. 503548

File: 1518687153670.png (429.02 KB, 461x599, thisispatrick.PNG)

you can see her stats here: http://twinge.tv/channels/anisajomha/growth/#/30

i would've posted a pic but i thought this one was more important

No. 503609

why would anyone intentionally make their boobs look square lol

No. 503652

File: 1518703186457.jpeg (300.61 KB, 1242x1029, 775CD094-7169-4612-8682-CBDD2F…)

When the filters can’t even help you and your uggo bf

No. 503656

she's trying to cover that ugly personality of hers and the disinterest of his with these stupid filters but they ain't helping

No. 503863

Notice how Jessica Nigri favorited it and Pear also said her boobs are fake.


No. 503872

>Pear also said her boobs are fake.

Of course they're fake.

No. 504199

Someone posted that on the idubbbz subreddit and it has only 30 upvotes. Not even his fans like them as a couple that much.

No. 504225

There's nothing about them to like, they have no chemistry and proper interactions, it's just boring. She just keeps saying how perfect they are together. It's obvious that she craves for that validation and you'd think he would give it to her, acknowledged her more on his social media or something but he never does that and it's just sad.

No. 504255

Doesn't remove the fact that Anisa is jealous of Jessica Nigri

No. 505033

Anisa is jelous of any female that receives any attention whatsoever.
That’s probably why she got rid of celery

No. 507324

File: 1518977222810.jpeg (277.73 KB, 1242x1110, 80F3C727-1CA7-4453-8593-CB29CA…)

Throwback to when she was remotely relevant

No. 507398

File: 1518981413918.jpg (145.25 KB, 598x980, Anisa&Cesily.jpg)

>That’s probably why she got rid of celery

No. 508525

Someone posted a picture of vsauce with Idubbbz as if they were in love on his subreddit and that’s more popular than the picture of him with Anisa.

No. 510079

ania’s recent selfies don’t even LOOK like her
her features are suddenly so dainty lol if she isn’t careful those asian beauty apps are gonna make her self image problems worse

No. 510893

File: 1519246291835.png (34.4 KB, 603x219, 20180221_155055.png)


No. 510968

Oh HELL yes, anisa is away and the boy is here to get better girls

No. 511242

tfw she is smol bean and ur just a pear

No. 511401

She's back in Canada? How long is this time, did she say? If it's extended again, I doubt her and edups would survive this time around. Last time was too close

No. 511660

just a week, she suddenly went to canada because her family member is suffering from Alzheimer's or whatever

No. 511740

File: 1519337187733.jpg (367.97 KB, 350x1121, anisa jomha ugly liar.jpg)

hot meme

No. 511938

File: 1519348790726.jpg (553.33 KB, 1031x842, titty streamer anisa jomha.jpg)

Totally not a titty streamer anisa 2018

No. 512311

Girl needs to lay off the filters, shit

No. 512313

Anon are you blind? This other woman is fucking ugly. I hate pear too, but she looks better than the other girl.

No. 512333

File: 1519372113167.jpg (107.48 KB, 899x899, DNRcIagUQAA3m9X.jpg)

beauty is in the eye of the etc-

She's small and petite compared to the gorilla anisa. Also if she was really ugly why would idubbbz continue stalking her all of these years lol

No. 512401

My favorite part is that he waited until she was legal to be overt about it lmao. We know Anisa's insecure af about her age as well as her size. Now there's this cute, small, much younger girl Ian showed interest in before he even met pear. I'd be worried if I were anisa tbh.

No. 512402

My favorite part is that he waited until she was legal to be overt about it lmao. We know Anisa's insecure af about her age as well as her size. Now there's this cute, small, much younger girl Ian showed interest in before he even met pear. I'd be worried if I were anisa tbh.

No. 512423

I don't know who she is and >>511740 therefore was the first pic I saw of her and I don't think she looks good in it.
But in the picture you posted she actually does look good.

Back to the point. I don't want Ian to cheat on pear, because being cheated on fucking sucks. But I hope that pear starts sperging and hating on the other girl, so her and Ian can have a fight and we get some milk.

No. 512676

It looks like she recently broke up with her boyfriend too so there goes idubbbz sneaking in those DMs

No. 512813

Not much of an upgrade tbh. Then again Ian doesn't seem to have great taste

No. 512854

no offense anon but how is this an upgrade? theyre both in the exact same league for different reasons. at least pear has cute eyes and life to them with a nice smile. the other girl looks like a boring, stiff sex doll and her philtrum/lip area looks all sorts of fucked up.

No. 512855

Lol, tryhard. Couldn't even take the sticker off her shoes.

No. 512906

Maureen chill the fuck out, blame your husband for his non asian genes(hi [cow])

No. 513046

lol could it be anymore obvious. 3 posts in a row smh come on nisser

No. 513238

This thread is a joke.(baiting)

No. 513820

File: 1519525283895.jpg (123.91 KB, 541x310, anisa jomha nah man.jpg)

Anisa's face the entire time during K4iley's stream make great reaction images.

K4iley kept yelling over Anisa toward the end of the stream lol

No. 514758

File: 1519621925981.jpg (640.26 KB, 1366x873, lolwat.jpg)

Anisa is showing her art and lol

No. 514893

On stream? Are those offlinetv (Poki and lily) She is trying to join offlinetv?

No. 515361

File: 1519686860851.jpg (24.77 KB, 160x160, 1401387837596_res_160x160.jpg)

Is this one of Anisa's exs

No. 515525

the pear white knight army is here, tell us how "jealous" and not worthy enough to be anisa fan, boyz

No. 515707

where'd you get this from? she only cut her hair when she started dating ian, didn't she? this probably is a fan, i can't see her being on good terms with an ex.

No. 515726

From here https://goo.gl/images/K5gdC2

It might be her brother since they both have that snaggletooth but idk

No. 515741

I agree. Came here to dump on anisa, but this 'new' girl is a downgrade. She looks like a randomised sim.

No. 515835


don't use url shorteners, i felt like i was going to get a virus clicking on that. but now that i look at the picture more, it looks like the longer parts of her hair are behind the neck. the guy looks like a different ethnicity to her too, so yeah, it's probably an ex. i estimate the picture is from 2014ish since that's how old the playlist she liked is.

No. 515922

>Gets to get laid

are you actually using this as an argument anon please

No. 516113

>I must tell these low lifers what a low life they are for talking about what a low life anisa on this low life website while im on this low life website being a no lifer myself

what irony

No. 516116

Yeah, his name is literally Jeff. He's a pro LAX player. She talked shit about him being cheap during her streams and was obsessed with BLM and pit bulls for the year they dated. Lmao. She left him for Akaadian.

No. 516118

its cute how triggered you are. also, at least sage your shitposting

No. 516126

His Twitter is @corndawg13. Jeff Cornwall is his full name.

No. 516330

Wonder if one of her exes would open up about their time with Anisa. That one who she claimed was abusive might.

No. 516359

>It’s not an argument. Just a fact. You all are whiny resentful virgins.
holy shit this made me laugh so much!! seriously if fucking an edgelord grease face like ian means "getting laid" I rather remain a virgin then

No. 516451

Lolcow mods are a fucking joke if they allow this retarded baiting troll to continue posting

HIGH QUALITY SITE GAIZ(take it to meta)

No. 516542


you ok, anon? Has someone hurt you?

If you think your incoherent rambles are "bullying" then I'm sorry, you're really below the bar. If that's what helps you sleep at night, I guess.

Inhale some lavender scent, chill.

No. 517027

File: 1519851850430.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)

>But she is not a pathetic online bully that is a fucking failure in real life, like all of you are.

No. 517101

It seems that one of her sisters is a lawyer.

No. 517414

The reason people fucked anisa because she is whoring,cheating,leeching, and a titty streamer. I don't want life like that. If she use her talent to get to the top, nobody mad and her name wouldn't be in here.

No. 517757

by the way can someone toss over a new discord link pls, I made an account to join

No. 518543

all of her siblings are lawyers lmao. she's the only one who isn't. I remember in one stream where she was talking about it, someone in the chat said she must be the family disappointment, and they weren't even being serious (even tho it's true lol), but anisa sperged out and went on a huge rant about how being a lawyer isn't even a good job, that her siblings aren't "the cool kind of lawyers", and basically said that they're corrupt anyway and she's above that. the titty-streaming literal whore actually outright said that the reason she didn't go into law like her family is because she was too moral to go into the field kek. then she made a huge deal about clarifying that her sister hasn't graduated law school yet sooo. it was pathetic.

No. 518720

I actually went to high school with her, Ill tell you some tea. She really hasn't changed much since then, she use to a bit shy but with the same shitty attitude. She use to be a sports freak specially lacrosse, I use to have a crush one on of her guy friends. She somehow knew I liked him and she outright told him false stuff about me, she use to purposely try to get his attention more in front of me. I really hate her and some other girls hate her too, the nudes story is true, people started saying she was an escort. Also some of my friends in Alberta are saying she got an abortion but I cant confirm if that's true or not, but knowing her slutty track record it probably was. There's a rumor that the reason her sister doesn't like her its because she tried to sleep with her boyfriend. That's just the kind of girl Anisa is a gold digging whore who would sleep with anyone to get something out of them.

No. 518779

I find it very strange that her mother was monitoring her twitch streams while she was 'exposing' herself.

No. 518858


wasn't it that her mother knew what was going on and it was only her father that was unaware of her streams? that's creepy as fuck tbh, I wouldn't let anyone mildly related to me watch me do shit like that, but she probably felt like she could trust her mother or some shit

No. 519648


Omg moar plz

No. 520077

Seconding this >>519648

No. 520706

No. 520759


this video killed my brain

No. 520970

This was posted already a few threads ago and we all agreed it was cringy as fuck its from that blinko retarded leech who pays anisa money in order to be part of her sekrit club in hopes of meeting idubbbz

No. 521305

anyone else suspect ian and anisa broke up? she's tweeting a lot about therapy, posting a lot of selfies, extra girl time, and liked a tweet about her ex boyfriend @Akaadian. she also retweeted a quote by robin williams: “An empty stomach, an empty wallet and a broken heart can teach you the best lessons of life.” to me, these signs add up to indicate the mental fragility of someone going through a break up.

No. 521310


I don't follow her regularly but I thought so too, she hasn't made any mention of him recently. She should still be in Canada now, right? All those girl friends she's suddenly sprung up with is shady. Honestly I don't get how anyone could be her friend, she's so fucking abrasive and obnoxious, and she's not even intellectual enough to pull it off

No. 521315


samefagging but they seem to still be following each other on twitter, if that means anything at all. I assume people unfollow each other if they break up but then again Cryaotic and Cheyenne interacted for ages until they announced it and they still follow each other, so idk

No. 521351

Ian liked one of her tweets of a selfie like 3 days ago I think so idk

No. 521370

How long is she supposed to be in Canada?

No. 521552

No. 521872

6 months but it really depends on if the US govt allows her

She said Ian is going to move to Canada for her so she could finish more school credits and then transfer to a US college to obtain a student visa

No. 522007

It's so laughable, I highly doubt Ian will move to fucking Canada. Didn't she try to sing that tune before?

No. 522071

they should just break up. seems so silly to waste so much time and effort on an immature relationship. i use to think ian was smart enough to do better but now i just think they're both dumb. shame, ian ruined his reputation over a trashy titty streamer.

No. 522084


"reputation" lol

honestly it's beautiful irony that his girlfriend is exactly the kind of person he used to mock, I don't think her personality was so warm and welcoming that he decided to make an exception. She was there and willing to fuck him and he in turn tried to smooth out the rough edges (read: make her stop associating herself with titty streams) to protect himself even though from what I hear, anisa's bad reputation precedes her

it just shows how weak he is tbh, he can't even commit to what he says or does, "persona" or not

No. 522093

No. 522113

Apparently they've already found a house to possibly rent while she's going to school.

For those not watching anisa's streams lately

>anisa went to Canada to see her Alzheimer's dad for a week

>after visiting home, she wanted to see kale4 before heading back to San Diego
>she learned from customs that she should return to Canada immediately after visiting Kale4 and won't be allowed back for at least another 6 months
>she didn't know - so most of her stuff, her dog, her camera is stuck in San Diego - Ian is supposed to send those back to her
>anisa and Ian will continue LDR, they won't get married for a visa because anisa "doesn't want to rush things"

No. 522115

File: 1520358801727.png (59.54 KB, 750x380, IMG_0736.PNG)

Anyone know what this is about?

She locked her account (I think bc of her psycho ex)

No. 522119

>she learned from customs that she should return to Canada immediately after visiting Kale4 and won't be allowed back for at least another 6 months

Actually, she says that she will only have be in Canada for a couple of months before going back.

No. 522122

>Canadians are permitted to visit the United States for up to 6 months in a 12 month period.
>This is not based on a calendar year. If you stay for 6 months, you must depart the United States for 6 months before you are permitted to re-enter as a visitor.
>You cannot stay for 6 months, leave briefly and re-enter for another 6 months.

Piecing together everything she's said I think her plan is:
>be LDR for at least until the next school semester starts
>Ian will be on 6 month travel visa and move to Canada
>move to the Vancouver area with Ian
>finish credits at UBC or SFU
>granted US student visa for transfer
>move back to US with Ian
>attend CalArts and become wildly successful Youtuber, Streamer, Artist, and all around Intellectual

No. 522127

>be LDR for at least until the next school semester starts
She says that Ian is moving to Canada next month.

No. 522135

she basically said the same shit last year and none of that happened, she also said ian and joji were doing colabs on august of last year and that shit never happened either. Anisa loves to run her mouth a lot but she hardly gets shit done

No. 522156

Uh… okay anisa expert

No. 522158

i do agree, i don't see ian moving to canada for her

No. 522161

I'm really confused by her visa situation; didn't idubbbz sponsor her business visa or something like that? if that was the case, why is she being forced to go back?

No. 522162

its a sponsor visa meaning he is basically paying for her shit for 6 months and he is basically in charge of her so once the 6 months expire she has to go back to her country. a sponsor visa is not a business visa. if he would have hired her as an editor or something it would be a different story

No. 522166

She left at the end of april/beginning of may.

Whatever it was, it was a 6 month visa. Travel visa is really the only thing she is qualified for. She probably had to have Ian sponsor her since she had entry issues in the past.

No. 522182

File: 1520363221799.png (86.17 KB, 750x832, IMG_0737.PNG)

I think the main issue is that she can't prove that she has a stable income

she mentioned in stream "the US hates her because she doesn't pay taxes to them, and is still paying taxes to Canada" - she and kale4 joked that anisa should lie to the customs officer about having a dying/sick grandma so she can sneak in the US

No. 522196

She's not a US citizen nor resident, she doesn't need to pay US taxes. So I guess this means she really did have some kind of employment visa? Non-resident workers would need to file taxes after a period of time.

No. 522198

if thats true shouldnt she ask ian about those, since he sponsored her / employed her?

No. 522317

Their shitty relationship is holding on by a thread, and Ian is a selfish dick. He’s not moving to Canada. I really wish she would redeem herself and dump him, but I can’t see that happening. Ian is probably going to slowly check out of the relationship and this round will truly be the end for Pear. /tinfoil

No. 522326

it will be the end of the era of pear if that happens. unless she finds another famous dick to ride with or she tries to steal akaadian from his current girlfriend now that he is more famous she might try to homewreck the relationship since we all know our dear pear cant keep her legs shut.

sage for tinfoil

No. 522377

"Visiting mid-March, should be back together in April: https://clips.twitch.tv/AverageSplendidPidgeonBlargNaut

No. 523344

File: 1520453003634.png (2.64 MB, 1242x2208, 121308A0-37F6-449D-B9D5-8E4E77…)

this was the context
she even liked the tweet that guy posted… sneaky girl

No. 523511

I'd be worried if I was anisa

No. 523562

i agree. this girl is more attractive and, more importantly, funnier than anisa. her twitter feed is hilarious! the only thing anisa can produce is tasteless, attention-seeking selfies.

No. 523603


I think what's more scary about all of this is she's literally just a random girl on the internet. She doesn't create content or run in any circles - and yet idubbbz, with millions of followers, cares enough to follow her private insta and her smol twitter.

No. 523935

Agreed. Pear has a hideous, beefy kinda face that is only semi-attractive in good lighting and tons of make up. She also looked better with longer hair, her current style just emphasizes her pear-shaped head and gigantic nose. The other girl is really petite and cute, has a genuinely pretty face etc. It's a no brainer, Pear should be worried.

No. 523983

Yep, this girl has a much more petittie and feminine frame. Plus, this girl apparently is in Fresno. It's about a 4.5 hr drive and no one needs to fuck with a visa.

No. 523990

The kicker is that when Ian obviously had a thing fo her, she had a bf but she didn't cheat. You know who did though? Anisa.

She was always first chair. Pear must be feeling so insecure.

No. 523992

Not doubting the anons but how do y'all know that he liked her before he met anisa? had he mentioned her before or followed her from ages ago? These mentions are the first I've ever seen of her

No. 524001


I used to be quite an idubbbz fan and followed his every move (yikes!) and they talked back and fore a lot and he liked and even retweeted many of her post.

This was the same time he was adding A LOT of e-girls (most of them unfollowed now) including Anisa. It was pretty obvious he was looking for a lady.

No. 524004

If you look in the previous threads there are caps of him talking to her, their weird friendship has been going on for at least 2015

Anisa also mentioned Ian's obsession with short hair and surprise surprise the girl has consistently short hair.

No. 524010

File: 1520522784734.jpg (217.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1504187393248.jpg)

No. 524017


I've read every idubbbz/anisa thread on here but I must have forgotten about it, cheers!

No. 524377

File: 1520549567932.png (234.87 KB, 878x458, anisa jomha snubbed poki.png)

lol anisa liked Poki's post where she's left out

No. 524629

File: 1520574460409.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 4FE8D0FD-CE2F-4885-8A5A-46815D…)

Sneaky girl, indeed. She also liked this tweet shortly after Anisa shared her “I got new clothes and feel so put together/stare at my boobs in this nasty push-up bra please bc I need attention” selfies. This photo is also Anisa’a new twitter profile pic. Can’t help but think this girl was taking a well-deserved jab at Anisa the Titty Streamer.

No. 524633

File: 1520575239434.jpeg (150.55 KB, 745x863, 8698911E-C799-453B-BFF8-E696D6…)

Makes you think.

No. 524697

this "yung elf" girl is also a try-hard but at least she's a bit smarter and sneakier than anisa

No. 525245

Agreed. It's nice to see someone confront Anisa even if it's passive agressive.

No. 526633

Jesus, what happened to this thread, it used to be alive and now it's pretty much dead.

No. 526715

Anisa has been quiet ever since her visa ran out

No. 527882

if anisa's therapist ever finds this

All of Anisa's problems stem from her constant lying. Milk her for as long as you can lol

No. 528387

File: 1520984990630.jpg (251.7 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_0813.JPG)

Why does anisa take pictures on the floor of her parents bedroom

No. 530003

No video in 2 months from her channel.

No. 531279

File: 1521240874251.jpg (441.36 KB, 900x679, discord anisa .jpg)

No. 531281


dear god I was browsing her twitter last night and saw that monstrosity and I wished I could forget it

I don't remember writing on it though, but that could be my brain trying to delete everything about that abomination

No. 531606

Fucking Nostalgia Critic?

No. 531878

File: 1521401755717.jpeg (569.16 KB, 1242x1239, 135BC9CB-44E6-47B1-A2C6-2C3562…)

What the fuck is it

No. 531891

File: 1521402275405.png (81.68 KB, 750x699, IMG_0826.PNG)

It's supposed to be Jenna marbles dog

Btw anyone else find it disgusting that anisa is sucking up to Jessica nigri now after those discord chats leaked?

No. 531920

File: 1521404328441.png (821.06 KB, 890x879, A_Zeta_Reticulan_by_Glitch_on_…)


that's some Signs shit right there, throw a glass of water on it


and of COURSE she would suck up to her. I wish Nigri could see the chats. I don't care about Nigri's feelings getting hurt because she's just as bad but it'd be sweet to tar Anisa's name

No. 531966

I've noticed that Anisa and Akaadian are following each other on twitter again.

No. 531983


my initial suspicion is that he's cooled off emotionally now that he's with another girl and he's forgiven anisa, and anisa will play the "chill ex gf" schtick

No. 532122

I watched a little of her stream late last week, she brought him up a few times. Him and of course, Chris

No. 532831

No. 533128

>anisa complains she doesn't have enough money, no money for therapy
>gets $100+ hair extensions

Ok.jpeg, typical cam girl scamming behavior

No. 533715

File: 1521551547051.png (635.19 KB, 1242x2208, A3D6FC70-BB5F-4814-B9FD-4224B5…)

The milk has been dry for far too long…perhaps it will start flowing again.

No. 534192

anisa got triggered today 1 hour into her newest stream

>the entire stream she talks about ian and happily answers questions about him from chat

>someone donates and asks when ian is moving to canada
>LOSES her SHIT at the donator
>she HATES when people ask about ian, tells people to stop believing everything she says(admitting to being a liar??? lol)
>100 viewers leave chat

also notable
>getting long hair because she loves it
>no ian loves short hair and I won't change my style just for him


No. 534353

No. 534397

hey man i aint giving money to twitch

thank you for stepping up though

No. 534513

why does she lose her shit so easily lol

No. 534516


I bet it was that question in particular that hit a nerve, if she seemed happy to answer questions earlier. I wonder if the "move to Canada" reason is just a vague buffer. She spent a lot of effort clarifying that everything is unplanned and we don't know when it'll happen and she doesn't know either so they should cool it and stop asking her questions

The drama queen bitch in me wishes that they are "on a break" but still saying they are together on video to keep people out of their business if there IS drama, assuming that ian has seen the pearfax video, and anisa is trying to save face by saying all these big things but she's stressing out that it might not actually work, so she's nervous and antsy about it

No. 534553

Soooo, we cant take anything she says as face value? Is she admitting she’s a liar?

No. 534694

rezkidTV is so fucking sad he donates at least $50 every stream lol

No. 535624

File: 1521709089346.png (113.58 KB, 750x693, IMG_0853.PNG)

You know what a find funny? Idubbbz likes akidearest's post WAY MORE often than Anisa tweets

He's been liking Anisa's stuff since she got blocked from re-entering the country and it feels so forced(he usually only likes when it's a couple pic of them together). anisa would probably describe Aki as a fat whale in leather but damn does Ian like her enough to like her tweets so frequently

No. 535888

File: 1521745774021.jpg (133.74 KB, 799x1200, DY2O4ehX0AEoDrc.jpg)

she got her extensions in.

No. 536015

File: 1521755312320.jpg (324.58 KB, 1080x1203, IMG_0865.JPG)

They look fucking bad and obvious

No. 536154

Yikes, did she curl just the extensions..?
They accentuate how ratty her natural hair is.

No. 536157


correct me if I'm wrong, cause I've never worn extensions, but aren't they meant to be placed all over the head and not just the nape of the neck? And cut so that it looks blended like she has intense layers? Cause that looks nasty

No. 536191

it looks like a cheap cosplay wig tbh, like a cheap rukia wig. she should have just let her hair grow naturally instead of putting those things, thats gonna fuck her scalp even more. why does she do this shit to herself? does she not love herself?

No. 536223

This is my first time commenting on an Anisa thread, but this time I really have to. Is she really this retarded? She didn’t even bother curling her natural hair so that it blends better with the extensions. Her hair looks even worse than it did before, how does she not realize that it looks stupid when she looks in the mirror?

No. 536256

Shits not even the same color, I'm hollering

Bless that hairdresser she got a huge payday from a huge idiot lol

No. 536257

File: 1521766183022.png (Spoiler Image, 151.86 KB, 3186x3673, IMG_0869.PNG)

Anisa is taking her cosplay career seriously, Jessica Nigri better watch out

No. 536263


hah she WISHES she could be anything like greg universe, he is ten times better in every single aspect than she could ever hope to be

No. 536272

is no one gonna talk about those pants…

No. 536280

File: 1521766751221.png (144.32 KB, 750x1217, IMG_0870.PNG)

Her last stream must've triggered her because she's deleted the last 7 days worth of streams lol good job on the anons who clipped the juicy shit before she baleeted

Btw she's on stream playing a game with Chris and I haven't seen her this happy in a while

No. 536283


fuck sake I wish she wouldn't delete her streams, because I wanted to watch one from 4 months ago or so (around the time the ricegum CC got made) and I can't find any reupload of it anywhere, I bet she deleted those because she kept answering questions about ian

No. 536288

Can she not do anything right? Those ratty extensions don't even blend in with her normal hair. Now she's wearing pants that are way too small for her. This girl just can't be trusted to dress herself, swamp assed bitch.

No. 536297

File: 1521767909648.png (25.75 KB, 318x321, IMG_0871.PNG)

The face you make when you play with your crush #just girly things~

She went on a delete spree after someone asked sh0eonhead why she associated with anisa when anisa shit talks laci constantly. Sh0e brought in anisa and called it fake news so anisa did major damage control and deleted all her streams from last year(when she moved home, almost broke up with Ian, salty about Chris' relationship) and locked her mom's twitter to delete incriminating tweets. Anisa and laci were forced to follow eachother on twitter afterwards, Chris and Bundy who were close to anisa's mom unfollowed Maureen too.

Chris has acknowledged in curiouscat that he doesn't like when anisa bad mouths laci, he is very aware of anisa's lies

No. 536305


thanks for that update! I've been reading up on every anisa thread (and some on sh0e) but I missed that phase, apparently

No. 536316

Another reason might also be that there's a post on the idubbbz reddit about Ian moving to Canada that's gaining traction. As we learned from >>534353 , he isn't so someone must've been told to delete some shit.

No. 536343

No. 536371


last tweet of hers ian liked was march 13th when she posted about wanting mermaid hair, that's 10 days worth of tweets he hasn't liked from her while he's liked a lot of other tweets from other people, and this is his gf we're talking about, not just a friend lol

she even made a cheesy love related tweet about michael scott and holly and she was like "I'm lucky to have my Holly" and he hasn't even liked

like ngl I stopped caring much about if someone likes my stuff but that's just sad tbh

No. 536383

File: 1521773557566.jpg (498.96 KB, 998x580, anisa jomha has downs syndrome…)

why does anisa do this

No. 536385

File: 1521773746759.jpg (667.26 KB, 1187x659, pokie.jpg)

it crossed my mind she thinks she's as attractive as poki to pull it off but idk


No. 536389

Anon, you’re so right! We know Pear doesn’t have an original big bone in her body. Chameleon syndrome

No. 536415

File: 1521777062206.png (20.55 KB, 1839x131, Capture.PNG)

sageing for irrelevancy but I'm multi-reading the older threads to catch in on stuff I've missed and someone had posted this which came from one of anisa's older streams that are deleted now about five months ago, who was the CC member they are talking about? I thought that particular CC had some pretty big names (ethan has hila, jacksfilms has a gf, pewds has marzia etc) so I was surprised to see someone mentioned that I was apparently not familiar with

sorry for random segue I'm just bored and nosy

No. 536418

I think they meant Boyinaband and his gf. He's kept his life private and anisa just vomited everything ian told her.

No. 536421

anisa is so trashy…it's pathetic. her clothes are OBVIOUSLY too small for her. her extensions look fake AF. it's painfully obvious she has nothing else to do with her life except occupy her time with vanity. whoever ends up with her will ruin their life.

No. 536472

looks like homegirl could only afford 40 pcs of tape-ins and said ah fuck it, let's do it anyway. it legitimately looks like a mullet. she needed more hair. also, this is not going to help her balding situation which is clearly still visible here >>536297 at all. those tapes don't cover a balding scalp. they're only going to cause traction alopecia on thinning hair. why is this girl so dumb omg. she should have just gotten a wig and called it a day.

No. 536554


wow thanks, that sucks, like imagine not even telling anisa herself about it and she somehow goes and blabs to hundreds of people. You can't even have second hand trust anymore. How are you so sure that whatever you tell Ian is gonna stay with Ian? I understand that couples talk, that's sometimes expected with the trust they build together, but Anisa can't even do that and respect the privacy of someone else on her stream.

No. 536603

Anon, do you have the screen shot of the curiouscat? I can’t find Chris on there

No. 536790

It should be in the past threads/capped(can't link rn at work)

It went like
Do you like when anisa makes fun of your gf
Not really no…

No. 537037

Everything about her look triggers me. I can tell that long hair suits her better than that stupid bob she had, but this shit looks even more jacked up. Somehow despite going to a salon, the length of the extensions are still totally out of sync with her normal hair. Also, styling tight ringlets on the end and leaving it straight on top really isn't helping her cause. Why do you have to half ass literally EVERYTHING?
I actually think she would look fine, maybe even nice, if she didn't wear so much cheap shit intended for teens and/or just bought the right sizes. You look like you probably have a yeast infection, Pear, and these weird clothes make your body look like a brick. Stop making that stupid face with the tongue; that's gotta be your worst angle.

No. 537061

File: 1521857704926.png (65.04 KB, 221x258, Thwomp.png)


at this point anisa just reminds me of a thwomp; a salty square-faced brick that squashes out everything good

No. 537231

Hey guys I'm trying to make a boyfriend timeline but I'm not sure if this is right (all these names are made public by anisa)

1. Darren/Dan bourret
2. Tory
3. Jeff Cornwall
4. Matt akaadian
5. Ian idubbbz

She mentioned in a stupid story that her 4th boyfriend is THE ONE but I found out she dated this guy "tory" for a bit. Is this a lie or?

No. 537720

For research sake and also I get bored and do this sometimes, here's a list of anisa's threads in chronological order from newest to oldest (the numbering system we have now doesn't apply in this list because they weren't ALL exclusively Anisa threads, for a few they were just Cancer Crew/edgy youtuber threads but they turned into Pear threads eventually hence they seem more than the title in the current threads)

thread 14: >>>/snow/402768

thread 13: >>>/snow/397551

thread 12: >>>/snow/388022

thread 11: >>>/snow/374615

thread 10: >>>/snow/360315

thread 09: >>>/snow/340026

thread 08: >>>/snow/329815

thread 07: >>>/snow/299602

thread 06: >>>/snow/281421

thread 05: >>>/snow/265087

thread 04: >>>/snow/253828

thread 03: >>>/snow/240809

thread 02: >>>/snow/219802

thread 01: >>>/snow/188302

No. 537788

Pretty awesome, anon. It was nice to reminisce of the days when the milk flowed like rivers after a heavy rain.

No. 538199

File: 1522011807963.jpg (119.9 KB, 658x1024, IMG_0891.JPG)

"I'm a model"

Sarah huckabee looking ass

No. 538200

File: 1522011812091.jpeg (125.49 KB, 750x1087, 498D6C01-49DB-4215-9835-17C005…)

Wow, what is wrong with her?

No. 538201


she looks dead in the eyes, there's no sign of life in there

her face looks haggard like she's going through stress or something or maybe I just haven't looked at her clumsy mug in a while

No. 538203

File: 1522012122030.png (299.79 KB, 609x691, Capture.PNG)

she fucking wishes she did

No. 538215

File: 1522013066794.jpg (376.62 KB, 1920x1080, 1521229206524.jpg)

She has to be joking. That skin model is Asian lmao

No. 538217

File: 1522013499128.png (25.51 KB, 601x203, Capture.PNG)


she's not, unfortunately. She's fucking delusional, there is nothing similar to this character except like eye color

No. 538219

Glad to see she's jumping on the Fortnite bandwagon. Anything to stay relevant I guess. Much like her choice in dudes

No. 538220


Serious question, would anyone consider her a gamer? Even if all she plays are popular online mmos, I don't think she plays any offline games, whether indie or AAA titles

No. 538223

Well if she did then no one could watch her playing them and she would get no attention obviously. It's like how she "loves" pokemon but seems to know nothing about it. I doubt she ever plays games for actual entertainment other than to be "one of the boys" and so she can have an excuse to stream

No. 538227

File: 1522014486039.png (410.76 KB, 901x512, shadowops.png)

Even though all the versions of that skin look nothing like her, I wonder if she'll claim she's "irl shadow ops" (name of the skin) so she can leach off the fortnite bandwagon. I'd love to see her try and cosplay this though. I want to see how bad it'd look.

No. 538236

File: 1522015516701.jpg (173.68 KB, 520x383, anisa jomha 10 years later.jpg)

Anisa is going to age BIGLY

No. 538237

she literally said on stream "i'm only playing because ian told me to"

No. 538240


it's hilarious how unlike her she is, the eyes aren't the same, she's not as olive skinned, and she certainly doesn't have the narrow jaw/small chin either

No. 538244

so howtobasic had a face reveal and had all the cancer crew participate, other notable faces:
ice poseidon
jessica nigri

but lol wow no Anisa, she'll probably be salty for the next couple weeks

No. 538284

File: 1522019340657.png (304.73 KB, 617x801, Capture.PNG)

of COURSE the idea wasn't hers to begin with, because there can't be an original thought coming out of her brain at all ever

No. 538326

"ugh i dont even care about this awful lame game like its so lame i dont get the hype. But Ian aka IDUBBBZ from youtube who im dating if anyone was curious, told me i should play it so i GUESS i will haha"

No. 538328


I laughed at the fact her poll for what game to play had life is strange in it. I'm very protective of that game (sue me) and I can't imagine a 3edgy5you cringe not like other girlzzzz butthead like anisa play a game with meaningful choices like LiS.

No. 538330

She has already played the first two episodes.

No. 538331


oh dear god. That's the worst news I've heard this month. I'm definitely not gonna check those out, thanks anon for the heads up

No. 538339

i honestly wished she would fuck up and kill kate but by the grace of god and lucky guessing she managed not to.

No. 538356

>meaningful choices

next you're going to tell me that telltale games have meaningful choices. you choose the ending at the very end of the game… you don't play many games, do you?

No. 538362


> you don't play many games, do you?

lol that's a reaching assumption, I meant "meaningful" as in emotionally interesting. After you make a water sprinkler soak Victoria and then get a bucket of paint splashed all over her, do you fake sympathy and act nice to her or do you just bully her more? Do you take the blame for Chloe's weed or hide or rat her out? Why do you make those choices, what's your reasoning behind those? Life is Strange is a game, but the choices aren't about "winning a game", it's about what and why we do when we're given a tool like time travel which gives us the option to portray the best version of ourselves. Max keeps rewinding time to twist questions in a way that won't upset others (she gets chastised for picking up the pregnancy test and in real life she'd still be told off, but in the game you get to rewind and spare yourself the drama by asking about it as if you "heard a rumour", as if you even cared in the first place, making her seem nice)

LiS is a very interesting game to watch others play so that you can see their thought process behind their decisions. I find that fascinating. Most times in choice based games they just want the most successful choice route that will reward them with the best ending. But in LiS there is no "best ending".

Sageing for blog post but that assumption caught me in a salty moment

No. 538371

i understand what you mean. i don't necessarily agree that it's a good game but maybe i'm getting too old. but my mistake, i thought you were one of the 'LiS GOAT chloe x max 4eva' drones.

and i also strongly disagree with there not being a best ending. i think the character development and writing was hella bad so it was very easy for me to choose the better one. along with the implication that the latter ending would be short-lived not to mention selfish. i was disgusted to see that the choices were evenly split between the two endings, but i suppose that's unsurprising considering the game seems to be aimed towards teenagers.

if you haven't already played it, i recommend Night In The Woods. i think the writing is very good, and the characters feel real and more relate-able. that being said, the main story builds up to nothing meaningful. but i'd say that goes for LiS too.

No. 538373

Fuck the resemblance is uncanny.
I actually like this top, but damn she makes everything look so frumpy and sad. I get second-hand embarrassment thinking of the fact that she's like 26 years old doing daily photoshoots in her parent's dated bedroom.

No. 538377


I'm not one of those, nah. TBH I feel like Chloe needs Max more as a friend than a love interest at that point in her life, but I still kinda pushed the romantic angle because I got a bit overenthusiastic. I've played Before the Storm and the mini episode Farewell too. And I still feel the same. I enjoyed the potential for romance, especially since they were childhood friends so there was a strong bond there and not just "omfg hot", but I think Max is more valuable as a friend, although that doesn't weaken the romantic aspect either.

As far as the ending, I chose Chloe. But that's because I feel like some people decided based on Chloe the character rather than if you took someone who was their "Chloe" (lover, best friend, sibling, etc) and asked them to make the same choice, I think their answer may have been different. So I chose based on that: if that was "my" chloe there, I would have done anything to save them.

I've also played Night in the Woods. It was a fun relaxing game, I could just switch off my brain and explore town every day for a couple of hours. Music was lovely, I loved the design of it. Mae was immature, yeah, but if I was her age I would probably be somewhat similar, considering I almost dropped out of my Bachelor degree. Now I'm nearing my 30s and I'm becoming a bit crusty.

No. 538424

File: 1522034748973.png (362.56 KB, 676x625, anisa jomha kawaii idubbbz gf.…)

what the fuck are you guys talking about, it totally looks like her

No. 538439

File: 1522036481291.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, fuc.png)

anisa's desktop is so cluttered, get your life together girl

No. 538486

That neck is too skinny to be her.

No. 538652

Sneaky bean..

No. 538662

File: 1522079902829.jpeg (311.26 KB, 471x1057, 27EF96C1-1B76-4389-B7B5-0FEA2A…)

No. 538709

Can't fault her for being honest

No. 538748

File: 1522092123870.png (225.45 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_2018-03-27-02-19-47…)

I wonder who

No. 538762

wow it's such a mystery lmao

No. 538989

you guys in twitch chat stop trying to tip the cow by mentioning the bean girl

No. 539009

File: 1522110403043.jpeg (78.21 KB, 640x475, 9DBC40DC-49D4-4313-98F4-7D8A19…)

Thought the braids looked decent then Niss turned her ol’ pear-head and good lord can she do nothing right?

No. 539091

File: 1522119056678.jpeg (116.87 KB, 750x1005, A3C915C5-7B60-429E-936D-0CDA74…)

More sneaky subtweeting?

No. 539093

She’s a complete idiot. A large part of her content is driven by vanity. New hair, new makeup, new clothes, gym…it all means a new picture from Anisa! A pure consumer with low self-esteem.

No. 539148

That's the tragedy of Anisa. Everything she does is purely for social media and male attention, but she has no taste and puts no actual hard work into achieving her goals. She puts in the minimum effort and any time she doesn't get what she wants she hopes to coast through the rest with pity for her suddenly conjured mental and emotional disorders. She's an artist with no artistic talent, a gamer with no knowledge or skill at gaming, and a tittystreamer with no tits or good looks. She's "arab" when she needs to be, but for all real purposes is a boring shallow white girl. She has no integrity, talent, or potential. That's who Anisa is

No. 539200

File: 1522128654624.jpeg (125.33 KB, 750x913, 9C153298-B802-4300-A519-9EA9B1…)

No. 539207

No. 539213

i dont think shes talking about ian, there's this musician in her area and he made her a mixtape

No. 539262

they follow each other on twitter, so maybe they're friends.

No. 539389

literally looks like the back of trisha paytas' head lmao

No. 539582

File: 1522180870916.png (1.87 MB, 1305x1184, anisa jomha stalker.png)

uh you guys no joke this is actually fucking creepy

anisa wants to be poki so bad she copies her hair and even daws poki in her sketchbook

poki may not be an angel herself but she doesnt deserve a skin stalker like anisa

No. 539599

first lauren tsai
then the bean
now poki

lol anisa the skin walker confirmed

No. 539657


Ok wow what the heck that is indeed actually REALLY creepy…

No. 539664

I wouldn't call it creepy per se. Anisa is so bland she keeps stealing aesthetics and styles from other people she likes. It's more sad than anything else, tbh.

No. 539694

that is still creepy anon its like as if someone started dressing and using make up just the way you did, idk I guess Anisa just lacks originality it seems I mean her videos are proof enough of that the girl seems to have no identity whatsoever…

No. 539731

anisa revealed she got her hair done by

did anyone clip or record the streams where she called the owner a bitch?

No. 539749

File: 1522196818892.jpg (384.3 KB, 670x757, ifshewasaboobshedbetwoboobs.jp…)


I'm sorry anon I didn't really explain myself, I didn't mean it's not creepy as in it's not disturbing, it definitely is, but I meant it's not creepy as in it's pretty clear WHY she does it, because she's boring as fuck

wanted to contribute to the discussion so I made this

No. 539787

this a good meme

No. 539810

File: 1522201069036.jpg (188.85 KB, 900x1200, DZVMkwbX0AAg-Qp.jpg)

she modeled wigs for that salon she got her extensions at.

No. 539816

No wonder she called the salon lady a "bitch" no one wants her musty ass birds nest hair and head on their wigs. She probably got upset about it

No. 539864

this needs to be next threads pic plss boyz

No. 539871

File: 1522207167436.png (883.76 KB, 1017x576, 62b0797f01bec6538390e586a730ac…)

not a titty streamer btw

No. 539872

File: 1522207374872.png (3.64 MB, 2626x1440, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 8.20…)

here's an oldie but goodie it was around the time where she was obsessed with June

No. 539881

damn she's a log

btw with anisa's tits out her viewer count finally surpassed the 200 she usually gets lol

No. 539883

i cant wait to see the pics!

No. 539890

No. 539900

File: 1522210011616.png (503.14 KB, 566x499, hair.png)

No. 539908

File: 1522210693372.png (142.12 KB, 971x925, Screenshot_2018-03-28-11-12-29…)

Well I don't think you can even trust yourself, though, Anisa…

No. 539952

I always find it fucking hilarious when girls who are balding on the top of their head get long extensions and you've got this clearly thinning, prince william tier top of the head and a bunch of hair everywhere else. It looks like the top of her hair caught on fire or some shit lmao.

No. 539955

did ian ship blitz back to her? i know he was still in california bc she left him behind like, as of two weeks ago.

No. 539979

he mailed him back last week

No. 540029

File: 1522235615825.jpg (205.27 KB, 574x735, 80s-side-ponytail-best-style-f…)


The 80s called and want their hair back

No. 540176

i would argue that being a titty streamer is more than just its literal meaning; it is a way of life. anisa's whole online persona is based on her body and flaunting herself in front of the internet. from gym pics, pics showing off her butt and midsection, and selfies "because my hair/makeup look good." until she can carry herself without relying on her body, she will always be a titty streamer.

No. 540203


she's fucked then because without her body and her push-up bras she'd be nowhere since she's a fucking idiot. She is unbelievably lucky that Ian actually fell for her (in whatever way that is, actual interest or just tolerating her bc she'd fuck him), because if she had split from Arkaadian and then didn't get Ian, she'd probably have lost motivation to keep doing whatever it is, or she'd just remain an annoying titty streamer.

I'm not the demographic that titty streamers are catered to, and they do make me cringe, but I wish they'd just be fucking honest about what they're doing. Not like Anisa "social experiment" Jomha. She wants to reap all the benefits of titty streaming but not actually say that she's doing it, to save face and keep the scraps of self-respect she'd have left. She wants to portray herself as intellectual and nerdy but she's constantly making grammatical errors that are beyond the random typo we all make, and she's dumb as a brick. Also just streaming MMOs especially for the sole reason of getting money from it, does not a gamer make, imo.

How do people like her? How does boyinaband say "you're lovely" in a tweet and then she goes on to completely disrespect his own life? How do female fans lap the shit that she spews on a daily basis? I get that guys may be uh, too distracted to notice what a cunt she is but I always hoped girls would be a bit more critical, guess not. Also I feel like Ian wouldn't give up his readily available pussy until he'd find someone else to replace her. I know he's "idubbbz" and tons of girls would go for him but considering everything Anisa said about him in discord, I doubt many would stay with him for so long.

I dunno, all I know is that she really needs a serious wake up call.

No. 540221


This article apparently went up yesterday about them and I dunno who wrote this, but it looks like it got horribly translated through Google lol. Nothing juicy but it's a very random article to pop up imo

No. 540228


also found this jezebel article about anisa's twitch days and how her mom got involved (it's from 2016 but hey maybe nobody's read it yet)

No. 540229


*edit I meant kotaku not jezebel, my bad, I was looking at an article list and mistyped

No. 540234


this seems to be a list of pages/things she's done concerning alberta university? Some are images, another is a screenshot of her twitterI'd found her pinterest and apart from some baking recipes (which fine, whatever) the rest of the stuff was focused on cyberbullying and her description was that she wants to be a teacher. I wouldn't say there is anything worthwhile in the wordpress but if you are particularly bored you could check it out


No. 541010

The blue hair looks great imo it compliments her skin tone but that damn face screams “insecure“ so I can’t like it. Put your damn tongue in your mouth and act like you like yourself

No. 541017

“She often also makes disrespectful statements concerning many individuals as well as their partnership, making herself a topic of disgust.”

Article writer knows what’s up

No. 541169

File: 1522360655277.png (1.9 MB, 891x878, Screenshot_1.png)

she legit looks mentally retarded in this photo

No. 541192

I know this is an Anisa-only thread but can I just say I just watched Ian's new video (I haven't watched a video of his in a LONG time) and I can't see why I ever thought he was funny… His channel is edgy teenlord central. It must have been a low point in my life, but also it was better back then because of the Ian-Max-Joji trio. Don't know what Ian has in plan moving forward but all of his content is just tired now

No. 541196

>all of his content is just tired now
How do you know that if you don't watch his videos?

No. 541349


I think you might have misread what anon >>541192 wrote, they said:
>I haven't watched a video of his in a LONG time

No. 541408

Lol maybe bc there aren't any videos to watch? He won't upload in weeks and when he does its mostly boring squirrel stuff or even more boring unboxings. His kickstarter videos are the only ones worth watching at this point.

No. 541633

Yuck, new girl is ugly as sin. Small frame and “youthfulness” doesn’t help her. Why tf does ian have such bad standards?

No. 541644

Whatever makes you sleep at night Maureen/kailey/anisa

No. 541775

New girl?

No. 541822

So IDUBBBZ is set to land in Canada today

No. 541832


that's probably why he uploaded his recent video to act as a buffer. I didn't find it groundbreaking but hey I'm not a 12 y/o edgelord

No. 542776

Anyone want to take bets on if she'll be barred from entering the USA again?

No. 543029

File: 1522554383112.png (149.88 KB, 750x1185, IMG_0971.PNG)

HERE IT IS, obligatory hey btw My boyfriend is IDUBBBZ pic

Her forehead is so large… and they are so greasy

No. 543072

I still can’t get over how awful those extension are…

No. 543132

lmao I wonder if they got a hotel or he's staying with her parents. How fucking awkward would it be if ~the~ idubbbz is relegated to sleeping on his gf's parent's couch. I'm just imagining the spergfits he'd throw.

No. 543135

They're staying in a hotel.

No. 543242

damn, he's starting to look old…
and she still doesn't know how to take pics flattering for her head shape

No. 543331

lol he has that awful richard spencer cut. he looks like a conehead

No. 543466

Suits him better than the Chris Ray Gun look did…

No. 545396

File: 1522784446418.jpg (1.02 MB, 1500x1167, Anisa Jomha Fuck Boy List.jpg)

Trying to consolidate all the Anisa info for new people coming in.

Here's an infographic of all her boyfriends, all this information is publicly available and mentioned by her or them vice versa so this is not a doxx attempt. This infographic is to be used as reference for when Anisa has a storytime about a certain ex.

All the threads:
thread 1 | 09/24/16-12/26/16 >>>/snow/188302
thread 2 | 12/21/16-02/04/17 >>>/snow/219802
thread 3 | 01/27/17-02/17/17 >>>/snow/240809
thread 4 | 02/18/17-03/07/17 >>>/snow/253828
thread 5 | 03/07/17-03/31/17 >>>/snow/265087
thread 6 | 03/30/17-04/27/17 >>>/snow/281421
thread 7 | 04/27/17-06/01/17 >>>/snow/299602
thread 8 | 06/05/17-06/23/17 >>>/snow/329815
thread 9 | 06/23/17-08/24/17 >>>/snow/340026
thread 10| 07/25/17-08/17/17 >>>/snow/360315
thread 11| 08/17/17-09/16/17 >>>/snow/374615
thread 12| 09/16/17-10/03/17 >>>/snow/388022
thread 13| 10/03/17-10/21/17 >>>/snow/397551
thread 14| 10/21/17-01/13/18 >>>/snow/402768
thread 15| 01/13/18-current >>>/snow/469461

No. 545801

The dates should include or reference the discrepancy between when she and akaadian broke up and when she started dating idubbbz

No. 545823

I can update it in the next thread, do you have any suggestions on how to word it? I put the exact dates of when she broke up and dated idubbbz(1 day apart)

I could add under akaadian "was a shit relationship that wasn't public about the shittiness"

No. 546100

i dont understand why all of his fans were freaking out about this… a simply googly search shows who he is lol and he has "not howtobasic" in his personal insta bio

No. 546373

File: 1522874574855.png (169.49 KB, 750x1009, IMG_1032.PNG)

If customs grants her entry to the US I'm going to lose all hope for MAGA

No. 546392

trump don't disappoint us please

No. 546432

File: 1522876644612.jpeg (146.01 KB, 1242x535, D52483F1-96BA-4808-BF55-B5DC9C…)

Sure, Jan.

Also, does anyone else think that her brother looks like Anisa and Max with a hint of akaadian?

No. 546486

File: 1522879059854.gif (2.72 MB, 480x270, Anisa Jomha Gang Bang by Filth…)

hot new memes

No. 546506


Where is this from?? Is that CRG?

No. 546527

yeah - starting from 7:04
idubbbz was holding the camera

No. 546549

File: 1522883066702.jpg (477.81 KB, 1018x742, anisa jomha inflation fetish.j…)

Anisa portrays herself as perfect waifu who cooks and cleans for Ian but his health has been going downhill

I rewatched idubbbz's video and he says all he eats is fast food and junk in the past few months and he has gained a lot of weight. I recall Anisa being proud of Ian putting on weight but this is sad…

No. 546559

File: 1522883811726.jpg (219.62 KB, 800x332, 5131561.jpg)

Anisa and Idubbbz are going to be the new h3h3 and hila a this rate

No. 546577

Well, he did also say that he's planning to start lifting iron pretty soon.

No. 546581

im getting pt ab marks flashbacks

No. 546739

File: 1522898776077.png (13.75 KB, 549x226, d35be2c181935bc931467e227b44b5…)

No. 546777

File: 1522903033459.jpeg (215.67 KB, 1242x1020, C8AD6D48-53ED-448E-9866-1048B6…)

How is pear supposed to double her view count by the end of the year? Disappointing that one fan, Anisa.

No. 546790

All she has to do is suckle on idubbbz e-peen for some more followers, I heard that works

No. 546800

File: 1522906333597.jpeg (669.82 KB, 1242x1494, A410E4B6-DAC4-4455-82C0-A6974B…)


and best response yet

No. 546983


She’s somehow convinced him that her talking shit about Laci is an act…

No. 547087

File: 1522945969429.png (105.23 KB, 750x978, IMG_1048.PNG)

Welp anisa got into the country again, smh US govt

In other news mama jomha locked down her account again, more cleaning?

No. 547778

listen, this is lil_beantay and i am so fucking sick of you guys conspiring anisa to me. we are two different people and ian is in love with anisa. you guys come up with such fucked up shit it’s amazing really. ian and i aren’t even really friends, yes we have each other on social media but we don’t fucking talk that much. u guys pull so much shit out of you’re asses it’s so fucked up and mean. anisa is beautiful and i would never fuck up or intentionally ruin their relationship so for all you weirdos out there fucking stop it makes me, anisa, and ian uncomfortable. i have talked to anisa about it and she says to ignore it but you guys are so ignorant and think you guys know everything. fucking stop using my pictures without my permission as well as anisa’s. this is ridiculous and needs to stop u guys are so creepy.

No. 547788

File: 1522988447970.jpg (55.45 KB, 500x373, 1515525287768.jpg)


cute LARPing

No. 547794

File: 1522988811331.jpg (10.61 KB, 261x133, 15284117_1036528403126012_3484…)


k I'll bite the bait

you missed the part where someone clarified that you weren't actually talking about Ian. You could do better than him, I'd hope your standards weren't that low.

And if you went through these threads like you say you have, you'd see what a hypocrite bitch Anisa is and you'd stop associating yourself with her or defending her. Trust me she's fine, people trolling and offending her was what got her money and views when she was a titty streamer. So there you go, now you know.

Whoever you are, boring attempt

No. 547804

>it makes me, anisa, and ian uncomfortable.

True if huge.

No. 547961

Ian doesn’t strike me like he gives a shit about any of it. If all of this were true, I think LB and Ian would stop following each other on Twitter. That, and possible LB throwing of the shade.

Kailey? Is that you, girrrrrl? How you be?

No. 547963

File: 1523022499370.jpg (34.08 KB, 622x327, lil_beantay.jpg)

No. 547998

I think she deleted this or its fake because thats not even her current picture

No. 548004

ian barely cares about anisa’s problems as known by the discord leaks, why tf would he care about this kekk

No. 548015

can mods check where this is from? if its not from california then its not her. idk this sounds pretty fake and fishy

No. 548033


It's real. I saw it too and it was up for a few hours, but she must've deleted it. It was somewhere between her drunk lady gaga and the crying post.

No. 548042

its funny how neither Ian or Anisa are giving this so much importance but this tryhard leech (who is a NOBODY btw) is giving so much importance as if she was someone famous, well if it is real… Beantay dear nobody gives a shit about you, we made you relevant but if lolcow hadn't posted anything about you, nobody would even care for your existence.

No. 548088

File: 1523033261157.jpg (34.56 KB, 599x435, niggacloseyoureyes.jpg)

No. 548095

>anisa is beautiful
>ian is in love with anisa
>ian and i aren’t even really friends

lol someone needs to make a meme out of this gem, holy shit I can't stop laughing. this is better than the time where that spergy anisa white knight came to the temp cow threads saying how the other person "wasnt worthy enough to be an anisa fan" holy shit Im crying here.

No. 548101

File: 1523034427692.jpeg (149.16 KB, 667x1024, E5C8CDC4-738F-43F3-812A-7E1F1C…)

Pear Affirmations w/ Bean

No. 548102

this is lil bean tay stop talkin twash about us yu guys. omg this is interuptioning my life. I would never ruin a relationsip it's bad and I;m a smart good person who found this lolcow in the first place so clearly I wasn't looking for anything yu creeps.

No. 548110

lol I love this! hahaha best impression yet! and yeah its true if she was such a good person she wouldnt even have known about the site. but hey what if anisa messaged her about it or went all batshit crazy on her?

No. 548118

That’s kinda what I’ve been thinking. Did she dm asking if her dude been sliding in those dms?

No. 548124


knowing how paranoid and crazy anisa can be I wouldn't be surprised if she did in fact asked that. but its so funny how beantay is acting all high and mighty when people only give a shit about her because she somewhat connected to the drama but other than that she is just some coffee barista tryhard nobody

No. 548127

Something is up…this milk production stemmed from some sort of stimulation. Not to mention, if Anisa did contact her, isn’t this girl supposed to be enjoying her time with her boyyyyyyfwend?!? Nope!

No. 548129


Maybe, but don't you think anisa would have told her not to bring attention to this? Bean doesn't have much of a following and sure, anisa isn't the sharpest tool, but there is a lot of truth here. Anyone with a few brain cells would have added in "oh, and don't say anything about it." She had no reason to tweet what she did or come here other than attention seeking and creeping herself.

Then I guess it isn't very brain-celly of me to assume anisa had a few floating around.

No. 548130

File: 1523035614323.png (39.61 KB, 1176x190, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.2…)

exactly but then she tweeted this so I guess our favorite bean must be single now

No. 548134

Okay, Bean. We’ll trust that Anisa did contact you. Would you mind providing proof? Otherwise, I’ll assume it’s all smoke up our arse.

No. 548135

yeah she would have kept quiet about it or just ignored it but lets face it she wants attention she loves the spotlight even if its drama related. She somehow feels important while also making plus points with anisa (for facing up against da haterzz)

No. 548140

Also could explain as to why all of the sudden she’s all Joji crazy

No. 548145

I cant wait for the joji fans to ravage against her lol knowing how fucking crazy and obssesive joji fans can be this will be a glorious show. bless this little milk that has poured.

No. 548163

You could just, idk ignore? It literally ain't your problem hunty

Btw grats on the new house

No. 548164

Unless she shows proof, I’m going to assume she was just drunk and sad and wanted attention. Moving on…

No. 548171

Clearly she's making a joke and trolling.(ie. if you guys think I like Ian because I tweet about him- look at this bold tweet about frank)

And she's been single for a couple of months since she broke up with her crazy ex boyfriend. She tweets about this musician guy from sac a lot so that's who I honestly think she likes.

No. 548175

File: 1523037460229.jpeg (12.06 KB, 227x250, B457E0F6-E7FF-4307-9FBA-B8B284…)

look guys not into ian, i’m after that joji d see?

Sad lol

No. 548180

File: 1523037601342.jpg (221.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1065.JPG)

Despite everything I still like her, not like she lies and manipulates others to get up in life

Also she's way cuter than anisa

No. 548184

Is this self promotion?

No. 548189

Taylor you do realize most of the stuff we discuss about you is positive, but Anisa's mother Maureen and Kailey lurk the threads constantly so they're probably the ones putting you down and calling you ugly

Talk to anisa about her mom and friend, not us

No. 548193

Issa joke, you need a high IQ to understand shit posting

No. 548205

lol need to watch more rick and morty to develop higher iqs

No. 548282

File: 1523044164077.jpg (5.38 KB, 225x225, IDUBBBZ girlfriend anisa jomha…)

Streisand effect incoming

No. 548309

File: 1523046461183.png (41.61 KB, 1180x174, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.2…)

No. 548316


We gave her the attention that she wanted but as others have stated before she’s only relevant because of her past twitter interactions. Lmao posting here only confirmed that she lurks and she cares enough. It was fun but let’s move on.

Keep that tab open for more updates miss Taylor.

No. 548354

File: 1523050317218.jpg (344.17 KB, 663x974, anisa jomha cheater idubbbz ak…)

consolidated the cheating leaked discord chat for easier sharing

No. 548361

File: 1523050555440.jpg (1.18 MB, 1500x1167, anisa jomha idubbbz cheater.jp…)

updated this list with the correct dates

anniversary day=break up day

No. 548362

File: 1523050575440.jpg (524.47 KB, 1500x508, anisa jomha idubbbz cheater ak…)

shorter mobile friendly version

No. 548366

yeah… this was posted before in previous threads this was something we already knew, she basically cheated on akaadian to be with Ian

No. 548367

i know but it was like 6 images, i consolidated it into one for easier sharing (in case WHERES UR PROOF UR JUST A H8R - from her wks)

No. 548375

Where's the proof of Anisa cheating on Akaadian?

No. 548419

Check Anisa's 10000 conflicting stories.

No. 548420

I wonder if she fucked up her Visa yet.

No. 548630

lol sis! you retarded or what? someone posted this here >>548354

also check millions of vods where she changes the story a million times unless akadian makes a statement that anisa didnt cheat we will have the upper hand also you can check pearfax's youtube channel theres a bunch of proof there.

No. 548636

So in other words, there is no proof of her cheating.

No. 548637

lol she basically said akadian was ruining everything in those discord caps you idiot

No. 548639

And how does that prove that she cheated?

No. 548642

I mean if she did in fact did not cheat wouldnt akadian make a statement about that already she did say he was going to do it but he never did. so what does prove that she did in fact cheat but you're just like the rest of the ian dick worshipers who is just too blind to actually see the truth

No. 548650

She went to Twitch con with akkadian and had a date with Ian before breaking up with Akkadian. It says it right there in the discord caps.Look up twitter caps/dates and discord caps/dates. Maybe some nice anon will make an easy to read comparision image so it will be crystal clear to drooling retards.


There are caps of him blocking her and saying "lol I hate girls now"

No. 548652

dude he made a vod where he was super depressed saying how he felt so torn and he felt like he couldnt trust anyone anymore after the "break up" the guy tweeted a bunch of shit but then deleted it one of the tweets was the "wtf lol I hate girls now" honestly the guy was fucking torn to shreds and anisa kept saying how he was ruining her chance for that idubbbz dick in her discord honestly how dense do you have to be or maybe the cum from that ian dick is keeping you blind

No. 548653

>I mean if she did in fact did not cheat wouldnt akadian make a statement about that already she did say he was going to do it but he never did.

Why has he never said that she cheated on him? And why did he say that they mutually broke up?

If all she did with Ian after Vidcon was have lunch, then she's not guilty of cheating in my eyes.

No. 548654

kek he never said that! that was some shit anisa made up in order to make herself feel less guilty about her obvious cheating.

No. 548656

No. 548659

she went to twitch con on october 1 stayed an extra day to spend it with idubbbz WHILE DATING AKAADIAN I mean how stupid do you have to be? of course he is gonna say that because he is not gonna tell some rando what actually happened here I mean anisa kept flirting with chris and kept shit talking laci green dont even tell there isnt proof of that because theres a bunch of proof where she basically shit talks laci and even goes to call her a porn star. even chris ex said anisa was an oportunistic whore

No. 548660

File: 1523085280134.png (67.46 KB, 645x729, 1506859849823.png)

Wow, an anon post with no "evidence". Prove it, dumb wk.

No. 548661

I hope that idubbbz dick is worth the trouble

No. 548693

>anisa and idubbbz exchanged DMs for weeks before twitchcon(her words in her deleted VODs)
That's sketch but not cheating

>anisa went on a date with idubbbz for YouTube advice, akaadian approved it

Okay it's weird but not cheating yet

>anisa says she fell in love Immediately with idubbbz, and talked nonstop afterwards. She continued to stay with Akaadian for like 5 days- asks her subscribers if she should break up or not with akaadian

This is where the cheating happened. She has a clear romantic attachment to someone else and instead of ending it right away "like adults" she was unsure about her financial and career security. Which is why she sought out advice from her subscribers

We can argue about what counts/doesn't count as cheating - but if you've checked out of your current relationship and looking around for the next - you are scum

No. 548698

File: 1523092437683.png (51.57 KB, 463x430, IMG_1077.PNG)

If you're lying or trying to keep it hidden, it's cheating. Emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating. If you can't be honest, you know it's wrong.

If she is innocent and has nothing to hide, why did she delete her discord?

The more you know~

No. 549037

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a 40 year old soccer mom named Susan?

No. 549039

What happened with her and joji? I heard smg about it but I don’t know what happened. Are there screenshots of the tweets?

No. 549093

she and joji never interacted, but she acts like she knows him

No. 549101

Ooh that makes sense. I read on guru gossip that she wants to get with him but there wasn’t any proof

No. 549291

well she use to follow him and she thought just because she is with ian he would follow her ( like he does katt and he actually interacted with katt) but yeah never with here and there was a few instances on twitter where he made fun of girls like anisa "not like other girls" "one of the boysss" I guess he knew she is a thot and didn't wanted to relate himself with people like her. Basically Joji saw through her shit and just ignored her. She kept saying how ian and her were going to new york to do collabs with Joji last year in one of her deleted vods she said that ian talked to joji and that they were gonna do a collab in august of last year but that shit never happened, I guess that was just one of the many anisa lies. but yeah she always described joji as if she was super friends with him which was kinda creepy tbh

No. 549295

Haha gotta love Joji for seeing through her BS. He seems like a decent person.

No. 549297

Max still follows her. I wonder why?

No. 549475


Because he's soft. He's weak.

No. 549527

he probs pity follows her because she is idubbbz girlfriend, like the other people that talk to her they only interact with her because she is with ian but if that wasnt the case nobody would even bat an eye.

No. 549639

He’s also met Katt, during the human cake bts, Chad talks to Katt, and Joji is standing behind him.

No. 549656

i don't think joji and ian were friends by the time anisa met ian so it just makes her bullshit even worse. let's also not forget that people were saying she said in one of her streams that she wants to fuck joji lol idubbbz has always been her second choice

No. 549664

They were, Ian and pear dated in summer 2016, which is before the h3 interview, and they filmed at vidcon that year.

No. 549669

I just realized Anisa HAS to be over 5’7. I’m pretty sure Joji is 5’7 and in a pic next to Ian he’s only up to the top of his cheekbone. I wonder why she’s lying?

No. 549693

She wants to be shorter since her love Chris, is only 5’6.

No. 549694

>Ian and pear dated in summer 2016

They started dating in October.

No. 549705

Wait really? Hahahhahhahaha

No. 549706

Oh, I swear she said in her video summer; but who knows with the five million different stories

No. 549710

Was watching porn and this girls voice sounded just like pear. Not in the mood anymore. The thought of her having sex makes me wanna throw up.

No. 549851

Sorry for being that one person who is out of the loop but how’re you getting those Discord chat logs?

No. 549852

File: 1523217183153.png (125.67 KB, 750x1008, IMG_1083.PNG)

Lmao anisa is so fucking irrelevant she's just ghosting near the riot room and asking people to meet her

I'm dying - kailey didn't have to announce her location and people recognized her

No. 549894

People in the discord screenshotted them

No. 549903

File: 1523219847361.png (858.52 KB, 1242x2208, 54FA4454-6D03-4021-8EBF-88E8A7…)

This made me laugh, I doubt it actually happened. Not because she’s ugly, but because she’s irrelevant. She’s such a fucking joke.

No. 549924

Obviously her bf IDUBBBZ isn’t hanging out with her there…

No. 549995

Just a heads up, Anisa is following a bunch of guys on insta(some that are nobodies with no following <1000 followers)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 549996

Haha when hasn’t there been trouble I’m paradise? XD

No. 549998


maybe friends or local canadians? idc who they are but it's probably something unimportant

No. 550019

It's just rare for anisa to follow anyone new on insta

She doesn't even follow pokimane

No. 550122

She just followed them?

No. 550130

I’m a big-boobed girl and it annoys me that Anisa thinks her boobs are big. They’re average sized and she can’t possiblt deal with the struggles us big boobed women have. I was an E cup by age 14. Get ur C cup ass off the internet with this bs.(blogposting)

No. 550166

Tbh, she doesn’t even look like a C cup either. I think she’s B cup bc her tits look like mine when I used to wear push-up bras as a teen, lol.

No. 550181

I wonder if Ian boned out and went back home…

No. 550182

Really that’s even more embarrassing for her

No. 550216

File: 1523242882328.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1125x1762, A06FC307-4DE2-4574-BA95-D4D9B5…)

Gurl is looking terrible as usual. I’m surprised that Ian went with her (shouldn’t he be packing to move to Vancouver?) but maybe he’s there for a content cop.

No. 550276

Did she get her extensions taken out?

No. 550308

She looks god awful, she could've at least put her HUGE 10 POUND TITTIES out

No. 550494

It’s sad she’s the unattractive one of the two of them…

No. 550497

maybe it's because Ian follows instagirls and likes their pics. So she wants to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Honestly, Anisa became boring, the only thing about her rn is awful hair and small clothes. I wish some milk, like the leaks or chris related sperging, would happen.

On a side note, I wonder when will Ian lose his relevancy on yt. His videos are beyond boring, he rides on "CC legend" fumes but for how long will it suffice? I can't believe I used to like his vids, he's so autistic but in a pathetic way, like an old man who's out of the loop and desperately tries to be fun for the youth. Like, he doesn't have it anymore, he doesn't get it. He's legit embarrassing.

No. 550505

I still like Ian. I question his maturity level, but I think he needs to be in therapy tbh.

No. 550511

I really liked the first video in Ian's new series.

No. 550591

holy shit. homegirl should nottt take candids. that's probably the worst she's ever looked. i wonder if she took her extensions out because it made her balding worse. like, look at that split in her hairline… that's not normal for a tight pony that's clearly meant to hide the thinning. she's going to be hairless soon, not even joking anymore. girl needs to get to a doctor asap, she clearly has a hormone condition. it could also explain her rapid aging and bloating up tbh.

No. 550592

lmao this. ian's no looker for sure but he looks like a solid 7 whenever he's standing next to anisa. girl's a 4 or 5 at best. the dude taking the picture is more in her league tbh.

No. 550593

She was trying on wigs the other day…probably why. Also, hormone condition could explain why she looks like a man lol.

No. 550594

I honestly can't stand to watch his vids anymore knowing the kind of sad little beta he is in his personal life. Anyone who kowtows to a hoe like Anisa is pathetic.

No. 550595

I had a pathetic crush on him until I found this thread. Gee, I don’t wish that kind of relationship upon anyone.

No. 550596

She sure doesn’t fit the Canadian stereotype

No. 550597

yeah, definitely. she looked so much better with the wig too tbh - the extra volume on top made her pearhead less prominent. she should just give up on her natural hair and stick with wigs - her real hair looks like shit.

and yeah, a hormone condition would explain why she's gotten more and more manly looking over the past two-ish years. she probably has pcos or something. bitch is going to be 100% bald and probably infertile soon if she doesn't see a doc. but she's so superficial she thinks ratty extensions will fix everything lol.

No. 550598

It would be good if she was infertile for the world. She should NOT have kids. That’s just plain natural selection hahaha

No. 550600


I think Ian could have been a funny person if he actually had some purpose to his humour. His "hey assholes, gay isn't a bad word" excuse for saying something is "gay" isn't… cutting it? Sure, nowadays the word gay isn't as loaded as it used to be but if his vocabulary is so limited that "gay" is the only word he can think of when making videos then there's not much rattling in that lightbulb skull of his.

Or like his edgy jokes in general. He's all ~ you have to use it until it means nothing ~ like he's the fucking paragon of people who had these words used against them. This lanky white beanpole with zero social skills who slapped his girlfriend on stream is sharing to the world his opinion about how words should be used. I'm sorry, I missed the memo where any of these things ever affected him personally

It shows a sociopathic lack of empathy, imo. From all those edgy youtubers, felix included. And it goes into Anisa territory too. The person with self proclaimed body dysmorphia makes a video mocking fat people and mocking a video. The person who made an obviously mocking tweet about a woman's shoe collection is saying to be kind to other people. She's a fucking troglodyte if she thinks those issues ever affected her; if they did then maybe she wouldn't be such a bitch about them.

No. 550603

Agreed. I also think he used to be funnier when he seemed like he had a will to live…now he just looks sad.

No. 550606

i've been to his subreddit a few times and anisa is brought up a lot in the context of ian's increasing depression or the decline in the quality of his content. it's like the only time she's brought up lmao. there's an even split of opinions and it's funny af. either 1. his fans seem to think he's putting out shitty content because anisa's giving him "good pussy" (which is fucking hilarious because girl's got a whole stadium of yeast down there) and he cba to put effort in when he's got a girl on his dick, or 2. she's sucked the soul out of him, yoko ono'd the cancer crew, and ruined his life. i mean, he did start going downhill fast about two months into their relationship, sooo.

No. 550607

I feel the same way, somehow since she depicts herself as such a slut I feel like she doesn’t deliver. Like when she snapped him I’d she could blow him on the cc suit. Not only did I cringe, but I kind of felt it was all an act.

No. 550608

lmao true. plus she totally seems like the kind of chick to trap a guy with a baby since it would also lock down her citizenship. who knows? maybe she tried, but couldn't get pregnant. wouldn't surprise me at this point.

No. 550609

Honestly that’s scary as fuck, and he should be very careful knowing that she’s the kinda bitch to do it

No. 550610

yeah, it was definitely a v cringey show for her viewers. it was simultaneously a reminder that idubbbz is her bf and a reminder that she's a girl who does ~omgz kinky shit~ for her boyfriend, trying to turn on her neckbeard audience. so gross.

i also remember she said once in a stream with CRG that her favorite position is missionary and confessed to being a "dead fish" in bed. she was saying shit like guys don't care about the effort girls put in, as long as they lie there and take it men are happy or some shit. anisa the kinda bitch to give blac chyna head lmao.

No. 550613

Hahahhahah hahahaha omg that’s so good!! I also remember her replying to someone on twitter who said Idubbbz was sexually frustrated “trust me he isn’t ;)” CRINGE

No. 550631

File: 1523286139647.jpg (460.01 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_1100.JPG)

Good old Chris' View on cheating

No. 550633

Well there goes pears chances. Hope she cries.

No. 550636

No. 550637

That’s so untrue, it’s such a turnoff if the other person is unethusuastic. The biggest turn on is the other person into it, makes it a hell of a lot better if you know you’re doing good

No. 550639

Can you sum it up?

No. 550646


Ian posts a video with the word proposes and I fucking flipped shit, until I clicked the video and was relieved.

No. 550651

File: 1523287529350.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, 2503CF6A-FB18-4A5F-A453-37CCEA…)

About sums up Anisa’s supporters. Kailey and creepy old men, such a loyal fan base to have

No. 550656

because she wants to be cute and petite and delicate but she's actually an ogre

No. 550682

Why on god’s green earth would you want to go out in public looking like that? Why has she not figured out her pear head isn’t suitable for certain hairstyles? That, and the fact her hair is overall bad. She’s so unfortunate

No. 550700

Because she can’t help it, you can tell she was actually trying she’s just not pretty.

No. 550711

It has just gotten to the point where I feel nothing but pure pity for Anisa. She is cripplingly insecure about every aspect of her identity, from her intelligent ("i'm plenty educated") and her appearance. Anisa, girl, hit me up and I can teach you how to do your makeup properly to suit your complexion and eye shape, dress for your body type, and what type of hairstyles compliment your facial structure. I don't know about fixing the crippling insecurities though, that will probably require a psychiatrist.

It's ironic that she lied about being on prescription medication for mental illness because she probably could really do with some.

No. 550740

I want to pity her I really do

No. 550751

God damn I just saw a pic of kaylie damn Anisa is pretty compared to her

No. 550798

self promotion much? k4ley is ok looking but she is def not pretty. sure she knows how to apply make up on her face but she is just as bad as anisa, for a while she wanted to get with akaadian and then she tried to get anisa to hook her up with akaadian. She is a subtle leech she only sticks to anisa so she can snatch some of her fanbase for herself

No. 550838

Hey, I completely agree I think you misread my post. I was saying Kaley is so ugly she makes Anisa look pretty

No. 550878

new idubbbz unboxing video

I'll summarise once it's done

No. 550885


okay not much to talk about; he said he noticed people saying he seemed low energy and tired last video and he's been eating healthier and avoiding GMOs (so basically he's probably bullshitting about eating healthier which is a shame) and he's got a towel wrapped around his torso and created duct tape straps which he will promptly regret, I bet

random trash, the doll in the thumbnail was made by a fan and had a small voicebox thing inside that you can record clips for it to repeat; the one in the doll already said "I'M GAY"

No. 550888

More like, you’ll be more energized if you break up with you gf haha

No. 550923

File: 1523305428877.png (2.56 MB, 1657x890, anisa jomha banned.png)

how come twitch didnt ban anisa when she let the n-word slip on stream


No. 551025

File: 1523311035509.jpg (502.8 KB, 1184x525, anisa jomha is dying.jpg)

tfw you "glo up" but then regress

No. 551130


No. 551229

File: 1523325386327.jpg (328.15 KB, 1872x1590, IMG_1110.JPG)

Damn… idubbbz is one lucky guy.

Jessica Nigri is such a shitty cosplayer compared to Anisa

No. 551344

damn momokun better watchout Anisa is out to get her spot

No. 551358

File: 1523336130832.jpeg (146.63 KB, 750x742, 2E61C551-BC52-4855-9F2A-CF4A72…)

I still laugh my ass off at this one, bitch looks like a mom trying her hardest to look hot, lmfao

No. 551360

>totally not a titty streamer
>not a hoe guyz
>smoll pure bean
>so pure and innocent
>totally not a cumrag
>only want to spend time with friends, def not gonna hoe around with tyler
>I wonder if tyler senpai will notice me this year again?
>have you met my boyfriend Idubbbz I mean Ian he is super famous on youtube
>not gonna show my tits anymore

No. 551721

She looks like the ads for local moms who want to fuck on porn sites haha

No. 551773

File: 1523384193368.jpeg (297.49 KB, 1242x595, 65AFD484-C32B-4799-8B5B-C9C2C9…)

Anisa’s heading back home yet again, pear tears.

At this point I don’t think they’re planning to break up. I think they’re comfortable with this routine.

No. 551782

I think more Ian is comfortable with the situation. That’s the impression that I get

No. 551786

Yeah, this. He doesn't have to deal with her all the time and can have periods of freedom or isolation from anisa and then have two or three months where he gets all the fucking out of his system. I think he likes that she's not always around.

No. 551798


Yeah, didn't Anisa say he has commitment issues? He gets a gf he can fuck now, does minimal effort to interact with her online and also doesn't have to improve or grow as a person. Anisa doesn't challenge him at all, even if she feels like she does. If she would, she'd have self respect and break up with him from the start when she complained about a ton of red flags.

"When you look at people through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags" wise words from Bojack Horseman

Did she EVER say in the leaked chats how much fun she had, how happy she was? Or how wonderful something was? Or about gifts he'd give her, even if it was her favourite candy or food? Did she ever express how worth it was, besides complaining about her wanting to "hold on" because he doesn't "see her worth"? I mean, that's just sad tbh

No. 551805

I think her self confidence is so low she doesn’t think she can do any better, actually I think Ian’s the same way. It creates a toxic situation where it’s just like they’re in a relationship just to be on one, because they don’t think they could be in a decent loving relationship. It’s actually sad and I feel bad for both of them. If they both got help, admitted they could be wrong at times, and found someone who makes them a better person, they wouldn’t be so bad.

No. 551839

The thing ist she obviously can't do any better or she would've done so a long time ago and upgraded to a more beneficial guy after the Idubbbz thing didn't work out the way she expected.
What people who feel sorry for her cheating ass forget is that she never got together with Ian bc she loved him in the first place. No matter how low her self esteem may be, she got together with Ian only days after she met him, and conveniently at the same time she "quit" titty streaming and started her yt career.
I don't see her looking for a genuine loving relationship or being emotionally trapped in her current one. If she lost the Idubbbz brand name she'd be left with nothing at this point.

As for why Ian won't leave her even after the discord leakes is beyond me.

No. 551847

Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t want to feel and for her but I just did. I feel bad for Ian. He should man up and leave her already.

No. 551858

Anyone ever listened to Joji’s Song “bitter fuck” idk why but it gives me anisa vibes

No. 551868

I love it. Why do you think so?

No. 551876

The line, ”Your bitch is lame, don't follow me.”

No. 551922

Haha I’m pretty sure it’s “Your bitch is lame” but maybe…

No. 551923

Whoops I miss read it you have it rught

No. 551950

I like how there are zero couple pictures of them(cus you know she would exploit the fuck out of those)

I'm still confused why they cosplayed Markiplier and his dog Chika but there are no pictures of them and they didn't go outside to party with others either lol why the effort of dying idubbbz hair I do not know

No. 552031

I seriously doubt Ian dressed up for Halloween. Just another sad fictional tale told by our dear pear…

No. 552063

>they didn't go outside to party with others either

She did actually say they were going to a Halloween party.

>I seriously doubt Ian dressed up for Halloween

I'm pretty sure he did considering the fact that Anisa dyed his hair.

No. 552078

His hair was dyed for Halloween? Well, for her that was a great cover considering whom he resembled when he had that hair…

No. 552114

I assume you're referring to what his hair looked like in his Bad Unboxing video from December. That's not what it looked like after it was dyed for Halloween. Anisa fucked up the dye job and left Ian's hair looking like shit. If I remember correctly she described it as "orange with white stripes".

No. 552226

Pear actually got invited to a party? I didn’t think she had friends! Good for her! Lol

No. 552349

File: 1523424065298.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x2129, B5DE3E3A-96F2-4B68-91A2-87FA7C…)

Lmao probably a coincidence but someone here just mentioned the lack of couple pictures and she posts her favorites of ALL their couple photos SO FAR BTW.

They’ve got plenty of couple photos, guys. Just letting us know.

No. 552351

She showed off all those clothes she bought for this trip and she wears a tshirt and some jeans LMAO

The second coming of Suzy berhow - next up GAINZ

No. 552377

I love that jacket on her, for once we’re not getting eye fucked by her stinky cameltoe

No. 552441

File: 1523443786845.png (503.84 KB, 580x696, F6409FCB-E266-44B1-ADBE-1F5895…)


Ian’s skinny face really accentuates how mishapen her head is.

No. 552478

“Maybe if I use the word thus it’ll make me seem smart”

No. 552492

Such a teeny tiny smol bean she is!

(She’s a huge solid box for those who thought I was serious)

No. 552497

File: 1523454160040.png (318.22 KB, 855x482, FusionDanceFinaleGotenTrunksBu…)


Jesus can their hips and bodies be any further apart?

No. 552547

I didn’t even notice how far apart they are

No. 552581

Her hair from the side/back looks great considering everything…it’s just the front that needs some work to soften her face. And that bald spot could use some Toppik.

Nitpicking maybe, but if Anisa wants to be a public figure/Youtuber influencer she needs to fix her looks. Hire someone to help her with her image. She wants to stand out but nothing sets her apart. The only thing that makes her special is her relationship with the master yt edgelord. We know her personality doesn’t attract the public that she wants, Pear doesn’t have the talent, no charisma to build an audience. Her looks got her somewhere, she can play that card again. This chick ain’t smart.

No. 552701

File: 1523471381095.jpg (468.13 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1140.JPG)

Anisa does have body dismorphia, she actually thinks she looks like this LMAO

No. 552950

her body has no muscle definition even tho she's constantly bragging about her workout routine

No. 553010

Why would it? All she does at the gym is take selfies

No. 553037

File: 1523492103945.png (135.45 KB, 750x960, IMG_1156.PNG)

Kailey reveals anisa almost got rejected from the US again early this month lol

No. 553096

Dayum, Kailey be all blasting her girl’s business out there. Good job, boo!

No. 553097

So this means she’s forced to stay outside the US for a specific amount of time? She keeps saying she’s almost banned but I dunno, maybe they’re not so tough with Canadian citizens? Also why would she waste one of her chances just to go to PAX? Seems like a waste tbh. For fuck’s sake! Get your priorities straight, Anisa.

No. 553109


Ya and she only went on the last day and only for a few hours. She met none of her "friends", so I have no idea what she wasted a plane ticket and risked getting banned for.

No. 553165

It makes me uncomfortable when she posts her cringey middle school artwork. Go to school and get a fucking job already, Pear, you don't have a future as a creative.

No. 553189

future cal-arts student btw… hahaha I wonder if she really thinks she can get to cal-arts when she draws shit like this

No. 553416

Reminds me of how kids drew in seventh grade

No. 553548

I missed the beginning of why she's crying Pear was crying on stream and just said her and Ian are "still figuring things out".

also her extension is still tragic.

No. 553553

we need to clip that shit bois

No. 553569

No. 553597

Wait why is she crying?

No. 553602

Based on what I see (not able to listen to audio, just watch) she needs money?
Hella people resubscribed

No. 553604


btw someone should actually save the clips offline because if she deletes this stream the clips have gone too (I found this out the hard way with some deleted streams you guys clipped from)

No. 553605

No. 553628


someone asked where her boobies were, and she said she's gone off birth control and hormones make her chest bigger etc, she hasn't mentioned yet why exactly she's crying, about 18 minutes in RezKidTV had donated like 400-500 dollars (wow idk if that's a regular occurence)

she starts crying again when he donates 200 dollars saying that she appreciates them

her mom mentioned a bus accident in Canada and it made her emotional all over again

a user asked "how is the future looking for you guys? have you figured anything out? <3" and she said no, they're still figuring things out at the moment

No. 553640

her extensions are just.. sad

No. 553643

lol someone mentioned her pee fetish and chris was laughing and trying to talk about it and she just immediately changed the subject

No. 553655

It's not Chris she's playing with.

No. 553660

she's really not that great at gaming

No. 553689

She mentioned the vegan thing again. She said "if you're doing it for health reasons, that's fine it's just…" She continues talking about existing being what kills things etc. I don't get her logic. She says that there's no point in being vegan because you kill things in other ways. So if you try to do less harm and cause less suffering it doesn't matter? If you're killing things by other means, you might as well contribute to the other forms of suffering too? That's lazy. I think she does this because she has no will power, and she couldn't commit to her "year of veganism."

I'm not vegan but if I learn something about the suffering I cause in my daily life and can change, I change it. What kind of logic is "well, I killed an elephant by building my house, so I might as well kill the rest of them."

I'm paraphrasing but this is her stupidity.
She truly is an idiot.

No. 553698

thats our "plenty educated" pear chan for you anon. she went to college btw

No. 553760


Someone has to reupload the last clip with title "STREAMER CRIES FOR DONATIONS AND SUBS"

No. 553798

Did she get off birth control to make idubbbz get her pregnant so she can anchor baby her way into America? Lol

Also damn if she really needed money that bad she could get A FUCKING JOB instead of streaming. That rezkid is like 18 did he steal his parents credit card to donate to her constantly? This whole thing is sad as hell.

No. 553812


imagine being that young and donating like 500 dollars to someone in the span of 18 minutes (they were periodical donations of 100 each time), like damn son don't you have a switch or something better to buy with your money? weed? crunchyroll subscriptions? clothes? cigarettes?

Idk about getting him pregnant (considering he doesn't let her inside his room I doubt he'll want his own lightbulb headed spawn in her body), I went off BC when my ex broke up with me bc I only used it for that. But idk what her bc habits were before she met ian considering she was with akaadian

No. 553829


I think she's trying to address the certain hypocrisy some vegans have about prioritising animals over other living things such as plants, which while lacking brains still have a certain intelligence and are organic. Now, at this point you can drive the conversation to a pointless back and forth because someone may value their cow and consider it part of the family (as it were), but someone who also takes care of their garden and really fuckn loves plants will be equally upset if you trampled or burned their flowers or destroyed their crop. Likewise someone may not feel guilty about fishing for food because they quickly kill it without prolonging their agony, but someone wouldn't think of killing their pet fish they spent thousands of dollars investing in with aquariums and special equipment.

It would take a HUGE cultural and technological overhaul to suddenly switch to a way of living that makes everyone happy. You're not a monster if you enjoy meat and like to eat it, and you aren't superior if you choose not to. There are certain things that can be universally improved in the industries, but if vegans think they can force their lifestyle on everyone and are naive enough to think things can change overnight everywhere and to such a degree, they are fools.

So I think Anisa could have touched upon an interesting facet of veganism but ofc because it's Anisa she tried to sound more intelligent than she actually is and botched it up by making absolute statements.

No. 553847

Please let’s not turn this into a veganism debate. I see your point, and sure Anisa could’ve done her research but the truth is that she only gave veganism a try because she wanted to lose weight. She tried a plant based diet without even looking deep into the subject, and I’m not even talking about the ethical part. She doesn’t understand shit about daily caloric intake, proteins and carbs. She’s like all basic bitches that try plant based diet for a week and fail because it’s “too hard and I feel tired uwu”.

No. 553849


oh no I didn't want to start a debate, I'm just trying to estimate what she was TRYING to say about veganism in the stream.

I don't think she'd ever give it a try for the ethics of it. Hence why she gave up on it so quickly. It's tough and it's a huge overhaul of lifestyle and your entire pantry and fridge. I did keto for a month so I gave up entirely on carbs and even that was hard as shit. I didn't feel tired, I felt fine, and I'm a cheapass so I could make do with very little, but I wasn't mentally ready for the longterm.

No. 553859


Gotcha! Look, what I’m trying to say is don’t give her too much credit. Sure she wants to use arguments to explain why she failed but the truth is much more simple. She wants to make this her job, and she won’t even put in the effort. You want to try veganism and do YouTube videos documenting your experience? Sure, Anisa! Wait? You won’t even do the research? You won’t even try? But she wants to make money and have a YouTube career when she can’t even stick to her plans? So what if it’s hard? You want this to be your job! So what if you didn’t lose weight? You are doing this for your so called career!

Her vegan experience would’ve gain her some attention. It’s an easy target. But it was too hard for Pear! Want easy money? Take those titties out again!

No. 553860

File: 1523574888132.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3024x3024, F6949AD1-E489-4769-B5D6-77E0E2…)

Thought I’d give it a go!

No. 553867


I think seeing her cry softened me a little, lol. When I see people cry it's hard for me to remain critical no matter how asshole-ish they are. I do agree with you, if you aren't gonna put in the actual needed effort required, don't even bother.

No. 553871

beautiful smol pear, anon! she wished she had those drawing skills. tits too small though! remember she has monster tits

No. 553882

kek this needs to be next threads pic plsss guyz

No. 553907

Softened you and all the idiots during her stream, it must be truly easy to be Anisa. Spent all your allegedly nonexistent money on a totally unnecessary trip to America? No problem, there are plenty of sad lonely idiots on the internet happy to pay for your shit.
Some people can't even afford one vacation once a year, especially if they're not working. Yet this bitch is regularly travelling between countries, funded by her viewers and bf. And she still has the guts to bribe people into giving her more money by pathetically fake crying on stream.

No. 553909

I almost felt bad for her but she stopped crying each time to say "THANKS FOR SUBBING, Thanks FOR THE MONIES"

Bitch stupid and fake af

No. 553919

It’s hard not to feel bad

No. 553923

hahaha I'm weak. The hair is spot on.

No. 553932

File: 1523578487769.jpeg (798.59 KB, 1242x1839, 85E8E8D6-D402-40B9-BA0C-2E6677…)

Thank you! Exactly.

Please let’s not forget Anisa’s attention seeking behavior. Clearly she’s joking when she says she welcomes it. But how great would it be for her if someone really did find her parent’s house in Canada? It would be great for her! She could cry on stream about it and also post a vid about how Youtubers get harrassed by their fans and do her own version of the “plsss don’t come to my house, respect my privacyyyy” video.

She’s would take anything at this point. Don’t be fooled by those tears. She’s lazy.

No. 554011

I second this motion… this pic gives me life

No. 554127

File: 1523590135896.jpeg (269.67 KB, 640x873, 5744CED9-A998-4016-A485-5400C0…)

Anisa explaining @BullyHunters.

Umm, didn’t she do this exact thing during her confrontation with, “mean boy” Gross Gore?

No. 554149

sky just dropped an expose video

wonder if he's still going to expose anisa?

No. 554201

BLAHAHAHAHHAHA. The fact that this is 99% more accurate than the way she drew herself. I’m crying

No. 554397

Someone make a side by side

No. 554590

File: 1523643144654.png (865.2 KB, 1598x1204, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.1…)

I gotchu famlam

No. 554620

THANK YOU I can sleep peacefully tonight

No. 554631

This is just…making my day. That’s exactly what this did, my day is now complete

No. 554650

File: 1523647782720.png (810.52 KB, 1242x2208, 744124C0-8D6B-4D61-9316-DBB986…)

Big trouble in big pearland?

No. 554669

I guess she doesn’t have to get her shit together today considering she banked off her tears yesterday

No. 554673

uhh what happened?

No. 554703


she was crying on stream about something she didn't want to talk about and people were resubbing/subbing/donating like crazy

I don't know her usual pattern so I don't know if it spiked from the crying or not, though

No. 554736

Pear-adise ?

No. 554741

When she needs money she usually constantly says it on stream and people donate

Tactless af

No. 554742

"I can't go to my friends bday party I need money"

No. 554798

Y’all, I need 5 grand to go to Italy, I’ll show you my cleavage and cry if that helps.

No. 554830

My burning question is, how the fuck is she getting to cross the goddamn border so often? My bf lives in the UK and we’re always worried about that shit, not planning too much to not press our luck. Like, fucking HOW PEAR? How?

No. 554898

It's because the US doesn't view Canadians as ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS compared to Mexico, Asia, etc

She's been really fortunate to have pushed it this far considering trumps current anti immigrant agenda

No. 555647

wish she showed this much emotion when she saw those tragic extensions

No. 555707

File: 1523741242895.jpg (220.84 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1281.JPG)

Her extensions are getting ratty as hell, also why does she always post pictures where she looks mentally retarded

No. 555711

File: 1523741651015.jpg (484.29 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_1284.JPG)

Be anisa
>sperg out about the bombings in Syria
>fan makes an edit of her in Hiroshima after bombing
>Her response

People dying in bombings sure are Laugh Out Loud worthy ey Anisa?

No. 555718

sage for dumb question but do you guys think ian will fall from grace any time soon?the cc is the only "good" content on his channel nowadays

I'm thinking pear will leave him if he becomes a laughing stock on yt like leafy and others

No. 555719

Ugh, she’s already fried the shit out of that dead rodent on her head.

No. 555720

I think if he continues to only CC twice per year and he keeps up with only the BU in between, I think people will get tired of it. He’s in a delicate spot, I’m sure he’s actually smart enough to realize it. He needs a rabbit out of his hat. Otherwise, I believe his views and subs will start to fall off

No. 555725

ik and I think the cc series is very tricky cause he always needs to do better,I'm really curious who will he cc next cause people may be getting bore of law hanging fruits

No. 555728

his last cc was 6 months ago maybe we will find out soon,i think it will be a lackluster

No. 555755

File: 1523745307168.jpeg (564.18 KB, 2048x2048, 6810B7EA-2847-411C-8829-44EC51…)

Her latest pics remind me of this classic Vine…


No. 555772

The frizz really helps seal the look

No. 555839

For someone who is trying to make a career out of being an internet personality, you'd think she might work a little harder when it comes to shooting and editing pics of herself. She has zero awareness of her angles. Her face looks fine on the left, but on the right, she just looks like she's grimacing awkwardly. Also what the fuck is up with this weird barely passable as pajamas shirt she's wearing? Why post these pictures?

No. 555855

Woof her extensions are so tragic. I don't know why she insists on a pin-straight hairstyle when it accentuates the fact that they aren't blended AT ALL.

No. 555905

She's live right now with her hair curled and it looks a bit better https://www.twitch.tv/anisajomha

No. 555936

Godamn she can’t sing for shit

No. 556731

File: 1523842157075.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1348.PNG)

Anisa: I use the peace sign too much, need to switch it up

No. 556943

File: 1523869403034.png (496.38 KB, 616x739, LaGJamO.png)

spoiler: she doesn't listen to david bowie

No. 556944

p.s. i think she looks cute here, the hair hides her face shape although the smile looks a bit awk

No. 557398

Pear has really calmed down in the last month. I wonder if she’s learned from the content cuck

No. 557445

I think so. I wonder if it circulated to Ian.

No. 557462

In what way has she calmed down in the last month?

No. 557465

File: 1523911476313.png (834.37 KB, 1242x2208, 6909C6D7-7BD9-4009-AC6D-42215D…)

“Please, give me your attention and tell me how amazing I am.”

No. 557630

File: 1523938244118.png (23.08 KB, 666x133, IMG_1417.PNG)

Muh eating disorder tho

No. 559010

File: 1524078026020.jpg (228.91 KB, 900x1200, Cs-0-33UsAAzRP4.jpg)

lol, she's still trying to copy poki. the skin-walking is so fucking creepy, man.

No. 559099

honestly think this is the no. 1 reason anisa got extensions. with how much anisa obsesses over and fixates on other girls, i wonder if she's closeted fr.

No. 559231

Next up… eyelash extensions!

No. 559246

SAGE but, seeing Anisa be more honest and open about how she is feeling and whats actually going on makes me feel for her a lot more. I hope this break-up betters her, as it seemed like trying to impress Idubbz and his fans was really toxic, physically and in her personality, and it showed.

No. 559256

Breakup? WTF are you talking about? Her and Ian are still together.

No. 559350

Do you know something we don’t?

No. 559735

File: 1524112752592.png (95.17 KB, 750x832, IMG_1539.PNG)

Her lips remind me of cod roe

No. 560156

File: 1524165861157.jpeg (38.51 KB, 640x426, 5670630B-DC2E-4183-91EE-AAACA7…)


No. 560350

The content cuck is in the recommended of maxmoefoe, maxmoetwo, filthyfrank, twodamnfilthy, idubbbztv, howtobasic, and h3h3productions. It’s growing.

No. 560425

File: 1524189919943.jpeg (377.59 KB, 1242x1007, A16B810E-DC94-49F0-A741-839DD6…)

lmaooo what is going on here, pear?

No. 560443

operation baby trap underway…

No. 560453

Well, she did say she recently gave birth control the axe…RUN IAN! RUUUUUUN!

No. 560454

File: 1524192635328.jpeg (586.41 KB, 1242x1269, 9E1CC70C-8E94-48D4-B149-AB805B…)

But seriously damn! It looks like she’s plotting!

Not really though. She’s looking for a place. No baby pears soon :(

No. 560463

File: 1524193756052.jpeg (335.81 KB, 2048x2048, 6445470D-1BE1-4EAD-936F-2E5B43…)


No. 560469

lol, the most basic bitch glasses ever

does anus actually think she's original?

No. 560590

File: 1524206153240.jpg (37.78 KB, 590x295, 1.jpg)

Well, I guess this confirms that Ian is not moving to Canada anytime soon.

No. 560781

I wonder if he ever is involved with all this moving to Canada business or is it all a pear pipe dream. Does she say it out loud in hopes that it comes true? Maybe our next thread will be titled “Pear-egnancy Trap”

No. 560965

This is just speculation, but my guess is that she thinks that if she makes the move to a larger and more appealing Canadian city herself, she can persuade Ian to follow suit. Aside from the fact that it would likely be a stupid career move on Ian's part to move to Canada, he seems immature and non-committal. He probably said something vague one time to cheer her up like "who knows, maybe one day I'll move to Canada" and she immediately jumps into action telling everyone she's moving to BC.

No. 561090

I live in BC and I have to say the biggest city, Vancouver is complete shit right now. As for YouTube living there makes no sense. Don’t get me wrong, there are many perks to BC and it’s very beautiful, but it doesn’t have anything for someone with a YouTube career.

No. 561132

Pear is streaming; reading every chat comment but those about Ian moving to Canada.

No. 561172

She did say that her and Ian are going to be long distance for only a couple of more weeks.

No. 561238

Yeah but, can we really believe what she says at this point?

No. 561257


You would think that she would have the brains and self control to keep her mouth shut when streaming ffs. Anisa, people are watching! She throws lies around pretty often, maybe she’s not even aware of this habit of hers.

No. 561903

Don't know if you guys caught it but the 4/21 stream, Anisa's Mom was caught going on her computer and twitter and going through her messages/deleting etc

Weird ass dynamic they have

No. 561936

Maybe she’s worried about a hack? I mean, tahts must mean there’s something to hide sense her mom is like her “momager”

No. 561942


How exactly did that happen?

No. 562025

Anisa noticed she was logged out of all her accounts and that her settings on her computer were reset. She confronted her mom in the chat about it but her mom was like

"You're only logged out because I wanted to use twitter on your computer(???)"

No. 562140

File: 1524409517831.png (926.06 KB, 1242x2208, 5C4F8E4F-1406-4CCD-804F-650B8E…)

Did she have another emo stream? What is she fucking on about now?

No. 562142

Probably upset that Ian is at Jacks wedding without her

No. 562151

Did he actually go?

No. 562159

Yeah, Ethan shared a pic with him from the wedding. Sorry, I can't attach it for some reason, maybe some kind anon could post it.

No. 562169

File: 1524413389827.png (5.05 MB, 1242x2208, 86EF4251-4C1F-4B3C-A87D-75CCC6…)

No. 562306

latest ikea stream: (for some reason i can't clip)

>fugly hair as usual. like a fucking beaver tail.

>Anisa is moving in the same building as celery. Isn't going to BC because of her dad. No mention of Ian.
>Doesn't recognize a Gustav Klimt painting despite being an "art major".
>has horrid taste in decor, made fun of hipster despite buying hipster furniture, general nuance in public.

No. 562533

I wonder who's paying for pear's new apartment. It's certainly not her considering her YT revenue has been $0 for like 5 months now and she's lucky to make $100 off twitch every other stream. I wonder if that's why she was crying for donations a few streams ago. Or if Ian's still footing the bill for her lmao.

No. 562554

>not moving to stay with Dad
>moves to a new apartment

Is she retarded

No. 562700

Don’t know how much, if he is at all he won’t even buy her a TV. She said somewhere when her and Celery were putting together her furniture, she’ll eventually buy one but can’t afford it at the moment. Maybe she’ll cry next stream…

No. 562804

I know this might sound retarded but it makes me so happy that she didnt get to go to the wedding, I bet if she did she will try to make everything about her or embarass ian in some way or another. I just love it when ian doesnt include her in special shit like this like the time he went to the uk to meet pewds lol stay sad and salty pear anus!

No. 562985

File: 1524452872846.png (124.2 KB, 750x888, IMG_1707.PNG)

Man anisa is fucking lucky, she makes no content but big youtuberw acknowledge her because she sucks idubbbz dick and drinks his pee

No. 562996

Safiya has been liking Pear’s tweets for a while now. Thought it was kinda strange bc it’s obvious that she wouldn’t be fan of Anisa’s super interesting content.

Yes how does one suddenly afford a new place with furniture and cable? I hope Ian’s the source bc it would be pretty shitty to put that pressure on your parents considering her dad’s situation. And how come none of her donors are questioning her when she cries on stream cause she’s broke but has the cash to move out? Idiots.

No. 563036

File: 1524456342525.png (345.58 KB, 720x492, Cryfordonations.png)

Anisa got $1000 donation from andypyro

No. 563051

"anisa finds a more reliable partner in Andy than idubbbz"

But yeah wow why is she crying, shouldn't she be mad that the only reason she's getting the donation is because of idubbbz? What about making your own person?

No. 563052

lol if it involves money it does not matter I bet Ian will just tell her to keep the money out of pitty

No. 563120

Her new hair makes me miss the farquaad look. Damn.

No. 563164

Well, judging solely on the size of the apartment she’s moving into, doesn’t look like there’s much room for Ian. It’s definitely an apartment for one. Ian might be coming for a visit in a couple of weeks or whatever, but there’s absolutely no room for him to have a setup. Maybe that’s what the “I feel stupid” tweet was about.

No. 563624

File: 1524526923007.png (5.36 MB, 1242x2208, 27FB2309-20C4-41A6-9243-BCC94C…)

I missed this one, but I wonder how much it grinds pear’s gears that Sky appeared in a Brandon Rogers vid (Pear always gushes that’s her fave content creator)

No. 563686

LOL and he cast onion boy too

Pear is lower than low even in the YT community

No. 564533


WTF, this makes me like Safiya a lot less. idubbbz and her share fuck all for subscribers. Even if by some dumbass twist of fate he said something about her, it would hardly affect her channel. Why is she interacting with Pear?

No. 564565

That’s how can’t help but to feel when someone I genuinely like interacts with pear. Colossal and IHE did once, but they were for the most part, correcting her on something stupid. Faith was restored.

No. 564862

I felt the same way when I found out jameskii lurks her twitch chat. I know idubbbz and jameskii are super tight but why the fuck does he suck up to anisa? Really sad

No. 565617

pearchan must be super salty seeing sky in the video

No. 565858

What did Colossal correct her on? Does anyone know?

No. 565873

I don’t remember exactly, it was just typical pear trying to sound plenty educated. I sort of remember her also tweeting about him TO him like she really knew him. Clown don’t fuck with hoes.

No. 566700

File: 1524787439737.jpeg (265.43 KB, 750x1112, 99E5D4CA-30F4-42E7-919D-B82002…)

what in the hell is this supposed to be

looks like the damn cat hanged itself

No. 566822

File: 1524796055609.jpeg (112.38 KB, 1242x717, BB46B284-BA44-4BAF-A18E-9F9D73…)

No. 566866

Does poki have a nose ring? Time to figure out which one of her skin walking victims she's copying this time lmao.

No. 566940

tinfoil time:
does anyone think that anisa moving is a desperate attempt to manipulate idubbbz to move in with her? She previously said he thinks her parent's are ghetto

I don't think idubbbz would be happy moving into a 1bedroom apartment though, the content he makes needs space and is bound to bring noise complaints.

No. 566971

100% agreed

No. 566986

It's def possible. I get the feeling she also wants to make him jealous or something, like, "hey ian, I'm living on my own now… u curious what I'm doing?? ;)"

No. 567031

that kid rezkidtv donates at least 100$ every stream
100$x5=$500 a week, ~2000 a month

I don't know why this 18 kid keeps giving her money but it's the only thing keeping anisa afloat. It really enables her to make lazy content, fuck that guy lol

No. 567094

This isn't really relevant but I see that same person donating DrDisrespect A LOT of money. Multiple tips of $250 dollars a stream. Some $500 donations too. I wonder how many people he donates to.

No. 567109

Yes. That whole “I feel so stupid” tweet is what had my tinfoil sense tingling. She gets this lease, dangles it in front of him and it changed nothing. Ian owns a house that resides in perfect weather, close to his family, and has his own space. Did she even think about it? Where in the living hell is he supposed to film in that shoebox? I want to say she’s being naive, but I’m pretty sure it’s more manipulative.

No. 567531

felix and marzia got engaged, anisa will start spewing lovey dovey shit again because she desperately wants to believe her failed relationship will ever be as good as pewds and marzia and her jealousy of marzia ofc

No. 567562

I wonder when she’ll gush and @ them like she knows them.

No. 567563

She’s streaming from her shoebox…someone keep me filled in, I have to get to work

No. 567883

Nothing much this time around
-acknowledged pewdiepie's engagement, calls him Felix like they're good friends
-constantly tried to hide bad extensions, comments on the bad blending

No. 567888

OT but…

Does anyone know if Anisa has any personality? When I think about it… I can't seem to come up with anything except boring, selfish and manipulative.

No. 568064

That’s because she steals other people’s personalities and it’s fucking weird

No. 568155

Her personality is someone desperately trying to have a personality. She only draws because it gets her attention but she never develops her skills to get better. That's why she traces to her that instant gratification from people telling her she's talented.

She has no strong views on anything and somehow tries to remain neutral to please everyone. This leads to her word vomiting for minutes and having nothing of substance being said

No. 568158

Anyone know what her average live stream numbers are?

No. 568160


No. 568219

Pretty sad for someone with near a quarter of a million followers

No. 568819

max 90 when she plays league
average 140
200+ when she does a talking only stream, shows tity, mentions ian

her average before idubbbz used to be 1000

No. 568922

File: 1524983341514.png (1.82 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1800.PNG)

LMAO Her extensions are so bad she scoops them to the front to look decent but when the back is exposed
1) there isn't enough hair

I can't believe she has the gall to call ice Poseidon lazy with his content when the most spicy IRL she could do is build ikea furniture and go shopping with HER MOM LOL

No. 569303

File: 1525032292748.png (390.48 KB, 720x656, Anisa-venusAngelic.png)

She is watching venus's video right now

No. 569306

how is her reaction? venus' video is really devastating and depressing

No. 569325

Venus's video? She feels disgusting. She is watching other video too and calling this man's art bad. Ugh, she is (almost) salty and bitter whole stream. Her viewers around 300-400

No. 569328

tfw you have no actual talents or charisma so you have to become a 'reactor'

No. 569330

I love the tweet where she asks if she’s considered thicc haha look at her flat ass

No. 569546

Wow such body disphoria, making fun of someone with clear mental issues
Real talk though is she fucking Jinx? This is the lazy reaction content lmfao

No. 569714

File: 1525055551945.jpeg (468.83 KB, 2048x2048, A175F10D-4685-4761-8FA2-82041E…)

Anisa’s “new look” looking awfully familiar…

Didn’t she call Tana a slut for wearing this outfit..?

No. 569874

Yeah she did.
But if you keep in mind, that Tana was like 16 in this photo… well…

No. 569888

even more sad that anisa would sexualize a teenager by calling her a slut tbh

also even sadder that she's coming for 16 yr old tana's look lmao

like girl you're, what, turning 26? stoppp acting like you're young plssss

No. 569913

You must be blind if you think Anisa is wearing the same outfit as Tana.

No. 570054

File: 1525095718227.jpg (520.9 KB, 900x813, 9lobg6wt00801.jpg)

yeah lmao anisa wore an actual bra and NOTHING ELSE

what an idiot

No. 570096

Her selfies and poses are so painfully cringe. I feel secondhand embarrassment for the shit she posts.

Btw, haven’t seen Ian like any of her stuff lately, am I wrong?

No. 570110

He liked one of the pics of Blitz she posted yesterday.

No. 570149

When was the last time he liked any of her god awful selfies?

No. 570159

About a month ago.

No. 570205

File: 1525108993008.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1596, EA16865B-2D37-464B-9375-D53FE1…)

What? You mean, he didn’t like gems like these?

No. 570228

I guess she is moving to tana mango now lol whats next ? she is gonna dye her hair blonde now?

No. 570232

Were those photos for ig? Because they straight up look like n00dz you take for your S/O. I know a lot of girls do shit like that for IG, but it’s much more tasteful than when pear does it. Those literally look like she picked out any old nude she had in her phones gallery and just decided to post it.

No. 570246

File: 1525111929297.png (840.36 KB, 1370x1366, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.1…)

No. 570326

File: 1525117760396.png (53.95 KB, 1083x240, Screenshot_2.png)

What hijab? You have barely enough fabric on your body to cover that yeast-infected cooch.
Talking about cultural appropriation while only being a muslim when it is convenient for you. Nice one nisser.
Maybe you should wear a hijab. Anything is better that that awful extension job.

No. 570332

Seriously, I don’t find any of that true. She can’t even cook a meal without photo documentation. There’s absolutely not one of her with hijab or doing anything “cultural”
I just for once want someone relevant to call her out on her shannegins.

No. 570345

>She can’t even cook a meal without photo documentation. There’s absolutely not one of her with hijab

Of course there isn't, she left Islam many years ago.

No. 570375

Even though she still references Ramadan in her stream. For real, she’s one of those people (like woahvicky) who wants to be a minority because they think it’s a trend or makes them special. Someone who’s actually a Muslim should call this bitch out, because THATS culture appropriation if anything. She said on discord, )I’ll look for the screenshot) that she’s only 8% Arab, yet she use to tag all her Instagram posts with #arabgirl. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure a person can’t be “Arab” anyways, I’m pretty sure the actual term is Middle Eastern, I think it’s similar to people saying Oriental. But, if I’m not mistaken this means that she doesn’t even know that even though she’s SO affected by racism towards Muslims. I swear to god this girl is the embodiment of hypocrisy.

No. 570377

She’s fucking 24, what is many years ago? She’s shared photos of her childhood/teenage years and NONE with hijab. She just throws in the “culture” card when she wants to contribute to any relevant trending topic.

No. 570381

She's so dumb but her pussy must be good enough for Idubbbz dumb ass to want to stay

No. 570384

File: 1525121797182.jpg (21.11 KB, 607x211, 2.jpg)

No. 570411

File: 1525123271438.png (221.73 KB, 750x1077, IMG_1811.PNG)

Akaadian/ anisa's most recent ex had a heart2heart post and wow he was mature and didn't drag anyone in it.

MEANWHILE we have Anisa dragging him on streams calling him shitty, and manipulative

No. 570412

File: 1525123284653.png (288.92 KB, 750x987, IMG_1812.PNG)

No. 570417

>MEANWHILE we have Anisa dragging him on streams calling him shitty, and manipulative

When did she do that?

No. 570434

Nah she’s even admitted to being a dead fish in bed (this has potential for puns about her stanky ass) and says guys don’t care if you don’t put work in.

No. 570452

Sure she did. She totally didn’t participate in anything religious at 16 living at home with her parents and still a child. Because, it’s not like she’s ever been caught in a lie before. Like, ever, right?

No. 570591

He seems like the sort of guy to have low standards. If not Anisa, it would just be some other desperate rando that slid into his DMs. Other than having a large social media following, I don't really get his appeal. I feel like he'd be abrasive and awkward one on one.

No. 570676

No. 570683

Lol “you were only in the hockey community so you can hang out at rinks and guys would hit on you”

Got her

No. 570687

File: 1525141950885.jpg (524.25 KB, 1231x535, idubbbz girlfriend.jpg)

new caps from stream

No. 570696

File: 1525142697197.jpeg (232.66 KB, 425x756, 92B829AB-20EA-47DA-A43D-E5320E…)

This is special

No. 570755

File: 1525147520725.jpg (128.67 KB, 571x378, idubbbz rule 34.jpg)

whew boy receding headline, she's really taking her idubbbz routine seriously

No. 570763

File: 1525148128825.png (550.68 KB, 662x692, toxic lol player.png)

idk shit about league but anisa is a very toxic/passive aggressive player lol


No. 570915

she's legitimately going to have no hair soon. the hairline has vanished lmao, and look at all the loss on the scalp. i think she's actually delusional enough to think that as long as she has her ratty extensions, we won't notice her looking like gollum.


No. 571042

She’s a toxic person all together

No. 571056

She’s going to wake up in 5 years at 30, and have nothing to show. She will never be a beloved Internet personality. She’s fucking away her life on poor insta selfies, bad extensions, and shitting out horrible content. Rezkid isn’t going to pay her bills forever, hell, Ian probably won’t either. She truly needs to start participating in reality.

No. 571097

she should have gotten another degree that would actually pay the bills or at least finished the one she was working on, she is fucking delusional if she thinks she is getting in to cal arts lol I bet she didnt even follow her college plans through anymore typical anisa always failing never trying

No. 571122

Someone should edit the Tana CC and replace the clips of Tana with ones of Anisa it would almost work because of how similar they’re dumbassness is

No. 571131

same with the her "muslim dad reacts to laci green"

it should be edited with anisa's elevator sex clip and called "muslim dad reacts to slutty daughter"

No. 571135


Anisa is shit talking about cecily's girlfriend in chat- says her girlfriend PISSES her off and told cecily not to hang out with (HER OWN GIRLFRIEND) AND Cecily got rightfully mad lol

No. 571162

What is it with her and her disdain for friends’ significant others? Does she have to always be all things to all people?

No. 571170

File: 1525203633483.png (937.4 KB, 1038x599, idubbbz no money.png)

only anisa can just stare at her hair doing nothing and thirsty boys just keep dropping donations

No. 571180

When people were pointing out that she's going bald I didn't see it but holy fuck look at that huge bald spot below her headphones… She needs to buy some vichy dercos asap

No. 571197

No. 571208

File: 1525205528023.png (652.65 KB, 585x515, anisajomha jelly.png)

anisa is probably jealous of cecily and her s/o cus they can take couple pics together and she cant lol

No. 571215

And this is why you don’t really see friends around. She can’t keep her trap shut. Of course the chat guessed celery, that’s like, her only friend and they know that. Sad. She’ll lose celery and they’ll be stuck as neighbors.

No. 571233

Anyone else remember Anisa's first stream with celery? They got drunk and anisa kept flashing celery her vag and letting her ass hang out and then put on a strip tease for her? And everyone was super uncomfortable watching since it was like watching awkward foreplay, and we joked about anisa being gay for celery? Uh huh, maybe not a joke anymore.

No. 571245

that would explain why anisa looks more butch lately lol

No. 571250

File: 1525208755314.png (724.8 KB, 1222x711, cum anisa.png)

anisa said she played fortnite with idubbbz once so is he… cumrad?

No. 571266

No. 571326

why does idubbbz look like a 15 y/o fuckboy-in-the-making skater from 2009 here? lmao

No. 571380

What’s a cumrad?

No. 571399

i think it's a play on the word "comrade."

No. 571401

some more cecily clips

anisa getting mad that cecily would rather hang out with her girlfriend than her(serious mira vibes with this INDIVIDUAL)

I am confused about one thing, I recall on their baseball stream anisa referred to cecily's s/o as a BOYFRIEND. So is she intentionally misgendering them on purpose or? lol

No. 571432

File: 1525220185013.png (888.97 KB, 991x621, anisa jinx.png)

Anisa making fun of Venus' eating disorder
full VOD:

notable clips:
>Jinx level overeaction about Venus' body

>Anisa laughing that people died from surgery/makes fun of Venus' accent


>Overreaction - WOW THANKS FOR THE $5


The worst part about this segment is she makes fun of Venus and then has the time to say "THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE BITS/DONATION WELCUM2SALAD"

She also constantly looks to the side to check herself in the camera

No. 571447

i remember her saying cecily had a bf too. sus. maybe celery is bi/pan tho and at the time she had a bf, but now she's dating this new girl.

it would def explain anisa getting so possessive of cecily and being a cunt for no reason about not liking the new gf. we saw with chris and laci how anisa freaks out like this when other girls enter her "friends'" lives and take away the attention she's used to getting. this is very much a similar situation to the chris/laci saga. anisa was downright sexual with cecily just like she was with chris (see clips below), cecily was at anisa's beck and call for MONTHS, defending her and taking care of her, and anisa grew used to being the center of attention just like with pre-laci chris. anisa grew to depend on cecily when ian wasn't there, to the point of actually moving into her building to stay close to her???

there's something so weird about all of this. it goes way, way above friendship. i've personally never been jealous of any of my friend's s/o's, and at this point anisa is practically GREEN with envy. she's clearly jealous of the new girlfriend, and combine that with her past of lowkey thirsting after cecily, well….

>anisa flashes her vag and full ass to cecily
>literally just flirting and joking about ian being gay minutes later for no reason lmao
>more flirting, cecily grabs anisa's ass

shit's weird.

No. 571455

she's so fucking vile. she claims she has body dysmorphia and does this shit, yet another proof of her being fake and only having body issues when it's convenient for her. if she was really suffering from eating-related problems she wouldn't be making fun of venus in such an obnoxious and cruel way.

it's funny how her bf did a content cop on reaction channels but she is basically a glorified reactionist herself.

No. 571458

File: 1525222200132.png (665.75 KB, 1366x768, baldilocks.png)


No. 571465

>maybe celery is bi/pan tho and at the time she had a bf, but now she's dating this new girl.

No, Cecily is a lesbian.

No. 571467

oh, i don't know much about her outside of anisa's craziness and obsession with her tbh. sooo, looks anisa was just being an awful bitch then. not surprising.

No. 571472

Is pearfax making a new vid soon?

No. 571485

This is Cecily's partner on the left

No. 571526

File: 1525227401390.png (681.43 KB, 1242x2208, 9C9BFB9E-EAC0-42CA-9634-28F2C6…)

Guys, my tits are ginormous and dudes want to fuck me…see?

No. 571582

Ian must be ignoring her again.

No. 571633

LOL you're so right! anisa is so cringy.

No. 571643

dude what they're dead
anyone got a mirror?

No. 571660

No. 571685

I like how anisa deletes these clips but when all those other incriminating clips are totally fine

No. 571690

I got banned for clipping these, can anyone reclip or save the file(pearfax pls)

No. 571742

File: 1525251617007.png (367.45 KB, 720x1137, Anisa-reaction.png)

Just dropped this Ss. She said in her stream she isn't positive person. She makes fun venus's videos and other creator's videos…
Actually those videos isn't that bad but anisa's reaction was too much

No. 571786

File: 1525263389542.jpeg (1015.27 KB, 1242x2208, FDD86326-CC54-4580-9C26-861644…)

No. 571893

Is she like a reaction channel now? Why does anyone care what Miss Shrek has to say about anything

No. 571897

They don’t, but it’s all she really can do with no personality. I think people just like to see a lolcow triggered.

No. 571983

She really does have a problem with oversharing with her audience. If Celery is really her friend there’s no need to talk about why she thinks her partner is shitty on her live stream. I wouldn’t fuck with her anymore if I was Celery.

Plus, I wonder what pressing issue Pear just had to discuss with her that needed immediate personal attention. “Waaaaah, Ian isn’t calling every 12 minutes!”

No. 572014


ok I'm a few days late checking into this thread but holy fuck that's a stupid tattoo. Is it hers?

a.) it looks like an infected scab from a few feet away,

b.) I'M SORRY BUT HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A CHICKADEE AND A HUMMINGBIRD INTERACT? There should be far more carnage and animosity in that image

No. 572096

File: 1525297107262.png (1.02 MB, 1142x691, Untitled.png)

anisa is so disgusting

how can she say idubbbz is messy when she treats her mascara like toilet scrub

No. 572108

pearfax here I gotchu fam im in the progress of uploading some new things can anyone point me where she makes fun of celerys girlfriend?

No. 572111

The first five minutes of the stream from yesterday I believe.

Keep doing the lord’s work.

No. 572183

thanks fam, always there in a clutch.

It's the first 25 minutes (the good parts happen from 15-22)
you can grab the entire jinx-anisa vod too for future use since that entire session is cringe gold

wish i could help out more

No. 572601

File: 1525348417692.png (832.35 KB, 1242x2208, AECF0713-D3D1-4EE6-A70B-5CFD8B…)

Why are you chewing with your mouth open? This is actually disgusting! Why?!

No. 572830

File: 1525375819767.jpeg (373.92 KB, 1242x2208, 14124641-DF66-42A7-B318-EF6EA7…)

Anyone know what this is all about?

No. 572843

File: 1525376613887.jpeg (28.92 KB, 282x452, 004C511E-917D-48C8-9561-C659EE…)

This shit is not cute. Greasy baldy tracks

No. 572846

she talked about how ian thought her place was small at the beginning of the steam, they're still together and talking

No. 572849

According to her, he should’ve been back visiting by now

No. 572942

They probably broke up I have a feeling

No. 572983

idk why would she constantly mention ian though?

No. 572987

She would be snotting all over the place saying how shitty a bf he was if that were true

No. 573002


>the holocaust was justified

HOLY SHIT LOL Anisa is great

No. 573007


This is one for PEARFAX.

No. 573013


someone better record or download this clip because it's gonna be gone soon. A lot of the celery clips are gone and I was only a day late

No. 573025

Blitz loves BLACK PEOPLE and hates asian
(anisa's ex jeff was mentioned)

No. 573030

I cannot anymore today with all her shit. Dogs REALLY know peoples ethnicity, huh? This shits tew much. I would like her to continue running her mouth, though. Pear solid gold hits.

No. 573031

She’s talking about doing a throwback titty stream next week. Gotta pay that rent, boyyys

No. 573034


holy shit first the venus thing now this holy shit cant wait for venus fans to look at thiss they are gonna raise hell once they see her making fun of venus ohh man this is gon be guuud boyz

No. 573061

… she's joking right?

No. 573079


"I could totally date women if it weren't for the equipment that came with it": https://clips.twitch.tv/WrongStupidMushroomPartyTime

"I would be gay if it weren't for vaginas": https://clips.twitch.tv/ArbitraryRepleteFlamingoOMGScoots

No. 573082

holy shit just call me cleopatra cuz we be bathing in all this milk

No. 573111

Anisa's ex bestfriend telling Anisa to stop FUCKING recording in her home


No. 573150

“They don’t care”

Yeah, no. You’re filming at someone’s home and agreed to only keep the camera on you. I’m glad her friend said hell naw.

No. 573173

Sorry guys I'm just gonna drop some lulzy old clips

>Anisa doesnt want to see laci/chris fuckin


>Anisa thinks Tana is pretty


>Anisa hates that Ian always scares her with loud noises


>Ian IS abusive (said jokingly, but good sound clip)


>out of context muted clip, looks like shes about to cry


>Ian calls during her stream (this is nearing the 'i want to break up with idubbbz' leaks)


>Anisa doxxes keemstar


No. 573221

>Ian calls during her stream (this is nearing the 'i want to break up with idubbbz' leaks) https://clips.twitch.tv/KathishAgreeableHorseradishBuddhaBar[

It was clipped August 24, but the stream is from July.

This is a clip from one of her late August streams: https://clips.twitch.tv/IcyBenevolentQueleaTBTacoLeft

No. 573227

nearing means "close to", july comes before the month of august

No. 573231

anisa says she would date a trans woman

No. 573233

She says just about anything for attention.

No. 573365

File: 1525410726251.jpeg (897.72 KB, 1000x1500, DA1FFC98-1F2A-4EAC-B16F-539EA7…)

status of the thread at this point

No. 573385

kek too bad the mods wont take us off autosage lol even if there was breaking news that anisa was preggers.

No. 573418

lol, this is such a baaasic thing to say, but now with all this unprompted talk of her sexuality, her obsession with celery and her jealousy over the gf, methinks anisa's questioning her sexuality. if she and celery haven't already hooked up.

No. 573432

File: 1525422147785.jpeg (150.56 KB, 750x1200, D1FF66ED-82A1-4FD4-9F76-676DB6…)

Actual crying bc someone posted this on PULL comparing her shitty extensions to Tana’s

No. 573536

File: 1525440180727.png (1.36 MB, 996x587, lolcow.PNG)


Come to think of it, Anisa is kind of brave in a way. She's willing to shame women who are astronomically more feminine than she is, and yet she posts pictures of her disgusting self, open to everyone, open to criticism. I made a side by side comparison of Anisa and Venus - what the fuck is Anisa on to shame her? Venus is so much more beautiful, and granted, Venus has her own issues, but objectively speaking, Venus is MUCH more attractive. Anisa is 24 and Venus is 21, and although it's only a 3 year difference Anisa already looks like she's had 4 kids and it feels like every "I gO tO tHee gYm!11" selfie she uploads, she's updating everyone on her post pregnancy body. Even though Venus looks young for her age, Anisa is aging terribly and has no right to call out other girls on their looks when she looks the way she does.

No. 573540

tbh it wouldn't be surprised if they could. different races do smell differently, i'm not sure exactly what determines it, but i know that asians for example have on average less sweat glands than other races. anecdotally, i can attest that different races do smell differently. might have something to do with diet or something.

No. 573542

is she lurking this thread? i swear half of these clips are deleted

No. 573562

Well it’s confirmed that her mom lurks so she probably has her or Kailey constantly on here

No. 573567

I agree with some of this, although, brave is something I don’t see in her. Sheer lack of self-awareness is more like it.

No. 573797

She’s streaming again. Let’s hope the milk continues to flow

No. 573801

why is anisa so fucking salty? I'm watching the vod of her latest stream and she mentioned something like

I get more viewers than Hayli(a girl in her twitch group) but she has like 600 subs, I've never been able reach even 500

No. 573996

This dirtbag is probably basing her disgust with vaginas on her own nasty “equipment”…

No. 574004

Anyone gonna try to talk to her in the twitch chat? She responds to a lot of the comments. She's live right now: https://www.twitch.tv/anisajomha

No. 574551

File: 1525550314958.jpeg (328.98 KB, 750x756, B9CD2200-4017-43DD-9FB5-59B532…)

Anisa gives me a strong gay vibe. Especially on her twitter. Maybe that’s why she seems so uncomfortable and not genuine in everything that she does. And further explains the awkwardness with Ian.

No. 574566

Nah. I think her weird social encounters with women is just from her constantly surrounding herself with men she wants to fuck. With that, she does the same with women cause she doesn’t know how to treat people otherwise. Not to mention, her acting physically interested in women gets her neck beard fans more interested.

With Ian, she’s probably trying to maintain her persona so he doesn’t lose interest. She doesn’t have all the aspects of her “I’m idubbbz special girlfriend” personality worked out so she’s mixing parts of her real personality in there and that’s why their relationship is in the shitter.

Obviously this is all tinfoiling but you know…

No. 574670

No. 574689

i get very veryyy strong gay vibes from anisa too, but i don't see it in her social media posts either tbh.

the thing about anisa is that she's so hateful toward other girls because she's got a really unhealthy relationship with her gender in general. she's jealous of other girls (no matter how potentially gay she is) so she doesn't know how to interact with women. she's inauthentic and fake when she compliments girls like in that post because she doesn't actually mean it, so it comes off as really over the top because she honestly doesn't know how to be nice.

No. 574933

File: 1525590510204.jpeg (526.28 KB, 1242x1302, BD36FE61-6BCB-4216-9C5A-3D46E3…)

Wow pear is so woke

No. 575390

I thought Canada was a super liberal country, then how come pear actin so conservative? Oh wait. I forgot, her boyfriend IDUBBBZ is more conservative…

No. 575394

And her real love Chris Ray Gunn is all about this shit.

No. 575398

File: 1525647665622.png (23.17 KB, 1123x171, S72h7Mu.png)

He would pat her head and "approve" of her right opinions. Pic related his comment on one of her old shoe0nhead type videos.

No. 575519

god the way she talks is so needlessly aggressive and confrontational.

she's probably been riding the high she got from that comment for two years.

No. 575599

File: 1525665174146.jpg (396.06 KB, 1200x581, sad.jpg)

Found an inconsistency for anisa mc liar pants

Looks like Ian told her she could have whatever she wanted for her birthday so she asked for a $1000 camera, but framed it like he surprised her with it like a "good caring boyfriend" lmao

when she does break up with idubbbz, at least she could say she got a camera out of it

No. 575641

This is a common misconception about Canada. Though we currently have a Liberal government in office and are undoubtedly more liberal than other countries, Alberta in particular is quite conservative. The province seems like an extension of the American midwest. Anisa comes off like a lot of people I encountered growing up (including some of my family): conservative-leaning and uneducated, yet seriously outspoken. Even her whole "one of the boys"/ "not like the other girls" attitude is par for the course there. That sort of mindset was probably heavily reinforced for her during her years playing sports on predominately male teams. I am guessing that Ian and her probably bonded over their mutual edgelord sense of humor. Anyways sorry for the off topic discussion, just trying to give some context.

No. 575847

Ah I see doesn’t change the fact she’s a bitch

No. 575894

Doesn't she complain about how conservative Alberta is though? I thought she wanted to move to BC cause it's more liberal. She def has the edgelor