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No. 101360

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Venus Angelic Summary and Milks not necessary in order:
>Venus angelic is a washed up as-been famous Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. She is of Swiss origin.
>one of her milks include running away from her mother Margo who basically created her Venus Angelic brand, she's been living in Japan ever since. (margo has her own thread on pt >>>/pt/666399 )
>After separating from mommy, content quality sank very low. many different business tactics and projects were tried out but immediately abandoned weeks or even days after because of lack of determination and unorganised habits.
>streamed awkward meltdowns where she was seen drinking, played the victim card & emotionally abused her fans on multiple occasions.
>Venus ended up opening a Onlyfans and is currently doing full time OF sex work. She claims that this work path was her "childhood dream" and that she's never been happy like she is at the moment.
>she doesn't seem to have other close relatives and her mother is criticised for mental abusing her as a child and during her doll phase. Her meltdown videos include one where she is telling how all her family is mentally disturbed.
>she moved to glorious nippon to "espape her mother" and "be with her at the time husband". Weebs can't lie.
>At the time husband is a japanese guy named Manaki, one of her simps who followed her from a very young age. Marriage reason? visa of course.  She did end up into a divorce and also  badmouth him, calling him a neet and other stuff publicly on youtube. She also exposed his sexuality by claiming he's asexual, only likes 2d women and never even sexed her (proof may say quite the opposite). That concludes on how nobody thinks she really loved him…
>After divorcing, or splitting him, for the least, it seems she went through a sugaring phase as she is seen with new LV scarf and coach bag, along by staying in shady hotel rooms for a while, this is when the infamous "Ken" enters the picture.
>Other milk is accusing this Ken of doing illicit things to a child. She made an entire insta story about it instead of reporting to the police saying "nobody would help her with the case". Sketchy? Incredibly. Child in question was posted on her Instagram account and was removed after the drama. There is no follow up on Ken.
>after this episode she crawled back to Manaki's place again and lived in her old closet room during the COVID-19 pandemic. (This is when she started her OF. )
>a few days after the opening of her OF, a tit pic in which she calls herself a cum-dumpster was already leaked.
>Other milks include editing face until unrecognisable, making herself look like a child, claiming she's a sexual deviant/bdsm queen when it's obvious she is clueless, etc

Recent Milk:
>Omegacringe content made in cheap looking love hotels and internet cafes.
>seems to have moved out of manaki's cupboard. Perhaps is living with her photographer now? Also why can't she get her own apartment?
>started to pander to japanese audience by reopening her twitter and associating with gaijin AV pornstars. Even tried to make OF japanese friendly.
>been following more gaijin AV actress and models and started commenting on their pictures. no coincidences here.
>Has plan for a "yuri" with legit gaijin AV pornstar June Lovejoy. Announcements were made but it's been more then a week, still nothing.
>More baby beenos pedo panding!
>unknown photographer behind conent. BF? Manager? Problo.
>suicide bating on OF/more emotional abuse towards fans: said she had "pills" and drank 1600ml of wine then said she wanted to kill herself before announcing stream. After 20-30mins makes "apology" stating is was all a "trap".
>is sad cuz can't make friends but also is a self-destroying e-thot with no future.
>insta followers decreasing一方です。
>lunatic mother margo confides to an anon with little to no proof that venus does have a permanent visa and that she is in trouble with yakuza or something.

instagram: venus_angelic
twitter: @VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA

No. 101362

thx for montage pic by anon.

Summary was changed a little.

Recent milk updated. If left out Recent Milk please add to thread.

No. 101370

File: 1592507081902.png (Spoiler Image, 672.37 KB, 523x793, diQy63f.png)

"suicidal jk its trap"
beenos really pushing the bpd schtick

anyways. new of post? what is this..?

sage for no milk

No. 101371

did a clown cum on her

No. 101378

how can a post this awesome be followed up with a post as moronic as

No. 101380

What happened to the surgery scars on her navel?

No. 101385

File: 1592509817178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 491.78 KB, 809x1442, Screenshot_20180923-154136_Chr…)


jfc venus… i was one of the ppl rooting for her and felt bad cuz she literally has no one left in japan.
but now it seems like she is either completely stupid or just doesn't give a shit anymore.
also, threatening people with suicide is the worst. i hope she gets reprimanded and starts looking for help. she has a very serious mental issue, and even acknowledging it she does jack shit about it. she has become exactly like her mom. sad.

No. 101386

These pictures are starting to give me Luna Slater vibes. These "sexy" pictures just give off the negative energy of her irl life.

No. 101387

please tell me I don't have to sub to her onlyfans as well to collect milk for her thread

No. 101390

Mama Margo feel threatened that penus, who is young and beautiful posting nudes without her. Mom joined the party too…

This will turn out two narc mother and daughter duo fighting over whose nudes post better.

No. 101395

File: 1592515860671.jpg (92.61 KB, 480x640, SAM_0483.JPG)


calm down kids, it's an old photo

No. 101396

File: 1592516482519.png (1.46 MB, 978x1200, bkjb2.png)

Is she…trying to compete with her daughter?
This reminds me a lot of when Margo would put on Venus' Lolita dresses. Slightly unnerving.

No. 101397

how old was she in that picture?

No. 101398

she posted that picture on her blogspot in April 2012

No. 101399

>Mom joined the party too…
Hi newfriend! You must not be aware Margo was dancing around in bikinis and trying to be hot for the camera since years ago. Sorry but Wenis is just like her mama.

No. 101402

Welcome to the new episode of living with a narc mom. If you think having a sister who stole your clothes and trying to copy you is annoying, tried with a narc mom. You’ll have :
• Mom constantly see you as a rival.
• Mom trying to better than what are you doing instead of supporting you.
• Mom who took everything from you and left broke/n.
• Telling your mom stop copying because it’s embarrassing but instead your mom grounded you because you’re disrespecting her.

No. 101403

Not new actually, I thought that’s her latest picture since her daughter started an OF and of course I’ve watched her bikini video when I was 15, how can I unseen that?

No. 101406

What does that photo mean? Glitter vomit fetish? Glitter confetti cum? Does that even exist? I don't understand how is that supposed to be sexy… And her hair is a horrible mess.

No. 101409

File: 1592520872850.png (Spoiler Image, 8.42 KB, 552x49, 1.png)

No. 101429

that sounds gross, looks more like paint and craft glitter. Ironic she says she loves soap, lotion, and foam.
She's greasy more than half of the time.

No. 101434


O rly?

No. 101436

File: 1592533214240.jpeg (247.67 KB, 1266x1271, B5A60732-FAA3-4432-888E-48EF72…)

She’s taken to Twitter since she started on OF. Why does she pose on her back with her arms and legs all drawn up like that? It’s creepy and unappealing. She looks like something you’d see after turning over a rock.

No. 101438


It’s like the Eastern European version of Pagent Queens. Instead they flaunt their daughters off to peados.

No. 101445

it's supposed to be a cat, anon

No. 101451

She has no more clue how to do a cat-like pose (it ain’t >>101436) than she does how to do a ‘sexy’ pose. I’m really starting to think she’s somewhere on the spectrum. She’s like an autist trying to imitate what she thinks sexy looks like.

No. 101455

>>101445 (samefagging)
I agree with you anon, as sad as it is that the 'cat' person pic is one of her better ones, her facial expressions generally bring the overall photo down. She just ends up looking like a gremlin.

No. 101456

Yeah, a cat that suffered a brain damaging stroke now this is the kind of creativity one cannot be part of working a regular job.

No. 101464

File: 1592546822335.jpg (243.54 KB, 1122x1496, Ea2k6B8VcAAZpvH.jpg)

>Who did it better?

No. 101468

It's just a generic cat girl pose. Bitches who also want to mimic this "cat that suffered a brain damaging stroke" pose to pander weebs and japanese men, do it too.
Wonder if she will be affected by Belle Delphine's OF…

No. 101469

what's with all the anons whose outrage just reflects that they don't know the context of what they're seeing? they think Venus is the first woman to make porn. For once, the pose she did is dead-on the standard.

No. 101470

There's a lot of blind outrage that comes from ignorance about Japan in these threads

Also one of them admitted finding all porn disgusting in the last thread, so they're always going to be outraged no matter what she does.

No. 101474

yummy. girls who look suicidal and fragile are hot as fuck. this made me cum twice(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101475

there are a bunch of anons here who have clearly never seen porn or even have a general knowledge of it. my favorite was the anon freaking out about venus dressing like a schoolgirl, as if that isn't the #1 porn cliche of all time

No. 101480

File: 1592560597607.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.55 KB, 481x640, vssOjtR.jpg)

There are so many obvious males in these threads… Why are they here instead of Reddit or 4chan?

Lol, bullshit. She is stiff and awkward as Hell. Neko Pose exaggerates flexibility, arched back and playful stance. She looks like a cat afraid of getting stepped on.(btw, the woman in above picture is 29)

And some of us live in Japan, know Japanese men and are not against all porn. You anons saying what she is doing is “normal” for Japanese taste are dead wrong. It is not mainstream. It’s all very niche and just because Japan permits so many niche fetishes doesn’t mean the average guy wants a drugged up vomiting loli in a shitty diaper. Look up anything similar to グラビア写真集ランキング to see what real gravure trends are.

No, it’s just the same couple of ESL Muslim or Christian virgin anons going back and forth with you. It’s like you deliberately ignore all of us that say we are not against sex work and wouldn’t mind supporting her in ero photography if she wasn’t acting like such a disgusting basket case.

No. 101481

you sound like both an obnoxious male and kanadajin at the same time. congrats

No. 101484

how can someone be so autistic to write this much about a dumb cat pose?
How is it milky? Sage your shit for fucks sake

No. 101486

They think school girl porn is milky and label us as whiteknights or simps when we say it isnt.
its so stupid.
Venus is milky because of her personality and the way she has gone downhill instead of seeking therapy. Her onlyfans is cringe as fuck but thats what you get when you get sexualized from childhood without seeking therapy.

No. 101487

The shoop on her face is unnerving in this. It looks too big (esp the eyes), like she pasted her face on a random body

No. 101488

Don’t try to reason with the WKs and scrotes. They would rather argue whether or not Venus is pedo pandering (she is) or if her porn is improving (it’s not)

No. 101489

I wasn't talking about you nor did I label it as normal?? stop dragging me into something I didn't talk about.

No. 101490

File: 1592563394976.jpeg (2.01 KB, 38x34, 3531746A-12B8-4CA3-851F-8AAB8F…)

Look like her eye white has this weird edge.

No. 101492

>Calling everyone a wk because they disagree with you
nice logic. venus's fanbase is full of lolicons. looking like a kid is normalized in japan (no its not a good thing either).
but hey you sound like those people who think fiction is reality

No. 101493

gtfo scrote

No. 101496

File: 1592568956811.jpeg (72.41 KB, 339x500, cute n cool.jpeg)

"She's living a good life full of positivity, I wish mine was like that too but school and everything else are troublesome" comments bxtakajade_1 on the pic's commentary section.

No. 101498

this is such a horrible angle that makes her legs look huge and her face look old, i think she's actually cute so idk how you mess it up so badly

No. 101500

There are obvious males here because the average coomer male is cheap AF and want to see nudes for free. We need to start censoring the nudes and they'll stop coming.

No. 101501

>>No, it’s just the same couple of ESL Muslim or Christian virgin anons going back and forth

They've infiltrated the PULL thread as well, trying to drum up support for their 'cause', going on about reporting her to Instagram and going on about how Instagram should be shut down altogether or something, so fucking boring and preachy. Glad to see they've been banned from here now, but how long til they're back I wonder? Put me off from even bothering to look in here.

Anyhow, that glitter paint picture, I honestly don't know what to think about it, it just looks , wrong , somehow. There doesnt seem to be any real enjoyment in what she is trying to portray, or perhaps that is the look and atmosphere she is going for, but why though?

Do you think someone is forcing her to do it? It seems odd how she is so obsessive about editing her pix but puts up so many unedited ones on her only fans it seems.

No. 101502


I thought at first she was in a toyship but it's the Moxy Hotel in Tokyo. I wonder if she was staying there, or just there for the shoot?

No. 101504

*toyshop, not ship, lol

No. 101507

Did she blur her lower belly to conceal her botched gastric surgery scar? It couldnt possibly have faded into her skin this fast

No. 101508

Actually you can see some red line somewhere higher from her crotch. I believe those are the line.

No. 101510

I think maybe she had another sleazeball Chinese "manager" feeding her ideas that she goes along with, as long as she keeps making quick, easy money and rolling in the toxic positivity being thrown at her on IG.

On her own, Venus won't make content and can't come up with her own ideas- that's why her YT died when she left Marge, she tried making videos but without structure, schedule or substance nobody cares to just stare at videos of Venus talking and eating ~in Japan~.

I think perhaps she was living as roommates with Manaki after her failed attempt to move out and start the business with Kitano, then was scoped by the fat guy from the TV reflection and encouraged to thot out & Manaki kicked her out.

No. 101511

The ''houston we have a problem thread'' was the last good thread before the whiteknight and scrote takeover.
The first wave when she did her video reacting to lolcow and pull. (pull was safe since they require accounts to post but the lolcow venus threads were affected).
She knew exactly what she was doing when she made that video, she wanted her beyond retarded whiteknights to come and shit these threads up because she cant handle any form of criticism.
The second wave was when she started doing onlyfans so the scrotes who are too poor and broke to pay for a 5$ onlyfans came here to shit this place up.

In conclusion the venus threads are going downhill faster than Venus's life.

No. 101512

There is this video from a girl who did a video on Venus's only fans. I think she has done a good job of talking about what's there, without sensationalising anything.
I did look back in the threads but couldn't find it here.

No. 101513


Um, maybe i'm being ignorant and is supposed to know who that is, but I don't, so , who is it? lol What a mess.

No. 101518

Lol thats Malala Yousafzai, shes a pakistani activist and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate in history, the photo shows her celebrating her graduation from Oxford a few hours ago. Shes younger than Venus.

No. 101519

File: 1592585203376.png (81.32 KB, 826x296, dsdsdsdsdssssss.png)

so, can anyone give me a reason not to pick other?
i knew she made a poll, but i didnt know what it looked like.
seriously, i know some people here are on her of… why didnt you chose other? america explain….

No. 101520

I was actually amused by this pic when I saw it on IG because it looks like she’s being silly and the caption made me LOL. It’s a shame because this dumbass content is cute since she’s laughing at herself in a healthy and authentic way for once; it reminds me of her non-manic vids where she’d test out different weird products. She can fake being charming and cute in a “quirky” manner and be likeable if she was able to prevent her psychopathic narcissism from leaking out but it is what it is.

No. 101521


Unrelated, but this girl sounds like a dumbass.

No. 101522

Yeah, she smooths and edits her skin in most of her pics, including the better quality ones. That glitter one and cat one are especially smoothed,just like the drooling one in the right lower corner of the thread pic.

Completely agree, she def has someone. Too organized to be her alone.

No. 101523

Caption is not funny at all

No. 101524

I agree with one small change- I think Manaki took her in twice. First time was after she was living in that bare little room with the roommates last summer, until her $$ ran out. Second time was earler this year when “Ken” kicked her ass out. She was riding high with “Ken,” posting pics of LV scarves. a (sad little) Coach pocketbook and hotel rooms she pretended to be bored with (but wanted everyone to see.) Then he kicked her out and she ran back to Manaki’s place again. Then she hooked up with creepy camera guy and seems to be currently shacked up with him.

Very sad tawdry little life she has.

No. 101525

Methinks she moved in with this new "manager" figure who takes her to love hotels and acts as her cameraman. With the money she's making from all this, I hope she's being smart (loooooool) and saving it for her own assets, not pissing it away on trinkets and snacks while splitting it with this new guy.

Part of me has always gelt like Venus only wants to live life as a "kidult"- an adult with full legal freedom, but who doesn't have to do any of the boring, tedious adult things like pay bills, work, or keep up a reputation. What's hilarious about that is, if she had stopped acting like a retarded baby during her almost 3 years post-Margo living it up, she coild have secured her PR and a place of her own, and had money coming in just for making kawaii videos. She might not have ever needed to start OF if she could have been smart with what she had.

Now she's just another foreign prostitute living in Japan.

No. 101526

>"Ohmigosh she does have a doll-like appearance"
>Googles "how to pronounce "venus""
>"I don't really know what anime is to be honest???"
>"What's a schmexy??"
>"Btw guys, try this sponsored product!"
>"Bishoe-jew games? Is this a camgirl thing?"
>"Guys what's manga? So many words I don't know??"
>"What's a guerilla?? What's Animal Crossing?"
Why would people actually watch this person?

No. 101527

Venus is searching for her new knight shining armor, her Manaki 2.0 to whisk her away from her sad life and give her everything she wants and needs… just so she can get bored eventually and start the cycle over again. She must actually be mentally slow if she thinks she'll ever get that lucky again. Why do white weebs in Japan think this country wants to bend over backwards to spoil them while they ruin their lives and treat everyone around them like trash?? I can't think of one white weeb who came to Japan and wasn't an entitled bitch in some way.

No. 101528

Pretending to be brand new to drama while also making videos about drama is the trend for YTers who love drama but don't want to be seen as drama-whores. They must think it makes them relatable? Either way, her clueless act is fake and cringey, even Venus's videos where she pretends to be clueless aren't this bad bc you can tell V is legit dumb.

No. 101529

It was painful to watch. She's dumb

No. 101530


So wait, what's the timeline from her escape from Margo to now in terms of living with Manaki?

>was there after Margo

>moved out bc of her unwashed drunken rants about having her own money & M leeching off her (lies)
>gets with Kitano, starts escorting
>fucks him over, moves on to Ken, Ken drops her & she accuses him of being a pedo after claiming she loooooved him
>moves back in with Manaki as Covid 19 shuts down Japan
>starts lewding and taking pics for ¥¥¥¥
>moves out of Manaki's and in with the fat TV guy, starts OF
>present day


No. 101534

Nikocado and Trisha prolly… Those two are pretty dramatic too. Anyone who mentioned these two will get drama infected and become well known on YT.

No. 101539

Not tried to bring out politic or race but it is what it is. White people see asian like some exotic creatures wearing a strange costume and living in a strange lifestyle. Having a culture for them is not about history or lifestyle but it’s about entitlement and being special. They like it, they just claim they’re part of them and took the culture as there’s. If only Japan isn’t as aesthetic like any of the other countries they don’t know even exists, screw the Kimono or Japanese culture they’ll never even wanted to take one step to Japan.

No. 101541


Sage for tinfoil, but is it just me or is she shooping her face even younger than she was before?

It looks like 2012-era Venus.

No. 101549

File: 1592597068526.jpeg (298.5 KB, 997x1536, 833C4B01-1C5A-4E90-A116-660793…)

She deleted this post where she announced she was getting divorced AND starting her own Company on IG last Sept. Doesn’t want those new marks (er, fans) knowing about this embarrassing little debacle, I guess.

No. 101553

File: 1592597607731.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, 76BDABF3-5F96-44F3-8845-DFD4B5…)

today after a long time I went to take a look at Venus' Twitter, and I saw that she tweeted about オナクラ which could be translated to « onani club » or « masturbation club » …. I don't know if she said that for joking but in any case apparently the services offered by the people who work there are: licking some part of the body, kiss, female cosplay,nude, show pants, mutual masturbation etc….

No. 101554

This is shopped, anon.

No. 101556

weenos stated she was going to learn Mandarin, didn't she? You might be onto something anon

No. 101557

Not same anon but it's not shopped, I saw that post, don't know if it's still there but it's real.

No. 101558

I guess she did start her own company, as long we're going by the loosest possible definition of the word (ie business, which, in her case, would be selling nudes).

No. 101559

Definitely feel like there is someone behind the scenes prompting/directing her to make ANYTHING, after all, there almost always has been. I think if left to her own devices Venus wouldn't be an e-personality at all if she could avoid it, she'd rather be a kept woman living in a weeby fantasy land. This guy I'm imagining has promised her that lifestyle, basically, so long as she gets naked and poses for him once in awhile to make $$$. She's never seemed passionate about anything except being able to live in Japan. Cosplay, virtual idolship, lolita clothes, going around different Japanese locales and trying to do random jobs, and e-thottery, I even remember some BJD short lived interest…all of it is shit she has tried out super halfheartedly. The only thing she cares about is getting to live in Japan and not having to do a lot of work. She really is a major case of arrested development. I pity her because her mom obviously sucked, but at this point she is living like a weird shell human being who's only purpose is to continue being able to eat conbini shit and "live in Japan". Sad.

No. 101561


Plot twist: Mr.Yang is her new manager/sugar daddy/photographer lmao

No. 101564

OF doesn't count as her starting a business, she would have to make her own website to sell her content for that to apply. OF has a user agreement and takes a % for using their site.

That would explain her sudden access to a bunch of cheap, wrinkled fetish costumes and staying with a fat old guy who likes to see her in cheap Chinese dresses and lingerie!

No. 101565

Her only obsession with Japan is that it's the safest, cleanest country with low AOC laws that puts white girls on a pedestal, so she can pretend to never grow up while indulging her sexuality and being rewarded and paid for acting like a stunted, helpless child.

It's Neverland for attention starved spoiled brats with shitty parents.

No. 101566

I think her obsession with Japan has less to do with AoC laws, but probably does have some shades of her thinking she'll be considered superior. No matter the nitpicking we do here though, Venus would be considered a fairly attractive woman in most parts of the world, its not like she had to go to Japan to find men who would like to "take care of her".

I think her love of Japan is far, far more shallow than that. I think she likes it for many of the same reasons her fellow weebs do. She likes the clothes, she likes the media, she likes the food and alcohol. It is an added bonus that she thinks she can more easily find a man to take care of her and never make her work again more easily there, but I think she wouldn't want to leave anytime soon, even if I don't know, Peter promised her a perfect work-free life in Virginia or wherever he lives. She is a shallow woman child, she wants to make sure she can access all the colorful clothing and unique snacks without ever having to lift a finger. That's her dream world.

I don't buy into this idea that Venus is some maestro pervert queen who loves Japan because she loves their lackadaisical outlook on age of consent. She loved Japan when she was a kid, and I doubt back then she was thinking "oh sweet I can capitalize sexually on my youthful looks there!" Her mom was thinking that for her though. Venus just grew into what her mom always expected her to be, except instead of doing it for that one ~special~ azn man, she's doing it for the internet at the behest of some nasty asian guy who has promised her a life free of normal work or effort beyond get naked and stay slim. My tinfoil anyway.

No. 101568

It’s not ‘shopped,’ it’s a screen shot of her IG post from last Sept. (which is now deleted.)

No. 101573

i stopped reading at ‘venus would be fairly attractive anywhere else'

to say she is not pretty would be the kindest way i can word it(newfag)

No. 101574

>fairly attractive woman in most parts of the world
You must be referring to her shoops. Her IRL face/skin is slightly above average at best. It's not a nitpick. It's like how people say pewdiepie is attractive, when he's slightly above average at best too.

No. 101575

>oh sweet I can capitalize sexually on my youthful looks there!
Pretty sure she was thinking this too when she was a teenager and complicit with Margo

No. 101577

To me 'fairly attractive' just means above average. She is symmetrical and slim, I really doubt if she passed the average person on the street she'd illicit disgust. Venus would probably be one of the cuter women working at an Asda in Birmingham. maybe not the cutest but definitely not an ug. Anyway that is subjective, its not a big deal if other anons disagree with me, the point still stands that she will do anything to live in Japan and not have to work.

As for the teen and complicit with Margo thing, again, kind of a reach. We don't hold teenagers responsible for their decisions, especially with regards to sexuality, because they're not really capable of fully understanding the ramifications of them. Margo undoubtedly created Venus, and Venus is now a cow because she has refused to rise above her shitty parenting and now is just reveling in depraved pig shit in order to continue her fantasy life in Japan. When Margo started teaching Venus that her looks was her primary value, she was just a toddler - that beauty pageant at the Thai temple, or whatever. From then on it just continued. At some point yes, Venus was more aware of her own sexuality…but she wasn't the mastermind of using it, not back then at least.

No. 101578

No one said she's so ugly she'd illicit disgust. She's just not this very attractive person in real life.

In regards to the teenager thing, I'm going based off of what Venus claimed – that she was interested in sex work for a long time. Based off that, Venus was complicit and it vindicates Margo to an extent. Even if she didn't like doing that kind of stuff, I still think she willingly did it because her motivator was always easy money. That has always seemed to be what motivates her to do anything, and back then with Margo, they were making good buck, so again, I think she just didn't care and just liked having money to buy all her lavish things. Whether she understood the ramifications at the time is another thing. Margo obviously should not have allowed it.

No. 101579

>fat old guy who likes to see her in cheap Chinese dresses and lingerie
Definitely not Yan because he goes after younger looking girls kek but could be someone with the same personality traits and shitty work ethics as Yan.
Anyways, Kitano's company was Cambodian based. Now she's with pimp-sama who may or may not be Chinese.
Tinfoil time She's avoiding having business with japanese citizens after double crossing Manaki and Malice producer

It isn't, it was discussed a couple of threads ago.

No. 101582

She didn’t “double cross” Manaki, she leeched off him for years and when he finally had enough of her lies, mood swings, attention-grabbing stunts, binge drinking etc. and initiated divorce proceedings she went on a public smear campaign against him via Youtube videos and livestreams, spreading malicious lies about him to as many people as she could reach.

Basically she fucked him over in retaliation for him kicking her out. Not the same thing as a “double cross.”

No. 101583

I agree her obsession with Japan is shallow. She's a weeb and likes anime and manga, it doesn't run any deeper than that. She has no hobbies apart from attention whoring and reading Yuri shit. She's 23 years old and still acts like an Anime character because she is too socially awkward to know how a human behaves. Now she claims to be the kinkiest woman alive and it's obvious she doesn't understand human sex either and only watches hentai. All the people she befriended in Japan were white women, she is now a shut-in loner who does nothing all day, she never had a job and does not do anything to contribute to society. Her life would be exactly the same if she lived literally anywhere else. The only reasons why she chooses to stay is because she's materialistic and enjoys buying kawaii shit, because anime and to impress other weaboos.

No. 101587

After seeing the new, not-filtered-into-glowy-aliens belle photos, I've adjusted my view on Venus and now I think she's very pretty.
Belle's proportions aren't pretty, she's more like an interesting cartoon, whereas Venus has a good body to head ratio, head shape, and facial proportions.

However her new weird onlyfans content is still terrible. We have a view of Venus based on her actually looking like shit half the time, not washing hair or putting on makeup, compared to most e-girls who put a ton of effort in to their online image. Not important but just something I realized.

No. 101590

>Not against sex work. Says extreme gross fetish is NOT normal for average guys. Suggests that you Google something common. Proper grammar.
You: sounds exactly like kanadajin3 and also a man.

It was two sentences and saged, you double-posting moron. And stop replying to your own posts. You stick out like a sore thumb.

She’s attempting to look sultry but it’s like she doesn’t know how to register normal facial expressions. I don’t think she of being forced but more being taken advantage of. She may suggest something and the guy tries to push her further. He’s not professional at all. I think she loves the thrill of being controversial but whoever this guy is, he doesn’t care about improving her career or helping her to establish a future in Japan. So if there is a bad vibe, I think it’s because he’s just a opportunistic loser with no genuine interest in her wellbeing.

No. 101594

I'm pretty sure the quality of Venus' onlyfans content is proof she isn't working with a manager, it started off shit but it is better than it was

and the friend or boyfriend who is helping her take the pictures seems to be slowly improving over time as well

It fits that she started off by herself, made a mess of it and got help from people who also weren't great but are getting the hang of it

No. 101596

kind of o/t but this did remind me venus had a lot of dedicated fans that were like hijabi malay teen girls, they must be having a time

No. 101600

>They would rather argue whether or not Venus is pedo pandering (she is)
>They would rather argue
>(she is)
Could be be any less self aware

No. 101604

>School girl porn >>98588

No. 101610

And she actually met with at least one of them during that swedish con. They sure do.

No. 101612

>Neko Pose exaggerates flexibility, arched back and playful stance.
Jrcach we missed you so much

No. 101615

She's not being taken advantage of lmao. What is it with you people who always find excuses for the things she does? She's doing this OF stuff, willfully for easy money. Plain and simple.

You've only seen her heavily edited. Smoothing ones skin does wonders. So does enlarging her eyes, applying aegyo makeup/tape, slimming her jaw which she still does even on her better quality seemingly less edited pics. Don't think you'd say the same if you saw her IRL. I actually have. She looks rough, same as some anon once said they say Marge IRL and she looked rough. The camera is generous to her.

No. 101623

Did you have a stroke

No. 101625

anyone buy the newest set yet? i wanna know if you can finally see her pussy in it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101626

wow you scrotes aren't even trying to be subtle about it anymore

No. 101629

If anyone bought it and wants to post, please make sure to heavily censor (preferably with an image of something off-putting, like Peter's face) or crop out anything compromising. That might be the only way to get the scrotes who come here for free porn to fuck off.

No. 101630

File: 1592657866221.jpg (363.19 KB, 1037x1787, Screenshot_20200620_215623.jpg)

Menhera tags are back.. yep,happiest time in her life

No. 101631

from now on this should be a thread rule.

No. 101632

A fetus? God jesus… the next thread can be called "Beenos Feetos" btw, sounds as crazy as her.

No. 101633


You'd think, after all these years of having a YT channel and she has shown she can make and edit videos on her own, that she would not actually need anyone else to do much stuff for her videos and pictures, unless it's just she's too lazy, and for whatever reason, maybe mental state at the time so that would be a valid excuse anyway, but whatevs, she knows how to do this sort of thing herself, so she shouldn't really need anyone else to do a lot, so it seems a bit off that she actually needs someone or can't do it, she can, it must be that if she has to have someone else to do it, it's because, for whatever reason, she doesn't want to do it herself, (I was going to say can't be bothered to do it herself, but this implies that she doesn't care and I think she does but something gets in the way of her being able to knuckle down and do the work herself) . maybe wrong of course, perhaps she does do the work on most of it herself, but it is not that consistent, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes really bad, etc. not consistant.

No. 101634

gurl even if this is some edgelord shit, it ain't funny no one ain't laughing

No. 101635

Japan not actually the safest place to live, the same goes with other country but Japan look like they’re advanced with the technology and how those people invent something to solved their daily problem but the way their thinking is rather way back then. They still believe that woman need to breed kids, stay home and do housework and woman who goes out to work is like a taboo and not encouraged. One things I’ve saw that Japan is easily influenced like penus. When the other country was talking about mental health, racism etc. etc. They don’t know anything about why people protesting those shit but triying to blend in to make them look they know about something and have something to brag about.

Just like penus, she doesn’t care about depression or lgbt. She only labelled herself as bi or lesbian because teenagers nowadays put it in their bio for trend.

No. 101636

>when i was still a fetus
How old is she supposed to be in that photo? Or does she just mean she took it shortly before she started her OF?
Was she just taking photos like this and keeping them private?

No. 101638

don't think of it too much, she's being a weirdo again.

No. 101639

Onani : female masturbation… what?

No. 101640


I watched a couple of videos on Youtube about this Moxy Hotel where her IG photo was taken by the toys, (you can see them in the attached video, it's like a sort of wall) and I got a vibe from it that is might be a bit sleazy, wouldn't like to say that for definite but just something about it made me think that, also the guy in the video at one time shows the view from the window at night and says something about the street outside has men standing around and the area looks "sketchy", so i wonder why she was there? It might be one of those venues with a bit of a reputation for certain things, but that is just an impression I got and I could be wrong.
(Also the first video that came up on YT when I looked for Moxy Hotel was an overview and the music and voice somehow sounded like something you might hear in a cheesy porn movie, it certainly reminded me of the dreadful shit someone showed me one time, and I wondered at the awful music, but I think I'm probably reaching a bit here about that, but it just reminded me.)

No. 101641


So she was born old?? I mean, she was already fully grown when she was born? Don't spiderlings hatch out as fully formed spiders or something? Maybe she is a different species to the rest of the human race.

No. 101642

w-what are you onto anon?

she's at isomaru suisan, its franchise izakaya in japan.

i believe the onani club is just a "joke"

No. 101643

Could she have faked the whole surgery thing since there's no visible scars anywhere.

Anyone who had gastric surgery has like 5 scars on their stomach from laparoscopy

No. 101644

If I want to say pedo pandering you guys will moaned again since people has been fighting with these topic over and over again but this time she has the tag that has the meaning of “adult in baby clothing” …maybe this is her age play tag? Why not tagging in english so people can understand her or she knew lolcow, kiwi and pull will fight over this topic again and she purposely doing that?

No. 101645

You can actually cover scars and tattoo with makeup or just blurred out.

No. 101647

why do people still insist on taking anything this lying retarded weeb says seriously. shes an edgelord.

your abysmal grammar pisses me off

No. 101648

Lol I mean the whole point of a laproscopy is improve esthetics. Typically there's one incision that blends into the folds of you belly button and two like 1-2cm ones below the bikini line that fade very nicely. Is this what Venus got? Idk- but that's what a laparoscopy is.

No. 101649

Relax, English probably isn’t their first language.

Or they’re retarded.

No. 101650

I doubt all her previous surgeries were done laparoscopically. She had one where a big chunk of her intestines were removed and sewn back together and part of her stomach stapled off, then another one to open her up and clean out a massive infection, and a third to correct the botched surgery #1 and basically rearrange her stomach and internal organs. She has some big ass scars, trust.

No. 101653

no way, she used to have videos of herself in the hospital, taylor posted about going to visit her in the hospital, she was in there for a good while recovering from the shit she did to herself

No. 101654

File: 1592672919655.jpeg (161.96 KB, 1084x1014, 96E893A2-F6B7-4D9F-AD63-E7C4B7…)

yeah right Penus.

No. 101655

She smoothed them, if you tilt your screen you can still see faint red line above her pubic hair

No. 101659

Venus needs to stop calli g her wannabe sugar daddies "psychotherapists" (is that even a real thing anymore?).

No. 101661

Venus: I’m so happy! Happier than IVE ever been! I have a therapist I listen to and I’m the real me!

Also Venus: numerous menhera tags and suicide threats on onlyfans

sure, Jan

No. 101686

File: 1592681300727.jpeg (351.72 KB, 1397x1522, DF757DF5-D68E-4B9B-8B1A-59822E…)

Another OF livestream tonight.

Interesting that porn is the one thing she’s stuck with and not abandoned after a couple of weeks since running away from bad mommy.

No. 101687

Penus therapists: Forget about the haters, they’re all just like margo who’s trying to manipulate you. If you want to be a sexy baby go ahead, do what makes you happy!

Penus who talking in front of the mirror decorated with candles, made in japan where she brought at Don Quixote sex store : You’re right Dr. Penus! Thank you for the therapy, I feel better and more confident now. Ufuufufu… Let’s celebrate my new job with this pink monster energy drink, Kampaii UwU

No. 101688

well she's actually getting money out of it. all the other projects she has tried to start barely get any interest.kind of sad but not like she ever tried to actually make an effort towards them

No. 101690

She was charging people money to join her “fan club” too. She abandoned that like she’s done everything else. Except porn.

No. 101691


"If you dare me to take my clothes off I'll dare you to tip $100. You go first."

I wouldn't credit her or her subscribers to have any more imagination than that.

I can absolutely see why she's stuck with it; it's easy money with no need for planning beyond cheap hotels and costumes, and it comes with all the ass-pats a girl could want.

It's staggering how little effort seems to be required to reel in more income than the average worker. Short-lived, admittedly - but the instant gratification is tempting.

No. 101692

File: 1592686502862.jpeg (372.57 KB, 750x1153, 52D4DDAF-5EC0-49C0-8F34-816B05…)

No. 101693

File: 1592686532062.jpeg (293.24 KB, 750x1084, 5B2A4F45-E9D3-4F98-B7C7-466C55…)

No. 101694

File: 1592686556262.jpeg (284.59 KB, 750x1177, 51ADEDD4-A4F7-4571-8A8D-33A0ED…)

No. 101695

File: 1592686581238.jpeg (367.93 KB, 750x1072, 0CA54A70-4303-4E0E-A740-B076C8…)

No. 101696

File: 1592686609446.jpeg (61.54 KB, 750x236, C53D9102-F164-4507-B463-A479A9…)

No. 101697

kek, the hashtags get me every time.
I think this is just margo tinfoil anon.

No. 101698

The only things I can agree with Marge is that she’s a good manager just like what she said about herself. But still she’s a controlling narc.

No. 101699

you are so weird

No. 101701

File: 1592688691873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 944.14 KB, 1080x1695, 20200620_151945.jpg.c18e5db9a1…)

I thought this was a image board, can people not post unless they have some kind of venus content please?

No. 101703

No. 101704

I thought she edited her body and make her pussy look weird but then I realised it’s her scars.

No. 101705

Wtf am I looking at

No. 101706

weird posing, i dont get what shes wearing, and she filtered her face and body?

No. 101708

File: 1592692000901.jpg (1.6 MB, 1318x558, YJXfiBo.jpg)

You're right. It's the same hotel.

No. 101710

I had laparoscopy i have 5 scars none in my belly button or above my privates
Google gastric surgery scars(blogging)

No. 101713

Her head looks like she shooped it onto the body. Also that bad posing kek

No. 101717


Yeah lol, it's probably just a lame joke because of the way she's handling that bottle?


I don't doubt that she enjoyed the easy money, any teen would. But it's just as likely she was motivated by fear. Broke Margo = more unhinged.

So a natural reaction would be to do whatever it takes to keep her calm. You literally tailor your entire life so as not to trigger your abuser i.e. classic co-dependecy.

But tbf they are both unreliable and they both benefit from the Venus-is-crazy narrative, only in different ways. So who really knows.

Sage because TED Talk.

No. 101718

File: 1592701896006.jpg (511.56 KB, 1080x1500, IMG_xy7e4f.jpg)

I do wish I hadn't clicked on the Japanese tags because this is just…pedobait central in the results. Venus is reaching lower and lower.

No. 101719

I can guarantee you, no pedo is attracted to a granny that tries to look like a little girl. Thry aree attracted to little girls. It's all in the face, man.

No. 101720

planet venus event was hosted at the same hotel >>61893

No. 101722

Why did she purposely blend in with the wall that looks like someone's grandma's sofa

No. 101723

I was about to ask "How are those grannies?" and then I looked back to
>I can guarantee you
and I put two and two together. Nasty what sort of person these threads have attracted to LC.

No. 101724

if you think women have vaginas on their bellies, you should probably not waste your time thinking.

No. 101725

Have you guys even heard of Japan before? I agree that it's not great, but it's not nearly as bad as you guys make it seem. 99,9% of people liking this stuff have no interest in real children.. And no I don't like it so don't accuse me of defending pedos, it's just how it is

No. 101726

Is that Hanayo?

No. 101727

Japan has shit like junior gravure and CP was only criminalized in the 90s. Fuck off.

No. 101728

i would love to know what kind of
"psychotherapist" encourages and supports sex work

No. 101729

sure, they're not real pedos, they're just misogynists who infantalize the fuck out of women because they can't handle powerful adult women. much better

No. 101730

"It's just how it is" is no excuse. Japanese citizens themselves who care about the well being of children have been trying to end this pedo pandering "culture" for years now because it is wrong & fucked up no matter how much you sugar coat it. Which makes Venus look even worse at this point.

No. 101731

File: 1592709028794.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

Please, I'm begging you, don't shit up the thread like the previous one with your pedo debate.

No. 101732

It's cool anon. Back to Venus and her latest antics. I wonder how her truth or dare stream will go, unless she has another uwu suicidal victim complex moment and it won't happen, seeing as that's what she's enjoying lately.

No. 101734


Hook, line and sinker!

No. 101736

File: 1592713130608.png (63.89 KB, 1089x517, pedalpanda.png)

the pedo spergers are pull kiddies confirmed. i attach because it shows 35 of these babies agreed there is a duty to spam "when it's a pordent issue"

No. 101740

what does this tag even translate to in english?

No. 101741

No one cares about pullfags

No. 101742

”wearing little girls clothes even though i’m adult”

No. 101745

we do if they are ruining the thread with their moralfaggotry.

No. 101748

This board is for exposing drama and harmful things a cow does. Pandering to pedophiles is one of them, get over it. You'll find people in every thread where it's prevalent in a thread calling it out We'll always be critical of it because Venus is posing in fucking diapers lol. Tell her to stop if you don't like the content. You don't need to read the ~moralfaggotry~ of this thread kinkshaming you to beat your meat to her leaks.

No. 101749

Not to minimod or anything…
We can't say "pedo pander" and reply with 1000 "yes" everytime she posts a nude. It's boring and annoying because we already know, and we don't support it. Why don't own you ovaries and spam her instagram, if you want to make such a big change in the world.

No. 101754


>Tell her to stop if you don't like the content

No u

No. 101755

can you really not understand there's no value in calling something out in a venue where everyone already knows and agrees it's bad?

No. 101757

I've seen this brought up several times but she hasn't actually taken any pics in a diaper (yet?)

It was a strawberry lingerie set and a pacifier, with a maid hat and like a lingerie version of a schoolgirl scarf thing

No. 101764

I believe it was 99. Not to mention ownership of CP only just became illegal in 2014. They haven't even begun to tackle the issues with "chaku ero" (underage gravure), or the school girl host club issues. Let alone the graphic depictions of child abuse in manga. It's nice to hear someone with a brain not immediately validating this stuff just because it's not yet normalised by the majority. It's still legal, and the market is definitely there.

No. 101767

Of course not since I’m woman myself but you know penus being penus, sometimes her edit look lazy and questionable.

No. 101768

We don't need a moral debate every single time Venus posts something. We get it already.

No. 101776

Honesty people complained about the leak scroungers but at least they post one sentence then shut the fuck up - and we got some new content to laugh / cringe at. This Mary Whitehouse shit is yawn-o-rama.

No. 101779


Sex sales. Sadly.

I notice on IG how it's her sexier more revealing pictures that have by far the most likes.

No. 101780

File: 1592753981888.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 358.4 KB, 1081x1533, 9BC7B4E6-820A-4EEE-BFAB-F89D44…)

One of the hashtags on Weenis’ latest IG photo is this so-called “gravure” account. Basically little girls flashing their panties. They may be adults posing as little girls but it’s still CP and Weenis is scum for hashtagging this shit.(not venus)

No. 101782


It seems like people in other countries just don't get the Japanese obsession with 'cute' and they label everything pedo without even bothering to find out the truth.

No. 101783


It's no surprise they're from there, I wish they'd fuck off. You can see them all over her Instagram too.


Her face looks nice here, but she does look very thin. It's like she's trying to blend in with the background wrapping the curtain around her, is that pattern called gold brocade? Whatever, it is a decent picture but I don't see the need to be half naked in it, but then I'm not a man, so…

No. 101787


Thank you!

No. 101788


Well that woman in the picture looks about 30. What are you on? And please don't tell me all this shit is starting up again.

No. 101789

btw kids she does show uncensored pussy in the newest photoset so have fun with that info

No. 101790

It isn’t Venus, either. I don’t read this thread to get riled up about niche Japanese porn.

No. 101792

if you expect her to flash venginus you can wait til the cows come home (literally), since distributing uncensored porn is illegal in japan.
chance are that shes not shaving so she can take off her pants without ahving to censor (even though that would probably help get rid of the crabs she undoubtetly has)

No. 101793

god thank you

No. 101794


I wonder what the point of the toy montage is? If there is a point. Oh well it makes a good backdrop and looks quite decorative.

No. 101795

if you're not talking about the hyper blurry close ups that was already leaked here, and she already posts p*ssy, literally after a little more than a month, i'm actually impressed lol. She ain't getting older folks, hope she saves that money. even tho she probably ain't making up for retirement at age 30. i mean belle delphine didnt come back for nothing.

also, still no june lovejoy? maybe the menhara/baby crap made her less interested in the project.

and this is non related but i was looking at her old pics on margo's account and damn. i didn't know she was as tall as 5'7. with these mesures and that big head on >>101370 i understand why she'd be so self conscience and turning "menhera" in japan. Girl is taller than hikakintv kek

No. 101796

Strange tho isn't it? In Britain if someone tells someone they could be a model because they have a nice figure, that height Venus is would be considered too short.

No. 101798

totally nothing bad about being a tall woman. basically a lot of women's dream to have long legs. but venus keeps posting as if she's a small loli. she could've been a successful model over there if she wasn't such a lost cause. if that surgery and drinking didn't aged her skin. if only she was actually sane maybe she could've still built a portfolio or something, work on herself.

it must be nerve wracking when she enters the subway and literally almost all japanese women are her dream look!

No. 101801

Its a grass is always greener thing. I don’t think she plays to her actual strengths, appearance wise. Some ancient video she did where she had ‘Western’ style makeup and hair versus Kawaii styling, you can see she looks better playing to her European facial features and body type. https://youtu.be/lAObmnJ-7jY

She’ll never be able to compete with Asian women on the tiny, uber petite look. But she could play up some kind of European glamor in her stupid porn. Instead she wants to be living anime, got to be disappointed in every picture if that is your goal.

No. 101807

See >>101768

No. 101808

Oh right, like that’s totally not trying to look like a child at >>101780
What are YOU on?

>> It isn’t Venus, either.
She’s promoting it on her IG post though. That’s the problem.

No. 101809

no amount of crying will make your uncle un-touch you.
and if you ahve to keep crying, can you do it somewhere else?
for example, just go to the top of the page, open the last thread and you can read hundreds of other child abuse victims crying, maybe that will make you feel better.

No. 101811


Actually it looks better for women to be taller, for clothes modelling, the phrase 'elegant' if often used for taller, more willowy girls, whereas 'dumpy' or 'shortarse' for shorter ones, at least in the UK.
Shortness is certainly not admired, anymore than great tallness is, and Venus is just an average height for a typical European woman, and indeed a lot shorter than some.

No. 101812

It is questionable when venus says she has this psychiatrist… She talks like it's a person that she goes to to open herself to and talk about her issues but isn't that a psychologist's job? psychiatrists are meant to help you find the right dosage of anti-depressants if i'm not wrong?

Any anon that can help me out here? i never had to go see either so i'm not so sure.

I just know that people mix the two often and that's when you know someone is just seeking attention and doesn't really know what they're talking about. some people actually romanticize the whole "my psycho/psychiatrist said…"

No. 101813


It doesn't matter if you think a woman wearing pink and sitting on the floor in a stupid pose is trying to look like a child or not, the fact is, that woman in that picture does not look like a fucking child, she looks like a fucking woman. Now please, can we not start all this up again.

>>and if you ahve to keep crying, can you do it somewhere else?


No. 101816

I wonder if she is saving any of her Only fans earnings? I hope she is as she won't be able to do it forever and money doesn't last forever unless she invests it wisely. I hope she buys herself somewhere to live as renting or relying on other people is not ideal longterm.

No. 101819

I think it's just simply for decoration.

No. 101828


Assuming she's not just making it up as another 'trendy' thing, I certainly don't think anyone worth their salt would recommend touring grotty love hotels with a Japanese pimp, posting nudes online for money, and surrounding yourself with greasy old men who type one-handed.

I don't remember receiving a pamphlet on easy ways to livestream my asshole between the relaxation techniques, anyway.

She's either lying to her therapist or lying to her audience. Heck, why not both?

No. 101845

From personal experience, you can talk about your problems with psychiatrists and they're the ones that will give you medication. Psychologists will only hear you but no meds are given.

No. 101847

Agree, no psychiatrist would recommend something like that lol

No. 101862

I can spot this one Britfag who blogposts in every post from a mile away, this thread is almost your journal at this point

No. 101865

How long do her livestreams even last? I feel like this one would have been quick if someone asked for a lazy sex-related dare right off the bat.

No. 101873


Technically a psychologist cannot prescribe medicine. A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine. It can be really wishy washy though… My psychologist "recommends" my medication and it is basically automatically accepted and prescribed.

Venus mentioned a psychotherapist, which isn't really a thing anymore (so she could also be translating wrong)?

No. 101876


I watched her most recent one and at around 59 minutes everyone was chatting regularly, and then my computer was lagging and I couldn't see what was going on, and at 60 min everyone was suddenly saying bye.

So it was exactly 1 hour… but it was so sudden when she left.

There was also a room number "5" behind her, so I thought maybe she was paying for a room like she did at the Internet cafe thing, and maybe she had to be done at exactly 1 hr.

No. 101877

At her "truth or dare" thing nothing interesting happened, it was more of a chill chat. There were 30 viewers and honestly nothing noteworthy happened. I would not have known it was a "truth or dare" chat without the advertising… there were some people asking questions (do you like girls, lol!) but there was no language related to "truth" or "dare". Venus seemed tired and bored, probably disappointed, and was in a room with the number "5" on it. She left suddenly at exactly 60 min.

Someone asked her weight, and others fussed about that. This is honestly all that I remember because it was boring.

No. 101884

pretty sad numbers (and some of them are farmers I guess) considering how many subs she seems to have.

No. 101890

maybe they already bored with her? i mean there were already people a little bit everywhere on imageboards (here, kiwi, etc) male i guess too, mentioning her content is a little disappointing.

That or most probably streaming at night japan time when her fans are on the opposite side of the globe probably working at the time venus chooses to stream. but you know, I wouldn't be surprised if she can't even wake up in the morning considering how lazy she seems to be.

Hey OF anon, no need to post anything but has she post anything good lately?

No. 101900


Hey I'm not the only one from Britain here, and how and in what way was that a blog post? it was related to talk about Venus and her average height, whereas your post is nothing to do with her but picking on my post for no reason.

No. 101901


Right. And it's so fucking annoying. I wish they'd all piss off back to PULL.

No. 101902

>>Venus mentioned a psychotherapist, which isn't really a thing anymore (so she could also be translating wrong)?

Or maybe it is still a thing in Japan?

No. 101908

Def still a thing in Japan

No. 101909

God, I took a couple days break and comeback to a milkless spergfest about the great pull pedo debate….

No. 101911

You’re confusing “psychoanalyst” (which is actually still a thing, though less so than in the 20th century) with “psychotherapist”, which refers to all kinds of mental health therapy providers who aren’t psychiatrists.

No. 101912


I guess it is hard for people to take in the fact that Venus is actually living in Japan and if her audience is mainly from America, it seems hard for them to imagine any life outside of the US and they think that whatever may apply there also applies all over the world. And of course it doesn't.

No. 101921

Thanks for the info anon, sounds boring as hell. I agree that her streaming at night time in Japan probably kept those numbers low since her audience is mostly westerners. Last time I noticed her doing a live it looked like a lot of people participating in the chat were also women. Was that true this time too?

No. 101922


Id say there was a healthy mix of women/men. Only a few people were talking so it was hard to tell.

No. 101923

I'm convinced that at least half of all female followers of Japan-focused kawaii girls like Venus, Dakota, Arisu & the rest are lowkey just trying to find a scam that they believe will work to get them an easy ride princess life in Japan.

No. 101924

Roastie detected. Protip, if you stop whining about imaginary pedos, people might actually believe you're one of us.

No. 101930

>using the term roastie in a female imageboard

Lmao scrotes ITT stick like a sore thumb

No. 101938


No. 101941

>it must be nerve wracking when she enters the subway and literally almost all japanese women are her dream look!

lol cringe

No. 101949

>"one of us"
>doesnt even use sage

No. 101960

Enough already damn we get it, Japan has different fetishes. Stop being SJWs about it.

No. 101979

File: 1592872317068.jpeg (67.51 KB, 741x527, 9FB2439B-226E-486A-B357-D71FB1…)

Has anyone noticed that venus recently followed this ddlg/ageplayer gear store?
Inb4 diaper venus

No. 101983

>inb4 diaper venus
whatever makes her money, anon. we all know she's soo over all those normal jobs.

No. 101998

Nta but "different" isn't the word I'd choose kek, and admittance of that doesn't suddenly make you an "sjw"

No. 102015

I'm not trying to nitpick but has anyone else noticed that her breasts are extremely lopsided? She's obviously trying to hide it but when you look at


it's obvious, there's some other pics where you can see it but I can't be bothered to look further. But in 99% of her pics she's hiding it by showing only one side or angles.
I get that most women have uneven breasts but hers seem so bad it almost seems like botched surgery.

No. 102017

Even though Venus is predictable as Hell, there is always a couple people hanging on to the last bit of hope that their Venus will not sink further. She has and she will, folks! Venus is 100% into this stuff. There is no reaching or confusion. She’s taking measurements for her custom diaper now.

Perhaps the natural unevenness has been exacerbated by the stress of her constant weight fluctuation. It would be impossible for her to gain or lose the exact same amount of breast volume each time, so it is very likely that this is side effect of that. There’s nothing she can do about it.

No. 102018

One is a bit droopier than the other like in >>99459 but it's nothing dramatic or unusual. The photo you linked doesn't prove much, she's pushing them with her arms that they're not in any sort of natural position we can judge from.

It really is nitpicking regardless, obviously she hasn't had any surgery on her chest so pointing to that as justification is ridiculous.

No. 102019

it's not super obvious on the pics where she's standing up but they do seem to 'point' different directions when they're facing you/at a slight angle. it could be compounded by her pushing or clutching them.

No. 102020

I think it’s just natural wonkiness that she needs to learn to work around, just like any other nude/ero model. They all have “good sides” and angles they won’t shoot. If she had a real professional photographer who knew how to work best with her features, it wouldn’t be a problem. Hope she’s actually saving money and looking to hire a pro one day.

No. 102021


You are nitpicking though. I think it is more normal to have a discrepancy than to have symmetrical breasts.

I am surprised she didn't edit out the difference… I think that is a positive move on her part, considering she could have just "perfected" them.

No. 102022

in that pic specifically, one nipple is hard/erect while the other is soft, which is why it looks so wonky.

No. 102025

More like she has no control over the finished product.-There's no way she could release these little to no edited pics

No. 102029


That’s not how breasts work, her nipples are actually extremely lopsided there’s no question.

No. 102031

um, a single nipple can be hard before the other one, nothing unusual here. apply ice on one and see how both won't simultaneously go hard at the same time?

No. 102037

One thing we can’t deny is that Venus has a nice body, and supposing that we are in this thread still mostly girls (hopefullly were not outnumbered by the incels yet) it’s weird that you criticise the shape of her breasts. Maybe you’re all white perfect barbie dolls and have never seen different nipples or breasts.

No. 102042

Anon… have you seen her anachan body? You call that nice?

No. 102043

Maybe I’m an anachan myself xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 102052

lots of e-thots are into that brwand without necessarily being abdl tho. I've even seen normies buy from there. still its venus, its another fetish demographic she can milk

No. 102069

Maybe that's why her content is so cheap looking? She's only pandering to any niche fetish she can and then moves on once she gets as much cash as she can from it?

No. 102072

ya you anons complaining about her following that store is kinda bs because I've seen a lot of normies buy stuff from there because it's cute/cheap, and they aren't into that fetish at all.

HOWEVER, in context with venus's other stuff, her posts, her follows, her OF pictures… It's pretty evident she's into DDLG stuff. Maybe not literal diaper stuff (we'll see I guess) but very obviously she wants that 'I wanna be cared for/spoiled/bratty' kinda feel.
I think her contents cheap looking because she doesn't have a lot of money. Even if she's raking a lot, I have a feeling she's being an idiot and either spending it right away on bullshit things like clothes and nails instead of proper fetish clothes. There's also the chance that part of that money might be going to the guy who's taking photos/helping her? Who knows.

No. 102078

That "i wanna be cared for" is such a bingo for Venus (and probably the vast majority of women into DDLG)

Her sexuality is probably quite malleable and vaguely defined because of her life, and DDLG/acting like a helpless wittle girl just appeals to her lazy, shiftless, don't do any work to earn anything side. The idea of never working and getting whatever weeb garbage she wants is probably more exciting to her than any orgasm could ever be.

No. 102082

That's a depressing af thought, that a girl who got to travel so much despite her upbringing is still so shallow and sheltered that she has no real interests other than simply getting attention and instant gratification for anything she can.

I don't think Venus being in Japan is about Japan anymore, and probably hasn't been for a while. Now that she thotted out, her interests are all deviantly sexual or uwu kiddish, but she's not pretending to be a Jvlogger who gives a shit about Japanese culture or cuisine anymore.

No. 102092

I dunno, I still think she enjoys japanese culture and things. For example, she still dresses/curates her image that way, and probably still watches anime and all that weeb shit. I think her wanting to be in japan is still very much a thing, because the EASIEST route for her to gain some kind of normal life would be going back to her home country and figuring things out with the family that still cares for her. Instead, she chooses to be a thot in japan.

Most likely she just thinks she can find some old SD over there and pay for her existence, hence also the DDLG fetish. I swear, every.single.sugarbaby does this. And it might work for her if she lowers her standards on the type of disgustingly old salaryman that would do that for her. Only thing is it's probably not going to work because she has a serious addiction issue, along side with her possible BPD, makes her way too chaotic for a real SD to want to even bother.

Most likely she has a semi-like pimp directing her to do certain porn/nudes shit for part of the money in helping. I have a feeling stomach-san will appear in more future shoots.

No. 102154

Not sure if it's just me, but she seems more inactive these last few days.

No. 102156

she is not that active anymore cause her "crazy episode" is over…now what? Maybe we see another persona of her. Wouldn't be surprising

No. 102157

no idea how she'd do that, you really don't come back from internet nudes. Especially when your previous fan base was teens to young women, and you convinced your new fanbase of young and old incels that you were a wanton sex addict in hiding this entire time.

No. 102159

Yeah. She ruined her life by exposing herself like that too soon, while she could have played with her simps for a little while.

No. 102168

>For example, she still dresses/curates her image that way, and probably still watches anime and all that weeb shit.

that's shallow. Imagine wanting to live in japan just for clothing and anime. Its totally okay for a weeb to go on a trip or a journey to japan just for the anime culture. But wanting to live in japan just for this aspect, without even trying to experience their working culture, meeting new people, participating in japanese cultural events or whatever, it just seems pretty off to me. Especially in Venus case where all she seems to care about at this point is the porn, the yuri anime and the cheap harajuku clothes.

No. 102170

If she's not too famous in Japan yet, and if it's true that she does have some kind of valid visa, she could just restart over, learn proper keigo level Japanese and try to work as just a regular salariwoman.

Or if she doesn't want to work, housewifes are really still a thing in Japan, she could try to marry someone with a good income and have children. (Even thought at the moment I would rather not see her raising children considering her mental issues.)

No. 102172


"you really dont come back from internet nudes"

"she ruined her life by exposing herself like that"

not to be insensitive, but the shouldnt allow internet in special ed classes, it annoys the non-retards.

No. 102173


all it would take would be someone recognizing her or tipping off at "Venus Angelic" and her life would be ruined. these photos are so disgusting that I don't even think low paying/McDonalds jobs would hire her or associate with her… in japan of course.

Ah yes Venus, you have ruined all potential careers and schooling opportunities. Hope that 4k was worth it KEK

No. 102174


samefag anon but I think it's just the degree of the photos that's so degrading. they're not casual vanilla nudes or even regular fetishes. corn dildos? suicide threats? appalling.

I used to believe Margo was the root of all things evil but Venus is just as manipulative as her mom but at least her mom was consistent w it. I wonder if Venus will ever end up getting into porn, someone already posted the herpes on her lip.

Anything for quick cash I guess. And she's supposedly 23 now?

No. 102175

>calls people retards
>can't even spell "they" properly

No. 102182

it's the nakadashi sign in her first boob picture that really makes her look like trash tier, then the fake vomit, the "soap and glitter"… not to mention the baby disguise. exactly. non vanilla, content that makes her look extra sloppy, what a way to ruin the angelic brand AND your actual name, cuz this idiot went full name with her sex work.

nothing was properly managed in this shitfest. I dunno if she is still posting, it seems quiet lately and OF anon isn't posting anything so… i guess part of me hopes she's okay? she's a mess and who knows what is happening in her head at the moment.

No. 102189

File: 1593006221875.jpg (325.55 KB, 1152x2048, Venus 0.jpg)

I saw a few older pics on her twitter account I'd not seen before. In this one, would've been quite nice if she hadn't edited that awful pointed chin in, it just looks wrong and she would look so much better if left natural.

No. 102190

She would never work a normal job, Anon. She's too good for work.

No. 102195

File: 1593007296536.jpeg (102.04 KB, 750x746, 3BA26427-896B-4893-AE32-AB2EF9…)

Anon I do believe this was posted in the previous thread, I dunno bout u but the moldy bathroom is grosser than the over editing.

I regret subbing to her onlyfans, it’s so incredibly boring. I mean I know everyone is saying this but holy shit. It’s so mediocre I want a refund how do scrotes do this.

Not to nitpick but the strand of hair on her face is funny.

No. 102198

I've got bored of seeing both Venus nudes and Belle ones now, (via these cow threads, Belle got boring at lightspeed since she only returned to the internet a few days ago) I echo your sentiment anon. I assume scrotes get bored just as fast, which means a thot career is even worse than it initially seems - I guess you need to keep finding new scrotes since the original ones won't resub? I may be wrong.

No. 102199

Samefag, I see people doing calculations based on a thot's first month on the job, assuming the first month's takings will continue exactly the same through the year. But the first month is probably your highest earner, and then it drop off with every subsquent month. Just an assumption based on my own non-scrote attention span for these things.

No. 102200

They're the same type of scrotes that throw money at Delphine's content. Desperate, living in a complete fantasy, expect more & more and they're being milked dry of cash because their idol's retarded behavior & sad excuse for lewds is enough for them to wank over with pride. They've funded their precious weeb queens and that's all that matters to them while fellow ethots think they're killing it. It's a tragedy.

No. 102206

File: 1593014194697.png (3.32 MB, 2048x1536, 488BC4A4-9577-425E-9A7A-17556C…)

Late but here’s a screen shot of her livestream a few days ago- the one that had 30 viewers according to >>101877

No. 102213

Yikes! Venus is looking tired and worn out. Wonder if her only fans members even care about the excessive amounts of shopping or are they’re there for the fap material(if there is anything worth while to even look at)

No. 102215

i guess showers don't exist in her world

No. 102217

holy shit I thought it was margo

No. 102218

whyyyy why why WHY would she NOT make herself presentable for those streams?? I dont understand

No. 102220

so its just a 14 minute video of her face and weird autistic moans.wow lol

No. 102221

She looks so unhealthy and also happiest she has ever been.

No. 102222

File: 1593019343183.jpeg (585.92 KB, 750x983, 5EC1BFB3-02E2-4F9D-A5AB-DCE734…)

Message to her subs this morning.

“Remember when I promised to put up a Beautiful Agony (= close up face shot while masturbating) video?
Welp welp, here it is… Since the videos is 13 minute and 56 second long, I uploaded it to google drive for you Watch me playing with electrical massagers set to the highest setting while lying on my bed wearing gingham checked pastel pink PJs and a cute bear headband. The video is focused on my face and starts with me taking my panties off….despite the electrical massager trying to destroy me while I try my best to explain my experience as in what Im doing, feeling and smelling in between the moans and other hard to describe noises. This is a side of me no one ever thought even existed…not even me until I recorded it! Watch the video and cum together with me to the naughty side

P.S:Please do let me know your thoughts regarding the Beautiful Agony video! If you are so kind and write me a feedback I’ll send you one of my favorite non-published erotic pictures! “
she’s asking $80 for this mediocre content.

No. 102223

is that snot

No. 102226

Looks like she’s got painful gas. So shmexy

No. 102228

hard to describe noises and smelling.
$80 for a video of the face of someone smelling their own sharts.
interesting concept.
did you give her the feedback to offer face sharting to the top payers next time?

No. 102232

I mean at least wash your fucking hair before going live, damn.

No. 102233

Jesus christ, she really does look like a young grandma. like an old lady who uses top of the line skincare but can't do shit about her features turning old.

Margo truly fucked her up. mentally, emotionally and genetically.

No. 102234

the sex industry is all the same.
>new girl thinks lewds/porn = big easy money
(kek, not really, 4k a month is a low tier job for 40hrs give or take)
>new girl is happy, promotes sex work, "life is great!!!"
>after a month or two/few, people stop paying or refusing to resub/watch
>content gets more extreme because she's done everything before
>big money again
>new girls start coming out, she gets older, boring and washed out content, losing money fast
>"my life is still great!!1!1! not like anons were right! I love sex work!"
>"hurr durr I am offered more money if I do porn, sounds easy! already done everything anyways, more money!"
>does porn
>same cycle
>either dies or gets an education, less than 1% make it big

inb4 "anon u aren't talking about the men!!1!1!" same shit happens with men but it's more sustainable to be a MALE sex worker

irrelevant I guess but props to the anons who leak her content and give updates. good shit.

exactly, she'll make most of her money in the first or couple of months and then slowly people will stop paying her. what a tough lesson to learn.

No. 102235

What a mess. I wonder if she stopped drinking and ate a healthy diet whether she would regain her looks?
She looks older than me and I’m over 10 years older than her!

No. 102237

To be fair, that’s pretty terrible lighting. I think she’d benefit from gaining a little weight. I’m pro sex work but between her insane mother, weird marriage, mental illness, eating disorder, botched surgery, drinking problems…I just don’t see sex work being positive for her at all. Aside from the good cash flow that could help with therapy…but I’m curious what the mental health environment is even like in Japan since it’s a pretty taboo subject. This girls really got a shit life and I hope someone can help her. I don’t think she ever developed the social skills to connect like that with anyone though. Such a sad story that I don’t really see a good ending to

No. 102238

Next thread pic nomination.

No. 102239


>wearing gingham checked pastel pink PJs and a cute bear headband

Someone seems to be confusing their audiences…

Instagram ←— That-a-way

No. 102240

staying up at 4 in the morning to check up on her OF is clearly doing wonders for her skin. I feel she could look more healthy if she tried instead of putting a filter on it.

No. 102241


the most unfortunate part is she's had people TRY and help her but she refuses. tsurkero (? can't spell for shit), that one lolita chick, even Taylor and Manaki are awful but tried to steer her in the right direction, see a theripast etc.

she claims she sees one but there's 0 progress, even a shitty theripast can offer venting or another perspective. there's also so many resources on the internet. Venus really seems to be "if you can't handle me at my worst then forget my best!" kind of person.

Venus is stubborn like a rock and almost as dense as one too. I used to wish she would get a career, translator or even tutoring, something she can do and make some money off of and work on her social skills.(McDs is a great example, people skills, money is alright for the skillset she has, etc. great beginner job… I'm not a McDonalds ambassador, its just something universal) but instead she wants everything quick, fast without any work. She claims she's always so depressed and suicidal, I have a sister with BPD and she does the same thing. Somehow finds enough motivation to throw tantrums, expect all and give nothing. Expecting them/her to grow up is nothing but disappointment.

Venus is lazy.
Lazy lazy lazy lazy Venus.

No. 102244

Is this allowed? I mean I dunno shit about onlyfans but do other users put stuff behind a paywall even when they have people already subbed to them?

No. 102245

>exactly, she'll make most of her money in the first or couple of months and then slowly people will stop paying her. what a tough lesson to learn.

The worst thing about this is probably the men who stay because they tend to be obsessive like that Peter from Toronto guy.
So it's basically a lose-lose situation, the normal ones leave to pursue another girl and the creeps stay. yuk

No. 102247

Yeah anon, it’s common.it’s like extra premiums, on a basic Subscription. >>102228
she does respond to messages but it’s not worth your time really. Or she will charge you or something.

No. 102255

File: 1593033361779.jpeg (293 KB, 574x935, E2905CD6-E320-4E23-9009-7F1509…)

How ironic

No. 102256

kind of a nitpick but does she ever clean her nose? this is not the 1st time she's got a big ass booger up there

No. 102260

what about that thing on her lip? why not edit that out too?

No. 102261

I also have a family member with BPD with really similar traits. Wonder if some of it comes from the fact that Venus was able to make so much money when she first started out? I don’t know exactly how much she made regularly, but it had to be pretty significant for her age through YouTube ads and other stufff. Like she can’t imagine having to work so hard for less.(blog, armchair)

No. 102264

next thread pic please lol
why does lolcow always assume every cow has BPD? she might have something else entirely instead

No. 102271

didn’t she say she has bpd? too many lies to remember

No. 102274

She said she had it and then took it back and said no i don't have it but everyone likes to believe the first lie.

No. 102276

i mean she does act like she has it so I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did

No. 102279

She said that magical brain scan she had diagnosed her as Bipolar, that was the latest ‘mental health update.’ Promised a video explaining it all which of course never happened.

No. 102283

wow things are just looking BLEAK. how can guys get off to this?

No. 102287

cum brain and porn obsession. It’s like a drug. But eventually they will get tired of not getting what they want and forget she exists.

No. 102288

I think a lot of people who buy her OF content are just people who are "curious" and entertained, because they are long time followers. Not necessarily attracted to it, turned on, etc.

I bought all of her sets because I have been following her for so many years and I was curious. The last set I bought had a bunch of pictures I already had (from my previous purchases, things she already posted to everyone on OF, things that were free on Instagram) and I felt cheated for paying for that.

My curiosity has been satisfied and I don't think I'll buy anything else. I think a lot of people are in the same boat, and interest is going to decline.

No. 102289


Bring da milk dude. Dont be rude…

No. 102300

Didn't we already tell you to scram? Can mods permaban these thirsty losers?

the face expression kek

>I'll be streaming guys ^^

>also shares OF on twitter to her minuscule japanese fanbase
>30 ppl in the stream
>japan time yet no japanese in the chat room
>incel: do u have a waifu hurr

Man what a glamorous life. I too would be thrilled about this kind of incel fanbase she's got

No. 102302


you cant ban a dynamic ip. Looser(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 102318

$80 for that granny face omg. Is she delusional?

No. 102321

So what happened with her collaboration with June?

No. 102340

Ok she's fully just half a step from doing porn now. I wanna bet she'll show hole within the month

No. 102345

Omg she needssss to invest in Botox and fillers. Honestly, maybe even a face lift. I know she’s extremely young for one but her skin is already sagging and folding, she needs to do something if she wants to keep this OF gig up. She looks like she’s in her 40’s easily. Does she now see how bad she looks?

No. 102346

I cant tell if you guys are serious about not knowing the beautiful agony thing. Its a massive video trope. The stupid faces are because of climaxing or due to extended stimulation after. A lot of thots use it as a pov or fake orgasm money selling scheme but lots of people are into BA vids. Even dudes participate. There isnt a secret extra meaning. The tinfoil is weak in here.

No. 102347

Why do people think filler big lips are good? They are sooo ugly. If Venus got those fillers she would honestly ruin her face. I'm not very fond of her, but her face is fine as it is now.

No. 102353

Filler isn’t just for lips… I think in this context anon meant for her face. It can add volume when your face ages and sags, and provide a “lift”.

People do that when they age or have lost a lot of weight

No. 102354

If it wasn't making her good money, she'd entirely drop it and move onto the next trend saying it was her life long dream and putting on personality number 5383292201.

Prior to OF, she tried a fanclub that brought in little money so she abandoned it (and scammed her fans in the process). She tried tik tok, fake business, dolly trend, vtubbing, singing, sugaring, YT etc and none of them brought in much money (except YT for a few years). So of course she'll stick with this. It's not much work, she doesn't have to have a good face/body (she can and does just edit it) or any skill and it will still bring in money.

No. 102361

this is needlessly exaggerated. she doesn't look 40, she looks late 20s at the worst, and doesn't need something drastic as a face lift. some retinol night cream and a treatment for the eye bags would fix that all pretty well.

No. 102362

I sort of agree, I think undereye fillers and a tad bit of lip fillers would add a softness to her face

No. 102364


not that there is any actual proof of this, but Margo has repeatedly mentioned that Venus had legally changed her name to minako okada or whatever. well who the fuck knows but Venus Palermo is definitely not on her passport. In other words her real name might be quite safe from this "venus angelic" garbage. As long as nobody recognizes her in pics ofc

I also vaguely recall Margo referring to venus as Neuenschwander or sth I can't spell it. (father's surname)
I think Palermo was never their real surname anyway

No. 102365

She looks like a kid to me. 100% pandering. Japan needs to do more in regards to CP and CP-like content.(move on)

No. 102366

Not to mention how unfit/untoned and frumpy her body is. She has cellulite in her legs and they look as bad as Marge's legs and she's half her age. She has what I'd call the "classic gamer bod" (pasty looking and unfit from sedentary lifestyle). How can anyone say it looks good? She has to edit and smooth the shit out of her body to make it look even slightly decent. Not to mention her proportions (man shoulders, giant hands/thumbs/toes/feet, her torso looks like a box rather than slender, barely any boobage and sagging, flat ass etc. For the sex work industry, her unedited body sucks. Not to mention the anorexia.

No. 102369

she did more than edit just her chin there..slimmed nose and mouth, insanely enlarged eyes, smoothed her skin as bad as Kenna, elongated her head and obviously editing for the hafu look. She left her hand so it's even more jarring and noticeable.

No. 102372


I've never seen anyone who has fucked around with their face / body who doesn't look like an open-casket funeral. Leave the artificial 'beauty' practices to the morticians.

For the living, some healthy lifestyle choices work wonders and don't put you in the uncanny valley.

No. 102379

theres nothing wrong with her face per se, shes just very average looking. Yes her neet lifestyle has ruined a few things here and there, but shes trying to pretend shes this white hafu goddess uwu by dying her hair black and filtering herself to death. this kawaii bullshit honestly ages her. if she dressed more normally she would look ok.

No. 102380

Way to minimize CP. "It's jUsT tHeIR cUlTuRe"

>imaginary pedos
Nothing imaginary about people like Peter from Toronto getting off to pics of baby beenus or the initial pedo pic posted to IG. Venus knows she has closet pedos following her for years, so when debuting her OF, she made sure to pander to these guys first, as they'd be the first to give her money. fucking scrote simps constantly trying to either outright deny or minimize the pandering, then attempt to silence all dissidents with either: sToP dErAiLiNg or "It's not rElEvEnT tO wHaT sHe'S dOiNg (when clearly it is) or pretending they agree to silence discussion then immediately follow with minimizing the pandering, so their word can be the last. If we didn't have posts like >>101924 & >>101782 this discussion wouldn't even be a thing. There's a market for this pandering shit in Japan. Japan is behind the times when it comes to CP and the like. That's why it's still a thing there and of all the things Venus can do, she chooses to cater to this crap. And the fetus caption is just weirdand inappropriate. Even her fans are starting to take issue(move on)

No. 102381

Have to be honest, I never noticed any mold in the bathroom, lol, guess I'm not bothered about things like that, unless it is really extreme.
I like this darker toned picture of her, she looks good here.

No. 102382

>I vought all her porn but I don't follow her for porn

Scrote logic.

No. 102383


I agree, there's nothing much uglier than a trout pout or lips that looks like rubber tyres put together. Ugly in the extreme.

And honestly, take a random screenshot of anyone when they are hunched over a screen, facing it and looking slightly down while talking and most won't make the best picture in the world, so I think people are reaching a bit here.
I watched that video of her with that Sora guy again and her face looks fine, no need for any filler rubbish or botox, she doesn't want to go down that destructive route on top of all the other problematic things she has indulged in. If she builds up enough confidence in herself, which is what she needs to do, then she wouldn't even entertain the idea of doing any of that shit to preserve her looks, just a healthy lifestyle and enough sleep would be enough, organic fruit and veg and a positive attitude makes for a healthy mind, and body.

No. 102384


MODS!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 102387

File: 1593088550582.png (403.75 KB, 760x493, 1.png)

She looks good here.

No. 102388

a more mature look would suit her way better than all that kawaii childish crap

No. 102389


I think esthetically her best look would be a lighter brown/darker blonde color (maybe with some reddish tones) and more classy, mature clothes with cute inspired makeup, and maybe some layers or curls. What she's going for now actually ages her more and makes her look sickly because she seems to be warm toned yet trying to force a cool toned style on herself. Her "style" is just a Japanese schoolgirl strawman and not an actual style or personality. Basically, she's living as a foreigner's idea of a Japanese girl based on porn stereotypes.

No. 102390

*porn and pop culture stereotypes, I should say.

No. 102391

which is why her attempt to gather a japanese audience will fail. they dont a walmart version of what they already have. if youre white, or just foreign, they want you to highlight that.

No. 102393

I was talking about facial fillers obviously to help hide her aging you absolute moron.

No. 102401

if venus WERE to get fillers, I’m sure she would go to someone cheap and over time it will make her whole face look fat like momokuns. I don’t think she should get fillers. It’ll just make her uglier.
I mean look at when she had that surgery for losing weight. I think she needs to stay away from cosmetic procedures and adopt a healthy life style but it’s beenos we are talking about here.

No. 102409

Why waste money on fillers and botox when all she has to do is eat like a normal human being instead of starving herself and drinking herself to sleep.

No. 102410

File: 1593098395097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 535.23 KB, 2448x1632, 2448x1632_e4b7dc0e1a14f015ded3…)

Anyone want any grapes?

No. 102415


Not the kind of cheese board I'd order, personally.

No. 102416

A spread wide hairy coochie and grapes, classic Weenus keeping it trashy as always. She's gone downhill so rapidly.

No. 102418

and remember she never showers ew

No. 102421

Looks like she's birthing the fucking grapes lmao

No. 102428

it looks like she shaved the top but left her labia all hairy wtf

No. 102431

No she wouldn’t “look ok if she dressed more normally/got enough sleep/ate better” etc. etc. She inherited Margo’s worst traits including that creepy margo mouth (which gets more apparent every day,) the eyebags and those shitty premature aging genes. It’s not “bad lighting” either. It’s her real unfiltered face.

And btw you can filter videos, >>102383. In one of Marge’s old videos she forgot to apply the filter midway throuth it and you could see the difference the instant that filter went out. It was like night and day.

No. 102435

So Venus prefers to be natural. Believe it or not, it is common in Japan not to shave (for women) and have a hairy look, lmaoo

No. 102437

The stuff of nightmares. She looks sick and dirty here despite trying to look inviting and sexy. The black hair really doesn’t suit her and just emphasizing her aging features, though i doubt she’ll give it up since she wants to LARP as a Japanese HSer

No. 102451


Bring back the '70s bush I say.

No. 102453

Because the damage is done, eating healthier and living a healthy lifestyle will definitely help improve her complexion and prevent FURTHER aging/damage, but the folds and wrinkles she already has? Those obviously aren’t going to reverse themselves just from her beginning to eat healthy and shit. Like I said, her overall skin texture might improve and the lines will slightly diminish perhaps, but the nasolabial folds for example due to the cheeks beginning to sag are NOT going to snap back into place. So yeah, healthy lifestyle to prevent further aging, but for the damage that’s already done, she’s gonna need some extra help if she wants to appear more youthful/actually look her age.(nitpicking)

No. 102455

You guys are so harsh! She isn't that bad, guys :P(:P)

No. 102456

That is not an appealing shot of her vagina, it really does look like she's giving birth. If the grapes covered it entirely maybe it would work kind of? But as it is they cover up the most attractive part and leave visible the more gappy, 'empty' looking space below. Could be kind of a nice picture if she was lying down with her legs together, and had the grapes covering her mound.

This whole thing is so weird given how cultivated her image once was. It really looks like she doesn't give a shit at all, but then again, she gives enough of a shit to get dressed up and hang out in some kind of themed room? Its just the photos come out looking pretty unpleasant.

No. 102458

File: 1593110390949.jpg (20.62 KB, 314x286, lol.JPG)

kek at the comments on her latest ig post

No. 102459

>You guys are so harsh!?
>She isn't that bad
The lack of integration has to be intentional

Who am I kidding this thread is always crawling with Venus' followers.

No. 102462

File: 1593110546925.jpg (91.36 KB, 929x596, post.JPG)


Said post. That bony hip tho

No. 102467

Can someone explain why everyone says this?

No. 102472

tbh none of her shots are appealing. it always feels like shes copying a pose she saw in a hentai rather than BEING sexy.

also idk why you guys think lil miss botched surgery should get even more

No. 102473

Literally every thread has pics/videos/streams of her looking greasy like she hasn't showered in days. Then there's also the famous period fiasco, where anon's theorise she didn't bother changing her pad - let alone washing her face - before streaming. Celebs finding pics it's all archived.

No. 102477

I think you're right, she is trying to emulate drawings rather than actual sexy human beings. The photos look awful because no matter the editing, pandering, image she has created…she is a human woman and not an anime. A drawing can have a perfect little weensy vagina covered up by a small bushel of grapes, but a real woman can't. You'd think she'd look at the pictures and realize that and not release it. This is why I tinfoil about somebody else now just fully managing her output and she really has little say in what gets posted and what doesn't.

No. 102484

I feel like I'm gonna throw up

No. 102496

dont worry, the grapes are plastic

No. 102498

She looks so loooong in this pic. So much for her years of smol grill posing.

No. 102499

File: 1593122264831.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, D1A403A2-0432-4EBD-981D-1583AB…)

Venus is currently answering questions about her onlyfans on instagram.

No. 102500

I feel… this is probably a better quality photo, she looks okay (not greasy and puffy looking) yet I still feel sick.
I think it’s because I know she’s mentally disturbed and she doesn’t really understand what she’s doing.
Is that a kink for some people? Urgh.

No. 102501


You need to be earning proper money to keep a Tokyo apartment Venus


No. 102502


It’s edited to fuck

No. 102503

File: 1593122943037.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 141839F7-5108-40B4-89EB-ECF675…)

its interesting to finally hear her talk more about the therapy that she's receiving.

No. 102505

I'm changing the subject, but does anyone know what happened to June love joy? She was going to do a collaboration with Venus, what happened?

No. 102507

Not sure, but she seemed to be getting a lot of negative comments on her instagram from people either telling her not to "corrupt" venus (lol) or telling her that Venus is gross and not to be trusted. Probably scared her management off, and the collab is cancelled.

No. 102508

Jfc even bonelord Keekz looked more healthier that her

No. 102509

File: 1593123997364.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, B24CB4E5-19C4-44B4-BB63-504F02…)

No. 102513

why do I feel like she sent somenof the questions to herself just so she van answer them publicly

No. 102516

Oh, riiight…she’s gonna be an illustrator, or do coding, or-or maybe become an investor! Yeah, that’s totally realistic, just like her “forming a Company” or starting a girls bar was.

She’s just as grandiose and delusional as her narc mother. Two peas in a pod, they are.

No. 102519

Damn, you're savage! But, you're absolutely damn right. Venus has delusions of greatness, and doesn't see her reality. She truly believes herself to be a unique and fascinating person.
Venus has fallen so low that I am no longer surprised by her mediocrity. I wonder what is real in her life, she fakes everything, even her emotions.

No. 102529

She'll never be normal and I believe her 'psychologist" is a lie. whoever thinks she;s telling truth, is pathetic.

No. 102533

File: 1593130698345.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, 0766C432-B023-4BAB-9E60-137F3C…)

Venus on the topography test she took, potentially having bipolar disorder, her therapy, and the medication she's currently on.

No. 102535

Lemme guess- she’s gonna explain all about it in a Youtube video! Along with all those other videos that never happened..

No. 102536

invest… With no money, absolutely 0 knowledge of ANY markets, and even with knowledge of markets and trends, she's gunna do what? Forex? Crypto? STOCKS? LOL with the market fucking over actual day traders? No one will want her to do OTCs, no bank will her as a trader, she has 0 money to invest herself, she's way over her heard on that one.

Illustrate… Has she ever even drawn? It takes YEARS for people to learn to draw, let alone colour, understand colour theory, shadows/lights, negative space etc. Even people have been drawing for years struggle to get jobs, especially in covid. At BEST she's going to get a shitty animation job barely making money, and that is IF she spend hours a day learning to draw, animate and the shortcuts to everything. On top of that, goodluck getting a job like that in japan, one of the most famously difficult places to get a job such as that due to the intense work loads and work culture specific to animation/illustration.

Code… Does she even know ANY coding languages? Frameworks? Has she done anything outside of basic ass HTML? Now a days, just knowing css/html is not enough even for a front end dev. You need to understand react/vue, you need to understand js/java, you need to understand nodes, you need to understand how to work with other coders, sprints, PMs on your ass all the time, and you need to actually not be a dumbass. No one will hire you as a coder venus, and you aren't smart enough to code something yourself, especially something useful people would use/purchase.

Not even going to bother saying translate/write. Speaks every language in the most broken way, clearly forgetting languages she 'picked up' through her travels because it requires constant upkeep/practice or you slowly forget it. Not to mention, transcribing is difficult and the pay is shit. Even live translation between people. Plus when hiring, companies look for established people working for specific transcribing/translation companies, and they regularly google names. They would NEVER hire venus and her internet background.

She just isn't creative or smart for any of these 'jobs'. She needs to get a reality check and either go full sex worker mode and be smart and save money then marry some dumbass, or go back to her native country and salvage her life by getting an education or a simple job somewhere.

tldr; venus can not get a job in anything she said.

No. 102537

I feel like she propagating a dangerous idea to her followers like “It’s ok if you spread your legs on the internet! You can always become a coder, invest money or do any other profession that brings in decent money!”

First of all, even if you’re a talented illustrator, most of them live below the poverty line, yes, even in Japan.

You don’t wake up some day and decide to invest or code. And again, yes coding can be a profitable profession but a) you have to be passionate about it and keep yourself educated on new languages b) it’s a saturated market as well so starting salary has been dropping since crazy.
On top of that, any serious company will do some basic googling because you will most likely work within a team and they don’t want a rotten apple in the mix.

What you can do is:
- go back to school and change your name
- work in cafes or supermarkets (And also, granted they don’t have creeps starting to show up at your job because they know you and cause problems to your company)

No. 102538

straight up with "politician" and "doctor". As if that's what most ppl go into in the end? I'm sorry Venus but with your lack of experience in any field your starting point in Japan will be either conbini or grocery store clerk.

Also, can't even write kanji pretty enough in cum dumpster post but aspires to "illustrate"

Get a grip. Maybe having respect for those who actually work and see the beauty and creativity in jobs should be your first step.

what a humiliation honestly.

No. 102540

if she really cared about her mental health, she would give the internet a fucking break.

I wonder if she realises how generic she is in that menhara sex worker episode of hers.

No. 102542

b-but weren't you soooooo above mundane jobs for filthy commoners, Penus-himesama?

No. 102543

File: 1593134126705.jpg (112.38 KB, 500x267, 3gQ1dSC.jpg)

Venus' doctor after scanning her brain…

Yeah right.

No. 102547

So shes currently on an antipsychotic, an ADD medication, AND a medication for her bipolar. Now I see why she always looks so wiped out, this sort of combination can be exhausting. I wonder how high the dosages are?

No. 102551

she seems to still have major highs and lows though….

No. 102552

is this shit even real or is this what clinics say to make someone go away who is just an asshole? that is a thing remember? and what fucking heavy trauma?

No. 102553

Probably high, considering Venus is the type to dramatize her situation and issues for attention/justification of her wild and raunchy actions. Didn't Manaki ask her to get therapy before he kicked her out the first time? If so, maybe her getting therapy was a condition to her moving back in with him before she joined OF? In which case it could also mean that she maybe IS in therapy, but that she's using her married name still and the Dr. has no idea about her OF/Baby Beenos stuff.

No. 102555

Funny that because Adult Children From Dysfunctional Families doesn't have "therapists" and have a different approach to mental health through meetings, one to one sessions etc.


Sure you are Weenus. I'm betting she's only reading the book because this group does have literature pieces. That's the closest to a "therapist" she'll ever have.

No. 102556

All this plus you need a high school diploma AND a college degree, at least a Bachelor’s and probably a Master’s degree before you can be considered for any of these careers.

She’s an uneducated unqualified delusional and entitled little shit.

No. 102558

Does anyone know how Venus is supposed to be doing "bookkeeping?" She surely can't be doing it in Japan right?

No. 102563

Slow down there! That’s making too much sense for Venus to understand. Girl wants an easy life and probably still has anime fantasies about how she’s at her lowest right now but could be successful one day. She probably thinks she’s some type of Cinderella. She just doesn’t have any natural talent in anything and is far too lazy to try to do something like…get a ged. Have a passion about anything! She can’t even fake an interest in something. So how could she act like she wants to be at a job for a few hours a day?

She couldn’t even try to keep her YouTube channel alive! She has shown no effort to try to better herself in anyway.

She’s really going to end up on the street at this point.

No. 102565

Lmao this bitch is so fucking dense and narcissistic.
Coding and investing? She is completely unqualified for any of these professions and this post alone shows how low IQ she is.
Illustrating and writing? These are professions you need raw talent, hard work and luck to be successful in. She spent her childhood posing as a doll on the internet, no way she spent time perfecting these skills. Bitch is a fucking moron.

No. 102567

She isn't. Venus is just exaggerating again as usual. She's probably managing her OF income and think she's some self employed business woman. Bookkeeping can be a self-taught skill, but it's a lot to learn especially on your own so most people take classes. No business will hire her to manage their finance as she has no previous experience or any knowledge. She's just bullshitting so people will think she's smart.

No. 102569

unless Pënis catched a bookkeeper SD and now fancies herself as one too -just like Kitano's media company fiasco- I don't see how she could do that without 0 prior experience or studies in that field.

No. 102582

Venus is clinging to this fantasy of getting help while being both successful and HAPPY doing OF porn/gravure because she doesn't want to admit to herself that, since her looks went to shit and she gave up on the only things that made her popular (YT and kawaii fashion) she has literally nothing separating her from the millions of other uneducated, unskilled and talentless nobodies everywhere else in the world- so her clinging to niche Japan fetishes is the last shred of the spotlight she has. Once her OF dies off from inactivity and lack of improvement, she better have another Manaki lined up or hope he takes her back a 3rd time. After OF and the cumdumpster tittypic, she's finished as far as marking money off of her name any other way but porn.

No. 102586

It's like some anon think life after porn is impossible. Sure it will be hard in her case but that's because she has mental issues to fix and she is extremely self-conscious, and some people may recognise her (although she isn't that big of a name In Japan), but if venus doesn't put the bar too high she could probably find some restaurant or something that will hire her and give her some training. And in Japan wearing a mask constantly isn't considered weird so she could do that if scared of being recognize.

That or she could try to go to Uni in another prefecture. Tokyo isn't a good place for her. too many foreigners would recognize her.

She really should be getting off the web though. If she hides a couple years (abt ten years) people will stop talking about her at least. Her pics will be preserve for sure but only by searching her name. And it appears she goes by another name in Japan.

No. 102587

Go to uni? Venus doesn't have any education whatsoever and no money to afford going to uni in Japan. Please be realistic kek

No. 102589

you can do uni after language school as a foreigner in japan. And she's doing cash she won't have a problem with tuition

No. 102593

File: 1593160419109.png (412.02 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_20200626-032053~2.p…)

Lol is that venus in the thumbnail?

No. 102606

I think it’s quiet funny that she can be already so sure about her diagnosis. I myself am diagnosed with bipolar disorder and recently with ADHD and it took me 8 doctors and 8 years of counseling in Japan.(blog)

No. 102610

With this much editing nobody will recognize her anon kek

No. 102617

it could be her. I remember selling such shirts as merch.

No. 102618

what makes you think this dumb bitch even wants to go to uni

No. 102622

Anon, she can't even invest in a soap bar

No. 102623

It is her. Adult Swim wtf are you doing with a pic this old??

The vid is still on her channel, just right when it starts you can see her as pic related.

No. 102626


Oh that is just horrible, crude and disgusting.
What is she thinking doing something so tasteless? I would even go so far as to say it is completely repulsive. She is better than this, even if she wants to go down the vile porn route in her pictures, she doesn't need to do something so crass, it can still be tasteful surely?

No. 102627


Yes but in the videos that Sora did with her, the one he posted on his own channel, she looked very pretty in those videos, and I highly doubt he would bother to put filters on his own video just to make Venus look better. I don't think she needs to use the filters at all, her mother is a different matter, even when young, she didn't look as good as Venus, though she obviously looked better than she does now, but then that would apply to almost anyone as they age.

No. 102628


I didn't notice that but I don't want to have to examine it too closely as I find it such a revolting picture, (not her face, her face looks fine here, but the picture itself, so tasteless and crude, disgusting) but in the video someone posted here of her in the shower wearing a white shirt, it looked like she was hairless down below. I commented on it as I wondered if it was a thing in Japan to shave off hair down there.

No. 102630


If she has an addictive personality, let's hope she doesn't just become addicted to prescribed medication.

The medical profession is far too ready to dish out pills to people , the pharma industry encourages it by making more and more normal variations in personality medicalised, because that is their profit right there, making sure as many people as possible have to be reliant on medication of one sort or another.

No. 102632

File: 1593184765022.png (403.66 KB, 490x498, Venus w horns.png)


Not that flattering, she looks thin and bony.

There was another picture, I don't know why she didn't use that one instead of this, and probably wouldn't of got any comments moaning about the OF thing.

No. 102633

She looks better here than in the picture showing her legs and thigh, it just looks all wrong.
I wonder if she really knows much about poses and how to get the best angles because she has posted so many pix where the angles are all wrong and so unflattering and a better composed picture would make her look so much better, instead of the out of proportion ones where all of the emphasis goes to the wrong part of the picture because of how it's composed.

No. 102636

She needs to get her nails filled! Am I the only one bothered by that?!

No. 102645

File: 1593193187314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.47 KB, 1364x2046, 20200627_013820.jpg)

New twitter update .
The angle doesn't feel flattering at all

No. 102647

Life after porn is possible, but not for Venus. She didn’t finish high school and doesn’t want to work. She’s lazy and after onlyfans she will have no where to go. She gave up on her niche on YouTube and listens to idiots online that cheer her on as if they actually give a shit about her well being.

No. 102648

Why wouldn't she edit that burn mark or whatever it is..

No. 102654

Venus is a grown woman who won't improve in future and without a doubt will become worse. Her attitude towards education, getting a career and having structure in her life is incredibly poor. It's practically embedded in her brain and she's so entitled that if this OF lifestyle leads to porn, she most certainly will have no future afterwards.

Venus actually having to work a normal job for her money is laughable. It's known in the JAV industry that it is possible to return back to reality, but some women really struggle. The easy money, attention, gifts and being idolised, which leads them to prostitution & shady street shit when their looks fade out. Now that will most likely be Venus when that time comes.

No. 102662

Sage 4 tinfoil but in my country pimps "brand" their trafficked prostitutes with a cigarette burn, sometimes to punish them and sometimes to claim them as their bottom bitch. I'm not saying this is the case and it's a "pimp mark", but it sure looks like a cigarette burn and I would not be surprised if she's mixed up with the wrong people. She gives me really shady vibes now.

No. 102663

File: 1593198508266.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 564.75 KB, 750x1077, FC3383C3-6355-4E1E-B847-AF092A…)

ugh can someone tell her how angles work. Jfc. These are so bad.

No. 102665

anon hasn't actually seen disgusting porn before if they think this tame shit is that bad, calm down

No. 102667

lol exactly. this stuff is relatively tame, and men who pay for this type of stuff aren't going to be disgusted and over-analyzing every little detail like the people here

No. 102671

I mean it IS flattering to her face, but overall it looks plain awkward. She looks uncomfortable but not in an erotic way.

No. 102674

She's collabing "apparently" with June Lovejoy in the near future, who literally pisses in men's mouths on camera before and after fucking them. Venus is trashy but this shit is tame compared to that.

No. 102677

File: 1593203917925.jpeg (482.54 KB, 1667x1242, 326EED16-60AA-4031-BAEB-79C58C…)

You poor dear. Just watch any of her unfiltered videos, shot in all kinds of different lights to see how creepy and unappealing her face really is. There are many out there to choose from. Then come back and tell us more about how PRETTY she is without filters.

No. 102678

File: 1593203992203.jpeg (278.03 KB, 1363x1512, F9CAE709-9F0B-48BA-A429-E321CE…)

Or someone elses’s unfiltered pics on their IG.

No. 102679


No. 102685

Venus edits her pics a lot and she doesn't look as perfect in reality but come on, that's just nitpicking. Take a video of any person on the planet and take a random screenshot of them in a very unflattering angle and they aren't going to look good. Plus, almost everyone uses filters nowadays so how is this cow worthy? Can you stop being boring and talk about something that's actually worthy?

No. 102686

Plus at this point selling pictures is literally her job, of course she's going to go out of her way to look better in them.

No. 102687

This picture will always kill me because she looks EXACTLY like Gollum here. So shmexy.

No. 102689

When idiots stop commenting about how pretty Weenus is without filters! That’s when I’ll stop. Cause she’s not and that’s just a fact.

No. 102691

lol anon it is literally the opposite a fact, people have different tastes and Venus in unaltered pics and unflattering images still has SOME appealing aspects of her face to SOME people. She isn't a completely crafted 'beauty' made out of thin air and photoshop, she has pleasing features.

That being said her erotic pictures are by and large gross looking and very poorly photographed. That one where the main foreground focus is her grabbing about 70% of her own pussy here >>102663 on a couch she looks like she's about to fall off of? That looks dumber and uglier to me than just a normal picture of someone not looking super done up.

No. 102703

Does this looks "better than Margo" for you? >>102206

She's the spitting image of her mother

No. 102707

yeah her crotch looks so large and massive hand. It’s scary. So much for trying to be smol.

No. 102729

All her sexy pics look like she's being posed to look intentionally stupid and awkward for the youth corruption fetish

No. 102752


She has a pepper bell nose

Sunken eyes

Thin lips

And is so skinny she can dodge rain almost

Very pleased

No. 102756

She gave herself Yaoi hands lmao

No. 102776

omg she really did,I knew there was something disturbing about how huge that angle made her hand look but "yaoi hands" kek

No. 102786

She looks like a foot anon, it's no one else's fault your standards are rock bottom.

No. 102793

Hi Peter from Toronto(hi cow)

No. 102800

File: 1593244787067.jpg (816.88 KB, 891x572, uLQOgCK.jpg)

I know this isn't a Margo thread, but she uploaded "Baby Venus" to her insta, saying there will be a video with more pics. Wonder if she knows the "Baby Benos"

No. 102802

File: 1593246120729.jpg (212.99 KB, 1200x1200, greta-thunberg-looks-on-during…)

She looks like greta lmao

No. 102808

File: 1593250979889.png (201.02 KB, 398x611, Adsız.png)

dream waifu for creeps. actually sounds like japanese tv shows I have seen on youtube, like pranks in library that hurting people but whoever makes a sound lose the game etc. who is her aimed viewer again? I guess she is working for japanese OF tippers.

>>102800 I don't know if I am too emotional but, she had the chance to have a happy, fulfilling, peaceful life with friends or even a new family of her own in this picture, which is like 10 years ago. Isn't time cruel for her…

I still hope that she will find some kind of peaceful existence in this world she created. Even if it looks hopeless.

No. 102811

am I the only one that have weird feelings
by seeing Greta's judgy gaze in this thread? as if she is saying "oh venus, seriously? is this what you come up with your life despite all opportunities you had, being a switzerland citizen, raising in uk, traveling to korea and japan and living there…what a waste, a waste bigger and harmful than all wastes around the world"

Greta just doesn't fit here. I wish her image was tagged as spoiler.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 102816

I have the believe a comment that cringe inducing was meant to be facetious

No. 102818

That hair makes it look like a dudes crotch idk but honestly i think this darker set fits her much better, they don’t look as messy

No. 102830

She had that chance when she left Marge, she jist threw it away for attention and drama.

No. 102831


Mmm, not sure about that, didn't she burn herself with hot wax a while ago? Could it be a mark from that? Or maybe some grape juice? Unless they are plastic grapes of course, which they may well be. Oh well, at least her face and eyes look good here.

No. 102832


Oh Gawd, what the hell am I looking at here? That looks as tho there is another part of the picture superimposed on it down below, that is not how it was when photographed I don't suppose.
Also can't see the burn mark or whatever it was here, so she either edited it out, or wiped it off it was just something that landed on her at the time.

No. 102834


Just proof of how so many men are just disgusting I suppose. Piss and shit and filth and horrible smells is just attractions to them. Or as a male friend of mine often says: "It's 'natural'!" ugh, men are vile in so many ways.

No. 102836


Another reason i think porn is disgusting, piss is bad enough, but my gay friend has shat in men's mouths because they wanted him to, and there are videos showing that too, I have never heard a woman say they liked that, so I'm guessing it is nearly always men who like filth.

No. 102838


Totally agree with the above two posts. People like different looks, beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all. I mean there are some people in the world who actually think that Kim Kardashian skank has good looks and she has to be one of the ugliest women I've ever seen with that hideous long narrow face she has, not to mention her over inflated ugly ass. So come on, Venus is the most beautiful woman who ever lived compared to that hideous whore. I think the nitpicking over her looks is not getting anywhere, as it has all been said before in here.

>>>>102800 I don't know if I am too emotional but, she had the chance to have a happy, fulfilling, peaceful life with friends or even a new family of her own in this picture, which is like 10 years ago.

Surely that is more than ten years ago?

No. 102847

it's just a mosquito bite, spend any time in Japan in the summer and you'll get them too

That isn't normal at all, also if you're disgusted by him that much why are you still friends?

No. 102848

Men are attracted to the "disgusting" parts of us we want to keep private, because we want them to be private. It's like some exclusivity appeal or something. sage for irrelevant

No. 102849

your friend is disgusting, anon

No. 102851

The fisheye lens or whatever her pimp used for these photos was a mistake. Giant hand, legs, it looks so weird.

No. 102852

There's a big difference between a mosquito bite and a cigarette or wax burn. Wtf are you on about

No. 102856


The pic is too low quality to tell what it is, you autismos.

No. 102858

File: 1593275489475.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 698.32 KB, 844x750, 1E0FBC29-72E2-48D4-AEE2-DDF02C…)

I guess she abandoned the last tip menu kek

Can she move on with the beautiful agony shit she really thinks it’s super creative when it’s so lazy and low effort. No beenos a vid of ur face contorted is not worth 80 bucks.

No. 102859


I'm not familiar with ethottery but aren't those prices a bit low? I would think that she could charge more idk

Also she looks rather scared than uwu cute in that pic tho

No. 102860

yeah she’s pretty cheap, but she has a bunch of degenerate fans. So I guess it levels out. But I still find it really cheap.
I mean nikocado avocado’s onlyfans costs more!

No. 102861


This is what I was thinking. Other cows are more expensive for much lower effort stuff, but then again it's maybe not her but her manager/SD/pimp that makes those prices. This is probably the same person who films the tickle and masturbate videos? shudders

No. 102863

Gross, where did you see her doing that?? I also searched her but only found relatively tame bondage videos

No. 102865


it was posted in the last thread >>99494

No. 102867

$20 to GIVE HER more gifts in Animal Crossing…

No. 102871

well i guess she realized that when people spend money on nudes, they expect to actually see the parts of the body that are normally covered.

wonder if she got backlash for that and thats why she was depressed.

tickle video…another colab with sora?

No. 102873

KEK ikr.. tempting to just see her town and see how she has barely made any progress knowing how lazy she is, she’s asking for acnh gifts lol.

Don’t give her ideas anon..
Hell. don’t give Sora any ideas, it’s so obvious he has a giant crush on her. They are both mentally immature.

No. 102874

>$30 tickle video
>no-mercy full-body tickle
Who's tickling her?

No. 102883

Got to presume it is the same dude in the TV reflection from a couple threads back. The same who photographs her too.

Imagine that will break the fantasy for a lot of simps that she's single, available, could be theirs, whatever. In Japan that's even bigger of a deal for their female heartthrobs to be "single", more evidence that she is going moreso for the neckbeard Western otaku market. I dunno how much success she'll find, reckon she sees that loads of costhots are making decent money by just shooting lewd cosplays, and she is setting herself apart by being as fully pornographic as she legally can be in JP.

Either way, can't imagine a lot of the kinds of people she wants to attract to her OF want to see some other dude manhandle their pretend waifu.

No. 102893

OT but some time ago she said that she was still living in a tent, something most players manage to pay off on the first day. That was months after the launch of the game. Sure, you could say "shEs buSy witH hEr OnlyfAns" but ya'll know she's doing nothing all day and even too lazy for fucking Animal Crossing

No. 102897

File: 1593290094209.jpeg (341.41 KB, 1082x1613, FEE85135-94ED-4314-80ED-9485B5…)

Weenis downgradad her tip menu prices. The first one had $5, $10, $25, $50, $80, $100, $200 and $300 options. The latest one only goes up to $80 and is mostly $30 options.

Lol poor Weenis, must not be raking in the $$ like she did at first. Guess that livestream of her looking all greasy didn’t go over so well. She’s on her way to being a low rent bargain basement hoe.

No. 102920


Overestimating your value is a very Onlyfans thing to do. Still, it's amazing and depressing what some folks will pay for. Might as well start high.

No. 102922

The fact she actually put this on her Instagram story is just nasty. Her fanbase is even fully 100% simp yet. The fuck…

No. 102923

So she's going to be rating creepy men's dick pics for $10 a pop? Geez.

No. 102926

File: 1593297177197.jpg (256 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20200627_163907.jpg…)

Is this story recent? I thought a while ago Mizuki posted a vague story about toxic friends or smthing and then stopped associating herself with Beenos. She posted this story yesterday.. Maybe she and Visanaki will spill some milk lol, I can dream

No. 102927

Well that defeats Margos batshit story about him being dead. Apricot was one of those friends who kept to herself & in the shadows instead of striving to be like the others Venus hanged out with, so this is very interesting.

No. 102930



No. 102933

Yes, it's recent. It's actually still there on her ig account.

No. 102937

i don't think simps care much about that? belle delphine is married but still hugely popular

No. 102940

So…all the shit Margo said about Manaki is a lie. You know … the murder thing.
I didn't know that Mizuki and Mana are actually friends.
And yes, I remember that she referred to Venus as a toxic friend, but not directly to her (Still we know they haven't talked to each other for a long time). Another thing, Venus still follows her on Instagram (I just checked), but Mizuki doesn't follow her back.

No. 102941

Really? I can't see it

No. 102951

No, that insta story pic at >>102678 is at least a year old, not sure exactly when That Mizuki Apricot girl hasn’t been in contact with Venus for a long time but used to hang out with both Venus and Manaki. When Venus was in the hospital for weeks having her botched weight reduction surgery fixed Mizuki and Manaki both posted pics of them visiting her in her hospital room.

I’m glad Muzuki is still in touch with Manaki. They can probably share stories of their experiences being sucked into the vortex of a toxic narcissist.

No. 102954

Not a lie so much as Margo’s fevered paranoia and delusions. She sounds very disordered and especially crazed lately. I think she’s gone off her meds but that’s just my speculation.

No. 102978

File: 1593311375725.jpg (83.68 KB, 615x1579, 20200627_192422.jpg)

Guys I'm not sure about her being broke and stuff
Her toy is 160$
Maybe she is actually making money but she is just too lazy to put some effort

No. 102979


She probably didn't even buy the vibrator. Maybe got to use one from one of the love hotels she was taking pictures at.

No. 102982


Thoughts and prayers for that cleaning lady lol

No. 102988

I’m glad she is staying out of it and even though I’m curious about what went down, it’s good if she never says anything. She seems like a very sweet and sensitive girl who did her best to be a good friend. Was Manaki the one who introduced Mizuki to Venus in the first place?

No. 102996

Venus is not ok. She just did a live stream and in the middle of the stream she was talking to her manager and then she came back into frame looking all messy and her hair was all messed up. She looked absolutely scared when she looked back at her manager. Then he called her back to him. You could hear all these weird sounds and then she turned the stream off without explaining what was going on ! It was so weird and a bit scary to watch. I recored it but I don’t know how to upload it here.

No. 102998

Try streamable and drop the link in a comment, anon.

No. 102999

that's not really the full story though, she was having a bad mental health day because she didn't have medication with her and had to drink some wine to feel better.

Then she took tips for taking a sip of wine but one creep kept on tipping over and over and she was drunk AF within 5 minutes and screaming.

She wasn't scared of her manager as much as he stopped her streaming because of all the above

No. 103000

She was screaming ?

No. 103001

Here the link to the video of her livestream where she was acting weird with her manager

No. 103002

I think she’s reading all the tinfoiling about her being trafficked by a manager and she’s pretending to be coerced into what she’s doing for sympathy tips on onlyfans

No. 103003

Can anyone understand what they are saying in Japanese ? That would maybe help us understand what is going on.

No. 103004

>wet noises
>mumbled Japanese with the occasional sigh or pause
I heard her say "kimochi" and "tabetai" a few times. I think it's obvious she did something sexual, but it'd be helpful if anons who are good at Japanese could weigh in.

No. 103005

images you can smell

No. 103006

listen to the 2:28 in the video is that a hitting/slapping sound?

No. 103007

It's too muffled for me to make out what they're saying for most of it, but at one point she repeats "kiss me"

No. 103008

If it’s coming from the video yes
Then she went radio silent, maybe passed out?
Super weird.

No. 103009

Yeah it sounds like she talked more loudly to him and then it sound like he slapped her after that and she might of fell down making that thud noise.

No. 103010

there's loud noises even when she walks back in so I wouldn't take that as proof he's hitting her, he seems more worried about her honestly and stopped the stream saying shinpai suru na, was probably good that he was there before it got any worse

No. 103011

The man is speaking too quiet and Venus likes to mumble so it’s hard to tell, but at some point it sounds like he’s telling her to hurry up, and Venus says something like ”isn’t a proper/hard working person better”.
Hard to say what that means without knowing the context though.

No. 103012

i don't understand what we're stopped to see here? i think even if there is anything creepy about the stream, at this point she has to be doing it on purpose. especially after her recent post on onlyfans when she said she was suicidal and then laughed at her followers for "falling into her trap". she likes to believe she's a genius manipulator and a superb actress, and at this point for her it's an aesthetic

No. 103014

every thread, every second image, you post this. it was funny to read once. not 4 times a day, indiscriminately. stop

No. 103015

She says “Shikkari shite” at one point.

No. 103016



Kono o miyase de dame desu ka?


… Mitai na nan ka thud yooshi

(I don’t think she is slapped because she says ouch as if she hit something by mistake)


Shikkari shite (?) Rei-san wa?

No. 103018

can you weebs tell us what that means in english or what? we're not all obsessed with glorious nippon here

No. 103019

Translation, please?

No. 103020

During this stream she was telling her views to hurry and give her tips lots of tips because she has to pay her “manager-san”
She was looking at him while saying it.

I didn’t get that part because it didn’t seem too weird at the time but the moment the video started was because she started to act more and more weird after he called her over the first time.
She was acting drunk but it seemed a bit of an act. I am sure she was buzzed from the wine but not as drunk as she was making it out to be during the first part of the stream.

Earlier in the stream she was asked if she is dating her manager and she said that he is gay and isn’t attracted to girls. She was doing dance towards him after someone asked her if he would be attracted to her if she wore a mustache. He jokingly said yes and Venus dance all sexy but then she got serious and then the manager called her over to him. That’s when the video that is linked started.

No. 103021

Around 2:30 the man says ”??? kawaisou da, hayaku shiro” (“i feel sorry for ???, hurry up”) and after while Venus says ”shikkari shiteru hito no hou ga iin janai no” (”isn’t a hard working person better”)
My guess is that he’s trying to get her to stop the live or maybe do it properly, but Venus isn’t cooperating

No. 103022

She may have looked scared towards the end, but maybe she felt nauseous all of a sudden or something, she was drunk after all.

No. 103023

She needs some professional lighting or just a ringlight for streams, there is always unflattering shadow. Manager-san obviously has no experience managing influencers.

No. 103024

he's not really her manager she just calls him that as a joke

as for faking being drunk she drunk 2/3rds of a wine bottle really quickly and is really underweight so that's not how it works

No. 103025

This honestly looks like someone's ransom video, I think it's time for Margo to storm the camp and rescue venus.

No. 103026

Learn Japanese instead of calling people weebs you lazy ass. Not everyone who learns a language is a weeb

No. 103027

people who learn japanese and use this site definitely are. sorry to upset u, weeb

No. 103028


It seems like maybe she was giving him a bj or something while off-cam, incredibly drunk

Adding some weight to the sex trafficking theories.
Manaki must not give a shit about her that he lets this happen.

No. 103029

That bottle was already drunken from when she started the stream so who knows if her manager had some too. After she took a ship of the wine on the stream (her first sip live on stream) she started acting all drunk and yelling like if she thought that’s how she is suppose to act after sipping on wine. She also had her favorite beer/ energy drink with her too but who knows how much she actually drank. In the stream she took about 3 sips but like I said she was acting extremely drunk after that first sip which seemed off and like she was acting for her viewers.

No. 103030

If you're a lightweight and haven't eaten much it is possible to get very drunk on wine in only a few minutes. But it's likely she was already or is constantly drunk to cope with her new lifestyle.

Japan seems like a hellscape for foreigners.

No. 103033

Yeah that’s true but venus has been drinking since she was young. I remember seeing pictures of her and her crazy mom drinking wine together when she was staying with her.
I am not denying she was drunk or tipsy but like I said it seemed wearied how she went from zero to 100 right after taking that sip. No time in between, just right after the bottle left he mouth she stated to squint her eyes and started to act all majorly drunk like as if that would be attractive to her viewers.

No. 103035

I wonder if alcohol interacts with all of the psychiatric meds that she takes

No. 103036

the bottle only had a little missing from it at the start and the last time she drank from it 2/3rd of it was gone, these weren't tiny little sips, she was gulping it down

if you haven't eaten anything all day or you're very underweight you can get drunk very quickly

hell even I do that sometimes to save on buying alcohol

No. 103038

Yeah that could be. But it just seen so intense after that first sip (on live ) but yeah I get what you mean too.

No. 103039

I used to have depression meds, the first time I took them with some vodka…won't make that mistake again it gave me a hellish panic and I felt like i was trully dying(blog)

No. 103040

It most definitely does

No. 103041

some people just get easily drunk, no matter if they have been a drinker for a long time or not

No. 103042

She’s an adult. She doesn’t care about herself so why should others? She could have made her marriage work but instead she fucked it up and went for the first guy that she can sleep with for a place to stay. (And when it’s over she’ll find another one and so on).

No. 103043

The “manager” is not doing anything bad to her. It’s Venus being a sloppy, embarrassing weirdo again and then attempting to convince him that she is “total boss babe and the happiest she’s ever been!” by using sexuality. Sounds like he is concerned and she’s pushing herself on him.
This is Manaki 2.0(3.0?)just older, sleazier and probably worse at setting up boundaries.

A gay manager that lounges around in his underwear and stays in love hotels with her instead of a real office? Not even her horny fans we’re buying that,

YOU again. Lol. Keep believing you are somehow above “weebs”. You’re rolling in the same filth, little pig.

She is not Manaki’s responsibility and he is powerless to do anything unless he reports her to immigration. If he has allowed her to stay married to him for the visa this whole time, he is doing far more than she deserves.

In terms of mental health services or in general? Japan doesn’t cause normal people to break. All these foreigners that you see fucking up were already mentally fragile. They run away from their problems at home and come to a Japan because they think they can start anew in a country so different from their own.

I don’t know why people are doubting she is actually impaired. On medication, underweight, treats her body like shit, stays up all night. It would not take much for her to get drunk.

No. 103045

File: 1593338544626.png (13.4 KB, 857x113, 1.png)

after viewing the stream it seems likely, I've had that much wine before and threw up and that was with food and I'm twice her size

No. 103046

You know, this really makes you think. Even if this isn't sex trafficking, even if this guy isn't her manager, even if he's actually being a good person to her and stopped the stream because he saw she was too drunk, it doesn't stop the fact that this video is a huge red flag.

Venus is your typical coping whore who was already deranged before her OF. She looks awful, like she doesn't sleep at, she takes medication and can't even stop drinking for her own sake, her posts are irregular, she doesn't make up for her collaboration promises… Her life looks like hell. Sh's a ticking bomb. I hope that guy somewhat helps her cause this is just sad.

No. 103048

That guys not going to help her. You can hear him slap the hell out of her in the video. She even hits the floor. Plus you can clearly hear that it was him who stomped over to the camera to turn it off. Venus was wearing high heals so it makes a different sound when hitting the floor.

No. 103049

Honestly she has done this to herself and put herself in this position. She constantly milks people's/ fans legitimate concerns for her safety and plays around with the notion she is mentally unstable and now in danger. She drinks herself to excess refuses to work on her youtube career and prefers the company of scrotes over that of her mainly female fan base who has been with her since the beginning. She simply refuses to help herself or take advise from people who actually care. I doubt some random male manager who lets her drink herself to excess while whoring herself out to thirsty simp fans actually gives a shit about her.

No. 103053

I'm sorry anon but female fans are where Venus gets 90% of her abuse from, PULL is mostly female and this thread used to be until the thirst started.

The female fans worried about her well-being are still criticising every little thing that she does and nitpicking her looks all while "worrying" which she reads

The thirsty simps like her enough to pay money and won't insult or attack her because they don't want to get blocked or lose their money, even though it's an echo chamber it's probably preferable

No. 103055

this is stupid. her simps want her to go fully nude and enjoy the novelty of someone from the dolly days ruining herself. very typical route of child stars in hollywood n such. those type of guys rarely care about gossip unless its reddit.
venus was already a hot mess before this started. her female fans didn’t bully her into doing OF or fucking up her life.

No. 103056

ofc it does. but probably not in the way you think.
imagine paying money to see this. where's the refund button?

No. 103057

definitely yes, but it also depends on what kind of med it is, how much alcohol you drink and the timing between taking a med and drinking alcohol.

For example, if you take an SSRI in the morning and drink a glass of wine in the evening, that's usually not that big of a deal.
But if you take a benzo in the evening and drink half a bottle of wine almost right afterwards, this can be a really toxic combination.

No. 103065

You say it's stupid but you're actually agreeing with me, they don't care about gossip so she doesn't have to listen to that shit while she's on Onlyfans.

Of course they want to see her naked, like above they like her and they think she's cute so they're not gonna nitpick and make her feel like shit.

I'm not saying any of this is right, and the simps probably are just faking it to see tits, but from her point of view it's a more positive place.

So online abuse has no effect on her at all? Seriously?

No. 103067

i cant take this seriously when youre calling it “online abuse”

No. 103070

Right, how is commenting to express disappointment and criticize this insanely bad life choice "online abuse"

Most people want the best for Venus. We are not gonna cheer on when it looks like she's being trafficked and in her worst state ever. What positive thing is there to say? Go back to your PULL hugbox with this handwringing anon.>>103065

No. 103071

>they like her and think she's cute

No, they want to get off to her downfall. Millions of men literally look up real life rape videos on porn sites, and it's not because they think the victim is "cute" (for context, a raoe victim who was gang-raped and set on fire in india- literally snuff videos - was searched millions of times on porn sites in the aftermath)

Please let's not act like the scrotes are the good guys here.

No. 103074


Pornsick men get off on women being sexually degraded, not just women being naked and sexual with random men.

No. 103075

Your telling someone to go back to pull while you are typing like you are on fucking reddit.
FYI:No matter how much you defend Venus, she wont give you coochie.
Also it has been mentioned on previous translated posts you dyslexic twat that she was pretending to be scared.
>>We are not gonna cheer on when it looks like she's being trafficked
Is that why all of the comments were jokes and talking about blowjobs, eh you retard.

No. 103077


This is just bottom of the fucking barrel. Could probably get more sexy out of a truck stop in Jackson Mississippi for fucks sake.

No. 103078

File: 1593352395441.jpg (11.2 KB, 303x88, mizuki.JPG)

Just saw a comment from Mizuki aka you stole my apricot on her most recent Insta post, what is it saying? Anon above mentioned that she isn't following venus anymore.

said post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB5roXKpLV4/

No. 103079

"bina-chan" venus' nickname I guess

No. 103080

>infighting will solve this problem

I'm a woman and "we" means other women in that post, for clarity.

No. 103082

In >>103070 I tagged >>103067 in agreement, and then the rest of the comment was directed towards scrote-fan from this post >>103065

Sometimes being anon is unhelpful. Tl;dr the scrotes are not paying because they think she's cute and want to support her. The state she is in is very poor, she's obviously in a bad way. Like if someone subscribed to "watch puppy starve to death: live feed" it's not because they think puppies are cute.

No. 103084

File: 1593353625245.png (47.33 KB, 593x300, 57A2BFF0-7EE4-4E32-91DC-365DA6…)

Y'all should remember this before worrying needlessly about this bitch

No. 103085


Homegirl will be in serious danger once she asks for serious help but people will believe that's a trap again for the lulz

No. 103088


You didn't even read, I wasn't saying it was right at all, I was explaining why she would prefer their company because an echo chamber and they're not going to say anything bad to her, I'm not defending them or her.

So constant, contradictory criticism that she can never possibly satisfy, every single day and even when she does nothing for a few days you start making shit up just because you're bored is healthy and wanting the best?

I agree with everything you wrote about men, but women aren't some blameless angels either, the state of this thread in recent months is reflective of that.

No. 103090

That post is the actual fake part, in reality her livestream actually started for a few minutes and she was crying heavily with her manager who was angry with her on the phone and talking her down. She posted this afterwards to cover it up.

No. 103091


so the part that anon posted here >>103001 is the fake one? sorry for being a retard but shit confuses me rn.

No. 103094

she posted this after a previous livestream where she was talking about suicide, it's in a previous thread.

Later she posted this explanation after deleting everything.

No. 103097

venus manager isn't gay lol. you can hear them being sexual in the stream and kissing. Venus says kiss me at some point. she probably said that to protect her "virgin" claims.

No. 103098

why didn't anyone ask about the new manager and what happenned with manaki's closet?

that or she's avoiding some questions.

No. 103099

Also the shy helpless maid/dom master trope is a thing in Japanese porn. They certainly were roleplaying as such.

No. 103100


I'm often in two minds about Venus, my first thought on watching the video posted here of the live stream was to be worried about her because she looked genuinely scared, then I remember her writing that about a "trap" and people falling for it and into it, her trap, and I'm thinking she's probably doing it all for effect and to confuse people again.
Whatever it's fucked up, and unprofessional and who would want to pay for that anyway?, unless they think it is 'real life' drama , which is probably even worse if they are wanting to see something bad for real.

Time and again, we hear of how she can't help her problems because of her childhood, because of her abusive mother etc, but some of us have had worse mothers and worse abuse growing up but not everyone goes down the drink and drugs, or medication, route but tries to sort out problems by self help that does not involve those agencies. Hearing all the talk she did recently about what medication she is on and what therapy is doing seems to be glorifying that route, like it doesn't matter how bad your childhood is/was because there is always medication and/or therapy that will sort you out. well it doesn't always and can make things even worse and I think she is being irresponsible by pushing that, and she is maybe doing it to silence people who are constantly going on about it, but she'd do better to take the time to read some good self help books, or something, (God, even HIMR's video about spiritual awakening after heartbreak, may have been a parody, but actually contained truth in it, even if he didn't realise), Venus should be quietly engaging in self help but not talking about it and broadcasting it on the internet.

And as for those moralizing retards over on fucking Pull bragging about how they are reporting her Insta all the fucking time, it is obvious some of those pussies have been posting here as well, and isn't it against that forum's rules, and this one's as well, to be doing stuff like that, interfering? I thought we were only supposed to come here to talk about the cow not try to do anything that can impact on their real life situation? Just saying, sick of seeing their "Look at me, I'm so good, I, me, I reported her, and you should all do the same!" why aren't the fucking mods over there coming out and saying something and reminding the posters about the rules? -unless of course they are in agreement with it, which would be going against their own rules, but oh well, it is annoying to see and it makes it all about them and how good and virtuous they seem to think they are.

Really getting fed up with Venus and even more fed up with her stupid critics who are even worse than her stupid fans.

No. 103103

OT but
>therapy and medication can make things even worse

What planet do you live on, anon? Therapies can last a few years and talking about trauma is hard, but in the end you heal. It's like saying "you shouldn't heal a broken leg" lol

No. 103108


No, it isn't the same, (because not everyone's minds are the same) is all I'm saying. Therapy is not always the answer for everyone because everyone is different on how they react and respond to traumatic upbringing and life, and though of course it is going to work for some, it won't for all and for those who have the kind of minds that won't be helped or healed by that, there are self help techniques that can work. Sometimes constantly focusing on and talking about trauma and bad memories can keep it alive in your mind and it's like keeping you stuck and your body produces all the stress hormones as you keep reliving it, I'm not going to go off on talking about that in depth as it is not the place here, but all I am saying is it may not be the right thing for every single person who has had traumatic past to deal with, (can speak from my own experience here without going into any details) and Venus should do that sort of thing in private and not be talking about it and listing medications she is on, let people speculate all they want, it is really none of anyone's business about the technicalities and minutest details , all she needs to say is yes she is having therapy for trauma and is also on meds, she doesn't need to go into detail.

No. 103110


Come on now, let's not pretend this site wasn't founded to gleefully watch idiots self-destruct online. People know she lurks here and some of these comments are just as grotesque as anything you imagine is coming from your fantasy world of evil basement-jackers.

Not even trying to white knight, but this site and PULL are just a big glass house from which you throw stones. I'm not upset about it, but this puritanical nonsense is hilariously hypocritical.

Anyway, she does look really rather ill in that stream. I don't think we're going to get to the end of the year without something really fucked up happening.

No. 103111

She faked being drunk and this whole stream was staged imo, she didn't want to do the stream that she said she would do for some reason and came out with an excuse, just like last time but she didn't want to do the "I wanna kill myself" excuse all over again, and now it was just weird and strange (when it was intended to be concerning I guess). Just like what people stated here about what that A-san said to her, "act sad" or something, is a confirmation to this. And also, evne if she's underweight and didn't eat all day, she seems to be used to drinking so after so many times getting drunk, you will less get drunk than usual, so no way she's THAT drunk after just a few sips of wine.
She's lying and a faker, she just didn't want to do the stream for some reason (prob too ridiculous even for her)

No. 103115

drinking most of a bottle of wine in 5 minutes will fuck you up no matter who you are, it's not like eating spicy food anon

this is like something a kid would say

No. 103116

a whole bottle? I read someone said she took like 3 sips at most(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 103118

>fantasy world of evil basement-jackers

It's not hard to find these guys, they are all over Twitter crying about how women should all be rounded up and raped. But I digress.
Speaking for myself, I am actually very concerned for her and I think that last stream clip is sufficient evidence for her friends to intervene. This is not someone who is thriving, and the obvious presence and control by someone else off-cam?

>haha I was just pretending to be suicidal/drunk/unhappy/coerced

Like you are really gonna believe that? And if so, she is literally trying to appeal to the worst degenerates on the internet. So yeah, in the best case scenario her target market are those evil basement-jackers who apparently don't exist.
Choose your poison:
1. She's pretending to be in a terrible state for the benefit of creeps who enjoy watching women suffer
2. She is actually in a terrible state

No. 103120


Well both those scenarios are bad, but she got herself into this, I doubt she was forced into it, she seemed truly happy for a while when she first got into it and was talking about it. she seemed much more positive and upbeat. i guess maybe the reality of it is coming home to her now? Maybe?

As for anyone , like her friends, intervening, well, seriously, how could they? What could they do? They'd have to know she needs help, and if she is going to pass something off as she was just pretending, either of her own volition or because she was forced to say it, then how can anyone truly know what to do, if they can't truly know what the truth actually is? It could all just be pretend, or it could all be real, somewhere between those two extremes might lie the truth, or a semblance of it, but this is Venus and if she is known for constantly lying, how can anyone take her seriously if she really does need help?

Someone commented either here or in pull that someone on only fans was urging her on to drink more. would that have been that David who used to ply her with money to make her eat more spicy food knowing it could be dangerous for her? Nothing been said about him for a while, is he still even around? I wondered if it could be him if some irresponsible asshole was trying to pay for her to drink more.

No. 103123

File: 1593364893945.jpeg (198.48 KB, 932x1407, E34547A9-BDFD-4E99-8237-FA841D…)


“Omg I’m so worried about poor Wenus!” version #25497. Run along to KF and be so worried! with the handwringing ladies over there, anon. Some of us have seen this shit too many times to fall for it yet again. Even PULL is wise to her and her shit by now.

No. 103124

She wasn’t doing this for an act on this stream. You can tell she is desperate to make money so she wouldn’t fake anything to stop or not try to do the stream on purpose. That’s why she was crying and all messy when the stream first started. I watch the WHOLE steam and she went from being sad about the difficulties she was having with the WiFi there at the studio she was rented and was shooting in, to drinking sips of wine because people kept donating for her to do so ( which was more like she was pressure to do so it felt like she owed her donators that ) , to yelling and acting all drunk talking about how she wants to die in the worst ways, to her asking her viewers to make lots of donations because she has to pay her “manager-san”, to getting called over to him (our of frame of the camera) to get yelled at about how the stream isn’t making enough donations and to stop acting the way she was even though people where having fun with her acting all talkative and drunk. Next thing you know she got called over again and then the whole mood CHANGE. It went down hill and that’s when she looks scared, walks back out of frame and you can clearly hear him walk up to her after she raises the tone in her voice and slaps the hell out of her making her fall. You can her all of this if you turn your volume up and wear headphones.

This was not from laziness. This was like her manager taking advantage of a broken girl who is desperate to make money and not be homeless in her dream country she’s always wanted to live in.

No. 103125

But how do you know this? It may be what you were meant to think. Even if what you say is the reality, what can anyone do? Who was the person urging her on to drink more? Does it look like that David guy is still around? Knowing how invested he used to be in throwing money at her in her live YT streams, I can't see him not being around on this only fans thing somewhere.

Also why is she having to rent somewhere to film, why not film where she lives? Why does she even need a 'manager' to do only fans anyway?

No. 103126

these weren't normal sips, you could see the amount of wine disappear really fast from the bottle

Chris1980 was the one repeatedly tipping to get her to drink more, no-one else.
When she comes back in shot to check how many more sips to take that's when the guy gets mad at her

I'm pretty sure he's just a friend or boyfriend looking after her, she seems to need supervision but.. I can't condone the slapping

No. 103128

She was originally going to do a cooking stream with the remote vibrator so she rented somewhere to shoot

No. 103129

Neither would any sane person, but you never saw anything, only heard, so maybe you were meant to hear to think she was being abused. And anyway, if she's a masochist as she claims to be, wouldn't she like that? Not condoning it by any means, but this is another reason I don't like porn, it seems to propagate the worse things towards women.

No. 103131

well there were plenty of other loud sounds too just from her moving around, but I don't really see how they would know what would be audible on a phone streaming and what wouldn't be, they couldn't of planned it

No. 103132


A vibrator in a cooking stream is just so daft, would anyone really get turned on by that? It just seems so stupid.

If she wanted to do something more sensual and erotic , then wouldn't just lolling and writhing around with a pet snake wrapped around her be better, (not that I'd want to trust any snake of mine around her, she might injure the poor thing. Look at how bad she was at handling that poor cat!).

If she wants to try niche things for porn that might interest people , there are things like wearing rubber and gasmasks, that sort of thing, there used to be a Russian woman, maybe she still posts, I haven't checked, on Youtube who used to post videos of herself just wearing stuff like that, was very popular, or maybe some really outlandish thing like getting shmexy with a large mechanical spider or something. But a vibrator in a cooking video sounds not the remotest bit sexy.

No. 103133

The manager stopped the stream because how can venus come back into frame when she has a hand print from being slapped on her face?
You can hear it’s him turning off the stream because Venus is wearing high heals and he is without shoes (like you normally do in Japan and take you shoes of before entering the rooms ) so it makes a different sound when you hear him walking towards her to slap her and when he turns off the stream angrily.
It didn’t seem like she was “pretending for pity or because it’s her kink”
He slapped her because he is a man (in japan most men don’t deal with being disrespected and have been known to act out of anger like that) because she raised he voice at him.

No. 103134

I called it, I knew she would have a pimp-like dude taking advantage of her eventually like this. Didn't think it'd happen so soon though.

No. 103135


Why was she wearing shoes at all? High heels or not, isn't everyone supposed to take shoes off in a room in Japan?

No. 103136

thats because one anon kept contacting Margo for god knows what reason, and some braindead retards here and on pull legit believed her retarded sperging that Venus killed Manaki, so someone contacted her. How people believe the two biggest liars ever is beyond me. They love taking their fans and anti-fans on emotional joyrides. This stream wasnt for her simps, it was for us and her longtime fans. At this point both of their lives could be in legit danger and I wouldnt give a fuck.

>Not even trying to white knight, but this site and PULL are just a big glass house from which you throw stones. I'm not upset about it, but this puritanical nonsense is hilariously hypocritical.

its kinda why its amusing seeing people always paranoid about the PULL (and sometimes reddit) boogeyman, youre kinda outting yourself you lurk there, and its 2020, everyone is on like 5 social media sites. I only care about fangelics and scrotes looking for free shit.

No. 103137


also, if that is how men behave in Japan, I wonder if Manaki ever treated her like this? Still seems wrong either way, I bet they wouldn't do it if they thought the woman was physically stronger than them and able to hit them back and really hurt them.

No. 103138

I think it was meant to be funny, she was supposed to try and cook dinner while any sadists in chat interrupt her by turning the vibrator on remotely

No. 103139

She was in a maids outfit trying to be sexy. She did a photoshoot there so you can tell she kept them on as a part of the costume. It was to be sexy not because she was there just to visit.

No. 103140

Sounds dangerous, if she was using hot pans and stove, she could really have hurt herself, scalded herself or something, maybe they would have liked that, which is horrible, she is silly for encouraging that kind of thing, giving perverts some control over her, stupid.

No. 103151

Anon, you forget that Venus doesn't have any friends left due to her being toxic af

Damn, you anons really believe all her shitty acting? Stop being gullible and remember this is Venus we're talking about.

No. 103152

you can keep saying she was acting but all you saw was a small piece of a 40 minute stream, I saw the whole thing and the drinking was at least, for real.

But wait, I guess she could have put grape juice in the wine and everything was staged, what a fool I am

No. 103153

She boasted about self harming with wine & pills and playing victim with pride for those who fell into her "trap" on OF so this is probably another one of her shit tier antics to look like a innocent maid being taken advantage of by a cuck. Venus is a manipulative and compulsive lying cunt afterall. God forbid if serious shit happens to her and everyone will believe she's just being quirky, leaving her to fester while she breaks down.

No. 103155


Yes, but, what can anyone do? That is the question. What can any of us here on lolcow do to help her?

Anyway I'm out of here now, will probably be worrying about her now all the time until I hear she's okay, like the fool that I am.

No. 103156

File: 1593371968491.jpeg (270.8 KB, 1086x1578, 7EBEDE4D-CEA4-4D3E-B854-0AB97F…)

>>4:15 AM in Japan
>>Wenis ‘last seen’ 15 minutes ago on OF

(She posted something too)

No. 103157

Leave it to her "therapist". Venus time and time again has said she's getting "help", so therefore leave her to it and her newfound thot career which is totally saving her life from misery. She will be the cause of her very own demise.

No. 103159

Oh no, evil pimp manager must be holding a gun to her head FORCING her to post porn!

No. 103162

yay, venus has a suitcase pimp who isn't manaki. at least we can stop speculating that he's the one with the gun to her head.

imo the 'fear' was super obvious and looked like bad acting. it's a problem because venus has a well-documented history of saying and doing stupid shit that makes her less than believable. still, i think all of this was inevitable the moment she left mana. she has nowhere to go and no skills. of course she was going to end up doing sex work. in a few months i expect her to be as haggard as sere.

No. 103164

Regarding her "pretending to be drunk", if she's not lying she's on many different psych meds. You're not supposed to drink at all when taking anything, because just a tiny bit of alcohol can stop the pills from taking effect or knock you tf out. Just saying.

She's stupid af for getting a pimp/manager just to do OF. She can't do anything by herself it seems.

No. 103165

Anon your ideas are even more retarded than venuses

No. 103166

She probably looked scared because she got drunk on stream, got intimated with her fuck boy off camera, and realized her ‘pure’ image might be exposed because of her stupidity. Venus has always prioritize her online reputation over everything else. She doesn’t give a shit about her shitty life style as long as she looks kawaii online. If she was pressured to do these things, she wouldn’t be slurping up with that fuck boy behind the scene.

No. 103170

I don’t think he’s holding a gun to her, but probably will toss her out on the streets if she doesn’t make enough money. I don’t even think her OF money is going to her. Her pimp is most likely taking all of the money which is why she’s so desperate to get more. Where did all of her other money from when she first started go if she’s so desperate for those tips now? The girl has no savings.

What happened to ‘if he control your money and don’t care for your mental health then leave!’? He surely doesn’t care if he’s slapping the shit out of her.

No. 103171

We have literally zero proof she is taking any medication outside of her claim.
Just like she's claiming she's "seeing a therapist" who advised her to become a prostitute and a porn actress.

Her "scared face" in the stream is amateur exaggerated acting.

Every time she opens her mouth she's lying and full of shit.

No. 103172

Its spelled loser

No. 103173

>She's stupid af for getting a pimp/manager just to do OF
I doubt she went looking for a manager deliberately or else she would have at least looked for someone who takes better photos. Japan is full of amateur gravure photographers with expensive cameras who take decent photos of cosplayers as a hobby, she could have looked for someone like that or at least someone with an online platform to promote her
Instead I think she ended up fucking this guy and then recognized he could use her for money, and she's either in too deep or too stupid to realise that he's not helping. He takes shit photos, she's badly lit and she's a mess on stream, what part of "manager" is he fulfilling?

No. 103176

That "pure" image was destroyed as soon as she starting showing her tits and vag on OF for cuck money that she clearly isn't earning for just herself. She's landed a amateur photographer degenerate to keep the content flowing and it looks like she lives with him in a grotty accommodation. Venus doesn't have a ounce of self respect left in her to even care at this point.

No. 103181

Imagine being this naïve

That's good. Her own family don't give a fuck about her anymore, so why would you?

No. 103192

it's blindingly obvious Venus just has a weird fetish for being the victim. With Margo it was easier to feel bad for her since Margo is crazy too.
But yeah, even if Venus was in some sort of trouble with a possible pimp, I'm sure she loves it. The girl obviously read too much hentai and wants to live it

No. 103193

File: 1593390029132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.74 KB, 422x400, bj3bo8j.jpg)


At this point, it just seems like you’re writing fan fiction. You dropped your poster, noble knight.

Venus is a prostitute who hooks up with losers and low-level Yakuza because her stubborn, arrogant life choices. You’re crazy if you think it’s normal for Japanese men to act like her new pimp or that she deserves better when she behaves so badly. If she didn’t think she was above minimum wage work and continued to study, she could have met a nice guy who was a student working towards a stable job and a modest, yet happy life. Like what she had in the beginning with Manaki. But she doesn’t want safe or normal. She wants instant gratification and she gets a thrill out of chaos. She’s an addict in every way.

No. 103196

You’re either really new, extremely gullible or maybe both. Wenus is a lying manipulative cluster B clusterfuck, just like her mommy. You’re being played. Enjoy your ‘poor Venus, victimized and abused AGAIN!’ fanfic though.

No. 103213

File: 1593401028420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 547.61 KB, 1283x1780, 9D6AD613-0933-4DC5-9127-5978DD…)

She’s folliwed a bunch of OF sex workers and thots on Twitter (around 50 to be exact) and has taken to randomly retweeting their posts, like this one:

Oh wait, is it really her abusive controlling PIMP who’s taken over poor Wenus’s SM and doing all this, j-just like Margaret?? Oh NOOOESSS!!1!

No. 103214

essentially this. i mean i think this is a bit of an overexaggeration but not by much. she's a mess and a fuckup and this is the life she's choosing for herself. the fact that she's fucking nuts doesn't help, she's seeing it all as glamorous and romanticizing it but yeah.

No. 103217

I don't understand why anons think OF is the only thing Venus does. She had the pater profile for who knows how long and Margo mentioned V hoeing too. It's only understandable if she's been a full on prostitute for a while now.

No. 103231

She's pretending. She can't stand the criticism she gets and just needs to be the victim once more. It's not for the benefit of creeps. It's for the benefit of her wallet (and/or any loans she needs to repay).

No. 103235

kek keep spewing your delusions anon

No. 103239

That's actually normal Onlyfans practice though, just look at any of the girls twitters she's following, they're doing the same thing.

Same goes for the dick rating thing, she didn't think that one up herself either it's common to have that as a reward on Onlyfans because of men wanting to show that to strange women for some reason.

She's actually using the website correctly after all the criticism

No. 103241

This. She's planning a way out of this OF bullshit by acting like she's being abused so she can then make a youtube video explaining how she was abused and manipulated into sex work by her "toxic manager" or some shit.

Remember guys - the best way to predict future behaviour is to look at past behaviour. It's not rocket science really.

No. 103242

Where's the proof she takes meds? Her friends claimed she faked therapy, just like she faked certain mental illnesses, abuse stories and admitted to faking drinking in her earlier (pre-OF streams), among all the other things she faked.

>Venus is the most beautiful woman
kek. She looks like shit, complete with a weirdly proportioned, anachan flabby, sedentary body. You'd think for a sex worker, she'd care to put on more weight and exercise so her body doesn't look so unfit and unhealthy.

No. 103243

The only things we have confirmation of are Pater and OF. Sugaring is basically prostitution but I don't understand why you'd need a manager-san for either one. If you for some reason want to get into the AV industry, sure. It makes sense that you'd need someone with connections. She is stupid if she needs a manager just to go on dates with old men and take lewds. Plenty of women do that by themselves. I don't understand why she always needs someone to keep her on track and make content.

No. 103246

I like how she has to add the "switched clinics as they don't deal with heavy trauma". Lowkey flexing her embellished abuse stories. Is it not enough to just say "I switched clinics?"

Either way, she's not in therapy. On more than one occasion her friends spilled the tea. I do think she got a scan though, but that's different than the narrative that she was in therapy on a regular basis for years now. Or is she finally actually in therapy since 2 months? Would be a step in the right direction, but I'm still skeptical, since she lied for years.

No. 103247

>I don't understand why she always needs someone to keep her on track and make content
She was raised with her mother doing everything for her and I think she's used to that

No. 103256

But was she really abused by her mothe? And did Manaki do the same? To me it sounds all unreal, sorry. And now Manager-San is abusing her too like her manager before??? Also she seemed to not have any friends or friends distanced themself from her. Why do you think that is so?? We don't know the real Venus, we just know the Venus in front of the camera. Maybe Mizuki will put some light into this matter, after talking to Manaki. The latest stream with the drinking was a total mess and inappropriate for some viewers. It was not even funny, especially if you have viewers that are trying to stop drinking or small kids that will copy her.

No. 103259

If we’re not too skeptical, Margaret also claimed Venus was working as a hostess very soon after she and Manaki were “living like roommates.” This isn’t far fetched, since hostessing can serve as a gateway to sugaring.

So Margaret was an abusive slave driver and supposedly Manaki was a “mini Margo”. But once she was free, she desperately sought out nobody managers to do the most basic tasks that she should have been doing on her own. Then hooked up with Ken, Pimp-san and who knows how many other shitty guys so she didn’t have to get a real job. I will never believe her when she says she is independent and working hard. She thinks passing out due stress and sleep-deprivation is a job well done. She should never be involved with any man, even a good one, if she can’t get some control over her own life. She should’ve have just lived with other girls and worked part time.

For sure, Margaret seems like a nightmare of a mother. Not the super violent or cruel kind, but the type that ruins your perception of what is normal and healthy behavior, especially when dealing with other people. Even the last Margaret thread alone shows you a clear picture of what a mess that woman’s mind is and how she is so convinced her way of thinking is correct. The only hope is that Venus has these moments of clarity where she acknowledges that her actions are harmful and affect other people while Margaret refuses admit her faults at all.

With Manaki, I’m convinced Venus is scapegoating him and exaggerating her claims. It seems more like she realized what a mistake she made marrying a simple man that she doesn’t even love. He was thinking about settling down while Venus barely experienced an independent adulthood. Perhaps she felt trapped by marrying the first guy she had a relationship with and panicked about what she wouldn’t be able to do or experience. Doesn’t excuse her treatment of him, though.

No. 103261

The newfags in the thread choosing to dismiss all abuse even when you see evidence of it.

No. 103269

This. Yes, Margaret is fucking nuts and her childhood was difficult for sure. Even just moving to different countries all the time is tough for children. Venus is exaggerating about her past abuse, though. Even just her claim that she never had any friends is ridiculous. She went to normal schools everywhere except in London and used to write blog posts about her school friends. There is no evidence of Manaki ever having been abusive and the examples she gave of his supposedly controlling behavior were all completely rational. When you have an alcoholic and anorexic partner, it's normal that you "control what they eat" i. e. NOT want them to starve themselves or empty a wine bottle in one sitting. It's also perfectly normal that you would NOT want said person to get an unnecessary surgery just to starve themselves even more efficiently, or NOT want to have children with someone who is mentally unstable and severely fucked up their own health out of vanity and laziness. Yeah, they obviously had no chemistry as a couple and no future together, but Venus had a golden opportunity to get her life on track and carve out a future for herself. Instead she sat around in her little pink room and did jack shit.
There is no denying that she's actually gotten involved with some shady people now, though. Men who hit women usually aren't great people, just saying. It's kind of her own fault for thinking she's too good for an ordinary job. If you have no talent, your looks are fading and you want to make a quick and easy buck, this is how you end up. It'll be hard for her to get out of this one. Broke, no friends, ruined reputation. Somehow I feel like she would have been happier stocking shelves.

No. 103270

Does anyone have the full stream? I can't believe she flaked out again. She's losing credibility from her subscribers fast if she keeps this up.

No. 103272

File: 1593427951538.png (309.1 KB, 635x499, Venus.png)

She posted a new picture on Instagram. At least there is nothing problematic about this one and it suits her the style she is going for here.

I too wonder why she needs a manager. If someone has to run a really massive youtube channel they may need to employ other people to help them with it, but Venus should be able to manage her Youtube, Twitter, and Onlyfans herself.

No. 103273

There is something in the Law of Attraction thing that peoples minds resonate on a certain vibration that attracts accordingly, that is someone with a weak mind may attract someone with a strong controlling mind that they then end up constantly complaining about, so they are forever stuck in the victim mentality, and also in psychology it is thought that people often subconsciously recreate the scenario of their childhoods, even if that childhood was bad, as the unconscious mind thinks regressing to childhood is a place of safety, even if it was bad, because that is all it has ever known.
Something like that, but I'm not being very good at describing it, whatever, this is where Venus needs to indulge in some self help books about self awareness and how to change her core thinking to improve her life.
Relying on other people seems to have done her not much good so far and could prove to be her downfall if she does not learn to take charge of her own thoughts and mind and learn to control her own life.

No. 103275


No. 103276

This. Why anyone believes any of the shit she says or does on camera is just beyond me. especially after the "I'm so suicidal boohoo" "No just joking teehee you fell for my trap" . She's spent YEARS making faces on the camera, ofc she can produce as much as a sad or scared face, anything to fish for sympathy. imo it can be totally staged lol and these twats who believe her just gulp it all down.
Venus may continue down this road until she becomes "boy who cried wolf" cause anyone with half a brain cell would tire of her shenanigans

No. 103277


Yes, this is the sort of thing i mean in my earlier post about the Law of Attraction.

Venus really needs to learn how to rely on herself and not on other people, and that applies to everyone too. I know there are times when you have to and need to rely on other people, but for the management of your own life when you are otherwise physically fit and able and even then, when some people are truly disabled some can manage their own lives. Relying on other people is not ideal and if she can learn to love herself more, from deep inside, and actually want the best for herself, instead of appearing to have lingering feelings of worthlessness, which appears to be the case, then she can have a successful life, and by that i don't necessarily mean success in terms of career or money, but a sense of inner satisfaction that even someone with a seemingly 'unsuccessful' life can have, not everyone 'successful' to outward appearance is happy, sadly Japan looks to be a country where its citizens are work driven, sometimes to where they literally drop, and this is seen as a 'good' thing, and that is one of the bad aspects of Japan, not knocking it as I think it still seems like a wonderful country, streets look clean, people basically well mannered, it has a lot going for it, much better than a lot of places, but the work ethic is too much, and maybe venus is feeling driven, or made to feel driven to achieve by the culture and others around her, but she needs to find her own way of being in the world and not be coerced or controlled by anyone else, even by those who tell her it is in her own 'best' interests, she needs to learn how to trust her own instincts about what is best for her, like we all do.

No. 103278

i’m sorry but she really has nooo type of lips whatsoever

No. 103279

Wtf is going on with the bridge of her nose? Did she color over it?

No. 103280


Oh please, let's not start with the nitpicking about her looks again!

YOU don't like small lips, you like big rubber lips, we get it. Some people like big fleshy lips, other people don't. Accept that and move on.

No. 103281

Why is rubber lips man still here?

No. 103282


Why is nitpicker still here? And I was born female and last time I looked still am!

Every time any picture is posted, the nitpicking starts about her looks, it is tedious. Some people like her look, some don't. No need to constantly keep nitpicking about it.

No. 103283

Lmao, you’re mad. Just because Venus has non existent paper-thin lips doesn’t mean that I like “big rubbery ones”. Go somewhere.

No. 103284

Fr I’m wondering the same thing. Remember when people were comparing her to that half Asian/half black sex worker and they tried saying that Penus was prettier than her? Talk about delusional lmao.

No. 103285

bitch needs to hit rock bottom before she’ll change. I dont think a suicide attempt would do it since she’d milk that. probably deportation coupled with a family member taking her in (iirc theyre on the conservative side so some shit would not fly), her phone taken away and a retail job.

but no one in her family cares about her, and she has no friends. so Neetnus will never change.

No. 103286

I noticed the Kim Kardashian mention earlier (of all people to bring up in a Venus Angelic thread) and figured we were being graced with his presence again lol.

as for Venus, I just hope she finds a way out of the kind of life she has fumbled her way into. Prospects don't look too good.

No. 103287


I keep getting lonelygirl15 vibes.

No. 103290


No. 103294

small kids that will copy from an 18+ website?

No. 103296


Yes, that seems highly unlikely.

There is always this person, or small group of people, who have it in their heads that there are always going to be young kids watching every single thing she does. and they brag about reporting her Instagram at every opportunity. It says more about them and their mentality than it does about anything else.

No. 103297


If she makes all those decisions herself, then she's the only one accountable for them and her failures. On the other hand, if she blames all her thottery, drunken BPD manipulation and attention seeking behavior on all her last handlers for various reasons, she can pretend none of it was her fault.

Venus can never act or live alone because then she would be accountable to only Venus, and her narc ego can't allow that.

No. 103303

You_stole_my_apricot started following her again after leaving that concerned comment. Since she seems like a nice girl, not fame hungry like Mikan and the weeb squad I feel like she's trying to reach out to Venus.. Venus definitively needs help but I hope she doesn't hurt the apricot girl

No. 103304

Too many spergs on this site taking anon's opinions personally. Let people have their opinions kek, words can't hurt you.

No. 103305

Anyone would think a real loving mother, except why do this?

Oh well, Baby Beenos, lol.

No. 103306

yeah apricot seems so sweet and genuine. Venus is such an idiot for treating her friends like shit.
I think venus already hit rock bottom anon. how much lower can she go? Street walking? I don’t doubt she’s already doing something similar to that. Her whole situation is very shady but she has no one but herself to blame. I don’t feel bad for her anyways. Playing victim until she really becomes a victim.

No. 103308


Well I don't know why I even asked that question. It seems obvious it's to make it look as though Venus had a loving, idyllic childhood, but my mother could have shown ideal pictures too, so that is how i know that pictures can lie, or at any rate mask the truth and the reality that is abuse and hurt.

No. 103309

Yea now pictures lie but not venus no no no, she never lies ah lets believe anything venus tells us. sure kid

No. 103310


Not saying she never lies, but lying about things if done constantly can also be a result of a damaged childhood. I'm not saying venus is perfect, no one is, but is it any wonder if she is screwed up mentally if she had an abusive childhood where everything on the surface appeared okay to outsider's eyes?

No. 103311

Did anyone ever think maybe venus is just a screwed up person on her own? Why the need to blame someone for her behavior To constantly paint someone as a villain for venus. There will come a time when venus and her fans wont have anyone else to blame but venus herself. I hope anyway. I can see it now tho,venus 35 doing weird ass shit and still blaming mother. She's gonna end up being norman bates.

No. 103312


Whatever, nothing takes away from what her mother is like and what she is trying to do now. I think I also should have included the video title in the post, she has titled it: "Living Doll Shocking Photos: Baby Venus Angelic", at least that is what it is now, unless she changes it again. Why include words like "shocking"? Why should it be shocking to see a few baby pictures and pictures of her daughter when young? The word "shocking" should not need to be used at all in such context.

No. 103315

you know margo has many threads on /pt/ right?
until this recent stuff venus was pretty low on the radar here, margo is a long time cow

No. 103317

she was actually a very cute child…. but a really ugly baby

No. 103321

we already know about how crazy her mom is. now its time for venus to take charge. but she loves playing the blame game.

No. 103322

why are anons taking the "lol im jk about being suicidal you fell for my trap" at face value, but everything else she says is a lie? that sounded like bad damage control more than anything, there is no way she won't overdose on pills and cheap wine as soon as she can get her hands on some. she's a fucking mess both mentally and physically

maybe margo is trying to sell photos of venus as a kid to pedo simps like peter, kek

No. 103323

What the actual fuck? Why is Margo selling baby photos of Venus, especially when she's naked? Pedo bait much?

No. 103327


I think some of it is scrotes telling themselves it's all an act, so they don't feel like gross perverts getting off to someone who is basically a trafficked eastern european woman.

It's really sad that someone with such a huge following has nobody irl to help her. Plenty of uwu japan vlogger "friends" who were happy to put her in their videos for clout but are silent now.

No. 103331

You're forgetting that she screwed all her friends over. Sure, there were some who befriended her for clout but also some who genuinely cared for her

No. 103333

After maybe being thrown out of her friends, she started dating sugar daddys and then she met the guy she has now. I don't think he is her manager. The way he talks to her, doesn't seem like a way a manager would talk to you. Sometimes people who are abused in a way, strangely enjoy being with a dominant and abusive partner. Her pictures and behaviour all speak to me, that she enjoys to be sappy, depressive and all this stuff. She loves the attention she gets and she is becoming what she didn't want to be anymore when she escaped from her mother. A puppet selling her body.

No. 103334

She was such a cute child tbh but that alufoil shoot in a bathing suit……… Why

No. 103337

>nobody irl to help her
How much help is she owed on tap? How much has she ever helped anyone else?
How many times can someone suggest something to her or show her the error of her situation?
How much money will she squander before she starts saving a bit to escape this situation?

She's gotta want to help herself.

No. 103338


>Faces are blurred out for privacy.

Not fucking Venus' you exhibitionism-by-proxy nutter. I'd be pretty pissed if I'd run away from my mother so she can't exploit me for media attention and she responds by uploading the family album.

No. 103339

Her post about people "falling for her trap" was clearly sarcastic. People used to give her asspats when she posted about suicide, but she has done it so often that nobody cares anymore and she is regularly being called out on how manipulative and fucked up it is.
The thing about BPD/other personality disorders and manipulation is that it's not usually the clever, cunning and malicious kind of manipulation. They genuinely feel like shit, and the only way they have learned how to deal with that is doing something extreme so that other people validate them and make them feel better. Venus is butthurt because she is genuinely suffering and relies on other people to have her emotional needs met, but other people are starting to dismiss her.

That's why all her vlogger friends don't talk to her anymore. Not because they're selfish cunts who only used her for clout, but because being around someone like that burns you the fuck out.

No. 103342

This person is a PULL fag, she posted the same message over there.

No. 103345

This person is a PULL fag, they read the PULL thread.

No. 103349

the rubberlips sperging heavy reminds me of the shit jrcach would spew.

No. 103350

Marge is sharing her fully naked childhood pictures?! Damn with a mother like this you don’t need enemies..

No. 103351

File: 1593466339015.jpeg (438.9 KB, 744x1273, 6A70FA24-E667-494B-902C-900A90…)

Wow this banner aged in the worst way possible

Margo's logic might be "This is the REAL Baby Beenos, she came from my ooteros" "If my dootir is selling nudes larping as a baby,me selling her naked childhood pics is fair game"

No. 103352


It's been said a few times before, but I can't imagine why no new banners have been made?? Not like they get updated regularly, anyways.

No. 103358

There's new ones over on meta.

No. 103362

File: 1593472181800.jpg (51.49 KB, 800x576, 800px-Venus_Reed.jpg)

No. 103367

File: 1593474926213.png (511.23 KB, 739x532, v2.png.f91f67ef3fe0850c12ef24c…)

Here we go again with the "i'll try my bestestest ever guys woohoo! insert all the emojis. shove it up your ass venus

No. 103368

wash, rinse, repeat.

No. 103369

I can’t believe people are getting sucked in to this little borderline bitch and her attention-whoring antics and dramas. It’s pathetic.

No. 103370

That poor girl. I hope she stays safe and has friends and family to keep an eye on her. Venus has newer dark elements in her life and Mizuki needs to be careful.

> That's why all her vlogger friends don't talk to her anymore. Not because they're selfish cunts who only used her for clout, but because being around someone like that burns you the fuck out.

Absolute truth. It upsets me when some people go with “Venus is all alone! YouTubers just used her!” because it’s so easy to see that they all did try to help her as best they could before discovering what a intense, horrifying drain she was on their emotions. Venus had many people there for her. I saw those friends repeatedly comment that she was sweet and polite when they would meet up and I believe them, but how much is politeness worth when you expect your friends to give you so much more than you return? You spend a fun day together with your depressed friend, thinking you’re a positive influence, but when you get home, you see that friend is back to posting about how they want to die and nobody understands them. Again and again, no matter how much you are there for them.

I also imagine these friends were sick of being hounded by fangelics practically demanding that they drop everything and rescue Venus once again. Even if she is annoying, they treated Mikan very badly and I feel so sorry for her.

No. 103372

who gives a shit about you stole my apricot and why are there three posts in this thread about what a wonderful sweet person they are?

No. 103374


Did ye aye?

No. 103381

>>a trafficked eastern european woman.
She’s not “trafficked” and she’s not some abuse victim. Get a fucking grip. She’s a manipulative lying attention whore, nothing more.

No. 103382

Even that porn chick June Lovejoy or whatever has run for the exits. How funny that Wenus was dumped by a porn performer who didn’t want her reputation damaged by associating with her.

No. 103383

margo, is that you?
now for real, agreed she's not a trafficked woman obviously but she is an abuse victim and that was left abundantly clear when margo's threads were still active with tons of overwhelming evidence that margo was abusing her daughter, exploiting her for a living and dragging her around from country to country in her tax evasion journey and a slideshow of pictures from when venus still had a loving family way back on hungary doesn't magically erase all of that. You do realize that you can be an abuse victim AND a bad person, right? They are not exclusive of each other. In fact you could claim the later is a consequence of the former.

No. 103387

Are you back to mini-modding, edgelord-chan? Go polish your Xbox controller.

More hesitant to work with Venus than pee in a dude’s mouth.

No. 103388

June has reposted Venus’s tweet on her twitter, I don’t think she has dumped her…. yet.

No. 103391

>Go polish your Xbox controller
Nta but that sent me

No. 103393

It funny that this tread believes that Venus is a victim of abuse. Why? Because that what she wrote in a post a while ago and made a YouTube video about? You believe that but nothing else that she has said now? She has always been lying.

Venus was a growing teen who had a mom that was yes, crazy in the fucking head but not abusive.
Her mom kept her on a schedule, had her going to school, had her on a schedule for posting on YouTube, had her eatting good foods, got her the brand deals/ television shows and news coverage that she had, took her traveling, allowed her to go to Japan & Korean. But the moment Venus was being told not to go with Manaki to marry for a visa to live her precious japan life dream that’s when Venus had enough of her mother.
Venus is lazy! We all know it know and see how lazy she is and how she lets good things slip through her fingers.
Her mom was just something that would make her do what was right to be a grown ass adult but she didn’t like that so she ruined Margaret’s reputation before she had a chance to speck. And now Venus just wants to show ass and tits too make that easy cash because she is lazy!
YouTube, modeling and showing off her life in japan was all she had to do and she wasn’t even up for that much!
Yeah so some of you on her need to realize that this has always been a scam of Venus.

No. 103396

you dont know all that behind the scenes stuff about scheduling and stop talking to margo. She hasnt had proof of contact with venus in years no matter how much she said venus reached out. Margo is the shittiest mother. Stop defending her in here. She has her own thread. This isnt to say venus isnt lazy but shes keeping up with onlyfans just fine, more constant content than most girls even, regardless of if anons find the photos low effort or not. Its not for them anyway and pure nitpick. Margo is not a saint. She deserves to be alone. Not even other family want to shelter her. Venus has at least someone and has mentioned contact with other family except margo. Venus is doing great and not washing clothes in the water she bathes in.

No. 103397

>margo controlled everything
>this was venus's scam all along

Pick one anon

No. 103398

Imagine thinking venus is doing great lmaooo. wow talk about delusional

No. 103399

No one is defending her! I said she is crazy as fuck!
These are just facts!!! You can see in all her past videos this evidence that I am talking about

Haha are you that blind ?

No. 103400

All I am saying is that Venus is nooooo abuse victim !

No. 103401

ur doing amazing sweety lol yeah cause having a drinking problem, taking cringy nudes for simps and having no real friends is so great.

No. 103402

I fully agree anon, her mother was crazy but definitely not abusive. But maybe Venus never learned to be in control of her own schedule, health and personal goals under her momager and was set to fail when she finally left her.

No. 103403


She seems fine aside from her mental issues. She's making her own money and not scamming so far on onlyfans. Not agreeing with her prices and content doesnt count. Youre not buying it.

No. 103404

It is true though, that Venus was more healthy back when she was with Margo.
I have been a long time watcher of Venus videos and you can see that Venus always filmed what she wanted to film while Margo played manager and got her all the deals. Even when she left her, Venus’s video style never really changed. She just didn’t have all the publicity like she did before.

Venus played victim to 2 others (Manaki and her Pimp dude) she ruins their reputations too. It’s just what she does when she doesn’t get her way with people.

No. 103405

what reputations. These are both shit dudes. Stop defending all these people she comes in contact with. Manaki wanted to fuck her since she was underage he's admitted and now hes full asexual neet with is extremely common and a problem in japan and like you said, other guy was a pimp and pedophile. None of these people are good. Venus and manaki as they are now is the best its been. Venus has been through fucked up shit, even if her own fault, but denying her a victim is retarded a fuck. People are still victims in situations even if they wound up there with their iwn help. Not saying she needs sympathy or deserves it, but youre clearly not somewhos bern following along and sound underage as fuck because of it.

No. 103406

when did this thread turn into being so desperate for milk you actually side with margo and try to make some

No. 103407

Some of you are either idiots or just can’t read. No one is defending ANYONE. What is being said is that Venus hated being on a schedule and having to grow up in a way that would have made her a half way decent human being which is why she is the way she is NOW. And no one is defending Manaki or that other guy. It’s just facts that are being stated. Calm down and get your panties out of a bunch.(Autistic spam derail)

No. 103408

Yeah it funny how some of you where like “she is doing crappy on her only fans. She’s about to quit” to saying
“She seems fine aside from her mental issues. She's making her own money and not scamming so far onlyfans”
Or that she is uploading more than other girls on that platform.
Yeah right ! She barley post on onlyfans. She goes days at a time not posting. She messes up with her live streams over and over and her content isn’t even that good or clever.
There are girls that have a free only fans who post more than she does and does better quality. She is lazy like stated above.

No. 103413

this sounds like someone who needs to cancel their subscription

No. 103415

>Venus was a growing teen who had a mom that was yes, crazy in the fucking head but not abusive.
Were you there?

No. 103417

I think Venus just failed to understand that she can be sexy and embrace her sexuality without being some sort of slut.
And this idea is reinforced by the fact that she believes a bit of cleavage is onlyfans material.

No. 103419

I am disgusted that any of you anons dare to think that Margo was not abusive. Have you forgotten dozens of threads about Marge or is your hatred for Venus just that great?
And Venus is not doing great at all, she's at her lowest right now. Wtf are y'all smoking to come up with those ridiculous claims?

No. 103420

Do you actually subscribe to her or are you talking out of your ass? Onlyfans streaming sucks and glitches all the time so you can't blame her for that plus she posts daily 95% of the time.

No. 103421

>Pure nitpick
Descenting opinions based on observations aren't nitpicking anon. There's plenty of women who manage to release content that doesn't look half a sloppy as anything penus shits out. That coupled with her looking on the verge of death doesn't exactly equate to thriving in the minds of many farmers.

No. 103422

>>103420 Anyone can take some crappy selfie in their pajama and post it anon, it literally takes 10 seconds especially since she's using the snow app.

No. 103423

The main reason she's actually doing anything with onlyfans is because her mom made sure people where simping for her since she was a teen.

No. 103425

I wasn't even sure whether to post the Margaret video here and do feel a little regret that I did so, but I figured if I didn't link to it, someone else soon would, and i didn't want it to be one of the people who obsessively hate on Venus, but I was worried about if Venus would be upset by seeing the video. I can only imagine how it must affect her seeing her mother post this.

I think Venus should just stop looking at any of these threads about her here on lolcow or PULL or KW or reddit or anywhere, and just concentrate on doing what she feels some enthusiasm for, which appears to be mainly Only fans at the moment, (though one wonders if she is losing interest in that) at least there she probably gets more positive feedback from people as hopefully there won't be too many haters there, willing to pay just for their hatred says more about them than they realise, but nevermind them.
I suppose Margaret's intention in posting that video was to discredit Venus' claims about her being an abusive mother, she probably thought everyone would be like "Oh look how good Venus was looked after and so well thought of" but it looks to me as though she was always being shoved in front of a camera and expected to pose for it, so she may have grown up thinking her worth was only based on what she could look like in a picture.

I'm sorry if I should have read threads here about Margaret but I don't, because for one thing just don't have the time and it's Venus who I resonate with, not her mother, I do have to feel some sympathy for her mother as she can't help being mentally unstable I suppose, it is a sad situation all round. I wish that magic could happen for both of them so that real self awareness happens and they can find ways to feel content and happy. Hopefully they may do so over time.

Doesn't Margaret realise that by doing what she's done, it only shows she is thinking about herself and wanting people to think well of her, and even if what she has always claimed about Venus is true, her instincts as a mother should be to protect her daughter, even if she is hurt herself, that is what unconditional love is.

No. 103429

She can’t even stick to the schedule she made for herself. She made this schedule knowing her time frame for everything and she still isn’t making post on her onlyfans on time
So where’s the 95%?

No. 103435

Is that dyed blonde? Did she dye her child's hair?

No. 103436

Does anyone know why Venus' name is being used in connection with two scuzzy horror game videos on Youtube, where it looks like she has nothing to do with it and it seems her name is being used in the titles for no reason. except maybe clickbait, I'm not posting links to the videos as don't see why I should increase traffic to them if it's really nothing at all to do with her, which it doesnt seem to be, some horror gamer from Indonesia, if you search her name on Youtube for the last week, the 2 videos show up.

No. 103437

Post screenshots at least it’s an imageboard

No. 103438

File: 1593530549279.png (520.17 KB, 828x640, Screenshot_2020-06-30 (7) UJI …)

No. 103439

File: 1593530774090.png (271.79 KB, 830x548, 2.png)

Crap. I just wondered if there really was any reason they are using her name?

No. 103445

Why would she share these now (out of all times) knowing damn well that the "other" Baby Beenos exists who old ass men jerk off to?

Plain gross - what a LOVING mother you are, Margo

No. 103450

thats the thing thats really iffy about this, its too conveniently timed. like other dumb OF thots who just really wanna share their baby pics to their creepy incel fans. she knows what shes doing. i have to wonder if she did this of her own volition or if someone asked for them.

No. 103451

Yeah, seems like she dyed her hair from a very young age-way too soon. I forgot which post it was but I remember Venus said on insta her mom dyed her hair since she was 5 or so. Also when she first started YouTube she had bleached frizzy af platinum blond hair, and she was only 13-14.

No. 103463

Whatever happened to the Korean anime con thing she was supposed to MC? Luckily cancelled for Coronavirus before Venus could fuck up that venture somehow?

No. 103475

>Manaki wanted to fuck her since she was underage he's admitted and now hes full asexual neet

That doesn’t make any sense. You do not go from lustful ephebophile to aesexual. He’s either one or the other. And where did he admit he wanted to “fuck here since she was underage”?

>Venus and manaki as they are now is the best its been.

How on Earth would you think this? Manaki went into hiding and his whole family cut off contact with Venus. Venus has zero support from family or old friends anymore because she scared everyone away.

Yes, it was canceled due to the virus. I assume she was only offered that gig when she was with the old manager Kitano.

No. 103476

as they are now? she dumped his ass lol wtf are you even talking about

No. 103477

Well if you simps gonna believe her abuse stories then believe everything that comes out of her mouth/fingers too. Dont say shes a liar for one thing but not another. hypocrites

No. 103478

Dumbass anon, margo made that video, not venus. Follow the thread before claiming venus posted all these real baby photos herself on her onlyfans.

No. 103480

She dumped his ass? Pretty sure it was the other way around. Wenus would never willingly give up her spouse visa or her meal ticket/doormat/enabler. Why would she dump all that? Manaki on the other hand had every reason to dump her greasy leeching ass- how about 4 years iof lies, public ridicule/embarrassment, wild mood swings, drinking binges and attention-whoring stunts for starters?

Wenus was dumped. That’s why she lashed out at him with her little attack video and smear campaign. If Manaki was smart he’d move, change his email and get an unlisted phone # now that her greasy ass is finally out of his apartment (but he won’t, cause he’s a doormat.)

No. 103486

i didn’t say venus madd the vid. learn to read. i said its similar to OF thots releasing their own pics.

No. 103492

File: 1593581287230.jpg (416.95 KB, 1080x810, 20200701_021647.jpg)

He's playing with other two guys and one of them apparently is nicknamed just as Venus.
I guess, I assumed by the "w/venus angelic". You can hear more people talking and the thumbnail shows one of the characters' named like that.
It can still be clickbait, of all thots, why using her name.

Also, Margaret uploaded the pics to youtube and title video says "Living Doll Shocking Photos: Baby Venus Angelic". She's very concious about what she and her baby are doing.

No. 103494

I think it's kinda creepy Margret choose to post a naked photo of Venus considering what Venus is doing right now.
She's obviously upset she can't ride on this gravy train of Venus finally lewding. She isn't concerned, she's just upset she couldn't sell Venus's virginity herself

No. 103495

Hows that the same Margo has nothing to do with Venus anymore. It would be the same is venus posted them but it has nothing to do with her. Margot is a creep. Like other anons said, if she could've, she probably would've sold venus's virginity. Can we keep her to her own thread now? Margot's milk is shitty and not of use here.

No. 103498

> I was worried about if Venus would be upset by seeing the video

What the fuck are you on about…? Nobody is forcing Venus to read any threads or watch Margo videos. Or do anything online at all. If anything she thrives off of the attention and/or pity, no reason for her to be 'upset' lol.

No. 103499

Notice how Venus doesn't seem to have any actual friends in these photos. There are a few photos of her in what looks like a school setting, but she doesn't really seem close to anybody.
The title and the thumbnail pic are gross choices, too. Exploitative clickbait - What better way to prove you aren't an abusive parent (this is sarcasm)?

No. 103501

yes, becasue it is impossible for someone to lie about one thing and not about another.

No. 103503


Has anyone read the comments on the video? I can't believe there are hardly any calling her out on what she did. I saw one and someone immediately jumping into to her defense saying what is wrong with sharing baby/child/family photos as people do it all the time on facebook? Oh and someone asked why it all went wrong and it was so obvious that Venus had a 'wonderful' childhood, Maggot's answer was it went wrong when Venus decided to steal instead of going to university.
I can't believe all those positive comemnts though, which are the majority, I wonder if she is deleting most negative comments, so many idiots there seeing as this is proof of what a 'good' mother she was, how can people be so stupid? (And the Venus hater here constantly going on about her being 'greasy' or whatever, over and over, needn't bother replying as everyone knows your views, no need to repeat them ad nausuem!)

No. 103504


Yes, it seems odd, it almost looks like her name has just been thrown in at random, it's not like the name is very common, not impossible that someone else in the world could be using the same name, but it looks like they know who she is and using her name as clickbait to get people to watch the video.

And yes, Margaret is very conscious and conniving about what she is doing, such a cynical and crafty move, and really nasty, having a mother like her is no wonder poor Venus has had problems, and people in the comments section really buying into her cunning, and saying how it proves what a good mother she was and how well thought of Venus was and what a good childhood she had, so maggot is seen as the good and blameless parent who did no wrong and only every did everything right, which was exactly her intention in uploading the video obviously, as well as maybe to upset Venus too and maybe to appeal to the perverts, though that didn't actually occur to me at first until others here mentioned it, and that alone is chilling.

No. 103505

File: 1593605848765.png (442.95 KB, 392x491, 1.png)

She posted another Hell Girl pic. I wonder if she is going to do a cosplay video of it? it suits her. If she posted a video on Youtube I expect it would be very popular, she doesn't always seem to know how to use her best assets. A cosplay video on Youtube would attract a lot of positive views i think.

No. 103510

this isn't how she looks irl and she doesn't rly give a damn about YT because it doesn't rly give her income.

No. 103512


Who said anything about this is how she looks in real life? It's cosplay.

No. 103517

Anon meant that she used a heavy filter and shopped her face. She looks hideous in real life.

No. 103518

You can't be serious, are you…

No. 103519

This is much better than what she's been putting out recently, i.e. squashed bug 'neko' pics, so I'm not going to shit on it. It also won't last.

No. 103520

kek, she looks weird. like shes holding her breath.
I honestly don't find this to be an improvement, its just another boring theme that venus thought was creative but she just saw it from an anime or something.

No. 103523

File: 1593619432267.jpg (31.11 KB, 800x533, gah.jpg)


I can see why they are laughing at us over in Kiwi Farms, it would be embarrassing if it wasn't all anon here. and note for anyone from there who is reading here: We don't all write stuff like that here. Some of us are actually quite objective about Venus and don't hate her.

No one said that is how she looks in real life, it is a picture of her doing a cosplay look of the Hell Girl character. I don't care if that is how she looks in real life or not, it is just a picture and it is the picture that can be evaluated, not how it is edited or not, it is just a picture. I think the picture is nice, and don't care if it is Venus or anyone else, I just think it is a nice picture, irrespective of who it is.

Why does it always have to come down to haters with nothing to add except their own seething hatred of her, nitpicking on her looks, that is what derails the thread and gets on everyone's nerves. And now they even comment on it over on Kiwi Farms. can't we be better than that here?

No. 103526

Why should anyone here give a fuck what people on other sites think? Weird pickme attitude imo.

No. 103528

KF is a group of ladies who are devoted to their Venus and are wetting themselves handwringing about their poor little abuse victim. Yeah, I for one don’t give a shit what KF says about posters here.

No. 103533

New thread link?

No. 103536

This style suits her so much better than the pedo pandering loli shit she's usually going for tbh.

No. 103541

It's the rubbery lips sperg ranting again, just ignore them.

No. 103547

Oddly suspicious this is posted after a user on KF was called out for posting/bitching about local in their *weenus thread… Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Agreed. She's so stiff and awkward, I like the look but her posing is weird and the filter just feels unneccessary. Though I feel like Venus is getting out of touch with weebshit considering hellgirl come out in 06-07.

No. 103550

Venus Angelic was made to be an internet icon riding the dolly trend back in the day. Her looks has always been her biggest selling point, which is why she is so heavily criticized on every photo. If she offered other assets to her audience besides her looks, it's fair to say the anons are being overly nitpicking but unfortunately she never evolved beyond her image. I think everyone has the right to criticize her looks when that's her selling point. I can understand that some of her hatred stems from her undeserved fame. Some people think she's average compared to other girls. If it wasn't for her mother's work, she wouldn't have garner her audience and benefit from them to this day. Basically I think all her criticism is fair since she choose to remain in the public eye.

Like other anons said, KF's opinion does not mean anything. All these forums serve the same entertainment purposes, they're just as 'bad' as each other. The sense of superiority over choosing a certain platform does not mean anything in the long run, just like gossip.

No. 103552

go post on KF then. Why the do people in Venus threads always wanna worry about PULL and KF all the damn time

No. 103567


That outfit makes her look likes she has no hips and big wide shoulders. She looks like a troon here. Tbh the grape whore thing she did looked better than feetos weenus and whatever the hell this is.

I agree that she could do better money as a costhot/ lewd cosplayer, but she doesn't have the body for it. She looks like a malnourished child because she has no tits, no hips, and very scrawny arms and legs. But she also isn't spooky enough to appeal to skinny fetish degenerates. She doesn't has what is needed to make it as an e-thot, neither the body nor the attitude

No. 103599

I'm not that anon but I guess they worry/compare to pull or kf in hopes this thread would be less shitty.

With all her pedo pandering, my only take is that she hasn't done any loli cosplay because she legit can't google what animes are popular and quickly half-ass cosplay it.
Reimu and Hell Girl are literally one decade old now ffs.

I think another possible option would be dolly-themed pics? That and ballerina concepts usually suits the starved pedo panders. Plus, it will became full cicle with all her "don't wanna be a doll anymore" eras where she always ends up saying muh doll teenagehood.

No. 103605

Kek, probably. While simultaneously using KF or PULL as worthy comparison. Maybe I'm the only one, but I'll take the frequent shit storms that occur in this thread over the pearl clutching that happens over dissenting opinion in the others. I like that people aren't restrained by keeping up appearances here.

No. 103615

File: 1593691662896.png (423.43 KB, 352x561, Screenshot_2020-07-02 General …)

Yes I see you made good points re her looks and the nitpicking , but it gets so repetitive with the same things said & it must put people off coming here., which leads me to your 2nd point and…

I chose here because can't stand PULL, some of them there are so up themselves, forever bragging about what they've 'reported' and Kiwi is okay but I don't want to have to sign up and register with a site, and I prefer it here, it is easier to navigate and read. I just like the layout more as well.

>>I'm not that anon but I guess they worry/compare to pull or kf in hopes this thread would be less shitty.

Exactly this. I want here to be better.

Okay, point taken, but maybe it's a failing of mine, but the fact I chose here to be a part of, and for some reason I like to take a pride in anything I feel a part of and therefore feel a little protective towards this site. I want it to be somewhere that people will want to come to because it has useful and worthwhile content, and they won't want to if all it mainly contains is a load of pointless bitching and infighting; I want it to be well thought of here, not just dismissed as a trashy place full of psycho type losers making mainly bitchy spiteful comments about looks, that just makes it seem shallow and off putting. I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone by mentioning it and I won't again, but think about it, if lolcow is just dismissed as somewhere where it is not worth looking at, then what good will that do? Isn't it better to make this place that much better? And surely it wouldn't be that hard to make it better than PULL? Kiwi is not bad, at least the posters seem more mature and halfway intelligent there. I still prefer here though.

Anyway, Venus posted some stories on her Instagram, saying something about looking up the planet Venus which is very hot, and that she is going to do more Youtube videos. I'm sorry I wasn't able to get any screenshots, maybe someone else here could if anyone wanted to see?

edit ~ They posted them on PULL, here is the one where she said she will be posting more videos.

No. 103617

image having a sperg fit about gossip sites. you need to go to bed or something.

No. 103619

>I want it to be somewhere that people will want to come to because it has useful and worthwhile content,
Nothing you've ever contributed here is either of those things.

No. 103628

you really need to choose between ''useful and worthwhile'' and this site

No. 103642

>Kiwi is not bad, at least the posters seem more mature and halfway intelligent there
Lmao anon what are you talking about
they were cheering on penus when she was getting drunk alone at karaokes at 5 am

No. 103669

Yeah, those KF ladies were all “Yay drunk Venus! Love it!” when she was livestreaming falling down drunk and faceplanting in a bowl of ramen at 5 AM. They’re hopeless cases.

No. 103716

Ugh, the "you're just nitpicking about her looks" sperg is back. You've been shitting up this and the last thread for a while now. If you don't like it, leave, but stop whining all the damn time about this thread. Bet you're the same anon who tried to get us to believe that Manaki is just as bad as Venus and Margo. You write the same.

No. 103717

They're just a bunch of self proclaimed psychologists who think they know everything. Funny how everyone here is a "hater", but someone genuinely wished for Margo's death in the KF thread and >>103523 says they're all "objective, and intelligent and mature". What a joke.

No. 103718

Stop gate keeping this thread.

No. 103719

She may not have been besties with all those kids from school, but it does prove she wasn't isolated. Venus started saying that after Pull said Margo isolated her and traveled SPECIFICALLY as some grande scheme to isolate her which is such a biased reach. She even went to a Korean language school, went out to events, with her mom/their friends, met fans etc. She was the farthest thing from isolated, I always suspected that was bullshit to aggrandize her abuse story for brownie points on the internet. If she couldn't click with anyone to form a close "best friend" type friendship, that's not on Marge. So Venus has been caught lying about isolation. She also fabricated an abuse story with Manaki, when she claimed he was JUST as bad as her mom and a leech. Which leads me to believe she fabricated the Ken abuse story and made her Marge abuse story 1000 times "worse" than it really was. Though I don't think living with Marge was grande or anything. Venus is full of shit, just another Tati that wants eternal victimhood and to scapegoat others at any opportunity.

No. 103720

Margo had a video of Venus on youtube with med/dark brown hair, which was the color she had when she started (no plat blonde), and in that video, Venus had her dye it an orange color. According to her, that was the first time she dyed it. I don't remember Venus claiming it was dyed when she was 5 years old.

No. 103721

I honestly think she didn't consider that. She was talking about posting those pics for a while now, before Venus even started OF, because she thinks it proves her side of the story.

No. 103722

Nah. She's been trend hopping for years now, hoping to score them big bucks. She's doing this because the money (aka: her God) is really good and it enables a lazy neet no effort lifestyle.

No. 103724

>she hasnt had proof of contact with venus in years
Both her and Venus stated they were in recent contact. It was on Venus' brain scan IG post. She said she emailed Marge, and her mean old mommy called her a psycho and Venus, being the attention-hungry manipulator she is, attempted to once more, low-key emotionally manipulate her audience. I would say when both parties corroborate on being in contact, it's proof.

No. 103725

She didn't run away because she wanted to get away from being "exploited for media attention" lmao. She kept on doing YT, IG and being a public figure and seeking attention long after leaving and still to this day. She left because she became obsessed with Japan and found a guy who she could use for a visa to get there easily, since getting educated and immigrating on a worker visa was too much work for Venus. Secondary was ghosting Margaret. Getting away from media attention was the farthest thing she cared about.

No. 103728

File: 1593767074911.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 377.57 KB, 1364x2046, Eb_SgibU0AAgSPQ.jpeg)

from twitter

No. 103731

Her ass is hairy lol so sexy :D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 103732

Were you?

No. 103735

That flat, bony secretary ass tho.
Only Japanese men and weebs would fall for this trap.

No. 103736

“Professional” sex worker, lives in a country where laser hair removal is affordable, still has a hairy butthole. Ew.

No. 103737

She literally never looks sexy in any of these pictures, look at that fucking face she looks so uncomfortable it makes me uncomfortable

No. 103738

Why does she not make one single effort to make herself look attractive ffs?? It's her only job…Also if the cameraman thinks this is a flattering pose, he should be fucking fired asap

No. 103739

Sage because small note. She probably don't shave because japanese see it as more pure, less slutty. "Only whores shave"

No. 103740

Yet she is in the 0,5 top of OF.. Makes me wonder what shit content other thots offer there

No. 103741

Huh, I always wondered if there was a cultural reason for Japanese pornstars not shaving. The more you know

No. 103742


English is not my first language, but life of sex work is not long either, because the more you work "less pure" u will be seen. That goes for regular porn. I don't know about this

No. 103743

I’d rather be a prima whore than pointing my hairy ass to the camera then.

No. 103744

How intently are you both looking at this girl's covered asshole to see hair? It's all just the same grainy blurry texture.

I don't doubt that she has ass hair irl, but if you're going to start hallucinating things as you stare at photos of her butthole at least make it interesting rather than this level of nitpick.

No. 103745


Um no, I don't believe I've ever said anything bad about Manaki, apart from the fact he was lusting after Venus when she was only 14, once they got together I was pleased for her and thought they made a good couple, it's a shame it didn't work out.

I guess it would be helpful if everyone who posts here had a username or something to identify who was who then there would be none of this silly wrong guessing, but anyway, I thought Manaki was okay, I don't know if he was worse than Margo as far as Venus is concerned, she seemed to indicate he was, but to me, he seemed okay.

And really the main thing wrong here is people arguing with each other and that just annoys everyone, just focus on Venus and her activities that is what we are supposed to be here for after all.

No. 103747

File: 1593780545361.png (320.63 KB, 671x492, Screenshot_2020-07-03 Venus on…)

Well anyway, she's still sticking with the Hell Girl cosplay. I wish she'd do more with this. It really suits her.

No. 103748

surprise of the century that women have bodyhair too

No. 103749

File: 1593780777665.png (583.11 KB, 679x499, Screenshot_2020-07-03 Venus on…)

Though it seems she's going with the Dr Venus thing on Only fans.

No. 103750

Even if I zoom I can't find hair wtf are these ppl talking about

No. 103751

Japanese still do bikini line grooming(VIO). Venus may be catering to the hairy girl fetish because most Japanese young women keep the sides trimmed close or completely wax the IO area when they wear bikinis or take lingerie photos.

Anyway, more of these trapped in a bunker filled with Halloween costume pictures?

No. 103752


I couldn't see any hair either, and didn't care to look too much either, and really would've it be more natural if there was some hair? It's more a case of there should be than if is there, but in this case, there wasn't any anyway.

No. 103753

Ot but it never ceases to amaze me how bad she is at make-up

No. 103754

Perhaps what they’re seeing is just pigmentation? Lol I was wondering how far up and wide they thought her butthole was because I didn’t understand either.

No. 103755

File: 1593782316301.png (Spoiler Image, 676.62 KB, 624x941, 1.png)

this one is actually really cute

No. 103756


Maybe their hate makes them hallucinate.

No. 103757


Her face seems a bit blurry, but at least she doesn't look too skinny here. her legs look nice.

I wonder how long though 'til the "disrespectful to doctors" comments appear?

No. 103760

Imagine being Venus and seeing the scrot on the other side of that lens, I can understand why she looks awkward in all her photos. He always does the strangest angles too, so just imagine a scrot crouched like a frog at the end of your bed with a HD camera pointed at your ass/feet.

No. 103761

This one is nicer, I just wish it was shot in a different angle, the upper half of her body looks small and the lower half looks disproportionately big

No. 103764

oh look yet another shitty angle with a scary photoshopped face.

a better angle, still stopped face. i feel the camera couldve been moved a little higher though.

No. 103766

She looks like that ugly brunette girl from American Horror Story here.

No. 103767

he head looks so small wtf

No. 103771

>> (And the Venus hater here constantly going on about her being 'greasy' or whatever, over and over, needn't bother replying as everyone knows your views, no need to repeat them ad nausuem!)
Oh and you know for a fact that’s just one lone “hater,” do you? Do you have a magical ability to see the identity of every poster here?

People comment on her greasy unwashed appearance because she looks greasy and unwashed much of the time, not because they’re mean old haters. Sorry to disappoint you.

No. 103775

Well most Japanese girls don't have bony asses..so no lol
There's an old saying: "When a thot makes money by not having to try, why try?"

No. 103776

she really do be looking like a 25 year old single mother of three from some deep alcoholic village in russia

No. 103779

Lmao. That was good

No. 103781

The creepy girl cosplay suits her well since she naturally looks kinda creepy and off putting. Playing into it just makes it… appealing instead of her pretending to be kawaii

No. 103786

This guy sucks at taking photos

No. 103789

I wonder if she took all these pictures during one visit to this hotel or if she keeps returning to the same place? Because you can see the name of the hotel in some of her content, and that seems risky

No. 103792

she even says it herself in the youtube video, it's a large chain of hotels, not just one.

No. 103798

Lol peenus life is so great that she has to maladaptive daydream to cope

No. 103799

Maybe, but the name I saw in videos is 1 specific hotel, and only 1 exists.

No. 103800

even if you find that out, don't post it, doxing is against the rules here

No. 103831

Okay, this actually pleasant to look at and the composition is better. However, that damn face blur and editing is ridiculous. Is she the one editing it? At least use Photoshop.

No. 103886

File: 1593889705766.jpeg (272.07 KB, 1795x1184, C24D5E9C-043B-4CD8-9D36-877301…)

>> that damn face blur and editing
Well this is her face without editing and blur, so..that’s why she does it.

No. 103891

this looks like it's been taken from some shitty vampire freaks profile from 2006 lol
the editing is so cheesy with the red eyes and the blurred, desaturated background

No. 103892

I didn't like it at all. she did something different to her face and head this time, looks like a shrunken head.

No. 103896


Cannot unsee lmao

No. 103899

"without blur"

No. 103919


I legit forgot that existed

No. 103925

Key word (number?) She's really outdated with cosplay and anime…

At least there is progress. Not perfect, and as personal taste it looks cute. But god forbid her camerascrote takes it from a decent angle or that she doesn't edit a lot her face. Same wallpaper as >>101701 ?

No. 103930

Is it the spergy samefag that destroyed the last thread by any chance?
She used multiple very new pull accounts though (to get around negative ratings and bans) and I haven't checked what crazy shit she's up to for a while so it's probably not that easy to know.

Sorry if this is too OT, been looking around to see if the hypothetical cowtipper thread has been made yet but haven't found it.
I keep finding completely hilariously insane pullfags in Venus' comments and it's tough not being able to share what I found.

No. 103935

did she even stream that? nobody commented on it.

No. 103944

It's because bragging scrote stopped posting because they werent getting us to follow their instagram for venus and didn't care to listen to the constant pedo talk every time they posted. Id assume she did it. She's been consistent the past streams regardless of internet. People who think Japan has aaaamazing internet are extremely dumb. Their wifi sucks worse than some US carriers

No. 103951

this one is super cute. she just needs to do more mature styles. way more flattering and makes her look younger

No. 103954

For an anorexic girl she sure likes to post photos that make her look fat as fuck

No. 103956


Her legs look nice,but tbh, I'm not overly keen on this look. But then I don't have a 'thing' for doctors, even if they do look like Venus.

No. 103957

that was last sunday when it went wrong and she got drunk

No. 103962

idk why people hate on people like venus. she never had a chance, look at her fucking mother.

No. 103966

There's tons of threads. Go back and educate yourself.

No. 103974

>she never had a chance
nah, she chose that life. She's had plenty of chances when she first "escaped" Margo. She had a decent income from her YT career, a loyal provider husband and a loyal fanbase and a few rl friends like Taylor who probably really cared about her for that short time. She could have used that somewhat stable timeframe in her life to seek therapy, pursue a second education or cultivate some life skills and hobbies which can provide meaning in life and you know grow as a person, but she decided to do nothing.

No. 103979

Sorry, you always have a choice. My parents beat me up, that doesn‘t mean I willl beat people close to me.
As an adult you are responsible to solve your trauma, not people around you.

No. 103982

seriously? where do you live in a rich loving bubble?! theres millions of people who lived way worst lives than her you act like she was locked in a closet, starved and beaten daily. give me a break

No. 103983

not even a second education. she could have seriously at least finished high school and gone to some community college for a short program and learn something creative like hair styling. i don't get why, while having a native husbando, she never did that. at least she wouldn't have to flash her sad tits for pennies to survive. not to mention that she would have a real chance at scoring pr on a stable independent income

No. 103994

File: 1593991536268.jpeg (199.96 KB, 867x1536, 7ED87117-EA80-42F4-A798-A6EBDF…)

No. 103997

Jesus the filter abuse in this is wild. Venus literally has no ass and she's trying to make it look like she has one. How sad…

No. 104020

lol man she puts the socks right under her "butt" to squeeze her thighs and make it seem bigger. it is still non existent though

No. 104024

Classic ethot trick she probably learnt from Belle Delphine. You can really she the affects of her weightloss surgery here, her skin looks very loose imo.

No. 104025

Lmao benoos you're not fooling anyone we've already seen your flat bony ass

No. 104027

File: 1594002804836.jpeg (65.35 KB, 670x766, E0C25174-B901-4E24-9A54-B62B15…)

>>filter abuse
Her face is melting and her chin has disappeared into her neck.

No. 104028

why don't you people understand venus has a knife in her back and her gorilla pimp is forcing her to do all of this!!1!!! gorl please

No. 104029

is there a clear timeline anywhere of where venus was born, when her and kappa moved where, etc etc?

No. 104030

this shit is true as fuck. my mother took horrible beatings for the slighlest thing, yet she never did that to me.
venus left her mother to live with manaki, but obviously something didn't workout and she's doing all of this.

No. 104033

do they have butt filters? cos in the vid the face filter didn't know what the fuck to do with her butt

No. 104041

File: 1594012055536.png (865.14 KB, 1000x562, ed.png)


doesnt look photoshopped to me.

No. 104045

Damn she needs to gain weight. She has wide hips and with some weight,she could have a decent sex worker ass (provided she exercises to get rid of the cellulite). Right now her ass is so bony and she generally looks unfit, she has to strike poses and use socks and beauty apps to make it look bigger. Honestly wish beauty filter and editing didn't exist. Then we'd see how many of these OF thots and Youtubers would actually get anywhere.

No. 104055


serving special need realness with the awkwardly twisted legs, clinical looking clothing, the gross colored bathroom and the shower stool

No. 104061

What do you mean? Sorry I’m just confused what you mean by her skin looks loose

No. 104077


Hard to make anything out as it's so blurry, but even if it is editing, she looks healthy here, but do we even know for sure it is Venus? I mean you can't see her face here.

No. 104079


Have to agree , I had the same, and not only from them, from others too, girls at school, being quiet and shy gets you picked on in Britain, and maybe in America too from what I've heard, but psychological abuse can be terrible too as it messes with your mind and screws you up emotionally and mentally, and I had that as well, so I do feel sorry for Venus, I think she is probably doing the best she can to overcome her problems and difficulties, and really, if HIMR guy Daniel is to be believed, he reckons that his Only Fans has made him rich and he seems to have only a few subs, whereas Venus has much more so surely she should be making a shit ton of money from this? I just hope she invests it wisely for now , and can buy herself a place to live, somewhere nice that she feels happy with, give her the security she needs.

She ought to be able to do her Only Fans on her own, she shouldn't need anyone else to run it with her, she ought to be able to do it alone. If she does, it will build up her self worth and strength of mind, knowing she can do it alone and support herself.

No. 104080


[phone overheating from the strain of the face-contouring filter]

Honesty if you're going to sandblast your head to fuck, stick to shooting stills.

No. 104083

Venus is not a sex worker. All she do is taking cringy, obnoxious photos. She is so asexual that even potato has more passion than her. And her cringy posts and replies makes her look even more dumb. Margo dancing in the toilet had more sexiness than her LMAO. I'm blocking Venus and I don't want to watch her anymore because I get vomit reaction.

No. 104084

Go back to your chairgrave, anachan

No. 104086


Oh wow, I didn't realise it was from a video, I've seen it now, it is her, she looks good in it and really happy. I'm pleased to see that.

No. 104090

how does this bitch get away with this shit lol

No. 104093

File: 1594054319369.jpeg (86.07 KB, 845x820, 13D37DA0-FC85-469E-AAAE-3A407D…)

>> she looks good in it
For the millionth time: these heavily filtered and blurred images are NOT what she really looks like. The tiny pointy-chinned little face, the tiny features, the flawless skin, is NOT REAL.

Why is this such a difficult concept for some of you people? Are you really this gullible?

No. 104096

She still looks fine, stop nitpicking.

No. 104097

File: 1594057656911.png (Spoiler Image, 539.33 KB, 815x458, vn.png)

She seemed to have fewer filters on this video

No. 104098

She might look fine here, but that doesn't discredit what anon said (that she looks like a totally different person, different face shape, etc.)

No. 104099

Holy shit she looks just like her mutti. The apple and the tree and all that.

No. 104103


Ugh what is this video and what is happening there??

No. 104105

File: 1594060286609.png (965.64 KB, 1426x714, Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 11.2…)

It is a short video/teaser advertising a video you can buy on OF. She is at a hotel, and is giving a thumbs up in this picture. The video includes her balloon, vomit, and bathtub themes from before.

No. 104106

this anon does nothing but fill the venus threads with filter related sperg outs acting like theyre the only person on the planet who can see that venus is using filters.

everybody can see that its filtered spergchan you dont have to point it out every 3 posts.

No. 104107



fuck no, not this shit again ew it was truly the worst thing to witness here

No. 104108

she doesnt look fine. she looks like a completely different person because venus hates the way she looks. she is now in a cycle that other mentally ill dumb thots are in, where every time you show their real face in a sea photoshtopped and filtered pics, she looks uglier than she actually is. the black hair and kawaii bullshit ages her horribly.

she looks like a methhead doing tricks for said meth. very few people are paying for this shit because they actually like her. they wanna see a trainweck.

No. 104109

>venus vacation

I'm sorry, what? Isn't the description for this that it's supposed to be like going on a dream vacation with Venus?
Why is there vomit in your dream vacation??

No. 104110

She looks so skinny and unhealthy here. Someone please feed the poor girl.

No. 104111

We all know she uses filters you sperg.

No. 104113

We all know that you know that everyone knows she uses filters. Stop talking about it constantly, you are sperging about people sperging

No. 104118

Oh god…

No. 104122

So, she looks so pretty! is fine, but no, this is what she actually looks like is “nitpicking” and NOT ALLOWED, is that it?

She looks like a crackhead sitting on the toilet with her pants down around her knees. People really pay for this shit?

No. 104128

File: 1594077501957.jpg (154.51 KB, 800x450, PRkcorv.jpg)


well that's a familiar body type there…

No. 104130

Yes..so you're not saying she looks good, you're saying the filters and photoshop did a good job.

Nope, they pay for the content people THINK they're getting but get this instead.

Classic thottery 101.

No. 104132

Shayna 2.0 soon

No. 104134

Holy shit this looks awful all around. She looks like a crackhead wanting to look kawaii in the lowest quality porn possible and the pose looks like she's taking a shit on the floor. Venus can't keep fooling for simps forever with this filter gimic of hers and this is what she delivers instead.

No. 104142

Noo leave Alphonse out of this :(

No. 104143

>Venus is not a sex worker.
idk what makes you so sure.
just because she isn't in your taste, doesn't mean she cannot do it. some men pay for worse

No. 104148

Holy shit. She looks awful. It's like someone kidnapped a developmentally disabled 35 year old woman with a crack addiction off the streets, rinsed her in a sink, put her hair in pigtails, and filmed her for their $5 budget back-alley porn.
The cheap balloons, the wooden floors. It's all like something you'd see on a VHS tape that was thrown in the trash. Trash Humpers outtakes.

No. 104154


She looks rough

Almost like a 45 year old prostitute

No. 104156

I can see her working in Miss Universe Ikebukuro alongside Sere, Sere’s Turkish best friend and other 40 year old Eastern European women in kawaii pigtails

No. 104157

She has the body of a malnurished grandma that’s unable to eat by herself

No. 104162

File: 1594111717292.png (2.61 MB, 1125x2436, 5D98DB60-244D-412C-9435-2B6DA8…)

Obviously the “how old am I” app isn’t real science, so take it with a grain of salt. But I feel really bad for her:(nitpick)

No. 104167

>we're not all obsessed with glorious nippon here
>implying this site and thread isn't 99% weebs
ok closet weeb

I don't have much to contribute since the mic quality was so awful and there's barely any talking but I tried anyway.
Other anons already translated the audible bits correctly though.

>beginning is mostly incoherent due to audio quality

>Venus "???? feels good"
>Venus "I lied"
>think I heard "33 years old" from Venus
>Manager: "??? is too cheap"
>Venus "it's not enough"
>both say numerous numbers, sounds like counting tips or some kind of board or card game
>Manager "????later"
>Venus "Wouldn't a hard worker be better"
>Venus "Is this shop no good?"
>Manager "????? hurry up"
>Venus:too close(???)
>Manager "Don't make that face"
>ominous silence
>gross noises (I can't tell what it is)
>Venus "Why?"
>manager something about being quiet

No. 104168

ty for actually translating it. pretty creepy.

No. 104169

She’s definitely fucking the guy and splitting some of those simp bucks. Her guilty look on camera is the fear of her fans finding out she’s a ho. Those poor fucks on OFs are just as retarded as Venus.

No. 104171

Venus is offering sexual services on her OF and gets paid for it. She IS a sex worker.

No. 104172

I have no idea how she managed to get that saggy face at 23. Even her mom looks way more attractive than this in her old pictures from her youth. The surgery had terrible consequences for her health. My 40 year old friends have better facial volume compared to her..

If I was her, I would go see a dermatologist immediately with my newfound money rather than paying for stupid hair extensions. Maybe Hyaluronic acid injections can fix it, at least the mouth area but I’m not sure about the cheeks.. a mid face lift might be necessary for those saggy cheeks.

No. 104173

well if her surgery story was all true and she was unable to keep any nutrients in her system for weeks(?) then it makes sense. even a body with amazing genetics cannot create something out of nothing.

No. 104176

She doesn't need plastic surgery. She needs to get off the internet and practice a healthy and balanced lifestyle (with little stress, healthy food, some exercise and good friends and family to rely on).
Injections would be a quick and temporary fix, but regarding her choices in life they won't stop her from aging prematurely and wearing herself out. As long as she doesn't realize that herself, blowing money on cosmetics will just result in wasting resources.

Eh, water is wet.

No. 104177

Simps finding out she’s a ho?
Umm hellooo she’s on onlyfans rating dicks and playing with vegetable dildos.

No. 104178

This will not happen anon. Not that I don’t wish to, but we all know it will not happen. She’s a lifer.

At least with plastic surgery, injections and some time spent at the gym she can be more successful at what she’s doing.

No. 104179


Oh ffs, not this crap again! Look, I was talking about how she looks in the video, I don't care if she was using filters in it or not. She looked happy and carefree and like she was truly being herself and feeling relaxed and at ease. I don't see filters having anything to do with that.
And quite honestly the picture you have posted trying to 'prove' how ugly she is, well I just see a picture of a pretty girl, so I don't know what you're going on about. I think your obsessive hatred of her is skewing your vision.

No. 104180

>I have no idea how she managed to get that saggy face at 23.
By not taking care of herself, simple. Malnutrition, bad eating-habits, alcohol and possibly drugs (and probably also stress at this point, she's doing bad)

No. 104181

>>She doesn't need plastic surgery.

No she doesn't. And she doesn't need any of that horrible injected shit either. A healthy diet yes, and maybe some exercise like running or something and she could do with a bit of muscle tone, which she could do herself at home using some weights, or even just bottles of water or bags of sugar if she has no weights, after looking up exercises with weights for women to build up strength and toned effect.
Her face looks fine the way it is, I've seen pictures of her mother at the same age, and though I think her mother looked good at that age, I think Venus looks better, so it really is all in the eye of the beholder.

Though in the picture shown here, >>104097
her body looks very thin, her legs and thighs look too thin, and maybe some weight bearing exercise could help build up some strength and firmness here.

No. 104183


Well I don't know about that, I've seen very realistic looking MMD videos, not even 18+ where it looks like you can see just about everything, especially on nico nico.

No. 104184

Nta it might help, but it's not going to reverse the damage she's already done. At this point I think she needs more drastic measures and this is coming from someone who isn't exactly pro cosmetic procedures. A trip the the dermatologist at the very least would help her immensely. She needs something to boost her collagen, stat.

No. 104185

I think it’s mostly due to that fucked up surgery that she got that’s causing the extreme onset of aging. Her body isn’t able to properly absorb any of the nutrients from the food she eats (plus the fact that her diet is shit in the first place) and her body is declining physically due to this.

No. 104187

My thoughts exactly, she's basically a lost cause. A combination of what anons are saying will probably help but I doubt she can reverse the damage.

No. 104189

Lmao anon what are you talking about she openly advertises herself as one

No. 104194

You can’t fix saggy skin with a healthy lifestyle anon. Once it’s saggy it will never be the same. Sure she might look more glowy, or healthy but the deep nasolabial folds like this requires a mid face lift. Of course it’s not a necessity for regular girls, we can be happy the way we are but if she’s going to make big bucks by selling content online she better fixes herself.
I don’t understand the anti-injection or anti-plastic surgery mindset. If you find a good doctor the surgery will be barely noticeable.

No. 104195


Well no matter how hard I look, I don't see what you are going on about. Her face looks fine just the way it is. And if I have to hear one more thing about "naso labial folds", I think I might just scream a little , lol. I don't even think that is a bad feature, it's not like hooded eyes and crows feet and turkey neck and bingo wings, if she had all of those, I might think yes she needs to do something, maybe some exercise as a first resort and healthy diet definitely, but I like her face and see nothing wrong with it, so like I said before, it seems mainly in the eye of the beholder, some people like a certain look and some don't, and that is fine, it doesn't mean someone's opinion is any less valid, it just means people like different looks, it doesn't mean one person is 'right' and another 'wrong', it is just that people have different tastes when it comes to looks, and really what is there left to say about it? Is it really her looks that everyone wants to talk about?

No. 104196

File: 1594138039593.png (791.13 KB, 934x601, puri1.png)

even purikura filters can't help her

No. 104197

File: 1594138072957.png (767.76 KB, 601x599, puri2.png)

No. 104198

File: 1594138097669.png (711.97 KB, 602x600, puri3.png)

No. 104199

File: 1594138125422.png (770.46 KB, 600x597, puri4.png)

No. 104200

Do you look like her or something? This amount of sperging over people not liking her appearance reads like something off of PULL.

No. 104201

that comment cant be real! is your friend japanese? wtf LMFAO she wishes

No. 104202

File: 1594138151987.png (762.87 KB, 597x601, puri5.png)

No. 104203

File: 1594138173378.png (838.36 KB, 598x601, puri6.png)

No. 104204


They both look fine. Venus looks cute and pretty, all the negative talk about her looks is just ridiculous. (Of course there are filters here, before anyone points it out!)

No. 104205

Sex worker friends uWu
You think we are just being mean June, since you choose to be friends with a suicide baiting sociopath but you’ll see how the tables will turn..

No. 104206

This is the only one where she looks nice. Based on the amount of blur on June's face, there must be heavy filtering at work there.
Sad that she can only look as pleasant as she did years ago with a lot of editing. She's too young to have so many wrinkles already.

No. 104207


No sadly I don't look like her, (I wish, lol) and I'm just replying to people who go on and on at length about her looks at every opportunity, so it's alright for people to say they don't like how she looks, but not alright for anyone to say they do? I thought we were done with all this sort of thing here. Anyway, the pictures with June seem bright and happy. I wonder what their collab will be about?

No. 104209

>(I wish, lol)
I'm sorry. Anyway, this is Lolcow, and she looks rough. Not sure what you expect.

No. 104210


June’s ass in this Tweet.
Men pay for this long jiggly ass?

No. 104211


Oh gawd, I just saw the first bit, I couldn't click on that to watch it, her ass is not exactly attractive, unless it was just a bad angle. Awful, though.

No. 104212

File: 1594139559435.jpg (32.17 KB, 708x288, klkjlj.JPG)

this was in venus's amazon wishlist lol she want to edit her photos more
the full wishlist

No. 104213

Inb4 June does some public event with Venus involving alcohol and it all gets uncomfortable.

No. 104214

She said on a live, the second one she did, that the 'vomit' anons keep freaking out about was a melted ice cream cone. You could even see parts of it that wasn't melted and still held a slight peak shape. Anons in here spew stuff without actually looking anything up. She archives the streams, so just go find it. This has been said repeatedly too, but anons ignore these posts.

No. 104215

You're embarrassing yourself, fuck off to PULL. Sounds to me like you're just one of her scrotes who has to convince themselves that her ugly content is worth your money or something.
Anyway, what's with that dark shadow under her left eye in the Purikura pics? It's sad when not even purikura filters can save your face kek

No. 104216


It's okay, I just get fed up with the same hater saying the same shit over and over again, and they have a fit if someone even says something remotely nice about Venus's looks, or start with their usual accusations that is must be a scrote, etc, boring etc.
I suppose I just expect there to be a bit of a balance here, not just dominated by someone who is just hate hate hate nonstop, I suppose I ought to feel sorry for them.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how the collab with June pans out. A Youtube video as well apparently.

No. 104219

Anon it’s just an unfortunate ass. She is doughy af
Here’s the rest of her:
I can’t believe men pay for this. But men love anyone who’s up for gross stuff, I’m not surprised.(imageboard)

No. 104221

You remind me so much of the early 2010 truth blogs about dakota, where people were seriously angry that some people had the guts to think that a shooped picture of her looked nice, and felt the need to spam unshooped pictures of her to her fans kek. It's funny how you feel the need to sperg about this like five times in every thread, too.

>Men pay for this long jiggly ass?
You really overestimate men. They would jack off to a fridge if you put a wig and bra on it

No. 104223

this is a fucking imageboard, post caps

and venus looks ugly because she spends too much time hiding behind filters instead of taking care of herself and embracing her features and body type, end of.

No. 104229

File: 1594147825610.gif (24.26 KB, 350x317, 1314.gif)

Can´t unsee

No. 104232

I wish Venus would get face and lip fillers so she doesn't look like a dried up corpse

No. 104234


Fake friendship lol

Remember Taylor?

No. 104238


Everyone is someone's fetish. A comforting sentiment for oddballs among us.

No. 104239

I feel sorry for this June chick. As soon as Cuntus Angelic decides it's time for another little smear campaign, it's over for June.

No. 104240

You're saying something that doesn't exist looks good, though.

Even someone as trashy as Venus won't sleep with you, stop simping.

It's not that "men love gross stuff", it's just she has a body type some actually like.

Yes, it's shocking people can like less than ideal body types.

No. 104244

How on earth can her skin look so lifeless with all those purikura filters???

No. 104245


Her skin looks gray in these, how the hell?? Is it because of the surgery & not being able to absorb nutrients or just filter fuckery?

No. 104247

A clout chasing "friendship" at that. This won't last long. Venus is incapable of holding down a everlasting friendship. Other sex workers are just taking advantage of her online efame for their own benefit and Venus just desperately wants to get collabs with actual porn models to make herself more successful. A pair of fake bitches who rely on Japanese dick to live the kawaii dream. A true tragedy.

No. 104249

it's hard to take this thread seriously when people complain that purikura pictures look fake or she used too many filters in it

No. 104255

This reminded me of Freya. What ever happened to her?

No. 104256

i can't believe she looks so terrible even in the purikura! i guess they don't work if you're unattractive.

No. 104257

yo her skin looks fucking grey. who would have thought vodka doesnt have essential nutrients? she needs a doctor for her mental and physical problems shes legit fucked. june was probably horrified at the ghastly sight of venus upon meeting her…

No. 104258

she looks like she got punched out in these purikuras…her left (our right) eye looks black.
i hope that photographer guy isnt abusing her…

No. 104259

She had health issues and returned to her home country or something

It reminded me of Ashley's gray skin

No. 104265

Moved back to the Netherlands when things went to shit for her in Japan, especially her health. Another Weenus friendship that never truly lasted.

No. 104267


Venus binges on processed junk, alcohol and probably doesn't have a proper sleep schedule on top of all the medication she's on. The Purikura just makes her haggard & sickly skin look worse as there's only so much it will filter out in the booth.

No. 104271

I thought so too. She even deliberately covered her left eye with a sticker on one of the photos. It is a bruise and her face looks sad and empty genuinely. And kinda weird for her not to put makeup on before meeting with june. Scary to think there’s an abuse going on with venus and her manager

No. 104278

I didn't complain, I said she actually looks nice. Calm the autism.

No. 104286

I’m sure Venus will bombard her with all her issues and/or “quirks” until cut Venus out of her life. Just like every other girls Venus has been “friends” with.

No. 104295

Nah, June looks good at giving PR. Like all her public responses are so fake yet professional (kind of like a politician), so I think she'd be able to weasel her way out of any slander Venus might throw her way. I will feel sorry for her though - since Venus has a track record of slandering people and she's literally shit on every manager she's ever had. I assume she will do the same to this photographer dude. She already has people believing he's beating her and trafficking her.

Lip filler maybe, but face fillers will make her look creepy and weird like Taylor, Marzia, Sniperwolf etc

No. 104300

who the fuck are you talking to?
are you one of the morons who randomly assumed that they dropped the plans for the collab because whiny losers spammed the girls socials?

No. 104303

You're that anon who keeps whining about this thread. Just stop already.

It obviously wasn't vomit, but it's still gross. Those pictures were and are gross, ice cream or not. So you can stop trying to defend her.

That's pretty weird and "showy" for two people who just met. Acting like they were besties for years or something.

No. 104310

File: 1594184532211.jpeg (136.31 KB, 705x886, EA022F2B-AD94-4D42-A389-3FECE1…)

I'm tinfoiling, but I think anons might be right about venus having bruises on her face. Purikura has bright white lights from every angle possible. Despite this, there's a shadow on the right side of her nose that shows up in every one of these pictures. The undertones on that spot are even different from the rest of the shadows on her face. Theres nothing that's blocking the surrounding light, so there wouldn't be a shadow there.
My question is, why she wouldn't cover it with makeup? Could it be a cry for help or just another plea for attention? I wonder what June was thinking.

No. 104311

That or her makeup smeared off right there. It looks like the inner parts of her upper lid have worn off and that added with mascara on her bottom lashes, this is really common. Especially when you buy shitty quality which she probably has. I don't understand buying $27 mascara either though. Or maybe she tried to highlight the puffs under her eyes because it's still very on trend right now and considered cute and youthful. She just looks like she sucks at it and used dark brown instead of red or pink to give the cute sick look too.

No. 104313


I believe the other anon is referring to the spot beside her nose and not the black smudges under her eyes. It's the spot on the right side of her nose, in a diamond shape.

No. 104315

Oh that just looks like a shadow cast from her hand and its getting muddled with the shadow already existing from her nasal folds. The lights in these are usually from above, so if her face is lower than her hand or it's in front of where a light would be, it would cast that.

No. 104317

I'm not >>104310 but it isn't a shadowcast. You can also see it here >>104202

No. 104318

nta but looking at it with my screen tilted, seems like the purikura failed at airbrushing her grayish skin evenly

No. 104323

She's hiding the black eye with the heart.

Here you can see the black eye more clearly in her left (our right) eye.

Holy shit.

No. 104327

File: 1594194108952.png (356.73 KB, 466x688, venus.png)

I'm late as fuck but with this translation, I watched the vid for the first time and holy hell that was disturbing. She seems really out of it, ofc she's trying to act coy and submissive like ~real animu grills~ but still. Pic related.

my fucking sides anon lol

No. 104328

If it’s a smeared makeup surely June would have kindly gave her a tissue to clean it up or told her at least before going inside the photo booth. Just saying a possibility.

No. 104329

>getting with a pimp that slaps you around
isn't that a fucking passe as fuck cliche though? is it suddenly the 1970s?

No. 104334

At first I thought it was just dark circles, but there's no way one circle would be that much darker than the other…yeah, it must be a black eye. Wow.

No. 104335

blond chick looks pink, then Venus looks undead.

it is tragic.
i'm sorry for the japanese that have to accept this level of weebery in their country.

No. 104336

Wow this woman's built like a damn fridge, holy shit didn't she say she has a 25" waist? And I'm being hyper-critical here, but that ass looks it belongs to a 40 year old woman with two kids… it's just so low hanging I did not expect to see it on anyone average weight and under 30.

No. 104338

isn't she 30?

No. 104339

It's a business transaction. They aren't planning on being actual close friends. They are just working together and Japan and other Asian countries have this obsession with 'idols' outside life and especially female ones. They love seeing them do girly things together like purikura. People can argue that Venus has no Japanese fanbase, but everything she is doing has been straight from hentai NEET stuff and now with this June chick, she is going to push her already existing audience to view Venus and her in these go-outs just as they would regular AKB48 members, but for the gaijin porn watchers.

No. 104340

To add, as lame as it is, Instagram and Twitter are their promotional platforms. They probably use some Japanese site too or something like Virtual Geisha uses, but all these photos are pure publicity. No one actually collabs anymore to be friends. It's all for money purposes. Don't read into their friendship too much.

No. 104342

Calm your autism, and maybe read what I wrote instead of taking personal offence.
>Average weight
Does that sound like I think she's fat?
Nice assumption, I'm not into anachans, and her body is out there for all to see. She's the one that commodifies her physical appearance. Therefore, it's fair game to comment on. I'm entitled to my opinion which is that her ass is extremely low hanging and she clearly doesn't have a 25" waist (maybe if she didn't lie I wouldn't have commented?). I'm sorry that my opinion offends you anon. Maybe don't correlate my comments with yourself and hopefully you'll cope better kek?

No. 104344

You can't even tell her waist from that angle? Why are you so mad about this?

No. 104348

the comments are full of japanese men saying how great it is, so yeah. i guess compared to the flat nonexistent asses japanese girls have

No. 104350

She looks like a newly divorced 45 year old mom of two who’s sending lewd videos to her boytoy. Refrigerator bod with a flat, saggy ass.

No. 104351

You don't really need to tinfoil about it being an advertisement for their content because it obviously is one, they hadn't met up until this point because of corona and of course they post the pics to advertise their content.
No surprises there, anyone would.

As for being real friends she did mention being friends with someone who sells panties and DVDs online months ago but these pics also don't prove that they're fake friends either

No. 104352

In soaplands and sex industry in general they lie about waistlines and age. 56 cm means super thin, whereas 59-60 cm waist alludes to bigger women. So yeah, she definitely has a bigger waist and a low hanging ass. And yeah I don’t get why some people sperg out “ana chan” whenever somebody points out flaws. Neither body type is attractive.

No. 104353


if it's a black eye they're way worse in this >>104327 picture, before the point she was supposedly hit off camera.

so no, it's dark circles. At this point of the stream she was applying makeup too.

No. 104356

dont think so, ive seen and had black eyes before of different severities, this looks like a bruise. whether she is just clumsy, dropped something on her face, got hit, etcetc, it is a bruise. she intentionally covered it with a hesrt sticker. plus abuse doesnt just happen once and never again.

No. 104358

she's probably still "dieting"

No. 104360

So did the manager guy actually punch her when there was the weird stream a few days ago where she looked scared, and people heard strange noises?

Tell me how this shit is better than being Margo's doll which people drummed up like it's the biggest sin to ever exist.
Dressing up and taking fully clothed but embarrassing videos = omg abuse
Creepy man exploiting, pimping out, taking degrading sexual photos and videos, and beating Venus = absolutely fine

No. 104361

Makeup slides off my face very fast unless I'm using some extreme stay waterproof stuff, that's not what makeup looks like (honestly is Venus' pimp in this thread coming up with these lame excuses?)

That obviously is not makeup, it's bruises. Mascara doesn't do that.

No. 104362

There are plenty of 3/10 mom-looking people making good money on OnlyFans, men are more interested in enthusiasm and overt sexuality versus actually being attractive. It's why the usual stony-faced NSFW model shoots don't actually make much money even if they are extremely attractive.

No. 104363

Holy shit.
Probably got slapped by manager or got hit on the face (Japanese idiots do this thing as a joke when they lightly push your head) and because she is so unhealthy her skin easily got bruised.
Damn nobody deserves this

No. 104364


Well sad for them that June has said she likes men with a lot of body hair (gross, imo) and Japanese men usually have smooth bodies, which is one reason some of us prefer those types to Caucasian men who are often quite hairy, ugh! Sorry but I just find body hair a complete turn off, especially when it's excessive, which it sounds like June likes, makes you wonder why she bothered going to Japan if she has a thing for men with gross hairy bodies.