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File: 1538251487146.png (409.23 KB, 900x900, Cryaotic.png)

No. 700379

Thread to discuss Cryaotic.

>Cry has allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne.

>Accusations of pedophilia.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2yrDg7wROzElRGoLQH82A

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Cryaotic

No. 700381

First time I’ve heard anything bad about him but cheating isn’t milk, can you post any links to pedo accusations or actual milk?

No. 700382

Was wondering when this guy would get a new thread.

No. 700384

As I remember, there was a thread a while back, mainly about his ex girlfriend. I'll try to find it.

No. 700385

No. 700400

>being this new
cry and his gf have been cows on here for a long, long time.


No. 700498

>defending a pathetic OP like this

where's the milk

No. 700534

seconding >>700381, where are the accusations?

No. 700536

A link was already posted by >>700385
Not so much of an accusation, more fact.

No. 700551

Went through that “evidence” but it’s all pretty vague and the chats that were posted seem untrustworthy. Op of the thread that was linked sounds like vendetta-chan and wasn’t able to provide any real “facts” or witnesses to back up the claims. Pretty flimsy evidence imo

No. 700575

I quite like Cry's channel tbh, out of all the lets players he's never changed. Markiplier and his ilk are OTT, when if you compare it to their videos from some years ago they weren't Jacksepticeye is a really good example of this, before he was an average let's player, (tbh, he isn't really good at it to me, he rarely explores the games) now? He's really fuckin over the top and overall just annoying.

A pedo (or ephebophile) is Yamimash, I unsubbed after the accusations as I believed them without proof, lmao. Didn't matter because he admitted to it anyway. Haven't checked on his channel after that, but at the time he was a dude in his 30's living in his mom's basement making lets play videos, had an 18 yo gf (red flag) and unsurprisingly got exposed for having an underage fan (14 at the time) sending him pics of her tits. He claims he didn't know her age, and then proceeded to say something about her big boobs, lmao. He had to make sure all his fans knew he wasn't a pedo, as he's an ephebophile he made sure to tell everyone he isn't a pedo because "pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent kids" then gave the age range that they're attracted to. Nice touch, Yami.

No. 700591

I'm not defending the OP, but you're dumb if you don't know cry is a cow.

No. 700639

Has Cry ever chimped? I feel like "do they chimp" is the best litmus test for whether or not someone is a cow.

I feel like he hasn't, but I'm pretty out of the loop on Cry, so he might actualy have.

No. 700944

Is it just me who doesn't believe the whole cheating thing?
We knew way before they announced their break up that Cry and Cheyenne split.
I feel like maybe when they split in private, Cry ended up having feelings for someone else. But they weren't "publicly" broken up so Cheyenne calls it cheating or some shit.
She's spoke about it twice now. I just don't feel right about it.

No. 700945

cheyenne is known to be a bitch, could be possible

No. 700947

It's pathetic that Cry unfollowed her weeks ago, and she's only JUST unfollowed him after publicly calling him a cheater lmao.

No. 700950

>Has Cry ever chimped? I feel like "do they chimp" is the best litmus test for whether or not someone is a cow.

top kek

No. 701033

They unfollowed each other?
Phf, and they were trying to act like they're still friends.

No. 701041

Mentally ill. Unable to control his emotions. Malignant.
Stay away from him.

No. 701045

Care to expand on that?

No. 701051

wtf is there any pics to prove this shit or is this speculation? Did something happen on last night's stream???

No. 701055

I'm not trying to diss on OP but the discription is the weakest shit I have ever seen.

>Cry has allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne.

>Accusations of pedophilia.

I know his girlfriend was shit but she's gone. If you have actual recent proof on Cry himself then I need to see it. Otherwise, I'm going to assume this is vendetta shit (probably Cheyenne starting this thread).

No. 701060

Chey had a girlfriend (who was her friend long before that) almost the instant they broke up. She literally tweets 24/7 about her gf, why is she stirring shit for the millionth time? Thought losing her e-famous bf would kill her thirst for attention but apparently not.

Even if he did cheat on her, a) she was an emotionally abusive cunt and b) they broke up a year ago. No one fucking cares about her anymore.

No. 701073

I wouldn't doubt Cheyenne starting this, honestly.

No. 701079

Honestly, the responses such as

are not even dried milk worthy. Big shit, they unfollowed each other and Cry likes to be passive and professional and say they're on good terms. So what?

No. 701086

Not really milk, but I'm curious. Around December last year, Cheyenne streamed and said something along the lines of "Cry was never a bad boyfriend", but if those screenshots are real and are actually from Ocean herself, it means he would have cheated in 2014.
So why would she say he was never a bad boyfriend if he cheated in 2014?

No. 701117

Cry wasn't the cow, Chey was. All his "milk" was just shit Chey had a hand in.

Now that Chey's no longer relevant, the milk's gone dry. Only two bullet points, really? I smell a vendetta-chan.

No. 701158

read the previous responses, I agree 100% it's probably Chey

No. 701174

If not chey, then probably that ocean chick starting shit again

No. 701365

Old milk that's turned into cheese. Cry was never a cow, his ex Chey was. There's a reason why the threads died out.

No. 703228

lol you guys think that cheyenne started this? she's moved on.

No. 703552

>she's moved on
yeah i just checked, still looking like a crusty chimp but she managed to find herself a dirty looking, but still prettier than her, gf

No. 703592

Stop bumping threads if there’s no milk

No. 704703

if she had moved on, then she wouldn’t have her “cheaters” merch still

No. 704707

Read the rules and usage guide and stop bumping this thread without providing new content.


No. 729592

File: 1541788834788.png (246.85 KB, 1080x1306, No Politics.png)

Since we have a new Cry thread I'm going to go ahead and link some of the older posts about Angel/LoveXombie since she is a person of interest, and as an update from the JonTron drama Cry still let her come back.


The status of their relationship is currently unclear. In the past Angel has expressed they are just friends, although she seems to take no issue with using Cry's streams to boost her own views. She also likes to post a lot of "lol im sad :'( #sorelatable" content typical of a snowflake.

>out of all the lets players he's never changed
Lol no, that's a fat load. He's definitely a Twitch streamer now and doesn't upload youtube LPs like he used to. He even commented about it in the announcement video about cancelling the Vampyr playthrough because he wasn't enjoying it and the videos weren't getting a lot of views.
You can also look back at his older videos and notice that before dating Chey he didn't use so much ghetto slang. Now it's been ingrained into his personality and he doesn't even realize it was from Chey and her ghetto lifestyle. I think his politics also changed over time, whereas years ago he was right-leaning/centrist and sometime around 2012 it became more apparent he started leaning left. He has definitely changed over time and in more ways than one.

In fact, let's look at how his youtube channel's going these days
Looks like his sub count's been on a downward trend for a while now, he's lost 835 subscribers in the past 30 days as of posting this. Surely it wouldn't have anything to do with how his youtube account has become a Twitch stream announcement channel, right?

I honestly don't know what's worse, Cry himself or the cows he seems to attract like flies to honey. I'm inclined to believe the latter, mainly because Cry is good at cleaning up behind himself and keeping his mouth shut in public. Pic related. These should really be "Cryaotic Community" threads or "Cry and Friends General" if anything, but currently there's just not much to go off of. Even this post is scraping the barrel. Maybe someday something will happen but until then Cry's career is a sinking ship. The only reason he's still afloat is because of social connections and loyal fans holding on to the past.

No. 818122

Angel and cry are definitely an item, just wish it wasn't so obvious to the rest of the viewers, very annoying.
But she's not chey and she's a good sport so I'll keep that illusion. For now.

I'm always afraid these love-interests / ruin the dynamic for the audience but I don't think most people see much into it.

Hell if they were to come out now, the audience would clap with approval.

No. 818130

Samefag but He doesn't care much about his youtube channel, and he mentioned this before so he knows his subs are tanking. He said many times that by working on his anxiety and stress he's been learning to take stuff one at a time to deal with it. And he's life isn't sinking. He's got it make and continues to get hundreds subbed to his twitch. And he's gotten more comfortable with his audience, which everyone is happy and more receptive of.

No. 826262

To be honest, dunno if I would call him a pedophile but the fact that he dated Chey when she was still in high school and he was in his twenties seems pretty predatory. And the fact that he cheated with that ocean chick, who was also a minor at the time. Hes definitely a creep.

No. 826264

wow, I was really hoping this thread was necro'd for a purpose. But its just a retard that nobody cares about posting their boring thoughts. do you have friends?

No. 826265

I actually genuinely just found this thread so I wanted to put my two cents in, sorry

No. 826289

can't believe this guy keeps making content, i used to watch him back when pewdiepie made let's plays with him
did we ever get to know how he looks like? chey wasn't that pretty but he used to have a lot of fangirls bc of his voice so..
sage for offtopic

No. 826310

I always wanted to strangle him to death, his voice was so off-putting and extremely fake. He had the personality of cardboard. Didn't expect him to have multiple threads on lolcow. His face was never revealed.

No. 826899

he didn't really, it was all about his ex, cheyenne. the threads were all about her.

No. 828820

is he dating Angel?

No. 839907

File: 1563473228809.png (84.81 KB, 275x206, Cry's face.png)

The first couple Let's Go Pikachu streams pretty much confirmed that they live together/have physical contact IRL.

Cry was such a goddamn fucking creep during those streams
>"Guys can be cute too, damn it!"
>"I'm 30 and I'm cute!"
>getting corrected by his chat over gender politics
>"Tomboys are hot, I love short hair on girls"
>Angel goading him into complimenting long hair bc apparently she has long hair
Also "2019" is an inside reference between him and Angel.

Someone in the chat generically asked if Cry was ever going to get married and have kids and he quite openly said "Yeah sure eventually, whenever Angel feels like it" or something very close to that. He definitely namedropped Angel.
They are not subtle at all and the mods just continue to go "no shipping allowed!"
Normal people don't do this shit, normal people don't go so far as to try to control their audience from playing cupid when it's clear as day they are dating off-stream. It's strange.

I predicted a while back that they would go ahead and date. I was right on the money. It's a testament to the fact Cry is ugly, lazy, and could only ever get a girlfriend if he met/manipulated her online first.

>And he's life isn't sinking. He's got it make and continues to get hundreds subbed to his twitch. And he's gotten more comfortable with his audience, which everyone is happy and more receptive of.
Yeah, because it's the same 60+ group of people that have blindly followed him for years, some of which also have skeletons in the closet and feel safety in numbers in their little hugbox community. Not enough to be cows themselves, but enough to look at Cry's dating history and not even bat an eye.

Imagine if someone actually made a big public callout post highlighting the Ocean/Chey drama and put it next to his current behavior and it picked up wind. It would scare away plenty of his current viewership.

>He said many times that by working on his anxiety and stress

He has every right to have "anxiety" and be stressed when he dated two teenagers as 20+ y/o adult, cheating on one of them with the other about 10 years younger than himself, and has a current audience that strongly buys into policing morals that would go up in flames pretty quickly if they knew about his pedo behavior. It would effectively put the final blow into his internet career.

He would actually have to get a real job instead of playing video games for money, oh no.

This was posted several threads back.

No. 841133

File: 1563644442104.jpg (90.86 KB, 1153x693, cryaotic_cosplay_by_my_smoshy_…)

LOL people were always hyping him up to look like some picrel tumblr gamer boy, if that actually is him than wow i'm surprised he even got cheyenne.

i'm not surprised

No. 841561

Damn you have it out for them, lol. That picture has floated around forever, hard to say if it's him honestly.

Angel definitely doesn't live with him. It seems you can't tell the difference between joking playfully and being sincere. Angel still talks about being in Minnesota on her streams, and Cry is in Florida.

It's obvious that Cry has a crush on her in the very least, but she does seem to dodge it a lot. Hard to say if they're actually together or if he just wants to be.

If they did date, Angel would at least be an improvement on his choices in the past.

No. 841693

File: 1563736206833.jpg (188.61 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20190721-140544_Dis…)

>They are not subtle at all and the mods just continue to go "no shipping allowed!"
>Normal people don't do this shit

Angel posted this in a discord late last year on why the mods are weird about shipping. Worried about posting this because I don't want to give my identity away, but Angel had a lot of issues with Russ, that she went into further after this, but she explained why she isn't around as much.

No. 842173

>It seems you can't tell the difference between joking playfully and being sincere.
Doesn't make the utter lack of self-awareness creepy as shit, and when it's not creepy it's incredibly fake and empty lol. I guess you aren't bothered by a 30 y/o still acting like a quirky pizza sloth myspace teen.

>If they did date, Angel would at least be an improvement on his choices in the past.

That's like saying "dirt is an upgrade from shit"; You're not wrong, but goddamn that's pretty sad for it having to be said in the first place.

Then again, garbage attracts garbage and that's why Cry and Chey dated for as long as they did after all the crap they both pulled, especially on Chey's behalf. I almost want to say Angel should do better if she's even considering reciporicating Cry's awkward stockholm crush.

That's a hilariously immature way to handle it, holy fuck. Instead of directly telling your audience that you aren't comfortable with it, just tiptoe around the fact and make a "no shipping" rule. Yeah, that sounds smart! That could never possibly become a problem should you ever want to date another fellow streamer, or anyone else with an online presence for that matter. Nothing could go wrong!

It's unfair that the mods have been thrown under the bus like that with the hypocritical way the rule has been tossed. Really tasteless. Again, this is not how people who don't do all this "my life is super private but I also want to entertain and be part of the e-celeb web" nonsense deal with these issues.

Either one is small enough to nip it in the bud and have these conversations directly with the people initiating it (be it pulling them aside privately or making a public statement but refusing to give names while reassuring you don't want said individuals getting harrassed by the rest of your audience), or one is a massively popular e-celeb that knows there's always going to be a certain weirdo subculture that's gonna do it anyway even if you make it crystal clear and firmly ask them not to, so you just don't let it bother you at all. The majority of streamers and youtubers fit into the former category, since the latter you can practically count on your hands.

The clarfication is appreciated though, thank you for going out of your way for that post.
Nobody's going to rat you out, it'd be pretty hard to. Besides, do they even look on this corner of the web? Would they even think to without someone weening?

I can't blame Angel for wanting nothing to do with Russ, his laugh has always been incredibly obnoxious and one of the biggest reasons why I never fully latched onto LNC. I'm sure other people are more up-to-date on his baggage than I am.

No. 842190

I've met him a few times, that's not him, sorry. He got out of shape with Chey but that's because she's a soul sucker, he was never on his way to be a contestant for My 600lb Life. He looks like a normal guy, no downsie nose either. Def not a tumblr boy but not that thing.

No. 842198

No. 842211

where did this photo come from and what's the proof that's him? havent been following his drama much but i've been interested in seeing his face for years

No. 842224

It floated around tumblr, some anonymous person made a blog and said it was him. It's hard to say if it is him either way.

No. 842225

Fucking lol. And why should we believe you, random anon coming out of the bushwork proclaiming that you've "met him a few times and he looks TOTALLY NORMAL GUIZ MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE"

Post proof or gtfo

tbh Cry's angsty crybaby behavior has been getting on my nerves for a while now. It was sorta funny in 2011 but after almost ten years him still acting like a "quirky pizza sloth myspace teen" like you said it's getting so old. I was a fan back then when he was posting LPs on youtube and have tried watching his streams a few times but it's just so boring. There's nothing new there.

No. 842415

Yeah I have to agree. He's cringy as hell now. Dodging around issues, avoiding addressing them.. and the way he downplays himself is really obnoxious and sounds like he's trying to get reassurance from his viewers. Isn't he over 30 by now?

No. 842467

hasn't he just recently been getting his life kinda of track? i remember him talking about finally getting on adhd medication on his pokemon platinum stream and how it's improved his life

No. 842468

hasn't he just recently been getting his life kinda of track? i remember him talking about finally getting on adhd medication on his pokemon platinum stream and how it's improved his life

No. 842473

I mean yeah, he's been doing a lot better with getting medicated and working on a lot of things, but there's nothing to talk about unless it's tearing him down for being human, I guess.

There's literally no milk here, folks.

No. 842512

Not that anon, but I agree that it seems like he's always fishing for compliments when he does stuff like that.

So let people talk? Every thread is about talking shit and speculating so I don't see what the problem is? Cry isn't exempt from that.

No. 842597

the person in this thumbnail is hotter than Cry will ever be. I absolutely am convinced the real Cry is a fat neckbeard ginger

No. 842599

Pretty sure he's at least 31 or 32 now

No. 842707

You can easily look this up. He turned 30 in June.

No. 842849

I'm surprised he's managed to keep his face hidden for so long

No. 842888

Sounds like someone is bitter, from Cry's discord?

No. 842889

This, people here obviously have a vendatta

No. 852658

You already posted that much, might as well include any other screenshots and just censor names.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 852968

>>839907 >>841133
Now this is a face and name I didn't expect to see again.

>It floated around tumblr, some anonymous person made a blog and said it was him.
While I don't have concrete evidence, I do want to share this.

I was the creator of that blog, and I can tell you that this is 100% Cry.

I did some digging back in 2012-2013 and ended up finding his mom's Facebook profile. That's where I got pictures and screenshots from.
I'm pretty sure that I posted at least one other picture of him at an outdoor wedding ceremony. Again, it has been years and I've forgotten much about it. Anyone here who happened to see the blog at the time might remember that picture and there being more proof posted on there in general.

I ended up regretting my actions and removing the blog. I'm surprised to see that this one picture survived through reblogs, while everything else disappeared when I deactivated the blog.

Reading about some of his actions and behavior the past years is the reason why I'm ok in "exposing" him again and want to confirm that this is him. The thought of him using others' fantasy idea and image of him to his advantage and to manipulate young girls disturbs me. I want to confront them with reality: Cry is not some hot cute stud. Behind the mask is just a normal, overweight, and quite unattractive man.

I'm surprised that nobody else in his life or community has ever come forward to confirm that this is him, not even one of his exes.

No. 853133

the person in the background is cry right? and the person in the center is his mom?

No. 853182

I'm also surprised none of his ex friends exposed his looks. But i think most people can piece together he's a neckbeard from his actions.

No. 853323

No. Cry is the person wearing sunglasses.

No. 853427

oh god LOL.

No. 853587

Well that explains why he's so hellbent on not showing his face. Yikes.

No. 853777

how do you all know it's him?

No. 853778

obviously, people here seem strangely angry at him for no reason, there's literally no drama

No. 853834

No one knows if it's him. No one's come forward because there's no proof. In any case, who fucking cares. This is the oldest milk I've ever seen.

No. 853845

That post is almost a month old, who cares.

No. 855080

File: 1566178690373.jpg (167.01 KB, 1440x1030, IMG_82musy.jpg)

No. 855082

File: 1566178778673.jpg (93.48 KB, 1427x360, Screenshot_20190818-014333.jpg)

i went thru his blog again because i wanted to see if something was still there and the fact that he was in his 20s and… the way he typed and acted was kinda cringe on god

No. 855084

File: 1566178851751.png (34.1 KB, 746x156, 967348ed-5363-4310-8409-70306a…)

No. 855121

Well, what were you looking for? This thread was understandable during the Chey drama but lately it feels like some people are trying to stir up a general dislike towards Cry, but like, why? Not trying to defend anyone, it just sounds like there might be random secret milk or vendetta that nobody is admitting to.

No. 855131

There are multiple people here, though. If they want to talk about him, then what's the problem? There's always a whiteknight trying to gatekeep the thread.

No. 855196

I'm not the same anon but I do think it's strange to talk about stuff that's 5 years old.

No. 855648

not to mention 5 year old musty drama about an online borderline non-entity with very little proof that absolutely noone cares about. Why the fuck yall still talkin about this shit? There's nothing to even talk about

No. 855721

>Why the fuck yall still talkin about this shit?
>says the person who bumps the thread

No. 861904


No. 864766

How can you have vendetta over laughing at someone who sabotaged his own career with drama and mental illness? Seems like the opposite, really.

You're right, his name is relatively obscure now. A lot of streamers and youtubers have risen over Cry in the entertainment industry. Many years ago, if you asked someone to reccommend you some good youtubers to watch Cry's name would'be at least been one of the top ten or twenty. That isn't the case anymore.
In his own words,
>When you're doing youtube, you're sitting there alone with your thoughts and uh, it hasn't been the best place in the thoughts I guess, until I get everything worked out.
He went to Twitch because the Twitch viewership gives him more immediate attention and validation than a sea of youtube comments. It also allows his mods to filter out criticism or negativity more easily.

I agree that his oldest posts are old milk now and not worth looking into beyond seeing them for comparison. Over time Cry shifted from being politically unbiased to mostly left-leaning/politically correct, which turned away viewers that wanted an unbiased entertainer like he used to emphasize as one of his content's features. Cheyenne and Angel are both very politically biased and both had a part to play in that, which is why past threads were geared more specifically as "Cryaotic and friends".

His most recent Cry Talks video is pretty interesting, he directly says "I never got to grow up" (awful mentality btw, lots of pedos use that exact phrase to excuse their bullshit) and "I kind of never stopped just simply being a middle brother, or just like a fucking kid mentally I guess."
Really clarifies all his immature behavior, both past and present.

I'm glad to hear that he's getting therapy and medication, but I also don't think Youtube/Twitch is a good career for him. Maybe as a profitable hobby, but it's pretty mutually agreed upon that his popularity died out when the Let's Play/horror game popularity era died years ago.

His shit is only worth talking about at all because people will always be curious about the "what happened?" and "where are they now" of past celebrities, including e-celebrities. The fact that he is actually seeking self-improvement when in the past he was fine with letting things fester is worth noting.

Maybe he can finally stop being a cow, or at least be downgraded to a personal cow if he keeps acting like he never had sour grapes towards other entertainers that actually put more of themselves out there for their viewers. Pewdiepie is still a sore subject for him lol.

No. 864885

The fact that he is still making a career off of twitch, and the video you linked has thousands upon thousands of positive comments, proves that his career was never "sabotaged" and maybe he's happier with a smaller audience.
He clearly is making enough.

Cheyenne was the cow. She still is a cow with her obsession of her girlfriend and thinking that because she's attractive she's "made it" while still tweeting trashy videos of her girlfriend' 's ass, offering to sell pictures, and talking about doing coke.
I don't know why you keep bringing up Angel, personally. She doesn't seem to do anything worth of note.. Like, ever.

No. 865333

Not politically biased? If you think that he was anything other than a liberal, you're crazy. He didn't talk about politics much, lots of people didn't before Trump, but he was very proudly pansexual and very obviously liberal. You sound like a sad snowflake conservative if you think that matters. Cry has always been all-inclusive.

No. 867812

File: 1568317781442.jpg (353.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190910_114809_com…)

I only just recently came across this thread so I'm sorry if I'm not doing this right, but my friend recently sent me this screenshot of a conversation between herself and Cry. She was 15 at the time, this was the same time frame that he was dating Cheyenne if I'm correct.
She sent me some other screenshots but nothing incriminating.
I've only had one interaction with the guy but he's always had something off about him so I didn't bother continuing to talk to him.

No. 867813

If it happened years ago then it isn't really relevant.

No. 867821

Oh ok. Sorry, ignore me then!

No. 867857

Yeah it might have happened years ago but if he was perving on a 15 year old then there’s potential milk there to discover.

No. 867992

That says Disneyland. He lives in Florida, and they have DisneyWORLD. Also, I don't think he's ever gone by "Cry" on any messenger, at any time.

Fake harder, dude.

No. 868024

Why do people keep necroing this thread when they have no milk

No. 868076

I haven't read this Cryaotic Fan Thread in a minute but even locals mix the two US Disneys up from time to time

No. 868097

I can assure you, this is fake as fuck. Once again, he's never gone by Cry on any messenger. He's never met anyone from the internet with the exception of Cheyenne.

No. 868845

Ah, so you know Ocean then? How is she fairing? Can you give us any more information?

What the fuck do you mean you "assure" that it's fake? We literally have proof that it was real from past threads leaking the same exact conversations years ago. He did share his number with Ocean amd we have the logs for it right here: >>700385

You are clearly a fan of his, that's why you keep defending him with stupid shit like >>864885
And yeah, Angel did make a clown of herself on stream back when she openly admitted that she thinks JonTron is a nazi.

Either you need to show evidence as to why anyone should listen to you and have aby sort of credibility or stop posting ITT immediately. I'm pretty sure you're also the same anon that keeps claiming the obese sunglasses guy isn't Cry but you won't post a real picture of him either, or any other evidence that would prove you know him personally.

You realize once you have someone's phone number you can edit the way you see their profile on your device however you want, right? You are so damn suspicious it's not funny.

No. 868850

NTA but you totally ignored the Disney World bit. This is one of those threads that's made and kept alive just by weird randos who know the cow personally and/or are moderately obsessed. Unfortunate, I was hoping for actual gossip lol.

No. 868916

She said jontron is a racist, which… He is? Why would you defend jontron lol

That isn't ocean. They're saying it's another nondescript friend of theirs. Literally anyone can make a fake phone conversation. I also don't know what the anon talking about locals mixing them is talking about, they literally get DisneyWORLD beaten into them by advertisements in Florida. No one mixes them up.

No. 868936

Hey, I was the one who posted the screenshot and I just thought I'd chip in.

My friend is from the UK and visited Florida fairly frequently, but our nearest Disney is in Paris which I think is called Disneyland? People from the UK get them mixed up ALL the time.
His Skype name was also under Cryaotic but she changed it to Cry.
I know she couldn't make it up as I was in a call with him for a couple minutes, but as I've said that's pretty much the only interaction I've had with him.

I don't know much about the Ocean situation, but from what I'm reading something similar must have happened to them?

The guys a predator, no sugar coating it. Obviously you're all entitled to believe what you want though

No. 868939

Sorry for the double post but the guys destroyed her mental health, I just wanted people to be aware of what type of person he really is.
I'm sorry if that's offended anyone.

No. 868957

Do you have any actual proof? Pictures? Usually when people go places they take pictures.

No. 868971

I know she took quite a lot of pictures, yeah. Not sure if she's comfortable sharing them but I'll ask her.

No. 868980

Can always blur out her face. It's just not believable without proof. We'll be waiting.

No. 868983

File: 1568570313579.png (42.67 KB, 477x876, cryaoticphonecall.png)

phone conversations are just so easy to fake, guys.

No. 869197

that video contradicts everything you are saying. People support him, he admits he has problems, and has moved on. You are bitter because he isn't posting on Youtube. Just grow the fuck up and watch him on twitch.

No. 869241

>contradicts what you're saying
>look, he's finally admitting he's immature and trying to get better
ok stupid

No. 869242

I'm not going to go into it because the JonTron drama veers right into politics and has to do with a pedophile careercow, but it was widely inappropriate of Angel to bring up JonTron on stream when the conversation was "what other youtubers do you watch?" months after the tea went cold. She also said she watches beauty youtubers and the beauty youtube community is also a fucking circus.

No. 869311

Uh, OK? So what if she watches beauty YouTube videos. You're bringing up something she said well over a year ago. She still doesn't do anything, lol. You're quite the little vendetta-chan, aren't you?

I disagree that it was inappropriate to bring up anything during stream. Why is talking about a youtuber inappropriate? Or was it that the opinion stated just made you upset?

Previous posts of yours link to a discussion of youtubers and you brought up the jontron thing then, siting that was a "hill she would die on," yet literally no one cares… Mostly because people agree with it lol

No. 869328

If you are there to do nothing but whiteknight and argue with people who you think are wrong, please leave. No one cares about you.

No. 869361

Could say the same about vendetta-chan. No one's white knighting. I want actual milk.

No. 869996

you are really offended about Johntron huh? You sure you aren't just jealous of Angel being close to Cry?

No. 871065

File: 1569017124738.jpg (145.69 KB, 1080x665, Screenshot_20190920-170341_Chr…)

I know this is Cheyenne related but she's "selling pics" for a snake and the trashiness scale is off the charts! Anyone want pictures of Cheyenne for money? 😜

No. 876294

Interesting that people still post here from time to time. It feels like there's something they haven't quite let go about the guy yet. Myself included I guess hehe
There are indeed a few possibilities to consider that can explain what we have seen /heard:
- The couple might have been going thru rough patches and that is when cry went and explored new grounds with new people for example with ocean or other girls. Chey wasn't happy about this and somehow they managed to make up. The reason why we can consider this possibility is that it doesn't make sense to use your celebrity name to make romantic contact with other people while you have not publicly broken up with the person you are publicly in a relationship with. It just doesn't make sense because anyone can see what risk of scandal can ensue and has ensued.
.. therefore..It is possible the girls who reported the incidents were hurt and wanted to make a case of it and they had changed his name on their phones for their conversations which made them feel good at the time/ gave them a certain elation understandably, and which they now felt could be used against him
- It is just as possible that C&C didn't want to break up publicly so they kept at it as if they were still together while quietly being able to see new people. As mentioned, it still doesn't make sense why Cry would use his screen name on any of his romantic correspondence at this time.
- yes it might also be possible that he thinks he can deny everything after the fact while still using his name because really he thinks he can get away with anything.. hmm.. he must love drama alot. but I think given how easily stressed the guy seems to be, this is not likely
- Maybe the conversations that people like ocean and others had were just fake or taken out of context?
- On another note, maybe cry is not the age he says he is? He could easily be the same age as Cheyenne we really don't know haha

And on a final note albeit another side note, since Angel has also been mentioned in this thread, I just think it's hard to be close with two people when one obviously really hates the other. And I don't understand why Angel would put cry in a position like that (and cry lets her) while Russ actually seems to be a decent guy

Oh wait one more thought.. if the girl said she went to the amusement park with him and she still maintained close contact with him after that.. either she really fell in love with him.. kudos for the then lovebirds.. or.. he actually isn't as ugly as that picture says he is afterall! Aha!
Or else she was lying!! (You can't have it all folks unless it was true love and if so amen to that!)

Thank you for hearing

No. 876486

Since apparently Angel loves you, as in everyone (other than nazis/johntron), why can't she love Russ?

It is more likely that Angel confessed to Russ but he gently let her down for which she has been bitter ever since……….

..Or maybe Angel doesn't love you/everyone/non-nazis/non-johntrons even though she keeps saying she does…

No. 876557

what are you even talking about? Are you insane?

No. 876674

They are talking about why Angel hates Russ

No. 876714

Russ tried to emotionally manipulate her into a relationship for years. She's talked about it before.

No. 876839

How does someone manipulate you into a relationship? You would have to be pretty weak and cornered for the person to think it would work.
Can you show me where she said this?

No. 876852

I can try to find it, but it was in a discord and not on stream. I guess during the Cheyenne/Sage era he was deliberately not helping her unless she dated him. She also mentioned that whenever she tried to talk to him about problems they had, or about how he treated her, he just threatened to kill himself.

No. 876867

Weren't they friends until ~2yrs ago? They were on cry's video together and tweeting on twitter.
But I think I understand it now -
If a good friend says they're a victim I guess you just gotta roll with it lol
Maybe cry knows what russ can be like so her points may be valid and he's not about to "give up" a friend just because they didn't like another friend of his coz he loves them both. And they're good friends to their friends. Pity whatever shit went down had to go down oh well

No. 876880

I'm not sure how good of friends they are anymore, with Cry canceling TGI and them never streaming together outside LNC/group streams. They don't interact on Twitter anymore either.

No. 876934

So you're saying that if I spend 8 hours on a Saturday with you, in public, we gotta hang out in public on other days as well even tho we can still hang out in private and chat in private, otherwise we're not good friends anymore? Wow
And you said you were going to be busy on Friday nights!

No. 876942

I'm just pointing out they used to hang out quite a bit and now only interact on LNC. That's all. Could be nothing.

No. 876945

while Angel gets to hang out with cry more..?
And Angel doesn't like Russ..?
How come it almost sounds like Russ has become the victim lol

No. 876988

I thought it was a little milky that Cry chose not to show the Rin reveal scene from Catherine: Full Body on stream; Despite the creators constantly saying Rin isn't trans, and even Rin saying he's a boy, some people keep pushing him as trans anyway. It's basically the Chihiro Fujisaki drama 2.0 except the pronouns aren't even much of an argument.

Here's the scene. Keep in mind, the whole game is rated Mature.

Both of the posts above you are tinfoiling and speculation. I think it's been made clear on both sides that unless there's any new major milk with valid evidence the thread will just devolve into bitchy infighting and vendetta accusations.

It's clearly not a stable friend group, especially if what Angel said about Russ is true. Not even LNC will last forever, but that goes without saying.

It'd be great appreciated if you did, if only so people who don't have access to the Discord can see it.

No. 876993

File: 1570359289925.jpg (170.82 KB, 1077x510, Screenshot_20191006-054316_Dis…)

I've found a few instances of her talking about him. It's hard to search through discord if you don't know exactly what you're looking for lol, but here's some.

No. 876995

File: 1570359344440.jpg (272.02 KB, 1080x804, Screenshot_20191006-054931_Dis…)

No. 876996

File: 1570359374698.jpg (46.01 KB, 1080x231, 20191006_055246.jpg)

No. 877217

So you're saying that someone he brought into his friend circle essentially turned his friends against him and while they talked to him about his actions as a bro, she tells everyone how his friends told him off and how he'd begged her to stay and haven't gotten over her yet
..How has he isolated her as much as she has isolated him?
I don't think he's bad-mouthed her publicly like that
Sorry if I think about this for abit
but wouldn't you excuse yourself politely if you stopped getting along with someone who brought you into their house
rather than stay and become friendlier with their friends to "help" them change? And are you really helping him by calling him out in public like that? With your soft heart?
I'm getting depressed thinking of it lol

No. 877222

This is actually a private discord, not public. He isolated her by telling people he wasn't ok with them hanging out with her anymore, that it upset him. I'm not sure why you're getting so upset about this for him. He's a 33 year old man.

No. 878026

>He says his gf left him because he wasn't over me and has felt like she was too much a pitstop
Fucking moids amirite? Also, I'm not sure I've ever seen "pitstop" used in this context before. Meaning she couldn't take any more of his shit, right? lol That's pretty good.

>I'm sof (uwu) and am unfortunately easily manipulated

I honestly hate when people do this shit, it's not cute.
If you're aware that you were "easily manipulated" then you shouldn't still talk about yourself like you're "easy" to manipulate anymore, bc you've had to have some previous point of reference that made you realize you were being manipulated and can reflect and recognize the symptoms of manipulation for the future. It just seems ridiculous to perpetuate that you are still "easily manipulated" for any reason unless you're playing up the victim card.

It's really lulzy that they're all late 20s/early 30s and still behave like shitty high schoolers. Maybe people were onto something when they said video games will rot your brain.

No. 878046

>If you're aware that you were "easily manipulated" then you shouldn't still talk about yourself like you're "easy" to manipulate anymore
I dunno, abusive relationships/firendships can be hard to escape, even if you know they are abusive. Sometimes it's not as easy as you think!

But the sof uwu thing isn't cute, I agree.

No. 878107


The whole sof uwu facade seems to be falling apart anyway because one of his last streams he kept pausing to type to someone then Angel came in chat and made some angry comments and he ended stream. Just like Cheyenne's Cry. Skype. Now.

No. 878113

except not like that at all since he started the stream saying it was going to be a short one, but damn you guys really be stretching for milk here huh

No. 878235

You're reaching. Considering he stated the stream with "it's going to be a short one, also Angel thinks you guys are cool and wanted me to tell you" and then ended about the time she showed up, I'd say they weren't fighting and that they just had plans.

No. 878312

>If you're aware that you were "easily manipulated" then you shouldn't still talk about yourself like you're "easy" to manipulate anymore

Agreed. She's fishing for attention with the "I'm uwu and innocent" song and dance. She's playing up the victim card a lot in those messages.

It's no secret that Cry's a cuck.

No. 878321

Can someone sum up for me why we hate Angel? I'm not around as much but I've only seen her be nice to people.

No. 879929

What stream was he pausing to type to someone? I know it was a shorter stream but what was the stream title called?

No. 880301


My reasons aren't really milky but I just hate her personality. I've mentioned this further up, but I hate how she never takes anything seriously in story based games like Life is Strange 2. Cry in his youtube prime days was KING of being able to play games while also knowing when to shut up during a scene or take something seriously, but also when to laugh and crack a joke. His playthrough of LiS2 with her is so annoying. She talks in this exaggerated valley girl vocal fry accent when I'm sure in her day to day she doesn't speak it so intensely, and I've noticed Cry has been picking up on her inflections, she mocks everything and everyone and will make a stupid dumb joke during a scene when she could instead like idk, just shut the fuck up and play the game. And it derails Cry too because he goes into tangents and laughs instead of being in the scene.

Like I'm using LIS2 as my prime example but in general she sounds like she's trying too hard to be cool and unaffected girl when it really doesn't suit her. She sounds like a toned down version of Cheyenne who also tried that hard girl who doesn't take anything seriously. And we all know how that turned out. Also personally I find it uncomfortable how during games he'll give her control of his PC because more than once she's assumed control of the mouse and pressed options. Idk it just feels very boundary crossing especially coming from Cry who is constantly on ultra incognito mode.

Like overall I'm glad Cry made up with Angel after that previous fiasco but it just feels like he replaced one bad female influence with another.

No. 880319

No offense but that seems really petty and you just sound jealous

No. 880330

NTA, but how is that petty? I hate youtubers and let players who talk over important scenes in a game.

I used to watch Cry years ago because he uploaded on the regular and played serious games like The cat lady and actually got really into them as he played. His whole dynamic has gone out the window and what made him charming to watch.

No. 880331

It's obvious from the start Rin is a boy/trap. Trans people are wild and I'm not shocked Cry is an idiot who is trying to validate this nonsense.

No. 880358

LIS2 is an awful game and I can't blame either of them for talking over scenes, honestly. That's a terrible example and makes you sound super petty.

No. 880422


WHY on earth would I be jealous? of what? lmao please take your weak rebuttal elsewhere. I answered anon's question about why I dislike Angel, and gave my reasons. I dislike her personality. Everyone watched Youtube Cry for the story based games because he was one of the first chill content creators who didn't yell or scream or make dumb jokes. Literally every compilation that's popular is him taking a game scene seriously. He was a breath of fresh air in an era of pewdiepies and jacksepticeyes and markipliers who thought talking constantly and as loudly as possible was "good" content.

Y'all were HYPED to rip Cheyenne to shreds in the previous threads, don't even try to act superior now with Angel. What, is she above criticism? When he co-plays with her he has zero ability to focus on the story and appreciate what's going on. That was the whole reason we used to watch him. The other half were thirsty fangirls who creamed over his voice and the mystery of his face.

Whether anon thinks LIS2 is awful is not relevant to the discussion that Angel is obnoxious and tryhard.

No. 880535

Cheyenne is/was a grade-A absolute bitch. She belittled everyone around her, constantly put Cry down, refused to let anyone on stream unless she approved of it. She was awful. There was reason to rip her apart.
Angel is nothing like Cheyenne, lol. Your reasoning just sounds like jealousy and your only examples is of them talking over a shitty game and her voice upsets you. It sounds fucking petty.

No. 880650

Angel ripped into him when they played man of medan together over something dumb and ruined that stream. Like a child throwing a tantrum. She also ruined his branding deal stream of unrailed. She responds to a lot of his jokes condescendingly. She puts him down in small ways. Theres a lot more than just talking over a shitty game and her voice. Sure shes nice sometimes. But also really not.

No. 880663

Do you have any clips of this?

No. 880667

Go to the collection on twitch called naughty boi man of medan with angel and it starts at 7 min. She reacted way too far for what it was. And the entire unrailed stream more or less.

No. 880670

The rest of it is little stuff randomly. When either of them are streaming or the chats. Negative comments. Harsh jokes. And just being Disrespectful when he treats her with respect. When it makes people who are watching uncomfortable you know thats a crossed line. Because banter between friends is great and is supposed to be funny and good for people watching too.

No. 880675

Wow, a couple disagreements in all this time is actually pretty good.

No. 880680

These are all recent and its all on streams. She starts it. Public airing dirty laundry is stupid and disrespectful when its their work and livelihood.

No. 880681

Considering how many times Russ or even Jund have derailed streams, this is nothing. Y'all are upset because she's a chick.

No. 880683

He doesnt stream with Russ or Jund outside of Saturday nights anymore though.

No. 880710

Women shouldn't feel negative feelings. She should have internalized feeling upset and definitely not shown any of it. It was unprofessional.

No. 880737

Or anyone who is going to be a guest should not bring drama with them because its disrespectful to the host. Theres a time and a place for fighting. If the guest doesnt like the game then they shouldnt play it. Worse to stay and be mad or silent and make the hosts stream uncomfortable.

No. 880762

So you're saying when she got upset she should have left instead?

No. 880811

Granted, I think unrailed just is one of those games that makes you fight. They had the same reaction when they played it on LNC.

No. 880867

TOLO yelling at Russ?!

WTF did Russ do?

No. 880868

for being close to cry.
that is all. A waste of nothing

No. 880873

If you read it, it was for telling people he didn't want them to hang out with Angel anymore, effectively trying to isolate her.

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