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No. 730730

From Left to Right:

Tyler Rugge
-Has over 30 animals.
-Supports Taylor Nicole Dean
- Hoards animals like most pet youtubers and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
- Had a betta fish in a fluvial tank but it 'disappeared'. Didn't care what had happened to it.
-Keeps animals in too small enclosures.
-Keeps a single rabbit in a room without hides and barely any enrichment.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
-Pretty much confirmed that Maddie Smith and him are living together.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tylerrugge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylerrugge

Happy Tails AKA Megan Arriola
(Had her own thread here: >>612216 Due to lack of content she has been merged back into this thread.)
- Has over 100 animals.
-Keeps her animals in a small room with way under minimum enclosure sizes.
- Advises not to listen to veterinary advice, like not spaying and neutering rabbits.
- Backyard breeds dogs, purposefully mixed two breeds together and justified it by saying they're designer and "these breeds are really in right now".
- Breeds a potentially harmful gene (merle) into her dogs
- Uses aerosol products and paints her nails in the same room as her birds.
- Feeds her animals mostly fruits and vegetables without proper supplementation.
- Her bird almost died due to poor diet (vet literally put it on seed because it was too thin from bad diet).
- Had her snake and bird out on her body during livestream.
- Some of her cages have exposed wire and splotchy/peeling paint.
- Charges an OUTRAGEOUS amount for 'consultation' when she has 0 credentials and can't even say she does her own research for her own animals.
- Extremely rude to supporters and shuts down every question that she can with a snarky remark.
- Recently put two male mice together, ignores advise and says they'll be fine.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_17EwmmHm7FJtIn57c9-w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meghan_happytails/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/meghan_arriola
Blog: http://www.mjhappytails.com/

Brian Barczyk
-Hoards, breeds, and a lot of reptiles, that are often bad quality and sick.
- Keep them on little plastic containers, justifying it with saying 'they like it that way'.
- Inbreeds and shows little concern for genetics outside of producing colour morphs that will sell for $$$.
- Bullies costumers if they dare to call him out for the shitty conditions his animals have when they arrived.
- Both Tyler Rugge and Taylor Nicole Dean have made collabs with him.
- Got kicked out of playlist for bringing in a baby gator and snake to scare/prank people with.
-Buys two-headed animals.
-Used his two-headed turtles death as clickbait in a video.
-Recently opened his own reptile zoo.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4zS1wbO81p59CxKL7CQAcA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snakebytestv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/snakebytestv

-Complains about lolcow and similar sites, describing them as predators waiting for petubers to slip up. Which is ironic because after bizarre selfposting she was outed as being a frequent user of this site. She criticized the care of several petubers, including herself. See this post for a full explanation and her post history: >>624638
- Throws a lot of subtle shade at other pet youtubers despite pretending to be 'friends' with them all.
– Moved to America to live with hoarder BYB boyfriend Danny.
- Won't show habitats for most of her and Danny's animals, keeping the exact number of animals a secret. Some examples of enclosures not shown include; Snapping turtle, snakes, and (unseen) monitor lizards.
- Thought she could cycle a fish tank with old water, put two betta together to 'breed' despite clearly knowing nothing about breeding and conditioning the fish.
- Keeps her doves in the bare minimum of cages, also keeps them next to ferrets and has let them land on the ferret cage before.
- Was paid off to set up an awful Bearded dragon enclosure including substrate that can cause impaction.
- Says that she is not planning on getting anymore animals but still continues to get them

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE37328iVnqSj1OCrgrYd8w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emzoticofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/emzoticofficial

AfroHerpkeeper AKA Daniel Carter
-Has over 100 animals while going to college and balancing a job. (Including a cottonmouth, rattlesnake, tegu, and two quaker parrots.
-Gives animals away and continues to get more.
-Keeps his rattlesnake in an enclosure without a lock.
-Has snakes in too small enclosures.
-He lets his tegu free roam in his reptile room without supervision. On one occasion his tegu ate an escaped western hognose snake. Recently took the tegu to the vet because he thought that he ate an escaped ball python. Good news he didn't eat the snake. Bad news, the snake is still missing and it ate one of his quail.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu4LCfhUyUg56aS2hWdUZhw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afroherpkeeper/

Maddie Smith
-Hoards animals, and at one time had over 50. Recently downsized to 30 in order to move in with Tyler Rugge.
-Justifies her hoarding by saying all her animals are taken to the vet.
-Back Yard Bred her rats, but claims she is no longer breeding. She ended up with sick baby rats.
-Recently got two doves; one got sick and died. She blamed the breeder and 'genetic' illness despite environmental being much more likely. Subsequently she got another bird from a 'better breeder' to replace it, didn't quarantine properly and that bird is now also very sick.
- Is a 'wildlife rehabber'; although is listed as 'social media adviser' on their poorly made site. Charity was also only registered in Ohio in September 2017.
-In her December 2017, “Meet My Pets” video she said her rabbit died from a viral infection; Coccidia. Coccidia is a parasite the is spread from improper hand washing.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqfMfdjGotIXbDey-sW9olA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxddiesmith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mxddiemoo

Steff J AKA Estefany Jasso
- Hoards animals.
- Was gifted two puppies and kept them even though she didn't have the space for them.
- House is literally crammed with animals.
- Killed all her fish once when she flea bombed her house to get rid of the fleas her roaming cats had brought in.
- Lets her turtles breed, found a nest they'd made unsupervised outside with most of the eggs being eaten by ants.
- Had one of her tortoises die. Was supposed to nebulize the tortoise every 8 hours, instead said she went to sleep for 21 and 'someone else did it'.
- Let her duck eat Styrofoam while yelling at it from across the room.
- Keeps her turtles in tiny cages.
- Keeps most of her animals in filthy conditions.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/estefanyjass0
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_steffj/

Carolin von Petzholdt
- Keeps parrots. Has actively lost her parrot Hope numerous times on camera.
- Flies her Parrot Hope in public parks around dogs and as such has been chased by dogs and accosted by dog owners more than once.
- Doesn't train her parrot to fly back to her on a signal, merely screams randomly.
- Has had Hope both chase native birds and be chased by native birds during her free flying, resulting in Hope being lost at least twice from this.
- Has sexually molested her bird on camera. She doesn't seem to understand that touching a birds vent is frustrating for the animal and essentially bestiality.
-Films people on camera and posts to youtube without their permission.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/excitingfilms/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolinvonpetzholdt/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cvonpetzholdt

Taylor Nicole Dead Thread: >>597713

First time making a thread so I hope everything looks okay. If there's anyone you feel I missed, go ahead and post them below.

Previous Thread: >>633174

No. 730736

Sorry, I messed up Taylor's thread link. It's: >>>/pt/597713

No. 730762

thread looks good to me, thanks for making it!
thoughts on snake discovery? really enjoyed their channel in the past but recently they made this video where they suggest using tape to remove stuck snake sheds which is stupid and risky imo.

No. 730880

the channel was mentioned a few times in the past, I think because she generally seemed okay-ish but throws weird or dangerous practices in the mix such as cutting eggs wide open to check the snakes inside for color and stuff.

No. 730882

How do these people not get arrested for cruelty or neglect? People get busted for animal hoarding all the time, but you have to be dumb to broadcast it online and think of not getting caught

No. 730958

Why was there no mention of cataleah? She is especially problematic

No. 731310

I worry about this new bird Carolin got. Not many breeders will sell an unweaned Hyacinth. They can be very sensitive and may end up getting sick. Also, she probably should have taken it out of the cage to feed it so it wouldn't bang its wings on stuff in the cage.

No. 731324

File: 1542084572044.png (564.98 KB, 880x450, dirtyrug.png)

Her house is so disgusting. If she can't even clean her house prior to making a video then she clearly can't take care of all her animals.

No. 731739

wow poor baby. she's already livin in a small cage and she's gona grow up to be huge. after watching birdtricks, this girl is the worst at bird keeping

No. 731763

Did that Walmart Taylor bitch ever bond her single bunny with the others? She’s so damned lazy and put in zero effort. Looks like she’s morphing to reptiles because they require less physical attention…

No. 732175

Which one? Emilee or Emma?

No. 732180

he should stick to taking care of ants imo

No. 732223

Emma. I don’t follow lizard chick at all.

No. 732242


Looks like he already rehomed the axolotl tho.

No. 732298

Do we have a running count on Cataleahs animals?! Coz she claims they’ve more than doubled in the last year. This is my best guess on the count I attempted to keep while watching the video:
18x ‘geckos’ (crested/leopard?) + ~17 babies? (hard to keep count)
3x gargoyle geckos+ baby
1x chahoua gecko
1x Mossy Leaftail gecko (2x died, temp spike)
2x Lechianas gecko +baby
2x Vieillard’s chameleon gecko +baby
1x lines leaf tail gecko
2x cat gecko
1x Sarasinorum gecko
5(?) Saint Isabelle frogs
1x ball python
1x abronia greminia lizard
1x smooth knobtail gecko
7x hognose snake
2x milk snakes
1x speckled king snake
2x tarantula
1x other bug??
2x mice + 5(?) babies (feeders)
1x cat
2x dogs
3x sugar gliders +baby
5x parakeets
2x finches
2x goldfish
7x chicks
7x rabbits
2x turkeys
17x chickens
4x doves
1x pigeon

= ~133??
(I don’t know much about reptiles/inverts so have just parroted the names she used)

-Constantly talks about geckos probably going to bite her, but persists on getting them out, including one in shed (surely you’re not supposed to handle them when they’re in shed??)
-talks about ‘favourite’ animals on channel but lets be honest who can keep up
-I can’t get over how she literally just breeds ALL her animals. Like most people will specialist with one species or even TYPE but she’s currently breeding sugar gliders, geckos/lizards, snakes, birds and mice.
-‘rehomed’ tropical tank

No. 732300

File: 1542247091036.png (332.5 KB, 750x1334, 3EC94D5E-FA64-4507-8507-849FAF…)

Not getting enough money from YouTube Emilee?

No. 732301

File: 1542247114805.png (387.28 KB, 750x1334, ADDE313D-2C0B-413B-9C1D-536B43…)

No. 732348

Cataleah just got a baby abronia but has she mentioned the very poor clearly wild caught looking pair she got awhile ago? She has purchased so many animals at expos that never make it and she breeds literally everything. Also I believe she only has 2 veillardi

No. 732600

He promotes all his videos on /r/antkeeping and the like but honestly seems like even antkeepers arne't too thrilled with him anymore.

He should stick to educational videos about ants and not them encountering dumb bs.

No. 733187

Also, for non bird-people, Hyacinths are the largest parrot kept as pets, and are ENDANGERED. I am extremely unhappy that this irresponsible woman will be owning a species that could be impacted by her carelessness.

Any guesses as to what that baby hyacinth cost? Was going to say 15-25k but bet she couldn't afford a weaned one and got one for 5-10k.

No. 733664

Its absolutely disgusting that she got an unweaned baby, honestly hyacinths should be put into breeding programs until they have stable numbers to be kept as pets but the psycho bird lady just HAD to have something special and pretend she had any knowledge of handrearing a baby let alone one apart of an endangered species

No. 733810

Any idea about Exotics Lair?
He seems to have a ton of exotics but mainly tarantulas and seems to be pretty well educated on most of the issues (other than maybe mold)

No. 733900

File: 1542502005407.png (293.14 KB, 1544x1014, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 7.43…)

Guess I don't like AntsCanada anymore. I seriously doubt that there was so much contention between members of the axolotl keeping community that you manage to fail at meeting nearly every parameter for them. Months of poor research is just as useless as none at all.

No. 733928

There really, really isn't. Everyone says 20-30 long, water under 74F, earthworms or pellets for food.

No. 734048

Grown tired of him tbh ever since he became a views>Education youtuber. Next thing you know, he’ll have a video of his parrot interacting with his ants

No. 734802

Did Tyler ever explain why his bird died? I thought he was getting it tested?

No. 734994

It was a heart attack due to a fright in the middle of the night. Not uncommon in birds honestly. They can easily be startled by unusual sounds and should they hit toys or perches and get tangled they can stress really bad. Not WK but I firmly believe it was an accident

No. 735022

Very young though, how do they cope in the wild?

No. 735184

In the wild they get desensitised to everything pretty quickly as babys, but because we pull them from the nest and chuck them in a quiet box while theyre being reared they dont develop the right neurological pathways that they would with parents in the wild and are just like "loud noise!!!"

No. 735189

I'm an invert hobbiest and have very healthy spiders and know you shouldn't order when it's freezing. I also know who not to order from when i get a new sling. This Brian Barczyk faggot can stay the fuck out of my hobby. I hope he gets a p. Metallica or some spectacular looking old world tarantuala and it bites the fuck out of him. God, i want to go rescue his reptiles

No. 735405


how do you know this?

No. 735453


He said it in his video about mango

No. 735593


He stated it in his video about Mango, I also own birds and have heard about this happening to other people before.

How about some real issues like Cataleahs excessive breeding

Or perhaps Happy Tails new Raw Dog Feeding video where she seems to have very little knowledge about proper raw feeding?

No. 735609

I've ordered when it's been between 10 and 1c before but always paid for next day delivery and heatpacks. Although I'm guessing guaranteed next day delivery isn't an option in the US, and if it is involves air travel.

No. 736022

Tyler? Hi !! Or one of the clique. Come on her to defend Tyler and throw attention back on to cataleah and happy tails. I’m not a big fan but there’s no milk. Maybe do yourself a favor and focus on videos. Haven’t had a decent one in months.

No. 736299

Not Tyler or the clique I just don't believe in discussing or speculating a dead end about Mango when there are actual topics to discuss.

If neither happy tails poor raw feeding habits or Cataleahs breeding and husbandry suits your fancy how about this Paul Cuffaro kid? Recently hit 715k subs and all he has been doing is buying fish with no research, not cycling his tanks and is buddy buddy with Kamp Kenan. Recently got a bunch of turtles with no real knowledge of them. Promotes a lot of poor fish care overall

No. 736345

isn't raw best?

No. 736442

not if it's done incorrectly

No. 736551


Raw is the best however what she does is not the right way. There are many methods of raw feeding but her method is far from correct. She should be providing bone with all her meals, she doesn't give the chihuahua bone because of "poor dental health" but that is why you provide ground bone. She also gives them a lot of oats and rice which provide them no nutritional value and are just fillers. Whole squashes for veggies? Why not leafy greens ground in. She doesn't weigh any of the bowls so it's hard to tell if dogs are getting more or less food. She's giving them too much egg and not with the shell, egg shell should be ground and put in with the egg for a complete protein. Her diets look like she just throws in whatever is in her fridge or on sale at the store at the time

No. 736952

File: 1543009114066.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 09049DE9-A015-43DD-AAA5-02E85B…)

Cataleah has created yet another gofundme for an animal she’s ‘rescued’

No. 736959

File: 1543009797843.png (100.22 KB, 721x398, animalhoarding.png)

The description is so ridiculous. It's like she fucking brainstormed the worst living situation for this animal to make herself look like a hero.

No. 737197


why does she need to buy another glider for him when she breeds gliders and usually has others available?

No. 737203

Anyone watch Picklespets video? She rehomed her crested gecko, blue tongue skink, and a day gecko because she was overwhelmed, after having 2 hamsters, and 2 gecko's die all at once. It's a bit shitty to rehome your pets when you should be committed to keeping them for their entire life, but at the same time I wish the rest of the petfest lot would take the hint and do whats best for their animals, even if that means rehoming them because they have too many.

No. 737221

“But I’m not a hoarder…”. Lol!

Just goes to prove she bit off more than she could chew. And the “I’m being honest… I didn’t have to tell you I rehomed a pet I didn’t tell you I had!” Barf!

And who doesn’t notice several clutches of eggs in your geckos enclosure?! How often did she check it.

No. 737230

File: 1543072452134.jpeg (547.7 KB, 3021x3021, F5200006-675A-46ED-BC6E-021414…)

Many of the comments are bang on!!

No. 737232

Someone needs to tell Ebony Rabbits that Pickles “rescued” some of these from Craig’s list…so she’s rehoming a rehomed animal!!

No. 737233


I'm honestly wondering how her channel is going to move forward from this. Unless pets die (even more than already) to free up time and space, can she get more pets when she's just rehomed a bunch? Surely after doing something like this it pretty much means you can't and won't be bringing in any new animals for a while? I can imagine the backlash if she does.

No. 737240

A couple things bothered me about her video. I’ve had cresties and gargoyles lay eggs every season. None of them have died from it, not even after several clutches. And to not notice egg-laying behavior is concerning. And like 3-4 ads on a ten minute video… nice. It was weird how she threw in that jab about “I didn’t have to tell you” like what? Where does that animosity come from? Overall I’m sure she made the right decision tho because she didn’t seem to have time to even check her geckos enough to see multiple clutches of eggs.

No. 737603

See, now I do have some respect for Pickles. Unlike other pettubers that fucking neglect their animals to death (cough TND cough), Pickles realized that she couldn't properly care for certain animals and instead of trying to save face and keep them and pretend like everything was fine until they inevitably died from improper care, she did the responsible thing and gave them to someone who could give them the proper care (presumably, at least…). I usually am of the mind that pets are for life, but I also believe that that ideology shouldn't be followed at the expense of the pet's health or happiness. She realized she was in over her head…even if she did try to play it off like she wasn't. We know she bit off more than she could chew…why else would she rehome the pets if she wasn't overwhelmed?

I do wonder about the hamsters….for both of them to die on the same day, that just seems like too much of a coincidence. I'm thinking it was something in the water or in their food.

No. 737662

Did she buy/rescue anyone of these animals during the time she’s had her channel? Or did she have them before. Sounds like she tried to keep up with her buddies in her group and realised she couldn’t deal with it. Crested geckos and gargoyles are easy to care for. Wtf was she doing?!

No. 737718

How does everyone here feel about Brian Barcyzk? I swear every damn video of his he either gets a new rare animal or an animal is on the loose or some other clickbaity stuff.

No. 737742

I think she got addicted to the purchasing of pets and keeping up with other pettubers. It wasn't so long ago that the only pets she had were her two dogs and her hamsters. Then she bought her first reptile (a leopard gecko, I believe) and after that she just kept going and used the same excuse as all the other pettubers–"I have the money and time so it's okay that I just bought 5 animals in a week. It's totally not hoarding."

She got overwhelmed and that's probably how she missed some obvious stuff like her reptiles laying eggs. When you've got 10+ pets that require your time and care, things get overlooked. Hence why no sane person should have that many pets unless they own some kind of sanctuary and have help.

No. 737822

Did anyone see this video? This is Brian Barczyk’s son (and Brian was the one who bought him the turkey). The turkey looks and sounds miserable. Someone in the comments mentioned they need constant 100°F heat for the first week of life, which is most likely why it kept pressing itself against him.

No. 737837

I agree it was to keep up, she openly admits yeah the biggest pet youtubers are the ones with tons of pets making tons of content.
In her one video she does say pretty much, "if you do only have a few pets though some channels do really great just focusing on one animal," but it gives the vibe she even has to acknowledge yeah more pets, more views. I feel like it was a fairly recent video if anyone wants to check it out.
I think Pickles is a good example though, when you collect pets eventually real life will hit, as it always does. Those are living mouths to feed.
I can't say I hate her for rehoming them though.

No. 737884

Yeah she said once she got her first reptile she gained a lot more views.
Some channels have had a similar amount of animals for a long time and are really good with their animals. Sounds like she didn’t have time to interact with hers.

I think 10+ pets vary. Like you can have 10 low maintenance pets who do not like interaction, like a lot of inverts.

No. 737886

Brian is terrible. Hate the guy. Seems like only uneducated kids watch his channel, because he spews bullshit. He also lets his animals get used in pranks like jake paul. All he wants is fame and to be the next Steve Irwin. No one will be like Steve. Brian is like a weird parody who runs a reptile version of a puppy mill (which he has even admitted is what he runs)

No. 737946

Don’t WK and promote watching her recent vids to “find” what you’re saying for views. Be specific about which one. She is an arrogant bitch who insisted I have the time and can afford, when clearly she didn’t. She did it for the views. And her vids were mostly subpar anyway.

No. 737984

Different anon. Look at some of the people she has used in her titles as click bait/ get more attention. Happy tails and Taylor. I think she could have contacted HT but she did a crappy video where she mentioned Taylor and that did well, so she tried it with someone else. Other than that all I know her as is the girl that always goes to petco and petsmart

No. 738055

I love how when people are talking about the Petfest clique they clearly swoop in trying to talk about someone else to try and turn every ones attention away from them.

No. 738252

File: 1543196477453.jpeg (337.62 KB, 750x607, EBC8C6A1-0ADF-4BE9-954B-47AB77…)

Looks like all they did when they hung out was film videos for the hangers-ons channels. It’s so embarrassing, how many times does this girl use Taylor in her titles.

No. 738258

>facetuning our animals!

Every day we stray further from god

No. 738407

I wasn't trying to WK, that's why I went into such detail about how she even admitted more pets more views, and I said "if you want to watch it," because some people want to see for themselves, but you don't have to as I quoted it. I stopped liking her after she defended Taylor.
I just can't hate her for rehoming before more animals die. Some pet youtubers who have all these pets should maybe look into rehoming before they start getting serial deaths too.
Also why I said she's a great example. Having tons of pets is fun when you can feed them and deal with them. But life happens, if you are barely making it and taking care of them when that happens, it'll show.

No. 738793

You should hate her for being an arrogant ass and continue to add pets only to rehome them when people were questioning the quantity and pace she was acquiring more. Suddenly she’s overwhelmed? I don’t buy that excuse. Sorry

No. 738817

Serial buying pets to keep up with other youtubers, yes I can hate her for that. Defending Taylor, then being friends with her, yes I can hate her for that.
But rehoming them after she clearly can't keep them and she's had 4 die, no I can't hate her for not continuing to "care" for them.
Like I said even if you can barely keep them all okay, life happens. These are living creatures who don't deserve it, so if they went to people without 20 animals, good.
As an isolated thing, it's not the worst thing she's done. Yeah I agree she followed the arrogance of everyone else, hence why I said she's a good example. Everything is fine and they can do it, or else they wouldn't do it, until they can't and they have half of them die and they get rid of the rest.
It'll happen to them all eventually, maybe they'll learn. Hopefully she won't continue to collect pets, but who knows.

No. 739524

File: 1543370256984.jpeg (450.52 KB, 750x1110, B1E7CDF0-B42A-4784-9389-05DA91…)

I don’t know much about snakes but surely the fact that em has to bathe her snake bi-weekly indicates the humidity isn’t high enough?

No. 740212

Well, she did recently announce the death of her blood python who always had shed problems. Seems like she can't have any animal shed properly.
Speaking of the blood pythons death, has that been discussed yet? It appears she hung onto that information for about a year before announcing his death. I mentioned the lack of appearances from that snake a few threads back, and she announced that he was dead a week or two ago.

No. 740382


burms like to soak but should obviously be able to do that in their enclosure. if you have to bathe reptiles on the regular you have some serious issues with your keeping.

No. 740440

maddie's video about tnd was fucking atrocious.

No. 740457

using the threat as suicide to stop people pointing out someones issues in pet care is fucking disgusting. guess shes just trying to get views. did you see the petfest group poppin off at leopard gecko last night. they're all unhinged.

No. 740475


Just like they rip anyone else apart who has an opinion about someones care, and that's all it ever is, an opinion, not hate, not slander like they try to spin it. Yet it's perfectly fine for them to rip into Happytails and Brian!

No. 740941

tyler and maddie on live stream, tylers constantly asking people for bars and coins so he gets money 'because he needs to pay the rent', then when someone brings up how he pays for vet bills he said he has loads of money for that, or he'll ask best fiends for a sponsorship deal. do these people not have other jobs. these two are so gross i cant deal

No. 740949


Anyone ever noticed a lot of her snake bins are empty i.e no hides or water dishes. And some of her gecko enclosures are the same; completely barren. Most of her enclosures she doesn't even show.

I am so alarmed that this is all so obvious; she doesn't even try to hide it. How can people ignore this?

No. 740954

ever notice when someone mentions tyler or maddie, suddenly cataleah or HT gets brought up?
the pettube fest clique have openly said they post on here to defend their friends. seems fishy

No. 740959

So I shouldn't post about very clear & obvious neglect of animals because the only neglect we care about is what TND doe?
Nah. While we are calling out one neglectful PetTuber, we can call the rest out too. I just so happened to notice it with Cataleah today.

No. 740963

I agree, very suspicious.

No. 740972


So is this thread only for the petfest clique? I’d rather talk about actual milk regarding pet care than whatever stupid jokes they make on a livestream. It is getting old accusing the clique of being on here whenever a different pettuber is brought up. cataleah and HT have the worst pet care so it’s not surprising to me that they are getting brought up more.

No. 740986

This thread is boring.

No. 740997

she mentioned she went on several trip over the summer and a temp spike in her reptile room killed two of her geckos. If you have 100+ pets you have no business travelling that much. She said she got a pet sitter but where the fuck would someone find a pet sitter for a job like that. This girl is a disaster.

No. 741010

not to double post but watching into video further this girls house is absolutely filthy, like not just cluttered but it's gross. I've never heard of her before because I usually just follow TND but YIKES. She is breeding several of her animals and most of the enclosures look too small, empty, and dirty.
also just a rabbit owner it make me so mad to see her rabbits outside. She keeps her angoras inside because "they need to be brushed everyday" which to me eludes that she doesn't even visit her other rabbits everyday. They don't look socialized at all.

No. 741138

I find it amazing how she can spend $$$ on leachies (adults are usually over $800-1000+) and throw them in undersized, barely decorated enclosures.

No. 741179

I think the major issue with Em is the fact that they have so many animals to the point some of them are kept in the basement. There's no way all of the animals have large enough enclosures so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason a lot of the snakes are seemingly suffering.

Jesus Christ, having that many animals in one small room.
Her snake cages look atrocious.

No. 741200

Whats the deal with Michael Jamison?

He has 2 tigers, some monkeys, dogs and cats in a house, also from what I have seen he seems to have no zoo experience?

No. 741255


Yeah and she is always making gofundmes to get her followers to pay for her animals vet care. If you can’t afford to vet your animals quit buying new ones all the time

No. 741265

he's like an instagram man-thot

No. 741375


They're asking for bars for rent yet they spent $200 for donations on black Friday? Like isn't more important to pay rent first to make sure their own animals have an actual home to live in? Instead they had to film themselves donating because they are so generous and need the world to know how great they are.
I'm sorry. I get salty when people have to show everyone that they donated.

Maybe that's why Maddie jumped on the TND drama. Needing that ad revenue to pay rent.

Such responsible pet owners. There is no point in having funds for vet bills if you don't have a place to live. Logic.

No. 742053

Camelsandfiriends is now keeping a water buffalo at Arizona without a pool.

No. 742525

What're your thoughts on SimplyBetta? I'm trying to find new pettubers to watch and came across her. She breeds and sells her bettas. Smaller channel but she just impulse bought a crestie, has a few betta sororities, and had to rehome a beardie in the past.

No. 742872

Camelsandfriends is a complete retard. Her "wolf" Lorne she used to own was an upper mid content wolfdog— about 75% wolf. She bought him from a breeder, and a contact of mine owns one of his relatives. She has no clue how to handle wolfdogs and provoked Lorne to the point of him attacking her one time, then played this off as him being dangerous and aggressive. Everyone in the wolfdog community hates her because she's inexperienced, attacks other owners, and is an embarrassment.

She got rid of Lorne recently. Thank God. I only hope he's with a responsible owner now. She takes okay care of her camels but that's it. Had to re-home a hornbill once too, I believe her mink died prematurely as well.

No. 742918

File: 1543840058542.jpeg (198.13 KB, 586x650, A1204297-AD63-4494-B20C-BB0521…)

One of Taylor’s fans tried to justify the fact cheese died and threw Lori and Emma under the bus and Taylor retweeted the tweet but Emma doesn’t seem to happy kek

No. 742919

File: 1543840102671.jpeg (203.43 KB, 532x587, 0ECE8E96-596E-49AB-9735-A76D2A…)

Also calling YouTube a ‘career’ is a bit of a stretch em…

No. 742953

Said she wasn't going to that park anymore, yet continues to go to the same park and complain about dogs. Bitch also lost her bird again.

No. 742988

she probably goes to that park only because it gives her a reason to bitch about dogs because she's the ~"superior pet owner"~ for having a bird.

No. 743053

The insanity of having 5 free flying birds in an apartment. Just look at the state of her place!

No. 743356

And bitch needs to learn spelling…it’s lose!

No. 743459

Let alone that she has 5 free flight birds she also is hand feeding two of them (love and destiny) I haven't watched too many of her videos, but what I've seen is these birds get the most minimal of cages. I know these birds get a lot of time out but still. she needs to take a note from Mikey The Macaw.

No. 743525

Carolin is a shithead who knows nothing about birds or freeflying she just practices recall which isnt how you freefly and is gonna end up losing her bird to a predator or just losing them. also theres a vid of her handfeeding ther hyacinth and its absolutely atrocious im surprised she didnt aspirate and kill him, apparently a lot of breeders she went to refused to sell her any of their hyacinths because they looked her up and saw how shitty of an owner she is.

No. 743563

What's going on in this video? Why does his head look wet?

She has a second Instagram for her birds not in the OP.


No. 743566

Here she introduces Love to Hope. Is Hope displaying aggression as he appears to be? Thanks in advance to the birdwise anons for their insight.

No. 743843

Why brian barczyk always putting his animals on the dirty ground of the reptile zoo? There's always dozens of people going in and out of that place and they just let the animals run across the floor? That seems pretty unsanitary and dangerous (for the animal) to me.

No. 743861

Macaws love to take showers to clean their plumage so I pretty sure that's what's happening, although it's probably kinda dangerous for an unweaned parrot since they can get cold a lot easier

Hope is definitely showing aggression most likely since hope is bonded to Carolin and parrots take bonded partners very seriously. So Hope is just trying to defend her human. I doubt these two will ever be friends, but Carolin doesn't care she will just continue to shove Love in Hope's face, unfortunately.

No. 744220

I just watched Tyler Rugge's video of his Rabbit Room Tour and it's the most depressing thing I've ever fucking seen lol. Just a big bunny penned into one half of a spare room, seems isolated from the rest of the house, has no hides or ramps or anything to climb on. He has a couple of old blankets on the floor, a litter tray with food in it, and some bird toys clipped to the wire of the cage that he showed no interest in. Kinda obvious in the video that Tyler's interest in that rabbit is minimal at best. It's just laying there, completely disinterested in life. It has nothing to interact with or exercise its instincts with. Even his "fans" in the comments section said it. I usually don't pay attention to Tyler but that fucking got to me lol. If you don't want to provide adequate enrichment or care for it, rehome it to someone who does.

No. 744693

Yeah and he recently got another one but what’s a bet they’re still in that small pen. Shoves him in a room away from everything so he can forget about him which is such a shame because he could make some great videos with him but reptiles are the ‘in’ thing so they are what he keeps accumulating at the moment.(emoji)

No. 744877

File: 1544132490454.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 6DF7E882-9CE5-4DD2-9B89-BB000E…)

When Cataleah tries to make merch but she literally has so many animals that no one can keep up or actually get attached to them so everyone is like which one is Astrid again????

No. 745226

can i just say how amused i am by the fact that emma lynne or whatever likes every single one of emzotics posts on ig

No. 745496

Yet they kicked her out of their clique! They are so 2-faced you don’t know which one to slap first!

No. 745816

King of DIY's Frank is dead.

No. 745825


SimplyBetta is a tool. I actually caught her when she was just starting her channel & I remember her ordering an absolutely absurd number of show bettas at the same time while also showing off her "new fish room" which was an emptied out tiny bathroom. After that it was just unboxing after unboxing. I had no idea how she thought she was going to keep them all in there. It just really struck me that she had the idea to become a "pet YouTuber" one day & just ordered thousands of dollars worth of animals and turned on the camera. She made no mention of having bettas before this. You would think that if she already enjoyed fish keeping, she would have had a few fish she could show off that she got before starting her channel.

No. 745837

how did it happen? i was always put off by how often he moved him around.

No. 745921

He started to poop white film, his Kok deflated, and he started acting listless. IMO Joey did a lot to help him (He says he spent over $1,000 on Frank's treatment) and he ended up passing away because of his stomach and bad genes. I don't think you should buy rescue fish, but I loved Frank sm and I'm really torn about it.

No. 745922

Stomach and bad genes… eh… 2 years is still a really shit run for a fish that should live 10-15.

Honestly it looked like Frank had some kind of parasite that was ignored. Then only treated when he was too far gone already / internal damage etc. You can see he has the start of dropsy in some of the later clips.

No. 745929

Dropsy and pooping a white film are some of the most common signs of internal parasites in fish. It doesn’t surprise me considering the amount of fish he owns. By the time Dropsy is visible, it is usually too late to save the fish. I don’t really watch his channel regularly, I’ve only seen a couple of his videos so I can’t really say if it was negligence or if his symptoms appeared suddenly.

No. 745932

King of DIY has too many fish imho. His aquariums require a lot of upkeep that he unlikely has time for.

Frank is not his favourite fish and it's likely he was mostly ignored until the problem became very obvious. I do believe he tried to treat Frank… but I do think this is another case whereby the /amount/ of animals someone owns, negatively effects their care.

No. 745942

He said he treated for both parasites and bacteria, and looked for abnormalities under the microscope. And, since flowerhorns are hybrids, I'd say giving an exact lifespan is probably a bit frivolous. I'm inclined to believe his explanation, as he seemed very forthright and honest about the situation. It's quite possible that Franks' bad genes did really shorten his life.

No. 745948

You're aware there are different parasites and many many different strains of bacteria that respond well/less well to a variety of treatments.

Skin scrapings can also only show you so much, they would not be effective for internal parasites or bacterial infections.

Flowerhorns have been around long enough that folks also know they live longer than 2 years on average.

No. 746094

I don't know much about fish honestly, don't even want them because of the ridiculous work load. But I do watch a lot of fish youtubers and DIY King seems to be the best at what he does. His husbandry seems to be the most on point, unlike someone like Catch 'em All who just snatches big, already thriving fish from the wild and toss them into overcrowded pool ponds to live out a miserable life or disappear and "Go off to live with a friend"

Gotta give DIY props for the clean tanks and basically building a house next to his house for the hobby. Like someone else said, he doesn't seem all that attached to his fish but seems to care more about the hobby as a whole. But all fish youtubers seem like that to me, hard to love a pet you can't touch I guess.

I feel like he did everything he could for Frank though, according to a quick google search dropsy(didn't know what dropsy was) could could also be a sign of bacterial infection or liver dysfunction as well as parasites. I guess its hard to tell though, since theres not really a market for fish vets.

No. 746110

Yes, obviously I am aware of that. I'm saying he did what he could with what was available to him. Like he said in the video, most vets don't do much of anything for fish. And he didn't just look at skin scrapings, he said he looked at feces too. What else do you want him to do? Flowerhorns have only been around since the 90s. Throwing together two (or more, as is the case for the flowerhorn) different species and expecting the genetics of their offspring to be stable in that amount of time is ridiculous. You can't use average lifespans as a true indicator for how long a flowerhorn will live as easily as you could with a naturally occurring cichlid, for instance. The fact that Frank had visible problems, like his short body, is enough for me to believe his genetic makeup may have cut his life short. Of course parasites or other infections are still possible, but I believe the King of DIY did his best to find and treat anything abnormal.

No. 746166

File: 1544344069354.jpg (228.62 KB, 720x1280, 20181209_101915.jpg)

lmao we love a family friendly bully who stays silent when the actual shit goes down

No. 746167

I think the problem is Joey has too many fish now… I've watched him for a long time. His gallery has had him amassing fish at an exponential rate.

It's the same story for pettubers… the more animals they have, the more their care slips.

I honestly think while he might have tried to save Frank, he simply didn't catch it in time because he had so many other animals to deal with. It was obvious it was something internal when he was just giving Frank clean water changes… who knows how long this had been going on before he spotted a lack of appetite too…

Then there's the shadiness of Frank dying in October and us only finding out now. Why not blog his treatment? Let your audience go through that with you? If you have nothing to hide and this took place over months that's what most pet owners would do.

Instead he pulled a Taylor: It's the breeders fault, it's genetics, I did everything I could, he wasn't going to live long anyway, honestly it's because I did so well he lived as long as he did etc. etc. etc.

No. 746168

File: 1544344164542.jpg (248.59 KB, 720x1280, 20181209_102027.jpg)

No. 746172

eh emzotic has been such a show off lately. we get it you love your older hoarding byb boyfriend uwu but can you not casually flex your wedding ring on literally every post on ig

No. 746175

File: 1544344815391.jpg (457.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181209-103825.jpg)

No. 746176

File: 1544344912086.jpg (456.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181209-103758.jpg)

the hypocrisy tho

No. 746178

File: 1544345142848.jpg (231.57 KB, 720x1280, 20181209_104427.jpg)

the comments calling her out on the ball python post are hilarious

No. 746184

File: 1544346381906.jpg (420.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181209-110503.jpg)

brians titles sound like buzzfeeds articles "I GET BIT BY A HUGE SNAKE. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU!!!"

No. 746197

Look at Emzotic now, she's really pulling a TND by shoving animals on her face nowadays. Compare to her older video thumbnails where she actually handles her animals with respect, and you'll really see how she's gone down the shitter for views.

No. 746252


I can't decide if she's doing a Taylor or just trying to show off her ring as much as possible

No. 746255


lol didn't see that comment not just me who thinks that then

No. 746256

I saw on emz twitter she deleted her last tweet because it was too personal. Does anyone have the tweet? I'm curious

No. 746273


he has the means and contacts to get a fish vet. a few months back his friend (who he has even collabed with and talked about in vids), rachel oleary, made a first video about her oscar getting sick and since then she has updated us continuously. she HAS a fish vet contact and got her oscar treatment wihout even having to move it because she knows how much that stresses them out.
im not saying frank would have lived if joey had done this or that but hes lying about the vet thing and he knows it. another thing that pisses me off is he let poor frank slowly die even though he knew there was no hope and frank was obviously suffering, the last kind thing we have to give our pets is a fast and painless death. its every keepers responsibility. letting animals waste away is cruel.

No. 746292

emzotic has posted over 30 posts with her ring just so happening to appear in them 8 of which she literaly says "MAH RING" in the description

No. 746293

what are you even talking about. its not like she dedicated an entire video to her rin… oh wait!

No. 746300

at this point i wouldn't be surprised if she changed all her profile pictures to her ring

No. 746302

File: 1544369971491.jpg (488.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181209-173718.jpg)

isn't this the girl who did a taylor dean and had to amputate her dragons tail because she couldnt bother to have the right humidity

No. 746303

whats her name anon

No. 746304

umm becca pane in ig and youtube i think
my bad for not including it

No. 746306

we are saying that emma i the walmart taylor dean but this girl is on another level

No. 746307

if you check her ig she manhandles her animals all wrong (just like tay tay)

No. 746309

i dont have any reptiles as pets but the harness thing seems a bit too much for me. beardies are from what i know very chill animals but why do you have to stress the animal in order to get a photo
just get a uv lamp and call it a day

No. 746311

didn't taylor do a video where she "walked" her animals around

No. 746315

File: 1544370952356.jpg (82.22 KB, 720x303, 20181209_175318.jpg)

of course she did

No. 746322

File: 1544372093329.jpg (422.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181209-175700.jpg)

•has a lot of animals check
•handles them wrong check
•stresses the out for a cute pic check
•awful husbandry check
•tattoos bc she is wild and untamed
•"rescues" animals bc adopt dont shop check
•saves poor kittens from sure death check
ladies and gentlemen the true taylor nicole dean clone

No. 746333

File: 1544373705500.jpg (553.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181209-180725.jpg)

Megan nipple thinks she is an expert again
also why is emz liking her posts?

No. 746366

- He wants to name the new flowerhorn, Frank too.

- The fish fight when introduced…

- Francine is bloated (could she have parasites too?)

- Males supposedly has been quarantined for 6 weeks. Which means he went out an bought a new flowerhorn as soon as the original Frank died.

- Francine apparently beat up original Frank before and tore his lip up.

- Claims that they 'beat each other up' and either survive and live peacefully or die.. and there's nothing you can do, it's one or the other.

No. 746379

“tattoos bc she is wild and untamed”
So you’re saying everyone with a tattoo is wild and untamed? That’s a pretty broad brush you’re using asshole!!

No. 746383

She’s been doing that LONG before Taylor!

No. 746404

i said that concerning their views on tattoos and appearance in general not the actual tattoos

No. 746407

you could practically twist all of the bullet points into smth shitty
for example saving and rescuing animals is generally smth positive its just their way of showing themselves doing it thats bad

No. 746549

So what do people think of Kamp Kenan? I watch his channel for the tortoises, he has a lot of animals as well but I think only reptiles. Most of them aren't very interactive but they aren't afraid of him like TND's seem to be.

Tries too hard to be Steve Erwin, always wearing a safari outfit? But its interesting to see an older dude PetTuber

No. 746567

File: 1544401189090.jpeg (659.98 KB, 750x829, 9B60FDF4-4152-4A0E-8D56-5436CC…)

Almost a full family photo of terrible terrible pet owners who are literally the ‘mean girls’ of this pet community. Avoid people in this photo. I’ve seen how they treat people, they’re awful hypocrites. Aka Taylor’s little leeches.

No. 746568

Lmao ‘Taylor’s little leeches’! Perfect.

No. 746596

No her enablers. Let’s get it right lolol. It’s one thing being someone’s friend and it’s another going out of your way to defend poor pet care. Emma claims she helps Taylor with care. Good one Emma, like 7 of Taylor’s pets have died this month. Emma is like a blob version of Taylor

No. 746705

im not sure about emma and tyler they both follow emz emma likes every photo of hers and tyler always leaves taylor snarky comments or no comments at all

No. 746721

Maybe this is a stupid question, but what do you guys think that the Pet Vloggers are doing from an ecological standpoint? As a whole are they contributing to poaching by amplifying exotics trends or helping endangered species by bringing more attention to them? Or harming less vulnerable species by amplifying attention to them in the exotic pet trade, which is full of unethical breeders and exotic pet enthusiasts?

No. 746778

Emma literally says she is in constant contact with Taylor to help her improve her care. Maybe Tyler is trying to distance himself publically since all these hoarder videos have come out. He’s not loyal.

No. 746794

Tyler is the manny mua of the pet community. He’s just a social climber.

No. 746808

lmao so true. she flied all the way from canada to improve the snakes' enclosures

No. 746810

File: 1544447828216.jpg (522.78 KB, 720x1233, 20181210_151513.jpg)

why does emzotic HAVE to spam everyone's feed with the same photo. just post one time with the set of photos you want

No. 746848

Remember when they all started vlogmas? Lol that lasted like 2 days.

No. 746862

@TylerRugge why must you support him

No. 746865

File: 1544460513014.jpg (549.25 KB, 720x1172, 20181210_184643.jpg)

missy nipple herself posted this

No. 746869

i do not own any buns but doesnt this pen look small?

No. 746876

otherfag here
I've never had any bunnies either and barely know shit, but if this is where the bunny is supposed to spend the majority of the day I feel truly sorry for it.
It's such a small space and cramped with shit that most likely serves the bunny no positive purpose.
It looks all colorful and fun, but that's barely enough space for a fucking rat to pkay around in.

No. 746878

I feel like it wouldn’t even be as bad if the huge tube wasn’t in there, it’s what’s taking up the most space and making it feel cramped to look at.

No. 746892

Exactly. He was all about Brian and then he skipped to Taylor. He’s a complete hypocrite

No. 746897

File: 1544464325372.png (264.71 KB, 570x725, 720A9413-7477-4EC2-A522-AEC4B4…)

I don’t think it’s the worst size. Do you remember Emma had two in two tiny cages forever when trying to bond them.

No. 746954


They probably still are in tiny cages.


I thought he was openly against Brian on twitter? guess his morals have gone completely out the window

No. 746974

File: 1544473938246.jpeg (66.69 KB, 656x389, E64C14CC-4684-4DFA-9413-57687C…)

No. 747069

Taylor ship is sinking, so he’s hoping he can leech onto Brian again. He’s so pathetic.

No. 747087

He has a lot in common with Taylor and Brian. His pet died way way before it’s time. Wasn’t his bird like 3? Aren’t they meant to live 20-30 years? Why are all the really big pettubers the worst?

No. 747185

I really do think Mangos death was a tragedy. It was a heart attack wich can honestly happen if he got spooked by something hes in a new house and unfamiliar with his surroundings. I dont think mangos death was tylers fault…

No. 747199

Must have been something significant for a 3 year old bird to die. I imagine it has experienced thunder and lightning, fireworks, etc. Just seems odd something little wouldn’t just spook the bird, but actually give it a heart attack. I feel if it was a healthy 3 year old bird it would have been able to cope with stress better. Not tryna WK but I remember Tyler and Maddie complaining about happy tails bird cage but her birds are still living ……. soooo yea

No. 747201

True Tyler is a view whore. His videos are unbearable. He has this smug thing about him. He blocked someone on live stream for asking if him and Maddie are together. I’m surprised he hasn’t just come out yet. It’s so obvious

No. 747203

I understand keeping some things private from the internet but they refuse to acknowledge that they live together. Its so obvious just announce yes we are together but we are not sharing details. Do it just to shut the 10 year olds up who spam the comment section with are you dating.

No. 747204

Ive noticed alot of rough cuts in emmas vlogs. Probably someone saying something that insinuates them being together and they force her to cut it out.

No. 747212

Oh gadd I always assumed he was into guys.

No. 747215

He is quite camp. I know that doesn’t mean he’s gay but yea I’ve always got that vibe too.

No. 747311

File: 1544502040075.jpg (184.63 KB, 720x1038, 20181210_184708.jpg)

honeatly no comment

No. 747313

why just why. why is she so rude and whiny all the damn time. that person asked a perfectly valid question. just answer it without whining how hard your life is

No. 747317

i feel its all for the views. so the can put a vid up with the title WE HAVE SOMETHING WE WANT TO TELL YOU and then they buy a hamster

No. 747335

emma jumping on the trend

No. 747337

File: 1544506728687.png (511.27 KB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_12-11-07.29.24.png)

No. 747344

The two reptarium vlogs are literally the same like literally same clips. Cmon guys we know youre all hamging out but do you have to produce the same exact video?

No. 747345

File: 1544508569123.jpeg (362.39 KB, 750x1077, A7F094F7-3AD6-4642-AC7E-31C0C9…)

one of afroherpkeepers toads past and he didn't notice until it started decomposing + maggots

No. 747346

File: 1544508634443.jpeg (176.17 KB, 750x994, 11A9D250-976D-4884-B6A3-0DBEC5…)

No. 747380

Looks like Carolyn is planning to jump into BREEDING AN ENDANGERED SPECIES. She can barely take care of her existing birds, this has all the makings of a tragedy

No. 747388


I got that vibe too but in Maddie's recent vlogs it seems they share a bed. She hasn't shown any other room than the one that Tyler was seen sleeping in, and I really doubt they have a 5 bedroom house (1 pet room each, a bedroom and a rabbit room)

No. 747401

Jesus, as if his tegu eating a snake wasn't bad enough. He's bitten off way more than he can chew.

No. 747417

See they’re just leeches! No integrity!
If happy tails suddenly got really popular they’d be sucking up to her. Wasn’t it just last year and the YouTube event Tyler and Taylor were tweeting about Brian and how terrible he is.
Wherever the views are I guess.
We shouldn’t waste our time with people like Tyler and his little group, I swear all they care about is internet fame. Tyler started out doing normal videos, then once did a pet video and even he said, it bought in a lot of views so he decided to male pet videos. - his motivation for his whole channels theme was views.

No. 747422

Yea he said about the start of his channel on the pet tuber panel, the one Taylor didn’t turn up to.

No. 747428

Rabbit anon here, she literally doesn’t understand the concept of a middle ground. I was the one who said they had absolutely nothing in their pen to play with. So she goes and absolutely fills it with stuff so there isn’t even enough room for them to hop? Talk about overkill. I thought you didn’t care about what people said on lolcow meghan? Just to prove we are not unreasonable I will admit this is a decent sized pen for a living space but they need to be let out to run around daily and I don’t see how she could possibly have time to do this with all her other animals as well.

No. 747433


The level of her anthropomorphizing is disgusting and her cognitive dissonance is astounding. In >>743566 she describes Hope as being so curious, excited, and happy to meet Love and praises him for being a caring older brother when Hope looked like he wanted to bite off Love's face.

And she whacks his face into the edge of the cage opening when she takes him out of her car.

No. 747463

There are so many kids and teens in the comments asking for advice or saying that they want to get a bird too. It makes me so sad to think about all the animals that are bought because of these pettubers, who are neglected or will soon be abandoned or rehomed when these kids inevitably loose interest or go off to college. Birds are especially prone to this because of how long they live. There’s a statistic somewhere that says birds go through an average of 4 homes before they find their permanent home, and it sadly doesn’t surprise me.

No. 747475

Not to go off topic but how do you guys feel about Kristen leannimal? I found her videos the other day and I like her pet care more than most so far.

No. 747503

Peep tyler and maddie playing footsie under a blanket in i think it was emmas vlog.

No. 747507

Maybe he’s bi? But he definitely seems like he’d be more into guys.

No. 747715

Serious question tho what is maddie going to do if her tegus breed? Dont want to see them in the hands of 12 year olds who have no clue what they are doing. :c

No. 747752

She backyard breeding her tegus?

No. 747800

It’s always great when she talks about “training” Hope to freefly, then just lets her fly out of the car across traffic to wherever, then shouts like a retard trying to get the bird to come back. I don’t know much about training birds but at least know not to say “good girl” when the bird isn’t doing what you ask lol.

No wonder she loses her bird every month or so. Just hope she doesn’t end up getting her birds killed to learn her lesson.

No. 747804

Not saying shes byb but houses 2 males and 1 female together…

No. 747813

File: 1544581702711.jpeg (340.33 KB, 750x1171, 42EE01FD-74FA-47E4-843C-595CF0…)

No. 747906

what the hell i she wearing

No. 748011

her monitor care is horrendous. temps too low, terrible diet, not enough substrate for starters. she has made her monitor obese with her negligence.

No. 748212

She clearly has low self esteem, she needs to be validated all the time so she dresses slutty

No. 748234

It seems like Reptilian Garden is a pretty good keeper? Ive only seen a few vids but from what i saw shes pretty good? Not cheesy and clickbaity. Talks about and shows her care in an educational way

No. 748291

I've been following her for a while on instagram and I like her and her standards of care. I'm just hoping the youtube stuff doesn't get to her head.

No. 748314


The one thing I've noticed about Reptilian Garden is her chameleon always seems to have stuck shed? I can't remember a time when I've seen him without any shed. Other than that I have no issues with her other animals

No. 748435

Guess who’s getting a new (opposite sex) hyacinth macaw? This is definitely the kind of person who should own a breeding pair of $15k endangered exotic birds

No. 748438

No. 748447

File: 1544684717234.png (778.85 KB, 800x888, crazy carolin.png)


She renamed the bird Glory after she has been called Fluffy for 27 years.

The look on Hope's face tho.

No. 748476

didn't watch the video. But first off let me just say breeding an adopted bird isn't terrible(although I don't know if shelters who adopt out birds allow it) EXCEPT when it's 27 years old, this bird has been through at least 2+ owners already, I mean come on you expect her to bond with some unweaned baby.
she honestly knows nothing about how birds bond. I doubt those birds will ever actually breed so I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Only thing is if they don't get along and she shoves them in the same cage they could severely hurt each other, especially during breeding season.

No. 748526


>Inb4 the wedding video


The previous owner Treavor (or Travis, she doesn't seem to know) got her as a baby. The end of the video is traumatic. He left her in a pet carrier unattended outside for Carolin to pick up, and she is distressed and alarm calling.

And bird mad bitch needs to keep her hands on the wheel and her eyes on the road while driving!

No. 748590

Hope will be forgotten like her other birds and be left in that dog crate cage to suffer. This bitch is abusive and gets away with it because she free flies

No. 748608

Out of curiosity i looked up the price of a tour at brians zoo. To actually get a tour with him for an hour is $500 :0

No. 748673


I did some reading and apparently Hyacinths don't reach breeding age until around 7 years. Carolin weaned Love way too early, and she should not have been feeding Love and Destiny the same formula.

No. 748795


Jfc that’s the most depressing shit I’ve seen. Imagine being with someone from being a baby to 27 years old, then left on the porch for some dumb animal-hoarding bitch to pick you up and force you to pose for vlogs until she negligently kills you through any number of the things she does.

No. 748930

It’s clear that these exotic birds are nothing more than toys to her. She also has absolutely no self awareness when it comes to what she is posting on the internet and how it influences her viewers.

No. 748937

File: 1544757753298.png (54.41 KB, 772x640, The Hyacinth Macaw.PNG)

Who else thinks she might just move on to another species when "it get's too hard"?

If anyone else wants to read the article to have a good laugh knowing she isn't gonna do any of it go straight ahead ~ https://www.bluemacaws.org/en-gb/article/the-hyacinth-macaw

No. 749088


Part 2

A bunch of comments telling her not to rename Fluffy.

No. 749089

File: 1544791178452.png (799.18 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-14-04-02-50…)


Look at how close she was to breaking out of the crate!

No. 749090

File: 1544791202178.png (859.74 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-14-04-12-31…)

No. 749091

File: 1544791268347.png (996.41 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-14-04-27-26…)

"She's laughing and smiling and she wants to kiss me!"

No. 749180

Also, I don’t know if anyone here has ever had a pet chew itself out of a cage, but as they struggle to get out they can gut themselves and bleed out.

Source: coming home to dog bleeding out on the floor and spent $5k on surgeries to repair

No. 749214

so she's wearing a ring on her wedding finger huh? I noticed that the moment TND started going out with Jonny, her video quality started to plummet, she buys more animals to try to fill that void, and starts dressing up whore-y. Didn't she used to take care of herself like getting her nails done and everything.

No. 749215

oh god. I don't even want to give this woman any views from me. How can shitty ass people get so many views while the legit ones doesnt?

No. 749221

she is just terrible. its obvious she loves her birds but she is just so irresponsible. you can see hope doesnt listen to you when you call him and there is wildlife that can harm him or that he can harm. every two vids or so it is always a "HOPE IS IN DANGER!!!" "THIS GUY TRIED TO STEAL HOPE" "A DOG ALMOST ATE HOPE"

No. 749269

I don’t know a lot about bunnies, so maybe some bunny anons can fill me in, but why is it that pettubers don’t seem too concerned about finding their bun a companion? If bunnies do need companions as much as I think they do, then wouldn’t that be the number one concern immediately? Is it possible to have a happy, healthy bun without a companion, or are these pettubers (mostly Tyler) just lying to themselves?

Also, in regards to Mango, I don’t think it was “just a heart-attack.” I’ve owned birds for years and done my own research, and I’ve never seen any scientific evidence backing the fact that “birds just get spooked sometimes and die.” Please correct me if you do have scientific support for that.

Typically when a bird has a heart attack it’s because that bird was already predisposed to having a heart attack (poor diet, poor genes, heart blockage, etc.) When you take a bird in for a necropsy, the vet usually won’t be able to tell you how that bird died. Merely cutting the bird open will only be able to tell them how it MAY have died (if you got the bird in quickly enough after freezing it, at least). The only way to determine exactly how a bird died is by sending a sample in to have scientific testing done, which is extremely expensive. Tyler’s vet most likely told him that it seemed like it could have been a heart attack, and he may not have had any further testing done.

That said, I do NOT think that Mango’s death was Tyler’s fault. Even if Mango was predisposed to a heart attack because of his genetics or heart problems that Tyler wasn’t aware of, that isn’t Tyler’s fault. Birds are extremely fragile creatures who often don’t display any noticeable signs of illness until it’s too late. I feel terrible for Tyler because I know he loved that bird, and seeing a bird owner lose their parrot regardless of the circumstances hits me hard. I can’t imagine waking up one day to find one of my babies dead, but I know that it’s inevitable. We aren’t perfect, and animals do pass.

No. 749312


Taylor has her own thread.

No. 749355

She did get the monitor as a rescue and it was already obese. Sad to see it in a situation that's not much better

No. 749423

Carolin posted a video of her singing and miming to a medley of Christmas songs wearing a different holiday outfit with each one. Hope is indignantly dressed in a Santa costume he chews at throughout the video to remove.

Did I mention she filmed it entirely parked in her car?

No. 749424

If you go back on her instagram, her monitor has nearly doubled in size. It may have been overweight initially but it is morbidly obese now.

No. 749426

If you go back on her instagram, her monitor has nearly doubled in size. It may have been overweight initially but it is morbidly obese now.

No. 749435

File: 1544852927502.png (868.74 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-14-21-15-35…)

No. 749436

File: 1544853042316.png (938.8 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-14-21-16-46…)

No. 749465

i dont mind the singing but she litteraly put I SAVED HER FROM CANCER in the title. like how insensitive can you be

No. 749504

I think a lot of the companion thing is down to time and space.
Time - Literally will take up to months to introduce two bunnies together if they didn't already know each other, and they should be around the same size which means you can't just buy whatever you see. I don't think a lot of these petubers would be willing to put the time and the energy in.
Space - As we have seen, a lot of their enclosures are already small. Throw another rabbit in there and you will have more people complaining because it is so obvious. I don't think any of them would be willing to expand their enclosures tbh.

As for happiness, I think socialising with them nearly 24/7 will mean they're happy little things, as it would happen with any social animal. However, they live in groups in the wild so all you're doing is taking away the opportunity for natural behaviour, and i highly doubt they get much 'floor' space so these animals are living shit lives.

No. 749524

File: 1544884881028.png (862.04 KB, 800x1011, please dont.png)


The title of >>749088? Did she change it?


She says she's not planning to breed them. But would she prevent them from breeding?

No. 749538

She would probably just throw away the eggs.

No. 749586

The worst part about these Pettubers like Carolin is the fact that there’s nothing anyone can do to help the animals in their care. No matter how kind and reasonable you are, no matter how many people offer advice, they ignore it. I don’t know why they seem completely incapable of discerning people who are just being rude from people who are genuinely concerned about their animals. Are they really that sensitive? Or do they not care?
Most of the threads on lolcow are funny, but the Pettuber thread just makes me sad and angry.

No. 749591

I missed Carolin's viral video.


>“It’s great because I don’t need to clean up after them. “When they were very little I observed their behaviour every time they went to the bathroom. “I timed it and when they had to go I caught them and hold them over the toilet and said the words ‘poop poop’. “Once they were finished, I gave them a loud and happy positive reinforcement as a happy scream. “They loved it and memorise it that every time they go to the bathroom they are getting a happy mom shoutout. “Within a day, both understood the concept of ‘poop poop’. “It’s the consistency to keep it up and asking them every time if they need to go. “Poop poop is best in the toilet and not on my carpet.”

So explain the ever present shit stains all over your hoodies!

No. 749756

Dang, you're right. She's huge now. Here is a comparison. In August she said she was on a diet, but was very obviously gaining weight. Luckily it looks like she hasn't gained much more weight since August, I hope she is actually losing weight now, poor girl

No. 749757

File: 1544929344874.jpg (3.21 MB, 1920x3072, inCollage_20181215_185842317.j…)


No. 749761

I agree with a lot of these things. I think AfroHerpkeeper specifically has fixed a lot of his problems. Tegu no longer roams due to concerns over him not receiving proper basking. Rattlesnake cage has a lock I'm p sure also. The Ball Python escape should not have happened, but at least it was found. That was an easily avoidable mistake and criticism is 100% due, I mean it's a BP just lock the enclosure and you're good. Also his Job correlates directly to his hobby, so I don't see the issue there. Overall not perfect, but I would overall say better than Taylor Nicole Dean, Happy Tails (Fuck Happy Tails I fucking hate them not just as an owner but as person), Brian B, etc. who really only try to sensationalize with their animals.

No. 749764

Sorry for sounding like a defensive fan, but a lot of afroherpkeeper stuff is being fixed or has been fixed, his tegu doesn't free roam anymore because of the eaten snake problem (in a growtent), his snake's enclosures are slowly being fixed, and his ball python has been found. Most of his pets are being homed with friends or his mom takes care of the simple ones. Of course, this does not justify any bad things he does I wanted to defend him a little bit because he's a really good person(whiteknighting)

No. 749799

Are you guys familiar with Paul cuffaro? Appalling aquatics and turtle care and climbing to a million subs at ridiculous speeds. He is influencing a loot of people in all the wrong ways and doesn't do an ounce of research before buying fish or turtles. I'm surprised he hasn't been discussed more

No. 749829

Lol busted! Someone’s been lurking.

No. 749906

Skunks are better off not eating anything processed, or sugary, as they're very prone to diabetes and other health issues resulting from poor diets. Dumb that she'd let her skunk chow down on a shitload of whipped cream for yotube views.

Also nice to see you here AfroHerpKeeper. You're better off not pretending to be anonymous, otherwise you just look dumb when you get exposed.

No. 749972


Because hoarding six birds in a tiny room in a small apartment is healthy.

No. 749977

File: 1544989725044.png (554.67 KB, 800x808, Screenshot_2018-12-16-11-44-06…)

Fluffy is regurgitating and nest building. Is this brooding behavior in reaction to being around a male?

Video https://www.instagram.com/p/Brb5GVkFHng/

No. 749982

I watched a couple of his videos and he's TRASH. He has FOUR turtles in a tiny outdoor pond that isn't more than 30 gallons. That's way too small for even one turtle (his smallest is 3inches, so as soon as it grows it'll grow out of the pond), let alone four, they're going to fight and bully each other for food. He doesn't even know what types of turtles they are??? They're store bought morphs that he handles so much as soon as he gets them, and doesn't quarantine. I've rescued aquatic turtles from losers like him.

No. 749993

Well first off any female bird will lay eggs no matter if there is a mate or not (like a chicken) therefor the nest building could just be that. The regurgitating can be normal if the person is very bonded to the bird, it's kinda seen as a present. The exception is that she's only had her a couple days if I'm correct, so that kind of behavior seems strange.
Didn't she say she wasn't gonna breed them now?
They always seem to be out at the same time which would give them plenty of time to mate.

No. 750026

Please do not compare parrots to chickens breeding wise. Sorry to be a dick but you don’t seem to be right person to share information of exotic birds.

Sexual behaviour is not healthy for bird-human relationships. It frustrates the bird because it can’t fulfil its natural nesting behaviour with human. That causes problems with attachment.

The original IG comment is on point. You should never let your bird perfom sexual actions to you or encourage that behaviour. That’s why it is important to parrot owners to educate themselves about parrot’s mating habits. We may not always recognize the warning signs.

Sage for parrot sperg

No. 750036

File: 1544999119144.png (565.8 KB, 800x894, Screenshot_2018-12-16-14-19-19…)


This is what Carolin describes as a "nest".


Video https://www.instagram.com/p/BrdHjpYFwB1/


It looks like she bought an identical cage for Fluffy and is keeping them together outside of the bird room instead of using the larger one she came with which was chipping paint and rusting.

No. 750075

all I was comparing chickens to parrots was that they both lay eggs whether they are fertile or not, I wasn't saying that their breeding behavior was similar in any way. but if I'm seen as someone who doesn't know what they're talking about by just stating the simple fact that most birds lay eggs then my whole life has been a lie.
Don't get me wrong I wasn't defending her at all in that the bird was acting like her hand was a chick and she just went along with it. I was simply implying that it is fairly normal for some parrots to do this. Although I did forget to mention that it shouldn't be encouraged in any way which I definitely agree with.

No. 750102

File: 1545011018248.png (5.03 MB, 1242x2208, E5007275-02BA-4EF5-B2D4-FAAB9C…)

What’s the deal with these hoarding pet tubers bragging about how much they pay on their enclosures like it’s a big thing. The kidlets watching could never afford that extravagant spending. TBH, I doubt wannabe Taylor can either unless rich papa upped her “allowance” cause she’s definitely not making enough off her pathetic YouTube channel. God I hate that clique group.

No. 750114

fucking hate his care. He bought a betta tank, knew it wasn't the right size (One of those Aqueon Betta Falls) yet proceded to use it anyways (I think he ended up getting separate larger tanks tho) and he just bought a mini pig last week. There's no such thing as a mini pig.

No. 750123

Does anyone here watch Kristen Leann? Just stumbled upon her channel today. She’s like a new TND with fewer animals. A chameleon, rabbits, mice, an iguana (now rehomed), beardie, leopard gecko, etc.

I saw her chameleon care video and wanted to die, and I don’t even own reptiles.

No. 750140

First pettuber I immediately hated. Her monitor care makes me so angry. That poor savannah is morbidly obese and she made a whole video telling her fans that force taming and breaking the will of an animal is acceptable. Can't speak much on her other animals because I stopped watching her as soon as I saw that mess.

No. 750360

File: 1545078578098.jpg (495.15 KB, 1079x1572, Screenshot_20181217-212303_Fac…)

I don't understand how Emma can be against Brian but still support Taylor.

No. 750427

I know she's not a 'pettuber' but why is no one commenting on zoellas guinea pig care.
It's atrocious and she has no excuse she's a millionaire who does nothing all day

No. 750434

Thanks anon for sparing us having to look at samson’s Face!!!

No. 750439

Because Emma is a Taylor wannabe with no integrity. Anything to get popular on YouTube, it's actually kind of tragic. How can she say she cares about animals when she literally defends Taylor's every move. She was the one that went off on leopard gecko because leopard gecko also found the cheese funeral video super disrespectful. Are these pet tubers on 24/7 watch in case someone says the littlest thing regarding Taylor?

No. 750443

I did think that was kind of fucked up. If she thought there was an issue with the post she could have PM leopard gecko or just commented on it but instead she quote tweeted it so send max hate to her. Shady AF

No. 750453

she has her own thread on GG and people there criticize her care all the time. also the terrible state of her poor pug iirc.

No. 750455

I think there’s a lot of youtubers who keep their pets in bad condition. PewDiePie has a cane toad and I swear it died after a year or so.

No. 750597

She's not a pet youtuber, but her choice of getting guinea pigs has definitely influenced more people than a lot of these pet youtubers. I actually even got a guinea pig after she did years ago. Now she only has one guinea pig all alone, and she never takes him out of his cage for floor time or for attention. Poor guy is probably so lonely and bored. She should just rehome him already so that he can have a better life.

No. 750640

But equally with older rodents if you suddenly rehome the stress of a new home can be bad, and you shouldn’t just give up on a pet because it’s on its own, you should give it attention and make sure it’s happy and healthy. Pets aren’t disposable, you don’t just rehome them because they’re on their own.

No. 750642


As much as it's a difficult desision, if you have an elderly guinea pig and are not wanting to get more/cannot find another elderly guinea pig to pair together. I do think that's a rare circumstance where it's better to rehome the animal to someone who maybe has other piggies I don't think it's fair to kee him alone they're such social wee things.

Also on the Amazon/pets at home website you can see the cage she has and al the great reviews people leave on it saying it's just like zoellas. Even though the cage is completely not suitable for the pigs

No. 750709


That's all Love's cage. It has two domes.

Carolin can't cage Fluffy at night because she screams, so she lets her sleep on her purple robe next to her computer. Fluffy is so loud she's worried about the neighbors. Meanwhile Fluffy is destroying things in the apartment. Skip to 7:00.

No. 750831

It’s only a matter of time before something serious happens to one of her birds due to her idiotic tendencies and neglectful care. I can only hope that it will be a wake up call to her instead of her just seeing it as an opportunity to make more videos with clickbait titles.

No. 750952

Did pickles really rehome several animals because she couldnt care for them and then adopt a bearded dragon?? -_-

No. 750976

She had the bearded dragon prior to rehoming some of her animals.

No. 750991

How does everyone feel about zoe's rescue zoo ?
I used to really like her for adopting animals but then she ended up going to all these expos and buying a bunch of animals and I feel like she's going to end up like the rest of these pettubers. She says that she has about 100 pets at any given moment and I don't see how one person can actually care for 100 animals on their own.

No. 751022


Is part of a Facebook group like this yet tries to profit off a video of a tour of Brian’s zoo? Kek


It seems that way, they’re constantly jumping on others that vaguely tweet about something that could be related to Taylor without even following that person. Home girl needs to start paying them to do her dirty work.

No. 751033

It’s really sad, they must just always be looking out for tweets. Weird thing is Taylor wasn’t even mentioned in leopard geckos and non of the pettube lot followed her on Twitter from what I could see.

No. 751055

Dunno if that Leopard Gecko tweet was posted here but they probably know every single tweet against TND because they read her thread. They did the same thing to Jessica Fennen

No. 751077

These kids really disgust me, as an avid Reptile Enthusiast myself I hope they all get blown out of the water by a new wave of mature, professional hobbyists who actually have something to offer. I really do not pay much mind to the whole Pettube ordeal, a while back I came across a few of their channels, which are now just flooded with pathetic emotional videos all trying to defend one another's care choices. They are really a prime example of that socially awkward clique in High School, who all do whatever it takes to have the spotlight. They are all fake, they have all bashed Brian Barcyzk for his Snake Racks and care in general, however Maddie and Emma both posted sob stories about why Taylor Nicole Dean's Racks/care are completely justifiable, yet they all try to draw negative attention to other people to keep it off themselves. AND they all were extremely quick to be buddy buddy with Brian when they got the opportunity to go to the Reptarium (which they obviously knew would get them views if they vlogged the trip) They will really do whatever it takes to get those views, even if it means being two-faced toward fellow Hobbyists and constantly LYING…. I am grateful that their true colors are being shown, much too many people are still blind to whats really going on, and still supporting them. These are privileged, wealthy kids who woke up one day and saw potential in being involved with the Pet Community, they did not have to work for any of this, it was all handed to them regardless of their qualifications, which are clearly jack fucking squat. None of them have enough experience to sit down in front of a camera and think they can properly "teach" thousands of people, it is EXTREMELY transparent that they are the ones with the learning to do. All of their Care Videos are pretty much word for word right from the animal's Wikipedia page, it does not appear any of them have knowledge that reflects long-term experience with animals.

No. 751078

True for the pettube clique. But there are some good channels like snake discovery, serpa design, tikis geckos, leopard gecko, clints reptiles, mike tytula, etc. They’re all quite specific about their animals and care and go in depth. The general pet tubers gain a variety of animals to appeal to a broader audience and seem to know shit all about the care.

No. 751082

Whats sad is that all of the mistakes that these fuck tards make are at the expense of an innocent animal, who some people would DIE to have and care for. I would do anything to have the budget these kids have to take care of animals, I honestly don't know how they manage to FUCK UP with the amount of money handed to them to invest in the proper equipment to maintain Exotic Animals, especially Taylor. I know people who take care of TWICE as many animals on not even HALF the budget these motherfuckers get and they have 0 issues making sure every individual is cared for properly. There is no excuse, Pettube.

No. 751088

racks aren't inherently bad. it is brians way of keeping them that is bad. it would be equally wrong to keep them in an aquarium with his husbandry. and no matter how shitty taylors rack may is, it is way better that Brian's

No. 751091

i would like to ask someone more experienced in reptiles than i am, how do you feel about people herping. i personally don't think it is bad as long as it is oberving but i start having problems when they actually manhandle the animal. it seems like unnecessary stress. and seen as though stress lowers their immune system making them more susceptible to diseases, it is also risky

No. 751096


Herping is an excellent activity for Reptile lovers to engage in responsibly. Sadly some people set the wrong example, therefor leading others in to believing it is okay to go out and manhandle a wild snake while its musking everywhere, just for a video thumbnail. Herping was established as an activity for us to go out in to Nature and get up close and personal with Reptiles/Amphibians while keeping it safe and humane, a practice which some people have thrown under the bus just to get a video published.

"it is always better not to touch any Reptile or Amphibian you find in the wild. not only does handling cause the animal stress, but you could also be potentially contaminating the animal and therefor its environment with you're own bacteria which it is not used to." SAID AS SHE NARRATES A VIDEO COMPILED OF HER HANDLING WILD REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS….

prime example of someone setting the wrong example.

No. 751098

i know of that video. it is actually this and go herpings older videos that rubbed me the wrong way

No. 751099

and i have also gone herping (not knowing it has a name lol) and it was so odd to me that people handle wild animals for the attention

No. 751101


When did they bash Brian for his care? Do you have screenshots of any of that? The only thing I remember is Tyler tweeting about Brian bringing animals to a loud party at Vidcon

No. 751107

Tyler did a video about a youtuber brian worked with who used animals in their pranks and Brian provided animals. I agree that’s a irresponsible thing to do. But the whole group denounced around the vidcon situation.

No. 751113


I can't say that I have screenshots to share with you since most of the evidence I am standing behind is from video footage, however some statements that have been made in Emma's, as well as Maddie and Tyler's videos are without a doubt directed toward Brian Barczyk wether they said his name or not. Emma is a part of Reptile Keepers Against Brian Barczyk on Facebook.

Fact of the matter is they all have no problem playing a part in demeaning someone else's way of life, but all feel attacked when someone calls out them or their friend. They can spread the hate but they can't take the hate. Not saying Brian is someone that should be looked up to, like the comment above me stated, he has donated animals to be used in numerous David Dobrik vlogs where the animals were used to prank people in an inhumane setting/fashion. I don't think any of these people deserve to be uploading videos everyday and receive income for them, people are funding animal abuse on a daily basis by watching these videos.

No. 751128

lol at tyler's new petfest video already having comments disabled

No. 751134

How come?

No. 751135

I have an interest in making content to show some of the tricks i have learned and show off my setups. However i feel like they still need more and dont wanna put them out there unless they are perfect in everyway. I like channels that stick to what they have and produce multiple videos on an animal rather than show off a new one every week and never update on that animal again

No. 751137

Yea some good channels have experience before YouTube with their animals and continue to educate on what they know rather than these other accumulating a load of pets they know nothing about. I feel the whole pettube petfest group is literally some of the worst in the community and yet some of them have stupid amounts of subs. Tyler really rubs me up the wrong way. He comes across a bit of an asshole who thinks he knows it all when honestly I’ve seen no evidence for him actually know his stuff. He said before he started his channel to be like Shane Dawson but he found his channel became popular when he showed off his animals so that’s what he continued to do.

No. 751145

That’s similar to pickles. She even admitted that she’d been doing YouTube for a while and it was only when she showed off her reptiles that she got popular, so she in her own words, ended up getting more. Which led to 2 lizards dying, her leopard gecko getting sick and then losing part of its tail and her rehoming a bunch. Also why does she always go to petco and petsmart? She may be saying they’re bad but she’s in a way promoting them. Seriously who supports these people?!

No. 751185

probably because it was click-baity and petfest/pettubers in general are an absolute fucking disaster as is

No. 751187


He said in the video it was so people wouldn’t comment their city and would use the link instead. It’s pretty standard for a lot of tour announcement videos

No. 751203

How come when you search "taylor Nicole Dean Lolcow" on Youtube Emzotic's page is the first two results that pop up LMAO

No. 751217

Must be in her tags?

No. 751531

speaking of caroline von petzsomething, how do you feel about mickey the macaw & friends.
the basics is that this couple impulse bought a three year old macaw, mickey, taught him how to free fly and now they impulse bought another macaw

No. 751532

their free flying video was so shit that caroline commented on it giving them advice

No. 751533

this is the free flying video and you can easily find carolines comment (if you cant i ll post screenshots) and their videos. personally i dont like their care but it is obvious that they love him and have put a lot of energy and money into him and they are open to criticism. when iit comes donw to it, mickey is a very happy bird with a much better quality of life that he did but i cannot ignore some very important mistakes such as not quarantining, not training enough, and free flying in areas with dogs and birds of prey

No. 751657

Not sure if this is accurate or not, however the New Jersey Guidelines to Privately Owned Exotic Pets states that you CANNOT own Venomous Snakes, Alligators/Crocs, Certain Rodents, Parrots/Select other birds. Wonder if this could be reason to the fact they ONLY let 1/16 of their collection be seen on Camera, and I guarantee you there is an assortment of illegal animals being kept in their basement out of sight.

No. 751663

Why…. New York Magazine…..Why.

If i were Taylor I would have been ashamed to have my Blue Tongue Skink enclosure look like that while I was on camera, knowing that thousands of people are going to recognize that her enclosure has been that empty ever since you got the CUSTOM CAGE UNIT

No. 751675

Taylor has her own thread over at >>>/pt/613294

(Also you might want to take a look at the site rules. You don't need to type anything in the name and subject fields.)

No. 751687

Em and Danny do run an educational program and she has stated that they have permits for certain animals shown.. They COULD have some illegals animals in secret but I would imagine that the state does check in on them.

No. 751748


I get wanting to dress a little sexy/make yourself look good but, I dunno her outfit in that video just seemed a bit, over the top for what the video was? She may as well of worn nothing it doesn't come across very professional at all since the video was about her career?

No. 751843

Mikey the Macaw and the new macaw Mia are probably treated better than 95% of parrots so I don’t worry that much. The one worrying thing is that it seems like they are going to eventually breed the two birds and this is bad for a whole host of reasons.

No. 752149


This is not Taylor's thread.

No. 752167

In that case they're breeding them rather than showing them off which seems like a massive waste of money since selling them would be a risk.

No. 752311

Surprising no one, Carolin is overwhelmed with taking care of six birds. Fluffy screams constantly (CONSTANTLY) for attention and is "regurlating" all over Carolin so much that they both smell like vomit. Love is jealous of the attention Fluffy is getting.

The female Lorikeet she put down a deposit for as a mate for Angel is available, but she declined. "NO MORE BIRDS! Even if they are free!"

Carolin looks like an exhausted new mother and sounds delirious on top of crazy.

No. 752378

Seems like she took the bird thinking that everything would be perfect. She really has no idea what she is doing.

No. 752540

You're not supposed to have Venomous or Constrictors larger than 6ft in NY without a special license. It's 100% viable that Danny has gotten special permissions…all they do is put you on an exotic tracking list and I remember reading somewhere that your local hospitals need to be prepared in case you get bit…I mean…the UK is hella strict and Emzotic was allowed to have that venomous centipede and showed it off all the time.

No. 752575

why is he so into venomous/dangerous animals lately. seem that the views have gone down the drain

No. 752582

He's probably suicidal.

No. 752726

File: 1545512288668.jpg (504.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181222-135531.jpg)

From one of taylors wannabees (and according to the girl, one of taylors "close friends".). This isn't normal, and in the comments her and another girl are talking about how "bloods are the worst shedders". First of all, that's a short tailed python, not a blood. Second of all, it's not normal for a blood or a short tail to be "bad shedders". My bloods and sst pythons always shed fine.

No. 752741


Why does she switch between calling the snake a her and a him… does she have 2 brain cells?

No. 752793

I just noticed that….if you don't know what gender your snake is, use "they" or just pick one gender.

No. 752836

Em and Danny live in NJ not NY the laws are very different like skunks for example illegal in ny. But legal in nj

No. 752969

how do you guys feel about animalwonders montana. i think she is really nice

No. 753006

Animal Wonders is one of the very few animal channels I have 100% respect for.
She knows what she is doing, is well educated & has assistants to help her with her animals needs. She doesn't have so many animals that their care suffers, she clearly takes very good care of them focusing on ensuring they have enriched lives, healthy diets & space to exhibit natural behaviours. This is something a lot of animal tubers lack.

She also clearly has the funding to continue to improve their care & ensure all care needs are met. And… she's actually professional!

No. 753183

she never learns

No. 753186

aaw i love how she threw hope on the same perch with a new macaw who hasn't settled with his new owner yet, and they immediately start fighting

No. 753237

File: 1545604317709.png (528.81 KB, 800x806, Screenshot_2018-12-23-14-29-42…)


Always with the clickbait.

Remember, this woman is a film director!

No. 753256


What a dumbass. It's common sense that flying a bird in windy weather is a terrible idea.

No. 753395

Sometimes it’s hard for me to comprehend how an adult woman can be this stupid.

No. 753492

Carolin is honestly the Logan Paul of Pettube. Constantly doing dumb shit she knows will go wrong to get views, regardless of how it implicates the safety of her animals.

No. 754026

what do you guys think about snake discoverys new vid

No. 754151

File: 1545813715845.jpg (337.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181226-103938.jpg)

why cant they hold a reptile correctly its not that difficult

No. 754152

you can not hold it and take a photo in its enclosure or you can hold it correctly and have someone else take the photo

No. 754156

I really love Snake Discovery's care in general. Snake people always seem to have an insane amount of snakes though, I guess because they don't eat much and don't eat often they're just easier to take care of? Her enclosures are really neat though and her snakes(thats she's shown) are really healthy looking.

I don't agree with her keeping an alligator in such a small space though, I get that her growth is stunted and she'll stay smallish forever but it just doesn't look like a very enriching environment I guess. Rex can't even swim in that tiny pool and can't even turn around without bumping into anything.

No. 754186

when they first got her, rex could barely walk so maybe she is in a smaller cage to be more confident

No. 754187

My biggest concern is the snake feeding, she's literally handling the snake while it's eating.
I'm all for education about reptiles but they already have so many feeding videos that there's not much point to handling them, also the snake wasn't even hiding so… it's all a bit pointless?

The other thing I never really liked about Snake Discovery is the fact that they 'rescue' a lot of animals that are wild or have a questionable quality of life - that snake for example, while it's nice that they're making sure he's fed, will he be okay in the future?

The other big thing is obviously the rack system they have going on with the majority of their animals.

No. 754192


i generally like her but the vid of a prolapsed ball python rubbed me the wrong way. she said that treating was for professionals but what are her credentials? is she a vet nurse or just a breeder or what? think its kind of important to clarify who is qualified bcause everyone on youtube thinks theyre professionals.

No. 754196


i generally like her but the vid of a prolapsed ball python rubbed me the wrong way. she said that treating was for professionals but what are her credentials? is she a vet nurse or just a breeder or what? think its kind of important to clarify who is qualified bcause everyone on youtube thinks theyre professionals.

No. 754274

handling a snake while feeding it or it shedding its not inherently bad. its just the stress it may cause can lead to the snake regurgitating or having bad sheds. she mentions that the snakes that ae being held are those who go to programs meaning that the do it frequently and are used to it. snake racks are also not bad if done correctly. and she shares information on how to minimise/solve a problem why is that bad? i d be more concerned that she breed scaleless snakes which are more susceptible to burns and scratches and thus normalises this trend

No. 754298

You can see some of the larger snakes have very little room or enrichment. Racks are racks but these racks are small af

No. 754377

She made her guinea pigs swim. She fucking made those babies have to fight to survive in the bathtub.

No. 754380

From her website:

"I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Fisheries & Wildlife. I then became an Interpretive Naturalist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, where I found my love for wildlife education. I have spent hundreds of hours developing and conducting educational programs about wildlife to all age groups and backgrounds. I am an active member of the Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS), where I regularly volunteer at hands-on activities to spread knowledge of reptiles as pets. I am also a past Director of the Minnesota Companion Bird Association (MCBA), as well as certified Aviculturist through the American Federation of Aviculture. Now when I return to the universities, I get to be in front of the teaching board rather than behind a desk! I have taught pre-vet students about Companion Animals at the University of Wisconsin: River Falls and the University of Minnesota."

She seems qualified I suppose. Better than some of the petubers on this thread.

No. 754440

So Cataleah claimed that the gofundme hasn’t raised enough to cover how much rescuing him costed, she’s raised $180 and the vet only cost $120 what else has she spent the money on?! What’s a bet she paid for it and then expects people to pay for it!

No. 754603

just so anyone knows this comment was made about zoella

No. 754662

that is not how you should free fly a macaw

No. 754669


Those retards just stand there shrieking at the birds to come back and make every excuse possible as to why they are still in control of the bird.

Sad that they can't confront the truth that they haven't "trained" the birds to do anything, the birds are just flying around and come back if they feel like it.

No. 754763

we should recognise that hope is actually kind of trained. he flies (usually) in a loop, comes back when told to (usually) and doesnt land on the ground. not saying its perfect but he is better that love. she should have a harness on him and desensitize him to distraction then teach him to come back, to fly down from high places and fly in a loop not yeet him in the air and hope for the best

No. 754764

also doesnt it bother you that steffj puts diapers on her indoor ducks

No. 754808

Such uncontrolled situation. Makes me stressed for her and animal.
Tbh I do not understand how she has so little regard for her birds safety?

No. 754865


And she's transporting Love in the crate with the big jagged hole she chewed into it >>749090.

No. 755017

Sorry to post here, but is the Taylor Dean thread not working for anyone else or is it just me?

No. 755023

Came here to ask just that, not working for me either friend.

No. 755083

File: 1545976372720.png (Spoiler Image,4.16 MB, 1334x750, C291A010-93C6-4B57-BB6E-BB30D3…)

Why is no one talking about the fact that carolin keeps Hope in a dog crate. Her ‘new’ cage for the hyacinth is no where near big enough for a bird of that size. I’d be interested in seeing what the cages of her other birds look like. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in dog crates too.

No. 755139


Hope can hardly sit up and his tail sticks out the other end. He spends more time in that crate then she will admit and you can see him stuck in it in the background of many of her hyacinth or beginnings of her videos.

Her hyacinth cages are what a normal African grey, Amazon, cockatoo cage size should be. Her Amazon's and lorikeet are in conure/cockatiel sized cages and I'm pretty sure they rarely get to leave considering she spends all her time with the macaws now. She used to free fly the other birds but they have been tossed aside and trapped in their cages since the macaws.

Her house is cramped, there is no room in her bird room for 1 macaw let alone all 6 of her birds and to have multiple out at the same time can be dangerous and chaotic. Therefore it means many of them are trapped in tiny boring cages for hours possibly days at a time. Since the hyacinth are the new star of the show you can bet she's not going to bother with the rest anytime soon

No. 755194

File: 1545994825458.jpg (476.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181228-125839.jpg)

i dont like ht but this is ridiculous

No. 755239

Not a pettuber but opinions of Pretty Pastel Please's bird care? I don't know a lot about birds but he seems very loves and healthy looking. My only concern is sometimes she seems to open smelly things around him which I've gathered is kind of a no

No. 755269

I haven’t seen all her videos but her care seems okay. She’s not a pettuber so there is no care videos but I have the feeling she knows her stuff.

If she is not burning smelly things such as candles there is nothing to worry about. Parrots don’t really have good sense of smell but burning fluids are dangerous for them.

No. 755275

Same. Came here to say this.

No. 755359

Why is no one talking about MEPearlA
I feel she is the greatest pettuber ever to exist.

No. 755378

new tnd thread

No. 755426

Jayce currently in TND thread.

Relevant for here:

He handles hots.
Has no formal education and hordes animals with the best of them.
He promotes live feeding.
He promotes snake racks.


He previously was banned from the TND thread for trolling but now is back to dish the 'dirt' on her.

No. 755475


Gosh, you didn't even give them any info on how to look me up, how you expect them to find me just from my first name?

instagram: @versatile_reptiles
youtube: veratile//reptiles
twitter: @reptilianjayce
facebook: /reptilianjayce

also, you spelled "hoard" wrong.

not here to troll, just wanted to make sure if you're gonna try and put me in this, you at least give them more info.
the info you gave isn't even entirely accurate by the way. you do you booboo.

No. 755481

Hi Jayce. Had enough of attention whoring in the other thread?

No. 755506

I mean, didn't he defend Taylor at one point?
That's a massive issue already.

No. 755512

Shit, you must google yourself a lot.

No. 755514

Yeah. He started off hating her, then became her bestie and is now back to hating her.

No. 755523

File: 1546044752665.png (941.73 KB, 1280x800, bird room.png)


Her bird "room" is the entryway between her back door and the kitchen and is open to the kitchen. She keeps Love and Fluffy in her bedroom. Cap from >>749088.

In b4 she gets evicted for Fluffy's screaming. Will it draw the attention of her landlords to find out just how many birds she has? I wonder if her city has a pet limit.

Today she posted a pic of Destiny supposedly from the Christmas Eve free fly, no doubt in response to all the negative comments.

No. 755799

Anyone know whats up with the current tnd thread? The link isnt working

No. 755815

no. 26 is broken so there is a new one /pt/618237. Hope this works for you. Otherwise you can enter it via no. 25 there is a link at the bottom.

No. 755816

no. 26 is broken so there is a new one /pt/618237. Hope this works for you. Otherwise you can enter it via no. 25 there is a link at the bottom.

No. 755817

no. 26 is broken so there is a new one /pt/618237. Hope this works for you. Otherwise you can enter it via no. 25 there is a link at the bottom.

No. 755820


no. 26 is broken so there is a new one /pt/618237. Hope this works for you. Otherwise you can enter it via no. 25 there is a link at the bottom.

No. 755836

No. 755838

fun drinking game; take a shot every time he reffers to an animal as that thingis

No. 755839

What is it with the amount of drug addicts in Pettube?

Why do drug addicts hoard pets?

No. 755840

i love how you can also tell hes shit at maths. "over here we have several hundrends over there sevelar hundrend more… that adds up to alot"

No. 755843

I mostly lurk on this thread cause I’m more on the TND one but this Carolin chick has such a weird understanding of birds.
Her bird room is so cramped and what is with those cages? The rule of thumb for cage sizes is bigger than the birds wingspan.

No. 755844

like you could just multiply the number of the rows with the amoun of cages per row. add up the numbers you got and boom ya got it m8

No. 755846

those cages make me sad

No. 755850

i put it earlier and another anon tried to post it but it wasn't a link
new tnd thread

No. 755853

Oh I know I was just coming over here to have a look at the general pet tubers for the first time in a long while and saw all the Carolin crap.

No. 755864


no. 26 is broken so there is a new one /pt/618237. Hope this works for you. Otherwise you can enter it via no. 25 there is a link at the bottom.

No. 755914

If you wanted to see more of the shitshow carolin calls her "birdroom" also look how sad that poor bird in the dogcrate is as she shows of her new prize ponies

No. 755916

File: 1546113129359.jpg (746.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181230-064923_Ins…)

No. 755922


Already posted >>748447.

No. 756180

File: 1546137596797.png (5.29 MB, 1242x2208, 0F5A3821-8F99-4426-9811-8A211E…)

Emzotic is randomly on younow rn with her fat neckbeard husband

No. 756183

And she just said that we come in and record her streams and “we know we know”

No. 756191

And talked about Taylor saying “she’s not a hoarder” “to think any pettuber is an animal hoarder is ridiculous” and that Taylor takes suuuuch good care of her pets, etc.

Guess she’s trying to get on her good side lol

No. 756197

File: 1546139094823.jpeg (338.43 KB, 1242x2208, 848C937B-339C-4F2E-8E81-3BE184…)

Last doublepost…quadruple post

But she had animal poop on her hand, said “is this poop?!” then put her finger in it to taste it on her younger, while her SO was getting grossed out

Almost gagged

/end dump

No. 756294

It's a bit late to get on Taylor's good side now lmao. I think people speculating here that Emzotic has some animals in the basement that are in worse conditions are right hence why she probably defends the likes of Taylor. If that shit came out a lot of people wouldn't be okay with it since by the sounds of it those animals spend a lot of time in the dark.

She's such a joke and it's so sad because it is genuinely nice to watch her, but after the whole drama here I've been passing on her

No. 756378

obviously 2 animal abusers are friends

No. 756434

File: 1546205181523.jpg (280.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181230-232504.jpg)

oh no

No. 756590

If it's a bad even then is she really live streaming it, holy fuck?

No. 756786

File: 1546260012452.png (606.42 KB, 800x575, Screenshot_2018-12-31-04-38-26…)


Nah, fam. She's just being a clickbaity bitch as usual.

No. 756826

Actually, she was ranting about a hunter shooting a parrot. Says she doesn't like hunting or hunters. Said hunting should be abolished because we can get food without hunting. Where does she think the meat at the store comes from? Cows have to die so we can get burgers. At least with hunting, the animals get to live without being cramped indoors.

No. 756840

came here from the tnd thread, can I ask what's wrong with steff j? she's the one pettuber who actually seems like she knows what she's doing and I quite like her channel. curious though because if she doesn't actually care for her pets i'll unsub

No. 756845

wait did she say it happened in the netherlands? but her pinned comment says Belgium? either way both countries have hunting laws and both are rather strict, so much so that both have lists of animals you're allowed to hunt and in which seasons you can start hunting them. Hunting outside designated areas or off season results in an automatic revoke.
Both her and this guy on facebook are missing the point, that dude is breaking the fucking law and instead of going on about "hunting is bad m'kay" take the fact he was hunting where he wasn't meant to be and he was hunting shit he was not meant to to the fucking police.

No. 756972

the amount of animals she has is concerning. she doesn't show her enclosures either

No. 757010

Only know about her turtles
Her turtle care is horrible, she gives her turtles way less than the minimum amount of water they need. She has a video where she diy's their enclosures but she uses MAX 55 gallon plastic containers (she just says the biggest they had at home Depot) which will only work for her smaller male turtles, since they need minimum 10 gallons of water per inch of shell. Therefore, her female full grown turtles should have at least 125 gallons of water. She gives them less than half of that. She also has a tank where she keeps two different kinds of snapping turtles together. I don't know much about snapping turtles, but you shouldn't keep two dangerous turtles that close to each other. (You shouldn't house ANY two aquatic turtles together if you don't have enough room to let them have their own territories. That's how I ended up having to rescue a RES with only ONE foot left.) I can't imagine what those snapping turtles could do to each other.

No. 757147

File: 1546318643869.jpg (470.31 KB, 810x1775, 20190101_155534.jpg)

Im in the freeflight group where this was originally posted. It happened in belgium. In regards to the legality heres what a friend of the owner had to say.

No. 757218

What does everyone think of Camp Kenan?

No. 757269

oh.. unsubbing then. I thought she was probably one of the better ones based on how she cares for her cats, but I didn't know that about turtles, poor things. I hope your rescue is doing okay!

No. 757318

Havent seen enough of kennan he has alot of animals. Mostly turtles and tortoises that live outside but from what i can tell they have alot of space to roam and be natural I think hes an alright dude. Slinky could probably use some more space? The water monitor

No. 757821

Steff J is a hoarder. She has far too many cats and dogs. None of them get good food, pretty garbage at best. It's unlikely they get proper walks or interaction as well. She keeps a duck indoors wearing a diaper 24/7 which is extremely unhealthy for ducks. She fails to show her enclosures fully but I have seen snippets in the background and they are pretty minimum. She over crowds her turtles big time. She improperly stocked her saltwater tank resulting in a crash that killed them all. She is definitely not a good pet youtuber

No. 758146

I mean I don't know if I'd call MEPearlA a pettuber but I'd agree she is certainly the best thing on youtube right now.

No. 758848


I stan SkinnyPigs1, but holy shit MEpearlA is just something else entirely. I love her

No. 758932

Carolin took Fluffy to the Rose Parade as an extension of her own ego. She was sure to include all the comments from people praising the bird.

And this is the edited version of her live video which she also posted.

She seems to spend all her time in her bedroom with the Hyacinths.

No. 759562

What the fuck is she doing? Go to 7:30 in the video.

No. 759563

What the actual fuck.

Is she…. sexually assaulting that parrot?

No. 759635

and thats why you shouldn't free fly

No. 759677



Is there some Crazy Bird Lady pathogen like toxoplasmosis is to Crazy Cat Ladies? I joke, but seriously Carolin is around the bend.

No. 759683

Nah freeflying can be done properly but neither mikey or carolin had any real training, though, the guy thqt flys mikey actually takes notice of tips and shit and the tree thing isnt that bad if the bird sees a predator theyll choose to stay in the tree overnight rather than be eaten and go back to their person.

What the actual fuck is she doing??!! "Who else can do this with their macaw?" Fucking no one you dimwit dont make out with your parrots vent. Carolin is a whole new breed of retard i hope her bird shits next time she goes to do that

No. 759737

Well there's Bird Fancier's Disease.

No. 759806

Ants Canada at it again.

Quick rundown of this mess:

- Prematurely digs up pupating beetles because his fans told him to. A commenter on the video pointed out that they appear to have not finished hardening when he did that, and the legs were bowing in because they weren't hard enough to support the beetles yet, and that that might affect them going forward.
- Spreading misinformation about the mycorrhizal fungi growth in one of the beetles enclosures and acting like it was extremely dangerous to the health of the animal. He has a lot of bioactive enclosures, so he frankly should have known what it was and how beneficial it is to animal enclosures and ecosystems. If he didn't that means he straight up doesn't do much research. But given the fact that he keeps the beetle in the fungi infested enclosure means that he probably did know, and was just fear mongering for the drama of it.
- Several of the beetles are covered in mites. He claims this is normal for beetles, and I don't know enough about them to confirm or deny this but a commenter on the video said it was no good for the beetles.
- Plans on pitting the males against each other for a future video?! He claims he plans on doing it in a controlled way so that none of them get hurt but regardless, he cannot guarantee nothing will happen, and even if it goes smoothly, he is still introducing these animals he claims to love to an unnecessary, stressful situation under the guise of having them experience natural behaviours. Normally this is a good thing to do but not at the expense of their health, you don't dehydrate your animals so that they can experience the the natural event of a drought? Also because some of those beetles have mites, putting them into a stressful situation will make them more vulnerable to any ill effects those mites have on them.

I am honestly appalled.
Especially for a channel built on ant care. You'd think he's be more sensitive to other athropods than the average person. Sounds like he wants to make this a yearly event too.

No. 760005

File: 1546783103114.png (74.33 KB, 1449x409, Capture.PNG)

No. 760195

Published on Jan 5, 2019


Glory has some very troubling behavior issues.
If she doesn’t get her way she goes on a rampage to destroy, bite and break. She’s having tbese type of tantrums 3x daily.
She’s not cage ever since I got her. We love on her 24/7 and she’s still feeling angry, lonely and deprived. She needs an extra portion of attention!
What should I do?
If I don’t give her attention she screams her lungs out.

No. 760209


At 2:15 Carolin drops the fucking slipper on Fluffy's tail! Of course she's going to attack it in defense! And I seem to recall Carolin saying in a previous video that she doesn't like having her tail touched.

Fluffy steps onto the edge of her food bowl to tip it over. Get mounted food bowls!

She hasn't bothered to bird-proof at all that I can see. Fluffy is in very real danger of injuring herself.

No. 760218

File: 1546816411305.png (470.4 KB, 800x1039, Screenshot_2019-01-06-15-01-21…)

Carolin absolutely engineers dangerous situations for clicks. Here is Fluffy on her kitchen counter playing with a cat toy ball in a ceramic bowl half full of food. Carolin keeps filming as Fluffy pushes the bowl closer and closer to the edge until it falls. She catches it but food goes flying in all directions.


Her apartment gets filthier with each successive video. Last week she dumped a huge pile of unshelled macadamia nuts on her bed for Fluffy and Love to crack open and eat. On her bed. I can't imagine her not having a huge roach problem, especially being in SoCal.

No. 760224


On her bed.

No. 760238

I don’t know how she doesn’t understand that a bird that was pretty traumatically rehomed into an entirely different, stressful environment is going to have problems. Glory isn’t a bad bird. She’s a stressed out, upset bird because Carolin has no idea what she’s doing. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time until Glory starts self destructive behaviors like feather pulling.

No. 760330

That was me, I regret that post because I was whiteknighting and I shouldn't have posted that, it wasn't afroherpkeeper, I never used lolcow and screwed up, I didn't understand,sorry for posting this so late

No. 760362

No. 760402

It's pretty sad how easily she's abandoned Hope and how he's not even in her vlogs any more. It's all Glory and Love.

No. 760520

Brians latest ig post is truly terrifying and i think people should bombard comments with the fact he needs to take that leopard gecko to a vet immediately

No. 760571

Post it here. Most folks won't be following his insta.

No. 760605

File: 1546902957786.jpg (432.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190108-011418.jpg)

isnt emma part of a group against brian? why is she liking his photos

No. 760606

File: 1546903083429.jpg (310.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190108-011303.jpg)

the post about the leopard gecko also lmao at emzotics comment

No. 760738

Also gross @ her supporting scaleless snakes. Trash.

No. 760909

This just shows how two faced they are, the Petfest group will do anything for clout and attention. And fans still think they are actually friends with each other lol

No. 761061

That snake looks insane and gross imho

No. 761072

Second tails do sometimes happen but they dont look like that!!

No. 761073

Is it just me or does it look like the snake has some kind of wound on its neck? The poor animal.

No. 761136

I’ve seen some tails regenerate with two instead of one but THAT is not what it looks like.

No. 761185

File: 1546990027317.jpeg (412.2 KB, 1242x2208, 19538605-27F1-40BC-AC14-68168C…)

I’m sure this comment will be deleted, but I can’t anymore with this dumb bitch.

No. 761187


Did you see the part where she lost one of her smaller birds and Hope bit her until she bled while she was shrieking for her other bird to come back. lol

No. 761189

What video is this on btw? I think it's already been deleted.

No. 761190


According to her title, Love got bitten and now has a massive hole in their beak.

No. 761197

I don’t know much about Carolin right now, but she disturbs me so much I’m going to have to learn everything I can and make a video on her. As someone who truly loves birds, I’m personally offended by this.

No. 761218

Well the thumbnail image is clearly photoshopped so i'm going to go with yes clickbait.
Also, because it's Carolin, definitely clickbait.
I'm guessing she just found some minor mark on the beak and assumes it got bitten by some demon dog or something.

No. 761221

In her video yesterday, at 16:00 she harasses Destiny with Angel after stating they don't like each other. Another woman is holding Destiny and gets painfully grabbed.

Fluffy screams when Carolin is out of sight.

While she is driving to the lake Carolin films the birds next to her and behind her. She moves the camera close up from bird to bird. While she is driving. Faith, who is not in a cage, gets carsick and vomits.

Destiny imitates Carolin laughing and screaming "HOPIE".

No. 761224

She throws her birds off her to get them to fly. That's the worst thing you can do; no wonder they don't want to come back to her and rest in trees etc.

No. 761229

Holy shit, ok so Glory attacked Love, it's a pretty nasty bite tbh. So Carolin says she's going to get rid of Glory.

This apparently happened in the car on the way back… so we all saw how unsecured all the animals were and how stressed they were.

Carolin also shows evidence of how destructive Glory is, but tbh its clear she's a mature stressed bird brought into a chaotic house and hasn't been given enough time or attention to adjust… I won't be surprised if all her birds end up going down the same destructive route.

No. 761231


I'm not surprised by this at all, just surpised it didn't happen sooner. Fluffy has been very stressed out since moving in with Carolin.

No. 761232

I just realised there's no mention of the vets. Did she even take Love? We all know from her previous videos how against vet treatment she is.

No. 761233

Samefagging but I just re-watched her bandaging Love's beak and she says:

"The doctors won't do anything other than this."

Wtf, that bird needs to see a vet for antibiotics as well as pain medication.

No. 761234

This is so fucked, she literally just put a band aid over the hole in Hope's beak and was like, "Welp this is what the vet would do!"

No. 761235

Her house is so obviously filthy and cramped too… someone seriously needs to call Animal Control.

No. 761242

File: 1546999337201.png (564.51 KB, 862x488, Beak.png)

Image of damage on one side of the beak. The other side is also scraped but not punctured. For once her clickbait wasn't far off the truth.

No. 761247

This Marlene Mc’cohen video is sad: Marlene is trying to offer a lot of good tips about parrot behavior to Carolin and the retard just ignores what is some good advice

Marlene isn’t the best, but she offered great advice and realized how fucked up the situation is

No. 761248

So according to this she still as both Love and Glory… you can see the partially healed damage to Love's beak in this video.

No. 761250


It happened on Christmas Eve, and she has pictured them together since (unless all of her pics are weeks old). She had her for 2 weeks at that point.

She crammed both of them into one crate. At 5:20 she says, "I shouldn't have put you together in one cage. Last time everything went well."


Marlene visited Carolin in this video which shows wider shots of her apartment.

No. 761253


Marlene's video was filmed on the 1st.

No. 761257

Yeah her house is still filthy and cramped and this is after she's cleaned it for visitors.

No. 761258

People who live in apartments shouldn't even have birds in my opinion, what if one of her neighbors sets off a pesticide bomb or something. Birds are super sensitive to fumes in the air. Yet she's cooking on what looks to be a gas stove(correct me if I'm wrong) with her tail feathers almost touching the pan

No. 761262

I agree. If you don't have the space for an animal, you shouldn't have it as a pet.

Someone who lives in the top floor of a tower block, shouldn't keep a horse in their apartment. That's obvious. But the same is true for birds who need a decent amount of space and toys and specialised conditions (no air pollutants etc).

Carolin's flat is too small for 1 bird, let alone 6.

No. 761263

File: 1547001218750.jpeg (55.19 KB, 442x313, yeah ok.jpeg)

I wonder if this is him trying to virtue signal about Taylor's drama

No. 761313

I’ve been digging really deep lately. I definitely want to make a video on Carolin, but it’s going to take forever.

Things I’ve discovered so far beyond the obvious (that you all may already know about, so don’t kill me): she plagiarizes, she’s a narcissist, she technically committed a crime (but will definitely get away with it because no one cares), and everyone in her life likely hates her.

No. 761317

What has she plagiarised?
Also what crime?
How do you know everyone in her life hates her?

No. 761321

I don’t know that everyone in her life hates her, but it’s a logical conclusion one could come too after analyzing all of this shit.

Her blogs are all plagiarized, she likely wrote her own Wikipedia page and everything else about her that exists online, and the crime is falsely accusing someone of a crime. (It would likely just be a civil action, but it could potentially be a misdemeanor depending on the context and the state’s laws).

No. 761326

Actually, she could also get into legal trouble if the authors who wrote the books she plagiarized from catch wind of her blog posts, considering they’re connected to a site that seeks to earn profit.

No. 761411

Quoting How to Win Friends and Influence People, hot fucking takes from 1938

No. 761440

Glory's feathers are rather tattered looking, like even if she was moulting her wing's are looking more on the worn down side.
Love is kind of the same but baby birds can be rather rough with their feathers at first.

No. 761465

File: 1547035935912.jpg (590.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190109-224050_Ins…)

No. 761467

File: 1547035976173.jpg (332.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190109-224851_Ins…)

I'm not familiar with this pettuber, anyone?

No. 761468

File: 1547036013845.jpg (341.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190109-224838_Ins…)

No. 761492

I like her, she's knowledgable about birds especially. She doesn't have a Youtube channel anymore after getting thrown out of the Petfest clique which is a shame, I think she has the potential to make good videos.

No. 761517

holy shit someone needs to do something about her

No. 761522

You have at least one person eagerly looking forward to your video. I’ve been wanting to make a video on her because she appalls me, but I had no idea where to even begin. I also am not well versed in the care of birds, so I wouldn’t be the best person to provide my opinion on her care. (Though even someone with limited knowledge like me can see how horrid her care is.)

No. 761549

Fluffy is frustrated and doesn't seem to be getting the attention or stimulation she wants from Carolin. She's spending time with her sure but I don't think she really plays with her birds.

You can give birds all these toys but sometimes they'll want to just play with you. The situations are different (and I'm still somewhat new to owning a larger bird species that isn't budgies) but my sun conure does something similar to this. He'll fling things around and/or nip at me until I start wrestling with him or flinging his toys around for him to chase or wrestle till he eentually calms down and goes to preening/eating.

There's also the possibility that Fluffy just isn't happy with what she has, more toys to shred, foraging toys or stuff that makes loud noises when she hits it might be what she wants.

No. 761637

They’re not talking about Bree they’re talking about the YouTube she gave her opinion on

No. 761666

Why are people so against happy tails? I'm new and I don't follow her on social media or anything, I know she kept the two male mice together did she do anything other than that?

No. 761697

the very first post in this thread has info on her.

No. 761717


Post the milk, don't double post, and learn to sage. We're not here to give you asspats.

No. 761750


Didn’t know double-posting was against the rules. Sorry. No clue what you mean about ass pats though. I just wanna take this bitch down. I think we all do. She’s disgusting.

No. 761775


> wanna take this bitch down

lol anon calm down.

No. 761804


She’s more dangerous than you might think. Not only is her pet care horrid, but she markets herself as a bird expert and sells books on freeflight, along with lessons and in person sessions, on her website. I can easily see a naive bird owner being wrapped into something like this and losing their bird based on her advice. You’d be surprised how big the freeflight scene has gotten and how many “trainers” end up costing people their beloved pets.

She tried to become an actress/director, and now that she’s realized it won’t happen for her, she’s trying to turn her birds into a business.

No. 761864


Maybe you should read the rules, then.


Again, post the milk.

No. 761886

File: 1547086204525.png (33.77 KB, 800x725, Screenshot_2019-01-09-17-58-31…)


What website? Her http://www.angelicparrots.com site is empty.

What blog? The only blog of hers I can find is for her film production company and has not been updated since 2011.

No. 761894

File: 1547086477686.png (219.05 KB, 800x884, Screenshot_2019-01-09-17-59-58…)


If she is selling books and lessons, why are they not linked to her accounts where her audience is? Her Angelic Parrots channel has just over 1K subscribers.


No. 761895

File: 1547086536377.png (202.97 KB, 797x1175, Screenshot_2019-01-09-18-00-36…)


Is there a link here that I am overlooking?

No. 761970

She's selling Glory at a birdmart?

Also a dog runs up to her and Hope /again/ non aggressive but of course she makes a massive deal of it and not the fact she's freeflying Hope in a park used by many dog walkers.

No. 761973

She also justifies why she didn't take Love to the vets claiming that the breeder said she didn't need to and it would be fine, despite apparent discharge coming from the beak wound at one point.

No. 761995


Clickbait title!

7:40 She talks about Fluffy biting Love on Christmas Eve. His breeder saw her post and advised her. When Marlene saw her on New Years Day she recommended packing the hole with clay while it healed.

12:50 Giving Fluffy a second chance.

13:30 For 27 years Fluffy's owner put her in a small cage in a dark closet under the stairs to put her to sleep when she acted out.

14:50 She almost sold her and had 30 responses from people "willing to pay the price for Glory".

She says she knows that Fluffy loves her and that she is like a "troubled child from an abusive home" that just needs love and attention.


Discharge is not necessarily a sign of infection. She kept saying "ointment cream" when she probably meant antibiotic ointment or cream.

No. 761998

Hyacinth macaw breaks through wood like paper


Published on Jan 7, 2019

No. 762058

File: 1547101942657.jpg (733.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190110-172831_Ins…)

Emzotic is going off her head because a media company used footage she posted online ???

No. 762059

File: 1547102006675.jpg (875.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190110-172836_Ins…)

I realise sometimes it's necessary to remove stuck shed but I feel like the frequency she has to do it indicates something wrong with her husbandry..

No. 762060

File: 1547102039066.jpg (857.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190110-172843_Ins…)

No. 762126

The video they used was of her old snake meepi who was actually sick and having issues shedding. Not sure what cause the problem but all I know is meepi ended up dying anyway.

No. 762193

I think its okay for her to be that mad, she may be a piece of garbage but that doesn't mean they should steal from her

No. 762223

Steal what? Isn’t the clip use covered by fair use?

No. 762243

dysecdysis (Incomplete/improper shedding) is often the result of poor husbandry and or improper nutrition. Other causes may be: external (mites) and internal (worms) parasites, infections, trauma, dermatitis, malnutrition, over-handling and in improper lighting, temperature or humidity. it can also indicate a more serious problem requiring veterinarian care.
it is important for the snake to shed for them to grow.
if a snake does have an improper shed there are really 2 ways of dealing with it. "bathing" it (soaking it in lukewarm-warm water, shallow enough for the snake to not drown, and always attending it) or by letting it crawl trough layers of cloths (a pillow case most often that not) that are soaked in lukewarm-warm water so as not to shock the animal with the temperature difference
the second is prefered if the snake has patches of shed on it while the first in worse sheds.
never ever peel the patches of skin even if the sbake has had a bad shed. you pull the still attached to the scales shed, violently and can damage the snakes scales and wound it which can lead to infection or irriation.
emzotic is doing it correctly even though soaking is stressfull she is not actively putting it in danger, the other clips are an example of what you should never do. so she is right to lash on them for slandering her with out any correct reason

No. 762320

File: 1547150204406.png (26.4 KB, 1156x135, Screenshot_2019-01-10 I AM SEL…)

Carolin's reasons for not taking Love to the vet. She also says the vet killed Dino because they didn't have anyone there who could treat a bird but she has also said it was because of her neighbor.

No. 762438


What does the rest of her comment say?

No. 762473

File: 1547168813354.png (32.15 KB, 1158x160, Screenshot_2019-01-10 I AM SEL…)

Here's the whole thing. I forgot to click the read more

No. 762674

File: 1547188291639.png (1.94 MB, 1242x2208, 4E37362E-BF29-4F00-959D-B21EFF…)

In regards to the questions about Carolin, the plagiarized blog posts can be found here.

She does link to this website on her main channel, but if you weren’t able to see the link in her description, she must not be linking to it in recent videos for some reason. Just scroll down a few weeks.

No. 762679

File: 1547189174738.png (20.97 KB, 580x167, Screenshot (11).png)

Man Kristen Leanne is even dumber than I thought. 1/2

No. 762680

File: 1547189195626.png (80.32 KB, 629x560, Screenshot (12).png)


No. 762701

she apparently hasn't heard of a fucking avian vet, of course a regular vet isn't going to know how to deal with a macaw they're trained for more common pets like mammals and birds like budgies.
You have to shell out the money for specialised veterinarians if you're going to own animals like this.

No. 762759

Yeah get an animal that’s illegal in your state and post about it on social media, I’m sure that won’t have any consequences at all!

No. 762760

Word will get out about her ferrets. Another huge problem about keeping animals where they're illegal is that no vet will ever see them either

No. 762833

Emzotics new video her voice seems so high pitch compared to usual?

No. 762852

That pisses me off as a ferret owner. Senior ferrets often fall ill to common diseases like isulinoma, adrenal, lymphoma, as well as heart and liver disease. The nature of some of these diseases can be scary. A “perfectly fine ferret” can crash one day and need immediate medical attention. Not to mention they need rabies and distemper vaccines yearly. Is she going to travel out of state to give them the vet care that they need? If her ferret comes down with an illness and yes it can happy very fast and aggressively how is she supposed to get them to a vet quickly? Ferrets love to gonoutside on leashes and while i would not recommend a public park because of children and dogs, your yard (assuming you do not use pesticides) is a great place to let them out for a dig in the garden. This is way too risky and she has lost my respect for sharing thi online to influence others.

No. 762925

No. 762926

File: 1547244957082.jpg (414.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190112-091140_Ins…)

No. 762928



Not true.


But a legislative bill that took effect January 1, 2003 authorizes a veterinarian to possess any prohibited animal for the purpose of providing veterinary care. The veterinarian may possess “the animals only for the period of time that, in his or her judgment, veterinary care and treatment are necessary.”

This bill removed the cloud of uncertainty that bothered many veterinarians when they treated these animals. It has never been illegal for a veterinarian to treat these animals, but there was a question about “possession” when the animals were hospitalized. Now there is no doubt that veterinarians can treat and hospitalize these animals when necessary without fear of being cited for possession of an illegal species.

The bill also made it clear that veterinarians do not have any obligation to report knowledge of these animals being possessed illegally by the owner. The regulations state: “No veterinarian, registered veterinary technician, or unregistered assistant working under the supervision of a veterinarian, has a duty to advise law enforcement if he or she becomes aware that one or more of the animals is possessed in the state.”

No. 762930


Whose thoughts are these?

No. 762949


Happy Tails

No. 763000

They’re an invasive species….. hence them being illegal. Leave California then girl we don’t need ya.

No. 763176

They are not an invasive species

No. 763182


California thinks they are

No. 763190

No. 763882

No. 763889


Lurk more. Taylor has her own thread, and this has already been posted >>751663.

No. 763910

No. 764721

Carolin is standing dangerously close to the edge of a high embankment next to a road in a new flight spot.

No. 764723

She's flown him there before. I believe last time he flew all the way down the road at the bottom and got lost. She then found him on a tree somewhere down there… it might be the 'don't touch my nuts' video that's her featured one.

No. 764882

File: 1547458808157.jpg (725.57 KB, 810x2591, Screenshot_20190114-103810_Sam…)

Turns out Munchies Place acts like an immature child when she gets criticized. No wonder she supports Taylor, they both can't handle people not kissing their ass 24/7.

No. 764997

I know this isn't what this thread is for but I just don't know where else there is a group of animal lovers so thought I'd give it a shot! Sorry if this is against the rules or anything I couldn't find the rules link?

I have a 2 year old mouse who's gotten a tumour (I've readerched its sadly extreamly common in mice this old) she's eating/drinking/running around/isn't acting different. She doesn't shy away from being touched/doesn't bite so I don't think she is in any pain. I've given her an extra deep beding (carefresh) and took away her high climbing toys/small tunnels anything she could hurt herself on but is there anything else I should do?

Is it best to leave her/let her live out her last wee while in peace and let her pass on in sleep, or is it best to go to the vet and put her down? I really do not think she's in any kind of pain and she's still running on her wheel all night

No. 765008


Go to a vet. That's the answer.

No. 765020


I mean, are you surprised? "Munchie" might know how to take care of a hamster, but can you really expect a high level of cognitive thinking from the woman who thinks that reviewing the SAME cage in slightly different style variations makes for a good video series.
"Today we have the Tiny Tails (insert building variety here)!! It has practically the same parameters as the other 11, but let me tell you about it!!"

No. 765023


what is going on with her front tooth… that shit is disgusting

No. 765026

Yo this isn't the right place. I don't recommend seeking online advice for these things – take the animal to a vet, enough said.

No. 765028

Rules are at the top of the page.
This isn't the place for this. You need to take her to the vet. No one online can tell you what's going on.

No. 766089

No. 766383

Joey getting rid of fish for views.

Surprise surprise, he's getting rid of Frank's replacements and tonne of other fish.

No. 766414

Oh please. Munchies care is subpar. Keeps hamsters in 20 gallons and uses Kaytee sand bath which is known to cause respiratory problems. She cares for her hamsters like it’s 2010 and there’s no information online.
I was a fan but her attitude puts me off. She says she’s drama free but she talks a ton of crap about others and loves to dive in on them.

No. 766681

He's sending a terrible message to his viewers - if you get bored of your pet, just chuck it. Doesn't matter if it's attached to you or not, you can always buy a cooler looking one.
Funny how he says he knows they'll go to good homes, he has no way of knowing that. I strongly dislike how barren his tanks are, but at least the fish are in clean water and are fed properly.
Those fish will be lucky if they ever get the same standard of care again. Sadly there are a lot of awful fish keepers out there. I feel especially bad for the flowerhorns considering they are one of the more intelligent species of fish.

No. 766963


lots of vets will treat illegal animals. slightest sign of neglect and they will report the owner though.

No. 766970


as long as the tumour doesnt impair the mouses movement its fine. you will have to euthanize at some point though, most often the tumours eventually grow so large that its inhumane to let them die on their own.

No. 767153

No. 767387

No. 768428

What do you think of Taylor at girl meets wild? She reminds me of kelly clarkson, she seems so nice and genuine one of the few pettubers who do lol

No. 768517


You lost me at Kelly Clarkson

No. 768685

In every video of them together Fluffy is nipping at Love. Even in this 20 second clip he is trying to get away from her.

No. 768899


Self posting much.

No. 769010

One of her birds is shot and killed from her irresponsible free flying. How long until another disaster?

Responsible free flyers train their birds to return on call, and don't fly in dangerous areas like dog parks or hunting zones.

No. 769032


Did you even watch the video or read the description?

This was already posted >>759562 and discussed >>756826

No. 769210

File: 1548069580359.png (974.97 KB, 800x1078, Screenshot_2019-01-21-03-13-02…)

A look at Love's beak injury posted yesterday.

No. 769374

File: 1548101509886.jpg (169.37 KB, 750x1334, ixqhKcD.jpg)

emma trying to find a replacement for her ackie 24 hrs after it dying lol

No. 769375

File: 1548101551764.jpg (188.59 KB, 750x1334, BXmKuIg.jpg)

No. 769376

File: 1548101604503.jpg (157.98 KB, 750x1334, EXRnA2Y.jpg)

No. 769411

Ugh this is girl is just getting worse with the amouunt of animals. She recently just posted a video about her new leachie. If you are getting a pet wait until you are ready to get it and dont leave in the care of your friends, because its too cold to ship. Dont buy the poor thing until its warm enough. I get so annoyed by greediness

No. 769444


What I want to know is where is she putting it? She just recently did a reptile room tour, and that's already full, and her rabbit enclosures are still dismal… how will she have space for a monitor enclosure?

No. 769467

File: 1548108943656.jpg (975.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-165518_Ins…)

Ari and jayce attacking each other part one

No. 769468

File: 1548108968470.jpg (470.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-165537_Ins…)

No. 769469

File: 1548108994780.jpg (602.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-165603_Ins…)

No. 769472

File: 1548109016153.jpg (360.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-165617_Ins…)

No. 769476

What is this shit anon?

No. 769479

File: 1548109340977.jpg (643.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-171730_Ins…)

No. 769481

File: 1548109366729.jpg (691.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-171740_Ins…)

No. 769482

File: 1548109399916.jpg (662.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-171746_Ins…)

No. 769484

File: 1548109422378.jpg (681.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-171950_Ins…)

No. 769485

File: 1548109456545.jpg (638.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-171958_Ins…)

No. 769486

File: 1548109479528.jpg (522.86 KB, 1080x1920, 20190121_172054.jpg)

No. 769489

File: 1548109517304.jpg (480.81 KB, 1080x1920, 20190121_172123.jpg)

Snowcrow is jayces girlfriend/fiancee

No. 769490

File: 1548109548109.jpg (483.1 KB, 1080x1920, 20190121_172140.jpg)

No. 769492

lol Jayce probably stole them because he wanted them. The rest is BS. As for taking his ex-friend's snake from his friends ex-wife LOL, probably convinced/blackmailed her to hand it over.

It's totally unsurprising following his character on here, even what he did to Taylor made me feel marginally sorry for her as she has no 'friends' she can trust.

No. 769497

File: 1548109912310.jpg (581.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-172649_Ins…)

Ari hates all captive bred morphs and states that real animal owners that truly love their animals would have the natural looking ones yet he owns morphs himself

No. 769499

File: 1548109940781.jpg (553.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-172703_Ins…)

No. 769502

File: 1548109991556.jpg (541.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-173002_Ins…)

No. 769503

He's a hypocrite but he's not wrong. Morphs are like collecting designer handbags for the petfest crew.

No. 769504

File: 1548110069329.jpg (509.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-172818_Ins…)

Ari also forces his snakes to physically be around each other. I dont own condas but im assuming its common sense not to soak them together

No. 769508

kek is this jayce come here to cry?

No. 769517

File: 1548110562522.jpg (419 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-173723_Ins…)

Ari is also a thot using his reptiles for views

No. 769519

File: 1548110634302.jpg (410.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-173739_Ins…)

No. 769521

File: 1548110720915.jpg (406.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-173834_Ins…)

Nah i just love shitting on both of them.
Heres more of the video where jayce scammed that guy out of 1200. If an anon can record stuff its playing on aris insta stories

No. 769524

File: 1548110750243.jpg (681.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-173815_Ins…)

No. 769526

File: 1548110811991.jpg (535.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-174004_Ins…)

No. 769527

File: 1548110845923.jpg (558.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-173910_Ins…)

More morph hating from ari

No. 769557

What a holier-than-thou asshole

No. 769563

File: 1548113973752.jpeg (198.31 KB, 750x1334, image1.jpeg)

I currently follow Ari but for the past few months I've been considering unfollowing him because he seems pretty negative and toxic and I didn't like him buying healthy snakes to feed to his animals. I'm not in his corner or Jayce's but I was looking further into his side of the gecko stealing story and saw the owner of the store comment this on his post.

No. 769580

Jayce's side not Ari's. I don't think what he did was right though.

No. 769639

File: 1548120463854.jpg (434 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-195847_Ins…)

More from jayce

No. 769640

File: 1548120491047.jpg (548.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-195917_Ins…)

No. 769642

File: 1548120523133.jpg (664.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-200845_Ins…)

No. 769643

File: 1548120553400.jpg (474.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-202545_Ins…)

No. 769644

See, the thing is. I'm not a liar. I knew Grant would see the post and comment on it, glad he did. Him and I have a good relationship still.

I was wondering if any of this would hit lolcow's radar lol

No. 769648

File: 1548120867917.jpg (26.15 KB, 736x314, 50008745_352016722298496_91137…)


If you believe I wanted Leopard Geckos then you really don't know me. lol.
You can go on @mc_reptile and check the progress that Gecko went through. It left my hands the same day I took them from the store. I had zero interest in wanting them.

Also, yeah. I SUUREEE blackmailed her.

No. 769814

im more worried about this than that other shit tbh,
this aint healthy no matter how you spin it

No. 769876

Never liked Ari, he treats animals like commodities and doesn't hesitate to get rid of them once he's bored of them. What happened to the rhino iguana he had that he didn't even have an enclosure for?

No. 769878

File: 1548178862224.jpg (408.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190122-095224_Ins…)

Got rid of it according to jayce

No. 769879

File: 1548178927460.jpg (690.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190122-095155_Ins…)

No. 769880

File: 1548178987584.jpg (738.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190122-095204_Ins…)

No. 769883

This Ari/Jayce fight is the stupidest thing I've seen on here in a while and this thread includes Carolin.

Both Ari and Jayce are awful people and wastes of space. Neither should own animals.

No. 769896

File: 1548180626725.jpg (668.15 KB, 1080x1852, 20190122_190952.jpg)

Dusty Hartl is such an idiot, he said that he keeps his hamsters on pine and when he was told that thats obviously FUCKING BAD he said he was just trolling. He also seems to get off on women disagreeing with him and white knighting TND

No. 769901

File: 1548180848844.jpg (659.9 KB, 1080x1865, 20190122_191115.jpg)

No. 769904

The fact his hamster cage in the tweet he posted still has cotton AND chinchilla dust in it. So laughable

No. 769980

Ari confirmed that he traded his rhino iguana for his new baby yellow anaconda Ash.

No. 770093


You seem to have some personal vendetta against me or something.
You're welcome to reach out and talk about any issues you have with me if you'd like at some point.

No. 770102

File: 1548203551095.jpg (233.91 KB, 1920x1080, WIN_20190122_18_31_56_Pro.jpg)

I think Dusty's care is very good. I wish I could subscribe more than once.

No. 770126

Carolin's got a faith healer to come to her apartment to attempt heal Fluffy's behavior issues. Good luck with that.

No. 770150

File: 1548207967107.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 12CFD80E-0825-4E56-85B6-525541…)

Has been mentioned three times on this thread and about 5 times total on TND threads.
Yeah we sure talk about you lots Dusty! you’re so obsessed with drama get outta here seems like you’ve been lurking waiting for us to mention you at least a little.
Headsup: your animal care is still crap deny it all you want

No. 770153

Oh god, she really is one of those alternative medicine nutjobs. I suspected she was after her refusal to get Love treated by a vet. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any worse. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried diffusing essential oils or burning incense into her apartment to resolve some issue or another with her birds. She hardly knows anything about birds so she would probably think that’s safe for birds because it’s ‘all natural’

No. 770154

File: 1548208259214.jpg (338.64 KB, 1920x1080, WIN_20190122_19_50_44_Pro.jpg)

Darn! You caught me! You guys are really good detectives, eh?(bye)

No. 770212

Jfc what’s with the autistic selfposters ITT

No. 770230

nice, love that neckbeard no at all that thinks being a first year vet tech student makes him an expert on animal husbandry.

No. 770252

File: 1548218316353.png (776.11 KB, 800x1082, Screenshot_2019-01-22-20-32-23…)

The Art of Free Flying Your Parrot

She calls losing her birds an "art".

No. 770262

>birds has wings for a reason!
uh oh, time to reach for the Tippex

No. 770268

why can't she give that same money to a behaviouralist? narcissists are the fucken worst with pets.

No. 770288

Dude I just want you to fuck off you're boring as fuck and only here to stay relevant. Same reason you involved yourself in the Taylor drama.

No. 770289

was encouraged in the TND thread, now they're over here because they feel 'welcome' kek

No. 770295

What are you talking about? Nobody encouraged these dumbasses to come here.

And Dusty, you are such a fucking idiot. One of the biggest attention whores I've ever seen and you seem like an actual incel with how happy you get whenever a woman disagrees with you and you can "really show her" with your "superior education". Get a fucking reality check, you've started studying to become a vet tech like half a year ago; you don't know anything and saying that your job is basically the same as a vets is insulting towards any vets that have studied for years.
You hide behind your happy and teasing facade and how you're just having fun but anyone with 2 brain cells that they can still rub together can see that you're just thriving off the attention. If you truly can't see what a gross person you are then I feel sorry for you. Stop riding TNDs dick and protecting people like Jonny Craig by saying innocent until proven guilty. Luckily, you fit right in with the Pettuber community because almost none of them know what the actual fuck they are talking about, not even your idol and crush Emzotic. So you've got that going for you, except that you will never fit in there because you are a fucking creep. So stop embarrassing yourself by constantly talking about Emzotic and TND when the former only acknowledged you for MONEY and the latter would probably take one look at you and scoff.

Sorry for the long sperg anons but this nice guy shit pisses me off.

No. 770297

Jayce and Bree were given trip codes which makes them think they can come here to sperg out, self post and alt post their shit.

No. 770304

Oh, yeah Jayce is definitely abusing his tripcode. I thought you guys were talking about people like Dusty and Em.

No. 770314


I've only seen Jayce post with the trip code in this thread. breeze pops in occasionally on the Taylor thread but I haven't seen her here yet I don't think

No. 770315

JFC Dusty is a nutjob. "Jonny Craig is innocent" Go fuck yourself, you rapist defending filth. "Innocent until proven guilty" Yeah, obviously rape doesn't happen unless a judge charges someone, right? Seriously, please just leave the Internet and don't come back.

Your animal care is mediocre. You are so misogynistic to the point that you get HAPPY when women disagree with you so you can berate and attack them because "muh education" (newsflash, your education is shit). Do the world a favour and fuck off, weirdo.

This Carolin woman needs animal control called on her. What she's doing is incredibly abusive. Denying an animal proper medical care is evil.

No. 770370

The only reason Jayce was given a tripcode was so that he could give us TND milk. He shared everything he knew, and since he and Taylor don't speak anymore, he outlived his usefulness weeks ago. At least Bree stays in the TND thread and only posts when it makes sense for her to do so.

No. 770393

File: 1548252935501.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, F328158F-0C58-4D01-A71A-ECD184…)

Im not sure if this is a joke or…. Em’s Tokay gecko free roams? I hope he has a cage and this was just for exercise

No. 770443

Did anyone watch dustys new video? I wanna know what excuses he comes up with in hopes that Taylor notices him this time but I cant be fucked to watch his autistic shit for 40 mins and giving him any kinda watch time or views

No. 770475

I did, I think he did a good job at it.

No. 770487

Glad I'm not the only one tired of Jayce's constant attention whoring.

No. 770491

File: 1548263969478.jpg (211.8 KB, 978x676, Screenshot_20190123-121002.jpg)

Every time he does something stupid he tries to pull the "I was just trolling you idiots lawl" card. He seriously acts like a 14 year old. Also, because he also loves to use the "Come off anon you cowards" card as well, I would be happy to leave the anonymity of lolcow to talk to him if I had even the slightest hope that it would actually acomplish anything. But judging by how he acts, it's very likely any logic and reason would go in one ear and out the other.

No. 770495


Dusty Hartl 100% comes off as a niceguy TM creep. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a rapist himself, rapists defending rapists.

No. 770509

Can we stop giving this neckbeard attention. He is irrelevant and just sucks up anyone's ass that will give him more views. Probably posted about himself here just to get people to pay attention to him.

No. 770562

She does not live in the kind of climate suitable for a Tokay to free roam in.

No. 770571

Ive heard of free roam tegus but a tokay? Much harder to loose a 4 foot lizard.. I think she means that he gets to free roam and eat up crickets and the way she worded it was incorrect i feel like em is smarter than that.

No. 770747

File: 1548285112227.jpeg (17.7 KB, 232x150, jesus christ.jpeg)

Yeah so this piece of shit Dusty got his followers to mass report What Ever's account. What a petty little shit.

No. 770751

File: 1548285242059.jpg (232.41 KB, 975x813, Screenshot_20190123-181133.jpg)


Incredible. You can't make this shit up.

No. 770796

God I wouldn't even fuck this guy if he was paying.

No. 770808

>Unironically saying he's a nice guy
Run, TayTay!

No. 770813

Ahah oh my god. Shame he does actually neglect his animals. What a tool.

No. 770865

"As long as you don't criticize me, I'm a nice guy!"

Jesus, I just took at peak at his twitter and it's so cringey how much he's involving himself in this TND drama. I don't know what he thinks he's going to get out of this. Once it's all settled people will forget about him again and he'll just go back to being a neckbeard nice guy who ""trolls"" people by abusing his animals…?

No. 770871

whatever, fat, ugly incel. have fun being irrelevant.

No. 770953

He def selfposted his reaction videos in the Taylor threads before landing his big butthurt ass here. Such troll.

No. 770986

Anyone notice the rift in Emma Sampsons leachianus video? Besides the fact she repeats that leachies get huge 100 times or that they're the same as cresties (news flash they arent). She said her gecko was 9 grams. She also said she's had him for awhile and he's been in quarantine (minimum 4 weeks). So either she bought a hatchling leachie from an incredibly irresponsible breeder, it gained no weight for a whole month or she straight up lied about quarantine to seem like a good pet owner. She also had no idea how locality was Pine Island x Moro she called it Isle E. She's also keeping the tiny baby in a 12x18 which is far too large.

So basically she lies about quarantine, didn't properly research leachie care (cause they're not crested geckos) and didn't even take the time to learn what locale hers was. Looks like the clone is becoming the queen

No. 771003

What an idiot

No. 771008

I second this

No. 771025

What the actual fuck.

No. 771028

She didn't sound like she knew anything about leachies before buying her own.

No. 771032


Besides the fact that they get big, which she said only 100 times in her 12 minute video she said not a single other accurate fact about them. Her locality won't even get that big about 12" max. One stop research point I guess

No. 771035

File: 1548314618099.jpg (512.7 KB, 1078x1076, Screenshot_20190124-022207_Twi…)

Tyler rugge posted an isopod video calling isopods bugs repetitively. Now comes out with a "fun fact" even though he never knew it himself

No. 771168

File: 1548352594001.png (104.05 KB, 1254x250, Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 12.5…)


he posted in the thread stating he called them bugs in the video and was correcting himself

No. 771274

I love how now that TND has been outed as a heroine junkie who is clearly unfit to own animals, Dusty wants nothing to do with her
Obvious social climber is obvious loooool

No. 771284

File: 1548373035581.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190124-044710.jpg)

Emzotic using improper uvb for her bearded dragon, it is well known that a linear uvb bulb should be used rather than compact bulbs.

No. 771313

Im also confused about emmas new gecko she just lost money to buying an ackie monitor that died at im assuming tyler and maddies house. Now she has chaos. Ackies and leachies are both pretty expensive animal investments while in the process of upgrading. Does her channel really generate that much income??

No. 771316

Adding that while she did not state that it died at their house its not hard to figure out based on what emma said. Who else’s house would it have been

No. 771319

He said that? I just saw him say that as long as shes getting better its ok uwu

No. 771324

I thought Dusty was like her number one fan and keyboard warrior

No. 771340


He said this isn’t substantial enough to make a video about and that he’s covered both sides lmfao. Like, all the evidence against her finally gets proven 100000% accurate as far as drug allegations go and that isn’t substantial enough for him to talk about?

No. 771488

File: 1548411231280.png (550.53 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-25-01-44-23…)


That bird is going to destroy everything.

Yesterday she announced that she will no longer be vlogging every day and will no longer post dramatic videos.

No. 772014

I thought I saw a comment about girlmeetswild. I’ve watched a couple of videos and she’s pretty clueless. She got sugar gliders at an expo she knew absolutely nothing about (literally mentions she did a quick google search and the first thing that popped up was that they don’t have an odor so that convinced her) nor had an enclosure for. Then impulse bought a goldfish from a pet store because it looked sad. Again, having no set up for the animal. No thank you. Her voice is also very annoying.

No. 772094

Wonder why that is because there's no way she'd do it willingly.

No. 772270

File: 1548553857517.jpg (810.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190127-124002_Ins…)

Happy tails posted this on ig

No. 772272

File: 1548553891163.jpg (454.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190127-124012_Ins…)

No. 772288

God happytales is an idiot. She has her own shitstorm to clean up.

No. 772293

Just because Taylor is on heroin doesnt mean her care isn't shit. She is a grown ass woman, get your shit together.

No. 772305

Everytime she is brought up i feel like its just self posting. The issues you mentioned is all in a vodeo she made critisizing herself. It was stupid. She addressed it, we dont really care.

No. 772371

And here comes megan with a smooth "I know this isn't about me, but what about how I'm suffering from all of this??" Real classy.

No. 772389


It's sad when someone makes me want to defend TND

No. 772413

HT highroading TND over drug abuse when HT has hoarded way more animals than TND and her animals are arguably in worse condition than TNDs. I don't like Taylor nor would I dream of supporting her, but HT needs to get her head out her ass.

No. 772430

It bugs me because HT has so much more potential than Taylor. Taylor is a druggy in some tiny apartment and looks like any other girl on Instagram. whereas HT lives on a farm and has all this space to keep her animals (don't understand why they're all kept in one room because she does have more than enough space to keep them) like she could have such cool outside avierys for the parrots, and horse videos do so well on YouTube, she lives in such a pretty location and could do so many cool things so I don't get why her animals are kept in such minamalistic conditions and she makes the same videos over and over. It also doesn't help how mean she is to fans but I can't help but think there's so much wasted potential there. Even daily vlogs of her caring for al the farm animals with the proper care and stuff I think they'd do so well

No. 772716

Fun fact, happy tales is trolling Tyler's stream under the void one username. It's so dumb and transparent, she wants people to focus on her so bad.

No. 773064

Angel was hanging onto Love's tail, so she put Love in Angel's face.

No. 773144

“Is this normal” absolutely not you fuckwit.

No. 773183


Fucking hell, I just can't with this woman! Love is clearly distressed and hanging onto the pull up bar by his beak, struggling to latch onto something, anything with his feet, while she pulls out her camera and films for almost a minute!

I bet she put Angel on Love's tail for the clicks.

No. 773231

File: 1548781606309.png (872.61 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-29-08-46-38…)


She scolds Angel, "Can you say sorry to your brother? What if somebody hangs on your tail? It's painful!" as she flicks his tail. "See, you don't like it! You don't even like it when I touch it! Tail is very sensitive!"

She thrusts Love's face into Angel's personal space. "Love, do you forgive Angel? Can you say I forgive you? Love? Can you say I forgive you?" as she slowly moves him closer to Angel.

Love attacks Angel and Angel lunges for his eye. She blames Angel, shakes her finger at him, and tells him he's been a bad boy and is going to "time out". He has been chirping in fear the entire time. "I'm talking! Don't talk back to me!" He seems frozen in fear and refuses to step onto her finger. She shakes a large bag of nuts next to his head and says he's not getting any.

She anthropomorphizes her birds to dangerously delusional levels.

No. 773232

File: 1548781681708.png (931.41 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-29-08-44-24…)

We get a good look at the wound on Love's beak, but he could have lost an eye!

No. 773235

She posted another cuddling video.

Seriously, she titled it "Clever parrot knows how to get cuddles".

No. 773239


"Morning cuddles with baby LOVE Hyacinth Macaw"

Is she intentionally attempting to stimulate her birds' hormones?

No. 773242

File: 1548783194075.png (460.48 KB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2019-01-29-09-25-42…)

Video clip.

Tinfoil: She pulled them as evidence of her success in giving Glory a new life in which she will ultimately fly. Glory's Story will be book number two. Possibly even a documentary, her comeback film! On cue a hummingbird appears and she says, "One day you will fly like that hummingbird!" Sundance here we come!


No. 773243

File: 1548783614520.png (618.96 KB, 800x1111, Screenshot_2019-01-29-09-38-22…)

His tail feathers are all extremely ragged.

Also, #thedodo.

No. 773524

This premiers in 88 minutes. I'm not sure what she expected after not getting him to a vet.

No. 773586


It's not infected.

No. 773728

File: 1548889138320.png (790.29 KB, 750x1334, AD2368CC-3523-4D89-888E-BA3A02…)

if you can’t afford an emergency vet visit maybe don’t own 30+ pets and be breeding more

No. 773736

I can’t stand how dumb she is

No. 773976

But she paid the emergency visit.
The money is for the following treatment the bird might need.
She afforded the vet visit and chose to keep the baby hospitalized, nobody knows for how long this will be or what's the actual issue with the pigeon.
So this is out of her hands, she asking for help is actually a responsible way to make sure the baby pigeon gets all and more.

No. 774066

This guy takes incredibly good care of his birds. Compare and contrast this guy's habits to manage his three birds to Carolin's rat warren that she keeps 3 macaws and other birds in lol

No. 774076

congrats on missing the point entirely. if she can only afford $500 in vet bills she definitely shouldn’t have so many goddamn animals. responsible pet owners ONLY take on what they can afford and nothing more.

No. 774089

File: 1548987225476.png (296.66 KB, 490x905, Capture.PNG)

I didn't know the cooperthepigeon IG, so I looked t up. Not terribly surprised it's Maddie, but like.. Why are you breeding birds if you can't afford to take them to the vet? I saw the pictures and thought it was a rescue she couldn't afford but tried to take in, but apparently it's a bird she bred? It's beyond stupid. If you can't afford to take care of the animals you do have, why would you breed even more birds? And if she really wanted a companion for her one bird, why not adopt one that needed a home instead of breeding her own that she couldn't even afford to get help for? Looks like the poor thing passed away though.

No. 774091

THANK YOU! It’s extra annoying because it’s not like she makes videos anymore except the monetized one to get in on TND drama a while back. Many youtubers work hard on merch and videos to help pay for their pets. She’s asking for handouts.

No. 774242

because they havent committed a "crime"

No. 774370

File: 1549085312485.jpeg (385.85 KB, 750x833, 71A0EAE5-028D-49E5-8D3F-2B1A84…)

No. 774371

How is it legal to have 29 pets?? at that point, they are objects and accessories. disgusting..

No. 774378

She is so manipulative

No. 774384

File: 1549091074095.jpeg (69.57 KB, 747x241, 3FE80DFB-177D-4678-B47F-D418C7…)

I got the 30+ number from her videos. I didn’t realize she got rid of that many animals when she moved in with Tyler.

No. 774389


I'm pretty sure that was counting her two? litters of rats that she sold and a few wild animals that she rehabilited. Afaik she only left her cat
Not trying to white knight though

No. 774390

File: 1549094424193.png (859.22 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190202-005332.png)

I didn't realize Emma had more animals than TND? Unless that's counting fish?

No. 774512


Even if that is including fish, I don't think she has many fish. A couple goldfish, a betta, and a pair of clownfish I think? That's a lot of other pets.

No. 774515

Has she ever bonded her rabbits? I was too much work…much easier to just get more new pets instead!

No. 774516


I don't think so. She has the 2 that are bonded and the one that is unbonded.

No. 774520

I feel like this is an unpopular opinion, but what do you guys think of Solid Gold? I think her goldfish care is good, but here's an example of her getting a new type of pet and it goes horribly wrong because she does no research. She just stuck 2 leopard geckos in the same tank together, saw one bully the other constantly to the point where it was weak and hiding all the time, and the weak one eventually died. She also shouldn't have had the bright lights, especially with an albino, and then she went on to say in a video later on that she didn't realize you needed to use thermostats or regulate temps with reptiles…

No. 774540

Solid gold is probably the least problematic pet YouTuber there could be ? All of her animals are cared for correctly and she actually learns from her mistakes unlike most of the other people discussed in this thread. When she went on hiatus for health reasons she rehomed almost all of her animals so they could be taken care of properly.

No. 774549


But how is that cared for correctly? 2 solitary animals kept in too small of cage, with half the number of hides that 2 geckos should have, improper heating, and improper lighting? All of the out pet youtubers on this list that have geckos have kept them way better than this. And her excuse when it died after like a year was that it was just bad breeding. Same excuse she gave when all her discus died.

No. 774740

File: 1549199103193.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1188x1175, 1BC597B0-B62B-4C2A-A9C1-35C679…)

??? Don’t they share a bed too? Maddie has slipped up on this on live streams/vids

No. 774792


That whole situation is so weird. Why won't they say if they're dating or not? They're just drawing more attention to it by not saying anything

No. 774805

Not entirely sure if this belongs here as they aren’t one the pet you tuber clique, but this person needs to be reported
Sages in case it’s considred ot

No. 774810

Please spoiler graphic things like that next time, that shit's fucked up

No. 774813

Honestly this is just a future serial killers channel. Like this is outright torture…

No. 774818

I’ll post the link like this instead, can’t spoiler a thumbnail
Graphic video, be warned
Channel needs to be taken down

No. 774828

Fuck this nigga, that’s absolutely horrid
[reporting intensifies]

No. 774831

All the vids and the channel have been reported and a lot of the Hammy channels have tweeted YouTube and all their have been reporting all day.

No. 774832

He seems to find people's concern amusing because he liked a comment which called him sick. The hamster is crawling around with an open wound waiting to be infected and there's blood visible in the cage. Saw another video where the cage is crawling in mites. Sick fuck, what kind of monster neglects their animals like this and films it??

No. 774850

And unfortunately I think they like in Albania, Romania or Serbia, as the language used in a couple other videos is Macedonian, which is a South Slavic language used in those countries. Hopefully YouTube will respond to this and cancel the entire channel. He’s a mentally sick dude for finding humor in that!

No. 774885

File: 1549245260887.png (11.58 KB, 526x200, PHL1.png)


And he's a smug bastard too

No. 774886

They're enjoying this. Confirms to me that they enjoy seeing their animals in pain. This guy or gal is a sicko and needs to be locked up in a mental hospital, especially because they have a child. Dear Lord, help that child.

No. 774894


That's more than an open wound. She was probably attacked during one of the group matings. He has many videos of multiple males on one female.


English is definitely not their first language, and they subscribe to many Asian channels:


Hamsters is my beloved pet. Everyday, they make me feel better when stay with them. before I feed only a couple of hamsters but now I have 20 Couples of them. and in coming year, I Plan to feed them in small farm If available. Thus, please help support me by SUBSCRIBE to my CHANNEL. Then, You will see cute funny hamsters acting funny stories & their adorable smile. Don't forget to RING THE BELL to see more Videos. THANKS YOU.

204 subscribers

Joined Nov 20, 2017

No. 774904

It’s definitely from fighting. Syrian hamsters will often kill each other if put together, they are solitary animals. That’s why you don’t keep them together, unless you’re a sociopath using them for bloodsport like this guy.
I’d say the hamster is lucky to be alive but it would have been better off dead. It will likely die a slow and painful death from infection.

No. 774916

File: 1549256549361.jpeg (64 KB, 750x339, 02E8F5E0-29D6-4A76-BC03-A36FFA…)

I wonder if she still lurks here? Probably just heard through twitter or something, but I thought it was interesting she responded to this specifically

No. 774972

And that Munchie chick went overkill trynibg to get people to report the channel. Dumb bitch included the word abuse in the title for sickos to reel in on and, considering he channel is similar to Taylor’s in that it has young viewers, her potty mouth in the video was appalling. And her fake crying is a match for Taylor in the cheese video.

No. 774980

Literally was about to say this. I think she's still fishing for attention (redeeming probably) here tho

No. 774999

To be fair I think Munchie’s reaction was legitimate, although it definitely irresponsible to show the video considering how young her audience is

No. 775001

File: 1549295614055.jpeg (259.33 KB, 1242x1142, 90D4C5C9-00B0-4511-86ED-316ECA…)

Yes. It is an awful channel and needs to be reported. She posted this photo on insta, made multiple tweets, and for goodness sake, a video that SHOWED the graphic details. YouTube has other means of getting a point across without becoming as vile as the original channel.

No. 775028

seemed like a reach for views to me

No. 775070

Either way she’s brought a lot of light to the channel

No. 775074

But overkill. Many other youtubers also reached out to their subscribers. Once is enough…

No. 775189

File: 1549342305888.jpg (826.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190205-155000_Ins…)

HT got another sugar glider. Are her other ones still alive or did they die? Interesting she didn't get it from cataleah again.

No. 775487

Crazy Carolin lost her bird again!

No. 775497

If this were any other person I would say with confidence that they were just doing this for the clickbait views, because no one could be stupid enough to loose their birds that many times. But this is Carolin we’re talking about. And Carolin has proven that she is indeed that level of stupid.

No. 775499

Does Maddie still have her tegus?

No. 775514


But three days ago she revealed the "free fly secret"!


The secret is, don’t let your birds lamdnon anything other then you!
Your bird needs to take off from your hand and come back to your hand.
They should never land on the ground or another object or person.
This is the biggest secret. How to train your parrot properly.

No. 775516

File: 1549430070316.png (27.73 KB, 800x325, Screenshot_2019-02-05-21-12-15…)

No. 775569

Thank god, finally
It took YouTube long enough

No. 775583

I wonder if enough people reported Carolin, her channel would be removed.
She is clearly endangering her birds. Love got away due to a tragic combination of high winds, drones in the air, lack of GPS used on him, him being a baby AND being an inexperienced free flier.

All of this combined is absolutely inexcusable and is clearly animal cruelty. Surely her channel could also be removed?

No. 775709

To be fair, while awful, her channel doesn’t compare to the zoosadist shit on that other deleted channel
She should totally be held accountable though

No. 775818

Is this relating to that sadist with hamsters? Or relating to another channel. The screenshot doesn’t identify.

No. 775830


It's the fucked up hamster guys channel.

No. 775874

There’s a Facebook page that’s possibly her, same profile picture and a video laughing at a dying hamster (link is video, no gore just sad)
I don’t have Facebook, but if someone else wanted to investigate/take this bitch down

No. 775879

I believe so they might still be sleeping hers seem to brumate longer than average

No. 775887

Omg. Did that hamster just die in front of us?! Sick sick sick. There’s absolutely NOTHING funny or amusing about that all!

No. 775909


Yes. Do you not see that it is linked to those comments?

No. 775946

File: 1549582492937.png (70.18 KB, 800x367, Screenshot_2019-02-07-15-32-54…)

No. 775956

Sorry to link it, its horrible
Theres a tonne of talk that its the same person as that vile youtube channel, I dont have facebook so cant do anything about it

Stupid woman
Its the fact she kept referring to a beautiful living creature as "15k", scum
I kinda wish someone nicer had decided to keep Love

No. 776062

Yeah wow losing your pets for views. It's just abuse.

No. 776168

I can’t believe this woman. People who know what they’re doing when they free fly don’t lose their birds every other day, because they put in the time to train their animals properly. Yet she’s trying to say that constantly loosing your bird is a normal part of free flying. She’s promoting this to her quite young fan base. Someone is going to get their bird killed by following her example. That or one of her birds will get killed.

No. 776204

Yes, it’s not like this is a once in a blue moon occurrence, you only need to go back a month or two to find another instance of her losing a bird while she shreiks at it to come back.

Oh also you need to skip past her bird getting a serious injury from another bird in her care due to negligence and then shrugging off vet care because “vets kill birds”.

No. 776382

Hope is feeding Love my Hyacinth macaw baby


Published on Feb 7, 2019

No. 776383


Hope doesn't actually feed him in the clip. He only makes the regurgitation head nodding in the beginning. Otherwise he makes a few aggressive moves towards Love. Love seems to take a defensive stance and moves away from him to Carolin, and Hope follows. I'm no bird behaviorist, tho.

No. 776545

File: 1549764305300.jpg (650.47 KB, 810x2586, Screenshot_20190210-125504_Fac…)

Not really milk but i found this interesting to show up on my newsfeed today. Strange how her "friends" freeflight hyacinth is barbering his flight feathers especially since carolin cant work out whats wrong herself and considers herself some kind of expert

No. 776669

I wonder if Carolin is aware of this thread now. After criticism here heated up she scaled back her posting activity dramatically across all platforms and announced 16 days ago that she was discontinuing her daily vlogs >>771488. Since then the focus on her main Instagram has been positive messages and aphorisms of faith. She is the type to frequently Google herself and keep tabs on links to her sites. With a book to promote you'd think she would ramp up her online activity.

No. 776688

File: 1549805662575.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1506, IMG_20190210_142911.png)

Dunno if that's the reason since she also states that all the people free flying their birds lose them, but she's the only hero who's brave enough to show it to the world lmao. I think she's just overwhelmed (especially with Hope's behaviour problems) and freaks out because she can't manage the care.

Her IG is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen btw, who the hell posts 'quotes' with their own name and face in them?

No. 776725

Pretty sure she's a narcissist.

No. 776742

This probably qualifies as armchair diagnosing and shit but lets be real, no one could be THIS delusional without once doubting themselves.

No. 776930

How does everybody feel about this guy? (Mostly about his underwater hamsters) I think he's pretty shit but I don't know much about hamsters.

No. 776938


What in the actual fuck.

And he wants to send hamsters into the sky with a weather balloon, too?

No. 776939

no bully, hampture guy is based

No. 776945


His jokes are crude and not funny, and the 'mad scientist' thing is annoying. But the project itself is interesting and cool. The hamsters seem to be doing well. And like who wouldn't want to see hamsters live underwater with fish?

No. 776996

Im mostly just confused, like why? Whats the point?
The way he's using living animals fora quirky experiment is pretty gross

No. 777006

I'm a bit late but Exotics Lair uploaded this 2 weeks ago and some of the snake care is a bit.. questionable?

At one point he handles a snake that is in the process of eating (+feeds her on the table)
And throughout the video you can pretty much see that the cages have almost no hides/enrichment. Idk if these are his temporary enclosures but it does seem like the snakes are kept in them for a fair bit, or until he gets a 'permanent' enclosure.

No. 777482

File: 1549969597856.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190212-220430_Ins…)

No one saw this coming /s
So presumably they're still in those tiny pens then?

No. 777706

I am glad she’s choosing to keep them all. Unless the rabbits are violent towards one another, she should keep trying. It can take a really long time to bond rabbits even with daily bonding sessions. I wish she’d focused on her rabbits rather than accumulating more, increasingly difficult animals. I like Emma and her rescue videos. She doesn’t need more animals to make quality content imo.

No. 777811

Rescue my ass. Wannabe Taylor does the same thing druggie Taylor does…impulse buys. And she’s to lazy to try bonding the rabbits. I doubt she’s ever tried more than half an hour. I’ve watched lots of bonding videos…some people spend an entire day bonding. It will never happen with the effort she puts in. She also comes up with dumbass lame excuses, just like her “hero”!

No. 777858

I think it's fair to be skeptical of anything that any "pettuber" says. But where's the proof that she didn't try to bond them? If you have it, show it. or did you just come up with that? also if you have proof of her impulse buying you should post it. I agree she's gotten a fair amount of animals, but she always seems fairly knowledgeable on them so i've never really seem them as impulse buys. if you have proof of any of this i'm sure everyone would want to see it.

No. 778026

File: 1550112852012.jpg (190.48 KB, 650x389, beavis-and-butthead.jpg)

Tf is this

No. 778401

Her leopard geckos now have fantastic enclosures, I think she sets a good example of how not to be complacent in pet care and always improving. She’s also the most cautious and careful pettuber I’ve seen at aquiring new animals.

No. 778418


At 5:00 Carolin walks 1/2 mile out and finds Love sitting on the ground behind a scrub bush.

>This is not staged!


No. 778430

This is such bullshit, oh my god
I wonder how much of the entire thing was staged ?

No. 778566

File: 1550268937716.png (Spoiler Image,1.9 MB, 750x1334, 50EDAAF7-6FE1-4849-8ADE-78B6E3…)

Just found this YouTube channel called Itsannalouise.
She breeds betta fish she bought from petco and sells their fry at breeder/designer prices. & she splits 2.5 gal (the min for one betta) and puts two in there. She also keeps full grown Bettas in glass jars and “rescues from petco” sick fish… Crazy people are actually buying her petco fish lol

No. 778750

Fluffy continues to destroy everything in sight.


>Love flew away from me because he was scared of the drones!

>Love was carried away by the wind!

Which is it?

>Free flying is so dangerous!

>We learned a new lesson today!

She couldn't be arsed to get a larger GPS harness so went without, and she is well aware of the danger of high winds.

It's only so dangerous because you make it dangerous.

No. 778778

It's amazing all these I NeArlY KillED my BiRd AgAin videos these pettubers post don't get them in trouble with some pet or bird care authority in their area? Like how many "peril/injury" clickbaits you gotta make before it looks abusive?

No. 778784

So… Simply Betta is dealing with some tendonitis. She made a 40gal rack system to make water changes easier while she heals, which is AWESOME.

except she also got new fish too. I.. don't understand? Also I really hate that jar system. It seems like a very sad boring existence for her poor fish.

No. 780701

Emma Sampson has acquired a chameleon, a chahoua gecko, a leachianus gecko, an ackie monitor (deceased) and now a bearded dragon in under 2 months. I dont buy her "I dont show animals until they're out of quarantine" statement as it hasn't added up with other things she has said either way even if she did quarantine them and she didnt buy them all at once she did get all of these animals at a rapid speed that's possibly more impressive then Taylor dean. She also clearly doesnt research any of the breeders she purchases from and brags about how much they all cost per usual in her video for views

No. 780764

Simply Betta only got bettas in the first place because she wanted to start a YouTube channel and sell fish. She spent a crazy amount of money acquiring as many fish as possible in a small amount of time and almost immediately started selling them online for stupid prices. Go on her website right now and see the poor form and color on her $50-$70 fish. She sells bettas with wierdly shaped heads, plakat with terribly scalloped fin edges for imported show prices. It's insane that anyone buys them. She's a terrible "breeder" and she's eventually gonna end up mistreating a lot of fish she can't sell.

No. 781052

I know nearly nothing about bettas, so I just assumed that she was part of the hobby and then took a break when she had her kid. Thanks for the info, Anon. What're your thoughts on Rae's Aquaria? I love her tank with the guppies and the betta, but it seems very contrary to the "popular" betta set up (not that I know if it's ok or not)

No. 781087

File: 1551109000067.jpg (54.28 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190225_163412.jpg)

Emma has so many fucking pets, she has around 40 and at least 20 are high maintenance. She got like 10 of them in the past month alone. She truly is Taylors clone. Her personality is made up of "ummmmmm"s so she's not that talked about but her husbandry is just as problematic as Brians or TNDs imo

No. 781415

There is no way she properly quarantines unless her house has like seven extra rooms. Quarantine doesnt mean news animals in a seperate room. It means one new animal in it own room. Shes pretty stupid for not realizing this

No. 781675

Sorry, I'm not familiar with that channel tbh. I used to watch a lot more fish channels than I do now. Simply Betta just started going hard into this Betta channel around the time I was noticing a lot of people on YouTube started breeding bettas. I imagine it's just that YouTube thing where people see someone else having success in getting subs and copying them. I'm sure most people in this thread agree getting an unhealthy amount of animals you wouldn't otherwise get just for YouTube views/income is unethical.

No. 781679

This premiers in a bit. Looks like she's gonna be bitching about people who have criticized her.

No. 781934

Brother Nature was bit twice this week lol I hope he finally realises his shtick of yelling in animals faces ain’t gonna work with everything. I get that people think he’s some guru but honestly think he’s been lucky so far. He seems to have no respect or interest for animals beyond using them as props. I think if he was a girl he’d get a shitton more hate.

No. 782536

File: 1551536643032.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2068, 1EEDA7E7-BE19-4977-BE6E-BC40C0…)

this is so poorly facetuned. you can’t hide how you look in videos emma no one’s buying this(nitpicking)

No. 782668

catching up but which Emma is this?

No. 782798

Emma (Walmart version of TND) Sampson

No. 782807

Girl..she looks like an overweight wax doll.

No. 783070

File: 1551657144271.png (897.6 KB, 937x602, Em.png)

Anyone see the shitshow that was Emzotic talking about being anti-bulling at playlist live?

She's deleted any comments calling her out on her own escapades on lolcow.

No. 783071

File: 1551657283832.png (18.31 KB, 289x254, em2.png)

No. 783658

Marlene Mc'Cohen is now trying to make youtube her main job, so she's gotten a patreon and has started to veer into pet hoarding territory with a new african grey, on top of the two senegals she recently rehomed.

Of course, she recommends not getting birds on a whim, right before picking up another bird

No. 783857

It actually does not. You can quarantine all new animals together. But when you introduce a new animal to the quarantine room with existing animals, the minimum two months of quarantine restarts regardless of how long the other animals have been in there. Make sure you know what you're talking about before you say stuff like that. Quarantine doesn't require multiple separate rooms. The best quarantine is actually just a separate building, but one separate room with no shared equipment between established animals and quarantine animals for minimum two months, preferably longer, is a proper quarantine. None of that "every animal in a separate room" bullshit you're talking about.

No. 783865

Because airborne pathogens do not exist? Ok ur right there is absolutely no chance of me quarentining two healthy animals only to bring in a 3rd and possibly make them sick. Im not saying its likely. But its not impossible.

No. 783871

Of course they exist. But what I'm saying is your idea of what a quarantine is, is wrong. And what Emma and literally all other reptile keepers do for quarantine is correct. It's unrealistic to say that you need to have them all in separate rooms. You're being ridiculous. End of story. Stop nitpicking what she's doing when what she's doing is actually the CORRECT way to quarantine, and is accepted as correct by literally every other reptile keeper. No one is keeping new animals in all separate rooms.

No. 784309

But..you should be….quarantining in separate rooms. Good luck to your reptiles if your arguing correct quarantine procedures.

No. 784335


Most reptile keepers, even the most well respected only have one quarantine area. It's pretty common among the entire hobby. You just have to restart the animals quarantine process if you introduce a new one in the room.

This is personally why I have two rooms, so that if I know I'm bringing a new one home, I move the one that's already started, so I don't have to extend that ones quarantine.

but what's "correct" is entirely an opinion between every keeper.

No. 784342

Please remember to sage when not providing milk.

No. 784350

Drama video on Caroline. Skip to 2:30 for her to start actually talking as she rambles at the start a lot.

No. 785358

Is this broken?

No. 786398

This just in Emma Sampson has purchased yet another animal in a ridiculously short period of time! This time a rainbow boa! Oh goodie another real high maintainence animal that's currently been trending that she had to have to cash in on the views.

No. 786425

How do you know this? I checked her YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and didn't see any mention?

No. 786514


Simple sleuthing really. She got tagged in someone's story who was sending her isopods but I found it odd that anyone would pay to ship $30 isopods across country so I did digging into the seller and also found out she was selling ball pythons, crested geckos and rainbow boas. The chances of Emma getting another ball python or crested gecko are low so obviously a rainbow boa would be perfect since they're "trending" right now. So isopods and a boa would be a much better shipping deal for most people dont you think? She's also on some crazy animal purchasing spree that's outdoing even queen Taylor herself so it would be weird for her to not get another pet

No. 786521

File: 1552574149879.png (1006.18 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-03-14-07-32-52…)

No. 786522

File: 1552574194991.png (922.57 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-03-14-07-31-47…)

No. 786563

File: 1552582138986.png (864.44 KB, 640x1136, 6859A06B-6427-4261-8886-93AB2D…)

Current creators attending Petfest.
Happytails, DIY, and Dark Den are going. (But Tyler and Pickles are not included in this line up?)

I’m surprised since most of the Petfest mean girls have talked so much shit about a lot of these youtubers, but they must be really desperate since Taylor is too busy shooting up. Either way I can’t wait for the milk this shit show is going to bring.

No. 786723

Call it like it is, speculation.

No. 786724

Oh god those two old men in the sea of young women. Kinda creepy

No. 786793


If Maddie is going then I'm sure Tyler is going, they're basically glued to each others sides.
And afaik Pickles runs the pet fest social media so maybe she just forgot about herself?

No. 786816

Their inclusivity has backfired and turned into support and promotion for improper pet keeping, especially with people like happy tails and faiths furry critters. Regardless if they apologized to each other their pet care is still poor and needs changes

No. 787010

Inclusivity? More like desperation. They're just trying to get anyone since Taylor, the only relevant person, won't be coming and thus bring in her fanbase.
Gotta keep the sponsors happy or at least keep them from dropping out.

No. 787035

Taylor Crane was just added to the petfest list. She has some pretty terrible pet care and promotes terrible things for her pets. God this is so awful. They're supposed to be promoting proper pet keeping and instead anyone is allowed regardless if they keep their animals in good condition or not and that's problematic

No. 787245

I totally forgot about Taylor crane, I watched a few of her videos when I first got my beardie and was kinda meh? About her. So I just went and watched her all my pets video from October and it's so bad.
Do girls named Taylor just hate good pet care? Lol

No. 787536

File: 1552791466877.png (9.22 MB, 1242x2208, 068EFB46-3620-430B-9BB2-8206DC…)

Perfect for packing and moving…kek!!

No. 787550

File: 1552796243636.jpg (729.53 KB, 1076x1031, Screenshot_20190316-232756_Sna…)

Happy Tails is definitely the kind of person you want promoting that fantastic pet care and great people skills….

No. 787563

No. 787640

Nuts….I thought I was on Taylor’s page. And I forgot to sage that one!

No. 787685

Who's Faith? She looks like a kid

No. 787752

since you mention it I went to do some sleuthing and well…
firstly she claims to be 15 and to not be spoiled despite having 30+ pets (10 cats+5 dogs+reptiles+tarantulas+rodents+cockatiel+recent ferrets). She claims to pay for them and all their care somehow. so take that as you will I guess

No. 787757

He's autistic as fuck and doesn't know what he's doing.

No. 787758


Marlene has got ANOTHER bird….


Jersey - white cockatoo
Marlin - African grey
Cody - African grey
Vinny - galah cockatoo
Isis - ringneck
Leo - amazon
Rocky - macaw
Monty & Nelly - Senegal parrots

A few Finches too.

9 parrots?! & she just keeps acquiring more and more. She is hitting hoarder status very quickly.

Not to mention her lizards & cat.

Along with the parrots that have flown away over the years (Picasso & the others she’s talked about losing)

No. 787997


Seems like they literally invited everyone, although it will be very obvious who does and doesn't go depending on their morals. I just can't get my head around how Happytails is perfectly fine going to an event of people who 'bullied' her online and called her a cunt on a livestream? Part of me thinks, knowing how confrontational she is that she's going just to make a scene.

No. 787999

if you think that’s everyone in the pet tube community you’re very wrong lmao

No. 789083

I believe the finches were an impulse purchase made by her father, I'm not sure on the full story but my guess is they were a gift for her or he couldn't take them with him.
could be wrong but I think picaso is the only one to fly away, others died for random reasons (her first afircan grey george died suddenly)

To be honest the rate she's been getting birds lately is rather concerning but I do hope she does actually find homes for Nelly and Monty and Isis' owner gets back on their feet.
Probably white knighting but compared to most in the community she's not 100% there yet.

No. 790142

File: 1553504063680.png (59.57 KB, 360x453, refuse2.png)

He's been deleting some stuff from his IG.. Wonder why.
BTW this is AHK.

No. 791049

Do pet tubers ever keep their word when they promise “no more pets”? It’s like they all have no self control.

No. 791104

i was wondering this too lmao
she could have said no or asked one of her friends to take him?? also gerg… what

No. 791105

this really shows what a cunt brian is
the way his wife talks to him and says about how he can't blame her makes me wonder how he acts towards her and his employees when one of the animals gets sick

No. 791146


Great video. Brian needs to be exposed for the piece of shit he is

No. 791375

Did anyone see Brian's newest video where he says he hadn't done any filter maintenance on Bowser's tank for the 7 months he's been in it? The filter media was so disgusting like wtf

No. 792209

After the whole Taylor doing drugs drama, seems like the other mean girls don't give a shit about her anymore lmao. they're probably like "who's Taylor?"

I started unfollowing AHK after he kept getting new animals and posting large paragraphs defending himself to the point he started to seem like a know it all.

No. 792224

File: 1553990598412.png (21.82 KB, 842x154, Jacob.png)


>>"all the biggest, best, most experience reptile keepers say the spider morph isn’t as bad as people make it seem"

Oh? Who are the "biggest, best & most experienced" reptile keepers?
Name them.

>>"using their names for views."

I mean, how else are people going to become aware of these travesties?

Gotta love when these brats get all butthurt when the callouts start gaining more traction!

No. 792406

And obv her cage is too small, the wheel is too small, there is no multi-chamber house, the bedding isnt high enough, the wooden shit might be too high (hamsters cant judge heights, they are likely to just jump/fall and hurt themselves).

I know that american hamster care has low standards, but watching that is painful. At least she seems to know SOME basic shit about sand baths and spot-cleaning.

No. 792429

God Brian is the worst. He's now saying that part of Daisy's jaw that's missing is just an "overbite" that looks worse than it is because eco earth gets stuck in there. Couldn't bear to watch the video for more than a few minutes, if any anon was able to suffer through more of it please post if he says anything interesting.

No. 792491

File: 1554057195371.png (512.06 KB, 434x556, python-overbite.png)


>> just an "overbite"


This is what a python with an overbite looks like.

No. 792550

File: 1554070480239.png (26.61 KB, 766x228, trevor alrich.png)


Good lord his stans are super creepy!

No. 792576

the vet office I work at has had more spider morphs come in then any others. Most due to being unable to eat and some from the "wobble" being so intense they would stop moving. I want to know what "big reptile experts" they are referencing when they say the morph is not that bad.

2nd we had a client come in with a leopard gecko they ordered from BHB. It had mites, this isnt the first case of BHB selling reptiles where cases of mites have come to light. But emailing him about it would do nothing but make him feel like its his hate group attacking him.

No. 792586


Also, gotta love how smug this faceless shit stain acts, despite his comments only boosting engagement & therefore improving the video & channel's relevance!

No. 792598

File: 1554079167735.jpg (46.6 KB, 960x540, 56344494_10110394493583565_282…)

Brian also does not use photos of lucy in his clickbate videos. They are always of other snakes >>792429

No. 792600

Daisy, not Lucy. It is hard to keep track of the many snakes he has considering the large amount.

No. 792728

Pickles got another hamster. She spent the first five minutes trying to justify her decision and it did not help her case. Especially since she never offered an explanation as to why her two hamsters died so suddenly.

No. 792740

I am starting to wonder where she is getting the hamsters from. My local pet stores watch how many animals someone is getting. Because in the past they had an issue where a boy kept letting his Guinea pigs die and just kept replacing them

No. 794046

wait, is emzotic getting a dog from a breeder?! She said on Twitter the puppy is due to be born Friday? What about adopting?

No. 794055


She's made it clear she only wants a pure bred dog. On Instagram she asked what breed she should get and only like the ones that said an actual breed and she made a video with her boyfriend about which breeds they'd be willing to get. Not surprising, only the purest for princess Em

No. 794057

arent purebreds more problematic, they tend to have more issues compared to mutts. I would have thought she would have adopted. she’s waiting on a pregnant dog, not even just a breeder. This is so weird.

No. 794109

She also has two skunks, two ferrets, two doves and a kookaburra that all free roam at points. Not to mention her other animals… getting a dog on top of that… insanity. And she claims she's not a hoarder…

No. 794304

Not to whiteknight, and she definitely should be adopting, but that's part of the reason you go to breeders. Purebreds have health problems because of generations of inbreeding, but it's a much bigger problem in dogs bought from pet stores. She should be adopting a dog from a shelter, and I'm mutts are definitely typically healthidr because you're breeding out health problems, but at least she didn't find a dog at a pet store and buy it. With the dog and the multitude of other animals she won't disclose the amount of, though, we're definitely in hoarder territory.

No. 794310


I do think she should probably adopt but since she decided to shop she's at least doing it right. Good breeders often find potential parents before their dog is even pregnant and will have the dogs health tested. It's better than a backyard breeder who realized they could make money because they have two dogs of the same breed

No. 795229

File: 1554521610290.jpeg (225.99 KB, 1209x1552, E67CBB4F-92D6-4108-9103-B93828…)

WTF. That purple dye has ruined brain cells. That poor dog looks soooo uncomfortable! Sorry pic is a bit blurry. The dude is dancing….

No. 795297

I think in general it's easier for Em to get a puppy than a dog with potential problems that has to get used to an environment full of other animals.
That and would they even pass an inspection (does US do that?)?

What breed dog is she getting tho

No. 795347

she hasnt told anyone yet.

we only know it was born on April 3rd, his name is Kiba and she shared an image of a few black puppy-butts.
Em also said she made an instagram account for the dog in january, but the page was disabled. Google search results show that she was following a page called @kibatheeurasier that isnt available if you search for it directly, so maybe that was it - maybe she got an eurasier.

No. 795385

oh please. first of all read the rules. second, nobody cares. the dog isn’t gonna die from being held.

No. 795425


This is like the least problematic thing he's done. Stop nitpicking

No. 797020

Seems like they're very probably to have separation anxiety/not be too okay with kennels if not socialised properly etc etc.

Sounds to me like they want a watch dog because there's no way that a dog will have free roam of the house with so many other animals around.

No. 797747

I mean getting a dog probably isn't the best idea with her other pets but I have dogs and other animals and they all manage just fine. My dogs don't have a super strong prey drive and I've trained them and always supervise them but everyone is safe and healthy living together.

Also unpopular opinion but there's nothing wrong with going to a responsible breeder if you're looking for something specific in a dog. Temperament is very much genetic, it's definitely not just how you raise them that matters. Adopting a dog of unknown family history and unknown breed is taking a big chance because if the dog turns out not to fit in with the other animals she would have to get rid of it.

Also hybrid vigor is largely a myth and most dogs in shelters are from backyard breeders and strays which are often highly inbred. I got my former street dog genetically tested and she came back with a 34% inbreeding coefficient.That is Extremely high, much higher than you'd find from any responsible breeder. Good/reponsible breeders breed to improve their breed including health. So the whole health adoption argument is highly problematic.

No. 797888

pretty sure the health adoption argument refers to how unhealthy some pure breeds can be.

No. 797954

shes such a wannabe TND.
not just in looks, but how she wants to be "funny/sarcastic" with how she speaks in her videos.

No. 797957

Emilie Rose doesnt follow her tnd anymore, and vice versa.

No. 797995

i recently started watching tyler, maddie and some of afroherpkeeper's videos and now i feel stupid and ashamed for falling for their acts lol. it's hard because they put on such good masks in their sympathy grabbing videos or in the videos where they only show the healthy animals.

No. 798108

File: 1555349629371.png (187.78 KB, 1080x1920, 1555342652109.png)

I wonder if anyone from the Pettube/Petfest crew is gonna have the balls to set the record straight on this shade Taylor is throwing at them all…

No. 798347

Bird tricks took a not so subtle dig at Carolin Von Petzholdt - “I’m not in the business of losing birds”


That made my day, I get the feeling Jamie Leigh really doesn’t like her.

No. 798712

Birdtricks dropping more tea about Carolin in her latest video entitled “Why I chose to help another bird Youtuber when everyone told me NOT TO”

No. 798739

Caroline is so fucking weird in this… when they're talking to her and she's just sticking a camera in Jamie(?)'s face.

No. 798940

Carolin lives in a fantasy world like the video game Oblivion. Her body is here, but her mind is very elsewhere and completely unaware of what's going on around her.

No. 799088

That is an insult to the NPC’s in Oblivion. They’re far more intelligent than Caroline ever will be. I’d say that she’s like a chimp trying to act like a human but that would also be an insult to chimps.

(To non-gamers, the NPC’s in Oblivion are notoriously wonky with very strange dialogue. But they’re definitely smarter than Caroline.)

No. 799108

Emma Sampson rainbow boa was confirmed who she also almost accidentally set fire to with heat tape? Shes also confirmed on her story that shes getting another ackie monitor and now viper geckos. This girl is piling on animals faster then you can say Taylor nicole dean

No. 799304

I used to enjoy Emma Lynne Sampsons videos but I just can't get over all the new additions constantly. Why can't she just enjoy the animals she already has?

No. 799532

File: 1555964562992.jpg (446.65 KB, 834x524, JCegbvH.jpg)


Alright guys, following up on my previous conspiracy theory about Emzotic getting an Eurasier.
I've got too much time and googled around so I was almost sure that she got a dog from Heartland Eurasiers. These guys just announced their latest litter.

→ born on April 3rd, just like Emzotics puppy.
→ pictures fit to what she showed her viewers
→ Its a G litter. She stated that she currently needs to think of an "official" name that starts with G to match the litter.

Pretty sure the one with the green collar is hers.

No. 799586

File: 1555979431617.png (68.85 KB, 227x183, Capture.PNG)

Her update video where she talks about getting the puppy literally uses that picture, so I'd think you're right.

No. 799706

Dog breeding nerd here to hopefully give some useful information. I did a bit of looking into the breeder and breed, here’s what I found.

Now, almost every breed has a national organization that defines breed standards and health testing. The United States Eurasier Club has Heartland listed as one of 7 trusted Eurasier breeders in the U.S. https://www.useurasierclub.org/2009/breeders/breeders.html

I tried to verify that the breeder is active in their health testing by going to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website. They host a database that allows breeders to submit all testing done on a dog. However, Eurasiers are not one of the breeds that are eligible for the database. There may be a private database, but I couldn’t find it.

So basically, while it appears that the breeder she chose is reputable, I couldn’t verify it myself as far as health testing.

Now, I don’t like Emzotic, but I have to hand it to her, it appears she did her research and picked a good breeder.

No. 799750

Think Emma saw the fall of Taylor and is actively trying to become her minus the drugs.

No. 799753

Emma also enabled Taylor lying about her pets, in her "meet all of Taylor's pets" video she conveniently "lost" the footage of the moon crabs who Taylor just came out with as dead. Wonder how she thought she was going to get away with that one?

No. 799778

File: 1556052335930.png (315.08 KB, 474x435, Capture _2019-04-23-15-39-33.p…)

So I know this thread is mostly for the petfest crew, but I've been a fan of afroherpkeeper for a while and lately his care seems to have gone down hill. He posted on instagram that he keeps his three ball pythons in 20 gallon tanks and said that its okay because most snakes get even smaller tanks and neglected.

No. 799779

File: 1556052368806.png (51.82 KB, 333x515, Capture _2019-04-23-15-38-57.p…)

No. 799831

You know you’re a shitty pet owner when your only excuse is “At least I’m not the worst!”

No. 799850

It’s not an ideal size but in his defense, he acknowledges this and claims these are temporary enclosures. They have multiple hides, bioactive soil, leaf litter etc. As temporary enclosures, these aren’t that bad.

My main gripe with AHK currently is that he hasn’t seen a vet for one of his rescues with a swollen face (which he thinks may be an abscessed tooth) “because it hasn’t gotten any worse,” bitch are you kidding, get to a vet!!!

It’s a well known fact that reptiles hide illness and may not show obvious signs of decline until it’s too late. He mentions that she’s only eaten once since the last update in February, and he’s trying to get her to eat more… well, she’d probably be more likely to eat if you took care of whatever’s causing her face to swell, huh. Like sure, maybe whatever it is isn’t killing her, but it’s astoundingly negligent for him to let this go for this long, smdh

No. 799855

I was in a discord with GoHerping and AfroHerpKeeper was egged into sharing his opinions on TND. He said he didn't like her care and obvious hoarding of animals for fame. That sure is ironic.

Someone in the discord posted the screencaps of him saying that and tagged Taylor, to which he made a statement on twitter apologizing. This was a while ago so I don't know if I can find it for sure but I'll try.

No. 799881

Afroherpkeeper doesn't have a twitter? Unless you mean GoHerping apologized.

>>799831 Unfortunately his ball pythons aren't the only one in small "temporary" enclosures. He keeps a bunch of mice in crittertrails in his newest video.

No. 799897

File: 1556074387890.png (8.18 MB, 2208x1242, 2A8E9ECD-B2CB-4527-86D6-B294C8…)

Haven’t seen anyone mention this so I figure I would, which is: Pet Tubers not knowing how to use a fucking thermostat.

The recent “reptile room disaster” Emma Lynne posted a good example.

She’s using a CHEAP brand of thermostat on her wooden exoterra “rack” which is downright foolish and just asking for disaster. If you have this many animals, you cannot skimp out on a quality thermostat.

These cheap-o brands should only be used with single low wattage heat pads, and should only be used one enclosure at a time—which even then are prone to malfunction—and she has what looks to be an 8” wide and 6’ long strip of heat tape heating 3 enclosures per row. It’s unclear how many rows are being heated by this one thermostat. I hope it’s only one, but the inkbirds have two outlets so I wouldn’t be surprised if more.

These stats have no fail safe should anything malfunction, either, which is why using them for more than one animal is stupid. If it fails, you could end up with a pretty massive death count. Even with GOOD stats malfunctions happen, I cannot wrap my mind around risking the lives of this many animals at once by going the cheaper route.

A while back Reptilian Garden posted a video addressing issues with her “gecko condominium” where she openly admits she had no idea her thermostats even had probes/didn’t know how to use them and had to constantly manually adjust the temperatures, which is so baffling. Again, using a cheap brand. She admits it was stupid of her but I can’t get over what a huge oversight that is when you have as many animals as she does.

Why do these pet tubers not stop and think hey, maybe before buying more animals you should understand how to use the technology essential to their survival?

Yes it’s hard being in front of an audience and having mistakes on display for others to criticize, and yes mistakes DO happen, but consider… not speaking from a place of guidance or expertise until you understand the very basics…?

Am I crazy for being bothered by this? God DAMN

That sucks. Haven’t seen the video but I hope he stops acquiring animals now that he can’t seem to prioritize upgrades or vet care when needed. Wishful thinking on my part probably.

No. 799929

Those Inkbird thermostats are actually pretty fucking fantastic & they really aren't that cheap. Agreed it should be 1x per enclosure but how are they shit? It is my 3rd thermostat for my Pacman frog and is the only one so far that has actually worked consistently.

No. 799937

I hope you are trolling cuz yes, they are cheap. Warning, long post incoming, but I’ll explain.

They are $29.99 on amazon which is where most people get them. Compared to the Herpstat 1 at ~$115, it’s no contest what’s more affordable, but the price of a quality thermostat should be a drop in the bucket when someone is spending hundreds on new animals every month.

Fun fact about inkbirds, they are mass produced in China unlabeled, and then bought wholesale with the “inkbird” brand name attached. Same goes for Jumpstart.

Can they work? Yes. I’m not saying they’re rubbish, I use jumpstart thermostats on quarantine enclosures or in a pinch. Should they be relied on for the long-term…? Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it, at least not without backup.

And again, should not be used for multiple enclosures or racks- which is the main issue here. If you want to have a lot of enclosures on the same thermostat, you MUST invest in something like a Herpstat or VE. The attitude that it’s not necessary and that “the cheap ones work just as well” is foolish when it comes to that much heat and electricity.

Quality thermostats like Herpstat or Vivarium Electronics have a safety shut-off relay, so in case of failure, power will be cut. Some models have audible alarm systems, and higher end ones use proportional heat to precisely control output vs the basic on/off functionality of inkbirds, which has been linked to shorting out heat tape more quickly as well. The proportional stats are not fool proof, but they have much less of a failure rate- not to mention, come with warranty and replacement parts/fuses if needed.

These cheap brands have no fail-safe features (or unreliable ones) are often inaccurate (or become uncalibrated randomly) and DO fail, and sadly many animals have perished this way. I thankfully haven’t experienced this but witnessed plenty of tragic stories of racks overheating or what have you.

I wouldn’t hate on anyone with a few pets for using one, though. I have higher expectations for someone with 30+ or more and seemingly rapidly acquiring animals without an end in sight- if animal caretaking is what you center your life around and have built your entire career/image around, I think it’s your responsibility to go the extra mile on matters like this because people will emulate you, and this trend of young kids/adults skimping costs to get more animals NOW instead of proper setup/equipment FIRST is so troubling- like legit how long until someone’s house freakin’ catches on fire?

Sorry for several long posts- these thoughts have been boiling for a while. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

No. 799964

Thanks for that comment. It was long but useful. I'm going to look into getting a better stat for my frog. We are upgrading his terrarium later in the year once he's a bit bigger so will definitely look into better equipment then. Thanks again for that info & sorry for blogposting lol

No. 800007

File: 1556131186763.png (67.38 KB, 400x526, Capture _2019-04-24-13-35-19.p…)

No. 800008

File: 1556131238232.png (43.03 KB, 326x415, Capture _2019-04-24-13-36-16.p…)

No. 800009

If an animal with a physical ailment doesn't make it to the top of your animal to-do list, you have too many animals. Anybody with pets should always put other tasks to the side to deal with an animal that needs veterinary treatment. He is quite literally showcasing his negligence and is being incredibly arrogant about it. Gross.

No. 800011

A hoarder by definition is someone who has so many animals that the animals begin to suffer. If he is "too busy" and has "too much to do" to take her to the vet due to the burden his other animals put on him, he is a H O A R D E R.

No. 800050

I am baffled as to how on earth he thought that this would be a good response. He's flat out admitting that he has far more animals than he can handle. He knows there's a problem, and he doesn't care. Maybe I'm used to PetTubers dodging any sort of confessions of neglect, but him so openly stating this makes him look stupid and arrogant.

No. 800063

I might be getting mixed up then, since the person who "exposed" him by screencapping his thoughts on Taylor put them on twitter. May have been something else then.

No. 800065

Nobody was holding a gun to his head while he bought "some hundreds of animals". He didn't have to buy so many, so it isn't an excuse for not caring for them properly.

No. 800066

My favorite is when they brag about having one of those laser gun thermometers. I remember Taylor pulling that one at one point. They only measure the temperature of a surface, not an enclosure, and they won't work on any reflective surfaces, glass, or water. They're pretty useless for this application.

No. 800093

File: 1556152608432.jpeg (330.63 KB, 1103x1402, 1C0E8842-E594-4148-8CAF-1E3220…)

This is inexcusable. It would be better to just admit being in over his head, make a plan to get Saturn to a vet ASAP or find someone who can.

He’s not a vet no matter how many animals he has, and with how many have died in his care (do we have a death count on AHK yet?) he’s being blatantly neglectful. He doesn’t have the training or expertise to accurately assess the situation.

In the same post he talks about a fish that passed due to past ignorance (attached) so get a clue and stop acting like you got everything handled my dude!

It’s the same self-assured denial that almost every pettuber has. You are not experts, you are not veterinarians, you are not herpetologists. You’re a joe-shmoe with a lot of pets and a lot of impressionable viewers looking up to you. Take some damn responsibility and stop with the excuses and stop acting experienced beyond your capabilities.

It’s a necessary tool but it’s nothing to write home about like yeah, congrats you check the surface temps daily (supposedly, I doubt it lol) but that will hardly help in case of a power issue or stat failure.

Hope y’all got fire extinguishers too, cuz even professional zoological facilities are not impervious to fires. But wait, nevermind, instead of buying one how about another $500 snake.

No. 800274

Another video where BirdTricks attempts to train Carolin.

No. 800412

File: 1556239712615.png (147.97 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-04-25-17-43-29…)


Carolin doesn't take it seriously at all. And plenty of her viewers have been warning her for months about reinforcing hormonal behaviors.

No. 800446


One thing I also noticed odd about Emma's heating set up is that she is using a singular thermostat for a whole row of enclosures, including her rainbow boa. Rainbow boas need significantly cooler temperatures then most of her other snakes in that room so if he was on the same tape and thermostat that would mean he would have been sharing the same high temperatures. His tank was also the one burning and I also doubt it was due to water leakage

No. 800462

Care to explain that? I know that rainbow boas need less heat - but if not the water what would have caused it to burn up? (Right where the crack ect is).

I'm trying to learn about racking systems and how to do the heating to avoid this kind of trouble myself so learning all I can!

No. 800784


Water touching or sitting on the tape itself will just evaporate. You can try it at home. Only when water touches the electrical outlet or equipment would it pose a hazard but that would be strip wide. Because it was in that isolated area it was more likely due to too much heat + not enough ventilation + wood surface. I've been using heat tape on racking systems for 10 years and this has never occurred to me or anyone I know

No. 800797

So, because there was a 'wet' (damp set up) on top of it, and not enough ventilation (between the tank and the tape) it caused the burn? Am I understanding (Sorry English isn't my first language)

Would simply lifting the tank have fixed this? Or would a wire rack have a safer set up?

No. 800910

So many issues with that video.
That monitor is overweight. I'd speculate it's due to a diet of mostly rodents and not enough leaner protein sources. I don't care what she says she feeds him, the condition he is in says otherwise.
The humidity in his enclosure can't be high enough, his shed looks terrible. It's flaking off in tiny little pieces and that's not normal.
He has hella weird toes, so I'd also speculate insufficient lighting or supplementing in his diet.
He clearly hasn't been taken out of his enclosure very much otherwise he wouldn't have been so shellshocked going out there vs how confident he is in his enclosure. That's a huge problem because these reptiles are so intelligent they really need a lot of enrichment and stimulation, and time out of their cage.
Also her saying he's "territorial" in his enclosure has me thinking he is cage aggressive which could also be due to not interacting with him enough.
And yeah… he didn't go in the water himself. Not even once. There wasn't a single clip of him going in the water, just short clips of him frantically swimming for dry land.
If girl wants to use that atrium for enrichment she needs to actually put stuff in it. Some plants, tall and short, for cover & climbing opportunities would be a good start. You can't just toss your reptile in an empty ass atrium and be like "wOw EnRiChMeNt"
Seriously every new video she uploads is just full of problems. Girl needs to stop.

No. 800911

Wrong thread, sorry

No. 800955

File: 1556467679543.jpg (900.87 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190428-170648_You…)

Kristen Lee Animals uploaded a new vid. Her rabbits nails are so badly overgrown. She says in the vid "they'll need cut soon" honey no they needed cut weeks ago

No. 800958

Omg she's also got a ham who's fur is falling out and she bathes him in ALCOHOL AND LYSTERINE and then a few seconds later says "his skin is really dry and itchy and chunky and flaking off" No wonder! Alcohol and lysterine will be stripping his coat and skin of all their oils.

No. 800959

File: 1556468420300.jpg (683.49 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190428-171935_You…)

She regularly touches and handles her pixie frog and if this video is anything to go by she doesn't wash or wet her hands first nor does she wear gloves.

No. 800962

Her rabbits are fed an incomplete diet. She feeds a medium variety of veg a day and no pellets, but nowhere near enough veg to cover all the vitamins and minerals that pellets cover on a daily basis. She feeds pellets a couple times a week and the mix has nuts, seeds and other junk in it. Nuts and seeds are too high in protein for rabbits and are also potential choking hazards. It also seems she feeds carrot & banana daily/most days.

She said she doesn't properly understand supplementation for reptiles which is really concerning considering how many reptiles she has.

She is "soon" going to upgrade her chameleons enclosure because he keeps climbing the screen and falling so he needs glass. He has already ripped out nearly all of his nails. Why did she not fix this before he ripped out so many nails? Was she waiting for him to have a serious fall & injure himself?!

Her rats are separate due to hormonal aggression. They will need neutered.

She refills hamster food dishes before they are empty which encourages selective eating. Sshe even mentions that they like to pick their fav bits so she keeps them topped up so "they have the best".

Her rat chunk doesn't look too healthy. His eyes look watery and there is porphyrin weeping out which is a sign of stress or illness.

This chick knows NOTHING! I am so shocked at how little she knows yet she thinks she is so incredibly knowledgeable. Almost all of her animals have some sort of issue going on, she obviously has so many that they are just not getting the care and attention they need.

Kristen Lee Animal is becoming as problematic as TND.

No. 800976


Agreed. I used to almost like her before this video. Her rabbits are eating too many of the wrong types of greens- they should mostly be getting lettuces or greens low in oxalates. Her diet now is probably causing bladder sludge and other urinary problems. And that pellet mix is probably the grossest I've ever seen. She judged the previous owner for having plain pellet mixes, when that's actually the best kind.

On top of that, it's idiotic that she's keeping her beardies on ground walnut shells. It's pretty much the worst substrate to keep them on and is much worse than sand because of the large grain size. Bearded dragons do not live on sand in the wild, yet her excuse was that it helps them to exhibit natural behaviors? And beardies should have salads every day, not every other.

And finally, she has two leopard geckos in one tank. This girl needs to get it together. I understand when teenagers make these kinds of mistakes, but she's a grown woman with a big audience.

No. 800991


Why the fuck would she bathe the poor thing in that mixture?

No. 801080

She said in the video she's giving him these alcohol baths daily.. She also said "at the end of the day hamsters only live 2-3 years". It's true but the way she says it so flatly. Like she's just ready for him to go.

No. 801176

She's convinced it might help with his skin condition. She said the hamster was tested negative for mites and her vet has no clue whats wrong with it. from the sound of it, she now thinks its just old age and she's using some "household items" to try and make it better. Besides the daily alcohol-lysterine-bath she also mentions using different oils on the fur. You should NEVER bath a hamster, not even with clean water. Their fur and skin is sensitive, so you should just provide an area with fine chinchilla sand/dust. They'll "bath" there and be totally fine. The lack of a sandbath might be the reason why the fur is this bad in the first place.

I know a lot about hamster care, and this is even worse than the standard american care (which to be frank is also often extremely bad due to lack of education and availability of products).
The food is wrong, theres not enough bedding, she's using different "decorations" that might be hurtful or poisonous if the hamsters chew on them (the dark wood, the plastic plants, the printed cardboard). I'm also seeing other things such as some entries for hide-outs being too small for syrians (they might hurt themselves when trying to access the houses with stuffed cheeks as they'll be too big then.)

This is painful to watch. Hamsters might live for a short time, but they're still living beings who deserve better.

No. 801290


If your animal RIPS OUT nails or toes, the enclosure should be changed right away. There is literally no excuse for her shitty husbandry. How about her gel nails get ripped out?

She honestly is one of the worst for me because she is entirely resistant to advice from people so her animals will continue to suffer until she feels like switching stuff up for views.

No. 801428

So I'm going through her video and she feeds most of her reptiles out of their enclosures? They could honestly eat in their enclosures (obvious care to be taken with not having too much live pray in the enclosure), hell she could even use tongs.

No. 801499

Her green tree python only gets 1 fuzzie mouse a week? The snake cant even coil around it it's so tiny in comparison. Should be getting adult mice at least if not larger. Also red lights for the ball python AND removing to feed. 2 big no nos

No. 801656

Danny laughing about a rat getting degloved is just lovely /s

No. 801668

Degloving is not a fucking defence mechanism wtf.

It's an unfortunate side effect of having a long thin appendage that stupid fucks like to pick you up by.

Degloving injuries happen to all sorts of animals though, from hands to feet etc. including humans. It is not a defence mechanism, it's nothing like a lizard shedding it's tail.

No. 801701

I don't have snakes so sorry if this is a dumb question and I'll sage because feels like it is, but I thought removing snakes from their enclosures for feeding was normal to avoid tank aggression?

No. 801707

that was a line of thinking, and still is for some people who don't know better, but there's no proof to it. plus it's more detrimental because it risks regurgitation of meals.

No. 801784


Some mammals drop their tail as defense, like the degu. Rare though and it doesnt grow back. Degloving as defense i dont think is a thing in any species?

No. 801881


Had no clue. Quick google search and different sources says that many small mammals are able to induce degloving to escape capture.

Warning to the curious: avoid pictures at all costs.

No. 801935

Degloving as a defense is 100% a thing, and rats display this behavior. It's unfortunate, but rats induce degloving in some instances and it is a natural defense against predators. No, it isn't like a lizard dropping their tail, but they do it in nature when a predator grabs them by their tail to escape. There are other ways degloving injuries can happen, but some mammals like rats and mice can induce it themselves.

No. 801940

File: 1556857732000.jpeg (681.12 KB, 1242x1787, 525C50BF-C921-4F2D-8DF5-0CA755…)

So about that afroherpkeeper.

>can’t afford to take rescued ball python with facial abscess to the vet

>has too many animals to list in undersized enclosures and had been promising upgrades for months
>basically promises upgrades with every upload but keeps acquiring animals
>drops $600+ on a trio of rare and delicate aquatic snakes that have advanced husbandry requirements

As of four days ago he took in an injured eastern hognose snake, which is receiving vet care, and supposedly he finally took Saturn the rescued ball python to the vet as well, but no updates on her.

It really bothers me that he got these marine snakes. Not only are they expensive, wild caught, difficult to keep in captivity (two have fungal infections likely due to the stress of shipping) but he has SO many animals in need of upgrades, more attention, better enclosures, etc, but he set that aside to get a species just because (in his own words) he thinks “they’re cool.” No other reason. He can’t be pressed to go to the vet for a ball python but willingly and openly drops $600 on these WC animals.

You shouldn’t get a highly advanced and rare species when your “entry level” species aren’t receiving the most basic care they deserve, such as a routine vet visit for a visible health issue. You shouldn’t be taking in rescues if you’re not financially secure enough to treat them, complain about living too far from a vet, or unable to give your pets the upgrades you’ve been promising for months going on a year.

No. 802066

Carolin is thinking about breeding her birds just so she can have some baby birds.

No. 802075

Does anyone know what Paul Cuffaro actually works as? He gets a new animal every week, does he have any creditentials.

I know his fish husbandry is garbage but what about everything else

No. 802152


He's a 17/18 year old high school drop out that does YouTube. He's uneducated to the maximum degree especially in aquatics and now in his other animals. Unqualified to be giving information

No. 802174

Kristen's animal care getting ripped apart

No. 802252

So Emzotic has also now got another Kookaburra. I remember when some people used to say she wasn't a hoarder lol… right… she's obtaining animals still at a terrifying rate.

No. 802333

Pickle Pee got another new pet. She won't say what it is but listed some things she bought for it in her newest video. Guessing a gecko or snake. So five months ago she rehomed a bunch of her pets because she was overwhelmed or something like that. Since then she has gotten two new pets. Kind of seems like it was just an excuse to get new animals to bring in more views.

No. 802361

There's animals we know nothing about too so there's that to consider.

What's the general idea on The Dark Den? I think I remember him being mentioned in these threads once or twice.

No. 802400

bitch needs to stop

No. 802401

I'm glad a huge number of people are calling her out on her shit in the comments. I was fine with her rehoming her animals, in fact I was glad she realized she had taken on too many pets and did the responsible thing instead of allowing their care to suffer. But seeing her get new pets has made me loose all respect for her. Makes me think she didn't rehome her pets because she was overwhelmed, she rehomed them because she didn't like them and wanted room to buy the new flavor of the month.

No. 802402

jfc this woman is a disaster, the only hope is that the birds would be sent away to others eventually

No. 802410

Jesus Christ. She's claiming she can't find a single reputable source about leopard geckos being solitary creatures and needing to be housed separately. She also says hers are "cuddling" so that's obviously a good sign. "Cuddling" is literally them fighting over resources, Kristen. Shit's about to go down if you don;t separate them now.

No. 802412

By "Can't find a single reputable source" she means "I couldn't find it on the first page of Google."
And if a general consensus in a community is that you shouldn't do something… don't fucking do it, you lobotomized chimpanzee.

No. 802414

I forgot to add that the book she pulled up as a source is the same one I got from Petsmart like 10 years ago.

No. 802417


although at the end she writes that she watched a video recently that made her realize the geckos might randomly start fighting, so she'll separate them now.

welp. at least there is SOME kind of source she might actually listen too?

No. 802470


She also claims she quarantined the other female in a plastic tub (gestures to it being quite small) so it was either far too small for it to be in during quarantine otherwise she would have kept her in that surely? And there’s literally no excuse why she couldn’t go and get her another enclosure during this quarantine period, not like she’s short on money?

No. 802562

File: 1557107619994.png (167.48 KB, 870x820, 1.PNG)

what ever just posted on youtube about afroherpkeeper.. Including an imgur album from his discord I guess? it's pretty bad


No. 802564

File: 1557107718168.png (135.68 KB, 810x817, 2.PNG)

No. 802565

Holy fuck the death count. This is worse than I thought. Straight up admitting animals have died due to not having any water, that’s NEGLECT, Dan. He should watch an episode of hoarders and see if it rings a bell, jfc.

No. 802576

File: 1557112218688.png (495.99 KB, 620x656, Capture.PNG)

Update, he got a copperhead today and it's in a 5 gallon tank.

No. 802582

We can debate if other pettubers can be considered animal hoarders, but AfroHerpKeeper is 100% a hoarder. Not being able to afford basic medical care for his animals while spending money on new ones constantly. Keeping hundreds of animals and allowing them to die of neglect. Letting their bodies literally rot until they are infested because he so rarely checks on them. Not providing the most basic care. His home must smell awful, like excrement and decay. This guy isn’t like other pettubers, buying animals for views and clout. He has a serious mental condition, an impulse to collect that he can’t control.

The saddest part is that nothing can be done. Hoarders rarely get help without intervention, and I doubt it will come.
Animal control is not equipped to deal with reptiles, most humane societies and such can’t provide for them whatsoever. They just house them and give whatever basic care they know and are willing to do until a rescue or foster takes them, or they’re euthanized. Can you imagine them trying to deal with a reptile hoarder? It’s so far out of their league- heck, it’s so far out of anyone’s league! I don’t think there is a single organization on earth that has the both legal rights and knowledge to deal with a reptile hoarding case.

Honestly the ‘best’ realistic option would be animal control being forced to step in due to eviction or something, and them taking all the animals and euthanizing them because again, animal control doesn’t have the resources to do anything else.

No. 802584

at least people on hoarders get animal control to step in. seriously why hasn't this happened yet?

No. 802622

Wouldn't that specify as a huge concern if someone was to report him? 5 Animal Freedoms or whatever.

No. 802755

File: 1557184073113.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, fNCBYXD.png)


No. 802760

File: 1557184656429.png (297.34 KB, 1080x1920, 8mX0LZZ.png)

I’m glad he at least got his snakes to the vet, I guess he did have the money after all.

Ok, so for one, he is completely right in stating that he is just one guy from Texas. And that is why he shouldn’t be taking on more animals than he can handle.

He is trying to make himself seem like the victim who is being attacked over past mistakes. But many of his mistakes are very much current, and he is most definitely not the victim here. His animals are the victims. They are the victims of his hoarding that he has deluded himself into believing that it’s not. He is not a rescuer or an educator. Someone who truly cares for their animals does not keep animals in piss poor conditions because they can’t afford any better, because they can’t control their impulse to buy more.

And I sure hope that this public shaming has a mental impact on him. I hope it allows him to break from his delusions and realize that he’s a hoarder and needs help. No one is doing this because they like to make fun of others. We are doing it because we don’t like seeing animals suffer at the hands of a delusional teenager.

No. 802792

So DIY spent so long getting his rack system and making his fish room look great… and know it's all torn down with shitty homemade stands and he's talking about knocking down his walls? How does he have the money for all of these changes? he wastes thousands!!

No. 802794

are his parents loaded?

No. 802814

i went to watch his latest video and did you even watch more than 30 seconds of it before typing this?? racks are fugly anyway, and he’s going to wrap the wooden frames to make them aesthetically pleasing.

and why play dumb about money anon. this isn’t some 16 year old with 50k subs. dude has over a million and constantly uploads, he probably has a million partnerships with random fishkeeping brands. i’m not a fan of his by any means but this post is dumb.

No. 802842


This really rubs me the wrong way. Just because we are depleting native habitats & species are in danger, does not give anyone the right to HOARD vast amounts of animals & deny them the care they need. He doesn't deserve a pat on the back for finally providing his animals with basic care (i.e veterinary treatment).

He is painting himself as the victim when the real victims here are snakes that are suffering from illness, kept in tiny 5 gal enclosures and his other animals that barely have their basic needs met.

This dude needs to slow down. What he's doing is not sustainable and I would argue he has gotten worse than TND - both in his victim complex & animal collecting tendencies.

If you love animals, give them the care they need so they can not only survive, but truly thrive. If you love them, give them enough space and enrichment so they feel safe & secure but can still move. If you love them, treat your feeders better so they can be happier & healthier before giving up their lives for your reptiles. If you love animals, help more with conservation & education - collecting hundreds of animals in improper conditions is NOT conservation or education. It is hoarding.

No. 802882

>>802842 Beautifully put reply.

To add to that, it’s actually extremely common for animal hoarders to believe that they are doing a good thing and rescuing animals, when in reality they are just putting them into another bad situation. That’s part of what makes me think AfroHerpKeeper is a full blown hoarder, that delusion is so common in animal hoarders. The other people on this thread range anywhere from “misguided and stupid” to “borderline animal hoarder”. But AHK is on a whole different level. He’s the only one who seriously concernes me about his mental state.

No. 802913

Thing is, even with education programmes (which is really how you raise awareness of these issues in the first place - something he doesn't seem to be doing) there's usually not much reason than to have say a few snakes that will get swapped out to reduce stress.

His snakes are sitting there doing nothing and of course he is sitting there not providing any care to them. He is doing nothing to save any of the animals or raise any awareness of the issues they may face.

No. 802970


I watched his video from 3 days ago, the one that's titled "what happened". He didn't explain any of that in that vid… and I generally dislike him, so I watched one and clicked out. I liked his old rack system and think the new stands are ugly as fuck.

I'm well aware that he has a lot of money. But he also has a family and other expenditures. I was more getting at how financially irresponsible it is to get one set up finished up and completely change it and tear down all the old things.

No. 803026

Anyone have thoughts on Kristenleannimal? Just stumbled across her monitor videos and she seems really caring and genuine but I don't wanna get fooled

No. 803052

No. 803057

Any opinions on daintydinosaurs on Instagram? I found her page recently and she’s acquired 4 pets in the last two weeks. She posted a story about rehoming her aggressive tegu bc it is mean to her but insists she did her research and was well equipped to own one before hand. In the same story she talks about plans to acquire a new tegu in its place once its rehomed…

No. 803090

File: 1557295759854.png (118 KB, 262x467, image0-2.png)

He's saying he's only had these snakes for a short amount of time. Let's see about that.

No. 803091

File: 1557295784884.png (57.27 KB, 262x467, image0-1.png)

No. 803092

File: 1557295804533.png (266.13 KB, 1293x493, Capture.PNG)

Dan just got 3 new possums..

No. 803094

File: 1557295839192.png (226.26 KB, 564x451, 43a3fb79ada3699efe32bbaacad7c2…)

Also, this is the stuff he spends money on. This is public info and you can find it on his discord.

No. 803095

File: 1557295876723.png (110.16 KB, 393x466, 03dacc6e1bf9b1ab8ed6d95f2895cb…)

And this is the amazing enclosure he is keeping his copperhead in. That's really tiny.

No. 803096

File: 1557296012035.png (202.36 KB, 776x466, Capture-4.png)

Sorry for multiple posts. But here is more he got this week.

No. 803121

Does it even have a water bowl that doesn’t have substrate in it? Or a hide? How does this even provide enough room to thermoregulate? This would be ok for about a week but knowing AFK’s track record this snake will be in this tiny enclosure for months to come while he continues to bust himself with other animals and make excuses as to how this somehow covers “everything it needs.”

Also note how he compares it to the last enclosure it was in, as if that makes this ok just because it’s better in comparison. Newsflash, if you’re rescueing animals you should be striving for excellent care, not just being slightly better in comparison to HORRIBLE care

I have almost a bad feeling he’s going to give into a lot more collecting impulses as a result of being criticized. That’s a common pattern in hoarders, the fear/emotional discomfort from facing criticism results in an increase in compulsive behavior because they’re trying to distance themselves from painful feelings by indulging in their fixation instead of change their patterns.

No. 803152

That puts us between a rock and a hard place. We don't want to stop talking about him because people need to know about his actions, but at the same time if we do speak about him it could be indirectly causing his hoarding to get worse. God, this is becoming less about calling out a shitty person and more about trying to figure out how to get help for a mentally ill man.

No. 803162


Lmao the one time I didn't feel like going through the thread and of course there was recent stuff.

No. 803294

File: 1557352915750.jpeg (515.01 KB, 2005x1128, CC37789E-2050-4F2D-A5C0-C19148…)

It’s true. I think AHK has potential but it’s going to be wasted on his compulsion to collect animals rather than his actual goals of conservation awareness and education. Does he do public outreach with his “embassador” animals? Does he even have time with how huge his collection has become?

If people want to help the situation tact and compassion is going to be necessary. He needs a dose of reality and raising awareness and ensuring he has to actually deal with the consequences of his actions will deliver that, but I also anticipate his hoarding to get worse before it gets better. He needs the pressure to clean up his act and know he can’t keep running from his problems with more animals. If he already has depression/anxiety issues he’s much more likely to develop a hoarding disorder and it’s something to take seriously.

I know lolcow is not a place for people to want to approach things compassionately but I think most people engaged in this thread actually care about animals and aren’t just in it for the milk.

Pic is of his pet room less than one year ago, where a human could comfortably walk in, and now, where it’s so jammed full of tanks and tubs it’d be hard to navigate. There’s no room for upgrades for the animals that need it. And of course this isn’t even all of it, his collection seems to be extending to the rest of his house and garage.

No. 804322

I love this fucking call for sympathy for Afroherpkeeper when no one gives a rat's ass about compassion for other pettubers' mental illness on here. Is it because… he's a guy? It's always 'this bitch'etc talking about the women. So stop fucking WKing Dan. I used to be a fan and appreciate him being open about his mistakes but he is also kinda full of himself.

No. 804403

It makes zero sense anyway, no-one can tell whether lolcow talking about him would have any effect or no. and he's already a hoarder?

No. 804544

It's because he's the only pettuber on this thread who shows signs of having a serious mental health issue related to his animal care. It doesn't excuse any of his actions, and no one is excusing it. And where the fuck did you get the idea that we feel bad for him because he's a guy??? If that's the case we should all be fawning over Tyler Ruggie, The King of DIY, and Brian what's-his-name. No one is white knighting, you moldy cucumber.

No. 804728

Not everyone is here purely to sling shit and call people bitches n cunts. This thread is frequented by a lot of anons who want to help animals involved somehow or spread awareness about how seriously bad this has gotten. Some kind of strategical approach is necessary when it comes to actual hoarders, AHK’s death rate far exceeds anyone else that I know of.

No. 804893

Yep, us not talking about it and spreading some sort of awareness/pressure is just shoving the issue under the rug. Happened with TND, people started to give shit only after the conversation moved from gossip sites to Twitter.

I'm not saying we should move to Twitter or wherever else, but simply forgetting he exists because 'hur dur he's a hoarder' is not the way to go around this at all.

Us shitty anons have no influence on the dude either way, if he's a hoarder actual professionals need to interfere.

No. 805342

"because he's the only pettuber on this thread who shows signs of having a serious mental health issue related to his animal care"

Oh okay. Maybe on this thread but TND was so fucked up she's literally a drug addict. But she's an annoying bitch right? So we can drag her and not Dan? I know this isn't her thread and I'm not here to WK her. Just trying to point out why should we be so nice to him?

No. 805343

Sorry, apparently newfag & can't quote properly

No. 805539

I think you're misunderstanding. As far as I can tell, no one here wants to be nice to him. It's not "Oh the poor bby has a mental illness we shouldn't be mean to him uwu" It's "This guy has a serious mental illness and it is causing his animals to suffer, what is the best way to go about dealing with this?" I've commented a lot on the situation and frankly I think he's an awful person who would rather indulge his delusions than wake up and treat his animals properly.

No. 805707