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File: 1579455125717.jpeg (166.06 KB, 930x710, 1578876948147.jpeg)

No. 920447

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog >>913962 >>913963 >>913964 >>913965 >>913983 >>913971

>thinks people talk about her because she is interesting kek >>914458 >>914553
>says she's done with drama on her TL. this doesn't last long (it never does) >>914966
>mental illness sperging, doesn't know how to cope properly >>915004 >>915041 >>915043 >>918118
>our "material girl" is posing in front of cheap tacky backdrops sporting children's pageant sets from the dollar store to promote her beauty pageant blackmail "porn" >>915910 >>917162
>teases alien porno 2 years later! but needs to prepare by watching x-files like it doesn't take her an hour total to film and edit >>916016
>shay's mom begs her to come home and get a good job, shay insists on being stubborn and poor >>916520
>is apparently plagued by nightmares, would do anything to make them stop (except take her meds, quit drinking, exercise, go outside, literally anything else) >>917429 >>918154
>onlyfans sub says he doesn't like her bruises, she blasts him on twitter and then begs for $3 >>917483
>"people" are telling her they remind her of ariana grande. riiiiight >>917523
>went to therapy for the first time in ages, coping methods include deleting the twitter app when she is having a manic episode >>917780 >>917781
>….she is having a manic episode. doesn't delete twitter >>917837
>bad dragon dildo makes a comeback covered in what look like tooth marks and little hairs. is either letting noodle chew it up or a result of bad storage. looks nasty either way >>917804 >>917823 the video itself is comical
>says you can have disagreements with people without insulting them >>918049 >>918052 even though she called people who use the free speech argument "noobs" literally the day before >>917495
>mad that other sw's have fun at cons and get awards while she sits in her apartment all day >>918270
>her boyfriend of less than 6 months leaves her. this kicks off meltdowns on twitter and discord >>918715 only takes responsibility for her shitty actions when she loses her weekly allowance of dick >>918734 >>918738 >>918740 >>918748 >>918795 >>919131
>2nd therapy appointment in 1 week, is given "better coping methods", apparently hasn't applied any of the advice she was given only a few days prior >>919328 >>919329 >>919368
>was 20 mins late to this same appointment, says in discord that she cried until the therapist moved around her schedule to fit shay in >>919399 but also posted on twitter that she was doing dick ratings in the waiting room? >>919427
>one more sperg calling people stupid for leaving rude comments under her meltdown posts while plugging her porn and payment methods. no rude comments were found, she backtracks and says "it feels like people are taking advantage of me" (???) >>919379
>got some "cute stuff". manic episode suddenly comes to an end >>919770
>ribmeat's first documented check-up at the vet? shay sees this as an opportunity to beg because it's "expensive" >>919867 >>919895
>edits her pics for twitter but leaves them normal on OF >>920016 >>919776
>little miss anti-callout culture is out here contradicting herself again >>920325

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV (suspended)
https://twitter.com/Dollythemattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/thedumdolly/ (deleted)

No. 920451

link to the last thread. i forgot to include it

No. 920452

what in the low-res hell?
can we please start adding past threads in the OPs again? it's gotten really hard to go back and look for stuff and spoonfeeding is going to get even worse without easy access.

No. 920457

No. 920467

i love this thread pic holy shit

No. 920468

No. 920486

Is it really necessary to keep the old urls that have been suspended years ago in the main post? Let's replace them with the old threads next time pls

No. 920493

Can someone make a better thread? Idk why you faggot keep making with either rly old pic or garbage quality
sometimes I think it is shay herself lol

No. 920496

so many links to posts broken too in the summary. imo just choosing one image instead of badly compressing several would have been better.

No. 920517

File: 1579464703980.png (534.49 KB, 2048x1298, Screenshot_20200119-151150.png)

It's weird that she says this, it's not like she's been nominated multiple years in a row, right? She only entered last year.

No. 920540

That's what I thought. Also 0 interactions on this tweet, not even a like. Wew

No. 920545

File: 1579469893690.png (34.07 KB, 727x326, begging.PNG)

Kills me how she begs on her discord, but unless she's talking about herself, she barely gives more then a few sentences of support when her orbiters bitch about their lives on her servers.

Which they do all the time, thats ALL they do. Shayna only joins in when she wants support or attention, literally gives zero fucks about these people, who are probably the only people who give at least half a fuck about Shayna.

No. 920579

eh this one is fine but yeah, tbh i feel like there were so many way uglier more shockingly gross "new era shay" pics in the last thread and the OP picture collage doesn't include most of them. it's okay though it doesn't matter that much, what's more important is trying to include links to all past threads again

No. 920582

File: 1579475307454.jpg (533.86 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20200119-170849_Twi…)

Back on Sims

No. 920587

Lol Why is she so desperate to win this one? Must be Validation o' Clock.

No. 920592

Amusing that Shay's sim has what some anons have speculated is her true dream job, a vlogger, and actually has a passion/hobby outside of sex work- baking.

No. 920593

She's not even an anal "star". She just does it because she wants to be seen as "edgy" and "uwu not like other girls"

No. 920595

Yeah I think they're all archived on enough older threads. Like keeping her tumblr ones and ones that were just deleted are fine. But all the suspended twitters can go. I think the twitter banned saga has slowed down/ended.
Basically if they were deleted by her and have the chance of coming back, they can stay, but any that were suspended by the platform, let's have removed next thread.

No. 920597

That's what I'm saying. I said last thread that the other girls actually do wild anal videos and that's their THING. She's really vanilla compared to them. Letting your gross bfs raw dog your ass and puting a dildo in your butt for some of your vids isn't all that "Anal Queen" title worthy, no matter how much you brag and post about it. It's all to avoid her dry, rashy vag anyway and to be a pick me.

No. 920600

I know these things are popularity contest, but I'd LOVE if she won and if people actually looked into her and found more tweets of her talking about anal then her actually DOING anal.

I remember with Fupa she whined about not liking anal and crying & shit.

how many videos does she really have that feature anal and how many of those videos are unique from her other content?

No. 920610

I don't think she realizes that when someone becomes a nominee, MV chooses the winners. Not the fans

No. 920611

She has a few "anal gaping" vids which when you compare to what these other girls are doing, it's not all that "impressive" gaping and only a couple vids specifically anal and they're not that exciting. The only one she's done in the last year is the anal fuck machine one and a gaping one. A couple of her vids feature her putting the dildo in her butt and pussy like the kraken one. Really not an extensive or exciting resume. She does indeed talk more about anal and supposedly gets fucked by dudes in the ass more than she actually does anal stuff for her content. iirc she only has a couple buttplugs and they're all the same size. She has the clear one that looks like prolapse, the heart jewel one, and a sizing set. No tails or anything. The biggest thing she's put in there is the bad dragon dildo and it tore her apparently.

It's just another title that makes her think she's special and gets her attention. But looking through her store, her anal content is pretty basic for a SWer. The only ones that have less would be ones who don't do it at all.

No. 920616

She doesn't even do anal properly (with lots of lube and stretching) and she can barely fit a normal sized dildo in there. And then she brags about how her asshole is bleeding like girl that's not something Twitter wants to know about.

No. 920620

She put a dot of lube on it and expected to fit it in her unstretched ass. She's a fucking retard and is destroying her body for nickels.

No. 920622

She doesn't even seem to enjoy ANYTHING she's doing in her videos. Like nothing. She puts more effort into her long blocks of text stories and her bullshit backgrounds, then her actual porn.

It's been years and her porn is identical and not really sexy at all.

No. 920624

For future threads put only her current URLs in the OP so it's less confusing. Suspended and deleted URLs can be added after as a reply.

No. 920636

In her photo for the contest she barely has the tip in her ass. Yeah, SUCH an anal Queen

No. 920644

File: 1579482671241.jpg (295.63 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20200119-191133_Twi…)

We all know she won't make them

No. 920647

the fact that some people pay $200+ for any kind of content from her is wild to me. she barely puts in any work and idk how they can't see that.

No. 920655

It's been said in previous threads but she appeals to people who get off on the fact that she is such a train wreck and has a low iq. Her short time as a "professional" pornstar should have really been shayna's sign that she needs to move on from sex work.
It's beating a dead horse at this point pointing this out.
Also it's not common for her to routinely get paid like that, hence why she is always begging combined with the fact she has absolutely no money management skills.

No. 920661

File: 1579485856422.jpg (499.3 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20200119-195548_Tum…)

Was looking on her tumblr, and found the last pics she ever took at the gym


No. 920663

File: 1579485912117.jpg (523.78 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20200119-195607_Tum…)


No. 920666

This was at least 20 pounds ago. I doubt that gym outfit would fit her anymore.

No. 920676

File: 1579487365839.jpg (610.03 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20200119-202924_Tum…)

With how she looks now, this is so hilarious

No. 920692

Well, she made it in the top 5. But we all know she won't get the crown

No. 920693

If she does win all of her mental illness will mysteriously disappear. The triggering breakup will evaporate.

No. 920694

If fans chose the winners, she would probably win. But since ManyVids choose, she won't

No. 920708

do you remember the date? i like how she's just standing and posing and that's it. she hasn't even talked about exercise or diet since she last said she wanted to get in shape or whatever.

No. 920722

We will NEVER hear the end of this. And yeah, a total anal princess uses spit to put a butt plug in


No. 920728

File: 1579495612614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.01 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20200119-224659_Twi…)

Back to her only gimmick. And her nails are ripped off once again

No. 920732

File: 1579495968284.jpg (157.04 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20200119-224813_Twi…)

OnlyFans anon, how bad are the photos?

No. 920733

File: 1579496026735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.22 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20200119-224948_Sam…)

With all those followers she has on MV, she barely gets any views on her MV social

No. 920745

>feet behind head
>posts pics of feet not even flush with the top of her head

you've lost your one "trick", Shayna.

No. 920747

ew spoiler this
but also is that a fucking meat tenderizer wtf

No. 920755

Lol she’s barely able to keep her feet up. And they’re hardly “above her head”. Not to mention she’s pushing one leg up with her hand. She hasn’t been doing this as often…it’s been awhile. I assume because she fuckin struggles.

No. 920757

File: 1579500031913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 301.57 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20200120_004053.jpg)

Of anon

They're bad.

No. 920758

File: 1579500097022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 416.41 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20200120_004032.jpg)


No. 920761


Oh look, she discovered the teeth whitening feature in the SNOW app.

No. 920762

Blur tool and teeth whitener working overtime

No. 920768

oh shay sweetheart. with your body looking like this, the last thing you should be thinking of is pretzels
although she does look unnervingly like a pile of dough kek

No. 920771

File: 1579502208366.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 143.92 KB, 750x1478, F3CC3F14-F61B-4680-BC5C-94A2F0…)

Guess the free anal vid wasn’t so free after all

No. 920774

someone come get your chubby nephew, he’s trying to do a chola makeup look

No. 920776

Wooooow did she forget what free means?

No. 920777

File: 1579503975544.jpg (314.06 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20200120_020629.jpg)

I can't breathe.
I spit out my water….

No. 920779


And the video is 26 seconds long…
She is such a goddamn scammer

No. 920785

That bottom lip overlining… good God.

No. 920789

okay what the actual fuck is this. how does she look so ugly and deformed and think it's okay? how can she actually look like a big shapeless pile of pale dough with the most retarded face slapped on and think "ah yes, i am the cutest girl in the world"… shay you look worse than ever here, please delete this

No. 920794

I have never in my life seen someone overline their bottom lip. Does she realise it's stupidly obvious

No. 920800

Is that an implant scar?

No. 920807

do not bring that shit into yet another thread, who gives a fuck if she has implants its not milky, next

No. 920808

She looks like the cross dresser from shrek here

No. 920809

I wonder if she knows where that hand symbol is from or what it means. I doubt she’s ever seen anything Star Trek since it’s not popular enough for her

No. 920815

oh my god i forgot about the meat tenderizer video
the weight gain has seemed to def make it a little harder for her. what will she do when she loses her only gimmick other then dry anal?

No. 920817

I just can't get over the shitty background blur she's been doing on photos lately.
Look at this shit. Half her nails are blurred off, so is half of her hair, and look at that giant chunk that got missed next to the right of her head.
I bet anything she thinks this makes her pictures look better and more glamorous or something but no Shay you dumb bitch when your "editing" is nothing more but using the one touch automatic depth of field blur tool that's super inaccurate and does a horrible job it just makes it worse. This looks like utter garbage. Attention to detail my ass.

No. 920819

Okay I hate the boob sperg and always skipped past it, and yeah its not milky if she has implants but looking at this picture, can we finally agree that she does, and whatever is going on with that veiny tit is probably the reason.
That scar is clear as day. I think the reason anons are so curious is that its, just weird. The whole boob mystery doesnt add up in the slightest. Her stories are all over the place.(nitpicking)

No. 920820

Can people PLEASE stfu about the tits???

No. 920821

One of her ears has closed up, reckon she blew it out?
Look at that gammy mess

No. 920823

i feel like this bitch has breast cancer before an implant jesus christ that hurts my tits just to look at(nitpicking)

No. 920831

isn't it just the feature of her new phone? the portrait mode sometimes does some really funky blurring to the background

No. 920835

Maybe? But usually built in portrait modes are more subtle. And even so you can always turn it off.
She always brags about being soooo detail oriented, plus didn't she go to some sort of school for design and some photography courses? So she should know how to do these things. It looks really, REALLY bad.
It's a stupid nitpick I know but it really adds to how much of a disaster her photoshoots are. She talks about being so detail oriented and putting so much time into everything and then the actual quality of the photos is trash.

No. 920836

Even if it is, why wouldn't she fix it? Or just like, not use this pic?? I don't think I've ever seen her look worse. Her face, the nails, it's all just the worst. ever.

No. 920837

Also a lot of her other selfies don't have this effect so it's either
A. Done after the fact with an editing app via some automatic depth of field effect, like was said earlier
B. She does know how to turn off portrait mode but still uses it sometimes like here, and for whatever reason thought this disaster was still worth posting
Either way it's just poorly done and lazy like everything else she's ever put out.

No. 920840

I truly can not believe she got in the top 5 on the MV contest. I must have either underestimated how popular she actually is (with how little interaction on twitter she gets and how terrible her content is I thought she really wasn't that popular) or the standards/other sexworkers on MV must be really fucking bad if this is what gets in the top 5.

No. 920843

She hasn't been. It's portrait mode on the Google pixel.

No. 920844

If she had an implant when she was a child, it would be in the news
Doctors don't give implants to children.

It doesn't fucking happen. She doesn't have a scar. She doesn't have an implant.

No. 920847

okay everyone has veins in the chest. She's really pale. the skin is stretched very much on her chest. It's completely normal, why does veins showing mean she has cancer? Are you retarded?
How is it painful to have veins showing on your chest? Veins don't hurt. They carry blood, retards. Veins aren't a sign of illness. They carry blood, retards.

Now stop fucking up the thread like y'all try to do every time cos you think having veins in your chest is abnormal. I feel like most of y'all are men who have never seen real, unedited titties before.

No. 920851

File: 1579533272908.png (17.69 KB, 800x104, Screenshot (209).png)

3 years? i know she got nominated for submissive but i dont remember her having any other nominations

No. 920853

ok nvm on the site you can look back at past years & aswell as submissive in 2019 she was also nominated in 2018 for 'profile of the year'

No. 920854

File: 1579534085155.png (7.4 KB, 313x135, t.PNG)

She changed her bio a while ago to "i luv anal" but it's so fucking stupid. She does not have a lot of anal content, she talks about it more then she does it, her porn doesn't look like she enjoys it, it isn't hot or unique, it's always fucking dry and she's just shoving shit up her dry asshole.

I seriously think she's said "anal" so much this year that people who for some reason are fans went, "Oh Dolly Mattel loves anal so much! This is perfect for her!"

Also, 12k followers and her twitter is DEAD.

No. 920856

File: 1579534127355.png (14.51 KB, 588x116, 2.PNG)

No. 920858

File: 1579534185658.png (14.39 KB, 582x105, Capture.PNG)

No. 920861

maybe they can make 'Downhill Spiral of the Year' just for her

No. 920868

>12k followers and her twitter is dead

that’s because bots don’t interact.

No. 920871

They already have that. It's called fetish star.

Plus Shayna rarely does pet play so wtf??

No. 920873

File: 1579536034328.png (1.94 MB, 1454x2048, Screenshot_20200120-110052.png)

that is bleak

No. 920885

Im loving how all the mental health talk has stopped meaning either she's back with dude or she read here and saw how dumb she looked.

I'm guessing she's back with dude or at least talking to him, we all know the moment they break up she's going to go, "I have no else to talk to and I really need to vent…"

No. 920887

Must be a cheapo pack of childrens underwear.
Whens the last time she made a pet video? Probably more than a year ago. She should have just went for the Fetish awards for her doggy pissy aethestic and even then she hasnt made anything exciting besides live action kiddo pornos for a year.

No. 920891

Idk if it’s the angle or what but her nose looks twice as big and long with that line coming down, this looks horrible

No. 920893

I love how she's missing two nails too kek.

Im baffled she ever gets far in these contests, there's girls who look three times better, actually seem to enjoy what they are doing, who don't look like depressed slobs, whose porn isn't the same boring shit over and over again.

No. 920898

She got her momentary validation that "people like her" and will probably ride it until the winners are announced.

Then she'll go back to whining about her "mental illness" and how bad she feels so people can validate her with money.

She's an abusive, manipulative piece of shit. Everything is a cycle. She'll talk about how great her customers are, how great and supportive the community is, and how positive she is and how she loves everyone, etc. Then someone might say one thing or a minor thing happens in her life and she goes off about how no one likes her, she wants to kill herself, talks constantly about how serious her mental illness is, talks about going to therapy and shit to manipulate her audience. Then she gets money or attention/validation again and it's all better and the cycle starts again.

It's not sex work, it's a fucking sickness.

No. 920903

File: 1579539799405.png (1.58 MB, 1480x2048, Screenshot_20200120-120312.png)

oh, honey, no. Shayna can't even be pressed to use chapstick.

No. 920906

File: 1579539994125.png (1.17 MB, 1623x2048, Screenshot_20200120-120525.png)

THESE are the cheap fake lashes she uses, holy shit.

I'm fucking howling. 2 1/2 star rating, $7 for 40 pairs of lashes. How fucking cheap can you get? Remember when she used to claim she got fake mink luxery lashes? Lmfao.

No. 920907

File: 1579540017854.png (531.15 KB, 2048x1299, Screenshot_20200120-120542.png)

sage, here's the cap of her linking to it.

No. 920909

File: 1579540186127.jpg (Spoiler Image, 609.88 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20200120_120957_com…)

That blur tool is getting a workout.

No. 920914

saged for being late to this idiocy but could you guys just look up a fucking picture of boob scars? she doesn't have scars, the skin is just kinda lumpy there.

No. 920917

We were talking about the obvious scar/lump at the bottom of her breast in >>920758 not her veins you fucking sperg

No. 920928

File: 1579544509119.png (995.81 KB, 1653x2048, Screenshot_20200120-132123.png)

And the cycle begins again. She's back to her fake positivity bullshit, when less than 48 hours ago she was supposedly having lots of trouble with her mental state.

She's such a fucking liar.

No. 920929

Why would someone want to check with you? I'm not getting that??
Why check in with someone who has gotten drunk and done reckless shit, who seems to have no regard for herself or others.

No. 920933

………….. Why would someone at a convention….. Check in with someone…… Who isnt at the same one?
Is she dumb? Haha
"Ohp, being attacked at the Convention, better contact Dolly Mattel for some help." She's delirious

No. 920934

I know right? I don't know why to me it sounds so backhanded and sarcastic. It comes off jealous and lonely.
She probably saw some other sex worker post something like this and just copied it.

No. 920937

Imagine a newbie going to the con for the first time and they get drunk so they message Shayna like, "Dolly I'm really drunk at the con alone what should I do?" Shayna would probably say "that's good, smoke a little weed you'll be fine! Have fun!"

No. 920940

Has she ever even been to a con? Why does she suddenly think she's the expert?

This is the girl who gets drunk and walks around topless in public and does things apparently so embarrassing that she gets dumped for it, but she expects people to follow her advice and "check in" with her? Hmmm okay.

No. 920944

You can use portrait mode or regular photo mode without it. she uses both.

No. 920948

File: 1579547287670.jpg (403.8 KB, 1080x1384, 20200120_130650.jpg)


No. 920949

File: 1579547332925.jpg (266.65 KB, 1079x607, Screenshot_20200120-130710_Twi…)

Yeah, SO "cute"

No. 920950

File: 1579547379396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 613.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200120-130832_Twi…)

This account is back to being active

No. 920951

You can tell how lonely she is with how happy she seems to be with attention, especially from people on twitter.
her discord is her hug box, but on twitter she feels she's REALLY made it when other sexworkers or "fans' say something to her.

No. 920979

the lighting and blur too made her entire nether regions look like disgusting rotting meat kek.

No. 920981

honestly the closest thing to a sw con she's ever been to that i can think of was the MV Loft a few years ago. i don't recall her thinking that was any more dangerous than a con

also not sure why she thinks anyone should check in with her when she was bitching about not having any friends to go to cons with just a few days ago

No. 920984

She also admitted a few times she's not a good friend and she's selfish as fuck, so why would people reach out to her?

No. 920992

The MV contests are all bullshit. Half the girls on there are grosser than Shay is.

No. 920998

I think bc she's on twitter now and a lot of the e-girls/sex workers are also cosplayers and go to cons. So she's seeing that a lot more than she did on Tumblr where the two didn't cross as often.
Can't wait for the cosplayer-mattel saga to come

No. 921000

she can't give any effort to anything, let alone cosplay. she'd order a shitty premade cosplay once and realize how stupid she looks in it and would never try again.

No. 921014

When was the last time this account was active? When she broke up with her boyfriend last time? Kek

No. 921017

File: 1579555934178.jpg (168.39 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20200120-153250_Twi…)

No. 921022

Not to wk shay or armchair but it's hilarious how Shaytard will lie and have rapid mood swings and very black and white thinking and be hella manipulative and all around a disaster and then half the anons here still turn around and say she's lying about being BPD.
I'm sure her substance abuse makes her issues worse and obviously I don't know her actual diagnoses but these are such obvious borderline symptoms and it's funny to me that people still say she's making it up.
It doesn't excuse her behavior obviously and she's still a piece of shit but it's one of the few things I'll actually believe her about tbh.

No. 921043

i fucking choked at the accuracy of this statement. her brows look ok [compared to what she's been doing to them] but i was like "oh god" before even scrolling b/c wtf is this.

she probably just took the jewelry out for whatever reason, you can see her lobe still has like a slit in it where it should be.

No. 921046

File: 1579559889658.jpg (348.51 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20200120-163745_Twi…)

I doubt this happened

No. 921047

File: 1579559936485.jpg (228.37 KB, 1080x973, 20200120_163821.jpg)

Get ready for another typical, cringey video

No. 921048

Lmao, pretty sure therapists don't quote songs Shay. She's either chatting shit or seeing an absolute yard with no license

No. 921051

I doubt therapy will work because Shayna lies so much and is worried about the wrong thing. I bet she frames sex work as 100% postitive and something she loves SO much that has little to no negative effects on her.

Probably bitches about how her mom is SO abusive and I bet 70% of the conversation is about her boyfriend.

As soon as this woman suggests something that Shayna doesn't like she's going to call her out on twitter or stop going.

No. 921089

endless fun if you look at the two halves of her face independently.
fat man in drag but also his face is paralysed by stroke

No. 921122

great she's back to bragging about listening to ice cube again

No. 921132

File: 1579573222224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 615.88 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200120-202030_Twi…)

That face and red ass nose

OnlyFans anon, PLEASE come through

No. 921134

LOL Kind of funny she's thanking people and then in the picture she looks like she just got done crying.

No. 921135

The red nose is because she's been trying to get into the "blush on the nose" trend but can't do it right and makes herself look like alcoholic Rudolph.

No. 921136

She looks FUCKED up

No. 921141

File: 1579574650547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 494.95 KB, 1080x1119, 20200120_204427.jpg)


And that fucked up dry erase board

No. 921144

It's supposed to be a marble pattern, but it does look terrible

No. 921146

God, the board, the make up, her about to cry face, all topped with a cheap lopsided tiara
Shay does herself dirty so often that we don't even have to

No. 921153

Why does it look like she wiped off the foundation above her eyebrow on the right side?

Also kek at her claiming to love anal so much and every pic she posts has the dildo just pointing at her ass, or barely the tip inside

No. 921159

What's funny is she was too retarded or drunk to commit to being an alien princess which would explain the paint and outfit, but rather she went for being a "conspiracy theorist slut" and thus nothing made sense.

No. 921168

You mean your uber driver was playing it? Lmfao yeah, shay, that happened.

No. 921189

Pretty sure she's talking about that sexworker convention, not an anime convention lmao. Shay at an anime convention would be nuts.

No. 921219

File: 1579586458779.jpg (752.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200121-000035_Twi…)

I'm starting to think she's using pictures she took days ago to pretend she's doing something tonight. Same horrible lipstick as the other day.

No. 921220

File: 1579586524771.jpg (183.38 KB, 1073x588, Screenshot_20200121-000229_Twi…)

Ops meant to post this beforehand.

No. 921221

That lighting did her no favours

No. 921243

File: 1579593776283.jpg (33.45 KB, 387x353, 289bc35909ca89d1c416585076ae91…)

No. 921246

She’s starting to get marionette lines from the edges of her mouth to her chin, her skin’s drooping and losing elasticity and she’s not even 25

No. 921248

Shay if you listen to anything in the thread please understand that TWO TOP LIPS IS NOT A LOOK
Stop making buttcheeks of your bottom lip line you trainwreck it's not a thing and never will be it ain't cute

No. 921253

She seems to have that wiped off foundation above her eyebrow look in this >>921219 photo too…I wonder if she’s attempted some contouring by using lighter concealer up her nose and then extended between her eyebrows??

No. 921268

Damn it's going to suck when this "friend" realizes thats all there is to Shayna. Dog videos, sex work, weed, drinking and being a shitty "friend." if this person hangs around long enough

No. 921283

this confirms for me that she doesn’t properly wash her face or take off her makeup ever, it looks caked on in powdery layers and her skin is screaming for water underneath

No. 921286

Isn’t that the collar her “daddy” got her?

No. 921290

Sooo she just goes out to bars and drinks on her own?

Girl probably felt sorry for her

No. 921291

Yes and since Fupa left she had been doing that A LOT. It’s pretty damn sad.

No. 921299


It looks like she smacks her lips together when she applies lipstick, so the shape from the top applies to the bottom too.

No. 921306

no she lines them that way and she's done it before

No. 921330

File: 1579623377477.png (3.09 MB, 1227x2048, Screenshot_20200121-111430.png)

this picture gives me depression. How fucked up she clearly is, her 3+ days of caked on makeup she's gone over multiple times, and an outfit only someone fucked up half the time would think is cute.

Go home Shayna.

No. 921331

File: 1579623539787.png (477.02 KB, 512x826, qq.png)

can't laugh, too sad

No. 921334

File: 1579624999685.gif (4.46 MB, 480x270, giphy (11).gif)

Since Shay likes to compare herself to Regina George…
This is probably Shayna every single time she has to put on clothes to got out since she can only squeeze herself into leggings now and even they are too small kek

No. 921335

Yes. It's also the one she claimed she lost. They probably got back together for the 137th time so the whole 2 day temper tantrum was for nothing lol

No. 921338

Or like we thought before, they are cheap Amazon collars and she was using it to claim she had been "collared" so she could feel special and get validation and asspats from BDSM Twitter.

Now she's just wearing them out as an accessory again.

No. 921340

File: 1579625691425.png (746.16 KB, 2048x1886, Screenshot_20200121-115507.png)

let's see how long this lasts. I give her a week at most.

No. 921341

File: 1579625712341.png (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 1648x2048, Screenshot_20200121-115345.png)


No. 921342

File: 1579625760461.png (2.47 MB, 1267x2048, Screenshot_20200121-115405.png)

(2/3) imagine how it would look if she could open her eyes and put chapstick on. this isn't sultry, it's sad.

No. 921343

File: 1579625811361.png (Spoiler Image, 3.53 MB, 1557x2048, Screenshot_20200121-115436.png)

(3/3) them undies hiked up so much they're working overtime. and her gut still hangs over it.

No. 921346

wtf this is so upsetting

No. 921350

File: 1579627880879.jpeg (276.53 KB, 1935x1290, 0E822D0D-A858-45CE-BFDA-35BF17…)

No. 921356

god that fabric on the wall is so fucking bad. and how the hell does she think her hair like that is a good look?

No. 921358

Shayna is a narcissist who thinks everything she does is "iconic" so there's your answer.

This bitch puts 5 shades of pink together, puts on some cheap fake lashes and caked on eyeliner, and calls herself a trendsetter. it's beyond laughable

No. 921362

She finally started wearing blush like other anons recommended to her and she STILL looks like this lmao. I’m tired.

No. 921365

File: 1579633155868.jpg (526.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200121-135709_Bin…)

Guess her nose is finally getting to her, this editing is so funny

No. 921373

File: 1579634945071.png (Spoiler Image, 645.77 KB, 1062x606, Screenshot_20200121-142755~2.p…)

No. 921374

does she have lipstick on her teeth?

No. 921375

File: 1579635093165.png (Spoiler Image, 635.75 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20200121-143025~2.p…)

I almost feel bad because she really thinks it's a good look

No. 921376

oh my God these have me laughing out loud. the editing on her face is very momokun, the tiny nose, flat skin, and puffy eyes. The filter tried to make her eyes bigger and brighter, but they're so tiny it couldn't even detect them, so it blew up her under-eye-bags instead. she looks goofy as fuck and inhuman. And it didn't even cover the cellulite.

No. 921377

People like her never get it together because they dont know how to take STEPS. She sets herself up by not being realistic and easing into progress. She should try weekend camming or a photo set and a vid each week. Start out small and work up into being actually functional. Just make conscious efforts to tackle small things. Same with her diet and shit.
Shes one of those people who are so lazy so they want instant gratification and cant pace themselves when they do attempt to do better.

No. 921378

oh god, shayna a little tip for posing better with your current weight: sit straight, not only will your fat rolls not be visible but you'll also look more confident.

No. 921379

File: 1579635469394.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.51 KB, 750x408, 5765DF1D-C0A3-447F-AEFA-DFA180…)

put down the bottle shayna, you look more like someone’s 45 year old aunt each day now. her makeup is somehow getting worse???

No. 921380

Man her teeth…she looks like..I'll go to hell if I say it so I won't…yikes


Personally i feel shayna's going to keep going until she can't. There's still people buying her shit, tipping her and she's still making money.
When all that shit ends no doubt she's going to run home to her parents.

No. 921382

Next thread pic lmao

No. 921383

is she just now getting into contouring?

No. 921385

It looks like she’s poorly attempting to bake/set her face, the whole middle part and t zone is WHITE and powdery and doesn’t match even her body lmao. I just realized this from these caps. She looks CRAZY also idk if it’s the mismatch white chalky bake or what but her teeth look yellow as fuck.

No. 921386

Looks like gypsy rose’s secret stash of anal princess porn. Disturbing.

She claimed last week she was going to put out 4 new videos. She barely got one out. She says this shit every other week. “I’m gonna make so much content!! So many awesome ideas!!” “I’m going to set a cam schedule this week!” “I’m editing so much I’m soooo busy and successful uwu”

An anon should make a bingo card for this week. I’d bed we see one image of that dry erase board filled up and then never again.

No. 921400

jesus christ the girl is a trainwreck. what is wrong with her? is she fucked up on something MORE than alcohol and weed lately?

it doesn't look like she's fully brushed any of it off when she baked it. her teeth honestly look like they have a bunch of lipstick on them. speaking of, that shade isn't doing her any favors at all–i think that's part of the problem (amongst many other things).

you're telling me she can edit her eyes bigger but she can't remove the bags?

No. 921401

File: 1579637756027.jpeg (210.99 KB, 1200x1325, 6FB0F69A-634A-4127-BCBE-EFE22A…)

anyone else want to contribute? lol

No. 921402

Legit clown makeup hahahah How is she regressing in makeup?? I haven't seen this bad of makeup not matching the neck making a hard line since middle school. Bitch, pull yourself together, holy fuck

No. 921407

emotionally manipulating after break-up(s)

No. 921408

File: 1579638557465.png (Spoiler Image, 68.09 KB, 758x610, Screenshot_20200121-152741.png)

Lol She looks unhinged as fuck.
And how she does "nyuhhhh" sound and starts all the heavy breathing, like it's surprising how much of fat fuck she sounds like kek gross

No. 921410

A few could be
>terrible makeup
>mentions pets for likes
>"i'm going to stop talking about x" talks about it the next day
>Liking shit that calls herself out directly
>being a hypocrite in general lol

No. 921415

>Muh BPD/bipolar

No. 921421

>”back when I was untouchably famous on tumblr..”

No. 921423

"I can't work today because the sun is out/I took a nap/I have to pee/I sneezed an hour ago"

No. 921425

Going out for fast food

No. 921426

Retarded facial expressions

No. 921429

"I'm gonna start going to the gym/diet"

No. 921442

man we thought the heart eyes snap filter was bad. this level of face and especially eye editing is hysterical.

No. 921465

>begging for money
>mentioning anal
>indirectly calling out other SW
>fake positivity
>shit haul
>hating on women
>"My mom is abusive REEE"

No. 921466

Jesus Christ she looks so fucked up you guys

No. 921480

She actually looks like a clown with her nose like that

No. 921488

File: 1579647156019.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 613.99 KB, 2048x2048, LOL.jpeg)

This fanart is horrible. The only good thing he did was forget her back rolls.They eyebrows look extra chola-ish lol.

No. 921491

File: 1579648924770.jpg (151.24 KB, 1080x534, Screenshot_20200121-172136_Twi…)

So it's a video of her calling the viewer a loser and that they have a little dick?

No. 921492

File: 1579649044598.jpg (544.45 KB, 1079x1081, Screenshot_20200121-172421_Sam…)

No. 921495

Gypsy looks hot compared to Shay, kek

No. 921496

her head looks like a dinner plate. it's so fucking round. how is it that round?!

sage for absolutely no contribution

No. 921498

File: 1579650187585.jpg (506.67 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20200121-174321_Twi…)

Is that what we're calling what you're doing Shay? "Success"?

No. 921499

She couldn't even afford to go home for Christmas and since the beginning of this year she's been freaking the fuck out.

No. 921511

File: 1579653067276.jpg (219.32 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20200121-183103_Twi…)

No. 921514

File: 1579653584483.jpeg (307.58 KB, 1200x1393, B23FEBF6-4132-4769-B607-0292CA…)

No. 921516

Dispensary trip is on there twice btw

No. 921517

File: 1579653901419.jpg (316.66 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20200121-184525_Twi…)

No. 921520

check again, thrice lol

No. 921524

You know her life is boring when she tweets long paragraphs about her dad trying some food. Wow So interesting.

No. 921525

Im positive people who want to see her nude LOVE to read about her father trying chicken & waffles.

No. 921526

File: 1579654436962.png (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 1882x1208, just a bit sad.png)

so after >>920733 was posted i got curious regarding the videos she has on MV and how often these videos sell aka the ones from when she had just turned 18 to when she was still living in that studio apartment before the tulsa move. a lot of her videos w/ the other SW, the blonde dom lady and the bald dude still sell which is funny because of the fact the one w/ the domme is one of the high selling.
these are the first 12 in her top selling are these in the bad collection i made. most viewed and most loved are slightly different but these videos are still at the top of it. two were actually mv crush videos so i didnt include them and wasnt gonna give her a dollar to be a mvcrush for 24 hours lol.
there are only about 5 videos from the last year that still sell somewhat consistently. some of her videos have barely been viewed, the lowest ones that arent recently uploaded being the small dick humiliation video and burping barbie but somehow the sailor girl video has less then both of them.
her prices do vary on these older vids but some are very low w/ the meat tenderizer being one of the lowest. her videos now are higher in price compared to some older videos despite the bad video clips we have seen. (even then from then)

might i add its all her pedopandery stuff so makes sense she said she was going to make ageplay content again >>916636

No. 921531

It's hilarious that all her top selling videos are her super old ones

No. 921535

Yes it was on purpose

No. 921541

File: 1579655973027.jpg (379.53 KB, 1079x1370, Screenshot_20200121-191922_Twi…)


No. 921543

File: 1579656008373.jpg (445.18 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20200121-191944_Twi…)

That same white shirt and skirt

No. 921545

File: 1579656033252.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20200121-192000_Twi…)

That gut popping out though

No. 921547

File: 1579656137066.jpg (208.25 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20200121-192252_Twi…)

Come through OnlyFans anon

No. 921549

File: 1579656375907.jpg (50.79 KB, 1000x562, clown.jpg)

No. 921550

we're officially entering the era of shayna editing her face so much it no longer resembles her lol

No. 921553

Legit looks like she’s wearing a mask. The weird halo effect only highlights (literally) how edited her face is. This is the type of shit that only looks good if you’re high out of your mind.

No. 921555

Don't do Lunette dirty like that

No. 921558

Yeah, let me stop before she does a porn fucking major bedhead or some shit.

No. 921560

she looks like a mother of 3 trying to claim her youth after being divorced.

No. 921570

File: 1579658741609.jpg (83.42 KB, 1017x405, Screenshot_20200120-213345_Dis…)

This girl is fucked, she has no credit, barely any education, next to no work experience, and her looks are going down the drain fast

No. 921573

File: 1579659047665.jpg (210.55 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20200121-200937_Sam…)

No. 921574

"She's so cute too", who is she talking about?

No. 921575

She already made a "domme" video in that outfit. Why does she think this makes her look like a "brat"?

No. 921576

she needed to buy something to do this and couldn't just put it on her phone? she finds more reasons to waste money, i'm surprised she wasn't immediately asking to be reimbursed.

she's going to be running this $3 special for a long time b/c ppl don't want to pay more than that for her so-called content.

they're all the same, quit patting yourself on the back for half-assing your sad content. they probably have the same background, same makeup, possibly different hair, different ill-fitting outfits and very minimal effort. such a success.

why in the fuck does she need $100 a month for outfits? she buys the cheapest/tackiest shit anyway, is she really outgrowing things that fast and not washing what she already owns lol.

No. 921578

Yeah she spends money but wears the same shit

No. 921579

File: 1579659366238.png (756.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200121-211411.png)


No. 921584

That angle is not doing her any favors at all… she looks straight up decrepit.

No. 921586

she's officially thicc

No. 921587

File: 1579659865571.png (3.19 MB, 1394x2048, Screenshot_20200121-212441.png)

Wtf is up with her face

No. 921589

Wish she'd dress and angle the camera for her weight gain.

No. 921594

Wow, whatever filter or make up she's using is not doing her any favors.

No. 921595

This pic is legitimately terrifying. Got that uncanny valley look.

No. 921598

i used to think shayna was actually really cute. damn she really let herself go…

No. 921599

nta a credit card with care bears on it or some shit, i can't remember exactly

No. 921600

>the cum producing inside her
what the fuck

No. 921601

It's on there 3 times actually. Seems appropriate for her though

No. 921602

lmao are you seriously telling me this picture isn't edited with a fat filter? she looks like one of those obese girls on a dating site that only show themselves from the shoulders up.

No. 921603

File: 1579660389327.jpg (104.38 KB, 1000x1000, casper-james-charles-ghost-whi…)

No. 921605

I don't think Shayna has ever had an actual orgasm because she has no idea how to dirty talk. She just says shit off the top of her head and it sounds wacky.

No. 921606

She looks like a fat 30 year old with down syndrome who won a photo shoot and they told her to do her own makeup, kek

No. 921607

Yeah pigtails really scream "dominant"

No. 921608

i don’t know why this cracked me up as much as it did

No. 921609

Yeah. Imma need her to not take any more pics of her face. Thanks.

No. 921615

Because its true

No. 921617

Replace the 2 extra dispensary trips with "I'm being manic but" or suicide baiting and "I learned a new coping mechanism" that is never used

"Baby Bumfuck" and "Gaping Puppy" are some of her absolute worst porn names. Also the suspenders in the Brainy Barbie one oof.

Yeah idk why she thinks this outfit is popular girl or flattering at all. She looks so pudgy. Like someone come get their obese 12 year old. Shes like Dollar Store Honey BooBoo. Whew sis

No. 921619

She looks like the girl in middle school who raises her hand for all the questions and always reads books about horses

No. 921620

Wow. Isn't she gaining really fast lately?? I've never felt the need to comment about her weight but at this point it's becoming both undeniable and a little alarming. Her whole persona was being a tiny sexy bimbo teen but that's completely out the door now unless she's going for "that fat acne-ridden nerd everyone ignored in favor of the tiny sexy bimbo teen". At first her face getting larger looked like it might have been from her awful shooping but now..just yikes. Maybe this is why she's focusing so much on anal lately. If she's turned from the camera you can't focus on how big her face is getting

No. 921623

Lmao shes looking younger but in a welfare child following their obese smoker mom footsteps kinda way.

Shay, fat girls cant pull of pigtails so go ahead and jot that down next to a memo to by clothes that fit and nows the time to actually start learning your angles because you're running out of things that make you passable.

No. 921628

Dollar store honey boo boo it's so on point lmfao

I'm calling her that from now on

No. 921629

Even in her anal vids she makes a point of showing her retarded face and facial expressions so she can't even manage that

No. 921630

Fat girls can totally pull off pigtails. Fat round faced Shayna on the other hand, cannot.

No. 921632

She looks like she could be approaching 200lbs now. A tremendous amount of weight gain even from the beginning of this thread.

No. 921634

it actually pisses me off when she claims she's so detail oriented. She can't even bother to keep the leash below her and level with the camera. It's supposed to be POV, right? So why is the leash in some shots angled like a person is standing above her, but in others is angled like it's below her but not at camera level.

If you can't even bother to convincingly set up a basic ass camera shot, why even bother with the video? It would have taken just a few minutes to test out camera angles and place the leash in a spot that would make it look POV.

I know it's a nitpick but it's seriously annoying as all fucking hell. She goes around boasting about how much "work" she puts in, and ends up with this shit as a product.

No. 921635

lmfao anon. she's maybe in the 140-150 area. Last year she was about 110. Calm down.

No. 921637

nah they all end up looking like her

No. 921639

ot but I keep imagining that her therapy is actually just her talking to a delusional homeless man, sitting on milk crates in an alleyway, and when they're done her "therapist" tells her to make her next appointment with the receptionist, gesturing to a raccoon eating garbage

No. 921640

Or she turns on Hannah montana and talks to the television like it's answering her. Hannah montana knows all the coping mechanisms.

No. 921650

File: 1579664554454.jpg (203.2 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_20200121-214103_Twi…)

What happened to her not interacting with profiles who have their dick as their pfp?

Also, this is not how a domme would respond

No. 921655

A domme wouldn't even respond.

No. 921660

So true

No. 921663

File: 1579666246146.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1416x2048, Screenshot_20200121-231049.png)

Dunno if she realizes that 11 hours of work is pretty normal for alot of people. She'll be patting herself on the ass for this for weeks.

No. 921664

File: 1579666312755.png (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 2048x1190, Screenshot_20200121-231157.png)

her eyeliner is officially longer than her brows. jesus christ girl.

No. 921667

>> longer AND BIGGER than
Jesus christ, anons have been saying they'd end up touching, but I didn't expect them to completely switch roles lmao
… anyone noticing that she’s staying box shaped at the sides and gaining immensely in the belly/back area? Oof.

No. 921668

pretty sure her weight gain in the most unfortunate areas (stomach, face/neck, arms) is because of the depo-provera shot. It's an every-3-month shot so it injects 3 months worth at one time. Most people gain weight, have terrible moods, and acne. not sure why they still push it, it's one of the absolute worst options.

No. 921671

She looks like Yaniv here

No. 921679

File: 1579667700169.jpg (Spoiler Image, 888.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200121-233102_Chr…)

of Anon
she looks like she had a stroke and her face is melting.

No. 921680

File: 1579667805044.png (2.7 MB, 1900x2048, Screenshot_20200121-233707.png)

holy shit you're right

No. 921681

File: 1579667805790.jpg (Spoiler Image, 894.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200121-233123_Chr…)

why?? is she pulling on it like that?

No. 921687

So it doesn't look as wrinkly as it is
This ghost face look she did for all these is sending me. She looks like friggen Angela/Himeka when she did 4 shades too light on her face.

No. 921689

at this point she gotta either cut her losses and let her nails grow out, or wear fake ones forever. her hands are fucking scary looking. like old lady hands, but somehow also like 5yo boy hands. stubby, wrinkly, dry as fuck with no cuticles and shredded fingernails.

No. 921693

Her pussy always looks so fucking dry, I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they must be.

No. 921704

No. 921707

anon, she was on the depo before this weight gain which is makes it embarrassingly obvious the alcohol increase we are seeing is part of why shes gaining so fast. the depo also def doesnt help.

No. 921719

The weight gain became painfully obvious after the psych meds. Its the best thing to ever happen to this thread as of late. as someone with bpd, I don't give a fuck if she has it or not. bpd is not an excuse to be a garbage human being and the way she brazenly uses it for pity points is fucking disgusting. I hope she continues this fucked up cycle of getting fat, poor, broken up with, and blackballed in the SW community as long as she continues being a piece of shit. E-begging ass bitch.

No. 921721

nta but ye the only thing that will urge someone with bpd (and/or substance abuse) to improve their lives is hitting absolute rock bottom, but it seems like she doesn't know what that is. because she has no one or nothing to help her except her shit "therapist".
the best thing that could happen to her is to lose her whole following and income, but her customers are just dumbasses and therefore enabling the fuck out of her.

No. 921732

honestly i don't even care about the weight gain anymore, these terrifying overly edited new ghost faces are terrifying. shayna please refrain, i am very afraid

No. 921753


god damn, is she getting fatter by the minute? seriously, how the fuck is she putting so much weight on so quickly?

No. 921776

It's unfortunate that getting fat isn't making her any less fridge-shaped. At least her tits are growing along with the rest of her.

Didn't she have the implant before? Does anyone know why she switched to a different kind of birth control?

>Most people gain weight, have terrible moods, and acne. not sure why they still push it, it's one of the absolute worst options.

[blog]I've tried every birth control method other than the implant, and the depo shot is 100% my favorite. No mood swings (unlike the pill), no acne, it stopped my period entirely for the 2 years I used it (unlike the IUD), and I only gained maybe 10 pounds. Stop fear mongering. If it fits someone's lifestyle, they shouldn't be afraid to try it, especially since, if they hate it, they don't have to deal with getting it physically removed from their body, unlike the IUD or implant.[/blog]

No. 921780

she posted to r/godpussy and the mods deleted her post lmao

No. 921783

Her stomach is wearing a tube top

No. 921785

File: 1579697870680.png (Spoiler Image, 702.68 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20200117-121010.png)

Yeah, I thought she had the implant too. I saw this pic and she has the spot where it's inserted. I'm not sure of the side effects of the implant tho…

No. 921787

Thats weird I can definitely still see the post.

No. 921806

File: 1579701282329.jpg (435.97 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200122-075137_Twi…)

No. 921813

she looks shockingly like an armenian auntie in her forties. poor shayna, rolling downhill and still picking up speed.

No. 921814

What brought on the new look? Is her Discord full of helpful stans with makeup tips? Enquiring minds and all.

No. 921815

depo is actual poison for women, please do aome reading anon

No. 921830

She most likely did at some point when she was younger. I think srm implants only last 2-3 years or so?

No. 921831

Stfu anon this isn't an ad for depo. Push your bullshit on someone who cares.

No. 921837

It's really funny how whenever she starts on a new platform, if it doesn't immediately pick up she'll just abandon it. She has no drive, she expects people to just love her because she's her.

No. 921839

I don’t think it’s the birth control. I’m pretty sure most girls gain weight around this age because they’re still eating and drinking the same shit they did in high school, not realizing their metabolism has slowed down with age.

Pretty sure she still eats like shit. Haven’t seen grapes and deli turkey meat in awhile.

No. 921841

File: 1579709043258.png (47.92 KB, 1094x277, Capture.PNG)

TFW ur newish reddit has the same amount of interaction as ur twitter with 11k followers does.

No. 921865

Agree. She's always ate like shit and drank a ton of sugary drinks, alcoholic or not. I'm having flashbacks of that photo she took at Fupa's place with like 8 Big Gulps from the gas station sitting and rotting on the counter top.
It probably either is her metabolism finally slowing and/or her meds.

No. 921874

jesus she looks incredibly hideous in these photos. not to mention that her left eyebrow is shorter than the right. it takes 5 minutes to watch an eyebrow tutorial, shay

No. 921876

File: 1579713678277.png (338.2 KB, 2048x750, Screenshot_20200122-122029.png)

I'm g0NnA wOrK 32 HoUr WeEkS aNd MaKE s0Oo mUcH cOnTeNT!

No. 921884

File: 1579715400951.png (69.19 KB, 585x315, Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 12.4…)

Stop bitching about other people's gig you miserable yellow footed goblin

No. 921888

I really think Shayna has a problem, and not a mental illness problem. Just yesterday she was talking about supporting fellow sex workers and being safe at cons, come to her to talk, blahblahblah. And now she's right back to telling other sex workers what she believes is acceptable and unacceptable to do as sex work. Why can't she just fucking shut up? She acts like she's the top authority on sex work while her content is bottom tier dog shit, and she makes excuses not to work.

No. 921889

bitch is mad she can't make $500 on just foot pics alone. she has to punch herself in the face and make her anus bleed for only $3.

No. 921890

Says the bitch with thick ugly yellow calluses all over feet. Try not to be so jealous Shay.

No. 921891

Wow, So basically because she saw a few people who act like this it means all of them act like this, therefore she's going to judge them all unfairly based upon that.

And Ms. "Don't name-call because someone has a different opinion" is calling a group of people bitches and saying that their work is lesser than others.

I hope people call her out for shitting on other people's hustle for ZERO reasons.

You look like a bitch who looks down on people Shayna.

No. 921892

Lets add this to the list of shit shayna has said that will rub people wrong and then she'll go, "I have mental illness! so hundreds of people calling me out will make me want to kill myself!!'

In what way does she think this is not a fucked up thing to say or do?

No. 921893

only a month ago she said this lol. >>907072

No. 921897

File: 1579716314072.png (36.88 KB, 614x310, 0.PNG)

Love how bratty is like "call ur parents and borrow money!" firstly, this is what Shayna does, secondly, I love how they are assuming the women who want a sugar daddy, are like Shayna people who even have parents who they can call and beg for shit.

Also, Shayna's response rubs me wrong.

No. 921898

File: 1579716406182.png (60.46 KB, 614x524, sure....PNG)

No. 921901

Wow, 2 spaces on the bingo card so far today. "My abusive mom" and dictating what other sw can/can't do.

There should have also been a space for "I can't work today because _______" >>921876

No. 921906

Gatekeeping by Shayna or by other sex workers? What are you talking about?

No. 921915

I honestly think that she's heading towards NAFLD. Looking at her bloated face and swollen tongue is like looking at an alcoholic. The combination of poor diet, alcohol, meds and weed isn't doing her any good at all.

No. 921916

File: 1579719727980.jpeg (51.38 KB, 800x789, D08A8957-EABA-4625-803E-39DE6D…)

>>921785 transaxillary implants aren’t put in through the upper arm. That’s way too far from the arm pit.

No. 921918

Anon meant birth control implant

No. 921920


Ah. That makes more sense. There was talk about her having an implant so I assumed. Still I haven’t seen a bc implant leave that long of scar from removal but maybe she had a shitty dr.

No. 921921

No. 921923

she gave herself a vamplettes nose. it looks like its facing a different direction than the rest of her face kek

also not sure how her brows are continuing to get worse everyday? how does this happen? how does one get worse with practice? whats even more shocking is they used to look fine like 1-2 years ago

No. 921927

For some people, arm implants can be rejected by the body and they start to migrate out of the skin. That could have happened which is why she has a larger sized scar or maybe she scars easily.

No. 921928

she's only 23, unless she was obese right now that probably wouldn't happen.

No. 921938

File: 1579722968045.jpg (36.96 KB, 499x337, wtf.JPG)


She looks like this fatvegfemme phoebe chick (idk her correct name) here. Pic looks like a edit by a farmer jesus christ.

No. 921945

File: 1579724124488.png (18.6 KB, 685x131, 1.PNG)

It kills me how she talks about how shitty she was as a teenager but then goes, "My mom was abusive for grounding me once" every day you show us that, maybe she should've grounded your ass more.

Everything we've heard about Shayna's youth has been her acting out of fucking control and getting pissed that it has consequences.

Just like she does now. She talks shit constantly but whines about people talking shit and talking shit about her, she never believes there should be consequences for anything she does.

Which is why until she can get herself in check, she's never going to have good relationships.

No. 921946

this bitch rly changed her name to "Butt stuff Barbie" directly after begging for anyone to nominate her for her anal bullshit and putting 'I luv anal' in her bio.

No. 921949

I wish she'd let this "anal" and "barbie" shit go, especially the Barbie shit.
She doesn't look like Barbie, her "Look" is all over the place & sloppy.

Her anal is boring and Barbie is boring. Please get a new thing.

No. 921953

yeah lately she's looking a lot less barbie and a lot more barbara

No. 921956


That’s not even how molly works. People only grind their teeth while they are high, and usually only if they take too much. Would KILL her to try a little harder with her lying. She tries so hard to sound like this “cool,” rebellious person when really she was probably normie as fuck offline. It’s so embarrassing.

No. 921970

shay hates other women so much and i love when she blatantly exposes herself for it, she really loves to mock and demean women who choose not to humiliate themselves severely for pennies from disgusting nasty males lmao. pathetic, shayna, grow a brain cell.

No. 921977

And because she’s an alcoholic. Even if she’s not eating all of her calories, she’s drinking them (and eating).

No. 921978

So we're just about one month into the year. Hows that diet & gym thing going, Shay???
Havent heard anything about it since the first of the year besides the day she was saying maybe she'll just quit her meds.
No camming. No schedule followed. No money saved to move, not smoking or drinking less. Delete Twitter when manic, keep profile professional hasnt happened.
How many vids has she done? I think a couple. I guess we finally got that alien wreck of a vid. Pretty much all shes done so far.

No. 921993

File: 1579731871241.jpg (570.7 KB, 1080x1791, Screenshot_20200122-161532_Twi…)

Didn't she need the money last week?

No. 921999

I love how she outed herself for not knowing how credit works. The only way I can see her making moves is if she finds another fuped up loser to leech off. Too bad for her shes a toxic histrionic fuckwit who can't keep relationahips; I don't see any of this changing as long as she continues to do sex work. It brings out the absolute worst in her. This is why its so fun to watch her get uglier and uglier. Her appearance matches her eye sore of a personality and its fun to watch her self esteem plummet.

No. 922014


More proof this lazy retard has no savings She wouldn't need to be begging everytime she has bills to pay. Your responsibilities shouldn't have to fall on your clients. I wish her clients could see her 4 the hack she is n stop giving her money.

No. 922034

OT mollyfag but yes Bruxism can last until the next day- you still clench your jaw as you’ve fucked your muscles up gurning

No. 922035

christ it's so obvious she's a pathological liar, especially seeing things like this. molly makes you grind your teeth while high, and it's teeth Grinding not obsessively chewing holes in things like a goat. she's just outing herself as a liar. it's a dumb thing to lie about as well, doing molly is very ordinary and most normie girls have done it, it's not edgy or cool.

she's just so jealous of other women it's wild. you can tell she spends whole days on twitter scrolling through other sw's profiles who are prettier than her with more followers just absolutely hating their guts. then she has to tweet something bitchy about it. if someone calls her out i bet she'll post tweets like "we all need to support each other in sw" like she did last time she got called out for talking shit.

No. 922039

She's the type who will see someone who has it all together but she'll find SOMETHING to bitch about to bring them down a peg.
Then she'll post it on twitter, smiling like, "Yeah bitch you aint so perfect HA!"

No. 922091

File: 1579740397555.jpg (217.08 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20200122-184658_Twi…)

Or, you save your money and budget

No. 922092

File: 1579740439775.jpg (240.18 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20200122-184642_Twi…)

She'll put a video out the day before or like a week after. And it'll be a typical video

No. 922094

Shayna. You've been doing this for 4 years. You shouldn't have to ask this question.

No. 922097

But, like, why go spend money on getting her nails done? She rips them off within a few days… Which I'm sure is tearing her natural nails up even more.

No. 922107

She's even begging on her snapchat for someone to pay this

No. 922110

File: 1579744303598.jpg (478.58 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200122-195040_Twi…)

No. 922112

yeah, uninterested in doing anything for yourself like working for your money. We know.

No. 922117

yes you ugly lardass we are much too well aware that you love doing absolutely nothing, we know you don't shower or bathe for days, we see how filthy your apartment is, and you look physically gross in every picture you post lol

No. 922118

File: 1579746582290.jpg (195.93 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20200122-202942_Twi…)

She will look like a legit sausage if she wears a latex outfit

No. 922119

File: 1579746614120.jpg (226.6 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20200122-202902_Twi…)

Shay, you have begged for literally EVERYTHING

No. 922121

File: 1579746653564.jpg (371.13 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20200122-202914_Twi…)

What is that photo though

No. 922122

File: 1579746683066.jpg (896.76 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20200122-202929_Twi…)


No. 922125

shayna yaniv strikes again

No. 922126

A 45 year old hooker that charges less for DDLG

No. 922129

Wide Load

No. 922130

How can she post this. Is her iq 40. Does she honestly not see herself. She looks like fucking strega nona. I'm so upset for her my god.

No. 922136

File: 1579747528681.jpeg (96.57 KB, 600x600, 64C888AC-E79B-4754-A578-3AAEFE…)


she got them old hag witch jowls going on. Whole face, actually.

No. 922138

File: 1579747598093.jpg (811.34 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20200122-204539_Sam…)

We just need it so say "Shay does it again" and photo shop her face on it

No. 922141

it is uncanny how much weight she has gained in 7-8 months. literally like 35-40 pounds. i thought she looked awful before, but i was wrong. she desperately needs to get a new wardrobe and size tf up. i have secondhand embarrassment for her after seeing the pic she just posted.

No. 922143

goddamnit that fucking freak jessica yaniv is posting pictures in barbie clothing now…. oh wait sorry shay, didn't recognize you there!

how does one… look this hideous.. yet keep bragging about how they are the "cutest"..

No. 922144

File: 1579748614233.jpeg (31.77 KB, 457x457, highres_279389046.jpeg)

Normally I'd say that's even doing Shay dirty but I have to admit she straight up looks like Yaniv in this.

No. 922145

File: 1579748794011.jpg (110.87 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20200122-210630_Twi…)

I HATE how she types

No. 922146

The lack of self awareness is really astonishing

No. 922147

She's trying to make fun of the Mike Tyson "now kith" meme. And failing miserably

No. 922150

That skirt gonna bust

No. 922157

File: 1579750462386.jpg (495.63 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20200122-213444_Twi…)


No. 922158

File: 1579750488457.jpg (209.37 KB, 1080x852, Screenshot_20200122-213432_Twi…)


Lol "ex sugar daddy." You mean Fupa?

No. 922162

So I looked and she was claiming to have a sugar daddy around that time. I do remember people saying she was with Fupa at that time though because a mural he'd posted that's only in Austin.

Also, if it's not fupa I wonder why the sugar daddy is a "ex", what did her dumb ass do?

She can't separate sex from regular life, so she damn sure can't do so in a relationship no matter if it's a "sugar daddy" or not.

No. 922163

wasn't the austin trip sunglassesgate where the anon saw fupa in the reflection?

No. 922165

File: 1579751320311.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 269.76 KB, 1125x1301, 6DB53A11-C6B3-4205-9B8A-62BACD…)

This doesn’t even look like the same person.

No. 922166

The bitch is just pretending to have "clients" kek. Good luck on getting that birthday room hotel since you have no friends and your ex was a fat fuck working at a call center.

No. 922171

They really dont look like the same person.

No. 922175

Maybe it isn’t. Let’s discuss

No. 922176

Did she downgrade fupa to sugar daddy??

No. 922177

shayna was kidnapped and replaced by her fatter more mentally ill twin sister

No. 922179

File: 1579752178049.jpg (236.96 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20200122-220125_Twi…)

Lol, here you go anon

No. 922180

There’s always been two shaynas. One kind of cute the other one busted as hell. I always swore they are not the same person lol

No. 922181

we could be on to shayna’s version of poot lovato

No. 922186

she's probably scamming for it. like don't have pets if you can't pay for basic vet bills. it's also close to the end of the month, she's probably trying to scrape together rent b/c she saves nothing.

what does she call asking for someone to "reimburse" her vet bill, 'spoiling' her so she can get lashes, sending her money to get her legs waxed and new nails and literally asking for a latex dress right before she made this tweet. her unawareness is painful.

maybe they weren't in a relationship and just having sex at that point.

No. 922197

File: 1579755394257.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 292.77 KB, 750x1802, 0D2F1F05-A67A-4180-93F7-36B74B…)


Here’s the anal vid and the pics she posted on OF

No. 922199

Ribmeat looks to be in distress

No. 922200

If she's going to do the whole "skirt as a belt to hide the new belly fat" thing, she should really get a skirt that actually FITS. she's giving herself a weird muffin top around her waist, which should be hard to do. I guess not if you have 0 visible curves though

No. 922204

I’m honestly convinced she’s been replaced with Yaniv and it’s some weird inside joke with the cows to try and fool us lmao

No. 922207

She literally looks autistic with they way she smiles/sticks her tongue out and her teeth are the same colour as her skin kek. Also, I spy shit on the dildo at the end. Classy as always, Shatna.

No. 922216

File: 1579756676840.gif (348.63 KB, 220x150, mysides.gif)

>strega nona
holy shit anon, my fucking sides. I am genuinely cackling.

Can someone explain to me how she is editing these pics, please? What's up with her face– like, is it a blur tool, lighting, or makeup? I've been staring at these images just… confused.

No. 922221

she looks trans in her anal vid, she has such an unfortunate figure

No. 922223

Sunglassesgate was from a festival in Tulsa (Fupa claimed they ran into each other). Austin was a supposed reflection of him from a food truck (she was also wearing one of his shirts and using a vape pen that wasn't hers).

No. 922229

The I love anal video kek Her angles are atrocious as usual n at the end when she "cums" her whale of an arm is just jiggling while she pretends to get off. Lipstick on her glossy yellow teeth + those special needs faces too she rly is shameless.

No. 922231

Honestly that was the worst video I’ve seen of her trying to pretend she’s an anal queen. I’ve never seen someone who legit brags about taking dicks in the ass everyday, look so much in pain as they’re inserting a regular sized dildo in their already gaping asshole. Also Shayna you cannot moan while your putting on lube on a dildo who’s getting aroused? Certainly not the silicone dick. Honestly quit sex work and just go home, get a regular life that you so much want

Side note i love how she’s trying to make the floor seem like a grey couch kek but her dirty ass carpet gave her up

No. 922233

File: 1579759385857.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 20.91 KB, 364x345, B4131377-A1BB-41FB-AA6C-8974DE…)

No. 922239

Thanks for the update to my question Shay. Can't wait for your week long "healthy" lifestyle.

I love how she begged for like 5 things in a row today. Sorry Shay but you're far from hot enough to not spend your own money most of the time. And $300 at the vet? How unhealthy were they? She first said it was just Rib, but now shes saying she took them both? I'm sure shes scamming into overtime tonight though with the 4 other posts about needing money for nails she'll rip off in a few days, shit she'll never wear, etc.

No. 922245

Ahahaha at shatna leaving shit stains on the dildo again (tiny speck this time). This anal video reminds me of the fuck pig one with the big heaping shit stain on her dildo near end. Imagine being so far up your own ass you leave that gross of a blooper up.

No. 922253

this video is literally chefs kiss

clown makeup
bad faces
shit (or blood) on dildo I can’t tell
fake orgasm lmao

Not to mention ya girl pretty much filled up the damn bingo card in 2 days hahahah

No. 922262

Honest to god, thought this was a tinfoil hat

No. 922266

fat girls aren't ugly but man the way Shay looks now is just horrifying. she wasn't good looking skinny but with all that weight she's really ugly and really trashy now… i don't understand why… really sad she seemed to have such middle-class parents, too

No. 922271

File: 1579767753442.jpeg (177.86 KB, 1162x1557, FE061954-84AD-4A3F-AA3D-11D744…)

finally figured out why her nose has been looking so red lately. she’s been using setting powder to brighten her face (probably easier to blur and look like semi professional lighting because she’s literally trying to make her natural face look like a snapchat filter lmfao)

But leaving the blush across her nose?!? And it like connects to her cheeks making her look like a literal clown

I’m screaming incoming small photo dump

No. 922274

File: 1579768392164.jpeg (14.81 KB, 228x228, EC236191-A3CC-4829-A8A3-A40AB8…)

No. 922275

File: 1579768523478.jpg (32.97 KB, 400x300, lipstick on a pig.jpg)

I can't not see it

No. 922278

File: 1579769098178.jpeg (15.99 KB, 276x276, 30DA50A8-D954-4B66-B3F5-56A6AA…)

mfw ripping my asshole in half is so much more fulfilling and sexy and high quality and male pleasing than selling lame ass feet pics

No. 922283

her face reminds me more and more of pixielocks, and I dont think that's a compliment

No. 922286

Girl stop putting makeup on while high off your ass!!! Blog but I've done my makeup high a couple of times, and it turned out as clown-like as this. You just don't notice how dumb you look.

Also, I know it's early but this pic has to be incorporated in the next thread pic somehow lol

No. 922287

File: 1579771453069.png (236.58 KB, 404x440, A1EDF822-6E8A-4C16-80BF-032D03…)

No. 922298

File: 1579774467484.jpeg (66.2 KB, 936x349, D436CC65-7252-466B-9000-71DDB5…)

Dolly Yaniv

No. 922309

File: 1579778695056.png (51.5 KB, 300x100, yaniv2shay.png)

No. 922318

It's fuckin uncanny. You could tell me they're siblings and I'd believe it. I hope they put this in the banner rotation.

No. 922352

File: 1579785222369.png (723.48 KB, 2048x630, Screenshot_20200123-081110.png)

Lol She likes that her thighs look like cottage cheese and cellulite ridden? And her tits when she was thin was probably her only good asset. Now they just look like a fat kid's moobs, ol orangutan titties. And I don't know why she thinks she has an ass now that she's fat. Her ass is still flat as ever just with more dimples and pimples. The denial is real with this psycho.

No. 922354

flat tummy wouldn't even fix this shit, her waist and hips were always the same thickness. her older pics looked better cus she looked somewhat healthier, but she still had zero curves.

No. 922358

"This is me winking at you guys." Fucking nasty

No. 922359

this is what happens when you start believing your blur tool over reality

No. 922362

Within the first minute her fat ass is out of breath, lmfao

No. 922363

File: 1579789465647.png (Spoiler Image, 431.96 KB, 1072x535, Screenshot_20200123-092253~2.p…)

during this part (3:25) she

- looks like she's trans and jerking her dick
- sounds like she wants to cry out of pain
- sounds like she wants to get this over as quickly as possible
- doesn't seem to be enjoying it one bit

But yeah sure, anal princess.

No. 922366


No. 922375

Seriously tho… Why does it look like her teeth are rotting? Is she too lazy to even brush her teeth now?? She hella looking like that Oklahoma methed up lot lizard. I mean, congrats, I guess, if that's you're going for, Shay…

No. 922378

It's probably the terrible lighting. It's coming from a weird angle and it's casting shadows which makes her teeth look shiny but like a gross dull yellow at the same. The extra white face and dark lipstick doesn't help either. It's all around unfortunate.

No. 922383

Some dumbass was sending her thousands at that time and was going by "glucose Padre" back then so that's the sugar daddy she's referring to. He was giving her 1k tips and paying for her trips. He was interacting with her on Twitter then too.

No. 922393

So how did Shayna fuck that up?

No. 922395

File: 1579794787647.jpg (21.57 KB, 560x390, http_//randy.whynacht.ca/wp-co…)

Glad y'all can see the Strega Nona comparisons now. The yellow teeth are bringing her closer to another character she's reminded me of for a long time

No. 922404

She looks..wow.

LUL she 100% looks like she's a transwoman jerking off!I started dying laughing when I saw that because it's not even funny how unsexy that shit was.
My favorite part was when she turned around after "coming" she was DRY AS FUCK.

No. 922459

Wasn't there an incident where Fupa changed his Facebook cover photo to some sort-of mural(?) that was popular in Austin or somesuch? I wasn't one of the tinfoil anons in that thread, but I do recall that

No. 922465

He had a mural or something that was in Austin somewhere on his profile and people connected the dots back then. It was tinfoil

No. 922491

Not to mention him and Shay were both spotted in the wild by a Tulsa anon, a month or two after the whole “we just ran into each other at the beer festival!”

Sometime after that she made it pretty obvious her “glucose padre” was gone. I think Fupa was done at that point and this new guy wasn’t Fupa.

No. 922492

Food place was before beerfest. That was the last time we saw him. I'm pretty sure they were done after that. He's been seen on dates with multiple girls since and it's pretty clear he moved on. Glucose Padre was the one paying for all her beer and trips this summer that got her that gut

No. 922517

Fupa is irrelevant to the current shitshow that is Shayna lol

No. 922525

Was it that Sir Pugsley dude? Cause I haven't seen him interact with her at all lately

No. 922549

The dude actually had glucose Padre in his name. I know who you're talking about tho

No. 922611

File: 1579820754995.jpg (649.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200123-170452_Twi…)

This is the last time he retweeted Shay. And he was ALWAYS up Shay's ass

No. 922613

God anyone seen her snapchats of noodle in the dog park and her whining she wants to go home and her tryna call her and she doesn't respond at all. Dog got no training. She even goes outside the dog park and shuts the door with noodle alone in there and she doesn't move.

If it weren't for the fences that dog would be gone.

No. 922615

File: 1579820790889.jpg (226.02 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20200123-170330_Twi…)

Get ready for a cringey af video and for it not to be posted for like another week

No. 922619

Being at the dog park is probably the only time Noodle is happy

No. 922621

File: 1579821094874.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, 1537993439635 (1).png)

random old pic, but how on earth is this the same person

No. 922624

Does anyone know when this was taken? I always see it and wonder how long ago this was.
Not making the retard faces she does now certainly helps her look different though

No. 922640

File: 1579822196898.jpg (287.88 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_o3fg8uqy5h1rmiw96o1_128…)

I don't know when the above pic was taken, but she posted this similar looking photo on March 6th, 2016 https://mrshacker.tumblr.com/post/140555709201/shay-gnar-cryin-wont-help-you-prayin-wont-do

No. 922645

File: 1579822335441.jpg (135.94 KB, 1079x610, Screenshot_20200123-173123_Twi…)

Deffinetly not you Shay, with your dick sucking skills

No. 922647

Knowing her she probably demanded shit and or she probably never delivered things she promised. Or maybe he realized she's a scamming suicide baiting cunt.

No. 922651

File: 1579822493714.png (224.83 KB, 594x223, Capture1.PNG)

how in the fuck do you let this happen

No. 922674

File: 1579823149284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.34 KB, 1074x1231, Screenshot_20200123-174610_Twi…)

No. 922691

How did her eyebrows get worse AND shorter? She looked fine with the thin brow look. Her makeup also somehow looks worse. How do you downgrade like this?

No. 922705

WTH?? She was pretty?

No. 922713

I have no explanation for what happened to her nose. It's wild.

No. 922721


Money that “lunch” is Chick-fil-A. Also, it’s funny seeing her face in that anal video compared to how much she talked about getting buttfucked by whoever the mysterious ex was. Either he had a tiny dick or she was lying about all the times they were doing anal like everyone here suspects.

No. 922726

We all know she's an awful actress so I'm pretty sure that's what's going on here. She gapes her ass so I'm pretty sure nothing she can put in there that actually hurts or has effect.

No. 922731

With no lube, putting anything in your ass is painful since it doesn't lubricate itself. She literally made the fact that her ass was bleeding (from her alien vid) a bragging point.

No. 922741

it looks so differently shaped now, can her face getting bloated do this or wtf happened?

No. 922795


Her cheeks and face got fatter, which pulled her nostrils down and outward, if that makes any sense. It’s all connected. When she was thinner there was less volume to her face so the base of her nose was narrower. Obviously the general bloat and nastiness does her zero favors. She always had defined nostrils and a droopy tip, but the weight gain made it so much worse.

No. 922803

File: 1579827855407.jpg (779.24 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20200123-190437_Tum…)

This was just last Valentines Day. So almost a year ago

No. 922809

File: 1579827925472.jpg (695.46 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20200123-190422_Tum…)

This was a little bit before she moved into her current apartment

No. 922817

File: 1579828052886.jpg (542.79 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200123-190754_Tum…)

And this is her from her VR shoot

No. 922841

File: 1579828442570.jpeg (271.45 KB, 1242x494, CA17F7B0-502F-4A2F-86DF-F9CB48…)

Cant wait for this…. Lol

No. 922851

She's such a liar. She just takes the tip in her mouth and munches the sides

No. 922865

she recked herself so hard, holy shit. her hair, makeup, style, content, literally everything got so much worse overtime kek

No. 922875

Pretty sure i was one of the anon's who shat on her fried ugly hair back then, but she actually looks great here.

Crazy how we used to lose our shit over these outfits, but look at her now? Who knows where we'll be in a year, will we be looking at these pictures going, "She looks so much better"

At least she attempted looks. She's so depressed and lazy (plus people are giving her money still for being all those things) so she's only going to get worst if she doesn't wake up.

No. 922886

Honestly back then I didn't think she looked THAT bad even though everyone else did but she looks absolutely rekdt now like the other anon said… what the fuck happened

No. 922888

Can we please stop posting old photos. This happens every thread when nothing is going on. YES we get it she looked better in older photos, no need to spam it. I promise you you aren't the only one that noticed

No. 922894

these pics where she looks like a twink aren't much better. at least you can tell her body is female now.

No. 922899

agreed. it’s annoying. if you guys wanna was poetic about how ~uwu pretty~ she was then just go back and reread the old threads

No. 922926

Wow the foundation and/or setting powder shes using lately is way too light and piled on. Shes got like goff pale going on and it's making her rat teeth look really yellow.

Shes so stocky and thick in horrible ways, but I will say now that the fat has distributed itself everywhere else, it is starting to form an ass kek. Its had to catch up with her thighs. everything else like her tits though are looking worse. Cottage cheese things are bad. Arms are fat. Her whole torso area is getting way too hefty.

Also wtf was going on with her voice?? I know shes always been inconsistent with her baby voice but this voice she was doing sometimes was even more abrasive and fake than usual. Also hate her "Ta-da!" thing like the basic shit she struggles to do is supposed to be exciting.

No. 922931

She only looks good there because someone else did her hair and makeup

No. 922936

File: 1579830694787.jpg (160.46 KB, 1080x667, Screenshot_20200123-195139_Twi…)

She says this about every video and they all turn out the same

No. 922938

Agree that there's no need to spam it. And stop posting pics from when she was a teenager. EVERYONE looks different from high school and her style was different then too. A more recent pic every now and then for comparison is fine though. It demonstrates how far shes fallen in such a short time.

Like we used to think she was trashy and stupid looking then but she really does look attractive compared to the literal clown cow she is now. We look like we really nitpicked her body and face these past years because yikes her make up and faces are so much worse at this point and her bad fashion sense got worse by a landslide. obviously let her body go completely. It's so jarring.

No. 922940


No. 922944

I hate how she's so lazy and doesn't even move her hips with the machine. Just sits there like actual sedated livestock.

No. 923007

File: 1579834975124.jpg (638.02 KB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_20200123-210338_Twi…)

No. 923022

File: 1579835965549.png (272.81 KB, 750x1334, B6BE61F0-FB42-40E1-9273-594779…)

so she threw up all over the carpet of the rental she’s moving out of in two months??

No. 923026

She's more than likely lying. Shay has mentioned a few times about puking from sucking dick and never had anything to prove it. She even got called out on one of her videos from a guy because she mentioned throwing up and never did

No. 923028

For that video she even claimed she threw up multiple times and was face fucking/deepthroat. Then when you see the vid she's barely able to get it past an inch or so without making that unbearable gag noise.

No. 923032

Move back in with your parents and kiss their asses. Otherwise it's never happening for you Shay.

No. 923048

Didn't she say today was the day she was gonna start her "diet"? Yet no deli turkey or almonds in literal children's dishes anywhere to be seen

No. 923066

File: 1579847864904.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 196.05 KB, 1242x935, E8502054-D183-448E-8821-D2B228…)

Whelp back to the pedo pandering. Honestly hearing the baby voice line of “baby wants more” or whatever made me gag more than anything else in this.

No. 923070

File: 1579849016829.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 231.55 KB, 1440x880, Screenshot_20200123-225512-01.…)

Zoolander face + moobs on deck

No. 923072

Little stuff, with her body & face now??? Oh honey no. That only worked the last couple years because even though her body had no shape, it was at least small and her face and hair was ~bby~ like. It was still cringy and not good but it was passable.

No. 923073

Now shes just a lard goblin with a binky

No. 923081

Her rolls here look like a baby's, I'm give her that
But man, is she a tired act

No. 923085

File: 1579855684099.jpg (Spoiler Image, 483.42 KB, 1080x521, Lumii_20200124_034549661.jpg)

she did that weird fucking thing where she violently kicks her legs and looks like she's having a seizure in order to seem uwu baby orgasm

No. 923086

incoming stale drama between shay and other SWs about ageplay and grossness and pedophilia and subtweets and blocking and nEw YeAr NeW mE PoSiTiViTy and bla bla bla. she's deliberately inviting drama at this point, it's like she just has to be talked about negatively or she's going to die from lack of attention

No. 923091

Oof. At least when she did age play at first she actually had somewhat of a child’s body and could fit into kids clothes, and could hide her height in angles. Now she’s gotten so bulky, you can tell how big she is.

She keeps trying to do things that were really successful for her in the past, not realizing she looks nothing like that anymore and will never look like that again.
Guess old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

No. 923109

>Sedated livestock
I busted out laughing at this. How fucking accurate. For someone who brags about being NoT LiKe oTheR GiRls she sure does look like a boring lay. No movement whatsoever. InB4 she makes a vid where she tries and fails cause she has no rhythm.

No. 923110

File: 1579870791331.png (1.87 MB, 1503x2048, Screenshot_20200124-075734.png)

>I bought a dry erase board to start organizing and writing down schedules!
>Does this retard cringe shit instead

No. 923114

oh god, even her boob has fat rolls. i get that she doesn't actually like doing sex work, but how does she never think of switching up her pose every once in a while? literally been doing the same one for years.

No. 923116

File: 1579874628671.jpg (447.45 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20200124-080230_Sam…)

The description of her new video. "This baby loves anal" made me sick

No. 923121

Oh, man … this is creepy/sad considering she has no actual friends.

No. 923122

Can anyone explain why she always starts her videos the same way? She does a weird shot of all the stuff she'll use, then it's just a static shot of her being awkward and like… describing what's going to happen? It's really bizarre to me how on almost all of her videos the last year she does this "hi, I'm dolly mattel, and today I'm gonna insert sex act here" and then proceeds with the video like she's hosting a children's TV show.

Is it just sheer lack of creativity, her being a retard, or does she honestly think that's how porn goes?

No. 923123

It's a fat chick with a binky, not really pedo pandering so much as embarrassing for her.

No. 923124

And that was HELLA fucking creepy dude. Are you saying it was better when she looked MORE like a child you fucking creep? Sounds like you enjoyed it.

No. 923127


Take a shot every time she says "soon enough" in a video description. I stg every description of hers has that phrase.

No. 923131

File: 1579879716003.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.11 MB, 640x1164, D9C309BE-8298-4C15-9795-E15B98…)

I’ll upload the video when I’m not on mobile, but here’s some gifs of her bj skills we all know and love

No. 923133

File: 1579879827722.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.88 MB, 640x1164, 811BB895-1339-413D-B835-7FCB80…)


No. 923136

That thing she’s doing with her lip is soooo bad

No. 923139

Why doesn't she close her lips and use them for sucking. What.

Lmao is she literally staring at herself in the camera

No. 923141

I'm starting to understand why she doesn't brush her teeth
Anything 1 inch into her mouth, that isn't food, makes her gag

No. 923143

this is just sad to look at, some girls have really strong gag reflexes and it's not like they can do anything about it. shayna should just stop trying to suck dildos cus it isn't attractive at all.

No. 923144

dang, she's looking more miserable than ever lately
no one's forcing you to put up with this, you moron, just stop for your sake

No. 923149

Nta but jesus chill out. You don't have to like something to realize there is a market for it, no matter how gross and degenerate it is. Ageplay is a thing in porn, and it plays better to girls that are small. That's all that anon was saying.

No. 923152

Lmao she looks like a horse trying to catch a carrot dangling from a string.

No. 923154

They framed it in a really creepy way

No. 923158

This makes me believe the tinfoil that's she's on autistic spectrum.

No. 923168

File: 1579889812638.png (41.18 KB, 604x358, 1.PNG)

No. 923169

File: 1579889847063.png (17.19 KB, 607x227, 2.PNG)

No. 923171

>Narcissistic depression

No wonder you love him so much Shay, it's you.

No. 923175

shayna didn't you know that morrissey is heckin' racist

No. 923181

oh that checks another box for her lmao

No. 923192

File: 1579892921423.png (1.3 MB, 1306x2048, Screenshot_20200124-140741.png)

Shayna needs to just admit to herself that she never wanted to do porn. she wants to be an influencer but not have to work or do anything and people would love her because she's just so interesting.

No. 923194

File: 1579892943329.png (2.29 MB, 2048x1825, Screenshot_20200124-140758.png)

No. 923213

When your shitty eyeliner not only extends longer than your eyebrows but also is about to touch your hairline it's time to stop. Like really.

No. 923215

Why doesn't she just watch porn stars and see how they do it? It's not like she doesn't have time to practice things like blowjob skills, camera angles, and lighting. She claims she loves this job yet won't take the tiny amount of time and effort to put into it? I just don't understand her, at all.

No. 923221

Because people pay for her shit anyway. She thinks why change if SOMEONE is buying or paying attention to it.
It's the same thing with the drama she has, if no one stands up for her and she's alone, she starts suicide baiting and flipping out.

But as soon as someone comes to her defense then she's like, "see? i was right, fuck it, fuck changing or being a better person"

Is she didn't have validation I don't think she'd know what to do or how to feel about herself.

She's the person who takes the "You are Special and Perfect!" shit to heart, even if she doesn't feel it herself truly.

No. 923223

Nah I think she takes it to heart and does truly believe she's perfect, untouchable, and a creative genius. when in reality she's none of those things, and her content has gotten worse over time. She used to actually care about setting and lighting even a little, and she used to know not to talk so much on her vids. Now she constantly does these stupid opening narrations like she's introducing a television show. Idk how someone can be so ass backwards.

No. 923226

I don't know why, she's never been interesting. Even the thing she enjoyed which got her "tumblr fame" smoking weed, was never really about how interesting she was.
She's never had a good personality,she's not funny, she's not likeable and it only got worst with sex work. I guess she thinks being a sex worker makes her instantly interesting, MAYBE if she left the house and talked to people it'd make her kind of interesting, but on the internet? Nah.
There's not anything remotely interesting about Shayna, and everything that is interesting is interesting for all the wrong reasons. She doesn't even try to branch out and talk about her job or life or anything.

I feel she does hope porn will make her famous, but she's honestly boring. She never made that youtube channel because she has nothing to talk about or to show.

No. 923240

She doesn't even seem to have any hobbies either, except for smoking weed and listening to 60s rock and Madonna. Even after all these threads I couldn't tell you one hobby Shayna has or has even tried.

No. 923270

Doesn't she have a PlayStation she's used once or twice? She's takes about fortnight. Doubtful it's a real hobby for her though

No. 923288

File: 1579904840113.png (389.09 KB, 2048x685, Screenshot_20200124-172557.png)

Lol I love how she's trying to prove she ToTallY dOeS aNaL, GuiSe after we said she barely has any anal content and that she'll lose to the MV models that actually do hardcore anal. Stop destroying yourself trying to prove us wrong, Shayna. It's kinda pathetic.

No. 923290

I love how she used to talk about fucking her boyfriend analy every other day but a FUCk machine hurts and makes her sore?
Not the Dildo that made her bleed but the FUCK machine?

No. 923291

Another dumb excuse not to film. I bet when she "planned" (i.e. browsed amazon) these videos, she definitely had a script in her head, and the dense plot just wouldn't make sense unless she took it in the butt.

No. 923292

Just admit you hate sex work and would rather play SIMS all day.

No. 923293

She’s only proving she was either dating Fupa or some other shrimp dick. Or that she was making it all up for her orbiters who don’t care.

No. 923299

this is why "awful excuse not to do her job" should be on the bingo card rather than THREE separate "dispensary trip" squares. she comes up with excuses not to work WAY more often than she announces a trip to the dispensary.

No. 923308

“With that being said” also needs to go on

No. 923313

Stop projecting anon. All I’m saying is she used to cater to that market and be successful from it because she fit the look. Now she doesn’t.
It’s that simple.

No. 923321

File: 1579910223231.png (708.26 KB, 2048x1141, Screenshot_20200124-185635.png)

"I didn't know I was filming until I turned the camera on"

Yeah Shayna thats kind of how it works. You turn the camera on and it records you.

This girl needs her retard stamp

No. 923322

No. 923324

File: 1579910534313.jpeg (190.26 KB, 1440x836, Screenshot_20200124-160107-01.…)

Homeless zit ridden goblin

No. 923325

I'm so sick of her Dry Pussy it's not even funny anymore. Why do porn and look PAINFULLY dry? She does all this dumb "I'm cumming *raise my legs in the air!! feels so good I can't control my limbs!!" and then shows a pussy drier then her fucking hair.

She just shoves that toy against herself and I'm starting to wonder if she even has feeling in her clit. Why pretend to cum and then show the dryest pussy on earth?
Her porn is all the same.

No. 923327

What happened to her ass being too sore to do a video?

No. 923336

FiNgErInG mUh AsShOlE

So sexy, someone give this crackhead a dollar for chapstick and put her back behind the dumpster

No. 923339

>nearly 300 views and 28 likes
yup, thriving

No. 923344

"I'm dolly Mattel and it's Friday"


No. 923346

Still uploading the video?

No. 923348

yep unlike yours shay…

No. 923349

File: 1579913509950.jpg (405.32 KB, 1079x1557, Screenshot_20200124-185218_Twi…)

Come through with the shit show OnlyFans anon

No. 923350

File: 1579913614913.jpg (321.18 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_20200124-185345_Sam…)

Description for her new video. I like how she tagged this as "gape" when what does barely is that

No. 923355

>Tries to find a way to keep warm
>Shows off tits & asshole & gape to "keep warm" (who is she "Showing off" to anyway?)

None of this makes sense and I have no idea why she writes these.

No. 923356

ok what even is that description
her descriptions are so extremely cringe

No. 923358

the whole "seizure limbs" thing is really weird as it is. it makes me think she's never had a real orgasm in her life. i've seen male solo porn where they shake when they come, but women tend to stretch their legs out and their feet point. women also are always wet so it's clearly faked just by the bone dryness.

No. 923365

it’s possible to have medical issues that cause dryness but there are also ways to fake it and she just doesn’t bother or want to acknowledge it

No. 923366

damn >>923127 is right

No. 923371

I mean the porky girl is probably sweating just by doing this, so I believe it's warming her up! Faking so much is probably hard for her.

Also describing her nasty holes as "desperate"

No. 923376

File: 1579915451789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 436.34 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20200124-192320_Sam…)

She already has a video with a similar title. Be more creative Shay

No. 923377


She said in Discord she came 5th in the contest.

No. 923378

Doing it now. I’ll record her new monstrosity as well. Sit tight anons

No. 923380

she was 5th in the nominations but MV decides the winner

No. 923381

Why would showing your tits help warm you up? That would do the opposite rofl
Her descriptions are just as hilariously awful as her porn.

No. 923399

I need to read record the one from last night, but here’s today’s vid from OF


No. 923409

File: 1579919866582.png (1.59 MB, 2048x1135, Screenshot_20200124-213704.png)

At this point I don't think her eyes open any more than this. She looks fucked up again. Does she really not realize it or does she just not care?

No. 923413

She just really needs to stop talking. Completely.

No. 923414

Her trying to be funny in this is beyond cringe. And that random cut in close up to her face saying "I'm an angel", wow

No. 923417

The ass acne, the angles, the dry asshole fingering. Fucking kill it with fire.

No. 923420

File: 1579920172636.jpg (340.37 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20200124-204312_Twi…)

How bad are these OnlyFans anon?

No. 923430

File: 1579920495234.png (Spoiler Image, 217.83 KB, 496x450, Screenshot_20200124-214501~2.p…)

She looks like she wants to get this over with as quickly as possible. She's one of those chicks that doesn't know how to orgasm any other way besides using a vibrator on their clit, tensing up, and holding their breath. I doubt she's ever had an orgasm where she doesn't have to do that.

No. 923431

I hope she knows most people don't read those descriptions and most people skip her bullshit talking. No one cares about that tumblr quirky bullshit.
It looked like it was a casting tape for Flavor of Love or something at the beginning. Something from the 2006.

No. 923443

Ok but there's no such thing as "bimbo baby" in the way she's trying for. Like bimbo teen is sort of a thing but that's more like a brat. She's going for literally a baby with the pacifier though so what the fuck

No. 923453

It's just common twitter/Tumblr pedo-pandering. I'd never thought I'd see a day where bitches are literally larping as fucking toddlers in porn, sexualizing EVERYTHING to do with children and then going, ""KINK"

No. 923464

Wow bold of her to use her homeless Skid Row crackhead outfit for this one

No. 923465

>and take the day mechanical dick
can someone translate this b/c my brain just left.

how long does it take to decide/announce the winner? just curious b/c i bet once that happens she'll stop trying to pretend she's into anal.

the struggle to get her legs up around 3 min in and then they just flop around like she's a turkey, fucking why.

No. 923472

Some time in February the winners will be announced. MV posts a video releasing all the winners

No. 923473

File: 1579922952853.jpg (614.25 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20200124-212732_Twi…)

No. 923474

She's wearing the hat her dad sent her in a porn, great job Shay

No. 923476

File: 1579923092804.jpg (259.85 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20200124-213216_Twi…)

No. 923478

File: 1579923125380.jpg (Spoiler Image, 489.28 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20200124-213141_Twi…)

Lmfao, we all know this will NOT happen

No. 923480

I didn't think anybody new was still ruining their ears this way.

No. 923484

yeah just like she was gonna work 32 hours this week or whatever she said

No. 923486

there you go >>920821 anon, she made sure to not leave you hanging

what's her rationale for these wild, ugly plugs in her BiMbO bArBiE image though?! for that matter what the fuck does anything she wore in the last crackhead vid and this image have to do with her stupid bimbo barbie style
bitch insists on having a stupidly pink image and can't even properly stick to it ffs

No. 923487

Her earlobe looks like it’s in as bad shape as her genitalia. Can’t say I’m surprised.
Tinfoil: her ears are going to ‘blow out’ before 2021 and she’ll beg her six twitter followers for cosmetic surgery to fix it.

No. 923488

File: 1579924000718.png (994.09 KB, 750x1334, B0286B6B-79A1-48EC-A2A4-437F36…)

More than a year ago now.
I feel like she’s a certified alcoholic now? correct me if I’m wrong

No. 923495

anon she’s been chugging alcohol for a good 8 months now

No. 923501

File: 1579925534039.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 478.52 KB, 750x3047, C0C3FC23-59B5-4F20-926C-ECFC42…)

Her “photo sets” are just stills from her videos

No. 923502

Scammy Shay once again

No. 923503

Valid, she needs to find a Tulsa AA

No. 923506

Those look like silicone tunnels in her ears. It's highly suggested not to stretch with silicone jewelry. If she doesn't take care of her ears with those in they'll most likely get messed up or blow out.

No. 923513


I’ve had to watch this five separate times due to screen recording errors and it’s awful

No. 923528

Ah yes big holes in your ear and silicone plugs. Much bimbo, very barbie. Totally baby. I see she will never stop trying to stay on trends years late and wish she was alt.

No. 923544


the sucking sounds are fucking disgusting

No. 923546

if she gets on cam even ONE of those days I'll be surprised. her cam shows are some of her milkiest moments, since she gets drunk and talks with no filter about her sad life, as if it's cute. just feel bad that her dog gets locked outside for them

No. 923664

Shit probably stinks all to hell. Grody ass

No. 923696

File: 1579975615551.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 2048x1309, Screenshot_20200125-130624.png)

How is she not completely embarrassed to post these side by side? Her body and face have changed dramatically.

No. 923699

i'm guessing cus she facetuned the absolute shit out of the second photo. it looks like her face is fucking glowing lol, she really couldn't compare the color to the color of her body huh.

No. 923700

She cannot edit for shit, complete silence and then the loudest background sounds and of course the disgusting pacifier she used to use before. Not washed in month I’m assuming

No. 923702

It's also because she uses a mic and has no idea how to do basic audio editing like removing room tone. She scammed for the mic and can't even use it properly.

No. 923703

The first photo looks like she actually cared about setting up a shot, the background is clean and it's not overwashed by pink.

It's clear that she just honestly stopped caring a long time ago.

No. 923707

lmao classic "facetune until your nose almost disappears" method. She's probably been seeing all the comparison posts here and wants to pretend it's not true. it was extra dumb to post a (mostly) unedited pic right alongside, her body looks completely different yet her face is a weird bright mask, it's obvious she's tried to remove the weight gain. and the dark line that's sharpening her jawline almost makes it look like she's got facial hair. She's such a mess

No. 923736

File: 1579984181967.png (329.51 KB, 750x1334, B85DEC47-CD18-4B46-8B7E-773AAC…)

r/ihavesex anal edition

No. 923741

Well, then no wonder she leaves shit all over the dildos.

No. 923757

Ugh she’s so cringe. She’s like Jeffree Star telling everyone about his “3 ways” and blowjobs that literally never happened. If you have to try and sell something THIS HARD, it’s not the truth and you’re only trying to convince yourself.

$10 says Shay is jealous of her successful vlogger Sim.

No. 923766

Now that you say it Shayna is a broke female Jeffree LOL, a pick me who does everything for the striaght male gaze, Who thinks that all women want to be her and all men want to fuck and be with her because she's not like other girls (or in jeffree's case like other gays/guys)
She can't dress for shit, she's a user who attracts users.
-She's a clout chaser who can't keep friends.
-Hates women.
-Talks shit but can't take it.
-has a problematic past
-bad taste
-emotionally abusive to her partners/people online
- Thinks people are just jealous of her & all criticism is jealously or bullyimg, that needs to be blocked.
- Both brag on their "sex lives" thinking it makes the 'haters" jealous.

-Both are big liars.

- I forgot obessed with Pink tacky things.

Just all around depressed unhappy people trying to pretend they aren't.
So you clocked Shayna 100% right.

No. 923767

"hi I'm Dolly Mattel and welcome to jackedass"

No. 923768

Only his worst qualities lol if Shayna was 5% as charismatic as him, she'd have some shreds of a career

No. 923771

As much as I hate him (and hate watch him like i do Shayna) you are right. She's all his worst qualities but without the shitty upbringing to some what explain some of the bullshit (but not excuse it)

No. 923779

File: 1579991529737.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.92 KB, 413x343, Screenshot_20200125-125117-01-…)

Goddamn girl. Fix your face. Looking like a certified clown.

No. 923781

File: 1579992008800.png (458.19 KB, 990x583, Screenshot_20200125-173900.png)

She really outs herself, man. And it don't even matter. Cause all she worried about is numbers.

No. 923784

We've officially reached the sperm brow era. Not sure if this is better or worse than when they used to touch her eyeliner.

No. 923785

who the actual living fuck does their makeup like this in 2020? is shayna blind and just hasn't told anyone yet? these sperm brows are revolting especially because her face is so big and wide now + eyeliner is as always, ridiculously thick and stupid.

No. 923786

How the fuck are her under-eye bags so wrinkled? that's spooky.

No. 923788

File: 1579993740920.png (374.59 KB, 2048x472, Screenshot_20200125-180903.png)

Wonder what happened to "I'm here if you need me, my inbox is always open if you need to vent"

Lol Shayna and her fake positivity.

No. 923790

What a cunt, call out culture Shayna strikes again! Putting people on blast!

No. 923792

This is why shay will die alone in a moldy apartment, on a child’s day bed.

No. 923793

imagine SOMEHOW looking up to shayna, coming to her inbox to maybe vent about an “abusive” parent or issues somewhat relating to the ones shayna has (even though she exaggerates & lies) then seeing this. she is such an asshole, i don’t understand what is wrong with this bitch

No. 923794

"I have no one to talk to"
>>whines to twitter & her discord

>> Someone reaches out to her, she doesn't say what about or what the context was, makes it seem like the person needs a listening ear

"Lol, go get a therpist! LoL"

No. 923795

File: 1579994904226.png (49.25 KB, 604x425, oo.PNG)

No. 923798

File: 1579995007144.png (20.68 KB, 595x181, b.PNG)

This is what happened and why she tweeted this

No. 923801

Yeah I'm >>923794
And I looked and saw that she wasn't just saying this out of nowhere when i looked and posted >>923799

No. 923804

Of course she would carry such a toxic mindset. You don’t owe shit to someone just because they love you.
That’s probably why she claims abuse so much, she thinks everyone owes her everything.

No. 923808

basically she doesn't know how to handle shit not going her waay without acting irrational in a big or small way.

No. 923818

You liked one of her tweets why are you here

No. 923820

yeah wtf lol

No. 923830

It was probably an accident because the heart was clicked at the same time the screenshot was taken. Otherwise the heart would be red.

No. 923832

Im not even signed in, I just had my mouse over the heart when I opened snipping tool,chill.

No. 923848

File: 1580003153493.jpeg (511.61 KB, 1242x1007, C3A5FEBD-078C-4AD1-832D-748F7D…)

why on earth does this make it sound like shes buying something off the internet and not washing it first???? If so, explains everything lol

No. 923876

I noticed her 1930s suitcases myself. She must be dehydrated every day

No. 923877

She really out here victim blaming Uma thurman's character.

No. 923880

Way to completely miss the point of the whole movie, Shayna

No. 923881

she says she hates drinking water, and Fupa used to have to force her on threat of ~punishment~, so she definitely is always dehydrated. she only takes care of herself if it's part of a kink with whatever man she's obsessed with at that moment.

No. 923910

your titling of the files are great, ty. this was terrible, she legit looked special needs through most of it but particularly when slobbering all over the dildo.

next thread subtitle.

No. 923927

She’s on her snap with some girl

No. 923950

screenshots? what’s even her snapchat name now? i didn’t know she was still posting on it.

No. 923965

IMAGE BOARD. why say that if you're not going to post caps. Find a screen record app that doesn't notify God damn that's irritating

No. 923970

File: 1580022060791.jpg (425.68 KB, 594x1220, 20200126_010053.jpg)


Not the same Anon as >>923927 but here's a cap

No. 923971

Working on finding a screen recorder, but she also posted videos with the blonde girl calling herself dolly

No. 923975

How many weeks are we giving this new found “friendship”?

No. 923981

I decided I don't trust screen recorders after the last anon got blocked by Shay, so I just recorded my whole phone. Quality is the same as the original snap, Shay's phone is just shit


No. 923982

Her snap name is irlbarbie. Looks like she's had it at least since November

No. 923984

Oh boy more people to publicly embarrass while she’s drunk. I’m sure this will end well.

No. 924020

lmao I had to do a double take because I thought she was standing there with spoony and stormy for a second

No. 924031

I wonder if she introduced herself as dolly lol

No. 924041

Big bet
"HI iM DoLlY mAtTeL"

No. 924073

call me a wk if you want but it's actually kind of nice seeing her out with other women. i doubt this 'friendship' will last more than three nights at the bar but hey, it's something.

No. 924076

people you get drunk with on saturday night and real friends are two different things but yes i guess it’s better than her sitting at home in a puddle of her own piss

No. 924088

that's why i used friendship loosely. i don't think shay is capable of making friends. even when she was popular on tumblr, did she REALLY have anyone who she seemed to hang out with without in being for clout?

No. 924105

I'm sure she was just at the bar alone and these two girls took pity on her and invited her to sit with them. we've never heard about them before and I'll be surprised if we hear about them a month from now. Shayna is a woman-hating BPD pick me drug addict, the first time she feels jealousy or insecurity she'll victimise herself and demonize them. (if they even feel bad enough to meet up with her again, wouldn't bet on it)

No. 924110

She wouldn’t show off her “daddy/BF” because of farmers but has no issue showing off friends? Knowing they’ll be posted and talked about here? I mean I get she hates women but still…odd that she would hide her BF and not them.

I know this is just a glimpse so I’m just tinfoiling/judging but they don’t look very happy rofl. The dark-haired girl looks slightly uncomfortable and the girl with glasses seems unamused by Shay.

No. 924131

File: 1580060526160.jpeg (456.78 KB, 1242x953, 775A50FE-33F3-412B-BFCD-E72853…)

When you gonna invite them over shay…? Let em see all your furniture, and those pets you have…? I also like that shes claiming she has a savings now lol

No. 924133

I wonder how bad she bragged to these people about how GREAT and empowering sex work is. In fact, I would not be surpised if this was her going, "All i have to do is ask for money and these men just throw it at me!UwU"

No. 924136

She bases her entire personality on sex work, what else does she have to talk about?

No. 924137

I just… This tweet shows exactly why; her bad dragon dildo was chewed up, she looks like she smells, and her apartment always looks filthy.. Like, she really left noodle at home, without a bathroom… Are you dumb Shay-shitforbrains?
Something tells me that these girls might sadly also do sex work, unless they work at a local dispo… Bc when does she have time to meet new faces, especially females? But i also notice she isnt staying active on twitter like she used to, so who knows at this point.

No. 924138

then they’re gonna search up her name, see this site, and drop her ass lmao

No. 924141

she probably just met them at the bar, if they were also sex workers i would think she would tag their social media etc.

No. 924142


Lmao you ain't fooling no one shay

No. 924144

File: 1580062585871.jpg (141.8 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20200126-191550_Twi…)

I reckon she had a drunken breakdown last night and told her shitty life story to these strangers

No. 924145

File: 1580062694485.png (812.75 KB, 1937x2048, Screenshot_20200126-130537.png)

I wonder if she's going to have any accountability but it's probably just gonna be more whining about other people.

No. 924146

What happened to keeping personal shit off her SW account? Literally no one fucking cares Shay. You’re not interesting nor are you specially. Everyone goes through their own personal stuff. I know you want to spew about your totally real BPD to feel unique and special- but girl…stop it. You’re like a fucking 15 year old trying to be cool on the internet for strangers.

And guess what? THEY DONT CARE. They, for some ungodly reason, want to see your sad, dry pussy that literally looks like a bunched up pair of old socks.

I think her fan base just enjoys seeing her humiliate herself. I mean…I enjoy it. Not sexually but it sure does make me feel better about myself.

No. 924147

I wonder if she's going to claim "Abuse" now or something

No. 924149

imagine feeling sorry for a girl in a bar so you go and keep her company, and then she posts a picture of you on her sex work snapchat

No. 924151

File: 1580063778238.png (577.24 KB, 2048x1267, Screenshot_20200126-133417.png)

it's pretty obvious her orbiters are the ones "spoiling" her. Cringe.

No. 924152

Also those "friends" couldn't scrap together 10 dollars for her to get home?

So how badly did she fuck up?

No. 924179


And then after seeing that, you decide to google her and find out that she lets her dog chew on her shit covered dildos and sleeps on a children’s day bed.

No. 924182

Bitch doesn't even have 10 bucks for an uber home?? Yet went out drinking instead of working. The bank didn't let her pull from savings because she has none. Did she think her new friends would pay for it or did she buy them a round last night to keep them around? Either way its pathetic.

Omg this. If she has intention on them being more than bar hangouts this is really fucked. One, to post them on her SW accounts and second, not care about their privacy like she did for her precious "daddy". Wouldnt post the dudes finger, but first time she hangs out with these girls, she posts their faces.

I think we should be respectful of these girls, but Shay knows it's always a risk.

No. 924186

Incoming "muh mental illness" sperg.
Do we think shes going to go the route of saying her relationship was abusive now or is she just going say she was unwell and not good to him? Will there be any self awareness at all or just a pity party?

No. 924191

I really hope she told them, "hey i'm a sex worker, this is going on my sex worker account!" because if not yeah thats kind of fucked up.

No. 924196

The fact that she's so careful with who she's dating and she's not careful with people she calls her friends identities on her sex workers account says a lot. or she was just drunk and doesn't think about what she's doing and thought it was okay to post regular people on her sex work account.

It's also not coincidental that anytime she goes out and drinks the next day she's got some emotional drama going on. I think Shay has some legitimate alcoholism that she's just not willing to come to terms with and probably just blames it on being young and having fun when it's obviously a problem in her life.

No. 924200

Kind of hard to play the mental illness card whenever you're openly getting drunk while apparently taking medication that you're not supposed to drink with. Shay is the problem

No. 924208

File: 1580070813766.jpg (633.46 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20200126-143357_Twi…)

What about that diet Shay?

No. 924211

It's not on her snap anymore

Also, where do we think she met these people?

No. 924222

Shay + cheeseburger does not equal cute pics in any way

No. 924226

Either Shay read what we said or she actually realized she was a drunk mess last night and was a dumbass to post these girls. Also for anyone interested, her snap is irlbarbiedolly, not irlbarbie

No. 924235

jfc why won't she take better care of herself? 2 in the afternoon and she's still hungover, and begging for a greasy cheeseburger which is the last thing anyone needs to be eating during a hangover. this is sad

No. 924238

Maybe she’s given up and is gonna become one of those feeder fetish people

No. 924241

Well she absolutely refuses water, so she's always dehydrated and alcohol doesn't hydrate it actually does the opposite, hence the hangover. Her last two braincells are dried up begging her to give them water and she just wants to feed her fat gut.

No. 924245

You mean after a night of drinking and never drinking water, when you wake up hungover and dehydrated, you don’t crave a high sodium meal?!

No. 924252

it’s so funny watching her go back on her plan of dieting, once she hits near 200 watch her cry for liposuction money

No. 924253

wasn’t thinking the same thing, who doesn’t crave fast food after drinking? y’all are just reaching for anything at this point

No. 924257

Yeah a plate of bacon or something greasy is a must to soak up the alcohol the next day kek

No. 924258

kek exactly. every adult I know craves greasy fast food after a hangover. anons are just bored and looking for any drop of milk they can find.

No. 924270

More like you are being white knights

No. 924272

stop trying to infight. there's plenty of things wrong with shayna being hungover (like the fact that she was supposedly stopping). her wanting greasy food is super nitpicky.

No. 924282

Damn hopefully these girls were made aware that their faces are immortalized on a porn account…

No. 924291

I mean it was Snapchat so it's not really immortalized but I get your point

No. 924295

KEK. Greasy food increases your hangover

No. 924304

stfu no one cares, can we stick to the actual milk.

No. 924332

She's been pretty quiet on Twitter today. Anything in her discord?

No. 924341

nope nothing

No. 924345

File: 1580088903563.jpg (513.91 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20200126-193220_Gal…)

That blonde/greeny haired girl is a friend of the girl anons speculated was dating fupa. I knew she looked familiar but it took me a bit to remember where. Interesting her new friends are again connected to fupa in a way.

No. 924350

Oh lawd. It probably has been fupa all this time. I mean why would he keep paying her phone bill if they had no contact n all that.

No. 924355

Starting today we will begin to label camwhores who come here with a vendetta. I will also ensure that there is a increase on moderation to cleanup excessive nitpicking.

No. 924357

I cant find pics of her on his page or anything, do you have proof of their connection? Because that would be hilarious.

No. 924358

May I ask how do you judge that?

No. 924378

They've either been deleted or privacy change. Cos I remember pictures with at least some girl which aren't there to view anymore.

No. 924379

File: 1580092057399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 225.1 KB, 705x1007, Screenshot_20200126-202328_Fir…)

This was posted July 2019 and discussed then. She has a bunch of pictures with this blond/greeny haired girl so they are most likely pretty close.

Spoilerr only because fupas face.

>>924378 And they're still up. I just grabbed this.

No. 924383

That doesn't really look like her at all in my opinion.

No. 924386

That's def not her

Come up with some proof anon you look retarded

No. 924388

Anon is just saying that blue hair girl is friends with Shay's new "friend".

No. 924392

File: 1580093468757.jpg (808.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200126_204857.jpg)


The blue and blond/greeny haired girl are two separate people… But continue adding your valuable two cents.

No. 924394

I think we should leave these girls alone. Lord knows they don't want to be tangled up in Shay's mess.

No. 924396

Anon never said it was her. JFC learn to read. That anon said the girl with the glasses is friends with a girl we suspected Fupa of dating.

No. 924399

File: 1580093822542.jpg (245.28 KB, 1078x1014, Screenshot_20200126-205736_Twi…)

No. 924400

Confirmed both girls in the pic with Shay are FB friends with Fupa's potential-ex. Although with them all being in Tulsa, not very surprising

No. 924401

Yeah Tulsa doesn't seem that big so I'm sure it's an everyone knows everyone situation

No. 924402

Dude hes a rapist tho?? So if you're not even into basketball you have no excuse to be so affected by his death.

No. 924407

it's a city of almost half a million people

No. 924408

Big tinfoil but what if shes doing weird shit trying to get Fupas attention or any attempt to stay close to him by fake friending girls connected to him?

Also I thought she had a lot to vent about today but I see she just retweeted her content all day. Like good on her I guess for attempting to be professional.
If that tweet is still up maybe she was just baiting though?? For her new friends to see or just for coddling from her orbiters.

No. 924409

I could see that. Maybe she is trying to pop up places he goes with her new dude or something and now she's trying to get into his social circle. I like where you're headed anon

No. 924410

Fupa is the only person she knows/only friend she has in Tulsa. Maybe he felt bad that she literally has no friends and introduced her to these girls out of pity. It can't be coincidence that they have only one degree of separation from him.

No. 924412

I think she was just drunk at a bar and these girls aren't even her friends she just doesn't want to look pathetic. I doubt she ever talks about them or we ever see them again

No. 924414

I could see this being true. She seems like the kinda girl who would hang out with an exs friends in order to crawl her way back into his life.

Or blue haired girl and fupa aren't that close and when him and Shay did break up, he tried something with blue haired girl, creeped her out, and now Shay and blue/+friends have something to bond over. I could totally see fupa trying to date another girl way to young for him.

She also has the friend who helped her bring noodle home. I couldn't find the video here to compare but it was definitely a very slim girl. I think I found that girl too and she is also friends with blue haired girl/fupa.

No. 924415

The fupa part seems a little far-fetched I doubt she's trying to be friends with someone because her ex got weird. It seems like these are people from the bar scene or art scene in Tulsa or something.

No. 924419

File: 1580095745074.jpg (287.24 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20200126-212703_Twi…)

The tweet is still up surprisingly

No. 924420

File: 1580095795555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 399.46 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20200126-212724_Twi…)

Why would you choose these photos when asking to be spoiled?

No. 924421

Most likely from a bar. No way Shay is in the art scene

No. 924426

>shayna in the art scene
lmao anon please

No. 924431

>art scene in Tulsa

No. 924445

Seems like Fupa and blue haired lady aren't friends on FB anymore lol

No. 924480

What Filter is this? She looks particularly cute and youthful in these pictures.

No. 924485

yeah i'd love to know how mods judge accurately who is a camwhore lol

No. 924517

No. 924536

File: 1580133075358.jpg (304.04 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20200127-075135_Twi…)

Throws her beliefs of God out the window, but still prays?(repost)

No. 924540

Anand they're gone

No. 924551

File: 1580137468625.jpg (235.36 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20200127_100405.jpg)


No. 924559

If they were friends last night and they weren't friends this morning someone is cow tipping and needs to stop

No. 924571

File: 1580140363079.jpg (468.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200127-105228_Twi…)

stop trying to be deep. you just sound retarded.

No. 924575

File: 1580141031890.jpeg (184 KB, 1242x529, 8F672161-12DC-420B-ADA2-2C0B84…)

Who said it'll be a "muh mentul healf" a day or so ago? Cause hits nail on head lool

No. 924579

are people really that shocked that someone died in a helicopter? it happens literally all the time.

No. 924587

Literally no body cares, Shayna lol Eat some more fast food and shut up.

No. 924590

>cute and youthful
anon, she looks like a nose wearing eyeliner and a hat in these pics. She practically filtered her face out of existence. I guess that's cuter than what she's looking like unfiltered these days, but seriously, she looks inhuman.

No. 924591

Inb4 she’s going to use Kobe’s death as an excuse to not “”””work”””””

No. 924599

It's because he's a person who did have a lot of impact on basket and spoke on behalf of his 13 yr old daughter (who died with him) carrying his legacy. When people said 'well you have a son for that.' he defended her and said basically fuck you. He really loved his family and helped a lot of people. So while it 'happens all the time' dosnt make it any less sad to a lot of folks.

I doubt Shay has been affected by it though

No. 924604

Shay probably just found out Kobe Bryant was a basketball player, kek.

No. 924614

File: 1580150722667.png (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 1242x2208, E12102B1-87F7-4250-B40B-7AB761…)

Why would you make this the first image people have availability to when coming across your work twitter? Your job is to sell yourself… This looks discouraging and sad..

No. 924618

looks like she's trying to keep herself from shitting

No. 924620

Dear God this bih UGLY
there is no way she thinks this looks good!?

Her wonky eyeliner, caterpillar eyebrows, bloated ass face…
Musty crusty and dusty all at the same time
How can a person be so painfully unaware of their unattractiveness

No. 924623

the FUPA has arrived.

No. 924626

That's her pubic mound, not a fupa ffs. She has a small one but you can't see it in this pic.

No. 924627

How could she look at her face and think "yes this is sexy and alluring, perfect"

No. 924628

Her eyebrows keep migrating further from the center and getting shorter tails, it's absolutely hysterical.

No. 924629

File: 1580152210871.png (359.35 KB, 2048x566, Screenshot_20200127-141021.png)

If that's what you want then maybe you shouldn't be a sex worker. Where you have to work for your money.

No. 924632

File: 1580152600447.jpeg (189.63 KB, 1226x1551, 9C0F4FC8-EBE2-45B9-AD3F-0FF5BC…)


No. 924634

Return of Shayna’s ballsack!

No. 924638


so fucking gross definitely somewhere on the spectrum

No. 924650

File: 1580155888235.jpg (1.13 MB, 2250x2250, pt2020_01_27_15_11_34.jpg)

Shayna please for the love of god stop this(nitpick)

No. 924659

i don't understand why she does this, time and time again she has tried taking advice from here, but when she completely misinterprets it and screws her look up even more it takes so long for her to try something else. her ridiculous moon face isn't fixable, but she doesn't need to do a lot to fix her shitty make up.

No. 924664

She said fuck it and left her winged eyeliner like that. Also why does she do her eyebrows like that? And her pussy lips are scaring me. There’s just so much going on.

No. 924668

If she put even a minimal amount of effort into posing and lighting she could at least partially mitigate her moon face. None of it is rocket science. There's no excuse for her to look this bad, tons of bigger girls post pictures online and manage to not look like hot garbage. She's just terminally, pathetically lazy. I genuinely wonder if she is just too stupid to see how bad she looks. I don't know how you could look at pictures like this and conclude they are perfectly fine to share on the internet.

No. 924681

File: 1580157643058.png (1.62 MB, 1226x1551, 1580152600447.png)

it's only a matter of time…

No. 924682

>a nose wearing eyeliner and a hat

kek thank you for that

this image should be banned from the internet. mom come pick me up i'm scared

No. 924686

This is some low quality shemale porn good lawd
Or maybe
"Trailer Tranny"

No. 924688

File: 1580158046617.jpeg (744.19 KB, 1242x1755, 20D55B08-60B3-4EC7-95A9-366071…)

>>just an update
Twitter isn't your manager, they don't need to hear your excuses that lead to you "Calling off".. Get a damn diary or open up your notes tab and spew there

No. 924690

But I thought she was definitely bipolar and now totally bpd??
Also news recap Shay but your meds will never work properly unless you take them consistently AND QUIT DRINKING. Stop wasting their fucking time and lying to them. Shes also probably trying to switch because she thinks they are they only reason shes getting fat.

No. 924693

File: 1580158580475.jpeg (63.23 KB, 837x1033, D9BB9929-1C30-4351-A9BB-7AC0AF…)

Even with edits she still looks like a pig wearing lipstick(nitpicking)

No. 924696

Dead inside

No. 924710

maybe it's just me but she looks worse with these eyebrows, really enforces the trailer trash aesthetic.

No. 924712

next thread pic

No. 924720

I legitimately laughed, you guys oh my god

Gotta make her eyeliner touch her hairline.

I remember the day we rejoiced when her liner finally touched her eyebrow. Now her eyebrows are slowly disappearing as her liner grows. It's truly spectacular.

No. 924721

chef's kiss
Truly special needs tier.
Stay fat and stupid, Shay. This is hilarious.

No. 924727

Damn She is huge. She looks like a cabbage patch kid with mangled teef. The over the top crooked liner. Short blocky brows. Jesus Christ. And that fucking ballsack puss. Lmao.(nitpicking)

No. 924735

File: 1580163064913.png (246.22 KB, 720x777, Screenshot_20200127-150851~2.p…)

Hold up… I remember in an old thread that she called out indigo for messaging her whenever she was getting attacked for the trump situation (I believe indigo was messaging her support and she called indigo racist and blocked her) amusing to see her attempting to be buddy buddy with her now.

No. 924737

they’re two of the most completely hated people in their entire community so maybe they think it’ll be advantageous to join forces and combine into a supernova of mongoloid rage

No. 924738

Looking like a dick tucked up

No. 924771

File: 1580167046528.png (213.17 KB, 595x458, 1544476348199.png)

that's… what a FUPA is, kek. fat upper pubic area = fat mons pubis = fat pubic mound. anything above that is stomach fat, which is not part of the pubic area.

Shayna: sex work isn't just begging for money and offering nothing in return! stop making sex workers look bad, lazy bitches! sex work is REAL WORK!
also Shayna: wtf pay me for existing

dang she's such a hypocrite. pic related, here's where it was posted over a year ago: >>>/snow/747026

sage for old milk

No. 924773

Lmao I want to know how admin knows who’s a sex worker? I have no idea how anon boards/IP shit works but this is hilarious.

How does that mean anyone cowtipped? She has been mentioned/posted before. Unless she’s a newer poster or visitor of the threads and wasn’t before and saw herself posted here. Fupa has also been known to visit the treads. It’s possible he Unfriended her.

No. 924775

File: 1580167484934.jpeg (170.18 KB, 1242x1575, 6EBB4DFA-9649-48E7-BA7C-1D15A5…)

i messed around and edited some natural & straight eyebrows onto shays face. i actually think she could pull something like this off ! sorry if this is nitpicking(nitpicking)

No. 924776

This isn't nitpicking it's just pure horror

No. 924777

lmao anon this makes her look like she actually has down syndrome

No. 924779

honestly i played around with so many different eyebrows and they all look like shit lmao, shay is just so ugly . they are by far the best out of the other eyebrows though

No. 924783

everything's going to look wrong with the eyeliner as giant as it is

No. 924784

and why did you do this? like who needs this content?

No. 924788

there's no fixing her face like this, unless you took the time to remake it from the ground up from different pictures lol.

yep, and they aren't even symmetrical, she did 2 completely different styles on each side.

No. 924792

it's not just the eyeliner that makes her ugly no matter what, it's mostly the retarded facial expressions she does. that smile makes her look like she has one bottom tooth.

No. 924794

Stop. Everyone needs to stop reposting this photo with different eyebrows. You’re not going to suddenly wow us. She’s fucking ugly and changing her stupid eyebrows isn’t going to suddenlyy make her appealing.

There should be a board in /ot/ or /g/ for cow makeovers.

No. 924801

Omg the sexworker label is perfect, it's so garish I love it

No. 924803

File: 1580172333111.jpeg (116.93 KB, 865x766, BDC4633C-FE51-47B9-B21E-EBA226…)

No. 924813

File: 1580173326298.png (603.9 KB, 2048x1633, Screenshot_20200127-200215.png)

Can she just admit to herself that she doesn't want to be a sex worker and just wants her name known no matter what?

No. 924828

File: 1580175633468.jpg (81.16 KB, 500x324, the power that has.jpg)

No. 924829

damn, i really wanna know how admins determine if someone is a sex worker. could they have checked the ips of sex workers who've interacted with shay on twitter?

No. 924831

The fuck is all this nitpicking by the mods? Her brows are funny. Quit sucking the fun out of the thread.

No. 924833

Sageing doesn't give this thread a pass to be filled to the brim with nitpicking and vendettas.
Some of them admit to it, and it's obvious when someone's post history is filled with whiteknighting particular camgirls on twitter, and a clear vendetta. You're not fooling anyone when this is the only thread you post in, anons.

No. 924845

I haven't posted in over a year because this site has really gone to shit. Now you're over-policing the last mildly entertaining thread.
Having special red text labelling powers doesn't stop you from being dumb & nitpicky yourself.(>>>meta)

No. 924847

Shopping cows into more presentable versions of themselves has been a staple since long before lolcow even existed, but apparently now it's nitpicking

No. 924851

i just don't get why posts like >>924632
are NITPICKS. that is one picture that deserves to be reposted zoomed in. and it doesn't fit the definition of a "nitpick" really.

No. 924853

Admins turned this place to shit a long time ago. I seldomly post but when I do I always get a ban for some dumb shit. That dumb bitch totally ignored a slew of nitpicks. Either they're all banned or none at all quick your cherry picking and unclench yourself admin. it's bad enough this website is glitchy as fuck and hardly user friendly, but the salt laden admins make it 10x worse with your shit.(ban evasion)

No. 924861

Does anyone think shay still has a chance left at becoming a real human? I used to think she could turn this shit around but her existence just keeps getting more bleak. I guess it's v superficial but I feel like the weight gain is super telling. Her job depends on her looks and she's just let herself go so hard.
Oh and speaking of nitpicking, anon seldom is already an adverb, so you don't need the ly.

No. 924862


A lot of anons have been asking for more modding in the shay thread because they want to see her in /pt/. While I agree the admin might be going a bit overboard, posting the same damn photo 4 times with different eyebrows is stupid. We all know her eyebrows are ugly. It becomes a nitpick when that’s all anyone can say. It’s the same shit with her veiny tit. Or the constant comparison photos from 4 years ago. It’s not milk.

Nothing wrong with one, MAYBE two edits. But just let shay be the ugly dumpster fire she is. It’s easy to roast her without the same ol ThOSe EyEbRowS ThO

No. 924866

she’s not /pt/ material so if that’s the reason people want more modding itt then they’re retarded

No. 924867

For real. Compared to a few years ago, this place really went down hill. It used to quench my petty drama thirst and now it's like there's a bunch of hall monitors writing people up lmao(>>>meta)

No. 924868

File: 1580184937180.jpeg (230.37 KB, 1125x740, E59002D7-1733-4B3D-87F8-9E5CC4…)

No. 924874

What the fuck is up with the new rules? This idiot sells her fucked up body for a living but god forbid we derive any entertainment from it on serious forum lolcow dot farm(>>>meta)

No. 924881

File: 1580187856293.jpg (113.52 KB, 1080x468, Screenshot_20200128_000407.jpg)

Can you believe being THIS delusional

No. 924887

It'd be shocking if she ever tweeted something that wasn't about herself, or was about someone else while not attacking them.

No. 924892

go complain in the /meta/ thread then and stop shitting this one up further.

what the fuck lmao its never been a staple

No. 924898

Since the days of shopping Pixyteri on staminarose and other Chan boards, newfag

No. 924906

File: 1580195283724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 649.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200128-020809_Chr…)

of anon

No. 924908

File: 1580195384504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 634.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200128-020816_Chr…)

…the fucking dirty UGGs with the same skirt

No. 924909

Her wearing that skirt up to her tits is hilarious. It’s like when momokun hikes her underwear up to her rib cage.
Just take your dog for walks, cook your own food, ease up on the beer and you’ll stop growing back tits.

No. 924910

She looks like a fat toddler omfg

No. 924911

She really has no idea how trashy she looks and not in a cute trashy bimbo way but just methed up trash

No. 924926

Holy fuck, can't wait to see how she'll be adjusting her 5 sizes too small wardrobe around her lard in the future. She's got, what? 10 articles of clothing that actually see the light of day. Eventually she's gotta crawl out of the denial pit and size up. Then all she'd have to worry about is how she'll unlearn dressing like utter shit a majority of the time.

No. 924927

wow THIS is the worst. ever. idk why yanks don't get this but in aus, wearing uggs is the epitome of foul bogan style. why include them in your "sexy" pics?? or brag about having them at all?

No. 924928

File: 1580207073381.jpg (Spoiler Image, 497.53 KB, 2047x2048, IMG_20200128_112248.jpg)

Gone so hard on the blur tool her ass crack is nearly gone

No. 924941

nah they pretty much have the equivalent reputation in the US.

No. 924961

File: 1580218439457.jpeg (408.14 KB, 1242x901, 4D4C99D3-D19F-4D3B-A42E-E7ECB7…)

Ohhhhhhh, so thats how she used the thrifted uggs she bought?? That's absolutely gross and 100% guarantee she didn't wash them before using them

No. 924962

who would even wear boots for taking porn pics? and ugg boots are just trashy in general.

No. 924966

well, at least she did hit the mark this time. pedo pandering at her current size must be hard

No. 924969



what a luxe bimbo barbie! buying used uggs from tulsa trailer trash! the dudes fapping to her bloated bod totally wanna read this.

i’m not against thrifting by any means, but isn’t her whole image supposed to be like spoiled dumb bby bimbo? she is living up to the drunk-auntie-wearing-daughter’s-clothes image anons often point out

No. 925026

you think dudes fapping to this are suddenly going to care about where she got what's on her feet? And fuck who wears thrifted UGGs? That's a picture with several smells. I want to see what else she got.

No. 925071

File: 1580243329641.png (5.15 MB, 1242x2208, 8A9350EB-4D7E-4789-BFC0-029818…)

I Ed1T f0R H0uRS
It really almost looked like she had a training bra on to begin with, then you realize its her "daddy" shirt lol

No. 925072

File: 1580243361084.png (4.8 MB, 1242x2208, 7C493E40-CF7B-485B-9705-FB4697…)


No. 925081

File: 1580243861785.jpeg (677.22 KB, 1242x1514, D08D024C-0289-49BE-B2B1-E619ED…)

drum roll
And no, she didn't forget about adding a creepy blurb about her youngest brother afterwards

No. 925085

File: 1580245109061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 720.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200128-155720_Chr…)

I'm not even going to bother posting all of the rest of these photos because I can assure you they are all exactly the same

No. 925088

Why doesn't she just buy the same skirt in a bigger size? Denial?

I can't imagine it costs much.

No. 925091

her fried hair and dandruff, the massive cottage cheese thighs, the mentally challenged facial expression, the attempt at hiding her gut and tree trunk body… this is a masterpiece. please don't ever change shayna, i wouldn't know what to do

No. 925094


This is the #1 facial expression to make when you're trying to seduce men

No. 925136

File: 1580250820065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.8 KB, 1068x615, Screenshot_20200128-233128_Twi…)

How cheap is this buttplug that her tapping it caused the jewel to fall out?


No. 925165

Probably $3 on Amazon. That and who knows how old and decrepit it is.

No. 925190

she really doesn't get her angles, i'm sure some dudes like having those gross uggs being so close to the camera but it's not appealing when she's trying to be 'buttstuff barbie baby bimbo uwu'.

these are the "adorable pix" she took for her subscribers to "die" over, omf.

No. 925210

It's like a cheap 3 pack set from Amazon (under $20) that every beginner sex worker gets. She's had the same butt plugs for years and they're all tiny.

No. 925214

it really seems like she is trying to cover up some issue with her feet, fungus possibly? she needs to cover her nasty face with a fkn ugg boot

No. 925227

File: 1580255541660.jpg (31.57 KB, 480x480, ygh.jpg)

No. 925234

She might not be obese or anything but god she needs to learn how to angle and pose as a bigger girl. She needs to make herself not look like a phoebe tickner deathfat and start looking at the bigger sex workers and see what they do, but she won’t because she’s got 3 brain cells

No. 925236

File: 1580256979734.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.44 KB, 914x588, Screenshot_20200128_191620.jpg)

Of anon here

No. 925238

what am i even looking at? are those blackheads or stubble?

No. 925239

She can have a career as Luna slater's body double

No. 925246

She is at least somewhat right that her butt has more shape now than the hank hill ass she had when she was skinny, but that cellulite is tragic. Everyone has it to some extent but I’ve never seen it so bad an widespread on someone shay’s age who isn’t actually obese. She has the ass of a middle-aged secretary.

Her body type is so unfortunate though that if she loses the weight she would need to lose to get her guy in check, her ass will disappear too. Her only hope would be heavy weightlifting to add muscle but we KNOW she ain’t gonna do that.

No. 925253

For being such an "anal Queen," you'd think she would have better qualify butt plugs

No. 925254

File: 1580261129777.jpg (128.59 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20200128-192512_Twi…)

So she can get more tickets?

Also, did she ever get her license changed? Remember she got all "glammed up" for her photo and they were closed or something?

No. 925261

File: 1580263034915.jpg (243.37 KB, 720x1003, 20200128_205606.jpg)

No. 925262

according to this she should be getting on cam tonight, kek. I'd say place your bets, but I don't think anyone is dumb enough to bet on her doing her job that SHE sets the schedule for

No. 925264

And bigger ones. They’re all the size of thumbs.

And this is WITH blurring. I kind of want to see the horrors that is shay’s unedited cellulite.
I know she knows she’s gained weight, but I don’t think she sees how much she’s actually gained. She seems to be gaining rather fast too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing bright red stretch marks on her soon at the rate she’s gaining.

No. 925266

File: 1580263777340.jpg (Spoiler Image, 457.75 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20200128-200820_Twi…)

OF anon, come through

No. 925267

oh great more videos of her gagging on that pink dildo. also the first line of that description made me start laughing

No. 925268

Anyone notice the tag still on the Hllo Kitty backpack? Kek

No. 925277

File: 1580266770975.jpg (329.08 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20200128-205945_Twi…)

Guess no camming tonight

If that beeping has been going on, how did she make her new video?

No. 925279

she's on a fast spiral downwards recently. i could see her going back home soon, seems like she's running out of money. i wonder if this is a result of mixing her medication with daily drinking

No. 925284

File: 1580268543377.png (212.12 KB, 750x1334, 5841406E-42D9-440F-B6C3-22701C…)

so is she just leaving her animals alone in her dirty apartment then?

No. 925285

i know it's shay and her vid descriptions often don't make sense, but how would a teacher see that she has a butt plug in?

oh nice, leave your pets so you can be selfish and rub your "desperate holes" all over a hotel. or she's scamming to make her rent.

No. 925286

File: 1580268873641.jpg (183.07 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20200128-213504_Twi…)

Yeah, while your pets are alone in your nasty ass apartment

No. 925289

she might have filmed it long before the beeping started, because OF anon was posting her pics 20 hours ago on here while the beeping started only 8 hours ago according to shayna. i don't see why she wouldn't AT LEAST call maintenance to come check on it.

i hope she considers going home to her dad. he seems very supportive of her in many ways but i also get the feeling that he wants better for her (what parent doesn't?). twitter and discord would never hear the end of it if she somehow moved in with her mom

No. 925290

File: 1580270190379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.12 KB, 1080x1540, IMG_20200128_225530.jpg)

Of anon

I genuinely feel like I was watching someone with special needs and it felt awful.


No. 925293

File: 1580270341758.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.51 KB, 1080x1560, IMG_20200128_225551.jpg)


No. 925294

File: 1580270399825.jpg (Spoiler Image, 216.75 KB, 1080x1527, IMG_20200128_225538.jpg)


The fupa. Shay… Go home.

No. 925295


She doesn't even use the teacher narrative… She calls the viewer daddy over and over… It makes zero sense.

No. 925296

Shay is dumb enough to end up dying from carbon monoxide poisoning because the beeping ends up being the detector.

No. 925298

well so much for the anon earlier that said she no longer has the hank hill ass

No. 925299

oh boy, i named the video oof and the redtext broke the link, here it is

thank you other OF anon for the caps

No. 925303

File: 1580271576088.gif (243.06 KB, 220x148, tenor.gif)

No. 925304

File: 1580271690944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 280.53 KB, 750x1654, BF3D8C4C-325C-4404-AB48-31DB7E…)

No. 925305

File: 1580271750590.png (Spoiler Image, 3.35 MB, 750x1334, 81B7F261-A135-4710-8485-FDF801…)

My favorite(nitpicking/repost)

No. 925308

Okay I haven’t checked this thread in months ..
What the FUCK happened to her ?? God damn a lot to catch up on sorry I’m just floored

No. 925309

was she trying to do ahegao or did her face just contort into a mentally disabled expression unintentionally?

No. 925310

>pulls skirt up to ribcage to hide stomach fat
>potbelly hangs out anyway

it's basically just a belt at this point. I wonder how long she'll continue this denial, if she really thinks if she just ignores the new weight it'll just magically go away soon

No. 925312

Been following Shayna for 2.5 years and I never understood anons that say she's too sad to watch but I know how they felt now.

No. 925317

I am very confused as to how her face got round and puffy so fast, almost as if she's on Prednisone. What all is happening here?

No. 925318

I’m dying at how absolutely stretched tight to their limits those poor abused underwear are.

No. 925320

Alcohol and sodium bloat, probably. Even when she tried to eat “healthy” for like a week last year her diet was full of salty shit like deli turkey meat and microwaved frittatas. Combined with the fact that she never drinks water, she’s probably carrying an extra 5 pounds of water retention alone.

No. 925329

Check "desperate holes"

That really shoulda been on the bingo card lol

No. 925353

File: 1580284254785.jpg (270.83 KB, 820x1147, Shayplz.jpg)


No. 925387

Going to a hotel to avoid problems of the apartment and she leaves her animals. She is such a terrible/lazy person oml. No wonder she keeps gaining weight.

No. 925400

File: 1580304252602.jpeg (109.68 KB, 677x625, D44BF089-7AF6-4C42-9FF4-35BFB5…)

She’s been giving me Mary Sanderson vibes lately lmao and sorry to nitpick but these little tiny baby caterpillars are so frustrating to look at like what the fuck is she thinking

No. 925404

File: 1580306376173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.4 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20200129-075136_Dro…)

That creepy as smile

No. 925405

File: 1580306409733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 274.15 KB, 1071x605, Screenshot_20200129-075641_Dro…)

Very sexy Shay

No. 925407

File: 1580306636896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 534.31 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20200129-080425_Twi…)

No. 925408

File: 1580306669332.jpg (233.57 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20200129-080412_Twi…)

Only if they're making fun of you

No. 925409

idk who this bitch is but some of you are way to obsessed with looking at her cunt and all that stuff…why?
My fault for clicking on the spoilers whenever i see this thread tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925410

because she makes a living off of showing her cooter and can't take basic care of it. sage for no milk

No. 925412

Yeah but how can you all stomach looking at that….i feel sick just looking at her naked pictures because of how disgusting she looks.
Also why would you want to look at someone's cooter wtf.

No. 925414

because some of us are gay, anon

shes gunna have to learn to take "photosets" without scrunching her neck down into 3 extra chins. welcome to living fat shay, better start taking notes

No. 925415

get off the thread anon if you don't like it, no one is forcing your weak ass to be here.

No. 925417

Her eyebrows are even shorter wtf

No. 925422

lmaoo the way she's sucking up her stomach to get her ribs showing

No. 925427

"Morning with dolly Mattel" includes no hygenic practices, a slug of pink wine, a blunt, and going over her eyeliner from 2 days ago.

No. 925456

anon, please, my sides. this comparison is spot on.

No. 925471

I hope noodle and ribmeat shit on her crusty carpet and daybed as a welcome back surprise for leaving them behind.

No. 925490

shes started to look like a retarded raini rodriguez

No. 925493

File: 1580321088220.jpeg (224.67 KB, 1242x439, 22E1AE88-CB72-46F4-AF4F-D92836…)

Good lord… Imagine only being able to make content; in a hotel room, away from your pets, in another bathroom because you know you live like trash??? …
Im sure its all mediocre copy-paste bs anyways

No. 925494

File: 1580321116325.jpeg (224.63 KB, 1242x1102, 57443D26-98C2-47CE-B840-00E780…)


No. 925496

File: 1580321199943.jpeg (513.05 KB, 1242x941, 363101AF-2F4F-4FB4-845A-E6015F…)

Hilarious that she knows when she shouldn't be talking about something because of how many times she uses "like" to help her point along

No. 925498

File: 1580321377761.jpeg (354.52 KB, 1242x566, 1337A725-5C8F-4445-A97A-C07E6C…)


And she adds suicidal baiting to ICE dentainees???
>>its hard 4 me 2 want to live
Yeah imagine how they feel being away from their lived ones, their families, not having food, being assaulted….. But its hard for YOU, SHAY.

No. 925501

nice hot take 2 years late, shaytard

No. 925511

File: 1580323408494.png (74.15 KB, 760x295, Screenshot_20200129-130325.png)

she's going to "try to get on" cam for one of the three nights she said she would.

at this point documenting her utter inability to stick to her own schedule is getting redundant. It's more notable when she actually DOES do what she says she will. It's like TND and saying she'll posting videos

No. 925522

File: 1580324652451.jpeg (280.95 KB, 828x930, 7435C507-783F-420B-BC9B-5A448F…)

honestly, I feel like she deserves the worst? Also, how does internet go out?? 90% chance she didn’t pay for it. I guess that will be her reason why she won’t cam tonight

No. 925525

should have added "my internet is out" to the bingo card

No. 925527

shes right her life is a shitshow but it isnt because she has no hot water,

No. 925530

why is hot water even important to her? she doesn't shower.

No. 925531

wtf kind of roach motel was she staying in that they kept her in a room with no hot water? that is not a normal occurrence…

No. 925534

You can literally hear her neighbors in the background which means that they can hear her recording as well.

No. 925535

File: 1580326130363.jpg (65.61 KB, 1067x425, Screenshot_20200129-202852_Twi…)

Just shut the fuck up shay

No. 925537

remember when people were like, "We don't know if she emotionally abuses her bf" if she says shit like this, it's not hard to believe she's telling that dickhead this shit. Imagine how many times she's told her parents, "i'll die if I can't do x,y and z!"

She's said she wanted to die three times already come on

No. 925538

File: 1580326441840.jpg (1013.7 KB, 1564x1564, 20200129_132910.jpg)

So her hotel was around $60 and if I remember correctly where she lives she went pass several other, closer hotels, to get to this one? And leave her animals alone with an unknown beeping… I don't see her taxes+Uber ride being $40 more.

No. 925539

File: 1580326587794.jpeg (251.75 KB, 1242x437, 13238EB5-3039-406C-808E-6E0837…)

Maybe she can muster the same amount of privilege she claims she has to turn a blind eye to ICE detainment? Muster that privilege and contact someone who will obviously help you when you claim you wanna die because the internet doesn't care

No. 925540

File: 1580326600684.jpg (577.82 KB, 810x2024, Screenshot_20200129-133604_Twi…)

100% this is some shit a manipulator says to get their way and make people feel guilty, even though this is all on Shay's shoulders.

No. 925541

i swear to god i cannot fucking stand her staring at the camera. STOP IT. GET SOME HELP

No. 925544

jesus fuck… take your dog outside and leave your shithole apartment for 5 minutes. why is she saying she’s literally going to die without internet? this is one of her more pathetic outbursts

No. 925555

Couldn't she like… Clean her house and shoot videos? Why would she need the internet for that? Take her dog for a walk? Go grocery shopping? Literally anything a normal person does every day?

No. 925558

I don't have internet for a day IM SUICIDAL. Fucking gross. Spend time with your pets you ditched last night, do some fucking crunches, take pics for your work, make yourself something to eat, CLEAN YOUR PLACE, etc. You still have Twitter and your phone you fucking first world dipshit. Not watching Netflix for a day wont kill you. It really wont. Not like you were gonna cam anyway. Great excuse!

No. 925560

She doesn't deserve to go without internet for 1 whole day! It's making her suicidal! She NEEDS it! Her phone isn't enough she needs more distractions from her shit life she does nothing to improve!

No. 925562


I don't think it's her neighbours, sounds like she just left Netflix on. Heard the word "outbreak" a lot so probably that new pandemic series. Very sexy topic for a background noise Shayna

No. 925567

Lol EXACTLY. I meant to bring this up last night when she was begging. She doesn’t shower so why would she need to rent a hotel for a night just for that??? Makes no sense. Also, if you need to shower that bad, warming a pot of water on the stove is a lot cheaper. Bitch is stupid and not in the way she thinks she is with her whole uwu bimbo baby.

Wow shay. Your life is sooooo hard. No hot water and no internet? If you literally can’t handle life because of that, then yea you may as well fucking end it because you’re a pathetic waste of oxygen. Plenty of people would be happy with your current situation. You know like those poor immigrant children that are locked up away from their family’s that you suddenly care about.


No. 925568

Can she seriously not go to a library or starbucks to use the wifi damn girl

No. 925571

I lost it when she gagged on her fucking butt plug. Gagging is hot, but gagging on barely anything is not.

No. 925573

sage your “gagging is hot” autism

No. 925574

You obviously have data on ur phone. You can watch netflix on it you dumb cunt.

No. 925583

>I wanna be dead
>I wanna die
>I hate life

I feel like she does this shit when she tells people she’s going to get on cam for a few. Nights (because she needs money). And then she remembers she can just say shit like this and people give her money out of pity.

I also noticed she started this whole uwu suicide shit when she started throwing around BPD. It’s all fake and she’s just sitting in her moldy apartment eating junk food, feeling perfectly fine and normal while pretending to want to die. I just don’t buy it.

No. 925593

she obviously has data on her phone if she is sending tweets while her net is down, why doesn't she look at shit on there if she can't live without the internet? or as other anons suggested, literally do anything else, she should have no distractions from doing her minimal responsibilities now.

No. 925595

how tf did she end up making this about herself yet again

"wanting to die bc your internet goes out for <24 hours" is not a symptom of any mental illness. find a hobby offline you privileged narcissistic slag

No. 925601

File: 1580333253995.jpg (210.59 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20200129_162634.jpg)

How many times are we going to hear this?

"I will start to work very hard! (Tomorrow)"

No. 925603

could be a symptom of addiction though, she really makes everything she does into one.

there's no way she'll save up that much money, she is unable to keep enough money for rent most of the time with her constant dispensary runs and alcohol consumption.

No. 925636

>sit here with nothing to distract me
doesnt she have a Nintendo switch as well? And she could set up a hotspot on her phone to use her laptop if she needs to. Literally the only thing she doesn't have is her TV. She's on Twitter, she has internet access. What a privileged fuck.

No. 925638

And a PS4. Also the Sims? She says she was spending all day on that before so why not now? That doesn't need internet

No. 925642

Why does she care if there’s hot water stop trying to pretend you shower shay

No. 925645

She always begs for money during the end of the month. I’m sure she just wants rent money but is baiting suicide

No. 925655

File: 1580341811778.png (168.6 KB, 1242x2208, 569C7A8C-1CBC-4D75-9A1D-C77A1B…)

So like…. Anyone spot the problem between this >>925277 dumb sperg she had and this post she JUST made??
Because it sounds like there was a public water maintenance scheduled for the apartment complex and her dumbass is trying to garner unknown-struggle-send-help pity pay.
>> dated for today
>>bitched about no hot water yesterday
>> time-stamped for 1 hour ago
Yawn.. Her lies are seeping through
But on the plus side, two nights in a hotel room away from your animals. Cant even imagine the poop and pee.

No. 925661

Its been said before but when is her shit NOT on sale?? Like seriously. I can think of maybe a couple times she made a point of saying "I'm done with sales for a while" and that holding up for a week.

Is she gonna do a sale on her already discounted shit? Lmao
Remember Shay, lower prices don't make your content more desirable, just cheap!!

No. 925663

Kek her dumbass thought the water heater was broken probably too high to remember a water shut off notice. Keep scamming and lying Shay!

No. 925672

File: 1580344101279.jpg (474.8 KB, 1079x1218, Screenshot_20200129-162816_Twi…)

Not milky but I bet she wishes Noodle would take herself to the dog park so she can stay at home and fester

No. 925675

Imagine being a sad e-whore for 4 years instead of enjoying youth and still don't have $5000 to your name.

No. 925687

File: 1580347330343.jpeg (547.62 KB, 1242x887, 3397DA5D-A488-4530-9195-09C1F2…)

Its traumatizing to read through her tweets sometimes, because if some of these were to be seen by a professional… They'd commit her to a unit.
if i wasn't mentally ill and hating the life choices I've made for myself, i could thrive
You sound like a bait bitch…. Lol everything on your twitter is sad, depressing, gaping, pimple covered mediocrity.. Your looks only have half to do with it, the other half is that blinded mentality you're carrying

No. 925700

Yes Shayna, I'm sure other families trying to enjoy the pool would love to see you stuffed in a bikini you bought 30 pounds ago.

No. 925702

File: 1580349352344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.21 KB, 1077x1091, Screenshot_20200129-180719_Twi…)

OF anon, come through

No. 925703

>I know my content is fire

No, shay, that’s exactly the problem. Your content is NOT fire, it’s the quality that’s the issue, not the quantity. If you made higher-quality content you wouldn’t have to make as much of it.

No. 925704

File: 1580349428405.jpg (Spoiler Image, 405.88 KB, 1075x674, Screenshot_20200129-180704_Twi…)

No. 925705

File: 1580349472299.jpg (249.04 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20200129-180732_Twi…)

Your mom has told you multiple times you can come home for FREE

No. 925706

the amount of editing/smoothing she had to do on her body here lol

No. 925707

File: 1580349584030.jpg (169.59 KB, 1080x767, Screenshot_20200129-163334_Twi…)

Yeah, cause that's EXACTLY what people want to read on a Sex Worker's Twitter

No. 925720

Even if someone handed her a couple thousand dollars to help with moving expenses, she would spend it all on food, weed and stupid shit on amazon.

No. 925723

she’s really becoming the new momokun with her blatant abuse of the blur/smooth

No. 925731

File: 1580353830606.jpg (237.75 KB, 1074x930, Screenshot_20200129-211119_Twi…)

No. 925732

she's known her lease will be up for how long now and has saved fuck all b/c she thinks she deserves to be sent money for everything.

also lol at "prob start up some sort of sale soon", i fucking knew she would find another reason to keep her onlyfans at $3 for longer than she claimed she would. we'll see her usual underselling of all her vids shortly and then still bitch about needing x amount if she actually comes to moving b/c she can't save anything ever.

wasn't she supposed to be putting out vids every day this week, or at least "working 32hrs" like she claimed after buying a whiteboard from target to keep herself organized.

No. 925736

One of her better photos of her current weight tbh. It's smoothed and blurred to hell and back, but hey she tried. And it doesn't have her bloated retarded face in it, so it can pass kek

No. 925737

File: 1580354562564.jpg (669.57 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20200129-212301_Twi…)

No. 925739

Of course she took it laying down. That way she has no bulges

No. 925741


Lol at how tight the garter is squeezing her rhino thighs

No. 925742

at least she took our advice and found some bigger girl poses

No. 925744

You're completely right. Out of all the shit show pictures she's posted lately, this is her best in a while. I think the abrattypixie girl is helping her, because that camgirl also blurs/smooths the shit out of Her pictures and is also retweeting/commenting on Shay's crap constantly. Plus she barely shows her face. I honestly thought this was brattypixie at first because of those reasons. Shay should show her face less and get rid of the seven different shades of pink in the background/clothing because neither are doing her favors.

No. 925745

She looks like a literal fat baby in make up kek

No. 925757

File: 1580359868799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 579.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200129-234918_Chr…)

she posts essentially the same exact shit on her only fans that she does on twitter. piss poor "business" skills. also she posted this laughable status on of.

No. 925762

Honestly just surprised she touched up the only fans pic too, usually she posts the "better quality" ones on twitter and OF gets dirty asshole and zits lol

No. 925768

Not trying to WK shay but the email literally says they didn’t know the water was off. I swear, y’all tinfoil over the smallest things.

No. 925789

okay i know everyone has been saying this all week but her fucking EYEBROWS. they get shorter and shorter every day somehow. next week they'll literally be 1 millimeter

also in this picture you can see her makeup was all smeared and she just lazily added onto it kek. there's an entire long black smear from her brow down past her horrible chunky eyeliner.

No. 925796

ah yes the 'chinese gambler who's lost it all despite lucky undies' look. very vogue, shay. at this point she's cosplaying as her last brain cell. po' thing.

No. 925797

This lingerie looks very cheap tbh.

No. 925798

i can smell this image, vom

No. 925845

File: 1580388868937.png (778.95 KB, 1014x2048, Screenshot_20200130-075430.png)

Cuz it is kek

No. 925851

she would actually make money if she continued smoothing her pics and not showing her face. this girl has no brain. she likes struggling i guess.

No. 925853

wow it took her a really long time to finally take pics in a pose that works for her current body. but lemme guess, she is gonna take this advice in the worst way too and take all her pics flopped down on the bed now?

No. 925890

That’s not even the same set.

No. 925897

incoming twitter dump

No. 925898

Lmao it 100% is the same anon. She buys all her lingerie on Amazon for cheap. It's the exact same pattern and everything.

No. 925899

File: 1580401220610.jpeg (366.91 KB, 1125x1662, 950636E4-E480-4FBF-871A-DB309E…)


No. 925900

File: 1580401245616.jpeg (250.95 KB, 1125x1301, 46FDE620-B026-4DEF-A34D-DE8E17…)

No. 925902

File: 1580401362205.jpeg (203.66 KB, 1125x1361, FD8C3657-D29B-475A-8E1B-1752E4…)


No. 925903

File: 1580401483718.jpeg (306.79 KB, 1125x1490, F5C1B60F-6F49-4CDB-806B-15C619…)


No. 925904

File: 1580401538486.jpeg (229.93 KB, 1125x1395, ECC98438-D5E3-4EE3-B9BC-7A9635…)

5/5 original tweet that started her up

No. 925905

whos she talking about?

No. 925906

Haha this is peak white girl. Great tangent for someone who's already been more or less proven to be racist herself. Why you gotta cape so hard for racists shay? The lady doth….

No. 925907

Okay but she's done that shit to other models! She's tried to get their work sites shut down and passed along sensitive information. Why the fuck does she always act like such a victim who's never done anything wrong or hurtful? It makes her look worse and worse.

No. 925908

File: 1580402494507.png (435.03 KB, 2048x655, Screenshot_20200130-114110.png)

Says her water was turned back on last night, but still claims people need to come over and fix her shower? And her internet? That's not how it works, retard. All they have to do is reconnect your internet and they don't need to come over to do that.

She's such a fucking liar and she's not even good at it.

No. 925912

anon, shhhh it'll be okay. it do be like that sometimes. reel in that reach.

No. 925919

"while girls" wht is tlking about & how does she know it's "girls" laughing at it? Why not @ the situation, if you feel so strongly about it Shayna?

I mean yeah I agree with Shay, but how come she only speaks up about people's reaction to racism (like that time, that girl called someone the N word years ago & Shayna spoke up for her) and not the actual racism is my issue?

It's almost as if she gives no fucks about these situation and only cares when she can relate, meaning she barely cares about people being harmed. Just that, "This happened to me!! Im going to be quiet about anything thats wrong that I can't relate too!"

No. 925920

She never calls out bad behavior unless the reaction relates to her own situations so she can make it about her.

No. 925945

>all day

Lol I guarantee she will have one maintenance worker come by and stay for an hour. It’s gross that she only cleans up when maintenance or her dad visits.

Who wants to bet she will claim the maintenance guy will make some off-handed remark about sex work to her?
>I was so uncomfortable you guys uwu

No. 925946

I highly doubt this greasy, overweight, irrelevant, lonely, broke, desperate alcoholic who lives off of weed and the crumbs of attention she gets online by making horrific porn is feeling "perfectly fine", but the suicide baiting truly is something else. She only does it when she wants something. Very convenient.

She's such a massive joke. She'll never "work hard", she'll just beg. Also, she's been making a fool of herself online for YEARS now and she has ZERO money saved up to show for it? What a successful queen. How is this shit worth it? She dry fucks and humiliates herself daily and she hasn't been able to save up ANY money in almost 5 years. You're a failure, Shayna, you pathetic little narcissist. Swallow your fucking pride and go back home.

No. 925953

File: 1580414416386.png (14.24 KB, 595x107, 4.PNG)

No. 925977

love how it's always "girls" never ever men or even people in general.

No. 926000

right? her ~bisexuality~ is clearly just a shitty marketing tactic.

Every time anyone asks her about it she gets annoyed and snippy, doesn't give real answers, and the only "relationship" she had with a girl was when she joined an established couple. and that ended because she was jealous that the guy was fucking the other girl sometimes and not her. It was obvious she was only using the girl for cam shows, and needed the guy's attention to be all on her or she felt insecure.

No. 926001

If she was referring at all to lolcow, she'd have reason to say so. This site has a predominantly female userbase.

No. 926026

File: 1580426422347.jpeg (364.86 KB, 1242x1419, D32524A8-1CC4-4BA7-8695-3A56AC…)

1) no Shay, that’s just you. Other people have lives.

2) this new fearmongering kick is idiotic.

No. 926027

LOL does she really think Sex workers don't leave their houses and don't have lives like she does? This hilarous.

Not everyone makes sex work their fucking personality Shayna. Not everyone is depressed and lazy. Alot of people do sex work for more then attention and to buy weed & shit.

No. 926031

Hahaha um. I mean like anon said, there are a lot of people that balance camwhoring and having a normal life. And there is a significant amount of true sex work aka FULL SERVICE that involves being out and interacting with MANY people. So actually MORE at risk.
Shay is so fucking dense. Bitch really thinks her life is the average normal sex worker. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

No. 926032

lol didn’t she claim she had no internet yesterday and couldn’t watch netflix?

No. 926033

File: 1580426881198.jpg (131.89 KB, 1080x502, Screenshot_20200130-172829_Twi…)

Talking about her stomach?

No. 926034

File: 1580426913025.jpg (225.54 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20200130-172812_Twi…)

No. 926047

File: 1580428284583.jpg (223.41 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20200130-175145_Twi…)

Didn't she JUST get this laptop a couple months ago? Cause her old one stopped working?

No. 926057

Why the fuck is she editing on her phone????

No. 926059

this girl really never stops wanting shit. she wants a car, she wants to stay in a hotel, she wants a new apartment, she wants a gaming pc, she wants a tablet, she wants a new mac…..and that’s just what she’s mentioned in the past few days. she can’t go more than a few hours before she needs to open up the twitter app and beg for something. literally insufferable

No. 926078

File: 1580434023997.jpg (213 KB, 1078x884, Screenshot_20200130-192744_Twi…)


No. 926079

File: 1580434120415.jpg (425.83 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20200130-192729_Twi…)


No. 926084

How many times have you officially decided to do something, Shay…

No. 926088

What about saving for a new apartment?

No. 926090

she got that macbook shortly after she was booted from dawn's place, and i think that was roughly this time last year. i'm fairly certain she got it from amazon renewed too. she went the cheapest route, of course. not surprised it didn't last long

she reminds me of amberlynn reid in this way, she's always talking about "i want, i want" but never working towards it, and then blaming other people when she doesn't get her way or something in her life goes wrong

No. 926106

She’s going to either buy an overpriced “gaming” pc or buy a $300 crappy pc that plays games on low (ideal for her cuz she won’t do anything but play fortnite and watch YouTube videos) she doesn’t understand that you can get one with good parts for a moderately good price by building it from scratch

No. 926113

File: 1580437813216.jpg (231.64 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20200130-202953_Twi…)

She's going to blow her earlobes

No. 926118

You can do literally all of that from a laptop though so what's the problem?

No. 926119

anon please don’t assume shayna could even begin to put a computer together lmao she can barely handle basic hygiene

No. 926121

Remember when she said she was going to get an expensive new camera, raised the money and then never got it? And then just yesterday she said she was gonna raise 4k for a new apartment? Ffs pick something.

No. 926135

File: 1580438881520.jpg (Spoiler Image, 710.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200130-214738_Chr…)

even with this much editing her foot still looks like it's decaying. just crop it out retard(nitpicking)

No. 926136

File: 1580439042450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 678.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200130-215019_Chr…)

filter abuse defeats the purpose of "natural lighting" lmao

No. 926137

That's a footlong alright.

No. 926138

She's blurred her asscrack so much it looks like she has a taint

No. 926139

Shayna. Learn how to pose. This is not sexy. You're fat now.

No. 926144

i thought that too. Looks like the taint of a person with a dick

No. 926154

Omg nice catch. She said internet was gonna be down until the next afternoon. Suicide baiting on fucking lies is just really cool Shay.

The amount of blur on her tit is overkill lmao and a weird "natural lighting" thing on her belly button.

Look I don't mind if people use the softening filter. But the blur tool is done poorly and its overkill.

No. 926160

did she not realize this angle makes her foot look longer than her entire leg?

No. 926172

look at how the ceiling line jumps from just above her elbow to right below her armpit. i know facetune/blur tool abuse is nothing new but is she going beyond and straight up shooping her body now?

No. 926194

That's because there's a corner there, hotel rooms like this have a little hallway when you walk in the door before it opens up into the room.

But i do think she pulled her waist in here, look at all the artifacting in the blank space between her elbow and waist on the left side of the pic. Too bad she couldn't edit that gut overhang out.

No. 926195

i think it’s just a wall in the foreground and a walkway off to the side

No. 926202

ugh, i hope this is partly sarcasm b/c no holes on the body should be gaped but i would still laugh forever if she fucks up her ears and then has to beg for money to get them fixed.

No. 926206

you’d think she’d spend some of her tips on getting a pedicure. all that yellow calluses under her feet is disgusting(nitpicking)

No. 926229

surprise surprise, her Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday night cam schedule was COMPLETELY forgotten.

No. 926230

Surprising absolutely no one. Not even Shay herself.

No. 926233

File: 1580460226770.jpg (429.76 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200131_004303_com…)

Whew that shoop

No. 926245

well shay has officially began horribly photoshopping and blurring herself to try to hide her weight gain and grimy skin, i'm excited to see how bad her shoops like this get.

No. 926268

How do you brag that your tit veins are your stand out feature and how mean mom tried to make you hide them and then blur them away anyways after asking your orbiters to validate you for them?

No. 926280

File: 1580479492361.jpg (Spoiler Image, 551.49 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20200131-080524_Twi…)

Back to using old photos

No. 926281

slap a black and white filter on this, and it would look like it could belong in a horror movie.

No. 926282

Her life is so drastically different now than a year ago when she was skinny and had such a “perfect relationship” it’s crazy.

No. 926284

im waiting for her "im thicc pharse" to start b/c shes not going to lose the weight

No. 926285

bold move making pig themed content when she's twice the size she was before

No. 926314

That's what I'm thinking, kek. Remember when she wanted to make feeder porn and eat a whole pizza or some shit? she should come from that angle now, makes more sense and it'd be believable to actual feeders.

No. 926317

Why not wait til you get bigger? Which is inevitable since you cant put down the cheemsburgers.

No. 926392

i think at her current size piggy porn will get her more appreciation in her target niche (i.e. pervs who derive satisfaction from helping a struggling chick advance to rock bottom)

No. 926404

File: 1580502220850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117 KB, 1242x854,